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Full text of "An historical digest of the provincial press, being a collation of all items of personal and historic reference relating to American affairs printed in the newspapers of the provincial period ... Massachusetts series"

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An Historical Digest 
of the Trobincial Tress 

Being a Collation of All Items of Personal and Historic 
Reference Relating to American Affairs Printed in the 
Newspapers of the Provincial Period Beginning with the 
Appearance of The Present State of the New-English 
Affairs, 1689, Publick Occurrences, 1690, and the 
First Issue of The Boston News-Letter, 1704, and 
Ending with the Close of the Revolution, 1783 .:. 


Volume One 



Author of Prominent Families of New^ York, Book of Bruce, Etc. 


Author of Historic Pilgrimages in New England, The Connecticut 
River a.nd the Valley of the Connecticut, Etc. 





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THE scheme of this work involves the exact reproduction of the 
text of the American newspapers, other than their reprints of 
foreign inteUigence in the EngHsh journals, from the first attempted 
American newspaper in the year 1690, of which only a single number 
was issued, down through the Provincial Period closing with the year 
1783. The first series, of which this is volume one, is to cover the 
Massachusetts press, for in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay 
American journalism had its beginning, and here alone was continued 
with a single newspaper through a decade and a half, or till 1719. 
Except in the provinces of Pennsylvania and New York, and there only 
in the cities of Philadelphia and New York, journalism was not 
planted elsewhere till after the first quarter of a century had passed. 
The news of the Massachusetts press, however, was by no means con- 
fined to that province. The field of the Massachusetts periodicals 
was all the English colonies in America, and in their columns was 
reported not only the news of the other colonies but that of the West 
Indies, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, so far as news gathering 
facilities were effective in those primitive days. 

Beginning with the eighteenth century the early newspapers 
contained much Americana not elsewhere to be found in reports of 
local happenings, in official documents and other papers, and in 
personal items relating to the daily lives of the people and to the ac- 
tivities of the communities then developing. Because of the incom- 
pleteness or entire absence of other records, the material in these 
periodicals, scant as it is, is of inestimable value to the historian, the 
genealogist, the student, the lawyer, the judge, the conveyancer, 
serving as it does to illuminate much that otherwise would remain 
obscure, and furnishing vital data concerning both public and private 
affairs of this formative period of American history. 

It is a cause for profound but unavailing regret that old town 
and church records have to a considerable extent disappeared, and 
that so many documents and papers of historical value were destroyed 
or carried away during and at the close of the Revolution. Much, 
too, of the material of this nature that has been preserved is frag- 
mentary. Where town records — minutes of town meetings, of select- 
men, of churches, and of other community proceedings^were kept 
they are often now far from complete. The same is true of the 


records of probate courts, of the registers of deeds, of vital statistics. 
The valuable publications of the town records and other contempo- 
rary documents by the city registrar of Boston, and the volumes of 
Massacliusetts Vital Records by the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, provided for by its Robert Henry Eddy Fund and annual 
appropriations by the Commonwealth for the purchase of a stated 
number of copies, particularly disclose this condition in Massachusetts; 
and it is the condition to an even greater extent in the other colonies. 
Many of these omissions the early provincial newspapers supply, and 
they will be found in this compilation. In fact, the material in the 
newspapers here reproduced constitutes to a very considerable extent 
our only contemporaneous record of American happenings, especially 
in the earlier years of the Provincial Period, save what is derived from 
public documents and private papers. The desire to rescue this 
material from the obscurity into which it has fallen and to render it 
accessible has been the guiding motive of this Digest. 

While all that is comprised in this volume and those that will 
follow notably supplements other records and meets deficiencies in 
them it also includes much matter of a distinctive character and not 
heretofore collected, bearing upon a variety of subjects: as port 
statistics, public proceedings; importations; postal service; events, 
local and colonial; residence, business pursuits, and ventures of the 
people; passenger arrivals and departures; real estate transactions; 
property holdings; wills; court and administrative affairs; legisla- 
tive acts. In the special field of literature much is discoverable in 
these columes that v/ill engage the attention of the investigator into 
literary usages, the origin of words, terms, and phrases which have 
worked their way into the common language. To what extent all 
this will add to the sum of our information regarding the period sur- 
veyed the pages that follow must speak for themselves. 

The imperative need and the usefulness of such a compilation as is 
furnished in this Digest will be recognized when it is understood that 
the issues of such early periodicals as have been preserved are scattered 
in many libraries in different parts of the country. No single library 
has a complete set of any of them. He who would examine every 
existing number would be compelled to resort to institutions in widely 
separated cities, as Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Hartford, New 
York, Philadelphia, Washington, Madison, Wisconsin. In some 
instances the only known copies are in private or proprietory libraries 
not freely open to the public. Thus they are always difficult of con- 
sultation, and not infrequently are practically inaccessible save to 
privileged investigators. Moreover, many are in a frail and perish- 
able condition, and their custodians are already seriously considering 
the wisdom of withdrawing them entirely from general use. The 
danger of loss by fire is also ever present. 


In its entirety An Historical Digest of the Provincial Press 
will be a complete compilation of or an index to all the provincial 
newspapers included in this review. It is intended that the work 
shall largely obviate the necessity of consulting the originals save, 
perhaps, in exceptional instances by scholars, and place this material 
once for all in compact form, wholly available for the widest private 
and pubhc use. 

It is believed that the methods adopted in this reprinting will 
commend themselves by reason of their simplicity, directness, and 
completeness. As will be seen, the items reproduced have been 
arranged in chronological order under the names of the newspapers 
from which they have been taken, with dates of issue and reference to 
the libraries in which copies of those particular issues are now pre- 
served. All the personal items, reports of events and historical docu- 
ments that have never been reprinted, and that constitute the bulk 
of the data, are given entire. In the work as a whole documents and 
historical papers that have been already reprinted in accessible col- 
lections of historical and antiquarian societies or in standard works 
of history will not always be reproduced in full, but will be briefly 
abstracted and reference made to those pubUcations wherein they 
can be consulted. In the present volume, however, few such instances 
occur. While the foreign news reprinted or summarized from the 
Enghsh newspapers has been excluded as outside the scope of this 
work devoted exclusively to Americana, its character has been indi- 
cated in the editorial head-notes to the transcripts of successive issues 
of the newspapers and in occasional brief references in the text. What- 
ever in this mass of foreign intelligence relates in any way to American 
affairs has, however, been scrupulously transcribed. 

To reproduce the originals with absolute textual fideHty has been 
the constant aim of the editors. Working on these predetermined 
lines all the vagaries of spelling, capitaHzation, italicization, punctua- 
tion, abbreviations, and so on, have been carefully preserved. So 
undeviating has been the adherence to this rule that even obvious 
typographical errors of the colonial printers have been transferred to 
these pages. At the outset the extent to which editorial revision or 
correction of the original text might be carried came up for long and 
serious consideration. One conclusion only could be arrived at and 
that was that the ultimate historical worth of a work of this character 
must rest primarily and firmly upon an exact adherence to the text. 
This course has been pursued with less reluctance in view of the fact 
that there has been found little confusion or incorrectness in the text 
that will not be readily comprehensible to the competent reader. Here 
and there suggestive readings have been added in brackets and further 
explanations and corrections have been made in foot-notes. 

That despite the utmost care and watchfulness errors may exist 
in the completed work may be frankly admitted. Such seems to be 


the fate of all printed books, and it may well be true of a work involv- 
ing such and so many typographical and other perplexities as this. 
It is however the earnest hope of the editors that if errors are found 
they will be few and unimportant. A careful final reading of the 
printed pages in connection with the arduous task of making the 
elaborate personal and analytical Index has happily revealed little 
of consequence that had previously escaped observation. 

Several special features of historical and bibliographical character 
precede the transcript of the newspapers on the opening pages of 
this volume. These come naturally in place as introductory to and 
explanatory of the text which follows. Their presence does not call 
for particular comment. The list of periodicals of the Provincial 
Period, the list of authorities on the subject, and the list of libraries 
will, it is safe to say, be found useful guides. An acquaintance with 
the broadside of 1689, the first attempted newspaper, and the Camp- 
bell manuscript news letters, seems to be essential to an adequate 
understanding of the conditions precedent to the founding of the 
first established newspaper and the influence which affected that 
beginning and marked its early career. 

The editors are indebted to a number of valued friends who may 
be properly termed historical experts for practical suggestions and 
valuable aids in the prosecution of their work; and their thanks are 
especially due to the librarians of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 
the New York Historical Society, the Boston Athenaeum, the Ameri- 
can Antiquarian Society, the libraries of Harvard and Yale Colleges, 
the Library of Congress, and other institutions, for courtesies received. 




Precursors of the Newspaper 1 

Massachusetts Periodicals, 1689-1783 4 

List of Authorities 11 

List of Libraries 20 

The Present State of the New-EngHsh Affairs 21 

Publick Occurrences 24 

The Campbell News Letters 34 

The Boston News- Letter 53 

The Boston News-Letter, 1704 61 

The Boston News-Letter, 1705 157 

The Boston News-Letter, 1706 281 

The Boston News-Letter, 1707 432 

Index 489 




Fac-simile of a Boston News-Letter Memorandum Frontispiece 

Fac-simile of The Present State of the New-English Affairs 1 

Fac-simile of Public Occurrences, First Page 33 

Fac-simile of The Boston News-Letter, First Page 57 

Fac-simile of The Boston News-Letter, Second Page 97 

Autograph Letter of Duncan Campbell 145 

Fac-simile of PubHc Occurrences, Second Page 177 

Fac-simile of PubHc Occurrences, Third Page 209 

Fac-simile of the Order Suppressing Public Occurrences 241 

The North Battery, Boston 273 

Chief Justice Samuel Sewall 313 

Reverend Increase Mather 353 

Governor Joseph Dudley 417 

Autograph Letter of John Campbell 449 

The South Battery, Boston 465 



Page 78. The date of The Boston News-Letter No. 6 should be May 

29, 1704 instead of 1709 as printed. 
Pp. 79, 80. The dates in the page head Hnes should be May 29, 

1704 instead of 1709 as printed. 


Page 59. The annotation in the manuscript "Memorandums" bound 
in the volume of The Boston News-Letter in the library of the 
New York Historical Society, under date October 15, 1705 [the 
second of this date]: Madame Hebb, as pointed out by Mr. 
Frederick L. Gay, signifies Madam Hobbie; the initial N, in the 
next line, Negro. Then the annotation would read: "Madame 
Hobb[ie's] N[egro] one [or once] of the Jamaica fleet died this 
morning of a Fever, at the house of y^ sd H[obbie]." See Sewall's 
Diary, v. 2, p. 121, Jan. 1, 1704/5. 




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Precursors of the Newspaper 

IT has been estimated that from the setting up of the first print- 
ing press in the Enghsh-speaking colonies of America, by Stephen 
Daye in Cambridge, Massachusetts-Bay, in 1639, until the close of 
the Colonial Period, half a century thereafter, more than three hun- 
dred books and pamphlets by native writers were produced by the 
printers of Cambridge and Boston. This was a remarkable output 
for a pioneer people and some of the Boston imprints became famous 
even in the old world. 

This early-planted and rapidly-developed literary and typographic 
activity gradually led to the printing of news-sheets, although fifty 
years were allowed to elapse before the home press gave the colonists 
anything to read except books and pamphlets, — mainly religious — 
almanacs, and the acts and resolves of the General Court. Foreign 
news came in the few and infrequent London newspapers, while the 
scant domestic happenings were reported by word of mouth or by 
personal letters passing between relatives or friends in different 
communities. When, occasionally, some specially important matter 
developed broadsides were printed and sold, but only at the instance, 
or with the permission of the government, for the press was not yet 
free and nothing could be put forth except as "published by author- 
ity." Such, for example, was the broadside of 1689, entitled: The 
Present State of the New-English Affairs. So far as has been dis- 
covered this was the first publication in the colonies of a purely 
domestic news character and as such it is reprinted in this Digest, 
although it was in no sense a newspaper. 

Other sheets of like character were put forth about this time. 
Evidence of this and of the fact that such publications were not 
regarded with favor by the colonial authorities is seen in the follow- 
ing official document: 

"Whereas many papers haue beene lately printed & dispersed 
tending to the disturbance of the peace & subuersion of the gouermt 
of this theire Maiesties Collonie King William & Queene Mary It 
is therfor ordered that if any person or persons within this Collony 
be found guilty of any such like Misdemeanour of printing publish- 
ing or concealing any such like papers or discourses or not timely 
discouer such things to Authority or doe any act or thing that tends 
to the disturbance of the peace or the subuersion of this govern mt 
They shall be accounted enemies to theire Maiesties present Gouerniht 
& be proceeded ag*^ as such with uttermost severity 

"Nov:^^ 8th. i6S9^ p^gt in the affirmative 
"by the Representatives 

"Ebenezer Prout Clerk"^ 

1 Massachusetts Archives, Vol. XXXV, p. 78. 



Another publication of the period, similar to the preceding, was; 
I Admiral Russel's | L E T T E R | to the | Earl of Nottingham, | 

Containing an Exact and Particular Relation of | the Late Happy I Victory 
and Success ] Against I The French Fleet. | This letter which was 
"published by authority," gives an account of the naval engagement 
between the English and Dutch fleets on the one side, and the French 
fleet on the other, off capes La Hogue and Barfleur in May 1692. 
The letter of the admiral, dated Portsmouth, June 2, 1692, describes 
circumstantially the movements of the allied naval forces, day by 
day, from Wednesday, May 18, to Wednesday, May 25, and tells 
how the French fleet was defeated and completely destroyed. 

Following this letter is a copy of a private letter from Portsmouth, 
dated May 29, 1692. In the latter is another brief account of the 
same battle. Under date of "Monday 23d of May" is a brief report 
of the burning of the French ships in the harbor of La Hogue. Firially 
under date of ''Tuesday, June 7th. 1692." is more about the campaign, 
with the statement that the combined English and Dutch fleets 
were; "Ninety Nine Ships, Forty Thousand five hundred seventy 
five Seamen, six Thousand nine Hundred ninety four Cannons, 
eighty seven Fireships and Frigats." The letter ends: 

"This very day brings News, That the Town of Marmur, but not 
the Castle have Surrendred to the French sooner than it needed to 
have done, but at so dear a rate, as 'tis hoped will cost the French King 
his Kingdom." 

Then is appended this note of the reception of the news in Boston : 

"'T^He Happy News of this Success and Victory, obtained by Their 
JL Majesties Royal Navy, over the French Fleet was Received by 
Their Majesties Loyal Subjects of their Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bay in New-England, with all Hearty Expressions and Demon- 
strations of Joy; His Excellency the Govemour, being absent upon an 
Expedition against the Common Enemy. The Lieutenant Govemour, 
accompanied with the Gentlemen of the Council; Principal Gentle- 
men, Military Officers and Merchants of the Town of Boston, Re- 
pairing unto the Fort, the great Ordnance at the Fort, and other Forti- 
fications in and about the said Town, and at Their Majesties Castle, 
were discharged, and Loud Acclamations of God Save King William 
and Queen Mary, and grant them a Long and Prosperous Reign, 
made by the whole Concourse of People there Assembled." 

This broadside consists of four pages, two columns to a page, the 
paper page being 7^ by 11% inches and the type page 53^ by 103>^ 
inches. The heading and Admiral Russell's letter fill nearly six 
columns. The sheet has the imprint: ''Boston Printed, and Sold 
by Benjamin Harris, at the Loridon-Coffee-House . 1692." A unique 
specimen is in the library of Harvard College and a fac-simile repro- 
duction was published in Samuel Abbott Green's Fac-Simile Repro- 
ductions Relating to Various Subjects, Boston, 1903. 


In New York, in 1696, Governor Benjamin Fletcher recognized 
the growing desire in that community, to know the news, by having 
reprinted a copy of the London Gazette which had come into his hands 
and contained an account of an engagement with the French previous 
to the peace of Ryswick. He had already called William Bradford 
from Philadelphia to set up a printing shop in New York and to him 
he gave the order for this work. It was reported by the governor, 
in a letter to the lords of trade, in London, May 30, 1696: 

"ship belonging to this place from Madera happily mett at sea 
that vessell which had Your LordP'^ packet for Virginia and brought 
me a Gazett which gave me an account of that horrid conspiracy 
against His Majesty's sacred person. I caused it to be reprinted 
here and proclamation was issued by advice of the Council for a day 
of thanksgiving throghout this province before the duplicate from 
Your LordP came to hand." - 

A similar reprint was brought out in Boston in 1697 bearing this 
imprint: ''London, Printed by /. Dawks, Re-printed at Boston, in 
N. E. by B. Green, and J. Allen, 1697." The heading is as follows: 
"London Septemb. 27. | Yesterday Morning arrived Three Hol- 
land Mails, I which bring the following Advices. | Vienna, September 
18." I An original is in the Boston Public Library and it was repro- 
duced in fac-simile in the Boston Public Library Bulletin, October, 
1893, vol. XII, page 215. 

Earlier than the date of the publications last mentioned a definite 
attempt was made to establish a real newspaper in the Massachusetts- 
Bay Colony, the first attempt of the kind in America. This was the 
single number of Publick Occurrences Septemper 25, 1690. The 
prompt action of the governor in suppressing this sheet not only 
put an end to its existence but also acted as an effectual deterrent 
to any other printer ambitious in the same direction. For more 
than thirteen years thereafter the journalistic field was barren. 
Meantime however, the familiar methods of spreading news by 
written letters continued, and presently, in 1703, John Campbell, 
who was then postmaster of Boston, undertook to write letters which 
were broader and fuller in news than private communications were 
likely to be, and which, even if not altogether public in character, were 
in a sense semi-official. Campbell sent his letters quite regularly 
to the governors of the several New England colonies, and his brother 
Duncan Campbell seems to have assisted him in this service. A 
full account and a transcript of such of the Campbell letters as have 
been preserved are given in this volume. 

These broadsides and manuscript news letters were the immediate 
precursors of the real newspaper, that is a publication of news, having 
periodicity and continuity as its essential elements. They were 
followed by The Boston News-Letter of John Campbell, in April, 
1704; and there was the real beginning of American journalism. 

2 Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York, 
Vol. IV, p. 150. 

Massachusetts Periodicals 


FOLLOWING is a list, chronologically arranged, of newspapers 
and other periodicals published in Massachusetts, during the 
Provincial Period, beginning with the single' sheet of extracts from 
letters of the Reverend Increase Mather in -1689, and ending with 
the close of the Revolution in 1783. The list is based upon a similar 
list in volume 9 of the Publications of The Colonial Society of Massa- 
chusetts — which has been used herewith by the kind permission 
of Albert Matthews of Boston. ^ Considerable dependence has also 
been placed upon the work of William Nelson of Paterson, New Jersey. ^ 
Original investigation of first sources by the editors of this Digest 
has added to this knowledge. 

During their existence several of these newspapers were published 
under different names. These names have been entered separately, 
and, where necessary for identification, the parent title is given in 
connection therewith in brackets. In this list two titles, — the Camp- 
bell manuscript letters, — are not of periodicals nor even of publica- 
tions. Nevertheless it has been considered quite in keeping with 
the character and purpose of this Digest to include them inasmuch 
as they were essentially of news character, and were the first expres- 
sions of that public desire for news which ultimately led to the es- 
tablishment of The Boston News-Letter. 

The Present State of the New-English Affairs; Boston, 1689 
Publick Occurrences both Forreign and Domestick; Boston, Sep- 
tember 25, 1690 
Letters Written by John Campbell, Postmaster of Boston, and sent 

to the Governors of New England; April — October, 1703 
Letters Written by Duncan Campbell of Boston and sent to Governor 

Winthrop of Connecticut; May, 1700— 
The Boston News-Letter; April 24, 1704— December 29, 1726 
The Boston Gazette; December 21, 1719— October 12, 1741 
The New-England Courant; Boston, August 7, 1721— June 4, 1726 
The Weekly News-Letter; Boston, January 5, 1727 — October 29, 

The New-England Weekly Journal; Boston, March 20, 1727 — October 

13, 1741 
The Boston Weekly News-Letter; November 5, 1730 — August 25, 

1 Check List of Boston Newspapers, 1704-1780, by Mary Farwell Ayer, 
with Bibliographical Notes by Albert Matthews. 

2 Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XII. 


The Weekly Rehearsal; Boston, September 27, 1731 — August 11, 

The Boston Weekly Post-Boy ; October, 1734 [?]— June 4, 1750 
The Boston Evening-Post; August 18, 1735— April 24, 1775 
The Boston Gazette, or, New England Weekly Journal; October 

20, 1741 
The Boston Gazette, or. Weekly Journal; October 27, 1741 — Decem- 
ber 26, 1752 
The Boston Weekly Magazine; March 2— March 16, 1743 
The Christian History; Boston, March 5, 1743— February 23, 1745 
The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle; Boston, Septem- 
ber, 1743— December, 1746 
The Independent Advertiser; Boston, January 4, 1748 — December 

5, 1749 
The Boston Post-Boy; June 11, 1750— December 23, 1754 
The Boston Gazette, or, Weekly Advertiser; January 3, 1753 — April 

1, 1755 
The Boston Gazette, or, Country Journal; April 7, 1755 — April 

5, 1756 
The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal; April 12, 1756 — April 

5, 17793 
The Boston Weekly Advertiser [Boston Post-Boy]; August 22, 1757— 

December 25, 1758 
The Boston News- Letter; September 1, 1757— March 18, 1762 
The New England Magazine; Boston, August, 1758—1759 [?]* 
Green & Russell's Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser; January 1, 1759 — 

May 23, 1763 
The Boston News-Letter. And New-England Chronicle; March 

25— December 30, 1762 
The Boston News-Letter, and the New-England Chronicle; January 

6— March 31. 1763 
The Massachusetts Gazette. And Boston News-Letter; April 7, 

1763— October 31, 1765 
The Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser; May 30, 1763— September 25, 

The Massachusetts Gazette, [Boston News-Letter]; November 7, 

1765— May 15, 1766 
The Massachusetts Gazette. And Boston News-Letter; May 22, 

1766— May 19, 1768 

3 Published in Watertown, June 5, 1775 — November, 1776. 

4 Three numbers of this magazine are known to be in existence. The title 
of the first number reads The New England Magazine for August 1758, and 
that of the second and third numbers The New England Magazine Of Knowl- 
edge and Pleasure. 


The Boston Chronicle; December 21, 1767— June 25, 1770 

The Massachusetts Gazette; Boston, May 23, 1768 — September 25, 

The Boston Weekly News-Letter; May 26, 1768— September 21, 1769 
The Essex Gazette; Salem, August 2, 1768— May 2, 1775 
The Massachusetts Gazette: and the Boston Weekly News- Letter; 

September 28, 1769— February 22, 1776 
The Massachusetts Gazette, and the Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser; 

October 2, 1769— April 17, 1775 ^ 
The Massachusetts Spy; Boston, July 17, 1770 — October 1, 1772 
The Censor; Boston, November 23, 1771— May 2, 1772 
The Massachusetts Spy Or, Thomas's Boston Journal; October 8, 

1772— April 6, 1775 
The Essex Journal and Merimack Packet: Or, the Massachusetts 

and New-Hampshire General Advertiser; Newburyport, Decem- 
ber 4, 1773— June 23, 1775 
The Royal American Magazine, or Universal Repository of Instruc- 
tion and Amusement, Boston, January, 1774 — March, 1775 
The Salem Gazette and Newbury and Marblehead Advertiser; Salem, 

July 1, 1774— December 23, 1774 
The Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; Worcester, 

May 3, 1775— December 31, 1783 ' 
The New-England Chronicle: or, The Essex Gazette, [The Essex 

Gazette]; Cambridge, May 12, 1775 «— April 4, 1776 
The Essex Journal Or, The Massachusetts and New-Hampshire 

General Advertiser, [The Essex Journal and Merimack Packet]; 

Newburyport, June 30— July 28, 1775 
The Essex Journal Or, New-Hampshire Packet, [The Essex Journal 

and Merimack Packet]; Newburyport, August 4 — November 

3, 1775 
The Essex Journal, and New Hampshire Packet, [The Essex Journal 

and Merimack Packet]; Newburyport, November 10, 1775 — 

October 5, 1776 
The New-England Chronicle; Boston, April 25 — September 12, 1776 
The Continental Journal, and Weekly Advertiser; Boston, May 30, 

1776— December 18, 1783 

5 After the Massachusetts Spy was moved from Boston to Worcester in 
May, 1775 and became The Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Lib- 
erty, no less than fourteen changes were made in the title before May, 1782. 
Most of these changes were of slight typographical character, but all the 
materially different forms of title under which this newspaper was published 
from its beginning in 1770 to the end of 1783 are recorded on another page 
herewith under the heading The Massachusetts Spy. 

6 The date line is "from Tuesday, May 2 to Friday, May 12, 1775." 


The American Gazette: or, the Constitutional Journal; Salem, June 

19— July 30, 1776 
The Independent Chronicle, [New England Chronicle]; Boston, 

September 19 — October 31, 1776 
The Essex Journal : Or The New-Hampshire Packet And The Weekly 

Advertiser, [The Essex Journal and Merimack Packet]; New- 

buryport, November 1, 1776 — December 5, 1776 
The Independent Chronicle. And the Universal Advertiser, [New 

England Chronicle]; Boston, November 7, 1776 — December 25, 

The Essex Journal, [The Essex Journal and Merimack Packet]; New- 

buryport, December 11, 1776 — February 13, 1777 
The Independent Ledger, and American Advertiser; Boston, June 

15— July 13, 1778 
The Independent Ledger and the American Advertiser; Boston, 

July 20, 1778— December 29, 1783 
The Evening Post; and the General Advertiser; Boston, October 17, 

1778— February 26, 1780 
The Boston Gazette, and the Country Journal, April 12, 1779 — 

December 29, 1783 
The Morning Chronicle; and the General Advertiser, [Evening Post]; 

Boston, March 9— May 11, 1780 
The Salem Gazette and General Advertiser; January 2 — September 

4, 1781 
The Salem Gazette; October 18, 1781— December 25, 1783 
The Boston Evening Post: and the General Advertiser; October 20, 

1781— December 27, 1783 
The Massachusetts Gazette, Or The Springfield and Northampton 

Weekly Advertiser ; Springfield, May 14— August [?] , 1782 
The Massachusetts Gazette Or, The General Advertiser, [The Massa- 
chusetts Gazette, or The Springfield and Northampton Weekly 

Advertiser]; Springfield, September [3?], 1782 — December 23, 

The Massachusetts Herald : or Worcester Journal ; September 6, 15, 20, 

and 27, 1783 
The Boston Magazine, October, and December, 1783 

Following is a list of the several newspapers which during the Pro- 
vincial Period were published under different titles. Appended 
thereto are the names under which those newspapers were successively 

Boston News-Letter; 1704—1776 

The Boston News- Letter; April 24, 1704— December 29, 1726 
The Weekly News-Letter; January 5, 1727— October 29, 1730 



The Boston Weekly News-Letter; November 5, 1730 — August 

25, 1757 
The Boston News-Letter; September 1, 1757— March 18, 1762 
The Boston News-Letter. And New-England Chronicle; March 

25— December 30, 1762 
The Boston News-Letter, and the New-England Chronicle; 

January 6 — March 31, 1763 
• The Massachusetts Gazette. And Boston News-Letter; April 

7, 1763— October 31, 1765 
The Massachusetts Gazette; November-7, 1765— May 15, 1766 
The Massachusetts Gazette. And Boston News-Letter; May 

22, 1766— May 19, 1768 
The Boston Weekly News-Letter; May 26, 1768— September 21, 

The Massachusetts Gazette: and the Boston Weekly News- 
Letter; September 28, 1769— February 22, 1776 

Boston Gazette; 1719—1783 

The Boston Gazette; December 21, 1719— October 12, 1741 
The Boston Gazette, or, New England Weekly Journal; October 

20, 1741 
The Boston Gazette, or. Weekly Journal; October 27, 1741 — 

December 26, 1752 
The Boston Gazette, or. Weekly Advertiser; January 3, 1753 — 

April 1, 1755 
The Boston Gazette, or Country Journal; April 7, 1755 — April 

5, 1756 
The Boston Gazette, and Country Journal; April 12, 1756 — 

April 5, 1779 
The Boston Gazette, and the Country Journal; April 12, 1779 — 

December 29, 1783 

Boston Post-Boy; 1734—1775 

The Boston Weekly Post-Boy; October, 1734 [?]— June 4, 1750 
The Boston Post-Boy; June 11, 1750— December 23, 1754 
The Boston Weekly Advertiser; August 22, 1757 — December 25, 

Green & Russell's Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser; January 1, 

1759— May 23, 1763 
The Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser; May 30, 1763— September 

25, 1769 
The Massachusetts Gazette, and the Boston Post-Boy and Ad- 
vertiser; October 2, 1769— April 17, 1775 



Essex Gazette; 1768—1776 ^ 

The Essex Gazette; August 2, 1768— May 2, 1775 
The New-England Chronicle: or, The Essex Gazette; May 12, 
1775— April 4, 1776 

Massachusetts Spy; 1770—1783 

The Massachusetts Spy; July 17, 1770— October 1, 1772 

The Massachusetts Spy Or, Thomas's Boston Journal; October 

8, 1772— April 6, 1775 
The Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

May 3, 1775— August 9, 1775 
Thomas's Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

August 16, 1775— May 31, 1776 
The Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

June 21, 1776 [?]— August [?], 1777 
Haswell's Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

August 14, 1777 — December 4, 1777 
The Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

December 11, 1777— March 19, 1778 
Haswell's Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

March 26, 1778— June 18, 1778 
Thomas's Massachusetts Spy Or, American Oracle of Liberty; 

June 25, 1778— May 17, 1781 
Thomas's Massachusetts Spy Or, The Worcester Gazette; 

May 24, 1781— April 4, 1782 
Thomas's The Massachusetts Spy: Or, Worcester Gazette; 

April 11, 1782— December 31, 1783 

Essex Journal ; 1773—1777 

The Essex Journal, and Merimack Packet: Or, the Massachu- 
setts and New-Hampshire General Advertiser; December 4, 
1773— June 23, 1775 

The Essex Journal Or, The Massachusetts and New-Hampshire 
General Advertiser; June 30— July 28, 1775 

The Essex Journal Or, New-Hampshire Packet; August 4 — 
November 3, 1775 

The Essex Journal, and New-Hampshire Packet; November 
10, 1775— October 5, 1776 

7 See New England Chronicle. The Essex Gazette, started in Salem in 
1768, was the parent of the several newspapers known in later years by the 
name Chronicle. When the publishers removed to Cambridge in 1775 they 
prefixed the Chronicle name to their publication. When the newspaper was 
removed from Cambridge to Boston the Essex Gazette part of the title was 
discarded and as the Chronicle it was longest and best known. For that 
reason its later titles have been here placed under the heading New-England 



The Essex Journal: Or The New-Hampshire Packet And The 

Weekly Advertiser; November 1, 1776 — December 5, 1776 

The Essex Journal; December 11, 1776— February 13, 1777 

New-England Chronicle ; 1775—1783 

The New-England Chronicle: or The Essex Gazette; May 12, 

1775— April 4, 1776 
The New-England Chronicle; April 25— ^September 12, 1776 
The Independent Chronicle; September 19 — October 31, 1776 
The Independent Chronicle. And the Universal Advertiser; 

November 7, 1776— December 25, 1783 

Independent Ledger; 1778 — 1783 

The Independent Ledger, and American Advertiser; June 15 — 

July 13, 1778 
The Independent Ledger, and the American Advertiser; July 20, 

1778— December 29, 1783 

Evening Post; 1778—1780 

The Evening Post; and the General Advertiser; October 17, 

1778— February 26, 1780 
The Morning Chronicle; and the General Advertiser; March 9 — 

May 11, 1780 

Massachusetts Gazette; 1782 — 1783 

The Massachusetts Gazette, Or The Springfield and Northamp- 
ton Weekly Advertiser; May 14 — August [?], 1782 

The Massachusetts Gazette, Or the General Advertiser; Septem- 
ber [3?], 1782— December 23, 1783 


List of Authorities 

SEVERAL accounts of the newspapers and their printers in the Mas- 
sachusetts-Bay Province have been written, and many incidental 
references throwing light upon them are found in various historical 
and other publications. The subjoined list of authorities makes no 
pretence to minute completeness, but it embraces the titles of those 
works upon which the investigator must principally depend. In 
fact the editors are confident that nothing of substantial importance 
has been omitted from it. 

A Narrative of the Newspapers printed in New-England — In a 
letter to the President of the Historical Society, from one of the 
members. In the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society 
for the year 1798. Boston, 1798. Vol. V, pp. 208—216. 

This paper appears to have been the first printed account of the 
earliest American newspapers. It is signed A. Z. and the author was 
the Reverend John Eliot, D.D., pastor of the New North Church, 
Boston, and one of the founders and the first librarian of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society. The sketch is brief and, naturally, 
inadequate, and it contains numerous errors. It presents some 
interesting facts but on the whole is not of much value. 

Continuation of the Narrative of Newspapers published in New- 
England, from the year 1704 to the Revolution; in a letter from one 
of the members to the president of the society. In the Collections of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society for the year 1800. Boston, 
1800. Vol. VI, pp. 64—67. 

This paper was also from the pen of the Reverend John Eliot and 
is open to the same criticism as its predecessor. In it is included a 
brief two-page sketch of the newspapers of Connecticut from 1755 
to 1800, written by the great lexicographer, Noah Webster, and 
enumerating seventeen publications. 

The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of 
Printers, and an Account of Newspapers. To which is prefixed a 
concise view of the Discovery and Progress of the Art in Other Parts 
of the World. In two volumes. By Isaiah Thomas, Printer, Wor- 
cester, Massachusetts. Worcester: From the press of Isaiah Thomas 
jun. Isaac Sturtevant, Printer. 1810. 

This two-volume work has always been and undoubtedly al- 
ways will be the fundamental source of information for the period 
which it covers. Thomas was a successful printer and publisher, 
an editor of wide experience, a shrewd observer, and an indefatigable 
collector of literature bearing upon the printing of books and news- 
papers. Beginning printing in 1755 he was, for half a century, one 
of the most active and most able newspaper men of Massachusetts. 
He had an extensive acquaintance with his contemporaries and his 
youthful years overlapped the closing years of those who had been 



the founders of Massachusetts journahsm. His work partakes 
more of the character of the hasty newsgatherer and gossipy recorder 
than of the painstaking historian. Much is absent from it that we 
should be glad to know today and its pages have many inaccuracies. 
Nevertheless, despite its deficiences, it is invaluable. The History 
was first published in Worcester in 1810. It was repubhshed in 
1874 by Joel Munsell, Albany, N. Y., for the American Antiquarian 
Society of Worcester, Mass. being volumes V and VI in the Trans- 
actions and Collections of that Society. This edition has a memoir 
of the author by his grandson Benjamin Franklin Thomas; volum- 
inous and valuable explanatory and critical notes by John R. Bart- 
lett, Samuel F. Haven, Joel Munsell and H. G. Jones; and, as an 
appendix, a "catalogue of publications in what is now the United 
States, prior to the revolution of 1775 — 6," compiled by Dr. Samuel 
F. Haven. 

The Life and Errors of John Dunton, Citizen of London; With the 
lives and characters of more than a thousand Contemporary Divines, 
and other persons of literary eminence. To which are added, Dun- 
ton's Conversation in Ireland; Selections from his other genuine 
Works: and a faithful portrait of the author. Two vols., London 

Letters Written from New England, A. D. 1686, by John Dunton. 
In which are described his voyages by sea, his travels on land and 
the characters of his friends and acquaintances. Now first published 
from the original manuscript, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 
With notes and an appendix, by W. H. Whitmore. Boston: Pub- 
lished for the Prince Society, 1867. 

John Dunton, the eccentric printer and bookseller, visited Boston 
with an invoice of books to sell, in 1685, and remained in Massachu- 
setts more than a year. He wrote much and spiritedly concerning 
the people of his time and his pen pictures of those whom he met in 
Massachusetts add to our knowledge of men and manners of that 
period. The first edition of his Life and Errors was published in 
1705. His Letters Written from New England, edited by W. H. 
Whitmore, is more full in ibs descriptions of the Boston printers 
and booksellers than the London book. Students of early New Eng- 
land life cannot afford to overlook it. 

A History of Harvard University from its Foundation in the 
year 1636, to the period of the American Revolution. By Benjamin 
Pierce. Cambridge, 1833. 

The American Historical Magazine and Literary Record. New 
Haven, 1836. 

Specimens of Newspaper Literature: with Personal Memoirs, 
Anecdotes, and Reminiscences. By Joseph T. Buckingham. Bos- 
ton, 1850. 

This work is also known as Buckingham's Reminiscences, which 
title appears on the backbone of the cover. It is in two volumes 



and treats of the newspapers of all New England. In the first volume 
are included the newspapers from 1704 to the close of the Revolution; 
in the second volume are those subsequent to that time and into the 
following century. Buckingham was a famous newspaper and 
magazine editor, from 1799 to 1861, and this work of his, while 
primarily based on that of Thomas, is enriched with much valuable 
information derived from examination of original files and from 
personal knowledge. It amplifies and extends the Thomas History 
in both biography and bibliography, and corrects some of the errors 
of its predecessor. 

Personal Memoirs and Recollections of Editorial Life. By Joseph 
T. Buckingham. Two vols., Boston 1852. 

Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay 
in New England. Printed by Order of the Legislature. '.Edited by 
Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, M. D., Member of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 
and Member of the American Antiquarian Society. Five vols., Bos- 
ton, 1853—1854. 

Account of the Newspapers and other Periodicals, published in 
Salem, from 1768 to 1856. By Gilbert L. Streeter. In the Proceed- 
ings of the Essex Institute. Salem, Mass., 1856. Vol. I. 1848 to 

This short sketch contains some small particulars which do not 
appear in the works of Thomas or Buckingham. 

Historical Magazine (The), and Notes and Queries concerning the 
Antiquities, History, and Biography of America. Boston, 1857 — 1875. 

History of New England. By John Gorham Palfrey. Five vols., 
Boston. 1858—1890. 

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. 
By James Savage. Four vols., Boston, 1860 — 1862. 

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, 
with an Historical Essay. By Lorenzo Sabine. Two vols., Boston, 

Life and Times of Benjamin FrankHn. By James Parton. Two 
vols., New York, 1864. 

The Life of Benjamin Franklin, written by. himself. Now first 
edited from original manuscripts and from his printed correspondence 
and other writings. By John Bigelow. Philadelphia, 1874. 

The Andros Tracts: being a Collection of Pamphlets and Official 
Papers issued during the period between the Overthrow of the Andros 
Government and the Establishment of the Second Charter of Mas- 
sachusetts. With notes and a Memoir of Sir Edmund Andros. Edited 



by W. H. Whitmore. Three vols. Publications of the Prince 
Society. Boston, 186S— 1S74. 

Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard University, in 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. By John Langdon Sibley, M. A., Libra- 
rian of Harvard University, and Member of the Massachusetts and 
other Historical Societies. Three vols., Cambridge, 1873. 

Journalism in the United States, from 1690 to 1872. By Frederic 
Hudson. New York, 1873. 

Mr. Hudson began his account of journalism in the United States 
with ancient Rome, Greece and China, and devoted most of his 
book to the newspaper history of his own time. Consequently he 
had scant space — 98 pages — for the American newspapers of the 
eighteenth century, and in that part of his work he gives practically 
very little except what he derived from the pages of Thomas' History 
and Buckingham's Specimens. He reprinted the Publick Occurrences 
(not accurately), part of one of John Campbell's manuscript news 
letters, the domestic items of the first number of The Boston News- 
Letter, extracts from The Boston Gazette, The New England Courant, 
and The New York Gazette of William Bradford; gave an account 
of the libel suit against Peter Zenger in 1734; and treated briefly 
of the editors, publishers, writers, news and advertisements of the 
press of the Revolutionary period. 

History of Cambridge, Mass. 1630 — 1877. By Lucius Robinson 
Paige. Boston, 1877. 

Diary of Samuel Sewall. In the Collections of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society. Fifth Series, Vols. V, VI and VII. Boston, 
1878, 1879, 1882. 

Curiosities of History. By William W. Wheildon. Boston, 1880. 

The Memorial History of Boston, Including Suffolk County, 
Massachusetts. 1630 — 1880. Edited by Justin Winsor, Librarian 
of Harvard University. In Four Volumes. Boston, 1881. 

In this work five chapters treat, directly or indirectly, of this sub- 
ject. These are The Literature of the Colonial Period, by Justin 
Winsor, vol. I, pp. 453 — 464; The Indian Tongue and Its Literature, 
by J. Hammond Trumbull, vol. I, pp. 465 — 480; The Press and Litera- 
ture of the Provincial Period, by Delano A. Goddard [then editor 
of the Boston Daily Advertiser!, vol. II, pp. 387—436; The Pulpit, 
Press, and Literature of the Revolution, by Delano A. Goddard, 
vol. Ill, pp. 119 — 148; and The Press and Literature of the Last Hun- 
dred Years, by Charles A. Cummings, vol. Ill, pp. 617 — 682. 

History and Present Condition of the Newspaper and Periodical 
Press of the United States, with a Catalogue of the Publications of 
the Census Year. By S. N. D. North, Special Agent. Washington, 
Government Printing Office. 1884. [Part of Vol. VIII of the Tenth 
Census— 1880— of the United States.] 



Although this is an exhaustive treatment of its subject as a whole , 
the part relating to the newspapers of the pre-revolutionary period 
is inadequate and abundant in error. Mr. North did little more than 
transcribe from Thomas' History and Buckingham's Reminiscenses, 
and faithfully perpetuated the errors of those writers with the ad- 
dition of others of his own. His chronological history is of some 
value, though not as relating to the provincial period. He reprints 
the catalogue of the newspaper files in the library of the American 
Antiquarian Society. 

Narrative and Critical History of America. Edited by Justin 
Winsor. Eight vols., Boston, 1886—1889. 

Letter-Book of Samuel Sewall. In the Collections of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society. Sixth Series, Vols. I and II. Boston, 1886 
and 1888. 

The Cambridge Press. By Andrew McFarland Davis. In the Pro- 
ceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. April 25, 1888. 

Worcester, 1888. 

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New 
Jersey. Edited by William Nelson. Vol. XII. Paterson, N. J., 1895. 

This volume carries on its cover the title. New Jersey Archives 
First Series, and thus the work to which it belongs is commonly 
known. A bastard title page gives another variant as follows: 
Archives of the State of New Jersey. A sub-title on the full title 
page is; Some Account of American Newspapers, particularly of the 
Eighteenth Century, and Libraries in which they may be found. 
Part II. Massachusetts. The volume is mainly a reprinting of the 
news relating to New Jersey, taken from these early newspapers. 
The "account" of the newspapers is an introduction of 132 pages, 
historical, biographical and bibliographical, chronologically arranged. 
Reviewing as it does the newspapers of all the American colonies 
for the entire eighteenth century, Mr. Nelson's work is the most 
complete compilation of its kind that has been made. It gives a 
great amount of information lacking in other authorities, and has 
reprints of the headings of the newspapers, many in fac-simile; its 
Hst of files and libraries, albeit far from complete, and not conven- 
iently arranged, is very valuable. 

The Literary History of the American Revolution, 1763 — 1783. 
By Moses Coit Tyler. Two vols.. New York, 1897. 

A List of early American Broadsides, 1680 — 1800, belonging to 
the library of the American Antiquarian Society. With an Intro- 
duction and Notes by Nathaniel Paine. In the Proceedings of the 
American Antiquarian Society. Worcester, Mass., April, 1897. 

Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Old Boston and Neigh- 
borhood. By Samuel Abbott Green. Boston, Massachusetts, 1901. 

This contains an historical account of the publication, Publick 
Occurrences, September 25, 1690, a fac-simile reproduction of its 



three pages and a reprint of the order of suppression by the governor 
and council. 

Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to New England. By- 
Samuel Abbott Green, Boston, Massachusetts, 1902. 

This contains an exhaustive and scholarly account of Stephen 
Daye, of Cambridge, the first American printer, and his work, with 

Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Various Subjects. 
By Samuel Abbott Green. Boston, 1903. 

This is the third and concluding volume of the series published 
under similar title. It contains fac-simile reprints of the title- 
page of a unique copy of Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress, printed in 
Boston in 1681; of the broadsides, The Present State of the New- 
English Affairs, Boston 1689, and Admiral Russel's Letter to the 
Earl of Nottingham, Boston, 1692; the two pages of both the first 
and the second edition of the first issue of The Boston News- Letter, 
April 2-4, 1704; the two pages of the issue of The New England Courant, 
for February 11, 1723; and the two pages of the issue of The New 
England Weekly Journal for April 8, 1728. These reproductions 
are accompanied with descriptive and critical text by Dr. Green. 

American Bibliography, By Charles Evans. A Chronological 
Dictionary of all Books, Pamphlets and Periodical Publications 
printed in the United States of America from the Genesis of Printing 
in 1639 down to and including the year 1820. With BibHographical 
and Biographical Notes. Vol. I, 1639—1729; Vol. II, 1730—1750. 
Chicago, 1903—1904. 

The Development of Freedom of the Press in Massachusetts. 
By Clyde Augustus Duniway, associate professor of history in 
Leland Stanford Junior University. Vol. XII of Harvard Historical 
Studies. New York, 1906. 

This work treats of the control of the press in England and in 
Massachusetts from 1638 onward. The assumption of govern- 
mental authority over the newspapers of the period, particularly the 
Publick Occurrences, Campbell's Boston News-Letter, The Boston 
Gazette, Franklin's New-England Courant, and Fleet's Boston Even- 
ing-Post, is well considered. A complete list of sources and titles 
of secondary authorities adds much to the value of the work. 

The Cambridge Press 1638—1692. A History of the First Printing 
Press Established in English America, Together with a Bibliographi- 
cal List of the Issues of the Press. By Robert F. Roden. New York, 

Check List of Boston Newspapers, 1704 — 1780. By Mary Farwell 
Ayer. With Bibliographical Notes by Albert Matthews. Publica- 
tions of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. Vol. IX, 1907. 



As its name indicates, this is a check list, showing in what principal 
libraries of the United States the issues of the provincial newspapers, 
so far as they are known to be in existence, are preserved. It is a 
work of incalculable value and indispensable to every student of the 
eighteenth century journalism of Massachusetts. The Bibliograph- 
ical Notes by Mr. Matthews constitute by far the most interesting, 
most valuable and most scholarly historical review of the news- 
papers included in the period covered that has yet been printed. 
This, combined with the biographical and historical accounts of the 
printers, publishers and editors, and their work, has left little to be 
done by any future historian or compiler, except the actual reprinting 
of the contents of these papers. 

The Essex Institute Historical Society. Collections. Forty vols. 
Salem, Mass., 1859—1907. 

Massachusetts Archives. (MSS.) In the Office of the Secretary 
of the Commonwealth. Boston. Vols. 241 + 3 + 82. 1622—1788. 

Massachusetts Council Records. (MSS.) Executive Proceedings 
of the Governor's Council. In the Office of the Secretary of the 
Commonwealth, 1650—1908. Boston. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings, Boston, 1879 — 1909. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. Collections. "Boston, 1792 — 1909. 

New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, (The). Sixty- 
three vols. The New-England Historic Genealogical Society. Boston, 

Transcripts (MSS.) of Harvard College Records. By Andrew 
McFarland Davis. In Harvard College Library. 

JOURNAL OF THE Votes and Proceedings of the GENERAL 
ASSEMBLY Of the colony of NEW YORK. Began the 9th Day 
of April, 1691; and Ended the 27th of September, 1743. Two vol- 
umes. Published by Order of the General Assembly. NEW YORK. 
Printed by Hugh Gaine, at his Book-Store and Printing-Office at the 
Bible & Crown, in Hanover Square. M,DCC,LXIV. 

This work is interesting in that it has the exact text of the addresses 
of the colonial governors, and the legislative enactments, many of 
which are printed in full or in part — sometimes incorrectly — or 
are briefly referred to in communications from New York to the 

The Acts and Resolves, Public and Private, of the Province of the 
Mafsachusetts Bay : to which are prefixed the Charters of the Province, 
with Historical and Explanatory Notes and Appendix. Published 
under Chapter 87 of the Resolves of the General Court of the Common- 
wealth for the year 1867. Boston [printed for the State]: 1869 — . 



Fifteen volumes published (Vol, XV bearing date 1908) covering 
the Province laws from 1692 to 1756. Other volumes in preparation. 
The part in which material bearing on the provincial press is to be 
found is Vol. VIII, being Vol. Ill of the Appendix, containing 
Resolves etc. 1703-1707, and is embraced in the Notes to the Resolves, 
pp. 263-801, prepared by Abner Cheney Goodell, the scholarly first 
•editor of the w^ork. The editor succeeding Mr. Goodell, who declined 
reappointment in 1900, is Melville Madison Bigelow. 





The following abbreviations as they are appended beneath the 
titles of the newspapers included in this Digest indicate libraries in 
which original copies of the respective issues have been preserved » 
In each instance the library that contains the copy which has been 
transcribed for the Digest is specially indicated by initials in black 
face. The letter m in brackets following initials indicates that the 
copy preserved in that library is mutilated. 

A S = American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts 

B A= Boston Athenaeum, Boston 

B P = Boston Public Library, Boston 

B S=Bostonian Society, Boston 

C H = Connecticut Historical Society 

D C= Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire 

E 1 = Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts 

G S = New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston 

H U = Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts 

L C= Library of Congress, Washington 

L P = Library Company of Philadelphia 

M H = Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston 

M S = Massachusetts State Library, Boston 

N H = New Jersey Historical Society 

N J = New Jersey State Library 

N P = New York PubHc Library, New York 

N S = New York State Library 

N Y = New York Historical Society, New York 

P H = Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

WH = State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 

Y U = Yale University 


The Present State of the 
New-English Affairs 

A BROADSIDE, brought out in 16S9, this publication bears the 
imprint "Boston, Printed and Sold by Sayniiel Green.'' It is a 
single sheet printed on one side; the paper page is S by 143/^ inches, 
while the type page, in two columns, is 6^/^ by 12 inches. The first 
column is filled by the extract from the letter of the Reverend In- 
crease Mather to Governor vSimon Bradstreet, dated: ''Sept. 3, 1689 
from Deal in Kent." In the second column appear ".4 Passage 
extracted from the puhlick News- Letter, [of London] Dated July 6, 
1689"; the extract from Mr. Mather's letter to his son the Reverend 
Cotton Mather, and the paragraph regarding the overthrow of Andros. 

A solitary specimen of this publication has been preserved, and is 
in the Massachusetts Archives, volume XXXV, page 83, in the State 
House, Boston. The sheet has been reprinted in the Massachusetts 
Magazine, Boston, October, 1789, volume I, page 642; in the Col- 
lections of the New Hampshire Historical Society, in 1824 and 1866, 
volume I, pages 252-255 and volume VIII, pages 258-260; and in 
The Andros Tracts, volume II, pages 15-18. It has also been twice 
reproduced in fac-simile: first in 1902, by William Green Shillaber of 
the Club of Odd Volumes, and again in 1903 by Dr. Samuel Abbott 
Green in his Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Various 

With his reproduction Mr. Shillaber refers to the sheet as, "the 
first attempt at newspaper publication on this side of the Atlantic 
ocean." Whether or not it is entitled to be regarded as a news- 
paper, and, therefore, the first in the English colonies of America 
has ever been a subject of controversy among students. When first 
reprinted in 1789 it was called "a Handbill or Newspaper Extraor- 
dinary." Joel Munsell in 1874, Charles Evans in 1903, and George 
H. Sargent in 1905 have suggested or contended that it was a news- 
paper, and argument has been made in support thereof. William 
H. Whitmore in 1869, Delano A. Goddard in 1881, WiUiam Nelson 
in 1895, Samuel Abbott Green in 1901, Professor Clyde A. Duniway 
in 1906, and Albert Matthews in 1906 have agreed in characterizing 
the sheet as a broadside. 

The concensus of opinion is that the print was not a newspaper. 
Strictly speaking it was not even an attempt at a newspaper, an 
essential distinction of which is successive and regular publication. 
Still in it was a germ of the coming newspaper. For an extended 
consideration of this publication and the arguments concerning it, 
see a paper by Albert Matthews in the Publications of the Colonial 
Society of Massachusetts, volume X, pages 310-320. 


The Prefent State of the 

New-Englifh Affairs. 

€|)x^ 10 ^ublifljeD to pretoent f alfe 0eport^ 

An Extract of a Letter from Mr. Mather, To the Govenour, Dated 

Sept. 3, 1689 /rom Deal in Kent. 

THe House of Commons Ordered a Bill to be drawn up for 
the Restoration of Charters to all Corporations. Some Enemies 
of New-England did bestir themselves on that Occasion. But 
it has pleased God to succeed Endeavours and SoUicitations here so 
far, so that N. E. is particularly mentioned in the Bill. 

It has been read twice, and after that referred unto a Committee 
for Emendations. What concerns N. England passed without any 
great opposition. The Bill has been in part read the third Time, and 
the Charters of N.-Eng. then also passed without Objection. Only 
some Additional Clauses respecting Corporations here, caused Debates ; 
so that the Bill is not yet Enacted. 

In the latter end of June, a Vessel from Mount Hope arrived here, 
which brought your Declaration of April 18. with an account of 
the Revolution in New-England. The week after I went to Hamp- 
ton Court, and had the favour to wait on His Majesty, who told me, 
That He did accept of, and was well pleased with what was done in 
New-England , and that he would order the Secretary of State to signifie 
so much, and that His Subjects there should have their Ancient Rights 
and Priviledges restored to them. 

The King has sent a Gracious Letter (which was delivered to me, 
and if I return not my self, I shall take care that it be sent to you) 
bearing Date Atigust 12. Wherein He signifies His Royal Appro- 
bation of what has been done at Boston, and assures you that the 
Government there shall be settled, so as shall be for the Security 
and Satisfaction of His Subjects in that Colony, and in the mean 
time bids you go on to Administer the Laws, and manage the Govern- 
ment, according as in your Address you have Petitioned. 

My Lord Mordent (now Earl of Monmouth) bade me assure you 
that He would be your Friend, and he bade me tell you from him, 
That your Charters should- be restored to you by Act of Parliament. 

I have been with most of the Kings most Honourable Privy Coun- 
cil, who have promised to befriend New-England as there shall be 
occasion for it. The like I may say, of all the Leading men in the 



I have been in the Downs a fortnight, and Aboard Mr. Clark, 
several Nights, but the Wind has been against us. And we now hear 
that the New-foutid-Land Convoyes (on whose Assistance we had a 
Dependance) are gone. 

Superscribed To the Honourable 

Simon Bradstreet, Esq; 
Governour of the Massachuseis Colony in N- England. 

A Passage extracted from the publick News- Letter, Dated 

July 6. 1689. 

THE people of New Englaitd having made a thorow Revolution, 
and secured the publick Criminals. On Thursday last, the Rev- 
erend and Learned Mr. Mather, President of the Colledge, and Min- 
ister of Boston, waited on the King; and in a most Excellent Speech 
laid before His Majesty, the State of that People; saying. That they 
were sober, arid hidustrious, and fit for Martial Service; and all with 
their Lives and Interests were at His Majesties Command, to tender 
the same unto His Majesty: That they desired nothing but His Majes- 
ties Acceptance of what tliey had done, and His Protection; afid that if 
His Majesty pleased to encourage and Commission them. He might 
easily be Emperour of America. His Majesty assured him, that He 
was pleased with what was done for Him, and for themselves in the 
Revolution, and that their Priviledges and Religion should be secured 
unto them. 

Extracted from a Letter of Mr. Mather, to his Son, Dated 

Sept. 2. 1689. 

On July 4. The King said unto me. That He did khidly Accept 
of what was done in Boston. And that His Subjects in New-England 
should have their Ancient Rights and Priviledges Restored a)td Con- 
firmed unto them. Yea, He told me. That if it were in his power to 
cause it to be done it should be done, and bade me rest assured of it. 

The Charter- Bill is not finished, because some Additional Clauses 
respecting Corporations here in England caused a Debate; and the 
Parliament is for some weeks Adjourned. 

Besides the Letter from the Kings Majesty, whereof we have notice 
as above; there is now arrived, an Order from His Majesty to the 
Government, bearing Date, July 30. 1689. 

Requiring, That Sir Edmund Andross, Edward Randolph, a)td 
others, that have been Seized by the people of Boston, and shall be at 
the Receipt of these Commands, Detained there, under Confinement, 
be sent on Board the first Ship, bound to England, to answer what 
may be objected against tliem. 


Public Occurrences 

UNTIL the single known copy of The Present State of the New- 
EngHsh Affairs came to light in 1789 ^ this print of Publick 
Occurrences was regarded as the first news publication of the English 
colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Even now the distinction of 
being the first attempt to start a newspaper in the colonies must be 
accorded it for, undoubtedly, the publishers intended to continue 
it regularly had it not fallen imder the ban of the government. It 
is a small quarto printed on three sides of a folded sheet, two columns 
to the page, the paper page being 73^ by 11)^ inches and the type 
pages, the first, 5|- by lOf, the second, 5| by lOf, and the third, 5| 
by lOf inches. It has for a colophon, "Printed by Richard Pierce 
for Benjamin Harris." 

The only known contemporaneous reference to the publication, 
except the Governor's order of suppression, was by Chief Justice 
Samuel Sewall, who wrote in 1690:^ 

"Sept. 25. A printed sheet entituled publick Occurences comes 
out, which gives much distaste because not Licensed; and because 
of the passage referring to the French King and the Maquas [Mohawks]. 

"Oct. 1. Print of the Governour and Council comes out shewing 
their disallowance of the Public Occurrences. 

"Oct. 2. Mr. [Cotton] Mather writes a very sharp Letter about it." 

Elsewhere, under the same date. Judge Sewall again refers to "the 
first sheet of Occurrences, which came out this day." ^ 

But the publishers were ahead of the time. Those in authority 
were not yet tolerant of a free press. Immediately on its appearance 
the continuance of the print was promptly interdicted. Following 
is the order for its suppression, a copy of which is preserved in the 
library of the Massachusetts Historical Society: 


'HERE AS some have lately presumed to Print and Disperse a 
Pamphlet, Entituled, Publick Occurrences, both Forreign and 
Domestick: Boston, Thursday, Septemb. 25th 1690. With- 
out the least Privity or Countenance of Authority. 

The Governour and Council having had the perusal of the said 
Pamphlet, and finding that therein is contained Reflections of a very 
high nature: As also sundry doubtful and uncertain Reports, do 
hereby manifest and declare their high Resentment and Disallowance 
of said Pamphlet, and Order that the same be Suppressed and called 
in ; strickly forbidding any person or persons for the future to Set forth 

1 Reprinted in the Massachusetts Magazine (Boston), for October, 1789. 

2 Diary of Samuel Sewall. Vol. I, pp. 332-333. 

3 Letter-Book of Samuel Sewall. Vol. I, p. 112. 



any thing in Print without License first obtained from those that are 
or shall be appointed by the Government to grant the same. 

By order of the Governour & Council. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 
Boston, September 29//^ 1690. 

So far as is known only one copy of this publication is now in ex- 
istence and that is preserved in the Public Office in London. There 
it rested in musty archives for more than a century until, in 1845 or 
1846, it was discovered by the Reverend Joseph Barlow Felt, librarian 
of the Massachusetts Historical Society (then in England as an 
agent of the state of Massachusetts to secure duplicates of various 
documents whose originals had been lost), and briefly described 
by him.* It was examined and copied in London in 1S56 by Dr. 
Samuel Abbott Green of the Massachusetts Historical Society (later 
librarian), and reprinted by him the following year in a Boston 
magazine.^ The same year (1857) an expurgated copy from this 
magazine was reprinted by the National Intelligencer of Washington . 
Sixteen years later a similar reprint was made in Frederic Hudson's 
History of Journalism. Mr. Hudson's reprint may fairly be regarded 
as one of the curiosities of historical literature for, following the 
example of the National Intelligencer, he was superserviceably scrupu- 
lous in expurgating certain matter which he seemed to fear might 
be deemed objectionable to some, even though he thereby sacrificed 
historical accuracy. Another expurgated copy was printed in a 
Boston newspaper in 1897. ^ It was reproduced in fac-simile for the 
first time by Dr. Green in 1901. '^ 

Benjamin Harris for whom the Publick Occurrences was printed 
was a bookseller of note in London before he came to Boston. At 
one period of his life he was a close friend and a business associate of 
the eccentric John Dunton, who wrote concerning him:* 

"He has been a brisk asserter of English Liberties, and once printed 
a Book with that very Title. He sold 'A Protestant Petition' in 
King Charles's Reign, for which they fined him five pounds, and set 
him once in the Pillory: but his Wife, (like a kind Rib) stood by him, 
to defend her Husband against the mob. — After this (having a deal 
of mercury in his natural temper) he travelled to New-England, 
where he followed Bookselling, and then Coft'eeselling, and then 
Printing, but continued Ben Harris still; and is now both Bookseller 

4 Annals of Salem, by Joseph B. Felt. Second Edition. Salem, 1849 
Vol. II, p. 14. 

5 The Historical Magazine. Boston, August, 1857. Vol. I, pp. 228-231. 

6 The National Intelligencer, Washington, D. C, September 3, 1857; 
Journahsm in the United States From 1690 to 1872, by Frederic Hudson, 
1873, pp. 44-48; The Bo.ston Globe, March 4, 1897. 

7 Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Old Boston and Neighborhood. 
Boston, 1901. 

8 Life and Errors of John Dunton. London, 1818, Vol. I, p. 216. 



and Printer in Gracechurch-street, as we find by his 'London Post' ; so 
that his conversation is general (but never impertinent), and his 
wit pHable to all inventions. But yet his vanity, (if he has any) gives 
no alloy to his wit, and is no more than might justly spring from 
conscious virtue; and I do him but justice in this part of his character, 
for, in once travelling with him from Bury fair, I found him to be 
the most ingenious and innocent companion that I had ever met 

Again, Dunton, when in Boston, hearing of Harris' intention of 
"coming over hither" wrote :^ 

"To speak the Truth, Mr. Benj. Harris has had many good Thoughts , 
tho' he has wanted the Art of improving 'em; and could he fix his 
Mercury a little, and not be so volatile, he wou'd do well enough." 

In Boston, in 1690, Harris was established "at the London CofTee 
House, near the Town House," where he sold Cotton Mather's Wonder- 
ful Works of God Commemorated. His connection with the Publick 
Occurrences did not permanently place him under ofhcial disapproval 
for two years later he had the following commission : 

"By his excellency — I order Benjamin Harris to print the Acts 
and Laws made by the Great and General Court, or Assembly of 
their Majesties Province of Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, that 
we the People may be informed thereof. 

"Boston, December 16, 1692. WILLIAM PHIPPS." 

In 1694 he was at "The Sign of the Bible Over-against the Blew- 
Anchor" tavern. Soon after he returned to London and resumed 
business there. As publisher of the London Post he incurred the 
disfavor of many, including his former friend Dunton, who now 
wrote of him ; ^ ° 

"I should have been much concerned if Ben Harris had given me 
a good word, for his commendation is the greatest reproach that an 
honest man can meet with. He is so far from having any dealings 
with Truth and Honesty, that his solemn word, which he calls as 
good as his bond, is a studied falsehood, and he scandalizes Truth and 
Honesty in pretending to write for it. His 'London Post,' or weigh- 
ing of Truth and Honesty, resembles the Bird of Athens; for it seems to 
be made up of face and feathers; for setting aside his Billingsgate 
language and hunting up and down the world for any occasion of 
venting his fulsome slander, there is very little of wit or honesty in 
him, but what he hath stolen from 'The Wandering Spy,' or his own 

hypocritical heart And had he called me 'honest 

man,' I should have thought it a great slander; but, seeing he has the 
boldness to acknowledge he called me Knave, were I to assign his 
punishment, that Harris might see how much I forgave him, he should 
only be lashed every Monday and Friday, the two days he published 
the 'London Post' at his own door, by the common hangman; and 
every Monday and Thursday own himself a knave and coward, &c. 

9 Letters From New England, p. 144. 
10 Life and Errors of John Dunton. Vol. II, pp. 465-466. 



in the 'London Gazette,' till such time he had asked pardon of Dr. 
Partridge, John Dunton and the other persons he wronged in the 
'London Post.' Or should he escape doing penance in the printed 
sheets, yet we shall find him a second time in the pillory, with his 
Wife, like a kind rib, standing by, to defend him against the mob." 

Richard Pierce who printed the Publick Occurrences was, accord- 
ing to Thomas, the fifth printer in Boston. ^ ^ Little is known of 
him, except that he was probably a printer of London and came to 
New England after 1679. As late as 1695 he was in business in Bos- 
ton. He married, August 27, 1680, Sarah Cotton, daughter of the 
Reverend Seaborn Cotton. ^ ^ 

11 History of Printing. Vol. I, p. 89. 

12 New England Historical and Genealogical Register. April, 1876. Vol. 
XXX, p. 239; Letters from New England, p. 76. 


Numb. 1. ^.JOhJ-Q^Cu^ !}Xji^^ 




Boston, Thursday, Sept. 25'^'- 1690. 

IT is designed, that the Countrey shall be furnished once a moneth 
{or if any Ghtt of Occurrences happen, oftener,) luith an Account 
of such considerable things as have arrived unto our Notice. 
In order hereunto, the Publisher will take what pains he can to ob- 
tain a Faithful Relation of all such things; and will particularly make 
himself beholden to such Persons in Boston whom he knows to have 
been for their own use the diligent Observers of such matters. 

That which is herein proposed, is, First, That Memorable Occur- 
rents of Divine Providence '^nay not be neglected or forgotten, as they 
too often are. Secondly, That people every where may better under- 
staiui the Circumstances of Publique Affairs, both abroad and at home; 
which may not only direct their Thoughts at all times, but at some 
times also to assist their Businesses and Negotiations. 

Thirdly, That something may be done towards tlie Curing, or at 
least the Charming of that Spirit of Lying, which prevails amongst us, 
wherefore nothing shall be entered, but what we have reason to believe 
is true, repairing to the best fountains for our Information. And when 
there appears any material mistake in any thing that is collected, it 
shall be corrected in the next. 

Moreover, the Publisher of these Occurrences is willing to engage, 
that whereas, there are many False Reports, maliciously made, and 
spread among us, if any well-minded person will be at the pains to 
trace any such false Report, so far as to find out and Convict the First 
Raiser of it, he ivill in this Paper {unless just Advice be given to to the 
contrary) expose the Name of such person, as A malicious Raiser of a 
false Report. // is supposed that none will dislike this Proposal, but 
such as intend to be guilty of so villanous a Crime. 

^ I "Mie Christianized Indians in some parts of Plimouth, have newly 
appointed a day of Thanksgiving to God for his Mercy in supply- 
ing their extream and pinching Necessities under their late want 
of Corn, & for His giving them now a prospect of a very Comfortable 
Harvest. Their Example may be worth Mentioning. 

Tis observed by the Husbandmen, that altho' the With-draw of so 
great a strength from them, as what is in the Forces lately gone for 
Canada, made them think it almost impossible for them to get well 
through the Affairs of their Husbandry at this time of the year, yet 
the Season has been so unusually favourable that they scarce find any 




want of the many hundreds of hands, that are gone from them; which 
is looked upon as a Merciful Providence. 

While the barbarous Indians were lurking about Chelmsford, there 
were missing about the beginning of this month a couple of Children 
belonging to a man of that Town, one of them aged about eleven, the 
other aged about nine years, both of them supposed to be fallen into 
the hands of the Indians. 

A very Tragical Accident happened at Water-Town, the beginning 
of this Month, an Old man, that was of somewhat a Silent and Mo- 
rose Temper, but one that had long Enjoyed the reputation of a 
Sober and a Pious Man, having newly buried his Wife, The Devil 
took advantage of the Melancholy which he thereupon fell into, his 
Wives discretion and industry had long been the support of his Family, 
and he seemed hurried with an impertinent fear that he should now 
come to want before he dyed, though he had very careful friends to 
look after him who kept a strict eye upon him, least he should do^ 
himself any harm. But one evening escaping from them into the 
Cowhouse, they there quickly followed him found him hanging by a 
Rope, which they had used to tye their Calves withal, he was dead 
with his feet near touching the Ground. 

Epidemical Fevers and Agues grow very common, in some parts of 
the Country, whereof, tho' many dye not, yet they are sorely unfitted 
for their imployments ; but in some parts a more malignant Fever 
seems to prevail in such sort that it usually goes thro' a Family where 
it comes, and proves Mortal unto many. 

The Small-pox which has been raging in Boston, after a manner 
very Extraordinary, is now very much abated. It is thought that 
far more have been sick of it then were visited with it, when it raged 
so much twelve years ago, nevertheless it has not been so Mortal,. 
The number of them that have dyed in Boston by this last Visitation 
is about three hundred and twenty, which is not perhaps half so many as 
fell by the former. The Time of its being most General, was in the 
Months June, July, and August, then 'twas that sometimes in some 
one Congregation on a Lords-day there would be Bills desiring prayers 
for above an hundred Sick. It seized upon all sorts of people that 
came in the way of it, it infected even Children in tJte bellies of Mothers 
that had tJiemselves undergone the Disease many years ago; for some 
such were now born full of the Distemper. 'Tis not easy to relate 
the Trouble and Sorrow that poor Boston has felt by this Epidemical 
Contagion. But we hope it will be pretty nigh Extinguished, by 
that time twelve month when it first began to Spread. It now un- 
happily spreads in several other places, among which our Garrisons 
in the East are to be reckoned some of the greatest Sufferers. 



Altho' Boston did a few weeks ago, meet with a Disaster by Fire, 
which consumed about twenty Houses near the Mill-Creek, yet about 
midnight, between the sixteenth and seventeenth of this Instant, an- 
other Fire broke forth near the South-Meeting- House, which con- 
sumed about five or six houses, and had almost carried the Meeting- 
house it self, one of the fairest Edifices in the Country, if God had 
not remarkably assisted the Endeavours of the People to put out the 
Fire. There were two more considerable Circumstances in the 
Calamities of this Fire, one was that a young man belonging to the 
House where the Fire began, unhappily perished in the Flames; it 
seems that tho' he might sooner awake than some others who did 
escape, yet he some way lost those Wits that should have taught him 
to help himself. Another was that the best furnished PRINTING- 
PRESS, of those few that we know of in America, was lost; a loss 
not presently to be repaired. 

There lately arrived at Piscataqua, one Papoon from Penobscot, in 
a small Shallop, wherein he had used to attend upon the pleasure of 
Casteen, but took his oportunity to run away, and reports: That a 
Vessel of small Bulk bound from Bristol to Virginia, having been so 
long at Sea, till they were prest with want, put in at Penobscot instead 
of Piscataqua, where the hidians and French seized her, and Butch- 
ered the Master, and several of the men: but that himself who be- 
longed unto the Ships Crew, being a Jersey-vaa-n, was more favour- 
ably used, & found at length an advantage to make his Escape. 

The chief discourse of this month has been about the aflfairs of the 
Western Expedition against Canada. The Albanians , New- Yorkers 
and the five Nations of Indians, in the West, had long been pressing 
of the Massachusets to make an Expedition by Sea, into Canada, and 
still made us believe, that they stayed for us, and that while we 
assaulted Quebeck, they would pass the Lake, and by Land make a 
Descent upon Mount Real. Accordingly this Colony with some 
assistance from our kind Neighbours of Plitnouth; fitted an Army of 
nesiv five and twenty hundred men, and a Navy of two and thirty Sail; 
which went from hence the beginning of the last August, under the 
Command of the Honourable Sir William Phips. 

In the mean time the English Colonies & Provinces in the West 
raised Forces, the Numbers whereof have been reported five or six 
hundred. The Honourable General Winthrop was in the Head of 
these, and advanced within a few miles of the Lake; He there had 
some good number of Maqua's to joyn his Forces, but contrary to his 
Expectation, it was found that the Canoo's to have been ready for the 
Transportation of the Army over the Lake, were not prepared, and the 
other Nations of Indians, that should have come to this Campaign, 
sent their Excuses, pretending that the Small-pox was among them, 



and some other Trifles. The General Meeting with such vexing dis- 
appointments, called a Councel of War, wherein 'twas agreed, That it 
was impossible for them to Prosecute their Intended Expedition. How- 
ever he dispatched away the Maqua's to the French Territories , who 
returned with some Success, having slain several of the French, and 
brought home several Prisoners, whom they used in a manner too 
barbarous for any English to approve. The General coming back to 
Albany, there happened a misunderstanding, between him and the 
Lieutenant Governour of New-york which occasioned much discourse, 
but produced not those effects which were feared of it. Where lay 
the bottom of these miscarriages is variously conjectured, if any people 
further West than Albany, have been Tampering with the Indians, 
to desert the business of Canada, we hope time will discover it. And 
if Almighty God will have Canada to be subdu'd without the assist- 
ance of those miserable Salvages, in whom we have too much confided, 
we shall be glad, that there will be no Sacrifice offered up to the 
Devil, upon this occasion; God alone will have all the Glory. 

'Tis possible, we have not so exactly related the Circumstances of 
this business, but this Account, is as near exactness, as any that could 
be had, in the midst of many various reports about it. 

Another late matter of discourse, has been an unaccountable de- 
struction befalling a body of Indians, that were our Enemies. This 
body of French Indians had a Fort somewhere far up the River, and 
a party of Magna s returning from the East Country, where they 
have at a great rate pursued and terrified those Indians which have 
been invading of our North-East Plantations, and Killed their General 
Hope Hood among the rest ; resolved to visit this Fort ; but they found 
the Fort ruined, the Canoo's cut to pieces, and the people all either 
Butchered or Captived. This gave them no little surprise, and they 
gave the English this account of it. That a body of Magna s lately 
returning from the Spoil of Canada brought several French Prisoners 
with them; That calling at this Fort in their way, the Indians there 
seeing themselves unable to resist them did pass divers Complements 
with them and partake of their Booties, That a French Captive after 
this, escaping from the Magna s informed the French that these In- 
dians had revolted unto the Magna s, and hereupon the French or 
their Indians made a sudden Sally forth upon them, and utterly de- 
stroyed them, tho' they were in reality of their own party still. 

Two English Captives escaped from the hands of Indians and 
French at Pascadamoguady , came into Portsmouth on the sixteenth 
Instant & say, That when Capt. Mason was at Fort Real, he cut the 
faces, and ript the bellies of two Indians, and threw a third Over 
board in the sight of the French, who informing the other hidians of 



it, they have in revenge barbarously Butcher'd forty Captives of our 
that were in their hands. 

These two Captives escaped in a Shallop, which our Enemies in- 
tended to have set out with all the Circumstances of a Fishing Shallop 
but to have indeed fill'd it with Vidians that should have ClapM on 
board any English Vessel that came in their way; They say that about 
three or four weeks ago, some Indians were coming this way to War, 
but crossing a path which they supposed to be of the Maqua's, they 
followed it until they discovered a place where some Canoo's were 
making, whereupon tvv'enty Kennebeck Indian-Warriors went to look 
further after the business, who never yet returned. Which gives hope 
that they may come short home, but upon this the Squaws are sent 
to Penobscot, and the men stand on their Defence. 

Portsmouth Sept. 20th. Two days since arrived here a small Ves- 
sel from Barbaboes, in which is a Letter to Captain H. K. of \'i)th 
All gust that speaks thus, 

Christophers is wholly taken from the French as also a small Island 
called Stacia; we are very strong in Shipping, and our Ships of War 
are now gone for Tobago, a very good place to shelter from any 
Storms, after the suspicious months are over, they will Attack the rest 
of the French places. We have News here that K. William is safe 
arrived in Ireland, and is marched with one hundred and forty thoiisarid 
Foot and Horse. Himself leads the Body, Duke Scornburgh the right 
Wing, and the Earl of Oxford the left Wing, Duke Hamilton of Scot- 
land leads the forlorn Hope with ten thousand men under him. Great 
victory they dayl}^ have, and much people dayly come in to him, 
with submission: He has 200 Shipping with him of one sort or other, 
above one hundred Sail dayly run between Irela'nd and England, 
with meat for Man and Beast; His Majesty being unwilling to trust 
false Ireland for it. France is in much trouble (and fear) not only 
with us but also with his Son, who has revolted against him lately, 
and has great reason if reports be true, that the Father used to lie 
with the Sons Wife. He has got all the Hugonots, and all the dissatis- 
fied Papists, with the great force of the D. of Lorraign, and are now 
against him, resolving to to depose him of his life and Kingdom. 

It's Reported the City of Cork in Irelartd, has proclaimed K. 
William, and turned their French Landlords out of Doors; of this 
there wants further confirmation. 

From Plimouth Sept. 22. We have an Account that on Friday the 
I2th Instant, in the night, our Forces Landing privately, forthwith 
surrounded Pegypscot Fort; but finding no Indians there, they 
March'd to Amonoscoggin. There on the Lords-day, they kill'd and 
took 15 or 16 of the Enemy, and recovered five English Captives, 







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mostly belonging to Oyster-River; who advised, that the men had been 
gone about ten days down to a River, to meet with the French, and 
the French Indians; where they expected to make up a Body of 300 
men, and design first against Wells or Piscaiaqua. 

On Tuesday, the Army came to our Vessels at Macquoit, but one 
of the Vessels touching a Ground stopt a Tide; by which means, young 
Bracket, who was a considerable distance up the River, above Amonos- 
coggin Fort, being advised by an Indian that ran away from Amonos- 
coggin, that an English Army was there attempted his Escape, and 
came down to the Sloop, just as they came on their Sail. 

On Thursday, they landed at Saco; a Scout of 60 men of ours 
discover a party of the Enemy, and had the Advantage of killing three 
of them, and of taking nine Canoos, and an English captive named, 
Thomas Baker, who informed, that the Enemy had left a considerable 
Plunder at Pegypscut-VXains, which he supposed the Enemy was gone 
to secure. Whereupon the Army immediately embark' d, and arriving 
there that night, the next morning found the Bever-Plunder accord- 

While our Vessels where at Anchor in Cascoe-Bay, our Auxiliary 
Indians lodging on shore, and being too careless in their Watch, the 
Enemy made an Attaque upon them. The English forth with repair'd 
to their Relief; but were sorely galled, by an Embuscado of Indians, 
The Enemy soon quitted the Field, escaping with their Canoo's„ 
whereof ours took several. In the Surprise, we lost 9 men, and had 
about 20 wounded; the blow chiefly fell on our dear Friends, the- 
Plimouth Forces, 15 being kill'd and wounded of Captain South- 
worth's Company. 


The Campbell News Letters 

DURING the year of 1703 John Campbell, who was then 
postmaster of Boston and subsequently established The 
Boston News-Letter, sent to the governors of the several New Eng-- 
land colonies manuscript letters in which he gave the latest news 
received by him from abroad, local items of Boston, and reports 
received from other American colonies. Twelve of these letters are 
now preserved in the library of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 
Nine were printed in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, in March 1867, volume 9, pages 485-501. Nine other manu- 
script news-letters of this period, and of earlier dates, were printed 
in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for Feb- 
ruary 1873, volume 12, pages 419-427. The earliest of these is "An 
Extract of a Letter: from Cambridge, Dat: Ap'J 4^^^ qq" And to 
this is added, "An other Extract of a Letter Apl^ ll^h 66 from Boston." 
Others bear dates as follows: Philadelphia, June 5, 1699; Boston 
June 19, 1699; New York, April 29, 1700; Boston, May 6, 1700; Bos- 
ton, May 28, 1700; Boston, June 14, 1703, and Boston, October 4, 
1703. Most of these are addressed to Governor John Winthrop of 
Connecticut. That dated Boston, May 28, 1700 is signed by Duncan 
Campbell, and that of October 4, 1703 is endorsed as "Mr. John 
Campbells Newes." The writers of others of these letters are not 
now known. 

John Campbell was of Scotch ancestry. He was in Boston in 
1695 and died March 4, 1728. He was president of the Scots Chari- 
table Society, 1727-28. In The Boston News-Letter of March 7, 
1728, was this paragraph: "On Monday evening last, the 4th Cur- 
rant, about 8 a Clock died here John Campbell, Esq., Aged 75 years, 
formerly Post Master in this Place, Publisher of the Boston News- 
Letters for many years, and One of his Majesties Justices of the Peace 
for the Country of Suffolk." 

Duncan Campbell was John Campbell's brother, and a bookseller. 
Of him John Dunton writes: 

"I rambled to the Scotch Bookseller, one Campbel: He is a brisk 
young Fellow, that dresses All-a-mode, and sets himself off to the 
best Advantage; and yet thrives apace. I am told (and for his 
sake I wish it may be true) that a Young Lady of Great Fortune 
has married him. He's an Industrious Man and saw me often." ^ 

He married Susanna Porter, daughter of William and Grace (Pitts) 
Porter. In his later years he gave up bookselling and became a 
merchant. When he died in 1703 he left an estate of about £900. He 
was one of the earliest postmasters of Boston and seems to have 

1 Letters from New England. By John Dunton; p. 80. 



held that office in 1693, for in that year he petitioned the General 
Court for a salary. His brother, John Campbell, succeeded him. In- 
teresting reference to him is in Goodell's Notes to the Acts* and 
Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, volume 7, 
pages 429, 434 and 500. 

Our reprint of these letters is of the American items, or those 
bearing upon American, or Colonial affairs. 

Philadelphia, June y^ 5*^ 1699 
About y^ Middle of Last Week a Sloop belonging to this place arrived 
from Carrolina brought in w*.^ y? two Priveteers that Came Last from 
Madagascar, One of wS^ went out Cap*: Kidds Doctor from New york, 
but Left Kidds Vessell many months since at Madagascar, They 
were both Taken and sent to prison y^ Same night they Came vp and 
their mony Secur'd two more were Taken at New Castle who had 
Taken passage on board Cap*: Codman for New England and their 
mony Seized The Sloop that brought y'": is also Seiz'd — 
They w*^: a great many more Came passengers from Madagascar 
w*^: one Cap*: Shelly belonging to N: york Severall of y^ are des- 
perss'd about our Bay, especially about Cape May, Govern'": Bass, & 
Cap*: Smead who is Deputy Judge of y^ Court of Admiralty are gone 
Down in a Sloop w*^: Expectation of taking them — the Privateers 
have made great shares of mony Cap*: Shelly plys of and on expecting 
Vessells from New york, A Messeng"": sent from Cape May for N: 
york w*^: Letf^: to Shellys owners (as is said) vpon advice was per- 
sued & Taken and his Letf®: Taken and open'd and he Secured 
at Burlington, the Letf® : forwarded by an Express to Govf Bass. 
Tis said M'': Graverodd has Severall on board his Sloop for Verginia. 

Last night we have Advice of a Pink Arrived at New Castle from 
Barbad^ : 4 weeks passage I have not the Letters from her yett I 
send for y"^: to day Shee is to Tarry some days at New Castle 
As they Came w*^: in our Capes a Sloop Came vp w*^ y"? Sayld 
Round yP ask yP Some Questions y'^ went ofif and Came to Anchor 
at the Horchills they had about 50 Men on board, They are some 
have made a Voyage and wants to Come in, there Cap*: name is 
Davis Some one Board the Pink kneu him— 
[Written on the margin of this letter:] 

tis Governour Bass Jntercepted the letter to Shelleys Owner & broke 
itt Open as itt is said in New Yorke. 

[On the back:] Boston June yf 19. 1699 

Last thursday Cap* Kid came in to Road Island harber ye Gover- 
nour sent y^ Collector in a boat w*^ about 30. men well armed in 
order to goe on board but Kid shot 2 great Guns w'^'^ caused y^ Col- 



lector to retreat. Kids Sloope has 10. Gun's 8. Patteraroes 
I shall be able to give a further acco* by y^ next. 

New Yorke April 29*^ 1700 

I am thankfull for yours of the 22 <^ Instant, and what News 
is here, is Contained in the following acc°" 

From Philadelf. we have advice, that 2 Ships From London and one 
From Bristoll, are arrived there but bring no News. 
on Sattarday Last the Newport from Sandyhooke A crusing & Cap* 
Simmons for London; Cap* Gill will saill for London tomorrow or 
next day & Cap* Bond in 10 or 12 Days Cap* Keeler has Bills for 

on Satterday arived Phillidelphia Post w* whom Came Coll Quarry 
& The Deputy Shereflfe who brought w* him one Brown Co'^ Markham 
Son-in-Law, he was one of Emrys men as itt was Said and goes home 
w* y^ Rest 

Yesterday Arrived A Barguentine from y^ Bay of Compechy John 
Trimingham master 30 Days passage he informs y* Bermudos 
Sloops were taken by A pyrate Comming out of y^ Bay in Sight of 
him, y* Last week about thirty Leagus off y^ Capes of Virginia he 
saw a Ship att Sea Desabled and Comming up w* her found She 
was A Ship of about 150 tuns bound from Leverpoole to Virginia 
who had been taken by A Pyrate on Sunday y^ 20*^ Instant, y^ 
master of y^ Ship Informed Trimingham y* y^ pyrate is A Ship of 
24 Gunns «& 150 men y* 3 days befor he was taken A pinke bound 
from london to Virginia which pinke they maned w* fifty men 
and take this Leverpool Ship and after they had plundered of what 
they Pleased they Cutt down all his masts & bolt Split and So Left 
him when Trimingham mett him they had made mastes of ther 
yards and top masts & now standing in for Virginia y^ Pyrate 
Carryd away y*^ Carpenter and one man more but who Commands 
this pyrat they Cannot Lern, ye Saim pyrat has likwise taken A 
New England Sloop of six Guns. 

Boston may y^ 6 1700 
The Above is A Coppy of A News Letter I had by y^ Last post 
No News offers hear. Cap* Rugells from Meves arived hear yesterday 

Boston May y^ 28. 1700 
Hon^e St 

The Last Thursday Cap* Green arrived here 8. weeks passa^e^ 
from London & 6 weeks from Cows. Y? same day arrived a Ship 
5 weeks passage from Plimoth Cap* [blank] Commander, brings 
news y* y? advice man of war was arrived in 3 weeks at Bristol 
w*^ Cap* Kidd2& all y? Prisoners y* went home w*^ Cap* Wine it 



is reported y^ yf Parliament has petissioned y? King to putt of 
Cap* Kids Triall till y? next Sessions of Parliam* 
[Foreign news items follow.] 

Last Saturday arrived here Cap* Morris in y? Unquort w'*"^ 

y1 Prisnors from New- York. 

Admirall Benbo intends to Saile for London this week. 

There is Severall vessels arrived from Madera ffiall & y^ west 

Indies. Cap* Robison Came out of London w*^ Cap* Green 

& is dayly expected here Cap* Jeflfery was bound for New York 

about y® Same time 

Advice from New-York y^ Last post of y^ misfortune at Callidonia 
Viz. Cap* Campbel one of y^ Councel who, arived Last thursday, 
Saith y* he arived 8 dayes before y? Spanish blocked up y® port at 
Callidonia. 3 days after his arival he Comanded a partie of 170. w*^ 
some few gentlemen voluntiers (who were all y^ men in y^ Collony y* 
were fitt for service) to march to Arctaba where they und'"stood 900. 
Spanyards South Sea men were come to fall upon them by Land, 
after 2 daies march he came up w*^ with them who Lay in a palisad 
fortification, whom he atac'^'^ kild about a 100 of them took their 
Camp & gave them a total rout The Governour of S* Maries an 
old Spanish Soldier Lay in great fear Leaving only eight men w*J^ 
him, y? gentlemen Voluntiers pursued y^ Spanyards till night gave no 
quarter. 9 of y^ Scots wf kild most of them gentlemen y^ Sanyards 
had laid at their Approach two Ambuscadoes who took all their 
bagg & baggage y^ Governo""? plate & six pound of Gold dust At theire 
return back to y? fortification they found 3000. Spanish Souldiers 
Landed w*^ 15 Saile of Ships of war who lay two moneths of y? barbers 
mouth to prevent provitions Coming to their relief. There people 
being most of them Sick & their want of provisions fourced them 
to Surrender on Articles Viz: That they Should depart w*^ all they 
had & if any of their Ships Should com w*.^in 6 moneth they Should 
have wood & water & depart in peace. 

One Cap* Tho. Droumand one of y? former Councel in a Small 
Ship of 6 guns & 13 men met w*^ a Spanish man of war of 20. guns 
ingaiged for four bowers 8c fought his way thro y? fleet & got in 
to Callidonia being Laden w_*^ provissions but y? fourt was Surrendred 
before he Came This is y^ Substance of w* offers from 

Your honours 
After p'"usual I beg most humble 

YoF honr^ favour to Send Servant 

it to y? postmaster m*" Chandler Duncan Campbell 

[Superscribed] To The Honourable Coll. Winthrop 

free Governour of Connetticut at New- London 



Boston, Aprill 12th 1703 
Last Week arrived A Vessell from flfyall and tells that about nine 
Week's from this time Two Vessells arrived from Scotland and one 
from Corke in Ireland, that gave an Acco^- that the union between 
England and Scotland was concluded upon and said master from 
if yall sayes he see it in publick prints 

Cap*- Smith In the Gospert ffrigett from Jamacia Arrived here also 
Last Week, and by him are Informed of the union being Concluded 
upon, he came from Jamaica about midle or tenth of March 

Wee do apprehend that the union is only agreed upon by the Com- 
missioners which if true will be a great Step, Towards both parliam*^" 
Concluding it, being the Commissioners are Some of the greatest men 
of both nations. 

They Talk from Jamaica, of the Spainards Sueing for a peace. That 
about 20 Grandees were come to Portugale, to get the King of Portu- 
gale to Interceed with her Maj«- of England to appoint Plenipoten- 
tiary to mediat. Capt Lawrence is arrived at Rhoad Island & a Ber- 
mudus Sloop, both Privateers, who In Comp^ with Cap^ Blue an 
other privateer took a Spanish Ship of 8 guns, Loaden with Canary 
and Brandy, and other goods, bound for the Havanna, who had on 
board 12 families consisting of above 130 Soules, The Prisoners they 
put on Shoare in N. Spain, all to about 7. The Three Consorts put 
17 men an a Quarter master on board, Cap^ Blue Attended her with 
his Sloop or vessell, The Prize is not yet arrived — The Prize Said to 
Come from Spain, and touched at the Canary's. 

Cap*- Southack with our Westarn fleet, arrived Yesterday. 
Cap* Delbridge will Sayle for London In 20 days Ten guns; & 
Cap! Dows lyke guns In a moneth. 

[Written on the third page of this letter sheet.] 
Hono^'ie Sir 

Boston, April 12*^ 1703 

I'm favoured with yo'" ho''^ of the 9 Instant. — Came in too day about 
ii aclocke & do dispatch him again at ffive because should have no 
excuise to hinder his Coming In on Satturday so have no tyme, 
either for selfe or man to go to Mad'" Richards but the Letter I sent 
thaire Two days after its receipt. 

on other Syde is what occurred, with the Inclosed print, and with 
humble service am 

S"" Yo'" ho""^ humble Serv* 

]n° Campbell. 
Go ^ Winthrop [New London , Connecticut] - 

2 Indorsed by Governor Winthrop: "Publick occurrences & the adres to 
her Maj. April 12th 1703." 



Boston Aprill 27*^ 1703. 
On the 20*^ Instant Arrived a sloop from Antegua in 25 Dayes 
one Loyd MT brings an acco* that Coll? Coddington with 3000 Is- 
landers and about 2000 English souldiers Landed in Guardelupia 
had Taken the Island all but the fort having Lost about 200 men by 
an Ambusscado of Negros when this Sloop came away the Bloody 
flagg was hung up, and our men had gott 5 p? of Ordinance playing 
upon it and Every shott did Execution and they were a going to have 
15 p? more to bear upon it, and the fourt could bear but 5 upon us, 
and was thought wee should Carry it in aday or Two at farthest 
The Earle of Peterborough was daylie Exspected with a Squadron of 
men of warr and Land forces in order to joyne the Island""? to attaque 

ffrom King Saile Janry 22 '^ a Passenger went hence in the Orsell 
frigett a merch* man one Cap^ Thomas Command^ writts that on the 
18*^^ Instant 10 Leagues from Silley after a Whole Dayes Chase the 
Count Tholons of S* Maloes 36 guns 300 men came up w^*^ us to whom 
wee were forced to Strike having one man kill'd and an other wounded, 
and the Ship much Damaged. Her Majes Ship the Dover and 
Munck hearing the Guns and Seeing the Smoak made After it and 
about 11 at Night recovered the Orsell frigett, and Next morning 
the Monk got up w*^ the Privateer and gave him Two broad Sydes 
but Loosing his main top Gallant mast and fore top mast it caused 
Monsr to Sing Te Deum or the Song of Victory, but the successful 
Dover manadged her self better, and about Two a Clocke in the 
After noon getts up with the Privateer and After 3 hours Obstinate 
fighting and the Death of 40 men and 30 odd wounded (most of which 
ar since Dead) took her in whom wee were Prisoners. The Privateer 
was Brought in here this Night though never a mast standing and 
20 of the best of her guns being thrown over board by Badd Weather 
the very night she was Taken — The Dover Lost not one Drop of blood 
by him Except one man that accidently fell over board, she came out 
of S* Maloes but 6 Dayes before she took us, her burthen is between 
400 & 500 Tuns & Reckoned the best man'd Privateer In France. 
She came out in Comp^ w'^^ an other of 40 guns, to whom god send 
the same success too. The Dover had but 183 men, hardly so bigg 
as y^ Mons^, only had 50 guns though could use but 25 of y"? y^ 
wind blowing fresh. Ther was found on board The Privateer the 
journall of T S. of Boston with severell Letters for M"" Lillie 'from the 

The Packett boat from Lisbone Came in here brings news that a 
Dutch man of warr hath Taken a french man of warr of 50 guns. 



The Lark Guiney man from Bbados In her Passage home meett 
3|french Barkies, the Biggest about 3 or 400 Tun — A New Hagg boat 
with 16 french on board The Lark had but 16 guns and 17 men 
and with the help of y^ french men brought her saif to Galloway. 

ffryday the 23 '^ Instant, being tthe Queen's Coronation Day, His 
Excy Coll°- Dudley being attended by the Troop of Gaurds, came 
from Roxbury between 12 & one a Clocke, when all y® guns were 
Discharged from the Castle Battery's the man of warr, Gaily, and 
ship in the Road, and After having Dined with the honoble Coll? 
Povey our Liv^ Governour with Severall Gentlemen came to the 
Town house and Drunck her Maje^ healths, Sc'^. 

On Satturday the 24t^ Arrived one Kimball ffrom ffyall tells us 
still of y^ union being Concluded between England and Scotland 
and that the Portuguese have declaired warr against f ranee and 

The Prize at Rhoad Island is Said to have on board 100 Pipes of 
Canary, 50 Pipes of Malmsy 30 Caske of Brandy, Some Almonds 
and Razons, what money Plate or Silks they had was shared before 
any Condemnation. 

Philadelphia Aprill 13*.^ they writt that on Satturday Last Ar- 
rived a Gentleman from Maryland brings the following news, That 
40 Sayle of West Countrey men were arrived in Maryland and Vir- 
ginia about 7 Weeks Passage — two men of warr Conveyed them from 
Corke in Ireland — [Foreign news items follow.] 

That the London fleett for Virginia is not to Sail till Latter end 
of June under Convey of 4 men of warr, and a fire Ship 

The Galloon proved not so Rich in plate as was Exspected, but 
very Rich in other valuable goods as cocheneal &c. one was not 
brock up Supposed to be very rich. 

N yorke 19^^ Instant Arrived a Sloop in 12 Dayes from Burmudus, 
that Got writts My Lord Cornbury, that the Earle of Petterborough 
was Arrived at Antegua. 

Cap* Simmons will Sail in 10 or 12 Dayes for London — that they 
have news of y^ union between the Two Kingdomes from Philadelphia, 
by vessells to Maryland. 

Boston — Cap* Delbrige will Sail within 3 weeks for London Cap* 

Dowse in about a month Cap*^ Gillam, Coram & Robertson about 

2 months. 

Boston May the Z'^ 1703 

By a Vessell from ffyall An Edinburgh Gazet of Decem"" 7: acquaints 
us, [details of the negotiations for the union between the two king- 



Cap^ Alden from Lisbone in 33 dayes Arrived the 28. brings the 
following news in Gazet's votes of Parliam^ the Postman and News 
Letters viz^ [A considerable batch of foreign items follows of dates, 
Octo"" 10 — Novem"^ 23. Under the last date is this item of domestic 
import: Letters from S* Maloes Rochell and other places concerned 
in y« West Indies and Newfoundland fishery say that the Cheif 
traders are Intirely ruined and forced to Abscond by reason their 
ships so Taken hardly one of 30 Escap'd.] 

LoND? Novr 26: Letters from Holland Say that 3 Regiments were 
ready to Embarke for the West Jndies on board 12 men of warr — 

[Additional foreign news is given under this, and later dates — 
between Dec^ 3 'i and Jan*"y 12.] 

LoND? Jan^'y 14 The E of Petterborough will sail for Jamaica 
In a few Dayes 

[Another considerable batch of foreign matter follows under dates 
Jan'-y 16— Feb^y 11.] 

Lond? Feb^'y 16. Admir" Graydon is Appointed to Succeid 
Admir" Benbow for the West Jndies with all Speed 

Sr Stafford fairborne is for ever made incapable of any Sea Com- 
mand for Declining to goe to the West Jndies — [Other foreign items.] 

Lond? Feb^'y 18: The Brazill fleett to Portugale is Said to be 
Worth 2 Millions 

Dampier w*^ 2 Ships of 26 guns is Sailed for the South Seas w*** 
the Queen's Commission [Other foreign items.] 

Boston Cap^ Delbridge Will Sail for Lond? within a fourthnight 
and Cap* Dowse with in a Month, Cap** Gillam, Coram and Robertson 
Jn 2 months. 

Cap* Jn° Bennett in a Ship 100 Tuns 4 guns men Answerable Sails 
for Barbados in 6 Weeks. 

The Prize Ship of 150 Tuns w*^ her Loading at Rhoad Jsland will 
be Exposed to Sail on Thursday the ii Jnstant — • 

To The Honbie 

John Winthrop Esq'' 

Governour of Conecticut 
N London 



Publick Occurrences 
May 3d 1703 



Boston, May 17*^ 1703. 

Last week arrived here a sloop from Jamaica whereby are In- 
formed, Admirall Whetston with his Squadron are bound hither, ffor 
some action again our Adversarys, to the Northward of us. 

Last week also arrived Capt Ransfoord from Barbados, and by 
Letters of the IS*^^ April Said, Wee have taken Guardelup all but a 
fort, w'^^ wee Intend to Scale in a few days, Wee have Lost by re- 
port above 500 men already: — others Letters Say They daylie expect 
a Squadron of men of warr with 8000 men to Assist Generall Cod- 

Last week also arrived here Capt Jarvies fifrom Nevis, about 20 
days passage, Says wee have Lost at Guardelup neir 700 men Wee 
have taken all both fort and Castle, excepting one ffort In the Top of 
a mountain, that there is no passage to it but over a bridge, and that 
there is no way to conquer the enemy, but by Starving them Jt's 
said the Generall has gone to Bbados for more men, and Jf do not 
send'm will Dissert the place, others Say he is resolved to conquer them, 
err Leaue it. No Quarter is given on either Syde, The ffrench first 
begun it, ffor one of our men was found mangl'd with this Jnscription 
upon his breast, No Quarter for a Criolian— Some say our men of 
warr, were of kin to Admirall Benbow's Cap^®' were afraid, Jf they 
shot at the fforts, the fforts would Shoott at them again & Spoyle their 
masts, and saying one of their masts was worth the whole Island, 
and Said seuerall recruits, were brought the Adversary, from Martinico, 
by the negligence of the Commador. 

They say That Generall Coddingtoun is to be Generallisimo of all 
her Majes fforces in the West Indies. 

ffrom Philadel : by a Letter from Antegua of April. 9*^^ They writ 
Generall Coddingtoun with about 3500 men Landed on Guardilup 
about a month past & fforced the ffrench out of their Trenches, s*^ to 
be much stronger than any In filanders, batter'd their fforts & castle 
down, upon w'^^ they sprung mines, thinking our army would storme 
(and so blew them up) but was prevented by a disserter 

They have had latlie a supply of 600 men from Martinico, 500 of 
W^^ were planters fforcd off, who decline fighting for that reason. 

The fEorces so long expected under the Command of the E of 
Peterborough w'^^ consists of 7000 men, were left to the Eastwards 
of Madera's are to be commanded by our Generall, who is Capt 
Grail of all her majes fforces In America. 

Nyorke, may 10^^ on the 5*^ arrived here Capt Blackston ffrom 
Plimouth the 12 march, in Comp^ with the west India ffleett, con- 
sisting of about 30 Sayle, under convoy of the Blackwall and Monta- 



gue commanded by Vice Admirall Graydon, in Comp^- whereof 
S' Beuill Greenvil, GoT of Barbados, and 3000 Land fforces, under 
Command of Brigadeer. 

Generall Coddingtoun made G? of Jamaica, Colo W"* Seymour 
Go'" of Marryland. 

Capt Blackston pairted with them 1^*- April by whom wee have 
advice of an Embargo Jn Engld, And great preparations were 
making for a vigorous prosecution of the warr by sea and land. 
[Other foreign items.] 

The proceedings of The L^ Cornburry here, are well approved by 
her Maje & Council & the L"^^ of Trade and all Acts of Assembly 
made here Dureing the Last administration annull'd and declaired 

My L^ Cornburry Expects a man of warr daylie with his Commis- 

The Council of Nova Cesarea or New Jearsy are 
Edward Himlock Samuell Leonard George Deacon 

Lewis Morris Andrew Bowne Sam'^ Walker 

Sam^i Jennings Tho^ Reuell Dan Leeds 

Francis Davenport W"i- Pinhorne W"^- Sandford 

Robert Quarry. 

Capt Carter In a brig^ & Capt Leventhorp In a ship both went 
hence Last ffall for London cast away neir Lands end, the men Saved, 
most of the goods Lost. 

The Virg^ ffleett was to Sayle in April 

[Foreign items follow.] 

The E. of Peterborough goes not for the West Indies. 

A sloop from Antegua arrived here the 7^^ Instant brings the same 
Acco* as is from Phila? 

Cap'^ Delbridge sails for London this Week & Cap* Travise in the 
Ship Lyon that Cap* Dowse was to Goe in Sails in a fourtnight at 

Capt Robertson and Coram about 6 Weeks and Cap* Everton in 
about 2 month's. The french and some Indies took 2 men of ours 
Prisoners, In Sacho River and Kill'd one man, were Affraid it may 
occasion a Ruptur, between us and the Indians. 

Boston June P* 1703 
On the 25^^-^oi Last month Dyed Ml Saml' Shrimpton and was 

Burried the 28 

The 26t^ was our annuall Election Day of her Majes Council for 

this Colony, whereon severl' members of Council in coaches and 



sever^^ Gentlemen on horse Back, w^^ the Troop of Gaurds went, 
about Eight a Clocke in the morning to Roxbury to attend his Ex- 
cell ^ to towne who had a splendid Entertainment for them — Rox- 
bury Troop before his Excell^, the members of Council and other 
Gentlemen and the Troop of Guards following and in the Towne 
as is usuall. Two foott Comp^.^ Guarded them to the town house 
about Eleven a Clocke, where they staid a short space and were Con- 
ducted to the Meetting house and heard a Sermon preached by the 
Rev? Mr Solomon Stoddard, on these Words Honour thy father 
and mother &c. After Sermon his Excell^ & Council, Magistrates 
& Mini^.s and field Officers had a splendid Dinner and about four a 
Clocke went to the Town house, in ordr to Choose the Ensuing years 
Council, who are 

Coll" Elisha Hutchinson 90 

Cap* Samii Sewall 89 

Coll° Jno Phillips 87 

Cap* Jon? Corwin 87 

Coll° Jn« Foster 87 

Majr Generall Winthrope 85 

Coll° Pen Townsend 85 

Cap* Andrew Belcher 85 

James Russell 84 

Coll° Jn° Higginson 83 

Isaac Addington Seer : 82 

Majf W^ Browne 82 

Joseph Hammond 72 

Maj*- John Wally 69 

Collo Jno Thatcher 64 

Joseph Lynde 64 

Sam" Partridge 57 

Eliakim Hutchinson 57 

Coll° Jno Hathorne 49 

Collo Daniel Pearce. 49 

Benj * Browne 41 

Sam" Hayman 37 

Edward Bromfield 34 

Cap* Sam" Legg 

Samuell Appleton I 

Nath" Paine / 

Josiah Winslow \ 

Maj"" Hunt / 

} Esq"? 



Maj^ Converse is Chosen Speaker of the house of Representatives. 



Our Eastern Indians came into our Garrisons and acquitted them- 
selves from killing the English man wrote you of before, & Sayes it 
was done by Some french and ffrench Indians that Came from Can- 
ada and Wishes they had mett them would have Seized them. 

Wee ar Informed Severall wayes of a Descent the french and Can- 
ada Indians Intends to make upon some of ours or the Neighbouring 
Colony frontiers upon w'^^ orders are taken to Watch our ffrontier 
Townes again any Assault. 

Boston June 7*^ 1703 

On the 2^ Instant arrived here Cap* Breed from Antegua about 
four Weeks passage & acquaints us that Gener'^ Coddington had 
Left Guardeloop and gone to Nevis by reason of a Disstemper that 
had Seized upon him which had almost made him blind, He left the 
Commd of the Army w*^.'^ Coll° Hamilton, Several Negro Disserters 
come over to us daylie, who say the french are in great want of pro- 

They Daiely Exspected the Landing of Succours from England. 

They Conferme the french's having 600 men from Martinico thro* 
the Invigilancy or neglect of our ffrigetts. 

On the 3^ Instant Arrived here Cap* Welsh from Antegua came out 
3 dayes before the other and also acquaints us of Cap* Coffin and one 
Carry's being Taken into Martinico whom wee fear'd was lost. 

Cap* Southack came in yesterday from the Eastward from Treating 
w*^ the Indians and Restoring them what was taken from them by 
Cap* Chad well & his men. 

On the 4*.^^ Instant His Excell^ the Hono^'^ Council and Represen- 
tatives went to the Castle to View the Same, and the ffortifications 
in order to fforward what is wanting. 

On y^ 5*^ from Piscataqua acquainted of a Ketches arrivall thair 
from Barbados brings no news only that Gov*" not yet arrived & 
no Privateers heard of, of a long time, and y* ther was no truth in a 
privateers being on our coast, w<=^ report was occasioned by a sloop 
from Virginia Sabboth Last Arrived here who was willing to speake 
to three of our sloops bound hence for Boston, who the master sayes 
were Affraid of and run ashoar about Capepann, seeing him stand 
towards them. 

From Rhoad Island ther was a small Vessell came in Last Week 
between point Judeth and Block Island, Next Day they heard some 
say 20, some a 27 guns, as if it were at Block Island, It's feared the 
Brig? is a french Privateer and that the ship was one of Lawrences 
prizes bought by M'' Mallinson bound for Barbados. 



Boston ffor London, The Ship Amitie 150 Tuns 14 guns men answer- 
able, Thorn? Steele Commd. 

The Ship Eliz^ 100 Tuns David Robertson Command?- 
The Agustus Gaily 140 Tuns 12 guns Cap^ W"? Everton Commands 
The Ship Resignation 240 Tuns 20 guns Thom? Coram Command!" 
will all Sail in about 2 months. 

Cap* Travise will Sail next Week for London 

ffor Oporto the Ketch Exchange 40 Tuns James Cally Command !" 
ffor Barbados, The Ship Hannah 100 Tuns 4 guns John Bennett, 

His Excell^ goes for his Goverm* of New hampshire on Wednesday 
next and from Thence to Cascobay in ord"" to treat w*> the Indians, 
Two Thirds whereof are for peace and one Third for warr. 
[On the next page of the letter-sheet.] 

Boston June 7*^ 1703 
Honbie Sir 

I'm favour'd with yo""^ of 3^ Curr!^ Congratulat your hon*" 
Saife arrival home and on other syde is what occurrs and an and 
ansr to your demands from 


Yo"" Ko^ most Humble 
Jno; Campbell 
[Addressed to Governor Winthrop of Connecticut.] 


To The Honbie 
John Winthrop Esq*" 

Go"" of Connecticut 
N London 

Boston June U^^ 1703 

On the 8^^ Instant the Assembly was adjourned unto the Last 
Wednesday of this month. 

On the 9*^.^ His Excell. being Accompanyed with Severall Gentle- 
men, went to his Goverm* of New hampshire. 

On the 10*^^ a Sloop from the Bay of Campeachy brings no News. 

On the 11 EsqF Bromfield mett w*.'^ a Sore Mischance, coming out 
of his Warehouse door a Sloop Lying before his Warehouse door the 
mT of the Sloop hoising up his boom, the Sail being Loose to Dry it, 
gave Such a Swing that it struct him upon his Shouldier, Brock 



his Collar bone, put his Shouldier out of joynt, was for sometime 
speechless with the Stroak but its hoped He'l Recover and do well — 

On the 12*^^ Arrived a Sloop from the Bay of Vandovas, one Lam- 
son mr, who sayes that Cap! Wheeler that went hence for Jamaica 
is Dead his men all prest on board men of warr and his Ship Hal'd up. 

Cap! Blew from R'? Island is arrived here this Day. 

The Gosport and Gaily is this Day sailed for Piscataqua. 

Philad. May 28: Arrived a Sloop in 22 Dayes from Antegua in 
whom Came Cap! Roach an Inhabitant of that Island w'^.^ his family 
to Setle here, brings the bad news of our forces Leaving Guardilup 
untaken w^.^ the Loss of about 1000 by Enemy and Sickness. The 
Day [?he] Sailed the Generl^ Arrived who has lost his Eye Sight w'^.'^ 
Some Disstemper, the rest of the fleett and forces were Exspected 
from Guardiloop, the Gene!^ Layes the Miscarridge so to heart that 
it's thought he'l hardly Recover upon it. 

It's said that the men of warr that were at Guardiloop were all 
ordered home, and were to Sail the 29*^ may. 

Some prisoners that made their Escape from Martinico to Antegua 
Says that the french were fitting out abundance of privateers from 
that place many of them Stout Vessels. 

It's reported in the West Indies that monsr Ponti was daylie 
Exspected there w*^^ a Squadron of men of warr of 22 Sail besydes 
other Vessells. 

The 31 Arrived here a Sloop from Jamaica 28 Dayes passage, 
Admir\i Whetstone w*^ his Squadron was at Jamaica, he's done 
nothing only burnt a Ship the french took from us and two privateer 
Sloops at Pettiquavis. 

A fieett of merchantmen between 40 & 50 Sail und! Convoy a 2 or 3 
men of warr was to sail in May from Jamaica to England. 

N Yorke June 7; Last Week Arrived here a Sloop from Coraso, 
21 Dayes passage sayes the Dutch have an open Trade w*^ New Spain 
and that the Governour of Coraso has stopt Cap! Wrightington & his 
Comp^ who Sailed from R Island on what pretence knows not. 

Cap! Bond & Cap! Sinclair Sails in a fourth Night or 3 Week's 
for London. 

Boston Cap! Travise sails to Day or Too morrow for London — 


To The Honb!« 

John Winthrop Esq!" 
Gov! of Connecticut 
ffranke N London 



Boston Jully 12^^ 1703 

ffrom N Yorke Jully 5: On the 29^^ June Last Arrived here Cap*^ 
Bassettfrom England they sailed from Plimoth the 2^ May Last in a 
fleett of about 170 Sayle und'' Convey of 7 men of warr, one part 
of v^.^ fleett were for the Streights, w^^ 3 men of warr another fleett 
for the West Indies w^^ 2 men of warr and the rest being about 70 
Sail for Virginia undT Convey of the Guensey and Oxford frigets 
in the 1^*^ of w^.^ comes Cap* Mathews M^ Byerly Receiver Generl 
of this province and Mr Clarke our Secretary who brings w*^ them my 
L^ Combury's Commissions for New Jearsy &c. 

Wee hear one Mr Griffith is Attorney- Generall of New Jersy and is 
in the Oxford some Letters say M' Bass is Secretary of that Province 
others the Contrary some Affirme he is in the fleett coming over w=> 
is Contradicted by others. 

Wee hear a Gent* of very great Learning and Knowledge in the 
Law is judge of the Admiralty of Pensilvania and other places, but 
wee know not yet his name 

Our Grand fleett were at Spitthead ready to putt to Sea, consisting 
of about 130 Sail 

Thirty great Ships most 3*^ Rates were at Plimoth commanded 
by Sr Clously Shovell outward bound but where was not publick. 
Each Ship had on board 2 Comp^.^ of marines and Sundry Stores 
of warr and their Quarters hung w^^ Wheels & Carriages it was 
Generally beleived they were bound for the Streights. [Foreign 
news items follow.] 

ffive Ships for Boston Sailed in Comp? w*.^ this fleett who I sup- 
pose are Arived by whom you will have a better Information 
Last Week Arrived Cap* Coward from Coraso brings no news. 

On the 2^ Instant Arrived a Sloop from Antegua in 17 Dayes and 
advises that Admirl' Graydon w*?' the forces touched at Guardeloop 
and finding our men were retired he stood on his Course just Called 
at Antegua and is gone for Jamaica. 

That Gener". Coddington is Still very ill at Antegua. 

That a man of warr from Antegua on her cruise mett 2 french 
privateers a Barque and a Sloop, The Barque she Took w*^ 60 men 
and the Sloop she Chaced upon a Reefe and Battered her all to peices 
not having Left above 10 men alive. The Sloop was the [blank] 
w^.h formerly belonged to Philadelphia the Cap* still in the West 
Indies as is said. 

The Pensilvania post is come in and brings no news yet of the 
Arrivall of the Virginia fleett. 



Boston Jully 12^^ Last Week Arrived here Cap'^ Charnock from 
Antegua Porter from Mounseratt & Cap* Nathl Green from Bbados 
brings nothing new. 

Cap* Steel Everton and Rob[er]tson will sail for London in about 
20 Dayes. 

Two Indians and an interpreter are co[me] hither from the East- 
ward of Casco bay acquaints of a french man of warr at Mont Desart 
neir to Nova Scotia who fires a gun Evening and Morning. 

The Governm* has sent out a man of warr to Spy what this french 
man is. 

Wee have Severall Rumers of guns heard fireing off of Cape Ann 
on ffryday and Satturday Last as yet hear nothing what it is. 

Last Week a woman kill'd at Piscataqua w*'^ the Thunder. 


For the Honob^f 
John Winthrope Esq*" 

Governour of Connettc* 
Colony • ' 

New London 

Boston Sepf 20*^ 1703 
To A^ London 

On thursday Last returned our flag of truce from Port Royall 
who informed us that there is arrived thair from f ranee a man of warr 
of 46 guns; had some red & blue Coats on board, and also two march* 
men or mast men of Considerable force Vv^as out from france about 
six weeks. 

the Gov"" of Port Royall told our men that he had 500 souldiers 
come which we do Judge to be a Comp^ of 50 or 60 men. 

they also told our men that our mast fleet was taken and 17 of 
our men of warr, and that their King had Cutt of 500 Hugonits that 
had rose up in rebellion: all which we give no Creditt to; but the 
Contrary that wee have taken so many of their men of warr and 
that the Hugonits are strong to the number of 50 thousand. 

On fryday arrived here Cap* Johnson In a brigantin from antegua 
about a mounth Passage brings no news. 

ffrom R^ Island The 17. acquainted That that morning arrived 
thaire a privateer sloop from Providence belonging to Curraso, who 
had but 18 men. And brought In with him, a Spanish Ship of 7 guns 
56. men which he Tooke off of Campechia Bay, loaden with Cocco, 
has on board 5 thousand peices of eight, about 130 Tuns fought him 
3 glasses and never a man killed. 



He also brings the Tydings of Providence being taken on the 20 ''^ 
.July by ffrench & Spainairds, A barque Alongo, A Brig^, & a sloop, 
the people were surprised in the night, there being but 3 men in the 
ffort, he hes brought with him hither a great many of the Inhabitants 
■about 40 or 50, of whom Cap* Jn" Edwards is one who lost his sloop. 

The ffrench and Spainairds carryed away 9 Vessells that Lay in 
the harbour, and the Govf. 

Cap*^ Wodsworth from Whitehaven and Ireland is Just arrived 
about [blank] weeks passage say [Foreign news items follow.] 

[On third page of the letter-sheet. ] 
Honb'? Sir Boston Septf 20*11 1703 

On other Syde is what occurs as I send your hoF weekly; 
And Im Informed your generall Court is to sit at Newhaven next 
month, and I must represent to your ho*" & Assembly The state of 
the post office as I have done to this Gov''*and Newhampshire In 
order to have some encouragment for the support of it, as they have 
done: else of necessity it must drop, I doubt not in the Least 
of your ho''^ Concurrence therein, and with humble service am 

Your ho''^ most Humble 
Jn? Campbell 
To N London 

Boston Octor 4tii 1703 
ffrom Piscataqua the P.* Jnstant acquainted that a party of our 
forces under the Command of Liv? Coll March and MajF Cutler about 
365 marched on Sabbath Last to Pigwakett and are in hopes to hear 
of them in Two or Three Dayes. 

That m'' Henry Newman in a Sloop took up 3 french men in a 
burch Cannoo at Caskobay who are brought hither, upon Examina- 
tion they Say that on the 8^'' May Last they came from Quebeck, 
where they were Souldiers and run away from thence because of bad 
usage, and Jntended to Boston for Protection, they Say that they 
Sold their Amies at Port Royall, However it's judged they had no 
good Design and are now in prison. 

They Say that the GovT of Canada is Dead and that ther is 28 
Comp^.^ at Quebeck^consisting of 30 men Each. 

ffrom Hartford acquainted that a post came Latly from Albany, 
who acqua[inted]^ that a Mohawk was come in from [the]* Lake and 
Sayes that the GovF of Canada w'.^^ 700 men was on this Side of the 

.3 Sheet torn. 

^ •• " ' / 



Lake Designing to march and make a Descent on the Frontiers of 
N England but that an Express came to him as was going toj march 
acquainting him of a fleett of Ships seen w'^^ they Knew not whether 
friends or foes, upon w'^.^ he and his Army posted back again. 

And from Springfield it's Said the reason of their going back was 
the mischief w^.^ our Indians had Done at the Eastward had awakened 
our people to Secure our frontiers. 

Boston, No Ships Arrived this Week & wee are in great fears of 
our mast fleett, the only hopes is that they came not out w*^"^ the 
Grand fleett, as it's said they did. 

Wee had an Eminent Delivery on Satturday night about 12 a 
Clocke at Night a fire had Like to have brock out in a house neir 
toCap^ Williams. 


To the Hon'-'i^ 
John Winthrop EsqF 
Gof of Connecticut at 
N London 


To Gof Winthrop, Boston OctoT 1703. 

On the 13 Last Arrived Cap? flEoster and Roisse from London 
being other Two of the Ships came from Corke in Ireland last. 

On the 14*^^ Arrived Cap*^ Holberton from Lond? an other of the 
ships came last from Corke in Jreland w'^^ our mast fleett and Cap*^ 
Pitts from Jamaica. 

There arrived Cap*^ Parsons said Day at Marblehead from Absome. 

And Cap* Blankett in five Weeks from Engl'? who mett 3 Privateers 
100 Leagues to the Westward of Lands End, one of them gave him 
chase and he bore up to him wherupon he withdrew: The other 
Two bore down upon him, and upon that he showed them a pair of 
heells. She is a Ship of 30 guns. 

They acquaint us Expecially the last of London being bound 
hither was taken off of the bancks of Newfoundland, and Carryed into 
S? Malloes who was sold thair for Twenty Hundred pounds who was 
Esteemed to be worth fourteen or fifteen Thousand pounds. 

They acquaint us of severall ships Taken — Especially Travise 
that sailed hence after Cap* Delbridge. 

A Lond? Gazet of July 26 says [Foreign news item follows.] 
A Gazet of July 29 Say [Foreign news item follows.] 
On the 15*.'^ Arrived Cap* Lewis from Sirranam and Cap* Vantman 
and Holland from Jamaica. 



By a print of July 31 from Edinburgh acquainted [item of parlia- 
mentary news]. 

Cap* Plankett Says that Portugale had Declared warr ag* france 
and Spain. 

Cap* John Grasilier sails for Lond° next Week. 

ffrom Nyorke the 12*^ Curr* acquainted that the Indians proposed 
to his Excell^ the L"^ Cornbury to make peace with y^ french of Can- 
ada which his Lqp w^ould not admitt of & its beleived they are [on] ^ 
both sydes & receive presents from both neither French nor their 
Indians have been in them Quarters since the warr nor any acts of 
hostility Committed be neither and no truth said to be in the report 
from Harford. 

Some people in Connecticut seized two or three of albany river 
Indians and ill treated them and had likelie have brought all the 
Six nations upon them selves had not my L*^ Cornbury' s seasonable 
arrivall at albany prevented it. 

They writt of the violent Storme wee had on fryday was seventh 
carryed out of the Road 22 vessel! s and Wood boates 14 of them 
trading Vessells beyond Sea, some Drove one way and some another, 
and great Damage Done in Divers Sellars, the Loss will be some 
thousands of pounds. 

The Assembly^Sitt's at NYorke: 


To the Hon^> 
John Winthrop Esqf 
Go^ of Connecticut to 
be forwarded by the post 
If gone from N London 

5 Sheet torn. 


The Boston News-Letter 


IN less than a year after Postmaster John Campbell had begun 
sending his manuscript news letters to the colonial governors 
he concluded that this news could be brought out regularly in printed 
form to the advantage of the public and profitably to himself. Ac- 
cordingly he began the publication of The Boston News-Letter, 
the first issue of which was for the week ending April 24, 1704. This 
was the first newspaper in the English-speaking American colonies 
destined to be successful in maintaining a lasting existence. Tech- 
nically the News-Letter was the second American newspaper, for 
undoubtedly the ill-fated Publick Occurrences was intended by 
Benjamin Harris to be regular and permanent and would have been 
so continued had it not been suppressed. But Campbell holding 
government position and, therefore, having the countenance of those 
in authority, was more fortunate than his predecessor, and his publica- 
tion, by virtue of its r-ontinuity, holds place historically at the head 
of the long line of American periodicals. 

The initial number of the News-Letter was not a promising per- 
formance. Its two small pages, half-sheet folio, were nearly filled 
with foreign news, the domestic items being almost a negligible 
quantity. As respects this disproportion, an example was set which 
was followed for many years. In succeeding numbers the foreign 
news generally consisted of excerpts from London newspapers and 
was always several months after date — sometimes nearly a year, —  
being brought by vessels which as often came round about by the 
way of Bermuda, Virginia or New York, as direct to the port of Bos- 
ton. Aside from this lack of freshness, the collation of foreign news 
was as fairly complete and accurate a presentation of what was happen- 
ing in Europe as could be reasonably expected, although of course, 
conforming to the spirit of the age, attention was mainly given to the 
publication of royal proclamations and addresses, and other state 
papers, of parliamentary proceedings, governmental affairs and 
military movements. Particularly, at the outset, the events of the 
war for the Spanish succession, 1703-1713, were recorded regularly 
and in detail to the extent of timely minuteness and often inaccuracy. 
It was not unusual for the domestic news to be Hmited to two 
or three short items, and only on rare occasions did it fill more than 
a column or a column and a half of the four, eight, or — now and 
then — twelve, columns of an issue. For the most part during the 
period covered by the first volume of this Digest it consisted of ship 
news, the governor's proclamations, reports of the elections of rep- 
resentatives to the General Court, accounts of engagements with 
the Indians or with the French privateers, news from the West 



Indies, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode 
Island, Connecticut, and New York, and occasionally from far-away- 
Philadelphia, or farther away South Carolina. Sometimes remarkable 
incidents in neighboring towns were noted, generally with an editorial 
apology for their printing. Skippers sailing between Boston and the 
"West Indies or ports of the other colonies now and then brought back 
marvellous stories of adventure which were published without apology. 
Some affairs, w^hich even in perspective loom large and important 
were reported in a manner that makes them valuable historical 
documents. Such, for example, were the reduction of St. Augustine 
in 1705; the French capture of the West Indies in 1706; the at- 
tack upon Charleston by the French squadron in 1706 ; the capture 
of Port Royal and Acadia in 1710; the unsuccessful expedition 
against Quebec in 1711 and other events in and about the colonies 
incidental to the war of the Spanish succession. 

Campbell's venture was not a financial success; throughout all 
its early years it led a precarious existence. Subscribers were few, 
and advertisers — the main stay of the modern newspaper — were 
conspicuously absent. Notv*-ith standing the pre-supposed popular 
desire for the nev.'s of the day the publisher seems to have been, to 
a very considerable extent, compelled to create his reading public. 
Interest in English and European affairs, except as pertaining to the 
colonies, was surely waning, there were few stirring home events 
to excite curiosity, and what little domestic news there might be was 
the hear-say of the community long before it could appear in print. 
Almost immediately after beginning publication the necessity 
for more generous support v/as forced upon the publisher, and his 
appeals for subscribers, as set forth in the columns of his paper, were 
frequent and urgent. In November, 1705, he presented a petition 
to the General Court then in session asking an allowance "for the 
year past, in the discharge of both Posts, the Postoffice, and Letter 
of Intelligence, * * and for the future." That part of the petition 
referring to the News-Letter was: 

"your Petitioner also having Last year sett on foott a weekly 
Letter of Intelligence for both foreign and Domestick occurrences, 
expecting that the Incomes thereby being sett at a Moderate Rate, 
would be sufficient to defray the Necessary Charge thereof ; The which 
it did not do. And this year several Gentlemen, Merchants and others 
being willing it should not drop, but be continued, have Agreed to 
contribute towards It's support for another year: yet Notwith- 
standing there are not a Competent number that offers to carry it on, 
And It being found beneficial & of Publick use and service to the 
Countrey to prevent a great many false Reports." ^ 

1 The Acts and Resolves of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, Vol. 
VIII, pp. 158 and 5G2-56.3; Massachusetts Archives, Vol. SS, pp. 344-345. 



To print the News-Letter Campbell engaged Bartholomew Green, 
then the foremost printer in the country, ^ Isaiah Thomas wrote 
of him and the News-Letter; 

"Bartholomew Green began the printing of The Boston News- 
Letter, in Newbury street, in a small wooden building, to which an- 
other room was annexed some years after, for the accomodation of 
his son. This building v.-as burnt down in 1734; it was previously 
occupied as a printing house both by young Green and John Draper, 
who did business independently of each other. Another house of 
like dimensions was built on the same spot by John Draper, the suc- 
cessor of the elder B. Green. This building was occupied as a printing 
house, until the British troops evacuated Boston, in 1776. At that 
place began and ended the printing of The Boston News- Letter." ^ 

Concerning the location of Bartholomew Green's printing office 
Samuel Abbott Green has written: 

"It was printed by Bartholomew Green, and 'Sold by Nicholas 
Boone, at his Shop near the Old Meeting-House' which structure* 
then stood on the lot now bounded on three sides by Cornhill Court 
and Court Avenue, and fronting on Washington Street. At the 
present time the Rogers Building occupies the whole of this square, 
perhaps 70 feet by 80 in dimensions. The site of Boone's shop was on 
the second lot south of Court Avenue, the corner lot between it and 
the meeting-house being occupied by Major Davis, apothecary; and 
next to Boone's shop on the south was John Campbell, where without 
doubt he kept the post-office." * 

Green printed the News-Letter for three and a half years. Then 

he was succeeded by John Allen whose name first appears on the 

issue for November 10, 1707.^ Green's name reappeared on the 

issue of October 8, 1711, one week after the burning of Allen's office. 

He continued to print for Campbell until December 31, 1722, when 

he became publisher as well as printer. 

2 Bartholomew Green was born in Cambridge, October 12, 1666. He was 
the son of Samuel Green, for more than forty years the celebrated head of the 
Cambridge Press, succeeding Stephen Daye. the pioneer printer in the colonies; 
who came to New England in 1630, and died January 1, 1702. The son learned 
his trade in the office of his father and after the death of the latter he succeeded 
to the position of printer to the college. For thirty years he was printer to 
the governor and council and his imprint is on many of the best American books 
of his time. He died December 28, 1732, and a notice of his death was printed 
in the News-Letter of January 4, 1773. 

3 History of Printing, Vol. I, p. 90. 

4 Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Various Subjects, p. 15. 

5 John Allen was an English printer who came to Boston in 1685, on the 
same vessel with John Dunton, who in his Letters Written from New-England, 
thus refers to him; "Mr Allen, the Printer was going to his Uncle, who had 
invited him over and from whom he expected Preferment." Again, after arriv- 
ing in Boston, Dunton wrote of his companion on the voyage; "I Rambled with 
John Allen to Dine with his Reverend Unckle of that name." The uncle was 
the Reverend James Allen, pastor of the First Church of Boston, 1668-1710. 
John Allen was associated with Bartholomew Green and also with Benjamin 
Harris and when he undertook the printing of The Boston News-Letter in 1707, 
he had an office in Pudding Lane, the modern Devonshire Street. His shop 
there was burned in the great fire of October 2, 1711. 



Starting with a single half-sheet folio, printed on both sides, two 
columns to the page, the News-Letter continued without material 
change in form during the greater part of its career. Almost from 
the outset, however, there were occasional expansions to two, four, 
six, eight or even ten pages; a supplement was sometimes added but 
generally the single sheet of two pages prevailed. The size of the 
paper page was about 8 by I2I/2 inches. Different copies now pre- 
served show slight variances from those measurements, some of them 
running as low as l}/2 by 12^ inches; probably these differences are 
due to the trimming or wearing away of the edges of the sheets, or 
they may have resulted from a shrinkage of the paper. The paper 
page of the first six numbers (in the file in'the library of the New York 
Historical Society) is 7 by 11 ^^2 inches. The page of the seventh 
number is 7f by 113^, and after that the page sizes are as has been 
noted. It would appear that the first six numbers were printed on a 
sheet smaller than that subsequently and permanently adopted. 
The type pages (in the same file) also show slight variations in the early 
issues, ranging from 6j by lOj^ inches or 6| by 10 J inches to 6f by 113^ 
inches or 6f by llf inches. Column widths varied from 3 to 3|- inches. 

The imprint was changed several times before its fixed form was 
finally determined. In the first and second editions of the first 
number there were different forms, and that in the second edition 
was retained in the second, third and fourth numbers, except that 
the word Boston, in old English, was followed by a colon instead of a 
comma. With the fifth number this imprint was adopted: **JSOStOU: 
Printed by B. Green. Sold at the Post-Office. 1704;" and that 
form was retained until John Allen succeeded Bartholomew Green 
as printer, November 10, 1707. Allen varied the typography of the 
imprint several times, and when Green again became the printer, 
October 8, 1711, there was another change. 

For the title, a roman face letter old style Caslon type was used. " 
In the early years the initials "N. E." in old English type were placed 
above the title, but later on this was sometimes expanded to "New- 
England" and printed now in roman and again in italic. For the 
word "Number," old English type was first used and afterward 
roman or italic. There were also changes in the type faces used in 
the date line. The line "Published by Authority" was printed in 
old English in the early issues but subsequently it was put in roman 
or italic. The use of rules above and below this line was varied from 
time to time, especially in the period of John Allen's printing. The 
"Published by Authority" constituted part of the heading from 

6 Buckingham, in his Specimens of Newspaper Literature, says that the 
heading was set in French Canon type. Canon was the old name for the type 
size that in present day nomenclature is known as 42 point. 








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C2 fl* 

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S-t* .-SS rrj • S '.►..To "Ti^^^u'Xi 
i* ♦J rt tj T? . i4 ''"^ * su 

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S i o ^ ii «j^:j2'^ »» a « 

to t< . 


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w »** ^7« 

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s J-" "ii »jG o "^ ^ f^ cJ.-n 

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the issue of April 24, 1704 to that of September 2, 1725, excepting 
July 18, 1720 — December 31, 1722. Double dating of the years 
for the months of January, February and March was used — though 
not always in strict conformity to the system — until the issue of 
January 7, 1717 when the new style was adopted. In this compila- 
tion new style dating has been followed but in transcribing the news- 
paper headings and text, actual date lines have been copied as they 
stand originally printed. 

Typographically, the News-Letter was, for the most part, an ad- 
mirable production. The paper was of good quality and after two 
hundred years shows few signs of disintegration, save as it has been 
torn or otherwise damaged. Type with a sharply-cut and well de- 
fined face was used and the press work was altogether creditable, 
the impressions being clean and strong. Even the ink has stood the 
test of two centuries. This recognition of the excellence of the 
printer's work refers particularly to the News-Letter as it was pro- 
duced by Bartholomew Green. During the time that it was printed 
by John Allen there was a marked deterioration in its typographic 
appearance. Most of the Allen issues were inferior specimens indeed, 
especially in comparison with those of Green. It is evident that 
Green had a better equipped office, and certainly he was the better 

Editorially, during its first period, the News-Letter was a poor 
performance. It was crudely, indeed often ignorantly, written, with 
a frank disregard of grammar, and clearness of expression, and a 
Timothy Dexter scorn of right punctuation. The spelling was 
mostly correct, but whether that was a virtue of the editor or the 
proof reader may not now be known. In punctuation, in capitaliza- 
tion, in italicization, and so on, there was no uniformity of usage, 
and for these faults the responsibility may perhaps be divided be- 
tween the editor and the printer. 

On the following pages of this volume these editorial and typo- 
graphic peculiarities have been carefully preserved. The editors 
of this Digest have aimed to reproduce the contents of these old 
newspapers with textual fidelity to the originals, even in the most 
obvious errors of the printer, such for example as the ending of a 
sentence without a period, the beginning of a sentence with a lower 
case letter instead of a capital, the appearance of an italic capital 
to a word in roman type, and others of like character. As any- 
one can see at a glance such faults as these are absurd blunders, 
an oversight in the proof reading or a mixing of the types. Nothing 
necessary to a clear understanding of the text could be gained by 
their correction while by their retention at least the spirit and color 
•of the originals are fully preserved. Here and there, in marked 



instances only, suggestive readings or corrections have been inter- 
polated in brackets. Otherwise the text has been left without 
change or comment — except in foot notes — exactly as it appeared 
to its first readers two hundred years ago. 

In the library of the New York Historical Society is a volume 
of the News-Letter which contains copies of issues for 1705,. 
1706, 1707 and 1708 that are not known to be elsewhere pre- 
served. Originally the volume was bound in calf which has become 
dark brown with age; the back and the corners were later rebound 
in calf of a lighter color. On the backbone is the title BOSTON 
NEWS-LETTER and the dates, 1704-1708. On a front blank 
page is this inscription: "To the New York Historical Societj^ from 
George Bruce. Printer New York. 1805" — and on the inside front 
cover there is this note in lead pencil, "This volume contains No. 1 
April 17 1704 to No 209 April 19 1708 Nos wanting 27, 138. 139,. 
140, 141 W. K."^ Family tradition says that a sea captain sailing 
between Boston and New York, either gave or sold this book to Mr 
Bruce, but no certain evidence of that has been Droduced. The 

' A. 

volume has been briefly described in a paper read by Dr. Samuel 
Abbott Green before the Massachusetts Historical Society, November 
13, 1890, and reprinted in a pamphlet. ^ 

A special interest attaches to this volume. There seems to be 
no doubt that it was the property of our New England Pepys, Chief 
Justice Samuel Sewall. In the front are bound four pages of a manu- 
script entitled "Memorandums" and this, it is generally believed by 
those Avho have examined it, is in the handwriting of Mr Sewall. 
The memorandum is merely an index to some of the articles in the 
various issues of the file and further on upon the margins of those 
issues, the same articles are often annotated in the same handwriting 
with the letters "N." or "M. E." added. Throughout the volume 
are scattered other marginal notes also in the same handwriting. 
These are mostly signed S.S. and some of them refer to matters 
mentioned in Judge Sewall's Diary. On several of the numbers — 
notably September 29, October 6, October 20, November 24, Decem- 
ber 15, and December 22, 1707, and January 12, January 19, March 1, 
March 8, and March 15, 1707-8 — the autograph X^Ji^aJL appears 
on the bottom margin of the first page. 

The Sevv-all annotations in this file are as folloAvs: 
June 19, 1704, — top of second column, first page; "Major Sewall." 
January 8, 1705, — added to entry of death of Madame Sarah 
Leverett; "Interd Jan^ 8." 

7 William Kelby was librarian of the New York Historical Society, 1895- 

8 Remarks on An Early File of the Boston News- Letter. 



January 8, 1705, — bottom of second page; "Mrs. Johana Mason 
wife of Arthur Mason a very pious vertuous woman" [remainder 
torn off.] 

May 7, 1705, — foot of second page; "Mr. Campbell's Negro gave 
methis, May, 24. 1705." 

May 14, 1705,— foot of second page; "May, 10. The Rev^ Mr. 
Thomas Bridge was ordained Pastor of the [First Church] Boston" 

July 9, 1705, — foot of first column, second page, under the Marble- 
head item; Nicholas Mary" 

September 10, 1705, — margin of second column, first page, against 
the foreign news; "Sep"^! 10? mane: Oceani fiuctus ANNA moderante 
superbos" ® Originally there was another line in this note but in 
trimming the pages, perhaps for binding, this was cut off, leaving 
visible only the tops of the letters. 

October 15, 1705, — margin of first column, second page; "Boston 
8^^ 13. 1705 Roma simul caelebys, [?] fuerant in tempore Petru: 
Aeternum exorsum, nil nisi novum habeat. S.S." ^° 

October 15, 1705,— foot of page; "OctobT 15. Madame Hebb[?] 
N [?] one of the Jamaica fleet died this morning of a Fever, at the 
house of ye sdH [?]" 

October 22, 1705, — margin of first column, second page; "Doctor 
Wheeler, Son-in-Law to the truly pious Mr Wigglesworth, is dead, 
and has left a young [sorrowful ?] [cut off]; | "He died on Thanksgiving 
day at night: was a sober good conditioned man, well beloved. It's 
the Ninth | "Doctor that hath died here in a few years. J'f-- S*- 

January 7, 1706, — margin of second column, first page, against 
account of a shipwreck; "Luke, 13. 1-5." 

June 10, 1706, — margin of first column, third page; "Artillery 
sermon. Preach*^ by Mr Rowland Cotton." 

July 22, 1706, — second column, first page, added to the Ipswich 
item concerning the death of two women; "Wife & only daughter 
of Thomas Day." 

September 23, 1706, — top of first column, third page; "Mr Simeon 
Stoddard murthered in England son S. Stoddard Esq:"^"" 

November 25, 1706, — foot of second column, third page, against 
the item concerning the return of Captain Samuel Appleton from 
Canada; "N. Mr. Appleton Sailed Augt 30. 1706 from Nantasket." 
At the top of the same column: "Samuel Appleton Esqr with Mr. 
Williams from Canada." 

9 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 137. 

10 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 140. 

11 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 169, note. 



September 9, 1706, — bottom of first page; "Sent me to Bristol 
[by?] Mr. Secretary." 

August 4, 1707, — top of second column, second page; "Mr Benjamin 
Ruggles wife Dead. 34 years & 9 months" 

March 1, 1708, — foot of second page; "N. The Justices were apointed 
the 19t.h or 20'^ of Febr." 

In the file of the New York Historical Society are bound several 
broadsides. Between the issues of July 10 and July 17, 1704, is 
the two page sheet: An Account of the Behaviour and last Dying | 
Speeches | Of the Six Pirates, that were Executed on Charles River, 
Boston side, | on Fryday June 30th. 1704. Viz. \ Ca/?/ John Quelch, 
John Lambert, Christopher Scudamore, | John Miller, Erasmus Peter- 
son and Peter Roach. | This broadside w^as printed and sold for 
Nicholas Boone. Another copy of it is bound in the News-Letter 
fi^e of the Massachusetts Historical Society between the issues of 
June 26 and July 3, 1704. Following the issue of August 12, 1706, is 
the two page sheet: A Copy of the Last Will and Testament of 
Richard Bellingham Esqr. Late Governour of the Colony of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. This broadside is endorsed in 
Judge Sewall's handwriting "Given me by Mr. S. Stoddard, Augt. 

Immediately after the issue of August 11, 1707 is the broadside: | 
To my Worthy Friend, | Mr James Bayley, | Living (if Living) in 
Roxbury. A Poem, | by the Reverend Nicholas Noyes of Salem. A 
note on the margin, by Judge Sewall, says "Printed, July 30, 1707." 
With this Bayley poem is the two page broadside: | Informations | 
and I Directions | For the making of Tar, and Choice of Trees | 
for the same, as in Finland. | This broadside was printed by Bartholo- 
mew Green in July, 1707. Following the issue of September 15, 1707 is 
John Danforth's: ] A Pindarick ELEGY Upon the Renowned, | Mr 
Samuel Willard, | Late Reverend Teacher of the South Church in 
Boston, and | Vice President oi Harvard College in Cambridge; | Who 
Deceased September the 12^^- 1707. Aetatis Anno &S. | Following the 
issue of December 1, 1707, and attached to the first page of the next 
issue by sealing wax, is Judge Sewall's famous pronunciamento, 
dated Tuesday, November 25, 1707 : The Reasons of my withdrawing 
my Vote from what was Pass'd in Council, upon Saturday, Novem- 
ber the First, relating to an Address offered to Her Majesty, Sign'd 
Nath Higginson, &c. 



m. 16 Slumb. 1. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDa^ April 17. to /IDOllDap April 24. 1704. 

M H— AS— KU (m)— NY 

r^nr^HE first number of the first continuously published newspaper 
I X of the English colonies in America covered the week from Mon- 
■- day, April 17, to Monday, April 24, 1704. It was printed on both 
sides of a half sheet folio, the paper page being 7 by 113^2 inches and 
the type page 63^ by lO^'l inches. It contains an extract from the 
London Flying Post respecting the pretender, who called him- 
self King James VIII of Scotland, sending Popish missioners from 
France to Scotland; the queen's speech to parliament; a few items 
of domestic news and the advertisement of the publisher, John Camp- 

Two editions of this issue were printed, as is clearly proven by 
typographical differences in the three complete copies that have been 
preserved, or are known to be extant. A mutilated copy, about one- 
third of the whole sheet, is in the Harvard College library. Two of 
the three complete copies, in the libraries of the American Antiquarian 
Society and the New York Historical Society, are identical, both 
being of the first edition. The other copy, in the library of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, is of the second edition. 

Some of the differences in these editions have been referred to by 
Samuel Abbott Green, ^ and others, for the first time, are noted here. 
Punctuation varies frequently in the two editions. In the second 
paragraph of the second column of the first page the word Eamily 
of the first edition is corrected to Family in the second; the word 
and is substituted for the character &; in the fifth paragraph of the 
first column of the first page the letter-spacing in the second edition 
is closer so that the lines break differently; in the fifth paragraph of 
the second column of the second page Curraso is substituted in the 
second edition for Currasoa and Currasoe in the first; and in the first 
paragraph of the same column Rhode Island of the first edition be- 
comes Rhod Island in the second; in the ninth paragraph of the same 
column Maryland of the first edition becomes Marryland in the 
second. Copies of the publisher's advertisement as it was printed 
in each edition, showing particularly a change in the advertising 
agency of the paper, are printed herewith. The first edition had this 
imprint: ''Boston, Printed by B. Green. Sold by Nicholas Boone, 
at his Shop near the Old Meeting House," while the imprint of the 
second edition was: " !B06tOU: Printed by B. Green. Sold by 
Nicholas Boone, at his Shop near the Old Meeting House." 

Undoubtedly the appearance of this sheet excited something 
more than ordinary interest in the community. Concerning it 
Judge Samuel Sewall wrote : 

1 Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Various Subjects. 



"April 24, 1704. I went to Cambridge to see some Books on the 
Revelation, and there met with Mr. Pignet: went into Hall and heard 
Mr. Willard expound Rom. 4 9 10 11 and pray. I gave Pvlr. Willard 
the first News- Letter that ever was carried over the River. He 
shew'd it the Fellows. I came home in company with Mr. Adams." ^ 

The first number of the News-Letter has been several times re- 
printed from type. In some instances these reprints have been 
on paper stained with coffee liquor to give it the brown appearance 
of age, and many such have passed into the possession of persons 
who have been led to believe them genuine originals. So far as is 
known at this writing (1910) only three complete copies and one frag- 
ment of this issue are in existence. The number has also been re- 
produced in fac-simile by photograph, first by Samuel Abbott Green 
in 1903. '] 

Boston, April, 18 Arrived Capt. Si// from Jamacia about 4 Weeks 
Passage, says they continue there very Sickly. Mr. Nathaniel Oliver 
a principal Merchant of this place died April 15 & was decently 
inter'd April, 18. yEtatis 53. 

The Honourable Col. Nathanael Byfield Esq. is Commissioned 
Judge of the Admiralty for the Provinces of Massachusetts-Bay , 
New- Hampshire and Rhod-Island. And Thomas Newton Esq. 
Judge-Deputy for the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. 

The 20. the Rd. Mr. Pemberton Preach'd an Excellent Sermon 
on 1 Thes 4. 11. And do your own business: Exhorting all Ranks & 
Degrees of Persons to do their own work, in order to a REFORMA- 
TION : which His Excellency has ordered to be Printed. * 

The 21. His Excellency Dissolved the Gen. Assembly. 
Rhode-Island 22. The Rd. Mr. Lockyer dyed on Thurs. last 

Capt. Toungrello has taken Five Prizes off of Curraso, one of which 
is come in to Rhode-Island mostly Loaden with Cocco, Tobacco, 
Liquors &c. She is a Curraso Trader, as all the rest were. One of 
the Five was one Larew a French-man,^ Sloop of 8 Guns & 8 Patteraro's 
76 Men, Fought him Board and Board three Glasses ; Captain Lar^w 
was kill'd, and 20 of his Men kill'd & wounded: Capt. Toungrello 
wounded thro' the Body; and five of his men, but none kill'd, he had 
but 40 Fighting Men, when he took Larew. 

The 18 Currant, came in a Sloop to this Port from Virginia, the 
Master informed Governour Cranston Esq. he was Chased by a Top- 
sail Shallop off of Block-Island, which he judged to be a French 

2 Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. I, p. 100. 

3 Ten Fac-Simile Reproductions Relating to Various Subjects, by Samuel 
Abbott Green ; Curiosities of History, by William W. Wheildon. 

4 This sermon was preached at a lecture in the South Meetinghouse, April 
20, 1704. See Notes in The Acts and Resolves, ... of the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay: , . . , Vol. VIII, p. 104. 



Privateer, and that there was two other Vessels in her Company, 
which he judged to be her Prizes. Whereupon his Honour being 
concerning for the Publick Weal and Safety of Her Majesties good 
Subjects, immediately caused the Drum to beat for Voluntiers, under 
the Command of Capt. Wanton, and in 3 or four hours time, Fitted 
and Man'd a Brigantine, with 70 brisk young men well Arm'd, who 
Sail'd the following Night, returned last Evening, and gave his 
Honour an Account, that they found the aforesaid Shallop, with one 
-other, and a Ketch at Tarpolian Cove, who were all Fishing Vessels 
belonging to Marblehead or Saleyn, who were Fishing off of Block- 
Islmid, one of them was a French built Shallop with a Topsail, which 
gave the great suspician that they were Enemies. 

New-York, April, 17. By a Barque from Jamacia, (last from 
Barmuda, 7 Weeks Passage,) says, there was an Imbargo in that 
Island several Months, occasioned by News they had of a design the 
French & Spaniards had, to make a descent upon them: She came 
out with the Homeward bound London Fleet, who are gone home 
without Convoy. 

Capt. Davison in the Eagle Gaily, Sailes for London, in a Month, 
if the Virginia Fleet stays so long ; he intends to keep them Company 
Home, if not, to run for it, being Built for that Service. 

Philadelphia, April, 14. An Account that the Dreadnaught 
Man of War was Arrived in Marrylaiid. 

N. London, April, 20. The Adventure, A Vessel 60 Tuns, will 
Sail from thence to London, in three Weeks or a Months time. 


THis News-Letter is to be continued Weekly; and all Persons who 
have any Houses, Lands, Tenements, Farms, Ships, Vessels, 
Goods. Wares or Merchandizes, &c. to be Sold, or Let; or Servants 
Runaway, or Goods Stole or Lost; may have the same inserted at a 
Reasonable Rate, from Twelve Pence to Five Shillings, and not to 
■exceed: Who may agree with John Campbel Post-master of Boston. 
All Persons in Town and Country, may have said News-Letter 
every Week, Yearly, upon reasonable terms, agreeing with JoJin 
Campbel, Post-master for the same. 

[Below is the text of this advertisement as it appeared in the first 
-edition of this issue.] 

THis News-Letter is to be continued Weekly; and all Persons 
who have any Houses, Lands, Tenements, Farmes, Ships, Vessels, 
Goods, Wares or Merchandizes, &c. to be Sold, or Lett; or Servants 
Runaway; or Goods StoU or Lost, may have the same Inserted at a 
Reasonable Rate; from Twelve Pence to Five Shillings, and not to 



exceed : Who may agree with Nicholas Boone for the same at his Shop, 
next door to Major Davis's, Apothecary in Boston, near the Old 

All Persons in Town and Country may have said News- Letter 
Weekly upon reasonable terms, agreeing with John Campbell Post- 
Master for the same. 

HI* 16. IFlumb. 2. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From ^Ont>a^ April 24. to /IDon^ap May 1. 1704. 


r^T^HIS issue is a full sheet folio, the last page, however, blank. 
i JL The foreign matter comprises extracts from the London Fly- 
ing Post, December 23-25, covering European war news in advices 
from Warsaw, Zurich, and Vienna, and reports from Frankfort 
as to the design of France and Spain to divide Switzerland "betwixt 

South-Carolina Via New-York. 

AN Account of what the Army from thence had done, under the 
Command of Colonel Moore in his Expedition last Winter against 
the Spaniards and Spanish Indians. In a Letter from him to the 
Governour of Carolina. May it please Your Honour to accept of 
this short Narrative of what I with the Army under my Command 
have been doing since my Departure from the Ockomulgg on the 19'^'- 
December. On the 14'^- January we came to a Town, and strong 
and almost regular Fort about Sun Rising, call'd Ayavalle, at our 
first approach the Indians in it fired and shot Arrows at us briskly; 
from which we shelter' d our selves under the side of a great Mud- 
wall'd House, till we could take a view of the Fort, and consider of 
the best way of assaulting it: which we concluded to be by breaking 
the Church door, which made a part of the Fort, with Axes. I no 
sooner proposed this, but my men readily undertook it; ran up to it 
briskly, (the Enemy at the same time shooting at them) were beaten 
off without effecting it, and fourteen white men wounded, two hours 
after that we thought fit to attempt the burning the Church, which 
we did, three or four Indians assisting us: The Indians in it ob- 
stinately defending themselves, and kill'd us two white men, viz. 
Frances Ploivden, and Thomas Dale; after we were within their 



Fort, a Fryar the only white in it came forth and begged mercy: 
In this we took about 26 men alive, and 58 Women and Children; 
The Indians took about as many more of each sort, the Fryar told us, 
we kill'd in the two Storms Twenty five men. The next morning 
the Captain of St. Lewis Fort with 23 white men and 400 Indians 
came to Fight us, which we did, beat him, took him, and Eight of his 
men Prisoners: And as the Indians which say they did it, told us kill'd 
five or six Whites : We have a particular Account from our Indians of 
168 Indian men kill'd and taken in the Fight and Flight, but the 
Appalatchia Indians say, they Lost 200, which we have reason to 
believe to be the least. Captain John Berringer Fighting bravely 
in the Head of our men was kill'd at my foot: Captain Fox dyed 
of a Wound given him at the first Storming of the Fort. Two days 
after I sent to the Cassik of Ibitachuka, who with 130 men was in his 
strong and well made Fort, to come and make his peace with me, the 
which he did, and compounded for it, with his Churches Plate, and 
ten Horses laden with Provisions: After this I marched thro' five 
Towns which had all strong Forts and Defences against small Arms ; 
they all submitted and surrendered their Forts to me without condi- 
tion. I have now in my Company all the whole People of three Towns, 
and the greatest part of four more : we have totally destroyed all the 
people of two Towns: So that we have left in Appalatchia but that 
one Town which compounded w^ith one part of St. Lewis, and the 
people of one Town which run away all together ; their Town, Church 
and Fort we have burnt. The People of St Lewis come to me every 
night. I expect and have advice that the Town which compounded 
with me, are coming after me: The waiting for these People make 
my Marches slow, for I'm willing to bring away with me free, as 
many of the Indians as I can: This being the Address of the 
Commons to Your Honour to Order it so, this will make my 
mens part of Plunder ( which otherwise might have been 100/. 
a man ) but small : but I hope with Your Honours assistance 
to find away to gratifie them for their bold and stout action, 
and their great loss of blood: I never see or hear of a stouter 
or braver thing done, than the Storming the Fort: It hath regained 
the reputation we seem'd to have lost under the Conduct of Robert 
Macken, the Indians having now a mighty value for the Whites: 
Appalatchia is now reduced to the feeble and low condition, that 
it can neither support St Augustin with Provision, or disturb, endam- 
age or frighten us; our Indians living between us and Appalatchia 
and the French: In short we have made Carolina as safe as the con- 
quest of Appalatchia can make it. If I had not so many men wounded 
in our first Attempt, I had assaulted St Lewis Fort, in which is about 
28 or 30 men, and 20 of these came thither from Panseccoola to buy 



Provision the first night after I took the first Fort. On Sabbath the 
23'^- Instant I came out of Appalatchia settle[ment], and am now about 
Thirty miles on my way home, but do not expect to reach it before 
the middle of March, notwithstanding my Horses will not be able 
to carry me to the Chereques Mountains. I have had a dirty, tedious 
and uneasie Journey, and though I have no reason to fear any harm 
from the Enemy, through the difference between the Whites and 
Indians, and between Indians and Indians, bad way and fales Alarms, 
do still labour under hourly uneasiness. The number of free Appalat- 
chia Indians which are now under my protection, and bound with me 
to Carolina are 1300. And 100 for Slaves. The Indians under my 
Command kill'd and took Prisoners in the Plantation, whilst we 
Stormed the Fort, as many Indians as we and they took and kill'd 
in the Fort. Dated in the Woods 50 Miles N. and E. of Appalatchia. ' 

Piscataqua, April 22d. Last night arrived one Parker in a Sloop 
from Antigua 3 Weeks passage. Says, that the New General is daily 
expected with 14. or 16. Sail of men of War. That the French have 
22. Sail of Privateers out. 

Newbury, April 22. The Honourable Col. Daniel Pierce Esq. 
one of Her Majesties Council for this Province Dyed this Day. 

Boston, April 24. By a Sloop arrived here from Jamacia, Jitdah 
Thacher Master, about 5 Weeks passage from thence; acquainted, 
That the man who gave information of a descent intended by the 
French and Spaniards to be made on that Island, being found false 
was put in Prison. That there was an Indian come from the Main- 
land of New-Spain, complaining to the Governour of Jamacia, of 
bad usage they had met from the Spaniards, and if His Excellency 
would send Forces, that the Indians would joyn them, and destroy 
the Spaniards, what they could: The Indian was a brisk little Fellow, 
whom his Excellency was pleas'd to Cloath well: but whither he would 
send Forces or not the Master could not tell. There was one Capt. 
Christian a French Privateer, in a small Snow about 6 Guns, Sailed 
from the Havana, with two more Privateer Sloops in Company, 
having on Board about 150 men, designed to Land on the North 
side of the Island of Jamacia, and plunder the People. But Capt. 
Gelding in a private man of War Sloop, 4 Guns, about 60 men, be- 
longing to Jamacia, came up with said Christian, and his two Sloops; 
the which two Sloops he took, and gave Christian a broad side, and 
Chased him; but Christian out-ssiilmg Gelding, made his escape, and 

5 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Carroll's Historical Collections of 
South Carolina, Vol. II, 1836. Bancroft, in his History of the United States. 
Vol. II, p. 194, errs in referring to this invasion as having occurred in the last 
weeks of 1705. 



got clear; which if Capt. Gelding had not met with, might have 
proved very detrimental to that Island. 

Boston, April 28. An Express came to His Excellency from 
New-Hampshire, acquainting him. That there was a man found 
Dead and Scalpt near Dover, but whither kill'd by English or In- 
dians, not yet known. 

Sail'd from Boston this Week, Capt. William Blaire, in the Ship 
Providence for Barbados. Zachariah Caidey, in the Ship John for 
Lisbon. StepJien Pain, in the Sloop Mary for Madera. John Moor 
in the Ketch New-Berry for Newfouitdlaiid. Richard Smith, Briga- 
teen Dragon, for Antigua. Nehemiah Heath in a Brigateen En- 
deavour, for Ruanoke. 

And out-ward bound, James Bridgham for Barbados, in the Sloop 
Unity. John Richards, in the Brigateen Sarah, for Jamacia: And 
Nathanael Vial in a Sloop Lark, for said Port. Joseph Brown, in 
the Ketch Freke, for Madera. And Capt. Giles Fyfield in the Ship 
Mary, for Antigua, Sails within Ten days, from Rhode-Island. Capt. 
Samuel Pain in the Ship Grayhound, is bound for Nevis, will Sail 
in about a Fornight. Judah Thacher in a Sloop bound for Jamacia, 
will Sail about 20 days hence. 

Piscataqua, April 28. By Letters thence, acquainted. That on 
the 18th. Marched Forty one English and Indians from Salmon- 
Falls unto Winnopiscag Ponds, and at the same time from thence 
(being the Seat of War) about 90 more Eastward, under the Con- 
duct of Capt. Brown, having 8 dayes Provision, who Travelled thro' 
Well's round Mowsum River, and 20 Miles up Saco, being the most 
reputed Places for Fishing; they returned last Wed'nesday, but could 
not discover any Foot-steps of the Enemy, excepting one Canoo. 

On Tuesday the 25 Nathanael Meader of Dover in Oyster River, being 
at work in his Field, and burning Brush, was waylaid by a Company 
of Indians, as he returned home about Sunset, who shot him through 
the thigh & leggs, then took, Scalpt, kill'd, and stript him Naked. 

On Wednesday Morning a small Scout made a descent on Lam- 
prey, Eel River, who destroyed Edward Taylor, at the Saw-mill, 
and took his Wife and Son Captive, as they went from the Garri- 
son unto their dwelling-house, about a Mile and a half distant in 
the Woods. Major Hilton instantly raised about 20 men, who in 
a little time discovered the Enemies track, but the Night approach- 
ing, prevented any further discovery. 

Rhode-Island, April 27. The Honourable Col. Nathanael By- 
Jleld Esq. his Commission for Judge of the Admiralty, was pub- 
lished and admitted of here, on the 25. Currant. 



The prize that Capt. Toungerlo sent in, could not be condemned, 
in regard there was not Evidences sent in her; but those to whom 
she was conugned, proffer' d sufficient Bond and Security to respond 
said Goods, upon having liberty to take them on Shoar till could 
be condemned, which suppos'd would be granted. 

New-York April 24. The Dreadnought with Colonel Seymour, 
Govemour of Maryland Arrived the 10th. Instant. The Virginia 
Fleet will Sail the latter end of May for Lotidon. Captain Davison 
from hence designs to keep them Company, if they Sail at that time. 
On the 18th. Arrived a Sloop here from Curaso: the 23. a Sloop Ar- 
rived from Madera, 7 Weeks Passage, Joseph Wright Master. Capt. 
Burges and Capt. Davies lie ready to Sail ior Virginia, for Convoy home. 

l^'Lost on the 10. of April last off Mr. Shippen's Wharff in Boston, 
Two Iron Anvils, weighing between 120 and 140 pound each : Whoever 
has taken them up, and will bring or give true Intelligence of them 
to John Camphel Post-master, shall have a sufficient reward. 


THIS News- Letter is to be continued Weekly; and all Persons 
who have any Houses, Lands, Tenements, Farms, Ships, Vessels, 
Goods, Wares, or Merchandizes, &c. to be Sold, or Let; or Servants 
Run-away, or Goods Stole or Lost; may have the same inserted at a 
Reasonable Rate, from Twelve Pence to Five Shillings, and not to 
exceed: Who may agree with John Camphel Post-master of Boston, 
for the same: And if in the Country, with the Post-master of the 
respective Towns, to be transmitted to the Post-master of Boston: 
and all such Advertisements are to be brought in Writing to said 

All persons in Town and Country, may have said News-Letter 
every Week, Yearly, upon reasonable terms, agreeing with John 
Camphel, Post master for the same. 

m. £. inumb. 3. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDont)a^ May 1. to flnon^ap May 8. 1704. 


["TN this issue return was made to the half sheet folio of the first 
[_ ■'-number, printed on both sides. The first page is largely taken 
up by extracts from the London Gazette, Novemb. 8 to 11, 1703, 
giving a report of the opening of Parliament and the queen's speech. 
The dom.estic news is more varied than that of the previous issues.] 



By his Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esq. Captain General 
and Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of 
the Massachusetts-Bay in New England. 

A PROCLAMATION « for a General FAST 

UP on Consideration of the troublesome State of Europe, by reason 
of the Calamitous Wars wherein those Nations are Engaged amongst 
themselves, and of Her Majesties Great & Just Interest therein: As 
also the present Circumstances of these Her Majesties Territories and 
Plantations, And the Influences which the Wars of Europe may have 
upon our selves; Together with the Hostilitie acted against us by the 
treacherous Murderous Salvages within our Limits. 

I have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Her Majesties Coun- 
cil, and at the desire of the Representatives, to Appoint Thursday, the 
i8th of May next, A Day of Publick Fasting with Prayer, to be 
Observed throughout this Province, Humbly to Implore the Divine Mercy, 
for the Preservation of Her Majesties Sacred Person, That Her just 
Armes with those of her Allies may be prosperous in the Actions of 
this present Year; That the Forces in this Province Imployed in Her 
Majesties Service, may by the good Conduct of Heaven, be Succeeded in 
their just Enterprizes, and our Enemies Defeated; That the Defence 
of Divine Protection may be over our Sea Coast and Inland Frontiers ; 
That our Seed-time and Harvest, m,ay be under benign Influences of 
Heaven; That there may be a plentiful Effusion of the Holy Spirit of 
GOD, for a thorough Reformation of all those Evils which are amongst 
us. That so GOD may turn away His Anger, and Restore unto us a 
prosperous State: And that the Protestant Interest may every where 
prevail throughout the World. Exhorting both Ministers and People 
in their respective Assemblies Religiously to perform the Duties required 
on such a Day, with a becoming Devotion; And all Servile Labour is 
forbiden thereupon. 

Given at Boston the 2'/th. Day of April 1704. In the Third Year 
of Her Majesties Reign. 
By Order of His Ex- 
cellency and Council, J. D UDLE Y. 

IFssac a&t)inQton Secr. 

GOD Save the Queen. 

Piscataqua, April 29. By' Letters thence, acquainted. That 
on Fryday the 2Sth. four Indians Seized a Servant Maid of Richard 

6 Reprinted from the News-Letter in The Acts and Resolves ... of 
the Province of the Massachusetts Bay . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 347. 

7 Written on the margin of the copy in the file of the Massachusetts His- 
torical Society: "This was a story invented by the Girl to conceal her staying 
too long at the Spring with a young man." 



Waldroii's Esq. at Cocheco, who went about 150 yards from the 
Garrison to a Spring, for a Jugg of Water, about half an hour after 
Sun down: Supposed to be the same hidians that did the Mischief 
mentioned in my last, upon Nathanael Header, and Edward Taylor: 
They askt her many Questions ; Vis. Whither there was not a French 
Shallop put on Shoar in New-England in a Storm? And what was 
become of the Frenchmen? Whither or not we had any Forces 
going out against the French ? What number of Souldiers was in the 
Garrison? What Mr. Waldron had been doing in his Field all day? 
What he designed to do with that new Timber hal'd to the side of 
his House? They told her that they had lyen near his House all 
that day, and a Week before to wait to Catch him, whom they saw 
to pass over his Boom towards Capt. Geerishes two Hours, by Sun-set; 
and that they might take him on his return, they had crept down to 
the foot of the Boom, as near as possible : at which time the Maid came 
along, and were forced to take her, otherwise they must have been 
discovered : They told her also that they had been so near him in the 
Field, that one of them had Cock'd his Gun at him, and going to 
discharge, another perswaded him to forbear, he would presently 
have a better Shot at him: They likewise told her 'twas never the 
near for him to build his New Fortifications round his House, for 
they would certainly take him, and that 'twere in Vain for him to 
Plant his New Orchard in his Field, for he should neither eat the 
Apples, nor drink the Cyder, for that they would have him by & by, 
and roast him, and she should see it. In the Interim Mr Waldron 
coming over the Boom; the Watchman on the Top of his House, not 
knowing who it was, call'd out. Stand; which the Indians hearing, 
being frightened, ran all away, one stept back and with the head of 
his Hatchet, knock't the Girl down, and left her for Dead, who lay 
in the Spot two Hours, till being found wanting, was enquir'd after and 
search'd for at the Spring, where She was found, a little come to her 
self; hope She may do well, for her Skull is not broke. Thus Mr. 
H^a/<iron narrowly escap'd. 

Jamacia, by Letters Via New-York of March last, acquainted, that 
the Sea-horse Man of War, took 3 French Prizes, one belonging to 
Peteguaves; one of them got so near the Shore, and the man of War 
in pursuit of her is run on Shore upon the back side of Jamacia, and is 

Boston, Arrived this Week from Barbados, about a Months pas- 
sage, Capt. Alden, Green, Bennet, Foster, Barns, and Hobbs, but 
bring no News, & Everton came out in Company, not yet Arrived, as 
also Gurley for Marblehead, and Perkins for Cape Ann. Arrived 
also Mr. Montveil in a Sloop from A^. York, & Capt. Shute at Ply- 



mouth, from Saltitudos, having lost his Mast in a Storm & necessi- 
tated to thro' overboard part of his Loading. 

Outward Bound, Judah Thacher for Jamacia, and Carteret Gillam 
for Rhode-Island. 

New-York, May 1. Yesterday Arrived a Sloop in 7 days from 
Virginia, by whom advised, that the Fleet will not Sail till the last 
Instant, or first of June; and that 2 Men of War are daily expected 
there from Lisbon to Strengthen the Convoy. Capt. Davison in the 
Eagle Gaily hopes to Sail with them, he purposes from hence about 
25 of this Month. Capt. Burges and Davis Sail'd last Week for 
Virginia, to joyn the Convoy home, and Capt. Potter designs also 
next Week. A Ship of 350 or 400 Tuns, Capt. Harrison Commander, 
was lately burnt in Virginia having on board 460 Hogsheads, 'tis 
said the Gunner went Drunk to Bed, and left a Candle burning in his 
Cabin, by which the Ship was fired & he and 2 or 3 were burnt in her. 


STollen the 4 instant in the Morning out of the house of James 
Cooper, near Charlestown Ferry in Boston, several sorts of mens 
Apparel, both Woollen & Linnen, by an Irish man, speaks bad English; 
he is a young man about 22 years of Age, low Stature, dark coloured 
hair, round visage, fresh coloured: he ript a small stript Ticking- 
bolster, and put some of the Goods in that he carryed away. Who- 
ever discovers said Person, or Goods Stollen, so as both be secured, 
shall have sufficient reward at the place aforesaid. 

AT Oysterbay on Long-Island in the Province of N. York, There 
is a very good Fulling-Mill, to be Let or Sold, as also a Planta- 
tion, having on it a large new Brick house, and another good house by 
it for a Kitchin, & work house, with a Barn, Stable, &c. a young 
Orchard and 20 Acres clear Land. The Mill is to be Let with or 
without the Plantation: Enquire of Mr. William Bradford Printer 
in A^. York, and know further. 

THis News-Letter is to be continued Weekly; & all Persons who 
have any Houses, Lands, Tenements, Farms, Ships, Vessels, 
Goods, Wares or Merchandizes, &c. to be Sold or Let; or Servants, 
Run-away, or Goods Stole or Lost; may have the same inserted at 
Reasonable Rate, from Twelve-pence to Five Shillings & not to ex- 
ceed: Who may agree with John Campbel Post-master of Boston 
for the same: And if in the Country, with the Post master of the 
respective Towns, to be transmitted to the Post master of Boston: 
& all such Advertisements are to be brought in Writing to said Post- 

All Persons in Town & Country may have said News-Letter every 



Week by the Year, upon reasonable terms, agreeing with John Camp- 
bel. Post-master for the same 

[Reprinted: Lost, Two Iron Anvils, &c. as in May 1.] 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /iDOttOaS May 8. to /IDonda^ May 15. 1704. 


r A HALF sheet folio. The first page and part of the second, as that 
I /A.of May 8, occupied by foreign news. Under date of Westminster, 
*• November 11, 1703, are given the address of the House of Commons 
to the queen, and her majesty's answer; the queen's congratulatory 
letter to the king of Spain, and his answer; advices from Rome and 
Italy regarding the Pope's "partiality to the Spanish successor," 
and other matters. Then follow the domestic news paragraphs.] 

Piscataqua May 6. Letters thence say no certain Intelligence of 
any Indians seen at Mr. Waldron's since last Week, only some were 
trackt about three miles above, Nitchewanock, in a Swamp where 
were Cranberries, and 'tis believ'd they saw our Scouts, and narrowly 
escap'd them; the tracks seeming very new. They are making what 
preparations they can to fortifie the place, in case of any Attack by the 
French and Indians. 

Mr. Shortridge in a Ketch bound for Tersera touches at Fyall; 
several others for Barbadoes and the Leward Islands. 

By His Excy. JOSEPH DUDLEY Esq. Capt. General and Gov. in 
Chief of the Province of Mass. Bay. 


ALL Mariners, Seamen & others. That shall voluntarily enter 
themselves on board Her Majesties Ship Jersey, Capt. George 
Rogers Commander, on Her Majesties Service in the present Expe- 
dition, against Her Majesties Enemies, shall be kindly received & well 
treated during their being aboard, & be paid for their Service on 
Land: And within the space of Six Weeks or less, be returned again 
to Boston, Set on Shoar and be dismiss'd the Service. And the like 
Encouragement is hereby offered for any to enter on board Her 
Majesties Ship Gosport, Capt. Thomas Smith Commander. Given 
under my hand at Boston the 12. day of May, In the Third year of Her 
Majestees Reign, Anno. Dom. 1704. J. DUDLEY. 

Boston, Arrived this Week, Joseph Ever ton & Isaac Perkins from 



Barbados; Ventiman from Jamacia; and our private Man of War- 
Sloop came over Nantucket Sholes with about 16. Sail of Coasters, of 
which Lathrop from Gilford, Loring from Saybrook, Mansfield from 
New-Haven, Harris from New-Loitdon, Curtise from Hartford, with 
several others. Kingsbury and Seargent from New-Castle. Out- 
ward bound Judah Thacher and Joseph Vial for Jamacia, John Scot, 
William Rouse, Samuel Winkle and Samuel S her burn for Barbados. 
Tobias Green for Newfoundland. Timothy Purbank for Virginia, 
Benj. Thaxter for the West-Indies, Richard Smith for Antigua. John 
Monveil for N. York, David Mason and John Vincent for London: 
And cleared out this Week, Mountford for North Carolina, Gary, for 
Mounseratt, Price for Newfoundland: Coasters, Prince for Fairfield, 
Groverior Rhode-Island. 

We have hitherto had a very unseasonable backward Spring, this 
fort-night past great Rains, and Cold Easterly winds, which looks 
upon us with a black aspect. 

On the 15. instant. His Excellency intends to take Journey for his 
Government of New-Hampshire. 

Albany, By a Letter to His Excellency Governour DUDLE Y the 
12. Currant, acquainted, That the Enemy French & Indians, who did 
the mischief last Winter upon Dear field, were got safe home to Can- 
ada with their Prisoners; And that notwithstanding the negligence 
of our People, they do acknowledge to have lost Two of their princi- 
pal French Officers, and 50 French & Indians in the action. ^ 

New-London, May 11. Edward Patty in the Adventure is begin- 
ning to load for London, and will Sail in about three weeks. 

Rhode-Island, May 12. Arrived here a Brigantine on the 10 be- 
longing to Salem from Barbadoes. Captain Whiteborn for London 
waits for men, intends to Sail in ten days. Gross and Bernon ready 
to Sail, one for Barbadoes, the other for Curraso. 

New-York, May 8. On the ?>d. Arrived here a Sloop from St. 
Thomas, in whom Mr. John Vryling, who Sail'd the 23^- Decemb. 
last from Boston, in the Ship St Jacob and Philip, of whom was 
Owner and Merchant, Charles Farnam Master bound for Barbadoes , 

6 on the Sabbath following, lost her Mane and Misin Mast in a Storm, 
taken in sight of Barbadoes, and carried into Martinico, and says that 

7 Weeks ago was a Prisoner at Martinico, that the Governour per- 
mitted him to go in a French Sloop bound for St. Thomas, That the 
French have taken 130 odd Vessels this War into Martinico, and 
when he left it there was 17 Privateers out. The Ships lately taken 

8 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes in The Acts and Resolves . . 
of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 351. 



and carried thither are, the Venetian Merchant, Captains, Alexander, 
the Ship Virgin, John Sherwood, Brintania WilHam Bartrum, Dar- 
var of Bidiford, Richard Barton of Liverpool, Henry Punsunby of 
Dublin, John Reading of Barbadoes, belonging to Boston, Twisden 
a Brigantine, Chadwel another, Farnam a Ship, Andrews, Porter a 
Sloop. Nicholas Bradock, and Crute of Philadelphia, Peylton of 
Bermuda, Johnson of Maryland, a Sloop Penley Master, Stephens a 
Ship of Boston taken into Guardiloop, after Mr. Vryling had been 14 
days at St Thomas, had advice from Martinico, 5 Brigantines carried 
in thither, on Board of one of which was Major Wheeler of Barba- 
does & several other Passengers, but what Ports bound to, or to whom 
the Brigantines belong'd heard not. The Ship Princess Anne bound 
from Barbadoes to London, being Leaky put into St Thomas, there 
condemn'd as insufficient to go to Sea; Yesterday from Albany by 
information from our Indians acquainted, that the French of Canada 
are sending out 300 men to attack some parts of N. England. We 
have very rainy, dirty, & cold Weather for the Season, and so con- 
tinues. We hear the Virginia Fleet Sails the last of this Month: 
Captain Davison hopes to Sail this Month: The Wind & Weather 
hinders our Pensilvania Post coming in. 


THis News-Letter to be continued Weekly, all persons who have any 
Advertisements to insert, agreeing with Mr. John Camphel Post- 
master, may have it done for twelve-pence to five shillings, not to 

All Persons in Town & Country [&c. as in May 8]. 

[Reprinted : at Oyster Bay, fulling mill to be let, as in May 8.] 

10. j£. Ulumb. 5. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ May 15. to /IDon^a^ May 22. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

[\ HALF sheet folio. On the first page, foreign intelligence, com- 
/^^prising, under date of Westminster, Novemb. 12, 1703, the ad- 
dress of the lords to the queen, and the queen's answer; and ad- 
vices dated Lisbon, March 27, respecting the reception by the king of 
Portugal of the fleet from England with the king of Spain on board. 
Domestic news also occupies a considerable part of this page and 
fills the entile second page. The imprint of this number is that 
which was on the issue May 1: "IBOStOn: Printed by B. Green. 
Sold at the Post-Office, 1704."] 



Piscataqua, May, 13. Letters thence acquaint us of some more 
damage, done by the Sculking Adversary, on the 11. instant Nicholas 
Cole of Wells, with Nicholas Hogden, Thomas Dane and Benjamin 
Gough, Souldiers, went about a Mile from Capt. Wheelwright's Gar- 
rison to Look after his Cattle, and on their return v/ere Attack't by 
12. Indians, who kill'd said Cole and Hogden, took Dane Captive, 
Gough escaping, advised Capt. Hales of it, who immediately called 
his Souldiers together; but the Enemy were fled. 

Her Majesties Council by His Excy. direction hath appointed 
Thursday the 18. instant a day of Publick Fasting with Prayer, being 
the same day appointed by His Excy. & Council in the Province of 
Mass. Bay and for said ends contained in said Proclamation. 

Arrived here John Holicom from Antigua. Richard Shortridge for 
Fyall wind-bound. Outward-bound, Capt. Alcock for Barbadoes 
ready to Sail, John Frost for said Port in Ten days, and Robert Emery in 
about 3 weeks, and Richard W aterhouse for St. Christophers in a Week. 

Northampton, May 13. A Company of Indians and French, be- 
tween day break and Sun-rising, about 60 Set upon a Garrison-house 
of Benj. Jones's, about two Miles from the body of the Town, and 
set fire to it ere they were aware of it; Kill'd and carryed Captive 
about 30. Persons. The Town being Alarmed, pursued them, the 
Enemy finding it, scattered themselves into parties; and so did the 
English into Ten in a Company, pursuing them; Capt. Taylor was 
kill'd in the pursuit. ® 

Boston, May, 15. This day an Embargo was laid on all outward 
Bound Ships. The 16. dyed the Rd. Mr. William Corbin. On the 
11. Currant Arrived Mr. Jacob Fowle of Marblehead, at Sioningtown, 
in a small Sloop, about 22. days from Curaso: he was lately an Ap- 
prentice to Mr. Btdfinch Sail-maker of Boston; went out some 12 
Months ago, in one Reddinton from Rhode-Islaiid for Curaso, in order 
to go a Privateering, when they came there ; the Governour broke 
their measures, the men Shipt themselves some one way and some 
another, his Lot was to go on board a Dutch man, bound for to trade 
with the Spaniards, in a Ketch of 10. Guns, A Spaniard met them, 
kill'd the Dutch Lieutenant. The Master, Merchant and others 
upon it jumpt into the hole, before the Spaniard so much as boarded 
them; and if they had fought needed not have been taken. When 
they were carryed into New-Spain, where he was about 9 Months, 
all the men were sent to the Mines, he being Sick was spared: and 
when somewhat recovered, the Governour of the place, wanting a 

9 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, 
p. 489. See News-Letter No. 8. 



Sute of Sails to be made for a Sloop, hearing he was a Sail-maker, 
put him to make them; for which [he] had a very small reward, a 
bit of Meat the breadth of a mans Finger, and a little Cassadar bread, 
his chief Diet while in N. Spain was Oysters. A Trader being bound 
along the Coast wanted a hand, came to the Governour to desire 
the English man, and promised to return him again, when he came 
back; 'twas granted; So Mr. F ovule went along with him, and coming 
into a certain Port where a French man of War lay; he went on board, 
& met another English man, to whom, he said, that if he would go 
along with him, he would come for him in the Night, & would carry 
him off, 'twas agreed, the other should be in the Lyon in the head, 
& he should come with his Canoo, and take him in; and they two 
should knock the Spaniards of the Barque alongo in the head, and 
come away with her, and accordingly he took the Canoo in the night, 
when the Spaniard was asleep, and put in her two Guns, two Cutlaces 
and 2 Pistols, took the Ancient for a Sayl and Sails to the Man of 
War; The Watch on Board was too quick sighted for him, espied 'em, 
and was forced to paddle back again with all his might, put the An- 
cient in his place: The Spaniards still asleep knew nothing of it. In 
some short time afterwards, the Spaniards going all ashore leaving 
him & a Spanish Indian on board, he stept & unloos'd the Sails 
of the Barque-alongo, told the Indian if he would go along with him 
might go & should fare well, he said still no, no, & went to take up a 
Handspoke to knock out Mr. Fowls' s brains, in the interim Mr. Fowle 
tript up his heels, & threw him Over-board, and put to Sea; the 
Spaniards on Shoar Man'd their Canoo to overtake him, came up 
with him: The Boatswain first put his hand upon the Barque alongo, 
& Mr. Fowle stab'd him and he fell backwards, the Captain seeing that, 
said, put off; The Fort Fired several shot at him, some whereof came 
thro' his Sayls; They also Man'd a Parriagar after him, & pursued 
him about 8 hours till midnight; but having a fair wind, in about two 
dayes got safe in to Curraso about 70 Leagues distant from the Port 
in New-Spain he came from, having on Board about 19000 of Cocoa: 
The Lieut. Gov. of Curraso forgave him the Custom of it, saying he 
well deserved it. He Sold his Vessel & Cargo there: And bought the 
Sloop in which he came home in ; he met with a violent Storm the 4 
instant. He says that of late the Spaniards kill all the English they 
take, but saves the Dutch alive. Zachariah Hill of Boston in a Sloop 
of Mr. Lillys being bound to Jamaica, fell in with 7 French Men of 
War, and was taken. Mr. Fowle spoke with his Mate at Curaso. 

Entered Inwards Th. Higbe, John Finch, Wit. Tiller and Dirick 
Adolph from N. York, Plumbe from N. London, Lewis from Say- 
brook, Bracket and Garditter from Piscataqua, Cap. Shute from Salti- 
tudoes, Pickman and Elson from Lisborn. 



Outward-bound, Ezekiel Cravat, and John Ventiman for Jamaica^ 
Smith for Montserat, John Foster for Barbados. Cleared Outwards, 
Coasters, Kingsbury and Flood for Piscataqua. Arrived at Marble- 
head, Capt. Quelch in the Brigantine that Capt. Plowman went out 
in, are said to come from New-Spain & have made a good Voyage. * ° 

Rhode-Island May 18. Yesterday Arrived a Sloop from Suranam, 
5 Weeks Passage, Robert Stanton Master, in whom came a Passenger, 
who says, That just ere they came out, a Vessel Arrived directly from 
Holland, who gave the Account of 54 Privateers fitted out of Middle- 
borough and Flusing, of 30 Guns the least, and 200 Men each. They 
are not only to Cruise in the Channel, but to distribute themselves 
all over the West-Indies; there had like to have been in Zealand a 
Civil War about their going out, but at last it was agreed to, and the 
Commissions granted in one day. No more Trade said to be al- 
low'd from those Ports, and what are liable to be Seized. 

Arrived here this Day the Sloop Mary, Hugh Coward Master, from 
New-York, Burthen'd about 40 Tuns, designs if possible to Load 
hence for London: Capt. Fy field will be ready to Sail for Antigua the 
latter end of this Week, Capt. Whitehorn by the latter end of next 
for Lo'ndon, Via Virginia with the Convoy. 

New-London, May 18. The Adventure Brigantine for London, 
Sayles the latter end of next week, the Master Patty being dead the 
Owners designs Samuel Chester Master, and to go with the Virginia 
Fleet. Mr. Shaply is preparing to go to Barbadoes. 

New-York, May 15. Capt. Davison designs to Sail for London 
the latter end of this Month, Via Virginia, if the Fleet be not gone 
the last Storm put our Pensilvania Post a week behind, and is not 
yet com'd in. 

Philadelphia, May 4. On the second Arrived Stephen Codman 
from Boston, Gravenrad from New-York, Almary a Sloop from 
Rhode-Island: and yesterday Sailed Hicks in a Sloop for Rhode- 
Island, a Brigantine is Loading for Engla'nd, to sail with the Vir- 
ginia Convoy. 


CAptain Peter Lawrence is going a Privateering from Rhode- 
Island, in a good Sloop, about 60 Tuns, six Guns, and 90 Men 
for Canada, and any Gentlemen or Sailors that are disposed to go 
shall be kindly entertained. 

10 Captain John Quelch, "the Pirate." See News-Letter Nos. 6, 7, 9, 10, 
11, 14 (1704), 63, 66 (1705) post. See foot-note 48, News- Letter No. 14 post, 
pointing to a detailed account of the "Quelch affair" based on the News-Letter 



THis News-Letter is to be continued Weekly; and all Persons 
who have any Houses, Lands, Tenements, Farms, Ships, Vessels, 
Goods, Wares or Merchandizes, &c. to be Sold or Let; or Servants 
Run-away, or Goods Stole or Lost; may have the same inserted at a 
Reasonable Rate, from Twelve Pence to Five Shillings, and not to 
exceed: Who may agree with John Campbel Post-master of Boston. 
All Persons in Town and Country, may have said News-Letter 
every Week, Yearly, upon reasonable terms, agreeing with John 
Campbel, Post-master for the same. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDag May 22. to /IDon&a^ May 29. 1709. 

MH— AS— HU (ni)— NY 

rXTOREIGN matter fills the large part of the first page: comprising, 
I X^ under date London, November 26, 1703, "Advice from Turin," 
and an account of "the most violent Storm of Wind, being W. S.W. 
that ever was known in England . . . blowing down a multitude 
of Chimnies, Houses and tops of Houses, whereby a great many People 
were kill'd in their beds, and several wounded." The domestic news 
includes a proclamation by the lieutenant-governor for the apprehension 
of the pirate John Quelch and his band, and reports concerning their 

By the Honourable XlbOtTiaS pOVCJ^ Esq. Lieut. Governour and 
Commander in Chief, for the time being, of Her Majesties Province 
of the Massachusetts- Bay in New-England. 


WHereas '^-John Quelch, late Commander of the Briganteen Charles 
and Company to her belonging. Viz. ^John Lambert, *John 
Miller, *John Clifford, ^John Dorothy, ^-James Parrot, Charles James, 
William Whiting, John Pitman, John Templeton, Benjamin Perkins, 
^William Wiles, Richard Lawrence, Erasmus Peterson, John King, 
Charles King, Isaac Johyison, Nicholas Lawson, Daniel Chevalle, 
John Way, Thomas Farrington, Matthew Primer, Anthony Holding, 
William Rayner, John Quittance, John Harwood, William Jones, 
Denis Carter, Nicholas Richardson, James Austin, James Pattison, 

11 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 

of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 

388. See News-Letter Nos, 5 ante, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1704), G3, 66 post. 
See foot-note News-Letter No. 14 post. 



Joseph Hutnot, George Peirse, George Norton, Gabriel Davis, John 
Break, John Carter, Paul Giddens, Nicholas Dunbar, Richard Thur- 
bar, Daniel Clndey and others; Have lately Imported a considerable 
Quantity of Gold dust, and some Bar and Coin'd Gold, which they 
are Violently Suspected to have gotten & obtained by Felony and 
Piracy, from some of Her Majesties Friends and Allies, and have 
Imported and Shared the same among themselves, without any 
Adjudication or Condemnation thereof, to be lawful Prize. The 
said Commander and some others being apprehended and in Custody, 
the rest are absconded and fled from Justice. 

I have therefore thought fit, by and with the Advice of Her Majes- 
ties Council, strictly to Command and Require all Officers Civil and 
Military, and other Her Majesties Loving Subjects, to Apprehend and 
Seize the said Persons, or any of them, whom they may know or find, 
and them secure and their Treasure, and bring them before one of the 
Council, or next Justice of the Peace, in order to their being safely 
Conveyed to Boston, to be Examined and brought to Answer what 
shall be Objected against them, on Her Majesties behalf. 

And all Her Majesties Subjects, and others, are hereby strictly " 
forbiden to entertain, harbour or conceal any of the said Persons, 
or their Treasure; Or to convey away, or in any manner further the 
Escape of any of them, on pain of being proceeded against with utmost 
Severity of Law, as accessaries and partakers with them in their 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the 24th. Day of May: 
In the Third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady ANNE, 
by the Grace of GOD of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, 
QUEEN , Defender of the Faith, 8cc. Annoque Domi. 1704. 

By Order of the Lieut. T. POVE Y. 

Cover nour & Council, 

Usaac a^^in^ton, Secr. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

St. Christophers, May 2d. Arrived a small Boat with 4 English 
men that made their escape from Martinico, who related that the 
French there were very scarce of Provisions; whereupon the Gover- 
nour had released all the Prisoners, and had ordered two Vessels to 
carry them off; but in the interim Two French Privateers met with 
two Bristol men loaden with Provisions from Ireland, one of which 
being of some Force sunk one of the Privateers; the other having 
taken 'tother Bristol man, and seeing his confederate sunk, took up 
most of his men, and also took the Second and carryed both in to 
Martinico; upon which the Governour clapt up all the Prisoners 



again. They also said the French had taken one Pease of Rhode- 
Island, who stoutly resisted the Privateer, kill'd one of them, and 
wounded several; however being too strong for him, they boarded 
him, & he cry'd quarter, yet notwithstanding because of his Noble 
courage they barbarously kill'd him. They also report one Shute 
to be taken. There was 12 Merchant men Arrived at St. Christophers, 
and 3 men of War from England bound for Jamiaca. A French 
Privateer came under the Fort at St. Christophers and took a Sloop 
call'd the A^. London, and the Sheerness Gaily immediately went out 
after him and retook the Sloop, and took the Privateer. 

From St. Thomas, acquainted that a Dutch Merchant-man of about 
22 Guns, loaden with 500 Pipes of Madera, bound to Curaso, put in to 
Tahago, a French Privateer of about equal Guns, 200 men met him, 
made a stout resistance, kill'd the Privateer 40 men besides those 
wounded; at last the French man overcame, and sent him in to 
Martinico, he himself being so disabled, was forced to put in to St. 
Thomas's to Carreen. 

Piscataqua, May 26. His Excellency hath Prorogued the Assembly 
until July: He sets out this morning towards Boston. 

New York, May 22. Capt. Davison, Sails next Monday for 
Virginia, and if the Fleet be gone he designs to follow them. 

Boston, May 27. Our last gave an Account of Capt. Quelch's 
being said to Arrive from A^. Spain, having made a good Voyage, 
but by the foregoing Proclamation 'tis uncertain whence they came, 
and too palpably evident they have committed Piracies, either upon 
her Majesties Subjects or Allies. The Names of so many of the Pirates 
as are in Prison & Irons in Boston, have a * just before their Names: 
William Whiting lyes Sick like to dy not yet examin'd. There are 
two more of them Sick at Marblehead, and another in Salem Goal: 
and James Austin Imprisoned at Piscataqua}"^ Arrived here yester- 
day two Sloops, Waters from Madera's 7 weeks Passage, and Fortune 
Reddock from St. Christophers in 22 days. His Excellency came 
Home this day from his Government of New- Hampshire. 

Annapolis, May 8. Via Philadelphia May 16. By Capt. Evans, 
in a Ship from Bristol lately arrived in Virginia, acquainted, that 
the Fleet for England was to stay till the last of this Month. [A number 
of items of foreign news brought by this ship follow.] 

Rhode-Island May 26. Five of Quelch's Men bought a small 
deck'd Boat, and on Thursday morning last they Sail'd, and 'tis 
said, they designed to go for Long-Island; The Express from Boston 

12 See News- Letter Nos. 5 ante, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, (1704), 63, 66 post. 
See foot-note, News- Letter No. 14 post. 



to secure them coming in that night. His Honour Gov. Cransten 
Esq. Issued forth Warrants to seize and search for them, where- 
upon one of said Crew v^^as Apprehended, and sent from Constable 
to Constable, in order to be sent to Boston. ^^ 

Jamaica, Feb. 7. Via Philadelphia, Piemento, Gov. of Carthageen 
hath not embraced Philip the 5th, & would not suffer either French 
Officers, Souldiers, or Merchant Traders, into the City since the War, 
but rejected those sent from St Domingo: He was last War a 
Brigadier in Flanders, esteemed to be a great Souldier: Both Gov. 
Selvin, and our present Gov. spoke very honourably of him rendred 
himself a person having a great honour for our Nation, lodg'd his 
Cash with our Merchants here to remit to England, where he has a 
bank, as also in Holland. 


[Reprinted: the News- Letter advertisement, as in May 22.] 

m. £. mumb. 7 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /ID0n&a5 May 29. to /^^On^a^ June 5. 1704. 

M H— AS— HU (m)— NY 

['T^HE first page in part occupied, under date 'Lond.on November 
X 30, 1703, by "A List of Her Majesties Ships cast away in the 
Late Storm, with an Account of the Number of Men Lost;" and re- 
port of the action of the house of commons thereon. The remainder of 
the space in this number is given wholly to domestic news, which 
includes a proclamation by the governor relative to Quelch and com- 
pany; the list of members of the council and of the house of repre- 
sentatives chosen for the ensuing year; and the speech of Governor 
Dudley at the opening of the General Court.] 

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Gov- 
ernour in Chief, in & over Her Majesties Provinces of the Massachusetts- 
Bay & New-Hampshire in New-England in America. 


WHereas during my late absence from the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, for Her Majesties Service in the other part of my 
Government, viz. the said Province of New-Hampshire ; The Honorable 

13 See News-Letter Nos. 5, 6 ante, 9, 10, 11, 14, (1704), 63, 66 post. 
See foot-note, News-Letter No. 14 post. 

14 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 389. 
See News-Letter Nos. 5, 6 ante, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1704), 63, 66 post. See foot- 
note, News-Letter No. 14 post. 



Thomas Povey Esq. Lieutenant Governour, with the Advice of Her 
Majesties Council, Emitted a Proclamation for the Seizing & Securing 
oi John Quelch, late Commander of the Briganteen Charles, & Company, 
Viz. John Lambert, John Miller, John Clifford, John Dorothy, James 
Parrot, Charles James, William Whiting, John Pitman, John Temple- 
ton, Benjamin Perkins, William Wilde, Richard Lawrance, Erasmus 
Peterson, John King, Charles King, Isaac Johnson, Nicholas Lawson, 
Daniel Chevalle, John Way, Thomas Farrington, Matthew Pimer, 
Anthony Holding, William Rayyier, John Quittance, John Harwood, 
William Jones, Denis Carter, Nicholas Richardson, James Austin, 
James Patterson, Joseph Hutnot, George Peirse, George Norton, 
Gabriel Davis, John Breck, John Carter, Paul Giddins, Nicholas 
Dunbar, Richard Thurbar, Daniel Chuley, Christopher Scudamore, 
and others, them violently Suspected of Felony and Piracy, committed 
upon some of Her Majesties Friends and Allies. 

And it being now made Evident by the Confession of some of the 
said Persons apprehended and Examined, That the Gold & Treasure 
by them Imported, was rob'd and taken from the Subjects of the 
Crown of Portugal, on whom they have also acted divers Villanous 

I Have thought fit, by & with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
to issue forth this further Proclamation, hereby strictly Command- 
ing & Requiring all Officers Civil & Military, & other Her Majesties 
Loving Subjects, to Apprehend & Seize the said Pirates, or any of 
them: (The Commander Quelch, Lambert, Wilde, Dorothy, Clifford, 
Parrot, Miller, Whiting, Richardson, 8c Austin, being already in 
Custody) whom they may know or find, with their Treasure, and to 
secure the same, and bring them before one of the Council, or next 
Justice of the Peace, in order to their being safely Conveyed to 
Boston, to be Examined & brought to Answer what shall be Ob- 
jected against them, on Her Majesties behalf. And whosoever 
shall discover & Seize any of the said Pirates or Treasure concealed, 
and deliver them to Justice, shall be well Rewarded for their pains. 
And all Her Majesties Subjects & others are hereby strictly for- 
biden to entertain, harbour or conceal any of the said Pirates or their 
Treasure; Or to convey away, or in any manner to further the 
Escape of any of them; On pain of being Proceeded against with 
utmost Severity of Law, as Accessaries & partakers with them in 
their Crimes: And any who conceal or have in their custody any of 
the said Treasure, & shall not disclose & make known the same 
unto some one or more of the Council, with an Accompt of the Quan- 
tity & Species, & render the same unto the Commissioners appointed 
for that purpose, within the space of Twenty Days next after the 



Publication hereof at Boston, shall be alike proceeded against. 
And the Sheriffs are required immediately to Publish this Proclama- 
tion in the most principal Towns in their County, and Post up the 
same, and cause it to be Posted up in all other Towns, 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the Twenty-ninth Day of 
May, 1704. In the Third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady 
ANNE by the Grace of GOD, of England, Scotland, France and 
Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c. /. D UDLE Y 

By Order of the Governour and Council, 
Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Besides these mentioned in Custody already, there is also Christo- 
pher Sctidamore, Rich. Lawrance, & Matt.Pimer. 

Boston, May 31, 1704. The Members of Her Majesties Council 
for the Ensuing Year, Viz. ' ^ 

Wait Winthrop Esq. J aims Russel Esq. John Hathorne Esq. Elisha 
Hutchinson Esq. Samuel Sewall Esq. Isaac Addington Esq. William 
Brown Esq. John Phillips Esq. Jonathan Corwin Esq. John Foster 
Esq. Penn Townsend Esq. John Higginson Esq. Samuel Pattridge 
Esq. A'ndrew Belclier Esq. Samuel Legg Esq. Edward Bromfield Esq. 
Ephraim Hunt Esq. Samuel Appleton Esq. John W alley Esq. John 
Thacher Esq. Isaac Winslow Esq. Nathanael Payne Esq. Eliakam 
Hutchinson Esq. Joseph Hammond Esq. Benjamin Brown Esq. 
Joseph Lynde Esq. 

Tlie Members of the House of Representatives for the several Towns,, 
are as follows. And those that have this Mark f are new ones. ^' 

15 Printed, revised, in The Acts and Resolves . . . of the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 61-63. In the list of mem- 
bers of the council are these changes in the Province Laws print: Russell for 
Russel; Browne for Brown in both cases; Nathaniel Paine for Nathanael 
Payne; and Eliakim for Eliakam Hutchinson. In the list of representatives, 
the following: Dorchester, Hopestill for Hopestil Clap; Braintree, Lieut. Bax- 
ter instead of Mr.; Salem, Major Browne instead of Browne Esq., Wolcott for 
Wolcot; Ipswich, Jewett for Jewet; Newbury, Deacon Noyes instead of Mr.; 
Lynn, Burrill for Burril; Marblehead, Brattle for Bratle; Beverly, VVoodbery 
for Woodberry; Wenham, Deacon Fiske, for Mr.; Topsfield, blank filled: Ser- 
geant John Hovey, Sergeant Daniel Redington; Gloucester, Ensign Coit in- 
stead of Mr.; Boxford, Symonds for Simons; Amesbury, Foott for Foot; Cam- 
bridge, Mr. Oliver instead of Capt. ; Watertown, John for Jos. Sherman; 
Sudbury, Balcom for Balcam; Marlborough, Capt. Howe instead of Mr. How; 
Concord, Wheller for Wheeler; Bilerica, Richeson for Richardson; Wo burn, 
Major Converse instead of Converse Esq. ; Reading, Sweyne for Swain; Maiden, 
Willson for Wilson; Dracut, Varnam for Varnum; Plymouth, Capt. Warren 
instead of Warren Esq.; Bridgewater, David for Daniel Perkins; Duxbury, 
Josiah for Joshua Holmes; Yarmouth, Capt. Samuel Howes for Mr. Sam Hows; 
Springfield, blank filled: Deacon John Hitchcock; Bristol, Simeon for Simon 
Davis; Rehoboth, blank filled: Mr. Enoch Hunt, Mr. Benjamin Allen; Swanzey, 
Perce for Pierce; Dartmouth, Samson for Sampson; Kittery, Ensign Leighton 
for Mr. Layton. 



Boston, Mr. Tho. Oakes, Capt. Sam. Checkley, Capt. Eph. Savage, 
Mr. Elizr. Holyoke. Roxhury, Mr. Wil. Denison. Dorchester, Mr. 
Hopestil Clap. Milton, Capt. Tho. Vose. Braintrey, Mr. John Bax- 
ter. Weymouth, Capt. Steph. French. Dedham, Capt. Dan. Fisher. 
Medfield, fMr. John Metcalfe, Hingham, Mr. Theoph. Cushing. 
Woodstock, fMr. Philip Eastman. Salem, fSam. Brown, Esq. fjosiah 
Wolcot, Esq. Ipswich, Mr. Nehem. Jewet, tCapt. Wil. Goodhue. 
Newbury, fMr. Cutting Noyes. Lynn, tjohn Burril, Esq. Marble- 
head, fCapt. Edw. Bratle. Beaverley, Mr. Isaac Woodberry. Wen- 
ham, fMr. William Fiske. Topsfield, [blank]. Glocester, fMr. 
Nath. Coit. Boxford, fMr. Sam. Simons. Rowley, fMr. John Dresser. 
Salisbury, fMr. Rich. Hubbard. Amsbury, fMr. John Foot. An- 
dover, fMr. John Chandler. Haverhill, fMr. Sam. Watts. Charles- 
town, Cap. Sam, Phipps. Cambridge, Capt. Tho. Oliver. Newton^ 
tMr. John Spring. Watertown, Mr. Jos. Sherman. Sudbury, Mr. 
John Balcam. Marlborough, fMr. Tho. How, Concord, Mr. John 
Wheeler. Chelmsford, Capt. Jer. Bowers. Billerica, Mr. Tho. 
Richardson, Wobourn, Jam, Converse, Esq, Speaker, Reading, 
fMajor Jer, Swain, Maiden, Capt, Jos, W^ilson, Sherbourn, fMr. 
Wil. Rider. Dracut, fMr. Jos. Varnum. Plimouth fja. Warren, 
Esqr. Scituate, Mr. Sam. Clap. Marshfield, Mr. Sam. Sprague. 
Bridge-water, fMr. Daniel Perkins Duxbury, fMr. Joshua Holmes. 
Barnstable, fMr. Samuel Hinckley. Sandwich, fMr. Sam, Prince. 
Yarmouth, fMr. Sam, Hows, Eastham, Mr. Sam. Knowles. Spring- 
field, [blank], Northampton, fCaptain Preserved Clap. Hadley, 
fMr, Dan, Marsh, Bristol, fCaptain Simon Davis. Rehoboth, [blank], 
Swansey, Mr. Ephraim Pierce. Taunton, fCapt. Hen. Hodges. Dart- 
mouth, Mr. Ja. Sampson. Little-compton, fjos. Church, Esq. York^ 
tCap. Lewis Bane. Kitiery, fMr. John Layton. Nantuckett, fja. 
Coffin Esq. 

His Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esqr. Captain Gerieral and Cov- 
er nour in Chief in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay ijt New-England, <2fc. His Speech to the Honourable the Couticil 
and Representatives in General Court Assembled at Boston, June 1, 


T Had the Advice of the last Assembly for an Expedition to the 
-■-Eastward, to consist of Six hundred men, who accordingly 
Sailed from Piscataqua, about ten days since well Equipt, assisted 
with two of Her Majesties Ships, the Jersey, and the Gosport, & the 
Province- Gaily. I have directed the Commander in Chief, to give 
me a Weekly Intelligence from the Forces by a Scout Shallop, which 
I shall always acquaint you with. 



The Frontiers of the Province are reduced to strict Garrisons, 
and covered with 300 & fifty men, who meet every day in small 
parties from the two extreams, Woodstock & Wells. And if it were 
possible for me by any means to bring the Queens good Subjects 
in the several parts, to do their duty in Watching & Scouting, I have 
no doubt we might be in a great measure safe from the incursions 
of the barbarous Rebels. 

The Advice from the Enemy on the Western Parts of the Province, 
give notice of their approach & settlement upon Contiecticut River, 
who must if possible be dislodged, & I believe the Government of 
Connecticut will joyn a pro[per] force with some of ours for that end. 

I am very sensible, the Charge of the Province is very great to 
support these Services, but the Assembly at all times (I thank them) 
have agreed the necessity, & have chearfully granted the necessary 

I hope we shall never fall below the courage & resolution of English- 
men, to support Her Majesties Honour, our own just right to this 
Province, with all humble submission, and trust in the favour of 
Almighty God to defend and maintain us. 

The Last Week has discovered a very notorious Piracy, com- 
mitted upon Her Majesties Allies the Portugal, on the Coast of Brazil, 
by Quelch and Company, in the Charles Gaily; for the discovery of 
which, all possible methods, have been used, and the severest Process 
against those vile men shall be speedily taken. That the Province 
be not thereby disparaged, as they have been heretofore; and I hope 
every good man will do his Duty according to the several Proclama- 
tions, to discover the Pirates & their Treasure, agreeable to the Acts 
of Parliament in that case made and provided. 


It is your Anniversary Meeting, and I shall willingly attend the 
dispatch of the necessary Affairs of the Province, and I hope you will 
proceed with all Unanimity and Chearfulness in what is necessary 
for the support of the Government, and the Forces abroad: And 
your Advice in every thing shall be acceptable to me. 

The Anniversary Election Sermon was Preached by the Rd. Mr. 
Jon. Riissel upon Neh. 9. 33. And is order'd to be Printed 

Boston June 3. Entered inwards this week, Hill & Cook, from St. 
Christophers; Robinson from Hundoras, permitted to clear outwards : 
Green for Newfoundland, Thaxter for Barbadoes. Coasters inwards, 
Jackson, Seargent, Webber, Kingsbury, Flood & Gardner irom. Piscata- 
qua. Hall, Horton 8c Smith from Connecticut: Parker from N- York: 
Coasters outward, Lathrop for Martha' s-Vinyard, Higby, Smith 8c 
Adolph for N- York; Plumb, Curtice, Loring, Lewis, Star key 8c 



Harris for Connecticut. Outward bound, Reddock for St. Christo- 
phers. Captain Ebenezer Coffin in the Sloop Anne, a Private Man of 
War, came in on Thursday the 1st currant, as Convoy to the above 

Nantucket May 30. There was an Indian Woman found dead and 
supposed to be kill'd by her own Husband, who fled & swam over 
to another small Island call'd Tuckanuck, and was apprehended, & is 
now in Irons at Nantucket. 

Beaverly May 27. Jonathan Wheeler in a Ketch is Arrived in 

5 Weeks from Antigua, was chased by a Sloop in sight of the Island, & 
next morning chased by a Ship of 22 Guns, & in the chase spied the 
Sheerness Gaily, & made to her & left the Ketch, & the Privateer to 
shun her, run ashore upon Grandterre, the Man of War not being 
acquainted, and shole water, would not venture, but went to An- 
tigua, to fetch a Sloop to get her off, & ere he returned, they were 
gone. On the 23 of April a Ship fought a Privateer off of Antigua 
two hours, but being too strong for her, took and carried her away. 

Piscataqua June 1. On Sabbath last, some of the sculking Enemy 
lay in Ambush for people at Cochecho, going to Publick Worship, & 
narrowly escap't being on Horseback, ran safely by them, scouts went 
out immediately after them, & found some dryed Beef, & pewter bul- 
lets in the Thicket where they lay. 

There waits for a fair Wind, Cap. Frost & Hull for Barbadoes, 
A Inter y for Antigua, Parker for Madera. 

Rhod- Island June 2. Cap. Whitehorn sails in 10 days for Virginia 

6 London. 

New- London June 1. Capt. Chester sails in 10 days for Virginia & 

New-York May 29, Cap. Davison sails in 10 days for London, 
fears will be too late for the Virginia Convoy who are said to sail 
the 1st of June. 


^ I "^Wo Negro men, and one Negro woman & Child: to be Sold by 
^ Mr. John Colman, Merchant; to be seen at Col. Charles Hobbey, 
Esq. his House in Boston. 

"O An-away from his Master Seth Sweetzer of Charlstown, in A^.- 
^^Engl. August 15. 1703. A Young man, named John Logen, 
about 19 Years of Age, of a middle Stature, black Hair, by occupation 
a Taylor, he's said to be gone to Long-Island, thence to Pensilvania: 
Whosever shall take him up & convey him safe to his Master shall 
have 4 pounds reward. 



THis News Letter is to be continued Weekly, and all who have 
Advertisements to insert, may have 'em at a reasonable rate, 
from 12d. to 55. not to exceed: And all persons in Town & Country 
may have said News- Letter every week by the Year: Agreeing with 
John Campbell Post Master for the same. 

•K. r£. fJumb. 8. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From miOn^a^ June 5. to flll0n&ai? June 12. 1704. 

NY— AS— HU (m) 

FtN the first column on the first page is London news of date 
I l"from Nov. 30 to Decentb. 11. 1703. Plymouth Nov. 28." and 
'■ also news from various European capitals referring particularly 
to the heavy autumn storms on the continent. At the head of the 
second column on the first page is part of a letter of Jeremiah Collier 
headed "Mr Jeremiah Collier, Writing a Letter to a Person of Quality 
upon occasion of the late Tempest," and signed " Your most Humble 
Servant, J. C. December 10. 1703" The domestic news is of unusual 
variety, interest and importance.] 

St. Christophers May 13. Col. William Matthews daily expected 
General, with 17 Sail of Men of War, and Col. Gibson's Regiment and 
this Regiment to go in the said Fleet, their design not yet publick. 

Boston June lo. This morning arrived an Express to His Excel- 
lency from Piscataqua, with Letters from Col. Church, Chief Com- 
mander of the Forces lately gone into the Bay of Fundey, Dated at 
Mont Desart the 4 June Currant, acquainting His Excellency of their 
having insulted & laid waste several French Settlements along the 
Coast, taken some considerable booty of Furrs, Peltry, &c. from the 
Enemy, kill'd some Indians, and taken several French Prisoners, 
and rescued (one Michael Webber a Captive, carried from Papadock) 
out of the Enemies hand. That our Souldiers and Mariners on board 
the several Vessels were in good health: That Her Majesties two 
Ships the Gosport & Jersey had newly joyned them, and that they 
were designed further up the Bay, on the French side. 

The Prisoners say. That Provisions are very dear and scarce at 
Portrayal: That there is but 10 or 12 Houses on the Plot of the Fort, 
and 200 Souldiers in the Fort, and about 300 Inhabitants upon the 
River on both sides about 5 leagues up. That the number of Indians 
there, are about 40 Families, and about a like number at Passamis- 
quady Fort and parts adjacent. That the Indians were to have a 



general Rendezvouz about the middle of June, at or near to the House 
of Monsieur Tho. Lefebure. 

His Excellency intends to bring forward the Tryal of Qiielch and 
Company now in Custody for Piracy within a few days. ^^ 

Warrants are issued forth to seize and apprehend Capt. Lari- 
more, in the Larimore Galley, who is said to have Sailed from Cape 
Anne with 9 or 11 Pirates of Capt. Quelch's Company. ^^ 

There is two more of the Pirates seized this week and in Custody, 
viz. Benjamin Perkins, and John Templeton. ^'^ 

In our News-Letter Numb. 5. We gave an Account of 30 Kill'd 
and Captivated by the Enemy at Northampton, of which number 
there are since come & brought in alive Eleven Persons. ^* 

Entred inwards this week, John Moor from Nevis, Stephen Cod- 
man junior from Fyal, and William Henderson from Lisbon, and 
Coasters, Jonathan Sayer from A^- York, Eleazar Darby from Pensil- 
vania, Corney and Bracker from Piscataqua, Blin and Webb from 
Connecticut. Outward bound, Tho. Sill, Zachery Aldin and John 
Harris for Leward Islands, Philip Lewis for Suranam, Daniel Mar- 
shal for Virginia, Joshua Pickman for Portugal: Cleared outv/ards 
Coasters, 5«^// and Kingsbury ior Piscataqua. Tiller, iov New-York, 
Mansfield, and Parker for Connecticut. 

The Annual Artillery Election Sermon at Boston, upon Monday 
the 5th Instant, was Preached by the Reverend Mr. Henry Gibbs, 
on this Text, Psal. 44. 6. For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall 
my Sword save me. 

And Mr. Thomas Hutchinson was Chosen Captain, and Capt. Adam 
Winthrop Lieutenant of the Artillery. 

Piscataqua, June 9. On Fryday last about 7 Indians made a 
descent on Oyster-River, kill'd one man and sundry Cattle: A 
Scout of our Indians went out from Salmon Falls, came up with about 
7 Indians, supposed to be those did the mischief, but a River or Pond 
between them could not engage. 

Milford May 30. Sabbath day last, about Noon, after Forenoons 
Exercise, Mrs Jane Treat, Grand Daughter to Deputy Governour 
Treat of Connecticut, Sitting in her Chair in the Corner or near the 
Corner, with the Bible in her hand, as she was Reading, which was 
her dehght, was struck Dead by a terrible flash of Lightning, pre- 

16 See foot-note, News- Letter, No. 14 post. 

17 See News-Letter Nos. 5, 6. 7 ante, 9, 10. 11, 14 (1704). 63, 66 post. 
See foot-note, News-Letter No. 14 post. 

18 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: .... Vol. VIII, p. 482. 
See News-Letter No. 5 ante. 



ceeding a Great Clap of Thunder, it kill'd her in a Moment, without 
knowing anything of the Pangs of Death ; her Body was much wound- 
ed, not torn but burnt, and spotted one side of her from the Crown 
to the Sole of her foot. She was a Person of real Piety, and a pattern 
of Patience, Modesty and Sobriety. This so awful a stroke on so 
righteous a Person and Family, is a most amazing and mysterious 
Providence, deeply afflictive to her Grandfather, Relations and 

Rhode-Island June 9. The Honourable Samuel Cranston Esq. 
Governour of Her Majesties Colony of Rhode-Islattd &c. {Having 
received a Proclamation Emitted by His Excellency Joseph Dudley 
Esq. Capt. General & Gov. in Chief in an over Her Majesties Province 
of the Mass. Bay &c. for Seizing & Apprehending the late Company 
of Pirates belonging to the Briganteen Charles, of whom John Quelch 
was Commayider) By and with the advice of the Deputy Governour 
and Council present, issued forth his further Proclamation to Seize 
and Apprehend said Pirates, or any of their Treasure, and to bring 
them before one of the Council or next Justice of the Peace, in order 
to be conveyed to the town of New-port, to be examined and pro- 
ceeded with according to Law. Commanding the Sheriff to Publish 
this and His Excellencies Proclamation in the Town of New- Port, 
and in other Towns of the Colony. Strictly forbiding all Her Majes- 
ties Subjects and others to conceal any of them or their Treasure, or 
convey and further their escape, on pain of being proceeded against 
with utmost severity of Law. '^ 

The Prize Sloop that Cap. Tonguerlow sent in, is unloaded, and had 
on board about 10 Tons of Coccoa, 5 or 6000 weight of right good 
Verino Tobacco, 8 Tearses of dry Goods, & 30 Cases of Liquors; 
but when 'twill be Condemned, knows not. 

Philadelphia May 26. This day Arrived Capt. Vaughan in a Sloop 
from Exuma, on board of which is one Mr. Houlden, who is a part 
Owner and Commander of the Ship, Portsmouth Gaily of London, 
18 Guns, about 60 men, and small Arms for 120 men, sailed from 
Boston in December last, where they took in about 10 Indian Divers, 
being designed in search for a Plate Wreck about the Bohemia Is- 
lands, which not finding, put into the aforesaid Port to load Salt for 
Boston, where on the 29th of April last (their Deck being pester'd 
with Lumber, &c. in order to clear their hole to take in Salt) a French 
small Privateer Sloop full of men clapt her on board at Anchor, & 
after a short dispute took her. The Master Capt. Ricey fought very 
stoutly till he lost his life, but his men did not stand by him, other- 

19 See News-Letter Nos. 5, G, 7 ante, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1704), 63, 66 post. 
See foot-note. News- Letter No. 14 post. 



wise might have saved the Ship, he encouraged them when received 
several wounds, but to little purpose; the Indians fought bravely 
as two of them tell us both very much wounded, who jumpt over- 
board & swam ashore as soon as they see Cap. Ricey killed ; many were 
killed on both sides, they carried also off 2 Sloops, one of 4 Guns & 
8 men, a tender to sad Ship. Cap. Vaughan rode by said Ship, but 
cut & run, next day put in & took in the above Indians, & took up his 
Anchor; Cap. Houlden being on shore, when the Privateer took the Ship. 

New-York, June 5. His Excellency designs for Albany this week 
or the next. 



N Fryday the 16th currant, at 11 a Clock in the forenoon, will 
be exposed to Sale by Inch of Candle, ^° the Sloop Tryal, burthen 
about 30 Tons, at Mr. Henry Franklings the Swan Tavern at the 
North-End of the Town, the Sloop lyes at Mr. Thomas Clark's 
Wharf near said Tavern, an Inventory of her Stores may be seen 
at the Coffee-house, & at the Tavern aforesaid. 

[Reprinted: the News- Letter advertisement, as in June 5; negroes 
to be sold, as in June 5.] 

H. £. «umb. 9. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDOn&ap June 12. to /II>OnC)a^ June 19. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 


OREIGN matter occupies nearly all of the first page, the chief 
item being a proclamation (December 12, 1703) by Queen Anne 
for a general fast in view of the "late most Terrible and Dreadful 

20 Selling by "light of candle" was a practice common throughout Europe. 
At the beginning of the sale a candle was lighted, and while the candle was 
burning the bidding went on. When the candle had burned out, the person 
who had at that moment offered the highest price was declared the purchaser. 
This method of selling was introduced into the American colonies and was 
common during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In New Amsterdam it 
was the regular legal usage of the Dutch in selling the property of debtors 
levied upon by the sheriff. "Inch of candle. In some parts of the country 
land is still disposed of at auction by inch of candle. This was the ancient 
form of auctioneering. Candles of inch length were provided, and when the 
candle went out the bidding was closed." — Phrases and Names, Their Origins 
and Meanings. By French H. Johnson. 

"Down were tumbled miracle and martyr 
Put up in lots and sold by inch of candle." 

[Peter Pindar: Lyric Odes, xiii. . 



Storms of Wind, with which it Pleased Almighty God to Afflict the 
greatest Part of this our Kingdom on Friday and Saturday the 
Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh days of November last." The 
domestic news relates largely to the seizure of Quelch's band of 
pirates. There are also reports of hostile movements of the French 
and Indians.] 

Marblehead, June 9. The Honourable Samuel Sewall, Nathanael 
By field, and Paul Dudley Esqrs. came to this place yesterday, in 
obedience to His Excellency the Governour, his^Order for the more 
effectual discovering and Seizing the Pirates lately belonging to the 
Briganteen Charles, John Quelch Commander, with their Treasure. 
They made Salem in their way, where Samuel Wakefield the Water 
Baily informed them of a Rumor that two of Quelches's Company 
were lurking at Cape Anne, waiting for a Passage off the Coast: 
The Commissioners made out a Warrant to Wakefield to Search for 
them, and dispatched him away on Wednesday night. And having 
gain'd intelligence this Morning that a certain number of them well 
Armed, were at Cape Anne designing to go off in the Larrimore 
Galley, then at Anchor in that Harbour, They immediately sent 
Men from the several adjacent Towns by Land 8c Water to prevent 
their escape, and went thither themselves, to give necessary orders 
upon the place. ^* 

Glocester, upon Cape Anne, June 9. The Commissioners for 
Seizing the Pirates and their Treasure, arrived here this day, were 
advised that the Larrimore Galley Sail'd in the Morning Eastward: 
and that a Boat was seen to go off from the head of the Cape, near 
Snake Island, full of men, supposed to be the Pirates. The Com- 
missioners seeing the Government mock'd by Capt. Larrimore and 
his Officers, resolved to send after them. Major Stephen Sewall 
who attended with a Fishing Shallop, and the Fort Pinnace, offered 
to go in pursuit of them, and Capt. John Turner, Mr. Robert Brisco, 
Capt. Knight, and several other good men Voluntarily accom- 
panied him, to the Number of 42 men, who Rowed out of the Har- 
bour after Sun-sett, being little Wind. ^^ 

Salem, June 11. This Afternoon, Major Sewall brought in to this 
Port, the Larrimore Galley, and Seven Pirates, viz. Erasmus Peterson, 
Charles James, John Carter, John Pitman, Francis King, Charles 
King, John King, whom he with his Company Surprized and Seized 
at the Isles of Sholes the 10th. Instant, viz. four of them on Board 

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Reprinted, in part, from the News- Letter in Notes, in 
The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : 
. . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 390-391. See New- Letter, Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8 ante, 10, 11, 
14 (1704), 63, 66 post. See foot-note, News- Letter No. 14 post. 



the Larrimore Galley, and three on Shoar on Starr Island, being 
assisted by John Hhickes and Thomas Phipps Esqrs. Two of Her 
Majesties Justices of New-Hampshire, who were happily there, 
together with the Justices, and the Captain of the place. He also 
Seized 45 Ounces and Seven Penny weight of Gold of the said Pirates. 
Capt. Thomas Larrimore, Joseph Wells Lieutenant, and Daniel 
Wormall Master, and the said Pirates are Secured in our Goal. ^' 

Glocester, Juiie 12. Yesterday Major Sewall passed by this place 
with the Larrimore Galley, and Shallop Trial, standing for Salem, 
and having little wind, set our men ashore on the Eastern Point, 
giving of them notice that William Jones, and Peter Roach, two of 
the Pirates had mistook their way, and were still left upon the Cape, 
with strict charge to search for them, which our Towns People per- 
formed very industriously. Being strangers and destitute of all 
Succours they surrendered themselves this Afternoon, and were 
sent to Salem Prison. ^* 

Boston, June 17. On the 13 Instant, Major Sewall attended with 
a strong guard brought to Town the above mentioned Pirates, and 
Gold he had Seized, and gave His Excellency a full Account of his 
Procedure in Seizing them. The Prisoners were committed to Goal 
in order to a Tryal, and the Gold delivered to the Treasurer and 
Committee appointed to receive the same. The Service of Major 
Sewall and Company was very well Accepted and Rewarded by the 
Govemour. ^^ 

His Excellency was pleased on the 13 Currant to open the High 
Court of Admiralty for Trying Capt. John Quelch late Commander 
of the Briganteen Charles and Company for Piracy, who were brought 
to the Barr, and the Articles exhibited against them read. They all 
pleaded Not Guilty, excepting three Viz. Matthew Primer, John 
Clifford and James Parrot, who were reserved for Evidences, and 
are in Her Majesties Mercy. The Prisoners moved for Council, and 
His Excellency assigned them Mr. James Meinzes. The Court was 
adjourned to the l^th. When met again Capt. Quelch preferr'd 
a Petition to His Excellency and Honourable Court, craving longer 
Time, which was granted till Monday Morning at Nine of the Clock, 
when said Court is to Sit again in order to their Tryal. ^ " 

On the 14. The Assembly Elected two of Her Majesties Council for 
this Province, to make up the Number of 28. Samuel Hayman, 
and Simeon Stoddard Esqrs. His Excellency approv'd of the choice. 

Capt. Thomas Hutchinson, Capt. Adam Winthrop Lieu, and Mr 
John Noyes Ensign, Officers of the Honourable Artillery Company, 
have caused the Printing of the Election Sermon, which is now in 
the Press. 



Entered outward bound John Stevens for Antigua, Thomas Lasenbe 
for Barbados, and Peter Coffin for Madera. Coasters cleared Richard 
Hall, and Jonathan Sayer, for Connecticut, Anthony Bracket for 
Piscataqua. Permitted to clear Henry Sherburn, William Goddard, 
Ephraim Breed, Andrew Wilson, and Thomas Barnes for Barbadoes, 
Samuel Payen for Antigua, Daniel Marshal for Virginia. Coasters 
Inward Samuel Sand and William Newenhuysen, from New-York. 

Capt. Ebenezer Coffin, in our Convoy Sloop of War, is arrived here 
this day. 

Rhode-Island, June 16. On Wednesday arrived John Brown in 
a Sloop from Barbadoes, 19 days Passage, came out in Company 
with 33 Sail, whereof Capt. Gillam was Convoy, bound for England. 
There was one Briganteen bound for Boston, and one Sloop more 
belonging here. On Tuesday last arrived here from Exuma a Bar- 
mudian loaden with Salt, confirms the Death and taking of Capt. 
Ricy. One Wilson in a Ketch entered for Boston, Whiteborn for 
Virginia and Lotidon, Roach & Breed for Antigua, Collins & Moore 
for Barbadoes, are all near ready to Sail. 

New-London June 15. Arrived here on Thursday last William 
Rollson in the Sloop A^ London, 19. days Passage from St. Christo- 
phers, and on Monday Sailed Capt. Chester for London, and Browne 
of New-Haven for Madera's. On Tuesday Marched Capt. Samuel 
Eells of Millford with 100. men to Reinforce, Major Whiting at N. 
Hampton. This is the 21st day of the Enemies French and Indians 
March from Canada, as we are informed. ^^ 

New-York June 12. Last Week arrived Capt. Feaver and Moyon 
from Hundoras in 2 Sloops. We hear 500 French and Indians are 
Marched from Canada, to attaque some parts of New-England.'^'^ 
The Philadelphia Post not come in. 


RAn-away from Capt. John Aldin of Boston, on Monday the 12th 
Currant, a tall lusty Indian Man call'd Harry, about 19 Years 
of Age, with a black Hat, brown Ozenbridge Breeches and Jacket: 
Whoever will take up said Indian, and bring or convey him safe either 
to John Campbell Post master of Boston, or to Mr. Nathaniel Niles 
of Kingstov^n in Naraganset, Master to said Indian, shall have a 
sufficient Reward. 

A Negro Woman about 16 Years Old, to be Sold by John Camp- 
bell Post-master, to be seen at his House next door to the Anchor 

27 These items bearing on the French and Indian hostilities reprinted 
from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves ... of the 
Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 420. 



[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as in May 22; negroes 
to be sold, as in June 5.] 

B. le. IRumb. 10. 

The Bolton News-Letter- 

From /IDon&ag June 19. to /IDon^a^ June 26. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

TTT^OREIGN matter occupies a part of the first page: comprising 
I Jr general European advices of dates between October 30 (Con- 
*" stantinople) and December 25, 1703 (Warsaw, Paris, Hague, Lon- 
don, Copenhagen) ; the London item reporting the action of the queen 
and privy council in the case of the widows and orphans of the 
officers and seamen who perished in the storm of November, 1703 
in her majesty's service at sea. The domestic news includes report 
of the trial of Quelch and company. Also, accounts of Indian oper- 
ations in the Connecticut Valley, and "to the Eastward," the 
latter in letters from Col. Church commanding the colonial forces.] 

Boston, June 24. On Monday last. The 19. Currant, The High 
Court of Admiralty Sat again, when the Tryal of John Quelch 
late Commander of the Briganteen Charles, and Company for Piracy 
and Murder, Committed by them upon Her Majesties Allies the Sub- 
jects of the King of Portugal, was brought forward, and the said 
Quelch was brought to the Bar, being charged with Nine several 
Articles of Piracy and Murder whereupon he had been Arraigned 
and Pleaded, Not Guilty: The Queen's Attorney opened the case, 
and the Court proceeded to the Examination of the Evidences for 
Her Majesty. And the Council for the Prisoner, and the Prisoner 
himself being fairly heard, The Court was cleared, and after 
Advisement, the Prisoner was again brought to the Bar; & the 
the Judgment of the Court declared. That he was guilty of the 
Felony, Piracy and Murder, laid in the said Articles: Accordingly 
Sentence of Death was pronounced against him. 

The next day being Tuesday, John Lambert, Charles James, John 
Miller and Christopher Scudamore, were brought to the Bar, who 
pleaded Not Guilty: And was severally tryed as Quelch was, and found 
guilty and Sentenced to Dy in like manner. 

Then was brought to the Bar, William Whiting and John Temple- 
ton being Arraigned, They pleaded Not Guilty, and the Witnesses 
proving no matter of Fact upon them, said Whiting being Sick all 
the Voyage, & not active, and Templeton a Servant about 14 years 
of Age, and not charged with any action, were acquitted by the 



Court, paying Prison Fees. Next 15. more being brought to the 
Bar and Arraign'd Viz. Will. Wilde, Benj. Perkins, James Austin, 
Nick. Richardson, Rich. Lawrance, John Pitman, Will. Jones, 
Erasmus Peterson, John King, Francis King, Charles King, Peter 
Roach, John Dorothy, Denis Carter and John Carter, who severally 
pleaded Guilty, and threw themselves on the Queen's Mercy. And 
Sentence of Death was past upon them, in like manner as those 
abovenamed. 'Tis said some of them will be Executed the 
next Fryday, and the whole proceeding be put out in Print. ^ ^ 

On Wednesday 21. Came an Express to His Excellency from 
Hatfield with the Intelligence, That one Englishman and four In- 
dians, being sent out upon discovery of the Enemy, Travelled 7 
days up the River of Connecticut, and discovered some Indians a 
Fishing, so lay still till Night, and watched where they went to their 
Wigwam, and Surprized them in the Wigwam kill'd five of the said 
Indians being men, took a Squaw alive, who informed them, that 
the Indians were building a Fort at a place about 50 Miles further up, 
and after further Examination of the said Squaw they kill'd her also, 
and brought the Six Scalp's with them to Northampton: There were 
two Indians more of the said Company, but they made their escape. 

Our People on the Frontiers are in a very good posture to receive 
the Enemy, if they should come. ^* 

On Wednesday the 21. Arrived Mr. Hart in a Sloop from our 
Forces to the Eastward, with Letters from Col. Church, Chief Com- 
mander of the same. Dated at Passamisquady, the 13. Currant, 
acquainting His Excellency of their having laid wast & burnt all 
the French Settlements in those parts, Kill'd and Captivated of 
French and Indians, to the number of Thirty-five Persons, since our 
last account. While our People were Tearing up the Indian Corn, 
they fired on them from the other side of the River, and a fight at a 
distance continued about 3 hours, wherein we had one man Wounded, 
but a great noise was heard among the Indians, and 'tis supposed 
several of them were kill'd and wounded; the number of Indians are 
said to be between 30 & 40. Our Boats brought from the several 
Houses and Settlements a considerable parcel of Plunder of Furrs, 
Houshold Stuff, &c. The best we have got yet : We have also taken 
Monsieur C/xar^i^r'^ Shallop, formerly Mr. Trevis's of Marblehead, and 
several fine Cannoo's. Our Souldiers and Mariners on board Her 
Majesties Ships the Gosport and Jearsy, the Province Galley, and other 

28 See News-Letter Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ante, 11, 14 (1704), 63, 66 post. See 
foot-note, News-Letter No. 14 post. 

29 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 402-403. 



several Vessels, were all in Health. The Prisoners are brought to 
Boston. 3 

Cap. Ellery from England had aboiat Eight Weeks passage. Says, 
as he came away, that there was a strong Embargoe laid on, and a 
Squadron of about 50. men of War a fitting out. Capt. Stone, that 
Sail'd hence with the Fleet was Arrived, and Capt. Wadsworth and 
Morton that Sail'd a little before them. 

Capt. Parker is Arrived from Barbadoes. 

Boston, Permitted to clear Outwards, Ezekiel Cravate, John Foster, 
John Phillips, John Scot, and Isaac Perkins for Barbadoes. Thomas 
Sill, Zachariah Alden, Joseph Vial, and Joshua Pikman for Antigua: 
Stephen Water for Madera: Fortune Reddock for St. Christophers: 
Philip Lewis for Surranam; Richard Smith and William Cooke for 
Montserrat: Edward Holloway for Jamaica, and James Robe for 
Virginia. Entered Inwards, John Ellery from Loitdon; Samuel 
Clark and Wilson from Connecticut: Kinghsbury from Piscataqua. 
Coasters cleared Outwards, Blin, Henderson and Vail for Connecticut. 
Outward Bound, Newcomb Blague, for Madera's, Isaac Robinson, 
for Jamaica, and Newenhusen for New-York. 

Rhode-Island, June 23. On the 19. Instant arrived Moses Butter- 
worth in a Sloop from Barbadoes, 22. days passage, came out in Com- 
pany with the Blackwall man of War, going in pursuit of the Country 
Briganteen, sent out from Barbadoes, some time before on a Cruise, 
having 50. of the man of War's men on board her, who instead of 
Returning, turn'd Pirate, and took an English Ship bound from 
London to Antigua, robb'd her and let her go : The news being brought 
from Antigua to Barbadoes, they immediately sent the Blackwall 
after her. 

When Mr. Butterworth was in the Lat. of 36. & 40. They saw a 
Fleet consisting of about 150. Sail & took them to be Spaniards, 
but on the relating of it here, we suppose them to be the Homeward 
bound Virginia Fleet for England. 

New-York Jwne 19. On the 16 Arrived Daniel Dunskum in a 
Sloop from Barbadoes 22 days Passage, came out in Company with 
35 Sail, some for Boston, Rhode-Isla^td and Philadelphia. On the 
12th Currant he met with the Homeward bound Virginia Fleet 
consisting of 143 Sail about 30 leagues to the Eastward of Saitdy- 
hook: They Sail'd from Virginia the seventh Instant, and nine 
leagues without the Cape they met with the two men of War, viz. 
The Faulkland and the Oxford who were expected as an additional 

30 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 361. 


[ frv 

■J jO VI 

v» Crf . 


_ *« cat 

' c o 

9 c i^-« *^-^ S^ '^Z:n '<^k9. 
^ §^j:j Srf-J:§^ >:^ --« ^J 

: * 




a-« J c u *- >^ 

C vj o c u>_, o 
•^.s u-rv-a s 5j ^ 
*si -* '^ rr c ts w « 

^ c •- h -. v* G — 



« o 


13 C <« t:^ ■" V -'Rf ^ 

i5 -M ji > 9J .a *= ^^ 

"O w % 

5 ;: . .*iis a ^ «^ y » kT « o 

««< 5 re W> W 

1 .S 



^*< U « O 



s-Jq > o-xj kS i^ 

^ s^g-^f 

u o 

<,(-«< o 
»^ JS '^ n 

{;£J Q rt «> j5 - o -S - ^ '^ *^ " - -^ "^ '^ '-^ 

^2•- c 5? ., cgxTi ^ Bjx..^ 

■fc> yS O. 'i^ *-< ^ ^1 " -> rt i! ^ 

,r^ ti K «2 ^ 

"* ♦^ I „ I. 'j; 

  mil— M< — 1— ITn— nrwiili m h iiimiiiiiiiwi r' iiwiwifTinw iiwi— ■! n ^ . '* r 1 4-J 

R y :r *> ^ a ^^- 

I ^ § .r '^ ^ s fe fe *^- '^' 

K 5 -^ s ^S 5 S s g ^' J.' 



ij si. «  

















































Convoy. The Commadore (Cap. Evans) ordered them to return 
with the Fleet without proceeding any further which they did: 
The Merchant men promising to supply them with Water, &c. On 
Board the Faulkland was one Mr. Vrqhuart, a Minister Bound for 
this place, who had the good Fortune to get a Passage hither in Mr. 
Dunskun, but sundry other Passengers on board those two Men 
of War for Virginia, Maryla-nd and Pensilvania are all carried back 
for Englatid: They left Portsmouth the beginning of April last, 
and in their passage the Faulkland took two French Ships, one of 
24 Guns, and 65 men, the other of Twelve Guns and Twenty-five 
men, both Bound for Martinico, to St. Malo loaden with Sugar, 
Cocoa, Indico, &c. The Oxford gave Chase to a Third in Company 
with these two, but could not come up with her. 

Mr. Vrqhuart is appointed Minister of Jamaica, one Mr. Crawford 
a Minister for Pensilvania, was on board the Oxford but carried home 

Philadelphia, June 17. On the 12. dyed the Honourable Colonel 
William Markham. On the 13. a Sloop arrived from Virginia, 
left Point Comfort the 9 Instant, Says, That the Virginia Fleet 
consisting of about 140 Sail under Convoy, (only) of the Dreadnought 
and Foy, Sailed from Linhavenbay on the 8/^. Instant for England. 


"O An-away from Capt. Nathanael Cary, of Charlstown, on Saturday 
-"-^the 17th Currant, a well set middle sized Maddagascar Negro 
Woman, called Penelope, about 35 years of Age: With several sorts 
of Apparel; one whereof is a flowered damask Gown: She speaks 
English well. Whosoever shall take up said Negro Servant, and her 
Convey to her above-said Master, shall have sufficient Reward. 

[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 5.] 

•jR, jg, IRumb. 11. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDon&a^ June 26. to /IDOnDai? July 3. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

["Tj^OREIGN matter, chiefly, under date 20th December 1703, an 
I J/ address of the English commons to the queen, occupies most of 
the first page. A "Coppy of a Letter from a Gentleman in Cannada 
to a Gentleman in Port-royal," dated "Quebeck," follows. The domes- 
tic nev\^s includes the "bill of mortality" for Boston for three years; 
a paragraph account of the execution of Quelch and five of his com- 



panions; and the announcement of the receipt by the governor of a 
packet from the queen "to permit a trade with New Spain" (Mexico).] 

The Coppy of a Letter from a Gentleman in Cannada, to a Gentle- 
man in Port-royal: Quebeck, April, 28. 1704. 

OIR I beHeve you have heard of several parties of French and 
^Indians, gone out since the last fall against the English, Mr. 
Gordeau the bearer hereof is a living witness, who will inform you of 
the whole, If the affairs of this Countrey do not change in a little 
time, others will go away. Canada was never in the Like misery, 
we must absolutely abandon it before two Years, or God must work 
Miracles, to preserve it, since Peace is made with the Maqua's in the 
Pardon which the King has a second time given the Hunters. He 
permits them to go to the new Colony of Messasipy, or to return to 
their own Countrey absolutely pardoning all their disobedience. I 
believe the liberty given them of choice, will not only hinder them 
from returning to their own Country, but will make those that are 
there resolved to go away, thinking they can't be taken else-where. 
Wine is so rare here, that we are obliged to drink nothing but water, 
and other Goods proportionably; we impatiently expect News from 
France, to advise us who must be our Governour. 

Boston, July 3. On Tuesday morning Dyed Madam Anite Rich- 
ards.-^^was Buryed on Thursday last. On Fr>'Ja>' died Madam Anne 
Paige: ^^ was Buried Yesterday. 

Boston. Because it may carry some useful Information in it, 
we have thought it not amiss, to give the Publick, the JBtll Ot 
flUortalitS for the Three Years last past. 

The Number of Persons, besides Negro's arid Indians, which 
were buryed in tJte Town of Boston. 









































31 See Diary of Samuel Sewall. Vol. II, p. 107, under date June 27 [1704]! 
also, p. 108, under date June 29, and note on same page. 

32 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II. p. 109. under date Junij. 30. 1704, 
and note on same page; also, p. HI, under date July 2. 



















146 441 159 

Note, 1. In that Mortal year, 1702. the Number of Negroes and 
Indians, which had a Singular Share in the Mortality, made the 
Number of the Buried, arise to about, 500. 

Note, 2. Many Inhabitants of Boston, have their Employments at 
Sea; and many of these Dying abroad (in proportion, much more 
than at home) they are not reckoned in our Catalogue. 

Note, 3. It has been observed by some, that in Times of Health , 
(such as we now Enjoy,) Mortality ordinarily carries off, somewhat 
about a Fiftieth Part of the People Every year. Qucere, How far 
will that Observation hold for this Town? 

Note, 4. It might be of use, if some other of the principal Towns 
in the Country, would preserve their ISiii Of flTlOrtaUt^, and Com- 
municate it. 

On Fryday was carried to the Place of Execution seven Pirates to 
be Executed, viz. Capt. John Quelch, John Lambert, Christopher 
Scudamore , John Miller, Erasmus Peterson, Peter Roach & Francis 
King; all of which were Executed, excepting the last named, who had 
a Reprieve from His Excellency, And notwithstanding all the great 
labour and pains taken by the Reverend Ministers of the Town of 
Boston, ever since they were first Seized and brought to Town, both 
before and since their Tryal and Condemnation, to instruct, ad- 
monish, preach and pray for them ; yet as they led a wicked and vitious 
life, so to appearance they dyed very obdurately and impenitently, 
hardened in their Sin.^^ 

His Excellency intends to send an Express to England with an 
Account of the whole matter to Her Majesty. '* 

33 See New-Letter Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ante, 14 (1704), 63, 66 post. See 
foot-note. News- Letter No. 14 post. 

A broadside entitled 

An Account of the Behaviour and last Dying 
Of the Six Pirates, that were Executed on Charles River, Boston side, 
On Fryday June 30th. 1704. Viz. 
Capt. John Quelch, John Lambert, Christopher Scnidamore, 
John Miller, Erasmus Petersen and Peter Roach, 
with the imprint "Printed for and Sold by Nicholas Boone, at his Shop near 
the Old Meeting-House in Boston, 1704," is bound in the file of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society immediately before this issue; also in the file of the 
New York Historical Society immediately after the issue of July 10. 

Thesceneof this execution is depicted by Sewall in his Diary, Vol. II, p. 109. 

34 See foot-note, News-Letter No. 14 post. 



On Fryday His Excellency Prorogu'd the General Assembly to 
the 16th. day of August. 

On Saturday His Excellency received a Packet from England 
by way of N. York, with directions from Her Majesty to permit a 
Trade with New-Spain, (stores of War, and goods prohibited by act 
of Parliament only excepted,) and this Morning His Excellency in 
Council has ordered a Proclamation to be published signifying Her 
Majesties pleasure therein. ^ 

Entred Outward bound William Everton, for Ne%vfoundla\id; 
James Gibsen for Leward Islands, Nicholas Parker and Walter Ogles- 
by for Barbadoes. Coasters Inwards, Holt, Baker and Tapper from 
Connecticut. Forreign Vessels Inward, Charles Bridgar from Cam- 
peche: Permitted to Clear outwards Benjamin Pereman for Barba- 
does. Coasters Outwards, Kingsbury, and Parker for Piscataqua,. 
Eliot & Smith for Connecticut. 

Madera, May 8. By Letters from Lisbons of the 20. last Via 
Salem, acquainted [various items of European war news]. 

Two men of War and several Merchant Ships from England,. 
touched here, bound to the West-Indies. 

Piscataqua June 29. On Monday Arriv'd Joseph Esman from 
Topsam, about 8 weeks passage, he intends for Boston. 

Rhode-Island June 30. There's Arriv'd here another Prize sent 
in by Cap. Tongrelow a Brigantine of about 90 Tons, belonging to 
Curaso, Taken a Trading with the Spaniards, her loading consists of 
about 30 or 40 boxes of Steel, 102 double bars of Iron, a quantity of 
Dutch Knives, 72 Barrels of Flower, 32 Beaves Hides, some Turto- 
shell. On Tuesday Arriv'd the Sloop Charles from the Bay of Com- 
peche belonging to Boston, brings News, that Cap. Stevens, who 
was Captain of that Sloop that Tongrelow has now, who went on shore 
with about 100 & odd men at the River of Cliechopege, & was suppos'd 
they were all cut off, are all alive and well at Laverdec rouse; They 
took the Town they went to take, but staid too long in it, and so the 
Country rose & took them all Prisoners, the Masters name I know 
not, but the Sloop is gone for Boston. Here is one Pitts from South 
Carolina, but brings no nev/s. 

New-York, June 26. Last Week arriv'd one Watkins, about 6 
VvTeeks passage from the Bay of Hundoras, not any Boston Vessels 
in the Bay when he cam^e away. 

Philadelphia, June 22. On the 18. arrived Capt. Harriot from 
Barbadoes, who spoke with 6 Ships that came out of the Capes of 

35 See News-Letter No. 12 post. , 



Virginia, 4 days after the Fleet Sail'd thence, on board of which was 
Mr. Paxton, whom they spoke with. 

Here is a Passenger come to Town, came from Bristol the latter 

end of March to Virginia, gives an Account of ^® Bristol Ships, 

alP'' outward bound to the West Indies &c. were all taken coming 
out of the Chanel (without Convoy) by 6 Privateers, who set on Shore 
most of the Prisoners in England. 


AT Col. Francis Foxcroft, Merchant, his Ware-house upon the 
Dock in Boston, there's a parcel of Spanish and Swedes Iron 
to be Sold. 

"O An-away from his Master, Seth Sweetzer of Charlstown, in New- 
^-^England, August 15. 1703. A Young man, named John Logen, 
about 19 years of Age, of a middle stature, black hair, by occupation 
a Taylor: He's said to be gone to Long-Island, thence to Pensil- 
vania: Whoever shall take him up, and convey him safe to his 
above-said Master, shall have Four Pounds reward. 

^T^Here is now in the Press, and will speedily be Published: The 
-^ Arraignment: Tryal and Condemnation of Capt. John Quelch, 
and others of his Company &c. For sundry Piracies, Robberies 
and Murder, committed upon the Subjects of the King of Portugal, 
Her Majesties Allie, on the Coast of Brazil, &c. Who upon full Evi- 
dence were found Guilty, at the Court-House in Boston, on the l^th. 
of June 1704. With the Arguments of the Queen's Council, and 
Council for the Prisoners, upon the Act for the more effectual Sup- 
pression of Piracy. With an account of the Ages of the several 
Prisoners, and the Places where they were Born. Sold by Nich. 
Boone, near the Old-Church. 

[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 5.] 

1R. 3g, IRumb. 12. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From mon^ap July 3. to /IDOttOa^ July 10. 1704. 


NCIDENTS of the visit of the Duke Charles of Austria, aspirant 
to the throne of Spain, to Holland and England in December, 


36 Figures blotted out with a pen in the copy in the file of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society. 

37 This word, all, also blotted out. 



1703 and January, 1703-1704, are fully recorded in the two columns of 
the first page of this issue under date of Hague, January 4, 1704 
and London, December 30, 1703. From Milan, Vienna and other 
places on the continent is December news of the war in Poland 
and the recognition of the Duke Charles for king of Spain, Gover- 
nor Dudley's proclamation for permitting a trade to the Spanish 
West-Indies, is given with the domestic news.] 

Piscataqua, July, 6. On Tuesday last eight Indians were seen 
at York, who had almost Surpriz'd one Shaw, that was at some 
distance from the Garrison: The Indians were within Pistol Shot, 
and might have kill'd him, but striving still to surround & take him 
alive, (as supposed for Intelligence) he by that means, being a nimble 
active man, made his escape. Capt. Heath & Lieutenant March 
immediately went in pursuit of them 6. or 7 Mils, but no discovery. 

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and 
GOVERNOUR in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Provinces of 
the Massachusetts- Bay and New-Hampshire in New-England, 
and Vice-Admiral of the same. A PROCLAMATION, For Per- 
miting a Trade to the Spanish West-Indies. 

TTAving Received Her Majesties Commands of the Twenty third 
-■- -'•of February past, by the Right Honourable, the Earl of Notting- 
ham Principal Secretary of State, To permit and Suffer Her Majesties 
Subjects freely and openly to carry to any Place or Territory, under 
the Dominion of Spain in America, all such Merchandizes and 
Commodities, as might have been carryed thither before the War; 
Provided there be not among them any Stores or Ammunition of 
War: And likewise to Permit Her Majesties Subjects to bring from 
the Spanish Dominions in America, any Merchandizes or Goods of 
those Parts, 

T Do hereby Publish and make known the same; To the intent. 
-*-That any of Her Majesties good Subjects desirous to use the said 
Trade, Upon Application to Me made, may receive the necessary 
Certificates and Instructions for their better safety and regulation 
therein. Conform to Her Majesties said Commands. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston the third Day of Jtdy, 
1704. In the Third Year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady 
ANNE, by the Grace of GOD, of England, Scotland, France 
and Ireland QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &c. 


GOD Save the QUEEN. 

On Wednesday, Samuel Walker, a Souldier belonging to the 



Castle, being at Cambridge, and the day being very hot, went to Swim 
in the River, was drowned. 

Entered Outward Bound, John Alden in Friendship for New- 
foundland. Nathaniel Eliot in the Mary Ketch for Curaso. Entered 
Inwards, Joseph Esman from Topsham, Pitts from Carolina, Wheeler 
from Coratuck. Permitted to Clear Outwards, Love and Stevens 
for Barhadoes, Coffin, Newcomb[,] Blague for Madera. Coasters 
Inwards, Adolph, Schellinx and Nichols from New-York, Parker 
from Piscataqua, Smallage from Rhode-Island Outward, Sands, 
Walker for Rhode-Island, and Gardiner for Nantucket. 

Philadelphia, June 29. Capt. Hamerton Arrived here in 17 days 
from Barhadoes, says. That the men that Ran away with the Island 
Briganteen, put the Capt. and some of the men that would not Joyn 
with them, on board a Sloop they met at Sea, which was after taken 
by the French and carried in to Martinico. Its supposed they are 
gone with the Briganteen for the Red-Sea. 

New-York July 3. We have Advice from Madera, (by Cap. 
Penniston) That two French Men of War Landed at Porte Sancto 
near that Island, & committed some spoil, but in a short time were 
repelled with considerable loss. 

That a Swedes Ship, Commanded by Pickering, an Irishman, who 
was bound to Cadiz, was forced into Faro in Portugal, where lay a 
Small English Frigot, whom Pickering resisted, until he had lost 60 
men out of 80, which was his complement, & then was taken by the 
Frigot, & sent to Engl, a Prisoner, Pickering pretended he was bound 
to Genoa. 

They write from Madera that the difference between the Em- 
peror & the Hungarians are accomodated. 

On 29 June last arrived here one Collier from Fyall in 8 weeks. 
Letters by him from London of 29 February say, our Ships bound 
hither would Sail with the Barbados Convoy, but the time of Sailing 
not assign'd. 

Our Assembly is Adjourn'd to the 2 day of October next. 


A Farm to be Sold containing 430 Acres lying between Woodcocks 
■*- ^& Seaconk alias Rehoboth, butting upon the Road by the 7 mile 
River, well wooded & watered with fresh Meadow suitable to said 
Farm being about 5 miles from Mr. Jinks' s Iron Works of Providence. 
If any person has a mind to purchase said Farm, they may discourse 
Mr. Gedion Crawfurd of Providence concerning it, who has power to 
dispose of the same upon reasonable terms. 



[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first printed in the 
issue of June 5.] 

B, ]g, numb, 13. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDag July 10. to /IDOttOay July 17. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

F'^/TEARLY three-fourths of this number is occupied by foreign 
I i.^ matter, which comprizes: under dates Westminister, Decem- 
ber 20 and 23, 1703, addresses of the two houses of Parliament to 
the queen; under January dates, the queen's order governing the 
conduct of theatres, and a speech to Parliament; and general Euro- 
pean items. Titles of acts passed by the General Court, are included 
in the domestic news.] 

Boston, July 17. Sundry Acts passed tlie 28th. o/ June, by the Great 
and General Court or Assembly of Her Majesties Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: Begun and Held at Boston, 
upon Wednesday the 31st. o/ May, 1704. 

An Act directing that the Militia of the Frontiers be provided with 
Snow Shoes, &c. 

An Act of Priviledge to the Members of the General Assembly 
and Judges of Assize. 

An Act for removing the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, and 
Inferiour Court of Pleas from Wells to York. 

An Act in further Addition to the Act for Levying Souldiers, &c. 

An Act of Continuation of several Acts therein mentioned that 
are near expiring, viz. An Act to prevent the deserting the Frontiers 
of this Province. The Paragraph, In addition to the Act, for Levying 
Souldiers, &c. The Act Entituled, An Act, Granting unto Her Majesty 
an Excise upon Wines, Liquors and Strong Drink Sold by Retail . 
Tlie Act for Granting unto Her Majesty several Rates and Duties of 
Impost and Tunnage of Shipping. 

An Act for Granting unto Her Majesty a Tax upon Polls and Es- 
tates of 22613/. 105. for payment of the Publick Debts already con- 
tracted, and for defreying the growing Charge of the War, &c. 

An Act for punishing Officers and Souldiers, retained in Her Majes- 
ties Service, and under pay. 

Portsmouth April 27. Yesterday arrived here the Centurion 
Man of War, Capt. Hern Commander, from A''. England, with the 



Mast-Ship and Merchant-men under his Convoy, who as soon as 
he made Scylla with the Fleet, a Privateer of 24 Guns came within 
two miles of them: but seeing the Man of War, he tack't and stood 
away: The Centurion Chas'd him 3 hours, and came so near him, 
that the Privateer was forced to throw his Guns Overboard to lighten 
his Ship for Sailing; a Fog coming on, the Man of War was necessitated 
to desist his pursuing, for fear of losing the Fleet ; Capt. Thomas 
that Sailed from New-England before the Fleet, is taken by the 
French, and carried into Genoua. 

Boston, Capt. Jenkins came out in Company with a Fleet of about 
200 Sail, under Convoy of Sir Clotidsly Shovel; There being 30 Men 
of War, 6 whereof were bound to the West-Indies with some of the 
Fleet, some Men of War, and another part of the Merchant men bound 
to Portugal; The Men of War immediately to return, and join Sir 
Clotidsly, who is to Guard the Channel, Capt. Pitts and Capt. Miles 
both bound hither, came out in Company. 

On Fryday last, There was a great Thunder Shower of Rain, 
together with great Hail stones. 

On Wednesday 19th Instant, There is Holden a Court of Admir- 
alty at Newport on Rhode-Island, by the Honorable Nathaniel 
By field Esq. Judge of the Court, and other the Officers of the said 
Court, Dependent on the Vice-Admiralty of His Excellency the 
Governour of these Provinces, and Vice-Admiral of the same; and 
particularly of Rhode-Island, and Providence- Plantation, Pursuant 
to Her Majesties late Commands sent to the said Government of 
Rhode-Island, which it is not doubted will be now obeyed there. 

Outward Bound, Bryan Smith for Lisborn: Capt. John Ellery 
and Samuel Ernes for Barbadoes: Stephen Codman for Pensilvania, 
Abraham Hill for Antigua, Richard Ingersol for Newfoundland, 
Coasters Entered Inwards, Samuel Prince and Nathaniel Lorring 
from Connecticut. Cleared Outwards Ebenezer Dearby for West- 
Jersey, Thomas Lathrop, John Laihrop and Ichabod Tapper for Conn- 
ectictU, Anthonie Bracket, Joseph Flood and John Jackson for Piscata- 
qua: Dirick Adolp for New -York. Forreign Entered Inwards. 
Richard Smith from Bristol, James Cauley, Abraham Cording, from 
Fyall, John Jenkins in the Eagle Gaily from London. Forreign 
permitted to clear Outwards, John Snapes for Newfoufidland, Nath- 
aniel Harris for Antigua, Andrew Elson for Lisborn, John Tucker 
for North Carolina, Nicholas Parker for Barbadoes. 

Capt. Miles Arrived Yesterday from London. 

New-York, July 10. Capt. Davison Sail'd for London on Thursday 
last. His Excellency has Adjoum'd the Assembly of New-Jersy 



to the -ith of September next. Dr. John Bridges our Chief Justice 
dy'd on Thursday last. 


1 Here is a Negro man taken up supposed to be Run-away from 
his Master; he said he was a free Negro, and lived at Bristol, 
but upon being sent to Prison, he owned he was a Servant and made 
his escape from his Master Matthew Howard at Seacoyiet, about 5 
Weeks ago : he is a Lusty Fellow, says his name is George; upon paying 
the Post-master for this Advertisement the owner may be informed 
where he is, and also upon paying the charge and reward for taking 
him up, may have said Negro again. 

1R, Ig. Bumb. 14. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDOn^a^ July 17. to /IDOUDa^ July 24. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

r^T^HIS issue is a full sheet folio. The first two pages and more 
I Ji than half of the third page are taken up, under date West- 
*• minister, January 17, 1703/4, by the "Humble Representation" 
of the English peers presented to the queen upon occasion of an 
Address to her majesty by the commons, Dec. 23, "by which the House 
of Lords is charged with the Violation of Your Royal Prerogative, 
and of the known Laws of the Land; with wresting persons sus- 
pected of Treasonable Practices, and taken into Custody by Messen- 
gers out of Your Majesties Hands, without Your leave or knowledge, 
and in a most extraordinary manner taking the examination of them 
solely to themselves, whereby a due enquiry into the evil practices 
and designs against Your Majesties Person and Government might 
in great measure be obstructed." Other foreign items are mixed 
with the domestic news occupying the remainder of the space. The 
domestic news, of larger importance than usual, includes a vivid tale 
of the sea; the arrival of an express briganteen sent by Col. Church, 
commander of the colonial forces, from Port Royal with letters to the 
governor; and the sailing of an express sloop for England with an 
account of the Quelch affair for the queen, and two prisoners 
charged with being accessories.] 

Boston, On the first of March last. Sailed from hence, John Jarvies 
in the Sloop Henrietta, bound for Barbadoes, and in the Latitude of 
30. about 180 leagues to the Eastward of Cape Cod, he met with three 
French Ships, Letter of Mart men from Martinico, bound for Bilboa 
for Convoy: The Commadore had 20 Guns, one 16, the other 12, 
Guns: It being Calm, they took the Sloop with two of their Boats, 



the Master and two men they carried with them Prisoners; and put 
five French men on board the Sloop, leaving only Noah Champney 
the Mate, and the Boy on Board, and ordered them to make the 
best of their way to Vego; and meeting with contrary Winds, in the 
Latitude of 38, about 190 Leagues to the Eastward of Traseras, they 
thought fit to alter their Course, and go for Cadiz. The French men 
all along used the Mate and Boy very hardly and barbarously, making 
each of them steer 4 hours at a time by turns, scarcely suffering 
them to sleep, beating them with Ropes ends, almost starv'd with 
cold for want of Cloaths, having taken all their Cloaths from them, 
and allowing them no Beds to lie upon: which severe hard usage 
made their life burthensome, and put Mr. Champney on thinking how 
to redress themselves, and discoursing the Boy, they agreed to watch 
an opportunity to knock the French men on the Head, and relieve 
themselves out of their misery. Therefore on or about the 22d. 
of April last, about three of the Clock in the Afternoon, 4 of the French 
men being in the Cabbin, and the 5th upon Deck: The Boy at the 
Helm a Steering, it being Mr. Champney' s turn to sleep, he lay in the 
warm Sun upon Deck, but could not sleep: The Frenchman upon 
Deck going to draw a Bucket of Water, Champney started up, and 
took an Ax and knock'd him in the head, and threw him Overboard, 
the French man rose again and cry'd Alondieu, at the noise of which, 
the Captain came out of the Cabbin and one more, storm'd and 
stampt, whereupon Mr. Champney at the Captain with his Ax gave 
him a blow and fel'd him; then ran to the other and gave him a blow 
also, and fel'd him. The other two French men were about to come 
out of the Cabbin, & Mr. Champney charged them not to come up, 
else he'd knock 'em on the head also, upn which they cryed out for 
Quarter, and so he ordered them to abide in the Cabbin & ordered 
the Boy to go and spike up the door, and the Boy returning from the 
Cabbin, one of the French men before knock'd down was getting up 
again, Champney ordered the Boy to give him a blow with the Ax, 
and then they threw both of them Overboard, and shap'd their 
Course for New- England: They kept the two French men in the 
Cabbin till night, and then let them out: they being illiterate fellows 
and no Artists, made Champney secure of fearing any hurt from them, 
knowing they kill'd him, themselves must perish. On the 26th of 
June he met a Briganteen from London, bound for Philadelphia, 
Nathaniel Pugle Master, in the Latitude of 40, and exchanged a 
French man for an English-man. And on Moriday last, off of the 
Isles of Sholes he was Chased by Captain Gallop (in a Briganteen 
from Port-Royal with Advice from our Forces) whom he took to be 
a French-man, which put him in a great consternation what to do; 
he threw Overboard all the French-m.ens, Cloaths, Papers, and what 



else belonged to them, for his own self defence, fearing he should 
be taken and discovered; whilst Mr. Champttey went to the Cabbin, 
to throw over the Cloaths, &c. The Boy knockt the surviving French- 
man on the head and threw him Overboard. And on Wednesday 
last they Arrived at Boston. 

On Wednesday last arrived here Captain Gallop, in a Briganteen 
sent Express by Colonel Church, Commander in Chief of our Forces 
from Port-Royal, with Letters to His Excellency of the 7th Currant, 
acquainting him of their having laid waste and destroyed about 60 
Houses in Menis; about 6 Mills, a great many fine Barns, kill'd a great 
number of Cattle, done some damage to their Damms that kept the 
Sea from overflowing their Corn, rooted up their Corn, kill'd some 
French and Indians, with the loss of two of our men, viz. Lieutenant 
Joshua Barker, of the Colonels Company, and Sergeant Briggs of 
Capt Haradhies Company. We have also taken a Sloop who had on 
Board 6 of our Captives, who hired her to come to Boston, &c. Captain 
Gallop brought 45 French Prisoners in the said Briganteen. 

Captain Gary Sailed on Saturday last, in the Express Sloop for 
England, with an Account of Capt. Quelch and Company's Tryal, &c. 
who carries with him Capt. Thomas Larimore and Joseph Wells 
Lieutenant (mentioned in our Numb. 9 Print, as Accessaries in en- 
deavouring to cary off the 7 Pirates then taken) as Prisoners to the 
Queen: He carries also with him three Evidences of their Crime 

Mr. Thomas Weld, a pious Youth, Son to the Reverend Mr. Thomas 
Weld, Minister of Dunstable, who took his Second Degree at Cam- 
bridge on the 5th Instant, Sickened on the Fryday following, Dyed 
the 215/ Currant at Brantrey, and Buried at Roxbury the 22d. 

Entered Outward Bound, Thomas Meirs for Suranam, and Nehe- 
miah Partridge for Barbadoes. Coasters inwards, Joseph Breed 
from Piscataqua, and Joseph Lewis from Saybrook. Outward, 
Samuel Prince for Fairfield, William Rhodes for New Haven, and 
Benjamin Flood for Piscataqua. Forreign Inwards, Stephen Payne 
from Madera, and Captain James Pitts, in the David and Joseph 
from Falmouth. Permitted to clear Outwards, John Welsh, in Sea 
flower Sloop for England. 

38 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: .... Vol. VIII, p. .394. 
For detailed account of the Quelch affair, including parts of the News-Letter 
paragraphs relating to it in Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 ante, 63, 66 post, see Notes. 
Province Laws, Vol. VIII, pp. 386-397. Also see paper by Abner C. Goodell. 
(then editor of the Province Laws and maker of the Notes in Vol. VIII). 
"Captain Quelch, the Pirate," comprising extracts from his Province Laws 
Notes, in Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. Vol. Ill, pp. 



Philadelphia, July 13. Last night Arriv'd Isaac Waterman from 
Maryland, came a Passenger in the Sloop Amity of this place Alexan- 
der Alpin Master from Barhadoes, but Arriv'd in Maryland, who about 
5 Weeks ago in Lat. 32. 20. was taken by the Duke of Orleance, 
Delavil Hitchet Commander, a French Privateer of 36. Guns, 170 
men, belongs to St. Malaos, came in her Ballast from the Havana; 
They told the People of the Sloop, That they designed to Cruse for 
about Six Weeks between Cape Hatter as and Cape Cod. And also 
said, That another Ship of 40 odd Guns, was to Sail in a few days 
after them and do the same. Capt. Alpin ransomed the Sloop for 
800 /. Sterling: His Mate Philip Morys left on board in Hostage 
till said Money is paid ; many of the Privateers men spoke very good 
English, and suppose them to be Irish. 

New-York July 17th. On the 11. instant Moor Darril Master, 
in a Sloop from Curaso Arriv'd here in about a Months passage, in 
whom came Capt. Bay who last Spring Sail'd from Piscataqua bound 
to Barhadoes, and was taken on the Zd of March last in sight of 
Barhadoes by young Laroux a French man, who carryed him in to 
Martinico, and stole him thence to St. Thomas's, from whence he 
got to Curaso, and so hither, and is now bound for Boston. 

His Excellency has been pleased to appoint Roger Mompesson 
Esq. Chief Justice of this Province to the general Satisfaction of it. 
A Sloop A'ndrew Law Master is put up for London 


[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 5.] 

I, jg. IRumb. 15. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 


From /^^OI^^a^ July 24. to /IDonDa^ July 31. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

ETURN to the half sheet folio is made with this issue. Foreign 
_matter occupies the first page and a quarter of the second ; 
"■ mainly, under date St. James Fehruary 21, composed of loyal 
addresses to the queen from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Sterling. The 
domestic news is again of unusual importance, embracing a pro- 
clamation of Governor Dudley "with respect to the circulation of 
counterfeit bills of credit on the Province;" record of the arrest of a 
band of counterfeiters and seizure of their plate and press; report 
from Marshfield of the death of Peregrine White, "the first English- 
man born in New-England;" reports from New York of movements to 
strengthen the frontiers; and story of an expedition from South 


Carolina for Cuba and its defeat in a sea fight with a Spanish Ship.] 

By His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and 
Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the 
Massachusetts Bay in New Engla^id. 


T£ THERE AS it's manifest, That some evil minded Persons, de- 
WW signing to Cheat and Cotisen Her Majesties good Subjects, have 
attempted to Counterfeit tJw Twenty Shilling Bill of Credit on this 

For the better Detecting of which wicked practice, and to prevent 
Loss and Damage to Her Majesties good Subjects, by taking any of tlie 
said false Bills, 

T Have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Her Majesties 
-■-Council, to Notify all Her Majesties good Subjects, of the Deceit 
and Cousenage afore mentioned. That they may not be Imposed 
on thereby; And to Require all Persons, having any of the Twenty 
Shilling Bills of Credit in their hands, to offer the same to the View and 
Examination of the Commissioners that signed the Bills, or one of 
them; who will be present and attend at the Council Chamber in 
Boston, for that purpose, upon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 
weekly, until the last day of August next. Viz. on Tuesday s and 
Saturday s from Eleven to One of the Clock, and on Thursday' s from 
three to five of the Clock afternoon; And will give them Assurance of 
their Bills being either good or forged. 

And forasmuch as there must necessarily be a Combination of 
divers Persons in the said wicked Design of Forgery and Deceit; 
whosoever therefor shall make discovery of them so as to convict the 
Contrivers and Actors thereof, orany of them, the Person or Persons 
making such discovery, although themselves have been concerned 
therein, shall not only receive an Indemnity from any punishment, 
but also a Reward of Fifty Pounds, to be ordered and paid them out 
of the Pubhck Treasury. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston the 2-ith 0/ July 1704. In 
the Third Year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lady ANNE, by the 
Grace of GOD of England, Scotland, France and Ireland QUEEN, 
Defender of the Faith, &c. 

By Order of the Cover- /. D UDLE Y. 

nour and Council. 
Isaac Addington Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

39 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII. p. 431. 
See News-Letter Nos. 17, 57, 59, 60, 61. 82 (1705) post. 



Boston. Several Persons that were Actors and Contrivers in 
attempting to Counterfeit the 20 5. Bills of Credit on this Province, 
Thereby to Cheat and Cousen Her Majesties good Subjects, are now 
in Prison, viz. Peregrine White and Benoni White, Black-Smiths, 
John Brewer Carpenter, and Daniel Amos Wine-cooper. By the 
Examination taken, it do's not appear that there has been the value 
of One hundred Pouyids of the said Counterfeit Bills made or Issued. 
And their Plate & Press is Seized, which it's hoped will put a full 
stop to the further progress of that wicked practice. 

Thomas Odell one of the principal Actors in that Villany & Cou- 
senage, and also Infamous for his making & uttering of base Money, 
absconds and is fled from Justice ; Whosoever shall discover and cause 
him to be apprehended that he may be brought to answer for his 
Crimes aforesaid, will be well rewarded for his pains. And 'tis said 
the greatest loss in this matter will fall upon N Hampshire in case 
the said Odell be not taken, he having carryed most of his Counter- 
feit Bills into that Province. * '^ 

Entred Outward bound Capt. Jenkins for London, Smith for 
Bristol. Coasters Inwards, Sanders, Starkie from A^ Carolina, 
Curtise, Lathrop, Connecticut, Gardiner, Nantucket, Degrose, N. York. 
Outwards, Paynter, Ireland, Wilson, Clarke, Lewis, Hall and Loring 
for Connecticut. Schellinx, Gravenraet, N-York. Forreign Inwards, 
Wiikins from St. Christophers. Permitted to clear Outwards, Alden 
& Everton, for N-Foundland, Sergeant, Barbadoes, Armitage, Antigua, 
Calley and Chamberlin for Fyall. 

Marshfield, July, 22. Capt. Peregrine White of this Town, Aged 
Eighty three years, and Eight Months; died the 20/^ Instant. He 
was vigorous and of a comly Aspct to the last; Was the Son of 
Mr. William White and Sttsanna his Wife; born on board the May 
flower, Capt. Jones Commander, in Cape Cod Harbour, November, 
1620, was the First Englishman born in New- England. Altho' 
he was in the former part of his Life extravagant; yet was much 
Reform'd in his last years; and died hopefully. 

New-York, July 24. On the 19th. His Excellency Sailed from 
hence for Albajty, and carried Forces with him to strengthen the 
Frontiers, and more will follow in a few days. On the 22d. The 
Rd. Mr. Mott, Chaplain to the Forces here died. On same day arrived 
James Cebro in 21 days from Jamaica says 3 Men of War, & 13 Mer- 
chant men were arrived there from England, and that the homeward 
bound Fleet for Lo'ttdon would Sail the 6th. Instant under Convoy 

40 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes , in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 431 
See News-Letter Nos. 17, 57, 59, 60, 61, 82 (1705) post. 



of 3 men of War. On said Day arrived Cap. Aarian Claver, Com- 
mander of a Dutch Privateer of 18 Guns, 120 men, fitted here and 
Sailed in the Spring, brought in two Spanish Prizes a Setty and a 
Sloop, on board of which are 100 Pipes of Canary-Brandy, 30 Pipes 
of Palm- Wine, 900 Jarrs of Oyl, 124 Bayls of dry Goods and Silks, 
30 Slaves Negroes and Indians, &c. Which they took upon the 
Coast of New-Spain. 

Rhode-Island, July 28. Capt. Richard Simmes in the Briganteen 
Katty, burthen 90 Tuns, Sails for London in about three weeks. 

Philadelphia, July 20. Letters from 5. Carolina acquaint us that 
the Latter end of May, That Province fitted out a Sloop and a Gaily 
with 70 stout men well arm'd with Ammunition, and some Merchants 
at Charlestown fitted out another small Sloop vdth 45 men, the two 
Sloops Commanded by Capt. Cock, and Capt. Williams, designed 
for the coast of Cuba. Capt. Williams first Sail'd, and came up with 
a Spanish Ship from old Spain of 20 Guns and 16 Patteraroes; after 
some Debate boarded her, but found her very hot; They set her 
quarter on fire, then put off fearing they should burn w^th her, but 
the Spaniards put the fire out; after which they boarded her again, 
Whereupon the Spaniards on the Fore-castle cry'd quarter, but the 
Spanish Captain seeing but few enter with Capt. Wi'liams, and seeing 
many dead and wounded men on the Sloops Deck, took courage and 
renewed the fight, and beat them off. Capt. Williams had 6 or 8 
m-en killed and 12 wounded: They guess the Ship to be worth 50000/. 
The other Sloop and Galley not returned. 

[No advertisements in this number.] 

m, 16, IRumb. 16. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDon^a^ July 31. to /IDon^ap August 7. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

rT?OREIGN matter fills the first page and breaks into the second: 
I X^ a London item covers the celebration of the queen's birthday 
(in the preceding February) when "Her Majesty received the 
usual Compliments from the Nobilit3^ the Foreign Ministers, and other 
Persons of Quality of both Sexes; and there was a very great and 
splendid Appearance at Court." The domestic news is again im- 
portant. Its principal feature is the account which is given by 
Colonel Church concerning the operations of the forces placed under 



his command in the expedition eastward, conducted against the 
French and Indians; and there is a repoit of an assault of the 
enemy on Lancaster. Other paragraphs cover reports of sea con- 
flicts with privateers.] 

Boston, By Letters to His Excellency of the 28. of July last, 
from Col. Church Commander in Chief of our Forces then at Mount 
Desert, acquainted, That on the 7 of July he with the Forces Landed 
again at Minis, burnt the remainder of the standing Fence and 
Houses, kiL'd about 70 head of Cattel, besides Sheep and Hogs, 
cut down all their Damns, and Corn, destroyed their Gardens. The 
Col. and 300 men went to the upper River about 6 Leagues thence, 
called Peiaygit, where he burnt about 40 Houses, besides Out-houses, 
destroyed a great deal of Corn and Cattel ; had a small Skirmish with 
the Enemy, wherein we had two Indians wounded. Our Prisoners 
report that a Boston Privateer took the Canada Magazin, at {La 
Bays Verte) to say the Green Bay, which is in Canada River, but 
3 Leagues from Syconecto Church. The llth Our Forces return'd 
from Syconecto. The Inhabitants being fled, met only with empty 
Houses to the number of 40, which we burnt, and kill'd above 200 
head of Cattel, a great many Sheep and Hogs; a small party of 
the Enemy appeared behind a Fence, who fired briskly on our men, 
but were soon repulsed and beat off with some loss. On the 24. 
We came to Passamiquadi and met with Monsieur D, Amboise his 
Wife and Children, who says. That Chartiers his Wife and Children 
and two more that run from us here, and all the Indians fled to Canada 
as soon as we were gone, only and [an] old Indian and a Boy. On 
28. we Arrived at Mount Desert, met one of our Vessels, one Carr 
Master, who acquaints. That wanting Firewood, near Machias, 
sent his boat on shoar with 4 men well arm'd, who contrary to their 
orders, went to a wrong place. Guns were heard go ofiF, on which 
the Sloop hail'd in to the Shoar, found the Boat sunk, and one Sargent 
dead, whom they brought ofiE, the other three not found, and whither 
kill'd or Captivated not known. There is brought to Boston about 
24 Prisoners. 

On Monday Morning past, The Enemy French and Indians, fell 
in upon Lancester, about some four hundred of them, assaulted 
Six Garrisons at once, where the People defended themselves very 
well; until assistance came in from all parts by the Governour's 
Order, so that in the Evening, there were three hundred men in the 
Town, And the Enemy was beatten off with loss, but are yet hovering 
on the head of those Towns, to make some further Impression, if not 

On Fryday the 4ih. Currant, arrived here Thomas Jones, Master 



of a Pink, burthen about 80 Tuns, being a French Prize taken by 
Capt. Benjamin Gillam in his Voyage from Barhadoes to London, 
in the Latitude of 48 about 350 Leagues to the Westward of Silly, 
has on Board about 40 Tuns of Salt, was bound for New-found land. 

Entered Outwards, Walker for Barbadoes, Carey for New-found 
land, Blew for Montserrat, and Shute for St. Christopliers. Coasters 
Inwards, Amazone from Piscataqua, and Blin from Guilford. Coast- 
ers Outwards, Odiorne and Bracket for Piscataqua. Forreign In- 
wards, Collard from Antigua. Permitted to clear Outwards, Ernes 
and Bennet for Barbadoes, Hill for Antigua, Sanders for Roanock, 
Balch for New -found- land, Eliot for Curaso. 

New-London, Aug. 3. Yesterday His Honour our Governour went 
in his Pinnace to Hartford, we are much alarmed by reason of a 
very great Ship and two Sloops said to be seen at Block-Island, and 
supposed to be French. 

Philadelphia, July 27. On the 22d arriv'd Capt. Wanton in a 
Briganteen about 22 days Passage from Antigua, came out in Com- 
pany with 6 Sail bound for Bristol, Collard for Boston, one Pasco 
for A^- York, on 23d. dyed Mr. John Bewlo our Collector, and is 
succeeded by Mr. John Moor. 

Amboy, Jtine 29. On Wednesday last by an Express from Mon- 
mouth sent to His Excellency my Lord Cornbury, we were informed 
of a French Privateer that lay at Sandy-hook, who the night before 
had landed 24 men at Never sinks, & plundered two Houses; upon 
which news Cap. Hamilton ordered a strict Watch to be kept here, 
to prevent a surprise; & on Thursday night several Gentlemen came 
here, viz. Messeurs Philip French, Glencross, Gordon, Richards, & 
Cap. Perkins, who were Passengers on Board of Cap. Sinclare that 
came from London, & were that morning about 4 a Clock standing 
along the side of the Hook when they saw this Privateer whom they 
took to be an Outward bound Vessel from New-York. The Privateer 
fired two shots at them, having English Colours out; Cap. Sinclare 
endeavour'd to get from him and ran his Vessel on shore, but the 
Wind prevented, a man upon Shore pull'd off his Shirt, & made 
signs that the Privateer was a Rogue, upon which those Gentlemen 
got in to the Boat and escap'd and took in Cap. Sinclare who was 
extream ill, & landed at the Highlands of Never sinks where was a 
strong Guard; his Mate staid on board with some of the Seamen en- 
deavouring to get the Ship within the hook but could not, & so jumpt 
into the water, he & Capt. Perkins's Son, and swam on Shore when 
within Pistol Shot of the Privateer. 

New York, July 31. On 20 Currant, Simon Pasco from Antigua 
bound hither was taken by a French Privateer of 14 Guns, 120 men 



off of the Capes of Delawar lat. 45. The Privateer belongs to Bour- 
deaux, unloaded at Martinico, and there fitted out; Cap. Davy is 
Commander, they took a Barrel of Sugar, and a Hogshead of Rum 
out of the Sloop, her Guns and Arms, & then burnt her with all her 
Loading; notwithstanding Mr. Pasco offered 300 Pound for her Ran- 
som; afterward said Privateer Chas'd Mr. Sandiford bound hither 
from Carolina, who got into Sandy-hook before him. 

On the 25. the Privateer came to an Anchor in Sandy-hook, and 
there took Eleazar Darby in a Sloop from Boston bound to Philadel- 
phia, next day they took a Wood Boat & two Slaves, and that night 
gave Mr. Pasco and his men their liberty, who about ten a Clock 
got up to N. York. 

On the 27. early in the Morning the Privateer took Capt. Sinclare, 
so soon as Mr. Pasco came with the News, the Gentlemen of Her 
Majesties Council met and sent for Capt. Claver Commander of the 
Dutch Privateer, and proposed to him to go out and take said Priva- 
teer, at least to retake the Prize whom we judged to be Sinclare; 
who offered his Service, and in two hours Sail'd with 150. men and 
50 men on board his Sloop, and said day came up with the Privateer 
and her Prize, but returned the 2Sth without effecting any thing. 
And on the 29th. Capt. Claver man'd off new again; Capt. Evertson 
and Capt. Penniston in two good Sloops are gone well man'd a 
second time in pursuit of the Privateer, 

On the 30th Instant the Jersey Man of War arrived at Sandy-hook, 
and 5 days before spoke with Capt. Puckle from London to Philadel- 
phia; She also met a Sloop from Newfoundlarui bound hither, one 
Martin Master, which they Seized, having prohibited Goods 
on board. It's said the Jers[e]y will Sail to morrow, who lyes at 
Satidy-hook to recruit with Water, &c. 

Piscataqua, Aug. 4. Here is an Embargo laid on all Outward 
bound Vessels. Mr. Shortridge is Arrived from FyalL 


THere is to be Sold a Still-House (about a Mile from New-York) 
50 Foot long, and 22 Foot broad, with two good Copper Stills, 
Head and Worms; one of said Stills containing about 140 Gallons, 
the other about 100 Gallons. There is a very good Well, Pumps; 
all the conveniences and Utensils necessary for said Still-House; 
And a stout lusty Negro Man, who understands Stilling. If any 
body have a mind to buy said Still-House, they may agree with Mr. 
Augustus Lucas of said New-York upon reasonable Terms: they may 
have an Inventory of all the things belonging to said Still-House, 



and the buyer shall have all the Satisfaction he can desire about 
the Stilling. 

IR, ]g, mumb. 17. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^ai!? August 7. to /IDont>ai? August 14. 1704. 


r A CONSIDERABLE part of this issue is taken up with reports 
E ./\^from Milan, Vienna, Portsmouth, Zurich and other points, con- 
 cerning the war, and particularly in relation to carrying on 
hostilities in Germany. The domestic news includes a procla- 
mation by the governor for the apprehending of Thomas Odell, "a 
chief contriver and actor" in counterfeiting a certain bill of credit on 
the Province.] 

Fyal, June Jo: The Deptford 8c Lowstoff Men of War bound home 
from Guinea, put in here ten days ago for Water; in their outward 
bound Voyage by contrary Winds fell in amongst the Canary Islands, 
and passing the Road of Sancta Crux the 13th of November last, 
espied several Vessels, went in under French Colours and brought 
out 5 Sail viz. 2 Galleons which they burnt off the Road, one Ship 
they sent home Loaden with Canaries & Logwood; The other two 
small vessels they carried with them, the one whereof was a Dutch 
built Dogger, burthen about 90 Tuns, on board whereof they put 
much of their Plunder & the Lowstoff's Stores. Which Said Dogger 
ran away from them in the night, the 30th of November last, near 
Cape DeVerd, having 6 Guns & 4 Patteraro's mounted. 

Capt. Becilly in the Deptford Sail'd from this Road 6 days ago in 
search of a French man who had lain 5 or 6 days off the Island,.- and 
the French man boarded him in the night, the Deptford pretending 
to run from him, but finding his mistake got from him and run for it, 
the Man of War being foul could not come up with him, but gaul'd 
him so that he has left the Island, and several of his men ashore on 
the Island of St. Georges. 

The two Men of War will sail from hence to morrow with 5 Sail of 
Merchant men under their Convoy. 

Boston, Capt. Charles Stuckley, Commander of Her Majesties Ship 
the Lowstoff has given an Account to His Excellency our Governour 
of the said Dogger being run away with sundry of Her Majesties 
Stores on board of her, by some of the Company belonging to the 



Lowstoffe; the names of whom are as follow, viz. John Clark, Master, 
married at New-York, Zachariah Gamble, James Miller, and 7 others. 
And has prayed His Excellency's Assistance to cause them to be 
Apprehended, if they should happen to arrive within any part of his 
Government: Whereof notice is by His Excellency's Order hereby 
given to all Her Majesties Loving Subjects; And to direct them to 
seiz and secure the said Vessel and Company, or any of them, if so 
be they may be found. 

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Gov- 
ernour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massa- 
chusets Bay, &c. in New-England. 

A PROCLAMATION for the Apprehending 
of Thomas Odell. " 

WHEREAS Thomas Odell, a chief Contriver and Actor in the 
Counterfeiting of the Twenty Shilling Bill of Credit on this Prov- 
ince, and in uttering of the same; As also violently Suspected of making 
and uttering of base and counterfeit Money, or Coyn, is absconded and 
concealed; notwithstanding Hue-en-cry' s and Warrants have issued 
to pursue after, a7td apprehend him. That he might be brought to 
Answer for his said vile and wicked practices. 

I Have therefore thought fit, with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
to Issue this Proclamation hereby requiring all Officers, Civil and 
Military, and all other Her Majesties Loving Subjects, to apprehend 
and take into Custody the Body of the said Thomas Odell; withall 
Declaring, That whosoever shall Seize the said Odell, and render him 
to Justice, shall have the Sum of Thirty Pounds as a reward therefore, 
to be Ordered and paid out of the Publick Treasury. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston the Eighth Day of August, 
1704. In the Third Year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lady A N NE, 
by the Grace of GOD of England, Scotland, France and Ireland 
QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &c. By Order of the Governour 
and Council. 

Isaac Addington Seer. /. D UDLE Y. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 
The above-nam'd Odell is one of a middle Stature, slender & 
streight Body, black hair, thin vissage, holding his head somewhat 
on one side in his walk; who is known often to have changed his 
name. ^^ 

41 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 431- 
432. See News-Letter No. 15 ante, Nos. 57, 59, 60, 61, 82 (1705) post. 

42 This memorandum was attached to the foregoing proclamation. 



By Letters from CoL Partridge acquainted. That Capt. Allin & 
his Company, in passing from Northampton to Westfield, to reinforce 
Major Whiting, The Enemy from an Ambuscado fired upon their 
Scouts, kill'd one man, & took two Prisoners, one whereof was 
wounded: The Company hearing the Guns, immediately turned 
out of the Road into the bushes, & had a small skirmish with the 
Enemy, kill'd 2 Indians, rescued one of our Prisoners, & took 5 or 6 
Guns, & 9 or 10 blankets from the Enemy. ^^ 

On Thursday last. Col. Church Commander in Chief of our Forces 
at the Eastward, arrived here with part of the Forces; the other 
part at Piscataqua. 

His Excellency, our Governour receiving Intelligence on Saturday 
night by the Post from A^- York of the French Privateer (who took 
Capt. Sinclare mentioned in our last) his coming upon our Coast, 
sent orders to Capt. Smith in the Gosport, and Capt. Southack in the 
Province Gaily next morning to Sail in quest of said Privateer. 

Entred Outwards, Mason for Curaso, Abbot for North-Carolina, 
Blower for New found-land, Holland for Maryland, Bridger for 
Antigua, & Evans for Madera. Coasters Inwards, Haughton from 
Rhode-Island, Vaile from Pensilvania, Smith & Gilbert from Say- 
brook. Coasters Outwards, De Grofe for New, York Codman & 
Cornish for Pensilvania. Foreign Inwards, Webber from Antigua, 
Price from Newfoundland & Buckley from Suranam. Permitted 
to clear Outwards, Balston & Davis for Barbadoes, Cook for St 

Philadelphia, August 3. Yesterday arrived here Capt. Puckle 
from Lojtdon about 14 weeks passage. 

 N-York, Aug 7. Yesterday our 3 Privateers return' d without 
seeing or hearing of the French Privateer, at the same time came in a 
Briganteen from Nevis, who on the last of July, 8 leagues off of 
Sandyhook was taken by the French Privateer, & Ransomed for 
400 1. St. Thomas Mony, & say that the Privateer is gone for Tarpolin 
Cove, having sent Cap. Sinclare' Ship with 15 of his men to Martinico 
two days after they took her. The Jersey Man of War Sail'd on 
Thursday last, & returned last night with Cap. Jeffries from London, 
& to morrow Sails again in pursuit of the French Privateer. Last 
week arrived here two Sloops from St. Thomas's in one of which 
came young Laroux, who is committed to Prison till His Excellency 
returns from Albany, for acting in the French Service. 

43 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 423. 



New-London, Aug 9. On Thursday last marched from hence 
Capt. John Livingston, with a brave Company of Volunteers English 
& Indians, to reinforce the Frontiers. Mr. Jonas Clarke is arrived 
from Boston. 

Stonnington, Aug. 10. Here is a person apprehended & secured, 
for putting several Cheats upon some persons, land supposed to be 
Thomas Odell mentioned in the NewsPaper for Counterfeiting the 
Massachusetts- Bays 20 s. bills of Credit. ** 

Rhode-Island, Aug. 11. Mr. Simmes in the Brigantine Katty 
Sails for London with the first fair Wind. Capt. Whitehorn bound 
there also wants men. 


fi^'^T^HE Life of Justification Opened: Or, A Treatise grounded 
*^° J- upon Gal 2. 11. Wherein the Orthodox Doctrine of Justifica- 
tion by Faith, and Imputation of CHRIST'S Righteousness, is 
clearly Expounded, Solidly Confirmed, and Learnedly Vindicated 
from the various Objections of its Adversaries. Whereunto are 
subjoyned some Arguments against Universal Redemption. By 
that Faithful and Learned Servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Broun, 
sometimes Minister of the Gospel at Wamfrey in Scotland: and 'Re- 
commend by an Eminent Divine, Mr. Melchior Leydecker, Professor 
of Divinity in the University of Utricht: As also well Approv'd of 
by the Reverend Ministers of Boston in N-Engla'nd. To be Sold 
by Benjamin Eliot, at his Shop under the West End of the Town- 
House in Boston: at a reasonable Price. 

A Negro Man Slave to be Sold by Capt. Weniworth Paxton, and to 
be seen at his House in Boston. 

[Reprinted: still-house to be sold, as in August 7.] 

ff\, jg. Bumb. 18. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap August 14. to /IDOn&ap August 21. 1704. 


P I "^HREE columns of this issue are given to the address of the 

I X English house of commons to the queen concerning recent 

actions of the house of lords and differences between those 

44 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 432. 
See News-Letter No. L5 ante, Nos. 57, 59, 60, 61, 82 (1705) post. 



two bodies. There is one column of domestic news, including the 
speech of Governor Dudley to the General Court, August 16.] 

His Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esq. Capt. Ge^ieral and Govern- 

our in Chief in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massachetts- 

Bay in N. England, &c. His SPEEC H to the Honourable the Council 

and Representatives in General Court Assembled at Boston August 
l^th. 1704. 


Since your last recess, the Forces Eastward under Col. Church, 
with the Assistance of Her Majesties Ships, have past thro' 
all the Eastern parts of Vaccadie and Nova-Scotia, and have burnt 
and destroyed all the French Settlements except the Town of Port- 
Royal: AndKill'd their Cattel,& broken their Dams; and have brought 
home about 100 Prisoners, and a good Plunder: So that I am not 
sensible there are five Houses left in any part of the French Settle- 
ment out of sight of the Fort, or any manner of support for the Inhab- 
itants; which was what we projected in the Spring. And the Forces 
are returned and disbanded without the loss of any more than Six 
men, for which we have all reason to render thanks to Almighty 

You are further sensible of the Inroad made upon us at Lancaster, 
by about 300 French & Indians, where by the favour of GOD, we 
were so ready for them that we have lost no Garison ; and our Forces 
have press'd upon them so early and so diligently, that they are 
Marcht oflf after a two Months Expedition, without any further 
Triumph, Than that of three or four Children. And the Forces 
there of about 300 men under Major Tailor were also yesterday 
disbanded, saving what are necessary upon the Frontiers of Middle- 
sex to Assist the Harvest. 

I have also to Acquaint you, That we have lately discovered a 
number of ill men, Coyners of Money, & Forgers of our Bills of Credit, 
which are in Prison to answer; and tho' the Common Law will be 
sufficient to Impower the Judges for their punishment, yet I shall 
desire your Advice and Assistance for the prevention of such Villanies, 
tending so much to the ruine of Trade and the Publick Credit of the 

The Treasurers Accompts will be before you, & what is necessary 
thereupon, your last Order for the supply of the Treasury was mis- 
taken and ineffectual, which you will soon perceive and rectify. 
That we may proceed in our payments. 

I consider the season of the Year, & the necessity of my Putting 
the Province of Main into a new posture upon the return of the 
Forces from thence, & shall desire that three or four days may con- 
clude this Session, the ordinary time of your meeting being so near. 



The House of Representatives have Voted Thanks to be given to 
Col. Church, Commander in Chief of the Forces in the Expedition 
to the Eastward for his good Service. 

On Saturday his Excellency Prorogu'd the General Assembly 
to the 25th day of October next. 

Outward bound, Lilly, Vibart & Wyar for Barbadoes, Price, 
White & Hurst for N. foundland, Coasters Inwards, Parker, Patty 
& Allin from Connecticut. Coasters outwards, Lathrop for Rhode- 
Island, Abbot for N. Carolina, Church for Bristol. Foreign Inwards, 
Rodes from Rhode-Island, Vial & Richards from Jamaica, Way 
from Marylatid. Forreign Outwards, Miris for Suranam & Gordin 
for Fyall. Capt. Jacobs will Sail in eight days for Bristol. 

N-York, Aug. 14. On the 12. His Excel, our Govr. arriv'd here 
from Albany, which place with the rest of the Frontiers, he found in 
a very good posture of Defence, and our Indians well affected to the 

Philadelphia, Aug. 11. On Saturday last, Eleazar Darby arrived 
at Salem, about 4 days before. The French Privateer gave him his 
Sloop, after they plundered her of a great part of her Loading. 


AT Mr. John Mico Merchant, his Warehouse upon the Dock in 
Boston, There is to be Sold good Cordage of all sizes, from a 
Spurn- Yarn to Cables of 13 inches, by whole-sail or Retail. 

A Lusty Negro Man-Slave to be Sold by Thomas Palmar Esq. 
and to be seen at his House in Boston. 

AT Mr. Joseph Miller's House near the Mill-bridge in Boston, 
There's good Fyall Wine to be Sold by the Pipe, Quarter Cask, 
or smaller quantities, as also right Passado's and right Canary by 
the Quarter Cask or smaller quantities, at reasonable prices. 

1H. ]£♦ IRumb. 19. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ August 21. to /IDOUOag August 28. 1704. 


r^T^HE two columns on the first page, and half of the first column on 
I X the second page are filled with foreign news. First, under 
■• date "St. James's February 7. 1703, 4," is an announcement of 
grants to the poor clergy by the queen. Following this are news 
paragraphs from Vienna, Hague and Frankfort chiefly relating to 
military affairs in Italy and Holland. The declaration of the king 



of Spain, Don Carlos III, against the duke of Anjou who was aspir- 
ing to the throne is given in full and occupies nearly two columns.] 

Jamaica, July 2d. Our Coast is often infested with French and 
Spanish Privateers, who steal away our Negro's: And when we 
meet them they pay dear for their Insolence. 

Eighty French and Spaniards some few Months ago Landed at 
St. Maries, on the North side of the Island, where Capt. Nathaniel 
Brown's Company quartered, and he chanceing to be there at that 
time; upon notice thereof, Immediately rallied together what men 
he could get, being but Sixteen of his own Company, and as many 
more of the Country, Marched towards them. Six tedious Miles 
thro' the Woods, where our guides brought him within 50 yards of the 
Enemy, before they discovered us: They had taken some Negro's 
and were going off to their Gaily, when immediately Capt. Brown 
gave them Battel, and kill'd 35 of them on the Spot, and took 4 
Prisoners. The Remainder made their escape in their Gaily; and 
Capt. Brown had but one man shot in the breast in all the Incounter. 
Since which time they have made no attempt on that part of the 
Island; for which good Service he had the Governour and Councel's 

We dayly expect a Fleet of Men of War, and some Land Forces from 

Some says. That Monsieur Decast is ordered to Attack this Island, 
but we don't fear him. 

Boston. An Act passed by the Great and General Court or As- 
sembly, begun at Boston the olth of May, 1704. and continued by 
Prorogation unto Wednesday, the 16. of August Currant, Against 
Counterfeiting the Bills of Credit of this Province. 

On Thursday the 24th. The Weekly Lecture being turned into a 
Fast at the South-Meeting-house, at the close of the Forenoon's 
Sermon, ^^ broke out a Fire in the Anchor Tavern *^ (near the Old- 
Meeting house) on the top of the Roof; occasioned by some unlucky 
Boys, who carryed some Coals up to the Turret, to Fire off a Pistol; 
which was by GOD'S good and signal Providence put out again, 
otherwise had proved of fatal consequence. 

The Gosport Man of War, and the Province Galley returned on the 
26 Currant from their Cruise, could hear nothing of the French 

Captain Smith in the Gosport Sails first fair Wind for Piscataqua. 

45 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 115, under date August 

46 The Blue Anchor tavern: on the present Washington Street, east side, 
about where the building of the Globe newspaper stands. 



Captain Jacobs for Bristol, will Sail in about a Fortnight. 

Outward bound, Collard for Antegua, Welsh and Hobbs for N. 
fou'ndla'nd , Homes for Barbadoes, Richards and Vial for Jamaica, 
Parker for Pensilvania, Gilbert for N. Forfe. Coasters Inwards, 
Flood, Garfier, Kingburry and Tupper from Piscataqua, Milliard 
N. Carolina, and Lothrop from Gillford. Outwards Rhodes for A^. 
Haven. Forreign Inwards, T^w from Nevis, Carket from Jamaica, 
Thwing from Suranam. Forreign outwards, Paytie, Price and 
Hir5^ for Nfoundlafid, Blew for Monserrat, and Mortimore for 

Philadelphia, August IS. On the 16. Arrived Two Sloops from 
Aw^igMa, Says a Fleet was some time before Arrived from England, 
with whom came the New General Sir. William Mathews. 

On the 21. June last in Lat. 32.40. The Briganteen Society belonging 
to Milford in Connecticut, Benjamin Andrews Master, bound for 
Antigua, was taken by a French Privateer of 14. Guns and 100 & 
odd men: The Master bought her for 500 pieces of Eight to be paid 
at St. Thomas's, is gone himself hostage for the Money. 

New-York, August 21. The Jersey man of War is returned from 
his Cruise, She has been at Rhode-Island and Block-Island &c. but 
could hear nothing of the French Privateer. His Excellency the 
Lord Cornbury designs for his Government of New-Jearsey on Monday 
next. Capt Law and Capt Jeffers are both bound for London. 


[Reprinted: cordage for sale by John Mico, negro to be sold by 
Thomas Palmer and wine for sale by Joseph Hiller, as in August 21 ; 
Benjamin Eliot's announcement of sale of the Reverend John Brown's 
work The Life of Justification Opened, as in August 14.] 

IPi. j£. IFlumb. 20. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^a^ August 28. to /IDon^H^ September 4. 1704. 


I"! T riTH the exception of three short domestic news items and a 
I VV single advertisement the four columns of this issue are 
filled with foreign news. First is the address from the clergy 
of the convocation of York to the queen in February preceding, and 
the queen's response. Then follows the address to the queen from 
the archbishops, bishops and clergy of Ireland in national conven- 



tion. As in preceding issues there are the customary reports of miU- 
tary movements in letters of February and March from Paris, 
Hague, Vienna and elsewhere.] 

Boston, His Excellency our Governour went on Tuesday the 22d 
of August for his Goverment of New-Hampshire, and returned on 
Frydaytho. 1st Currant. 

Entered Outward, Codman for Fyall, and Norris for Montserat. 
Coasters Inwards, Adolph from New-York, Bracket from Piscataqua, 
Loring from Saybronk. Coasters Outwards, Snell for Piscataqua, 
Smith for Connecticut, Parker for Pensilvania, Gilbert and Patty 
for New-York. Forreign Inwards, Tiler hom. Montserat, and Gardner 
from Fyall. Forreign Outwards, Welsh, White and Hobbs, for 
New-foundland, Rayner for Madera, and Capt. Ellery for Barbadoes. 

Marblehead, Sept. 2. Arrived here on Thursday last the Arcana 
Galley, [blank] Murffee Master, came from London about eight weeks 
ago, but last from Plymouth about six weeks Passage. 



Negro Man Slave to be Sold by Capt. Wentworth Paxton, and to 
be seen at his House in Boston. 

B, Ig, IRumi). 21. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonOa^ September 4. to /IDon&a^ September 11. 1704. 


r tN this issue are three and a half columns of foreign news. Letters 
I Xfrom Rome, Hague, Ratisbon and Hamburg treat of the war, 
■• and particularly of affairs in Poland. There is the address to 
the queen, of the bishop, dean and chapter, and the clergy of the 
diocese of Chester, thanking her majesty for the provision made for 
the poor clergy ; and also the address of the house of lords to the queen 
in relation to settling the succession of the crown of Scotland upon the 
Princess Sophia and her heirs Protestant. Only half a column is 
devoted to domestic news, most interesting of which is the account 
of the capture of a French vessel by a Maryland captain.] 

Boston, Capt. Smith in Her Majesties Ship the Gosport will Sail 



for England again on the 1st of October, with what Ships are ready 
under his Convoy. 

Entered Outward bound, Bucklin for Suranam, Peacock ior Jamaica, 
Pitts for Antigtia, Mould and Perkins for Barbadoes. Coasters 
Inwards, Walter & Tiller from New-York & Holt from Saybrook. 
Coasters Outwards, Wyar & Jackson for Piscataqua, Snow and Allen 
for Connecticut. Forreign Inwards, Tomlin from Compeche, Brown 
from Madera, and Lanyon from North Carolina. Forreign Out- 
wards, Holland for Maryland, Jacobs for Bristol, Selley for North- 
Carolina, Wyar Dutch, and Lasenby for Barbadoes. 

Philadelphia, August 29. By some Gentlemen arrived here last 
Week from Maryland, we have the following Account, That some 
few days before they came away, one Richard Johnson arrived at 
Anapolis, who last Spring in a Brigantine coming from Barbadoes 
bound for Marylaiid (where he belong' d to) was taken by a French 
Privateer and carried to Martinico. After he had been there some 
time, a Fleet sayling thence for France under a Convoy, They put said 
Johnson, another Englishman and a Boy on Board of one of the 
Merchant men in order to be carried to France; On board of said 
Ship there was also 9 or 10 French men. On their Voyage, said 
Ship was separated from the rest of the Fleet, which put the Prisoners 
on Consultation how to procure their liberty; in order to which, ob- 
serving the Carpenters Chest stood upon the Deck, they took their 
opportunity and went to it, Mr. Johnson took out of it an agur 
Shank 4 foot long, the other Prisoner an Ax, and Mr. Johnson with 
his Instrument Knockt the French Captain on tlie Head, and threw 
him Overboard, after some small resistance made, the French men 
ran all between Decks, and cryed for Quarter, which Mr. Johnson 
gave them, none being killed but the Captain, the rest being 8 or 9 
they brought with the Ship to Anapolis. The Prize is mostly loaden 
with Sugar and Ginger. 

His Excellency Col. Nicholson Governour of Virginia arrived here 
this day. The Briganteen Robert and Benjamin, John Guy Commander 
is Loading for London, expects to Sail within a month. 

A^. York, Sept. 4. On the 29. last His Excellency the Ld Cornbury 
went for his Government of New-Jersey, and Arrived at Burlington 
on the 31. where his Excellency Col. Nicholson Governour of Virginia 
met him. On the 2d Instant was burryed the Reverend Mr Prevet, 
Minister of the French Congregation in this City; he was a Person of 
Eminent Piety, Vertue and Learning, who's loss is much Lamented 



by all good men that knew him. 
[No advertisements in this issue.] 

IH. C IRumb. 22 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^ag September 11. to /IDon^a^ September 18. 1704. 

N Y— AS 

r-'TpHIS issue begins with the address of the English house of 
I X lords to the queen, and her majesty's answer, under date St. 
'■ James, March 31, 1704. From Edinburgh, April 1, is a report of 
the proceedings of the general assembly of the church of Scotland. 
From Hague, Turin and Vienna are reports of mihtary movements. 
Under the Boston heading reports of the treaty between England 
and Algiers, the victory of the duke of Marlborough oyer the Bava- 
rian forces at Schellenberg, a victory of the Portuguese forces over 
the duke of Anjou and the payment of ransom money by the 
cities of Bruges and Ghent are given; and it is added, "And of 
all abovesaid, We shall endeavor afterwards to give a more fuller 

Boston, By a Letter to His Excellency our Governour of the 4:"*- 
of March last, from His Royal Highness Prince George of Denmark, 
Ld. High Admiral of England &c. Importing a Treaty lately con- 
cluded with Algiers by Rear Admiral Bings, One Article whereof is, 
That Certificate be given by the Governour of Her Majesties Planta- 
tions in America, &c. to the Masters of Merchant Ships built in the 
Plantations, and such Prizes as shall be taken. Which Letter His 
Excellency Communicated in Council the 14''*- Instant, ordering the 
same to be made Publick, That all Masters of Ships and Vessels 
bound to any part of Europe, attend His Excellency for such Certifi- 
cate Accordingly. 

Entered Outward, Adolph for N. York, Deverne and Vincent 
for Virginia. Coasters, Inwards Phenix from A''. York, Darby 
from Pensilvania, Lewis from Say brook. Hall from N. Haven. 
Coasters Outward, Walters for A^. York, and Vial for Pensilvania. 
Forreign Inwards, Carter from Nevis, and Bevis from Exon. For- 
reign Outwards, Atidrews and Webber for Barbado's, Peacock and 
Vial for Jamaica. 

Philadelphia, Sept. 7. A Sloop from Barbadoes is arrived here, 
she put out to Sea by bad Weather, and left the Island the 26 of 
July: The Fleet for the Main were ready to Sail, and only waited 



for the Man of Wars coming in for their Convoy, Codman and Cornish 
axe arrived here from Boston. 

New-York, Sept. 11. Last week came in a Sloop from Sandykook, 
& by her not coming up we were jealous of her being a French Priva- 
teer, and by direction of the Council, Capt Rogers Commander of the 
Jersey put 100 able men on board a Briganteen which was bound to 
Suranam, with hay on her quarter for a decoy; but she coming near 
the Sloop most of the men run ashore: The Sloop is a Prize of Capt. 
Tongerlows, she has nothing on board but about 600 of Cocoa, 40 
barrels of Flower, and a few Hides. 

Ipswich, Sept. 16. On Thursday last. Dyed the Rd. Mr. William 
Hubbard, Minister of the Gospel, Aged 83 Years. One of the first 
that took his Degree at Cambr. in N. Englaiid. " 


T Ost on Tuesday last the 12 Instant at Boston, a small Guinea 
-"-^Dear's foot Tipt with Gold; whosoever shall find the same and 
bring it unto John Campbell Post-Master shall be sufficiently rewarded. 

1R, 16. IRumb. 23. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon5)a^ September 18. to /IDonDag September 25. 1704. 


TTT /"ITH the exception of four short items of domestic news, the 
I W two pages of this issue are filled with reports of foreign affairs, 
for the most part relating to military movements on the con- 
tinent of Europe. From Rome for the month of May, 1704, are 
reports of affairs at the Vatican.] 

Boston, Entered Outward bound, N orris for Montserat, and Richards 
for Jamaica. Coasters Inwards, Wells, from Guilford, Eliot, Plaine 
and Plumbe from Milford, Smith, Harris and Curtis from Saybrook, 
and Odiorne from Piscataqua. Outward, Gardner for Nantucket, 
Loring for Martha's Vineyard and Connecticut, Adolph and Van 
Newenhusen ioT New-York. 

Philadelphia, September 14. Four days ago arrived here Parker 

47 Author of the Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New Eng- 
land from Its Planting of thereof in 1607, but chiefly of the late Troubles in 
the Two Last Years, 1675 and 1676, to which is added a Discourse about the 
War with the Pequots in 1637. Also of the History of New England to 1680. 
See Diary of Samuel Sewall Vol. II, p. 116, under date Thorsday, 7z 14th [1704]. 



from Boston, Mr. Guy in the Briganteen for London is near Loaden. 
Governour Nicholson sets out to morrow for Virginia, 

New-York, Sept. 18. On the 16th: dyed Matthew Ling Esqr. 
one of Her Majesties Council for this Province. The Jersey Man 
of War Sails for England the 8th of October. Three Vessels from 
hence takes the benefit of her Convoy, viz. Jeffers, Law and Coward 
for London. 

Rhode-Island, Sept. 22. This day arrived one Brown in a Sloop 
from Fyall, seven weeks passage, in whom came a Passenger that 
was at Lisbon: [Foreign news item follows.] 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

1R. 16. tRumb. 24. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From nHonDap September 25. to nnon&ag October 2. 1704, 


TTN three columns and a half of this issue are advices from Venice, 
I A Turin, Poland, Vienna and Portugal for the month of May, 
1704, all relating to the war on the continent. There is a half 
column of domestic news.] 

Boston, From Barbadoes vfe are acquainted, that Noyce, Andrews, 
Bridgham, Barns were taken by the French, and 'tis feared that 
Mr. Shearburn also is taken. Bears taken coming from Snranam, 
Rows & Foster not Arrived, Cravat & Scot both arrived there. Several 
Vessels came out from Barbadoes in Company with ours that are 
arrived; Two of them for New-York, and several for Philadelphia. 

Entered Outwards, Darby for Jersey, Hoddy for Jamaica, Leach 
for Nevis, Sunderland for Barbadoes, and Turell for London, Coasters 
Inwards, Ware & Jackson from Piscataqua, & Newenhusen from 
A^- York. Coasters Outwards, Hall & Holt for Connecticut, Halsy 
for N. York. Foreign Inwards, Cushing from Virginia, Pickman 
from Fyall, Wilson and Charnock from Barbadoes. 

Amboy, Sept. 23. On the 16th Instant dyed at Burlington, Capt. 
Samuel Walker Esq. One of Her Majesties Council for this Province. 

New-York, Sept. 25. On the 21, & the 22d. Arrived here 2 
Sloops from Curacoa, Daniel Dunskum & Rich. Creago Masters, 
about 5 weeks passage, Myn Heer Beck was arrived there Governour 
from Holland, & in his passage took a French Privateer & a French 



Vessel bound from the Streights to France, and brought them into 

Col. Townsend & John Leveret Esqrs. Arrived here last week from 
Rhode-Island, & on Fryday last they sayled for Albany. *^ 

The Pensilvania Post is Arrived, his Excel, the Ld, Cornbury 
has been at Salem & New-Castle; & was just arrived at Burlington 
when the Post came away, there is no News that way. 

Piscataqua Sep. 28. Yesterday arrived here Cap. Geerish from 
Lisbon and Fyall, has on board about 80 pipes of Wine and 1000 
Hogsheads of 5alt. 

Cape-Anne Sep. 29. This day arrived here Capt. Alcock from 
Barbadoes. And Frost for Piscataqua came out in Company with 


THere is a Negro man taken up supposed to be Runaway from 
his Master, he is small boned, middle stature, small beard, gray 
Jacket, grey homespun kersey breeches, a Souldier's cap, no stockings, 
an old pair of shoes, calls himself Sambo, for paying the Postmaster 
for this Advertisement, the Owner may be informed where he is, 
and also upon paying the charge and reward for taking him up, 
may have said Negro again. 

IR, jg. Bumb. 25. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From flQon&ap October 2. to tUlon^a^ October 9. 1704. 


r ^ COLUMN and a half on the first page of this issue is taken up 
I XA-With ''Advice from London concerning the Camisars in the 
*• Cevennes for the Month of May, 1704." Following are advices, 
concerning the war, from Holland and the Netherlands, Venice and 
Riga for the month of May preceding, from Amsterdam and 
Turin for June, and from Lisbon under date of August 30. Near- 
ly all the second column on the second page is devoted to domestic 

Boston, Entered Outward bound, Ruggles for Barbadoes, Coffin 

48 Colonel Penn Townsend and John Leverett, Esq., commissioners from 
Massachusetts to treat with the Five Nations. Reprinted from the News-Let- 
ter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay: . . . , together with later items [see News-Letter Nos. 25, 26, 
27, 29 post] bearing on this matter, Vol. VIII, p. 453. 



for Antigua, and Thomas for Suranam. Coasters Outwards, Jackson 
for Piscataqua, Newenhussen, Tiller and Phenix for New- York. 
Forreign Inwards, Smith and Alcock from Barbadoes, Green from 
Newfoundland, Cally from Fyall, and Moor from Lisbon. Out- 
wards Cleared, Bridgar for Antigua, Watson, Perkins and £i;v^^ for 
Barbadoes, David Mason for London, and Beavis for Exon. 

S. Johns New-foundland, Sept. 21. On the 18th of /lMgw5^ last, 
about 144 French and Canada Indians about 2 a Clock in the Morning 
in 2 Sloops and Canoo's, came to Bonavist Harbour, about 30 Leagues 
to the Northward of this Place, and surprised the Pembrook Galley 
of Loiidon, 250 Tons, 44 men and 20 Guns, John Noll Commander, 
Laden with dry Fish: And the Society of Pool, 140 Tons, 14 Guns 
and 24 men, Capt. Auten Commander, and also the William, about 
115 Tons, 10 men, no Guns, having 30 Tons of Lamp Oyl on Board; 
They also attempted to surprize Captain Michael Gill of Charls- 
town in New-England, of 14 Guns, and 24 men, who discovering 
their Boat to be French, fired briskly upon them, kill'd and wounded 
some of them, so that they returned to the Prizes they had taken, 
& brought the great Guns of both Ships to bear upon Capt. Gill, 
and continued firing upon him with both great Shot and small Arms 
for the space of 6 hours, till his Ship was much Shattered: he on the 
other hand plying his great Guns and small Arms all the while upon 
them; during the Action, he had Veered his Ship somewhat to the 
Shoar, about 8 a Clock, when they found he would not be taken, 
they set fire to the Society, & cut her loose in a flame to drive upon 
him; but by the great diligence of Capt. Gill, he got clear of her, and 
she burnt to the Keel: finding that would not do, they set fire to the 
Ship William, and set her before the Wind, furiously burning to that 
degree, that the Lamp-Oyl burning in a flame on the Water, was like 
to have set him on fire, so that both he and his men laboured in the 
fire, and turn'd her clear of them. 

And when the Inhabitants who had fled into the Woods and Rocks, 
saw Capt. Gill's Courage, they came down and appeared in a Body 
in Arms, which, when the the French saw, they immediately Weighed 
and set Sail, and carried the Masters and and men with them. And 
about 40 Leagues off, they gave the Masters and some of the men 
a Boat, who soon after returned, to whom the Enemy declared that 
had they taken Capt. Gill, they would not have left House, Stage, 
nor Goods in the Harbour ; all which is owing under God to the Courage 
and Conduct of Capt : Gill. He had but one man kill'd and 3 wounded 
but the Enemy lost several, and several wounded. 

Piscataqua, Octob. 5. Mr. Pepperel in a Ketch from Newfound- 
land, 10 days Passage arrived last night, and are acquainted by 



her, That our Fleet consisting of about 70 Sail, intends to set out 
the 12th Currant, under Convoy of a 4th and two 5th Rates Men of 
War, one of them goes directly for England, and the other two for 

New-York, Octob. 2. On Saturday last, Arrived here a Sloop 
from Jamaica, one Dupue, Master, about 7 Weeks Passage, he says 
a Sloop and small Ship belonging to Boston were there. That several 
Sloops were gone up on the Spanish Coast to Trade, but none returned. 
We have not heard from Albany since Col. Townsend and Mr. Leveret 
with the other Gentlemen of Boston went up. * * 


STray'd on Monday last, a small red Cow, with a yellow and 
black strip't List about her horns, a little Tet on one of her Tets. 
Whoever shall find said Cow, & her bring to John Campbel Post- 
master of Boston, shall be well rewarded. 

1R, le. IRumb. 26. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /l>QnJ>ai? October 9. to /©OUDa^ October 16. 1704. 


FTN the first column of the first page of this issue is a letter dated 
I XZurich, June 14, ''from one of the chief Leaders of the Camisars, 
to a Brother or intimate Friend of his at Genoa, by a trusty Messen- 
ger" giving an account of the condition of affairs in Languedoc. Under 
date Amsterdam, June 17, is a report of the movements of Jean 
Cavalier and the Camisars; from Rome, May 13, news of the Vatican; 
from Venice, June 7, and from the king of Poland's camp at Sendo- 
mir, June 20, war news. From Cologne, June 20, is a long story of how 
the "famous French Party-Man La Croix" planned to seize the duke 
of Saxe Zeits, bishop of Raab, and how his designs were frustrated.] 

Boston, Entered Outward bound, Henry Tew for Jamaica. Coast- 
ers, Jn wards, Jonas Green, Simon Or over, John Hedge, John Wilson, 
Samuel Prince from Connecticut, John Keirsted from New-York, 
James Robe from Virginia. Coasters, Outwards, John Lathrop for 
Rhode-Jsland. Forreign, Inwards, John Robinson from Barbados, 
Thomas N orris from Mounserrat. Forreign, Outwards, Noah 
Champney for Maryland, John Jenkins for London. 

The Gosport Man of War, Capt. Smith Commander with the Ships 
under his Convoy Sails for England, in 2 or 3 days. 

Philadelphia, Sept. 28. Capt. Guy for London is fallen down the 

49 See News-Letter No. 24 ante, Nos. 26, 27, 29 post. 



River, says will Sail directly on Saturday next, Codman, Cornish 
and Parker also fallen down the River all bound for Boston. 

New-York, Octob. 9. On the 4th Instant, His Excellency, the 
Lord Cornbury arrived here from his Government of New-Jersey: 
The Assembly there are Dissolved (not having past one Act) and 
another Call'd to Sit the 9th of November next. Our Assembly 
here is Adjourned to Thursday next. Capt. Peniston in a Sloop with 
70 men Sailed hence the 7th Currant on Privateering. The Jersey 
Man of War for England with the Vessels under her Convoy proposes 
to Sail this Week or the next. Yesterday Capt. Sleigh arrived from 
Barbadoes, and Codman from Philadelphia. The Boston Gentlemen 
are not yet arrived from Albany. ^° 

Several Vessels are bound from hence to Barbadoes. 


A Convenient back-dwelling House with other Accomodations 
in Pudding- Lane ^"^ in Boston near the Post-Office, to be Lett; 
Inquire of John Campbel Post-master and know further. 

'^, IS. Bumb. 27. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From flQon^as October 16. to fnlOn&ap October 23. 1704. 


rT70REIGN news paragraphs under dates Vienna, Venice, Dresden, 
I J? London, Hamburgh and Hague, occupy the greater part of this 
issue. The domestic news relates almost wholly to shipping 

Boston, Entered Outward Bound, Richard Smith, Briganteen 
Happy Return for London, Obadiah Wakfield and John Pitts for 
Virginia, Andrew Stevens for Antigua Foreign Inwards, Parker 
from Pennsilvania, Goddart from Virginia, Pitman and Hunt from 
Nevis, Frost from Barbadoes. Coasters Inwards, Gardner from 
Saybrook, Dean from Salem. Outwards, Plumb, Curtice and Smith 
for Connecticut, Harris for New London, Flood and Amazine for 

Capt. Smith in the Gosport Man of War with the Vessels under 
his Convoy, bound for England, lies in Nantasket Road, ready to 
embrace the first fair wind. 

Port-Royal, in Jamaica, August 24. This day week Capt. Liddel 

50 See News-Letter Nos. 24, 25 ante, 27, 29 post. 

51 Pudding Lane: that part of the present Devonshire Street which lies 
between State and Water Streets. 



arrived from Porto Bello, after about three Weeks absence upon a 
Trading Voyage, he has made an extraordinary hitt, was received 
with great Civility, and his Interpreter presented with a chain with 
40 Pistoles, & when unloaden they desired him immediately to be 
gone off the Coast, lest he should be surprised by a French Man of 
War then daily expected, which he accordingly did; and in turning 
up saw the French man a going down: Capt. Brerton Sails within 
4 days for Pensilvania, Capt. Venteman and Thacher in a Week for 
Boston, and Hull this day for Carolina. Port-Royal notwithstanding 
the discouragement it has met with is rebuilding apace, and may be 
expected in less than two years, to be in as flourishing Condition as 
before the Fire. 

Philadelphia, Octob. 13. Jeremiah Beak is just now arrived 
from Boston. 

New-York, Octob. 16. On the 10th. Instant, Capt. Thaxter 
arrived here in 6 weeks from Jamaica, by whom we have advice 
that several Ships were Returned from the Coast of New-Spain with 
Mony for their Provisions and had made good Voyages. On the 12th. 
Roland arrived from St. Christophers, and on the 13th. and 14th. 
Newenhussen and Dawson from Corucoa, but bring not any News, 
also Capt. Stanton from Nevis. 

A Sloop arrived here from Albany on Friday last, the Indians 
were not come when they left it, and they say it would be a fortnight 
before the Boston Gentlemen would come from thence. 

The Jersey Man of War with the Vessels under her Convoy, 'tis 
said will Sail on Thursday next. 

Piscataqua, Octob. 19. Yesterday arrived here Almery from 
Antigua 7 weeks Passage, and Parker from said Port in five weeks, 
says, That the Fleet for England would Sail about the middle of 
this month. Sundry Ships not like to be Loaden, no Privateers 
lately seen about the Lew ard- Islands. 


[Reprinted: house in Pudding Lane to be let, as in October 16.] 

•jFl, jg, IRumb. 28. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDOnDas October 23. to /IDOUDa^ October 30. 1704. 



HE first half of this issue is devoted to foreign matter, mostly 
reports from the duke of Marlborough's camps of July dates : 



the second half comprising much domestic news of exceptional im- 
portance including the speech of Governor Dudley at the opening of 
the General Court; reports of hostile Indians about the town of 
Groton; and report of the killing of the minister of Lancaster by 
the sentinel of the watch.] 

His Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esq. Captain General and 
Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bay in New-England, &c His SPEECH to the Honourable 
the Council and Representatives in General Court Assembled at Boston, 
October 25; 1704. 

I Believe we are all sensible by this time of the benefit of the 
Expedition Eastward, in the Spring and Summer, the Effect 
whereof has been the quiet we have had in the Province of Mayn, 
and our other Northern Plantations; and the Care and Watchfulness 
we have used to the Westward; and the disappointment of the French 
and Indians at Lancaster, has given us the same Ease on that side; 
which yet we must not depend upon, but Expect a Winters March 
of the Enemy from both sides, which the Eastern part especially 
will be forced to for their own Subsistence, having neither Corn 
nor Hunting for their supply. 

To prevent which, I think it necessary to Support the present 
numbers in the Province of Mayn, and the Frontiers of Essex, Middle- 
sex and Hampshire, and to have a much greater Force in a readiness 
to receive any Impression of the Enemy in any of the Parts: And 
particularly to have O^ie hwndred Men sent to West-Hampshire, 
which joyned with the same number from Connecticut may be sufficient 

I shall give you the present State of the Forces in the several 
Parts for this Winter Season, which I hope will be to your Satisfaction. 

Mr. Treasurer will lay before you the State of your Affair's there: 
And I can Assure you that all possible Care has been taken in the 
Accompts and Musters, to Retrench the Charge, which I am sensible 
is heavy upon the Province: And while we are all Satisfyed in the 
necessity of the Service, and the just Expence of our Treasure, I 
doubt not but every thing will proceed cheerfully to a necessary 
supply, which this is the proper Season for. 

I have to Recommend to you the Consideration of the Galley, 
which is our onely Force at Sea, and is found so very unfit for the 
Service, that every skilful Man of the Sea, and the good Commander 
we have in her, thinks it of absolute necessity that She be disposed 
of, and a better bought or built for that Service, especially at this 
time, when the Gosport is Commanded Home, which is the onely 
Ship of War, that has lately attended Her Majesties Service here. 



And Gentlemen, I think it my Duty to offer it to you, That you will 
shew your Respect to Captain Smith, Her Majesties Commander of 
that Ship now going home, That he be in some manner presented 
by the Assembly as an Acknowledgment of his very good Service 
here done to Her Majesty and this Province, in a three years atten- 
dance; which will shew our just Respect to Her Majesties Officers, 
coming for the Service and Security of Her good Subjects, and the 
Trade of this Province. 
I shall shew my Readiness in every thing in Her Majesties Service, 
Importing the benefit of this Province, and desire you will proceed 
in this Session with all freedom and unanimity; That We may 
procure the blessing of Almighty GOD, and the favour of Her most 
Sacred Majesty, upon whom We have our just Dependance. 

Boston, On Wednesday last Arrived Capt. John Stevins, in about 
three Weeks from Nevis; and five Weeks from Barbados: He came 
out from Barbados the 18th of September, with the Fleet bound for 
England, consisting of about a hundred Saile besides those for N. 
England, N. York, and Pensilvania, which Fleet came out under 
Convoy of three men of War, Viz. The Blackwall Commodore, the 
Millford, and the Dolphin; who in and about Ten days time Arrived 
at Nevis, and were there joyned by the Sheerness Galley and about 
70 Saile more from the Leeward Islands, bound to England; the 
others bound for N. England are Foster, Breed, Scot, Dearby, Parker, 
(who is arrived at Tarpolin Cove) Carlile, Cravat, Sill, Love and 
Jeffrey, which last arrived on Friday last; Pope for Chebacco, 
Ransford for Rhode-Island, and several for A^. York & Pensilvania. 
Benjamin Thaxter bound with the Fleet from Barbados to London, 
was taken by a French man in coming down to the Leeward. 

Lowder from hence to Antigua was taken near Antigua. The 
Linn Man of War took a French man of 14. Guns, and about 100. 
Men, whereof were about 40 Creols. 

Several of our Vessels bound home to Barbadoes in the Latitude 
near the Island took Capt. Row's Horses on board, and mann'd him 
double in order to defend them from any Privateer; And accord- 
ingly one came up with them near the Island, but seeing Capt. Rows 
so well prepared for a Fight, and to defend the rest of his Neighbours, 
the Privateer sheer' d off, and they got safe in. 

On Thursday last at noon Sailed from Nantasket Road for England, 
The Gosport Man of War, Capt. Smith Commander with five Vessels 
under his Convoy. That night about three a Clock in the morning 
broke out a Fire in the House of Mr. Henchman Schoolmaster in the 



Back-street ^^ at the upper-end of Mr. Richards' Lane in the North- 
End of Boston; which was happily put out and stopt from doing any 
other damage only to that house and the next adjoyning, two or three 
persons received some great hurt by the falling down of part of the 
gable end of the House in which the Fire begun. On Fryday last 
His Excellency issued forth a Proclamation Commanding all persons 
who in the hurry of the Fire had carried away any Goods, either 
from the house where the Fire broke out in, or the Neighbourhood; 
to bring said Goods to the house of Mr, Justice Clark in Boston, 
that the true Owners may have the same again; on penalty of being 
prosecuted as Thieves. 

On Wednesday night an English man was kill'd in the Woods 
at Groton by the Indians which were afterwards descryed in the 
night by the Light of their Fires, by a Person Travailing from Groton 
to Lancaster, and judged they might be about Thirty in number; 
pursuit was made after them, but none could be found. 

On Thursday night the Reverend Mr. Gard^ier, Minister of Lancaster 
was unfortunately Shot by the Sentinel on the Watch, supposing 
him to be an Indian climbing over the Walls of the Fortification; 
of which Wound he dyed in an hours space or little more. ^^ 

Entered Outward bound, Wing for Jamaica, Cusben for Maryland, 
Bodwin for Curacoa, and Keirsteed for N. York. Forreign Inwards, 
Codman from Pensilvania, Reddock from St. Christophers, Marshal 
from Maryland, Hart and Alden from Nevis, Skiner, Perkins, Stevins 
and Jeffry from Barbadoes, English from Antigua, and Craige from 
Coratuk. Forreign Outwards, Doverin for Virginia, Collar for 
Antigua and Parker for Pensilvania. Coasters Inwards, Blin from 
Gilford, Jackson from Piscataqua, and Sanders and Bedgood from 
North Carolina. 

Philadelphia, Octob. 20. A Sloop from St. Christophers about 
5 weeks passage, one Matthew Gibson Master, arrived here 4 days 
since, he was bound for Boston, but proving very Leaky put in here. 
And on the 18th a Sloop from Barbadoes about 29 days passage, one 
Prat Master, came out with the Fleet bound for England. 

New York, Octob. 2?>d. On the l^th. Arrived here one Bignal 
of Philadelphia in 26 days from Jamaica, by whom we have advice, 
that Capt. Manny belonging to this place, was cast away in his 
coming out, upon Porto Morant Keys, the men all Saved. Capt. 
Guy from Philadelphia arrived here the same day in order to join 
the Convoy of the Jersey Man of War for England, who will Sail 

52 Back Street: that part of the present Salem Street which lies between 
Hanover and Prince Streets. 

53 See News-Letter No. 31 post. 



the latter end of this, or beginning of the next week. Our Assembly 
has voted 1300/ for the Frontiers. Outward bound De Wandelaer 
for Jamaica, Rowe for Nevis, Beard for Carolina. 

Rhode-Island, Octob. 27. Moses Butterworth is arrived from 
Barbadoes, came out with the Fleet for England, and one Hubbard 
from Antigua, Capt. Lawrence is also arrived, and has took 2 Prizes 
on the Banks of Newfoundland, Loaden with Corr Fish, the one a 
Pink of 130 Tons, the other a square Starn 240 Tons, but neither yet 
arrived. Outward bound William Wanton for Antigua, Joseph 
Borden for Pensilvania, Capt. Cranston clears for Barbadoes 

Salem, Octob. 28: Last night arrived Richard Darby from Barba- 
does, came out with the Fleet for England, Capt. Scot is also arrived 
from thence at Marblehead. 

[No advertisements in this number.] 

1R, jg, IRumb. 29. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS October 30. to /IDOIt^ag November 6. 1704. 


FTTOREIGN matters occupy only three-quarters of the first page. 
I J/ These embrace, under dates Frankfort, July 6, London July 11, 
accounts of the celebration of the "great victory lately obtained by 
the Confederate Army commanded by the duke of Marlborough, over 
the elector of Bavarias Forces at Schellenberg;" also addresses 
presented to the queen from "the Bishop Dean and Chapter of the 
Cathedral Church, and of the Archdeacons and Parochial Clergy of 
the Diocese of Chichester," and of the "Bishop Dean and Chapter of 
Hereford, and Clergy of the Diocese of Hereford.'' The domestic 
news includes a proclamation by the lieutenant governor of Pennsyl- 
vania against "Immorality and Prophaneness." A Cambridge item 
reports an exciting fire at Harvard College.] 

By the Honourable Colonel John Evans, Lieutenant Governour of 
the Province of Pensilvania, and Counties annexed. A PRO- 


WHereas it hath pleased Almighty God, from the Treasures of 
his Infinite Goodness, to extend his favours in an eminent degree, 
and pour down his peculiar Blessings upon this Colony, from the 
first Erecting thereof; as well by the bestowing a happy success on the 
Endeavours of its Inhabitants, and crowning what so lately was a 
Wilderness, with a large Affluence of the Necessaries and Comforts 



6f Life; as by supporting it, in an undisturbed Peace and Tranquility 
during all the Commotions that have deeply afflicted other parts of the 
Christian World, and continuing to us the Enjoyment of those 
manifold Mercies, which rightly used, tend to make a People truly 
happy. All which Divine Bounties, as they loudly call for the most 
humble and hearty Acknowledgements ; so they ought more deeply to 
impress a just sense of the great Obligations upon us, so to regulate 
our Lives, with care and circumspection, in a true Obedience and 
Conformity to God's holy Laws, that we may not instead of making 
grateful Returns, by Impiety or Negligence, provoke the just Anger 
of the Almighty, to withdraw his Divine Protection, and inflict on us 
the severe Chastisements of his just Displeasure. Notwithstanding 
all which, I cannot but be sensible, that too many, forgetting all those 
Obligations, that as persons professing the Holy Christian Religion, 
they indispensably lye under, have given themselves a Loose in their 
Lives and Conversations, and manifestly trampled on their positive 
known Duties, in many vicious Practices and Immoralities, to the 
great Offence of Almighty God, in the breach of his Divine Laws, 
as well as of our Civil Institutions, and to the scandal of sober Men, 
& great Discredit of this Government: Which Practice, if not timely 
prevented, may terminate in an utter Depravation of Manners, 
through the Encouragement taken from those fatal and pernicious 
Examples, by persons whose better Education and Inclinations 
might otherwise have restrained them, within the Bounds of Sobriety 
and Vertue; but from those many Instances set before their Eyes, 
are in danger of being hurried on, not only to their own Ruine, but of 
becoming Accessary to the incensing & drawing down upon us the 
Vengeance of Heaven. 

In a deep Consideration of which, and to the end that all possible 
Discouragements may be given to the Growth of these Enormities; 
I have through a sense of the Duty I owe to God, and the care of the 
People committed to my Charge: By and with the Advice and 
Consent of the Council of this Province, and Territories, thought 
fit to Publish and Declare, That I will Discountenance and severely 
Punish all manner of Vice, Immorality and Prophaneness, in all 
persons w^hatsoever, within this Government, that shall be guilty 
of the same. And I do hereby strictly forbid all manner of De- 
bauchery, Lewdness, Drunkenness, prophane Swearing, Cursing, 
Rioting, breaking of the Sabbath, Night-walking at unseasonable 
hours, without lawful Business, and all other Disorders whatsoever 
that are contrary to the Duties of a Christian Life, & the Rules of 
true Vertue. And I do strictly Command and Require all Magistrates, 
Justices, Sheriffs, Constables and all Officers whosoever, and others 
Her Majesties good Subjects, that they not only be regular and 



circumspect in their own Lives, that by their good Examples, they 
may incite those that behold them to the practice of Vertue, but also 
that they be very diligent in the Discovery and effectual Prosecu- 
tion of all Offenders, and that they rigorously put in Execution all 
the good and wholesome Laws and Ordinances provided against 
the aforesaid, and such other Immoralities, without favour, ipartiality 
or affection to any person whatsoever, as they will answer it to 
Almighty God, and incur my utmost Displeasure. 

And for the more effectual Publication hereof, I do Require and 
Command the Justices of Quarter Sessions at their respective County 
Courts in this Government, & the Mayor and Recorder of the City 
Philadelphia, that they cause this my Proclamation to be publickly 
read in open Court, immediately after their Charge is given to the 

Also that the Ministers of the Churches, and several Congregations 
within this Province and Territories, cause the same to be Read in 
the time of Divine Service, at their respective places of Worship, 
at least six times in every Year. And that they be very diligent in 
Discouraging all manner of Vice and Immoralities in their Auditors, 
in Exhorting them to the Exercise of Piety and Virtue. 

Given at Philadelphia the Ninth Day of October, in the third Year 
of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady ANN, by the Grace of God, 
of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the 
Faith, &c. And the twenty fourth of the Proprietaries Government, 

Annoque Domini, 1704. 

John Evans 
GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Boston, Entered Outward Bound, Tobias Green in the Mayflower, 
and Nicholas Parker in the Elizabeth for Jamaica. Forreign In- 
wards, Joshua Cornish in the Unity, from Pensilvania, Moses Sweet 
in the Tryal, and Moses Abbot in the Tryal from Coratuck, Nicholas 
Parker in the Elizabeth, and John Scot in the Unity from Barbadoes. 
Forreign Outwards, Nicholas Thomas Jones's Sloop Speedwell for 
Pensilvania, and Peter Leach in the Prudent Sarah for Nevis. Coast- 
ers Outwards Cleared, John Keir steed in the Mary and Sarah for New- 
York, John Jackson in the Speedwell for Piscataqua, and Simon 
Grover in the Primrose for Connecticut. 

On Fryday night the 3d Currant returned from Albany, the Hon- 
ourable Colonel Penn Townsend, and John Leveret Esqrs. Com- 
missioners for a Treaty with the 5 Nations, with the other Gentlemen 
that accompanied them, all in good health, who have renewed the 
ancient Friendship with them. ^ * 

54 See News-Letter Nos. 24, 25, 26, 27 ante. 



On Saturday arrived Capt. John Foster, Breed & Carlile from 
Barbadoes, and Gould from Newfo midland. Which last says, that 
the Fleet from thence to England, consisting of about 60 [Sail, under 
Convoy of three Men of War, Sailed this day three weeks. This day 
also arrived Capt. Ventiman from Jamaica in about 5 weeks Passage , 
says, That Judah Thacher Sailed from thence for this place about 
nine weeks ago, who is not yet arrived. 

Marlborough, Octob. 26. Yesterday the Reverend Mr. Robert 
Breck was Ordained Pastor of the Church in this Place. 

Cambridge, Octob. 29. About 11 of the Clock in the morning" 
there happened a Fire in Harvard Colledge occasioned by a foul 
Chimney which took fire, and the soot being blown into the Pelfrey, 
fired some old Boards, and melted the Lead (wherewith the Colledge 
was covered) and then Fired the Planks ; but one of the Tutors having 
the Key of the Scuttle which was lockt and barr'd was absent, where- 
fore 2 of the Students putting their backs to the Scuttle, forced it 
open, and threw water briskly, so that they quickly extinguisht the 
Fire, which otherwise had been of very ill consequence. 

Piscataqua, Novemb. 2. On Monday the 30th last about break of 
day, the House of the Reverend Mr. Nathaniel Rogers, Minister of 
Portsmouth, was burnt to the Ground in a few minutes, his youngest 
Child, and a Negro Woman of Mrs. Elatsons, his Mother-in-law, 
consumed in the Flames, nothing saved but himself, his Wife, Mother- 
in-law, two Children, and the Servant-Maid, as they got out of Bed 
without Cloaths; Mrs Elatson saved the eldest Child by throwing 
him out of a Chamber Window into his Fathers Arms, and immediately 
thereafter Mr. Rogers got a Ladder for his Mother-in-law, and so got 
her out at the Window, who is much burned in her Legs & Arms, 
but think not dangerous to life. None can tell how this Fire came, 
most probably it began in their Kitchen; the Fire was so violent 
by reason of the high Wind, that had there been never so many 
People to quench it, and help to save the Goods, 'twere impossible 
to save anything. 

Philadelphia, Octob. 27. On the 22d arrived here a Sloop from 
Carolina, Robert Wright Master, says. That a Flag of Truce was 
returned from St. Augusteen, was bound in over the Bar as he came 
out, but he could not speak with them, so knows not what News 
they bring. 

On the 24. Arrived Capt Terril in a Brigantine from Barbadoes, 
carries 8 Guns, he came out in Company with the Fleet, with whom 

55 The word "morning" crossed out in the copy in the file of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society and "night" written over it. 



also came out 2 new Sloops belonging to this place, whereof Hamer- 
ion and Wilson Masters; who when the Fleet came to Antigua in the 
evening after they arrived, left them in order to make the best of their 
way, but next morning was in sight of a Snow, Captain Lambard 
Commander, being little Wind, with Rowing soon came up with 
them and took them both, and carried them in to St. Bartholomews, 
where was a Dutch Sloop with a Da-ne's Pass or Commission from St, 
Thomas's, a Merchant on Board bought Wilson's Sloop for 3500 
Pieces of Eight, to be paid at St. Thomas's, Hamerton's Sloop, Lam- 
bard designs to go in himself; they were both excellent Sailors. 

Several of the Passengers were put aboart Wilson's Sloop which 
was sent from St. Bartholomews to Stacy, from whence they got a 
Passage to St. Christophers, where they met with the Fleet again, 
and got a Passage on Board the above Brigantine hither. 

Capt. Henry Tregany Dyed the last night. 

An Act is past in Maryland for prohibiting the Importation of 
Bread, Beer, Flower, Malt, Wheat, or other English or Indian Grain 
or Meal, Horses, Mares, Colts or Filleys, or Tobacco from Pensilvania, 
and the Territories thereto belonging, under Forfeiture of the whole. 

Rhode-Island, Nov. 3. There is one of Capt. Lawrenc's Prizes 
arrived, and this day came in Capt. John Halsey from Boston. 

New-York, Octob. 30. The Jersey Man of War, with the Vessels 
under her Convoy for England will not Sail till the latter end of the 


A Negro Woman Slave about 22 years of Age, to be Sold by Mr. 
-^ ^Nicholas Boone Bookseller, and to be seen at the London Coffee- 
House, next door to the Post-Office, in Boston. 

1R, ig. mumb. 30. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnOag November 6. to /IDonOa^ November 13. 1704. 


Ft ORD Cornbury's address to the General Assembly of the prov- 
I J->ince of New York begins the first column of the first page. Fol- 
lowing this is news from Lisbon concerning the armies of the allies 
in Italy, Hungary, Flanders and elsewhere. Domestic news fills 
nearly three columns. It includes, besides the address of Lord 
Cornbury, a proclamation by Governor Dudley for a General Thanks- 
giving, and an interesting variety of marine news.] 



His Excellency Edward Viscount Cornhury, Captain General and 
Governour in Chief in and over Her Majesties Colony of New- 
York, and Territories depending thereon, &c His Speech to the 
Honourable the Council and Representatives in General Assembly, 
now Sitting in the City of New-York, upon Thursday the 12th 

of October, 1704. ^ « 


THE Assembly of New-Jersey having detained me some 
days longer than at first I intended, & the season of the year 
being so far advanced, are the Reasons which induce me to 
recommend to your Considerations for this Session, as few 
things as may be; and indeed the two chief things which I 
most earnestly recommend to you to be provided for at this time, 
are, The low Condition of the Revenue, and the Defence of the 

I did in Jmie last, recommend to you. Gentlemen of the House of 
Representatives, to lay an Additional Duty on certain Commodities, 
which had been granted by a former Assembly of this Province, but 
expired. When I recommended that to you, I did it as a thing which 
in my Judgment would in some measure help the Revenue, without 
being any burthen upon the People. Some Gentlemen were then 
of Opinion, that such an Additional Duty would be a Clog upon the 
Trade of this Place ; if they have taken the pains to inquire into that 
matter, I don't question but they will be of another mind, for my 
part, I did inquire of some of the most considerable Merchants of 
this City, who told me that such a Duty would have been rather a 
help, than a hindrance or clog to the Trade of this Place, being well 
perswaded that those Gentlemen were right in their Opinions. I 
once more recommend the consideration of such a Duty to you, or 
else that you will consider of some other method to enable her most 
Sacred Majesty the Queen, to support the necessary Charges of the 
Government, which the present Revenue will not do. The next 
thing is the Defence of the Fronteers of this Province, in order to 
that I did in July last order a Detachment of an hundred men out of 
the Militia for that Service, the greatest part of that number did go 
up to Albany, and have been posted in the places most convenient 
for the Defence of the Country, which has kept us quiet this Summer; 
I think they ought to be kept there till the last day of March next, 
at least, and that some Out-Scouts should be raised for this Winter; 
I therefore recommend it to you, Gentlemen of the House of Representa- 
tives, to prepare such a Bill as may raise a Sum sufficient for the paying 

56 In Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the 
Colony of New York, Vol. I, p. 192. 



the men that have been sent up, and for the Out-Scouts, with such 
contingent Charges as may be necessary for their going to Albany, 
and returning home again If there is any thing else that may be reason- 
able to be Enacted at this time, you shall find me ready to embrace all 
occasions of doing such things as may be for the good of her Majesty's 
Subjects in this Colony. I have nothing farther to recommend tq 
you at this time, but Unanimity in your Consultations, and dispatch 
in the Matters before you. 

Lisbon, August 30. ... we hear the French have taken 
the Coventry bound for Virginia and Newfoundland, and 4 or 5 
Merchant Ships under her Convoy, 

Madera, September 28. A Sloop from Philadelphia, William Wade 
Master, arrived here about a Week ago, who the day before she 
arrived, met with 2 Sally Men of War in sight of the Island, who 
pretended a great deal of friendship for the English, and were so 
kind as that they took only some odd things from them. They also 
told Mr. Wade, That an English Man of War, of about 40 Guns they 
met with in the Sir eights told them. That our Fleet had lately burnt 
and destroyed ten, and taken five Capital French Men of War in the 

Barbadoes, September 14. His Excellency our Governour has issued 
forth a Proclamation Commanding and Requiring all Masters of 
Vessels during the War, that they should keep all their Letters 
in a Bag with weights to them, that in case they should meet with, or 
be Pursued by an Enemy, they might have them in a readiness to 
sink them ; on forfeiture of a certain Sum in case they did not. Which 
Proclamation was ordered to be Read in all the Parish Churches of 
the Island. 

By His Excellency, JOSEPH DUDLEY, Esq«- Captain General 
and GOVERNOUR in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province 
of the Massachusetts- Bay, &c. in New-England. 


WHereas it has pleased Almighty GOD to Prosper the Armes of 
Her Sacred Majesty and Her Allies, withVictory over their Enemies 
in the Summer past; And of His Infinite Goodness to extend His 
Favours towards this Province in divers signal Instances thereof; 
In def[e]ating and disappointing of the Combinations, and the Expedi- 
tions of the Enemy against us. And the good Success given us against 
them, by delivering so many of them into our hands; In Granting us a 
good Harvest, notwithstanding the Drought, which so much threatned 

57 Reprinted from the News-Letter, in The Acts and Resolves ... of 
the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: .... Vol. VIII, p. 419. 



us; In continuing Health in the midst of us; And the Priviledges 
atid Advantages of Religion; Every of which undeserved Mercies 
demand most Grateful Returns to Him who is our great Benefactor. 

I do therefore, by and with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
and at the desire of the Representatives, Order and Appoint Thursday 
the Twenty-third of this present November, A Day of General THANKS- 
GIVING throughout this Province, Inhibiting all Servile Labour 
thereupon; And Exhorting both Ministers and People in their respec- 
tive Congregations and Assemblies, to Celebrate the Praises of GOD, 
for all His Benefits and Blessings, And to devote themselves a Thank- 
Offering to Him in a right Ordered Conversation. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston the Eighth Day 0/ November, 
1704. In the Third Year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lady 
ANNE, by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and 
Ireland. Queen, Defettder of the Faith, &c: 

By Order of the Governour 

and Council. /. D UDLE Y, 

Jsaac Addington Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Boston, Entered Outward Bound, William Goddard in Sloop 
Speedwell, and James Updick in Sloop Elizabeth, for Madera, Daniel 
Marshal in Sloop Mary, & John Ventiman in Martha and Elizabeth 
for Jamaica, Joseph Dean in Briganteen Dragon for Surranam, 
Thomas Ball Sloop Elizabeth for Montserrat, John Foster, Ship Sarah, 
Newcomb Blague, Ship Frietidship, John Carlile, Brigantine Swan, 
John Robinson, Brigantine Dragon, William Skinner, Sloop Dove, 
and Thomas Barns in Sloop Endeavour for Barbadoes, Coasters In- 
wards, Carteret Gillam Sloop Tryal, and Richard Hall in Sloop Lyon 
from Saybrook. Coasters Outwards, Samuel Prince Sloop Adven- 
ture for Milford, and Jacob Parker, Sloop Endeavour for Piscataqua. 
Forreign Inwards, John Love, Sloop Dolphin, and Ezekiel Cravate, 
Ketch Dolphin from Barbadoes, and Peter Coffin, Ship Pelican from 
Madera. Forreign Cleared Outwards, John Hoddy for Jamaica, 
John Tucker, Briganteen Sarah for Barbadoes, Jonathan Evans, 
Providence Galley for Fyall, Thomas Ball Sloop Elizabeth, and Wil- 
liam Cook, Briganteen Defiance for Montserrat. 

It's said, There are some Horses, Barrels and Lumber come on 
Shoar at Nantucket from some Vessel lately Cast away. 

Tisbury, on Martha's Vineyard, Nov. 6 1704. The Reverend M. 
Josiah Torrey was Ordained Pastor of the Church in this Place, upon 
Wednesday, the 18, of October last. 

New-York, October 6th. 1704. On Saturday last arrived here a 
Sloop from Curacoa, Andrew John Master, in a Month, and brings 



^'y ,.^^ ^ 7y >C ^*-^^ YV^ "^^iy "^ ---''*-^^^ JUf^^l 

A.v# v*^V*wr /fl. ^o ^ /i>t.\, ^v^^-^Y^ t^^'XJ'' ^a^4^^ ^.U.a^ ^^<r/^ 


\-//r^c/ y^"-^''' A~0''v\>-' t^r-vy^ ^ *V».^fi-\, A P«^*,(*.J»^ ^.^^ M,^ ti>C*>^: 

^. ,//;^-. * .r^-^'-f-'S -4-z^;"- 'Cj^I^tyi 

IJ4. w-,?-**- ^"»^ ^ 


'# . /4-<' 

( a-v~^ ^*" 

f^ ^ y^i.7^.^^^-"'- - A^^- 









. •ench Men of War, and two i t-'Ic ^v 

tinico, commanded by Monsieu- 
light Frigots of the ten were aire 
Governour of Curacoa has ordered all the b ints of 

1 to be provided with Water for three Months. 
TongerUm is coming hither a Passenger in Capta 

Commander and part Owner of his Privateer 
J IS gijt t*.i 1 has taken Possession of her. 

le Jer: ^ye at Jacques Bay, 

" ' 'his day and will 

^ii^t now Dissolved. 

t HI V- 11!; Lit; J i 1 O 1 I t V r ; 

ij:„ f~- 'ellency my i^'.ivi <. <  r., ■^""•^ '^rovemment 

... J . I sey to morrow morninf:. 

 .r^i \fnrr;<,n! .-amc from St T» ■■•oher, Cr^''+ 

ii Boston was ai ; few c 

Hx was last week Tryi uitted, 
hree Evidences /ing him to 

Rhod ui, November 10. Th 

.'ua, bound to Boston, as 
tine Dragon six weeks passage. 

nation of Capt. Lau id she was Con i; And on 

the 22d Cuna exposed to Sa' ther with 

cr uuns, Rigging, Aiuniunu.on and furniture; As aiSo ner Loading 

'-'1 Fish and Salt: The Ship is about 120 Tons, 8 Guns; An 

rir r-if T^'nir>1i \\r'^^ Via <;i->r<i-i :^'.- A.T - TT/t .'///• m" bright' 5 hoUSS T''^ 



. ..... day the 4th Currant, from .' 

*® in Boston, a Silver Tankard tl 
. has Sir Robert Robinson's C 
rt of ! i are three Ships, a 

give any true Int*^ 
" again, shall 

-away oi 

!'}£qav/on' nnoh^mA bfjf'jiiVIfitso ipi:' 
■an J<4h'' 


News that 10 French Men of War, and two Bomb Vessels were ex- 
pected at M'artinico, commanded by Monsieur De Caese [Du Casse], 
and that two light Frigots of the ten were already Arrived there. 
That the Governour of Curacoa has ordered all the Inhabitants of 
that Island to be provided with Water for three Months. 

Capt. Tongerlon is coming hither a Passenger in Captain Basset. 
Capt. Stephens who was Commander and part Owner of his Privateer 
Sloop is got to Curacoa, and has taken Possession of her. 

The Jersey and the Vessels under her Convoy lye at Jacques Bay, 
the Captain and Passengers are going on Board this day and will 
Sail with the first fair Wind. Our Assembly is just now Dissolved. 

His Excellency my Lord Cornbury designs for his Government 
of New- Jersey to morrow morning. 

Capt. Morrison came from St Thomas the first of October, Capt. 
Eliot in a Ketch from Boston was arrived and was to Sail a few days 
after him. Laroux was last week Tryed for Pyracy, and acquitted, 
three Evidences viva voce proving him to be born in France. 

Rhode-Island, November 10. There is arrived here one Harris 
from Antigua, bound to Boston, as also Robert Smith in the Brigan- 
tine Dragon six weeks passage. 

Yesterday the Court of Admiralty was held here for the Condem- 
nation of Capt. Laurence's Prize, and she was Condemned; And on 
Wednesday the 22d Currant will be exposed to Sale, together with 
all her Guns, Rigging, Ammunition and furniture; As also her Loading 
of Mud Fish and Salt: The Ship is about 120 Tons, 8 Guns; An 
Inventory of which will be seen at Mr William Bright' s house in 


CTollen on Saturday the 4th Currant, from Mrs Susanna Camp- 
^bell Widow ^* in Boston, a Silver Tankard, that holds about two 
Wine quarts, has Sir Robert Robinson's Coat of Arms engraven on 
the fore-part of it, wherein are three Ships, and the Motto in Latin. 
Who[soe]ver can give any true Intelligence of the same, so as that 
the Owner may have it again, shall be sufficiently rewarded. 
"O AN-away on Wednesday last, the ^th. Currant from his Master 
-■-Vin Boston, a Sirranam Indian Manslave, named Prince, aged 
about fourteen years old, black short hair, markt upon his breast 
with the Letters AF joyned at the foot : has on a black broad Cloath 
Jacket, under that a frize Jacket and Breeches, a Crocus Apron, 
gray yarn Stockings and Mittens, and a speckled Neckcloth: Speaks 

58 Widow of Duncan Campbell. 



little or no English. Whosoever shall take up and apprehend said 
Indian Boy, and him Convey to John Campbell Post-master of Boston, 
«or give any true Intelligence of said Boy, so as his Master may may 
Jhave him again, shall have a sufficient reward. 

A Negro Woman Slave about 22 years of Age, to be Sold by Mr. 
-^ ^Nicholas Boone Bookseller, and to be seen at the London Coffee- 
House, next door to the Post-Office, in Boston. 

IFl. jg. IRumb, 31. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ November 13. to /IDon&ap November 20. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

FAN instalment of "The King of Portugals Declaration, with his 
I jTxReasons for entering into the Grand Alliance," fills the first 
and breaks into the second page of this issue, with the editorial 
note: ''We must here break off till our next." The domestic news 
includes the detailed account of the killing of the Reverend Mr. 
Gardner at Lancaster.] 

Boston, In our Numb. 28. As we then received it, we gave you the 
Account of the Death of the Reverend Mr. Gardner, Minister of Lan- 
caster; and having since had a perfect and exact Account of the 
same, from Eye and Ear Witnesses; we thought it expedient to insert 
it here, to prevent various reports thereof: And is as follows 

That a man being Killed the day before betwixt Groton and Lan- 
caster, and the Indians having been seen the night before nigh the 
Town) Mr. Gardner (three of the men belonging to his Garrison 
being gone out of Town, and two of the remaining three being tyred 
with Watching and Travelling in the Woods after the Indians that 
day) being a very careful asw^ell as couragious man, concluded to Watch 
that night himself; and accordingly went out into the little Watch- 
house that was over one of the Flankers, and there stayed till late in 
the night, whence and when he was coming down (as it was thought) 
to warm him, the man that shot him, who was not long before sleeping 
by the fire, came out, and whether between sleeping and waking, 
or surprized with an excess of fear, fired upon him as he was coming 
down out of the Watch-house through a httle Trap door into the 
Flanker, where no man having the exercise of his Reason could sus- 
pect the coming of an Enemy, or suspect him to be so, when in a 
clear Moon light night he was so nigh him, Mr. Gardner (though his 
Wound was in his breast being shot through the Vitals) came to the 
door, bid them open it for he was wounded; after he came in he fainted 



away, but coming to himself again, asked who it was that Shot him, 
and when they told him he prayed God to forgive him, and forgave 
him himself, for he believed he did not do it on purpose; and with a 
composed Christian frame of Spirit desired them that were bitterly 
lamenting over him, not to weep but to pray for him, and comforted 
his sorrowful Wife, telling her he was going to Glory, advising her to 
follow him; and in about an hour Dyed, leaving his sorrowful Friends 
to lament the loss of so worthy and desirable a Person. ^ ^ 

Mr. Eliot is arrived at Marblehead this week from St. Thomas's, 
says, That Capt. Ellery from Boston, Shapely and Hill from New- 
London, was taken into Martineco. That a Dutch Privateer had 
brought in to St. Thomas 4 or 5 French Prizes. 

On Saturday our Assembly was Prorouged until the sixth of Decem- 
ber next. 

Three French Men that came in Capt. Lawrence's Prize to Rhode- 
Island, say. That in July they came from Rochel, under the Convoy 
of a Flyboat of 700 Tons, between 50 and 60 Guns, and 2 Merchant 
men of 14 Guns, about 120 Tons each. One of which with the Fly- 
boat was Bound with Stores and Ammunition for Canada, which 
Flyboat had on board a Bishop, 6 or 7 Priests and a great many 
Passengers, and a great Sum of Mony to pay off the Souldiers. The 
other Merchant Man with Stores was bound for Placentia, and 
about 400 Leagues to the Westward of Rochel; they met in July last 
with an English Fleet consisting of about 120 Sail, under Convoy 
of 5 Men of War, the Ship in which these French men was, made her 
escape, and also that for Placentia, whom they afterwards met upon 
the Banks. But the great Flyboat they saw engaged between 2 
English Men of War, and heard the Guns plying from 10 a Clock in 
the Morning to 12 a Clock in the Night, and suppose she was either 
taken or sunk. 

On Saturday arrived one Johnson in a Briganteen from Plymouth 
in England about 7 weeks Passage, came out under Convoy of the 
Advice Man of War a 4th Rate of 50 Guns. Captain Morris Commander, 
and the Strumbele a 5th Rate, Convoy of some Ships for Virginia. 
There came out with them the two Mast Ships for Piscataqua, viz. 
The New Hampshire, Capt. Easson Commander, and the other the 
Thannet, with several other Vessels for this Place, viz. Capt. Went- 
worth, Taylor, Balston, Pitts, and two other Vessels belonging to 
England. There came also out with the above Convoy Capt. Deheart 
and Bond for New-York, and Capt. Robertson for Pensilvania, and 
several for Virginia. 

59 Reprinted from the News-Letter, together with the item in No. 28 in 
Notes, in The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 506-507. 



Several Men of War came out in Company for Lisbon, of whom 
Admiral Whetston was Commodore, Admiral Whetsion Retook a 
Vessel from the French, that was taken bound home from Virginia. 

The Advice Man of War took a French Banker on the Banks of 
Newfourtdlaitd. The Briganteen in which Johnson came, was one of 
the last Vessels that kept Company with the Advice, and parted with 
him three weeks ago, who was then in Chase of a Vessel he saw. 

And by Master and Passengers we are acquainted, . . . [items 
of foreign news.] 

The Virginia Fleet was save Arrived in England, excepting one 
of the Men of War Convoys was taken in the Channel giving Chase 
to some Ships she saw, that were French men of War. 

That our Virginia home bound Fleet, took a great Flyboat bound 
to Canada, with Stores of Ammunition, and a great deal of Money; 
said to be a very Rich Prize; and was carryed in to the Downs. 

That our Fleet in the Sir eights had an engagement with the French ^ 
and worst them. 

Capt. Welch from hence was taken. 

Entered outward bound, James Berry for Barhadoes, Jeffry Bed- 
good for Curaso, John Pullen for Jamaica, John Webster for Coratuck, 
and Zachariah Alden for Antigua. Coasters outwards, James Blin 
for Rhode-Island, and Christopher Amazon for Piscataqua. Forreign 
inwards, James Calley and William Goddard for Madera, John Mason 
and Richard Thomas for Sirranam, and James Bodwin for Jamaica^ 

New-Castle in Piscataqua, Nov 16. 1704. The Reverend Mr. 
John Emerson was Ordained Pastor of the Church in this Place» 
upon Wednesday the Sth Instant. 


THere is now in the Press, and will speedily be Published Mr. 
Clough's Almanack for the Year 1705. Diligently Calculated 
according to the Doctrine of Scientia Stellarum, the latest Tables 
now extant; to which is added an Appendix of the Effects of the 
Eclipses and Conjunctions of the Superiour Planets, with a compleat 
Chronology of very Remarkable Things from the beginning of the 
World, to the year 1705. Also an account of the variation of the 
Ebbing and Flowing of the Tides ; together with a new Account of the 
Rhodes to Cape Harbour, with the East and West: With other 
things useful and very necessary. 

'* I "^Here is lately Published, A Book Entituled, A Discourse on the 
-■- Holiness of the Sabbath Day. Being a Sermon Preached at 
Boston, New-England, October 29th. 1704. By Jer. Dummer, A. L. 
M & Philosop. Doct. 



Both to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot at his Shop at the West-End 
of the Town-House in Boston. 

THe Eastern and Piscataqua Post sets out from Boston every 
Moftday night at seven of the Clock, and all Persons are desired 
to bring their Letters to the Post-Office before six a Clock. 
The Western Post not yet come in. 

•JR. jQ, IFlum!). 32. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS November 20. to /IDon^ag November 27. 1704. 

M H— AS— NY 

riTOREIGN matter occupies all of this issue except a little more 
I X^ than a quarter of a page. Another instalment of "The King 
of Portugals Declaration" is given, and the other foreign advices 
include reports from the duke of Marlborough's camp of July 6, 
9 and 13 dates. In the domestic news is a report by an express 
from Albany to New York, as brought by an Indian from Canada, 
of preparations in Canada for a French and Indian winter attack 
upon some point in the colonies not named.] 

Boston, We are acquainted from London, that Sims or Flins 
from Rhode-Island, and Chester from New-London, both bound to 
Loyidon, were taken by the French; and that Capt. Davison from 
New-York to London was arrived there. 

Entered Outward Bound, Thomas Lanren for Carolina, John 
Hobbs for Antigua, John Henderson for Saranam, Ezekiel Cravat 
for Lisbon, and Nathaniel Green, David Craige, and Samuel Brice 
for Barbadoes. Coasters Outwards, Peter Coffin, and Richard Hall 
for New- Haven. Forreign Inwards, Capt. John Wentworth, Capt. 
Christopher Taylor, and William Dean, from London, Nathaniel 
Eliot from St. Thomas, Nicholas Laurence from Berwick, Richard 
Shortridge from Fyall, and Thomas Sill from Antigua. Forreign 
Outwards, John Webber for Coratuck, Jeremiah Cusking for Virginia, 
John Wing, Daniel Marshal, Henry Tew and John Diynon, for Jamaica, 
and Stephen Codman for Fyall. 

Marble-head, Nov. 25. On Wednesday next Sails from hence to 
Portugal, Capt. John Miles in the Swallow for Lisbon, Capt Richard 
Murphey in the Arcana Galley for Leghorn. 

New-York, Nov. 13. On the 7th Instant, His Excellency the Lord 
Cornbury went hence to his Government of New-Jersey. 

On the 8th Currant, The Jersey Man of War with the Vessels under 
her Convoy Sailed from Sandy-hook for England. 



The Pensilvania Post is not yet come in. 

Last night came an Express from Albany, & brought an Account, 
that an Onnendage Indian was arrived from Canada, & gives an 
Account, that an Army was preparing with great vigour to make 
an Attack this Winter over the Ice, but on what place was kept secret. 

St. Johns Newfoundland, Octob. 24. Four days ago came here 
7 French Souldiers, who 10 days before had deserted at Placentia, 
& were kindly received by the Commadore, who carried them for 
England, which Deserters say, that sundry others of the best of 
that Garrison would quickly follow, because of hard usage, want 
of pay, & scarcity of Provisions. On the 22d Instant, our Governour 
had certain advice, that 11 more of said Garrison was come to Car- 
bonier, who had Surrendred themselves & their Arms, & were ordered 
by the Governour to be brought hither, of whom there was 2 Seargents, 
1 Gunner & 7 common Souldiers, and confirm what the others say 
of a great Scarcity at Placentia. 

Piscataqua, Nov. 23. This Week arrived here from England, 
Capt, Morris Commander of Her Majesties Ship the Advice, with the 
New- Hampshire, and Thanet, Mast-Ships under his Co[n]voy. 

The Eastern Post sets out every Monday night. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

fPi, jg. Vlumb. 33. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDonDag November 27. to. /IDOn&a^ December 4. 1704. 


r T N the first column of the first page is more of the declaration of 
I J- the king of Portugal, continued from the issues of November 
20 and 27. From Hague, August 18, there is a report of the battle 
of Hochstedt or Blenheim, and from Windsor, August 13, the letter 
of the duke of Marlborough to the queen announcing that victory. 
There is a little more than a column of domestic news. This in- 
cludes a proclamation by the governor regulating the transmission 
of letters to Europe "during the continuance of this war."] 

Boston, On Sabbath, the 26 of November, about 6 of the Clock at 
night, Dyed Major Benjamin Davis aged 56 Years and 4 months, 
and was decently Interr'd on Thursday the last of November, being 
attended with the Regiment in arms. ^ " 

60 Major in the militia : captain of the Honorable Artillery Company 
1686. See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 118, under dates Novr 26, 
Novr 30. 



On Wednesday the 28th of November, His Excellency our Gover- 
nour Issued forth a Proclamation, That whereas the Great and General 
Court or Assembly of this Province was by Prorogation to Sit at 
Boston upon Wednesday the 6th day of December, His Excellency 
has been pleased further to Prorogue the said Assembly unto Wednes- 
day the 27th Day of December Instant, at ten a Clock in the Forenoon, 

On Thursday the 30//z November: In obedience to Her Majesties 
Express Command, for the better preventing of the Enemy gaining 
Intelligence of the State of the Plantations, by Letters from private 
persons there to their Correspondents in England, taken on board 
Ships coming from the Plantations & carried into France, which 
prove of dangerous consequence. 

His Excellency, our Governour, with Advice of Her Majesties 
Council has issued forth a Proclamation, directing & ordering all 
Masters of Ships & other Vessels Sailing from any part or place 
either of this Government or New-Hampshire during the continuance 
of this War, bound for Europe, or to any other of Her Majesties 
Plantations abroad, to have a bag to receive all Letters that shall be 
sent by them, with a sufficient weight therein to sink the same im- 
mediately in case of imminent danger from the Enemy, & that they 
sink them accordingly; That they suffer no Letters to be carried in 
their Ships or Vessels, but what are put in the common bag; That 
all Merchants and other private persons be very cautious of giving 
any Account by Letters of the Publick State & Condition of these 

That none of the French Nation residing here, inhabitants or 
others, do convey or put any Letter into the common bag, or on 
board any Ship or other Vessel, without Jjresenting them to the 
Governour or Commander in Chief for the time being, for his perusal; 
& that none such be received by any Ship-Master or others, before 
they have been perused as aforesaid, & so notifyed. That none of 
Her Majesties Subjects, Merchants or others, do put any Letters from 
any French-vudin, under their cover to elude the intent of this 

Entered Outward Bound, Bucklin for Antigua, Robert Gould for 
Coratuck, Nathaniel Eliot for Montserat, and James Bridgam for 
Barbadoes. Co[a]stars Outward, Almy for Rhode-Jsland, and Brackett 
Wells for Piscataqua; Forreign Inwards, Nathaniel B[al]ston from 
London. Forreign Outwards, Joseph Arnold for Carolina. 

Marshfield, Nov. 29. On Sabbath last was put on Shoar here, 
Abraham Gordon from Fyall in the Easterly Storm of Snow, we hope 
he'll save the Vessel and Cargo, except the loss of her Masts, and some 
small damage. 



Philadelphia, Nov. 15. About three weeks ago, The State-house 
at Annapolis was burnt down, most of the Records of the Province was 
burnt in it. 

Last Week arrived Captain Rhodes in a Sloop from Rhode-Island. 

New-York, Nov. 22. Captain Tongrelow was expected here in 
Basset, (who arrived from Curacoa the 15th Instant, in 28 days) 
but he would not come without his Goods, which Basset refused to 
bring; we hear he designs for Rhode-Island. 

Captain Clavar in a Barque, Cap[t]ain de Wint, and Captain Van- 
laer in two Sloops all well mann'd, design this or the next Week to 
Sayl on Privateering. 

Rhode-Island, Nov. 28. There is one Ransford in a Briganteen, 
arrived here from Barhadoes. Yesterday arrived at the back-side 
of our Island, a French Prize, taken by Her Majesties Ship the Ad- 
vice, Loaden with dry Fish and Oyl. 


^ I ^Hese are to Certifie all Persons, that there is lately set up at 
-^ Charlstown Ferry in Boston, a Pottash-work, at the house of 
John Russell Ferry-man, where all Persons that have any Ashes 
to spare, may receive six pence per Bushell in Money, for any Quantity 
they shall Deliver at the Water-side. 

nr^He Western Post for three Months to the 1st of March next goes out 
^ and comes in once a Fortnight at Boston; he came in on Fryday 
last, the first currant, & sets out on Tuesday morning, the 5th instant, 
and so comes in every other Saturday at noon, and sets out the Tues- 
day morning following at ten of the Clock. 

The Eastern Post comes in every Saturday, and sets out every 
Monday night, at seven of the Clock. 

IFI, jg. IRumb. 34. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap December 4. to ^on^ap December 11. 1704. 


r TN the first column of the first page is a continuation of the declara- 
I -Ltion of the king of Portugal and in the second column, from 
Whitehall, August 14, is the report of Vice Admiral Sir George Rooke 
concerning the taking of Gibraltar by the British forces July 24, and 
accompanying this report are the articles of capitulation. Nearly the 



entire second page is occupied with a proclamation of Queen Anne 
"for Settling and Ascertaining the Current Rates of Foreign Coins 
in Her Majesties Colonies and Plantations in America."^ ^ Ac- 
companying this is a table of computation of weights and values of 
foreign coins in the plantations, made by Mr. Newton, master worker 
of the mint. The domestic news of the issue is limited to five short 

Chelmsford, Decemb. 7. This Day Dyed the Reverend Mr. Thomas 
Clark, Pastor of the Church here. Aged 51 & 9 months. 

Little-Compton, Decemb. 7. 1704. The Reverend Mr. Richard 
Billings was Ordained Pastor of the Church in this Place, on Thursday 
the last day of November. 

Marbl-e-head, Dec. 7. This day arrived here Cap. Winter from 
England, being the last Ship that came out with our Fleet. 

Boston, Entered Outward bound, Pitman, and Gray for Nevis, 
Perkins for Antigua, Everton, Love, Plaisted and Ernes for Barba- 
does, Northy for Virginia, and Emons for Jamaica. Coasters Jn- 
wards, Lathrop from Safuiwich, and Smallage from Rhode- 1 stand. 
Coasters Outwards, Odiorne for Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, 
Gravenraedt from A''. York, Harris from Antigua, Vail 8c Darby from 
Pensilvania. Foreign Outwards, Jones & Hobbs for Antigua, Gold for 
Carolina, Green iov Jamaica, Dean iov Suranam, Burbankiot Curacoa, 
& Moor for Barbadoes. 

On Tueseday the 5th Currant arrived here Cap. Pit{i\s from London, 
came out with the Ships for this place. 

By the QUEEN, 


For Settling and Ascertaining the Current Rates of Foreign Coins 

in Her Majesties Colonies & Plantations in America ANNE R. 
"IT /"E having had under our Consideration the different Rates at 
' » which the same Species of Foreign Coins do Pass in Our several 
Colonies and Plantations in America, and the inconveniences thereof, 
by the indirect Practice of Drawing the Money from one Plantation 
to another, to the great Prejudice of the Trade of our Subjects ; And 
being Sensible, That the same cannot be otherwise Remedied, than 
by Reducing of all Foreign Coins to the same Current Rate within 
all Our Dominions in America; And the Principal Officers of Our 
Mint having laid before Us a Table of the Value of the several Foreign 
Coins which usually Pass in Payments in our said Plantations, ac- 
cording to their Weight, and the Assays made of them in Our Mint, 

61 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 471-472. 



thereby shewing the just Proportion which each Coin ought to have 
to the other, which is as followeth, viz Sevill Pieces of Eight, Old 
Plate, Seventeen Peny-weight Twelve Grains Four Shillings and 
Six-pence; Sevill Pieces of Eight, New Plate, Fourteen Peny-weight, 
Three Shillings Seven Pence One Farthing; Mexico Pieces of Eight, 
Seventeen Peny-weight Twelve Grains, Four Shillings and Six Pence ; 
Pillar Pieces of Eight, Seventeen Peny-weight Twelve Grains, Four 
Shillings & Six-pence Three Farthings; Peru Pieces of Eight, Old 
Plate, Seventeen Peny-weight Twelve Grains, Four Shillings & Five 
Pence, or thereabouts; Cross Dollars, Eighteen Peny-weight, Four 
Shillings and Four Pence Three Farthings ; Ducatoons of Flanders: ^ 
Twenty Peny weight and Twenty One Grains, Five Shillings and Six 
Pence; Ecu's of France, or Silver Lewis, Seventeen Peny-weight 
Twelve Grains, Four Sliillings and six pence; Crusadoes of Portugal, 
Eleven Peny weight. Four Grains, Two Shillings and Ten Pence 
One Farthing; Three Gilder Pieces of Holland, Twenty Peny weight 
and Seven Grains, Five Shillings and Two Pence One Farthing; 
Old Rix Dollars of the Empire, Eighteen Peny-weight and Ten 
Grains, Four Shillings and six-pence; The Half, Quarters, and other 
parts in proportion to their Denominations, and Light Pieces in 
Proportion to their Weight: We have therefore thought fit for 
Remedying the said Inconveniences, by the Advice of Our Council, 
to Publish and Declare, That from and after the First Day of January 
next ensuing the Date hereof; no Sevill, Pillar, or Mexico Pieces of 
Eight, though of the full Weight of Seventeen Peny-weight and a 
half, shall be Accounted. Received, Taken or Paid within any of Our 
said Colonies or Plantations, as well those under Proprietors and 
Charters, as under Our immediate Commission & Government, at 
above the Rate of Six Shillings per piece Currant Money for the 
Discharge of any Contracts or Bargains to be made after the said 
First Day of January next, the Halfs, Quarters, and other lesser 
Pieces of the same Coins to be Accounted, Received, Taken, or Paid 
in the same proportion; And the Currency of all Pieces of Eight of 
Peru, Dollars, and other Foreign Species of Silver Coins, whether of 
the same or Baser Alloy, shall, after the said First Day of January 
next, stand Regulated, according to their Weight and Fineness, 
according & in proportion to the Rate before liinited and set for the 
pieces of Eight of Sevill, Pillar, and Mexico; So that no Foreign 
Silver Coin of any sort be permitted to exceed the same proportion 
upon any Account whatsoever. And We do hereby Reqire & Com- 
mand all Our Governours, Lieutenant- Go vernours, Magistrates,, 
Officers, and all other Our good Subjects within Our said Colonies 
and Plantations, to Observe and Obey Our Directions herein, as they 
Tender Our Displeasure. 



Given at Our Castle at Windsor, the Eighteenth Day of June, 
1704 In the Third Year of Our Reign, 
GOD Save the QUEEN. 

A Computation made by Mr. Newton, Master-Worker of the Mint, 
according to which all Foreign Coins may Pass in Her Majesties 
Plantations, in Proportion to the Rate Limited in Her Majesties 
Proclamation for Pieces of Eight of Sevill, Mexico and Pillar. 

Rate of the said Pieces 
in Proportion to the Lim- 
itation made by the said 

Weight and Intrinsick Value of the following 

Sevill Pieces of Eight, Old Plate 

Sevill Pieces of Eight, New Plate 

Mexico Pieces of Eight 

Pillar Pieces of Eight 

Peru Pieces of Eight 

Cross Dollars 

Ducatoons of Flanders 

Ecu's of France or Silver Lewis 

Crusados of Portugal 

Three Guilder Pieces of Hollarui 

Old Rix Dollars of the Empire 

wt. Gr. 
























6 I. 

6 I. 

5 I. 


6 [ 
6 ' 








All Halves, Quarters and lesser Pieces are to Pass in Proportion to the above Rates. 

[No advertisement in this issue.] 

1R. je. 

IRumb. 35. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /lDont>a^, December 11. to jflDonDa^ December 18. 1704. 


FT"^ XCEPT for four short domestic items this issue is completely filled 
j XLwith long reports of foreign affairs; and among others these 
*■ include, under date of the preceding July, from the duke of 
Marlborough's camp at Alcha, news from that commander concerning 
the movements of his army ; in August reports from Whitehall and 
Windsor more details of the capture of Gibraltar; a letter of Queen 
Anne addressed to the Parliament of Scotland, dated Edinburgh, 
July 11; and other news from Mentz, Hamburg and elsewhere upon 
the continent.] 



Boston, On Sabbath the 10th Instant, died at Milton, Mr. Richard 
Wilkins, Bookseller of Boston: Aged Eighty-One years, And was 
Interred at Boston, on Wednesday the 13th Currant. 

On Thursday the 14th, Arrived here the French Prize, taken by 
Her Majesty's Ship the Advice, mentioned in our Number 33. 

Outward Bound, Jefferies for Coratuck, Welch for Bermuda, John 
Corny, and John Charnock for Lo)tdon. Coasters Outwards, Allen 
for Connecticut, Gillam for Rhode Island, and Newman for Piscataqua. 
Forreign Outwards Cleared, Bucklin for Antigua, Lanyon for Carolina, 
Jeffries for Coratuck, Card for Barbadoes, Hillard and Parker for 
Jamaica, Carket for Surranam, and Milke for Montserat 

New-York, Decemb. 2. Cap. Bond 8c Cap. De Hart are just now 
arrived from Engla'nd, and Cap. Wilde is daily expected, Cap Bill 
is arrived from Curacoa in a month. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

I, i6» IRumb. 35. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ December 18. to /IDOnt>a^ December 25. 1704. 


|"TN this issue preference is again given to foreign news, almost the 
jX whole space being occupied by such matter. An additional in- 
stalment of the declaration of the king of Portugal is printed, 
and also the speeches to Parliament by the marquis of Tweedale, 
high commissioner, and the earl of Seafield, lord high chancellor; 
and there is miscellaneous news of May, June and July, from Con- 
stantinople, Nismes, Amsterdam and other capitals of the continent. 
Two items only comprise the domestic news.] 

Boston, Entered Outwards, John Estes, and John Thomas junior 
for London. Coasters Inwards, John Wells from Piscataqua. Coast- 
ers Outwards, Thomas Grace for Piscataqua. Forreign Inwards, 
John Pitts, and Thomas Winter from London. Forreign Outwards 
Cleared, John Seley, and Jeffery Bedgood for Barbadoes, John Ruggles 
for Nevis, William Dean for Lisbon, John Venteman for Jamaica, 
and John Scot for Antigua. 

Notice is hereby given to all Persons concerned. That whereas it is 
likely the General Assembly of this Provirice, will be Sitting at the 
tim^ appointed by Law for the holding of the Infer lour Court of Common 
Pleas within the County of Suffolk, on the First Tuesday of January 



next; the Justices of the said Inferiour Court have therefore adjourned 
the same unto tlie First Tuesday of February next ensuing. 

[No advertisement in this issue.] 


fi. ]£. IRuml). 37. 

The Bolton Ne^ws-Letter. 

From ^ont)ai? December 25. to /IDOUOap January 1. 1704, 5. 


F/^NLY five items of domestic news are printed in this issue. The 
[v^ first page is filled with the speech of the earl of Cromarty, lord 
secretary, in the Scottish parliament , favoring the union with Great 
Britain. On the second page is a letter from London, of July 20, 
1704, regarding the succession of the crown of Scotland. Continental 
news is from Turin, Vienna and other cities.] 

Boston, On Wednesday last, the General Court of this Province 
according to Prorogation to said day, did meet and Sit again. 

Entered Outward Bound, Hobbs for Antigua. Coasters Inwards, 
Bracket from Piscataqua. Forreign Outwards, Sanders for Roanoke, 
Pickman for Nevis, Clark for Virginia, Plaisteed and Barns for 
Barbadoes, Perkins and Hobbs for Antigua, Welsh for Bermuda, 
and Cravat for Lisbon. 

Philadelphia, Dec. 6. Capt. David Robertson from London, is 
just now arrived, came out with the Advice Man of War from England. 
And we dayly expect a Briganteen that came out in Company with 

Neiv York, December 15. We have Advice, That the Dove from 
London, bound hither, is put in to New London. 

His Excel, the Ld. Cornbury is expected here this day from his 
Government of N-Jersey. The Assembly of that Province have 



granted a Revenue to Her Majesty of 2000 1 Per Annum for two 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

1R. IB. 1Flumb.38. 

The Bofton News-Letter- 

From flDon^a^ January 1. to xJDonDap January 8. 1704, 05. 


XCEPT for four domestic items and one advertisement all this 

tissue is of foreign affairs. Most space is given to reports from 

Vienna of the peace negotiations between Austria and Hungary, 

and the movements of Prince Ragatzi. The proceedings of parHa- 

ment sitting in Edinburgh are reported.] 

Boston, On Tuesday the 2d Currant, Dyed the Pious and Vertuous 
Madam Sarah Leverett, widow of the Honourable John Leverett Esq. 
Sometime Governour of the MassacJiusetts-Bay in New-England, 
Aged 74 years & 8 Month's, much Lamented by all Persons. 

An Act Passed by the Great and General Court of this Province 
this Sessions, Against Souldiers aitd Seamen in Her Majesty's Service, 
being Arrested for Debt. 

On Saturday the 6th Instant, His Excellency our Governour was 
pleased to Prorogue the Assembly of this Province unto Wednesday 
the 21st of February next, to ten of the Clock in the Forenoon. 

Entered Outward Bound, Henry Lowder for Barbadoes. Forreign 
Cleared Outwards, Aitdrew Gravenrat for New-York, and Jonathan 
Gray for Antigua. 


A Negro Man Slave, about 35 years of Age, who speaks good English, 
to be Sold & seen at Cap. Samuel White's house at the North- 
end of Boston, where you may know further. 

1jq. ]g, Bumb. 39. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 


From /JDOUC)a^ January 8. to flDon^ap January 15. 1704, 5. 


HALF column of domestic news and three and one half columns 
of foreign news fill the two pages of this issue. The foreign news 



from Warsaw, Dantzick, Turin, Hague and elsewhere is principally 
concerning military movements and several small battles in which 
the armies of the French and the Allies were engaged ; the discussion 
of terms of peace between Sweden and Poland and the elaborate 
preparations which had been made for the crowning of King Stan- 
islau. The domestic news, although brief, contains several items 
of more than ordinary importance including reports of privateers in 
the West Indies.] 

Boston, On Monday the Sth Currant was Interred Madam Sarah 
Lever ett mentioned in our Last. ^ ' 

This week arrived John Moor from Nevis about nine weeks Passage, 
says, That there are a great many French Privateers out, and that 
Philip Lewis from hence to Surranam, and from thence for Nevis 
in a Briganteen was taken and carried in to Martinico. 

On Sabbath the 14th Instant at Noon, begun a great Storm of 
Snow, the Wind being at North-East, and continues still at the 
Printing hereof on Monday Morning. 

Entered Outward Bound, Fortune Redduck for St. Christophers. 
Forreign Inwards, John Moor from Nevis. Forreign Outwards 
Cleared, John Pullen for Jamaica. 

Piscataqiia, January 11. Capt. Salmon Morrice'^^ Commander 
of Her Majesty's Ship the Advice (with the two Mast-Ships, who are 
making all possible dispatch in Loading) will Sail hence for England 
the 1st of March next, taking under his Convoy what other Vessels 
are then ready. 

New- Port Rhode-Island, January 11. On Fryday the Sth Currant 
dyed here Mr Robert Carr, and was Interred on Monday the Sth 
Instant. There is arrived here Gillam 8c Gravenrad from Boston, 
and cleared from hence, Hubbert from Madera's, and Hayman for 
St. Christophers. 

New-York, Jan. 1, About 10 days ago, Cap. Claver, & Capt. 
De Wint Sayled a Privateering. A Sloop arrived here from Suranam, 
brings no news. The Post from Albany brings Advice, That the 
French were fitting out a great Party of Indians, &c. to fall upon some 
of the English Government. Several Vessels Outward bound for 
Antigua, Jamaica, Curacoa and Carolina. Capt. Wilde from London 
that came out with the Advice Man of War, &c. Lies at the two 

62 See News-Letter, No. 38; see also Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol, II, 
page 120, under date Janv 2, and page 121, under date Monday, January 8 
[1704 /.5]. 

63 Captain Salmon Maurice. See Notes, in The Acts and Resolves . . . 
of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, page 
465, 466. 


Brothers, 12 miles from hence. 


[Reprinted: sale of slave of Captain Samuel White, as in January 8.] 

1R. 16, IRumb. 40. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDonDag January 15. to ^OU&a^ January 22. 1704, 5. 


LL the first page of this issue is filled with an account of the 
battle of Blenheim. On the second page is news from Berlin, 
Vienna, Hague, Hamburgh, Frankfort and elsewhere.] 


Boston, On the 15th Instant, James Jarvies, Blacksmith, (who 
used to be taken with Fits of the Falling Sickness) being Shovelling 
of Snow at his Well in the Yard, on a sudden his head foremost fell 
into the Well, his own Journey-man Shovelling Snow in the same 
Yard heard a sudden noise, & immediately cried out, & several 
persons got to the Well where nothing was to be seen but his feet, 
and got him out, who spoke but very few words afterwards, and dyed 
within a few hours. 

On Wednesday morning the 17th Instant, dyed Elizabeth Whetlie, 
Single Woman, for want of help, being big with Child, who would 
not own that she was with Child, was afterwards opened, and found 
to be so. 

On Saturday Morning the 20th. dyed Mr. William Rowe, Goldsmith. 

Entered Outward Bound, John Wensley for Barbadoes. Cleared, 
Jotham Odiorn for Piscataqua. 


[Reprinted: sale of slave of Captain Samuel White, as in January 8 
and January 15.] 

'^^ jg. Bumb. 41. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDOn&a^ January 22. to /IDon&a^ January 29, 1704. 05. 


HREE columns of this issue are filled with foreign news. More 
details of the victory at Hochflet in August, 1704, are given 
"From the Duke of Marlborough's camp at Steinheim, Aug. 17 




N. S." with the additional note, "we refer you to our Number 33 in 
which is the Duke of Marlborough's Letter to the Secretary of State, 
Avhich gives an account of the Battle." Appended to this report 
is "A List of the Chief Prisoners taken at the Battle at Bleineam." 
More account of this battle is given in letters from Berlin, Frankfort, 
and Hague. In a letter from Edinburgh, parliamentary proceedings 
in relation to the succession to the throne are reported.] 

Barbadoes, Decemb. 21. On the 20th of October arrived here Capt. 
Thomas Lessenby in the Dudley Frigot, and Sargent in a Ketch from 
Boston in N. England, & on the 22d. Capt. Partridge from said Port. 
On the 2d of November the Warrick Man of War, (the Curtney Brigan- 
teen being in Company) brought in a French Privateer Sloop with 
40 hands. Capt. Graves in the Ship William from Virginia; On the 
7th Capt. Porter from Guinea, & a Briganteen from Virginia: On 
the 8th, Fox in a Ketch from Boston, & Tucker in a Sloop from 
Rhode-Island both taken, the men put on Shoar; a Sloop from Pensil- 
vania, & Capt. Jenkins in a Ship from Bristol arrived. On the 12th 
two Sloops from Pensilvania, & one from Rhode-Island. On the 15th. 
The Pacquet Boat from England. On the 16th. A Sloop from Rhode- 
Island, and one from New-York. On the 17th. Capt. Moles from 
Boston On the 19h. Captains, Everton and Garrat from New-found land. 
On the 9th Decemb. Captain Gibbs from Carolina. 

Several Vessels Sail'd from hence this day. For Virginia, The 
James Citty, Richard Brand, Master, & the Mercy, James Loring 
Master: For Leward Islands, Robert Chappel, & Mr. Richardson; 
for London, Capt. Thomas Holland, in the By-fronts Gaily, George 
Pearson in the John & Ann, William Arkland in the Industry, George 
Clay in the Richard. For Pensilvania, Florentius Burrows in the 
Tygar, George Layer aft in the Adventure. For Bermuda, Nathaniel 
Tatum, in the Lilly, Robert Inglish in the John & Jane, John Sallus- 
tius in the Samuel, William Outerbrige in the Rose, Matthew Witter 
in the William & Robert. For New-England Salem, John Sharpe 
in the Endeavour. For Boston, Clement Jackson in the Dover Gaily, 
& John Bennet in the Hopewell. For Bristol, Robert Knowles in the 
Increase. For Carolina, James Gibson in the Endeavour For Saltitu- 
dos Wil Wyot in the Endeavour. 

Yesterday came on Shore Capt. Dunkin and Company in his 
Boat, gives an Account that he was bound Hither from Ireland, 
Loaden with Provisions, but his Ship sprung a Leak ten Leagues ofif 
and Foundered. 

Provisions are both scarce & dear. Capt. Moles is put in Com- 
mander of the Curtney Briganteen, & our Government has fitted 
out a Sloop, both of which are out, and hope will do us good Service 
against the Privateers. 



The Man of War has Retaken a Ship from Guhwa, bound to Jamaica, 
the Master whereof is carried in to Martinico. The Ship brought 
in here & the Negroes Sold. 

We are acquainted, That there is 2 or 3 French Privateers taken 
by Her Majesties Man of War at the Leward-Islaiids, 

Boston, On Tuesday the 23d Currant, arrived here Capt. John 
Bewnet in 33 days from Barbadoes, by whom we have the Confirma- 
tion of Capt. Ellery's (mentioned in our Number 31) being taken by 
the French, who was Wounded in the stout resistance he made against 
the Privateer. That Capt. Thomas Dudley in the Pacquet Boat from 
England to the West-Indies, was taken and carried into St. Mala. 

On Wednesday the 24th. Dyed Mr. Edward Gouge, Merchant. 

By his Excellency's Direction, Capt. Tyng and Capt. Stepliens 
with 150 men with Snow Shoes march'd from Dunstable eight days 
ago into the Woods in search of the Enemy. ^ * 

His Excellency intends to go for his Government of New-Hamp- 
shire, on Wednesday the 31st. Instant. 

Entered Outward Bound, Capt. Mark Hunkin in the Johns Ad- 
venture, for Barbadoes. Forreign Inwards, John Bennet from Bar- 
badoes. Cleared Outwards, Cap. Ephraim Breed in the Seaflower, 
for Jamaica, and Joseph Thorne in a Sloop for Barbadoes. 

There are two Mails due from the Eastern Post, aiid one from the 
Western, by reason of the great Snows. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

Vi. le, Bumb. 42. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap January 29. to /IDon^a^ February 5. 1704, 5. 

M H— NY 

r^T^HIS issue opens with a proclamation by Governor Dudley for a 
I X general fast. Foreign matter follows, occupying the remainder 
of the first page and three quarters of the second page : largely of 
war news. The domestic news fills out the second page and tells 
of heavy snow storms and high tides. A New York item reports the 
publication there of the queen's proclamation for "Settling and 
Ascertaining the Current Rates of Foreign Coins" in the colonies, 

64 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 447. 



which was published in Massachusetts in the previous December, and 
given in the News-Letter No. 34.] 

By His Excellency, JOSEPH DUDLEY Esqr. Captain General 
and Govemour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Provinces of the 
Massachusetts- Bay and New-Hampshire in New- England. A 
PROCLAMATION for a General FAST«'^ 

HAving had Consideration of the Great Troubles of Europe, 
wherein Her Majesty and the Confederates are Engaged against 
the Common Ettemy of the Repose of the Christian Nations; 
As well as our own Troubles with the French and Indians; 
And the Just Reason we have therefore to Implore the Divine Favour, 
for the Remission of our great and manifold Sins that have justly 
displeased God. 

I Have therefore thought fit, by and with the Advice of Her Majesties 
Council, and at the Desire of the Representatives in their last 
Session, to Appoint aitd Order, That Thursday the first of March tiext, 
be Solemnized as a Day of Publick FASTING and PRAYER through- 
out these Provinces: Exhorting both Ministers and People in their 
several Assemblies, Religiously to attend the Solemn Services of the said 
Day; That by a sincere Repentance and steady Affiance in the Divine 
Mercy in their most humble Addresses, Tliey may obtain from GOD, 
That Our Soveraign Lady the QUEEN with the Nations and Territories 
under Her Happy Government may always be under the Protection of 
HEAVEN; Her Majesties Life and Government long continued; 
Her Counsels and just Arms Prospered; The Designs of the barbarous 
Salvages against us defeated; Our exposed Plantations preserved. 
And the poor Christian Captives in their hands, returned; That the 
Government of these Provinces may have the Divine Direction in all 
their Administrations; That Health may be continued, And the 
ensuing Year crowyied with the Fruits of Divine Bounty: That Deliver- 
ance may speedily arise to the Church of God oppressed with the Tyranny 
of Antichrist. And all Servile Labour is Inhibited in that Day. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the Twenty-second Day 
of January, 1704. In the Third Year of the Reign of Our Soveraign 
Lady A N NE, by the Grace of GOD, of England, Scotland, France 
& Irelaiid. QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &c. 
By Order of the Govemour & Council /. Dudley. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

New-Port Rhode-Island, January 25. On Sabbath the l^th. 

65 In The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay: . . . .Vol. VIII, p. 104. 



Instant, began here a great Storm the Wind at 5. E. and continued 
till next day, which caused a Tyde to rise here two foot higher than 
ever was known, which has done near 400/. damage to this place, 
and drowned 17 Sheep of Connonicufs. Robert Smith for Surranam 
will Sail in 15. days. 

New-York, January 22. On the 15th Instant dyed here, Sampson 
Shelton Broughton Esqr. Her Majesties Attorney General, Judge 
Advocate, and of the Council of this Province, a Gentleman of great 
Probity, Piety and Temper; whose loss is extreamly lamented by 
all good men. 

This Day Her Majesties Proclamation for Settling and Ascer- 
taining the Current Rates of Foreign Coins in Her Majesties Colonies 
and Plantations in America was published here. Never more Snows 
known here than now, which is excessive deep, 7 or 8 miles a day with 
great difficulty is attained to be a days Journey. The Pensilvania 
Post not yet come in. 

Vessels Outward Bound are Capt. Bond for London, Roland for 
Jamaica, Newenhuysen, Bill and Bonnin for Curacoa, Watkins for 
Barbadoes, Debart for Madera, Roland for Fyal, and Egerbtson for 

Boston, Entered Outward Bound, Thomas N orris in the Content, & 
John Bonnes in the Hopewell for Barbadoes. Forreign Outwards 
Cleared, John Ingoldsby for Jamaica, Nathaniel Elliot for Mont- 
serat, William Thwing for Madera, Richard Mortimur, and James 
Berry for Barbadoes. 

William Wyer in the Endeavour arrived at Martha's Vineyard 
the 9th of January in a months time from Saltitudo's, where was 
neither Sale nor other Vessel to be seen. 

The Eastern Post came in on Saturday and sets out on Monday 
night, who says. There is no Travailing with Horses, especially beyond 
Newbury, but with Snow Shoes, which our People do much use now, 
that never did before. The Western Post came then also in, and 
sets out on Tuesday Morning , who likewise says , ' Tis very bad Travailing . 


T Ately deserted Her Majesties Service at the Castle on Castle- 
■*-^Island, Jonathan Milburn Souldier, a Middle siz'd man, thin 
Visage, dark brown short Hair; Aged about Thirty years: Who- 
soever shall apprehend and him Convey to the Honourable Thomas 
Povey Esq. Lieutenant Governour of the Massachusetts-Bay, shall 
have Forty Shillings Reward, besides his Charges. And if the 
said Milburn will Voluntarily come in and Surrender himself to 



the next Justice of the Peace, in order to return to his Obedience* he 
shall be pardoned his Crime 

fl^ jg» IRumb. 43. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDon^ap February 5 to /IDouDa^ February 12, 1704, 5 


rT?OREIGN news fills three and a half of the four columns. Under 
I 1/ the head Hne ''From the Duke of Marlborough's Camp at Ep- 
*• pingen September 3 N. S.", are two columns of news pertaining to 
the campaign of the allied forces against the French and Bavarians 
and a list of the English officers killed or fatally wounded in the 
battle of Blenheim. Under a Vienna date of August 27, 1704, is a 
report of the rejoicing in that capital, over the victory of Marlborough. 
From Hague and Windsor is other war news.] 

Salem, Jan. 20. The Weather has been so extream, there is no 
Travelling. The great Tide on Monday 15th Instant was here at 
least 14 inches higher than has been known in 20 years past; & much 
damage done in this Town, at Marblehead & Manchester. The 
Chanel that was cut for the passage of Vessels out of the Harbour 
of Glocester into Ipswich Bay, to save going about the Cape, is quite 
filled up. ®^ We have had no body from Boston since, that can give 
an account of your Damage: but doubt it is considerable. 

Charlstoivn, Feb. 9. The last week was held here the Superiour 
Court for our County, where a Case was by the Court committed 
to the Jury, & when they brought in their Verdict, the Court judging 
it to be wrong, informed them better of the Case, & sent them out again 
to consider better of it; a certain person in the Court after they had 
received the Charge from the Court, spoke to them, & desired them 
to stand by their first Verdict notwithstanding of what the Court said 
to them; whereupon the Court sent for said person & severely checkt 
him, & had like to have fined him in a considerable Sum, but in 
regard of his very great submission and penitency for his Crime, 
was fin'd but in Five Pounds. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 6th Currant, being Her Majesty's Birth- 
Day; the Honourable the Lieutenant Governour, and the Gentle- 

66 The "cut" across Cape Ann by way of Squam River. See Notes, in 
The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . , 
in which this item is reprinted from the News-Letter, Vol. VIII, p. 478. 



men of Her Majesties Council, with the Militia Officers, The Gentle- 
men and Merchants of this Place, Attended on His Excellency the 
Govemour to the Touni House, where they Drank Her Majesties 
Health, Her Royal Highness the Princess Sophia's, His Royal High- 
ness Prince George's; His Grace the Duke of Marlborough's; And 
Prosperity to Her Majesties Forces by Sea and Land. The Town- 
House, and several Gentlemens Houses at night being full of 

By Letters from Piscataqua we are acquainted, that John Sharp 
(mentioned in o\ir Number 41 to be bound for Salem from Barba- 
does) was Cast away at Piscataqua on Fryday night the 2d Currant. 
The men are saved, but little of the Cargo is like to be sav'd. 

Entered Outward Bound, William Wains for Newfoundland. 
Coasters Outward, Jacob Parker for Piscataqua. Forreign Cleared 
Outwards, Capts. John Suitderland, John Foster, William Skinner, 
Thomas Beard, John Robinson, and Bartholemew Chever for Barbadoes; 
and James Updike for Madera. 

On Saturday Arrived at Nantucket, Capts. Alcock, Alden, and 
Peppril from Piscataqua. 

There is one Mail due from the Eastern Post; and the Western 
Post comes not in till Saturday next. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

11:^, jig^ IRumb. 44. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^a^ February 12. to /IDOn^H^ February 19. 1704, 5 


F'VT EARLY the entire issue is taken up with foreign news, only 
I j[^ seven short items of domestic events being printed at the end 
 of the fourth column. The foreign news mostly relates to the bat- 
tle of Blenheim or Bleinemor Hochflet,as it is here printed. The reports 
are from Geneva, Hamburgh, Windsor and Paris. The Paris news 
refers to letters received from Strasburg about the battle, and particu- 
lar emphasis is placed upon the unpreparedness of the French and 
Bavarians for this defeat as shown in the fireworks and inscriptions 
which, before the battle occurred, had been prepared to celebrate 
the birthday of the duke of Brittany "wherein the Rivers Seine and 
Tajo were represented as forcing the Po, Danube, Maeze and Thames 
to pay them homage." Further reports from Windsor and London 
tell of the congratulations which have been extended to the queen 
upon this great victory.] 



Boston, A Gentleman from Piscataqua acquaints us, That the great 
Storm mentioned in our Number 39, the 14th of January last, caused 
a very great Tide to rise at Piscataqua, which did very great damage 
there to several Warehouses, some whereof were carried away with 
it; as also at Kittery and the Isle of Shoals, where it carried away 
several of their Houses, and all their Fishing Stages. 

Captains, Alcock & Alden mentioned in our Last to be arrived 
at Nantasket was through misinformation; The Latter of which ar- 
rived there on Thursday last, who is bound for Barhadoes. 

On Wednesday next Sits our General Assembly. 

Entered Outward Bound, Capt. John Balston for London, William 
Pcpperil for Cowes, & Jonathan Chamberlain for Newfoundland. 
Cleared Outwards John Bennet, David Craeg, and Thomas Landel 
for Barbadoes. 

The Advice Man of War with the Ships under her Convoy, will be 
ready to Sail from Piscataqua for England, against the middle of 
March a^ farthest. 

The Eastern Post came in on Tuesday last, and went out on Wednes- 
day night, to return on Fryday or Saturday 7text, & to keep his usual 
limes of going out and cotning in. 

The Western Post not yet come in. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

L ]£♦ 1Rumb. 45. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /©OUDa^ February 19 to /[l>onC)a^ February 26 1704,^05. 


TtN the first column of the first page under date, Windsor, Septem- 
I Xber 14 1704, is a long account, sent by Admiral Sir George 
Rooke, of the naval battle with the French off Malaga, Spain, Au- 
gust 13. In the second column is a list of the English and Dutch officers 
and men killed and wounded in that engagement, to the number of 
2,758. The story of the battle is continued on the second page, and 
there are also from Lisbon further details concerning the affair. The 
domestic news is a minor quantity occupying only three quarters of 
a column.] 

Lisbon Decemb. 3d. . . . Mr. Whitehorn from Rhode-Island 
to London was taken by the French, himself is come in here in one of 
those ships we took, but his Ship is not retaken. 



Capt. Smith in the Gosport Man of War, is put in here, who Sailed 
from Boston in N. England, on the 26 of October, and the 30 lost 
Company of tlie Merchant Ships wnder his Convoy, bomid for England : 
The Gale held till the 7 of November, blowing a meer Storm; the Sea 
so tempestuous that the Air seem'd to be a Mist with the Scudd that 
rose from the Water: he scudded under his bare Poles running nine 
Knots; The Sea broke in his great Cabbin, stove bulk heads, and all 
before it: all the Captains Furniture hove overboard, kill'd Arthur 
Kind out right; broke the Carpenters, left Arm in two Places, and 
two middle Fingers cut off short; Samuel Perkins fell out of the Mizon- 
Top, and was drowned. Their Boats stove and hove overboard; Dr. 
Grafford bruised and Wounded in several places of his body; all ex- 
pecting every fnoment when the Ship would fill and go down: but the 
Ship brought to and lay very well to their Comfort. About 7 a Clock 
at Night on Monday the 6th. The Main Mast sprung between Decks, 
which if had gone there, all must have perished, it would have rimied 
the Pumps, and ript up the Deck, but {through Mercy) they had time 
to Cut it away above Deck: The Ship proved so Leaky, that both Pumps 
was kept going Night & Day. Tuesday the 7 the Wind abated, and 
had fair Weather and moderate Winds, till they came near the English 
Channel, where they met with N. E. Winds, that blew so hard they could 
not hold it; The 19 November, Tliey bore away for this place, and 
Arrived here the 30 November, ivhere they are all in good health. The 
Milford from Barbado's met with the same Storm, who also lost her 
Main Mast and Boats, is also Arrived here. 

New-York, Febr. 12. The Sfrumulo Man of War, who came out 
with the Mast-Ships was arrived at Virginia, Capt, Tongrelou is in 
Virginia, his Sloop was Cast away about 10 Leagues to the South- 
ward of the Capes of Virginia; The Master & 2 or 3 more of her 
men drowned. We hear he sav'd the money, and about 6 or 700 I. 
in Goods, and that he designs hither. 

A Post came from Albany last week, brings no News, but that 
all things were quiet and in good order. 

Two Sloops are up for Barbadoes, one for Curacoa, one for Carolina, 
and a Ship for Ma Jera. 

The Pacquet Boat that arrived at Barbadoes, the 20th of December 
last, brought Advice that the Barbadoes Fleet were arrived in England. 

Roger Mompesson Esqr. Chief Justice of this Province, Mr. John 

Barberie, and Mr. Adolph Philips are Sworn of Her Majesty's Council. 

Capt. John Tudor is appointed Recorder of the City of New York. 

New-port Rhode Island, Feb. 15. Our Assembly is now Sitting, 
in order to raise men according to Her Majesty's Letter. Capt. 



Smith for Surranam, and Ransford for Barbadoes, will Sail in about 
10 days. 

Boston, On Wednesday the 14th Instant, Lieut. Col. Hilton & Maj. 
Walton marched from Piscataqua with 300 men Voluntiers with Snow 
Shoes for Narigwalk the Head Quarters of the Eastern Indians at 
250 miles distance, with 20 days Suhsistance in their Snap-sacks , who 
we doubt not if tlie Weather allow will see that place in 10 days from, 
their setting out. And his Excellency the Governour has at the same 
time a Cruiser on the Shore of L'acadie to disrest the Enemy there. 
The Discovery of their Head- Quarters will give measures for the Sum- 
mers proceeding. We have had no mischief from, the Enemy these 
6 months past, notwithstanding all their Bravo's to visit us once in two 
months. ® ^ 

Entered Outward Bound, Nathaniel Balston for Barbadoes, David 
Cutler for Pensilvania, & Eleazor Moses for Newfoundland. Coasters 
Inwards, Newman from Piscataqua. Outwards, Wells for Piscata- 
qua. Foreign Inwards, Bryan Smith from Lisbon, Wyar from Saltetu- 
do's. Cleared Outwards, Holland for Fyall, Thomas, Vincent, and 
Corney for Lo'ndon. 

The Western Post came in on Tuesday, & went out on Thursday 
last, in order to be in again on Saturday the 3d of March next. The 
Eastern Post came also in on Saturday last & set out Monday night 
at 7 aClock, so to keep his due course in going out & coming in. 


A N able healthy Negro Woman about 23 years of Age, speaks 
-*• ^English intelligibly, & is well instructed in Household-business . 
to be Sold. Enquire at the Post- Office in Boston, & know further. 

fl^^ jg. IFlmnb. 46. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ February 26. to /IDOnDap March 5. 1704, 5. 


rXN the first and second columns on the first page is "A Relation 
\Lofthe Sea-Fight yiear Malaga, on the 24^/z o/ August, 1704. N. S. 
as it was writ from on Board the French Fleet" ; and this is accom- 
panied with a list of the French killed and wounded. There is 
also war news from Turin and Geneva and nearly two columns of 

67 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 446. 



miscellaneous European news "by prints and letters from England 
per Capt. Gill via Lisbon," and the editor adds "all which we shall 
enlarge upon in our succeeding Prints."] 

Boston, On February 25. Capt. Michael Gill of Charlestown arrived 
at Marblehead from Lisbon, in about a months Passage, by whom we 
have the following Advice, That Capts. Mason and Jenkins both of 
this place were arrived in England, and either Jacob or Beavis that 
Sail'd hence with them. That Capts. Gilbert and Gwin were Taken. 
That the Gosport Man of War was Sail'd from Lisbon to England. 

On Wednesday last Sailed from Nantasket Road for Barbadoes, 
7 Merchant Ships, viz. Capts. Bowdage, Berry, Sunderland, Foster, 
Bridgham Aldin & Elice, & 5 BriganteenS; Craig, Everton, Harris, 
Robinson and Carlile; 2 Ketches, and 3 Sloops, Skiwier, Love and 

Entered Outward bound. Hart & Adams for Newfoundland, 
Johnson & Wyar for Barbadoes, Waters for Virginia, Thaxter for 
Jamaica, Pitts for Nevis. Coasters Outwards, Weir for Piscataqua. 
Foreign Cleared Outwards, Emes for Barbadoes, Groce for London, & 
Prey for Cowes. 

On Saturday His Excel. Dissolved the General Assembly. 


A Good Sloop for Fishing, that will carry six Cord of Wood, with- 
out taking down her Rooms, well furnished with Rigging, 
Anchors, Cables, Sails; a Canoo and other fitting Necessaries. To 
be Sold by John Barrel at Boston, for Twenty-five Pounds; where 
they may see an Inventory of the same. 

[Reprinted: negro woman to be sold, as in February 26.] 

\^ jg. Bumb. 47. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap March 5. to /IC)On&a^ March 12. 1704, 5. 


[^T^HE foreign news in this issue is all of preceding September 
JL dates from Hague, Paris, Vienna and Holland via Whitehall, 
and treats of the military movements on the continent. Little 
more than one page is devoted to domestic news. This includes 
a proclamation by the governor regarding the rate of foreign coins.] 

By His Excellency, 7 05EPH DUDLEY Esqr. Captain General 
and Governour in Chief in and over Her Majesties Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. 




TATHereas Her Majesty by Her Royal Proclamation for Settling 
^ ^ and Ascertaining the current Rates of Foreign Coines, in Her 
Majesties Colonies and Plantations in America; Given at Her Majes- 
ties Castle at Windsor, the 18th day of June, in the Third Year of Her 
Reign: Hath Published Her Royal Pleasure, That all Foreign 
Coins be reduced to the same current Rates within all Her Dominions 
in America, according to their Weight and Value, and just proportion 
which each Coyn ought to have to the other, as in the said Proclamation 
is particularly set forth and expressed. 

But forasm.uch, as by the corrupt wicked practices of some ill tnen, 
the present running Coins within this Province are so debased & im- 
paired by Rounding and Clipping {notwithstanding the good & whole- 
some Laws made against the same) to the rendring of Her Majesties 
Royal Intention impracticable: And will prove of pernicious and 
fatal Consequence to Her Majesties good Subjects; unless it be speedily 

For Remedy whereof. 

/ Do, by and with the Advice and Consent of Her Majesties Council, 
and of the Representatives in General Court Assembled, Declare & 
Order, That from & after the Publication hereof, No Money shall 
pass by Tale, but what is of due Weight, according to Her Majesties 
Proclamation, & the Laws of this Province: That all other light 
Money & Plate of Sterling Alloy, shall Pass and be good in Payments 
by the Ounce Troy, pro rato ; until the End of the Session of this Court 
in May next, when further Consideration shall be had tliereof. And 
the Sheriffs of the several Counties are hereby Commanded to Publish 
this Proclamation within the same: 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the Third day of March, 
1704. In the Third year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lady A N NE, 
by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France & Ireland Queen, 
Defender of the Faith &c. 
By Order of the Governour, Council, 

and Assembly. J. DUDLEY. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Port-Royal in Jamaica, Octob. 23. On the 16th Instant arrived 
here Jonathan Peacock, and on the 17th, Nathaniel Vial from Boston, 
Sompson Shore from Virginia; The same day Sailed about 10 Sail 

68 The original draught of this proclamation is on file in the Massachu- 
setts Archives, and a copy therefrom is given in Mr. Goodell's Notes in the 
Province Laws, Vol. VIII, p. 47-3. A broadside, printed in 1705 by Bartholo- 
mew Green, "Printer to His Excellency the GOVERNOUR and COUNCIL," 
is also preserved. See also News- Letter No. 34 ante. 



of Ships bound for London and Bristol under Convoy of the Guernsey, 
Commadore Huntington, Commander, who has Orders to attend 
them thro' the Windward Passage, The Account we have received 
from several of our Traders, gives us cause to believe that the Span- 
iards upon the Main are tired with the Tyranny of the French, who 
very much insult them, according to their usual manner. 

Virginia, Jan. 16. A Privateer Sloop call'd the Sea-flower, Regnier 
Tongrelou Commander; was Cast away, & broke to pieces the 25th 
of Nov. last at night, about 20 miles to the Southward of Cape Henry 
by a violent Easterlie Storm, being bound from Curacoa to Rhode- 
Island, with divers Prize Goods, viz. a parcel of Flanders Lace of 
divers sorts in 2 great seaChests, 2 other of divers sorts of Silk, plain 
& fiower'd, &c. 20 odd bails of white Linnen, viz. Holland, Britanish, 
Hatillis, and Roan and other sorts of Linnen, as Cambricks, &c. 
about 20 Bails of divers sorts of woolen cloths, as Piecotoes, Perpet- 
uanas, Scarlet, Camelian, Barracon and other woolens, as Stockings, 
&c. about 6000 Pieces of Eight, about 1000 Pieces of Eight in Gold, 
& 2 or 3 bars of Silver about half a foot long in bags in a Chest; all 
which said Goods were taken by the said Commander from the 
Spaniard and French, in the Spanish West-Indies, by virtue of a 
Commission from Samuel Cranston Esq. Governour of Rhode-Island, 
& under the Seal of that Colony; The Commander & 14 men were 
sav'd & 3 lost. 

Upon Application made by the Commander to His Excellency 
our Governour, that diligent search might be made after the Goods, 
His Excellency granted a Warrant, & several of said Goods was found, 
amounting to about 7 or 800 1. and a Court of Admiralty will be held 
to Condemn them about the latter end of Feb. next. 

New- York, Febr. 28. On the 17th dyed the Honourable Col. 
William Smith Esq. (the first of Her Majesties Council of this Prov- 
ince) at his House at Brookhaven. 

The Pensylvania Post came in the 18th instant: There has been 
very deep Snows to the Westward, & no Travelling for some Weeks. 

Gravenraedt arrived here last week from Boston. 

The Ship Dove for London will Sail from hence this week for 
Piscataqua to joyn the Convoy. 

Outward Bound, Dunscum, Dehaert & Watkins for Barbadoes, 
Bill, Bonnin and Newenhusen for Curacoa, Gravenraedt & Keirstead 
for Boston, and^Robert for Jamaica. 

Yesterday arrived here James Cebra from Jamaica, came from 
thence in October last, & after had been out 20 days, was obliged by 
strong Northerly Winds to Return to Portmorant, from whence he 



Sailed the 16th Decemb. he came last from the Isle of Thera, one of 
the Bohemia Islands and says, that the people of Providence live 
scatter'd like the Indians in Hutts, have a house for the day, & another 
in the Woods for the night, & that the Spaniards do often come among 
the Islands. One Edwards of Boston and Crew are come Passengers; 
the first lost his Sloop among the Islands some time last Fall. 

Capt. Balling Commander of a Privateer Briganteen from Jamaica 
of 12 Guns, & 110 men, being Cruising off St. La Vere De Cruce, the 
Spaniards fitted out to take him; a Briganteen with 120 men, & a 
Sloop of 70, as they approached. Balling made sail & run between 
them, & fired a Broadside & a Volley of small Shot into the Sloop, 
& immediately Tack'd & laid the Spanish Briganteen aboard & took 
her, & afterwards Chased the Sloop & took her also; the Briganteen 
being old he burnt, but the Sloop he brought up to Jamaica. 

There are 4 men of War at Jamaica, one of them call'd the Mare- 
maid in Decemb. last took a French Ship of greater force than her 
self, loaden with Wines and Brandy, &c. which is said to be a rich 
Prize & brought her to Port-Royal. 

Several Sloops that have been out with design to Trade with the 
Spaniards were returned without effecting it, and brought back their 
Flower, &c. 

New-port Rhode-I slaiid , March 1. John Richards arrived here in 
6 Weeks from the Bay of Hundoras, who says that the Bay of Cam- 
peachy was cut off in October last. Cleared Outward bound. Smith 
for Suranam, & Ransford for Barbadoes. Entered Outward Bound, 
Jacob Legay for Barbadoes. 

Boston, On Tuesday arrived here Thomas Ball from Montserat 
25 days Passage, by whom we have the following Advice, That 
Capt. Monies Commander of a Briganteen Private Man of War from 
Barbadoes, has had several Rencounters with the French Privateers 
near that Island, in one of which he had kill'd Lambert one of their 
Captains, and several of his men; the next day he shot off both the 
Legs of another Privateer Captain. The Cartell"^ is settled between 
Martinico and the Leward Islands man for man, but the Governour 
of Barbadoes would not settle it till he had Orders from England, 
Capt. Tnrell & Perkins both of this place are carried into Martinico. 
There is a Bark and Briganteen seized at Suranam belonging to this 
place on suspicion of some of our Vessels bringing oft' a person con- 
trary to their Law, A Pacquet Boat from England was arrived at 
Monserat just as he came away. Capt. Ellery & several other Masters 
are gone for France. A Carolina Privateer took a French Privateer 

69 See News-Letter Xo. 52 post, under Advertisements. 



off of St. Thomas about the last of January, who had on board 11000 
Pieces of Eight, and loaden with Cocoa: They shared at St. Thomas's 
150 /. a man; he had been but 5 weeks out. A New-York Privateer 
off of Guardilup, was laid on Board by a French Privateer of 70 men, 
who supposed the York man to be a Merchant man, but to his cost 
found him a Tartar; The New-York man took her & mann'd her, 
and he is gone with her, and his own Vessel in Company of the Caro- 
lina Privateer, and Capt. Halsey, four in Consort for the Coast of 
Crocus. Three days before Ball came away, there was a Flag of 
Truce ^ " sent to Martinico with 100 French men to be exchanged. 

On Friday the 9th Currant, His Excellency went for His Govern- 
ment of New-Hampshire. 

On Wednesday the 28th of February, Jonathan Squire, Baker, 
was struck Overboard by the Boom of a Sloop in the Harbour, 
and drowned. 

Entered Outward Bound, Thomas Ball for Plimouth, Devereux 
for Newfoundland, Noyse for Madera, & Darby for Pensilvania. 
Coasters, Bracket and Webber for Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, 
Capt. Michael Gill from Lisbon. Cleared Outwards, Estes for Lon- 
don, and Hart for Newfoundland. 

Piscataqua, March 8th. Our Forces under the Command of 
Lieut. Col. Hilton, & Major Walton returned last night from Narig- 
walk the Head Quarters of the Eastern Indians, who advise of a 
large Fort, Meeting-house & School-house that were there erected, 
the Fort encompassed 3 quarters of an acre of ground built with 
Pallisado's, wherein were 12 Wigwams but no Enemy; neither the 
discovery of any Tracks seen, but of 3 or 4 supposed to be there 
about 3 weeks since, no plunder excepting a few Household Utensils 
of little value: The Meeting-house was Built of Timber 60 Foot 
long, 25 Foot wide, & 18 Foot studd ceiled with Clapboards, in it 
were only a few old Popish Relicks; the School-house lay at one end 
distinct, all which they burnt, near to it was a Field of Cornungathered, 
which may be imputed to the Enemy's desertion by the consterna- 
tion that seized them at the Ransacking of the Eastern French 8c 
Indian Settlements the last Summer, our men hail and lusty and if 
need were, fit for a new Enterprize. ' ^ 

Capt. Morice''- in Her Majesties Ship the Advice designs to Sail 

70 See News-Letter Nos. 49, paragraph, "Boston, in our Number 47" etc.; 
and 52 post, under Advertisements: also foot-note to the latter. 

71 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIH, p. 447, in 
account of operations to the Eastward. 

72 Maurice. See foot-note 63 ante. 



for England with the Mast-Ships and Merchant men under his Convoy, 
on Fryday the 16th Instant. 

[No advertisements in this number.] 

3g. IRuml). 48. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From jflDonDap March 12. to /IDOItDa^ March 19. 1704, 5. 


r/^N the first page of this issue are the speech of the queen opening 
I V^parliament, and a proclamation of Governor Dudley for a general 
Thanksgiving for the victory at Blenheim. On the second page is 
foreign news from London, Hague and elsewhere, and two thirds of 
a column of domestic news.] 

General and Go vernour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Prov- 
inces of the Massachusetts-Bay and New- Hampshire in New- 

A PROCLAMATION for a General Thanksgiving. ^ ^ 

IT having pleased Almighty GOD of His Great Good-ness and Mercy, 
to Afford His Protection and Assistance to Her Sacred Majesty 
in the Just War. In which, for the common Safety of Her Majesties 
Realms, and for disappointing the boundless Ambition of France, 
Her Majesty is now Engaged; And hath given to Her Majesties Amies, 
in conjunction with Her Allies, under the Command of His Grace 
the Duke of Marlborough, Captain General of Her Majesties Land 
Forces, a Signal and Glorious Victory, over the French and Bavarian 
Forces at Blenheim near Hockstet in Germany. 

And such Great arid Publick Blessings calling for Publick and 
Solemn Acknowledgements. 

I do, by Her Majesties Especial Command, Order and Appoint, 
That a General THANKSGIVING to Almighty GOD, for these His 
Mercies, be Religiously Observed throughout these Provinces, upon 
Thursday the Twelfth of April next; Exhorting both Ministers and 
People in their Publick Assemblies on the said Day, most Devoutly 
to Celebrate the Praises of Almighty GOD, for His so Great Favours 
and Blessings bestowed. 

73 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 466- 



Given at Boston the Eighth Day of March, 1704. In the Fourth 
Year of Her Majesties Reign. 
By His Excellency's 

Command, /. D UDLE Y. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

A S also His Excellency our Governour on said Day in Obedience to 
■^ ^Her Majesties Especial Command, Issued forth another Proclama- 
tion referring to Navigation. That whereas by the Laws in Force 
for Navigating Ships and Vessels, 'tis required that the Master and 
three fourth parts of the Mariners at least be English; yet by a 
clause of an Act of Parliament, passed in the Third Year of Her 
Majesties Reign, Entituled, An Act for Recruits, &c. 'Tis Enacted 
therein: That during this present War and no longer, the Limita- 
tion to the Master and three fourths of the Mariners to be English, 
shall be enlarged to the Master, and one Moiety of the Mariners 
at least to be English. His Excellency Charges and Requires all 
Officers of the Customs, Naval Officers, & others Imployed or Con- 
cerned in and about Trade and Navigation within these Provinces, 
to take notice of the said Act and to the Observance thereof during 
this present War, and to conform themselves accordingly. 

Piscataqua, March 16. The Briganteen in which our Governour 
was on Board, being on Saturday last at noon within two miles of 
our Harbour, and a most violent Storm coming up, we thought it 
impossible the Briganteen could be saved, which put us all here into 
a very great Consternation, but last night by an Express from his 
Excellency at Cape Anne, we had the glad tydings of his safe arrival 
there, which caused an universal rejoycing here. ^ * 

The bad weather which we lately had has retarded the Mast Ships 
being ready so soon as was Expected, and Capt. Morrice^^ in Her 
Majesties Ship the Advice designs to Sail for England on Thursday 
the 22d. Currant with the Mast-Ships, and others under his Convoy. 

Capt Bullard arrived last Night at the Isle of Shoals from Barba- 
does to Saltitudoes, and from thence hither in Five Weeks, loaden 
with Salt. 

Boston, Monday the 12th Instant, being the Annual Election-day 
of Town Officers. There was Chosen to Serve as Select or Towns- 
men Mesieurs Timothy Clark, John Marrion, John Barnet, Daniel 
Oliver, *Elias Heath, Thomas Fitch, Thomas Jackson, ^Daniel Pound- 

74 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , relating the circum- 
stances of the governor's journey. Vol. VIII, p. 466. 

75 Maurice. See foot-note 63 ante. 


■■^■^ -TT 







*-* cs •-• 

« u, bo*-* 
;:> SC w " 






H2 _ 

a"-r i-y^^ w^ c _ 

= t s ° I ^"^ 

o .£Pt^ > H " 6 

.Si *•»> -a «> "2 V 

w - O' 

^ ^ ^ '■' Zi 

E U <M f Cm 

•- ^ o « ^ 

*^ *-< O . «t 


^ ^ -f S"^- 

!It3 tSJ" N :. -St 

«-. eft o « c 

t: TO 

s •- -o i». 

S* * ^ <ft ^ 4> 

^4 o 

5 w » " -a 'w :S 

♦rf jt, 2 V p t» 




S..O «i,^ ;^;;.> 



O c 5 

•o a.x:\S S? o CO ^5i<i fc.2 2 
-lS ^ H *^ ^ c C y 5 ^ a^ "5 








■4.) t .^ -a ,w jc/r! r«^^"' 


B > 





. o 
u en 




^ i* S-..C ^=: 1) p: > 







-2 S 


•^^ s . o *^ 

P- i„ j^ ti 4> 

!« "S S ® ^ ii 

— ■""»» 
</> — i t-> Jt 

«- cs ••" •- 

■^ »^ ii "^ vi* 

J: > " *=^ ^ *i! w c ^ X •*• «. ^ 

.» ro o c r w .•y ^ J? -^^ js ^ jb 

■L_ •*«: » I >»^ ^^^ ••»■ 
-S ^.3 5 




ft V. ? 


5 ^ .'r' «>' 

», c Q<i5 

1 »J W 

3 »-. 

ti ^^ 


q£) O -g 


5-0 W 



~ -^ **^ rf 1^ £3 
C- g ■°'< i-- 3 C 


E (& 


J: 2- w O 



i(t<wr- 'ftm;^^ -i; 



ing, and Joseph Vrout, who is also Town Clerk and Town Treasurer. 
And the Overseers of the Poor are, Simeon Stoddard, Thomas Brattle, 
Thomas Palmer, Samuel Lynd, Esquires. Captains, Ephraim Savage, 
William Clark, Mesieurs Elizur Kolyoke, John Borla'nd, Benjamin 
Walker, 'Henry Deering, Stephen Minot and Will. Wellsteed. There 
was also Chosen Eight Constables, 4 whereof have Fined, so must 
adjourn their Names till they are compleated at a new Election. 
There was also Chosen 16 Thy thing-men, 4 Surveyors of High- ways, 
3 Sealers of Leather, 6 Scavingers, 4 Hog- Reeves, and 4 Fence viewers. 
Those that have this Mark * before their Names are new Officers. ^ " 
On Thursday last, We had the good News of the Governour's 
being safe Arrived in Cape Anne Harbour, having been forced to 
Cutt away all the Masts of the Briganteen upon which he was Im- 
barqued, and Ride under Cape Anne four days in an extraordinary 
Storm of Wind; but the Briganteen being Ncav and her ground 
Tackle Good, she was Saved from falling upon the Rocks of that 
Cape to the Leward all that time; And is now returned to this place 
to the great Rejoycing of all Her Majesties good Subjects of both 
the Provinces. ^ ^ 

Entered Outward Bound, Hathorn for Newfoundland, Cornish 
for Pensilvania. Coasters Inwards, Hedge from Cape-Cod, Lewis 
from Barnstable, Hedge from Yarmouth, & Coffin from Nantucket. 
Coasters Outwards, Lathrop and Loring for Conecticut. Foreign 
Inwards, Goddard from Fyall. Cleared Outwards, Waters for New- 
foundland, and Cutler for Pensilvania. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

1R. ]6. IRumb. 49. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap March 19. to /IDont>a^ March 26. 1705. 


rT?OREIGN news fills three columns of this issue and domestic 
I X^ news one column, the former being of preceding September and 
October dates, from London, Hague, Turin,Vienna, Geneza, Basle, 
Dantzick and other capitals.] 

76 According to the Boston town records, in the list of selectmen, Barnet 
should be Barnerd, and Pounding, Powning; in the list of overseers of the 
poor, Lynd should be Lynde, Deering should be Bering, and Wellsteed should 
be Welsteed ; and William Clark is to be classed with the Messieurs instead of 
with the Captains : see A Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of 
Boston, containing the Boston Records from 1700 to 1728, p. .32. 

77 See foot-note 74 ante. See Sewall's record in his Diary, under dates 
March 15-17, 1704-5, respecting the governor's "providential deliverance." 



New-Port Rhode Island, March 19. Monday the 12th Instant, 
being a very Stormy day of Thunder, Lightning, Wind & Rain; 
The last flash of Lightning and clap of Thunder that fell about 12 
a Clock at noon, broke on or near the House of Mr. Tho. Brooks 
near the Northermost end of this Town, it almost broke down the 
South-end of his House, tearing the Clapboards off in several places, 
broke several Windows to pieces, and the Glass broke the plank 
clear through in several places of the Sides, and tore the Clapboards 
off the sides three or four foot wide, broke down most of the Tonnel 
of his Chimney, shiver' d several of the main Rafters all in pieces, 
*it left an impression of the colour as though it had been rubb'd with 
Powder, and caus'd a smell of Sulphur all over the House; and though 
the man of the House was lying on a Bed just by a Window that was 
shivered all to pieces, and his Wife looking out at the door, yet they 
received no damage in their persons, it started the shelter over the 
Cellar door three inches out of his place, kill'd some Fowls in the 
Henrost, broke the Eggs under them, drove one Fowl up in the 
Air, which fell down dead. It broke a Bolt of Iron almost an inch 
thick, besides several other observations. 

On the 15th, Veal and Waters entered from Boston, Moses Butter- 
worth from Barbadoes, last from Boncyr with Salt, says. That Capt. 
Halsy was at Coracoa in Consort with Capt. Claver and Peniston, 
bound for the Coast of Caracos; Capt. Halsy had taken a Barque- 
a-longo, and some Canoo's Loaden with Cocoa. '^ ^ Entered from 
New- York, Emey and Cartell in Sloops, and Allen from Connecticut. 

Marshfield, March 19. On Fryday last the 16th Currant, Dyed 
the Reverend Mr. Edward Thompson, Pastor of this place, and was 
buryed this day. 

Province of tlie Massachusetts-Bay 

WHereas by Her Majesties Especial Commatid to His Excellency, 
which He received while He was absent on his Voyage Eastward, 
There was a Proclamntion Issued for a General THANKSGIVING 
upon Thursday the Twelfth of April next, for the Causes therein 

78 Captain John Halsey of the briganteen "Charles," the "private war 
vessel " which the pirate Quelch and his company seized (see foot-note 38, 
News-Letter No. 14, 1704 ante), now refitted and again as a privateer. Re- 
printed, together with later items from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts 
and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. 
VIII, pp. 526, 529. See News-Letter Nos. 53, 59, 60, 63 post. 

79 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 467. 
See foot-notes 74 and 77 ante. 



Siitce which, the Forces that were sent to Noridewock, being well 
returned, and fourid the Enemy fled, and their Fort deserted: And 
His Excellency being very wonderfully Preserved from Shipwreck, 
by the good Providence of Almighty GOD. 

It's Ordered 

That the above-said Day be duly Observed for Publick THANKS- 
GIVING; And these Causes are Recomnwnded for Solemn Acknowledge- 
ments on the same. 

Council-Chamber in Boston, 

March 19th, 1704. Isaac Addington, Seer. 

Boston, In our Number 47. We gave you an account of a Flag of 
Truce sent from the Leward Islands to Martinico with 100 French 
Prisoners to be Exchanged: And by Norris and Cook this week 
arrived from Montserat, we are acquainted, that there was an ex- 
change made; several of our Prisoners came home with them, & the 
Flag of Truce was gone a second time to exchange all that belonged 
to the Leward Islands, or that was taken bound thither. * " 

In our Number 11. We gave you the Bill of Mortality for the 
then three preceeding years, to which we refer you; and because it 
may be of useful Information, we give you here that of this last Year, 
1704. of Persons which were Buried in the Town of Boston, besides 
those who dyed abroad, many of the Inhabitants of Boston having 
their Employments at Sea. are not reckoned in this Catalogue. 



























55 82 66 negros 17 

total 220 
Entered Outward Bound, Stevins for Nevis, Deane for Surranam, 
Laurence & Wilson for Barbadoes, Sears for London, Smallage for 
New-York, Goddard for Madera, and Sharp for Newfoundland. 
Coasters Inwards, Gardner from Nantucket, Baker & Rogers from 
Cape-Cod, Parker from Piscataqua. Outwards, Philbrick for Hamp- 
ton, and Gardner for Saybrook. Foreign Inwards, Deane from St. 
Turtuda, Cook & Norris from Montserat, Richards from Hundoras, 
Codman from Fyall, Parker from Pensilvania, and Gold from North- 
Carolina. Cleared Outwards, Monsau for Barbadoes, Moses and 
Cornier for London. 

80 See News-Letter Nos. 47 and 49 ante and 52 post: and in the latter, 
foot-note 86. 



Piscataqua, March 23. The Fleet bound for England, under 
Convoy of Her Majesties Ship the Advice, Capt. Morrice^^ Com- 
mander, will Sail^the middle of next week. 



A^ able healthy^ Negro Woman about 22 Years of Age to be Sold, 
Enquire at theJPost Office in Boston, ajid know further. 

1iq. jg. IRumb. 50. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ March 26. to /IDon&a^ April 2. 1705 


f'TpHE first page and part of the second are filled with important 
I A foreign news which is of preceding October dates from London, 
Hague, Hamburgh, Vienna, Turin and elsewhere. Domestic 
news items, several of which are of exceptional character, occupy 
only one and a half columns.] 

Port-Royal in Jamaica, Decemb. 27th. Five Vessels are arrived 
here from Boston in N. England, viz. Bodwin on the 21st Currant, 
Wing the 22d. Shoot the 24th, and Hoddy and Marshal the 25th. 
Lumber is in great demand here, as Staves, Hoops, Boards, &c. 
To morrow several Vessels design to Sail for England. The Dutch 
our Rivals in Trade upon the Coast of New Spain, where they swarm, 
have almost worm'd us out of Trade; our Vessels that went a Trading 
had all or most of them Commissions against the French and Spaniards, 
and expressly forbid by our Governour, to molest the Spaniards 
on Land at all, or on Sea while they were on a Trading Account; 
which though they strictly observ'd, yet our cunning Rivals improv'd 
it very much to our disadvantage, suggesting to the Spaniards that 
'twas absolutely unsafe for them to deal with those that had a Com- 
mission, to make them, and what was theirs a lawful Prize: And 
thereby have so far gained their ends, that till some other measures 
are taken, we are like to have little or no Trading with them. How- 
ever, tho Trade is dull, the Building of Port-Royal goes on briskly; 
and many stately Houses daily setting up, our Church far better 
than was before the Fire. 

81 Maurice. See foot-note 63 ante. 



Philadelphia, March 5. On Thursday last arrived here a Sloop 
from Virginia, who saw on the Monday before 6 or 7 Ships Enter 
into the Capes of Virginia. And this day arrived another Sloop from, 
thence, who says, That about 16 Sail of Bristol and Leverpool Ships 
were just arrived, & had about 5 weeks passage. And that Letters 
from London did say, That the London Fleet from Virginia would 
not Sail till August next. It's said there was the greatest pressing 
of men in England that was ever known. A Sloop belonging to 
New- York was forced on Shore at the Horekills, and Peter Vander- 
scare the Pilot was froze to death. Last week two Sloops Sail'd for 
Virginia, one of them belong'd to Rhode-Island, Peter Bourdin 

Philadelphia, March 19. The 12th Currant 3 persons were drowned 
by the oversetting of a Wherry coming from Burlington hither, 

5 other persons in it were saved. On the 15th arrived Capt. Bunker 
from Jamaica, but last from Exuma, with about 2000 bushels of Salt ; 
he left Jamaica about the 1st of January last, and came out in Com- 
pany with about 15 Sail bound for England. On the 18. arrived 
one Young from Fyall & St. Georges about 7 weeks passage, who 
saw a Vessel (supposes a Sloop by her bigness) about 200 Leagues 
at Sea, with her Keel uppermost, & thinks her not to be long overset, 

6 met with several things floating on the Sea within 2 or 3 leagues 
off her. One Stevins arrived in 5 weeks from the Maderas, who 
says, that one Bignel for this place sailed 10 days before him, but 
is not yet arrived, Stevins spoke with 2 Bristol Ships at Sea bound 
for Virginia, who came out of Plimouth with the East- India Fleet, 
with 16 Sail of Vessels bound for Virginia, & other parts of the Main, 
among which was Capt. Bunman in a Briganteen from London bound 
hither. One Stabbel arrived from Bermuda, by whom we are ac- 
quainted that one Harriot & another whom we expected from Barba- 
does were both there; And that George Palmer in a Briganteen from 
London (that came out with our last Ships from thence) bound 
hither: And Capt. Brereton whom we expected last Fall from Ja- 
maica, both which we gave up for lost, are put in to Carolina. 

New-York, March 12. The Dove, John Wilde Master, lies at the 
watering place waiting for a fair Wind for Piscataqua, to joyn the 
Convoy for England. Vessels outward bound are 2 Sloops for Cur- 
acoa, a Ship & Briganteen for Barbadoes, 2 Sloops for Jamaica 8c 
Carolina, Ker steed 8c Gravenrad for Boston. 

New York, March 23. 
On the 15th arrived here Capt. Joline in 20 days from Jamaica, 
& says, one Bodwin of Boston came out with him, who is bound for 
London, 8c Kept him Company till within these 8 days. That a 



Privateer of Jamaica had brought in there 2 rich Prizes. That a 
Pacquet Boat from England arrived there 5 days before he Sailed, 
and Advises that 35 Sail of the Barbadoes homeward bound Fleet 
was taken in Port Lewis & St. Malo's. That Capt. Penniston a 
Privateer from hence was upon the Coast of Carocus, & had taken 
several Prizes, viz: several Periagars loaden with Cocoa, a French 
Ship of 150 Tons loaden with Sugar, Indigo, Cocoa, and Cassia Fistula 
bound from Martinico to France, and had sent her to Bermudas; 
That he had also taken a Privateer of 40 men & 8 Guns, & carried her 
in to Nevis. On the 19th arrived here Peter Leach in a Briganteen 
from Nevis in 23 days, confirms the taking of so many of our West- 
India homeward bound Fleet; & that Capt. Penniston had sent in 
there a French Snow, and that Penniston lost 3 men in the Engage- 
ment, and that he has fitted the Snow for a Privateer, who is new 
and an incomparable Sailor, and calls her the Revenge Gaily. That 
Brigadier Mathews, General of the Leward Islands is dead. That 
Mr. Weaver, Agent for the Guinea Company at Gamhoa was kill'd, 
and the Factory taken by one Henry Bolton. 

Portsmouth New-Hampshire, March 30 Last Monday 3 Indians 
were discovered at Cape Porpos by a Fisfiing Boat, and the day 
after the same Tracks observed near Wells. 

Capt. Morrice^^ Commander of Her Majesties Ship the ylciwV^ with 
the Mast-Ships, and other Vessels under his Convoy for EnglaTid 
imbraces the first fair Wind. 

Boston, Our Governour has had Letters of the 8th of February, 
via Albany from the Messengers sent by His Excellency to Quebeck, 
in order to exchange Prisoners, who were then within a few days 
of Montreal. * ^ 

By Letters from Bodwin wrote at Sea that came per Joline via New- 
York are acquainted, that Ventiman & Green both from Boston were 
arrived at Jamaica in February last ere he came out. 

On the 1st Currant came in here a French Sloop with French 
Colours abroad, wherein were 9 French men, 6 whereof say, they were 
Souldiers at Port-Royal, and deserted because of some hard usage, 
and that they could get no Pay : The other three say. That they were 
forced by the other six, who ran away from Minas with the Sloop 
which was bound for Port-Royal, and has on board some 3 or 4 hundred 

82 Maurice. See foot-note 63 ante. 

83 Captain John Livingston of Connecticut and John Sheldon of Deerfield> 
the commissioners, and John Wells of Deerfield, their attendant. Reprinted 
from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves ... of the Prov- 
ince of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 500. Also see Sheldon's 
History of Deerfield, Vol. I, pp. 325, 326. See News- Letter Nos. 56, 60, 61, 64 



bushels of Wheat and other Grain ; several Cask and other Things: The 
French men and Sloop are secured by his Excellency the Governour. 
Entered Outward Bound, Cook and Norris for Montserat, Tay 
and Chamberlin for Newfoundland, Coffin for Madera, and Eaglestone 
for Nevis. Coasters Inwards, Allen from Saybrook, and Milliard 
from Millford. Coasters Outwards, Hedge for Connecticut, Darby, 
Holmes, Cornish and Starky for Pensilvania, & Parker for New- 
York. Foreign Inwards, Thomas from St. Turtuda, and Pitts from 
Virginia. Cleared Outwards, Adams, Worthilegg and Hathorne 
for Newfoundland, and Pitts for Nevis. 


[Reprinted: sale of a negro woman as in March 26.] 

1R. j6. IRumb. 51. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /lDonDa\> April 2. to /IDOUDai^ April 9 1705. 


["|\/f ISCELLANEOUS foreign news, from Turin, Hague, Lisbon, 
1 V A Berlin, Vienna and elsewhere, fills the two columns on the first 
page of this issue. On the second page there is given a tab- 
ulated list of the losses which the allied forces sustained in the battle 
of Blenheim; and then there follows three quarters of a column of 
domestic news.] 

Port-Royal in Jamaica, Fcbr. 19. Capt. Venteman from Boston 
arrived here the 7th Instant. Three days ago arrived Capt. Reed 
in the Prudent Sarah from London: The same day Capt. Halsy 
came here to get Intelligence and to procure some Necessaries, who 
designs to Sail a Cruising in 2 or 3 days. This day arrived the Packet 
Boat, who brings us certain Intelligence of our Confederate Forces 
taking of Landau; As also of the raising of the Siege of Gibraltar 
by Sir John Lake, who beat the French Fleet that besieged it by Sea, 
& sinking several of the Enemy's Ships, upon which the Army that 
lay before it by Land, drew off. On the 17th Instant, Tew, Hoddy 
& Shute's Bark Sailed for the Bay of Hundoras in Company with 
3 New-York Vessels bound for the same Port. 

New-York, April 2 Yesterday arrived Capts. Basset & Depue 
in a Briganteen and Sloop from Madera in 6 weeks who say, that 
Sir Cloudsly Shovel is to Command the Fleet in the Streights this 



Summer. That Capt. Thinhoven who Sailed from Bristol for this 
Port in September last was- taken and carried into France. Vessels 
Outward Bound are, Teller for Pensilvania, Joline for Jamaica, 
Creago & Newenhuysen for Curacoa, Perkins for Barbadoes, Leach 
for Nevis, Cebra for Antigua, and Gravenraedt for Boston. 

New- Port Rhode-Island, April 6. Yesterday arrived here Cap 
William Wanton in 19 days from Antigua who say, The French 
Privateers are very thick about Antigua, and take a great many 

Portsmouth N Hampshire, April 6. This day Capt. Morrice^* 
Commander of Her Majesties Ship the Advice, Say led from N. Castle, 
bound for England, with the Vessels under his Convoy, viz. The two 
Mast-Ships, Capts. Eason and Martin, 6 Merchant men, viz. Capts. 
Balston, Corney, Charnock, Vincent, Thomas and Wilde (from A^. York 
that arrived here the 1st. Currant,) 2 Briganteens, Troy & Estes, 
2 Ketches, Almery & Waterhous, 2 Sloops, Sears and Ball. 

Boston, On Monday last was Launched here, the Province Galley 
who will be ready to Sail a Cruising in 4 or 5 days.^^ The talk of 
French Privateers being on our Coast this Week, was occasioned 
by Capt. Wilde of New-York's desiring to speak with some Fishing 
Shallops he met with to be informed by them if the Fleet for England 
was gone, and to get a Pilot for Piscataqua, whom the Shallops took 
to be a Privateer, and fled from him, and another Vessel that went 
hence for Newfoundland. Wing from Jamaica is arrived at Martha's 
Vineyard, and Moor from St. Turtuda, arrived here the 8th Currant. 

Entered Outward Bound, Flint and Codman for Barbadoes, Carket 
for Fyall, Wright and Chamberlin for Newfoundland, Green for 
Jamaica, and Adams for Antigua. Coasters Inwards, Bracket 8c 
Wair from Piscataqua, Coffin from Nantucket, & Blin from Guilford. 
Outwards, Flood for Piscataqua: Foreign Inwards, Green from 
Jamaica, and Plasted from Nevis. Cleared Outwards, Cook for 
Nevis and Chamberlin for Newfomtdland. 


THis Publick Printed News-Letter was undertaken to be Published 
for a Publick Good, to give a true Account of all Foreign and 
Domestick Occurrences, and to prevent a great many false reports 

84 Maurice. See foot-note 63 ante. 

85 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 504. 
Therein are narrated the circumstances under which this new "galley" or 
ship of war was built by the Province. The vessel was hurried for 
launching by reports of two vessels sighted off the coast, believed to be 
French privateers. 



of the same, and was propounded to be Printed for one year for a 
tryal viz. from the 14th of April last, to the 1st of May next, to see 
if the Income by the Sale thereof at a moderate price would be suffi- 
cient encouragement to defray the necessary Charge expended in the 
procuring and Printing of the same, which Charge is considerable 
beyond what most people conceive it to be, besides the trouble and 
fatigue attending it; all which would be too long here to enumerate, 
yet for some satisfaction, we will venture to set down some of the 
Charges and trouble that arises thereby, & leave other-some to 
rational persons to conceive of. 

1. The Undertaker has several setts of the several Prints from 
England, & sent him in several Vessels, that being time of War 
might have one sett if the rest should be taken, which are ordered 
to come by all Vessels coming to our Continent where the Post is 
settled almost 500 miles from E. to W. from N Hampshire to Pensil- 
vania. 2. Correspondents settled in several other Ports & places 
our Shipping goes to, for sending Intelligence. 3. Waiting on 
Masters, Merchants and others when Ships & Vessels arrive to have 
from them what Intelligence they can give. 4. Waiting on His 
Excellency or Secretary for approbation of what is Collected. 5. 
Paper & Printing, &c. And when so done as we said before, we set 
the half Sheet at a more moderate price than it was set at in Exeter 
in England, where they began to Print much about the same time 
that we began here, here it was set at 2d. and there it was at 2d. and 
that sterling money, & when sent out to any house in Town inclosed, 
they were to have Twenty Shillings per Annum, and it was propounded 
here to be sent out for Twelve Shillings per Annum, tho' the paper 
and labour, & other Charges here is 4 times at least dearer than it 
is at Exeter. And tho' it was proposed at such moderate Rates for 
both Town & Country, having had 11 months experience of the 
Income, & trouble & charge in procuring & Printing it; the Under- 
taker is money out of Pocket, & has not sufficient to defray the neces- 
sary Charge; and unless some better encouragement be given for the 
future, it must drop : & therefore several being desirous it should not 
drop but be continued, we thought fit to insert this Advertisement, 
That either the price for the half Sheet a week, and the Quarterly 
and Yearly Customers must be augmented, or else there must be 
more of them Sold, and more Quarterly & Yearly Customers than 
was last year. And therefore all Persons in Town and Country, in 
this & the Neighbouring Provinces who have not already paid according 
to their agreement for this Currant Year for said News-Letter, are 
now desired to do it: And those also who have a mind to encourage 
the supporting & printing of the said publick News-Letter for another 
Year, are hereby Advertised by word or writing to agree with John 



Campbell Post-Master of Boston for the same: That before the Year 
is elapsed it may be known if it can be undertaken for the next. 

fl. jg. mumb. 52. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ April 9. to /IDon&a^ April 16. 1705. 


[^ I ^HE death of the duchess dowager of Holstein, sister to Prince 
X George of Denmark, is reported from Hamburg, and there are 
small items of news from London, Plymouth, Falmouth, 
Vienna and elsewhere.] 

Suranam, Jan. 27. Here is a Proclamation come over from 
Holland emitted by the Directors of the Assembled Society of Sur- 
anam, Dated at Amsterdam the 25th of April, 1704: Granting Liberty 
to Foreign Vessels to Trade here, at the earnest request and Solicita- 
tions of the Governour, Council and Inhabitants of this place, under 
such restrictions and limitations following, and the payment of such 
Duties, viz. It is Statuted and Ordained, That from henceforth in the 
Colony of Suranam, Foreign Vessels shall be suffered and admitted 
with Horses from New-England, N. Netherlaiid, viz. New-York 
and the other Neighbouring Islands and Coasts or Teriitories, and 
that the Masters of such Vessels for themselves and with their Ships 
and Lading, have liberty to Trade with the Inhabitants as they 
shall think meet, observing and regulating themselves according 
to the Laws and Statutes of the Country, and usage of the place, 
namely that the said Foreign Ships may not bring in or Import any 
European Manufactories of Gold, Silver, Copper, Steel, Woolens, 
Silk or Linens: Nor any Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, or Beef; nor 
any East-India Wares or Spices, upon the forfeiture of such Wares or 
Commodities; As also a Fine to the value of the Goods Imported. 
IVs also Statuted, That the said Foreign Ships shall not Import any 
Slaves for Sale, or to present as a gift, under forfeiture of the same 
to the West-India Company, and a fine of 50 pieces of Eight upon the 
Governour for each Slave brought in and Sold here by his knowledge 
or connivance, other than by the Companies, & the like fine of 50 
pieces of Eight upon the Buyer of such Slave. And Lastly, That 
the aforesaid Ships shall not Load. on Board for Transportation any 
Sugar, which is only permitted to the Ships of the Netherlands, upon 
forfeiture of the Sugars, to the use and benefit of the Society, and over 
and above a fine of 300 Guilders for each Hogshead; the one half 



to be paid by the Master, the other half by the Freighter. And the 
foresaid Foreign Vessels may only take or carry from hence Molasses, 
Suranam Brandy, saw'd Wood, as Beams, Planks and Heading, & 
all other Wares and Merchandize brought from the United Nether- 
lands to Suranam. And the Masters or Supercargo's that have the 
management on Board each Ship, when they come with their Ships 
from any part else, but from the Netherlands upon the Rivers of the 
foresaid Colony before they break bulk or Unlade any Wares, shall 
give a true List and Inventory of their Goods & Loading to the 
Receiver of the Society here, signed by the Master, and Mate upon 
Oath, upon forfeiture of the said Goods, and a fine of the fourth 
part of the value of said Goods. As also the like Inventory Signed 
and Sworn to of the Goods they intend to Transport, upon the like 
forfeiture as above. And the Masters and Mates shall in their Certifi- 
cates as well of the Imported as Exported Goods insert the price 
of the Laden Goods as they shall see cause to value them: And then 
it shall be free for the Governour, Fiskal or Receiver to accept of the 
said Goods at the price they set on them, yet so that in case the owners 
do desire said Goods, upon augmenting of the 6th part of the price 
they shall restore them to the Freighters, Factors, Masters or Owners 
of said Goods. The Masters of the foresaid Foreign Ships shall 
also pay to the Society or their Receivers here five per cent for the 
true value of all Goods both Imported and Exported upon the like 
forfeiture as abovesaid: Also that for each Horse, Cow or neat 
Beast brought in here shall be paid 3 Guilders money; As also each 
last or 2 Tons their Ships contain 3 Guilders coming in, and 3 Guilders 
going out, and the Receiver may cause an Apprizal of the Goods 
outward bound in said Ships if he pleases, and get the Ships remeasur'd 
And all this Liberty of Foreign Trade is by way of trial to prove the 

Port-Royal in Jamaica, March 13. Capt. Pullen is arrived here 
from Boston. And this day arrived Capt. Vial from Boston, but 
last from Curacoa, who met with Judah Thacher and Company in 
a Boat at Sea, (who last Fall was taken by the French in going from 
Jamaica to Boston) they Ran-away from the Enemy, & were almost 
starved ; the said Thacher is alive but cannot go alone he is so weak : 
The rest of his Company are all dead, they lived in the Boat 11 days 
without meat or drink. This day Sails for London, the Richard & 
Sarah, and the Crocodile, Capt. Trahee Commander, and Capt. 
Ventiman for Boston. 

A^- York, April 9. Last Week arrived here Simon Pasco, and 
Charles Sleigh in a Bark and a Sloop from Jamaica, and a Sloop from 
Virginia, but bring no News. His Excellency the Ld. Cornbury 



designs to visit the frontiers of Albany, and to set out on Thursday 
next, It was a hard Frost last night, and it blows now very hard 
and cold at N. West, which we fear will do great damage. 

N. Port, Rhode-Island, April 13. Capt. Wrightington arrived here 
from Providence, [West Indies] who says, That the Governour & 
Collector has deserted it, and gone for Carolina, and also most of the 
Inhabitants. That the prize mentioned in the News Letter No. 
50. taken by Capt. Penistone is Cast away upon Abico, and beaten 
all to pieces, so that they have saved nothing: The French Capt. 
of said Prize, and one of the Privateers that took her is now come 
here in Wrightington. Pinly is come from Boncyre with Salt. Hicks 
is cleared for Philadelphia, Butterworth and Rosbothum for Barbadoes. 

Boston, On Monday last, Two Young men, John Cunibal junior 
a Joyner, & Robert Reinolds a Brasier, went from Boston in a small 
Boat to the Islands a Gunning, the Boat overset with them, & they 
were both drowned, Cunnibal was found in the Boat, but the other 
is not yet found. 

By Cap. Blew (that came Passenger in Capt. Wanton from Mont- 
serat in 19 days to Rhode-Island mentioned in our last) we are ac- 
quainted that Capt. Beamsly Perkins that Sailed from Nantasket 
the 1st of January in a Ship of 90 Tons, 8 Guns, with 8 men & a 
Boy bound for Montserat, had a hot dispute the 12th of February 
last, with a French Privateer of 6 great Guns, and 94 men. e're he 
was taken: The Commanders name was Fransway; Capt. Perkins 
had not a man kill'd, only one dangerously vrounded with a bullet 
in his thigh, but the French man had 22 men kill'd out-right, and 
all the rest dangerously wounded, except 35; After Perkins and his 
men cry'd for quarter, the French Capt. presented a Pistol with a 
brace of Bullets to his breast, but Perkins put it by with his hand, 
which snap'd but miss'd firing, then he stabb'd Perkins in several 
places with his sword, and beat him black and blue in several places 
of his Body: he also cut his Mates hand with a Cutlace, beat him all 
black and blue as he did most of the men; then turned them all 
ashore at St. Thomas's in a most miserable condition almost naked 
without Cloaths, or any thing left them to procure Doctors, being all 
miserably wounded. Cap. Blew brought them all up to Monserat, 
who are since recovered, except the one first mentioned to be danger- 
ously wounded, he being still alive at Capt. Blew's coming away. 

Entered Outward Bound, Thorpe for Jersey, Thomas for Antigua, 
Moor for Newfoundland, Smith for Christophers, Pitts for Virginia. 
Coasters Outwards, Flood for Piscataqua, Carkett for Millford. 
Foreign Inwards, Beans from Madera, Moor from St. Turtuda, 
Ventiman from Jamaica. Foreign Cleared Outwards, Norris for 



Montserat, Noyes and Goddard for Madera, and Richards for Jamaica. 

On the 12th. Instant the Weather was extraordinary Cold for the 
Season; the frozen Earth and Water, rather resembled February, 
than April: and on the 6th & 10th of this month there were severe 
Frosts. And on the 15th. a great Easterly Storm of Wind & Rain, 
which continues on Monday Morning the IQth. Currant at the Printing 


A Cartel has lately been Setled betwixt Her Majesties Govern- 
ment of the Leward Careeby Islands, and the French Govern- 
ment of Martinique, for the Restitution of Prisoners on both sides 
depending on each Government. 
The second and third Articles whereof are in haec verba, viz. 

That all the English who are at present in Martinique & who shall 
be hereafter taken from any Vessels, be they Privateers or Merchant 
men, a-tui brought into this Island, or other the French Windward Is- 
lands, whither they be departing from or coming into the Government 
of Antigua and the rest of the Leward Islands, shall be directly sent to 
the Island of Antigua, without being sent first to any other place, without 
having regard to the Quantity or Quality; which shall be observed; 
so there be 2j in number, without being detained more than lo days, 
and 20 days when a lesser number. 

If in case some French Prisoners have been taken and sent by the 
Government of Antigua to New-England, Colonel Byam gives his 
Parol of Honour to enquire after them. To the end they may be sent 
to Martinique. 

And His Excellency our Governour does Direct and Require all 
Commanders of Privateers or Merchant Vessels that Have or shall 
Import and bring any French Prisoners taken in the West-Indies, 
into the Provinces of the Massachusetts-Bay, and New-Hampshire 
respectively under his Command, That they immediately render all 
such Prisotiers to His Excellency, that he may give the necessary Orders 
concerning them accordingly. ^ ^ 

ON Thursday last Dyed at Boston, James Gray, That used to go up 
and down the Country Selling of Books, who left some considerable 
Estate behind him;^'^ and 'tis confidently affirmed that he made a Will, 
which he left in some honest persons hand, with some other Papers, 
which have not yet been found: And any person in Town or Country 

86 Reprinted from the News-Letter together with the items marked by 
foot-notes 66-77 (News-Letter Nos. 47, 49 ante) in Notes, in The Acts and 
Resolves . . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, 
pp. 481-482. 

87 At the foot of this column in the file of the New York Historical Soci- 
ety is this note by Judge Sewall : "Between 5 and 6 Hundred." 



who have said Will or Papers, are desired to bring them unto tlie Office 
of Probates in Boston. 

-^^ 3g, Bumb. 53. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS April 16. to /iDonOa^ April 23. 1705. 


UNDER November and December dates of 1704, are news items 
from Vienna, Hague, Treves, London and Ratisbonne. The 
domestic news fills nearly one column.] 

London, Decemb. 9. The Zealandia, a Flushing Privateer has 
taken and brought into Plymouth a French Prize of 80 Tuns, with 
Sugar, Cotton and Indigo from St. Domingo. 

New-York, April 16. No Vessels are arrived here this Week. 
The Pensilvania Post was stopt here by bad Weather till Wedttesday 
night, and cannot expect him till to morrow, or next day. Yesterday 
and Saturday was a great Storm at East, it blow'd very hard, and 
much Rain fell. Outward Bound are Norton, James and Joseph 
Petty for Boston, Wiggin for Rhode-Island, two Sloops for Antigua 
and Jamaica; two Briganteens for Barbadoes and Nevis. His Ex- 
cellency the Lord Cornbury goes this week for Albany. 

Newport- Rhode-Islatid, April 20. Here is one Bell arrived from 
Curacoa, bound for Cotwcticut, who says, that Capt. Halsy got 30 
able Sailors such as he wanted at Jamaica. * ^ 

Boston, On Wednesday the 18th. His Excellency went hence for 
his Government of New-Hampshire. 

On Thursday arrived John Welsh in a Sloop, in 10 days from 
Bermuda, who in the Latitude 41 and an half upon St. Georges Bank, 
(in the Storm mentioned in our Last) on Monday the 16th Currant, 
saw the Wreck of a Vessel that was lost there, judged to be about 
100 Tons in burthen, square Stern'd, painted with yellow, seem'd 
to be a new Vessel, he saw several full bound Barrels, some of her 
carved work and pieces of Boards floating about her, and some of 
her Masts. 

On Friday the 20th Currant, arrived here Capt. Jacob Fowle in a 

88 Captain John Halsey of the briganteen "Charles," private- war- vessel. 
See News-Letter Nos. 49 ante, 59, 60, 63 post. 



Sloop of War sent out by his Excellency, who being at Anchor under 
Tusket Islands about 7 leagues to the North-west of Cape Sables, 
espied a Sloop coming into the said Harbour, upon which he got up 
his Anchors, and put out French Colours, the other Sloop also put 
out French Colours, & came so near as to Hail Fowles, but was shie 
to come at him, and bore in as near the surff of the Shore as they 
could, and dropt Anchor; there being 5 French-men on Board, who 
got a Shoar in their Canoo; Fowles went to the Sloop: and the 5 
French-men on Shore got behind some old Logs and Bushes and 
fired briskly for the space of an hour upon him and his men, endeav- 
ouring to save their Sloop; at last Fowle put out his Whale Boat and 
got a Shore after them, but they fled into the Woods; he found on 
Shore one of their Arms, and supposes thatheeither kill' dor wounded 
the Owner: The Sloop came from Port-Royal, and had on Board 
a Cow and a Bull, and some Sheep, and is now brought to Boston, 
being the same Sloop that some French-men Ran-away with from 
hence about 3 months ago. Cap. Fowle hath brought in also 8 
French Prisoners which he since took, viz. 2 men. 1 woman & 2 
Children from Port Rosua, where there was 3 Families and 7 Houses, 
all which Houses he burnt but two; And from L 'have a man, his 
wife and a Boy, and burnt the House, he got little or no plunder 
from them, but a few feathers: The people are like to be starved 
for want of Provisions. * ^ 

Entered Outward Bound, John Ventiman and Cole for Jamaica, 
Alden for Virginia. Coasters Inwards, Hilton from Piscataqua. 
Outwards, Thorp for Amboy, & Smallage for Rhode-Islatid. Foreign 
Inwards, John Welsh from Bermuda Outwards Cleared, Coffin for 
Madera, Gale, Melvin and Lewis for Barbadoes. 

The Weather this Week has been very cold, with raw Easterly 
Winds, an on Fryday it blow'd very hard, and at night there fell a 
great deal of Rain; Saturday was a very moderate day, but at night 
and on the Sabbath-day it blow'd very hard, the Wind being Southerly. 


/^N Tuesday the 15th of May next will be Exposed to Sale by 
^^Publick Vendue, at the House of Mr. William Bright in Newport 
on Rhode-Island, one quarter part of a Farm at the South-end of 
Quananicut Island, on which liveth now Joseph Morey; the said 

89 Captain Jacob Fowle; the sloop of war: the "Centurion," employed on 
her majesty's service as a cruiser from the 23d of February to the 23d of April, 
1705. She was sent as a scout to Acadia: see News-Letter No. 45 ante, in. 
paragraph, ''■Boston, On Wednesday the 14th Instant," etc. See Notes, in The 
Acts and Resolves .... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: 
. . . , Vol. VIII, p. 458; also p. 446. Also seePenhallow's Indian Wars, p. 38. 
Captain Fowle had another lively sea adventure in 1704. See News-Letter 
No. 5 ante, page 75 of this volume of the Digest. 



quarter part to be Sold to the highest Bidder, on the conditions 
that shall be specified at the time of the Sale. 

I, jS, mumb. 54. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDonDap April 23. to /IDonDa^ April 30. 1705. 


[T70REIGN matters occupy the first page, and a quarter of the 
A second. From Hague, December 19, 1704, is the news that 
"the elector of Bavaria is very chagrin, upon account of the Treaty 
concluded by the electoress with the emperor" [of Austria]. A 
letter of December 12 preceding, ''Frojn the Camp before Traarbach," 
gives an account of the seige of that place. From Vienna, December 
6, is a report of rejoicings there over the news of the reduction of the 
fortress of Landau. The domestic news includes abstract of the 
proclamation of the governor of New York relating to clipped money.] 

Barbadoes, March 22. Two Vessels from New-England, viz. 
Habbakkuk Gardner from Salem, in the Essex Galley, and John 
Plasteed in a Briganteen from Boston, were both chased ashore on 
our Island by some French Privateers: most part of both their Load- 
ing's lost ; and what was saved very much damnified. We are afflicted 
here with the Small-pox, which has swept away a great many people, 
both Whites and Negro's, and makes our Country people afraid to 
come to Town. On the 15th Instant, arrived here William Card in 
a Pink from Boston, as also arrived from said Port, Jeoffrey Bedgood, 
and Capt. Alcock from Piscataqua; and just now a Vessel with Pro- 
visions is arrived from Bellfast, we do not yet know what News 
she brings. No Packet has been here of a long time, but daily ex- 
pected. Seven or 8 Vessels Sails this day, W^elsh for Boston, 1 for 
Salem, 2 for Rhode-Island, 2 for New- York, and 2 for Pensilvania. 
Blague, Thomas and Everton will be the next for Boston. 

New-York, April 23: On the 17th Currant, was Emitted by His 
Excellency the Lord Cornbtivy a Proclamation. Prohibiting the 
Importation of any dipt Money of Bitts or double Bitts into this 
Colony, from and after the space of 14 days from the date of the said 
Proclamation, and that person or persons so Importing, owning or 
claiming the same, shall be lookt upon the Clippers thereof, & be 
proceeded against in such manner as the Law directs in such cases. 
And that if any such bitts & double bitts shall be Imported within the 
said 14 days abovesaid, the person or persons so Importing, Claiming 



or Owning shall give sufficient security to carry out the same, before 
the expiration of the 14 days first above-mentioned, and such as do re- 
fuse, shall be subject to the penalties and prosecutions afore-mentioned. 
On the 18th arrived one Milburn in 23 days in a Sloop from Nevis, 
in whom came Capt, Thinhoven, who left Milford the 14th of January,, 
and informs us that Capt. Potter from Holland, bound hither, lay 
then in Dover waiting for a Convoy, he came out with the West- 
Country Virginia Fleet, being about 80 Sail; who were conveyed out 
of Soundings by the Rye & Anglesey Frigot. On the 19th. arrived 
here one Freebody from Exuma, with whom came 4 men that be- 
longed to Peniston's Prize, 3 of whom are committed on suspicion of 
Piracy, for running away with, and robbing of said Prize, &c. such 
Information being given against them as we are informed. By a 
Sloop from Virginia, we are told that 3 Sloops are ashore between 
this and Barnigai, but who they are we know not. We had very 
dirty blowing Weather all last week. Parker from Boston arrived 
here last Saturday. Thojnas Byerley Esqr. late Receiver General of 
this Province is suspended, & Peter Fanconnier Esqr. Executes 
that Office. His Excellency the Lord Cornbury went for Albany 
on Thursday last. This week a Briganteen will Sail for Barbadoes, 
a Sloop for Jamaica, also this or next week a Briganteen for Nevis, 
and another for Antigua. 

On Wednesday last in Jamaica on Long Island, at a Special Com- 
mission of Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery, before Roger 
Mompesson Esqr. Chief lustice of this Province and New-Jersey, 
&c. and others, one Samuel Wood, late of Contiecticut Colony, was 
Indicted for feloniously Stealing Money and other Goods of one 
John Marsh; The Witnesses for the Prisoner as well as those against 
him were Sworn, and upon full Evidence he was found Guilty, & 
burnt in the left Cheek near the Nose with the letter T. 

New-port Rhode-Island, April 27. This week arrived John Crans- 
ton from Barbadoes, and Gilbert and Burton from Bermuda, but 
bring no News. 

Portsmouth New-Hampshire, On Fryday the 20th Currant, came 
here His Excellency our Governour. 

Salem, April 28th. This week arrived here Capt. Maston from 

Barnstaple, April 25. On Monday the i6th Currant, Dyed sud- 
denly here, Thomas Hinkley, Esqr. formerly Governour of Plimouth- 
Colony: Aged about 86 Years. 

Boston, Coasters Entered Inwards, Keirsteed and Horton from 
N-York, Grover, Curtice, Harris, Prince, Smith, Prentice, Thomas 



& John Lathrop from Connecticut, and Lanyon from North-Carolina. 
Ji'oreign Inwards, Nelmes and Gibbs from Bermuda. Wing and 
Pullen from Jamaica, Pickman from Nevis, Mason from Suranam, 
.and Welch from Barbadoes. Coasters Cleared Outwards, Blin, 
.Allyn and Coffin for Connecticut. Foreign Outwards, Captains 
Hunkin, Green, Codman, Armitage, Wensley, Balston and Holt 
for Barbadoes, Wright for Newfoundland, Green for Antigua, & 
Eagleston for Nevis. Entered Outward Bound, Cally for Leward- 
Islands, Plasteed for Nevis, Keirsteed for New- York, Welsh for 
Antigua, and Gordin for Newfoundland. 


RAn-away on Monday night last tJie 2jd Currant from his Master 
Abraham Blish Hatter in Boston a young man named William 
Rogers, about i8 years of Age, of a middle Stature, fair fac'd, light 
coloured curld hair, he has a light coloured Coat trim'd with Black, 
and a sad coloured Coat trim'd with the same colour, a saggathy coloured 
Jacket like a Searge, and a strip' t holland Jacket, with 2 pair of Breeches 
of the same, and i pair of cloth, a black Hat. Whosoever shall take up 
said Servant, and him, safely convey to his above-said Master, or the 
Post-Master of Boston, or give any true Intelligence of him, so as his 
Master may have him again, shall have a sufficient Reward and Charges. 

THE Undertaker of this publick Print in Numb. 51. gave you an 
Advertisement of his motive to Print, of the trouble and charge 
attending it: and of his intentions to do it one year for tryal, which 
according to his ability and information received, is now accomplished ; 
wherein you have successively all the Foreign Occurrences of Europe, 
from the 1st of November, 1703. to the middle of December, 1704. 
And if any will consult the Publick Prints of England in that time, 
considering that they Print 2 or 3 times in a week, & that we did 
Print here but once in a week ; they will find no one piece of material 
News that is in them, omitted in ours: As also in our Prints you have 
the publick Occurrences from the West-Indies and other parts: and 
likewise those from our Neighbouring-Provinces, besides those of 
this and the Province of New-Hampshire. All which Intelligence, 
tho' some few Gentlemen and Merchants might have all or some 
part thereof, yet for the most part the people in general, in this and 
the Neighbouring Provinces, have it not,and what they have, variously, 
and often falsely reported: and a great many Providences now 
Recorded, that would otherwise be lost: And the Undertaker, tho' 
very sensible of his own inability for such a task, yet upon due en- 
couragement given, is willing to try it for another year, unless some 
generous Soul (out of the many far better qualified, especially of 
those that are so apt & ready to carp at his weakness) will please 



to undertake it; and no one shall be found more ready to contribute 
for his so doing, then the present Undertaker. 

Ift, jg, IFlumb* 55. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ April 30. to /IDon^ai? May 7. 1705. 


r^T~^WO and a half of the four columns of this issue are occupied 
I X with foreign news from London, Hague, Frankfort, Paris and 
*" Dantzick. From London, December 16, 1704, is an account of the 
return of the duke of Marlborough to the English capital, and his 
reception there.] 

Philadelphia, April 26. On the 15 Arrived here Carteret Gillam 
from Rhode-Island, and on 21 Robert Hicks in a Sloop from the same 
Port : There is a Briganteen and a Sloop loading for Fyal and London. 
This Morning dyed the Wife of Mr. Edward Shippen Senior. Letters 
from Plimouth, via Maryland of January 29. say, that the Jersey 
Man of War met with bad Weather some few days after he parted 
with the Land, and lost some of his Convoy. 

New-York, April 30. Yesterday came hither the Masters of 
the three Sloops which were Cast away near Barnigatt, by the late 
Easterly Storms, viz. Archibald Morris who was bound from Pensil- 
vania for New-York and Boston, one Jones, who was bound from the 
Horekills to Boston, and one Saunders, bound from Roanoak to 
Boston, Saunders had one man Drowned, and saved nothing at all, 
& the others saved very little besides their lives. 

Yesterday arrived here Capt. Jones in a Ship from Bermuda, and 
Capt. Wessels in a Sloop from Antigua in three Weeks, one Pepperill 
of Boston bound for Piscataqua came out in Company with him, 
he brings no News. 

They write from Albany that his Excellency the Lord Cornbury 
upon his arrival at the Fronteers found all things well and in good 
order, we expect his return the latter end of this week. 

Vessels Outward bound are Wessels for Newfowndland, Depue for 
Jamaica, Sleigh for Suranam, Basset for Nevis, Parker for Pensil- 
vania. Walker for Virginia, Stead for St. Thomas, Adolph for Boston, 
and Pasco for Jamaica, and Milbourn for Nevis. 

Boston, On Thursday last arrived here Capt. John Alden from 
Lisbon by whom we have the following Advice from London, [Here 
follows three quarters of a column of foreign news.] 



Coasters, Entered Inwards, Jeffries from Carolina, Rhodes from 
Amhoy, Walters, Woodbury, Foster and Loring from Conyiecticut. 
Foreign Inwards Chamberlin from Nevis, Tew from Honduras, 
Gravenraedt from New-York, Carey from Antigua, Hunt from 
Jamaica, and Waters from Lisbonne. Coasters, Outwards, Lyford, 
Prentice, Codnian, Curtice, Horton, and Smith for Connecticut, and 
Keir steed for New-York. Foreign Outv/ards Moor for Newfoimdland. 
Outward bound. Wing for Jamaica, Gibbs, Welsh and Nelmes for 


No Better qualified Undertaker appearing to Print the Publick 
Occurences; and several Gentlemen, Merchants and others 
being willing to Contribute to its support, have desired that it be 
proceeded on where we left off, not doubting but several others will 
follow their good Example, whereby the Undertaker may be enabled 
effectually to carry it on, at least another year: And therefore all 
Persons in Town and Country, who have a mind to lend their helping 
hand to promote and encourage it, are desired to Agree with John 
Campbell Post-master of Boston for the sam^e. 

-^^ jg^ IRumb. 56. 

The Bollon News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ May 7. to /IDont>ap May 14. 1705. 


lEGINNING with a review of European affairs for the year 1704, 

• this issue is nearly all taken up with that review and an account 

of the battle at St. Johns, Newfoundland. Among the domestic 

items are reports upon French and Indian War matters brought from 


London, December 28. 1704. 

THis year drawing near its conclusion, we shall take this 
opportunity, according to our usual method, to present the 
Reader with an Epitomie of the Transactions of the last 
Campaign; and endeavour to draw them into such an order, 
that all of them may appear in view. I am sensible that this is 
very difficult, if not altogether impossible, because of the many 
wonderful things that have been transacted this year; but as we do 
only design to hint at things, and not to describe them, we hope 
the Reader will kindly supply what shall be found wanting, especially 
considering what we have said at large of those Transactions in the 
times wherein they happen'd. [Then follows the beginning of a 



resume of the foreign news of the year, filHng nearly two columns 
of the first page.] 

St. Johns, Newfoundland, April 21. At break of day on Sunday 
Morning the 2lst of January last, our Harbour was beset with about 
Six or Seven hundred men, viz. French Souldiers, Inhabitants and 
Fishermen from Placentia Some Accadians as Pessemequady and 
Port Royall, and Cannadians from Quebeck and places adjacent, 
and 50 N-England Eastern Indians, with Easecomhuit their Captain, 
all under the Command of Monsieur Supercosse Governour of Pla- 
centia; who made the whole Harbour Prisoners of War in two hours 
time excepting the Garrison which was the Fort & Castle. The 
Enemy the night before, lay near the Harbour in the Snow that was 
6 Foot deep on the ground, and durst not make any Fires for fear 
of being discovered; Monsieur Supercosse being wet and cold gave 
orders in the Morning at the first Attack to give no quarters, and 
accordingly they kill'd all at the first houses they came to: But 
the Cannadians and Indians withstood Monsieur Supercosse, and 
gave quarters for a Season. The Enemy sent the Women and Chil- 
dren about 142 into the Garrison: They laid Siege to it five Weeks 
time, there was not a man that got into the Fort but three, and about 
17 that got from the Southside of the Harbour into the Castle: In 
the Fort were only 40 men under the Command of brave Capt. 
Moody, who behaved himself most valiantly, and in the Castle were 
12 Souldiers and the 17 Inhabitants under the Command of Mr. 
Latham. Monsieur Supercosse took a Child and barbarously cut its 
throat, and sent it by a Souldier with a Message to the Garrison, 
That if they did not Surrender to him, he would so serve all therein, 
and the Prisoners that he had taken; upon which Capt. Moody 
bid the Messenger be gone else he would shoot him, replying to 
Monsieur Supercosse' s Message, That both himself & the men of 
the Fort & Castle were resolved to dye with their Sword in hand ere 
they Surrendered; Capt. Moody plyed the Enemy so with great 
Guns, Bombs and Morters, that there was killed of the Enemy with 
their own Confession between 180 and 200 men; And on our side 
there was but two men kill'd in the Garrison, and one at the Castle, 
but there was kill'd about 30 and Captivated of our men about 130 
at our Harbour and other places. The Indians Murthered 7 men at 
Torbay, and the French barbarously Murthered 6 more because they 
could not carry so great a burthen 6 Miles through the Woods as the 
Enemy would have them. The Enemy finding that they could not 
take the Fort and Castle, They burnt all the houses here but 5 and 
the Church, and went back to the Southward burning and demolish- 
ing all where they came: They burnt all Ferryland and hove the 



Salt out of Doors. Monsieur Super cosse gave orders to the Indians 
and Cannadians to cross over the Land to Conception Bay, Trinity- 
and Bonavist, and there to burn and destroy all where they came. 
But after the Frenches departure from St. John's Advice was sent 
to Carboniere and other places and the Inhabitants of Carboniere got 
upon the Island with most of their effects, and having 5 Guns they 
were supplyed with Ammunition and Small Arms from the Garrison 
of St. John's and defended themselves; but the Indians burnt all 
their Stages and Boats: And we hope the other places did also 
secure and defend themselves from the Enemy. Monsieur Super- 
cosse sent back several of the Prisoners but carryed with him the 
most of the able Fishermen. Capt. Wane from Boston arrived at 
St. John's the 9''^ of April, and Capt. Moody Commander in Chief 
Imprest the Sloop to carry a Packet to England, to give an Account 
of the whole affair: Capt. Pickman also arrived from Boston said 
day, and the IQth. of April arrived Capt. Pickering at Ferryland 
from Boston. There is no other Vessels arrived from Europe, or any 
other place. We expect a Squadron of Men of War towards the Fall. 

Portsmouth, N. Hampshire, May 11. Samuel Hill of Wells (who 
was taken Captive by the Indians) came hither on Fryday night, 
last from Quebeck with two French men sent by the Governour of 
Canada, who brought Letters from him and Capt. Livingston to His 
Excellency our Governour; Capt. Livingston arrived there the 
2^th. of February, and designs to be back the 20th. of this Month, 
with the Governour of Canada's proposals for Exchange of Prisoners : 
There is 100 of our Captives in the hands of the French, and about 
70 Children with the Indians.^" A small party of French and Indians 
went about the beginning of November last to Placentia, to joyn 
the Forces there in order to make an Attack upon St. John's in New- 
foundland, among whom was Eascombuit. Several of our Eastern 
Indians at Canada are not pleased with the French Treatment, the 
Governour not being able to supply them according to promise, by 
reason of the Miscariage of their Store-Ship. They have not had 
the Small Pox as was reported but the Measels. Provisions are not 
plenty among them. There was about 600 French, and Indians 
of near equal number in the Expedition to Lancaster last year, many 
of whom dyed in their return, and several since, they were almost 
Starved, and constrained to eat the bark of Trees: Their chief 
Commander continues yet ill. A few days after Capt. Livingston's 
arrival at Quebeck the Governour ordered about 500 Indians to be 

90 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 
500. See News-Letter Nos. 50 ante, 60, 61, 64 post. 



made ready for some Expedition, they give out that it is to be a 
guard to that place, but 'tis to be feared that they have a design 
upon New-England. When Mr. Hill and the two Frenchmen came 
to Kinnebeck they met with a Track of about 30 Indians as they 
judged, and about the same time they came here from Casko, a man 
and two Children were kill'd near Mr. Curtis' s house at Spruse Creek, 
3 Women and several Children taken away Captive; There was about 
10 Indians discovered; His Excellency has ordered Major Walton 
to detach a Company to Scout from Nitchewanock to Wells, and 
Col. Hilton to detach another to Scout from Kingstoun near Exeter 
to Nitchewanock, 

On Saturday last, the 5th instant, dyed here the honourable Coll. 
Samuell Allen, Esq. formerly Governour of this Provence, aged 
about 70 years, and was interred on Wednesday the 9th currant. 

Philadelphia, May ^'^. Last night arrived here Parker from Boston, 
and its said that Darby is arrived from the said Port at Salem in 
New- Jersey. 

New-York, May 7''K On the 4th. Instant His Excellency the 
Lord Cornbury returned hither from Albany, and to Morrow sets out 
for His Government of New- Jersey. On the 6//z. Instant arrived 
here a Briganteen from England and Holland, John Potter Master, 
who left Plymouth the l\th. of March, under Convoy of Admiral 
Whetstone, with 7 or 8 Men of War bound for Jamaica; several 
Ships for the West India's, 6 or 7 for Virginia, and a Briganteen for 
Philadelphia, {Burman Master) came out with that Convoy, by 
whom we have advice, That two men of War, a fifth and a sixth 
Rate are appointed for this place, and that Capt. Pain in the Grey- 
hound Gaily, Capt. Cttmby and Capt. Jeffers who are bound hither 
were preparing to come out with the first Convoy, they hope to come 
with the Men of War bound hither. No certainty when the Virginia 
Fleet will come out. Capt. Law and Leventhorp of this place, and 
Guy of Philadelphia, who went from hence under Convoy of the 
Jersey are taken. That Mr. Penn was about Surrendring his Govern- 
ment of Pensilvania. Capt. Gilbert, Hermitage, Guyn and Hill 
of Boston, have been taken, and are come Passengers in this Brig- 
anteen. That there was a strict Embargo in England. Vessels 
Entered out since last Post only Adolph for Boston. 

Boston, On Fryday the llth. Instant, His Excellency our Gover- 
nour returned from His Government of New-Hampshire. 

Coasters, Entered Inwards Sargean}, Flood, Giddis, Gidden, 
Hilton and Webber from Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, Jarvies 
from Nevis, Diamond and Hoddy from the Bay, Waters from New- 
foundland, and Pcpperil from Antigua. Coasters, Outwards Lathrop, 



and Harris for Connecticut. Foreign cleared Outwards, Calley for 
Leward-I stands, Fisher and Alden for Virginia, and Welch for Antigua. 
Outward Bound, Pullen for Jamaica, Chambers, Wilkins and Webber 
for Barbadoes, and Green for An/igwa. 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 7.] 

1R« j6. IRumb. 57 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ May 14. to flDouDay May 21. 1705. 


ryjEGINNING the first column of the first page of this issue is a 
I Ml continuation of the review of the year 1704 and this fills three 
■- columns, ending with the editorial paragraph immediately 

These are the chief Transactions in the year 1704 which has been 
in particular so Glorious to the Arms of England and the States, 
and which promises us so many advantages in the next, and gives 
us hopes that GOD will at last hear the Cries of the Oppressed, and 
deliver the Christian World from the miseries they groan under, 
through the Ambition of a Prince, who since the begining of his 
Reign, has made it wholly his business to disturb the Peace of Man- 
kind. While the rest of the World is expos'd to the Calamities 
inseparable from War, England alone enjoys the benefits of Peace, 
under the Government of a QUEEN, who is the delight of her Sub- 
jects, as well as the Terror of her Enemies. We have felt little or 
nothing of the effects of the War and the Promises in Psal. 144 to the 
People who have the Lord for their God, have been litterally fulfill'd 
in our case. We have had plenty of everything, there has been 
no leading into Captivity, no complaining in our Streets. Happy 
England, if we do but know our own Happiness, and do not provoke 
by our Divisions and Sins the Almighty to withdraw from us the 
visible marks of his Favour and Protection. 

London, March 2. Via New-York, per Capt. Potter we have the 
following advice. That Capt. Rymes was loaden ready to Sail for 
Boston, but was stopt by an Embargo. That Capt. Mason was still 
at Millford. That there is an Act of Parliament past for Encouraging 
the bringing of Naval Stores from the Plantations to England. By 
the Packet yesterday we had the Account of Capt. Miles's arrival at 
Lisbon from Boston. That there is a Ship of Mr. Our fells from 



Bristol bound for Boston. That Capt. Rowse from Boston and 
Barbadoes is arrived at Plimouth. That the Gosport Man of War 
from Lisbon and New-England was arrived at Falmouth the 23d. 
December; [Here follows a quarter column of foreign news items.] 

New-York, May the l^th. No Vessels arrived here since my last. 
The Pensilvania Post not yet come in, and suppose the three days 
of bad Rainy Weather last week has hindered him. We hear Capt. 
Burman from London arrived their the Wi. Instant, who came out 
with Capt. Potter that arrived here the same day. One Odell the 
Forger ^^ of your Paper Bills of Credit is here in Goal, and will be 
sent to Boston. Vessels Outward bound are Stilwill and Phenix for 
Virginia, Sherlock for Barbadoes, and De Groof and Sands for Boston. 

Boston, On Wednesday the 16th. Currant arrived here Capt. William 
Everton from Barbadoes in about a Months Passage, he came out in 
Company with about Seventeen Sail for our Continent, and by Letters 
thence are acquainted. That we have taken two of the chief French 
Privateers: And that Capt. Bowdage and the several Vessels that 
Sailed with him from Boston, were all safe arrived but three. Two of 
which (we are informed by a Vessel that arrived at Salem, that came 
out of Barbadoes in the night after Capt. Everton Sailed) are since 
arrived, and that there is only Berry missing. 

Coasters, Entered Inwards, Peter Coffin from Nantucket: Foreign 
Inwards, Price from Montserrat, and Capt. Everton from Barbadoes. 
Coasters Outward Grover, Loring and Prince for Connecticut, and 
Parker for Piscataqua. Foreign Cleared outwards, Welch for Ber- 
muda. Ruck for Antigua, Wilkins for Ruanock, James for New- 
foundland, Wing and Coale for Jainaica. Outward bound, Capts. 
Michael Gill for Newfomidland, Richard Fyfield for Barbadoes, and 
Nathaniel Jarvies for Jamaica. 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 7.] 

IR, ig, IRumb. 58. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 


From /IDon^aS, May 2L to /IDon^a^ May 28. 1705. 


NDER date ''London, March 2. via New York, per Capt. 
Potter" are advices from all the European centers, filling 
nearly three columns of this issue.] 

91 See News-Letter Nos. 15, 17 (1704) ante, 59, 60. 61, 82 post. 



St. John's Newfoundland, May 5. On the 2d. Currant arrived 
here a ship from Lisbon in a Month's passage, who gives this Advice; 
[here follows a brief account of the defeat of the French squadron 
before Gibraltar.] 

Philadelphia, May 11. Darby from Boston arrived here the 6th 
Instant, and designs this day down the River for Salem to load for 
Boston; & Burman in a Briganteen from London arrived on the 8th. 
who came out with Capt. Potter that is arrived at New-York. 

New-York May 21st. Last week arrived here three Sloops and 
a Briganteen from Barbadoes, a Sloop from Carolina & a Sloop from 
Nevis in 21 days, who advise of a Packet boat being taken in sight 
of the Island about three weeks ere he sailed. Yesterday arrived a 
Barque and a Sloop from Virginia bound to Boston, in the first came 
Mr. Jeffery Gray who Sayes, the Strumbulo Man of War will Sail for 
England the loth. June, but the Fleet will not Sail with her, expect- 
ing a better Convoy from Lisbon. 

New- Port, Rhode-Island, May 25 This week arrived a Vessel 
in 14 days from St. Christophers, by whom we are acquainted, That 
there was two French Privateers taken and brought in there, and 
that Admiral Whetson with a Squadron of Men of War was arrived 
at Nevis from England: and had brought in there another French 
Privateer whom he took, and that there was two more taken and 
carryed in to Barbadoes. 

Piscataqua Ad ay 25. On Monday last the Sculking Indian Enemy 
kill'd one man near Kiitery in the Province of Main, and Wounded 

Boston, Coasters, Entered Inwards, James and Joseph Petty,. 
Vail, and Hedge from Connecticut, Starky from Carolina, Jackson, 
James, Hedge and Elwel from Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, Capt. 
Breed and Burbank from Jamaica, Webster and Northy from N. 
Carolina, Fidling from South Carolina, Hart from N. foundland, 
Bedgood and Thomas from Barbadoes. Coasters Outwards, Lyford 
for Piscataqua, and Walter for N. Haven. Foreign, Cleared Out- 
wards, Gibbs and Nelms for Bermuda, Thomas Meers for Jamaica, 
Joseph Dean for Suranam, Richard Fyfield for Barbadoes, and 
Francis Plasted for Nevis. Outward bound, Jonathan Hart, and 
William Chamberlin for Antigua, John Diman for Jamaica, William 
Jeffries for Ruanock, Solomon Gardner for Nevis, and Andrew 
Grauenraedt for New-York. 

Letters from Antigua Via N. York, acquaint us. That Capt. 
Thomas Dudley in the Packet boat bound from Barbadoes to Jamaica, 
was taken and carryed into Martinico, and that he was come up to 



Antigua in a Flag of Truce. That there was about 12 more Vessels 
lately taken and carry ed into Martinico, one whereof is said to be 
Emms of Boston, and 7 Bristol men. 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 7.] 

IPi, jg. IRumb. 59. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDat? May 28. to /IDOttDa^ June 4 1705. 


FTJESIDES December and January news from Paris, Vienna, 
I ij Venice. Hamburg, and Hague, there are items from ''London, 
*■ Mch. 2. Via New York, per Capt. Potter;" and from White- 
hall, January 3, an account of the ceremonies attendant upon the 
reception of the standards and colors taken in the battle of Blenheim 
and the conveying them "to Westminster-Hall, where the said 
Standards & Colours were put up, to remain there as Trophies of 
that signal Victory wherewith it pleased Almighty GOD to bless the 
Arms of Her Majesty and Her Allies, under the conduct of his Grace 
the Duke of Marlborough, against a superior Number of the Enemy; 
and of the Honour which her Majesty's Subjects gained in that 
memorable Day, not to be parallel'd in the History of many ages." 
The feature of the domestic news is the record of the "x^nniversary 

New-York, May 28th. Last Week Cap Bill arrived here from 
Curacoa, and 2 Bermudians with Salt: Cleared for Boston, Adolph, 
de Groof, and Wiggins, Pasco and Depue for Jamaica, Bond for 
London Via Virginia, and Stillwell for Maryland. Several Vessels 
are loading for Barhadoes, Nevis and Curacoa. 

Newport Rhode-Island, June 1. On 27th May arrived here Capt. 
John Halsy from the West-Indies, and on the 30th of May came in 
the Spanish Prize which he took being a Ship of about 130 Tons and 
8 Guns, Loaden with Brandy, Canary, some Chests of Sugar, some 
Bails of Paper, and some Snuff and Oyl. ^" 

On Thursday Night May 31. Thomas Odell the Forger of the Bills 
of Credit of the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, being in Irons on 
Board Derick Adolph in order to be carried to Boston, to be Tryed 
for his Crime, made his escape. ^^ 

a — 

92 Captain John Halsey. See News-Letter Nos. 49, 53 ante, 60, 63 post. 

93 See News-Letter Nos. 15, 17 (1704) ante, 57, 60, 61, 82 post. 



By a Sloop from St. Christophers we are acquainted, that 10000 
Spaniards have revolted from the Duke of Anjou to King Charles III. 
The Advice came by Admiral Whetstone who is gone for Jamaica 
with 14 Sail of Merchant Men, whereof Capt. Bant is one. 

Boston, Wednesday the Joth of May, being the Anniversary 

ELECTION: There was Chosen as Members of Her 

Majesty's Council for this Province for the Ensuing 

Year, Viz.^* 

Wait Winthrop Esqr. James Rtissel Esqr. John Hathorne Esqr. 
Elisha Hutchinson Esqr. Samuel Sewall Esqr. Isaac Addington Esqr. 
William Brown Esqr. John Phillips Esqr. Jonathan Corwin Esq 
John Foster Esq. Penn Townsend Esq John Higginson Esq Samuel 
Partridge Esq. Andrew Belcher Esq. Samuel Legg Esq. Edward 
Bromfield Esq Ephraim Hunt Esq Samuel Appleton Esq John Walley 
Esq John Thacher Esq Isaac Winslow Esq. Nathanael Payne Esq 
Eliakim Hutchinson Esq Joseph Hammond Esq Benjamin Brown 
Esq Joseph Lynde Esq. Samuel Hayman Esqr, and Simeon Stoddard 

The Members of the House of Representatives for the several 
Towns are as follows. And those that have this 
Mark * are New Ones.^* 

Boston, Mr. Tho. Oakes, Speaker. Capt. Sam Checkley Capt. Eph. 
Savage. Mr. Eliz. Holyoke Roxbury, Mr. Wil Denison. Dorchester, 
Mr. Hopestil Clap. Milton, Capt. Tho. Vose. Braintrey, Mr. John 
Baxter. Weymouth, Capt. Steph. French. Dedham, *M.r. John Fuller. 
Medfield, Mr. John Metcalfe. Hingham, *Mr. Josiah Levit. Salem, 
Samuel Brown Esq *Capt. Sam. Gardner. Ipswich, Mr. Nehem Jewet. 
*Mr. Nath. Koolton Newbury, *Capt. Hen. Somersby. Lynn, *Mr. 
Joseph Newhall. Marblehead, *Mr. Sam. Reed. Beverley, *Mr. Sam. 

94 Printed, revised, in The Acts and Resolves . . . of the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 113-115. In the list of mem- 
bers of the council are these changes in the Province Laws print : Russell for 
Russel; Browne for Brown in both cases; Paine for Payne. In the list of rep- 
resentatives, the following: Dorchester, Hopestill for Hopstil Clap; Braintree, 
Lieut. Baxter instead of Mr.; Hingham, Leavitt for Levit; Salem, Browne for 
Brown; Ipswich, Jewett for Jewet, and Knoulton for Koolton; Newbury, Som- 
erby for Somersby; Lynn, Ensign Newhall instead of Mr.; Wenham, Deacon 
Fiske instead of Mr. Fisk ; Gloucester, Mr. AUin instead of Capt. Allen ; Rowley, 
Capt. Dresser instead of Mr.; Salisbury, Morill for Morril; Amesbury, FowUer 
for Fowler ; Sudbury, Browne for Brown ; also added to Sudbury Mr. John 
Brigham ; Marlborough, Brigham for Bridgham ; Billerica, Lieut. Willson instead 
Mr. Wilson; Woburn, Maj. Converse Esq. instead of Converse Esq.; Reading, 
Sweyne for Swain; Sherburne, William Rider, senior instead of William Rider; 
Medford, Lieut. Willis instead of Mr.; Barnstable, Hamlen for Hamlin; Spring- 
field, Deacon Hitchcock instead of Mr.; Hadley, Mountague for Montague: 
Hatfield, Samuel Marsh, senior instead of Samuel Marsh; Rehoboth, Col. 
Walker instead of Mr. ; Swanzey, Perce for Pierce ; Kittery, Leighton for Layton. 



Balch. Wenham, Mr. ;Vv^il. Fisk. Topsfield, *Mr. Elisha Perkins. 
Glocester, Capt. * Joseph Allen. Rawley, Mr. John Dresser. Salis- 
bury, *Mr. Isaac Morril. Amesbury, *Mr. Thomas Fowler. Andover, 
*Capt. Christoph. Osgood. Haverhill, Mr. Sam. Watts. Charlestown, 
Capt. Samuel Phipps. Cambridge, Cap. Tho. Ohver. Newton, *Capt, 
Isaac Williams Watertown, *Mr. Nath. Bright. Sudbury, *Mr. Will- 
iam Brown. Wrentham, *Mr. Richard Puffer. Marlborough, *Mr. 
Sam. Bridgham. Concord, *Mr. Simon Davis. Chelmsford, Cap. Jer. 
Bowers. Billerica, *Mr. John Wilson. Wooburn, James Converse 
Esq. i?^ac?zwg, Maj. Jer. Swain. MaW^/i, *Mr Phineas Upham. Sher- 
bourn, Mr. Wil Rider. Dunstable, *Cap Wil. Tyng. Lancaster, Mr. 
John Houghton Medford, Mr. Thomas Willis. Groton, Cap. Jonas 
Prescott. Plymouth, [Captain John Bradford ?]^^ Situate, Mr. Sam. 
Clap Marshfield, *Mr. Eph. Little. Bridgwater, *Mr. David Perkins. 
Duxbury, *Mr. David Alden. Barnstaple, *Mr. James Hamlin Yar- 
mouth, *Mr. Sam. Sturges. Eastham, Mr Samuel Knowles. Spring- 
field, Mr. John Hitchcock, Northampton, Cap. Preserved Clap. Had- 
ley, *Mr. Peter Montague. Hatfield, *Mr. Sam. Marsh. Westfield, 
*Mr. Nath. Bancroft. Bristol, *Mr. Nath Blagrove. Rehoboth, *Mr. 
Samuel Walker. Swansey, Mr. Eph Pierce. Taunton, *Mr. Jos. 
Tisdale. Dartmouth, *Mr. Jos. Tripp. York, Captain Lewis Bane 
Kittery; Mr. John Layton. Wells, *Capt. Jos. Hill. Nantucket, 
*Capt. Rich. Gardner. 

On Tuesday the 29th of May towards Evening, a Fishing Shallop, 
one Gammoti Master, was surpriz'd and taken off Winter Harbour 
where she was Fishing, by 5 or 6 Canoo's of Indians, that came out 
from thence. His Excellency has ordered the Province- Gaily and 
another Vessel to Range the Eastern Coast. .'Vnd we hope the Enemy 
shall be taken, and the Shallop recovered. 

The Anniversary Election Sermon was Preached by the Reverend 
Mr. Joseph Easterbrooks, Minister of Concord, upon these words, 
Gen. 12. 2. And I will make of thee a great Nation, and I will bless 
thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a Blessing. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, John Hedge from Fairfield, John Webb 
from Milford, Elwell, Flood, Felt, Bracket and Parker from Piscata- 
qua. Coasters Outward, Allen and Jackson for Piscataqua, Tho 
Lanyon for North-Carolina, William Marsh and John Holt for Rhode^ 
Island. Foreign Inwards, Jeremiah Gushing from Virginia. For- 
eign Cleared Outwards, Richard Green and Joseph Flint for Antigua, 
& Thomas Hudson for New-York Entered Outward Bound, Abel 
Jones for Jamaica, John Hoddy, Philip Lewis, John Stevens and 
John Bennet for Antigua. 

95 This name rubbed and indistinct. 



Darby is arrived from Pensilvania, and Hathorne from New- 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 7.] 

fpi^ jg» IFlumb* 60. 

The BollonNews-Letter. 

From /IDon^ap June 4. to /IDonDag June 11. 1705. 


r^T^HE principal foreign news, which largely occupies this issue, 
I X is an account, from Lisbon, April 24, of the failure of the attack 
upon Gibraltar by the combined French and Spanish forces 
on land, supported by the French fleet, and the destruction of the 
fleet by the English squadron under Vice Admiral Sir John Leake. 
There is other news from Milan, Vienna and elsewhere.] 

New- York, June 4. On Thursday last dyed Mr. Jer. Tothil, one 
of our Aldermen; and yesterday Dyed Mr. Caleb Cooper Merchant. 
Our Assembly met on the 1st Instant, but were Adjourned to Thurs- 
day next. His Excel, the Lord Cornbury sets out this day from 
Burlington, and designs to be here on Wednesday next. Capt 
Defrees Commander of a Privateer of 120 men fitted out here, waits 
for a Wind to go to Sea, & so does Capt. Bond who is bound for 
London Via Virginia with the Strombulo Man of War, who is said to 
Sail from thence the 10th of July. Vessels Outward bound are 
Dunskum & Launer for Barbadoes, Thinhoven for Jamaica, Coward 
for England, via Virginia, Potter & Dawson for Nevis, Wessels for 
Antigua, Dill for St. Christophers, Sandford for Carolina, Bill and 
Jourdain for Curacoa, Hunt for St. Thomas, and Crooke for Madera. 
Codman Sailed from hence last week for Pensilvania. 

New-Port Rhode Island, June the 8th. On Wednesday the 6th. 
Currant, Thomas Odell, (mentioned in our last,) who made his escape, 
was found in a Barn two Miles out of Town, & is now in close Prison.^^ 
Capt. Halsy's Prize is not yet condemn'd.^^ 

96 See News-Letter Nos. 15, 17 (1704), 57, 59 ante, 61, 82 post. 

97 Captain John Halsey, commander of the briganteen Charles, private- 
man-of-war. See Notes, in The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p 526. See News- Letter Nos. 49, 
53 ante, 63 post. 



Boston, On Monday the ith. Currant, The Annual Artillery Election 
Sermon was Preach 'd by the Reverend Mr. Thomas Bridge, one of 
the Ministers of Boston,^^ upon these words in, Dan. 11. 32. And 
such as do wickedly against the Covenant, shall be corrupt by Flatteries: 
but the People that do know their God, shall he strong, and do exploits. 

Capt. Thomas Savage^^ was chosen Captain, Mr. Thomas Fitch 
Lieutenant, and Mr. John Kilby Ensign of the Honorable Artillery 
Company, and approv'd of by His Excellency. 

Capt. John Livingston with the other Messengers sent by His 
Excellency our Governour, to the Governour of Cannada at Qiiebeck 
to concert the Exchange of Prisoners, returned this day, with whom 
there came Capt. Cortemange, from the Governour of Canada, in 
order to settle the same. ^'^^ 

On Wednesday night the 6th. Instant, Three Ships coming from 
Lisbon, viz. Capts Myles, Miller, and Parsons, It being Foggy 
Weather occasioned an Alarm in the Town of Boston; where was a 
great Appearance of men in the Train bands. 

Coasters, Entered Inwards, Job Almy from Rhode-Island, Eleazar 
Darby from Pensilvania, and Samuel Sand from Long-Island. 
Coasters Outwards, Lathrop, Sturges, James & Joseph Petty, Norton 
& Hedge for Connecticut, Job Almy for Rhode-Island Foreign Inwards, 
Capts. John Alyles, Tliomas Miller & Benj. Parsons from Lisbon, 
Obadiah Wakefield from Virginia, & Zach. Syms from Fyal. Foreign 
Cleared Outwards, Jer. Tay for Virginia, Cap. Michael GilP"^ for 
Newfoundland, John Stevins for Nevis, Rich. Thomas for Antigua, 
Rob. Starky for N. Carolina, John Venteman & John Pullen for 
Jamaica. Outward Bound, Sam. Winckle, John Alden, Nath. 
Perkins & Alexander Baker for Barba^ioes. 


A T the Warehouse of Messieurs Bromfield and Burroughs, at 
•^ ^the Town Dock in Boston, There are to be Sold long Tobacco 
Pipes by the Cask, to be taken by the Contents, whole and broken, 
at Three Shillings and Six Pence per Groce, or Five Shillings by the 

98 Minister of the First Church of Boston, 1705-1715. 

99 Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Habijah Savage, captain of a militia com- 
pany, and nephew of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Savage, colonel of the Bos- 
ton Regiment. Born in Boston in 1664, died there in 1721. 

100 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 500. 
"Capt. Cortemange :" the printer's spelling of the name of Sieur de Courte- 
manche. See News-Letter Nos. 50, 56 ante, 61, 64 post. 

101 For an account of Captain Gill's sea fight with a company of French 
and Indians in the harbor of St. John's, Newfoundland, in August, 1704, see 
the News-Letter, No. 25, page 130 ante. 



Single Groce for whole Pipes told out. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 7.] 

Tj.1. i£, mumb. 61. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap June 11. to /IDont)ap June 18, 1705. 


rT?OREIGN news, comprising a large part of this issue, is mainly 
I J/ from Vienna, Paris, Venice, Ratisbon and Genoa. From "Smo- 
lensk© in Muscovy, December 25," 1704, there is an account 
of the czar's treatment of his rebellious subjects: "some are hang'd; 
others Beheaded; others again Burned, and some even wasted. 
The Czar, who has exiled the Princess Sophia, his Sister to Silk, has 
also caused the Hands of his Brother-in-law to be saw'd off with a 
wooden Saw."] 

Barbadoes May 24th. Some few days ago there arrived here a 
Pacquet from England, by whom we have the following Advice, 
That he left England the 10th. of April, and just before his Sayling 
there was brought into Plymouth, Thirteen Sail of French Privateers, 
from 20 to 36 & 40 Guns a piece. And that two English men of War 
nigh the Channel of England met with a French Fleet from Martinico 
bound for France, under convo}'' of a Man of War of 60 Guns, and 
Sunk the French man of War and Took 6 of the Merchant men, whom 
they brought in. And also confirms Sir John Leake's Action at 

The Fleet bound hence for London consisting of about 40 Sail 
under Convoy of Her Majesties Ship the Warrick of 50 Guns, will 
Sail in 17 days, with whom will Sail the Vessels bound for New- 
England. James Berry arrived here in 8 days after the arrival of 
the Fleet from Boston. The Warrick Man of War has taken Two 
Tramponsis, and three French Merchant men, which are brought in 
here. There is a Flagg of Truce gone from hence to Martinico, in 
order to Settle the Castel for the Exchange of Prisoners. 

'Tis also reported. That there was about 12 or 14 Sail of Ships 
bound from France to Martinico loaden with Stores and Provisions 
who were taken by a Squadron of our Men of War, near the Channel 
of England. 

Philadelphia, June Sth. On Sunday last arrived here Joshua 
Cornish, and Clement Jackson Sailed the ^th. Currant for Piscataqtia. 
The Virginia Fleet from England is dayly expected at Virginia. 




r O *-* 5 '^ ci v« <u r: co-  — « 

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=3. S X = go: =^v_j,» 
• C 0-2 «'-^ o^ iJ aJr w S £— «2-i?-« 

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, .. o J5 c t: ., ^ .- ^ u .t:; 

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kT- "its aj -c *^ "• S 

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a.1^ s 2 -c "^ J^ <u 

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>o'm p X vi '^' o *-* '' o cs « It '■ ■dr'h.'i 

— -'— ;>»,a^ c> u •*-> — c / „ !z w. 



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i' :r "' •-•';-^ «" _, vi L'l !^ ■* W ^ '^ "O 

— ** w ti j_j oj •-*. 3 ♦- - 3 c^ * *^- y -a 



,3 c 

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S TO O^w^ tT '^ ^ S^ ft>- o 



;""f -^.g^w s "~i="-S "it^ t^^J g.s^ s 2 "-sfH i^-s St^p s..i; 

5 c^ V^^-'&S-r'i<? Si'c:t> 

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■i, h ^ o ^ 

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. *? 43 c a 



«3 t»0 

73 -^ ^. »> --, <y "C- "-^ 


New- York, June 11th. His Excellency the Lord Cornbury arrived 
here on Saturday Morning from his Government of New-Jersey. 
Our Assembly has been Adjourned to this day, not being a Quorum 
on Saturday last to choose a Speaker. Entered Outwards, Kersteed 
for Boston, Freebody for Bermuda, Basden for Antigua, and Cawley 
for Curacoa. 

New-Port, Rhode-Island, June the Ibth. Yesterday arrived here 
one Smith from Suranam five Weeks Passage: There is also come in 
here William Mash in a Sloop from Boston, who brought in with him 
a Parmaceti Whale, about 30 Foot long. 

Maldon; June, 12th. The Reverend Mr. Michael Wigglesworth, 
Fellow of Harvard College, and Pastor of the Church in this Place, 
Administred the Lord's Supper, May 27. Fell Sick of a Fever upon 
the Friday following, of which he died the \Oth. Instant, at Nine in 
the Morning, Aetatis 74. and was interr'd this day: Being much 
Lamented as a Learned and Pious Divine, and Skilful Physician, 
Vigorous & Useful to the last. He was Author of the Poem Entituled, 

Boston, Last Week 4 of our English Prisoners at Mont-Real, viz. 
Joseph Pettis, John Nimes, Thomas Baker & Martin Kelluck all of 
West-Hampshire, made their Escape from thence, and came in to 
Northampton, being 26 days on their March, who were so put to it 
for Provisions by the way, that they were forced to eat Rattle Snakes. ^"^ 

Thomas Odell mentioned in our Last, was brought to Boston in 
a Sloop from Rhode-Island on Wednesday last, and is committed 
to close Prison in order to be Tryed for his Counterfeiting of our 
Province Bills of Credit, &c.*<"' 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Wells and Lathrop from Connecticut, 
Ware and Lyford from Piscataqua, D'Groof, Adolph & Wiggins from 
New-York, & Ireland from New-port Rhode-Island. Outwards, 
John Lawrence for Connecticut. Foreign Inwards, John Holland 
from Fyall, Nath. Clark from Virginia, Rich. Friend from New- 
foundland, Fortune Redduck from St. Christophers, & Sam Ward 
from Barbadoes. Foreign Clear'd Outwards, Solomon Gardner for 
Nevis, John Dimon for Jamaica, William Jeffries for North-Carolina. 
Outward Bound, John Fidling for South Carolina, Jer. Cushing for 
Maryland, Joshua Pickman for Virginia, Ephraim Breed for Jamaica, 

102 Minister of Maiden from 1656. See Reverend Michael Wigglesworth, 
His Memoir, Autobiography, Letters and Library, in New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register, Vol. XVII, pp. 129-146. 

103 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 500. 
See News-Letter Nos. 50, 56, 60 ante, 64 post. 

104 See News-Letter Nos. 15, 17 (1704), 57, 59, 60 ante, 82 post. 



John Holland for Antigua, Rich. Friend for Newfoundla^id, & Tho. 
Hunt for North-Carolina. 


T the Desire of several Gentlemen, Merchants and others who 
'are willing to Contribute towards supporting this Publick Print 
of Intelligence, the Undertaker has begun where it was left off, in 
hopes of others following their good Example, whereby it may be 
carryed on at least another year: And therefore all Persons in Town 
& Country, who have a mind to encourage the same, may have said 
News-Letter every week by the year upon reasonable Terms agreeing 
with John Campbell Postmaster of Boston for the sam.e. 

[Reprinted: tobacco pipes for sale by Bromfield and Burroughs, 
as in June 11.] 

. m. 25. IHumb. 62. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap June 18. to /IDOUDa^ June 25. 1705. 


r/^NLY one column of foreign news appears in this issue and that 
I V.-/is of the January preceding from Hamburg, Venice, Hague 
and elsewhere. The principal features of the domestic news 
are, the speech of Governor Cornbury to the General Assembly of 
New York; reports of earthquake shocks in Boston and neighboring 
towns and the account of a privateer in New York harbor.] 

Philadelphia, June 14. A Briganteen from Hundoras, one Griffin 
Master, is arrived at New-Castle, she carries 8 Guns and Patteraro's, 
12 men, coming thro' the Gulph off of Cuba, they were Chased by 
a Ship, with whom they exchanged several great and small Shot, 
taking each other for Enemies; The Ship prov'd to be Capt. Pen- 
niston, his Sloop was in Company, one of the Briganteen's men had 
his Hand Shot off, who is put on Board Capt. Pennistone to be cured. 

Three persons were drowned last week by the oversetting of a 
Boat going down the River from Philadelphia, one of them a Negro 

New-York, June 18. On Thursday last a Ship arrived here from 
Fyall, and a Sloop from North-Carolina, they were Chased in by a 
French Privateer, as was Captain Coward, who was bound for England, 
Via Virginia. 

On the IGth. Capt. Outerbridge and some of his men came to Town 



and relate, that on the 3d. Instant he Sailed out of Sandyhook, bound 
for Jamaica loaded with Provisions, and was taken by a Privateer 
from Martinico about 150 Leagues off, and that his Sloop (with 
Mrs. Antill and her children who were Passengers on Board) is sent 
to Martinico. 

That on the 14th Instant the same Privateer came to Sandyhook, 
and in the night sent up her Boat to the Narrows with design to take 
Capt. Potter who was then Loaden at the Watering place bound 
for Nevis, but the Boat could not find him; about 10 days before, 
they took a small Sloop belonging to one Godfrey of this Town, 
loaded with Pitch and Tarr which they burnt, one Reynolds was 
Master of her, and 'tis said sides with the French, and is a Pilot 
to them on this Coast, and has informed them of our Vessels expected 
and Outward bound. The Privateers perceiving they were discov- 
ered, Capt Oiiterbridge and his men and Godfrey perswaded them to 
land them at Sandyhook, which they did, and afterwards stood along 
shore to the Southward. Yesterday News was brought that they 
had Landed in East- New- Jersey a little beyond Neversincks, and had 
burnt 2 Country Houses. On Sunday the 10th Instant, the Cettey 
Privateer, Capt. Bond for England, Via Virginia, and 2 Sloops 
sailed out of Sandyhook, and happily mist this Privateer, A Ship, 
a Briganteen and 2 Sloops are fitted out here, and will Sail this day 
under the Command of Col. Peartree in pursuit of her. This Privateer 
is a Ship of 10 Guns, 150 Tons or thereabouts, 120 men, one Clapo 
Captain, who has a Brother lives at Boston or thereabouts, some say 
that is a Nick-Name, some that he is a French-man, Sc others, an 
Irish-man. They tell us a new Briganteen from New-York was 
carried in to Martinico a few days before this Privateer Sailed, which 
we fear is Capt. Perkins in a fine Briganteen the Voyage, & bound 
for Barbadoes. 

His Excellency has laid an Embargo in this Province. Here are 
5 Sachems of the French Indians come to Town as I am told, to treat 
with his Excellency our Governour, about liberty to Settle among 
our Indians the 5 Nations, and that they will leave the French; 
some of them were at Deer field when the mischief was done there. 
Our Assembly have Voted the Raising 1607 /. for the Defence of the 

Our Assembly is now Sitting, and William Nicoll Esq. is chosen 
Speaker, who was approv'd of by his Excellency. 

His Excelency EDWARD Viscount Cornhury, Captain General and 
GOVERNOUR in Chief in and over Her MAJESTY'S Colony of 
New-York, and Territories depending thereon, &c. His 



Speech '°^ to the Honourable the COUNCIL and Representatives 
in General Assembly now Sitting in the City of New-York, upon 
Thursday the lAth of June, 1705. 

T Am sorry the QUEEN's service in the Neighbouring Province, 
■^and the ill Weather we have lately had, have hindered me from meeting 
this Assembly so soon as I at first intended; however, I hope you will 
still have time enough to dispatch such things as may be necessary to 
be provided for at this time. Those which I shall more particularly 
Recommend to the care of you Gentlemen of the House of Representa- 
tives, are these. 

First, That a Sum may be provided sufficient to pay One Hundred 
Fuzileers, and Fifty Out-scouts, with their proper Officers, to be sent 
to Albany and places adjacent, for the Defence of the Fronteers for one 
year, and likewise that Provision may be made for their going up to 
& returning from Albany, and likewise for Bedding for them while 
they are there: This is of absolute Necessity at this time, because I have 
received an account of a Design of the Waghana Indians, with several 
other Nations in amity with the French, to Attack our Five Nations, 
who if they see that we are either not willing or not able to support and 
defend them against their Enemies, will the more easily be perswaded 
to go over to the French ; the ill Consequences whereof are so well known, 
that I need not mention them to you, nor will I now trouble you with 
any particulars of this News, because I had it from those Gentlemen 
who are chosen to serve in this Assembly for the County of Albany, atid 
who are well able to inform you of the Truth of that matter. 

The Next thing I recommend to your Care, is the providing such a 
Sum as may be sufficient to pay and defray the Charges of the Detach- 
ment sent up to Albany for the Defence of the Fronteers last fall, an 
Account whereof shall be laid before you. 

I must take notice to you. That the Bill for settling the Militia, which 
was passed in the year IJ02. is expired by its own Limitation; I think 
'tis very necessary that Act should be Revived. 

The Difficulties which some very worthy Ministers of the Church of 
England have met with in the getting the Maintenance settled upon 
them by an Act of the General Assembly of this Province, passed in 
the Year i6qj, moves me to propose to you the passing an Act explana- 
tory of the afore-mentioned Act, that those worthy good Men who have 

105 In Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the General Assembly of 
the Colony of New York. The Gaine Edition, Vol. I, p. 19G. The News-Let- 
ter print differs slightly with the Journal. The speeches of Combury to the 
New York Assembly, which are printed from time to time in the News-Letter^ 
clearly reflect the condition of public affairs in that >-olony. The governor 
constantly stirred the popular assemblies to acrimonious contention regarding 
legislative rights and royal prerogratives. 



ventured to come so far for the Service of GOD in his Church, and the 
good and edification of the People, to the Salvation of their Souls, may 
not for the future be vexed, as some of them, have been, but may enjoy 
in quiet that Maintenance which was by a Law provided for them.. I 
farther Recommend to you the passing an Act to provide for the Main- 
tenance of some Ministers in some of the Towns at the East end of Long- 
Island, where I don't find any Provision has been yet made for propa- 
gating Religion. 

The next thing which I think does very highly deserve your serious 
Thoughts, is, the laying a Duty upon all European Goods imported 
into this Colony from any of the Neighbouring Provinces, whereas now 
those Goods pay no greater Duties than those which come directly from. 
England. I did recommend this matter to the last Assembly, and I am 
afraid the not doing of it at that time has been a considerable Prejudice 
to the Trade of this Province, and I am perswaded, that unless effectual 
care be now taken in that matter, the Trade of this place will not only 
become precarious, but our Navigation will be entirely rtiined. I am 
of Opinion it would be very proper to lay a Duty upon all Rum and 
other Spirits imported from any place whatsoever, except England 
and Her Majesties Islands in the West-Indies; / therefore earnestly 
recommend to your care the preparing such a Bill as may effectttally 
answer the ends proposed. 

I further recommend to your Considerations, whether the passing an 
Act to discourage the Exportation of Corn, and to encourage the Expor- 
tation of Flower from this Province, would not be a good advantage 
to Trade. 

I observe, that during the late War, at a time when much greater Sums 
were given for the Defence of the Fronteers, than have ever been demanded 
since the beginning of this, the Assemblies in those times thought fit to 
grant several Sums of Money towards the discharging the Debts of the 
Province; whether it is not as reasonable to take the same Methods 
now to discharge the Debts which were contracted before my coming to 
this Government, I leave to your Considerations; only I think it a Duty 
incumbent on me to put you in mind of it, that the People to whom those 
Debts are due, may not think themselves neglected. 

I am of Opinion it will be necessary to pass an Act to prevent the 
Clipping and Defacing the Foreign Coyn which has currency in this 
Province. And another for the more effectual suppressing of scandalous 
Houses and Bawdy- Houses, & to prevent scandalous Women from, 
coming from the Neighbouring Provinces to live in this. And another 
to punish Negro, Indian and Mallatto Slaves, and to prevent them from 
running away frotn their Masters. 

These, Gentlemen, are the things I thought fit to propose to your 
Considerations at this time. I must now acquaint you, that Her most 


Sacred Majesty, the Q UEEN, has been pleased to order, That for the 
future no Governour, Lieut. Governour or Commander in Chief of this 
Province shall receive any Gift or Present from the Country: which 
Order you will find entered in your Journals. All the Returns the 
Queen expects for easing you from the burthen of those Presents, is, 
That you contribute m.ore freely to the Defence of the Country. 

I have nothing more to offer to you at this time, only UnanimMy in 
your Consultations, and Dispatch in the Matters before you. 

If anything occurs to you, which you think may be for the Service of 
the Q UEEN, and the good of the Country, you shall always find me 
ready not only to hear it, but to joyn heartily with you to promote any- 
thing that is Reasonable. 

Lancaster, June 18th, On Thursday last, Mr. John Willard senior 
being hooing in his Field of Corn about a mile from the Garison, 
he espied an Indian between him and the Garison about 7 rod off 
him, and not knowing but there might be more, he ran another way 
to the Garison, and got safe into it and mist the Indian. 'Tis also 
said there was some seen at Groton and Marlborough. 

Boston, On Saturday the 16th Currant, about 10 a Clock in the 
Forenoon, There was felt a small shake of an Earthquake in several 
places of this Town : but being so late at night ere we had the report 
of it, that we had not time to inquire into the certainty of it ; made 
us not Insert it in our Last. 'Twas also felt at Cambridge, Maldon, 
Braintry, Weymouth, Milton, Dedham, Dorchester, Roxbury, 
Charlstov/n and other Towns; People at first apprehended it to 
be Thunder; but viewing the Air to be so clear, and no clouds to be 
seen, concluded it to be an Earthquake: several Platters and Dishes 
were tumbled off the Shelves by it. Pots and Kettles made a ratling 
noise with it. Stones were seen to move in the Walls, &c. 

On Monday the 18th Instant, Dyed Mr. Thaddeus Maccarty of 
this Town, Merchant, and was Interred on Thursday the 21st Currant. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Gillam and Parker from Pensilvania; 
Curtice, Pope, Loring, Allen, Prentice, Smith, Blinn, Milliard and 
Dean from Connecticut; Bracket, Webber, Jackson and Flood from 
Piscataqua. Outward, Jer. Vaile for Connecticut Foreign Inwards, 
Tho. Skuse from Nevis, Rich. Hall, Robert Hartly and William Twing 
from Fyal; John Henderson from Montserat, and Nath. Eliot from 
Bonire. Cleared Outwards, William Jeffries, Moses Abbot and 
Tho. Hunt for North-Carolina, John Fidling for South-Carolina; 
Eleazar Darby for Jersey; Nich. Lawrence for Barbadoes, Nath. 
Jarvies, & William Webber for Nevis, Joshua Pickman for Virginia, 
& Fortune Redduck for St. Christophers. Outward Bound, Samuel 
More for Antigua, William Beams for Fyal, Stephen Payne for 



Madera, Jeoffery Bedgood for South-Carolina, & Wil. Everton for 


ALL Persons in Town and Country, in this and the Neighbouring 
Provinces, when any remarkable Providences worthy the Record- 
ing do occurr, are hereby desired to send the same unto James Camp- 
bell Post-master of Boston, with the Circumstances thereof, whereby 
it may be made more evident for publick Good: which shall be 
Inserted accordingly in the "Weekly Intelhgence. 

[Reprinted: tobacco pipes for sale by Messrs Bromfield and 
Burroughs, as in June 11; News-Letter advertisement, as first in 
June 18.] 

-^^ jg. Bumb. 63. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDont>a^ June 25. to /EDonC>a^ July 2. 1705. 


r A LITTLE less than half of the two pages which make this 

1 xxissue is filled with foreign news. This is mainly from Vienna, 

Cologne and Berlin, concerning European war movements 
and plans.] 

Madera, May 8. Capt. Coffin arrived here 3 days ago from Boston 
and he is bound hence for Nevis. 

Philadelphia, June 22. By a Sloop from Virginia that arrived 
on Sunday last, who came out of the Capes the Wednesday before, 
we are informed they saw 4 or 5 large Ships standing in for Virginia, 

2 of them seem'd to be as large as third Rates; 'tis thought they 
came from Lisbon. 

Yesterday Capt. Taylor arrived in a Sloop in 22 day from Antigua, 
who about 3 weeks since went a Flagg of Truce for Martinico, carried 
with him 64 French Prisoners, and brought back 75 English, besides 
some concealed which broke Goal; amongst those he carried was 
Capt. Clapo, who was last year on the Coast of New-York; who in 
some short time before was taken in a Privateer Sloop by an English 
Man of War; As soon as Clapo, alias Crepo arrived at Martinico, 
he was put on Board the Ship he now is in to Cruise on this Coast: 
Capt. Taylor says, that a Briganteen and a Sloop was Sailed out of 
Martinico some time before Crepo, that designed to Cruise on the 



Coast of New-England; He says there are 17 Privateers out of 
Martinico, besides several others fitting out. 

On Sunday last dyed at New-Castle, Mr. William Clarke one of our 
Council and Speaker of the Assembly for the Three Lower Counties. 

Mr. Codman fell down the River this day in order to take in his 
Loading of Wheat there for Boston, 

New-York, June 25. On Thursday morning last Sailed out of Sandy- 
hook, the Ship, Briganteen, & 2 Sloops which are in pursuit of the 
French Privateer, they have 350 able men on board the 4 Vessels. 
We have Advice that the Privateer stood oflE to Sea on Monday last, 
since which time we have not heard of him. The Embargo I suppose 
will be continued here till the return of our Vessels. 

New-London, June 28. Last Fryday about Sun-set there was 
felt in this Town a small shake of an Earthquake, which was also 
felt at Sayhrook, it was accompanied with a noise like Thunder, but 
no Clouds in the Sky. 

Newport Rhode, Island, June 29 On Wednesday last Capt. Hal- 
sey's Prize was Condemned here at the Court of Admiralty.'**" There 
is a Vessel just arrived from Barbadoes, who came out in Company 
with several for Boston. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 26th Instant, William Wilde, one of the 
Privateers of Quelch' Crew who was condemn'd to dye for Piracy, 
and reprieved till Her Majesty's Pleasure concerning him and his 
fellows was known, who made his escape out of Prison here the 7th 
day of September last, was this morning apprehended and committed 
to close Prison. '" 

On Saturday the 30th of June, His Excellency Prorogu'd the 
General Assembly unto Wednesday the 5th of September next. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Harris from New- London, Newman 
from Piscataqua, Coffin & Lathrop from Nantticket. Outwards, 
Gillam, Hall, Smith & Allen for Connecticut Foreign Inwards, 
John Wright from Newfoundland, Wil. Herbert from Madera, & 
Noah Chamne from Virginia. Cleared Outwards, John Holland, 
Jonathan Stevens, John Waters, Joseph Holton, Phillip Lewis, John 
Hoddy & Samuel Moore for Antigua, Rich. Friend for Newfoundland, 
Wil. Beams for Fyall, Stephen Payne for Madera, & Jer. Cushing for 
Virginia. Outward bound, John Porter & Tho. Miller for Antigua> 
John Chamberlin for Fyall, Dirick Adolph, and Adolph D'Groof for 

106 See News-Letter Nos. 49, 53, 59, 60 ante. 

107 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 395. 

See News-Letter Nos. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1704) ante, 66 post. See foot-note 
News-Letter No. 14 ante. 


New-York, and Nicholas Thomas Jones for North Carolina. 


[Reprinted: advertisement of the Reverend John Brown's book, 
"Life of Justification," as in August 14, 1704; News-Letter advertise- 
ment, as first in June 18.] 

1R. ig. flumb. 64. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOn^a^ July 2. to /IDOU^ay July 9. 1705. 


r^T~^HE two folio pages of this issue are about equally divided 
I X between reports of foreign and domestic affairs. From Brescia, 
^ Dresden, Paris, Hague, Venice and Vienna, under January 
dates, is a variety of war news. Among the domestic items is a list 
of acts passed by the General Court of Massachusetts.] 

Philadelphia, June 28. On the 25 arrived here a Sloop from 
Barmudas, one Burrows Master, who came from Barmudas loaden 
for this place last Fall: he Wintered at Barmudas, from whence he 
set twice out this Spring in order to come hither, but both times he 
met with violent Storms, in which he lost Masts, Sailes, and two men, 
a white and a Negro over-board, and was forced to return again; 
with the third time Setting out he got safe here. 

New-York July 2d. On the 29 June arrived here a Sloop from 
Jamaica, one Seward Master, who Sailed from Porto-Morant the 5th. 
of said Month, by whom we have Advice, That Admiral Whetstone 
was arrived there the 17th of May with 6 Men of War, and 13 Mer- 
chant Ships bound thither, and that he was either gone or going with 
10 Men of War upon the Coast of New-Spain, to recall all Privateers 
from making War upon the Spaniards, and to Settle a Trade with 
them: And 'tis believed he has orders Relating to the Spaniards 
of great Importance, though not yet made Publick. The Island 
of Jamaica has had of late a Considerable Trade with the Spaniards, 
•especially for Slaves and Dry Goods. They Write two Trading 
Sloops were returned to Port Royal from the Spanish Coast, The 
one with 80 Thousand, and the other with 60 Thousand pieces of 
Eight; And that 4 Men of War more were dayly expected there 
from England. 

The same day our Private Man of War came in to Sandyhook with 
the 2 Sloops that went in pursuit of the French Privateer; they have 



been along shore to the Capes of Delaware, but could not hear of 
him; two of them (the Ship and a Sloop which Sail very well) I'm 
told are ordered to Cruise towards Block-Island. 

There was no Boston Vessel at Jamaica that Seward knows of. 
Keersteed and Teller bound for Boston as soon as the Embargo is 
taken off, and Coward for England, via Virginia, & several vessels, 
for other parts. 

Wells, July J. A Whale Boat from Sacho gives account that this 
morning before Sun rise, they discovered several great Smoaks, a 
small distance from the Fort, which is concluded to be a Body of 
the Enemy. 

Marblehead, Jtily S. Last night came in a Shallop of our Town, 

who informs, that on the 3d Instant, they espied a Wreck on part 

of Montenicus Rocks, they went on Board her, and judge her to be 

about 200 Tons, a new Ship, white bottom, no Mast standing, part 

of her Keel gone, her Rudder about 2 foot left, she had 8 Ports on a 

side, a Lion quarter pieces, and all carved work yellow; they took 

out of her a Cable about 12 Inches, Oyl, Turpentin, Whale-bone, and 

several other things, they found on Board a flowered sattin pair of 

Stays, a silver Porringer marked ]\t m ;^^'* when they left the Ship she 

righted, and they believe then her bottom came out; they found nO' 

person on board her. 

Boston, Sundry Acts passed the 30th of June, by the Great and 
General Court or Assembly of Her Majesty's Province of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New-England. Begun and Held at Boston, upon 
Wednesday 30th of May 1705, 

An Act for the ease of Prisoners for Debt. 

An Act, for apportioning and assessing of two several Taxes on Polls 
and Estate pursuant to the Grants made to Her Majesty by the General 
Assembly, in the Year 1704. for 22422.1. 

An Act for the further and longer continuing in force several Acts 
therein mentioned that are near expiring. 

On Monday July 2. Dyed here Lieut. Colonel Thomas Savage,, 
aged 65 years and 2 months, who was Interred on Thursday the 5th 
Instant, being attended with the Regiment in Arms. **^ 

On Tuesday the 3d. Arrived here Capt. Taylor from Bristol, who. 
was taken by the French, and re-taken by the Dutch, he came from 
Rotterdam about the 10th of April last. 

108 For Judge Se wall's note on this see the Historical Sketch of the News- 
Letter, page 59 of this volume. 

109 Lieutenant-colonel of the Boston Regiment from 1702 till his death. See- 
Judge Sawall's Diary under date July 5 (1705). 



On Thursday the 5th, Arrived Cap. William Aldcn from Barha- 
does, who came out thence with the Fleet bound for London the 10th 
of June last, with several other vessels bound hither, and 2 for New 
York, D'hart in a Ship, and another in a Briganteen. Capt. Alden 
was Chased 2 or 3 days in the Latitude of Bermuda by a pritty big 
Ship, but he out Sayl'd her, and supposes her to be the same Privateer 
that is upon the Coast of New-York. 

Capt. Hunkings with the other Vessels that Sailed with him in 
Company from Boston were safely arrived at Barbadoes. 

On Fryday the 6th. Sailed Capt. Courtemanch, who came hither 
to His Excellency from the Governour of Canada, in order to Concert 
Measures for the Exchange of Prisoners, between whom there is a 
good understanding. "" 

The Wreck mentioned in the Paragraph of Marblehead is supposed 
to be the same that is mentioned in our Numh. 53. to be then seen by 
Capt. Welsh on St- George's Bank the 16th of April last; and is con- 
cluded to be Capt. John Balston's Ship, one of the Fleet that Sailed 
from Portsmouth New- Hampshire, Ap[r]il Mi, mentioned in our 
Numh. 51. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Bracket, Flood, Allen and Wair from 
Piscataqua. Outwards, Adolph and De Groof for New York, Hartly 
and Blinn for Connecticut, Nicholas Thomas Jones for North-Carolina. 
Foreign Inwards, Joseph Everton, and William Alden from Barba- 
does, Thomas Taylor from Bristol, and William Cook from Montserat. 
Cleared Outwards, John Mason for Curacoa, John Porter for Antigtta, 
and William Thomas for Jamaica. Outward Bound, James Grant 
for Whitehaven in England, Newcomb Blague for Fyall, Bartholomew 
Green for Jamaica, Ebenezar Hathorne for Newfoundland, Samuel 
Ward, Ebenezar Breed and Joseph Everton for Barbadoes. 


'T^Here is this day Printed and to be Sold at the Post-Office, half 
-*- a Sheet, containing several solid Arguments offered to the 
Inhabitants of New-England, and the other Neighbouring Provinces, 
in the Northern Parts of America, to Encourage the Sowing of Hemp ; 
demonstrating the same to be of far greater advantage to the Hus- 
bandman, than the Sowing or Planting of any other Grain; with 
Rules and Directions for sowing, watering and dressing it; several 
Objections answered, with some proposals for others to promote the 
same; especially, That all Persons every where, who have any 
Hemp grov/ing in this & the Neighbouring Provinces, would use 

110 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII. p. 
512. See News-Letter Nos. 50, 56, 60, 61 ante. 



their particular and utmost care to save what Seed they can for the 
publick benefit : let none imagine that by furnishing others with Seed, 
it will lessen their own profit, for there cannot be too much Sown to 
glut the Market. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

t\* lg» IRuml). 65. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonOap July 9. to /S&onDap July 16. 1705. 



EARLY three of the four columns of this issue are given to 
foreign news from Hague, Vienna, Milan and elsewhere, and to 
a report of the meeting of the Irish Parliament in Dublin.] 

Belfast, Jan. 29. This day came in here a Ship belonging to the 
Port, which was taken on the 26th of the last Month, by the Lorrine, a 
French Privateer, The Enemy put on board her 6 French-men, a 
Dane, and one John Bevin, who was Master of the Kent Pink of Bristol, 
taken some time before, and carried into Martinico, leaving with them only 
J Men and a Boy belonging to the Ship. On the ijth instant, about ijo 
Leagues off of Cape Clear, the said John Bevin, by the help of these j 
Men and a Boy, and the Dane, rescued the Ship from the French, and 
brought her safe in here. 

Falmouth, Feb. 10. On the 6th Instant arrived here the Six 
Islands Pacquet-Boat from Jamaica, Nathaniel Vring Commander, 
which came from hence in 8 weeks. The Master gives an Account, 
That Her Majesty's Ship the Mermaid had brought into Jamaica 
a French Prize of about 30 Guns, bound to New-Spain, and valued 
at between 30 and 40 Thousand Pounds Sterling. 

Plimouth. Feb. 11. The 8th Instant came in here the Robert 
Privateer of Middlebourg, with a Prize called the Francis of Nantz, 
from Martinico, laden with Sugar, Cocoa and Cotton. 

St. Johns Newfoundland, June 8. Last week arrived 2 Ships 
from England into Conception- Bay; They say. That 3 Men of War 
from England with Recruits for the Garison were bound hither with 
a Fleet of Merchant-men. That the Indians have accepted of Bills 
for the Redemption of the People of Bonavist. 

Philadelphia, July 5. This morning came here several persons 
that were taken in 3 Briganteens off the Capes of Virginia by Capt. 
Crapo; the first of which was Capt. Violet from Jamaica bound to 



Virginia, whose Vessel they sunk, he was taken 21 June; next was 
Capt. Pitts from England and the Madera's loaden with Wine, bound 
for Maryland, whose Vessel with the Commander they sent to Mar- 
tinico, ' after which they took Robert Starky from Boston bound tO' 
Virginia, whose Briganteen they gave the Prisoners on Monday 
25th June, who parted with them between the Capes of Virginia and 
our Capes, ordering them to come into this River, forbidding them 
to go to Virginia, else if they did and met them, they should find no 
Quarter. They say they wait for a Guinea Ship bound for Virginia 
with Negro's, before they go off the coast. Starky's Briganteen is 
under a seizure at New-Castle. 

On the 3d Instant, one Carman in a small Sloop coming round the 
Capes of Virginia, was taken by some of Crapo's men in a Perriagar 
which Sloop and Pitts from Madera was taken in sight of the Strum- 
bulo Man of War, who fired several Shot at the Privateer, but to no 
purpose, they could not come up with him; The Sloop lost Company 
of the Ship 4 or 5 days, and despaired of meeting them, but met the 
Ship again ; The 26th of June they gave them their Sloop again. 

Burlington, July 6. There are two Men of War come to Virginia,. 
to Convoy home the Fleet for England, and the Strumhulo Man of War 
is ordered now to stay and go with them. 

New- York, July 9th. On the 5th. Instant Capt. Dehart arrived 
here from Barbadoes; and yesterday Capt. Basset from St. Thomas 
in 16 days, who says, they heard there by a French Privateer that a 
Briganteen from New York with Horses upon her Deck, was taken 
and carryed into Martinico, which we suppose to be Capt. Leach,, 
who was bound for Nevis: (Perkins whom we feared was taken being 
arrived in Barbadoes:) And also that two Privateers who designed 
for this Coast (a Sloop and a Briganteen) were come out of Martinico' 
but they wanted men and were gone to Porto Rico to supply them- 
selves. We have heard nothing of Coll. Peartree since he went last 
out in pursuit of the French Privateer: we suppose he is gone towards 
Block-Island; he has 140 men on board the Ship, and 80 in the Sloop; 
they both Sail well. 

Rhode Island, July 13 Tho. Barnes is arrived here from Barbadoes. 

Boston, On Monday the 9th Currant about Noon, there was a 
smart Clap of Thunder and Lightning with Rain, which split the 
Mast and Pump of a Sloop near Charlstown Ferry, belonging to one 
John Turner. 

On Wednesday arrived William Skinner in a Sloop from Barbadoes, 
who on Monday last about noon met with a Thunder Clap & Light- 
ning at Sea that shivered his Mast, struck down the men on Board, 



whom it stunn'd for some small time, started the Hoops of the Casks 
in the Hould. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Smith, Walter, Carter and Dutch from 
Connecticut, and Schellinx from Long-Island. Outwards, W'oir for 
Piscataqua, and Harris for New-London. Foreign Inwards, John 
Foster, Thomas Landel, and William Skinner from Barbadoes. 
Cleared Outwards, Andrew Wilson, and Nathaniel Perkins for 
Barbadoes, Ebenezar Hathorne for Newfowtidland, and Thomas 
Woodbridge for Madera. Outward Bound, Samuel Cary for Tercera, 
Thomas Taylor, and Thomas Skuse for Nevis, John Butler for Lisbon, 
Henry Tew, and William Skinner for Barbadoes, Thomas Pope for 
Marylattd, David L' Breton for Fyal, Samuel Edwards for Ruanoke, 
Samuel Clarke, and William Cooke for Alontserat. 


TTDward Bromfield and Paul Dudley Esqrs. Administrators to the 
-"--'Estate of James Gray late of Boston, Pedlar, Deceased: Do by 
the direction of the Honourable Isaac Addington Esq. Judge of the 
Probate of Wills, and Granting Letters of Administration &c. for 
the County of Suffolk, give notice to all persons whomsoever, who 
have any of the Estate or Writings of the said James Gray, That they 
forthwith deliver the same to the said Judge or Administrators, or 
in case of refusal, they will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of 
the Law. 

' I ^Here is now Published The Danger of Speedy Degeneracy. 
-*- Held forth in a Sermon Preached at Boston-Lecture the 5th 
Instant. By the Reverend Mr. Solomon Stoddard of North Hamp- 
ton, from Judges 2. 11. Sold by Benjamin Eliot, at his Shop under 
the West End of the Town House. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18] 

1R. jg, IRumb. 66. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From flDonOa^ July 16. to /BOU^ay July 23. 1705. 


[''T^HE foreign news in this issue relates almost entirely to military 
Jl movements on the continent of Europe, and is comprised in 
letters from Vienna, Lisbon and elsewhere. Included in the 
domestic news, under the regular Boston heading on the second page, 
is a column of miscellaneous English news brought in by the man-of- 
war Deptford and two merchant vessels. The proclamation of 
Queen Anne assem^bling Parliament, April 23, is pubhshed. The 



domestic news includes report of the proceedings in connection with 
the pardon of the remaining members of the pirate Ouelch's crew and 
their release from jail.] 

St. Johns Newfoundland, June 27 On the 2d. Instant, we were 
alarmed here by some French Spies, 2 of them were seen within 
Pistol Shot of the Castle, the Sentinels fired at them between 12 and 
1 a Clock at night. On the 13th Instant, two men were carried away 
from fresh Water about 15 Leagues from hence by 4 or 5 Indians. 
Eleazar Moses in a Briganteen that was bound hither from Boston, 
in whom was Masters, Arthur Jeffrey, and William Keen are taken, 
and carried in to Placentia; whom we daily expect here; 2 of the 
Briganteen's men run away, and are come hither, who inform us, 
That the French at Placentia are very hard put to it, and cannot 
fish for want of Salt and Provisions; And that there is about 300 
French & Indians designing to come and make an attack upon St, 
Johns. There is 2 Men of War and 7 Merchant-men arrived from 
England, by whom we are acquainted, That most of the Outward 
bound Ships from France to Canada and Placentia were taken near 
the Channel of England by several of our Men of War that were 
Convoys to our Outward bound Ships this Spring. A person that 
came from Plimouth in one of these Men of War informs, that he 
heard one of the Mast-Fleet from New-England was arrived at 
Portsmouth, but knows not the Commanders name. 

On the ISth arrived a Briganteen from Lisbon, in 33 da3'-s, one 
Portlock Master. 

Philadelphia, July 12. One Jones arrived here this day in 17 days 
from Antigua, who in the Latitude of Bermuda saw a Ship lay by for 
him, but made the best of his way, not caring. to trust him: he says 
no Privateers have been seen or heard of late at those Islands, and 
concludes they are call'd in upon some other design. 

New York, July 16. Our Private Man of War is returned from 
Block Island without seeing the Privateer. 

Last night by a Sloop from Virginia in 6 days, we are acquainted, 
That the Strumhulo Man of War had chased the Privateer on that 
Coast; but could not come up with her, but 3 days afterwards he 
came up with her again and fired a great many shot into her; upon 
which Crapo the Privateer threw Overboard his Priaugar, several 
Casks, & great Guns, and on a sudden it grew calm, which gave him 
the opportunity of using his Oars, by means whereof he escaped. 

The Strumhulo sent her Pinnace mann'd, under the Quarter of 
the Privateer, who fired not a Gun at them, but they durst not venture 
to board her. 



Capt. Coward from hence bound to England, was arrived in Vir- 
ginia. The Oxford and Hastings Frigots, with a Briganteen were 
arrived there from Guinea. And they expect two more from England. 

Ipsivich, July 20 On Sabbath the 8th Currant, Lydia Potter, Wife 
of Samuel Potter, was found dead, having cut her own throat; who 
about a week before had done the Hke, but was found aUve and 
stitched up again; she was a Woman who was several years Distracted. 

Beverly, July 20. On the 17th arrived Jonathan Wheeler in IS 
days in a Sloop from Antigua, who came out of Param the same 
day that 8 Sail came from St Johns under Convoy of the Linn Man 
of War, Capt. Martin Commander, whom he joined in the night and 
spoke with Cap. Pitts who carried the light, who told him to fall 
a Stern; The Man of War not knowing of his Sailing with the Fleet, 
seeing him to the Leward, supposing him to be an Enemy, bore down 
upon him, and fired a Gun at him; upon which Wheeler lowered his 
Sails, The Man of War hailed him, and he said from Antigua, but he 
understood him to be from Martinico, upon which he fired 10 Shot 
more, one of which hull'd him, split the Beam in the Cabbin, 4 Mus- 
kets, 2 Quadrons, and wounded a Woman in the Skull with some of 
the Splinters. 

Boston, On the \^th Currant arrived here the Deptford Man of War, 
a 4th Rate of 50 Guns, Cap. Charles Stuckley Commander, who Sailed 
from Plymouth the 19 day of May last, in Company with a Fleet of 
about 120 Sail, under Convoy of 8 Men of War bound for Virginia, 
the West-Indies, New-England, New-York, &c. with whom came 
out for Boston Capt. Rymes in a Ship, and Capt. George Fane Com- 
mander of Her Majesty's Ship the Lowstoff, a 5th Rate for New-York, 
with Capt- Payne in the Gray Hound; the Deptford and Lowstoff 
Men of War were separated from the Fleet before they came the 
length of Fyall, where they 2 put in & staid a few days, Rymes and 
Payne kept on with the Virginia Fleet which the 2 Men of War 
parted with about 6 Weeks ago; And the Lowstoff for New-York 
parted with the Deptford about 14 days since. The Advice that we 
have from England is as follows : . . . That Admiral Bing with 
the Medway, and 3 other Men of War, has brought into Scilly after a 
furious and obstinate Fight, one French Man of War of 48 Guns, a 
Privateer of 18 Guns, and 4 large West-India Ships. . . . That 
2 of Her Majesty's Men of War bound for Newfoundland, met with 
a French Store Ship of about 26 Guns, bound from France to Canada, 
which they took. . . . That Capt. Rows from Barbadoes, 
belonging to Boston, was accidentally burnt in the River of Thames, 
who had on board about 100 Hogsheads of Sugar, & some baggs of 
Cotton Wool. That Capt. Gillam is bound from London to Boston 



in the same Ship that he went from hence, and another large Ship 
besides is also bound here, who are supposed to Sail in about 6 weeks 
after this Fleet that came out. There is also another Man of War 
designed for this place, and another for New-York. There was 
lately brought in to England with a Squadron of Cruisers under Sir 
George Byng a French Man of War of 44 Guns, and 12 Privateers, 
and 7 of the Enemy's Merchant Ships, most of the latter richly 
loaden from the West-Indies. 

On Thursday the 19th Instant, His Excellency our Governour Sat 
in a Court of Admiralty for Tryal of Pirates, &c. and Published Her 
Majesty's Commission for the said Court directed to himself, the 
Lieutenant Governour, the Council and several other Gentlemen. 

After which the 7 Pirates of Quelch's Crew remaining in Goal were 
set to the Bar, viz. Charles James, William Wildes, John Dorrothy, 
John Pittman, John Carter, Dennis Carter and Charles King: His 
Excellency acquainted them, that whereas 13 months since they were 
Arraigned and Condemned at that Bar for Piracy, and 6 of the chief 
of them were Executed, he was now Advised by Her Majesty's Prin- 
cipal Secretary of State, That the Proceedings of the Commissioners 
in that Matter were very well taken and approved of, by Her Sacred 
Majesty, and that Her Majesty whose Prerogative alone it is to 
pardon and shew mercy to such Condemned Criminals as they were, 
had been graciously pleased upon the Application and Representa- 
tion of Her Governour to pardon them: And he expected as he had 
kept his word and promise to them in applying for Her Majesty's 
mercy to them, they would remember and keep theirs with him, in 
being honest, sober and good men for the future; That as they had 
now new Lives given them, they should be new men, and be very 
faithful and diligent in the Service of Her Majesty; who might as 
easily and justly have ordered their Execution this day as sent their 

And then His Excellency Published part of a Letter from the 
Right Honourable Sir Charles Hedges, Principal Secretary of State, 
signifying Her Majesty's Pleasure upon the Governours Humble 
Application to Her Majesty to Pardon the remaining Pirates (of 
whom 6 were Executed last year) and the before-mentioned 7 were 
accordingly Discharged, and will be disposed of in Her Majesty's 
Service by the Governour. "* 

The Act of Parliament in England for the Encouragement of 
Transporting Naval Stores from the Plantations to England was 

111 Reprinted from the News- Letter^in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves . .' . 
of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 394-395. 
See News- Letter Nos. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14 (1704), 63 ante. See foot-note 
News-Letter No. 14 ante. 



this day read in Council, and will be soon published, which contains 
:great premiums to the Transporter, and is of very great advantage 
to these Provinces. 

Capt. Grant Bound for Whitehaven in England, will Sail in Four- 
teen Dayes at furthest. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Lothrop, Sturges, Cutler, Prince, Parker 
and Foster from Connecticut; Cutler and Thorp from Jersey; Rhodes 
8c Cutler from Rhode-Island; Parker, Lyford, Sergant & Flood from 
Piscataqua. Outward, Hedge for Connecticut, and Rhodes for Rhode- 
Island. Foreign Inwards, Joseph Thorn from Nevis, Jonathan 
Wheeler from Antigua, Abraham Gordin from Neivfoundland, & 
Robert Mitchel from Lisbon. Foreign Cleared Outwards, Ebenezar 
Breed, Alex. Baker, John Carter, Joseph Everton, Will. Harbert, 
Samuel Ward, Will. Russel, and John Blackleach for Barbadoes; 
Bartholomew Green for Jamaica, Samuel Edwards for Roanoke, and 
John Chamberlin for Fyall. Outward Bound, Zachariah Simms, 
and Benjamin Pickman for Newfoundland. 


THere is now Published, Some Observable Passages in the Life 
and Death of Mr. Michael Wigglesworth : With a Funeral 
Sermon Preached for him at Maldon, June 24th. 1705. An Epistle 
Dedicated to the Church and Congregation at Maldon in New England : 
To which is annexed his Farewell to the World in Metre, and other 
Memorials of Piety left behind him among his written Experiences. 
Sold by Nich. Buttolph, & Benj. Eliot. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18 and 
also that, as first in June 25.] 

1H. ie» IRumb. 67. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonOap July 23. to /IDonDay July 30. 1705. 


T'VT EARLY three columns of this issue are filled with foreign 
I X^ war news in letters of various February dates from Florence, 
*■ Dantzick, Cologne, Hamburg, Venice, Vienna, Berlin and other 

European capitals.] 

Port-Royal in Jamaica, June 19 Admiral Whetstone is Cruising 
on the Spanish Coast, with 7 Sail of Men of War, and we daily expect 
more Men of War with Fire-Ships and a Bomb Ketch to joyn them: 



Our Fleet of Merchantmen will Sail for London in a Month. Our 
Packet Sailed the 16th Instant. 

New York, July 23. There is a great prodigious Tooth brought 
here, supposed by the shape of it to be one of the far great Teeth of 
a man; it weighs four pound & three quarters, the top of it is as 
sound and white as a Tooth can be, but the Root is much decayed, 
yet one of the Fangs of it holds half a pint of Liquor; It v/as lately 
dug up, a great way under ground in the side of a Bank or Hill 30 
or 40 Foot above it, at or near a place call'd Clavarack, about 30 
miles on this side of Albany, and is lookt upon here as a mighty 
wonder, whither the Tooth be of Man or Beast: They also Dug up 
several Bones, which as they came to the Air crumbled away: They 
say one of them which is thought to be a Thigh-bone was 17 Foot long. 
There is since another Tooth taken up in the same place, which is a 
Fore-Tooth flat and broad, and is as broad as a mans Four Fingers, 
which I have not yet seen; but the other I did see, and was brought 
here by a Gentleman of the Assembly: They dug up several Trees 
in the same place of great bigness. 

On the 19th Instant arrived at Sandyhook, Her Majesty's Ship the 
Lowstoff, Capt. George Fane Commander, she left Plymouth the 
19th May last, in Company with the Virginia and West-India Fleets, 
and the Deptford Man of War for Boston, whom she parted with 16 
days ago. Capt. Cumhy for this place designed to sail with them, 
but is not come out. Edward Nott Esqr. is gone Lieutenant Gover- 
nour to Virginia, and is on Board the Fleet: And Col. Park General 
for the Leward Islands. The Fleet for Lisbon and the Streights 
were ready to Sail, consisting of about 70 Men of War. A Ship and 
Briganteen came out with the Virginia Fleet for Philadelphia. The 
Lowstoff will Cruise some time for our Ships from England. 

Piscataqua, July 2j. Last Week a small Ketch came in at our 
little Harbour, but no Master, Men, Goods, Riggin or Owner. The 
Collector hath taken her into Custody. 

This day the Reverend Mr. John Clark, Minister of Exeter is to be 
Interr'd, who Dyed the 25 Instant, in the Flower of his Age, whose 
Loss is universally lamented, being a person of indefatigable Industry, 
and Exemplary Piety. 

Boston, On Wednesday the 25th Currant about noon, we had a 
smart clap of Thunder & Lightning with Rain, which shivered the 
Mast of a Sloop near to the South Battery, whereof Abraham Gordin 
is Master, has made the Mast useless, it stunned a Negro Boy in the 
Hould, and a man near to the Sloop. The same day it shook the 
Province-Galley and a Sloop, between MarbleJtead and Boston. 



On Thursday the 26th Currant, was Published here several Acts of 
Parliament, viz 

An Act, To prevent all Traiterous Correspondence with Her Majesties 

An Act, Prohibiting all Commerce and Trade with France. 

An Act for Encouraging the Importation of Naval Stores from Her 
Majesty's Plantations in America to England. Granting a Reward 
or Preemium to the im[p]orter, viz, 

For good and Merchantable Tar per Ton containing 8 Barrels, each 
Barrel to Gage 31 Gallons and an half. Four Pounds. 

For good and Merchantable Pitch per Ton, each Ton containing 20 
gross hundreds (net Pitch) to be brought in 8 Barrels, Four Pounds. 

For good and Merchantable Rozin or Turpentine per Ton, each Ton 
containing 20 Gross Hundreds (net Rozin or Turpentine) to be 
brought in 8 Barrels, Three Pounds. 

For Hemp Water, rotted, bright and clear, per Ton, containing 20 
Gross Hundreds, Six Pounds. 

For all Masts, Yards and Bowsprights, per Ton, allowing 40 Foot 
to each Ton, Girt measure, according to the customary way of measur- 
ing Round Bodies, OnePound. 

On the 29. Instant Arrived here Capt. Rymes from London who 
left Plymouth the 19th May last, came out in Company with the 
Virginia and West India Fleet, under Convoy of 8 men of War, he 
parted with the Virginia Fleet about 7 Weeks ago, and with the 
Gray hound for N. York, Capt. Payn Master about a fortnight since, 
200 Leagues to the Eastward of Cape Codd: In his passage he met 
with strong Westerly Winds. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Wair from Piscataqua, Hedge, Grover, 
Vail, Lothrop and Gardner from Connecticut Outwards, Smithy 
Sturges, Prince and Wells for Connecticut; Foreign Inwards, John 
Richards from Jamaica, John Welch from Barmuda, Peter Leach 
from Nevis, Francis Norris from Montserat, and John Hobbs from 
Antigua. Cleared Outwards, Humphry Scammon for Barbadoes, 
Thomas Pope for Maryland, John Webster for Corratuck, Newcomb 
Blague for Fyall, Benjamin Pittman for Newfotmdland, and Thomas 
Miller for Nevis. Outward Bound, George Write for Newfundland. 

'&^ His Excellency intends a Meeting of the General Assembly on 
Wednesday the ^th of September next, unto which day they stand 
Prorogued; Having Matters of Importance to Communicate to them 
by Her Majesties Especial Command. 


^TpHere is now Published, Abraham the Passenger, His Privilege 
-^ and Duty; Described in an Election Sermon at Boston N. E. 



May 30 1705. By Joseph Easterbrooks, A. M. And Pastor of the 
Church of Christ at Concord. Sold by Benj. Eliot at his Shop under 
the West End of the Town House. 

THere is Set up by the White Horse near to Capt. Turffey's in 
the South End of the Town of Boston, one Jeremiah Jackson 
lately come from London, a special good Workman for Weaving of 
all manner of Stuff, Searges and Druggets, &c. who undertakes to 
work on very Reasonable Terms. 

TO be Sold at the Post-Office in Boston: The Monthly Mercury's, 
London Gazetts, Flying Posts, Observators, Post Man and 
Post Boys, either in Setts by the year or single; so that any person 
in Town or Country, in this or the Neighbouring Provinces, may have 
them on Reasonable Terms, agreeing with John Campbell Post 
Master for the same. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

I. 3£. IRumb, 68. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From flDOUOa^ July 30. to /IDonDa^ August 6. 1705. 


FTN this issue, which is of two pages only, special prominence is 
I X given in the first column of the first page, under date Dublin, 
February 17, to the addresses made by both houses of the Irish 
Parliament to the queen and the answer of the queen thereto. There 
is also a letter from Edinburgh concerning the meeting of the gen- 
eral assembly of the Church, and a considerable variety of minor 
war news from Hague, Vienna and Cologne. The last column on 
the first page and a half column on the second page are filled with 
domestic news.] 

Philadelphia, July 27. The Ship Norwich designs for Lortdon 
very shortly, and to touch at Lisbon for the benefit of Convoy from 
thence. Our vessels from England not yet Arrived. 

New- York July 30th. By a Sloop from Jamaica in 23 days, one 
John Master, who arrived the 25th. We are acquainted. That Admiral 
Whetston has taken a French Ship of 44. Guns on the Coast of New- 
Spain; she went from Guinea to New-Spain with Negro's, and there 
disposed of them, and having the produce on Board was bound for 
France; she is thought to be a very rich Prize. No News as yet of 
the Arrival of the Virginia Fleet, nor when the Homeward bound 



Fleet Sailes. Petty, Smallage and Lawrence vSailed last Week for 
Boston. The Act of Parliament for the Encouraging the Importa- 
tion of Naval Stores to England, The Act prohibiting all Trade and 
Commerce with France ; And an Act to prevent all Traiterous Corres- 
pondence with Her Majesties Enemies, were Published here. 

Cambridge, July 31st. This Day was held here the Superiour 
Court of Assize, and General Goal delivery, where a Souldier belong- 
ing to the Castle was Arraigned for deserting Her Majesties Service, 
Who pleaded Guilty to the Indictment; and was ordered, to be set 
upon the Gallows for the space of one whole Hour, with a Rope about 
his Neck, and suffer 3 Months Imprisonment. 

Boston, Per Captain Rimes from London, we have the following 
Advice [Here follows a half column of foreign news items.] 

By Letters Via Virginia & Philadelphia by a Ship met at Sea, 
from on Board the Mast Fleet bound to England under Convoy of 
Her Majesties Ship the Advice of the 30th of April last, in Lat. 44 
and about 550 Leagues to the Eastward of Cape Cod, we have Advice, 
that having Sailed from Piscataqua on the 6th. They had a very 
great Storm of Snow upon the 8th, in which they lost Company 
with the Expedition, John Balston Master, and the Ketch Williayn 
and John, Richard Waterhouse Master, and on said day one Morti- 
more Mate to Mr. Corney was lost Overboard. The 9th in the morn- 
ing the Man of War saw Cap. Balston's Ship Foundered, being full 
of water, and her Masts all by the Board, the water running out at 
the Cabbin Windows. The same day Mr. Thomas Cooper, Merchant, 
was taken ill, and on the 12th he was taken Speechless, & dyed the 
ISth. Mr. John Bonus was then living but very bad. The 12th 
they lost Company with the Ketch Hope, Robert Alniony Master, and 
on the 13th they lost Company with the Dove, John Wilde Master. 

Coasters, Entered Inwards, Loving, Hilliard, Mitchel, Allen, and 
Blin from Connecticut, Lawrence from A'^. York. Outwards, Hedge, 
Walter, Lothrop & Wells for Connecticut, Schellinx for N. York, 
Wells & Breed for Piscataqua: Foreign Inwards, Thomas Bell, and 
John Wilkins from North-Carolina, Samuel Rimes from London, 
Ebenezar Coffin from Madera, Stephen Codman, Eleazar Darby 8c 
Joshua Cornish from Pensilvania, Ezekiel Cravatt from Lisbone, 
and William Goddard from Fyall. Cleared, Outwards, Thomas 
Taylor for Nevis, and Ephraim Breed for Jamaica. Outward bound, 
John Love for Antigua, John Horton for New-foundland, Thomas 
Windsor for St. Christophers, and Francis Norris for Montserrat. 


[Reprinted: The News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18, 

. 230 


also that first in June 25, and that announcing London news- 
papers on sale, as in July 30.] 

1R, ie» mumb. 69. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ August 6. to /IDOltOa^ August 13. 1705. 


FT TNDER date London, March 3, 1704-5, is published the procla- 
I %^ mation of the queen for a general fast. Letters from Ham- 
burgh, Vienna and Lisbon, of February dates, and from Hague, 
Berlin and Copenhagen in March transmit a variety of war news. 
About a column and a half on the second page is filled with domestic 

St. Johns Newfoundland, July 20. My Last advised of 300 French 
and Indians intending to make a descent on our Parts; some whereof, 
if not all, are come to Trinity, Carhoniere, and Consumption Bay; 
they have taken several of the People, and sent them to Placentia, 
others they used very barbarously, and some have made their escape 
hither, and to Carboniere-lslsLXid, where they are forced to keep; 
so that the Fishery will be all destroyed excepting here, & at Bona- 
vist, where the People have given the French and Indians 450 /. not 
to destroy the place, and yet they threaten them now again. One 
of Her Majesties Men of War is going to Trinity-Bay. 

New-York, August 6 On the first Instant Arrived here Capt. 
Payne in the Gray-hound Galley from London, she came out with 
Her Majesties Ship the Lowstoff, and the Fleet bound for Virginia, 
and the West-Indies, &c. from Plimouth the 19th May last. On the 
4th. Instant arrived here Capt. Cumby in the Genoua Galley; She 
Sailed from Plimouth the last of May with the Grand Fleet bound 
for Lisbone, whom three days after they came out, took two French 
Ships outward bound, loaden with Wine & Brandy, by whom they 
had Intelligence, that 16 or IS great Men of War were in Brest, and 
ready to Sail, but not known whither: Whereupon our Fleet stood 
over to the Coast of France, and some of them lay 3 days in sight 
of Brest, and others were sent into Camaret Bay, to make the French 
Ships and found the Intelligence True; upon which the whole Fleet 
made Sail and stood for Lisbone, and two days afterwards (after a 
Council of War) Two Flaggs with 20 or 22 good Ships were ordered 
to return, and to lye ofF Brest for the coming out of the French 
Squadron: And the rest of the Fleet proceeded to Lisbone. Capt. 
Cumby left Fyal about 6 Weeks agoe, and in Company with him a 



Dogger for Boston, and a Briganteen for Philadelphia. A Sloop is 
Arrived just now from Jamaica, and sayes. That the Guinea Prize, 
(mentioned in my last) to be taken by Admiral Whetstone, upon the 
Coast of New-Spain, is worth Two hundred Thousand Pounds. 
Vessels Outward bound, are Davis & Creago for St. Thomas, Beard 
for Carolina, Newenhuysen for Curacoa, Joline for Jamaica, and 
Gravenraedt for Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Post not yet come in. 

Salisbury, August 10. On the 3d. Instant Susanna Griffin of this 
Town, was found dead in a small Pond of Water about a Foot and an 
half deep, into which 'tis Judged (through the Violence of Satans 
Temptations) having first Twisted her Neckcloth very hard about 
her Neck, she cast her self and was drown' d or suffocated: She was 
esteemed to be a Person of a Pious and Sober Conversation: And 
we hope the Inserting of such an awful Providence here may not 
be offensive, but rather a Warning to all others to watch against the 
Wiles of our Grand Adversary. 

Boston, On Monday the 6th Currant, Mr. Ebenezar Wentworth 
coming here from the Eastward off Casko, he saw a Shallop, who 
sent a Boat with 8 hands after him, but they seeing half a dozen 
hands in his Boat at his Stern, they return'd back again, he judged 
them to be Enemies. On Thursday the 9th Currant, about 12 at 
night, Mr. Bryan Smith in a Briganteen from New- Bristol, off Cape 
Cod, fell in betwixt a Ship and a Sloop, the Sloop having on Board 
about 25 French-men, who fired some hundred shot at him, but being 
in his ballast & a good Sayler, he out Sailed them; the Sloop had 
been taken that day by a French Privateer of 8 Guns, and about 130 
men, with part of whom the Sloop was mann'd. On Fryday the 
10th Currant, Mr. Smith spoke with Capt. Southack in the Province 
Galley, who was then in Chase of the said Privateer, Smith kept 
Company with the Galley all that day; there being but little Wind, 
and left her in the Evening within 4 miles of them, at which time 
a Gale sprung up at South-East. On Saturday the 11th Instant, 
arrived here Thomas Barns from Rhode-Island, and Keersteed in a 
Sloop from New York, who met a Ketch off Cape-Cod that was in 
Company with him the day before, and by her working supposed 
there was no body on Board, and sending his Boat on Board found 
it so, and supposes that being Chased by a Privateer, the men run 
on shoar in their Boat; the Ketch is Mr. Oburn from Virginia, 
which Keersteed has brought in to Nantasket. Several persons 
arrived here to day that belonged to a Bristol Ship, Thomas Taylor 
Master, bound for Nevis, who was taken on Thursday last by the 
French Privateer aforesaid: Others of them belonged to James 
Blin in a Sloop bound for Connecticut taken also the same day; The 

232 i 


Privateer belongs to Martinico, came last irom. Port-Royal and had 
about 30 men from thence, which they have sent back with Blin's 
Sloop, and 2 Sloops that they took belonging to Cape-Anne, one of 
which is sunk, and have sent Taylor and BHn with them : and seeing 
our Galley in chase of them, they burnt Taylors Ship. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Hall, Webber, Parker, Smith, and 
Gillam from Connecticut. Outwards, Blin, Mitchell, Grover, Lothrop, 
Hall and Walker for Connecticut, Jackson and Mitchell for Piscataqua. 
Foreign Inwards, John Walker from Virginia, William Brown from 
Madera, & Ebenezar Chamberlin from Newfoundland. Cleared Out- 
wards, David Breton for Madera, Thomas Skuse for Nevis, Zachary 
Symes, and George Wright for Newfoundland, William Cooke and 
Samtiel Clarke for Monserrat, and James Grant for Whitehaven. 
Outward Bound, Peter Leach for Nevis, John Foster for Barbadoes, 
John Wilkins, and Thomas Bell for North-Carolina. 

[The announcement of the next meeting of the General Assembly 
is reprinted, as in the issue of July 30.] 

t^" Whereas the Holding the Great and General Court at Boston, 
and the Superiour Court at Bristol, and the Inferiour Court at Cambridge, 
at one and the same time, proves now very inconvenient, by reason of 
the Attendance of several Persons necessarily Required at every of the 
said Courts; The Justices have therefore Adjourned the Superior Court 
of Judicature, Court of Assize and General Goal Delivery, which 
should have been held at Bristol, on Tuesday, the Eleventh of September 
next; unto Tuesday, the Five and Twentieth day of the said September. 


[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

liq. £, Bumb. 70. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /5DonDap August 13. to /IDOn&a^ August 20. 1705. 


TT TNDER date Westminster, March 14, 1704-5, is a letter giving 
J vJ an account of the attendance of the queen upon Parliament, 
■" a list of several acts to which royal assent was given and the 
■speech of prorogation. From Dublin, March 4, is an address of the 
Irish Parliament to the queen; from St. James, March 4, a report of 
the address to the queen, of the archbishop, bishops and clergy of 
Ireland, and from Berlin and Hague various war rumors. The 
•domestic news fills a little more than one column on the second page.] 



New- York, Aug. 13 On the 10th. Instant Arrived here four 
Privateers, viz. Captains Clavar, in a Ship, Gincks in a Briganteen, 
Dewint and Willoughby in two Sloops, who brought in with them a 
Spanish Prize, which they took in sight of the Havanna, bound in 
thither; She is a Ship of near 300 Tons 20 Guns, had above 100 men 
on board, all which were Passingers, but about 40 men who belonged 
to the Ship; She was boarded and taken by Capt. Clavar, who Row'd 
up to her in a Calm before Capt. Gincks could come up to his assistance^ 
Capt. Clavar had 3 men kill'd and 25 Wounded, and the Spain- 
ards 8 kill'd: They loaded her at Cadiz, and is said to be a rich Prize; 
They brought 20 of the Prisoners hither, two of which are Fryers, the 
rest they put a Shoar. The loading on board the Prize is said to 
consist of 350 Pipes of Wine and Brandy, 4000 Jarrs of Oyl, 400 
Baskets of Rezins, some Currants, Anchoves and Olives, and 12 
Bayls of Dry Goods: These Privateers has near upon 400 men. 

Piscataqua, Aug. 17. An Express coming from Sacho the 14th 
Instant, advising of several great Guns, and Volleys of small Shot 
that they heard, and supposed to be at Casco; Her Majesty's Council 
of this Province forthwith ordered a Shallop with 13 men well armed, 
under the Command of Lieutenant Cotton, to go and make Discovery 
thereof, but are not yet returned. 

Several Tracks of the Enemy were lately discovered to the East- 
ward, and about 6 or 8 Doggs seen, which puts our Frontiers into a 
watchful posture. 

Nathaniel Fryer Esqr formerly of the Council of this Province Dyed 
on Tuesday the 14th Instant, in the 84th Year of his Age, and was 
yesterday enterr'd. 

Ipswich, Aug. 18. One Clough is arrived here in a Shallop from 
the Eastward, who the 16th Currant spoke with Capt. Harris in a 
private Sloop of War, off Winter-Harbour , who told him he had re- 
taken Blin's Sloop (mentioned in our last) and that he was going to 
Papudock to take in the French men who run a Shoar, and to bring 
them to Boston; and 'tis supposed that was the Firing that was 
heard at Sacho. 

Boston, By an Express to His Excellency from Sacho-¥ovt of the 
13th currant, we are acquainted that the same day and the day 
before, there was several small and great Guns heard, and supposed 
to be at Casco: His Excellency hereupon ordered a Reinforcement 
to be sent to the said Fort, for fear of any Descent that should be 
made by the Enemy. By Passengers in a Ketch arrived from Vir- 
ginia, we are informed, that the Virginia Fleet bound for England, 
consisting of about 76 Sail, under Convoy of Her Majesty's Ships, 
the Oxford, Litchfield and Strumbulo Men of War, Sailed the 27th 



July, several Merchant-men in Company, being of good Force. 
Capt. Soiithack in the Province-Galley, on Saturday the 11th Currant, 
being in Chase of the French Privateer on our Coast, came within 2 
miles of her, when spending his Top-Mast, he was necessitated to 
put in to Cape-Cod Harbour to refit, and Sailed from thence again on 
Tuesday the 14th Instant, the Lords-Day and Monday being very 
Stormy Weather: And since his coming out of Cape-Cod, has been in 
Chase of the said Privateer, and gaining upon him, obliged him to 
quit a Priz[e] Fishing Ketch which he had in Towe, and to sink her. 
Her Majesties Ship the Deptford is ordered out to Cruise, but has 
been this Week kept in by contrary Winds. His Excellency Setts 
out on Monday the 20th Instant for Stoningtoun in ConnecticiU- 
Colony, with several Gentlemen to attend him, to hold a Court there, 
by Virtue of Her Majesty's Commission under the Broad Seal of 
England, for Inquiring, Hearing and Determining of the Case of 
Owoneco Uncas, and the Mohegin Indians, laid before Her Majesty 
in way of Complaint against the Government of that Colony, for 
depriving them of their Lands. 

On the 19th. Currant Arrived here a Briganteen from Nevis, 
Francis Plaisteed Master, came from thence the 1st. Instant, by 
whom we are advised, That the Packet from England about ten 
days ere he Sayl'd, brought word that his Grace the Duke of Marl- 
borough had lately a Battle with the French in Flanders, wherein he 
obtained a Signal Victory over the Enemy, who lost about 12000 
men. Capt. Nathaniel Green from Boston to Barbadoes was taken 
in sight of the Island. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Tiller and Keersieed from New-York, 
Barns from Rhode-Island, and Curtis from Connecticut Foreign 
Inwards, John Pitts from Virginia, and Richard Baffin from Fyall. 
Cleared Outwards, Thomas Windsor for St Christophers. Outward 
Bound, Abraham Hill for Newfoundland, William Roulston, and 
William Alden for Barbadoes. 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R» }g. Bumb. 71. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From ZiDonDa^ August 20. to /IDonDaiJ August 27. 1705. 

N Y— AS (m) 

ROMINENCE is given in the foreign news in this issue, to a 
proclamation of the queen granting freedom of trade to the 




merchant ships of Holland; and there is a variety of foreign war 
news from Madrid, Geneva, Hague, Vienna, Warsaw, Lisbon and other 
places on the continent of Europe. The domestic news is in one and 
a half columns. It relates principally to the movements of French 
privateers in the West Indies.] 

Philadelphia, Aug. 10. Capt. Carter in the Briganteen from 
London and Fyal, Arrived here on Saturday: She is Loaden with 
Wine & some Brandy, & for bringing the Latter she is under Seizure. 
The Ship New Norwich bound for London, burthen 150 Tons, 10 
Guns all close, carries IS men, Intends to take the benefit of the 2 
Men of War, that is to arrive from England, if they are not to tarry for 
theFleet. As yet we have no Advice of the Fleets Arrival from England. 

New- York, Aug. 20. A small Sloop Arrived here the 10th. Instant 
from St. Thomas, brings advice. That they saw several of the Fleet 
from England to Virginia Standing into the Capes. Her Majesties 
Ship the Lowstoflf is ordered out to Cruise. 

Boston, Our Last gave Account of Blin's Sloop being Re-taken; 
The French-men got on Shoar being 24, who Baracado'd themselves, 
and defended the Sloop so, that Capt. Harris could not take her, 
but on condition that he should let them have a Whale-Boat, wherein 
12 of them went to Port-Royal, & the other 12 surrendered themselves 
Prisoners, who are brought hither in the said Sloop, wherein came 
Capt Taylor and Mr. Blin, who were Prisoners with the French: 
They told our Prisoners, that the Privateer who took them had also 
in his Passage from the West-Indies to Port-Royal, taken a Brigan- 
teen, one Mason Master, belonging to Boston, on Board whereof was 
Mr John Vryling, Merchant and part Owner, whom they left there. "^ 

On Saturday the 18th Currant, several of our Fishing- Vessels from 
Cape Sables, being on their way homeward, about 30 Leagues East 
from Cape-Aww, it being a very thick Fog in the morning, they first 
heard the Ringing of a Ship Bell, then a sound of words, which they 
apprehended to be Praying, and ended with a loud Acclamation 
Vive Le Roy; after which the Fog thinning, they espied a Ship just 
by them, which fired and brought them to, and then sent off her 
Boat, took 3 of 5 that were near together, the other two escaping. 

On Monday the 20th Instant, Sailed Her Majesty's Ship the Dept- 
ford on her Cruise. 

112 Probably the brieanteen "Hope," owned by Mr. Vryling and Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel Benjamin Alford of Boston. See Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, 
p. 616. The "Hope" was subsequently (in August, 1706) hired by the 
Province to bring back English prisoners from Canada, and Captain John 
Bonner was employed as master on her voyage to Quebec. Samuel Apple- 
ton was the commissioner to negotiate for the exchange. See News-Letter 
Nos. 124 and 136 post. 



On Thursday the 23d Currant, the Province-Galley returned from 
her Cruise, who the Tuesday before spoke with Her Majesty's Ship 
the Deptford, who was then going in pursuit of the French Privateer 
on our Coast, whom they judged to be going to Port-Royal. The 
Province-Galley goes out again on Monday the 27 with several 
Vessels and Coasters under her Convoy. On Fryday the 24th arrived 
here Mr. Peter Bodwin in a Sloop from New Castle had about 8 
weeks passage, he came out thence with the Fleet for Russia, con- 
sisting of about 80 Sail, under Convoy of 8 Men of War, by whom 
we are informed. That Her Majesty's Ship the Advice, and the Mast 
Ships, and all the other Vessels that went under her Convoy from 
New-England were safely arrived in England the latter end of June^ 
excepting Capt Balston that was lost. [Foreign News] That Cap. 
Gillam bound for Boston, was in the Downs waiting for a Convoy 
to Sail. On the said Day arrived from Jamaica Masters, Wing and 
Mears about 5 weeks passage, who came out in Company with the 
Fleet for England, consisting of about 52 Sail, under Convoy of 4 
Men of War; and in the night having a flurry of Wind coming thro' 
the Gulph of Florida, there was 2 or 3 Ships missing, and it's to be 
feared, that a Man of War if not 2 and a Merchant man was lost upon 
the Cape. Capt. Ventiman from Boston was arrived at Jamaica, 
ajtd Mr Noyes in the Hannover Briganteen of Boston from Madera. 
The E[F]rench Privateers are thick upon the Coast of New-Spain; 
and have taken several Vessels. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Ellwell and Hedge from Connecticut, 
Adolph and DeGroof from New-York Outwards, Wilkins for 
Carolina, Bell for Coratuck, Curtice, Loring, Allen and Gillam for 
Connecticut, and Lawrence for New-York. Foreign Inwards, Francis 
Plasteed from Nevis, Tho. Mears and John Wing from Jamaica. 
Cleared Outwards, John Edwards for Jamaica, Abraham Hill for 
Newfoundland, and Joseph Thome for Nevis. Outward Bound, 
John Thomas for Fyall, John Ireland for Carolina, and Eleazar Darby 
for Pennsilvania. 

[The announcement of the next meeting of the General Assembly 
is reprinted, as in the issue of July 30.] 


"O An-away at Boston about 3 weeks ago from his Master Capt. 
■■-^Samuel Rymes Commander of the Barbadoes Merchant, a Man- 
servant named Joseph Ingerson, aged about 22 years, a well-set young 
man, dark complexion, pritty full fac'd, short dark hair, if not now 
a Wig. Whoever shall apprehend said Servant, and him safely 
convey to his said Master, shall have Forty Shillings Reward, and 



reasonable Charges. 
[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

M. Jg. Bumb. 72. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS August 27. to /JDonDa^ September 3. 1705. 


FTN this number are four columns of foreign news including advices 
I Afrom Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Geneva 
and elsewhere, of March dates, and the address of the house of 
peers of Ireland to the queen. An item under Madrid date, March 
13, gives this West Indian news: "M du Casse is gone to Cadiz, in 
order to take the Conduct of the Galleons that sail to the West- 
Indies upon him, which increases the dissatisfaction of those Grandees 
who remonstrated against it to the King; and told his Majesty, That 
it was not fit to prefer a French man to a Spaniard in a thing of that 
consequence." tinder date of Madera, June 14, is information from 
a London ship that a free trade existed with the Canaries.] 

St. Johns Newfoundland, Aug. 7. Here are arrived 3 Galleys, 
who acquaint us. That the Express sent from hence was arrived safe 
in England ere they Sailed; and that 10 Men of War were ordered 
hither, with 500 Land Forces whom we daily expect. The French 
have taken a Vessel on our Coast, and the Man of War is gone in 
pursuit of her. 

Philadelphia, Aug 23. On the 14th. Capt. Smith arrived from 
London Capt. Basset in the Norwich Sails tomorrow for Virginia, 
to go under Convoy of the 2 Men of War that came with the Fleet 
from England who are to Sail in 20 days after their arrival, which is 
now 12 days since they arrived. 

New York, Aug. 27. One Dill is Arrived from St. Christophers in 
19 days. The Spanish Prize mentioned in my Last, brought in here, 
is Condemned and now unloading, and was very full of Goods. Last 
Week came in here a French Prize from Newfoundland, loaden with 
Core Fish, She is about 100 Tons, and was taken by the Setty Priva- 
teer, Capt. Albert Defrees Commander, who was fitted out here. 
Her Majesties Ship the Lowstoff Sailed on her Cruise the 25th. Currant. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 2Sh of August, There Sailed from Nan- 
tasket several Vessels and Coasters Outward Bound under Convoy 
of the Province-Galley. 

On Thursday Evening the 30h. of August, His Excellency our Gov- 



•ernour returned from Stonington in Connecticut, where he Sat some 
days in the Execution of Her Majesty's Commission, referring to 
Omeneco the Sachem of the Mohegins; and we are told, that the 
Commissioners present, being 10 in number, were very unanimous 
in their determination in favour of Omeneco and their Tribe who have 
been always faithful to the Crown of England. 

On Saturday the 1st Currant, arrived here Her Majesties Ship the 
Guernsey, Capt. Huntington Commander, who left Jamaica about 6 
weeks ago, and was Commandore of the Homeward bound Fleet 
from thence to England; and on the 18th. of August in the Latitude 
of 38 met with a most violent storm, which foundered 2 or 3 of the 
Fleet, and so shattered the rest, that it's feared few of them are 
coming hither: There was 2 Merchant-men, the Unity and Marl- 
borough Briganteen lost in a Storm coming thro' the Gulph of Florida; 
Two of those lost in the last Storm are the Lurion Galley, and the 
Portugal Merchant. 

The Province-Galley returned this day from her Cruise. 

On Wednesday the 5th Currant, Our General Assembly is to meet 
here, unto which day they stand Prorogu'd. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Flood Hilton, and Allen from Piscata- 
qua, Elwell, Gardner, Wair and Sturges from Connecticut, and Smallage 
from New York. Outward, Elwell, Hilton and Jackson for Piscata- 
qua, Webber for Connecticut, Vail for Jersey, and Darby for Pensil- 
vania. Foreign Inwards, Joshua Pickman from Virginia, James 
Bodwin from New Castle, and Ebenezar Hathorne from Newfound- 
land. Cleared Outwards, Francis Norris for Monserat, Samuel 
Carey for Madera, and Joseph Pulsifer for Jamaica. Outward Bound, 
Samuel Rymes, Robert Howard, Joseph Wadsworth and Thomas 
Freeman for Barbadoes, Matthew Soley & John Wing for Jamaica, 
and Abraham Gordin for Newfoundland. 

These are to give Notice, That the Court of General Sessions of the 
Peace for the County of Suffolk, Held at Boston the l?>th. of August 
last, in ptisuance of an Act of the General Assembly, Entituled, An Act 
to prevent Disorders in the Night: Have ordered, and do Require 
the several Constables and Tything men within the Town of Boston, 
frequently to zvalk the Streets of Said Town after 9 at Night, and more 
especially in the Evenings of the Lords Day & Training- Days, to see 
if after that titne, any Indian, Negro or Mulatto Servant or Slave is 
found abroad, tmless upon some Errand of their Masters or Owners; 
As also to search all Houses that are suspected to Entertain such Ser- 
vants or Slaves contrary to Law, and finding any such {if it be too late 
in the night) to restrain them in the Common Prison, Watch House, or 
Constables House till morning, to be carried before a Justice of Peace, 



to receive the Discipline of the House of Correction, that all such Dis- 
orders may be prevented. 


w [Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R, ]g. IRumb. 73. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From fSDon^ai? September 3. to /IDonDa^ September 10. 1705. 

t-SfAS— NY 

[T TNDER date St. James's March 30, 1705 is the announcement of 
KJ the election of the duke of Marlborough to be high steward 
of New-Woodstock, and under date Dublin, March, 23 the address 
of the commons of Ireland to the duke of Ormand, lord heutenant 
general. There are also reports of European affairs from London, 
Vienna, Moscow, Hague and elsewhere of March dates. Domestic 
news fills two columns.] 

Philadelphia, Aug. 30. On the 23d arrived one Gardner in a Sloop 
from Fyall, she belongs to Boston. This day a Sloop arrived from 
Virginia, who say, that the 2 Men of War for Englafui were to Sail 
the 5th of next month. 

Elizabeth Town in Jersey, Aug. 30. On Monday the 20 Currant, 
Dyed here in the Afternoon the Reverend Mr. John Harriman, Pastor 
of the Church in this place. Aged about 60 Years: Who the same 
day at a Church Meeting told his people, that his time of departure 
drew near and exhorted them to Peace and Unity one with another, 
and to stand fast in the Covenant that they had engaged themselves to. 

New-York Sept. 3 On the 31 Last arrived here a small Sloop 
Loaden with Cocoa, being a Prize lately taken by Capt. Penistone 
upon the Coast of Neiv-Spain; who has also taken 2 other Sloops 
Loaden with Wine and Brandy, and was bound hither with them, 
she left them about a month ago on the other side of the Gulph of Florida. 

On the 1st Instant arrived at Sandyhook 3 of Her Majesties Ships, 
viz. The Nonsuch, Capt Boyce, the Maremaid, Capt. Riddel, and the 
Deal-Castle, Capt. Ogle, Commanders, and also 13 Merchant-men, 
viz. The George, Osburn Master, the Mary & Martha, Madden Master, 
the Marlborough, Wilson Master, the Desire, Wake, Master, the Wil- 
liam Galley, Parker Master, the Robert & Francis, Burroughs Master, 
the Tyger, Hort Master, the St. John Baptist, Brisselbolt Master, the 
Don Carolus, Summers Master, the Dorothy, Jeffers Master, the 
Betty, Owen Master, the Indicos Merchant, Nulington Master, the 
Jamaica Merchant, Smith Master, being part of the Homeward bound 



BY 1? H E 


HERE AS fome haw Imtly yrc fumed to Print a,td Difpirfe 
a Paf:iph!et^$fiiituleil^Vah\\c}i OccurriiiccSy boih For- 
„ _ fcignaod DomcIlicK? Boftoo>ThDrfday,5«;/i««ii. 25/<». 
'1690J, WifhQHf\tht Unft. Privity or (Oonktin^nee of Amhonty, 

The Governonr a»d Coondl having had the pcrufal of rhc faidPam* 
phlet, and finding that therein is contained Reficfiions of a very hig'.i 
jiatore: Asalfo.fandry doubtful and uncer win Reports, do l)cr«.by ma- 
nifeft and declare tneir high RtfeiKincnt and Difalioivancc of faid 
Pamphlet, and Order that the fsirse be SiipprcflH and called in 5 ftri/i- 
ly forbidding any perfoa or pcrfons for the future to Sec forth any 
thing in Print without Licence Srft obtained from thofc tliat arc ot 
JSiiall be appointed by the OoverniiKiii: to gran( the fame. 

By Order of fhf Covamour & CouneiU 

Jfaae Addttigto»^ Secri 

%fton,.Sei^ember 2S/&. itfpo. 




Fleet, who in the Lat. of 38 on the 18th. of August last met with a 
most violent Storm, wherein several of the Fleet perished, and those 
that escaped are most miserably shattered and damnified, and are 
come in hither to refit, which will not be performed in less than 6 
weeks time, most of them wanting Masts; They say, that it was as 
great a Storm as that which was in England in November last was a 37-ear. 

A Briganteen from Philadelphia bound to Barhadoes, one Norman 
Master, met with the same Storm in Lat. 23 and an half, and is come 
hither disabled. 

Her Majesty's ship the Low staff returned from her Cruise on Fryday 
last, and will go to Sea again to morrow or next day. 

Rhode-Island, Sept. 7. On the 3d Arrived here the Sloop Phenix, 
Joseph Rosebothem Master, who Sailed hence the 10th. of August, 
bound for Barbadoes, Loaden with Lumber & Horses, and on the 
18th. in the Lat. of 38 met with the same Storm mentioned in the 
News-Letter, that the Jamaica Fleet for England met with, which 
overset her, and continued so for one hour, then her Mast broke 
with the next Sea, and she righted on her bottom but full of water, and 
all on Deck clear carried away: There was 4 men drowned, Viz. 
Henry Pike, Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Ross and James Blackwell, all of 
Barbadoes; The rest of the men were washt over board several times, 
but got in again. The Master Served to the Sea from his Youth, but 
declares he never was in such a Storm before. 

On the 5th. Currant came in here the Ship Laura of London Capt. 
George Wake Master, one of the Fleet from Jamaica, who met with 
the above Storm, which carryed away her Main Mast and Fore-Mast, 
and was very near foundering; in the Night another Ship run on 
board her, which the Master of this supposing to be in a better condi- 
tion than his own. Himself, the chief Mate, and 5 men more Jumpt 
into the other Ship, and left this, so that one Joyce who is Second 
Mate and 8 of the Sailers brought her in here where she is in a very 
shatter'd condition. They saw several of the Fleet a day or two 
after the Storm, but most disabled. 

Boston, Our Last gave Account of a most violent Storm that the 
Jamaica Fleet bound for England met with the 18 of August in the 
Latitude of 38 It began about 10 of the Clock at night, the Wind 
shifted all the points of the Compass, & continued a meer fret of 
Wind for about IS hours time. The Portugal Merchant, Hog Master 
that foundered about 11a Clock on the 19th. had the French Captain 
on Board her, that Admiral Whetstone took on the Spanish Coast 
when the Ship foundered all the men were lost except two Seamen 
that got on a Plank, who kept on it about an hour, but both were 
wash'd off again; one of them a Young man of low Stature, named 



Joseph Williams swam to the Plank again, and got on it, & kept on 
it for almost 3 days and 2 whole nights, holding fast only with his 
hands till Tuesday the 21st of August about Sun-set, when he was 
taken on Board the London Bridge, Henry Feavert Commander. 
His Skin when taken up being soakt with salt water, was like the skin 
'of a drown'd person which is gone and a new skin is come in the 
room of it. 

On Wednesday Sat the General Assembly, and said day arrived 
here the London Bridge, one of the Jamaica Fleet. 

On Thursday His Excellency Issued forth a Proclamation, prohibit- 
ing all persons to Entertain, Harbour or Credit any Mariner, Seaman, 
or Marine belonging to any of Her Majesties Ships of War, on pain 
of Losing their Debt, & the inflicting of such penalties on those that shall 
entertain or harbour them as the Law provides, withotU special Licence 
from their Commander in writing under his haytd. 

On said day arrived the Charles Galley, Cap. Bird Commander, 
and the Margaret Galley, Capt. Emmons Commander, being 2 of the 
Jamaica Fleet: Cap Emmons Saw 19 Sail of the Fleet when the 
Storm was over, including those that are come hither. The Dorset, 
Cap Haynes Commander arrived here the same day, who left Virginia 
the 9 of August, and met with the same Storm in the Lat. of 40, who 
Lost her Masts therein. On said day also arrived Capt. Azor Gale 
from Barbadoes, had a months passage; there came out in company 
with him for this place. Berry, Lowder, Johnson[,] Wier and Codman, 
Perkins for New-York, and a Sloop for Pensilvania. 

On Saturday came here one Allin a Flag of Truce who came from 
Port-Royal the 20th of August with Letters from the Commander 
there to His Excellency, with whom came Mr. Vryling^^^ mentioned in 
our Numb. 71. to be taken by Capt. Crapo the French Privateer, who 
is now at Port-Royal fitting out again to come upon our Coast: He 
carried in with him a Barque from Virginia bound for Bristol. There 
is now at Port-Royal, 7 English Vessels, viz., the Barque from Vir- 
ginia, Mr. Vryling's^^^ Briganteen, 2 Ketchers, 2 deck Sloops, and one 
open Sloop, and about 30 men Prisoners. They are in great want 
of Provisions at Port- Royal. 

This day was Interr'd Mrs. Mary Lake, Widow (of the Memorable 
Capt. Thomas Lake,) who Dyed on Wednesday the 5th Instant: 
Aged about 74 Years. "^ 

113 John Vryling, part owner of the briganteen "Hope." See foot-note 
112, page 236 ante. 

114 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. IT, p. 137, under date Seventh-day; 
SepU 8. 1705. For "the memorable Captain Thomas Lake," see Drake's The 
History and Antiquities of Boston, pp. 422, 423. 



Her Majesties Ship the Deptford returned this day from her Cruise, 
who came short of the Virginia Barque at Port- Royal about 3 hours, 
he brought with him their out Sentinel. The Deptford and Province- 
Galley are both ordered out again to Cruise. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Kilberne, Smith and Waters from 
Connecticut. Outward, Keersteed for New York, Parker for Pensil- 
vania, and Hedge for Rhode-Island. Foreign Inwards, Azor Gale 
from Barbadoes. Cleared Outwards, Peter Leach for Nevis, John 
Blew for Monserat, John Norton and William Rowlston for New- 
foundland. Outward bound, Joshua Pickman for Virginia, Janes 
Barns for Barbadoes, Francis Plaisteed and William Goddard for 
Madera, Benj. Stone for London, Thomas Gwin for Antigua, and 
Rob. Gold for Newfoundland. 


A Convenient Dwelling House and Shop with other Accommoda- 
-*- ^tions, the next Door to the Post Office in Boston to be Lett: 
Enquire of John Campbell Post Master. 

A Gentleman has an Hundred or a Hundred and Fifty Pounds 
■'- ^to Lend out at Interest upon good Security: Enquire of John 
Campbell, Post Master. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1Fl» lE. Burnlj. 74. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDOn&a^ September 10, to /IDOnDag September 17. 1705. 


r A PROCLAMATION of the queen, March 29, 1705, for observance 
I^LJLof an act of Parliament to prevent traitorous correspondence 
' fills one column. Under March and April dates there is general 
war news from Paris, Antwerp, Venice, Rome, Hague, Warsaw and 
Ratisbon. There is one column of domestic news.] 

Barbadoes, Aug. 8. Mr. Samuel Frazon coming the 10 of June 
last from on Board Capt. Trotter in the Pinnace of his own Ship, with 
2 Seamen, one Abraham Parker of York near Piscataqua, the other 
a Jersey man and his own Negro, the Boat and men were never seen 
.since, the Wind blowing fresh, 'tis fear'd they are drown'd. 

A second Flag of Truce is returned from Martinico, but no likeli- 
liood of settling any Cartell, our Government thinking their demands 

New York, Sept. 10 On the 5th Instant arrived here the Brigan- 



teen Lanrell, Henry Play Master, being one of the Jamaica Fleet 
dissabled by the late Storm they met with in the Lat. 38 on the 18h 
of August last, which occasioned the 3 Men of War and 13 Merchant- 
men mentioned in my Last to come in here and refit being part of 
the same Fleet. The same day came in a Sloop, on[e] Creago Master, 
who some time since Sailed hence for St. Thomas, but met with the 
above Storm, which broke his Boom, wash'd three men Overboard, 
and other damage, which oblig'd him to return. 

Her Majesties Ship the Lowstoff designed yesterday to Sail on her 
Cruise towards the Capes of Virginia, we have no certain Advice 
when the Men of War will sail from thence to England. 

Boston, His Excellency has been pleased to fill up the Vacancy in 
the Militia Officers of our Regiment (occasioned by the Death of 
Leut Col. Thomas Savage, & Major Benj. Davis) by Commissionating 
Capt. Samuel Checkly^^^ to be Lieutenant Colonel, and Capt. Adam 
Winthrop^^^ Major, Captain Oliver Noyes, Captain John Ballantine^ 
Captain Thomas Fitch, and Captain Lieutenant Abijah Savage. 

On Wednesday the 12th Currant, There was here a very great 
appearance of Men in the Train Bands: occasioned by the Castle's 
giving of the Alarm at the sight of 5 Vessels seen coming in, 2 whereof 
was Her Majesty's Ship the Deptford Towing in, the Johnson Frigot, 
Reach Master, being one of the Jamaica Fleet, who is much disabled;. 
The other 3 were Berry and Lowder from Barbadoes, and Green from 

On Saturday the loth Currant, His Excellency Prorogued the 
General Assembly, unto Wednesday the 24th. of October next. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Hilton and Heath from Piscataqua, 
Hedge and Lothrop from Comiecticut. Outwards, Flood and Wier 
for Piscataqua, Andrews for Connecticut, Alexander Duncan and 
James Gold for Pensilvania. Foreign Inwards, Wier, James Berry, 
and Henry Lowder from Barbadoes, and Tobias Green from Nevis. 
Cleared Outwards, William Goddard for Madera, Robert Gold for 
Pensilvania, Joshua Pickman for Virginia, and John Wing for 
Jamaica. Outward Bound, Thomas Mires for Jamaica, Moses 
Wadlaiui for Madera, Richard Daffin for Virginia, Jonathan Lambere 
for Antigua, and Ebenezar Hathorn for Newfoundland. 


A Negro Woman about 24 Years Old to be Sold by Captain John 
>■ ^Love, and to be seen at his house in the North-End of Boston 

115 Samuel Checkley, an influential mem1)er of the General Court. 

116 Captain Adam Winthrop : grandson of Governor John Winthrop of 



near to Mr. Jonas Clarke's. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

M* Je. Bumb. 75. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ September 17 to ^OnDag September 24. 1705. 


riTROM Edinburgh, April 12, is an account of the hanging of the 
I Jl pirates Green, Madder and Sympson, and there is war news of 
March and April dates from Paris, Vienna, Hamburg, Turin, 
Moscow, Hague, Warsaw and elsewhere. Domestic news occupies 
a little more than one column.] 

New- York, Sept. 17. On the 13th Instant, arrived here a Sloop 
from Curacoa, Charles Sleigh Master, by whom we have advice, that 
2 Spanish Privateers lay off Bonira, and upon notice thereof at 
Curacoa they fitted out 3 Sloops and took them both: & brought 
them in thither without the loss of a man. 

On the 14th Instant, arrived here Capt. Penniston's Privateer 
Sloop, who parted with Penniston in his Ship 15 days before he 
arrived off South Carolina, they were in the great Storm, & were 
there separated from 2 Prize Sloops which they had taken, but 
whether they are in being, or foundered they know not. 

By a Sloop arrived yesterday at Amboy from Curacoa, we are 
acquainted, that on Fryday last there was seen off Barnagatt one of 
Capt. Penniston's Prize Sloops, and a Ship without Masts, plying 
for this Port; we imagine the Ship to be one of the Jamaica Fleet. 
We are assured. That the Prudent Sarah, Perkins Master, and the 
Oxenden, Smyton Master, being 2 of the Jamaica Fleet were foundered 
in the Storm ; we know not the certainty of any others besides those 
mentioned in the Publick Print. 

Last week arrived here Teller, Adolph, Degroff & Kersteel from 
Boston. Vessels Outward Bound are 2 ships for Barbadoes, a Brigan- 
teen for Surranam, a Sloop for Jamaica, 2 Ships for London, Clay for 
Rhode Island, and Derrick Adolph for Boston. 

Rhode-Island, Sept. 21 On the 16th Currant arrived here Capt. 
Nathaniel Coffin, who Sailed from Boston on the 21st of July last, in 
Company with 13 Sail bound for Barbadoes, who on the 21st of 
Aiigiist\'Ast,\n the Lat. of 29 met with a most violent Storm, which 
caused him to Cut his Main and Mazen Mast by the board, he lost 
all his Horses therein; The Storm continued about 14 hours, and 



the heighth thereof about 8 hours. Capt Coffin spoke with Mr. 
Perkins in the Flying Horse after the Storm was over, being one of 
the same Fleet, who told him, that he lost his Boat, his Horses, Fore- 
Sail and Gibb, yet designed to proceed on his Voyage to Barbadoes, 
though Coffin was necessitated to return. 

Marblehead, Sept. 22. On Thursday the 20th Currant arrived here 
John Holicom in a Sloop from Barbadoes bound for Piscataqua, who 
left Barbadoes the 22d of August, and was taken the Sth Instant, 
by a French Ship of 10 Guns, from Petiguavus bound to St. Malo's, 
and said to be the Packet-Boat that came from England to Boston, 
about 3 years ago; Holicom bought his Vessel of the Captain for 
400 1 Sterling to be paid in St Malo's, one Bates went Hostage till 
the Money is paid; Holicom sunk all his Letters ere he was taken. 

Holicom says. That there was a Turnado in Barbadoes which begun 
on the 18 of August, and continued 4 days, which caused a most 
violent Storm, the Wind came up at S. and backed away to the 
E. S. E. the heighth of the Storm lasted 18 hours, which has caused 
a great deal of damage among the shipping in the Road 22 vessels 
were put on Shoar, Holicom & Fyfield being 2 of them were got off 
again; & an Irish man was getting off as he came away; a Dutch- 
man from Suranam about 500 Tons loaded with Sugar was staved 
all to pieces: The Countrys Sloop and Briganteen of War both 
lost: Great damage sustained among those Vessels that rode out 
the Storm, some whereof cannot be repaired, a great many men were 
drowned, one of Her Majesties Men of War lost all her Anchors, 
lash'd her Guns, & got to Sail as the Wind vier'd. 

Cap Flint from Boston, and the Vessels in Company with him were 
all safe arrived but Cap. Hunt, who seeing Cap Flint engaged with 
2 French Privateers to the Windward of the Island, made the best 
of his way, and was taken by a 3d between him and the Island, Cap 
Flint with the other Ships got clear of the 2 Privateers, his Brother 
lost one Arm in the Engagement: As Flint went from Boston, he 
met with a Clap of Thunder & Lightning that shattered his Main Mast, 
and kill'd one of his men. 

Boston, Her Majesties Ship the Deptford is returned from her 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Harris and Petty from Connecticut, 
Jackson and Parsons from Piscataqua. Outwards, Hilton and 
Heath for Piscataqua, Lathrop and Diamond for Rhode-Island. 
Foreign Inwards, Moses Abbot from North Carolina, Eleazar Johnson, 
and Michael Wormstill from Barbadoes, James Updick from Antigua 
and William Beans from Fyall. Cleared Outwards, John Butler for 
Lisbon, and Ebenezar Hathorne for Newfoundland. Outward bound, 



John Scciim for Antigua, Azor Gale, James Berry, William Weir, 
and Tobias Green for Barbadoes, Bryan Smith for Lisbon, Ebenezar 
Chamberlin for Virginia, Benjamin Parsons and Henry Lowder for 
London, Benjamin Parsons junior, for Topsham. 


A Debenture Bill being found, (granted by Capt. John Lane, and 
Mr. Pelatiah Whitmore Commissary, to Daniel Gilbert for Nine 
Pound due for Service, whereof 11. 13s. & 2d. is taken up in Stores, 
and remaining due 71. 6s. lOd.) The Person that lost said Bill may 
have it again, paying Salvage: Enquire at the Post-OfQce. 

A Small Guinea Dear's Foot being found; The Person that Lost 
it, giving the true marks, may have it again, paying Salvage: 
Enquire at the Post-Office. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

I jg» IRumb. 76. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From/IDonDa^ September 24 to /IDonC)a^ October 1. 1705. 


rO LIGHTLY less than one half of this issue of two pages is devoted 
i Oto foreign news, including accounts of the visit of the body of 
Cambridge University to the queen, and affairs in Hungary and 
Poland. The domestic news includes a proclamation by Governour 
Dudley for a Public Thanksgiving.] 

Port- Royal in Jamaica, Aug. 22. Capt. Ingles a Guinea Merchant- 
man of 14 Guns and 20 men arrived here about 20 days ago, who 
met with a Privateer Sloop off of Port-Morant of 6 Guns, & full of 
men, who boarded him 3 times, casting down Fire-works and Stink 
Pots amongst the Negroes between Decks, burning and disordering 
them much: The Captain and his men betaking themselves to close 
Quarters, fired briskly and so successfully upon the Privateer, that 
he left 9 of his men dead on the Deck, & concludes he kill'd them 50 
men bv what he see them fling Overboard. 

On the 18th Currant, There was a great Storm of Wind & Rain at 
N. and rounded to S. S. E & blew very hard, striping the Houses, and 
blowing the water over the Point, so that Boats might have floated: 
It forced some Vessels Ashoar, whereof a Bark from New-York, one 
Pasco Master is one forced to Unload. Many in Town removed 
their Goods into Upper-Chambers. It damnified a great quantity of 



New- York Sept. 24. On the 18th. Instant Arrived here a small 
Prize Sloop taken by Capt. Penniston, loaden with Wine and Brandy; 
She was taken upon the Coast of New-Spain. 

On the 19th Instant, about 10 at night, some of the Privateers 
begun a Riot before the Sheriffs House of this City, assaulted the 
Sheriff at his door without any provocation, & beat and wounded 
several persons that came to his assistance, & in a few minutes the 
Privateers tumultuously met together in great numbers, upon which 
Forces were sent out of the Fort to suppress them, and the Sheriff, 
Officers and some men belonging to Her Majesties Ships made a 
Body to do the same, but before these Forces could meet with them, 
the Privateers unhappily met Li[e]ut. Wharton Featherstone- Hough, 
and Ensign Alcock, (two Gentlemen of the Hon. Col. Livesay's Regi- 
ment that came in the Jamaica Fleet, who were peaceably going 
home to their Lodgings) and barbarously murdered the first, and 
grievously wounded the latter, in several places in the head, and 
bruised his Body; & after they had knock'd him down several times, 
and got his Sword, some of them run Lieut. Feather stone- Hoitgh 
in at the left side thro' his heart (as is supposed with Ensign Alcocks 
Sword) of which wound he immediately dyed. Just as the Fact 
was done, the Privateers were attacked by the Sheriff, Officers and 
Seamen of Her Majesties Ships, and some of the Town, & in a short 
time were obliged to fly; several of both sides were wounded, some 
of the Privateers were then taken Prisoners, and several since, who 
are committed, & do believe will suffer according to Law; the Soul- 
diers killed one of the Privateers that was flying from them. One 
Erasmus Wilkins was apprehended on Saturday last, & Committed, 
and by the Evidence 'tis believed he is the man that murdered Li[e]ut. 
Featherstone- Hough; it would be too tedious to relate the particu- 
lars, but their insolence is beyond expression; this Riot was chiefly 
acted by the Privateers belonging to the Briganteen Dragon, Capt. 
Gincks, Commander. 

One the 21st. Arrived here Capt. Penniston in his Ship (which in our 
last we supposed to be one of the Jamaica Fleet) he lost his Masts 
in the Storm, and put into Carohna; his best Prize is yet missing, 
which is a New Sloop well found, and has on board one hundred & 
six quarter Casks of French Brandy, Linnens, and other Goods; 
he hopes she'l be here in a few days, he lost her in the Storm. 

We hear this Morning that Capt. Penniston's Prize is Arrived at 
New Castle disabled by the Storm, and is there fitting to proceed 

Capt. Renter Tongrelou and others have bought the Cole and Been 
Gaily, a Ship upwards of 200 Tons, and IS Guns, and is now fitting of 



her for a Privateer, and intends to carry 160 Men. Capt. Penniston 
is also about to fit his Ship, and designs out with her in Consort, 
they will Sail before Winter. 

Boston, Letters from Barbadoes of the 8th of August, [foreign news] 
On Thursday the 27th. Currant arrived here Zachariah Alden in 
a Sloop from Virginia, 14 days passage, by whom we are advised. 
That just as they left Virginia, there was a Ship arrived from Lisbone 
that had a quick passage. 

General and GOVERN OUR in Chief, in & over Her Majesties 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England in America. 


WHEREAS it has pleased Almighty God in his Great Goodness 
to preserve Her Majesties Sacred Person, and to prosper Her 
Arms in the Just War, wherein Her Majesty and Her Allies are En- 
gaged for the preservation of the Liberties of Europe. Having also been 
Graciously pleased, in the Summer past, to restrain the Insults and 
Outrage of our barbarotis Enemies, & to grant us great Quiet and Tran- 
quillity; To bless the Fruits of the Earth, and to give us the hopeful 
prospect of a plentiful Harvest; To grant us general Health, and to 
Smile upon us in other our Publick Interests and Enjoyments. 

Wherefore humbly Adoring the Divine Goodness, and duely consider- 
ing that such great and publick Blessings do call for Publick and Solemn 
A cknowledgements . 

T Have thought fit, by the Advice of Her Majesties Council, & at the 
■^Desire of the Representatives in their late Session, hereby to Order 
and Appoint, That a General THANKSGIVING to Almighty God, for 
these His Mercies be Observed throughout this Province, within the 
several Towns and Districts thereof, on Thursday the Eighteenth Day 
of October n,ext: And do strictly forbid all Servile Labour thereupon; 
Exhorting both Ministers and People to Solemnize the said 'Day after 
a Religious manner, and to offer up sincere and hearty Praises to GOD. 

Given at the Council-Chamber in Boston the 2Qth Day of September, 
1705. In the Fourth Year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady 
ANNE, by the Grace of GOD of England, Scotland, France and 
Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, &c. 

By Order of the Gover- 

nour and Council, /. D UDLE Y 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

117 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . , Vol. VIII, p. 520. 



The Province Galley Capt. Southack Commander is returned from 
her Cruise. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Loring, Lothrop, Webber, Hall and 
Elwell from Connecticut, and Allen from Piscataqua. Outwards, 
Smallage and Walter for Rhode-Island, and Jackson for Piscataqua. 
Foreign Inwards, Daniel Noyes, John Ventinian, and John Pullen 
from Jamaica, Zachariah Alden from Virginia, Nathaniel Gardner 
from Jersey, William Carkett from St. George, John Alder from 
Angvilla, and Thomas Lanyon from Coratuck. Cleared Outwards, 
Moses Wadland for Madera. Outward bound, Tobias Green .for 
Barbadoes, and John Bennet for London. 


A House and Land in the High Fore-Street at the Sign of the 
Buck, in the South-End of Boston, now in the Occupation of 
Mr. Jacob Melyen, to be Sold; Inquire of Capt. Nathanael Williams, 
or Mr. James Mears, both of said Town, and know further. 

A Negro woman to be sold by John Campbell Post-master, and to 
be seen at his House next door to the Anchor Tavern in Boston. 

[Reprinted: Nev/s-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

The Bolton Ne^ws -Letter. 

From riDOnOap October 1. to flDOUOa^ October 8. 1705. 


rTMPORTANT foreign news, including an account of the visit 'of 
I Athe queen to Cambridge and her entertainment there, particulars 
of the successes of the duke of Vendosme in Lombardy, and re- 
ports fronj Dresden, Liege and elsewhere, fill three of the four columns- 
of this issue.] 

Plimoiith, Septemb. 28. On the 19th Instant, the Quarter Sessions 
of the Peace was held here, where Complaint was made of a certain 
person belonging to Midlebury; who brought some Tarr to be Sold, 
some whereof was mingl'd with dirt; for which he was Sentenced to 
be severely Whipt, which was accordingly executed; and is here 
only Inserted to be a caveat to others, of doing the like, least a worse 
thing befal them. 

New-York, Octob. 1. On the 24th of the last Month arrived here 
a Sloop from Jamaica, Joseph Smith Master, in five weeks, by whom 
we are informed, that the Storm which the Jatnaica Fleet met with,, 



has been very violent there, and that the Sea Overflowed part of 
Port-Royal, & has done but little damage. A Bark belonging to this 
Port, Simon Pasco Master, ready to Sail, was lost in the Storm, and 
no other. Admiral Whetstone with 4 Men of War, went to Sea, and 
a few days after, they had the Storm, wherein most of them lost 
their Masts, one of them was not returned; the Storm there was on 
the 20th of August. Two Briganteens and a small Ship Sailed for 
Boston three dayes before this Sloop. 

Vessels Outward Bound are, Tupper for Barhadocs, Adolph for 
Boston, Sleigh for Curacoa, Van-Bad for Siiranani, Cebra for Jamaica, 
and Saunders and Keersteed for London. 

Rhode-Island, Octoh 5. On Sunday last arrived here one Benja- 
min Church, who Sailed hence Master of a small Sloop bound for 
Antigua, the 8th of August last, and on the 18th, in the Lat. of 34. 
met with the same Storm that the Jamaica Fleet met with on said 
day, which overset the Sloop, and the people kept on the Bowsprit 
from Saturday till Monday when the Sloop righted, but lost her 
Mast, and through their Industry they freed her, the Wind hanging 
Easterly, they drove ashore on Cape May, and so saved all their Lives. 

Boston, Cap Southack in the Province-Galley is gone out again on 
his Cruise. 

Coasters Entered Outwards, Smith and Loring for Connecticut, 
and Dutch for Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, John Porter from 
Angvilla. Cleared Outwards, Francis Plaisteed for Madera, and 
Thomas Freeman for Barbadoes; Outward Bound, Thomas Thatcher, 
Eleazar Johnson, and John Pullen for Barbadoes, Charles Renouf for 
Nevis, John Pitts for Madera, and David Northy for Virginia. 


'' I ^O be Sold by Mr. William Clarke, Merchant, at his Warehouse 
-*- near the Swinging-Bridge upon the Dock in Boston, a parcel 
of the best Jamaica Sole-Leather at a moderate Price, either by 
Wholesale or Retale. 

A Negro Man Slave to be Sold by Captain Gilbert Bant, and to 
be seen at his House near the Mill-Bridge in Boston. 
T Here is now Published an Almanack for 1706 by N. W."'' with a 
short answer to some Reflections cast on him last year by the 
then Almanack-makers ; With a table of the Weight of small Money, 
very useful at this time. Sold by B. Green at the Printing-house at 
the South-end of Boston, and R. Phillips Bookseller at Charlestown. 

13 An away from his Master, Samuel Niles, of Kingston, in Narra- 
■*-^ganset; an Indian Man Servant, aged about 26 Years, he is a 

lis Nathaniel Whittemore. 



short and indifferent thick fellow, with a broad flatt Nose, he has had 
the Small Pox: He has on a grayish Coat, a Castor Hat, Russet 
coloured Stockings, and old Shoes: Whosoever shall take up said 
Indian, and bring or convey him safe to his said Master, or secure 
him and send notice of him, shall be well Satisfied for his pains. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18; sale 
of a negro woman slave, as in October 1.] 

. j6. Bumd. "8. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon&a^ October 8. to /!l!lOnDap October 15. 1705. 


N the first column of the first page of this issue is the address of 
.Queen Anne "to the inferior clergy in the neighborhood of New- 
market" in the preceding April. There follow, from the Antwerp 
Gazette of April 12 and the Paris Gazette of May 9, accounts of the 
seige of Gibraltar by the land and naval forces of the allies. From 
Turin, Vienna and other capitals are reports of military affairs. 
The domestic news is slight in quantity and importance, being con- 
fined to half a column of space.] 

Nevis, Aug. 26 My last of the 1st Currant, Advised of what the 
last Packet brought from England; especially of the Signal Victory 
obtained by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough over the French 
near Saar; since which we have had no Packet; but is now dayly 

Her Majesties Ship the Gray Hound, appointed the Guard of our 
Island, has taken a Prize off of Guardiloop, value at least 5000 1. 
Our Fleet for England will Sail in about 14 days. 

Philadelphia, Octob. 4. Ebenezar Coffin arrived here on Saturday 
last from New-England. 

New-York, Octob. 8 On the 6th Instant arrived here a Sloop from 
■Carolina, one Sanford Master. 

Her Majesties Ship the Lowstoffe is not yet returned from Virginia. 

Her Majesties Ships of War the Nonsuch, the Maremaid, and 
Deal-Castle with the Jamaica Fleet under their Convoy, designs to 
Sail from hence for England the 10th of November next. 

Boston, Capt. Huntington Commander of Her Majesties Ship the 
Guernsey, and Commadore of the Jamaica Fleet (having received 
Letters from New-York, that Her Majesties Ships of War, and the 
other part of the Jamaica Fleet designs to Sail from New York to 



England the 10th of November next :) Wind and Weather permitting 
the said Commadore intends to Sail from hence with the other part 
of said Fleet, and what other Ships will be ready to Sail under his 
Convoy, the 5th or 6th of said Month, & to joyn those from New- 
York in the Lat. of 40 or Fyall. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Allen, Mitchel and Curtice from Con- 
necticut, Dounten from Rhode-Island, Gidding and Allen from Pis- 
cataqua. Outwards, Harris for New-London, and Parker for Pis- 
cataqua. Foreign Inwards, Jeremiah Tay from Maryland, John 
Welsh from Nevis, William Cleaves from Lisbon, and John Webster 
from North Carolina. Cleared Outwards, John Thomas for Fyall. 
Outward Bound, Daniel Noyes for Madera, John Veniinian for 
Jamaica, and William Burrough's for Virginia. 


THere is now PubHshed Mr. Clough's Almanack for 1706.^^' To 
which is added the difference between Troy and Averdupoize 
Weights, as also an Account of the Jewish Coins, Weights and Meas- 
ures mentioned in Scripture, and reduced to our English Standards, 
which may be of great use for the better understanding many places 
in the Bible. Sold by Benj. Eliot under the West end of the Town 
House, and Nich. Boone near School house lane, Boston. 

A Convenient Dwelling House and Shop with other Accomodations 
next door to the Anchor Tavern in Boston, to be Lett, Enquire 
of John Campbell 

[Reprinted: a negro woman to be sold, as in October 8; News- 
Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

j6. IRumb. 79. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnOa^ October 15. to flDonDa^ October 22, 1705. 


TTj^ROM Ratisbon, Stockholm, Geneva. Paris, Hamburgh, Hague 
IX and elsewhere are items of foreign news filling the first page of 
this issue. On the second page are two columns of domestic 
news, including one advertisement. Under the Boston date the 
announcement is made of the establishment, by her majesty the 
queen, of mail packets between England and "Her Plantation-Islands 
in America."] 

119 Kalendarium Nov- Anglicanum, or an Almanack For •, . . 1706, by 
Samuel Clough. 



Jamaica on Long-Island, Octob. 11 On Fryday the 5th Currant 
Dyed here the Reverend Mr. John Hubbard, Pastor of a Church 
in this place. Aged 28 years 9 months wanting 4 days, Buried the 7th. 

New- York, Octob. 15. Last week returned hither Her Majesties 
Ship the Lowstoff, who Sailed out of the Capes of Virginia 2d Instant, 
in Company with the Homeward bound Fleet for England, consisting 
of 32 Merchant-men, under Convoy of Her Majesty's Ships the King- 
ston and Faulkland. There are also arrived Mr. Gravenraedt from 
Philadelphia, and Capt. Penniston's Prize from New-Castle; her 
Cargo is French Brandy, Paper and dry Goods. 

On Saturday last our Assembly was Prorogu'd to the first of May. 
And the same day His Excellency went to His Government of New- 

The Pensilvania Post not yet come in. 

New-port Rhode Island, October 19. Last Fryday night a fire 
broke out in a vSmith's Shop, which burnt it down, and took hold of 
another house adjoyning it, where one Borne a Hatter liv'd and 
burnt it also ; the Wind blew hard at A'' E. But by the great industry 
of our people, the other Houses near to them were saved, otherways 
had prov'd fatal to the most part of our Town. 

On Monday arrived here one Chamberlin from Antigua bound for 
Boston, who says that by a Vessel from Barbadoes to Antigiia they had 
intelligence of 25 Sail of Ships lost in the Storm: besides the Coun- 
trys Briganteen and Sloop and small craft, and 300 men drowned. 

On Wednesday arrived one Godfrey in a Sloop from Surranam to 
Exuma and so here, who was in the Harbour of Providence those days 
that the great Storm abovementioned was, but had none of it, the 
weather being very serene and Calm. He says there is none but a 
parcel of Women at Providence, that cannot get from thence. 

Piscataqua, Octob. 19 On Saturday night last arrived Capt. 
Tyng at Exeter with his Company, who Travelled a day beyond 
Penacook, from thence to Winnepisscoag Ponds but no discovery of 
the Enemy. 

The same night Capt. Lane and his Company Returned from 
Sabegoog Ponds, which lies about 50 miles W. N. W. from Casko, 
but made no other discovery than a few deserted Wigwaams: This 
Pond is 20 miles long, and about 7 miles wide, very remarkable for 
Fishing, where our men were refresh'd with variety of Fish, especially 
Salmon Trouts, some whereof 2 foot long. In their Return they saw 
2 Indians at Black- Point, but being at a distance and they near a 
Swamp, made their escape; one thing remarkable is. That in their 
march they did not discover any wild creature excepting a Squirrel 



or the like, by which means the Enemy cannot get any manner of 
Sustenance in the woods near to us, which we hope will starve them. 
This week arrived Mr Pepperil from Madera, who had about five 
weeks passage. 

Boston, By His Excellency's Direction, Capt. Tyng with about 50 
men marched from Dunstable, and Capt Lane with upwards of 60 men 
from York, to Search the Woods if could discover any of the Enemy. 

Capt. Southack in the Province- Galley is returned from his Cruise, 
and gone out again. 

On Wednesday next, being the 24th Currant, Sits the General 
Assembly of this Province, unto which day they stand Prorogu'd. 

Last night arrived 2 or 3 Vessels from Barbadoes at Nantasket, 
who had about a months passage, there came out in Company 16 
Sail for this place; no Letters are yet come up, so cannot tell what News. 

Coasters Entered Outwards, John Lathrop for Connecticut, Richard 
Hall for New York, Peter Coffin, and Nathaniel Gardner for Nan- 
tucket. Foreign Inwards, Joseph Dean in the Dragon form Suranam. 

Outward Bound, 

James Bodwin in the Seaflour, for Antigua. 

Thomas Hunt in the Panther, for Barbadoes. 

John Welch in the Larke, Ditto. 

John Price in the Austi7t's Galley, Ditto. 

Thomas Gilbert in the Good will, for Fyall. 

John Rayner in the Freek, for Madera. 

Thomas Andrews in the Good-will, for Suranam. 

Joseph Dean in the Dragon, for Suranam. 

John Secum in the Adventure, for Curacoa. 

B®" These are to give notice. That Her Majesty in regard to the great 
Expcnce She is at in maintaining the Correspondence by Letters between 
England a)ui Her Plantation-Islands in America, and for the further 
improvement and benefit of Trade; Hath Settled Packet-Boats for the 
West-Indies, who are to go from Plimouth at the beginning of every 
Month throughout the Year, no accident preventing the same; who are 
to touch and stay at each of the English Island- Plantations in the follow- 
ing manner: Viz. 

ed at 

Barbadoes, to stay no longer than 

\ Montserat, 
[ Nevis, 

j St. Christophers 
\ Jamaica, 


Days & 







And thence to Return to England, and not to be stayed on any pretence 

And Her Majesty in pursuance to the Statute made in the Twelfth 
Year of his late Majesty, King Charles II. for Establishing a Post- 
Office, has Directed and Impowred Sir Robert Cotton Knight, and Sir 
Thomas Franckland Baronet, Her Majesty's Post-Master General of 
England and the Plantations, &c. to receive and take the Post of all 
Letters & Packets that shall be conveyed by the Post lately Established 
between the Post Office General in London, and the above-said Islands, 
according to the Rates following. 

From England to the 

West-Indies each \ One Sheet 1.3 

Letter not exceeding J Two Sheets. ... 2.6 

From the Islands to 

And in proportion to 
the same Rates for 
every Packet of Letters. 

And in like propor- 

One Sheet 1 . 6 [ tion for every 

Two Sheets. ... 3 . J Packet of Letters. 

England, each Letter 
not exceeding 

For every Packet of any ] 

kind of greater Bulk \ Ounce 6.0 

for every J 

This is likewise to give Notice, That the Deputy Post Masters are 
appointed at each Island, to attend and regulate all matters concerning 
Letters and Packets, and to Correspond with the General Post Office in 
London about tJie satne: And forasmuch as every Vessel hath performed 
Her Voyage in the space of ijo days,^-° or thereabouts. All persons 
Corresponding ivith New England, New- York, Jersey, Pensilvania, 
Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, and Bermuda, may have their Letters 
to the Respective Governments put up in Bags apart, in the method they 
are now sent to each Island; And the Deputy Post-Master of each 
Island hath Orders, where the next and most immediate conveyance is 
to be had, to send them to the Main of America, as hath hitherto been the 
practice for Conveying Letters from Barbadoes to Bermuda by Sloops, 
and other Embarkations, daily Trading between the said Islands and 
the Continent. By which means Returns may be as constantly made 
from the Continent to the said Post-Masters, and by them transmitted to 
England by the Packets in their Monthly Courses, whereunto their 
Orders oblige them, without any further Charge there than what is to be 
paid at the General Post-0 ffice i)i London, (only the Inland Passage 
on the Main excepted) according to the above Rates. 

These are also to give Notice, That Letters will be taken in at the 

120 In a subsequent Notice this is shown to be an error, "and the time 
changed to 100 days, "according to the first Proposition laid down by the 
Honourable Edward Dummer, Esqr." See under Advertisements ina'News- 
Letter No. Ill (1706) post. For the "first Proposition," see Acts and-Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, Sup- 
plement, p. 802. 



General Post-0 ffice in London, directed for New-England, New- York, 
New-Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, on the Con- 
tinent of America, and the Island of Bermuda, on the same Post nights 
as those for the Plantation-Islands, with particular directions for those 
for the Continent, to be forwarded by the first opportunity. *-^ 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

m. le. 

Bumb. 80. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 


From /IDonDai? October 22. to /IDOIlDa^ October 29, 1705. 


NLY one column of this issue is occupied with foreign news. 
Domestic news including two advertisements fills three columns.] 

Barbadoes, September. 16. A List of Vessels drove on Shore by a 
Violent Storm, the 16th of August, viz. 

{ Richard Metcalfe 

All these 
bound for 

For Holland. 
to Barbad. 


Ranking. . .Try on 
■) Davis 
[ Blythe 

A great Dutch Fly 

Thrampton in Country's Brig. 

Flowers in a Sloop 

All great 


All these Vessels 
stav'd in pieces, and 
are wholly Lost 

Forrister in the Country's Sloop, uncertain if can be got off. 

All belonging 
to Barmuda 

New York 
to Barbados 

William, Cox. 

Abraham Dill. 
] Edward Hinson 
[ William Joel. 

j Jacob Legay. 

\ Mr. Harwood. 
j Mr. Rank ford 
\ Mr. Opie 


Holicomb. ] 

Mr. Thomas. [ 

Mr. Graisberry. \ 

Mr. Penley. j 

All Slo[o]ps, 
stav'd in 

\ Brigantiens 

/ staved in pieces 





All these 
J Vessels 
\ were got 
/ off again. 

121 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 564-565. 




Barbadoes, Mr. Moses in a Sloop blown away 7 or 8 days but got in. 


Besides Shallops and other Boats lost. 

The Storm lasted about 16 Hours. 

On the 28th of August, Her Majesty's Ship the Weymouth, Capt. 

Mitchell Commander, brought in a French Merchant Ship of 20 Guns, 

6 Patararo's, 70 men, Laden with a considerable quantity of fine 

Goods, Claret and Brandy. She was met with in the Latitude 19 

in Company with another Ship of 16 Guns, who left her to Engage 

with the Weymouth; the Engagement lasted 3 hours, with the loss 

of 14 of her men, and 4 of the Weytnouth's. These French-men lost 

their Convoy of 60 Guns, with 3 other Merchant-men but the night 

before: This Prize is said to be worth 20 Thousand Pounds. 

There is arrived here from Boston in New-England, Andrew Wilson, 
who lost his Mast in the Storm, as also 3 or 4 more Vessels; and the 
Enemy took Everion, Breed, Henderson, Shearhurn and Moore, who 
Sailed from Boston in Company with said Wilson, bound for this 'place. 

Upon Capt. Everton's being taken, His Excellency ordered the 
Advice Prize, a small Frigot, to go in pursuit of Everton's Vessel. 
The Advice Prize conducted in Capt. Bullard from Madera, and 
Leview from New-York was taken by a Sloop the 13th Currant, 
Several Vessels from Boston, that came out with Wilson are yet missing. 

We want two Packets from England, so that we have no News, 
only a Report we hear of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough's second 
Defeating the French, to the Enemy's loss of about 20000 men. 

New-York, October 22d. On the I'^th. Instant arrived here a 
Sloop from Jamaica, Nathanael Vial Master, had 38 dayes passage; 
he came out with several Ships bound for England, and says that 
several Vessels were to sail for Boston about 14 days after him. 

Erasmus Wilkins (formerly mentioned to be committed for being 
in the Riot with the Privateers here) being Legally Tryed and Con- 
victed for Murdering of Lieutenant Wharton Feather stone- Hough 
(A Gentleman of the Honourable Col. Livesay's Regiment, that came 
in the Jamaica Fleet) is Sentenced to be Executed on Friday next 
the 26. Currant: He has Confessed that he was one of the Privateers 
where that Gentleman was kill'd, and that he knock'd down one 
Gentleman and got his Sword, and with it run another into the side, 
which must be the same Gentleman that was Murdered. 

Vessels Outward bound are Cebra for Jamaica, Sleigh and Van- 
brugh for Curacoa, Perkins for Barbadoes, Hicks for Rhode-Island. 

Capt. Cumby and Pain Sailed this day for Barbadoes. 

On Saturday last Alexander Duncan Arrived here from Pensil- 



-z/amainaSloop bound for Boston, and Sailes from hence on Wednesday. 

Piscataqua, Octoh. 26. On Saturday the 20th Currant, about 20 
Jndians appeared at Cape Nidduck, and Carried away 4 Sons of 
John Stover, who were at a httle distance from the Garison, several 
others that were out of the Garison, retired to it with all speed; on 
which the Enemy fired about an hour, then drew up the Children in 
sight of the Garison, and marched off. At York 4 or 5 Indians were 
also discovered. Major Walton with a Company of men is gone in 
pursuit of the Enemy. 

Capt. Browne at Wells hearing of the Enemy's unhappy Enter- 
prize in Carrying away the 4 children from 3 to 12 years of Age, went 
with his Company in pursuit of the Enemy with utmost Expedition; 
but there being 2 places over a little River lying near Sacho, about 2 
miles distant which they usually pass, and not knowing which of 
the two they would take, Capt. Browne very prudently divided his 
Company into 2 parts, whereof one half went with Lieut. James 
March, who happened to discover the Enemy (without the least 
observation) as they were passing over a little Bridge, being within 
15 rod of them; some few with the poor Captives were got over a 
minute or 2 before ; and our men discovering several behind & on the 
Bridge, fir'd several Shot upon them, which being an unexpected 
surprisal, caus'd a most dismal Consternation among them, inso- 
much that some fell forwards, others backwards, and some into the 
River which was 10 foot deep, some throwing away their Plunder, 
others their Blankets & Snapsacks, till at last some few of the Enemy 
on the other side of the River fired at our men, killed one & wounded 
another: By this time Capt. Browne (hearing the Guns) came up 
to the rest of his Company, who drove the Enemy off, and pursued 
them; but they scattering among the Thickets, our men were made 
uncapable of making any further discovery of what damage we did 
them, but most probably several of them were slain and wounded. 

On the 21st Arrived here the Rehecka Hagboat, John J a[r?]unin 
Master, from Lisbon, five weeks passage, 

Henry Shearburn from Barbadoes, and John Kennard from Antigua 
arrived the said Day. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 23d Currant, Complaint being made to 
Edward Bromfield Esqr. One of Her Majesty's Council, and Justice 
of the Peace; of John Rogers & Son, of New-London in Connecticut- 
Colony for Profanation of the Sabbath, in Driving of Cattle through 
the Town of Dedham to Boston for a Market on the 21st Instant, 
being the Lords-Day; And opprobtiously answering those who 
disswaded him there-from; for which being brought before the said 



Justice, and legally Convicted, he was Sentenced according to the 
Direction of the Law in that case, to pay the Fine of Twenty Shillings: 
He Appealed to the Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, but obstinately 
refused to give Security to prosecute his Appeal, and therefore is 
Committed to Prison. 

It was thought meet at the Desire of several persons to Publish 
this as a Caveat to others, to let People know. That Open Profanation 
of the LORDS-DAY, will not pass Unpunished. As also, Because the 
man thus Fined, pretends himself to be a Sufferer for his Conscience, 
and has therefore even courted the Inconveniences that are come 
upon him. And whereas the Quakers have a while since endeavoured 
by their False Addresses at home in England, to misrepresent the 
Government of this Province, for Making and Executing Several 
severe Laws, against their Friends, only for their Conscientious Dissent 
from the National Way, and not for any Evil Fact done hy them: The 
Publick may be informed what kind of Severe Laws those are, and 
what kind of Profanity may pass for a Conscientious Dissent, among 
those that Clamour against the country for Persecution, in Executing 
theLawsof Godandman,of our Nation of England and this Province. ^^^ 

There Arrived here on Saturday the 27th. Currant Nathanael 
Balston and Harbert from Barhadoes, Richard Thomas from Antigua, 
and Joseph Batler from St. Christophers, and yesterday the 2'8th. 
Anthony Hayward from Barhadoes, James Blin in a Sloop from 
Connecticut, coming over Nantucket Shoals, is fear'd to be lost on them. 

Capt. Huntington Commander of Her Majesties Ship the Guernsey 
and Commadore of the Jamaica Fleet, holds his resolution (Wind 
and Weather permitting) to Sail from hence to England the 5th. or 
6th. of the next Month, with the Vessels under his Convoy. 

Coasters Entered Inwards 


Petty, Lathrop and Bull 


Perick Adolph, Two Brothers 




Webber, Bracket and Ware 


Foreign Inwards. 



William Webber, 




Philip Lewis 




Samuel Ward 

Rose Anne, 



Nichol. Lawrence 




Rich. Fyfield 




Thomas Bell 



North Carolina. 

John Penson 

Wil. & Mary, 



122 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 

. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , with further particulars 
of this Quaker case. 



Cleared Outwards 



John Secum 




John Pitts 




Rich. Dafforn, 




Tho. Meirs 




Outward Bound, 


Wil. Clark 




Wil Holberton, 




Joseph S^nall 







Wil. Dounten 

Joseph and Betty 

St. Christophers 

John Alder 





[Reprinted: dwelling house for sale, as in October 15; News- 
Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

B. je. 

Bumb. 81 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /SiOnDay October 29. to /jDonOag November 5. 1705. 


r TV TORE than two columns of this issue are filled with domestic 
11 VI news, including a proclamation by Governor Dudley for an em- 
bargo on vessels bound to Barbadoes and the Caribbean Islands. 
The foreign matter is from Berlin, Vienna, Frankfort, Hague, 
Lisbon and elsewhere, of May dates; and a letter from the Imper- 
ial Camp at Gavardo dated April 30.] 

New-York, Octoh. 29. On the 28th' Instant, Erasmus Wilkins 
the Privateer was Executed for the Murder of Lieut. Featherston- 
Hough of the Honourable Colonel Livesey's Regiment: He confess'd 
that he took a Sword from a Gentleman, and run it into another, 
which he believed was the Gentleman that was kill'd, and that he 
afterwards broke the Sword: He dyed penitent and like a man, & 
caution'd his Comrades against Drunkenness, Swearing, Whoring, 
and Sabbath-breaking, etc. 

We are uncertain when the Jamaica Fleet here bound for England 
will Sail. 

By His Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esqr. Captain General and 
GOVERNOUR in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the 
Massachusetts Bay in New-England, and Vice-Admiral of the same. 



For an Embargo on Ships and Vessels bound to Barbadoes, and the 
Careeby Leeward Islands. 

Whereas Her Majesties Ship Deptford, Captain Charles Stucley 
Commander, is fitting and making ready speedily to Sail to Barba- 
does, and from thence to proceed to Salt-Terrudos, to Guard the Ships 
designed thither to lade Salt for carrying on the Fishery. 

I have therefore thought fit by and with the Advice of Her Majesties 
Council, to order an Embargo tipon all Ships and Vessels Outward 
Bound for Barbadoes, or any of the Careby Leeward Islands; And 
that none be perm,itted to sail thither iviihout my special Licence; until 
Her Majesties said Ship Deptford be made ready, and then to attend 
her and take the benefit of a good Convoy. 

And all Officers of the Custom's, Naval and Import Officers, and 
Commanders of Castles and Forts within this Province, are hereby 
Commanded to take notice of this Proclamation, and Conform them- 
selves accordingly . 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, upon Wednesday the 
30th of October, 1705. In the Fourth Year of the Reign of our 
Soveraign Lady Anne, by the Grace of GOD, of Engla>id, Scotland 
France and Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, etc. 

By Order of His Excellency 

the Governour, with Advice J . Dudley 

of the Council, 
Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN 

Boston, On Monday the 22d. of October, early in the morning, Mr. 
Honewell in the Sloop Olive-Branch from Augvilla about 6 weeks 
passage, having little Wind at S. S. E. standing afore it for Brewsters, 
being within three Leagues of it, on a sudden a flaw at N. N. W. came 
down upon him, which tore his Main Sail all flitters, broke his Sternn 
in 3 pieces, and having no Sail, they lay to the mercy of the Sea and 
Winds, which drove them out of the Bay within 8 Leagues of Casko, 
Where he & his men were taken on Board of Mr. John Sharpens Vessel 
from Barbadoes, and now brought in here; Honewell, and especially 
his men being overcome with Tugging so long at the Pump, were 
almost past any hopes of escaping being lost, when Providence so 
ordered it that Mr. Sharp came to their relief: The Sloop was seen 
sinking in a little time after they were taken out. 

Last week came here from New-York, one Mr. Henry Burch a 
Quaker, Aged about 21 years, the only Son of Mr. John Burch of St. 
Mar/ms-Lane, London, formerly a Minister of the Church of England, 
but now a Quaker & a Preacher; this Henry was bound an appren- 
tice about 9 years ago to one Mr. Henry Burch of London, his Uncle, 



a Doctor of Physick; and going in a Ship, whereof Capt. Marcy was 
Commander, from England to Barbadoes the last War with his said 
Uncle, they were taken by a French Privateer near Barbadoes, and 
one of the Privateers took a dagger and run thorow the young Lads 
Cheek and Jawbone, and struck out two of his Teeth, cut his Left 
hand thorow 3 fingers, the prints whereof are still to be seen, his 
Uncle took no care to Cure him: but he being young soon learn'd 
the French Tongue, and they Cur'd him; the Privateer carried them 
first to Calice in France, his Uncle was sent to Amsterdam, and when 
his Nephew was Cured, he was sent after him; where he met him; 
and a Sweedish Ship coming in with French Prisoners to release the 
Swedes, there not being French enough, took his Uncle & him and 
carried them back to Calice, from whence they went to Sweedland; 
& one Capt. Philips being bound from thence in a Ship for Virginia, 
they imbarked on board him, and in the year 1700 they arrived, 
and going up Myles's River in the County of Chester, his Uncle sold 
him a Servant unto one Richard Skinner a Planter for 6 years, & 
gives him a large Sum of Money to murder him when he was gone. 
His Uncle took an Indenture, and put a clean Sheet of Paper over 
it, and made his Nephew sign it at the bottom, not knowing there 
was an Indenture beneath it. 

And as soon as his cruel Uncle was gone, his Master Richard Skinner 
sent him out to the Hooe, where he continued 3 years, along with 
his Negro's and Indian Overseers, at length this Young man wrote 
to Mr Samuel Carpenter, and other Quakers of Philadelphia, and 
acquainted them of his Circumstances and the whole Tragedy, who 
came forthwith to Virginia and bought his time & brought him to 
Philadelphia last year, and wrote home to his Father in London the 
whole matter of Fact, who sent over Money largely to recompence 
and pay them for what they had done ; who ordered his Son to returnhome. 

And the said Henry Burch Imbarking on board the Ship Batchellour 
Endeavour in & of Philadelphia in June last. Cap. Dykes Commander, 
bound for London, meeting with the Jamaica Fleet bound home for 
England about the latter end of July, they joined said Fleet in order 
to keep them Company; but meeting with the great Storm on the 
18th of August last, which foundered several of said Fleet: The 
Ship wherein he was sunk under them, wherein were lost 35 persons, 
but the Quarter Deck was broke from the Ship ere she sunk; upon 
which this Henry Burch, 2 Seamen, Henry Taylor and Jacob Grack- 
ston, & Hannah Hancock (and a Child in her arms which was drowned) 
got upon and were taken up by the Ship Sweet William, one of the 
Fleet, & carried into New-York, from whence the said Burch came 
hither, who now intends by the way of Barbadoes to England, hoping 
to meet his Father there. 



This Henry Burch's Uncle when went to London, put himself into 
Mourning for his Nephew, & told his Parents that he dyed of the 
Bloody Flux in Virginia. This young man had a Rich Grand-mother, 
to whom he was to be Heir, & failing of him, his Uncle was to enjoy 
the said Estate: And after the Uncle and Nephew left England, 
the old Gentlewoman dyed, and by Will bequeathed 30001 to her 
Grand son Henry Burch, and in case of his Death, to his Uncle Henry 
Burch; for Lucre of which, his Uncle contrived his Nephew's ruin; 
And hitherto Providence has disappointed him. 

This whole information was taken from Mr. Henry Burch's own 
mouth. ^2^ 

Capt. Southack^^* in the Province Galley is returned from his Cruise. 

Captain Huntington Commander of Her Majesties Ship the Guern- 
sey, and Commadore of the Jamaica Fleet, receiving Letters from 
New-York, that the other part of said Fleet there, not being ready 
to Sail the 10th Currant as was intended, The said Commadore, 
Wind and Weather permitting, designs to Sail from^ hence on the 
15th Currant, with what Vessels will be ready under his Convoy. 

Coasters Entered Outwards 


Joseph, Allen and Thomas Curtice 



n Inwards 


Solomon Gardner 

Sloop Mary 

St. Christophers 

William Herbert 

Ketch Good Hope 


Nathaniel Balston 

Ship Elizabeth 


John Sharp. 

Sloop Four Friends 


Anthony Haywood 

Ship Eagle ' 


Nathaniel Jarvies 

John 8c Abiel 


Richard Thomas 

Porto Merchant 


John Waters 

Ship Blessing 


John Hoddy 

Briganteen Adventure 


Robert Starkey 

Briganteen Endeavour 


Foreign Cleared Outwards 


Matthew Armstrong 

Sloop Swallow 


David Northy 

Speedwell Friend 


Charles Renouse 

Ketch Adventure 

5/. Christophers 

Matthew Soley 

Sloop Rebeckah 


John Hobbs 

KetcJ-i Lamb 


Benjamin Parsons 

Ship Providence 


Benjamin Parsons ]ur\.. 

. Brigant. Success 


Benjamin Stone 

Ship Golden Fleece 


123 See News-Letter Nos. 82, 83 and 84 post for sequel to this Munchausen 
tale received from the hero's "own mouth." 

124 Captain Cyprian Southack, late maker of charts, notably chart of The 
Coast of New England from Staten Island to the Island of Breton. 



Outward Bound For 

I sac Harvey Ship Anne Virginia 

William Cleves William & Mary Ditto 

John Welsh Hannah 8c Elizabeth Barbadoes 

John Aken Sloop Hawk St. Christophers 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

B, Jg, Bum!?. 82. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /iiDonDa^ November 5. to /IBonOa^ November 12. 1705. 

NY— AS(m> 

r A LITTLE more than a column on the first page of this issue is filled 
I jLl-with foreign news, principally an account of the death of the 
Austrian emperor, and a list of members-elect of Parliament. 
Features of the domestic news are: the story of the conviction of Thomas 
Odell, the counterfeiter; a proclamation for the apprehension of desert- 
ers, and "further Continuation of a Remarkable Relation" begun in 
the previous issue.] 

New-York, Nov5. It is said Her Majesties Ships of War with theFleet 
under their Convoy will Sail from hence for £wg/a77(i the 15th Currant. 

Vessels Outward Bound are Basset and Dehart for Madera, Perkins 
for Barbados, Viall for Ja',naica, and a Sloop for St. Thomas. 

Boston, In our Numb. 17. You'll find a Proclamation of the 8th of 
August, 1704 Emitted by His Excellency, for Apprehending of one 
Thomas Odell a chief Contriver and Actor in Counterfeiting of the 
Twenty Shilling Bill of Credit on this Province, and uttering of the same. 

Which said Odell was apprehended in Pensilvania, and sent thence 
to New-York, in order to be sent hither, as [in] Numb. 57. And in 
Numb 59. You'll find him brought from New-York to Rhode-Island, 
where he made his escape. 

And in Numb. 60, 61 You'l find him caught again at Rhode-Island, 
and brought from thence hither, where he remained in Prison till now. 

That on Tuesday the 6th Currant, there was held here the Superiour 
Court of Assize, and General Goal Delivery; where the said Odell 
was Arraigned for Uttering Counterfeit Bills of Credit on this Province, 
and was ordered by said Court to pay a Fine of 300 1. a years Imprison- 
ment, to pay the Charge of Prosecution, and stand Committed till 
the Sentence be performed. ^-'^ 

125 See News- Letter Nos. 15, 17 (1704), 57, 59, 60, 61 ante. Also Notes, in 
The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : 
.... Vol. VIII, pp. 431-432, 708-710. 



On Thursday the 8th Currant, Thomas Boylston a Child of 5 years, 
old was Crushed to Death at Muddy River in a Cyder Mill between 
the Sweep and a Post of the House, as the Horse went round. 

By the Governour and Council. 

WHereas the Souldiers Impressed and sent down to the Service of 
this Province at Her Majesties Castle William, have several of 
them lately deserted the Service there contrary to Law. 

These are to Certify all Her Majesty's Good Subjects of this Prov- 
ince and New-Hampshire, that whosoever. Officer or other Inhabi- 
tant that shall apprehend and return such Deserters to Justice, shall 
be at all times paid their just Charges therein out of the wages of such 
Souldier so restored to the Service or Justice according to Law, to 
be Assigned by the Governour, out of their next Muster-Roll, wherein 
such Deserters names are, and payment accordingly. 

Isaac Addington Seer. 

A further Continuation of a Remarkable Relation, begun in the Last 
News Letter. 

THE Reader knows. That in some of our News-Letters, for want 
of Room, we have broke off in the middle of a Matter. In our 
Last we gave you a very punctual Relation, of a matter that appear'd 
very remarkable, concerning one Henry Burch, a Quaker; who was 
well pleased to have his own Story Published. According to Good 
Manners, we have let him tell his Story first. We will take leave 
now to tell ours: For plainly, the most Remarkable part of it, is. 
yet behind. 

It may be some will not count it remarkable, that there should be 
Bad people among the Quakers, as well as among the People of other 
Professions, who do not pretend unto their Spirit of discerning: 
But / tell ye Friends nay pritty Remarkable, That a Blade should 
be so desirous to have such a formal Story Printed about himself,. 
and yet that in less than 2 days time, he should be detected for an 
horrid CHEAT, and it be palpably found, that probably. There is 
not one word of Truth in all the Story. 

Did ye ever hear of such a piece of Impudence ! The former part 
of our Account came out on Monday, but before Tuesday -night he 
was march'd off, or in other terms Step'd aside. Only the ungrate- 
ful Varlet, had first exercised a faculty of his (which ye shall presently 
hear of) on the Money and other purloinables, of such Friends as 
had civilly Entertained him. His very Shirt (being Stolen, you must 
note) had the Courage to take a Thief by the Throat. It is well, that 
the Charitable Gentlemen, who treat all Strangers with the Civilities 
at their Houses, were no more spunged upon: But some of them, at 



the first interview, found him in such inconsistancies, that they could 
not tell, what in the world to make of him. 

It now Remains, that we go on with our Story; And do our Spark,, 
the Honour of an Hue and Cry. He has, as we told ye a wound in 
his Cheek (near his upper Lip) But certainly it w^as not a French 
Privateer (as he said with a three squar'd Dagger) that gave it him. 
It was probably an Officer call'd, Un Boureau, in plain English, An 
Hangman. A Remarkable Person Truly! One marked with a Brand 
in the Cheek. 

He has, as we also told ye, three fingers cut a thwart his Left Hand, 
ever since which, they have been so light, that they Steal all that 
comes in their way. Wherefore, if ye happen to shake hands with 
such a Fellow, pray hold him fast, and bring him before Authority. 

Possibly, he has changed his Outward Name. But he is fled with 
a New, (not True) Blue Cloak, lined with a Knave. His Under 
Garments were of the well-known Quaker Cut. 

He is a Fellow of Little Stature, tho' of great Roguery, and of a 
Young Aspect, But in a fair way never to be Old. 

To oblige, the Undertaker of this Print, to Correct a certain gross 
mistake about his Uncle in his Published Story; whereof he was. 
presently convicted, he offered a Gold Ring which (it since appears) 
he had Stolen from a Quaker Gold-Smith, with whom he Lodged. 
// any man or person, in Town or Country, will take up this Imposter, 
and bring him in, he shall be Rewarded, either with that Ring, if my 
Goldsmith pleases, or with the value of it, and a better Reward besides. 

And now, I hope, this is become such an useful Story, That the 
Gentlemen, my Subscribers, will not complaint either of the Intro- 
duction to it in our former, or of the precedure of it, in our present, 
News-Letter. Our News Letter also, will, I hope sufficiently preserve 
its Reputation, if any Paragraph of it, not setting a thing in all its 
true light, shall in one weeks time supply all that is defective, and 
perhaps there are few Readers, but what have themselves now & 
then told a Story that needed a further Elucidation. 

And whereas, our Will-with-a-Wisp (as I am told) should this week 
have Held forth, among his abused Friends, I think, I must now so 
far do it for him, as to say: 

" Plainly Friends, our Harry Burch is a sad Fellow, and if he should 
'assay to lye hid among any of ye, I make no doubt, ye will bring 
'him out, that he may undergo the desperate thing which some call 
'Condign Punishment, tho' others call it Persecution: 

Only, that he may have his Name a little stick to him (and because 
he told us, you know, that he had been at Amsterdam!) we will Hum- 
bly move, that if the Authority see meet, it may be Laid on after the 
DutchAa.s\v\on\ that is with good Burchen Rods, Tho' such dealing 



may be too easy for such a Skellum to meet withal. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Carteret Gillam from Connecticut and 
Jokn Jackson from Piscataqiia. Outwards, Amazeen, Lyford & 
Jackson for Piscataqua, and Lothrop for Nantucket. Foreign In- 
wards from Corratuck, Samuel Edwards in the Briganteen William 
& Mary. St. Christophers, Fortune Redduck, St. Christophers Sloop. 
Monserrat Francis N orris Seaflower Sloop. Pensilvania Alexander 
Duncan Sloop Friendship. Virginia Thomas Pope Sloop Endeavour. 
Cleared Outwards for Madera, John Rainer in Ketch Freek, Daniel 
Noyes Briganteen Hannover, Surranam, Richard Hengeson sloop 
Seaflower, Roanock, William Clark Sloop Endeavour, Virginia, Wil- 
liam Cleeves Ship William & Mary, and Isaac Harvey Ship Ann. 
Outward bound for Barhadoes, John Ely Briganteen Dove, James 
Bridgham Ship Hampton, John Raynsford Frigat Dwaal. Virginia, 
Moses Abbot, John & Mary, Madera, Noah G[re?]ville Sloop Adventure. 

Captains, Gillam and Mason are arrived from England at Cape 
Anne, and said to have seven Weeks passage from Plimouth. 


A Gentleman wants to Borrow a Hundred Pounds upon Good 
-^ ^Security, Or for Bills of Exchange in England: Whoever has 
said Money to Lend, Inquire of John Campbell Post-Master and 
know further. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R. 5g. mumb. 83. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDon&a^ November 12. to /©On^ag November 19. 1705. 


Fat the head of the first column of the first page is the line, "The 
ll\Advice we have from England by Prints are;" then are nearly 
two and a half columns of domestic news followed by this 
editorial line; "All of which we shall enlarge upon in our succeeding 
Prints.''' Domestic news fills one and a half columns.] 

New-York, Nov. 12. On the 7th arrived here a Briganteen from 
Bermuda, one Joyner, Master, says, that the last great Storm that 
the Jamaica fleet met with, has done a great deal of damage on that 
Island. Wessels from Antigua, & Benj. Hill from Curacoa, which last 
brought us the bad news of Depue, Joline & Thinhoven being taken 
by the French bound from hence to Jamaica; The French have made 
Privateers of their Vessels, being 2 Sloops & a Briganteen. This 



day arrived Daniel Robert from Jamaica, came from thence the 4th 
of October, with 2 Briganteens for Boston & a Sloop for Philadelphia. 

Her Majesty's Ships of War, the Nonsuch, Maremaid and Deal 
Castle, with the Vessels under their Convoy Sails from hence for 
England the latter end of this week, or the beginning of the next. 

Marble-head, Nov 17 On the 11th Currant arrived here Capt. 
Bevis from Engla'nd, who took up Mr. Blin (formerly mentioned No. 
8o feared to be lost) in his Sloop 8 or 9 Leagues off Cape Anne, with- 
out Mast, Bolsprit, Rudder, Boat, Sail, Anchor or Cable, his side 
broke down, 3 foot & an half water in his Hold, 3 men but no bread, 
nor useful pump ; and brought said Sloop and men in here. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 13th Currant, arrived here Captains, 
Benjamin Gilman, David Mason, John Corney and William Bevis 
from England, who left Plimouth the 22d of September, in Company 
of a Fleet of about 25 Sail, under Convoy of 4 Men of War, viz. The 
Experiment Galley, Capt. Pudner Comm.ander, and a Fireship bound 
for Jamaica; with other Vessels whom they parted with about 10 
days after they left Plimouth; The Tritton Prize, Capt. Myles Com- 
mander, bound for New York, who bore awa}^ with those for Jamaica; 
The Litchfield Prize, Capt. Chandler Commander, and the Angelsey, 
Capt [blank] Commander, with 2 Store Ships and 2 Merchant- 
men for Newfoundland, who has on board them Major Loyd the 
Governour, with some Land Forces, whom they parted with 50 
Leagues to the Westward of Fyall, in the Lat. of 35. Capt. Gillam 
sprung his Main Mast in the Voyage. Capt. John Wild for Boston, 
and Capt. Jeffries for New-York were in the Doums when these left 
England, waiting to come out with the Virginia Fleet and Convoy: 
When these above left Plimouth, it was said, that part of the Home- 
ward bound Virginia Fleet were arrived in Kingsale in Ireland. 

On Thursday the 15th Currant, John Price Mariner, belonging to 
Benjamin Stone, bound for London, not being willing to proceed the 
Voyage, went to the Carpenter's Block, and with his Ax cut off his 
own Left hand, and is now under Cure. 

Her Majesties Ship the Guernsey Capt. Huntington Commander, 
and Commodore of the Jamaica Home-ward bound Fleet, with Vessels 
under his Convoy, bound for England have been W^ind-bound at 
Nantasket three days, and Sailed from thence the ISth Currant, the 
Wind at N. W. 

Our Number 81. Gave you an Account of a formal Story given us 
by one Henry Burch a Quaker: and our Number 82 gave you a 
further Relation of said Burch, to which we shall still refer you, only 
here add. That from N York we are well informed. That what we 
told of his escaping drowning is a Fals-hood, for he was there ere the 



Jamaica Fleet Arrived, and is a Runaway from his Master of Phila- 
delphia or Burlington, who was apprehended by his Master in order 
to return home, and just as they were going away he pickt his Masters 
Pocket of Forty Shillings, and made his escape, who never was heard 
of till our Print discovered him; and therefore we hope that all 
good People will endeavour (where he comes) to apprehend him, 
in order to return him to his Master, after he has received a due 
Compensation for his Gratuity to his Friends here. 

Coasters Entered Outwards, Drick Adolph for New York, Foreign 
Inwards, from London, Benjamin Gillman, Ship Reward, David 
Mason, William & Hannah, John Corney Dorothy Briganteen, S, 
Christophers, Thomas Porter, New- London, Sloop William Kelleyt 
Hopewell. Sloop Ruanoke John Wilkins Seaflower Sloop Topsham 
W^illiam Bevis Peace Ship Cleared Outwards for Surranam, Thomas 
Andrews Jamaica. Thomas Pemberton John & Thomas, Portugal, 
Bryan Smith, Moses Briganteen North Carolina John Forde, Speed- 
well Sloop, Outward bound, for Nevis, William Webber Rose Brigan- 
teen. Antigua, Beamsly Perkins, Eagle Galley, Nethaniel Perkins 
Success Briganteen, Robert Carver, in the Plimouth. Barbadoes, 
Thomas Barnes Swaii Briganteen. William Skinner, Providence 
Briganteen, Nicholas Lawrence, Endeavour, Philip Lewis Hope, 
Virginia, Joseph Brown, John 8c Deborah. 


Strayed from Mr. John Wilson of Brantree at Mr. Haven's in 
Kingston in Narraganset, about a fortnight ago, a sorrel Mare, 
low Stature, four white feet, a white face, shod all round, her near 
ear tore, has a long white tail and Main: Whoever can give any 
true Intelligence of her to the above-said Mr. Haven, or Mr. Billings, 
or the Post-Rider, so as the true Owner may have her again shall be 
sufficiently Rewarded. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

B. ]g, IRumD. 84. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDai? November 19. to /lOonDa^ November 26. 1705. 


TTTXCEPT one column filled with domestic news, the four pages 

j -L/of this issue are given principally to news of the campaign on 

the continent, in letters of May dates from Paris, Vienna, Hague, 

Frankfort, Warsaw, Turin and elsewhere. From London is the 



address of the presbyterian ministers of Ireland to the duke of Or- 

New-York, Nov. 19 Capts. Laurier & Dunscum arrived here about 
3 weeks passage from Barbadoes. 

Her Majesties Ships of War, and Vessels under their Convoy will 
Sail for England next week. 

Boston, On Wednesday the 21st Currant, Arrived at Cape- Anne 
the Gentlemen that went from hence for Canada the 6th of July 
last, along with Capt. Cortemanche the Governour of Canada's Com- 
missioner, who came hither the last Spring. They left Canada about 
6 weeks ago, and with great difficulty, having spent their Mast, are 
now arrived here, and brought with them Letters for His Excellency, 
with the Governour of Cannada's Proposals for the Exchange of 
Prisoners. They brought also with them 11 of our Captives. 

Our Gentlemen were very civily Treated by the Governour of 
Cannada, and say, That the Seminary at Queheck v/as burnt a second 
time, about a fortnight ere they came from thence, which was burnt 
about 4 years before.^-** 

Her Majesties Ship the Deptford, Capt. Stuckey Commander, with 
the Vessels under his Convoy, designs to Sail for Barbadoes and Salt 
Tertuda the 10th of December next. 

By a Person that came lately from Antigua we are well assured, 
that Mr. Samuel Frason, Merchant, whom we mentioned in our 
Numb. 74. feared to be lost, was arrived safe at Antigua, from whence 
he went to Barbadoes. 

Mr. Samuel Carpenter of Philadelphia (whom Henry Burch the 
Quaker in his forged Story in our Numb. 81, said, was one that 
bought his time in Virginia) acquaints us from Philadelphia the 15 
Currant that what said Burch related as to his going to Virginia and 
buying his time is false, for he has not been at Virginia these 7 years. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Eleazar Darby and Jeremiah Vail from 
New-Jersey, and V/illiam Walter from Connecticut. Outwards, Cor- 
nelius Bennington and Thomas Lanyon for Roanoke. Foreign Inwards, 
Joseph Flint in the Prudent Hannah from Barbadoes. Cleared 
Outwards, For Jamaica, Thomas Hunt Sloop Panther: For Sur- 
ranam, Joseph Dean, Briganteen Dragon Jeremiah Cushing, Sloop 
Industry: For Fyall, Thomas Gilbert, Briganteen Goodwill: For 
Antigua, John Alder, Briganteen Diamond. Outward bound. For 
Antigua, John Porter, Sloop Mary: For Monserrat, Francis Norris, 
Sloop Seaflower; For Lisbon, Richard Thomas, Port-Merchant: For 

126 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, 
p. 541. See News-Letter No. 64 ante. 



Curacoa, Simon Ranie, Sloop Charles, and John Sharp, Sloop Four 

On Saturday arrived Capt. Legay from Barbadoes, in the Prize 
Ship, mentioned in our Numb. 80, taken by Capt. Mitchel Commander 
of Her Majesties Ship the Weym-outh. 

Last week we had a spell of very cold Weather; and on Saturday 
it Snow'd. 


A Gentleman in Boston has 150 or 200 Pounds to Lend at Interest 
upon Good Security: Inquire of John Campbell Post-Master in 
Boston, and know further. 

This is to give Notice, That whereas the Southern Post from 
Boston to Rhode-Island, for the Three Winter Months of Decem- 
ber, January and February, went & came once a Fortnight, as the 
Western Post to New- York still goes ; That for the better Advantage 
of Commerce and Trade, The said Southern Post goes out and returns 
in said Months once every Week, viz. He sets out from Boston every 
Monday at Six a Clock in the afternoon, and returns every Saturday; 
And every other Monday of the aforesaid Months, the Southern Post 
carrys with him the Western Male for Connecticut and New- York. 

And in regard the days are short and bad Travelling in said Months, 
These are also to give Notice, That the Eastern Post from Boston 
to Piscataqua, sets out every Monday's night at 7 a Clock and returns 
every Saturday. And all Persons are to bring their Letters to the 
Post-Office for the Southern and Western Post at Five a Clock in the 
afternoon; and for the Eastern Post at Six a Clock, and not to 

To be Sold at the Post-Ofiice in Boston; The Monthly Mercury's 
at 12 Pence a piece, London-Gazetts, Flying Posts, Post-man, 
Post-Boy, and Observators, at Two pence a piece: So that any person 
in Town or Country, in this and the Neighbouring Provinces, may 
have the same agreeing with John Campbell Post-Master for all, 
or any of the same. 

Also to be Sold at the Post-Office in Boston the Gazateer, or News- 
man's Interpreter, being a Geographical Index of all the Considerable 
Cities, Partriarchips, Bishopricks, Universities, Dukedoms, Earl- 
doms, and such like; Imperial and Hance-Towns, Ports, Forts, 
Castles, etc. in EUROPE. Shewing in what Kingdoms, Provinces, 
Countries, they are; to what Prince they are now Subject; upon, or 
nigh what Rivers, Bays, Seas, Mountains, etc. they stand; their 
distances (in English miles) from several other places of Note, with 
their Longitude & Latitude, according to the best and approved 
MAPS. Of special use for the true Understanding of all Modern 



Histories of Europe, as well as the present Affairs; explaining by 
Abbreviations and Figures, for Conveniency of Cheapness & Pocket 
carriage; with the Addition of a Table of the Births, Marriages, etc. 
of all the Kings, Princes, and Potentates, of EUROPE. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

'^^ jg. Bumb. 85. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDont>ai? November 26. to /IDOnDag December 3. 1705. 


r A FFAIRS in Bavaria, Poland, Spain and elsewhere are reported 
i ^/~\^in letters of May date, and one of June 2 from Hague, Ham- 
burg, Lisbon, Ratisbon and other capitals and from the military 
camps before Valentia and Albuquerque. All but three quarters of 
a column of the two pages of the number are thus filled.] 

Boston, On Tuesday the 27th Novemb. arrived here Robert Gold 
in a vSloop from Newfoundland, who came from St. Johns the 1st said 
Month, & says That Her Majesty's Ships, the Litchfield Prize, and 
Angelsey, with the 2 Store Ships, having the Forces on Board, and 
the Merchantman that came out of England in company with them 
were arrived at N eivfoundland the 29th of October last: The Men of 
War in their voyage took a French Prize, whom they released again, 
upon condition of paying a considerable Sum of Money, for which 
they took Hostages for this payment. 

On Wednesday the 28th Novemb. Anthony Haleing Mariner dyed 
suddenly; he was a person much addicted to Prophaness and In- 
temperance, he had newly undertaken a Voyage for Barbadoes, with 
Capt. John Foster; and a little ere he dyed, he was helping to carry 
some Sails to the Boat which lay at Scar less Wharf, and having put 
the Sails into the Boat, Capt. Foster's Mate desired him to go and 
help to bring down the small Arms; to which he replyed that he 
would dye ere he would be a Porter to any body, and while the other 
was gone for the Arms, the said Haleing was suddenly taken with 
an extreme pain athwart his Breast, the anguish whereof made him 
wish that God would stop his breath, & so dyed suddenly; Tis said 
that he used formerly to be taken with those pains. 

On the Lords Day the 25th of November last Dyed the Pious and 
Virtuous Mrs. Sarah Allen, Wife of the Reverend Mr. James Allen: 
Aged 67. And was Interred on the Wednesday following. 



^y Capt. Gillam, The Governour received Her Majesty's Bounty 

rto this Province, consisting oJ Twenty Piece of Cannon, with all 

■necessary Stores and Provision for their Mounting, (which was 

Landed on Castle-Island the 30th Instant) as a particular mark of 

'her Majesties Favour for the Defence of this Province. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Smallage from Rhode Island. Out- 
wards, Kelly and Parker for Piscataqua, and Grafton for Salem, 
Foreign Inwards Robert Gold Sloop Mary from Newfoundland. 
Cleared Outwards, Joseph Wallis in John and Deborah, for Virginia, 
Moses Abbot, in John and Mary for Maryland. Outward Bound, 
For Coratuck John Webster, Briganteen Endeavour, Antigua, David 
Bucklin, Briganteen Randol: Thomas Symkins, Ketch Marymack, 
St. Christophers, Ebenezar Breed Ketch Good-hope; South Carolina, 
John Elliot, Sloop Nonsuch; Barbadoes, John Corney, Briganteen 
Dorothy; Virginia, Noah Chamne, in Endeavour; Jajnaica, Nathan- 
iel Balston, in the Elizabeth and Mary. 


J[Reprinted: the News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R. Ig. Bumb. 85. 

The BoftonNews-Letten 

From /IDonOaS December 3. to /IDonDa^ December 10. 1705. ' 


r/TTAHERE are four pages to this number, all but one and a half 
I X columns being filled with domestic news. Under May and 
*• June dates are numerous dispatches from London, Hague, Vienna, 
Turin, Berlin, Frankfort, Milan, Naples and elsewhere, which for the 
most part give particulars concerning the campaign in Spain . The Lon- 
don matter includes a proclamation by the queen, dated May 30, 1705.] 

New-York, Nov. 27. Her Majesties Ships, the Nonsuch, Mare- 
maid and DeQl-Castle, with the Jamaica Fleet, and other vessels 
under their Convoy bound for England, have lain Wind bound since 
Fryday last at the watering place: The Wind is now at S. W. and if 
it veres more Northerly, they'll put to Sea this day or tomorrow. 

Several Vessels will Sail in 10 days for Barbadoes, Jamaica, Madera, 
Curacoa, & other ports of the West Indies. 

Piscataqua December 6th. Capt. Chamberlin in the Ship Rebecca of 
300 Tuns, Designs to Sail for Lisbon about a Month or Five Weeks hence. 



Boston, Sundry Acts passed by the Great and General Court or 
Assembly of Her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts-Bay , in 
New-England: Begun and Held at Boston the Thirtieth of May 
1705 and continued by several Prorogations unto Wednesday the 
Twenty-fourth of October following, and then met, being their Third 
Session. Published December the Qth. Viz. 

A7t Act Directing the Method of Payment of Soldiers. 

An Act far Regulating the Assize of Cask for Tar, Pitch, Turpen- 
tine, and Rozin, and for preventing Frauds and Deceit in said Com- 

An Act in Addition to the Act for due Regulation of Weights and 

An Act in Addition to and Explanation of the Act relating to Sure- 
ties upon Mean Process in Civil Actions 

An Act against burning of Houses. 

An Act to prevent Fraud in Cord-Wood exposed to Sale 

An Act for the better preventing of a Spurious 8c mixt Issue 

A Private Act in a Case between Robert Bartlet and Erasmus 

On Wednesday the 5th. Currant His Excellency Prorogu'd the 
General Assembly to the last Wednesday of February next. 

On Fryday His Excellency went from Roxbury for His Govern- 
ment of N ew- Hampshire . 

The Fleet for Barbadoes, and the Leward Islands under Convoy 
of Her Majesties Ship the Deptford, Capt. Stoucley Commander, 
Designs to Sail on Wednesday next ; \ several of the Merchant-men are 
Ships of good force. 

On Wednesday dyed Mr. Henry Sargeant Merchant and was Interr'd 
on Fryday last. 

Coasters Entered Outwards, Duncan and Wair for Piscataqua. 
Jeremiah Vail for Roanock. Foreign Inwards from St. Thomas, 
Andrew Wager in Ketch Mary, Jamaica, Bartholomew Green in 
Briganteen Swan, Newfoundland, Richard Friend in Sloop Content. 
Cleared Outwards for Barbadoes 11 Ships, viz. Captains Samuel 
Rymes in the Barbadoes Merchant, John Foster in the Sarah, Richard 
Fy-fteld in the Swallow, John Alden in the Swallow, William Alden 
in the Content, John Henderson in the Swan, Azor Gale in the Friend- 
ship, Thomas Thacher in the Charles Galley, Thomas Savill in the 
Two Brothers, James Bridgham in the Hampton, William Holberton 
in the Ann, And 8 Briganteens, viz. Captains Johfi Corney in the 
Dorothy, John Welch in the Hannah, Joseph Everton in the Elizabeth, 
John Pullen in the Dove, Joseph Newill in the Endeavour, John 
Walker in the Hopewell, John Welch in the Larke, Tobias Green in 



the May Flower: and 4 Sloops, viz. Abraham Gording in the Fortune, 
James Barnes in the Swan, Stephen Cross in the Endeavour, and John 
Porter in the Mary. For Jamaica, John Ventiman in the Ship Martha 
& Elizabeth. For Curacoa, Simon Ranie in the Sloop Charles. For 
Lisbon, Richard Thomas in the Sloop Oporto Merchant. For Madera 
Noah Gville in the Sloop Adventure. Outward bound for Jamaica^ 
Jeffery Bedgood in the Sloop Two Brothers, Barbadoes, William Cham- 
berlin in the Sloop Blessing, Robert Gold Sloop May, and Nathaniel 
Harris in Briganteen Swallow, Fyall Jeremiah Tay in Briganteen 
John & Ann, Antigua, John Tayler Sloop Katherine, Topsham, William. 
Bevis in Ship Peace. 


Ran-away from his Master William Pepperil Esqr. at Kittery in 
the Province of Maine, a Negro Man-Slave named Peter, aged 
about 20, Speaks good English, of a pretty brown Complexion, middle 
Stature, has on a mixt gray home-spun Coat, white home-spun Jacket 
and Breeches, French fall Shoes, sad coloured Stockings, of a mixt 
worsted pair, and a black Hat, Whosoever shall take up said Negro, 
and bring or convey him safe to his said Master, or secure him and 
send notice of him either to his Master, or to Andrew Belcher Esqr. 
at Boston, shall be well rewarded for his pains, and all reasonable 
charges paid besides. 

Lately Deserted Her Majesties Service in the Province of Main, 
an Indian Man (under the Command of Cap. Joseph Brown) 
named Isaac Purnmatick, was seen at Newbury, in Company with the 
above Runaway Negro; he is a short Fellow not very thick, speaks 
very good English, he liv'd formerly with Mr. Samuel Thackster of 
Hingham; he has on English Cloaths, a sad coloured old coat, or 
else a new light coulered drugget Coat with buttons, holes and lining 
of black, black breeches, gray yarn Stockings, a black hat almost 
new. Whosoever shall apprehend said Indian, & him convey to his 
said Captain, or to Andrew Belcher Esqr. at Boston, shall have a 
sufficient reward besides his Charges. 

Lately Deserted Her Majesties Service at Kittery Garison in the 
Province of Maine, David Thomas Souldier, a Welsh-man, aged 
about 30 years, pretty short and thick stature, dark brown coloured 
hair; hath on a new white Cape cloth Watch Coat, under that an 
old sad coloured strait bodied Coat and Jacket, gray yarn stockings, 
and an old black Hat. Whosoever shall apprehend said Deserter, 
and him safely convey to his said Post, or to Andrew Belcher Esqr. 
at Boston, shall have satisfaction to Content, besides his charges. 

'' I ^o be Sold in Boston at the Ware-house of Mr. James Leblond on 
•^ the Long Wharf near the Swing-Bridge, New Lisbon Salt at 



28s. per Hogshead, & 4s. per Bushel; also Rum, Sugar, Mollasses, 
Wine, Brandy, sweet Oyl, Indigo, Brasilet, Cocoa, Chocolat, with 
all sorts of Spice, either by Wholesale or Retale, at reasonable Rates- 

[Reprinted: News Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

jg, IRumb. 87. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^a^, December 10. to /IDOnC)ai? December 17. 1705. 


r^VjEARLY all this issue is filled with foreign news, which consists 
J i.^ mostly of reports concerning the military movements in different 
parts of the continent of Europe. The domestic news is incon- 
siderable, being limited to four items which, with four advertise- 
ments, occupy about three quarters of a column.] 

Piscataqtia, Decemb. 13. His Excellency arrived here on Tuesday 
the 11th Currant, and designs to return from hence on Wednesday 
or Thursday next. 

Boston, The Western Post not yet come in. 

The Outward Bound Fleet for Barbadoes & the Leward Islands, lye 
Wind bound at Nantasket. 

Coasters Entered Outwards, William Rodes for Coratuck. Foreign 
Inwards, Ebenezar Parker from Pensilvania. Cleared Outwards, 
for Barbadoes, John Ela in Briganteen Dove, John Price Sloop Austin 
Galley, Nicholas Laurence Ship Endeavour, William Chamberlin 
Barque Blessing, Philip Lewis Briganteen Hope, Robert Gold Sloop 
Mary, Anthony Haywood Ship Eagle, Joseph Small Ketch Seaflcnver: 
For Antigua, Nathaniel Perkins Brig. Success. For St Christophers, 
Will. Dounten Sloop Joseph and Betty: For Curacoa, John Sharp 
Sloop Four Friends: For Coratuck, Robert Starke, Sloop Thomas. 
Outward Bound, For Jamaica, John Buckley, Briganteen Abigail 
and Sarah; For Barbadoes, Walter Oglesbie, Briganteen Martha, 
Joseph Flint, in Ship Prudent Hannah: For Montserat, Samuel 
Edwards, in Briganteen William, and Mary. 


A Certain Person wants to Borrow Thirty Pound upon good 
Security; Any Person that has said Sum, or any greater to Lend*, 
may repair to John Campbell Post-Master, and know further. 

[Reprinted: runaway slave of William Pepperil, as in December 10; 



deserter from the queen's service in Maine as in December 10; News- 
Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R, je. Bumb. 88. 

The Bolton Ne^wsietter. 

From flDonDa^ December 17. to /IDOUtJap December 24. 1705. 



RINCIPALLY foreign war news fills three columns of this two 
page number, from Milan, Hague, Ratisbon and other cities 
and ''from the Imperial Camp at Gavardo, June 5, 1705."] 

New-York, Decemh. 11 On the 30th past arrived here Hicks from 
Rhode-Island, and Courteen from Ciiracoa, who advises, that a Trad- 
ing Sloop from said Port of 60 Men, was attacked by a Spanish Priva- 
teer Briganteen of 80 Men, who boarded the Sloop; That those of 
the Sloop killed 50 of the Privateers, wounded 15, and took her, and 
Carried her into Curacoa; She is thought to be the Briganteen that 
was in the Service of the Island of Barbadoes, which the Men ran 
away with. 

On the 1st Instant, Her Majesty's Ships of War the Nonsuch, 
Maremaid and Deal-Castle, with the Jamaica Fleet and other Vessels 
under their Convoy, Sailed from Sandyhook for England, the Wind at 
North West. 

On said day arrived Adolph from Boston, and Spencer from St. 

On the 5th Currant arrived here Her Majesty's Ship the Triton 
Prize from England who came out from Plimoth with Captains Gil- 
lam and Mason, that are arrived at Boston. 

Outward bound are several Vessels for Curacoa, Jamaica, Barba- 
does, Antigua, Madera, Carolina & a Sloop for Rhode-Island. 

Capts. Pennistone, Tongrelow, and Van-Tyle in 3 Ships, and also 
2 Sloops Sails this week on Privateering. 

Boston; The Seminary at Ouebeck said to be burnt No 84. Was a 
large, fair, and costly Building. The flaming Shingles of it, flew to 
a distant Chappel, and set that on fire; By the near Neighbourhood 
of this little Chappel, a high Cross charg'd with a Crucifix, was Sur- 
pris'd: Upon the Burning and Fall whereof, take this short Elegy; 

In Obitum Crucis 
Gallica crux aequam flammam sentire coacia est: 
Isia salus fallax, igne probata peril. 



Idolum nihil est; restat de siipiie longo 
Nescio quid cineris, quern Papit urna brevis. 

On Tuesday the ISth. Currant arrived here Thomas Ball in a Sloop 
from Holland and England, who Sailed from Plimouth the 25th of 
October, in Company with a Fleet of about 40 Sail, under Convoy 
of 4 Men of War, two whereof was bound for Guinea, the other two, 
viz-, the Woolage and Advice with several Vessels for Virginia, with 
whom came out Capt. Wilde for Boston, two Briganteens for New- 
York, and other two for Philadelphia; with several Vessels for the 
West-Indies, Jamaica and Carolina. Her Majesty's Men of War 
for Virginia took a French Merchant-man of 300 Tons from Martinico, 
loaden with Sugar, Indigo and Cocoa; and they designed to touch 
at Madera. Mr. Ball says, That Catalenia had revolted to King Charles 
the 3d. That Barcelona was besieged by the Confederate Forces, 
and generally concluded to be now in King Charles's possession. That 
the Grand Fleet is said to Winter in the Streights. That the Mast 
Fleet bound hither designed to sail in March next. That Capts. 
U easembly in the Dudley Frigot, and Carlile in the Swan Briganteen, 
both belonging to Boston were Lost in a Storm coming from the 
Isle of Wight to Plimouth. Mr. Ball parted with the Fleet 5 days 
after they left the Lands-End of England, about 150 Leagues to the 
Westward but Capt. Wilde & the Vessels for New-York and Phila- 
delphia kept still with the Fleet. 

Last Three Weeks we had a Spell of very good Weather, till Fry- 
day night about 7 a Clock it began to Snov\^, and continued all Satur- 
day till about 7 at night; so that there fell a pritty big Snow. 

The Fleet for Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands under Convoy of 
Her Majesties Ship the Deptford, are still Wind-bound at Nantasket 
ready to imbrace the first fair Wind. 

Entered Foreign Inwards, From Jamaica, Joseph Pusifer, Sarah 
Briganteen; from Plimouth, Thomas Ball Sloop Elizabeth Cleared 
Outwards for Barbadoes, Jonathan Lambert, Ship Industry, Nataniel 
Harris Briganteen Swallow, Thomas Symkins, Providence Briganteen; 
for St Christophers Daniel Whyborne Sloop Hawck; for Antigua, Wil 
Rowland, Sloop Seaflower; for Coratuck, Thomas Bell, Sloop Gray- 
hound. Outward Bound for Carolina, Gill Belcher, Ship Tryal. 

The Eastern Post not yet come in. 

The Southern and Western Post Sets out on Monday the 24//^. 
at Six a Clock at night : The Southern Post goes out and comes 
in every Week, and the Western once a Fortnight. 


A Certain Person v/ants to Borrow Thirty Pound upon good 
Security; Any Person that has said Sum, or any greater to Lend, 



may repair to John Campbell Post-Master, and know further. 
[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18.] 

1R. le. mumb. 89. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS December 24. to /IDOnOag December 31. 1705. 


r \ GAIN a four page number, seven columns being filled with 
I ^/^^ foreign news and one with domestic. Under June dates from 
*• Paris, Hague, Venice, Turin, Vienna, Rome, Hamburg, Madrid 
and elsewhere are reports of the campaigns in Portugal, Italy, Hun- 
gary and other parts of Europe. The domestic news includes a 
Thanksgiving proclamation of Governor Dudley.] 

Boston, On Tuesday the 25th. Instant His Excellency arrived at 
Roxbury from His Government of A'^. Hampshire. 

On Wednesday Sailed from Nantasket the Outward bound Fleet 
for Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands under Convoy of Her Majesties 
Ship the Deptford. 

By his Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esq. 

Captain General and Governour in Chief in and over Her 
Majesties Provinces of the Massachusetts-Bay and New-Hamp- 
shire in New-England. 
A PROCLAMATION for a General Thanksgiving. 

It having pleased Almighty GOD of his Great Goodness & Mercy, 
to Afford his Protection and Assistance to her Sacred Majesty in the 
Just War, in which for the common Safety of Her Majesties Realms, 
and for disappointing the boundless Ambition of France, Her Majesty 
is now Engaged; And hath given to Her Majesties Arms, in con- 
junction with Her Allies, under the Command of his Grace the Duke 
of Marlborough, Captain General of Her Majesties Land Forces, 
after their having forced the French Lines in the Spanish Netherlands, 
a Signal and Glorious Victory over the Forces of Her Majesties Enimies 
within those Lines. 

And such Great and Publick Blessings calling for Publick and 
Solemn Acknowledgements. 

I Do, by Her Majesties Especial Command, and with the Advice of 
Her Majesties Council, Order and Appoint, That a General THANKS- 
GIVING to A Imighty GOD, for these His Mercies, be Religiously Observed 
throughout these Provinces, upon Thursday the 24th of January next: 
Exhorting both Ministers & People in their Publick Assemblies in the 



said Day, most devoutly to Celebrate the Praises of Almighty GOD, for 
His So Great Favours and Blessings bestowed: And all Servile Labour 
is hereby forbidden on the said Day. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the 21th Day of Decemb. 
1705. In the Fourth Year of Her Majesties Reign. 
By Order of His Excellency 
the Govemour & Council, /. DUDLEY , 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

No Vessels Entered either Out or In this Week. 
Last Week the first five Days thereof, we had extream Cold Freez- 
ing Weather. Fryday was moderate, and Saturday a Northerly Storm 
>of Snow. 

On the 30th arrived here Capt. Wilde from England mentioned in 
our Last, who arrived below the Castle on Fryday the 2Sth, where 
Ms Vessel still lyes, because of the Ice in the River: He parted with 
the Fleet for Virginia, and the Vessels for Nezv-York etc. (whereof 
'Capt. Jeffers was one) in Latitude of 32. 


[Repeated : advertisement of runaway slave, as first in December 10.] 


1R. ]£. IHumb. 90. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDaS Decem.ber 31. to /IDOUDa^ January 7. 1705. 6. 


TT70REIGN news fills nearly three of the four columns of this issue. 
\I? Included therein is the address of the lord lieutenant to the 
English Parliament, at the close of the session in June, 1705, and 
the address of the Irish Parliament to the queen in June, with the 
answer of the queen. Under the Boston date on the second page 
is more than a column of short foreign news items.] 

Jamaica, Octob. 30. Mr. John Wing from Boston arrived here 
last night. Capt. Allen commander of Her Majesties Ship the Mon- 
tague, lately brought in here a French Merchant man of 30 Guns, 
ibound to Carthagene, richly Loaden. 



Philadelphia, Decemb. 17. Capt. Guy from London arrived here 
the Qth. Currant, He left Plimouth the 2bth. of October, under Convoy 
of 2 Men of War for Virginia, the Woollage and Advice &c. by whom 
we are advised [Here are several items of foreign news.] Capt. Kerney 
in a Briganteen from Ireland arrived the loth, instant, who about a 
Week ago spoke with a Briganteen about 60 Leagues off our Coast 
which had been a Month out of Jamaica, bound for Boston, he for- 
got the Masters Name. 

Mr. James Townsend of Boston dyed at Cohanzey. 

New- York Decemb. 24. Rolland in a Sloop from Jamaica arrived 
the 13th. in 6 Weeks time. 

On the 19th. instant, The Private Ship of War call'd the Castle 
Del Key of 130 Tons, 18 Guns, Capt. Otto Van Tyle Commander, 
Sailed from Jackques Bay (about 10 Miles from hence) and in going 
down towards Sandyhook with an easy Gale of Wind, She struck 
upon the East bank and stuck there; They sent some of their men 
on Shoar in their Cannoo for boats to assist them, but that night a 
hard Gale of Wind Sprung up between W. & N. W. and Froze very 
hard, the Ship began to fill with Water: A Sloop and large Boat was 
sent down, but it Friezing and blowing so hard, they would not ven- 
ture to relieve them, for fear of running the same fate of being a 
ground, and so Froze or Drowned: The next Morning the Gale con- 
tinued hard all day, and the men were all alive upon the Deck and 
in the Shrowds the Sea beating over them : And on Fryday Morning 
the Wind abating, a Boat went on board and found but -i of the 
men alive; The Captain and all the rest being Froze and Drowned, 
there was 145 men, on board when She Sailed, who all perished but 
13, & 132 died in this deplorable manner. Here are Widows Lament- 
ing the loss of their Husbands, and Parents their Children: Tis said 
about 80 or 90 of the men were English, Scotch and Irish, and the 
rest of Dutch Parentage, most born in this Country. 

Capts Tongrelow and Peniston Sailes this day on Privateering, and 
Capt. Joyner for Jamaica; all our outward bound Vessels will Sail 
in 2 or 3 days, the Winter being set in severely. 

Boston, The Advice we have from England per Captain Wild by 
Prints and Letters are [Here follows a column and a half of foreign news.] 

Letters from Bristol to London, Octoh. 3. Advise of one of the 
Jamaica Fleet's being arrived there, who sustained a Leak in the 
great Storm mentioned in our No. 72, and 73. that said Fleet met 
with, whereby she lost 100 Hogsheads of Sugar; and stopping her 
Leak, Sailed Onwards to England, and supposes that several of the 
Fleet put in to Virginia and New-England to refit. 



Of all which we shall inlarge in our succeeding 
Prints, as we usually do 

Capt. William Bevis in Ship Peace for Topshani in England, intends 
to Sail within a Fortnight, Wind and Weather permitting. 

On Saturday arrived [blank] Pam from Sonth-Carolina. Last Week 
was moderate Weather for the season of the year, it Snow'd a little 
on Thursday morning, and it begvm to Snow on Saturday about noon, 
and there fell a pritty deal that night. 

Entered Foreign Inwards, from London, John Wild Ship Dove. 
Cleared Outwards for Madera, Walter Ogleshie, Briganteen Martha. 
Outward bound for St. Christophers, Thomas Clark Sloop Endeavour, 
Monserrat Thomas Ball Sloop Elizabeth. 

JSS^All the Posts came in on Saturday, and sets out again on 
Monday the 7th Currant, at 6 & 7 at night : The Eastern and Southern 
to go and come once a week, and the Western Post once a fortnight. 


' I "^0 be Sold by Mr Peter Signiac Merchant in Boston, at a very 
-■- reasonable Rate, Five Copper Stills, one whereof contains 180 
Gallons, two other 100 Gallons each, a 4th. contains 60 Gallons, and 
the 5th 30 Gallons, all weighing about 800 weight, with 5 worms 
and Tubbs fit for the said Stills: As also Ten Cisterns, three whereof 
Square, each containing about 1200 Gallons, one ditto round con- 
taining 1000 Gallons, six ditto containing about 300 Gallons each; 
Two Pumps with Iron handles, 12 Pales, one Hogshead with a Copper 
Cock, 5 Iron Doors, Two great Shovels, Two pair of Tongs, one Fork, 
and five Iron Shutters; with all their Appurtenances to be seen in the 
back Street behind Capt. Anthony Checkly's house in Boston at the 
Still-House which was formerly Mr. Peter Chardon's. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18, 1705.] 

B. je. Bumb, 91. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDa^ January 7. to flDOH^a^ January 14, 1705. 6. 


r^T^WO and a half columns of this issue are filled with foreign news 
I JL of the war on the continent, and of public affairs, under June, 
1705, dates from Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, London, Dresden 
and elsewhere.] 

South-Carolina, Nov. 11. We have had here for a considerable 



time, a Feaver attended with an unusual Ague, that few or no Families 
in Town or Country but what has been visited with it, while it was 
warm weather 'twas not mortal, but since cold weather came in 
many have died, and several persons of Note, and we hear that it 
has been very mortal among the Indians. There is a Vessel lately 
arrived here from England. 

Piscataqua, January 11th. On Fryday the 4th. Currant several 
Gentlemen went from hence as far as Hampton to meet Mr. Jonathan 
Belcher Merchant of Boston, where he was met being accompanyed 
by several Gentlemen, and arrived here the said night in order to his 
Marriage on Tuesday the Sth. Instant, being his Birthday, unto Mrs, 
Mary Partridge Daughter to William Partridge Esq. late Lieutenant 
Governour of this Province; But at the motion of the Gentlemen 
that accompanyed him, they were Marryed the same night as he 
came off his Journey in his Boots: The Wedding was Celebrated on 
the Tuesday following, where there was a Noble and Splendid Enter- 
tainment for the Guests, and honoured with a Discharge of the Great 
Guns of the Fort, &c. '-' 

'Twill be three Weeks ere Capt. Chamberlin for Lisbone will be 
ready to Sail, being hindered by the severity of the Weather. 

Marblehead, Jan 12: On Saturday the 5th Currant, arrived here 
the Ship Sarah Galley of Boston of 12 Guns, 22 men, Capt. Andrew 
Wilson Commander, from Bonira, about 7 weeks Passage, who left 
Barhadoes the 23d of October last, bound for Saltertuda, and in his 
Passage met with a French Privateer Sloop, about SO men, and a 
Loaden Ship with her, which they supposed to be her Prize: And 
Capt. Wilson judging he could not run from the Privateer, stood 
away for him, and soon came up with each other; whereupon Capt. 
Wilson hailed up his Sails, he and his men retiring to their close 
Quarters, prepared to Fight; The Privateer presently boarded him, 
& clapt a considerable number of his men on board; Wilson and he 
were Lashed board and board about an hour. The Privateers find- 
ing it to hot for them on his Deck, their Gratings being all secured 
that they could not penetrate into his close Quarters, most of them 
went on board their own Sloop again, and from thence ply'd their 
small Arms on Wilso)i, and Wilson on them, till at last the Privateer 
was glad to cut his Lashings and get clear of him ; and left 3 Fuzees, 

127 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 1-51, under date Jan^ 9, also 
note; also pp. 152- 15:3, under date JanV 12 [1705/6]. Jonathan Belcher: later 
Governor Belcher of Massachusetts (1730-1741); afterward Governor of New- 
Jersey (1745-1757) till his death. He was bom in Cambridge, son of Andrew 
Belcher, and his wife who was a daughter of Deputy Governor Danforth of 
Massachusetts under the colonial charter; and grandson of Andrew Belcher, an 
early inn-keeper of Cambridge. 



3 Swords, and some Axes and Pistols behind them on Wilson's Deck 
and one of their men dead in his Chains; and they judge that they 
kill'd many of the Privateer's men, because they saw several fall and 
thrown down into their Hold, and the blood running very plentifully 
out of their Scuppers; Capt. Wilson had no men kill'd, only himself 
and Son received several Wounds; at parting Capt. Wilson discharged 
two Great Guns loaden with small Shot, which he supposes did great 
execution among the Privateers men.'-^ 

Boston, By a person come from Cape-Cod we are acquainted, That 
a Ketch Outward Bound from Salem, William Brown Master, who 
had besides himself, a Mate, 2 men and a Boy on board her, was 
Cast away on Sandy Poynt the 22d of December last; The Mate and 
one of the men were drowned; the Master brought the Boy in his 
Arms 2 or 3 miles, who then dyed; and the Master lies now danger- 
ously ill, & 'tis doubted if he will recover. 

On Tuesday the 8th. Currant, being the day designed for the 
Marriage of Mr. Jonathan Belcher of Piscataqua, There was several 
great Guns discharged at his Father Capt. Andrew Belcher Esqr's. 
Wharfife, and aboard of several Ships. ^^'^ 

On the 13th Dyed here Mr. David Jess, Goldsmith. 

Last Week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, were extream 
Cold, the rest of the days was moderate Weather. 

Foreign Entered Inwards, from South-Carolina, Stephen Paine in 
Ketch Martha. Cleared Outwards for Monserrat Francis Norris 
in Sloop Seafiower, Antigua, Robert Carver in Briganteen Plimouth, 
Thomas Gwin Briganteen Elizabeth, Ephraim Breed Ketch Good- 
hope, Beamsly Perkins Ship Eagle Galley. Nevis William Webber 
in Rose Briganteen. Jamaica, John Bulkley in Briganteen Abigail 
& Sarah, Jeffery Bedgood Sloop Two Brothers. Outward bound, 
South-Carolina, Samuel Boyes in Briganteen Susanna; Barbadoes, 
Jacob Legay, Mitchels Prize, Jamaica, Bartholomew Green in Svv^an 


ON Fryday next the 18th. Currant at three a Clock in the after- 
noon will be exposed to Sale at the House of Mr. William Hill 
near the Dock in Boston, twenty nine half Barrels of Leaf, and 40 
Rolls of Spun Tobacco. To be seen at Her Majesty's Custom-House 
in Office hours. 

128 Captain Andrew Willson : earlier captain of the ship 'Greyhound, em- 
ployed in 1703 on the queen's service in guarding the coast against French 
privateers; and in 1704 in Colonel Benjamin Church's expedition against the 
French and Indians. 

129 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 153, under date Jany 23 
[1705/6]. Also, note 127, p. 284. 



[Reprinted: advertisement of Peter Signiac, as in January 7; 
News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 18, 1705.] 

1R. JS. Bumb. 92. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /iDon^aS January 14. to /JDOnDai^ January 21. 1705, 6. 


r"DEGINNING the first column of the first page of this issue is a 
j -Ddispatch "From the Duke of Marlborough's Camp at Vlierbeck 
July 20, N. S." giving the details of a battle near Hespen in the 
Spanish Netherlands, July 17 and IS, and including a list of the French 
and Bavarian officers and soldiers then captured, and the standards 
and colours taken. There is also the proclamation of the queen for 
a public thanksgiving. The domestic news is confined to less than 
half a column.] 

Philadelphia, Jan. 1st. Thursday the 10th. Currant is the day 
appointed for Publick Thanksgiving, for the Signal Victory obtained 
by His Grace the Duke Marlborough, &c. 

New- York Jan. 7th. Capts. Tongrelow & Peniston with great 
difficulty got to Sea the 26 th last. Christmas day being the Coldest 
that was ever felt here : Hudsons River was froze over and continued 
fast several days, the severe cold lasted three days. 

On the 1st Instant arrived here the Ship N. York Merchant, Thomas 
Jeffers Master, came out of Plimouth 25 of October with the Virginia 
Fleet, under Convoy of 2 Men of War, and in Company with those for 

To Morrow is appointed a Publick day of Thanksgiving for the 
Success of Her Majesties Arms, &c. 

Outward bound, Wessels & Milburn for Antigua, Dunscum for 
Barbadoes, Wells & Stillwell for St. Thomas, Pitman for Curacoa and 
Rolland for Jamaica. 

Boston, Last Week was very moderate Weather for the Season. 

Cleared, Outwards for Virginia, Noah Chamne in Ship Endeavour, 
Nevis, Richard Butler Sloop Adventure; Madera, Fortune Redduck 
Sloop St. Christophers; Antigua, David Bucklin Brigt. Randol; 
Monserrat, Thomas Ball Sloop Ehzabeth, and Samuel Edwards 
Briganteen William and Mary. 

On the 20th Currant, Dyed here the Lady MARY PHIPPS,'^'' 

130 Lady Mary Phips: widow of Sir William Phips. See Diary of Samuel 
Sewall, Vol. II, p. 153, under date Lord's Day, Jan^ 20. Also, same page, 
under date Jany 25th [1705/6]. 



"Wife of Peter Seargent Esqr/^^ And also Mrs. Jane Pembrook/^^ 
Wife of Mr, Elkanah Pembrook. 


RAn-away from their Master Capt. Richard Petterson of South- 
Carolina about the latter end of Septemb. last, Three Negro 
Men Slaves, viz. Shippio, aged about 20 years, Jack about 17. and 
Jacob about 13 years old, and judged to be come to some of the Prov- 
inces to the Southward of the Massachusetts-Bay: Whosoever 
shall take up all or any of said Negro's, and him or them safely Con- 
vey or Transport to his or their said Master, or to Mr. Joseph Emmons 
of Boston, or give any true Intelligence of them, so as their Master 
may have them again, shall be sufficiently rewarded, and all reasonable 
charges paid besides. 

M. J£* mumb. 93. 

The Bolton News-Letten 

From /TOonDay January 21. to /IDonDa^ January 28 1705. 06 


r^T^HIS issue begins with a letter from the Canary Islands, giving 
I X an account of the earthquakes on Teneriffe, December 24 - 
February 23, 1705, introduced with the following editorial 
paragraph : 

*'In our Last we promts' d to return where we Left off, to carry on the 
Foreign Occurrences : But a most Remarkable Providence occurring 
to us, since ive were on that of April last, we must yet beg leave of our 
Undertakers to give them the Account thereof in the same words as 
it is in the Mercury of said Month." 

Other foreign news is from Hague, Vienna, Turin and Paris under 
June and July, 1705, dates. The domestic news is limited to two 
Boston items, and there are three advertisements.] 

Boston, Capt. Brown from Wells, Capt. Tyng from Dunstable, 
and Capt. Stevens from Haveril, are Marched into the Woods with 
40 Men each, and 15 days Provision, to Scout from Connecticut River 
to Sacho River, Forty Miles above the Heads of the Fronteers, to 
discover any Stragling Indians in the Woods. 

Entered Foreign Inwards, Andrew Wilson, in Sarah Gaily from 
B[o]nite. Cleared Outwards, for South Carolina, Jonathan Hunlock, 
in Stephen and Samuel. For Antigua, Nicholas Davison Brigt. 

131 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 154, under date Janv 26 [1705/6]. 
Also, p. 174, note 2, to entry Dec"" IS, 1706. 

132 See Diary of Semuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 153, under date Tuesday Jan^ 
22 [1705/6]. 



Welcome, Zachary Alden Ketch Merrimack, John Taylor in Sloop 
Kathrin & Ann. For Fyal, Jeremiah Tay in Brigt. John & Ann. 
Outward bound for Barbadoes, Mathew Vibert Ship Friends-Adven- 
ture, John Fisher Sloop Blackthorn. For Jamaica, Joseph Pulsifer 
in Brigt. Sarah. 


THese are to give Notice unto all Persons that are Indebted unto 
John Childe of Boston Taylor, to repair unto his Shop at the 
North End of said Town, near Scarlet's Wharff; where Messeurs 
William Hobby and Francis Thresher Attorneys to the said Childe, 
will Attend on Tuesday and Fryday in every Week, until the first 
day of March next, to Adjust Accompts with the said Debtors: But 
upon their Neglect to meet the said Attorneys on the days, and in the 
time aforesaid. They must expect Lawfull Process to be made against 

ON Thursday the 31st. Currant, at 5 a Clock in the afternoon, 
will be exposed to Sale by Inch of Candle ^^^ at the Coffee-House 
of Mr. Robert Guttridge in Boston, a Parcel of old Woolen Cards, 
about 22 dozen more or less, to be put up at 3 Shillings Per dozen; 
to advance 3 Pence each bidding, and to be seen at the Warehouse 
of Mr. John George Merchant, at the Dock. 

ALL Persons in Town & Country may have this News-Letter 
every Week by the Year, upon reasonable Term.s, agreeing with 
John Campbell Post-master of Boston for the same. 


fl. ]£, IHumb. 94. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDontJa^ January 28. to nDonOag February 4 1705, 6. 


['' I ^HIS issue is a four page folio, to accommodate the report of the 
JL meeting of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, July 3, 1705, 
with the address of the queen, and the speeches of the duke 
of Argyle and the earl of Scofield. There are also dispatches from 
the military camps on the continent of Europe and from London, 
Paris, Venice, Dresden and elsewhere. One New York item and 
three Boston items comprise the domestic news, in all a half column.] 

New-York, Jan. 21. We have had an extraordinary Season of 
warm weather for 12 days past. We hear from Philadelphia, that 

133 See foot-note, News-Letter No. S ante, p. 90. 



several of the Virginia Fleet were arrived in Putuxan River in 
Christmas week, and that 'tis believ'd all the Fleet are arrived. 

Boston, The Week before last was Moderate Weather for the Sea- 
son, Only on Wednesday the 23d. of January it Snow'd a little, 
Fryday the 25th. was very Cold, and Saturday more Moderate, about 
nine a clock at Night it began to Snow, and continued till about 
noon the first day of the last Week, when there fell a pritty deal of 
Snow. Tuesday and Wednesday last, we had a severe Easterly 
Storm of Snow, which fell very deep, and the Wind blow'd very hard 
all Tuesday Night, and till Wednesday Night. 

On Tuesday night last, the 29th of January, John Coleburn of 
Dedham, went from Boston over the Neck, with his Teem in order to 
go Home, and it's judged he is lost in the Snow, his Sled, Horse and 
Cattle being found upon the Neck, but not himself. 

Cleared Outwards, William Walters for Rhode-Island the Hannah 
and Ruth, Gill Belcher in Ship Tryal for South-Carolina. 


A Certain Person wants to Borrow at Interest a Hundred Pound 
upon good Security; any Person that has said Sum, or any 
greater or lesser to Lend, may repair to John Campbell Post-Master 
of Boston, and know further. 

[Reprinted: advertisement of attorneys for John Childe, as in 
January 28.] 

Wi. 16. Humb. 95. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDOn^a^ February 4. to /IDonJ)a^ February 11. 1705, 6. 


["'* I ^HREE and a half columns of foreign and a half column of domes- 

I A tic news make this issue, the foreign news being from Vienna, 
Dresden, Mechlin, Madrid, Paris, Hague and the imperial 
camp at Soncino.] 

Lynn, Febr. 8. On Tuesday the 29th last, Mr. Joseph Newhall, 
our Representative in the General Court, was at Salem; and pre- 
suming to go home late at night, notwithstanding the Violence of the 
Storm of Snow; Wandered out of Reading- Road, which was his 
Way; and declining still to the Left-hand, cross'd Boston Road; and 
so perished between the Butts and the Spring-Pond. 

Boston, Coasters Cleared Outwards, Samuel Dutch in Sloop Night- 
ingal, for Piscataqua. Foreign Cleared Outwards, William Bevis in 



Ship Peace, for Topsham in England. Outward Bound, Giles Fifield 
in Boston-Merchant, for Nevis. 

John Coleburn mentioned in our Last to be Lost in the Storm of 
:Snow, was found dead the 5th Instant, near to Mr. Ruggles's Barn at 

Last Week was a moderate Thaw. 


ANy Person that wants to Borrow Money at Interest upon good 
Security, may Repair to John Campbell Post-Master of Boston, 
and know further. 

[Reprinted: advertisement of attorneys for John Childe, as first 
in January 28.] 

fPi, jg^ Bumb. 96. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDaS February 11. to /IDOnDaS February 18. 1705, 6. 


r"]\ /TORE than three columns of this two page issue are filled with 
I IVlforeign news. For the most part this is of July, 1705, dates, 
from Rome, Warsaw, Paris, Berhn, Hague, Turin, Zurich, 
Lisbon and other European capitals. There are detailed reports from 
the camp of the duke of Marlborough. The domestic news is 
meagre, relating principally to shipping.] 

New- York, Febr. 4. Entered Outward Bound, Adolph for Rhode- 
Island, Manning for Jamaica, Capt. Jeffers and 2 or 3 more for London, 
Via Virginia, with Convoy. 

Rhode-Island, Febr. 14. On the 9th Instant arrived here Capt. 
Benjamin Ellery from Curacoa, 4 weeks passage, who says, that there 
is a Fleet of French Men of War, consisting of 22 Sail come to Marti- 
nico, who were 30 Sail when they came out of France, but meeting 
with an English Squadron took 5 of them, the other 3 are missing, 
and they know not what is become of them. On the Fleets arrival 
at Martinico, they call'd in all their Privateers, but on what design 
not Known 

Capt. Avery a Privateer Sloop of Curacoa took a French Privateer 
Briganteen of 90 men, and a Sloop of 80 men, & brought both in to 
Curacoa, where they were Sold at a Vandieu, the Owner that fitted 
them out at Petit-Guavus being there then a Trading, bought them 
both again. 



Piscataqua, Febr 15. On Monday 11 Currant arrived here Samuel 
Dutch in a Sloop from Boston, having on Board the Hon. Col. The. 
Povey Esqr. Lieut. Gov. of Her Majesty's Province of the Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, who intends on Thursday next to Imbark on Board 
Capt. Jarvenin for Lisbon, and so to England. 

Boston, Coasters Entered Inwards, Thomas Lothrop in Sloop 
Diamond from the Viyieyard. Foreign, Nicholas Thomas Jones, 
in Sloop Industry, from N-CaroUna. Cleared Outwards, Samuel 
Long, Brig. Sarah, for Jamaica. Outward Bound for London, Capt. 
Benjamin Gillam, in Ship Reward. New-York, Alexander Duncan, 
Sloop Friendship; Rhode-Island, John Lothrop, Sloop Diamond. 
Pensilvania, Eleazar Darby, Sloop Elizabeth. North Carolina, 
Ebenezar Coffin, Sloop Dolphin. Jamaica, Joseph Pulsifer, Ship 
William and Sarah. 

Last week the first 3 days of it we had a moderate Thaw, on Wednes- 
day about noon it began to Rain, & continued till Fryday about 
noon, which has carried away the Snow off the Streets of Boston, 
where it lay very deep, that hardly the appearance of it is to be 
seen: Fryday night and Saturday we had a hard Frost. 

Last week returned Capt. Brown, Capt. Tyng and Capt. Stevins 
with their Companies all well and in health after 17 days march into 
the Woods, 50 miles above the Heads of the Frontiers from between 
Connecticut River & Merrimack, in the late great Storm of Snow, 
but neither discovered nor met with any of the Enemy. 

On Saturday the 16th Currant, His Excellency our Governour was 
pleased further to Prorogue the General Assembly of this Province, 
that stood Prorogu'd to the last Wednesday of this Month, unto 
Wednesday the 10th of April next. 


A Ny person that wants to put out a Child a Nursing on the Breast, 
■^ ^may repair unto John Campbell Post-Master of Boston, and 
know further. 

A Negro Man Slave about 21 years Old, speaks good English. 
■^ ^To be Sold by Capt. Thomas Leasenby, and to be seen at his 
Housein the Back-street in the North-End of Boston, near to 
Mr. Hiller's. 

A House Lott of Land on the South-side in School-House-Lane 
-^ ^in Boston, opposite to Joseph Melims, containing 44 Foot Front, 
and 88 Foot Rear to be Sold on reasonable terms; Enquire of Mr. 
Isaac Biscum, Barber, near to the Old-Meeting-House, and know 



ANy person that wants good Bills in Barbadoes for an Hundred 
Pound here in Boston; Inquire of John Campbell Post Master, 
and know further. 

[Reprinted: money to loan, as in February 11.] 

ffi, jB. Bumb. 97. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDonDaig February 18. to /IDOnDa'g February 25 1705, 6. 


rTT^OREIGN news of July and August, 1705, from London, Venice, 
I J^ Milan, Lisbon, Rome, Turin, Vienna, Hague, Hamburg and 
elsewhere, and from several of the military camps on the con- 
tinent, occupy this four page issue to the almost complete exclusion 
of domestic news.] 

Boston, On Wednesday the 20th. Currant, we had an Easterly 
Storm of Snow, Wind and Rain; The said day returned here Capt. 
WilHam Rowse in a Briganteen from Port-Royal, who Sailed from 
hence the 29th. of December last, with some French Prisoners to be 
Exchanged for Ours; And he brought with him 17 English Prisoners. 

Coaster, Cleared Outward, Nath. Loring for Connecticut. Foreign 
Cleared Outward for South Carolina, Samuel Boyce in Briganteen 
Susan. For St. Christophers, Thomas Clarke Sloop Endeavour, for 
Jamaica Bartholomew Green Briganteen Swan. Outward bound, 
Thomas Porter for St. Christophers in Sloop New-London. 


LAtely Published a Discourse concerning Earthquakes, occasioned 
by the Earthquakes which were in New-England, in the Province 
of the Massachusetts-Bay, June 16 And in Connecticut-Colony, 
June 22d. 1705. Also Two Sermons shewing that Sin is the greatest 
evil; and that to Redeem TIME is the greatest Wisdom: By the 
Reverend Mr Increase Mather. Sold by Benjamin Eliot, at his 
Shop under the West-end of the Town-House in Boston. 

GOod Barbadoes Rhum by the Hogshead or Tearse, to be Sold 
by Mr. Joseph Hiller at his House in the Back-street beyond the 
Mill-bridge in the North End of Boston near the upper end of Coney's- 

A Negro Woman to be Sold by John Campbell, Post-Master, and 
-^ ^to be seen at his House next door to the Anchor-Tavern in 
Boston. As also a parcel of very good Flax. 



[Reprinted: house for sale, and Exchange bills for Barbadoes, as 
in February 18.] 

fP(^ jQ, mumb. 98. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /©OnDag February 25. to /IDOn&a^ March 4 1705, 6. 


r A FOUR PAGE folio, more than three pages filled with foreign 
I -ZjLnews, including an account of the meeting of the English 
Parliament; v/ar dispatches, and reports from Yarmouth and 
other ports of a great storm and marine disasters.] 

Plimoiith, [Eng] August 12. On Friday night last we had a terrible 
Storm, in which several Merchant Ships were lost; part of which were. 
Owners Adventure, Capt. Stubbs from Barbadoes; Somer- 
set, Capt. Wickstead, from Barbadoes; with 3 or 4 others whose 
Names I cannot learn. 

New-York, Febr. 18. This day arrived here a Briganteen from 
Nevis, in 15 days, William Stanton Master, by whom we have advice, 
that the King William Pacquet-Boat was arrived there (a few days 
before he Sailed) from England with the ill news of many of the 
Eastern Fleet being taken by a Squadron of Nine French Men of 
War, and 2 Privateers, Commanded by Monsieur St. Paul, their 
Convoy is said to be the Greenwich, Jersey and one other Man of 
War, who maintained a Fight of 8 hours with great Gallantry, but 
at last were obliged to submit to Number; in which action Monsieur 
St. Paul was killed. 

We are further advised, that the Martinico Privateers are all gone 
to Tobago, where are expected 12 Men of War from France which 
with 3 at Martinico are to undertake some Enterprize. 

They write from Philadelphia, that the Homeward bound Virginia 
Fleet for England are to Sail the latter end of April next, and that 2 
more Men of War are expected there from Lisbon, to strengthen the 
Convoy: Two or three Vessels from hence design to take the oppor- 
tunity of that Convoy. Capt. Grevenraet designs to Sail for Boston 
in a fortnight. 

Hartford, Feb. 18. The late excessive Rains we have had, has 
occasioned a very great Flood, which would have been much greater, 
had not the Wind chop'd about to N. W. and notwithstanding, the 
like has not been this 14 or 15 years, we do not yet hear of much 
damage done by it. 



Piscataqua, March 1. On Friday the 15th of February last, 
Capt Jarvenin Sailed from hence to Lisbon. 

Marblehead, March 1. On Wednesday the 20th of February last, 
we had a Violent Storm, wherein we lost two of our Fishing Shallops, 
and four men out of one of them. 

Boston, Coaster Entered Inward, James Webber from Piscataqua, 
Cleared Outward, Daniel Wair and Anthony Bracket for Piscataqua; 
Alexander Duncan Sloop Friendship, for New York. Outward 
bound for London, John Wilde, Ship Dove, David Mason, Ship, 
William & Hannah; for Monserat, Thomas Taylor, Briganteen 
Experiment; Andrew Wager, Sloop Endeavour; for Barbadoes, 
Andrew Wilson, Sarah Galley. 

S^^This is to give Notice, that the Western Post, to Connecticutt, 
New- York and Philadelphia Sets out on Monday the 4th Currant, at 
J a Clock in the Afternoon, to return on Saturday next; and so to 
continue for once a week till December; he also carries with him the 
Southern Maile for Rhode-Island. 


'* I ^HE Tan- Yard lately in the Occupation of Capt. Bozoon Allen, 
-'- where he lately dwelt near to the Prison in Boston, To be Lett 
on reasonable Terms: Enquire of John Campbell Post-master, and 
know further. 

THe Christians Exercise by Satans Temptations: Or an Essay to 
discover the Methods which this Adversary useth to Tempt 
the Children of GOD; and to Direct them how to escape the mis- 
chief thereof; being the Substance of several Sermons Preached on 
that Subject, from that Text, 1 Chron. 21. 1. By the Reverend Mr. 
Samuel Willard. 

As also a Sei-mon of Brotherly Love, Preached by him on the 
Lecture, from Heb. 13 1. Let Brotherly Love continue. Sold by 
Benjamin Eliot at his Shop under the West End of the Town-House 
in Boston. 

A Certain person wants a single able man to Drive a Teame in 
Boston; If any such will repair to John Campbell Post-master 
of Boston, they may have Encouragement for that Work. 

A Negro Woman to be Sold by John Campbell, Post-Master, and 
-^ ^to be seen at his House next door to the Anchor-Tavern in Boston. 

T Ast year the Undertaker of this Publick Print of Intelligence 
-■—'for both Foreign and Domestick Occurrences in Numb 51. gave 
you an Account of his Motive to Print, viz. To give a True Relation 
of Affairs, Remarkable Providences that occur'd, and to prevent a 



great many false Reports of the same; As also a Specimen of the 
Trouble and Charge attending it, to which he still refers you: And 
now acquaints you, That notwithstanding at the Generous desire of 
several Gentlemen, Merchants and others who were willing to promote 
such a Publick Good, by Contributing this Second Year for its sup- 
port, yet the Undertaker has not had a sufficient niimber to defray 
the Necessary Charge of it, by reason of a great many, as well, nay 
better able than some who do Contribute, that are so backward 
to promote so good a Publick Work; Whereas did every Town in 
this and the Neighbouring Provinces take but One a Week per. 
Annum, the Charge to some of them would not amount to 2d. a 
man, and to the most not above 4d. or 6d. where it goes by the 
Post, which if they did, would be a good Motive to carry it on: And 
were there a Competent number to take it, the Undertaker would 
be enabled to Print a Sheet instead of half a Sheet, and to settle 
Correspondents everywhere so as to have the Occurrences some 
Months sooner than Now they are, and to Polish the Print better 
which would make it far more acceptable than now it is; for want 
whereof the Undertaker cannot now do, as he would. Therefore all 
persons in Town and Country in this and the Neighbouring Provinces, 
who have not already paid according to Agreement for this Currant 
year for said Intelligence, are now desired to do it: And such who 
have a mind to encourage the supporting and carrying it on for 
a third year, are hereby Advertised by Word or Writting to Agree 
with John Campbell Post-master of Boston for the same, that before 
this second year (which ends the last of April next) is elapsed, it may 
be known. If it can be undertaken for the third year, which if en- 
couraged to be continued that it drop not for 4 or 5 Weeks as it did 
in the beginning of this year, by reason of sevei"al Encouragers Post- 
poning to take it at the beginning that afterwards did.^^^ 

1R« le. IRumb. 99. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /E»OnDag March 4. to /IDOUdag March 11. 1705, 6. 


FOUR PAGE sheet ^^' of eight columns, over six of which are filled 
with foreign news, mostly concerning the war, from Berlin, 

134 Although in this advertisement, as also again in the issue of March 25, 
Campbell asserts that the News-Letter was suspended for several weeks, that 
was not the fact. As the pages of this volume show, copies of the News-Letter 
for every week of 1705 and every week of 1706 to December 2 are now extant. 
Why Campbell should have made that statement cannot now be divined. 

135 This enlargement to a full sheet would indicate that Campbell had 



Paris and Vienna, of August, 1705, dates; and from the duke 
of Marlborough's camp at Ramee an account of the battle on the 
banks of the river Adda.] 

Barhadoes, Novemb. 22d. Six days ago arrived here from Nevis 
Mr. Samuel Frazon Merchant, whom I formerly Wrote you was 
feared to be Lost in coming from on board a Man of War, a Storm 
rising drove them to Sea, where they lay driving 6 days, without 
any manner of Subsistance either Bread or W^ater; at last were drove 
on Shore at St. Vincent, where the Indians stript him naked as soon 
as he Landed: his two Sailours dyed in a little time after, but his 
Negro surviv'd the Calamity; Mr. Frazon continued in that condi- 
tion 3 Months, at last the Indians carryed him over to Martinico, 
where he paid to the value of 17 or 18 Pistoles for his Ransom, but 
they would not let him redeem his Negro, but keeps him still: from 
Martinico he came to Nevis. At the same time another Boat with 
two Negro's drove off to Sea, and Landed the same day at St. Vincent. 

New-York, March -1. On the 19th of February last arrived here a 
Sloop from St. Thomas in 14 days, Samuel Martin Master, by whom 
we are informed, that 14 Men of War Sailed from France for the 
West-Indies, but in or near the Chanel were separated by a Storm, 
& only 6 of them were arrived at Martinico, which are Sailed from 
thence to Guardaloop with 22 Privateers to take on Board Land 
Forces in order to attack the Leward-Islands; 'tis said had the 14 
Men of War all arrived, their Design was against Barhadoes, and from 
thence to the other Islands, but 8 Ships being missing, they have 
wav'd that intention, and 'tis feared the Leward-Islands are in danger. 
It is reported the 8 French Men of War that are missing are taken 
by a Squadron of English (I wish it prove so) but of this we have no 
positive account. 

Capt. Gincks in the Privateer Briganteen Dragon (who Sailed from 
hence last Fall with upwards of 130 able men) off Porto Rico Engaged 
2 French Privateers, the Trampoose and another Sloop, and had 
taken them had they not run, and having received damage in his 
Rigging & Sails could not follow them, the French Privateers got 
into St. Thomas being much shatter' d, and several men killed and 
wounded. The Privateer which boarded Capt. Andrew Wilson of 
Boston, mentioned in your News-Letter Numb. 91 was also at St. 
Thomas's, and acknowledges Wilson killed him 22 men. 

The English daily Courants of October informs us, That not the 

received the encouragement which he asked, that would enable him to "print 
a sheet instead of half a sheet." See his advertisement in March 4. Later 
appeals, however, show that he did not obtain the desired support. With the 
issue of March 18 a return is made to the half sheet size. 



Greenwich and Jersey mentioned in my last to be the Convoys of the 
Eastland Fleet attacked by 9 French Men of War and 2 Privateers, 
commanded by Monsieur St. Paul, but that it was the Pendennis, 
Blackwell and another Man of War, who made a brave resistance e're 
they were taken, wherein Monsieur St. Paid was kill'd, and 200 of 
his Ships Crew. [Then are printed several other foreign news 

There are Outward bound 3 Vessels for St. Thomas, 1 for Barba- 
does, 1 for Nevis, 3 for London, via Virginia. 

Watertown, March 6. The middle Precinct, Mr. Daniel Warren 
of this Town, aged about 80 years, being well and in health at Meet- 
ing on the Lords-Day the 24th of February last, just before the 
beginning of the Morning Exercise, he suddenly sunk down dead. 

Hampton, March 8. On Fryday the 1st. Currant a sad accident 
fell out here, a Man falling a Tree, it fell upon one of his own Sons of 
about 7 years old, his Fathers darling, and dash'd him to pieces, so 
that he never spake or stirr'd more. 

Rhode-Island, March 8. Yesterday arrived here Robert Smith in 
Briganteen Dragon, from Surranam 11 weeks passage, who lost all 
liis Horses in going there, he and his m.en were near perishing for 
want of Water, having 13 Weeks passage to Surranam. This day 
arrived here Loring and Duncan from Boston. 

Boston, Abel Jones from Jamaica came from Blewfields last, had 
about 8 weeks passage, brings no News. 

Coasters Entered Outward, James Webber for Piscataqua, John 
Lothrop for Rhode-Island. Foreign Inwards, Abel Jones in Briganteen 
Amity from Jamaica. Cleared Outwards, Joseph Foy. Dwaal 
Frigot, for Barbadoes, Ebenezar Parker Sloop Dolphin for Bermuda, 
James Gold Sloop Hopewell for Pensilvania, Joseph Berrey Sloop 
New-London, for St. Christophers, Joseph Johnson Sloop Elizabeth 
for Salem in New-Jersey. Outv/ard Bound, Stephen Pain in Ketch 
Martha for Tercera, John Tticker in Sloop Hope, for Roanoke, Solo- 
■mon Gardner Sloop Mary, for Newfoundland, Job Hilliard Ketch 
Adventure, for Fyall. 



A Certain Tract of Land in Kittery in the Province of Main in New- 
England, near to Capt. Ichabod Plaisted's, containing 110 Acres, 
borders on Piscataqua River, having on it two good Orchards, a good 
quantity of fresh Meadow, and good Oak and Pine Timber. To be 
Sold by Thomas Short at the Printing-House in the South End of 




Negro Woman Aged about 24 years of Age to be Sold b}^ Mr. 
Peter Barbour Tailour near the Town-House in Boston. 

'Ood Wine Vinegar very cheap, to be Sold by Joseph Maylim 
'at his House in School-house Lane in Boston. 

Agnalia Christi Americana: Or, '' ^ ''he Ecclesiastical 
Histor}^ of New-England, from its first # Plantingin the year 
1620, unto the year of our Lord, 1698, in Folio, containing 

820 Pages, in 7 Books 1. Antiquities in 7 Chapters, with an Appendix 
2. Containing the Lives of the Govouernours, & Names of the Magis- 
trates of N. England, in 13 Chapters, with an Appendix. 3 The Lives 
of 60 famous Divines, by whose Ministry the Churches of New- 
England have been planted and continued. 4. An Account of the 
University of Cambridge in New-England, in Two parts. The 
first contains the Lives, the Benefactors, and Vicissitudes of Harvard 
College, with remarks upon it. The Second part contains the Lives- 
of some Eminent Persons Educated in it. 5. Acts and Monuments 
of the Faith and Order in the Churches of New-England, passed in 
their Synods ; with Historical Remarks upon those Venerable Assem- 
blies; and a great Variety of Church Cases occurring, and resolved 
by the Synods of those Churches; in four Parts. 6. A Faithful 
Record of many Illustrious, Wonderful Providences, both of Mercies, 
and Judgments, on divers Persons in New-England ; in 8 Chapters. 
7. The Wars of the Lord. Being an History of the Manifold Afflic- 
tions & Disturbances of the Churches in New-England, from their 
Various Adversaries, and the Wonderful Methods and Mercies of 
GOD in their Deliverance; in 6 Chapters. To which is Subjoyned, 
An Appendix of Remarkable Occurrences which New-England had 
in the Wars with the Indian Salvages, from the year 1688 to the year 
1698. By the Reverend and Learned Cotton Mather, M. A. and 
Pastor of the North Church in Boston, New-England. To be Sold by 
Benjamin Eliot at his Shop under the West End of the Town-House 
in Boston: Price 20s. 

IPi, ]g. Humb. 100. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From fIDon&ai? March 11. to /IDonOa^ March 18. 1705, 6. 


Y I ^HREE of the four columns of this issue are filled with foreign 
1^ X news which includes an account of the siege and capture of the 
town of Leuwe, August 2S-September 7, 1705, sent from the- 
camp of the duke of Marlborough at Tirlemont; and also dispatches 
from Constantinople, Madrid, Vienna, Hamburgh and Hague.] 



Jamaica, Fehr. 6. There is arrived here from Boston, John Venii- 
man, and John Welsh, and Thomas Pemberton from Rhode-Island, 
who sprung his Mast in the Voyage. 

One Cehra Sailed 4 days ago for New York. And this day Sails 
for London, 3 Merchant men, viz. the Gold-Frigot, the Dolphin, and 
Maremaid; for Boston, Jonathan Armitage, John Pitts, and Thomas 
Hunt, the last whereof sprung a Leak and returned again; William 
Goddard in a Briganteen Sailed also for St. George's. 

Her Majesties Ship the Experiment bound from Jamaica to Bar- 
badoes met with a French Merchant-man of 200 Tuns, loaden with 
Cocoa, and brought her in here. 

About the latter end of Jan. last, Her Majesties Ship the Bristol 
and Folston met with 10 Sail of Merchant-men bound from Petigua- 
viis to France under Convoy of Two French Men of War of 24 and 30 
Guns a piece out of which Capt. Anderson Commadore of the English 
took 6 French Merchant men Loaden with Sugar, Cocoa, Cochenile 
and Indigo, which were brought in here. And upon their Arrival 
a Court of Admiralty was held by Admiral Whetstone, who took Capt. 
Anderson' s and the Officers Commissions from them, for not Engag- 
ing the Two French Men of War and the other Ships, and has reserved 
them for a further Tryal in England. 

A Dutch Privateer of Curacoa brought in here a French Prize Sloop, 
who gave an Account of 14 Sail arrived from France at Martinico, 
whereof some are Merchant-men, and Fireships and Tenders. 

New- York, March 11. On the 10th Instant, arrived here a Ship 
from Jamaica in 28 days, one Mears Master, who belongs to Boston. 

Capt. Ginks with a small Dutch Privateer in Consort from Curacoa, 
has taken a French Privateer, and two very good Prizes, and carried 
them in to Jamaica. 

Hampton, March 15 On Tuesday the 12th Currant, a considerable 
parcel of very good fresh Oranges, some whole, some broken, were 
Cast ashore upon our Beach for some miles together, since which is 
come ashore a Cane, and a carved Lion, whereby we are afraid of 
some Vessel inward bound being Lost. 

Boston, Monday the 11th. Instant being the Annual Election- 
day for Town-Officers, There was chosen to Serve as Select or Towns- 
men, Messieurs* Timothy Thornton, Daniel Oliver, John Barnard, 
Thomas Fitch, Thomas Jackson, Daniel Pounding, Thomas Cushing, 
*Samuel Greenwood, and Joseph Prout, who is also Town Clerk, and 
Town Treasurer. 

Those that have this Mark * before their Names are New Officers. ^^® 

136 In the Boston Town Records, Pounding appears Powning; Barnard, 



In our Number 49. we gave you the preceding years Bill of Mor- 
tality; and in this we give you last years Bill of the Persons Buryed 
in the Town of Boston, besides those who dyed abroad, many of the 
Inhabitants of Boston being Seafaring men, are not Reckoned in 
this Catalogue. 

March 14 July 29 November 15 70 

April 18 August 31 December 18 102 

May 18 September 24 January 16 66 

June 20 October 18 February 17 


70 102 66. Negro's 44 

Coaster Entered Inward, Carteret Gillam in Sloop Tryal from Con- 
necticitt. Foreign Inward, William Rowlson Sloop Elizabeth, from 
Axuma, Jonathan Armitage, in Brigt. 3 Sisters, from Jamaica. 
Cleared Outward, Joseph Pulsifer, Ship William, and Sarah, for 
Jamaica; Stephen Paine, Ketch Martha, for Tercera; Jacob Legay, 
MitcheVs Prize, and Matthew Vibert, Friends Adventure, for Barba- 
does. Outward Bound, John Waters, Ship Betty, for Barbadoes; 
Archibald Ferguson, Sloop Flying Horse, for Newfoundland; John 
Charnock, Ship Society, for Jamaica; William Blair, Briganteen Joh1^ 
Abiel, for England; James Smith Ship America, for Leward Islands. 


A Ny Person that wants to bind out a Lad or Lads to learn the 
■*- ^Trade of a Man or Womans Tailour, let them repair to John 
Campbell Postmaster in Boston, who will help them to a good Master, 

[Reprinted: negro woman to be sold by John Campbell; as in 
March 4.] 

Iiq. ]g. Bumb. 101. 

The Bolton NewsXetter. 

From /JDOnDa^ March 18. to /SDOUDa^ March 25. 1706 


Fan unusual amount of foreign news compelled the enlargement 
I .<L~l-of this issue to four pages or eight columns, only one of which 
is reserved for domestic items and advertisements. There are 
sixty-six foreign items, chiefly of war news from London, Paris, 
Venice, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Hamburgh, Turin, Zurich, Lisbon, 
Hague and elsewhere of preceding August, September, October, 
November and December dates.] 



Boston, On the 18th Currant arrived here a Sloop in 14 days from 
Barmuda, John Stevins Master, who says. That just as he was coming 
away, there arrived one Fowles in a Sloop from Antigua, 14 days 
passage, who informed that when he left Antigua, he saw about 36 
sail of French Ships and other Vessels off that Island; And that 
Colonel Johnson, Commander in Chief was preparing for the Defence 
of the Island, in case of an Attack; the Inhabitants were in Arms, 
and that 500 Negroes well Armed were Marched into St. Johns; The 
Commander in Chief Encouraged them to prove themselves men in 
Fighting to defend themselves and the place from the Enemy, which 
they promised to do. 

Master Stevins further says, that there was a Sloop arrived at 
Barmuda from Barhadoes about a Month ere he came from thence, 
that informed of a large Ship, with 6 or 7 more just going in to Bar- 
hadoes as the Sloop came out, who is thought to be the Deptford Man 
of War that went from hence, with part of the Fleet under her Convoy. 

On Fryday the 22d. Arrived here Capt. Michael GilP^'^ from Lisbon, 
about 5 Weeks passage, by whom we have the following Advice by 
Prints and Letters. [Here follow two columns of foreign news, 
among which under date of London, Decemb. 21. is this item; "Ordered 
that the Commissioners of Trade, do lay before this House a State of 
the Trade with Newfoundland and the Western-Islands."] 

The Oranges mentioned in our last to be found on Hampton Beach> 
were some hove Overboard in Ipswich Bay by Rowlson from Axuma, 
and the Carved Lyon and Cane had been there a year before, which 
thro' a mistake of our Informers was said to come then ashore. 

On Thursday night last, Sampson Waters, a Young man went well 
to Bed, and was found dead next morning. 

Coasters Inward, Giles Hall from Connecticut, & Joseph Allen 
from Piscataqua. Foreign Inward, John Leigh, Ship Sarah, from 
Liverpool, John Stevins, Sloop Mary Rose from Nevis, Thomas Hunt, 
Sloop Panther, John Welch, Sloop Larke, and Matthew Soley Sloop 
Rebecca, from Jamaica; Richard Dafforne, Ketch Fisher, from Vir- 
ginia, and Capt. Michael Gill, Ship John and Timothy, from Lisbon. 
Cleared Outwards for Barbadoes, John Fisher, Sloop Blackthorne, 
John Walters Sloop Betty, Lewis Hunt, Ship Victory, for Jamaica, 
Nathaniel Balston, Elizabeth and Mary, for London, John Wild Ship 
Dove, for Newfoundland, Solomon Gardner, Sloop Mary. Outward 
Bound for Barbadoes, John Welch in Sloop Larke. 

New- York, March 18. On the 13th arrived here one Santford in 

137 A graphic account of Captain Gill's sea fight in the harbor of St. Johns,. 
Newfoundland in August, 1704, is in the News- Letter No. 25, p. 130 ante. 



a Sloop from South-Carolina, who says, a Sloop and Ship belonging 
to Boston was there, Flint & (I suppose) Wing Masters: A Vessel 
arrived there from Barbadoes gave account, That the French Fleet 
in the West-Indies were gone to attack S. Christophers'. ^^^ 

On the same day arrived Capt. Basset from Madera, who left it 
the 4th of February, and just before he Sailed a Galley arrived there 
from Portsmouth a very short passage, . . . Four days before 
Cap. Basset came in, he spoke with a Ship from Jamaica bound to 

Several Vessels Outward Bound for Nevis, Jamaica, & 3 for London 
Via Virginia; Gravenraet, Adolph and Duncan for Boston. 

Rhode-Island, March 22. On the 18th arrived Ephraim Breed in 
a Bark from Providence, who 10 days ago spoke with a Sloop from 
Jamaica bound to New- York, who said that the Packet-Boat from 
Spain was taken and brought in to Jamaica, and by Letters found 
on Board her, they perceived that there was a French Squadron 
-coming out to take Jamaica, who were preparing themselves to receive 

Gould, Darby & Carter are gone to the Westward, Lathrop is still 


GOod Share Moulds to be Sold by Mr. Nathaniel Ayres at his Shop 
near the Salutation at the North-End of Boston, 
^"T^His Publick Print of Intelligence is to be continued to the first 
J[ of May next, and all Persons who have a mind that the Under- 
taker should carry it on a third year, and are willing to Contribute 
for promoting such a Publick good, are hereby desired to Agree 
with John Campbell Post-master of Boston for the same, that it 
may be known before the first of May, If any Tollerable Competent 
number do Agree to take it, so as it can be proceeded on of New, that 
it drop not for 4 or 5 Weeks, as it did in the beginning of this Currant 
year, by reason of several delaying to take it at first, that afterwards 
did agree to have it. *^® 

138 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 561, in 
connection with an account of the cause and nature of the distress of St. 
Christopher, pp. 561-562, 565-567. See News-Letter Nos. 103, 104 (account 
of the attack on St. Christopher), 105, ("Brief" of Governor Dudley recom- 
mendins; aid for the sufferers at St. Christopher), 107, 108, 109 post. This was 
the fleet commanded by the Sieur d'Iberville, who, after operating in the West 
Indies, purposed, as his men divulged at Jamaica, to attack New York, thus 
occasioning a hurried fortification of that city, and also some preparation for 
resistance m New England. See News- Letter Nos. 110 and 111 post. Also, 
see Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, page 157, under date Apr. 4, 1706. 

139 See News-Letter No. 98 ante, foot-note, p. 295. 



[Reprinted: tailor's apprentice wanted, as in March 18; man 
wanted to drive a team, as in March 4.] 

B, J6. BumJ), 102. 

The Boft on News-Letter, 

From /IDonDag March 25. to /IDonDa^ April 1. 1706.* 


r A RETURN is made to the two page folio. The foreign news which 

I -/"Vfillsallbut about three quarters of a column includes principally 

a page account of the opening of the English Parliament in 

the preceding October and a report of the queen's speech on that 


London, Decemb. 25 The Adventure of and for London and the 
Providence of Topsham from Boston in A^ England, arrived at Ply- 
mouth the 20th Instant, having been separated 14 days before in 
bad weather from 8 Sail more under Convoy of Her Majesty's Ship 
the Guernsey. 

London, Jan. 1. Her Majesties Ship the Guernsey, with the Vessels 
under her Convoy from Boston are safe arrived except Stone and 
Lowder. There is also arrived at Bristol from New-York, 2 of Her 
Majesties Ships of War, but none of the Vessels under their Convoy. 
The Mast Fleet for New England will Sail in 3 months. 

New- York, March 25. On the 19th arrived Capt. Dehart in the 
Ship Katherine from Madera. 

On the 21st arrived Capt. Plummer in a Brigt. from Barmudas 
in 20 days, who came from Bristol in Octob. last bound hither, but 
was blown off the Coast, by whom we are acquainted that a Sloop 
arrived at Barmuda from Antigua, who saw the French Fleet con- 
sisting of 36 Sail off that Island, and that there was upwards of 2000 
men on Antigua that were in Arms ready to defend themselves if 
attacked. That Capts. Tongrelow & Penniston who Sailed from 
hence last Christmas were arrived at Barmuda, & gone from thence to 
Barbadoes; Cap. Penniston overset at Barmuda, whereby he lost 
5 Guns & damnified his Powder. That a French Ship was brought 
in to Barmuda by a Privateer of that Island, of 2 Guns & 17 men, 
loaden with Sugar; she is a Ship of 120 Tuns, & one of 6 that was 
bound from Martinico to France; A Dutch Man of War took 3 of 
them before; The Prize is daily expected here with her Loading to 
be Sold: The Capt. of the French Ship is said to be a Protestant, and 
is come a Passenger in Plummer. 



On the 23d Instant arrived one Braddick in a Sloop from Madera, 
who 3 weeks ago met with a Bermuda Sloop who had been 9 days out 
of Antigua, who said that she & 2 other Vessels that lay in one of the 
Harbours slipt their Cables and put to Sea. The French Fleet of 36 
Sails separated themselves, and put into several Harbours of that 
Island, but could not tell if they Landed or not, but says, that there 
was 2500 men in Arms at Antigua, & 800 Negro's ready to defend 
it against any Attack of the Enemy. 

On the 24 Arrived James Cebra from Jamaica in a Sloop. 

The Philadelphia Post not yet come in. 

New-port, Rhode-Island. March 28. Yesterday died Mr. Alexan- 
der Gordon of this Town. 

Scituate, March 27 On Fryday the 22d Instant, Dyed the Reverend 
Mr. Jeremiah Gushing, Minister of the Lower Precinct of this Town, 
aged about 51. Who was interr'd on Monday last. 

On Fryday also John Turner of this Town went well from Home 
with his Cart and Oxen after Dinner, and fell ill, he desired the little 
boy his Son that went with him, to go and call his Mother, but ere 
she cam^e, he was Speechless, and being carried Home, he Dyed that 
Evening about Eight of the Clock. 

Boston, At a Town-Meeting on Fryday last, There was Chosen as 
Overseers of the Poor; Simeon Stoddard, Thomas Palmer, Esqrs 
and Messieurs, John Borland, John Pitts, Henry Deering, Francis 
Clarke and William Westead. And Chosen 'as Assessors, Samuel 
Lyndes Esq Capts. Timothy Clark and Thomas Hutchinson; and 
Messieurs, Isaiah Tay, and James Barns. ^^° 

By way of New-York we are acquainted, that Mr. Stantford from 
South Carolina informs of one Everton of Boston being arrived there 
from Barbadoes, who says that Her Majesty's Ship the Deptford 
was arrived at Barbadoes from Boston, with the Vessels under her 
Convoy all safe. 

Coaster Entered Inward, Ebenezar Coffin, Sloop Ann, from Nan- 
tucket. Outward, Flood for Piscataqua; James Blin, John Hedge 
and Thomas Lathrop, for Connecticut. Foreign Inward, James 
Dean, Brigt. Dragon from Suranam. Cleared Outward, John Welch, 
Sloop Larke, for Barbadoes, and Archibald Ferguson, Sloop Flying 
Horse, for Newfoundland. Outward Bound, Robert Sears, Ship 
Charles, for London; William Smallage, Sloop Prosperous, for Jersey; 
John Pitts, Sloop Rebecca, for Jamaica; John Leigh, Ship Sarah, 

140 In the Boston Town Records, Deering appears Bering; Clarke, Clark; 
Westead, Welsteed ; Lyndes, Lynd ; Barns, Barnes. 



for Liverpool; Eleazar Moses, Sloop Content, for Newfoundland; 
Richard Hall, Sloop Lyon, for Barmuda. 

[No advertisements in this issue.] 

-^^ jg, Bumb. 103. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap April 1. to /IDonDa^ April 8. 1706. 


[""PROMINENCE is given on the first page of this issue to a proc- 
I JTlamation of Governor Dudley for a General Fast, and then there 
follow a little more than one and a half columns of foreign 
news from Vienna, Turin, Frankfort and elsewhere, of preceding 
September dates.] 

By His Excellency, JOSEPH DUDLEY, Esqr. Captain General and 
Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Provinces of the 
Massachusetts-Bay and New -Hampshire in New-England. 

HAving lately rendrcd all Humble Thanks and Praises to 
Almighty GOD for the Puhlick Blessings to Her Majesty, 
The Confederate Princes, and these Provinces, in Obedience 
to Her Majesties Especial command: And having yet the 
Consideration of the Great Troubles of Europe, by the continuance 
of the War with the common Enemy of the Repose of the Christian 
Nations; as well as our Own and our Neighbours Troubles with the 
French and Indians; and the Just Reason we have therefore to Im- 
plore the Divine Favour, for the Remission of our Great and Man- 
ifold Sins, that have justly displeased GOD. 

T Have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
■^to Appoint and Order, That Thursday tJie Eighteenth day of April 
Currant, be Solemnized as a day of Publick FASTING and PRAYER 
throughout these Provinces, Exhorting both Ministers and People in 
their several Assemblies, Religiously to attend the Solemn Services of 
the said Day; That by a sincere Repentance and steady Affiance in the 
Divine Mercy in their most humble Adresses, They may Obtain from 
GOD, That our Soveraign Lady the QUEEN, with the Nations and 
Territories under Her Happy Government, may always be under the 
Protection of Heaven, Her Majesties Life and Government long 
continued. Her Counsels and Just Arms prospered; the Designs of 
the barbarous Salvages against Us, defeated; Our Exposed Plantations 
preserved; And the poor Christian Captives in their Hands, returned; 



That the Government of these Provinces may have the Divine Direction 
in all their Administrations ; That Health may he continued, and the 
Ensuing Year Crowned with the Fruits of Divine Bounty; That 
Deliverance may speedily arise to the Church of God oppressed with 
the Tyranny of Antichrist ; That every kind of Peace and Prosperity 
w.ay he given and secured to Us and our Posterity, upon the firm and 
lasting foundations of the Divine Blessing & Favour. 
And all Semile Labour upon the said Day is Inhibited. 

Given at the Council-Chamber in Boston, the Second Day of April, 
1706. In the Fifth Year of the Reign of Our Soveraign Lady ANNE, 
by the Grace of GOD, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, 
QUEEN, Defender of the Faith &c. 
By Order of the Gover- 

nour and Council, /. D UDLE Y. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Madera, January 20. We are acquainted by a Vessel 12 days 
Passage from England, that the Leuwe Man of War, Convoy to the 
Homeward Bound Newfoundland Fleet, was Lost going thorow the 
Needles, and 40 Men drowned. 

Jamaica, Febr. 1. Our last Packet from England advise us, that 
the Queen Ann, the Anna Frigot, the Happy Return, and 2 m,ore 
Ships, being part of the Homeward bound Fleet from hence to Eng- 
land, (that were separated in the violent Storm on the 18th of August 
last, that the said Fleet met with in Lat. 38.) were Arrived in Ireland 
and Plimouth. 

New- York, April 1. There are 4 Sloops and A Brigt. bound for 
Jamaica, Duncan and Adolph for Boston, and Hicks for Rhode- 
Island, Gravenraet Sailed for Boston on Thursday last; We have no 
certain Account when the Fleet for Engl, will Sail from Virginia. 

Rhode-Island, April 5. This day arrived here Benj Cranston 6 
weeks passage from Suranam, who sprung his Mast, & was forced to 
St. Christophers, where he arrived 7 days after the French Fleet had 
left it; They consisted of 4 Men of War, some of them 70 Gun Ships, 
and 28 Sail of Privateers, the Enemy Landed 3000 men; there was 
but 500 English to resist them, who did the best they could, and kept 
to their Forts; but sent several Parties out, who kill'd several of 
the Enemy, and the English lost but one man; the Enemy stayed 
there 4 days, who took the whole place, except the Forts, which they 
never Attacked: They did all the Damage they could, by burning 
the Towns, Mills and Canes, kill'd Horse and Cattle, and carryed 
away several Negroes. Before the Enemy went to St Christophers, 



they lay two days at Nevis Battering there, but durst not Land; 
they never Attacked Antigua, only came in sight of it, and so went by 
Montserrat to St. Christophers. The Privateers quarrelled with the 
Men of War, because they did not Batter the Forts: It is supposed 
that the Enemy design next for Curacoa. They daily expect from 
England a Fleet of 18 Sail at the Leward Islands to Attack Martinico. 
As Mr. Cranston left St. Christophers he saw a Vessel which he judged 
to be a Packet from England. "^ 

Boston, On Wednesday the 10th Currant, Sits the General Assembly 
of this Province; to which day the said Court stands Prorogu'd. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Richard Christophers, John Smith, and 
John Walker from Connecticut; Daniel Wair from Piscataqua; Thomas 
Lothrop, and Nathaniel Gardner, from Nantucket; William Rhodes 
from Rhode-Island; and Alexander Duyican from New -York. Out- 
ward, Anthony Bracket for Piscataqua; William. Smallage for New- 
Jersey. Foreign Inwards, John Wallis, Ketch John and Deborah, 
from Virginia; Joseph English, Sloop Industry, from South-Carolina. 
Cleared Outward, Giles Hall, Sloop Lyon, for Barmuda. Outward 
Bound for Tercera, Samuel Carey, Brigt Three Sisters; Suranam, 
Edward Holloway in Dragon; Fyall, William Rowlson, Elizabeth; 
and Moses Wadland, Sloop Seaflower; New-York, Samuel Darby, 
Sloop Flying Hart; Jamaica, Thomas Hunt, Sloop Panther. 


[Reprinted: man wanted to drive a team, as in March 4.] 

B, Ig. IRumb. 104. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOn^aig April S. to /SiOnDap April 15. 1706. 


r^T^HIS issue, a four page foHo, is largely filled with news of mili- 
1 X tary operations in Spain. On the first page are manifestoes issued 
by Prince Charles of Austria, here designated as King Charles 
of Spain, and of the earl of Peterborough at the head of their troops 
before Barcelona. There is also an extract from a letter of Sir 
Cloudsly Shovel, on board the man-of-war Britannia, October 22, 
relating to the capture of Barcelona, and a letter from Prince Charles 
on the same subject. On the third page are communications from 
the junta of the military camp of Catalonia, and from the city of 

141 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 565, in 
account of the distress of St. Christopher, pp. 561-562, 565-567. 



Vich thanking the queen of England for the assistance given to the 
Spanish cause by the English forces. On the same page is the letter 
of the earl of Peterborough to the queen, dated Barcelona, reporting 
the capture of that city. From Hague, September 29, is a report 
of the consideration of plans for settling the differences between the 
States of the Dutch Republic and the Pope of Rome. Domestic 
news and advertisements fill the two columns of the last page.] 

St. Christophers, March 8. Having had Intelligence of a French 
Fleet designing to attack some of the Leward Islands, 13 Sail of 
Vessels appearing in sight of Antigtta the 29th of January last, 
caused an Alarm, but the next day 30 Sail appearing, gave assurance 
'twas the French, and by their actions were designed to Land on 
that Island; two Sloops were sent out to discover the strength and 
designs of the Enemy, one of which exchanged several Shot with one 
of the French Privateers, most of the small Vessels came within a 
League of Five-Island Harbour, and some within the outwardmost 
Island, the V/ind blowing strong Northerly, the great Ships could not 
come to Windward ; in this posture they lay till the 3d day at noon, 
during which time the Commander in Chief (Col. John Johnson) had 
in Arms about 1000 of the Inhabitants, 2 Companies of the Queen's 
Soldiers, about 300 Marines, & 250 Negroes, in all about 2000 men, 
with which he designed to meet the Enemy at Landing: The Gray- 
hound Man of War lay then on the Careen, and her Guns ashore, and 
the Captain brought his men ashore to joyn the Forces there. 

The Wind still blowing very hard, about noon the 3d day the 
Enemy's Commadore fired a Gun, & their whole Fleet went before 
the Wind to Nevis, where they arrived the 5th of February, & pre- 
sumed to Land, but the Wind blowing hard caused a great Sea, which 
hindered their designs, the English lying in their Trenches ready to 
receive them in case of their Landing, sundry shot from the Fleet 
were sent on shore, some of which 24 Pounders ; they Landed in the 
night a French man and a Negro, who were to burn the Canes, think- 
ing we should leave our Trenches to extinguish the Fire, that they 
might have an opportunity to Land without any repulse, and accord- 
ingly they burnt about 80 Acres of Canes, but our men would not 
hazard the loss of the Island by deserting the Trenches for any sinister 
end; a small party was detached to look for the two men aforesaid, 
which were both found, & after Examination and Tryal were hang'd. 

The Enemy finding it impossible for them to Land at Nevis, they 
went for St. Christophers, where they arrived the 10th of February 
at night, and Landed at three several places of the Island, and ranged 
from end to end, most of the Houses, Canes and Mills on the South- 
side are burnt, the North-side escaped, all but 5 or 6 Plantations 
ruin'd. The Enemy carried away some Negroes, the Loss sustained 



is considerable; our two Garisons of Charles Fort, and Brimstone- 
Hill were never attacked. 

The General being in Antigua sent several Expresses to Barbadoes 
for Assistance; accordingly two Men of War came down to our 
relief, the French having notice of it on the 16th by an Express from 
Martinico, and supposing greater strength would follow, went away 
in great confusion. The Enemy's strength consisted of three 66 
Gun Ships, 1 of 60, 1 of 58, 1 of 36, and 1 of 24 Guns, 4 Briganteens, 
and 21 Sloops, and near 3500 Men. From St. Christophers the 6 Men 
of War went for Tobago, and the rest for Guardilope. During these 
Alarms our Flag of Truce for Exchange of Prisoners was detained at 
'Martinico, who gave an Account at her arrival in Antigua, that a 
Sloop from France to 'hlartinico arrived some time before they Sailed , 
who said, that 8 Sail of Men of War Sailed from Brest two days before 
him, who were daily expected, and that their design was if possible, 
to take all the English Islands in the West-Indies. 

The last Pacquet gave us an Account of Admiral Wisharfs design- 
ing to stop at these Islands with 15 Sail of English and Dutch Men of 
War from England in their way to Jamaica, of whose arrival we are 
much desirous, being at present under seeming dangerous Circum- 
stances. An Embargo hath continued since the 29th of January, 
and Masters and men in case of any Alarm are to leave their Vessels, 
and joyn the Land Forces, Strangers to be fitted with Arms and 
Ammunition by the Publick, and to have 18 (i. per day during their 
Service, and in case of loss of any Limb, to have Eighteen Pound 
i^ s. per Annum during Life. "^ 

The New-England Fleet under Convoy of Her Majestys Ship the 
Deptjord were arrived in Barbadoes, Antigua, and the rest of the 
Le ward-Islands, except Barnes in a Sloop, who was taken and carried 
into~ Martinico. The Embargo on said Fleet (it's thought) will 
hinder most of them from going to Saltertuda. 

A Sloop from Virginia to Antigua, in Lat. of said Island, found a 
Ship overset, with all her Masts, Sailes and Yards standing; (he 
being short of Provisions, his men were unwilling to go on Board her) 
& it's thought to be a New-England Vessel Loaden with Lumber. 

Several Vessels now at Nevis and St. Christophers, will Sail in 14 
days to the Northward, most for New-England. 

New- York, April 8. We are advised from Philadelphia, that if the 
Men of War expected in Virginia do not arrive, the Homeward bound 

142 Reprinted from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 565, in 
connection with account of the distress of St. Christopher, pp. 561-562, 565- 
567. See Ntws-Letter Nos. 105, 107, 108, 109 post. 



Fleet for England will Sail the latter end of this Month, or the first 
of May, most of the Ships being ready ; And that if the Men of War 
do arrive before that time, their Orders are to tarry 20 days after 
their arrival, and no longer. 

Our Vessels Outward bound to the Leward Islands will not Sail 
till we hear further of the French Fleet. Capt. Mears is Entered 
Outward for Jamaica. 

Salem, April 13. On Tuesday last, Laurence Mazory of this 
Town, aged about 70 years, went out a Fishing, and was struck dov/n 
with Death at his Fishing Line. 

Boston, Abraham Hill in a Sloop from Antigua is arrived at Mar- 
tha's-Vineyard, who last Fall came from Newfoundland bound 
hither, but was blown off the Coast, and put into Antigua, where Mr. 
William Charters of Charlestown Merchant, a Passenger on Board 
her, died. 

On Fryday the 12th Currant, His Excellency Dissolved the General 
Assembly of this Province. 

Coasters Entered Inward, Flood and Jackson from Piscataqua. 
Outward for Rhode-Island, William Rhodes and Francis James, for 
M.arthd' s-Vineyard, Thomas Lothrop; for Connecticut, Moses Wadland; 
for Nantucket Nathaniel Gardner. Foreign Inwards, Ephraim 
Breed, Ship Seaflower, from Jamaica; Andrew Gravenraedt, Sloop 
Ann, from New-York; Richard Ingesol, Sloop Seaflower, from 
Surranam. Cleared Outwards, John Leigh, Ship Sarah, for Beau- 
Moris in England; Giles Fyfield, Ship Boston-Merchant, and Joseph 
Flint, Ship Prudent Hannah, for Antigua. Outward Bound for 
NewYork, John Grose, Sloop Mary; for Nevis, John Stevins, Sloop 
Mary Rose; for Newfoundland, William Carket, Sloop Friends Ad- 
venture, and John White, Ketch Fisher; for Barbadoes, Thomas 
Ruck, Briganteen Fraternity, and William Thomas, Briganteen 
Amity; for Fyall, John Hoddy, Briganteen Adventure. ^^^ 


A Copper Still containing about 62 Gallons, with Worm & Worm- 
top, to be Sold ; Enquire of John Campbell Postmaster of Boston, 
and know further. 

[Reprinted: man wanted to drive a team, as in March 4; negro 

143 The critical reader will not fail to observe in this paragraph the occa- 
sional use of capitals in Roman text for words that are otherwise itaUcized. The 
capital M is here most used in this manner, but on page 314 post the capitals 
C and E similarly appear. This is one of the many peculiarities of the News- 
Letter typography, and special attention is called to it for reason of its com- 
parative inconspicuousness in a hasty reading. The errors were probably due 
to careless proofreading. 



woman to be sold, as in March 18; News-Letter advertisement, as 
in March 25.] 

B* 16. Bumb. 105. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnC)aS April 15. to flDOUDaP April 22. 1706. 


rnpHIS issue is also a four page folio, nearly three pages filled with 
j X foreign news. From Constantinople, August 3, 1705, is gossip 
of Turkish internal affairs; from Hague, October 2 and October 
10, are various items of war news and reports of further negotiations 
between Holland and Rome ; from Vienna, September 23 and October 
3, and from Breslau, September 26, are reports of affairs in Poland 
and Hungary; other minor news, principally concerning the war, is 
from Berlin, Frankfort, Turin, Dantzick and other capitals. Among 
the domestic nev/s is a "Brief" issued by Governor Dudley regarding 
the distress of St. Christopher.] 

London, Nov. 29. The Virginia Fleet is all safe arrived, and the 
Fleet from Barhadoes that was left of the violent Storm, not above 
half loaden : We hear several of the Jamaica Fleet are arrived since 
the great Storm they met with, at New-York, & hope more may 
be at Boston. 

Capts. Bowditch and Minot are put up for New England, Capt. 
Peppril bound for A^ew England was Sailed, but meeting with a 
Storm, was forc't to return, who is now at Plimouth, and designs not 
taSail till he has the opportunity of a Convoy. 

St. Christophers, March 10. Two days ago arrived here a Ship 
from England, by whom we are acquainted. That CaJis has submitted 
to King Charles the 3d That Valentia is taken. That 25 Sail of 
English men of War were coming from England to these Islands. 
We daily expect the Pacquet to inform us further. 

Montserrat, March, 21. This day we espyed upwards of 40 Sail 
of French whereof 12 were large Ships, some of them supposed to 
carry 60 Guns, one fire Ship, and a Bomb Ketch; the rest w^ere Brig- 
anteens. Ketches and Sloops: They lay three days before at Antigua, 
but the Wind being High, hindered their Landing: 'Twas expected 
they would Land this night at Montserrat, but we suppose they 
designed for Nevis. A Packet of 22 Guns newly arrived from Eng- 
land, and brings News, That the Spainards do dayly revolt from the 
Duke of Anjou to King Charles 3d. 



South-Carolina, March 30. Capts. Flint and Belcher are arrived 
here from Boston in New-England, the latter lost all his Masts. The 
14th instant arrived here a Spanish Sloop, who was bound from St. 
Augustines to the Havanna, and had on board 13 Spaniards and 3 
English Prisoners; The Prisoners rose up and kill'd the Spaniards 
all but 3 or 4, and brought the Sloop in here. The Governour was 
pleased to condemn the said Vessel, and gave her to the Prisoners. 
Yesterday arrived here a vShip from Liverpool, 9 weeks passage, who 
informs us, that when he left England, they had the News of Cadiz, 
revolting from the Duke of Anjou to King Charles the 3d. 

Montserrat, March, 26. On the 21st Currant, The French Fleet 
consisting upwards of 40 Sail were seen going to Nevis: but we have 
no News from thence, only we see Fires on the Land every Night, 
and hear Firing of Guns. Col. Johnson went down from Antigua to 
Nevis to their Assistance with 2 Sloops full of able Effective Men: 
We are making preparations for to withstand the Enemy, in case of 
an Attack: Two of Her Majesty's Men of War went for Barhadoes 
3 days before the Enemy's Fleet came. 

Pattomack in Virginia, March 30. On the 10th of Jan. last arrived 
here from Barhadoes the Dublin Merchant, a Ship of 10 Guns & 22 
men, Michael Broomlie Master, who in her Voyage sprung her Fore- 
top-mast and was forced to bear away to the Leward-Islands, and 
going by Nevis, a French Privateer of 87 men came up with her, 
whom she fought 4 hours, & at last the Privateer boarded her, but 
Broomlie kill'd & carried to St. Christophers 50 of his men, the one 
half of Broomlies men were sick & not able to fight. It's said there 
is a Privateer of 16 Guns off the Capes of Virginia. 

Philadelphia, April 11. We are acquainted by a Gentleman from 
Maryland, that a West-country-man from 'England was lately boarded 
by a French Privateer off the Coast of Virginia, who in boarding him 
lost 9 of his men that fell Overboard into the Sea, which while they 
were endeavoring to save, being also favou'rd with the night coming 
on, the Westcountryman got clear of him, and said that he brought 
6 of the French mans hands into Virginia with him; that got on 
board him when the rest fell Overboard. 

Vessels Outward bound are Hamerton & Guy for London, Ray- 
mond for Jamaica, and Trot for Fyall. 

New- York, April 15. Capt. Jeffers & a Brigt. will Sail this week 
or next to Virginia for Convoy to Engl. Vessels Outward bound are 
Wells for Madera, Sandford for Carolina, Moyon for Virginia, & Meers 
for Jamaica. Capt. Stanton Sails this week for Nevis. Her majesties 
Ship La[ow]staffe will Sail this week on a Cruise. We are acquainted 



by a Gentleman lately come from England and Virginia, that Her 
Majesties Ship the Nonsuch that went from hence, was arrived at 

Boston, Captain Gilbert from Fyal arrived here the ISth. Currant, 
by whom we are acquainted, That Benjamin Stone from Boston 
bound to England under Convoy of Her Majesties Ship the Guernsey, 
was separated in bad Weather, and put in to Fyall; from whence he 
Sailed for England the 4th. of January last, in company with a Brig- 
anteen from Philadelphia. 

In December last, There v/as Advertisements of a Negro man Slave, 
and an Indian's Running av/ay from Mr William Pepperil o/Kittery 
in the Province of Main, desiring they might be apprehended where 
ever they came, and by vertue of said Advertisements (in 
the News Letter) to South-Caralonia, whither the said Negro and 
Indian had travelled, the Governour of said place has secured the said 
Runaways for the Owner. 

By Letters from Nevis, We are informed. That while the French 
Fleet lay before that Island about the 6th of February last, A Ship 
of 16 Guns belonging to London, and a Briganteen belonging to 
Boston in N. England, Daniel Noyes Master, both from the Maderas 
bound to Jamaica, fell in with said Fleet, who took them to be Friends, 
the Enemy gave them Chase, and the Ship and Briganteen run in to 
Nevis under the Fort, where they were protected, and when the 
Enemy were gone they proceeded on their Voyage. 

Mr. Blew from Montserrat see the Hulk of a Vessel without Masts 
in the Lat. of Virginia, as he was coming to Boston. 

Mr. Carver from said Island came out in Company with Tliomas 
Ball in a Sloop for this place, a few days after they Say led from 
Montserrat, Carver met with a Ship who gave him Chase for 3 Glasses. 

By His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Gover- 
nour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Provinces of the Massa- 
chusetts-Bay and New -Hampshire in New-England. 


WHereas the Island of St. Christophers, some few weeks since, has 
been Insulted and Ravaged by the French; And Her Majesties 
good Subjects of that Island reduced to the last Extremity, by the Spoyles 
the Enemy has made in burning of their Houses and Mills, destroying 
and carrying off their Stocks and Estates: so that they are left destitute 

144 In Massachusetts Archives, Vol. II, p. 652. Reprinted in Notes, in The 
Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , 
Vol. VIII, p. 566. Also in Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 94*. See News- 
Letter Nos. 101, 103, 104, (account of the attack) ante, and 107, 108, 109 post. 



both of Habitation and Siibsistancc : most having lost everything they had 

I Have therefore, at the Desire of the Representatives in their late 
Session, and with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, Issued 
forth this BRIEF; Hereby Recommending to the Commiseration and 
Pity of all Charitable Well-disposed Christians, within this Province 
and the Province of New-Hampshire, the deplorable Circumstances, 
and distressing Wants of their said Christian Brethren and fellow Sub- 
jects; And Exciting ther/i to pnt on boivels of Christian Compassion 
and Charity, for the Relief of the pinching necessites of their distressed 
Friends and Countrymen. Which will be very acceptable to GOD, 
profitable for our selves, and be remembred with the like grateful Ac- 
knowledgment and Respect from this Island, as formerly. 

The Money that shall be Contributed and Collected for tJiis pious 
Use, to be put into the Hands of Samuel Sewall, Esqr. and Andrew 
Belcher Esqr. by them to be Invested in Provisions, &c. and forthwith 
forwarded by the Direction of My Self and the Council. 

And the Ministers of the several Towns are Directed to Read and 
Publish this in their Congregations; And to stir up their People, 
notwithstanding their deep Poverty, to a Chearfnl and Liberal Contri- 
bution to this good Work. "^ 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the 17th Day of April, 
1706, in the Fifth Year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady 

By Order of the Governour 

and Council. /. DUDLEY. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. ' 

Entered Inwards, Adolph from New-York, Tho. Philps and 
Jeremiah Vaile from North-Carolina, William Walter, Peter Harris, 
Samuel Prince, and Jonas Green from Connecticut. Outward, John 
Walker, Richard Christophers, Nathaniel Loring, Elisha Hedge and 
John Smith for Connecticut. Foreign Inwards from Maryland, Moses 
Abbot Sloop John and Mary, and Thomas Bell Sloop Endeavour; 
from Antigua, Abraham Hill Sloop Mary; from Nevis William. 
Russel Ship Friendship, from Fyall; Thomas Gilbert, Briganteen 
Good will; from St. Christophers, Charles Renouf; from Montserat, 
Francis Norris, Sloop Scaflower, John Blew Briganteen Dragon, 
Robert Carver Briganteen Plimouth; from South-Carolina, Wil. 
Everton Ship Elizabeth. Cleared Outward for Fyall Benjamin 
'Edwards Sloop Elizabeth; for White-haven in England, William. 
Blaire; for Newfoundland, Eleazar Moses Sloop Content; for New- 
York, Samuel Darby Sloop Flying Hart. Outward bound, Joseph 

145 The Brief was read in the Old South Church on the 2Sth. See Diary 
ot Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, page 160, under date, Lords-Day, April, 28. 



Thome in Briganteen Tryal for Surranam; and Andrew Gravenraedt 
in Sloop Ann, for New-York and Philadelphia. 


A LL Persons in Town and Cotantry who have a mind this Publick 
■^ ■*■ Print of Intelligence should be continued, and proceeded on 
after the last day of this instant April, and are willing to Contribute 
for its support, are hereby desired to agree with John Campbell 
Post -master of Boston for the same, where they may have it Weekly 
by the year on reasonable Terms, not exceeding what it was the last 
year, but rather lessened provided any considerable number agree's 
to take it. 

[Reprinted: sale of a copper still, as in April 15.] 

I, i£. IHumb. 106. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDa^ April 22. to /IDOnDai? April 29. 1706. 


r A GAIN a two page folio of which nearly one half is filled with 
j -ZjLforeign news, from London, Rome, Hague and Venice, of 
preceding September and October dates, brought by John 
Scot, master of a briganteen, from Plymouth, England.] 

New- York, April 22. On the 19th Instant arrived here one Spencer 
in a Sloop from St. Thomas. Letters via Virginia from England and 
Ireland acquaint us. That Her Majesties Ships from hence arrived 
in England and Ireland, the Nonsuch at Falmouth in 27 days, the 
Deal Castle at Plimouth about same time, & the Maremaid at King- 
saile the last of December, who six days after she left this Port sprung 
her main Mast and a Leak in the fish room, the next day lost her 
Top Mast and sprung a Leak in the bread room, and with great 
difficulty got Kingsaile in a shatter'd condition. 

His Excellency the Lord Cornbury sets out on Thursday next for 
His Government of New-Jersey. 

The Philadelphia Post not yet com.e in. 

Salem, April 27. Yesterday arrived here Daniel Bray from Fyal. 

Boston, On Thursday arrived here from England a Brigt. John 
Scot Master, who Sailed from Plimouth the first of March in Company 
with a Fleet consisting of 370 Sail, under Convoy of 9 Men of War, 
bound for several parts, whereof there was 80 Transport Ships with 



Forces on board for Catalonia; Capt. Bowditch & Capt. Pep peril 
came also out in Company for this place, as likewise did Capt. Bond 
for New York, and another Vessel or two for Philadelphia. 

The Advice we have by Mr. Scot is, That John 

Bennet from Boston to London was forc'd on Shore by a Privateer 
at Dtmgeness; and that Stone & Lowder for said Port were safe 
arrived in Ireland. That Capt Pitts and Capt. Gerrish were put 
up in London for Boston. [Then follows one and a half columns of 
miscellaneous foreign news received by this vessel.] 

By letters from England, we are acquainted that Capt. Sanders from 
New- York was safe arrived in Ireland. 

Capt. Pepperil from Plimouth arrived here on Saturday the 27th. 
Currant, and Capt. Bowditch from said Port on the 28th. and Noah 
Guill fro7n Madera. 

Coasters Entered Outward, Tho. Curtice for Connecticut, Tho 
Phelps for N. Carolina, Anthony Bracket for Piscataqua. Foreign 
Inwards, Tho. Ball Sloop Elizabeth from Montserrat, and John Scot 
Brigt. William from London. Cleared Outwards, Tho. Hunt Sloop 
Panther, & Will. Carket Sloop Friend Adventure for Newfoundland, 
Alex. Duncan Sloop Friendship for Barmuda, John Pitts Sloop Rebec- 
ca for Jamaica, John Hoddy Brigt. Adventure, & Job Hilliard Ketch 
Goodwill for Fyall. Outward bound, Walter Goodridge Ship Francis, 
& John Robison Brigt. Larke for Barbados; Richard Ingerson 
Sloop Seaflower for Suranam, Peter Leach Brigt. Plymouth for 
Antigua, Rich. Dafforne Sloop Amity for Newfoundland. 


Within a day or two will be Published a Book Entituled, Vigilan- 
tius. Or, A Servant of the Lord found Ready for the Coming 
of the Lord. A Discourse Occasioned by the Early Death of Seven 
Young Ministers, within a little while One of another: with some 
Essay upon their very Commendable & Imitable Character. 
And an ELEGY upon them Sold by Bartholomew Green at the 
Printing-House at the South-End of Boston. 

A Set of Halberts for a foot Company to be Sold on reasonable 
Terms, by Nicholas Boone Bookseller, to be seen at his House 
near School-House Lane in Boston. 

ASurranam Indian Woman, and Child about 5 years old, to be 
Sold, Inquire of John Campbell Post-master of Boston, and 
know further. 

A Certain Person has an Hundred Twenty Five Pound to Lend 
-^ ^at Interest upon good Security: Enquire of John Campbell Post- 
master of Boston, and know further. 


[Reprinted: copper still to be sold, as in April 22.] 

•jFt. jQ, Bumb. 107. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /a>OnDap April 29. to /IDonOai^ May 6. 1706. 


[TT^OUR folio pages. Six and a half columns are filled with foreign 
J/ news, most space being given to an address of Queen Anne to 
the house of lords, to an account of the investment of the town 
of Badajos in the preceding October, and to a report of the corona- 
tion of King Stanislaus at Warsaw in October. The issue opens 
with an editorial note prefacing the queen's speech.] 

In our Numb. 102 We gave you the QUEENS Speech to the Parlia- 
ment, and Numb. 103 The House of Commons Address to Her 
Majesty: The House of Lords Address tho' Prior to the House of 
Commons not then coming to our hands, we thought it would not 
be ill taken by the Encouragers of this Print, now to Insert it: 
Which was presented by Her Majesty on the 31st of October 
last: And is as follows. [The queen's speech and the other 
foreign news follows.] 

Barbadoes, April 5. Money is grown very scarce here, so that our 
Assembly have Issued out from the Treasury 7000 Pound in Paper 
Notes, to run for Six Months, and to Morrow they Sit again, and its 
said, That they design to Order Bills for 40000 Pound to pass for 7 

Her Majesties Ship the Deptford with the Fleet from Boston under 
her Convoy arrived here the latter end of January, except some 
that are arrived in the Leward Islands, onely Thom,as Barns in Brig- 
anteen Swan who was taken and carryed in to Martinico; The said 
Fleet being bound for Saltertuda, but (by reason of the rumour that 
the French Fleet was abroad in the West-Indies, and one of Her 
Majesties Secretary's of State advising our Governour of a Fleet 
of 21 Sail with Transports, &c. fitting out of Brest under Conduct of 
Monsier DeCasse, to attack this place.) Here is a strict Embargo, 
so that your Vessels are hindred from proceeding on their Voyage, 
which Vv^ill be a great Loss to us and New-England. The reason of 
the Frenches Effort thus, is said to be, That the French King at the 
beginning of this War borrowed a considerable Sum from New- 
Spain, with Engagement in 5 years to furnish them with 50,000 
Negros for their Mines, Vvdiich time of Contract being out, and his 
necessity requiring another Borrow; The Spaniards were Crusty, 



and would not Lend till the first agreement was answered; so he 
thought an Attack on these Islands to be the readiest way to accom- 
plish his bargain, and designs, which hitherto in great measure has 
been frustrated; for in their coming out of Brest 8 of said Ships were 
lost by Storm, some put back again disabled, others of them, viz. 
6 Sail of Men of War and some Transports arrived at Martinico, 
and were Joyned by some Privateers, who attempted in the Latter 
end of January, and beginning of February last to land at Antigua 
and Nevis, the Wind blowing hard and contrary hindred their Attack: 
Our Forts at Nevis, Maul'd their Ships, and kill'd their Vice Admiral. 
The Enemy went then for St. Christophers, where they Landed 1600 
Regular men from France, and as many Privateers, where they burnt 
and destroyed the greatest part of their Crop, Houses and Mills, 
&c. but could not take the Forts : And the Enemy hearing of a Supply 
going from hence to the Assistance of those Islands, The Enemy 
in a Confusion left the place, and returned to Martinico. ^^^ 

Yesterday in the afternoon arrived a Pacquet from England, and 
a Sloop Express from Antigua; By the former we are acquainted, 
That a Fleet from England for this Place put to Sea the last of Feb- 
ruary, in Company with the Fleet for Lisbone, and other places, and 
with those for Lisbon Two Mast Ships, of about'600 Ton each, to 
Load Salt for New-England; The Fleet for this Place we daily expect. 
Monsieur De Casse is said to have Sailed from Brest with 15 Sail of 
Men of War, no body knows where, but is not yet arrived in the 

The Account we have by the Express from Antigua is. That the 
Enemy, with Men of War, Transports, and Privateers, make about 50 
Sail, having on board about 6000 Men, and on a second Expedition 
have attacked Nevis; and tis to be feared they have gained their 
Landing; If so, they are in danger to be lost: At Antigua they are 
so well provided, that they imagine themselves in no great danger. 
This Express has occasioned the Embargo on the New- En gland 
Fleet, which caused Capt. Stuckley Commander of Her Majesties 
Ship the Deptford to leave them behind. 

Boston, On Thursday the 2d Instant arrived here from Barbadoes, 
Her Majesties Ship the Deptford, about a Months passage. 

Entered Foreign Inward, William Bowditch, ship Essex from 

London; Samuel Pre "^ Ship William Andrew from Caw^s; Tobias 

Andrews, Mary Ketch from Surranam; and Noah Guille, Sloop 

146 Reprinted, in part, from the News- Letter in Notes, in The Acts and 
Resolves . . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . ., Vol. VIII, 
p. 565, in account of the distress of St. Christopher, pp. 561-562, 565-567. 

147 Paper creased and worn so that last part of name is not decipherable. 



Adventure from Madera. Cleared Outward for Surranam, Edward 
Halloway, Brigt. Dragon, Richard Ingersol, Sloop Seaflower, and 
David Adams, Brigt. Plimouth; and for Jamaica, Francis Plaisteed 
Frigot Evton. Outward Bound for Montserat, Thomas Andrews, 
Ketch Mary; for Barbadoes, John Robinson, Brigt Larke; for New- 
York, Dirick Adolph, and Andrew Gravenraedt for New-York and 
Philadelphia; for Connecticut, Peter Harris and Jonas Green. 


A New Edition of the New-England PSALM-BOOK, Printed with 
a New fair Character, and on good fine Paper; with a New Set 
of most Common Tunes, more free from Errors than heretofore: 
To be Sold by Benjamin Ehot at his Shop under the West End of the 
Town-House in Boston: And Nicholas Boone at his Shop near 
School-House Lane. 

A Negro Man Slave Aged about 20 years, and a Negro W^oman, 
to be Sold ; Inquire of John Campbell, & Know further. 

/^UR Last finished the Second Years Printing of the PubHck 
^--'Occurrences, and notwithstanding the Undertaker has not had a 
Competent Number to take it Weekly, whereby it might be carryed 
on effectually so as to have the IntelHgence both sooner and more 
certain; yet most of those that have had it last year, being still 
wilhng to promote and encourage it, upon their desire, and in hopes 
that others will fall in with them, to support and carry on the same; 
so as the Undertaker may be enabled to settle Correspondents for 
the Intelligence, and lower the Price to those who are so willing to 
promote its continuance; The Undertaker has in this proceeded on 
one of a New for the third year; And all Persons in Town and Coun- 
try who have a mind to Encourage the same, may Agree with John 
Campbell Post-master of Boston for the year, who shall have it on 
reasonable Terms. 

[Reprinted: a Surranam Indian woman and child to be sold, 
as in April 29.] 

B. jg. Bumb. 108. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOnDaS May 6. to /IDOllDap May 1.3. 1706 


r A NOTHER four page folio, three pages filled with foreign news, 

I x~\.Prominence is given to the action of Queen Anne and the 

house of lords in condemning the spreading of reports to the 

effect that the established church was in danger under her majesty's 



administration, and especially arraigning one "David Edwards of 
the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West, London printer" for having 
published the libel, and offering rewards for the apprehension of the 
author and the printer. There are two pages of news from Paris, 
Rome, Turin, Vienna, Madrid, Hague and elsewhere.] 

Jamaica, April 1 st. One Fidling bound hither from South Carolina 
was taken by a French Privateer, and carryed in to Petiguavus, 
and being ordered to France; he was retaken by Her Majestys Ship 
the Hector, & brought in here. 

We have had an Embargo here for Six Weeks, by reason of the 
Intelligence brought us of a French Squardron being abroad in the 
West Indies: The last Packet brought the bad News of the said 
Squadron having over-run St. Christophers all but the Forts, and that 
they had left the Leward Islands. 

Virginia, April 16. Capt John Wilde in the Ship Dove arrived 
here from Boston in 10 days, who came hither to imbrace a Convoy for 
London; and its uncertain when the Fleet from hence will Sail, the 
Commadore first expecting orders from England, and 'tis well if the 
Fleet Sail in June. 

New-York, April 29. On the 27th instant arrived here a Sloop 
in 5 days from Barmuda, loaden with Salt; The Master whereof 
informs. That the Prize Ship bound from thence to this Port, met 
with a Storm in her Passage, in which they cut away their Main 
Mast, and had 2 men Drowned, and were returned to Barmuda to 
repair their Damage. 

On the 2Sth arrived a Sloop from Virginia one Follen Master, who 
came from thence the 24th Instant, who acquaints us, That three 
Ships were arrived from England 3 or 4 days before he Sailed, who 
together with 17 Sail more came out of England the Latter-end of 
February, in Company of a Fleet upwards of 300 odd Sail, bound for 
Lisbon, Catalonia, &c. under Convoy of 9 Men of War. And that 
after they had left the St[r]eights-Fleet, and were Standing for Vir- 
ginia, they unhappily met with Two French Men of War, who took 
5 of them, and v/hat became of the rest they know not: but Mr. 
Follen met 3 Ships going into the Capes, as he came out, which are 
Supposed to be some of them : He further sayes, That one of the Men 
of War designed to come to Virginia for Convoy was in the Dock at 
Portsmouth, when these Ships came from England; so that its 
uncertain when the Fleet will Sail for England, having orders not to 
stir till the other Convoys do arrive. 

Most of the Jamaica Fleet that went from hence for England the 
first of December last, were arrived in Ireland. 



Just now arrived a Sloop in 30 days from Curacoa, Lucas Steven 
Master; Three other Sloops for this Port came out in Company with 
him ; but are not yet arrived : He brings no News, but that Monsieur 
De Casse was taken by an English Squadron coming out of the 
Channel : Which News they had at Curacoa by a Ship lately arrived 
there from Holland, that came out in Company with Six other Mer- 
chant-men under Convoy of Two Dutch men of War, the other Ships 
were daily expected in there. There was Tv^^o Sloops for Rhode- 
Island, Bernon and another that came out in Company with this Sloop : 
And there was 4 or 5 for Boston, who were to Sail the same day or 
the day after. 

Rhode-Island, May 3d. On the 26th last arrived at New-Port 
a Ketch from Montserrat, Samuel Hooper Master, who came from 
thence the 21 March last, and in his Passage met with a violent 
Storm, which had like to have Founder'd him; wherein he lost his 
Masts, Spoyl'd most of his Suggar in his hould. 

On Wednesday last was our Election ; all our Officers are continued 
as they were, except one Assistant left out, and Major William 
Wanton Elected in his Room. 

New-Haven, May 1st. On the 27th. last, William Nick of Marble- 
head, firing from a Sloop in our Harbour at some Fowl, the piece 
broke, greatly tore his left hand; and on the 29th the Chyrurgeons 
cut off his fore and middle Finger, and fear they must to Save his 
Life, cut above the Wrist. Yesterday we had a very great South- 
east Storm and Rain ; Tis said our Small Rivers were never known by 
the English to be so high ; We fear there is much damage in Towns 
lying on great Streams. 

Dover, May 3d. On the 27th last. Some Sculking Indians about 
10 or 12, came on part of Oyster River, and suddenly Kill'd and 
Captivated 8 Persons, who had been Stragling abroad out of Garison. 

Montserat, April 5. We have had no News from Nevis these 12 
days, only we are informed from St. Christophers, that the French 
Landed there the 22d of March, and that there was two French Flags 
seen flying upon the Fort; We are daily Fortifying here for defence. 

Hartford, May 3. Of late we have had much Rain, which has 
caus'd a very great Flood, and but one like unto it this 40 years, it 
rose near 5 fathom above its usual height in our River, has done 
considerable damage, sundry Mills and Damns ruined. Houses 
floated, others drove away, 3 or 4 Vessels floated ofE their Blocks, 
great quantity of Corn spoyled. 

New- York, May 6. Yesterday arrived 2 Sloops, Bill & Peniston 
from Curacoa, who 8 or 10 days ago met with a Sloop from Antigua 



bound to Pensilvania, the Master whereof gave him the unwelcome 
News that Nevis was entirely taken by the French, he also says, 
that after the French had taken the Leeward Islands, they designed 
an Attack upon Jamaica. Two Sloops are bound for St. Thomas. 

Rhode-Island, May 10th. On the 6th Currant arrived here John 
Wanton in Sloop Brothers Adventure, 22 days passage from Antigua, 
who says. That the French were possest of Nevis three Weeks, ere he 
left the Island, but had no News from thence, how the Enemy took it. 
They have made all imaginable preparations at Antigua for defence. 

Letters from Barmuda acquaint us. That they are informed there 
from St. Thomas, That Monsieur De Casse coming out of France with 
11. Sail of men of War, was intercepted in the Channel by an English 
Squadron, who took him and 4 or 5 more Men of War, ruined the 
rest, & carried De Casse to Bristol. 

Boston, On the 5th Currant arrived here a Sloop from St. Thomas, 
Daniel Wyborn Master, 18 days passage; And by Passengers on board 
her that made their escape from Nevis, We are acquainted. That a 
French Fleet consisting of 12 Capital Ships, and 40 other Vessels 
on the 22d of March last, did Attack said Island, where the Enemy 
Landed 6000 Men, who had over-run the Island, and carryed away 
all that was Valuable; only they left the Inhabitants with their 
Houses Standing: There was several of the Enemy killed by the 
Negros. The Enemy stayed there upwards of 20 days. Several 
Vessels belonging to New-England, and other Places being Imbargo'd 
there, were taken by the French."^ 

On Fryday the 10th Currant arrived here John Ventiman from 
Jamaica about 5 Weeks passage: He came out in Company with 
Admiral Whetston and 6 men of War, that turned to the Windard: 
There came also out with him for this place, Pemberton, Bedgood 
and Edwards in 3 Sloops. The Anne Galley and Packet-Boat Sailed 
for England: Scrivener in a Briganteen for Barmuda and New- York: 
a Ship and a Sloop for Carolina ; Vanbrugh of New- York for Virginia; 
a New- York Sloop from Carolina was ready to Sail for New- York. 

His Excellency has Ordered, That the Masters of the Coasting 
Vessels Westward, Anchoring near the Shoar from Cape Cod to 
Seaconet, do forthwith send a Boat or Cannoe, with two men and no 
more, to give Notice to the Inhabitants who they are and from whence 
they come, to prevent their being put off their business by appre- 
hending them to be Enemies. 

148 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay; .... Vol. VIII, p. 
566, in account of the distress of St. Christopher, pp. 561-562, 565-567. 



Coasters, Entered Inwards, Flood from Piscataqua, John Hedge, 
Joseph Concklin, Thomas Lathrop, Jacob Cornwell, & Obadiah 
Carter from Connecticut. Outward, Thomas Ball, John Lothrop, 
James AUin, Samuel Prince, William Waters, Peter Harris and Jonas 
Green for Connecticut, Benj. Flood, and Jacob Parker for Piscataqua, 
and Dirik Adolph for New- York. Foreign Inwards, from St. Thomas 
Daniel Wyborn Sloop Hawck; from Virginia Mathew Armstrong 
Sloop Swallow: from Jamaica John Ventiman Ship Martha. Cleared 
Outward, for Montserrat Dennis Hollirt Brigt. Experiment, for Nevis 
John Stevins Sloop Mary-Rose, for Madera Samuel Carey Brigt. 
Three Sisters, for Jamaica, Peter King Ship Society, Andrew Wilson 
Sarah Galley, James Smith Ship America. Outward bound for 
London, Thomas Loch Tryall Galley, for Jamaica, John Secum 
Sloop Boneta, for Barbadoes Newcomb Blague Coleman Frigat. 


TWo Negro Men Slaves Aged about 21 years, & a Negro Woman; 
to be Sold; Inquire of John Campbell, & know further. 

AT the desire of Several Gentlemen Merchants and others who are 
willing to Contribute towards supporting of this Publick Print of 
Intelligence, the Undertaker has begun for a third year in hopes of 
others following their Good Example, whereby it may be Continued. 
And all Persons in Town & Country who have a mind to promote 
the same, may Agree with John Campbell Postmaster of Boston for 
the year, who shall have it on reasonable Terms. 

B» 16. mumb. 109. 

The Bolton NeiATs-Letter. 

From /IDOnDaS May 13. to /iDon&aS May 20. 1706. 


r \ NOTHER four page folio, more than three pages filled with 
I ^/\_ foreign news of preceding October and November dates from 
*• Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Vienna, Hamburgh, Cologne, Hague and 
elsewhere. There are accounts of the capture of Barcelona, October 
21, 1705, and of the progress of the siege of Badajos.] 

Antigua, April 21st. On the 20th of March, we were Alarm'd by 
a French Squadron just under the Land; but in the afternoon they 
bore away for Nevis; they consisted of 64 Sail, whereof were 12 Ships 
from 50 to 72 Guns, Monsieur Debervell was their Commadore. 

On the 22d in the Night, Monsieur Debervell Landed 4000 Men 
about 8 Miles from Nevis Town, at a Place where dur People thought 



it impossible for them to Land, where, had there been but 50 men, 
'twould broke the French's designs: The Commodore was the first 
man that went on Shore in a Cannoe, and about two a clock in the 
Morning he Marched at the Head of his Forces undiscovered, till 
they came within half a Mile of the Town, where two Companies of 
about 50 men discover'd and engag'd them some time, but no Assist- 
ance coming were forced to give way: The Enemy immediately got 
possession of the Town and several Platforms of Guns; The People 
fled to the Dodan, except about 30 Men, that fought them some time, 
and beat the Enemy out of one of the Platforms, Turn'd the Guns 
on the Town which did the Enemy considerable damage. Major 
Parris with 15 Men in the Fort fought the Enemy till 3 a clock in the 
afternoon of next day, & then Surrendered on honourable Terms. 

The same day the Enemy Marched to the Dodan with all their 
Forces: It is a Fort on the Top of a high Mountain wall'd in with a 
dry Stone Wall breast high, where we had 500 Men, with the Queen's 
Souldiers and Seamen, Commanded by Col. Abbot, who was resolved 
to Fight the Enemy and keep the Fort: but contrary to his own 
reason, being over-perswaded by some other Gentlemen, and Cryes 
of the Women and Children, he yielded to a Parly, and agreed on 
Articles to Surrender. 

That they should March out with their Arms, Drums beating and 
Collours flying; but so soon as they were out. The French broke 
their Articles, disarmed the English and barbarously used them: 
The Enemy burnt about half of the Country, and have taken all 
that was valuable; they took also 3200 Negros; Half of the Town of 
Nevis was burnt by Accident after the Capitulation; The Inhab- 
itants have also agreed with the French (to Save the remaining part 
of their Houses Standing, and themselves from being carryed off 
Captives,) in Six Months time to deliver a.t Martinico 1400 Negros, or to 
pay 42000 /. for which they took the Gentlemens Bonds, and carryed 
4 young Gentlemen with them as Hostages for the performance. 

Some of the Negros they had taken, after they were on board to 
be sent away, understanding that they were to be Sold to the Span- 
iards 80 of them Jumpt overboard, and some of them got on Shore, 
who possest the Negros that were in the Mountains of the Frenches 
design of getting them also by vertue of the Articles of Capitula- 
tion, and to carry them to New-Spain to work in the Mines, which 
made about 600 of them, who were well armed come down on the 
French, kill'd several of them, and used them so as to give no quarter, 
that the French durst not move half a Mile out of Town for fear of 
the Negros. 

The Enemy lost about 500 Men at Nevis, 130 men were blown up 
and kill'd at blowing up the Forts, and splitting the great Guns: 



when the Enemy went away the 10th Instant, they carryed with 
them 25 Sail of Vessels that lay Embargo'd in the Harbour. 

The Negros are still in Arms; there are 1400 of them who say, 
That they will not lay down their Arms till the General goes down and 
Commands them; They are afraid if they should that their Masters 
must and will comply with the Articles to send them off, and so be 
carryed to New-Spain. 

Col. Johnson has sent down to Nevis 150 small Arms, & 26 barrels 
of Powder, and some Provisions; the English having nothing to 
Eat since the French left them but Potatoes. 

The French left the Island suddenly in 3 hours time, by reason of 
14 Sail of Tall Ships seen by their Spy, to the Windward of Barbados, 
whom they took to be English men of War, but since are informed, 
they were Dutch, bound home from Surranam. Most of the French 
went to the Leeward, their design is said to be for some other place. 

Three Privateers went again to St. Christopher's, and took off 
400 Negro's. 

New- York, May 13. On the 6th Currant arrived Stillwell from 
Curacoa, and last week arrived Joel from Barmuda. His Excellency 
the Lord Cornbury our Governour has Issued forth Two Proclama- 
tions : One Commanding all persons to appear in Arms, &c. upon the 
first Alarm ; and the other to discover what quantity of Powder is in 
this Province, prohibiting the Sale and Exportation thereof till further 
Order. Two Sloops Outward bound for Curacoa, one for Barbadoes, 
and one for Barmuda. 

Just now arrived 2 Sloops from St. Thomas in 16 days, by whom 
we have advice, That the French have taken Nevis, that Monsieur 
Debervill was arrived at St. Thomas in a Ship of 67 Guns, he lay 
there 3 days, with 12 Sail more, supposed to be a part of his Squadron; 
'tis not known whither they are bound, but belived to be for New- 
Spain: It was talk't at St. Thomas's, that the French Fleet were to 
Rendezvous at St. de Crux, and that their Design was to attack 
Curacoa, The Privateers were returned to Martinico. 

Two Sloops are just arrived in 30 days from Jamaica; they left 
Mr. Vial bound for Boston 6 days ago. A Sloop bound from Jamaica 
for England, but last from Virginia; John Vanbrugh Master is just 
now come in here. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 14th Currant Dyed here Capt. Benjamin 
Gilliam, and was interr'd on Thursday the 17th. Aged 43 years. 

Coasters Cleared Outward, for Piscataqua Coin and Wair, for 
Connecticut Thomas Lathrop Sloop Diamond, Thomas Lathrop Sloop 
Susanna, and John Lathrop Sloop Speedwell. Foreign Inwards, 
from Jamaica, Jeffery Bedgood Sloop Two Brothers, Thomas Pember- 



ton, Sloop John & Anne, from Bermuda, John Welch Sloop Larke, 
from Antigua, John Porter Sloop Mary. Outward bound, for Mont- 
serrat, William Cooke Brigt. John and James, for South Carolina, John 
Comer Ketch. Exchange, ioT Newfoundland, Jeremiah Vaile Sloop Mary. 

On Saturday arrived Nathaniel Perkins from South Carolina, 
John Edwards from Jamaica, Blin and Hedge from Connecticut. 

On Wednesday the I5th Currant, It was Resolved by His Excellency 
& Council, That Capt. Redknap Her Majesties Engineer for the Con- 
tinent of America be forthwith supplied with Materials for Mounting 
20 Pieces of Cannon at Castle William, and to repair the Works, and 
raise more as shall be judged necessary for the Defence of this Place. 


'T^He Good Old Way: Or, Christianity Described in the 
•^ Lives of the Primitive Christians. Sold by Benjamin EHot 
under the West End of the Town-House: Price bound 12 d. 

[Reprinted: negro man slave for sale, as in May 6; News-Letter 
advertisement as in May 13.] 

Hq. j6. IRumb. no. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /©On&a^ May 20. to ^OSl^a^ May 27. 1706. 


rir^OUR folio pages, more than three pages devoted to foreign news, 
I X^ the most important relating to the siege of Asti in the pre- 
'' ceding November, the meeting of the czar of Russia and the 
king of Poland, at Grodno in November, the visit of the duke of 
Marlborough to Vienna, and affairs in Bavaria, Hungary and 

Guernsey, Nov 12. Several Prizes have been lately brought in 
here by the Privateers, belonging to this island . . , The 
Francis of Philadelphia, Andrew Lock Master, of 40 Tuns and 8 
men, Loaden with Wine Retaken by Capt John Brock. 

Plimouth [Eng.] Decemb. 2. The 30th past a Butch Privateer 
called the Dolphin of Flushing brought in here as Prize, the Abraham 
of Rochel, of 14 Guns, and 200 Tuns, laden with Sugar, Indigo, and 
other Goods from Martinico. 

St. James's December 9. This day Francis Nicholson Esq. late 
Governour of Her Majesties Colony and Dominion of Virginia, was 
introduced into Her Majesty's Presence by the Rt. Hon. Mr. Secre- 



tary Hedges, and had the Honour to Kiss Her Majesty's Hand: 
He likewise waited upon his Royal Highness, who was also pleased to 
receive him very favourably. 

Jamaica, April lOth. Capt. Bartholomew Green is arrived here 
from Boston. The Packet call'd the Barbados having on board 150 
Cask of Indigo, and about 20000 /. value in Silver and Gold, bound 
from hence to England, was lost upon the Island Heneago: The men 
on board her Saved the Indigo and Money, built a Boat, took in the 
Money, designing down hither, leaving the Indigo on the Island, but 
in the way were met by a French Ship, who took them with their 
Riches, and gave the men the Boat again and all of them their Liberty 
Save two: When they arrived here, the Merchants immediately 
fitted out a Sloop with 90 men to fetch the Indigo from Heneago, 
which accordingly they did and brough it hither. 

We have now here 300 French Prisoners ; We set all the Spaniards 
that we take at Liberty; and the Spaniards do the same to the Eng- 
lish: We keep all the French Criolians close Prisoners: There are 
two Flags of Truce sent from hence to the Havanna, and St Domingo : 
Admiral Whetstone with Her Majesties Ships under his Command 
being to the Eastward, is returning from his Cruise hither again. 

St. John's, Newfoundland, May the 4th. It has been very Sickly 
here last Winter, and we have buryed a great many: We have taken 
6 French Prisoners, and two Indians; Three of the French Prisoners 
made their escape to Petty Harbour, where the Chief Gunner with 
a party in pursuit of them kill'd two in their endeavouring a second 
escape. On the 25 last, a party of French came & burnt Mr. Coals 
House. Here are two Ships arrive from England, Abraham Fil- 
niore from Topsham and Thomas Templeman from Bristol, by whom 
we are informed, That Sir William Jumper is bound hither with a 
Squadron, whom we daily expect. 

Southampton on Long-Island, May the 12th. On Saturday the 
4th Currant, Dyed here Col. Mathew Howel Esq. much Lamented. 

Nantucket, May the 15th. On Monday the 6th Instant, Dyed here 
John Gardner Esq. Aged about 82 years. 

New- York, May 20. This day arrived a Sloop from St. Thomas 
in 20 days, who brings News that the French gave out there, that 
they designed for Jamaica, and in their Return for New- York, which 
has caused us to make all possible provision to give them a warm 
Reception; All persons having provided themselves with Arms 
and Ammunition, and all hands are employed upon Fortifying this 
City, which in a short time will be put in a good posture of defence; 
Our Inhabitants having voluntarily advanced large Sums of Mony 



for the procuring of Materials, until sucii time our Assembly Sits, 
which will be on the 24th Instant. A great many new Carriages are 
already made for the Mounting of our Cannon, and a great number of 
Stockadoes and Plank brought to Town, for the making of Platforms, 
Breast-works, &c. 

Her Majesty's Ship Lowstaffe will go to Sea this week on a Cruise. 

Vessels Outward bound are Gilbert and Ecles for St. Thomas, 
Schelinx for Boston, Stevins for Curacoa, Hutchins for Barmuda, 
Ecles for Jamaica, Chaplain for Barbadoes & Maclenan for Antigua. 

Hartford, May 20. This day a Woman was Condemned to Dy 
for Murdering her Husband, which was done by throwing a pair of 
Taylors Shears at him, which hitting him on the head, in a few days 
it prov'd fatal to him. 

Rhode-Island, May 24. On the 14th Instant about 4 in the after- 
noon, we had a great Shower of Hail, some whereof measured full 
three quarters of an inch through, but did no damage. A Vessel 
has been seen off Block-Island, which by her working is supposed to 
be an Enemy. 

Marblehead, May the 24th. On Saturday the 18th. Dyed here 
Capt. John Brown Merchant, who was interr'd on Wednesday the 
22d. instant. 

Boston, On Monday the 13th Currant, His Excellency reviewed 
the Militia of this Place, at a General Muster of the Regiment. And 
on Wednesday the 15th Currant the Militia of the Eastern Regiment 
in the County of Middlesex at a General Muster in Charlestown. 
And on Tuesday the 21st Currant the Militia of the South Regiment 
in the County of Essex, at a General Muster at Salem And on Thurs- 
day the 23d the middle Regiment in the said County of Essex, at a 
General Muster at Ipswich; And found them well provided as the 
Law Directs. 

Wednesday next the 29th Currant is the Aniversary Day for 
Electing the Members of Her Majesties Council for this Province, 
when the Great and General Court is to sit at Boston. 

Mr. Nathaniel Vial after he came out of Jamaica in his Voyage 
hither, met a Bark-Alongo that came from Cuba, bound to Jamaica, 
with several English Prisoners. 

On Monday the 20th Currant, The Governour Acquainting the 
Council, That His Excellency the Lord Cornbury Governour of New- 
York &c. had Written to Capt. Redknap Her Majesties Engineer, 
to repair into that Province. 

The Council Unanimously desired His Excellency to direct his 
Attendance in this Province for Her Majesty's Service, until the New 



Cannon be Mounted at Her Majesty's Castle William, and the Works 
there, now in hand, be set in Order. 

Coasters, Entered Inwards, Jackson from Piscataqua, Lewis & 
Blin from Connecticut. Outward, Gold & Bracket for Piscataqua, 
Ed. Hedge for Connecticut. Andrew Gravenradt for Rhode-Island, 
N. York & Pensilvania. Foreign Inwards from Jamaica, John 
Patison Sloop Dove, Nathaniel Vial Ship Dutchess: From South- 
Carolina, Nathaniel Perkins Brigt. Success: from Bonire, John 
Sharp Sloop Four Friends: from Saltertuda, John Hobbs Ketch 
Lamb: From Newfoundland Solomon Gardner Sloop Mary: from 
Surranam Ebenezar Dennis Brigt. Friendship. Cleared Outwards, 
for St. Christophers, William Cole Sloop Mary : for Antigua, William, 
Thomas Brigt Amity: for Newfoundland, Richard Dafforn Sloop 
Amity: for Barbados, Thomas Ruck Brigt. Fraternity, and John 
Robinson Brigt. Larke. Outward bound, for Maryland, Moses 
Abbot Sloop Endeavour: for New York Joseph Concklin Sloop Tryal: 
for Fyal John Jarvis Brigt. Goodwill: for Carolina, Jeffery Bedgood 
Sloop Two Brothers: for St. Christophers, Daniel Wyborn Sloop 
Hawck: for Newfoundland, George Pearson Sloop John and Mary. 


[Reprinted: loan of money wanted, as in February 14; negro 
man slave for sale, as in May 6; News-Letter advertisement, as in 
May 13.] 

fPi, ig, BumD. 111. 

The Bolton News-Letter- 

From /IDonDaS May 27. to /IDOnda^ June 3. 1706. 


TTN this issue, the space devoted to domestic news exceeds that 
j Xgiven to the foreign. The latter is in December, 1705, letters 
from London, Turin, Venice, Florence, Warsaw, Hague, Ratis- 
bon and elsewhere. The number opens with reports of the Anniver- 
sary Election, the sitting of the General Court and the address of 
Governor Dudley.] 

Boston, June 3. 1706. 

WEdnesday the 29th of May last, being the day appointed 
for the Sitting of the Great and General Court or Assem- 
bly of this Province, And the Anniversary Election: 
After the Election Sermon Preach'd by the Rever- 
end Mr. John Rogers, Minister of Ipswich: (upon these words, 
1 Kings 8.57, 58. TJie Lord our God be with us, as he was with our 



Fathers: Let him not leave us, nor forsake us: that he may encline our 
hearts unto him, to ivalk in all his ways, and to keep his Commandments, 
and his Statutes, and his Judgments, which he commanded our Fathers.) 

The following Gentlemen were Chosen Members of Her Majesty's 
Council for the Ensuing Year, whom His Excellency was pleased to 
Approve of, Ws.^^^ 

Wait Winihrop Esq 
John Haihorn Esq 
Samuel Sewall Esq 
William Brown Esq 
Jonathan Corwin Esq 
John W alley Esq 
Eliakim Hutchinson Esq 
Penn Townsend Esq 
Samuel Partridge Esq 
Edward Bromfield Esq 
Isaac Winslow Esq 
Samuel Appleton Esq 
*John Gushing junior Esq 

James Russel Esq 
Elisha Hutchinson Esq 
Isaac Addington Esq 
John Phillips Esq 
John Foster Esq 
John Thacher Esq 
John Appleton Esq 
John Higginson Esq 
Andrew Belcher Esq 
Samuel Legg Esq 
Nathanael Payne Esq 
■^John Leverett Esq 
''^Ichabod Plaistead Esq 

The Members of the House of Representatives for the several Towns 
are as follows, and those that have this Mark [*] are New Ones. "* 

Watertown, * Jonas Bond Esq 

f Mr Tho. Oakes Speak 
Boston \ Col Sam. Checkley 
I Capt Eph Savage 
I Mr Eliz. Holyoke 
Roxbury, Mr Wil Denison 
Dorchester, Mr Hopestill Clap 
Milton, Capt Thomas Vose 
Braintrey, Mr John Baxter 

Sudbury, *Mr Edmund Ryce 
Marlborough, *Capt Tho How 
Concord, *Mr Wil. Wilson 
Chelmsford, Capt Jera. Bowers 
Billerica, *Mr John Sternes 
Woburn, James Converse Esq 
Reading, Maj. Jer Swain 

149 Printed, revised, in The Acts and Resolves . . . of the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay : . . . , Vol. VIII, pp. 161-163. In the list of members 
of the council are these changes in the Province Laws print: Rtissell for 
Russel; Hathorne for Hathorn; Browne for Brown; Paine for Payne; Plaisted 
for Plaistead. In the list of representatives, the following: Sitdbury, Deacon 
Edmund Rice instead of Mr. Edmund Ryce; Billerica, Lieut. John Stearns 
instead of Mr. John Sternes; Woburn, added: Ensign John Pierce; Hingham, 
Maj. Samuel Eells instead of Samuel Eels Esq.; Salem, blank filled: Mr. 
Daniel Epes; Ipswich, Jewett for Jewet, Mr. Goodue instead of Capt.; Reading,^ 
Sweyne for Swain; Maiden, Hill "for Hills; Sherburne, Lieut. Morse instead of 
Mr. ; Dimstable, Lieut. Col. Tyng instead of Col. ; Newbury, Somerby for 
Somersby; Lynn, Poole for Pool; Marblehead, Calley for Cavvlej''; Wenham^ 
Deacon William Fiske instead of Mr. Wil. Fisk; Gloucester, Haskall for Hascall; 
Yarmouth, Paddocke for Paddock; Hatfield, Deacon Marsh instead of Mr. ,- 
Rehoboth, Ensign Read instead of Mr. Reed; Haverhill, Saunders for Sanders; 
Boxford, Perley for Pearly; Cambridge, Capt. Thomas Oliver in place of John 
Leverett Esq., Leverett being elected to the council; Charlestown, Cary for 
Carey; Taunton, Crosman for Grossman; York, Donnell for Donnel. 



Weymouth, Capt Steph French 
Dedham, Mr John Fuller 
Medfield, *Mr Henry Adams 
Hingham, Samuel Eels Esq 
Brooklin, *Mr John Winchester 

Salem \ *Mr Benj Lynde 

/ Mr Nehe Jewet 
Ipswich \ *Capt Wil Goodhue 
Newbury, Capt Hen Somersby 
Lynne, '^=Mr John Pool 
Marblehead, ='=Mr John Cawley 
Beverly, Mr Samuel Balch 
Wenham, Mr Wil. Fisk 
Topsfield, Mr Elisha Perkins 
Glocester, *Mr Benj. Hascall 
Rowley, Mr John Dresser 
Salisbury, *Mr Rich. Hubbard 
AmesbvLry, *Capt Tho. Harvey 
Andover, Capt Chri. Osgood 
Haverhill, *Mr James Sanders 
Boxford, *Mr Tho. Pearly 
Cambrige, *John Leverett Esq 
Charlestown, *Capt Nath Carey 
Newtown, *Mr John Spring 

Maldon, *Mr Eben. Hills 
Sherborn, *Mr Jonath. Morse 
Dunstable, *Col. Jonat Tyng 
Lancaster, Mr John Houghton 
Groton, *Mr Simon Stone 
Plymouth, *Mr Nath Morton 
Situate, ''=Mr John Barker 
Marshfield, Mr Eph. Little 
Bridgewaier, Mr Dav. Perkins 
Duxbury, *Capt Seth Arnold 
Barnstable, =^=Mr Sam Hinckle}'" 
Yarmouth, *Mr Zech. Paddock 
Eastham, Mr Sam. Knowles 
Springfield, *Jos. Parsons Esq 
Northampton, *Mr Eb. Strong 
Hadley, *Mr Daniel Marsh 
Hatfield, *Mr Samuel Marsh 
Bristol, Mr Nath Blagrove 
Rehoboth, *Mr Moses Reed 
Swanzey, ''-Mr Hezek. Luther 
Taunton, *Mr Ro. Grossman 
York, *Samuel Donnel Esq 
Kittery, *Mr Jos. Hammond 
Nantucket, Capt Rich. Gardner. 

His Excellency, JOSEPH DUDLEY Esqr. Captain General and 
GOVERNOUR in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of 
the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, &c. His SPEECH to 
the Honourable the COUNCIL and Representatives, in General 
Court Assembled at Boston, May the 30th. 1706, 


BY the favour of Almighty GOD, we have been last year 
preserved from any inroad of the Enemy by Land, or any 
considerable Depredation upon our Coast; and the Forces 
in the several Parts have done their Duty towards our 

I am to acquaint you, That by our Advice from the West Indies, 
The French have a more powerful Fleet than at any time heretofore; 
and having done what Spoil they can in the Islands; may be reason- 
ably expected to visit the Continent, and every Body will agree that 
it is Our Duty to be in all possible Preparation to receive them, 
to defend this Province from their Insults, and therein to do the 
Just Honour we owe to the Crown of England, to Her Majesty the 



best of Princes, and to all Her Majesties good Subjects that depend 
upon US. 

I have lately reviewed the several Regiments upon the Sea Coast, 
and put them into the best Readiness for a March, to the Assistance 
of any oppressed Part, and by the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
have doubled the Garrison at the Castle, and laid in Provisions and 
Stores there. 

There is something further necessary to be done towards the 
Security of this Town, at the Battery s and else where, as well as at 
Salem, Marhlehead and Cape Anne, which I shall desire you forth- 
with to enter upon: the Season of the year being far advanced, and 
proper for the Enemy to look this way. 
Gentlemen of the Representatives, 

I have always found your Readiness to Assist in the Affairs of the 
War; and as the Circumstances are more pressing, I doubt not of 
your further Resolutions, you will properly consider the Method of 
such growing Charges of the Fortifications, and other Necessarys, 
and how to lay them equally, and thereby more easy to the People. 

Mr. Treasurer's Accounts will acquaint you what is wanting there. 

I have used all Methods this last year to make the Charge as easy 
as possible, that I might Encourage your Readiness in the Supply, 
and shall at all times depend upon your Advice for the Security of 
this Province, and am well Assured of your Assistance. 

I shall be glad you will make this the first business, and proceed 
early in it, because all things that we shall judge necessary will 
demand time. 

I Trust Almighty GOD will Inspire us with that Courage and Reso- 
lution which is needful for our Defence: and that we may proceed 
Unanimously and Vigorously in what is before us, which I shall 
always justly represent to the Honour of the Government. 

On Thursday the 30th of May, An Express came to His Excellency 
from Albany, giving an Account, That Mr. Shelden (who went from 
hence to Canada with Letters from our Govemour, to the Governour 
of Quebeck, in order to the Exchange of Prisoners) was safe arrived 
there, and had got all our Captives together (except 9 or 10) in read- 
iness to come away from thence. 

This day came here by Land from Martha s- Vineyard, Jeremiah 
Snow, Master of the Ship Hopewel, who came from Hundoras about 
5 weeks ago loaden with Logwood bound for Ciiracoa; But on the 
3d of May coming thro' the Gulph of Florida was taken by a French 
Man of War of 26 Guns, bound from St. Domingo to Burdeaux in 
France: The French having pillaged her of Water, Provisions, Beds 
and Cloathing, Sold the Ship and Loading to the Master for an 100 I. 
Sterling; for the payment of which he sent a Man in Hostage. And 



on Thursday the 23d of May, Mr. Snow being off Block-Island, and 
very short of Water and Provisions, seeing two Sloops, he drew up his 
Sails designing to speak with them to get a supply; but they were 
afraid, and run away from him, he being unacquainted at Rhode- 
Island, and not having time that night to run in, he made the best 
of his way to the Eastward, and on the 26/A. got in to Martha's- 
Vineyard. Mr. Snow see the People of Block-Island fire the Beacon, 
and doubtless his Ship was the Vessel mentioned in our last supposed 
to be an Enemy. 

By a Vessel from Carolina, We are acquainted, That Capt. Baylie 
in a Ship from Barmuda bound to Pensilvania, having 41 Persons on 
board was cast away the beginning of April last, a little to the North- 
ward of Ruanok Barr, and had 33 Persons drowned, 15 whereof were 
Negros. As also that Capt. Josiah Flint in the Stephen and Samuel 
of Boston, laden with Pitch, Tar, Ryce &c. bound from South Carolina 
to Virginia, in order to imbrace the Convoy from thence to England, 
was cast away upon Cape Hatteras, about the middle of April last; 
the men all Saved. 

His Excellency has been pleased to Commissionate Mr. Samuel 
Keeling Merchant, to be one of the Captains of the Regiment of 
Militia of this Town. 

New- York, May 27. On the 21st Instant arrived here Capt. Mor- 
rison from Jamaica, and Cox from Turks Island. And on the 24th 
a Prize Ship (formerly mentioned) from Bermuda, but neither bring 
any News. 

Her Majesty's Ship Lowstaffe Sails this week on a Cruise towards 

We have above 200 at work every day on the Fortifications, and a 
great number cutting and fetching of Timber, Stockadoes, &c. for 
making of Batteries, Platforms, &c. The Northside of this City from 
Hudsons River to the East River will be inclosed with Stockadoes, 
and a very good Breast-work, with several Block-Houses at conven- 
ient places. One half whereof is already done, and we hope to have 
finished that Line this week. A breast-work is carrying on all along 
Hudsons River, and several Batteries will be made fronting the 
Harbour, there being Carriages ready for Mounting 40 or 50 heavy 
Cannon, & more making. 

Most persons in case of any Attack from the Enemy have provided 
Retreats in the Country, for their Wives and Children, &c. And 
a Computation has been made, that in less than 24 hours, w^e can 
have 4000 Men well Armedjin this City; So that if the French should 
come, they are like to get little more than hard blows & Brick Walls, 
which will do them no extroordinary Service. 



We are acquainted from Virginia, that Capt. Bond for this place 
has Souldiers on Board to Recruit the Forces here; who comes from 
England under Convoy of Her Majesty's Ships the Greenwich & 
Hazardous for Virginia, whom we daily expect. 

Vessels Outward bound are Budge for London, Bradduck for 
Boston, Bill, Pasco, Stilwell and Dupuy for Curacoa, and Martin for 
St Thomas. 

Boston, Coasters Entered Inwards, Elisha Hedge, Nathanael 
Loring, Richard Christophers and William Rodes from Connecticut. 
Outward, Jacob Cornwal for Connecticut. Foreign Inwards, from 
Ruanoak, William Clarke Sloop Endeavour, John Ford Sloop Speed- 
well, David Northy Brigt. Speedwell-friend, and John Webster 
Brigt. Endeavour; ironx Turks Island, Solomon Pitman Brigt. 
Content: from Montserrat, Samuel Hooper Ketch Endeavour: 
from Bonavist, James Loring Brigt. Industry: from Nevis Ebenezar 
Breed Ketch Goodwill: from South-Carolina, Joseph Elicot Sloop 
Nonsuch. Cleared Outward, for Newfoundland, Jeremiah Vail 
Sloop Mary: for South Carolina, John Pitts Ketch Exchange. Out- 
ward bound, for Fyall Samuel Edward Brigt. William and Mary. 

THese are to give Notice, That in our Numb. 79 We gave you 
an Account, That Her Majesty, for the better maintaining of 
Correspondence between England and Her Plantation Islands in the 
West-Indies, and for the further Improvement and Benefit of Trade, 
had settled Packet-Boats, to go from Plimouth every Month in the 
year, and being arrived at Barbadoes to stay no longer than j days 
and nights, at Antigua 2 days and nights, Monserat, Nevis and St. 
Christophers at each j6 hours, at Jamaica lo days and nights, and 
thence to Return to England, and not to be stay'd or delayed on any 
pretence whatsoever. 

And ivhereas in the said Account by an Error of the Press, it is said 
every Vessel hath performed Jier Voyage in the space of ijo days or 
thereabouts: These are to give Notice, that it shouldbe but lOO days, which 
according to the first Proposition laid down by the Honourable Edmund 
Dummer Esqr. is de iacto found practicable to accomplish the same. 

In the said Account we also informed you. That by virtue of the Act 
of Parliament for Establishing the Post-Office, Her Majesty had 
Directed and Impowered the Honourable Sir Robert Cotton Knight, 
and also the Honourable Sir Thomas Frankland Baronet, Her Majesty's 
Post-Master General of England and the Plantations, &c. to take and 
receive for the Port of all Letters and Packets so conveyed to and from. 
the Plantations to England, according to the Rates following. From 
England to the West-Indies, each Letter not exceeding one sheet 15 d. 
double not exceeding 2 Sheets 2 s. 6 d. and in proportion to the same 



Rates for every Packet of Letters. From the Islands to England single 
18 d. Double 3 s. and in proportion for Packets, and for Packets 
of greater hulk 6 s. per Ounce. 

We also acquainted you that Letters would be taken in at the General 
Post-Office in London, directed for New-England, New- York, New- 
Jersey, Pensilvania, &c. On the same Post nights as those for the 
Plantation Islands, which would be put up in Separate Bags, for the 
Continent^ with Direction to the several Agents of Her Majesty's Packets 
in each Island by the very first Embarkation that presents from either 
Island, to put said Mails on Board for the Continent, where said Letters 
are to be dispatched to the Respective Governments by the Post-master 
of the Place where the said Vessel does first arrive. 

These are also to give Notice, That the Agents of the Packets in each 
Island, and the Post-m,asters on the Continent, are ordered to Corres' 
pond with each other in order to promote and carry on this Publick 
Good. As also the Post-masters of the several Provinces on the Continent 
are hereby desired to acquaint each other from time to time of all Vessels 
Outward bound from their Precincts to any Port of the West-Indies or 
Beyond Sea, as well as those that do arrive from any Foreign Port; 
whereby all Persons may know how and when to send Letters by said 
Vessels for Counveyance by the Monthly Packets to England, or any 
other Ports. 

It is also hereby furtJier Notified to all Persons who at any time have a 
mind to send any Letters or Packets for England, either directly when 
Embarkations offer, or by the way of the West-Indies by said Packets, 
either from this or the Neighbouring Provinces, that all due care shall be 
taken by the Respective Post-masters to put said Letters on board the 
Vessel for England, and if to the Plantations, to piit iip the said Letters 
in a Maile directed for the Agent, where the first Embarkation offers, 
by him to be put on Board the first Packet for England: TJie Owners of 
said Letters or Packets, first having pay'd the Inland Postage and 
usual allowances of 2 d. each Letter for the same. 


^T^O be Sold at Charlestown on reasonable Terms, A House Sc 

-■- Land, Barn, Gardens, with other accomodations, and a Dock and 

Ship-yard belonging thereunto, with all necessarys for a Ship-wright; 

Inquire of Mr. Samuel B[a]llard of said Town, and know further. 

T TPon Tuesday night last the 28th of May, there was Stole, a 
^-^ Little Moses Boat from the side of the Sloop Larke lying at 
Mrs. Keeche's Wharffe in the North End of Boston: Whoever will 
bring back again the said Boat unto John Welch Master of said 
Sloop, or give him any true Intelligence, so as he may have her 
again, shall have a sufficient Reward. 



A Ny Person that wants to borrow Money at Interest, upon good 
-*- ^-Security, may inquire of John Campbell Postmaster, and 
know further. 

^X^Hree Negro Men Slaves, & three Negro Women, to be Sold; 
•*• Inquire of John Campbell Postmaster, & know further. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in May 13.] 

1R. ]6. IRumb. 112. 

The Bofton^News-Letter. 

From flDOnC>a^ June 3. to /IDOnOai^ June 10. 1706. 


TtN all respects — size, diversity of news, treatment of domestic 
I X affairs, quantity of advertising and so on — this is the most am- 
■• bitious number of the News-Letter attempted up to this date. 
Two regular pages are added, making it a six page folio. On the 
first page is an account from Limerick, December 7, 1705, of storms 
and shipwrecks on the Irish coast, and this is followed on the first 
and second pages with other foreign news from Vienna, Madrid, 
Zurich, Ratisbon and elsewhere. More than half of the third page 
is given to domestic news. On the fourth page is an editorial argu- 
ment against negro slavery, an important historical document, 
and on the same page is additional domestic news. The fifth page is 
filled with the speech of Lord Cornbury and the proceedings of the 
Assembly of New York, while the sixth page presents foreign news 
from Paris, Dresdon, Frankfort, Falmouth, Hague and elsewhere, 
and three quarters of a column of advertisements.] 

Boston, On Monday the 3d. Currant, The Annual Artillery Election 
Sermon was Preach'd by the Reverend Mr. Rowland Cotton, Minister 
of Sandwich, upon these words, Mat. 11. 12. The Kingdom of Heaven 
siiffereth Violence, and the Violent take it by Force. After Sermon 
the following Gentlemen were Chosen by the Honourable Artillery 
Company to be their Officers for the Ensuing Year, Vi::. Major 
Adam Winthrop, Captain; Captain Timothy Clarke, Lieutenant; 
and Captain John Ballantine, Ensign: Whom His Excellency was 
pleased to Approve of. 

On the said day arrived here the Port Merchant from Lisbon in 
51 days, John Babbage Master; there came out in Company with him, 
Mr. Gerrish for Piscataqua, via Fyall, Mr. Winter for this place, 10 
Sail of large Merchant-men for the West-Indies, and 14 Sail for New- 

By whom we are Advised, [Then is printed nearly a half column 
of minor foreign news items.] 



This Port Merchant, whereof Richard Thomas was formerly Master, 
was taken in his Voyage from Boston to Lisbon by three Letter of 
Mark-men; all the Commanders were very kind to the said Thomas, 
whom they carried with them to Martinico, and the said Vessel was 
retaken by a Flushing Privateer of 36 Guns, and ransomed again: 
Cravat from Boston was also taken, and they gave him his Vessel again. 

Mr. Babbage further says, That one of the Mast-Ships, & Mr. 
Minot in a Flag Boat, were arrived at Lisbon from England, who 
waited for a Convoy to this Place. 

On Tuesday the 4th Instant, By an Express from the Governour 
of Rhode-Island to His Excellency, we are acquainted, that there is a 
French Privateer on that Coast, who upon Fry day the 31st of Afay — 
Chased one Walker in a Sloop from Connecticut, so that he and his 
men was forced to leave his Sloop laden with Provisions, and get on 
shore at Watchpoint. The Government of Rhode-Island upon notice 
had of it, immediately fitted out two Sloops well Mann'd and Arm'd, 
under Command of Major Wanton, and Lieut. Payn to go in Quest 
of the said Privateer. Mr. Walker saw the Privateer take the Pro- 
visions out of his Sloop, and then turn her a drift. 

On Thursday the 6th Currant, there came an Express to His Excel- 
lency from the Province of Main, giving an Account, that 6 or 8 of 
the Skulking Enemy Indians on Tuesday last came unawares upon 
3 or 4 persons that were working in their field at Cachethe, and kill'd 
two of them being Young men, e're they could escape to the Garison, 
as the other did. 

On the said Day the Assembly Elected Two of Her Majesty's 
Council for this Province, to make up the Number of 28. Viz Benja- 
min Brown Esq. and Ephraim Hunt Esq. and His Excellency Approved 
of the Choice. 

Since our Last there was chosen the following Gentlemen to Serve 
in the General Court as Representatives of the following Towns, viz. 
For Cambridge, Capt. Thomas Oliver; John Leverett Esq. the late 
Representative for that Town, being chosen One of Her Majesty's 
Council: for Little Compton *Col. Benjamin Church, and for Mendon, 
*Mr. William Holebrook}^'^ 

On Fryday the 7th Currant, arrived here Capt. Tho. Gwin, and 
Capt. Beamsly Perkins, in 17 days from Antigua, with whom came 
out for this place David Bucklin, and John Taylor, who Sailed the 
same day about 6 hours before them, by whom we are acquainted, 
That Mr. Nathaniel Harris for Boston, and Mr. Andrew Pepyril for 
Piscataqua Sailed from Antigua about 16 days before they came out. 

150 See foot-note, 149, p. 330 ante. 



That in the Lat of 19 and 40. Capt. Perkins met a large Ship of Force, 
who gave him Chase, which Ship he saw take a Sloop, whom he fears 
to be Taylor. That there was a Flag of Truce returned from Mar- 
tinico to Antigua the 10th of May last with all the English Prisoners 
from thence, by whom we are advised, That the French Squadron 
were all gone to the Leeward, (excepting one 70 Gun Ship, that was 
going Convoy of the Martinico Fleet for France) and were to stop at 
St. Domingo, where they expected a considerable Force to join them, 
in order to attack Curacoa or Jamaica: That the Dutch Fleet from 
Curacoa to Holland, consisting of above 100 Sail were gone home. 
That Capt. Crapo in a Ship of 14 Guns, who was upon this Coast last 
year, was Sailed from Martinico 14 days before the last Flag of 
Truce to Antigua came from thence, and was gone for St. Domingo, 
in order to join some French Ships of War to come upon the Coast of 
N. E. That they expected Monsieur Du Casse at Martinico. That 
there was lately a great Storm at Martinico, wherein they Lost 12 
Sail of Vessels, 4 whereof were Privateers, and the rest Prizes. That 
there was a Spy Boat from Barhadoes at Antigua, waiting for the 
Return of the Flag of Truce from Martinico, which Spy Boat return'd 
to Barhadoes upon the Arrival of the Flag of Truce, and upon their 
Arrival at Barhadoes: It is not doubted, but the long Embargo upon 
Vessels there will be taken off. 

On Saturday the 8th Currant, arrived here David Bucklin from 

This day was Interr'd the Corps of Mr. Jonathan Balsion, who dyed 
on Thursday last, in the 89th year of his Age: 

Coasters, Entered Outward, for Connecticut, Elisha Hedge, An- 
drew Wager, James Blin, and William Rhodes: for New- York, Joseph 
Concklin. Foreign Inwards, from Lisbone, John Babhage Ship Oporto 
Merchant: from St. George, William Goddard Brigt. Seaflower: 
from Antigua, Thomas Gwin Brigt. Eliz. and Beamsly Perkins 
Eagle Galley. Cleared Outwards, for New-foundland, Solomon 
Gardner Sloop Mary: for Curacoa, Thomas Andrews Ketch Mary. 
Outward bound, for Antigua, John Rawlins Sloop Mary: for Oporto, 
Samuel Turill Ship John & Timothy : for Newfoundland John Sharp 
Sloop Four friends. 

On the 9th Arrived Nathanael Jarvies from Antigua. 

BY last Years Bill of Mortality for the Town of Boston in Numb 
100 News-Letter, we are furnished with a list of 44 Negroes dead 
last year, which being computed one with another at 30 1. per Head, 
amouyits to the Sum of One Thousand three hundred and Twenty Pounds, 
of which we would make this Remark; That the Importing of Negroes 
into this or the Neighbouring Provinces is not so beneficial either to the 



Crown or Country, as White Servants would he. 

For Negroes do not carry Arms to defend the Countrey, as Whites do. 

Negroes are generally Eye-Servants, great Thieves, much addicted 
to Stealing, Lying and Purloining. 

They do not People our Country as Whites would do whereby we 
should he strengthened against an Enemy. 

By Encouraging the importing of White Men Servants, allowing 
somewhat to the Importer, most Husbandmen in the Country might 
he furnished with Servants for 8, g, or lo 1. a Head, who are not able 
to Launch out 40 or jo 1. for a Negro the now common price. 

A Man then might buy a White Man Servant we suppose for lo I. 
to Serve 4 years, and Boys for the same price to Serve 6, 8 or 10 years: 
If a White Servant die, the Loss exceeds not 10 1. but if a Negro dies, 
'tis a very great loss to the Husbandman; Three years Interest of the 
price of the Negro, luill near upon if not altogether purchase a White 
Man Servant. 

If Necessity call for it, that the Husbandman must fit out a man 
against the Enemy; if he has a Negro he cannot send him, but if he 
has a White Servant, 'twill answer the end, and perhaps save his Son 
at home. 

Were Merchants and Masters Encottraged as already said to bring 
in Men Servants, there needed not be such Complaint against Supe- 
riours Impressing our Children' to the War, there would then be Men 
enough to be had without Impressing. 

The bringing in of such Servants would much enrich this Province, 
because Husbandmen would not only be able far better to tnanure what 
Lands are already under Improvement, but would also improve a great 
deal more that now lyes waste under Woods, and enable this Province 
to set about raising of Naval Stores, which would be greatly advantagious 
to the Crown of England, and this Province. 

For the raising of Hemp here, so as to make Sail-cloth ayid Cordage 
to furnish but our own Shipping, would hinder the Importing it, & 
save a considerable sum in a year to make Returns for which we now do, 
and in time might be capacitated to furnish England not only with 
Sail-cloth and Cordage, but likewise with Pitch, Tar, Hemp and other 
Stores which they are now obliged to purchase in Foreign Amotions. 

Suppose the Government here should allow Forty Shillings per head 
for five years, to such as should Import every of these years 100 White 
Men Servants, and each to Serve 4 years, the cost would be but 200 I. 
a year, and a 1000 Is for the 5 years: The first 100 Servants being free 
the 4th year, they serve the jth for Wages, and the 6th there is 100 that 
goes out into the Woods, and settles a 100 families to Strengthen and 
Baracado us from the Indians, and so a 100 Families more every year 



And here you see that in one year the Town of Boston has lost 1320 I. 
hy 44 Negroes, which is also a Loss to the Country in general, and for a 
less Loss, {if it may improperly be so called) for a 1000 I. the Country 
may have 500 Men in 5 years time for the 44 Negroes dead in one year. 

A certain person within these 6 years had two Negroes dead com- 
puted both at 60 I. which would have procured him six white Servants 
at 10 I. per head to have Served 24 years, at 4 years apiece, without 
running such a great risque, and the Whites would have strengthened 
the Country; that Negroes do not. 

'Twould do well that none of those Servants be liable to be Impressed 
during their Service of Agreement at their first Landing. 

That such Servants being Sold or Transported out of this Province 
during the time of their Service, the Person that buys them be liable 
to pay 3 1. into the Treasury. ^^^ 

New- Haven, May 29. To Morrow is a Publick day of Fasting & 
Prayer appointed throughout our Colony, much on the same grounds 
of that kept in the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay & N. Hamp- 
shire in April last. 

On the 23d Currant, We had here a Storm, of Thunder & Hail, 
whereby two men working on a Vessel upon the Stocks were smitten, 
the one down to the ground who lay near half an hovir without any 
appearance of Life, the other smitten so as to fall against the side 
of the Vessel, both since well in Body and Mind, but do declare, 
that they neither heard the Thunder nor saw the Lightning that 
did them this harm. We have had several great Rains of late besides 
that I formerly wrote you of, which has caused great Floods in our 
small Rivers. 

Piscataqua, June 7th. On Wednesday last was Launched here 
the Lusitania Galley, burthen about 500 Tuns, whereof Capt. John 
Wentworth is Commander. And yesterday Mr. John Shaplie and 
his Son being Riding on the Road near Kittery, their Horses were 
found all bloody without their Riders; a Party of the Garison that 
went out in Quest of the Sculking Enemy, found Mr. Shaplies Body, 
and his head cut off, but cannot tell what is become of the Son. 

New-port Rhode-Island, June 7. On the 2d. Instant, at S a Clock 
in the morning, there came to our Governour one John Walker 
(Master of a Sloop bound to Boston from Connecticut, loaden with 
78 barrels of Pork, 7 of Beef, 700 bushels of Wheat and Indian Corn) 
who gave his Honour this Account, That on Saturday last in the 
afternoon he had been Chased in the Sound by a French Privateer 
Sloop, and to avoid being taken, he & his men got into their small 

151 One of the earliest public utterances against slavery in the colonies. 



boat, and left their Sloop to the mercy of the Privateer who took 
her, and they getting on shore at Watch-Hill, Alarmed the people all 
along Narraganset shore and Stonington, where it was Lined with near 
1000 men in Arms. Mr. Walker himself made the best of his way 
hither; and upon his Arrival, our Governour immediately issued 
forth a Proclamation for Voluntiers, and in less than 2 hours time, 
we had 2 Sloops fitted out with 100 and odd men well armed, under 
Command of Major William Wanton and Capt. Thomas Payne, 
who Sailed from hence about 10 a Clock in the morning, and about 
2 a Clock in the afternoon made themselves Masters of the Privateer 
and her Prize about 3 Leagues to the Southward of Block-Island, 
and brought her on Monday last in here about 10 a Clock in the 
morning. The Privateer seeing 2 Sloops after him did not fight. 
The Sloop is of about 30 Tons, 37 men, sails well, the Captains name 
is Charles Ferret has his Commission from Petitguavus, she was bound 
for Port-Royal, in order to Cruise this Summer on the New-England 

Yesterday was held here a Court of Admiralty by the Hon. Na- 
thaniel Byfield Esq. Judge thereof, where the said Privateer was 
Condemned by his Honour gratis, to Encourage so noble and valor- 
ous an Action. 

New-York, June j. 

His Excellency Edward Viscount Cornbury, Captain General and 
Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesty s Colony of New- 
York and Territories depending thereon, &c. His SPEECH to the 
Honourable the Council and Representatives in General Assembly 
now Sitting in the City of New York, upon Wednesday the 29th. 
of May 1706. 

1"^HE Service of Her most Sacred Majesty the Queen, in the 
Neighbouring Colony, having Obliged me to Prorogue this 
Assembly to the Month of September next, I should not have 
given you the trouble of meeting till that time, were I not forced 
to it by an indispensible necessity, the repeated Advices our Mer- 
chants here have received from their Correspondents in the West- 
Indies, of the design the French have of attempting this Colony, 
has made me think it of absolute necessity to call you together at 
this time, that all proper measures may be taken, for the defence 
of this Place, which as yet lies very open, naked and defenceless. 

There are two things therefore which I shall chiefly recommend to 
your care, one is the providing a Fund for the Fortifying this City; 
the other is, the providing a Fund for the Repairing this Her Majesties 
Fort, which is extreamly out of Order, and for mounting the Guns, 
most of the Carriages being rotten and unserviceable. These two 



things are of absolute necessity, and without which, it is to be feared 
this place may become a prey to a powerful enemy, who can design 
no less, than to lay it waste, and destroy it, as they have done the 
Islands of Nevis and St. Christophers, whose misfortunes I hope 
will be an inducement to you to make effectual provision for the 
defence of this Colony: And you may be sure, that whatever you 
shall think fit to give, shall be applied to the Uses for which you give 
it, and to no other. 


I must take notice to you, that the last Assembly did pass an Act 
for the Raising the Sum of 1500 /. towards the erecting Batteries at 
the Narrows, which would have been of very great use at this time 
had that Money been collected, but it has not: I am sensible that 
some malicious ill minded people have reported. That I had taken 
that Money into my hands; that the truth therefore may be known, 
and I justifyed, I recommend it to you Gentlemen of the House of 
Representatives, to make a strict enquiry into that Tax I think it 
proper to recommend to you, the Reviving the Militia Act, which 
expired by its own Limitation in the year 1704. And I am the rather 
Induced to do it at this time, because in this time of danger, if there 
is not some Law past to keep the people to their Duty, I shall be 
forced to put Martial Law in practice, which I am sure will fall 
heavier, than any Act of Assembly will do. I cannot conclude without 
putting you in mind of the necessity of making provision for Out- 
scouts this next Winter, to be sent from Albany. These are the things 
I thought proper to recommend to you, and which I hope you will 
provide for with all possible dispatch, because I think the nature of 
the thing requires it. If you can think of any thing else that may 
require the Aid of an Act of Assembly at this time, you shall always 
find me ready to do anything that shall be proposed to me, for the 
QUEENS Service and the good of the Country. 

The House being met on Thursday the 30th of May, and a Debate 
arising concerning the Legality of the present meeting of the General 
Assembly, which stands Prorogued till the 12th of September next. 

Resolved, Nemine contradicente , That in regard of the indispensible 
Necessity mentioned in his Lordships Speech, of which this House 
is deeply sensible, they will sit and proceed to give their best Assist- 
ance towards the necessary Defence of this Colony. 

Resolved, That the City of New-York be immediately fortified. 

Resolved, That this House will raise a Fund towards the defraying 
the Charge of the Fortifications of the City of New-York. 

Resolved, That this House will to Morrow Morning resolve in- 
to a Committee of the whole House to consider of ways and means 



for the raising a Fund for defraying the Charge of Fortifying the City 
of New-York. 

Ordered, That be a Committee of this House to inspect 

and examine what Sum of Money has been raised and paid in, by vir- 
tue of a late Act of General Assembly for raising 1500 I. towards 
erecting Batteries at the Narrows, and make their Report thereof to 
this House. 

Ordered, That a Bill be brought in to revive the Militia Act, 
lately expired by its own Limitation. 

Resolved, That a Fund be raised for the payment of Scouts for 
the Fronteers at Albany for the year ensuing. 

Ordered, That a Bill be brought in accordingly. 

Ordered, That his Excellencys Speech and the Votes of this House 
be forthwith Printed. ^" 

Our Fortifications are briskly carried on, we having some days 
400 men at work, & seldom less than 200. The Country are very 
ready in their Assistance, and have sent us 150 men at a time to work, 
& we hope in a short time to be in a good posture of defence. 

Her Majesty's Ship Lowstaffe, Capt. Jeffers and a Brigt. Sailed 
out of Sandyhook yesterday morning for Virginia, the Merchant- 
men are bound with the Fleet for London. 

On Saturday last His Excellency my Lord Cornbury went to his 
Government of New-Jersey, and is expected back to morrow. 

Outward bound are 4 Sloops, one for London, Via Virginia, the 
rest for Madera, Barbadoes, and St. Thomas. 

Plimouth[Eng.'\, Decemb 28 This day arrived here Her Majesty's 
Ship the Deal Castle from New York. 

Falmouth, Decemb. 29. The 26th Her Majesty's Ship the Nonsuch 
put into this port from New-York, whence she Sailed the first Instant, 
in company of the Mermaid and Deal Castle, with about 19 Sail 
of Merchant men under their Convoy; but was separated from them 
the 6th by bad Weather. 


'\/^Agnalia Christi Americana: Or, the Ecclesiastical History of 
^^ ^ New -England, from its first Planting in the year 1620, unto 
the year of our Lord 1698, in folio, containing 820 Pages in 7 Books, 
wherein you have the Lives of the Governours, Magistrates, and 
Divines ; an Account of the University of Cambridge, with the Lives 
of the Benefactors and Eminent Persons Educated therein: The 

152 This speech and the resolves are in the Journal of the Votes and Pro- 
ceedings of the General Assembly of the Colony of New York, Gaine edition, 
Vol. I, pp. 212-213. 



Order in the Churches and Synods: Many Illustrious Providences of 
Mercy and Judgement ; and Afflictions of the Churches from several 
Adversaries, and remarkable Occurences in the Wars with the Indians 
To be Sold by Benjamin Eliot at his Shop under the West End of 
the Town-House in Boston. Price, Twenty Shillings. ^^^ 

A New Edition of the New-England PSALM-BOOK, Printed 
-^ ^with a New, Fair Character, and on good fine Paper; with a 
New Set of most Common Tunes, more free from Errors than hereto- 
fore. To be Sold also by Benjamin Eliot at his Shop under the West 
End of the Town-House in Boston: & Nicholas Boone at his Shop 
near School-house Lane. ^^* 

n^O Be Sold at the Post-Office in Boston: The Monthly Mercury's 
-*- at 12 d a Piece: London Gazetts, Flying-Posts, Post-Man, 
Post-Boy, Bills of Entry, Price Courants, Observators, at 1 d. per 
Piece; and the Boston News-Letter for the first two years, at 2 d. per 
Piece. So that any Persons in Town or Country in this or the Neigh- 
bouring Provinces, may have the same, agreeing with John Campbell, 
Post-Master of Boston for all, or any of the same. 

A Ny Person that wants to buy a Set of New-Halbards, may inquire 
■*■ ^of John Campbell Post-master and know further. 

'* I ^0 be Lett or Sold at Charlestown on reasonable Terms, A House 
-*- & Land, Barn, Gardens, with other accomodations, and a Dock 
and Ship-yard belonging thereunto, with all necessarys for a Ship- 
wright; Inquire of Mr. Samuel Ballard of said Town, and know 

[Reprinted: reward offered for return of a stolen boat, money to 
loan, and negro slaves to be sold, as in Jtme 3; News-Letter adver- 
tisement, as first in May 13.] 

1R. J6. IRumb. 113. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonOag June 10. to /JDOnDa^ June 17. 1706. 


r A RETURN is made to the four page folio size. At the head of 
I -Txthe first column of the first page, under date "London, De- 
cember 31, 1705," begins a review of the European events of 
the year, and this is preceded with an editorial introduction. The 
review fills the entire first page and one and a half columns on the 

153 This work originally advertised in the News-Letter of March 11, 1706. 

154 See advertisement in News-Letter, May 6, 1706. 



second page. In half a column of the second page and all the third 
page is foreign news from Paris, Frankfort, Vienna, Venice, Hague, 
Madrid, and elsewhere, of January dates. There is one full page of 
domestic news.] 

THE Reader having favourably received the Epitome's we 
have hitherto made at the conclusion of each year, of the 
chief Actions transacted therein, we shall pursue our usual 
method, and present him with a short account of the most 
material Occurences that have happened in this present year. [Here 
follows the review.] 

Falmouth, Jan. 3. . . . Two other Dutch Privateers have 
brought in two French Prizes of about 200 Tuns each, laden with 
Sugar, Coco, and other Goods, from Martinico. 

New- York, June 10. On the 4th Instant arrived here Capt. Creago 
in 19 days from St. Thomas, who brings News, That Monsieur Deber- 
ville with the French Squadron was gone to St. Domingo, and that 
Monsieur du Casse was not yet arrived in Martinico. They had advice 
there by a Sloop from Martinico, that a Ship was arrived there from 
France which saw 14 (some Letters say 24) English Men of War go 
into Madera, supposed to be bound to the West-Indies, upon which 
the Governour of Martinico will admit but a few Privateers to go out 
at a time, and not above 3 weeks Cruise. 

The same day arrived a Prize Sloop loaden with Martinico Cocoa, 
and bound from thence to St. Domingo, she was taken by a Privateer 
belonging to Curacoa and sent hither, with whom Capt. Pennistone a 
few days after Concerted ; Penniston's Periawger had taken a Spanish 
Privateer of 4 Guns and 30 men; Pennistone was waiting in Kids 
river in expectation of a Prize, and writes that 15 Galloons were arrived 
in the West Indies. 

On the 8th Instant arrived here a Ship from Bristol, one Cockerin 
Master, who came out the 23d of March in Company of 24 Sail bound 
for Virginia and Maryland: By whom we are advised [here follow 
several short items of foreign news.] 

Capt. Bond for New- York was in the Downs the 16th March whom 
we expect with the Virginia Convoy, and v/e expect another from 
London with the Newfoundland Fleet. 

Our Assembly have Voted 3000 1. for fortifying of this City. 

Rhodc-Jsland, June 14th. There is arrived here from Barbadoes 
in 16 days Philip Lewis in Brigt. Hope, Elery, Sloop Benjamin & 
Abigail, and Chapman, Sloop Dove; who came out in company 
with several Vessels for the Continent. 

Dedham, June 15th. On Thursday the 13th. Currant, We had 



here a Shower of Rain, accompan_ved with great Thunder and Light- 
ning, whereby the House of Mr. Vigilans Fisher (in the middle of 
the Town) was smitten, several Bricks beat off the Chimny, falling 
down on the fore-side of the House, one of the Spars of the House 
Split from the Chimney down-wards to the Plate, and from thence 
taking the Post of the fore door, Split that also, Carrying one piece 
of it to the other side of the Street, several pieces of Bricks fell down the 
Chim.ney very near to a Child sitting in the Corner, several pieces of 
Clap boards broken and beat off the House : The Lower Room (where 
the People were) fill'd with a smell of Sulphur for a Considerable 
time, but (through Mercy) no Person kill'd or hurt. 

Boston, On Monday the 10th. Currant arrived here Capt. Rows 
in the Flag of Truce, that went for Port-Royal, in order to the Ex- 
change of Prisoners, who has brought with him Seven, and Eight 
more are on board of a Briganteen that is not yet arrived, who are 
all the English Prisoners that w^ere there. Capt. Rows acquaints us, 
that there is a Privateer of 10 Guns designed from Placentia, to touch 
at Port-Royal, in order to Cruise upon this Coast. 

The Briganteen that Capt. Rows Ransomed was designed to be 
fitted out at Port-Royal, to be a Privateer to annoy this Coast. 

Mid-week the 12th, Instant, Upon Representation of the Danger 
of an Attack from Her Majesties Enemies the French, the Inhabitants 
of the Town of Boston, have Voluntarily consented and agreed. That 
the Sum of One Thousand Pounds be raised on the said Town, and 
applyed to the repairing of the Fortifications within the same, and 
setting them in order for Her Majesties Service, according to such 
Directions as shall be given by His Excellency. '^^ 

On Fryday the 14th. Currant arrived here, Azor Gale in 19 days 
from Barbadoes, who came out in Company with about 70 Sail of 
Vessels, whereof about 30 Sail for Boston, Salem, Marblehead and 
Piscataqua; some for Rhode-Island, New- York, Pensilvania, Virginia, 
Carolina, and London. 

On Saturday the 15th. Currant, we had an Alarm here, occasioned 
by 12 Sail of Vessels from Barbadoes, which begun about nine a Clock 
in the fore-noon, and in less than an Hour, we had near upon 1400 
Men in Arms (besides Seamen, and those at the Forts and Batteries) 
whom His Excellency was pleased to review. 

Coasters Entered Inward, Roundy from Salem, Lothrop from 
Connecticut, Jackson from Piscataqua, and Dirick Adolph from 
New- York. Outward, John Hobbs Ketch Lamb for New-Haven, 
and Richard Christophers Sloop Grace & Ruth for New-London. 

155 See Boston Records from 1710 to 1728 (City Document No. 137, 1882) 
pp. 39-40. 



Foreign Inward, from Antigua, Nathanael Harris Brigt. Swallow, 
and David Bucklin Brigt. Randall, from Barbadoes, Joseph Everton 
Brigt. Eliz. John Pullin Brigt. Dove. & Azor Gale Ship Friend-ship: 
from Hundoras Jer. Snow Hopewell Pink. Cleared Outward, for 
Jamaica, John Elkins Sloop Boneto, and for Fiall, Thomas Sill 
Brigt. William & Mary. Outward bound, for Newfoundland Michael 
Gill Boston Galley; for Antigua John Horton Brigt. Tryal: for 
Montserrat John Blue Brigt. Dragon, and Francis Norris Sloop Sea- 
flower: for Fyall William Clarke Sloop Endeavour, and Ahel Jones 
Sloop Larke: for Barmuda Solomon Pittman Brigt. Content: for 
Barbados Joseph Eliot Sloop Nonsuch, and Nathaniel Carey Sloop 
Katherine: and for Jamaica John Venteman Martha and Elizabeth. 

Arrived this day from Barbados, Capts. Samuel Rymes, John 
Alden, William Holberton, William Alden, James Berry, John Carney, 
Tho. Simkins, William Fellows, Tobias Green, Jonathan Lambert, 

"DY Letters from London of April the 3d. Per the Packet w'aBar- 
-■-'badoes we have the following Account. 

Deal, Feb. 22. This day came in the Mermaid from Ireland Convoy 
to the George, Marlborough, Desire, Laurel, Lidigo Merchant, Robert 
and Francis from Jamaica; Also the Golden Fleece Benjamin Stone; 
the Thomas and Sarah Henry Lowder from New-England; the 
Resolution Capt. Saunders from N-York, all last from Ireland. 

Plimouth, March 5. Yesterday came in the good Intent from 

Dartmouth, March 5. This day came in the Dover Galley Clement 
Jackson Commander, belonging to New-England, but last from 

London, March 15. We have an Account that the Queen Anne 
Packet from the West Indies, is carried in to St Malo. 

Deal, March 16. Yesterday arrived several Ships from Holland, 
among which is the Sarah of Boston for N England. 

In our last under Boston, thro' an Error of the Press, Lieut. Payn, 
should have been Captain Payn. 


"O AN-away at Boston on the 26th of December last, Samuel Downs, 
-*-^a Man-Servant, aged about 25 years, a spare man, middle Stature, 
light brown Hair, speaketh broad English; he was in May last at 
work in Sea-brook in Connecticut Colony, and now abscondeth from 
the said place: Whoever will take up and secure the said Run-away, 
so that he may be delivered unto Mr. John Colman Merchant in Boston, 
shall be immediately paid Five Pounds, and Charges. 

34 7i 


THis Letter of Intelligence is to be continued weekly: And all 
Persons in Town and Country who have a mind to promote the 
same, may Agree with John Campbell Postmaster of Boston for the 
year, who shall have it on reasonable Terms. 

IR, jg. IRumb. 114. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From riDOnDaS June 17. to /IDon&H^ June 24. 1706. 


r A LITTLE more than three of the four pages of this issue are filled 
I -Z\with foreign news: of January and February dates, principally 
from London, Vienna, Berlin, Ratisbon, Hague and other 
European capitals. One of the roundabout methods of securing 
news in those days is indicated by this line on the second page of 
the issue: ''By Letters from London of April 6. Per the Packet, Via 
Barbadoes, we have the following Account." The domestic news in- 
cludes a proclamation by Governor Dudley "against false and illegal 

Falmouth, Jan. 12. . . . The 10th was sent in here as a 
Prize, by a Privateer belonging to Guernsey, the Pearl of Morlais, 
of 12 Guns, laden with Wine, Arms, Iron, and other Goods for the 

London, Jan. 5. . . . Our Squadron for Barcelona is fitting 
out with all expedition ; as also another for the West-Indies. 

London, April 6. Capt. Kere in the Bredah, Commands the West 
India Squadron, having a Rear-Admirals Pay, and a Captain under 

New-York June 17th. On Thursday last Her Majesties Ship 
Tritons Prize ^^"^ Sailed from hence, on a Cruise to the Eastward. 

On the 13th Instant arrived here Captains Dunscum, Van Bael, 8c 
on the 14th Perkins & Laurier from Barbadoes in 19 days, came out 
in Company with a great Fleet for Boston, Pensilvania, &c. 

The same day arrived Capt. Coerteen in IS days from Curacoa, by 
whom we are informed. That Three French Men of War had taken 
Two Dutch East-India men, which had on board 60 Chests of Money, 
besides other Goods, & were gone after Four more, which had parted 
with the Two taken a few days before. The French gave the Prisoners 

156 The Triton's Prize was a man-of-war captured from the French and 
renamed as the prize of its captor. 



a small ship in which they arrived at Curacoa: The Dutch men were 
bound to the East-Indies. 

On the said day arrived a Sloop from Nevis, & Gravenraedt from 

On the 16th Instant a small Prize Ship about 60 or 70 Tons loaden 
with Sugar arrived here in 15 days, from the Windward passage near 
Cape Franswa, she was taken by Capt. Penistone, and was one of 
Six Sail, that came out of Petitguavus, bound for France, who were 
met by Capt. Tongrelow and his Consort (a Curacoa Privateer) upon 
which the French men separated, and Tongrelow gave chase to the 
biggest, which they say is a Ship of 36 Guns and 150 men, his Consort 
in the pursuit broke his Boom, and left off the chase, and afterward 
met with Penistone (who had taken this Prize) and gave him this 
Information: We daily expect further news from them. 

'Tis said Tongrelow has taken a Briganteen with 400 Hogsheads of 
Sugar on board, and also a Prize from France with Claret, of which 
we have not the particulars: by this Prize we have Account that 
15 Galloons are arrived in the West Indies most of them 60 Guns, and 
5 or 600 men a piece. 

We do not hear that the Men of War from England to Convoy the 
Virginia Fleet home are yet arrived. 

We are informed from Maryland, That the Assembly there has 
past an Act Prohibiting the exportation of all European Commodities 
out of that Province for three years, excepting Goods consigned or 
belonging to Persons residing in Virginia, or Pensilvania, and Mer- 
chandize Imported in order to be Shipt off for the Coast of Guinea. 

Hadley, June 15. On Thursday the 13th Currant There were Two 
men kill'd in our Meadows by Lightning. 

Watertown, June 19. On the 16th Currant, Dyed here, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Beers (Widow of Capt. John Beers who was kill'd at Deer field 
in the first Indian Wars) in the 92 Year of her Age: whose Grand- 
Daughter is a Grandmother; She came to New-England, in June 
1630 Being then Sixteen Year Old, and lived in New-England 76 

By His Excellency JOSEPH D UDLEY Esq. Captain General and 
Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, and Vice-Admiral of the 
same. A PROCLAMATION against false and illegal Traders. 

"1X7" Hereas sundry Persons have been detected of late holding a false 

» » and illegal Trade with Her Majesties Enemies, the French and 

the Indian Rebels and Enemies, in and about Nova Scotia, and other 

parts and places Eastward, giving them Supplies: And there being 



pist reason to suspect that other Persons, not yet known, have been 
concern' d in such false and illegal Trade, and the Effects conceal d. 

I Do therefore, by the Advice of Her Majesties Council, hereby strictly 
Command and Require all Her Majesties Loving Subjects that have 
any Knowledge, or can make discovery of any such false & illegal 
Traders, or any Goods or Effects Imployed therein, or the product thereof, 
That they forthwith disclose and make known the same to My Self, or 
one of Her Majesties Judges of the Super iour Court of Judicature, 
in Order to their being apprehended. Examined and duly proceeded with, 
and the said Goods Secured. 

And the Person or Persons that make the first discovery shall be 
Entituled to the benefit of Informers according to Law. 

And all Justices of the Peace are commanded to be assisting to the 
apprehending Seizing and Securing of any Persons or Goods as above- 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, the 21st of June 1706. 
In the Fifth Year of Her Majesties Reign, 
By His Excellency s Command, 
ivith the Advice of the Council. J. DUDLEY. 

Isaac Addis'igton, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

His Excellency the Governour has Account from Quebeck, That 
Mr. Shelden his Messenger is well there, and is Returning by Sea with 
a number of the Prisoners, and may be daily expected. 

Boston, Coasters Entered Inwards, John Tucker from North Caro- 
lina: from Connecticut John Smith, Thomas Curtice, John Walker, 
Will. Walter, Joseph Allen, John Hedge & John Paine. Outward for 
Connecticut, Nath. Loring, and Elisha Prince: for Piscataqua 
Joseph Flood and Antony Bracket: for North Carolina, John Webster. 
Foreign inwards from Barbadoes, Will. Holberton Ship Anne, Nath. 
Coffin, Ship Industery, James Berry Ship Swan, Tho. Savil Ship Two 
Brothers, Will. Alden Ship Content, Samuel Rymes Barbadoes Mer- 
chant, Jonathan Lambert Ship Industry, John Alden Ship Swallow, 
John Symkins Ship Blessing, John Foster Ship Sarah, Tobias Green 
Brigt. Mayflower, Thomas Symkins Providence Brigt. John Walker 
Brigt. Hopewell, John Corney Brigt. Dorothy, Will. Wyat Brigt. 
Endeavour, Philip Lewis Brigt. Hope, Will. Bellows Sloop Rosanna, 
Jer. Gushing Sloop Industry, Robert Gold Sloop Mary. Cleared Out- 
ward, for New- York, Jeffery Bedgood, Sloop Two Brothers: for 
Fyal John Jarvis Brigt. Goodwill: for Antigua, John Rowlings Sloop 
Mary. Outward bound for South Carolina, Nath. Perkins Brigt, 
Success: for Suranam, Joseph Fiborn Brigt Friendship, and Jer. 
Gushing Sloop Industry: for Newfoundland Will. Webber Sloop 



Dove: for Virginia John Brewer Katch Good-hope: for New-York 
Dirick Adolph Sloop Two Brothers: for St. Georges Will Goddard 
Brigt. Speedwell. 


Stolen or Stray'd out of John Reed's Pastour in Taunton, on the 
13th of October last past, a dark Bay-horse of about Fourteen 
Hands high, having white Feet, and a Star in his Forehead, branded 
in one of his Shoulders with the Letters T. H, full bodyed, hardly 
possible to make him Gallop; belongeth to William Grigs Cooper. 
Whosoever shall take up the said Horse and him Convey to Mr, 
John Adams Shop-keeper in Boston, shall have 40 s. Reward and 
reasonable Charges, tho' the Horse be not worth half the Money. 
[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as in June 17.] 

-^^ jg, IRumb. 115. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDon^a^ June 24. to flDonDa^ July 1. 1706. 


rXj^OUR pages folio. In the first column of the first page is this in- 
1 X^ troductory line, ''By Letters from London of April the 6th. per the 
Packet Via Barbadoes, we have this further Account." Then follow 
forty-six items of foreign news filling the first, second and third pages 
and nearly half of the fourth page.] 

Madrid, Feb. 12. . . Advices from Cadiz say, that the Duke 
of Anjou has ordered the Galloons to prepare to Sail to the West- 
Indies the latter end of this Month. 

Falmouth, Feb. 25. Yesterday came in the great Nassau, a 
Privateer of Flushing, who has taken two French Prizes, one a Mer- 
chant-man of 18 Guns which came from the West Indies. 

Cowes, Feb. 27. Three Dutch Capers have brought in here the 
Nostra Segniora De Rosa of St. Sebastian from the Havanna, laden 
with Sugar, Indico, &c. 

Rhode-Island, June 21st. On the 16th instant arrived here Edward 
Gross in the Sloop Speedwell 14 days passage from Antigua, who says. 
That just before he came from thence the Flagg of Truce arrived 
from Martinico, which positively said. That there was four Privateer 
Sloops Sailed from Martinico for the New-England Coast before he 
left that Island. 



Her Majesties Ship the Triton Prize ^^^ lay here three dayes, and Sailed 
on her Cruise a Tuesday. 

New-York, Jtme 24th. Yesterday arrived at Sattdyhook Her 
Majesties Ship the Triton Prize/" She has been Cruising between 
this Place, and Rhode-Island and Block-Island, &c. but met with no 
Enemy. We are acquainted via. Philadelphia, That the Virginia 
Convoy consisting of 4 men of War were arrived, but have no par- 
ticulars, so cannot depend on it. This morning arrived a Sloop from 
Curacoa in 25 days, but brings no News. Outward bound are White- 
comb for Barmuda, Lawrence for Jamaica, Dunscum for Barbados, 
Coerteen for Curacoa, and Smallage for Boston. 

Rhode-Island, June 28th. There is a Briganteen in the Sound 
that has chased some Sloops, but can give no account whither she 
be friend or foe. 

Boston, His Excellency having received some Advice from Albany, 
has marched several Troops and Foot Companies to the Frontiers 
on Fryday last. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Thomas Lothrop, John Lothrop, Thomas 
Lothrop, Carteret Gillam and John Wells from Connecticut; Peter 
Coffin from Nantucket, Abraham Shellinx and John Bradick from 
New- York. Outwards, Andrew Pepperil and William Wyar for 
Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards, from Barbadoes, James Bridgham 
Ship Hampton, and Joseph Small Katch Sea-flower. Cleared Out- 
wards for Pensilvania, Abraham Hill Ship Andrew and William: for 
Maryland, John Brewer Katch Goodhope: for New-foundland, 
George Person Sloop Mary: South Carolina, Nathanael Perkins 
Brigt. Success. Outward bound, for Barbadoes Joseph Everton 
Brigt. Eliza, David Bucklin Brigt. Randal, and Thomas Pemberton 
Sloop Sea-flower: for Antigua, Thomas Gwin Brigt. Eliza, and 
Nathanael Harris Brigt. Swallow: for Jamaica William Russil 
Brigt. Dolphin: for Fyall Noah Guille Sloop Adventure: for Rhode- 
Island and Pensilvania, Eleazar Darby Sloop Mary. 

In our last under Watertown, thro' an error of the Press, Capt. 
John Beers, should have been Capt. Richard Beers. 

These are to give Notice, that by Virtue of a Direction in the Act for 
Encouraging a Post-Office in this Province: The Post-master of 
Boston does send out every Two days after that the Post comes in, and 
after the Receipt of Foreign Letters by Sea; All such Letters and Packets 
that remain in the Office uncall'd for; And if the Persons they are 
directed to cannot be found, or that the said Letters or Racquets are for 
any Persons in the Neighbouring Towns out of the Post Road; Then 

157 See foot-note 156, page 348 ante. 



the Names of the said Persons are every day to be seen on a fair Alpha- 
betical List for the Sirname, with the name of the Town they live in: 
If they are for the Town of Boston, then no Town added. So that all 
Persons may know without Enquiring, when they have any Letters in 
the Office, excepting as above-said, when the Post comes in, or the Arrival 
of Vessels. 


The following Books to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot, at his Shop under 
the West-End of the Town-House in Boston, Viz. 

PRactical Truths, Tending to promote Holiness in the Hearts and 
Lives of Christians: Delivered in several Sermons; By the Rev- 
erend Mr. Increase Mather. 

Spiritual Desertions Discovered and Remedied, being the Sub- 
stance of divers Sermons Preach'd for the help of dark Souls, 
labouring under Divine AVithdrawings. 

THe Fountain Opened: Or, The Great Gospel Priviledge of having 
Christ exhibited to Sinful Men: Wherein also is proved that 
there shall be a National Calling of the Jews. Both these by the 
Reverend Mr. Samuel Willard. 

A Modest Enquiry into the Nature of Witchcraft, and how Persons 
Guilty of that Crime may be Convicted, and the means used for 
their discovery discussed; both Negatively and Affirmatively, ac- 
cording to Scripture and Experience. By the Reverend Mr. John 
Hale Deceas'd. 

A Negro Girle to be Sold, Inquire of John Campbell Post-Master 
of Boston, and know further. 

[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement as first in June 17.] 

Uq. j£, IRumb. 116. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From fmon^ap July 1. to fUlOn^a^ July 8. 1706. 


rOiX and a quarter of the eight columns in this four page number 
I Oare filled with foreign news which is introduced with this line 
at the head of the first column of the first page: "By Letters 
from London of April the &h, per the Packet Via Barbadours, we 
have yet this further Account." The news is of February dates, from 
Paris, Hague, Cologne, Lisbon, Madrid, Perpignan, Rome and Turin.] 

Deal, March 3. There is now in the Downs 8 Men of War, and 
sundry Merchant Ships, viz. 2 for the East-Indies, 8 for Barbadoes, 



3 for Jamaica, 2 for Virginia 1 for the West-Indies, 1 for the Canaries, 
1 for Antigua, 1 for New-York, 1 for Nevis, and 1 for Viano. 

St. Johns, Newfoundland, June the 9th. There are arrived here 
from Boston, Carkeit Dafforn, and Moses, Carkeit was chased off 
Caphn-Bay, by a Vessel that show'd English Colours, he was within 
two Cannon Shot of her, who fired a Gun to Leeward, but he durst 
not Trust her. The French and Indians Plundered the People at 
Bonavist, destroyed one whole Family; and about 16 hundred 
Quintals of Fish. The Enemy also burnt Green-Island. The Fleet 
from Lisbone are arrived, but no Ships yet from England besides those 
mentioned in my last. 

New- York July 1st. On the 2oth. of June last arrived here Capt. 
Sandford from South Carolina, and Capt. Joyner on the 27th. from 
Jamaica, and on the 28th Two Sloops under Convoy of Her Majesties 
Ship the Lowstaffe from Virginia; She came from thence the 22d of 
June, and rydes now at Sandy-hook, by whom we are acquainted. 
That the Men of War expected there, are not yet arrived, and 'tis 
thought the Fleet from thence to England will not Sail till September 
or October. The Ships are all gone up to the Freshes. There is an 
Embargo in Virginia, and these Sloops had not got out, but for the 
opportunity of Convoy of the Lowstaffe. 

On the 29th arrived here a Prize Sloop loadn'd with Cuba Sugar, 
she was bound from Cuba to Carthagene, and was taken in sight of 
Monsieur Deberville, (who was at Anchor in Carthagene or near'to it) 
by Capt. Zacharias in a Privateer Sloop belongs to this place. They 
bring News that the French Fleet are gone to Carthagene, Porto Bell 
and other places to load Plate, and that there is to go home with this 
Fleet Twenty MilHons of Money and Plate. 

On Thursday last the Militia of this City and the Neighbouring 
Counties of this Province, appeared here under Arms, who with 700 
Men (that were in Arms the day before in New Jersey, and designed 
to be here had not their Harvest obstructed) amount to about 3000. 
The most of which can be here upon occasion in 12 hours time, and 
the furthest off in 24 hours times. A great many of the Country 
Militia appeared, not being necessitated to attend their Harvest; 
so that by computation we can have in Arms in 24 hours time in this 
City between 4 or 5 Thousand men. 

We just now hear there is a Briganteen of 150 Tons in the Sound 
bound hither, she is a Prize loaden with Sugar and Indigo, taken by 
Capt. Tongrelow. 

Her Majesties Ship the Triton Prize lyes at Sandy-Hook, and only 
waits a wind to go to Sea on a Cruise. 



Rhode-Island, July 5th. There is one Carder arrived here this 
week from Antigua, but brings no News : Rhodes is bound for Boston. 

Piscataqua, July 5th. Capt. SoiUhack in the Province Galley came 
in here on Wednesday last, he has taken a French Sloop of 60 Tons 
in the Bay of Port-Royall, the Enemy all fled, and 'tis supposed she 
was going for Stones and Timber to build some Fortifications. The 
Prize Sloop and Capt. Cawley was left by Capt. Southack in Casko-Bay. 

Boston, His Excellency the Governour having been for Ten days 
past in Expectation of a Troop of the Indians from Quebeck, had 
Posted men in the several Frontiers of Hampshire, Middlesex and 
Yorkshire, to receive them : and a Wednesday Evening they Entered 
Dunstable a poor weak Village, where lay a Troop of Horse; and 
the Rebels chanced upon a Garrison where half of the said Troop was, 
who though they were surprized soon relieved themselves, and the 
whole Village, which in probability had been all lost, if the Indians 
had not found a Force there more than they expected. The Enemy 
consisted of 100, and by their March confess to have lost Seven, 
besides wounded men, and we lost nine Men Women and Children. ^^* 

Very soon after by His Excellency's Order, the Forces under Col. 
Tyng, and Col. Taylour, marched in three Parties to follow the Rebels 
into the Woods, but after 3 days they all came in without any dis- 
covery. There is another march of 150 men Commanded by Capt. 
Tyng to lye out Ten Days to look after the Enemy, and in the mean 
time the remaining Forces are taking care to cover the Husbandry of 
all the Frontiers. 

On Saturday arrived a Sloop from Newfoundland about 20 days 
passage, one Hunt Master. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Flood and Bracket from Piscataqua. 
Outwards, Dirick Adolph for New-York, John Lothrop, Barnabas 
Lothrop, Giles Hall and Joseph Basset for Connecticut. Foreign 
Inwards, Alexander Duncan Sloop Friendship from Barmuda, Cleared 
Outwards, for Virginia Moses Abbot Sloop Endeavour, and Abel 
Jones Sloop Larke: for Newfoundland, Michael Gill Ship Boston 
Galley, and William Webber Sloop Dove. Outward bound, for 
Barbadoes, William Wyar Brigt. Endeavour, James Loring Brigt. 
Industry, and Isaac Perkins Sloop Rosanna: for Jamaica John Scott 
Brigt. William, and Thomas Savill Ship Two Brothers: for Suranam, 
Philip Lewis Brigt. Hope: for Antigua, Jeremiah Snow Pinke Hope- 
well, Isaac Fowle Brigt. Abigail, and Eleazar Johnson Brigt. Hope- 

158 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
. . . of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, p. 700. 
See Journal of the Reverend John Pike, in Proceedings of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society, 1875-1876, p. 142. Also Penhallow's Indian Wars, pp. 43-46. 



well: for Montserrat, Samuel Hooper Katch Endeavour: for North- 
Carolina, David Norihy Brigt. Speedwell Friend. 


A Katch of 45 Tons well fitted for the Sea, to be Sold Enquire of 
John Campbell Post-master of Boston, and know further. 

[Reprinted: negro slave girl to be sold, as in July 1; News-Letter 
advertisem^ent, as first in June 17.] 

B* je» mumb. 117. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDonC>a^ July 8. to /IDOtt^ap July 15. 1706. 


r T N this four page number, five and a half of the eight columns are 
I Xfilled with foreign news, introduced again at the head of the first 
column of the first page with this line, ''By Letters from London 
o/ April the (5th per the Packet Via Barbadoes, we have still this further 
Accounts The advices are mainly from Paris, Vienna, Madrid, 
Hague, and "the French Army near Fraga on the Cinca, March 19."] 

Falmouth March 9. On the 7th came in here the Marlborough, 
a Flushing Caper, Capt Noes Commander, from Cruising, and brought 
in with her 2 French Ships from Newfoundland. 

New-York, July 8th. Last Week arrived here a Prize Briganteen 
taken by Capt Tongrelow, bound from Hispaniola to France, built at 
Brazil, and taken from the Portuguise by the French on the Coast 
of Guinea, she has on board 24 Hogsheads of Muscavado Sugar, and 
2 Casks of Indigo, and Capt. Tongrelow sent in her 20 Hogsheads of 
Claret, some Glasses, and Earthen Ware, which he took in a Vessel 
bound from France to Hispaniola, which they stript of her Rigging 
&c. and then burnt her. This Prize came through the Sound. 

On the 4th Instant arrived here a Sloop in 20 days from Nevis, 
John Shute Master, who brings advice. That 14 Men of War were dayly 
expected in the West Indies from England. 

Shute from Nevis is bound from hence to Boston, who only came 
here to Land some Passengers. 

Yesterday Her Majesty's Ship the Triton's Prize Sailed from Sandy- 
hook on a Cruise. 

Vessels outward bound are 3 Sloops for Barbadoes, a Ship, a Brig- 
anteen and Sloop for Jamaica, a Brigt. for Curacoa, a Sloop for 
Boston, a Sloop for Philadelphia, a Sloop for Antigua. 



Reading Jtdy 10. On Saturday the 6th Currant about 4 a Clock 
in the afternoon there came 5 Indians to Benjamin HorndaVs House 
of this Town, being an Out house, where they found his Wife and eight 
Children, the Woman and three young Children they killed, and 
carried the other five with them; One of the Captive Children not 
being able to Travel, an Indian gave it some blows on the head, and 
left it in a Swamp not far from the House for dead, where it lay almost 
two days, & then was found alive stark naked. 

Upon notice had of this mischief on the 7th Instant being the 
Lords Day; several Parties of our Forces went in pursuit of the 
skulking Enemy, and as some of the Indians sat in a Swamp with 
three of the Captives, a Company of Souldiers coming very near them, 
the Enemy started up, ran, and left their Captives, Plunder and 
Blankets, &c. And when the Indians were gone, the Children went 
to a deserted House that was near, where the English found them. 

The other Captive was discovered by some men at a Block-House 
in Chelmsford, as he was wandring in a Meadow alone, the Indian 
that carry'd him away had (it's most probable) lost him in the night, 
some Soldiers discovered one of these Indians, shot at, & wounded 
him, the Indian fell, but as they were going to him, he arose, cast 
away his Blanket and Pack, ran to Concord-^iver that was near, and 
was seen sink in the River, and suppose he was drowned. 

Woburn, July 11. On the Lords-day night the 7th Currant, Dyed 
here Major James Converse Esq. Aged about 62 Years: And was 
Interr'd on Tuesday the 9th Instant. 

Piscataqua, July, 12th. On Tuesday the 9th Currant arrived here 
Mr. Nathanael Gerrish about 9 Weeks passage from Fyall. And 
on Thursday the 11th. Her Majesty's Ship the Dover a 4th Rate 
Capt. Mathews Commander, with two Mast-Ships viz. The New- 
Hampshire Capt. Eason Commander, and the Thennet Capt. Martyn 
Commander, who came out of Lisbon the 9th of May, both loaden 
with Salt and other goods, bound hence for Boston with the first fair 
Wind: There came out in Company with them for Boston Capt. 
Minot, Capt. Javernin, Capt. Coggin and Capt. Fendal, whom they 
parted with about Six Weeks ago. 

No late impression of the Enemy, but dayly expected; our Fron- 
tiers are in readiness to receive them: several Tracts of the Enemy 
are dayly seen. 

Boston, By Letters of the 15th of June Last via New-York from 
South Carolina, we are acquainted. That it is very Sickly there, & 
that several have lately died. 

And by Mr. Ebenezar Parker from Barmuda, we are informed. That 
the Vermin there do so abound as to eat all the Fruits of the ground. 



Last Week one of the Sculking Indian Enemy was kill'd at Groton, 
and another at Kingston. 

On Saturday the 13th. Currant His Excellency the Governour 
was pleased to Prorogue the General Assembly of this Province, unto 
Wednesday the 7th day of August next. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, from Connecticut Phillips, Milliard, 
Brown, RJtodes and Green. Outward for Connecticut, Curtice, 
Hedge, Loihrop, Walker, Allen & Pain. Foreign Inwards from 
Barmuda, Ebenezar Parker Sloop Dolphin: from St. Christophers, 
Thomas Clark Sloop Endeavour. Cleared OutAvard for Barbadoes, 
John Myles Ship Unity, John Jenkins, Ship Robert, Thomas Diamond 
Ship Abigail, Joseph Everton Brigt. Elizabeth, William Wyer Brigt 
Endeavour, Thomas Pemberton, Sloop Seaflower, and Nathanael 
Carey Sloop Katherin: for Montserrat, Francis N orris Sloop Sea- 
flower, and John Blew Brigt Dragon: for Fyall William Clark Sloop 
Endeavour: for Jamaica Walter Goodridge Ship Francis, and William 
More Sloop John and Thomas: for Newfoundland John Babbage 
Oporto Merchant, John Horton Brigt. Tryal, John Richards Brigt 
Endeavour John Sharp Sloop Four Friends and Robert Melvill Sloop 
Timothy: for Barmuda, Solomon Pitman Brigt. Content. Outward 
bound for London, William Holeberton Ship Anne, and George White- 
home Ship Anne: for Newfoundland Arthur Savage Triton Galley. 

On the 14th arrived Capt. James Grant in a Katch from White- 
haven, 14 weeks passage. 

The French Sloop mentioned in our last to be taken by Capt. 
Southack was taken by Capt. Cawly. 

T'He Undernamed Mareens having Deserted Her Majesties Service 
from on board Her Majesties Ship the Deptford, Viz William 
Stewart, a well set fresh coloured young man, white hair, aged about 
24 years, about 5 Foot & y Inches high, a Weaver by Trade, now lurking 
in or about Scituate. Tristram Derby a well set man, wore a Wigg, 
aged about 50 years, about 5 Foot & an half high, by Trade a Miller. 
Thomas Hooper, a well set young man, streight brown hair aged about 
24 years, 5 Foot and an half high, a Weaver by Trade; and Henry 
Willis a young man aged about 20, with short cropt hair, Pockholes in 
his Face, about 5 Foot and 5 Inches high, by Trade a Shoe maker. 
If these or either of them within ten dayes from the Date hereof, repair 
to their Duty on board Her Majesties said Ship at Boston, shall be 
acquitted of their Crime, and well Received. 

These are therefore to Notify to all Persons, That whosoever shall 
apprehend and secure the said Deserters or any one of them, (so as that 
he or they may be delivered unto Capt Thomas Sutton Commander 
of the said Mareens at his Lodging in Boston) shall be immediately 



paid Four Pounds, and reasonable Charges; and in case any of them 
should be brought to Boston when Her Majesties said Ship should be 
at Sea on her Cruise, Then the said Deserters to be brought unto John 
Campbell Post-Master of Boston. 


THere is now arrived from England good Cordage of all Sizes, 
from a Spun-yarn to Cables of 16 Inches; as also Canvas, to be 
Sold by Mr. John Mico Merchant, either by whole Sale or Retail, at 
his Warehouse upon the Dock in Boston. 

The following Books to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot, at his Shop 
under the West End of the Town-House in Boston, Viz. 

THe Joy of Faith, or a Treatise opening the Nature of Faith, 
its lowest Stature and distinction from Assurance, with a Scrip- 
ture Method to attain both, by the Influence and Aid of Divine Grace: 
With a Preliminary Tract evidencing the Being & Actings of Faith, 
the Deity of Christ, and the Divinity of the Sacred Scriptures. By 
the Reverend Samuel Lee M A Sometime Fellow of Wadham Colledge, 

MEditations on the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ: delivered 
in several Sermons, by the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather. 

MEat out of the Eater, or Funeral-Discourses occasioned by the 
Death of several Relatives. A Work Accomodated unto the 
Service of all that are in any Affliction ; but very particularly such 
as are Afflicted with the Loss of their Consorts [paper worn] Children 
^ I ^He Armour of Christianity: A Treatise detecting first the 
-"- Plots of the Devil against our Happiness. Declaring then, the 
Wiles by which those Plots are managed. And propounding Lastly, 
the Thoughts by which those Wiles may be defeated. 

CAres about the Nurseries, Two brief Discourses: The one offering 
Methods and Motives for Parents to Catechise their Children while 
yet under the Tuition of their Parents. The other offering some 
Instructions for Children, How they may do well, when they come to 
years of doing for themselves. 

A Sermon Preached before His Excellency the Governour, the 
Honourable Council and Representatives of the Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New England: on the 29th of May 1706, 
which was the day for Election of Her Majesties Council for that 
Province: By the Reverend Mr. John Rogers. 

A Sermon Preached in the Audience of the General Assembly at 
the Publick Lecture in Boston, November. 1st. 1705. upon these 
Words, Hosea 7. 9. Gray hairs are here and there upon him yet he 
knoweth not. By the Reverend Mr. Ebenezar Pemberton. Both 



which Sermons were Published at the desire of the House of Repre- 

[Reprinted: a ketch for sale, as in July 8; a negro slave girl to be 
sold, as first in July 1 ; News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

m. le. Bumb, 118. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDOn^a^ July 15. to /IDOnOag July 22. 1706. 


[TT /"ITH this issue the size is reduced to two pages folio. As in the 
I VV several immediately preceding numbers, the foreign news 
is given as "by letters from London," and is mainly from 
London, Paris, Vienna and Frankfort, occupying nearly one half of 
the issue.] 

Fiall, June 16. We have here a Sloop and a Brigt. from Pensilvania. 

Philadelphia, July, 11th. This day arrived here a Barque from 
Boston, one Hill Master. 

New- York, July 15th. On Fryday last Her Majesties Ship the 
Triton Prize sailed out of Sandy-hook on a Cruise. 

Entered out, Two Sloops for Barbadoes, a Ship for England via 
Virginia, and a Ship for Newfoundland. Capt. Sandford for South- 
Carolina will Sail about a forthnight hence. 

Piscataqua, July, 18th. On Monday the 15th Currant arrived here 
Capt. Wincoll, who came from Lisbon with the Mast Ships and others 
for Boston, but stopt at Fyall. No late discovery of the Enemy. 
Our General Assembly is now Sitting; The Honourable the Lieuten- 
ant Governour being present. 

Ipswich, July, 19th. Yesterday there was two Women kill'd with 
Lightning at Cape Anne. 

Marblehead, July 20. On Wednesday the 17th Currant arrived 
here Capt Samuel Coggin in the Sarah and Elizabeth, and Capt. 
James Fendal both from Lisbon, they came from thence the 9th of 
May last, in Company & under Convoy of Her Majesty's Ship the 
Dover; arrived here also Capt. Christian, in a Ship from England, 
bound for Virginia, who was beaten off that Coast. And on the 
said day arrived Capt. Abraham Winter in the Ship Francis, who 
came out of Plimouth the 8th of May last, with a Fleet consisting of 
about 90 Sail, under Convoy of about 20 Men of War, about 10 Sail 
whereof under the Command of Sir Stafford Fairborn, went to Cruise 



before Brest; 7 more and 2 Fire-ships under Command of Cap. Kerr 
in the Bredah, with about 40 Sail of Merchant-men bound for Bar- 
badoes and Jamaica; Her Majesty's Ship the Hazardous for Virginia, 
Capt. Brown Commander, with 5 Sail of Merchant men, and Capt. 
John Bond for New-York; Capt. Winter parted with them about 
150 leagues, from St. George's Bank. Her Majesty's Ship the Warrick 
Capt. Raymond Commander, with 17 Sail of Merchant-men for New- 
foundland; There came al*5o out in Company with Capt. Winter, one 
Dennis for this place, and David Craig in the Sarah for Boston, he 
parted with the last about a fortnight ago, and with the first about 10 
days ago. We are acquainted by Capt. Winter, that Capt. Beavis, 
who Sailed from Boston about the middle of February, was taken 
near the Channel, about the middle of Marc/z last. 

That Capt. Pitts, Capt. Gerrish, and another Ship from London 
to Boston, were to Sail about the latter end of this month. 

Boston, The following Acts were passed by the Great and General 
Court or Assembly of Her Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay in New-England; Begun & Held at Boston, upon Wednesday 
the 29 of May, 1706 Viz. 

An x\ct for Reviving and further Continuing of several Acts therin 
mentioned, that are near expiring, viz The Act to prevent the Deserting 
of the Frontiers of this Province. The Paragraph in Addition to the 
Act for Levying Souldiers. The Act Granting to Her Majesty an Excise 
upon Wines, Liquors and Strong Drink Sold by Retail. The Act 
Granting unto Her Majesty, several Rates and Duties of Impost and 
Tunnage of Shipping. The Act for Punishing of Officers and Soul- 
diers retained in Her Majestys Service, and under Pay 

An Act for better securing the Payment of Prison Charges 

An Act for Reviving and further Continuing of the Act directing how 
Rates or Taxes to be granted by the General Assembly, shall be Assessed 
and Collected. 

An Act for Erecting of a Powder House within the Town of Boston. 

An Act for the better preventing of Criminals avoiding of Justice. 

An Act for Apportioning and Assessing of four several Taxes on 
Polls and Estate, Pursuant to the Funds and Grants made to Her 
Majesty, by the General Assembly, in the years 1704, 170 j, and iyo6. 

On Wednesday the 17th Instant, arrived here from Piscataqua, 
Her Majesty's Ship the Dover, Capt. Mathews Commander, and the 
two Mast-Ships, who arrived last week at Piscataqua from Lisbon, 
by whom we are advised, [here follow items of foreign news.] 

On Fryday the 19th Currant, arrived here a Brigt. from St. George's, 
Jeremiah Tay Master, about six weeks passage who informs, [here 
follow items of foreign news.] 



On Saturday the 20th Currant arrived here a Sloop from South- 
Carolina 14 days passage, Thomas Lanyon Master, who says. That 
there was 2 Vessels arrived there from England, the one a Brigt. 
from Bristol, 10 days before he Sailed, and the other a Ship from 
Liverpool 7 days, each had at their arrival but 5 weeks passage, both 
brought the following Account, [here follows an account of the 
hostilities in Spain.] 

Capt. Tyng with the Forces under his Command, who went into 
the Woods from Dunstable in quest of the Indian Enemy, is returned 
without meeting any of them, who are judged to have had a great 
many wounded men, with whom they are drawn ofE at some good 

At His Excellency's Direction Col. Taylour is returned home from 
the Frontiers, having left them in a good posture of defence. 

Coasters Entered Inwards, Lewis from Connecticut, & Flood from 
Piscataqua. Outward for Connecticut Darby, Smith and Rhodes: 
for New- York, John Bradduck, and Abraham Schellinx. Foreign 
Inwards from Whitehaven, James Grant; from Fyall Nathaniel 
Gerrish, Ship Benjamin and Peter, and William Rowlson Sloop 
Elizabeth. From Lisbon Josiah Minot Ship Samuel, Robert Eason 
Ship Hampshire, and Peter Martin Ship Thennet: From St. George's 
Jeremiah Tay, Brigt John and Ann: from St. Christophers Richard 
Shute, Sloop Richard: From Exon Abraham Winter, Ship Francis. 
Cleared Outwards for Antigua Tobias Green Mayflower, Nathaniel 
Harris Brigt. Swallow, Isaac Fowle Brigt. Abigail, and David Bucklin 
Brigt. Randal For Newfoundland Timothy Kemble Tritton Galley: 
For St. Christophers Daniel Wyborn Sloop Hawk: for St. George's 
William Goddard Brigt. Sea-flower; for Barbadoes Isaac Perkins 
Sloop Rosanna; for Suranam Joseph Faborne Brigt Friendship, 
Jeremiah Gushing Sloop Industry, and Philip Lewis Brigt. Hope; 
for Fyall Noah Guille Sloop Adventure. Outward Bound, Thomas 
Hunt for Newfoundland Sloop Panther. 

In our Numb. 116. in a Paragraph of N. York thro' an Error of the 
Press, there is a Comma misplaced at the word appeared which should 
have been placed at the word not. 


RAn-away from his Master George Robinson Carver of Boston, 
on Tuesday last the 16th. Currant, A Negro Man-Slave Named 
Jo, of a middle Stature, well set, Speaks good EngHsh, aged about 32 
years, has on a sad coloured Jacket, white Shirt, and Leather Breeches. 
Whosoever shall apprehend and take up the said Runaway, so that 
he may be delivered unto his said Master, or give any true Intelligence 
of him, shall have a Sufficient reward. 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

1R, ]6. IRumb. 119. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDOUDa^ July 22. to /IDOUDaii July 29. 1706. 


r A S in immediately preceding issues, most of the foreign news in 
I /l.the two pages of this number is "by letters from London," and 
includes advices from London, Zurich, Hague and elsewhere, 
of March datesj 

Philadelphia, July 18. On the 16th arrived here one Keele in a 
Sloop from Antigua and Nevis, who had about 15 days passage from 
Anguilla, who informs that there was a Ship lately arrived at Nevis 
from England, who came out with a Squadron of 12 Men of War bound 
to the West-Indies, who put in to Madera, but the above Ship made 
the best of her way: It's said, That General Park who was daily 
expected is on board the Squadron. We are also advised, that 
Monsieur Deherville has written to General Cabaret in Martinico, 
that he is bound from St. Domingo with 10 Sail of Ships, & about 25 
Sail of smaller Vessels to Jamaica, and from thence to the North- 
ward (it's thought to New-York.) That there are 2 Ships and 2 
Sloops gone from Martinico to Cruise on the Coast of New-York. 
Yesterday arrived Erasmus Lowes in a Ship, from Whitehaven, but 
last from Bellfast in Ireland about 14 weeks passage: Capt. Burnam 
in a Ship Sail'd yesterday for Madera; some Sloops are Lading for 
Madera and Fyall, and several for Barbadoes, Jamaica and Virginia. 

New-York, July 22. Last night arrived here Arnold Crook in 7 
weeks from Madera, he left that Island in Company of 12 Sail of 
Her Majesties Ships of V/ar bound to the West-Indies, on board of 
whom is Col. Park, General of the Leward-Islands; Capt. Bond bound 
hither, came out of England with this Fleet, but is not yet arrived. 

By a Letter from one of the Captains of the above Squadron we 
are acquainted, That [here follow items of foreign news.] 

Dirick Adolph is arrived from Boston: Entered out a Brigt. from 
Madera, & a Sloop for Surranam. This day an Embargo will be 
Laid on here. 

Piscataqua, July 25th. On Tuesday the 23d. Currant eleven men 
about a Mile from Mr. Hilton's Garison at Exeter mowing in a Field, 
were insulted by about 40 Indians, One of the two that stood Centinal 
fired at them, but the other 9 being hard at work, were intercepted 



from their Guns, of which 2 in the v/hole were slain, one desperately 
wounded, two more made their escape, and six wanting, which are 
supposed to be either kill'd or taken Captive. 

Several Companies of our Forces went in pursuit of the Enemy, 
who about a Mile from the place where they did the mischief, gave a 
great Shout, and separated themselves, so that none of them could be 

On the 2-lth. arrived Her Majesties Ship the Deptford from Boston 
Captain Stuckley Commander, with whom came his Excellency our 
Governour, who is now Sitting here in General Assembly. 

Boston, At Groton on the Lords-Day the 21st Currant, 3 Souldiers 
going to the place of Publick Worship, passing over a Fence through 
a Field of Corn, some of the Sculking Indian Enemy being hid in the 
Field, shot at them, kill'd two and Captivated the third. 

On Monday the 22d Currant, His Excellency our Governour Em- 
barkt on board Her Majesty's Ship the Deptford, for his other 
Goveru[n]ment of New-Hampshire. 

On the said Day there was a Lad Mowing in a Field at Sudbury 
toward Sun-set, espied an Indian near to him, and he having a Pistol 
hanging at his Girdle, fired at the Indian whom he saw fall, the Lad 
made the best of his way home; the next morning Major Brown witli a 
party of men went out in search of him and view'd the place, where they 
saw a considerable quantity of Blood on the ground, and 'tis supposed 
the Indian was mortally wounded, hut that his Mates, as they usually do, 
carried him off. 

In regard that Labourers at this time of the year are very difficult to 
be got even for wages: The Inhabitants of the Town of Milton as is their 
usual Custom every year freely offered their Service to their Reverend 
Minister, Mr. Peter Thacher, to cut down his Grass, make his Hay, 
and carry it into his Barn, and to their praise and commendation he it 
spoken: On Monday last there was no less in his Field than 26 Men 
Mowers in a Breast, and on Wednesday there was 14 others that were 
Rakers; and on Thursday 16 more, and no doubt there was a competent 
number on Fryday and Satturday {though not come to our knowledge) 
to carry it into the Barn. 

By Letters per Cravath from Oporto, May, 7th. [Here follows a 
little more than half a column of foreign news.] 

Coasters Entered Inwards Peter Harris and Sam. Prince from 
Connecticut. Outward George Phillips, Francis Browne and Ebene- 
zar Parker for Connecticut. Foreign Inwards Ezekiel Cravath Ketch 
Dolphin from Aviro. Cleared Outward for Jamaica Robert Meers 
Brigt. William; for Monserrat William Cooke Brigt. John and James. 
Outward Bound for Antigua Ebenezar Payne Sloop Nicholas and 



Mary, and John Walker Sloop Burbuda; for London Pelatiah Kins- 
man Ship Hopewell. 


The following Books to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot at his Shop, 
under the West-End of the Town-House in Boston, Viz. 
TNvisibles, Realities, Demonstrated in the Holy Life and Trium- 
-'-phant Death of Mr. John Janeway, Fellow of Kings Colledge in 
Cambridge : by the Reverend Mr. James Janeway. 

A Token for Children, being an exact Account of the Conversion, 
-^ ^Holy and Exemplary Lives and Joyful Deaths of several Young 
Children: by the Reverend Mr. James Janev/ay. To which is added, 
A Token for the Children of New-England, or some Examples of 
Children in whom the fear of God was remarkably budding before 
they died. 

OEven Sermons, (1st) of the Unpardonable Sin against the Holy 
'^ Ghost, or the Sin unto Death, &c. By the Reverend Mr .Robert Russel. 
'HpHe best Friend standing at the door, or Christs Awakening and 

-*'- Affectionate Call, both to Professors and Secure Sinners for 
Entrance into the House : in Six Sermons, by the Reverend Mr. John 

"O An-away from his Master Samuel Niles of Kingstown in Narra- 
-''-^ganset, A Spanish Indian Man-Slave, aged about 28 years, speaks 
good English, a short fellow, much of the reliques of the small Pox 
to be seen in his Face, has a broad face, a broad flat Nose, his teeth 
are thin before; has on grayish coloured Cloaths much worn. Who- 
soever shall take up the said Indian and bring or convey him safe 
to his said Master, or secure him and send notice of him, shall be well 
rewarded and satisfyed for his pains. 

A Ny Person that wants to borrow 220 Pounds at Interest, giving 
■^ ^good Security, may repair to John Campbell Post-master of 
Boston and know further. 

[Reprinted: cordage for sale by John Mico, as in July 15; negro 
slave girl to be sold, as in July 1 ; News-Letter advertisement, as 
first in June 17.] 

1R. le, Bumb. 120. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonDap July 29. to /IDoutJa^ August 5. 1706. 



OREIGN news in this number is principally from London and 
Paris, of March dates. Much of it refers to the war in Spain, 



and particularly to the siege of Barcelona. With this issue the 
rules above and below the line "Published by Authority" in the 
heading were dropped.] 

Barbadoes, June 22d. About a week ago arrived here a Vessell 
from Ireland, who reports; . . . ; and that 30 odd Sail of Men 
of War were fitting out for the West Indies. Three days since was 
Published here a Paper Credit to stand for five years. To Morrow 
Sailes our Fleet for England. Five days ago arrived here Capt. 
Flint and Fyfield from Boston. We have had no Pacquet since my last. 

St. Christophers July 8. There is a Packet from England arrived 
at Antigua, by whom we have the following Account; [here follows 
a short account of the defeat of the French and Spanish forces before 

New-York, July 29. On the 26th arrived here Braddick in a Sloop 
from Boston, who on the 18th instant, off Cape-Cod in the night 
heard great Guns fire for several hours. The same day arrived a 
Sloop from Turks Island with Salt, that belongs to Barmuda. 

Last week an Embargo was laid here for 60 days, and all persons 
forbid all manner of Labour, and all the Shops shut up until the 
Fortifications of this City be finished, so that we have near 1000 men 
at work every day. 

On the 27th arrived here Capt. Bond from England with 34 Soul- 
diers (there was 40 but 6 dyed in the passage) and 80 Barrels of 
Powder; we have advice that a Man of War is bound hither with 60 
more Souldiers, Cloaths, Stores, &c. 

The Ship Unity, William Patience Master, lay Loadened in the 
Downs bound hither, and would Sail with the first Convoy. 

We have no News so late by Capt. Bond as that in the Boston News- 

Her Majesty's Ship the Triton's Prize is not yet returned from her 

Piscataqua, Aug. 1. On Tuesday the 30th of July His Excellency 
our Governour went on board the Province-Gally, in order to return 
to Boston for his other Government of Massachusetts-Bay; And 
on the said day at evening there was a man kill'd at Wells, & another 
wounded by the sculking Indians, pursuit was made after the Enemy 
but could not be found. 

Hampton, Aug. 1. This day there was a man kill'd near the Falls, 
and a Lad taken by the Indian Enemy. 

We had a Company out in quest of them in 10 minutes after the mis- 
chief was done, but the Enemy escap'd, & left some things behind them, 
Major Smz7/i is still out in the Woods with 100 men in search of them. 



Boston, On Thursday the 1st Currant arrived here the Province- 
Galley from Piscataqua, with whom came His Excellency our Gover- 
nour from his other Government of N aw -Hampshire. 

On the said day arrived a Flag of Truce Bark from Canada, with 
Mr. Shelden the Messenger whom His Excellency sent to the Gover- 
nour of Quebeck for the Exchange of Prisoners, who has brought 
with him 45. ^^* 

On Wednesday next the 7th Currant Sits here the General Assembly 
of this Province, unto which day it stands Prorogu'd. 

On Saturday last, by the great diligence of Capt. Redknap Her 
Majesty's Engineer, the 20 pieces of Cannon were mounted at the 
Castle of this place; The Garison consisting of 200 men besides 
Artificers dayly working there; so that now all is very compleat: 
A Regiment consisting of 500 men under the Command of Col. 
Hutchinson being always in readiness for the Service there. ^^'' 
By Letters by the Packet Via Antigua, we have this Account: [here 
follows foreign news.] 

Coasters Inward, Jackson and Abbot from Piscataqua, Nath. 
Loring from Connecticut. Outward Jonas Green, Carteret Gillam, 
James Lewis and Elisha Hedge for Connecticut; Nath. Geerish and 
Joseph Flood for Piscataqua. Foreign Inwards from Fiall James 
Galley Ketch Blessing; from South-Carolina Thomas Lanyon, Sloop 
Return; from Barbadoes Lewis Hunt Ship Victory; from Antigua 
John Fisher Sloop Blackthorne; from St. Christophers John Redduck 
Sloop St. Christophers. Cleared Outward for Jamaica William 
Russel Brigt. Dolphin. Outward bound for London Robert Eason 
Ship New-Hampshire, and Peter Martin Ship Thenet; for White- 
haven John Smith Ketch Belford; for Antigua Jonathan Hart Sloop 
Gilford; for Barbadoes James Berry Ship Swan. 

The Vessel for New-haven in England, will Sail about. 15 dayes 
hence. ^ 


STray'd from Mr. Gambhngs Pasture in Roxbury, A Sorrel Horse 
with a white Blaze in his Fore-head, and one hind foot white: 
Whosoever shall take up said Horse, or give any true Intelligence of 
him unto Mr. Nicholas Roberts Merchant in Boston, so as the owner 

159 Ensign John Sheldon of Deerfield: his second expedition to Canada for 
return of captives. See Sheldon's A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts, Vol. 
I, pages 332-333. 

160 Reprinted from the News-Letter in Notes, in The Acts and Resolves 
... of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: . . . , Vol. VIII, page 552, 
in connection with the story of these pieces of ordnance, which were "sent by 
her MajH for her service at her Castle William" in response to a memorial 
from the General Court, February 1704-1705, for arms and stores. 



may have him again, shall have a Sufficient reward and charges. 
[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

-^^ ]£. IRumb. 121. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From mionDa^ August 5. to HUonDa^ August 12. 1706. 


rnpHIS issue of two pages is remarkable for the predominance of 
j A domestic news. Foreign news is confined to two short para- 
graphs under London date of April 2, and two paragraphs under 
Fayal date of July 5, concerning affairs in Spain and Portugal.] 

Jamaica, June 24. Upon Advice brought here by the Packet of 
the mischief done by the French Squadron upon Her Majesty's 
Subjects at St. Christophers and Nevis, and of their design to make 
an Attack upon /amazca;^^^ His Excellency our Governour laid on an 
Embargo, Arm'd and Disciplin'd a Regiment of Negroes, rais'd 
several Batteries, and mounted them with Guns; and made all 
necessary preparations to receive the French, having laid several 
Mines in the way to the principal places, thro' which the Enemy 
must pass (if they had Landed) to blow them up : And intended to 
give them a Field Battel, and ordered his Son to lead the Van-Guard, 
declaring that whosoever should flinch back should immediately 
be shot down. 

Three Trading Sloops arriving at Carthageen from Jamaica, the 
Governour acquainted them, that the French designed to attack 
Jamaica, and advised them to make haste home to help defend their 
Island, fearing the French might be there before they got home; 
and accordingly dispatched them in two dayes with Eighty Thousand 
pieces of Eight. 

A Runagado English man running from one of these Trading 
Sloops, offered his Service to the Governour of Carthageen to Pilot 
him to take the Island of Jamaica, and particularly Col. Handisyde 
our Governour in his House; which the Governour resenting as a 
villanous action, took the said Runagado and sent him with a Guard 
on board one of the Sloops, ordering the Master to secure and carry 
him unto the Governour of Jamaica, with whom he sent a Letter to 
His Excellency our Governour, acquainting him of the same, and that 
he hated Traitors. And upon the arrival of the said Runagado in 
one of the Sloops, a Court Martial was call'd, where the said Runa- 

161 See News-Letter Nos. 96, 103, 104, 107, 108 ante. 



gado being Tryed, was found guilty, Condemned to Dye, and Executed 

Four days ago the Embargo was taken off, and 2 days since the 
Colours were lodged and the Law Martial ceased upon advice brought 
here of the French Squadron's being separated and gone to several 
Ports to the Leeward. Monsieur Deherville the French Admiral 
beat up for Volunteers at Petitguavus and Hispaniola, in order to 
make a descent upon Jamaica, but the Inhabitants declined it, and 
he offered to force some Spaniards away, which caused a considerable 
Tumult among the people. 

They are still Fortifying at Jamaica. Our Squadron under the 
Command of Admiral Whetstone consists of 6 Capital Ships, a Fire- 
ship and Tenders. The Fleet bound for England was Embargo'd, 
being about 40 Sail waiting for a Convoy, which was supposed to be 
Admiral Whetstone, when the other Fleet from England did arrive, 
whom we daily expect. 

Taunton, July 19. About midnight the Thunder and Lightning 
split the wooden button on the top of the Vane Spindle of the Meeting- 
House, and split into shivers the post it stood in; but the Vane 
Spindle is not hurt, and carryed it off; and destroyed the biggest 
part of the Covering of the Terret boards, shingles and timber, and so 
descended on the proper roof of the Meeting-House, which is almost 
fiat, and ript up the board and shingle for about 10 foot, and the 
two ends of the Rupture descended into the Meeting House two 
ways on the Fore-side of the Meeting House, and also two ways on 
the back-side of it, and split a principal long brace on the fore-side of 
the Meeting-House from end to end, and made it quite unserviceable, 
and came down on two of the middle of the Fore-side of the Meeting 
House, and ript off a considerable quantity of the Clapboards and 
boards on the outside, and also of the plaistering and Laths on the 
inside, and grazed and hurt the timber all along as it came down. 
It has drove two of the Windows a little outward (one of the fore- 
side windows, and one of the back-side windows) it has taken off 
two great splinters (one on the upper side, another on the lower) 
of one of the Main braces that support the roof on the back-side of 
the house, the said splinters are about 4 inches square, and about 
7 foot long; some of the wooden Frames of 4 windows are split off 
on the outside, the white Lime plaistering in 4 or 5 places is blown 
off as with Gunpowder in considerable pieces. It took off a loose 
Seat from the East Gallery, and carried it above twenty foot, & left 
it on the Table without any harm : The ends of 2 or 3 boards of the 
Floor are blown up & the Nails of them drawn as if blown up with 
Gunpowder. Several paynes of Glass are considerably shattered; 



The post of one of the Seats in the upper Gallery which the Rayls 
went into is split to pieces and the Seats fallen down. No harm is 
done to the Bell only the Wheel is somewhat shattered. Several 
Posts and pieces of Timber are grazed as if they were gouged, Lime 
and Splinters are scattered over the Meeting-House, scarce any 
place free, and bits of Clapboard and Shingles are scattered round 
about the middle of the House. 

The same night Ensign Thomas Gilbert's old House was struck with 
Lightning, there was such a smoke and light and smell of Brimstone 
after the stroke, that they thought the House was on fire. It made 
holes in the Tunnel and sides of the Chimney, and so shatter'd it, 
that it is not safe making a fire in it; one of his Grand Children that 
lay in the same Room, was stunn'd a while, but recovered again. 

New-York, August 5. On the 30th of July arrived here a Privateer 
Sloop of 6 Guns and 27 men, Nath. Burchet Commander, being the 
Tender of Capt. Tongrelou, which about [blank] weeks ago met with 
a Spanish Ship (bound from Canaries to New-Spain) of 600 Tuns, 24 
Guns, and 250 men, near to Cuba, this Sloop fired 6 shot at her, two 
whereof hull'd her, one blew up the Round House, killed the Captain 
and 5 men, and another disabled, her Main Mast which afterwards 
fell over board, the Sloop finding the Ship too strong for her left her, 
and carried notice of her to Capt. Tongrelou, who immediately there- 
upon went in search of her, but could not find her; the Sloop soon 
after she parted with Cap. Tongrelou found the Spanish Ship ashore 
about a league from Barricoe upon Cuba, the Spaniards defended her 
from the shore, and at last capitulated with the Sloop for her Lading 
of AVines and Brandy, provided they would not burn the rest, nor 
the Ship ; and accordingly she has brought hither 50 pipes of Canary 
and Brandy which they took out of her, but have not seen Tongrelou 
for seven, nor his Consort for 9 weeks past: The Spanish Ship was 
obliged to run ashore, having 8 foot water in the Hould before they 
knew of it, and upon her striking Ground, her Main Mast tumbled 
over board being wounded by a shot from the Sloop, but the Sloop 
knew not what execution they had done, till they found her ashore. 

The same day arrived Capt. Basset in a month from Jamaica, who 
says Capt. Pennistone (a Privateer of this Port) boarded two Ships 
together, one of 18, and the other of 24 Guns, but was beat off with 
the loss of his Arm, and 9 men kill'd, and as many wounded, and 
obliged to bear away to Jamaica. 

A Dutch Brigt. of 110 men. Consort to Cap. Tongrelou has taken a 
French Privateer of 14 Guns and 130 men belonging to Petitguavus, 
Commanded by the Chevalier Courtney, and carried her into Jamaica, 
she w:5s designed for this Coast. 



We have advice by these Vessels, that 7 Fr. Ships were gone down 
to the Havanna, and that Monsieur Deverville with 5 men of War 
were still lying on the Northside of Hispaniola, but were sickly with 
the bloody Flux, and that at Jamaica they are not under any appre- 
hension of being attack'd by them. 

The Fleet from England was not arrived at Jamaica, the same 
day arrived here a Sloop from Curacoa, brings not any News. 

Capt. Basset off Cape May was Chased by a Ship [blank] hours which 
gained upon him and got within half Gun shot of him, which obliged 
him to pull down his Round House, cut his Beam, and throw all upon 
Deck over board except his Guns; after which the Ship fell a Stern 
show'd her broad side and Stern, and fired a Gun to Leeward under 
English Colours, upon which Basset answered with a Gun to Lee- 
ward, but made the best of his way, tho' he took the Ship for the 
Triton's Prize, but it proved otherwise. 

On the jd. Instant Her Majesties Ship Tritons Prize arrived at 
Sandy-hooke from Her Cruise, She has been at Virginia, and about lo 
days since met the Hazardous with the Ships under her Convoy going 
into the Capes; they were dog'd 4 dayes off Nantucket by a Ship of 
about 20 Guns, which the Hazardous at last chased away; tis thought 
to be the same Ship tJiat chased Basset. One of our Outward bound 
Sloops met the Tritons Prize at Sea, and told them, a small Briganteen 
had taken a Sloop upon this Coast, in his sight, the Triton immediately 
went in search of her, but could not meet with her on her Cruise. 

Yesterday arrived here Capt. Davis from, Jamaica, three Briganteens, 
and a Ketch for Boston, Noyce, Green, Long and Rayner Masters, came 
out in Company: He says the 7 Ships gone to the Havanna are the 
French men of War that lay on the North side of Hispaniola, who are 
very Sickly. 

Our Fortifications we hope will be Compleat this week, and we shall 
have 100 Cannon Mounted in this City, besides the Fort, which is also 
put into very good Repair & Order. 

Her Majesties Ship Lowstaffe will Sail in j days on a Cruise. 

Piscataqua, August 8th. Just now is arrived Capt. Janverin from 
Lisbone, that came out in Company with the Mast Ships from thence, 
who after he parted with them was taken by a French Letter of 
Marque man, of 24 Guns, from the Havanna bound to Rochel, about 
100 Leagues to the Westward of Fyall, Capt. Janverin bought his 
Ship again for 8000 Livers, and sent his Mate Hostage for the payment 
of the Money. 

Boston, On Tuesday the 6th Currant arrived here Cap. Daniel 
Noyes from Jamaica, about 6 weeks passage; there came out in 



Company with him about 20 Sail, some whereof for England and 
other places; for New-York a Brigt, and 2 Sloops; and for this place 
Capt. Bartholomew Green, Capt. Rayner and Long. 

On Wednesday the 7th. Instant Satt the General Assembly of this 
Province, unto which day they stood Prorogu'd. 

Her Majesty's Ship the Deptford arrived here on Tuesday the 6th 
Currant from Piscataqua, and designs to Sail on a Cruise on Monday 
the 12th Instant. 

Coasters Inwards 
Collins and Flood 
John Loihrop 

Peter Harris 

For[e]ign Inwards 
Francis Ellis Ship Pleasure 
Joseph Burchal Sloop Blossom 
Moses Wadland Sloop Seafiower 
Daniel Noyes Hannover Brigt. 
Bartholomew Green Swan Brigt. 
Joseph Rayner Ketch Freeke. 
John Hoddy Adventure Brigt. 

Cleared Outward 
Robert Eason Ship N. Hampshire \ 
Peter Martin Ship Thanet / 

Eleazar Johnson Brigt. Hopewell \ 
Jonathan Hart Sloop Gilford / 

Thomas Savill Ship Two Brothers 
Thomas Hunt Sloop Panther 

Outward bound 
Richard Shute Sloop Richard 
Joseph Burchal Sloop Blossom 
Moses Wadland Sloop Seafiower 
John Holland Brigt. Tygre 
Thomas Miller Ship Enfield-Green 
John Edwards Brigt Providence 




St. Georges. 



Piscataqua & 



St. Christophers 
St. Georges 

Housing and Land being part of the Estate of Bartholomew Ged- 
ney Esqr. late of Salem in the County of Essex, and Province of 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: To be Sold by Mrs. Mary 
Gedney, Widow and Executrix of Doctor Samuel Gedney of said 
Salem : Viz. 

Three House Lotts, about 40 foot Front, and 124 Foot deep each 



Another House Lott about 40 foot Front, and 124 foot deep, with 
an House and Barn on it. 

As also a Dwelling-House, Warehouse, Wood-House, Yard Room 
and Garden, with a Ship Yard suitable for a Ship Carpenter: To be 
Sold by single Lotts or altogether. 

SAlt at Four Shillings per Bushel; To be Sold by Mr. Samuel 
Lilly Merchant, at his Ware-House upon the Dock in Boston. 
A Negro Woman and a Negro Girle to be Sold, Inquire of John 
Campbell Post Master of Boston, and know further. 
[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

ff{^ jQ, Bumb. 122. 

The BoftonNews-Letter. 

From /IDOnDap August 12. to /DOnOag August 19. 1706. 


r \ GAIN, in this two page issue, the foreign news is subordinated, 
I JLA-more than half the contents being of domestic affairs. Mainly, 
the foreign news is from Hague and Paris, concerning the siege 
of Barcelona.] 

Hartford, August 5, The Towns in the County of Hampshire 
being greatly infested by the Sculking Indian Enemy: We are just 
sending out 50 Men with Dogs, who are to divide into small parties, 
and range the Woods on both sides the River, if possible to discover 
and annoy, the Enemy. 

New-York, August 12. Last week we heard that two or three 
Sloops were seen Cruise off the East-end of Long Island. From 
Philadelphia we are advised, that Her Majesty's Ships the Greenwich 
and 'Hazardous are arrived in Virginia, and that it's said the Fleet 
from thence to Englayid will Sail the middle of next Month: We daily 
expect more certain Intelligence by Gentlemen from thence. 

Last night the Rt. Hon. the Lady COKiVBt/i^F departed this Life. ^^^ 

162 Lady Cornbury (Katherine Hyde) was the daughter of Lord O'Brien — 
son of the earl of Richmond of Ireland — by his wife, Lady Katherine Stuart, 
daughter of the duke of Richmond and Lenox. Her obsequies were conduct- 
ed with much pomp and ceremony in Trinity Church by the Reverend John 
Sharp, chaplain of the fort, and she was buried in Trinity churchyard. The 
great expense incurred for her funeral was one of the counts against Lord Corn- 
bury for official extravagance. Several months later one Boudinot of Long 
Island was paid £-300 from the sale of crown lands "as due for part of Lady 
Cornbury's funeral." See official papers in Documents Relative to the Colo- 
nial History of New York, Vol. V, p. 406 and p. 511. 



This morning arrived a Sloop from St. Thomas, one Martin Master 
brings no News. Her Majesties Ship the Lowstaffe will Sail this day 
©n a Cruise. 

Rhode-Island, August 16. Upon the Report that a French Squad- 
ron from the West Indies, under the Command of Monsieur Deber- 
ville is designed to come upon our Coast ; His Honour our Govemour 
call'd a General Council, & Council of War, in order to Consult what 
was proper to be done for Fortifying of this Place, and especially 
the Town of New-port, in case of an Attack from the Enemy. Where- 
upon the Inhabitants of the Town and Island are daily at work, 
making all necessary preparations to Fortify the same, several 
Breast-works and Half Moons near and about the Town are already 
cast up, and a Breast-work and Trenches from the Point before the 
Town to Coasters Harbour, & likewise at the South End of the Town, 
to prevent an Enemy's Landing near the Town; And if they should 
Land at a distance from it, we shall have the greater advantage 
against them, by reason of the many Stone Walls and Ditches they 
must pass thorow to come at the Town, where they may be 

Capt. Cranston from Curacoa arrived here in 18 days, by whom we 
are acquainted, that they had the same News there that we have had 
in the Boston News-Letter. [Here follow a few lines of foreign news.] 

Moses Butterworth and Robert Wrightington for Barbadoes, and 
John Chapman bound for Antigua. 

Piscataqua, Aug. 15. On Saturday last, the Sculking Indian 
Enemy kill'd a man at Dover. And this day arrived here from 
Boston Capt. Martin in the Thenet Mast Ship. 

Salem, August 17. On Wednesday the 14th. Currant, arrived here 
Eleazar Moses from Newfoundland 22 days passage, who informs. 
That there is one Man of War at St. Johns, & about 40 Merchant- 
men. That Sir W. Jumper was daliy expected from Engl, with a 
Squadron of Men of War, in order to Attack Placentia. That an 
English Prisoner retaken out of a French Boat informed that in May 
last, there was about 36 Sail of French Merchantmen in Placentia. 
That two Letter of Marque Men from Bristol, the one of 14 and the 
other of 16 Guns, and one of London of 24 Guns has Cruised on New- 
foundland Coast, and had taken 20 Prizes, some whereof were Bankers, 
and others that were bound in to Placentia. Mr. Moses saw 4 t>r 5 
Vessels going in to St. Johns as he came out, but knows not what they were. 

Boston, An Act Passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly 
of this Province in their Second Sessions, upon Wed-nesday the 7th 
Currant, for Encouraging the Prosecution of the Indian Enemy and 



Rebels. Granting the following Reward or Praemium, (over and 
above the stated Wages, to such as are under Pay, and the benefit 
of Plunder, and all Indian Women and Children Prisoners under 
12 Years of Age) to every Company, Troop, Party or Person singly, 
who shall Kill or Take any Male Indian Enemy or Rebel, capable of 
bearing Arms, or above the age of 12 years. Viz. 

To the Regular Detached Forces under Pay, the Sum of Ten 
Pounds per Head. 

To Voluntiers actually in the Service and under Pay, Twenty 
Pounds per Head. 

To Voluntiers without Pay or Subsistance, Fifty Pounds per Head. 

To any Company, Troop or Party Issuing forth upon an Alarm, to 
the Relief of any Town or Garison Attackt, Thirty Pounds per Head. 

On Saturday Sailed Her Maj. Ship the Deptford on a Cruise. 

The said day Sailed the New-Hampshire Mast Ship for Piscataqua 
Capt. Eason Commander. 

Coasters Inward 
William Smallage Sloop Prosperous 
John Lothrop Sloop Swallow 

Samuel Prince Sloop Adventure 
Jacob Parker Sloop Endeavour 
James Blin Sloop Sparrow 

Foreign Inwards, 
James Gold Sloop Hopewell 
Samuel Long Brigt. Sarah 

Cleared Outward, 
John Welch Brigt. Dolphin 
Benjamin Edward Sloop Elizabeth 
Moses Wadland Sloop Seafiower 

Outward Bound 

Josiah Minot Ship Samuel 

Thomas Fosdick Charlestown Galley 

Thomas Lethered Ship Olive Branch f 

Peter Man Dart Galley J 

John A Iden Ship Swallow 

James Gold Ship Mary 

Jeremiah Tay Brigt. John and Ann 






St. George. 



St. George. 


WHereas Peter Sonmans, son <?/ Arent Sonmans Deceased, under pre- 
text of being invested in several Proprieties^andlshares [of Propri- 
eties of Lands, Quit-Rents aiid other Appurtenances thereunto belonging, 



purchased by his said Deceased Father in East and West New Jersey 
in America: Hath already Sold a considerable quantity thereof, and 
(as I am informed) is about Selling other parcels thereof. These are 
therefore to give Notice, That Her most Gracious Majesty, Queen Anne, 
by Her Letter dated at Windsor, the tenth day of September, 1705 in 
the Fourth Year of Her Reign, to His Excellency Edward Viscount 
Combury, Governour of tJie Province of New-Jersey, and to the Council 
of the said Province directed: Hath been pleased to signify, that the 
said Proprieties and shares of Proprieties of Lands, Quit-Rents and 
other Appurtenances thereunto belonging, do belong unto Her said 
Majesty; for that tlie said Arent Sonmans Deceased, was an Alien born, 
and uncapable of taking or holding any Land otherwise than to the use 
of the Crown, by reason he was not Naturalized, nor made a Denizon of 
England. A'nd further. That Her said Majesty is graciously pleased 
to grant all Her Right, Title, Interest and Claim, to the said Proprieties 
and shares of Proprieties of Lands, Quit-Rents attd other Appurtenances 
thereunto belonging, unto Joseph Ormston of London, Merchant, ajtd 
Rachel his Wife, and their Heirs for ever, in trust for Peter Sonmans, 
Rachel Ormston, and Joanna Wright and their Heirs for ever. And 
therefore by tJte said Letter doth direct His said Excellency and the said 
Council, to cause Letters Patients to be past under the Seal of the said 
Province, containing the grant aforesaid: and that such Clauses be in- 
serted in the said Letters Patents as shall be requisite for making Her 
said Majesty's Grant good and effectual to the said Joseph Ormston 
aiid Rachel his Wife, attd their Heirs, in trust as aforesaid, as by Her 
said Majesty's Letter may appear. 

All which I the Subscriber being Agent for tlie said Joseph Ormston 
and Rachel his Wife, have thought ft to publish, in Order to prevent 
any persons being mistaken in purchasing any Right or Title to the 
aforesaid Proprieties and shares of Proprieties of Lands, Quit-Rents 
and otlwr Appurtenances thereunto belonging, or any part thereof. 

Perth Amboy, July 24. 1706. John Ormston. ^«^ 

The following Books to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot at his Shop under 

the West-End of the Town-House in Boston, Viz. 
T7Nglands Perfect School-Master: Or Directions for exact Spelling, 
■^--'Reading and Writing: Showing how to Spell or Read any 
Chapter in the Bible, by four and twenty words only; with Examples 
of most words, from one to six syllables, both in whole words and 
also divided; with Rules how to spell them: Also how to spell all 
such words which are alike in sound, yet differ in their sense and 
spelling. Together with the true meaning and use of all stops and 

163 Reprinted from the News-Letter, with a biographical and historical 
foot-note, in New Jersey Archives, First Series, Vol. XI, p. 18. 



points to be observed by all that would Read and Write well : With 
a Table of Orthography, shewing how to write true English: As 
also variety of Pieces, both of English and Latin Verse, on the most 
remarkable passages mentioned in Scripture, very useful for Writing- 
Schools: Lastly, Directions for writing of Letters, Acquittances, 
Bills of Exchange, Bills of Parcels, Bills of Debt, Bonds, &c. How to 
state Accompts aright, &c. 
^T^HE Great Concern: Or a serious warning to a timely 8c thorough 

■*- Preparation for Death: With helps and directions in order 
thereunto : By Edward Pearse : Recommended as proper to be given 
at Funerals. 
'' I ^HE Call of Christ unto Thirsty Sinners, to come to him and 

-*• drink of the Waters of Life: As it was Preached by that Holy 
Man of God, and faithful Servant of Christ, Mr. Thomas Allen, late 
Pastor of a Church in the City of Norwich, and sometime Teacher 
of the Church of Christ at Charlstown in New-England. 

A Guide to Eternal Glory: Or brief directions to all Christians, 
■^ ^how to attain to Everlasting Salvation: With several other 
brief Tracts, and Spiritual Hymns. 

[Reprinted; News- Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

B. le. IRumb. 123. 

The Bolton News-Letter. 

From /IDonba^ August 19. to /IDOtlDa^ August 26. 1706. 


Ft ess than two columns of this two page issue are filled with foreign 
I JL-znews: confinedto two letters from Hague, one of April 6, and the 
other of April 9, and one letter from Lisbon, dated July 7. The 
news is principally concerning the investment of Barcelona, and 
fighting in Flanders and Spain.] 

Jamaica, July 8. This morning arrived here a Ship from Bristol, 
the Master whereof informs, that Sir John Leake [account of naval 
engagement with the French squadron.] 

Our Fleet from England not yet arrived, but are daily expected. 

St Johns Newfotmdland, August 5th. Here is Arrived Capt. 
Michael Gill and Arthur Savage in 9 days passage from Boston in 
New England; Capt. Gill in the Latitude of 48 8. met a French 
Banker of 6 Guns and 21 men, with whom he had a small dispute, 
and made the French-vasin Strike and Surrender, Unto v/hom he 



Sold his Ship again for 350 Pistoles in Gold, and has the French 
Captain on Board a Hostage for payment of the Money. 

New York, Aug. 19. By an Express from Anapolis to Philadel- 
phia, we are acquainted, that the Captain of Her Majesty's Ship the 
Hazardous the next day after his Arrival had writ to the Gover- 
nour of Maryland that he would Sail with the Fleet for England the 
29th of this Month, w^hether the Greenwich arrived or not. 

Adolph for Boston, and Sandford for Carolina Sails this day. 
Entered Outward bound are Laurence for Terceras, Basset, Stevens 
and Moyon for Curacoa, Crook for Barbadoes, Smith, Norwood and 
Bedgood for Jamaica, Bond and Laurier for London Via Virginia. 

A Sloop from Barbadoes one Fry Master bound for Rhode Island, 
came from Curacoa about 3 weeks ago, was met on Fryday last by 
her Majesty's Ship the Lowstaff, seized and brought in here this day 
for want of a Register. 

Piscataqua, Aug. 23. On the 18 Instant arrived here the New- 
Hampshire Mast Ship from Boston, Capt. Eason Commander. 

Marhlehead, Aug. 23, Capt. Cawley in the Ship Essex will Sail 
for Kingsayie in Ireland again the first of October next. 

F Boston, Capt. Mathews, Commander of her Majesty's Ship the 
Dover, designs to Sail from hence to Piscataqua the first of September 
next, and from thence to Englarid the fifth of October following, to 
take under his Convoy what Vessels will be then ready. 

By Letters (since the Post) from New-York of the 20th Currant, 
w^e are acquainted. That by a Sloop from Curacoa, they have the 
self-same News there that we have here of the Signal Victories [in 
Flanders and Spain]. 

Coasters Inward From 

Joseph Concklin Tryal Sloop 
Eleazar Darby Elizabeth Sloop 
John Grace Speedwell Sloop 
Giles Hall Lyon Sloop 
John Lothrop Speedwell Sloop 
Thomas Curtice Swan Sloop 
John Wells Tryal Sloop 
John Hedge Speedwell Sloop 

Benjamin Flood Benj. & Mary Piscataqua. 

Nathaniel Loring Dolphin Sloop Rhode-Island. 

Foreign Inwards From 

Eleazar Moses Content Sloop Newfoundland. 

John Pitts Exchange Ketch South-Carolina. 




Cleared Outward For 

Elias Fortune Endeavour Ketch Monserat 

John Ventiman Martha & Eliz. Ship Jamaica. 

Joseph Burchal Blossom Sloop Barmuda. 

James Loring Industry Brigt. \ -r. , , 

y , ,. . ^ . -r^  . y Barbadoes. 

Joseph Veanng Colman b ngot J 

JohnWalker Burbuda Sloop Antigua. 

Outward Bound 

Richard Pitcher Lydia Brigt. England. 

Lewis Hunt Victory Ship Newfoundland 

Peter Hawksworih Mary Fortune Ship ^ ^ . 

7 IT- -o 1 ^- -D • + r London. 

Jonathan Evans Expectation Hrigt. j 

[The notice concerning the new postal service between England and 
the West Indies is reprinted as it appeared in the issue of June 3.] 


A Negro Man Slave, Two Negro Women and a Negro Girl to be 
Sold: Inquire of John Campbell Post-master of Boston, and 
know further. 

[Reprinted: sale of housing and land of estate of Bartholomew 
Gedney, as in August 12 ; sale of salt by Samuel Lilly, as in August 12 ; 
sale of EngHsh newspapers, as in June 10; News-Letter advertise- 
ment, as first in June 17.] 

•gq, jg. IRumb. 124. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From liDOnOag, August 26. to /IDonDag September 2. 1706. 


COMPARATIVELY small part of the two pages of this issue 
is given to foreign news, and that little is mainly in short para- 
graphs received by the way of West Indies ports.] 


Antigua, July ip. 1706. via Philadelphia. 

[Under this date line there are first, several paragraphs of news 
from Europe, and then follow various domestic news items.] 

Commadore Kerr arrived here 4 days since with our General Col. 
Parke, and is gone to Jamaica with 10 Men of War, and 2 Fire Ships, 
and 2 Men of War from Barbadoes, and our 2 that were here ex- 
pecting to find the French Fleet at Jamaica. 

One of our Men of War cut a large Sloop out of Guardiloop Harbour. 

One Crapo a French Privateer Sloop of 64 Men boarded an Irish 



man with Bease from Ireland, bound to Jamaica of 12 Guns and 20 
men: The Irish man kill'd him 36 Men and Wounded him 14, & 
brought Crapo with the Sloop in here. 

Her Majesties Ship the Kingsail has taken another Privateer, and a 
Ship of 20 Guns, loaden with Suggar and carryed them in to Barbadoas. 

Capt. Plaisteed in a New Ship of 400 Tuns 20 Guns, 37 men, bound 
from Boston to Jamaica, was taken by a French Man of War of 48 
Guns, 350 Men, off Portorico, and was carryed in to Martinico, and 
was sent here in a Flag of Truce the 16th Currant. She took also an 
East-India Dutch Man of 36 Guns mounted, 600 Tuns, 200 Men. 

Maryland, Atigust 2. On the 29th last arrived Her Majesty's 
Ship the Hazardous, and 4 merchant-men 12 weeks from Plimouth: 
The Greenwich Man of War is daily expected. The Fleet for Englayid 
designs to Sail the latter end of this Month, under Convoy of 5 Men of 
War. There is a Ship arrived in Virginia from England 6 weeks 
passage, who reports, that Sir John Leake met with the French 
Squadron and worsted them. 

Master Abbot in a Sloop from Boston arrived here. 

Barbadoes, August 3. Our Fleet from England arrived here the 
2d of last month, under Convoy of Capt. Kerr, who is gone down 
to Jamaica with 12 Sail of Men of War to relieve Admiral Whetstone 
and his Squadron. 

About 3 weeks ago Her Majesty's Ship the Kingsayle brought in 2 
Prizes, a Sloop and a Ship of 20 Guns, the latter bound to West 
France in Company with two others of like Force, both loaded with 
Sugar, Cotton, some Cocoa and Indigo: The Sloop he cut from 
the Shore at Martinico. 

We have lately Advice from Antigua, That a Vessel from Ireland 
of 10 Guns and 18 Hands (whereof 6 were Servants) bound for this 
place, was Attacked by a Sloop from Martinico, (who the day before 
took a Sloop from Curacoa bound hither) who boarded him, but the 
Captain of the Irish Man, and the rest of his men made a stout re- 
sistance, and kill'd 20 of the French men, and retook the Sloop and 
carryed her into Antigua: The Privateer had 50 men belonging to 
her, and do not hear that any of the English were kill'd. 

Our Fleet for England, in whom goes His Excellency our Governour, 
will sail about a Month hence. 

Capt. Wilson, Capt. Fyfield and Capt. Flint of Boston, are this day 
bound for Saltertuda, and from thence to Boston. Capt. Taylor 
will hardly Sail for Boston before our Fleet Sails for England. Capt. 
Francis Plaisted in the Eaton Frigot, bound from Boston to Jamaica 
is said to be carryed into Martinico. 



Our last Pacquet from Englartd Arrived here the 4th of last Month , 
who brought us the glad Tydings of the Glorious and Signal Victory- 
obtained by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough over the French 
Army in Flaitders, under the Command of the Duke of Bavaria: 
The Account whereof was sent Express to Her Majesty, with Col. 
Richard Aid de Camp, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, which 
was Published by Authority at St James's May the 16th (and Reprint- 
ed in the Boston News Letter, Aug. 5 No. 120 to which we refer you.) 

The further News from England by the Pacquet of May 30th is, 
[here follow items of foreign news, principally relating to the war on 
the continent.] 

That Her Majesty has given the Scotch 10 Men of War and an- 
swerable Transports for 10000 Men, with whom they are to make an 
Attack upon some of Her Majesties Enemies in the West-Indies, 

Philadelphia, Aug, 22d On the 17th arrived here Capt Trot from 
Fyall, 8 weeks passage, by whom we have the same News of the 18th of 
y^M^ from Li56on that you have in the Boston News-Letter Numb. 121. 

On the 20th arrived Capt. Brown in 2.3 dayes from Antigua, who 
brought us the News that is in the Boston News-Letter Numb. 120 
and further says, that the Union between England and Scotland was 
agreed upon. That the Queen had allowed the Scotch Caladonia 
Company 100000 /. That a Squadron of 15 sail of Men of War 
was designed for the West-Indies, and that the Scotch were raising 
several Thousand Men for that Expedition, and were to settle on 
what place they took from Her Majesty's Enemies. That the French 
Prize taken by Her Majesty's Ship the Kingsayle had 70000 pieces 
of Eight on Board. One Stilwell of New-York lost his Sloop upon 

New York, August 26. On the 19th arrived here Daniel Roberts 
in a Sloop from Jamaica 40 days passage. 

On the 22d. Hugh Coward in a Sloop from Curacoa, brings News 
from thence, which they had from Holland and Barbadoes, [Avar 
events in Europe.] 

Martin is bound out for St. Thomas. 

Rhode-Island, Aug 30 Outward bound are Nehemiah Cuquit for 
St Christo pliers; William Codner for Suranam; Edward Gross for 
Madera, John Davis and Joseph Dill for Barmuda. 

Salem, Aug 31. This day arrived Capt. Balch in 33 days from 
Antigua, in whom came Capt Francis Plaisteed a Passenger. 

Boston, On Fry day the 30th of August, Capt. Samuel Appleton 
Esq. Commissioner (sent by His Excellency our Governour a Flagg 



of Truce for Canada, for the Exchanging of Prisoners) Sailed from 
Nantasket in the Briganteen Hope, Capt. John Bomier Master. 

On the said day Sailed the French Barque, that came a Flagg 
of Truce from Canada with our Prisoners. As also did a Sloop for 
Port-Royall; in which Vessels there went about 70 French Prisoners. 

His Excellency Ordered Capt. Southack Commander of Her Majes- 
ties Ship the Province Galley, to Convoy them ten Leagues to the 
Eastward of Cape Ann. 

About ten days ago His Excellency sent two men by Land to Mont 
Real, with Letters to the Governour of Quebeck, desiring that our 
Prisoners might be ready at the Arrival of our Flagg of Truce there, 
in order to their returning hither before Winter sett in. 


John Abbot 
Joseph Yorke 
John Walker 
Derick Adolph 

John Grace 
Giles Hall 
Samuel Dutch 
Jonathan Hilton 

Coasters, Inward. 
Anthony Bracket Sloop Kathrin 

Sloop Seallower 
Sloop Mary 
Sloop Endeavour 
Sloop Two Brothers 

Sloop Prosperous 
Sloop Lion 
Sloop Nightingal 
Sloop Success 
Foreign, Inward, 
Abraham Cording Sloop Fortune 

Thomas Ruck Brigt, Fraternity 

Cleared Outward 
Isaac Binney Sloop Mary 

Ebenezar Breed Brigt. Elizabeth 

Outward Bound 
Thomas Meers Sloop Blessing 

Samuel Long Brigt. Swan 

James Grant Ship Tryal 

In our last thro' an Error of the Press in a Paragraph from Lisbon 
of July 7th. It is said that 13000 men were Landed in France, Com- 
manded by my Lord Trevers, and it should be my Lord Rivers 


The following Books to be Sold by Benjamin Eliot, at his Shop 
under the West-End of the Town-House in Boston, Viz. 

WAlking with God, the Great Duty and Priviledge of Christians: 
in two Sermons. 
T Oves Pedigree: Or a Discourse shewing the Grace of Love in a 
•'—'Believer to be of Divine Original: in one sermon. 


New York 



. Barbadoes 

N. foundland 




THe Best Priviledge: Or a Sermon wherin the Great Advantage 
of Enjoying the Oracles of God is displayed, & the Duty of such 
as have them is urged. 

THe Man of War. A Sermon Preached to the Artillery Company 
at Boston, at the Anniversary day of Election of Officers. All 
Four by the Reverend Mr. Samuel Willard. 

THe Door of Salvation Opened: Or a Voice from Heaven, to 
Unregenerate Sinners; plainly shewing the necessity of Opening 
your Hearts to Christ, or else He will Open Hells Mouth to devour 
you: with many sweet Invitations to come to Him, that they might 
have Life, and be hidden from the Wrath of God which is worse than 
Death. By D. Pede. 

GOD's Frown in the Death of Useful Men: Shewed in a Sermon 
Preached at the Funeral of the Honourable Col. John Pynchon 
Esq. By the Reverend Mr. Solomon Stoddard. 

A Good Master well Served: A Brief Discourse on the jnecessary 
Properties and Practices of a Good Servant, in every kind of Servi- 
tude : and of the Methods that should be taken by the Heads of a 
Family, to obtain such a Servant. 

[Reprinted : notice of postmaster regarding advertising of letters not 
called for, as in July 1 ; News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

1|:^^ jg. Bumb. 125. 

The BoftonNews-Letter- 

From /IDOnDay Septembef 2. to /IDOH^a^ September 9 1706. 


rT?OREIGN news in this issue consists of an abstract of a letter 
I 1/ from the duke of Marlborough and the deputies of the States 
General to the States of Brabant, and the response thereto, 
and a half column of items concerning the fighting in Flanders.] 

Fyall, July 29 We have advice from England [foreign news.] 

There was two Ships that touched in here from the Canaries, 
who gave us an Account, That Capt. Halsy in the Charles Galley, a 
Privateer from Boston had taken a Spanish Ship of 24 Guns from 
the Havanna, which he sent to the Madera's: He had also boarded 
another Ship of 40 Guns three times, but his Graplings breaking, was 
forc't to leave her. 

New-York, Sept 2. Our Assembly is Adjourned to the 24th Instant. 
His E.xcellency the Lord Cornbury sets out on Wednesday next for 



Albany to visit the Frontiers. No Vessels arrived since my last. 
Outward bound are Van Bael for Suranam, Many for Jamaica, & 
Sleigh for Curacoa. 

Rhode-Island, Sept 6 By Letters from Lisbon of July 8 and 13 
per Capt Benjamin Cranston from Maderas, 5 weeks passage, we have 
[war items "all mentioned these several weeks past in the Boston 
News- Letter,"] 

Boston, On Wednesday the 4th Curant, His Excellency was pleased 
to Prorogue the General Assembly of this Province unto Wednesday 
the 2d day of October next. 

An Act Pass'd at the last Session, Entituled, Aji Act to prevent 
all Traiterous Correspoyidence with her Majesties Enemies. ^^* 

Coasters Inwards, 


Joseph Flood 

Sloop John & Abiel " 
Sloop Adventure 

Daniel Wair 


Benj Flood 

Sloop Benj. & Mary J 

Francis Brown 

Sloop Speedwell 

Thomas Lothrop 

Sloop Diamond 

> ^^^iT^■npp'^1^*11"^ 

Joseph Allen 

Sloop John & Mary 

V_-'WXlllt^V_L'i^ Ll U 

George Phillips 

Sloop Supply 

Joseph Bull 

Brigt. Mary 

Will. Rhodes 

Sloop Rose 
Foreign Inwards 


Samuel Sanders 

Sloop Mary 


Tho. Masters 

Brigt. Dragon 


Tho. Ball 

Sloop Elizabeth 


Cleared Outwards 


John Lathrop 

Sloop Swallow 
Sloop Swan 

Tho. Curtice 


John Hedge 

Sloop Speedwel 

Joseph Concklin 

Sloop Tryal 

J New-York 

Dirick Adolph 

Sloop Two Brothers 

Lewis Hunt 

Ship Victory 

N. foundland 

John Richards 

Brigt. Endeavour 


Joseph Johnson 

Sloop EHzabeth 


Richard Shute 

Sloop Richard 

St. Christophr 

John Smith 

Katch Belford 


Tho. Lyiheret 

Ship Olive-branch 


Ebenezar Payjte 

Sloop Swallow 
Outward Bound 


Sam. Winckley 

Sloop Sarah & Hannah 

L Pensilvania 

164 See The Acts and Resolves 
setts Bay: .... Vol. I, p 595. 

of the Province of the Massachu- 



Tho. Barnes Brigt. Sarah St. Christoph 

John Foster Ship Sarah Barbadoes 

Will. Alden Ship Content Ditto 

John Blower Ship Stanier Galley Madera 

John Porter Brigt. Experiment Tercera 

Ephraitn Breed Ship Seaflower Jamaica 


Mlistress Mary Turfrey at the South End of Boston, Intends to 
board Young Gentlewomen: If any Gentlemen desires their 
Daughters should be under her Education : They may please to agree 
with her on Terms. 

A Certain Person has Lent Fuller's Holy War, his name is on the 
Frontice Leaf of it: Whosoever has borrowed the said Book, 
or into whose hands it may come, are desired to return it unto John 
Campbell Post-master of Boston, that the true Owner may have it 
again . 

[Reprinted: sale of negro slaves, as in August 26; sale of salt 
by Samuel Lilly, as in August 12; sale of English newspapers, as in 
June 10; News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

1R, ye. IRumb* 126. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From /IDonC)a^ September 9. to /IDonC)ap September 16. 1706. 



F the four columns of this two page issue, three are filled with 
foreign news, under date of Lisbon, July 3, concerning military 
movements in Spain and the Low Countries.] 

Maryland, Aug. 27. Since my last Her Majesty's Ship the Green- 
wich is arrived from Engla^td to Virginia, who is Commodore to the 
Homeward bound Fleet, that consists of about 200 Sail, under Convoy 
of 5 Men of War, & designs to Sail the latter end of this Month. 

New York, Sept. 9 From Pensilvania we have the Account of 2 
Sloops arrived there from Virginia, that came from thence the 29th 
last, who said that the Fleet for England was to Sail the 1st Currant. 

His Excellency Col. Nott Esqr. late Lieut. Governour of Virginia 
dyed about 14 days before they came away, was sick but .5 days. 

We daily expect Capt. Patience from England. 

Outward bound are Capt. Bond and Laurier for London Via 



Virginia, and Capt. Budge Via Piscataqua, Rolland for Jamaica, 
Gravenradt for Boston, and Coddin for Rhode-Island. 

Her Majesties Ship the Tritons Prize will go to Sea the first fair 
Wind on a Cruise. 

On Wednesday last his Excellency the Lord Cornhury Sailed from 
hence for Albany. 

Piscataqua, Sept. 12, Several of the Sculking Indian Enemy 
have lately been seen, a Company went in pursuit of them, but could 
meet with none. 

Last night arrived here from Boston Her Majesty's Ship the Dover, 
Capt. Mathews Commander. 

Bristol Sept. 12. Mr. Nathan Hayman in the Ship Thomas & 
Francis bound for Antigua, will Sail in ten days. 

Rhode-Island, Sept. 13. One Penrose in a Sloop from Barbadoes 
is arrived here. Outward bound are Godfrey and Codner for Suranam, 
and Gross for Madera. 

Salem, Sept. 14. Capt. Francis Ellis in the Ship Pleasure is bound 
for Suranam. 

Boston, On Wednesday the 11th Currant Sailed from Nantasket 
Her Majesties Ship the Dover, Capt. Mathew's Commander for 

Her Majesties Ship the Province Galley Capt. Southack Commander, 
is returned from Her Cruise, and is bound out again upon another. 

Capt. James Grant Sailes for White-haven in England, the Latter 
end of this Month. 

On Saturday night Her Majesties Ship the Deptford arrived at 
Nantasket from her Cruise. 

And on said night Capt. James Pitts arrived here from England, 
who left Plymouth the 11th of July last, that came out in Company, 
with Capt. Geerish and Capt. Lowder for this place, under Convoy 
of Four Sail of Men of War, viz. the Faulkland, the Warrick, and the 
Larke, with 12 Sail of Merchant-men for Newfoundland, and the 
Gosport for Jamaica, with several Merchantmen, and some for 
Guinea: And Capt. Patience for New York:  Capt Holland was 
Loading in London for the said Port. 

Capt. Geerish and Capt. Lowder arrived at Nantasket on the 

Inwards, From 

John Smith Sloop Dolphin Connecticut 

Peter Coffin Sloop Society Nantucket 



Cleared Outwards, 

Benja. Flood Sloop Benj. & Mary 

Willi. Rhodes Sloop Rose 

Tho. Lothrop Sloop Diamond 

Daniel Wair Sloop Adventure 

John Pattison Brigt. Providence 

James Berry Ship Swan 

Outward Bound, 

Richard Simes Brigt. Richard 

Azor Gale Ship Friendship 

John Harris Brigt. Sarah 

John Devereux Sloop Mary 

Tho. Winsor Brigt. Adventure 

Tho. Ball Sloop Elizabeth 


N. Jersey 


[Reprinted: News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.1 

m. 16. 

IRumb. 127. 

The Bofton News-Letter. 

From ^OnDaS September 16. to f!DonDas September 23. 1706. 


FTN this issue of four pages, nearly five and a half columns are filled 
I X with foreign news. At the top of the first column, on the first 
page, is the editorial note about the contents of the issue. Im- 
mediately following are the letters from the burgomasters of Brussels 
and the States of Brabant to the duke of Marlborough. From 
London, under June and July dates, are reports of the campaigns 
in Flanders and Spain, and there is other news of like character from 
Turin, Rome, Lisbon and Perpignan. In the domestic news, prom- 
inence is given to a Thanksgiving proclamation of Governor Dudley, 
and an account of the murder of Simeon Stoddard.] 

In our Last we promised you the Copies of some Letters written 
to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough immediately upon his ob- 
taining of the Signal Victory in Flariders, over the French Army, 
under the Command of the Duke of Bavaria; which follow. We 
also promised you in this a more full Account of the Publick Occur- 
rences of Europe, brought in the Ships from England: The chief 
whereof you have had in our Publick Prints for these 8 weeks past. 
The more particular Account whereof you shall (God willing) 
have in our succeeding Prints, with the other Occurrences that 
came not to our hands till now, by reason of several Publick Prints 



coming from England to the Undertaker that miscarry ed, by the 
Vessel they were in being taken: And to compleat our Print 
with the Publick News of Europe (as well as those of the West- 
Indies, besides those of this and the Neighbouring Provinces;) 
we must return where we left off to carry on the same. So that 
any one having our Prints for the Year, will be furnished, not only 
with all that is material in the Pubhck Prints of England, but also 
with the Occurrences of the West-hidies, and of this and the Neigh- 
bouring Provinces. 

Antigua, August 22d. [This letter begins with a report of the 
victories of the duke of Marlborough in Flanders and then continues 
as follows:] Monsieur dti Casse is came out of France with a Squad- 
ron for the West-Indies, and we fear another attack upon some 'of Her 
Majesties Plantations. We speedily expect 16 Sail of Men of War 
with 6000 Land Forces, to make a descent some where upon the 
Enemy. . . . We are afraid by reason of some flying Reports 
from St. Thomas's, that Jamaica is attacked by the Enemy. 

By His Excellency JOSEPH DUDLEY Esqr. Captain General 
and Governour in Chief, in and over Her Majesties Provinces of the 
Massachusetts-Bay, and New- Hampshire in New-England A 

for a General THANKSGIVING. 

UPon due Consideration of the late Extraordinary aTid Eminent 
Appearances of Divine Providence, demajtding Publick Acknowledg- 
ments, with Solemn Praise and Thanksgiving unto Almighty God; In 
Special, For His Gracious Protection and Assistance of Her Sacred 
Majesty, in the just War, in which Her Majesty is now Engaged; and 
for the Good Conduct aiui Courage wherewith Her Majesty's Armes, in 
Conjuction with Her Allies, have been Inspired, to the obtaining of so 
many Wonderftil and Glorious Victories over their Proud Insulting 
Enemies; thereby disappointing their boundless Ambition. 

As also, for the Defence Vouchsafed to these Her Majesties Planta- 
tions, Against the Attacks of the French, who, this present Summer, 
have made their Impressions upon some of Her Majesties Islands; 
For defeating the Designs and Attempts of the barbarous Indian Enemy 
a'nd Rebels, a'nd so for preventing of their Outrages; For the plentiful 
Harvest, after the immoderate Rains and Excessive Floods, in the 
begining of the Summer; For the great Measure of Health; The 
Return of many of our Prisoners from the French and Indian hands; 
And for other Great and Publick Blessings. 

I Have therefore thought fit, with the Advice of Her Majesties Council, 
to Order and Appoint Thursday tlie Seventeenth of October mxt, 
to be Religously Observed as a Day for General Thanksgiving throughout 



both the Provinces: Exhorting both Ministers and People in their 

Publick Assembly's, thereon, to Offer up most Sincere and Hearty 

Praises to Almighty God, for His so Great and Admirable Favours 

and Benefits. Hereby forbiding all Servile Labour upon the said Day. 

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston the Nineteenth Day of 

September, 1706. In the Fifth Year of the Reign of our Soveraign 

Lady ANNE, by the Grace of GGD, [sic] of England, Scotland, 

France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c. 

By Order of His Excellency, the 

Govemour and Council, /. D UDLE Y. 

Isaac Addington, Seer. 

GOD Save the QUEEN. 

Boston. We have by the Ships from England, the Melancholy 
News of the Death of Mr. Simeon Stoddard Merchant; [Son to 
Simeon Stoddard Esqr.] a Young Gentleman of an unblemish't 
Character, belonging to this Place; who was barbarously Murder'd. 

And Whereas some false Reports have been raised concerning the 
manner of his Death, much to his Injury: It is thought proper by several 
Gentlemen, to give an Account of the Matters of Fact relating liereto, 
as far as is come to our Hands; that so his Honour ajid Reputation, who 
was known to be a Person of Indisputable Vertue, and uncommon 
Piety, might not be Wounded thro' Ignorance, or from any worse Pri^uiple. 

He was found the 14th of last May in a Pond or Gravel Pit in 
Chelsea Fields, with his Throat Cutt: His Corps was view'd, and 
his Wounds Examined by two Eminent Surgeons, who jointly declared, 
That it was evident to a Demonstration that he was barbarously 
Murther'd; being Cut from Jugalar to Jugalar one way; and a second 
Incision made round his Neck to the very Spondyls of the Neck- 
bone; and a third Incision under that, in which his Neckcloath was 
Cut, and he Cut near to the Shoulder: which they determin'd could 
never have been done but by a Murderers hand: and that it was 
absolutely impossible to have done this himself, had he attempted 
it; inasmuch as the smallest of these great Incisions would have 
determin'd all manner of power to make a second, much less a third. 
This judgment of the Surgeons was Confirm'd by the judgment of 
the Honourable Col. Mordant, Brother to the Earl of Peterborough, 
who was a Spectator; and his known Skill in Anatomy rendred him 
a proper judge. 

A Jury of Sixteen Persons sat upon him, and made their Return, 
That he was Murthered; And all this passed while it was unknown 
who the Person was, and so could not be thro' favour. His Body 
lay several days exposed to view in the Church-yard at St. Martins 
in the Fields, that it might be known who he was: And not being 



known by any of the Spectators, the Vestry Clerk of the Parish of 
St. Martins, Prints an Advertisement in the lPOSt*/IDan of May 30th, 
in which he is accuratel}' described, in order to find out who he was; 
which Advertisement begins thus: Whereas a Person unknown 
was found barbarously Murder'd &c. By which Advertisement 
some Gentlemen of Mr. Stoddards Acquaintance, were put upon, to 
make Enquiry after him, and finding he had been absent for some 
time, and the Characters given of the Murder'd Person Suiting him; 
they obtained Liberty to take him up in the Church- Yard, where he 
had been Buried and found it to be their Friend. 

Upon this. There were Advertisements Published in several 
GAZETTS for the discovery of the Murtherers; with the proposal of 
a Reward of Fifty Pounds to the Discoverer. In the GAZETT of 
July the 4th. A Proclamation from Her Majesty under the Hand of 
One of Her Majesties Principal Secretarys of State, to Encourage such 
a discovery. In these Words. Whereas Mr. Simeon;jStoddard Mer- 
chant, was, about the 14th o/May last found most barbarously Murthe/d, 
in or near Chelsea- Fields: Her Majesty is pleased to Promise Her 
most gracious Pardon to any Person or Persons concerned in the said 
Murther, {Except the immediate Muiherer, or Murtherers of the said 
Mr. Stoddard) who shall discover the Person or Persons that committed 
tJie same, so that he or they, or any of them, may be Convicted thereof. 

By the pains taken for the discovery. A Man and a Woman have, 
upon Suspicion, been taken up, and Committed to New-gate. The 
Grand Jury have found the Bill against them. There being Three 
Witnesses, who made Oath, That they heard the Woman Say to the 
Man (upon a Quarrel between them,) Will you Murther me, as you 
did the Gentleman in Chelsea- Fields ; adding, That he came home 
with his hands bloody; and that he repented only that he had left 
the Gentleman so much Money in his Pocket. Their Tryal is put off 
to the next Sessions, that there might be time to gain further Evidence, 
which is probable will be to their Conviction. ^^^ 

New- York, Sept. 16th. On the 10th. Instant arrived here a Sloop 
from Madera, Six weeks passage, Simon Pasco Master. By whom 
we have the same News that is in the Boston News-Letter, Numb. 125. 
with this addition. That Prince Eugene has obtained a Victory over 
the French in Italy. 

Letters from Pensilvania inform us. That the Virginia Fleet were 
to Sail from thence to England the 10th Instant. 

Adolph arrived here yesterday from Boston. 

Rhode-Island, Sept. 20th. On the 15th. Currant came in here 

165 See Diary of Samuel Sewall, Vol. II, p. 169, under date Satterday 
Sepf 21; also note 2, same page. 




Moses Butterworth, who Sailed from hence sometime in August last, 
bound for Barbadoes, he had 23 Horses on board; And the first 
Instant he met a violent Storm, which had like to have oversett him; 
he lost all his Masts, Horses and Guns. 

Yesterday arrived here one Hooper in a Katch, who met with the 
same Storm above said, wherein She lost her Masts and Horses, 
She was bound from Boston to Montserrat. 

Arrived Rhodes from Boston, and Codding from New-York; 
Lothrop bound for Connecticut. 

Salem, Septemb. 21. On the 18th Arrived here Mr. John Shattuck 
about 11 weeks passage from Lisbon, and says, [concerning affairs 
in Spain]. 

Yesterday arrived here Mr. Girdler from Cape Sables, and brings 
Tydings that a Ketch belonging to this Town whereof Joseph Wood- 
bury was Master, was Cast away upon Cape Sable Coast; the men 
endeavoring to save the Cables, Anchors, Rigging and Sails, with the 
assistance of another Vessels Crew; one Robert Herbert of the said 
Crew was shot down by the Cape Sable Indians, and the rest of the 
men made their escape. 

Boston, By Letters from Madera Via New-York of July 16. and 
August 8. [Charles proclaimed King of Spain.] 



Elisha Hedge 

Sloop Speedwell 


Peter Harris 

Sloop Dolphin 


James Pitts 

Ship David & Joseph 


Richard Geerish 

Ship Ruth Frigot 


Henry Lowder 

Ship Thomas & Sarah 


Richard Ingersol 

Sloop Sea-flower 


Joseph Rawlings 

Sloop Mary 


Cleared Outward 


Eleazar Collins 

Brothers Adventure 


John Hoddy 

Brigt. Adventure 


Joseph Allen 

Sloop John & Mary 


George Phillips 

Sloop Supply 


Alexand. Duncan 

Sloop Friendship 

N. York 

John Holland 

Brigt. Tyger 


John Blany 

Ship Ann 


Outward Bound 


Edward Be are 

Sloop St. Christoph. 

St. Christoph 

Thomas Lanyon 

Sloop Return 


Thomas Gwin 

Ship Eagle Galley 


Jonathan Lambert 

Ship Industry 



Thomas Beard Ship Adventure Madera. 

James Gold Sloop Hopewell Pensilvania 


** I "^0 be Seen and Sold at Mr. Thomas Clarke Brazier his Shop in 
-■- Boston, a large Copper that weighs 245 Pound, and holds up- 
wards of a Hogshead. 

[Reprinted: book lost, as in September 9; Mistress Mary Turfrey's 
boarding school, as in September 9; sale of salt by Samuel Lilly, as 
in August 12; News-Letter advertisement, as first in June 17.] 

1R. I6. Bumb. 128. 

The Boft on News-Letter. 

From /IDOUDap September 23. to /IDOUDa^ September 30. 1706. 


FTN this issue prominence is given to the proclamation of Queen 

I A Anne, April 11, 1706, for better enforcing the law against Roman 

Catholics. There are items of war news from Gibraltar. Venice, 

Warsaw, Lisbon, Vienna and Leghorn, of March and April dates.] 

New York, Sept. 23 On the 17th Instant arrived here Capt. 
William, Patience from England, who left Plimouth the 11th of July 
last in Company with Capts. Pitts, Geerish and Lowder for Boston, 
who brings the same News mentioned in the Boston News-Letter, 
Numb. 126. 

On the 19th arrived here a private Ship of War, the New- York 
Galley, Capt. Regnier Tongrelou Commander, and brought in a Prize 
Ship of 170 Tons, having on board 460 Hogsheads of Sugar, about 
1200 pound of Indigo, some raw Hides and Cotton. Off Cape Fran- 
swa Capt. Tongrelow, two Jamaica Privateers, and one of Curacoa 
espyed 5 Sail and gave them Chase: Capt. Tongrelow took the 
biggest which is the Prize brought in here: The Jamaica Privateers 
took three, and that of Curacoa one, they were most or all of them 
Vessels that were taken out of Nevis Road by Monsieur Deberville, 
& by him Loaded. 

The Prisoners inform us for Truth that Monsieur Deberville fully 
resolved to come hither, and in o