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and other Reading References 
for Classes in 


Compiled by 

The University of Chicago Home-Study Department 

Author of "The High School Library," 
"The Study Hall" 



McKinley Publishing Co. 


* Especially valuable 
t Junior high school level 

Copyright, 1951 

McKinley Publishing Co. 

Printed in the United States 




Symbols used in this work 2 

Preface to the Fifth "Revised and Enlarged Edition" 5 

Introduction 6 



I. Primitive life 13 

II. Oriental life 17 

III. Ancient Greece and her civilization 22 

IV, Early Rome and the Roman Empire 26 


I. Traditional and legendary history: Empire of Charlemagne and the 

invasion of the Northmen, 600-1000 33 

II. Medieval life and institutions, 1000-1400 38 

III. Renaissance and the Reformation to 1643 49 

IV. Absolutism and the struggle for colonial and commercial supremacy. 

1643-1786 63 

V. French revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1789-1815 70 

VI. Reaction, revolution and the nationalizing of European states. 1815- 

1871 75 

VII. Democracy, Liberalism, and the nineteenth-century expansion of Europe. 

1871-1914 80 

VIII. The World War, 1914-1918 84 

IX. Post-War Europe, and Spheres of Influence, 1918 89 

X. World War II, and after 96 


I. Discovery, exploration, colonization, 1000-1673 102 

II. Anglo-Frendi rivalry, 1673-1867 104 

III. Confederation and after, 1867-, , 109 


L Discovery, exploration, and conquest, 1400-1808 , 115 

IL Struggles for independence, 1808-1867 119 

III. Experiments in democratic government, and development 1868 123 


I. Discovery and exploration, 1400-1607 131 

II. Colonization and the struggle for supremacy in North America, 1607- 

1763 133 

III. Revolution and the establishment of the American nation, 1763-1789 144 

IV. Nationalism and democracy, 1789-1829 , 154 

V. Expansion, 1829-1861 163 

VL Conflict, 186M865 177 




VII. Reconstruction and consolidation, 1865-1897 182 

VIII. National expansion and the new democracy, 1897-1914 , ., 190 

IX. The World War, 1914-1918 194 

X. The United States since the World War, 1918-1942 196 

XL World War II, and after 201 

Islands of the seas 206 



Ancient history 213 

Medieval and modern European history 213 

United States history 214 

World War II, and after .. 216 


Ancient .,. 217 

Atlases 217 

Cartoons 217 

Cultural General 218 

Europe 220 

Flags 221 

General background 221 

Geographic 221 

Human rights 222 

Ideas and opinions tt 222 

Reference 223 

Religion, morals, and ethics 224 

Science and invention 225 

United States Z!!ZZ! 

Conservation 226 

Cultural 227 

Economic 228 

Geographic t 229 

Immigration 229 

Industry and labor 230 

Politics and government , , , 230 

Reference general , .., 231 

Transportation and communication 232 

World (The) , ZZZZZZ." 233 



In this revision, one hundred and sixty titles have been omitted, while 
five hundred and fifty have been added. As in the case of former re- 
visions, there was a dearth of material on some phases of history, and 
an over abundance in others. 

Four changes have been made in the arrangement, kind, and point- 
of-view in material selected for this revision. 

(1) The introduction has been modified to conform with the newer 
methods of teaching. 

(2) The section "Islands of the Seas" has been transferred from the 
Appendix to the body of the work. 

(3) Included are more titles for the gifted and riiature student. 

(4) An entirely new section "Historical Relationships" has been 
added to the Appendix. This aims to suggest the cultural, ideological, 
geographic, scientific, and sociological factors that have an indirect, or 
direct bearing on historical events. These may be essential to a complete 
understanding of the ideas, standards, attitudes, and tensions of in- 
dividuals, leaders, peoples, and nations which caused certain events to 
happen. This section stresses the human, and environmental conditions 
that contributed to crisis that make up recorded history. Also included 
are reference books on history, and related subjects so that facts may be 
made the basis for opinion. 

The body of the material plus the material in the Appendix should 
bring variety, and appeals to pupil interest with its resulting increase 
in historical understanding. 

This revision is based on the original pamphlet sponsored by the 
National Council for Social Studies, plus the later revisions. 

The Compiler is indebted to many Public and School libraries for the 
opportunity of examining the greater number of the titles in this list. 


October, 1951 



At the present time, all progressive schools recognize the value of ex- 
tensive reading in connection with courses in the curriculum, not only 
for the immediate value to the pupil, but as an experience that is likely to 
be carried over into adult life as a leisure occupation. In no field is there 
a richer or more varied body of material available than in the field of 
history. It is to suggest the possibilities in such reading at the junior and 
senior high school level that this selected, annotated list has been com- 
piled. Although it is designed to assist history teachers in pupil guidance 
in extensive reading, and for the use of public and school librarians as 
an aid in directing the reading of children, it may also be helpful to 
teachers of English, Latin, and modern languages. To teachers of English 
it will suggest titles that will enrich the reading experience of adolescent 
youth. For the Latin teacher, the list will provide well-graded back- 
ground material. Teachers of modern languages will find in the list books 
that will stimulate interest in the historical and cultural background of 
the country whose language they are teaching. Since the list is designed 
particularly for the field of history, the discussion will deal with the use 
of the material suitable for teachers in that field. 

In history teaching supplementary reading has been a part of class- 
room procedure for a long time, and reference reading has been well 
organized and directed. But it is only recently that the value of wide 
and free reading from the field of fiction, and from interesting popular 
historical literature has been recognized. It is a short-sighted policy to 
give pupils history training for the present alone, a training that results 
in lesson learning in order to meet classroom requirements. It is true 
that we cannot enjoy to the full what we do not understand, and no one 
would suggest that the teaching of history should dispense with giving 
pupils accuracy of thought and fact. But this skeleton of fact must be 
made alive by the interesting things that have happened as man traveled 
down the ages. Both the skeleton and the rounded contours of the 
muscles are needed to make history alive and vital. The proportion of 
the formulated historical matter to the imaginative and dramatic details 
might well be a matter of difference of opinion and one best left to the 
discretion of the individual teacher. Once the importance of a body of 
well-rounded historical experience for the pupils is taken for granted, 
the proportion of different kinds of material can be determined according 
to tneir needs. 

Historical material of the kind used in the classroom is both plentiful 
and well standardized. Supplementary reading material, too, has received 
much study and attention from teachers in the social science field. There 
is a type of material, however fiction, biography, general accounts, spe- 
cialized period accounts that has been less frequently used and is less 
widely known. This imaginative and popular history material is what 
I mean by the rounded contour on the history frame ; it is the kind of 
reading pupils will enjoy and which is likely to make them history 



At this point the following questions may be raised: Why use the 
historical novel at all in a history course ? Why not use material which 
is strictly historical ? These questions suggest the attitude of the trained 
historian, of the historical teacher who is dealing with advanced students. 
The educator and the psychologist will answer that these objections do 
not hold for the immature mind, for the developing boy and girl of the 
adolescent age. The child has not formed canons of probability. He 
views all with open mind and sees with the eye of wonder. This attitude 
it is wise to cherish, and to guide wisely, for sophistication will proceed 
rapidly enough. If the imagination of the child has been fed on folklore 
and the stories of the heroes and the great epical narratives, he will not 
need any introduction to history. The child less fortunately placed will 
find the sense of reality in the past through the reading of the great 
chroniclers and romancers. For him Herodotus and Scott are alike 
friends and guides, portals to the realm of romance which for him is 
the realm of history. Thus the race story may lose the alien quality 
which it possesses for some, and may come to be "my story," in die 
consciousness of the student. 

"For many students the facts of the past as they are gathered from 
textbooks remain abstract, dry and lifeless. Unless the student comes 
to visualize the past, unless it comes to have reality in his mind, the 
lessons which history teaches are largely lost to him. The skillful teacher 
or the student gifted with imagination may not need any aids, and for 
these the devices of method and material are not so necessary. But with 
the average teacher in the average school, there can be little doubt that 
the historical novel may become a great aid to the effective teaching of 
history. The hard-worked teacher, who has not the time to build up a 
technique of illustration, will find helpers in the -masters of imaginative 
fiction. These writers, by giving background and atmosphere to tie facts 
of history, may contribute to the work of the teacher. While from the 
individual standpoint, this type of reading does not appeal to some, there 
are others for whom it becomes a gateway to historical interests and 
historical knowledge/' 

Fiction, ag we have seen, has its emotional and imaginative appeal. 
There is another type of book that is popular and can contribute to the 
historical outlook of the pupil. Next to fiction, at the present time, bi- 
ography is the most widely read and enjoyed by all types of readers. 

Carlyle would have it that "History is the essence of innumerable biog- 
raphies." We might not altogether agree with this and yet recognize the 
part which dominant characters have played in history. Indeed, it would 
be impossible to give the spirit of any age without examining the motives 
and reactions of certain men and women who have made their influence 

Never before have there been so many biographies written in an 
interesting manner, and at no time have these books been so attractive 
in print and binding. The appeal of such material to adolescent pupils 
is assured because at heart they are hero worshippers, and, moreover, 



they also enjoy the keen, sparkling style of the new type of biographies 
that attempt to evaluate historical characters as human beings. 

Another large class of books, general narratives and specialized period 
material, is valuable because it makes real and vivid smaller sections of 
historical accounts. Pupils get a highly concentrated idea of the whole 
stream of history from their textbooks, but they need interesting details 
in order to reconstruct the life and times of an age other than their own. 
They cannot assimilate material boiled down to encyclopedic length, 
because it gives too little detail and is therefore lifeless. 

Hence this list is an attempt to furnish suggestions for both fiction 
and factual material for pupils in the junior and senior high schools. 
It is selected from a wide range of material and fitted into an outline 
that follows logical teaching units, and, therefore, may be used in con- 
nection with any textbook. 

All book lists have sins of omission and commission and it is certain 
that this list includes titles that some teachers will think might better 
have been left out, and it leaves out those that might well have been 
included. Perhaps stating the problems involved in compiling the list 
will clarify the matter and prove helpful. 

(1) Material available: As a general premise, it must be stated that 
the compiler of a list can only choose from the material available. We 
would wish for better and more attractive books for certain periods, but 
since they are not published they cannot be included. 

(2) Proportion: Certain phases of history have attracted creative 
writers, and consequently, they have been productive of a wealth of 
material, while for other periods there is a comparative dearth. In order 
that the list as a whole be properly balanced, material will sometimes 
have to be excluded where there is a wealth of riches while almost all 
the material in certain periods will have to be included. 

^(3) Readability: The list is compiled with a definite reading group in 
mind. In order to interest this group, the stories selected must provide 
enjoyment as well as a body of plausible historical background. More- 
over, the factual material must hold the interest of boys and girls as 
well as challenge their intellectual curiosity. 

(4) Range of social maturity : Pupils in the junior and senior high 
schools may range from ten to twenty years old. This age span makes 
for varying degrees of social maturity and consequently a wide diversity 
of interests. 

(5) Range of reading ability: Although it is generally supposed that 
when a pupil reaches junior high school he knows how to read and com- 
prehend material of average difficulty, studies of reading abilities prove 
that there are many pupils in the high school who do not read as well 
as some pupils in the upper grades of the elementary school. Yet many 
high school pupils have the reading ability of educated adults. There- 
fore, provision has been made for all degrees of reading ability. 



(6) Copyright date : All other things being equal, the book with the 
latest copyright date is selected, for two reasons : 

(a) Pupils enjoy the style of writing, and the physical make-up of 
recent books. 

(b) It is more likely that books with a recent copyright date are 
"in print." 

(7) Historical information: Few historical novels can be measured 
with an historian's measuring stick for absolute accuracy. Most historical 
fiction consists of the following : 

(a) Real and fictitious characters. 

(b) Real and imagined episodes and incidents. 

(c) Real and imaginary background and setting. 

All variations and combinations of these are used by authors. 

(8) Historical authority: In cases where there are differences of 
opinion in regard to historical truths, e.g.., Whitman's influence in pre- 
venting the cession to England of the American claim to Oregon, no 
attempt has been made to give examples illustrating the various opinions. 
On the other hand, for the many historical controversies that present 
the problems of two sides, e.g., the Civil War, fiction presenting both 
sides is included. 

(9) Literary quality: Outstanding literary masterpieces in the field of 
historical fiction are few, but there are many that come up to an accept- 
able standard of writing. Poorly written books are excluded, even 
though the historical data be accurate. 

(10) Length of list: In order to keep the list within reasonable limits 
of length, only a few of the titles from the pens of very prolific writers 
could be included, e.g., Altschuler, Sabatini. 

(11) Dates: The dates given for the stories are approximate, and 
merely serve to place them in their chronological order in the outline. 

(12) General accounts : Little material of a general nature is included 
except in the "Historical Relationships" in the Appendix. 

(13) Usability: As previously stated, the list is primarily compiled 
for teachers of history. Therefore, the organization follows a chrono- 
logical order under units generally treated in progressive history 

The titles are arranged alphabetically under, two headings : 

(1) Stories. 

(2) Biography, Narrative, Topical Account. 

This subdivision is for the purpose of making clear the difference 
between the two types of books the first is imaginative; the second, 



(14) Interrelationship of history: Because history deals with a record 
of contacts between peoples, it is not always certain where a book should 
be placed in the outline, e.g., books relating to the rivalry of France 
and England in America might well be placed both in European and in 
United States history. 

History is a continuous process ; therefore, it is impossible to partition 
it into air-tight compartments of dates. There is scarcely a book that 
does not hark back to the past nor look forward into the future. There- 
fore, books can only be placed approximately in any unit limited by dates. 

How to use the wide-interest book given in this list so that the pupils 
may get the maximum of pleasure and profit from their reading presents 
a problem that can only be solved by the individual teacher. 

There are many devices for motivating extensive factual reading and 
making it the means of increasing the apperceptive mass of the pupils. 
It might be well to mention a few of the most easily administered 

(1) A round table discussion of the extensive reading with a view to 
linking it up with classroom work. 

(2) By means of posters and maps displayed in the classroom and in 
the school library, pupils advertise the books they have enjoyed, thus 
interesting other pupils in their choice. 

(3) A section in the school paper may be utilized in giving short' 
reviews of outstanding books. This will give pupils an opportunity to 
formulate individual reactions. 

(4) An annotated catalogue made by the pupils of an entire class 
will result in a body of valuable material for future reference. 

(5) Making a multiple choice test for each book read is both an 
interesting and thought-provoking device. 

(6) Making an historical "Who's Who" of the biographies read by 
the pupils is valuable. 

(7) A chronological chart, fitting the wide reading into the skeleton 
of historical fact will teach the continuity of history. 

(8) Using a large map to show the geographical background of the 
stories and factual material gives a sense of geographic and historical 

(9) Using current material from newspapers and magazines to 
supplement extra outside reading, with a view to correlating both to the 
topic they are studying, is to enrich the classroom teaching. 

(10) Objects of art, e.g., models, curious implements, clippings from 
old newspapers, and objects with a historical association, used as illus- 
trative material in the classroom or in the school library, will make the 
past real and vital. 

(11) Plays and pageants of regional historical events make history 



(12) First hand experience. Trips to historic spots, and awareness 
of the part played by the particular community. 

(13) Visual and auditory appeals are very important. The radio, 
television, films, records should be used in classroom procedure. When 
possible, speeches of famous men, and celebrations of historical events 
should be brought into the classroom at the time they are given. 

( 14) The use of maps and charts should be stressed. That makes for 
historical vividness. 

(15) Human relationships are vital to an understanding of history, 
and an interest in it. That makes history colorful. 

(16) Formal book reports are the most easily administered device, 
but its use is not advisable because it is disliked by the pupils and often 
results in causing a distaste for history. The report sheet given suggests 
what might be used. 

There are two vital considerations in the use of extensive reading: 
first, how to obtain the relatively large number of books essential because 
a wide range of material is needed, and, second, how to administer the 
collection of books once it is obtained. 

The books may be readily obtained from two sources, the public, and 
the school library. A majority of the titles on this list are to be found in 
the average library. Moreover, the selection of titles in this list is so 
wide, that even though only a portion is available, a workable collection 
is assured. 

Teachers might request that their public library reserve a special 
shelf for the historical material, the books to be changed from time to 
time as the units of study progress. 

In schools with a school library, a close contact between library and 
classroom is possible. There, too, a special shelf with a changing book 
collection is practical. In addition to making the books readily available, 
there is an opportunity for the teacher and the librarian to work out 
together interesting devices for making the wide reading popular and 
profitable. Thus the pupil will be guided in a manner calculated not only 
to contribute to his love and knowledge of history in the immediate 
present, but at the same time to lay a foundation of standards for his 
reading as an adult. 

Classroom libraries, provided there are enough books, add to efficiency 
and interests. 




My name Date 

School Grade Teacher . 

Name of the book Author 

Check below Where did you get the book? 

In the classroom In the school library.... 

In the public library From a rental library.. 

From another pupil At home 

What is your opinion of the book? 

Liked it , Not very interesting.. 

Liked it very much Don't like it 

Too easy Too hard 

Just about right Not worth much 

Valuable reading 

Check the kind of book it is 

Story biography narrative period account general account 

social source C cultural 

Historical background economic < geographic 

political ( human interest 

Answer the following questions briefly and to the point 

What historical period is covered in the book? 

What nations were involved? 

What war is described? 

Who are the historical characters? 

What real incidents are related? 

What historical movement is traced? 

What controversy takes place? Are both sides given? 

What social life is pictured? 

What economic problems are discussed? 

What political theory is involved? , 

What does the book as a whole contribute to the work in class? 

Describe the book briefly. If you liked it, try to interest other pupils in it If you 
did not find it worth while, tell your reason why. 





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xx foun r J* the Franciscan Order has meant to the world 

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editi0n - SuitaWe for l"&*3* aa senior 




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VIII. THE WORLD WAR, 1914-1918 



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THE WORLD WAR, 1914-1918 


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Fict. Btog. 


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dear formulation of the English colonial government and the causes that led 

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^ ****** ^ ^ tautt 


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EXPANSION, 1829-1861 

V. EXPANSION, 1829-1861 


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Texas, and the Alamo. 




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Slavery. Underground R,Rl 


EXPANSION, 1829-1861 


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Ohio frontier life. 


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Mississippi River during steamboat days. 


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West on the Santa Fe trail. 


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Building of the Pacific R.R, Part Chinese labor played in it 


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San Francisco in the ' 


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The stoiy of frontier life and scenes in a wagon train through 
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EXPANSION, 1829-1861 


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EXPANSION, 1829-1861 

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CONFLICT, 1861-1865 

VI. CONFLICT, 1861-1865 


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CONFLICT, 1861-1865 


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Civil War and its effect on the 


CONFLICT, 1861-1865 


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A sympathetic account. 
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A fine portrait. 
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An interesting discussion. For the mature student. 
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The very beginning of the war. 



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Party strife and the Civil War. 
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Biography of Sherman with the stress on his Civil War career. For the 

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Illustrations are of importance. 
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A lauditory account. 
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Twenty chapters of Sandburg's famous "Abraham Lincoln, the Prairie Years," 

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Navy in -the Civil War. 
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An attempt to give an unbiased estimate of the man. 
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Written in an interesting manner. 
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Opening tip of the Cherokee Strip for the settlement as a part of 




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Relation of the whites, and the natives in Alaska. 


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Story of the cattle ranges. 


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Steam-boating on the Mississippi 


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The story of the ranges, and the relations of cowboys and sheep herders. 


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The cattle industry in Texas, and New Mexico. 




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he rush of settlers into Oklahoma ; public lands of the U. S. 


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Reconstruction period in the South after the Civil War; pro-Klan; 
the period from the Southern point of view. 


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Army mule in the Apache campaign. General Crook. 


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Homesteading in the Dakotas. 


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Social life in the South during the Reconstruction period; Negro 


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The opening up of Oklahoma. Frontier life, 




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Indian warfare in Colorado territory. 


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Indian warfare. 


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Sod house frontier. 




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Mission work among the Indians in California; policy of the U. S. 
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Life in the cow country. 


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Purchase of Alaska. 




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Indian problems. 


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WORLD WAR, 1918-1942 

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\-/. \_x.V_x. 




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A study of conditions, political, and economic.' 
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The illustrations are the important thing. 

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Simple, usable material, 
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Good, simple material. 

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Interesting treatment of the subject. 
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Aleutian islands. 



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Gives important information. 
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Well illustrated account of the Pacific islands in which the U.S.A. 

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Important information. 

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Haitian rebellion, 

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Islands of the Pacific. 
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Social and economic life in Sumatra. 

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Resources, trade, and strategic importance of the islands. 
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Japan mandated islands. 

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A fine handbook. 
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Dollar diplomacy. 
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The importance to the U.S. 

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Valuable as a reference book. 

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Simple material. 



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What the islands were like some years ago. Marquesas, Gilbert, Pau- 

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Covers problems in administration. Mature. 
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Personal experience on the island, 
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Piracy, and the Virgin islands. 
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Valuable material on important islands. 





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Well chosen, interesting material designed to illustrate the most im- 
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"Source material to illustrate the important facts mentioned in every 

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Documents that throw a light on Roman institutions, politics, social 

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Selection and arrangement of material makes it suitable as supple- 
mentary material. 


*Cheyney, E. P. Readings in English history drawn from the original 

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Records and writings contemporary with events; from 53 B.C, to 1922; 

the introductions to the source material are helpful, 
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1832 AJ>. N.Y., Longmans, Green, 1899. 
The comments on the source material are helpful to the pupil. 
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Well-written introduction as well as the most important source mater- 
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Development of the Constitution. Mature. 
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An important addition to source material. 
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All aspects of medieval history covered up to 1438. 
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"Extracts chosen with the purpose of reinforcing the main points**; 
from the barbarian invasion to imperialism. 



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Well selected and useful collection of sources; the marginal notes 
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Documents from Colonial era to present. Mature. 
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Well selected material. Includes later material not found in other 

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Material is up to June, 1940. Mature, 
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Contemporary records and illustrations are interspersed with the text ; 
it is a textbook and source book all in one. Strong on European 
Forman, S. E. Sidelights on our social and economic history. N.Y., 

Century, 1928. 

Although there are a few original sources the bulk of the material 
consists of selections from accounts of contemporary witnesses, and 
secondary accounts. 

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"Chronologically arranged collection of the most important documents 

in the history of the United States." 
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From the landing of Columbus to the building of the Panama Canal 
described by famous writers; although some source material is 
included the great bulk is secondary material. 
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Public speeches as one of the means of illustrating political history. 
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Macmfflan, 1897- 1929. 
vol. 1 Era of colonization, 1492-1689. 
vol. 2 Building of the republic, 1689-1783. 
voL 3 National expansion, 1783-1845. 
vol. 4 Welding of the nation, 1845-1900. 
vol. 5 Twentieth century United States, 1900-1929. 
Hart, A, B. Source-book of American history edited for schools and 

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The mai^inal notes help in the understanding of the sources. 



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No. 1 Colonial children. 

No. 2 Camps and firesides of the Revolution. 
No. 3 How our grandfathers lived. 
No. 4 Romance of the Civil War. 
No. 5 In our times. 
Much of the material is secondary accounts. 

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What the newspapers tell us about the country. 
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Includes papers by responsible officials of the United States. Other 
volumes are to follow in order that the material may be kept up-to- 
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"Documents . . . shown to be most useful in comprehensive courses." 
Macdonald, William. Select charters and other documents illustrative 

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The documents important in the founding of the colonies and the 
causes of the Revolution are included. 
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Sources for constitutional and political questions. 

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Important source documents for that period. 
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N.Y., Appleton, 1914. 

"Includes tilings that are really interesting and significant"; gives 
industrial conditions and developments; material on critical move- 
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"History and significance of basic documents of American liberty." 

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Great variety of sources "acts of Congress, decisions of courts, 

proclamations and messages of presidents, records of debates, party 

platforms, charters, pamphlets, memoirs, diaries, letters, plays, 


U.S. Dep't. of State Far Eastern Ser. US. policy in the Korean crisis. 

Includes official United Nations documents on the Korean crisis. 



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Background and origin of American democracy are given ; strong on 

social and economic factors in American life; by marginal notes 

the compiler helps students understand the documents. 
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"A book of readings on the changing frontiers." 


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Resume of conferences, and charters. 

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A simple explanation. 
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Valuable material. Mature. 

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Historical documents that interpret forces, and conflicts in the United 

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Documents, speeches, and authoritative articles, and books. 
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Assembly of opinions, philosophy, and poetry of the world. 
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Specific peace plans, ancient, and modern. Mature. 





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Best known stories in an attractive format. 
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Reconstructs the past in all its beauty and interest. Illus. 
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Ancient myths, and those found in Greek dramatists. 
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Fine reference material. 
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Clay tablets, as well as the pottery of the ancient nations. 
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vol. 1 Empire and city states of the ancient Orient and Greece. 

vol. 2 Two world empires Alexander, and the Roman. 


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Useful reference. 
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Survey history of geographic world and its effects. Mature. 
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Practical for schools, and widely used. 

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Useful tool up to 1940. 

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Useful for the dates covered. 

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Economic, and political. 

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Cartoons, and comments. 
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U.S. politics. Illustrative material. 




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Well selected. 
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Hist, and importance of Fairs in developing commerce and civilization, 
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World literature, and the arts. 

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Folk songs of many people. Music and score. Illus. 
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Plays of many countries. Mature, 
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Interesting, and simple. 

Columbia Dictionary of modern European literature. N.Y., Columbia 
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From 1870 to the present. 
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Interesting, illustrated account of myths of many nations. 
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Includes battle cries. 

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Illus. Interesting stories. 
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Illus. Various branches are discussed. 
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"From the early Egyptians to modern America." 

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Very useful information. 
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Valuable introduction to the history of art. 

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A comprehensive treatment of food, its preparation and properties. 
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Text, and music score give an interesting approach. 
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National epics. 

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Norse mythology, and a comparison with the Greek. Sigurd Saga. 



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Fine background material. 
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Book of holidays and their observance. 

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Good introduction to ancient civilizations. 
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Illustrated development of the arts. 
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Arranged for quick reference, 
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A new, and attractive edition of an old favorite. 
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Revision of an earlier book, 
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Story of architecture from huts to modern skyscraper. 
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Well selected. 

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Authoritative guide to heraldric practice. 

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Stress is on literature. 
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Stories from Malory Morte d'Arthur. 
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Useful for many subjects. 
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A compact, reliable history of the development of art. 
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Stories that illustrate the meanings of devices on shields and coat of 

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Selected from the literature of 19 nations. 

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Ties up the present with the past in a practical way. 



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Holiday observance of many peoples. 
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From Bach to Shostakovich. 
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Reference book. 
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Foundations of civilizations. 
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Well selected. 
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Poetry of many nations. 

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English Ballads in drama form. 

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Explains conditions. 
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Good background material. Mature. 
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World government. 
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Recent history of every European nation. Mature. 
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N.Y., Nelson, 1937. 
Shows the trend toward dictatorship. 
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Forces at work in Europe today. Mature. 

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Constitutional and political changes. 
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Complex social and political factors. Mature. 
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Question of boundaries. 




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Reference for U.S. A. information. 

Smith, C. H. and Taylor, Gertrude R. Flags of all nations. N.Y., Crowell, 
1946. ^ 

Information in simple form. Useful, 
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All about the U.S. Flag. 


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Development of the numerical theory. 
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Story of weights and measures. Well illus. and interesting, 
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From ancient Babylonia to the present. 
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Well-organized material. 
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Simple explanation. 
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Illus. Development of the alphabet. 
Scott Pub. Co. Standard postage stamp catalog. Annual. 


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N.Y., Page, 1949. 

Leaders in all fields of sport. 


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Macmffian, 1949. 

Trans, of text used in Russian universities. Reference. Mature. 
Beaglehole, J. C Exploration of the^Parific. N.Y., Maonillan, 1934, 

Detailed account of exploration activities. Mature. 
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Adventure from the time of the Phoenicians to the present. 
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Facts about the sea in interesting form. 
Etherton, P. T. Across the great deserts. N.Y., Whittlesey House, 194& 

Plates, and maps make for understanding, 
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Well illustrated. 
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Physical aspects. Problems arising from the war. 
*Lands and People. N.Y., Holiday House. Various countries. 
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How they influence commerce and civilization, 



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World geography. 
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"Growth of the rule of law among men on the high seas." 
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An important book of travel. 
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Condensed classics in the field. From Marco Polo to Byrd. 
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Exploration and adventure in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, 

and the Arctic, and Antarctic, 
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Simple information, and maps. 
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Valuable reference. Gives geographic and historical information. 
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Geographic factors in environment. 
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"Its role in life and civilization." 


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Simple account from early times to the present. 

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Reference Shelf, vol. 18, No. 5. Problem of minorities. 
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Series of addresses and discussions. Mature. 
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Quest of freedom. Short biographies. 
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Story of liberty throughout the ages. 


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Basic truths about racial differences. 
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"Study of western thought" Mature. 



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Simple account of the lives of great philosophers, and their thought. 
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Public Relations techniques. Mature. 
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Tells how it is done. 
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Underlying issues, and the men behind them. 
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Historical. From early days to the present. 
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Press in American life. McCormicks, Medills, Pattersons. 
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Problems of races in a government housing project. 


*Bluebook of non-theatrical films. Chicago, Educational Screen. Latest 
*Cook, Dorothy and Holden, Katharine M. Educational Film guide. 
N.Y., Wilson. Latest ed. 

Very useful reference. 
^Current Biography. (1940-1949). N.Y., Wilson. 

Needed for all subjects. 
*Encydopedia of the Social Sciences. 
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On various subjects, some of them controversial. 
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Wide range of information. 

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Teachers guide to Negro life and literature for elementary and 
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Useful for round table and discussion groups. Gives both sides of 

a problem. 
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On different subjects. Useful for controversial issues. 
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. N.Y., Wilson, 

The key to periodical material. 



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General, and up-to-date statistics, and odd bits of information. 


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Collection of the best loved hymns. 




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Illustrations explain the text. 
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Simple and well-illustrated. 

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Development, and historical steps in an invention. 
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General discussion. 
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What it is, and how it works. 

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Simple account. Covers all phases. 
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What science has accomplished, and what more there is to do. 
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Historical development of medicine and surgery. 
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Charts, and illustrations make this a handy reference. 
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Industrial revolution, its effect on social and scientific attainment 
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Interesting account. 

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Bikini experiment. 
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All about trades. 
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New experiments in the field. 


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Wild life conservation. 
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Iflus. Natural resources. 



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Importance of the land. 

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Soil erosion and what to do about it. 

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A thorough discussion of the problem, 


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Our humorous, legendary heroes. 
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Hist of Jazz. 

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Band leaders of today, and their musical records, 
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Folk background. 

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Authors old, and new. 
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Useful material in history classes. 

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"Collection of songs, poems, speeches and sayings that make for an 
understanding of America." 



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Historical treatment of music in America, 
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Folk background. 
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Radio play. 
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A standard in the field. 
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Regional America, and the songs they sing. 

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Ulus. 100 years of U.S. postage stamps. 

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"Story of early American arts, and implements/ 5 
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Biog. sketches of contemporary composers, and their work. 
Seiger, Ruth C. American folk songs. Garden City, N,Y, Doubleday, 


Gives the spirit of the time that produced them. 
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Well-known folk character. 
Stevenson, B. E. American history in verse for boys and girls. Bost. 

Houghton, 1932. 

Useful in connection with classroom teaching. 
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A wide selection, concise, and well told. 
Van Doren, C. C. & Carmer, C. American scriptures. N.Y. Boni & Graer, 


Series of historical episodes presented over the radio. (1941-44) 
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Longman, 1950. 
Social and intellectual hist., through 1865. Mature. 

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ABC of economics. 
Dorfman, Joseph. Economic mind in American civilisation. N.Y. Viking, 


Controversial. Mature. 



Fairchild, H. P. Economics for the millions. N.Y. Modern Age Books, 


Popularized account. 
McCarty, H. H. Geographic basis of American economic life. N.Y. 

Harper, 1940. 
Valuable in understanding some of the complex factors. 


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Conditions, and history of their growth. 
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Importance of the river in the development of the U.S. 
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Importance of the fertile middle-west. 
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The U.S. possessions. 

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Geographic conditions that influence economics. Mature. 
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Of most of the rivers. Their history, and importance in U.S. 
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Valuable for its material, and point-of-view. 
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Holt, 1932. 
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Stress is on early history, and its contribution to Liberty. 


Adamic, Louis. Nation of nations. N.Y. Harper, 1944. 

Immigration problems. 

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A study sponsored by the NatT. Com'n. on Immigration Policy. 

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Short biog. of outstanding citizens of foreign birth. 
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An ever present problem as conditions in the world change. Mature. 
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A thorough study. Mature. 
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"The problems of immigrants and their children/* 
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An immigrant's appreciation of American democracy. 




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What the immigrant has contributed in the building of America. 
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N.Y. Dodd, Mead, 1944. 

A one-act play which illustrates the opportunities in the U.S. 
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The "melting pot" of the nations and peoples. Drama. 


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Relationships with labor, and economy. Mature. 
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A popular history of American labor. 
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How unionism works. 
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From the economic view-point. 
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Concise encyc. of labor information. 

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Sociological aspects. Mature. 
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History from Colonial times to the present. 
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Good for the earlier periods. 
Madison, C. A. American labor leaders. N.Y. Harper, 1950. 

"Personalities and forces in the labor movement." 
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Production and distribution. Economics of industry. 
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Institute, 1949. 


"Depressions and retarding as well as dynamic factors are considered." 
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Practical approach to the problems of industry, and corporations. 
Seaver, C. H. Industry in America. N.Y. Harper, 1946. 

Past and present conditions, 


Beard, C. A. Presidents in American history. Rev. ed. N.Y. Messner, 

A tiseful book. 



Bliven, Bruce, & Mezerick, A. G. What the informed citizen needs to 

know. N.Y. Duel!, Sloan, 1945. 
Practical politics. 
Bloom, Sol. Story of the Constitution. U.S. Sesquicentennial, 1935. 

Well illustrated, and usable pamphlet. 
Bone, H. A. American politics and party system. N.Y. McGraw-Hill, 


"Study of the machinery of American politics." Mature. 
Cunningham, A. S. comp. Everything you want to know about the Presi- 
dents. Rev. ed. Chicago. McClurg, 1945. 
From Washington to Truman. 
Ferguson, J. H. & McHenry, D. E. American Federal government. N.Y. 

McGraw-Hill, 1947. 
General treatment. Mature. 
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Doubleday, 1936. 

A debunking account. Interesting and useful. 
McCamy, J. L. Administration of foreign affairs. N.Y. Knopf, 1950. 

Way in which the policy is made. Practical. Mature, 
f McFee, Mrs. I. N. C. How our government is run. N.Y. Crowell, 1946 

Simple account. 
Milhollen, H. D. Presidents on parade. N.Y. Maonillan, 1946. 

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N.Y. Appleton Century, 1945. 
Problems in state and national government. 
Patman, Wright. Our American government. Chicago. Ziff-Davis, 1948. 

Answers 1001 questions on how it works. 
*Schlesinger, A. M. American as a reformer. Harvard Uni. Press, 1950. 

Reform movements. Mature. 
*U.S. Bureau of Census. Abstract. Latest. 

Useful for statistics, U.S. 
U.S. Government Manual. 
Walker, E. E. & Kersey, V. Our national Constitution; how it was 

framed and how it works. N.Y. Scribner, 1938. 
Historical account, 
f Witty, P. A. & Kohler, J. You and the Constitution of the US. N.Y. 

Childrens Press, 1948. 

"Sequence of events that lead to the drafting of the Constitution." 
Young, J. T. New American government and its work. 4th ed. N.Y. 

Macmfflan, 1946. 


*Blue Book of the various states. 

*Qir0nides of America Series. Yale Uni. Press. Choice of titles. 
Forman, Sidney. West Point. N.Y. Columbia Uni. Press, 1950. 
"History of U.S. Military Academy." 



*Gabriel, R. H. & others ed. Pageant of America. Yale Uni. Press. 

Pictorial history of the U.S. 

Hirshberg, H. S. Subject guide to US. Government publications. 
Chicago. American Library Ass'n., 1947. 

Subject analysis of documents. Useful in deciding what to order. 
Ottley, Roi. Black Odyssey. N.Y. Scribner, 1948. 

Story of the negro in America. (1619-1945). 
Shaw, A. H. comp. Lincoln encyc. N.Y. Macmillan, 1950. 

Ready reference to Lincoln's written or spoken words. 
*Stimpson, George W. Book about American history. N.Y. Harper, 

Interesting facts, and information. 
*U.S. Dep't. of Agriculture. Yearbook. Latest. Government Printing 

*US. Statistical abstract. Latest. Government Printing Office, 


fBailey, C. S. From moccasins to wings. Springfield, Mass. Milton 

Bradley, 1937. 
Stories of our travel ways. 
fBeaty, J. Y. Story pictures of transportation and communication. 

Chicago. Beckley, 1939. 
The illustrations are useful, 
f Benz, R E. Talking round the world. N.Y. Dodd, 1942. 

Story of the telephone, 
f Bush, M. G. How we have conquered distance. N.Y. Macmillan, 1936. 

Illustrated, and interesting. 
Carlisle, Norman. Modern wonderbook of trains and railroading. Phila^ 

delphia. Winston, 1946. 
What has been done for speed and comfort. 
Carlisle, Norman & Nelson, Eugene. Modern wonderbook of ships. 

Philadelphia. Winston, 1947. 
All the new things in water transportation. 
Dilts, M. M. The telephone in a changing world. N.Y. Longmans, 1941. 

Its contribution to communication. 
Duffus, R. L. Santa Fe Trail. N.Y. Longmans, 1930. 

Its importance in early travel. 
*Dunbar, Seymour. History of travel in America. 4 vols. Indianapolis, 

Bobbs-Merrill, 1915. 

Well illustrated, and exhaustive information on early travel, and the 
social scene. Reference, 
f Elting, Mary. Trains at work. Garden City. N.Y. Garden City Pub. 

Co. 1947. 
Simple account of how they work. 

f Elting,. Mary. Trucks at work. Garden City. N.Y. Garden City Pub. Co. 

Trucks as carriers. 



Glasscock, C. B. Gasoline age. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1937, 

Beginning of the age which has since grown in importance. 
Hall, C G. The mail goes through. N.Y. Macmillan, 1938. 

Mail, an important form of communication. 
fHenry, R. S. Trains. New ed. Indianapolis. Bobbs-Merrill, 1949. 

Contribution of R.R. in World War II. 
*Hffl, H. S. Conestoga wagon. Highton, N J. 1930. 

Its contribution in building America, and expansion of U.S. 
*Lothrop, E. Early American inns and taverns. New ed. N.Y. Tudor, 

Early travel in America, and provisions made for travelers, 
f Meriwether, Susan. Story of the telephone and the genie called elec- 
tricity. N.Y. Harper, 1927. 

Explains how it is done, 
f Muller, C G. How they carried the goods. N.Y. Sears, 1932. 

"From the sleds of Pharoah to the airplanes of today." 
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General history of the Amer. R.R. 
Owen, Wilfred. Automotive transportation. Brookings Institute, 1949. 

Cost, and quality. Mature. 
Reck, F. M. Romance of American transportation. N.Y. Crowell, 1938. 

Interesting account. 
Vestal, Stanley. Old Santa Fe Trail Boston. Houghton, 1939. 

Expansion to the West, 
f Waldo, Mrs. E. L. From travois to iron rail. N.Y. Ackerman, 1944. 

Historical treatment. 


*Altamira y Crevea, Rafael. History of Spain from the beginnings to 

the present day. N.Y. Van Nostrand, 1949. 
English trans, of a readable hist, of Spain. 

Blodgett, R. H. Comparative economic systems. Rev. ed. N.Y. Mac- 
millan, ^1949^ 

Mature discussion. Controversial. 
Brittain, Mary Z. Arab-lands. N.Y. Holiday, 1947. 

Hist, of the Arab peoples. 
Brockelmann, Carl. History of the Islandic peoples. N.Y. Putnam, 1947, 

Interesting translation. 
*Carksadon, T. R. & Modley, R. Measure of a nation. N.Y. Macmillaa, 


Charts. Economic growth of nations. Mature. 
^Council of Foreign Relations. Political handbook of the world. N.Y. 

Harper. Annual. 

Parliaments, parties, and the press. 
*Davie, M. R. World immigration with special reference to the US. 

N.Y. Macmillan, 1936. 
Problems involved, 



Eckel, Paul E. Far East since 1500. N.Y. Harcourt, 1947. 

Basis for understanding the Far Eastern Question. Mature. 
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Illus. music, maps, make book interesting. Is not controversial. 
Evatt, H. V. Task of nations. N.Y. Duell, Sloan, 1949. 

World politics, and organization. 
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Simple explanations, and information. 

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Boston. Little, Brown, 1948. 

From Pre-historic times to the discovery of America. 
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Macmillan, 1947. 

Pictured outline of man's progress. 

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Houghton, 1948. 

Chronological arrangement. Modern version of Ploetz. 
Lengyel, Emil. America's role in world affairs. N.Y. Harper, 1946. 

Problems of world power. 

f Linton, Ralph & Linton, Adelin. Man's way from cave to skyscraper. 
N.Y. Harper, 1947. 

Development of culture. 
Linton, Ralph. Most of the world. N.Y. Columbia, 1949. 

Peoples of Latin America, and the East, today. Reference. Mature. 
McCune, George McA, Korea today. Harvard Uni. Press, 1950. 

"Issued under the auspices of Institute of Pacific Relations." Mature. 
*MaIlory, W, H. ed. Political handbook of the world. N.Y. Harper, 1950. 

Usable material. 
Marx, F. M. ed. Foreign governments. N.Y. Prentice-Hall, 1949. 

Dynamics of politics abroad. Mature. 

Marx, Karl. Capital^ the Communist Manifesto, and other writings. N.Y. 
Modern Library, 1932. 

Controversial. Mature. 
Mumford, Lewis. Story of Utopias. N.Y. Boni & Liveright, 1922. 

Ideal states from Plato to H. G. Wells. 
*New Learned History for Ready Reference. Latest edition 

Valuable reference. 
*f New World neighbors. Boston. Heath. Various Latin American people. 

Interesting material. 

Ogg, F. A. & Zink, H. Modern foreign governments. N.Y. Macmillan, 

Useful reference. Mature. 
Oliver, R, T. Why war came to Korea. Fordham Uni. Press, 1950. 

Far Eastern question. Mature. 
Palmer, R, R. History of the modern world. N.Y. Knopf, 1950. 

"Growth of European society from 1000." Mature. 



f Peattie, D. C. Child's story of the world. N.Y. Simon & Schuster, 1937. 

Development of culture. 

Political Handbook of the world. N.Y. Harper. Annual. 
^Portrait of the nations series. Philadelphia, Lippincott. 

Well-arranged and interesting information about the different nations. 
f Pyne, Mable. Little history of the wide world. Boston. Houghton, 1947. 

Illus. Interesting account of development. 

Reither, Joseph ed. World history at a glance. Rev. ed. Garden City. 
N.Y. Doubleday, 1949. 

Maps, tables, charts make this a useful reference. 
*Reves, Emery. Anatomy of peace. N.Y. Harper, 1945. 

Questions of sovereignty and peace. Mature. 

f Seeger, Elizabeth. Orient past and present. St. Louis. Webster Pub., 

Simple story of the Orient. 

Singer, Kurt ed. Three thousand years of espionage. N.Y. Prentice-Hall, 

Thrilling spy stories based on real accounts. 
Symonds, Richard. Making of Pakistan. Lond. Faber & Faber. n.d. 

Early hist, of the Muslims of India. Mature. 
Toynbee, A. J. Study of history. N.Y. Oxford, 1947. 

Genesis and growth of civilization. Mature. 

*Webster, Hutton. History of Civilization. Rev. ed. 2v. in 1 N.Y. Heath, 

Useful material. 
Young, Gordon. Viking lands. N.Y. Medill McBride, 1950. 

Concise hist, of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 



Aaron Burr 

Abbot, W. J. Blue packets of 1918 

Abbot, (The) 

Abbott, E. Pericles 

Abbott, F. F. Hist, and description of 

Roman political institutions 

Society and politics in ancient Rome 

Abbott J. Folly farm 

Abe Lincoln and his times 

Abe Lincoln grows up 

Abe Lincoln of Pigeon creek 

Abend, H. Ramparts of the Pacific 

Abigail Adams 

Abigail Adams and her times 

Above suspicion 

Abraham Lincoln (Charnwood) 

Abraham Lincoln (Daughtery) ,. ., 

Abraham Lincoln (Foster) 

Abraham Lincoln, the Prairie years 

Abraham Lincoln's world 

Accent on power 

Across the great deserts 

Adam of the road 

Adamic, L. Nation of nations 

Adams, G. B. Civilization during the 

Middle Ages 

Adams, H. Mont St. Michel and Chartres 

Adams, J. Stonewall 

Adams, J. D. Mountains are free 

American tragedy 

Atlas of American hist. 

Big business in a democracy 

Living Jefferson ~. 

Provincial society 

Adams, K, Blackthorn 

Thistle Inn 

Adams, M. Getting and spending 

Adams, R. G. Gateway to Amer. hist., . 

Hist, of the foreign policy of the 

U. S. 

Adams, S. H. Canal town 

Gorgeous hussy .. 

Incredible era 

Address unknown ~ 

Administration of foreign affairs 

Admiral of the Ocean .... 

Admirals of American empire 

Adshead, G. Inheritance of poetry 

Advancing America 

Adventure in Pern 

Adventure in Tunisia 

Adventures of a Trafalgar lad ~ 

Adventures of a tropical tramp 

Adventures of Johnny Appleseed. 

Adventures of Odysseus 

Adventure to the polar seas 

Adventurers aH ~~ 

Adventurers of the night 

Adventures of America 

Adventures of Arnold Adair. 

Adventures of Philippe 

Adventuring in Palestine 

Aeneas Africanus 

Against all odds -..., 

Against these three ~ 

Against this rock 

Against the jungle ~ 

Age of Jackson - 

Agent extraordinary .- 

AgHon, R. Fighting French . 

Agricaltnral Yearbook, U. S. 

Aikea, G. D. Speaking from Vermont . 

Afkman, D. Taming of the Frontier 

Amsworth, E. Eagles fly West. 

Airmen of tbe Amaaon. 






































Al Smithy American ................. , ............. 199 

Alamo ................................ ". 176 

Alaska, land of tomorrow ................... 204 

Alaska today ................................. 204 

Albert the Good ................ 79 

Albert the soldier-king .................. .. ..... 88 

Albrand, M. No surrender ........... 96 

None shall know ..................... 96 

Aldington, R. Duke (The) ........ 79 

Aldrich, B. S. Lantern in her hand .... 182 

Song of the years .................... 163 

Aldrich, D. Earth never tires ............... 196 

Aldrich, M. Hilltop on the Marne ....... 84 

Alegria, C. Broad and alien is the world 115 
Golden serpent _____ ...... . . ......... .. 12S 

Alegria, F. Lautaro ............................. 115 

Aleko's island ................. , .................... 06 

Alexander, R. Cruise of the Raider 

"Wolf" .... ........................... .. ..... 87 

Alexander ..................................... 25 

Alexander of Macedon ......................... 25 

Alexander the Great (Robinson) .......... 26 

Alexander the Great (Wright) ............ 26 

Alexander I of Russia, .................. , ..... 75 

Alexander Hamilton (Loth) ........... ... ... 162 

Alexander Hamilton (Schachner) .......... 162 

Alexander Stephens .................. .......... . . 182 

Alhambra ........................................ 68 

Alice of old Vincennes ..................... 151 

Alinsky, SL John L. Lewis ............ ..... 204 

Alison Blair . . ,. 1S5 

All right Mr. Roosevelt ./"..".!"" ..."I"....".!"." 118 

AD sails set ................................... 160 

All the best in Central AiwrSca, ............... 128 

AH the brave rifles ........... .. ..................... ITS 

AH the trumpets sounded, .............. ..... 18 

All the ways of building ................ ........ 219 

AH things new .............................. 197 

AH we are and all we have .......... ......... 100 

Allah, the God of Tgfom ....................... 33 

AHee, M. EL House of her own .......... 168 

Off to Philadelphia! ................ 168 

Allen,, F. L. Lords of creation ............ 192 

Only yesterday ........ . ............... ........ 199 

Since yesterday ............................ 199 

Allen, M. P. Battle lanterns ........... 144 

Black rain . . ............. . ................... 194 

Green cockade .......................... 144 

Make way for the brave ............ .. 163 

Out of a clear sky .......................... 163 

Red heritage ................... . ..,... 144 

Spirit of the eagle ........................ 163 

Sunset trail ................. 154 

White feather ......................... 177 

AlBs, ML Water over tbe dam ............. 163 

H. Intro, to TfrngTkh industrial 

AlmecKgea, M. K Young Catherine ...... 68 

Aloha ................................. ..... 2S9 

Altaraira, y C-, R. Hist, of Spain .......... 288 

Altar of the legion .................................... S3 

Atoocchi, J. Waives against the moon ... 1*4 
ABshefear, J, A. Forest of swords. ~ ..... - 84 

Rolers of tbe lakes, ........................... 188 

Texan scouts ------- , .............................. 168 

Amaru ............................. ......................... 296 

Ambler, B- Journey into fear ............... 196 

America ...... ~ ................................... * ..... - 1*5 

America begins ........................... ....- ......... 1 

America begins again ................. - .......... . . 199 

America faces Son*. ........................ - ........ 1 

America in the new Pacific .................. 201 

America Jaoves West ..... ~ ...................... ~ H* 

America on refief ......................... .......... 

, 184 



American ballads and folk songs 228 

American ballads and songs 228 

American beginnings in Europe 132 

American colleges and universities. 228 

American composers 227 

American cowboy . 189 

American Democracy and the World war 196 

American Diplomacy 196 

American Dynasty 223 

American Emperor 121 

American Federal Government 231 

American folk songs 228 

American foreign policy in the making... 199 
American hist, and its geographic 

conditions 229 

American hist, in verse 228 

American hist, told by contemporaries .. 214 

American immigration policy 229 

American Indians 1SS 

American labor 200 

American labor leaders 2SO 

American politics and party system 231 

American Polynesia 209 

American Red Cross in the Great War 196 

American scientists 226 

American scriptures 228 

American tragedy 189 

Americanzation of Edward Bok 192 

Americans and their songs 228 

Americans by adoption 193 

Americans one and all 203 

Americas (The) 129 

America's Ethan AQen 148 

America's musical heritage 227 

America's old masters 227 

America's new frontier 204 

Americas of tomorrow 130 

America's old world background 133 

America's role in world affairs 234 

America's stamps- 228 

Americas to the South 130 

America's treasure 226 

Amusements and sports in America . 144 

Anatomy of peace. 235 

Anatomy of racial intolerance . . . 222 

Ancient Assyria 21 

Ancient civilization of Mexico 119 

Ancient Crete. 25 

Ancient explorers 37 

Ancient Greece and modern America ... 200 

Ancient Jerusalem .... 21 

Ancient life in Mexico and Central 

America 118 

Ancient man , . 16 

Ancient Palestine 21 

Ancient world , 217 

And teH of time 186 

And the mountains win move. 192 

Anderson, E. T. Scarlet bird 206 

Anderson* P. B. Black saO 13 

Anderson, I* Bag of smoke. 225 

Anderson, P. I*. Knights of St. John .... 49 

Pugnax the Gladiator 26 

Slave of CatUme 26 

Sword in the North 26 

With the eagles 26 

Anderson, B. G. Tavern rogue 49 

Andivius Hedulio 80 

Andrew Jackson (NicoJay) 170 

Andrew Jackson (Nolan) 158 

Andrews, C, M. Colonial background of 

the American revolution 142 

Andrews, F. K For CharlenSagne! 33 

Andrews, G. G, Napoleon in review 74 

Andrews, M. K. S. His soul goes march- 
ing on , 194 

Perfect tribute 177 

Andrews, R. a Meet your ancestors 15 

Quest in the desert 89 

Andy breaks trafl. , 159 

Angelo, V, Hill of miracles 164 

Anglo-American agreement of 1817 108 

Angry dnst...- 204 


Angry men laughing men 209 

Angus, H. F. Canada and her great 

neighbor 112 

Ann Bartlett returns to the Philippines 203 

Anna and the King of Siam 77 

Annetje and her family 133 

Anniversaries and holidays 219 

Another Caesar 78 

Another spring 52 

Ansley, D. Good ways 224 

Anthology of world poetry 220 

Anthony, I. Decatur . 161 

Anthony, I. W. Raleigh and his world 60 
Anthony, K. Dolly Madison her life and 

times 161 

Apache 165 

Apache agent 183 

Apartment in Athens 99 

Apollo 219 

Apprentice of Florence 56 

Archer, G. L. With axe and musket at 

Plymouth 143 

Arab island, the middle East 101 

Arab lands 233 

Aragon, L. Bells of Basel 80 

Archer, G. L. Mayflower heroes 142 

Archer, T. A, Crusades 47 

Arciniegas, G. Caribbean 128 

Arctic adventure 207 

Arctic mood 200 

Arctic venture 202 

Argentina 130 

Argentine diary 129 

Argonaut gold 172 

Argosies of empire 49 

Arizona cowboys 183 

Ark of heraldry 219 

Arm and the darkness 50 

Armenia and the Armenians . .... 82 
Armer, I*. A. Waterless mountains ... 182 

Armies of spies 199 

Armor of light 28 

Armour and his times 193 

Arms and the maple leaf 110 

Arms are fair 99 

Armstrong, H. F. Hitler's reich . 92 

Armstrong, L. V. We too are the people 199 

Army mule 184 

Army of Israel 101 

Arne, S. United Nations primer 216 

Arnold, E. Blood brother 182 

Around the fire 18 

Around the world in song ,... 218 

Arraras, J. Francisco Franco ~ 92 

Arrow fly home 137 

Arrow of Tee-May 117 

Art through the ages 218 

Arundel 150 

As the crow flies 168 

Asbury, H. Carrie Nation 192 

Ash, S. Mary 17 

Ashton, J. Social life in the reign of 

Queen Anne 68 

Ashton, W. He brings great news 70 

Asia at the crossroads 83 

Asian, K. Armenia and the Armenians 2 

Aspasia 23 

Aspen, D, Barney's, barges 154 

Mike of Company D 194 

Assignment in Brittany 97 

At the sign of the golden compass 54 

Atherton, G. F. Conqueror 144 

Golden peacock 27 

Jealous gods 22 

Atkins, E. H. Little Wolf's brother 119 

Atkinson, E. S. Johnny Appfeseed 144 

"Poilu" a dog of Boubaix 84 

Atlas of American hist. 217 

Atlas of current affairs 217 

Atlas of European hist. 217 

Atomic bomb 204 

Attack alarm. 98 

Atfcflla .... . 28 



Audisio, G. Haran Al-Rashid 87 

Augur, H. Book of fairs 218 

Augustus 31 

Augustus Caesar's world 31 

Ault, N. Life in ancient Britain ... 37 
Ault, W. O. Europe in modern times . 220 

Austin, A. Labor story . . 230 

Austin, F. B. Road to glory . .... 70 

Austin, J. G. Standish of Standish 133 

Australia 100 

Autobiography of Buffalo BilL 189 

Autobiography, Coolidge 199 

Autobiography, Franklin 152 

Automotive transportation 233 

Averill, E. Voyages of Jacques Cartier 103 

Aviation annual 225 

Aviation dictionary 226 

Aviation from the ground up 225 

Axe of Wandsbek 92 


Axelrad, J. Patrick Henry 

Aydlotte, D. Trumpets calling 
Ayling^K. Old Leatherface of the 

Flying Tigers 

Semper Fidelis 

Azan, P. Warfare of today 

Aztec treasure-house 




Baarslag, K. Islands of adventure. 209 

Barbash, J. Labor unions in action 230 

BacheHer, I. Boy for the ages 164 

Bacheller, I. In the days of Poor Richard 144 

Man for the ages 177 

Baer, M. E. Pandora's box 199 

Bag of smoke 225 

Bagger, E. S* Eminent Europeans 92 

Bahamas 210 

Bailey, B. F. Puckered moccasins 154 

Bailey, C. Legacy of Rome. 30 

Bailey, O. S. From moccasins to wings 232 

Pioneer art in America 227 

Bailey, B. E. Argosies of empire 49 

Sea hawks of empire 49 

Bailey, T. Diplomatic hist, of the 

American people. 199 

Woodrow Wilson, 195 

Bain, R. N. Charles XT! 68 

Bainton, R EL Here I stand 60 

Bakeless, J. Fighting frontiersman. 144 

Baker, G. P. Hannibal 30 

Baker, N. B. Garibaldi - 75 

Inca gold , 123 

Juarez ,...,.., ... .... 119 

Lenin ~ 89 

Next year in Jerusalem. 80 

Peter the Great. , 8 

Robert Bruce . 47 

Sir Walter Raleigh 49 

Sun Yat-sen 92 

Ten American cities 229 

William the Silent 60 

Why we went to war 135 

Baker, O. Buffalo Barty 183 

Baker, R. L. OS, blood and sand 100 

Balderston, J. L. A goddess to a god. 20 

Baldwin, H. W. Caissons roil 92 

Baldwin, M. W. Medieval Papacy in 

action 47 

Balkan background. ... 94 

Ballad of the Hundred Days. 73 

BaBantyne, R. M. lEt-Hng the bold 33 

Rafaak, S, S. Economic geography of the 

USSR , ^ 221 

Bamboo gate .. - 91 

Banks, E. J. Seven wonders of the 

ancient world. ... ... .. ... ..... 20 

Banks, H. W, Boys* Motley 60 

Banner of the Bull..., 58 

Bartteh, D* W. <2ass boose of preMice 204 

Barbed wire. _ 183 

Barber, J. Hawaii , 19 

Barbour, R. H* Fortunes of war 

Giles of the Mayflower 

Metipom's hostage 

Barea, A. Broken root, 

Baring, M. Tinker's leave 

Barker, E. C. Father of Texas 

Barker, R. L. Caballero 

Barksdale, L. First Thanksgiving 

Barnaby Lee 

Barnaby Rudge - - - 

Barnard, E. F. How tibe old world found 

the new ... 

Barnes, F. Man and his records . 
Barnes, H. E, Gensis of the World War 

Survey of western civilization .. . 
Barnes, J. A. Wealth of the American 


Barnes, M. A. Within this present. 

Barnes, M. C. Brief gaudy hour 

My Lady of Cleves 

Passionate brood 

Within the hollow crown ... 

Barnes, N. Carkrtta ~ 

Barnett, D. R. Cross of gold 

Barney's barges .- . 

Barr, A. E. Maid of old New York, 

Barr, S. Pilgrimage of western man . . 
Barrett, M. Tempered blade 
Barrows, J. S. Son of "Old Ironsides" . . 
Bartlett, R. J. Record of American 


Bartlett, R. M. Sky pioneer 

Barton, W. E. Great good man 

When Boston braved the King . . 
Bassett, S. W. Story of Vasco da Gama 
Bates, H E. Cruise of the Breadwinner 
Battle for Buenos Aires ... 

Battle lanterns 

Battle of the Sierras 

Battles how they are won 

Bauer, M. How music grew 

Bay of the North 

Bayne, S. Agent extraordinary. . . . 
Beachhead on the wind 

glehole, J. C. Exploration of the 

Before Adam - 

Before Homer - 

Before the dawn of history . _ .... 

Beals, C. Coming struggle for Latin 


Fire on the Andes 

Mexican maze :.." 

Beard, A, E, S. Our foreign born citizens 

Beard, C. Industrial revolntfcm.., .- 

Beard, C. A. ^Amer. foreign policy in 

Enduring Federalist .'..-. 

Presidents in American hist...... - . 

Beard. M. Short hist, of the American 

labor movement ' 

Beardsley, H. M. Joseph Smith and his 

Mormon empire - - 

Beat to quarters ~ 

Beatrice the brave 

Beaty, J. C. Swords in the dawn. 
Beaty, J. Y. Story pictures of 

portation and commnnicatioo 

Beauty of the purple 

BeaovaBet^ , ...- 

Beaver 1r* T| g g - and ^*n^*Ttff ... . . .,*,,.,,,, 

Becbdoit, F. B. Wben the" West was 

Bechd3^J.'*Goin "up ".\\Z\"T".Z~ 

Beck, L. A. Splendour of Asm. 

Becker, M- L. Golden tales of Canada.... 

Yoitfh replies, I caa 

Becker, W. A. GaBus...^ -.. 

Becky Landers, ..\\71\~l\3.\\.\\'iZl"IIZ!Z 

Becoming American ... 

Bedford-Atkins Lock of the boose. 

Bedford-Jones, H. Drams of Dambala...... 



























































Bedier, J. High road in Tartary 79 

Beebe, R. Who fought and bled. 154 

Beggar boy of Galilee 1J 

Beggars* penny 51 

Beggar's revolt 52 

Beginnings of New England 143 

Behind the silken curtain 100 

Behind the battlements 35 

Behold our land 200 

Behold the West Indies 211 

Bearing's potiatch . 66 

Beith, L H. First hundred thousand . ... 84 

Belaude, V. A. Bolivar 121 

Befl, A. King Tut-Ankh-Amen 17 

Bell, E. T. Magic of numbers 221 

Bell, M. Women of the wilderness . ... 143 

BeB, M. E. Totem casts a shadow 18S 

Bell, R. W. Canada in war-paint 109 

Bell for Adano 97 

Belloc, H. Characters of the Reformation 61 

Charles the First 68 

Cromwell 61 

Girondin * 70 

Louis XIV 68 

Marie Antoinette 74 

Richelieu 61 

William the Conqueror 47 

Bells of Basel 80 

Bells of heaven 49 

Bells of Leyden sing 51 

Belshazzar 17 

Ben, the battle horse 195 

Bendick, J. How much and how many 221 

Television works like this 225 

Benedict, R. F. In Henry's back yard .... 222 

Benet. L. Hidden valley 164 

Benet, S. V. Spanish bayonets 119 

Benet, W. R* Readers Encyclopedia 218 

Bengtsson, F. Red Orm S3 

Ben Hur .- **' 

Bennett, H. S. Life on the English 

Manor 47 

Bennett, J. Barnaby Lee 134 

Master Skylark 49 

Bennett's welcome 65 

Benns, F- L. Europe since 1914. . . 92 

European hist, since 1870 220 

Benson, E. F. King Edward VII 82 

Life of Alcibiades 25 

Bentley, P. Freedom farewell 27 

Modem tragedy 89 

Rise of Henry Morcar 80 

Power and the glory 63 

Benz, F. E. Commodore Barry 145 

On to Sues! 82 

Talking round the earth 232 

Beppy Marlow of Charles Town 137 

Beraud, H. Twelve portraits of the 

French Revolution 74 

Bercovici, K. Alexander. 25 

Berger, J. Sub-chaser Jim 201 

Bergeron, P. H. Brother Andre 102 

Berlin Diary 95 

Bermann, R, A. Mahdi of Allah 79 

Bermuda 210 

Bermuda Calling , 206 

Bernard, W, S. American immigration 

policy 229 

Bernard Baruch 201 

Berrey, L. V. Treasury of Bible 

quotations 224 

Berry, R. A. Sextant and sails 161 

Berry, Erick, see Best, Mrs. A. C. 

Bertrand of Brittany 48 

Besant, W. For faith and freedom 63 

Besieged , 197 

Best, A. C. Harvest of the Hudson 134 

Honey of the Nile 17 

Hudson frontier. 184 

Winged girl of Knossos 22 

Best, H. Long portage 134 

Best, S. M. Egypt and her neighbors 20 

Beston, H. (The) SL Lawrence 112 


Betsy Ross Quaker rebel 153 

Betsy's Napoleon 71 

Better known as Johnny Appleseed . .. . 169 
Beukema, H. Contemporary foreign 

governments 220 

Bevin of Britain 100 

Beyond law 169 

Beyond the great wall 92 

Bible, Holy 224 

Bick, C. Bells of heaven 49 

Big book of real trucks 226 

Big Bridge 226 

Big business in a democracy 230 

Big sky 156 

Big-enough 186 

Bill, A. H. Clutch of the Corsica* 70 

Red prior's legacy 70 

Ring of danger . ... 49 

Billy Mitchell 199 

Bindloss, H. Prairie patrol 109 

Binns, A. Land is bright 164 

Laurels are cut down 194 

Yon rolling river 183 

Binyon, L. Akbar 61 

Birds of a feather 86 

Birney, H. Brothers of doom 115 

Birney, H. Grim journey 164 

Birth of Rome 28 

Birthday of a nation 153 

Bischoff, I. Painter's coach 154 

Bishop, C. H. Pancakes Paris 96 

Bishop, F. Altar of the legion 33 

Panama 128 

Story of the submarine 196 

Bishop, W. A. Winged warfare . .. . 194 

Bismarck 79 

Black, C. E. Twentieth century Europe 220 

Black arrow 59 

Black Daniel 171 

Black Douglas . 40 

Black eagle . . 47 

Black falcon 160 

Black fire 207 

Black fountains . .. . 209 

Black Friday 186 

Black majesty . . . 209 

Black Odyssey . . .... 232 

Black rain 104 

Black river captive ... ... 139 

Black rose 40 

Black sail . 13 

Black ships off Japan 176 

Black thunder 154 

Black tulip 65 

Blackbeard buccaneer 140 

Blackcock's feather ... 60 

Blackford, W, W. War years with 

Jeb Stuart ...... 181 

Blankfort, M. Brave and the blind 89 

Blackman, A. M. Luxor and its temples 21 
Blackmore, R. D. Loraa Doone ... . 63 

Black-out in Gretley 112 

Blackrobe 105 

Blackstock, J. Island on the beam 96 

Wings for Nikas 96 

Blackthorn .. .. 49 

BlackweH, A. S. Little grandmother 87 

Blake, G. Dona Isabella's adventures 50 

Blake, G. Shipbuilders 89 

Blaikie, J. Ancient Assyria , 21 

Ancient Crete 25 

Ancient Jerusalem 21 

Ancient Palestine 21 

Peeps at ancient Egypt 21 

Peeps at the men of the old stone age 15 

Blair, W. Tall tale America 227 

BlaisdeH, E. Falcon fly back 50 

Blanket of the dark 50 

Blazing the way West 102 

Bleackley, H. W. (The) Monster. 70 

Sleeker, S. Indians of the longhonse. 132 

Blennerhasset 15 

Blesh, R. Shining trumpets ~ 227 



Blithe McBride 136 

Bliven, B. What the informed citizen 

needs to know 231 

Blockade . 179 

Blockade runner 179 

Blodget, B. H. Comparative economic 

systems 233 

Bloem, W. Iron year 75 

Blom, F. F. Conquest of Yucatan 117 

Blood brother 182 

Blood sweat and tears 100 

Bloom, M. Down the Ohio , 154 

Blow for a landing 197 

Blue book of non-theatrical films 223 

Blue book of the various states 231 

Blue dowry 142 

Blue heron's feather 138 

Blue jackets of 1918 194 

Blue-eyed god 117 

Blumner, H. Home life of the ancient 

Greeks 25 

Boas, B. P. Social backgrounds of 

American literature 227 

Bob Flame 198 

Bob North goes exploring Ill 

Bobbe, D. De Witt Clinton 161 

Mr. and Mrs. John Quincy Adams . 161 
Bock, G. E. What makes the wheels go 

'round 225 

Bodley, R. V. C. The Messenger 37 

Wind in the Sahara 92 

Boissier, G. Cicero and his friends 31 

Bok, E. W. Americanization of Edward 

Bok 192 

Bolitho, H. Albert the good - 79 

George VI 92 

Bolivar 121 

Bolivar countries 130 

Bolivar the Liberator 122 

Bolton, I. M. King's minstrel. 39 

Loyal foe 50 

Rebel's in bondage, 134 

Shadows of the crown 50 

Son of the land S9 

Tennessee outpost 145 

Young knight 39 

Bombero - 120 

Bombs bursting in air 93 

Bonaparte 75 

Bond, A. R. Inventions of the Great War 196 

Pick, shovel and pluck, 123 

Bond, B. W. Civilization of the old 

Northwest 161 

Bone, H. A. American politics and 

party system 231 

Boni, M. B. Fireside book of folk songs 218 

Bonin 208 

Bonner, M. G. Canada and her story 112 

Danger on the coast....- 109 

Bonnet, T. Mudlark 80 

Bonsai, S- When the French were here. .. 145 

Bontemps, A. Black thunder. 154 

Book about American hist, 232 

Book for Jennifer 64 

Book of Canada. 104 

Book of discoveries SB 

Book of fairs 218 

Book of festivals 220 

Book of King Arthur S8, 219 

Book of American Indian 1S2 

Book of the ancient Greeks 25 

Book of the ancient Romans - SI 

Book of the ancient worid,... -~ 22 

Book of the colonies, . 144 

Boot of the epic -. 218 

Boon* of tbe wiHerness ~ 148 

Boote and saddles -. 189 

Borah of Idaho _ , 200 

Harden, C. A. Oceania. ~ 209 

Borden, L. P. White hawthorn* - S9 

Bonier ~.. ....,...,-. 106 

Boeder lord ~,...~ & 

Born to actveatora 168 


Born to command 206 

Born to fight , 203 

Berth, C. Masters of mass production 204 

Boswell, H. French Canada 112 

Botany bay 207 

Botha, Smuts, and South Africa 83 

Bothwell, J. Thirteenth stone 89 

Bottome, P. London Pride. 96 

Boughs bend down 106 

Boundaries, possessions and conflicts in 

South America 129 

Bounty trilogy 208 

Bourne, P. Drums of destiny 206 

Bow bells 41 

Bowen, B. M. Jan's victory 96 

Bowen, C. D. John Adams and the 

American Revolution , 152 

Bowen, M. Kings-at-arms 63 

Bowers, C. G. Tragic era 189 

Young Jefferson 152 

Bowers, G. Adventure of Philippe 104 

Bowles, B. S. Hubert the happy S9 

Bowman, L New world 88 

Bowman, J. C. Pecos Bill 18S 

Boy at Gettysburg , 181 

Boy for the ages _ 164 

Boy from Nebraska 205 

Boy in blue 177 

Boy Jones 5 

Boy knight of Reims 56 

Boy life of Napoleon 71 

Boy of Babylon 18 

Boy of Ball 206 

Boy of Quebec _.. 10* 

Boy of the loet Crusade. 42 

Boy rides with Custer 185 

Boy who lived on London Bridge 54 

Boy with the parrot 125 

Boyce, B. Cloak of foDy ,... 50 

Boyce, W. D. U. S. colonies and 

dependencies , .,. 192 

Boyd, J. Drums 145 

H^yrffhigg on ~ 177 

Boyd, T. A. In time of peace 197 

Poor John Fitch 161 

Shadow of the long knives 134 

Boyle, M. E. Man before history 3.5 

Pre-historie man . 15 

Boys book of cowboys 189 

Boy's book of exploration 61 

Boy's chronicle of Mutaner - ... 42 

Boy's Genghis ^*^ , 48 

Boy's life of Alexander Hamilton .... 153 

Boy's life of Benjamin Franklin 15S 

Boy's life of Cotonel Lawrence 88 

Boy's life of Edison 193 

Boy's life of Fremont. 176 

Boy's life of Grow Ckweiaad, 189 

Boys* life of Herbert Hoover 199 

Boys' life of Kit Carson 176 

Boy's life of Lord Kitchener. . 88 

Boy's life of Lord Roberts 83 

Boys' life of Robert K Lee, 182 

Boys* life of tbe Wright brothers ~ 192 

Boys* life of Theodore RooseveH, 192 

Boys' life of Thomas Jefferson 162 

Boys Motley - 60 

Boys of Scrooby 137 

Boys of the boarder ~ 141 

Boys* own book of frontiersmen. , 161 

Boy's ride *& 

Bradford, < Confederate portraits 181 

Lee, the American, 181 

Union portraits,, 181 

Bradford, S. Battle for Buenos Aires 128 

Bradford, W. Hist* of Plymouth Cokmy 132 

Homes in the wSderaess 14$ 

Bradley, D. No place to bide 225 

Bragdon, L. J. Laud of Wiffiam TeB 9 

Bran the broffMe-smith. 14 

Brann, K Nicoiina, - 99 

Brave aa4 tfee Wind. 88 

Brave companions 28S 



Brave men 205 

Brazil ... 129 

Brazil under Vargas 129 

Breaking: new ground . . .. 193 

Breaking the sod on the prairie 176 

Breasted, J. H. Dawn of conscience . . 21 
Breckenridge, G. Besieged . . 197 

Brenner, A. Wind that swept Mexico 128 
Brent-Dyer, E. M. Elizabeth the gallant 50 

Breslin, H. Tamarack tree 164 

Bret Harte's stories of the old West .. . 167 

Bride in the Solomons 207 

Bride of fortune 179 

Bridenbaugh, 0. Colonial craftsman 227 

Bridge, A. Frontier passage 89 

Bridge of San Luis Eey 121 

Bridge of water ISO 

Brief gaudy hour ... . 49 

Brief hist, of the Great War 196 

Brier, H. M. Sky freighter 109 

Brier, R. Boy in blue 177 

Brigham Young 176 

Brighouse, H. Hepplestall's 70 

Bright face of danger 142 

Bright to the wanderer 106 

Brill, B. C. Madeline takes command .. 104 

Rapahu's warning 183 

South from Hudson Bay 143 

White brother 104 

Brindze, R. Story of our calendar 221 

Brink, C. R. Caddie Woodlawn 177 

Lad with a whistle 75 

Brinton, C. Ideas and men 222 

Brinton, S. Jacobin 70 

British Commonwealth of Nations 113 

British Constitution 213 

British dominions beyond the sea 83 

British War Blue book 93 

Britt, A. Boys* own book of frontiersmen 161 

Brittain, M. Z. Arab-lands 233 

Britton, K. What makes it tick 225 

Broad and alien is the world 115 

Broch, T. Mountains wait . , 100 

Brockelmann, C. Hist, of the Islandic 

peoples 233 

Brodrick, A. H. North Africa 92 

Broken arc 98 

Broken dykes 51 

Broken root 89 

Broken soldier and the Maid of France 87 

Broken song 84 

Bronson, W. S. Stooping hawk and 

stranded whale 115 

Brooks too broad for leaping 186 

Broofcsbank, F. H. Legends of ancient 

Egypt 21 

Broster, D. X. Fight of the heron 64 

Gleam in the north 64 

Ships in the bay! 70 

Yellow poppy 75 

Brother Andre" 102 

Brother of the birds 42 

Brother Saul 27 

Brothers of doom 115 

Brothers of the frontier. 105 

Brown, G. W. Canada .""....." 112 

Brown, H. Me. Our Latin American 

neighbors 128 

Brown, H. P. Walk in the sun 201 

Brown, J. B. Fort HaH on the Oregon 

trail 174 

Brown, K. H. The Father. 164 

Brown, L. A, Story of maps 217 

Brown, M. Henry fisherman 206 

Brown, M. M. Swamp Fox 145 

Brown, R. J. American Emperor 121 

Brown, T. S. Treasury of religious plays 224 
Brown, W, Angry men laughing men,... 209 

Browne, I*. This believing world 224 

Brown-Olf, I*. Pius XI 82 

Brnere, M. S. B, Your forests 226 

Brann, G. demenceau... , 

Bryan, E. H. American Polynesia. 


Bryan, F. H. Susan _B. Anthony 
Bryan ...... . ... 

Bryant, A. England of Charles II 
Samuel Pepys 

. 68 

.................. gg 

Stanley Baldwin .............. 93 

Years of victory ................. " m 74 

Bryce, J. Holy Roman Empire ... 47 
Buchan, J. Augustus ......... 31 

Blanket of the dark ........ ... 50 

Julius Caesar ....... . .. 31 

Lake of gold .......... . 104 

Oliver Cromwell ........ ... 61 

People's King .............. gg 

Buchanan, D. W. This is Canada , 112 
Buchanan, G. Entanglements ... 89 

Buck, A. M. Dermot of the bright 

weapons . ..... . 13 

My Saint Patrick ... .33 

Buck, E. H. Powder keg . . 134 

Buck, P. God's men ........... . 80 

Buck, P. H. Road to reunion ... . 189 

Buck, P. S. Young revolutionist . . 89 

Buckeye boy ......... . 171 

Buel, R. L. New governments in Europe 220 

Buffalo Barty 

Buffalo gold ....................... 

Bugles at midnight .................... 

Bugles blow no more ................ 

Bugles in the afternoon ......... 

Builders of Latin America ........ 

Builders of the old world ............ 

Building of the Canadian West . 

Bulfinch, T. Legends of Charlemagne .. 

Mythology ......... .'. ................ 

Bullwhacker ..... .............. . ........ 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. G. Harold ....... 

Last days of Pompeii .......... 

Rienzi ................... 

Bunce, W. H. Chula son of the mound 

builders .... ...... 

Bunce, W. H. Dragon prows westward 
Bunce, W. H. Horned snake medicine 
Bunn, H. Story of democracy ...... 

Burbank, A. Cedar deer ....... . 


Burgan, J. Long discovery ...... 197 

Burglon, N. Shark hole ........... 206 

Buried cities ........... . . 31 

Burk, C. America's musical heritage . .. 227 
Burlingame, C. Lord of London . . 39 
Burlingame, R. Inventors behind the 

inventor ..... ... ............................. 225 

Burma road ........................ 100 

Burman, B. L. Blow for a landing ..... 197 

Rooster crows the day ................ 96 

Steamboat round the bend ................... 164 

Burn, A. R. Pericles and Athens ........... 25 

Burney, H. Eagle in the sun .................. 119 

Burnished blade ................................... 68 

Burpee, L, JT. Discovery of Canada ........ 103 

Burr, H. M. Around the fire ................... 13 

Burro tamer ......... .................. 125 

Burt, K. N. Close pursuit ............... 145 

Burtis, T. Russ Farrell, airman ............ 194 

Burton, J. Garibaldi .................................. 79 

Burton, K- Paradise planters ............... 174 

Busoni, R. Stanley's Africa ....................... 82 

Mexico and the Inca lands ......... 117 

Bush, M. G. How we conquered distance 232 
Bush, V. Modern arms and free men ... 225 
Business life in ancient Athens ............. 25 

Butler, W. F. Charles George Gordon ..... 79 

By his own might. ...................................... 85 

By secret railway ........................................... 170 

By sun and stars ...................... ........... , ........ 98 

By valour of arms ................................ y 181 

By wagon and flatboat ............................... * 158 

Byrne, D. Brother Saul ............................... 27 

Crusade .................................................. 39 

Field of honor. ....................................... 70 

Messer Marco Polo ................................ 89 

Byrne, M. St. C. Elizabethan life in 

town and country .................................... 61 

Byzantine Empire .......................................... 48 

Caballeros 119 

Cabin at the trail's end 167 

Cabins in the laurel . 188 

Cable, B. Grapes of wrath 84 

Cable, G. W. Cavalier 177 

Caddie Woodlawn 177 

Cadillac . . 108 

Caesar in Abyssinia g5 

Cesaresco, B. M. Cavour 79 

Caesar's mantle 31 

Caissons roll 92 

Calder-MarshaU, A, Way to Santiago .. 123 
Caldwell, T. Arm and the darkness . . 50 
Earth is the Lord's . 39 

CaEhoun, G. M. Business life of ancient 

Athens 25 

Calico bush . . . . . 136 

California gold rush . 175 

Call it courage 208 

Callcott, F. When Spain was young . 33 

Callcott, W. H. Santa Anna 121 

Calthrop, D. C. I will be good ! . . . 79 
Camel for a throne . .19 

Cameron, A. House of Trujillo .. . 123 
Cameron, W. B. War trail of Big Bear 104 

Campbell, C. Star mountain 115 

Campbell, G. Higher hill 104 

My mystery ships 88 

Thorn-apple tree 104 

Campbell, G. A. Crusades 47 

Campbell, G. McL. Fresh wind blowing 109 

Campbell, H. R. Piper's lad 64 

Canada (Brown) 112 

Canada (Campbell) 112 

Canada (Macdonald) 109 

Canada (Mclnnis) . 113 

Canada and her great neighbor .. . . 112 

Canada and her story 112 

Canada and the American revolution . . 109 
Canada and the western hemisphere. . 113 

Canada and world politics 112 

Canada at the crossroads 108 

Canada Cavalcade ... , 113 

Canada in war-paint .. 109 

Canadian commercial revolution 109 

Canadian Federation 114 

Canadian heroes of pioneer days 103 

Canadian heroines of pioneer days ... 103 

Canadian mosaic 113 

Canadian Pacific railway 114 

Canadian problems 112 

Canadian ways 113 

Canadians .-- - 114 

Canal town 163 

Candle days 158, 228 

Candle in the sun 127 

CanfieM 0. F. Home fires in France . .. . 194 

Canfield, F. Refugee family 84 

Cannon, C. J. Fight for the pueblo 115 

Heirs ISO 

Lazaro in the pueblos 115 

Pueblo boy 131 

Pueblo girl 181 

Cant G. Great Pacific victory 204 

CantweE, R. Land of plenty..- 197 

Cape Horn snorter. , 155 

Capital 234 

Capitan 191 

Capitaine ~.. 91 

Capriana, K Nimble-legs 76 

Captain Caution 159 

Captain from Castile 117 

Captain Grant 172 

Captain John Smith 1S8 

Captain of the Andes 122 

Captain Paul l& 

Captain Sam Grant 175 

Captain Tripp ., 72 

Captains in conflict 191 

Caravans to Santa Fe ... 120 

Caribbean (Areraicsas} 128. 

Caribbean (Roberts) 211 

Caribbean area ISO 

Caribbean caravel , 208 

Caribbean danger zone .., 211 

Caribbean lands 209 

Carksadon, T. R. Measure of a nation ... 233 
Carlisle, N. Modern wonderbook of ships 232 

Modern wonderbook of trains and 

railroading 232 

Carlisle, N. V. Marines in review . , . 204 

Carlotta 119 

Carlton, M. M. Story of the Declaration 

of Independence ~ .. 162 

Carmen of the rancho 121 

Carraer, C. For the rights of men .... 222 
Carpenter, F. Caribbean lands 209 

The Pacific 209 

Carr, K. C. South American primer . .. 117 
Carr, M. J. Children of the covered 

wagon ~ 164 

Young Mac of Fort Vancouver 105 

Carrie Nation 192 

Carrier war . 204 

Carroll, G. Hist, in the writing 216 

Carroll, M* T. Keep my flag flying .. . ,. 164 

Man who could not wait 161 

Man who dared to care 134 

Carson, J. M. EL Son of thunder 145 

Cart of many colors 85 

Carter, G. F. When railroads were new 174 
Carter, H. Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen ... 21 
Carter, R. G. Brothers of the frontier.... 105 

King's spurs 39 

Carry on 84 

Carus, H. Metten of Tyre - 17 

Gary, M. Ancient explorers 87 

Case, J. Y. Written in sand 164 

Casselman, P. H. Labor dictionary . . 286 

Castaway island ~ 287 

Castle of the Hawk 40 

Catch a falling star.- - 14& 

Gather, K, D. Castle of the Hawk 40 

Gather, W. S. Death comes for the 

Archbishop 154 

Shadows on the rock- - 102 

Catherine . & 

Catherine of Aragon 61 

Catherwood, M. H. Old Knafcnkkm 185 

Story of Tonty 1 

Caudffl, R. Tree of freedom 145 

Caulaincourt, A. A. L. With Napoleon 

in Russia 74 

Causes and meanings of the Great War. 196 

Cavalcade of America .. 227 

CavaKer - OT 

Cavalier of Tennessee, ., .- ,..., 158 

Cave, mound and lake dweBers . 15 

Caverns of Sunset - 119 

Cavour ~~ Jf 

Cedar deer 128 

Cedric, the forester -.... 44 

Cendrars, B. Setter's gold - 174 

Central America and the Spanish Main 118 

Central America roundabout 1*8 

Century of political cartoons -., 217 

Cerf, B. A. 30 famous one-act plays 218 

Certain rich man .~ -.... 192 

Cervantes, Don Quixote. 6 

Challenge of Rnasia 

ChalSs, G. Golden knight, . 48 

Chambers, M. C. Iferee kings 96 

Champlain . 1* 

Cb&ndos, D. House in the SOB, ~. - 123 

VfllaKe in the son 128 

Change and crisis In European govern- 

znent ,,,....,...,.,........... .. ~>, ,..*.. ................... 220 

Changing winds. -. - 86 

Chattier, J. His messengers went forth 224 
Chapin. H. Adventures of Johnny 

Appleaeed ., 166 

Chapman, A- Pony express .. Ifi5 

Chapman, G. E. Colonial Hispanic 



Republic Hispanic America 128 

Chapman, H. J, Lords of Arcadia .. . 105 
Chapman' J. J. William Lloyd Garrison 174 

Chapman, M, Rogue's march 145 

Characters of the Reformation 61 

Charlemagne and his knights j>J> 

Charles George Gordon 79 

Charles tfie First 6 f 

Charles XII * 

Charming Sally - .. 159 

Charnley, M. V. Boys' life of Herbert 

Hoover 1** 

Boys' life of the Wright brothers ... 192 

Jean Lafitte 121 

Charnwood, G. R. B. Abraham Lincoln . 181 

Chase, A. Five arrows 123 

Chase, S. Men and machines 199 

Rich land, poor land 199 

Study of two Americas 128 

Tragedy of waste 199 

Chateau of the Swan 72 

Chatterton, E. K. Daring deeds of sea 

rovers 221 

Chen, S Sun Yat-sen 93 

Cherokee strip 193 

Chester, G. R. Get-rich-quick Walling- 

ford 190 

Chestry oak 99 

Chevigny, H, Lord of Alaska 79 

Gheyney, E. P. Dawn of a new era 47 

Readings in English hist 213 

Chiang Kai-shek, All we are and all we 

have 100 

Chiangs of China 100 

Chidsey, A. L. Odysseus, sage of Greece 25 

Romulus, builder of Rome 27 

Chidsey, D. B, Panama passage 190 

Chiera, E. They wrote in clay 21 

Chflde, V. G. New light on the most 

ancient East 21 

Childhood of the world 15 

Child-life in Colonial days 143 

Children of ancient Britain 38 

Children of ancient Gaul 28 

Children of God 166 

ChUdren of North Africa 91 

Children of South Africa 91 

Children of the cave 14 

Children of the Covenant 101 

Children of the covered wagon 164 

Children of the sun 121 

Childs, H. L. Nazi primer 93 

Chflds, M. W. Sweden, the middle way.... 93 

Child's story of the world 235 

China, country of contrasts 95 

Chinard, G. Honest John Adams 152 

China's first lady 95 

Chinese are like that 93 

Chippinge borough 78 

Chivalry 47 

Choate, F. Crimson shawl 105 

Five gold sovereigns 145 

Chowen, A. B. Living wild 183 

Ghrisman, A. B. Wind that wouldn't 

blow 17 

Christopher Columbus (Houben) 133 

Christopher Columbus (Potter) 133 

Chronicles of America Series 231 

Chula son of the mound builders 132 

Church, A. J. Stories from the Greek 

tragedians 218 

ChurchiH, W. Crossing 154 

Rachard Carvel 145 

Churchill, W. S. Blood, sweat and tears 100 

Unrelenting struggle 100 

Chute, H. Geoffrey Chaucer of England 47 

Innocent wayfaring 40 

Cicero 31 

Cicero and his friends 31 

fffiprmTmyi ,.,.. f ....... 184 

Cimbrians ...- 28 

Circle of the braves 132 

Circuit of Conquest. 211 


Citadel of a hundred stairways .. 126 

Cities of America "* 05 

Cities of refuge " 90 

Citizen Toussaint * 11 

City of the seven hills 31 

Civilization during the Middle Ages .... 46 

Civilizaton in transition 75 

Civilization of the ancient Egyptians . .. 21 

Civilization of the old Northwest 161 

Clansman 134 

Claremont, F. Catherine of Aragon . ] 61 
Clark, D. E. West in American hist. . . . 174 

Clark, E. T. Chiangs of China 100 

Clark, G. Place in the sun 79 

Clark, G. G. Thomas A. Edison 189 

Clark, I. Old days and old ways 143 

Clark, S. All the best in Central America 128 

Clark, T. B. Hawaii the 49th state 204 

Clark, W. B. Gallant John Barry 161 

When the U-boats came to America 196 

Clark, W. H. Railroads and rivers 174 

Classical myths that live today 26, 219 

Clay, C. Young voyageurs 105 

Clay, O. Treasure finders 132 

Claymore, T, Flare path 100 

Clayton, J. Luther and his work 61 

Saint Anselm 47 

Clear for action 150 

Clearing in the West m 

Cleaves, F. Old Tippecanoe 161 

Clemenceau 88 

Clemens, S. L. Connecticut Yankee in 

King Arthur's court 33 

Life on the Mississippi 174 

Personal recollections of Joan of Arc 50 

Prince and the pauper 40 

Clifford, H. C. In the days that are dead 80 
Clifton, V. M. Islands of Queen 

Wilhelmina 209 

Clinton, D. J. Gomez 128 

Clive of Plassey 69 

Cloak of folly 50 

Clodd, E. Childhood of the world 15 

Cloete, S. Against these three 93 

Turning wheels 76 

Watch for the dawn 80 

Cloister and the hearth 58 

Close pursuit 145 

Cloud cuckoo land 23 

Clouded star 171 

Clugston, K. Wilderness road 155 

Clum, W. Apache agent 183 

Clune, F. Isles of spice 209 

Clutch of the Corsican 70 

Coat for a soldier 151 

Coat of many colors 18 

Coate, M. Social life in Stuart England 69 
Coatsworth, E. J. Boy with the parrot..,. 123 

Door to the north 102 

First adventure 135 

Golden, horseshoe 135 

Here I stay 145 

Sword of the wilderness 105 

White horse 70 

Cobb, I. S. Paths of glory 194 

Coblentz, C. C. Beggars 4 penny 51 

Bells of Leyden sing 51 

Falcon of Eric, the Red 181 

Cocades 77 

Codfish musket 156 

Cody, H. A. Fighting-slogan 109 

King's arrow 105 

Cody, W. F. Autobiography of Buffalo 

Bill . .. 189 

Coe, D. Marconi 225 

Road to Alaska 204 

Coburn, W. Barbed wire 183 

Colby, C. W. Selections from the sources 

of English hist. 218 

Colby, M. Puerto Rico. 2J09 

Cold journey !* 

Cole, A. C. Irrepressible conflict 174 

Ode, F. C. Peoples of Malaysia, ~. 209 < 



Goleman, J. S. Sea and its mysteries ., 221 
Collier, V. Roland the warrior . . .34 
Collier, W. R. Reign of Soapy Smith . 192 
Collingwood, R. G. Roman Britain 37 

Collison-Moreley, L. Story of the Sforzas 61 
Coleman, E. Portugal, wharf of Europe 100 
Colonial background of the American 

Revolution . 142 

Colonial craftsman 227 

Colonial Hispanic America . ... 118 

Colonization of Canada 103 

Colony, H. Free forest 135 

Colum, P. Adventures of Odysseus . 25 

Legend of Saint Columba ,. . 37 

Voyagers 51 

Columbia Dictionary of modern 

European literature . 218 

Columbus sails ... . 133 

Colver, A. Listen for the voices 165 

Mr. Lincoln's wife 177 

Come and get it 166 

Comfort, M. H. Winter on the Johnny 

Smoker 183 

Peter and Nancy in South America 123 

Comfort, W. L. Apache 165 

Red fleece 84 

Comfort, W. W. "William Penn 143 

Coming of the white man 133 

Coming struggle for Latin America . 128 
Commager, H. S. Documents of American 

hist. 214 

Story of the second World War 216 

Commander of the mist 67 

Commercial atlas 217 

Commodore Barry 145 

Communicating ideas 223 

Company of adventures 108 

Comparative economic systems 233 

Complete opera book 219 

Composers in America 228 

Comrades of the Clouds 195 

Comstock, S. Roads to the Revolution. . 152 

Conestoga wagon 233 

Confederate portraits...- 181 

Conger, E. M. Ships of the fleet 204 

Congress of Vienna 79 

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's 

court S3 

Conway, A. Enchanted islands 210 

Conquered 28 

Conqueror (Atherton) 144 

Conqueror (Smith) 117 

Conqueror of the seas 63 

Conquerors of the river 188 

Conquest of Granada 2 

Conquest of Mexico 118 

Conquest of Hontezuma's empire, 118 

Conquest of New France 109 

Conquest of our western empire 175 

Conquest of Yucatan 117 

Conquests of invention 19S 

Conquistador - 115 

Conrad, J. Nostrome 124 

Conservation in the TJ. S. 200 

Conservation of natural resources 227 

Conservation reader 192 

Constantxn-Weyer, M. French adventurer 135 

Half-breed 110 

Constitution and the men who made H*... 153 

Constitution of Canada 118 

Constitution of ifce U. S. 158 

Constitutional issues in Canada 113 

Contemporary America since 1900 . .. 281 
Contemporary foreign governments . .. 220 
Controlling factors in economic develop- 
ment 230 

Cook, D, Educational ftTm guide 22S 

Coottoge, A. C. Origins of the Triple 

AlHance 82 

U. S. as a world power 196 

CooBdge, a Autobiography.., 198 

CooUdge, D. Arizona cowboys - 183 

Long rope - - 183 

Texas cowboys 

Coolidge, O. Greek myths 

Cooper, C. R. Last frontier ... . 


Cooper, J. F. Last of the Mohicans 

(The) Spy 


.. 189 
.. 217 
. 184 
... 184 
, 135 

Corbet, P. E." Canada and world politics 112 
Settlement of Canadian-American 

disputes 112 

Corcoran, C. Blackrobe 105 

Corle, E. Royal highway 143 

Cormack, M, Land for my sons 146 

Last clash of the Claymores 64 

Recruit for Abe Lincoln 177 

Road to down under . ... 76 

Underground retreat 96 

Corn king and spring queen 23 

Cornelia Chantrell 179 

Cornish, F. W. Chivalry 47 

Coronado and Quivira 118 

Coronado's children . . . . 116 

Correa da Costa, S. Every inch a king..,. 121 

Corsi, E. In the shadow of liberty 192 

Cortez and the conquest of Mexico 118 

Corti, E. C. Rise of the house of Roths- 
child 74 

Cory, H. Jesse James was my neighbor 184 

Coryefl, H. V. Indian brother 1S5 

Klondike gold. ,... 190 

Scalp hunters ... 1S5 

Coryn, M. Black eagle. * ... .' 47 

Cosmopolitan World atlas 217 

Cossacks . . . ... 93 

Costain, T. B. Black rose 40 

For my great foBy ~ 51 

Moneyman . . 51 

Cotes, S. J. D. Story of Sonny Sahib 76 

Cottier, J. Man with wings 61 

Coulter, J, G. Old France. 37 

Coulter, J. W. Fiji 210 

Council on foreign relations. Political 

handbook of the world 2S3 

Count BeLIsarius 28 

Count Frontenac and New France., . . 103 

Counterfeit African 33 

Courage over the Andes . 120 

Courageous companions 131 

Courageous heart ~ 175 

Courlander. H. Kantch3*s lime pit. 206 

Courts of the lion .... 77 

Covered wagon . 168 

Coward of Thermopylae 24 

Cowles, J. D. Our little Athenian cousin 22 

Our little Macedonian cousin 23 

Our little Roman cousin 27 

Our little Saxon cousin 34 

Crabb, A. L. Home to the Hermitage ... 155 

Lodging at the Saint Clood 177 

Mockingbird sang at Chickszaatiga .. 177 
Cradle of our nation Philadelphia . . .. 229 

Cradle of the storms 216 

Craik, D. M. John Halifax, geniiemaa 64 

Craine, E. J. Conquistador 115 

Victors - 115 

Crane, S. Red badge of courage 178 

Craven, T. Treasury of art masterpieces 218 
Crawford, F. M. In the palace of the 

King ~ 51 

Crawford, M, Little princesses 1 

Crawford, P. "HeBo, the boat" 15S 

Second shift ~ 2*1 

Crazy horae 178 

Creighton, D. G. Borainxra of the north 112 
Crespi, P. Mystery of the Mayan jewels 124 

Wings aver Central America. 128 

Cresses, W. P. Diplomatic portraits 79 

Grew, H. C, Lost king 28 

Shawl with silver befls 51 

Srnsring seeuaen 27 

Trojaa boy 23 

Under two eagles 88 

Crimson jester.- .... 12 

Crimson shawl ,* ,.* 166 



Crippled splendor 66 

Crispin, F. S. Dictionary of technical 

terms 225 

Criss, M. Dom Pedro of Brazil 121 

Isabella, young queen of Spain ... 61 

Jefferson's daughter 146 

Mary Stuart 61 

Pocahontas 135 

Cristina of old New York 135 

Critics and crusaders 222 

Croatan 131 

Crockett, L. H. Capitan m 

That Mario 206 

Cromwell (Belloc) 61 

Cross of gold 183 

Cross of peace 90 

Crossing 154 

Crouchbaek 58 

Crow, C. Chinese are like that 93 

Master Kung 38 

Crow, J. A. Epic of Latin America .. 128 

CroweH, P. First horseman 13 

Crown for Carlotta. . 120 

Crownfield, G. Alison Blair 185 

Cristina of old New York 185 

Diantha's signet ring 135 

Strong hearts and bold 136 

Crucibles 226 

Cruise of the Breadwinner 96 

Cruise of the Jeannette 189 

Cruise of the raider "Wolf' 87 

Crum, B. C. Behind the silken curtain .. 100 
Crump, G. C. Legacy of the Middle Ages 47 

Crump, I. Boys' book of cowboys 189 

Og son of fire 13 

Crusade (Byrne) 39 

Crusades (Archer) 47 

Crusades (Campbell) 47 

Crusades (Lamb) 48 

Cruse. A. Young folk's book of myths ... 218 

Cry of Dolores 120 

Cry of the thunderbird 174 

Cuba 210 

Cuba Libre 191 

Cunningham, A. S. Everything you want 

to know about the Presidents. 231 

Current Biography 223 

Curwood, J. O. Plains of Abraham.. . 105 
Cushman, JR. E. Leading constitutional 

decisions 214 

Custer, E. B. Boots and saddles 189 

Cutlass empire 207 

Cutright 129 

Cutts, E. L. Scenes and characters of 

the Middle Ages 47 

Cyclopedia of practical quotations 

(Hoyt) 219 

Daily life in Tudor times 62 

Dakar 94 

Dakes, B. K. Parcel of rogues .".". 61 

Dalgliesh, A. America begins 182 

Book for Jennifer 64 

They live in South America 129 

Daly, B. W. Soldier of the sea 71 

Danger on the coast 109 

Daniel, H. Broken dykes 51 

Head wind 186 

In favor of the king 61 

Islands of the East Indies 210 

Islands of the Pacific 210 

Red rose of Dunmore 52 

Shadow of the sword 52 

Shuttle and sword 40 

Daniel Boone (White) 162 

Daniel Boone, boy hunter 144 

Daniel Boone, pioneer 162 

Daniels, J. Man of Independence. 204 

Southerner discovers the South 199 

Danny and Prue. 112 


Darby, A. C. Keturah came 'round the 

Horn 165 

Sometimes Jenny Wren 155 

Yonder the Golden Gate 165 

Daring deeds of sea rovers 221 

Daringer, H. F. Debbie of the green gate 52 

Mary Montgomery, rebel 173 

Pilgrim Kate 52 

Dark frigate 65 

Dark sails 140 

Darling, E. Navarre of the North 84 

Darrow, J. Nathan Hale 152 

Daudet, A. Monday tales 76 

Pope's mule 40 

Daugherty, H. J. Abraham Lincoln 181 

Poor Richard 146 

Daugherty, S. All things new 197 

Broken song 84 

Way of an eagle 152 

Wings of glory 17 

Daughter of the Mountains 98 

Daughter of the Seine 74 

Dauntless liberator 122 

David Farragut 179 

David Livingstone (Eaton) 83 

David Livingstone (Finger) 79 

Davidman, J. War poems of the United 

nations 218 

Davidson, P. E. Source textbook in 

American hist. 214 

Davie, M. B. World immigration 233 

Davies, A. M. Clive of Plassey 69 

Davies, R. Time to laugh 90 

Davis, B. E. Scotchtown tale 155 

Davis, C. B. Nebraska coast . 165 

Davis, E. A. Legends from the valley of 

Mexico 118 

Davis, F. How war came 199 

Davis, J. No other white men.. 161 

Peter Hale 186 

Davis, J. F. Road to San Jacinto . ... . 165 

Davis, EL S. Soldier of democracy 204 

Davis. M. L. We are Alaskans 192 

Davis, R. Pepperfoot of Thursday market 90 

That girl of Pierre's 97 

Davis, R. H. Canada Cavalcade 113 

Hudson Bay express 110 

Young Winston Churchill 93 

Soldiers of fortune 124 

Davis, R. J. Boys* life of Grover Cleve- 
land 189 

Davis, W. S. Beauty of the purple 84 

Belshazzar 17 

Day in old Athens 25 

Day in old Rome 81 

Friar of Wittenberg 52 

Friend of Caesar 27 

Oilman of Bedford 186 

God wills it 40 

Life in Elizabethan days 61 

Life on a Medieval barony 47 

Readings in ancient hist. Book 1 213 

Readings in ancient hist. Book IE.. . 213 

Roots of the war 88 

Victor of Salamis 28 

Whirlwind 71 

White Queen 40 

Davison, H. P. Amer. Red Cross in the 

Great War 196 

Davy Crockett 176 

Davy Farragut 182 

Davy Jones's locker. 166 

Dawn boy of the pueblos 117 

Dawn of a new era 47 

Dawn of conscience 21 

Dawn over zero 205 

Dawn's early light 151 

Dawson, C. Carry on 84 

Dawson, R. M. Constitutional issues 

in Canada 118 

Democratic Government in Canada... 118 

Dawson, W. J. War eagle, 84 

Day before. 



Day in a Colonial home 143 

Day in old Athens 25 

Day in old Rome 81 

Day of battle 67 

Day of immense sun 117 

Days and nights 99 

Days before hist. . ... .... 13 

Days of Alcibiades 24 

Days of Ofelia 124 

Deadwood gold 176 

Dean, G. M. Wings over the desert . 201 

Dean, L. W. Green mountain boy 146 

Guns over Champlain . . . 155 

Knight of the Revolution . .. 146 

Old Wolf .. 152 

Dean, V. M. Europe and the U. S 220 

De Angeli, M. L. Door in the waB 40 

Death comes for the Archbishop . 164 

Death in the desert 121 

Debby Barnes, trader . . 141 

Debbie of the green gate 52 

Decatur, D. D. Two young Americans 

in Mexico 124 

Decatur 161 

Decatur of the old navy 162 

Declaration of Independence 152 

Deep forest 126 

Deeper the heritage . 106 

Deeping, W. Man on the white horse 34 

Defender of democracy . 94 

Defending America 200 

Defense of the castle 36 

Defoe, D. Life and adventures of 

Robinson Crusoe 206 

Degenhard, W. Regulators 146 

De Joinvflle, V. Memoirs of the Crusades 47 

DeKalb, E. Far enough 76 

Dekker, M. Beggar's revolt 52 

De Kruif, P. Seven iron men 189 

De La Rhue, T. Spanish trails 119 

De la Roche, M. Quebec, historic seaport ID'S 

Delayen, G. Cicero 31 

Delecta Ann 169 

DeLeeuw, C. Dutch East Indies and 

the Philippines 210 

Java jungle tales 206 

Democratic government in Canada 113 

Democracy in the making 174 

Denison, B. W. Alaska today 204 

Dennison, M. Advancing America 174 

Derleth, A. W. Restless is the river 165 

Wind over Wisconsin 165 

Dermenghen, E. Life of Mohamet 38 

Dermot of the bright weapons 13 

De Ronde, P, Paraguay 121 

Deserts on the "march 201 

De Seversky, A. P, Victory through air 

power 199 

De Shields, J. T. TaH men with long 

rifies 166 

Desmond, A, C. For cross and country.,.. 115 

Glamorous Dolly Madison, 156 

Jorge's journey 124 

Martha Washington 152 

DeSoto and the Conquistadores 118 

Deutsch, B. (The) Welcome. 201 

DevSerk ...... 93 

Development of Japan 94 

De Witt Clinton -.. 161 

DeWohl, L. Imperial renegade 27 

Quiet light 40 

Diamant, G. Days of Ofelia 124 

Diantha's signet ring 135 

Diaz, L. A. Enriqufta 124 

Dibble, R. F. Mohammed ...... 38 

Dick, E. Sod-house frontier 189 

Dick, L Wild orchard 76 

Dickens, C. Barnaby Rudge 64 

Hard times ~ 76 

Tale of two cities 71 

Dickinson, G. I*. Greek view of life. 25 

Dictators and democrats. 93 

Dictionary of egomoiy*^*' ............_..... 224 


Dictionary of "tgch*3il terms ................ 225 

Dietz, D. Story of science .............. 225 

Dietz, F. C. Industrial revolution, ......... 74 

Digging in the Southwest .............. 118 

Digging in Yucatan ................ 118 

Dike, H. Stories from the great Metro- 

politan operas ..... .......... 218 

Dilts, M. M. Telephone in a changing 

world ....................... ... . .......... 232 

Dinwoodie, H. Storms on the Labrador 110 
Diplomat in carpet slippers ......... 182 

Diplomatic background of the war ..... 83 

Diplomatic hist, of the American people 199 
Diplomatic portraits ................. ... .. ....... 79 

Discovering design ........................ 218 

Discovery of Canada. ............................. HJ3 

Disraeli .............................................. 79 

Disraeli and Gladstone .................... 79 

Ditmars, R. L. Forest of adventure .. . 124 
Divine, A, D. Tunnel from <"^*Hfa ..... 97 

Divine, D. King of Fasaarai ..... ............ 206 

Dix, B. M. Blithe McBride ......... .......... 136 

Hugh Gwyeth. ............................ ______ 64 

Little captive lad ......................... 64 

Merrylips ... ..64 

Soldier Rigdale. .. ........................ 136 

Dixon, T. Clansman ...................... . 184 

Man in grey .................... ~ ........ 178 

Dizzy ............................... ....... 78 

Dobie, J. F. Coronado's children ..... 116 

Documentary source book of American 
hist. .................... ............ .. .- 215 

Documents and readings in the hist, of 

Europe since 1918 ............ _ ............ 213 

Documents of American hist. ........ 214 

Documents on American foreign relations 215 
Dorfman, J. Economic mind in Ameri- 
can civilization . ___ ..................... . ...... 228 

Dog at his heels ..... ........... ................... 124 

Dog of war ...................... . ................. ,. ... 202 

Dog-puncher of the Yukon ..... .. .. , ------- 198 

DoHy Madison .. _ ............. ........ -.. . ..... 161 

Dom Pedro .............................................. 122 

TVtrn Pedro of Brazil. .......... .............. ....... 121 

Dominion of th^ north ......... , ....... . ....... 112 

Don Quixote...... ................... ., . ............ 50 

Dona Isabella's adventures ................ 50 

Donauer, F. Long defense .......... -52 

Swords against Carthage. ........ 27 

Doneghy, D. Border .............. 166 

Doone, R. Red beards of YeBow River. . 90 
Door m the wall .~ ........... . ..................... 40 

Door to the north . ----------- ........... .. 192 

Doorway in Antigua .................... 129 

Doubloons .................................... -. ........... 192 

Douglas, D. Black Douglas, ......... . .......... 48 

Douglas, L. C. The Robe. ........ _ -------------- 27 

Dowdey, C. Bugles blow no more ......... 178 

Gamble's hundred . .... ......... ................. 136 

Tidewater ............... - ............................ 178 

Down Ryton water .................... . ................. .. 137 

Down the big river..... .................................. 167 

Down the Ohio ...................................... 1S4 

Down the Ohio with <3ark ...... . ......... 189 

Downer, M. Discovering design ..... ...... 218 

Downes, H. S. Fffippo the Jongleur. ..... .... 41 

Downey, F. A. Portrait of an era ........... 192 

Downey, F. D. Army mute, ........................ 184 

Dog of war. ......................................... 288 

Jesebel tfce Jeep ............... ...., ........... 282 

War horse ........................ ........ -.. 85 

Downing, J. H. Hope of living .............. 184 

Doyle, A. a Micah dark* ------- .............. 64 

_ Refugees .............. . ............................... 65 

White company...- ....................... ----- 41 

Dr. George Washington Carver ........... 139 

Drago, H. S. Stagecoach kingdom ........... ITS 

Dragon prows westward- ............ , .......... 182 

Dragouet, B. pseud. see Williamson, T, R. 
Dragon-flies .......... - ..................... ............. 86 

's lad. ............ ~ 

Drake's quest........ 





Bream of Philip H 62 

Dred 173 

Drepperd, C. W. Pioneer America 143 

Driggs, H. R. Pony express goes through 166 
Driggs, H. R. Bise of the Lone Star ... 174 
Driggs, L, L. Adventures of Arnold 

Adair 194 

Drina 76 

Driscoll, C. B. Doubloons 102 

Drugs you use 226 

Druker, P. P. New society 230 

Drummer boy of Burma 82 

Drums 145 

Drums along the Mohawk 146 

Drums beat in old Carolina 141 

Drums in the dawn 149 

Drums in the forest 105 

Drums of Dambala 206 

Drums of destiny 206 

Drums of Monmouth 141 

Drums of morning 173 

Duffus, R. L. Santa Fe trail 232 

Duggan, L. The Americas 129 

Duggan, S. Latin America 129 

Duke 79 

Dulles, F. R. Eastward ho ! 65 

Labor in America 230 

Dumas, A. Black tulip 65 

Three Musketeers 52 

Dunbar, A. Light bearers 25 

Dunbar, R. Swallow 85 

Dunbar, S. Hist, of travel in America.. . 232 

Duncan, D. Serpent's egg 202 

Dunham, A. Political unrest in Canada.... 108 

Dunlap, M. Stories of the Vikings 34 

Dunlap, O. E. Radar 225 

Dunn, H, H. Crimson jester 129 

. Dunner, J. Republic of Israel 100 

Dunsing, D. Swamp shadows 166 

Durandal 43 

Durant, W. J. Story of civilization 21 

Story of civilization Greece 25 

Story of philosophy 223 

Duranty, W. I write as I please. 93 

U.S.S.R. 100 

Dust of Mexico 126 

Dust on my heart 125 

Dust on the King's highway 162 

Dutch East Indies and the Philippines.. . 210 
DuVal, M. P. And the mountains will 

move 192 

Duvoisin, R. A. Four corners of the 

wor ld 116 

They put out to sea 61 

Dwight, A. Drums in the forest 105 

Kentucky cargo 155 

Linn Dickson, Confederate 178 

Dyer, W. A. Ben, the battle horse 195 

Sprigs of hemlock 146 

Dynamite cargo. 202 


Each bright river 170 

Eagle in the sun 119 

Eagle of Guatemala 120 

Eagle of the Sea 156 

Eagles fly West 163 

Eagle's quest. 66 

Eagles roar! 100 

Eamon d Valera 94 

Earte, A. M. Child life in Colonial days 143 

Home life in Colonial days 143 

Stagecoach and tavern days 152 

Earle, E. M. Federalist 152 

Early American inns and taverns 233 

Early candlelight 106 

Early days in Canada, 103 

Early days in Ohio 155 

Early economic effects of the war upon 

Canada. 114 

Early man in the new world. 16 


Early tales of the Atomic age 226 

Earth beneath 77 

Earth is the Lord's .' 39 

Earth never tires igg 

Earth's grandest rivers .. 221 

East of southwest 207 

East of the giants 173 

Eastman, F. One-act plays of spiritual 

power 224 

Eastward ho! 65 

Eastward sweeps the current 207 

Eaton, E. In what torn ship . . . 206 

Restless are the sails 13$ 

Eaton, E. S. M. Sea is so wide 105 

Eaton, J. Betsy's Napoleon 71 

Daughter of the Seine 74 

David Livingstone 83 

The Flame 47 

Gandhi fighter without a sword 93 

Jeanne D'Arc 47 

Leader of destiny 152 

Narcissa Whitman 166 

That lively man, Franklin 146 

Young Lafayette 152 

Ebers, G. Egyptian Princess 17 

Uarda 17 

Echols, U. W. Knights of Charlemagne 34 

Eckardt, H. Ivan the Terrible 61 

Eckel, P. E. Far East since 1500 234 

Eckenrode, H. J. Jefferson Davis 181 

Eclipse 101 

Economic aspects of the Monroe Doctrine 130 
Economic consequences of the peace .... 94 
Economic geography of the U.S.S.R. 221 
Economic mind in American civilization 228 

Economics for the millions 229 

Eddy, S. Challenge of Russia 93 

Edge, N. N. Turgut lives in Turkey 90 

Edge of time 184 

Edmonds, W. D. Drums along the 

Mohawk 146 

Erie water 166 

Matchlock gun 136 

Rome haul 166 

Edmondston, C. M. King's man 41 

Ragged staff 52 

Education of a Princess 83 

Educational film guide 223 

Edward, H. S. Eneas Africanus 184 

Edwards, E. J. "Whale off! 166 

Effects of atomic weapons 226 

Egan, M. F, Everybody's St. Francis... . 47 

Eggleston, G. C. Long knives 146 

Warrens of Virginia 178 

Egenhard, Life of Charlemagne. 38 

Ehrlich, L. God*s angry man 166 

Eight April days 178 

Eight republics in search of a future ... 129 

Egypt and her neighbors 20 

Egypt, the land of the Temple builders.. 22 

Egyptian < 20 

Egyptian Princess 17 

Ekrem, S. Turkey, old and new 100 

Eleanor of Aauitane ,..* 48 

Eleanor Roosevelt 203 

Eli Terry 138 

Elliot, K. M. Boy of Bali 206 

EUsberg, E. Captain Paul 146 

Cruise of the Jeannette 189 

"I have just begun to fight!" 147 

Pigboats 195 

Under Red Sea sun 100 

Eliot, EL Roses for Mexico 116 

'Eliot, G. F. Bombs bursting in air 93 

Elizabeth the gallant 50 

Elizabeth the Tudor Princess 56 

Elizabethan life in town and country. . .. 61 

Elizabethan - people 62 

Bison, J. M. Scarlet sash 105 

Siting-, M. Battles and how they are won 225 

First book of Indians 132 

Trains at work 282 

Trucks at work ., 282 


Elwood, M. Deeper the heritage 106 

Heritage of the river 106 

Towards the stinsefc 106 

Emancipation of the Medieval towns 47 

Embury, L. Listening man 34 

Emeralds for the King . . 67 

Emergence of Modern America . 190 

Emerson, C. D. Indian hunting grounds 136 

Emery, A. Tradition 202 

Emery, R. G. Robert E. Lee 181 

Eminent Europeans 92 

Eminent Victorians 80 

Emmons, D. F. G. Sacajawea of the 

Shoshones 155 

Empire and the glory 73 

Empire and the sea 74 

Emperor's nephew 35 

Emperor's physician ... 28 

Enchanted islands . 210 

Encyclopedia of the social sciences 223 

Encyclopedia of world hist 234 

End in Africa ^ 205 

Enduring Federalists .. , 152 

Enemy brothers . 99 

England muddles through. ... ... 95 

England of Charles II 68 

England to America . 86 

England tinder the Tudors 61 

England's Elizabeth . 63 

Englebrecht, H. C. Merchants of death 88 

English folk heroes 48 

English men and manners in the 18th 

century 69 

Enriquita 124 

Ensor, R. C. EL Miniature hist, of the 

war 100 

Entanglements 89 

Epic Kings 21 

Epic of !Lfr**Ti America 128 

Epicurus my master 29 

Epstein, S. Burma road 100 

Era of the French Revolution 74 

Era of the Protestant revolution 62 

Erasmus of Rotterdam . . 63 

Erdznan, L. G. Edge of tune 184 

Eric the Red 38 

Erie water 166 

Erling the bold 33 

Erskine, D. Russia's story 234 

Erskine, L. Y. Comrades of the clouds... 195 

Ervine, St. J. G. Changing winds 85 

Escape to danger 157 

Escott-Inman, H. E. Wnlnoth the 

wanderer , 34 

Eskimo summer 110 

Esther 19 

Estorick, I. Stafford Crips 100 

Etherton, P. T. Across the great deserts 221 

Euripides and his age 26 

Europe and the U. S 220 

Europe in modern times , 220 

Europe since 1914 92 

European hist. 220 

European possessions in the Caribbean. . 211 
Evans, E. R. G. Noel Howard, mid- 
shipman ,. . 71 

Evans, H. North to the unknown . .., 106 

Evans, L. H. Virgin Islands 210 

Evans, T. Bevin of Britain 100 

Evatt, H. Sozette's family 110 

Evatt, BL V. Task of nations 234 

Eve of the French Revolution 74 

Evernden, H. Knight of Florence 41 

Eversoo, F. Me. Early days in Ofcio ... 155 

Every TTV?T* a King 121 

Everybody's Peyps 69 

Everybody's St. Francis 47 

Everyday life in ancient Greece. 26 

Everyday life in Anglo Saxon, Viking, 

yar{ Norman yrmgg 83 

Everyday life in Homeric Greece 26 

Everyday life in Rome 82 

Everyday life in Roman Britain S3 


Everyday life in the new stone, bronze 

ages 16 

Everyday life in the old stone age . . 16 

Everyday things in America 143 

Everyday things in Archaic Greece 26 

Everyday things in Classical Greece .. . 26 
Everything you want to know about the 

Presidents 231 

Evolution of modern Latin America . . 122 
Evolution of the Dominion of Canada 113 
Ewen T D. American composers of today 227 
Exciting adv. of Captain John Smith 143 

Expansion of Europe . 83 

Exploration of the Pacific . . . 221 

Explorers, soldiers and statesmen . 103 

Exquisite siren 147 

Eyre, K. W. Another spring 52 

Eye-witness of Mexico 129 

Fables of Aesop ................. 219 

Factories in the fields ...... 200 

Fadiman, E. Voice and the light ... 52 
Fairbanks, H. W. Conservation reader 192 
Fairchfld, EL P. Economics for the 

millions ....... , ..... . 229 

Falcon fly back ............. 50 

Falk, E. A. Togo and the rise of Japan- 
ese sea power ... . ............. 83 

Falcon of Erie, the Red ....... 131 

Falconer's son ........................ 86 

Falcons of France .................... . .... 86 

Fall of the Inca empire ............. 118 

Fall of the Russian empire .......... 96 

Famous American athktes ................. 221 

Famous first facts . , ................... 223 

Famous generals of the Great War . ... 196 

Famous leaders of industry ... . . 200 

Fanale, F. A. Mediterranean spotlights.. 210 
Far East since 1500 . ................ 2S4 

Far enough . . ............ 76 

Fargo, L. F. Prairie Chantauqna . . 1S1 
Faris, J. T. Nolichucky Jack ........ 155 

Farjepn, E. Ten Saints ....................... 224 

Farming in America .............. 227 

Farad, J. Jade of destiny ............ 53 

John o* the green . ., ......... 41 

Bang liveth ...................... ........... 84 

Fast, H. American . ...................... 184 

Goethals and the Panama Canal . .. . 192 

Haym Salomon ................................. 147 

Last Frontier . ..._ .......... ~ ................... 184 

My glorkms brothers .................... 17 

Romance of a people. ...................... 21 

Tafl Hunter ..................... 1S6 

Unvanauisbed . . .......... -.. 147 

Proad and the free ................... . ..... 147 

(The) Father ............................ 164 

Father of Texas .. ... .......................... 174 

Fathers of the RevotutiozL ....... ~ ......... 143 

Faulkner, H. U. Quest for social justice 192 
Fax, K C. Sitting Bull .................... 184 

Fay, B. Roosevelt and his America ... . 199 

Fay, a B. Origins of the World War .... 196 

Feathered cape, ....................... - *. 26 

Fedden, EL W. Manor life in old France 61 
Federalist ............................. 1SS 

FeBowes, E. C. Stories of the stone age 13 
Fellows, M. H. Little magic painter . IS 
Fefeen, G. Jungle highway ............ 124 

Some foBow the sea ............... 202 

Straggle is our brother ............. 97 

Submarine sailor .............. . ........ 232 

Fenton, A. H. Oliver Hazard Perry. . 11 
Fenton, E, Akfco's Jfiiand .................... 206 

Ferber, E, Cimarros ,. ................... -. 184 

Gome and get it 


Ferdinand and 

Ferguson,, J. H. American federal 

Fergnsson, B. Cfcfca, 


. 21t 



Fergusson, H. Bio Grande 121 

Fernald, H. C. Smoke blows west 185 

Ferns-worth, L. Dictators and democrats 93 

Festival at Meron 20 

Fetherstonhaugh, R. C. Royal Canadian 

police 113 

Feuchtwanger, L. Josephus 18 

Ficke, A. D. Mrs. Morton of Mexico 124 

Fiddling cowboy 187 

Field, K. Yellow bird 53 

Field, R. L. Calico bush 136 

Field, W. T. Finding the new world 132 

Field of honor 70 

Fields, H. Refugee in the II. S 229 

Fifth for the King 116 

Fifty-five men 153 

Fifty-four forty or fight 168 

Fight for the pueblo 115 

Fighters for freedom 222 

Fighters for peace 88 

Fighting blood 81 

Fighting for freedom 216 

Fighting French 100 

Fighting frigate 157 

Fighting frontiersman 144 

Fighting-slogan 109 

Fiji 210 

Filibuster (Gerould) 191 

Filibuster (Greene) 122 

Fflippo the jongleur 41 

Finder of fire 14 

Finding new homes in Canada 108 

Finding the new world 132 

Fineman, X. Ruth 18 

Finger, C. J. Cape Horn snorter 155 

Courageous companions 131 

David Livingstone 79 

Dog at his heels 124 

Give a man a horse 124 

Heroes from Hakluyt. 61 

Tales from silver lands 116 

When guns thundered at Tripoli ... 155 

Firdausi, Epic Kings 21 

Fire and ice . 14 

Fire on the Andes 128 

Fire over England. 57 

Fireside book of folk songs 218 

First adventure 135 

First Americans 144 

First book of the Indians 132 

First Christmas crib 44 

First days of History , 21 

First days of knowledge. 16 

First horseman 13 

First hundred thousand 84 

First Thanksgiving 184 

First year ! 139 

Fish, C. R. American diplomacy 196 

Fisher, L. You and the United Nations . . 234 

Fisher, V. Children of God 166 

( (The) mothers 166 

Fishermen at war 101 

FIske, J. Beginnings of New England . . 143 

Fitch, F. M. Allah 38 

One God, the ways we worship him 224 

Their search for God 224 

Fitzgerald, P. I*. Trail of the ragged fox 137 
Fitzgerald, S. E. Communicating: ideas 223 

Five arrows 123 

Five gold sovereigns 145 

Five great philosophies of life 25 

Fix Bayonets! 195 

Flag of the U. S. 153 

Flags of all nations 221 

Flags of dawn~ 43 

Flags over Quebec 108 

Flame, Saint Catherine of Siena* 47 

Flame of courage 106 

Flaming arrow , 120 

Flare path ?.. 100 

Fleet in the forest ." '. 157 

Fletcher, I. C. Bennett's welcome 65 

Men of Albermarle 147 


Toil of the brave 147 

Flexner, J. T. America's old masters 227 

Flexner, M. W. Drina 75 

Flight into oblivion 185 

Flight of an Empress 83 

Flight of the Heron 64 

Flight to Arras 101 

Fling, F. M. Source problems of the 

French Revolution 213 

Flood fighters 198 

Florence Nightingale 79 

Floherty, J. J. Aviation from the ground 

up 225 

Florian, the Emperor's stallion 82 

Foa, E. Boy life of Napoleon 71 

Fog magic 112 

Foldes, J. Street of the Fishing cat 90 

Follett, H. Islands on guard 210 

Men of the Stdu sea 206 

Ocean outposts 210 

Following the flag 229 

Folly farm 154 

Foote, K. S. Walk about down under. . 93 

Footlights afloat 186 

Footprints of early man 16 

Footprints of the dragon 171 

For Charlemagne! 33 

For cross and country 115 

For faith and freedom 63 

For flag and freedom 157 

For my great folly 51 

For Texas and freedom 173 

For the glory of France 102 

For the rights of men 222 

Forbes, E. Johnny Tremain 147 

Paradise 137 

Paul Revere and the world he lived 

in 152 

Forbes, R. Eight republics in search of 

a future 129 

Henry Morgan, pirate 206 

Ford, E. Larry Scott of the Sun 202 

Ford, F. M. Little less than gods 71 

Ford, P. L. Janice Meredith 147 

Foreign governments 284 

Foreign intervention in the independence 

of New Spain 122 

Foreigner looks at the T V A 200 

Forest of adventure 124 

Forest of swords 84 

Forester, C. S. Beat to Quarters 120 

Lord Hornblower 71 

Rifleman Dodd and the gun 71 

(The) Ship 97 

Ship of the Line 71 

Forestier, A. Roman soldier 31 

Forever free 180 

Forever possess 140 

Forever the farm 176 

Forging the pikes 108 

Forgotten ally 101 

Forgotten daughter 29 

Forgotten Finca .. 128 

Foreman, I*. L. Road to San Jacinto 167 

Forman, S. West Point 231 

Forman, S. E. Rise of commerce and 

industry 230 

Sidelights on our social and economic 

hist. 214 

Fort Hall on the Oregon trail 174 

Fort Sumter 181 

Fortress islands of the Pacific 210 

Fortunate islands 211 

Fortune's fool ~ 67 

Fortunes of Garin f 

Fortunes of war 194 

Forty days of Musa Dagh , 87 

Forty days to Santa F6 172 

Forty famous composers 220 

Forward ho! 1J 

Foster, G. S. Abraham Lincoln 181 

Abraham Lincoln's world 174 

Augustus Caesar's world 31 


George Washington 152 

George Washington's world 152 

Foster, H. L. Adv. of a tropical tramp.. . 124 

Foundation of America 214 

Four cents an acre 162 

Four corners of the world 116 

1492 ;;.;.;;; 54 

Fowler, B. B. Lord helps those 110 

Fowler, H. N. Picture book of sculpture 218 

Forward the nation 159 

Fox, D. Cavalcade of America 227 

Fox, G. M. Sir Wilfred Grenfell 113 

Fox, B. Great men of medicine 225 

Fox, B. W. Lenin 93 

Men of turmoil 93 

Fox fire 141 

Francisco de Toledo 119 

Francisco Franco 92 

Franck, H. A. Trailing Cortez through 

Mexico 116 

Marco Polo, junior 90 

Vagabonding down the Andes 125 

Frank, B. Lost heritage 90 

Man called Cervantes 53 

Franklin, B. Autobiography 152 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 200 

Fraser, H. B, Democracy in the making 174 
Fraser, L. M. Germany between two wars 93 

Fray Mario 116 

Frederick the Great (Gooch) 69 

Frederick the Great (Reddaway) 69 

Free forest 135 

Free land 186 

Free men shall stand 141 

Free soil !..*.!. .". '. .'..". ',""". 170 

Freedom Farewell I 27 

Freedom's flag 162 

Freemantle, A. James and Joan 53 

Fremont 176 

French, A. Heroes of Iceland 38 

Lost baron. 41 

Bed keep 41 

Story of Rolf and the Viking's bow 13 
French, M. P. Boughs bend down,,.. 106 

French adventurer 135 

French Canada 112 

French revolution (Madelin) 74 

French revolution (Mathews) 74 

French revolution (Thompson) 75 

French revolution (Wheeler) 75 

Frenssen, G. Peter Moor's journey to 

Southwest Africa 81 

Fresh wind blowing 109 

Freund, G. P. Wonders of the sea 221 

Friar of Wittenberg 52 

Friend of Caesar 27 

Frisbie, F. Miss Ulysses from Puka-Puka 206 

Frisbie, B. D. Amaru ~ 206 

Frischauer, P. Prince Eugene 69 

Friskey, M. Thad Lincoln and the green 

umbrella 178 

From cave painting to comic strip 219 

From isolation to leadership. 196 

From moccasins to wings 232 

From star to star 55 

From this hfll look down 198 

From travois to iron rail 233 

Frontier days. >. 190 

Frontier in American hist. 176 

Frontier law. 196 

Frontier passage 89 

Frost and fire Ill 

Frye, P. Game of empires 71 

Fuentes, G. L. 13 Indio 125 

Fuller, E. John Milton , 65 

Star pointed North ~ 167 

Fuller, I. Shining trail 155 

CTuton, B. Davy Jones' locker..,. 156 

Moccasin trafl , 167 

Fun and festivals from the other 

Americas 1W 

Pumas, <X C. Next hundred years 225 

Fuss **> feathers - 175 

Gable, J. H. Boy's book of exploration 61 
Gabriel, B. H. Pageant of America .......... 232 

Gaggin, E. R. Down Byton water ........... 187 

Gaidar, A. P. Timur and his gang ... 97 
Gaines, R. Village shield ........... " ...... 125 

Gaither, F. O. Painted arrow ................... 1S7 

Bed cock crows ............................... 167 

Scarlet coat ...... ...... .................... 1S7 

Galapagos bound ! . .. ..... 208 

Gale, E, Julia Valeria .................. ...... 27 

Winged boat ........................... 137 

Galewood crossing .................................. 172 

Gallant general ............ ______ ............... 72 

Gallant John Barry .............. _____ ......... 161 

Gallant years . . .................... 58 

Galleon from Manila .......................... 207 

Gallipoli ....................... . ............ 85 

Gallup, G. H. Guide to public opinion ygfl 
Gallus .................................... SO 

Gait, T. How the United Nations works 216 
Volcano ...... ___ ...... .................... 129 

Gamble's hundred ..................................... 136 

Game of empires ..................... ...... .. ...... 71 

Gamester .. ...................... . ., ...... , ...... . 67 

Gandhi fighter without a sword ............ 93 

Gandy, W. In the days of the Lion- 
heart .. ................................................... 41 

Gard, R. E- Johnny Chinook ............ ,. 110 

Gardiner, D. Great betrayal. ____ ......... 18& 

Snow-water ., ~ . ___ ...................... 185 

Gardiner, E. N. Greek athletic sports 
and festivals ........................ 25 

Gardner, ~EL Art through the ages ........ 218 

Garibaldi (Baker) ................................... 75 

Garibaldi (Burton) .......................... 79 

Garibaldi and the Thousand .................. SD 

Garland, H. Book of American Indian.... 132 

Trap-makers of the Middle Border. 167 
Garland, J. Story of medicine. ...... . ..... ~ 225 

Garnett, D. Pocahontas ..................... 143 

Garnsey, M. E. America's new frontier 2*4 
Garrard, P. Jenny's secret island .......... 266 

Garst, D. S. Eft Carson ......... ................ 174 

Sitting Bull .......... - ............. ...... ~ ..... 185 

Story of Buffalo Bffl ................... .... 189 

Three conquistadores ................. US 

Garst, S. Crazy hoarse ................... ~ ------ 178 

Ouster ................................. .......... - ...... 185 

Garth, D. Bermuda caffing ....................... 2if 

Gasoline age . ........ ~ ................. - ...... 2BS 

Gasquet Carding Rule of St. Benedict... *8 
Gateway to American hist. .............. ..... 182 

Gatti, A. Wrath of Moto .................... SQ 

Gauvreau, E. H. Billy Mitchell .............. 193 

Gay, I*. TJnspeakabks ......... .................... 

Gay Madekm ...... .......... - ........................... Ill 

Gay melody ....... ~ ............... -.- .............. 1 

Gaytey, C. H. Classic myths in English 
literature and art ._ .................. 218 

Gaynor, F. Pocket encyclopedia of 

atomic energy .......... ~ ........ ......... 225 

Gebter, B. Ptymootfc adventure ---------- -.. 1*J 

General George S. Patten ............. - ........ 26 

Genesis of the World War ........................ fg 

Gentian hffl ............................ ---- 

Gentle warrior ................................... JJf 

Gentleman adventurer ......................... ~ 111 

Gentleman ranker .............. - ................. Iff 

Gentlemen, hush! ....... . ...................... ... 188 

Geoffrey Cbawer of England ......... ..... r - 47 

basis of American economic 

in American 

Geographic faetoxs 
Geographic influences 
political hist. .......... ~ 

Geography of Europe ...... 

George Bogers dark 
George VI. ....................... 

George Washington ..... ..... 

Geoxge Washington's ^rorid 


Gerard, F. Malta magnificent 100 

Gerard, J. W. My four years in Germany 83 

Gere, P. K. Boy of Babylon 18 

Germany between two wars 93 

Gerould, G. H. Filibuster 191 

Gerwig, G. W. Declaration of 

Independence ... 152 

Gessar Khp 63 

Get-rich-quiek Wallingford 190 

Getting and spending 228 

Gettysburg 181 

Giants in the earth 187 

Gibbon, J. M. Canadian mosaic US 

Steel of empire 113 

Gibbons, H. A. New map of Africa 83 

New map of Asia 83 

New map of Europe 83 

New map of South America 121 

Gibbs, G. F. Flame of courage 106 

Road to Bagdad 93 

Gibbs, P. H. Cities of refuge 90 

Cross of peace 90 

Long alert 97 

This nettle danger 90 

Gibson, K. Arrow fly home 137 

Bow bells 41 

Oak tree house 53 

Gift of the golden cup 28 

Gift of the river 19 

Gilbert, J. Imps and angels 41 

Gilbert, K. Arctic venture 202 

Gilbert, M. Jade brings luck 13 

Giles, A. F. Roman civilisation 31 

Giles of the Mayflower 134 

Gill, R. C. Story of the other Americas 129 

Gfllett, J. B. Texas ranger 189 

Gilman, A, Magna Charta stories 41 

Gilman of Redford 136 

Gilmore, M. R. Prairie smoke 131 

Girl in the white armor 58 

Girl who ran for president 186 

Girl who ruled a kingdom 48 

Girondin 70 

Giry, A. P. Emancipation of the 

Medieval towns 47 

Give a man a horse 124 

Give me a river 171 

Give me liberty 148 

Given, M. Modern eneyc. of cooking 218 

Glamorous DoHy Madison 155 

Glass 191 

Glass house of prejudice 204 

Glasscock, C. B. Gasoline age 233 

Gold in them falls 189 

Then came oil 192 

War of the copper kings 192 

Glasgow Farragut 182 

Gleam in the North 64 

Gleitsmann, H. Niko'a mountains 97 

Glover, T, R. World of the New 

Testament 21 

Glory of the seas 137 

Glory that was Greece . 26 

Glory-hunter 190 

Glueek, N- River Jordan 21 

God wills it 40 

Gods and heroes 217 

God's angry man 166 

God's men . 80 

God's troubadour . 42 

Goddess to a God 20 

Goethals and the Panama Canal 192 

Goetz, D. Half a hemisphere 129 

Other Young Americans 129 

(A) going to the westward : 157 

Going up . 225 

Gold 174 

Gold in them hifls 189 

Golden door : 187 

Golden fleece (Harding) 76 

Golden fleece (Morris) 74 

Golden horseshoe 135 

Golden knight 40 


Golden peacock , ... 27 

Golden serpent 123 

Golden shore 172 

Golden star of Halich 42 

Golden tales of Canada 109 

Golden years in Paraguay us 

Golden warrior 44 

Gold-laced coat 107 

Gold-seeking on the Dalton trail 188 

Goldsmith, M. Maria Theresa of Austria 69 
Gollomb, J. Armies of spies 199 

Young heroes of the War 100 

Gomez . 128 

Gone with the wind 179 

Gooch, G. P. Frederick the Great 69 

Good ways 224 

Goode, J. P. School atlas 217 

Goodenough, Lady, Boy's chronicle of 

Mutaner 42 

Goodhue, C. Journey into fog 69 

Goodwin, H. I*. Feathered cape 206 

Gordon, C. None shall look back 178 

Gordon, C. W. Rebel loyalist 147 

Rock and the river 106 

Gordon, D. Around the world in song 218 

Gordon, P. Boy Jones 65 

Gordon, P. Romany luck 53 

Gordy, W. F. American beginnings in 

Europe 182 

Causes and meaning of the Great 

War 196 

Gorgeous hussy 163 

Gorman, H. S. Cry of Dolores 120 

Mountain and the plain 71 

Goss, W. L. Jack Gregory 147 

Gosse, A. B. Civilization of the ancient 

Egyptians 21 

Gottmann, J. Geography of Europe 221 

Gottschalk, F. K. Youngest general .... 65 
Gottschalk, I. R. Era of the French 

revolution 74 

Goudge, E. Gentian hill 72 

Towers in the mist 63 

Goyne, R. Kiss of Pharoah 18 

Graham, A. P. Strike up the band I.. .. 227 
Graham, E. H. Wildlife for America .... 226 

Graham, F. Al Smith 199 

Graham, S. Dr. George Washington 

Carver 199 

Story of Phillis Wheatley 147 

There once was a slave 185 

Tsar of freedom 79 

Grandeur that was Rome 32 

Grant, B. Eagle of the sea 156 

Grantham, A. E. Rococo. 65 

Grapes of wrath 84 

Graves, R. Count Belisarius 28 

I, Claudius 28 

Gray, E. J. Adam of the road 42 

Beppy Marlow of Charles Town 137 

Penn 143 

Grazebrook, O. F. Nicanor of Athens.. .. 23 

Great adventure at Washington 201 

Great betrayal 185 

Great Britain, British Blue book 93 

Great Captain 180 

Great crusade and after 196 

Great cultural traditions 220 

Great divide 112 

Great epochs in American hist. 214 

Great expressions of human rights 222 

Great game of politics 231 

Great good man 181 

Great heritage 227 

Great hope 87 

Great horse 14 

Great meadow 159 

Great men of medicine 225 

Great Pacific victory 204 

Great pathfinder 162 

Great powers in world politics $5 

Great road ,..,. ......... 21 

Great Roxhythe 65 



Great sailor 68 

Great valley 138 

Great western trail 190 

Great white buffalo 175 

Greatest of the Borgias 63 

Greece and the Greeks ... 26 

Greek athletic sports and festivals 25 

Greek myths 217 

Greek view of life 25 

Greeks and Persians of long ago .... 26 

Green, A. Silent Duchess 65 

Green, L. M. Brother of the birds ... 42 
Green, P. This body the earth . 197 

Green, W. Labor and democracy 199 

Green cockade .. 144 

Green lion .. 81 

Green mansions . . . . ... 125 

Green mountain boy 146 

Green mountain boys . 151 

Greenbie, S. Children of the sun . 121 
Greene, E. B. Revolutionary generation 152 
Greene, H. Pickett's gap . ... 167 

Greene, L. Filibuster 122 

Greennp, R. Revolution before breakfast 129 
Gregor, E. R. War chief . ... 131 
Grenfell, W. T. Romance of Labrador 110 
Grew, J. C. Ten years in Japan . . .. 200 
Grey, K. Hills of gold . 167 

Rolling wheels 167 

Grey Owl, Sajo and the beaver people 110 

Tales of an empty cabin . . 110 

Grierson, E. W. Tales of Scottish keeps 61 
Griffis, W. E. Young people's hist, of 

the Pilgrims 143 

Grhn journey . 164 

Gronowicz, A. Gallant general 72 

Grosvenor, A. J. Winged moccasins 13 

Grover, EL America begins again .... 199 

Grover Cleveland 190 

Growth of the British empire 83 

Guam and its people 212 

GuedaHa, P. Fathers of the revolution . 143 

Hundred days 74 

Guerber, H. A. Book of the epic 218 

Myths of northern lands 218 

Story of our civilization 132 

Guerilla Padre in Mindanao 202 

Guerrant, E. O. Roosevelt's good 

neighbor policy 129 

Guide to Public opinion 223 

Gufllet, E. C. Finding new homes in 

Canada 108 

GuJbranssen, T. Wind from the 

mountains .... . , 76 

Gulick, O. B. Life of the ancient Greeks 25 

Guns of Burgoyne. 148 

Guns of Yorktown 150 

Guns over Champlain 155 

Gunther, J, Inside Asia 93 

Inside Europe. . . 93 

Inside Latin America 129 

Inside the U.S.A. 204 

Troubled midnight 197 

Gustaf I Vasa 59 

Gustafson, A. F. Conservation in the 

U. S. 200 

Guthrie, O. B. Big sky 156 

Way west 167 

Gwynn, BeValera 93 


Haas, W. S. Iran 100 

Haberfy, L. V. Pursuit of the horizon..., 156 

Habitant-merchant 106 

Hackett, F. Green lion 81 

Hagedorn, H. Boys' life of Theodore 

Roosevelt 192 

Rcmgh-riders 192 

Hager, A. Brazil 129 

Haggerty, E. Guerflla Padre in Mindanao 202 
Halm, E. Raffles of Singapore...., 58 

Hail, Caesar ! 

Haines, C. G. Origins and background of 


the second world war 216 

Haines, D. H. Dragon-flies 85 

Fighting blood 81 

Haines, E. X, Exquisite siren . ... ., 147 
Hakluyt, R. Heroes. . . . . 219 

Hale, W. H. Horace Greeley ... .. 189 

Half a hemisphere 129 

Half-breed 110 

Hall, C. G. Mail goes through 233 

Through by rail 185 

HaH, D. Record book 223 

Hall, H. R. Days before hist. 13 

HaD, J. Buried cities 31 

Men of old Greece 25 

Viking tales . . . . . U 

HaH, J. N. Kitchener's mob . . . 85 

Lost island . 206 

Tale of a shipwreck 207 

HaH, R. Boys of Scrooby . - 137 

Halleck, R. P. Our nation's heritage 132 
Hall-Quest, O. W. How the Pilgrims 

came to Plymouth . 143 

Shrine of liberty . . 167 

Halsey, F, W. Great epochs in American 

hist. 214 

Hamilton, C. Cry of the thunderbird . 174 
Hammerling, R. Aspasia . .23 

Hammerton, J. A. Wonders of the past 217 

Hammond, New world atlas 217 

Handbook of the war . 95 

Handkerchief holiday 197 

Hanighen, F. C. Santa Anna 122 

Hanna, A. J. Flight into oblivion 185 

Hannah, L C. Voadica 35 

Hannah's sod house 185 

Hannay, J. O. Adventures of the night 90 

Hannibal ... SO 

Hannibal's elephants 29 

Hansen, H. A. Fighting for freedom. . 216 
Hansen, M. L. Immigrant in American 

hist. . , , 229 

Hanson, I*. S. Eric the Red 38 

Hanson, & G. Utopia in Uruguay. .. . .. 12S 

Hard times 76 

Harding, B. Golden fleece ...., 76 

Land Columbus loved 210 

Lost wafts _ 91 

Mosaic in the fountain ....... , 125 

Phantom crown 120 

Royal purple - 81 

Harding, C. H. City of the seven hills, SI 

Harding, S. B. Select orations 214 

Story of the Middle Ages 47 

Hardy, W. G. AH the trumpets sounded 18 

Hare, C. Story of Bayard SI 

Hargreaves, S. Cabin at the trazTs end 167 
Hargrove, M. See here, Private Hargrove 202 
Hark, A. Story of the Pennsylvania 

Dutch 143 

Harlow, A. F. OW towpaths ITS 

Road of the century 175 

Theodore Roosevelt . .... .... . . 192 

When horses polled boats . 175 

Harlow, R. Y. Samuel Adams ., - 143 

Harm Wuif... . * .. 56 

Harmon, Su Sons of the Admiral .... 53 

Harold 3* 

T. A. Bed sky 

excellency and Peter SI 

Siberian goid 81 

Windy island 26? 

Harris, a One braver tiling 16 

Street of toairea 156 

Trumpets at dawn 148 

Harris, H. American labor .... 2W 

Harris, H. W. League of Natksa, 98 

Harris, J. C. Uncle Remus. 227 

Harris, L. G. Canadian ways US 

Harrison, M. H. Captain of tbe Andes..., 122 

Harry Trraaan ... ~. 2*4 

Harsany, Zw Star-gaser 5 



Hart, A. B. American hist, told by 

contemporaries 214 

Source readers in American hist. 215 

Source-book of American hist 214 

Hart, D. V. Philippines,. : 210 

Hart, H. H. Sea road to the Indies . 61 

Hart, I. B. James Watt 225 

Hart, J. D. Oxford companion to 

American literature 227 

Hart, S. Bight April days 178 

Hart, W. E. Hitler's generals 100 

Hart, W. J. Stories of onr national songs 227 
Harte, B. Bret Harte's stories of the old 

West 167 

Hartley, D. Life and work of the people 

of England 1000-1300 47 

Life and work of the people of 

England 14th cent. 47 

Life and work of the people of 

England 15th cent. 61 

Life and work of the people of 

England 16th cent. 61 

Life and work of the people of 

England 17th cent. 69 

Life and work of the people of 

England 18th cent. 69 

Medieval costume and life 47 

Hartmen, 6. Builders of the old world . 234 

Machines 192 

Medieval days and ways 47 

World we live in. 234 

Harun AI-Rashid 37 

Harvest of the Hudson 134 

Harvest of world folk tales 219 

Harvey, D. C. Colonization of Canada. .. 108 

Harvey, H. H. Samuel Gompers 192 

Harwood, A. Lily and the leopards 53 

Merchant of the ruby 53 

Hasbrouck, L. S. LaSalle 133 

Mexico from Cortes to Carranza ... 118 
Haskell, H. 3. New deal in old Rome. .. 31 

This was Cicero 31 

Haskins, C. H. Normans in European 

hist. 47 

Haslip, J. Parnell 83 

HassaH, A. Louis 33V 69 

Hatch, A. Woodrow Wilson 196 

Young Wflkie 191 

Hauck, L.P. Lucky shot 168 

Youngest rider 168 

Havinghurst, W. High prairie 185 

Hawaii 199 

Hawaii the 49th state 204 

Hawaiian hist, legends 209 

Hawaii's Queen Lfluokalani 208 

Hawes, C. B. Dark frigate 65 

Hawk of Detroit 107 

Hawkins, A. To the swift 168 

Hawkins, M. Torpedoes away, sir! 204 

Hawley, Z. G. Boy rider with Custer 185 

Haworihr P. I*. Caverns of sunset 110 

Tra2makers of the northwest. 143 

Hawthorne, H. Born to adventure 168 

Give me liberty 148 

Ox-team miracle 189 

Phantom King , 76 

Westward the course 156 

Wheels toward the west 168 

Hawthorne, T. His country was the 

world 158 

Haycox, E. Bugles in the afternoon .. . 185 

Long storm , 179 

Hayes, D. Who walk with the earth . .. . 197 

Hayes, F. Burro tamer 125 

Hayes, J. H. Brief host, of the Great War 196 

Hayes, M. Little house on runners 168 

Wampum and sixpence . , . 187 

Hayes, N. Blockade 179 

Haym Salomon 147 

Haywood, C. Primrose day 97 

Hazard, J. T. Our living forests 226 

HazeMne, M. E. Anniversaries & holidays 219 
Haztett, E. EL "Big for depth charges 1" 202 


He brings great news 70 

He conquered the Andes 122 

He went with Magellan 55 

He went with Marco Polo 43 

He went with Vasco da Gama 55 

Head wind. . . . 136 

Headhunting in the Solomons 207 

Heagney, H. J. Blockade runner . 179 

Heal, E. How the world began 15 

Heart of danger gg 

Heaven trees 174 

Heaven's tableland 200 

Hebrew life and times 21 

Hedges, J. B. Building the Canadian west 113 

Heirs 190 

Helena 30 

Hello the boat 155 

Helm, MacK. Matter of love ... .125 

Helm, W. P. Harry Truman 204 

Helsop, H. Earth beneath ... 77 

Henderson, D. Boons of the wilderness . 148 

Crown for Carlotta 120 

Henderson, D. Macl. Yankee ships in 

China seas 161 

Henderson, K. Pre-historic man . 15 

Hendrick, B. J. Lincoln's war cabinet 181 

Statesmen of the Lost Cause .. . 181 

Henle, F. Virgin Islands 210 

Henry, M. Bahamas 210 

Bermuda 210 

West Indies ... . 210 

Henry, B. B. My American heritage . . . 227 
Henry, R. S. Story of the Confederacy . 181 

Story of the Mexican War 175 

Trains 238 

Henry V1H 62 

Henry Ford, engineer 193 

Henry Morgan, pirate 206 

Henry of Navarre (Hurst) 61 

Henry of Navarre (Knowles) 55 

Henry the Navigator 62 

Henry's Lincoln 171 

Henry-fisherman 206 

Hepplestall's 70 

Herbert Hoover 200 

Here comes labor 201 

Here I stand 60 

Here I stay 145 

Here is your war 205 

Here they dug gold 176 

Here was a man 66 

Heritage of freedom (Monagham) 215 

Heritage of freedom (Shotwell) 114 

Heritage of the river 106 

Herman, F. S. Dynamite cargo 202 

Hero of Darien 62 

Hero of Vincennes 162 

Herodotus, Stories of the East 21 

Herodotus (ed King) 21 

Herodotus (tr. by Rawlinson) 219 

Heroes from Haykluyt 61, 219 

Heroes of discovery in America 133 

Heroes of Iceland 88 

Heroes of the Pacific 205 

Heroic years 162 

Herron, E. A. Alaska, land of tomorrow 204 

Hersch, V. Seven cities of gold 54 

Hersey, J. Hiroshima 204 

Hersey, J. B. Bell for Adano 97 

Herzog, B. G. Cortez and the conquest 

of Mexico. US 

Hess, F. Handkerchief holiday 197 

House of many tongues 91 

Hewes, A. D. Boy of the lost Crusade.. . 42 

Codfish musket 166 

Glory of the seas 187 

Spice and the devil's cave 54 

Swords on the sea. 42 

Two oceans to Canton 162 

Hewett, E. L, Ancient life in Mexico. 118 

Heyer, G. Beauvallet 64 

Great Koxhythe. 66 

Infamous army * 72 



Royal escape ...................................... $5 

Spanish Bride ............................. 72 

Heyerdahl, T. "Kon-Tiki" .................. 210 

Heyward, DuB. Fort Sumter ....... 181 

Peter Ashley ................. 168 

Hibben, P. C. Lost Americans ...... 15 

Hickory limb .............................. 148 

Hidden heroes of the Rockies .......... 176 

Hidden people ................................. 117 

Hidden treasure .............................. 35 

Hidden valley ................................ 164 

Hide-out ....................................... 170 

High Barbaree ........................... 208 

High points in Medieval culture ....... 48 

High prairie ............................... 186 

High road to Tartary ................ ... .. 79 

High -wind rising ............................ 141 

Higher hill ................... 104 

Highet, H. Mad. Above suspicion. ....... 97 

Assignment in Brittany ...... 97 

While stffl we live ......................... 97 

Highroad to adventure ............. .. .. 126 

Hfldebrand, A. S. Magellan ............... 133 

Hill, H. S. Conestoga wagon ................ 233 

Hffl, N. International relations ........ 216 

Hill, R. H. Shadow of swords ........... 91 

Hfll of miracles ......................... 164 

Hflls of gold ........................................ 167 

Hilton, J. Story of Dr. Wassell .......... 207 

Hilltop on the Marne ................ 84 

Hinckley, H. Mountains are mine ..... 168 

Hindenburg (Ludwig) ...................... 94 

Hindenburg (Ybarra) ........................... 95 

Hindus, M. G. Cossacks ............................ 93 

Humanity uprooted .......................... 93 

Hinshaw, D. Herbert Hoover. ................. 200 

Hiroshima ........................................ 204 

Hirshberg, H. S. Subject guide to IT. S. 

government publications ........... 232 

His country was the world ....................... 158 

His excellency and Peter. .......... _ ......... 81 

His Majesties Yankees ............................ 107 

His messengers went forth ................... . 224 

His soul goes marching on - 194 

Historical atlas of the U. S. ....................... 217 

political institutions ..................... 30 

History in the writing ..................... 216 

History of American foreign relations.... 196 

History of Canada ........................... 114 

History of civilization ................ 235 

History of everyday things in England 

(1066-1499) ........................... 48 

History of everyday things in England 

(1500-1799) ....................... 62 

History of everyday things in England 

(Industrialism) .................. 74 

History of everyday things in England 

(1851-1934) ..................................... 79 

History of Herodotus ........................... ^ ..... 219 

History of Latin America... .................. 119 

History of Spain ...................................... 233 

History of the Plymouth Colony ......... 132 

History of the Balkan peninsula ............. 8S 

History of the Canadian people. ....... . . 109 

History of the foreign policy of the U, S. 195 
History of the Islandic peoples. ............ 233 

History of the modern world ................... 234 

History of the world ................... 22 

History of trade union organization in 

Canada .................................. 113 

History of travel in America ...................... 232 

History sings ............................................... 228 

Hitler, A. Mein Kampf ........................... 98 

Hitler's generals ...................... : ...... 10 

Hitter's reiclL ........................... - ............... 92 

Hobart, A, T. Ofl for the lamps of Cfcina 191 
Peacock sheds his tail ............................ 126 

River supreme. ............................. ......... 81 

Hobbs, W. H. Fortress' islands of tbe 

Hofcerg, R. I*. Not so long ago, 


Hodges, C. W. Columbus sails 158 

Hoffine, L. White buffalo ,. .. 166 

HofEman, S. News of the nation 216 

Hoffman, W. G. Pacific relations 200 

Hoffman, E. Lion of Barbary 77 

White mare of the black tents .. . 97 

Hofmann, M. Pearls of Ferrara 54 

Hogarth, G. A. Australia 100 

Hogben, L. From cave painting to comic 

strip 219 

Mathematics for the millions 225 

Holberg, R. L. Captain John Smith... .. 1S8 

Marching to Jerusalem 42 

Restless Johnny .... 156 

Holbrook, F. Cave, mound and lake 

dwellers _. 16 

Holbrook, & America's Ethan Allen. ... 148 

Holbrook, S. H. Iron brew 189 

Hole, C. English folk heroes 48 

Holiday House, Lands and Peoples . . 221 
Holland, H. R. America (1S55-1364) .. 1SS 

Holland, R. a Big bridge 226 

Blue heron's feather 138 

Boy who lived on London Bridge . .. 54 

Captain Tripp . ,. 72 

Chateau of the Swan . . ... 72 

Drake's lad 4 

Freedom's flag 162 

Mad Anthony 155 

Steadfast at Valley Forge. ..".."....."..", 148 

Hoffing, H. C. Tree in the trail 168 

Holm, G. This was Lidice, 98 

Holmes, B. Mexico 129 

Hoiy Roman empire. .. .,, ...,... 47 

Home fires in France . 194 

Home life in Colonial days 14S 

Home life of the ancient Greeks ,. 25 

Home place - 198 

Home to the Hermitage .. 1S5 

Homer, Tn**td .... 219 

Homer, Odyssey /, 219 

Homes in the wilderness . 14$ 

Honest John Adams.. .,..- , 152 

Honey of the Nile 17 

Hooker, W. F. Bullwhaeker .... 175 

Hope of living 184 

Horace Greetey (Hate) 189 

Horace Greeley (Stoddard) 190 

Horn, S. F. Boys* life of Robert E. Lee 182 

Horned snake medicine. IS 

Horrabin, J. F. Atlas of current affaire 217 

Atlas of European hist 217 

Horse-shoe Robinson , , ...... 148 

Hosford, B. G. By his own might...... 35 

Sons of the Vofeungs .. , ... &5 

Hoskyn, B. L. British dominions beyond 

the sea 88 

Houben, H. H. Christopher Columbus . ... 13$ 

Hough, C. S, Leif the Lucky ...... 1*1 

Hough, E. Covered wagon ... 168 

Fifty~focnr forty or fight. 168 

Hough. F. O. Island war 204 

Hough, EL B. Long anchorage. ... 168 

Honse divided. 181 

House in BaH ......... 207 

Hooae of exile !!\.!"!.~..!1"!Z 95 

Hoose of her own 168 

Horoe of many tongues ... 91 

House of TmjHlo . .. ..... . ... *... ^ 12S 

House tbat mfler l0L 95 

Hooves in America 144 

Ho*w TH^T* because a gJaEfc..... ... ..*.....* 15 

How much and how many 221 

How oar governmect is ran, ,.., 2S1 

How the old wogrid foand tbe new 60 

How the PDgrims came to Plymouth. 149 

How the United Nations works.. 216 

Hbw fee woiM began, . 16 

How the iKjacid grew -. w ^.. _1S 

How they carried iiw goods... 



How war came 199 

How we conquered distance 232 

Howard, A. W. Princess runs away . 18 
Howard, E. North winds blow free .. 106 

Peddlers' girl 169 

Howard, H. L. Hannah's sod house .. 185 
Howard, J. T. Our American music . 228 
Howard, P. Ideas have legs . . 223 

Howe, H. F. Prologue to New England 133 

Howland, L. Stephen A. Douglas 182 

Hoyt, Cyc. of practical quotations 219 

Huard, F. W. My home on the field of 

honour .... 85 

Hubbard, B. R. Cradle of the storms 210 

Hubbard, L. Rivers to the sea 156 

Hubbard, M. A. Hickory limb 

Lone boy 

Seraphina Todd 

Huberman, L. Truth about the unions 

We the people 

Hubert the happy 

Hudson, M. O. World court 
Hudson, W. H. Green mansions . . . 

Story of the Renaissance . . . 

Tales of the Gauchos 

Hudson Bay express 

Hudson frontier 

Hueston, E. Man of the storm . . . 

Star of the west 

Hugh Gwyeth 

, Hugh Wynne 

Hughes, P. Pope 'Pius the Eleventh .... 
Hugo, V. Ninety-three 

Notre Dame de Paris 

Hull-down for action 

Humanity uprooted 

Hume, R. B. World's living religions . 
Humphrey, G. Pflsudski ... 
Humphreys, R. A. Evolution of modern 

Latin America 

Hundred days 

Hungerford, E. B. Escape to danger .... 




Fighting frigate 157 

Men and iron.. 
Wells Fargo 


Hunt, E. E. Tales from a famished land 85 
Hunt, F. MacArthur and the war against 

Japan 204 

Hunt, M. L. Better known as Johnny 

Appleseed 169 

Hunter of the caverns , 15 

Hunters and artists 16 

Hunters of long ago 15 

Hunting, H. B. Hebrew life and times 21 

Hunting the silver fleece 211 

Hurd, E. T. Galleon from Manila , . . 207 

Wreck of the Wild Wave 207 

Hurst, Q. Henry of Navarre 61 

Husband, J. Americans by adoption . 193 
Huszar, G. B. de. Anatomy of racial 

intolerance 222 

Hutchinson, B. Unknown country 113 

Hyde, M. P. Singing sword 35 

Hyde, W. D. W. Five great philosophies 

of life 25 

Hylander, C. J. American scientists 226 
Hypatia 18 

L Claudius 28 

"I have just begun to fight'* 147 

I saw the fall of the Philippines 205 

I saw the Philippines rise 205 

I speak for Thaddeus Stevens 181 

I wiH be good 79 

I write as I please 93 

Ibanez, V. B. Unknown lands 54 

Ideas and men 222 

Ideas have legs , 223 

Idell, A. E. Doorway in Antigfua 129 

If I have four apples 197 

If I were King 67 


Ignatius Loyola $2 

Him, M. How man became a giant . .. 15 

New Russia's primer 94 

Uliad . . . ' 219 

Imperial incense .', "" g^ 

Imperial Japan .' 95 

Imperial renegade. ... 27 

Immigrant in American hist. . . 229 

Immortal wife .'. 173 

Imprisoned midshipmen 159 

Imps and angels 41 

In Clive's command $8 

In good old Colony times 145 

In Henry's back yard ... 222 

In New Brunswick we'll find it 114 

In privateer's bay 209 

In secret service 73 

In the days before Columbus . . 132 

In the days of Alfred the Great 37 

In the days of Poor Richard. . . . 144 

In the days of the guild .43 

In the days of the Han .. .. . 13 

In the days of Lion-heart 41 

In the days of William the Conqueror 46 
In the days of young Washington . 142 

In the days that are dead 80 

In the favor of the King 51 

In the morning of time 14 

In the palace of the King .. 51 

In the shadow of liberty 192 

In the shadow of the skyscraper . ... 198 

In the South Seas 212 

In the stone age 15 

In the time of Attila 86 

In time of peace 197 

In the wake of the buccaneers 212 

In what torn ship 206 

Inca gold 123 

Incas treasure house 117 

Incident in Yorkville 203 

Incredible era 199 

India without fable 94 

Indian brother 135 

Indian cavalcade 194 

Indian chief 175 

Indian hunting grounds .:. 136 

Indians of the longhouse 132 

(El) Indio 125 

Industrial America 193 

Industrial revolution (Beard) 68 

Industrial revolution (Dietz) 74 

Industrial society , 193 

Industry in America 230 

Infamous army 72 

Influence of geography on our economic 

life 229 

Information Please Almanac 223 

Inheritance of poetry 218 

Inman, S. G. Latin America its place in 

the world today 129 

Innes, A. D. England under the Tudors 61 

Innes, H. Attack alarm 98 

Innocent wayfaring 40 

Inside Asia 93 

Inside Europe 98 

Inside Latin America 129 

Inside the U.S.A 204 

Intelligent heraldry 219 

International court 94 

International Cyc. of music & musicians 220 

International relations 216 

Into Mexico with General Scott 172 

Introduction to American government . , 231 
Introduction to English industrial hist. 79 

Inventions of the Great War , 196 

Inventors behind the inventor. 225 

logolevitch, P. Young Russian corporal 85 

Iran 10ft 

Ireland, G. Boundaries, possessions 'and 

conflicts in South America 12$ 

Iron brew J 

Iron land *J* 

Iron star < ** 



Iron year 7 

Irrepressible conflict 174 

Irvine, H. D. Fray Mario . ... 116 

Irving, W. Alhambra 62 

Conquest of Granada 62 

Knickerbocker's hist, of New York 143 

Legend of Sleepy Hollow 228 

Voyages of Columbus 183 

Irwin, M. E. P. Stranger Prince ... 66 

Young Bess 54 

Isabella, young Queen of Spain 61 

Iseley, B. Blazing the way west 102 

Isham, P. S. Black Friday 186 

Island on the beam , .... 96 

Island war 204 

Islands of adventure 209 

Islands of Queen Wilhelmina 209 

Islands of the East Indies 210 

Islands of the Mediterranean 212 

Islands of the Pacific 210 

Islands on guard 210 

Isles of spice. 209 

It can't happen here 198 

It happened in Peking 81 

Ivan the Terrible 61 

Ivanhoe ^5 

Ives, M. L. He conquered the Andes. . 122 
Ives, V. Russia 94 

Jack Gregory ........................................ 

Jack Sutherland ................................. 

Jackh, E. Rising crescent .................. 

Jackson. H, H. Ramona ........... ..... 

Jacobin ..................................................... 

Jacobs, J. Pables of Aesop .......... 

Jacques Coeur ..................... - .......................... 

Jade brings luck ................... . ................ 

Jade of Destiny .............................. - .......... 

Jaffe, B Crucibles .................... - ............ 

Jagendorf, M. A. In the days of the Han 
James, B. R. Courageous heart .......... 

Six foot six .................................. 

James, G. P. R. Attila ......................... 

James, H. R. Our Hellenic heritage ..... 

James, M. Cherokee strip ...................... 

(The) Raven ................................ 

James, N. Bust on my heart ......... 

James, W. American cowboy ................. 

Big-enough ....................................... 

James and Joan .................................. 

James Watt .................................... 

Janice Meredith ............................................ 

Jan's victory ............................. ............... 

Janvier, T. A. Aztec treasure-house ..... 

Japan's islands of mystery. .................. 

Jarvis, J. A. Virgin Islands ................. ~. 

Jasmine .......................................................... 

Java iungl* tales ................................ 

Jaworski, I. D. Becoming American 
. Jealous gods ............................. ~ 

Jean Lafitte 

Jeanne D'Arc 

Jeb Stuart ....................................... - 

Jefferson D 

Jefferson Davis (Tate) 

Jefferson's daughter. 























Jennings, J. Next to valor 

Jennings, J, E. Gentleman ranker 

Salem frigate, 

Jennings, John. Sea eagles. 

Jenny's secret island 

Jensen, J. V. Chnbraans 

Fire and Ice. 

Jenson, O. Carrier war 

Jeremy Pepper 

Jerry and the pony express.. 

Jessie James was my neighbor 184 

Jesuits in North America 105 

Jewett, E. M. Hidden treasure ...... Si 

Told on the King's highway 42 

Jewett, & God's troubadour 42 

Jezebel the Jeep ~ 202 

Jim Biidger ... , .... 174 

Jimmy goes to war 196 

Jingkbob 187 

Joe Mason, apprentice to Auduboo 172 

Joe Magarac and his U. S. citizen papers 201 

Joffire . 88 

John, I. Crippled splendor 66 

John Adams & the American revolution 152 

John Brown, Terrible Saint. . 175 

John Brown 176 

John C. Calfaoun 176 

John Halifax, gentleman 64 

John L. Lewis 204 

John "Mfayg^MtT^ ... _ .,.,... 162 

John Hilton - ^ - . 66 

John o* the green ~ ... 41 

John Quincy Adams - , 151 

John Wesley ~ -.. 68 

Johnny Appleseed - 144 

Johnny Chinook 110 

Johnny Tremain 147 

Johnsen, J. E. Atomic bomb 204 

Canada and the western hemisphere 118 

Johnson, C. Sailing for gold 77 

Johnson, C. O. Borah of Idaho 200 

Johnson, D. W. Topography and strategy 

in the war 88 

Johnson, E. Runaway Balboa - 125 

Johnson, EL Pioneers of West Africa,.... 83 

Johnson, K. Rising 77 

Johnson, O. H. Bride in the Solomons 207 
Johnson, S. Queen of the Flat-tops . 2O4 
Johnson, S. J. New town in Texas. . , . 186 

Johnson, T- M. Lost BattaBon...^.^ - 88 

Johnson, V. Heaven's tableland 200 

Johnston, C. H. L. Famous ganerak of 

the Great War 

Our Kttte Viking cousins . . . ttl 

Johnston, H. W. Private life of the 

Romans - - * - *1 

Johnston, M. Croatan - 1*1 

Fortunes of Garin 

Great valley Iff 

1492 " 

Prisoners of hope - 1*| 

Slave ship ; . - - Jjg 

To have and to hold . . .. . . Jjg 

Jonas, C. Beachhead on the wind J7 

Jonathan goes West JJJ 

Jones, L. A. Eli Terry . Jg 

Jones, N. Stffl to the west 1*7 

Swift flows the river ..-. .. . JJJ 
Jones, P. A. Coronado and Qmvija . . . US 
Jones, R. W. Journalism in tbe U. S. 
Jones, S. S. DoeumentB OB Aaaencaa 

foreign relations 

Jong, D. Level land. . . .. 

Jordan, R. B. Bom to figat 


Joseoh Fooehe ** 

Joseph Smith and his* JCormoB empire.... 174 

."_".."7*".!." 129 

_.. .. 18 




206 J 
, 28 Judas tree 

" Argentine 

Journey cake ., . 
Journey into fear 
Jocraey into fog 
Journey's end 

.... 141 

Judifch of France 





Reaper man . - 

Soldier Doctor . . . 

Judson, L. Let's go to Peru 

Julia Valeria 

Julius Caesar 


Jungle Highway - , . 

Jungle in the clouds 

Junipero Serra 

Justly dear 



. . 193 

. 129 
.. 27 


.... 186 
... 124 

. . .. 130 

. .. 118 
.. .. 78 

King of shadows . 
King of Fasaarai 
King of the Beggars 
King of the Khyber rifles 

King Otto's crown 

King Richard's land 

King Richard's squire ... 


.. 68 
. 206 
.. 72 
. 86 
... 36 

Kahlmann, C. Raquel 125 

Kane, H. T. Bride of fortune 179 

Kane, J. N. Famous first facts 223 

Kantor, MacK. Arouse and beware 179 

Cuba Libre 1J1 

Long remember 179 

Karig, W. Fortunate islands 211 

Karr, W. J. Explorers, soldiers and 

statesmen .. 1^ 

Karsner, D. John Brown, Terrible Saint 175 

Kantchfl*s lime pit 206 

Kraua, G. Catherine 66 

Keep my flag flying 164 

Keep the wagons moving 169 

Keesing, F. M. Native peoples of the 

Pacific world 211 

Pacific islands in war and peace .. . 211 
Kelland, C. B. Merchant of valor ... 54 

KeBog, C. Girl who ruled a kingdom 48 

KeDy, E. P. At the sign of the golden 

compass .. 54 

From star to star 55 

Golden star of Halich . 42 

Land of the Polish people 94 

Three sides of Agiochook 138 

Trumpeter of Krakow 55 

Kelly, R. King Richard's squire 42 

Kelsey, A. G. Ricardo's white horse . . 207 
Kelty, M. G. Old-world beginnings of 

America 133 

Kenilworth 59 

Kennedy, J. P. Horse-shoe Robinson .. . 148 
Kennedy, W. P. M. Constitution of 

Canada 113 

Kennerly, B. F. Eagles roar! 100 

Kent, F. R. Great game of politics 231 

Without grease ... 200 

Kent, L. A, He went with Magellan 55 

He went with Marco Polo 43 

He went with Vasco da Gama 55 

In the good old Colony times 14$ 

Two children of Tyre 18 

Kenton, E. With hearts courageous .. . 103 

Kentucky cargo 155 

Kentucky stand 152 

Kerr, A. B. Jacques Coeur 62 

Kerr, E. M. Town crier of Gevrey 85 

Kerr, L. N. Girl who ran for President 186 
Kerr, P. H. Growth of the British empire 83 
Kerr, W. B. Arms and the maple leaf. 110 

Kesten, H. Ferdinand and Isabella 55 

Keturah came 'round the Horn 165 

Keun, O. Foreigner looks at the T.V.A. 200 

Key, A. Liberty or death 148 

Keynes, J. M. Economic consequences 

of peace 94 

Kiely, M. O'Donel of destiny 55 

Kimball, M. Jefferson 153 

Kincaid, R. E. Wilderness road 153 

Kiner, G. How the world grew up , .. 15 

King, E. L. Main Ene 175 

King, G. Rise of Rome 31 

King, M. Coat of many colors 18 

Elizabeth the Tudor Princess 55 

Young King David 18 

King, R. E. Tempest over Mexico ... 129 
King-Hall, M. Jehan of the ready fists .. 43 

Sturdy rogue 65 

King Edward VII 82 

King Hveth 84 

King Tut-Ankh-Amen 17 

Kingdom of the Crusaders 4 

King's arrow 105 

King's cavalier 59 

King's man 41 

King's minstrel .. . 89 

King's spurs 39 

Kings-at-arms ... . 63 

Kingsley, C, Hypatia lg 

Westward Ho! 55 

Kinscella, H. G. History sings 228 

Kipling, R. Sea warfare 88 

Kirk, G. L. Philippine independence . . 200 
Kirkman, M. M. Romance of Alexander 

and Roxena 23 

Romance of Alexander the King 23 
Romance of Alexander the Prince . 23 
Kirkpatrick, F. A. Spanish Conquista- 

dores 118 

Kiser, M. G. Gay melody 169 

Kiss of Pharoah 18 

Kit Carson 174 

Kitchener's mob 85 

Kjelgaard, J. A. Rebel siege 148 

Kleeman, R. H. Young Franklin 

Roosevelt 191 

Klondike clan 112 

Klondike gold 190 

Knapp, G. L. Lone star of courage .. 169 
Quest of the golden cities ... ... 116 

Knapp, S. Eleanor Roosevelt 203 

Kneen, O. H. Young pioneers on western 

trails . . 169 

Knickerbocker's hist, of New York . .. 143 
Knipe, E. B. Maid of old Manhattan . ... 138 

Mayflower maid 138 

Viva La France 85 

Knight, C. Quest of the golden Condor. 116 
Knight, C. R. Before the dawn of hist. 15 

Life through the ages 16 

Knight, R. A. Brave companions 203 

Noah Webster 228 

Knight of Florence 41 

Knight of the revolution 146 

Knight of the sea 162 

Knight of the wilderness 109 

Knights at bay 56 

Knights of Charlemagne 34 

Knights of St. John 49 

Knights of the cape 130 

Knowles, M. W. Henry of Navarre 65 

Knox, E. M. Flags of dawn 43 

Swift flies the falcon .' 43 

Knox, R. B. Footlights afloat 186 

Kobbe, G. Complete opera book 219 

Komroff, M. Waterloo 72 

Konigsmark 67 

"Kon-Tiki" 210 

Korea today 234 

Korngold, R. Citizen Toussaint 211 

Two friends of man 175 

Kouwenhoven, J. A. Adventures of 

America 190 

Kramer, H! Marginal land 197 

Kraus, R. Old master , 94 

Krepps, R. W. Courts of the Lion 77 

Krey, L. And tell of time 186 

Kummer, F. A. Courage over the Andes 120 

First days of hist. 21 

First days of knowledge 16 

For flag and freedom 157 

Great road 21 

Leif Erickson, the Lucky 48 

Perilous island ~ 207 

Torch of liberty 157 

Kyle, A. D. Apprentice of Florence . ... 56 
Red sky over Rome 77 

Labor and democracy .... . . . 199 

Labor baron , ... . 205 

Labor dictionary . . . . 230 

Labor in America 230 

Labor movement in the U. S. . 190 

Labor story ... . . 230 

Labor unions in action . . . . 230 

Laboulaye, E. R. Quest of the four leaf 

clover ... 35 

Lad of old Williamsburg. . 140 

Lad with a whistle 75 

Lady of France . . 73 

LaFarge, C. East of Southwest 207 

LaFayette . 75 

LaGuardia, F. H. Making: of an 

insurgent . . 19S 

Laguna, F. Thousand march 77 

Lake of gold 104 

Lamb, H. Alexander of Macedon . 25 
Boy's Genghis Khan .... 48 

Crusades . .48 

Durandall 43 

March of the barbarians .. 48 

Lambert, R. S. Adv. to the polar seas ... 79 

Lampman, C. P. Great western trail 190 

Lamprey, L. AH the ways of building 219 

Children of ancient Britain . 38 

Children of ancient Gaul 28 

In the days of the guild . 43 

Long ago in Egypt . . . .18 

Masters of the guild . 43 

Story of weaving. . . 79 

Tomahawk trail .. 138 

Lancaster, B. Bright to the wanderer 106 
Guns of Burgoyne . . .148 

Phantom fortress.. . 148 

Scarlet patch 179 

Trumpet to arms . 149 

Lancaster, O. Saracen's head 43 

Land . - 82 

Land and the people of Canada . . . 114 
Land Columbus loved . 210 

Land for my sons . . . 146 

Land is bright . 164 

Land of plenty (Cantwell) .- 197 

Land of plenty (Teague) 205 

Land of Prester John ... . . 62 

Land of promise 170 

Land of the Polish people . 94 

Land of title Russian people . . 94 

Land of William Tefl .... - 92 

Land renewed . - - 227 

Landon, M. Anna and the King of Slain 77 

"Lands and People's" series 221 

Lane, C. D. Fleet in tbe forest . 157 

Lane, F. C. Earth's grandest rivers . 221 
Lane, M. America on relief . 200 

Lane, R. W. Free land ... ..186 

Lang, A. Conquest of Montezuma's 

empire 118 

Tartan tales 69 

Lang, D. Early tales of the atomic age 226 
Lang, J. Life of Nelson . . - 74 

Langdon, W. C. Everyday things in 

America 1607-1776 US 

Langer, W. L. Encyc. of world hist. 234 
Langford, G. Pic, the weapon-maker 14 

Langsam, W. C. Doc. and readings in 

hist, of Europe since 1918 - 218 
World since 1914 . 94 

Lansing, E. Ann Bartlett returns to the 

Philippines 208 

Lansing,. M. F. Liberators and heroes of 

Mexico 122 

Against aH o&is 122 

Magic gold - *J 

Mam's long climb *J 

Nicholas Arnold, toohnaker 167 

Page, esquire and knight - 35 

Lantern in ber hand . Iff 

LarraWe, E, My noose is yours ... 126 

Larry Scott of tbe Sao. .. , 282 


LaSalle (Hasbrook) 133 

LaSalle (Lockridge) ... 133 

LaSalle (Seymour) . . , , 144 

Last American frontier . . . 190 

Last billionaire . . . .200 

Last clash of the Claymores . , . 64 

Last days of Pompeii - . 27 

Last empress. . 83 

Last frontier (Cooper) 184 

Last frontier (Fast) 184 

Last full measure 180 

Last of the Gauchos 128 

Last of the Mohicans 135 

Last phase . 101 
Latane, J. H. From isolation to leader- 
ship 19$ 

Lathrop, W. Keep the wagons moving, 169 

Latin America (Cutright) 129 

Latin America (Duggan) ... . 129 

Latin America in world politics . . . 130 
Latin America its place in tbe world 

today 129 

Latin America and tbe U. S. . 130 

Latin-American leaders 122 

Latourette, K. S. Development of Japan 94 

Lau, J. S. Beggar boy of Galilee 19 

Laurels are cut down . . . 194 

Laurence, W. L. Dawn to zero . . 205 

Laut, A. C. Canada at the crossroads . . 108 

Cadfllac 108 

Conquest of our western hemisphere 175 
Overland trail .. .175 

Pathfinders of the west 162 

Pilgrims of tbe Santa Fe .. 122 

Lautaro 116 

Lauterbach, R. E. These are tbe 

Russians . ... 101 

LaVarre, W. Southward bo! . . 126 

Law of tbe sea . . -. ... 222 

Law unto themselves . , . .. 44 

Lawrence, the story of his life , 88 

Lawrence, C. H. New world horizons 222 
Lawrence, I. Gift of tbe golden cup 28 

Two for tbe show , -- 56 

Lawrence, J. If I have four apples - 197 
Sound of running feet . 198 

Lawrence, T. E. Revolt in tbe desert - . 88 
Lawrence in blue .... 87 

Lawrence tbe Arabian knight . , 88 
Lawson, R. Watchwords of liberty ~ 223 
Laytha, E. North again for gold . .. 113 
Lazaro in tbe pueblos. - 115 

Leacock, S. B. All right Mr. Roosevelt 113 

Leader of destiny 152 

Leading Constitutional decisions 214 

League of nations . . . . |J 

Least one . . . . . , 127 

Leaves in tbe wind 78 

Lederer, C, Eagles Quest . . .66 

Lee, M. H. Village of singing birds 116 

Volcanoes in tbe sun 126 

Lee tbe American 181 

Leech, H. Armoor *ad bis time 19& 

Leechman, D. Eskimo summer .. -. 118 
Lees of Arlington ' |S 

Leetch, D. L. AnneUe and ber family 138 
Leff, D. N. Uncle Sam's Pacific islets 211 

Leif and Tborkel 1* 

Leif Erikson, tbe Lucky ^48 

Leif ibe Locky . J 

Legacy ... . fjg 

Legacy of Greece . . 

Legacy of Rotoe . 

Legacy of tbe Middle Ags - 
LeGftHiezme, R. There was a ship 
Legend of Saint Cohraib* 
Legeiwl of Sleepy Hofiow 
Legends froua tbe vaBey of Mexico 

Legends of ancient Egypt 

Lesreods of Cbarlexaagifte 

^efglrtxra, M. C. Judith of Prase* .. 
Lenanttm, C. M. A. Napoieon at the 






Leader. C. F. Down tbe Okb witfe 




Lend-lease 205 

Lengyel, E. America's role in world 

affairs 234 

Dakar 9* 

New deal in Europe ... .94 

Siberia .. . . 94 

Lenin {Baker) 89 

Lenin (Fox) 93 

Lenski, L. A going to the westward.. . . 157 

Puritan adventure .... 139 

Leon Blum 95 

Leonard, J. N. Tools of tomorrow ... 193 
LeRossignol, J. E. Habitant-merchant .. 106 

Leslie, D. O. Wreath for Arabella 56 

Lesterman, J. Adv. of a Trafalgar lad . 72 

Sailor of Napoleon ... . 72 

Let the King beware 149 

Let the people sing . ... 91 

Let's go to Peru 129 

Letters of a Roman gentleman .... 31 

Level land 98 

Levermore, C. H. Anglo-American agree- 
ment 108 

Levy. H. Bombero 120 

Lewellen, J. B. You and atomic power ... 226 

Lewis, C. Sagittarius rising 85 

Lewis, E. F. When the typhoon blows . 98 
Lewis, F. Brooks too broad for leaping 186 

Suns go down 186 

Lewis, L. Captain Sam Grant 175 

Myths after Lincoln 190 

Sherman 182 

Lewis, S. It can't happen here . 198 

Liberators and heroes of Mexico 122 

Liberty maid 140 

Liberty or death 148 

LiddeH, H. B. H. War in outline 1914- 

1918 88 

Lidev A. A. Aztec drums 126 

Mystery of the Mahteb 43 

Ood-Le-Uk the wanderer 14 

Secret of the circle .... 43 

ThorcL Firetooth. .. .. .. 14 

Life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe 206 
Life and death of a Spanish town .... 95 

Life and labor in the old South ... 176 
Life and times of Simon Bolivar . 122 
Life and work of the people of England 

1000-1300 ... 47 

Life and work of the people of England 

14th cent. 47 

Life and work of the people of England 

15th cent. 61 

Life and work of the people of England 

16th cent. 61 

Life and work of the people of England 

17th cent. 69 

Life and work of the people of England 

18th cent. 69 

Life in ancient Britain 37 

Life in ancient Egypt 21 

Life in Elizabethan days .... . .61 

Life in the Homeric age , . .26 

Life in the Roman world . ..32 

Life of Alcibiades . . 25 

Life of Charlemagne . . 38 

Life of EBbert H. Gary 193 

Life of Henry Clay . , 176 

Life of Mohamet . 38 

Life of Nelson " .. 74 

Life of Simon de Montfort 48 

Life of the ancient East .... . 21 

Life of the ancient Greeks .. . 25 

Life on a Medieval barony 47 

Life on the English manor 47 

Life on the Mississippi 174 

Life through the ages 16 

Light bearers 25 

Lighting the torch 56 

Liflie, A. M. Nathan, boy of Capernaum 19 
Stephen, boy of the mountain . ... 19 
Lffiecrantz, O. A. Randvar, the song- 
smith 102 

Lily and the leopards 53 


Lincoln encyc 232 

Lincoln's war cabinet 181 

Linderman, F. B. Beyond law 169 

Lindsay, P. Knights at bay 56 

London bridge is falling 56 

Lindsey, E. International court $4 

Ling, P. D. Imperial incense 81 

Linklater, E. Robert the Bruce 48 

Linn Dickson Conferedate I7g 

Linnell, G. Behind the battlements 35 

Linton, R. Man's way from cave to sky- 
scraper 234 

Most of the world 234 

Lionhearted 45 

Lion of Barbary 77 

Liss, J. Radio's best plays 219 

Listen for the voices 165 

Listening man 34 

Litten, F. N. Airmen of the Amazon ... . 126 

Little book of the flag 221 

Little brother Francis of Assisi 48 

Little captive lad 64 

Little Dusty Foot 85 

Little era in old Russia 83 

Little Giant 176 

Little grandmother .. 87 

Little hist, of the wide world 235 

Little house in the big woods 188 

Little house on runners 168 

Little less than gods 71 

Little long rifle 159 

Little magic painter is 

Little Princesses 100 

Little wolf's brother 119 

Littling of Gaywood 142 

Lively adv. of Gavin Hamilton 67 

Lives (Plutarch) .31, 219 

Living high . . 126 

Living Jefferson . .. 161 

Living on our earth 222 

Living wild . 183 

Livingstone, R. W. Legacy of Greece . ... 25 
Lockridge, R. F. George Rogers Clark. .. 153 

LaSalle 133 

Lockwood, F. C. Stories of Spanish 

missions 118 

With Padre Kino on the trail . ... 118 
Lockwood, M. Delecta Ann 169 

Indian chief 175 

Up with the banner 169 

Lodging at the Saint Cloud 177 

Loewenstein, K. Brazil under Vargas ... 129 
Lofts, N. Esther 19 

Here was a man 56 

Log of the Ark 20 

Logan, H. A. Hist, of trade union 

organization in Canada 113 

Lohse, C. Mysterious continent 207 

Lomax, J. A. American ballads and 

folk songs 228 

London, J. Before Adam 14 

London Bridge is falling 56 

London pride 96 

Lone boy 169 

Lone star of courage .... 169 

Long, L. David Farragut 179 

Fuss 'n* feathers 175 

Square sails and spice islands ... . ... 170 

Long, M. H. Hist, of the Canadian 

people 109 

Long ago in Eigypt 18 

Long alert 97 

Long anchorage 168 

Long Balkan night 101 

Long defense 52 

Long discovery 197 

Long knives 146 

Long portage ... . 134 

Long remember 
Long rifle 

Long rope 183 

Long storm 179 

Long the imperial way ... 99 

Long wharf 



Longshanks . . . 170 

Lonsstreth, T. M. Hide-out . . 170 

Mounty in a Jeep . . ill 

Lons, H. Harm Wulf ... 56 

Look, listen, learn 224 

Lord, C. L. Historical atlas of the U. S. 217 

Lord, R. Behold our land 200 

Lord helps those 110 

Lord Hornblower 71 

Lord of Alaska 79 

Lord of London 39 

Lords of Arcadia 105 

Lords of creation 192 

Lorentz, P. (The) River 200 

Loring, J. West we go 170 

Lorna Doone . . 63 

Lost Americans 15 

Lost Baron . . 41 

Lost battalion 88 

Lost children of the Shoshones 158 

Lost heritage 90 

Lost island 206 

Lost king .. 23 

Lost Queen of Egypt 19 

Lost waltz 91 

Lost worlds .. . 16 

Loth, D. Alexander Hamilton . .. 162 

Lothrop, E. Early American inns and 

taverns 233 

Lothrop, W. Black River captive 139 

Loud sing cuckoo 46 

Louis XTV {Belloc) 68 

Louis XIV (Hassall) 69 

Lovejoy's complete guide to American 

colleges and universities 228 

Lovelace, M. H. Charming Sally 139 

Early candlelight 106 

Low, D. Years of wrath 217 

Lowdermilk, W. C, Palestine, land of 

promise 101 

Lowe, C. Gentle warrior 170 

Quicksilver Bob 157 

Lowe, C. B. Knight of the sea 162 

Lowell, A. L. British commonwealth of 

nations 113 

Lowell, E. J. Eve of the French 

revolution 74 

Lowitz, S. Young America's story of 

Franklin D. Roosevelt 200 

Lownsbery, E. Boy knight of Rheims 56 

Camel for a throne 19 

Lighting the torch 56 

Out of the flame 56 

Lowrie, D. A. Masaryk of Czechoslo- 
vakia 34 

Loyal foe 50 

Loyalist in the American revolution 153 

Lucas, E. Swamp Fox brigade 149 

Lucas, J. M. Man's first million years.... 16 

Lucas, M. S. Vast horizons 62 

Luck of the house S3 

Lucky shot. 168 

Ludwig, E. Bismark 79 

Defender of democracy. 94 

Hindenburg - 94 

Napoleon 74 

Luke's quest - 29 

Lump kin, G. To make my bread 198 

Lustig, S. Roses of the winds 77 

Lustre in the sky 78 

Luther, F. Americans and their songs.... 228 

Luther and his work. 61 

Luxor and its temples 21 

Lydia Bailey 268 

LynchrRobinson, C. Intelligent heraldry 219 
Lynd, R. S. Middletown in transition .. .. 200 
Lyman, G. D. Saga of the Comstock Lode 175 

I<ynn, M. Free soil - ~ 17* 

Land of promise 170 

Lyon, W. H. Constitution and the men 

who made it - 15* 


Macarthur, J. R. Ancient Greece and 

modern America 200 

Mac Arthur and the war against Japan. ,. 204 
MacArthur of Bataan . . . 205 

McCamy, J. L. Administration of foreign 

affairs 231 

McCann, D. J. Saint Benedict 38 

McCarthy, J. H. If I were King 57 

McCartney, E. S. Warfare fay land and 

sea Ji 

McCarty, H. EL Geographic basis of 

American economic life ... 229 

McKlintock, M. Nobel Prize treasury 219- 
Story of the Mississippi 229 

McClung, N. L. Clearing in the west 111 

McConneil, W. J. Frontier Jaw 190 

McCord, J. Redhouse on the hOl ... 179 

McCracken, H. Great white buffalo 175 

Pershing _. _. . .. 196 

McCuIIoch, J. H. Men of KOdonan . 111 

McCune, G. MeA. Korea today . . . 234 

McCune, W. Nine young men 205 

McDaniel, W. B. Roman private life . . . 31 
MacDonald, G. St. George & St. Michael 66 

McDonald, L. S. Behring's potlatclL 66 

MacDonald, N. Canada 1763-1841 109 

Orchid hunters., ~ 126 

Macdonald, W. Documentary source book 

of American hist. 215 

Select charters and other documents 215 

Select documents 215 

Select statutes and other documents 215 

MacDonald, Z. Two on a tow . . ._ 17 

McElroy, R. M. Grover Cleveland 19 

McFarlane, C. T. Present war . . . 200 
McFee, L N. C. How oar government 

is run , 231 

McFee, W. Law of the sea, . 222 

McGiffert, A. C. Martin Luther "... " . 62 
MacGowan, A. Trail of the little wagoa 170 
MacGowan, K. Early man in the new 

world ~ ... - 16 

MacGregor, M. E. M. Gentleman 

adventurer Ill 

McGucMn, M. C. Mary Stnart 62 

McHenry, D. E. Third force in Canada 113 

Mclnnis, E. Canada - 113 

Mclntyre, J. T. Drums in the dawn . - 149 

Stained sails 66 

Maclver, R. M. Great expressions of 

human rights _.-. fffi^r 

MacKaye, D. L. Twenty-fifth mission...,. 96 

MacKaye, L. We of Frabo stand 44 

McKee, P. Warriors with wings, .. 206 

Mackenzie, D. A. Footprints of early 

McKeon, ^"Selections " from * Medieval'"' 

philosophers, I . - 48 

Selections from Medieval philoso- 
phers n . .. .~ ~ .. 48 

McKxniay, A. P. Letters of a Roman 

gentleman . .. ^1 

McKinley, A. B. School hist, ol the 

Great War 106 

McEmfey, M. Canadiait heroes of pioneer 


Canadian heroines of pioneer days... 168 
McKinky, S. B. Old Rough and Beady ... ITS 
McLaughlin, A. C. Readings in the hist. 

of the American natta . 215 

MacLennan, H. Two solitudes 111 

MacLeod. M. Book of Kin* Artbar~.,.219, SS 

MacManns, M. J. Samoa de Valera... 94 

Meiteefcin, L McL. Jotzraey cafce 1W 

Robert B. Lee . . -,7 ; - - Jg 

MacMiBan, W. Arctic ad wn lure ... 267 

McMurtrie, D. C. Wings for words ... .57, 2 

McHangfeton, F. This maa Truman 6 

McNeeiy. M. H. Jumpmg-off place ... 196 
MeNeer, M- Y. California sold rush 17* 

John Wesley "* 



Story of the great plains 229 

Waif maid 57 

McNeil, E. For the glory of France 102 

Shadow of the Iroquois 107 

Shores of adventure 102 

Tonty of the iron-hand. 66 

McNeill-Moss, G. Siege of Alcazar 94 

McNeflly, M. M. Each bright river 170 

McNickle, D'A. They came here first 133 

Hacquarrie, H. Vouza and the Solomon 

islands 207 

McSwigan, M, Juan of Manila 203 

Snow treasure 98 

McWiniams, C. Factories in the fields ... 200 


Mass, E. Dream of Philip H 62 

Queen's physician 66 

World and paradise 56 

MachiaveHi and his times 62 

Machines 192 

Machines over men 201 

Mack, E. C, Peter Cooper 175 

Mad Anthony 153 

Made in India 101 

Madelin, L. French revolution 74 

Madeline takes command 104 

Madison, C. A. American labor leaders 230 

Critics and crusaders 222 

Madonna of the barricade 78 

Magellan 133 

Magic gold 43 

Magic of numbers 221 

Magna Charta stories 41 

Magoon, M. W. Emperor's nephew 35 

Little Dusty Foot 35 

Mahaffy, J. P- Old Greek life 25 

Social life in Greece 25 

What have the Greeks done for 

modern civilization? 25 

Mahatma 101 

Mahdi of ATlW . ... ." 79 

Maid of old Manhattan 138 

Maid of old New York 134 

Hail goes through 233 

Main line 175 

Mainzer, F. Caesar's mantle. 31 

Major, C. When knighthood was in 

flower 57 

Major Grant 72 

Make way for the brave 163 

Making of an insurgent 193 

Making of Egypt 22 

Making of modern Germany 79 

MTfrVir. g of Pakistan 235 

MaUcus, A. S. Caravans to Santa Fe 120 

Citadel of a hundred stairways 126 

Eastward sweeps the current 207 

Fifth for the King 116 

Pirate's port 139 

MaHery, R. Masterworks of travel 222 

MaHette, G. Once is forever 203 

Mallory, W. H. Political handbook of the 

world 234 

Malta magnificent 100 

Man, an autobiography 16 

Man and his records 15 

Man before hist. 15 

Man called Cervantes 53 

Man for the ages 177 

Man of the storm 156 

Man on the raft 203 

Man on the white hoarse , 34 

Man, the miracle maker 16 

Man who would not wait. 161 

Man who dared to care 134 

Man with -the iron hand 102 

Man with wings 51 

Mann, E. B. With spurs 186 


Mann, M. Nathan Hale 149 

Manning, C. A, Marko, the King's son ... 77 

Manor life in old France ".". 61 

Man's first million years 1$ 

Man's long climb 1$ 

Man's way from cave to skyscraper !.!." 234 

Manual of Egyptian archaeology 21 

March of the barbarians 43 

March of the iron men 45 

Marches of the North ' 109 

Marching on (Boyd) 177 

Marching on (Strachey) 173 

Marching to Jerusalem 42 

Marco Polo, Junior ".*." 90 

Marco Polo, Travels of 222 

Marconi, pioneer of radio 225 

Marcu, V. Accent on power 62 

Marcuse, L. Soldier of the Church 62 

Marett, R. H. K. Eye-witness of Mexico 129 

Marginal land 197 

Maria Paluna ."...!!!"."!!!"!." 117 

Maria Theresa 69 

Maria Theresa of Austria 69 

Marie Antoinette (Belloc) 74 

Marie Antoinette (Vance) 73 

Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia. Edu. 

of a Princess 83 

Marines in review 204 

Mark Twain, see Clemens, S. L. 

Marko, the King's son 77 

Marquis, T. G. Stories from Canadian 

hist. 103 

Marriott, J. A. R. Queen Victoria and 

her ministers 79 

Marschall, P. Dauntless liberator. 122 

Marsh, F. B. Reign of Tiberius 31 

Marsh, J. A 'Prentice in old London 66 

Marshall, B. Redcoat and minuteman .... 149 

Yellow tapers for Paris 98 

Marshall, B, G. Cedric, the forester 44 

Old Hickory's prisoner 157 

Marshall, E. Seward's folly 186 

Yankee Pasha 157 

Marshall, J. L. Santa Fe, that built an 

empire .. - 198 

Marshall, R. Van Der Z. None but the 

brave 57 

Marta of Muscovy 67 

Martha, daughter of Virginia 142 

Martha Washington 152 

Martial spirit 193 

Martin, D, Adventure in Tunisia 91 

Martin, F. Hunting the silver fleece 211 

Martin, G. M. Warwickshire lad 57 

Martin, R. G. Boy from Nebraska 205 

Martin Hyde 67 

Martin Luther 62 

Marx, F. M. Foreign governments 234 

Marx, K. Capital 234 

Mary '....'.. 17 

Mary Montgomery, rebel 17$ 

Mary Stuart (Criss) 61 

Mary Stuart (McGuckin) 62 

Masaryk of Czechoslovakia 94 

Masefield, J. Book of discoveries 36 

Gaflipoli 85 

Martin Hyde 67 

Mason, A. E, W. Fire over England 57 

Konigsmark . 67 

Mason, F. Van W. Cutlass empire 207 

Mason, G. Remember the Maine 193 

South of yesterday 129 

Mason, M. E. Three ships came sailing in 139 

Mason, O. T. Origins of invention 16 

Womans place in primitive society - 16 

Maspero, G. C. C. Life in ancient Egypt 21 

Manaual of Egyptian archaeology.... 21 

Master Kung , 38 

Master of Manhattan 193 

Master Skylark 49 

Masters, D. Romance of excavation , 22 

Submarine war 88 

Masters, J. G. Stories of the far west.... 175 
Masters of mass production 2&4 



Masters of the guild * 43 

Masterworks of travel and exploration . 222 

Matchlock gun 136 

Materials of industry. 230 

Mathematics for the millions 225 

Mathews, B. Quest of liberty 139 

Mathews, S. French revolution 74 

Matter of love 125 

Matthews, E. L. Over the blue wall . . 157 

Man, A. Pompeii 31 

Maurois, A. Disraeli .79 

Washington 149 

Mawer, A. (The) Vikings 38 

Mayer, A. I. Defense of the castle . 36 

Falconer's son 36 

Olympiad 23 

Mayer, J. Never to die 22 

Mayflower boy 142 

Mayflower heroes 142 

Mayflower maid 138 

Maynard, T. De Soto and the Conquista- 

dores 118 

Mayneng, M. Broken arc ".".." 98 

Mazer, S. Yossele's holiday and the brave 

Maccabees 19 

Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour 80 

Meader, S. W. Down the big river 157 

Jonathan goes west 170 

Longshanks 170 

Rivers of the Wolves ".. 139 

Sea snake 203 

Shadow in the pines . .. 203 

Trap-lines north, . Ill 

Who rides in the dark? 158 

Meadowcroft* E. TiaM. Abe "Lincoln and 

his times 182 

By secret railway. 170 

By wagon and flatfaoat 158 

First year 1S9 

Gift of the river 19 

On Indian trails 139 

Ship boy with Columbus . . 131 

Meadowcroft. W. H. Boys' life of Edison 193 

Means, F. C. Moved outers . 203 

Silver fleece 139 

Teresita of the valley 198 

Means, P. A. Fall of the Inca empire. .... 118 

Spanish TYI^-ITI 118 

Tupak of the Incas 116 

Measure of a nation 233 

Medary, M. Buckeye boy 171 

Medici 62 

Medieval byways .... 48 

Medieval costume and life 47 

Medieval days and ways 47 

Medieval England 48 

. Medieval Papacy in action . 47 

Medieval people 48 

Mediterranean spotlights 210 

Meeker, E. Ox-team days on the Oregon 

trail 175 

Meet your ancestors 15 

Mefes, C. L. As the crow flies 158 

Mounted messenger 149 

Railroad west 187 

Rain on the roof 131 

Trade wind 149 

MeSdtejohn, N. Cart of many colors , . . . 85 

Mem Kampf 93 

MeUer, W. B. Patton 205 

Melting pot 230 

Melvffle, H, Typee. . , 267 

Memoirs of the Crusades 47 

Men and iron ~... 175 

Men and machines - 199 

Men and women of Piantagenet England 48 

Men around the Kaiser 83 

Men before Adam 1 

Men cannot teU 141 

Hen in buckskin , ~ 141 

Men of Albermarfe - 147 

Ken of iron ~ .. 44 

Men of KSdoaan . - Ill 

Men of old Greece ~.~ , * 

Men of the old stone age 16 

Men of the Sulu sea. ... . 206 

Men of turmoil 95 

Menke, F. G. New Encyc. of sports 221 

Merchant of valor 54 

Merchant of the ruby. 53 

Merchants of death 88 

Mere Marie of the Ursulines . 104 

Merejkowski, D. Romance of Leonardo 

da Vinci 57 

Merin and Shari . 46 

Meriwether, S. Story of the telephone 2SJ 
Meriwether Lewis . . ... 162 

Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and dark. . 162 
Merrick, E. From this hSI look down... 198 

Frost and fire m 

Merriman, R. B. Suleiman the Magnifi- 
cent 62 

Merry adventures of Robin Hood ... 44 

Merry pilgrimage 6 

Merrylips 64 

Mersereau, S. F. Materials of industry. 23* 

(The) Messenger 37 

Messenger to Pharaoh. 2* 

Messer Marco Polo 39 

Metipom's hostage 1S4 

Metten of Tyre 17 

Mexican maze 128 

Mexican village , 126 

Mexico (Holmes) 129 

Mexico (Tennenbaum) ISO 

Mexico and the Inca lands 117 

Mexico before Cortex . .. . 119 

Mexico from Cortes to Carrenza 118 

r, J, G. Following the flag 228 

r, J. S. Picture book of molecules 

and atoms . . 226 

Picture book of the weather . - 221 

Mleah Clarke. 64 

Michael's victory .".".,. " "LZ1""""""""! 169 

Michel's flinging sword ., , 46 

Miehelson, M. Petticoat King ... 57 

Middle ages , 48 

Middletown in transition 2** 

Miers, E. S. Valley in arms 1*9 

Mike of Company D 194 

Miller H. T. Bark aJT 14t 

Sound of Chariots.... 140 

Miller, J. C. Origins of the American 

revolution 153 

MiBer, L. E. Hidden pwie'!"!"""~!~"! 117 

Miller, W. Greece and the Greeks 25 

Miller, W. H. Sahara sands....... 81 

MflboBen, H. D. Presidents on parade. .. 221 

Milhaus, K, First Christmas crib 44 

Mfflin, S. G. General Smuts. ..... 8S 

Miffis, W. Last Phase 11 

Martial spirit -, 198 

Road to war 196 

Mffis, D. Book of the ancient Greeks. 25 

Book of the ancient FT"**** SI 

Book of the ancient world. .... 22 

Middle ages ~ .. 48 

People of ancient Israel 22 

Beaaissance and Reformatkm tizaes 2 

Him, L. J. It happened in Peking 81 

Mine inheritance 1*7 

Mine is tbe kingdom ,- 58 

Miner, L. S. 791k! waters .. 171 

Miniatore hist, of the war - .. 1** 

Minnigerode, M. Cockades T7 

CorneHa Cbantrefl .... 179 

Terror of Pera U7 

Miranda is a Princess 
Mirrors of Dowsing Street. 
Mirza, T. B. Sou of the sword. 

BBO t ....... - ____ ........... 

Miss Ulysses from Pafca-Pofca. 
Mitchell. B. T. Bncye, of American 

politics ..... -.... ......... _____ 

Mitchell, K. L. I*** wiSicwl; fi&fe. 




Mitchell, M. Gone with the wind 
- - E. C. Dust of Mexico .. 


cuckoo land . 

Conquered . * 

Corn King and Spring Queen .. 
trail . 

?* d ( BrtSHffiT 

Modern arms and free men 

Modern encyc. of cooking 

Modern foreign governments 

Modern tragedy . .... 

Modern wonderbook of ships . . . 
Modern wonderbook of trains and rail- 

, 23 
. 28 






Jayhawker "..'..". 38 

slippers . - 
Overland trail 
Monday tales 

. 'A.' Tom Jefferson" 


Montgmery, J- 8. 
Montgomery, R. B. 



Moorehead, A. Eclipse 
End in Africa 


Morley, L .rou aa ........................ 

Morning light .............................................. 158 

Discing in Yucatan ......... .......... 11S 

MorrisT C. Heroes of discovery in ^ 

America .. ........................ cq 

Morris, C. L. Maria Theresa .................. 69 

Morris, G. W. Golden fleece . .................. J4 

Morris, R. Susan and ArabeUa ............ m 

Morrison, L, Lost Queen of Egypt .......... 

Morrow, H. W. Black Daniel ...................... WJ 

Forever free .......................................... lg _ 

Great captain ...................................... *" 

Last full measure. .................................. g 

Let the king beware. ............................ J 

On to Oregon ...................................... ^Ir 

We must march... .... ............................. f-JLi 


Trader's dream . ... 57 

Moulton, H. G. Controlling factors in 

economic development 230 

(The) Mountain and the Plain 71 

Mountain village 92 

Mountains are free 38 

Mountains are mine 168 

Mountains wait 100 

Mounted messenger 149 

Mounty in a Jeep Ill 

Moved outers .. 203 

Mower, L. T. Riptide of aggression 94 

Mr. and Mrs. John Quincy Adams . ... 161 

Mr. Britiing sees it through 87 

Mr. Lincoln's wife 177 

Mr. Madison's war 159 

Mrs. Astor's horse 192 

Mrs. Norton of Mexico 124 

Mudlark 80 

Muir, D. E. Machiavelli and his times.... 62 

Muir, R. Expansion of Europe 83 

Economic consequences of the Great 

War 94 

Mule of the Parthenon.... . ... 24 

Muller, C. G. How they carried the goods 233 

Mumf ord, L. Story of Utopias 234 

Mundy, T. King of the Khyber rifles ... 86 

Queen Cleopatra 22 

Rung ho I .' 77 

Tros of Samothrace 28 

Munro, D. C. Kingdom of the Crusaders 48 

Source book of Roman hist. 213 

Munro, D. G. U. S. and the Caribbean 

area 130 

Muntz, H. Golden warrior 44 

Murphy, E. F. Pere Antoine 158 

Song of the cave 19 

Murray, D. L. Commander of the Mist.... 67 

Murray, G. Euripedes and his age 26 

Murray, M. A. Splendor that was Egypt 22 
Mussolini, B. My Autobiography .... .... 94 

Muzzy, D. S. Readings in American hist. 215 

My American heritage 227 

My Austria .-. 95 

My autobiography 94 

My dear Patsy 161 

My first geography of the Pacific 211 

My four years in Germany 83 

My glorious brothers 17 

My home in the field of honor 85 

My house is yours 126 

My lady of Cleves 49 

My lady of the North, 180 

My lady of the South 180 

My mystery ships 

My Saint Patrick 

Myers, H. Our lives have just begun 

Utmost island 

Myers, J. M. (The) Alamo 

Mygatt, T. D. Armor of light. 

Myklebpst, T. They came as friends 101 

Mysterious continent 

Mysterious island 

Mystery of the Mahteb . . 

Mystery of the Mayan jewels 124 

Mystery schooner 

Myths after Lincoln..... 

Myths of northren lands 

Mytinger, C. Headhunting in the 

John MarshaU 



. 176 


i x A:'Fiag^fUc'tr"s.. IBS 

Mossop, G. Running the gauntlet ............. 8Z 

Most of the world ......................................... J|t 

(The) Mothers, ... . ................................... 

Mottram, B. H. Noah ................................... 19 

Nadaud, M. Birds of a feather 
Nancy flyer 

Napoleon - 

Napoleon at the Channel 
Napoleon in review 
Narcissa Whitman 
Nathan, boy of Capernaum 
Nathan Hale tt>*rrow) 
Nathan Hale (Mann) 



Nations of nations .................... 229 

Native peoples of the Pacific world ..... 211 

Navarre of the North ............................... 84 

Navigator ....................................... 141 

Nazaroff, A. I. Land of the Russian 

People ................................................. 94 

Nazi primer .............................................. 93 

Neal, J. E. Queen Elizabeth, ................ 62 

Nebraska coast ........... . .................................. 165 

Nehru of India ...................................... 101 

Neihardt, J. G. Splendid wayfaring ........ 158 

Nelson ............................................................ 75 

Neuman, A. Another Caesar ................... 78 

Neureuther, K. U-boat stories .................. 86 

Never to die ............................................... 22 

Neville, I*. E. Aviation dictionary ....... 226 

Nevin, E. C. Lost children of the Sho- 

shones ........................................... 158 

Sign of the anchor ....................... 28 

Nevins, A. Century of political cartoons 217 
Emergence of modern America ........ 190 

Fremont .......................................... 176 

New American government ................... 231 

New day ................................................ 208 

New Deal in action ..................................... 201 

New Deal in Europe ................................ 94 

New Deal in old Rome ...................... 31 

New encyc. of sports ............................ 221 

New found world ................................ 118 

New governments in Europe ........ 220 

New land ............................................. 188 

New Larned hist ............................. 234 

New light on the most ancient East ...... 21 

New map of Africa, ..._ .............................. 83 

New map of Asia .............................. 83 

New map of Europe . ................ 83 

New map of South America ............ 121 

New roads to riches in the other 

Americas .............................................. 130 

New Russia's primer ................................ ... 94 

New society .................................................. 230 

New town in Texas ..................................... 186 

New World ................................................ 88 

New world atlas ................ . ................... 217 

New world horizons .......................... 222 

New world neighbors ............................. 234 

New world power ..................... 113 

Newberry, P. Castaway island .................... 207 

Forward ho! ............. 195 

Newboldt, H. Tales of the Great War ..... 86 

Newcomb, C. Black fire. ............................... 207 

Vagabond in velvet .......................... 5T 

Newman, B. Balkan background ..... ....... 94 

News of the nation ........... .... . .......... . ......... 215 

Next hundred years- ................... - ............... 226 

Next to valor ........................... ............. 106 

Next year in Jerusalem ........................... 80 

Neyhart, L. A, Henry Ford ......................... 193 

Henry's Lincoln .................................... 171 

Nicanor of Athens ..................................... 23 

Nicholas Arnold, toolmaker .................... 157 

Nicholas, H. G. Congress of Vienna ....... 79 

Nicholson, M. Cavalier of Tennessee. ....... 158 

Nickolls, I*. A. Royal cavalcade ............... 101 

Nicolay, H. Andrew Jackson ................... 176 

Born to command. ......................... 205 

Boy's life of Alexander Hamilton .. . 158 
Boy*s life of Benjamin Franklin.... 153 

Boys* life of Thomas Jefferson ...... 12 

Bridge of water. .......................... 180 

China's first lady ....................... 95 

Decatur of the old navy ......... , ...... 162 

Macarthur of Bataan ............................. 205 

Nicolina .................................................. 89 

Nichols, W. H. Morgan rifleman . 
S. H. Panama 


J. Mexican village 

NBco's mountains 

Niles, B. Day of immense sun 

Maria Paluma 

Passengers to Mexico. 
Nine young' men 



Ninety-three . ... 72 

Niven, F. Mine inheritance 107 

No other white man 161 

No place to hide. 225 

No surrender 96 

Noah 19 

Noah Webster 228 

Nobel Prize treasury 219 

Noble, K Outposts of the fleet 86 

Noble, H. Woman with a sword 180 

Nolan, J. C. Andrew Jackson 158 

Florence Nightingale. 79 

Hobnail boots 158 

John Brown. 176 

Little giant . 176 

Patriot in the saddle 158 

Bed Hugh of Ireland. ... _ 58 

Treason at the Point. 150 

Young Douglas . ~~... 58 

Noel Howard, Tr>fa|qfaipTniyp fi 

Nolan, E. W. Secret of the Potomac 158 

Nolichucky Jack ~ 155 

None but the brave 57 

None frflTT know 96 

None shall look back ~ 178 

Nordhoff, C. Botany Bay 207 

Bounty trilogy 208 

Falcons of France .- 86 

High Barfaaree 268 

Normans in European hist 47 

Norris, F. (The) Pit 191 

North, B C. Bob North starts exploring 111 

North Africa 92 

North again for gold US 

North to the unknown 196 

North winds blow free 106 

Northrop, B. Story of costume 219 

Northward to Albion , 45 

Northwest Mounted - - 114 

Northwest passage. 107 

Norton, A- M. Scarface 208 

Sword in sheath. 268 

Sword is drawn .- - ~ 208 

Norton, T. J. Constitution of the TJ. S. 153 

Nostrome . - - ~ 12* 

Not so long ago. ~ 191 

Nothing to fear 205 

Notre Dame de Paris ~ 64 

Nourse, M. A. China, country of 

contrasts * 

Nunn, G. White shadows - 126 

Nute, G. L. Voyageur ~ JJJ 

Nygaard, N. E. Deep forest 12* 

They sought a country ** 

Oak tree house ~ 

Gates, V. Bamboo gate, ... 

By sun and stars - 

Footprints of the dragon 

Oakley, A. Behold the West Indies .... 

O'Brien, J. S. Eetorn of Sarcr Chief 

Ocean outposts 


O'Consefl, C. Victor book of symphonies 


O*DeU, S- Woman of Spaa 

O'Donel of destiny 

OTOnffy. E. Wasted island 

Odyssey ^ 1: 

Odysseos, sage of Greece. 

Oertei, T. E. Jack SaifcerlaiKl 

Of the earth earthly. ; . 

Of water and the spirit 

CPFaolain, S, King of the beggars . 

Off to Philadelphia 

O'Flaberty, L, Land . 

Ogden, G. W. Sooner land _ ... 

Ogg, F. A. Jatrodoctioaa to American 
























Modern foarcign jj'W wai niwart 



Reign of Andrew Jackson 176 

Source book of Medieval hist. 213 

Ogg, O. (The) 26 letters 221 

Ogley, D. Iron land 171 

Og son of fire 1& 

Oil, blood and sand 100 

Oil for the lamps of China 191 

Oklahoma 184 

Old days and ways 143 

Old France 37 

Old Greek life, 25 

Old Hickory's prisoner 157 

Old Kaskaskia 135 

Old Leatherface of the Flying Tigers 204 

Old master 94 

Old regime in North America 103 

Old Rough and Ready 175 

Old Santa Fe Trail 233 

Old soldiers never die 99 

Old Spain in our Southwest 122 

Old Tippecanoe 161 

Old towpaths " 175 

Old Wolf 152 

Old world traits transplanted 193 

Oldham, E. B. Pedro's pirate. 117 

Olds, E. Riding the rails 233 

Old-world beginnings of America 133 

Oliver, J. Mine is the kingdom 58 

Oliver, R. T. Why war came to Korea . . 234 

Oliver Cromwell (Buchan) 61 

Oliver Cromwell (Ross) 69 

Oliver Hazard Perry 161 

Olveago, L. (La) Capitane 91 

Olympiad 23 

Oman, Carola Crouchback 58 

Major Grant 72 

Oman, Charles, Seven Roman statesmen 31 

Oman, C. W. C. Byzantine Empire 48 

On Indian trails with Daniel Boone. 139 

On Jordan's stormy banks 180 

On land and sea with Caesar 80 

On Pacific frontiers 176 

On the decks of "Old Ironsides" 162 

On the edge of the fiord 99 

On the trail of Chief Joseph 187 

On to Oregon 171 

On to Suez! 82 

Once in the first time 208 

Once is forever 203 

One braver thing 106 

One 'foot in America 229 

One God 224 

One nation 205 

One world - 205 

One-act plays of spiritual power. 224 

O'Neill, C. K. Morning time 16S 

O'Neill, G. Golden years in Paraguay 118 

O'Neill, H. Picture story of the 

Philippines 211 

Only the valiant 188 

Only yesterday 199 

Ood-Le-Uk the wanderer 14 

Opening the iron trail 180 

Orchid hunters 126 

Orczy, E, Spy of Napoleon 78 

Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel .. 73 

Oregon traiL 176 

Orient past and present 235 

Origins and background of the Second 

World War : 216 

Origins of Invention ~ 16 

Origins of the American Revolution 153 

Origins of the Triple Alliance 82 

Origins of the World War. 196 

Orth, S. P. Our foreigners 193 

Orton, H. F* Gold-laced coat 107 

Hoofbeats of freedom 150 

Lad of WiHiamsburg 140 

Winding river 150 

Orvieto, 1*. Birth of Rome 28 

Osborn, F. Pacific world 211 

Osborn, H. F. Men of the old stone age 16 
Oakinson, J. M. Tecumseh and his times 162 
Otero, N. Old Spain in our Southwest.... 122 


Other young Americans J29 

Ottiey, R. Black Odyssey 282 

Otto of the Sflver Hand 45 

Oudard, G. Four cents an acre 162 

Our American government 231 

Our American music 228 

Our Atlantic possessions 193 

Our foreign born citizens 229 

Our foreigners 193 

Our Hellenic heritage 25 

Our Indians 133 

Our land ond our Lady .." 104 

Our Latin American neighbors.. . 128 

Our little Athenian cousin 22 

Our little Cartheginian cousin 30 

Our little Celtic cousin 37 

Our little Corinthian cousin 24 

Our little Crusader cousin 4$ 

Our little Frankish cousin 37 

Our little Macedonian cousin 23 

Our little Roman cousin 27 

Our little Saxon cousin 34 

Our little Viking cousin 131 

Our lives have just begun 44 

Our living forests 226 

Our national Constitution 231 

Our nation's heritage 132 

Our times vol. HI 193 

Out of a clear sky 163 

Out of the flame 56 

Outposts of the fleet 86 

Over the blue wall 157 

Overbeck, A. O'R. Living high 126 

Overland trail (Laut) 175 

Overland trail (Monaghan) 175 

Owen, R. B. Caribbean caravel 208 

Owen, W. Automotive transportation 233 

Oxenham, J. Splendor of the dawn 29 

Oxford companion to American literature 227 

Ox-team days on the Oregon trail 175 

Ox-team miracle 189 

(The) Pacific : 209 

Pacific islands 211 

Pacific islands in the war 211 

Pacific relations 200 

Pacific treasure islands 209 

Pacific world 211 

Page, E. Tree of liberty 159 

Wild horses and gold 191 

Wilderness adventure 140 

Page, T. N. Red rock 180 

Two little confederates 180 

Page, esquire and knight 35 

Pageant of America 232 

Pageant of Canadian hist. 113 

Pageant of middle American hist. 130 

Pageant of the seven seas , 222 

Paine, A. B. Girl in the white armor 58 

Paine, R. D. Blackbeard, Buccaneer. 140 

Roads of adventure 193 

Paine, R. D. Ships across the sea. 195 

Painted arrow 137 

Painter*s coach 154 

Palencia, I de. Juan *1 

Palestine W* 

Palma, R. Knights of the cape. 130 

Palmer, E. Give me a river 171 

Palmer, R. R. Hist, of the modern world 234 

Panama - 3L*8 

Panama and its "bridge of water" 130 

Panama passage ~ IJJ 

Pan-American Day IJJ 

Pancakes Paris JJ 

Pandora's box - *? 

Paquita JS 

Paradise 1** 

Paradise planters JJJ 

Paraguay i* 1 



Parcel of rogues .................................... 51 

Pares, R. War and trade in the West 

Indies ............................... 122 

Parish, J. C. Man with the iron hand . 102 
My lady of the South ................... 180 

Park, R. E. Old world traits transplanted 193 
Parker, G. Promised land ................... 19 

Seats of the mighty ................... 102 

Trail of the sword ......... 107 

Parkman, F. Count Frontenac and New 

France ................ ................. 103 

Jesuits in North America ............. 103 

Old regime in North America ........... 103 

Oregon trail ....................................... 176 

Pioneers of France in the new world 104 
Struggle for a continent ...... 109 

Parkman, M. R. Conquests of invention 193 
Fighters for peace ...................... 88 

Parks, E. W. Little Long Rifle ............. 159 

Pioneer pilot ................................. 169 

ParaeU ...................................................... 83 

Parrish, A. Clouded star ............. 171 

Parrish, R. My lady of the North ...... . ...... 180 

Parrot dealer ........................ 128 

Parry, E. S. Betsy Boss, Quaker rebel... 153 
Parton, E. Mule of the Parthenon ............ 24 

Passengers to Mexico .................................. 120 

Passionate brood ........................................ 38 

Pathfinders of the West ........................... 162 

Paths of glory .................................. 194 

Patman, W. Our American government 231 
Patrick Henry ........................................ 152 

Patriot in the saddle ................................ 158 

Patsy Jefferson ................................... ~. 151 

Patterson, A. W. Redcoats at Castine ...... 150 

Patterson, F. T. White wampum ........ 103 

Patterson, 6. Story of Britain & Canada 113 
Fatten ..... , ................... , ................................ 205 

Paul, E. H. Life and death of a Spanish 

town .......................... , ........................ 95 

Paul Bunyan .... ................................. - ............. 228 

Paul of France ........................................ 46 

Paul Revere (Rogers) ............................... 150 

Paul Revere (Taylor) ................................ 153 

Paul Revere and the world he lived in ... 152 
Pauli, H. E. Golden door ........................ 187 

Paulmier, H. C. Pan-American Day .......... 130 

Paulo in the Chilean desert .......................... 127 

Paxson, F. L. American democracy and 

the World War ................................... 196 

Last American frontier ........................ 190 

Pay dirt ................................... ~ ...................... 187 

Peace atlas of Europe. ....... f ........... ~ ........... 220 

Peacock sheds his tail .............................. 125 

Peake, H. Hunters and artists ........... ~ ...... 16 

Pearlman, M. Army of Israel. ................... 101 

Pearls of Ferrara .......................................... 54 

Pearson, IT- piggy ......... , ......................... *..... 78 

Pease, H. Heart of danger .......................... 98 

Highroad to adventure .......................... 126 

Long wharf .......................... ......... ........ 172 

Peat, EL R. Private Peat. ........................... Ill 

Peat, L. W. Canada; new world power 113 

Peattie, D. C. Child's story of the world 235 

Forward the nation ..................... ......... 159 

Story of the first mem ............ ............ 1$ 

Story of ancient civilization ............... 22 

Story of the Middle Ages ............. 48 

Peattie, R, Struggle on the veld. .............. 96 

Peck, A. M. Pageant of Canadian hist..... 118 

Pageant of middle American hist. ... ISO 

Spain in Europe and America ............ 118 

Young fTfiPB'fo ........ ....... , ................ . 11$ 

Pecos B2I. ....................................... - ............... 188 

PeoxBer's girl .................................................. 163 

Pedro the potter ............. - .............. .., ........... 127 

Pedro's pirate, .............................. ................. 117 

Peeps at ancient Egypt ............................. 21 

Peeps at men of the old stone age......... 15 

Feet, C. Defending America... ........... ------ 20 

Peateter, H. Red xoad .............. . .......... 14d 

Penitent __________ ....... ________ ......... - ....... ** 

People of ancient Israel .................... 

People of Malaysia ................. 

Peoples of the U.S.SJEL .......... "." 

People's King. ................................ 

Pepin .................... 

Pepperfoot of Thursday Market ........ 

Pepys, S. Everybody's Pepys .............. 

Pere Antoine. ............................. . 

Pere Marquette .................................. 

Perfect tribute ................... ................. 

Pericles ......................................... __________ 

Pericles and Athens. ...................... . . 

Perilous island. .................................. 

Perilous seat . ................................ 

Perkins, F. People at work . .. ..... 

The Roosevelt I knew ............... 

Perkins, J. R. Emperor's physician. ______ 

Perkins, L. F, Spartan twins ................ 

Perri, F. Unknown disciple . ~ ............... 

Perry, G. S. Cities of America- ........... 

Perry, W. S. Egypt, the fond of the 

Temple builders ....................... .... 

Pershing ....................................................... 

Personal recoSectxons of Joan of Arc.... . 

Peter and Nancy in South America. ... 

Peter Ashley .......................... ................. 

Peter Cooper .............................. 

Peter Hale ........................ ........... ____ 

Peter Moor's Journey to South Africa. .... 

Peter the Great . . .... . ~ ............ .... 

Peterson, H. T. Tropical adventure, ------ 

Petersham, M. America's stamps ........... 

Petrie, W. M. F. Making of Egypt ..... - 

Social life in ancient Egypt. ..... . _____ 

Petticoat Kfotg ............ . ... , ........................ . 

Phantom fortress............ ~ . ...... .... ....... . 

Phantom freighter ............ ... .......... .... ....... 

Phantom EZing .. .. ..... . ........... ,...,.. ..., 

Phelps, E. M. ed. University Debaters 1 


Phelps, F. B. Nikita.... ................. - ....... 

Philip H. ...... . ................................... -. 

Philippine independence ......................... ..... 

Philippines . . ................... ~ ...... - ...... 

Phillips, A- Forever possess ........ . ........... 

Phillips, E. C. Gay Madekm. .................. 

Phillips, H. A. Argentina ................... . 

Phillips, U. B. Life and labor in the oH 
Sooth ___ ........ - ........ . ........... . _____________ 

Phoenicia . ..... .. ............... ... . . .......... 

Pic, the weapon-maker ............ ................... 

Pick, shovel and plaek. ............................ 

Picketfs gap ...... . ..................... ------- 

Picture book of molecules and atoms . .. 
Picture book of sculpture ........... .. ............. 

Picture book of the weather ...... ------- 

Picture map geography of Asia. ....... .-... 

Picture map geography of CBTTCHT* ..... 

Picture map geography of the Pacific 

Picture story of tbe Phflippmes 

Pidgin, C. F. Blennerfeasset. 

Pier, A. Young man from Mocmt Verm 

Pigboats ~- 

Pilgrim Kate ,....- -.... 

P2grini maid. - ~~ 

Pilgrimage of Western man. 

Pilgrims of t2te SB' 1 i*f'-fl~ JFe,..., ... ................ 

Pilgrim's rest ,..... .* .* 

Pusodski, bmider of Poland. 

Pmcfcoo, B. Z*p*ta~ ~ .- 

Pincfeot, G, Breairfn new gronpd. 

Prnkerton, K. S. WSuferaesa wife. 

PiBZttcle of gkwy. 

Pioneer America ..-.. 

Pkeer art te. America. ,...-. 

Pioneer pact..-, --> 

of FraxMse in tbe new wcrid. 













































Wrt Africa..,. 

. 82 



. 19ft 


, 71 

. 14* 

. 227 

' m 

. t4 
. 8* 
. 64 

People at work.. 

Pirates* port 



( The) Pit 191 

Pius XI 82 

Place in the sun 79 

Plains of Abraham 106 

Platt, It. R. European possessions in the 

Caribbean 211 

Pledge of Piang 209 

Plenn, A. Wind in the olive trees 98 

Plunkett, I. A. L. Daily life in Tudor 

times v 62 

Plutarch, Lives 81, 219 

Plymouth adventure 137 

Pocahontas 143 

Pocahontas, young American Princess.... 135 

Pocket encyc. of atomic energy 225 

Political consequences of the Great War 94 

Political handbook of the world 235 

Political unrest in Canada 108 

Pollard, E. F. With Gordon at Khartoum 82 
Pollock, D. Joseph, Chief of the Nez 

Perce 190 

Pollock, J. K. Change and crisis in 

European Government 220 

Pollock, K. G. Sandalio goes to town 127 

"Poilus" a dog of Roubaix 84 

Political handbook of the world (Annual) 235 
Political handbook of the world (Council 

of Foreign relations) 233 

Political handbook of the world 

(Mallory) 234 

Pompeii 31 

Poor Richard 146 

Pope Pius XI 94 

Pope's mule 40 

Pony express 165 

Pony express goes through 166 

Poole, E. Nancy Flyer 172 

Poor John Fitch 161 

Porritt, E. EvoL of the Dominion of 

Canada 113 

Portrait of the Nations Series 235 

Portrait of a patriot 122 

Portrait of an era 192 

Porter, J. Scottish chiefs 44 

Thaddeus of Warsaw 67 

Portugal, wharf of Europe 100 

Potter, E. Christopher Columbus 133 

Potter, R. D. Young people's book of 

atomic energy 226 

Pottery of the American Indians 119 

Pottery of the ancients .22, 217 

Pound, A. Hawk of Detroit 107 

Industrial America 193 

Pound, L. American ballads and songs. .. 228 

Powder keg 134 

Power, E. Medieval people 48 

Power and the glory.. .. 63 

Powers, A. Gallant years 58 

Hannibal's elephants . 29 

Ride Eastl Ride West!. .." 44 

Powell, E. A. Asia at the crossroads 83 

Marches of the North 109 

Powicke, F. M. Medieval England. 48 

Prairie Chautauqua 191 

Prairie patrol 109 

Prairie smoke 131 

Pratt, F. Empire and ihe glory 73 

Empire and the sea 74 

Hail Caesar!.... 31 

Heroic years 162 

Third King 48 

Preble, D. Yamino-Kwit 14 

Pre-historic man (Boyle) 15 

Pre-historic man (Henderson) 15 

(A) Prentice in old London 66 

Prescott, D. R. Day in a Colonial home 143 

Prescott, W. H. Conquest of Mexico 118 

Present war 200 

Presidents in American hist. , .... 230 

Presidents on parade. 281 

Preston, H. W. Private life of the 

Romans 32 

Prewett, V. Americas of tomorrow 130 

Price, W. DeM. Japan's islands of 


mystery 211 

Pride's fancy 107 

Priestley, H. I. Coming of the white man 133 

Priestly, J. B. Black-out in Gretley 112 

Let the people sing 91 

Primrose day 97 

Prince and the page 46 

Prince and the pauper 40 

Prince Eugene 69 

Prince of Egypt 20 

Princess runs away 18 

Prior, L. Law unto themselves 44 

Prisoners of hope 138 

Pritchett, L. C. Shining mountains 187 

Private life of the Romans (Johnston) 31 
Private life of the Romans (Preston) . . 32 

Private Peat Ill 

Private report 98 

Privateer ahoy! 160 

Prologue to New England 138 

Promised land 19 

Prothers, G. W. Life of Simon de 

Montfort 48 

Proud and the free 147 

Proud Paladin 44 

Provincial society 142 

Pruette, L. Saint in ivory 36 

Puckered moccasins 154 

Pueblo boy 131 

Pueblo girl 131 

Puerto Rico 209 

Pugnax the Gladiator 26 

Puki 208 

Puritan adventure 139 

Purnell, I. Pedro the potter 127 

Pursuit of the horizon 156 

Pyle, E. Brave men 205 

Here is your war 205 

Pyle, H. Men of Iron 44 

Merry adventures of Rohm Hood 44 

Otto of the Silver Hand 45 

Story of Jack Banister's fortunes 140 

Pyle, K. Charlemagne and his knights. .. 36 
Pyne, M. Little hist, of the wide world 235 

Pyramid builder 19 

Putney, W. K, Team-work in Colonial 

days 143 

Quebec 108 

Queen Cleopatra ,. 22 

Queen Elizabeth 62 

Queen of the flat-tops 204 

Queen Victoria 80 

Queen Victoria and her ministers 79 

Queens die proudly 205 

Queen's folly 68 

Queen's physician < 66 

Quennell, M. Everyday life in Anglo- 
Saxon times 38 

Everyday life in Homeric Greece.... 26 

Everyday life in Roman Britain 38 

Everyday life in the old stone age... 16 
Everyday life in the new stone, 

bronze ages 16 

Everyday things in Archaic Greece. 26 
Everyday things in classical Greece,. 26 
Everyday things in England 

(1066-1499) 48 

Everyday things in England 

(1500-1799) 62 

Everyday things in England 

(Industrialism) 74 

Everyday things in England 

(1851-1934) 79 

Quentin Durward 59 

Quest for social justice. 192 

Quest in the desert...- 89 

Quest of liberty 139 

Quest of the four-leaved clover 85 

Qaest of the golden cities 11* 



Quest of the golden condor lie 

Quicksilver Bob 157 

Quiet light 40 

Quiller-Couch, A. T. Splendid spur 67 

Quinn, V. Exciting adv. of Captain 

John Smith 143 

March of the iron men 45 

Pageant of the seven seas 222 

Picture map geography of Asia . . 222 
Picture map geography of Canada... 113 
Picture map geography of the 

Pacific islands 211 

Quirk, L. W. Jimmy goes to war 195 

Quo Vadis 29 


Rabble in arms 150 

Radar 225 

Radin, M. Epicurus my master 29 

Radin, P. Story of the American Indian 133 

Radio Amateur's Handbook 226 

Radio's best plays 219 

Raeburn, B. Treasury for the free world 216 

Raffles of Singapore 53 

Ragged Inlet guards 112 

Ragged staff 52 

Ragozin, Z. A. Hist, of the world 

Raiders of the deep 195 

Railway engineer. 77 

Railroad W^est , 187 

Railroads and rivers 174 

Rain forest 208 

Rain on the roof 131 

Rainbow 99 

Raine, A. Eagle of Guatemala 120 

Raleigh and his world. 60 

Ramona 186 

Ramparts of the Pacific 209 

Ranch of the golden flowers 121 

Ranchero 121 

Ranching on the Eagle Eye 198 

Rand, M. F. Puki 208 

Rand McNally Commercial atlas 217 

Rand McNally Cosmopolitan World atlas 217 
Randdall, T. H. His majesty's Yankees 107 

Pride's fancy 107 

Son of the hawk 107 

Randvar, the Songsmith 102 

Rankin, L. Daughter of the mountains. .. 98 

Ransome, A, Swallowdale, 127 

Rapahu's warning.. 183 

Raquel 125 

Ratzesberger, A. Jasmine 91 

(The) Raven 175 

Rawlinson, G. Phoenicia 22 

Rawson, M. N. Candle days 15S, 228 

Forever the farm 176 

Of the earth earthly 143 

Reaching for the stars 95 

Read, H. E. Fighters for freedom 222 

Reade, C. Cloister and the hearth 58 

Readers Encyc 218 

Readers Guide to Periodical literature.... 223 

Readings in American democracy 216 

Readings in American hist. 215 

Readings in ancient hist. I (Davis) 213 

Readings in ancient hist, n (Davis) .... 213 

Readings in ancient hist. (Webster) 213 

Readings in English hist, 213 

Readings in European hist. 213 

Readings in modern European hist. 214 

Readings in the hist, of the Amer. nation 215 

Reaper man , 169 

Reason, J. Bran the bronze-smith 14 

Rebel loyalist 147 

Rebel siege 148 

Rebels in bondage 134 

Reck, F. M. Romance of American 

transportation 233 

Reconquest of Mexico Iff 

Record book 223 

Record of American diplomacy 214 

Recouly, R. Joffre 88 

Recruit for Abe Lincoln. 177 

Red badge of courage 178 

Red beards of Yellow River 90 

Red cock crows 167 

Red Eagle. 157 

Red fleece $4 

Red Fox of the Kinapoo ]. ,!1" 188 

Red heritage 144 

Red Hugh of Ireland 58 

Red jungle boy 127 

Red Keep 41 

Red man's luck 108 

Red Orm 33 

Red Prior's legacy . 70 

Red road 140 

Red rock , ... 180 

Red rose of Dunmore. ^ ^ 52 

Red sky [ 81 

Red sky over Rome 77 

Redcoat and minuteman . 149 

Redcoats at Castme .. ISO 

Reddaway. W. F. Frederick the Great . . 69 

Redhouse on the hfll 179 

Reed, W. M. America's treasure 226 

Reference Shelf (H. W. Wilson Co.) . 223 

Refugee family ^ . 84 

Refugee in the U. S. 229 

Refugees ... . 65 

Regli, A. Fiddling cowboy '..'. 187 

Regulators - 146 

Reid, V. S. New day 208 

Reign of Andrew Jackson ...., , 176 

Reign of Soapy Smith 192 

Reign of Tiberius 31 

Reinach, S. Apollo - 219 

Heinherz, N. Trumpets at the crossroads 45 

Reis, C. R. Composers in America...., 228 

Reitzd, W. Pinnacle of glory ... . 73 

Reluctant prophet...... .,. ... . 28 

Reluctant rebel. 151 

Remember the Maircp 193 

Renaissance - ....., 2 

Renaissance and Reformation . 62 

Repplier, A. Junipero Serra 118 

Mere Marie of the TTrsolines 194 

Pere Marquette 184 

Republic of Israel 100 

Republican Hispanic America . ~ 128 

Resnick, W. S, Dragonship ... 103 

Restless are the sails -.. ~ 136 

Restless is the river .... .-. 165 

Restless Johnny 156 

Retreat from the Dolphin...... 121 

Return of Silver Chief ,... ~ Ill 

Reves, E. Anatomy of peace 235 

Revolt in the desert ... 88 

Revolt on the bolder 174 

Revolution before breakfast 129 

Revolutionary Europe (1798-1815) 75 

Revolutionary generation - 152 

Reyher, F. Davy Farragnt. 182 

Reynolds, J. M. Bugles at midnight,.....,... 159 

Guns of Yorfctown 156 

Reynolds, R. PaquitSL 121 

Reynolds, T. H. Economic aspects of the 

Honroe Doctrine 1W 

Reznikoff, C. loombearted 45 

Rheinbart, E. A. Josephine, wife of 

Napoleon J4 

Ricanio's white hosse - 2gJ 

Rich land, poor land 19 

Bichard Carvel J4J 

Bkbards, E. Arctic jaood.......... _ 39* 

Richards, I* E. Abigail Adams and her 

times - 168 

Richards, W. C. Last bfHksoaire. .... 2W 

Richardson, J. Wacousta ... 1J 

Richelieu L 

Riches of South America, ... 1JJ 

Bicfeter, C. Sea of grass - gj 

Ride East l" Ride" West L" ~Z~~~~. 44 



Ridgley, D. C. Influence of geography on 

our economic life 229 

Biding the rails 233 

Biding west on the Pony Express 172 

Riegel, R. E. America moves west .. . . 176 

Rienzi 50 

Riesenberg, F. Galapagos bound 1 208 

Man on the raft 203 

Phantom freighter 208 

Bifleman Dodd and the gun 71 

Big for depth charges ! 202 

Bing of danger 49 

Bio Grande 121 

Bip tide of aggression 94 

Bipley, C. Clear for action . 150 

Bippy, J. F. Caribbean danger zone 211 

Latin America in world politics . . 130 
Rise of American commerce and industry 230 

Bise of Henry Morcar 80 

Bise of Louis Napoleon 79 

Bise of Bome 31 

Bise of the city 190 

Bise of the house of Rothschild 74 


Bise of the Lone Star 174 

Bising .... 77 

Rising crescent.. 94 

(The) River 200 

River and the empty sea 103 

River Jordan , 21 

Biver out of Eden 150 

River Supreme . 81 

Rivers of America Series (Farrar & 

Rhinehart) 229 

Rivers of the Wolves 189 

Rivers to the sea 156 

Road of the Century 175 

Road to Alaska 204 

Road to Bagdad 93 

Road to Down Under. 76 

Road to glory 70 

Road to Granada 59 

Boad to reunion 189 

Road to San Jacinto (Davis) 165 

Road to San Jacinto (Foreman) 167 

Boad to war 196 

Roads of adventure 193 

Roads to revolution 152 

Bob Roy 160 

Bobbins, O. Boy of Quebec 108 

(The) Robe 27 

Bobeen 182 

Bobert Bruce 47 

Robert E. Lee (Emery) 181 

Robert E. Lee (McMeekin) 182 

Robert the Bruce 48 

Bobert the Boundhead 59 

Roberts, CL G. D. In the morning of time 14 

Sister of Evangeline. 107 

Roberts, E. Candle in the sun 127 

Roberts, E. M. Great meadow 159 

Roberts, K. Private report. 98 

Lydia Bailey 208 

Roberts, K. L. ArundeL 150 

Captain Caution 159 

Northwest passage. 107 

Rabble in arms 150 

Roberts, & H. House that Hitler built ... 95 

Roberts, T. Mystery schooner 208 

Roberts, W. A. Caribbean 211 

Sir Henry Morgan 118 

Robert's rules of order 224 

Robertson, F. C. On the trail of Chief 

Joseph 187 

Robespierre 74 

Robinson, C. E. Alexander the Great. 26 

Days of Alcibiades , 24 

Everyday life in ancient Greece 26 

Robinson, E, F. Houses in America 144 

Robinson, G. Catch & falling star. 140 

Fox fire. 141 

Robeen 182 

Sachim bird, 182 

Winged feet. !!.".", ".*."" 150 

Robinson, H. M. Stoat Cortez 118 

Robinson, J. H. Readings in European 

Readings in modern European hist. 

Robinson Crusoe 

Robson, R. W. Pacific islands 

Rock and the river 

Rock cried 

Rockets and jets 

Rococo . 

Rodell, F. Fifty-five men 

Roe, W. Tree falls south 

Rogers, C. Drake's quest 

Rogers, F. Birthday of a nation 

Jeremy Pepper 

Paul Revere 

Rogers, L. South of Heaven 

Rogue's march 

Rojas, R. San Martin 

Roland the warrior 

Rolling wheels 

Rollins, P. A. Jinglebob 

Rolo, C. J. Wingate's raiders 

Rolt-Wheeler, F. Coming of the peoples 

Finder of fire 

In the days before Columbus 

In the time of Attfla 

Pyramid builder ., 

Tamer of herds 

Wonder of war at sea 

Wonder of war in the air 

Wonder of war in the Holy land. 

Wonder of war on land 

Rolvaag, O. E. Giants in the earth 

Roman Britain , 

Roman civilization 

Roman private life 

Roman soldier 

Roman world 

Romany luck 

Rome and the Romans 

Rome haul .................. 

Romulo, C. PP. I saw the fall of the 

I saw the Philippines rise 

Romulus, builder of Rome . . 

Romance of Alexander and Roxena 

Romance of Alexander the King 

Romance of Alexander the Prince 

Romance of American transportation 

Romance of excavation 

Romance of a people 

Romance of Labrador f . . ; 

Romance of Leonardo da Vinci 

Ronald, J. Old soldiers never die 

Roosevelt, E. This I remember 

Roosevelt and his America 

Roosevelt I knew. 

Roosevelt's good neighbor policy 

Rooster crows for day - 

Boots of the war 

Roselle of the North 

Rosenberg, M. V. Ark of heraldry 

Eleanor of Aauitaine 

With sword and song "v.*""W 

Rosenblum, M. Story of Franklin D. 


Roses for Mexico 

Roses of the winds 

Rosmer, J. In secret service 

Ross, E. Oliver Cromwell . 

Ross, F. A. Land and people of Canada 

Botch, F. Blue-eyed god - 

Both, J. Ballad of the 100 days 

King Otto*s crown. v'l;"* 

Rothery, A. E. Central America and the 
Spanish Main 

Central America roundabout. 


Bounds, G. Pay dirt 

Rourke, C. Davy Crockett.. 

Bouse, W. H, D. Story of Odysseus.......... 

Boustan, M. Pioneers of the French 


Rowan, B. W. Terror in oar times 








































































Rowell, A. On Jordan's stormy banks 180 
Royal Canadian Mounted Police.... 113 

Royal cavalcade ........................ ......... JJ? 

Royal escape .............. ............. * 

Royal highway ................ '"."'"."".. '. ....... ill 

Royal purple ............ ........ 81 

Royal road ................. ............. jrj 

RwSKJ^ *fc ^venturing: ii Palestine 91 
Rudolph, M. Great hope ........ g7 

Rugoff, M. A. Harvest of world folk "tales 219 
Rukeyser, W. A. Working for the Soviets 95 
Rule of Saint Benedict ..... c 

Ruler of the Lakes ......... ". .................... 

Ruml, B. Tomorrow's business 
Runaway Balboa .............. 

Rung ho! ................................ 

Running the gauntlet... . 

Rush, W. M. Red fox of the Kinapoo" " " 188 
Russ Farrell, airman 194. 

Russell, L K. Hidden heroes" of the ....... 

Rookies .................... 176 

Russell, W. R. Bolivar countries".".*... "..""..' 130 
Russia ......................................... 94 

Russia's story ......................... .................. 234 

Rustics in rebellion ................ ."..'..".."."..."..'I'".'.' 182 





Ruy Barbosa 122 

Rydell, C. On Pacific frontiers .".."..""" 176 

Rydjord, J. Foreign intervention in the 

independence of New Spain 122 

Sabatini, R. Banner of the BulL B8 

Fortune's fool """;."" $7 

The Gamester $7 

Scaramouche 73 

Sword of Islam !""."" 58 

Sabin, E. L. Into Mexico with General 

Scott 172 

Opening the iron trail ." """.'.*."."." 180 

Sabin, F. E. Classical myths that live 

today 26 219 

Sacajawea of the Shoshones " .../, 155 

Sachim bird 132 

Sacker, H. Festival of Meron 20 

Safford, H. B. Mr. Madison's war 159 

That Bennington mob 150 

Saga of the Comstock Lode 175 

Sagittarius rising 85 

Sahara sands " 81 

Sailing for gold 77 

Sailor of Napoleon 72 

Sails and swords...*. 119 

Saint Anselm . 47 

Saint Benedict 38 

Saint Exupery, A. de. FEght to Arras.... 101 

St, George and St. Michael "66 

Saint in ivory 36 

St. Lawrence 112 

Sajo and the beaver people 110 

Salem frigate 157 

Salisbury, A. Two captains west 162 

Salt and the savor ITS 

Saltar the Mongol 92 

Salten, F. Florian, the Emperor's stalEon 82 

Saftzman, I*. F. Medieval byways 48 

Samuel, S. Seven Years' War in Canada 109 

Samuel Adams 145 

Samuel Gompers , 192 

Samuel Pepys , 68 

San Martin 122 

Sanceau, E. Henry the Navigator... 62 

Land of Prester John ,., 62 

Sanchez, N. V. Stories of Latin Ameri- 
can states 118 

Sandalio goes to town .... 127 

Sandburg, C. Abe Lincoln grows up 182 

Abraham Lincoln, the Prairie years 182 

Storm over the land. ... . .... 182 

Sandox, E. Squire of Ravensmark 45 

Santa Anna (Callcott) 121 


Santa Anna (Hanighen) .... 122 

Santa Fe* trail " mpire H? 

Santvoord, S. van. Octavia ... 29 

Saracen's head ".." . ",] J| 

Sargent, D. Our land and our ladv ifli 

Thomas More ^ "" 62 

Saskatchwan ].j.^ 112 

Saucy sailor and other rfryn ati v^l fr^ifayte 20 
Sauer, J. L. Fog magic 112 

Savery, C. Emeralds for the' KingTT ! 67 

Enemy brothers 99 

Sawyer, E. A, Merin and Shari 45 

Sawyer, R. Least one . " 127 

Scalp hunters _ $ 

Scaramouche *"" 73 

Scarborough, H. E. England muddles 

through 95 

Scarface 8 

Scarlet bird ! 'Z~!TrZT"~ 206 

Scarlet coat. 157 

Scarlet cockerel "".." 1"" ] 142 

Scarlet sash i 

Scarlet patch 179 

Scenes and characters of the Middle Ages 47 
Schachner, N. Alexander Hamilton . . . . 162 

Wanderer 45 

Schaefer, J. Shane 188 

Schlesinger, A. M. Age of Jackson " . 176 

American as a reformer. 221 

New Deal in action 201 

Rise of the city 190 

Schevffl, F. Hist, of the Balkan peninsula 83 

Making of modern Germany .. 79 

(The) Medici 62 

Schirmer, M. Latin American leaders 122 

Schmidt, S. L. New land 188 

Ranching on the Eagle Eye 198 

School atlas <Goode) 217 

School hist, of the Great War 196 

Schoonover, L. L. Burnished blade. 68 

Schuman, M. Strife before dawn_ 107 

Schusnigg^ K. My Austria 96 

Schwab, G. B. Gods and heroes 217 

Scientific encyclopedia 226 

Scotchtown tale 155 

Scott, E. (The) Wave, 180 

Scott, L. B. Dawn boy of the Peebles .. 117 
Scott Pub. Co. Standard postage stamp 

catalog . . . %fil 

Scott, W. (The) Abbot. - 58 

Ivanhoe -, .. 4$ 

KenOworth S3 

Quentin l^urward ., .. , .- 59 

^The) TaHsxoan 45 

Scottish cHtofg ... 44 

Scouting with General Pershing 196 

Scowcroft, R. Children of the Covenant 191 

Scruggs, P. L. Men cannot teH 141 

Sea and its mysteries 221 

Sea eagles 14S 

Sea hawks of empire. , . 49 

Sea is so wide 1 

Sea of grass .. 187 

Sea road to the Indies- , . 61 

Sea snake 238 

Sea warfare ......... 88 

Seaman, A. H. Wlbea a cobhter rated a 

Search for a King'.. .... 

Searchligirt OB peace 
Sears, L. M. Hist, of 

refetwus . 

Sears. P. B, Deserts cm t&e march 
Seats of the Higfety 

Seaver, C. H. Indostry in America,. 
SeaweQ, WL B. T --- * ---* 

Lively adv. of Gavin Ham3tDn 

Sechrist, K H. Once in the first time., ... 

Second shift.... 

Secret dlor ......... 

Secret fiord, 

Secret of tbe bog..... 
Secret of toe CJDTCMU.. 





Secret on the Potomac 158 

Sedgwiek, H. D. Ignatius Loyola 62 

See here, Private Hargrove 202 

Seebohn, F. Bra of the Protestant 

revolution 62 

Seeger, E. Orient past and present 235 

Seifert, S. Captain Grant 172 

River out of Eden 150 

Those who go against the current . 159 

Turquoise trail 172 

Seiger, R. C. American folk songs 228 

Select charters and other documents .. .. 215 

Select documents 215 . 

Select orations 214 

Selected statutes and other documents.... 215 
Selections from Medieval philosophers I 48 
Selections from Medieval philosophers II 48 
Selections from the sources of English 

hist 213 

Semper Fidelis 204 

Sample, W. American hist, and its 

geographic conditions 229 

Senor Zero 132 

Seraphina Todd 148 

Seredy, K. Chestry oak 99 

Singing tree 87 

White stag 86 

Serpent's egg 202 

Set of the sails 101 

Seth-Smith, E. K. Vagabonds 59 

Settlement of Canadian-American 

disputes 112 

Seven cities of gold 54 

Seven iron men 189 

Seven lean years 201 

Seven Roman statesmen .. 31 

Seven wonders of the ancient world 20 

Seven Years' War in Canada 109 

Seward's folly 186 

Sextant and sails 161 

Seymour, A. H. Galewood crossing 172 

On the edge of the fjord 99 

Tangled skein 99 

Seymour, C. Diplomatic background of 

the war (1870-1914) 83 

Seymour, F. W. Boys' life of Kit Carson 176 

Boys* life of Fremont 176 

Daniel Boone, pioneer 162 

La Sane 144 

Meriwether Lewis 162 

Seymour, T. D. Life in the Homeric age 26 

Shadow of swords 91 

Shadow of the Hawk 59 

Shadow of the Iroojuois 107 

Shadow of the Long Knives 134 

Shadow of the sword 52 

Shadow of the crown 50 

Shadows on the rock 102 

Shaftel, G. A. Golden shore 172 

Shane, T. Heroes of the Pacific 205 

Shane 188 

Shankle, G. E. State -names, flags etc. 221 
Shapiro, I. Joe Magarac and his U. S. 

citizen papers 201 

Yankee thunder 176 

Shark hole 206 

Shaw, A. H. Lincoln encyc 232 

Shaw, H. Americans one and all 203 

Shawl with silver bells 51 

Sheean, V. Day of battle 67 

SheDabarger, S. Captain from Castile . . 117 

King's cavalier 59 

Shepard, E. Paul Bunyan 228 

Sfaeppard, M. E. Cabins in the laurel . 188 

Sherman 182 

Sherriff, R. C. Journey's end ." .,..."." 87 

Sherrod, R. Tarawa 205 

Sherwood, M. Merry pilgrimage. 36 

Song of Roland. 36 

Tale of the warrior Lord. 45 

Shields, K. Three in the jnngle 127 

Shining mountains 187 

Shining trail 155 

Shining trumpets 227 


(The) Ship 97 

Ship boy with Columbus 131 

Ship of the line 71 

Shipbuilders . 89 

Shippen, K. B. Great heritage 227 

Moses ... 20 

New found world 118 

Ships across the sea 195 

Ships in the bay ! 70 

Ships of the fleet 204 

Shirer, W. L. Berlin diary 95 

Shooting star ~ 162 

Shore, M. Hero of Darien 62 

Knight of the wilderness 109 

Slave who dreamed 29 

Shores of adventure 102 

Short hist, of social life in England . . 69 
Short hist, of the American Labor move- 
ment 189 

Short hist, of the Renaissance hi Italy.. . 63 
Shortt, A. Early economic effects of the 

war upon Canada 114 

Shotwell, J. T. Heritage of freedom 114 

Showerman, G. Monuments and men of 

ancient Rome 32 

Rome and the Romans 32 

Shridharani, K. Mahatma 101 

Shrine of liberty 167 

Shumway, H. I. Albert, the soldier-King 88 

Lawrence, the Arabian knight. 88 

Shute, N. Legacy 208 

Shuttle and sword 40 

Siberia 94 

Siberian gold 81 

Sichel, E. Renaissance 62 

Sidelights on our social & economic hist. 214 

Sieburg, F. Robespierre 74 

Siege of Alcazar 94 

Sienkiewicz, H. K. Quo Vadis 29 

With fire and sword 67 

Sign of the anchor 28 

Silent Duchess 65 

Silent Scot 151 

Silver fleece 139 

Simon, C. M. Joe Mason apprentice to 

Audubon 172 

Royal road 151 

Simon Bolivar 122 

Simonds, F. H. Great powers in world 

politics &5 

They won the war 88 

Simonov, K. M. Days and nights 99 

Simpson, F. A. Rise of Louis Napoleon 79 

Simpson, H. Henry VIH 62 

Since yesterday 199 

Sing in praise 224 

Singer, K. Three thousand years of 

espionage 235 

Singing seamen 27 

Singing sword 35 

Singing tree 87 

Singmaster, E. Book of the Colonies .. . 144 

Boy at Gettysburg 181 

Gettysburg 181 

High wind rising 141 

I speak for Thaddeos Stevens 181 

Sir Henry Morgan 118 

Sir Walter Raleigh 49 

Sir Wilfred Grenfell 113 

Sister of Evangeline 107 

Sitting Bull (Fax) 184 

Sitting Bull (Garst) 185 

Sitwell, E. Victoria of England 83 

Six foot six 175 

Skariatma, L Little era in old Russia .... 83 
Skelton, C. L. Riding west on the pony 

express I 72 

Skinner, C. L. Andy breaks trail 159 

Beaver, kings and cabins 103 

Becky Landers 151 

Debby Barnes, trader 141 

Ranch of the Golden Flowers 121 

Red man's luck 1J8 

Bob Boy 160 


Roselle of the North 

Silent Scot .... 

Tiger who walks alone 

Sky freighter 

Sky pioneer 

Slade, G. Lawrence in blue 

Slave of Catiline 

Slave ship 

Slave who dreamed 

Sloan, H. S. Diet, of economics 

Farming in America 

Slosson, P. W. Great crusade and after.. 

Smaller classical dictionary 

Smith, A. Drugs you use 

Smith, A. D. Conqueror 

Smith, B. Arms are fair 

Smith, C. H. Flags of all nations 

Smith, F. Trading east 

Smith, H. J. Senor Zero .. 

Smith, H. K. State of Europe . . 
Smith, L. K. Forty days to Santa Fe .... 

Smith, M. P. W. Boys of the border 

Smith, M. S. C. Story of Napoleon 

Smith, R. Tree of life 

Smith, W. Smaller classical diet. 

Smoke blows west 

Smuggler's luck 

Snedden, G. S. Leif and Thorkel 

Snedeker, C. D. Beckoning road 

Coward of Thermopylae 

Forgotten daughter 

Luke's quest ~ 

Perilous seat 


Theras and his town 

Town of the fearless 

Uncharted ways 

White isle 

Snow, C. H. Argonaut gold 

Snow, E. On the decks of "Old Ironsides** 

Snow treasure 

Snowden, L. Union of South Africa 


So red the rose 

Social backgrounds of American 


Social life in ancient Egypt 

Social life in Greece 

Social life in Stuart England 

Social life in the reign of Queen Anne .. 
Society and politics in ancient Rome .. .. 
Society and thought in early America . 

Sod-house frontier 

Soldier Doctor 

Soldier of democracy 

Soldier of the Church 

Soldier of the sea 

Soldier Rigdale 

Soldiers of fortune 

Some follow the sea 

Some plant olive trees 

Somerville, D. C. Disraeli and Gladstone 

Sometimes Jenny Wren. 

Son of "Old Ironsides" 

Son of the ages 

Son of the Hawk 

Son of the land ~ 

Son of the sword 

Son of thunder V"'""* 

Sondergaard, A. My first geography of 
the Pacific - 

They went exploring 

Song of Roland. 

Song of the cave 

Song of the years 

Sons of the Admiral 

Sons of the dragon 

Sons of the Volsungs 

Sooner land 

Sound of chariots 

Sound of running feet ... 

Source book of American hfet. 
Source book of Medieval hist.... 
Source book of Roman hist. 















































.. 211 












Source problems of the French revolution 21S 

Source readers in American hist. 215 

Source textbook in American hist. "." 214 

South America called them "".. 122 

South America primer " 117 

South from Hudson Bay ... 145 

South of heaven ".". QI 

South of yesterday " "." ' 129 

Southerner discovers the South .", 199 

Southward ho ! j6 

Southworth, G. V. D. America's ""old " ~ 

world background taa 

Souvarine, B. Stalin .".., '"'"~ "" 95 

Sowers, P. A. Our little Corinthian 

cousins , 24 

Sons of the dragon... . 99 

Swords and sails in the Philippines 208 

Spain in Europe and America us 

Spanish bayonets _ iio 

Spanish bride ; 72 

Spanish Conquistadores !"....."" 118 

Spanish galleon <JQ 

Spanish Main " " "*" ii 

Spanish trails 1.!."..! "". 119 

Spartan .] T 24 

Spartan twins "....'". ..,""..".. 24 

Speaking from Vermont ,'"."""'."' 199 

Spearman, F. H. Carmen of the Rancho 121 

Spence, H. Vain shadow 119 

Spencer, C. Nehru of India 101 

Three sisters "'~' 95 

Sperry, A. AH sails set. l$0 

Black falcon i$& 

Call it courage 288 

Hull-down for action...., . 208 

Rain forest 208 

Storm canvass ig 

Spice and the Devil's cave ^ 54 

Spicer, D. G. Book of festivals - 226 

Spinden, H. J. Ancient dvilizatioa, 119 

Spirit of the eagle. 1S3 

Splendid spur 67 

Splendid wayfaring -...".. 158 

Splendor of the dawn~ , 29 

Splendor that was Egypt 22 

Splendour of Asia 17 

Sprague, R. Korthward to Albioa. 45 

Sprigs of hemlock 146 

Spy ~L...l! 146 

Spy of Napoleon . 78 

Spy of Saratoga ..... ^ 151 

Square giiq and spice islands.......... 170 

Squire of Ravensmark 45 

Stables, G. Westward with Columbus.. ~ 132 

Stackpole, E. A. Privateer aboy! 166 

Smuggler's luck . 1S1 

Staffelbach, E. H. For Texas & freedom 173 

Stafford Cripps W 

Stage-coach and tavern days .. - 152 

Stagecoach kingdom. 178 

Stained sails 66 

Stair, G. Lady of France 73 

Stalin - 96 

Standard bearer . .. . . Sft 

Standard postage stamp catalog, 221 

Standish, R. Bonin 288 

Standish of Standish 133 

Stanford, A. B. Navigator 141 

Stanley, E. Rock cried. 16 

Stanley Baldwin,... 93 

Stanley's Africa ~ 82 

Star mountain and other legends of 

Mexico .. - 115 

Star of the West ~ 156 

Star pointed North 1ST 

Star-gazer 63 

Stark, B. S. Adventure in Pem 127 

Stark, F. M. Arab Island, the Buddie East 101 

Starr, F. American Indians - 18* 

Starvecrow farm - Tf 

State names, flags, etc. (Shankie) 221 

Sate of Europe ..~~ . g 

Statesman's Yearbook -.. 2fJ 

Statesmen of the Lost Cause IS! 



Statistical abstract of the U. S. Pub. 

Office 232 

Steadfast at Valley Forge 148 

Steamboat round the bend 164 

Steel of Empire 113 

Steen, E. K. Bed jungle boy 127 

Steer, G. L. Caesar in Abyssinia 95 

Stefansson, E. B. Within the circle . . .. 201 
Stefansson, V. Unsolved mysteries of the 

Arctic 193 

Stegner, W. E. One nation 205 

Stein, E. Out little Celtic cousin. 37 

Our little Crusader cousin 46 

Our little Frankish cousin 37 

Pepin 37 

Steinberg, S. H. ed. Statesman's Year- 
book 224 

Stephen A. Douglas 182 

Stephen, boy of the mountain 19 

Stephens, H. M. Revolutionary Europe.... 75 
Stephenson, H. T. Elizabethan people.. 62 

Glass v . 191 

Stern, P. VanD. Drums of morning 173 

Sterne, E. G. Drums of Monmouth 141 

Incident in Yorkvflle 203 

Loud sing cuckoo , 46 

Miranda is a Princess 59 

Some plant olive trees 160 

Stettinius, E. R. Lend-lease 205 

Stevens, W. O. Drummer boy of Burma.. 82 

Glasgow Farragut 182 

Stevenson, A. Daniel Boone, boy hunter 144 
Stevenson, B. E. American hist, in verse 228 

Stevenson, R, L. Black arrow 59 

In the South Seas 212 

Treasure island 208 

Stewart, G. R. East of the giants 173 

Man, an autobiography 16 

Stewart, W, Builders of Latin America 130 
Stiles, H. B. Pottery of the American 

Indians 119 

Pottery of the ancients 217 

Stfll to the West 197 

Stillman, A. L, Drums beat in old 

Carolina 141 

Stimpson, G. W. Book about American 

hist. 232 

Stinetorf, L. A. Children of North Africa 91 

Children of South Africa 91 

Stobart, J. C. Glory that was Greece 26 

Grandeur that was Rome 32 

Stoddard, EL L. Horace Greeley 190 

Stoddard, T. L. Mastr of Manhattan 193 

Stoddard, W. Swordmaker*s son 29 

Stokes, G. W. Deadwood gold 176 

Stokes, R. L. Leon Blum 95 

Stolen oracle , 80 

Stone, A. Hawaii's Queen Lfliuokalani... 208 

Stone, E. Free men shall stand. 141 

Secret of the bog 73 

Stone, G. Cold journey 108 

Stone, I. Immortal wife 173 

Stone, W. S. Thunder island 208 

Stonewall 181 

Stong, P. D. Marta of Muscovy 67 

Stooping hawk and stranded whale 115 

Stories from Canadian hist. 103 

Stories from the great Metropolitan 

operas , > 218 

Stories from the Greek tragedians 218 

Stories of child life in a Jewish colony 

in Palestine 92 

Stories of Latin American states 118 

Stories of our national songs 227 

Stories of the East. 21 

Stories of the far West 175 

Stories of the Spanish missions of the 

middle Southwest. 118 

Stories of the stone age ,.., 13 

Stories of the Vikings 34 

Storm canvass , , 160 

Storm over the land 182 

Storms on the Labrador , 110 

Story behind great medical discoveries .. 226 


Story of Ab 14 

Story of ancient civilization 2 

Story of Bayard 63. 

Story of Britain and Canada 113 

Story of Buffalo Bill 139 

Story of civilization 1 

Story of civilization Greece 25 

Story of Cortes 119 

Story of costume 219 

Story of democracy 222 

Story of Dr. WasselL 207 

Story of everyday things 201 

Story of Franklin D. Roosevelt 201 

Story of Grenfell of Labrador 112 

Story of Jack Ballister's fortunes 140 

Story of maps 217 

Story of medicine 225 

Story of modern Palestine 101 

Story of Napoleon 74 

Story of Odysseus 24 

Story of our calendar 221 

Story of our civilization 132 

Story of Phfllis Wheatiey 147 

Story of philosophy 223 

Story of Rolf and the Viking's bow 13 

Story of science 225 

Story of Sonny Sahib 76 

Story of the American Indian 133 

Story of the Confederacy 181 

Story of the Constitution 231 

Story of the Crusades 48 

Story of the Declaration of Independence 152 

Story of the first men 16 

Story of the great plains 229 

Story of the Mexican War 175 

Story of the Middle Ages (Harding) 47 

Story of the Middle Ages (Peattie) 48 

Story of the Mississippi 229 

Story of the other Americas 129 

Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch 143 

Story of the Renaissance 61 

Story of the Second World War 216 

Story of the Sforzas 61 

Story of the submarine 196 

Story of the telephone 233 

Story of Tonty 105 

Story of Utopias 234 

Story of Vasco da Gamma 60 

Story of weaving 79 

Story pictures of transportation 232 

Stout Cortez 118 

Stover, H. E. Men in buckskin 141 

Stowe, H. B. Uncle Tom's cabin 173 

Dred 173 

Strachey, J. S. Madonna of the barricade 78 
Strachey, L. Eminent Victorians 80 

Queen Victoria 80 

Strachey, M. C. Mazzini, Garibaldi, and 

Cacour , 80 

Strachey, R. Marching on 173 

Strakhovsky, L. L Alexander I of Russia 75 
Strang, H. Early days in Canada 103 

In Clive's command. 68 

Stranger Prince , 66 

Stratton, C. Paul of France 46 

Robert the Roundhead 59 

Stratton, R. E. Juarez of Mexico 122 

Strauss, L. H. Look, listen, learn 224 

Strawn, A. Road to Granada 59 

Sails and swords 119 

Street, J. H. By valour of arms 181 

Street of knives 156 

Street of the Fishing Cat 90 

Strife before dawn 107 

Strike 198 

Strike up the band 1 227 

Strong, A. L. Peoples of the U.S.SJEL.... 95 

Wad river 99 

Strong, L. A. G. King Richard's land 46 

Strong hearts and bold ~ 13 

Strong room % 60 

Struggle for a continent 109 

Struggle is our brother, 97 

Struggle on the Veld 96 



Stuart, D. M. Men and women of 

Plantagenet England 48 

Stuart, F. P. Pledge of Piang 209 

Stuart, G. H. Latin America and IT. S..... 130 

Study of history 235 

Study of two Americas 128 

Sturdy rogue 55 

Subject guide to U.S. publications 232 

Sublette, C. M. Bright lace of danger... . 142 

Scarlet cockerel 142 

Sub-chaser Jim 201 

Submarine sailor 202 

Submarine war 88 

Suhl, Y. One foot in America 229 

Suleiman the Magnificent 62 

Sullivan, A. Great divide 112 

Sullivan, M. Great adv. at Washington 201 

Our times voL III 193 

Summers, R. A. Battle of the Sierras 188 

Conauerors of the river 188 

Sun Yet-sen (Baker) 92 

Sun Yat>sen (Chen) 93 

Suns go down 186 

Sunset trail 154 

Survey of Western civilization 220 

Susan and Arabella 171 

Susan B. Anthony 189 

Butter's gold 174 

Sutton, M. Jemima 160 

Swain, J. W. Ancient world 217 

Swallow 85 

Swallowdale 127 

Suzette's family , 110 

Swamp Fox 145 

Swamp Fox brigade 149 

Swamp shadows 166 

Swan, O. G. Frontier days 190 

Swanson, N. H. Judas tree 108 

Sweden, the middle way , 93 

Swift flies the falcon 43 

Swift flows the river 169 

Swift walker 108 

Sword and the scythe 60 

Sword in sheath. 208 

Sword in stone 37 

Sword of the wilderness 105 

Sword is drawn 208 

Sword of Islam 58 

Sword was their passport - 122 

Swordmaker's son - 29 

Swords against Carthage 27 

Swords and sails in the Philippines 208 

Swords in the dawn ..... 33 

Swords in the north 26 

Swords on the sea 42 

Syme, B. Bay of the North 103 

Symonds, J. A. Short hist, of the 

Renaissance 63 

Symonds, B. Making of Pakistan 235 

Synge, M. B. Short hist, of social life 

in England 69 

Taber, C. W. Breaking sod on the 


Taggart, M. A. Pilgrim maid 

Take all to Nebraska ..... 

Talbot, F. A. A. Canadian Pacific RJL 

Tale of a shipwreck - 

Tale of the Warrior Lord..... 

Tale of two cities 

Tales from a famished land 

Tales from silver lands . , - ... 

Tales of an empty cabin 

Tales of Scottish keeps and casttes.- 

Tales of the Gauchos 

Tales of the Great War. ~ 

Talisman - 

Talking round the weald... 

Tafl punter 



















Tall men with long rifles 166 

Tall stories 228 

Tall tale America .". " 227 

Tallant, E. Danny and Prue . J^""!!!!" 112 

Tamarack tree 154 

Tamer of beasts ."""!""" 15 

Tamer of herds 20 

Taming of the frontier ,.!"."." 189 

Tandrup, H. Reluctant prophet...-..!.. 20 

Tangled skein " ' 99 

Tannenbaum, F. Mexico.. "" isa 

Tappan, E. M. In the days of Alfred the 

Great 37 

In the days of Wffliam the Conqueror 46 

Little book of the flag 221 

When knights were bold. "" 48 

Tarawa " 206 

Tarbell, L M. Life of Elbert H." Gar>~"" 198 

Tarle, E. Bonaparte. 75 

Tarshis, E. K. Village that learned" to 

read 127 

Young sailors of Sidon,..., .. . 20 

Tartan tales 69 

Tasaki, H, Long the Imperial Way '. 99 

Task of the nations 234 

Tate, A. Jefferson Davis 182 

Tavern rogue . . 49 

Taylor, E. Paul Revere 153 

Taylor, F. W. Towpath Andy 173 

Taylor, G. E. America in the new Pacific 201 

Taylor, K. Address unknown. ,. . 92 

Teague, W. D. Land of pfcniy ".'.. 205 

Teachers guide to Negro life and 

literature 223 

Team-work in Colonial days 143 

Tebbel. J. American dynasty. - 223 

Tecumseh and 1>fs times 162 

Teihet, D. LeO. Retreat from"ie"i>o&hm" 121 

Telephone in a changing world. 232 

Television works like this . 226 

Tempered blade 164 

Tempest over Mexico , .. 129 

Tempski, A. von. Aloha 209 

Ten American cities -. 229 

Ten saints 224 

Ten years in Japan 200 

Tennessee outpost 145 

Teresfta of the vaDey 198 

Terror in our *5mQ& ........... 95 

Terror of Peru. - . ... 117 

Texan scouts , 163 

Texas cowboys .,.. ... 189 

Texas ranger ......... 189 

Thad Lincoln and the green nmbreCa...... 178 

Thaddeus of Warsaw ........... 67 

Thane, E. Dawn's early ligfrfc., 151 

Yankee stranger........... ..._............. ITS 

Young Disraeiz... , 80 

Thane, G. Leaves in the wind. .. . .... 78 

Tharp, L. H. Champlain 133 

Company of adventorers.. 108 

Tbat Bennington mob 150 

That girl of Pierre's 9? 

That lively num. Ben Franklin 146 

That Mario -.. 206 

Their search' for" God . ~. 224 

Their ships were broken.. . ?8 

Then came oiL - . J9J 

Theodore Boosevelt - - 19* 

Tberas and bis town 24 

There once was^a slave -.. 185 

There was a ship ..- 

These are the Rossiana 
They were expendible.- 
They came as friends... 

They cawne bere first. ~ J 

They found gold. - 11 

They five in South America... - 129 

Tney pafc out to sea. - -~ J 

They seek a country - 58 

They soogfafc a country WJ 

Tfcey went exploring...- -.-.- g 

Tbey won t!be "war 

They wrote in day ~ 



Third force in Canada 113 

Third King: 48 

Thirteenth stone 89 

30 famous one-act plays 218 

This believing world 224 

This body the earth 197 

This I remember 200 

This is Canada 112 

This man Truman. 205 

This nettle danger 90 

This was Cicero 31 

This was Lidice 98 

Thistle inn., 63 

Thomason, J. W. Fix bayonets 1 195 

Jeb Stuart 182 

Thomas, C. Michel's singing sword 46 

Thomas, D. Home place 198 

Thomas, H. Forty famous composers 220 
Thomas, H. C. Civilization in transition 75 
Thomas, L. Boys' life of Colonel 

Lawrence 88 

Hero of Vincennes 162 

In New Brunswick we'll find it 114 

Raiders of the deep 195 

Thomas, L. J. Tall stories 228 

Thomas, M. L, Paulo in the Chilean 

desert 127 

Thomas A. Edison 189 

Thomas Jefferson 153 

Thomas More 62 

Thompson, A. R. Gold-seeking on the 

Dalton trail 188 

Thompson, D. P. Green Mountain boys... 151 
Thompson, E. H. Children of the cave. . 14 
Thompson, J. E. Mexico before Cortez,.. 119 

Thompson, J. M. French revolution 75 

Thompson, I/. Guam and its people 212 

Thompson, M. Alice of old Vincennes...... 151 

Thompson, O. International eye. of music 

and musicians 220 

Thompson, R. W. Portrait of a patriot.... 122 

Thompson, W. Circle of the braves 132 

Thomson, J. E. Our Atlantic possessions 193 

Thord Firetooth 14 

Thorn-apple tree 104 

Thornton-Cook, E. Justly dear 78 

Those who go against the current. 159 

Thousand march 77 

Thread of scarlet 161 

Three against the sea 209 

Three Conquistadores 118 

Three in the jungle 127 

Three kings - 6 

Three musketeers j>2 

Three ships came sailing 139 

Three sides of Agiochook 138 

Three sisters Jf 

3000 years of espionage 235 

Three worlds of Peru. 130 

Through by rail ." 185 

Through Elizabethan eyes 63 

Thumbs up ! 207 

Thunder island ~ 208 

Tidewater JJ8 

Tiger who walks alone. 127 

Tflio 209 

Tfflrf^"r"Angr^"dust,.! 204 

Time to laugh 90 

Time to remember 199 

Timur and his gang 97 

Tinker's leave. ^80 

To have and to hold. 138 

To make my bread 198 

To the end of the world ~ 68 

To the swift 168 

To the vanquished 92 

Togo and the rise of Japanese sea power 83 

Toil of the brave 147 

Told on the Bang's highway. 42 

Tom Jefferson 143 

Tom Paine. 153 

Tomahawk trail 138 

Tomb of TutrAnkh-Amen 21 

Tomlinson, E. New roads to riches 130 


Tomlinson, E. T. Scouting with General 

Pershing 195 

Spy of Saratoga 151 

Tomlinson, H. M. Day before .." 82 

Morning light 73 

Tomorrow's business [..." 230 

Tonty of the Iron Hand QQ 

Tools and the man \ 15 

Tools of tomorrow 193 

Toor, F. Three worlds of Peru 130 

Topography and strategy in the war 88 

Torch of liberty 157 

Torpedoes away, Sir ! 04 

Totem casts a shadow 183 

Tousey, S. Jerry and the pony express .. 173 

Northwest Mounted 114 

Towards the sunset ioe 

Tower in the mist 53 

Town crier of Gevrey 85 

Town life in ancient Italy 32 

Town of the fearless 160 

Towpath Andy .. 173 

Townsend, G. A. Rustics in rebellion 182 

Toynbee, A. J. Study of hist. 235 

Trade wind 149 

Traders dream 57 

Trading East 59 

Tradition 202 

Tragedy of waste 199 

Trager, H. Stories of child life in a 

Jewish Colony in Palestine 92 

Tragic era 189 

Trail of the little wagon 170 

Trail of the. ragged fox 137 

Trail of the sword 107 

Trail to Santa F4 160 

Trailing Cortez through Mexico.. 116 

Trail-makers of the Middle Border 167 

Trailmakers of the Northwest 143 

Train, A. K. Story of everyday things ... 201 

Trains 238 

Trains at work 232 

Trains, tracks and travel 190 

Trap-lines north. ill 

Trapper's trail 171 

Traveler in the fur cloak 74 

Traveler's candle 142 

Travels in France (1787-1789) 75 

Travels of Marco Polo 222 

Trease G. Secret fjord 59 

Shadow of the Hawk 59 

Trumpets in the West 68 

Treason at the Point. 150 

Treasure express , 176 

Treasure finders 132 

Treasure island 208 

Treasure of the Tortoise Islands .". 209 

Treasury for the free world 216 

Treasury of art masterpieces 218 

Treasury of Bible quotations 224 

Treasury of religious plays 224 

Treble, H. A. Everyday life in Rome 32 

Tree falls south 198 

Tree in the trail * 168 

Tree of freedom 145 

Tree of liberty 159 

Tree of life 224 

Trees 159 

Trent, Gregory (pseud.)* see 

Williamson, T. R. 
Trevelyan, G. M. Garibaldi and the 

Thousand 80 

Trial and error. 95 

Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel. 73 

Trojan boy , 23 

Tropical adventure. 211 

Tros of Samothrace 28 

Trotter, R. G. Canadian federation 114 

Troubled midnight 197 

Troyer, H. W. Salt and the savor. 178 

Trucks at work 232 

True, J. P. Iron star. , 14 

Trumpet to ^r P 149 

Trumpeter of Krakow 55 



Trumpets at dawn 148 

Trumpets at the crossroads 45 

Trumpets calling 182 

Trumpets in the West 68 

Truth about the Unions 230 

Tsar of freedom 79 

Tschiffely*s ride 128 

Tubervflle, A. S. English men & manners 

in the 18th cent. 69 

Tucker, G. N. Canadian commercial 

revolution 109 

Tucker, T* G. Life in the Roman world 32 

Tunnel from Calais 97 

Tupak of the Incas 116 

Turgut lives in Turkey 90 

Turkey of Ataturk 95 

Turkey, old and new 100 

Turner, C. W. Buy Barbosa 122 

Turner, F. J. Frontier in American hist, 176 
Geographic influences in American 

political hist. 229 

Turner, N. B. In the days of young 

Washington 142 

Turner, B. Great cultural traditions 220 

Turning wheels 76 

Turpin, E. Littling of Gaywood 142 

Turquoise trail 172 

Tweed, G. B. Bobinson Crusoe U.S.A. ... 212 
Twelve portraits of the French revolution 74 

Twentieth century Europe 220 

Twenty-fifth mission 98 

(The) 26 letters 221 

Two boys in South American jungles 125 

Two captains West 162 

Two children of Tyre 18 

Two for the show 56 

Two friends of man 175 

Two little confederates 180 

Two oceans to Canton 162 

Two on a tow 170 

Two penniless Princesses 68 

Two solitudes Ill 

Two young Americans in Mexico 124 

Typee 207 




U-boat stories 

Uncharted ways 

Uncle Bexnus 

Uncle Sam's Pacific islets 

Uncle Tom's cabin 

Under Bed Sea sun . 

Under the Bed robe 

Under two eagles 

Underground retreat 

Underwood E. W, Penitent 

Union of South Africa 

Union portraits 

United Nations primer 

U.S. and the Caribbean area 

U.S. as a world power 

U.S. colonies and dependencies 

U.S. Bureau of Census Abstract 

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Yearbook... 
U.S. Dept. of State Far Eastern Service 

U.S. Policy in Korea 

U.S. Government manual 

U.S. Sup't. of Documents. Effect of 

atomic weapons 

Utopia in Uruguay 

University Debaters' annual 

Unknown country 

Unknown disciple 

Unknown lands 

Unrelenting struggle 

Unsolved mysteries of the Arctic 


Untermeyer L. Modern American and 

British poetry 




























Unvanquished , 147 

Unwilling vestal []].. 

Up from slavery " 190 

Updegraff F. M, Blue dowry 142 

Coat for a soldier. 151 

Traveler's candle 142 

Updegraff B. R. Captains in conflict 191 

Ur of the Chaldees.. 22 

Utmost island 36 

Vaczek, L. C. River and the empty sea.... 

Vagabond in velvet ......... ............ _______ 

Vagabonding down the Andes ___ ...... __ ... 

Vagabonds . ... ................... _ ............... ... 

Vain shadow ................................... 

Valley in arms ....... .......... , .................... ... 

Van de Water, F. F. dory-hunter ..... 

Beluctant rebel ......................... ____ 

Van der Haas, H. Victorious island. ....... 

Van Dersal, W. B. Land renewed. ...... 

Van Deusen, G. G. Life of Henry day.. . 
Van Doren, C. C. American scripture*.. 
Van Doren, M. Anthology of worid 

poetry ............. ....... .............. 

Van Dyke, EL Broken soldier and the 
Maid of France .......... ...... _. 

Van Every, D. Westward the river .......... 

Van Hise, C. B. Conservation of natural 
resources in the U.S. __ ............ . 

Van Loon, H. Ancient man .... ............... 

Man, the miracle maker ........ . . .. 

Van Loon* H. W. Gnstaf I Vasa ....... 

Life and times of Simon Bolivar ,. , 

Thomas Jefferson- ..- ............ . ........ 

Van Metre, T. W. Trains, track* 

and travel ....... . ........ ........ ,., 

Van Nostrand Co. Scientific encyc... . . 

Van Paassen, P. Forgotten ally ............ 

Van Tyne, C. BL Loyalist in the Ameri- 
can revolution ........................ 

Van Valkenburg, S. Peace atlas of 

Vance, M. Lees of Arlington ...... 

Marie Antoinette ..... ................. 

Martha, daughter of Virginia.. .. 

Patsy Jefferson- ....................... 

Vandercook, J. W. Black majesty... ....... 

Great sailor ....................... . 

Varble, B. M. Beatrice the Brave ..... 

Vare, D. Last Empress .................... 

Vast horizons .............................. ,. . 

Vaucaire, M. Bolivar the liberator. 
Vaughan, A. C. Akka, dwarf of Syracuse 

Within the waUs .............. . ......... 

Venable, C. AH the brave rifles ........ 

Vercd, B. Bertrand of Brittany ...... 

Verne, J. Mich*** Strogoff ............... 

Mysterious island ..................... 

Verrill, A. EL In the wake of the 

buccaneers ............................. 

Incas treasure boose. .......................... ~ 

Our Indians ........... ~ ............... 

They found gold. ...................... 

Vestal, S. Jim Bridger .................... ~ ., . 

Oid Santa F traS ....... - ................... 

Bevoit on tfee border ................. 

Warpath ............... ... .-.... . 

Victor books of the symp&oaies -------- ...... 

Victor of Satemis 
Victoria of 
Victorious island 
Victors .......... - . ........... 

Victory through air power 
Vidai G. Search for the Kfeg 
Viking iaads ........................... 

Viking tales 

Vikings .................. - 

V3iage fc* the mm 

Vafege of singing birds ....... 

VSlage shield 









































Village that learned to read 127 

Villiers, A. Set of the sails ... .101 
Violette, H. H. Trail to Santa Fe ... 160 

Virgin Islands (Evans) . 210 

Virgin Islands (Henle) ... . .210 

Virgin Islands and their people . 211 

Virginian 192 

Viva La France . 85 

Vixens ... 189 

Voadica 35 

Voice and the light ... 52 

Volcano . ... 129 

Volcanoes in the sun 126 

Von Abele, R. Alexander Stephens . . 182 

Von Hagen, C. B. Forgotten Finca .. 128 

Von Hagen, V. W. J-ongle in the clouds 130 

Riches of South America . .. 130 

South America called them . . 122 

Voorhoeve, R. Tflio 209 

Vorse, M. M. H. Strike . . 198 

Vouza and the Solomon Islands 207 

Voyagers 51 

Voyages of Columbus . ... ...., 133 

Voyages of Jacques Cartier . . 103 

Voyageur .. ., 102 


Wacousta . 107 

WadeE, S. H. Aaron Burr 162 

Waif maid 57 

Waldeck, R. G. Lustre in the sky. . 78 

Walden, A. T. Dog-puncher on the Yukon 193 
Waldman, F. Famous American athletes 

of today 221 

Waldman, M. England's Elizabeth 63 

Waldo, E. L. From travois to iron rail. 233 

Walk about Down Under 93 

Walk in the sun 201 

Walker, E. E. Our national Constitution 231 

Walker, K. M. Log of the Ark 

Walker, S. Mrs. Astor's horse 

Wallace, D. Ragged Inlet guards 

Story of Grenfell of Labrador 

Wallace, L. Ben-hur . 

Wallenstein . 

Walmsley, L. Fishermen at war 

Wain, N. House of exile 

Reaching for the stars 

Walpole, H. Secret city 

Walsh, E. A. Fall of the Russian Empire 
Walsh, J, J. High points in Medieval 


Walsh, M. Blackcock's feather 

Walsh, W. T. Philip II. 



Waltarf, M. T. (The) Egyptian 
Walworth, A. Black ships off Japan 

Wampum and sixpence. 


War and trade in the West Indies 

War chief 

War eagle 

War horse 

War in outline 1914-1918 

War of the copper kings 

War poems of the United Nations 

War trail of Big Bear 

War years with Jeb Stuart. . .. 

Ware, N. J. Labor movement in the U.S. 190 

Warfare by land and sea SI 

Warfare of today 87 

Warpath . . . 190 

Warren, H. G. Sword was their passport 122 

Warren, C. M. Only the valiant 188 

Warrens of Virginia 178 

Warriors with wings 205 

Warwickshire lad 57 

Watch for the dawn 80 

Watch in the night 46 

Watchwords of liberty 22S 

Water over the dam 165 

Waterless mountains 182 


Waters, W. E. Town life in ancient Italy 32 
Waterloo, S. Son of the ages . . . 14 

Story of Ab 14 

Treasure of the Tortoise Islands . 209 

Waterloo 73 

Washington, B. T. Up from slavery 190 

Washington 149 

Washington and his aids-de-camp 153 

Wasilewska, W. Rainbow 99 

Wasted island 82 

Watkins, T. Spanish galleon 60 

Watson, F. Wallenstein 63 

Watson, V. Flags over Quebec ... 108 

Waugh, E. Helena 30 

Waugh, E. D. Simon Bolivar . . 122 

(The) Wave 180 

Way of an eagle 152 

Way to Santiago .... 123 

Way west 167 

We are Alaskans 192 

We must march.. . . 171 

We need not fail 101 

We of Frabo stand 44 

We the people 200 

We too are people 199 

We who built America . 230 

Wealth of the American people 280 

Weaver, E. P. Book of Canada 104 

Weaver, R. B. Amusements and sports 

in America 144 

Industrial society 193 

Webster, D. E. Turkey of Ataturk 95 

Webster, H. Hist, of civilization 235 

Hist, of Latin America 119 

Readings in ancient hist. 213 

Webster Biographical dictionary . .. . 224 

Webster Geographical dictionary 222 

Wechsler, J. A. Labor baron 205 

Wechter, D. When Johnny comes march- 
ing home 205 

Wedgwood, C. V. William the Silent 63 

Weil, A. John Quincy Adams ... 151 

Weizmann, C. Trial and error 95 

Welch, E. Cradle of our nation 229 

(The) Welcome 201 

Wellard, J. H. General George S. Patton 205 

Welles, S. We need not fan 101 

Wellman, P. I. Death in the desert .. 121 
Wells, H. G. Mr. Britling sees it through 87 
Wells, R. F. On land & sea with Caesar 30 

Wells Fargo 175 

Werfel, F. V. Forty days of Musa Dagh 87 

Werner, M. R. Brigham Young 176 

Bryan - 193 

Wertenbaker, T. J. First Americans 144 

West, R. S. Admirals of American 

Empire 193 

West in American hist. . . 174 

West Indies 210 

West Point 281 

West we go .... 170 

Westcott, G. Apartment in Athens 99 

Westcott, J. V. Border Lord 60 

Westervelt, W. D. Hawaiian hist, legends 209 

Westminister hist, atlas of the Bible 217 

Weston, M. F. Great pathfinder 162 

Westward Ho! 5S 

Westward movement 216 

Westward the course 156 

Westward the river 160 

Westward with Columbus . . . , 132 

Weyl, N. Reconquest of Mexico 130 

Weyman, S. J, Chippinge borough 78 

Queen's foUy 65 

Starvecrow farm 78 

Traveler in the fur cloak 74 

Under the Red Robe 60 

Whale off! 16$ 

What have the Greeks done for modern 

civilization? 2$ 

What makes it tick 22$ 

What makes the wheels go round 226 

What the informed citizen needs to know 231 


Wheeler, H. F. B. Boy's life of Lord 

Boy's life of Lord Roberts . . . 83 

French revolution 75 

Wheeler, O. Sing in praise 224 

Wheels toward the West 168 

Wheelwright, J. H. Gentlemen, hush! . 188 

Kentucky stand 152 

Strong room 60 

When a cobbler ruled a King . . . 73 
When Boston braved the King . . 144 

When guns thundered at Tripoli ... 155 

When horses pulled boats 175 

When Johnny comes marching home .. 205 

When knighthood was in flower 57 

When knights were bold 48 

When railroads were new 174 

When Spain was young 33 

When the French were here 145 

When the typhoon blows 98 

When the U-boats came to America .... 196 

When the West was young 189 

Where but in America .... . ... 230 

While still we live 97 

Whipple, G. Living on our earth . . . 222 

Whirlwind 71 

Whitaker, J. T. Americas to the South . 130 

Whitbeck, B. H. Geographic factors 222 

White, A. M. G. Saucy sailor and other 

dramatized ballads 220 

White, A. T. Lost worlds 16 

Men before Adam ... 16 

White, E. L. Andivius Hedulio 30 

Unwilling vestal 30 

Why Borne fell 32 

White, H. C. Dust on the King's highway 152 

To the end of the world 68 

Watch in the night 46 

White, L. Long Balkan night 101 

White, R. In privateer's bay 209 

Three against the sea 209 

White, S. E. Daniel Boone 162 

Gold 174 

Long rifle 161 

Ranchero 121 

White, T. Sword in the stone 37 

White, W. A, Certain rich man 192 

White, W. L. Bernard Baruch 201 

Queens die proudly 205 

They were expendible 205 

White brother .. 104 

White buffalo 156 

"Wliite company . . . -41 

White Feather 177 

White hawthorn 39 

White horse 70 

White isle 37 

White mare of the black tents 97 

White Queen 40 

White shadows 126 

White stag 36 

White Wampum 103 

Whitehead, A. C. Standard bearer ..... . 30 

White-headed eagle 176 

Whiteley, E. Washington and his aides- 
de-camp 158 

Whitlock, B. LaFayette 75 

Whitnall, H. O. Hunter of the caverns . 15 

Whitney, J. Abigail Adams 153 

Judith 1<1 

Whitney, P. A. Wflkrw Hill 22S 

Who fought and bled 154 

Who rides in the dark 158 

Who walk with the earth 197 

Why Rome fell 82 

Why war came to Korea 234 

Why we went to war 135 

Widdemer, H. C. In the shadow of the 

skyscraper ... 198 

Wiegler, P. WiBiam the First 6 

Wiese, K. Parrot dealer 128 

Wiese, M. Modern worker -... ... 19* 

Wild horses and geld IJJi 

orchard..- 1* 

Wild river ........................ 93 

Wild waters ............. " , .* " 171 

Wilderness adventure ... .... . . 140 

Wilderness road (Ctagston) 155 

Wilderness road (Kincaid) ......... ".'.'. . 153 

Wuderaess wife ............ m 

Wile, F. W. Men around the Kaiser. ."!."'! SS 
Wilder, J. C. Handbook of the war ., 95 
Wflder, L. I. Little house in the big 

woods ............... 18S 

SSfe T - N - Bri <*Se of San Luis Bey ' . 121 
Wildlife for America ........... 226 

W3gus, A. C. Caribbean area ..... .......... '. ISO 

Wilkie, W. L. One world ..... " " 205 

Wilkinson, C. Nelson ............ '. .'." """" 75 

Willert, P. F. Mirabeau ........... .. .......... 75 

William Jennings Bryan ......... 194 

William Lloyd Garrison ........ _ ........ 174 

William Penn ............................ 143 

William the Conqueror . " " 47 

William the First ....... ',..'"". ............... 80 

William the Silent (Baker) ...... l.."."Jl " '.' 

William the Silent (Wedgwood) ............ 3 

Williams, B. Botha, Smuts and South 

Africa ........................... 88 

Wffliams, B. A. House divided ........ '..!.". 181 

Thread of scarlet ................. _____ 161 

Williams, J. Counterfeit African _________ 30 

Stolen oracle, ...... ........ ....... ... ___ ..... SO 

Sword and the scythe. .................... 69 

Williams, M. Little brother Francis of 

Assisi ............. 48 

Williams, M. W. Dora Pedro ........... 1 ..... 122 

Williams, W. C. Wffliam Jennings Bryan 194 
Williamson, T. R. Against the jungle.... 128 

Before Homer ........ _ ................. _____ 24 

Beyond the Great wall ................ 92 

Flood fighters ......... _____ , ......... , .......... 198 

Hunters of long ago ................... ... 15 

In the stone age .......................... 15 

Last of the Gauchos ................. . ........ 12S 

Messenger to the Pharaoh. ........... 2t 

Saltar the Moagol ............... ....... 92 

Tamer of beasts .... ..................... 15 

Readings in American democracy 216 
Wfflison, G. F. Here they dug gold ...... 176 

Willow Hffl ....... _ ...................... .. 228 

WSmot-Buxton, E. M, Story of the 

Crusades .-.. . ............ , ...... .............. 48 

Wilson, G. Adventurers aIL..~ .................... 264 

Wilson, C. M. Meriwether Lewis of 

Lewis and Clark, ...................... 162 

Wilson, D. C. Prince of Egypt ....... 28 

Wilson, J. D. Through Elizabethan eyes 68 
Wilson, L. Story of Cortes ........ 118 

Wilson, M. Forging the pikes ............ 108 

Wilson, N. C. Treasure express ...... 176 

Wilson, W. EL Abe Lincoln of Pigeon 

Creek ................................ itt 

Sbooting star ....... . .... ...... 162 

Wilstach, P. Islands of the Mediterranean 212 
Wiltse, G. M. John C, Calhoon ....... 17* 

Wind from the mountains ..... .. ............ 76 

Wind in the olive trees .......... _ 98 

Wind in the Sahara ............... ___ 92 

Wind over Wisconsin .. . , . ............... 165 

Wind that wouldn't blow ............. ______ 17 

Winding river ................ , ....... .. .. IS* 

Windy island ...................... ....... - . 2*7 

Wingate*s raiders .. ..... ~ ........... ~, . 2*6 

Winged boat ................. --------- . ..... . 1*? 

Winged feet ........................ ! 

Winged girl of Knoseoe , ......... ..... ,. 22 

Winger moccasins .............. ~ ....... --- 1* 

Winged warfare .. ... .......................... 1*4 

Wings for Nikas ..... , ................ ..... 6 

Wings for words ................. 57, 286 

Whigs of riory ............... 17 

Wings over Central Amffrim ......... - 1*8 

Wings over t&e desert . ~ ...... 2*1 

Winlow, C. Y, Oar Httle Cartl**mix 

, ....... ... .. ..,,.,,. ,,... . 

Winter oo the Jofaaoy Smoker ---- 18J 

Wiatber, S. KL Take aS to Ncfarariu ---- 188 



Wise, W. B. Swift walker ................. 108 

Wish, H. Contemporary America .......... 201 

Society & thought in early America 228 

Wissler, C. Indian cavalcade 

Wister, O. (The) Virginian 

With axe and musket at Plymouth 

With fire and sword 

With Gordon at Khartoum 

With hearts courageous 

With malice towards none 

With Napoleon in Russia 

With Padre Kino on the trafl 

With spurs 

With sword and song 

With the eagles 

Within the circle 

Within the hollow crown 

Within the walls 

Within this present 

Without grease 

....... 143 



Wittke, C. Hist, of Canada ......................... 114 

We who built America .......... 230 

Witty, P. A. You and the Constitution 

of the U.S ..................... 231 

Woestemeyer, L F. Westward movement 216 
Wolff, O, M. Where but in America . 230 
Wolves against the moon ................ 104 

Woman of Spain .......................... 120 

Woman with a sword .................. ; . .......... 180 

Woman's place in primitive society ....... 16 

Women of the wilderness .................... 143 

Wonder of war at sea .................................. 86 

Wonder of war in the air ........................... 195 

Wonder of war in the Holy Land ............. 86 

Wonder of war on land ........................... 87 

Wonders of the past .......................... 217 

Wonders of the sea ............................. 221 

Woofter, T. J. Seven lean years ........ 201 

Wodey, C. L. Ur of the chaldees ........ 22 

Woodrow Wilson ...................................... 196 

Woodrow Wilson and the lost peace .. . . 19& 

Woodward, W. E. Tom Paine ............. 153 

Working for the Soviets ........................ 95 

World Almanac ............................... 224 

World and paradise ........................... 56 

World Court .............. ...................... 94 

World hist, at a glance ........................... 235 

World immigration ..................... 233 

World of the New Testament ................ 21 

World since 1914 ........................... 94 

World we live in .......................... 284 

World's living religions ....................... 224 

Wrath of Moto ................................ 90 

Wreath for Arabella ......................... 56 

Wreck of the Wild Wave ............... 207 

Wright, C. Their ships were broken ...... 78 

Wright, CI M. Here comes labor .. .. 201 

Wright, P. A. Alexander the Great . 26 
Wright, R. Fun and festivals from the 

other Americas ...................... 180 

Wright, W. B. Tools and the man ......... 16 

Written in sand ................................... 154 

Wrong, G. M. Canada and the American 

revolution ................................ 109 

Canadians .................................. . ....... 114 

Conquest of New France .................... 109 

Wronghand ....................................... 189 

Wu Yung, flight of an Empress ............ 83 

Wulnoth the wanderer ............................ 84 

Wyatt, G. Buffalo gold ........................ 188 

Wronghand .................................. 189 

Wynd, O. Black fountains ................. 209 

Wylie, I. A. R. To the vanquished ...... 92 

Wynner, E. Searchlight on peace plans 216 

Yale Uni, Press. Chronicles of America 

series 281 

Yamino-Kwit 14 

Yankee Pasha 167 

Yankee ships in the China seas 161 

Yankee stranger 173 


Yankee thunder . 17$ 

Yates, R. F. Machines over men 201 

Yaukey, G. S. Made in India .. . 101 
Ybarra, T. R. America faces South 130 

Hindenburg 95 

Yeager, D. G. Bob Flame 198 

Years of victory ... 74 

Years of wrath . 217 

Yeh, C. Mountain village . . 92 

Yellow bird 53 

Yellow poppy 75 

Yellow tapers for Paris 98 

Yerbe, F. Vixens 189 

Yoe, M. Greatest of the Borgias 63 

King of shadows 68 

Yon rolling river.. . 183 

Yonder sails the Mayflower 140 

Yonder the Golden Gate 165 

Yonge, C. M. Prince and the page .... 46 

Two penniless princesses 68 

Yossele's holiday & the brave Maccabees 19 

You and atomic power 226 

You and the Constitution of the U.S. .. 231 
You and the United Nations .. .. 234 

Young, A. Travels in France (1787-1789) 75 

Young, A. M. Imperial Japan 95 

Young, F. B. Pilgrim's rest 82 

They seek a country 78 

Young, G. Viking lands 285 

Young, J. T. New American government 

and its work 231 

Young, S. Heaven trees 174 

Mayflower boy 142 

So red the rose 181 

Young, S. H. Klondike clan 112 

Young America's story of Franklin D. 

Roosevelt 200 

Young Bess 54 

Young Canada 113 

Young Catherine 68 

Young Disraeli 80 

Young Douglas. . . 68 

Young folk's book of myths 218 

Young Franklin Roosevelt 191 

Young heroes of the war 100 

Young Jefferson 152 

Young King David 18 

Young knight 89 

Young LaFayette 152 

Young Mac of Fort Vancouver 105 

Young man from Mount Vernon 149 

Young Northwest 176 

Young people's book of atomic energy.... 226 

Young people's hist, of the Pilgrims 148 

Young pioneers on western trails . .. 169 

Young revolutionist 89 

Young Russian corporal 85 

Young sailors of Sidon 20 

Young tentmaker 44 

Young voyageur 105 

Young Wilkie 191 

Young Winston Churchill 93 

Youngest general 65 

Youngest rider 168 

Your forests . 226 

Youth replies, I can 96 

Zaffo, G. J. Big book of real trucks .. . 226 

Zangwffl, I. (The) Melting pot 250 

Zapata ... - 127 

Zara, L. Against this rock 60 

Zeitiin, L Gessar Khan 63 

Zeligs, D. F. Story of modern Palestine 101 

Zevin, B. D. Nothing to fear 205 

Zim, H. S. Rockets and jets 226 

Zimmerman, A. F. Francisco de Toledo 119 

Zollinger, G. Boy's ride 46 

Zwetg, A. Axe of Wandsbek 92 

Zweig, S. Conqueror of the seas 63 

Erasmus of Rotterdam 68 

Joseph FouchS 76 

Zugsmith, L. Time to remember 19ft