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3 1833 01402 3698 

742 Ereedlove Street, 

Meuiph i s , T enn e. s £ e e . 

August 15, 1S15, 

My Dear Eindred: 

He- re is the be ok for v.'hich j'ou hs.'ve wait- 
ed so long and so patiently, V-'liether 1' 
c ernes i.'r to ycur exT.ectat i ens cr njtj I 
dc net l-mo^/.'. I nc7.- v^i-ite to t-sg thatj 
when vc-i trail have rei.'! enzc-g-'r. cf it. to 


:g f ^ r n. an uriinicn 

rrerlte Gi.nd derterits, ycu '.vrite tiro tell 
n:o candidly ?;hat 'your cpmicn is — ii.oc-6 
cr la:. I '^-ant ycu to criticise it irr- 
partially . 

No douct you '^'ill lird aoiue rr.inoi" errci':-. 
as t'"' dates ar.d places lut the ye are not 
vit9l fiir) I can tear that ; but if you 
ohould fjrol ar.y real"!y serious evi-ccir, 
\s'ell, that is anotVier thin~. 

But ijhatever ycu may have to say aloouL 
the hock, good or Lad, or o.:th. goodi a,nd 
tad, 1 3h3.ll "r.fad the good '"ita etiiilee 
and Dlot the hod ?^ith t?:ars". 

Sincerely your hinsr^-an, 

H£T-CLC K. M. 77GOD.:^o:T< 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 






1 N 


co^rpI].I:D by 


i ! 





•ririu, I' 


K. V:. STE.'Tf:-.NsP 

CoLt-MP.lA. Mo. 



aui> nnr prectaus little ^a^u^,l]tcr, 

^.ikt ^;unua, (nith all the hrst aith purest 

lolic of my Iicai't, tins Cinn-k b 

affcctiouaiclu i^rbicaii^ 



Arms — Moss Family 150 

Arms— WooDsox Family 16 

Allisox, Elizabeth Mosky (Wooi^son) 244 

Bridgefokp, Martha (Dodd) 390 

Bridgefokd, I>r. Wayne LeSeur 391 


BuRREY, Emma Carolixe (Woodson) 4SI 

Cadell, .Anna Maria (Wjlco::) 372 

Con \vay, \ 're y V/oodson 570 

Covington, Sara Fraxces (Woodson) 255 

rRiTTExnEx, Elizabeth (iVioss) 250 

Donii, A.vx E. Woodsox 2-13 

Dopu, Dr.Stephex W 3S9 

Dover S3 


Elliott, Mary (Saint) -!7S 

Gun X, Edg.\ r Woooso:: C J 4 


Johns, IMrs. Thomas j 653 

aIuler.Dr.JohxJ 2^4 

Moss, James Hegh 231 

I\Ioss, Mary rWos -dsox) 130 

Moss, Sesax a. (Woodson) 24';> 

Nicolds, Elizabeth Morion (Woodson) 173 

Ol:.Gi:xof Apru. IS, 1644 22 

Railey, J'.'HX Woodson 234 

Ruun, Alice Estet.le (Saint i 47'> 

Rei'i-;, }^hn; >M)n Franklin -J'S 

Saint, John r 473 

SrEi'iii' xs, Edwin Svd>;ey 240 

SrEi-riENs, Edwin SvbM:V, Jp 249 

SiEPi.ENS, E. \V '. 545 

SiErHExs. Eaera (Mo>5) 373 

Stt. art, Ellis Francis ''78 

.Stuas.t, Ellis Voorhees -178 


8 'iin; \^l^')I•^o^^ and nr^::; cor. Mxrioxs 

Stv.xkt, Geokc.e Ellu'TT 47'< 

Stuart, Joi;.\ Taylor ^78 

Stuakt, .Mai :. M. 'J"i.i.if-Tr') 478 

Waltox, a. T '. .516 

Walton, Mary J amima (Woodson') 307 

Walton, Dr. RirnAiU) Peyt' >n 307 

Woodson, .Alice Emma 617 

Woodson, Charles RANso:.:t: 1J5 

Woodson, Editti Estelle Rldd .^77 

Woodson, Edward Riley .is.> 

Woodson, Elizaoeth Cornhll'v i.Waltvjn"' 305 

Woodson, r.KLRoE Warken 2-.'5 

Woodson, Hlnry Morton (1862) 471 

Woodson, Hlnuy Morton rmnt 

Woodson, Jlxnie Kittri;ll 483 

Woodson. J^uin F'vans 4^2 

Woodson, John Morion 30,5 

Woodson, Juditu Leake , . 109 

W"ooDSON,, Dr. Levis ?i1iller ," 494 

WoojisGN, Luella i'Xfwhern) 477 

Woodson, ^L\RL\ Lolise (Ford) 47!; 


Woodson, Palj.ixl Eli/^Aijetii , 6j ,s 

WooDsfiN, Redecca Jane vHawtuor-Ne). 251 

Woodson, Richard Peyton 479 

Woodson, Robert Eyhkakd 284 

Woodson. Rolert Scott. Si'? 

Woodson, Samuel '59 

Woodson. Samuel C 251 

Woodson, Sam eel C, j r 402 

Woodson, SoriiiE (Guerrant) 4S0 

Woodson, Stethen T^^;iARNEK -'f:6 

WooDso.v, Thomas M 340 

Woodson, Urey 403 

Woodson, Warren (Judoe) 157 

Woodson, Mrs, Warren 158 

Woodson, \Vu liaji ..... 195 

Woodson, Win tam U 282 


V\ licr. I nrit lic^r'U in Nowrnbc:', 1905, coUcc; in.; data pcrtaiiiini; to t!ic- V\'(VJI.)^fl^.^ ano 
TninK (\")XXLCi'H>NS, I no iluni;ht of going farihcr liack in iii\' rcscanli than the Rcvolu- 
tionarx- period; my great-gnuidfaiJKT, 412 Captain Charluri Woodson/ having lieen an of'iicer 
in the Continental army. It v, a- my intention to procure data concerning him and his descend- 
ants alone, and print a few little booklets for distribution among my own family and nearest 

Iu(]U!rics" after facts br<:u_.,ht me in. contact with mcmluTs of other branches who gave rnc- 
copious data concerning th.-'ir lines and asked to have their branches ir.ckided, and aI=o dc.-ircii 
copies of the booklet. 

Of course I could not rofu-e the-e earnesr req'ai sts. and so J was led on and oa, and, [lO- 
coniinT more and nH)re imorested in th.o subject, 1 linalh' deterniined tc do n'i>- best jo trac;; 
eccry family that I ccaild find in the I'nited Slates, back to Dr. John Woodson,' tb.e first uf '.lii-^ 
name who came to America, in 1619. 

Then 1 was somewhat perplexed as to the plan of compilaiioii. Desiring t.o make ir as 
sisnole and as easy of rumpreheii-ion as p(j-sible, 1 .-tudied a niunl'cr of forais of geneau.-.g'cal 
works and, of course, found some f;bjeciions to them ail. I finally dc cidt-d upon the pk. n ol the 
present \olume which is niade '.)[' from wlwit I consider the best iminis of ali :lie oiliers wirh.out: 
encroaching upon the iudi\-idualiry ol any. 

Some brief instructions as to how to trace the line of any individual might r.'jt be u;;;iss. 

It viii lie obscr\-ed that all the names are niinibered consecutivcy, beginning with i 1>P.. 
JOHX" Woodson,' ine common progenitor. These arable numerals are designated as cattilog 
ninr.bc-s. The lilrle supernumera! at the final letter of eacli n:,nte der:( t' -■ ':rie gener?i.ion in 
which tl'c individ;_;a! belongs. The voman numerals shov,- the indiv-dual's piac-; in the f 'mily 
with respect to time of :Mrih. The asterisk denotes that the\ inua! had issue and the 
nan;e3 of tl;e children are recorded ia the next gencraLion. Tlic absence oi the ^.^icrisk oenotes 
that the ir,di\:dual left no issue that could be ascertained, and that riairie is r.ot ccn'.:r.u.:d any 

For example: Shou'd it be desired to trace, ascending, the line of IX * 2649 Johii Kvar.s 
Woodson.* V. is seen tliat he belongs in the 9th general ion, was married and h^d i.-.-.i:e wiio.-e 
name.-, ere reeoivied in tiie succeeding generation. He is the ninth !;-."-n in th'.- far;:!;.' (/ hi.:- 
father, 1518 John Morton Woodson.^ Now turn back lo 1518 John I'durton V. oodsoi:- and if 
wlii be sr:en that he is a sou of S'.'.S Charles Lev. is Vi'oodson." Turn back iv S2x '"harks l.e»s:i 
Woodson," as shown by the catalog number, and see he is a son of 412 Capt. Ch-;rles ^^ ocd.-or;.'' 
who was the second son of ]56 Drury Wotjdson." Stil! ascending, ic i- S'-ei. that 1.5G Drur^ 
Woodbou^ v,a,- tile fo'irih b":;'. to 52 Wiiiiam \Vojd;u:-.' v. i'.o was ilie ais. bor;i to Jt' Eeajanua 
Woodson," who was the fifth born to 3 Robert Woodson,- wh.o' the secoa.i son of I Dh. 
Joux Wooi,-r).s,^ our ' ommon firugerdtor. 

And so re\ers!ng the otcer, aiiC uamiC can be selected and the line traced dtscending ar. 
readily .as ascending. 

In every instance, I have endeavored faithfuih to trace each fan.ily a:'d 'ach indi\iduai 
Lack to Dr- Johx' Woodson,' fr^an wliom I believe every Woodso;! in the T'ni^ed States is 
descended. 1 vn^iiv everyone wh.o is entitled to the name; some persons have assumed it fur 


10 lliE SVOOl'SONS A.ND nii.lK CO\ NCC ni).N> 

piirposc.i of their nwn. And inaiiy oi" our iormcr ,-l.i\fs, iu.>t luufn^; any ,na' rMi'>ni!r? nf iheir 
own, ad:'ij:)ted thai o[ ihcir former rr.'.sccrs ar,d clin- xr. ii to ilii- (l.i>- v. Iih r-.-.i aiVcrui.i;i ar.J prit.Jo 
that if. i.iathc'iic. 

V,"'u"ii I :ay ivory Wuod? )n, I Tuoan n.n oiih' I'.o-c who ii.i\c i:i!irri;c.i that iianir lu;! a1>o 
those who arc Hii< ,My '.iL-cciu!cd arid \ci i-oar o;hei' names. 

In traciny; ihc^e lilU•^, I lia\-e called to my as^i.-,tancc and relied u-pmi court record?, faintK' 
Bible records, old letters, old newspaper clippings, personal recollections of aged survivors and 
every means that it has been possible for me to procure. I. therefore, ct)nscientiously fee! that 
the record as contained in this book is as nearly correct as it is praciicable to make a book of 
this char.icter. 

That there are errors I cannot den_\-: names may be misspclii.d, dates may he wrong; 
owing, possibly, to the il'cgible ha.ndw riling of some correspondents. 

in te\er;d instances it has happened that two or three p.-rson-, v.ideh ;.;:pa.rai.ed. .-uiu 
writing uiion the tame subject, would send me i"oniraflictorv siaiemeiils. To reconcile ihese 
contradictions has required much correspondence, a great deal of ijatience, liT- oercise of 
discretion on my part, and some concessions on the part of mv informants. 

The record of the llth, lOlh, 9lh, 8th, and perhaps of the 7ih and 61 h generations, wi-l! 
the e.Kce{Uion of a tew misspelled names or erroneous dates, ma>' be taken a- absoliitcK- correct; 
the data ha\ing been olTi.uned from sources which must i)e recognizci as aui ln-niic. 

As to all the earlier generations, I have accepretl as amlieniic. the paper v -iitcn b\' 7 ' 
Charles \\'o&d.-.on,'" aboiu the year 1 785, most of which was published in tb.e Ixichniond Standard 
of January 1.7. 1S80, by I >r. R. A. Brock of the Virginia Historical Socitty. 

During the latter years of his life, 824 William Woodson.' of Buckingl:ani county, Va. 
through an exten^ivc correspondence, had collected a large amount of tlala. Tisc'se napcrs, 
after his death, were taken charge of by his eldest son, 1505 John Prosser Woodson,'^ who ' aaned 
them to Charles \'an Der \'eer ^^'oodson, of Prince Edward county, a).d ca;;-:e 'o be kn.own as 
the Prosser Woo^ison. Paiiers. FVom these reapers I ha\-e been g;\-er! a fe",v e.ciract.- by soiv.e of 
hiy descenda;trs who remembered them. 

BesiiJes these old papers, ^"illiam and Mary College Quarterly \ (_>U. X. and Xi., contains 
extracts from numerous X'irgiriia county records; all of which I iia\-e relied vr'on as correct, 
feeling .sure that tire prcjprietors of that time-honored magazine had m.ide a thorotigh search 0; 
those records a-ad that it was not necesf ary for me to go over the same ground again. 

Information concerning the early generations, as published in the 'V'Tginia llistorita' 
Magazine, has been accepted as authentic. 

I have relied itpon Fr'ote's "Sketches of \'irginia," Meade's "Oid Cluircl-a-? and Families 
of \'irg!nia," hayden's "Virgi'iia Cencalcgies," Ilcitman's "Office.-s ci the Revoiui ioi:." the 
Do' Register, "Cabellsand Their Kia," and other reliable pui>licat!Ons. 

Tlisese are the sources of nty inf'>rrnation concerning the first si.< generations, countin,^ 
Dk. John Woolsun, and his Miic S.m-.a. as the 1st, their two sons, Joiur- v.nd Robert,' ..s tlte 
2nd and so on dmvn 'o and i-.cluding tht 6th. Data on all su'-cec diiii; generations ha\-e beer: 
gathered, as abo\-e stilted, u'ainiy from .Rible, aged sui\i\!ng members, old letter'., 
pap'ers and such sotirces. 

It will be observed that, in some families there is scarc!t\' of data — on!\- a p^artia! 
of nam;:s of sons and datJght'jrs; r.o dates of birth, death or marriage; no data v,■;.a^e^•er of a 
historical nature. This is largely due to the fact that the sur\ i\ing members of such i.iranchcs 
or fanii'ie> }ia.'--e not made an) reply to letters of inquiry written to tliem. They scent e'ther to 
ha\-c r:o interest in the n'atte. or !!a\'e no inform^Lf ion to impart. So in those cases .1 ha-ce 


been oh'.igi'i to locord the few names wliieli 1 ii.ue olnaiiieil, just in a simple cali'li.g fa;-!iion. 
without any ronark;. 

I ha\e tnimil. 'n'-^ides thesu, ramy f.'iniiios W'l'O'i-^'in, in \ar;oii^ i:i..>T;d of the Uiu'icd States, 
who kn..\v litili- -.Tr nothing about their aa(\~iry and c<iMit: liot trace their lineage far enough 
back to enable nic to properly loca:e ilieni in ilie ;.;cncaIo^y. Tiii.> is to b,- regretted for soi'ac (A 
these are excellent people, good citizens, arii.l lia\-e rendered valuaidc scr\-ice to t!;e cour.try 
or to the cities and coninumitie? in which the\' li\'e. Xoi knov, in^- in -.vldch t^enealogica! 
line to place tliese, I ha\-e grouped them under the head of "Addenda" along with otlier data 
%vhich was subsequentK' recei\ed. 

Referring to Hotten's '"Emigrants to .America," 1600 tu 1700 it is seen tliat our progenitor, 
John Woodson, and his wife, Saka, were registered at Fleur de Hundred, in 1623; and wi:h 
them were also registered their si-c African slaves, unnamed and only designated by Roman 
numerals, thus: I. Xegor, II. Xegor, HI. Xegor, IV. Xegor, \'. Xegor, \'i. Xcgor. 

It is bcliexc'l tiiat ViR. Joiix Wo'MDsox bought these six Xegroes out oi" rhe fw^i ip'fiona- 
tloa of African captives landed at Jamestown, in 1620. From that time until slavery was 
abo'.is'aed in th.e United States, as a result ol the Civil War, l)K. Joiix \\oi)Dsn>,- ;;iid ids de- 
scei.dants were r!a\"e owners. So far as I ha\e been al)le to learn, I'.iey were hun:ane ma-tcrs, 
recognizing their sLnx-s .-is personal property, caring for them as. valuable property and tiealing 
them as human l.;eings. 

Any histor\- of the I'nited States, as we!! as the records of :he \":'-gip.ia Company of Lcndon, 
tell us that in lii. year 1ij20, tlie tirsl importation of maids was landed at Jamestown; and that 
these maids were soon married off to tlie youiig iJacheloiS of the coioi'y; the young man being 
required to pay in tobacco, the price of the maid's passage from fLng'af.d to \"irginia. Tiiese 
maids v.'erc. no doubt worthy young women of good character, and are, tiie maternal 
ancestors of some of the best and greatest men and wonioi'; e\'er fiom in America. Still it is 
with interest that every descendant of Dr. joiin W'uedfon n'^tes tie.- faci t'nat h_ r.ia. ricd 
his wife, Su.ra, in Devonshire, England, and brought iier tu \'ii ginia v, i:!i aiir, in t'leL-h'p, Cecrgo, 
at least a year before the importation of the rn.iids. 

I had intended to trace Di;. Joi'x W'lje.DSCiN's lineage back to tlie tin:e v.hen one of his 
ancestors is said to have been adiniiied by King Hcnrv VI il, to bear ana.-; at which time t:ie 
WcODESON coat of arms was created: ciut the expense was so far beyond my I'.ieans, and the 
diiliculty of getting tlie work done in a sat!sfactor\- nianr.e;' ■■.'.■as so great, thc.r, ( abandoned the 
enterprise. I did, iiowever, lia\'e a prelindnary search of recor.ds made, from wl'i'di the 
following chart v.-,;j. submitted: 
(Visitatio!. of London, 15o8:) 

A>;ij -MiM!; I <Ksyi.< m.'N- 

PciJi-ree of "Dl^NXP," 
iltnry r'i(.;ine of Saffron ^VaI<Ji-:i, l-!;?c.';i 

John B(i:!:e, yco;v;.'Ti r.f tin? Ci\n\'ue to Kiiig Hinr\- 7 ^S; S| 

Thomas, o. s. p. Robcrf. Bcnnc, citizen arid Ironnionc,er 

of London, ni Elizabeth dau. and cohcyrc 

lArnis — Or, on a croi-s a/iire 
I pitTCL.i of tiio lk-!d, 

|four fairies displayed or. 

Anthony Benne 
John Bonne 
(Visitali;;n of London, 1633) 

Pedigree of "TAYLOR" Farringdon W'taont 

Walter Taylor of Methone, Co. Westnurland 

Robert Ta>'or of Sih-crdalc, par. Lancaster Anne dau. .F: heir of 

I Brov. ne of Silwrdale. 

1 — Thomas 3— John Taylor of London, di'ap^r. 

2 — Ricliard 3 sonne, tn. — Constance dau. and rchoir of 

I REGIXALL WOODDESOX,- of .-Vsldesiord. 
I Co. Hampsh.. and of -Mice l-i iister 
I and coheire of William of 
j Guilford Esq. who built a fr(!e '-rcoic 
1 there. 

I i 1 

Robert Taylour, of Lond. gent, liv. 1634 
John Tayiour of Toile.-biiry Co. E:s. x. 
The Coat of .'vrnis foi "^A'c^ldf^on" i^ ihe '^ame at that eixen in the \'i-.f'tation rf Lor.don. 1; 

fViiiuaiion of Surrey 1618} 

Pedigree of 'REXXE" 
Heiiricijs Benne de Sauron W'alden 

i ~' ' 

Joh'es Benne, ycornaTi of the Crowne to K. tlen. 7 _ 

Robeita.- Br^ane dc f.'iadon et de Xewpoit Cranley, com Surrey oIj. 

iijih Feb. 1606, ni. EiizabeUia tHia Qt cohaer REIGXC'L-r.' W00I)E--iOX 


Tliis Arries is coiif'irir.i ■! k^ K:i,' iheih \\'("jDSOXE. i;.<.;ig;b=t'.'r .rnd one c'.' 
the lu'ir.s of UKVXtn.Di: W'JDI^OX r.nd wife to Robert 1"! ;n;^;' r.l 
London ^-;t-iu. Confiniici 'a- ince, R-.;bvrt C ooko tlii-- XX'ii of Q. Kli/.ibolh. 
The ioi!ov,-ing none '- c<.pi>.:l ironi a :n.iin;scrij)t i;; liie }icraid^ CoiUce: 
'■Job.n 'la-icr, genLicTP.;-.:: Borne in ilic I'arisli of \\";\::on in La'.:<-;\sli!re, 
Citireii av.t\ I)r.ipcr ot London inairied C'onslanee dougluer of RECiLXALb' 
\VOODb">ISC ).\ of Aloesf'ird in C'niiuy Souihanipton yent. and one of 'rb, 
Hcires. Tile said J.ihn and Constance were botii liuried in tlie iiar. Chm-r!) 
of Si. ?ilicl!ai.'ls in Corniiil! in London \\ liere theire rvbinnniciit dolb 'i.c!- 
remayne wih Liseripnon and Amies. 

The said l<LGIXAbn WOODISO.X niaried di)n-!itcr of William Hamon 
of Guildford in Surrv' ;<ei!t." 

NB. Tiie Coat of Arms conllrried to "F.ii.'.a'o;. th \Vod-one'" is quarier(;d 
wiib '• Faylor" and "Mamn on'" — I liaw oniy made a ro'.igli sk::;ttdi of 
the 'A\'ocbone" v.liicli you will ob'-ei ve differs to tliat given in ti\e 
London \'isitations. 

(Visitations of Nottingham 15-10 and 1614.) 

Pedi-ree of "MEDIRIP" 

Lettlce (da. of William Jvledhon of Newark upon Trent, Co. NoUingham) married RiC 
WIDDOWSOXN of Nev,-ark. 

"KnigliLS of Darby and Nottingliam in the lime of King E<b.vard the 1st" 
WODESONX of Lowdham and Gunthorpe (Nottinghamshire). 
Amies — Gules, on a chief arcent three quatrefoils vert. 
Crest — Out of a coronei or a llan-.e of fire proper. 

(Visiiration of Oxford, 1.566, 1574, 1635.) 

Pedigree of - KEXYON " of Astfialb 
William Kenion of Easthall C>xi'n married Elizabeth daur of WILLIAM V/OD^ON. 

(Vifitaiion ot Es-^ex 161?) 

Pedigree of '•:^:EDHOPE.•' 
Leilice da. of \Vm. ^Medhope of ?s'e\vark upon T'-ente in Com X'ottinyjian^shire p^M, married 
RICHARD WYDOWSONNE of Newark up.n; Trente. 

(Register of l!ie l^ni\-er3i:y of Cxf'jrd) 

1565— Alexander Woodsoii, student, Christ Chureh. 

1565 — John Woodson, sttident of Christ Church. 

1^12 — Nov. 9 Jol'ii V\'uods':in ( Wcdison; and Rrbtrt Wodsijn p.arties in suit versus Catherine 

\\ od^on. 'i\\.\> Wi'los Widow. 
15S0 — April i5, John Woodson, eb vice Hutcheason dead, Bcde'I of the Lnb.-ersity. 
1590 — July 8 ti;e three bedell' ijohu Wood:-on, Thomas Gryinc, Wtn. Sinalmar,) qsked for an 

iucreabC of stipend. 
15'v'7— -E>ec. 23 Conii.dttee decided that the fees accrued during the vacancy of tbie EscpMre 

bedellship of T5--eoic'gy should be equally divided among the live bedells — viz. 

Aliwin, Joliii ^\'oc.d-50l■!, LanL Rcacie. VMiliams. 

Ti!!' WtMl'S^^'XS ANn ilill!; 

loOt-5— : Marcn. St. j j'ms, JOHX WOODSCX XE ; Briaiol, v;ciU. f m;:tnciilr.tOfl aco IS. 

155S-9 — 3 Feb. Niciid"; Wuudson, ui vice Bei>!i (BfiM-'r) lioad to he nctlc-Ii of fJnlvcrsity. 
1565— Nicolas Wo'.:!i<-!:. juijcrior liodell of theolo-y di:-i). 10 Occ. 
1571 — Mac,d. C'oIL KiLiiard .Widosuii; Notts, plch. f. innirir. age 19. 
1600 — 3 July, William Woodson, el vice his fatlicr Jolm WoodsH)!!, Indell of tlioology. 
1609 — 2S June William Woodbon adnud coninionsales of the Hall. 
(Alumni Oxoii) 

Ale.Kander Wodi.^on, B. A., 19 Jan. 1573-4; M. A. 20 Anr. 1577. 

"Brodfoh! " Wcod\-^on, so'.i of Thonias of Chlciie-ier. Sussex, plt.b. Brasenose Cidl. malric. 
24 March l63o-7 aged 17; B. A. 10 Nov. lo4U. 

JOHN WOODDESON >W0()1)S(>NNE) of Bristol, gent Su J.duis Coll. mani rulated i 

March 1604-5 aged 20. 
John Wouddeson, pleb. Magdalen Hall, niatric. 8 l)ec. 1658, B. A. 1663, pcrlmp.< reci->r of 

Radnage Berks 1674-1710 — License to niarr>- Elizih ("nniber. 
Richaid Vi'ooddeson (\\'idoson) of Notts, pleb. Magdalen Coii inairic. 157i age h'^. rector of 

Bramber Sussex 15S2 until his death IfOl. 
Richard Woodeson, son of John of Windsor Berks, jileb. rnati-ic. 1669-70 age 17. \'icn;" of 

Findon, Sussex. 
Samuel Woodeson, son of John of Windsor, raatric. 12th Feb. 166S, age 18, F.ecior ol Jlijr.tspdl, 

Somerset 1679. 

(Marriage Allegations in reg. of Archbp. of Canterbury) 

1674 — George Woodeson of Clements Inn gent. bach. abt. 28, and Mrs. M-'.ry Balsion. 

1676 — Sep. 28, John Woodson of Radnedge Co. Berks, clerk bach. abt. 35 t;nd ?-.lrs. E;i:,:-h 

1633— May 10, John Cowel! of . . . Surrey, gent, and I'rsula Wood',.;..n spr. daa. of oae Wood.-on 

late of the University of Oxford, gent., deceased, and her :nothcf also; at Larabctn, 

Co. Surrey. 

(Marriage Licenses Bishop of London). 

1583 —jMay 15, Garrett Florence and Anne Wyddowscn wid. of City of London, relict of Roli.-rt 

Widdowson, of said City, porter. 
1585-6 — Jan. 14, Robert Stafforde and Dorothy Widdowson, v. idov, relict of Widdo'.v- 

son, of Hart St., London. 
161,8-19 — John Sleigh, gent of Chelsea, Tvliddx, bach. 35 and Anvie 'A'oodson daa. of Heiuy 

Woodson of Eaton Co. Bucks gent. 
162-^— May 5, George Woodson of St. Margarets. Westminster, yeo.mar. and Susan Lanjer, tyir. 

i-i St. Pauls wharf, LondMU. I'Thi- Ceo. V,'. i^ probably of the family •' Woodeson" o? 

Westaiin.ster, hearing .Arms — Per fes^e argent and azure a pale, counterchan^td, ihr.-e 

eagles displaycdi or.) 

(Index to Prerogati\e Court of Canterbury Wills 1383-1558). 

Wodeson, Reguold, new Alresford Hants (F. 27 Coode) proved in the P.C.C. in 1550. (This 

is the " Reginall WOODESON " of AlMcsford,. Co. Hants, mentioned in the Visitations 

of London 156S, and 1633.) 


(ConsiiLory Court of l.iiicuiu l.'^i'j-l;/!'!'./..: 

1570— Jo Wood?.)!!, of \V. L'cepuij, uiil nr-v o.i 1570. T^o. 115. 

(Lich'vlc! ^\ill^f. 15!6-!G52.i 
1601— Allen Woocio.-ca, ^^i!l Xo. 66. 
1606— John Woudoson, X. 203. 

(Bristol Wills.) 

— 1572 to 1792.) 
1769 — William Woodt-son. 

(Dorset \\'il!s 1568-1799.) 

none for the proNcd here. 

( Books of Probates from I6.3O.) 

1640 — George Woodeson, of Eion Bucks, gent. Will pio\cd Jan. 10. 1639-40 by sons George 

and William (9 Coventry). 
1645- — John Woodson, of Windsor Castle, gent. Adinon with vill, Jan. 31, 1644-5, 10 son Ilcr.ry 

(31 RiversV 

(Dictionary of National Biograph\-.') 
Rev. Richard Woodeson, died 1726, vicar of Findon, 
Sussex ni. Dorothv 


Rev. Ricliard V.'oodeson, 1704-74, baptized at Findo!}, 
2] Jan. 1703-4 _ 

Ricliard, 1745-1S23, bap. at ICingston-cn-Tharnes. 

(iMatiuscrlf.ts in Britis'i Museum) 

Eg. 2618, f. 87. 

Johii Woodeson — Recomniendatiori to a dcmyship at Ma^daiea Coiiojie, 1660. 

Adrj. M. S., 29996, f, 1S4 b. 

Thomas WocJion, mu.ji; 17th century. 

34, 414 ii, 17, 19. 

Richard \.''jode=o;i, D. C. L., Professor of La->vj — Co: rcrpondr.-ncc udth W. Fden 177". 

From cl'.e abo\'i; clir.rt it appears that there was a coat of arms creati^d, probalMy durint; rh.e 
reign of Henry VTII, or at some p;.riod in the early part of the 16th ccntur}-. and that some 
ancestor of 1 Dr. JOM's V\'OODSOX' was admitted to bear arms. Tliis, perhaps could bc- 
atitheiiticated through the CoUege of Heraldry, ui Lor-.don. 

There are se'verat coats of arms described in this ciiart, and any person not thoroughr,- 
versed in heraldry, will find it \'ery dilhcuit — not to s^^y impossible — to determine which one 
has been banded down to i Dr. Joh.n WoocIsi.mi' and hi,- descendu'i's. It is equally (tifncuU 
for the uiiinforiTicd 10 ima!;ine just liow it would loo.k when brought to view. 


:;-■ ol < : 

iV: -■;; V-- ti'O n,\' 

, 1;:.,, 

,.^.a;-c ;>cro-: the A-:.;;-;^ 
U l;'lrl:,';v^.:r^" ■■■/" ar,'.! ^vi'S 

arui oiuiihM i-j !.!!e cw.a i. ; 

it \r,;> lA'C'Ki"! ir.o V. i- iis -'■ 'V. :■';■.' i.'.i -V v \hv 
;i!j?ul 156^1, i iu' i'a;r.-j a^ it 'iw. i.;. v-.'.- iixi.' 
n;.'>- !)e, be irilv litLu ii^.:: ktt.r ''<■:" cnJ i'.;"' 
Ocoan, in K"\ 

Iif-\',-c\ fi ih \L r;>a\- Ik-, v.i- ate j:t'tl;!^.: :;!^M:^ wry w c!! ^\ iih 
pro'ciri'iiiv coniiiu'-: lo .'io-fo for maiiy :..ei;o: ;:ii"n.- lo come. 

As it is iHAV, i' i~-.; ^'.•';".! n.i;no. a:v:l "a ^ooi v. \n;o i;. rather U' be ^ho^e;t than ;;!e.:t ri.;i;.-^." 

Tu sa>- thai the lUiUU' WooDiON. or any e;!icr nartt^j, i< wiilicul syec er hler-jsii: v/t-uK! ho 

h is a trite a:;d .me s:;\ii;g t!;:;: "there arc ?nnie h.!;\ek ^lii-.-p in cvLry ihirh." Se there 
arc sonic (arid ] .;m p!:"M^cd to sa>- ^vry Sew) am j:;>j iJ^e ue~ce:i-iCi;ts ot !.■>;;. Jces WO'ei-es. 
vriio iiC'i reHtcie-] ereciit upet! th.eir a:icc?tr\-. i'l;: i.'iken as a v. lv.;h;, il...-/ arc a \v':.!e- 
pprcad fnirnh.- of eC'eJ people — Ch-d-feaiine; and K'r.drig; frtig-i, ie.dtirtr" .'Uf c;ad. "e'Nen 
lo hurpicaiiiy.'' Matiy o! the irvii ha\e attaht^d l.\:h pc-i^i- n=, betli ei'.-i! and :aiii::-ry. 
In I'tf piofcsFion-. le^ah Medical and others, the} have ^i!Ov•il thcee=idvv;A cep.ddc and heaen. 
Ir all places of trust tttid honor thev ha\e pro\an tlie;i;;.S-es lo be f^d:: fi;i asd I; ii-:v -rtliv. 

Ii. all the eene 

:i rjLi-ni 

1 .•.:,■ 

ha\e respci^diLd with alaeriry to the call of dtity and brtvely sacrincca i!' 
cdtar of tlieir couiiiry. 

During the Ci\il War, those «-ho had been born and reared ;•: ;ho raidi, i^e.^h: e,..ih\;'-:iy 
for the priiicipjirs espofsed by their section wdiiie those of the ?otiL':, belie, ia^ ia thi. riL:huc■u^• 
iiess of their cause, cl:oerfu'ly jave liteir 1 deed ard :i^■e; in d^hv:,^ c t ilieir i.on\ .c.ioas a.d ii-,._ir 

"Fro Patria el "^■"irtute" iriigiir vrel! be eriiblazoued on ihe Woodson e.sctr.choen. Xei r.^cc 
or tribe ha- eeet produced women more beaiiiift;!, more scif-saori:icii:j:. n:ore unbaneie;^ 
in their fidelity to diity and the dictates of conscience. Our nobhj wonien have e\i.r been d:-- 
lin;';uished fe; a s\veet dij,ni:y that is al'ercther v.dthout ati?teri:y. All hone; lu those of lae 
pa^t ^'-aerations: all resp^-ct, bjve and reverence to these of t!ie pri:-'^nK. 

Ir com-din;: the data vddc!) i ita-.-e eatiiered from nearly ail o\er t'le I aited :->^.Me-- 1 

Iiave taken it t;p line by line, branch t>y b.'-anch, fatnily by family. 

contnv^ iii 

ot:-td to each o 

v.dth the icgularit\ of a c\ c'e. In doin^ ihi-, 1 ha\-e felt a; if 1 was visitiitg e.icn :io-.-~e.r ■:•; 
inre2;ular lotatio;-?. Enter'ns the hou^e. I coidd hnaginc the family silting arotn.d the !.i-e-,de; 
and after cordial sreetin-:- and hospitable welcome, titey wotdd bv;^in. in response to aiy 
inquiry, ;-'nl relete ail the family r.ews o*" Vvhich th.ey were porSC-.-ed. lellinj, ab'^ut vltose v m.- 
had died since my last \i^it, a ;;eneratio:i a^-^i; the names of aH th^^ children who ha^l been 
born since then, whom iliey ha<l married, where t'tey are livin-^ and w!i.:r. dtoaj. La:e- to 
impart the ne^^s, th. y ha\e told no many thia:,= v. hich n-t .vrit'er in ■]■■■ ■- • k. for fear ot 
makin- it too bie aa'J heavy, fbi-irp e<:Tfin al: ti;e n^w- fr..n :'.''i ■.otdy. -i'e n-'vi pa-;e 
of tn\- manuicii),- v.otdd waft n.e to an'^ther :;.;-d!y. • ..reap- atai .r-. ; '.■■ ::r..< ^i\:\ty. v.-l ..n 


i.\;''/.v 17-|)? 

tl:e>', ill t'Jrn, woulil gr'xn ine and gi\-e nie t!ie news lo be recorded. And .«o I ha-zc gone from 
house lo house for generation after generation for nearly three hur^dred yenrs, until I fe.-l 
ihai I am personally aequainted witii abnoit all the Wcodsons in the L'niied S(ares. .Xr.d not 
onlv icciuaintod, but that t'ley z'-c my near and dear Icin. 

.\nrl now as I lay a-ide my pen, I feel that I am bidding a final farewell to all these — 
my kith and kin. But in doing so, I want to thank them for the many pleasant eM'nings 1 
have spent with them, at.d for the data they have given me, v.ithout whieh I could never ha\e 
made up this book. 

In this, our final parting, I commend you all to the love of our God v.'ho has sldeldeil 
and protected us for three hundred \ears, and who will guard us and guide us to the end. 

H. M. WooDsox. 



When S!r XW.K.T K.:! :, .1 I.:: vw^-l^ iii.- >. •;;:-d o\i" iV:\^':^ ••,• ti c con' in..-;;- u! Aru.r;ca, h-: 
rclrrnou to I^n^luscl early i-^ ::':^ ;o iv-ui.; i.i- rcpv;r;: ard ir ho^O!■ <v "■t:;.- viig'n Om.:-vi;."' 
Eiii-aboih. be:;t.e\v\d the ";:.;::0 \'iRGlNiA u,>ov. j!i ihar jur:. e! ti;c coiUincnl v bich \v.;>:^ 
ria!n:cd i>y L n;^!.'.!^!. 

rro::i lui: iinit- iM llivjiO \\ <. re f\>! ■; ni;';ic i-'Tu'-i^ sri.^di' U Kr.iit li : f :o:r.' in iiie row ;;■!'' 

ill laihire ur-.'i! tlie proinolcrs were \vcil-riL:Ii •.ii.--coiir:'.i;ci!. 

Oil ApiU 20, loOO, I\.i:u: J.^-i-e- 1. is-;:..;! !t itvr^-j^^KKi !<■ a fi-sx- En<;li>h noblnnc-i by v birb 
they •■vcro ',;I\Ci: :'il ih.e I^ikJ o. :.!'. ~ Aliar.iie coail. i.ietwee:; Si'' e.iu! 3>' anc! bciv.ooii i': "' aivi n " ' 
north LTTituclo, e\;endin.; one Iui;i-Iro^.i niiles westward hoi;: the coast. Aecorcil-ag to the 
pro%'i.-ioti3 of t!je i>a;cius ib.cre were two compaines formed in F.ivcbari.'l, ore at Plyraoiith a:vj 
the other in Loivjot. The territory c.-si ;:ic'.'. to ih.e rivi^.K^iiiii Conipar.;/ eMtcndi'd froivi V,:C 
moutli of the Hudson River to the eastern point of Mnine. ard v/as cal!c;l Xcnh Vir.;laia. 
That ailotlcd to the Lor.don Coir.paay lay bciweeii Caro VlciT and te.e Kapr.ahari'-.oek bb-vtir 
and was cr.lled Soi:th X'irsjnia. 

Tb.e King reserved the right to nanic a resident co'j[-icil for th.e sever":' colonifs, each of 
which scb.cted its own presidiiig officer. They could hi! any vrcancies thfsr inighit occnr hut 
r.o clergyman could act as president. 

In Deremt.'C-. 1605, the London Company ser.t out thiree \es-eis fron". h'hickwal;, Eaehx^^d, 
containing one hundred and Ave emigrants, all inen, one of whom Vs-.-'.s Caj.-tain John Smith, 
then less than thirty years old. The three vessels entered Chesapeake Bay i:e:wecn the two 
headlands v.l;ich were nat^ied Cape Ciiaries and Ca^^'C bienry in honor of the Prince of W'^ii. ?. 
and his brother. Crossing the bay, they landed at a point '.\-hirIi prese-ited such a pleasiag, 
restful prospect to the weary voyagers thet they named ii Point Comfort. 

After a few ca\"s rest the\' sailed up a broad, beau.iftd river, which ilicv celled the 
in honor cI the iving. Some forty miles I'p this ri\-er James, they landed on a peninui:!a c;; 
the thirteenth day of .May, 1607, and began building their settlement v/hich tiiey calied Janic.-- 
town, also in honor o; the King. Thus was planted the f!^s^ permanent En^hsh C'.'iony in 

The council as appointed b\" the King, was composed of the following g^n-demcn: Jol^n 
Smiih, Bartholomew Gosnold, Edward \\'ingr;e!d, George Kendali, Christoplier .\e^^■po^;, 
Johii Ratcliffe and John Martin. Edward \\"in2;f:eid was chosoii president, but he returned to 
England the foilo-, ing J— .e a^d John R-tcHrTe was e'-^-o-d in his p'a-e. He ;;r\-cd only a fev- 
weeks and resigned, and John Siiiiih was elected president of the cotincil. Under his administra- 
tion the little co'ony fot along fairl\- well. In 160S, Captain Newport returned from England 
bringing a hui.--h'--.-d and twuiuy ; '.en. 

On May 23, 1609, the London Company was granted a no.v charter -.Nh.ich gave them all 
the land two hundred miles north and sot;th of Point Coin.fort and e.vten.d!;-!g from the Atlantic 
to the Pacific Oceans, the distance being entirely unknown 10 the King or any of the Comnan> . 

During this year, 1609, tlie Company fitted out nine sh.ips v.dth five hundred emigrants 
and a great quantity of supplies of all kinds needed by the Colonists. \\'ith:n the next \ea'- 
a great many of the-~e pe-.-'o'c died, so that at the close o: l/jlO th,erc were less than one ini.idred 
white persons alive at J&!::!<;siov>-n. 



Tlif couiuil at London !\aiJ a{ii>oiiit.>J Lord De Lt War, governor of Sor.tli Vir,e,!n!a. lie 
arrived at Janio-^town in the ct' I'dO with a con>idLTal)le uuaiuor of orai^ranis a 
large cargo of sui'inlies, and immcdiateK- a.---unied charge of colonial affairs. The ch.artcr was 
amended from tiri e to time and new go\-ernors frequently- appointed, a? tlie terms of #er\-ice 
were usually of short duration, owing to resignation, death or other causes of reniowd. 

Emigrants were constantly being sent over from the Mother Country until the white 
population of Virginia had increased to about one thousand souls in 1617. The office ol gover- 
nor had changed hands often; sometimes being occupied by men of no talent for leadership; 
at other times by men of marked e-xecuti\e ability: and so the cimdition of tlie cijlony brightened 
or was depressed according to the efiiciency or inefhcienc\- of the local administration. 

When Cio\ernor Dale returned to ICngland in 161S, Sir C'.eorge Yeardley was appointed to 
succeed him. The colon>- at this time numbered nearly two tiiousand men of high cliaraeter; 
many of theia being younger sons of the nobility who lind coinc t;.i tlie new country to make 
their own fortunes and were not afraid nor ashamed to do the work necessary lo acconiplisli 
that end. These young gentlemen, owing to the law of primogeniture, lived at home uncier 
a very great disadvantage, and could accomplish something for themseh es, oiiK- by going to 
some parr of the world v.-herc that law was not operative in its stricte-^t construction. On the 
29th day of Janvary, 1619, the ship George sailed from T:Lngland and in the following April 
landed at Jamestown, \'irginia. This vessel brought the new governor, Sir George Yeardley 
and about one hundred passengers; among whom were Dr. John Woodson, ot Dorsetshire, and 
his wife Sara, whom he had married in Devonshire. 

Dr. John Woodson came in the capacity of surgeon to a company of scldir.'-s v>-lio were 
sent over for the better protection of the colonists; for the Indians about this time wei-c scrAviing 
and seemed disposed to resent further encroachments of the white nian. 

It v.-as during the administration of Governor Yeardley that the settlements were divided 
into eleven burroughs, each of which was allowed two representati\es. These rcpre5CTiiati\'es 
were called burge:>ses, and when assembled, constituted the house of burgesses, which, with the 
governor and council, formed the general assembly or colonial government. This general 
assembly convened at Jamestown, June 19, 1619, and was the first !egic!ati\e assembly to per- 
form its functions in \'irginia. 

Dr. John Woodson who came over in the ship George with Go^•ernor Yeardley, ^^ys a nian 
of high character and of great \-aluc to the \oung colony. lie was born loi6, in De\-o:;-;'hire, 
England, matriculated at St. John's College, March 1, 1604, at the age of eighteen, a,-, itidicated 
in the chart. (See Introduction.) 

Like other young gentlemen of his time, he, no doubt had a desire to see the rev,- country 
in which the Virginia Company of London had planted their colony a dozen years previously: 
so at the age of thirt'--threc he, with his young wife, Sara, emliarked on the ship Gei.rge and 
landed at Jamestown. .ApiiL lol9. 

Sometime in 1620 a biack looking vessel landed at Jamestown, having on board about 
twenty negro captives whom the Dutch skipper had kid:iapped somewhere on the coast of 
Africa. The^e were snbl lo the colonists as slaves and found to be riuitc profitalde in the 
cultivation of toljacco which was the staple crop at that time. 

Dr. John Woodson, at this time or shortly afterwards, bought ,si.\; of these Africans who 
were regi'stered in 16:13 as part of his household, and simply as Xegars, without giv;:!g them 
any nanies. 

It was also during this year, 1620, that thv Lond.on Company sent over about one hiindred 
maids, respectable young women possessetl of no wealth but of irreproacliabls character, wno 
desired to seek their fortunes in the new world. These yourg women were not permitted to remain 


T ijriMt whilo !n sincic Ii'cs.-(;<iness. Their h.ui<!;; were e."'s;orIy sought in riuirriaci by ll-.c >v'unj; 
i:ii-n o! t!:c enKiny. \\'V,t:i a \ounc: man bad vvcoed ami won the niaiil of li:!> chiOiLC. in Gidor 
that •^he iright ijccome his '.\ii'e. ho v.a^ required to pay in tobacco, the price of her pa.-saje 
across the ocean. 

The relations between the Indians and tl'.e white cohini.-l? appeared [o be friendly enough, 
but underneath the placid surface lay a black plot which burst forth in all its horror on the 
22nd day of March, 1622. 

While the colonists were engaged in their usual vocaticms, the Indians suddenly fell upon 
the settlements and killed throe hundred and forty-seven men, women and children in an in- 
credibly short space of time. Of course the Indians -were made to sulTcr auiplo punishment for 
this outrage. Ever\' man who could handle a gun, took the field and the savages were hunted 
down and killed without mercy and driven back into the depths of the wilderness. Then 
en.-ued a jieriod of respite from Indian depredations. 

In the meantime the colonists extended their settlements further into the interior and up 
both sides of the James River. 

Dr. John Woodson located at Flour do Hundred, or, as it was sometimes cal!ed, Piersey's 
Hundred, some thirty miles above Jamestown on the south side of James River in what is now 
Prince C>eorge county. He and his v.-ifc, Sara, and their six negro slaves wore registered at 
Fitar do Himdred in February, 1623. It was, no, at this place that their two fois, 
Joiin and Robert, M.ere born. Robert was born in 1634 and John probal>ly in 1632. 

The governor, Sir George Yeardley, died November 1627 and the council elected Francis 
West to act as governor in his place until another should be appointed. The King appointed 
?.ir John Harvey to succeed Yeardley. He was no stranger in the colony, had been a member 
of the council and was very unpopular. He continued in office until 1642 when he was suc- 
ceeded by Sir \^"i!liam Berkley. 

King James I. died March 27, 1625, and was succeeded by his son Charles I. who reinstated 
Sir George Yeardley as governor of \'irginia. 

The colonists lived in con.=tant dread of another outbreak on th.e ;>ar=: of the Indians, for 
there had ne\-er been any real peace nor confidence between the two races since tl':e great 
massacre of 1622. 

Twenty-tv.o years had passed and the hre of revenge v."as still smo;ik!' ring in the hearc oi 
the bloodthirsty chief, Dpechankano, who had matured another scheme for skiughtcripg the 
A bites. 

On tiie ISth day of April 1644, the Indians made a sudden attack upon the settlements 
and killed about three hund-ed of the colonists before they were repulsed. 

At this time Dr. John Woodson's two sons, John and Robert, were respectively twelve 
and ten years of age. 

Tb-rre Is a chcrisIiL-d fainily tradition, on tlie day of this second massacre. Dr. John 
'Aoodson, wiiile returning from visiting a patient, was killed by the Indians in sight of his home. 
I he Indians then ai:a'.'.:eJ the house which was barred against them and defended by his wife, 
Sara, .:ind a mr.n named L.igon (a shoemaker") who happened to be there at the moment. The 
unly weapon they hc.d v^as an old time gun v. hich Ligon handled with deadly effect. At the 
first ure he killed three Indians, and two at the second shot. In the meantime two Indians 
cssajcrj to come down through the chimnc> ; but the brave Sara scalded one of them to death 
with a pot of boiling water which stood on the fire: then seizing the iron roasting spit with both 
hands, she brained the other Indian, killing him instantly. 

The howling mob on the outside took Iright and fled ; but Ligon f.r.-d the third lime and 
ti ltd two liiore, n:akins- lane in all. 

The old gun which was instrumental in saving the family of Dr. Jo(".n v's'cooH 
from annihilation by the Indians on April IS. 1544. It is new 
in the possession of Mr. William V. Wilson, 
Lynchburg, Va. 


Honian numerals ly^forf^ the names of children indicate the order of birth. 

A«t'Ti.«ks i') are Inserted before the names of aU children who, in turn, had issue. 

S-JixTior llt-'urcs fohuwing me cames (Mary,' etc.) indicate the generations to which the persons bclonj;. counting fioin 

L>K. JoH.s' 'Woodson. 
Heavy and Ut;ht face niuubcrs in axabic figures (265 and 612) are the index nunil>ers. 

Issue of 1 Dr JOHN WOODSON.' aad his wife Sara ^ ^y\^tf.n ■ 

1 " 2 John- was born about the year 1632 at Fkur de Hr.ndred or, as ir \va? 

sometimes called, Piersey's Hundred, a plantation on the soutli side of 
James River, in what is now Prince George county, X'irgir.ia. 

With the exception of his remarkable preservation fro,ii the IiKiinns 

during the massacre on the ISth of April, lo44, nothing is knt..-,'.n q< him 

until 1679 when (as stated in William and Mary College Quarttrly, \V,I. 

XI) he is enumerated among the "tithables" nt Curies, a plantation on tiie 

• ■ • north side of James Ri\-er, abo\ e Fieur de Huiidred. 

He was married prolial)ly about the >ear 1654 but tlie name of hi-. 
wife has not been handed down to us. He died September, 16S4. "On 
August 20, 16S4, he made liis will which was proved October 1. 16>4. Li 
it he mentions his wife without giving her name, and tvvo sons, John, and 
Robert 'vxho h.ath labored for himself three >ears.' He mention:; -dio 
son Robert's two children, Jane ai:d Sami'cl; an.i brother Rnbv.rts li-.-e 
sons, John, Robert, Richard, Josepli and Benjamin, designating the eldest 
as cousin John \\'oodsc>n, meaning nephew, as was tht custom then.'' 
(\Vm. Jc Mary Qdy,, V, XI.) 

II ' 3 Robert'-' was born, acconJing to hi? own deposition, iu t'-ie year 1634 at 
Fleur de Hundred, on the south side of James Ri%-er, in what i- nov.- Prince 
George county, Virginia, some nnles above Jan.estown. 

It was here that the family lived at the time of the nassacre by the 
Indians on the ISth of April, 1644, when Robert and his elder brother 
John were saved by being thrust into a pit made for the purpose of keening 
potators; from wlixh circumstarice their descer.dan;?. '"or severed genera- 
tions bore the sobriquet of "Potato Hole Woodsons," 

From this time nothing is defir.iteiN' known of .^ Ri^'ert- and his 
brother 2 J>ihn- urtii 1679 whr-n bdth o." them aie eniinierated anr->ng the 
"tithables'' at Curies, a plantation on tlie north side of J.imes R.iver I.". 
Henrico county, a short distance a'oove Fleur de iliir. I'etJ. Thi-- place, 
later, became noted as tlie seat of ti;e Randolph family. At an early age, 
pcssibly about the year 1656, o Robert Woodson- married F!iz,d:>eth Ferris, 
daughter of Riehard Ferris of Curies. "She was descended from an cmcieiil 
Norman f.\mii\-, Henri do Ferriers of Gascon\-. In .American Ancestry, 
vol. Vll, is the folh.^vir.g statement; 'The Ferris family was c-idginaliy 



fifvin I.ri'i.-stcr.-iiirf. Ki-:v;iaiiii, ili'scpiiiiod from Ilciri ,■[^/ V.:'^vivTS. ^or. jl 
C\va!'-:;oInK' tU- rcrric-s, IMastof of ll,u-c ;-: li;e f'u^t; oi Xor.-anvly.'" 
(Ameri'^an;^ of Cicnlic liirtli, \<>l. 1, p. o5S.] 

"There is a grant oi 1785 acres of laiu! October 21, 10H7, to :M:. 
Robert Woodson. Mr. Uirh.iril I'orris, Mr. (.".iles ("artor, William re/Ti.i 
and Roger Coniins, at White Oak Swamp, on the north side uf jame? 
River, in the parish of Vavina. .? Robert Woodson,- in 1707, made a deed 
to his grandsons, 59 William Lewi.-;, jr.^ and 60 Josepili Lewis.'"' (Wm. & 
Mary Qtly., V. IX, p. 255.)- The date of his death is not known, but it 
was shortly after making this deed, as Ix' was about severity-three yea;'.; 
old at that time. It is not positix eK' known what public service he rcnderovl 
the colony but living as he did, at a time when every man to be."f his 
share of the piiblic burden, it is confidently beiie\ed iluit, a-^ a cir.i.^tr. anvi 
a member of the colony, he was faithful in the performance '''i iii;- duty, is 
his descendants have ever been. In some publications ho is freqiienlly 
spoken of as Colonel Robert Woodsim. If he h(;id the iniiitar], rank of 
colonel, it was of course by authority of thu British go\ crnmeut, as the 
entire colony was under British control at tliat time. 

I^sue of 2 JOHN WOODSON- (Jolm') and wife wliose name is no:; known. 

I * 4 John,' born a'rjut 1655 at Curies, in Henrico county^ \';ig!nia, -\".-\S married 
about 1677 to Mary Tucker, daugliter of Samuel Tucker (Master of the 
Ship Vine Tree) and his v, ife, Jane. After the death of Sniauel Tucker, 
his ■widov.', J.ii^e Tucker, married John Pleasants, of Curies, in IrieniicG 
county, Virginia. -1 John Woodson^ died in 1700. Lfe mule wtli :M'ay 
1, 1700, and his widow. Mary Tucker Woodson made her "•.all in 1710. 
In both wills the narries of their four children are n'entioncd is follows: 
Josepli, Sainue! Tucker, Benjamin and Jane. 

II * 5 Robert,' born al^out 1657 at Curies, in Henrico county, v,"as inar/ied about 
1681 but t'le name of wife is not kno\vn. T,vo of f'leir children, Ja-ie 
and Samuel, were living in I6S-4 and were menlicmed by their urandfaiht:.'' 
2 John Woodson- in his will dated August 20, Ifi'vi. The v.ill also stcies 
that 5 Robert-' had then been laboring for himself tiirec \ears; from which 
statement it is inferred that Robert had marriefi and 'eft the pat 'rntl ri>of 
about, the year 16S1 and was tr.en making his ovvn way in the world. 

Issue of 3 ROBLRT WOODSON- .John') and Elizabeth Ferris. 

I * 6 John,"" T'.'.is i.-; the ''cousin" (nephew) John Woodson mentioi-'ed by his 
urtcle, 2 John Woodson,- in his will dated August 20. 16f<4. Ife was born, 
probably al'out 1658. at Curies in Kenrico county, was a nierchaiit by 
occupation and married Judith Tarleton. daughter.'.;; Scftjrhcn Tarleti.iri of 
iSew Kent county. There is a h.^oking-L^ia^s which f.jvmorly beiongecl. to 
Charles \''an Der Veer Woodson of Prince Edward , whicii bears 
this insc;ri[/.;-.n: "This g' beiongcrd to Stephen Tjirhvtor wi'.o was nr. 
great-;grarKifath(.r, and died in the year 16S7. i h.aee had the present 
frame put on it this 14:1; of Decenil?-ei. 1794. Sigpcd, Ch-rlcs Woodson.'" 

riRST, Sl-XOXn ANO THIKD i.i:NF[>;AT10\S 

"I'l 17!.' Jii.i'ih T.'ir'-.-.<-.!i \\"!)Oii5.-:n o'lirnniiibfj her ilowi^r .'i.,;u !r; !a.->.r'. li^o'.'oJ !•> 
her hushard o J.:l,n \\ .r ii! . .■:i,- i.MT.'ha:-t of tho pa:i^!1 a:ul co.!iU>- <■; ilc^rifo. lie iii^i-Jc 
bl-viil'-) IT'S ..:'.! ViS .l.iv: ii! i7Io." >\Vm. and Mary Qilv.) 

'' B' ri.i .-■.'.vii l.ii;c y.v.c l;!-v;i>- of in Knglaiu!; to wliirh bcioi:; Sir 
Bar.iscir Tarli ion, the Drili.-h I'-angcr dr.ri.T^ the revohilion. They wore &t:-.rcl at 
LintvvarJiiu-, County Hcrefoni, and bi)ro for .\rnis, gvilcs, a ci.L-vron; crminos bc-twoor, 
three cinqiiifoils, or: Crest; on a -urcith between two ostrirh feathers, arg, a nn;ra! 
crown, thereon a leopard's head. Motto: Post Xublia Phoebus. There is no doubt 
that it was into this family that Sir Thomas Fleming married before emigrating to 
VirginiLj. (Americans of Gentle Birch, V. I. p. ooO.) 

II * 7 Robert' was born about 1660 at Curie.- in Henrico cjuniy, Virginia whcrf, 

he spent hi-i entire life, and died tiiere in 1729. His will was recorded in 
Henrico Court, Fc'iruLiry, 17 29. hi it lie call> hini£elf Robert Woodbon, 
Si ., to distini,ui?h hini^clt fr.-ni hi.s Si r. and tlux-e of liis nc()'ieui;. a'.l cf vvhom 
boie the name of Robert. He alio names in the will loiw ol hi.^ i:'nif and 
thiee of his daughters. As he had ten children, it is likely (hat the tliree 
not named in tiie will were dead at that time. He was twice- iriarried; 
fiist, to Sarah Lewis wlio was probablv- a si-ter of John Levis-" ot vVar-.^r 

Ha!!. John Lewis'- and Lydia , his v.ife. fa'dl i-ettlcd on Poropo'ar.k 

Creek in iO.S3. To them were b(.irn, probabh- a nunilier of ctiildren; 

of viiom was INIajor Jolm Lewis- \\ho married Isabella . To ti'.cse 

last was born, November 30, 1669, John Lewis'^ who miuTied E"i:.:ab::th. 
Warner, daughter of Col. Augustine Warner and v.dfe, Mildred Read. It 
is probable tliat Sarah Lewis, wife o' 7 Robert Woodso;','- was a daughter 
of Major Jo!in Lewis" and Isabella . This family bfc;!!"e vrr^- promi- 
nent in coloaial aiTairs and, in ihe aunals of Virginia. 7 R.^Lcn. v.'oocson'' 
married, seco'id, Racne! Watkins. "\'ariou5 branches of tl'.e v', '-.odjon 
fam.ily number mem.bers of tlie Watkins family anioe-g their ascenclarKs. 
There are £C\-eral famaiies of this nanie found among the old ,-e':riers. "I hfv 
are of Welch origin; descending from James Watkins "lLib''urer ' '.\ no v.".is 
one of the emigrants in the Phoenix about 1603, and u h:j frcfixieriily 
accompam'ed Capcain Joim SmiLii in his ad'.enuires arni '.owtges <ji dis- 
covery on the "Chisapeack Bay." Some branches "f ;hi> o'd and highly 
honored famil\- settled in Powhatan, Appomatto.x., Cu:-;b;-rUnd and orber 
counties in Virginia. Some of the early members of the ia-ai.'^" ergagea in 
the occup-ation of manufacturing tray-, and for se^"era; g'.'-.ieratlor.a their 
descendanis were called "Tray makers." "Henr\' Watkins of Molveni 
H;!!, boni 16.'7, was a Qaaker. In hi- w ill, 1717, he menii'^^s sons, Henr>- 
— sometime member of the house of burgesses, and married Mury Crisp — 
John, Benjamin, Joseph, and Stephen." (See Catalog by F. N. Watkins.) 
As this will was wlciiess..d by 7 Robert Woodson,-'' it i.s rjuitc likely that his 
second wife, liachel Watkins, was a daughter of Htnry V/atkins o! Malvern 

III * 8 Kichird/ bcrn about 1662, at Curies in Henrico i-cu^-y. married Ann 

Sir.ith, daughter of Ol.'aaiah Smith. In 1729 he madi, a ^^:f.d to Ja.mcs 
Ha.nbletoii, f -^r lar.d in Henrico, being part of a tract granted tc his father 
3 Robert Wo-vL^o-- ir. (■)ctober, 170i. As he was abouc ;-i:a3-- seven years 

26 TlIF \V(30nS0XS and Tr.EIR CONNHv 

old ;it thf- U';:t.- of rnakirv^ ihis deed, he probably died wiihin a lew year;, 

IV * 9 Joseph," l)orii aboul 166-1, at Curies in Henrico coimty, and died Ocfoher, 

1735. He ni.inied his second cousin 18 Mary Jane W'oocison,'' daughter 
of 4 John Woodson,' and Maiy Tucker, who was tiie orphan of Sanuiel 
Tucker, Captain of the Ship \"ine Tree. Samuel Tucker's widow Jane, 
was married before 16S0 to John Pleasants' of Curies, and died in 1/09 
Her will was pro\-ed in Henrico county in 1709, and names her grand- 
daughter 18 Jane Woodson,'' and grandsons, 15 Joseph Woodson.* 17 
Benjamin Woodson* and 16 Samuel Tucker Woodson.* Mary Tucker 
Woodson, mother of IS Mary Jane Woodson, died in 1710. In h:T v.-il!, 
proved in Henrico, August 1, 1710, she nanies a daughter, Jane, ai.d 
grandson, 46 John Woodson,* son of daughter Jane, granddaugl;:i.r 47 
Mary,* daughter of daughter Jane, and grands<-)n. 43 Joseph,* son of daiighici' 
Jane. This seems to establish the fact that the wife of 9 Joseph Woodson-' 
was 18 Jane Woodson;* though her full name may ha\e been, and doubricss 
was, Mar\- Jane Woodson. Mary Tucker Wij..:dson also mentions in hci 
will, grandson. "Sanburne Woodson, child of my daughter ^far\■, wii'-j 
of my son Joseph." These last names, no tloubt, mean Mars- Saaburne, 
wife of 15 Josepii Woodson.* And the child Sanburne was 66 Sanburne 
Woodson^ who married Eiizal.>eth Hughes.'' 9 Jo^eph Woodson^ died in 
Goochland cnunt>- and his will was proved Octob;3r 15, 3 7.v'.. hi it he 
names children; 47 Mary Woodson,* who married 25 Stephen Wooason,* 
49 Judith Woodson,* v.ho married Charles Christian; 50 Martha Woodson,* 
who m.arried 61 John Cannon;* and 51 Tucker \\'oodson.* (See \\'->r<. :ind 
Mary Qi\y.j It appears that the last three childr-.n were b'-rrn In Co ch- 
land; so 9 Joseph \A'oodson' must ha\'e mo\X'd to thai conni\- s:iu"'iy after 
the death of nioil;er-in-law, Mar\- (Tucker,' V\'oi.'uson who died in 
Henrico in 1710. 

V * 10 Benjanin,' born about 1666 at Curies in Henrico county .ind -i-rnt his 

entire life there. He died in 172,3 and his wi;i v.-as recir^JciI in H-'-iirico at 
the .August Court, 1723. On June 2, 1722, he pafenied 17S acres in Gooch- 
land county, on Rocky Run, on the head line of Mr. W oo.iso::. He 
was married about 16SS to Sarah Porter. 

"The English Porters arc all descended from William d,:- la Grande, whc> c.-jrrie O'.er 
with William tho Co;'.c;uPror. His son Roger or Ralph, was GraivJ f'orifi:!- vo Hen.-'-y I., 
ul.'cnc-; CO.- I's the name. Lands were av.arded to William ue ia Gi-a'ide i. y ine Con- 
queror, in Ktniiworth near Warwick. In succeeding centuries they to various 
pans of England, and in the seventeenth centu.'-y joined the advtnlur'jiis nob'.ts emi- 
grating to America." (.Amer. .Hei-aldica.; "The hrst emigration lyf the ?orters ro 
America were the descendants of John Porter, born 1.S19, at Wr.ixh:iH .-^blivV. i'l Kcnil- 
worth, V.',irsvickshire, England. John Porter, the first in Ainerici, fojn I,-J Windsor. 
Cornecticut. His son, Samuel Porter, with his v.ife an.i sister, Marv Por'.er, icttied in 
Massachas-ctts. Mr.ry porter was married in \i>3>> to Sdmuel Grant, a.-^cf;noant of 
of Gcn"l U. S. Giant n! the United States arm.y and President of the L'liiied Sc.ttes. 

"From Samuel Porter came Col. John Porter >f the;io;i, who niarriod 
Abigai! Buell. Their sun, Peter Butii Porter, heca-i-.e a di.=.tingi:i;he-.! man; was r-iember 
of cor.grcsi: fioni New York, n;ajor general in the War c! 1S12, ."'.t:i;oir.t?d onief o' ihr 

'■'t army l'>- P-c^M.' u Mau-'on but fltxliiio.i, n-is sei-rct;i:v oi <'.::■-. n! New Vorl:, w:;i 

I . secretary -! -v ir of the Uuiu-l ^^-aivs ^^:^•l^j•^ diovi in 1^44, 

* "TliO Virginia unnch of the Porter^, William and John, wore iirp-c p:v:rnroes of 

? land in H-.'nrl>-.j .in(l Cuini" i ■..n-.i loi'niics, .uid some of their cie--cciidants v.en.' '..•■.:n<.i in 

> Lower Xurlol':. They iiitermrirried wifh the Willoughbys, the Kemps, a-id through 

I them, with the Herberts .'tid Curtises. Captain Thonuis Porter, son of Thomas Porter 

I and Mary Kemp, marricl I-Ilizabeth Dutoit, daughter ol Pierre Dutoit and Barbara 

' Bonnet (Hnguenots). Their son, Captain John Porter, Cent., lived and died in Cum- 

berland co'inty (the title •r,<-nt.' indicating that they were oi the nobiii-.y). Their 

daughter, Ann Porter, married Charles Sampson, son of Stephen Sampson and 

Marv Woodson. This leads to the inference that Sarah Porter, wh(j niarrieil Hi F,en- 
jamin Woodson,' was of this fandlj of Porters." (.\mericaiis of Gentle Birth, Wi. I, 
p. 354). 

VI 11 Sarah,'' born aii^ut K'oS at Curks \n Ik-rmco county, w.t^ marrio.i about 

16SS tir '8f> to Edward Mo^ele-y. As stated in WiiHani and Mary (Quarterly, 

f>\rC:''i'-. Y^^^ father, 3 Robert Woodson- of Henrico, made a deed in 16S9 to "daughter 

Sarah, wife of Edward Moseley." ' This may have been a bridal present. 
The descendants of this couple have not been i;r:ice(b 

V!I * 12 Elizabeth," born about 1670 at Curks in Hfn-rk--«;» county, married '\VilIian: 
Lewis, wlio ma>- have been a brother to 7 Rol'Crt Woodson's' tlrst wife, 
Sarah Lewis. It is believed that Elizabeth died comparatively young, and 
that her widowed husband married again. In William and "\iar>- Ouarterlv 
there is this statement. "There is a nuncupati\-e wi!! rif William f.ewis. 
who mentions his tv.-o sons 59 Willic'.m Lewi?^ and (.0 Jt-epii Lewi;.'* and 
wife Adding, who was, perhaps his second wife." The names of these 
children are recorded in the fourth generation but farther than that the 
line has pot been traced. 

VIII * 13 Judith,' born about 1673 at Curies in Henrico county, married Wiih'aoi 

IX * 14 Mary,' burn about 167S at Curies in Henrico county, was mHrr'ed about 
1704 to Geor:;e Payne of Goochland. 

1 ' "The first Goochland county court was held May 21 to 1. 172.'-''. I he :"';t 

- justic-s were Col. Thomas Randolph of Tuckahoe, presidlnc. John Flerr,i-i-. .-\iicn 

\ Howard, William Mayo, 22 John Woodson,-" Tarleton Fleming' and Kd'ca.-.l Sc-lI. 

To these were added in 1728-9, William Cab.-ll, George Payn-r and J.^.rnes .Hob~an. 

In 17.'2 John Fleming and Dudley Diggs were the burgesses. In 1736, Edivr.rc! .Scott 

and Jame^ Holm,-.n. In 'i74U Capt. James Holman and Capt Thomps R.-ruioIph. 
i The sheriffs were 22 John Woodson,* 1732-.54: George Payne 17 54-37: Peter .fe.Terion 

I 1737-59; I^oberi Payne I73S: Arthur Hopkins 1739-41: Thom-.s 1 :)rpin 17;'.. 43: James 

I Daniel (who married .3S f.Uzabeth Wood-;on'), 1743-44 and Isaac Bates 17U " (See 

The Cabells and Their Kin.) 


C.ccrgc- Payne died 'n 1744. His will is dated December 3, !74 
riroved January 15, 1744, in Goochland, and names sons John Payne, 
Gejrje Pa-.-ne, Josi.'.s Pryne. and wife. iMarv . Also -randdaugh'er Agnes 
Pavne,. and grundsGn> Augustin Payne and Jesse I'avne. His widow, 14 
Ma:v Wocdsu.n," was at this time abc;ut si.Kty-si.'c years old, and j.roliabiy 
sur\iv-:d but a few \ears. The date of her death is not known. 


"Fro:.', the frcqucni i'i',f-,n,>rrla;,'05 of n.oiiil'ors of '.iie P.:-.. lif f.iriMly i<f ( toochianr. 
county, wi'Ji f.iiMiUi's r<.;lf!cri. t i'.il- Xorthi.rr. Neck \5ucr. .r.:-.rr!..j;os very jtl-j- ni t.-.kir.g: 
place in oihcr Coochl.nJ lan'ilj./s), it would seem very p."oii.i|i'c iliat George ;^lync• 
rame from that fvCtiori of \ !rj:inia II .ioeir.s very likely that he '.vas the 'brv.thc" 
Gcork;e Payne' named in the wills ol Richaid Payne of L.Tnca;ter county, !k70''; a'.-A of 
William Payne of Lancaster 1726. They were sons of William Payne and wife 
Merriman, d.iughter of Richard Merrinian, Cent., of Lancaster." (Va. Hiit. Mag., 
Vol. VL, p. M-i, Jan. 1S99.) 

Taking 1 Dr. John \\'oodson' as the first generation of Woodsons in 
America, his two sons, 2 John- and 3 Robert,- comprise the second genera- 
tion; and their children (eleven in nnmbcr) make up the third generation. 
It is seen that all of the third generation were born and reared, and inoft 
of them died in Henrico county, at or near Curios. Some of them married 
in Goochland and acquired considerable tracts of land in that couiily, as 
well as in Henrico. Some of them, later in life, settled in Goochlfnd and 
died there. All of them appear to have been good citizens, active in the 
development of the new country, and ready tc perform their duty in a 
public-spirited manner. 


Issue of 4 JOHN WOODSON^ (John,' John') and Mary Tucker. 

I * 15 Joseph,' liorn ii'DOUt I6S0 at Curies in Henrico county, Virginia. He was 
married three times: first, in November, 1706, to Mary Sanburne, a lady 
of noble English parentage, daughter of Daniel Sanburne, and grand- 
daughter of J'i'nn Sanburne and Mary Bachelur, who was a daughter of 
Stephen Bach>l(jr. (See Americans of Gentle Birth, Vol. 1, d. 34.'.'! On 
the 9th day of the 11th month 1706, Daniel Sanburne ga^/e a letter oi con- 
sent for the meeting for Jo-eph Woodson to marry his daughter Mary. 
(See Early Quaker I^ecords in \'irginia, Vol. VH, p. 207). She iivcd only 
a short time and died, leaving her husband and one child, 66 Sanburne.' He 
was married second, to Elizabeth Scott, who also died early survived Dv her 
husband and one child. He was married third (before 1724) to EIi.iaberh 
Murry, daughter of John Murry of Isle of Wight county, Virginia, who made 
his will in 1724. In 1752 this Joseph made a deed to his grandson 216 John 
Woodson,'' for land on Four Mile Creek in Henrico countv, calling hini 
"Son and heir of my son 70 Joseph Woodson, ^ deceased. (Wni. and Mary 
Quarterly, vol. XI, p. 51, ascribes this deed to 70 jo~eph V.'oodson,' 
which appears ;o lie an error as it would place the n^.aker of the deed one 
generation later than his time. (H. M. W.) 15 Joseph Woodson's mr.ther, 
Mary (Tucker) Woodson died In 1710. In her will, pro\ed in Henrico. 
August 1. i7!0, she naraej ":ny grandson, Sanburne, child of my daughter 
Mary (Sanburne). wife of my son 15 Joseph Woodson.'') 

II 10 Samuel Tucker,' born about 1682, at or near Curies in Hjnnco couuty, 

Virginia, and died without issue in 1718. "His will was made in 1717 £.no 
proved July 7, 1718, in Henrico county court. He names his brothers 15 
Joseph* and 17 Benjamin,' and his sister 18 Jane,' ard cousip. Tcirleton 
Wood.=;on; among whom he dixades his property." (Wm. ai.d MaryQtiy., 
vol. XI. p. 53.) 

Ill * 17 Benjamin,' born about 1684 at Curies in Henrico coinly. He married 
Mis.- Frances Napier who was descended from Dr. Fatr:'..k Napier, a surgeon 
of York county, wiio married Elizabeth Booth, daughter oi P.obert Booth. 
Clerk of York county. Dr. Napier died about 1672, leaving issue — Robert 
Napier and Frances Napier v. ho rcided in New Kent county. Roii&rt 

Napier married Mary and had Booth Napier, bcni February I, 1692, 

Frances Napier, born February 5, 1695, Robert Napier, born September 6^ 
1697, Katherine Napier, born October 12, 1700, Elizabeth Napier, born 
December 25. 1704. One of these was the father of Rene Napier whose 
will was prosed Noxemiicr J9, 1751, which names his sons John Napier, 
Rene Napier, Jr., Cham.pion Napier, and daughters Chloe Napier and 
Mary Napier, and v ife Vv'ene Napier, brother Pat Napier, Mr. Ben Wood- 



son^ and cousin 77 Booth Woodron.^ The wills cf l;i.- tv.-o brothers. Pa:rick 
Napier and Robert Napier are recorded in Albeiuirie county. (William 
and Mary Quarterly, \'. XI. p, 53.) Fr'-in the aiv. \c it is apparent that 
17 Benjamin Woodson'.*- wife w.iP Frrinres Xapier wl'io was born Ffhruarv 
5, 1695. He died in Flavanna county in 177.^. Mis will is recorded in 
Fluvanna Will Book, No. 1, p. 9. 

IV' 18 Mary Jane,^ born about 16S6 at or near Curlus in Henrico county, married 

her second cousin 9 Joseph \\'ooiison" who was very much older than she. 
He died in 17j5. In the wills of both ho'- mother -.mkI grandmother she is 
called Jane. By many of her descendants she is persistently called Mary. It 
is therefore reasonable to assume that her full name was Mar\- Jam-, and 
so she will be designated in this record. Her i^stie is traced through, lier 
husband, 9 Jo,--cph W'.od-on.' 

Issue of 5 ROBERT WOODSON' (John,= John') and his wife whose name is not 


I 19 Jane,' borii about 16S2 at Curies in Henrico county, and is named in the 

will of her grandfather, August 20, 16S4. Nothing ino':e is known of her. 

II 20 Samuel,^ born about if^'S-l at or near Curies in Henrico county. He too 

is named in the will of his grandfather 2 Joiin Woodson,- on August 20, 

Issue of 6 JOHN V/OODSON^ (Robert,^ John') and Judith Tarletcn. 

I * 21 Tarleton/ born abotit 16S1 in Henrico county, was married, probably 
Au,.;ru^:, 17t)9, to Ursula Fleming, daughter of Charles Fleming of New- 
Kent county, v%ho was descended from Sir Tarletor. Fleming, second son 
of the Earl of Wigton, Scotland. Sir Thomas Flemirg,' Earl of Wigtcn, 
married in England, Miss Tarleton; emigrated to \'irg'nia in lo!6, lending 
at Jamestown but settling afterwards in Ncm-- Kent councy, where he died. 
He had three sons: Tarleton Fleming,- George Flemir.e," Charles Fletning- 
and several daughters. Tarleton Fleming- married Miss Bates, oi Williams- 
burg (of the same fan ily was Edward Bates of ?.Iissot-ri) .ind three 
sons, of whom Tarleton Fleming^ was one of the first a5socia';e justices of 
Goochland county in 172S. He married Mary Rarido'ph, sister o^ Tliomits 
Mann Randolph, of "Tuckahoe" who was 'lit first pies-ding justice of 
Gcochland coiint\' in 172S. 

"The Floming family was of early ronov.a in rbn tiiruc kir.idoinc-: Ene'-inJ, Irtlarid, 
and 5(0tl:>n':l, sevor.Miy. The e.-^ridon: oi Wigton \v la c:ecuri'. by ja.~es 1. of Kngland 
(VI of Scotl.ind). In Stewart's •Sketches of So.:iei y in JJrirain." there is an 
interc-ting account (if a visit to Cumberland House, Duiv.bjrionshire, Scotland, -.'n-i 
seat of .•\dmiral Fleming, nearly related to the Earle of Elphir^sto-ie and \Vi;,iton. The 
following appears as a ma.-ginai note upon a copy of the work in the possession of C, N. 
Woodson, Esq., in the handn-riiing of his father, Charles Woodson: "John F)en;ing, 
brcther of the lace Judge William Fleming, of the court of appe.iis of Virginia, -.vas heir 
to the earldom and est.itf; of Wigton. He was an olficer of the .--.riK-ricTn FC'voluiion 
and ff-!i in the ser% ice of his country, refusing to leave h.;r service; lor tlie irni.-.eiise esla-.;: 
aad earldom of Wigton." 


i ForRri! r.rNKKATr'N 

I 1 he naii;c ct che rcpri spntative of che earldom of Wicton ''n 17ol\ T,-nf, 

' Charles Flcminij. i K. A. Hmck in Richmond Standard.) 2i Tjr'u^ton 

[ Woodson"'- made a deed in 1721 in Henrico to William Randolph f.-r 1 md 

' conveyed by Nathaniel Bacon lo his grandfather 3 Robert Woodbon,* 

in 1674. In 1735 he presented in Henrico couii; an account of his deceased 

fatiier's estate. He died in 1761. His will is dated December 4, 1761, in 

Chesterfield county and names six children. (W'm. and Mary Quarterly.) 

n 22 John/ born 1G95 in Henrico county. In early life he left his native county 

went up James River, as did many of his kinspeople, and located in Gooch- 
land county where he became prominent in public j.fFaiis. In 1724 he 
. was made assistant sur\-e\'or of Henrico county under Capt. Fra.nci.i i-^ppcb. 
Shortly after this he nio\cd lo Goochland, and in 172S was one of the iirbt 
associate jusiice-^ of that count\-. In 1741, Joh'. Woodson, C"=ent., aged 
forty-si.\, deposed in Goochland that in 1729 he wem, in with 
Capt. Richard Cocke, deceased, to the forks of Janics Ri\er to survey 
some land: that he surveyed 800 acres on the sout'i side of t'le snu'.l-i fork, 
and Capt. Cocke offered 400 acres thereof to his nephew, John Cocke, if he 
would come and live on the land. But John Cocke declined, and thereupon, 
at the request of Capt. Cocke, William Cannon paid the survey, and can";e 
and dwelt on the land. In 1732 he was commissioned as sherifT of Gooch- 
land, and in 1739 he is mentioned as "Major Woodson." He married 
Susannah (Fleming) Bates (the widow of John Bates of \'ork county), 
who appears to have been a daughter of Charles and Susannah Fleming 
of New Kent. He made his will January 3, 174S, and died May 21, 1754, 
and being childless, he left all his property to his v.'ife, Susannah. His 
widow survived Idm but a few years. Her will was pro%-ed in Goochland, 
November 15, 1757. and names five children b>' her first husband, as foliows: 
Charles Bates, Fleming Bates, John Bates. James Bates and daughter 
Hannah Easlcy. (Wm. and Mary Qtly., \'. X, p. 44. 'i 

III 23 Robert,"* born about 1697 in Henrico county and srttl:.d in Goochland. He 

married Sarah Womack, and died in 1 729. His will is dated April !2, 1729, 
and v>-as proved June 17, 1"29. In it he calls himself Robert Woodson, Jr., 
I of St. James Parish, Goochland count}", and names "wife Sarah U'omack, 

j and brother, Josiah, and sister, Elizabeth. Wife Sarah, friend Thomas 

}■ Randolph, and William Womack are named as executors. He left no i^suc, 

[ (Wm. and Mary Qtly., vol. X, p. 45.) 

I IV 24 Jacob/ born about 1699 in Henrico county where he spent his entire life 

and died in 172S. His will is dated July 4, 1726, and it was proved in 

Henrico, August 5 1728. Being unmarried and lia\'ing no issue, he devised 

to his brothers, 25 Josiah and 26 Stei)hen, land at the moutii of Gsnitoe 

Creek, in Goochland, formerh" owned by his father, c John Wood~on,' 

and bequeathed by him, in his will, dated November 25, 1715, to his son, 

' 24 Jacob,^ who, witli his brothers 21 Tarleton, 22 John and 23 Robert, 

I ■ftere made executors of the will; and as such, had occasion to sue Matthew 

; Ligon, executor of Richard Figon, in Henrico Ma\- c-^urt, 1724. (Wm. and 

i Mary Qtly., V. X, p. 45.) 

rni; ^\ooI).•;o^■s .'iNi. iHi'.iR ■•onxkctions 

V * 25 Josiah,-" Lorn about 1702 i:< Her.rioo r<>uiuy. rpmoved Xo Goochland when 
he \vas groft-n and took pj-^c-.-ion <•,!' L-.nd \\]ii-::h had boon i.cque.itlieii to 
him by hi* father, k \v,;s h.cTc he s;i,.-iu iho remainder of his iifo. He 
iT'.anied Mary Roy dl. tiaughter of C'ajitain Jo-cph koya!! and vifc, 
Elizabeth Ivennon. He died and his -will was proved in Goochland, Xu- 
veinbcr 16, 173o. In it he names wife. Mary Royaliand children, SS JoI\n,^ 
to whom "the plantation wliere I now reside, bequeathed to me by my 
father, 6 John Woodson,' deceased ; 90 Joseph,* to whom the tract purchased 
of Joseph Parsons;" and 89 Elizabeth. ^ He also mentions his brothers, 
21 Tarlctoii* and 22 John^ and some money due from Col. Thomas Ran- 
dolph's estate. (Wni. and Mary Qtly., vol. X, p. 45.) After his deatii his 

widow married Joseph !"arr;ir, who was born and (iicd 1749. Jiis will 

is dated August 14 and proved No\en]ber 21. 1849. In i; he bcnue.n'ns 
to his siei^son, 00 Joseph Woodson^ part ot a tract on Willis's Ri\er, and 
makes his wife, Mary Royall and her suns, 88 Col. John Woodson' and 
90 Joseph Woodson^ executors. (.See \'a. Mag. vol. IX, p. 204.) 

VI * 26 Stepheri,M-.r'rn about 1704, in Henrico O'unty where he was reared. When 
about grov n he removed to Goochland, married Elizabeth Branch, who vas 
descended from Christopher Branch, Gent., burgess for Henrico in 1639. 
It is probable that 26 Stephen Woodson married before leaving Henrico. 
He settled in Goochland and died there. His will is dated Februarv- 21, 
1735, and v,-as proved .Xovember 16, 1736. He names wife Elizabeth 
Branch ar.d children 91 Alatthew^ and 92 Eii.^a'rjcth^ but does not n:e:iiion 
his son 93 Stephen.''^ He mentions his brothers 22 John- and 25 Josiah* 
and makes them and Jo.^eoh Parsons executors. (Win. and Mary Qtlv., 
V. X, p. 45.) 

VII * 27 Judith,* born about 1706 in Henrico county, married Stephen Co.x and 
settled in that part of Goochland county south of James Ri\'er, whic;i if. 
now Cumberland county. Her husband died there ar.d his wi'i was proved 
in Cumberland, January 5. 1743, and names wife Judith and four children. 

VIII 28 Elizabeth,^ born about 170S. in Heniico county, 'v'irginia. She married 

Joseph Pleasants, of Pickanockie, who was a son of John Pleasants, who 
emigrated from Xorwich. England, in 1665. to \"irgiria, settling at Curies 
on James River, in 166S. He died there May 12, 169S, aged 54 years. 
The name Pleasants is a no less prondnent one in Virginia and the .^out'-.ern 
and western states than that of Woodson. A majority of the family until 
the last generation have lived in the gentle teners of the Society of Friends. 
The collateral connections of Randolph, Bates, Atkinson, V\'ebster, Rrcoke, 
etc., have reflected honor on the lineage. (R. A. Brock, Pres., Va. His- 
torical Society.) It is believed that 28 Elizabeth Woodson' was tiie second 
wife of Joseph Pleasants. There vs-as no issue to this marriage. By his 
first wife, whose name was Martha Cocke, he had probably, several children, 
one of whom was John Pleasants' of Pickanockie, who married 81 Susannah 


Issue o( 7 ROBr.RT VrOODSON= '.K'^!"-!!."- J'.lir-) by hi.-^ f;r,-t viiV-, S.-rah l.owN. 

I * 29 Stephen/ burn iibcur 16S2 in Morrivo county. \\rirr>' lie v,-.!'; ro::re-!. He 
ntarricd livs tirf-r coii^Hii. 17 Mrir> \\'o-._ii5on,' dau.;-i:cr of liis iniclo 9 Joseph 
Wov u^on,' who died ii; Gcucli'.and county and in iii^ will, dated (Jctoijer 
15, 1735, named Lis daughter Mrir\- -n ho married 29 Stephen \\'uodson> 
29 Stephen Woodson-" was guardi^iu U>r liis wife's \oungest lirother 51 
Tucker \\ tiodson.,^ and indorsed the marriage ceriiiic^.ie when Tucker was 
marrictl in 1741. Stephen died in Henrico in 1761 and his will wa- proved 
there b\,' hi-> wife 47 Marj-.'' 

II * 30 Joseph,'' horn aljout 16S5 in Henrico county, wa= married about 1709 to 
Elizah^.l!i Maltt;.-;. B\ his's will there was land bequeathed to him 
in Gtjochland. (After an exhaustive coi rcrpondencc with fiescfndants of 
this couple, I feel safe in saying that, to this union was born besides others, 
one sen, 98 Joseph,^ and that he married his first cousin 101 Elizabctli 
Parsons,^ daughter of 33 Sarah \\'oodson^ and Joseph Par=ons. II. M. W.) 

III 31 Robert,' hwrn ab-'ut 1GP7 in Henrico. His faiher. in bis will, Ju!y C, 1729, 

bequeathed Uj him land in Goochland coi\nly. He died v.itliout itsLie. 

IV 32 Elizabeth,' born about 1690 in Henrico county, "vas married abcat 1710 

to John Povall. Sbie is named in her father's will, dated July 6, 1729. 

V * 33 Sarah,' bor:i aboiu 1692 in Henrico county, was married prubab'y about 
1712, to Joseph Parsons. She is named in her's will, July 6, 1729. 

VI 34 Marj',' born iri Henrir(j about 1695 and died univiarri-jd. 

VII 35 Agaes,' born about 1697, in Henrico, was married about 1729 co Richard 


Issue dy R.\chi;l \V.\tkins, Sf.coxD WiFi: or 7 Robkkt Woodson.^ 

VIII 36 Jonathan,' born, probably, in Henrico. He is named in his's will 

but nothing more is known of him. 

IX * 37 Elizabeth,' v^-as undoubtedly born in Henrico, as her father lived and died 
in th;;T count}'. It appears her father had two d,."^hte-'- nan-'.ed 
Elizabeth — one by each v.ife — the eider sister married John Povall ana 
this one marrit;d John Knigh: and settled in Lunenburg county VN-here he 
died and his will was proved March 12, 1772, and names wife Elizabetn and 
ten children. The v/iil was witnessed by .Miller V.'oodson and Thomas 
JeiTres. (See Vm. and Mary '^f''}- '^'- ^-' P- ^^-^ 

X 3S Judlrn,^ born in Henrico and married Joim Cocke. Nothing definite is 

known concerning her dccendanls but they are supposed to have been 
very^ prosperous people, as she w:)s caiied ''the mother ot ai! '.he money- 
making Ccoke.s." 

1H1-; \v()(:>r..~' 'N^ \nd tjiicik rnNM-.cnox': 

Issue of 8 RICHARD WOODSON (Robert.Mohn'') and Arp. Smith. 

I * 39 Richard,' horn aljom. l()'/() in flunrirn cuunts'. /iriivir,;; at r',)-.' a>;i- of yoiin? 
manhoi'.i, he 1. ciic;! in ( mh iciilati'I i.mi;iu\' wii. re b-e i).rU-ni.ei3 aini f'then.vise 
acquiroJ siK-h inmica.-.:- tract? of laii'.l ;!iai ho ramo to be known as '' Ikiror." 
Woodson. IL- Lucr Ivailt his h'Hi-.o "Poplar Hill," in Prince Echvard 
counl\-. He was niarrii.-il about 1715 uj Anne Madclin Michiaux. daughter 
of Abraluim Michaiix an(j Susanne Rochettc, Huguenots who had settled 
at iManlkin Town in 1701 or 1702. She was born in Holland a'lout Ir,'.',;. 

"Diirint; the reli^-iou^ pcrsccutiuu copm qiUMit upon tlie revocation of the I-.tirn o! 
Nantcr-, ivhjch was jignei! by Louis Xl\', of France, on October IS, 1655, and publi^Ui:'! 
four days afterwards, Susanne f\0'-hcttc Hm.'I in Sedan, F'-atico. When aboiit fincen 
yeai? of age she escaped to A:risrcrdani where she married Abraham Michaux, a HuijU"- 
not, and continued in !l,>llTnd until she had six children. They emigrated to Virginia 
and settled in Manikin Town in Goochland county early in the eij;ht"c:iti' century. 
Abraham Michaux was a nephew of the celebrated Mr. jaracs Saurin, minister cf the 
French Church of the :~a\-oy in the Strand, Lonfl.jn, in the year ITOo. .\ prayer book, 
with this note in French inscribed on a blank page: '.M. Saurin, minister, has sent 
this Book of Common Prayer to his nephew Abraham Michaux in Virginia.' was pre- 
sented in 1S57. by H. F. Cabell, Esq.. throu.a;h Bishop ?»Ieade, to the Theological Semi- 
nary at .Alexandria, X'irginia. (Cabells and llieir Kin, p. -"2.^' 

"Abraham .Mici'.aux was born in Sedan, France in 1672 and died in Virginia i.i 
1717. He was 'inscribed' member of the French Huguenot Churcli in Amsterdam, 
Holland, January 2S, l&9i. There he married Susanne Rochc-tte on July 1.^, 1692. 
Their chih.lren were baptized as follows: Anrc, May 7, 169.5; Jane, January 3, 1697; 
Jacob, Au-.i;-t 15. \7m. (See Archives of Holland Church.) On May S, 1701, they 
left Am?tei'dam for London, England, and from there came to Virginia, probably the 
same year or in 1702. His uncle, Rev. James Saurin, sent him the jbovs-meatioi\ed 
prayer book in 1703. At-raham Michaux died in I7!7 and his wif% S':^air.-e, died in 
17-14. in her will, recorded in Cioochland, siie mention.- children as follows, (li A.n;;.- 
Madelin Michaux (born 1693, in Holland; was married in \"irg;iriia to 35 Rich.crd V\'cod- 
son'). (2) Susanne 2.1ichaux (Iborn in Holland about 1695; was married ir: '.'irg'.nia to 
John Quia of Henrico, and had a daughter, Judith fjn'n, who married 126 Richard 
Morion," sen of Thomas Morton and 42 Elizabeth Woodsun-"). (3; jane 2.I:-.„-dalc." 
Michaux (born about 1597 in Holland; married Peter Le Grande). f4~i Judith Michai^x 
(born about 1099 in Holland, and married -Anthony Morgan). (.') Jacob Michaux 
(born in 1700, in Holland, was married in Virginia to 43 Judith Vi'codson*). (6) Eliza- 
beth Michaux (born about 1701. It is not known po-itiveb- wha'her her birth occurred 

in Holland, England or Virj^-inia. She married Sanburne IVoodscn). (7. Esther 

Mary ?>Iichaux (was probably born about 1703 in Vi, ..i,i:iia, ana married Alexar.ucr 
Cunningham.). (See Michaux family Bible and Pra>er I3oo'-:, Episcopal, 
Alexandria, \'ir£inia; and will of Abraham Michaux)." 

The above Michaux data was received from Mrs. Jennie Morton Cu nnini^han-.. oi 
BcKe \'ernon, i'ennsyivania. The home of i'j Ixichard Woodsor.,' in Fririte Kdw.Td 
county, was caUed "Poplar Hill," and he was sometimes called ''Richsrd V.'oodson cf 
Poplar Idill." He died' . 

"F'is wife, .Vnne Michiux, li\ d to a great age, but was survived by only two 
daughters, .Agnes and Elizabeth. The tradition of her many virtues is preserved among 
her numerous descendants to this day. Her strong character and devoted piety made 
an indelible impression t!pon those who had ihe liappiness lo know her." (See 2>ieade's 
Old Churches and Families of Virginia.) 

Those Huguenots, tiri'-en from th..-ir r.ativc co!;ntry by rrue! persecu- 
tion, '.y-ere distinguisiied for their virtue, pie-ry a:ui ind'istrj' wherever they 
went; and their strong character \\a,s in;pre:?ecl upon all the countrie:> in 

rOfKlIi crXl'.RATK'N" 

'.vliich tiiey foiiivj refuse. \\ ii'.iam of Orange reci .;!;•.-"''. i;i..; hicli charactLT 
of these people when Iv otL red tliem as^lini! in MTv^',. The voimg 
American colony "/is onh U'-i £;!,'.ci to gi\o them ihe lillle ierrii(_ir\^ at 
M;inikiu Town v> here they might [lersiie their vocations and "wv^r^-liip 
God under thrir own vine jiid fig tree, none darinu to moiest them nor to 
make thcni afr.iid." And from the frequency with which marital relations 
v/ere consummated, it would seem that the young men and maidens of the 
Woodson family, too, had acquired some insight into Huguenot character 
and wortli. 

40 Obadiah,' born about 1T12 in Henrico county, n^arried in 1734 Constance 
Vv'atkins, daughter of Jnhji W'aikins "the Tray maker." He Iield trie lank 
of captain and comm.inded a company oi niihiia as s!iow:"i In' the [oilowing 
letter addressed to him by Gov. Dinwiddie, and found in the Virginia 
Historical Collection. (Dinwiddie Papers). 1.553608G 

"Governor Dinv.i.idi^ lo C.iptain Obadiah Woodson. 

"Xov'r 2ty-M, 1755. 


" I rec'd y'r? of t'le 13th y's D.iy, I am sorry for the Disappiont'l in riot having n".cn 
sufficient to undertake w'; yuu propos'd ag'st the Shav.noL-s, and tji the DisaDpointm't 
of the Cherokees. I am afraid I was imposed on by Pearis, thtir intorprcter, ai'.d 1 htar 
the Sha-.vnees have gore to the So'w'd to join the Creeks, and ha\-e 'efv y'r Town, bat 
y's wants confirmat'n. Under these several Disappointm'ts, I .''.m of opinion you hac! 
better ret'n, and if any thing can be done in FebVy or March vvs may then cridea\'r 
to prosecute v. 't you formerly propos'd, and if you are not near Capt. flogg, I suppose 
the Inhabit'ts viW take care of the Fort built by Capt'n Smith. Sam'! Overton pro- 
poses to go at the aViove time on the same project if hereafter it sh'd be tho't eiigible, 
I am glad no mischief ha- been lately dune by the Ind's, and I hope ihe Inhalnt'ts v.i'.l 
return to y'r plantat's, as they have Forts to retire to on occasion or in atiy Dis'reis. 

1 doubt not of y'r frugal care of the money you had, and I hope it T.iil sumce r.iil 
you retu'n. 

I ?m., with respect, S'r V'r most h'ble Serv't, 

Hi * 41 John,' born about 1697 in Henrico, v.-as married probibly abotit 172C, to 
Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Thomas Andersen of Haaovei coun'y. 

iV * 42 Elizabeth,' born about 1699 in Henrico, where it appears she spenr her 
entire life. She was twice married; first to — Tliomas ^b>rton about the 
year 1718. He died in 17.31 and his will was proved "First rnonday in 
April. 17.31," and names wife Elizabeth aiul five childr.-;i. On Seprember 
20, 1740, Elizabeth fWoodson) iNIorton of Henrico, made a deed to her 
children, 128 Thomas Morton, 127 John Morton, l.^-C Ann Morton, 
129 Judith ?viu.-ion, and nephew Samuel Morton, brother to Joseph Morton, 
It was alter making this deed that she was married, second, to Edmond 

V * 43 Judith,' born about 1703 in Henrico, was married about 1722 to Jacob 
Miehaux, son of Abraham Michaux and Susanne Rocherte, Huguenots of 
Manikin Town in C^oo^hiand county. Jacob Muliauv was born in Amster- 
clan;, HoUand, in 1700, 


VI 44 Mary,' l.urii .iboui 1707 in Ilenrico, and was n-.arriod lo Rich.ird TiiHr.:-.n. 

VII * 4n Agues,' born FrbraarN 27, 1711, in tUnrico arn! died March 10, ISu?. Sho 
was married about 1730 to Joseph Morton wjio was born 1709, au'i died 
June 28, 17S2. He settled at Little Roanoke Bridge, in Charlotte count)-, 

Virginia, about 1745; was a sur\eyor b\' occupation, and secreu-.r\- to — 

Randolj'h. He was founder of Briery Presbyterian Church, A\as first 
ruling elder and first trustee. Was trustre visitor and nianatjer of Hani|)den 
Sidney College; justice of tlie peace of Charliittc C(mnt\- 1769, and nicml-'Lr 
of the committee of safety in Charli'tie county, February, 1775. (See 
Foote's Sketches of '-.'ireinia, vols. I and 11.) This Joseph rvlortoa was a 
nephew of Thomas Morion who married 42 Eli/abeih Woodson.' 

Issue of 9 JOSEPH V/OODSON^ (Robert,-' John') and his wife, IS Mary Jane 

Woodson' (John,"' John,- John'.) 
I 46 John,' born about 1704 in Henrico county, and is named in the •.vi!l cf his 

maternal grandmother, Ma!"y (Tucker) Woodson, in 1710. He died your;g. 

II 47 Mary,' born aboiu 1706 in Henrico, and is named in tlie will of licr maternal 

grandmother, !Mar\- (Tucker) Woodson in 1710. She was niairied about 
1724 to her hrst cousin 29 Stephen Woodson,' son of her uncle 7 Robert 
Woodson.'' For issue see 29 Stephen V.'oodson.' 

III 48 Joseph,' born about 1709 in Henrico, and is named in t!ie ^ill of his nuircrjial 

grandmother Mary (Tucker) ^^'oodso^, in 1710. Died \oung. 

IV * 49 Judith,' born, probably in Goocliland county, about 1712. She married 

Charles Christian of that county, about the year 1730. 

V 50 Martha,' born about 1716 in Goochland couniv, and married her rirst 

cousin 61 John Cannon.' son of her atmt 13 Juditii Woodsor..' Tliis 
couple are supposed to ha\'e settled in Buckingham county, as there i.s li 
deed on record from John Cannon and Martha, !ii-: v ife, of Br.rki:;gl;ani, 
to David Ross of Goochl.'tnd county. 

\I * 51 Tucker,' born about 1720 in GoochIan<i county, Virginia wni:re he was 
reared and received such education as the schools of his county a.^orded. 
He was tv.-ice married; iirst, on March S, 1741, to Saraii Hughes,' daus.bter 
of Robert Hughes- of Cumberland count\'. His brother-in-law, 29 Stephen 
Woodson,'' was his guardian and the necessary certificate. After the 
death of his ^.■ife he married, secon i. on October 14, 1 760. Alary XetLerland. 
daughter of Wide Xetheriand who was justice of the paicj in Goochla'-:d in 
1741, and also in Cumberland in 1749, after county was cut ofT from 
Goochland. 51 Tucker Woorlson' located in Albemarle and was, tor a 
time colonial cleric of that county. It is stated iu Wiiliam ;:P.d Mar\- 
Quarterly that, in 176'; he made a deed of gift to his viauf^hter 142 Jane,' 
who married Robe.'t Levis of "The B)rd." He die J ;:bt;u; tlie beginriii;g 
of the Re\o!utionar\ War. 


THK rirr.iiKS iamilv 

As loporiod in W'illiarr. ami Mar\- QL-aiterly. TIic '.viii uf Mr-;. Sarah 
Hughes' was provei-1 in Goochland county, Ma\- 19, i7oO. it is Jatrtl 
June 8, 172.^ and names jjrandchild irii/.aheth Cannon and seven children: 
(1) Robert Hughes,'- executor of the will: t2) Stephen Hughes.' (3) Ashford 
Hughes,- (4:) Sarah Atkinson,- (5) Elizabeth Liles.- (6) Mary Hughes,- 
(7) Isaac Hughes.- Robert Hughes- made his wiil July 1.^, 1750, which 
was proved in Cumberland October 25, 1752. He name^ his wife, Martlia, 
and daughters: (1) Sarah, ^ who married 51 Tucker Woodson,-' (2) Mary 
Walton,'' wife of George Walton (marriage bond, IVTa>- 22, 174^^) ; (3) Mai tha . 
Walton;' (4) Susannah Hughes,' (5) Temperance,'' married Henry Watkins 
(marriage bond 1760); (6) Abraham Hughes;' (7) Robert Hughes,' 

Stephen Hughes- made his will July 6, 1749, which was prc'-jd in 
Cumberland, Xovcmber 28, 1752. It names wife clizabctli and'e, 
(1) Judith Cox,' (2) John Hughes,' (3) Joseph Hnghjs,' (4) El^-abeth 
Hughes,' married 66 Sanburne Woodson.^ 

Isaac Hughes- made his will in Cumberland in 1758. He lea\-(.s'haif 
his estate to Polly Mosby, and in case, of her death, to her brother (jcorije 
Walton, and the other half to his wife islartha. 

Rofiert Hughes' (Robert,- Sarah') made his will, which was proved in 
Cumberland October 27, 1760. He names his wife Ann Hughes, and 
children, (1) Jesse,-* eldest son; (2) Robert Hughes,^ (3) Da\-id Hughes,^ 
(4) F^rances Hughes,' (5) Martha Hughes. - 

Robert Hughes'" (Robert,' Robert,^ Sarah') had issue; i l) John Hughes/ 
to whom his father, Robert,-* made a deed in 1763; (2) Joseph Hughes,-'' 
who died without issue in 1756; (3) Elizabeth Hughes,^ \rho married 217 
John Woodson," of Four Mile Creek; (4) Judith Hughes.^ 

Issue of 10 BENJAMIN WOODSON'- (Robert ,= John') and Sarah Porter. 

I * 52 'William,-' born about 1690, in Henrico county, -.vas married about 1712 to 
Sarah Allen. He located in that part of Goochland wb.ich afterwards 
bocam.e Cumberland county. In 172 7 he deeded to Ib:-:.ry H^/hnan. l.-.nd 
patented by father, 10 Benjamin Woodson,' deceased. In 1737 he 
deeded to Henry Tandy of Henrico, part of 1500 acres in Goochland, 
which had been granted, April 11, 1732, to 52 \Vil!iam Woodscn,^ 5r^ Ben-" 
jamin Woodson. Jr., 54 Jo-eph Woodson, Jr., 55 John Woodson, Jr., and 
56 Robert Wo<)d.-on, Jr.' In 174.5 he made a join., deed with his brot'.;er- 
in-law. James Daniel. (See W. & M. Qtly., \'. X.) He died at his home in 
Cumberland county, as shown by his wii' which reads a--, ioilows: 

Cumber!.-^ !-.'i CoiMity, Xr. , Jii-.c 2i, I •.■?5. 
I, William Wcorison. of the Couniy afor..-^:;id, dot(. r-alv-.- ■.■■.■.v\ ■j.-daui f'ni^ to be my 
last -will and testatr:ent, in m.-muer and form foUowir-^, that is :o say, ittn, I "avo C"n- 
veyed to :ny son, !5o Js^se Woodson by a deed, ackposviedged to bi-.n, for such a part 
of my estate as i intended for hir.-. and no more. The remainder of my estate now :n 
possession of Jesse Woodson, 1 gi-.e and devise to be' equally c!ividi-.d brt-.veen my 
grandson, Dru'-y Woodson," the son of 156 Drury \\\jOil'tiii,- and a-.y ^'•j!;'i-.on WilliaiU 
Woodson,* the son of 154 Shadraek \V'oodson.> 


I .c;ive ami (icvl-^c to Dniry aik! Willl.un en.: liunMrv.! a.iil f.v.-nty-fivo acrof of 
lam.!, p.iit of a sriCL t'.jt I t;ave to Siuuir.i.k Woo i- in, to tboiii ,"iii1 tluir ho!.'-* forever' 
! njininatv aiul api'^int 150 DruiN- \Vjod~uii' Kxtiyjlor of tlii^, r.iy l.i-t will and 

bigncci, sealeii ar..! arknowledgcj in presence of lis. 
Teste, ^■is 

Saml Taylor William X Woodson LS. 

his mark 

Wm X Harris • ' 

Mary Woodson. 
At a court field for Cumberland County July J7, 17S5, This last wiU and testaraeiit 
of William Woodson, deceased, was exhiljited in Court fiy Drury Woodson, the Executor 
therein named and proved by the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on 
the motion of the said Executor, who rnaJc oath accordinc; to law, certificate is granted 
him for ol)taining a probate -.hereof, in due form, jiving security. Whereupon, he v, ;..ii 
Samuel Tavlor, surety, entered into bond according to law. 


MiLLKS \Vm.-d<ON, Clerk. 

II * 53 Benjamin,'' 'oorn about 1692, in Henrico cotiiu\-, married aboat 1730, 
Elizabetli Watkins, who was born 1712, daughter of Thomas W.itkins of 
Swift Creek, and located in that part of Goochland T>-hich was cut )!t in 
174-9 and constituted Cumberland county. He died and his will was proved 
in Goochland, August 19. 1735. His widow afterwards married William 
Daniel, a brother of Captain James Daniel who married 5S Eli;'.-'beth 

Ill * 54 Joseph,^ born about 1694 in Henrico county, was married about 1724 to 

Susannah Watkin-, v.-ho was born 1706, (LiULrhter oi Thomas Watkins of 
Swift Creek, in that part of Cumberland which afterwards became Pow- 
hatan county. 

"Thomas Watkins resided on Swift Creek in Powhatan cot;nty. His i\ il! w.4= 
recorded in Cuml.itrland county in 1760, at the ter:Ti of the court, and 
children as follows: (1) Susannah Watkins, born 1706, and married 54 Jos-f.h 

Woodson of Powhatan county. (2) Jaeji Watkins, born 1708, m.arried . Her 

two sons Joseph and Thomas, are mentioned in their grandi'ather's w:ii. v-'t Mary 

Watkins, born 1710, ar^d m.arried Robert Woodson of Ooochiand. 'A" Elizabeth 

Watkins, born 1712 and married 53 Benjamin Woodson.' Ho died .A.ugt:st, iTJo, and 
she afterwards married William Daniel, brother of Caotain James Daniel. {5} Thomas 
Watkins "of Chickahorainy," born 1714, and died 17S3. He married Miss Fanny 
Anderson, was vestryman of St. John's Church, Henrico parish, Virgin!.-;. The late 
Mr. Leigh says of him: 'He was a man of the highest respectability frcni e' ery poirt 
of view, and in particular, a man of the most indefatigable industry.' He left a large 
family of children, four sons and seven daughter.-,, who manifested profound reverence 
for th.eir father and endeavored rehgiou-!y to carry cue the terms of hi? will, even at 
considerable lo.-^s to themselves. (.6) Joel Watkins, born 1716. He was on'j of tr^e 
executors of his fii.thcr's will. (7) Stephen Watkins, born 1720, died 1755. His 
children Stephea and Elizabeth arc mentioned in the will of their grandfather as 
residing in .\melia county. wS', Benjamin Watkins, born 1725. Ko was the youngest 
child of Thomas W.itkins of '.^wirt Creek." (See C.italog by F. X. Watkins, :S5iS.) 

I\' * 55 John,-' h-jrn about 1696 in Henrico county, ft appears that he and his 
four brother-, left their n.'itive county about the same time and went up 
the James Ri\er \'alley in search of desirable locations; and a'i ol them 

Forr^TH (.i:m:k.\tm(N 39 

securc(.i ian.d and scidod in iluii i'.art of GoocliLn-.d i-oauty lying soiitii cf 
Janut Ri\er. ar.d v. hirli \v i.s cut ciT in I'M'?, and n.-.v fornia Cumljcrtand 
an.l P.iwhatan >.>in;tii.->. 55 Jciin Wood.-dn' l.^ralcd in Souihain parisl; 
in \\1 ,\t is. iv'.v v.'uniherl and c<n!ni\-. TIicTl- i^ a deed daicd Dcccnibi.r 
10, 1747, wiiich :-ho-,vs at tiiat time the jiL re >it his residcnte \va= 
called "Gooehland," for the reason that, it !u'.d not then been or'j;ani/ed 
into Cumberland county. (See \\ m. aitd Mar\- Qt!\-., \'. X. p. I'JQ.) lie 
was married August, 1731, to Mar>- Miller, liaiighlcr of Williain Miller 
of Lancaster county. The marria;j;e bond is recorded in Lancaster, and 
is as follows: 

Know all n'.en L> those presents th.\t we, John Woodron, of tlic co'inty of Gcoch 
land, aiid; Miller of the coniit> of Lancistei-, are hA<\ and firiiily bound jiito 
our Sovreign Lord, King George ye second, in ye sum of fifty p.juiids, current money 
of Virginia, to be p;ud to our s'd Sovreign Lord, his heirs or successor.^; to ye w'ch 
Payment, wel and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Ex'ors .ind .\dni'ri, 
jointly and severally firmly by tliese presents. Date.' th'> T-nth day oi Auga,.-t, 17ol. 

The condition of this oblisation is such that, whereas chero is a License desin-': ;or 
a marriage Intended between the above bound John Woodson, and Mary Miller of 
ye county of Lancaster aforesaid. If, therefore, there is no Lawful cai.^c lo Obstruct 
the s'd marriage, then this obligation to be void; otherwise tn remain in liiH force and 

Sealed and delivered, JOHS WoonscN 

in presence of Wilmav :\:it.lEk 

Thos. Edwards 
Georgc \V.\rrick. 

V * 56 Robert,-' born about 169S in Henrico. At an early age be left his native 
county and v.cni up James River to Goochland and secured land on the 
south side of the river uhere he settled permanently. It was probably 
about 1720 that lie married Rebecca Pryor, daiit,hter of John Pryor ol 
Goochland. He died in 1 750 and his will was proved September 19, 1750. 
and names seven children. The will of his father-in-law, J(/hn PVyor, '.vis 
proved in Goochland, August 19. 1755. and dangbter .-\nne V.r:t,hi, 
and grandson 16S John Woodson. -■ [See Wm. arid ?vlary Q''/'-' ^ ^< 
p. 191.) 

VI 57 Sarah/ born aboii*- the year 1700 in Henrico, and married John Allen. 

VII * 5S Elizabeth,^ born aliout 1703 in Henrico, was m.airied, probably about 1721, 
' to Captain JatTie.^ I),miel who was sheriff of Goochland c(junty, li'43, and 
of Albenuarle coun;y i.-i 1754. His will, dated October, 30, 1760, was 
proved in Ailjcniarie, February 12, 1761. 

Issue of 1 2. ELIZABETH WOODSOK,' i^Roberr,^ J.,:hn=) and ^Villla^l Lcwir.. 

I 59 William Lev,-is, Jr.,^ is mention-.d in his father's '.vill, but the dates and 

places of his birth and death are not known. 

II 60 Joseph Lewis,' also named in his father's will. In 1707 his grandfather, 

3 Robert \Vood,son.= of Henrico, made a deou to ihe-ic two grandsons, 
William Lewis, Jr., and Jo-eph Lewis. (See W:;?. and AUir>- 0'5y-, V. IK, 
p. 255.) 

40 Till-; woonsiK.s and tiii-ik conm-*. tion: 

Issue of 13 JUL'ITH WOODSON-'' CR(.!.-rt. -John') a'v; V\";;ii.ini Taiin, II. yoni'lhf-n- 

tio itrortls Iirnc ;i',-oP, i)ht.;ini.-il L'Ut it is b-.Uovf'J t!i;.it :-in-i';.ii rhi!i.:i '. n u.'-rc 
born to l!iis iir.ion, otu- <:{ \vli'..ii was 

I 61 John Cannon," who n arric(i lii? tiri.t cousin 50 Martiia Woodson,' and 

scliltd in Buckingham count)- where they cxecuttd a deed to W'iljiam Ross 
of Go(.)chland. 

Issue of 1 4 MARY WOODSON^ a-^o'^crt,' John') and George Payne. 

I * 62 Josias Payne,' born October 30, 1705, in Goochland county, died December, 
17S5. His will was proved December 19, 1785, in Pitts\ Ivania county. 
He married Av.v. Fleming about 1732. Durin-^ tluu \ear lie and his wife 
made a deed which is recorded in Goochland county. lie was a member of 
the house of burgesses in 1762. 

11 * 63 George Payne, J'.,'' b(j- n No\ember21, 1707, in Goochland county, die;i 
March, 1784. His will, dated February 23, 1781, was probated Marchl!', 

in 64 Robert Payne,-" born March 16, 1709, in Goochland county, and died -wiih- 

otit issue. 

IV * 65 J-ohn Psyne,^ born December 4, 1713, in Goochland couaty, died July 28, 
1784. He was frequently a member of the ho;:se of burgesses. He v/as 
twice married. The name of his first wife is not know-n. He was married 
second, on J-nne 23. 1757, to Mrs. Jane Chidcster, widosv of John Chideste'' 
of Lancaster count)', daughter of Philip Smith of .\orthuin!-;er!and county. 
Philip Smitl> was a son of John Smith and wife .Mar;.- \\'arn,:r, '.-.ho was 
a daughter of Col. Augustine Warner of Warner Hall. The wife of P'ailio 
Smith w-as Mary MatthiAvs, daughter of Baidivin .Matthcvvs. i^See Wm. 
and Mary Qtly.) 

From, the f(jregoing it will be seen that there were fifty-jne people bor;- 
into the fourth generation of the descendants of D;. Jc^hn Woodson, and 
Sara, his wife. Nearh- all of them were born_ in Henrico county. Sone 
of thern, however, were born in Griochiand, their parents havii-.glelt the 
native heath at:'! mo\-ed w-estv.-ar-.i, up the James Fti'.-er, .,ecured lands or;d 
settled in various pr^.'ts of that e.'Ctensive territory called Goochland county, 
which has since iiecn subdi\-ided into se\-t ral other coimtie-; as they exist 
today. U mu^t be re.niembered that ail tnat portion of the country was 
still infested wirh murderous Indians who, naturally, had no love for the 
Caucassians, whom tliey regarded as intruders. The coumry was rugged 
covered with forests, filled with lurking foes, c-.nd. e^rremely 
difficult of access. So w-hen our antecedents of the fourth generatior. 
boldly entes-ed this wiiderness, took possession and permanently settled 

;■■ i.;.:,;K'er rMliI;.' 'I'h i;. Jio 

cciir.ii.c ,;nd ;!:;' ',;i J ',•. 
ill tlu> or,;.mi,'.o.l v;i>\ (■;,'!\i o\ xhf ri ini'ity in tlv'SO C'-!iu'i,;i o.';\.'-. i> ;:.■ 
for oi.o !v.rMii>-i;i ' ■ . 1.0 ■.;'■...>' ;■, :^, tl. \\':i:it n.n Li^ uictr (hi^y -v,,: ? "Cj-'orru-cu ':■ 
crich ii;v;i\i(;it..!, in.iy n,.; .■;v.-a\>: he ipu-riii' d. 


Issue of 15 JOSEPH WuOPSON' (John/ Julsn,- J<.l.n') and his first wife, M.iry San- 

I * 66 Sanburne,'' born ab'>ut 1707 in Henrico county, \'irgiriia. His ^rnid- 
mothcr, .Mary (Tucker j Woodson, in her will, proved Aui^ust 1, l~li', in 
Henrico o.unty, nan-^es "my grandson Sanburne, child of my (laii^Ii'.'^r 
Mary (Sanburne) wile of my son 15 Joseph Woodson.''' \\'".:en a \Gur.g 
man he went to H\e in Cumberland county and was ti;ere married about 
1728, to Elizabeth Hughes,^ dauvihter of Stephen Hughes.- (See Hu-hes 
Family.) After the death of his wi!:-. Elizabeth Hughes, he '.vas married 

second, to Charity . He died in 1756 a.t his home i/i Curalw rland 

county where his will was recortlcd June 2S, 1756. and wii'e, Cb.ariiy, 
and five cliildrcn. but does not show whetlu-r these ch'lJren were by the 
first or second w ife. 

Issue ok IS Joseph' by Eliz-vbeth Scott, ins second wife 

I! * 67 Mary,^ born in Henrico county, Mrglnia, and was married to V,";!i'arr, 
Pierce. He died survi\ed by his widow and tree rldidren. In 1757 iier 
half brother, 68 John Woodson.^ was appointed L;i.:.;.rdian for tiie three 

Issue by Eliz.vblth Murky, kis th!kd wifk 

III 68 John,^ bi_>rn and rcaxed in Henrico cour-.ty, Virginia, where it appears, 

he spent his entire life. In 1757 he was appointed guardian for tiie 'hree 
orplian children of his half sister, 67 Mary (W'occlson) Pierce, and als'i for 
the two sons of his brother 70 Joseph \^'ood£on.■^ Theie i? no recon; 
showing that he ever married. 

IV 69 Lucy,^ bom in Henrico count\-, and probably died young as nothing is 

known of her. 

V * 70 Joseph,'' was born and reare<J in Henrico county, Vir.:mia. and was nrib,- 
ably married there but the name cjf his wife has not been a.=Ct.'rraii!ed. He 
was probably dead befrre 1757, as his brother, 6S J'lb.n Woodson," was 
that year appointed guardian for Ids two sons. 

VI 71 Tucker,^ born in Henrico county and probably died >oung as notliing more 

is known '.f him. 

VII 72 Elizabeth.^ 


1-age y.i. 7S F:i/:utr;<-k w;;- net il;c pivpi; ^tm e cf lh:s ^'.u;;!:rvr O!' ;; l;c:- ■.^'^;i;; Vofni- 
Kin. Kcr nnu:o was ^:a^y Krrin niid she had Lcri !::a:;-:'^d to a Mr. 

caniP: I'r>-.r.i'>^s. tl.c -Ai-.s ;;:L:r;-:Ld to Geor^o At^-ir.: ■:•■.:; s.r.S j-.-,(.i ^--v.^rsl 
cliiiciio:; — G'-org; Aivir-iori. Jr.. D-e!ij.i;;iUi Ai;df:-so:> '-v.A KUzj.'.x-:h I''ri')!;sv 
Ander-on ^vho r^arrie 1 Tl on:n.? Wii-.n •.-.:-;! '.-.ri.i ■;?.--je. Tr.-.-y ':'.v?ro ri-o -■;\ n-a! 
oth?r rl.ildr:!] '.:o:>i to 0' or •-•■.' .\."-f:..:'>cr. and "'-i Voo-'c^Ti. v. !>-.'.-o n:^.".;'^^ 
have nol. Icn ult-iiiUil fir t'lit. I'ci..;;.:. i S:": v,-]";! oi' ','■ Ken ;.•.;•:'.;:; V.'acd- 
son.) Con^^ciion by Kfv. n£;n (.. .\iu'o:I. 

IIFTH r.l-M KAlli'N 43 

Issue of 17 BENJAMIN WOODSON' t j..hii/' J.jhn.- Jc/nn') ar.d Fratuos Xapior. 

I 73 Rene,'' born, probabl% in New Kcni roiuUy and was mariied about 1757 

to Mary Thompson. In the slate census 1782 lo 17S5. he was enumer- 
ated in Fluvanna county as b.ead of a family of fmir whites and four Iilacks. 

II * 74 John,' born, probalily in New Kent county, settled in Albermarle and 
married Mary Minims of that county, about the year 1763. 

III 75 Patrick.5 

IV * 76 Benjamin,' born in Xew Kent county and married Rebecca Cocke abrut 

1756. . 

V 77 Booth,* born in New Kent county, settled in Goochland, married Tabitha 

Cocke, and died in Goochland where his will was proved July 19, 1757, 
and wiuussed !)y hi' uncle Booth Xapier ar.d his aunt. l-Ilizabc-lh Napier. 

VI 78 Fitzpatrick,^ the^only daughter of 17 Benjamin Woodson^ and Frances 

Napier. (\Vm. and Mary Qtly., V. XI, p. 53.) 

Issue of 21 TARLETON WOODSON,^ (John,= Robert,^ John') and Ursula Fleming. 

1 * 79 Charles,^ born about 1710, in Henrico county where he was reared and 
reccived'a finished education. He was twice married; first to r^Iary Pleas- 
ants,' daughter of John Pleasants" and his first wife, Dorothea Cary. Tlie 
second wife of John Pleasants" was 79 Ch;irles Woodson's' sister, £3 }>Iary 
Woodson.* 79 Charles Woodson' was married, second about 1714, tvv 
his third cousin, 102 Agnes (Parson^) Richardson.^ widow of Samuel 
Richardson, and daugluer of Joseph Parsons and 33 Sarah Woodson.^ 
In Henrico there is recorded in 1746, a deed from 79 Charles Woodson* 
and Agnes, his wife, to certain lands devised to Agnes by Samuel Richard- 
son, her former husband. Charles and his brother SO Tarleton Woodson,* 
deeded land in Goochland in 1764. (See W. & M. Qii:.'., V. X, p. 44.) 
This 79 Charles \\'oodoon' seems to have manifested more interest in his 
ancestors and the family history than an\- of his contemporaries. He it 
was who. after extended research and, necessarily, wide correspondence. 
compiled the historical and genealogical data upon which all subsequent 
publications have been based. Copies of his manuscript have been given 
to a number of his descendants and other members of the family. 
Charles \'an Der V'etr Woodson,^ late of PriiiCe Edw..rd county, v.'riting 

to Judge Tucker Woodson of Kentucky, under date of Januar>- 17. 

1871, concerning this manuscript sa>'s: 

"This Woodi'jn gcnt-alogy was prepared by my great-;^'.'an'Ji''athor 79 Charles 
Woodson' of Henrico, aftPr«ards of Powhatan county, son of 21 Trirl-ton Woodson' 
and Ursula Fleming. It is without date but written, as I think, between 17S1 and 1793. 

The birth of my father Coi. Charles Woodson" of Prince Edward, which took place 

in 1781, is mentioned in it; while the birth of my uncle Ta:Ieton" which occurred 

41 T.d' \vooDs<>Ns wn m: iR (,o.\\r,cT'<>Ns 

in 1793 13 not n-.-Jt!tion(-<i. ^,1 tho ;;;{;■ iiu-c ;..tnis lo be a I'.iir i-r..' iluu it w.ij prc;>ari d 
between thciO iwo Jatcs. li ■:- a vers -linpiiuct documciU hut at thr s.-i:r,c ti-xi^? hcliivei! 
to be hi-h!y aiitkcntic and \;;iij:<bit; tio ! know of any p/'./ur thai sliodi so nid-h 
ligl't <ip. t)ic ik'iccnt and i-.> n.irtcadons ot' the old fUmiiy to •Nhiih you 'wvi 1 b. ii^i:;,'. 
Written as it was, proliably eighty years ago, many additions art reciuircd lu iiriiic; tho 
register do%wi to th.? p-esent time. Sonething of lliis kind has been atiompied, by 

others, as John Pro->er Woodson' and Blake B. Woodson of Cumberland, and 

Silas Bigeluw of Appomattox. 79 Charles Woodson,' tliL- compiler of this genealogy. 
was a man of strong mind and extensi\-e reading, but eccentric dispoiilioii. He livvd 

most of his life in Henrico but died at the home of his son Major Frc'Lriek 

Woodson' in Powhatan county. I do not know the time uf hi, death but he was ali\'e 
as late as 1704. In their religious faith he and his family were Quakers, but it is not 
known when they enibraced the Quaker tenets." 

It was in his oKl age and prriMps wliilc ?ic wr.s at the home of iiii son 
Frederick in Powhatan, that he- had a new walnut frame i:>iit on an oiJ 
looking-glass which formerly lji-l(;ngcd to hi* great-grancifaiiir,-; 
Stephen Tarleton, and on which he inscribe-d the following: "This gl.iss 
belonged to Stephen Tarleton who was m}' great-grandfather and du u in 
the year 1687. I ha%e had the present frame put on it this 14th of Decem- 
ber, 1794." He must have died shortly after this incident as he was about 
eighty-five years old at that time. 

II * SO Tarleton,^ born about 1712' in Henrico v.'here he was reared and educated. 
He was married probably about 1728 to Miss Shepherd and settled 

in Goochland where, in 1764, he made a joint deed with his brotiier 79 

III * 81 Susannah/ born about 1714 in Henrico v/here she was reared, educated and 

spent her entire life. She was married .Vo\xrnber 1~31 tvj Jolm Pleasants' 
of Pickanockie. He was a son of Joseoh Pleasants whose second i\ife was 
28 Elizabeth Woodson.' 

IV 82 Sarah, ^ born about 1716. in Henrico and was rnurri^jd to Henry Teni!!. 

V 83 Mary,^ born about 171S, in Henrico and was married about 17,?5 to 1 

John Pleasants- of that county. She was his second wife. He and his 
first wife, Dorothea Cary, v.-ere the parents of Mar\- riea>a!i':i' who was 
the first wife of 79 Charles Woodson.' John Pleasants,' ancestor o'' this 
Virginia family, was a Quaker. He came to \'irginia in 1665 from Norwich, 
England, and settled at Curies on rhe north .'^idc <:>f James River in Henrico 
county. He secured grants for some .5^00 ai^res oi land, and married J:ine 
Tucker, the widov/ of Samuel Tucker, Master of rhe Ship Vine Tree. He 
died at Curies on r.Iay 12, 1698, aged fifty-four years, leaving three childreii ; 
(1) John Pleasants- who married twice; first to Doroihea Cary; second to 
83 Mary Woodson,^ and was patentee of 10,000 acres of land. '2) Eliza- 
beth Pleasants,- who ma'-ried James Cocke, li'.eir children intei'married 
with the Harrisons, Poythress. etc., (.?) Joseph Pleasants,- married nrsi, 
Martha Cocke, daughter of Riciiard Cocke, and iiad John Pleasants'' ot 
Pickanockie, who married 81 Susannah Woodson.' I'See \'a. Mag. V. 1\'., 
p. 89.) This Joseph Ploasants- married second, 2S Elizabeth Wood=oii' 
(John,' Robert,- John'-). 


VI ' SI Judith,' born about i72'J. in I-knrio-*, \\a^ married lo Thomas Clu-jdl(i 
and had a son, George Chcadlo, who v,- ;> nieiUioned in iho \vi!i of his fathiT. 
!'"or issue see Addenda. 

\'II * 85 Lucy,^ was married to Capt. Chiles. For issue sec Addenda. 

VIII 86 George, 'vlied >oung. 

IX 87 Frederick,' died \'ouiig. 

Issue of 25 JOSIAII WOODSON' ijolm,' Robert;- J.<hn') and IMar.v Royall. 

I * SS Col. John," born about 1730, in Coochland county, \'irginia, where he was 
reared and educated .nd becaine premiinent in colonial affairs. He w.-is 
vestryman in 1756; was a member of the Con\ention of 1774, '7.^, and '76; 
was sometime Sheriff of Goochland county, member (jf the house o! bur- 
gesses and colonel of Goochland county mihtia. He was aa cnthrisiastic 
patriot of great influence. Ke inherited from his father, 25 Josiah V\\iod- 
son,^ the plantation and homestead near Dover in Coochland county, 
which had been bequeathed to Josiah^ by his fatlier 6 John Woodson.' 
He was married October 23, 1751, to Dorothea Randolph, daughter of 
Col. Isham Randolph of " Dungeness." 88 Col. John W'^odson' died at 
his home in Goocliland county, probably in January-, 1790. His will was 
dated No%-ember 2. 17S9, and was probated January IS, 1790. 
Foliowing is a copy of the will of 88 Col. John V^'oodson.'' 

In thf name of GoH, .-\mcn. I, John Woodson, of the ccuncy of Goochland, do 
make & ordain this my las: will & testament in manner & form foUowipg, heieby re- 
voking all wills heretofore made by me. 

1st, my will & desire is that my just debts shd be paid & to enable my friends 
Matthw Woodson, .^rchd Pleasants and John S. W'oodson li my two sons Jojiah Wood- 
son and John Woodson or any three of them to grant such Deeds or Bargain & Sell 
agreeable to law as may insure a Fee Simple property in all my land in Sabot hla.nd 
containing, by estim.ation, One Hundred and fifteen acres, be the same more or ,ess. 
I do hereby appoint my above named sons, Josiah & John Woodson & my friends 
Maltw Woodson, .-Xrchd Pl^asanrs & John S. Woodson or any three of them as abo-.e 
ray trustees. 1 order & request that they proceed to sell to the best advantage as soon 
as conveniently may be, my said tract of land and I order 6- direct that the Surplus 
after paying my Debts be applied as is afterherein Directed & I likewise assign to my 
sd Tru'-.tees all my Right and title in the tract of land whereon my Bror Jos Woodson 
nov, lives -ivhich is made over by Deed recorded in Goochd Court to be by them sold for 
the purpose of Paying my Debts in the same manner as the above tract in Sabot Island. 

2nd. I lend unto my beloved wife Dorothea Woodson three Negroes namely, 
Dungeon, S;iII & Chloe during her natural life and at her death to be disposed of as is 
hereafter directed with !i'L.orty to occupy my manor house and such part of my lard as 
may be sufficient to work her Negroes on. I also lend unto niy said Wife two Cov.s 
& Calves, Two Work Steers one horse one fejther bed and furniture, 1 Dozen Chairs 
& whatever Else may seem nece.ssary for her at the discreti</n of my Executors the 
above bequest to be a Consideration for her Relinquishing ail her Right of Dower in 
my f^ta'.?. 

3d. I give (i ne'jueath to my son Josiah Woodson a!' my p.-rt of [.and wherron 
1 now live including the part lent to my wife at her decease P.xcept the land i-i the 
Island Directed above to be sold to him and to his heirs forever. 


Tlir. \V(i('nSi)N? AND TI!;-IK CriNNi-cn. 

I =.hj give to my sci so'i Ji..ii,..h WooiJ-.-ir. two nr-rof.-s by the narr.e Dick & i'cf.r 
to hini & to l\i5 heirs I'orevcr. 

4thiy. I give vS: boqueath unco my D;iu,:hccr Ln, v Woodson two Xegrcts by llic 
name of Sam >t Sarah & ihcir increase .^ ono feather bed i furniture One i.ay mare ."i 
two Cow? to her & her heirs forever. 

Sth. I ijive & bcqiie;.th unto my Da'jghter Sarah Woodson two Xcgroes by the 
name of Bob & Patt & her increase One feather bed & furniture a Likely Gray Hor.-^e 
two Cows & one Side Saddle to her CS- her heirs forc\ er. 

6thly. I Severally give & bequeath unto my Children not before named in this 
Will, Namely, Jane Pleasants Ann S. Woodson Elizabeth Cheadle Susanna Kaiicy J.-o 
Woodson Martha Railey & Judith Ralley a!i the Negroes & their increase and 111 the 
other property now in iheir possession wch thry have heretofore had out of my estate 
to them & to their heirs forever. . I likewise give & bequeath unto my Daughter Judith 
Railey in addn to what she hath already in possession one feather bed X- l-jriuture to her 
and her heirs forever. My will further is that after the payment of All my Just 
Debts Legacys and funeral expences the Residue of my estate of what nature or kind 
soever it may be Kqually Divided amongst all my children Including mv Wifc'>= dower 
at her death to them & their heirs forever. 

Lastly I constitute and appoint my sons Josiah Woodson & John Woodson and my 
friend Matthw Woodson Extrs of this my Last Will & Testament. 

Signed with my hand and seal this Jnd day of Novr in the year of our Lord Christ 
One thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Nine. 

(signed) John Woodso.v (seaili 

Ja?.!es Brvd?:k 
Matthew Pleas.>.nts 

JOH.N- iril.EV 

At a Court held for Goochland county the ISth day of January, 1790 This last 
will and testament of John \Aoodson Gent, Deceased is Presented in Court bv Josiah 
Woodson one of the Executors herein named & being proved by the oath of A'a'tthc ■.> 
Pleasants, John Gordon & John L'lley, was ordered to be record.-d. Then on the 
motion of the said Josiah Woodson who made oath according to k;w and gave bond 
with Robert H. Saunders & Benjamin Hughes his securit; in penalty of three thousand 
pounds Probate thereof was granted him in due form v. itii leave for the other Executors 
to come in when tliey shall think fit. 

Teste: Wm Milles, D.Clk. 

A copy from the records. Deed & Will Book No. 15, 

Page 3 35, Goochland County, Clerk's Oitice. 

Teste: P. C. Miller, Clerk of Circuit Court of the Countv of Cocehland, State 
of Virginia, July 24, 1914. 

88 Co!. John Woodson's widow, Dorothea Randolnh, died F'-bru.iry 
2, 1794. 


Richard Randolph, of Morton Hall, Warwickshire, England, had a 
son William Randolph v. ho was Lorn !65i and died 1711. He came to 
Virginia in 1674 and .settled on Turkey J;.!and. He mat tied Mary Isham, 
daughler of Henry ancd Catherine Isham of Bermuda Hundred on James 
River. This Co!. William Randolph was speaker of the house of burgesi-es. 
He was the head of the house of Randolph in America, and from him 
descended those of this illustrious name who have fijriired so conspicuously 
in the annals of Virginia and of the nation. Col. William R:jndolph and 
his wife, Mary Ibham, left nine child; en; of whom the third son, Isham 

FIFTH i:,i:m:r\ti(1n 

Raudoipii "of Dunyoiies.--,"" was h<>rn 16'T0 ami (iicii Dcix-'i^b'.'r. 1 "-.'-.■'. He 
was at one lime accent fi^r '.i-e coUiny of \'ir;^inia in Lo:u!iiii, lilngiand. He 
was niarried in 17! 7 to J. no Rogers of Shadsvell Scrtel in that city. I'pon 
hi.'^ return to Anu-rica he was appointed in 17oS, adjutant genera! of \'ir- 
ginia. He was tolonel of Goochland county militia in 1740; also member 
of the house of burgesses. When he built his seat, about 17,35, which he 
called "Dungcness," on James River, some forty miles above Riclimond, 
it was on the frontier; and was probably constructed after the manner of a 
fortress to resist any attack lliat might be made l)y Indians or others. The 
house was destroyed by fire in 18S5. The will of ("ol. Isham Randolph, 
dated April 6, 1741, was proved December 21, 1742. It provides for a 
promised payment "of the sum of 200 Pounds to Peter Jefferson, upon iiis 
marriage with my dauglucr Jane," and a[ipoints JeiTerson one of the guard- 
ians of his children. The will of liis widow, dated December 5, 1760, was 
proved July 21, 1761. Her daughters were niarried as follows: (1) Jane 
Randolph married Peter Jefferson, marriage bond dated October 3, 1739. 
They were the parents of Thomas JefTerson, President of the United States. 
(2) PJary Randolph married Charles Lewis, Jr.; marriage bond dated July 
15, 1746. (S) Elizabeth Randolph married, November, 1750, Col. John 
Railey of "Sconehenge" in Chesterfield county. (4) Dorothea Randolph 
was married October 28, 1751, to 88 Col. John V\'oodson,^ and died February 
2, 1794. (5) Anne Randolph was married three times: first on November 
26, 1751, to Danie! Scott; second, to John Pleasants,' and third to 236 James 
Pleasants^ of " Contention." The last two were Quakers. (,See Cabels and 
Their Kin.) 

II * 89 Elizabeth,^ born about 1734 in Goochland county, was married August 21, 
1753, to Abraham Sallee, a Huguenot. Security, 38 Col. John \Voodson = 
(her brother). Witnesses, Anthony Christian and Alexander Trent. See 

Ill * 90 Joseph/ born about 1732 in Goochland, was captain in the con':;nentaI 
line under Washington. Married about 1752 to Mar>- Crouch, daughter 
of Richard Crouch. 

Issue cf 26 STEPHEN WOODSON^ (John,^ Robert,^ John'; and his wife Elizabeth 


I * 91 Rev. Matthev/,* born July 17, 1731, at Dover in Goochland coiinty, \'ir- 
ginia, and died there in 1794. He was a minister of the gospel and as such 
reiidered invaluable services to mankind within the scope of hi.- inHuence. 
During the Revolutionary struggle, he held no military o.^fice, but ser\ed 
his country as chaplain of a regiment, which was regarded as an ecck.-)i- 
astica! office; and this no doubt, is the reason his name is not foumi among 
the "Ofiicers of the Revolution." He was married November 28, 1753, 
to Elizabeth LeVillian, daughter of John Peter LeVillian and wife Phillippa 
Dupuy, Huguenots. She was born probabh- at Manikin Town in Gooc!;- 
land, October 28, 1737, and died at Dover, December 15, 1-S03. 

EXCrkSl S- THTl \"- -IcViLLlAN 

B:.\'i.i).>lon-.c\v Dr'>.;>- w ■:- brim ir. 'i<>':,0 or 1653 ir. I'V-Ti-iCc. A' ci-.^hr... v; 
}\'i<.y (>i a;H !u' ent.-/.. ■ ;;;o l':c;u-i; .w.v.y wlu-r^.- !\is intoili^vace ain.! ;:ov!i;y 
5;j:'11 wcjii hi;i. ;''^- r;n;; i. ';^c oi liu isir;.:.!;; Xi\', n'lui pmnc^Uu ;:;::; 
?t .til c:ir!\- .1^0 to 'c ^in r::vi ;• isi ij.o iIa,:-e:i'.>lo Gv/rds. T!;o K^ i^,: ;-i;i ', r 
tni^^iccl an;! honor^'i hxiv, r.^ ;o ficiiiiontly <fi''t' hii'i for liic p-.-r: ,: n^Lnc^ 
ot daii- ■; iO iinMdr^anl :;> 'o iC'^uirc v;o nA-al :-:gn-!M:rc. v hid: i.>;;ju> \v.;< 
autho;!7ed ;<:> aft.x l';>- r-.-,< of ilut wynl s\c.v.c;. riiv^. One o\ tl-.c-;.- cr'..!- 
sio:i< ■v\ ;* -.he. n\<.'^\^:-. i;;,^^ r (.i<--;:I, of ^a^■;T^i;r this oi^icoi and iiis \<l'ii: froii: 
arrest ai'd ivios; pro'i ■;'■!>• f!i:ni ('o.iiii. A ?i;orL ;i;;ie Ivjfcirc llu; rt'/o- 
cation of tho Kdicl nf .\autc'> \>.hii-ii orcunod IS, 1CS5, iv;' Mi.'.riicd 
Siifanne l.iA'illiai,, "a \'vi;:ii; counJur^ of c;ood >;;::. di;g in sooieiy, [>..>- 
sesscd 01 n vilia ;\n';l t-f I'nc Mu_:;i.!cri-,'r faitli. " andi ;ciire.] lo l'.LT'\-i!lj !'oi a 
short respite Iron! his irdliiary duties. ?uo;i after ;;icir rttiic!iic:'-t '<.\'i<.y 
uere called lipon hy a nicf.M:ru:(T fr<ani tlio King: v> ho coi^imindcalrd iho 
siartlini, iutrliigcnce thai the Edict of N'aislos wa? to I'C revoked inurc- 
ciiatol)-, and he had been sent hy tiio Kiny. frcrii :noti\ci cf e:-tccri:, lo 
save him and his wiie from the imperading; iatc of all hciotics. lie t-'.'sed 
their submis;don. that i- their voniinci-ition cf tra- Protestant faith, <.vitl: 
rdt l-'is eloquence and wlih promises oi great lenefiis \( tlicy ^•."ould, iii 
way, pro^■e their Io\'alt\' to the King. Diipin" re7'!!ed that the derrLii'.ii 
T.-as CO snddon and of such grave imp jriance that he '.vo'ald !:■:§ i:. fC'V heurs 
for con.ciderati>:'n. 'idse Priest said thar this request v/as reasonaule a:;d 
he v,-ou!d chccrfiill>- grant it. .A.^ soon as he h;d reared, Dupu}" seat for 
the vi!!a;/c tailor and asked if he could make a snii o: livery tor his p^zt 
within si\" iioi:rs. The tail'V,- rcrdiL-d in tr-.e aiTir::'.a:J\ e, ar.i.1 at rnidrdghr tlie 
fuit v;as eomj^leted and deli\e.'eTl. in this s^iit he ii.nnediateiy d:sgi.!ised 
his wife as his page, and puttine, on his iriest uniform and ci.'cing en his 
sword, he took A^'hat money and jewels tliey had togeihcr with a fev; 
ciothe.-j .ind their Bib!c= and prayer liooks and !iioi;iJtin^< two good hoisfi, 
set out for the frontier. They tra\-eled eighteen days and, though 
stopped almost daily, alv. ays escaped by saj-^ng he v.-as tl^e K.i'v.:'s 
officer, ur.til r.ear the line v.-hen lie v/as arrested. H.^ sh'jwcd tiie o:i':ect 
the passport bearing the King's signet, and im?nediaiely seacchi;'.,; ic back, 
he drew his sv/ord and sternly demanded by what authority he v.-a^ t' 
insidted, and further dcn'.anded an escort for his protectio'i to the line, 
which provided without delay. A:■ri^■i"g safely at the s;.a':cast !;j 
dismissed the escort, and crossing o\'er into Holland, they sang the praises 
of God in the Fortieth P^alm, and offered up prayers and ih.anksgiving lo 
their great delivere: for their escape fre.m a crt:el deaih. They rernaiaed 
in Holland fourteen years and, uiion the invitation of William of Oranee, 
to all the French refugees in Holland to accompany him, Dupii>- and his 
wife v/ent to England where they remained until 1700, when they remove..! 
to \'irginia and settled at Manikin 'l'ov,-n on James River in King'V/illian.: 
parish u-liere they spent the remainder of their li-rs. Th-; sword u;cd 
by Barthuiomew Dujiuy while in ilic French army, is nov.- i;i ihe pos- 
session of Dr. James Dupay, of Prir-ce George county, X'itginia, and v,-as 

issed by !ii^; giv:u!iathc-r Jam-s Du-^iiy, Sr., of Xwtivw.iv. ;.• il'e bittiK/ of 
GuiKonJ <."o;:rthoi!s(: whtrc he cli>lini;i;I-'if.i 'I'lnvo!!. v--'t ^fcu'^-'s '.)\d 
Chiirrhcs vol I. p. 465. "> 

B,;rtii;'lnr;u.'V Diipi;}- ;>!><! \vit\-. Sus.;i;;.c LcA'ii'i.iri, l-,a(! four c'l'ldrcii, 
a&fol!o\s^: (O p.-Ttr I3;:j)My. ijj Joi.;. Jan;c> I^^.i-iiy. {3) M.irThn 
Dtipuy w ii':i niairied S;..ivlicn Ch. ■.stain. {-l) Piiillippa Dupiiy. \vliO 
marricci Joliri PL-tcr LcXiilinn. J.-Imi Pcior I.',-\"illiar; a s:_,n 
of Jt\TTi I'icire l,f'\'i'lia!i, a J'rr-i.c'i Ilii^ucnot \\h-> >ua(.-s ii> hi; v,:ll, 
proN'cd ill 1 746 that lie \\\\> " XatiiT do Ii.s>' cii casfc Xmvnanclii.:. " 1 /■ (Ik- 
will he n.riK's rhildrcTi : {{) Joliii Poior I.cA'iliian !i:arrled P'oiiiij^pa 
Dupuy. (2) ArnhoriN- T.cA'i'lutii. (3) Susanna Uupiiy. Bcr-idc,^ the.-^c 
he names t^odtlauyhltr Oliiiipe Dupuy. i.W'ni. and. Mary O;!}-., \'oi. X, 
p. 45.) 

John Pcti-r LcA'illian and Philiippa Dnpiiy had four children ab lol- 
lov.-s: (1) Mary Lc\'i!lian, boa-n 1751, died yonn!^ (2) Su.saniia 
Le\'i!liai!. born 173.3, died j-oung. (3) Siinivtel Le\'inian, born 1 735, died 
young. (4) I^lizabeth Le\'il!iaa, born Ov'tober 2S, J737, ai Manikin 
town in Coocldand county, \sas iii.irriecl .Xovember ."'-^, 1753 lo 91 Ke-.'. 
Matthew Woodson* and died at Do\er in her nati'.e couni.y, L>:;i.eniber 

For the cntertalrimcnt of who nia\' feel an interest in this line, 
is produced the following reprint of the of 91 Re\'. r\Iaithev.- Woodson. * 

!n ib.c name cf God, Amen. I M:;uthr-.%- Waudson of Gcoc!iia:id couiil, , bt'ni; of 

p3rfecl healtl! and Mcnviry, thank.? be tu God .for the same, do n..ike Sr ord.dn i!.:;. lo 

be my la?t wih and Teslami.nt, in manner ot form as foMotvcth — 

Imps. I l-nd to iri>' beloved wife Elizabeth Woodson the !an,'j &: p!a: triiion v.'i.(tre 

I nov.- live, as low as the month of Lewis's Gutt, up the t^aid Gua x.j Adam'a line near 

Adam's coal pits, also v.'hat lands I have between the Ri\-er \<'.:v.\ & the >..ieeting House 

Road, likewise Seventy two .Acres the cast side ti'.e said Meeliiig Mouse Road ! piirc'.ir.sed 

of Joiin Woodson, during her natural life, iv: at her decease I give the a!.;;"-e sJ. lands 

to mj- son Tliomas Woodson, lo him oc to hi? heirs forever. 

Item. I lend to my beloved wife Eiizabelh Woods.-in foune.:a Xcgroes, Vi?. i-'erer, 

Daniel, Ferry, Jcc, Joe Farthing, Jack, Jenny, l".ioIl, ^ii!iy, S.iral;. ll.-irry, Geo. re, Rose 

& biddy, during her naniral life, & my! & ('esire is that the said lo'irtcen Negroes 

should descend to rry children, or to which, of them my Wifc.^houk! think Prcjjerai any 

time, to the said children Sr to their Heirs forever. 

Item. I have given to my son John Stephen Wo^jdson ihe tract of land v>iicrcou ) now 

live in the -Mariakin Town, v.iih the "segros. Stock <S;c. he has h,^d in Po-ses.-ion loiiim 

& to his heirs fore\"er. 

I'enj. I £i\'e unto my son Sau-iuel Woodsoj, ihe iract of laao v.-^.e.eon -le no'.\ 

lives, called the Old Glebe, with fifty .Acres more that was Purcliascd of Am'.TOse 

Stodghiil, with the Xcgro.s, &c. he has in Posses.sion, to him and to his lici;s forcer. 

Item. I give to my son Jacob Woodson the Tract of land, whereon he now lives, tliat 

I purchased of Daniel Bates, with the Xcgros, Stock ic. he has in Possession, to him c: 

to hit Heirs forever. 

Item. I give to my Grandson John Levillian Woodson, one Xeijro boy named Charles 

to him and to his Heirs forever. 

Item. I give to my son Philip Woodson one tract of Lanri lyin^' below the mouih of 

Lewis's Gutt & the South side the Ri\er Road Including the ^ianakin Fcry ('.'cin.; Use 

remainder of the tract whereon I now live) al.-o I'lc veniaindtr o! r'ly Lam'. ■; ihc east 

side rhe Meeting lioiise Road -S; Xorib side liic River Road, Hkewibe th-. ^-.tK'OL Sto^k 

&C. he has in Po.ssgssion to him -i to his Heirs foiever. 

50 Tir: woe i.-;i->N< ami Tin;;: C'.inv'..ot;oxs 

Jlt,.i. I iy.'-c {.} r.\y ^•■■.: liar!;; V.' ■ '^ n ^>:;c "cillic: Vc>l & Fi;rr;iure, Six ;!•..-: (1 

Ca^rb .'V ^i^ >:;>.-;. to hi:;; >\ :- 1 ;> iU;--; :.-.r-v,;r. 

Itoin. I »:ivo 1.1 :iiy ^.iri ;;i.\-;:.J W.-vis--; ;-.• lrA>-l of l.iaj ! p-::- h.v-cii of ^X.\l\'.\: 

R,i:iii -ipli ivfn; :r;;,--, C .j;;;v v.!:i ;!vi Nij^r^'i ho );.iv in J\. ;-■: srion lo hi;--i >\ : :. 

1 j< Hc;r> li.r^VLr. 

h^rni. I ilve :o ;-" -■;> Th>n-^> V, oCvU n. Tlif.o N.,-:>.> Viz. >::v-, .\--y S ! . i,-. 

?ilva'f o..:i, oroi;.■^f^. .^:;-F.:A:h.T i-.i A •\irn;ii;rc, ?;x Hc.^.i ui ■:.i.i lu jc Si^; 5:i.- ;: -.. 

hiiu & to hi* Hc:r~ fi rover. 

Itvi:;. 1 gi^v i;:y Dji';;h:vr KU?.:hoth \;~:i l'::i- S.\:,yo^, Su.ok .S:c ihat is -s. w in 

her roisc^rMor. lo l-.'.T >s. t,^ H..r il-ir^'\cr. 

licii-. I siv- :o :;•>■ O.^.-i-.^r :>'.-ry ;^<.d.J, :i.c Ni-c;ro;, Siei-k 5:.:., tha!. is now in l.iv 

I'o. =.■^-i,•'^. lo i:cr iV ;■:! !u r ':i!.- f- rv-r. 

lu-ni. 1 ^is... ;a> n-\-!-.!i.T i';. ;!-.•■._- Parrar tho Ncgr..\<. Stouk A/- ;'.'.-L is rio-i.- iri lior 

Poticision to lUT iV to I'.or If. ;r.- forovor. 

liem. I givf to it;y D.iiicUtor I.-n,- W -..^^li four Xo^ro; Viz. \\.:.\\. I'AAy. S-:-:l.^y S- 

Mouriiiny:, chlKircn of iho sJ Moll, o::u Horiiv, S-idJie i Bri;ilc, c:\v Fcathvr i'> ■( & 

& Furniiuro, bix Hop.d of Caltlo .S: i^ix Sho-rp to hor & to her !:c;rs forever. 

ittm. I s'\'<^ to my^'hter Tabi-.'-a \Vood~oa, thr./i; Xegres. \'i^. ratii;'.-,cc, Td-.-y, 

(dai:j;hter of old Petcri cc Ha:;n:>h. vd.;n:;h':tr of Miliev •, One Hor<.;, bt:-,i'c >^ S.l id!..-, 

one Feati'.er Bed c't pLndture, Six Head ci Cattle & Six Sheep, to ! &. lo !;er He-is 


Item. M% wi'.l & Desire i; tl::it aiVr.ioney arisi::; from :"iy coal I.c.'iss tc I;e:o-i 

& John Graham be C';iiali>- diA idcd r::y .';ve d.;i:^hters \":7.. Eiiz.iberh, Mary 

Frances, Jai.e & Tabitlia as the n;o:;cy yearly b.' due LOll=-?fr- & to fJ'.err ■^■ic::;; 


Item. JM\- will & Desire is th^t a!! the Mcr.ey due nit fn.m J-^sse Redu or E.:;nJ.< f;;r 

the Purchase of a Tra.t of Land, be cqu.-'.iy (li'.ided ari-.' my live c.urhtc-rs X'.z. 

Filial eth, M^r\ , Frar.ce.-:, Jciiii & Tabiiha li to their Heirs forever. 

Iterr^. My iviil Cc Desire is t'aat a P.oad I have against David Ro.-s & James Currie 

for One Hundred & Sixty Six po'jnds. Thirteen S;-.:! Cc four pener be divided betv.ejn 

n.j- beloNed •.\ife Eii.r.'.Letii \Vood;-on, ;i n:y Frienr.' Viiriia,-:-: Webber, .Minister of tb.e 

Gospel, as fol'ov.eth that is to say Fifty Pcunis to th j Kes . W'm. Webber ..'< the bal.a.ce 

to my loving wife, to the-i & to their Heirs forev-er. 

Item. I Lend to r.-.y lovinj Wife Fi'.iz.ibeth Wood.-un diirinj her N',.rv;i.i; life :r<v pnr: 

of Sabot I>land. .le at her decease I sivc the sd part of Island to mv =ot< Th -'aiat 

Woodson & to his Heirs forever. 

Item. I Lend t.o ray Lovinij Wife Elizabeth Woodson all my S;ocit, Hoti=chold F.rri- 

ture & all other properly whatsoever, not heretofore given av.ay dt'ring her NatL:r.-d 

Life, & at her decease to be equally di\-ided arr.on; r.iy Fie'- er cl;i!dren \">z. Joha Ster-he:-., 

Samuel, Jacob, Philip, Daniel, Thor.'.as, Elizabeth, ''dary, Frar.e.s, Jane S: Tabi'.h:; J'-: 

to them & to their Heirs forever. 

Itei.i. .My will & dciire is that there ~ay be no appraisement of my Estate. 

Lastly. I con5titt:te ie appoint my sons Sanniel Woodson & Philip Woodson Exc.:iitors 

of this r.y la=t will .Jc Te.-ta::.ent. In Wi:neis -.^liereof I have hereunto Set .n;y hind cc 

fi.xd my Sea! this day of Fet-uary, i'i9i. 

Signd, Seald, & .Ac-cnowledgd, Matthew Woopso.n. 

Id the presence of 
John Utlf.y 
JOEi.AH X. Utlev 
Eliz.^;:et.t X L'tley 
At a Court held for Goochland County t;;e 17th ?so .-. 17''-1, This writing was 
presented in Cofrt a:.d proved by tiie o.\ths of Jo-iah I.'tiey and John L t!ey to be th-a 
last Will & Tcitaracut of .Matthew Woodson -.vch was ordered to bs recorded. 

Te;lc, V,'. Mii.LrR, Clk 

F I Kill Gi-NL'RAriCl^ 

A copy from the vc-.-.-riij, I'l-.d vS; Will Book No. IC, Pc^- '?^- Goocbiand Co. Ciiirk"? 
Oftioc. P. G. ?>[lt.LER Clerk of the 

Circuit Court ot Go'jc!il?n;i County \"irgi!iia. 
July 2 4, 19U. 
Following is an extract from the \vi!l of EHzanoth L.e\'i!!ian Woodson, widow of 9! 
Rev. Matthew Wo^'d.on. 

In the name of God. .Amen. I, Elizabeth Woodron, of the count\' of Goochland, 
being in health of ho dj-, do make thi.- my last will and Testament, in manner following, 

Imprimis. I desire that all my debi.s, of whatever n.iturc, be first discharged fcefo.-e 
any di\iiion take place. 

Item. I t;ive unti my daugl'.ter, Tabitha Iirown, one r.egro m.tu n.-inud Harry, to her 
and her heirs forever. 

Item. M> de.-iire is that Teter and Joe, two old negroes left me by my husband's will, 
shall not be divitled amongst m>- children after m>- de.^th, bur (.o live with my chihl.-cn 
as thj}- may clioos' , and be feated hamanel\- duiing their Ii\es. 

Item. My will is that the balance of the slaves left me by my husband's will, with all 
their past and future increase. Viz. Farthing, Jack, James, Dolly, Great Milly, Little 
Milly, her daughter Sarah, John, George, Rose Xed, Lyddia, Betty and N'ancy, daugh- 
ters of Sarah, be divided betv\-een three of my sons, Viz. Jacob, Sainue! and E'anie!, 
and my three daughters, Viz. Frances, Jane and Tabitha; the division to be made as 
follows, \'iz. each of m> daughters to ha%e two shares, and each of the a.liovc named 
sons to have one share: that is each daughter to have twice as much as a sun. To tliom 
and to their heirs forever I give said negroes. 

Item. The balance of the estate, of whatsoever, it may consist, I wish to be equally 
divided amongst my eleven children, \'iz. John Stephen Woodson, Sarauel, E^Hz.ibelh, 
Jacob, Philip, Mary, Frances, Daniel, Thomas, Jane, and Tabitha. to them and their 
heirs forever, agreeable to my husband's will. 

Lastly. I constitute and appoint Elder William Webber and my two sons, Samuc! and 
Daniel Executors of this my last will and Testament. 

In witaess whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affi.xed my seal this, the twenty 
seventh day of November Eighteen Hundred and two. 

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of 
William Wehuer Elizabeth V.'oodson. (Seal) 

Thomas Woodson 

At a Court lield for Goochland coimty, June the 20th 1S03, this writing was presented 
in Court and p'-ovod by the oaths of William Webber and Thomas Wojdson to be the 
last will and Testament of Elizabeth Woodson deceased, and ordered to be recorded. 
Then, on the motion of William Webber and Daniel \\'ood5on, two of the E.'cccutors 
appointed thereby, who made oath according to law and, together v.ith John Brown and 
Thomas Woodson their securities, entered into bond in the penalty o! six thousand 
Dollars with such conditions as the law required, Prohat there was granted :him in due 
form. Teste W. Miller Co. Clk. 

The foregoing copies of the wills of 88 Col. John Woudsou'' and 91 Rev. 
Matthevv- Woodson-' .ind the extract from tlie will of Mrs. Elizabeth Le- 
Viiiian Woodson, widow of Rev. Matthew, were proctired frctn Goochland 
county records by 'Mrs. Elizabeth Crittenden Cabcl Gray. 

92 Elizabeth, = born at Do\-or in Goorb.lanrJ county, in 1733. was mameu 
January i, 1753, to Ale.xander Trent. Security, 88 John Woodson." 
Certificate (jf consent from Charles Bates, guardian for said Eli.^ab-^th. 
daughter of 26 Stephen Woodson,^ decea.^ed. Wilr.csses, 91 Matthew 
Woodson-' (her brother) and Samuel Branch. 

52 THH \vo(>:>sc.ns anp t!ii;ik con:ni:i:tii:ns 

III * 93 Stephen,' 'vo-n 1735 ar I.^n'or, 'v'irgir.ia, was niarricri o:\ M.>y v. 175S, to 
Lucy rarrar. It is beli'jvL'd tint ihi.- ikuth? ■was fonncrly sptllcd aii(! 
pronounced Fcrrar, In the rc-cords nf the \'i;-t,inia Coir.pany k i-. stated 
that, "on June 2S, loi'', Ferrar \vas rc-c'.ccted deputy for the ("olnn\-. 
John Ferrar. ?un of Xic'','.>las Ferrar, \vas a nurcliant and lived witli his 
mother after she was a widow; and t!ie Company continued to meet, at 
Mrs. Ferrar's house in Jamestown." A daugliler of Jolm Ferrar was 
christened "\'irginia" and became an accomplished writer. It appears 
that later on, the name came to be spelled Farrar, and it is \'ery likely tiiat 
Lucy Farrar who married 93 Stephen Woodson"^ was a descendant of rliat 
family. In the census as taken by the state of \''irginia, 17S2 to 17S5, v3 
Stephen Woodson^ is enumerated in Cuniberland cmnity a; "Head of 
Family" of six v^-hites arai twenty-two blacks. Ho had iLit Gcochiand ap.i.l 
settled permanently in Cumberland county. He died a comparati\t,-iy 
young man, sur\-ived by his widow and three children. The widow 
married a Mr. Townsend and li\e(l near Cumberland Courthouse. This 
information is given by hi? great-grandson Stephen T.-:charner Woodson, 
of San Jose, California. 

27 JUDITH V/OODSON^ (John,' Robert,^ John') and Stephen Cox. 

94 Stephen Cox, Jr.,* born about 1730 in Goochland, sou.h of Ja.mcs River. 

95 William Cox,= bo-n about 1732 in Goochland. 

96 Josiah Cox,^ born about 1734 in Goochland. 

97 Judith Cox,'^ born about 1736 in Goochland. 

S9 STEPHEN WOODSON^ (Robert,' Robert," John') and his wife, 47 Mary 
Woodson'' who was also his first cousin. 

It is believed that there were some children born to this union, but 
their names could not be ascertained with any degree of certainty and are, 
therefore, left out of this record, Shouhl any of tb.eir descendants be 
living, they might possibly trace the connection. 

Issue of 30 JOSEPH WOODSON^ (Robert.-- R.jbert,- John-) and Elizabeth Mattox. 

1 I * 98 Joseph, = born about 1715, in Henrico county, \'irginia, was married, prob- 

ably about 1737, to his first cousin 101 Flizabeti: Pa.rsons,' daughter of 
Joseph Parsons and 35 Sarah Woodson.* 

II 99 Robert.^ 

Ill 100 John.^' Ti'ere is no record to sho'v%" tiiat these last two s.ons were horn to 

98 Joseph, and Elizabeth Mattoit Woodson, but some of their descendants 
seem to think -:o; and the names are inserted here, so tiiat the lineal connec- 
tion may be ira':e<.! if titev rcall-.' did exist. 








Issue of 33 SARAH Y/OODSON* iKoIxri,' RoLnit,- John') aiuj Jo-cph Parsons. 

I 101 Elizabeth Parsons," born about 1714 ia Henrico counry, -.v.-is ir.arric-c! .'-bout 

173/ t') h'-r hr.-t cousin '-S Josciili W'oodt-on.' For i>.sac ^vo 98 Joseph 

II * 102 Agnes ParsonsHiorn about 1716 [Mrs. Benagh says 1720J in Henrico. She 
was t^s■ice marriei.l; fir^t about 1730 to S.nnuel Ricliardson: seciind about 
1745 to her third roitsin 79 Charles Woodson.^ r"or issue b\' second 
husband see 79 Charles W'oodr-on. 

Issue of 3 7 ELIZABETH WOODSON* (Robert,^ Robert.- John") and John Kni^^ht. 

I 103 Jonathan Knight,' liorn in Lunenburg, county about 1721. was married 

February 24, 1757 to his second cousin, 270 Judith \Vi>odson'^ who was 
much younger than he. 

II 104 John Knight. '^ 

HI 105 Peter Knight.^ 

IV 106 V/illiao Knight. ^ 

V 107 Joseph Knight.^ 

VI lOS Rachel Knight.' 

Vn 109 Charles Knight.' 

VIII 110 Woodson Knight.' 

IX 111 Mary Lea Knight.' 

X 112 Lucy Cooke Knight.' • 

Issue of 39 RICHARD WOODSON* (of Poplar Hill) (Richard,^ Robert.- J-hn') and 

Anne Madeiin Micl.aux. 

i * 113 Elizabeth,' born June. 1740, in Prince Edv.-ard count\-, died September 29, 
1791, was married March 29, 1755, to Col. Xathaniel \'cnabie ot "Slate 
Hill" in Prince Kidward count\ , \":rginia. He 'va:-> 'xirn OLtoVjer 21, 1733 
in Hanover count v. He was a merchant, first at New Store in Buckiagliam 
county and afterwards ar Prince Edward Courtiieuse; a m.ember of 
the house of burgesses, vestryman in St. Patrick's parish (ihe vestry b'>ok 
in his handwriting, is now at the Episcopal Semiiiary Alexandria, 
Virginia), became a rabid republican, left the establishment and organized 
the first Presbyterian Church in Prince Edward county; w?..= justice of the 
peace of h;^ couiity and member of the \'irginia house of '.'clcgates. lie was 


IMK W ',_■(>! ).- 

0!!c o! tl;c '.vriii-.-i jMnun'loi^. aii'! oil:- <T th.» i'lrsl t;Tj--.U'r,- !ii; 1775) of 
Ilai'iixlcn Sidn-y Ar.K'ciin-. aiui •■; tV;-,? cf H."iip(!"n S;..lin'>- Coll'-ue. Mr 
was ihe real fuiiinlcr of I !.iiii|vj(M! S:;!:u'V ("(.!lri;c ami siii-ii-iiiiid i( (hi/lnj; 
a punion ci tlir lime i.f li.r Ro'. . .li' ii.,>' V\'ar. Hi/ (iied Den r.ii.u.T 27, 
180- . (S-e v'aLi.-iri nn:\ il:.'"r Kin.) 

114 Agnes,'' luirn (ictn!;cr 4. 17 iS, died }uW, 1.S20, was niarrii-d juiic li, )7('5, 
to Fraiu-is V\'atkins wlio wa,- born j-aiy 15, 1745, and died 1S26, and was 
buried al liill i;- Prinrt> i^dward c^;uin\-. lb- was a mcinlv r of li:c 
comniittce of safety in. Edward, in 1775. li-usiee visitor, manager of 
Hampden Sidinc\^ College, and an elder la ilu Presbyterian Cliureh. Fol- 
lowing is a reprint from a i-iunphlet jiuMI;,lied inJS52 by his gninds'ni, 
Francis N. Watkins. 

"Frnncii Wiukias of Hill vas the sccoiul son cf TIiohkt; Waikins of Chirka- 
Iiominy. Ai an rarly ;u'C he- v.. s rocc-iveci in the ofVicc of his uncle iii-njainin Walkins. 
the celebrated fir.-,t ckik cf ChL.;urtield comity. )Ii? ih.iitod education wa.= ohlaiiied 
iHulcr his uncle's lr.-iining. and his subsequent jTaciicablc and n.-efid life deinon.<;tralcd 
the benefits he dnived from ihe-so early nssoci.iii,.r.s. He ever f^li very gr...teiiii lo 
his n:!cle for his kindness. He became depdi\ ..heriff of Chesterfield county, rind 
entered his life of business with a single 'pistarccn' as his. fortune. The lirsi money 
he ever earned he approprialrd to the purchase of Rollins' Ancient History; and ab 
though uneducated in the learning of the schools, he did not allow his mind to h,; un- 
cultivated, but exhibited the industry which he carried into other pursuits, in ac(;u;r;nj; 
useful and practicable knowledge About 1767 he came Ut Vv' Edward and qualMied 
during the year as deputy to Mr. J. E. L:- Xeve, trie ^rst clerk of i'rince Edward. In 
17S.? (at Mr. Le Neve's death} he was elected cieik of tiie county court, which office, a.-; 
also those of clerk of the distritt and circuits courts, he held till the year l.?2,^, a period 
of forty-two year». He resigned his office during this year, and died in 1S2(3, He 
married, June H, 1765, IM Agues Woodsoir daughter of o9 Richard Woodson' and 
Anne .Michaux. .-\ faithful sketch of the life and cJiarjcter of Mrs, Agnes Woodson 
Watkins might be interesting and proiuable, especially to he: de.-ce-id.ints. She was 
a remarkable woman in many respects, and of undoubted ge.iius. This narratis'e 
couid be extended far beyond the limits I propose to myself, with authentic anecdotes, 
told by the old people of this day, of the great ingenuity of Mrs. Watkins, tis displayed 
in her original calico p-int; (in advance of her time-;/, of her silk n-anuf.-.ctures, of the 
loom made by her directions, and of her homemade ganniL forteaching her d.uiijhiers the 
elementary principles of music. She was as firm and daring in action as she"v,'as 'ao!d 
and original in thought. A deserter from General Tarloton's forces at Moores Ordinary, 
in the uniform of— and supposed by her to be — a British soldier, attempted to friglUi.n 
her 0-1 one occasion, he soon found, by flight alone he could escape the fire of hei' 
rifle, in the use of which she was j.-racti-ed rml -kiilful. She liied July, l.S.JU. Francis 
Waikins and hii wife, .-^.gnej, li-,ed ihe whole of their long and happy inairicd liie al 
Poplar Hill, the present residence of their rr .nri^yn Francis P. V/ood. Of the character 
of Francis Watkins I have naturally heard more than of his brothers and sisters. He w.ts 
held in high esteem for his sound judgment, great integrity, industry and benevolence, iiy 
all who knew him. The judges and lawj-ers (some of eminence) who attended the sessions 
of court at I'rince FZdward Courthouse were his friends and frequent guests. Patrick 
Henry particulady seems to have been on tirms of intimacy with him and was his 
correspondent. The Hon. Geo. M. Bibb (a native of Prince Edward county, and a 
United States senator from Kentucky) says of hiin that, he was most punctilious in 
the discharge of tlic duties of his office, an experienced clei k c! great intelligence, of 
comprehensive mind, and by lo; g e.^rperienco ,.nd oliservation h.-d beconre well > > ; ,ed 
in tlie geu-ral |jrinc;i;ler, of .::nd cniiity,'M.ui having Ijccn a regulur student of 


(he):;.-,'. •;;■■ 

i\.i'.^::< ' 

i..;,< i i^ > ri.-.'i i.-i 


'. !,!> ;!u 

'■,:- Ml 

.■■■ the r.-h;:.-: - . 

c.t>^li^i^':l^( ui 

11! :: jiitl 

;^r<, iV 

U- MM-Vi 1;; -lliv' :'.l: 

issuo cf 40 -APT"!:'; GBADIATI WOODSOi;^ : iiivi'.^rdr R.^k;-;,- Jr^lm'; ;n:'! 

1 * llbi David,M.M_.rj; in I'ii'ire F!.i^^^ ril ro':;i;\ , \ irvinui: vi:u.' ;;ot ki.i.\\ n, I'U: u 'vas 
pr;)baM>' ai)n'i; 1 7,>5. He \>'a* pmit'o^!, j.-i^^^ii.Oy alvur 1 7^7 , in Sa:,!h . 

il ilf) Richsrd.'^ 

in 137 Daniel,- inLirr^vvi Eli^;>b^:th JoiiO:^, c!:;-:.:.hicr of Jvhu joncv cl Biicking-luvTi 


IV ''' 113 Judith, i>oni in Prmo- Edwa-d couniy, proliai-U- ni-.'iil 17i.^, v,-is !i;.>rricJ 
aho'it J 75'"' tu ?>ios(.-i: !\i.-]!:a who v-.a:: bo.'n .';i;':/u; !7,'S. 1 !•_• wa;. i sC'H of 
Willuin ]-~i,q>ia w Ijosl- will \v'as prob.uod I'J.-rc!; /., 17f'^, in i,.'r ;-ii;air/ 
couiil}-, \'irt;!!iia. Sec Adderida. 

V 115 C!iarlci;,5 born pr-jbubly a]:iouu 17-15, in Priiar r.d'Y.v.d ooiwiv. .^ad was 

marriad to Marx- Wiajtoii, daugiUcr of Anrh'aj' VVirs'^.i.:^;). TIii;\- hrid p. 
feon, Ant}ion> Woudfoi,," w!ju moved i.o "Ji'-ciai i;: j-5!7, in coiapany with 

liis con-. Ill Ivichard \\"cc<d50n'' and ihe 1. c\.';ses and Gi!br,n' = . !-I;^ was 

ai! old ba'rhuior, and ;:etT.!v:d in Saliiv- <;iiu;v:y, Missr;'!-). nrar ' I;c Gid;;.:n^. 
Tlicri' wcrr- olriei ciiildicn born lo H'^' Ciiarb-. \\'o>id-o,-" an;! \lar> '\"b.=roi: 
but tlicj'r naiiiC- are not i:noi^:n. 

VI '■- 120 Jacob/ boni Jday 11, 17-'S, in Pvin-u i:u^^v.l<i corrny, .av.l d^:! thorc 
becenibcr 5, 1S39. 

"lie was a man of \-igoroiis per-t..naiity, "clI\c li'. rolordai aiiat: arid 
<'L soldier of the Re^-'obation; liold man}- i:np'-.'i'i:il (;!'i":r.js, ;in-:: wa" aic'dy 
eiitceniaj for his great intogriiy. His old 'i-unc ''Mappy \'a!:a>',' on tbt; 
Apijoinattox, ^liU stands in a tcood state of'-;, it-; rov - ol aacieul 
box trcv'^ and moss-covered well, enha'icipi, \ia pi'/tiiresqui: t.earlv . ile 
was married Xoveiriber 4, 1773 to 312 Elizabcrh Alori.o!;. daa;;;b.ta-; o! !?.7 
John Morton and Elizabeth Andcr;;',a. Sb,? was a si^l:cr to Cajii. J^'bir/ 
Mortov. who was I'nited States rni.ii.^Lei' lo Konicaiix. rr;i,-..'c. (See 
Americans of '.icnile i>irth, vcl. I, p. .^(.2.) 

Issue of 4 1 JOHN V'OODSOK' (T^ichard,' Robert,- Jolm') and Fll/;abr-tli Aaiojs.ju. 

I 1?.] Anderson,'' nj.irricd Ann Lackland. 

II 122 John,^ 'iiarriedi Mar;ba Tanneway. i.>-.-C , V 

Hi 123 Anne,-' married i\b)orc LLiniijhin. 

124 Drusiiia," marriv-d William Walker. 

1 V 

56 Till-: \\\', '!.)>. )\S AN!) T!U:th- I ONXl.'.lIONS 

V 125 Martha,-' nianieu Ji'lj:!: TaP.ncvay. 

Issue of ^.2. ELIZADETIT WOODSO'N' i,Rici::;,rd/ Rulierr,- Jvi.n') :.ud lu-r first l.ns- 

bar.d, Tliuin.'u- MuriDi). 

I * 126 Ricli-;rri Morton, ■'' hovA aljoat 1718, rnarricc! Ji;dnli Ouin, (.iaUiihuT o! Jolii 
Quin and Susaimi- Micluuix. 

II * 127 Jo!;;i Morton, ■' t^f rrince EiJv.ard. 'rorn aiMiul \~1() arid iiiarruii FJizal.'clh 
Aiidcrj^oii, ogeu fourlccT. year-.-, dau^luer of ai) iCui^lish iacrchap-i at Fariu- 
villc in Friiicc Edward county. 

Ill 128 Thomas Morton.-" 

l\' 129 Judith Morton.-' 

V UO Anuc. Morton.^ 

Issue cf 43 JUDITH WOOD&ON^ (Richard.^ Robcri:,- Johri') and Ja-ub Micl.aux. 

I * 131 Elizabeth Micliaiix,-" born about i721, in Goocidand. v.'as nra-rled in 1751 
to Abrai^am X'cnabic' v.'bo was born 1725 and died 17 73. He was :\ brother 
to Col. Nathaniel Venablc' who married 1 13 Kli^abetii Vvoodson.-'' 


Abraham Wjnablo- came to Virjfmia alioiit InS,^ iron; England, was 
married 1699 to Eli^alx-ih Eewis, and hul one ^^ori, .Ma-ahani \'enablc,- 
who was Ijorn March 22, 170G, arid was m-'i^irfj i'; !72.-; >:,■ Mar'.iia Eavis. 
daugliier of Xaiiianiel Da\'i,s of Hanover couiily; ^ht wai! born July, 1703, 
and died February J3, 1765. Abraham Venable- owned a great deal of 
land in Hanover, Louisa and Goochlan.d > o>,:niie>. He was member ol the 
house of burgesses from Louisa couinty i'ar>rir-j of the |)ear.e in Hanover; 
^'estryman in St. Paul's parisli, 1741 ; jusiice i.;! the peace in i.or.isa c.-''j:\i\-, 
1742; vesti-yman in Fredericksville parish 1712-1V61 ; ve;;try,;;'.an in. Trirniv 
pari.-.ji 1762-176S; captain of r(.)!orn'a! n-iiliiia ^'oaii'Le lie-niri'aiu uf 
Loui.-a coun!\-. H.e died in Louisa couni\- December 16, 1768. rlis \>-i!! 
is daled April 11, 176S, and was probaied in Louisa c-jun;y, January 9, 
1C69. He aTid Tvlartha Davis, ins v/ife, v,-ere the parents of ten cliiidren, 
towit: (1) Abraham Venable,^ born 1725, died 1778; was married in 1751 to 
131 Elizabeth ?*Iichau.x.' (2) Hugh Lewis Venable,' married ;Jary 
Mania, daughter of William Martin of Albemarle co'.nUy. (3) Charles 
Venable,' married Elizabeth Smith, daueduer of Robert Smith of Port 
Royal. (4 1 Col. Nathaniel \'enab!e,3 born 1733, died 1804, -vvas married 
March 29, 1755 to 113 Elizabeth Woodson. = (5) Janie- Venable,* born in 
Hano\-er county, died June, 1S14, married 133 Judith Morion,/' daughter 
of Joseph ?Jorton and 45 Agnes Woodsori.< ((i) William \'< r.abl.r,' married 
Ann. Clark, dai.'^iiter of Isaac Clark of Louisa county. (7; John Venaiile,^ 

iiiiiirioi! Av.iK-s '\lo<irni;in, (l;ur;ii('.-r .■{ v"!i.".;''.'s Niiiornvin of ).(;i rouiiiy. 
(8) Aiin W.i.ii.U-,^ !i\:i;-iieil i ';;:!;!■ Kivj, of ("iin)hcil;ind. (91 KIiza!)eiI: 
\'e!iai)lc,'' inarricii IS.? jr.^'ali A''' ^^'il of Josoiih Morum aiiii -iS Aunss 
Woodson.' (10/ ?^[.lr\• X'ciiji'L'. " niarvioil Clijiics Mooinuii;, .son of C'harlc.-i 
,Moormar. i f Lc'iii.'^a coui'i'.y. 

Issut* of 45 AGNES WOODSON^- (Ki, iiard,"- Robon,- j<,lm') and Jo-fi;li Mcnon. 

1 * 132 Jof^iah Mortor.,'" iKirr. Xo\oi;''I'T 14, 17,-i7, ip. C"!iar'oMc couni\-. \'';-cinia, 
died Nowni'r.;'- 21 , 11S:k Mv v .is an eld'.T in ikiovy i'lT.-by'iCri.'in Cliurch; 
was married in 1757 to lili/'al^t-ili \'c;ial/'c, daugliier of Abraham V(.nabic 
and Manila i)a\is. Slic died iri 177S. 

11 * l.?3 Juciith Morton,'' Ijorn. Deccm'.,)cr 27, i 7.^", in ("Ik riotle coviiity, was niarried 
about 17.^7 to Janice X'cnadjle, ,-oii of .\br,diani \'onablr and Martha Da\is. 
He was bum in 173-!- in ILiruuer count}'. .Aft'.-r Ids niarfia;.;o lie seliled in 
Ci'.arlolte anal in 1709 \\-a; jusiico of ilie pcaco in county, was an c!dfi- 
in Bricr\' Prcsl.iytcrian Church, aaid was trustee of Uarnr.dcn Si;!ncy College 
In 1775 t<j 1795. Me naua-tl to Shelby count;.', l\entuck\', in 1796 and v.'as 
an eidi-r there in. Mnll;erry PrL--l.r>'terian Church. He died in 1314 ov his 
farm in Shelby count\', Kentuck>', anal i.- b^iuicd there. Mis will, dated 
August 28, 1812, is ■■ecorded in Shelryville, Kentucky. 

lil " j?4 Cd. V/illiara Morton/ born Xo-\-ember 27, 1743, in Charlotte coiiaty, died 
rNOvcmber 29, 1820. He was married September 29, 1764, to Susannah 
W'atkins, dau;';hter of Thomas W'atkins of Ciiiekahondnv. 

"This excellent woman is still remembered with great veneration and 
affection by tlie ohf jieo;ile of the conntr\', ar^d was beloved hir her di'voted 
piety, unifornih' exhibited diu'ing a lon.jj; and consistent liie. Distinguish.ed 
for the 'meek and ciuiei spirit,' whicii so lieautiful'y adornvd her life, her 
\-irtne.s shone most con-^picuon.^h at home, and to her husband and her 
children slie was of pricele.^s value. But if Mrs. iMorton 'had been a woman 
of no ma.rked and di;!:riCti\'e character, the alliance with C oi. Mc^rton' 
brought much honor to her nam^e. He must ha^•e been an exlraoidinarx 
man. He seems to ha\'e held some oftfce, \\'hiie a young maii, wln'ch c.i'lcd 
him occasii;>nall\' to Williamsburg, the then seat of go\'ernmeni; of VirLiTiia. 
On one of these journ'jys he called at tlie residence of Thomas \\'atk/!!S of 
Chickah'iniiny. and the acquaintance v.'iih his daiighle'' re-i.!''.'Ki 'n thieii 
marriage. He settled on the Staunton Ri\er, at the p'.aritatien nov,' (in 
1852) occupied by his grandson. He enlist i/d in tlie patriotic ser\'ice of 
his country, and exhibited much gallantry at the battle of Guili'ord Coiirt- 
house. He was afterwards a faithful and useful justice of the peace in 
Charlotte county; and on one occ.i-i.jn refused to vote for the nomination 
to the executive of \'irginia, for a nnlitia officer to lie comndssioned as a. 
major. The oflicer demanded his reason; Col. Moiton told him that, 
'wi.eii he ran at Guilford from the enemy's fire, he (Cob Morton) thrashed 
him back into tlie lines.' A f>ersonal difficulty w'as apprehended Ijv the 
friends; aiid ■\sd)cn some one asked the Colonel if lie did n.ol !eel some 

prcur.prly roi'.iicil, " Xo, 1 ihr. -!h^(! \\\v.\ oin:e. ar^.i •:.■■:". tio it .'.eain if in '.x-.-rr ;;;>•.' 
Tile cliari;c (■alJ^e<;l a l!\\>;ii;; the (."oli'uc! ;■ ;•• ^i.!:>- diuktiity 'wt ohir.\r:'':vc. 
ibc i)roof c>l llie ailcgoJ >Iar.Jcr. bm wbur, !i,. \\r;s fully si;?iaincvi !.y an o'i 
fo'dler will) \viiin:.-fsi.'fl liu- i:i<:i-.!ciii.. ;Iii.- pri.-\-cu; io!t cf tl)e .-uit va;- al'^aii- 
floi'.od. I'cw nun wcro !:i.!<.l ;n !;!j;iic! xciicidiiuP. a!i>.! regard, by a!!. \i.;\.v'-i 
ami old. than Culnnol Mori.jn; .•,;;(! sriainiy fiiv iii^■ piti\- and IjCK-Nolunco, 
and for all those high and i:i!;iol.")liiiy; Nirtiie; v^-Jiicli iiiaVe v.\) and coir.plctc 
the character of tiie 'good ciiixc!;." A< on evidence <>f his oxceeding kir.d- 
ness of heart, no !o\e rf pruiivs could indnee liini {o ^ell Ci^rii to the pour 
beyond the lowest iiutrket price. duriiic:a .-cas'ia v. hen, from great scarcity in 
the cotmtry, co:'n %\as coninianding a very high pri.;c, and a*: such tie.ics he 
liberally supplied the needs of tlie exirenicl;, poor, without price. In the 
development ol wonderful sa.<;atii\' of mind. Col. Morton excecied any 
man of whom I have e\-cr heard; and cspeei.dK' in fcrretin;^ o-at crime. He 
\Yas eniphaticaiK" a " lerrc^r to e\iidoers.' The ^'ari.'Us and aathcnlic 
anecch.Hes cf his skill, at; tracing others by tiac'-:in;.; tb.c!;;, are most wonder- 
ful. .Among tl'.e many facts which are tdl'.i cf liirii ie. this particular, 
I mention one. A riding horse was stolen while tiie co!ig,regation v."ere 
cngaeed in public worship at Brier\' Chiireh. Col. ?»Iortori followed the 
track of the horse into Nortit Carolina. T.'ie thief evidently designed lo 
prevent pursuit, if possible, by often leaving the direct road, but he cotuci 
not e^■ade the Colonel. He piirsued him by following the horse's track, and 
without aid. he apprehended him. The thief was broiight back to \'irginia, 
convicted and punished. The Presbyterian Churclt had few more useful, 
consistent, zealous and wise memibers than Col. Morton. He was lor a 
long tinte, a ruling elder of this denominatio:'. I'.hs. Morton died Sijme 
years before her husband. \"ery numerous descendants sur%'ived them; 
their children and grandchildren are amon:; the most, r.oiiorable and re- 
spected in the commonwealth, v.-hose useful lives iliu^traie the benelits of 
the exainples and counsels of their excellent ancestors.'' (See Catalog '^y 
F. N. Waikins 1852). 

1,35 Jsne Llorton,^ born Feljruar^-, 1745, in Charlotte cotinl\'. and mairjed Mr. 

136 Agnes Morton/' born Februar\- .T,, 1747, in Charlotte county, \'iTg;nia. 
and died in 1S14. She married Coi. joe! Wat.kins. the tiiinl -0!i of Thomas 
Watkins of Chickahominj-. 

"He removed from Henrico to Charlotte when a young man, at the 
perstiasion of his brother-in-law, 134 Col. William Morton.^ His residence, 
'Woodfork,' was a few miles north of Charlotte Courthouse. lew nien 
were more beloved than this excellent old man. 'I never knew him,* said 
Mr. Leigh, 'and I am \ery sorry for it, for, according to my information. !'.:• 
was the very best man that ever lived in tiiis world." 'He was remark- 
able,' says another who knew him v.ell, 'for his plainness. bene\-olence and 
integrity; a pattern of indus!r>, one o- the kindosi of friends -the friend 
of the Iriend'e.-.-, one who comforied tlv widow ir, afnictioa, w;;s a laiher ;..» 

nrvii (.i-:xr'.RATin>; Sv 

ihc orphan, ;> fi!;:ii! ;.) il'.e poor, iliv .idsiser oC ;M;i:'.h. wlilvni!: an iiuM.iy 
and Ims tK'atl'i i;i.'Ui iud ny :ill. H;.- woul'i cniirt 'hf r'^nip^^iiy of '.'outii, ;nKi 
I Iiavc oficr. hij.'iJ liiiii cosiip.ired ;o ;!.e f.upc/ (■■!' 'lii- ii>uiitry, wliilo ;iuother 
st\"!cd lini iho gi\-.u p..M.i jne.ikcr '" 

Tliere vs-as i):!;- virtue- for which h.;- .'ii.i ills !^!^>!her Fr.mris v.vtx: noteil, 
.'iDcl which fIoM:r\'c^ ir.oir.iim. I refi-i lo liicir purity (jf char.icuT a^ l-x- c>-.l by a coixlial clis:.;i:.-t ;U iioarui.; vuii^ar iiiul uiv:hasU' C' in ev-aiion. 
Thiir kindness and politei'.oss niijd'.t soriUrtinios prevent .^ceniitij; iiav-linc-s 
to the retailers of such le'iuirk.-, bi't \'\-:y s;;\e no sign of encour.ejctront to 
the ronver?alion. (hi >!ieh oeca>i:jns Col. Joel W'ai ki.i? w duld. waiic (>'!' 
and ligli' hi? \r.pc. 

Ainoi'ig vlie papers of ihc late Hon. John Randolijh found a manu- 
script v.aiiten by himself, of which t!'.e following- is a copy: 

"t)ii Sunday, the 2ni.l ot JaiUiaiy, ileparied this lift.-, at an advanced 
age, beloved, honored, and lamented In- all v. ho knew him, *.'i;!onei Joel 
Walkins, v' the county of ChailoUe .".nd stale of \'ir!.;inia. W'ilhoiu 
shinins; abilities or tiie ath'antages ot an educa.lioi;; liy plain. str.M'..;!it- 
forward industry, under the guidance of old -lashioned lione--t_v and prac- 
tical good seiK-'O, k.e accunudated an ample I'.rtune. in whieli, it i.> Inmly 
beliex'ed, there \\'a.- not one dirty siiiliing. fruii.s of lii-.- own I;,:.if)!s 
he distributed with a promptitude and liberality seldom equaled, bur ne\er 
surpassed, in suitable pro\ision, to tins children at their entrance into life, 
and on e\'ery deserviiig object of private benevolence or pa!)lic spirit; 
reserving to liimself tltv means of a generoiis but unostentatious hospitaiity. 
Nor was he liberal of his money only. His time, his trouble Vv'ere never 
withheld on the bench or in his neighborhood, v^dien they could be us.L'fulIy 
cmplo_\-ed. If, as we are assured, pe.icemakers are blessed, wito siial! Icel 
stronger assunmce of bliss, tlian must ha\e Goioothed '.his old man's passage 
to an unknown world." 

YI 137 Little Jo Morton,- bora November l.S, 1749, married ?\l:ss Watkiiis. 

V'li " 138 Jacob Morton,'' lx;rn January .?9, 1751, v.'as matried Septeu'iber ,'•>, 177-!, to 
Jane D. Rooker, and died ?Jay 22, 1S20. 

VI! I 139 Elizabeth Morton,-"' born .May 14, 1754, in Charlotte county, diid in 182S, 

was married about 1772 to 182 John Minor Daniel,^ son of Capt. James 

■ Daniel and 5S Elizabeih. \\'oodson.'' For i;>sue see 1S2 Joltn !Minor nanicl.^ 

Issue of 4S JU.Orm WOODSON' (Joseph,' lio!ivrf,= John') and Charles ChrF-t-'an of 

. Gooclil.ind county. . , 

1 140 Lucy Christian,-^ born probably about the year 1735 in Goochland count}'; 

was raarried about 1756, to her tliird c.'usin, 156 Drury Woodson.' For 
isstie .•^ee■156 Drury Wooi.lson.'' 

II 141 Judith Christian,' b(,rn alioul. 173S in Goochland, and married lu-r third 

cousin, 175 Chesle\- FJ-.inieJ.' 

To titis union \-.-e!< liorn nine otiicr chil<lrer. \\!'.o.=e names are recordied 
in the followin- ^kelcl! of the Christian fa;;-.iiv. 


sc)^JE'i"^ixc or tise christiax famh^v 

(.Sec Will 

:ui.i .■ 

;n! Mar;, 

'""■•'-;;■' Cti-^"'^'^'!>') 

This i- a fa 



lUivi, u (irl.QH-i a!ui h:h.\ 

ai a Vi'.-y early 


They Y 

.■eri; ileemsters ur iii(i; 

L'^ily as 140S. 

arni , 

1-: si!>:ii ; 

uiccee.L- ! i-:\:: am.iln 

'.a.iin'il L^ivai Ci:!i'icriCf 
in ihe isle of Man a- 

for seveT.J coniiirie'^. 
emViarlng raany g--iicra;ioiis. Tho narac '.vas fornuriy Mac (Tisieri: il-.en 
Cri?(cn, and finaMy alio;:', the year U'.iH) it \v;i.-^ ehanp.eei le' its prese;u f .tm 
by Mar (ri-^toa who, in 1605. uhc;i ovAy t\vc;uy-si\ years olu, was 
made deemster, and held the orfice fifty-emc years. lie was also d<.-iU!: v- 
governor of Peel Casile and the most intluentia: nun in the inland. Early 
in the se\-eiiteenth cti'.iury sonie of ihr descendants of this ancient family 
emigrated to X'ir^inia, acquired lar-c bodies of land a:id entered \-i;,orou.dy 
into the development of the new coiintry. The X'irv.iuia pro.'irena'ior of the 
farnilv was Tlunnas Christian.' As "Mr. Thomas (."nri-jiian " he patented. 
October 21, 1687, 1080 acres ii, Cdiarle.-, City eou,;(y. 1 he term "Mr." 
accorded to the immigrant, is indicaiive of social siandiag. In 16'>-j- 
"Thomas Christian Sen" obtained a patent for 193 -jcres south of Chicka- 
hominy swamp. Ei appears that he had at least four sons: (]) Thoma.s 
Chris'.ian- "of Charles City county" who pavenred land (1712 and 1727) in 
the forks of Beaver Dam Creek ir. t;;at part of Henrico cotnuy called Gooch- 
land: (2) Charles Ciiristian.^ of Chark.s Cit}- co:.i::ty, who located lands 
in the same \icinity in 1714 and 1727. (.5) James Christian,- in the .same 
vicinity, located land bounding on Thomas Ciiri.-tian's line (1719). (-I) 
John Christi;-.n,- of Charles City county, in the ■.arne vicinity- (172-1'». 
This Clia.des CJirislian- (Thomas'), lived in Wcrtover parish in Ch.aries 
City county, and obtained numcous patent.s to land in. Goochland. There 
is a record there of his deed of gift (1750) i.o Stejihen Watkins of Amc-iia 
county. The record also sliov.s his deed to Ciiarles Christian, jr.,' -A 
Goochland (1754). 

Charles (diristian. Jr.^ (Charles,- Tlionias'-) was iiorn pro!)ai>iy ab-t-'.it 
1710, and, it is !.)e!ieved, married -19 judi:h \V<.>odsou' aboat 1730. He 
lived and died in Goochland where his wii! was proved Fchruiirv ]6. 17S4, 
and mentions children as follows: (J) William Chrisiian,' (2; Wal'er 
Christian, (3) George Chrisiian, (4,) Charle.i Christian, (5) John Ch>-isuaa, 
who was married on May 9, 1771, Iiy Kev. WiHiam l-'ou-ias, to ludiili 
Leake, the yr.nncre-t daughtc- of Walter Leake and Juditl; :^;a-:k- (6.! 
Elijah Christian, (7) Turner Christian, who was married, June, 1778, to 
Anna Payne, dautditer of George Payne, June, 177S, (S) Eiizabeih 
Christian, who married John Humber of St. Paul's parish, (9) Ma'v 
Chrisiian, who was married on Deccmd.ier 19, 1770, to James Grishoin, 
(10) Judith Christian,- who was .married on. October IS-, 1774, to Benjainin 

Benjamin Lacy v.-as probably Judith Christian's second hi'slxmd, 
as she is believed to be the above 141 Judith Christian who :r,arricd her 
third cou:in 175 Chesley Di-niel. Tiiere was another daughter, nan-od 
Lucy, bom to Ch:irk-f, Christian a:-.d 19 ji;dith Woodson. She was boii! 

ru-vn Ci.M.KATKI.N 

pri;!>al'!\- a\,:;ul iiio vca- 1735. in G' '..■clilar.J couiiy <xii'l nv.i'- man-led 
about 175c o>l-.'.''- ;!iir,.! cousin 15u !''iur\- Woo/ison.' 

Issue Ci 5 "t TUCK}?.R ViOQT>SOn' ; juv-p!),^" .|..'hn') lu.i hi. iirsi '.vifo, Saryh 

I 142 J::nc,'' ii.-rn ai>oiit !742. va? ■iiarvied. l-.;l.;\iaiy ?ii, 1760. to l-lolu-rt Lewis. 

Her iarlicr niadi.- hor a uc-j<i ol \^U\. io scnie l;md wliicl,, no uoubt, a 
bridal p:\-rc;u- Robert l.fcsos was b.)ia May 29. 17.^;. He was a son of 
Charlctf L'.ui-; an^i Ma-y llowcll \v!io-i roidcncu u\ Cicchl.uu] c«v.n'.y was 
callod "Tin ]i\:\\:' [Sci: \Vm. & Mary Oily., \". X, p. ^?..) 

II * 143 Tucker, ■'■ born aboul 1744 in G-aocldand, hu-atod in Mbcnarle cou:ity, 

married l:aizabr:th Mooi- and died in 1779. Tii:, will is dated March 16, 
17 79, and was proN'ed in Albemarle coi'rr, Ma>-. 1779. 

'•In tiu; early part of ib.e Revoliiiionary \^■al■, Cu'i. Jo;-eph Cr-ackett, 
wl-.ile on <iut\- in Albemarle county, protected the property and homo of 
143 Tucker \\ oodson,-'' %vhich, like ail i:^olau'd counii>' Iiome?, w.l?- in con- 
stant dancrer. botli from liie intlians .-nui th.e Driti^ii. From this circum- 
stance tiicre resulted a warm, attacnn.cnl between Mr. ancl Air.^. Woodson 
and tlie young otncer. Col. Crockett, conifnanding ilre Il'^inois or Croc'-:et!. 
regiment, was ordered west to aid George Mi.gcrs Ciark in hi.- warfare v.ith 
llie Indians. .Shorily after this, 143 Tucker Woodhon-' died (in 1779) 
leaxing h's \,-idov.- and two little boys, one of them a mere infant, 'slaving 
performed his military duties in the wcsl. Col. Crockett relumed to Albe- 
marle coimty, fell in love with tlie hrmdiome younr widov-' and married 
Iter in 1783. Tidying his wife and her two little l^ioy--, iliey removed to 
Kentucky in 1 7S4 and settled in Je-.rrmine county, 'viiere thay spcuv the 
remainder of tlieir lives." (See Young's MisLor-.- of Jessamine county, 

III '^ 144 Joseph, ■• born aljotit 1740 in Goochland cc-july, Virginia, and was married 

to Sarah Hughes. 

IV 145 Roberta'' born aljout 1730 and died v-.-ithuut issue. 

\' * 146 SamueliMjorn about 1752 in Goochland county, Virginia, was m-r.rned iii 
June, 1777, to 196 Elizabeth Payne,* a granddaugluer of 14 Aviary V>'oodscii 
and George Payne, Sr. ilarriagc bond. Jua.o 12, 1777. (\\'m. & Mary 
Utiy., V. X, p. ISS.) 

ISSUL-. CF 51 Tt.CKER \\'OODSO.\,' BV M.ARV NeT }!i' RL.ANI', HIS SECO.VD V/Ifl-. 

VI 147 Sarah, 5 Ixjrn September 22. 1751, and married William Macon. 

VI I * 148 Wads Kethcrland,^ born January 16, 1 763, in Cumberland county, Virginia, 
where he was reared and cdueaied. He was twice m.arried; hrst, on 
February 2.S, 1792. to Miss Mary Harris, daughter of Col. John Harris and 
Obedience Turpm of Powhatan rjj-iMy. Obedience Tut pbi was a daaghter 
of Thomas Turpin and Mary JeS^rso:, who was a sister of President T!i.-nuis 

ijii, \v()'"-n-;v\-. a';m '■(•■■.;j fONXin iiviNs 

n:^!:ioii JiKl'th. -iwi;- .v.;r.i.<^! :■> John Crji'i of Kci'turLx- aru" ijoiJiii.: 
the of John j. (■ii'tctuh-ii, L;^>\-erni..r cf Kt/r;tn:I>, rniu-;l Stale-., nn6 a;t< riK-\-ge:ici-,!l u! il;;' i !;iv-.d r^r,i'o>. \l\ . A. riioi!;.) After 
his nia!iiap,c 1!8 '*^';^•l^• Xctht-riii.-nl \\\,'0;l.-oii roiiflc'' iii Fow'i.iiin coui-.ty. 
Vii-iuiii, until iiis wIU' (iit-J M;iy ?J. ]M2, wlien iic- yoi.ngosi. oir'cl, 388 
(JiariuUc Corday. ■'.va-- bi'i a m',':i',h eld. Sli(.itiy after U'li;- !;e ;Tun-';o tr- 
Kp.o\ coiini:y, Kciiiiu-ky, nr.d v.-;i5 tb^rc r.iarriod X(~.\-i, H. iS'J, to 
Miss .Win.- ("nick (not <„'hook? f.l.iiicrh;:. r of Janics Ciiirk of Kt^r-i county, 
KeiiuicK\'. She v.T.s bcrn Jai;u.:r\- 'f', 1 7[-i\'. 'i'licy ;;p!.-at ihc iciiraiiulur of 
tl-.cir li\-.'s in Kc;nl.i!ci:.\ where !,c di.;d A.pril S, \S.-i7. 

\"l\] MP Bciijamin,-' bora AL!-Ll^l 21. 1768. 

IX ■' 150 joiin Plcssants,^ born Octoiior 12, 1770. probribly in Goochland couin.}-, 
renio\-cd lo tlie wcstcn part of ihc ^;ait• ;i.;d wa.; n.arriod in ISfiO li. li^li/.i- 
beth Yoi:ng Da\'id.-on uf Aliint^imi i;i Lie cc-uniy. \"ir^;nia. Slif was bor.; 
rso\-oinbcr 11, l7J5-i, :!nd died. July T. IS.^'"-. iic died in Lcc coimiy on 
March IS. 1870. (Thi.s data wa.s givti^ by ll.^^ granddaughter, V.n. Harrier 
N. Pctrr-e of Coal Creek, Tenne.siee, and was copied from the faniiby Bible 
record. H .\T. W.) » 

X " 1.51 Henry Macon, -^ born probably about 1772, marri'..d Eli.^.-dieri-; ^JtIT■^:•r^ 
(Wm. & Mary Qtly, Vol. XI. p.'.vs, vol. X, p. 1?9.} 

XI 1 52 Tarleton,'' n.f-ntioiiedi in Brock's catalog-, hvJ- pvobiaMy 'lied youHj; as notiii;!^-; 

is known o; -dm. 

Issue of 62 V/ILLIAIvI WOODSOI^' (Benjamin,^ RobeiC John') and Sarnh Aiien. 

I '■' 1.53 Jesse/ born aboi!i; 1715 in Cundjeriand, i-Larritd and settled i;; Ejckin-g- 
harn county, Vir.'jinia. In tite slate cenriis 17.S2 lie is put dov.'n !:■> the 
Cv.nibf^rL'ind co'uii.y i"st as "head of a fair.iiy " of .*ivc •■viiite.i end l;ve bl.\ck?. 

II * 154 S'lp.irtclij^ born in Ci'ndocrL-.nd county aboiji i?17. iiianicd and sol'd'.:'] in 

) 11 l.?5 Williftin,-" born about 1/20 in Cnnibictkind county v.ber.; h<_ ap]i-..arb ;o h.':i\e 

spent his entire life. 

IV * 156 Drury,-Mioi'n jdoout 1722 in Cumberland county. \"ir /i'da. wlic-re he y\?:- 
reared and educated. He ".as r.t.irned about the }'enr 1 756 to his tlurd 
cousin 140 Lucy Christian,-' daughter of Charles Christian and 49 Jikiitli 
Woodson^ of Goochland. In the census a;: taken by the state of Virginia. 
17S2 to 1785, Drury Woodson is enumerated as "head of a fainily" •■.o-.t- 
sisting .of eight v.hites and si.\teen blacks. (See Heads of Families, r"'rst- 
Census of United States 1790.) There is recorded iri Cund)erland county.. 
an agreenjent, dated March. 17. 178.3, concerning 200 acres of land in 
Buckingham cotinty, v.diich recites '.he abo\e Je.^se Woodson, Sliadr.= ch 
Woodson, and Drur)- Wood.-on were .--rin- of 52 Wd.r.Htn, Wijotisjin.-* fSc-e 
Wm. ^ ?dary Qtiy.. V. X., p. 1S9.) 156 k-riu-y Wocd.>o:i^ died Octobo.-, 

r;:'\\\ ■■.'■i:y<\-K.\ii<'S 63 

1 7^8. ]'h \:u\. <la;rO .\iav 7, 1 .SS, \v:i.; pr^jvod in ruii'lioilancj, Xi/\cra':cr 
2-!, i7^.^. o'ld !^ a^. f-iicv >: 

In ilic is.mie '-! ('•oi\. Aiik-i:. I, !)iii;-y \\\---;dso!i ci' Ciin'bori;'.:i;i 
roii;V\-, l,'<-in3 wcik iir..! .riiictL'.! i;; l.-ocly, in:' if perfect nuiul niul i:icinor>- 
— llMi'ks he to (',■.:[ I:-.- U'.f ii;o. ■<.•:..•< — but i.;;i!!!r.; to nuiid the shoriac^s and 
tiiuortain; y of li;c ;r;d ;!'o (.-irt.uiU) 'if di\t:'i, ',ic iiui'^e ;ind o;\i;;in this tu 
l.)e nn la^t will :.'.iv,! iv.-iamfiu, iu uiuunor a:;-,! Icv.n iolUrrliip;. 

lirtt; After ;u\' death ari<.l iue.cral cxi'Liiscs arc pa'il, 1 lend \o v.\y 
be!c:'',-ei! wife, l.iiev ^\''n.d:-.o!i, six -iicjrr'.es. iln-ir r.anics a:- kiH'.iv.-itli : r>ai!;cl. 
Sa;iip>oii. Saiii. i i.i', Enei^r an ! Ir.iac; aivd O.n iraet of iaiid wIhtl 
I nov, live, wiili all aiy t.-ti'ie, i'oiii leal and ;>eis(>P.,d. v.-!n"cli ic not I'tve- 
aftcr panicti!ari> .^i\-cn by legacy- to m\- chiidreii, tc iia\-e and to lu'Id. anrl 
])eaccably ciijo\- i;:c term ."f hvr lire, aiKJ ti'.en U'e ruproos a!xi\e leiU t) Ije 
cqiialre di\'idod ani.:'ng adi niy children, and tiie I'cst o! tny e;Halc. itnt my 
\\ifc, it is my will thoiild be equaliN" di\ided am >ii_c; all n-._\' r!;i! iicri e;\ccp>i 
413 Juditli Johnson'' and Charles Woodton, alter mv wife's dict.-e.-e. 

Secondly: I lend to ni>- daughter, 413 Judith Jclinror.,'' one ncc^ro boy 
named Joe, the term of my wife's life, and I c;i\"e tlie paid :ie>;ro b.jy, after 
her deeease, to the said Judith Johnson fore\-er. 

Thirdly; I ;ive to my son 412 Charles \'\'eodso!i,'' five snillin^s Ster- 

Founldy: ! pi\"e to my d<'.t!C,hter 415 ?dary Woodson,'^ t\v<; ne;ri'oec 
named Rose and PcNton. 

l-'ifthl-e: I give nt}- dauc, 414 Nancy King,'' two nej.,roes nancd 
Ne'J and Jane. 

Sixthly: I gi\ e my son 4iS Drnry \\V).jdst.r. '" three nc-^roos named I'tn, 
Sal and Jaiacs, and the land v.aereou ] ntj? li'.x-, aftei ir.y ■•.vifc'i 

Scventi;iy: I gi%e ray daiu;htt*r 416 EliAalieti) Vv'oodson,'' tv.o nsj^roes 
riaincd Jacob and F'annie. 

Jiighthly; I pive mj- daughter Alartria Wcodscn, two neg:e,es named 
Mima and Da\id. 

Ail of wlijch h'j,a( ies to be received as the eiiildien come cf age, e:<cpv\ 
the land which is left to my wife the term, of Vik-, and thi-n r:!'>'c n to my 
son Drur\- Woodson. 

And I do hereby disanntd, re.soke and disailow al! and e\"ery other 
former Testaments. Wills, Lc-jracies and Bequeafhs, and iZxecutors i)re\iot:s 
to date; ctJtir.rniin.e this to be my last '.vill and testament, appointing 
my beloved wife l.ucy Wood-.y.m, and my son Charles Woodson, Executoi's 
of this my last will and testament, in witness v.dicre of, I ha'.v hei'euntc; 
set :Tiy hand and affixed my seal this seventli day of May. one tho'usaad, 
seven hundred arid eighty eight. 

Drurv Woodson, L. S. 
Signed, sealed and declared 

in the presence of 

Jessp; T-VLLK-i . 

Agxk.s T\li kv. 

SrsANNA Fosr^iR. 

61 run noonsoN^ and tu'^ik co>:xf;cT;oN; 

At a Court lu'ld '^m- Ci;mbcilon-l (~..-,urty vrt tiu- 2-kli Xo\ ci!:^'.'r, i788, 
T'p.i,- Lift ■•.vi'i :niu ;'.-=tri;;'f!U nf ]">!-;!ry W'ootiMiii <1.h"'<.', was fxiji' iu-d in 
Courr oy C'lKiik-; \\c',. ;!?... n and in-iv-od by Joi?e Talley and Sii.-;i:iP..i I'osicr, 
i\vo fit" the wiuiO: ■=•.■.- 'Jieri'-io, :r,id oi'Jerod to be recorded, aiul on the nioiion 
of (7ii:ii-!e^ Wo'^'dsiiTi w\v) v.t.ule i^uh a'xorditii; to hnv, ceriificaic i^ C',ra!it(.d 
hini for obttiiniiiy: lltenef ii: :ui.e fyrin; wlieieupon iic -Aith Ji's-e 
Tluiinas ami Edwaid V-."a!i'Jii t-mi-rcd into liorivi acciiding; to iav/; rini.i libert> 
is reserved to iho exccULrix to u:\i-. in proba.t whenever she raay '.laid-: 

'i'e.sie, 422 Tscharncr \\"c(;d.-'->n,''' I^cira'N Clerl:. 

In. accordance wiili t'ac abo\'c will, the," 140 Liivv Ci'.riciiaii 
Woodson,^ did on August 20, 1S03, con\'ey to iter fi\c younger ci.iidrer! 
418 })n!ry \\'oo(ifon,'' -115 ]Mar\ King,'' 41-1 Xaiicy King,' 4T6 Elizai)eii' 
Giliiara,' and 417 Martha Riddle,'' a tnirt ui 6,'Cl acres of laritl oi; ilie Ken 
tucky I<i\er in Jilercer county, Keniuck\'. The four sillers then ccni\e\'ed 
tlaar interest;- to their broihcr ilS Drur\' Woodson,'-' and he, in turn 
conwyed a lialf iritcrest; in tlie tract to 5 Sarai: -1 Taylor.^ At t'lr.c 
—18(13 — I'hilip K>r!g and his wife 114 Nancy Vv'ocdson'' v.ere livin^j in 
SuHiN'an county, Tennessee; and 140 L.ucy Chti'^cian Woodson-' was tln.'i; 
li\ingin Buckintihain countj%\'iri.";inia. Theabo\e con'>'eyance wasackn<iv/!- 
edged Augiist 22, 1803, before 161 Miller Woodson,^ clerk of Cumberland 

It will be noticed that il-e i'^cond son, 412 Charles, "^ was g-iven o;d\- 
the ^a.m C'f fiN'c sjiillings. Tiie for tliis v.'as that Charles lu-di aheady 
been provided for. He had ma.rricd in September, 1750, and hr: fatl^er 
fiad gi\en him a nundacr of slaw's and a large tract of i::nd on the east 
side of Willis Ri\er, v. here he biii't his inctiucsr,ue h-jine, Rosebanl:. 

The eldest son, William. ha%'ing been hilled :n the war gf liie Revoba- 
tion, is not mentioned in the will. 

Issue of 153 BENJAMIN V/OODSON^ (Rcnianiin,= Robert,^ Jchn') and Eliz.djeih 

\\''atisins, daughter ci Thoma.s W.aldns of Swift Creek. 

] * 157 Thoruas/ born about 1730 in Goochland, probably in that part of tlio 
count\- wdiich later became Powhatan. He married 26*' Alo'-y Woodson,' 
a sister of 274 Joseph Woodson,'' of Genito. 

IJ * 1.'58 Jacob, Mjorn aboa- 1732 in Goochland., was married about 17,53 to Sa.sannrd: 
Brooks, dauglner of Thonuis Brooks of Buckingham coant\ , This l-5o 
Jacob Woodson of Goochland a deed in 1756. 

HI 1S9 Elizabeth,- born in Goochland, pror.ably iTi 1735, the year of her fatht r'ls 

death. She married a Mr. Hubbard. 

Issue of 54 JOSEFK V/OODSON^ (Bcniainin,^ Robert,^ John') and Susann;ih 

Watkins, da.ughter of Thomas Wat kins of Swift Oeck. 

I 160 Mar;/,' marrird I'oi' Mo-d;.y. No further ir-forniation concerning 

her ;.MS been obtained. 

65 JOHl^ WOODSO'v (13cn;aniin,-' Koi-i,.- J.^p') and A?;My Miller. 

101. luiHf;!,- bor;i in C"i,inlK'rl:ind oouii'y ;uar wlicrc Cunibcr!;':ui C'ouv! !;ouf-o 
i-5 r,ov.' loc.i>cd. Jt,.^ received a I'mrric^l i-ducaiion in the scliooi^ <,i the 
co'uitry [-tnd s;->cpt. hi;; oiuire l'!-- in h]f iv'use cuiiniv. lie was o'crk of 
Cunii^^r'ind rouniy fruin l7M u> 1!:30. Hi-^ eidi^t s'-.n \22 Tschariior'^ 
\'-;>.r- hi- ',i-'i-:;;Ly In 1 ;'88. Ho w.!? married al>uut !76& tu M.ny De'tcn- 
rcidt. a d.rar.h.ier .'i' Tcih.arnci' De (.".••alVeni-.. idi ;riid Mar^ I'^iker. 

"Haruii r!iri.,),,pi,or IV- GvafTenrcidl \va>-. a Sv i.-s iviLieeiar, from 
Canton Bvjiie. Swii/or'aud. 5'e eame to \"o:(h. (/arc!:!;., early ia. ilie 
eighieenlh cenmry. In 1709 ilie Lords Pp'^rieiurs piM.Ued iiira le.n 
thou.-^and acres (jT land on the Neu.--e ara! Cape Tear Rivers--, al the rale i,i 
ten pounds sterling for every lh:ui?and acres, and five shilli!is,s qiiii vent. 
A grear numixT of Pala.tir.cs and fifteen hundred Swiss followed tlic baaja 
and settled ra llie conlba^ncc of the Trent and Xeiise. The: tov^-n tlic-y btiilt 
there was cal!-ad Now Heme, after Berne in Switzerland, the blrthpiace of 
De Grafienre'dt. 

"The Indians ^'iewed with jealousy the iiKrea^ing mnr.bers of the 
whites, and struck tiie first blow. On tlie llrh day of Se[.iientber, IVA. 
one iuindrcd and tweh'c persons fell under th.e murderous tomahawk. 
The carnage was continued for three da>s. I.,awson and De GraJlenreidt 
were made prisoners while exploring the Xcuse. Lawson, t!ie surveyor 
gcnera.l of the province, was murdered by tlie savages. Da Graft'cnreidt 
only escaped by humiiiating stipulations. Such was ilie effect upon bin; 
that he sold his in:ere'=t to Thomas Pollock for eight hundred pounds and 
rcLUi-nedi Ir. Switzerland." (See V-."he:-ler's Ili--t. of N. Carolin.a). 

Caion Christopher De Graffenreidt married Lady Rey:iija Tscharner 
a::d had a son, Christopher Ds Graffenreidt,- who married I.ady Barbara 
Tempest Xecdham, daughter of Sir Thomas Xeedham of Shiepshire, 
England. They had a son, Tscharncr De GrafTenreidt,' who ina.-iied Mary 
Baker. Tscharncr De Graffenreidit'' and Mary Baker had a dauLbtei'. 
IV.'ary De Giaffenreidv' who was mai riec about i 766 to 161 Miller Woodson,^ 
and he was clerk of Cumberland ceiunty for forty-nine \-ears. 

162 Tohn,^ \,-ao called ''Poplar Foot John" froni the circumstance of liis 
havinj; unusually large feet. He was born in Cumberland county,- 
V'iicrinia, nrobalily about the year 1747, and v.-as twice Oiarried; fust, to 
Joanna Booker, by whom he had five sons and one daughter, li.; was 
married, i:econd, about 17S5 to Mrs. Elizabeth (Raine) Venable, widow 
of 314 John Vcilable,*^ and daughter cf CJol. John Raine of Curnf^crlarid 
county. 3b! John Venable v.vas a son of Abraham \'enal.>!e and 131 
Eli?.abeth Michaux, daughter of Jacob Michatix and 43 Judith Woodson. 

By lier marriage with 314 John Venable, Elizabeth Raine had one son, 
Abraham \'enable, and two daughters. Martha Ann Venable and Elizabeth 

By her second hii -band,-] 62 John \\"ooiis'>n (Poplar I'oot) she liad one 
son aiid ij /e djui-jhters. 

;iK (•■.WMAIIC 

U;l }^<W>\ V\\'.v,i::0^ i-ovwc! iii iho R.j-. ■"■hitior-nry arr^y, aiv; 'n ISOO 
verv C'lociiicii'. spi'.vkor. .'.nd li in.m ui .soicidid ph\;--;quc. 

!H 163 Anne,' bjrr. nboui 17-:'\ in Cinv.l . r'ur.d county, \'l;-gui!a, v/ns nnar:ed lo 

\\"oi.-h.'.!n l^as!>?y. 

IV 1C4 Sarah,'' Iwrn poi-bibU- abo;.;): 17-10, in Cumberland rounlv, Virginia-, was 

iiiarricv! in. 1756 to Frcdenck Haicbt-i.- 

'•\Villia;n Milcher' v.asa mcrid-.r <>f ilic huu^e of bnr^^c^sc?, Iti V4--!5-!G, 
161'>. ■|65^-?'>. !b- M'li, il.'.lc'uT.' was t'oru 1641 and iv.arrii.-d 
Klizabrtii Grccniiou^h. They liad (b^^!dc- olhcr-'. a ^-cn Henry iia.'.chcr," 
who ni.'rricd Susanna \Villianl^ou. Tb.ey Viad (.(•"■■-i'i'-'s oiiKr^) a son 
Frtdcrick Haichcr,'- who was niavrietl a,-^ alrow slated, in 1 756, tu 16 '. Sarah 

He died in M^s and she in 1S15. I'-aviny a number ol ebi!dron v/husc- 
names liavc not been ascertained. (Sec Americans of Gentle Bin Ik V. i, 
p. 20; also F..\cursnb- -Hatcher, following-.) 


Compiled by Mr. C. Vi". Bvanslord oi Owerisuoro, Kentucky.^ ^ 

The Hatcher taniily is of English origin, where ii has been, distinguished 
for several centuries. In Blorc':. History of the Couniy o' Rutland, 
England, published h\ ISll, is given the goneaiogy of the Hatcher iamily 
from 15S3 to 1/30, al-o the coat of arms, described thus: 

Arms — Azure, a Chevron between six E;.calloped Shells, rirgeut. 

Cre.-.t— An arm enibcwed, vest^-d azure, charged with three bars, 
argent, and holding, in a hand proper, a bunch of Olive, ^•e!l. 

On the same page as the genealogy, mention is made of the church 
at Careby, Lincolnshire, where are ?everal quain; tombs of the l'a;chvr.s 
of the sixteenth century. In an old book belonging to the rector at Caicby 
is the fol!ov."ing: 

'■In the reign of Elizabeth. 155S .o I6O.1, Jolin Matcher, Doc' or c' 
Physic, purchased some property in Careby. Jolm Hatcher's son and htir, 
Thomas, was an eminent literary character and corre-p-'ndent ot Ucland^ 
Born November 3, 1660. Sir John Hatcher of Careby, High Sheriff oi 
Lincolnshire in 1610." 

Thomas Haichcr was a mi-mbcr of parliament during the Cronv.vellian 
Revolution, and was one of the commisi^ioners sent to Edinlrargh "lo 
treat of a nearer union and confederacy with the Scottisli nation" and 
heli'ed frainc the famous "Solemn League and Covenant," which '.va-. 
adopted by parliament, Septem!)er 17. 1 643. Sir Harry \'ane was a member 
of this same commi^^ion, he ha\ing returned to England from America a 
few years previous and entered parliament. Tradition says that our first 
American ancest<..r, William Hatcher, came over in company with Sir Harry 
Vane, the latter going to ^Lassachusetts. 

V\'illiam Hatcher located in Virginia, wl:cre he received a grant of 
200 acro^ of land in Henrico count)- iu 163'v. He v,-as a bucces-fui planter 

i ir ri; iirxiiXAiioN 

and iK'Iiti'-' m. i :■.; w,-- I'Oin in !'JM, an-.l r.^-oivcd liis cdr-ciii'Mi bcfoK- 
he Icl't Fnijaiul. IK- \v..s .'KTiid a iiit.n!hcr rif tlu- hi'iisc oi burgcr^scn 
frcin Kt'nico '■luu.iy, \'ir::i.".i,;, i". Id-!-!, and v,-.;~ rooicoied ii'. \(>i>. lie 
was agaia bariM^r ia 16)'^ KoJ ai^i 16>!. in X.:.v:'aibv;!-, 165', he \va> 
onviH-iicd 1',' bo'^ iIk- ]ia:du!) of tro lu-i -^e of bur-osj^t-s for calliii.-;- 'li--? 
speaker, Ccd. i-Ab.v.iid Mi;', "an alhcisi, a bla ••i'hfiai.r and a d.cvib" He 
\v.r>s aficrward..^ ei-ccied, barge.-:-- ia If.5S and ai^ain in Uo9. )n 1;'76 he was 
fined a birse qaan-ti->y cf pork for !l;e parr he look in H.iecm's Rebellion, 
which I'.anerufl. in liis lli.-Kiry o' the Unilcvl Stale.-, ;ia\^ "tlic ear!>' 
liarbingu" u! American X.uina.d'.tN-." hi l67.-<, ht- v.-,i:- pri-rcnted ire ihc 

gvarid jiir\' fur ntji ;-,;! iMiiiin;>; eiiiiveh. lie rn.iriied ami died i;i 3 6^"^0 

at the of sixiy six. ile kfi isbUe: 

I. lienj.uni'i lh\icher, buin in Henrieo ei'unt>-, \ ir;..,iii:a. in UA-i, 
niarrieil ir. 16S0, r:di;;abeth Greenhau-^h, dan.^hter of John Greenhau;.;!i. 
He was an e.\rensi%-e planter and s!a\-c owiter in Meniico eoiuuy, Virginia, 
111? pianiation being known as "X'arin.!." He had four sons. Williani, 
Benjamin^ John and Henry Hatcher. Of William. Benjaniui and John, to 
the v,-riter, nouiing i.^ knov.Ti except t!-.e>' were large larded pro- 
prietors in Iknricu county, Virginia. 

Henry Haiclu r was a very extensive planter and slave ov.ner. and lived 
in the parish of St. James Southam, Goochland coimi>-, \'i'-gin.ia. He 
married Susannah Williamson, daugliter of Thomas Williamson, and had 
issue: Frederick, Archibald, Drury, Eli.zab.-lh, Judith and Susannah 

Of thece ch-ildrcn Frederick was born in Goochland county, and received 
a fine education. On January 13, 1756, he married Sarah Woodson, 
daughter of Joh-a \^'oodsun, wlio was fourth iri descent from Dr. John 
Woodson, of Dor.-;etshirc, En^dand. who came lo A'ir^'biia with Sir John 
Harvey as a surgeon to a company of soldiers in iol". On reaching 
manhood, Frederick Hatcher located in Cumberland county, ViifUP-ia, 
v/iiere l:e was a prominent planter and slave owner. He uas a member of 
the Cumberland committee of safety during the Revolution. He was a 
member of the Established Church, a;id wa--, for many years vesiryvan 
of Lyttleton parish. He died in Cumberland couiity. where his v.-il'. wi-.'.. 
probated June 23, 1783. His wife survived him many years, dying in 
IS] 3. They had issue as follows: 

Major John Hatcher, born in Ctmibrrland county, where he \wns edu- 
cated. He was in the Re^•^-!ut!onary War, and for many :cp:-csented 
Cumberland county in the Virginia legislature. .He was commissioned 
major of the seventeenth regiment, Virginia militia, April m, 179-1. Or. 
PJIair BurwcU, of Indian Camj), Virginia, writing under date of Xovember 
13, 1893, says: "He veas a man much respected in his county and dis- 
pensed a bounteous hospitality. He married a iMiss (,»entr>- and raisec 
a large family of children, six sons and six daughters, and many of his 
grandchildren and great-grandchildren live about the old county, and are 
among its, best citizens." 

Benjamin Hatcher, l)orn in C-amb.-rland county, Virgbda, -vas a 
mctribor of Cap/t.dn Edward Carrln-^ionb- comi.iany of nnnut. men, 7th 


Ooidl I-;, i 77.", ;:;'.!i r:fu-.v.Midfl v.\i- iu iliv rtgiiL'r sorviio and at ,'.ic bP.ltlc 
<A C-\'.:\Uy>0. (■;)uri!'ou>v'. Alicr I'.-i (. is i;.^ iji> Ckiucrii !';;i lie 'ur.uod, about 
1?0('. iii l\i."'.:u-liL-;4cT. \"ir^,i;-;i.i, v/'ivr-: 'i-.. f n.^uii'd ii; the oxiiort tohaoco 
bllsinc^^. !■!•: wjs pro>-;!L-n: ^f ih;'' l>a'ik of Vir»;iiiia, at ]\ic'.i- 
nv'ii.! I'pjni i.s or;^.ir;i.:;\tioii, Pol):-;';.! ; ■).', IS 12. :o Iv^ dcnth. h is :-:-\:\ 
he sorvo! a canipi'ijrn at Camp MoVly hrlow Ricli.r.oiui. i;i tho War of )S12. 
Dr. Dili;- Bnrwcll, c|i!oieJ alMive. >ay-: of liiia: ''Mr. 13t.n i-la-:hor a 
fine lookiivj, uk! X'irc^inia ;;eni!enKm, ;;■.!! s-'jiarc; ;;e wore a < uv v.itb 
powiiorc'ii hair, and kacr parils \\-i;h ^ilk sn'rki!::j;>, aad purap> widi kiri^c 
sih'or inickK-s on tin.:;'., in -^'anii'ii r ci' fui! ih'rj>, .:»>] In •■viiMcr, fhorl k:-ci: 
pant:- v.iih "fair toi^ l:).H)is.' I'l- invncii his lioa-c aiv.l hat wbiac. lie hlvc"-' 
in Mancheslcr, arid had a good jilamation aiHi nogr'Ai- in th.e roiinly of 
Cuml'crhmd, whic-rc- he aiid. hi? far.-iily :pc:it the and fall inonths 
of each yi-ar. He died, ) tliiuk, about iSI3 or '!l, at !)!s liouse in 
Manchester, X'irf^in.ia, at, 1 th.iak, ?c\-cni:y-c!gi-o years of age."' He 
married first Sarah Crump, of Pnwhr-.tar' coap.iy, Xir^inia, a -sifter of 
Dr. William Crump and Dr. Ahnor Cnnr.p. also ot Martha, u'iio 
married Dr. Trent oi ?Nlanehe-ier, the r-wner of Trent's Bridge from 
jNIanehe.-ier to Richmond. By ttiis marriage there were three d;'.us;hler-:-: 
Polly, who died young:; Elizabeth, who married Jolni W. >'.i.-;!i, of Pcnv- 
hatan 0(^)iinty; and Mary, who married Rlair Burwcll of Povitatan cou.r.ty; 
Benjamin Matchir married .~econd j-_;iizabeth rov%ler, ^i^ter of Mrs. Emiiy 
Ta}lor, wife of ihe great law\er, Samue! To^'l-jr C'f Richmond, 'i he 
children by this marriage were: Charlotte Hatcher, '.vho married Fredtriek 
Bransford of Richmond, John who married hrst Mir-s Cunlifx of I\!anche=U'v, 
and second ZMary Turpln of Powh.atan counry; Wiiliaa:! and Emily Ta) lor 
Hatcher, neither of whom ever married. Miss I\Iary Hatcher, datigh-er 
of John Hatcher b\^ his hrst marriage with Miss Cunlifi', is rhe oniy l'\-ing 
representative of the family in Richmond at the presei.t time. 

Susannah Hatcher, who married John tfob.'^on of Cum.berlard rotiT;ty, 
Virginia, 'u'oodvilie and Charles riobsoii of v^aihocei, KeriLec'v;,', 
believed to be descendants of this marriage. 

Mary Hatcher, v.ho married Edward .Booker of Cumberlaiid comuy, 
Virginia. The writer knows nothing of their descendants. 

Sarah Hatcher, wiio was hovii and married in 1795, Franci:- 

Bransford (born June 30, 1763. in Chesterfield councy, ^'irginia;. 

Xancy Hatclicr, who m.arvicJ Tliomas Cordon of Povhava-i countv, 
\'irgii.iit. I'iicir eliildrc-n were Henrx- Ccrc'or;, iri.'.ny \'car,-'.fl of 
Powhatan county; Elizabeth Cordon, who married ^.lillenor Stralton; 
Fanii},- Cordon, wife of Hiram Harris; and another daughter, whose name 
the wiiicr has been unable to ascertain, married a Mr. .Matthe'.v.s of Po-.\'- 
hatan couiuy, X'irginia. 

Lucy Hatcher born in 1775, married it, 17'';, Benjamin Bronsfon!. 

Sr., who was bori", in Chestertieid county, \'irgmia, L)ercmber 15, J 76V. 
He was a rich planter and slave owner in Cu.mberland county, and a 
prominent Methodist. Lucy Hatcher, his wife, wi'S fo;id of society in r>er 
younger days and one v.Iio knew her sry:-, she ]•(>.<:<: -^':''' a vivacious manner 
and fine con\'ersat:oi;ai nowcrs. Wite.a .about h^riy yearc. c: age, s:ie 

s(i!Ti)i\-vi a sO'okc .if par.:i\;,!^ tlv'i m, «''.■ her . ii in\.\K.! tiu- ii'^i of b'. r life. 
}'or tvi.';'.;y >•..■;•;-. t^'iK- !;■!.'! iv> bo''n.-!.i .il''Oi;t in ^1 cliciir, '■"uv was a!wa\'s 
l)ri;.;lii. .'.ni,! '. hf'.;tfi;i, .i'.'Al cjad u- cnici :.iin sicv iriciuir. She- was roa;i.ii in 
tin- b-piscopal C."!;uri.-!i. i'Ui aficr 'u r ir. i;lir:;i' ii'irinl t!u- Metlv.i'.'psl C.'iiiircli 
witli luT !-.:i.<ha!ui. She I'.iud .\'MV.>ni!...T 1,=;, l.S3.^. 

I!. IMwanl H.v.rinr, s.>n of \V!liL:r.i ilai.^.iiCi', tlie eiiiii^raut. bnrn in 
Henricij c.iuniN , \';i'i;i;!i,!, in 16J3. ii- owned tl'.c faiD.uiL- "Xork <.'f i.aiKi" 

pianta'aoiK He uv.jk part in Bacon's. Keb.'ilioa. lie !ii.uTi.;<i .Mar\' aiid 

died. ir. cT l>efo:e 1710. Kdward am! Mary Ilatelicr issue: Sarah, 

\\\i<> i!Kir:io(J Ti!!pi:»; Marili.i, v. 'u> niarri.."!'. Ui.h.!!';! <u',\ver; \\'ili!ai>''., 

who Diari'led ;i da.u^htor of Jolm lii:i;on, a;ii:l tlii d in 17.?6; John, wlio 
married IVLiry, daiiyiluer of Robert i'lncock. and nurv cd to Edgc^conib 
couiUy, -Xorih Carolina, wlsere he v. as iiv'iii,-; in I7,i7 and h<id ll'.e''c a son 
John; Seth; Ed>vard, whe married in or l.e'otc 17.37; I^Iarrha, v kIow of 
Joseph Tanner. 

111. Henry Haiehcr, son of Vv'illi.ur. llaichcr, the emigrant, i>. aTi in 
Henrlcc eountx-, married Ann, daii^lUer i;f Tdenry Louiui, and died in lo77. 
They had issue: William, Henry. .Ann and IMary Hatcher. 

I\'. W'ihiam Ilateher, son of W'i'iiam Hatcher, the ennj,rar.t, bora In 
Henrico county, \'irgi;iia, and died uiuiiarried in 1694. 

'Jdie children of William Hatclier, the cmi'^rctut, are not gi^■en in th.e 
order of their birili. It may iii'.erest scime to know t'aar ''Warina," "Turkey 
Island"' and "Xeck uf land,'' tlie seat- of tli& early Matcher.-^, ha\"c c;uit.; 
a history. These plar.tanons were iaid out by rh..i Hatchers and aijout 
half a century later into possession of the famous Randolph farndy 
of \'ireiiiin. Arlamr. in his life of j'lhii Randolph. T;;e stalesnian, savi.: 
"Turke\' Island, just abo\e tlie junction of the James and .Vppc'iiattox 
Rivers, lies in a regio:! which has sliarply attracted the atJcntic'u of racn. 
In 167.S! Bacon li\ed nearby at his pianlaiion called C"url.. s, and 
in that \ear Bacon's famous relieliiiqi gave Idoudy a;-sociat:ein to t'rc place. 
Atiout one hundred \-ears afterv. .irii Benedict .Arnold, then a getieral 'a 
the Britisii ser\dce, made a de^truc!i^■e raid tip trie James Ri%-ei, wiiich 
drcv all eyes to th.e sjiot. Xeiiher of these disttirbances. historic as i!ie\- 
are, r.^ade the region nearly so famous as it became on Junf. 30, IS-j/, v/h.en 
fifty tliou;;and northern troops, beaten, weary, and disheari-ened. cca\"erged 
at IMahern Hill and Turkey Island Bridge, and the ne.\t day fought a 
batti" which sax't'd theii' army and [I'-rhaps their cau;-c, v.-ith.oi't ;i thought 
or a care for the dust of thu Mrginia Randc'lphs. oi; which two arn^i^s wer"^ 
trampling in tlie cradle of their race. The Hatcher's, long before the 
Recoltition, v ere baiiiing for the '■ights of tlio people a.s against tlu- en- 
croachments of arbitrary jiovcer. 

V 165 Mary./ born about 1750 in Cumberland county, \'irginia, was married to 

Fiancis McGraw. 

\'I 166 Jtidith,-'' born -about 175?, in Cunibi :l;.u d couiity, Virginia, was married 

to Josepih Alichaux. 

IliK V i,i('l>-:>N- AND TU!'!!; i^WWl' ^\ 

\ !l 167 Subunuia,- l-.^n .■.l'i,:H i7^!-, in Cin-.ilKri.i;!!! c;vuii'.\-, N'irginia, wj..; ra.irritd 

to WiHi.uii Licvjii. 

Is^jut of 5S ROBi-kT WOODSON' OWnyMruAr RuIvt! ,^ Jolin-) and Rvbe.-ca Pvy^i: 

1 * 168 .Tohr.-/ t'oni alxiui 17o0 in Cn'.). r.i.ui.'. roiuuy. \".irc;ir,ia. lie i.-> nanioiJ 
in Ills fatiicr":' \viii, wl'iich wa- p;o\-e.i Se[no!P.!)or 19, 1750. He ir. niso 
na.'iivd in Tne will rt hi;-: raaUara! ;^raMii''ailif':-. J(ilin Prya-, u liic'i was 
piXAOti in C.'>"<"liiaj'.fl connry, .\ii;.;n<L 59. J 755. 16S John Woo'.'i.on^ \,-a.-i 
niai'ii, i in Crnil-ci land t\'!!i<'i\', X'ii^inia. ;)rvM uiily abni'.l; 17,52, id l:".lizabct li 
Anficr^on, and died in 17*^8. IU> will waj^ iiro\-c-d Angust 26, 17 9S. 

II '' 169 J.jiaes,-'' born about 1752 in Goocii.iaaid, is naaiod i'l hi? falhor's v.'il! v.'hicii 
wa.s iu'vA'cd Septcinbor 19, 1750. I'h,- w.i-, iiiairi;d in Goorldanti county. 
July 23, 1754, to Elizabciis Wiiiilock of thai oiin'y. 

in 170 Benjamin.'' 

IV 171 Robert.* 

\' 172 E!i?.a.' 

\'l 173 Majy.= 

VII 174 Sarah. ^ 

'llicre is nolliinc; known of tiivse last five children except they 
arc all named in their father'y will provtcl Sen'.0!'aiier 19, 1750. 

Issue of 58 ELIZABETH V/Ou.DSON^ (Benjamin,'^ Kobeti,' John"') and Capiaii'. 

Jarncs Daniel. 

1 175 Chesicy DLi.niel,-'' born al'Oin 1725 in Goochuuid anO niarr;:,) in's vlii'd 

coirdii, 141 Jiidiih Clirisiian.^ 

II 17(? Abrahc.m Daniel.^^ 

Ill 177 Josiah Daniel.^ 

I\' 178 James Daniel, Jr.-' 

V 179 Mary Daniel.^ 

VI ISO I^^arcy Daniel. ^ 


VII ISl Susannah Daniel,-" lorn about 174!) in Goochland county, and married-- 

VIII " 182 John Minor Daniel,' born 1751 to Goochland, died 1790. lie was married! 
about 1772 to 13'' ICli;,<d.)eth Morton.' dauj^hlcr of -15 Agiurs \Vo';dso]/' 
. i'nd josepli .Morion. 

i-u-iii c;'-Ni-!; \!i::\ ' • 

Issue of S'2 JOSIAS FAyWr;' !,\i,;ry \\"....J;-vp/ RnbiM'.- J.^hi;!) and A. it) ric:ning. 

1 IS? Wi:li-.Tn Pa^-iU',^ lv;ra i/o.^ in Corrb]:ivid c-uiU;-. In Sop;er>!~';r, 1/S5, 

he !"auo ;i di-d! I" :-<: nie IjnJ wiu-h !u:(i [v ■ \ i.ui'^ly be!. luji'd to hi- latlh-r. 

11 1S4 George Payne, Jr./ liorn lVo4 iu Grnrhl.uMi cormy. U'^iic yet a minor 

he niarricd AKatiia l.icorv;e, (lavi^'h'er uf Ja:iie-- Cc'T<:e. '\ i^e iiMiriatA' !")ii(! 
iti dalrd PeccailvT 2:?, 1754, and rccordod iu Goochland. In 17 57 his 
fath-r made inni a deed ;o a tra'-t -f !a:;d. i'l 1:59 h'- execuu-d a bond as 
liij^n shtrin of Go .ehhmd couai'.-. In May, ill?, Jo-ia-:, P.-yne' made a 
di^^d lo his M:m Gcor-e Payne, jr..^ and hi^ daughter-in-law, A^ach a, 
■wife of s.:iid Gcoi-.e Payne, Jr.= In An-u:;t 1 7S1 he vs-a^ recoinnienrled fo'- 
an]V) Uh Herlenmi colonel of Gooeldand miiitia. iSee Va. Mag.. 

HI * 185 Josias Payne, ]■.,■' Imrn ilic la;ier pari of 1735 in Goochland co;uu\-, ai:d 
before he was twee.ty-one year^ of age he ni..rried PHzabe'di 1 lemir,,,, 
daughter of Tar!eO,n I'lemin;- of Ge.ocliland. The niaO-a-e bond i^-^ dared 
August 2.3, 1755, and i= recorded in Goocld.Hid. lie was ireqrienily a 
member of the house of burgesj.e.-.. In May, 1779, he quahfied a.;, pecond of Goocldand militia. (See Va. Mag." 

IV * 186 John Pciyno,^ born alnnit l'/36 in f;oochland e.-:niy, where he wa-^ reared 
and educated. He married JMary Goles, probably about the yea.r 1760. 

V * IC7 Robert Pajne,^ born about 175C- iri Goochlano cuunty, was n^arned Jaiy 
20, 1762, to .Ann Burton, daughu.'r of Robert Barlon ff Goochland The> 
settled in Pitt?ylvania county, \'irginia, where ho d-eu in 17'>'i. 

\'l 188 Agres Payne," born al)out 1740 in Cioochland and married Mr. 


\'il 189 Ann Payne, ^ born about 174-5 in Goochland count}- and marriea 

VIII * ir-O Su-sannab Pcone,^ born abuut 1745 in Goochbmd, was married aV-oi;i 1770 
to \Vi! 11. !e ;ir-:c:uent!y npci'e-' Healc) of Lancancr county. Virginia. 
He N\ai an honorable citizen and a lineal descendant of Gol. Augustine 
Wa-ner and Col. George Reade, sometime mendK-r^ of the coloni.i! counrd. 
On Februarv 11, 1725^ Gob William Ball executed a deed which was wit- 
nessed by Wilham Heale and George Payne; so it was after this date ihat 
the letter "e" was dropped fron^ the name. Tliis Ger.rge I'-ayne wlio 
witnessed the deed with William Healc, was, no doubt ihesame one who 
married 14 Marv Woodson,^ and was Sioannah Payne'^ grandfather. So 
it may bo concluded that lier hu l>.o'.d Willi.nn Hale was a grandson of 
William Heaie. 


:n rncii; ei 

83 GEORGE PAYfij:, Jr.-' ^\!ary \\\.od:;on/ Robert.- Jr^hii') ami his v:Uv 

V,-lH;ie IiailH; i< Pot klic-V, !1. 

I IPl Geor:^e Payne,-"' l).>r:i nrol.abiy ..lioui ]7,=.0, ir. (HK-cliIand ccimty. His 

father'.- \v\\\ dauil Febriiar>- 2.>. I7M. an.l prowd .March 15, ! 7Sl. bc- 
qucaihs "to son Gi-cvgo, the Liiul, 5.mi acrty, on the biaiich of LiuIcBird 
Creek, \vli(>i-c .-aid C.torgc forraeri\- \Wc<\. and seven slaves; aiso half of a 
tract of land ihe testa;..;r has in !"iii\-,-:i;n.a county, dislinci from Ids main 
tract tlicic, iii the fnrk of James River, wiiere testator's son Robert Burton 
Payne, 1, is buiU a dv.ulling hoti-e." (\'a. Magazire.) 




192 Robert Burton Payne,-' born aboi:t 1752 in Goochland. His father's wil! 
give^ -^.^ son Robert, one half of a tracv of Luid in Flmanna cotinty on 
Cunninj;ham Creek; and nine slaves. Also th.e reniainiiK- half of the tract 
given to George Payne." 

193 Joseph Payne, =■ born about 1754 in Goochland, married Anne . A 

deed fr(=m l')3 Joseph Payne' and Anne, his wife, v/as recorded in Gooch- 
land in lTo7. He enlisied early in the Revolutionary War; was ensign of 
the ninth A'irtdnia reginu-nt, Januarv 4. 1777; was taken at the 
Battle of Gcrma.ntown, October 4, 1777; was released I^ecend^er 3, 17S0, 
but did nol return lo the arnu-. His father's will, pro\-ed Mj'-eh 15, 
n.'-M, gi\es "to son Jo-.^eph, the le.r.d in Goochland, 977 acres, where 
testator now lives, with si.xteen slave:, and all the stock, horses, cavtle, etc. 
Also the remainder of the land in Fluvanna, in tlie fork of James River, 
and it he should die without issue, said land to be equaily divided between 
testator's otlier children." 

191 Ivlary Payne, ^ born in Goochh-.nd about 1756 and m:ir:ied I'dr. 

Shelton. Her father's will gives "to daughter ATary Shelton, s^x sla\es 
and certain furniture she alread\- has." 

V 195 Anne Payne, = born in Goochland a'-joui 1758 and married Sackville T-ling, 

of James River, and there her father's will gives "to daughter Anne King, 
five slaves, and confirms a deed of gift to her liusband Sackville King for 
300 acres of land on Canv Creek in Fluvanna count^■ where tliev now l!\e 

VI 196 Elizabeth Payne, ^ born in Goochland about 1760, was niardcd June, 1777, 

to her tlurd cousin 14G Samuel Woodson. ^ Her father's v.ill gives "to 
daueliter Flizabwlh Woodson, s.'.x slaves; and confirms a deed of giit to 
ten hi-ad of cattle and other property." 

Issue of £l:~ Col. JOHN PAYNE- (Mary Woodson ^ Robert,^ John') by his first wife whose 
name is not known. 

I IC'7 John Payne,-" born in Goochland couiuy. His father liloi. a deed 

June 15, 1765, to lanrl en t!;c north side of James River, and there 

he I'liiii ills- iOr,;ji.::a-. itii f.!;i;cT";. wil'. :■ roc! :\[>r{\ 2-:. li:'-;, pi<..vo<;! 
August !7, 17^!, !si\'cs "k> ;oh j'^h - iiic oiiituau-:-- on \\hic!- l-.v iuj\: 
livos: -.'.'.'■o iht i;:!:il U'f-.::ior ii^urc;;,.-.;; of \\'!li!:;i:i M;i!i;c; i-Aio -iC;' :u re j 
ini'iL- iu }-'li:v;!;i:ui a-.i ;);>; ''ro-LcIiO: 'rf B; ■<.' (."rcl-c ^^•n;ci; tostaiov pii!i"i:,!::cd 
of WiUiiiiti l.;(ioch ; and al^o a!i \h<- :h ;-■ v';^ i.o i'as. iu !;U pcs^;c:-:-:oj.. 

11 198 Archer P;^vne,' l'-.>rn, rdred and t-dnratcd. \:i GonchkrA-] and n\;ri;v(; 

. Alarir.a ot tlu;! ciuiiy. A ur-,<\ Oci'.'I.k-v, llt'o. Ir.un Aicl^r i'a>'ne 

and Mari'^L hi:; witc is i-ccorded in C^oocldind. ITs uithe^'^!. oaicd 
April Zi. 1 7J^-1, glv;:; "i',. son Arclier tiio biui v/'icrc 1:.^ (Arjhor') ri'-"v liNo-, 
called "Xtwinarkcf ;■ a!;" iiiai Traci. adj.niiiiii; ■-.•• ihc v;•^; ■/■[•i Rv-avvidaTi; 
Cicc-k, wliicli ceitavor i-.urchascd of Wi'liam an-.i Gidoo^' C^.:■i^. tian ■. also ali 
the landi ho purchased of Coleman, adioiiiira; l^cavc-v'a'e. (."reek; also 
twentv odd acvts adjoi-^ing Xev.-n.arke; : af^o ai! ihai. tract ,..i bot'; s"dci of 
the ]Nioaniain lead, aiil the nei^i'C'fS '('Vintrly gi\eri ;-aid soii Arti^i-r.'' 

III 100 licbc-it Payne,' died i:; 1770 inMnarricd. 

Issue ey ^i^cosn wife, Jane (Smitk) CiuoirsTi-.? 

IV 200 Ann Pr.yne.^ hcn-i Octouer 7, 175S. in GooJiiand coui;;y ai'd was ::-.:ii rii.d 

June 30, 1774, to C^:^!. James Gordoi; of I..aiica;',er coinii v. Her's 
will gi\e.-. "to daugiiu-r Aiip. Gordon, ticx-n: ncrjroos, ail of v.-hich si'C 
has in po?sc?'iun." 

V ?0i Philip Payne, ^ born May 29, 1760, in Goochland and married Eli.cabe!.;. 
Dandridgc, dai^ghter of Naihan'cl West Dandndge. Tlis father be- 
queathed to nirn "'a'! the piaritr.iion in Canipbell count;, on Stauiuor; 
PJver, iv.-enty head cl cattle, inipleinents, sheep, hogs, etc.; a'so vleir.eeiv 
negroes; also part of a tract in Bedfi>rd coa'!T\- called, "i'he Koresl:' 

\'I 202 Jean Payne, ^ born April 30. 1/62, i;. Goochland, v.a:. aiarried Sepieinbor 

28, 17S0, to W'illirnn of No,";eriar.d couni\. 

\'U 203 Smith Payne,' b.)rn June iS. 1764, in Goochland, llh f.alicr bcquea;bed 
to him. his land in Campbell coinKv called 'Tiat Greek Oar.rier;'" also 
twenty head of caitie, horses, hogs, and the remainder of vhe Forest tract 
in Bedford county; also one hundred acres adj-viriing. which tcst->.tor 
purchased of Driny Howard; also a h-aise and lot in New Lender ."n[>- 
bell couniy; ab.o sv>entee!i negro;--. 

VIII 204 George V/oodson p5-.yne,= born Ocirber 9, 1767, in Coochlari 1. 'narrifdi 
Mary Dandridge, -daughter of Xaihaniel Wesc Dannrid.:,e. ills father 
bequeathed to him "all that port of ihr land, mill and plaiUatior,. on tiie. 
south s;d.- of the main road, ar,d ihe stocks of cattle, etc., bei-nging 
then to; and also sixteen negroes." 

IX 205 Mildred Llathews Payne,^ born April 10, 1769. Her father, in iiis wil! 
(1784,), left her thineen negroes, but she surNived him oniy a le-.v yean; 
and died at aliout the age of twen'r.'. 


X 206 Rober* Pa.yno,- i-'tn Or<o!i<r o. ]V7!), in Gocrhiand. His f;i;!Kr's v.-ill 
.skives "■,.■■ --<.ui Rul'.rn .^65 .:cri> '•■'\ i'C!h .-ides nf tlic MoiiiMain vo:\:l. calicl 
Tryors.'a'.ui ali yhc i;.:u! gi'.i::; iivv wife, afier licr c'eaih; al.-o \vo oi'icr 
sniaii liacis of !:.? ;;i:,i i,iO •'■!■! aciv?-. adjoining ihc: prccr-dini?' rnd lyi'vj: 
Oil !)o;h -ides hi i!u:- r\!uiii;iai:i r-.'a<i >U!(i iiic Carier's Ferry rriad; also une- 
I'lird of il'ie Caulc cii s.iid p-la!ii:i-. ici;s, and adso sixteen T;es;ioes." 

XI 207 EJizabetli V/oodson PajT.c,'' bora J,!nuar\' 8, l/T.i, and died hcfoie lier 

falhcr, al tile a;^e C'f aliDiii ele\en \\ais. In ad,!ii!"n lo the above, dsl. 
jolm Pa>'ne be<u!eai;'.s "to wife J.ine. all of liic estate lostaior Lad witi'. 
her; also gi\"es the use (if llia.i. i-an of tb.e [jhincalion svliere he li\es. ib, ji. 
"lies oi: the nortli side o'f the main r-.nid, inebading 152 acres he i)urchased 
nf Rie!iard .\nd,?rs .n, in cnr.sitlerai. ion of rciiuquishing her claim lo; also eii^hiecn sbn cs during; her iife, and. at; her death lo .1,0 lo s<jn 
Robert, soil George W'oc'dson, and son Smith. 

1 desire thai m\- sons in jjarticiiUir. may be tatigiil in the best mamier, 
and ihai neii her of tl.eii estates be eluirgeabU . When son Geort^e \^"oodson 
arrives at tlic age of twenty one, wife is to f;ivc him the; part <:)f 
111}' estate in \'irginia, sueli remainder 10 belong, until tb.eii, t(-i wile. (X',,. 
Magazine of Histor\- and Biography.) 

Di'ring the first sixty years r.f the ci;-,hieei)tii cei-.tttry the colonies 
were in a con-'ant state of war and tiirmoil with ilie Spanisli to the south, 
the French to the north and tlie nunierotis tribes of Indians in their iivi- 
niediate \-icinit\-. These wars and tlie accompan\-ing lutrdships and 
dangers served to draw the people closer together and to nnite them, as if 
Vv'cre, in one conmion la'othcrhocd. 

Tlie ties thus formed were soon to be put to the severest test: t.he, 
inlievited lo^•e for the eild country was to be measuted against the inbern 
love fur the new. 

The permanent population of the colonics had so greatly i^icrcased 
during the preceding hundred and fifty years that they :taturalh- began 
to realize tlieir im[)oriance in the world. Their love for tlie ".Mother 
country" — as they fondly called Old England — was deep and sincere. 
They were true and lo\-al lo the houie government in all the Vvars with 
the French, the Spanish and the Indians; and doubtless would have 
continued so, bt:t for certain acts of tne I'arliimeiU wliich they tegar'led 
as unjust and oppressive iieyond eiidin-ance; such as the act !niposin<: a 
duty on stigar and molasses; the Stamp Act, by which it was profiused to 
coliect revenue froin the colonics to defray the expenses of the late wars; 
the lax on lea; and man\- other such acts wdiich were contrary- lo the spirit 
and letter of the colonial cliarters. 

Seeing that they were persistently being deinived of their charter 
rights, especially the right of local self-govcrsiment, the colonies resented 
these encroachments upon their liberties. Their righienus indignation 
rapidly became more and more, ihcir opposition niorc open 
and forceful, tn.til it cu]n-i:i;ilc d in a resort lo arms and resulted in the 
Revolutionary \V';jr. 

Tlio (.Icscciidaiils tf T-r. J'-r.r/A"- ■, .ison, v.hoH ,;.! i;. ihc'f.cunca^)' timo<, 
^v•alkillg ao if on llio Svi- ("..tx- of ,i i!n. .itoninj;; \-o!(-uio, iu)i>i\- iMivo tlicii' 
i^.b;-.!-:^ ('■' colfnia! rcs.pc>r.>iiMlii it s, s-uric of the yo;iTi;4-o;- uu'inbt'rs of iliis 
fi'lh ;-;> -RTatioii takir.i^ pKuL ii: the war ii>c!f. h iiiij;!!!; I«e :wM, u\ a ?ensc, 
that th,' failicri; iM"ei\uo(i for rhc war ruui t'lo ^'.-itf. ioi-^lit ii out. 

The \\ oodson?, at (In? tiiV'C. v.i rs^ nut ^o vcvy miir.croiis, Imi( there 
were enuugh of liicm to uiake ilieip.svlv cs Ic'.i aiul apjircciatcd in. the tinic 
of their country's iiei-d. T!iore were born inio this iifth. t,einTaii".i of the 
de>cend Mits o{ Dr. Joim WoocLsr-ii, t'lie hundred and f(;ily-iN\n so'.dj; — 
(■•iglit\--ie\-eii males and hft\-fi\i.- fe;r.a!e-s. Oi the<e, only sexcnty-cipjit 
bear the name oi Woodson; the rest bear the names of the sex-cal faniih'es 
into whieh the fernak^s had married. Most of the u^'nibers of this gciipra- 
tiiiP. \\ere too lar ad\-anced in >'ears to rende" aeli\e service in l!ie RcN'o'ii- 
tionar\- War, but did their part as citizens of the \ iigirda coloiiy, i^'-ingir,:,' 
up their sons and datii^hlurs for lh<.' heroic days soon to conte. lI-.-w well 
thc>' performed their rnissio!i, let the record cf th.e nexl generation tell. 

Istuie of 





1 Y 












Issiio fcf ©6 S/^:^BURT>F WOC)r>50rP (J.-^.pn.^ j.-l.h/ Ju!in,= Johnj Ly hh first 

witV, EH/aiicih H-i-lK-i.'' 

I * 203 Hiighes,'" born 1730 in. Cinnherlaiid rouniy, \'iio;i-ia, \v:i< married 1751 
but the name of hi,- wife I:as not 1>ch-i' ascti lainc-d. lie d'ec! ISjO. 




Mary Ann.'- 

MARY WOODSON' (Josepli,' John/ Jolinr John') and Wiili-uii Pierce. 

3;iober|- Pierce/ 

jo&eph Pierce.* 

Arin Pierce.^ 

6S John V.'oodson/ the linele of the-o thiCi- chiidreii, v.Cr. aOijohitod 
g:;-irdiaii for ihein in 1757. f'^cc V-.'m. ^'ivj Mar;-- Qiiy. vol. aI, p. 3i.) 

Issue of 7 .TOSKPir WOODSOIS^= (Joseph,' John,' john,^' Joii:'.'; and wife v.hose 

name is not knov.-it. 

1 * 2ie John, ^ born about 1740, in Henrieo count>, \'iic;)!iia. ^Vhe■.: he •■.v:;s about 
fcven jxars old hii ffiihcr died. Hi^- grardfaVher, 15 J-'se;>'.' V'/oodf-oo,' 
v.'ho ".vas then living in Henrico, m.ide hi.m a deed in 175.2. to <i ira.'-t of land 
on Four Mile Creek, cfdiin^' him "sm-i and heir of niv t-or: 70 J'-^cr.;-, Wood- 
con,^ dircc'ised." In 1757 his uncle 68 John Woodson' v-i;.- apijoml-jd 'lis 
guardian. \\"!irn a. yorni:; itia.n h^ •■\Qr.\ to ("lo il^.TJaai' riinniy to 'i\-e and 

Sarniiel Richaiti.-on a iraci of land i^n h^jiir Mile Creek in Henrico. 
^Probably the same tract whicli been deeded to him in i 75 ? liy Ids 
g;randfalher.j His wife, Eiizabetfi Hughes,^ was a daughter of Ridiert 
Hughes' (Robert," Robert," Sara.ld) who, in a deed dated January 26, 1763, 
and recorded 22, I76v?. in Ctirrdjerlaiid county, conve\cd ;o hi.s son., 
John Hughes, 619 acres (the Ferry included;, lyirr.; in Cnrabcrland coi:ni>-, 
boiieht of Bennett Goode; and in the deed, names daughters Elizabeth-' 
and Juditli.'' (See Hnt:lies Family.) So it ar.pears that ilnt r,li.!Laij--th 


ili!;^l)cs b,-,-.i. a'\ j.i.iividot] intcr..--t. in the 61") .-■•-res. or cu leasi, \t\ CarUr's 
Fcrrv. Hor !i::-<!v:ncl, 216 Jo'iii \V^-. .'i^on/ diou in 1793. In hii wiU 
datod ApcU y. 17''3, aiul piv'vi-<i A'.::;r,>L Jlo, 17^'.i, in Cu-nbcilar.d roinU\-, 
ho calls iiiim-eii" "Ji liii . W.-o.L-o;- of Carter's Ferry.'" Bo^iilos liis six 
ch-ilc'rcri, the v, i'1 nanic.- "v.i'V l-'.lizabv-ih."' S!vj survived lier 
fourU-en yo:!r>. Hit will, dated Jinw .?.v iSuj. was. proved in Cuinborland 
county, Doccinlier .18, ]^U7, ^nd i!;uiics sdji j')!-a, her iliree Driir.c giand- 
cliildrcr., her dan^liter, X.-ury i^oane and cko.-a^od hushar.d, 216 lnim 
Woodson.' A codiri! names i;r;>!'.ddaughter, .Maria 0\erLon. Witiiosses 
to tl.e vill: Samuel \\'il,-nn; Ja.r.v.s l-'eanc; William Keiincii. (Sec W'm. 
and Ma.ry t}d\-., \'o\. Xi, pp. 51, 52.) 

II * 217 Joseph,'^ iKirn probaldv' about. 17-'f7, in Henrico cour.ty, \'ir;.dnia. '\\'hea 
lie v.-as i^ut a sniali boy liis l'at!;er dic-d and in 1757 'lij ui;e!e. 6S Jrim 
Woodson'' was a.ppointed liis guardian. He li\-ed. in Henrico 'an til he at- 
tained the age of younc: manhofid and was married, probably about 1?68, 

to Miss Jones, v.-lio v^-as a school teacher and a woman of very high 

character, small of sta.turc, possessed of great beauty and charming person- 
ality. He is said to have liecn a captain in ihe Re'.-ohitionary army, and 
v.-ad at one time captured by t!ie British and confined in prison £.t Tairics- 
town, \'ireinia. It is related of his bra\-c little v.ife that, learning of her 
husband's imprisonment, .she saddled her horse and rode, tniaccomp.,Tnied 
all the wa>" to Jamestown to carry him clothing and such tilings to eat as 
were not supplied him in piison. The Briii,-h received her kindly and 
admitted her to her husViand. Iv is also related tliat the lorig, hard ride 
brought on premature deli\'ery of her babe. So.netinic after their 
marriage they sct'.'ed in Amelia county where they spent the rerniinder 
of their lives. She died before 1810. He remained a v, idower the rest of 
his life and died about 1837 at his home in Am?Ha. lie w;'_s a very [lious 
man and for many years an exemplary member of the J.iechodist Ciu:rcl;. 
See notes bj' his grandson 939 Edmond Booker Woodson.^ 

Isstie of Y -i- JOKK WOODSON* (Benjamin,^ John,' John,'- John') and Alary .Minims. 

1 2ir, Elizabeth, •• bcrn May 22, 1761, probably in Albemarle co'.'nty, \"irginia. 

II * 219 Srrnucl Tucker/ born September. 1769 (See Wm. and Mary Qtly., vol. 
XI, p. 53', i.i Goochland county, \"irginia, married in 1797, to 
Elizabeth Dabney Winn, daughter of Thonias Winn of Flu^3nna ccunty, 
wdio served in the Rc% olutioiiary War as a private and as corporal in the 
Niiith \'irginia regiment. She was born in Fla\"anna county in ]'ibO. 
After their marriage they settled on her ancestral home, called "Burgher," 
in Fluvanna county where they spent a long and useful life. She died in 
Februar\', 1S45. while \isiting at the home of her youngest daughter, 
Susan E\-eHnc,' in Aibemarie county. Her rem lins v,-ere taken to Burgher 
and there laid to rest in the old family bur\ing ground. Within less than 
th.roe years licr husband v.-a-- visiting his i;.'t)I:ev." 4''1 Linncus Woodson.^ 

PiiiC 77. 2rJ Sr:nuK:1 Tii. kvr Woo'J.soii v.-^js u'.arj-ie:; Xcvcmbcr !•'. 17'i'' iii.;«.i;.u ci;" 1'i.j7. 
(Flu\ li^iQorcl^ I Corrected i;.v Rev. B. h. Anecll. 


ai !li^ liisnic in Go>'chUnd o:\\\.\]\ and died tiicre, November, 1^47, of 
bowol tro'.il.le. ; a ••,-•>•.■ d-'v? ilhicss. lie was v.) li-.e scvciuy-citchtii 
yonr oi his age at i!i^ uiue of i^;- de.;;h. \\h s-l-v., 482 Tlionns Pledge 
Wood^jiv and his da;;.Ju..!. -LSJ tinnly veeri; ihc only ones of h:-> ohildtcu 
wit!i !;ii>) at the tin^e and fh:-y decided lu bi:ry hiii; ril; the i.oire of ids 
chlldliood in Aroeii:aile eouniy. Me a nian of rcniarkai>le phvsica! 
manhooci, and in all ids lung life, iuui ne\er used widbkcy or to!)arco. 

III 220 Bootb./- In. in 1772. in Al'neniarle eoutny, Vir;:ifna. lie vas marrioii but 

the nanK- ('f his wife has not been ascertained. The> setiled in (loori-iand 
count)-, v.dicre iie dn'cd in 1842. aged about acvcnty years. Thev had but 

one daughter and she married a Mr. Haden. N'oihirii; moi-e is 

reniendicred of her by 947 Dr. Joh.n Calvin Veuodson,' who gives the 
above elata. 

IV * 221 John,* born 1774, in Albemarle county, X'irginia. v.dierc ho was reared 

and edurat(d. He was married but the name of his ^.vife has not been 
ascertained, It appears tliat they settled in Albcn'ark county, and had 
two sons, Linneus" and Joh;j.' They also had two daughters v/hose names 
are not remembered by their second cousin Dr. John Calvin Woe.dson. 
One of them married T^Ir. Clough and the other married Kit I'hom.i?. 

Issue cf 7S BENJAMIN WOODSO/f* (Benjamin,^ John,= John,- John'} and Rel,>ecca 


I 222 Booth/' born December 4, 1757. Called "Turkey" Booth, from his 
manner of 'walking, rle lived to be cuiite old. He was fond of visiting 
at the hom.e of his cousin Samuel Tucker Woodson'' and would of'.Sf go 
there and spend many da\-s on a visit. 

II 223 Frances/' born December 17, 1759. 

HI 224 Tabitha/' Oorn July 12, 1763. 

IV 225 Rebecca/ born March 29, 1766. 

V 226 Sarah/- born July 6, 176S, 

VI 227 Benjamin/ born July 8, 1772. 

Issue of 7y CHARLES WOODSOK^ (Tarlcton,' John,' Robert,- John') and Mary 

Pleasants, hi.-> first wife. 

I * 228 Charles/ born about 1740 in Henrico county, and married Ann Trotter 
of Xansernond coun.tx. His parents and grandparents were Quakers, 
and perhaps he iidierited their religious faith. If so, it would not be 
surprising if he took no part in ihe Re\-o!utionary struggle, as war is 
contrary tc the principles held by the ''Society of Friends." 

ril 1-3 M-R AVION '■') 

II 229 Agues Tarsojis/ bo i; Dcccr.lxT i-1, i.';,"-, in Ilcniio counry riu! v/ad; 

Ill " 23U George," v.a-, liv^rn M.;;/ 4, 1747, in i!o:;-!Cvi coanty, \'irgiiiia, v. liere h-j 
was reared on.i ccincited. J-Ie married Sarah l-"riciui, daiigiUer of Thdias 
l-'riend, aiicl sellled in Chr^^terheld. In tlu' first census of \'irL;!ni;., 17S2 
U' M'^^-. lie i-^ eniniieraled in C'he.-icr iu Id, .■.> "ileati of l-"ainily" consii-ting 
of 1 v-liirc a;.d i-l b!acks. So iie nia.-^l 'ii:i\(' nnu'ricii afier ihi?. '"There 
i^- a deed iUiiod in i7S3, and recorded in ChcsierSicid, from 79 Charlts 
Woodson." to Id;^ son 230 Georpe,'^ for the place in Chesterfield called 
'roriis,' aT'.d boinidcd b>- the land of Robert Eiaiii, Jauu's DI\on aiui 
John Bangli, proprietors of the larid known by the name of Roxdiale, 
formerh' ivarchasecl b>' 21 Tarlelon Woodson' of John Soane, oii August 
21, 1727. Rox<lale or 'Roclic Dale Hundred' was a part of the scttieiaent 
of Sir Thomas Dale in 161o. It was generally called "Xcck of Land' in 
Charles Cifre county, and is now known as "Jones' Neck.'" (See '\'.'in. 
and ?ilar\- Qi-ly-- ^'- ^"^' P- 1S7.) 

W * 2S1 Sarah,'' boiii in Henrico county, Aiigust 4, 1749. She wa.'-: twice married; 
first about 1771, to Capt. James Clark, ard second to Archibald Boiling. 
No issue b>' the second marriage. Through 'etters written by Judge 
Barton Bates of JJissouri to Mrs. I'd. C. Beriagh, it is learned that, 'ceforc 
the Re\-oliuionar\' "^A'ar begun, 231 Sarah Woiidsou' was taken to Scoilatid 
by her hti^i'aad, Capt. James Clark, who was an Envriish naval oiriter or 

FolloV'.ing is a copy of a letter she wrote to her sister, 232 Carohne 
Matilda,' v.ho was then the wife of l^homas Fiem:r,g Bates and h'.ing 
in Goochland county. 


March 2?, 1}74. 
"Dear Sic:ter: 

'"I received tldne by Capt. Ramsay and v-.'as sorry to hear yonr poor 
little son has been complaining so much, but I hope he iias now ge't tl;c 
better of all his complaints. I congratulate thee on the birth of a daughter. 
I beg thoii \.ill accept of a pair of little sta>s for ray nanic-^tke, and an 
apron for tiiNself. Tell I'rsula I have nothing for her now, but v%-il! got 
something to send 'by the ne.xt opporttinify. 

"I expect my husband home now c\xry day, and I ha\"e the pleasare 
to inform thee I shall certainly go out to Virgi.iia when lie returns. 

"I have nothing more and rsust conclude. With my love to th.y 
husband and children, I ain, dear Sister, thy ever loving sister, 

S.'.KA!! ClARK." 

It appeaT. tliat Capi. C lark and lii= wife did go to \"ir^i;!nia on a visit 
shortly a'^ter tiie above letter wa^ widtlen, and returi'- d to their honie in 

.su ii' I"; Cfiwi:-' 

ScvuluHil. ci:1h'i- l<t-fii'i- '1- eluding :';o F'-\ ,l::V'jnni->' V\;iv, :is slii: wrote X: 
her iTioil;r-|- iVoni tint c.iurar;.'. i/i. Or-'.,[j,:r ' '\ 1777. '!'!'.■- "H'tk' fi.n" ;v.:6 
infant "d.ii'.i^iuer" ic-fi. rvC'.! lo ii; ll'.o ;:!'0v;- Icricr -,vcrc 505 C'harlcn rit;riing 

V * 232 Carolu;e MntUdn,^ bon- 'Vh'h-r 17, !;;i, iu Horuic-, v a;= niarrir-J .\i:gu-^ 
S, 1771, \o Ti)o:r.i'..-; I'i'.tniiug !'!:itc<, w lio w.i-; born 1742 iri Yoik couiuy, 
\'irgini.i. }!c was- a so:', of Flcr.iir.LC Ij;'.;!-.- a;u! Saraii Jordat. 'l"ho\ 
settled i;i Com-b.laiHi'i;y where iluy built iheir eornnio.-lioiis r.r:s:,e 
''Behiiont .'■ He serw d iv; il.e RcAi.'' 'r.p.i'v \\'ar a:ui \v.).?= willi tiie 
coiuine.ifal arm\' at Yorki()\\ i; v.!kj5 C"(. riiva'ii-: ;>n:re:i(|ei-e;l. Ai v'ue jIiiTv 
during the war, the Britisli army iinoer I.oiJ Curnwallis. wa.-f qaariercd eiii 
Mr. Bates" ai.u ai,>;Mep"ia.tC'-l to tiieir own a--e. cr clest rc'Ve:.! all vl hi-j 
tic'ck, crops ar,d oilier proper! >', s- 'A\:,\ vshoi; the war was ''^.er, lie .-eeinccl 
unable tei retriex'e his lost fortune, died abouL ]'■.•<)}., a r><: or nian. 
Ai) of Ins cliildren were born at Belinoni. It v, .i.s du-:;ng- th.c w.i.r tiiat 
Mrs. Bates received the following lc:tter from 'icr nio'.iKr \s],o \va.-~, peihars, 
still residing ;;t licr old home in Henrico n<-a: tiK- James Ri'.xi. 

"iUt, 5th Aloiuh, 1775. 
"Dear Tally: 

"I ha\e not forgot thee concerning a few frsh, 1. liowing ihou a?t fond 
of them, i was thinking ic send a te^-- by the opportuni'.y, 
befoie i received th\' letter, i should be very glad to come up 'cut i see jio 
way for it at present, i want to see you all, and little Sauy mi p.irtjcular. 
i will try to forv.-a.rd T'rsula to come as soon as i can con'.enientl}". i have 
recei^'ed a lettei from thy sister Sally a lew riioniiis ago; it v."'.s dated 
October 16, 17 77, informing me of the state of her a.TaiTb. She says she 
uants for nothing that th.e country can aft'ord. Likevdse the saine day her 
liusband is scr out on a six months criiise against the Iiciieh. She has two 
fine children, jack and Sally. Sally is 14 month': old when she wr-i'tc to r-AC. 
She lives in tiie to-^vn all T,^dntcr and goes to the cou.ctry in ihe spring ana 
stays all suinmer. She says sne is determined to come to 'v'irgir.ia lao 
first opiiortnniiy. So i conclude. 

"Thy loving Mother, 

"AGXHS Parsons vVcot;.^on. 

"Thy brother sends ye 2 rock fi-h, and i send ye 9 .-liau and a Itw 

From this letter it will be observed that 231 Sarah \\'Godson Chirk 
v.-as living in Scotland in 177S, and that tlie youngest sister, Ursula, w,>.^, 
stil! living v.iih her parents in Henrico. It is uncertain which one of tlie 
brothers tenf "ye 2 rock ll:di.'^ At this rime 233 Tarl..-ton« was in a 
Briti:h prisoTi on Long Island, 234 Frederick' was an officer in the firsl; 
. Virginia regiment, and the half brother 22S Charles'- was probably at his 
own home. So the suppo.-^ition is that 230 George*^ was the broiher v\-iio 
sent h's sisier "ve 2 roc!: iisli." 

?!Xl:: i..-%NKKA- 

\'l *' 233 TaiL^ion,'^ Iht,'. Marcli 18, lV5i. Iw J l^- ■.;■.•; ro wiiL-iw he \va^ rcarod aiiil 
ciiucato.i. ln-!\>ro (lie brcikiru fin I'f iho R("\-oliui'.iiiary Wr.r, iic had 
eniisiccl in iho coh^aial arii^y :\\m\ v.T;< niaclo onska (h' ihc fu^t \'in;iraa 
rCj;-!aiC!iL on SviMcni' ■" 16, ITr^. V\i-,.,n the war had actually bfiiua, be 
of coursi.', eali^tcu ir, I'i-.e smtnico of hic- r.aiixo \"irgiuia. 0» DcroniLx-r >\ 

1776, hi; wap (••.)^;n.i^~lnnc^i ra;)Jaip. of a rorapany in thi.' tviuh X'iriiinu, 
reginiciii ar.d j-crwd '.vlili thi.-, rank i;i-,;il ihc fo!!a\vi:ift spriii;;. On ^ia\ 1, 

1777, he \\:i> made iiiajor of ilic .-cci'nd Canadian regiment. He \vn? a 
gallani .\\u\ eiTi-aieni c-ilaccr and no doiibc v.oidd b.ave attained hi^h rnilila'Sn- 
rank ilic w,ir closed, h.^'.l l:e l.oca ]>rrtnii;cd ic fcrvo fo loi-.g. Rui 
unfortunalely, iltiri;!g ilie iua-;"uTn ciiiiiJaign, wliik- in the \-icird;\- i.>f 
New \"(irk, he wms captsjrcd [)>• ilie cneniy on August }?.. 1777. -.waI \-.u'. in 
prison on Loay I -land. B'.in-,; ailowtd a limited jjarulc. lie liad the 
pii\i!vge oi ntak'iig s-oine plcas.ju ac;i-ia!nta!K-e>, odc oi whvwi \va~ I\iiss 
Anne \'an Ucr \'cer of Long Iskatu!, wh.o kitc-r became his \\ife. It is not 
kno\\ n \vli(:t!ier he married licforc hiang exciianged or af'erwards; but 
when llii- war wa;; (jver, h.e with liis >oung wife scliled in Prijice Edward 
county, \'irginia. After his return from prison he served in the state 
militia with the of major genera! and resigned on March 1, 17S2. 
(Sec Heitn-an's Officer-:, of the Re\oh!tion.) 

Following is an extract from a letter Avriiteii to Judge Tucker Woodson 
of Kentticky, by lOO.'*. Charles Van !)cr \"eer Woodsori' of Prince Edward 
county, and dated January 17, 1871 : 

233 Tarlet^'n Woodson^ was rny grandfather. During ih.c war of the 
Re\'oliuion, he tield the commission of major in tlie continental line, and 
served during most of the tiinc under ilie immediaie command of Wasli- 
ington. He was distinguished for gallantry and meritorious service; 
but during the northern campaign, w^as taken prisoner by the cnemj' on 
Long Island near the city of Xew York. Here being alioived a bruited 
parole, he formed the acquaintance of Anr.e \'an Der \*eer, a lady of 
Bata%"ian descent, v,diom iie married, and afterwards brought to Virginia. 

B>- this marriage my grandfa'dier had two son.s, 516 Charles" (my father) 
born in 1781, and 517 Tarleton,' his brother, l;orn in 179,1. My grand- 
father, after tlje establishmt-nt of peace, came to !i\'e iti Prince Edward 
county, some eighty or ninety rniles from the old farniij rcsIdHuce. He v.'as 
familiarly known as General Tarleton \^'ood£on. He frequetiily represented 
his county in tiio legislature, and was t'jc intimate friend of Patrick Henry. 
1 remember him well and have often heard him relate thrilling anecdotes 
of military ad\-enture, and hairbreadth escapes But though he 
participated in so many engagements, lie never receixed a woin:d, .'.nd 
was never sure that he had slain an enemy vsith his own liand. He I'.ied 
in 1818, I belie\-e ab'uit the age of sixty-four \ ears." 

It is stated in William and Mary College Quarterly, vol. X-, p. j85, 
that he was twice married; his second wdfe being Ann Friend, daughter of 
Thomas and Sarah Friend of Chestcr.^ield county; marriage liond recorded 
in Chesterfield in Kv'l. She v.-as o sister of Sarah Friend, the wife of 
230 Ceorirc Wocdstm." 

S2 T!!;' Wv)' •!>•;(■:,■■> .\\o tiut-; c^NNrcnoM- 

\n tb..- Hir!. cen-ii.- i>i V'y^ula, I7;r2 to 17S5. Tuilvion Woo'-pon i- 
c-inimor.ilod in Ptiiiri- ! .K'..;ui hvii] of a family coiijisdiig of 
"4 wliiu'rf, with i uwcliiuy ai'^l one <h\[CV buiKiii'.g." 

\'I1 234 Frederick,"' born, Manli 24. \l>i\ in flcririco county vlierc lie was ro:;rod 

and cduOcUcii. lii^ c.iriy enli.-'ied in t!ie caii.-=e of the- coloaics aR.'.iL.-^r 
Englan.'l, and on June- 1. 17VS, v.-as c^)n1nli^>i.;.n(:■d lirst lit.naci\ant in tlie 
firsi X'iryini.i ! v-,;in;(.'nL. He was made ca;>l;;in ir. 17S0 and ser\-od '.mtil 
PeccnilHr, 17;; i. 1!l- nost-r nMrricd. .'u'tcr tlie war was o\er be rclircd 
t'.' Ills pl.inl.iii'^n in l'o>>.iiaian Ci.ijny, w iuac !>e liwd lo b;.- (;uiK' an ob! 
man. In ihf laitor pan of InV bfc be went t(/ Pvinci.' !--d\'.-a.rd rouniy and 
i(.'~it!i-d, uritil bis (b-atli, with bis ncpbcw 516 C'barlcs \\'oodbon," son of 
2.v^ 'b.a-b'ton \V. lH!^on.'' 

Vlll 233 Ursula/ born Jan.nary 30, 176(,1, in H;_-nrico, wlit-ro she was b'\in.c; wiib. her 

parenis in. Ma\'. 177S when "yc siiad and ro,.:!; lisli" were seiit to her sister 
in Goochl.jnd. 't was afier this incident that s'le married Fiancis Ludding- 
ton of Greenbrier count}'. No issue. 

Issue cf 8 TARLETON V/OODSON' (Tarleton,-" John,' Robert.^ Jolin') and his 
wife, Slicpherd. 

! * 2?'j John,"^ w;i^ nrfdiibly iiorn in Goochbind; he married Kliia'.^tth Baib?y of county, and seiib.d iri A'.bcniarb.: wbicre he spent the rcniainde/ oi his 
life. He dit-d there and his wii! wa-^ proved in 1779, and iianic? his vv-iie 
Elizabeth, atul tv.o riiilJren.. Also kinsman Pleasants Bailey OgjlelA-, 
and Augustine Shepherd. (Wm.and M. Qtl\., vol. XI, p. 50.) In 
the census of \'irginia, r/S2 to 17S5, Eii,''abetli ^^■ood^on is enun^eratcd ..i 
head of family, conbi^iing of orje person, with tw<i dwellings and three 
other buildings. 

This seems to indicate that her children were married and livinj; in 
their own homes (proljably near by), and that .she v.-as still li'/ing in the old 
home where she and her husband (now dead) had spent so many yea.r.^. 

Issri? of 81 SUSANNA Y/OODSON^ (Tarlcton,' John,' Robert,^ John') and John 

Pleasants' of "Picka.nockie." 

I * 237 Matihev,' Pleasants,"^ born February 16, 1759, in Henrico countv, was 
married in the cit\- of Richmond, \'irginia, in February, 1784, to Anna 
Raile>-. daughter of Col. John Railcy and Elizabeth Randolph of "Stone- 
henge." Anna Raile}' was born September 16, 1759. After some years' 
residence in \"irginia, they remo\'ed to Woodfortl county. Kcntticky. 
about 1803 and there spent the remainder of their li\-es. He died in 
January, 1816, and she died in 1826. His old family Bible is now in the 
possession, of his great-grandstju. Dr. W'illia.m I^. PLirriman of San Awtonio, 







■ ";, 

\i / ^ 


:\-^->- V 


"'v ' 

\ v 



■■-. ■ ; \ 





■ — ,. 

' -'"^' 




\ " 



- * '■ 

'■■^. ,'■• _ :. 

. ,;s-~- 

'. ^ ;' "■■'■. 

■ '^ '; 



i , . 

i ' ' 
-. i- , 


fi.NTii ci:nf 

li * 23S James Pleas.'.nis/' 'Of C-.>iU'.-,iii>.!;."' l>,.::i h> llcnric(.> cuinrLV. whci-e li- 
^rew lo I'o ;\ p; iiiniiioul ;'.iu! isfciji i'i;izvn. He inaniod Mrs. A;;:'!:'. 
(R.^.'.dt.'lpli) !'i :a.-,uv.s. v.-i<:; nv (.f j<>iii! i':..\'?:u\ls/ nmi t!;u!giUcr of C<']. 
isham Raiidnljih. This v. :!s !ut \luvu .'ri.irriage. Her lirsr liiis-ban'.l »vr.s 
Da!ii(.-1 Sct'ti who, ii a.ppiar.-, ii\-e(i bu'. a ;!i"rt- linie afier U'.'-'ir marriage 
She nia.riiec'i, ^coiui. John I'leasani:-'' who was a .sen vi John Plca^a ;■■.>- 
and Dor.itl-ica Cvirx.' and a hrother lo Mar\' PIca.-aiils.' t!ic hrsi valV o!' 
79 r'.-.arict; XN'onr'^c.ii.-' After ihe deaiii of her second husband, sh.c 
married, third, a- n!.)ii\o tiatrd, .?3J^ Ja;r.e- Plon^arits "oi Contcnlion." 

Issue of £.S Col. JOBN WOODSON-' (J-'-i-'ir' John,-' Rohert.= Jcl-.n') and Ooroihca 


i 239 Jane/' lx)rri i.; Goochland roiiiiiy al)out 1V52, was married .ltd}- 17, 1775, 
to her cnu.-ir. , Arcliibald I^leasantr. 
Security, John Cheadle. 
\Viinesfc.';-24-2 Josiah W'oodfon.'-' 
-243 I.-^ham Woodson.'^ 

II 240 Isanuie/ born in Goochland count\^ V\"as married Oclotx'-r 12, 1777, to her 
third cousin. 253 John Stephen Wo^.d^on.^ For i.ssiie see 253 jc.'an 
Steidien V\'ovd.?on.-' 

III 241 Elizabeth/" born in , Goochland, Xcveniber, 1756, arid marries.' -1124 Jo\\.\ 

Ghea.die,' who v. as her third cousin, a son of 81 Juduh Woodcou'' and 
Thomas Cheadle. See Addenda. 

IV * 242 Llajor Josiah/' born in .175S at Dover in Goochland county, Virginia. 

Al the age of twent>-, on December 3, 177S, he was morrieJ ro his tl'.ird 
cousin 254 Elizabeth Woodson,'' aged nineteen, daughter of 91 Rev. 
Matlhew Woodson.^ With the rank of major, he served in Gen'l GrecT-o's 
command in the continental army, and later under i.alayettc. Mc partici- 
pated in the siege of Yorktown and witnessed the surrender of CoraMali:"- 
at that place. Previous to that event, he Was with hi.s family at his father's 
home at Dover, on leave of absence, and near being captured by Col. 
Tarkton v.dio \v.:-s in command of tlie ad\"ir!cc guard of the British aTT.y. 
It was at Dover that Cornwallis made his headquarters for a day or two 
on his way to ^'orkiown. He treated the family with respect and con- 
sideration. It is even said that he imprinted a fatherly kiss upon little 
535 Mary Woodson' the baby daughter of 242 Major Josiah Wood-on. '^ 
88 Col. John Woodson* was at that time about fifty-one years old. Using 
his own ferr\iioat he crossed over to a plantation he owned on Sabot s 
Island in James River, where he remained until the "'Red Coats" were gone. 
Meantime his son 242 Major Josiah'' ha.d rejoined his reL'iment and pro- 
ceeded with the cr^nii land to the vicinity oi' Yorktown, v>herc they had the 
satisfaction of witnes-^ing on October 19. 1782, tb.e s;;rrciider of Lord 

84 TUT" v> '1l■^^l-•^>^•^ anI) th!.!:-; 

CciruwaHis c.r.A h]< ".'nrirc coniniaiul. AfU^r <he war was over ant' 
ix'i'.co cstabli.-iic'.!, 7-\2 jo^ia'!-, \\\ ■■.■<.' ■■'ju'' rcni;;ineti in Godcl-Jar'' 
c<iini;>- wliere 'it; -caroi' a f.^PiMy "f live uaiighiors. His -■.'.'.ic- KUzu'i !•:{'.-, 
died at l>o\er ab'jisr, 17','/. !ti ]SO,i Ik- wca to Mays\-illc, Kcamcky, \<: 
he near !\i.s chiklrca who pr.cer.vti liha '.o'.hat new country. Mere re 
spenl I'n.e ic.ii.undcr of liis Hie and tiiod in 1S17. 

V 2.43 Isliam," bom at DoNtT in (".o,;,cI.'.a.iid coinny, September, 1 7.S9, and <.Hcii 

\"I * 2-M Susannah,'' briin at her fatiicrV b.oir.e at Dover, an June 26, 1761, w,i^ 
married Scpiember 17. 17S4, to lier ilrst cousin Isham Randolph Railoy, 
son of Cob John Railey and wi'e iZIi.:!ab._'tbi Randolph of Stoneb.eiir,e 
(name uf tlieir home in Ciicsierrield coui.i\). Ishani Randolp'.i Railey 
was born at Stonohcnge, July 15, I75S. H>- .md hi;^ v.ife li'.-ed in \arv;ir.ia 
soine ten years, and in 1794 rcn10^•ed to- ^Voodford county, Kentuckx'. 
whce they boui,du a line farm upon w'aieh they built their home- which 
they called 'A'iney Grove." Here tliey sptnu tlie renadndcr of tlieir ]i\-es. 
He died March 14, 1814. She sur\-i\ed liira bat a few years and, died 
December 6, ISIS. Both arc buried in tiieir own family bur}ing ground 
at Viney Gro\e, near \'crsai!!cs, Kentucky. 

\"n * 245 Jolm,'' born at D<)\-er, February 23. 1763, was married March 30, 17S6, 
to Mary l.i^lnfoi:: .AnckT-.T!. She wa-:. calkd "Polly"' by the family. 
He rendered acti\'c iield ser\ice in tlie Revolutionary War as shown by 
the following copy of his applicatiori for pension, on file in tiie Re\"o!uiionary 
War records in W ashington, D. C. 

I. S. C. 

S. File 6434, Rew \A'ar Records. 

John Woodson, a soldier of the Re\olutionary \''ar. 

Enh%ted: Winter 1779, 1 laoniii. Sergeant, Capt. Wm. Miller. 

Spring 17Sfi, 2 weeks, Sergeant. Capt. Curd. 

I\iay 17S0, 6 months I^usign, 

Following winter Cornet, Capt. Pk-asants. 

Same >x'ar, 6 months. Ensign. Capt. i_)i,kc. 
Battles engaged in, Camden and Siege of Vorktown. Residence at Ei.lis.- 
meut,'and cour.ty, \'irginia. Dat-- of Application for Pcns:o!i, 
October 25, lf32. Residence at date of Application, Hano\-ei count>-, 
\'irginia. Age at date of application, born February 29, 1763, in Goochland 
CDuaty, Virginia. 

Remarks: His claim was allowed. For the date of his death and name of 
tlic person to wlumi tlie arrears of his pension were paid, appl\- to the 
Auditor for the Interior Department, C. S. Treasury Department, gixing 
him all of the following data: "Joint Woodson, Certificate 347S, issuetl 
Deceniber 22, 1832, at the \'irginia .Xgency." 

Signed. J. L. I>.\\ e.\pc)Ht, 
Washington, D. C. Corrimissioncr. 

- Februa;y 26, 19;3. 

stxir: <;;{M:i;ATi 

Vl!l * 246 Martha," l«)rn at Duvcv in CcvAhland lo^i nv. }v.\v h, !7^1, vnv rnarrioii 
Dccciiil'iT 2), 1786, 10 h<r rirsl coiir=ir,, ■'"■ I\;u1o\, v.iv! w;;;: I'Orii 
Scptcnii-ii.T ?2, 1754, ai Slont-hcfii^c in C'1u-~m.! noki coiiiiU'. \'iri;;i.)i<'.. H.; 
was a son of Ci>l. J<,)l.n l-i;ii!o\- a'ui vil'c-, i"iizal>ftr; Kam'oiiiii. ile luii.! 
prcvioiisiy '.;0!;o to Kcniurky, in 17Sij, ■_,•)'] '■oii;,jhi a lavni in W'dodlt.i-,! 
count}". Afier gfiiiiig- liie plice in good i:(>ii(iiti'..>ri. ho roiiirr.i;'.! to Virginia. 
. married his wife in December, 1786, arni in the lollowin? :;|iriiit; rcfarned 
with iicr to their Kentuc-i-;y huint' whi.-i, they ralkci "( 'iii;o:i." lii-ri.- 
they spent thirty-five years of a ha[>py. pro -pcroiis ami iisitul iiie. Mo 
diet! in tS22 and' :<ho in l?o4. Both ;ii',' buried in tiuir far.ii'.y burNiiij, 
ground at CHfto:i, near \'ersailles,.\''''oodford county, Kentuclcy. 

IX ■ 24V Ji-ditb/ born February ]6, 1767, at Dover in Co.-ciiiand county. Virgini.i. 
was m.^,rried in 1793 to her first coii-in V.'ihia.m R.iiley, ?>.)i! of Co!. Joiin 
Railey and wife Elizabeth Randolph. He v.'as •lorn ;u Stonchcnge in 
Chesicrlieid county on February 26, 1761. \V'n..n a youp.< ai'jn, he w^^nt 
to ICcnluck}- v.-ith his elder brotiiers, pureh.'--ed a iraci of land near \'er- 
sailles in Woodford county, and after makia;.; ui.-crjf^.iry i'.nprover.ier.t? and 
getting it in condition for cdtivati'jn, retarp.-.i! to \'i'.-';ii;h; in 17y.\ riu'irricd 
his wife and brought iier to their Kenmr'v} liomc \vhii'h th.e%- called 
"Liberty Hall." Here they built a larire a-iJ eon-.nio<!i.H'> brick hou-o, 
one of tlie first of its Ldnd ever buib in. V^'oodfor-i coumy. It was the 
favorite i^atlierinc; place for all the Wood.-on-Ra;ley kiu in that \>CxVt oi the 
state. He died February 8, 1818, and fbc died October '26, 1S31. B(-th 
arc buried in tlicir family bur\-ing trour.d at Li!>erty Ha'd. 

X 218 Sarah/' born Xoveinber 14, 1770, at Dover in Goochland couixiy, Virgini-A, 
was married in 1790 to her third cousin, 259 Philip Woodson," ^o.a of ';l 
Rev. Matthew Woodson. ° They located in Hanover cuniv and bper.t their 
entire wedded life on their farm situated on Alien's C'r<:ek, a Siiiall sireaji; 
that meandered through the property. He died there In b'^46. Siie being 
afflicted and in feeble health, su.rvived hint but ?. short time, hor issue 
see 259 Philip Woodson. ° 

XI 249 Mary/ born at Dover in Goochland county fdate of hirtl; not i;no'-vn\ 

and wa- married on August 10, 1778. to Cot. Xal Morris or the Briii:h. 
army. It is regarded as an unusim! cir'aini-^tance, tliat she shou:d ha\e 
married an officer of the British army, wliile her Ijrotiicr wa". an oificer in 
the opposing forces, and all th.c rest of the f.imily in full sympathy with th? 

XII 250 Lucy,' born at the famUy home at. Duver and died there uiimarried. 
j'>om the Register ke[)t b\- Rev. William Douglas of Cooehhind, it appear- 
that he baptii'-ed all th.e:^e twelve children of 88 Col. John Woods.Mi and 
Doroth.(fa Ranaolpii;and ncrf;)rrnefl the m trriage ceremony for four of then.i. 
(See \\ lu. and .Mary QJj ., noI. X, [>. 387.) 



The foil'.xvin- i^ from Mr. S. W. Kaik-y 

"I v.-riti.' the I'ullov.-ing- as the rLx-uIt ol' .-■jine visit- ] made to Virginia, for llie 
purpose of learning the family iiisiory of the Raiulolphs ajid the Maileys: 
and of seeing their former homes. 

Col. John Ivcii'ey ^^•a^ an h,y l)ii-ih: he raiiie to \'irj;:n;a 
some time unriny tJtc iir-ii half of the eighteenth '■•entury, when c;uite a 
young man, and ptircha.sed a tract of land in Chesterhdd conr.ty, v/liich he 
named "Stor.ehenge.'" )t i.-5 said th..!t, beeause of the gi.ant oaks there, it 
was so named for the sea.t of tiio 1 Jruid jiriests in hhii^land. Col. R.dley 
had the I'nglish love for horses and horce-raaane, : and after hie cstdili.^h'.^l 
his home, he laid otit a race course where raeiny was held for marjy year.s. 
The course may still be seen, though nov.- grov.n. up in> jios.t oak. 
r.vonehengc is tliineen miles v.'e-t of Richmond. Aliddothi.ui (a station on 
the Souihern Railway) is on the estaie. The soi' v,as probah'\- not of 
great depth originally, and v.'as hnall\- e.'^liaasted b>- eultivaiion. Th.c 
j.lace i)as now ceared to be cultivated and has laaiiily re\eiti.-d to a stale of 
nature. Some of the original great oak.-, remain, but It is now mostly 
covered by second grov.'th oaks. 'f"he caretaker told me that deer were 
killed on the place ever\- winter. li is now ov^-ned liy a Pliil.idelphia Co.J 
Company. Tl;c Stonehenge residence has long since tumbled down and 
gone to decay. I was told by old inliabitanls that there are no Raileys 
left in Chesterfield county now; all iiasin.g gijne to .Kv-ntucky or to 
Albemarle countN% X'irciiiia." 

Col. Jcilm Railey was descended from the .second son of Sir W'a.ite-- 
Raleigh, and had his name changed to Railey after he had permanently 
seitled in Che.-.;err!elQ count;e. He v.-as married in. Xove.nber, !75(-i, 
to PJi/abeth Rand.dph, d.iugtitcr of Col. Randolpii of Dungeness. 
She was a sister of jane Flandolph who married Peter Jefi'en,on and became 
the mother of Rresidenl Tlionias Jefferson. She was also a sister of 
Dorothea Randolj)h -who married i^S Cu\. J'>hn \\"ood=on.-' Col. JoIhi 
Railey was, of cotirse, too far ad\.'inced in years to take an'e pait iii ihe 
Re^'ohuionary War, but he no doubt served the colonies in their v.-ars with 
tl;e Indians, Spe.nish and French, and S',' attained to the rank of colonel. 
Me dicii at Ston.ei:enr'e, and his will, dated in i;s2, was recoi-dci in Chester- 
field county. He left a large estate in t.mds, stock, slaves and eleven 
hundred pounds sterlin.g, in casli, to his childrL-n; the largest siiare being 
lef. to his eldest son Tliomas Railey. There weie eight children btjrn 
to him and his wife, Elizabetli Randtjiph; of whom, Thomas, the eldest, 
married 244 Martha Woodson;^ Isham Randolph Railey married 242 
Susannah Woodson,*^ and William Railey married 245 Judith Woodson.' 
All daughters of 88 Col. John Woodson= and Dorothea Randolph, and all, 
through their mothers were first cousiiis to th.eir husbands. Anna Railey, 
one of llic daughteis ol C..\. John Llaihjv and Elizabeth Randolph, married 
237 Matthew Pleasants,"" .son of 81 Su-.inn:i Woodson" and John Pleasants, 

.^ixrs: ciM- :;.\j!ijx 

of i'icii.ii-.ui.'-.i'j. Tliv-ic '.vas aiioi !'.?!■ ';■•!!'d K;!i!;ii_>!r.ii Railry, wlio 
m.irricu A';<:ilKi Plt.-;:>;ini;-, c- liaiu^-ier oi J.^S Jainr- ^K^■s;!nt^^ and Ann.: 

Issue of eO JOSEPH V.'OODSON^ (J.-iaii/ JoIk;,^ l<..brrl. -Joir^') an,! Mary Crouch. 

I 25) Elizabeth,'' born proiuibiy al oiii 175^-! in Cooctilancl v:>ai,l\. 

Issue of 9 1 5<ev. MATTllEVS" WOODSOr^ (Stephen,^ tolm/ Rnberlr iolm') ar.d 

Kli/ibcth LeVillian. 

1 252 Matthew/ born Ociober 11, 17.vl, in Goochland county. p:uj di'.^d yoiiiu;. 

II * 25Z Joh-.i Stephen/' born Augu^t 1 7. !7,"7, in Cr.Dchland co'.ir.ty, '.vb.'.Te h.c grcw 
to young nuMibio.jd and was uiarried on Oci.b.r 12, 1777. to his third cou.-iii, 
240 Woodscui/ daughter of S^' Cob Joliii \\'oo;b<(;n= aiui 
Randolpli. T'.otli the contracting parlic:- lo this union bcitig uncK'T a.r;'.\ 
tlieir n'S|;ccii\-c fathers ga\-e letters of consent to \he marriage. Wheihc: 
253 Job.n Stephen \A'oods3n'' enlisted in the Amcricui army b>efore or after 
his marriage, is not definitcK' known. Bat ho did tnlisi, a com- 
inissioned olficer and ser\cd to the end of tlie war. Ir i.^ said rhat Jie \\ 
a great adnn'rer of C7cn'l ^^'arr:■n, ,ind named one of hi- sce.s V\'arren., in 
honor of that gallani. oiitccr. After the \\-ar was c\ri , he settled on 'li--- 
farm in Goochland county ■'.\ liere all o'i !:is childi-'ii ■,>-e;e boin. f-iy 
industry, economy and good managr-ment, he l.iecanie a man cf Vi'i'aiih 
and leisure, and had an overseer to mai ..i,-e the slaves and loeik after the 
. plantation. His eliildren were all hi'^ eviitcavcd; riiiie c,f them lived t'l be 
grown and. all married except Naric\-. C);ie of hi'- son-j, J.ih'.i S'ephen, Jr., 
died in inUincy. .After tliat brca\-cnicnt. twins were i.Mrn he narneri iiuc 
one of tlv. ni John H:id, the other Stephe;i. I:; 1S':5. witii Iiis wife ai-id 
seN'cral cr.ildren, he remoxcd to W'oodforc: count}-, Ivc:itr.c!:y, bought aii'i 
improved a splend'd farm an.d there sjei.r the remain-ler of his life. lie 
died Septerrdier 16, 1533. 

III 2.54 Elizabeth/ born I\Iay 12, 1759, at Do\er, Mrginia, u^kix .=h.e spent 

entire life. She v. as married December 3, 1778, to her thhci cousin 242 
]\T.;jor Josiah V.'ou ison,-' son of .'^'S Col. Jolin Woo'd-on'' .md )-)oroih.e:'. 
Randolph. She died at their home at I )over iii !7'.''7. lor issue see 242 
Alajor Josia.h \\'ood~(..ri.^- 

IV * 255 Sf.ruuel/ bcum at Dover, Virginia, July 24, 1761, wa.- married June 5, 

17S2., to Sarah Mills, daughter of William Mills and lilizabetb. Iiis. 

vife. Sarah Mills was born April 23. 1764. It is not believed thai lie 
rendered any military service dtiring the war, for he was only fifteen years 
old \\ hen it began. Some years after the cessation of ho'-tili' ii:-^. he rmd his 
entire fami!)- mo\ed io Kentuck>- and settled in }Ioi)kin':i C!junt\- where lie 
pper.i: I lie rejitai-.ider of his life. 

\' 256 Maiy/ norn \',iy 28. i7(k^. .-.i !>i'vcr, \"iry;"ria, was marricfi Xovcmbcr 21; 
17S.V to jf:.-c Rv(k!. 

\'l 2.W F'-ances,^ !i.irn May 28. i76.', ai "Ovner. \'irp!r.ia, v:^'. innrrifr] in 17P-2 t^^ 

\"1I ''' 25S Jacob/ bom May 2.^, 1 766, ;u iV.n-er in Godcliland c-jimvy, X'irgir.ia, where 
lie grew to r.Kinliood aiul wa..-- married alKJiit 1793 lo Dorothea Peer.^, 
called "Do'K.'' In 1/96 v1k\'\ed to Payette coiinly, Kenli!eic>% 
stopping there a few r-unnhf; in "loo!: nreriuj" iv. a permanent locatio j. 
In Januar\-. 1797, he went to Mercer councy where he leased from Je.oo'.i 
Froman, for five years a tract of 700 acres of land, the con.dderatioti bcin^ 
one liundred ponr.ds sterling, payable in Kentucky currency in five annual 
installment^--. The agreement was secured l.iy a or. th.rec negro 
men, Richartl, Archy and Janus; and three neyro girls, Tenali, Lucy and 
Sally. He died about 1S05 and Ids witlow. Dorothea married James 
Clark, as iduiwn by the marri;,!;<. contract (uUcd Di.vernber 20, 1S08, and 
recorded at Harrodsburg, Keniueky, and witnessed by Stephen C. Letcher 
and William Woudson. 

\']II * 259 Philip," born Aik,ii:-i 7, 1767, nt Do\"c'", Cio.ichland cuuiity, \'irginia, was 
married in 1790 to his third cousin 243 Sarah Woodson,* daugliter of SS 
Col. John Woodson'" an<.! Doj-othea Randolph. They lived a few years in 
Goochland and iinalK' settled in Hanover couni>', on their farni which 
was called Allen's Crei-k from iiie fact that a sma'l siiea.m of that iianis 
flowed through the proi)erty. Here they spent tiieir entire vvxdded life. 
He was called Captain Woodson. He too young to take any part in 
the\' struggle, being only abctit eiglit years old whe;i that 
v.'ar began. So his title of capi.iin was prcibably acfjuired in the nuluia 
service of the state, after the cessation of hostilities, when patriotic men 
had ample opporttinitics of rendering valualde ser\ ices to tl.'cir countr\'. 
He died at his home January- 2J-, 1;46. The following obituary i= copied 
from the Richmond Enquirer: 

"I3eparted this life on the 24th January, 1846, at his lesidence, 
'Allen's Creek,' Hanover county, Captain Philip Woodson, Sr., in ilic 
se\ent\-ninth > car of liis age. He wa:^ confined to his languishing bed and 
sick room abmit I wo mi)!Uhs pre\-i')us to iris dissolution, dtiri-ig all of which: 
time he was nc\cr heard to complain, but without a rnurmur, he paticnily 
and with. Christian resignation, awaited the hour of his departure from time 
to eternity. He died, perfectly in his senses, and without a struggle, 
fully resigned, assuring his family and fric^nds that his faith and reliarice 
on his Savior had disarmed deaihof all his terrors, and that his hope for 
a blissful immortality beyond the grave, was bright, firm and unshaken. 
For about fifteen years he was a zealous, devoted and warmdiearted 
Christian. He attached himself to the liaptist Church and lived and died 
one cf its most co.isisient meiid>vr;;. Of the deceased it may be truly 
said, no one was ever heard to uticr a wo.-d of Iiarit:, no, not one; lor he was 


bolnver! iiv oU v.-lio knew ]■•.'..■•.. i'c h;it !el't Iir'niiui h\\v., to ir.ourii over iier 
iii-cparnhlc ](•->, an .''gc! ni;.-:! ..!'•':<. h;-; p;irincr, \' iih wlioiii ho ii\c<! in i>eifoft 
connubial poarv anvl ltli~s fi/i- ii-.-.rK' fifiy-^ix \c:irs, anil to wlumi he said, 
a short lime bc-fo/e ho <iit\!. i; \\-'iii;i mi be Kmg bi;ffii'c sho vvculi! bjll.i-i.- 
h.iiii. oii'l i!:al ihey wi'ulu '.-, ;'-,:;in niuitJ in hioaxcn. 'ij!c.--cd are llic 
tk-.i'J thai die in. tiie Lortl ; \-ea, xhey rcr-t fn^in their lal^ors and ilici'' wo.'ks 
do follow ihcni."' 

Also the fe'ilov. ing- from Ti>e H-ini^'.ille (A la i v. ma) Dcn'iorrav <<i 
February 4, lS-10. Tliis ncv>p;!!-.'or \vas I'e'Ui'.Jed and edited for thirl :,■- 
three ye^rs l>y hi.- .«_"; 592 Philiii \\"ood<np./ 

"We are paintd to learn by a lerier from Richniuiid ilie death of our 
venerable faliier, Capi. Philii:) Vv'oodsf'n, who tleparied tiiis liic at. lii.-: 
residence, "Allen's Creek' in Hanover count\, V'irgiiiiy, in ihe seventy- 
ninth year uf his age. The writer of the letter aniiouncing thi> sad ui-"- 
pen.sation stales tliat lie was coiii'ined fjr ;',bwi;t tv/o niontii;; prc\'io'.is to 
his death, and gradually declined until h" oxpiiC''!, without a strug„';lo. 
His disease did not appear to be ;i p. infui u;.e. !Ic nevci' complained, 
but appeared all jKitience and resignation. Vi'l-en asked if lie not 
rather rccowr, he replied he ;iad no choice, b\il preferred that his Kea\'enly 
Father's will sh.Miilu be done. For near twente years, \vc believe: he has 
been a member of th.e Baptist Clitirch. He a nati\e of Goochland 
count}' where, on the i^anlcs of James Ri\er, lie passed tlie prime of iiis life. 
He was a plain man, and his deportment through life was truly that oi a 
Virginian of the olden time. lie departed tliis life on Sattir..'a>-, Jajiuary 
24, 1846." 

IX * 260 Daniel,^ born April 19, 1769, at Dover, X'irglnia, was married to Nancy 

X 261 larieion/ born July 17, 1771, at Dover, \'irginia, and tlicd yotin^:. 

XI * 202 ThomaSj'^ born December 2, 177,2, .it Do^•er, Goochland coim.ty, \'irginia, 
Avlicre he "A'as reared and edticaied. He was married Febiuary 27, i7'i6. 
to Sarah Saunders, daughter of Jesse Saunders and Alary I.eViliiaii. 
This ^.lary LeVillian was a daughter of Anthonv Le\'ili;a'; at:d wi'"e 
Miss —-'■ — LaPrade, Huguenots. Sarah Saunders vcas born May 1, 1776, 
in i.iiner.burg county, Virginia. When she was il>: or ciykt years old, 
her mother died -ind her father gave her to liis iirother, R.'i-crt Hvde 
Saunders and wife Li:c\- Ma>o, to be cared for anci reared. Tlie>' lived in 
I.uiienburg county. Sarah Saunders had one sister and nine broi.hcrs; 
all of whom died without issue e.vccij.t Robert Saunders v, ho was born 
April 22, 177S, and was married .April 7, ^S03, to Susannah. Hord, of Non.ii 
Carolina, and died December 11, 1S57. 262 Thomas Woodson'^ and his 
wife, Sarah lived at Dovx-r, \'irginia with his parents until their death. 
His father died in If-'OO untl his mother died Deceml.ier 1.5, bSO.S. Shortly 
after this, Thomas and Sarah moved to Hart county, Kentucky, and bought 

. a thousand a-^res of land from his cousin Fredeiiek Wuodson, and 

foundeil thereon tiie town, of \\Viodsoii--,ilie, which Il^s grown to Ijc a city 

t'l>r,i!.ik' iriiporLirrCO. It w.'s b.ct\- llini. I'll >■..': .is \\"f.'-)d.-:on ;niil !;!■; 
good wife ^a;^)h spen; ihe !\in.iiii<!er fiMh-.-r ;i\-c5. Siic ciicd Jal>' 2!, ISfJ, 
and i?c on i-'tKni^ivy M, 1J57. Thoii" ii-.-;i.iiiUa!!t^ will, no lio'jbt, rc:a(i 
wi^li imcrtjl tliC I'tiliowiiu; : 

OBITUAKY 01'~ 'mo.-'.fAS WOOO^OV 

"Ai 11 o'clock S.ilurda\- nijiu, Fcl^ruary 14. 1857, at 'Jk' residence of 
liis youngest son, in V\"oodfonvi'ic, Keii^uoky Viood.-o!!, Sr., 
biTathed 'ils 'a?i wii'v.^ui a struggle. He was horn in GoochU'ind couiiiy. 
\'irgir,i.i. or. DeceiViber 2, 1772, Lic-iiig ih.e x'cungosi son «'i tnai ir.ost gocily 
pair, Rev. Matthew Wtiod.son and his wife Eii.:abeth I.eX'illian. He moved 
to this place in ISO! when t!ic country was bu'. little n'.oie than o wilderness. 
Hire he (oinKl a few IJaptists with who;ii li. united nuA remained Cinn in 
the d('Ctrine of Grace. He professed r'le re!ii;iori of jcsns C'hrir.t in the 
year 1799 o;- 1800, during that great revival in tl'.c l.\jvei Church and 
Association. He was, many years .-^nliject to n"iu;;!i afilierlon. U 
might be iriiU- said, a just and upright iran. having jias.-cd througli gre;'.t 
tribulation, 'gathered i;p his feet into the bed and ga\-e up tiiC Gliost, and 
v."as g;ilh.ered unto his fathers.' He was intftrcd be.--idc ijis mosi exccUent 
wife Sally Saunders U'oodson, to whoin he was wedded Fcbri-ary 27, 1796. 
She was the \-oungcst daiighter of Jesse a.nd Mary Saunders of Lunenbtn'g 
cotmty, \'irginia. She was 'of/rn Ma\- 1, 1776, and died July 21, iS44. 
The\ were tiie fond parents of ten cbiidrei:, of whom four rernaicj to mourn 
their loss." 

M.'-s. Caroline Dtiptiy Bassett of Missouri is a great-granddaughter 
of Thomas and Sarah Saunders \\'uodsn::. Writing of thLin, sl'.e -a>-s: 

"1 knew them well and was at their house ab.aost e\ery day u-iti! 1 
was ten >-ear^ old. 1 was present wlieii m\- greor-giandiniorlii.T died, in 
1844. She was a wonian of large size, o\'cr two luindred pc/unds. 
My great-grandfather, Thomas Woodson, \\as si.\ fci t tall, ■,'ery dark 
comple.xion, black hair and c)"es, and v.xigiied one liundred and filLeen 
pounds. In their religious faith, he and Ids tamily »vere lj:ii)i:.-,t-^; as were 
also his parents and thr-ir lainiiy 

YAl 263 Benjamin,'^ born May 22, 1774, at i3o\'er, X'irginia, <.jkj died, iri infancy. 

X i 11 ?.Ci Tane/- I,>orn March 4, 1 776, at Dover, Virgiida, and v, as married to William 


XIV ■'■ 20'^. Tii.bitha,* born October 6, 1779, at DoNer, \'irginia, was married about 
1801 to John Rrown and settled in Hanover county, or very near the line. 

Issue of - BZ STEPHEN WOODSOK^ (Stephen,-" j.ohn,^ Robert,- John') and Lucy 

1 * 266 Stephen/' born Januar-.- 11, 1759. in CiindK-rland county, \'irgir,ia, wa.-, 
b^ipli.'.ed March 25. 1759, by Rev. William Douglas; was married in I7S0 
to M;.r-.- of Cumlx-rland. H<- served in ihe Revolutionary 


ar.T.v, I'Ul ii; '.viia; vi'r.mKir.d is ixir-iu '.•.'!>■ known. Xur is ii known 
\,hat his rr.iik was. 1 liis iin'onv.aiii".) coiicoriiing his war rcc<M-d anci ills 
iii.'iri-iai;c was j;i\-..ii by li^s gr.ui-rr^n, l.'.w SlepliCii Tsiiiartici Wooc'sOii' 
of San jo>c, Cniifoi nl.i. 

11 267 Mary/ iiorn (K' 27, 1760, in Cunil.eri;.ni.l c>'.uii;\-, X'ir^inia. cind 

b>ni)i;/i.d by Ro\'. W'iUiani Duiigk.s (jn Fcbruvirx o, 1761. 

HI 26S Fairar,'^ born 1 762 in Curabcr'aM.i couiuy. 

issue of QB J051ZPK WOODSON^ (Jo-eph,' Rober;/ Rouerf,- join-') and 101 

Elizabftli Parsons.* 

I ?69 Mary/ born ;.b..^i!! i;j9, prc^ably in lloiii-ito county, \'iryinia, and \.\'.s 
niairied about 17.S5 lo 157 Thonias \Wiod.-i:!i.= it is said that vavy s^jitlcii 
in that p;;rl of Gooc'iland '%vhicli bc'c:jnTc I'owh.iiar, county. For is-a^.- 
scc I.S7 Thomas ^Voodson.^ 

II 270 Juoith,'' born abot;i i7-ll and was marrivu Fcbriiar}' 24. 1757, to her :-cco;;.d 

coii-in 103 Jonatluin ICnight-' of Lunenburg CMUuty. 

Ill 271 Sarah, '^ borr. :diiiui 1743 in Henrico, was married March 9, '763, to Jeisc 

Ellis; Security, Jolm Oouch; Witness, Hez Holir.nd.. 

I\' 272 Robe! t,'' born a')ot!i 17-1-5, in Henrico county. 

\' * 273 John/ l^ora about 17-17 in Henrico county. Virginia. In a letter dated 
January 29, 19iU, his greatnep'iew 1270 Frank Rcdford VVoodsoa' of 
Richm<.nd says. 

"I knew tliese three brothers — Robert. John ai:d Jo^eoli when T wa.-? a 
boy seven or eighc year's old. Joscpli was in> gr,a-idfai;i)er. He en tared (Alo 
acres of land twenty-six miles from Richmond. John settled on a body of 
land known now as the Sampson farm, twenty niiles from RicJtnior.d. lie 
died there and iii his burying grotjr.d there was a hoad.-rono marked 'jolm 
Woodson.' He was a brother to my own grandfather 2 74 Josepii Wood=o:-, '■' 
'of Geniioe.'" 

273 John Woodson* was married about 176S, but the name of his wife 
not been learned. They lived on their farm twf-nty miles froni R'chnion.d. 
where lie died and is 'niried. He probal.dy died before ti'.e 'Ke-volutionarv 
War, as his youngest ciiild, 619 Thomas,' was born May 27, 1 "74. 

\T * 274 Joseih/' "of Genitoe," "bcrn al^out 1749 In Henrico county, \':fgin!a. 
where he grew to young manhood, ih.en moved to Goocliland, where he v. as 
married January 2, 1770, to Mis^ ?di!dred Redford, daughter of Riclia.rd 
Redford oflhat county. He bought a tract of land in Powhatan coin-iy 
through wdiich ran a little stream called "Genitoe Creek." From this cir- 
ctimstance he came to be known as "Joseph Woodson of Genituc." He 
was a very pious and exemplary man. His wife died in 1 SI 0. and lie died in 
1339 at the home of his son 629 Frederick Wood^fMi,' aged ninety years. 

■.\!) I in-.i;; i onm-- r ;' 

V]] 275 Eli:{abeth,'' hnrii .'.'tioi" 17.^1 in iloi I'-.-o. \':.<a iv.aii'ifi! >.\)\-eni!)or io, j77J, 
lo Wiliiaiii Joi'.ian; li.-r I'lilur ;.-'\;'i;.:, '.Iv. iotti-r oi roiijoiii. S'lc vo^ 
married fixxisuliy. on J >v-ceni''>.r I i . !7.-'J. to William J'thiifon. '['<> tlii;- 
FOCO'.i'J niarri.ige iicr iv. I'licr gaw ;i'.r icf.or <>!' coii<cni. and Poniu '.\0(.iUii(.t, 
her bri.);iuriii-lav\- v,-.-. ; :c'.urit\-. 'i'iii.-; loatl- io ihi- lici'-.-f lliat Ikt i'atlicr 
had divu 'loiv.-ccn llu- u.t',-, .s of he;- llr.-t and seccr.d ir,a)ria;;os. 

VIII 276 Urs'.ila/' born aboiil l7.-'3 in Hcnric., was married Mav 2t^ 1 775. i- William 


IX 27? Ann,'" horn about 175.^ in Henrico, a;.d was married Fel)ruar\- 21, 177.5. to 
Arclicr Pledge. 

Wime.-se.-^: 274 Jo^epli Woodson/' Iht l>roilv::r. and ^^'illian! Fied>;c, Iier 
brolher-i:!-la>\'. Tl;e i'liairiage bond wa.s recoriled in 17/5. 

X * 27S vSusaDnah,'" born abonx 1757 in. Ileririco and was n;.'irried i;i 1771 io l^errin 
Red ford. 

XI 279 Agues/' burn about 1759 in liernico ;uul v,a.- niaii'icil lo Pleasants Turner. 

The marriage bond is dated 1781. (For iliese marriage f.lates, .-ce Wm. 
and Mary Qtly.) 

Issue of 1 02. AGNES PARSONS^ (Sarah Wood-on,^ Robert,^ Robert,- joi-r) and 
Sanu'.cl kieiiardiiuii, her first hns(.)an<l. 

1 2S0 George Richardson, M-orn June 10, 1740, in Henrico county, was marri-i! 
to Elizabeth jMiiler of Goochland. 

li 2S1 Samuel rcichardson," born Xo\cinber 20, 17-tl. 

Isst:e of IIS ELIZ/^BETH V.-'OODSOIT^ (Richard,^ Piehard,^' Robert,' John") a-a 
Col. Nathaniel \'enab!e, of Slate Hiii. 

I * 282 Samuel Woodson Venable,^ born September 19, 1756, in Prince Edward 
count>-, \'irginia. A{ the beginning <'' the Revolutio'.iary War he e'llisicd 
in the cause of the American colonies and in 1776 v.tis made en-:ig;i ol ihe 
Hampden Sidney .Academy comprMn'. In 17S1 he was. a commissioned 
officer in <';i;!',-iin Tli'nn.:'? W.-ii i<';i-' ('''■mpany, ■'li" Pr;r.c.-. I'.dwnrd 
Dragoons, in wliieli company' the famous Peter was a priwate. 
This cr.mi>any distinguished itself in the l>attle at Guilfoid Courthouse, on 
March 16, 17 — .He v.a.s married on .\ugust 15, 1781, lo Mary Carrington, 
the eldest daughter of Judge Paul Carrington. 

II 2S3 Abraham B. Venable/ born 176.3 in Prince Edward county, and became 
l>rominont in tiie affairs of the staie. He was United States senator from 
his district at the time he lost his life in the Pichmond theatre when iha' 
building was burned on the e\ei!ing of I.'ecember 26, 1811. One of his was a memljer iA Congress. 

Have iC. 2TS SnsaiiULi V."o. <lsvi:. boni Noveiuier 7, IT'.:;, \y:is uinr'-i.Hi .'u'y ;■-'. liS-!, 
to Pi rrin RLtlfonl who was born Sciiter.iber l"i. l;''l. 

Ill 2S4 Ann Vcnablc' 

!\' 285 Richard N. Venr.b'c,'' 'i.nn 176? in Prince Kdwarcl county, wo.;. Ti;an;'.-fl 
to -vt*^'' Mary Mi'-^lo;'.- i U- a DiciiilHi" of the \'irginia CoiU'.'niiot^ 

V 286 Marta." Yenable,' niarriv'cl Xaihanicl \'oaanle. 
VI 2S7 Agnes Yen.-'ble;-' born 1771 died 1S02. 

VII 2SS Mary Vcuabie.'' 

\"! ] 1 2S9 Fathanifel Venable/ di-d ai tolleuo. 

IX 290 Francis Vtnable.'^ 

X 291 WiLijxni Vcnt:b!e,«lK,rr: 17S0. 

XI 292 Thomas Venable/ b-.rn 1782. 

XTI 293 Elizabeth Veusble,'' bora i78i, was ni.irried to D-. G. Wilson. 

Issue cf t 1 4 AGKE5 VrOGDSON* (Ric'iard,' Ri'.hard,^ Rcbcrt,= John"') and Framis 

1 * 294 Richrvd '\Vatkins,« born March 1. 176S, was married to t'le wido-v. llr^.. 
Catherine Jones, and moved to Tennc^^ce 

II 295 Elizabeth v/atkins,'' bo!-n December 6, 1769, in Prince Edwrrd coiu.-ry, 
\\-as nuirried January, 1791 to 333 Judge Jor^eph Venable" of Charlotle 
county. In ISIO the>- moved to Shelby county, Kentucky, where sb.e died 
and i,'ur!C-d Ai)ril, 1$32. For i,-=uc .see 333 Jiidge Joseph \>ii.'.l:.k:.'' 

III 296 Agnes V/atkias/ born February 2S, 1774, in Prince Ee'v.-&rd, and wa.s 

inarrici.l to Dr. David Flournoy of that couni^-. 

IV 297 Francis Wa'.kins/ born ?darch 17, 1776, i'l Prince Edward, was married 

lo Ann }ia:.-k:ni. and settled in. Ah^b'L'nia. 

V 298 Benjamin Watkins,' "of Ben Eomond," born March, 17S0. 

VI * 299 Hciiry E. Watkins,'^ born February 10. 17S2, in Prince Edward cou'.ny, 
married about 1803 to 639 Agne> W. \'enable,' daughter of 2S2 Col. 
Samuel Woodson \'enabie' and Mary Carrington. 

VII * 300 Joseph V/atkins/ "of Ben Lomond," born .April 1, 1 7S6, was married about 
1807 to Ruti; Hunt, i)y wiiorn he had four children. He was married 
again but ihe nanie 'if hi'; second v.-j(e inu ihose of the children, if any, 
have not Ivcen Ici'.rntvd. 

301 S:=iuu A. V.'d'i;n- 

KTi: !;ir;o 6. 

X! il:,;U;i.u 

302 France:, A. Wt'Lkin:;,'' l.-./ru Ar'n! 27. iV'yi;, ip }';i::;o Kmvmiv, ani! \- .v,; 

iFSue of 115 DAVID V/OODSOIJ- (C:u>i. 01>adi.,n 


vJ) ;<:■•! 

I * 303 Lieuienant Obadiah,'' burn pi-t<r..,!)ly al.c-UL i75S,i>!J v,-,is;-i!j'! ahodr 
1 . l-^\ iiiii h;~ ^•,^I^'s p;';a.- is not kr.cW'.x. 'liy- eAV^y L-::l[:~'.cd \:' i'k' coin:!;;:; 
army and en reliruary i'J, 17 76, Wiu ?'.cviKi H.-ulenaiU in li.; foi:ri !; 
\'ir_2:i!i!;i rc^^inier. 1. 

A chart hc'<.'nyin:; lo Mrs. Jciini'-^ r\Ii-rt.;n (ri.inniiiehani, 5':^•^ ih-?re v;r» 
many ions and daughier.s born to 1.15 David \Voodsoa^ and Sarali. nis 
\\';ie, Imt il-icir naiues are not given. 

Issue of 1;;>0 .JACOB WOQTjSO'N' (Capt. Obadiah,'^ Richard/ Kobari,^ John-) e.r.d 
3'i2 Elizahe'di IMorvon." 

1 '■ 304 Richard," '■Ix-rn Sipteniber ?1. i7S7 in i^rince Ed\rard county, V!--ii-!ia, 
was married on May 16, 1SI2. ;o llacli'd P. Rchm^^w. a iuax ai Sco'cb 
and Engii^'; anci-tr-. , a dec^coadani '■'■ Jc ';n R'!;i'c, and v.-av considered a 
very beainifai V'>Mian, dislingidshed f';r her reli^ioiii ;' (AmerictUi 
of Gentle liirth, vul. 1, p. 362.) .-\ficr ilic-ir niarria^:e rhoy rcr.''C-ined s'.;a:c 
five year;; jr. \':i-inia, and i)i ti^.e year 1!-J7 !\-.o-. cd tci Chariton coi.niy. 
in r!ic territory of .Mi-^-oiiri v.hcrj he ent-aged in farjriim.;', in addition lo 
his pr(iff..--tio:i as civil t-n^^incer. He did mnc'i of (he wo ■!■: of rccaniPig if;c 
townsliip and ^^pction iinf; thrcni^ncait ^hi: ^tatc. )-'ein^ ■: ae ( i t'u; farly 
settleis in the territory, and a n;an ol sturdy c'ia.iacter, t>^ C--r'tri'.;)!'!: d 
largely to the de\-eiopment of the social, relis^ious and h'!.--'ne-3 iTUei'e-'.,- 
of the new state of Mi^^souri, which was admitted into liie I.'aion ]a 18/:i. 
He died July 3, \F-12. at hi? honn; in rh:ari:on county. ]';-■ v.idow. iiane 
vear^ arte;\vard>. was rairried t'> (_ol. joi;:^ 13el!, jud-^ ol :.':>■■• ^■i;a-.::,;e cou: '. 
ot AIi-soi:ri. liy thiis second marriage siie had iwc ciiddien: (1) Marv 
Bel! who died young; (2) John P. Del! \Nho marri.-d Mi- Piaey Wilson of 
Saline count;,-, Missouri. Xo is-sae. 

305 Elizabeth," born n^'T in Prince Edward county, was married 'here to 
Henry Lewis. Along with her father's family, they moved to L'.ic Trrviiory 
of Missouri in 1817, and seitled on a farm near Glasgov in Howard couniy, 
wliere they li\ed and died; two g:rand old i.'.'opk, !o\-od an;! honoicd by aii 
Vvho kr'ftw them. 

?ixiTi c:k; 

Isiuc ci 1 2G KlCIiARD IdORIOll- ^Kii/abcil; \\V>,.Oson/ Kid, aid/ Robcri,- joi.n'i 
;,n.; }\u\hh Oi;in. 

! * 306 Quin Morton,-' brrii 1'40 i;'. Pr'nive rdw.iii ■;■.•.;!■. ly iiiu! (Hod J,;.'iiiar\- 1. 
1S05. I'c v/;!S inciviitii j.roli.'l'iy .iboai ];75 i'- ^lary A'i'ici^on, daus'lKor 
of Chaiit.:? .\iui:.r.-;Ln\ and El- ijIjc'. ii C 'nanili^.r'.: 'n' (. '.inilii^rlai'.d coim!\-. Sl-.i- 
v\-as born in. C'limbcibind on DL-cca-sber 27, ! 75'^, and d'cd ai. '.Oo'i-l'.irk.a. in. 
Tjc-div. July 7, IcUS. ap:od f;i ye--i:=. 6 inoinhs and 10 day.^. 

Issue c! 127 JOHN MORTOiS- (Klizaiicih \\ >.....d-oa,= l^:i^!!rtrd,= U'-'bort,"') a:id 
l-dizabfih AiT.lcr^^un ol Prince Edwai'd. 

I 30" Capta-:i liezchiah Ivlcrtcn/- bora j-,;\.bab!y about 1745 in Prircc Edward 
t\iiini\ , a:;..! .-..Txoki faiih''LdIy in iho ,\n;rriLM!i aini>- dm/ing tjic Rr-\-oiu- 
lionary War. Ho locoived 45(iO aoies ef huid ivo'.n \ irginia for biii ;:orviccrt 
from August 20, 1776 la ^^ay 27, 17S3. 

II 308 Nathaniel Morto:x,= born probably about 1747 ir. Prince Edward county, 
marriod and located in Baltimore: >.[aryi-n!d. Ho was tlie anccytor of 
Bots>- )*arter;-on wbo wa? marriod to Jeromo Boiapa''Ve. 

III 309 IVlajor James Morten/ born probably nbotir 1750, in Priac- Edv.-ard 

cotia'y. Ax tb.e very I'eginnir.g of the Re-.-o]ai;onar\- War be e!MiiC':i". 
ii. tao cai!-o ol ibe colonies and soi-.ed tlr.oi.ghon.: ib.e entire war. He vori.s 
liontor.ant in the continental line and rose tc the lank of major. Cm- 
accraini oi the splendid manner in wliicli Ivo b.andied his re.aime;;t v.-hile 
tinder Gro, General Washington f-poke of lii;a a? ''Gioi Sob ! C'ola.ain," 
and Oiat fobriciuet attaches to bis name to this ciay. He '•e.ioiood fro;;) 
llic state of 'v'irginia 3370 acre.=; for public sor\-iccs ro'iucied, Tiien for 
military ser\Iccs from January 1. 1776, to December 20, 17^2, he rocoived 
2666 2-3 acres. In March, 17:;7. he received 41!:3j acres '^for the 7tb 
\car." And in Xovember, 1607, he recei%ed 370 acres for ton month;, 
ser\-ioes. iSoe Ha\den's \'irginia &er-eaiot;ios.) 

IV 310 Eenjamm Morton." - 

Y 311 Obadiah Morton.^ 

\'I 312 Elizabeth Morton,'^ born about 1756 in Prince Ed\v;'rd, -o.-'.- im^-'-i'-d 
No\'ember 4, 1773, to 120 Jacob V\'oodson' of that county, and settled oit 
tb.o'-. fa''ni on the .\ppomattox Ri'oer where liic)' built their p-icturcsqac 
hor.; Culled "Hafjty \"alley." P'or issue see 120 Jacob Woodtou.* 

Vll 313 Captaiu Johi; A. Morton/ born probaldy about 1760 in Piinec Edward 

coiinly. Virginia. About tlie year 1814 he \oas apiu^inted United StaM.-; 
minister to Borvleaux, Erance, and took wiih him, probably a.-> private 
secretary, 828 Charles Lewis Woodson,'' between whom and himstif there 
\vi.-; j' an attacbimen!. of Jove and fr;e.adslp"p v.diich lasted to the end 
of tba.-ir ii\-es. 

96 Ti'li ■\V( i")r'>>S AND liV.l'.'. CL.KSiX Vir-\fi 

To j27 j.''!ni ?\K>i;.ni nn.,1 I'.li/.'.'H-ii' An'ic- -or. llicic WtTC b>-v;i sown 
liiurc chili.iu;', \vis.).-c- Jiomrs h..\\.: r.r.i hve;i r.srorrair.c^i. .\--r is ii Vy r!iy 
nuMT.s coitain i!mi ihc se-»or. .i!,ovo i;;!::iC-.:, are put dov.n in ;!io c->rrcCi 
cTclei' ol ihvir liinhs. 

Issue cf 131 ELIZABETH MICHA.UX^ (JvKiuh Wvjo.Isou/ liicliard,' Robortr JuhnM 
i^iui Ai.vii!i^in Ve:iab!o, III. 

I * 314 John Vennbk-,'' l.wni al;>'iiv 17;.?, v,.i.^ liiniiitil u> Mli/r.lxUi R.iiiio. clauyliUr 
c-f Co\. U'l'.n Kaiiic of t"tiii)l>c;Ia:i(.! con;ny. Tlicy Iiad o!io fcn a:nf t-.vo 
d;ui;.;IiivTs; .'dui after tilb dcaili, iii" wicitiV.', l:;ii>;iil-ii;).h (Kaino) \'enab!c, 
wa.s nuirn':\i lo 162 jolui Woods: ■;),-■ v.lio was ca'ieci ' roplar Foot" froiu \'m 
fad o'l Ivls ha\'in;^ \-cr>- !:ir.i;c loeu He vas boi'ii in C"u;r.boi !a!id ro'J 'aly, 
pniViabl}.- al'OuL 1747. 'Hiis v,-as also hi.- scioik! liiairiaiie. For ir.suc see 
162 John \\"ood50!i.^' 

il 315 San-iuel Venable,'' married .-\n" .Aii'lerson, ciaucjiter of Tnomas Anderson of 
Mecklenburg cciinuy. No issiic. 

HI 316 Abraham Venabic,'- dicdi wltiioul issue. 

lY * 317 Jacob Venable/ married Mary Venaiile, dai;giUer of Jolin Ven.ib!e of 
Campbell county. 

V 318 Kalbcriel Venablc, Jr./ married Martha Venrdjie, darghter of Nalhaiiiei 

Venable, S'-., and had several sons. 

VI 319 Josidi Venable.' 

\'II 320 Mary Venable/ ra.anicd Charles Allen of II;inc>vor county. 
VUI 321 Llartbci Venable, •' married John Holconibe of Prince F.d\vard. 

Issue cf 1,32 JOSIAH MORTOK-^ (Agnes Woodson/ Richard,' Rcb.rt,' John') and 
Fdizabcth X'cnable. 

I 322 Martha Morton,'' tmrn August 2S. 17oo, marri'jd Mr. ?door.. 

II 323 Joseph Morton, = bosn December iO, 1760, v.-as 'asice married; .nrst, in 17?.] , 
to ?\Iary Ann Morton, daughter of Thomas Morion; second, in 1796 to 
Nancy Raker. 

III 324 Nathanial Morton,- born April 27, 1763, died — -. 

IV 325 J^si.-h Morton, Jr.,^ born July 12, 176.=., di-d . 

V 32 J liothiaitl Verabl" Morten,' b'-.r:! July 31, 17^9, died . 

\'I 32/ Jacob Morton/ bom .\i!^;;?; 26. 1771, tMed . 

\"li 328 VilHam Lewi? Morton/ burn J-.'.noary 3, ! 7"]-. dk..\ 1S55. Ilo v,;'^ iiiavricd 

on WodiU'sdaN-, OcloixT ■'<!. l/'.'j^, to 635 I%!i.r;ii.u-ih M^irlon/ d.i'jsluer of 
o06 Qiiii; Mort'M.f ;ind Mary A'lderson. Sho \-is born Ji;!y IS 17S2. 

\ 111 329 A^Acs V/ooc'.jor. Morton,- born Sjpicniber 13, 1 ; 76, was married lo Ardicr 
MtdNoberis, a I;)\\yer. 

TX 330 BeUv Ann I^Iortoii,'' borr. April 23, I77S. 

X 331 Mary Llorlon/ 17 80. 

Issue ot 13£^ JV'D/rK MORTON- (A-ncd V\'ood.on,'> Ritbard,= Koln rt,"- JoIm'O aiu! 
Jarncs \'enab!e. 

I 332 Ab:r,l!f.rn Vciiable," born in Charloiit- coinUy, \'ir_^ir.ia, vtw die'' in 

Lexington, Kcntuck\-. He vas rnarried lo Mai\' Morton (buuduor of 
Samuel Morton and Sally Moore. 

II * 333 Jorc-'ph Veuable/' born June 2S, 1761, in Charlotrc county, \'irginia, v^•a;; 
mairied January, 1791, to 295 Elizabeth Watklns,^ draightcr of Francis 
Watkins and 114 Agne,- Wood.-^'.n'^ of Poplar Hill. 333 Jose!>l! Venable' 
was graduated frtjn.i Hair.pden Sidney College and, in 1783, froin Pvlnceton, 
New Jersey. He practiced law in Charlotte, Prince Edward. Cunibcrbrnd 
and Buckingham counties and settled in Charlotte in 1791. lb: was 
conmionv\-eakh attorney for Charlorte and Piince ^Cdw-ird uivi' ISIO 
when he moved to Shelb\ county, Kentucky, wh.ere he was elected judge 
of one of the courts. He was trustee of Hampden Sirbiey College 1792 
to 1S12. During the latter part cf rh.e Kevolutionary War ito served as 
aide to General Lav.'son a'l'' cj'ricd dispatches to La ra^'etlc. rd'.''>rt!\' 
after his remo\a! to Shelby '.xninty, Kentucky, he was in.stallcd rulinc 
elder in the Mulberry Presbyterian Church. He was a man of m.uch 
learning, great moral worth and a pure Christian character. His wile 
died in Aj)ri!, 1832, at their home in Kentucky. He died ilic foHowincj 
year while on a visit to relatives in Virginia, and was burir-d ac Pophtr 
Hill i'.i Prince Edward county-. 

in 334 James Venable/ married Elizabeth Cowan, daughter of Jolr.r of 
Mcrrcr county, Ken.tucky, and had lour sons and three daughters. 

IV 535 Jane Ycnable/ died young. 

V 336 Agues Ytnable/ born in Charlotte county, Virginia, was married to Rev 
William >L).hon and moved to Kentucky in 1796. They had four sons and 
five flaughtcrs. 

\"I 337 Am W, Ver.Hble," married Dr. George Lynn. Xo issue. 

9S THE \VO•;>i;^!lS^ AX') VHKIK ^ON Ni:CT;ON> 

\"!i 338 Mai^ Vei!?,bl8,'''i.M- Xaih.miLl I'liiiccol l'n;:cc !-.t!\v2r(l ap.vl jiio^.'cd to 

Kca! iicky in 1 7'^3. N o i.-^suo. 

\'1I1 339 Fran:e<-. Venable/' liianif-i Lt'Oiia'-.i R'^binsc'; and bad a daiig!u':r, Ann 
Rol/i.i-.m v/ho married Archibald Sennit, r-'roin them came t'.'.c Scolts 
and Iv. !;s of Sia-iby CMiMUy, KvMiUK'ky. 

IX 340 Martha Venable/ born 17S0 in Cliarintte conniy. c'iod in I860. She \vas 
twice: married; fn'si lo Pavld idarhi^on and -^tjcHid, io Sampson Moxicy. 
S!ie Irid hw children. 

X 341 Samuel Veiiable,^ born 178-1 in Cl-ailoUc couniy, was married i;^ 1807 to 
?\Iar<;aret Pattcrscm. lie died aiv.i i^ buri-.d at Brovn?\-inc, J'ciin-\-l\ania. 

Issue of 1 34 COL. WILLIAM IMORTOI^J^ (As;ncs Woodson,^ Ricbiard/ Robcri,'' Johid) 
and Su.-annah Waikii.s. 

I 342 ianuy Morion,^ born about 1765 at her father's !v)me (>n Staiin.-on Rivci. 
in Ciiarlotte county, \'irginia, and married Robert \\'aikins. 

II 343 Agner. Morton,'"' b:',rii 1707 m Charlotte count_s, and aas married to 
Benjamin IMorton of Halifax. 

III 344 I'yancy Ivior'toiis'' born 1769 in Charlotte county, vas married to ]?ev. \V. 

Hill. D. D., of Winchester. 

IV 345 JTarih,a W, Morton,' born 1771 in Charlotte, was married to Capi. Henry 

Edwa'ds of Halif'.!.\ couniy. 

Y 34o Henry Morton,- born 177.", died 1796. 

\'I 347 Lucy Morton," born about 17 75 in Charlotte and married Capt. George 
ILinr.ah of that couniy. 

\dl 34S Betsy W. Morton,'' biTu about 1777 in Charlotte county, was niarr'cd to 

her first cou.-in 360 John >dorton.'' For issue see oGO John ^ior:o•l.'' 

VIIl 3'-!9 Mary Morton," bom 1770 in <: hnrlotu-. w':s married to 28.S Ricl-.ard X. 

A'enable'' of Prince Edward, son of Nrit'ianiel V'enabie and 113 Elizabeth 

IX 350 Joseph Morton,- born about 178! in Charlotte county and married Betsy 

\V. Watkins. 

X 351 Mildred Morton, •" born about 178'. in Charlotte county and was twice 
married; first, to Mr. Ecbmuids and second, lo Ilcnr>" N. Watkins. 

X I 352 Susan Morton,- lx)rn ab'out 1785 in Cliarlotte couniy, Virginia, wa- married 

to 'I h'.mas T'iirockniortoa of (ve^tuckw 

Issue of 

XI 1 353 }nnc- Morio:;,'' hvrr. .ili.iui ItSV ia (."h.-.rlo!;; 

li. M,ir>!)aM o( livii -"ciiiny. 

3(-, AGNES MOR'^OIT^ (A-nc* \V..od-.jn.- )<:. 
Coi. Jo-A W.ilkin-:. 

v.a.s niameil to 

::iid,' Ro!)erl," fchsi'i anc! 

1 '■ 354 Polly Vi. Y-'ritkins,'^ licvii October 30, HOG, i)r..l.t;:bi> in li.uriro count \-, 

.wlioiL licr )>;ircr.ts rc?ii!'jd a U-w yoaii. afu-!" ihoir !;u]:ri>.t;c. Tluiv iir.\(i! 

l(^ C'iiarlc'tto count>-'rc >\a^ wa.s roarc-fj ami oJ lira loci, ami was nuiriiLU 

to C'ap'.ain jnh-A Oupuy of Prince E'J-v;ir(!. 'r]o wa^ Ix/iai rcbruary 20, 

17:'6; dicu Octobv-r 1, 1832. She died 4, L'-'IO. 

II 355 Sustinaab V/<itkins,'- born pri'l>.'.;^!_\- in Ilcr.rii-n. went wiili iur p.ircnl.^ lo 
Charioile cciiir.i>- wlica an ir.f,:iU, and ■wa? idv:-rij rc.'.r'-d, odu'.n.tcd and 
married to William P. Hum and bad liM-o;' r'nildrei;. Al'irr .he dcat'i of 
her husband she was n-.arried, .-rroiid, lo ^'.cv. M()^ps I). Hugt\ ;\ti eminoi't 
i'resbyteriar. minister of Richmond. \drs.;inia. No issue by the second 

Ill 356 Plenry A. Watkins,'' lun-n in Chark.tte. his parents ha\-inc: ra'Axd to tliat 

('oum\- al the solicitation of his uncle 134 C dl. William r.i'jrro-n.-' He 
married Xaiicy Kdnmnds. 

1\'' 357 Wiiiiam M. Watkins,'' born, iii Charlotie county and was mar.'-ied to 
Eb.:,il;cth \\. XVnable, daughter of Col. 5. W . \"enable. 

V 358 .T.HTie Wp.lkir.-,« born in Charlotte cotiiU>- and was married first, to Thomas 
i'oaee, and second, to Col. Carrinirton of Ciiariotic. 

Issue of 7 38 JACOB MORTt^N^ (Agnes Woodson,* Richard,^ Ko!)crt,= Jolm') aed 
lane J). Booker. 















Vv'iiliarn Norton/ born 1775- died ISI?. 

John Morton,^ born September 10, 1777: died IS 1 7. He \vaf niarricd 
about 1798 to his first cousin 34S BetL> W. Morton, daughrer of his uivjie 
134 Col. V.'iiliam Morton= and Su.-annah Watkins. 

Wary Morton/ born 1782. 

Gideon Morton, *■ borii 1783. 

E.o)->ert Morton/ bom 1785. 

Nancy Morton/ born 1787. 

Joseph Morton/ bom 1790. 

Be!sy MortoD,'' bom 1703. 

iX S67 Sanive! D. Morloi:/ 1, ivn i:'>5, iln-A Uo/. ^ 

X 368 J'.gJies Morton,'^ 'oni ISl!?, vas :":);ri-,<i tu ?'.ir. Spvnccr anil <!iv<l in ]i>^'I 
IsEue ov -J t-^ cr TiiCKKS WOOrSOIP O'-cker.' Jf>scpli,^ Rt>b..Tr,- Jo-.n') and RH^abcih 

569 Tiickt!,' born 1777 in Aibcniark- cmnly, \'ir;;'i!ia. V>'lirii :; >irall boy, 
ir 17'-'-!, he 'vvas tcibcn by his motPvi- aiui st^'plaiiur, Ccil. jo^;:p!; i?i(..'tkctl, 
to Jcssai.ii!'.;" co'.iiUN', Kts.t'aoky. a- '.:•.■ ro he i.";ie".v lo :ri.'!i!i'i(Kl, wa^ f>luraU-(J 
and married Marlha Eppcs lii:cl.--jn. 

J70 S:»!irac! Kurhes/' born 1779 in ."•.'"■eiiiai-Ic r<'ii!.ty, Xirginia. \\ ii.-^n abon;: 
five \-e;irs old he \\\k-. taken, in 17S!, In- hi^ n;i.;'::rT and rlejjia'iiior, Col. 
.losejih Crockett, to JePtantine CG'jri>', Kernueky. 

"His stepfathei v. as \ery dewKol '<o. \-\m and gav2 b-in-i a father's 
care and affection. Wiien they became perraaiieRily settled in Keniuck}-, 
Col. Crockett entered for this boy about a thousand acres of land on the 
pike I'etween Nicholasville and Lexington, gave him ever}' ddvantajrc 
that the educational facilities of Kentucky then could offer, a.nd had him 
thoroughly prepared for the legal jn'ofession. He studied law under the 
supervision of Judee George Kic'-.oia.-. for \'.hom. in later yearS; ho named 
one of his sons. He v/a-:- niarrie;! about 1802 to Miss Ann.a Kandolph 
Meade, daughter ef Col. David Meade and Sarah Waters of Chaumiere. 
the name of their picturesque and i.-rincely home, situateU n fcv,- rniies Irom 
Nicholas\'i!le, KenUicky. The country, at tinte v,':i:-. iie'.v, sparsely- 
settled and but little more than a wilderness. Jessamine countv was 
organized in the spring of ISOo. When the first circuit cou:-". ^^-a= consti- 
tuted in April of that year, its tirst order was the sppoinrmcn.t of ?. clerk 
as follows: 'It is ordered that Samuel H. Woodson be Rp[)oiniv-d cicik lo 
tiiis court, aiid the pro tempore appointment mace by t!u- court this day 
be discontinued.' Theicupon, the Sidd Sam.-Lie! H. V^'ood-on tool: ihe sc.-eral 
oatli^ reqislred by law, and executed his bond, with Jorei/n Crf.< '-.ett and 
W'lliam Lev.'ib his seciu-ities in the penal sum ot £l,OXi('. .Xftct n-s 
marriage with Anna Randolph Meade, he built his home on the r)£.n\il;e 
pike about one mile from NichoIa.s\ille, and there kept his oltice as clerk. 
There >vere no county building:-- in tiiose d.iys, and the jii'igei and cicrki 
used tfieir rcsidencc-s for the diseliarge of their off.cial diuties. lie heai 'J'.c 
office until 1815 when he resigned to take his seat in Congress, to which 
he had been elected, and where he ably represented Ashland distiict 
unti! 182-1. In 1S2.S -26 he represented Jessamine county in the iecrislaiiire, 
and afterwards made his home in Frankfort. In the month of .August, 
w-h<.'n the v.-eatlier was oppre.->sivcIy warm, he rode horseback from Frankfort 
to Nicholasville to attend court. During this term, of court, lie -went out 
lo Chaumiere, Vv-as taken suddenly ill and died, in the forty-seventh year 
of his age. He was a man of hig'i cultme, -crupuIoMs integrily and much 
learning; and i;i iiis cia.y, was one of the disti.uiishcd men of Iventucky." 
(See Young's H!st-.jr\ of Je-snraine Coimty, p. 21 U.) 

Issue ci 

44- Joseph W godson' (Tudar, 

■•;/i-, ,•• ]-.'i.ii.:err,'- Johri') ;uul Saruh 

1 37i .; ot-crih B.,' I'imH. abom 1 7i'iS, preln'.l)!;. In d.-jchl.-HiH colmUv. 

11 372 Saily Hughes/' boin .ilx.'iit 1770, pr^'babi}' in C.ouchkuul tuimi;,-, \"irv;Mii,.. . 

am] \vi!S married to kit liard Goule. 

III 37S Jane Tucker/ 
lY 374 Jiidiui Nevels/ 

V 375 Jvlriy." 

Issue of i 40 SAr-IUEL V/OODSOK^ (Tucker/ Joseph/ Robe rl / Jo'.m') aiui 19;; Eliza- 
beth Payne. •• 

1 376 Robert Huglier,/' born abuat 1'/ /S. 

li 377 George/ born ab.ji'l 1780. 

HI 37S SalJy Pleasants,-^ b-rn about 17o'.^. 

IV * 370 Tucker/ lu)in Sea! ember 25. l/SS, in Gooc!'iaT;(1 rf-ui.ry, MiiciKia, -y.;;; 

inarrieJ about ISIC to I^Jary Wee';- uho v. as Lm,-:; July 20, 17y4. Thev 
n:0\ed to Te]^.!es^>:-e a-.ii! bo'.'gb.r a farrii soini.-vl'i-vt in ihe \-i:--ii.iiy ol 
Nashville, on which they spem, ihe reniainder o! their h've:^. lie died there 
Deceniljer 2, 1?-15; and she died Novendicr 1.5.. IS'I i. 

V 3S0 Saruuel/ born aljoui 1787. 
VI .vP.l Tudith/ born about 17S9. 

Itsuc or t 4-G V,'^DE FETHI^HLAND WOODrQ^x' (Tucker,^ je-eph/ KobLrt/ JohnO 
and Mary Harri-^, 'lis first \vife. 

i * 382 'DiOinas JeiTersoe.' b .rn Derembe'- 25, 1796. in P(^\'-hatan couptv. Virginia, 
where he \v-,i;- reared and edur-.aed. He -.vas t^eiee married: first, ci; 
April 8, 1824 ; i.o.Saih- 'R.;d(b d,ir;dner of Thomas Redd of Halifax court\-, 
Viri'iiiia. They remained in Virghiia two jxars and in 1826 nio\-ed la 
Knox couiay, Kentucky, ^^here hib wife died January 7i, 1S2S, aboul a 
week after I h.e birti; (/ her r.econd cliild. He was married again on Augus-r 
6, \yav, to Abartha CHzabeih CUbert, daughter of John Gilbert of Clay 
county, Kentucky. They .set;!e-d (;n their farm in Kno.v county where 
al! of their cliihlrcu were born. Durinv the ;.^reaV exeit.cmeni in liM'^ 
ov'er ihe di^eovv-ry of gold in Caii'ori:ia, lie witii a party (jf othc rs, ;;taited 
for the t;.ld neid^, taking \viui liiM his two -ons, John, a;;ed niaeteei\ 


and li:ran', ;"c;«'d hfi' ?i! r>n'! a coti;'!c of nc^:M '.•.\c'.i. '..Ar,-^ ir-: v,-.,;;ons ;i-^ {he 
Kurcsi , sa;'.':~t :•'-! uiKloiilvoclK' \iu- s!.'w.-i tin .m- oT , rauHjinvla; ion. Thv? 
fiitiiit: (i-,i '<!■ the exj-i'Iiiin:^ wa-; ma ciuisv:;.- .•onr-i'-ic;! umil ility rcaclu'l 
Kaii-as (/ii\-. iJa ;liC way ilierc iii- ^^()pi'^.■•,i a. >ia.\ nr iwn in Indopv-uflcia.''. 
I\Ii;-':aiu-;, .-; I'-iidi:!;:; ilu- li^l aiylit ii'i 'he !i a;!!.: of Iiis couNiii, o70 Saniu<,i 
Hu<;'i:; V.-.-'-.d^on.. Ihu'ii'/.^ rcat li^-d Kav-a.s ("iiy, he (.■(jni[)!oU-d tia- oai- 
fitiing of ij'.c Ci\r:.iv.\r. and f.'.ari.ed on tln' loni; jt;iiinc\- wi-.-tward arru-TJ- t!ic 
plains vliich v^as ilic:i an unknoNVii rou;.(.-. .At il.a' tinM; clv.ilcTa v.m:^ 
prewilv'ni ;'!:riiri;hoiri, ih'a ooantry and wh-.a; tlie company drew iicai" the 
Vennillion i\i\-e!' 1"0 vroto to lii-' wife ihai lie iH.-licAed llu'y v/eii,' oiii. oi 
danger fro;:-! that sonrce and now h.irl ci.Iy ilie Inrliaris lo dririd. lliu 
the ni.'\t day lie was sirickcn v.illi the c'li.ieiM and died. Tliey burled 
bini in l^a.'.isas near the banks ot th.e \ ern-.illion. liis two sf-inr- a.nd t'rie. 
rc-^t of xh? C'.nipany went on lo t^i'iiforiiia.. 'ie nuist ha\"e l;ec!i a man of 
unu.-ual \ ie.or and coura,t;e to Iia\'e started on such a long arid periloiis 
journey at the age of fifty-tiircc years. 

II * 3S3 Emily, *■■ born ?\o\-eml)i r 3, 179S, in Powhatan cotinty, 'v'ir.^iriia, \\cvi 
with tlie faaViily in ISl,-! ti' Knox cot:ni\-. Kentucky, and wa-- niarriid 
probably a!)oi;t ISIS, to Francir; O. Ma--kham of r]K''?terr'eld cotiniy, 

Ill 384 Mr.ry Wade,'^ born October 2.', ISOO, in Powhatan aamiy, Virginia, 
went with the family about 1813 to Kjiox cci;nty, Keiitticky. She wa.s 
twice rnarri' d;, to James B. Scoti, and had one --on, James D. Scott.' 
Her husband died an^I she was married scLOjid, to C"c;l. James Thornton 
of Cnmbcrla.nd cotnit\', X'irgiiua. Tiiere wa- no is-'.ie to the second 

I\' 3S5 Caroline Matilda,'^ b.^'rn May 15, 1803, in Powluiia.n '^oiinty, \"irj;inia. 

V '■' 3S6 Jol'.u 'flicker, '- bo'n Aiu_,a:rt 31, 1805, in Fov.hatan coii!U\', Xirginiai 
went v.ith the family about !Ri5 to Kno:-; connry. i\fntucl:y. where he 
gi'ew to young manhood and was married February 18. 1827. to Kniily 
Herndon, daughter of Richardson Herndon. He mo\cd to Missis.sippi 
and becante a vreahhy eoiton planter and oH-ned a great rnan>' s!-:ives. It 
is believed that during the Cd'.'il War he "refugeed" to Te--:as, u'.king along 
all his skiX'c.-- ar-l <.i;lrjr property, tiiird<!n?. iliat, p^issihly in thav suite they 
would be le.-.-. liaiile to seizure ..:nd corniscation Ijv tiie ledierai arraies 
which, about that tirne were ir.'.-ading Missis.-ippi in great >iut!-'.b.ers. 
Nothing ilet'iniie has been heard fioin lilm .-iace. 

\'I '■' 387 Benjamiujourdan/' born November 2, 1808, in Powhatan count>-, Virginia' 
went with the family about 1SI3 to Knox ro.inly, Kcritucky, where he v/as 
reared aud educated. He twice married; first, on Ma\- li, 1832. to 
Rohocca Thomas Redd, daughter of Thomas Redd of \'irginia She died 
childless in 1833. He v.'as married, second, on .May -J, t8."7, to AJari^arct 
Jane PulkeisoTi who wa-, born April 30, i8io, in Lei' cnii.iv. Virginia. 
She was a daugh^i.r of John Fnil^er-on and Jane Hu,:,!ios of liiat county. 

JoSm Fi.'lki'ixor, wjs l.arn ir, X'lrwini,', on _!;ti-.i!ar\ ''. !:7i. and \v;;.^ tiiarricd 25. 1S01. lo J;-.;;.,- !!ui;'!U'> w!.a ua? ■.■^ni in !"atrivk coi!iir\-. 
Virginia, on Juno 30, 17,^.;. Tlu-y .--liiicHl in fu\ii.;\ -.vhoro. it 
iiii'v snca: \\w rf;n;iiii',lcr <A t'aciv !!>.(.•.-. 

.'.S7 B';njamin join\i>^n Y> ocuis .n^ -'hk! wifo, ?vlari:arci Jane !"i!lkcr.-(;i:, set;!!.-;! 
ill Mn<-.\- cu;:in_\', K-.::u licl;;.-. \vherr tl;<.-\- roraaiiu-.i aliuui bCwnlccu year^, 
and in iSr>4 !!io\cd lo LaiaNouc coi;nt>'. Missouri. In 18S6 i]\vy hr.aiiy 
pcitled in St. Jo.^oii!, whcr'i he died Ma> 2S, iS02. ;ujd I'uric-d. at 
Canuien Pcini, in I'lati.- count\-. Mi.-snii.ri. F,l< pursniis in life were 
agrienhiue and n;erchancli-e; in boili ui w I'.ich lie \v;e- succcs;a'ul. Ho was a 
consisienr memb.-r of the Chii>iian Cdiureh; a man of gerieroiis impuivs 
and noted fe;- his rhar'tat-ile deeds. Mis wido-.v bi;rviv:-d liini ncai'iy 
ci^'ht years aid died Jan uiry 7, 1 9(i'>\ at aer home i'. St. jt)seph Missouri. 

VII :'..S8 Charlotte Cordry/' born A})r!l 20, 1S12, in Powhatan county, \'irgi-iia, 
was taken wiili the family about ISl.? to Knox county, KerJucky, wlierc 
she was reared and educated. She was married jaobably about 1830, lo 
1254 John Woodson." (For issue see 1254 John \Voud?on.s) 

IssuL OF 14S WADi- Xetheklaxii WoodsOX,' r.v ins '^ixond wii-e, 
Ai-ici; CinrK 

VIII * ?.S9 Silas, « bom May 18, 1S19, near Barb'.urville, Knox c;,unty. Kentucky, 
wliere he e.iev to manhood and received a good education. 

At a very early age he develoiied some fine traits of character. V\'hei\ 
only about si.Kteen years old, his father put him in charge of a lot of nCiiroos, 
wagons and teams arid sent him to X'iryinla to bring back some h(-useho!d 
goods and chattels. He made the tri;) through me mountain v.ilds of ^ 
Kentucky and \'irginia, and executed b.i.-^ commission as veil as any older 
person conld have done. -Not long after this, his father died, and Sihis 
took up the study of medicine, but soon became couviiiced of his unfnness 
for this pr;jfess;on, and turned hi:- attention to tlie study of lav. anr! poliiics. 
About this tim.c, James G. Blaine, a y')nng man from the state of Maine, 
came to Barbourville to teach school. While engaged in this occupation, 
he organi?ed a deiwting club of v\d-iich he, being the schoolmaster, was 
president. It is noteworthy that this little debating club in this obscure 
Kentucky village, should ha\-e numbered among its menibers at \h:a 
same time, four men v.-ho. later in life. U,:jk such pumiinent parts in. the 
affairs of several states and of the nation. James G. Blaine, president ol 
the club, became a statesman of national fame, was siieaker of the honse 
- of representatives in the Congress, secretary of state, and in 1SS4, republican 
nominee for the presidency. Joseph T'lole. a n-.ernber of the club, a'.er- 
wards became governor of Montana; Samuel Miller, an associate jiii-iic.';. 
of the supreme court of the United Stales; and Silas Woodson closed his 
useful career as governor of the state of iMissouri. Silas Woodson 
married September 13, 1^:42, lo Mary Jane McRoberts. daughter of 
■ Andrew McRoberis. She was cilled Mary Jane for short. Her fuli 
name, as rjcord<d in tliC famil> Bible, L'eing "Mary Jane, Molly loiiV, 


HciUl)' Ski:), r.ihiiasc iK-.ul. ^'.;de \\ L-!iii;;;ton "'-i rR'.>;)i Ms." (Tili^ l^i;- 
of inl'o'-nuiiion is gl\rn i>>- Mi.-s Luri.iu- Wi.oO.son.) S'm v.-..s l)i.rn ()-:U]I)i!- 
IG, 18J.-i. .\i the ej.rly ago of iwcniy-tlircf, S!la^ '■.V.HKl^'jn, in lf<-!J, 
ri.'i>rep(.!Ui.(i hi-, covaty (. f Iviiox in vhc KvT.i in i:.-. icL,i;:aUire. iiis v,ifr 
died A'.arci) 22, 1845, kaviiv," one son, Miilvr W'-- v,!.~on. ilt-r \viiio\'v<.d 
hiisbani.! \vas uuirricii seocMid. cu )ui\ 27, l^-!>, to .Miss (,i!i\ia Adains, who 
was liorii No'.'cnd.KT 16, 1S.?S, and died ir. i'ol.Tuaiy, 185;>, vv!i.Iu)iU. issue. 
lit' Avos a ir. CI Tiber of the i-".eiUucky njrsiimtioiial i:o!!\'ei't;on in 1S49, 
ar.d ihe uiiiy uuuiber w'u) advocated ihe gra<lua! eiiiiiiK ipaiioii of slaves. 
In 1.S.S3 55 lie .ii;ain leinesenied KiKix couiily ii-, the le;.;is!aU;rc, nr.(': in 1S56 
l-.L' !i)u\ici lo Su Joseph, Missoiiri, v.licic !ie eri^-agcd in Uic general ;.>r:-.clice 
of law , being llie .=enior member of liie la"A' firm of Woodson o.n6 IIu;.',1icg; 
tl)c juriio! nieniber being Bela M. Hughes, rcprcseiuativc in congress from 
the Sc. Joseph distric:.. Betv\-een ilie >er;is io60 and 1870 he sr-r\-ed 
.several lernis as judge of ihe circnit coiul of Buch.'in;jji cuunly. On 
December J7, 1866, at Lexington, Keniuck}-, j-.e vas niaiTied third, lo 
Miss \'irginia Julier l.,ird, dangluei' <)! Uvv. Moses K. Lard, who, nexl ti.' 
Alexander Campbell, \s'as the lorcniost di\ine <j! the t ini.-i i.ii; Cira.rcli i'l 
its early history. Virginia Juliet Lard was boin Ma\ 2..^, lS-)6, near Whcel- 
irig, \'irginia (now West \'irginia). She rt Cei\-ed a l'iioiorr_,h edneatiun 
in the best schoo'ls ot liic da\'. and Vv'a.s little more tiian menty years ol 
age vvhen slie became the wife of 3S9 Silas \^"ood^(;n. She was mduc-1 
wiih rate natural endov.nieiits, and unusual capabilities, making a most 
cxcellein inJiiinatc to her husband, and graciiig hi.s ncny honors and 
offices to the fullest satisfaction ot Ins niosr exacting friends. !n IKOo 
she followed her iiUoband into the Catholic Chi.irch, of which sl^e waA a 
devout and faiihful nuraber during the rest of her life. S'lC died January 
25, 1907, in Kjnsas City, aiid was buried, by th.e side of her hu^^band in 
St. Josef)li, Missouri. In 1S70 the iiifar.K'US Dr-ike Constitution, u.fider 
which Missouri had li\ed, under almost feud,xl lav.'s ani_l penalties since 
the early sixties, was abrogated. During tiial ^car B. C.ratz Brown 
elected go\'crnor as a "Liberal Republican,'" and the ''Test Oath'' whu'h 
had deprived many thousands of .southern sympathizers of il.eir franchises, 
became a thing of the past. During the Ci\-ii War^ Silas Woodson had hc-r. 
a consistent "Union Democrat," and held a colonel's coinniis.'ion nr the 
Federal army, although he ne\'ers;>.w active service "at the fror,l." During 
those troublous times, whether holding office or pleading ca;.es before th.e 
courts, he was at ail times on (he side of wiiat v/as just and lighit, lendmg 
his best abilities to the restoration (A a constitution that would extend 
ecjua! rights and privileges to northc.n and southern s\ inpath'Vers alike; 
niid took no small part in the events tliat led up to the ultimate abrogation 
of tlie "Drake Constitution." His reputation as a !av>-)er and judge ot 
unusual ability and absolute integrity, had already in.ide him a marked 
man over the entire state; and when the democratic state con\-ention met in 
J 872, he was unanimously and by accl.imation chosen as chairman of llie 
convention; and although in no sense a candidate for the olfice, was unan- 
imously and by acclamation iiominated a.^ t!ie Democratic candidate fot 
the governor-hip; and in NoNcmber cf that voar was. elected— "Missouii's 

?!\!l( Oi:SU!<Al 

lirst J '■."ii'icrMiic (".'i\oniiir sir.ct- il',,- v.-.n' ■ — '.)■.■ a uLijority so grcal os t'.> 
ccrlify thij f ,u I ii'.Ji ni;'.:'>' th<>'.;r:ir.'!s .-.f !\ nublicu'i vocers. knowing aii'i 
irr.siiiii; Lis a')ili!>' aiiii iii:-- iiU^;.:-i:\. i:;rl I'.i^t; (heir Ijaliuli. for 'uiiv,, noi- 
v.iths;;.iKii-.iir i! uii ('i.'j'osini;; j>.-.;'vi>:iri p^iiucs. !Ic cnieroci iukj:; t^e 
diitics ul Ins olT;C(.-. J.viUK'.rv '. , 1 ■■T.v .-via ip.:;- to ilio uiid. i)i'>ccmber ?\, ] ?74, 
willi ;-i^:i.)! u!>iliiy. ci^aily rediivin;.; {]\l- -!;no iloi-v \vi\icl), tkivine tlic war, 
liad g^-o\vii !._! fearii'1 pu'.pvjnioiv-; am! at the same ti-a.c rt'ilticing xh.v. tax 
levy, ijivins; the an aaniii'iirirai ion c'larat-iorizLii b\ ligid eror.oiny 
and Ptrirtc.-' ii!l(.;j;rii y. Rcuriiii.; ivoiv, ib.e office o.". jaii'.iarx' 1, 1SV5, he 
returned to ih.o practice ot .his profcs.--if:n i;i St. jo.-i;.'ph, wuh added 
lustre accurdtd Ids name aiid cliaracier. I pon Id;' r^iurn to St. Jo-^cph, 
he organised the law firni of W', Creen and Binncs. V\ hich firii; at 
ODCc afstiiiiori a mo ■■;. proiidnera position in the general practice, but niorc 
pariicid.arl}- in the practice of crinn'nal law; nian\' of the more firomincrit 
of these cases lieing cniriistcd to tins firm «i( account of Covernor \Vood sou's 
known sound knowledge of tlie ih'.'ory aiid practice of law, and his stipcr- 
lative clocpience as a jury pleader. After some ftvc ycirs of si;ccesrfi:l 
[)ractice. in ISSO he was elected jt:dge ol' tlic circuit court for a four yea*".?' 
term, to end on January 1, 1SS5. By this time the i:i''a<_iice before iiie 
Buchanan cciurjty circuit, had heconie so great as to n.ecessitatc di\ision. 
The criminal business was separated frorn rlie ci\-il, the "Criminal Branch" 
of the circuit court being created in 1SS2. the terms of this court to be cu- 
incifient with those of the civil br;iiich. On his owji ciioice, expressed to 
the then governor, ho was appointed to the crintiiia! Ijench to fd-1 oiii ihc 
remaining two \'ears of Ids term. At the next election in IsS-l-, he v-.'as 
duly chosen to succeed himself, his nomination b)' the democr.ilic cotinly 
conv^ention being made withotii opposition. 

In. 1S88, and again in 1892 he was elected to succeed himself, and in 
on.e of tliese elections the republicans further honored him by nominating 
no oiie to oppose him. Until April, 1S95, he contintjcd to administer the 
duties of his oftice with uiidimiids'ted vigor ar.d in. t;i>fa;!!r;g health; but 
during that month he sustained a cerebral hen-orrhage wiiich, for se\e;al 
days made his death seem imminent, btit his wunderfu! const iiittion and 
Ids almost incredible vigor ptilled him through to a partial recover;.- that, 
enabled him to be up and about hi:- home, although he was liever after- 
. wards able to resttme his judicial duties. During ihc s' ri \H'-}'6 
lie embraced the faith of the Roman Catholic Ciiurcli, an^i in that faitli 
he' died (i^lii'.'-'v ". 18v6, ripe in venr? avd ftdl of ho.nors. respected an.d 
mourned by all v.ho knev\' him, and was buried in St. Joseph. For rr^ore 
than half a century he had been a forceful intlttence in the affairs of .all the 
communities in winch he had li"ved, lending his magnificent abilities to 
the furtherance of right and justice; to the passage and administration 
of constructive and remedial legislation. The constitutions of more 
states than his native state of Kentucky, and his adopted state of Missottri, 
bear the impress of his genius, their peoples the hajipier for his having 

The -tbi-iNc s!:cich wa,s \>ritten by Jcfi'erson Carter Ilosea v. ho married 
771 ?.iary .Al;c-e Wood-soii," ckie.^l. daughter of 3S9 Silas Woodson.* 

I\ ' 590 Wade JSclhcibiT!, Jr.,'' Unv:, at ili>- J;.«vn -f .',;y. oa SvpiviiilH-r .Ul. li'li. 
in Kiiox .-..i;m\-. l^,■n!;l.•!:y, v.hcvc hr w;., !vriv<l and othirnud. He \\ns 
iiiarricu M.i\- J4, I'-i.?. i.. K!i/al.r\h Si-Aaii, dauj;Iucr <>f ]>:,.'.<: Siownrl 
of Knox CfUiUy, S!;c w a.< hov:\ ?N\..\c:!ibi'i- !.•, 1?21 ,i\id fii.-d :d)',^ui K-!7. 
Some >oa!> aiioiNsa xN iir '.\a~: iShtri'-od to >i:r,s Bai;gh:.";aT!. 

Issue of ^50 JOHN PLEASAKTS WOODSON^ (' Joseph/^ Ro'Hrl.- JohnO and 
i-llizaljcth Vniinj: Das'id^on. 

I * 391 Vvii'.iam,'' lnu-a Sci>teir,lK'r )!, ISOA. -.n I o- rmir.ty, \'irj;Ip.ia, was married 
to Ann l\ and .--eiiled in ca^i Tenro,:;: co where he t'i.'d .Novcmbef IS, 

II ■ 392 Joha F.,' Lorn June 20, iSU3, in Lee couni\ , \'if;inia. .\rii\ing ai ihe ae.e 

of young niarihocKi, he v.enc to llii:;oii and IIktl- niarr'eu .Mi^i !3urton. 

He died Maich 5, l'^5+, snr\ived i/\- wiuo-.v and one son. The wido\v 
li\'cd but a shtirt tin;e. 

Ill * 393 Andrew D,,'' horn March 4, 1S07, in La cou:it\-, X'ii-ijiia, ar.d .iiarned 
^'aty rLTj,u:--<.n. 

lY 304 Anaa," horn Dcceni!-LT 23, ISOS, in Lee conniy, Virginia, and died before 
s!ie was grown. 

V 305 Jane,'^ born Dt-cember 14, 1809, in bee eounty, Viryiraa. was married '.o 
James Smith. The\- had no cliihliL-u of th.eir o'>\n, liui reared an-d pro\-i',i^d 
for ten uiphans; mo.-i of whom Hw^l to lie gie-wn. She (.lied al the hoir.e 
of her Inothor 399 Joseph Lilburn Woodson," in J,ir.cohi loenrv. Ali^jouri. 

\'I 3^06 James, f^ l)orn }.lnrc\\ 11, 1S12, in Lee county. \'irginia, and di-.d youn.g. 

Vn 357 Henry V).,' born March 7, 1S14, in Lee county. X'irginia, v.^nt to Mi.-souri 

and died tiic-re. \e\-er married. 

\dll ^ 303 George \V.,'= born ^Lay 10, 1S16, in Lee counj.y, VireiniT. was married 
June 28, 1835, to Mi-;s bihza Brown of ihat couniy. Tiu'v Uved several 
year- i'-. Lee couniy, their first three chiblren b<ing boni tiR-re. Th;y 
J!io\-ed in \'<-i') to CamijboU count \, Tennr-^-ee, and t-ouehJ a farni ne-ar 
Fincastle where they spent the remainder of iheir li\ cs. lie died ir. J uiy I,S, 
1877, am! ; lie on Marcli 20, LS91. 

JX * 399 Joseph Lilburn,'^ born December 11. 1S18. in Lee county, \"ireinia wciir. 
to Lincoln count},-, Missouri, in i.'-39 and was there married in J842 to 
Julir.a Pollarcb ■ They settled ai Chain of flocks, not far from Tr(;y. 
Missouri, lie wa.s, by occupation, a tanner and shoem;d<er, and later 
went into the merciintihi at Ch. n'n of Rock:?. He was a consistent 
member of ilie Chr!-tian Church, aral a ?.L.son. in good standing. He was 
cliaritabde to tlie poor aud tieeci;,-; 'io!):',-;i in all his dealings w ith his fellow- 


men C:V.i\ eaj<pycd tiu- rvrrcn w.:] o-io?;>i •. f r\\ v.I;..) kn-js.- ! in;, ilc !i.;i!v;lu 
;'. good fatii) near "fvoy whxro 'ic .-^.vr.i jiir ;;':i oi' In-: ii'iV. '.vari'd a '.ti-c 
family aiu! hel'ied ihctii ui ~t<"i-( ir )!!\\ iio ;U\\.!>s \:'; -d 'ho dfi-ncKti^c 
(Ickci. lie died n.v-.-ndp-r .^-i. l",d. at l:!;. bon^c ne.u T/oy, Ml<,:^ur\. 

X * 4un Elizabeth I'.'i.,'' ooi-i Jinv; 11, ISij. ]: ! ^::- Ci.rniy, \i.i;iiiia. ii'id. xviu: 
. - married -to l),ini(-l S. 0\\\v.-. Si:.,! diod Mari/ii .^0, H-^iiO, in tasi l\nii;.. liseo. 

XI * 40i Robcrl C./ born Marcb. 25, !?,.:.% ir, !(■•,> roiniiy, Virjd-nia, -awvwl to 
oasi Tciir.c-. M-c and married Lucy J...-!e '.-"ui.cito. 

Xll ''':2 Polly Ann,'' '.oni Autaiii 2<', !^25. in L(.:- (M.iJity. Dici yonn-. 

. Xlli -lOo CbarlesP./l.orn May 2.^, 1827, in I.e.^cwuniy. Died yoimc;. 

Xr\' 404 Catherine,'^ horn Ajiril 3, 1829, in rr>i:r.iy. D!::d yr.m.u^, (i'ar.ii'\- 
Record a.v i;i\en by Mrs. Hariei N. Perrce.) 

IsMu? of 1 SI I'EKRY MACOK WOODSOri-' (d'uckcr,' JosciJ.h,^ Robcri,- j.-hid) and 
Elizabeth Ibirion. 

I 40? Wiiliar.i/' 

!I 400 Tsl&iy/- (See \Ym. and Mary Qtly., vol. XJ, ;.. ty ) 

Issue of "S C»'f JESSE V/OODSOK-' (Wdliamd Benjanun,-'' Robert,- John') andi hi■;v.if^.^ 
rtl'OtCf name i's noi 

I * ^OV Al!«n,^ b(^rn about 1775, cither in ("nniiieii,,nd or But !:ins.;'~am. coiin':y, 
\'ir;.dnia. He vas given the n.nnc .Mien in lionor of liis grandtaoi h": 
Sarah- Allen. Thio beeras a!toi:eiher plau^ilde, e<:pecia.l!y iri vievs' oi the 
fart rh.'i his oldef.t grandchildren ^applied the data pertainini;- \o this 
famil}-. It is knovn ■po>iii\-el>- that 407 Allen Wo'jdson'' n;a;ried Jan? 
Ta>i./!- \\h": v,as a reiaii.e of :: San^ae! ■{'a\-bjr,<^ wiic was one of the 
vdip.c>.-eH lo li'.e N.'iil of .:.: William Wood.-ond 107 Allen \\'o')dH'>n'' and 
wife, Jane 'i".i\ lor, lo.-aied in Pii'~y!\arcii> '~jimt\- wn.erc- 1 hey ^pen^ their 
entire v, eddc'd life, reared their family and died honored and resj.'eet •<! l)y 
all who bncw them. 

Issue of I B4- SHADRACH WOODSON^ (Williani,-' lienjamiii,' Robert,^ John') and hi. 
wile, whose name i.-, noi i-rnown. 

I 4t'S To.^tph/ prol/a.bie .abom 17dl. in C'nmberland rounry, \'ir;;inia 

lie enlislerl in the eontinentr;! armv ar.d -.eas v.ith his comma'.cl in Noril; 

'.Ml I !ii :;; ( •iN'-c.-'c i \ 

<.'ari)lii!.i, soitie uv'iuii? alior ii;r MuronikT '/T C'!:,!- K'stoii, ;i- sliciwii b%' iho 
foriowinv; !i.tu-r v.vI'Um; ;u his ur.Ac 15,- J-.-sf "'\'.-ockoii.'' 

"Mnrdi {, 1781. 

"lii Buckinii' County: 
"Dear Lowinu I'lirU- j^ssev: 

■"J'his cornvs to iiii'drrn y-.'U tli,;!. vro air a'! wcil nivA ii. ;i!.-!iiil (ifu-t-n 
miics frc-'.n '>ur t:\iaiuJ p.ri)iy, r.aM V'^v ar^- i-.f(.iriiUKi rhnt 'Jic cp.c-iny ar;> 
svirriniiuk-u b\' vw: anr.y. \\"c- c-xi'cci to J( in ihr s^'ind ;',nri\' bv (be lO'Ji 
o!" \'nii iiioiuh, and I do not knew whvn I i.ha.ll ]:o bade if c?v<r: [Tay, if I 
iic\cr come, ^cl) r.s iiiucli a^ v. ill jjay my (i./l^u-., and the rtMruiii).-. I i'ii->i''; 
ftb.aii Ije gi\-en to iny i^isier Polh'. and if 1 nowi i-etvirn I Ind \'ou a!' fa.rcweil, 
for if I dy the hottest hell will be my p'.Ttion; tlierefore lie;;' \'^ iiitra::-v in 
your |)rayer and remember rny Ionc to .Maiy Anri f'rice. So no i.iori; at 
prcpent, but r^'maining your lo\inr friend. 

"Joseph WoorsoN." 

ji;st ih.rec weeks Liter, tl-.i-; lolt'-r >A-as recorded In Cumberland county 
co-art on March 2S, 1781, as hi.- will; so he inu.-A- iiave been kilicd phortA' 
afler Wiiting it. (Wni. and Ma'-y Qily., ^-ok X, p. 190.) 

fic was probably .about foriy ye;u.= old at the lime of his dc^Lh, and as 
the letter mentioiis rio ielati\ c excejjl his siiter Polly, the presumption is t 
he died unmarried. I'his is one iiioro Woodson life given in tlie sacrcc: cause 
of iiis cc>Uiitry. 

II -i03 Polly/ born, probaljb,' about 17-1.3 in Cumberland county. I', ^ec-ns th,-t 
she was \-et un'-narried at the time her lirother 4i)S Jo.-eiih'' lUtntior.-: Iier 
in his letter of March 7, 17S1. 

Ill * 413 Wiiliain,'' born in Cumberland county, ijrobab'y aljour 174.5. He was sliii 
living when hi=. graridfather 52 V\'illi;o,r "\^'L.odson' wrote iiis ■v,:ll July /■!, 
IJS'i, and is one of the legatees named in the will, sharing equaby his 
cousin -1-1. S IJruiy Woodson.'' The name of his \\ ife has not l)';eri asct.rtainctj 
nor is it kr.own how many childrcri the> had. It seems certain, ho'.icvtr, 
that one of them was named Sb.adrarh. It a'so appeal's that iiiey tlnaiiy 
se'ii.ied in I'luckingham cotinty. tSe" .•\ddenda.') 

Issue of 'i SB DRURY WODDSOir (William,- Henjamla,' Rob;at,Mohn') and MO Lucy 

I 411 William/' born about 17.S7 in Ciumbc-iiaud. couniy, \'irgi:iia. lie enlisted 

in the coiuinenia! army and ser\'ed I'aiiiifuliy until he \vas killed in battle. 
lie hud risen to the rank of capt.ain of his comp.-;ny. Me iiad ne\'ei ntarried. 
This inforriiation \\-as transmitted by h!:> br,,ther 412 Clmies Woo(l:-<in'' 
to hi-, chiidre- ,ird gr-ndchildoNi, r.r.O. l.-, •nee;i!cd a:, autlieniic, fo" tb.e 
reason tii ;t the two brotlsers iei \eu ii: the s'iine C'jmnu-ia.l. 

/<■"■,;■. '^^ 




432 Charles/ hr-::i !')ccenil'.r ?0, 5 75'?, in Ci-n.hoi lane; coiiJiir-, \'i;-;;'i;'a. It 
v,ci:~ r.hox'A l^'iCi iT '.177 ilu.C he rnl^Cfo ill I'lv C');;:;noni:;i .iVM>, nn.i \\\>-? 
;;!''!o;!U'Ju Sicrcev.r.i hi '''C C(in;'K!!V-' of i'is br^-ilifr 41 J Wiliiain \\';'<">d::<;!'.'- 

It i-. p.ot kr.c\v!i 


tU.I ir, 

f.f rii.iriesio!:. When i'is '■i-nni-iu! vras vt.iiioiu.;! in C'!i.i!-!t5i./ii, S.; eO; 
C;i.''!lin:!, tiiirin<^ lii-! v.iiiUT ;>f 17;''-?'0, i.: vvo'.c a ll■>.i^M■ to ^.i:^:i Jvcli^ii 
Leak? oi Gowchlaiid ^^■al■;*;■, \"i'^'!T;ia: \vli::.:i bu^r is ;-vi;i (J'Mi) in tiic 
p,;, <;.;,. ^^'i^ji <^; hi>; ouiv fur\-!%-i::;; !^randr'a:i:;;:;er, }510 ^iv?. Mary J. 
Waiiiia" (nee Woo bon) of NorfoU:, Vir^i:aa, and =•= as^ foliov ^: 

' CharK.-.-^tor., S. C, 

'■Ja;)u;::ry 9, i^i^U. 

"1 unre more i'.avc liie ploafv-c r>f infori-:iia;>^ vo'i 1 a;:! sui! in tiie land 
of bop^, and am at pre?ciu in good h'~a!th. Moivng t':o;;f- Hrcs i^iay (Ind 
you ppjoyins a f iirdiar I'lcishig, i? tiic prayer of your since! c hvA di.-Ci. a.-olaic 
jcn'C-r. I now hp.^e a -^ale fipporfjr.iiy of .'n-rdidni' knor.-p. to ycu h\..'lvi. 'he 
ardent passions of m\- raind, Vvdtdi a heart sincerely tcadorly dc-'ott-d to 
■j-ou, and can arsure \ou, my dear Miss, iliure is no variaucii oa r.iy pari 
as to v.diat I told yoa when v.e parted, and I i"^pe \ ou are stili ti-.e t^ame, 
as I sh.Ji export and v i;-h to iiiui you -i rue t~.- '.he iuiiuiru promise. 

"\'ou mas' depcad upon it, O.'C t-ovi ol ii'.ilii, I ir.cei: -,v'.il; here is very 
disac;reeaVi!e and unpieasani; in:V notv-iih'=ia:idinp: rlu: many di''^.eu!l = e'^ 
1 h?\'e dails" to encouTiter, \-our io\-eI\- iiuv^ige Is i-iiV' b^-r-arr' n;e area '::;u"in^ 
hea\'iiy on ir>' mind. 

"Tiiere is n<:>tl;ins,' upon eartli that could drew my attention fiora 
yoi! aed from carrying into eiTect ihose solemn, vov's in wiiicb wc .>ive 
bouiid. A-nd if llirough ? kind Providence ! am spared to rerurn to nvv 
native land once more, I riatter myself with tiie cheerlu! hope cf eiii-iyir.;:: 
that long expeoiod pleasure tliat ail the lijj of matrimony couM p0r-'-ii.>i> 

"\o\v my dear Miss, you will not pernrc the great d!stc-n:e and r.iy 
!onr; absence to produce a separation between u? and rau^^e you lo o.ii,et 
nie. It is to be hoped th-at I may ever remain in }our rernenibram e, not 
to lie forijotoju and left in despair. 

"1 now ask you to let only one spark of hope remain i;!e, in 
order thiat ' maN' h-' ve someihir-:';;; upon which to buiki, to f.iip^.'o:T aiva 
aid me in the hour v/hen lover's heart? a^T tried, -'nd no: let Uiy love br ai a 
feather cast upon th.e breeze. 

"In conclusion, perniit me lo i^^;,• that nothing can ^cpara.le ns :,o tar 
as I am concerned, f:xccpt the hand of Providence. True, this will, but 
don't forger me, though at present wc are wide ap^^rt. 

"'i'ours affect ionaieb', 


At the time the above letter was written: the .American army in 
Ci'a-dcj.ton was under ihr. command of C' '.wr:>\ Lincoln, diid in nun-bers, 
was a mere nandfid. Just one momh afiet ihin, the British undei Sir 

lIO -iMr \voAr---.ox^ 

Ji','nr\- C"l';ni<;i, IaiK>(-..! a i.^.r;;^ ;.»r. o no.u ('!!.u'ii.':-'o;i and ai once prorcoc!."-.' 
to iv.akL' ai r:ini;ei;'.v!!ts i"r ;>. -^''.'..v. 

"W'iuTi Cliiitoii Liiuiod, i.i;u-o!r,'s Itij-t i;-.\;'Ui?'.' wa'^ u; ;\lian(1on llio 
cil\' and iciire irio t.u- in'ciio": iuit Il'^i;-;:-;; the Rriii.:!'. C:(ik-i\?1 ^\.l- 
p!'ej:iaring tor a rc;^i;i:\r ^i^'i;o, ami i ■■j'v.ix i;r>;c f.i '•■>• i he inhaLiiaiiis ro renias!;, 
lie ckner:iiii'.(.:d lo risk a sic.'i'. ;\l>ini; upO!i the .•n-ri\-,i! of re!!-!" irccinoi,'.- 
whicli hat! been jiroiniscii liiin. TiK' rciriforcinicnis iu'mt ar!"i\Oi:i ; and at 
'a li;ii'.' when his army oiigh.i lo ]'ia\'e numlHTed. ten nicn, it did 
not CNi-ced -Ju: tliird of tliat nnmbe: . 

''Clii'iton iin<;-sied the cii\ on the 2'-)ili <■!' 'Marcii, and on the 9tli of 
Atiril the Ik-ct, ijndcr .\drnii',d. Aiin.ib'.ioi, frrv-'ned b\- a ^tl•o^g wind, 
passed Fort Aloidifie with Hi lie dania;ic, a.iu! aiuh.ored in Charlestosi 
harbor within cajuiOJi shot o' the city. 

''Th? iiejie iasicl ab-out cii;hf weeks. In tiiat lime the city v> as 
ccnii)!elel\' stirroundccb without hope oi puccor, ciihxr by bind or sea. 
A corps which liad assembhci at ?\b)Tik's Ct.irner. under coitimand o! 
General Hnger, for the relief of the city, had been surprir-ed, defeated and 
dispersed try a detachment of fourteen hue.dred men, under Webster, 
Tarletciit and I'ercruson; so that there n'lw liein<; no liojie of lelief. Fort 
IMoultrie surrendered on the Oth of May, and rharleston on the llllv 
General Lincoln and ih.e entire army tnuler his CLiinniand at this pdacc 
became prisoners of war. 

"To add to tiie gloom v hich this disaster cast ujion the country-, 
there occurred a fovr days afcerward-, a niost remarkable natural phenome- 
non, that filled the minds of the timid and superstitious with great ap- 
prehension and alarm. It v.'as wiiat was Ion.:: known as 'the dark days.' 
About 10 o'rloe': ■^.:\ the 1 9th uf May, the heavens became darkened !jy -.. 
dense vapor or smoke, of a yellow color. It was so dark that lights iiaJ to 
be kindled in tlte hour^es for all business purposes; and the fowls went to 
^oo^t. It was tlie opinion of some that the day of judgment was at hand. 

"This strange and exti'ao.''dinary phenomenon continued all the ne>;r 
day; but the unusiial \"apor — or whate\'er ir was- — passed ofT during the 
nigh.t of the 20ih, and tiie firmamero afver tliat was as briglit as e\er. 

"After the ftdi of C-'harleston, a iruceinSouih Carolina was proclaimed, 
and a pardon offered to all wlio wotild te.kc British protection. Great 
numbers accepted the terms, and the country appeared so tiuiet th;u 
Clinton, thinking the subjugation complete, sailed for Xew 'S'ork, IcaA'iiig 
Cornwallis hi cummarid.'" (Stephen.s' I'. S. biI = tory.'; 

The people, however, had accepted tlie British terms of peace, onh- 
as a means of temporary relief. As soon as they were able, and opportiuiiiy 
was presented, they renewed, with determination, the great struggle for 
xiational independence. 

412 Charle.- Woodson-' and. thirty of his comrades, wliile ()risoners 
of war in Charleston, determined to eftect their escape; which they did 
b\ means of their owii invention, and v,aiked all the way back lo tlieir 
homes in X'irginia. As there were many Tories or British sympathizers 
alor.g the way. the jotirne\- h.:.m(' was tsecesi'iriK' s!n-.- aiid hazardous, 
for these boys had lo serreie rheJ'.i^elvcs duriiig the day and do their 

Sl\ \i\ GKM:kA-iir.X ] ] I 

walkiii!; ot niv;ln. i'Wi-^ mad., ii very (iifl'icuii i-.' pr-u-mv foot!, which w.if 
printipaliy lrui;^ aui' ^;i:!i ihi'i.;s .;? i1k\- cji-uI '•jrc!-: ;:p" by tlio wa\-si.le. 
After Ricat piivati.-n and Iiani-hin i!io\ n-.u-'aod ihcir luuncs. along ii\ tlie 
sunmur, in a li.df fanii^]n\! c..im1u;oii. h rruiy iusiurally be supp-'scd Lha*;, 
aftor ho v.-a=. si!!;:cii-a;Iy ; ociiivratcd ar.d rleansod from tlic cftecis of his lone 
jouinoy -112 Charles Woodson' !o,-.t liuli.- lime in goiiii, acro.-^s J.inies Rixor 
iiilo ("loochland coiiniy, lo ihe liomt of .Mr. J<J^^i,d■■ Lcako, tlip fatlierof ^ii^s 
Jiuliili, towdiom he tiad wriueu theabovo loirer w liileir. camiJal (iia.rleslon. 
It appears thai mailers -.vcrc speedily arraai^cd between hiiii and hi^> 
ladiN love: lor uo. the fidlowir.g Sepiember 25. i 7S0, with the wriitei: consent 
o! hi- Kulier. lie si;4!;ed .1 marriar.e bond, wiii; his friend George Christian 
as security, and as soon as practicable tliercafter, was married to >diss 
Judith Leake, daughier of Josiah l.tike and wife. Arm Featon. Judith 
wa;; N.'rn in ]',()2 at the lionic of tier parents in Goocidand coiHirv. The 
vital p(iints of tlds intereslin'j; lrnn<ar(.ion are duly recorded atGoochland 
Courthouse. His father gave iiini a number of slaves, liorses, cattle, 
farming implements and a eon.drlerable tract of land oit which was a 
picturesque site tor a residence, commanding from an eniinenee. ;i \ i^.-w of a 
body of arable land, three miles in circidt, skirted by Willis' River. It 
wa'. here the\- btdlt their comfortable home, which tliey called "Rosebank." 
And let it be remarked that Roseb.ank — synoin'oi for hospitality — was 
never so crowded but that another guest inight find food and shelter there. 
Here thi- nolde cotiple spent their long and useful lives, rearing a family ol 
four sons and four daughters, be^ide^ half a dozen or more orphan children 
wdio were pro\ identially left to their care. The following obituarv, taken 
from a Fiichmond paper of the time, gi\e& the date and circui.istances of 
his death. 


"Died, at Rosebank, his residence in Cumberland rountv, on the Ist 
day of December, 18.?t), Captain Charles Woodson, in the 'iO\h \ear of His 

"For more than a year and a half he had been afllicted wid; a ptralvtic 
affection of his entire left side, but for several months had been able to 
walk with the aid of a crutch; and take exercise on horse back or in a 

"On the eN'cning previous to his death, a few minutes after his accus- 
tomed family devotion — the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to the 
Author of all Clood, for the mercies of the day — the attack was suddenly 
renewed with the most alanning violence, and within twenty-four hours 
he was removed to the enjoyment of the promises of Him who hath said 
'Blessed are th(jse servant:? whom the f.ord, when he cometh, shall find 

"Captain Woodson, early and heartily engaged in the Re\-olutionary'e, .oid p.articipatcd larg(dy in its hardships and braved its dangers. 
Among tliese m.-iy Le mentioned his capture at Cha.rlcsron, and the ap- 

ilJ ii'.i-. V. ■x.^ns'iN-; .'.Nil iiir.iR c:*'^. .\i CTii, 

pnllinj; d!i".ci;iiios he ^'. 'th !v.r t!'.irt\ coniiM',k>. -ur/no'jp.tcd in cUVctiii^i: 
their c->cajic. 

"He was trro;iil\" rt -pcotoii i'.i iiiv cirt.-le of hi- ...r ■.;.;?. iiit a nccs. jr.i] In- 
liis foi'io.v ciii;cns i;t'iior,i'l>'; aiu: e!iiit.\!;'od '(i hi? 'a;iiily an<i Irieruis." 

Hi,-; fa;Tiil\" Cil ' tirr.e coiivisicd of his -wife and two oi'pliaiicd crr.ind- 
ciiildrcn. K'>1S Joh,n Morion Wv.niison-' atid 152n Mary Jamima Wo.-.f.l-;on.^ 
Mis widow '.ivcd f/asi iior fonr^cc'ic yonrs r.nd cr.L-d at Rosebank on tbx- 3rci 
day of X<ivcmbc:i", ],;51, fi;.;ed cii;lu\'-niiic years. The negroes wore 
distributed among her siir\i\unL: children and grandc-Tildren; the o!d lioir.e 
and ail ir.e propeny bcioritin.i; ioi; w s al. o ^<.lld ar.'j di'.-i(!ec!. Tiic follow- 
ing Iciici from 26 Ch<ir!es Corihu-.'Ji ^^'alto^,■' hue of Norfolk, \'irginia, 
giving liis recolleciions of Roscl.'arik, ]-i(.>rira\'j ponie of t!ie feaiurei of 
country hiomc life in those days. 

' ' N oi f oik, Vi ri:i nia , 

"March 4, 1911. 
"Mr. Henry >i. Woodson, 

"Jder.iii! is, Tenp.. 
"My dear Henry: 

"Yot! ask mc to wriie something; of ni\' recollections of the old lioine 
Rosebank. Xow, con.-idering the fact tlsal when oar great-grand mother 
died and the old home was broken up, I was a "barefoot bo}' wiih cheek 
of tan," yoi'.r request seem? to imph' the possession of faculties to \\diich I 
can h.ardly lay claim. But since \ou request it I will r.;ake the atienriJt. 

"Rosebank was set lied by our great-grandfather, i 1 2 Charles Woodson, 
a soldier of the Revoluiionary War. 1 write of it as I knew it in my 
childhood. It was not one of the show places of the country. Its name 
does not appear in the catalogue of "Old Colonial Homes of Virginia," 
nor could it be called grand or handsome — few ncre which w-'-re built 
when that was, and by a soldier just returned from the war. 

"Standing in modest seclusion back from the country road, almost 
hidden in a gro\'e of oaks, its ample barns and outhouses showing in the 
background, its every appearance denoted just what, indeed, it \\a5, a 
substantial unpretentious homiC. The house scood among rolling bills 
high above the river fVi'illis') overlooking a wide expanse of 'low grounds,' 
as the bot;om lands on tb.e upper rivers of \'!rginia v.-crc called. These low 
grounds were wonderfully producti\'e and v.ere, in all i)r(.bablli'.y, the 
reason for the selection, of the site. 

"Ro'-eb: nk v.-.:-. like most of ihc iarge plantations of its tinT-->, a 
community in itself. It had its own blacksmith and whcehvright shops. 
In these shops was made nearly ever\-ihing necessary for the farm In the way 
of wagons, carts, ploughs, hoes anci utensils of e\ery kind. 

"The mechan.ics were usually selected from among the ser\-ants on the 
plantation; and it is ?stonishing what beautiful, and always sub-tantial, 
work they could turn out. Tlic negro women at Rosebank v.ere not 
required to work in the fields, and tiiey never did except al harvest time— 
the festival of the >-ear — \\hcn, to be drnrived of the pri\ilege, would have 
been con-.-idcred a gieat hardship. They did the spinning, weaving, clothes 
making and such light v.'ork. 

■^ b.> 

J: at K-rb.;r!.. 

novcr left ilK- 


'. ! I v>-.;s <:.;■■■.! V 

•"', .>i'Un, woM^n 

>ac;: ; 

'..' yo'-ir.--,' ar. ll;e 


nil;!! not al\v.;>r. 

'•o iu)%v. iTor 

ng ki 

ns'ivonu'.n, porr.a 

p^ with curliiie 

■The wool taken \-: y,u ihc>!^.v-p' 
plaCL' Mliero were hm raL;-i)ie;i in iho^o 
and wo:ti il!*Te. "Fii):!! the s!ieoi)V h 
h.avc it, V...-- liieraliv true at R(>>ot\'.::i 
tl;e .-".eriii ■ r.lipjifetimeiu of sonT? ycv. 
li!'. I'i'l cKp.l iin iivit it is t!ic rir.^ro ckuhos (<■ v hich 1 rcU r. Hci ancc-.-iors, 
of course, ne^"cr wore lu)nie?pun.) 

'■.-\s to Icot;, one ;r.ij;i;r ii\-e to a liCiiiy old ape aii'.-i :io\'cr fwailow a 
morse! i!%at was nor prodiu^c] on tlie place: rxeept, (.'f- course, "such things 
as ilic i'a.riii ccnlii not priidtiee. ... 

"I\l\ mi.>i!ier and y-<tuf fatlicr. wI-,ose paren»^s died \''ung, were taken 
to Rooeliaak ar.d ri\ared llierc b\- ilieir prandi^arenis. Se. in tiv'r tl'ild- 
hood lhe\' kni.w no other !io.:iic. , Tv'.'^tPiei' is now j9i:'i in her eiehty- 
sixth year and !o\-es to tail-; — as I to li'sicn--('.f Ikt cliil(ihood at Ro-el>ank. 
She rckties many anecdores of the old place. S'le tells c!ie of your father 
when a bo}-. It seerns tiiat in one of his freqner.r ramilr'-. with k,i> do!.;, lie. 
disco eied a ficatiriful !.)nt raephitic aniniak Cliarnied wiih ii.= bear!i..\', 
he attempted to capture it — with the usual lesuli. You can imagine 
his bcwMdered astonishment, and hi; prompt abandontricnt of tlie chase. 
In liis distress, as a nnuier of course, he ran to his graiidiiiother. But, for 
once in liis life, tlie old lady vs-ould have none of him. But call;!!;, a 
servant, s!;e had him taken to tlie barn to be washed an>d dressed anew, 
wdicnce h.e re; timed a c'eancr and a wiser>-". 

"She tells, too, of iiow iter grandfather who — because of -a stroke of 
paralysis, was an invalid. f(n- some 3"ears before his dea'.h and not abie 
cornfortabh- to use a hor.e rnd buggy — in order to ge;. about, tlie farm, 
had liiade a sinal! conve\cince, a sort of low wheeled \yagon. Tix- !r!ot:\c 
power for this \-ehicIe was the litrlc negroes abour the pdace. Wiieri hv; 
wdshed to go abroad he would b!o\v a horn from, the back porch, and ti:e 
b'ttle fellows, glad of the frolic, would come running Iron.-t e>"cr3' directio.n to 
indl 'I\Iaster"s weggin.' 

''In tlie-e excursions, m.y mother, then, a little girl, •r.ould accompany 
hiin. Thus .he old geuLleman, !iis granddaughter b\ his side, wouici be 
pulled about by a of happy,, laughing,- chattering pickan.inities,' 
1 lOA'e in fancy to dv. ell on the piccure. These two churr:- who lo%\-d and 
understood each other so v.ell. The rugged old soldier, erect and so!e;r:n. 
and the haireu big-eyed child by 'nis :ide. her cheeks ag'ov,- wdtli 
health, her e\'e5 dancing wiih the fu.i of it ail, as onh- the Woodson e.ets 
can dance. I — and v. ho does rsot?- -!o\'e IC) think of m^- mother a? a liappy, 
laughing child. 

"With old Rosebank, there will alwa\s l;e associated in m\- mind, a 
someiimcs ,-lern, but alwa>s gentle and kindily old lady in her fa\'orite se-U 
on the p.on.h; the surmier air laden wdtli rich perfumes from the old- 
fashi'ii;ed garden; snatch.e-; of far av.ay nn-lody from tlie negroes as they 
sang at their work in the licid; the soft lilt of a mocking" bird's song; th.e 
sweet hush of .t summer evening; and j-ervading all, a soothing, suljconscious 
sense of welcome and iverfect lo\ e. ) I wis an ideal home of the old Soiitii, 

i' '1 in: w-,>()u> j» .-.M-i -iin'!i; conn! 

vvliore niastw-r and ii;.;n, :;\i^i-o#> ,i;ui n;aid dij ihciv [\<;;s in jXTferl harnionv 
niul low: .1 hn:r.v, liu- like of v, Inch, we slia!; P.i.vcr H<.'e i.'-:nn. 

"1 fi-cl th.ti; 1 \v.-m:K'. iim bi- .K-.iiinL: y-'.-'W if ! ■•iui not .-.ay some word 
in alTociioinito ineinory i^f the old >or\-anttf bcioncdni; lo Ho.~el\ink. 

"Thonvif. \oi~on l\u;e, in iiiri adniiiabio book oi; ihe .■juiijc-'-i, ^.,i^ 
made i; rlk-ar thai tla-rc ar-.' dilToroiK t>-;)Os in the ivki'iv irib(?s o! ih'^ 
African race, bolh as rotrartis iheir pliy.-ical furniaiioii and ilu-l' m^'aia! 

"Tiie nc,;roes iif Ro.-ebank c\ii.icnii\- came from tlie Iiiglior class. 
Tliere were none of the thick-lipped, (lat-nosed, bi:!!-!:ed<ed iNoe ani.^nj: 
them; and their Inni, and intimate association will; the fanrdy frv'in genera- 
tion to geneiaLion liad de\eh'.ppd among tIv.mii, in mau>- r'Spccts, admitcdiie 
characters. Being one of the large i_dantations in ihe connty, it ivtd many 
servant?. Vnit not too many, not so niai-.y that ihe>- did not. each one, 
recei-v-e the personal care of the master and mistress. A kindly s:,-mpathv 
and generous treatment was ihe rule; and this wa.s aiwa\'s r.iet, on the part 
of tlie servants, with absoluie devotion. 

"The negroes had as ntiich piidc- of f.amih-, and as je.doush- guarded 
its interests as the whites themse'x ts. 

"It is this bond of nnitua'i regard ar.d s\-nipathy betv.-eeri master and 
slave, that i:. so persi^tenth' ignor.^d by the self-appointed, pseii'.lo friends 
of the 'iioor colored bnjther.' Ah, wh:n a :^creaming f.arce, what a trans- 
parent, hidcons mockery their [>ri tended f:-iendship was. But the\' have 
had their da\-. The foid carrion hangs iibbraed before the v.orld, the scorn 
alike of while and black. 

"i ha\e not seen old Rosebank for nian^v years, and the last time I 
was tlierc 1 saw sad changes; but e-ven so, e\-ery foot of gj-ound is hallowed 
by the footsteps of my motlier, of your father, of i r.e old couple who were so 
de^■otedl\■ tender in their nurture and love of the tv.-o orphans left to their 
care: and of the old ser\-ant-, iiian>' of whom 1 knew and !o\e(.i for \-ear3 
after the old home broken up, ondi wlto added so much of joy to my 
life as 1 roamed the liills and Heids in my ehiidh.ood. 

"As ! stood in the graveya;d where i:j many o! the Woodsons i'e 
buried, 1 could not but reflect that those who siept ihere had led v.-hat, ii; 
this age of splurge and show and feverish struggle, v.-ould be called sluggish 
lives. Yet in the calm serenity of their daily lives, lives of ijcace and quiet 
content, they developed characters which were not or.!;\- proof against 
enmit\- and wrongdoing in the ordinary affairs c^f life, lut in perilous 
times led i.iK-iri to answer the all of their dk-ircs.-ed counli\- v.ith i:;ro:npt- 
ness and whole-souled \'igor, esteeming it n(^t only a stern duty luit a high 
patriotic pri\ilege. 

"It is in homes such as this that the real strength of otir coinUry lies; 
and ficm !:.iich, whether in times of peace or wa;-, her greatest help must 

"In closing this sketidi, I wish to say that I consider it no liglit thing 
to be descended trom a liero of 'Id, but I take peculiar pride in claiming 
descent from one nho, not only i:-. tiirie of war acted his part witli courage 
and ndeiitx', but uh .i, vvdn'e the ii.ll ihi-h oi nieh achie\-emeni and duiy 

well porf.'inirr!, va? \W:]\ hiin, soii!;'>C n''i';Tor fi'lirc nor noH;ic\!l 
pivferiuc'ii; y<:<.\ m-].f\\\ n.-;Irc>!. will- ilu; wiiV .■! iii.- rhoico, tu iuakc- a 
home i-uch as 1 liavo ail' mijU'd ;u v!vr;c"ii;c, ;::k; luni which, in afuT ycai:^ 
so nuich 'has gom- nui lo Mt-.^s t!;-.' !a!ul la- ;k!j>v(1 b^ •,\'i:i. 
"Vol!)' Iricr.d and ca^ii;, 

"Charl>;s CouiLAXirr Wa'.t. >x." 

li has bee;-. ...h~cr\-ed tiia.l -1 ! 2 Ciiailes \VotxNo:r' was oik- of ili- 
execului-N n.imc-d in hi> fa'.lici's will, a:.d ;hal he was oidy gi\Tn ihc sum of 
f\\(i ,-hiMiii;4S. Tho leas'iii for ihis wa.- ilia: hi; fathi-r luivl tivoa him the 
RosL-lianl. Dlaiiiaiiiui with sewval rie.^reos and oliicr propciny, '.v!)i(!i, 
it was esiimaicd, vv<>al<l constiuiic his ^ ')f his father's cstalo. !n 
tho census ot 1 7S2 h.o is cnume.'raud ia Cuniiitrland aamiy, as head of a 
faniilv con.M-iiiig of ir.rct -.vhitcs and fi\-e bla.kA. his fir.-i son 5;:o Tailcton,' 
at the time being an infant. He never areepte.l, or at least, ran er received a 
pension frem che goNernment. About three years a!ti.r his deala, \vhich 
occurred on Deceml.ier I, 1830, his son S2-i Vv'illiiun' sought 1o obtain a 
pension for th.e widow (his mother). Wishing to csiablish the fact that his 
father, 4] 2 diaries, had attained to tb.e rank of captain in the RevoUitionary 
army, he procured arnda\-its from a nua!i;er of gentlemen in r'nmberkuid 
cotint\-, vdio had known him from ids b;i_\dioiHl. Foi ihe beni-ht of tliose 
who may feel interested in tlic niaiter, tlrase afhd--.vits are here prir.tcd 
as they appear in tiie manuscript volume in the .-.tate liljrary at Richinond, 


RlCl:MO.N"D. Va. 

Ian. 25. 19l.v 
Mr. H. i^.I. Woodson, 
IVIemidds, Tenn. 
My dear Sir: 

I send, enclosed, the affidavit of John Crutc v hich you asked for. 
The letter of Robert Portcrficid is addressed to .'-■24 William. Woodson,' 
New Canton, liuckiiigham Count> . 

Very truly yours, 
H. R. ?^lclL-v.^I^•E, State Librarian, 
per H. J. EcKEXRODE, Archivist. 
Soldiers rctireti o(iih Sepf lS.-i3 
Dear Sir 

"^'ours of the ISth is at iMuvb I knew >-our Father 4/2 Charles 
\^'oodion,^ he was made prisoner v.hen the gari'ison at Charleston S. 
Carolina surrendered 12th of May 1780, and my recollection is tha^. he 
was at that time a sergeant Major— tliat after the officers (prisoners) vrere 
sent to Iladdrils point, on parole, your Father at the liead of thirty r.ieti 
made their escape througi; the British line.=; and returned to \'irginia, and 
probably rejoined some of ihe \''irj;;iiiia Regiments in actual service. 1 
have heard it stated about the close of the war of the rewh.ition, that r.s a 
rewarf! for yot;r fathers lait'nfu! & patriotic s;er\-iccs, r.e was pronteteu !c 

il6 THK T"OOD?r.\^ AN!~i nVTi!- i oI-CNTC nON 

a iapiainc\': of ihi> ];o\ve%"or T lu^vc pi isonal knov.leJgc, luniny 
remained a pri^or.C!- ui war, on pr''-;.)U. .•;;,!: ihc eiul Uicii.l)!-- ■ 'i li'v I 
know, that ho v.-;>? optiileJ Captain. .',nH was iiM.lcr the inipn:>?io:-i that li:.- 
title wa? aqi'ireci 1 y the proiVf/ii.-n af..'i-o.--aid — Tliat he rcr.aincd iii 
service ur.til the c;ij of t'ne war 'Ju-ro. I bcL'e-.-e, i.- wo doul-.t. 

I have no di.-iii'.ct rccollcciiun of your Farhcrs broti'.er Captaii) 
W'iliiani \\'oo(i?oii — a:i occurrarico .-vich as \-ou nicniion took r'hice on the 
mornir.;:; prcN^ious to the- battlo of ("icnnaniov.-n two large piLili'-iHing parrie-^ 
of our mt'n nicL and fired on each other, bat wlio cotntiuinded 1 Ikia'c how 
no rccollcctiori. 

Your friend & ob. si. 
Ro. ]'()KrHRr]i:t-D Cap.t. in ihe 
\'irga Cornmissiou & Ald-de-canip. 
P.S. I wish it v.a? in my pciw;-»r to give a distinct arcouiii of the 
services of so brave a soldier £: so jiairiotic a citizen as your father, biit ray 
physical and mental powers bein^; on the decline my recollections have 
also failed 

R. P. 

I certify that the above is a copy of a manuscript in the Virginia 
State Library. 

}I. J. EcKElsRODE, 

Richmond, \'irginia, 
October 8, 1^)12. 


Cumberland County towit 

This day Capt. \\"m. Walker of the county afcresaid Personally ap- 
peared before me, a justice of the peace for the said county, and made 
oath that he became acquainted with the late [412] Capi. Ciiarlcs Woodson' 
of said County imediateiy after the close of the Revolutionary war: this 
affiant thinks about the year 1/82 v.hich was about the ces:T:Lion of arms 
in \'irginia that his acquaintance witli the said Woodson commenced. 
The said Woodson then bore the title of Captain; that he must have been 
nominated to the Captaincy in die rej^ular army of the Revolution. This 
the affiant infers because this afiiant acted as adjutant Frequently In th.c 
County^ during the years 1780-1781 and was acti^•e and believes he knew 
every man then bearing arms in the county and he, at that time was not 
acquainted with the said Wood?on; this affiant wa.s also made captain 
in the 1782 and knew every malilia captain in the county and the sJ 
Woodson was not among the captains of malitia. How long the said 
Woodson served in the Revolucioiiary war he ha.^ no knov!edi,e but fr-'in 
general report about that time he was in the regular army 

Vn'm. W.\:-k;;r 

The above niU'ia\ii: (lul\ >w>M-i; U, l'o:'.;;tr n.e a •>{ V for ihe 
couiUy of;iiui ihis 19!!^ d.\y ol l\K.\\inbcv 1S.>3. 

ALI.KN WlLt^C'X J. ?. 

I oertify ih.U, iho above I.- ?. copy of a maniiscrij.' in iiie X'irglnir. 
Siate Library. 

li. j. )-.r|;FNKuDl-:. 


Richmond, Va., Oct. S, i'M?. 

The yhid^vit of Jc;-sc Park-r in his .^cvcIUy fifth yar, la'afi -it his 
oven houbC ill the county of Ciiniucvland before Edwiird Waiton, a jiwtice 
of the peace in and for the said Counry, on the ISth day of January ia the 
year 1834. This affiant being i'M>t duly fwern 5aith i ha. Ik- was acquainted 
with the la;c [112] Cpt Charles Woodson oi :-aid County both before and 
after the revolutionary v\-ar, btit .vas bcii er acqu.;irleu with after !he 
war. That thi> affiant both before and afler the war li\ed about ei-ht 
miles from tiie said Wood-on Uittil the dfath of saidi Woodson. That 
this affiant in tlie year 1776 or 1777 enl'.Med under Capt John ?.Iosby and 
went to the state of Georgia anal iha' he undeislood aboiK that t:nic that 
the said \\ond:.on emered the service and went to Cli;u-ie>ton South 
Carolina. That this afliant served in the army three years and wlien !:e 
retiirned iKnr.c after his term of service aforesaid expired, the ^nld 
Woodson was still absent and he cominued absent for se\eral years there- 
after. That he heard at thai, time that t'le said Woodson wa= absent in 
the army but v.dtether it was so or nor this affiant does not know but 
remembers very di.^tinctly that at the close of the revolutionary war the 
said Woodson was called Captrdn ana continued to Ije so called untili 
his death and further saith not. 

Jks?f, pAKttliK 

Cumberland County towit 

The foregoing affidavit was this day duly sworn to and lalce.i before 
m.e a justice of the peace in and for the said county. Ciiv.-.i ender my 
hand this the iSth day of January 1834. 

EiAVD. Walton, J. P. 

I herel'y certify that tlie above is a copy of a manusc-ipt in the 
Virginia State Librar\-. 



October 8, 1912. 

The affidavit of John Robinson in his seventy third year taken at his 
own house in the count>- of Cumberland on the ISth day of January ui 
the year 1831, before Edward Walton a ju.^iice of the peace in and for the 
county of Cumberland aforesaid. 'I'his affiant being first duly sworn 
Saith'that he was well acquainted ^iw" the late (412) C:apra;n Charles 
Woodson of the said count', both before and alter ihc revwiulionary war. 


•I hi: no...'i'Si>\< ..\',j 

(la.- atVuiid aii<i llu.' said WiK'd^.iti !i\i.! r.,.t. ninny v,i':\?i ;'i-ait iKl(-:i' lI'C 
re\olurK'!i niul :>i.) ciiiifiniied ti!! tlv .Icu)) oi ilii.- ;..-.i<i W'udds'.n. Tliar 
about ilio lim-j this .ii'!:aiJt enifr--- 1 -.he >ci\'\i:f in tUij ■lifl War, wliicli w.-^ 
in tliO t\Ti-ly jiart o! the- \cv.r 1777, ):•■ iiiulrrsu-.'o.i (i;.!'. ;)ic -^ald i!12! (\,\'\. 
W'oo'.hov. a!^o joinrd \\w- army- - T'l-s ;'ltu!ii; v en! i.^) nunh ond llu- ^•iid 
Woocbon to tlio So'.uh; tiuU he rei;Knibo:> ilua wixMi he rofurned luun',- 
after a uvi.>l\c niontli ronr, (ho sail Woodson w;!? absent from horne ;tiid r-o 
continvu'.i for several > car?, this at''i:'.!U^ tliat he did not see the said 
Woodstin until aboui ihv: \ear 1782. This afiiant knows riotliinc'. of the 
tcrni of tl:e ^ald Woodson's cnlismit-nt in ib.e service — Me reirienibers 
very v.'el! to ha\"e heard the said Woodson i dhxi t'a.ptaiii .tbont tiie clos-e 
of the revolutionary \v,ir and conlinii:-d to be so ca!b:d untili hi.-^ deatii. 
This afiiant does n'M know how lie gijt tli.U iitk or -Ar.e'.hvr he ■•vas made a 
Captain in ihe re\'o!utijn. 


Ciiiv.Iierland County to' 

The foregoing ,<,fnda\-it was didy sworn to and taken l)erore at.- )-\b'-.,rd 
Walu-a a iiistice of the peace in and for tiie said County of Cumlicrkind. 
Gi\-en under my hand this tb.e ISth da\- of January in the year 183-1. 

Edwd. Wai.vox, J. p. 

] hpreb\- certify that this is a C'ap\' of a manuscript in th.c \'irr;in''a 
State Library. 

II. J. Ec!:r>a;o'u;, 

Arcliix ist. 
Richmond, \'irginia, 
October 7, 1912. 

This is to Ccrtif\', That it appears from a List in iliis Ofnee of =tieh 
Oiilcers and Soldiers of the Virginia Ccntineutal Line, during the Revolu- 
tionary War, as settled their Accounts, and received Certificates lor the 
balance of their Full Pay, according to an Act of .^ssenibly, passed the 
November Session, 17i'l, that Certificates issued on the 27 Jub.- 1782, 
13 Jany. 1 783, in the name of Charles Woodson for £ 17. 9. 5, £ 31. 'S. 9, 
which Certificates appears to have been delivered to Mary Carrington and 
was given for services prior to the 1st Tanuarv, 1782,. 

Given undc-r my hand at tiie Auditor's Uiiice, Richmond, this 1-kh 
day of Fuby. 1S34. 

Josii J.vcKsox Clk At'Sr. rUiditor's Cfr. 

I certify that this is a copv of a certificate in the X'irginia Sta^e 


Archit ist. 
Riclimond, Vs.., 

October 8, 1912. 

1 ccr(ii'\- that liiC r,,:nu'(>l' C!u:rio.- \\"n-''d.soii ju'^i')" i: f-.-in'.'' in 3 iii.irui- 
scrii)t \oliirue in llio \'ii\^ip.ia Su'lc i.ilr.-.ry. knc'. ", J~ -I-.c ''Ciiiid-erlcKi 
Coinviiuce of Satoty," p.:c;'.- !9 ,i:u! il'.ercafu-!- ut- .1 iiicrul^cr oi' tlic ro-.n- 
miuce of Safoiy in i\\v. \\v\o\v.iUy.\M:y \var. 

Tiie r(cori! is a? foildv.s: 
"At a (''.)n:niiLCeo Iiel'.i tor CrnujorlanJ. t'our.'.y i!io LSib. tbiy of IVbruafv 
1775. Pre.-env, 

George Carrin^ton. Cliairnutn, W'iUinii) i'"!c:ning-, I,itiL-l>u.ry .M.o-itv, J.iliu 
Ma>o, Jo>c;-h CaninL-,n>n, Ivichard jaiVK'.-, Carter Henry Marris'in, r,c(ji;.;c 
Carrin^ton, junr.. Jolm Xetherland, RnWcrt Sniitii, .Aiaiiricc Langliorne, 
Benjamin Wilson, Josi.^pli Calland. FrecK-rick Ija'.ci'.ei. lulv/ard ('arrin;j:ua;, 
John. \\'oi:>d?on, The Ke\'d. Jolin Ilydo Sa.unders, Char!...-- W'oodbCi. junr." 

And liie same hu^d-;, jKige 63. slirnvs ihat Charles Woodson was chosen 
ygaiii as a ini'niber of the Committee at an election held on Octob<^r 2^, 

II. J . ErxEXRorjE, 

Virginia State Librar}-. 
Richmond, \'a.. 
Oct. 9, 1912. 

Decnir. 9t!-, 1833 

I was acquainted v.dth [412] Capt. Charles Wood~cn I)ut net a? Capt. 
in the arniey of the Revo'ution he bore the Rank of Sjrjar.t wdien I done 
duty with liim if he Ever was promoted it was after I left hin-i. He was 
Taken in Cdiarles Tciwn iS: I n'as taken in Buford's defci 1 nL-\'cr livarJ iv:. 
more of hin.i tdl aftei" Conclusion of Peace as I was Constant a prisoner till 
tlicn. I was not Acquainted with the regulations oi the Arme\ after that, 
I know nothing of the time tp-at lie joind ! am c'.'er "^'onrs i.^'c. 

Joiix Cruti: late of tiie A.rPT^y 

! ceriify thai the above is a true copy C'f a inaTUiacript in the \'n'giiiia 
State Library. 

li. J. Eckl:xro]>e, 

Richmond, Va., 
Jan. 25, 1013. 

The circumstances sujr.porting A\'oodson's claim. 

The whf'la testimony circum.stantially demonstrates thai Captain 
Woodson entered the ser\-ice of the b'niied States as a regtdar soldier at 
an earl>- (leriod of tlie war and that he continued in the £er\ice the whole 
war. Wm Walker saye he did not retm-n untlil tlu: year 1732. John 
Robertson says he did n;:)t return home untill about the \-ear 1782 — Je>-sc 
Parker says he wa.s absent and did not return an'ili about the close of ih.e 
wai'. All these "^oricur ii; the fact that upon hi.; return home Cap! Woodson 

1 1'O v:!i-: v.'.v'!)<('N> .sNi' iiiii-iR (iixyixii 

was f.iilv'd <MiU,\!r.. 'i'hc r:rsr infei^ thn! iv.r.n Ims .'.•.■•.'.ualiaaacc wii'i \V.c 
niiliiia olViccrs at i'ik-.i t!-,'.-, ;i::i:ii;g v.!u-i-.i Wn'i'so-i v.,is :'...i, and from CiiyX 
\\\if;il>oi>'s ab^ciict.- in ihc -.eivico (hr,i l-.o. \\'(>oi.!<)ii, wn.s |:r<imotid to iho 
CniJiaucy in '!:e logii! ir annx-. Al.^y r Cnilc s.iy? he liiiew Cant. WootNor, 
as soiica. lit i'l t!ie soiiihcrp. arni\'. Coiht.." R. Porici ficK! sa\slio luuvv 
\\'oc):l-<_iTi a-^ ^crg'.'.iP.t ir.ajcu a'. Cluirlc. to,: S. ('. a.Tul liia.T iic -.vas or." of tl.v- 
garrison of t!:a.! place ai ilie time U fell uiio liu- liaad- of ilic enemy in the 
year 17cO — a.n.i that Wodil-on ar tlie lu ad of M) men forced lii? cscaijc 
ihroiiLh ihe l-rili^h liae= & tliat he iheieai'ier <.n!er'.:d ihr service again— - 
In the I. liter -r;n[i(. ;;ti"n of ricner.d ''oiciTia!.! he i,-^ ;-.ii;ia!ned by tlie arni\' 
leglsler a ceriir.cale from which is on fik: aniong tl;e iiapeis, this ccrtilionti, 
sho^vs that Cafil. Woodson drew depreciation pay in the years 17S2 & ITj^.v 
General Poterfield also states that, he tindersiood that V/codson vas 
pronioti d to tlu; cap.iaincy abotit the close of tite war on ;i,c of his serN'ires 
in the sontlicvit army. Tliat lie knows Woodson was entitled tapt. 
at ihe close of ihe war and that there is no r.oiibt that he remained in the 
service tlie whole war. 

i hereby certifx' ihat tlie abo"\'e is a C'lpy of a rnanirscript iu the 
'N'irj.'iida Slate Librarsa 

H. J. ErKi:.\RODK, 

October 12. 1912. 

The follo.ving I.eake data, prepared by the laie Jud^-e Vv'iiiiani ]. 
Leake of Richmond, \'irt.nnia, sliows something of the old and honorab.b.- 
family of w itich Judith Leake, wife of 41 2 Charles Woodsi^m,'^ was a nicniber. 


1 V/iuia!)i LcS'ie,' v.\,.s m.uiied to Mary Bostick and canK to X'irginia fron: 
England in 1().S5. They settled on Licklnghole Crc-ek. in what was ib.en 
Henrico, r!,.'W Goochland co-anty, \':rgin-a. Their residence was i-:nov-."n. 
as "Rocky Spring." The^ had ^besides others) a son. 

2 Walter Leake,- born about 1699 at Rocky Spring in Goochland county, 
Virginia, was married about 1720 to Judith Mask. He lived and dici 
at, Rock\ Spring. Llis will was dated or. ().")'ier 31, 1757, an-J proved mi 
Goochland county court on .\Lriy IG, 17.?S. He was a vestry-man in St. 
James Northam parisli.. church of England. Under the preaclung and i;> 
ffueiice of the great Samuel Da vies, the Leake farniK- became Presbyterian;. 
He left sur\'i\ing. Ids widow, Judiih, and ten children, towit: 

3 John Leake," born and reared in Goochland, married and settled in Ainherst 
county, Virginia. He had two sons in the Revo!i:tionary Army. 

'; William Leabe,' horn o)i'iu\ 1723 in Gooc'niand, was married to J.jditli 
iMoscie)- of Bi;c!;!i; countV; Virgini.-.. Here they resided several 

SlXiU (.'•Al-KMU-'N 






VI 11 


Issue of 



V. „•. :nul then n.oved .. An.., o.nuv. Nonh C:n-.!in.. Th.y h.d a .on. 

many uf thon^ui-hci and inlhKTMal to Uu. d<i> . 
. JosiahLcake,MH.nU7.3,ar R..xky Spung ;r. Go,, connt,^^V^^^^^^^^^ 

vb.n. ho vas ronr.d. educated an<i .pent 1.. -^''J-^ u- -^ - '::",; 
1„.. i;nu- nr.t, on lanuary !, 1/5'), In- K.v. \wluam Du ;J..-. ^o A .. 

r;:;o^-;:rv.-n.;...n,.y._sc.c i^^^'r;-^r;--v::;- :;::'';,;;;::;; 

i::^?s;i:d ^i^;;;:;:-^ -y^^-^^^^^^ - -■"'• '- -" 

^vas proved in Goochland, SepiciMbcr 2K i/'^^- 

A r--' M-«V- Lcakc,' burn at Rori<y M-rnv^ n> 1 /■•.-'. ^^-t-- h^-^' ''^ ' , ^ 
' ^r'ri bv Rex' XN-dlian. n..u::la., to Pati.nee Morr.s -"--;■ 
"■"' -■.:,:ni. He enlUied in ihe RevoUilionary army and aaa.aul 

:hr"a:;i::r'::;i;;ain Af^e.- the ... ... o... ,. .ettled m Ml,cn.a.e 

couniy, where lie died in ISl.i. 

7 P.w S^m^pl Leake/ bom at Rocky Si>rinti. Virginia, was i^luraUd at 
' r;;.;';" and beea.;. a Presbyterian n.ini.tor. (See Foote's SKetene. oi 


8 Ebsha Leake.^ born at Rueky Spring, in_ Gooehia.l -;;;;:: ;,,^;;;^:;:;: 
probablv about 1739. He xVa. married nr.t ^^ -l^' ^^ / ;^'^;,,J 
no i-ue survived this .narriage, second, on Mareh ^o, ^ ' '^•'^^^^''^^ 
au^l He was a nientber of the Revolutionary coun:y coian...ttee of 

Goochland county. 
9 Eii^.belh Leake' bom at Roehy Spring, was married prior to 1750. u. 
]am.., by Par.on Doui^las. No issue .nown. 

10 Mary Leake/' was married to Mr. Ghristian. 

11 Christian Leake.^ bom at Rocky Spring, was married about 1V50 to 
Wilham Johnson, left many descendants. 

p JadHh Leakc,^ f v.,unoest child; born at Roeky Sprin,, was married May % 
1771, by I'arson Douglas, to John Christian. 

5 JOSIAH LEAKEr and his fir.t wife, Ann Fenton. 

13 Lucy Leake,' born 1760 in Goochland county, was married November 30, 
1700, to I'rederick Jones. 

beuteuioer i.>, i'^>', i-" '-^ 

122 rv.i' wori!)^. ■.;.,> .\>:i) rur"!:; »ONNia; 

1 hrx' sclilcii in;ia!'n' . a!. ;lH-ir our. li:-ii:o. l-iviscbniik, ori \\'iliis' 
Rixcr, wlicro l'iK'>- >iic;U oiuirc !i\.\-. lie (iit'd ibcrc on D-^ceinlier i, 
ISoO, and sho or. .\<'\cml\/r 3, 1 S5 1 . Fr.r ]:::-uv v:\ 4 1 > Ciiarlc- \\'oodso(i/' 

Bv SF.coND xMFi:;, Annk Mixti.r 

III 15 Waher Leake/ b.-rn in tioochland county, in 170;-^, -.wis marricil in I'/vO to 

Sus.innali joni-s, ar.d moved to Kenuu'ky. 

IV * 1& josiah Leal-e, Tv.;' '■orn Oclolier -Vi, I'/TO, in Goo;:;il;.ii..l, v/ar, reared at cr 

near Rocky Spring;, wa? married .March .^.-i, 1790. lo tlixabcih I'. Hatciitr. 
He was a planter and a lawyer; war; gradiuited, at l-")ickinson College. He 
served one term in the iegiilature. lie died at hi.- lu^me in Coochlanri, on 
May \2, IS! 7. 


V 17 John Lecke,'' born in Goocliland coimty and died uainarried. 

VI IS Dr. Samuel D.,- died without isiiie. 

Vil 19 Christian Leake, ^ born in Goochland county. She vras married to Mr. 

Scriu;gs and seliled in Alabama am,' reared a family of -cs'eral ciiiidrcn. 

Issue (.f n CAPT. MASK LEAEE,-^ and Pau'enre Morriss. 

1 20 Walter Leake/ born May 20, !76', in Gojcliland county, was n:arried 

Febmar} 10, 1 787, to Elizabeth. Wingfald. He wa? a law yer bv profebsion, 
serxx-d one or more tcins in the Mrginia Icgi-latnre, mo\"ed lo Missisbippi 
and v>'as iiidge of ihe United Stales court in thai siate. He was tv.dce 
elected go'.'ernor of Mississippi and represented that state in the United 
States senate. '\\'hile serving his second term as go^•erno^■ he died N'ovembcr 
27, 1S25. He left many descciidanis, but none of his name, as his children 
were all girls. 

II 21 Sf.niti"! Lerke/ bom in Gooctdand countj- and was marr;r-d to .Miss 

Farrar. They ' childixr., ont- of wh.oni was Ho:). Slielton F. 
Leake, ^ wlio was a member of congress from Albemarle district, and also 
Iie",tenant governor of X'irginia. He died leaving issiie. 

Issue of 8 ELISIJA LEAKE,' and second wif--, Fanny Curd. 

1 22 Same.el Leake, ^ married and moeed to Tennessee. 

II 23 riichard Leake, ^ born in Virginia, inarrie'l aiid mo\cd t'.< Shelbv cownty. 

Tennessee, and settled nca; Collie.-ville, twcr.ty-iive miles east of 

Issue of 18 JOSIAH LEAIIS, ]i/- (J..3i>,h,' Waller.^ \Vil!ia',>\1 and IJi/ab^-h 1\ 


I 24 L'.aniuel D. Leake, ■' born about 1 SC'O iji Goorliliud com-ly, \\■a^ inarricd to 

ranny Miiiiir ')'l;ey hul ^ex'ora' children, (.in^ of wl'.oin was Ji!d:.:r- 
\V'ilIi>;m J. Loaico," i,:_.w of Richii-ioi.d, \'iri;i!;ia. lie \\\is jiidue of ise 
chancery coiiil ')f Rio'iir.unii ciiy, r.iid rc^i^'ncd. .'lu! v>;'.> prc~!dcP.i of liie 
Ric'nnior.d, F'e;kri(.-i-:sbiirg tS: Poloinac i-v.-.iirnad (.^'nipaiiy. ',», hioh i)or-iu'iT! 
h'j resigned, .m;»1 i> noi-v (1907) general cotif:,-ei liiat Uidlroad sy-;;e:n. 
fie died in I'JlO. lie ii v.'as wdiu bupiiiied all t'nli Leake d.ita. 

11 25 Walter D. Leake, ^ l.iorn iii Goociiland couiit}^ and v.\';i married 

to Jane M. Kean. He was a dis'Jagui^hed inaa of Goochland county, lie 
\\a^ a inemliCT of llic ronveinioi; oi io-19; al-C" of ihe lei;islatuie of 1861 and 
sigried the Ortliiiancc of Secession, lie eniisted in the Confed.crate arir.>- 
arid was captain ol atlillery. lie had ses eral cldidren, one of wlioni was 
jud.^^e A. K. Leake'' of Goochlar.d county. He h.>d Linotlicr son, CliJiHes L. 
Leake, ° who inherited the old hoir.esread, Rock)- Sprinr;, which remained in 
the possession of the family until after h's dea;h, and was .-,cld in I'Jdft 
by his widow anAi chikiren The ajld f.aniilx- R-iul-. wlnc'i was brouglu froin 
England in 1685 b\' jMary Bosiick, is tiili pre-trved iii liic lar,i!!y of this 
Cliarles L. Leake. 

III 413 jiidith,'' the third child of 156 [)u!ry Woodson'" and HO Lucy Cdiristi'in.^ 

was born in Gnmberiand coun..\, \'irj;ii'ia. aboac i'/u-f. Shr- v .is mari'ied 
ab':a!r 1780 to l^aac Johnson, in hoi' iC'thei''s vwli, dated May VV L/aS, 
she is nientioned and is given a negro bo}- named Joe. It is supposed ritar 
her had p:c\io!;sly g;i%-en lier her sn .re of his estate. 

IV 414 Plancy,'^' born about 1766 in Guniberland county, was n^anied about 17.Sr 

to Philip King. She is mentioned in l-.jr father's will r.s "my daught'.r 
Nancy King," and is given two negroes named ^x'ed and Jane. After her 
marriage to F'hilip King, the}' /riON'cd to 5ujli\an rounfy, Tennessee, and 
were living there in 1803. Me v.-as probably a son of I'hi!:;; King of 
Cumberland, who married Ann X'enalle.^ 

Y 4'5 Miry,^ called "Robv," born alvmt 1760 in Cumberkoid county. She is 
mcpticpcd ir hi;r f I'her's win as "my rl oa^-hter .Mary V\'c'>,'''-rr;/' wldch 
seems to imply that she was not n-anied at that time, and wci: giNX-n t'.vo 
negroes named Ro-^e and^ Peyton. So it ninst .lave been after me will 
was v.rittcn (Ma\- 7, 17SS) that she married William King. 

\T 416 Elizabeth,'^ born aboul 1771 in Cu.mberland county, is mentioned la her 
father's will as "my daugl'iier Elizabeth Woodson," and was given f.vo 
negroes named Jacob and Fanny. She afiei'wards mari ied Charles 

VI] 417 Martha,' bowi abo'.ii 1773 ir. Cuirdicrland county, is nicntioned in h<-r 

father's will as "my daughter .Martha Woodson," and is gi\er. two negroes 

124 'I'lil. \V'"".n-^(>ve aM> TM'iR CONNLCIMS- 

I'ai'i.-'d Mima .;'u! D,;\:i'. h w.:^ ..iMer liio 'l.iie ■.•[ ri": \v!!l (^K;^ 7.17^S) 
t!:j! >hc V.Ms Mi;',r!'i(ju to l^c> liil P-iddk-. 

\"II1 * 113 i:>rury,' l>or;i al-^'Hit. 1 ~7b in C',;ir.!ier!.t:ui vnv.'-iy, \v.;.^ mar'-ii-ii Uui sbj' naivu; 
( f hi- wife i^ !;o' hn.n- i.. lie !■; :T,o;ui..U(..l !i( hi? Uuluv's vvili (May 7, !7S>;) 
aiicJ is gi\-fi'. ibrfi.- i'.o.^I'.ua H;i."ieil }.>ei), S,il nr.d Jviim-;-. niul "ihe lui'.d 
whoreoii I iiov. reside, afijr ni}' wii'-j's decease.'' Tins was tiu' old 156 
Drur\' Woodson- lionicstciid, Iiiratcd iri liio iioril'iwcsi i'an o! (Tuniberland, 
near the line !>f Biickiiighani ccaiuty. Ii lu-rc that ■>! S Dri'ry Woodsuir 
lived afier h.e was married ar.d si-eni ahT;..\-i ids epiiirc lii't'. Ho btiill a 
little scdi'iulhousc on t!ie -(iace nad. lOr a mniduT of \cars laiighi a sciioo! 
cf the grade of "the three R's" [l^eaddn^. Riiii.^- arid Ui;h:nei:c!. Tld.s 
sCiioo! was attended by ?or.uj of iii-- iM?p!)e\vs anri, Uaer, l>\- soine of their 
ciiiidren. Tlii.- !1S I'-r-ir}- W'r.oilion'^ is a!=a meniioin.'..! in iii" wiii of hiv 
gr^ndfatlier 52 \\'il!ia::'i W'ood^cai' and is yi\en a b.;ilf ini<-resi of 125 acies 
in ]Jne!ciiig]iam eoinuy; ;dso a lialf inieiest in "llie remaii;dur of the estate" 
after eenair other liequests had been nuvie. i;; iSOJ he deeded to 5 
Samuel Taylor.' a hadf inierert in 630 aercs on th:e Meit > I's-k}' River jri 
I\Iercer coui'L\'. Keniuek'N'. See "K\etirs"s — Ta}li.i-"." 

Issue of 1 S7 THOMAS WOODSON^ l.Benjan!in,-i Benj.unin,' Uol'err,- john'j a:Ki 
269 Maiy V,'oodson.« 

I 419 E.i7£beth,'' horn about 1 760, probably '\:\ T'ov/hatan eouviiv, and was 
married aboiii 2 77S to her first cousiii 421 JaL'ob ^^"^.>':■dso;;.'- 

Issuj o; 103 J.A.C0J3 WOODSON^ (Benjamin,^ Benjarain." Rol^eii,- John') and 
Susannah Brooks. 

I 420 \Villiam,'' born ubouu 1754 and died yor,!:^. 

II '121 Jacob/ b(;rn about 1756, was married abcai 177S co his lirst cousin. -^9 
Elizabeth \\'codson.* They had a daughter who married ^iv. GarrcLL, und 
one who married 2Jr. Anderson; but as their names are not known, they are 
left otii of this record. 

Issue of !©■{ MILLER WOODSON' (John,' Benjamin,"' Robert,' Joh-d) n:-d Mary 
Dc. (jraffenreidt. 

I " 422 T^-chariier- (so named in honor of his m.aternal grandfa'irr, Tscharner 
De Grai/enrcidt) was born about 1767 in Cumberland eount> where li..- 
was reared and educated, and spen'. his entire life. For se\'erai %'ears, and 
until 175!?, be was deputy clerk of 'he cuuuty, his father Ix-ing clerk. He 

Married Miss ^.lichaux, a siner of Major Jacob Michaux. "He died 

October, 1829. in his native county. His v.dll, dated Oct-ber 15, 1S29, 
was pro\-ed at Cumberland Couirhouse on October 26, 1&29, and names 
his ten children and three grandchildren: and appoints as e.v;C'itors, his 
son^-indc.-,v Joseph Royall U'oodson," aiid David O'Shea!." (See Wm. & 
Mary Qtly.. vol. X, p. 191 .; 

kKI^cvV (lrc:^^■Ki■■••'^t!f■-.ti•cr, B.d 

chrutcphcv ^^■•;:;;;:;;;;; :;;:;,;;: 5;,:. :;\;7; .na .^ on. ...c ... 

Tie of liii' ^^'^»" 1'2^ "-J' "•-'^■' 


clor.o; llc'inr... .,.n;..o-. or 

probably in l^idi-nond, :ib 


.11 L mc 


in * ^^24 Blake B^kcr^ a>akcr in hu- na:nc U ui U-u.or ol his >"^ver 

,-. T .' .,-1 ^,,,in'v He alio (.uvn.f,, ti '...'!;<- -ii'"''' 
•Ti ( 11 'vto- 1 ''V. conn N. 11^- t---^ _ . J . ,,,».'. 

fine ok! rc'u'cnrc was uCM-n.^oa b> .- a., _ T ivl r 

dk-' He sold hi. pUnuUio. .0 Ins brovlKv-,n-k.v, J .r 5 . _ ■ - ... » ^; ;; 
':^;-v'. In^ cml',-.n, moved to,. _u cl ^Vn,. . .>^..;^_ 
ii;- ., ■ ,,e.e ho and n.a.rled socond. ^ je w,doj. ^ . . - N^^^ 

iUustv:ous general. o(t!-.e Con., d.rat ...u. .. . ,^,^^_ 

.uilarv n.en of the nkiclouuh .^ntur> . •^f^^_:;,^^,;:;:;;,;:;^\.,^j ^,^..,,,, 


^5on, he n:0s4d Lo Fayetie Courthouse,^ WesvVirgmi 

sc\'eral year;; a 

clerk of thai county, an 


lipe 010 age. 

425 Muler, Jr.,n.orn about 1771 at Curaberland Couahr^.e, Viu ani 
he speuL his eiuir. life. He vvan lor n^any >eH,. e.p.... . 


hcspeiahiseiuirciitc. ^•'^ '^ '-■:•■';;"•, • ' ...,,,.. i' .,].,.,,;,-.- and hckl 
his father v:ho v a. chief elcrk._ lu 1S..G he ---^ --:';,;;;;^ ,,, ,5;,,,, 
tae office until 1S4? when he, in ^^J- ^^:: -^ :;;^. ^., ,. Cu^^berland 
Raker Woodson.-' He marned :v.k-. ..op.... x.....a.ii ck. 


and li\ed to a good oKl ae;c 

,er!ai;d counvy, wa;. ,nari;..v. .-.- 
■ ^o 422 Tsd^arner \Voodfca-£- 

426 Marv/ born probably about 17 73 m Cnj 

Maior Jacob 3.11chaux v;ht; -a^ a (.roH. - ., i,;.,,._ v.^.,- ,, 

.vile. Major Jacob Michaux o...e.l U.e '-^^ -^^X'"' H." 

Michaux's ferry, some Mtcen miles a.:ovc ..lan = '■■„,, , . ;.. ,,],r 

;.i on the south side of the river In cou:uy i '- [;--^^- 

on rho n,ap of \'irginla; and in the hunOrc.l ancUoa> , .-r. . I u- attained to a population 01 aooiu i;!'.> soa,? 

\'l 427 Sally/' born about 17 74 in Cu 

n'-erl-nH eoentv, v/as maaied. p^obal-y 

Sally/- born about l/^-. i;i e.uu,c...... . - ■- _; ,__y ,.;,^,._) Thvy 

of her nKteruai .nceM-r, Sir T.oma. ^''■'^^^'^^^^'^.^ ,,^-,^ v.e:e 
-U was . srand old p-.ce v:uh -^ -;-- ^,; : ;,^,;,, ,f ..,., 
entered thrwu,h lar^e gateway:-, oa sM. ^^.n _^^> ^^^^ ^^^^„^,.^ 

The same wa<; aho emblazoned on tn^ ca. . :a^e pai..... 


a I.hW i:l' reluK-m.-iU ;■:;■) >vi'.:l:h :);..[ Kkv;! i-i i'; ;t:i-;o Iior t.i-io f^.r u:.c 
horses and raiTi.:v;o. i;\c:-i(.-i) -.rxMi-.^ and (;ri'.>;,- ;:ir,;Mi(|s. |!ir h;;-j,:,i>!! 
was a iav. y-r; ha<i been ji'd^o of ;'■- i ikmccia- cuin ir Ririiini/nd, ',;i v,h.-i 
he ivtiiwi. he devu'.cu :ii.. time ai\ii u.icui to the svi.L-.. class of lav. ^C!.i•.!'.■^l^.v 
whom he laiight ai N<jrMna:;i. 'j'Jiey had no c-liildron of ihc'i own, hiK 
leared and cdiicatid several or;;!;.ui r'iildrea, no; iilcs Mr.-=. Tav'or'.-; 
yoiiiiL'cst .•iitior, ••.>.? :\!ariha" (ci'.-.-,! I' (XoU's by l.^.l-i Stc'.i'.osi 
Tschariii r Wood s^; a."' I 

W. -128 Lucy/ !,<.ni ai Cumberland Counl".;;-e, probaiily aluait )77;j, was iiKuricd 
to Air. — D(;ok(!-. nc-rcndants cf iliis couple arc still JiNiat; in C'.i.iu)e;-laad 

COlliU\ . 


42y Kancy,' born at Cumb'odand Cc.uriliouse, prc«ba!>ly about 17/8 aad 
jtianifu luili^e Strona. 

IX 430 Rutha,'^ born at licr fatlcr's home at Cuiidier!and Courtiiou^e, ab-o'U-1779, 
and war. married to Wiiiiani Ilon;-\, son i..f I'atrie'c Henr\ , the wo'-ld 
reiiowra-d orator 

X 431 Virginia,' bom about ITSl at Cuinbe'l.oid Courtliou-e, and died young. 

XT -'.yz Susannt.h/ born about 17So at Cu;n':'oriand C.'ou: tl;0'.u;.o ar.d mirricd 
Re\-erly I.angl.'Oi'i.e. 

XII * 453 Mhrtha'' (called Pats>-), born ^b..;ut ■ 7S3 at Cumberland Courthouse. 
Diu'ing most of her girlhood vlays :-r.e bved at Xeedh.-rn v.ith iar lister, 
427 Mrs. Sally (Woodson) Taylor, who, having no chiidren of i^er own, 
bestowed a motlier's care upon ;.!:i.-- \ouai;.^5t .sister, 'rainiug and cuueating 
her. \\'h,en about se\-enteon ycar.s of arc, .'iu^ «a^ r.iar.-jed •.;> I.i Samuel 
Taylor/ who also, was living' at Xeodlian'., ^'ud-ein^ ! i\\' '.i-vJ^r (he luior- 
ship of hi:, uncle 6 Judge Creed Ta> bir.' Thc-e two yoAi ;r peon'--, bf^iaj; 
so much loLjciiier in the halcyon days, it w.ns !.ut na.tur.d that tr.ere i-iunild 
spriGi;- up a tender st-tuim.ent lipeiieci iuio io\-e and lernn.i.-oed, it) 
marriage. They settled in Kich.mond where lie entered ca.-ntst'y ir>to 
the vjractlce of his profc-'sion, and ?.-iOi, became a lawy--^^r {.f great j^romineacc 
and influence. Three children v.ere bo.'-r: to this U'.ion. At 'he birth o' 
the third child, or shortly after, the young mother died, a.-i did a'so ihe 
jafant. lier sister Airs. Creed Taylor, took the two sur'.ixing orpiuoi-s to 
Iter liopie at Xeedhani, adopted and ii ared them as own. 


hi order to identify the members of this illustrious family who into'-- 
mariied wiili \Voodsons, numerals are prefi?<ed t'_> the following namic-.s, 
and they! be referred to in this record acco;(!ir.g to tiiose i.ur.ibers. 

1 I'!cli.;id Taylor,' C'jpi.. pau-ih.! ii. I'-ti, i\vc!%c hi;!-.l av'ro- of bin! 
in that jij.iL '..-i (j<ioo!ii ;r.<! ■.'.'.i^h i.Ui-r l.iL'can-.- v^'i;ir.':vrl.ina coiinV;-. 
\'irv;iriia. This tr;u't ^vas ai^i'ii^i !i;irncdiaii.!\ diC-Jtu lO lii- .-ov: 2Sjnn;ci 

2 Samuel Taylor," niarriL-'i Scvj-,:,ia . T!v.,. Curjiherianc! coiii;ry rccor'ls 

iiiiuw foine d^vJ.- iiii;!,;- •o hii;i and hi> v. i;'c, Sophio, fioni Co!. GoorvO 
Covin^iui), wiiM is i..,!!i.-\e<l lo h.aye bo.-n Supb.ia'slirolho'-. '.^,-r na'r.c 
'il-iercfori-. is srpp'.-^Mxl Xv luivc lic-eri Sophia C'ln-iiigtosi.. 

rl 2 SAMUI'L TAYLOR- (.Rich.ira'; and w'.k-, S.M^hia— . 

I * 3 Joseph Taylor,-' i>c)ni ;)robal;l>- iii Cumb.-rlai'ii county, ni,)r'ied there, 
but tb.c iiaii'.i,' (if hi^ \\\'c i> iiOi kni.v.ii 

II 4 Richard Taylcr,' born probably in Cuinbc! la!id co-aiity, wa.^ an off-cer in 

tlie L'iiited Su'te-s Xavy and di"e->v a pt-iision v>l-dle tic ii\ed in C'unibcib'.r.J. 
In some pubiicationi? he is reierred ro as Corr.incdore, though it is not 
kno'.vn po^it: -.■ch' what h'srauk was. 

Ill *' 5 SamucI Taylor,' l/om probably In Cuinb'.Mland and married Elizabeth 
Hughes of that (oun;y, ono of the- dc-cor-dants of i'.Irs. Sarali Muglics, 
v.hose v.-!!l was nro'cd May '■', 17.S0. He v.ei.r n ivcutucky in 1785 aad 
purchased a "are;e tracL of ln:'id oa th'^ Mentucky River in ^Meroer coitnty. 
His name appears on the records of AIeri;c-r county in 1785. He returned 
to \'irL;inia, disposed ni liis property there and, taking his fa:iiiiy •\\Itii hiii!, 
settled perinaiienlly in iv-cmuck).' about ti'.e yeai 17S8. In 1790 iie bijilt 
' a oon;nindioi's stone hous-c a fe'%v iniles nor'h of Hairod^b-arg. This is one 

of th-,-' oldest houses now .srandicg in the state (iyi2). C)%'er one of the 
windo-.vs he placed a stoite, bearing- the dare, 1/90. his InitiaU. 3. T., and 
this inicription, "Look to>-o'.!r laws, rather than progrcnitors fo inheritance." 
He was a member of a couidii;-i<-nal convention of Iventucky, a rcpie-en- 
tativc in the ieg'.slatute, a rarmer and siave ov/ncr In 1S03 be bought ot 
418 Drury V.'oodson' o half interest in a 6-50-acrc rraci ni ^^lercer county. 
He died about 1S12. 

JV f Ci-eed Taylor," born probab'by in Cumberland, stv.died law and located in 

Rielintond ".\-!v.rc !;e becan'e jtidjc '' \ tr-.c rbinnccr\' court. He married 
427 Sally Woodson,' and builv in the sou.thern emi of Cumbiv.dand county, 
a. beautiful home whicii t!v;-y called ?\eed!'.am; v,-hich property forni'-rly 
belonged to his brother-indaw, 424 Blake Baker V/oodson."^ He resii.'ned 
the judgeship in order to found a lav/ scl^ool at Ncedham. He cr(>cted 
numerous c<.-tlages for the accommodation of his pnpi!?, arid somerimes 
had as many as fifty 'aw studeiit^ at a time. He died at Ncedham and !!:e 
law school was discoritinued prior to 1843. iso issue. 

V .V Frances Taylor,' bon-; in C-jniocr'and i'.f'.i ji.arricd D; iiiel Crun-.p. 

12S TSDi Vi->o;,:;. 

\'l ' ii ::>aliy Taylor,' !x:rii in ru'vibei ':i::i! ;;n'l was ni>:rriod to -'tl^ hlakc- H;;kcr 

\V<.>ii>l-;oii- oi dial ciMnny. Thov <i • ikM in ilic- souiii^'i !! 'f-ari; vf .i.^ county 
uh^nv il'.'y ;iavl a i^rauiiiui 'lOiHi.:. .i Lu^e n<liacc" i.';aMia(! ..a nad a kH'^^ 
many slavci;. it 'vav !icic slio ^io'l, :'.rn <o>iv, afio^- tl'o ia;u>e \vp;- cU:- 
s-lro'-rd ]'y firc. 'I'l;'? p'acir wa? sa.IJ im her brotiior '0 Crcccl '.'"ay-ov." her 
■\vi<:'.i\'. v.! hushai'd wc;"i; <o W'c-t \ iia^iraa and liHae niifricd t!u' v.ddow, 
M!^. Jul!:; Nralc Ja:';r-';., moilia;- oi v7Cia:ra! Stonc\vali Jaik>on of the 
ConfcdcratL- anny. (I'or isinic s.-e -Ij-i li'ako Baker \\\Kjdsi>ii/j 

Issue of o JOSLPH TAYLOR" (Saaiucl,- ^^icliard') and wife, whoso name i^ not 

I * y Zacha'-y Tayloi",' Inira in Ciiaili'.:',-!and couiuy \vhcia. iic was reaicd and 

niandrd, but the nanii. of hiv wi!o is aot kiajv/i^ 8a0 Blab? Baker 

Woodson,' ill a icU'.-r flaud I'cli.a.ary, I'-(;S. writci of iiini as 'riiolo Zach 
Tavlor of ('anc-^viilt-.'' So h- tnust ha\o li^'cd ia thai, town which is 
situalcd on tiie soulii bide of Jaiues Ki\cr. at the northern end o! th.e 
V ounty. 

II 10 Avchibab'l Tr.yloi-- 

Issue of S SAMUjIL TAYJ.OR' (Siinueb^ Richard'} and Ehzabeih liui,hetf. 

I "^ 11 Mary Taylor,-" born in Cumberkuid covuily, Virginia, n\ ent with the family 
aboLil. l/SS, to I-lentucky and was married there to Vance \\';lson. 

II ;2 Johi: Tiiylor,' married Xancy Lewis. 

III J 3 William 71i:ghe3 Taylcr,' m.arried Sasai' Farbons. 

IV 14 Frances Tayior,* married John — Clovei . 

V 15 Samuel Taylor,^ 'oorn about 17J0 in Ctunbcrland eemrty, Virginia, went 

wim tlie lamily in 17SS to Mercer coimly. Meatucky, wliere he received his 

As he grew up he ciiose tlie law for hi? professioe., and was sent back 
to Virginia to ste.dy in the law school of hir, uncle, Chauceiior Creed 
Taylor, at Xeedham: v.iiich place was his home uatil he com,-leLed tdie 
course and vsas adrniilcd to the bar. He located in Richn.ond and entered 
upon the practice of his chosen proics-ion. It wa'; durin^' his life at 
Ne^dham ihat he learned to lo'ce -13.3 Patsy Woodson,'^ the si.ster 
of liis nncie Creed's wife. In tiie course of lime, or about ISOJ, tl'^ey were 
ni.arrief! and settK-d in Richmond, where he became one of tiie leadin;? 
lawvers of his day. To this union there were born three children whose 
names are recorded in Jie Woodson p-encalogy. (See issue of -l.lj Martha 
Woodson.*) .After the death of his wife, he was married secomi, about 
1811, to Miss Emily Fowler of Chesterfield county. To this seo-r.d •mion 
there was only one c'^ild, William Taylor,'^ born June 2.3, TSJ.L Ii 

in C: 

Ifiu.-r of I'.Toiit (UiTv, 1-.-4 Si..ii'.'(.-'.i 'A'-'' 'roii*^ of Cal-foriiia, 
/A^yo ih;ii. ]'.: \c-\\ la- <.i\v 15 S--.ui.-! T.ivl.^r ;it Ci>!i>;..-r!and Co;ti)iouvc. 
liw, lie v,M~ .! wc'l-iM-c-nvL-u man ar.J. did I'.oi i'lok '.•.; he more Tiu'n ?i\t\- 
yciif. ••l\. 

\ I 16 Sophia layloy,' I'O.n i;'. C'lMnhoruiiid i-oiinsy, \"iri:iiiia. v.ent witli llic i'an-.iiy 

iii 17^8 i'^ Konti!(is\- .'rid ^v:!^ tluie MairicJ to a Mr. IVit-dfuc. 

Isnue of Q Z'-CHAIvY TAYLOR' (ju.-eph.-' Sa.inn'.l,- Ivichard") ai:d \\\ii-, whiMC na:nc 

if not ki. .''.vii. 

! 17 Jrunes Taylor,'' I'Ovn. prc-liably at Ca.iicr^^vilic in CiniiLerland county, 

\'ir[;ii'.ia, marrici ML-s Uookei and --t-uk^d ia Ciriiuiil.:is. Alijsijr^ippi. 850 
Bkake Baker "V'W.od-'aii,' in a k.-Ltor dated [■"(.•hru.ary, iS^S, ?a\-.s, "James 
Toykir married Inelc Xed Booker's daughter, and nov H\ts in Coliimbus, 
Mi--i?F!ppi. Tl!e\- have a kargc lamiiN' ard he is tiridcr the ve.uhoi." 
Jileaniiip per'aaps, tliat ke v/as in ill heaktli, or in reduced iuiai.vial eir- 

II IS Burleigh Taylor.^ 

lil 19 CcL Edv;ard Taylor.^ born in Cumberland county, \'ir^mi,M, ma'viod and 

located in Alabama. In iSGS ke was ii\-iag iri Deirn^po'is, Alabama, and 
Ava.s in wry prosperous circumstances. 

I V 20 Ai-:io JaLiO Taylor, = born in Cumberland county. \'i;-i:i-.da, was married to 

Ricliard Jones and died, leaN'ing four sons who settled in tite western part 
of Alabama and eastern ^vlississippi, becoming prominent and influential 

Most of this Tayior data was procured by T^Iiss Katneiine A. 

Curry of Danville, Kentucky, now Mrs. Sanders Eaves Cla\^ of Paducah, 
who spei'L mucii time and labor to ascertain and veriiy its correctness 
The details of tke \Vood.son connections v.ith this I'amiiy were -jiven by 
12,?1 Stephen Tscharner Woodson* who knew many of 'hem personally, 
and rem.eiribers them distincth'. 

Issue of tC2 J'^^-Ij'- WOODSON- (called Poplar Foot), I'.John,-' Beujamln,^ iloberc,- 
John') :.u.(l his first \> ifc, Jcianna Booker. 

I '^ 434 Booker,' born in Cumberland county, Virginia, about 176S,and spent '-..'s 
entire life there. ]fi- wife's nanie was Patsy. He had in his possession a 
"Family Regisipr" which had been compiled by his father. This lie lef. 
to his son, S6.5 James B. Woodson.' 

II ■■ 435 Peter,'' born Deeemb-r 27, 1770, in Cauih>-i-hu(l county, was married 
Nr.vcmbcr 14, 1 799, to Fdizaheih Ikirrison Hobbs, They lived in Virginia 

nil-: W(>-;ir)->o.v-. VNT- t;;i.;k I •■ 'N ;-."!;ctu*n"s 

MMiie iivcorsix yeir^-.. .!.).,! in !.^''!5. iviove-i lo Ro!\:;-:5ri cc'.i.Uy, Tcnnc:^rcc. 
mid -;v'i!ic(' (VI! .1 far;;i vcs i'i a-.-.U X'i^^w. n^--:. '<" Ch>:.^{hi■n^ co'iiUv. 
I'tMc iln-y spcr.t lit- iY-t of i.'-..;ir iivL^■^. Uj ilic-.l Jin.t- 30, K-'47. 

Hi * 456 Rciijaiiin,'' hovw i.hniM 1772 i-i CiinUxTlaiu! CDUiiiy. was ivuirried :\\,ov'.- 
]i9-< u> his <!op.'i^ii.i-, 694 Matih.-. .\ii:» X'cn.ibie.' They :rlO^■e•J. i.o Rock- 
inplKuii c.-'inity, Norili Cciroliiw. uln-ri- \w tiii-'i at a good ok! .i\:c. Hi.--. 
enimidaucjucT, — Mr^. X'truiisia \V. Daily of liunay C.njve, Texas, sayr- of 
liini: "He was n iypii:al souiiicrn grinleraan. an aristocrar, am; nwiio.i r, 
f,.-eai I,!' a.] of l.uiii airai n-ian>- in'i^icas. Mis wife vas a woraari ■;,[ L;rc;u 
pcrsoaal auractioa aiiii (Jigiiity. aiu! skilled in\- a''is. Her n^-> .Hcvcirk 
vas a ihiiig of bcauiy and adniiralio:;. She was ir.os'. pr-ilkaeiU in llie 
manasionienl of iui- ierNanis aiui her houseiu Id .'dta'r.-'."' 

j\- * 437 Joseph Nathaniels'^ boni 1774, in Ciiir/nerlaad rouiil>, X'irginin, wen: to 
Xorih Caiv.ilina and lived ihere several year-;, ihcn moved back \o Virginia. 
It is not known vheiher he was neirriid in Xonh Catolina or i:'. X'irgiiila. 
His wift'-'s name was Elizabeth. Her maiden name is not known to their 
grandson 15.^0 TiiOiras Sherwin Woodson^ who c:ivcs this data. About 
the year i;;47 ihey mo\ed to Montgomery couniy, Tennessee, where 
he died in 1852, at ihc age oi sevenr\--eig-ht ye:lr^. 

Y 438 JaniCJ-/ born about 1776, in Cumberland ocjunly. married Si-'cey . 

ciud ('ied shortly afterwards. No is:-iie. Tlie v, Iduv-.- r^.arried a Mr. P.edd 

\"! =^ 435 Eliiabeth," l)ora about 1778, in Ci'iaberland county, and was iuarrled 
aboin 179S to "W'illiani WVight. 


Vn * 440 John Lliller/^ born about !7-S6, at Apno;n.?t..o.<. Courthouse, Virginia. 
Hib mother, at this time, v.-as probably on a visit to her oarc^its ',.no lived 
iii the old Raine's Ta\ern at .Appomattox Cciirthouse. 

When he grew to manhood he was married about 1819 to Mary 
Webster, who was born in Ma.ryiand. They continued to reside Ir \ irgir.ia 
for several year?-, then moved to Missouri and settled at Roam.ike, in 
Howard county, where they !i\-ed out their lives and died. Both are 
buried at Roaneike. Missouri. 

\'H! 4-11 Judy/' born about 1778 in Cumberland county, was married to Thomas 

Gana-.-,ay, and settled at Roanoke, in Howard county, ?\Iissouri. They 
hada son, Burrell Ganaway, v.'ho married Miss Jamcsand had twodaughters, 
Mattie and Melvina. Burrell Ganaway was married the second lime and 
had a daughter nained Eleonora. 

IX 442 Gusanna/ born about 1/90, in Cumberland county, was married to Joe 
Wiliiar-:s, lived and died in Roanoke. Missouri. They had a son. Matt 
Wi/lia.n;s, wiio was ii\-i'u:, ISyV, in Sali>ln!ry, ?\I:s>.ouri. 

X 443 r'oIi3','' btMii ;Tt'^iiu i7"2. in Cii:n'. ■;!•'... r.d count\', .•'.:(] w.ks nuvrlcd to a 
Mr. Cvirroli. 

XI 444 Nnucj','' O'^n; aiiont 1,'''>I in ("uin!>;TlaMd coiiiity. v.',;?. ^v.arritr! tt> William 
Lii;ori, \'.ho\\.is pnh, ■!>!>■ hci' f)r>'; foi-.^!'!, sori nf Iicr.uii)'. 10-7 Susafiia'a,-' v/h.o 
married W'ilHatn Li.uo'a. Sr. 

XU * 445 Sarah Katc!ier'" ('^o rap-^jd in h(;ao:- of her f.^thor's :h\rv U)-l Sa-.di,^ v.daj 
inarriod FietJovick liaiciier), was iKiiai Jaii'.ia''y 2? \'')f. in ('i)iiil''j!!,ind 
couniy, V"ir;,:inia. S!v'- v.'as niarriLi.! oii June 17, i8J^!, lo B\i'd Sirij;h. 
Tlic cereaior.y v.-as vjcrParmcd hy U-'V. ,|(i!iri W'atkia.^. 

Byrd SiP.iUi w .-' !)'-aa: on i\la\" li, 1790, in ]\Iadar-jn count;.", Kcnru<-'p,y, 
^crvod in tlic war o!' U^12, returned to his ii-nne ia lvenluck\ al!er the war, 
cijui tlien weal to lia'ifax ccnnny, \'ir^;iaia, i-:, \]\c. 'r]c was tlu-ic ■;;agav;ed 
in farniia.^; ,it liie tin-,e he married >ara!i PaJcher \\"(/(xl'^oa. 'I'la.-s selU'.d 
at nai:\"ille in Piusyh-ania cenint>-, arid in their oi'! age went U; AJisS'^uri 
io spaa.I their der!inir._:,' \-ears near their rhiir'ren who h,ad nrcrcdetl tliern, 
iV.vJ located in Howard county. She died Xo\-tra!ier a, ii^6'i , at the 
residence of her ?ojt-in-!aw", F.ev. Carr W. Pritchi.ti iji Chiigiiiv.', and wa? 
liuried at Fayette, Mi-^sonri. Her husband dii-J l'e()ri;ary 13, io72, and 
\',as buried b\' her side. 

ExcuRs-:s— s^^TH 

The fol'owing is an extraxt from a Icit'-.r w-itieti Fcbriia;> .'l', 5000, 

by Berry Smith' cf Soincrret, Kentiicl-y, tr> Pro''es-or T. P.. rry 

r.mith.-'' of Fayette, J\Ji?souri: 

"So far as the Sniitlis are concerned, I can't say, evcept thai they were 
EngliiPi people; and I cannot go farther back than 17t4, liie 3-ear that nv 
grandfather, John Sir;ith' of Habfax. and my grandmother, Mary Byrd, 
were born. I herewith inclose copy of a parclnncnt gi\'cr. nie by r^iy niotiter 
who wrote it out froiJi nicintiry al^oat the year ISuO." 


"John Smith,' born June 25, \'(A, in Hahfa.x county, Virginia. wa:-< 
married twice: first, in 178c, to Mary Byrd, wb.o was born Ucini.'er, 1764. 
in Virginia. He ininiediate'y emigrated to Kentitrky in company v.ath the 
famous p!-'neer, Dar'-el hoone, tr. \vl;n,n thc\ were nearly related. H'c 
settled, first, in Lincoln county, r^c^v Crab Orcliard Springs, remaining 
there until 1789, when he moved up into Madison county and settled near 
Richmond. Here !iis wife died on April -1, 1791, survived by her husband 

and fi\e children. IF.- was married, second, to .Anna , who was born 

May JO, 1774, in Bc.telourl couniy, \'irginia. 'I hey settled In Pulaski 
county, Kentucky, in 1798 and lived there until 180S, wdien he in(M--ed to 
Little Rock, Arkansas; and there I lost track of him. (It i-s .said that he 
died in 1S21. T. R. S.) My father, Berry Smith,- and his brother, Byrd 
Sntith,- refused to ^o to Arkansas becau.;c they did not like their step- 
. • mother." 

JI Eiizf.beih SniitJ-.j- l^orn jara!;ir_> 27, 1";-'?, in I,i!;co'iii couniy, K-iinic!;;,-. 

III Byrd Sraith.- born .May 12, i 7'-'!l, on a Uiuu ncnr yiii.iiir.o'i.l. '•,'.) .Marii-u!! 
cuii'ity, Kcntiick>". 

He det !lii..i.l to go '.- iih I'le I'amilj.- I'l Ari:;'.iis<i5 in 'iSOc-, but rfTiU'.i;.L-ii 
iii Kentucky. Me ^vns ti'ien .iixu:i ci;,h^een ve. '■s mI'I. b'c was iii>;)r>-iiL:eed 
av.d learned ihe tanner's iiM'.'e whicli lie foiirr-.'. oil icr niaiiv xt-ars. lie 
was a \Tjhintcer poluicr in I'u- V/ar o.! IS!.; ari-.i c.ip';; nej;' being \<> it.-; 
massacre at b'.iver Raisin. li t;o hap|>.'i:e(' ii;ai at th.'t iime he v;.'i^ 
detained in n hcfpital b>" sicknr>s. 'I'he w:-y cv,.:, h'' rciun.od i'l-.nnc ari;] 
alter a few yca-j wdit lo Halifax count \-. \ ir^'inia. aad ep.c.a:^ed in tanning 
and farming. He was married on Jinie 17, iSlS to -145 Si'?ab H^'.'.'i'or 
Woodson.^ of Cumberland ccjuniy. the reremon\- l^eiuj; jivrloi rncd \>y Rev. 
John Watkiu?. They Liettled al Daii'.'il'e. in Fitisyb>ania county, wiiere iie 
established his tanyard and abso cn;:.rage''i in {armin:;. rie iiac! m ichotiling: 
could licit her read nor ^v^itc uni'i his v. ifc riii;.;ht him. They we''e boi.!; 
ardent rnemhe'-i of the Baptist Church, lie Nvas a mnu uf riiost U!:iirir.'.r 
energy, in manner; not ea.^ily prc;^■oked. She \vas--v.-e!!. she was a 

Broken up by t!ic payment of seeurit> debrs, ii;cy migrated i^bont 
1K45 to Missouri, whither some of their child, -en iiad .'.Ircady gc:ue. i roai 
then until their deat'i they k'".-ed alternately -ivith their chikbcn in A)i.-.>,tri:ri 
and \'irg;nia, and had no permanent abiding place. Botli died al ilie 
residence of tlieir scndn-law, Rev. Carr \V. Prirehett. in Glasg.'~.->v, IvJi.ssonri ; 
she on Xo'.ember 5, 1S67. and he on Febru.Ary 12, io72, ^p.:\ arc buried 
side by side in the cemetery at Fa;, ette, Howard county, Missouri." 
(This sketch b-y T. Berr;-' S:ijiih. ; 

IV Berry Srailh,- b'Uri: January 12, 1792. on t'le farm near Ftichmor.d, "'..^ 
county, Keiuiick>'; went v, itli the fanii:>' to Pidaski eoutiiy in I'i^i', bni 
declined tc go with them to Arkiinsas. in IftOS, because v"if nis di.ihkc- of 
hi.-, stepmother. He remained in Kentt:'';ky and [ji"ei.v to be a man of energy 
and gr-at indi;stry. He d?ai: extensively in hor^c^ aad n\ules wb'-_b he 
sold in Virginia and iri the scuthen: states. Vv'hiJe en one of his trips to 
\'irginia he met and married Li!C>' Tduiiala Johnson, aged thi.'teen years, 
born in Amelia, but at that time !i\ing in Cumberiaiid county. He v^-<-s 
frequently ei-.-cted to the legish-ture and senate of Ken.tucky. il;e l:i.-l lirne 
in 1851. ilis sfMi, Berry Smith, burn iebru:ir>" 20, 1842, wa.-- li\irig in 
1900 at Somerset, Kentucky. He is tiie writer of the above sketch. 

V Sti.^anr.-i Srailh," b^rn ?v]arch 5. 179-1, near Rielinioud in Ah'dison county, 

Keinui:k>', married to Joiui imrk .ind teliicd in Ineiana. 

M\ . i: ••: N!;K.\'l"!OX 1.-. •> 

Js-^-.'i" oi ji,.'":n Sm!1H.' i:v ^lA.oNi) wiFH. Anna 

VJ \Vi!ljs C. i^iuith.- 

\ II Polly A-r:-e,r SinUh.- 

VI!1 R-beuca Chrisman Siuith.^ 

IX W?.shin;2;'<^^^' Smith. - 

X Mary v/.-lker SinitJi.- 

XI JoUn j^ugiish Smith. - 

Xn Orcrti Lee binith." 

Xiil Madison Smith.- 

XIY Amanda T'ox Smith. -^ 

Issue of i £S JOHN WOODSOT't-' ^RcbcrU' Ik-njaniin,' Robcrlr John'^ .nnd FdiiiRbeti^ 

1 446 Martha, " h<nn aboui 1753 in Goochland coiir.t>-, was married in 177^ ;c 
Jolm Gamway. 

II 447 Toha,- born abr.ul 175S in Goochland county. Thb^ \v?5 the year that his 
y!La,t-grandi'aih.,-r, J ;hn Piycr, died, v.vd as K.S John Woodson' was one of 
the legatee:, named in the will, it is lilcely that thi.-- :v)n, 447 jolui V\'c.odson'" 
was named in honor of oKl Joh.n Pr;, i.r. 

ni 44& Anderson/' born abr-ni 1 757 in Gooehdancl. 

lY 449 Drucilla "V/atkins/ borri about 1759 in Goochland county. 

Issue 01 ■? BO JArJEC WOODSON^ (Roben:,'' Benjamin/ Robert, = John') and Elizabeth 

I 450 Jei-nie/' born May 2, l'iC>0, in Goochland couniy. 

II 4ol Gillie,- Iiorn January 13, 176S, in Goochland. 

Ill 452,'' I""'" b'eb'-iiary 2.S. 1767, in Goochland. 

IV 453 Salty, '^ bnrn May .15, 1 769, in Goochland. 

V 454 Gary/' b>)rn M.-y 11, 177). 

KoihlnK' has been learn.:-d of this family except the above definite 
birth da.o.?: .-id they all ant. car co liave been born in Goochlanu 
eocnty. (\Vm. a:id Maiy (^iMy., vi'i. Xi, p. 50.) 


• 00;"i--..N-- \M, )!i::^l^ CONM'CTIO":S 

Is.i-e OX 182 JOHN MINOR i.AN.lTL^ (Kii/ahoM, \V.w.!..;,/ Ik-.var-u-.^ uy... 
Jo'.iii'^ ami 1 .^y iJi.;>i.,.i]i Mo!-;o:i.^ 

"Ailiiani Xelb'.m >a'ti ( 1 7S'i ■ Kn.- 7). 

:-;•■ to K<n', 

i) 456 Cnosiey Dame!, i.oin about 3 7 75, \.-as marricc! to a ^Iis^ Sims. 

Ill 457 John Daniel/ lii^rn about 1777, was married in Mis<; Murf)!iy. 

iV 458 To^rph 11. Danie),^ born about 17 79, wa? inarricd to Trances Watbir;;. 

\' 450 Tane Daniel,' bora about 17S1. was niatne.J to Stephen Bedford. 

VI ^cO Agnes Dauiel.Mxa-n about J 7t;.S. was married to Saiuu.! Spencer. 

VII 461 Eiizabeth Dauiel,'^ born about 1785, was married in 1S03 to Rev. fames 
Malibews. ' 

VII I 4« Fanny Daniel,' born about 17S7, wa. married to Rex. Kiipatrick. 

IX 403 I»Iarth;t Dauiel,' born aboav ]7S9, was ma:rii-d to Thomas Brown. 

X 464 Paulina Daniel,^ bnni uhcvi !79i, was married lo a Air. Scott. 

I^sue of ISO JOSIAS PAYNE, Jr.'- (jn.U, Pavne,' r^Iary Wuod,.,.,,^ Robert,^ John') 
and Lli/.abeth riendnij. 

I 4C5 Taricton Payne, ^ born about i 7>3 in (loochland coujity, Virginia. He 
enlisted in tlic Revointionarx- army m ihe lieginning of hosiiline:-. and i:i 
October, 1776, was second lieutenant i:i bis coinoany which was part of 
the first \'irginia rc-iment. On januar>- I'Cs 1777, iie was promoied to 
first lieutenant. The lollowintj Novcna^er i?, 1777. he was promoted to 
the rank of captain. With hi?; command, h.;- participated in the soiithcrn 
camp.aign in 1779--S0. Vvlth t!je resr of Gen. Lincoln's command, iie 
surrendered at Charleston. South Carolina, on IMay !2, I/SO. As a 
prisoner of war, he was exchanged on December 21. 1780. It is cusi.imary 
to give excliangcd prisoners a i.:a-e of ab.=ence. Ti;i.s was probably done 
in hhca^e. On Fcbruar:. 12, 3 7S1, lie v.a. uan.acr;LU to the scvenu, 
ViiKinia reeiment, with which command he served to the cio-e of the war. 
(So- Heitman's r)fi"irers of Uie Re\o!ution. p. 320.) He was married in 
J7.S2, to i-;ii/ab.e,l! Woodson. Ir is not known wh.,^e daughter die was 
The marr.'a.gc bond, as recorded in Goociiiand, is dated May 23, 178?. 

Issue of 

ISB JOIil? FAYNE^ (j--ias Payn^,' Marv Wood=on,s Robert, = John") and 
•\lary Coi-.-s. 

466 Jjoby Paynd/' b^an ab(,et May 20, 1772, in Goochland county, Virginia, 
V. hi re she ixarcd aa.J cduciued. 

^;>.i!. (-^-s: 

"AUiiL-iJfi!! kn. iM-n i\i Iu-,r'>r;. a* J >.:ii\- :\o.' viud the n:i';:c "D-iMy 
Payne' is cni;ia\o'! un hrr toni\' -i::-iic, licr Ljp;i-:iui! name \v.•;^; Dor;;'i;iM 
Pa>T;0. 5^!ie \sas tv"i'"e mairii.'; ilrrH, \.<i '■.■'cu 'Icdc'l, a ij\v\c; fvoTii. 
Pc;i!'^\lv"iii!a. jlc (Hv.i ai;;l -!io v .'.s Hiarric-i. ?i'(.-oncl. i:) S(. [,;;:'n' .e' , 
1V9J. 10 Janic;. ^;aa!^!>a \v!io va> !>-m:i at inaJm^lu, [March 5, 1751, av 
Port Coa'.vay, K'ing ti.tTi^c r. mi:.;.. \'ir^,ii.i i. Ilo wa? iiiaujai-.i;o;J 
foiirt'i ProsiJciU of thv Ualiod St,.:-^ i,a March -t, ISO ', borsinp; t\vo lorta:,, 
Hi^ died at his ii'Miie, M'.-ntpeliLa , \"i!.Jnia, oa Juue 2S. 1S3'>. riis v,..i,tv, 
D(-l!y (,Pa>ne) MadiM.;.. dica chii.lh.s aear \Vajhii:gton, D. C. juK 12. 
iS*9. t^':e v."a;? a c('L;-;n ra Pairicl; jicr.ry. the rcnownLd craua." (,Se._' 
I". S. JiiM'try; and ! !.-;\u'jn': X'irginia Gi-neaU'gics, p. 256.) 

issue of t SV Ii01:'I-r.T PAY'SE^ (Ji.v-iaH Payne,' Alary Woodson,' Robert," John'; and 
Ann Dnrton. 

1 -167 Arnes Pnyae/ !>orn about 1776 in Goochland, \va? twice married; f\T?i. 

in r>:''>rnary, 1795, lo Roiicrt Harris, w i;o ciod sliorily afterwards. Slie 
was married second, on Decenibcr 25, 1798, to Jndgc >.Iarmad/aKc \\'i!!iairs 
of North Carolina. There were nine ciiildren born to RoixTt Payne and 
Ann Bu;u)n, bi:! the name uf Agnes is tl^.e only otie obtained for this record. 

Issue cf i QO SlJSANWAli PAYKE-'^ (Josias Payne,^ Mary Woodson,' Robert.- jc-b,!.') 
and William Hale. 

I * 468 WiJlir.iU P'ayne Kale/ ^\■as born, 1777, in Loudon count}-, \'irginia, died 
1843, in .'dason coiuv.y. He \i-as married julv I, 1810, :o Eleanor liai-rison, 
daughter ot M'.iuheu Harrison of Prince WilHa.m county. She was born 
January 12, i7S'3, and died in 1S49. Both are buried at Point PUvi-aat.. 
in JMason county, \'irginia. 

It was during the second, third and fourrh quarters of the eig'iteenth 
century, or from about 1725 to '1800, that the sixth cjencration of Woodsons 
came info existence. Those v.'ho were born in the early part o' th'.s per'.od 
were too far ad\-anced in years to take any active pari in vhe RevoJut'onary 
Wr.i-, a.nrl tho^e who were be rn after 1760 v.-erc too young to bear arms 
except in the lasr. two or three years of that long protracted sirii.^i^le. 
But, witli few e.Kcopiioii=, tho-e born between the year.s 1735 arid 1760, 
gave a );Ood account of themselves in those days that tried the souls o: 

Most of tiieni served their coiiniry in the capacity of piivate s-.'Idiers 
or non-commi-^sioned ofilcers; some being line ofiicers, while son.e lew 
attained the hi^dier ranks of lield and general ofiicers. But high or low, 
in whatever sphere th.cir lot v. a? cast, or wherever duty called, they all 
serv'ed their countrv with a di^int.-rf siedness, a io\alty and pairiotir.m of 
which llieir descendants may be proud. 


ANK lurij^ fi'NM:' 1 :;-N> 

In lli>- .'.'ill;' ;!■,: j'.r..^ ii iui-. no'. In;'!! jx':;~ii'!f i > ttll dclir.'t'jh" Y\l;.i' 
r.;nk was licM i.T v 'lUi! tiuly pcrioi inci In- c;u'h iiiviiv iiiuai ; .-■.:• wht ii ihc:'.: 
C'ukl r.'.n be ;;'.\c!i .u;i '::■ iriij ii w ly, liu- <;i!i;>!o st.ucr.iciir, "he eer\cii hi- 
t'lUi'.i.i} ." Ii IS In-i n I'.ui'U- i'> ^uiii'A'. 

Xcail\- .:!! ibc 1. .-.-;■;•>.!•.; i^!" :iic -.v.ii in i!u: L'.-iroliiia?, v,\tc filbcr nr 
iili i.'Uu I'pi.' !u'!ii!- o!' 1 iu- ivitis!) .ir.;'. W'.ro i!c^ii-o\ ccl. S') oniy a few iianius 
of otYicei";. aiul ratii wh.j .--c-iAe!'. \:\ ili.ii e-cciii-n, hcivc bovn fii\\-i.r\\"J. 

While liic i!ic:; and hu\^ ^n iliis i;ciieraiio:i pcrfornicri ihcir duly 
feark-.-ly and f',ui.;!'.i braNcly fur iionic and lunivu lanci, K't ii not l)e,supi>i?ed 
thai all 'dio !ii'i(\'i.-ni wao coii.'nied u,i ihcai ali.'nc. The niu'l-.c-.-LS ihe \vi\-es, 
the tlai;i;hi cri wore at iU'.ne oaduring pi 1\ ations, braving da neers. siifYcriii^ 
liard^hips, and doii'^; ai! that U;y in ihcir to suppori anil advance 
ilio sacred cansC k>! vvl-.'ch tludr husbands, iheir son;; arui brmhers were 
fijihiiiiL at i.he iroia. AI! liojinr to ihuse !".eib:0 v/ornen. 

It wuuki seem ihat this sixih ^ener.'tie'ii of \V,>;;d?on5 ndght appro- 
priateh', Ik- i.lesii;naied as ilu' heroic genenui<;n. 

There v.ere li.-'rn into lids genci'aiiuri two hTinvlrcd and sixty-one 
souls. C)f tlie->\ v. ere, no douln. n\any who ser\-ed in the wai , but 
whose V. ar record has been forever lest. Tliat they were all true and 
lo>al to the iinised colonies, is beyond cpicstion. No Tory bearing the 
name of \\"ood:-or! was ever heard ^A. Some received c^.-iiiprMTsai ion for 
ll.cii services; others received no. a foot ci land nor a pound ol tobacco, 
nothing beyond their bare soldit-r';, wages. They fonght for i;-.eir homes 
and tiieir country and not lor pay. 

About the close of the war, that is, in 17S2. ih-- state of Virgini-i h.:>d 
the census taken for the first time. Thi=. cer.-n.s piU-ports to show, amor.y 
OLPer things, the name of the head of the fandly, the i!u;r.bei of whites 
and lilacks composing- the hou^ehold, and tiie r.uinbcr of iraih:'ing-s on the 
pren-iises. The census takers had great dihic-alty in obtaining tiu>: rlaf.K 
and in iiiany cases, n(. doubt, failed to get any information at ali, foi tr;e 
reason t!:ai , the peo;)le. before the had been so severely oppressed vrith 
taxation l)y the British governmer.i, that they were now suspicious o; 
tiiese inquiries into their private affairs, and iiesirated. cr refu.-cd to giv,- 
the inforn-iatioa sought, lest they should fall into sjme trap for increasing 
taxation. Besides this, many of the;n had religious scruples oi' the 
subject of "Numbering llie people." 

Thev had in mind the circur..-tdriCe r..-lated in the tvYcnty-first cnaprer 
of First Chroidelis, vriierc King bKivid ordered joau to nuiuber the people 
of Iseral, and '.bus incurred divine displeasure: "So the Loid .sent pcsti- 
If-nce upon I.^-raei: and iherc fell of Israel sever.iy thousand men." 

Recalling this and -. he more recent circumstance of their own oppression, 
the people were loth to give inlcrmation. So the census takers had a iiard 
time of it and the data obtained was meagre. 

'J"he census report, however, shows quite a large numljer of Wood.sons 
enumerated in a do.-^en or more counties (nearly all of them bcir.g slave 
o« ners;. H-.e great' s; luunbcr bearing the name, appe.-'r ir; Cumberland, 
Prince Cdward and Puwiiatan, witli some scattered in coentie;-. still 

•.ve?r, Uins t-ivjwioi.-: rb.'l [H'o;)'e v-cre sradiiaUy bro.ikiti.j away fr.nn 
tl\L- I'M ir.c-ovinc,- in iiciirico steac'ii\' inovint', sve>lv.;ird. 

ila\ir.;c; v.o:. tlie <.')•,! iur\-. in o Ijiig, luird .ui'l bicody TikIu. ihcs- 
iiaair;uly i-oiiglu t') t'.ko po.^-c- -^ivin :'f ii, and to v^'ck out for l.l\-jiiis(;iv\-^ i-p:its mos". siiiu.ii li; tlici: ia<i.e;;. d'.u}- niiL-lit b.uild ilioir lioni,;;.- 
and ic:.." their families ,'iniidsl llit peace and quioi of rural surruiindinvs. 

Where slu-.ll their children find ;>. restint- place 

In niouniain, uLiiii or i.ii!;;)cd v.ildcracssl' 

Co v,"esi\vard far enougli and we i-hail .see 

Some in Kentucky, some in Ter.uessvo; 

W'hile oiiiers niay pusii op. stiii farther west, 

And IP. Missouri f.rid thfir place of r> 

But \Nheresoever they .-b.all make their home, 

That place is better for tiici.r having; come. 


Issue of £0o HUGKES WOODSON^ V^ i'5''iin;L-.- jofeph/ Jolm,' Jolui.- J\.lu.') ai-i 
Viiio, wii'jio iKMV.e is i:')'. i:r.uv-i:. 

I "' 465 Johr. Anderson/ bora ai.)ou'. I "or, j::iYpl-.iM\- in CurnorTh-.iic couniy, 
N'irgiiii.!, \\»':> marrirei al'ou;. i7i,5 bJL lin.- ii.iiic oT his viTc has not. bei.'ii 
ascertained. They ;i.'Uled in Aibvinar'o cv>fiiiy, \vlie:e liioy speru the 
remainder (/ iheir ii\\':s. 

Issue of £1 Q JOHN W^OODSOK (Joseph,^ Joseph,- jchn,' Johu,- John-) and Eli/abevh 

I * 4'/0 Kliyabelh,' burn rdiuiii 1762 in Ciur.bcrlanti couniy, N'irglnici, was marric-d 
Febniar\- 11, 1779, id IS Joim Kciinon.^ ftr't u :.•'.! le nan t in th;; .Lig'u 
Horse Ca\ah'\- froiii Xorih Caroi!r.,-i. Her survival- cluhiren wi-ro r,aniO-i 
in the wi!' of her bp^ithicr, -1-71 Jc'hn Vi'oodsorP which v. as tiroved May 28, 
lt'32. She was dead at ihat time. (,See Wni. and Z^lury Qily.. vol. XI, 
J). 5o.) 


i Richavd Ivenne.i' c.,:ne to \'irginia before 16"0 and retih'd in iknriro 
counr\'. He married Elizabeth W'orshani, dau.ghicr ol \'i'in>ari'; Worsham 
and die^' iii 1696. They had issue: 

I ;' Richerd KennoD,- born December 5, 16S4, and died Marcli 8, 16.'^.8. 

n * 3 CoJ. V,''iriir,in Kennon- of Conjurer's Nccl:, vestry of Dale pr.r;,--h; 
justice of the peace in 17iO: nienibc of the liouse of burgesses 1736-1/40. 
He married .-Xnn. Eppe-, daughter of Col. Francis Eppes. 

HI 4 Richard Kennon, Jr.,- died in 1736. 

l\' ^ j'-'Jary Xennon.,- 

V 6 Eliz.'bet;' K^^^on.2 

VI 7 Mp.rtha Kecnon.= 

VH 8 Judith Keanon.^ 

VHI 9 Sarah Kettncu.-^ 

Isi.ite oi S COL. WII.JJAM KEKNG-4- ]V-ha;d> and Ann Cnpcs. 

I " 10 Wiliiriiu KciJi;on,' of 1! -n/i-:.. .-nd Chc-rcrfi.-kl, how. Octohcr 9, ITi;:, \>^.s 
n nie;i;lNTof ll'c !!';i.i- i ^ i /ii; -..--^e^: w:.b married 174-! ui Lli/alK-ih I.-,-\>^:, 
ciati^iucr of Co!. <-!!.;;' s I.r-. i:, <•! "Tlie Byul" in ( ioochlan.! caini} , .L;'d 
di;.-d Ori.oi'Cr. 175'). l!;s ^^i!i \^,•s r> AVidcd Xo\v;.;ix'r, 17 50 in Cla-^-^r- 
field county. F):- i;n;-ln-r, li KiclKivd Kcnium.'' John Rot/cTtson, llcvcii 
i^c'.vis, cAid Kdr!'i:iid '1 ayl(.r vtrc ttK exei'utors. 

1 1 n RicbniO Kernor." 

Ill 12 Francis Eenncn." 

JV 13 H-nrj- Isliaiii iC< UDon.' 

V 14 John Kennon,' born December 20, 1721. 

Ifsue of 10 ?':^LL];AM KEXKOrr iCol. William," Richard') and Elivabcih i.c\do. 

1 15 Eennon/ born in \'ir^rinia and settled in N'nrth Carolina. 

II 16 Richard ICennCT'i,' b'jrn in \'ir:4inia. lived and diod in Co\-inf;toii, Georgia. 

Ill 17 Charles Keuncmd born in \'ir^ini<i, li\ed and died in fiaiii.-; cotuity, 


rV IS John Keuncr./ L>oin probably in Chebterfield county, Virginia, and settled 

in North Carolina, from which stale he etilistcd i't the ccntiiienla! arni\^ 
and ser\ecl as fir.^t lieutenant in the Light Hor^e Cavalry. lie was married 
February 11, 1779, to 470 Kiizabeth Woodson." The inarriag-e bon.d v/a? 
recorded February 10, 1779, at Cumberland Conrthotise, \"irgin;a. A'ter 
llie v.Mi' Vi'a s <)\ I r tlie\' nu-sx-tl to No: '.h Caroliiia remaining there sorra; years 
and finally settled in Georgia, b'nder date of August 16. 1S75, "lis .,oii, 
John M. S. Kennon,^ of \\a%er!y Haii. in Harris county, Georgia, ■write".. 
"2\ly father came originally frorn North Carolina, at Vidiat lime J aai 
not infcrrnc(i, li\-ed in Hancock and Putnam counties, Georgia; and moved 
to Harris county about 1828 or 1830. His brother, 16 Richard,-' lived .^nd 
died in Covington, Georgia, and has ciiildren li\'ing ntar there. His 
brothc-r, 17 Charlcs' died in Harris county and lias a son now livir.g in 
Fort Gaines, Geor.gia. Onl%- two of nt}- father's children aie now living — 
myself and Richard William Ilines Kennon.' who lives in Btdlock count].', 
Alabama, near Union Springs." (See Kennon data coiiected bs' WoodrJ.i 
T. Whit.- of Hamlin, Te.xas.) 

il 471 Jehn' born probably about 1763, in Cumberland county, Virginia. He 
married but the name oi his w ife is not known. She died childless and was 
buried in the family graveyard near Cartersville, in Cumberland county. 
After- his marriatje he settled on his plaination in Buckingham county 
anJ namea his t'.oi,:'e there ''i'-ear Garden." In ids will he calls himscU" 

VHi-: woo: 

"Ji'lvi! V."'" ■•.;-"-->n (»; \>'A-: (/irc!..ri, i'^ \b': ',i'ii:ii\' of P.ii.:kitu;:;am." He 
riicil w'iih :'.i1 i?;;;!L; in M.;.', '"^v'. Ji;- wiV-, nrow.! ii; (.'iinibc-rlu'.i.j c<.-'.in;y, 
Way 2t:, }S,^i, i^ a-; !ol!.-v: 

"I, ji'ui W'ooiifor. Ill' 'I'or:!' ('.•lil'.n, ii; the (\>i!iii\- i.f T3i:L-kiiip,i!ani. do 
hfi.-liy M.iuL- my ]a-i v.iM la.-i ro.<;ai:A!U in tlic i.iarULi r aiu! form i\.>!lu\\ iiig, 
lh;il i:i t-j ^:a\■, i iI.j>i:-o I'.iat n<\" i i'd\- ^'KHi'il bo iniori\-.! ii\ ^he gravi;\'arti 
or my !'aii:\l\ ;n i-"rr.iici> H. Deniio'.- r.ea.v (_".irui>.\ iiie aiu! iluit iv bo placed as 
near ilic i; iP.alns cU iiiy hclinxnl wife a> pruciicaMr v.iib.ijm m ^ie^titi;; tlicni. 

"1 wi^l) ip.y cx-.'cuinri hei oir.ali-.T anpoitucd, t'> procure ant! iiave 
placed '>\i 1 r.\y '^v.iv:. a plain v.iiiie riiarble lonib. 

"I n...\t ilirect. ihai inuricdiatciy alter my .Jeaih, ilua all ivy ji'bt uebts 
be paid ar.d farieial exi>e!:fcs ful!>- di::chargcd. 

"I v.DVs uil! nul de'.ise ihe f)rocecfi? of my estaio iateh" sold to my 
nephew, Franris B. l.")eariC, Jr., in tl":e folluv. ia,< numno", viz.: 

"To my sister, Xaney Deane. I gi'^'e, liir-int; ber life, lifteen tliousand 
Do!!ar.-> ic be held in iri:-.:'. by my ex^euiorr herein after a;)poinied, for !icr 
exc!ns!\'e ik-e and lu-ni. In:; s'.il)joci v> the folidwing slipulationi-: The 
said sura ei tiiieen ihnu.-an.d l^^oliais will consli'.nie the fir-l {wo ir,>Tall- 
mcnts due by my ne[)l)eA-, I'rancis B. Deane, for the p'arch.^'.se of my e-tate 
in Bnc-kiritjliani, and a;' it is m\' intention ni>' si-ter shall have the 
interest only of this amount of nficen thousaivJ Dollars durir.g Iter life, 
I will and dircet that my execnt'irs shall permit th.e said sum to rcinnir. in 
tlie hands of my nephew, and iin]jai<J so long as he shall continue re.Ljuiarly 
to pay the iriterest therci-'n, half yearb- after the sam" bhal! ha%-e beeonte 
due and payable from him, acconiing to the proeisions ot th.e srtie wliieh 
are set fortli in the deed of bargain and sale, made b\- irio tn my said neijirsevv. 
But shonlJ it lie the will and desire of my said, nephew to j^ay tlic stira ol 
fifteen thousand Dollars as the same shall become dne. or at any lime 
thereafter, then my executors shall rcceiN-e the same and imm'xiiateiy 
vest the ^aid sum in some publick stock or bank stock and liold tb(^ santc 
in iru:t as before directed, for the exclusive use and benefit o! my sister 
Xancy Deane, and shall pay over to lier, th.e dividends arising tl'.erefroni, 
as the bcune shall accrue. 

''After the death of my sister X'ancy, I give and bequeath the said 
amount of fifteen thousand Dollars, in equal proportions to my niece, 
Elizabeth Irving and my nephew Francis B. Deane, Jr., with the following 
.stipulations — viz.: Tlu seven tiM.usand fi^e hundic' Dollars is intended 
for the tisc and benefit of my niece, Elizabeth Irving, during her life and 
shall be vested by my executors, hereinafter appointed, in bank stock, and 
held by ilum and their successors in trust for exclusive use and benefit; 
the intere.-t arising therefrom to be regularly paid as the shall accrue, 
to her, my said niece, and to be used by her for the support of herself ami 
famil\ : but no part <.f the principal sliall be u.-cd or appropriated otherwise 
tiian as aboxx- directed, during the life of my said niece Elizabeth: and 
after her death the same shall be equally divided between the children 
of the sai<; F:ii;<abeth, ns the>- shall respectively arrive at the age of 
Twenty-o;'.e, or ;)iarr\-. 

<r'A f l^NFV.A'Vl' 

"I ti\'e ll-v- ri.:;r!-;i:i:,4 „-;;,i ••.' r;-\-,ii tliousar.d lU'e inni.'lr.'cl l.'i.'!l.i:-.- 
of I'l-.o [nnd nKiroil iti iit;':i ;'■ ! >;•,;■. sifter, De>Mic ciuiin;: :-.or l::e, 
• to n^y nephew, l-'ronci^ !'. VKi: <•: Jr., io be paid if Iiiin by r;n- cxfcnv'^?, 
ininicoiatdy .: ftor ; be d. . 'h • ; iriv H-^, Naiicy iVane, viih tli!> stiniila- 
tion, \i/:.: Sh'ifa!;! il:e ; ;:■.; i'.aiiri.^ ii. Poane die wii'i-.out loaxii-i: c'lildi-p, 
ihen i'>is air.ou'ii ^hcl! c- lo <''(■ r_;r.[-\rcu c[ iny niece, Eli/alu-ih !r\-ini:, 
to lie di\-iJt.-d amoii.; '.'wc'.r. It. c.";i!al proportirais ; and I ui'i a'ld 
dii'oct. liiat if m\- niece. F.iiia'.'eii-. lr\ ir.p; should die vilhoul leaving rliildren, 
ihvA iho proporiion i-f ihi-^ hctiiie-i. vei-'-cd in T;-'.!?t for her u?e during life, 
rind after her dvatii I'Cnuc-alheJ to Ivjr children, r-hall in lihe jnaiincr g""' to 
ilie rhildrcn of my r;ephe\v. or if no children be il^•;ng, to the siirvivor.^ of 
this fan-ily. 

") gi\-e out of the ne.\i inyiallment due for tr.c purc!ia?e of my estate 
aforesaid, five thousand Dohars- to aiy niece Elizabeth Irving, uiih the 
follov.-ing stipulation.- andi re^trielio^-: ar^t. that .hi,- sum of five thousand 
Dollars be held in trust by my executors, herein after appointed, for the 
e.Ncluj-ivc uvc and benefit of my niece Elizabetii and her fam.ily, upoa 
these re-triciions and directions, lliat they, my executors, shaii ve.>t the 
said amount of hve thousand Dollars in laad and negp-'es, ^o be held in 
trust as b;.-fore cirec;ed. giving to my niece and her family, all file prohts, 
rents, iuierest and tmoluntents of c\ ery descripcion, for her proper use and 

'•1 further direct and desire of my executors, that on ve.-ting tlii? fund 
of five thousand Dollars, that th.ey may consult and advise wit'i my niece 
Elizabeth or her husband, Ro Irving, and so execute this trust as shall be 
agreeable to both, the said Elizabeth and Robert Irving, provided it be iiOt 
in violation of the iuLeut and meaning of this, m.y last will and testament, 
namely the preservation of this fund of "fi\'e thoiisar.d Dollars, or the 
property purchased thereviih, for the exclusive use and heneilt of said 
Elizabeth and Robert during their lives, and after the death of nty said 
niece Elizabeth, to be equalh- divided among the children of my said niece 
Elizabeth and Robi.rt Irving. 

^'1 give and bequeath the remaining ten thousand Ijol'ars of the 
purchase money contracted to be paid by my nephew Francis B. Deane, 
for the purchase of my estate aforcs.aid, to the surviviri<^ children of my 
deceased sister, Elizabeth Keniion, and the children of my deceased sister, 
Sally Overton, to be equally divided amongst them., and paid over to these 
children or their properly authoii.-'ed agents, as soon as the same sl-'all 
become due and pa>-able, according to the provisions of my sale to m.y 
nephew, Francis B. Deane, Jr. 

"I give and b.-qucath to my nephew, Francis B. Deane, Jr., all the 
money 1 may have on hand at the time of my death; all that may ^be due 
meby bjnd, note or account, and all of my bank stock: the whole to be pa-.d 
over to him b\- m.y executors, hereinafter appointed, immediately after my 

"1 nov.- constitute and appoint m\- friend, Francis B. Deane Senr., 
Randnlpli Tlarri^on. Jno. H. Cooke, Sen., and my nephev.-, Francis B. D-:av<c. 
Jr., executors to tliis Uiy .last will and testament. In testirnoiiV whereof 

in 1!!.: v,-.v.i^-o 


ill tlic ycLH cif our 1 ji .!. one lluvi-.^t: '. eii,lu !-;;ri,;rvi' :\n(.\ i!iirt\-- ;-vo. 

' Si:^nc-i, ]->\>..< WoonsoN 
"Si-ned, ;cok-.i. pubnslKd au-i .'clivr.iJ by j .!.n >Vood-Oii, r^ and 
for !-itf iasi will aiid ir^uiino-.i';. in ; Ii.:- prcrcnOL- arifi lu-nriiiL; of a?, w Iu>, ar 
his nxjiu^l and in lii-:- \r::::cucc. h.xw snhvo-ilH-d mr r..iii!cs ;ii witiio.-^os. 

"bit;n"d, V\'m. WcciDfo?!.' 

Cahtkk H. Bkadlv.-. 

"At ;i Court held I'or Ciinilx-rl,:!:*! comity, en ibe 2St!i day of .May 
183i, the U.rrgoing kist \\-iii and '.•.--i.iiicni of Jo'ni \\'ood-o;i dcc'cl, v/a.s 
prt-^tMiiei:; in Conn and pro\-cn \<y ihe oatl' of WiHiaui Woodson and 
Cart.T 11. liradlry, t'r : i^-ab cribiis^; \v::i;i.'<>L-, Aw.x-'.o. And thcrcu;.iO;i the 
sajuo \va;-, c-dci^d to ba rtcordod. A;-,.i on il;c n'iOti-jn of Francis Ti. I>>.an, 
Jr., ono ui the Exccvrtors thciciii iia.nicd, wiio entered iiuo bond ^\lth 
Edward Cinningham, Francis Ii. Jaiaos and Gtjorgc Bot'ker, in <.ho ricnalty 
of Ei,;'-.'\' thousand Do'Iars, coudiiioa iiotordlrig (o law, and lo. ik tiio oaih 
prescribed by la»\ , as certificate is granted liini for obtaining probat of the 
said v.aii in due form. 

"Teste; P. H. ^svxnall^-, D. C." 

At the tinia -Jie at'ove v.dll was jaxn-cii 425 ^Ji!lcr XS'oodson^ v.^as Clerk 
of Cuinberlaiid coimi;-. 

Ill * 472 Kancy Hughes,' born about 1765 \n Cumberland county. Virginia, was 
married probably r.l>orl i7S; to Francis B. Deanc. She was li\-ing in 
1832 and was one of the legatees named in the will of her brother, 4.' 1 jolm 
Woodson^ of Bear Garden, as were also her two children. 

I\' 473 Judith," liorn about 1767 in Cumbcrb^nd cof.nty, X'irginia, and was married 
to Or!ando Jones. In h-cv father's v.ib. (.April, 1795) she is rnentioni»d as 
"Late wife of Orlando Jones." 

V 474 Sarah,' Injrn about 1769 in Cumberland count\-, Mrginia, was married to 
Thomas 0\"erton, a merchant. In tiii will of her brother, 471 John Wood- 
son' (1832), there is a bequest made to "the children of my deceased sister; 
Sally Owrton." .At tliat time thor>_: were tv.o children livmg, a son and 
a daughter, but their names have rot been ascertained. She had another 
daughter who married Isaac But'er. Mr. and Mrs. Butler both died 
beforr 1832, leaving two childien. None of diese names have beci ascer- 
tained, except one daugliter, Maria Overton, who i.s named in a codicil to 
the will of her grandmc>ther, June 23, 1802. 

VI 47S Maiy," born in Cumberland county and prob.ably died young. 

Issue of £ 1 7 TOS)'PI-I ^^^'OGP-SOTI^ (Joseph, ■'^ Jo.-,,.p;i,' J.^hn.' John,= John-) and wife 
— Jones. 

1 476 Robert,' luiii iil'C'M i: 70 in Arri.iia coiiiity, Virginia. lie seUlod in P._,v.-- 
hal.iu county nuH Jivj ihcu- >ilr'-uv ]'S2L lie never mLirncd. 

I) 477 Eliiribevh," born 'uV." in .Aiv.clia couniv. \'irRliiia, '.\.i.; n;ar.-icd to 

I'hi'.ip \\il!ia!n< niid f-O'J.i-j in Grocn counly, Kentucky, v.i;cre she died 
beUTc: 1817. 

Ill 47S Susan," born aboui 17 7.S in Amelia county, Virginia, was married to Joseph 

Clements, %v!k) a brotiicr to !\lary Clcrncuis, the wife of EdimHit! 
Booker. Joseph CIen\ents died many \-ears aL;o his widow was livinj^ 
April, lS-I-7. 

IV 479 Kancy,' born abcan 177 9 in Amelia counly, Vii.^inia, was married to James 
Gill.-. Tliey continued to reside in .Ar/ieiia \vh:.-re they were sii'.i livipi;^' 
April 1847. 

V 4S0 Lliary," born about H?! in .X-ntlia county, Vir.ririia, was married lo Ander- 
son Gills, brother to James Gills. They settled in Allen couiuy, Kentucky, 
where they ^.■cre living April, 1S47. 

VI 43i Joseph,^ born Xovember 8, 1 784, in Amelia counrj-, Virginia, where he wai 
reared and educated. He wrote a beautiful hand and 'ifas a good ac- 
countant. At an early age he engaged in the mercantile business, in which 
he continued until he was married Xovember 23, 1807, to Sarah Mayo 
■ ■■ Booker who was born Xo\-endier 23, 17S9, in Ameiua county, Virginia. 
She was a daughter of Edmund Booker and Mary Ciemerus who had three 
sens and four daughters as follow-;: 1 Edmund Booker, Jr., who settled 
in Paris, Tennessee, and was living there in 1847. 2 Jo.;sph P., 
who settled in Tipion county, Tennessee, and was lisdng th.ere in 1S47. 
3 Ishani C. Booker, v/ho was born, lived and died in Anieiia county, Virginia. 
The four daughters were: 4 Sarah !\Iayo Booker, v/ho was. married to 
481 Joseph Woodson;^ 5 Edith. Cobb Booker; & Eri:-:abeth Scott Booker; 
7 Jane Davis Booker. Shortly after his marriage 481 Joseph Woodson' 
began teaching .school and followed this as a profession fo*- many years, 
and at intervals as long as he lived.- He left A.m^eila counly and settled 
permanently in Prince Edward in 1811. A lew months lat^r the Vv-ar v.dth 
England began and he enlisted in Captain Tinsley's co'npany, Eighth 
Virginia ^^lilitia, infantry, and s-rved as sergeant of the company. After 
the War of 1812 he returned to his home in Prince Edward county, where 
he spent the remainder of his life and died Xovember 28, 1.836. Some 
years after this his widow moved to Warrenton, X'orih Carolina, re be 
with lier son 941 Francis Sylvester.^ and died there, April, 1864. 

Issue oi 213 SAMUEL TUCKER WOODSON'' (John,=' Benjamin,' Jolm,-" John,= John') 
and Elizabeth Dabney Winn. 

I * 482 Thomas Pledge,' born January 12, 1703, at "Burgher," the famiiy 
home in } ui\ariii;i county, Virginia, where ho was reared arid educated. 


He wa'^ !i5arri(.d r^boiit \? "■ ...- S ■'■[{<.■ V. 'X'^on^,,^. T'ley c-.n-unuod lo resiu : 
in FluwTiina couiu>- vn\',l iluy ;)i'.\i.-'i in 185.-, ti> S; iincerburg, Pike counl.N-, 
iKlifsouri, \vh(.'re ib.r-y st'-?ni. i'-'c rc-.'.iairifl-ji- of'- ii'-e>. He was a ip.emhc-r 
of the Baptist Church a Ma^^o" o[ hi-h i.l-;i:'e, a^u -va? greatly esteei-i-red 
b\' al! \vho knew hira. Or.c ua\' duriag a vcr; coki .•^poll in ihe v.Inier of — 
lie drove in hi;' i"-)gS> to Bowl;!-;.; Grcea, M'.v.-.l>ui i, to att.:;;.-.! ib.',"- closirr, 
exv"'rci;-cs of the co'k-ge in which hi^ daugh'.er v.--\£ a pupil, lie hi'd bc'-or.-ie 
■» so thoroughly oliilUsd iliat. on f.,etling out of tiic hug;-;\-, he ;'■.■:! on the 

street and died in a short tir'ie. He was buried in the cemetery at Spcnccr- 
burij, Mi,-si<uri. 

n * 483 Marj',' l^orn ISOO, at "Burgher," Fluvanna co\inty, Virginia, where she 
gruw to your.g v.-omaidiood and was niarricd to Jr>hn Sniiih. They con- 
, , tinued to re^!de at Buri^her \\here all their children were born. 

jn 484 Jame,' born aboui 1S02, in riu\aniuL count\, N'irginia, anrl died young. 

IV * 4S5 Elizabeth,' born May 4. 1S04, at "Burtrher,'* Fluvanna county, Virginia, 
was married in i'^ICt to James ni'ddnsori \^'alson an..' in 1836 moved t.:> 
Ralls cour.ty, Missouri, and setiied on their farn". near ihc little town of 
New London, wh.ere they spent the remainder of their lives. She died in 
1869. He was a Whig and held the ofhce of magistrate for many yeais. 
He died Marcii S, 1S72, on his farm a mile and a Iialf v\-e£t of Neiv London, 
Missouri. Botli were members of \he Chri--tian Cliurch. 

V 4S6 Evelina,' born 1806, in Fluvanna' county, \ irginia, v.'as married tc Mr. 
— Face and died childF.-s. 

VI 487 Emily,' born 180S, in Fluvanna county, \arginia, was married tc Dr. 
Wills, and had one daughter wdio v.-as called "I'inkey." 

VII * 4S3 Davilla Adelaide," born March — , ISU, at "Burgher" in Flu\anna coun!.> , 
Virginia, wliere she was reared and educated. In 1840 she went to Ralls 
county, Missouri, to visit, her sister, Elizabeth (Vvoodson) Watson who had 
settled there several years previi-)usly, and while on this \isit. she vva-.; 
married October 14, 1841. to Jarnes Glasscock. They spent the remainder 
of tlieir li'.es on their farm in P^alls county. 

VIII 4S9 Sus'?.n Eveline,' born 1813, at "Burgher" in Fluvanna county, Virginia, 
was married to Luther M. George. Thoy settled near CharhittCaviHe, 
Virginia, in their own home which the}- named "Buena Vista." It was 
here that her mother died, February, 1845. 

IX 490 John,' born about 1S15 and died in infancy. 

Issue of 221 JOHN WOODSON^' John,^ Benjamin/ John," John,= John'-) and wife 
whose name is not known. 


491 Linnous,' !^'r^l aix;i:l li't i. proN-hly \,\ .MiM.nKiik couniy, \'iry':nia, v.j? 
ni.\iTu-d al-'cu'i ISoi liT Jj'-: - - . i:.;r U;!! maiden nnnie i> not rcini-niiicro'' 
lull "i-liL- v,-.iA icd-hc.:'.ii.(', '..'i rv-.n;..liui quite i!lr..^lli^;e;ll ." They kiikIoJ 
0!i a farr.i in GooLJi'.jiu; ."...'u- wtu-ro ihcy res-id^'d si'vci-;'.! \c:ais. His 
wii'c received ;i large !< ,,::oy u' the death of some rohiti-.'c, after uhich !ic 
cuid hh c;ta'.e in Coe. 1 '.ii:' and, aljout the year IS.^Ci, bou.^hi a i'ne 
river ph:r.!aticn in .\l!-e!i-.arle county wiuic lliev spent the rt-uiaindcr of 
tlieir livet. 

I J 

Iss';e of 

John,' liorn ahout ISOl, proIxd)ly in AHien-ark- county, Vir^^inia. lie f'.ied 

Tl:ei-c were tV\o daughter.-; be-Di le^ 221 John \A"r>odbon/' hail their 
names could not be learned. C'nc oi ilicni married a man named Cloaqh 
and the otlier married Kit Thomas:. (..Xotes by Dr. John C'a.lvin \Ve>od-.;o:v^) 

CHARLES WOODSOr^^ (Charlc.,^ Tar!eti.n.' Jnhn,= R.,ber(:,= Joliii'; and 
Ann Trotter. 

Ann," born probabK' in Henrico and married Captain \\":lL'am Pope of 
Powhatan count)-. 

" He vias a gentleman long famous for line person, capti^•ating n'a-aaers 
and charming humor. He wao the intiniate friend of W'ilHam Win., in 
whose biography by Kennedy, ha- figures conspicuously." (Charles Van 
Der \'eer Woodson.) 







Issue of 

rt •^ -r'w 

^f. C» v.Jt 






* 499 


Mary," b'jrii in Henrico county and was married to I\Ir. Solden. 


G.EORGE 'vVOODSOrl'' (Charles.- TarIeton.-= John,' Kobc!t,- John') and 
Sarah Friend. 

Mar}',' born about 1788 in Chesterfield county, \'irginia. 

Carc'ine IrTatilda,' born about 1790, 'r. Chesterfield. 

Charles Friend,' born about 1792 in ChesterUeld county. Virginia, where he reared and educated. He married /\nn Thomas \\'i!rion, daughter of 
Dr. Goodrich. V\'ilsoii of- Prince Ed-^-ard county. 

''He had a fine estate on James River, sonte twelve or hfteen miles 
below I^iciiniond. *'T'his lie sold and migrated to Missouri and settle;! in 
St. Charles county, where, I presume he stiil live.- (IS/l)." (Charles Van 
Der \'ecr Woodson.) 

He was still living in St. Charles county, Afis-ouri, in IS"^?. and was 
at that tin-,e over n.inets years old. lie --.vas .-omctimes ealied Captain and 
sometime.: Ce-iora! V\'oodson. K he rcall\ had a nrhtary rank, it aiu^i 


140 TUr. '.V>CD:-.i;C;, A>:U IV.'' 

^00 1! 

1'^)-?. 'Jiiiio .1 iu;n:bci"ur person;, n 
'! ai;rec that lie was a mat; of vc-r\- l>i 

Issue cf 2.'3 1 SAI-AH V/OOyiSO?"'^ (Ca-'i'es/ Taru-mn.' !(,'■;)," Robcri.- John'; uiul 
(■;,!>!;.;•! J;;iac- CLm':- 

1 500 C};prle3 Clark," h^^-::\ abont 17 72, and i)rG!>.il.!>- die! in infancy as he \vas 

nr.i nioniiv'iicc! la tlic Icticr tLiicd MarL'r. .12, !774, aiu! wriiien by liis 
n":ollH-i- to licr si.-icr 232 Car(>lir.c Matilda.- 

1 1 501 _Tohn James Ciarh,' born in ScuL'.nrl al.'-iui 17 74 and is mcntiomvd as 

" Jack " in a 'tetter v.-rlttcii yLvy 31,17 7S, b\' hi:? i;randniG;d;er lo her dangh- 
tLT 2^2 Caroline .Maiilda.'- 

Ill 502 Small Clark," liorn, Ar.crusl, 177(->, in Srnilaiid. After ihc Rc\-ob!t,ionary 

War was over and peace eb■la.I,l'i^^.ad, she carnc '.\Ii.h her parenis to Virginia 
wliere she was reared and cducaicd. She vras nianied to a M''. Woodard 
and moved to Texas. 

]V * 5Co George Clark," born about i77S ir '^.cotlar.d, crad came vitli the family, 
soon afui- ihe close of the Revob-iionary War, t(j Virginia where he was 
reared an-.l educated. He was married to Ann Murphy. 

Issue of 23 E CAROLINE MATILDA WOOirSOlV (Chari..=.^ 1 arleton/ John,'' Robert.= 
Johit^) and 1 nomas Fiemini; Bates, of Goochhiiid county, X'irginia. 

I 504 Charles F. Bates," born Aiay 10, 17/2, in C.oochb.nd county, -uas married 

Mav 2S, ISOO, to .Mary Miller and died .May 30, ISO^. No issue. 

II 505 Sarah Bates,' born Xovemlier 25, 1773, died AugU',t 12, 18.^9, in St. Louis 
Missouri. Xcx'cr married. 

Ill SO'". Tarleton Bates," born Abay 22. 1775, in Goochland county, Virginia. He 
located in Pittsburgh, F'enn=>l\'ania. v. here he was prothoneiary. I^y 
the schemes cf some o^ hi- political otnc.iie-, l)e was forced into a duel in 
which lie was killed on Jani;ar}- S, 1S06. lie ne\er married. 

]\' * r07 Frcdeiick Bates,' b'.n; January 23, 1"7, in Goocldand count:., Vircinia, 
v.diere he. was re,.tre i arM educated. In 1795; he wcr.L to Detroit, Michifjan, 
and engaged in tlie mercantile hirsiness. He was appointed postma.ster, 
and during his st.iy there, held se^"era! offices to which he was ap>- 
pointed by the president. In 1805 h.e ren;o\'ed to St. Louis, Missouri, and 
'A'as apf>ointed secretary of th.e Territory of Louisiana, while Merriw'ethc-r was go\'ernor. He acted as governor part of Lewis's term. lie was 
married in 1S!9 to Nancy C'pio Bail, daughter of Cob John S. Ball and 
Nancy Opie. .After Missouri was adraitted into the Union, he was iho 
Si'cond uoNcrnor i;f tin; new state, and -ivinle occupying tiiat ofiicc, ilied 
on Aui.-;u;:t 4, bS2.S, in St. Louis (.<^'Unly. 

V 303 Floiniii^ Bates,' iv.rn VvIv<<a- 17. '.:';■-). ia Gr.ochlaiul coiin;\. \\c 
nia:ric.l and j-vtiud in ^^M■^iul,.i■ ci''.tiiJ rouiuy. \"ii:;)ni;!, uhoiv he (lic(i. 

Vi :;09 Kichard Bales,' bo,:; Jniy \'.\ ;7?k in C;;.(k hhm..! rounty, iocal>d in 

\<.'il(.lk, \'irL:.i!;ia. wture in- d-c i, ui.marrlcu, on A'ay 3, ];<! 1. 

VII * 510 Kusanr.a Woodson Bates,' Ik;:,. April 21, 178.i. ai P.ehr.cnt, {ih^ Hatr^ 
liomc.-lcad) in ( '.oiH-hLuu; r(/ii;it\ , \'in;iiii.i, wiicr.- .--he rcarrd aiu! 
C'diic;;lc-rl. S!u' v,a-; iiiarricd in 1 SOJ 'o 'rii.-.r.ias^Mi. Wnhou, sun -a' 
Koban V\'a!lon and Mary I'^^hson. 'Idicy <>n\'.<.^^ in (■anc!■o^ ilic, Cum- 
l-ierlaiid coamy. Mr^inia, wIutc lie was for many >ears rn,t;acred in ihc mi-r- 
cautilc business. She was his ::;ocoiid wife. Cine da\ in tlie early suiii:i!cr 
of 1806, she was sitting in her h-m^e iJetiing cucunihtrs. A terrific electrical 
su)rni arose, and wh.ile holding ilie knife in iier h.ind, she was slrurk bv 
ligluuing and inslaiitly killed. The oldhcuse was still standir:^; in 187'), 
in a lair stale of t-'reservati'Mi. She left only or.e child. Her widov. ed 
husband waj married ih.irtlly, .,b au .March, 1809. to tin: widow, Airs. Ann 
(Bracket t) Ilaiclier, sister of Henry Bracket! of Cumberland coun'.v. See 
Exciinus — Walton. 511 Margaret H. Bates," l.orn August 25, 1785, at Belmont in Goncliland couni\-. 
She was twice married: first, .o >,Ii. Spear, and second, to Dr. Wharton. 
She died in St. Charles count>-, Missouri. It is related that she and iier 
sister 510 Susanna, were \-cry cleN'oted to eacii oJier, and made a compact- 
that the one who died first sliould xdsiv the surviving cmc. But Maiyaret 
never saw her sister in this world afucr the lightning had done its work. 

IX 512 JaiTies Wood.scn Bates,' born .\ugu=t 25. 17S7, at Belmont, in Goochland 
county, \'irgii.i:i, where he war, reared and gi\xn a tiioruagli education. 
He went to Missouri and after living tliere a while, removed to Arkansas 
where he became prominent in politics and in. the affairs of the state, 
being a delegate to congress for Territory. It is said that he was 
sometime acting go\ernor of the state, bi!t it doe.- not appear that he 
v.-as e\er elected to that oftice. He died December 26, 1846. 

X 513 Anna Bates,' called "Nanc\," born February 7, 1789, at Belm..nt, in 
Goochland eountv. was married to Col. JcU and settled, in Xorthuntberlnnd 
ccunty, Virginia, v here she died December I.", 181.", leaving two children. 

XI 5)4 Ca.oline Matilda Bates,' born lM;i)ruary 20, i 791, at Belmont, in Goochland 

county, and died there October 15, 1811. Xe\-er married. 

XII "■ 5)5 E.jv.'aid Bates,' born September 4, 1793, at Belmont in Goochland county, 
\;rginia, where he was reared and given a thorough education. He went 
to Missouri about 1814 and located in St. Louis where he suidied law and 
became eminent in hi; profes-ion, and was an orator of renov,!!. lie was 
married to Mi.-.s julj, CoaUe,-. In ISol he was ^piiointed by President 
Abra'nam I.incol-. as ailorne> gci.eral of tlie United States, which ofliee 


hffilic'l wifh ;il'i'it\-d>n-;n;^ ^■l-. JJnc;^!. -■<.•;; tiro lorn;. AfU:i' the rrc^Moiit's 
vr^j-Cic v.K\uli, ;c:ui l!;c- >ul;r,i;ii-irai I'-ri iuui i,-li.i:.;^(.t! hands, lie rjl.uriu-(i io 
Vil-- lioiiK- in St. I o'.'.is, M:-~-nuri. ",\iv.-:'(; "u. ci'cil rvK^rcIi 25, ll>6-'. 

Isst^c of £3v? PARLETON WOODSO:: ^Ol^a-lc^.^ Tarleion.- Julin,^ Kohcrt,- j-hn'; 
.I mi Ar.n \'aii I 'er \'cc\\ 

I * 516 Charles," Ihmu ]7?.1, in Prim:? Edward cnai'i\, \'irs,iTiia, where he 
rcaricl ai;i,l e'Jiicaicd. 

"He v\-.iv: ;, man of hi.;h rep;i!r;i:.>:-, and grcar Influoiice. He r;o\er 
fillcd av.y office of t;reatcr pruininca.^v 'iuui ihat of reproseriLati\"e in the 
state Icsjishiture." C V. Vfo'jdson. 

It ih -■■-\\y\ t!iat he served in the \\'ar of 1S12 and aUa.inrd to the raid, 
of niaior. ]]r vim married ahout ] 803, to Nancy Jackson, and died in 1 SoS, 
at his home in l^'rince Ed'.v.ird coiuiiy. 

il ?iV Tf.rlotGn," born 179i', in Priine Edward coii!U\ and died \vitiiout iscue. 

Issue of g3G JOHN WOODSOIS' (Tarleion,-^ TarE-ton,' John,' Robert,- John') and 
Elizabeth BaiEy. 

I 518 Susannah," lorn Eebniary 11. J 750, in .Ml emarle county, and v.'as married, 
proliat.dy aliC'lit 1770, to r\iicajah W lie..-ier. 

II * 519 Tarletoii," born March 22, 1758, in Albemarle county, vdiere, ix appear.-, 
he spent his earl\- life. He was married, probably about 1750, to l\Es& 

Shepherd and settk'd in Goochland county, v/iicre mo?r. if rot all bh 

children, were born. 

Issue of 237 IvTATTIiEY.'PLi: A SAKTS'=;Susanna!i\A'oodson,nVir!eton,\|oh!i,'' Robert," 
John') and Anna Raiie>-. 

I 520 Susannah Pleasants,' bsifn Dccemler 2. 1785. in Richmond, Virginia. 
After the death of her parents, .-he lived with her niece, Mrs. John T. .Eyle 
in I-"a\ette county, I\cntuck\-, where site died, unmarried, in 1^65. 

II * 521 Caroline Fleming Pleasants,' born July 27, 1787, in Riciimond, Virginia. 
She Vi-ri'. naarrit.-d '"n 180.^. to V.'llii.irr, ^b1yo, Jr.. of that firy He wa^ a 
son of Cc'!. Widiam Mayo, Sr., and C"ai iicrine Swann. After their mari'iajje 
tl>ey locaied at \ ersailL-s, Iveniucky, remaining there sotne years, and then 
re.noved to Sl'.elbyviile, Kentucky, and fnally. in i.S4(5, settled in Cooper 
county, Mi.-^soari, v.diere they both died a few years later. 

III 522 George Woodson Pleasants,' br.rn July I, l7S0, in Richmond, Virginia. 

He went to \ ersailles, Kentucky, in 180.3, and died there in 1812, unmarried. 

IV 52,^ Peyton Pando)ph Pleasancs,' born April 10, 17"!, in Riclimond, Vinjini.i. 

!n KS03 he v.enl to Vcrsadlcs, Kentucky, was married iheie to Am-: 
( atherine lluniphries and diei' Novcnibcr, 1S17. 


fh;; f.iini'v in I'^'t.^ \<: W •.■>..'.V\\: ■. j<;:>, \\ucr;- -lit- \v;i:- ipi.uiivu iii 
I'-^l.i lo R'l'i' !i ] : lu:.-'.);; of I".;;' ''.'■: coui'.t >■. 'i"'r;t y localiM' iii l.i >;ii;;:.i('ii, 
■venlurky, vU' \' r-ii-- i.lieii in i;'U>. 

525 B?niai;:i:i Iraiiklin Pioasfints," !).-,-;i \>c! Iv, i;')^. in Uichmoiri, 
\'ir;i;;!j, jnd \\v:ii'. with il;c f.iniiiy in iMiJ!, lO W'l'!'...--. K'.;mr,cky. ilc 
xva^ ii-.srricd, Fclr.i.'ry, 1S17, t... T<al>cli;'. McCnlla A-iair. .i,K;:_:htc;- i^l 
General John .\'.!,d.r, wlio .-orw;! a torai -i^ gowj-ii^-ir of K,.t,: ;:f;!:y. Ho 
lOi-atcd in lliirri'i!;-l>urv;, ICciU n';!.\-, wlurc hv Wwd u;i;ii alvnii; 1 1-.iO. 
\\hi.-n b.o was aiipoiriic.l lo a [ir.-'siiai i'-^ ilic Hniicd S',.iU-< trea-siaN viciiari- 
'iKMu Uii.ier iVesidiMit Jackson's .ivhpiiiis; raiieii. lli- ilun ra--.vod. wiih 
!ms tamih- lo \\',i ^'dii-'ton. 1). C, wlierc I'-.c-y ^pc•.ll tho remainder of their 
live.-. He uied Jiir.c 2, ISTO. 

VII * 526 Eli'/abeth Randolph Pleasfints," ii,!,n Jiin.e 9, 1796, ;n Richniou i,, 
v.eru v.iU. ilic family in 1S03 m X'cr-.dlLs, ixenmrk;.-, and was inanjci 
there iri lS.i!5 i^ Diaiglai. Voimt;, a prosijcrous farmer In '.har vicir.i'.y. 
She was an inlere^iirg cKl lady ."ii.d vrell po.stcd in rej^ard Xv iier family 
liisLory. Siie di^xi ia ISol in \'er>ailies, Keniucky. 

V)il 327 Thoaias Jefrerr.on Pleasants," iiurn March 6, 179'<, in Rirhnionci. X'irgliaa, 

.uid died in 1817 ai Verriailles. Kentucky. 

IX 528 JvTiiJ.-lha PieasardS;^ born Febn;,,iry U, 1?00. in Richmond, 'v'irgir.ia, and 
die'! in l?lo <i W.-rs-aille?, l-reniueky. 

Issue of 23 JAIvlES PLEASAMTS'" "Of Contemion'' (Susann.ah Woodson, •'' Tarlrlon,' 
John,' Robert,- J'-hn') and wift .Air^. Anna (R:',ndoljVn) Pleasants. 

I * 529 James Pleasants," born 1769, in Henrico coinil\-, \'ireinia, where he was 
leared arai educated and spent ahn-.)Sl hi.^ entire life. He was a law\0! of 
distii-.etion and became piomiia- ;i in p.:.r,uc;,. He wa.-. eleCLed governor m[ 
Virginia and fill^^d the oftice v. i'li distinguished abibiy. He "a a.-, a' oi 
stroH;^ character. He was married to Susanna Rore. He die.-. 
9, 1S36. 

H 530 Tr<;!e!-on V/oodsoa "Pleasants.' 

ITI * 53.1 Anna S. Pleas.^nts," bi>rr. in Hci-rico cour^ty and wa.= nurried to Isciac 

l\' 532 Psuline Pleasants.' 

V 533 Susannah Rand.jlph Pleasants.' 

VI -^ 534 TIartha Pieasai.ts,' born Dec.nd.ier 2, ll'^O, in Henrico county, Virjdnia, 
was married lo her Hrst cousin, Randolph Railey, son of Col. John Raiif:y 

150 Ti!!: \V<n.l>-'N;; \Mt •; ;!!-;i; ;, (.iNN:-C1 U ^NS 

nnd Lii.'.iLn'iIi U m. w ii 'li if Srf^-i<'l!('ii;4e. '''lie\- ui'^vi-.i lo Worn! fur. I 
rouiuy, !-!■ niij^ky. wi^cu- -h..- 'i-.'.l July lU. !> !0. Slu- .irJ b:->- hvh^haiui .ir,- 
iK.iii Iiiiiioil ;'i \\■T:-.Mi'i.•^, Ko'U;ioL>-. Xoti-s by WillLin: T. rvailey. 

n £42 Mpjor IO.?IAH WOODSOI^ ^ (Coi. J. hn,^ Jo.iahJ h-hnr Robertr John') 
niJ 25-J riir.-ahcih \\'i.'Ov!,-.-oii.'^ 

I * S3S Maiy;" boni J/79 at Dover in Go'.irhlan'i C'.'''!;y, Virgini.-i. 

Al one liPK diiiiiiy; the Ktjv(.iiilini!.;ry War, J.orf! CornwrJ.ii? halted 
his cc!i!iii,iiid at Dover fnr a few d.-ys, and n^de hi> hcadciuaricr-^, for il-.e 
lime, at i'-'-:- ie.<: 'ci:-e vf 2-^2 >\ajoi- Jul-: ah W;>ud£on.'' 

At tliat tiiiK- this li;i!vj Mary \va-^ an infa.rif in ih.e cradlu. Her mother 
niai.iu:-ii)i- ^-ome alaiin al haviii- cnemii^s in the bouse, Coniwallis sought 
to calm Iier fears by iniori-.nir.:; a fatherly hi.-i upon the bahv. 

The parents were over afterward.- grateful fur this little act of kindnesB 
on the part of t!:c Biiiish ccnin!and<.:r. 

The cliild yrow to youp.g wnmaiihood aiu! in ISOl, was niarrird to 
Dr. James Wyune- ?.!•.. ?s of C">',orhla!id county. In IS03 ihey went to 
Aiaysville, Ivcntucky. where they remained until 1820, then removed to 
r3oono couniy, .Alispoari. and later to St. L..r.:s. She died about 1839 in 
St. Loui.s, and he died on his farm near that city in the wiritcr of 1358-9. 


JaiiK-- Mosi'carpe from Engiar.'! at'v"Jt 17 19 lo \'iigir.!a, v.Iierc- he Married Eliza- 
beili i)ul'.der^o!l, \\hose rinofstors caine from Scotliind. They iiad a mjii, H'.:gli Mo5s,- 
v.\io was ronuiii=.-5!oned Capta'ii of militia in Gooclilanci coiuU;- in 1760; ?.r.d ^v^.s ^Tajor 
in the Continent::! Line in 1770. He .-c-rved llir^iugh the grcau-r piiri o.'' the Kevo'.Li- 
tionary V/ar, and died in 17S0 irovt the eiltcis of ivounds received in battle. H'; was 
married, by tiio Rev. John Cby .' of '.iie grea! slatec-man, Henry Clay), to Jane 
Ford, dauj,h.ter of Thomas Ford and Kciurah \\'yniH-. Thoy li.jd a dau-luer, K..i!jrah 
L. Moss,' \iho niariitd C.eiie:al J. i ires Tas lor 'jf Kent ".c't-.y; ?l~o a M.r.. D'. J.-ir-.e.i Vynno 
?>Ioss^ who married 53.S Mary Woodsor.,' d.uu'htcr of ;'-!2 .Maior Joviah, and 2b2 I'Jiid 
b^th Wiodson. 

(See Cabell:; ai.d th^ir !;iii.) 

II !;.6 Elivnbcth,' born about 1782 at Do>.-er, Goochland county, Virginia. 

III '■■ 537 Martha,'' born aboiii. 1785 at Dover, in Goochland e-ounty, was married 

abova IRQl to Her.ry .Marhir and located in Mason county, KeniL;c!;y. 
Tli..>' n;'i\\-d 1,1 i>,20 lo Jiooiie countv , Mi-.-'-'ui, wi'cre (hey spenr the rest 
of their lives. 

IV * 558 Sophia/ br-rn abc'U! 17F7 at Dover, Mr-I'ii^'- 'She went with the f.imily 

in i:sU3 to .Ma.-on couht\', Kentucky, and was inarried about this time or 
shoitly afterwards to Janie-. Hi', kn-an. They mo\ed to Howard county, 
Missouri, in 1820. Iler husband died there ttiid she was married soinc 
years later to David S. Lanime, of Coltimbia, Missouri. 

V * 539 Cr.roL'ne R.-'ndjIph,' born Jn-^e I-!, 1704, a< Do\-er, in Goochland couniy, 
Virginia, in t8ul, her moilter being dt-r.'.], her father sold his properly in 






■ i' I 

■i I 


^ I 





Hoochlanil, ctad i'i:i:-i- iii;ii C;iroii;io \\l\h hiiu. went In r>":i?!in ro\ii!:.\ , 
KcnUirVy, to 'ix v:\:r h's ihrc>' irianic.i daui^liur:. n-hc r,.\i] preceded hi:n 
to r'i;\' sf;U('. 

In Marcli, I'^l 1 . whi-v. only i-ixttLn y',\;r.-. .■;iv! ihie r>o;-i!is old, ("are-lin.- 
' Pi-^rricv! !'•• I'l'. Ai'uu^tns Xathaiiiel (-\'i;"/ii \\ il.^en. I'.l-- fatl'er \v;-~ 
Cipljii; XathMiiiel Wils.m, a"i dtiioor ii! the ■'ilsi-.ii', Ciiiirp," .i body or 
Mar\-iand troops in the ivcvohnioa. Captaiii V\ iisou owned a cousivk'r.tliie 
body of laiui .Tiul mucli per?on;i! property in Mason County wr.cro he In'.l 
been living; for ,-:on'>e lime befoie his deaiii. Ht and Jfiliii Cobiiru owned 
joinlK" 5('i00 acre? in Jeilerson c-OLint\', near J.oiiib\iiIe. 

It was in l-,onor of hi? frien.d ar;d partner that he be:;u)v;ed the m,:vr. 
Coburn upon his son. 

Dr. Xatlianie! Coburn V\'iison dir-d, prol.\tb'y about l!'i7, sur\i->-ed 
by iiis \vid.ov\- and four cliiliJrcn. 5oon after hii- death and the death of ii.'V 
father, CaroHne, with her four Nour.j; children, made l;er iionie "with tiie 
family of her brothcr-indav.-, Dr. James Wynne Aio-^s, who looi<cd after 
her property frii her. 

In 1820 Dr. .Moss with liis fami'y, and Caroline viih, her four -■rr,->li 
children, mo\-e(l to Columbia, Boone couuty, .Missouri, leaving !ier Ken- 
tucky [nopert\ in the hands of Gen. Jauies Taylor, a l.irot!ier-In-law to 
Dr. Moss. 

Having' settled permanently in Columtiia, bhe buiii own home 
where she carefully reared her children. 

"She was a woman of regal appearance; tall, harids':inie and carried 
herself with stateh- dignity; and v-."itliab most kind-hfaried and gcnci-ou.s. 
She loved her ancestry and was loyal to her kindred. She was a de'S'out 
Christian and a devoted men^'cr of the Presbyterian Chiu-ch." 

In 1S37 the v.'ife of her cousin 576 ''•.Varren Wood-on,'' died, lea\ii'.;-; 
two little daughters — Susan ani 0'i\ia. Caroline to.jk tha-e chiidreii te. 
her home and tenderly cared for ;hem ui.lil they were i^row n and m-inied. 
One of them— Susan, the widow of James Hugh Moss, is no'.v more tha.r. 
eight)'-ei;;ht years old, and stili li\"e3 in Coluntbia. 

Caroline i;\ed to a ripe old age arid died at her home in Columbia, 

Issue of 244 SUSAIJNAH YiOODSOlV' (Col. John,'^ Josiah,' John,' liohert:- .lohn') 
and Islianj Randolpli Rai!e>'. 

I * 540 John Railey/ Iiorn July IS, 17;<5, in Viri^inia, went witii his parents to 
isentucl;\- in 17V 1 and was reared on the tarm "Vine}- Gro\-e" near Versailles 
in Wo(jdford county. He was married June 4, 1S07, to his cou:>!n FJlzcljclh 
Railey. The\- settled near Burks\";lle, in Cumberland county, Kentucky, 
where lie died .\uL;ust 7, 1S14. 

II 541 Tarleton Railey,' born February 26, 17S7, in Vir<;inia, went with his 

parent- iii 17'>-! 'o Woodford county, l\eii!'ack\-, and was reared at \'ir.e}' 
Giove iiear '/eisailles, where liC die ! '.i ISIO. 

wn I inn; oinnu 

ill i,-\.-. J:';;<;;.beth Raliey,' \,-^^:\\ .\<.\\\\ J. 170j, ;=> \i.-.'i!ii;,^ \v.i^ l;il:on wilh t'w 

fi'.iiily in IT'i: us l\ii;;n: !:y m^A i\-).v;1 -in ihc faiiii. \'ii;i\- (Ivuvo, ihms 
\'i.T.-;'i;los. Slu- w;',,-- r,i,i:r;i!! ip. ISIJ lo j. I'. McC'ormac-!;, a lawyer t' 
■J"v.niu<;ce. Sl'c liiod, chiulU -;,, i ;: -sii^;.:-; IS, 1^66. in S(, l.oui;-, Mi;~so;:ri, 
and \v;i< l-iiricd in licr f.llhc^'^ hv.\) 'w.):, jjvvniid at \'inv\ ClrcA c. 

iV *' S-i3 Randolph P.ailcy," born J^ccciiilvr 19; ] 7<14, at \'incy (//n)\T n<-va- VersoiliL-S, 
KcT.tncl;y, v.lieic he re;; reel ;ind educated. j'K' wa;; ivjci? married; 
fir.vt,, on July 6, 181'>. to Caroline Trill cnden.. a. i-i:;tcr of J dim J. C''.den, 
r;o\-ernur of Ki-iv.nclvy and rniii-d Suiics fcnaioi-. i Jc \va.;; raarried Peciind, 
(iji No\cralier 15, KSoO, lo ?^I;lry Sicwari Munter. lie owtu'd a l.irge farm 
not far from \'ersaiilL~ and was, for nuuiy >cars, a inerclianl in tliaL to'>\!i. 
ik- died ;\Iay 1, 3 873. 

V * 544 C'lroiine Raiiey,' horn February 12, 1796, al Vincy Grove near X'erfaiHes, 
Kenti'cbx-, -,\as mairied Ju!\- 29, 1825, to Jc.seph I->a/er, a veteran of the 
Wirof IS] 2. She died M.ucho, iS59, at \'incy CroN'e where ylie was born. 

VI 545 Jordan Railey," born .Aiigu.^r 14, 1797, at the faip,i!\- iiemie near Vcrsaille.s, 
and 'bed Dettndier 7, Iblo, wliiie studying Liw in brankfort, ]\e!Uiuky. 

V!i 540 Josiah Woodson Railey," born Xoveinber 18, 17vS, al \'in<ty Gro\e near 

Versailles antl died there Api'd 5, 181S. 

Vni 547 Martha \7oodson Railey," born August 15, ISOl. at \'incy near 
\ ersailles, Kentueky. During a spe!) of fe\er, fhe lost the pcjwer e^f ii'>ccebi 
>.liieli was ne\'er re'-0\ered, althfnij.di she li\ ed to be ciebty-four \ ears old. 
She died unmarried, Jui\^ 17, l.'->5, and was buried at tb.e old honicstead 
wliere she was born. 

IX 548 Nancy Railey,' born Deeember 17, 1S02, at \'incy Grove, vs-as married 
August 15, 1821, to Ib_>n. Daxid Thornton of W-rsaiiies. She lived a little 
more llian e-vi/ uionlhs af<i.,r ;narriage and eb'ed Octol.ier 29, 1821, at he:r 

lio/ne in \'ersa!llcs. I\lr. Thor;iton afterwards ntanied Cliurlotte 


X S4i' Dr. Islisin Raiiey./ Kimn Feb.ruary 20, 1805, at Viney Gro\e, was marrleo' 

in lS.i5 to lii'^ eousin Sanah Websier 'if \'ir'<inia. Tl:ey \..-'re mi'rri'vl 

at the residenre of un-.le, Rand-jlph Railey. He died ^^•iLho'.'.t issue, 
Sejit ember 4, l;s-!5. 

iKStie of 2.4 S JOHN V/OODSON'^ (G,,!. John,-' J<,.-iah.,' J'.hn.-' Robert,- John') an'i Mary 
Liglitfoot (Polly) Ander-on. 

1 * 550 Thomas Jeuerson,' born abcuit l79f), in Ilar.over eounty, Virginia, was 
mairied about 1S30 to Diana ?Jirliie, daughter of lawyer John Michie 
(proufjunc'ed Mickey). Ti'.ey scttic'l in Chyjohland cimu'.;>' wliere three of 
their ehildreii were b'orn. About 1810 they mo\"ed to W'esi. Tent.essee and 

Sr-:\ f Nrit or.xi u \i'Ci 

lor;5tcil nca; !.;>( ;rai:.;,!', iii I'.iyc'.te '.""i:;,:;.". N'lvr a icVv' yiMrs they bi.HiL;:i' 
a Uacl of 1..1.11I'. ill M.rrs' i-.tii;ity, \'i.'~:-.-ipi'ii, en which iliey Pnaliy 
setlltnl ami Iniiil i!;rir 1i:>;-,h-. three I'-.i'-i csi of MiciiiiMn C"!i\-. i!c;o 
lli(.'\' spi-iJi rile rciiuii.uiLT 1)1 ih; '.v Ir.Li. S'le died in 1S75 aiul lie in ISTJ. 

II 551 Jc$iah," b-,>rn aliuiit 17'''.\ in Hanover roiuny, X'irgiiiia. Xc\'er inarrirL'.. 

III "■ 552 P.iC'irird,' I'orn a!)ou; ]7')A in Hanovci' coiKity. marriLd Mi:-i Roysicr ar.J 

suu!e(.l in I-liiduaorKl, \'ir,^iiiia. 

IV * 553 Isiiani," l.i'.ini aij^iii ]7'.'6. raanicii Sailie MLrriv.'i.'at!icv Anderson of I.o;;i:<i 

county. The\- tciilcd an iiu-ir farm in Hanover wlK-re they spent lijeir 
t-aiirc li\'cs. 

V * 554 Archibald Picasants," born X','.\'ember IS. 179S. in Hanover coiirity, 
■was married Xovember IS, 1S22, io Xar;c\- r'anicl .\ndersor., daiigluei i',f 
Thomas Mtrriv, earlier Ar.dL-r.-on and Xaiiey Tillnian of Loidsa c>j\ia\y. 
She -\\as born in Louisa Xo\-embcr iS, 1797, and died at lier home in, 
Hanov'er in Xovcmbor, 1,^63. After their marriage tiiey settled on. ihfir 
farm in Hano\er wiiere iliey sjienl tiieir t-niire live-;. He died in ?.!a\', 
j8S3. Tlicir old heime wiib. llu- farm, is still in ;he possession of rheir L'-vo 
sur\i\ing children, .Anna and '\\'il!iam, who li\'e there. 

\'I 55? Polly,' born about iSOO in Hanover counv\", v-'as married to Williar.i 
Anderson ('probaLl>' of Louisa county). Tliey settled in RichnvjnJ. 
\'irginia, and pr'.ibably died ihere. 

VII * 556 Harriet," born aliuiit 1S02 in Hano%er counry and was .married lo Mr. 

Issu.j of 24S MARTI-IA V/OODSON'^ (Col. Jolin,^ Jo.iah,^ John-' Rob.Tu,- John') and 
Thomas Raile>-. 

I 55V Thomas Railey, Jr.,' born 1 7vO, in Woodford courity, Mentnrky, vs-p.- 

married in LS20 to his dou!>ie first cousin Sallie B. Railey, and di-.-(! the 
following year (1821) in Trigg county, leaving one son. V\'ii!iani Ra:i.doi,oh 
Rail' v.- wlio v.-'is*bMrn. 1321 arid died in 1840, unmarried. 

II 558 George Woodson Railey," boni 1791, at ■Cliflon," the name of hisparems' 
heme, near \'ersailies, Woodford couni\-. Kentucky,'. He v/as married 
December S, iSlS, to .Maria P. Bullock, who was born iMarch 12, 1791. 
They located at Monticcllo, Missouri, where he v.-as appointed posrn. aster 
and served ur.iit his death in 1.S16. Tiie;,' had only one daiighter, Martlia 
\^'oodson Railey,- who was born 1825 and died 1839, aged sixteen years. 

Ill * 559 Peter Ives R-dley,- born :March Ifc. 1793, at "Clifton," the family home 
rear \'ers::ii!iLS, Ke.niuck}-, was married August 21, 1817, to his doutilc 
nrst coDoin 566 Judith V^'ood^on Railey.' He was -a farmer and ov, ned a 

154 'Jin- ^vo^.;l^l!N;^. .:n;> ri!!-n< c oxx:-;r ;i(> 

gocKi fanvi a fi'W iihl'.'s fr^i'i-, \"<-s.ui"iCb.. ;i;..;;;u-> liii^, his '.vile inluTUcd iu '' 
i'at'iiL'r's oKi lii.nuc 'i .il>..:i i\- ll.,!';;" ;u;i! ;•;.;> wCi\- rc-yidiiig ihcri. ,ii. ilu- tiiVi',- 
. lie ^!io<!, July 1, is;j. 

IV 560 M.iry ksiley,' h"rn i;>;5. al liio r.;.'-.i!y ! jmc. "Cnflon." lu-.n X'-^r.-nilKv-. 
]\;ciuucky v.',>.~ r.i,t!T;c;i aijoiii tSlO !<■ Ik;- ri-.i:-;n 592 Fliiii]) XWwcI^oii.' 
She dice! n M:i\-, 1817, wiKU Kcr only cli:!.'! \va> ar; :i/1';mi: (T'iy a f^w nitJiUh? 
eld S'r»c v/a^; ')u:'icv! in '.ivo fainily burying; ;v;ioini'J ai "C'Jiii.on" \vliC"'e she 
vas born, l^'or i.s^iH.' ^oc S92 )";p W'uoii-on." 

V * 561 Lucy Railcy," born Ai!t;usi 5, ]7''0. ai "(.'Hfu);!." Slu- \\-as twice nnrriL'.!: 
firsi. about 1815 lo John J3. Kinlai'd, a lawyer in \"ersai!lo?. He Jied 
vitiiin a >oar, !-,a\a'.f: r.o i.-sue. Sha was married sccoa.d, in 1S32 to Rev. 
\\"il!i.ini M. King, a i're-'yalerian ininisur wlio v.'as pasmr of rhc church iii 
Versailles at rhc time of la';; inarriai;e anil Tor many years after. She died, 
September, 1S52. 

VI * 562 jMartiia Jane Eailey," born ITvT at "Clii'e.ii." was married August 9, 
1S19. to Jy'in II. L'err\ inau. The}- cominued to live at (."liflon all their 
!i\-e^, and bhe died there November 2.j, 1865. 

VII * 56.5 Susannah Rails;;,' hMi-n January 15, 1801, at "(difton." She v.-as married 
ji!l>- 19, 1325, at tlie hcane of iter brother 5a7 Peter Ives Railey," to Vs'iHiaKi 
Fleming Markhairi. Tiiey first located in Xew Orlean.?, Louisiana, and 
finally f-ettled in \'icksburg, Mississippi, where he died. She speat the 
latter ^■eaia- cf lier life in Xew Orleans, at tlie home of her son, Rev. Thontas 
R. Markham. D.D., and died there Alay 1, 1S72. 

of 24 7 JUDITH Vv'OGDSOlN'o iCo! Joim,-' Josiah,' John,' Robert,'- John=) and 
William Railey. 

I 564 Y.'illiam Randolah Railey,' born Feln-uary 4, 1794, at "Liberty H d!,'' 
tlic name of his [parents' home, near X'crsailles, Kentucky Me enlisted in 
the United States atmy for the War of 1812, and was killed in liie batiie 
River Raisin. His father's grief was so intense thai lie ncxer entirely 
reco\'ered from it and di^-d in ISIS. 

II 563 Saliie Kail>,y,' born March, 1796, at "Lib.rty Hall," near X'ersaillcs, 

Kentucky, and died August, 1362. She was twice married; first in 1820 
to 557 Thomas Rail .-y, Jr.' He died wiihin a year or so, !ea\iag one son, 
William Randoljih i-lailey,° born 1821 and died in 184b. The widow was 
married second, in 1829 to Parham Wa.lhn of Bov.ling Creen, Ken!ucl;\-, 
by vehom she ha.d one daughter, Judiili Anvi V'.'allm,-^ borii 1830, and was 
ma-ried A;arch 1 8, 185o, to Dr. Vv'illiarn Sieele White, a prominent physician 
of \'ersailles, ar^d died At^gust, 1862, the samr year and month in wliich 
her mother died. Dr. and Mrs. White are sur\ ived by on,: son, L'r. Thomas 
Philip White,-' who was educated ir, Pari-,, b'rance, and is now iocateti ie 
Cincinnati, Ohio, wheie iie lias au exierisive practice. 


11! 566 ;i!.-U!h WoGvlsoii Rriiic-i,- '-tu ^!.;I:h 15. 179'), ai '•Liberty Mali," ^^,l^ 

:, .\i!v!i-t .>]. iSi;, xo lu'i- il.-rii!^ \'v-.\ cou^ia 559 iVu-rlvos R.;i\ v .■ 
T\w\ inlurit-Hi ..hi LiiNiMv ]!,!i;, .;i,; ;■; Mdcni there a i..,r.d n;anv •.cu:^. 
'i'h:: liospit,.li;\ l,.r wl.jca the , .1 1 It^.'-e iiad Uhmhic fallK1u^, v/as i;e\e. 
ahaxnl as lon^ a^ tli,.y 11^.1. S!,'- ;Jied tl-ere (leloli^ r .-il, 184.'. a;u; wa^' 
Ijtiii.ii ia lae f.unily iairx-a- i;;a.uar!. Foi i^^^ie jce 55*) I' acr 1\ ...•• Ra^i.: /.' 

Issue of 2 53 JOHN STEPHEN WOODSON' (Rev. ^.Jauhev,-/ ftlcpheu,- Joliu » RoL-ri - 
John') aiui 210 Nai-aio Woodson. « 

1 * .K67 Matthew/ born Ajail 15, 1779, at the home of hh paients ia Goochiar.d 
comity, \'irginia. ua-; marrk-d October 10, iSlo, lo his ilrft cousin, 593 
Paulina Woodson.' They sciiled e,. theh' fa::;; ia Gooeliland, wlicre l-e 
died at half past lOo'elock a.m., Juh 9, 18?S, and \va< buried ia thefanidy 
burying ground. He v.-as a prosperous farmer and owned a nuinl>er of 
slaves. About four years after ids death, his widow, with four liviag 
children, nuned to West Tmncssee and bought •■ farm in t-a\e;te county. 
sO!r,e twent.v mile.- e?st of Merap'hi<. Tl,ere she dietl and is iu:ried. 

II * 5CS Benjamin/ born April 15, 1 782, in Gooc'dand county, was niairicd Janu.oy 
23, 1806, to Alartha LeScuer, who was: born February 18, {787. Jle'r 
anccstors were cnvincnt artists and composers. The} '.\ere of French 
origin and in their religious faiih vs-cre Huguenots. T !icy catr.e to \'irginia 
about the time of the Huguenot exodus. 

56S Benjamin Woodson' was by occupation a school-It acher, and was 
noted for his beautiful penmanship, which v.-a; as perfect as an\- copy plate. 
His books for teaching a bv.siness course were of his own r.uiking and wtvz 
works of avl. 

Near the close of the War of 1812, lie volunteered and ser^-ed as 
adjutant of his regiment until the vv-ar os er ..nd the commaiid mui-tered 
out of ser\-iee. 

Copy of a letter Y%a-itten by 56S Benjamin W'ocdsoii" while servin-,' in 
the United States army during the War of 1512. That portion of the leiler 
showing the date and the place fronj \, hich it was written, cou'd not be 

"Sonv:- few days being elapsed, this the 27th cf the month, some few 
things occur to mind, which i will di.sclosc to >ou, to wit, Major Wells 
from Henry is at this time under arrest. The charge against him is this, 
into.xication and i!ngentle:nard\- conduet to tlie sentinels and guard wiien 
goif.g the grand rounds. It is the opiiuon of ntany, togetliot with nnseif, 
that he will come out with honour, 

"My daily residence is with Capiain Jones, Lieut. Cooper, Lieut and Jdeut. Ferguson, all from Franklin, for wl;om J act as Clerk. 
John Lovell liees in the same hou-e and is well and hearty, though the 
iiien zi this place are as well as can lie expected, considering the great 
num.I^e! of people v.diich arc slated here. 

) AO t'l'- Woun>!.AS A ;:) Ti;i;: 

'■\'.Mi will ;\ol l.ii! 'o wr-.o to nu and si\c r.\: :i ..•!;.■<,.! d^-n iiuiiii of 
nil ihaL i^ s'xnl. I \\Mrii U) lu-:.r arihiiij; iluii is '■.!•!, il \,'.u!(! add iiui'-'! ;o 
tlio nviri iric:Ui<Mi ''f in\' .--iiiii'.s. 

"', ".ixo in_\- best !osn^.■cl^ loall \ (iiir g.-.-.d i-.i-i^rlil -■■r-, .i:id incjiiirini,- friend;. 
Re^jioeifu'Iy letneiidv.-r iiv.- !o \'ii.;i- Faibtr aiid I'-i'idiy. likewise lo Williaia 
Bartuii if \ini y'loiiid .-vc him. l\i!i;\vcli. 

"This frc/m \-our bt-->i. fricad and (.oiripiiaicii, 

'■Bi:N"j.\;>;!\ Wocdsox. 
"X. Pi. UcnicnilfcT nie i^' oui- Jiiilo i-'iildrcn." 

Ri-iu.-;;ine; to liis lu'ine in \"irginia, he lo.-iir.iod hi.? occupation of 
teaching; ecliool. 

In his rcligiou.~ faiih, ho was a Friinitive J^aiitisl. In ISiO lie moved 
wii.Ii his family lo ?doiirnr; countx, Mi^.-ouri. whcro he ^;)^n^ the reniainieg 
years of an honorable and ii^eUil life. He died on hi.s Missonii farm, 
October 25, 1348. IW^ vile died Februaiy 26, IS'w. 

III .'.'05 'fo'an Siephea, jr.," Inirn in 1784 in Goochland, .:.i;d d.ied in infancy. 

IV 570 John,' born 1780 in (n^ocldand, v.-as married lo Mii^ Cravrford, and had 

se\'ercd children \vhose nameri ha\'e rioi been learned. And no record of 
his defceric'.M'its (if any) has been found. 

V * 571 Stephen,' burn 1786 in Criochland county, Mr^^inla. He was twin biother 
to 570 John.' Their bioiher 569 John Steplicn, J r.," had died in infancy and 
this favorite name seemed about to be lost to this f.miily; so wlien these 
twins came, the name v\-as divided and bestowed upon ihem. 

571 Stephen' grew to young manhood in Cioochland; went to Albe- 
marle county, engaged iri the mercantile and v. iis married, probably 
about 181S, to his third cousin Jane Woodson, who died in 1824. wiien 
their ihird chiM, 1136 DanieP was an infant of only a few d;i>s or weeks. 
She had a brother, Mosby Woodson, who v. as a inerehant in Ri'dmi jad, 
iind was ne\'er married. Xorhing more has been learned oi him. 

After the death of his wife, .'7i Stephen Woodson.' was ni;;r:icd 
secondly to a j\Iiss ?Jeade, sold out hio mercantile business and reri'ed lo 
his f;u'm in Albemarle county, \\li<.-re he died about the year 1831. 

Vf 572 Mary,' (called Polly), born about 178S in Goochland, ^vcnt with t;;e fronily 
in 1S03, to Woodford count:,,'.xky, and n-.:;rried there aboul; 
ISOS to Peter Porter. No record of her pL'Sierity, if any. Ins Ijeen obtained. 

Vll r)73 l^orothca,' (called Dolly), was born 1 790, i,i Goochlond county, wen' -vit!! 

the I'amily in 1S05 to Woodford county, J-Ccr.lucky, where she was married 
about ISIO to William Porter. 

VIIl 574 Nancy,- borji 1792 in Goochland comity, v.enl with the family in 1805 to 

Kentucliy. Never manicd. 

IX * 575 George,' b<,rn 179-1 in Goochkind e(.':nty, Virginia, went with the family in 
1805 LO Woodford co'unty, Kentucky. i!c grew lo be a man of splendid, 


\ I 

■ / 









vhy>ica\ appo.MMiKO avcl sjporior iv.ri':;l;;:ci";~i;. lie v/,'is twice r;i:;r;--u-d ■ 
first, to /vlaria (>aii";i.:;hr, w'lii livcl but ■:. ^'.xc'V: time. No issue, lU- v,.is 
marriv-vi, socor.d, U< },aV-e "laln'colt. Thc>' -.-vtied in Boone comity, l\!i->i".ir;, 
where he en;;.'jj;e(i in i.niriing and e^.iiti,>ucd Liiore li^iLil lie died in .t.S;>l. 

X " 576 V;irren,' liorn I '96 in Cooch!,;nd ccii.niy, X'ire.inia, went vvitli the fiinii'y 
in 1805 to ^^'ol;^ll^■.i■d e'~ni'H\-, K^'r,a:cJr>-. wlure iie ■:,rew to young n'.anhood 
:ind was nmrricd in 1S17 t-o Mi.-s K1ix;ibclh McCle'.u'nd, a daughter o' Col. 
Jan"'Cs McCli-liand. Tlie next )-ear, 181o, lie and !i;s \-oinig wife went with 
her jiarents aiui tb.eir iantih to nocmc co\n\iy, ^j^^souri. \si;ere lie engaged 
in leaching school for tv,'o or three \'ears. 

In 1S21 he was apf:)oi;Kcd cleik of }3oor,e connty, and he'd the offiee 
contlniioush' for forty-one ■v'cars — luiiil 1862 — during which lirric iie wa; 
also [-irobate jadge. 

At tliis linie the Civil War was in piogress, and his syn-.patli'es bei;;;:; 
with the Soiirh, he declined to be a candidate for re-election. Bat v.hen 
the v.'t was n\-er, in 1866, he was again elected to his old office; his c>[>poner't 
being Capt . 1 lenr\' X. Cook, an cx-ofticer of the Federal army. 

His wile died about 1$37. She had borne him two sons and tv/o 
daugh'ers: the sons died in infanc>-, and the two daughters, Olivia and 
Susan, v.'cre taken to the home of h,is cousin 539 Caroline (Woodson) 
W'ilfon, who reared them with the greatest care and love. 

He was married secondly, on October 1, 18-1-0, to ^liss Amanda Berry 
Dick, who was boi a January 11, bSli, in Caroliiic count\-, \'irginia. She 
taught school for several years at Fayetteville, Teiincbsee, went to Boone 
count\-, Missotiri, where she ntet Judge Warren Woodson and b-ccame his 
wife on October 1, 1S4C. 

After his election to his old office in 1866, he oidy lived about two 
years and died October -1, 186S, being the incinnbcnt of the office until the 
day of his death. He was an exceedingly poptilar man, a man of firm 
convictions and strong character. He held a high place in the hearts of 
his people ur.til the close of his lotig an<.l useful life. 

In the autumn of 1910 liis portrait v.'as presented to tlte count} touit 
of Boone county. F"o!louing is the address deli\"ered on tliat occa^ion by 
Hon. X. T. Gentry: 

Zfay ii please the Courl: — 

'' Nearly two ycar^, ago, this court f.;j!-'0>"'P'3 a coinrihtee. consisting of C'tizcns from each town?h;p of the 
county, to procure pictures of former ofiicidls of the county and have them placed in the various court rooms 
and offices of the new courthouse. I am pure that I ana voicing the sentiments of all of our people when 1 s-.y 
that it is not only appropriate that the,=ie faithful old servants of Boone county should be thus honored, but it 
should be considered by us as a duty wliich we owe to those who have had so much to do with the afiairsof our 

"The oistinguiihod gentleman. Judge W.-rren Woodson, whose picture it is my pleasure to p'-e;cnt to this 
court, was born in (.oochiand county, \'irj;inia, in 1796, and moved with his parents, firsr to Woodford county, 
Kentucky, and th. n to Boone county shortly before Missouri had been admitted into the sisterhood of states. 
He came of liberty loving stock; his maternal grandfather. Col. John Woodson, was an officer in the time of 
the Revolutionary War; and his grandmother was a member of the noted Randolph fan.iiy of Virgini.-i. Like 
his di>tinc;uished ancestors, J;;r'ge Wivod.r.on v.-as himself a fishier. By thai 1 mean he believed in doinj diings 
riyhi, and then he litlii .\-c in standin:; lip for what he bcliovefl to be litjht. 


"U l-..:;: t.coii my f: i-. iltjic to i o ui i"i\ T-.v-U 'A \ '.ir ii!,-.; d.-v's f-cor.l o; the fir?; tcr!i> of I'nls c.iiir;, wliicli 
v.-?.s iho hr»i LO'.irt i.v<-r ru-:-! if; '.hU county, and v.-as lu-'.d a; C.i p.;r;,-"= ■i'.>\;rn in Sii;iihtoii. on FchriKuy i<', 
1321. On t' iv.;.;c ai-.po.irs ll;c rv>-ori! o! tlu- ;ii-ii.viiiti;i. r.v • i V.:.rr-.i- Woo.iMriii as c!i>r!v of this court, whkh 
was il-.o lirft ol'tici.'.i aci dcno b\- the court th;il <;,iy. I !t>k l; .v.- r^'c oKl rvvcr;! book i'vforu r.u'. Bt-fore lit- 
was l-.M-iny-ono years of r.g.;, Mr. Wi.odjou was a juntlrc; vt ?ii..- :>. i ce of C.-'Iunibia vowp^Iiip, ami oi'.c of the 
first iiu-n co};ii;ii5<iot'.e<i jii:.iice of the pcro in tir^ couii'.y, 

'Troiu iS.?! to !,Sf-,0, a porin i of ihiriy-ninc '. .■ii;, M;. \^'.V'.l.-.>r. hciJ t!u' oTricc- of ciorJc i.t lhi> cr.'.irt. Xo 
o'hcr i:..ia i:'. Hooik- coi.r.ty, .^nJ Iv w, if .i-.y, in il-,c ?r.\:f. ■.- x-.- hiM oac 'a.'Vic.- f;.r that loiii,tl'. of time; air! cer- 
tain!}- no man in tho sla-o ever ■]i.<clu('\.;i;i! his .Jutic-J n.oio c.-.njcicniiou-iy >..- more ooi:ruo;.sly titan i!i.:l Mr. 

" Diniiig tl'.o first few y..-ars of term, the iirohate bu-int.-s was attcncicd toby liin,- iie being probate juriijo 
cf this county, ai"l the trst prob..:v ji; Igc. A'tcrwarcis our M.Kutcs gave the cour.iy coint ji.risoietioa of 
probate matters. !5u; in probate b',.-i:iu-.->, as weii as in a'i other county busir.ess, Judge Woodson was the ad- 
viser of the county ci;urt, and well (iiia!:f;ed was he to advise the court. 

".-Ml of the records ol this court, ai-d all tlie p:!pers on file in the clerk's office du'-inc; i,!s loni; term were 
written by Jud^e Woodson hincscif; r-.nrl all were writir.i vitii a quill, that beiiijj jirior to !:.i: time of lypcvrittis, 
blank fiTiits, cojiying pres.^cs and srcel pens. 

"I have examined a yreat deal of his writing, and it is a niode' of noalceis, and his work was so acc.irately 
dene it is worthy of iinitation. 

'■Puring his incumbency in cffice, Iloone cot;nty crew from a few p;in.iiive settlements to one of th^ 
largest and weal'liicst counties in the sta'.e. He was, therefore, clerk of this court during t!ie most changing 
part of the counry'.s history. But hi= record, whether ,-.t the beginning of his term or in the middle or at thecr.d, 
was soin3tliir.3 of which he and his posterity might justly be proud, and something deserving of conimend.ition 
by all the citizens of Boone county. 

"Wlien he retired fron! ofi''ce in ISOO, deciinin;; to run again, he wrote and read to ihe county court a 
most interesting paper \eliich he termed ids 'Waledictor;.,' and which was so highly prized l.'y the court that it 
was -spread on the court records. (Sec County Court Record Book 'N' paj^es 270-275). The court also 
entered cf record a stntenu'nt of its higli aj>p'eciation of his services to the totirt and to tb.e countv. This 
farewell address of Jui'^:;e Woodson's Is certainly worthy of preserxaticn, and it wiil jjay al' of our lawyers, 
county ofncials and citizens gencralU' to lead it and remember it. 

'■Judg^- V/oodson was one of the original subscribers to the fund that secured the location of the State 
I'nivcrsity in Bconc county, antl a',ti\ely as-si.-tcd in rai-ing the fund. He was one rf th.c first curators cf the 
Missouri University and was a member cf the building committee that had in charge the election :n i lie niaia 
building in 1?40 and IS-Jl. He was president of the board for a nu.mber of years and ser\ed thi University 
without any compensation, at a time when the institution was struggling for existence. 

"He was one of the first teachers of Bonne Femme Academy, a Boone county institution, and was one of 
the- first trustees of Columbia College, a school which preceded the State University. He was also a curator in 
Colun.bia Baptist Female College, afterwards known as Stephens College, and was the first secreta'y of its 
bo.ard. He was a promoter and one of the first directors of ihe Columbia and Providence plank Road Coniji.Hny, 
a road which connected the county seat of this county with the NH.-iourl Kiver. In fact it may be tiu-.i-fully 
said that Warren Woodson favored every thing an;l aided in every thing that tended to uplift the people of hi", 
time. He was an active worker in the Cohiml.'ia Baptist Ciiurch, a Whig and a strong sympathizer with the 
South in ;S61-5. 

".Mthough he stated in liis valedictory that thirty-nin'^ vears in one office was glory enough lor one man; 
yet i:: 1S66 he f;nteied tie race for county clr rk, rcceivi-d the ceriificae of eleiion and inducted intoliisold 
office. His seat was contested by Ids opnoner.t, lletiry X. Cook, and the Supreme Court of Missouri decided 
in favor of Cook, by a divided vote. Judge Woodson then appealed to the Supreme Court of the L'nited 
States, holding the oftice in the meantime. Before the final decision of the contest, he died on October 4, iSOS. 

"It will thus le seen that for nearly forty-one years he was the clerk of this court; and of him it niay 
truthfully be said that he was alwa>s competent, always faithful and always at his place of duty. It is indeed 
appropriate that one who had served the public so long and so satisfactorily in this responsible position should 
'die in the harness.' 

"In behalf of the members of the family of Judge Warren Woodson, it gives me the greatest pleasure to 
present to this coU;l this splendid likeness of him whose life was spent carefully lookin^; after the alTairs of the 
people he loved so well and served so long. 

".'vlay I ask your Honors to placet'iis picture "n the wall cf a suitable room 'n this :o,;t thou-:c, -.vhere it 
may be seen by all of our ptople, au'l where i" will be a", inspir^.tiou to the young men of tc-day and to the young 
intu of lo-inorrow." 





; ni i'.!;.N'i-.KAi!C>N 15'.' 

>i..:' U>;:;':i J-^ivol, Kiv.-;-;.ic, C.i'il-r:vA. On Janv-y U. 191 !, sh,; cv!. I'-.itc.l her o-w-!-;- l-oaih birtiri-.y. 
> . ;.••!•. ;v.>; ii a ii:ii.:' acco.::K of ti-:ii i:ucrc.~i:r.^. iiccasi'in o- j .il' iii t'..: Ri•.■cr^i^!c p:\.^vv<-: 

Gk!I.i:riN(.S F(")K A WOMAN ('Xi; IIL NL)Iii:iJ -)'i:AR> i"ri ;■) 

"M::.. V.V.rrt.11 \V •.; s-.-.ii is ^.rl•^ hiiiidrt-i.! \<\.r-- o'd to>i.iy. Kcb'.iv,--; ......J In:' ]-. i-'n: i;:r <:on;r,ilij!;uory 

:)■:■'■ ■^•-~ ironi an i f.-i. ^-^.^ col.-l.rr'tcJ t!i^ o!;!:-hi,!:.l:':h li annivtr!- ■:>■ of he !i;r;;- t<i-<Jay (Jniiiiary 11. 
fll, Al t^o h-':^r of her !=«-.n-iii-b\v, JuJ-c Cakcr V.'. B;;cicor, Ul-i Wo^; Ts.tiuh J^trcot. Mr^. \Vo<k=Wm;'; 
, -i.!,!-:'. nainc \va.~ Am.-tr.u.i ISciry Dick. She !-jrp. J.;!''.;;.r\ 11, IS^i, in Oioiir^o '.-oi-.Ji'.y, X'i'tciiiia. "Mcr 
, f -;i.i;ai;i!r. K<v. Ar>r;l.>!;! Dick u'a. cdncatcJ a? an tipi-coya! Cl^r^ynia!' in EriiiiVui^h, ^Mvilanri, cr(:aii..>i 
;.•. t!-'.- !'!s!iop vi Lin.ooii, niui 5ont to ihe Ci-'':0'.i\- of \'ir,;i:\;,>. to pri-ach. C'--!;:r.;i^.-;:-M:t^! by C^r-r'j.c HI, Ki:i-c f.f 
i ■-^l.u!.). 'icr fr.i!:LT, ArcMbald Dick, Jr., o,h'ca;c..l i;i '.]:<' faniiiy of Cover nor Ik-rklcy, of \ir£:i;iia. Sh- 
v.r.i lo Miudlo, Tciiiie.-roo, am! tr.iiglii school fovcrai year;-, aivl while or. a virii to ;<oonc coupiv, >fi.--?oi;ri, 
»;- i;-i:ii('i Oc'.'bor 1. 1S4U, ro Judge Warren Woodson. Son;* ton or twelve >ears after i hat slit had r'lr 
:::i-f jrn.iic to l./ic her c\ c■^i.^h! ati'l ha? hocr loir.lly b!i:vl e\er fince. 

"She is a reiuarkaMe woman, with a ;r.ind keon a.ia alert, and a -.vonderfuliy retentive merao.-y. Blin'J 
f.-.r marly sixty years, she is aMe to recite, amor. 5 other.-;, whole passages from ' P.->.ra<.lis!.> Lost,' and cr.lire poriio.-.s 
of 'Lady of the Lake.' She retai.-.s nu active interest in politics in wiijch lier husbaiid was concerned daring 
!:;.- I::'.::!r.e. S'nc rocalli meeting v. iih .\i.drew Jackson, Hinry Ch-.\' and Thomas H. Tenton. The l.aitor s!:c 
heard deliver an address in wliieh ho propbesiodthc bnildiiig cf a great transconiiaental raih'oad acrcc.; t! r 
plains to the Pacific coast. This she considered at ih.e tire.e, hut t'.ie dream of an enth.n^iast. 

"Mrs. Woodson h;i5 now twenty grandchildren and thirty grcat-;;,rand;:hildren, with when the writer 
uniies in the wish that lier last days on earth may be the brightest and happiest davs of lon^- and U£ei:-I 
life, and that when slie passes into the eternal beyond, she may enter into tliat sweet peace prepared a.'id ■"eierved 
for the finally faithful." 

Issue cf 255 SAMUEL WOODSOK« (Rev. Matthew, -^ Stephen,^ John," Robert.- Joh-.M 
and Sarah Mills. 

1 577 Joh.ii Le.VilHar.,' l-,or<! 17S3 in Goochland county, Virginia. 
II 573 William Fouulain," born 17S,S in fkx>ch!and county. 

III * 579 Samuel," born September 1. 17S7, in Goociiland count}-, Virginia, v.ti? 

mairied IJcct-niber 23, 1S07, to Xancy Il.i.rrii .\!lcn. It is net knonii 
■whether this marriage took place in A'irginia or in Kentticky, as it wa? 
about tliis time thai, his iathcr, v.-ith entire fan;iiy, k.-i't \'i''giuic<, a^tl 
settled in Hopkins county, K'jn:uck\-. 

Tiierc vcas a WiiJiam Alien and rtife, Frances, -ivho hiad a soti Thojiu-.s 
Allen, horn May 14, 1757, and was married February, 1757, to ^^larv 
joiictl, daughter of I\I;<r\- and John Mourning Jouett. She was b(;rn 
Juiii. i-i, 1765. Tliif Thor.';.is .Allun ar-d Mary Jr.'ie't hnd a daugiiier. 
Xancy Harris Allen, born December 1-1, 17S9, and >vas married December 
23. IS07, to 579-Samuel Woodson' as above staled. 

IV SSO Spotswood," born 1789. 
\' 581 Ivialthev.',' born 1 790. 

\'I 5S2 Dat:ieI,Mjurn 1793. 

Vn 58.^ FHz.'ibcth,- bor.i 1795. 

\"III 5S-i Mari.i,' ^ .j n iT97. 

IV SSS Sally Fountaiu, ■ \r.:r-i 17oo. 

X 5S6 Tabitha," l>orn 1^01. 

Issrc of 2 58 JA.COB Vr-OODSON^ (Rev ^i^uhr,v,•' Siephon,-" Joiiii.' Ro'-!l.= John') 
;uid Dolly Pcti-f. 

1 * 587 Virginia," ]■>•:.! ;il".)ut 5 79-' in CniochKiiici c-jiiiiLV, X'irgiiria. Yicr pr.'-enls 
moved xo Kci;li;cky in 1796, taking iliis l'a';i\- with Iicrc fho was 
reared and educaied, and wai married J.iiir;ar\' 23, 1312, to R;;\'. l^^a;^c 
Chap': I no. 

li 5SS Nancy,' iiorn 1797, probably ii' Mercer county, Kentucki'. Her parents 

, liad been' li%'iiig in Faxolte cuiuny, but in Jau'.iary, 17v'7, k-a^ed 70G acre:- 
in ivicrccr and took ;.os?e>siou .-onie time diirir.!:; tne year, pt-obabiy before 
this ciiild was bora. 

ill 589 Joseph Addison,' born aJiout ISOO in Mercer eot'.Uy, Kentucky. 

IV * 590 Trances B.,' born June 2, 1S03, in Mercer connty, Kentiicky, wltcre she 
was reared and cducatecL She wa-.- a \ery beaiuifu! and atiracti\-e v.on.a:i, 
with brown e>-es and ciark curly liair. Sh- veas rnarvicd early in 1822 to 
Joseph B. Roach, son of Littiebcrry Roach, viio was a soldier in tiie Revo- 
lutionary army. After ilie war was o\ er Littiebsrry Roach mo\ed from 
Culpepper county, X'irginia, and settled at Viney Grure in ?\Icrcer county, 
Kentuck>-. Here his -on, Joseph B. Roach, v.'as born, probably about the 
year 1800, and was married in 1822 to 590 Frances B. Woodson.' They 
settled on a farm a few miles f.'-on-'. Harrodsburg. Their happy •.\cddcd 
life was of short duration. She died May 19, lS2i , survl >-cd by her husbo.nd 
and two >oung cliildren. About t-.eo y^ars later lie niarried to her 
youngest ^i;*er, 591 Lc V'iilian,- and slie only lived about cne year. 

V 591 Eliza LeVillian,' born 1S05 in Mercer county, Kentucky, v.-as mairied 
abotio 1S30 to her deceased sister's widowed husband, Joseph B. Roach, 
bui only Ii\-ed a'ooat onL year and d'Ci j'jne 29, 1851 . Xo issue. 

Issue ol 25& PHILIP V/OODSOK- (Rev. Matlhc.v,"' Stephen,' John,' Robert," John=) 
and 2!S Sarah Woodson/' 

I * 592 Philip/ born April 26, 1791, in Goochland county, Virginia, a few year^ 
before his parents moved to Hanover county. When he was a mere youtii 
he went to Richmond for the purpose of learning the printer's trade, and 
found employment with one of the newspapers of the city. He stijck to 
the business several years and decided to go to Kentucky, iis many of his 
kin. people had already r;one to that state and sent back elov.-ing account^ 
Ol it. In the year 1S15 he went to VVocdford county, Kentucky, and tlicre 


1 C ! 

n.ot his proay yoi!:^- c-iiv;:: '6" Mr.ry Rnirv.' datijihter of liiri aim' 2i!) 
Mnrtha (\\ooci-ui;i Rjiiey.'" It ir u:.- :„=nic uhl stoiy ha;, boon i;j- 
poati-'.i ijiiice time wa-; >-:>ai:,v. aiio ^vH; cc:raaue lo bu repealed ti!l 'iaie 
grows old. Th^y wxri; iu.irric.! in iSl''i a;,'! had on.- year of pure lian:):ii, : ; 
niclcd o;u u) ihcm. In iSir their only child, Abiry, \^•a^ I'orn; liie yoiinc; 
i:\Mih.M- dice!, 'idie di^cvn:-<ii.u- f.uiiv-r iviiudnod in V.-i>aiUc> antil I^^Ja 
whvn iie \^■cnl t.^ Ihuur-villv, A!a..ania, :r.hl luimdcd ilio " rhim^villo D^incj- 
c-rat," a m-w?p,.!por which ho owned and edited for thirty-ihrcc year-. 
Auer ?ome jrears i;e brvuighi id-; Htuc dau-hrer to ] Il!nl^\■i!!e and had htr 
educated in one of vile .-cliuols for wliicli tliai ciiy 'las long b^/cn 
fatiioas. Here lie .--pent tlie rcniaiiuler of !;is life and died .\i!:;Uit ■] . KSnO. 
The following- funeral notice and editorial ul>iiiiary M-rilten by !I(>n. J. 
Vv'ithers Clay, ii taken from tiie Ilun(s\ille Democrat of Aeguit 6, 1S09: 

'•l^t•;^-£KAI. XoTicr.— Tlu- funeral of the laie Tliilip Woodson will take 
place in tiie Churcii of the Xaiiviry iomnrrn-.\ evening a; 5}4 o'clock. Hi;- 
iriends and acquaintai-.ces and llio^c of the family are invited to attend." 

DEATH Ok PHILIi^ \V0(31).S0:-: 
(.Angit-t 4, ]S()').) 

"It becomes otir sad dnty to announce the deatli of Pi->iiip Woodson, 
the orii^inal editor of the Hunt^^•iile Democrat, aecd 7S years, 6 months and 
9 days. 

"A fcv.- v.ecks ago he walked to town f'-oin his jiome, a distance of t\vo 
miles, and back. His healtli was as perfect, his mind as vigorous, and his 
.step as elastic as tlie} v.-ere fifteen years ago. About two v»eeks ago he was 
attacked wiili paralysis, and though sometimes speaking intelligibly atui 
pleasantly, his utterance was difficult. He gradually ;.ank and at 6 p. n,., 
August •), 1869, e.YpireLl. 

"Air. Vs'oodson was born in Goocldand count\\ '\'ir,<iiiia, .-\pril 26, 
l/'.'I, learned the printer's trade in FUchmond and mo\-ed to Versailies, 
Kentucky, in 1815, was married tnere i:i 1S16 and his wife died in INIay, 
ISJ?. He then remo\cd to JiuntsviHe, Alabama. On October S, J8?-!, 
he issued tl;e first Huntsvii'e Democrat, as promoter and publisher, arifl 
continued it tintil October 28, 18.^6, when the present proprietci bought it, 
and Mr. \\"oodson retired to his farm and has engaged in at,ricuk. ural 
].'-jr;uits ever since. 

"Mr. \\'ood-^on was a den-.ocrat of tlieStaies' Righl>Sti;ooi, and ad'_'pt- 
td as the motto of his paper: ' l"nav/ed Ijv inllucnce of the ricli or the great, 
the people must be heard and their rights vindicated.' 

"To the maintenance of democratic [irinciples, under the Const iltitioti, 
strictly comnutted according to the democratic statesmen of \'irginia. and 
the resolution of Kentucky and X'irginia in 1798-99, he devoted his life as 
journalist with a constancy, integrity, discretion, fidelity, and zeal, seldom 
equaled, never surpassed. 

"He wao a man of singislar simplicity a-.d regularity of habits; of great 
aitiiability; of il'c strictest business integrity; ci exceeding generosity: 

frar.k, 1; .-ricsc .uid ^;iu■erl•. \\'o .-ii.ill c\'ci" !;rr,v .' hi,-- iv.nuory and Cinn'i-l'i ;i 
roc<)l!i I'l •..'■11 ot his numv vir'u.:-. " 

ilr v,;s luiricti in ihc i''. a\c\cry ai 1 hi;i:;-\ ''.Ir, Alalwraa. 

II. 50o Pauliir," I'orn Ja'^• 7, 1 7'>.^ in r.tiocl.I.Mv! r',>U!!iy. X'ifgi!;!;!. A few years 
laicr i;. r tirironis niuvcd to H.iP'^\-,t c<);-,;\.y. where ^riC \vas reared. S!-e 
w a.-; niarricci Oot<?I)er !<;. IS16. to \v:v ciHi-ii; ;i67 Maahov \\'oodso!i," \\\\o 
dird Ja!>- 9, jSJji. She roni,-.iir,ed \r. \ar-ini-: iiUcui f<'iir \-oars. and in ]FM 
ir,u\'ci! lo W e^L 'I'eiiiiesset- \\ith her ihice si."\ ix'liig ciiiid.en, her \xninc'esc 
bre'i'ncr, (•'*(» ALathev.-. a!i liieir .--la\c-' .mh\ >:ii-Ii pi •s;-e.-?ioiis as could 
bo ■ranspiMicd. Siu- ■■uii;;hi land jk ,ir IIi;:k..>r}- W'yi'.e ii.i Fa>er.te cuiniiy, 
about tweiuy miles east of Moinpiiis. Hr-rc slie sihtiI ilie vest of her life 
aiid iVii'A] N'lveinber 9, 1S60, ar.d 1= burie.l in hor Iraiiily l)i!i"sang grciuid 
near v.^M Mickor\- Wyihe. B\- the \(iung -r people sl-e was affeciionateK- 
called "GraiMima Liii\-." (For issue see 5C7 Matthew Woodson.^) 

III E9i T.'irle'^n,' borr. 1796 iit Goochlar.d- went with the fan->ily to tbc'r new home 

Oft Ail'^p.'s L'reeic, in. Ilar.o'.er cin.i:it\-, where he v.-as reared and educated. 
-He located in CharlottesN'ille in. I'rirce Edvard eoun:\-, and laitghl sch-:^oi 
there for some year;,, studied la^.v arid practiced in Prince Edwarti county 
unii! hi> health failed wlicn he wi-nt back to the old home in Hancvor r.nd 
died tluTe. He ne\'er married. 

IV 595 Thoirias," liorn 170S at Al'en's Greek, in l!:M!f)\er C(ni)ir>-. He was twk:e 

married ; first . in Hanover but the name of ids w ifc is not known. He sold 
his farm and went to (."harlottcsville where he e-ngatjed in teaching school. 
While Ii\ant; in Charlottesville, he was married, second, to ?diss Ckirrissa 

V * Sy6 Jacob L.,' born about 1S01 at .-Mien's Creek, in Hanover county, was 
married about 1822 to his coii~in 612 Fllizarjeth Brown,' daughter of 265 
Tabitha Wood-on'" and John Brown. It is believed th;it he served in the 
Me.\ii ari War. though no record of hi:- service iias been found. During the 
latter part of his lile he !;\ed in ii:e city of Riciimond where he owned a 
comfortable home. He was a mari of considerable niean?, owned a good 
nian\- sla%'es and was successful in business. After tiie Civil War w.^s over, 
conditions were sadly changed. He then engaged in the livery bi;sine.-s, 
which was kept up until the time of liis de:'th. He die<i at his home, il 
West Bnmd Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

\'I 597 Judit'-.,' born about ]Sf^3 in Hano\-er count\-. When she Was jast budding 
into young womanhood, she was thrown from a btiggy b\' a runaway horse, 
and her neck was broken, killing her instanth'. 

VI I 598 Eliza," born aljoui l'^C5 in county, was married to Mr. Abbott. 

VI I i 599 Martha Ann,' born aliout 1807 in county. Wlicn about. gro-,\n 

siie v.a, to have b en married to Rc\-. M'. Hcnrlrj.;, - Presuyterlnn 
minister. (In tlie da.y <et f o - the Nvedding, one of he con'panions made 

;: o-:\i:K.\-i;i^x 

sonic !;!:!icroL!^ !\;i:.ii-i:, .;: '.vl;i:ii .iio i.i;j^i;cJ i.nnujclcravolv, iva;;.";;;: a 
rupture of .1 !'!..oJ \i.'^^v!, wlikt! r..>;-!!v.; i-; irt-i^dviT Jeaih. 

600 ?.Ianhev.-," l..-,in ;i"-ii.;i l^l'.' ai A'. on';, r'rrok. i:> !!>in;.\vr;\-.-\'i!i,i-!:.i, 
V. lui\' 'i\v ;^iv>v io \\n;i'.iV lUr.iih. -•.':!. Jii ': >.^2 lie v."o::; vilh his sin-tM- ,^'',- 
Pauliii.;, .uv.! iior ;hn:e t:i;ik!ii-ii U: W'-^i l"v:!ac;se<\ b'nipjhv land i;; F;;\\i:i; 
conniy ;uut sotiUv! itusv, H^ v,\w iiiarricd April i'% 1S39 10 ; 'k- wi.! jv.- 

^ir^. M.viic!!.: J. K..0I1. (lai;,:.!uor 01 Ricn'i-.-d Lc-ke. \Vh<-n ii..^ v.i.- 

cam.: on lK-t\vcci\ ;hc "raitrd S;:ius un-l ?\Iexi.-('. iu- iv.o:n[:.i!y v .Jun..:'. ! .o.; 
;ni(! uuislered inio sLr\:co .it <i!;l !!'oVor\ WAt'iO. en Juiic l.^ iCAG. 
(Set' the f.jU'jwiiii^ siatcnKiii fi'o;;. un.-'v\';)r iVpariinc!!', . d.'io.! janua: ^- i". 


TiiK Ai'ju: ant-Gkxkral's Oi-txe 

Ja!)uary !7, HJl. 

IIox. James Hay, 

House of Rcprc?.:nLa■!i^ cs. 

Referring to your letter of \-e;;terJa\', icc','l\-eil to-da>-, .■.UIi \\ii. h 
you incloi-c a iticmoranduin relati\t' to t';c ^er^-ic.-- in tli'i Me.xiran .'-...r of 
iNlatthew Woodson a;td Jacob L. Wood-.-on., the fornior of vhc'ri is^aid lo 
ha\-c .'^er\-ed in Captain Lcnow'.s Company, Jst T.-Tiiicfsce ->Iou>!ifcl In. 
faiitry, ar.d the latter in ?onic \'irj;iu!a orj;anizatio!i, y-.-siljly from Ma-tover 
coiiuiy .md in resi:>on~'_- to your request for t'ne irdl!'.a.r>- record of vlv.s-.: 
iticn I liaw the iioiinr te inform x^oii ai- ru!io\."t: 

The.-e recorfi-- show that cnre 2\Iati:hev.' Woodson was enrC'Ued I'lac 9, 
lS4Ci. at Hickory Wythe, and was mustered intc; ser-cicc June ll"-, ' S-U- .rs 
second Lieutenant of Captain Lenov.-'s ConiperiS-, 1st Regi.nen: Ten iU. .'■;;•€ 
Mounted \'oIunteers, sub.-equcp.tiy dcrienated Lacy"s Coir.nany (A?, ist 
Rejdment Tennessee r'Joiinred infantry, Alexican war, and th.'^t iv? ".■■''S 
mustered out with the ('oiT;panv as seccTC Lie'.; May 51, IS-!', at 
Ivev." C'r'eans. with t'.ic remark "Appointed As^t. Conv.ii::>ary ■..•■a ihe iC:;: 
June by Genl. L. H. Car, Acting Coniniissary up to ih-is day." 

The name Jacob L. Woodsc^n has not been found on t'.ie rojis, ( n i-!:-. 
in this office, of any organization of \'ii-ginia tr(\-)p.; in ser-.-iVe durinj; the 
vcar ■•;:ith Mexic-;. \'cry respectful!;.-, 

The Adivtan't GEXEKAf,. 

Wlien the war was o\-cr he returried home with his h.esUh so inrahtd 
by exposure and h.ardships. that lie ne\er reco\'ered from iv. He diefl 
September 7, i.S47, at his home near Hickory Wythe, Fayette county, 
Tennessee. bur\-i\-ed by his v,id<n\ and two cuildren.^ . 

The foUtiwirii^ obituary, vriiten by his father-JTi-Uiw, Richard 

Leake; aiul the- ac.ion i>y his. sarviJuj^ comrades of the AJexicfir;, 
f>et ioriii biicfly c-Am: ji the ch;ira.':teri'...iic3 cl i'ais noble m;tn. 

161 i;li; '\\"00!)S(^NS \>H 1 H 

"Mallh.o^v \>'ood (I'l. tiiu >ii''j(.\i. oi the iViiu-.x ing oliiraary. ->vas h:'rn 
in Go'iclihuid count\', \ irginia, hiu pl- iie! ':. a-.;- ov.niiii\ of H,iiio\x-r. lie 
cinicrj.tC'c! to iV.o Wc.-Uri) Du)ri.?l i>!' l'c-:\ur:><Qr in the v.iiUcT of !S3J, 
removed n> Iiuiii-\-ii!r-, AlalKniia, in ]x,vS, where- lie remained a \ear or two 
and ivitiracd to TciU'.csscc. lie -.ea,- niariied April 16, 183'J, to Mrs. 
Mariella J. Ka.-l: (iilc i.eako). and .-.eitlcd in ra\-eite county, Tennt.s>ee. 
Here lio remained, helovcd and e>reerietl l'\- all who knew liini. Thc'SC 
who !:ne\v him hc?t. loved l^ini ino;:i He was one <;f tliose noMe spiril.s 
who obeyed the first cadi of hi? country for \-oUinicer; for rlat war wills 
Mexico in 1S46. 'Midst pri'.-alion.- .md hiardshi|-)S' — the iialtiraJ conse- 
quences of war — he 5er\'i-d Ids crM;i!ir\' dining a canipaii;n <.)f iweh'e inoriths, 
with jreat zeal and wiiliout a miirnrj;, ihoiigh .'^iiiTering a great deal from 
il! health during the whole canipai:<n. His disease (chronic diarrha-a) wa;-. 
so severe at discharge froivi tiie ser\-ic?, that his life was despaired of, 
wdiile crossing: th.e Cult of Mexico to Xew Orleans. Howc\-er he was enabled 
to reach liornc, wliere I'lc untiring ar.d diligent at!:er:tions of an affectionate 
wife, his ph_\"sieian, and numerons friends, was !?o lar blessed by a kind 
ProN'idence, that licalth impro\-e!l so much tliat he was able to ride 
.several miles on horseiiack, and fond hopes were entertained of an entiie 
recovery of health. Htit alas! deaili liad marked him for his prey, and our 
fond l^npcs were sticceeded by despair. About thtee weeks before his 
cieatii, liis health fici^an to decline rapidly. He then resigned himself as 
the ^"ictim of speedy death. He spoke of his approaching dissolution with 
the caloness and composure characteristic of the tine Christian. He said 
there was but one tie that bound him to this VvX-rld; iliat was his l;e!oved 
wife and two small cliildren. He spent much of his time in prayer arid 
communion with his Heave.nlv Father, and became perfectly lesi^^ned to 
His will. 

For se\"eral days before his dearh he seemed to enjo;,' all that happiness 
v.dth wdiich the absence of fear and alarm, and ilic certaiii knowledge of 
his entii'e accep'ance with Cod cotild inspire. To his wife, siandinc near 
him, he said, "Ella, I !o\'e you ver\- dearly, but I must leave you. Grieve 
not for me, 1 shall be happ\'." 

1 ha\-e been thus minute in the particulars of his death, for the benelVi. 
of his nrmerous friends and relations, li\dng in seceral States, who will be 
interested to knovv' them. I ha\'e been acquainted v.dth him for fifteen 
years, and his constant companion for three months, and truly can it be 
said of him, that he was a gentleman and a Christian, and entitled to what- 
e\'er these appellations can mean. 'Blessed arc th.e dead that die in the 
Lord; yea, saith the Spirit, for the}' rest from their labors and their works 
do follow them.' Ricii.ard Lf..-\ke." 

— From the Nashville Christian Advocate. 

At a meeting of the returned \-oiuM<eers, held at llie office of R. ?>I. 
Aiiderson, in the diy of Memphis, on motion of James B. Smith, t'r. H. R. 
Robards was called to tiie ciiair, and William A.Mcll appointed secretary 

Tliv- chairnipi; t Np!,^i!".(! ,i'0 Mi-eo' ■;;' ih-j rnooii'i^, ami apjuiinu-d J. 1?. 
Smi:!;, R. >.l. Aii^'iL-r-M' ar.d Jwr.;i W. ] ;.;';!ia\\ay a comniiUco to drafi . 
{MX';iir.l)le ar.d rcsoiiuiijiir, Tiio\ ;\;-ortLii liic ioliov.-in^;' which was un.iiii- 

WluTcas, iiifor;;iaiiwn has ! r.^-ly loachod u^. I'iat our friora! i^vd f(-!l',)\v 
.'oldic;-, I.ic'.ii. ^i,^.llJO\v \\\:^■']:■:^. >:\ '.he T-.-iiiii -.sec Cavr.lry, doparivd 
tills life on Jhe 7;n ill'..; a:ni v ■.(.■ii.-a:.. in (.•.■usideraiicii of his r.iaiiy virtue.-. 
kind and gentlemanly depiTiiuen!. his uolito, j;allani and puuiouc o.\cni-Mi.- 
to foivc his \- iii ihe ariit:v)U.~, bh.'o<:ly aiul onct nieniorabie i\\c!\o 
iuoihIk-- cani[.\ii^!i in wliich t!u- d''-ease ol' wh.icii he dietl, was co^ilracuxi, 
tlicrefore be ii 

Resc>!ved, that wc deeply ai'.ci sincerely sympalhize wivh his lairaly 
under this sad dispcnsalion of Pro\'idenre. 

Kct(,l\'e(.!, that tlie ci;y yi.-.jicrs be re^jues'.Ad lo cop\' the p.'ocecdings 
of this nipeting, and that the .^\' forward a copy lo the \vi<low of lliC 

On motion the meci ing adiou.rned. 

H. B. Ro!;.\RDS. Chairman. 
\Vm. 11. .A.XTICLL, Secretary. 

Memphis Tear.., Oct. 13. )S17. 

■ — From the Men'phis Enni'.'rer. 

Isivo of 26'C DA:;IEL WOODSO^'f (Rev. Malihe'.\-/ Stephen/ Joiin,-' Robertr Jo'-.n') 
and Xancy Galhrij^i.i. 
I 601 Marshall.' 

This lamih- lived and died, in Virginia. If diere were aiiy other 
rhiiJren, nothinc; is knuwii of them. 

Iss::e of £82 THOIvTAS WOODSON« (Rev. >daithev,-/ Siephcn/ John," Robert,' John') 
and Sarah Saunders. 

) * C02 Robert Saunders," born November 26, 1796. at Dover in Goochlarid counvy, 
V'irginia, went with his fa\her':^ family in iSO-i to Hart county, ICentucky, 
v^'here l;c v.-as reared and educated. He vca5> married in lilO 1-- Hulda 
Ann Lewis Young, who ^\as born January 1-1, 1S0i, and died Septembor 
U, ISSS. He died September 9, 1839, at his home in Kentucky. 

n * 603 Mary LeViliian," born about 179S at Dover, Virginia, went v.'lh the family 
in 1S04 to Hart county, Kentucky, and was reared at Woodsonviile. Here 
she was married about 1817 to Mr. Willbergcr. 

! 1 1 604 Elizabeth LeViliian," born August 5, ISOl , at Dover, Virginia, ar.d died young. 

IV * 605 Harriet,' bora August 1,1803, at Dover, Virginia. The ne.xt year— 1304— 
she went wi<h the family to Hart county, Kentucky, v^diere her 
founded the town of \Voodsonv;"e. Here she was reared and cducat.:;d, 
and married piobal;)!y about 1><2.'? to Sinclair Gar\in. 

106 TUK woo\'>':'\--< .'■.yi-> riiF.iR ODWi-crii'-N^ 

V * 606 j'f;bi;rij" born Scpicn.bor 13, I.-nH^, ii» W(Xni.~.-.:' i!'.-, ivciitiicky, and died 

VI * 007 Thomas, Jr.," i orn jul\ 2. !:=()'■, -n \Voo.!.:o:>\ -Uc, Koiuiicky, wlicro he -v:^ 
rc.ML'J. lie was v.-!i'CMi<-.i ;■.• l\i'-,\i'!c, He-.'' v:-.-k>-, Pludictl mcdici.'^c h«>. 
no\cr ] ii .icticcci. lu' nvirrifil Mjic'.' o, 1^-.-6 lo i'!ii7,al)c'h Ami C Lirkfoi!. 
Tlioy irnu;i'.i':-(] ii: ICciUucky r-cir..- four yc-i'is aiid in 1S40 ii-iO\"cd lo Mi::'- 
soi:i'; mid jc. tied in J.irkson cour.ty, wlicrc iic eng.^ in bn?iness and was 
quite ptMsjicrfnis. 

VII COS Edwin," lu;rn Novcnibcr 8, 1809, in \Voods(..nvil!e, Kentucky, and died 

\'iri C09 Volney,' Inrn March 21, 1S12, in V\'oodf=onvil'e, Kcniucky, and died young. 

IX '^" 610 A:nnony Lc.Vi!!i£.i;," born Augusr IT, 1814, in Wcodr-jnville, Iscnturk}-. 
Ho v\''i?= ^ivon a hr.i-l'.ed education and v.a? ra;.rr:ed in January, 1844, to his 
second cousin 1170 Eliza Belle C'laplinc,^ a gr.inddaugiucr of 258 Jacob 
Woodson* and D^ily Fcers. 

X 6il Jvlian,' liorn Ikceniber 23. 1817, in '\Vood;^on\-illc, Kcnli'cky, and died 

Ir.sue of ZBB TAinXHA VV00DS0:N« (Rev. Aiattlu-w.^ Stei'ion.-^ John,M^c>bert,= John') 
and Jo'iMi Brown. 

! nJ2 Elizabeth Brov/n/ born about 1S02, probably ir IIaro\cr county, '\"irginia, 

was married about 1S22 to her llrit cousin 596 Ja; ob L. Vroodson.' They 
probrbiy li\cd sfmie years in Hanox^er county, but sub.-equenily moved to 
the city of Richmond, bought a home at No. -1, V-.'cst Broad Street, where 
they .^pent the rest of ilioir :i\es. 

(For issue see 596 Jacob L. V.Vodson.') 

Issue of 2BS STEPHEN WOODSOr:" (Stephen,-' Stephen," John,- Rob.:ri,= John'} and 
Alary liolnian. 

I "" CI.-< JoFepb Royall/ born 1781 at Cumberland Courthouse, in Cumber'ar.d 
county, Mrginia, rerei\i-d !u; (.ducatiori ii! 'he ;>chovjl5 of the county. lie 
W15 iiiarried three time.-; first about 1 802 to Miss Msry Holman ; second, to itis 
cousin of the 7th remove, 840 Miranda Woodson,' daughter of 422 Tscharnci 

Woodson*" and wife, Michaiix. 

He was married, third, to Mrs. America Hopkins, widow of RoVjori 
Flopkins. Iler maiden name was Anderson. .She was an aunt of Ma^o'- 
Anderson, who was in command of Fort Surriter, and surrendered to the Con- 
federate forces at Charleston, South Carolina, .-\nril, 1S61. 

II * 614 TToi'vy,' born 1783 at Cumberland Courthouse; va^ raarricd to Mi.-s Coleman 
(or Daniel). 

■:t:[ niiXKKATir-x 167 

He lived !)iit a yc::i or sc a:ui o', •!, Isavl-:^ oniv one dau-jhier. IIU 
\vi>!o\v i,i.iirioda Mr. 1^:<]-,;,' l.y li.- yoihifrcr n;o)iibers cii the f.-mily 
vas aUfCUciiiaif !>• cal'od "Ann! I'.'ii'- F;i-i'i,i.'' 

1:1 015 Stephen Tarleton," ii..!i> :x\,:n:[ 17^5 al Cuaiberland Courthou-t-, noxcr raar- 
ricij and <.i;t.-i.i \u caiiy ]:vji\',i<y.^{:. 

W " (316 Juc'iUi," born <,b.val 1 7S7 ai rinr.boibuul Coi;rilioiuc, was tu -.i-.-ivcI, ',;-.-o!>- 
ably a.b'out lSl>7 lo F<3Uiu!croy AUoii, and sealed in Pit!iy'i\-,.raa cou.-ily. 

Issue of 273 JOHN VOODSOI^-: ijusepii/ )o:.>.\.h,' Robert,' Robing John') an=] wife, 
^\!i(l;-c luiiiic is ni.'i I-'iiown. 

i 017 Judith,'' born a.ijout 17o9, tv.ciuy iniles iic:-.ii Rirlinir.!!..!, \"iri;ii:ia, \va< :.m:\-- 

ricd to a Mr. Ballinger, and sprnt most of her weddied life in PclL-rsIrar;;, 
^'!^gi:■lia, where she livetl to be a very old !ad\-. 

IJ * 618 Stepboa," born about 1771, twenl^• miles lv,.m Rithincnd, Vir.'Jnla. 
When lie attained the aye of marJ-.ood ite settU-d jarraanently in Goochland 
county, where he appears to ha\c ipei.t all his lite. He was twice married; 
first, to Sallv C'rourh. The name of lii:, second wife is v.oi known. There 
was no issue by her. .After the dea.ih of his Thomas'.s wife, he 
took ihcir two crplian girls V2:-2 Eliza and 1251 J.L.ry Ann. to his home 
and reared them as tenderly as if tltey had been his own child ■ v.u. He was a 
man of high character, quite wealthy, owned a great deal of land and 
many slax'es; and was noted f!..r his de\-otion to and adrrdratio-.i of his v, ife. 

Ill '■' 610 Thomas," born May 27, 177-1, on his failier's larm, twentv mile.- from Rich- 
mond, X'irginia. He inherited, and uiher\>i--e acr;uirrd large rracts of land 
in Goochian.d counl)- \chere he sfitlcd perniancralw He married 
three time^: firbt. about lt.00, to his tirst cousin 631 i-dizabeih Redford,' 
who was the jnothe: of all ids children. She was born 1778 in flenrico 
couni}- and died April II, ISbS, at the birii-, of Jier son. 1 ?=i3 JL-hn ')'lv)mi.s. ' 
Her husband was married, second, to a widow, .Airs. R.ei'd. V'-h-.i :.;a\< a 
motlierb care and kindness to ih.e infant boy, but bved onl,,' a b,w ye,j-. 
After her death and when he v.-as sixty years old or more, he v.-as rutrried, 
third, to a widow, Mrs. Elh^aljeth Pledge, whose maiden name is belie\-ed 
to ha- l: licon bili;;':bcth V\'opdsor.. 'J^o the last tv."o m.arrbiges the'-e wa-; 
no issue. Upon t!ie death of his first wife, his brother, 018 Stephen 
Woodson,' took the two you.'-'ger daughters, 12.52 Eliza and j251 Tsbiry 
Am to his iwa liome and rearcrl thf ni. 

619 'J'homas W(>odsoh' v.-as a iiian of spleinlid jiltysique, "^ix fict tv,-o 
inrlies in height. He owned nearly all the land known as liie "'Woiydson 
Gram," which 'xtLiidcd aloiig Jaines Ri\er fn;m Wood^on^' Ferry to 
".^L^iden's \'e;iture," a di.^tance of nearbc thiri\ miles. He owned a 
great many s!a\-es to whom he wa.s \er>- knii!'i; ; ^n much so, indeed, that 
the% proN'ed to be rather a source cf exi-euse than jjrotit. He uas a n.-an 
of'./us imini'ses, and has h.:(i;;,e was tiie home of hospitah't\'. H'e 

1 68 

• i AND Ti:i;iK ( !iN\;;cr; 

entertained -c-jn-i n-imsicr. of cvfry dc;n'>r:\nM\nn. OLl Ri^NopKariy . 
of \-iri;inia, vas p:un a ^v^•!,, ,.„;,> v;ucst at Ills house. He hulli a chu:rl; 
111 h,< grove ^v^(.r,• all .lenMriii;..; ^ons -verc free U> lu.Ki divire 5,erv;ee^ 
Scvtia! of h\< dm-^:.ter5 L.-eaine wiJo^vs early in ]l'^. ami 1,,.- pr.n-ido.! 
liberally for liicm ::n.! liicir el;iiui.n. In cou-entier-e of the many Je:naiui> 
iino!! him, and hk of r-iii:w^s in the nianapeinenl of Ii)= .'•tlairs. the 
estate !>ecamc ^o nnuh impoverished ilial he sohi to Mr. Pka.^ant.-- a fine 
tract called "Goi<i. n Me.a.iow;" and th.en an.,;l,cr tract called "Red 
Oaks," and ?o on utwil the i^reiter poriion of his princelv estate %\-as 
disno?.d of. He died MarrlK 1817, in the seveniy-third year of his a-e. 
By all who knev liirn he was re^p•,•cied and iionortd in life, and iamenit:d 
in death. Tht fact that Iiis name is nor mentioned in the anicl.- pubiished 
in the Richmond Standard in IS^O, has been con-nented on by liis de- 
scendants. This eirciimsiance is evplciined by his granddauglnerMiss M. 
Louise Woodson. She says that the compiler of the article. Mr. R. A. 
Brock, who is a kinsman of hers on the maternal side, v^ rote n^a:.\- lette.'s of 
inquiry, seeking data coneernlnu iliis Thomas Woudson and hi-, Jer.cenda;u;> 
as well as lus antecedents. I'nforuinately, all ihuse inqiiirii-^ ^^^.■i•e m.- 
answered; not from lack of intere-t, perhaps, bin from inexcusable eart.- 
lossness or procrastination, ll^jncc the article in tlie Standard contained 
no reference to 619 Thomas Woodson.' Those v. ho possessed the coveted 
information are dead; and now the descendants of this line old gentleman 
will have to C(;ntent themselves wi;h the above rne.agre information which 
has been supplied by his granddai.'ghter, IMi'^s M. Louise \\oodson' of 
/Uitioch, \'irginia. She says he once owned the "Sampson farm" as ii is 
now called; so he must have inherited it from his father. He left no will, 
being somewliat superstitious on tl;e subject of "last wills and te-.tamer.ts."' 
While he was yet living, he divided most of his projieny among his children. 
After his death, his son, 1 24S Leander Woodson, « administered on the 
remainder of the estate. 

Issue of 2 74 JOSEPH V/OODSON,"' -of Geniroe" (Joseph, = Joseph,^ Rcb-ert,' Robert, " 
John'-; and .Mildred Kedford. 

I * 620 Vv^illiam,' born 1771 in Goochland county, Virginia, wa.-, married November, 
1795, to his cousin, 630 ^Lildred Redford niece and probably a namesake 
of his mother, and a dantrh'er of his aun; 278 Su'^annah \\'oo';s':)n'= ?^.'\ 
Penin Redford. He ant] his young wife settled on a farm in GoochlarRi. 
where she died, survived by her husband, four sons and three daughter.-. 
He was married, second, in 1S20 lo Nancy Pledge of Goochland, by'^ 
he hail three sons. Me was a successful fa.rmer, acquired a good dcai of 
land and ownerl inariV sla\es. 


621 Miluer,' born about 1773 in Ciooch'and county, where he spent hi? enti.'-e 
life. He was married but the name of his wife is not known He died 
on his farm in Gor.chland leaving his v. idow and two chi'dren. 


ly of r: 

's ; 


inna Woods 


, and 



,1 V 


or J 

11 April 


. 17 





,1 ^o 


. I 


















a ]w:v 















odford. I'.ol Eii/abeU; Rrdford, 
e, lived aud died in Kiolmi'iiu', 

died in Mam Iie'-.tcr. V,,.. leav- 

uiV.e below Pdcl.iiiOr.d, Va.; 
^^c^ved in the wai' of 1S12 and was married to Elizabeth Bent, who w?a borti 
in Albe'niai'le couniy, Va. Tboy moved to Shelbyvillo, Ky., wliere they both 
liiod. They li,.d eight childr-?!!, one of whom wus }{cv. Albert H. Rodiordi?, 
auihor aud .Mini^ti;;- in the M. V. Charch south, vvho was iriari-iid. firbt to 
Mildred Goslcf by whom he had oikj son — Retijakin C. Rcdford;' who married 
Sara Rt'dy of Hei:derson, Ky. Tliey had a dangiiter, Margaret Redford. who 
ws'j c>vico uiarritd: first, to V.'. M. Xo.-:l, and second, to Kdward S. Ready, 
president of the Xew South Oil Co. They now reside in thr-ir pretty home 
on lieech Street in Helena. Aik. 

*'';0 Mildred Redford, born .lune '?., ITS.i; was mai'ried to V.r. Tiirjdn and 
settled in liowling Green, Ky. 
Ont Richanl Redford, born Oetober T, ITfi.,. 
—Sara Redford. Ijnrn April 20, 17:<S. 
-Caroline Redford. 

C.'?:; Frankie Tyler Bedford, ):orn l''ebrnary L'-i, liO". was married "November 
II. 1S21, to her eoiisin, Fre,!.;rirk Woodson. iFa-nilv Cibh; record an tiven 
by Yn. !.'. f:. Re.idy.) 

III * 622 Robert,' born .ibout 1 7:5 in r-jH-liiand, -.ui-i,: ! ;ip..,l ^fllle<i in t!ie cily of 

RirhnKHu!. \"iryiiiia. wlior.; lu' ov.-.igi'd i:^ bL.-^iii-.-:-,. ll \v;;;, hire tliai iii.-> 
t'nrfe c'liidren v.eri- luirii. I'.e died al'O'.r. !S'j!. 

IV 02^ •Tlizabetli," bui ■! dboiiv 177; aru! Jicd yui-..^. 
V 624 Edward,' I'vvu abt.-ut 1779 ;:nd died yount;. 

\'i (i2S George," born about !78;. lived In Goocl^.la-wi county and died a b.-jchflor. 

VM 626 Joseph,' boni in Goochland co'.miy, Virginia. }ic lived and probabb/ died 

in or near Richmond, Virginia, lie was married to IMiss .\ddi5Gn. 

\'III * 627 Sr.rah." born about 1780 ir. Cioorhlarni ronnty. \'iri;inia, ■^•af. married, 
I)rol,ab'!y al.ioai 1803, lo lier coii.-in CM Richard Retllord.' 

IX 628 Mildred," Ix-.m about 178S isi Goucldand, cjunty, wli.-re ^he \\as married, 
H\'ed and died. The name oi" hus!;andi b.a^. not b.ecn ascei'tained. 

X * 620 Frederick,' ! urn Jamiar>- 30, 1790, in Goocidand county. Virginia, where 
he n\etl to be and \vas married, tirst, to Miss rdi>;ab;eih I^arsoas, 
who u\ed but a short time and died childless. Me wa.s niarried, second, 
on Xovember 11, 1824, to his cousin, 633 Aii^s Franklin Tyler Red'"ord,' 
daiighici- of 278 Sn-annah Woodson' a;.;i I'errin l\edfi>rdi. The\- spent 
the remainder of iheir lives in Goochland county. ]'e rlied there in bX.',8 
and she died in June, 1876. (Letters from their c-'a. 1270 Franl: Ivedford 

Issue of 278 SUSAXNAH V.'-OODSON'-' (Joseph, ^ Joseph,^ Robert.M^rbcrt,^' John'; 
and Perrin Redford. 

I e'-;0 Mildred Rcdfovd,' l;orn about 177,5 in Goochland county and was i;i.'irri:d 
No\'ember, 1795, to her cousin 620 Vv'illiam Woodson.' 

II 6.'.1 Elizabeth Redford,' born 1778 in Goochland county, was married about 

iSOO, to her first cousin. G19 ThunMS Woodson.' She died .■^pril 11, 18 ■ 8, 
at their li.jnic in Goocldand. 

III 632 ^^liohard Redford,' born aboui 1780 in Guochland and was married about 

1805, to his cousin 627 Sarah Woodson.' i-'or issue see 627 Sarah Wood.son.' 

IV 6.>3 Franisie Tyler Redford,' born February 24, 1S07, in Goochlarai county, 

and was married XoNxanber 11, 1821, to her cou.-^in 618 l-hederick Woodson,' 
and died June 1876. 

There v. ere perhajis, .^everai cm her cliil.iren IxAii to 276 Susaan.ah 
V.'oodson' iind Perrin Reciiord, but tiic-ir names could not I'C learned. 

170 111!". V,-l-OiV-ONS \Nn Tin. IK ( ONNiCTION-^ 

Issue of 2BZ SAMUEL WOODSON VENABLE^ (EH-mI-c;!. W-x-J^mi "' Richard,= 
RicIu'T'l,' l\')1icrt,- JuIm'; i'au'i Mary C;triiiijiou. 

1 6cii Natn:;niel E. Vcnablo,' inr'.rriot! Mary K. ScoK, ci;.ii--,h!cr of Charles ScoU 
of Ih'.lif.iX count\'. 

II 635 Samuel Woodson Venablc, J).," uianicd Jane R. i-,! oi Ruckbrici^ - cou.Uy. 

Ill <5?6 Paul C. Venable,' niarricd Hr.-l, ihc widow Davis; fccond, Eir.ily Carringlon. 

1\' 637 Abraham W. Vennble,' married fsabclLi Rrown, daugluer of Thomas 
Brov.'ii of Scotland. 

Y 63S Elizabeth Woodson Venable.' married William M. Watkiiis, ton of Joel 
Wat kins and Agnes ]Morton. 

\'I 639 Ajns.s W. Venable," married her second cousin, 299 Henry E. Watkins" 
of Prince Edward county, son of Francis Waikius and 114 Agnes Woodson.^ 

Vil 010 Pcgj^y Read Venablej' married ^iciiokis CahelL 

YIJI 64) Ann Venable," mairicd Isaac Read. 

IX 642 Mary W. Vcuable,' married \A'inia!n L, Womack. 

X 643 CIcmentii'.a Vcnr'ble," married Rev. WiHiam S. Rf?id of Lynchburg. 

Issue of £94 RICHARD V/ATKIKS"' (Agnes Woodson,'^ Ricliard.,^ Richard," Roberi.- 
John') and llie widow Catherine Jones. 

I 644 Agnes F. V/atkins,' married Dr. "William P. Sayle of Tennessee. 

Issue cf BBh IIERRY E. WATKiriS' (Agnes Woodson,- Rirliard,^ Richard.^ Robcrt,= 
John') and 617 Agues W. Venable.' 

1 645 Francis H. V/rtkius," born about 3 804 in Prince Edward county, Virginia, 
where he grew to manhood ard received a thorough cdncuion. In- 
married I^Rartha A. Scott. In 1S52 he compiled a very complete and 
authentic catalogue of the Watkins famiily and tiieir immediate connectioris, 
fnim which nuuh uf the Watkins data contained in this book has been 

II 646 Henry E. Watlans, Jr.' 

III 647 P'Tary C. V/atkins.' 

IV 648 Rev. S. W. V/atkins,"' was married in. 18.32 to Aiicc. Winston Ilornsby. 

y 649 A-rncp V/. Y'.'atkinr." 

\'I 650 Lizzie Ann Vvatkin<-.' 

\"ll 65] Rich.iiJ V. Watkins.' 

Vil! 652 Margsm C. Watkins,' 

IX 653 Henrietta M. Watkins.^ 

X 654 Caiheriue .A. Watkins.' 

XI 655 :;;'rances S. W^tkins ' 

Issue of SCO JOSEPH V.^ATKINSMAgncs Woodson, = Richard,-' Richard,' Robert,^ 
John") and Ruth iiuni. 

I 656 Josepiiine Watkias,' i)orii proLablv aboul ISOS and vras manicd about 
1S2S 10 Dr. Joel Watkiiii. 

II 657 Susan V/atkins," Ijorii about 1810 and was married to William Robards of 

GocchUmd county. 

III 65S Dr. Franri?^ K. Waihins," bnm about 1S12 and was married to Mary 

Ellfreth of Fhikidelphia, Penn.=ylvania. 

IV 659 Betty Jane Watkin?,' born about ISli and v/a.s married to Cob Hot.;rr 


Is&re of 30 1 SELINA A. WATKINS*-' (Av.ner- Wocd-^.n,-^ Richard, = Richard.,' Robert,- 
Juliri') and Cob S. L. I.ockeit. 

I 660 Fiances A. Lockett," born i)rGbably about ISOQ, in IMec'denburj; county, 
Virginia, married Albert Jones of Alabama. 

II 661 Mary Lockett," born about ISll in ]Meckieuburg county, wa; married io 

Nape Lockett and srttied in A'.aban.a. 

III 662 Col. licnry E. Lockett," born about bSl3 in Mecklenburg couaty, and 

married Kate Joh::<';)n. 

IV 663 Selina Loclictt,' born about 1815 in r^Iecklenburg county, married .George 

Robards and sealed in Alabama. 

V 664 Lucius J. Lockett," born about 1817 in Mecklenburg county, married Betty 
Fowlkes and .settled in Alabama. 

\'I 6'?5 Thomas Lockett," born about 1319 in Mecklenburfi countv. 

172 Tin-: \.'(^o:v)X- and ii!!::K ct;:-N: 

\"II 66''t M. Virs'iij'i I,0C).>-r:.' born r>b-.ul \y/'i in MixkK a).;-r^ c:>ui!!y 

Issue c: HO'l I'RANCEE A. W;sr>:iNS'' lAi-':^-: Woodson => Ki.-haal.' Richnr.i,' Rob;:rr.> 
johii') ;nci ].!Vf- D. Vood. 

I 6'// ,'i£ V/. 'Vofd,' b. irn about l^(i'.' in i''ri-;cc r.uword coiir.ty, .vas ii;ar;ii-:i 

to l^ol. K. G. Br,>::ch. 

li 06S Dr. irenr.v A. V-'cc".1," \-^-n\ abovu 1!"-11, in Prince Euwjrd cou'ity, setilej 
:v. b'arnniile w;.(.it he j-TCictii oti ir.cdicitic. 

in 669 r;;^- it V,'. Wood.' 

I\'' 670 ri-ncia P. V-'ood,' bora about ISiS in Prnice Edward counry, ind ni.trricd 
I'^uliua L. Seen I, dai:t,hter of J. A. Scott. 

V 671 S. Clicslcy Wood," born about lol7 in Edward county. 

VI 672 Frances A. V/'ocid.' 

VII 673 K-ana A. Wood." 

\"ni 6'?'-l- Cora V. V.'ood.' 

IX 675 S. Jo.^ephJne Wood," twin sister to Cora \'. 

X 6V6 Cusar. M. Wood,' bora about 1^24 in Prince Edward county, vras married 

March 3!'. IS-!-!-, lo Rev. Moses D. Hogc, an eminent Presbyterian minister 
of Richtnur.d, \'irgirda. After her death, he was married to 35.^ Susannah 
{WatkinsJ Hunt,*^ wido-.v of Wiiliam P. Hunt, and daugliier of €ob Jocl 
Walkins and 136 Agnes Morton.^ 

Issue of £03 UZUT. OBADIAH WOODSON" ';David,5 Capt. Obadiah,- Richard,' 
Robert,- John') and his wife, wh'^iC name is !s:nown. 

I * 677 David,' born April 22, 17S1, in X'irginia and probably sper.t his entire life 

there. Kis grandson, Ploral-o Nc'son Woodson,* says that he was 

t!ie second son of 303 Lieu*. iM.':^ liati WonrEon,'' anrl that his wife's '■.ame 
was Hannah, bur docs not give her maiden name, nor the names of the otlier 
children of Lieut. Ubadiah Woodson.' 

Issus of 3 04 RICHARD V/OODSON' (Jacob, ^ Obadiah,- Richard,- Robert,- John') and 
Raci-.e! P. Robertson. 

1 * 67y V.'iibam Cowper," born Eebruary 14, 1S13. in Prince Edward county, 
X'ir-iida. He was taken with the faniily in 1817 to Charivon countj-, 

Mis-oi;) i, w here he was reared and ear!}- b'-caine id'-rtiflcd with i;-a develop- 
ment of ilie .-ocial, religious and coninercial inleros-C': of that part of the 



he was bron-Iu \yo, t:cvf!>';'H>ii '.h'.- !u;r 

-ruliar !(^ a pionoor 'ito. .tinid wliich 
charo.cior of t!-.o>'.- ;-lurc!y virtues 
s life. He i-vee!\c.! Iiis priiiiary 
i(.!i in tlic •ehu ;!s eoir-i.nU-.u to ili^ buyli'iod liomc, aiul finished ai 
I'riiuacii (^.l!v•lM^ K. !;;iirk\-. lie rva? twice iiKinled; <ir:.t, nn Xovcniber 
25, IS.3!-, in C'ii.u:;i«'n coa:)(\-. to iCIi.-riilx'.!; iXinie! i.ewi^, duii^hicr of 
Edmond' Lewis, a broiher of lionry Lewis v.h'j inarried ^('5 Lfizaheth 
\Vood>on.' Thi- Lewis farail>- a;vi that of 304 Richard \V..odson/ left 
\'ir'>i!iia aad moved to Missouri loe^cihcr. 

678 Williaia (Vnxper Wncd-^or' spent eleven years faruiin- in St. 
Louis county, after which ho en-aged. in tlic tobaccj bu-iness. Ho was 
a devout niendjer of the >.lethudi;.i Linscopal Churc!:, in which he was a 
faiiliful and cfhcier' ofpccr, aidin^j; by niaierial and moral support, in all 
th(,- eiiurchs acii%ui.js. He al-o liilcd severni civil ofliccs. in wiiich hf 
proved hiai-olf a ciiizen o" t lie stace could depend. Hi? wife died 
April, LS-l-i, at alouticello in Chaiiton couaty, survived by her husband 
and 1 vvo sncs. He ' niairied ihc second iinie, on July 2"^', KS4a, to ihe 
widnu, Mr.-. Juliet C'olson Coale (uee Hov.-ard), formerly of ChvonsborC: 
KenluckN . 1 he\- were married at Ivlonticello, Chariton county, Missouri, 
in 1S5U ihe\- moved to St. Louis county ai.d settled on a farm, situated 
on what is now called tiic (>live Street Road, nine miles from the city of 
St. Louis, M here it crosses the Woodson Road, which was so named for him. 
He w.-.s one of the promoters of the extension of this road through the 
county to Howell's Ferry, also of the St. Louis Lair Association and a 
large stock holder in boih enterpri.-es. 

Soon after the be-inning of the Civil War, thinkiat—as did many 
others— that the property of all Southern people in that section, would ba 
confiscated by I he Federal government, he sold hi? farm and moved to 
St. Louis T^dtere he engaged in the tobacco business. Heie be spent tne 
rest of his life, and died May 2;', 1890, honored and respectid by ail who 
knew him. He was a gucd man. 


679 J?m./3,' born about 1S14 in Prince £dv.-ard county. Virginia, v,ent with the 
family in 1S17 to Chariton county, :Missoari. He was married about 1S35 
to Elizabeth Gilliam. She was of the GHliam lamiiy who moved v^ivh 301 
Richard Woodson,' in 1S17, from Virginia to MisMXiri. The Gilhams 
-.citkd in Saline cunte. After the death of James Wocd.on his w-.dov,- 
wa^ married, second, to William Goode and is still li^■l^g (1911) at Slater. 

080 Ib.zabeth Morton,' born April 29, 1S15. in Christian county, Kentucky, 
where, it appears, the family had stepped temporarily on their journey to 
Missouri. When the journey was resumed, she was taken along to Chanton 
county, Missouri, where she was reared and educated. 

She was married March 28. 1833, to John Fontaine Nicoltlsof Ho.v.aru 
couMy, Mi-^ou^i. He wa., a grandson of John Nicolds and Rhoda Green 
who emigrated f.e.m Ireland about 1750 and settled in iicnry cotmty. 
Virginia. Thev had o:,!v one .on. Thomas Nicolds, born \n Yn^uaa about 

t/-! Tin; -.vrMvr-^oxs a'-L' Ti!r-:iK r'^XNiciioN: 

1751, \'.-ai niariiciJ io Sarjh Lane, dirt! in iS2^ and i;- I'U-ic'i b\- ihe yiii;, "f 
!ii# faiher lU'ar Spencer ii^. i!c:!ry cnuiuy. X'iiyiti'ui. 1 (uiinri.- XicoUl? an'i 
Sarah Lane had issue: raroline, M.iiil'Uj, Rln^Ja. S..-.v!i vinarricd I>.'!i- 
dridLivy), Virvjuia (married Stapjcs), C.ioon Ik'ny. and John Fontaivie 
Nicnlds wlio was ivarn P.. [.ruiry 23. l.'^c"/, ia Hciir;, roiruy, X'irginia. ik- 
^^■cnt t;i Mis>-.-iiiri in 1>'.'m), soilliii.i: in Howard ccunily, anti was marricil >^:i 
March 28, IS.vv lo CyM) Lli'aiio.h Morton W<c;ds::)a.' Tlicy spent ih-ir 
cniirc wedded life in and near (das.tinv,, !iT,\..,rd; cninuy, Missotni, vcC', re 
all of tiieir iwcKe children were born, ile died il-,..'r'." in. li-'Gl. His widcw 
conliaiied lo o.-rnpy the old home' and cai e<l fur iser ch.ildieu UP'dl ihcy were 

She died in 1895 at ihc home of lier daughter, Mrs. Edward Kcyle, in 
Denton, Texas, ha\-inp; roundel out her four score \-oar.;. 

' S!ie suffered much on the long journey liirongli life, but Ivirc ai! with 
a fwcctncss of spirit that today makes her mcinory a benediction to her 
children and grandchildren.'' 

IV ■' 68i Martha," I'orn aiiout 1S19. in Chariton county, Missouri, was mairied 
about 1SS9 to James J. Miller, a son of cx-Go'ccrjior Miller of Missoi;;!. 
The>- liw-d and died in St. Louis coi-nty. Missouri. 

y * 682 Richard, Jr.,'' born Xo\'eniber 24, 1822. in Chariton county, Misso'iri, 
where he was reared and educated, lie v.'as twice married, first, in \>'.2 
to Mis? Koxanra Ewing. The}" had ov.e son, James V\'ood?on. born ir. 
1845 and died when se\"en months old. The mother died when trie ba!)e 
was two weeks old. 

He was married, second, on Janiiar,' 26, 1851, 'o Miss Frances .Xnn 
Aciie of St. Louis courity. They located near the city of St. Louis where 
he engaged in manufacturing tobacco. Jn Ma>". 1855, moved to 
Saline county and located on a farm four miles south of the town of M;irs!iail 
Here he farmed two years and on April 1, 1856, sold out and moved bacL 
to St. Louis county, remainin.g there a couple of years, sold out again and 
• in 1S59 rnov'.ri to Franklin county and engaged in farming and iniUing 
unii! tlie close of the Civil War. He sold out his interests, in Franklir! 
county and moved to tb.e city of St. Louis and engaged in ihe groci ry 
business v-.'hich he continued until 1863, when he once niore sold out and 
moved to Howard county and finally settled on a farm, about seven miles 
west of Fayette and a mile and a half easr of Stcii^met?. on the C!iic<igo 
and .\!lon Raih^'ad. Here he engaged in farndng during die remaintier 
of his life. He died at his home April 17, 1891, surxived by his widow and 
six children. .Ml of this family are jjrogressive democrats and members 
of the Soutliern Ivlethiidist Chu'-cli. The widow and her two daughters 
and son, John Urinker, are still !i\'ing at the lioine near Steinmetz, Missouri. 

Issue of 30G QUIN MORTON'^ (Richard Morton,' Elizabeth \Vood=on,^ I^ichard,^ 
iloberi,- John') and Mary Anderson. 

I 6S3 Thomas Anderson Morio::,' bmn Ma\- -j, 1777, married Martha Loclcett 
and had fjui d.iueh.tcrs and two sons. 

i;;'l .\lartha .laiic Woodson was I.'oni Soptomlior 2'K ISIS, in Chariton comity, 
Mi=soini, and was marripd Sepconibcr IS. Is'^.B. to .Tames Miller, Jr., a mer- 
chant in I'ayett?, ?\ns?ouri. He was a son of James Miller, Sr., and a nephew 
of Covernor JoJin Miller of Missouri. 

'ih^:y resided in Fuyetto until Ai-'iil, IS-lii, when, witJi their two sons, they 
n;oved to tlieir new borne in St. Louis county vvlierc phe died Feliri.ary, 25, 
1SJ2, survived liy l)t r husband and two sons. He rcn;ained on his homestead 
until he s-old it in 1^!)1 and settled en Plynioutli Ave, St. Louis, where he 
died Xoven-ilier 14, lS:.i5, in his eisihtv-fifth vear. (Corrected by i^M Dr. John 
J. Miller.) 

11 58* Charles Mcrlcti.' '.■or,'. \^v'y:r.'.': c\- 2i. 1779 was I'ntr-ii.i! Soplcmber 27, 
i8'"!4. to Mary Lockcti :.\'.\''\ li :J two chiklr* n \vii<) i.iif.d ydiing. 

I! I 6S3 BcTSY Llortou,' hc'n July >S, i'.>^2, ;i:id r.iMrricd Wilitora l.ev.-is Morton. 

IV 6S6 Jopii Morton,' boni Aii.aii-v 21, 17S4. married Mli/i-.lic;'.! .A. l^oGrandc. 

V 6S7 Richard McrtL>n,' born March 6, Ki^. v,m> raui-ic-d Juno 16, IS06. to 
iN'arili,-! Sjx-nccr v.-ho v/a;; born Ab'.rch 17, 17!>S, and had two sone and one 

VI 638 Fanny jMorton," inrn July 19, 17S''. n;arr;ed Archibaici D. Alexanfler. 

Ml f;S9 Polly Morton," bo:i. February 11, 1792, niarri^d lleu'y ?>Iaui?on. 

\'lll * 690 V/illiam Quin Morton," born May 4, i794, wa?: married September 5, 1816, 
to 7(io Elij'aboth MrRob?rts \"enabie," who was born October 4, 1795, in 
Charlotte ct>uniy, \';rgin!a. SIk- went to Kentiirk\- in 'iSlO wiili her p.:rc!it:; 
336 Judge Ji.sepli X'cnable and 295 Elizal;-'.".'- u-aiki-i^-. So she had been 
livinf: in KeiUuclcy only aboui six >-car? wlien ?!u; ;ind William Ouin 
INiorton were married. They rcturne.i to Farmvihc, ^■i^gi'■l;a, engaged i.'i 
the mercantile busi;:ofs and wa-' \-cry f uccesrCi!! until 1854 wl-.eii lie sf'ld 
out his intcrcfts in \'irginia and returned to Slielby county, Kcutucky, aiid 
bouglit a fine farm of about 2000 acres in the Mulberry neighborhood. 
He v,;is a graduate of Hampden Sidne\" C(;IIc.go, a gentleman of rchnc.iient 
and CLiUurc and an elder in the Presbyterian 'v"hurcb. at .Mulberjy. Hc 
died Jii!y 12, 1S50, and is buried in the ceraeter\ at Shelbyvil'e, Kentucky. 
His \\ idow died August , ! .^69. 

IX C91 Anderson Cocke Morton," born June 27, 1797. was married Septemb-'tr 30, 
1S19, to Sarah C. Waikins, who v,as liorn June 1, 1802, and had two 

iKSLe of S14 JOEN VENABLE'5 (Elizabeth Michau:-:,^ Judith V.-'codson,'' FJchard,^ 
Robert,- John-) and Elizabeth Raine. 

I 60.-' Ahrphnm Venable.' 

IJ 0P3 EU-^abeth Venable.- 

HI 694 M?»r'-ha A.nn Venable," born about 1775 in Prince Edward county, X'irc^inia, 
where her father died. Her mother was aficiwards married to 162 John 
Woodson,^ called "Poplar Foot," who a v.-idower with seven children; 
one of whom was 436 Benjamin Woodson.'^ Ho and this 694 Martha Aiui 
Venable" were married about 179.3, and lived in Cumberland county about 
twelve or fifteen years, and moved to Rockingham county, Xorth Carokkna, 
where the>- fpcnt the remainder of tlieir lives, reared ft kirj^e famih and 
died at a ripe old age As a m.atured woman, she wzu. possessed of un'jsual 


•^ AN'r T li;.)K « ' iNNi\:T;i)>.5 

Issue of 

;!i!>,iii.i! attraciio:; .itkJ .-caL iii;^nitv ft chararlcr. In the !naiiaj;o:)ie!;t 
C'i :;vr i-.;r\-.;iUs an<\ i;or ilM;l^c■llo!d a;T,;>rs. i^he CMinniandod respect .:rd 
nqu:!vd o!:edii'i''ce, Shv very fond uf fancy iioodlcwork:, and imvw .A 
hcT pieces weiv grciily adiiiirrd fnr beaiiiy of doi^n a!id cxqu!^:i^e wurk- 
uiaii-ibiiv For i<>uc m-c -IMi Bx.i:y:.u)'n\ Wood-^o;'.'^ 

3 i 7 JACOB VKNABLE^ {!:i;/;d>cth Michaux,^ Judiih Wnxlsond Richard.^ 
Rubcri,'- jijiiin') and M.iry \'cnab!u. 

1 695 John Verabie." 

II 696 Holcornbe Yenable.' 

III 097 Samiel Yeiiablc." 

IV 69S Nathaniel Venable." 

Y 699 Wiliiani' 

\'l 700 Eb'zabeth Michaux Venable,' married Robert }dcCIar< ii of Ciinibcr'anci 
rou;it\ , \"ir..rinia. 

Issue of SZ3 JOSEPH VEr'ABLE^ (Jivlich :\Iorton,^ Agnes Woodson/ Rich:ird.^ 
Rob.rr,-' John'j and 205 Elizabeth Watkiiis." 


/■tl Dr. Joseph Venable,' born December 23, 170}, in Chariorie coiiat;.-. 
\'iru;inia, went \vdth the family in ISIO Uj Shelb> co'in'.y, Ketuuchv. iJn 
v/as married to Mary F. Cowan, daughier of John C. Cowar: of Mercer 
county, Kentucky. Ke died in 1S3S. 

J I 702 Richp.rd Venable,'' born in Charlotte county, \'irginia. and died vounf^. 

Ill 703 Elizabeth McRoberts Vennbie,' born October 4, 1795. in Chnriotte county. 
\'irginia, went with che family in 1810 to Shdby county. Kenuicby. v.i.c.-.- 
she completed her academic course, and was married Sepcemror 5, ISKi, 
to 690 \\"illiam Quiii Morton.' They soon returned to Farmvilic, \''ir;4inia. 
v.-hcre he engaged in the mercantile business. In RS34 they bark t'l 
Sbel: y count>-, Kcniuck_\-, and spent 'die ren-!aind.-;r of their l;\-es there. 
Her husband died July 12, 1S5>J, and she died August, 'i69. She was a 
woman of great energy and was noted for bountiT'i' liberality in al! i'cr 
deed.- of kindness. For issue see 690 William Quin Morton.' 


704 Judith Venable,' born about 1797 in Charlotte comity, went with the 
family in ISIO to F'.entucky and was there married i<> Judge Thomas 
Joyce of Loi:isvilie. 

705 .F'ar.cis Venable,' born about 1799 ii; Chailctte county, v.eni with '.he 
famiiy to ICeiituck)- in R'^iO, and was married lo ^\nn Xcisor! of that state. 

s):% I NTi; r,T:Ni- ;.;.\i!iiN 1 / 7 

\'i 706 Tanies Yc'.ii'ilc-,' iioi-n .ili-^iif 1^01 \n !'!:,u',r,-i!.o c-'iiintN-. wcm v.itli lli.' 
funnily {■.-■ ls;n to Ki-iUucky. .-lu! nv.;:: iSit:,-.- liiarnod to DiU'>thea I":<:or. 

\ll 707 Paiiiue'- Yenjole," !m rv mIx'h; !>03 ir. Civuioitc coiiiit\-, wir.i to Kentucky 

in IMO. r.,-,>v, to !n. niio.HJ ..:•,! n^r-rricd Illi^abeth Murlnn. dciughlcr v\ 
Co!. \\ illiarn Lewis Morion. 

"\ 111 70S Sftiint. V'f-n?.b'.o/' liorr about 1S05 in Chariot!.? county, went to KoiUucky 

in 1810. and was niari'ied to Rtv. James Ch;'.~c, a Pri. ?b\tcrian miirij'ei. 

IX * 70D Li.nry Jane Venable,' born about ISO 7 in Charlotte count}-, went with tho 
faiiiily in ISIO to Kentuck\-. She was niarriod about 1825 to Jacol> 
VN' Morton." wiio wa.s born M.ry 22, 1;^01 He \.-as a i^on of 32.^ 
Joseph Morton'' (Joiiah Morton, Agaes V.'oodsoa, Rithard, R^ibcrt, 

X 710 Rev. Henry I. Venrble,' bom about ISO'; in Charlotte rouniy. Tiie 
ftihowinj; year he wen' with th,; faanily tc> Keiriuckx , v.'as gis'en a vhairouyij 
education and became an influential and useful niini.'-ter in the Prefb;, tcrian 
Cliurch. lie was married to Martbia Martin, dau:j,hicr of Rev. V/iliia-ri 
^V. Martin. The\' v. ere sent by the Presb_\-tcrian Church as missionaries 
to Africa. 

XI 71! Rev. \7i!i;;un T. YeiTible," born about 181; in Shelby county, Kei;lucky, 
and died unn-.arried. 

Issue of 3i;'4 POLLY 'vV". V/AJiimS'- (Agnes Morton. ^ Asne? Wo-'dK.:.,^ Richard,' 
Robert,- Joitn') and Captain jolm Dupu}.-. 

1 712 Y.Vitkins Dupuy," born September 17, I7.'^-l, in Prince Edward couniv, 

Virginia, where he was commissioner of rexeniie lor about tventy-ii\'e 
years. He was for about forty years, an elder in the Bethlehem Presby- 
terian Ciuirch. He was married about ISli io Elizabeth S. V.'altoa, who 
was born February IS, 1795, and died February 26, 1S64. lie died 
October 9, 1S73. Both are buried in the family graveyani in Prince 
Edward county. 

n 7'3 Si'>.an Dupuy,' born January 6, 115G in Prince Edv\ard, married to 

Benjamiti Watkins, settled in Pitts^h'ania coiint\% where she died April 
20, 1864. 

III 714 Heury Guerrant Dupuy/ born April 12, 17NS, in Prince Edward county, 

was married December 7, 1809. to Sarah Taylor and died March 23, ISJ.^. 

IV 7)5 Jane Dupuy,' born December 9, 1790. in Prince Edward, was mariied to 

X'oh-olas Eiimonds and died Noventbcr 2, 1870. 

V 71,-5 Iv';.ary Dupuy/' bori October 20, 5/92. in Prince Edw.ud count), wa- 
marricd to Col. William To>\ ues W'aiker who was born 17."'{'). They lived 


17S 'in'.-: wo(>p~n;-.s anp \i;,-'tk connt.' iiriss 

near l).irl'n-4,'in il-iv.'i"-, i:i IMiuc F'JV.'i. vv-hero he died lS3-\ .uid sn.-- 
tlic.l Frl-ruaiy 1?, ISoi. 

V\ '717 Travccs Anderson,"' r.-jm r.Va'i' S. 1791-. in Prinoc Eov -ircl 
rcuntv. \va- tna: "ivd '.■' ]•■''.:■.) H .niii cf i "iK^rl'Jite coriiuy (,siu- was lii^ 
tfCi'und wife) arid dicvi Ap-.-i! :.0. iSii. 

VII 7!S V/iniam Hunt r-r-puyj I'oi.! Maich 11, 1 79(), wn? married lo Aj^^iics Pa>-nc 

Ware. TbcN- r.ioxxd to Koiv.ncky in iS47 and ?eu'cd in Chiisiian cmnUy, 
viiLTO ^lu- died AuguiU 2, 1S5.7, and lie, on Aagu.-^t 19, 185.i. 

VIII 719 John Dnpny/ born DL-ccnilK-r 17, l/OS. in Prince Edwaid c;>unty, was 

married to Ann inveri)' Daniel cf X'pr;h Carolina. He was ior n)an\- 
voa]-5 a merehara in Farni\ille, Viryini.;. arid died there en April ]_", 

IX * 720 Dr. Jo3l V\'^all:ins Dupuy," born X<,\ cmi'cr 6, 1800, at "Vv'd.xUork" iLe 
home of his maternal grandparents, in ("harl-jtte roisnty, Virginia. He va:^ 
graduated from the Philadelphia College of Physicians and Surgeon-;, and 
practiced his profession in Prince Edwe.rd and adjoining counties, and 
was esteemed a fine physician. He was married February, 18.33, to 
Paulina Pocahontas Eldridge of B.'-un£\\ick county, Virginia, wUo '>\as born 

July 18, 1S08, and died June 30, 1890, at the home of hr-r daughter 

Paulina Pucahontas, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She was a lineal descend- 
ant of the famous Indian maiden, Pocahontas, who m.arried John Roife and 
died in England. For the lineage in detail, see "Tlie Huguenot Barthulo- 
mcw Pupuv," p. 1S6. In 1854 Dr. Joel \Vatl:ins Dupuy went to Arkansas 
and Tennessee, prospecting for lands in t'.-al section. While oii this tour 
he stopped at the home of his youngest :^ister 721 Elizabeth G. Dupuy, in 
Tennessee, and died there June 23, 1S54. 

X 721 Elizabeth G. Dupuy," born February 12, 1804, in Virginia, was niarri-.d tu 
James Henry Dupuy and settled in Tennessee. 

XI 722 James Lefevre Dtipuy," born September 22, 1S07, was in.irried to .'"uv.anda 

B. liuiler. He was for in.Mi>- years an elder in the Pre:b>-teriau C^rurch. 
He settled in Amherst county, and after losing all of his own family he 
lived a few year?- am;ong liis relati\-(-s and died at the home of his niece 
I\Ir.-.. E. E. Wiisun, at Gerardstown, West Mrginia. See "The Huguen-t 
Bartholomev,- Dupny," pp. iS4-JSS. 

Issue of 3 70 SAMUEL HUGHES WOODSON^ (Tuekcr.^ Tucker,^ Joseph,^ Roberi,= 
John') and A.nn Randolph Meade. 

1 * 723 Tucker,' bom Xo%ember 4, 1804, at Cliauniierc, in Jessamine county, 
Kentucky, where he v.-as reared and given a finished education. He was 
married about 1826 to his first cousin Evelyn Byrd, daughter of his aunt 
Sarah (!\Ieade) Bird. The following sketch is copied from Young's 
History of Jessamine county: 

Ji is ;i roni.iiK. ■!.:•.• kici inat h-: .<.)■>: '^^ v.iir were Ixirp ir. Uie s.mi'? 
liou-:; aiul in i!:c ^aiiic i.^mik lii-^ ^vifi• v, ,- ICvoh-;: Hyt,]. ;i cianghior iM' 
Sarah ^;;;ar^^ who \«v,s ,■, ii,:.,:ji.v' of C<.\. D,i\iJ Mo.aic. He and !.•> 
v;i!o N\\;o c. ^n po^si:,^,-,! <^- amok- f^- luiio. They rvxoivod ihe besl. cuvr;.- 
u>>n iliat Kc'.ii'c!;y coin d ^no: heolKi^t li;.^ Ia^v as !ii;. jTof.-^vion. InU i ■ . >,) 
nuu-h of hif ' iriie in ii;o u-io (m lii- i.mdt d t-Catcs. lie v/as a honi politic;,:;., 
a fiia:; .<f i!k- !!i^h:'>i rc!K';-:no;u of fei'lii^f;. of tlu- sirictosi inii>c;iiiy. ilio 
kiiidcs; iiLari and chariiiiiig nannors. He \-,;as a K'vai. vhig. and a 
follower of ilcnr\Ciay. lie represenu-d Je-sapiine county in the k-gisiaiar. 
aboil', nine yea.'-f; and in 'J.i^- tlate senate aho-ic •.-!>:'. cen vears. He v.n.- 
exceeding!)- puiiiiiar, n.o't (-nl\- witii men of l.ii own [xditici! fait.'i. biii ;.!:-■■. 
wdth those of the opiv.~ing !..;;•'>•. A stroiu; prosiawry man, :<e sided wiiii 
the govornnieni in the f'ixil War; oat iv \s-^^ con':eded on all h^'tids that l.e 
acted Iroia Cin\ici: •:! ; a::d few nien of !iis proH-iiiu [icc- and of ills activir. 
c-caped v,-ith io s^nia!! a nuniber of crtniiL-. In 1^72 he was cie.-te-i 
cour.iy judfje on the rcpiibiican licicet. His home w.t.=; ab.vays open to 
friends and stransiers alike. Fnll of tne gentlest kindntss. iie won the 
licarts of all v.ho came under his roof, .lii.s wife, one of those supcib women, 
wlio made Kentucky housekeeping famon.;. thrc^ughout th.- world, s-,-;,,,,,-.. 
thii'ed V ith the hospitable instincts of her husband, ana uni'.ed with hi.ii 
to make his iionic always pleasing and att'-acive. S.?nie of ihe lich 
treasures of Chauniiere had descendvd to th_om; an.d ihcsc with nianv 
others of great value and aniicpiity, g-a\e tlieir home a charm which v. ill 
never be forgoricn by titose who entered its portals. Far thirty years 
Judge Woodson and his v.ife enter'.p.ined: more deiighifo.iiv tluot :.pv 
citi2en of Je:-sair.ine county. Hospitable, couiteo'.: = . euUivated. hone-^, 
patriotic and true, he died July S, 187-^, leavii^g bt-hind him a large array of 
friends u ho !r;ourned his death." 

721 David Meade," borr. 1S06 at Chaumicre in fessamine count:.-. Keniuchv, 
v.-as gradiiated from Transylvania l'ni\;rsity ai J,e.\ington, Kcniuck--. 
and later graduated in law. He was L\^-iee m.arncd; Hrsi, about 1827 to 
Lucy Xash McDowell. After living m'x or seven >e; in Iveniuckv. tlr.M- 
located in Carrollion, Greei- countv, Jliinois. 

"Idc became prominent in his profession, rdiir'r;; manv positic-nr e.-f 
honor and trust. He v>-as a member of the iilimd.-, li;g:.d::t;,n:, of ih'j 
Constitutional Conwnrion in I84S, aiiti was judge of ihs ciiruit ccva-i 
(iirst Illinois circuit; for nearly twenty vi-hn. He uas iespecied and lo'-ed 
as a man of tlie kindesr and nio.-t generous impulses, and as one possessed 
of the highest order of talent and ir)iegrii\-. Before he removed to liiiiiois 
he tepresented Jessamine county, Ken.ucky. in the legi.-lature of I?.'.^ 
while his cider brother 72.3 '1 ucker Woodoon' represented the senatoriri). 
district of which Jessamine county was a part. He died in 1 S7T at Carroll- 
ton, Illinois, lia\ing passed his three score years and ten." (See C S. 
Biographical Dictionary, Illinois. 1876. lor fuller accounts, see al.o 
C.ieen's Historic Families of Mcntueky; I'eetes Chaumiere Papers, etc.) 
His wife died at a comparatively eariy age .itid iie wa, mairied, second, to 
.Miss Jvdia Kenneit 

ISO Tin: \vriO!W"x;., \;s\) riii'iu ■•<> 

72'6 George Nicholas,- 'uow .mnu iSfj-S at Ch:iUir,!..r.'. ind ..iiei! wliile a Jliidcat 
.U ToiUrr Colio^x-, D.-mvillo Ki;i;'.iH4-y. 

726 liichard Kidder,' born April ].■•. 1^10 in ji.'<?:irv;ic couviy. KoiilU'ky, aii>! 
rocfi\-v(i his ot!iii.\ition ir. ilic .-.•Iijo!;; oi' u^c roLiruy. W'hvn aliout eicwn l;e 
v.cTi', to Franklin conntN' and cnga.,tH! in faririiutj arrl stock rai^iir^. He 
was iv.arrior! ?\\i\-c'nibc'- 20, ]S,--2, to r.iiii!>- I.iiLlepap;c- Mickman. v.-ho was 
born Oclober 2'-.i, 1811, in Fraiikfcrt, Kc!ai;ck\\ Tlii-\- «ctt!c(! on theii- 
farm a ftw milr-s from Frar-.kf'.ir!,. aari ii\c-.I (hiTe ijiuil the beginning- of tlie 
Civil \\'ar, when, takin;; siHc'o v.-iili the F(-i'eral adnnni^tralioii, he was 
a])poinU\! b}- Pro-<idcnv l.inroln, dciuiiy I'nired Stater, assessor for 
district, and was faithful in ilie discharge of his duties. lie lu'ld this 
ofnec far neaiK- twenty years, (.luring wiiicli linio he lived in the ciiy of 
Frankfort, llis v,iic v. ho was a faiihfid raei-aber of tlic Hapti-'-t Churci-i. 
died September 25, 1S65. He ^vas niarrie'l, seCond!\-, on April 21, 1S6S, to 
tlie v-idow, Airs. Mary (\Mllis) Todd. Abon.t 1SS5 he resigned his Federal 
cffice and relir-:d to liis farm ne.w the iSig Fdd._\-, a few i-jiiles froni h'rankfort 
in Franklin county. PIcre he remained until he died Derembf-r 3, 1S.S9. Jn 
polities he vcas an "Olii Lir.e Whig" and V\-as opposed to secession. The 
foilowin;:; obituary relaies tiie circun-.stai-.ces of his death. 

"Mr. Richard Kidder V\'ceid.~on, one of the oldest citizens of 
cotmty, v.'as stricken \\itli paraly.-is at his home, r.ear the Big Eddy, Sunday 
morninj^. He v.'cnt out ahoitl 5 o'clock on that mornin<:; lo feed horses, 
and while engaged in cutting oats, his left side became pK-.raix-.^.ed and he fell 
in the barn, v.-he;e he remained for nearly tv- o hours. Hi.i v.-ife, thinking 
his stay was inmstialiy long, went to look for him and foujid hiie. in a:i 
tmconscious condition. He was taken to the house anei after a tim.c re- 
gained consciousness. Although in his eightieth year it was hoped he 
would recover in time, but on Monday morning he relapsed iriio a coaaatrse 
state and continued so until about 4 o'clock Tuesday morning, Dc-rcrnber 
3, iS89, v,-hen he breathed his last. 

i\Ir. \\'oLidson was born and reared in Jessamine county, but removed 
to this count} when a young man, and lias eoni.inucd to reside here ever 
since. He was a man of strict integrity; firm in .h-is convictions cf rit'ht: 
was prompt to condemn that v/hich he belie\"ed to be wrong, r.adi was as 
true to his friends as the needle to the pole. 

The greater pa.rt cf his life was de^■oted to farming, but for several 
>'ears ch.iring ar.d ju.^r after the war, J-ie was deputy I'nited States assessor 
for this district, discharging tlie duties faithfully. He was twice married, 
hi.-; first wife being Miss Emily Littlepage Hickman, by whom he had twelve 
childien, six of whom, together with his last wife, who was formerly Mrs. 
Mary Willis Todd, still sur\i->-e him." 

727 Samuel Kug,hes, Jr.," born about 1S12 in Jessamine county, Kentucky, 
where he was reaied and rc'ei'.ed a good education. He studied law and 
was admitted to the bar at an c.-jrly age. He was married in IS39 to 
Margaret J. Ardiby, daughter of i:)r. Mauley Q. Ashby of Kiehmord, Ke.a- 
lucky. They resided al XicholusviUe, Kentucky, ior a fov; months, and 

in <.:'{y:iR\i-] 


hi ]S!0 rv-iiove.l to Mi>M;;;ri ar.' vitlod a; i;u':-pti:(ience, in Claycoiiniy. 
wln:;i- I'l^y spoiU ; iu- rcriaiutii-r u! thcM- ii\i-<. 1 ii 1N56 U) \SCi'.) Ik: rr;.!c- 
Sfi.ltil u, ■ K.;n-.-s Ci'y M;s>o;iri v.!i-,iic\ in c i.ic;ros<. iiuriiic the lu .t 
years of his life Ik- nci> ird^o of i!.., civc;;!t Vo!;rt In Kr>a<.;^ C'iiy. fJe 
died in IJSl. "lliri v.if<.- w.i^ a Wi.hi, n tf l^!^t^u.ll -ifi^;, lii-aly c<iii'-aLc<l 
anil took ari :icii\v inierc-i 'ii \r.Kh >:idai ut.-J -ialc idT.iirs, t!:oi:gh aKv.o's 
llie triir niotiier and wuinan oi Jie iiomc ideal." 

Slie died of paral>sis, on Anri! v.. l')]2, at llie iaii'-.e of iier daueh:.-,- 
Mt~. Nellie Reee'--, in Indepcntk nee, Mi.--:-ouii, at tlu- <\.;ef/f nineiN-lo.o-eca;^. 
'I'lie fii::eral ^e^\i^e;^ w^-re !k-M in il.e Firsi Profine-rMn (.' of Indc- 
pcu(!ence, of uiiieh .-iie tiad lony been a iueniljcr, after vvliicii her reniaiiip ro rc?I livre. (Libert >■ Trl'mne, April "il. 1912. ) 

72o Robert Eversicl/ l;orri about iSfJ in Jejsan-sinc ecnnily, Kentue;:\-. Jle wru. 
married fir^t, to Aliss Bair.eii and seev.rd to .Mi-s Carter. 

\ II * 729 Saliie Meade,' born about lSi6 in Jec^iarninecoinuy, Kentucky, var- married 
to Ale.xarder \Va<Id!e of Clark count\ , Ohio. 

Vni * 7.50 r.l^Labcth," born about ISIS in Jessamine eou.ily. brentueky, was t-.viee 
n)arried; tn'st, to Caiy Lee, second, to joiin Ca!vi;\ IMeCoy of Ka:i&as Ciij-, 

Issue of 37 3 1UCKER WOODSCLN^ (Samuel,^ Tucker,^ Jo^epii.' Robert,- iolm'j and 
Mary Weeks. 

I 731 Obadiab,' born about 1S17 probably in Goochland couniy, Virgii;ia, -,ec,-.t 

with his parents to middle Tennccrsee, where he attained the ae,c of yo'jn;i 
manhood and died unmarried. 

II 732 Sarah Jane," bom n!iout 1819, prolsabiy in Goo'hland couniy, Virginia, 

went wiih her parents to Tem,.-s^e(-. and nj.ui-icd about )S.-9 Lo Dudley 
Bradford, and settled in KenLueky. 

'^' "^-^3 — , a dau-hter, born about 1821, probabb- after Vv: family had 

left Virginia and located on the farm in Middle, Tennessee. Her name is 
not remembered by her s-ister-in-l;iv. who gives fjrls data. She was married 
to Ib^iiiei Hunt and died withi'i r- vc'ir, leaving; an i::far:t dauiibter. 

I\' 734 kTary,' born about ]'=24 in Tennessee, was married to Daniel Hunt, the 
widowed husbar.a of her deceased si.-ter whose name is not remembered. 
They -L-ttled in Ta.raace count}-. Missouri, where ihev were still livin:, 
in 187U. 

A' 735 Edith,' born at)out bS27 in Ten;:C3sre, was mtirried to Da\!d Frxe. 'I'hey 
took tin orjihan child of iicr dt-eun-ed sister, adopted it a;; their own a.^ti 

rearen it. 

735 Luciuda,' born about 1S3U in T.-nni'ssee, ir,.-irrie 1 to Mr. Bieton 

and icttied in Tarrance county, }.iir.<;ourj, where ti.ey weresr.ui iivinj;!:! !S7G. 

TliiC \VO'.'I'.-t 

Vll 757 John,' iiorn aboiu tN.>: \:\ T.^ppcs^co. "Chv i;uU lin.c the f.iniih lioai.-! 

f--().ii liini, he w.iii !iv';u; i;i nonh,ii,i, Texa-;. 

Vlil ''- 73C: Tiu :ei: Beujnmin," \vv\\ in ;-cnU ;,\::.fT 2-', -^31. ou ilio far;ii ia Micklic, 
Tcii;uT^-^cc-. )k w.isrf-reil un th^: hirn; and I'voauic .; fari'icr by ccriipation. 
i!o v.rnt Uj .\hLanu)r.i, lilinob, a-::d wrs iu.irr'.o-.l ih.-re on July 4, 1S60, to 
die willow, Mahala AfiuHnL- liigt-. v 'I-ck-c inaAlor. nann vvas Omclii. Tlicy 
sci'Jc-d on ihiir farm near Ali-'tincMU. wh.-n: ihey rcavcd iliL-ir children, 
lie died iiiere SejMemiHr lO, IS'13. Hl^ v/iuosv ^till rurvixcs and is livin- 
wiih hvi diaagiiter iMr.-. Sarah Jane Parklnu-.v,. a; Alva, Oklahoma, ll i:; 
from her thai ihc aljuvc data has'- obtained. 

Issue of ?.£.?, TKfiMAS JEFFERSOXx V/OODSOIS" (Wade Nclhcrland,' Tucker,^ . 
jos-'ph/ Robert,- Jo!n;^j and ^-ahie Redd, hi- iirsl wife. 

I * 739 I.Iary Rebecca,' bor:? April lo, 1S2.^, probably i;i Halifax county. X'iryinia. 
It wa- about this t-mc thai her parents moved to Knox cotmty, Kentucky, 
where die was rca/ed and educated. She was married September lO, iS44. 
to William Montje.y Cirrard, who was a son of Daniel Garrard of Lebanon, 
Keniucky, and he a son of Hon. James Garrard, -overnor of Kentucky, 
1796-180-1. They resided in Kentucky until 185S when they moved to 
California and tlsere spent ihe retl of their livts. The date and place of 
her .le,.thha> not b.en obtained, but he died in f-eattic, Waslnnglcn. 

I) * 740 Sallie Ann,' born December 27, 1S27, in K;i.:-x county, KcniULky, was 
married aijout lS5ii lo James I^xsart Cars(jn of the same county. It 
ajipears that they beth lived and died in Knox county. 


111 741 John Gilbert,' born July 7, bSod, in Knox onnity, Kentucky. In 1849, 

when but nineteen years old l^e, in company with his father and his youns,r:r 
biother, Ibrani, started to California in search o' gold. On the way !;e 
stopped to bury his father who died near the Vernnllion River. Continu- 
ing his journej . he arrived in California after many hardships and trials. 
Remaining in that state a numl;i;r of years, he drilted back into Montana 
and died there in b';U5. 

I\" * 742 Adaline Jane,' born March 1, 1S.>2, in Knox county, Kentucky. She \yas 
n arri.d about 1S52 to Andrew Co.van Dysart of Pulaski county, Kentucky. 
He was born November, 1821. They finally located in St. Louis, Missouri, 
where he died some years ago. Si;e i^, still livin;.? there, a fine, healthy old 
lady of eighty-one years. 

Y 743 Hiram Harris.' bin n Februaiy 6, 1S34, in Kno.. county, K'eutucky. He 
enh^ted in 1861, in the Confe'erate army and served throughout ihe 
Civil \\ ar, was in manv battles and. received a wound from whieh he never 
fully recover, d. Aftc/tiie war cl^^ed he settled in Saline county, Missouri, 

xiH c;;N;:kAVU''X 3 ^j; 

cud difd (here iron; ilse oHVcls ff ilie wound lie luiU rccciwd in :i.;l:.:c. 
lio r.t'.ci innrrivd. 

\] 74:': Thonias Jrfferj^n, Jr.," t.ori; Ji;iu- ::i. iy,w, i-i !<i;ox < ounty, Kcntiu l;y, 
v.\.^ m.^nied 10 i:nini;i /di;!.';.!! ,Mid diid In St. Joseph, Missouii. Xu 

VII * V45 Marti'.i' Elizalelh," brrr. NovcihhiT 9, !S,^0, in Knox county, Kcnluckv, 
wr.s rr.arried to Samuel E. Hayo/-. In .-<.v.rcli oi' hc.-iliii, slie went 10 ICuroUa 
Springs, Arkaiisns. and fjied tlicre. 

X'ln 7-16 V/i.n.iam Thornton/ born rcbniary 10, 1S54, in Kiiox couniy, Kentucky, 

went lO ,Mi-,EOfi! h'm died chcro quiie \-ouiig. 

IX * 747 Ellen Tucker,' born June IS,, 1S46, in Kno:c county, Kentucky, lived tho:c- 
until lier motlier died in 1S56, whcPi she n-ns taken to T\lis?0'jri •ivlicte !u r 
two older sisters 'kdh" Ann and Adaline Jane "vvere 'i\ini<. In 1S73 while 
Iier uncle 389 Silas \\'ood<ou'^ was go"vernor ci Mi:-5'niri, ''he was niabini; 
her home -.vitn his family in JotTersr.n City. S'le was r.ifirried there on 
December 29, 1S74, to George W. Frame. She lias li\'ed some years in 
New York City, at 191 Cdarernont A\er,'!c, but is a; jireHcnt in San Diego, 
California. Sh.e ccntribiited rhe above data on the family oi her father, 382 
Thomas JeiTer>on \\"nod.=oii. 

Issue of SB 3 KMILY WOODSON'' (Wade Xetb.crland,^ Tucker.^ Joser.h,^ Robert,- 
Jol.n') and Fri.neis 0. IMarkham. 

I 748 Frank 0. Markham, Jr.,' born about 1819, probably in Chesterfield county. 


II 740 Elizabeth MaiLharnJ born about 1S21, p-.jbably in Chesterfield cou;Uy, 


Issue of £SS JOHN TUCKER ^v'00DS0N' (Wade Xetherland,-' Tnck.r,' Joseph,' 
Robert,- John'} and Eniil}- Herndon.- 

I 7S0 Frank." 

. II 7S] Caroline." 

III 752 Thom.^.s.' 

IV 753 Richard." 
V 754 Gary.' 

VI 735 Taue.' 

\'!! 756 Luiry.' 

\"lli V57 I'iirlic;." 

\'ri\- iitlk is knov.r. of this f;i;;:i!\-. li is !:.eii(.-\i>u liiai most if not all 
of ihcM' c!:ii>!.''en wove iu^i-n ir. ?>liss!^>i]■lpi. an;l i'ik.l cluriiv:; ilic Cl\i! W'.ir 
Iho f;iir,i!y, wilh nil tiic r.-.-groi/s, liw rind other pr'ipcrtv'. were rc;;io\'cd 
to Texas i<i j^revoiu thoir bci";; enntisculecl by tlie i'l-ileral arrax,-. 

Issue of 3S7 BENJAMO JOURDAi; V/OODSON'- (Wade Xethcilatid,^ Tucker,' 
ju.-iepli," Rii'iieit,^ Jc'luv') and Margaiel Jane Fulker;:oii, Jiis second wife. 

I 759 Jhivj Hughes," born ]\Iarrh 18, 1>:3S. in Knox county. I\entiirk\-, Wi.s 
iirarluate'j from a boarfiinj; school in hi-r nali\'e state and went with, il'io 
family i'l 1S54 to kayctte county, ?dissouri. She enilira.ccd the Catholic 
religion and unitcl v.iili that church. She went t" .\'e->v York and was 
married on Apiil 15. 1S6''. to Dr. (".eur.^e M. Harold, \\]u-! a prof.-ssor in 
a medical college, and liai.1 practiced medicine in Oaklaiul, California, and 
Portland, Orceoii. 

11 '/60 Mary Wade,' born April 7, 1810, in Kriox cotmt},', Kcraucky, was graduaU-d 
frum a b'.iarding school in si ate. Slie was a niernber of the Christian 
Church; was married DeccmlxT 2.-i, 187", at Camden Point, i\lis,^ouri, 
t'l Dr. C. C. Ivcmpcr, a prominent p'hysician of Platte Cit>-, I'vlissouri, at 
which place they made th.eir home, and it was there she (Med jatiuary IS, 
]J;79. licr husbanfl din! in Egcrton, Missouri, on May 2, 1S'''2. 

HI * 761 William Ewing,'' born June 28, 1S42, in Knox county, Kentucky, went wjii; 
the fa.mily in 1S.S4 to Missouri, educated in Kentucky, and at the 
b^ginnin.:; of the Ci\dl War, enlk-^ted in the ser\-ice of the C(^nfi.dera-te 
.states, in Captain Curnell's company, in Gen. SLcrline, Prlcc^'i; eonwuajid, 
and ser\'i.d until the c'ose ofthe war. 

He was married, first, on Januar\^ 14, 1864, to Miss Emma Jane 
Patterson, and settled, after the war, in rayelte county, Missouri, \v!-.ere he 
remained several years. From there he removed to St. Joseph, Missouri, 
and %\as for seven feer years casiiier of the St. Jo?cph Guj Com[)any. 
His wife died. February 2,5, 1S77, and iic v,-as married secoitd in 18.<sl to r'liss 
Jei:nie Cooper' of I.e:;i:i;.;ton, Kentucky. He is an. active and earnest 
worker in the Christian Church. He fonnderl and built Woodson Cha5)el 
in North Si. Joiej'h. 'I Ids chapel was eompleted in 190.S. From .Auc;ust 
31, 19U7, t > the pr. -eiir time (,1'>12) he has i>een treasurer of ihc Woodson 
Sanitaiium in St. Jose|ih. His serond wife died and he was married the 
third time, on Febniaiy '', 1910, to Miss Lydia Stickrod. daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Conrad Stickrod i,i Poekport, Missotiri. They sti" ."-cside in 
St. Joseph, .Missouri. 

iV * 762 Job,i FuiKCi.^on,"' born Xo\'ember 7, 1843, in Knox county. Kentucky, went 
with thu fanuiv- in 1854 to Fayette county, Missouri, -.•,4. ere he was educated 


M:\'i:XTiI t-l-.Nl- i.Ali'iN IS? 

aiiu a faniU'i. tit- was iiiarricnl Ocii I'-.i' -2, 58(1, io Jvi.nie Da\-i(i- 
si.'ii. daisiihtci" of Noah na\i.i>":\ and Liiciml.-. H;'. '■[ Knuikiiii count) , 
Oliii.i. He (liv'd .\i)\cntl)<.;r .m), iSc..\ in C;\:iiil'.n ('(■Int, ?*I:s-.GUii, nb.eri: bis 
V, i'.'.iw still li%'..i-. She is a oi t!;c Carisiia;; C.'hiireh. 

\ * 70o Stephe;! Crittendon,' L'orn XM>.<ii''ier 11. lSl?,i.i K'Vix vc-r.nis-, iCcniiu^ky, 
w 1 ill witl". the l'a;i!!i\' in ISi-l U' .\I;ss(,iiii i ar..i %vas cducau d in ti'if scliO'-I-i 
oi hi^ \icitiity, sti.'dicd la\v and h>vaicd at riatiL- l"iiv-, v, iurc he practic.':! 
bis jirufession and. also eni;.iC',> d in llie banking l;iisij-'e?s tinder the firn^ 
bt\le of "Wells and W'oixl- i.n, Lawyers aud IJankerf." 

) le was iiui' lied May 9. !8M-,at Cai»:dLT. Puiat, Missouri, to Margaret 
Pcnin, vlaugliler of AvLCiiinoralc Terriii of Platte county. He removed 
iv.1 Ft. Je^sepli, aiul acLiuIred a t;'aod dea) v< sloak in the Saxon National 
Ix.nk of liiai cii>. He li;iall\' located in City, Mis.-^ouri, and 
cnsiiKcd in the grain brokeras;e in;siness. lie h is :\iAO served the city as 
city forester, and adso as aidirrniari. He and his wife are both active 
nienibers of the Clnisiian C'htirc h. Tlie)- still le-ide i-i K'r.iisas Citj- v^irre 
he is now (191 5'i jnd^e of the eoiintj' court. 

\'l * 764 Ciiarl js Ransotue,' born May 17, 1^-4F^ in Knox court\-, Kcntt:cky, 
v,-ei.l with tile family in 185-1 to ("amderi Point. I'.Iisseiiri, was tffaduatecl 
from tiie Plattesljurg College, Plattesburg, Missouri; and in 187.? from the 
Missouri Medical College in St. Louis. He was married February 26, 
1873, at W'aliuit Cjro\'e, near St. Joseph, to Julia P. Tabor who was born at 
W'a.b'ut Grove. Siie is the onh daughter of Dr. Paul Todd Tabor, formerly 
of\-, Xew York, and Eii/abcth Wright of Ml. Airy. \..rth Caroiit.a. 
1 )r. Wood-on .-^.-ttled at Agency, Mis.Tonri, wlie.e I'.e nrac;ic,d medicir.e 
for abotit thirteen \-ears, then mo\ed io Si. J.-.s^oh. Afier !h'--:e ;• ears of 
practice thiere be \.as electeil s-Liperin.tende:i>. of ;,-\]i!',n iinn-sbei two, v^-hicli 
position he liekl for alxAit s-.-v-cnietn \-e.;rs. .-"'.t fnc- prL-sent time he is tlte 
head of Woodson Sanitarium in St. Joseph, anr! li.iii'.s bis pracliee t''' ner-. O'l;. 
diseases. He ov.-i'.s, nu-ar .Agency, or.e of tiie iareest app'le oichards in the 
srate, besides a l.):ink. several farms anrl otlier x'aluable real estate. He is 
a member of the Christian Clvi.'reli. His wife is a Baptist. 

Vn V6r. Loititia Olivia,' born November 24, 1S5G. i.T Kiio.x county, Kentucky, went 

with tb.e family in 1854 to Camden Point, ?>lissouri, and was educated in 
Piattesburp:. She was married -Xriri! ''- l^/'.^ to Profe.ssor Kiisha Milton 
who owned Platiesburg Cull. g.. . IK had i::r.-ei.j".!y taught in the iiiilitary 
acadeiny at Lexington, Kentiirk\-. They settled in Plaltcsburg but their 
lives were ^horl. She died July S, iS74, and iic in 1876, at Warsaw, 
Mi.-,souri. She was a member of the Chri-aan Church. They had on!> 
one child antl that died in inf.-tncy. 

VH! 766 rienjamin Jouidan, Jr.,' born Jisne 19, 1852 ii; Knox county, Kentucky, 

went with tlse family in 1854 to Camden Point, Missouri, received iiis 
education In Plattcsburg College, studied law and was admitted to the bar 
in Platte co-ar.ty in 1874. He was marr-'e.' December 28, 18?;:^ to Margaret 
C. Norton, daughter of Jtidge L. H. Norton -Jiitd Mahnda Wilson of Platte.-.- 

tS6 iwi: wvovi^i 


bnrv. Ji..l-e N'_Tto;i wps cs-ociato iuflice on the ?ii;;rome Ijciirh oi Mis- 
s-ouii for tl'ivb.c.i \o;ir.-;. 

Mr. >,rid AJ.;,. W,„H!s(in .-ciil.-ci ii^ S:. Josc-ph whoro he has cMiniui;;,! 
t'u- jv.icti'c w. ins i)i(.'i;Asio:i uiuii the pn-cni tunc. He is an acu\o 
inemlv; of ihe I'ir^ Clni-ii^m (,;hi:rch i.f Si. Jo.^-ph, while his wile is .-r, 
ai-dcii' iVijjtis;. Thi-j- n.. ehilJien. 

!X * 767 Archelra-.s Marius," Ihtu January 30, 1S5-1, iu Knox county, K'rr.iuck-v. 
went with Ihe family tlial same >ear to Canulen Point, Missouri, where he 
v.-ns rean-,1 and rc.civeci his ea-ly edtiration ; was graduated fron. PhUtes- 
i.Hir- I oliej.;e, ai;d in IS77 reeeived his diphmia from the Si. Louis Law 
Sehool. Lie praciiced law in St. Louis until iS83, then located in Plat'.c 
Ci!\-and was married tliere on April 13, ISSa, lo hdizabeili Oliver, daiighrc-r 
of U'ilham Kskridi,e Oliver and Anna Jackson, lie finally scaled in St. 
Josepl;, practiced l.iw and .served fourteen years as judge of circuii court 
number one of Buchanan county. On June 2], 1904 he was nominated b>- a 
democratic convention for jiide,e of the .-upreme court of ?vlIssouri. In tiie 
nominating speech, Hon. W. D. Rusk spoke of him a:, follows: 

"Jiid^e Woodson hini-elf, thoUi.;h iiorn in Kent ueky, was reared in 
Mis.-.ouri. His buvhood wa- -pent (;i; a Missouri farm. He was educated 
in ?iIissouri scho,jls; so that he is a homemade man. Lie was \k,v:\ fift\ 
years ago and lias been growing e\-ery day since, but lias ne\er grown away 
from the people. Hi.- schooling wa-_, liberal but n;.;t excessive', for it v.rvs 
well :is>ii:!ilated. His c ulture, thougli thorougii, lias not been denvci en- 
tirels Iri.m l>ooks, bur from omtact ^\ith n.iture a.- well as willi men. 

"After compleiir.g a cour-e in a ^iHsjuuri college, excelling in his 
classe--;, esjieeiaily iu mathematics, he graduated willi a high rank in 1877 
from tiK- law school of Washington Univxrsity in St. Louis— and there is 
none better. He iiracticed law in St. Louis and St. Joseph for cweive years 
alter that, and then was marje judge of the circuit court here iu St. Joseph. 
And every year for sixuen years and more, and every day of the year, he 
has been found waging the same warfare, and as long as God give< liim 
strength, he will still be found fighting the same good fight against cor- 
ruj)ti<.n ;ind crime, in favor of good faith and cleanness in all thai makes 
for the commcin weal. 

"Add to this the highest t\pe of honesty, sidendid ability and Mipreme 
courage, coupled with a unn grasp of legal principles, and a remarkably 
aecuiate knov.ledge of our de':-ision?. and we -hould think that he would 
make a good judge. Put tiiis question is not left to conjecture; we kiwv: 
he will make a good judge because he has made a good judge. Presiding 
on the circuii bench liere, h,.- has always insisted on the records being full 
and lair, presenting with accuracy and candor tlie rulings and evenrs of 
the trial: and 1 wL-h to make this predirtion, that no case will come down 
from the suprena.- court dt;rin-4 hi^ incuniljency there, whether a>signed 
to liini or not, uiih.jut parsing ur.der ihe conscientious, painstaking scrutiny 
of at lea-t one able judge. He will to the supren,c bcncii \ igor of 
mint' enr! body, firmness of pur]jo-e and a jihen.jmeiial capacity- for work; 
all seasoned by years of industrious aj^plieation. and with it all, a knowledge 

•:iyj.y i ;i ^.i-nhp \ nox 

of tlic pc':>p'ti whose lii-piMcs Ik- is lo si-iiiv, aii'i .1 s\-iiinai'nj.- viih thcl:' 

" i 'i> \ ■ ii iiiquiie of !:!^ ti^raecracv •* l!_ I'.iits back a liiintli-cd yc;;is. 
He bol'/i-.L;.- lu tlic: !'.:'.rl:y i;'.!liia:U arid !i.!-.. tio\"cr b>jc.u r'>uau sulkiiii; in lii .; 

"!'>>) \-(:-j ask rf b!; rinii-.i-.i::; fjiMlliics-' We ncv/i oii!>" ri-ii-r lo b.i:-. 
reconl. lli" race rnroiii.b.uU! i!u' siate i.; 10 us al! and nteus :iO 
ap(^l>>,c;y. lie has never bc^n de'.Vau.'d wv run Iv^liind his ticket; and what 
is luori roir.ikabie, lie r.(.-\'or r,iado a ratx- ii: his htc- but he i,ot a good 
s|>rinkliri- ;,•!' ihat least (!■.;, .-lulab'c of ;d! ihinss, tl^' republican vote lor a This is bccauso as a man he stands tjr things and as a jiuige 
he docs ii'in;!> in; one can opp.ose, be he reprtidic-an or d,eniocrat. 

"To h;M as •luiee, e\'ery litigant, whetlier he be the mightiest corpora- 
tion, or ilie poorest and liumbiest eiti/eri, may submit )iis Cdiise with the 
full a^siiraucc tlial it v.ili be ably and carefidly considered and im- 
partially decided. 

"This one ildag I know, and all wh.o know Judi^c Woodson will attest 
it, no man, no combination of men., ivj inilnence, no power is big cnoue/n 
or str();i;4 ciiough or wily enough to enrb Id-^ independence or stay ids iiap.d 
from doing jnstice as he see? it. 

"Thcrciorc, Mr. Ch.airman, in the nanic of Buchanan county 
aiwa\ s rolls wp a h.ind-ome democratic majorit\-, in the name of Xortkwtsi: 
Missouri that has wailed patiently for o\ er Tliirty years for repre.=eni-aiior.; 
in the na:r.e of the democratic party that always demanrls th.e bcs'L men 
for judicial limber; in the name of the whrde people of our ^'reat state who 
ahva^•s look 10 our ['arty, and ne\-cr in vain, for th.e' choice of judges, 
I move the nomination of our candidate ("or judge of the supreme couri, 
thi.s sor. of the founuers of onr liberty, this keeper of the clean cor.scitmrc 
of an American sox'ereign, this modest citi.'.en, firm, sincere and self-poised, 
this plain Missourian, near lo the people and sensitive to their wrongf, 
this able jcdc;e that inspires confidence, tins disunguislied dt-moer.:!«: ^nd 
champion of freedom who will defend I ho constitution and the cquai 
rights of a'l the people under it, even as the patriot defends hi? flag, the 
Honorable A. M. Woodson of St. Joseph." 

The nominatioi-i was seconded in a sb.oit speecli by lion. E. Ii. Xorlin) 
who mov.d that the rules be suspended and the nomination be m.-'de 
unaninious, and by acclamation; which done. Judge Woodson w.'..-^ 
duly elected for a term of ten years, entering upon his duties in IQO.S and i.s 
still fiiliiig I'ie ofacv with distingiiislicd ability. 

X 703 Henrietta A.," born April 9, 1^55, in riai.;e count\ . Missouri, and died 
June 5, l><i'/, in (^amden Point. 

XI * V60 Cxroline Elizabeth,' !)orn I\Iay 23, 1857, in Sparta, Missouri, was grr.du-ted 
from C hri^-ion Colk-ge in Camden Point. She was married May 12, l.S.SO. 
in St. Joseph, 10 Dr. J. P. Reynolds of diat city, and died there. M.-irch 3, 
1900. She V, as a member of the Christian Church. 

I?S 111;" \v■;"I".•^•.■^ : aa':- nniiu c'u.NNr(.rir>\t 

Issue of 3i5C SILAS WOODSON'^ ;\V;ulo X.'thorl.iiKi," Tuclivr,' ]<^<-].:<: ILAxirlr Jvh'v) 
on>i Mai y J. :!■.;• Mc-RohortL", !iis first, wii'o. 

I 770 rv'liHsr,* b ,'ri: Alny ]6, !S4i, iu Knox i-f.miy, isi nUir!-.>-, v,\-ul willi 

laiiuT in 1 ^^'50 tw Missouri w iicrc Ik." w.'S l-^'i'ii; cducatcj ^'. lu'ii t!ic Ci\:! W ir 
begun. I!o e!'']isi(i.! in iI-.l- l'\-«.! army ii'. 1,S62 ;Mui scTscd f.iiili!ij'i\- 
".Muil tl:o flo,-c (•( ilu' war, and dice! ai Ills linr.u- in Si. Jn<cj.h. in Knu-, l.'-O^. 
lie was a talcr.icd Nocnt; man, liad ctic^ra ilic !a\',' i<n his |!;-jff.-.-<inn, i-.un ,i 
brilliant future was predittcd for Iiim. He was nan.rtl I\ii!K-r in l-.on^.r vi 
his fatlifr's fiirnier l.iw i.>ari!\er. Jiidi;o Sanniel IMillcr, wiio ialcr became 
associate jiistiro of ilic- I'nitf'd Stales supieinc court.. 

ls,srE BY iiiiRD ^v!rE, Vincuxi.-. Jiliki Laki> 

II " V/i iviary Alice,"' born Septeniijcr 1-1, \i<~Q, in Si. Jo.-ep!i, Mi^toiiri, vlicre 
she was re-ared and educated. She is a of refial appearance, cahn 
dignity and makes frienrls wlvrcer she goe-;. She was niarried Jnly itf, 
1S93, at's home in Si. JosctjIi, to Jefferson Carter Ilosea, v.'l'.o 
was also fiorn in Si. Jn.-epa, his iiarents iiax'in;.; setlleti there in ihc early 
history of the t<jwn. He mi>\-ed \\itli his family ia the stimntor of 191?. 
to I'ordyce, .Arkansas, wheie he is prominently connceied with the Hoi^^.e 
Insurance Ctimpany of that city. 

in 772 Silas Salraon," born June IS, 1P7,", ii; Su Joseph, Missouri, and flicd at the 

early age of si.-vteen years, on Deceirlier 28, iJ''93, at the placc^ of his birtli. 
At the time .of his deatli he was a studen? ac Aiissoiiri I'dilitary Acadeeiv. 
in A'e::ic(;, Missouri. He wa.- a lad of unusual prom;-.e. His cherished 
aiiibition "was to complete his education at West Point, an appoininient to 
the Acadeinx' ln;\a'nt; been promiseii liim. 

IV 77.^ Virginia .Laid' (t/.in sister to 772 Silas Salmon \\ .jndson') was born jiute IS, 

l;w5, in S'l. jo^^eph, Aii-'^ouri. Slie was irr.r.ried Scptendier 12, 189'^, at 
her father's hon''e in St. J'^.seiih, to Ernile Thomas Jr., of St. Loins. He 
\\'a3 a son of Emile Tluimas, Sr.. wn.o for nian\' years was sheriff of Sr. 
Louis county, Missouri. Tiie>' had one son, Emile 'A'oodson Thomas,' 
born August 24, 1900. 

Issue of 3£0 WADE IIETHFRLAKD WOODSOK, JR.' (Wade Xetherland,^ Tucker,-' 
Josepj;,'' Robert,- Jcdm-J and Elizabeth Stewart, his first \>-ife. 

I 77<t Silas,' born januar;. 2, lS-)6, in Kno.x count \', Kentucky. 

Issue 01 331 WILLIAM WOODSON'- (John Pleasants,^ Tucker,^ Joseph,' Robert, - 
jiihn'; and .\nna rebley, 

I 775 John/ i>orn possibly about 1826, and was reared in cast Te.ine>,se(; where 

;ic seems to have spent his entire life. 

II 776 S.-.rah,' born about )S28, was reared ia east Tennessee. 


Hi * 777 Eli:^ab^■!l,' born nlK.nt in .\m ■l\-!,;;---oe. wlK-re ?ho was ni-vrle.l 
abou; 1S3 1, i" IXixiii K. \.>i: ;',:,■. 'i'iir.- sr.ont their li\i;:^ in AudeiiiOii 
county, 'renncs^ce, ar,.,l ■.lied ;'.t C j :! Cn.-cl;. in liuit county. 

]\' 778 r.Tart/i.-.,' horn proh ibly ;'Vjr-.ut lo-'^:'. ;,. cost '! cnnOi^sco. 

\' 7/9 Partlioiiia," hn.n aii'Hit ic^vi i;i ca:-i'ce. 

\'l 7R0 l\Tary," lui;-n ab'OUl l;'o6 in cast Tennessee. 

\ li 78J Andiev.-,' bom al-'i:t 1S3S in Tcni.csscc. 

\"li; 782 "WDliari," ab'Uit lotO va cast '('enao-^co. 

Issuft of 392 JOHN F. WOODSON'^ (John llL-asaiu.^,^ Tucker,' Jo,s<,p!i/' Robert,' 
John') and Dui'lon. his wile. 

] 7S3 B. Iliil," born prfbab.'y about I8-!0 ia I,!linl^i^. I'is parer.ts died v.-hen he 

was but a \oath. He then v.eui to cast Tennessee and lived with ids 
yrandpr-'.cnts uiitil b.o was ali.ail grown, .^t liiC beginning oi' the Civi't 
War he volunteered in the service o{ the Cor.federato states, aitaiued tlic 
rank of ca[aain, and \vas killed in one of the battles in Missouri. 

Issue of 3B'S AITDRl-W D. NYOODSOU* (John P.,= Tucker,' Joseph,' Robert,- John') 
and ''dary I'erguMin. 

I 784 WilJiani.' 

n 783 Lina.' 

in 786 Margaret Ann.' 

IV 7S? Mary.- 

V 7SS Jane. 7 

Issue of 3 90 GLOi^GE V/. WOODGOK« (John P.,^ Tucker,-' j-seph.' Robert,'- John=) 
and Eliza l^rov% n. 

I 7£9 Elizabc-th,' bi.rn :\iay 21, 18:-'6, in Lee cninty, Virginia, went with the 
fan-lib.- in ihlO to Campbell c-e>ui;t>-, Tennessee. 

II 700 Graneille,' born Dercmber 15, IS.V/ , in Loc county, Virginia, wcpt with the 
family in 1S40 to Campbell county, Tennessee. 

HI 791 SilaS;" l,.oin ^.birch 20, 1839, in I ee county. Virginia, and the ne.xt year 

(1S40), v,cnt wltli the fanuly to Campbell county, Tennessee. 

NO H'.'r. \\\---.^<:-':\-'. .\N1> !';■ IK "•o.\"--"-(.'Ti V- 

I;' 792 Audrev.,' b th !\^i i;.:;y Zi, i^^'l, -lii iIa f.imi near i'i:\<\;siii-, in Caiiipliv.:' 
cour.ts', Tcp-iii >.-!.•■?. 

\' * 793 Alvi:; K./ hor:. I'ri'ru ay 21, 18-i3, luar Fiiicastlc, (";i;Kpii.'!l CMUiiiy. 
'i'ei.iH\-rL\', ap;! -ivatf rrart'' on 'J\c i'ar.ii. \\'l:eii abdui gto'.'. n Iio v.cti'l \'< 
Kutix coi-..!iy. Meaiucky. lo ll.w :i:v.\ \\ a:; nauiied al 7:.'iO o'clock p. in. I'.i 
IX-crm'in'\ ,!5. 1 S-ift. at J.ii;.,-s\iri,?, Kiicx ci">i!r,;\', KentacUy, u> ?vliss Airicrii\> 
Ji:incs (.-i ihai 'jI-iCc. Bcint; of a i.^Nini; di<pu^iiioa. 'io ni<:.\-eu a Gre.ii. 
liiaiiy tuiu-s, I'laiainini; biii a sIkh; iii:u- at an\ oav I'lacc, raiaHy ijiifii;!,! 
to Si'enaaa, Tcxa.-, whore liis wife died. .Aiu'ii;:! 2J, 1900. Af'.(;r i.liiii 
bcrca\'ci!ieni l.e ir.'.n-cd \o W'iatlu'i p, Sl'a-^icr ^oiwity, California. \v!iere ho 
i? sii!! li\ia.L;. .vitiionph lie lias lra\cli,'d al>-aar sn much, ii Is wirli n'aicl' 
satisfaciioi) that he states, he lia-< iicvx-r f. rracU any c\\\ h.abits sach as 
<lrinkiii;.4. j;aivilil!ng and t';e like, but has ai.says Mvetl an life a:ai 
iricd ti) set a ^ood CNainple i'-. his children aad otlicrs. 

\'l 794 Julia r.I.,' iioni Novemb.-r 29, 1S44, on th^- [arm near Fincastb, Canjpbell 
couiily, Tenaes:reo, and was still li\-ii!g in iynS. 

\'II 795 Araerica C ,■ b.jrn December 25, IS46, near Fincasrle, Tennessee. 

VII! 796 Daiiiel O.J born 14, 1S49, on the fa.rni near F"incast!c.Tcnncs'-co. 

IX 797 jane S../ born reliruary 11, 1S51, ixar Fiii':?.srle, Tennessee, '.vas married 
to ?,I. -M. Smith and livca at Red A^h, \\'hi;!ey county, Keniacky. 

X 79S Paiali E.," born ^b.y 2, lo53, near FircasHe, Tennessee, was married to 
I\Ir. F'asC and no\\- li^'es at Colfax, Washington. 

XI 799 Mary," born March 31, 1S56, in Campbell county, Tennessee. 

XI i 80'.) Lucy ObeiienceJ born July 15, 1S60, at tlie eld Lome near Fincastle, in 

Campbell coiiniy, Tennessee, was married lo !Mr. Miilex and now 

lives at Bergen, Kentuck;.'. 

Reco'rd from the family Bible of 150 John P. Wood'^on. 

Issue of 399 JOS.EPH LD.BURN WOODSON" (jolm P.,' Tucker,< Jo.Cj.h,^ Koberc,- 
John'; and Jul'na Pollard. 

I * fOl William Andrsv/,' born February 24, lS4:i in Lincoln coanly, Missouri. 
was reared on the faini and edi:cated in th.e country schools. FFj was 
married October 24, 1S64, to Miss Sar.-h Amanda Casner wb.o was boru 
in Brooke coi;nty, West Virginia, sixteen miles from the city oi Wheeling. 
After his marriage he engaged in tiie i7iercanli!e business, in which h? was 
successful. lie ser\cd a.-, (lerk of Lincoln cotinty for tweive years. Being 
a staunch democrat, he was appointed ptjstmaster at Troy, Missouri, by 
President Grover Cleveland. After four j-ears' service he resigned the 
oflicc an.J accepted a posl'ion as commercial travele" !or a mercantile 

iKViCVVil i.;;~N 


h.-i;,;.e. On a'^coiMil ol' hi- v.-hoV :'v;'liii iic g.u.- i;;, ;l:;s l.;!^i!;css and i;i 
1<)08, moved to Lo> Av'icclcs. C;iut-.n:;:i. whero !;:■ ^;iil :-o:-kictf. lie nas 
biv;) ;; nu-iubcr of liw Christian Cliinch f-incc A;;; ii h I'^Oi. 

II * S03 Mi^■50uri Jane,* bon; :\o\ ember 6, lS-!4. at Troy, in Li:u-uhi coimty, 
A'i-ouri, vwv^ mnrricd D.'cemb>T 15, 'SlO, lo Marblo CuiKTun Blank;, 
at_ hvr home i-rar Cliab. of l^ocks. Mis^^niri, by Res. Thumas. She dic-J 
April 25, 19(i5, ;ur\ivcd by her husbaiui and four childreii, v;ho are yet 
li\lrig in Columbia, Missouri. 

Ill * 803 Henry Jasjjer," bom March H. 1::'6. at Chaia of Rocks, in iJncoUi county , 
^Hs^ouri, and has lived coiitir.'aou^ly up to the preKnU time, on a far>n 
within four mile.-, of hi< 1 irlii plaeo. tie was married first, o:i Feb;uary l-^. 
1^6(), to Sarah Hul'.on. who b e.nne the m.uber of .4x thildrcn and flied. 
.April 75. 1877. lie was married, secoud, oa March 27, ISV'.'*, to Mary 
lalen Adinirc, who boca.nic the molhcr of live children ;md di'.M Octoix-r 13. 


He c-avs of liimsolf tliar ho I; <i farmer and a true democrat. He 
believes the liible to bo tiie inspired Word of God, but has never coanectcd 
himself with any church. He did not serve on cither .side in the Civil War, 
but on acconnr of his southern pioclivilies, re.'eived some rough treatmenv. 
at the hands of Federal soldiers. He siili Ines near Old Monroe, Lincoln 
county, Missouri. 

IV * SOI Sarah Virginia," born ]May 19, V^AS, at Chain of Ro^ ks, in Liaroiii couniy, 
Missouri, and was twice married; fii:>r, on Jidy 18, ISt..'), lo Ch...rks V-'. 
.Mer.-hoii, who v,a> born in Owen county. KeiUucky, and is a Oroilicr to 
William G. .Merslion. He died Dcccmbe;- 2.S, 1S75, survived by chej/idow 
and five children. She was married second, on August 4, 1S7S, to Thomas 
J. Creech of Lincoln county. They ^re sail living in that county, near 
Moscow Mills. 

V 805 India A., born April !, 1650, and died May 21, 1S52. 

VI * C06 Columbus Todd," born April I, lS5o. on his father's farm ne:-.r Chaiu of 
Rocks, Lincoln county, Missouri. He received his education in the near 
by schools and li%cd at the paternal home tintil he was twenty-one years 
old. Afier iie was fourteen \ears of ago, he worked daring tht winter 
months in his father'., store at ( hain of Rocks, and when the time came for 
cutting wheat he betook himseb' to the farm and remained there. doin.r, all 
sorts of farm work, until afier the coin was gathered and housed in the fall, 
then back to ihe store for the winter. This rcgulai routine of duiies was 
kept Tip until he was twenty-one years of age, when his father ga-ee him an 
interest of S15()0 in the store. About this time, when all the woi-id seeinod 
bright and fair, lie wooed and won tlie heart and h-oid of Miss Camihc- 
Medora Admiie, wh.o was hrst coutin to SOi Henry lasper \A-0Gdsou's- 
stond wife. She was Ikuu Mcy 16, 1S5S. They were marned January < , 
1875 and settled ai Chain of Rocks wh.;re he continued in ihe niercaiitilc 

'NS an:- iSiriK conxki s; 

lv.'-^ip.C?s six >(.-:i;'s; dii;'i;;.< v.-hic:; iiiv.c he i^oi'-i ;;r.ods from tiie store v'r; 
croilit, to the ainount i.;' S'5.00.\ wliicl! v.;i> r.,-\\'< cot'cctcf'. and he ''v.'cni 
to the v.'i!!." :>:^3()0 ii> i;!c!>;. Xo:hin,; ti.nui '(.■■.!. lie wciU t<' work get tint; 
out i-''i,s for il;c AUoii Ho:: '.^I;'..iu:\ici;:n!;;:^ CMtiipapy. 

Within four ycar^ l^c Iiad v^ai.' u:T every ;iv!lar oi hii ddn and laid Uj) :; 
siiug sum vliich he inverted in ihc- hotri bii^iiK-s:-. ;it Old ^donroe, in 
Lincoln cnuii'y. L5eir.;c uiui.-cd to i!us bii~:ne>.s, lie soo;: '"went busted" 
(,10 use his own exiire-sion) and secured a po^iti-in as u'avcli'.ig salesman 
for I\iorIe\' Bros.; \vorked fc"" triem 'en > e-Ms a'.id resii^^ned to accept a 
position as inspector on the \Vo>!ld's Fair Cinuinds at St. Louis, under 
R. ]i. Philips, civil engineer. 

After tiu' great Kxposition was cner, lie resinned his connection 
with MorIc\" l>rus. and contiiiJU'd wi;h thep.i until July. 1507, wlien he 
redgncd on account of rheuntailsn;. Ke .low resides at -1010 Nebraska 
.A\'ennc, Sv. 1 nuis. He is a. staunch democrat and a consistent if.einber of 
the yi. E. Church, South. 

VI I 807 M.'iigie,' died in infancy. 

VIII * 803 :.-i;san Minerva," born September 13, 1856 on ihc farm near riiain of 
Rocks, Lincoin county, ^Missouri, was married at her father's home, on 
June 14, 1S76. to William Granville ^.lershon, vciio is .a traveling salesman 
for a St. Louis Itouse. She is a .zealous m.ember of tbe Christian Church, 
and jjarticipatcr earnestly in its activities. In order to be near her husband 
whose headouarters are at Xa?h\-i!le, Tennessee, they ro-v reside in that 
cit>' at 916 Gilmore A\'enue. 

IX ?09 Robert Jdlburn,' born April .?, 1S59, on tlie farm nea" Chain of Rocks, 
Lincoln count\", Missouri. He has been a widower foi a nuuiiier of years 
and died December 25, 1912, at a hospital in St. Louis, where lie was being 
treattrd for heart trouble. lie is buried in Ins native county, at jdighland 

He had Iwo daughters (1),^ A'ho raarried Mr. Poilaid and i'2) 
Lillie.* v,ho married her first cousin, 1LS7 Lo'.ds Creech. ° Both are farmers 
and have good farms in Lincoln county. 

X * 810 Dora Alice," born .\ugusL 13, 1S61, near Chain of Rocks, was married at liei 
father's home, on Xoven}ber 18, 18S0, to John McXair Sinips(>n v/ho was 
born November 5, 1857. 

X( 81) Lola Eiiola," born May 29, 1S53, near Chiun of Rocks, Lincoln county 
Mi-.ouri, She is employed as storekeeper at tlie Masonic Llonie in St. 
Louis. S!ie has !ie\-er married. 

XII * S12 Kellie Rose Lee,' born Seplembcr 26, 1S05, on iicr father's farm near 
Chain of Rocks, was married at tlie place of htr bir'.h, by Re^•. 'V. A 
Adibort, on l-'cbrii-^r^- 19, 1885, t.' Jame= Norris Seals, son of Joseph and 
CcUiierine Scab.. He was born Apr^ J, 1856, in Adaais coun'._\-, Illinois 

■\rK \TH'N 

and died Apr;! T, U'92, M;rvi\.-d !>y in- v.i;o .;,.<.! f.iur r];:idi;.-n \v!il; Ww at 
Lorr-dtu-, l\\hwA>. 

Xlil '* 843 T'un.-s Edv.ra-d,' horn .A'.ir.-ii 25. 1^<k<. oi\ Jk' c.Id • near Chv.ln <.f 
]<o;-k-. L'.iiroh; foiuiix', Aji-^>«.Mri, w,;.- inanicd u\!Ui:'ir_v- 26, li>''>'i. lo lk-.i;;i.> 
d:-.:-.^ W.rjclty. Tlivv ii'.od a !'l.■^^■ y.,'.irs ai Troiuon, ilHnoif., then rctiiii->>d 
u> th./ir iuuivc rtnio aud in 1''00 v.ore li\!a,c a: 10 Ri;,^d>y flaco, 5l. I.ouif;. 
lie is a liaveling salesman. n.:;".\rtoiuir'i; a Si. I.oiiis licni~e. 

Issue of 400 ELIZAB^^TH H. WOODSOrl' vJc.lm r.,n'.;^!a-r,^ Ju;.cT.h,Mlr i>^n," JohnO 
and Daniel S. Owen. 

1 QU Harriet M. Ov;ea,' Ir^ni l?-.^'', i;. Campbell i-<H;nt\'. T.-;ne.sscc, whcro ?lu- 

ha.-, !i' erl all la r life. She \va.- married to Mr. r.-uvc v.-ho died . 

Idle widow i.-- -;ill li\iiig (1910) at Coal Creek in her .•.ati'.e county, wdth her 
son, L. J. A. I'elree.* 

Th.ere were ten. oihcv children born to 400 Elizalielh M. Woodson.'^ 
and Daniel S. Owen but their names ha^•o no; been obtained. 

Isi-ue of 401 ROLiEPvT C. VfOODZOl-i' (John P.,' Tuebcr,' Jos.;ph,= Robert,- Joim') 
;ind Lucy Jane Fugate. 

I SI 5 Smith.' 

II 810 Jerome.' 

Issue of 4C-7 ALLJZIT V^OODSON': (jessc,' Wiiiiam,'-,-' Robert,- John^) and 
Jane Ta>loi . 

I * 817 William,' born February, 1798, in Pitvsylvai-ia county, Vlrgiva'a. He 
received a good common och.ool education in the schools of his vicinity, 
and 'vas married in bS25 to Mariha G. Haythe, who was born February 17, 
lSO-1. She was a dau-hier of William Fiaythc of CampbclJ county, 
Virginia. Tlicv settled 0!i a farm near Fincastle, in B'Hetourt cou.ruy, 
He was a man of great industry and energy, and a very -'..ccossful far;aer. 
H^' loved his occupation aad was methodir-a! in his farming operaf.on:-:. 
He di^.i March 27, 134-;, at his liomo in F.oteiourt eoimty. His v.'kIoo.-, 
three years afterwards, in 18-47, was married to John Sto;'er, and died 
I\Iay 12, ISSl. They bought tbcPidgeon Pan: fanr. near Gladys, where \]\c 
whole family, white and black, lived abour ten years and then ntovcd back 
to the old farm in Botetourt county. 

II 818 ElizabePa,' born about 1800, was married twirc; f.rst, t(^ Mr. Terry and 

second, to Mr. \ alden. ■ 

III KIO Martha," bora about 1S02, '.as married to Mr. Rogers and settled in 

Pittsylvania county. 


I\" S20 Daughter,' niarri.x! \\'i!i;.!;n l-nmur. 
\' S2l D.i.uglrier,' inatrieu Mr. Tti iv. 
VI L-.22 j">:ui:;i;ter,' iiiarrkJ ?.Ii. \\".,lia-r. 

Issue of 4 1 2 CAPTAIN CHARLES VrOODSQ]^'' ( i)-ury.- \Vi!li.U!i,' Bonja-nli:,^ Kobcri,- 
J..)nnM o:k1 14 JiiJiih Liakc. 

I * 823 Tarloton,' lumi Aii-u&i 6, 17,^1. at h\i father';- h.):nc, "'Rot-rhaiik," in ' i'e 
iv-nhv.-e-^tcrn ix;r: uf Cunihi: l.nul cciini>-, \ iivinia. Uv was nianiovl 
JaiuiaiA 1 i, ISoi, lo Kli,:al)(.ih Piirv Kir!. ardsoii, a sinter i;^ his broth. a 
Wiliiaiii's •,.ife, Mary Rirluiri].-.<.n. lie 'jv.ncl a Uiige farm in Cumher- 
! !i;'i iMimt^ . i!:s home was ra.lkd "Tr.'.vi kr's Kc-l." ' h was there in- 
(i;..-!. !:»t(e;jJ-e)- JS, 18r7. 

II * S24 Wiijiam,' horn March 2S. 1784, ,,i Rom l.ank, ( "uirJx rlanc! couiitx-, Virgitjla. 

Me wa^- gi\ en ; jvu:<l cducaiidi; aiiJ wa:; Hiarricd about 181-1 U) Marv 

Richard.-on, wlio \ias born Xo\eml_)er 14, 1796. She was a lister of Jol;;; 
R. Richardson who married Ann iS'isbct Powell. He had a splendid farm 
in Riirkingham, near the hne of Cumberland cu'ip.ty, -.vhich extended iiiio 
the James River "iow grounds." Much of the iaitd was drained !jy under- 
gp.>imd tiling. The buildings, the fences and overyching aboui the place 
w;i> Icejii in the nm.-^t perfect order. Adtogcther it was. perhaps, one of <he 
best kept and most highly cultivaied farms in that part of the .-tate. 

On an eminence overlooking the "low grounds," he built 1:1s residence 
V. iiich was called the "Red House." Here he and his e.xcellent v/ife spent 
the.r entire wedded life, prosperous and happ\-. 

He was a man of a high sense of honor and strict bTisin.ess habits. 
He v.-as kind and humane in his treatment of his slaves, of whcr.i he ow;-i-=d 
quite a number. During the latter j-ears of his life he devoted much 
tinie to collecting genealogical and historical data of his fa:r.i!y and hi,-, 
ancestors. After his death in 1S61, hiscldest son 1505 John Pros-er Woodson* 
liad charge oi his personal efiects. and loaned his manuscript and all ilie 
data to — Charles Van. Der \'eer Wocd.son of .Prince Edward county, 
after whose death all these pajK-rs, which had come to be kno'.va as ihe 
"Prosser Woodson Papers," were misplaced or lest. 

S24 William Woodsor." died at the Red Hou.e on May .SI. 1861. .His 
wife ;'.!r\-i\-ed al:i'>,it: e!e\-c:"i years and died iii iS72: after \'dt'c!!, the Red 
Hou.-e projjerty was sold and di\ided among the heirs. 

Ill "' o25 ).ucy' (so naaied for her pati-rnal grarrlnother, 140 Lucy [Christian] 
\\r>'>.l~ou-'), born 17SS at Ro^ebank in Cumberland county, and 
tuanieri to William Miller of the same cotint\-. She died at her home in 
Cumberland, on June 30, 1S61, aged sc\enty-tlii^e years. 

1\' 820 Frederick,' born about 1790. at l-Iosebank and died Xovembcr 18, ISIS. 
>.e\er married. 

\' S27 Nancy," bon? about 1792 at Rr;.-.'bank, div d young. 



X /• 



\'l * 828 Charles Ltwis,' born ..•'.Hi'c iJ^i, ;r: Ro^, hi rninborlaiui county, 
\"ii-c.i;iia. Some four or r;\-c \e.o-;i Lsier, one v^l '."nv ;ieai- iicii^hhors, Mr. 
Willi. '.r,i Powdl, died. Icavin;,' l.i^ir orjilun c:-.;'l'iYn — William Powell. 
11. nry rowoll, l.iiui;ii Grayson l'-.^-::. aivi .\v.\\ N'-'ii Powfll, ^h■^ youngest 
')e!Tig aa ip.fa.n:-. '^i';.■^a fn-at [aiv.-.-'l r'nildrcii v.a.ri; ra.ken to Ro^ch^uk iiy 
■il2 ti'.aric.^ Woodson'' and hh wife, Judi.Ii, and wore learcd and 
cuucMU'l as carofuHy ami UiCM-oiigiily as their own rhildren were. 

)i! ibe meantime their i'On .'^JS Oiarles I.e\vis \\'oo(l<0!V .!;rew io ytninj; 
manho 'd and received .-raih edueaiion a;; the ''Old !-"ield Seliools" of tiio 
lime eould ^i\e, .ind v her, about eighteen years old he wa.sfent to Purdeaiix, 
rravii-r. u. eumj.'ieie ('.is educatiem. Durini; his ^'ixy there, he ;u'.d 313 
Captain John I'.Ion'-ti of Piinre halwarcl cnun(\- (\>dn), it is >aid was 
ministtr [ile?;ipote!Uiary, reprcs(.'ntiae, the Um'tecl Siatc.-), I'eean-.e very 
much atiached to other, atid this friendship was cherislied by both 
as lon^ as they lived. When L liarle.s. returned to \'irgin.ia. he found i'is 
erstwhile playiiiatf, Liatnn (bayson Pov.ell, ju-t b.ndding into bea\itiful 
youn;.; womanliofid and, namrail;- , !;e soiiglii lo m.ike h^r his \.ife. At 
first the proiiositiou was looked upon v.ith disfavor by his paienrs, for the 
• reaso.i thai Charles was not a rrbust young man, but rather ineliiied to be 
delicate. However, his health was soon regained and, all objections 
being overcome, these two young people were married l-'ebruary 27, 1817, 
and old Rosebank was once more the scene of gaycty and happiness. 
They settled in Powhatan counry at a little place called Hopkinsville which 
has lono^ since disappeared from the map. Here they established their 
home which liad prcbcdjly been given them by his father. In this home 
they spent their few years of happy wedded life. In this iionie all their 
children were born and in this home they themselves died — he on Septtinber 
8, 1826, and she, just twenty days later, on September 28, lS2o. 

The nev^-spaper publishing thcii' death notice, adds: "They were 
lo\-cIy and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not aivided. ' 
(2 Samuel, 1:23.) 


The Powells are among the first families to settle in Vireinia. 
"John Powell came to Virginia in the Sv.-aliowe in 1609. His muster in 
]('24-5 included Katl erine Powell, born 1603, came to \'irginia in th.e 
Plying Hart in Septembc'-, 1622, John Powell v-'as Lorn in Virginia. Ik- 
was a member of the huuse -jf buigesses in Stpietnber, 1632, io; the (h^tnct 
'•from Waters Creeke to Maries .Mount." John Powell (possibly there 
were two of tnem) was a member of the house of burgesses from Elizabeth 
.City. 1657, '58, '59, '60 and 1663, 1666 and 1676. Jolm Powell the 
patentee had other sons. In 1651 Benjamin Powell of >Zew Poquoson, 
York county, made a deed f()r land patented by John Pcnvell, his father, 
February 6, 1635. lie also deeded land on June 7, 1657, to his brother, 
William Powell. Aufi on Octobci 5, 1655, there is a deed from Wi'.ham 
Powell of York and his wife, Mary, daughter of William Tapley deceased. 
'Iherv was for a long a family of .Powells in York eouniy inW'hich the 
. nare.e of Benjamin frequently ai-ijiea/s, Benjamin Paweli was elected 

liH-iRO'^r of ihfc coHiPV-ii council of ^^"!u.i^■:^^ur^; ia 17C7 ani! Hc;iij;uni;; 
Powvll v.-;i:- ;ippo'iHo.! ju>\icc of ;he pci'V !;.!<- Voi'c coinuy. in ')~S\ 
(V,\. :M;ig. \ol. 1. p. iC'.:.) 

V'-roj'.; llii.; niicicm i!!u' luwiorablc !';iii;i!y all 'lie Powi-lls. of \',ia, 
p-,' far as known, \vcro d-.^ccadr-i. 'ra.on-ia.- Po-aoII --.vas born 1 /50 iw-A was 
n an-;,;,! iii 1772 lu I-.iixabcili Oi:/!;v.-. To this uniuu tlnic were l.iorn 
pri>ii..! fovcrai rhiMrm; ■ •nc of v. i:--i;i waJ William rowoli, born in 1776, 
was iiuuric-d nboui 1797 biii I'lv- iiarac i.'f !;is wile has not boci. asccrlaiiicd. 
T1k>- sc-Uled in ili>' pan-'heni pan: of Cainbc-rland couniy, Virginia v.-Iic-ro 
til. y I':o;I. di.'d ai;oui 1S06 wlion i.hur foviilli child was but an infant. 

Issre of WILLIAM POWELL fThoma^) and wife whose name is not knowa.. 

] * Henry Powell, born July IS, 1797, ai the bonic of his parents in the tapper 

]iari of Cumberland county, \'ir-inia. After the death of in's parents, 
about 1^06, he was Taken by Capt. Charles Woodson^ and Judiih Lnake, 
his wife, to their home-, Rosebank, wlicrc he was reared and educated. 
He was twice married; first o". Ocioboi 22, j81S, to .Manha V. Ir-ine \v!;o 
was born Xovember 27, 1799, '1 hey continued to rc-^ide in Cumberland 
county until thc\ laoved to Shell)}- county, Tennessee, iii lS.i2 and settled 
about twent> miles east of AIcmi=his. Hero his ivife died ?<Iarch il, 1840. 
He was married ag.iln on January 27, 1841, to Maria Williams, who died 
October 12, 1861, aged 57 >ears, 11 montiis and 19 days. He continued 
to reside at his home, "Morning Sun," where he died Augih-t 5, 1869, aged 
72 \"ears and 18 da>'s. 

II Linton Grayson Powell, born July 27, ISOO, in Cumberland cottnty, Virginia. 

Im.medlately after the death of lier parents, she was taken by Cajit. Charles 
Woodson and his wife, Judith Leake, to their home, Rosebank, where she 
was reared and educated. She was married February 2 7, 1817, at Rose- 
bank, to 828 Charles Lewis \Voodson,' the youngest son of her adopted 
parents, 412 Captain Charles Woodson'' and Judith Leake. Hei iiusband 
died September 8, 1826, and she, just tweaiy days later, on Scpte.trbcr 28, 
1S26. Both were buried in the fa.niily burying ground at Ro.-,cbank, the 
home of their ciiiidliood. For issue =ce 828 Cliarles Lewis Woodson.' 

HI * Ann Tosbet Powell, bom July 26. 18(13, in Cuml-Hand rounly. Virginia. 

Her [Kuenls died when she was bur two or three years of age and, with her 
sister and two broiheis, she was taken by 412 Capt. Charles Woodson^ 
and hi- wife, Judith Leake, to their home, Ro-ebank, which was but a 
short di.-lanee from the Powell l-.ornc, and there reared 5in\ educated; 
graduating at Ann Smith Academv. She was married December 19, 1822, 
- at Rorcbank, to John R. Richardsnn who was born April 1, 180J, at Boston 
Hill, Cumberland C(junt>, Virginia. This young couple oonfinucd to 
reside in Cumbcrlaad county for -everai years and about 1S28 moved to 
Montgomery county and "ocared .near Christiansburg on an ol<I homestead 
called "Fathcringay." Here ihoy I'ved loitil al)oi:t 1S35 wiien they re- 

S:-Vh;N!li G: NliUAnON? 

turiicd to C'lMil-.'-latvi iTiiuniv onO nvIiHj h >n';:riiiii;^ ;oiniJor;iril\ at tin- Ik-IiIi- 
of Air. C \\';--t!";n, tiu-ii' s ■.>!.; iiyo- 1 ciui^l \'"as l^jrii May oO. I;v35, aiuJ ivu 
day? U'.u' the .I'liiig moi'ier 'i'.:.'. j.ii\ !, '..■-'5. !n her last iiu.MiiCii'iS ,-l:t- 
CGiai'iCiificd liir hti,--baiui ru^.i I'lW \'('i;!U; .'liiKhcn {o l!;e l(>\'f and caro nI 
God vdioiii she v.or.-liippcd. ^-1 e h..'.'t i>'H'n iov four yc;irs, ;i c>-iisi.^tcitr 
nioiiibcr of i!u rros'.jyioriaii ("l.urrh. She v,;;? lHiric<;i at Rosol.iank, il\e 
home of ht-r ak't'piod p.iri.Tiis, -Aiuio f^hi' Itiu! bi.e!i reared. i!or thildrcii 
v.'orc taken to ihe lu'inci- of vcKuixe^ ii'. t''.e neighborhood a.nd cared for 
unri! thej,- wcie ;.;rov,T., Her \\iu(n\ed haisbaiKl, after fourteen years of 
ref;t!ess lift, sl;M'.ed in IS-l"-' lu C alifu-. ni.'. in feare'ii of gold. Hav'ii'g 
proceeded as f^;!' as St. Joseph, Missottri, he vvaa stricken vith yelknv 
fe\-er and died th.'.re April 13, lS-1'-'. 

IV Vv'iili'iiu Pov.ed, ijorr, ab'./iit 18U-!, in Cniiiliei land count;.-, \'ir^;ini;i. After 

the death "f his p;:rents he was taken wiih his b.r.jilior and tn'o sisters, to 
th.e home of 4\1 ("apt. Charles Woodson"" an<l tliere i-eoied. and. educated. 
He was man icd September 16, iS24, t(.) 1_'30 Alary }-iolnian Woodson/ 
For issue sec \/MJ Mary Hohn.ui \\'oo(ison.* 

Issue of 


Thi.jpaas) and Maillia P. Ir\'ine, his first wife. 

Mary Rose Powell, born October 26, 1821, in Cinnljcrland coiinie, \':r^inia, 
went with the fan.ily in 1S32 to Shelby county, Tennessee, where she w.ns 
reared and ediieated. She was mariicd in 1S41 to George W. Davis, a 
prosperous farmer. They spent th.eir entire v.edded life on their farm at 
Mondiig Sun, '^bclby county, Tennesfee. where she died Octob-r 8, 1895. 
'J"o this couple \',ere born ten children: Cora \'irginia ])avis, Char!e= 
Tinsley Davis. San' Fontaine Davis. T!ie otlicrs died in infancy. 

II William Henry Foweii, born September 12, 1S2S, in Cumbc-iland county, 

Virginia, arid went with the family in 1S32 lo Shelb\' cotmtx', Tenne.-i-iee, 
where he was "eared and educated. He v.-as married to \'irginia Guerrant 
and died ATarcl! 7, 1871. They had child.'-en: (1) Harry Powell, born ie. 

Shelby county, Tennessee, and died ; (2) Agnes Powell, bora in Shelb;., 

coiintx-, Tenne:-SLe, was married to Mr. Vales and still lives near the j^laec 
of lier biri h; (3) Richard I'owell, born in Shelby county, Tennessee, is now 

married a'ui 

/e ■ nc.'ir the place of his birth. 

Ill Walter Irvine Powell, born October 8, K'^31, in Cumberland county, 

\'irginia, went with the family in 1S32 to Shelby county, Tennessee, where 
he was reared .'ind educated. He was married Xovember 8, 1S59, to Liicii.' 
W. Fmiiia. Thery now reside at V.'atcr Valley, Graves county. Iven.tucky. 

IV Kaiicy Pose I'owelb born June 21, 1834, at Morning Sun, Shelby county, 

Teanessee, and lived there until she was married May 17, 1871, to (.:harle-; 
B. English. Tliey settled at Brunswi<-k, She!i)y county, Tenue.---ce, where 
he was a proi.iineiu and i)ro.-.pero!:s merchant. She died there, \ia>' 1< 
iS83. No i:-3Ue. 

j9S ti;k w.Hinr'">N- axd tukik cowrcritv 

V Cliarles sVoodc-ori Poh e(l, i.»>ni J-".:;- 25, ! ^.^-7, on tlie t'.inn at Mui'iiii!., >r. ■■.. 

Shc'Ii'V i:(U!ri'.y. Tciinrs- •.■■.•,! Wwil \\:<:v.: until llu hr'cwking out (>f ihc (."i\-i! 
W^'i isi 1 S5' w'.; n !ic iiv.:v.;.n'.\ v...':):iu:c :\ J In ihv .^erviii.- of t!io CoiilcikT.iU- 
:U.ivcs, :.',:; ,. pri'.'alc iit c i.ip. iiv I), 'i"'!! ir'i i. '. :! t ii Tcn;vjsM'i: iiifaiUrw i Ir \v:i-. 
a brave ar/i faithful ^cliior and v as in c-.'cry iiaiilc ia wliicli Iiis reyiiucnt 
pariiripiu-'i uir.i! ilie l\'i',ie of iavo'klin, '''.. iMios^ct-, whore l>c \va> killo-', 
on .No\'(." 30, 186-1. No brawr ^oaU-.a nor truer man t*vor wore the 
Con fed L ra U- U n I f onn . 

\"I Samuel Powell, Iw-va I'tiMUj! y '-, 1.--1U, on Inc farm at Men rJ.itj; 

Stiii, Slii-lby county, 'I'cnitcssce. Wlien a yoinu; man lie \v"eut to Gciman- 
lovn, 'I'eiincssee, and ?cr-iircd employiVient in tiie cotion gin iti-jnufaclory 
'.vhicli v.'.'s owred by his coii'. in l.^u- Jolui .Morton W'ooil.-cn.- \\'i>i!c iht-rt^ 
he V.MS kiiltd by liijlunini; in tite sfrerno-n of May 7, 1S59. He was buried 
iri the family bur\ i.iy; grdund at ^U)n•li^j^; Son.. 

Issue of I.y.n KISBET POWELL t\\'il! Thomas) and. J..!m K. Richa-d-on. 

I Richard Richardson, b^jra in 1S2.?. at P>t'Sio:! Hill in L'uml'erbnH!, \'iri;inia, 

^nd difc-d Vihen but a fev. mmiths oid. 

II Ann Smith Kichsrdson, l)orn Augu.-l 30, 1825, ai Bostoi' Ili'J, In CninlHrlaiid 

Ci.iimu-, \ iiyinia. She was gi\-Ln this name in ho'.ior i.f Ann Smith .-'^c:idcn!y 
V. he'r hi r ni'/ther was ediicau-d, Irjt her fr.'her, nn! liking the r.cmc, 
Called !ier "Xaimie" arid b}- thi- riame slir v. as alw;i\ft kn;nvn. She w.-at 
with her parents about 1S28 to Faihcringa}.', Montgomery conr.tT.-, 
\'ir;^'in!:i, i:!ic\ remained imiil t''35 and rctr.rriod to Ci;mbo:-!a:".d 
cotir.t>. Mer mother died June 1, b?3.^, ;ind this chdd v-'as taki-n by l.'Cr 
"Atmt Polly" Rich-anbun, the wife of S2-1 Willi.. .a Woodson,' lo their 
liome "'I'he- Red Ibniae'" in lUiekingham oonnty, yf] diere reared and 
educated ijy pri\-aie tutors. Aljout the year 185.^, she 'ook a situation as 
teacher and after tliat Linie, spent the gre;iter pari of her life i:t the scliocl- 
room, teaching music prinelptdly. Fea' a of \ears she had 
of l!;c mu-:cal dcpartmep.t in tite aeadem\' fi.r young ladies at \\'ytlie"'.'!lL, 
\'irginia. This academy v,-as closed soon after tiie breaking cut of the 
Ci\'il War and she taught at variijus other places in Tennessee, Alabama 
and Florida. In 1SS4 and for se\era! years previously, she had charge of 
a pubiie selioo! and a pri\ate mufic class ai O.'iater r?rk near Orlando. 
Florida. In 1886, on account of deafness, she ga\-e up her profession of 
tcachin.:j and at the solicitation tjf her brother, Henry Woodson Rick.ardsori, 
made her hoiae in hi-; f.imiiy at Kno.wiile. 'I'ennessee. It was 'lere that 
she diefl Januar\' 2. PJ06. Slie hinl for man\- years loeen a de\Oiit member 
of the Presbyterian Church. l"ew women v.cre more iuiivers;dl\ bele.ved 
than she. So pure anrl cr\-stal clear w,-is her life and characler, that her 
inflnerice for good is incalculable and wii! las; ihroUi,hout eternity. iNcvcr 

]II V/illiara Bollir.g Richardson, born August 5, 1827. at I^osion Hill, bi Cuna- 

berland cr^uniy, \'irginia, and died June. b88,^ 

;iu i=i;nhua ,iox 



John Rice Richcrd;.on, Jr.. bort- Jiii'.i- 26, \$29. n: "r.uiKTiui^.iv" ii; 
Moni:;<^;rr.-r\- oniuty, Migir.i,;. wa.s ni.u-ricd Jr.'y lo. K"^;"!, vu Mis> Mary 
Clovd Mt:<'.:iv.-.' k-, of \\"yi.'.('\!'.!'-. \'ir^ini..i. Tiicy ciitinuo'l lo rosiile 
ii! V'irciiiia ii-.uii 1S74 wht-.i ihoy rcnio\ c.l ui I'Ti-".-.:!, I'.Minci^sco, where he 
diol Foluiiary iS, iSy^. They v err lifol.';;;: iv.c'.n\n:':> iJ ih'> ^^e^ln■le^ai! 

iJenry Woedson Richardson, I.nm roliriK.ry 2, 18.51, -Tt rnibcri;ii;a\-, in 
Mont^.'iiu rv a)i;iU\-, \'iii;in;a. was ^;i\\ :• ;h-> name- in lionur of his rousin, 
1.^07 lU nr\- W'u'vlson^ wli-.; baii ilir;! .tl>-..;ii two yc- irs prf\ imisiv. He 
v.cnl v.iili h!s j.arLiiis w luii fnc>- reUnaiiu i" CinidH-riar::! count}' in IS.^.S 
;ind w.r- rL.av'il in that county. \\'hc'n alMjui _crown he locarcd in \V\-t!-.e 
couni\-, \'ii;;ii.ia, and rn^;;ap,c-1 ::i Cu-inirj;. lie wa- married February 14, 
l,..=i.=i, I 1 Mi<- Lewis MeC"a\'.! k. of Wvihc conniy. They coiuinucd 
to live OP. i!-.ei'- f.uan until ISS,^ w'nen they !"-i>\ed ui Knowille, Teniicssce, 
wliere he ervded exieii-ive greenhouse.s and •■■:iL:as;ed in liie busines.:; 
in whiJi he eontlnncd unii! he died rebrn,u> 27. !!'!.>. He had been .n 
ruling elder in the Third Pre-byterian Church in Knoxvilte for nearly 
th.irtv years. He ,-. as a man esteemed v.-here\er he was knov-.-n. 
The>- h.r.d four children: 

(1) .Ann Smith Richardson, named in honor of her Annr Xannie, was 
boTii, possibh- about 1.S.S6 in \\'ythe county. X'iri^inia, whe'e .she was reared 
and educated. She went with her parents in ^'^>S,^ to KnoAville, Tennes.-^ee, 
where she has resided until the prtsen.t time. 

(2) James McGavock Richardson, bcrn probably about ^S5S, on 
his father's f.'nn in Wythe county, \'irginia. wus given a thoiotigh cJi-.eation 
and after taking the regular tl;col<,'gical course wa^ ordai'icd to the gospe! 
ministrx- in the Pre.sliyterian Church. He has serx'ed as pu-tor ol a number 
of churehe.- and is now (;December, 1914) jK-.sior of ihe Pie-^byierian Church 
ai Orv. ood, I,afayette couni>-, Mississippi, to which, he was ca'leil several 
j-cars ago. He was married but the name of his wife iias not been ascei- 
tained." She di-d June, 1913, so.mi afier they movr-d to .\Iissi=.sip!;i. Since 
her deoh, hi- eldest sister h^.s been living wiih him. 

(3) Henry Woodson Richardson, Jr., born about iCoU on th.e fa.-n 
in W\the county. \'irginia, went wiih tlie in ISS.^ to ]vno.\s-ille, 
Tennessee, .-^nd engaged in ihe ilorist bti-iness witii h.;s !,'.:.Iier vindcr tlie 
firm style cf H. \V. Richardson cS: Co. He continued in this business until 
he died, December, 1S95, at the family home about a mile from Kno.Kville, 

(4) Mary Susan Richard.-,on. born p-^ ib!y about 1S6,? .it the home in 
Wythe county, \'irginia, went wiih the family in ISS.^ lo l\.iH).KV.llr, Ten- 
nessee, and has continued to reside there until the present tin;e. ic ' = 
through her kindness and that ni her sisier that all this auihentic Richard- 
son data has buen obtadned. 

Mary Kisbet Richardson, l)orn May .^0. IS.^5. ai tlu- of ^?l. C. Wis- 
dom in Cumberland Cf^unty, Virginia, ;uul died within a few monrlis. 

200 I'lit-: \voon.-.;.\^ .\x-,) iiiu!!: f i\\i-:v tk>x^ 

\"i\ 820 J:iirin\3 G.," Is.-.; 17',7 ;,i ]<•--< i'-ii^r Ir, C-::n; ■ :;-i ::Hi romUy, vsncrc iho 

griv-- 111 \(!i!i',r. ^\■^>•ll.■.;^!•.^.^.ii :i;i.i v,,;s i;i.;rri^'.i '.>r. .\. I'.orri'.'cr 2, ISKS, to 
Rob'.-it "K. Dalii'iy. I'f N'cw CrtMv.'. Her iiiV v..!^ ^il■lrt but b:.\i;i;ifuii\- 
acionio! with ( iiri-ii.ip i;ac;-s. ;-!k' -lieJ K'-iiru;i:\ 26, 182!, siirvivcu Ijy 
her 1i;;>!miu1 ,ir.l t.r:..: son. T!i,j I'mII. .'.viiii?. r,I>iiuo!\- \v;is pul)li<hi- i iit llie 
Richiii'inil pripors: 

'"Dic'i: On M(;iv,lay February 2i\ 1S21, at iici- father's n.^i(lfiu-c in 
Cumber'.md county, Mrs. Jani-nia ('•. D.iijney, ro::>-')rt of Rc'Iir-rl Iv. 
l.)abnc;.' of Xov,- Canton, and d_nii;, hur of Cant. Charles \\ Cl.d.^•..;-,■- ;>ge 
2-1 >oars. 

"Siic li^is left a di^icoiirolacc hu.-i'aiici- and one oliiid to betncjan [heir 
irrei>ar<il_)le loss; as x'.iil as a niiiiierous train of relaii\'cs and liiciids -ivho 
nio.-i ai'feOiionate'/ s\-n;jKith;ze wiili i ■■.c-vi, aad rci;re; il;e l.:ss of so \-ahiable 
a fricnci and racn.ber of .--ociety. 

"^hs. I.)<i!aiey was for ma.ny years a jirofestor ot rc-licrion; inid h'.-r 
conduct through life, as well as hei faith in the love and merits of her 
Lord and Sa-\!o- , Je ti- Cliri.-t, up. r. \\ hi. h she relir.I while laboring ire.der 
disease, is siil.'icieni i.-\idenoc to iiir.urc (he belief lliai she is itow enjoyiiig, 
wiih Hini, all tiie peace and hap[iiness which lie has i>romised to t'l.ise who 
be!ii'\-e in Hint :iid obey His comniandnient>. 

"l-~or se\-eral }eais she was in pour heidth \'.hich ternanateJ. ia 
coMsimiir. ion; all of whicli she bore with Christian [>aiierice and foititticle, 
and nex'or niurniiired nor complaine.i of her .ulliciions. but svould p,-iy, 
Willi |>ei lect resignation, 'tlie Lord's v,i!i be done.' 

"Those v.ho the pleasure of her ac(juainlaricc, as well as her 
closest frierids. know how to apnreciate het v.orlh an.d amiable quaiit'i;.";." 

She had twu eliildien, (i) Rol^eri K. Dabney, Jr.,^' born Septcnt-er 16, 
15;i6, (2) Ann SnuLh Dabucy,' born May 20, 1820, and died in infanc;.-. 
After the tleatli of the >"oiin;:; in-uher, the iilile boy, Robert, was taken b\' 
his grandparents and ienderl>' careil for unti' Ite was lv,el\-e >'ears ol.d when 
he too, died. Mr. Dabney was then married to t'TS Lucy .\ii>i I'ope,' 
dauphter of Capt. Wiili.ii.i Pope and 493 Ann \Vood.son' of Powhatan 

Vill * 830 Ann Teuton' (so named in honor of her inatern.d grandmother Ann [Fenton) 
Leake) wa.s born April 3, 1803, at Rosebank, in Cumberland touaty. 
She was iinrrifd at Ro-ebank ua April 3, ii^22, to (kTinan Booker, son of 
Richard Ho-.k-er and Lucy Hol;ir,n. 'rhe> settLd on a farm at Bold Spring, 
in Cumberland Cf:uni\-, where they s)ient the rest of their lives, ric died 
(here .\o\e!nl"jr 6, 18.'. L His \\ifJo\v coatinned to reside at Bold Spring 
until she died janu.Ty 6, lS9o, nearly nineiy-ihree >ears old. (i~aniiiy 
Bible record.} 

Issue of 418 DRURY V.'OODSOK': ([Vtiry,^ \Vi!< Benjamin,' Robert,= John') and 
his wiie, \\host name is n.ol known. 

I e'3I Drury,' bom ab.aut 179.". at the f)l.l l-onu-.ttad. on the lire of Cumberland 

a!)ci Buckingham counties. W' a young man lie was very for.d of fox 


}iun;!nvr_ ,-;n.t iurrniLvl tu I'j wilJ am! c!:.;>i.ui:u : l/Ul ;;s liie ••v.-'~s vcri h^' 
"he came t<; iiini.-oH" ;\n;i jiim 'uly mriiCii f;-i.!'.i tiis v.- ly.v.r.J i.-o,';--^,', liut 
?fa!|^h; to mm otiior? :.ii-o. i'.i- Ivcin;.: a u^'-iul Pnii'-icr ;;; ilio H ipM"-'. 
Chiirch. i)aiiv'i! ;!l Appo.n.ii ivx Coiirilu'U-i-, \. :!oro '.:v> prc,ir!-.e:I a;v-1 
trtui'lil ^c'n()^>! for lu.Hiy wars, ^ii:-! uicil a;, a ripe uhi aL-c. li is not known 
whclbi r lie o\x: in.irrii ;'■ or not. 

II 832 A Daue,hier,' h-M-o at llic oltl lionicfu-ad in Cu;T!r.or!ar;d cuunly, aiici died 

in t-arly life. vaunarriL-d. 

I&sue of 4-?.il TSCHARNER V/OODSOR' (Miiier/ john,^ Benjomin/- Robert.- John-) 
ant' Miss MiehaiiX; ?i?tor of Mai<-r Jacob ^.lichau.x. 

I S33 Ja~ob,' l.-iirn nb'nit 1790, at !ii> faiher's limine %\i;liih a niiie of Cumberland 
C<•a^rlilou.^c, \'ir^inia. He gradiiated ip. ihe profession of intdiciiic and 
located i;i Soutb Carolina where he praeiice<! bis professie'n nian.y years v.dib. 
success. He reared, a family of sewrai d;ii:;.ditci'? ^ra], f>vrb:is:.s, o;;c or 
two sons. One of his daugr.ier.s ma.rric.l a ?.ir. Hayes and in Ii'68 v.a-. 
living at Shiiljuta, Mississippi. She was iiitrbiy esteeiricci and said to be .\ 
most excellent woman. Her given name is not knov,-n, nor are those of her 
sisters n!:d brr.ihers. 

II * 834 Creed/ born aboiii 1792 at his father's home near CuiuberlcxvJ Courtliouse, 
Virginia, studied medicine, married and settled in Georgia. The nanie of 
his v.-ife is nci known. * 

III S3iJ L.'.iller,- !)orn about 1794 near Cuml^crland Courthouse, VirciiiMO. Arri\i;!g 
at the age of manliood, he went to Richmond and becaine a ti.'baeeo ard 
ronimissir.n mercdian*, i:i which business he ciiritiniied as lung as he l;\ed. 
Nt\'er married. 

IV .536 Galatirt;" b'^rii abour 1796 near Cumberland Courthouse, in CiKubcrlaiid 
courity, where he spent his earl)- Hie He went to west Tennessee and whiie 
sojourning at Randolph, a small town on tlie Misrisslppi Ki\-cr, some iurty 
miles al.)o\e Meniphis, he became engaged ia a duel and ^vas killed. 

Y 837 Ti;chr.r:;er,'' born about 1798 in Ci:mi;eriand rotuUy, studied lav,- r.nd 
located ir. ?'.Ivjcklenburg county where he practiced his protes?ic>n r.iar.;,- 
yeans. It is believed that he married there, but nothing is known of his 
wife or chib'ren. if he hav! any. 

VI ■* S3G Sarah.' bian a!)Out IJOb in Cumberland county, was married to Henry 
Swann and lived a few miles from Cumberland Courthouse. She died 
there »oon after the birth of her tliird cb.ild. Hei husband then moved to 
Jackson, Madison county, Tennes.sce, wh'-rc he published a pcwspaper 
severi I ye-ar: and finally mo\ed io Or,ir>. Since then noiliing 
has been heard of him. 

202 •; l-iV \.i.). .;-,i.-. -- .^^;J r;-^!^ c 

\'Ii 839 Mary,- i-Mrn .;b-'iii i.mi.? In Cun;!>;.:-iMKl rv-mv. :uid wm 'iiavrio..! m D;;-. ;■! 

SirO'.i, a !:.nvycr. 'i'ii.-^'. in (t:iii;;'i.:i!y ■y\<.n -iu'ir l^rothor-iivhi w, Iii>nr\ 
Swaini, 'iKCv-C'.l lo j.'.ck-- >:i. Ti.ti'.cv. r;:-. \. ;;• rc Mr S'.ri'ci prriciicf i l;n\ ■.'■i.l 
Mr, rvv.nii! puMi:-')-.!.! a nov,-M,i;i. r. }•>::. ;'.(i>i;ireu '.'^.■^.^ L;;~!^ 
l.H-l;a Swann,* ihc urphar. <,la'i;;iv -t o^ i-'.-r f!cccasi.-i.l :-.i-'.cr Sarah. 

\'\\l 'o'^O Mirar />?.,■ hori! aboui l^'V-', r.^-ar ("'ambuiland ("oi;rth(u;-;i.> ar.d v■la^ nian'ien 
in ii>22 ;o 613 Jo^opii ]^o\-.iil W',' --on of 2ui, Sicphoa \\'()i..(lsca'^ and 
Mavy ;i'.!a:a!i." Vov I^isuc ^ce 613 Josciih RuyaU W-HHl^on." 

IX ^-il i.acy," born abuut ISO!-' at the oi'.! h'.in.c lu-ar Cu'aberiand C'oiirihoijso, \\'a.s 
nu(ri:.,\l tu lu-r fir^^i roiisiii S.S5 Ih. Wiiliain Wuc'dson/ son o( her i;nrk' 
425 >1!1Ut \\'c".d.-un" ai'.d Sophie iicnliix. Th^-y !cr,_,ied in burionbur;:;^ 
C'.iuru \slicrc be j,-ra.',-!.irt.-d nii'ilicinc i'jy iiK'.n> \\;ir.s. ?\(it!;in;; i> known 
of t.heir di.-bceii;ia:Uf-, except thai i!i<.\- bad biircu m>ii; ^vb.o served in ihc 
Coni'ederale arnu'. 

X S12 i'.Iaitiia," born about 1812, ("und-^jilaiid Cora'ihoii^e, was raa:T;i.u 
a')Oi',i Itb^O to 1231 Ibi'nry l^ev.i^. \^."cHjdson,* si.>n of 613 Jo^(-pli koyai! 
\^'oo^.'^on• and Itis lir^t v-.ibi. Mi?? }ib:ry blulmaa, bo Miranda Woodson'' 
raarriod the ai'd .Martha" i-aarriod the sor;. Vor i.^.->iie ?ee 123i 
llenr\- Ltv>is Wood-on.'' 

Issre of CP,S ClIRiSTOPnER YvOODSOK^ ^^:iller/ J'uiny J^ionjainln,' R<^■:^vl,■ Johi.O 
and v.ii'c wdio^e nanie is nut known. 

I * 843 Chriitop'ior C.p born about 1791 in Richniund, X'irgitn.., vhf-c he was 
n.-jrcd ai;d crb;ca*ed. bic was married about I"12. in Riciiiponu. but the 
naiiie iif In'.-- v ife li.-is not been Tliey rcni;:!ned ia Richirior-d 
aboii'. !i\-e >; and decided to move west. About tiie bii! ot 1S17 they 
went as far as .Xbirj^ion, \ \'ir<iiiia, wlicre one of ibeir sons war. born 
May !i, 1818. After this unavoidable delay, they renewed their journey 
and finally reached Sparta, White cnunt>-, Tennessee, \rhcre the;-- if->tabiisbf;d 
tlieir liome p-crmancntly. He opened an near Sparta v. here iie 
taught for somie yeari. Leavint; his family in lYiincjsee he rettnaied to 
\'irginia an.d has not l)een heard fn;ni sinee. It is supposed th,u lie died 
en route. 

II 844 John E.,' born aboui 1793, in the cit>- of Richmor.d, Virginia, where he grew 
to nianheHid. 

II! 84b V/i'li:t.ra/ born about 1795, in Richmond, \'irg!i)ia. He lived to bk- t,ro\vn 

but it i- not kn'.v.ii that he ever ntarried or left any descendan^^^. 

The tdu.-ve m.ea^ax- informal i>'n in regard to this famil}-, his been 
obtr-ined f'oni the descendants of K-13 Christopher C. Woodson.^ 

IsL'ue of i5,'^4. P.LAKE BAKER sVOODSOK vMiber,'^^ Benjamin,-' Robert.- John') 
and hi^ I'm'^ wife, S Saraii Tfislor.-" 

.r:,"UA rioN 

! 846 Monroe," I'^'rn 179J ov. Id:- ;,;-l-er'.- ii!;>rta!iov:, 'r-i tiie ?outi;crn i-n;i of 

Ci!nil_v.'il:uu! cfujnvy. \iiv;iai.-. ■'■,(, m. ;,. Mi.-.-i^-iria ;:ii(i wiis iciiled i;": a 
diicl. Xi-vcr marricv!. 

II tV}7 Marr-hal',' bom I7<>f. i:^ ' 'i:!i.'.;. riirvi (-()Iim1:>'. \'iriM!ii;i, went :o 
Victoria. 'rex:\';, c-ntercti iari;!.- irarv? cf i.-.i,ii and died (here, unmarried. 

Ill * B'18 Eliza DeGraficnreidt," l)'/ra ai'Oiil 1796. a.' iuT father's hnnic in tlic souib-ciTi 
end (if Cuiitlu-rhi'id c>i'.M'>', \'ir-ini.i. Slie was inarrii-d abdiit 1816 to 
("ar>'ain j:!ek Raiiu- of the sanu' e''Ui;iy. .Mier ihcii niarriage they li'' ed 
a fe.v x'c.irs in rii.iruiite county \\>.c\) nviwd ti) Iv.ickingliain couiitx' and 
lina'ly settled at a liuic place called '.."!M\er Hili, w.'iicli was afterwards th.e 
count\- >iie of the nc-w oount\- of .-Xpiiomattux, wh'ch Capt Raine '.vii,s 
iiustrunienial in organizing. Ih.'re ;hey sr-i'iii ihe re-nu-.indcr cif iheir li\Cr-, 
Here they Ijiih cHed and arc buried. .-\ lew rniies di-umt was the Kai'ies 
hoinesie.el. Imown as "Raines ']';n'etn", whicli wa:"- inheri'icd b>' Capi. 
Raines' fiXci lirotliers, Hugh aiui Richard R^ii.ies. Tiie o''.l house is still 
standing" a.^ a monument to the n'.eniory of ilie -r.uKi iiun and woiVieii \\h:j 
once !i\-ed and moved within its walls. And also as a grim reminder of the 
Iiistovica! v\Tnt that ciecurred on iis \erauda, on .-Xprii 9, 1S6.^. w! • a 
Cicneral Roberl K. Lee siu-rendered his little wt.irii out arnry of t\\ei;i\- 
eighl thoiisa\irl men, lo General L'. S. and hi.-- welbi^-quippcd army 
of Something o\i'r i wo hundred thousand. 

lY * 849 Sar£.h Taylor," born abfait 179S at tlie fan;;ly home in Cumberland county, 
\'irginia. was married in 1818 to Col. Edw'ii ?\ioore of Bedford roui;ty. 
He v.-as a gentleman of good binii and fine e^^3u;. '1 heir lieatitiftii hi^nie, 
'' iMoi>reland," in Bedford cotini>-, was in plain \-icw i.f The Peaks of ()tla. 
T!ie>' were mcist generous in th.eir hospi(a!il\' and e.xtravagant in their 
entertaiiunents. This, alor;g wjih Col. Moore's iack of business qualifica- 
iie,n, soon reduced the estate to a lo.v hiasis. They sold ll:e entire properly 
and with the little that remained to tl;em after paying their debts, th.ey 
moved to t iuntersville. Alabama, where ih,e>' spenr, their declining years. 
He died befc)re the Ci\il War. She was li\ing in 1872 'out '.vas la feeble 
health ami piobabK' died soon after uiat date. 

V 850 George,' born about 1800 in Cunil.\iland count\-. \'irginia. Pic was 
married to SaUie Ivaine, a sist :r to his : irothcr-in-law. Cant. Jack Raiac. 
They settled in L\nchburg, \''}..niila, a.nd fo!' a inirriijer of years he was 
;;herirf of that (Camjibell) cou;U\. He r.fierwards sold his properly in 
Virginia and mo\xd to Arkansas. 

\'I &5T Martha,- Itorn al)oiit 180.^. in Cumberhiiu! county, \'irginia. She wa:; 

twice ni-uiied; fir.-t, lo Air. Bu.-'er au'.I nun'ed to Missouri. Alter his 
death :-he was married. -■ cord, i rj >,]r. C.uihridge of Clinton count y, Missouri. 
It is beli':-ved thai she died in b.haiio. 

VII * 852 B'ake r<?.ker, Jr.," borr. in LsOT/, oii hi: la'iier's piau:a;i"ri in the south end 
of t'uniherland count)-, X'irgiaia. liis niece, iMis. Alice Rainc \\'(.'; ih.un, 





aii(! ^-!. ,'<];■! phy-i-iH-, bo ^v•.-. 
r"i--\n "l.iulc Blak^V 

\,Tilin;; -jf liim say-; ■ — "rr!c!i,' j'iakr I v\\:r !;ii',v.i:: atul Iv, 
Oi; aoccninl of his lunv'.nihrcn 
calioii "Big Dlake" to disun.. 
soi; of 423 .Miller \\"( o.lsun/ 

IJe suidicl medicine aad Lecame a popular and succe.-.-ful phvslrian 
lie was married lo Ann B. RaruMi, daughter of Dr. Slrac!:.':i Liarreil, of 
Virginia, and sealed at Cai:!e^\illc. AlaSanja. where he huij: >:n a i-i.Ta/ive 
practice and lived until after tiie Civil War. Shorilv afi^T Ihe war h-.-. 
uife haxin- died, he left Tiaii^.^villc !•> search r,f some lucaii.v where he 
nu:<lH. proliiabh- jiraeiice his iirofcssion. The iollowing- icticr to his 
bi other SoiV, iiiiani Cowan Woodson,' relates f.rnnc of his moves and qive^ 
some huie idea oi the impoverished condition of the south ji;-:' after the 
Civil V.'ar. 

I' on, tin 
(iiiected my 

"DeSoto, Clark C(n!nty, Mississii.pi, 

"December 23, J 867. 
lear Brotlier: 

i'our nK,si tine:-;pecre<i V-U gratifying and hi-hly valued commitnica- 
r (ial- of the I2tli i:ist., readied nic a few days ago. It v.a.- 
) Gaii!es\-ilie, Alabama, take,: uist and read by nu- son and 
datighter, who reside in that place, then enchased and forwarded to me. 
Gaines\il!e is aboct eighty miles abo\T this place. I resided there unci! 
my trip to the J.orth at the time 1 saw you, reu;rned to Alacon in this slate, 
and after remaining there about eighteen tnoi-.tas, I located at his piece 
where I have been practicing ph\-s;c ever since; oceasionaHy 
and daughter in Gainesville. 

"Voti cannot imagine tlie pleasure afforded me at receivii:- intelligence 
from you and \-our famib.-; for, not having; heard oiie word from \-oti in"^such 
a lapse of time, I concluded that you were dearl. I thank God that this 
erroneous impression is renio\-ed by the most concli::.-i\e pioof. 

"In regard to the lamenrable condition of our cuuntrv, I fear it will 
be many years, if cv^r. ere it k restored to a state of prospeiif--. This 
iwtion of it was literally onniliilated by Sherman's heartless raiders as 
they pas.sed through it; and to repair the damages perpetrated by them, 
will recpiire many years. 

"Thctimesin this legion— and I belir-vc it is so throughout the South- 
are really distressing; scarcely enough iiieal and grain raised to supply the 
inhabitants, and r^o po.ssibility of making any collections. 

"I had accumulaleil by my i)raclice. a few thous.and doiliis in Con- 
ft-deratu mone::,- which became worlhlr-ss at the chwe of ihf war. And 
cincc then, although I get more practice than I can do, I Imu! ii titterly 
impossible to collect enough to defray expenses. 

"You ask why I do not se-k -oni.> ,f;'eld for my labors where iv.cmvy 
is more plentifu.l. The fact, is, it is extremely scarce in all tiie Southern 
and south-western states. I see i.n tiie paper.^ frcr.i all i)or;ior,s of the 
United Slates, aliiiust d.ii!} complaint- of cxcess:\ely li;trd times. The 
most promi.-ien; reason fr.y rny not going elsewhere i.s that, I cannot conser.i 


to hciiu ^^p,^ralc(i mi!> fnnher i!;an 1 am from my ^I'rv.v-n^ tv,-o 
oiiUirtn, Roavis .m.l Xannic. ••' wiu-n 1 am deeply ;-i-.Mu.(. and v.ho 
«ecm por:^nmon;!v ?cni^'.! al- Gaiin iviKc. .1 am now ^;.mv ^.;vcn:y or oii;hiy 
miks honi then:, I ui 1>,- lakirii; :ho u.^in at l!u- dqu,'. .:an !-. v,ah thi>m m 

a few ln'iir>. . , , , , 

"la ..I'^wer lo your inqui.y a< i'-, how it happcii? tliat Reavis lioids ihc 
offu-o of I'iMlod State: Maislialin Ahib.'.ia.a.Ic.inoiilysaytlirttil wasobudiu-d 
for !.iin ibroudi iho intliieiicc of his uncle Judsv Turner Re ivis. aficr wliom 
1 name.l hin^ and wlio is a man of di-liugui^ !ct,al abilities. He seems 
to cNerei^o coiisiderable influciir,. over ihe leadiiu; Radicals li) Alabama, 
v.bibi he al'hors and despl.-es llie party. 

"I ..l)-er\-e from itie la?t telegraphic dispatclie.^ that the City of 
W; .hii-;o)i !^ in a roMplete slew, and that there is soinc probabiUiy oi 
an'oihei^war resulti.,? from ii. If it should occasion that evcar, God 
grant thai evei-> Radical may be exterminated. 

'■1 hear from Reavis and Xannic regularly one.' or t^dce n ^vcfk. 
Nannie i^^ exceedingly proud of her liti'e daushtcr Maud, and Uilnks ii, 
■ivithunt <lonbt the preitiest ch.ild in evistence. 

"How fap-s my dear sister \'irginia? V/hcn I last sav.- her s!..? wr.s very 
preity, but quite a lon^ period has elapsed since then, and I fear mut 
'With careful hours old ti'-ac's deformed har.d 
Hath written strange defeatures on her face.' 
'•Tender my air'ectionate regards to her raid Ida, Kiss them both 
for me. My love to Charlie and the; rest of the children; and receive 
assurance? of the undiminished affection of 
"Your brother, 

"rb B. WOODSOX." 

He was a man of high character and great infmence in ids comiaiuuty. 
He died In 1SS3, aged 77 years and is buried at Gainesville, Aiaban.a. 

8=^3 WiUiai ^ Cowan,' bora about If'iS at the old home in the south end of 
Cumberland countv, Mrginia. After his mother's death, and the p.opeay 
in Cumberland was disposed of, he vent with his father to 
county and was there reared and educated. 

His father marri.Hl the widow. Mrs. Julia Xeale Jack^on, mother of 
Thon-i= J J'"~b-on who, dnvin^ the (:b:vii War, became world rcnown.--c: as 
General "Stonewall" lack.on. These two stepbrothers, being near the 
same a: ., were reared, togeth.:r. went to school together and were veiT fond 
of each other. During the Civil War they correspotided regu.arly until 
the deaih of the great military chieftaiii. Schooling aays oyer, _ feo- 
William Cowan Woodson' was married about 1830 to Virginia Kmcar., ul 
Greenbrier countv, Virginia (now West \'irginia). They settled in 
Lewisburg where,'fo- many years, he was clerk of the court of appeals. 
He died in 18S7, at his home in Lewi^burg. His wiaow and on.y daughter 
are .stili living there. 

iX 8S'i V.'iit,' iM/rn in Groon!:;'.':- coi!ni>-, \\'.; 'i \ i-^p.i.^l,;. AIjowi ijie xt-ar !;,^J 

ho ^va^ in Loiiisiai .;, :'.::•] \\h:iL: li;'i;;. v.rr.ic K- M: IkmI' Iinalier 85J lihr:v W-cI-on.' S\'\< .' '.Ji^'ii i^r.hi'.i'.'- ciefitnie !uis !.:'j(;ti hc.-irtl of liim. 
excepi iIkU, he \va^;;cd lo a Mi-? Si.-uiiici hv.ul <•' Missmiri, aiKl is r.i;t)- 
{■■dscd (o h.iXvj ?c-Ulei.! ■jnv-vh^.-ic li! lllini^jis, :ui".! dli-d, !.:,i\lr,i- a !ar>;f fainii-.- 
of c'uiMicn. Ml- li.'.d !)Ci::i \xTy ;-);o>pcroi!s ai.d siitrcs-ful jr. bu^iti'ji;-:. 

Js&ue of 4-25 MILLHR WOODSON, JR/ Ol'ii---^' Jr';n,' Hcnjainin.^ KuluTtr jnha') 
aiul Si;i)lii.i llviidricks. 

1 855 V/illiai:)/ l'..rn ai:.r,_t 1?0S ai Ciimli.riaiu; (."uiiitii'-aisc, \''io.i'!ivi He 

ri'tviwd ;i v/^od csUicriiic?!:, studied nudicii'ie and w,;.- laarricd ii. iii-> firs!. 
CJ^l^in, >"41 l.n( y \\'c)oi:l.-^ia,' rlaucri.Ler cl Id:- uncle -122 d"-riiarruT \\'„v;d. _-',;■>.'" 
'l (ic\- incited iii IjU'cnb'ariT (x^niTy %-, Ih ro lic' [irriCi iced nicdi.dia; many 
yc.,;-5. 1.1 l.^C2 iic wa. ia fccidc ^iv^!;!; aad wa^ ho-driddcn, hasinij bad a 
stroke oS paralyii-, .o'lr-ial years ]Me"ciou--;\'. :"(••;!! wd'.ich iie nc\xr rec'.n'eicd, 
and died a rev,- af;o:\vards. TduA n ,d ;-!'\ era! ehildreii wliose piin;;--, 
a'"c forgotten b\' bis rijy.iuv. Izvi Stephen ^^■:i;nrnc^ Woodson' vho piv*;.- 
this data, 'idirt-e of their :'si-, lived to be j;rc)wn and ier\-ed in ;h': Cvn- 
fcderate arniy. One n' tht-ni was K-iilid at tlie hanie <'l Rich Moiinla'a, 

li 856 T.scuariier,- born aliout !S10, at rninberland Courllionse and died wiien 
nuite a -vuunj,' 

!J1 * 8.57 Lucy rvlatilda,' born aboiTl 1812 at Cnniberiaivd Cot:rthou-:c, \'irgin!a, r.iid 
was married to lier first cousin .?59 Creed Fa^'lor," .-un of her aum , 433 
Martha Wuodsc.n" and 15 Satiiuei I'uylor. 

1\' * ii55 Blake Baker/ born abrmt 1815 at Cnmbcrband Coiirvfio-ase, Virgin;-"!, ■.sliere 
he spent practically ail his life. V\'!ieii lie v.-as ab'nif grown he ^.>ciU tu 
Abbam-t, perhaps v.itii a view of locaiin.g tliere; hm froni letter.s v.-ritreri 
to his dear friend George D. Giierra.nt, it is evidenr he was n(;t at al! satisfied 
to exist so far aveay from ^.liss I,ucie Ann I^^rd. So after a few dreary 
montlis he returned to his naip.-e state and v. as marrieri to tlutt yo'a!'.c; lai.!\' 
about IS'.?. The\ had one son who died in 1^62 of tynh.oid fe'-.'er. J-'is 
wife also died at an early age. lie was married, second, to Miss .\nn Jane 
. .-. ... Leitch, vlio ii-.ed l.ii:r a. few yea.i.s and die<i chihiK-.^. His tliiial w.ife was Emma H. Hendrix. In 1!S45 he succeeded hi.-, fatiicr as clerk of 
Cumberland county and li.eki tiie office un.iil 1881; maicin'^i a total of one 
hundred years tliat tlie office was iiei'd \)y members of thi- fannly 1 irsr; 
161 Milier Wood.son' v.-as clerk from 17,^1 to 1830; then his son 425 Millci 
Woodson'^ was clerk from .1 F.30 to iS45. lie, in turn, was succeeded by his 
son, the subject of this dc.:;tch. wdio held the nfUcv, as above staved, from 
1815 to ]S?\. He was .familiariy called "Little Riake,'" to distiriijuisli 
him from liis con:>in "]iv^. Biake." He (Med in i8-',/ a.t his home f.v Cumb'er- 


la':cl C'cvrlliuupo -.vIk-ic hv ii.'td :',i.--.: \\::, v.-luiicjil^-. He Wiis surviv-ed by 
his \V!'l..w ,'i'ifl Iwr. >.;':;>. \\h(j ii'T .'.: i\\v rad Mii!,;! "i\'o(,::;.in >lt_-ad, .-it 
Cimiln viand C i.)urih();:<c. 

l:■s^o o: 4.33 M\31TJ-A WOODSON' iMilk-r/ j .!ni.' P.-iianii-.s R.^btn,- J.)l:n-) ;'ud 
15 S;vra!!ol .1"a\'.lor,' '..Ik- di.siin.<ui-Iu'd I,;\vyt;r oi !vi^liiii'>in.!, X'ifginia. 

1 Sr>0 Creed Tc?ylor," bom abuar K^Ofi in Richtiu-iid, \'irgiiiia. Aftci' I'lc doa;h 

(,>f Ids luoihcT. '.vhi'.di urCLiiTos'. jC'ine (our ov !i\e yi-.u's 'lUir, liu '.•.■,>, (akeii 
\>y h:- aMnt: -127 S;dK- i \\'ov)U.'('n) Taylor, lu .\\ ,;-..I';.un and adujiicd 'ny h(.r 
and iuT lui>baiid (d;.in',Lllor (.roid l^.yl'U'. lie v.,-, ni.u"ri(;ri i.-, !ds f:ii'^:'i. 
cmisiii ^57 l.ucy Ma:i'da \\">)i.ii1sun,' davKilucr of his undo -lib Miller 
W(H;d-o!i.''' I!e Nv,;s a lawyer, and f'lr a Fhon time •■racticed his jjrofession 
■ somowliete in lilinf'i-^, biU souti letiirned 10 hi.- ii..ti\-e sUUC and county 
where lie spent all his life. It is nut kiii.e,\-ii wiieilier iie was inarriv'd before 
or alter hi-- \enu;re in Illinois. l";)oi! ihe de.iih of liis adoi^ied p.irenis, lie 
inhLric. d the old home " Nei'dhain" where he h.ul been reared and .-dDcated. 
liere be ivared hi,-^ ov. n f.'.mil;.-. For i.->sue see oe7 la:ey Maiiida Vv'oodson.' 

II i!60 SanuicI Taylor," born ab>oul. JSOS in Richmond, ^'iI■^i!nia, and died your'C. 

Ill 86) Anne Jane Taylor,' b>_.rn about ISIO in Richmond, ^'ireinia. A very sl-.ort 

linie tliereafter'. !ier nioiher died, a-ul tliis Utile baby with licr four year old 
brother, Cieed, was raken to Needliain anrl adopted i)\- her .Aitnl Sally an'l 
Judge Creed Taylor, by whom she was reared and eduealed. Siie v.-as 
married 10 Judi.e \\'il!;;im Yates Cdiolson ■-.''! Bruijswick couiUy. 

Issue of 434 BOOEER WOODSOK" (" Poplar Fooi."-Jo]Mi,5 JoLi-..-^ Benjamin,'^ Robertr 
John') and Patsy . 

I 852 I.Iartna," born about I7'J! iii Cundo'-Tlan'.i county. \';.;:, was married, 
prgljably about ISIO to Mr. Gallowa)- and had one dau;; liter , I-dia dallowax-,'' 
who niarrie'! Mr. Yales. 

II 863 Susan, ^ born aI;out 1793. in Cumberland count}' and married Mr. Darnel 
and had one daughter, Callie II. De.nie!.'' 

Ill 8C4 Mary Killer,' 'onvn about 1795 in Cuiidjcrland count}- .'ind niariied Mr. 

Moore and had several children. 

I\' 865 James B.," born ab.jut 17-97 in. Cumbe'-Iaiid cot.nt}', X'iiginia. 'i'l'on ti'.e 
death of his fi'ther, he took charge of the "Famih- Register" which had 
been kept for sc\eral generations. Since ii foil into his hands, all trace of 
the register has been lost. About the ]i'7S he left \'iiginia and settled 
somewhere in Kenluek}-. 

Issue ci 43 5 FETER V/OODSOK' i" Poplar Foot" johii," Jolm,-" Benjamin,* Roberl,^ 
jolm'; and Fdi/abetli llarriron Hobbs. 

2 OS TTIK \V -.Cli 

<n i;n su roxM-cr: 

I S65 Joanna Eookeiy iioni in INOO. iu (■unilicr).;:^-; conniy, X'ii-inia. went %• iih 
tli:- l.iiniK- in l;;'(\> to IIoIkt^^^imi couii'y, T;-t,,, .->cv;-, was nianicci to Mr. 
X\"vM.uyi-^ and setllvd in !;>yor c. '!i;ty, 'i'l. :m.c------ f, whoic ;.ru' flic-!. 

II £67 ;ro\vc.!l Hohb^,' lorn ahoi-t 1S'\!. in Cuinl.filan,! coii;My, \'irsinia, wt-iu 
vifii tlic ir, 1805 1 1 R(>!'.;ris'-.n ciunUy, 'i'(.-niu'sM_-c. winre he c;re\v i.r 

iiisnluifHl, liiairirn Miss jiiint and seUk-d at Mcd.ui in tlic souihein 

part of ? cniini}-, 1>?mv >*'■<. . whore he .'^er'ed many years as post- 
master and jiisiiee <.f the peacv. He \va.^ hi-l,Iy csicenud in lli.-' mmmunity 
and dieii leaving te\-er,d eliiklren. 

HI 868 Sailie,' Iiom aliout 1S04 in ("lur.hevland connfy, X'iridnia, went vritli the 

la.niily [h-^ next \ea.r to Kobeitson eonnty, Tennv'Sjoe, where sh.c died in 
lo20 at the age of sixteen years. 

IV * 869 Miller," Iinrn November 6, IS06, in P.,.l)erir.on county, Tennessee, 
^\•as gi>-er- a. gnuo cdueaiicjn aadi studied f(jr live gospel mini.~trv. At an 
eariy age he went to GaH.itin ia uie adjoining county oi Suniner, joined 
tlie C."onfercncc of tlie M. E. Ciuirch, South, and was there married on 
Octoliev 21. 1S20, to Miss l.iaiivja 1 lanna, vd:o was 1-orn DecenVber 7, 
1803, in Si:rry count}-, North Caroh'ria. She was a daugliter James Hanna 
and \,-ife, Susan Bryson, v.ho, with their family of four daughtcis and three 
sons emigrated from Surry count\-, North Carolina, to Si.'mner couMty, 
" Tennessee, and seitied, April 17, 1816, on what is now known as the old 
Hanna homestead near the town of Gallatin. 869 l^ev. Lev.-is Miller 
Woodson and his wife spent their entire wedded lile in Sumner county. 
He died in Gallatin, December 2, 1S62, and she died at the same place 
May 8, 1S72. 

V 870 Thomas,' born about iSO'; in Robertson county, Tennessee. He went to 
Nash\iile, pe ha; s v. ith tlie view of making the eai>itai ciiy his permanent 
abiding place, and died therf in 1SS6. 

VI 871 TanicS G.,' l)orn about ISIO in Robertson county, Tennessee. He emigrated 
lo 'J exas and located in Johnson count>- v.diere he ijccame iur'go of one of 
the courts. He died near Egar, in that county, on Jan.uary 21, 1S95. 

VIT 872 A dangLtcr,' born about 1S12 and died i;i infancy. 

\'III 8/3 J\T.;:rrna," born about ISl-i in Robertson county, Tenncs.see, was married 
to Dr. J. E. Bryan, settled in Houston, Tt.xaL-, a.nd died tlierc. 

IX 874 Peter II.,' born about 1816 in Robertson county, 'fennessee, was married 
about 1837 to Miss Thomas, settled at Pleasani: View, in t'heatham, the 
adjoining county, and died thei'C, February 11, 1S97. 

X f:75 Henrietta Daniel,'' born about i.'S'S in i'Jobertson couucy, Tennessee, was 
Hiorried abov.t 1S3S to Marvel Lowe. Thev emigiaied to Texas shortly 
before ihe Civil War, set tied in Ellis count-- and died there m 1864. 

-K\'I:N1U f.TVjrK.Vi 


Isvue of AC^G BEKJAr^TI;^" WOODSOi;^ ("Poi)!;-!- I->.ol" Joha.^ }<,Ur.,- Bcnjarani,' 
R.:lH-n.- John') :.:nd j^Si M.iriha Am; \cnai:.!c.^ 

I * o76 AIex>ii dtr.' IxH-n a^onl 17<M in CiMnbi rlaiid couiily, \''"i-in'a. When aliout 
iwelvf or foaricen years oM li- wein v iii; InV patviits to I-'.v.kinj^liair. ajiiaiy, 

. X(>:ih Car. lina, where !'.e \va^ rean-,i aiT: edurate.i. lie wa:^ inarrir-d to 

Norlh <'arolina to Mary Ami <"iniK!. 'iliey les'Mei,! in Xorth CarcWaa 
uiUil afler tlic- i)inh of ail oi their rh.ilJrcn aiul in l."-'5() nsMXctl to Wutkins- 
\ilie, (K-diiee coiMity, Ceorfja, where he ici.iaine'i seeeral \ears and t-'.en 
v.fiii tu ("i)\ington, Ccor-ia, in order t'> educate his c'liidren. ■ After lhu< 
was acron:;.Ii;iie<i he v.eiir ivic': to \\ aikiii?\ ille where, lie ai.d liii wife f-pcvt 
the rcnuiimki of their ii\e?. 'I'lie la-l few yeai^, of tl'.eir l:\-eK were spent in 
tlic hnme of their dau.jhter l.Sy? M:>. Coineli.i Urittain IXirhatn,-^ where he 
ilied J.:niiaiy 22, 1S67. lie is btiiied in the ee!iutLry at WaikiniA iUe. 
iiis wife died August; 25, 1S65. 

This information is given bv hi^^ Qranddaucliter, Yirs. ]. Foster 





lY * 


John, ' lion; ab'ait 1 796 in. Cti iibcrlan.d county, Virginia, a'ai died uninarriciJ. 

iJenJaruin," I'om in CiuTibcrland county, \"irginia, died young. 

George," born about 1800 in Cumberland county, Vi:-ginia, wenr wifh the 
famil}, to Roekinr;hain county, Xorili Carolina, where he grew to youn~ 
manhood and was married to Addie Roberts. 


Saiiie,' born about 1S02, ijrobably in Cunibciiind county, Virginia. She 
never married: 

VI 8S1 Virginia," born about lSO-> and died unmarried. 

VII "' SS?. Wiiiiam," lif.rn about 1806. probably in Cumberland county, \"irginia, 
went with ilie family to North Caroiina, was married to Leah Frye and 
.scttlc'I in Kentucky. 

VIII £83 Mary "' born about 1809, was married to Rev. Claudius Cook. 

IX SGi J>elsy,' bji.-i about 1SJ2. It is not i3osiii\ely known w hetner she was 
born in \'irginia or Xorth Carolim. It was about this time that her 
parents and family icft Virginia and settled in Rockingham county, 
North Carolina. She was married to Joseph II. Scales of Xorth Carolina. 

X 885 

Majtha,' Ijorii about 18M, probaljh- in X(jrth Carolina, and was married 
to Duke Scales of state. 

XI * 8S6 Emn.a Kathcrin?;' i.M.rn about 1816. probaldy in Rockinc.!iar.: county, 
North Ca.rolina, and was tnarrierl to Peter Stales of thai state. 



Xii " SbT ],:)Mes pj-.iic.Ir,'' li,.r'> i;t tlv. >':;i:' iSis [y. Uvi; !.!:;■. "i.iiii coiiuty, Nori'- 
Cr.n)lin,i. When q;-';.' ;". }>.'V:n^r in^^n lie i;v.-; .(i in Lii:(.'i!;; coi!n;>-. 
IviTilurky. and \va^ 'Ihto ;r. iiTi<.i! in !o.''9 ; i ;■•!..'■>" Willie T.-,oiii. 1!\- 
ocoiuiiiiV a:icl good ;ii,ui;>.c;ciiu;U , lln-y aciMii; .d ,'', co.'ihitleralilc i;:iiii:);:. 
C^iiC V. 111.) !;r'c>v them \\v\i, uriu-s: 

"He Wiis a man "f ;jropo.<;;'^sin^ aiipo-^ninre, and a mind ricl;l\' ciulov.-cf! 
-■vivli uselid kno\\led.<o. I1:-j ani])).: c;;>.\-c hini opporiu:iii>- f<.r 
iiiiu-li tr.n-ci, Iron v.Isich he dcriw^.l .crcal li.sT'fu :ind nuirh ir.forni.aion. 
Ide w.i-^ 'a peer anuv.v.: nieii, nr:d v,i;.nU] ra'licr i>'. righ; liian P!■^■^idc^l.' 
]li~ wife was 'bred i.i uld Kenniiky .' a ^lat^.- wliw^-j daiig'itc'.v liaxe ii,' 
buperifis. She 'v\as bright a!id .-p.u kbi-<^ wiili v. it. a''.d b.cauiifnl of f;iov 
and form. She and her husliand kw-w \:._,v: aid «!i-;'! di-p,euse meJL^t de!ii;i"!t- 
ful h('spii;dil y. d'heir home in I Kk toa\ille, K'ei.iiadc} , wa^ bie<;scd with 
ele\'en. ehildreji." 

\v t'ne \er.r 1S55 ihi-^ ealire fendly lei'i I\enti:ek\-, and tefb-i.': pernei- 
i;cntl\' .it Honey Oir-.-e in b'annin eouniy, Texa^, wl'ere he and !i;~ Aiie 
ppen; ih- rest of vhei'' lises ;ui'i '■'■ied lO, a r);>e- old a.<;e. 

XI] I H'lS Ann," b'.rn cVboni K'-20, in "o( kin..hairi county, Xoiih e'arolina, and. die'l 


XIV * 885 Marish,' l)orn about IS.'^Z ii: Roekingliara county, Xortii Carolina, wac- 
inarricd to Natlianlel i -'odd. 

XV "■ 890 Kobcrt,' born l?^2t, in R(-c!d;.:'.b..ri county, Xortl; Caroli;;a, v.'as mnriied 
to Jane Eliza liiUis, and spent hi.~ <;ntire biie in hi:^ trili\-c state, in IV'Ob, 
at the age of eigb.t\'- tiire-o 3'eafs ai.d cvxr, he was stiii livir.y at his; iii:mc in 
Xnrih Carolina, an'..l was the; onh- one of Lis fathrr's large famiiy who was 
ali\-e at that time. 

Issee of 43 7 jOSTiPH I^ATRANIFL WOODSON? (•Toyb.r Foot" Jolwi.^ johu.^ 
Benjonn'n,' P^.e.bcrt,'- .John') and wib; Elizabeth . 

1 * 89! Jacob Canifax,' bcrn Afarch 12, ISIO. It bs not known vvhethcr i--e 
^\■a£ born in Xorth Carolina o-- in \'irginia, as his parents liad lived in i-.o*h 
states. He was twice married; Tirst, in i he e.irly part of 183;. lo Stisaa 
W'oodard of Virginia, and remained iii tliat state until he emigrated i.'i 
18-17 to Tennessee and settled in .Montcromery cuiiiit\'. His wife died in 
1854, and he was married second, on Aipril 6, iSo5, to Jiiizabeth Cookscy 
of Montgomery coiint\-, Tennessee. He died l"ebr-jar>- 8, 189.?, a.5ed 
eight\--t]iree years. She died Ajjril ^.3, 1887, in Christian .county, 
Kciitii'ky, to which place the}' had moved in i8bJ. 

!I 892 Eliza," iiorn about 1812. probably in Xorth Carolina, went with the fai7iily 

to \'ir;,iuia, and in 1847 to ]\T(aitj;omery county, Tennessee, where she died. 

HI £9'^ Elizabeth,'' born abu^ut ISM. went v.Itb ihe family in 18i7 to ^iontgomery 

ccunt\-, Tennessee, and dieil thtre. 

I^siie of 43 & KLii:AIiEyH WuODSOK'^ C'l'^Tlar Foot" jo;;!i.' lu!ni,-= B:-vjaiiiin,= 
Rnl.cri.- J.,:hii') ai.d Wiilianv U'rJ-hi. 

■I *• S9l John \Vocds->n ?.'rio;hc," bc-rn about \y0.v. '.-roLv.My in (."uinbcrKind cciiiin-. 
\"in;i:ii.i. \v.i^ married i.> Xancv AUxa-ui-r anj ^c^^lv^i in Richmouci, 

Issue of 44 Q JOHN MILLER VrOODSON" ("IV.pbr loot" J<>hn.> John,^ Bcnjaini-i." 
Rol.LTt,- J'.hii') and .Mary Wclisi-r. 

I * 893 William Booker,^ Ijoi-i ISid. near Appomattox (^■■l!nhollsc, X'irftinia. 
Wiieii ahiHiL t,ru\vn lie v.ei.i v/iii) ilic family to Howaru ciiuuv, Miisoiiri, 
M-as marned ia 1S51 u; l\iariiia C. Lockridge of tliat ?;a-..'. He died ji'iy 
20, 1893. His witi j\v was !i\ing April 19, !>y7. at 1741 I'eiui Street, 
Kansas City, Mi^ioiiri. 

II G06 James,' l.o:n aboM: 1S22, a;;d died uinnanicd. 

III 897 George,' birn about 1824; die.! near Tipton. IMissor'ri. 

IV * 898 Elizabeth V-'righc," born April 23. 1S27, in Culpepper cotuity, \"irginie., 

went v.iih the family to Missouri and was married Jannarv 13, IS-lO, to 
V.'illiam J. Wayland of that rtaie. He v/a^ called 'Btiek." -Tbcy li\ed 
at Roanoke, Missoin-i, wb.ere lie died Augusi 2, 1S72. and i-he died June 21, 
ISSS, at Salisbury, Missouri. They were Presbyleriai^s. By cecupaiioa 
lie was a n'^crchanr, in politics a desnocraL. 

V S99 Sarah Catherine," born 1S30, in Virginia, v.x-nt lo Mi-.s-niri ar^d died thcie 
December 27, ISSO. Never married. 

VI 900 .John," borr about 1^32 In X'irginia. died . 

\'I1 PGl Virginia K.-niy,^ born about 1834 in "x'i.-ginia, went witlr the fami!},' to 

Missouri, was married about 1854 to Frenci; Blakey and sertied at Salisbury 
Missouri. They have two children, Ida B!ake>-' and Corinne Blab.ey.* 

VIIl 902 Martha Ganaway,' called "Pattie,' born Decembers, IS.'Q, in Virginia. 

She is now living ar Carrollton, Misfouri. v.ith her nephew 1640 Cecil 
W'ajland.' Never m.arried. CC- !;"i ' 

IX 903 Archie Web.' ter," b' rn about 1840, in \'ir.e,inia and went with the !aniii>- to 
Mis.-ouri. When grown he moved to California and iti 1906 was still 
lining there. 

X 9C4 Cha-les Kfgh,' botn about 1842, probably aftet the family had moved to 
Missouri. He grew Uy manhood anei settled at Salisbury, '.Missotiri. 

XI 9U5 T5:-harner iTeGr5fi'f;mx;d'c,' born aiiout 1.^44, p.'-oljably in Missoitri where 

he grew to manhr.od and settled at llun'.-'iiie, Misscu-i. 

^--■|• IH' )l: (.< 

Issus of 44L; SARAHI/VrCHER WOODSOI?- ;'^ Poplar Fool" Jc';i-: "■J.^hii.MJcnjani;-)/' 
Kol'i-r;,- J'>l:n') and P.yro Sir.i-.h. 

I * 5vi(i John V. ood£on Snaitis' i"irii M.p. 1 7, IM^. ii. Cm,;! '.■'■i..iul countv. \'ir^i!ija. 
ai thrluM-e..: liisi;.v,!.ij..M.-ul^, ! (?.!, .!u? \/oo;ls^..; ' .U!(i KHzab^.lh (R:mi:,^ 
\'i'!1,i1m,'. lie was I'i.iiili.-.: >!.:>• 17, \cL\ i^.> M.iry i'rances Caiii.ii;,, 
t:.'.u,^'.b,T ol Kmv. ii'lv.ard r;iu;;vvi ul' 1 .yiichlHM'c;. 'v'ii!.:iu::i. Tiiey ;)io\ vi 
to I'ikf cesjiity M:;-,-iiuri. aiui !Kii;-li[ a place '.Mik-d "Scou'r. Sprlii : ." 
'Aiv.Ti- l;o on.Ta.ced in 'Aw iiuMrauulc Ini.-iiics.s cdul resided L-CAeral }^, .,--:. 
li' !S-:9 he joined the famous " I-'i>rty-:iiii' rs" and went to C"alii'oriii.i in 
seaich i>! ^o! 1. Reii';::;ng h<.:nie, lie v.'cnt baek lo X'irginia, i'li; ■•(;(. !i 
reiui:ad I.. :\!i;sui;ri. About ihi- tin-- ihe Civil \\"ar b:-;?!ce out and he 
pvi'ni:)i!\ eidisied in iho Confederate anny. With the ...nk of major lie 
served under Gen. \'ar; Durn iri 'lie TraiisMissir.siijpi dejiartnient. 

An aiHioiuina! rupture from whiih lie suilered, leiidered him ineapablc 
of field ser\ice, and lie was traii.-ferred to ihe comiai^sarN- dcparnnciit as 
assistant quarteniiaotcr gei.cfcd. V\itli that rank lie \venr throuRli ilic 
sie.ce of \ icksbt:rg, ofle:i h.ungry and abvva\'u in da.ny'T. Oit one octasiou 
he and ;i fev\- liruther orticers v/ore sitiin.a; around a crude talde, eating their 
sca.nt meal, wlu-a a boiViLsiicii fell in tlieir n-.idst, complelely deniolisidac; 
the talde and e\'er>-thiny- on it ; and, stran-e to say. not a man of t't.ciri 
was hun. Such things do happen in -.var. After llie war was o\'or and 
peaa-e dec! ircd, he returned to Missoui; and to; k up the par.^uits of i)e;ice 
and good citizcr.snip. He died Uctobat .\ ISS.'-, at ilie home of his oidy son 
in the cti>- of St. Louis. 

II * 907 William Hu>;h Smith,' born Januaty 13, 1821, at Daavilie, I'IrTsyhania 
count\ , \'irj.:iria, where- he le.irncd the tanner's trade vvitl; his father. At 
tlie age of about twcnty-tive, he decided to go to jMissoiiri. So. mour.tir.^ 
his horse one day he rode all the way to Howard county, ^.lissour:, where 
he spent a fev/ years farming and stock raising, in tlie neighborhood of his 
uncle -I-U3 John .Miller Woodson'' and his three aunts Judy Ganaway, 
Susanna Williams and Foily Garrett. About 1849 he went to Pike coiinry 
where his brother John Woodson Smiith, was then living, bought a tr.iCt of 
land and established a tan yard of his own. Here he was married January 
16, 18.S0, to Miss Isabella McCune Fullerton, who was born I\o\ ember 21, 
1S25, in Pike county, Missouri. Her parents were [rtini Kentucky. He 
continu'-d in the ta.nnir.g busiiio??. I'ear Scott'.- Springs until 18.56, when he 
sold out and devoted the remairidcr of his long life to farming and stock 
raising, gi\-ing special aitentioii to th.e handling of j-oung mule.-, for wddch 
he found ready .-;a!e in the soituiern state.;. His wife died September 7, 
18S7, and he on January 14, IS^S, at their home in I'ike cotjnty. Botli. 
are buried at Ariiioch, near C) oaie in Pike coiTnt\-. She was a member of 
the CumlK-rl-.nd Presbytc'rian, .oid he o.' tiic Baptist Church. 

Ill * 008 jnniesByrci Smith, H)orr. March i ), 1822, it Danviile, in Pittsylvania county, 
\ irginia. He vas o linr.e." ijy occupjtiou, an.:! <» miv skiiiful mechanie, 
and \\aj the i-.iventor of .-cAcral usefid articles. He located in LN-nch.burg 

;;; c;:-;n:-kation 

a:ui -.vas tlicrc !r..iirioil 0^•l;r'...!• 1'', 181,5. '.. '..-.■•w -. oniclia 'i'liuniia;:. 
(kui;^lucr of joi";:! 'riu:i;:Mn ;;;iu Iliixp.tjct'-. .''ip i- .■■;i cf J5t;illoul r(;ui,;\-. 
Al'iL-r the c^■l^:.' of li'.c C"i\il W'.ir bo rriv\-<.ci t',' I'il.o couniN-, Missouri, am! 
t.i:L;ai;;.d in f.irmiiif; for a !>'W^. ilu.!! ••ai'". :..- Oa\: (".rost, Texas, ami 
<V\v<.\ i'KTc. Ji.'b. o, 1S77. WW- v>i<i"W ri.Uiic- -.i •':) P-ov,-!;ay C'>ri.-i'!i, Missouri, 
-.vhorr c-lic died in 1904. 

IV 909 Robert Arc!ip;; Smith,' born October 21, f :;23, a< Fmun il!o. I'ilisyivaiiL 
count\, \"ir;;iriia. In l^l'-^ lu: \ on.i west with lii.-i liroilicr, J'jhn Woodsrui 
Sniiih. aU'J died SeiUeintuT li h-50, ;n Wliiie Oak S[Jiin'<.-'. California. 
Never r^iarried, 

V 9i0 :'Ieary English Smith, " l)orn Maicli 23, I.s2i>, at his -'-aiKlirioilier's t.:i:ihood 
iiOiac, l\ Ta\-erii. at Api-'.-auitlnx Ccjtirii'.c.iise, Xir-ii.i,;. Hi-: nioil:,;- 
was there at the time o;; a vi>it to !icr IdiKlred. lie v,a- rwucu in I'iii- 
s\-h'ar,ia couiUa, graduated in inetlicine andi pvariire'l hix i'iofes:-ion in 
Anihersi a;,d ijalli v-uimlier.. lie \\a^ auirrietl Jai\- 2S, iSS2, to Mi>h Margaret .Riicker, who -was horr. Jiiae 1, 1S3;;, datr^duer of Winiar.'i 
Ballinger Ruckorand ;.laiy -Xrai I)a\v.-oii. lie Iniilt ;ip a lucraiive praOice 
and hccariie (luite v.-ealih\-. He rcjireser.ti d Aiiiher>i ei.anty ?c-.-eral in the le^i^l.^Ll;re. \U< wife died e..i!y in life. He di;.d June l'\ 
i8SS, and is btiried at Xinr.ud Hal!, ia iiatl. ronrii\-. i'iiey !iad tniee 
Ciiildren; only une ol whom li\id to be gmwn. Thi^ v, a.:. A.iinie B\''d 
Smith,' wh'.' n.arried L^l^\•ard ,\'exander Watyon. Xo i-:;-ue. 

\'I * on Betsy Susan Smith,' born l7, 18io, in X'irginin vhtTC she wa? 
reared and edarated. When most of liie family wmt to Mr;;-oiui about 
1844, she went -vith them to l'ii:e eoimly, and was there ni.;riied on Oetobcr 
17, 1S49, to Re\. Oarr Waller Priichetu They loc'ttd ai Cda-gow, in 
Howard county, she died Xoxember 27, 1872, and '.v.!.; buried in ihc 
cen.ciery at 1". \ett. , Ab>Mjuri. in .he same \.>l wiiii her [allier and molhei. 
"Her hushund. h'.ev. (_ aia Waller Prilchctt, was a son of Henry 
I'ritchett aT'.d ?\l>ra Wa.ller. He was born September 4, IS23, in Henry 
Lounty, \'irginia, and went to Missouri in early life. He was one of the 
inosi. distinguished educators Missouri ever had. He speni; the latter part 
of his life as director of the Missouri Astronomical Observatory, at Glasgow, 
Missouri; an.d was anionr; the astronomers of the wni'ld. He was a 
fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of England. Hr died March IS, 
1910, neai Independence and is buried by the side of his wife in die cemetery 
at Fayette, Mi=.?ouri." (See notes by 1617 Profi .•,sor T. P.erry Smith.') 

VII 912 Kathaniel Joseph Smith,' born May 9, 1828, ir. \drgini;i uml died in infancy. 

Vni Ql"^ IMary Smith,' born March 4, 18.^0, iji \ irgini.i and died >oung. 

IX 914 Catherine Smith,' born July 27, 18.H, in X'irgijiia and died i;i infancy. 

X 51> jo-=-ph Lenjsrnir, Smith,' b^.rn April 9, b'.-.^, in Virginia. The early 
'•cars of his nKini:ood were speiit in lra\eiing in California and Mexico. 

21-! Ti!;:- \\orjo.''fir:s .WT) '■(n.iK <■■.■ -m''Vi<!N, 

Ho joiivfi Waii;erV lilil.iistt lin;: j\:r;y, n;vi ■xi::'\ 'iiein spciil ^onio (iii;r j:, 
Kii-av.!5^iia. Ai ibc iMV.-kiivs >'in M I'h:- C i-.-i! \\":i;-. ho 1i;'sIcik-(! hoir-- ;'i:<i 
iiilisln! ir, the .-^i.-rN ico of tiiv (": ';i:\-ik-:Mi., states, .nui ;.cr\c:c fs-i'Jil'ii!: ■.■ 
t!:'u'.;:.;li':)Ul the war. Alter t!ir <\-ss,;i!i ^n u!' Iv. ■,! i!;! ::•■;, he went t;- .'.'■!i'<r-i 
coiif.lx-. \'i;;;inia, .'.ii'! .-eiiietl <l.i-.\i! !,> i l;r ■vri oil.- j)!. ii-.le:M - "f life. He v.e.^ 
i-.arri.-d .April 9, |..-;.^, lo Mr-, ^^;■,r^■ )) v.idow <A luilier Kav's. 
i.lercM-ed. Slic had pre\ie.ii-i\ beeii liic w idu'.v of Jtiliirs Si-:;:- •mi. I'.-r 
'iii;!idien n.Tnu' was !\iar\- liucker. They .■■ettled ii.TiiiiHu nllv- le Aiiil-cVi^t 
roi:!ri\-, -Adiere lie tlicd Marclt .15, 1S06, arul i-.:; bii'ied ;-.t K! 15e;hei Cluirch, 
neni AKvc-od. Xo i^.-ito. 

XI PIG Geoi:-'e rdilier Smith,- bnrit Fciuaary 10, 18,v", in X'irginia, ^sdlerc he waN 
reared .iiid cduoalc;!. He studied l.;v,- and liecan'^e an endnent l.'uvyer niui 
a biillianl jouniali-^t He loratetl at Cda!k>\iilc in Pilic cotiiit}', Missouri, 
iitid was living there \\licn the ('i\-il \\'ar beeim. Hi" cn!i^.ted in tiie 
Federal itrniy in ISi'd and was eoniiiii-'s!r;ned raptain uf a cornpan\' o! in- 
fantry. Hit- military ser\ ii-e was of slii^rt daralien. .The fi..'lo\\ injj 
wdr.ier he r()ntraete<l typlieiid le\'erand died Jami.-.ry 12, I8('i2, in a hnspii.-d 
in Sr. l.oiiij, and was liiiried ii; llirTaln C.raeeya.r 1, near l.ouisian.a, Pike 
counts', Mi.ssoiiri. He nex'er married. 

XH * 917 Sallie Ann Smith,' In.irn January I, 18.-i8, ii^- \drginia, W'nt v.-ith '.he- laniiiv 
nboiU 1^!-! to Howard eoimt), Mi-soeri. S'le \\"is married (letubcr K-, 
1855. to John Edward Kv. in o[ ihat countj". He was Ivirn t.)cinbcr io, 
JS2fi, .'-.nd died January 17, H).!!. She died . 

Xill * 91o Edw.ird Kelso vSmith,' born January 1-1, 1 8-11 , in Yiriiin.ia, v.-t ii! with 
the family to Missouri when lie was a young child, was_c,i\cn :! gowd clne.iiiiin, 
c;ra(-hiatine; from ("cntra! ("ulieyc, at FaN'ette, in H-rAnrd r.:.ui;'.y. Dwriuj; 
the C i\il War he was eajHarn of c'linpany "A," (.iuitar's regimoi;' , Missottri 
State .Militia. Alter the war he farmed for a time, then wei't itito Ih.e 
grocery business i:i Louisiana, Missottri. He wa,s inatiied Aiu.itst 31. 
1868, to Mary lili/:abeth Camjjbcli, who \.-as bcru Au;<Li.-.t 19, lo-!->. S'le 
was a daugiiicr of Joel Campbell and .Rosanna Love. After .sonn' years 
they settled on a farm a few miles from Louisaii;a, Missrjiirt, v- ii-re the>' 
still live. The%- are h'Oth n-enihers of the Cnmliciland I'resbyterian 

Issv.e of AGS WILLIAM PAYNE HALE^ (Susann.ah Payne, = Josias Payne/- PvLuy Vv'ood- 
pr.n,^ Robert,- Jeihn') and Mleanor Harrison. 

1 * 919 Philip V/itiiam Hale," born May 11, 1818, in ?sIa.-,on county, Virgi'da, was 
married June 10, 18,i'), to Alary I'dargaret Beale, daughter of Join i V'. . Ikale of 
Mason county. He was a lawyer and practiced his profession in Vireinia 
.until 1855 when he went to California with the land commission uncier 
Governor Floyd. Aftei his retttrn, ]i". moved with his family to C ovington, 
JCentucky, wlier( lie i~'raciiee(.i l;iw, ttnti! the .otiti^ieak of tlie l'i\'il War. 
He was one of the fust to tender h's se: ■. ices to tliC' souiiierji t'o.'feJieraey. 

>t V l.N:!i C.l.\\:.,: 

lie atlainctl the rank o'i n!.\i.)r i".ui vms hi llie imltl'j rf ro:l i-' >iK'.M;'..n. 
After a long forccxl niarcli in ihc sj-.i-ui^ <■.[ H^t.l , he <!ic<.l of ^!iv cv cxhunsiion 
aivl VN'as biiriei! the- n-.'d , !'."•:!!: wlii.^i! 'ihe r.iiniiKKK.l I'.ad ln-rn iisarcliiiii.;. 
Aflcr llio war was ovor. iiis ?■•::'... i-uMtccl iho spor aiul !ia(.l hi.-; rtiaa'm- le ■ 
!]io\C(l U> ilu' Cuiigre;>--i<':uil C"e!iir(cr\- at Washiagion, 1). (/., w'ncrL l!ic 
f.jni!)- llien rebided. iiii- \vi;io\v, at the ri,3c aj;e of lour score year^, di'jtl 
in 1900. 

II 920 Matlbew Hale.' 

III 921 Edv..;rd Hale.' 

IV 922 r^'-^tavii5 Hale.' 
V 923 Susannah Hale.^ 

This is the sc\-enth generation, .-^o far as it has been i)ossiiile io i>roLiire 
the names of tlic indi\idiials eon)po-:n;j ii. Tlic foregoin,^- retord, incciri- 
plete as it is, shows -155 people horn into this generation, 1 hey were, for 
the inost part, born dtuing ilie last quarter of tlie eiejueeuth century; 
ti":at is, about tlie time of the Re\oIutionar\- War, ?nd sliortly before ami 
a few years afier that period. 

Their fairiers ]ia%-ing fought the i'e^ht anf! won th.e iiatil-.-, had laid 
aside the inipleraents of war, and addressed themseU'cs to the tash of 
de\-eIopinjr the country tliat had been so dearly boLight, and fitliu::; it foi 
the high place it was destined to occupy amoni; '.he iMrir'n:-. of the world. 
But it was nol for them to fiiiish the work tlius h^egun.. 

Their sons and dauglners of tiie seventfi 'jeueration. brirn during if.e 
turbu.leiu decades of the Rc\-olutionary period, inured to iiardsliips and 
familiar with ci,''n-'er, emerged fremi tho^e times the belter ciualiiied fox tlie 
stupendous task that lay before lh:m. 

So, beating tlie swords of their fathers into plowshares and tlieir 
spears into pruning hooks, with hearty good will tliey entered upon the 
work of liiazing their way through the weslerii forests, clearing up the land, 
eslablisiiing their homes, loundirig schools and colleges and cectiiig 
churches in wliicii to worship God. 

It is seen, that man\ of tlierii cliosc agriculture aad be-carr.e tillc-s of 
the soil; a good prc)portion of them embraced tlio prolessions; some be- 
coming ministers of tlie gospel, some Ia^\"yers, some- doctors oi ni-edicine. 
Some entered [loiilics and came to the forcfrciOt as statesmen and leaders 
• of men, and so became largely instrumental in shaping the future of tlie 
country, or guiuirig it along the way pointid out b\' their faihers. 

To these stalwart men and gentle, ihicagh dauntless women, the 
apparently illimitable v.-est seemed to orfe-i' most enticing inducements. 
So about 1805 to 1810, irue to llieir pione.r inslmcts, many of them crcssed 
t!ie P.lue Ridge UK.unfain.s, ai:d boldly entering Kentucky, j)..:.^ed on into 
ti:e Blue Grass retdon. 

2\(' luy. v,('.)o- o:- .\ ■'.< n;i:i: v'onn'.t i ii>n; 

Snme lairyiiig In-t'o a t'l w \car>. ;).s if to louk I.i.f<'i-, Iv-.^iiig. i)usho(.i c'.i 
into Mi^si'uri. t.ikiiv,; (••.'.•:-<;--j.1(Mi o!" lier I'uH'.n.i^ i:i!i- :.i..l l\riiK' \.il!cys. of tin. yfiiciMti.-ri jci'lci' in 'j"f-)i!i(.---:v. Mississippi, rnid a f i. v.- 
ii Arkansas. 'Vbc treiKi of ciin,:;!- stion was. of cc-ui-;c. '.vcsiv-aid ; i!ic 
\\ ootl.^oiis i-!u)\vetJ tlionuci\cs no Uigganjs in the jjor.c:;'! march; a;id "ac:c 
evor rt-ady to assume ih'jir part of l!;c icspousiiiili'v and do their poiiion 
ol lilt- worlv of dL-\'cIo[Mng and building- up the cai!ntr\-. 

Koarlv- ali of this gencraticr. liave l'oiic to their !iriai rcsl. Or.iv a 
\ cry fev,- of the Uuesc born are m^w li\ '':■;; on tl;^ oa.rlh; and ih(\-, beuiiip.'..; 
under the weiglit ot \c-ars, of nectssii;.-, soun go to their etcrn.d 

May those last years of tlu-ir carilily pili^rinu-ye be their best. 


Is^ue of 469 JOHN A;\T.EIvSO?? WOODSOs' •Jh.d..s/^ SanLonno.'' Joonh/ John,' 
Joi!i'.-, Joim') <ind wife, \vi!c.:--e iiamu is not ki;ov.-n. 

1 924 David, '^ bom phoiit 1787, in .\I!.c;r-;ir!c county, \'irgiiiia. became a minister 
in the Mf'.ho li.-t, Cliurch, wciit as a I'UssiuiUiry to Afiica and died there. 

II 925 Elijah,^ born ixi^-ibb- uboul 1789 in .\lbciiia:!o comUy, \'i:i;;<;ia. 

III P?G Mary,* borr. in Albemarle county, \'iri:ii:'.i. and v.-as married to Mr. 

M livid oi RieiiU.ond, X'irginia. 

IV 927 Nancy,- born in .•Xilicraarlc couat>-, Virginia, and was married to John 

HatcluT, of Rockbridge coiuuy, X'ireinia. 

V . 92S Thomr.s,' liorr. about 1797, in A.lbeniarie county, \'irgiiiia. v,a-. niarned 

and tet'led in Cai-iiiibcll county, whore h.-. died. 

VI * ?29 Sanburne,^ burn ISOO, in Aiben-.arie coun.ty, Virginia. In early ;itc 'ne 
went to Daggers Spring, in BoieV'.iurt county, and was there married to 
Ann Cartright. Tiie>- settled near Lynchburg, in Can.pbcll cotmty, wncte 
he died March 24, 1871. 

Issue of 47 C rLI.ZATiETH V/CODc,Or' ',]ohn,*> jo.=.-p:,,5 Joseph,-' John,= John,' John') 
■ and Lif;;!ten<^nt John Kcjinon. 

I Q.'.O John Woodson Ker.non,* born Apri' 22, 1789, probably in North Carolin;-, 
went with his parents to Georgia where he spent his entire life and died, 
aged more than ninety-five years, at his home, V.'a\er'y Hali, in Harris 
county. (See Exci-rsus— ivennon.) 

II 931 Wil'if.m Kennon/ born February 2^ 1782.- 

III 932 Elizabeth Lewis Eennon,* born May 12. '7S3, was married July 6, 3 80'.), 

to D,^^■id iiidbjy \\ hite. 

IV C.'-:, Richt^rd Kcnnon," born February 22, 1785. 

V 934 Charles Kennon," born Xoveinbcr 7, 1786. 

\'I 935 Robert Lewis Kennon,* born Jar.ur.ry 2.\ 1789. 

VII 936 Eov/eli Lev/is Kennon,^ born December !-:, 1791. (Wm. and Marv vQiK., 
vol. XI, p. 53.) 

MS Tin-; v.'0'jp:^(":\s am) iui'ir iX^NNerrio^ 

I-r-uc of /..7 2 NANCY HUGHES \VQODS07V i.U.lm/' just-ph,^ joscpii,' Joh:i.-^ 
Jtihii'') aiul l"n!nci> i>. Di-.-Mv. 

I C37 Francs B. Dtane, Jr.,~ in ihu will i,f iiis i;iK!r -1 H jdiii W o<,(l--un,' |)mM(l 
Ah'.y 2^, Iv.v?. he is made tTic m|' ;'u' ow-nuorri. 

II 938 Elizabeth Deane,^ was nianicci to Kcbert Irvinj;. SIk- i- ouv of the k-i^i.ilo-js 
naimi,! in ihc vili of iicr liucle H'7i John \\'oocU(-ii.'' (Si.-c \\'ni. jirx.! Mary 

yii>'-, vol. XI, p. 52.) 

Issue of 42 t JOSEPH VvOODSON' (Jobcpb,': Joseph, ^ Joseph,- John,' John,- John') 
and Sara.h Mayo Hooker. 

I * 939 Edmcnd Booker,^ born Seiuenibcr 16, ISi'S, in Ameha county. Virgin;. i. 
He received his prii.iary education from his father who wa.s, by profcision 
a schoobteaclier. He next attended an academy laugh ( Iiy Wil'inm 
Branch, an ur.cle by marriage. In i.S20 iie auended anollier school tau;j,ht 
by his mother's bioiher, Isham C, H-noker, near Sandy Ki\-er Cluircli, in 
Prince I-,dward couni\-. The ne.xt \ear iliis school was taut-hi b\' aa 
old baclieior named Joshua Da\is from one of the New llnr^land slates. 
Tiiis was tlie last school he e\er atiended. In 1822, hin fourteen 
years old he went to work on the farm. In the fall of 1-^.23 he was ccivca 
a position as clerk in the store of hi-, half uncle William I.. Oeerlon in Chester- 
field county. In ]S25 be cook a similar position with his uncle t^amoad 
Booker in Amelia ccimt>-, his compensation boinc; his "l/oard and ciotha-s 
for the first >'ear, and fifty dollars for ilie second." He continued in 
business with Ids tun le Edmond Booker se\-erai years, until the Inisiness 
was closed oat. In the spring of 1S29 he concinded to try school teachin,; 
for a li\-tlihor.d. He soon succeeded in .t;eilini.'- a;> the sch.'X)! and boarded 
with his mother's sister, i\Iis. Jane (Booker) Branch, and taus,dit .her 
children for hi- board. Here h.e had access to Iier fine liiirary and made 
good use of his opportunity to impr.jve his mir.d. About this time he had 
conceived an unconquerable al/horrence and hatred for the institution of 
slavery, and determined to Iea\e his native state and W'er.d his way to bnnie 
state wdiere slaxery was not known. With liiis intention he dismissed his 
Sf-iiool, settled up his affairs, bought a horse and wirh. scvenry-fn-e dollars 
in his pocket, started west in October, 1S29, passing through L^nchbuig 
and Salem, \'irginia, Rogers\i;ie. Knoxville ar^d Xaslnille, Tennessee, 
and on to Co\-ington, Tipton countj-, Tennessee, making ihe journey of 
eight hundred miles in twenty-four days on horseback. His uncle Edmond 
Booker, who had n-io\-ed to west Tennessee a year or so pre\ iously, ga\-e h.ini 
letters of introduction to friends in Xew Orleans, ^vhi':l^ enabled him to 
"lay in" a stock of groceries and confectioneries. Accordingly, he look 
passage on the steamboat "Fame" in December, 1829, went to Xew Orleans, 
bought his stock of goods, returned to Co\'ington, Tennessee, and in 
January, 18.^0, started in tlic mercai-i'le business, m whic'n he was quiie 
s.iccessfid for about six months, when he sold out, settled up I'.is, 
and left Covington. On Jul>- 6, 1830, he went to Uaiidoiph on llie 


I\ii>>i>^inpi River ami ;o;)!-. ;r si-':i;i-ii'!Ka for r.ou:s\-il:o, KcnUK'ky, ai;;i Llun 
on to Ciaciiinati, Ohio, wb.ii h ,'.i \\:m litr.c coi;t.?.ii;c(! ubcut 2!,t,(!00 ii-.iiaij- 
It;ints. He stepped tbore only a l';-n- t\,i\-? to "loolc aroiind," aiid Wfiit on to 
Brownsville, Indiana, ariivint; tlico July il. IS.VJ. He was iiiiiiu'dialcl> 
chosm to bf pri.niiij! ul \h<- '.c\\o(A [■.wvc and tau^'.i fo:- li\o o.u.n lL■r^., 
c;iviiii^ <atistaL-tioii lo <.hv [y.\U-<.iu>. lli.- \\af much pk.tsud witii t'le cliango 
from a slave stale to one where siaw-ry was not ree;v^ni7cd. And ait'K)U;;h 
tilings wc-re wry (.lili'ereiu from wii.a lie jiad licen acciisioinetl to, ho readily 
conformed to his new sinroun'-!ii',:;s and soon felt at lionic. 

It was durinj: his ?ta\- in Browii-.\i!le ih.<u he liecMiic much coiirerned 
on the subject of relit;ion, and iie\er rested iMuil lie had come to a saving 
knowk'dye of tlie Lord Jesus ('liiihi, accept c'd Him as iii.-^ Savioi and united 
■ with the Methodist Church. April 1, 18.-2. 

It was at Brcwnsville tliat he n/,i.'t the 'l'rea_dv, ay family, se%-era' of 
wdiosc children were pupils in his school. This family ino\(.'a to Ce.itcr- 
ville, Indiana. He soiui foHowed and was there married on Decem.bcr 20, 
18.^2, to ?d!ss I'li/cd.ieih Keziah\.ay. Siie was l.orn in i\entuck\- in 
1816. and was therefore oni>- sixteen years old when they were married. 

Sliortly alter this he L:a\c up teat' and again c-ngageci in mer- 
chandising at a countr\ place some twenty miles aortiiwcst of Brownsvii'e. 
He remained there until about lS.i5, when he sold out and moved to Lapcrte. 
Ind.iana, where- he continued tiic mercantile bii^iness imder the iirm style 
of Xewell & W'ootlbon, and bev.ame prominent ami inlluentiai in the 
community, serving se\-ei-al years as postm.aster. His wife died J.)ecembcr 
25, 1S;1, at tlicir hon^e in Laporte. About lcS-17 he nuned to Michigan 
Citv, Indiana, taking a position of teller in the branch bank of ihe state. 
He soon fiecame cashier and finally president of tlie bank. ! ie al.-o b<:ca;ae 
a municipal ofllcer and was recognized as one of the w ise:^t and safest citizens 
of the sTate. After he been in Michigan City a coup'le of years he was 
married '^eceaid, on June 7, 184'.), to Miss Jerusiia Ahisha Phelps, who was 
born June 12, 1810, at Stanla-idgc, Canada. He died Oci,) 19, 18.=^;. 
at his home in IMichigan City, Jndiaa.a. In politic- ha was an old line 
whig. Hi::, widow died December 5, 1892, at the hcne of her daugh.tei 
1661 Mav Fdi/^a at Spokane, Washington. In April, May and ju-ie. 1S17, 
Edmond Booker Wootbon' wrote to his son, — Jo.-,eph Angus) ine \\'ood,son,^ 
a series of letters, giviu;; in detail, tlie family history as far back as his 
inforniatioi! e.vtendeo!. It is from these notes that the data concerning the 
descendants of 217 Woodson, "^ been taken.. 

11 943 Judith Frances,- born February 26, 1 S! 1 , in Amelia ( nuuty, and died Mardi 

•M, 1S12, in F'rince Edward count)-, Xdrgir.ia. 

Ill * 941 Francis SylveLjler,' born Noyember 24, 1813, in Prince Echcard countv-, 
\'iigii!ia where he was reared and ed.ucated in tlie conimon schools of the 
coimtrv. He was married Deccntber 10, 18,37, at old S.inth' )?.iver Baptist 
Clvarca in Prince l"d\-;i.rd cotints', tc Aiis.-: S.-irah liice, who was 
i)orn and reared in Prince ivi.vaid cotmty, on the farm where I^.ice's 
Slati(jn is now locate^!. They rennined in Prince Edw.ird aL<JtiL four 

2?i) Tin-. V. ooi> 

vi'ars a!Ki in iJ'll ;;u.\Tt! 1'. \\\irro:-l.jn, \\\;iri:i; c-i'tiU'. Xorih ( ',.;- 'ii... . 
V. luTc (!".cy ;■■,_■ 111 ,i)n;-i I :;!. ,"■.!, ihii'y voars. 

In poli'u-s he -^aj- an •■'.■] !';h-^ and '^r-ily ai!!;. rcl to ihc p'in.q !,. 
(1^ tiKrt p.iil.y. \i\ o.-.-;;-).-;;-.-!: lio >s .i-? a Ci .ntract-w- aiw; i:';ii!i!:;i , raal;:ii: .; 
spccialiN- of j';>;)li!- Vili!i:".iL.:. ih- '>rr.:--i>c noio'l a- a C^:'-: i !n_n!-;f n'';!'!- - 
and arrhiu-at. lie bi:;i; Vac f i;n:Hi> cxccuixc maii.M.!;: in Ralel.Ji, Xor:;-: 
Car'ilina, v.-hi.;h '.'.■;->; remowd i;i J007 and rcpl.-cci] v.itii a ii;or-a iii.,f'!:ii. 
f-tnict;'?v. At the ^>ci:.'iv,uh\^ of \l!e ("ivll War Ii- cpii-:.-l ip ;!■■• (^■:,f.•^k•r■.;,■.• 
ai;p\ , ar.i] in 1862, n cci ■. '.'(! :i ■". miia,! wiiiaii iivcaiyai it.itt.l lii:.'; for fiii'.iu'r 
i-^M'\icr anij 'lonc'alily iii--i h,f ■!;<•%'. 

At the li'ne o'- lus niaiTiai^: !^.' wa;; a iv. mboi of '-^an iy ;<i\'. . l?ai-M-' 
Cluirrii. aa(i after his rciiiu\-ai t.'. W-jrvfut'-n \'v was f.-iv of i'k? focai-.'-j.-s ■■• 
tho I-'irst Bai;ii<t Cliurcii of Tha' jjiaaa aia! fo' iiur.y years -erMjti as ciiP s.f 
its most eariust iip.d offtcient'i;-?. l!a aL~o uno ;il. liu; foui'-rlcr- 
(if llio \\"arronioii, >.orth. CarMlir.a. I'c.nijtc i n.-tit uU-. 

At the clo^i- of the \:a<- ii' 1J65, he, 'i':c ll^e f;ic-ai nu.joriix- , f :--';!!!hLia 
people, i%as piaciica!l\- |)eniii!'.->s; hut tiothi: i.'. da!jp.:td, i-.e ajjj.iiad hiniscjf 
to his ".■ocalinp v,-i;,!i a!' the ent-rj;y of -vvhit-h a man "f Afiy-f-Mj waj-^ of 
as:'- \vas capaidf. Pie v.a.s liOLt-u for a dice' fula>.s> '.v!iit.i-; never dfscneJ 
liiiri and a dvy h\ira.or v. liic'i laa.'ic him wl!..-. la.c e>"vr\'\\ '"-re. Paine; liiii;- 
Pfrlf a man ol t-irori^; rl-,;i racier, iipn- h'f^ and ai;-;.j:i.'ieiy lioae-l, l:e ii;<i;-r;.-.i 
upon rigliteou-r.ess in id! puljlic affair;;. 

About the year 1S70 he reiV'Oeed lo Rrile'^li ;so;iii C'a-oiitia, v,-ii(;e 
he spell! tile leiiaundf.-r of his iifij and (i'cd a. his honie th.-.x-. r\;!;rua.r\- i;, 
ISSl. His widow survived h.iin a little I'loie t'lan uyjr v^'c^rs and dioi 
juiic 22, 1885, at !ier hij.r.e in Ualeirli, Norih Caroli-a. 

IX v42 RoVieiL Jones/ boni .May ."0, I.S!5, in ^'riuee i'dward coi!nV\-, Visyinia. 
and died there januarx- !, 1S17. 

y 943 :',ii;;abeth Scott, « bom \Jay 0. islj:, in T'rince Kdward toi;n;y, and di.-i 
there about 1859 or IS60. 

VI C4'l Jahn Joseph,-' liorn Deaembcr I, 1821, in Prince Kdwaid county, X'lrijiiii-'. . 
After tile death oi ids fat':;er in IS.n:, lie ajiurned charg;e ot tiie far->i and took 
care of his moiher and sisters iiniil thie brea'ciag- out of tiie Ci\H War iti 
1861 when he erib-a.ed in conip;_,i:y "A."' tenth \'ireir,ia r-<jin:;.'nt, Coii- 
fedorate arniv. At llie battle of Seven Fires he wa^ \.oi.indcd, left: on ih.e 
field, cai_)vureti l)y the hcderals and takeii a prisoner oi v\ar, to P'oint 
Lookout, Mar%!;cnd, where he died June l?, ISO.'.. He wa.s an ima; te.ndi.,' 
(ihristian r'-^n'T-nian, .beloved by all vho Irnew him 1~w(; da\-s befe^re tin 
battle lie \v!vite to his iiancec tiial if h-e lixa.d thr'.-tig!: tlie fighting aroaiai 
Richmond, he AOuId come ii.ui.e ^\^^] claim lier as his l.nide. They had 
been lovers frc^jp childhood, liis niilitarv' cuuiradcs sa\- that "No braver 
SI :idi>;r or Ijettcr man. wr.s in the atTny," and tii.jt "he died like a patriot ar.'.! 
a ge. Ill -in an." lie was iie\'er married. 

VIJ * 94S V,'i!liain Tbornas," bor.i Aprd \], iS25. on the farm near [five's Station, 
i'riiice Lii'ward coiuiiy, \'ir-,;i'i:ac. At the aee f)f vounii riMJiiioori lie went 


to Miriiic.111 City. hi'Ji.iiui, a:ul learuoil liio ir.ide of c;iMtn. iniakcr in \vhii:h 
lie l>ocniii>.' !)i:^'hl\' j^kllJofi. I( \'as ii'.'i \o-.\.^ nniil !io tsta!il!shc<i hinisoif a? 
proprietor el a I'lirniiini.' >;('Vi' arn! limK-nrikin,;^ sl;op. in wiiich lic was so 
siu-rcssful ibat ho r-.-iU.A i-i \o (.'hie, ^;o. Illinois, as a binadcr liriii fn/ h,.^ 
occun.iiio;!. li waf there- il'.;u 1)0 \sas rn,i!iietl August 22, 1847, to Eir.ily 
Ak-.\aii<lrr ■.■f iha.l cit\\ Thoy continued li^ re.-ide in (."hicago for a niiniber 
of \-earf. ti'.irine wliich time he .•^erx-ed sexeuil terms as oily sexton. After 
he had acnaired a consider,:l>lc tortiiiio. he reino\ cd to '~.\anstf)n, lIHdoi?, 
where he died Jidy 23. 1877. si;r\i\ed by his -.vidow and (uie daiii;hler. He 
was a ci )n>i.-;eiU. t'; anil i-.oteJ fi;*- liis nilcction:: te. genial nature. 
In polities he \\-as a wiii..; as lore; .as that part\' existed and tiicn espoused 
the cause of ihij republican party. His widow died at Iiomc in E\-ans- 
Lon, on June 17. b^'^S, rin"\i\ed by lier onI\- d.-iUgliier. 

\'1II 046 Virginia M,"ry,~" born Ociober 20, lt;2S, on the farm near Rico's Station, 
Prince Edward cotnUN', Xirginia, where she lived until bS6i. During that 
year she '.vcm to visit her brother's fami!y in W'arrenton. iXorth Carohna, 
and died there. Xc\'er married. 

!:;stte of 4-82 THOMAS PLEDGE V/OODSON" (Samuel Tucker/ John,^ Benjamin/ 
John.' Jotm,'- John') and Saliie P. Thomas. 

I * 947 John Calvir,' born ISol, in Fli!\anna cotnity, Mrqinia. v.diere hz recrived his 
early educ<;tion, was sent to the Uni\ersit\' of \'irginia, from v.bich instiru- 
tion he v.'as graduated and afterwards took the regular course in medicine. 
In 1852 he moved to Pike county, ^lissouri, and v,-as there married, October 
25, 1S55, to Jennie IsIatjOii. T!ie>" lived in Missouri several yeai's arui 
moved to Ixlemphl;, Tennessee, during the Ci\ il War, about 1S63. They 
remained two years in Memphis where he practiced his profession and tlien 
moA'ed back to Missouri, settled in Ralls county and practiced medicine 
until ISS.i. He had united with the Baptist Chui'ch in early life. 'Ais 
wife v^-as educatc.l at Palmyra College under the ttilorsliip of Dr. Hobsia. 
She was a member of the Christian Church until a fcv years before her 
death she embraced the Catholic religion. During Iter widov/hood she 
continued to reside on her farm near Nev.- London, Ralls count}', IMissouri. 
with her yoimgest son, Philip Norliornc, until 1903 wlien, in searcl; of 
healtii, she and her son went to San Pedro, Caliiorrvia, where she died 
OctoLf-r, J '"J.i. 

II 945; Ebzabeth Ann,' born 1833. in Fluvanna county, Virginia, where she grcv-.' 
to ",. oung womanhood and died unniarr;>:d. 

Ill * 949 Luthsr Riff),'* born iS35 in Fluvanna county, Virginia, went with the family 
in 18.S2, to Pike county, IMissouri. He was married January,' 1856, to 
Martlta Alieii Glasscock. They settled on their farm a few miles west of 
New London, Ralls county, Missouri, where they spent the rest of their 
li\es. He died in ^898 at Perry, Mis.-ouri, while attending a banquet 
g!\-en by tlu- Masonic lodge of tliat place. He was a member of the 
Christian Church and a democrat. 


1\' 930 SaL.c Tucker,'" born ao'.ii. ii; i'liivaTiiia C(HnU>', \'iri;i;iia. v/nU \vi''> i'\e 
family in 185x to Pilco ci-'inUy. Missouri, wlioro sho wa;^ ri.\irrd and cdiic.'(;-d. 
ohe v.-as twice married : ilrsi, in 1S65, lo \\'i'!i;ini T. C!ea\"er. Ti:e\- 
sotlLd ir. Spencerlniis;, ^l isf'>u-i,'ie he died in l^Si, wiihnut i^>•.■••. 
She was next niarried in 1SS7, lo Ke\-. Tiximiis J. l-'errell, a minister in trie 
IMethodisi Cliurcl'i. Siic ul:d I'-'Ol at her i'.on.e in Buvdiny; Gree-n, Missouri. 
She ne\'er liad an>' ehilthx-n of Iier own l,nu re<iretl arid cared for her niece, 
1733 Emm>i Lou Brig-gs,* chaugiiter of her sister, 955 \ar5inia Catherine 
(Woodson) lirigcis. 

V' 931 Susaii E\eV'iie,'^ liorn IS-J-o, in rinwanna counly, Vlrgini.i, went wiilt liic 
family in 1 S.' ', to i'ike couiun', M isbOiiri, \\ here site was reared and educated. 
She was ma.rie i in lS6i, to Dr. S. B. .\xies. They settled in Louisiana. 
Pike coiinly, T-d isic.iiri, v. here the\' stii! 1 >-,ide. They li.i\c no cliildren 
of tlieir own biit adopted an.d reared tlieir iiiece, Sasic Briggs. daughte?" of 
her sister 9.55 X'ir^jinia Catherine (Woodson) Briggs. 

VI 952 Thoj.aas Poindexter,* born jS45, in FluN'anna cotinty, \'irginia, went with 
the family in 1852 to Pike connr\-, I\!ipsouri, wheru he was married in 1S71 
to r^Jargaret I^olierts. He died in march, 1S7(;, bi)r\-i\ed in- his widov." r.!id 
one son, Tliomas Poindexter Woodson, Jr.,' w ho was ixirn 1874, was married 
to Alma Jolms, and has two sons. He is a minisier in the Methodist Chtirel; 
and a democrat. 

\'il 953 Ma.ry Jane,' born lo47 in Fbiwunia coiint\ , Virginia, went with the fam.iiy 
in 1S52 to Pike county, iNlissouri, v.herc she died unn;arried, in 1S67. 

\T11 9.^4 Philip Norborne,^ born 1S50, in Fluvanna crunty, \arginia, went with the 
family in 1S52, to Pike county, Missouri, where lie was rearci and educated. 
About 1S78 he went to San Francisco, California, where ho is still iivir'g. 
IJe has never married. 

IX * 955 Virgiria Catherine,'' l)-irn 2855. in I'ike county, Missouri. She v,-as 
educated in the seminary in Bowling Green, Pike county, i\b!s30t;ri, and 
was m.arriefi in 1S7-J. to D. F. Briggs. They settled on their farm near 
New Loridon, in Ralls county, wliere they still li\'e v.dth their two sons 
who are unmarried. 

Issue of 4S3 MARY V/OODSON' (Samuel Tucker," John,^ Benjamin,' John.^ John.- 
John') anrl John Sriiith. 

1 956 Tuckei Smith,' born about 1S21, at "Burgher," the old homestead in 
Iluvanna coant>', \'irginia. He married, lived and died in \'irginia. 

II 937 Walter Smith, "^ born about li-23 at "Burgher," Flu-cauna county, Virginia. 
He probal.iiy spent his entire Hfe in his nati\e state 

III 958 Antiie Smith, ^ born about 1825 at the old homestead in Fluvanna county, 
\''irgim'a, v.herc she was reared and educated. She wa.= married to Mr. 

Vaje 2-12. !ir,S Annio ^m.Wa i-: nn nrror. He.- torroct r.suao -.vas EvcJina ?.r.\\ih. <C',v- 
rectetl iiy ii<-'.-. ,V. !.. .\;ioi;i!. ; 

Liule nud contiiUKj to ri-ri'Je at ■'iiurgher" \\herc Iicr niothtr c^ikI 

gi.-irninu)t;icT had ppcui ilwlv ciuiio IWn-. Siii; v.oS living tb.ore abouc 

Issue cf 4-05 ELIZABETH VOODSCN' (Samuel TucktT.« John,-' Benjamin,' Jni,.;,-' 
Joim,- John') ai.d Jan:Ci Dickinyf.n Wa-.son. 

I * 959 Eveline B. Watson,« born Fcbruar,- 21. 1827. at "BtiiKh.or," in Fluvanna 
coiinty, \'irglni:',, Vvcnt witJi her parcni.? in \SS6 lu Ralls counly. Miss-ciuri. 
and was '.here niai'i-iod ii; 1S55 lo Joliii Stranc;e. 'Ihey located in the tov.-.i 
ot Louisiana, Missouri, wlicre she died in 191 1. 

II ■^ PoO Elizabeth Wa^.son,* btirn Sepienibcr 2, lf<2S. at "BurgiK-r," Fluvaruia 
county, X'irginia, went Vsiih tb.c fan-ily in 15^,'6 to Ralls cour.t\', Mit-soiiri, 
and vas married tb.ere to Dr. Edward B. Strode in \S-i5. She died in li;72. 

Ill 961 J.'thi! Hiram Watson/' born Auytist 28, 1S,^0, in Flu\anna cotmt>-. X'irginia, 
went with the family in 1S36 to Rails co'.mty. Missouri. In 1S49 he made 
tb.c trip overland to California, returning b\- tb.c way of Panama. The 
retr.rn trip required three montlis. He was niarried about 18.^1 to Betty 
Miller and died juh- 1855. They had two sons, Bayliss- and Charles 
Watson,^ both of whom died young in Rails count>-. 

IV 902 jJmily V-\ttson,' born September IJ, 1S32, i-a Fluvanna county, Virgiiv!.;, 
went v\iih the family in 1S36 to Ralls county, Missouri, and v.-as there 
married about 1S53 to George W. Allen, and dieci in early life. They had 
tv\-o children, Philia Allen,' v.l.o died in infancy, and Cora George Alien,' 
v.-ho married J. j. Brown. Tbe\- live in Monroe Cit}-, Mi.ssoiiri, and have 
several children. 

V * 963 S::ii)tiel Thomas Watson, 5 born June 30, 1S34, in Fluvanna county, Virginia, 
was taken by his parents in 1836 to Ralls county, Missouri, where he was 
reared and educated. lie was married January 17, ISOO. to Margaret 
Jones, who was born No%-ember 6, 1839. Ti f^y settled on their farm in 
Ralls county where he died September 3, 1910. He was a mild, gentle, 
lovable Christian and an elder in the Christian Church. His widow stil! 
lives in her old h.ome near New London, ^Missouri. 

VI * 964 James Poindexter YVatsoDj" born May 7, 1836 at "Burgher," in Fluvanna 
county, \"irginia. The follovving summer he was taken b\' his parents to 
Ralls county, Missouri, where he was reared and educated. At the out- 
break of the Civil War he enlisted in the Confederate States army and served 
under General Sterling Price. He was married in 1864, to Jane Europa 
Mills. After the close of the war they settled on their farm in Rails county, 
where she died in 1870. He was married, second, in 1873, to Eliza Virginia 
Tutt who was born in 1854. She was a daughter of James Richard 'I uii 
and Mary Cihi-scock of Culpepper county, Virr,inia. Her great-grandfather. 
Cr.briel Tutt, wa-; a li'.-utenant in the contin'nUal armv during the R.evo!u- 

224 •iiir: wt «;>!)? on -^ a":i-. 

i'lor,, MTving in a S .nil) far.-.iiu.i nj^inicm cf v.iiic'i his older iM-olIior v,;..:, 
roloiu'I. 964 JanK-s ('.■i;^:.-\tcr \V'::«~,)n,* wiiii hi- scconJ vifo continued u; 
live on liic farm in RjU- ri-t!T".v- uni\\ A'.o ciioil in 19n,S. He now rc>iUos 
iri Xt---,- i.o..(.l''i. MissiHiii. h. I'.inL; r.c.;:i\' r.niniKxl <'in i:is four score \o.'.r.-. 

\'II 965 Davilla Yvatson/ l)orn \-\brv.:Yy 15-10, in R;!!!^ rouniy, Missouri, w;,. 
innrried ir 1863 vo V. KinK'V L\iicl>. 'I'lu y -piMU iluir lives on Uuir f,ir^f< 
in RalN Oi-nty ■,vin:rc sIk i!ic<! in ]''*12. T!u->- luu! iv.o daUj^Iilcrs ,;:Ki 
til roc sons. 

\'i!I ?&6 Sarah FraiKes Wafson," l'<)in iS44 in Ra!!s oua!) , .Mi,--(.nri. marric-i 

in 1S;,.i to Marshal! Stoflu!! Gi.isscock. Tl^-y s.vtileii on their farm wh.Tc 
tiie>- iivcil inary years. He died diu.l sh' is nov.- Ii\ing in West Har.nil;ai, 
Missouri. TI;':>y ' ten children. 

. IX 067 Fontaine YVatson,* born P'ehruary 1846 in Ralls courity, Missouri. J.t 
some linu- c'uriTig i.he Civil War he eidistcd in the Co'.;fcderatc State;! arnvv' 
and ser\-ed until the close of the conflict. After the cessation of hosuiities 
ho returned home, took up farming as his cccupaiion and ".'as married lo 
Sallie Priest. They now !!\-c on th.e old \\ atson farm whore h? was born. 
They have five children, (1) Drake Watson,- who represented Ralls couiitv. 
in the Missouri legislature In 1913. He is a dem.ocrat. {?.') George Wavj-o:-,'-' 
a dentist, ii\-ing in Xcw I^ondon, Missouri. (,^) Frank X^'atscn," af-sisiant 
cashier in the bank of Xev," London. (4) Lizzie Watson," wlio is still ai 
home. (5) James Watson,^ a fanner. 

Issue of 4o3 DAVILLA ADLXAIDE WOODSON' (Samuel Tucker, « John,^ Benian;in,* 
John,' John,"- John') and James Glasscock. 

I 968 Lticy J. Glasscock,* born August, 1S42, in Rails county, Missouri, v.a-s 
married to Abb Grimes and died November 2?, 1903. Thev had one for, 
Hudson Grimes,- wlio married Lottie ^.litchel! and li\TS in St. I.o'jis, 

H 969 Bettie Pledge Glasscock/ born December 2, 1843, in Ra!]= county, .Missou-i. 

Her middle riame was bestowed upon her in honor of uncle, 482 Tnomas 
Pledge Woodson,' for whom she had a \-cry high regard. She was married 
about 1864. to A\"d!iam Glai-cock. He died si^mc years ago and she is rou- 
living at her own home in New London, Ralls county, Missouri, and derives 
much pleasure from her garden and fowls. It is through her kindncsr; 
that much of the data pertai ting to the (!cscendants of 219 Samuel Ttickci 
\\'ooilso;i h ive been obtained. No issue. 

Ill 970 Doliie IJatson Glasscock,' born .-\pril LS44, in Ralls county, I\Iissonri, and 
died th jr;: ir; LS50, aged .s'.x years. 

1\' * 971 Emma Glasscock, « born October, 1846, in Ralls county, Missouri, v%-a3 
i>'prr:.jd about 1S66, to X'ineent Glasscock, a brother to William Glasscock, 
v.iio married her si.-.iir. 969 Pettic Piedfe.' 

noun; r.rsi i;a r; 

\' * 972 Stephen Gi.-sscvck," ;.•-:;. :\]:,n-' ISIS, in K.Jis C'<uv.\--. ^ii^s.>li^i, and was 
iiiorrii'.l to Ivu.' Gcmiy. 

\'l 073 Addie Dr.vilia G^asscocl;," Ix- i^. .-Ix";! 1550, in Rails rotnuy. .MlL-sc>i!ri. 

iiiarric'i ahc.'Ui iST:', lu Mauiu--iV l.-liu luini'ari who di-.d a few ^•e.•ll■^ aii.:;. 
Siu' is :-iil! li\ iiiij; on her farPi near .\c^\• London, ?\iisfouri. Tlic\ I'ati 
se\oial ehiJcircn whoso names haN'c lun lv.:u nsceriaint'd. 

\"I[ * 97-1 Thomas Woodson Glasscock,'' i)i.n-n ahocv IS.'/, in Raiis county, Mi.-s';ari, 
Wci.- married t^' _\i:nie r^cniry, a tisier io F.;'a C.ciUrj', who was lii-,; v. ife of 
his l)roihcr, '^7.^ Sic[)hcn Glasscock. 

\";i! * P75 Ho^-on,' b ,rn !S.'-!, in Ralb counly. Mi-ouri. wa- married in 
'iS76, to H.mie GuIberisoM. T)ie>- lived on il.oir farm in Ralls countv 
until he died, ?>lay, 1907. 

Issue cf 41^^-1 LIKNEUS WOOBSOK' (John,'' John/' Benjamin,^ John.^ John,- John') 
and Jane . 

I P7o Peter,* born about 1S37, in Goochland county, Virginia, wont with his 
parents about 1852, to Albemarle county, where he was reared and educated. 
It is p.ol knowri whetlier or not he survived the Ci\il War. 

II 077 LIiiTieus, Jr.,' born about 1S40, in Goochland county, Mrginia, went Yvil.h 
his parents about 1S52, lo Albemarle county, where he was reared and 
educated. It is vei\- jjioL^able that he enli-tec! in the Gor.icderato army, 
but it is not whether he survived the Givi! War or not. If these 
two brothers survived, the}- musL have inherited a line property, for their 
parents owned a splendid river plantation in Alljemarle county, ^ee riOLcs 
by 94/ Dr. Joint Galvin Woodson. - 

Is^.ae of 4^3 ANK WOOLSOK' (Charies,^ Charles.^ Tarleton.^ John,^ Robert,^ John-) 
and Captain William Pope. 

1 * 97S Lucy Ann,"" l-orn and reared in Powhatan county, \irj:in:a. was mairied to 
Robert K. Dabney. She was his second wife. Mr. Dabney's flr^l wife 
was 829 Janiima G. Woodson' who died February 26, 1821. 

Issue of 4SS CHARLES FRIEND V/OODSON' (George,'' Charles,^ Tarleton,^ John,-^ 
Robert,- J'.ihn'j and Ann Thomas V\'iL-on. 

I 979 George.' 

II 980 Goodrich.^ 

III 981 Sarah, ^ married 99S Dr. Julian Bates,' son of 51.^ Ecrward Batc= ' 

IV 982 Vir-i/iia.- . . 


V! O&i Eilen," nian-ied '^'■)S Kichaict Bnics,' son ot 515 Kdv/ard Bates,' am! ba..' 
su\oia! clii! iren. 

\'1I t'SS Jiili:^,' marriri] i.--aac N'jwtori ^- lOuicniCAxr and had ifsuc. 

\'J1I 9S6 Mary," inarriod Wi'.'iun Alvxaiidcr llanis. (Sue \Vm. and Mary Otly., 
wA. X, p. 1S7.) 

Issue of oOS GliORGE CLAKK" .Sandi Wuod>on/' Chailt.-,-'' Tarleton.-',-' Rabcri,= 
Jcib.n') a.VKJ Ana Mu'ailiy. 

1 937 Gecrge Fi=deriti: C avk.-' 

II 9S8 John Jamos Clark. « 

III • 9S0 Tarleton Woodson C!ark,-'« born about 1805, in V^rgiiiia, where he hived and 
died. He was married to EHzabetli Submit Gricc. 

1\' 990 Virginia Woodson Clark.s 

Issue of SO 7 rRED£PICK )iATES" (Caroline Matilda WoodpoTi,^ Charles,^ Tarleton,^ 
John," RobLrt.- Jo!i!!-) and Xaiuy Opie Balb 

I 99i Lrcius )^ee Bates, - 

II 992 Emily Caroline Bates" born January 5, 1S20, in St. Charles, IVlissoiiri, -".vas 
married August 9, 1838, to her coi;sin 993 Robert Alfred Vv'aiton,* 
son of Thomas Hobscn Walton and 510 SiiFannah Woodson riaios.' For 
issue see Excursus— Walton. 

Issue of B'i G SUSANNAH WOODSON BATES' (v aroiino Alatlld.i Woodson,- Chavlec^,-' 
Tarleton,' John,' Robert,-' John') and Thomas ilobson Walton. 

I 993 Robert Alfred Walton,^ born Au-ust ?7, 1S04, at Cartersville, Cumberland 
county, \"irginia, where he was reared and educated. At the age of young 
manhood, he ^:cin lo Si. Charirs. Missouri and engaj;ed in liusincs.-. Ho 
was there married, August 9, 1858, to his first cousin 992 Emily Caroline 
Bates.* For many years he was engaged in the manufacture of blankets 
and other woolen goods, in which he was successful and accumulated a 
considerable fortune. He died X'ovember 20, 1867, at his home in St. 
Charles, Missouri. For issue see E.xcursus — Walton. 

Issue of 515 EDWARE/ KATES' (Caroline Matilda Woodson/' Charles,'' Tarleton,^ 
John,' Robert;-' John'j and Julia Coidter. 

The>- had quite a large family of sons and daughters but the names of 
oni)- fi\e liavc been procured for this record, namely; 

Kiillll G1-NI-:!'AT!<!\ 

I 904 Jvidp,e B.'.iioa Bates.- <i -.veU knov. li l.\v--yir an.i juris! of St. i.ouis, ";\iissouri. 

Ji 99' Dr. Juilu.'i Bates, '^ :i p/- :,.iiivrir\:-'ian r.f St. I.cui.-. He m.iri ied 98) 

.S.irai) \\ ooilvdi'.* daui;'. u-r of i')9 C'ii;;i l.-s 1". W'oodjun" aiui .\nii riKnu.'is 

Ill S9C Jol'ij) CciiJter L.'iies,-' buii> and learrd in St. Loiii.-, bccanif an (.iffu-.T in tiic 

l'niu.(i St.iu--- v.rmy and i< now rciir-.-;.! with liu- r.m.k of iicuu-iiant s^cncral. 

i\' 997 l.ip.tild.'i iirdes," bort: in St. Loni--., v•a^ niaiii^d lo Air. I'.no and lives in 

SiKer City, Now Mexico. 

V OQr, Richard Bp.'or,' \va; in.rried 'o 9v! l-!!!, r. \\'':.od:^wn,' tlaufjucr of 499 
Cliaiu-s v. Woodson" and Ann Thomas W'lison. 

Issue cf GIG CHARLES WOODSON' (Tarleton/ Charles, ^ Tarlnon," John/ Rf,bcrt,= 
John') and N'ancy Ja.'kson, 

I * 999 Mary Thompson,* born in Prince Edward coiuuy, \'irginia, married- 
Natlia.nici \'enab!e. 

II ICOO Tarlelon,^ born, li\-ed a;.d clicd in Prince Edi'.ari.i coun^\-, Virginia. Ne\'cr 

III 1001 Frederick,- born in Piiiicc r.d\\ard county, died unniarriecl. 

IV 1002 Charles Van Dcr Veer," born in Prince Edv.arfl county, aiid died il;ere, 


\' 1003 Anne Van Der Veer,' l)orn in Prince Edward county, and died there. 
Ne\er ;narried. 

\T 1004 Eli2r,l;e;h Jackson,* born about 1820 in Prince I'dward comity, \irr-inia. 
She wa.s nujre than eighty years old at the time of licr death., aad h.ul li\T.d 
all her life in the house in Vs'hich she was born.. Xe\'er married. 

Issue of 519 TA:aiZTCm WOODSON'' (Joh.i,'^ Tarletor.,' Tarh.Lon,' J(;hn,-^ Robert,- 
John,') and i'lliss Shepherd. 

I 1003 Jc!:iij'^ raarricd .Mis.-- Gar'ancl. 

II * 1006 T.'irleton,' iKjrn in Coochiand county. \'irginia. Was n^arvied to 

Miss Wheeler. He owned a '.a.i.sC taian ami a numlier of slaves in 

Alben;arle county. 

Ill * 1007 Pryor,' l.orr, about l'.'9a in Co<-chland omnty, \'irs:inia, was married about 
1.S16 to Miss Joseijhi.e Aiiles. 'i'h.ey settled on their farm called "Ha'cyori 
Hills," se\-en miles from Cliarlotteo%iile, /Vbeuiarle county, y'irgiriia, 

Till-: V. iHiiis.:.NS AND t'.m:ik rdSNKrrioxs 

wI)oro, il app'-ii:?. ^I'l '^■- i'^-''' f<'in;._vn chii'-lron wt:v born. Irlc died at 
H.iicyon Ililis ai a ripe <■'.•! ai^c. 

IV * lOOS Augustine,' h'nn in G'.H.chiand ;uvi innrriv-.l Nancy Martin, of Al!ic;:K'.r]c 
cc'iimv. riioy j^ci!k-d in .-M!.^"tnarlc cuimty, where llioy owned a Ijrge 
farm and ;i number of tdas es. 

V 1009 Ti'cl'cr/ b'lrn in Goochland couniy, and married Mi?s Tijhh-oan. They 
had ^cverai children, one of wlioni \v,t..s James V\'ooii.-on,^ wlio e:ili--.tod hi 
vlie L'oT:led'-raie army, attain -d (hf r;mk of eaptain .nr;d ser\-ed to the close 
of the Civil War, 

Issue ci ^21 TA^^OLIKE FLEMING PLE/S.\T;TS- (? latihow Pleasants^ Su^:nin:,h 
W; w..b.on,- Tarlctonp John,^ Robert," Ji^h'.') and William T'.Iayo, Jr. 

1 - iOlO Addison F. Mayo.Hioru December 6, KS09. at Wrr.^a.illes, Kentucky. He 
wa- a physician hy prorcssiun. I!c v.-as twice married: first, on Septcndiet 
7, 1831, to Mi^s Frances St. Clair, who lived bur a short time and died 
without issue. He married second, on June IV, 1840, Miss Susan M. 

n * 3011 Ctorgianna Mayo,'* born April 11, 1S!3, in Kentucky, married, June 
12, 1b'57, to Dr.'willlam P. HairinKoi, oi Versailles, and died October 10, 
181U. About eight and a hall searb lalei, her htt-band was married to 
iier sister 1014 Carolir.e L. !\layo. 

HI 1012 Fjederic: E. Mayo,^ born Jaiinary 8, 1S16, was twice married; fir.i , ro 
Alary Rankin, second, to Mary McDowell, and had one son, Fredeiick E. 
Mayo, Jr.' 

IV 1013 Peyton Randolph Mayo,-' born May 9 181S, was married first, to ^d'ary 
James, and second, to Caroline Prentice. No i^sue. 

V * iOM CciTekne L. Majo,^ born MarcVi 6, 1«25, was mamed May, 1849, to he- 
deceased sister's husband. Dr. Wihiain P. Harriman. She died January 
7, 187.3, in Cooper cotint>', Missouri. 

Issue of K?.<. PAULTPTE PLEASANTS' (Matih,;w Pleasant?.^ Susannah Vroodso!..-^ 
Tarleton,'' John,' Robert,^ John') and Robert Jolinston. 

I 101.'. jK!;e Johnston born 1814 in Lexingttn-,, Pentucky, v,as married in lS.-;4 t" 
William .Agnew, a lav.-yer of X'ersaiUes, Kentucky. After his death, she 
was' married in 1840 to John T. Lyie of Fayette county, Kentucky. 

Issue of -52 5 BE^NfJAMKN' FRANKLIlSi PLEASANTS" (^Matthew Pleasants,^ Sii-annah. 
Woodson,^ Tarletoii,^ John,' Robert,- John'} and. P^abelia MeCalla Adair. 

I :0i6 Paukne Pler^ants,' born December 13. 1817, in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. 
and di'.d iliere in 1829. 

li ^' iOl" A'li! C'^iherine riea.=.::;u-,-:,'' '>":■:• -»':'>' --""• '-'■'-', i" ! i.'.rnH!>i)up^, KtJUi'.'.ky. 
\vn> iii,.rric(.l in IS.-.f, lo Rev. M;'.si..i; Ni»l.!c, ;i riv^liyii.-ri.ui iiiiiii-i.:f, \y]\-- 
Avas, for nK!n>- \cj's. rlu^pl.iin in iho I'ni'.'.c! Stales Pa\"\', an<] for t-oirc 
\v-;us ciLCupicd one oi tlic rro.-^liN ■.■.■: ian puijit.^ in \\'a--lun;^ion, 1). C_". Si;" 
(•ioti Sep(i>:nber 5, l^^U, at Ha;i.p -u-ad, New Y..ik. 

Ill * lOl'F, Ceyrge Washin^rtosi PIea;;ar,ts,' ho.rr. Xov.;ml>cr H, 1S23, in \V;i^;hingt<)n. 
D. C, stiulicd linv and btca\iic c-niiacn(, in hi? ])rofi;ssion. lie- niarri.:d 
Sarab Biickly and sculod in lIiiaoi>. \vliere !k- wr.s elected for nix coi-.t-cru- 
t'.vc terms as circni; judge, ajid v- as for se\eia) year:- one (;f ilie siiprenK' 
judi:e.-. of iiie bLaie. 

1\" '' 1019 John Aclair Pief.-^anti.s horn r\ray 17, 1826. in Wasldi:gtc.n, L). C. lie wa.-, 
a la-vyer, and piactici'd hii profession in Rielimund, X'irginia. wl'ere l:c 
was married October 6, !852, to X'ir^inia Caiy ^io^by. He died NoveniLcr 
19, 1893. 

V * iO?0 Matthew Franklin Pleasants,' born September 17, 1529, in Washington, 
]'. C, locatc'l in Riehmcnd, Virginia, and practiced law aniil ins death 
Kovernber 2, 190^1. He was ninriicd October 6, lo52. lo Lydia Mosby 
of Riciiinond. 

Jssue of 52 B ELIZABETH RArTDOLPH PLEASANTS- (Malihrw Pleasants,* Susannah 
\\'oeii. on,-' Tarletcn,-' John," Rob.or:..- John'-; ai'.d llouj^das Youin;. 

I 1021 S"C"n Railey YcUiiu,* born abo-it 1S36 near \'ersaillcs, Kent'ocky. Slic 
was married to a I\Ir. J.ayton, and r,ow !i\-es at Ferguson, one of the subinbs 
of St. Louis, Jvlissouii. The>- lia\-e sexeral children, ai! of whom iivo in 
Missouri, except her eldest dauglUer, Mrs. Andrew Wall-^'.cc. wiio Vnc^ pJ. 
Versailles, Kentucky. 

The nani(:S in this e.\celi?ni family have not been obta.ineri Ic this 

Issue of 5 2 S GOV. JAMES PLEASANTS" ( Janies Pleasants'^ "Of Contention," Susannah 
Woodson,^ Tarlcton,-' John,^ Robert, = John') and Susannah Rose. 

I 1022 Ann M. Pleasanis,- burn ; died April 10. 18r6. She was married to 

Dr. Llam. 

l! 1023 Chailos Jamec Pleasants.^ 

III 1024 Huf.h Roso Pleasants.^ 

IV 1025 Susannah Pleasants,' born 1S02, died Aiit:U..t 1.S, 1887, was married to 

]S)r. Jolm Morris. 

■ V i02S Liajtha Pleasants.^ 

T -<j! 


YI 10:7 


Issue of 

K 28 

jol'.n Hainpucii Pleasants,' t".'n-. ; (li-i! l\-l)nri;\- 2N, ISifi. H; \v.i- 

l\vii-o nirsrricd:, to Anr. 1 !i.<.i Ir-siui.-, ; .-ccoiui, to M.'.r\ Mast-ii;. 

C^.rciline Pleasants,'* manied ?\i.iTi-cl;iis Sinuli. 

Maxlaaaa Pleasants."- 

AKKA S. PLEASANTS' (Janio^ PicasaiKs'' "Of CoiUcntiorK" Sus<-..uiial) 
WorJs'jn,-' Tr.'leton/ John,' Robert,- Johr.'j and Ipjac Wclisior. 

Isaac Webster, Jr.'' 

Kicuaid Vt'elstoi.s 

Lraidon V.'ebs-ter.* 

Sarah Webster," !.)orii Apri! -\, ]?,{'/), near !\.ii'!inioiid, \'irt;'.iiia, v.xnt lo 
X'crsailles, Jvontuchv', ai;d was there ma.rried, in IS'J:;, to Dr. 
Isliani Railcy. He died slKir;l>- afterwards without, i'^siie. She v.m.s 
married, second, on July 1<), 1S4C-, to Col. Jo'in M., Slaughter of Versailles. 

Botli niarriaee^ were solemiii/.ed ai the Isonie of Randoipli Rai'.ey. 

They went to Texas whert- their three ehildren were born. .\t emtio time 
during tlie C;\'il War, the\' went to Ixichniond, \'irginia, reiiuiiriing there 
until tlie war elosed. She ched iii Richmoni), i'eljnir.rj- 2, iS05. 

Issue of 53.4 MAIiTHA PLEASANTS' (James Plea.sants'^ "Of C or.tention," Susannah 
Woodson,^ Tarleion,^ John,' I'lobert,' John') an.d l\.ando![!l> Ratley. 

1 * 1034 Boone Railey,'- born October 26, 1820, at \'crsailles. JCeniuehy, v/as niari-'ed 
June 14, 1853, to EHzab'eth Wheeler. Pie died Mareli 28, '.e(.'', at the place 
of his birth. 







IV * 103,^ 

Issue of 53 5 MARY Y/OODSOK^ (Major Josiah," Col. John,' joiiah,* Jolm,' Robert,' 
Jfdm') and Dr. James V/ynn Moss. 

I * 1035 Elizabeth Moss.s born about 1^02, in Goocldaiid cotinty: Virginia. In 
JS03 ht-r parents !rio\'ed to Iviaysville. Kentucky, where she was reared au'.l 
cdtirated. V/hcn she was ab(;Ut eighteen \-ears old trie fr:;iiil>' lUoved to 
Boone county, Mi.'^souri, wliere she was married first, about 1 S28, 10 Dr. Dan- 
iel Pinchbeck Wilcox, a son of Col. George Wilcox, of X'irj^inia, and wife. 
Llizabeth Pinchbeck, of Xorih Carc>liria. He, at one time rejircsented h;s 
coiuiiy in thesUtlesenate. He died ;i few years after his ir.arri.:ge; and she 
was married secondly, 10 Gen. William H. Ashley of .Missouri, v.'lio scr\ed 
a teiin in tlie l.'nilcd State-. C^jn;.',re-s. He died and lii.= v.idow was mar- 
lied thirdly, to Hon. Jolui J. Criiteriden, go'cernur of l-Iontuckv 

II * !036 .Dr. Joslah Woodson Moss,'' Iv.Tn about 1805 at >.1aysvi!lc, Kentucky, 
svciU with tiie faiviily to i.'oonc •-(.•uniy, ?diss'at'.ri, where he was rciiedi. 


->\^ ■ ■ ... 



;■' ? 

^^■^ ^"- -. s 


"^"--i ' ■ 



KK.r ; ![ (.1- m:kat;iiv 

lK-%\a^ ma.riod t:oS.M.,Ii Ann UvrU-y^A ( "(.hunbia, a ii;<:tl lovai.^-voniaa 
and cx.'.'llcnt ^vile. O.ilv iwo of liu'ir chiWr.'n MirvivcJ infancy. 
1037 Oliver Peny Mors/ i .>rn S,.;M..T:,!>,r 2^. -;i3, .t Aiavs-.;!le, Mnsnu onrnv 
KfntiiJ.y. v,.nt wili. tho family in J^..!, ro Clav oouniv, ^[i.<,:Mi ;>.ui 
U'as hu-o marncd, 1\ .-unl-c-, INjr, m (-aniline M. Tri-^ Thornton d.^'^h- 
icron ,, I.John Thornton and i:ii.'abcih Tri;- of CLiv rouni v, Missouri/' 
(;^c^• ( .i')cil.s and tlieir kin, !);ii:c- 29(!.) 

^^'■^■■•■'' oiplain of a company in Uu- ih-i Kentucky- \<^^hncnt~Co\ 
Alexander \\ . Doniphan- in the famou. oxpcdiiion in 1S.16. tiiro.-h Xesc 
i\lex:c,, ar.d C hduiahua. lo .he (iulf of Mexico, and proved himseif a brave 
and f-aiiani soldier. 

Mo v.-as Heeled sherilT of Clay count v, Missouri, 1848 He renrc 
sentcd Clay conn.y in the legislature in 1^65-6, and auain scrved'the 
counu- as sheritT lS6S-7(). He was, for ildr.v voars. a niosr -enplarv 
mond-er ol the Hnpti.-u Church and was .Icacon for the greater p mI ..f thai 
tunc, he was a (rust.e of William Jev,ell Coileee. and, af his death th^- 
board Ol trustees ad- pled eery complinnniary resolutions and attended 
his tunera! m a body. He was conspicuous for his stainless inte;;ri;v and 
hrniness of purpose to execute ail duties which devolved upon bin' ' i-x all 
the prieate relations of life his character was h)velv. He was a .r->del'o; 
frankncs, honor and sincerity. No one could have enioved mon-'udly 
the resi;ect, admiration and love of all who knew him. He (bed fune '88'' 
at his home i:i Clay cou„tv, Missouri, survived bv his widow who in IS09 
was h\ Hi- in Si. JosepM, Missouri. They had no children. 
t^Notes by his widow, Mrs. Caroline Tliorntou AJoss.) 
iV - J03S JTary Jane I.Ioss,^ born juno 2-,, 1818, in rdav.vide,^- vv.. vid. 
the family to Boone onnty, Missouri, and wc.s married b, 1^38 ^o JuT- 
Logan Hunton who -.vas born, 1806, in Albemarle couiitv, Vir-ini ^ ^h. 
died i;i 1886. ' * " " 

V ^ IO..9 J.mes HuPh Moss.s boin 1824 in Missouri, probably in Boone countv, 
studied law and becitne eminent in his profession. He located at Liberty, 
in Clay courrv. He was a distinj^uishcd orator and was also oror'nincnt 
in politics. He was at one time a candidate for con-ress on" rhe whi^- 
ticket. I le was a mendier of the state convention held in St. Lou-'s i-. ] '^gT 
to determine the action of Missouri upon the question of secession. He 
was a union man and served for a time as colonel of miliiia in Clav countv 
1 e mained heptenibcr JO, 1847, to 114S Susan A. Woodson,^ daughter 
of 5/6 Judge Warren Woodson" and Elizabeth .McClelland. At the cioseof 
Cud W.o-. h.- v.iih ! i. family, moved to Columbia, where ho died in 1S73, 
at t-ie age o.' ioiiy-idne \eats. 

Issue of 5S7 MARTHA WOODSON' (Major Jodah,^ Col. John,^ Josiah,^ Johr ^ 
Kr>ucri,- Join,'; and He iiy .Machir. 

I 1040 Maiiah Machir,^ born about 18j; in Mason countv, Kerauckv wl,e^e she 
was niarricd to Thomas T. January, widi whom she removed to Sl I oiu, 
where she liveil until her death, ieaviiu; children: 

r..l-. \Vi-01)>'.(Nr. AM> liiriK ( 

(\) Chailfs J;):iu:»r>-, ho'ii in Si. Loi:i:< o.'iinly, ?\ii;soi!ri, about 1:"45, 
ami ulcd ill rohiiiiM.i, Ml-^.i-ri. in ]')]?. ]]c nuirri.-ti I\ii>> AjdcIm 
Ilarmetic in S'. l.mii:- rcMMUv, Mi^-cur', abnui l;-;S.'' ;;pd h;" J chihirL:. : 
Marie, wan ni: rric! Mr. nar;i,>l"i of Mac.\!i.,ii. Texas: llariiu-Uc. Ma<;Aii.;n. 
Texas, ur>:ariicd: 'I'iic ma-. \v;-o !i\ .•> iri St. Louis a:'c! \vlio nuinicJ >i:...; 
Al. McC'an'ny and lias tvo soks: C'liarKs, who !i\fs in Mac.-Mkn, Texas, 
and lias tu .■ ebiklrc-:;. 

(2) Alfred T. January. 

(3_i Maeiiir January, born in St. Louis county, Misr-ouri, and marric-d 
IMis^5 Jo ni.; Thornbii^-gh of St. bvi;is connly Missouri, and has childrvn, 
Joscpli. Sanvj'd, Baird, Nancy, Laura and Machir. He lives in Nevada, 

(■1) Lan-,x Iliclcman Januarj', nninarricd. 

II 10-11 John Machir, born aljout 1S22 in :^L^y^v;Ile, Kcnlueky, married Marv 
Kliza Januar}', who was born in 1^:26 in Cynthlana, Kentucky. had 
four rhild.'cn: 

(1) Mary Taylor Machir, who married Jamc3 H. Paiker in IS'J. bdii 
of Vvdiorn afterwards died and v. ere £urvi\-ed by oiie child. Margaroi .Machir, 
who married Rev. C. E. Hiekok, in 1002, and died Ociober 29. 191(t, 
icavir.o; two children, James Parker and Sarah Margaret. 

(2) Margaret \\ oodson ?,Iachir, v.dio married Rober*; Walker Doiscy. 
Deccnibjr 2.^, 1S79 and had tv.-o children, IMcry Machir, i^orn Xover.ibe. 1, 
1884, and r.iarried to Dr. A. J. Piass, October 2i. iO:J^^. frona wh.ich union 
there were tv.-o childien, Andrew J. and Dorscy Amelia, daughter of Roi)eiL 
Walker and Martlii Woodson; Machir Dorsey was born September 2b 
1SS6 and afterwards died. 

(3) Clementina Boyd Machir married Dr. W. B. Dejarnette i,i 16S2. 
(■!; Maria January Ma^ldr, m.arried George Biair Dorsev of Gihespir, 

Illinois, October 25, 1SS3. They now reside in Oolumbia, Mis.scuri. 
They ha\c live children, Machir J. Dorsey, born Jidy 27, 1884, viio n'arri. d 
Ann Weber of Chattanooga, Tennessee, X(i\ ember 2, 1911; IMaria ?daci;u 
Dorsey, born August 8, 1886, and died June b'b P.'Ol ; Clem.e.-tlni M. 
Dorse> bom February 25, 1SS9, and mariied Leslie Cariiie Green, of St. 
Louis, October 25, 191,?; Frances Amelia born Januar>- 15, 1593; Benjamin 
Lawrence born Juh- 17, 1896. 

Issue of S3S Sophia Woodson^ (:\Iajor Josiah,'^ Col. John,' Josiah,' John,-" Rober;,= 
John') and lirst liusband, James Hickman. 

1 1042 Lauia Ilickniau,- died at the age of tv,ent% , unm.arricd. 

II * 1043 Mary Elizabeth Hickman,^ born October 10, bS20, married June 6, 1837, to 
James Sidney Rollins, son of Anthony \\'a:. ne Rollins and Sallie Rho.les. 
lie died January 9, 1S8S, and she on May 1, 1907. Both are buried ia 
Boone cou.itj', Missouri. 

KlGt'.U! CiiMKV 

jA>ii:s sii>xi-:N" K< 'I i.ixs 

Pun-p. in Riciinuinf'. M^i.iiM'ri i-oii;U>', Ixcnlu: k\-, Ap-ril i''. iS'i2. 
AlU-iiili.-(i scho'j' nt War-liin-uin roll'.;;e, I'ci'.ii.-v 1\ ap.i:'.. A sr.shiatc <.< 
t.!!'- rn'.\\.i>'l>' of lii.;ian;i, ii) liiv e!a.-s of '.8>^0. Ki.rr:ov;-d to r\!i>souf:, 
sii:ri!C(i law a;ui graduatd! iroiw ihv 'rransyix.ii-.Li L;nv School, i,cxi!ip.'.a:i, 
Ken'aurky, l^-i-l. A ^o!^iier ii-i ;!ic i'lark Hawk War. For sixiccn year* ;i 
menibcT of I'l.c st'iiaic and houbc (A renrc.rciitaii\ c? of fliC gener::! asseinljiy 
of Missouri. lie v/.is a pioneer in liie '.■.T.ii?;"- oi ciiiicaiioii, b'jtli comn':on 
school, :mu! !ii;.';hc:- cducraion. rU\i;ted hi.-- V.'.v lo ihsr^e subj-.c!-^. It is 
snirl of him thai lu- was ciilur ii-.c auilv.'ii or prirripal advocate of c-.'cry 
imp.iriaai ics^ir'aiivc cnaciraeiil [jromotiii^ th.c iiiic-i'csts of ihe I_'.'ii\ersiiy 
cf Mi-^Aoiiri from 'U' fi aadaiion in li^o-^^ to his ix:;i4naiio;i oi tiic curatorial 
presi(i(.i-icy in 188;) — ;; period of loriy-scvcii \-oaii. Ori acco'c.n; of th.C'-o 
lifclotig ser\-ices the board (>f curators ofncially rccot:r.iz',\i hiri in i.s7> 
as "Pater l'ni\-er.-'ii aiis Mis<oLirien?es." Elected lo congre^^s in lSe('. 
Served duririg the (.''xil War. W'c- a patriotic r^^iori iiian. Siijinorted 
the adiiiinislratioii of Mr. Lincoln and although r; 'ars;e slaveholder, voreti 
for, and spoke cloqnenriy in fa\or of i!ie l.^th amendment to the constitu- 
tion of the Tnitcd States, by which .'drican .•>la\'cry was abolished, and our 
conntr\- made free, in fact, as ^\■ell .:s in nanic. !i may b'e as v.ell said oi 
liiu', as of an\- man, thai he !i\ei! n(:it for himself, but ior liis c.-iiiury tnd 
mankind. (Ao'.cs by Curtis RiHiiant Rollins.) 

Issue of 5SS CAROLIA'E RANDOLPH WOODSOiS^- (Alajor Jo:-.l;d),^' Col. Joh.n,=^ 
Jo?i;il:/ JcOiH,' Robert," John') and Dr. Augustus Nalhaniel Coburn V.'il.-iu:. 

I " 1044 Nathaniel V,'arf.eld Wilson, « born December ?9, 1811, in Alaysville, Ken- 
tucky; enlisted for the Black Fiawk War in 1S."2, and on ^bly 12, 18.3,'., 
was apj-.ointed major on the staff of (jow Dt;nk!''n r;f Missoin!, in udiicli 
• state tie iix'edi and owned !ar;d for a number of years. 

He was twice married; first, in Richmond, Iventucky, on Sei;i ember V, 
ISeG, to Mary Jane Stone, daughter ol James and Caiht-rinc Stone. Mi 3 
dicv! A|)ri! 16, 1839, ar.d he was marriocb second, in Richmond, Kcntnc'.:\'. 
on rsbn\-4, IS-IJ (Rev. Tiiomas Wolvcrton officiating), to Mary Aiin Burnam, 
dauyliter of Tliomi^son Burnarji and Lucinda Field, hi.-- v.ifc. She tv.:s 
born Ja^iuary 31, 1818, in Ilichmo'.d, Kertucky. He lived near Columbia, 
I\Ii,-.;Oiiri, :or over iifty years, biu died i:-. Waslini^ton, D C., June 23, lSy(K 
and siie on Fcliruary 9, 1904. 

II 1045 JOi.i;.b Woodson Wilsou,* born about ISi?. in Maysville. Ke!,tu'.-ky, we:)b 
with hi> mother in 1S20 to Columbia, Mis.^ouri. He was married to 
An-eline Jewell, daughter of Dr. William Jewell, and died rd;oiJt a vCcT 
afier Ids inarriage. Xo is>ue. 

Ill 1046 W'al cr Warflekl Wilson.^ born ab.iyiit 18l5 in Maysviil.-, Keni-ucky, was 
reared m Columbia, Missouri, where he married Caroline Jenkins and had 
f.G%C!al cliil.'ren v. hose names ha\e not Itccn learned, 

2 3 A 

IV * 10-17 Ann Warfieki V'.'ilson/ i'.irii r.'.n;:iry 10, ISIV, in ^!;i\•^v;iic, Kentucky. 
\vi:r.l wiili Iior moilicr in !S2tl t<' (."ohunbi.i, Hoone Ctsun.v. ?i;;:s;;>i;;i, w)v_;v 
she w;;s c.'.rL'fii'ly re.irii! vUul i'i!i:.-aiei!. 

She w.'.s ni.'.rrifc!, May 1.^, IS.^2, U; Cak-h Smit!; Sumo, who v.^''.^; h.^.ni 
jnn.o 2i, l^M. in Ma(h'snn ccuniy, Kentucky, .nmi <!ic(! Ani^u.-;, IS7?. 'v: 
Colnnil'ia, Mis.-ouri. lie \va^ educatci at 'J"r in?\ i\ ania liu'vc-siiy la 
I.exinj,'ton, Kentucky, and in IS/.O Incateu in Colur.-Jfia, rvlis.-ouri. Ii'v 
ci:!iste(! in ihc Black !ia\vk War and was a ccinnn's.-iot'.cd o!Tu>;r. 

At ih.e (Hil!n-oak of th.o Clv\] War in 1801. !io en;i:Uci! ii; ilsc Cenfcilerate 
Army, .ini! way adjutant £,c!er-.l with tlic r.ip.k o!" cckmei, on the staff of 
General Edwin Price, son of Ccn. Sterling Price. lie wa.s captured ni 
the b.illle of Elkhorn, Arkansas, and imprisoned for ,-i.\ n:onths at 
Al'on, Illinois: v,-as exchanged in 1S62 and reported for duty ar Little Rock, 
Ailcan.sLis, ano served in the quarterniasicr's department in\;i! the cl.K-.e <>f 
the He was a member of the firi-t board f>f cnrators oi the Misso'iri 
State rniversity. and contrilnired liberally of iiis time and means towards 
seem-ing its 'oci.tion at Columbia. He .wn^ a lineal docrndant of William 
Stone, governor of Mar\dand in colon'-a! days, iiis [^randfatlier, Josiah 
Stone, was a soldier in the Revolutionary army, born in Ma.rvland, livin- 
awhik- in \'irginia, and died in Madison county, Kentucky. 

Col. Caleb Smith Stone was a son of Jamcs Stone and K-it;- Idarris. 
She was descended from the Harris and Claiburnc families of X'ir^jinia, 
both prominent in the annak:: of that state. 

In 16-15, Gov. Stone of r^Iaryland and Vulham Claiburne of \'iri;in!a. 
were engaged in actual warfare over tcrritor\ that was claimed by both 

1047 Aiju Warfield (Wilsonl Stone, ^ died March, 1^^S3, at the home of her oniv 
daughier, Mrs. I-Jnoch Hansbrough Fudge,' in St. Joseph, ?iIissouri. t"ol. 
Caleb Stone and his wife united with the ( hristian Church, under the 
preaching of Alexander Campbell, the founder of this religious denomina- 
tion. Idieir five ciiildren are also members of the same church. 

Issue of 540 JCKK RAILEY' (Susannah Woodson^ Col. John.^ .Josiah,-" John " Robert,^ 
John'j and Elizabeth Railcy. 

I * 104S John V/oodscn Railey,' born October 4, 181 2, near Burksville, in Cuml)ei- 
'uiud county, b.intucky, \.as ma;ricd C'ct.d'U' 4, 18.i2, to Xanc\ k'arris 
Nunn. lie mu\ed uj Marshall, x\iis.-ouri, in 1600 and died there in l-'^74. 

II 104P' Caroline Railey,- born August, 1,S15, near Burksville, Kentucky-. She wa.s 
n.arried twi'-e; fnst. in 1833, to Dr. jo^( idi Wilson. He died and --he was 
- married, second, in 1837, to Rev. Wm. E. Milam, a Presbyterian minister. 
No issue b>- the second marriage. To the marriage with i3r. Joseph 
Wilson, there was born one daughter, EhValieih McCo'-mack Wilson-^ vdiO 
was born in 1834 and died 184.5. 

Issue of 54 3 RANDOLPH RAILEY' (Susannah Wood.son,'^ Col. John,' Jusiah,- Joh:,.^ 
l-bjbert,' Joh?!',! and hib hrst wife, Caroline Criitenden. 



ilGHlll ..S.NK!- MI'^N 

I 1050 John Crittenden Rr.iley,^ l^M•u Jmu- 1, l'^2>, ;;<- W-.s.iiik-s, Kt-nnu L> , 
(.■i»!i..~ud for ^Lr\i(,-o in the Mv-vir,!". War. Whiio on his lolurn hoiuewaid, 
he died on tiir Guli ol jNJoNico. lie vas rciiardcd as a foail^.^.s soldier. 

II 1051 Jordan Railey," born Angii.~t 7, 1S:4, at \'orrail!es, Ki-nuickv, died youpc;. 
HI 1053 i'.Ica-paret Railey/ l.u.rn 1825, died 1S,^9. 
IV 1053 Caroline Railcy,'^ liorn \i^:) , died 1S3V). 

IssuTL liV S!;coNT' wiFi:, Mary Stknvakt Hunt)-k 

V 1054 Randolph kai'ey, Jr." hovr OcvAkt 11, IS.^8, at Vcrr-ailles, KcnturVn . _ 
At the licojnniii.:,' of ih.e Civil War in isol. he enlisied in. ihe (\)nfedorr-.t'- 
army and served thrc,u;hor,i the war. Reiun>ing to his iiome, he cngacc.l 
in fanning and Vwis married in 18o7 to Thornien. He died in 18S.^ 
purvi\ed bv lii^ wile .uid one son, Drake Carter Kaiicy^ who was born 
1868 and died unmarried in \S.9S. 

VI 1055 Emma Railey,' b.,rn ,\n-ust \4, 1811, at W-rsaille.-, Kentuek>-, was married, 
March 26, 1859, lo Rev. .Me.s.inder Henry. They .-pent maio.' > ears in 
India as missionaries. They had several children who.-e names have not 
liecn obtained for this recoril. 

VII * 1C56 Ishara Railey,^ born April 2, 1S46, in Versailles. Keninckv, was mar.'ied 
May 2;, 1860, io Kzx:\ Sjirders, and H\-ed man>- years in Texas where be 
a-cumnlatcd an ami-le fortune. Returning to \'tr.-ai!ies, he died in le'07. 

\1II ^ 1057 Catherine C. Railey,^ called •■Kate," born June 23, ISiS, at Versaihe.s, 
was married. June 1, 1869, to George McLlroy Fishbaek, He died in :'!;e 
spring of iy''9 at their home in Versailles where they liad snei;* their entire 
wedded life. His widow is still living there, and is a well preserved ard 
most cMcellent lad>'. 

IX * loss William Kunter Railey,^ born April 2, 1850, at Versailles, Kentucky, was 
married February, 1872, to Martha MeConnell, an.d dievl Fel'Tuary 7, 1>'^-!. 

Issue of 544 CAROLINE RAILRY^ (Susannah W(;odson,'' Col. JohTi,-' Jusiah,^ john,^ 
Roben,' J<..l-.nM ar.d jo.-.ei.h I'ra^er. 

I 1059 Saiah E. Frazcr,^ born October 5, 1827, near Versailles, Kentucky, v/as 
married ()cte4jer 22, 1851. to her cousin 109.S Peter lees Ralley, Jr.,* and 
died of eons'uni.tiop. in October 25, 1354. For i>sue see 1093 Peter Ives 
- Railey.Jr. 

Issue of 5.^0 XaOMAS JEFFERSON V/OODSOIS^ Gohn,* Col. Johu,^ Jo>iah,^ 
ichii,^ Robert,^ J-du-'-) and Diana Michie. 

\iF. \V(H''.)-cN> \\n Tiii"iv (,o;<NKcr;i 

! * 1060 Mary Liglitfoot,' Icrti j;ily _'5. I'viJ, in Gocj'hb.iK! Ci/i!i;ly, \'in,:nin. went 
with iho fjniily a!..)U! i.s-JC \>- l-",;yi.nte v-ounty, 'IVniics-ioc, .v,\(\ iiU-.r lo 
M>!r#liall coii'Uy, ^!i^si^-iIlni, v I'lcre f-ho v/:'.> fo.-'.rci aii'i rdnc.ucci. Sin- 
was niarrictl ■scnoii'Uer 2.V l^■4;-■, to Cl-arii-s T. Pl^-.'.-.ims, wiui ^\a3 h'.v;\ 
Au-ust 1". 1827, aii.i dico Marc!! il, ]>.')]. 'J'luy i^.x-iii a cuunie of yc.;iiv. 
ill AKifb'iall c.>u!!;y, aiij a!,'CuL l:-50, bougiit a fai'm lliri.-; miles south ol 
Maci.'ii. Fa>ello Ci-.uniy, '•\'iir,e,-<(.-..-. Here l:c dioti in 1801. His with'W 
\vira hor yoiiDijesl son, is still li\-!in? tiicrc (ivl2). 

3 ' lOcii Jo'm Uella'^ '.he .^.Tord daiu;,htc.-, brrn 'iS.v'. in Gooclihind county, Virgii'ir., 
wer.r witli ihe f.iniil\- about 18-10 to \\'':'si TcKiics-^ce and thoiice to Xfjrth 
Missi-^sijipi. She v.a.s niarr!L<; to Jan.K-s Evan? and died April 2S, lo8-i. 

III 1062 L;tibel!a Purring ton,"- born 133S ii- Goochland '-ovnty, v.-as reared in West 

Tennessee and Xorih ^]issis^illi■,!, ar.f! was m.tiricd to H. H. Wall. He 
cn!i.-i'^(.l in the Co a federate army and ('ied in I'lc ser\-ice. 

IV 1063 Aun Elizabeth, ^ born 1840 near M.^con, in ra}-eUe county,, was 

reared in Marshall count}', Mississippi, and married \Mllam Anthony. 
She nc/W (1912) lixes near Collierviile, Sliieby cour.ty, 

Y 1064 Roberta,^ born 1842, about three miles froni Michii;an City. Marsha!! 
couni\-, Mis. i>-ip[;i. was married to James Johnson and. died in early life. 

\'l * 1065 Virginia Diana,* born 1847, near .Michigan City, Marshall county. 
is;ippi, v.-as married J'.dy 11, 1S65, to Jacob Bcgard, who served In tlie 
Confederate army in X'irginin fron-i tl\e bej^iiini.'ig to the ei'id of the Civil 
War. He died January 26, 19(i9, and ai h.ii. reqiiest. v.-as br.rJed in his 
Confederate uniturm. She st;r\ivcd hini al.'Ji;: ;i \-car and a half, ajul 
died July 1, 1910, after giving her children specific diif-ciions concerniiig 
the disposition of lier worldl>- eftects. 

Issue c: 6E2 RICHARD T^.^OODSON" (John,' Col. John,^ Jcsiah.-' John.^ ■Kobert,= 
Johii') and wife Miss Royster. 

I 1066 Mary,^ born and di^d in X'ii'ginia. Kever married. 

II 1067 Carohne," born in X'irginia and Vsas married to Mr. Hollins. 

III lOf 8. FanTty,"* l)o -n in X'irginia and i larried to Re\'. James Gates, a Methodist 


IV 1069 Susan,' born in X'irginia, was married to James Green, and settled in 

Richmond, where they botli lived and died. 

Issue 01 SUt3 IRHAavI WOODSON" (Jo!-n,= Col. John,' Josiah.* Joiin,' Robert,- John') 
and Sallic Merri'.-.eather .Anderson. 

t,i."i:iii i;:-Ni:i;\ iK^'N' 7.^-'i 

i 1070 Seli'U,''' liorn and (iici; in'x i-- iovir.iy, N'itgi^iia. Xcvor niri'ricd. 

11 1071 D'i ••! Hariiet'.,*^ bcru and ri\ne.j ir, Uai.ON'or cciiiriy, Virgiiiin, and 
m.-MTud lo .'ai^iKstiis \\\v.d.;-vi:,. She war- a nn-tril'.T of the ("hrisiian 
C'buixh. Th■J_^■ bolli l)\'cd and dii'd in ilano\'ci couiiiy. 

Ill 1072 A'ancy Tillman,^ liorn and rcaiwl in HaniAcr cmuiiy, and wan married to 
riiii'p Samuel ?>l'.i.-;!)\'. Si-.e wa? a men. her of ibe Baptist Cnmcli. 

W 1073 Jo:;;i Lilburn,'' born, aiid reared in Hanover c<iuat>-, and married Jt^^epliine 
Irl'.y. In their reht-iou.- faitli tliey were Prosbytc-rians. 

V 1074 ."r'hcr,'' Ijorn in Hanover eoinuy and married I.i'a Cowlin. They were 

\'I ]07r> V/illie Anna,^ born in Hanover county and inanicd Martin WaJdrop. Tiiey 
were Bapiisis. 

\'n 1070 Mrrriweather Raiido''rjh,' born in Hanover eoaiUy am.! was man.ioJ iIi'tc 
li iies; first, lo Sabvlia b'ord, s-econd, to (.)!i\ia l-'-jrd and tlu.'u to Lucy 
Jane Bov.les. 

\'ni 1077 Polly Goodv/yr..* born in Han<A-er county and was maiiied to Jo:ciV;i 
S%i\'e.ster Plea.^aiiiS. 

All these children of 553 Ishani \Vood?OiP were born, married and died 
in Kanovcr county, Virt,inia, near South Anri.t H'\'er. A/';d all were 
Be.ntists except Eliza Harriett and John Lilbiin;. Ma-U' of tlieir descen.ei- 
fints are siill li\dng in tliat part of \'irj;inia but ti;eir names h:i\e not boe'.i 
obtained for this record. 

Issue 01 5i;4 ArCIIIBALD PLi£A&ArrrS WOOPSOi;' ';john,'' Col. John, 5 Jof.ia!:,-' 
John,' Robert," Juhn') and A'aitey Daniel Ariderson. 

I 1078 Thomas r<Iernv?eather,' born Febrtiary IS, 1824, in Hanover co>unty, 
A'lrgiiiia, where I'e was reared and educated. He- was twice mairied; first, 
to Elizabeth Anr.strong; second, to Nancy Jane Mitchell. He was a 
farmer by occinxition, a democrat in pchtics and a lacrnber of the Christian 
Church. \\-' died Xovcniber, 1004. 

n 1079 Mary Jaae,'' born August 6, 18.?5, at her parents' home in H.anover county, 
was married lo Andrew Broad us Nuckols and died October, 1SS2. 

HI 1080 Aichibr.'d Pleasants. Jr.,'-- born January 7, 1S2S, in Hanover county, and 
died yoiing. Xe\cr married. 

IV lOnl .Sarah Elhp.beth,' born August 27, 1831, in Hanover county and died April 
2 , ! S97 , at ti;e place of her birth . She wa- a member of the Baptist Church. 
Never married. 

\' 10S2 Ariadne Giinier,'' bcni FclTuaiy I:*. 1S^.\ i;. I!aU':\\;r (-ouiiiy. She waa u 
B;'.ptist, ;'.!i<! nian-icci Krjbcr; S.'.iiUiol Caner, liwv! O'.'.l h'.v -.Aion !;U- in 
!l.i!;ovor coun')' rir.<! oitni li'r-c on r;cc'::iibi.i' -'0, 1S,S6, 

\'i I0S3 "N^illip.Pi An;'e;'Pon/ l>o'r. Orl'ibor '>, 1^ >('i. ni ilic piiUrnni hmnc in TlaiioNer 
C(,ni.",i-,-. lie is ;i l'ann;-i- In- t>(-cn|i,ui"n, r.iiJ a nicnibiT of il;c r>,ij)t!>!, 
Ciiurch. Is'ir'y in ihc Civil War he enic.vd 'Jw Cn);k^\: Vui\c army aiu! 
ser\\\l iaith!;ill\- to (he (Mk! of tiio war. Hr niaa'tiod Reln-cca Ani\ Ta\l!)|-, 
and is i-ri!! !i\ii';: ('.')1 2.': at t!ic <iM h.omc v.l;cri; he \\-a5 hori!, ne.u ^^'til(k■loc':, 
liann\-cr cotin.y, \'iri;inia. 

VH lOS! Prulina Psnndolph," lioru Dcix-inhtr 1.^ I'SM), in Haadvcr coiinly. Shr 
was a inonihL-r of ihc Bapti-^i ("hi'.r^-h, v.-as n'ia?rii_i.l Dei cMnhrr 17, lS7i, 
to Robon V'. iliiam Tolcr, and died March 1 7, 19tM. 

Vill iO£5 Selinr. Helen," liuin Jan.iiary 20, l!-42, in llanm';;!' county, was married u, 
C'harl'_s Aoraiiani Ta>-io: and died Sci-ilcnibcr, 187S. She aas a iTieinb'cr 
i)f ihc Da;)tisi (.'luirch 

IX 10h;6 Archer Anr.a,^ bora Maich 29. IS4/ . at liic farnib.' hon^e in rian(A-er coruiiy, 
where she has lived until the pi-c--Mi1 liine (,191 2). She and her 
William are rlie only sur\-i\'ors of this s'"'-! *-''<! family. They are botli 
liaiilists ;ind aie quietly spending their (.leclining \e-irs at the place of their 
birth and amid ilv: hallowed scenes of their childh.oyd days. She it is wlvj 
has snpplied th.e ;'.bo%e authentic data. 

Issue of BBB HARRIETT V/OODSON" (John.^^ Col. John.^ Josiah,-' John,' Robert;' 
Jolm') and Mr. Cocke. 

I lOfc'/ Mary Goodwyn Cocke,* born in Idancx-er coitnty and died unmarried, 
la ner relij:ious faith she was a Bajjtisl. 

11 lO&o John Cocke, ^ liorn in Hanover and died inunarri'd. Ide war- iiot a meTtdicr 
(if any church. 

III i08? Si'.rali Jitic Cocke," l;orr. in Hanover C(junt\-. was iiiarried lo j(3seph ',\'itte. 

Sl'ie v,as a member of the BajHrs-. (church. 

IV 1090 Frances- Ann Cocke," born in Hanover county and married Robert Howard. 

;-)he wa- not a mendier of any ciiurch. 

Issue of 559 PElTiR IVF3 RAILEY' fMarfha Wood..on/' Col. John,^ Josiah.- .John,' 
Rol/crl,- Joiur) and 56(i Judith Woodson Rniiey.' 

1 lO'y.i Martha Woodcoii Railey,* born February 10, 1820, at "Liberty Ha'!," 
the old William Raiiey Itomes'.ead naar Ycr.saillcs, Kep..ucky. Her life 
was sliori. She died March 10, 185i7. 

: li l.KM-KAl 

II *■ iOC? K:ch.->-d Henry R;..i!cy,^ bo::t April 26, tS23, al ">ctiy Ilni!," iK-.r- 

\"er:;a;!!os, Kenuioky. ■.viicre lie \\\,l: roared and eUiicatcd. The \.ars of his 
c.irly maniiixui were spcJU in I'.ic incivamilc bi'.-incrs in Kc-aUuky. H-j 
wa - married Febru^'ry 15, 1S52. U> Callitrinf^ Kriih Hawkins wao was a 
grcai-grand^'iau-hler cl' Rev. ]inr,c> K::hh <.nU Mary Ish.mi Kanviciph. 
daU:^huT of TIioiikk Raiui<il!)ii ol Tiickahoe. After his marriage, hv ahaii- 
(10',' (1 die mcrcaai'ie business and .-etiled on a faDii noar Kich )iill, M;>- 
fouri, where he sikiU liie renia.indi-i of his sun.shiny hf'-'- '' has i.neii ^-aid 

(iiat Kiehartl Hciii\- R.iile\' and his coupin John Allen Ka.iiey^ v/ere 

tw.i (if the mobi spleadid luokiu;; N'onni; ;nen ever reared in Woodi'ord coiiiiiy. 
In an ol.iituary, D. .A!. Downiar, ediiur ol' liie "Woodforti Sun," published 
af. \'ciba!l'es, sa.\'s of him: 

"Ricliard Henr\- Railcy was the sv.n c! Peve" I. Raile\-, Sr., and his 
wife, Judith. Woodson Ivailey, of whiose children, i'ctcr I. Ivaliey, Jr., is 
now the only Eurvi\or. 

"Richard Henry was born April 26, IS25, on the ])lace settled by his, adjoining the farni nny,- o\vned. by Logan Railey. 
He died at Rich Hill, Missouri, Octoljer 3, ISSS, and was buried. Octtjber 
5, ISS?, ir. the fa iii.'y burying ground near X'erL.aillcs, Kentucky. Ha is 
siir\I\ed by his wife and three children, William E. Railey, of Lawrenceburg, 
Kcntuclcy, Bertha Ihintas Raile>-, and Ptrer Woodson Railey. The cvvo 
last: named reside with their riiother at Ri:h Hill. 

".A kin'Jei' lie.irt than lOick Raik-y's tu;\ ci anirnateii a human braa.''-t; 
a sura^ier nature nexxr brightened the rugged pathwaiy of life. Gifted v;ith 
a .superb physique, reared amid plenty, if net luxury; desce;idiint of th.e 
Raile>s. Randolphs and Woodsons of X'irginia, tlie kmsniaii ol Je.'Torson, 
he v.'as a genileniau b>' instinct vnd b\i\ joyous laugh was as natural as the 
soiig of a bii'd. 

"He married one of Kentucky's uncrowned cjueons, Miss Ca'dierinc 
Keith Hawkins, a lady who \vov'l<_l, with, eciiiai, adorn a palace or a 
th'ttclied cottage. 

"Forturie smiled on him more tl;a:i once; not with. hr:r 'winsome 
smih',' knit rather as if in niockery. At once generous and i,ni'>rovidenl, 
money v. aj to him contemptible dross. 

"Judged by I'ae world's stantlard, he was not a s'ucessful aiaa; iait 
if to illumine Ins own ho'.rie witli sunshine, to scatter gl.idness v.-nercver iie 
went, to inspire his children witli noble a.ims, be success, then the beautiiul 
flowers which decked his grax^c, were laurels fairly won. 

"l^is closing yeaa's were made even more Ijright by a slcadfast faith 
in the promises of God." 

III * 1093 Peter Ives Railey, Jr.,'* born August 5, 1S29 at "Liberty Hall," near 

Versailles, in \\'oodfonJ nvunty, Ivenaieky. Ho was farmer by occupation. 
He was married three limes; first, on October 22, 185L to his tlaird cousin 
lOo'J Sarah f~.. Fra/er,'' who lived oui\ three yoar.s afn.-r her nu:rriage and 
died (Jctob'-T 2,~.. t85-i. He was married second, on j^darcii IS, 1860, to 
the -widow Mrs. l-icljccca Gouph (nee Frazcr), li.all sister to his first wife. 
She di'-'d in 1892. Jn J860 he sold the old V.illiam Railey homestead 

240 'Mir wooi"-' N^- A\!i lUKiK cr-xxiATioNs 

"j.ih'.Tlv U.:!I," v.b.irli '.;■. Ik. J. iaiKT'tv'il iian his mo'Iior, and !x)U;;!!l .'f 
hi;-- l':uhoi--!U-lnv.-, Jv'~Cih Fvi/.o;-, the !>!'.ain Railoy liumcitcad, ''Vlivy 
Grovo," Y,hich he ofcupicd unnl 1^66. 

On accouii;- of his wife's ill liuaitii, lic roiiiud o'.iL ihc farm, wcat tn 
VcrsaiHes and cngacicd in the n^ercantiii; liuf-incss. iUil this v,as not io 
liis taste; and his v.ifo having ivcovered her heaUli, tlioy went ha.'l; to old 
"X'incy Civive" and Hv^il hapj'ily until she died. May 27, ISO.!. 

Weary of his Icncly oxistenvX', he nvjrried i.hinh on August 2-}, 5 899, 
Miss Seville Church, w'lo wa- bom Alr'ixh 3i, iS5i, in Franklin counts-, 
K',V:!ncky. He sold the farm, p -id off sevcal lluju-and doiiars of other 
people's tlebts for which he v. as sin-uty, liouglit a copat(a-tahle home in the 
suburb.; of I'rankfort, Kentucky, v/hcre hie expects to si.end the remainder 
of his davs. lie i.s an old "Blue stoclcing" Prcsbytenan, as were all the 
Woodson-Railey connection, so far as he kmnvs. 

lY 1094 Mary Jr^ne Ralley,' died youn;;. 

Y lOf'S Merriweather Lewis Rallcy,"^ died young. 

Yl 109r. Martha JiKJith R&iloy,^ died at ihe age of seventeen years. 

VII 1097 Emily Sophia Hailey,'' died youn-. 

YJIl 1058 Pocahontas V. Railey,- died yom.i;. 

IX 1099 Laura L. Railey,' died yonng. 

X 1100 Thomas Tefaersoxi Railey,^ died at twenty years ol age. 

XI 1101 Lucretia P.aiby,-'' died at sixteen >ears of age. 

Issue of ^G i LUCY RAILEY' (Martha Woodson. « Cob John.^ Josiah.-' Joh.r.,>- Hobert,- 
John') and her second husband, Rev. William M. king. 

I * J 102 Rev. Samuel A. King,^ born October 14, 18.54, at Versailles, Kentucky, 
was married January 19, 1860, to Miss Anna King (not: related to liin-;). 
They settled in Waco, Texas. He was called to the pastorate of the Tn-st 
Presbyterian Church of Waco, and occupied that pulpit for about forty 
years. He was much l<eloved, not only by his congregation, but by the 
entire community. In 1902 he v.-as called to a chair in tiie Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary at Austin, Texas, and has resided at that pi-..;ce aver 
since. He was a commissioner to the. General assembly of the Southern 
Presbyterian Church, v.hich convened at Savannah, Georgia, in May, 1909. 

II no:. Wiiliani M. King, Jr./- born at Versailles, Kentucky, was married to 
Miss ll.-itiie King (not related to him), and moved to Texas. At the be- 
ginnicg of the Ci\il Wa.r he eidi.-ted in the Confederate army and died in 
1801, leasing on.e daughter, Willie y. I.'ii;g,' who married ]■ E. Daniel. 
Thcv liave two children, (1) Vv'iiiie Daniel, '" anfl (2) Susaunali Daniel. '" 

V.U--V i n Gi:vi.K\ r.i"'N 


Issue of i;G2 MAKTKA jAKL RAlLhY^ (M. ri!i.. WooJ-nu - (\.l. J-,-bn,^ Joriah.^ lulin,^ 
liol.cK.- j..!in') aiKi JMim H. llLrryiii:-.n. 

I * 1 104 r.arx Eiizabeih Berrvniau, hor., Jin;,; 5, 1S?0, at "Ciiiton" nc.:r Wi-allies, 
KenU:'i:y, nianici ScptL^uLcr 1, 1^ H', lo Go^r^'c Uaninu;t C ary. 
ami dira'jiinv 4, 1905. 

H '^- 1105 Tames T. Berrvman,^ Lorn April 22, 1S22, at '■Clifioa," the old Thomas 
Kailcv iionu'^teai!. lie v.-as twice married; first, in jamiary, ^'^-^.^l*' 
Ther-'-a \\'ihis; ?oam'!. on October S. 1^58. lo SaHic Steele Cimreii. Ik 
was f(.r mauy years, and until h\^ deai;>, a merchant at CHuop. Me died 
Juiu;-f, 1879. 

HI * 1100 Robct Berrym?n/ Lorn Apri' 17, j821, at ■ThrM.n," was ma>ried June. 
iS-i6, tc .Maria !.. Whiningion, and died Ai-rii 4. 'e~7S. He was a CMmmis- 
siou merchant ai Clifton. 

IV * 1107 Edv/ard N. Berryman," i.iorn Marcli 14, lf<26, near Versailies, KcntucKy, 
was married May 27, 1S52, to Sallie Willis, and died Doccmber 26, iP-00. 

Y 1103 Georre Railey,' born iS30, died ISS2, untaarried. Served 
through^tit the war in Confederate army. Owned -'CHiion." 

VI * 1109 Mattic V/oodson Berryman,^ born April 24, lS.i&, was Jiiarned June ^l''', 
1856, to Robert Fry Montgomery of Louls^•ille. It ai)pea!s they, 
settled at Wilmore, Kentucky, and died tlu-re. 

VII * lUO Franl- F. Berrv.oian,' born 1S42, v.-as married 1o('io to Susan 'L'ssinger. 
He served in the Confederate arnn-. They live iir Denver, Colorado. 

Issue of 56c? SUSANNAH RAILEY' (Martha Woodson,^ Col. John.= Josiah,' John,' 
Robe-r,- John') and V^'iiliam rierning ?.Iarhliam. 

I nil Dr. George V/'ashington Markham,^ born Juiv, 1S26. in New C;:-leans, 
Louisiana, where he was reared and educaied. He studied nicdicuie anu 
practiced his profession in New Orleans, during the few remainuig years 
of hi - life. He died December 24. 1 853. Xevcr married. 

1! 1112 Rev. Thomas Railev Markbam/ l.oru December 2. iS2S, in Nev.- Orleans, 
was married Xovemb-sr 30, 1S5S, to Mary Seark:.. He wa. an elocjucnt 
Presbyterian ininbter and preached to one congregation m New Or.ears 
for nearly forty years, excepting the four years he served as cb.aplcm ot a 
regiment in the Confederate army. 

Ill * IIH Martha Woodson Mnrkham/- born July 14, 1S32, in New Orleans, was 
married in 1850 (o Fabius M. Sle.per, a young lawyer from Al.ssis..n;i. 
^ft.i tlie Civil War thev moved to Waeo, Texa-,, where he practiced law 
until his d. ath. She was a nost lovable Christiaii character, beloved by ah 
whi) knev-.- lier. Shv died February, 1910. 

TVU \va >:v/<:,'s< \\\, tjiii!; 

i\" ^ 111-: Lu..y i^euuni, Mrir:;'' Iu^tm Jviy, ISoG, in ?\".\v Orloar.s, iiv.rrii .1 
in ISol, 10 Kdward A. J-'iu^-, a i:;^v\cr from IJahlmcro, MaryhiaJ. '1 lic\- 
loc.iicd in Waco, ', wlu-r,.- I;.- cnpa^cfl in ilu- jir.utic: of hviv witii hi^ 
i-ir<. l;rr-iu !a'., I'aoiu.-- M. ^iv..j.r, siui! his clvaiii. S!;c died ir. U-')-{. 

\' 1115 Maiy Jp.r.'i Markham,' born alioiU 1S3S ia Ne-.v Orlean;-- and died yoi;r,-. 

\I 1116 Wilin'.in Fleming Markham," liorn iS-!2 in Nev Orleans, cnlisixd in ;lie 
("oiiicderaic iiriny nl tiic age of ivvoniy years and was killed at t!ie baiile 
of Aiianv,! in 1S6 1. He was a v,'.>i^\\ .-oldie-r arid a L^aaiant oiVircr. ( !'^- 
Wm. J-;. Rjiley.) 

Is?iie of S(^7 MATTHEV: WOODSON' ;John Stephen, '^ Rev. Maithew/' Stephen/ 
John/ Ixobcr;.'- John-;; and 5 Va I'aiiiii; ■ WV^odMin.' 

I * 1117 Sarah Ann,' born September IS, lSi7, in '".oorida.nd CQiint\-, \'irginia. 
She v..-nt with her motlier about 1S32 to P'aveite county, Tenre.ssce, and 
was niarriei.! l\Iay 15, 1339, to Benjamin Mo>by. Tliey settled in Deioio 
county, 'Mijsifsippi, where she died October IS. ISoO. 

il 1113 Islary J.,« born April 24, 1S1'\ in Goochland countv, a^d died Sepicabor 
29, 1819. 

Ill n]9 r-hinp Stephen,^ born September 3, 1S2U. in Goochland 'ounty, X'irciida, 
v.eni!: his mother in 1832 to i'a^ette cuU!;ty., -where, he c'icd 
IMay 3, 1^56, ay;en ;!iirty-hvc years and clglu mouths. He was ;uimarricd. 

I\' * 1120 .Tohij RoyalI,5 born l')ecember 2S, 1822, in Goochland county, Virginia. 
!n iS.->2 he went to Fayette county, Tennessee, witii his mother, his brother 
Philifi, his two \oung sisters and his uncie 57S I^datrJicvr Woodson,- taking- 
their rhives and other possessions with them. In 1S49 he was married ia 
Fayette county, Tennessee, to I\Iis3 Amanda Fll::a Fiunan, a sl:rer of 
Col. Robert \V. h^itman, who commaiided the Thirteenth Tennessee rv^iment 
of inl.anlry in the Confcd.erato States .Army. Ho was a prosperous farmci 
and sla-'.-e owner. .\t the outbreak of the Ci\il War in 1S61, ho vras one of 
the first to enlist in the army of X'iiginia under Gen. Robert E. Lee, and 
served falihfully until tiie latter part of the war, when iie returned home an.d 
dlcfi i'l 186-i, fp.m t;-ie effct-ts i/ tl:e har^.'shi.s and exposure vrhich iie had 
endured for three and a hail years. His v.ddow died in IS76. 

V 1121 Jane Eliza,' born March. 6, 1?25, in vGoochlano' county, and died at midni^dit 
Dcccrihcr 3, 1833, aged eight years and nine months. 

VI 1122 Paulina,' born March 10, 1827, in Goochland countv, and died A;)ri! 13, 

\'U 1123 i^datthev,'," bi.rn January 2S, 1S2^'. in Goociilaiai county. He was a 
posthnmcub child. He lived five days and died February 2. 1 S29. 


if... :. 





:iiM i;i".\;:i; vricN 24.^ 

i.oue of t;J^G i'ENJAMIN V/00]:>:i.OW (John Sioniun,'^ Rev. Maaiif\v/ SuniKn,' 
John/ I\(7i<ort,- Jc-hii'; .ir.d M:i:tl!.i ! ,;_. Scuor. 

1 ■ 1124 Ann Ei./:a,' borii (^ciobor .^O. '.S06. in Franklin roiinty, X'iiglnia, was. 
iiiarrii,.! neocnibor 2". is:,".i, tu Williav.: DoclJ. Siiu vms a member of ihe 
Hapii-i C'1-.urch and ditd in lv'^S^) at lli-j ago of sewnly-four yonis. 

II * H25 Paulina BacOH;" born I'ebruary 5, 1S09, in Frankiii; rounty, Virginia, and 
wa.s married to \\"ill' ini Miller. She was a memixT of the Hajitisi. Ou.ircl! 
and, (lied 1ST9, ageii seventy \-ears. 

in ■ 112'5 Liary Royall,' luan Jane 11, Itll, in Fianklin ecunuy, \va-. n;a! ricd Mas t.^, 
i>S^^!. ti) James W. Craii;. Slie was a go.x! v.oaian, a member ui the 
Baptist ("liin-cli and dieil 1890 at ilie a:-;v of se\enly nine years. 

IV * 1127 Stephen MarteljMjorn February 3, in Franklin county, Vireinia. lie 
■■va.^ reared on ilie farm, rccei\'ing a good •. ducaiion under liis fatji^.r wlio 
was a prominent te:irher in touthwe'tern Virginia. He wcnr with tiie 
fann'ly in 1840 to Monroe connty. Mi, soiiri, w!ierc lie c-ngaged in fanninf; 
until 1849 when he embarked in tlie m.mufaciure of wheal fans, tie was 
married Xovember 24, 1850, lo Miss Mir.anda Foidks, daughter of Gerard 
loulks and Xan.ey Kodgers formerly of Kent'.icl:\-. She died jn 18ri5, 
leaving two ehildri^n. He was again married, on i'ebruary 9, 1863, tc 
Miss Martha Ellen. Suillman. daughter of John S. Spiiinian and; Eli/abeth 
Waymasi of Mrginla. About this time he sold of.t his wheat tan laetory 
and resumed farming and stock raising. 

In 1869 he was c-kcted judge of the county court of Mop.roe county, 
Missouri, which office he held sz.x years. Ho had served many years as 
justice of the peace. He was a democrat and a consisteni member of the 
Primiti\-e Baptist Cluirch, a citizen highly esteemed by t!ie entire community 
m wl^icl-. lie lived. \]'.^ liome '.\as known far and wide for its Lenerous hos- 
pi;a!it>- and wide ;-.pen doors to welcome all wlio had the good fortune t<> 
be there. 

His wife who was born June 6, 1824, and who had been Ins helpmiect 
for nearly a ciuarter of a century, died September 30, 1887. He continued 
to reside with his surviving children at his home in Monroe county, Mi>ouuri, 
where lie died Ar,ril 10, 1901. 

V ^- 1128 Martha Le Seuer, ■ bom August 11, 1S!6, in Virginia, died ?J.rrcii 6, 1867. 
She was married May 16, 1839, to William M. Craig, a farmer of Monroe 
county, M!,^souri, and lived there until the close of the Civil War w hen they 
moved to Carroll county. Sl-.e was a er)od 'woman but never ur.iied v. iih 
any church. 

\'I * 1129 Carol:''e Chastaine/' bom June 12, .1819, in Frankiin county. Virginia, 
married George A. >daddo\. a farmer of Monroe counts. Missotiri. in 
1864 th..y mo\-ed to Oiegon -.vlKre they coiitinucd their agricultural pursuits. 
She is a M-(;man of unusual strength of mind and body. At I'le advanced. 


as;o o! iiir.ct) ycais :^P.e is ;-t'!l l:\iiv_; (i •'('')) ncor Aitiil\'. Oic;.;-:;!!, a roiisisi'jiU 
inoin!ier of ilic Chrijii,;:; f"!u;rrb.. 

\'IT 11 '0 l^'oioihy Rc-inciOlpk,' I'lrn FiJiru'^ry -5, 182.'?, in Fiankiiii cixinly, \''iigiiii.i. 
mill divd Jiil>' 1, 1904. Xla-,:!' inarric'i. She was a izood ("liristian v.oiria:i. 
greailv' hv\o\ cd i)y ali Ii'.-r i\i.'.l'\L-s aivj frifiid;'. She li%cd with licr hroiht.! , 
H.)57 Judge- Sloplien >[aiul Woocisoir until hib deatii, and spciU the i.-- 
iiiaindcr of her life with hi.r niece, ^irs. Wairen jM. Si.Uiiey. of UiJiJer Aiio;., 
Illinois. She \vas a n.ienilicr of ilic Bainist Clui;cl;. 

VllI * 11 jl riizabeth Mosby,"" born in b'rankUii conni}-, X'iryinia, ;)ccernbci- Jti, J82't. 
was nuirrieil Xo\-eniber l-l, IS.^0, lo John B. Alii-joii, a .-uecessfiil fai'mcr an'.i 
stock raiser, in ?iIis:.o;.iri. Tlie\' retired iioiu t'ne farn: about 1S9-!- and 
li\-(d in Siargeon, ?\!;.----ot:ii. wlK-re Mr. Allisi,n encjai^ed in litiying ne.d 
selling larm lands by v.Iiicii he r^^ide a eoiiolderabie amount of money, lie 
(.lied Maicli S, 1904, leavin;,; Ids widow well prux'ided for. She is still living 
at La'.vton, Oklahoma, (lOlii). In the cajoynient of good health ar.d tlie fab 
possession of all her pl'x'sical and nier.tal faculties. She has contributed 
most u! the above atithc-niic data concerning this important branch of the 
Woodson family. Sl.c and lier were boLh men-ihers of the 
Methodist Church. 

IX * 1132 George V^arren.'^ The story of his bfe is brieily told by himself as follows: 

"I ^^■a■■:• bor)'i August 2, 1S27, on a farrii in Franklin county, Virginia, 
but in the year 1840 my father with his family emigrated to I\ionroe county, 
?vIissourI, and there settled on another farm. I v.'as married on L'iecember 
23, 1S55, to lantha ja.dcson, the dauLjbter of Hancock jaclcson, who, soon 
after, became governor of the state of ]\ii.>sr)ur:. ?>Iy wife a:id I matle 
our home on the same farm that m.y fa.ther had uriejaally settled on v,-hen 
he mo\-cd to Missouri in 1840. 

"On r^eccmbcr 3. 1863, twin daughter;. Mary and Martha, were born 
to us, but ?\Iary died at the age of thirteen months. 

"W'lien the Civil War came on, I early joined Brigadier General Rain's 
conunand and fought through tlie Wilson Creek battle as a private soidder. 
Soon after tins battle I was promoted to the rank of first lieutenrtnt. A 
few months later, after the battle of J,e.\Ini;ton, ]>.Iissor.ri, and at the resig- 
nation of the captain of our company, J Vv-as elected to fill his vacancy, 
and so continued until the Missouri state guards ^vere disbanded for the 
purpose of joining the Confederate army. Shortly after this, J was cap- 
tured and held prisoner by the Federal troops for about iwo months, when 
I was released by taking the oath and giving bond. This ended my career 
as a stijdier. 

"f)n .-Xi-'ril 1, 1865, I left Monroe '.ounty, Missouri, with tny wife and 
daughter Martha and started, with an ox team for Oregon. We arrived 
at Fort Carney in the state of Nebraska about the 25th de.y of May, 1865. 
As the Indiana on the piaitis -jvere ho:!ilo that year, the go\ernmer:t would 
not allow us to proceed until enoagh w^igon^ gathered to form a company. 
We had to v.ait oid)' a couple of da-, b for this; and then a coi'i.oany tonsisling 





Ki<;i,n! <u:ni j^v ri 

uf (Mio hiUKlred an.! i. ;; wagoi^s v.a.-- o; I v,,is cltxii.d ciptaiu ami 
};ivei. a iosular ru:n;:.'-si.)n i,y ilie t;o\-cnin;eiU. \'\"o (!icii staitei! uii (h,.- 
joii:iii-\-. \Vc hai! no wil!-. tiie lii.Han.s luul! we airivcfl at R.-d; 
Springs, in ^\hai is now W yoi-iii-, wl^crc we wciv atfnckod In- tlic Sio-x 
anj C"Iu-yeiinc5, \\"r Wrcd on tlioni. driNiiU; m away wiUinui ;uiy If-:; 
wlsaicvor 10 our roni.Mny. Wo arrived at I-ort Ilaik-.-k iic:a day, anJ. 
after letting two or ilirce days, [.ro-oeded on uur iournoy, rearljing cur 
destination September 6, 1S65. 

"TJie first year after wc- nrr^eeJ in Or>.gon, I farmed, l.ui ir; I'le 
fall of I806 1 became en-a-cd in ;'...■ mercantile ^n.-iarss at Ami.y, Orei^>m. 
under the firm stylo of Biown, Woovison 6c Co. 

".^!te^ being in this bubincL-s for five years, I fold my inte'-est in it 
and in 1S72 bouglu rome slicei) aiui toolv tli:;m to l-:iarnath Lake connl}-. 
1 i-emained there a roaple of >-e irs, and durint; that time went cluoii-h tlie 
Ab->dur Indian War. I then reUirncd to Amiiy aiui a.yaiii went iiUc; tlie 
mercantile iuisint as, in whirii ! , oiuimied as loni; a:- 1 lived in Oregon. 

"In iSS5 I nuned iny family lO Paris, in I\!onroe county, IMissouri, 
and while living- there my danghlcr w-as married to Preston B. ?.loss of 
that town. In IS'),^ iny wife and I moved to Billings, Monfana, the home 
of my daughter at tluat time, and ha\e re.sidcd there ever since. Before 
and after I went 10 Oregon I \oled tlie dem.ocratic ticket, but ft.r the past 
ten years have voted republican. I never have L-cesi a iiiember of any 
church n.jr aiiy lodL^e." 

Signed. Geouci; Wakki^x Wo'jdson. 

February 7, 1911. 

A little more tiiaii a year aftes w-riling the aiiove sketch, he died at 
7:30 o'clock, Saturday evening, Marc h 30, 1012, at ihe home of his daugl-iu-r 
Mrs. Preston B. A!o>s in Billing.-;, .Montana. A h^ al newspapx-r commenling 
lijion his death, add.s: 

"\\hile Capt. Woodson w-a.s not a maa of demo.asiraii\-c character, 
he can;e from the old school of \"iri;inians -vho knew but code of n;ora!s 
in life and strict morality and rectitude in all his dealings Vv-itli his fellow 
m,en was ever his rule. During the time he was a citi/cen of Montana he 
was not enga.-;:cd in business, being identified with the con-m-mir-ty only a> 
a resilient. He is survived by his wife and daughter, and a number of 
grandchildren. Funeral service.s were conducted fron-. the Ab.iss residence, 
the ( hrislian Science In-rial .service lieing u-od, and interment was miadc in 
the incal cemetc-r\-." 

X iI33 Maria Jane,' born February 0, 1830, on the farm in Franklin counly, 
Virginia, went widi the family in 1S40 to .Mom-oe c.MUity, Mh^ou^i was 
Married about b'^^i.i ic F'la\-iu.-. n<,\d. She died Augu.-t S, 1862, siiortiy 
after the l.)irth of her only child, 'i he child liced onlv about one -yv-ar. 

Issue of £: 7 1 r-TEPJIL-N WOCDSON- (John Stephen,^ Rev. .M.mhew," Stephen,^ Jr.ha,-'' 
K'obert,^ J(.'in') a'ul J;inc, his first wife. 

I 1]:.4 "''arrcn.Miorn aboui 1S21), in Albemarle cc'unty, Virginia, was a lawyer and 
a Bajni'-t miiikter. About 1842, he wa^ Using \u Columbia, A'iis:.^.uri. 


!..ati;i U- v.\ip cUitiu- aivi prci ;;■;;•:< ;r of the l^anncr <•{'.'Hy, .^ !iev,-spap>r 
\w piihli.^lu-..l ;u ]\\\..-n. AHs-ouri. Ht- v/as iiiairio! ic Aiiirlia Uick of 
Can^lino cor.rLv, \'ii-.;;nia. She \va? a sisU-r of Ani;nnla Horry Dick, wile 
of 576 jad-c Warren \V(K_.a>.'ii.' 

If li 55 i,rin,' in .Mbeniarle co iuty, \'ir:_;Inia, and \va? married to Mr. Crawford. 

Ill ^ 1133 Dnniei,- Lorn May 1.1, !S.!4, in Albemarle county, \'irt;ir.!a. Wiu-n he wa.-; 
1)111 se-x en yeais old his n'othcr died and iie was for by one of Ins ainr,« 
autil he was old enough to be sent olT io .school, lie educated a.t 
l.e.xiiiyton Academy. Durin.o: his niiaoriix- i;e was under th;.- care of his 
^UJidian, Mr. Wl'.itc. of Albemarle count\ , for whom he cherished a war^ii 
afftciion as long as he lived. He was married in Lynchburg, Virginia., 
• m Oet.jber 14, 1S47, to the widow ?drs. Antcrica ilnuiua) Palmer. She 
v.•a^ born .April 3, 1S.M ia Campbell county, X'irginia, a.nd died Decendu:>- 
i.S, 1912. ller maiden name Cl.rislian. 'Or. June 29, 1854, he was 
appointed bv President Pierce to be secrel^ay of ihe territory of Maesas, 
v.herc lie spent the remainder of life and died October 5, 1SV4. 

Tlie following appeared in tlie l.ea\ enw<irth ilerald (jctober 20, Ic^ol, 
notinc; the arrival of the lerritorinl oUicers. 

"Daniel Woodson, Ksq., of Lynchburg, Virginia, secretary of Kan.-,as, 
ani\ed on the Edcnburg on Wednesday last (October IS, 1S54.) 

"Air. Woodson comes among us as a young man, yot with the prestige o> 
a bribiani rareei among tile leading democratic journalists of the (;ld 
Dor.-.inii.n. Wc have for s'lme time known him as the editor of the Lync!,- 
burg Republican, a democratic jou.rnal of long standing among the al'le;i; 
and most reliable ia the country-. The people of Kansas will iixM in him 
an able arid accomplished public servant." 

The following obituary notice of his deatli andi sretch ot his hie is 
copied from the Coffeyville, Kansas Daily Journal of OcLober 6, ISSM : 


The startling inte'iigence was flaslicd over the wires at an early 
hour this morning that c\--secretary of the Territory and frequcndy acting 
governor, Daniel Woodson, had pn.-arefidiy passed away at the residence of 
his son D. i\I. V/oodson, in Claremore, Indian Territoiy, on Friday night, 
October 5, 1804, at half past eleven o'clock. The news wa.? received villi 
tokens of sadness by the citizens of '■.'offexviile. among whom the deci-.\sed 
liad lived and moved for more llian twenty years, and by whom he was 
universally respected. His remains v.erc taken to Leaven Vv'.rlh, his 
former home, for interment. 

Earlv in the month of August, Governor Woodson's health began to 
fail, ai:d upon the a.Kice of his pl.ysician. hoping a change of location 
migiit. be ijcrieficial, r,e was taken to the home of his s.m at Ciaren;ore, 
Indian Territory. Put in s[)ite of all that ln\e and. skill could do. his 
immortal s[/irit took its flight to th.e realm of li-.e ■,;!;knov n beyond. '1 he 
mortal \>ndy of this dir^tingnished citizen will be laid away in Muncy 
Cenieterj , near Lcavenv.orth. 

ri,.!t ii: -.-.r 

Go\Triior \\''Hni.-;^'n i? i;ur\'i\x<! by hi-; \'.i<Io\v :tnil tiirce cliildrcr., 
two son^ .ir.d one (.l.iii;,!-. •, cr. Mi.-;. \'.'(_io('soii. i!;.' bervft wiii^iw, v.-iili l:cr 
Ini^n;'.nc!, hifj rojidcH.' in rdiTo;. - i!:c cwr siucij I'-.c o; i',arii:<;ition. of ihat cii>". 
The stntc has !o>i a promiiioiU ar.c! ii.--i \>-A citizen and or.e oi li-.odi=lingi!i;!K\! 
men uf ils early iii.-Uay. 

Daniel Woo<L;vin was lu-rn in Albemarle coanl\', \'ire,i:':ii''-, <.»ii (he 
13th d;;>- of May. 182-t. Mis bo\-hootl d.i\'s were ^perii Cni a pia.nlation in 
the Old 13oniinio?i rUue. Early in life he v.a£. npi)rcnticed to the priniinj 
Irarjc in an oiucc in Lynclii.vjr;^. He beeamc an adei>t in l!ic business, asid 
soon altained a liic;ii rank in hi:^ choscii •(•rofossion, and was one of llic b^it 
knov.-n edivcM^- and priiiiers in ihc sia'.e. His brilliant career attracted 
the attention of th.c chief men of the: ;^ri ;■ pa'ty then in p.ower. anei on the 
29t!-i of jirvj, lS5i. at the ayje of thlrtx- \\;ari, r.e was ap;ioinied by President 
Pierce^ Secretary of the territory of Kansas at a salary of S2000 per aniu.ini. 
IJe immediately disposed of his ne.vspaper in Lynchburg- and started for 
Kansas. Prior to lea\ing for biis new jiost of duty, the young secretary 
had taken the oath of office at \\'ashin5ion. 

Go\ei-aar A. H. Reedii- arriw-d '.v. Kansas territory on the 2.Sih of 
Septeiiiber, 1S54, about ten da\ s after the arrival of the sc."rctary. These 
t\\o officials entered at once upon the work assigned them. At sc\'eral 
times diiriuij his term as secretary, ihe powers and duties of t;i.)Vcrnor of 
the terriiorj- dc\'(.il\'ed lipon .Mr. Woodson. The first occasion was laat of 
the aIiM::;eo (jf Ccr\-err.or Rceder on a \'i>iL to the East, frum April 1 /, to 
June 23, 1855. The minutes show two official act.', during period. 
Uj^on the remo\'al of Governor Reeder fronj olhce, .Aui^ust 16, !."55, 
Secretary W'oodsun became acting t^cnernor and Sv:r\-ed ur.til September 7, 
1855, when Governor Shannon took the oath of oHke and e^ti'/rrd; tiji >;i its 
duties. On th.c departure of Go-.ernor Sljannon on a vi^ic to St. Louis. 
June 24, 1856, Secretary Woodson again became acting gtA-ern'ir and ser\ed 
until September 11, 1S56. 

(Note — It was during this period that acting Go\-enior Wooflson 
issued a proclamation forbidding tiic assembling of the "'-^ree State ' 
Legislature. And on Septernl>er 1, he issued an ordei to L^e.itenanv- 
Coionel Philip St. George Cocke, eommaading L'nited Stales dragoon.^ to 
iuNXst the U;\\n of Tooeka and aw-L'si. and disarm all i;isiirr^ctioni?ts f(.'.i!Hi 
at or near that poi:U.) 

On S..:i»teinl.>;r 11, 18,^6, Go\Lrn;jr Julia W. Geary a.-,suincd the duties 
of the ofiiee. l."])on the departure of Gov. Geaiy from the Territory. 
March 12, 1857, SeLrelar\- Woi.'lson again became acting govenu^r an<i 
cor.tinued as such undl Apiril 16, 1857, when he was succeeded i)\- Frederick 
P. 5nar>ton. 

Mr. Woodson's otTiciai acts were all in keeping with his well established 
habit? uf party fealty and integrity. He wa? a Virginian by 
birth, arid slrtjng in his proslavery c.'nvlct ions which were pait and j)arcel 
of iiis early education. His paper, the Lynchburg Republican, had been 
UTider his ;Tianagem;:-nt aii ad'i'f.cate uf the rvansas-Ncl>ra.-5l.a biU. from a 
southern jjoinl of view. 

24S Tin: WDon^orvS .■.>.!> riiii ; i'.):-,x!-x ridS? 

Tl:o fact thCil no ntMik on his privaic i-haraclcr or his hoiusty, was 
evir niailr In" hi^ ].;.'liiica! ciAiiiics, iusli\- cslahlislKs his rharatlcr for 
lior.-t.MKil hoii(si\- niiii puiiiy as .■I.o\o rciircrh. 

Governor W'oocisou scrx'cl Kansas ia an dlVu-ia! capacity, cliuin;,r {\u: 
most c.xciiiiij^ period <f Irv hisiorw He v.a.s iioncst afid siiiccre. No 
( iinrgc of cinTiiption or r.-.ah.draini-ira.tior. \va.:-- e\-cr uttered against liira, 
and his n cord in this rc'^pcci. stands woil in li'svory. 

Af-uT retiring from the sc-crctarysliip, he served faithiiiliy as receiver 
of puidic monies for ihc Delaware Land District at Kicknpoo, D'uriiig 
ill.- incumbency of this ofnce, iie lo^t all hi.- private funds h.y advancing 
niuiicv- to ti'.e gcner.ll j^ovcrnmenl, and lie has a clain-', now pending in 
Washington, which should be adjusted. 

For IweK-e \cars he fa.rn-ied in Leavenworth. cnr.:':y. In LS70 he went 
to Montgomery couniy and as.-isted in e^' j1 li^liini; the first new^paper i.a 
that luealiiy, at the town of Parker. When ili.'i proposed city was aoan- 
doned he rc'turncd to Coffeyville wiu le he .-jxnt tiic remainder of his life. 
Peace to his ashes; Honor to his memory. tSce Coffeyville ! 'aily Jom-nai, 
October 6, 1894.) 

Mr. George W. Martin, secretary of the Kansas S>ate Di.-,t< ri: :! 
Society, says that he was personally acquainted udih Co\ernoi 
Wood-on and that he was a very lal! and slender man. 

IS.SUK (iF 54<.> Sn-rni N WoODr-ON" by his SFeOND WITE, iNIl^S IMt.'vDE 

IV 1137 Elizabetli,-^ bo.-r, in Allieniarle county, \u-.ein;a, was married to Bcr/^^.ard 
Ciouc'i of Pvichmond. \^!rginia. 

Issue of JS7 5 GEOPXtE WCODSON" (John Stephen," Rev. ^L'ltthew,^ Stenlun,'- Jo'm.^ 
P.olicri,- John') and ids second wife, Jane Tabscot. 

I * 113S Jaraes Powhatan,* born 1.S2S at Warren's Ferry, Virginia. He- went to 
ijalitornia in 1849 during the enid excitemenc, and never returned to 
Missouri. He married and settled at Ashland, Oregon, whcie he v.t.b 
living in IS? 2, with his family consisting of his wife and aim niber of •.liiUren. 
At that time he was a ^Lison in good standing. 

I! * 1139 John Ettpheu/' bor.i June 6, IS.u!, at W..',re'i'i Ferry, X'irs^inia, >vent v.ith 
the fainils- in 183.1 to }k>one county. Aii-souri, and in 1849, when but 
nineteen years old, went with his brother Powhatan and others to California, 
in search of gold, in which he was moderately successful. He finally settled 
on a farm wiiich he had purchased near Sacramento, and was tlicre married 
November 15, 1862, to Margaret Joanna Hatton. They continued to live 
on their farm until he died November 21, 1879. 

Ill 1140 Martha.," horn about bSo2 in Virginia, went -.viih th- f;ni;ily in 1S35 lo 
Poone ( Dunty, Missouri, and was there married to Mr. iJoweils. 

IV iMl Mfei'y/' born in 1834, i:i \'irginia.. and died young. 


2 a 


o Ul 



D t/> 











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^liniin (;i:N 

\' 1112 V,-c=jieii,'' lioni in FJocmo coni!i>-, 'xlissfruH, ruui di-'J \o'.ir.c. 

VI 1143 ElLabelh,'' h •■Ti^ I'v'T, iV. H.-.suc c i'.n'.v, Mi.-.--oiiri, .mkI is siiil livincr t:iere 
\\iih her bruthcr ll-o Wilii.iin. 

VII H-il T.Iinciva,' born IS39 in Bvor.c coun<:y, Mis-'curi, a-iil is siill li-.-ing there, 
near Columbia. 

\'ill ' IMa V/ilHam T.,^ b.-ru IS!*' in Ik^-iU eo;inl\-, Mi?-.uri. In the fa!' cf 1S70, !.o 
v.eiit with lii? f.'.iher ;;nd niijiher ar..l three sisters to Califenrla wiJi a 
view of locatinc; there, but Cwy did net iike the country, so after a sta.y of 
tea n.M!nh~. they reuirned to ll.ione county, Mifr^ouii, whL-re he iias iive 1 
evt-r ^ lie \eas mar.ii-.I in IST-l to Mis? M;i Mary Ba'Mngaruner. 
They owned a t;i>od f.irm &ix niiies cast of Columbia. 

l%ar!y in I'Ml he sold the farm and boa:.;lu a h.omo in Coinnibia in 
order to gi\e h.s \oiinner children ihc benefit of tiie city school-^. He now 
resides with l)i- famih' in Cohunbia, Boone county, Missouri. 

Issue of 57 Q V^ARREN WOODSON" ijohn Stephen, = Rev. .Malthe-.v,^ 5u:-r,!:en,^ Johii,-^ 
Robert, = John=; and his first v.ifc: Eiizabeth >,IcC!el!and. 

J 1146 James,' died in infai-.ey. 

II 1147 Stephen,* died in infancy. 

III * IMS Sur-an A., Mjorn 1S27 at Columbia, Boone county, Mi.ssouri, v.-a* rriarrlod 

September 30, 1S47, to 1039 James Hush -Moss^ of Liberty, Missouri, son 
of b)r. James Vv'ynne InIoss and 535 Mary Woodson. ' 

Her husband died in 1873, aged forty-nine years. She still auiviees 
(19K'') and at the advanced age of cightN'-cigrit. 

(Fo-- issue see 1039 James Hugh Moss.") 

IV * 1149 Olivia,' born Jidy 30, 1S29, in Columbia, Mifsor-ri, and died ivi t''v>t ;-ity 

July 27, 1905, a consistent memlK-r of the Baptist Church. She v.'as married. 
in 1858 to George Henry Matthev>-s, who v.-as, for about twenty years, 
professor of ancient lau'^uaees in tlie state L'niver it\- at Columbia, and 
died there in 1 869.; nv second wife Am.v.nDa Bkrrv Dick 

V * 1150 William, "■ Itku 18! 1 in Cohunbia, Mirsouri, wiiere he v^as reared and 
educated. At th'; outbreak of the Civil War, he enli'^ted in the Confederate 
army and served faithfully throuidi the entire four yeyrs. 

Upon The cessation of hostilities, "he '-eturned to his home in Colur.nbia, 
remaining bin a. short time, then went lo Louisiana and Te.xas, in one or 
the other of which states, he has resided ever since. He was marned in 
1866, in Texas to Miss Mattie I.ewellen. 

150 rui, v,(iii.;.<.i\> .\M> Hi 

\'I "■'- 1 15] .Kihi: Aroliibf.Ki,- so raiii'>>l fcr hi-^-- [w" .lirarnlt'.iil.or--, Joh.u Stepncii Wooiiso;-'. 
.nil! Arcliibiild I'lck of rar>''i!)'' C(>iuU\-, \'ir;,,;iiia. lie w,i- Imra May 2S. 
1S!.\ \\\ I. 'nlum'' lia, Miss'i i;:, \^ , -~ c^lwcavl nl iln' Mi-N< •uri Si^iC I 'p.i'.'ersi'.y. 
]!f K fi ih:tt iiiMiluii'ii) aiv'! wcr. lo Monuina in 1K64, was cii-rtici shfiilY oi 
>,K.-.';;brr onin'v, in 1S6S, <i,->\ i.i-;: alvan \\ar. Ir. IS69 !i(: ri'iiinvjcl to 
Mis^<)^Iri, rc-inaiiiii'j; a fcv p.K.mhs. l\\ ISTii he v.\-ni to \\\ui.i)i;;iM;-. 
c<jr:nt\-, Mi.--;i^:-i])ili, \\ here lif cri;^ap,e(l in ciUton planUn_;; for liirec >ea:"i, 
thc-n iciUDivd U.) ^[i:^lll!ri am! >o!d g.-joils a'lu faiiiic'l for .-e\-ciai years ia 
Ljoone CDMiitN'. He was ni.'.rrieu IVccral'cr 21, 1S76. ;:l riooiiviili.-, 
I\ii;Soiiii, io >.!iss ?Jary Talli iforro l;,i!a.r, clauglitcr o! J;iir,es Haniiu r 
B.ikcr and Luc\- T;illiaii.Tro i.>f ("i.oper roini! \-. On accouiii of licr ill heaitii, 
lio iiiC)\\'(! to } ii_:n'L,,i:a in ISSO. Slic was a de\cntt" incni'^er 'jf liie Christian 
Churcli. He;- hcllh conlinuci to decline and .-lie died Xoveniber IS, ISSS. 
Afvi'r this lie served O'lie lemi in t!;e MoTUana le'^islature, tl'.en spent al.ienit 
ci.Liliteen months in Arizona and went to Old Mexien wliere, lor two years 
he hen] eluirj.'c of a offee plantation. 

Tliat iro;)ical climate did not agree willi his Iiealtli, so he returned to 
iMilos Oii\', Montana, where Ik- has resided ever since, cni;:'.ieci extensively 
in st'ick iaisln;j. lie is a dcm.jerat, a n.einlier of tlie Baptist Cluucii anrl 
an infiuomial citizen. 

\'I! 1152 Wp.lter,^ died at four years of age. 

VIII * 1153 Mary Rollins,' born 1S47, in Co!ural>ia, Ml.-soitii, v.diere =h.- received her 
edueatioii and unitL-d with the Ba[uisl (diiirc li, s'le \'.'as in.inied !S79 U/ 
Reginald! liilier l:dH..a, i;>f lutliwo'jd, r\li-<'niri. He was an Lplscopah'an. 
Both are now dead. 

IX * 1154 Frances Lathrcp,'* born Augtist 12, 1S49, in Columbia, Mis-ouri, wiien eLc 
grevs- to yo'ing v.-i.,ir)ai"diood and graduated at Clirisiian C'i'ilege in tliat 
place, and was man led Xoveniber 16, I860, to Baker W'oodrun Badger, 
of Colnnibus, Kentucky. He was a graduate uf Missouri Strive rni'— :-rs!t\-. 
'riie\' re>'ded se\x-ral years in Columbus, Kenuicky; then went lo 
C'nuinibia, Mis.^uuri. remaining luit a slii^ri time, and in ISSO. removed 
to White Sulphur Springs, Montana, and from that pi, ice to Berkc'c;.', 
Califtirnia, w'lerc they lived unti! 1910, and now reside at Ml-i West 
Twelidi stri'et, ]\i\eisi'Jc. Cali; )rnia. 

While in Montana, Mr. Badger for se'.'eral \e;ir3 judge of tiic 
probate court. In polities h.e is a repulV.ieaii. In tl;i ir reiigiotis fa'th 
1 L- anf! 1ms wi'C are rresbyterians. 

In recent years tliey have lieeii engaged in orange cidiure. 

X 1155 Elizabeth, '^ born at Columbia, Missouri, and died at the age of two years. 

XI * 1156 Epiily Price,'' born April 15, 1854, in Columbia, Mi.-souri, attended 
Cln.stian Col'ege, and gradu.iied in 1'.73 Stephens Co'iege (a school 
for young ladies) under Dr. 1:'.. .S. DuIIn. In. 1S72 she f.nited veith tiie 
Baptist Church in Columbia. She wa-> merried June Vj 1:;.>. to William 





"I'.iiiii Gi >.!:i:aii<is- 


Uicc TiAicv. <■■«■, n! Ja:i5cs Ilunmer Baker. ;m.i I.ucv Talliaf.-no r.f ("ooMor 
oiuniy, M-M,un. Air. Bakrr i;; a mc-mWv of ihc C-hHsliau CIkmvI,' :. 
a democrat, an.,! proniinm. ;,„,] very poniiiar in !iis pans. He •.■■••■•- V-r 
:nany >x-nr<. .ocrrtar>- r.f ii,e n t-r.n ..-Looi tor ix.ys, located ar Booi-^i!;.^ 
iio lb now li\-ii!y, ar liclfiia, Monlana. 

Issue cf 57S SAMLEL WOODSOr;^' (Samu.l.^ l^.v. MatihcNv.^ Sic,,h. :- r..h„:^ 
KoLcn,- John.ij and Xancy Ma;rir,.Ml.,>!!. ' •" ' " 

' ''57 Harris Alien,- i;-.>rn August 2\. ISUl, ojcd 6, 1S27. 

II 1I5S jaiiies,^ horn Xoveinbcr 2, 1S13, ilied. 11, 1M3. 

Ill * nSQ Sriah Jane Granc.MH.rn February 2 !,]^23.i,: Kent urkv, She was marr^e.i 
to Oriean Bi.slioj-, Av.d died August, ISM.i. 

TV il6u Mary Ann Ru.zelV U.rn Febru.r. 24, Jc2J, in Ken.ur);v, nhere siie spent 
bor entire life. She died at Madi^oiiville, Kenairkv, Mar.-ii 7, )90y. 
Never inairied. She Wa- twin si>ier to 1159 Sarah jai'-.c^ 
V * 1161 Sar^tuel Charle./ born ^ia>- 20^ 1S25, at Madi.onvilh.. Kentuekv, and te- 
ceived a practical cducaii(,n in the schools in his count v. Arrivin- ai the 
a-e of young manhoorl, he nioxed to Princeton, in Cakhvell count^-^ Ken- 
titcky, where he engaged in tlie mercaniile biisines-, and on Aj)ril 11, 1854 
was married lo Rcl^ecea Jane ; lav.thorne. dait-hiur of Re- jam-s' Haw- 
thorne and Jai'e ICli/a Ranneb. She wasbo'-n Januarv 25, 18^2, in i'riuer- 
toij, Kentucky. 

Returning to his native town, Madisonvilie, in 1856, he ccniiTied tli- 
mei-cantik business until the sprin- of 1866, he moved to Fv.n<Ville' 
Indiana, and enya^ed in the wholesale notion business, which proved to 
he an unlortunate wntu.-e as it came near wrecking him tinanciail'y. How- 
ever, he soon recuperated sutlicienily to engage in tJie hotel bu'-^inrsr-. bi 
which he w.-is quite successful for several years. 

He va-^ a man who poshes- ed in ..n eminent degree, the faruity of 
making tnends wherever he went; and tlte rarer facultv of rrt.M;nn- fr!,'.n-is 
once m.ade. 'litis uas dve, no doubt, to his social, genial, bosni-able 
disposition, whadi was his marked cha-act eristic. 

His ^^lU■ r!,^d. and his own hcahh f.dlin^. he sold out his ho^i a-,d 
retired Irom business, spending the remainder of his life ia quiei ude, mo.t 
of the time with his son Samuel Charle., Jr.,^ at Caldwell, Kansas, v.diere 
he died J-cbri!ar\' 5, 1 ;07. 

VI 1162 Williain,^ born ai :dadi^onville, Kentucky, and died unmarried. 

VII * 1163 Emily Weir Bishop, « born November 6. 1S2<;, at Madisonville, Kentucky, 
was inairied to William Browning and died in 1904. 

Issue of ISB7 yniGmiA V/OODSOKv (j^„^„,^._ ,,,^. >i,,,^j,cw.^ Stephen.^ lohn ' 
.RoSert,2 John') and Rev. Isaac. Chai.liae. 

1 116-1 Elizabeth Peers Chapline,^ \'<ni) M.uch 15, L^lo. 
II iI05 MrJ'uda Chap'-'ne,* b<>rn •:'•■.■•■'. ':::\bcv M), !?i4. 

III 1K6 Dorotljea Ann ChaplinC;' 1.-'.t-,'. SL-p-.crr.ber !0, 1S16, divd in ynnr.g i^iHli-.w-i, 

Jaiuiary 16, 1830. 

IV 1167 Wiliia:n Chapline,'^ I'-tu March 25, iP19. 

V 1)6S Jotc-ph B. Chcplino/ huV'.\ j:.iniar\- .1". 1>;) . 

\l 1169 Mary Ella Chapline/ Lorn J;>- 16. 182-!. 

\'ll 1170 Eliza Be-V.e Ci.npline/ boni i-tbriKiry iv'. lSi5, and was married January, 
1S44, to iK-r second C(_HK-in old .\nilion\- lxA"illia:i Woodson. ^ For is^H'.e 
see 010 .-\iiOion}- LeX'illlar, Wo^xb^on.' 

\'II1 1171 Amanda Fi-juces Chapline,'' born juK' 0, 1S26. 

iX 1172 Madison W. Chapline.s born August 16, 1S2S. He was living In 1910, at 
Row It-lt , iventucky. 

X 1173 Isa;!C Creath Chapline,- born January 22, J832. 

.XI 1174 Abraham Chaplir.e,- born January 15, iS40; died Marcb 16, 1SC7. 
(Chapline Famii\' 13i'o!:_- Record.,) 

Issue, of 5£p0 FRANCES B. WOODSON' 'Jacob, -^ Rev. Malihew.^ Steplien,-'- joi'.=i," 
Robert,- Joi.n'; and Jo.scph 13. Roacii. 

I * 1175 Eliza Jane Roach, '^ born January 15, 1S23 near Harrodfburg, Kentucky, 
vcas married to Richard F. Connor, and n.o\ed to Clarinda, Iowa. 

H * 1176 Edv.-in V.'oodsoa Roach, ^ born January 15, 182,5, near Harrodsburg, Ken- 
tucky. He educated in Mercer couni\ , Kentucky, where later, he 
himself became a teacher. He was a of lovable character, hit;h 
principles, indomitai^le energy and great intelligence. After a sevcif 
illness of typhoid fever, he died at his residence in Harrodsburg, on July 
7, 1?60, being only thirty-five and a half years of age. He had married on 
July 31, 1851, Saraii Elizaijeth Wiiscn, v.lio wa^ born June 2, 1S32, at 
"Colerain" near Harrodsburg. She a daughter of Dr. Creed 'J'aylor 
Wilson and Anne Eliza .Marshall. When but a child ^Iie v.ent v,-ith her 
parents to ladiaiia, returning lo Kenie.cky at the age of fifleen. From 
this tim<_- until her marriage she made her home vrith her erandmoiher, 
11 Mrs. Aia-y I'a\ lor V\'i!.son, eldest daughter -A 5;! Ta>lor (.See 
E>:cLirsn.s- Taylor. j Siir- died Oclober ■'■.0, 1909. in Danville, Kentucky, 
at the i;oirie of her dauehter 21 19 Anne Eiiza ; Roach) Curry.- 

rii.UTH >;>-xv.p;.\Tir.\- 

Issue of 53/?- PHILIP WO*.<DSOTr i!'hii;.:>/ Rov. Ma'.i!ic\v,- Stephen,'' Jo^.n,■^- Robert, ' 
)<'\>u') aiul S(r.) M.iry Railcy.- 

1 * 1177 Maiy,* .torn in IS17, ix-ni \'rr~.i'!ii..-, Kialin-ky. l!cr niuilicr died wiU'.i;) 
n M ry ^-Iiort .inic, CHui i-iu^ \v;i;: tnkcn and cared for by her yv\i\Uxci^ iinli! i-hc 
was old c-noutiii to send olT ut school, I'cr t.ithcr h;i\iii;4 localed in Hunrs- 
\i!k:. AIal)am,i, he look \i\< liuic i.u\ to thai cit\- wlicro she wrs cducaU'd 
ill one of ihc excc-lleul sclii>,>l< foi v\hich Hi'nij;\-ille has long been famou?. 
She was mat lied aboui 1S39 lo Augusius ]. Willicrs, a promin':;nt citizon 
of llur.isville. 

Issue of 60G JACOB L. WOODSOK' (Philip,'' Rev. Maui)cw,° Siephen,' Juhn,-^ Robert,^ 
J(ih'ii') an.',! l".li.7:ibcih P.rowu. 

I * 1173 Powl'.ataii LogrxH,^ liorn Xo\'eMidier 13, !S21, on his father's farm in Man.o'.'cr 
Comity, \"i;'i;inia. When bill a >outli I'le nio\ed '.villi tiie family to RicJr 
iiiond, X'irginia, and was th.ere educated. He developed literary tastes, 
was a fine j.atin scholar and read a ,J:reat deal. Soon after mo">'irig to 
l^icliniond, he engaged in the printing busiaes.s and became editor of a 
newspaper. In his religious faith he was a Bapiitl and li\ed an upright, 
godly life. In politics he was always a democrat. 

He was married Aijril 5, 1S55, at Norfolk, Mrginia, to Roberta Ann 
Cailis, daughter of V.'illiam and Elizabeth Calli.^. a highly esteeincd 
family of Xo; folk. 1 hc\- contiiuied to reside in Richmond autii abcat 
lo61 when tlicy removed lo R.'deigh, Xortli Carolina. At this time the 
Civil \\'ar came on but, on account of physical di.^aliility be was e.xCxTipt 
and did not eater field s-rvice. I lis wife died June 6, IScS only a week or 
so after the birth of her third child. }]e rlien removed to G.''eensboro, 
North Carolina, where he spent the remainder of his life and died December, 

II * 1179 John Chestei'Selcl,'^ bon; J3ecember 25>, 1823, in Goochland count) , Virginia. 
The following newspaper notice, and oliiiuary, as printed in the Harrisor. 
burg Register, is reproduced as showing somewhat of the character of this 
superior man. 

Tlie last issue of the Register contained an announcement of rhe death, 
at his residence in Harrisonburg, Sund^-y afternoon, April 2.>, lc75, of our 
late friend an.vl fellow citizen, John Ciienerfield W'oodi-on, T.sq. 

Mr. Woodson was born 'tn Christmas Day, December 25, ltS2o, In 
Goochland county, \'irginia. He was educated in prh'ate schools in 
Hanover counl>', and was eng'tigfd for four years in the office of the Rich- 
n.ond \\'liig, learning the priming business, whilst the V\liig was lir.der the 
editorial control and managenient of that m.aster spirit of journalism in 
Virginia. John Ham.pden Pleasants. 

Evincing an aptitude for the law, he studied that profession with 
Conwa\' l^obertson, one of the most distinguished practitioners of the knv 
in his da],'. He was admirtcil to the bar in lS-14- or 1845 and commenced 
the practice of his profession in Franldin, Pearlleton county, \"irginia ''now 
West \irginia). He was active in the cnatiou of the new county of 

23-(r •i:!l' \\l^ .i--(>\> \N)) i;p 

lii^^lii.'.ni', ciii of poriHin;-, i-! i\;i..lU-toii ;i;Ki \'-M.h counties, nnd flrc'.;\i 
(!u' f^r^l roir,nK'n'.M.r.h!iV .at-.niioy of lii.;ii!ar.ii counu'. fie was ni.-irrk"! 
Xovfinhci- 16, lo4S, to M:.--- ^ar.-h i:!i-;ibeili Aiiii.s:^, dau.ciuer of Rev. 
'■ "■t.ore.c \\". Aiii'.^sof Poi .ih-,. .i:i> .:ouin>', \'irj;iiua. aiui can-.e lo Harrisop.biiij; 
in 1S52, where he sjicii'l Liu.- ri niaiivJcr of liis !ifo. Ho:e ho \v;is a^;^ociat•.■<i, 
in vhe ;iraclicc o.' his profv.-.-i'^r,. firsl '.,1;!-. A. ('. HryLir,, I'sq.. and >u1>- 
^eqiieiuly was a iiiemb'or of ilie !;uv firm of P.r\-an, Woodson aiui Coiiipion. 
-?iu! afur tlic dcviii) of I\ir. I'ryan in !8(i6, roi-.iinuod in coimecMon v.ii'i 
]\Ir. Coiiipion ui> 10 ihc close c.f liis life. I'^iiciiu; his coniicctioii wiili ?.Ir. 
f5r\'r.n lie vias elected coinnienvN ealihV ;;U"';ne\' for Rockiiivlurni county, 
whicli ;)'>-iii<'!; ]ie liUed. wiiii markevi abiliiy and fidciiiy to the puliiic 
iiitere.~ts for ^^.■>.>I■aI >ears. lie '.\as a nicn-.iier of the le^i.-^la.iare of X'irginia 
diinnj; tlic Ci. il \\"ai, ai;d v.m.-. elecl.'d '■>■ the [K-oplc a delet;ate to the 
C'onsiltiitioTial (_'o!i\eiU:on i:: 1867. 

Mr. \\'u(.>dson was, be>-or,d i,|uc.-tio:i, a i.;cnl!eman (..f suiierior intelk-ci, 
and had been l!viroiighi\- trainei.1 in ihe duiies and rcsponsibilivies of his 
profession. H ■ was admitted to stand i'l t!ie tirsi ra.nk o[ X'iryinia's airiest 
and soundest lawyers. He was a forcil.ile anri imprcs?i\e sneaker, anci 
well uniierstood the a\enues to the human licart, as well as the more .subtle 
and difficult ariproaclies to the Iiuman reason and understanding. Ho 
was univcrsalh- esteemed and respected In- his bretl'irea at the bar, as well 
as by all who had the pleasure to share his friendship and respect. He was 
cmincnth' soci.d in his nature, aiid impressed himself indelibly t:[.>oa a!i w]>;.i 
had intercourse with him. H^ had negiectecl th.e paramount interests of 
his immortal s;jul until a few weeks before his demise, when, reaii.'ring Ids 
failing condition, he turned his e>"e3 to ihe ;ill-su.'iicient Redeemer aiul 
professed to li-rce foui.d thi-t peace whicii is \ot;c]isafcd t-o t!;ose who pul 
their trust in God. 

The funeral ser\'icc3 were held in tlie Presb>-terian Church, ro which, 
he had attached himself a short time before liis death. Rockingham 
Union Lodge, No. 27, .A. F. A. M., C)f which he w as a member, attended in a 
body and buried him with Ixlasonic honor.-, in Woodbine Cemetery. 

Scared)' another name in the valle>' of \'irginia — so distiiignishcd for 
its great lav.^ers — can be piesented, that can measure up', in the icg.-l 
profession, to the standard of John Chesteri'ield Woodson. 

HI IISO Virginia,* born at il West Broad Street, Richmonrl, \irginia, was educatetl 
in L.''.te rcho^l, and died iwimarrieJ. 

IV * 1181 Randolph Railey," born al. 11 West Droad Street, Richmond, Virginic", v,-as 
reared and educated in that c'ty. He was a delicate and not able to 
render any service in the Ci\il War, hut did send a substitute to the 
Confederate arni\\ He died in 1871 of consumption. Ry occuiiovion he 
was a contractor. He was marric'l to Martha Latitia Powers who was 
Ijorn in Goochland county, May 25. 1837, and died April 1, 1907. 

V llPvl Edmonia,' bnrn at the family home in Rlchmoiul, X'irginia, was educated 

ill'ayett' schofjl. She was mairied to Mr. Ellis of Goochland 

county, and had one child, Hartwell r.liis.* .Ail are dfjtid. 





a;!d u!(.ci in youj-.i; v, (nVi.'.'.i';' •.,-.'. l'n:;;arr:. .!. 

\'il "l-yA Vic+Mia,* liLin i.i Riciini' mi and ciloci ;> oir.iy, 

V))l 118? Fabius.s 

hsuc of f>0 MATTHEV/ WOODSOIi' 0''^Hiii.'- Rev. ^':■.{•hLv. .' S[c<Awn,^ Johh,^ 
Kc.'iorl,- John') .md Maricil-i ,.Lcake) Ri.-|i. 

I IlJ-0 Jo!'.!-. Anderson," 'norn Juno 1, ISiO, iti i';:_\-i:i,;c ctiiini-}-, TciincAMco, d\iA ir. 

II US'/ Virginias M.-^rctUuj/ born ."darrii 7, ISA.'.. iVvd i': ii;;';.!H-\ . 

in * 1I8S Sarj-ih Frances/ i>;ii-n June 4. 1S44, near oid Hickory V\\-cl^.% Favcftc 
cdiMUy, Tininc-'iTC. Wh^n ^.^ovi live yea'5 old she wen', wit'i her uio;lv-;; 
to Menip.Iiis, vliere slic was reared and echiraLeci. She was twice nuirrie-.I: 
first, on jai^uarv 12, 1S69 by Rev. ,-\. II. Th.^rir-.s, pasfor o,' First .\i. ii. 
Chiireh in Menaphis. to Henry Peter Woodard who was born .-\nrii i . 
1828, iii Sou til amp ton colhux-, \ irginia. lie wa.- a s<,)!i oi Antiionv\Vonuar>.i 
and An.!) W. Jones of that C'->uniy. He left X'irgiiiia and located in. iMeniphi? 
ai)oi;t iS5S. At the beginning of the CivW War he zealously espoa>ed t!'e 
caube of ihe South, enlisied in Compaiiy A, Se\en'.ii Tcnne>?ee Cavalrv. 
whieli veas mujtered into service on 3.1a>- 16. 1S6J. He \vas lirst sorereant 
of the company. Judge J. P. Vouny:. a nieniocr of the- saaie coaipanv. 
t.nyr. of him: 

"I never met a truer nian nor a brax'er soldier. He was ds n'iodest a? 
a woman arid as brave as Julius Ca:sar. He was a Christian ca>-a!rynia::, 
and carried his reliijion with, him into the a; my. He reverently ar.d 
devouil;. invot-cd tlie presence of the .Oeiiv day after d.iv. I seen h-':-.i 
around th.e camp fire, in the lo;ig ar;d fatiguing marcli, ofien v.-itiioin: food, 
oficn amid the heat, fury and din of bnitle, and he wns a!v. ays riie :=an,e 
quier, calm, p<.acea'.ile man; abvays ready for uuiy, never shirld;!;; o.r-.- 
service, and accepting witli cyuanimity a £o!dier's faie. Aficr -J-.e close ..f 
the war, he manifested in peace, those (;ualiiies vehich made bAni sac!i a 
great fa\'orite in the ami}-." 

(Sec sketch by John H. Lcnovv. in MeiripJTls Evcuinq ?cin-;ii ^r, \'^vU 6, 

After his marriage, he wa.- in In's usual gi.iod health until midsun-imor 
v.hc 1 he ft-; s taken violently ill and died .-\ujrust 10, 1869, at ins home in 
Memphis. His widow was married, second, on Xovemtjer 2!, 1872. to 
Dr. Thomas Hu-lies Covington, son of W. H. Covin;-.:o!i and Milcircd 
Spillman of Wadesboro, Keniucky. The marriage ceremony ■•cas pe- 
formcd by Rev. E. C. Slater, pastor of First AI. F. Church. Alemphi-. 
They settled at Taarion,, v.d-.ere ail of their cldldren were iMrn. 
He- died there IcbruM-y 4, 1SS2. ]-]\^. widow now Ii\ci ct her comforiaMe 
home Palmetto Piace, .Memphis, Teniitsse?. 

'■^i'\- ANr 

\y US'.' Matthew Leake.-' born .May 27, 1946. '"n F;>>crto conniy. 'iVim-ssco. in 
}\-bvLi;<ry, \i>()'^. l/oforo l-.c w;'.s --i.-\e:Ta"jn ycrtr.-. ol.l, l>i' rnlis;i.-ii in trio <o-r\-. -e 
of tho Coafi'-'lorate Sialc? a-^ a iiu-iiit.'i.-r of CouU'anj' "A" (.raHc-d l!ic ii'\U' 
t"ii\- (;ra\--t, v.hich f<;rnn'J a p.rl oi Gor.on-'. N. B. rcrrcsi's clil ro'.;'r.>-ni . 
lie i'>ariicij>,'.iL'<.i in nil ilio i-uik's in wl^icli hi? rcgimeni was en'<ri;-'c<! !!■ ^ii 
the time hv ci-li-^lod uniii iht olr.^e of i iu; war, antl wiili tlie ?Ui-\'iv ii'.; 
rcninaiit of liis C(-)rii>ar,y. vur't-ndc'reci at Gainosvillc, Alalvmia, in April, 
'\^(iS. Reiuriiiiic: to liis de^c/Iaafii liunie, lie i^ci/a'd iipijn wh.acvcr occupv- 
tiiMi he niild hr.d. b\- whirl; ic earn r.n h.onesi ii'/ir.g, uaiil ISoS,; ho 
locaird iii C' ilti-ncicn ctnir.tA-, Ar';aio-;-;. v.-h.-ro ho oiv:;a;4od in farnair.e.. 
(In \n\x-ndier 27. 1^72. he \\\t-- nianicd lo Miss Kato Coo. who died cii'ld- 
le?s. J.tnuary 16, KSSl. He wa^ ninrritd, ;;or.,;iuJ, on '\[.i\- i, ii-S3, to Mi^- 
l:"innia J, Mo ,<an. Xo issue. 

lie v.-as cieete<l toi!i'.;>- tax asbossor and b'jrwd two tonus. He has 
boon justice of the poaco and noiary pul;lic for oigh.ioon years. 

In l.S— GoN'ornor JanieN P. Eacle, appniniod hii-i captadn. of the state 
niiliiia, to .--iii)pres.-7 a nogri' ri.~.t; at v. hith lir.i.:- i;o had roniniand of ail ilie 
troops in the aorihorn end of Critiendon ccuni\-. In 191? ho is still farmir-'^; 
in Crittenden county and enjoys the respect and lonfidence of the entire 
cc>nununit \". 

Issue of QQB ROBERT SAUNDERS WOODSON" (Titomas,"'' R^v. Mnithov.-.s Stephen,- 
Joh.n,' Robert." John') and liuid.! Ann Lewis Young. 

T '■ 1190 Jane Ann,'- born October 18, 1S20, in V\'ood.soii\-i!ie, KonHhd<>-. In early 
life she united with the Prosliytoriaii Cliurcli. She was inaiTiod Jtino li, 
1837, to John Horace Ardiu.^;cr, who v\a,s born IMarcli 5, 1.S16, and died 
February 21, 1S99. Ho was a son of Jclm Ardingcr and >dar}," Marjarol 
W'intersmith, a daut,hter of Dr. Charles Godfrey VxinLorsiniih and IMary 

II 1191 Philip James,* born Janti.iry 6 !82.^, in \\'oodsonviilc, Koutuck},-. was 
married in 1865 to Mi^s Ilallio J. ckson of that state. Tho\- loi.a.o'd .it 
Richmond, Missouri, and he died there Jf'y 15, 1901. No is.:uc. 

• III * 11P2 Martha Anthony,' born July 2.3, 1825, at V.'oodsonville, Kentucicy. In her 
religions fa.itli sh.e w';s a strict Prosb;.'tcri.-'..'. . She was married .AUiUi^t 3 0, 
1S5S, to Go\'. .\t:>i!n A. Kinc, of Missouri, being his secinil wife. 

Gov. King was born September 20, 1802, in Sullivan county, Tennes.^oe. 
He was a .-on of Walter King and X .Jicy Sevier, daughter of Gen. John 
Sevier of the P.evolntionar\' W.i.r. He was a lawyer by profession, and 
moved to AIiss(jtiri in 18.50. ]Iq was appointed in jS.i?, judge of the tirth 
judicial circuit, and v.-as the first judge to hold court in Buchanan cot'.r.l}'. 
In 1848 l.e elected go\-ernor of Mis.^ouri. He was the democratic 
delegate to the cons'ontion in Charleston, South Carolina, in ISCO and 
supported Stephen A. Douglas for the presidential nomination. He tciok 
the j/osition thai the Civil War wa nor ne< ehS,'.ry for tlte adjustment of sec- 
tional diiTerenccs. In 1S62 he was again n^ade circuit judge but resigned 

■ ;I OKN'^UA fid 

to ncrepi :i soj; in I'i:." I'tiilv-I Majc-^ cw.v^ic^-s, \v!umc lie Sfrw'il vn'.il ISo'-. 
Aficr t!, he 'lc\'>ti:l liiiii-.i.-il to l!;c i-T.-iciici.' of law ninl to l',:nuing. iiu 
did .It iii'; hoiuc ik-.t Richmorul. Missouri, April .?2, ISTO. Ti'.c ;.;ato '-..-^ 
ei-ccU'.i lo lii'- :iicn-o;-\ , a M\u>\^,r:,\ : ::•■ i-' uniont in t'u cenieitry ai K'ctimo;u; 
icplacip..: the I'iu- j)rL-\ !■ >v!s]y oi\nU-.! In' his tanii'.\'. lie was a coi:sistem 
nu-ir.IuT of tlu .\Ic!i)M(Ii-i Cliiircli. lli^ wife survived him .-^onie fiflCiMi 
Veii'^, ar.d died Felirr.ary 20, i>-b5. and i-- Im.ic.; in tl-ie ccM.--lcry ai 

IV '^ 1193 Dnpuy,^ b.)rn March 10, U-2S. ai Woorl^onvilie, Kt-ntiK ly, wh.-io 
lie i',rcw to vour.j; nKui'iood, at leiidiinj; the .--ciiuols in hi,- vicinii}-. \\'i-.eii lu't 
a \-naih, lie (Mili-irci ill iiK- I'niu'd Slate.- army for the war v.i(ii Mexin . 
lie wa: marrvd DeeemixT 5, 1^5!, u) S>:'Ii::a L. ihij^iie^. They iiioved 
t .) Mi'-.'-Mnri, a.'v! loealed fiL'sl ..■. Kin-^sl )r. r.nd later renuned to Rirliniijrid,", where the}- ,-|)enl the reir.aii-vler of ilieir \\\X"^. lie wa^ a pros- 
perous husiiiess mail ami accumuLiO-d a snug loruine. He eoiilriliuied 
k rgeh- o) the- laildin-- of W'uod.-on Inslirute, whicli v, so nanuii in honor 
of him. Mis wife, who was born ill 18o0, died in 1S71. He died August 28, 
1902, at his home in Richmond, ifisEOuri. 

V '^ 1194 Elizabeth LeVi'lian,M)orn 22, 18.31, in Woodsonvilic, Kentucky. 
reeel\ed lier educ.iiion at Bovdiiig Green. Kcntuek>-, and was a strict mem- 
ber of the Prcsl-Aterian Church. She v.-as married March H, 1551, to 
Dr. Slielby Andrew Jackson, v>-ho was born January 22, 1S25, near Bowling; 
Green. They settled at Paradise, Kentucky, a most pirnresque viliase 
on the bank of Green River, where Dr. Jackson praciiced his pr...'es.sioa and 
engaged in ger.oral trading. He v. as what might be termed the " middle 
man" in that section, between the producer and tl;e outside maikets. lie 
Nvas a eonbisteiu member of the Methodist Church and er.joyed the 
confidence ol all those v.-iihv\-hom hehad dealirigs. lie had the ^r.isfortuiie in 
1S7C>, to iose his store and residence by fire. He then moved with b's family 
to Airdrie, a coal and iron producing town, one mile below Paradise, on 
Green. Rlwr. He tiiere completed a mining confaci imo which In- had 
entered with Gen. Don Carlos Buell, operating under the ari.i name of 
Jackson & Co. This town Airdrie, w.-^s founded as a m.odel town, by 
Lord Robert Sproule Crawford Ache-on Alexander, of Ayr, Scoiland. from 
which place he in:ported several hundred of countrymen and settled 
them in Aird:ie. In lS6-i Lord Ale:;ander leased th.e town and mining 
rights under severa' thousand acres of land to General Buel! upon his 
retirenici:! f''oir; tiie Federal army. 

The contract with Gen. Buell being completed in 1S7"'', Dr. Jackson, 
with his family moved four miles further down the river to the new tov. n 
Rockpnri on the tlien LouisxiUe and Memphis Railroad. There they 
spent the remainder of their lives. He died September 28, 1S02. and his 
widow died there March 30, 190S. 



1195 Mjiry,'' born ."sox-ember 17, r'3i, 
davsand died Xo\e"ilx'r 2'), I.'-- .34. 

It Woodsonvi'le. Kcntiick}-, lived nine 

25S THK \VC>ii|>-oN.- .■• \n •■••;I!iK C'-^NXKCl UiN^ 

\'l I 1 190 M Tgarer," .'.vir. .-L-tcr <.•■ M. \y, ii\'o<.i iK-ar!y three vcarisaiu": '.!i( d rA-ptcni! Tr 
10 U,.?7. 

\ 111 1197 Tl-iirietln/ hou. IXtciu'Kr .^ii, i<^iy, at Woou^onvilK', an;i died Apiii 15, 

(Notes by 2167 Jo'u) T. J.i> kr :>n.'') 

IX 119o Robert Hyde,'- born Sepioiulvr 16, 1S39, in Wood^om'i'.lc, Keuuicky. At 
trr. bi.-v;inn)n;:, of ilie ('i\il V\ ar, lie \o'un'i:ceri.-d in I'le service oi tlie Con- 
federate States, and on Jtnie 17, 1S61, enlisted ior six nujiith- in Captain 
])a\id 'l'liGnr|K(<n's curapai.y uf the fii^r res^inient, fourih divi.dcn, Army 
C'f .Missi.'uri. At the expiration of his term he was c:i\-en tlie following; 
cerlilicaie of tli.-c!:are,e. 

St. Clair County, Mo. 

Deceraler 1, ISol. 
Roijert li. WoodiOii, of C;tptain Da%iu Tho:rlp^-ln's Coir;)an>, i'u-st 
regiment, ftuvth division, is hereby discharged from the Arniy of .Mld- 
soiiri, by reason of his term of service having expired. 

(Signed) David T^o^'FsoN. 

Captain Commanding Comj^any. 

J. A. Pkitchakd, 

Lieut. -Col. Commanding Regiment. 

N. Y. Slack, Commanding Di\ision 
Approved. By order of 

Major Gkxer^vl Sterling Prick 
His captain also certifies that, "The said Roberi 11. Woodson has 
Served the stale for two months and thirteen days; fcr Y\hich time he has 
received no pay." 

Immediately alter his discharge, he r^enli^tr:d in E>r. Sarr.i:.-i 1. Bas- 
sett's company wlich. v.'as made up in Caldv.ell county, Missouri, and 
placed in the second ir.fantrv-, as seen by the following order. 

Head Quarters, 2nd Infantry, Mo. \'ois. 
January 17, 1862. 
Robert H. Woodson is appointed Third Corporal in Con^pariy D, 
Second Infantry, Missouri \'olunteers. 

B. F. RiVHS, Col. Conid'g. 
I. H. Cook, Adjutant. 

Duririg the year he was with his regiment and company in all the 
engagements in which they participated; especially in the spring ot 1S6.', 
wheji the army was more or less engaged every day in ftghting around 
Vicksburg, r^Iississippi. At the battle of Champion Hili, May 16, 1363, 
he received a wou id from v.hich he died on June 14, 1S63. When removed 
from the battlefield, he was taken to Bovina, a little town some tv.eniy 
miles east of Vicksburg, where he received all the tender care and nursing 
lliat could be bestowed !ry those v. lio were in thorougli s\-mpathy v.Mlh him 

I 1. :-.iii r.i;.\' k.\1!("N 

and the cav;>. f'lr \\!viv':i i;c -iu--!. 'I'lie foiiowine lotiLf oi liis r.K.'iii-r, 
au'Jioniicatc? liu- <.L;te of hi.- r!..\u,iK ;iiiii shows with, vliat sijhh'iiio lU-viui' n 
the Lxh'os of t'iic Sou ill cared !nr aaJ luirsc'l ihe v. oiimled soluieis of li;'.- 
C'i)nl\ dcracj . 

Bo\'ina, Warren cour.ty, Mis-'i^sippi. 
June 16, I86.V 
Dk\r Mrs. \Vt;on«)N, 

III a(j<;ii'i;<.-i!is you at ihi- time, I ivAnlt a.n en.:; ic;eineiii. mailo a iew 
ihi_\> since. 

Oil May 16, a b.-.tile wa;. !'oiie,!u at rhMiiiiion l!il! in llinrls coun.Cj. 
(aboui Iwelw- ir.iles lioiu h.cre'i in N^hich \uur ton. Kohcit ll\<.lc Wo'.mIsop., 
was cn_i.:;'.i;ed. lie was anion;.; tb.c woiin'Ied, Iiis lei"), lee being so nadly 
iajuicd tl'.at aiuj. !!K'.i.ioa a')(.)'.-e 'he knee v, a> nece.-sary. Tlie Confederate 
; rn'.y was eo..i;M.iled to fa.U baoh lo 1;'>;.' l:;Lirk !ii\-er and tlien Im N'ieksbur-, 
ten miles from iiere. ^'our son and hjur other wounded Cuiife-dcraJes v.o 
left at tlio IMasonic Lodj^e at this place. Jr N\'as ih.oiight he was duin;.; 
wry \-tM f'^r throe weeks, bu! )< ward the last he failed rapidly, till finriliy. 
nature ga\ e way and, cjuiclly and pcaceftdly, he cxinrc;! at 10 a. in., June 
H, 1S63. 

i was one of sex-era! kidies wdio \isiied the hospital i!a;ly to renc'er 
wiiat ser\ice we cnni'.l to our poor wounded soldiers; and all ihat wc could 
dc' \vas done Lo n;.d;c iheni comfortable. 

Mrs. Col. Dorla-ry and mvself assisted in the care of him rhc nighi bnt 
one, pre\ious lo his dc-at!i, and other kulics did tlie next night. - 

Though so recently come among us, his manly qualities. Ids patience, 
gentleness and submi?.--!on won the respect and admiration of aU who Uicr 
him. \^"hea it v,\.s thought he could noi sar\-i\-c (it being impossible to 
send for a clerg\-man) I inciuired of him if lie wa-- a member of the church, 
to which he replied that he was not but that he had seriously thought of 
becoming so; and when asked If he knew he had but little time k_-fi. on earth, 
he replied "his trust was in jesus." Me appeared to be perfectly conscious 
at tiie tiuie, but too weak to converse much. 

I asked hini if 1 should v.rile to you, of wlumi he had fveqi-entlv 
spoken, and wliat I should say: he could not speak but made an aflirinati-ee 
motion, and several times seemed trying to sjx-ak but could not, excepthig 
to say, after 1 had read some of the prayers for the visitatio.i of the sick, 
"They are good prayers." 

Tearful eye^ and so; rov/ing hearts surrounded his dying bid, and ail 
regretted that one so young and gifted must so soon be a martyr for his 
country's cans;;. 

His remains lie in our churchyard (Ejii-copal) near-by, and his grave 
v^i!l be a cherished spot lo all who knew liini. 

That God may comfort you under this afllicting dispenration, is the 
desire of 

Yours very respectfully, 

S.\K.'.iI K. riioivLow. 

And tlius a noble )-oung man and gallant soldier entered the "bivouac 
of the dead." 

200 Tin; \\ooIl:-oN^ A\n Tnuik conn-^ctu-ns 

Issue oi BGS MAKY LEVILLIAN V. OODGON- iTh-.nlla^,'■■ Kcv. Matihcnv,* Supbcu,' 
John/^ Kubci I,- John-) and J>.vv;.li W. \\-:itla:rger. 

I n')9 Jiiiinii Woodso;: \ViUbu',;cr,> boru J'ai\- J2, 1S19, died Srptciiibei- 17, \S2',. 

II 1200 E!iA,ibetii Arm YvillburgfT,' i.;nii .'■.iaich ?4, 1S2I, and v--as ■■•iarri'.x! to Mr. 

III ]?01 Theodore 11. Vvi'iiburger,-' born Jul;- 3. 1S22, and lived but one day. 

IV 1202 Eg!.-i^ V/oodsoa Wiitbiirfeer/ born :»I:!y 16, lb23. 

\" 1203 Rrdoiph E. \vib;;LTgcr/ bor!> July 30, 1S24, di.,d 10, 1826. 

\ 1 1204 Catiierine Ann Wiitburger,' l.'orn Dcccaibot 19, 1825. 

Yii 120:- Sru-ah Anu V/iltburgfT,^ boi-. Januai/ 17, lS2v. 

\"!ij 1206 Ann Warner Wiltburger,^ born July M, 1830. 

Issue cf 305 HARRIET WOODSON' (Thoma?,'^ Rev. Maithcv.-,- Siephen,' john,= 
Robcn,- John'J aiid SincUiir dar'.ii.. 

I 1207 WilUain Garvin.* 

II 120S John Garvin.^ 

Ill 120C' Samuel Gnrvin.- 

I\' 1210 James Garvin.* 

V 1211 Porterneld Gi-rvin.' 

\ 1 1212 Alice Gaivin.= 

VJ! 1213 Belle Gar.dn.^ 

Issue of CiC7 IHOIvjAS V/OODSON- (Thuinab^,'' Rev. Maubc-^-,^ Stephen,' John,' 
Rol/crt," John') and EUzabeth Ann C'larkson. 

! 1214 iJoriiCe Bj'iODj' bi^rn .\pril 2, 1S38, in Meade counu', Kentuck) . 

II 1215 Sajali Eiizabelii,'" \ Tv.ins, born Ociober 25, 1840, in Jackson coiiMy, 

III 1216 Thooia-,^ j Missouri. 

1\' 121? LaPrade.'* l)oin May 4, 1S4.^ died December 2, 1844. 
\' 121S Mary LeViiiian,^ born September 25, 1S45. 

i.HTi! i;im.':ai1' 

\I 1219 WiHiara I-IuJsptth,' bora ^LPU i'^bcf 23. IS ^' Ja jicks^Ms oiviPiy, Mi>.0:i'-i, 
iiv)\\ li\-ii!g (190?- i» Kansas (.';i>-. 

\l! 1^20 ':l;-n:y Cl£;y," bor.i XoN-.nilcr j?. Is:.':!, i:: J;>ck:;-'n coinMy, ^;i3s.ouri. H.; 
\:a:: livint; in l')0,' in Mc.'ii.ic '.-ouiUy, KvPU-'.-ky. 

Issiie of Q. "i Q ^.:vn^ OliY lEVILLiA?! WOODSO:^;: (Thom,:?,^ Rw. ^^l<uu■^v,' 
Su'S'iicii,' j':>lu)," Ri'bcvi ,- J...'i!r) mu\ 1 S 70 Kli/a V>-A'>v Chc'pliiu;-.* 

I 1221 Albert LaPrade,M>>->rn Ai;;-;;--! iSi. ]S '5, at \Vood?nnvinc. Kfnuickv. ITo 
'..\\:s ,T yoant; man of doliciiie ciiv-titi:; itn-i. In 1?6S h.: v-'cnl to Fi'>'-i!'.a. 
in search cf hc.ltli wliicli h.- ne\'<.r rvgaiiivd. He •liod in i-ar'y ninnlioo,]. 

il " 1222 "-vac Thomar." bnra J:i!y 12. 1847, at Wood^onviilc, Kentucky. He 
recei\'ed his Cc-.rly criucaiioit at lIopki!is\-iIie aiic! la.tcr tiiudied ia-.v at 
W'abhis'.glon l"iu\c!sit'\-, St. L<nii'. Mi-^'^oiTi. lie v.n? married June 2.>, 
i^6S. to T oiilie I'ello Woi'd, daagiUer of Isaac Ha.-i.,u-c!l V.'ood o.^ liavi 
coiint\', iseiiiucky. In Augiisi , 1S74. he olectei! cniinry attorney o'i 
liar: county, and in l?75 \\\ii elected lo the !e_r;islaiv;re on i:;e democrati-i 
ticket and ser\'e<J two years. He was elected b\- a iiiajdiiiy of 200 \-i>r-:s, 
althougl'. Hart county was regarded af rt pnlilica!' b}' ,'bi>t;t 300. He 
appoiiUed on the staff of Go\ . J. B. McCreary v.dth the i-ank of cu'.oael. 
Shortly after th^ expiration o'i hi.? term in the IcjisL^tiire, he v.-eiit to 
Ca'iforni.i with a view of sett'iiii,' tlieru, but soon returned to his n<iti\e 
state and settlj.l in Louisville,_ Keniuck>-, in 18^2 a:id look up the practice 
of la'.v. Here h.e spent the rest of his life, with the exceptioTi of two years 
c'lat he li\ed ia Ididdlesboro, Ke;?ti;ck}-. He vras a i.-ainsia ki:iy. earefr.; 
la\v\-cr. His distin.ctive succctS in the cliancer-;.- coitrt-:- v.."s due to the 
extreme rare with which lie conducted hib cases. Xo taw\er made m:>re 
earefiil research before preseniing his facts before a court of lav.-. 

His wife died iri 1897 and he cc>r.tinucd to reside at his home in [.--".lis- 
■'ille and kept his famih' together as much as possifde. He died at .^ o'clock 
P. M. on Monday, hebriiar}' 6, ]yji. ar. his home 219 '\V:-st Biii-ncit 
Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky. (Extraci. from the Lonis-eiile Coi^.-ie'- 
Journal of Fei3r\iar\- 7, 1911.) 

HI i,?23 Snrah Virginia,' born Jid\- 7, l:-^i-9, at VV'oods'invihc. Kentticky and died 

IV •■ 1224 ■"^arren,^ born Jun- ?.';, 1S51, at Woodsonville, Jventocky, v.a:- 
married J '.me 24. 1874, to Annie Myers. After some \ears tiie\- settled in 
F(_irt \\'<.)rth, Te.\as, where they still live. 

\' * 1225 Mary LeViilian,* born Augtist 2.^, 1S53, at Woodsorsville, Kentucky, was 
married January 15, 1878, to Vv'iiliam Cuwiieru. TJie)- live in Saa Fran- 
cisco, California. 

VI * 1226 Matthew/ born at 12:15 o'clock a. in. January i, iSaO, at \^'o'<dso,,v:lle, 
Kentucky, vehere he was a-ared and educated and wat n^arried N'o\einber 
2, 1SS7, to Aiif.a Crow. Ti:ey live in Midditsboro, KeTit ucky. 

lui; \vi"io;:m' 

iHi-iK i-<'(NM:ni(>\^ 

\']\ • 1227 Jacob Wr.l'er/ lioni 7 .:'(-li...k- .1. m. 10. IS.vS, al WofHlsonvlll.-, 
was married lo Anuio aud li'.os iii FfVi Worih, Texas. 

\'I1I )2iS John Crittenden/ \v.r.i\ W-AF' o'cloc'- a. ip. January 2.1. iNoi, was inaiiicd 
ii; 1S9'J U'l l..i;',/.ie Spaiib.. '!"iie\' live in (.'kialn'ma. 

IX 1220 KUza Belle,' born lOM.S o'clock a. in. Alarcli :^0. ISo.i, al \V.i.,;!Ic-, 
IvenUicky, wlurre sl;c wa- reared and. educated. }"..>r some years .-'he- iias 
ijcen v.iih I'ae Chica^^'o l\!iu;cr-;;nen Cci!ec;e C.'hicaK'O. Illinois. Unmarried. 

Issue of £ "i ;': JOSEPH ROYALL WOO.DSOa- (Sieid,er..'' Stephea/' Stephen," Jolm,-' 
RoluM,- Jeihi;') and his hrsi wife Mar\- lit Iniaii. 

1 * 1230 Mfiry ITo]:j;;ir;,'~ born iS()6 near C'lnDlcriand Courthoii-..-, i', Cumberland 
e<)unl>-, \"ir,n'n-a, \\as married in 1S24 lo William Towell of that comny. 
He was a biu'Jier !.■ luniy I'owe!!, I.iiilon '!.ra\s>!n I'oweil, and .Ann NisiiLl 
I'owell all of whom were reared at "Ruselvink" by -112 C'a.ptain Charles 
W'ooJstni^ anil wife Judith Leake. 

II * 1231 Henry Lewis/ born ISOQ near Cnniberl.ind Counlionse, X'irginia, was 
married to S12 .Mar. ha Wood^rm.' daDyhtei" of 422 Tsri;;\r:ier Wyod-.>;r' 

and wife, Miss ]\lichaux. Siie was a sister to his iatiier's socoml svilc, 

S-!() .Mirarida \\"oo(.l;:on.' The}- roniinucd to \\\'- in rnmberland until 
185S when they moved west and located st ik.livar. "J'enn.-^ssee. Here 
lhe\' lived in. til aljoiii the beginnirig of tlie Ci\il War iri l.^fil \vhi;n they 
remo\-cd to Arkansas. Since then the family ha\e lo-( trace of them. 

HI '^ 1232 Apphia/ born l.Sll in (Timbcrland coiir.ty, VirgiTiia. She v.-as twice 
married; firsi, lo Jacob iMo.-b\', a cousin of Gen. John S. i-.b';sby of l\:c 
Confederate arm\'. He died and she liiarried second, Rev. Samuel Adk-iis 
aiid mo\'ed to Prince Edward coimry. 

IV 123.^> Lucy,' born 1815, in Cnmbcrlar.d county, was married to Johe Anderson 
and died without i.-^; tie. 

Isst"!-. n\ SECOND win;, 840 iNiiKA.ND.-v NX'oodsox' 

V * 1234 Stephen Tscharnei',"' born 1S23, one nnle from Cumin riand C.^urthouse, in 
CuinJierland county, X'irginia. He spent much of his boxhood life (from 
'sixteen to tv.eniN- years o{ his age) at "Xeedhain," tlie home o! hie rrr,.a(- 
aunt, 427 S.sll)- Wootbon Ta\dor.^ 

When aliout twenty years old he locaterl at Memphis, Tennessee. 
A few years after ihis the trouble with Mexico arose, and at the call for 
trofips for ihat v.'ar, he promptly volunteered his services an.l was made 
orderly seifjeant of company D, second regiment, Tennessee volunteers. 
He left Mem|)his with his regiment on Jt;ne 6, 1846, and serve;! faithfully 
tiirou^diout the war. He fou-ht in tlie battles of Monterey, \'cra Cruz, 
Sierra Gorda ant.l e>lhers. .After the war v/as o\-er, he retuine:i to X'ire.min 

•.:lll! (.IM.K.MTi V 2(>.'. 

in IS I,'-' for a fov.' iiiraiilis' vi^-ii uy hif old hoiiio and friends. He ihou wiiK 
hack io Mfinpliis ;;!ul in, 18-1", sl;;i(ci.l for California l>y ilr.' 
v.a\ <^f i'aiiania. Afier al-nni :-i\ i7o;uIis; of trawl .i:v\ niia.voiiiaMo (K Ia\>. 
lie arriwil in Ciilife'r/iia imk! oriU'rrcl upon liis M^arcii for yold, in -.vhirb lie 
w.ts jiii'i'c 'Aiav. oidiiiari!'." sllcc^.•^sfil!. 

!n !854, after ni,;ny "up< an;' dov.aT--." i\ thi.' gol'! dicj.c.iiii:'^. lie v.a-- 
inarrieil lo Mis-^ Jt'anunh Jci!ii;.>Ui,i and "sr-tll'vi d.:.>" in Santa C"ia;\i 
counPv', v.iicrc tliey four dai!v,li'.er>. His wife died i;i 1.S79, she 
effects of ii-'jurie-o she had. rerei'vod in getting ont of Jw.-r lintrc>' V:o ^•ear^^ 
previously. lie is .'-till li'/ing: (1915) in San Ji;)>e, ('.diiornia. and i,- a raan of 
ininsnal \-iialit\- aixl remarkanle ene-rgy. .\s ;i mark of appreeiali!>r. of 
his services in the Mexican War, ih.e enited Slates i;o-\-ernnicnl jjjse'^ hini 
a pcp.sion of i\vent\ f>20) dollars per month. In lii> old asic he di\adcs iiis 
time alxnit ec|iia!h' between i'is three sur\i\in:4^h.ters: 2211 Alary," 
in Los Aneeles, 221.^ Ann,^ at San J-se, and 221.^ Alice," at Ta.lo .Mto. 

V'l 1235 Joseph Royall, Jr.,'' born 1S24 near Cnniljerland ("ourthon^c, \'ir;;inia, 
was married to ("aniiila Foslei. ife \;!tcere(l in the Confederate arni}- 
and served tinder Stonewall Jackson. He died after tha war closed, 
leaving one son, Pcicr Woodi-,. >n,' ' who was l!\iag at la-i aecoiiius, in 
Rrjanolce, \'irgipia. 

VII 12.36 Miller,"' born i;-!25 at the family h^mc, one mile from Cnmljevland Court- 
hou>e, \'irginia, was naarriod 10 Sarah Baughn. He v.-as a vcr\ enter- 
prising miui, owned a consider.dile miiriber of slaves, and riot ha\aT!g 
sufficient, land for tricm to work, lie sold his place n.ear Ciimlici hand Cotiri- 
house and botiglit a larger Ir.act near C.^riersxille in the upper part of tlte 
count\', on which he made a large ca-h j'a\incnt and ga\c a mortgage^ to 
seciire ih.e balance. .\t the ouibieak ijf the Cicil War he v'^nii.^led in the 
Confederate ar/ny and &er\-e<J faithfully in the famous Stonewnll brigade 
to the close of the war. W'ouiids, hardshif';. -.'.nd exposure had done their 
deadh' work and niiliin o year af:er the clo;ed, he died, lea\'ing his 
v.ifc and four datighiers wh.o died I'ofore tltey were grown. His widow 
died stiddenh in l')'~<h in Powhar.iri county. 

VIII 12.37 Creed,"' boriilS26 near Cun;ber!.-.nd Courthouse. In early manhood he 
Wi;nt to West 7"enn.ej;:ec and set; it d at Scnieixille, i'l iA.\"eLi:- cowr.t,', 
and ua^ mttrried to Evelina Siiaw of that town. At the beginning of the 
Civil War he enlisted in the Confederate army and ser\-ed to the clo?e of 
f'ae war. He finalK' settled at r",ad-den, Croclcett cainty, Tennessee, where 
he spe"i the reai.ainder of his life. He died about 190,>. lea\-ing iv.o chil- 
dren: (1) William,^ wdio married tmd had issue. His present w hiereaboai s 
are not i.nown. (2) Annie,- marrinl Mr. Smith and had i^sue. lie.' son 
Ralph Smith is sh.ijiping clerk for Lemon and Gale in .Memphis, 'i'enncssee. 

IX )23!'. Galaliri,' boi;-. bV27, in Ccmberla.nd county, \'irginia. \vas n'arried to 
jose|j!iine Womick. Me enii:-tefi in the Confe(hr.atc arni;.', s(-rvefi uiider 
Stonewall Jackson and died in i!ie aimy before the close of tne war, survived 

."('4 illl" \V<.';H>:i>\S ASP liil'.iK 

b\- his ^\i^l^'v.- aii<' < lu il.\u;^hicr, juli.: WoocIsop.' w'k) liicd at the ago of 
finirtccii. '1 lie wi'io'vv died al).)i:i ISS'.'. 

X 1''39 Sarah Virginia,'' liorn 1^2S, ii. C'tir.ibiTlaml oou;)t\, \'ii\;ip.ij, was innrrii-d 
to Mr. Il.'.rdwiok aiul (lii;d .'•!i'>'-d\- 'i.-fijrc lii? (."ivil W'a'-. Xo i;<iic. 

XI * 1240 James Lafayette,' b'.ra 1S29. at iIk- o\i\ honjc, one mile from CLiinheflar.d 
Coi'.nlii.ii.isi-. X'irginia. la 1.S5S lie nv:d .-cscial ni' hi,- brother;; and '.isieis 
rno\-ed lo West Tcaarssri". At t'lo bei;iniiiiig of tlic C'i\ il War he eniified 
in tlie (.'onlederaie anii\- and f(,>iii;lii \-.'.'i;;;ul> for tlie southern caus-e ;o 
the rlo-e of I'le war, having aitaiiu-d lo ihe rank of liei;i:.'nant in !iis coth- 
pan\-. lie returned to v.c-i Tenncifee and settled oi'^ a farm near I_.e>d;:-g;- 
lon, in liinderscin coimt\'. IK ;e h.c wa.s married in VSC5 to Ccrnclia Ann 
William^, v.dai was born Ah:\- ?.'>. lS-16. 'Il:oy remained in 1 len.ders.iii 
coiiMTv aboui two \ears and mo\ed to Unad'old;, 'I'ennessce, remaining; 
there aboiii ri\-c years. 'i'lie\" remo\v<' to FuUon, Kentucky, ab>oui 
Dccemlier, 'iS;3, and, he <H'. i tiiere in jamiary, )S74. liis widt-w tlion 
moved to Ijr</wns\dlie, Tennessee, whete her cliikben were rc^arcd. Lale iii 
life she went to Cliarleston, Alissoi'.ri, where sh.e died [V'eenibei' 25, 191 ' . 

X!l KMl William Edwin, *> born 18.U), within a ni'ic of Cumberland Co^irLheu^e, 
\''irt;inia, werit in l,s5S, wiili Ids breitliers Creed an<l James bafayctte. to 
west Teiine- -ee, and at the outbreak of iht- Cixdl War in 1861, en.tercd the 
ser\-ice of il.e Corifrderau; Slates, rcmidriir.g ii-. tne arm>- until the ciorC of 
the war, v. he'a lie reiurned home and localed at r.e\;ny;ron, Henderson 
coumy, Tennessee, and ii\-ed t!:ere until he died m 187('-. He was a naan 
of a geinal ,ind sunir>- nature and a liapp\- disposition. lie v,-as an e.xpert 
banjo player. While pla\iiig a pieie, he couid toss the instrument v.\-> in 
the air, caieli it as it deseeiideii, ;ind contitiae the piece wi'hout iosinp, tlie 
lirrie or ntissing a note. Ibj could play will; liis banjo Ijehini! him as wi-!i 
as ill trouL. He i.ex'ci married. 

Issue of 6 -J 4 HFKKY WOODSON' (Stephen,'- Stephen, ^ Stephen,^ John,^ Koi.ert^^ 
John') and Lucy Coleman (or Daniel). 

I '- 1242 Lucj',^ was m ariied to Dr. Merrill Allen of Prince Edward count\- and i;ad 
se\er.i! ehildicn. it is behexcil tliat one of lljem was named Woodion 

Issue of e» 1 G; JUDITH V/OODSOK' (Sirphen,''' St.-phen,^ Stephen,^ John,^ Rob.-it.^ 
John'j and Fontlcr'A- .-Mien. 

I 1243 V/fcodson Allen,' fi'jrn in Pitts\l\ania county, \"irgiida. 

Issue of G 1 S STEPHEN WOODSON' (John,'' Joseph,- Joseph, « Rot-eri,' Robert,-' 
Jfjhn') and Scdl> Cnuich. 

1 * 1244 Elizabeth Mattcx,^ i)o,-n al^(..ui \~'J3 in (.oo^.hland C(.'Urit\', \'lr;^Inia, was 
married about 181(1, to Jes.-e,'i/y. In 1811 the\' nio\eti to Moiu^;omery 

I ir.n : I! Cl--. \ 'A.\ nux Toiuic^evc. aiu! entered a iart'c ir;',c'i ol t;u\ e-rrinieii'i Lr.ul on Reil 
Ki\or and buili tiuir iv, o miles ircir. v.heie she fii\- of Clark.-j-ei'-ie 
iv.'v ,,i.inds. il'.e -liex sp>:;; ilii.- rest I'f l1uii Viwri, reared a f.iraily u! 
inu-rosting c.iilda; i; and died a; a ripo ok! age. 

1245 ;oJin Stephen,- l^or:-' ab'":i 1 7'-? ia G'-'OeldaiHi county, was ir.a-.ried '.o 

'M\<< Sliekon of that coiini\'. Iv apiK-a-.:! ilia.l Lhe\' inoxed to Jvlcu-.l- 

tjonieiA' counl\-, Tennessee, and: died llicre. 


■* l?.i6 Sussn,* uorn proba.'.tly .d'nii; 1797 ia CJui.'eldaml eearay, and was niarriLd 
to l-;i;':>ard Rride<-'water. 

Issuv.- of 

6 1 f THOMAS WOOrSOR' {}<An-):- J(..-a,p!i,= J-.-erai,' Roliert,' Robert,^ J'.ii.n') 
and 6ol FdizaiKtii Re.iiord." 

* 1247 Tdariad born 180 K in Gdoeli'.aad. eonnU , \"if;.dnia, and was ni.irricd ab.uul 
18.0 to Jolin D)\vnL,r of ilia.l coanly. Me died in \F6G. Sb.e lived lu be 
iiinte old and di. d in ISSo. 



124S Lcander/ burn 15 OS, in G-aocldajid county, w'nc-re lic was reared and 
educated. He v. as married ,alj nit 1811 :i> 12,S9 ."^arali \\'oed-.'.n* who \':a3 
his first cousin on the maternal, and third ccjusin on liic paternal side. 
Shf was a dau-hicr ot 620 William an.l 6e0 Tslildred Redford.' 
Tlie\' li\ed at th.'ir owa hcnne in Cooehland iintil alt-.;r hi.i father's dea.ii 
in li 17, and then went lo the old homestiMd to Ii\e, and adi'..ini?t'^red wa 
hi.-- lallier's (si.ite. .\fter .-onie year.s he went to Richmond and erected 
a large fuinituru factory, hi a few >-ears that was buined dow.n and h.'.- 
went liack to the old iiomesiead in Goocldand. 

After the Ci\-il \\'ar was over, lie put vyi a sai'.- mill. Tliat, too, ^^■as 
destroyed l)y fir:. On acccjunt of his father's estate being so devphs' m- 
^•oi\■ed, he \.-ab iie\-er able to eflect a settlejiient sati.-faciory to all the heirs. 
He administered on the estate of his brothirr 12>';^ Dr. .\ll;err Woodson,^ 
and was guardi.'.n f ir the cinldren of his sister, 1251 Mary Ann Perkins.' 

1249 Albert, - born ISiO. in Goochland' bitidicd nK-dicineand practic._-d iti P«-t'.;-s- 
Inire where he was known a^ "llie beIo\ed ]di_\ .-ician." He was. said to be 
one of the handsrinust nien of his time. .A pii.tiire ol awacdi-ij 
first p'-i/e at one of the ^reat fairs in New York about 1-S."0. Hr died i;i 
184>?. Never married. 

1250 Grrland A.,' born July 2, ISll. i,\ Giiocldand county. He v.-as married 
April 8, 1811, to Jane Hr'..nvn, wlio was born .March 10, 1812, and dice! 
Sejjteniber IS, 1883. \'ery so-m after their marriage ihe\" located in 
C!arks\illc, Mor.tgomery county. Tenne^-ee, where they remained a fev.- 
years and finally settled at Woodford in tiie same county. Here they 
spent the rcmaindci of their lives. 

1251 T'lary Anjt,-' f.oi ,i 1814 in Goochland county, v.I)ere it appears she spent 
her cp.tii-c bfe. Slie was'ri^.J in 1832 to Uaniel Perkins. 

.•o() 111'.' "wcKVDsovs AM- i'lrr.: i^onaIatipn- 

\"I * 1232 TAwa," born ISlt,. in Co.,cl,!.;iu: .mi.I \\v:> niaviiod in 1S36, ro Al.'x;inik-i- 
Slu-lion of lliai coiuiiy. 

\''-I * 1253 John Thomas,* born :\on\ 11, iNhS, ir. (.ioochl.ind C'i;;uty, \'ii-;^nii.i. liis 
inodier (iu.c! the ciay he was born, anv' ho was carcvl i\>r !:y a hul\' iricnd (if 
tlic family luuil his friilier wa< niariict,! ;o Mrs. Redd. Sb.o ma:ii'(.->tod a 
raoiiKrly intv.'icri in inis child .aid was sood lo liini as long a;^ .-h.c li\>'d: 
for winch he aiwa\'s cherished a fon.d ii.-coHcrtion of jier. He grew to ]■;■ a 
man ct iiit'h cliaracter. lb was married NoNeniber is-jl to Miss S.;ra;i A. 
Nelson, daugiiler of Fdward Xehnn and bli?al)elh Crosby of Hantni r 
county. The>- ]i\ed in Riclnnond nniil ISJO when the\' mo%\ii lo L\ ncii- 
iinr;-,, \'ir^inia. (hie i.f Ids nia\ini.-- w\.s; "if \on canant s];c<;k we'l of a 
iiersor.. (]■: not speak' at all." lb- was foi ty-three \e;.rs old wlnni tlie A'.ir 
between ihe stales iiegan, andl <in act'iaiiu of pi.v--ieal disabilities did not 
enlist as a soldier, bat made hini>e'f uscfid to the MHithern ca.nse by pwc- 
cha.->!ug snppllc.-- for ila- Co dedLraiO ain,y, ai-.d rendering;' otlicr \'alnabie 
scr\ices. Olientintes he was on the b; i ilelield.s, loe.king v.\, arid ta.kin;.; 
care C)f the wounded and doing w hate\'er was in his power lo do. bic died 
in bS9.? at his home in Cioochland. 

Issue of 20 WILLIAM WOODSON' (Joseph^ "Of Genit<.e," Jo.cph,^ Joseph,"* Robcp ,'' 
R'.bcrt,= John') and 630 Mildred Redford.' 

1 * 1254 John," born October 12, 1796, in Coochiand county, \'i-ginia. Hesludied 
k'.w and ^^f nt to Knox couniy, I\enti;rk_\ , w liere he wa.s narrii-d in 1S30 lo 
388 Charlotte Corday Woodson,""' daughter of MS Wade Xetherland 
Woodson'' and Mriry Harris, it appears tliat the\' returned to Goochkind 
cotinty, \'irginia, where he practiced his preifessinn ar.d reared al! their 


1255 Mary,* born about 1799 in Goochland colmuv, and died tliere unmarried. 

III * 1256 Elizabeth, 5 born about 1802 in Goochland county and was married to 

Charles Saunders. 

IV * )25V Willtani," liorn i^ctober 14. 1S04, in Go(>chland count}-, \'irginia, where he 

was educated and sttidicd law. He located in middle Tennc^.-^ee in lS2n 
and practiced his [irt^fession. He was married in iS3i to Miss 'ien;"essco 
Lowe wdio w.'s brirn J muary 29, 1811. Thej" settled in Davidson county, 
Tennessee, where all of their children were born. In 1849 he removed. 
witli his family to Harrison county, Texas, where he continued to practice 
law until incapacitated by old age and feeble health. He was not a 
politician and never held any public office. He was an old line whig' and 
after the Ci\-il War lie voted the democratic ticket. He and his wile w-ne 
Ijoth memljcrs of tin; Presbyterian Ciuirch. She fli'd January 20. IS/I, 
at their home in Texas. He sur\i\-cd about two \(;ars and died ?d..y 7, 
1873, at the home of Ids son 22S,S Charles Woocison,-' at Seago\i!le, Texas. 


i:u Mm (.! \!;i;.\.; lox 

\' * 125S Richard," Ioyw al-'iu 1S07 !n C.oodi'.-in.i couiiiy, whore he !i\ed miiil 
IS.'iO v,!u-n h^- wciU Ic Mi^;;l>u^i ;uul loc.Uid al Fa\> .ie. ii. lk.,vard ct.u:i\\ . 
Hit.' !io -.Mirk d al hi- i:-;-.'\'. and \'. :s iiiarricl in U'o7 ic .Mar\- .\i!;;c 
Hiinu-U. \lv v.M> a i.riclc ,,,;i^:>a h\ occupauon. tie was an ol'.' iiia- 
v.hig and ina- lo all ilie 'eiu-l:- <.)i' lii.n oid poiiiic-ai ran\-. In IS!'.' !■•, 
roiaivcd l(j I,i:ineii.-- ir. )aiai coiir:.y, Mir-sDiiri, \v!i<'rc ho v,a~ living .i. ila,- 
outlMcak of ihc Civil War. ; K- cn'iried in \hv. Feder.d army and r-crsn! 
rhrce \\nMS. ]Te was a incnihcr uf ihe Christian Ciuirch and died in 1S6S 
;it hi,-; iionie in Lir.ncu.s. IV' ~ v.ilV d.ied in [..iwrcnee coimty, Mi-isoiiri. 

\'I 1259 CaraL,"^ lioni I.SIO in (aHirtiha.d ouiniy, \va< inarTie(i al^ivat IJ'-ll iv 124.^ 
I.eandir WV.udson.^ wh'-. wa . l-.r Im--;! ca^iii ■.ai ila^ ni.ileinil side arul i!;iid 
<:ou:ar ;jn the j .Uerna! side, ile na- a :-">ii -if nio Tiiorias Wl-o..].:.)!-/' anil 
6.11 F.Iiz.d.eth Rciiford.' She died in 1870. Fd, ii-suc see 1218 I.eand' r 

Vll ■ 1260 Churlos Robrt," l".-rn 1812 in f;(")rhlaad e.'un.ty, uliere he seems to have- 
f-peat his entire life. He was a hi-hly educated,, acromnlished , aad 
LinasualK- l-rilihiat ir. cnn\-ersaii(:n. He cnienair.ed .Nunijjti'ou.-i}- ar.d was 
liotfd fur his r.encroaf. hospitality. His h.jme wa- called "'Woudlawa 
House." He '.\as an cxtensi\-e planter and owned a great niany s!a\-es. 
He was sheriff of Gouehland for ahoiU eiciiiieen year.-, and represented the 
roiinty one lerni in the k-yislature. He was married to his first: cousin 
1261 Foiiisa Arm ^^'ood^on/ dcUighier of 622 Rchert V,YH,;dson." 

IssuF. Hv Nancy R. Pi.iix.k, srcoxD wikk 

VHl * 1261 George Alfred/ horn SeiHemhcr 21, 1821. in Gooehland county, was 
married alioul 1S;.> to his fii.^l cousin Sarai! Ja:;e Pledge, sister to Frank 
Pledge, Willi, ^m Pkdge and Smiih Pledge. The>- all mo^•ed to Grand 
J 11 action, Tennessee, where h.e laught school forse%-er>d N'ears, wa.sappointed 
postni.uster and served the town as mayot. ilis \\-ife died, atid h.c was 
married, sccnnck in 1851 to I\Iary L. Smith of Tuscaloosa, AlaLiania. 
She was born in 1832 and died in 1879. 

He took an active intere.-i in politic? on the republican side, which 
probably v,-as the cause of an estrangement between him and, ihc rest of 
the family. P)nring the Civil W.-.r, o-,\!ng to ,'iis j)ohiicat seatiments, i.c 
receivetl muck, pnnection and considerate treatment from the rcder.i 
army okicers. He profes-ed no rcligioi-r, faith but was liighK esreenied in 
his ceminuriity. Diring th.; W..r he fcjimed I he acquaintance of 
General C S, Grant, and when th.c kilter became President, cnllcd upon 
him at the Wdiitc House. He slumped I he C(Hinty in 187 1 in the inten;-t 
of Harbi.ur, rejjublican candidate for congress from WC.-.L Tc;ines.-,ee, 
whr) elected; :iu>.\ in reco>gr.iti<>n of his s,.r\-iccs, secured for him a 
po;.ition in tlie consukue at the Court of St. Jamed, which, however, h;, 
was compelled to decline on account o! lii^ wife's failing health, Afte'- 
h( r death he lived only a few years and died on Saturdav', May 26, 187/. 
The 'ucal paper published this notice of his death: 

2(>'< ]\n. Wk'O-.snss \N!> '1111 fK •- I'NMi r■o^^ 

"nici.i — In Gr,:-i.i !;i.u-u>n. Trni-.c--.- .:c, nn S.'iiui.i.n- li'.c .?6ii) cLiy .if 
May, lS77.ol"gc!n-rau!-lM!iiy liKl in-rvru-^ pnisii.') ieu. Cv. vw A. Uon,]-.,,, 
r-'pqr., ;i>;(.\l i'lfty-r-i^- \,-. Priria! ■^vr\i.-i,-> liy Ri \ . X. A. 1). I'.ryanl aii'l 
D. C. Well---, atioii-k-c! bv liu- ;>!r^;(.■^v prros-jon UkiI c\<r ;i-;cinbicd ai. 'i!k- 
Ciinncl Juiu-tiiiu Cjaiei'-ry." 

IX '■ 1262 Frar.cis Eghert," \toin iSl^. in (.".o-h''!..!'!! oiniiU-. He L-nlisicc! in iiic 
("onffdv-nile ai:)i\- and scrwid luni! (lie clovc of ilic war. Mc was marrioci 
in 1S66 to Sik-an Am; Wi... .Idndge. 'iduA made thoir lionic at Cardv-cll, 
in Goocld.r.nd. couniy, whrrc !;•.;■ died in, 1 ?-'.'-'5. in ihc !ii ■use wi'.irc hu %vaA l)nin. 

X 1263 Tazsvell,* born 1S25 in GocK-h'and count\-, wlicro !io li-'.cd until tlic breaking 
nut '-'i ihc C'i\-il War: at the bi-pdniiiiis; cf whicli i;o i-r/iir-ted in the Confi-dcrate 
arm\', and v.'it'a'n a few nionihs was taken re-.i rely ill. v:u--- seal U> a iKispitai 
in Richmond and died in the aiiiunin of 1S61. r!e ne\er m;irried. 

Issue 01 .822 1?0BERT WOODSON' (Jo^eph^ of "Gc^itoe," Joseph, ^ Joseph.' Robert/ 
)\.>,>bert,'-' Joliii'} and wile, wh-osc name is not known. 

I 1264 Louisa Arm,* born in Ricliraond, Virp,!!)!:'., wiiere she \\-as reared and 
(ducated. She was married to lier fa'st cousin, 1.'''';0 Char'es Ro'iert 
\\oodson,* son of her unrle, 620 William Woodson.'' They set iicii in Gooch- 
Land coimtx- where he was sheriff for about eighteen besides filling 
other imporlani public ofmx-s. For issue see 1260 Charles Robert V^'eod- 

II 12G5 Marion.^ 

Ill * 1266 Joseph,' born about 1S12, in Richmond, \iipinia. v. here he spent practi- 
cally all his life. He was married ai>om 1S,^3, to Julia Ann Edwards, 
daughter of Richard Edwards and Sally Williams. 

Sally \Viliiain3 was born 1794 and was a daughter of Jesse Wiiii iins 
who served in the Re'S'olutionary War. 

■ Notes by Mrs Henry Spiller I'dley.'" 

For issue see .Addenda. 

Issue pf 4^2 7 SARAH 7/OODSON' (JosefMi'^ "of Gcniloe." Josej))!,-' Joseph,' Rob..ri,= 
Robert,- John'i and 6.i2 Richard Redforrl." 

I ]''67 Mildred Redfordp born in X'irginia, \\ as marricrl to Ctiarlc:- Star; ar.d 
settled ill Shelby couni\, Tennessee. 

II 126S George Redford,' born, in Goochland couutx", \'ir;:;inia. was married to 

Miss Grate and rnoN'ed to Tennessee and lorateil near Memphis. 

Notes by 1270 Frank Redford V.oodson." 

Issue of ei'Q J^REDERJCK WOODSON" .Joseph^ "ot Geniloe," Joseph,^ Jos.-ph,'' 
i^obert,-'' Robert,- John') and Frankie T\ ler Redford. 

IU.;Mn- Gl-N!:U.\Ti 

f •■ 126S) Pvilcbeva Cctav-ia," lu.; n Jyily 0, !^'2f), in Viri'iiiln, \v;'.<=. m;irricd to Wii'.!,'.:;: 
Scoli Johnson, ;iii>l iii> d April 10, 10ii5, 

11 • i; 70 Frank Re-ifor.!,' bun; July 15. K*^-',', in Coo^hl.-inJ county, Virginia. ]lc 
ioc.'ilcu i:i Shfihy f.^iniy. T( in; At ilie hociii'iini; of t!io Civil Wia 
!i<' t.:ii!i-;'.eii \n (he :^v!-\-i^e of i!u- rtuifc-lernto slaics and joiticJ comjX'.ny 
"II'' (jI iIiC Fourth Toiinesrco infaiUry. which ic;<ii!ient was made u\^, 
ahnosv cntirelyof Mciii;)his l>oys anJ. yoi'.ng [«e!i. The company wn?. 
coinnu'.ndcd by Ca;v;:;in Haiv.ptoa, and the rc;;iment, njin-i'x'ring 900, 
rank and (ile, \va? con-.mandcd ti\- ("oioncl Jack XccK'. Wdifii th.e '.var 
cli.'.-i^i, there were ii\c nion'.in'i's fjf cunipaa.y 11 1,i>l>',\-i; to be- lixing, xb:.: 
l.i-aut. j antes Sonor.i, Lieut. P.ULoii, .\lc>;. Proi.dtit, John Proudrit and 
1270 iM-ank Red'.oid Woodfon.^ 

-After the war h.e wa.s li\-ini; in ['oMtoi-jc. r\!i.<?i^sii)pi, aiid w-its inarried 
December 31, 1867, to Miss Delia P. King of that luwn. After some years 
he reuirncd Lo \"iri:inia and lias li\cd iii tile city of Ricliniund c\er since. 
His hoinc is on Fulton Hill, Ricliiuor.d, N'irginia. 

in 1271 Elizabeth,'* bora March 20, 183?. in Goochland and died when about three 
j-ears old. 

IV '■'■' 1272 Frederick Marshall,'' born October 2, 1834, in GoocliUmd county, 
Virginia, where, it apj-iears, he lived lintil ib.e beginning of tiic Civil Vv'ar. 
Me enlisted in the Confederate arnn-, ar.d served th.roughout tl;c war. in 
the army of northern Virginia. After the v,-ar, ho settled at Waller-.ille, 
I'nion county, Mississippi, wi-.ere he was .married December 24, 1.S67, to 
Jdics Sarah Emily Allen of that place. She was born August 9, 1847, and 
died August 11, 1S69, at their home in Wa'lcrville. He conlinucd there 
in the mercantile business the remainder of his life and died iNlarch 28. 
1905, sur\"ived by his only son. 

V 1273 Edward,^ born in Goochland county, Virginia, and died in infancy. 

Issue of S?7 DAVID "WOODSCK' (Lieut. Obadiah,^ David, ^ Cnpt. Obadiah,^ Fxid'ard,' 
Robert,- John') and Hannah . 

I 1274 Ro'-atio Kelson, "^ i.oni .August 6, ISOl. 

II 1275 Elvira,' born May 20, 1807. 

HI 1276 David A.,^ born April 15, 1810. 

IV 1277 h.nna E.,^ born October 25, 1812. 

V * I27S Obadiah, I'orn June 17, 1816, in. X'irginia. At an early age he settled in 

Salisbury. Xorth Carolina, where lie spent the remainder of his life. Ha nuiriied in ]84(j io Maria Ann Frailcy. S!;e died June 28. 1S80, in 
Salislinry. They vire both memiiers of the Presbyterian Church. In 

.n IKMK ('"VN: I 1 ;riNr 

poliues he w.'.s a .icuiui'iM', , ,'.nii u\i:- for iiiiiny nl'T:; rl'.'i". of irx- Vi'Vn[y. 
Ml- wOs a iv.i'.v. (if ]i',n(.- i ii.-.ij.i .er, a ]uy.h •■(.•nsc dl hcti.'r .r-ul il-.'t'.-i- td.' ;;;1 
niamicr oi pr-.M .mil >■ auii \i:ljar!;\\ ();; oce ocrasic.n liicrc were in his 
oflicc j^over: I ysuiiii racii, ■'ki> oi Vii.''m l^.i! a li;^hl fi>!orctI mil;--; >^ho. <"*;■;' 
of lii- coniji.raioas .iskcil l'.ii!i wh.y he (iii! iiot ti\-c il i-hirk. M>. WooJ.-xui 
iiUeriiofC'J wiUi liu- :#!i.t; HTlii>n that, if ho would iH-nnll his!;;- to 
nib ;:L;aiir-i the nioiMl ciuiracicr of c'i;rtai:; \oun;; inca ii. Sa.iiblnii >'. it vm)»'1(! 
btcoinc 1)1 :ch. rnou,;h lo san?f\ Satan liirar-tlf. Ho \v;;s f.-!v>rl(.'U rucitior of 
dccils aral held the uflax- u;nii l-.c dii-d )], l^iTi. His wife 
.smx-ivcd li;l a few years and tiled jini' JS, iSSf). 

Issue of G?G V/ILLIAM CO'YPER WOODSOK' ( Kirh vrd,'= Jac-h.-' Capl. Obadiah.' 
Mich.ud." i\'i|i.n,= jolra') aad Idi/al.elh !)aaiie! Lewis, his lirst, wife. 

1 " 1279 RobertEOn,'' l.'.ra >day 10, 1S,>7, ir, riiari'.i!;; c<hii>1\-, ?>,'is-our;. !i\cd iheu- 
I'nlil lS5l! \\i!'ii he mo\e 1 v.ilh '.lie fanili> lo St. l,ou:s coiinl\-. where he 
VivrA leii \t-ais. He ha(i ieeei\eil his jiiiinaiA- ediKi' lie-ri in the =cliOols 
near lii^. ii; me. in 1S55 ids father seiit liiai to West minsicr College, at 
Fulton in Callaw.iy coiuu;.'. Me alienried this coUeite four years and was 
graduated there. It was at this time anti place tiiar lie iiict Miss Anna 
Alberta Strother, daiighter od' Cipi. French Strothcr \'. ho ^seiU to Missrairi 
from ("lilpepper rtnint)-. \d;Ldrii;.. The>' \ve.''e .eaarriev' May 2t'). 1859, and 
fettled in i'ulton where liiey ha\e li\-ed .-_\'cr siiice, cxreiJlir.ij l\\o \ear^ 
spent near Labadtlie. in ["i.inldin cou)u\", ar:d abotit the ^anie length of LJnie 
in St. 1 ouis. I\!osi of his faraiK- \.-cre born, leared and cdLicated .it 
Fulton, ?^Iissouri. Me and hir. wife are l'resl)ytLriap.; a.pd iic is a democrat 
"of tiie \\'i,odroiv Wib'vi hiad." Me v\-a-. mi ai'dent sout'icrn syniifaiiiizev 
during the Ci\il \\"ar, but did not ser\e in the army. 

n * 1280 Richard Eclmond,-' born 1840 in C'haiiton count;.'. Missoisri, wcni with the 
family in 1S50 to St. Louis rount>', where he reared and edurated. 
At the outbreak of li^e ri\il \A'ar he enh-iid in the "irmy a;;d 
scr\cd U'ltil the cUs^e of tiie war. Mc I'r-n sctilei.1 in Arkansas, near F'e 
Witt, in Ad,:ansas roinit}-. where he was r.iarried and spent ihc roniaiader 
of hi.> life. He died Octoljcr 24, 1.K97. 

Issue by second wife, Jul!i;tt Colsox Co.\i,e, nee M.uwaki^ 

III * irsi llebccca "^-'owarcl,' b'lrii abou: LS46, ia Glasgovv-, .Mifsouri. She was 

married Oetober 21, 188i), to Joseiili NolMe Evans, a con of Isaac Walker 
Evans and Sarah Anne Orrick. They mottled in St. Lonis, Miss'airi, 
where the\- spc'it their entire wedded life. She (lied at tlir-ir h.mnc theie. 

IV * 128.? Martha I.thc,^ born about l.'^tS. laobabi}- in St. Louis ccun.t}.-, Missouii. 

Y,-a.~ married first, on January 10, ]h77, to Luther Olin Gilliam, son of 
Fayette HLnr>- G'lliam and Ann Aj-res of Saline coutity. He died the 
foll'i'.ving S.' 25, \S.1'I, and she was married, second, on june .^, 
18.S3, to Ji l;n Minaboldt Corneli. on, son of .\lcxander Gonelison and 
Mar)- Jones, 

i;!<;ii iH i-m.uat io-' 

\' ■•■ '?S3 \*'il!i.unCov,per, jr.,' tr::>r;iSei'ti;nil)erl1, 1^50, in Sl.Loui- coimty, Mi;^ua;i,. 
vlicro llio \\"uo(]>iirt i\(;..itl crossi .-, 'Iij (.)ii\-e>trc(.'t Road, where i)c-,vao rr.iicJ, 
rccoi\ing !iis cdi-cuiori in \!u' ^ity s;c!!(>--!s oi St. I.iiiii'-. lie was r.n.i.iod 
J.inuar\- .\ iS8.- . ■•n Sv. LomV". '• 1 i■■^,<ll!ri, in \nnie i 'inline Du'.i'e\-, n da^;l:^l'ei• 
<ll William Guiii':'rii I)iK!le\ a;'f! Martiia .\iir, Nirf.l of Si. ],(>i;lp. S'runlv 
I'.'.'.cr liicii" in.irria.:e 'hcv- niow'l t ) i'ort Sni!i!-i, .Arkansas, v.'.icre they lived 
uiiiii iSOi"), win- II i!u-\' reiao'.ed lo Little Roek. .Xrkant-as, remainiiig tiiere 
until \S')4, when ihey ino\e(.i to I'enton, Saliac totint\", Arkatisas, wlicre 
ihey rcj^iclc.i unii) they rciurjied (o St. Louis in IS99. Tiie'-e ihey have 
toiui'uietl- 1:_) r<,'S!dt: to tt-,e prc^c lit tiniv;. For a miiiiljcr of \->.-ats ho was a 
sale;;!ia:i for ^^ho!esa!e liotir .i-i:' ,.;!orc:'ics h<>in;; connected with tlie Little 
Rock Mill and Llexat'..- ('oii)u:\\\y u^uil about ITv'C. !r. recent years he 
ha.s heea cni^aged in t'le nL.iinifacture of s-.'-'^eins, cloors and scrcenirii; 
si'i)|)!ies in St. Loui... lie i> a dcr.ioerat in politics, ahlioutih lie lias always 
heeii an indepcndeni x'o'.e'-, fa\(,'rii,L; tile man r^ulier than the party. He 
resides at 41,>5 LindL-ll Boii!e\ard. His wile, Annie Pauline Dudley, was 
born Xo\eriber L^, 15.^7, at^iiic ion. Missouri, and reco'ved her 
education in the pulilic schools of Sl. L'.iuis, graduating from the St. Louis 
Hi.c^h Scliool in June, 1S7(). Sl;e t.:iui;,Iit in the jjablic schools for lour atid a 
half years prior lo Iier marriage. Her mother. Martha .\nii Xico!, v.-as born, 
reared and married in Culpepper countx', \'iri.,inia. 

\"l * 1284 Juliet Elizabeth,' born L?52 in St. Louis coualy. IMissouri, vcas educated 
ill the cit>" of St. Louis a.nd wa,- niairieci Scpiember 2, liSSO, tc! Llenry Ciay 
LHidley, son of Vv'illiam Ginitord Dudley and Martlia Ann Xito! of St. 

Issue of Q'lD JAMES WOODSON' (Rich.ird.'" Jacob,-' Capt. Obadiah,^ Richard,' 
R^ibert,- John') and Elizabeth Gilliam. 

I 1285 Creorge.* 

TI 12r:6 V.illiam.' 

III 1287 Tames.' 

IV 12SS Charles."' 

V 128'^ Mg.ltie,'' "horn in Chariiou county -and was married to John Winnini: of 
Saline county. 

V! 1290 Louisa,^" was rnarrii^-d to O' of Saline county. 

Issue of QZlO ELIZABETTT MORTON V/OODSON' (Richard,^- Jacob, ^ Capt. Obadioh,* 
Richarrl,-' Robert,'- John') and John Fontaine Xicclds. 

I 12''I Sftfah Nirjlds/ born February 5, 183}, near G'a~-ow. ^^;ssouri, wao 
married about L'-.-^i to W'illian-^ Staples and died within a year. 

Till" \^lMI.-c^•.■S .'.NLi liii-'li; ( 1 iN'.'rCTlON: 

li *■ j292 iviclir.i'u Yi'ood.-?'.! Nico'.ds,^ l.^irn Ainil 21. l.'-.v^, CUa>,;;o\x-. Mi >>■,;■;: ri. 
wluic irv rcTcivcd !;!-■ c.\':\y '.^iiicujiin :i:i<l w:;.-; ^rviiiiie;! fruai L"o:'*ri) 
College, Fayotiv'. ^ Ji.'-MT.'-i. IK- married in i>^^7 to SalMc A. Mn:-:, 
flail J'l -r : : Ji!:'..:t '> ). liii'C. .\v tiio lK;;!miinc: of iI,l- Ci\il War in ISs'l, 
lie e;\lisieci ia l,',c (.'.vc-r ri! ihe ( "('"fi (!eratO Slaio?- a? a I'lerrtlier (A ihc 
"Howard C.rays. ' He .krve! '.hroii.'.iinut tl'.e four year.- of live wa.r Diider 
Gcii. Sualitii; Prj~e. ar./i aiiaiaod^ raidc of nKijor in tlie 'i'lurroeiuh 
IXlissoiiri cava!r\-. Tic ifn'k [jart in t!ie litany liaii!e? ii! which hi? 'jomniand 
was e>'.t;af^ec!, aiid ai ihc cio^e ■,■( tii" waa- x'a rlic spring of lS6o, £iir>-cndcT(;d 
wi'J) lii- reginietn ai Slire\-ep'>r! , I.<Mi>iana.. Reiiirning lo bis liojne in 
Mov.ard count\-, .Mis>o'ar;, lie h.eea:rie iirouiiacnt in politics and n-a.= a 
leai.iuu deiuocral in hi.- scctior. of ihe .-taU\ He \va? an oioqueiil an.'.! 
for. efid .-pea.ker. and a public-spirited c-it:i:en. honored and loved by ali. 
He die'.i in 190), al !ii-; home ai Mar-h.ill Mis.-onri. 

HI * )293 Elizabeth Virginia Nicolds,^ born June .•■•. ls,>'), near Glasgow. Mis.^ouri. 
was married vo eTo'essor Il'.'v.a.rtl B. Keyie, a cjltinec! genilema!-'. of 
L'eiitor., Toa"!--. He was for many yeaa.- sr.j-ioiinteiulent of school? there, 
and died al>oui l^'UO. 

IV * i29-i John Th.omas Kicolds,^ I-orn Fel'ruary 26. 183?, near Gla-gow. Mitsoi-ri. 
was married December 24, 1862 in Henry comity, \'irg:riia, zo his ecu 'in 
Sarah Ann .\ieolds who was born there, August 15, 1S37. The Civil War 
had been in progress neaily iv.o years at the time of marriage. Me 
enlisted in the Confederate army and served to the close of the vs-dr. He 
v.-as an ot"iicer and participated in the seven days' battles near Richmond. 
He wa5 a man of culture and very e.vtensive reading. After the war !:e 
Ii%-ed many years at Nelson, ?\IissourI, where a'l of his th.iidren were born. 
His wife died June 30, 1909, and he has since made hib hon.c with his sou 
Green Berry Xico'ds in Fresno, Cjliforrda. 

V 1295 Martiia Ilicoldsr born X'ovember 15, 1S39, near Gla.-gow, iVnisouri. She 
was a beautiiiil t';ild and a great fa^•orile. She died in 1819 of tuber- 
culosis. She was ill only four months. 

VI * 1200 Mary Matilda NicoldSjMjorn Xovembei 17, 1S41 , 'near Glasgow, Missouri, 
vs-a-- mariied ?vlay 10, 1S60, to Charles Carroll Woods, and died December 
23, 1S63. He was married, second, to his deceased wife's sister. 1293 .Annie 
Miller Nicolds.^ 

Vil 1297 Jeshui Soule Ni'olds,'^ born March IS, 1S43, near Glasgov.-, Mis-oari, 
was married to Ora V\'ithers and had i^sue: (I) Ora Xicoids' and (2) 
■ • Pearl- Isicolds." 

No autheritic data concerning this family have been obtained. 

VHI * 129G Annie Miller Nicoids/ born October 3, 1345, near Glasgow, Howard county. 
Missouri, was educated at Howard College, Fayette, Missouri, from v.hich 
institution she was graduated abtjui 1864. She was married July 30, 

\S06. to Cl-..irK>- t'arrcl! \^\KHi^■, ihc wi'.iowcd hiisi^.-siui of ln.r Utxva-L-d 
si>;or. 12')(' Mary Mari-la Nii\-Kls,^ v.h'j h.x! "iiou on Dci-oniliui- 23. ISo.v 
(liar!.-? Woods' iSar.iurl []..^ Joiiii,- Robert') i^ clc,--co!ii!i.>i 
from an ok! and Iionorcit '."i:\;-i>ia f..niiK-. He \va.- l.orn Jiiiy i, IS.^,^, .:r 
Rooky Mount, \'iru'i'a!a. i'.e went wi^ii 'li^ failicr'.-^ I'anuly in lo55. lo yi:<- 
poiiri a-id scHlod near \'eivai'ilc-'. in Mor;^an cou.iiy. In AuguM. I^Oi. Ik- 
enlisicd in t!ic service ii. the Cor.fedcrau? Stages and was atiarlKil to 
Brown's rc.j'ineiir, :a\il! di\-Ision, Mi-,-, •I'lri troops, Cien.. >i!.inroo M. I'ar.-ons 
co'.iinuip.dini;. Tlic foHuwinvi l')oc-enibi;r iiO was ;!i)iioinicd 
v,illi the r;!nk of riiajov. lie- look pail in the b.itli^.- of Wilsons Creek, ten 
miles suiiilp.vest of Sprin-lield, Missouri, also in t!ie batile of LexMV^'.on., 
Missouri; in. both of wliieli the Confederates wt-i'e \iriotiijns lie also 
l)ariiciixiiau in tbc iKitik- o-' Tea RId.L;e. <ir b'iiduirn 'I'a.Nern as ii was sorne- 
tinu-s called, v.hieh was \.oa i.y the l\->!er;ds. In 1S{)2 lie v. as taken 
prisoner and was not .ifterwards eni.;.igcd in lieM si.-r\'iee. In K'-OT he was 
ordained by Bishop Marvin, to th'.- fiiii niin.istry attd joined llie Southwell 
Missouri t^mfcrcnce of ihc M. ^". Chiirch. South, anii has 5er\'ed coni;ri. Ra- 
tions in variov.s cities throughout the ste.te until l'X:0. In 1S7S Triniry 
College, Xo-th Carolina, conferred tqicn him the degre'- of doctor of 
di\-inii\-. lie is a prominent >.Ias0n, ha\ing held many state offices. 
For the pa.= t twelve y-.-ars he has been.chapiain of Gen. Price Can-.p: I r.ited 
Confederate \'eterans. He is now (1915) associate editor of the St. Louis 
Christian Advocate and resides with his family in that city at .3504 
Washington Ave. Foi an ample sketeli of life ;.ce "V\ ho"s V. iio in 

IX 1299 CoLielia Frances NicolJs,* b.n-n Januaiy 31, ISIS, near Glasgow, Mis.ouri, 
was married in 1672, to Rev. S. Ii. Briggs, an.;l died the following year at 
Harrisonvillc, Missouri. No issue. 

X * 1300 Martha ''.ou'sa Kico'ds/ born August 8. 1S50, near Glasgow. Mis'^ouri, was 
married Seiilembcr 2i, 1874, to Alciniua A. Brov.-n, at the old homic in 
Howard eonnty. They Ii\xd about two years at \\'arrensbiirg, Missouri, 
and in 1S77 moved to Santa Rosa, California, stopping there a iew yeara, 
then to San Francisco and several other places and fiiir-lly settled at Gozeiie, 
where tla-y now reside. 

XI * 1301 Ida Green iJicoIds,- lion- in Hv.v.anl c. "iuv. Missouri. November ID, Jo'52, 
was married A.ugust 10, 1,875, to Dr. Wiiiiam Finiey Howard, at Jellerson 
City, Mi,-.souri. 1 hey Heed a short time at Jefferson Cify and ret',!ed at 
Boonv'lle. Missouri. 

XII 1302 George V.'ashington Nicolds,^ born January 17, 1S54, in Howard coi!;.!y, 
Missouri, and at the age of seventeen, wliile out swimming with, his boy 
friends, was accidentally drowned. 

Issue of 8S1 ^lARTHA J. WOODSG!-!' (Richard,'' Jacob, ■> Capi. Obadiah,^ Richard,^ 
R(,'ljert,' lo-hn') and James J. Milhr, 
IS " 


■liV'i \V< •■•!'>■ 

1303 Richard Vood^on I^JiIicr,' i ■.; a Aii,:;u-;t IS, 1S40. p.f I'.iyLUc. Mi-.-->r,!; 
wIhtc Ihj was rorcd .iiui (.■liicalcd. At ll'.e ':)iiibi\Mk of ;Ik' C'i\-ii \\\m- h: 
enlisted in the 5i."i-\ ice oi' !iu- (.'unUriiiTaio Slates and bccanic 1 ieul;. Coi'! 
ui Col. Hc-U'i's ri':;:i;;ci!l. W'iiilo roci'iiiiioL; for ibc roi;iment in L.iw i.Ti.a 
ronn;y. Arkan;, lit- ii>nt.ra( le.l a fe\'cre si>e!l of cxingostivo fc.'or, f-o;'.; 
V, liich lie diou in \^-i>2. 

1304 John J. Miller,'' bom May 3, ISI.";, ai ravette, llov.-ard coiinty, Mi^.-ouri, 
v.hori- 'u? reccfvod h>< -ally cUicaii'iu. He v/as grailiiaied, li. A., froi.i tlio 
l'ni\e!>iiy of X.-.shviIle ai-.d We--u-i-n Military Ip..-tiuiU.'. Naslivillo. Tcruies- 
t^ee, in Jnnc, l^ftO, reri.i\-ing ;i( the lime, a lieutenant's C(ln•lnlis^-ion, fmni 
Cox'crn.jr iMiain ('.. Harrir;. Ue-uniin.^- to his liome in Missouri, he enl'sted, 
in 186i, in the s:T\i!-e v>f liie (. (^nfed'.'raJ-? States, and, v.hile ]>erfoi inin:- liis 
dut}' a.- (.bilhi.asler ii-r ll;e ie;^inieia, lie was se\ei'e!\' v.tmntled by ihf; 
arcidcnial discnar.qe '-.>f a nu)^ke: in il'e coninuuul. This caused the k/ss 
of one of his legs, \vliirh incapacitaied him for any further field &cr%-ice. 

In 1802 l:c malriealated in the St. Louis Medieal College and wa« 
graduated at the elo^e of the ti ird course of leciines in March, lSfi4. 
NoTv>"iihstandi:;g his pennanei.l dis.iliility for military service, he was 
nuide a pri.-.oner of w.;r Ir.- the kederals but was soon (^\chanjcd and again 
entered ilic seiAace of the Confederate States. 

In May, ISG-i, he v.'as apjiointcd assistant army surgeon of the Con,- 
fedcrate Staler army, pcr\in,q; at the Winder (.Icnerril Hospital and kiblty 
Prison tli'iicers' Hosiutal, Riehmemd, \'irglnia, until the ocTupaiion of 
Richmond l/y the Federal troo[)s in 1865. 

While at Winder Hospital he in-ututdJ the pr.-.ctice of turp.entine 
drcssip.i:;s as a lemcdy for, and prc\enti\e of, hosjiital gar.f.rene. After 
the clo^e of tlie war, l)i-. Miller located in the western suburbs of Si. kouis, 
Missouri, v.diere he practiced medicine for twenty-se\"eii years, and lias been 
physician to the German FrotestaPits' Orphar; Asylum ilsere .since i,S74. 
In April, 1802, he moeed into the ciiy of St. Loui>. 

He is a member of the St. k.otiir. Medical Sociel;.-; Dcrmanent 
of the Medical A.-rSociaiion ; menibcr of tlie Mississippi Va'ley 
Medical Socieu , jia\ in,; ser\ed. as a meml;er of the judicial co'-Uicil ir. 1S8S; 
and a member of the Missouri Stati- Medical As?ociation He has been 
an occasional contributor to current rn'Mical literature, and is a niember of 
the IMeth'jvlkt Fpi:copal Ckurcli, Soi.ah. 

Married, Hi-cemi.>er 28. 18o5, Mi.- .Maiy E., eldest daugi^ter of John 
W. and k'.iiza A. Burd, of St. Louis. (See Physicians and Surjj'eo'T- of .America, 

They had children (1) RivJiard I'.iird Miller,* born 1866, is still un- 
married. (2) Clara Maud Miller,' was married ir' 1908, to F.dv. in Fj. 
Slierz(.'r and still li\-es in St. Louis. (3) Mar}' Esehn Miller,' horn in 
St. I^ouis, Ivli-souri, was married to I'rcderick X'ieflinQ;. Thcv reside ai 

her paternal home and ha\'e 

jne son, 

A. Vierhn-,' 

October 7, 19I'.S, who lives with iiis [)arcnts at 4439, West M-.j.'-.;;an Street, 
St. Louis, .Missr)iiri. 

?ee :'7-l. ir.'i:-, j;i. luiv.i Wi 



oil i-,1 til-.' K!': ir.nioi- so'aool< r>;id in !~t. 
iiK .Tii:..j. Iv5.''i. from ilie Vr.iv-Tiiily at 
\l' was l.ic'-t. C'nlo-'jl in ;ci»> fpirnt-nt 
r H.: ;cr. iCorrc'.-ltHl by 1. "■.■■} I-r. John .7. 

:\ A"^ 

/ / 


1 'wiiiii i;i:m.:;.mi'in 

I>si:e of GS2. RlCr;.ARD WOODSGN, jr.' lUich.srd/ J.ACob,^ Cipt- 01>a<;liah,' Richnrd/ 
l\o! Ill,-' Johr.') a!i(i I' Aiia .Aiiie. 

[ 1505 Lewis Wi.lia n,'~ b.>rri Xow-; ■'. kt 17, 1S54, in St. Louis county, Miosc-uri. 
]\W'] with tli>' f ui!i'_\ tiuiil (.Ji-io! ^r, ]S')5, v iieii he went west and euijaged 
in t'u- mining !nl^in^^-.^. As yet lie is. tn.manioci. 

11 1306 Boxanna,* l>oiii April 1, 1S56, on her f ttiier's farm, near ^iar^hall, Saline 
couni\-, Missouri. SIk li-.e^ with !:er luoiiier ai Sieinmet-;, Tioward county, 
M;.-souii. She is unraarrieil. 

Til 13G7 Edward Robertson,' barn Jul>- .^6. 1S5S, ii, Si. Loul^ couatN-, Missc-ari. 
In Ottolier, 1S<).-, ho and hi.- livuiiier, I.ewisWiliiaui. went west an«;i enga.ucci 
in I'le rainin^ busiiu'.--- He ;-- not nui-aied. 

lY 1308 Jc.l\r. Briukcr,^ born M.i\- 9. 186(', on fatlicr's bu-ui in Franklin countxs 
]\!i>M)uri, wen! wiih. ih.e fansily in tS58 ;.i Su inir.el-'-, Moward cou^'tv', 
I\li,-..~Muri, he is still iivin;^ or. the farm v.ith his two sisters and 
widov.a-d mother. 

V 1309 Adie,' b.orn Se|iteni!>er It. lS(i3, nn her father's farm m Franklin roin'.iy. 
Missnuri, went with the tainiK i'; l-SOS to Howard county and is still living 
there with her mother. 

VI 15)0 .Francis Benjamin,' L>orn 186S. on his father's farm a mile and a half east 
of Steinmetz, Howard county, Mi^^ouri. He was married July 31, 189.7, 
in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to ixli^s Mary F. Kenedy, -.vent to Kansas City, 
Mis-uuri, ,ind wa- engaged in the mercantile business until IS95, v.'lien tliey 
moved to Denver, Colorado, engaged in the same business and are siill 
living in that city. They have no chiieiren. All of this family are Soiuhe'n 
IMetliodisr--. anc! prog'essive democrats. 

Issue of 380 WILLIAM QUIN MORTON' (Quin Morton/ Richard Morton, ^ Elizabeth 
Woodson,' Richard,^ Robert,' John') and 70.? Elizabeth McRoberts 

I L?.il Dr. V/illiam J. Mc-tonjS born 1SI7 in Yir;dnia, was married to Eleaiior 
\\'..tei.-., ,'nd di^^d J896 at Racine, W'iscon-in. 

II 1312 .\gr.ef, Morton," bcaai 1819 in \'irginia, was married in 1837 to William C. 

HI 1313 Elizabeth A. Morton,' born 1S22 in Virginia, died at 3 p. in. October 27. 

IV * 1314 Col. Quin Morton,' born 1S23 in Prin.ce I'.dward county, \'iridnia. At 
an early age lie located in Kentucky ar.d was tnarried in 1845 to F.li7.abe:h 
A. Lcgan. During the Civil W.^r he served in the Union a.rmy- i'<-' '•'i'-'*^ 
at his iiome if Slvdby county, Kentttcky, iii 1878. 

imc woon- >v-; .■.m> ■i;i'"ii; ionnta'tion 

\' 1315 C'r.L'.rlcs J. INIorlc-n,' !->!H 18.".^ in EO'ivord ccnnUy, X'iiv.inin, ',vas 
livinicil in 1S36 .ir-J. iliril i:i i.'^'SJ. 

Vi L".I6 Rev. Francis R. Morton,' borii isJS in I'lir^cc Ii(i\^ard coihUn-, w jr, r.i.itric.i 
in 185i U> Anna Mnrlin. 

\ 11 131y Stlina J. LTorton,^ boni l^'3i) in Priiu-e Eciwcird, \va? niarric! in 1S50 lo 
Rev. h:uu- ("jiifie'ii and dic-d in lSV-1. 

\']1! ),3iS Rev. Hcniy T. I'Toiton/ bom l.'-'.3.' in !'riin\' l-~.d\v:iid county, wa^ niarrii't] 
mict.'; fiitft, lo M.iiy Dotlge, and <i.-c<)ntl, u> .\! villa Proctor. 

iX 1319 John S. I'.Iortc.,^ !• 'rn Ic^.vl ic, P-Jnrc l"d\\ .srd itun :>•, X'iiginia, v.t-s niarrit'd 
in ISfjO tu LiiON' CVa.wford aii<l died in 1S'.-1 in ML-xicn. 

X 1320 Joseph Y. Morton," born 1836 i:-. ShelViy loniux-. Kentucky, ^vas marric-d 
in. i^dl to Sarah T;d.iaferro ar.d die'd in Io94. 

XI 1321 Anderson Michaux Morton,'' born loo9 in Shelby county, Kentucky, and 
6\id m 1SS4-. 

Issue of 70S MARY- JANE VENABLE' (Joseph Venablc^ Judith Morton, •'^ Agnes 
W'o.'idsun,-' Richard.' Robert, ■ Jol-.n') and Jacob Woodson Morton,' son 
ol 3..'3 Jo-eph rvlorton.'' 

I 1.372 !Tp"r;e Mcrton,-^ born in Charlotte county, v,-as married to Levis Hailiday 
of I'rincc Edward count}', Virginia. 

II 1323 Martha Morton,'- married Egbert Womack. 

III 1324 Nathaniel Moaon. 5 

IV 1325 Mary Jane Mai ton.' 

V 1320 Dr. V/illiara Douglas Morton,* of Louisville, Kentucky. 

VI 1327 Agnes ?Iortou,' married Rev. J'jhn Bo\Ie, Presbyterian missionary to 

VII 132S George Baxter Mcrtcn,*^ born in Charlotte county, Virginia, rnarriad Mits 
Emma Brown of Memphis, Tennessee. 

Issue of 7 20 '^V.. JOEL WATXINS DUPUY' (Pnliy W. V/alkins,"^ Acnes Morton,- 
Agnes Wood: on, -^ Kichard,^ R jbert,- John',) and PauHr^a Pocaiiontas 

1 ]329^Mart^a Eli7ai^eth Diipny.Mjorr, Aiiril 5, l.'^31, in Prince Ed.ward courdy, 
Vir^dnia, was married June 2C), 1S<J0, to Jr^l Watkin- IJaniel, of Chari(;rie 

.li ! i! <,l.NIKAi!;>N 

couiils'. (SiiL- w.i.s I'l.' .-(OODd V. ijc.) Ill" enlisLcJ in O.w C\>;ifc'!i"ra!'; ai-i'.iv' 
aiiii v.,is fir>t !ici:U''L in ilie C'lrar'ui; ie couiun' '.".is'.;'; ;.'. i;i I 86.^ lie was 
translVrrc'.l to iIk' (luai u^rnK-.sier'i. tli'piirunciU, in Ahich hv sitwI Uj ilv.- 
close of ih.' wa.'. 

! 1 1330 Dr, Jtjr,eplT Tho^'aas Dupuy,-'^ i.H>i-ii Au.uusi Si), iSo.^, in i'l-iin'i.' Iv.iward couiuy. 
\'iv;..ii;;a. ]]<? wos a ;^i-;fiuaU' of l'iiilacie!;)!iia Coiiigc of riiysiciaiis ami 
Suri;c'or..-', jiraclici-c! nK-dicir.c in I'rincc l",d\vu!i_l, ("uin! .trlaaui ara! Pcnviiatari 
couniios. He was iwire ii'.ariicd ; l;rsi lo Moliii Madison of C'liarlotu' 
counLV. Sl)e \\<,s horn ia :So5 ai^l Jivd DvcciiiLLr 5, l^^'-l. I!.' v/as 
married second, en Jaauar\- 11. \^'-).\ to Hlanebe 1. I lenuion, \. Iva was 
t)orn yh'V 29, ISG'i . ls.-,iic hy ijoth niati'iages. 

Hi 1331 Po-,vhat,'.n Eldrid^e Dupuy," liorn Septorabcr 10. l>^-3>, it; rrincc I'.dward 
cuuiilN-. He ioi-aled in RiclraKaul, \'ii\^;inia, and a as for niiny _\ears a 
k-.iding (Ir'.iggi;-.-; in iiiat cit>. He \-.-as married l-'ciiruary 7, iS66, to 
Maiiett'. Drudef., wh.'.) was i^.m in Riehninnd, on JMarrh 17, I'i'tJ. He 
died jnh- 19, lS'/>;, at their honie in Isiciunond, \"ir.i,ip,ia. 

IV 13.-'2 John 'Tcv.a 11 Dujuy,^ I'orn al.uut 1S!0 ir. Piincc Edward county. A; tlic 
l)e,i;Inniri;,'. of the Ci\ il War lie enlisud in the scr'.iec of tiie Coufed.erato 
States ;is lieut iiiant and later v/as a'ijr.iant of the Twenty- .Jiird v'iri^ini.i 
Infantry. He was killed ia the h.rule of Clian.ellors\ ille, on May .i, 

Y 1333 Paulina Pocahontas Dupuy,^ born Q-jtober 6, IS-H, in Piinoe l-:dward 
county. She v> a? married AnL.usi 6, 1873, at h'abclaad. in Goochland 
county, to Rev. Lewis Burwdl John-on, a Presi)\ Lerian miaisl^r. SIic 
died October 16, iS97, at South Bustr-n, A'iri^inia. He died June >S, 1907, 
survived by several children; one of wlioni, Ca.rter Dup'ay JoimHon,'' 
born May 22, 187-1, was in ]9(J6, appoiin.ed assistant attorney genera) of 
the Phiiippir/cs. 

V! 1334 Josephbic ITupuy/ bom about 1S13 in Prince bidv.-ard and di'.d in infancy. 

VII 1335 Dr. Henry Roife Dupuy,» born October 21 , 1S4.\ in Prince Edv.ard coun;\-, 
\'irginia. v.dicre lie was reared and received hi? eiJucation. He was nKcait-d 
Ma>- 21. bSf,7. lo 26.S,-. ;\"ar,nie Graxion V\"alton'^ of Cumberlard court}', 
Virginia.. In 1S71 they located temporarily at Madison, .Arkansas, and ha 
cn.i'a.ijed in the drui; business. The next year, 1S72, they removed to 
Coldvater, Mississippi, wh.erc he continued the drug business. He 
attended the lectures at the medical college in Louisville, Keniiu-ky. anfi 
was graduated from tliat institution in 1875. Rcturninsi to Viri;in;a, ihey 
bettled at Caner-villc, Cuml.icrland county, where he entered upon the 
practi"e of ids profes.^ion, in which he attained great shiU and prominc'-ire. 
Later he removed, with his family, to Xorfolk, Virginia. Here he ser\-ed 
sevca! terms a? health con)n!issioi:..r, in which cap.:rit> he rendered 
\aliiable service in siarcpini: out contagio;'s diseases, cb^inr much to^rard 

cxtcnnii'.atiut; inosquiti-os. aivj (.ihoiwisc iii;proving ilio !uM'i;h co'-chlious oi 
Uic cilv. Tliis l'anM'.\ siill rc-iiK- i;i Nuifolk, X'ip^ini-'-. ;M llu'ii hcauliiiil 
l, ai TtU ()iiiey ]\om\. i'ur issue so>.' 2653 Xannio Gray^OIl Wallon.- 

\'lll 1? -O Tool W.'.rkins Di'puy,' fanii'iaviy kiunva by vlu- r.uknair.c of "Sliat(," 
iu.rii l-\bruai\ .', IS-!", i;; Mdward rmi-aty, whcro he vas reared and 
eclur.M.xi. .Mujui: 1S71 he went 10 ^,li^^^i^^ii.pi and al'ioi roaming; aiiout for 
several y^.■,^^. liaalK seilled in ^'a/e>o county, wlicrc lie i:iavricd Marcli 
31, 187S, to Martha \V.iikin> RyaU, of ihat countx', who beiri-. Ji:ne 1'.', 
1,S56. ilvv settled on their farm in Ya/oo counvy, Mi->i osippi, and are 
stii! ii\inj: ti;.re il<'13). They have had three cliiUlren: lIov.-cU uldrl'i!;^ 
D-apuy, i.iiey Gordon Diipuy, and, Joel Waikins DupuN', who is dead. 

IX l.'^-^/ Ella Nash Dupuy,' I^irn !\'bruar\ 16, LS5!, in I'rince Kflward eouniy, 
Viri;inia, siient some >-ears in Missis-ippi, reuirned lo her natiNc stale and, is 
still livint; ilierc. She has neNcr r.iarrii-d. 

X 133S Alice Tov.-nei Diiptiy,* born Onober 3, 1.^53, in Prinr... Kdward cour.t\-, 
X'irslnia, \e..s married Ocojl^er 7, l':>7<-), hl Byrd Chureli, in Gooehlaiid 
counL\-, to William C. Kean of .hat connty. He early enlisted iji the 
service of the Confcilerate States, .:nd was a mpniL'cr e.f ih< I'irst Ri'-hmond 
Mov.iizers, Gabeli's Bailahon of Artillery, Longstrects' corps, and served 
to the close of tlie war. They had three children: (1) Nellie Pocahontas 
Kean,^ f,2) Leonora La\ina ICean,'' and ',3j ^^^i-ho 'i ecuni-;;di Kean,' 

For nuich of tltc abo\-c data see '"Ihc Iluyucnot, Rv)rt'iolomew 
Da;;uy." by Rev. U. li. Dupuy. 

Issue of 7ZZ TUCKER WOODSON' (Samuel Hughes,'"' Tucker,-^ Tucker,^ Josei-h,' 
Robert,- John') and Kveiyn Byrd. 

I 1339 V,''il!lam Eyrd," born in Je^saniine county, Kenlt-cky, inew to be a youar: 
man of talent and unusual attainmem'. He died at his father's home in 
Nicholasvillc, Kentuc'uy, unmarrii-d.. 

H * 1340 Anna Heade,'' i)orn in Jessamine county. Kentucky, where she was reared 
and educated. She was married to Dr. Ro!;ert P. Letcher, a member ;>f the 
Letcher family of \'irt;i!iia and KenUidiy. He was a nephew of Gov. 
Robert P. Letcher. He j'raciiced hi- nrofer^ion around rlenderr-oa, 
Kenuicky, and was v. eil-behjved by ah u ho knew him. He died a c<m.v 
paraiively ycning; man, survived by two children and his widow, ^he was 
a woman of a hi.i;li oider of intellect and inten~eiy iuten-ted in an<! ui'li 
informed concerning her Woodson liiieage. She died in 1<;1-! at her honvj 
in Nicholas\ille, Kentucky. 

HI 134i Jessamine Byrd,^ 1:k>mi ar.d rearec' at Xicholasville, Kenirnks', where she 
still li\es. 

Is<:ue cf 7Z^' DAVID MI^ADE WOODi'OIL 'Samuel Hu;;he^," backer, * Tucker,^ 
Joseph,' Rr,bert,- Jolm') aral his hrs! wife, Luc}' Xa^^ii McDov.dl. 

i:Uji.i;i CI-, 

I * 134^ John McDowell, ■* horn juiu- 5. IN.'-l. near >\i(.lio!.:s\il!c. Ji;ys;\! cmmiI., 

Ki'H dicky. lio (;.Ju<.\ra'il iU ("■.inro v.'<_i!loi;c-, liam-illc, KoiU'.Ki.N , 
lr< la wlii;!; iiistit',:'j- n he v.a~ i.i'.diia;"'! in ihe r'a-^; o!" IS.S.i. 

Hie inclinali'in v, a-; ii) aii'i't (:i\ii i-ns^inei ri.i;.: as his pi';rcs>i()n, si) 
iniini.'>!;.iu'.\ nfui le.:\ i:..j co'K-ge, he I'liau;! ::n iti'jineei-ini:; corps, ai iIkiI 
tinU' cr.:;a;;.cil in su!-V'.\ir:u; and lo'.ai.iii;^ (he St. I,<'liis and Irun Moinu.ii;; 
railiuad. ■ In a short lirio !ie became C':ii>\ince>.! I'aai \a: was noi phy-icii!\- 
stroiiv; enoufjh to enJnrc- ihe liard \';ork npa! exposure iucii/ieni to eie^inr'.-rii.i; 
and Uunoil his alientiuii to the siudy of law. lie read law uiulei' the 
direction of his lailicr, -.ind was a>lnMUei! I(< practice in all the coiirts -if 
I'.Hiiois in 1S57. His iit;l^.■s^, for this picifession was S')on made apparera, 
i\<n\ liis career a? a lawyer was Liriniont and eminently ynccesslul. Me began 
practice m 1S57, at Carrollton, Illinois, and at once eniered upon imj/ortanl 
piofessional business. In 1S62 he niO\'i(i from C':!rrollton to (.'arlinville, 
in i\lacon!)in cotinty. Illinois, and practiced law tlicie iinti! 1S69, in whicii 
year lie l)ecap.u:' ^i niem'oci of tlie St. Louis. MisbO'Jii, ba.r. 

Tiikiui; aii .icli\-e interest in puiilic affairs, wlii'e livln;j; in Illinois, lie 
.sat as a dele.uate fioin (.ircene county, in tlie Ulinois Constitutional 
Convention of 1 .Sol-t)2 ;' and as a member of tb.c .state senate of Illinois 
din-iiig the sessions of 1J67 c.r.d 180'', representing; the seventh, senatorial 
district, composed of the rich and important counties of ^Macoupin, Mont- 
gomery, Christian and Shelby. As a memljcr of the legislature, his url-anity 
cif rnanTier, courtesy of dcmea;-ior and 'lis integrity of ch.aracter, coupled 
v.'ith hi:, intellectual ability and sound statesmanship, eaxc him a com- 
mandint: position among the state la^^■n!akers; and lie retired from the 
senate with the respect and esteem of c\'ery member ,ind eiftcer of that bocly. 

After his ren;io\'al to Si. Louis iii IS69, he held for se\eral years, the 
position of managing attorney' for th.e St. Louis, Kansas Ci;>' and .\',>rihern 
Railrcxid company. After ll!i^ h.e de'.'otcd ins time anil talents t(.> corpora- 
tion law practice, becoming local attorney, at St. Louis, f<_ir ihe Chictigo and 
Alton llailroad Company, th.e Indianapolis and :n Louii^ Railroad, llie 
St. Loui.--, Alton and Terrc Haute Raihoad, The Last St. Lotiis Transfer 
Company, the Madison County rcrry Company,- and othei corporations. 
Failing health and the demands of pri\ate l>Uaine5S caused him to retire, in 
1S7S, from actix'e practice; but before his retirement, he had gained a 
pt)sition of well-deserved prominence at the bars of Illinois and Missouri. 
(EncyclopK-dia of History of St. I.ouit,, \'o\. I\'.) 

He was married tlnee tiiiics; r.i.-.t, to \"iiginia C. Da.\is; secor:d, to 
Mary Ann Henderson, and third, to Sarah Alice Xutt. He is now living 
in qtiiet and comfortable retirement with his wife, Sarah Alice Xiai. at 
their liome 31 M Pine Street, St. Louis, Missouri, devoting his attention to 
I'.is own private aflairs. 

Is.sui; oi- 724 Ml.muc Woodson,' uv his .siicoM; v. i;f., Jui.i.\ KtNSi-.TT 

II 1343 Samuel Hughes,'- died in yotith. 
Ill ]34-4 Kennctt,' di'-d iii yontii. 

1\' ^ 134S- Faniie K.," Henry C. Withers. 

-■^" "ii;ic \\(i..>i)S(ir;s AM> ini-.p; vo.\Ni\'iK)> 

Issiu- of 726 RICHARD KiDDER WOODSON' iSanniL-i lhiL;hi.'.-,= Tuokcr."' Tuc'.ut.-' 
jos-ph/ Kolicrl,- Juh-v; .s-ii his []->{ wife. Kniily l.iltkpaj^e ilicknum. 

I 134(1 BoMJamin Fj.-.uklin Hickinr-.n,'* ourii M.'.rLli 3i, KV.-6, on ih^- farui niMV 
Frankfrprt, i-iciuuc!;;-; \\;i> t-.hiraiud in Frankfort i:n<] IkhI a po;,ii;oii :.h 
clerk in a I'av.k but kitor adoptt-il civil onLjinct-riii-' as his occui-ati-an. 
WiiiU- <iirve>ing liie icviiujry of Kansas lor adniission to iJu- union ol' 
£.lalcs, he comracreii a severe cokl wl.ieh terminau-d in hir. lieuih, ?viarch, 
1>S(U. In his religi'.>us laitr. he \vas a Fresbyieriar<. In i)oiiiic3 a democrat. 
Xovcr raarrieik 

II 1347 Joseph C," Isorn April L 1^37, near rrankfwit, Kentucky, and died April 

HI 134S Louise Frances,* born June 9. 1S3S. on the tarni, a few miles from, 
Kcnliieky. Sk.e veas educated in the best schools in Frankfort, and was 
married ('Jeiobcr 27. ISol to George .Marshall Woods, who was born 1S34. 
Shortly, after his raarriagc, he enlisted in tiic Confederate States army as 
a meniber of Scott'.'; cavalry, and made a splendid soldier for more than a 
year when lie was Wutuuled in l>;utle, paroled, sent home and finaliy dis- 
charged. After the war lie followed the steam boat biL-iness, opcraiins; 
on the Kentucky, Ohio and lower Mississippi Rivers. 

He was a good man, a ^.lason of high degree, and a demo':-rat. Alihougii 
absent a great deal, Frankfort was always hi? home and he died there 
November 22, 1SS4. aged fifty years. His wife and childrer. contir,ued to 
reside in Frankfort until some of the i.ioys, now gro\\ n lo \-oung manhood, 
went into business in Si. Louis, Mis.souri. In order to be near them, the 
widoned mother, v,-ith the rest of her children, also Uioved to St. Louis on 
July 1, 1^.97. She was a loyal and devotcil wife and motl;er, a zealous 
member of the Presb\-ierian Cht:rch until a l<-w years before her death, she 
united witii tlie Ba;)tis< Chuich. S!;e died .^Larch 14, 1904, in St. Louis. 

IV =^ 1349 George Kichoias,' born August 24, 1S40, in Frarddiu county, Kentucky. 
He was twice married; first about 1871 to Rebecca Falls, of Andcrsoi; county, 
and second, on June 15, 1891, to Ellen Bishop, of Woodford ceunly. He 
if a farmer by occi:p,ati^>n and !i\es at Wilmore in his native county. 

V 1350 Richard Kidder, Jr.,' born August, 1842, in Franklin county, Kentuck\-, 
was educated in I-rankfort. At the outbreak of the Civil War, in 1861, he 
was studying law and would soon have been admitted to the bar, but at 
the fust call for volunteers, he abandoned his studies and enlisted in the 
ser\iLe of the Confederate States and joiiu'd the second Kentuc'^y rcgiincnl 
of infantr}', in v, hat canie to be knowji as the 'T>rphan Brigade." At thcr 
battle of Murfrecsboro. \\hich was fought on Uecember 31, 1862, and Jan- 
uary 1, 1S&3, he the fifth ensign shot duwn wliile bcari.ig the colors of 
his regiment, and was av, arded a ineda! of honor for gallantry on the .'ield, 
by Gen. liushicd Johnson, v.i.o was in command :.i the Hrigade The 

wour.u he rorcivo.l p;-.>^-..-:l ic In- fp.inl. (k- was iakcn f.-.n.i ilie 'hM (r. ih- 
rojitlc!U-o o[ foniio!- -nxi'iuor Hrowi: o\ 'i\-i:nc>.-<.::. wk'nU w.i i'.-.r .iv.;v, 
aiiij 'iiiTC I]'; dicu a lir.'W \o;ii:- j:u!>!ii;i-. \<>y ;■ c^ic-r il;U v.-a> ^a^!;■^! Ui 
liiirl. lie way a !i.rni!;vr ni (in; 1 :i>i,;i;i^i\^l ("Inirci;. 

\'I * 1351 Pickett,' lu.iri M.,rcl: 14, iSiS, ii; l'ran!::"..rt, i-rvPl ui ky, v.liecc- he 
was rearcil ainl wlurateJ. 1 Mnins: iht: adiniiiJbi rauiii of i':-C:^i;ic;U An^Ir^-w 
joliiiMMi ho wa?; ajipoiiiuci ah<i>tant a^ie<>oI•, ^anorxv-in;; di:=(i!ier)«;- i:i 
Fra.nkiin a^aniy, niui s^ rvtd in ihat c::]'.,- iiy uiUil :\i.iy. 1,vG9. 'vhen Ik- v.j;, 
diselrrycd durini; ili.: a.dmi:;!.^! ra.ti'Hi cl' Prc^itieni ('■•.■■\u', <■;' aL'ciHir.i ci 
his K-iny a deniocrai. In. lt;SI wlira .Mr. rie^.xl.uid iMjca-nc P.-iriidciii , he 
was agaii! apj.oiiurd rnil^-d Slafes ..t'J-clcecper, and FCi-ved th:cKgh 
Pr^-^sidem C'levctaiid'.-. ac'n-.ini-travloi!. lie \va^ av.dn discI)are.ofi v -un 
?\Ir. Harrison l-,cca;iic- Prcsid'.'ii! , (ci no sp.ccial ica^;i!! f\cc\'[ \h:r\ ho w,-;k a 
democrat. When ?ilr. ('k-.-c-hin;l rnicred HLion h!>?rcoad ('.-nn af J-.-c.-^-J-.-u. 
iie w:if .u;ain appoiiuvd I'ritc-d Slates storckeere'- and fcrv-d irili! M:. 
Mc)\i)dey bircaiiu- }'re>ident, when he was finally di^thvrcred on ;\rcouv.\. of 
Ids Iny.d siipporl of Mr. W. J, Bryan, t!ie d--niucraTie n.Midnee for F.■e^i^■enl. 
Ke was married I-'ehruary 23, l^:.69, in !-'rank:'ort, '■venuiel.y, to ^H.^* 
Rachel F. r\ian])in who v,as horn in Jessamine r.nir;y, ! -leat e/'ky, ! ■"'; CC'^U":-!- 
16, 1852. They are hoth niend.Ts of i!;j I're'In-Jc; i^n L';,a;ch aiid for 
several years hivr resid;nl at JMarph}, Ore-o'i. ".vlieie he is ericrat.ed iii 

VII * 1352 David T-Icadc,^ liorn August M, 1,'^18, at iiig Edd\-, nor iMankfort, FranVdir: 
co'ini}-. Kentucky. edacated at Kentucky r\!ilitar\ injti'uie^ and sp.tU 
alniosi his enlirc life in Fiar-kfort. He wis an exj.'Cri ci'-'i! c;;'.;ii;cer, ser.'cd 
several terms as city en.idnccr of Frar.kfort, and coiinry sur\eyor of Frankiiii 
coiint\-. He made a plat oi the stateliou^e ^rjund<~ that v/as used -n all 
the famous trials of C'akl; Pc.wers and Howard fo! 'lie mi'rdpr of Co-error 
Cohel. He gave csperi testinion) in all thor^e tiia's as to ai;^,!-:., dl?;ai;cv::. 
and such thii,t;s as only a man of his knowled<,e and skill oy.:'v^- ;-ve. r)uii;.v. 
the firsr te-m of Prcsideiit C'le-.ehuid, he he'd a rcs)v.u!.si:ae govomjr.eii: 
position as surveyor of public lands in Vrashington and oi'ier north v.ViLcrn 
states. He was conspicuous for liis ho^.csiy and;^:ii y. He was tv.dco 
married; first, on Xo^x-mber 29, 1S71, to Xanr.ic Ad.anis whc wa;, born 
iSl^-', in Saline coiir.ty. Missouri, and died in Frankfor*, Kentuvky. .Xpri! 

y, 1900. He v\as married .-econH, i(:) . 

He wa- a dc-inoerat, arid attended tlie Chrisiian Church of uiu'h h;r> 
wife was a faithful member. In 190,S he went we.-t and setlhd at Craut's 
Pass, Oregon, and engaged in frait growing. About the middle of April. 
1910, he was in his \-ine\-ard p'lanliiig some grape \inc:, wheji he sudd. nly 
became \ery ill and died on ]\Iay 2, 19)0. 

VI II * 1333 Emily Virfdnia, bcrn Juno 3, ISSl. at Big Fddy, Franklin couriy, 
I\eniueky, -''as educat/d in Frarjkr.-T^. Slic wa;- married iri'Virt on 
Septembii- .S, 187', to Joh.i Milton (>,!(.-man •vho was Ijoi n Xovendjer 19, 
1839, at Penson, Franklin eo-nty, Kentucky. !..i poliiici lie wa?. a ue;nc- 

28.' 1HI-: \viK!iiSi>Ns AM- riu:ii; c(vcm-., im^s 

crat anci b%- orcuji;n!<in a cotiir.i'.-ior. Mo was a iir, '.nl>er !>i" the Ba.iiiir.l. 
C"hui..-!i ami lii.-^ \vi;'f ^v:!^ a ^-l.rici ravnilK-r o!' the !'■ vsli>-u-r:a!i. In ihc cariy 
part of i:.v Civii War '<.■■ ciii;-.;, ,i in iho scvn iiv of tl,.' C^iafcieraie Staiis as 
a hh'ihIht i.«.' Co!. Iirn'V Cihr.r.'s ix ..•!;r.v:U of <-aval;-y. Wlt-n thi-< rcj;i- 
iiK'ul iiKuK- an atlai'k on i'oct l>..<,iu- ai I'raukfort, he rvctivc-d a sovctc 
wouikI ill lii< rl^ht bri.:'.:U, fro;r; ■.vhioh he never fu'ly ict'overcd ailhoi:j;h 
he lived ai>oul forty years. He v.a^ a -on of Jaiiie> Carter ColeiViaP. of 
Franki'orf, and a nephew i..f Hon. Rit.^xr O. Mills, l/aited Sta;e.s ser.;.io; 
from Tl \ a- !iis iiiotlier licing a <i.~;er of Mr. ?\lil!s. J>iiring tlie liuier 
pan of his life his lu-aliii bccar.a: so ii;.p.:iie>I lliat, for several ye;irs, lie hail 
nol been al.>!e lo follow his occupation.. He dieil ai this lionie on Steele 
S(:ee(, Fra^-ikfort, K'-nirvky, at ,^ o'clock p. ni. Stintlay afternoon, July 
31, 1901.^ His \\•i(ll^u and several children are ttill living in Frankfort. 

IX 1.^54 Lee Calvin McCoy,' liorn JuK', 18.^.^ at Bi- 1-aIdy, l>anldin coiiiU\-, 
Kentucky, arnl was edur.u.ed in }->ar,kfort. He i.-^ a ei\il cnt;ineer rnul at 
present (191.') is hn-iteo at Las Crn-us, Xew Mrxico. Not married. 

Issue of 7 2 ;■ SAMUEL HUGHES WOODSON, Jr.- vSanuiel Hnghes,-^ Tucker,^ Tiicker.' 
Joseph,^ Fobert,- John') and Mart;aret J. Ashby. 

I * 1355 V/illiarn H.,^ born January 6, 1840. in Riehniond, Madisoa county, 
Kentiick\-. '1 lie lamih' moNTd to indeiiendence, Jack>on coiini\', Missouri, 
in March, 1840. Here he received his early education in the common 
schools of the place, and was Rradnatcd from Centre Co!!c,:^e, Donville. 
Iveniiicky. He re.Kl lav; under Judj^^- George Robertson, who had besii his 
father's preceptor at Transylvania Fjiiverslty, Lexington, Kentucky. 
Just as he was about entering upon the j>raclice of ids profession, the Cixil 
War came on and he pi-omprl_\- oiTered hi.-, serviccb to I'le C".ifederate 
States, and early in 1861 was appointed a commissioned ollicei on the sta.Pf 
of Gen. Jaiaes S. Fvain:-, and later held a similar position on the s^aff of 
Gi.n. John R. Clark, Sr. From tins he was promoted lo assistant adiuiani 
(General of the st.ite o; Missouri, with the rank of roionel. He held, iliis 
position until stricken with disease which incapacii aied him for further 
. service in the army, or any other \ocatiop_, for several ycar^. In the 
meantime the war had been fought to a finisli and peace cstab.lished. 
In M.irch F866, his health ha\ing bee:; pariialiy restored, he loca.ted in 
iab>;-rt_\, (, lay county, Missouri, wdiere he has rc.-.;ded e\er since. Fie has 
held llie oflice of city attorney, was the democratic nominee for state 
senato: an i faithfidly rej^rerjented his district in that ca;xicity. .\t one time 
he so'aght the nondnation for congress but in ihi- he wa> defeated. He w as 
for si.\ \cars judge of the probate court of Cia\' county, and served fne 
terms as ])roseciiting attorney. 

He was twice married: first, in 1864 to Mi-^s Cora A. Winston, who 
became the mother of eleven cldldren and died about l^.V-5. He was married 
second, in 1899 to Mi,s Pearl .Moyer, of Iienr\- c.aiTity, .\!iss(juri. He is 
still practii'ing law in Liberty, .Missouri, ar:d is one of the forenior.t lawyers 
in the state. 


rittiin c.rNi'KAViox >>■.> 

11 ■■ 1356 Meado,^ Imni M.urli 15.. 1S!5. is; IrdejicncK'nrc, Mi--:^uiiri. icooivcd hi:; 
piip.iaiA- ^oucauo:: in i hv- cv.Mnon --ci;''!!;-. of ihr.i pl.iov, al tciiciot! t!;o !',or, 
Hall'-wiH ,-rliOo' .u Al'-\.'.iii"i-i,i. \'i)--i;i:a. a.nii Vxas i;i ,;.i'aali-d fruir. ("ciiir..' 
rollri:r, nanvilio, Kfnliii-I:y. Ai ihc lH-lii:ii!>- ai' ihc ( ivi! W':;:- Ur 
^•;>lulll^l■l■^ rl in tlu- C(a-f. .Kraco s.^rvirc aiul v/a.-, a iikt.'.Iht dI' (A;1. Joliii H. 
]\lor..;an's '-(imnTa-u!. nt;.! -.vr.- wiih ihai ii'.' re ;.•!..! I'ikK- of yovini; ii;cii m th;.!'' 
mill lliiui!:-,li Keiuucky. Wliiie si ill v.c-ari-at; liis C"onlcderal.c ,c;ray ;••...; 
cloint;- \.;li.uU ;k'r\iVi' iii \"ir.i;i:;ia, he va-^ n!;nTic<! tn Miss Hcriiicc Piu-cr w! 
that state. After the ces-.itim, of hosiiJitcs lie r(.-tiirne(l to AJis.-oaii v.i,h 
his yun,;., wife and co;:inic:iced i'i<- pra. : ice of la.w for w liicii h,c- 'i ul prep.ire..! 
hirnseli V. h-. n al ^eli'".,! in X'irijinia. They settled in Kansas City, Mi-rfouri. 
and nfior a few \-ears r4' law piractiee ho Iiecanic one o' ih.- o/ganizer.s of ilu- 
C'oniaieieial National l^.ank in that ciiy and er.niiiu;ed in the bank'.ni; 
business until he died in 1S82. 

III '' 1357 Miirgarot."" born 18-47 in Independence, Missirari. -.vh.ere slic v.-as reared 

and educated. She was t.i,ice niai'ried : first, about lo67, to C'harh-s p.irker, 
who li\ed but a few yv'ars. After hhs death she was married, socorid. to 
Henry C Harper. 1 hey settled in Kansas City, Missouri, where ir.e>- are 
living .it the present time (1912). 

IV "- 1358 Nellie," liorn aliout IS.^O in Independence, Missouri, vdiere she Was reared 

and (.dtuated. She v.'as n;arried, a'oeMu 1S70 to I'.ceianiin Kine^t Recce, 
who was l)orn ami reared in Georgia. The\- ha\e continued to rct-i.Je in 
inde[iendence to the p''escnt tin.e. It v,\;.s at tlieir hunie tlias iier n. oilier 
died o;i Ajiril 6, 1012, or the af;c of ninety-two years. 

V * 1359 Sally V/addle,^ born 1853 in Independence. Mi;-soMsi, \vas uianaul ab"ut 
1875 to A. F. Sawyer, a banker of th.e lirm of t'lirisman pnA Sauvei . in 
Independence, ?.Iissouri. He died soitie years a;.^(), ;;nd his widoiv stii' 
ii\-cs in iiic'ependenee. 

VI * 1309 Sa.muel Hughe.?, IJI,^ L. m 18.M) in independence, Missouri, rec.-ived his 
early ciiucatjon in the common schools of that place, was grad.uated from 
William Jewel! Collcj^e, Libert.w Missouri, and stiulied law at thf; Aibaa.y 
Law School, Albany, New ^'oi•k. He practiced law for a short tin-.e in 
Kauias Cit)-, Missouri; but on account of an affection '4 hh eyes, r.rlin- 
qub-ihed the jjractice and has e\er since be.-n enna:;ed in the real estate- a.nd 
insurance InisinehS. He was married to Miss Jennie .McCoy. 

Issue; of 71'.S RCBEP.T EVERARD V/OODSON' iSamue' Hughes,''' Tucker,'' Tuckei,' 
Joseph,' Rubert,'-' Joim'j and liis first wife, Rosanna P.arnelt. 

I 1361 h:9RC Barnett,- born .August 23, 1844, at Nicholasville, Kentucky, was 
educated .n W'esiyn b"ni\ersity, Pdoomington, Illinois, studied niedicine at 
Chicago Medic.d College and upon his graduation located at City, 
Missouri, wlieic lie built uj) a largo jjractice. He was married in 1872, to 
Minnie ?\l>erb. 'I'hey continued lu reside in Kanstis C'it}' tiniii lie ilie'.) 
December 23, 18S2. \o issue. 

ON N '.'«.' 11<••N^ 

Issi:); or RoUKKT Kvi:!;.-.!;i> \\\..h»i)N." rsv iiis skcnu wik'-, Sail:, 
Ti'.JiUA'i.AKi: Cart!:i: 

11 * 13o2 A'-.n Eiixa,* Imr. Krombcr 7, i>.^2. ai NichoIafA iUe. KcnUirky, roc i\ •..J 
her cdiicalion at i j'r.nicolk' Sciiiiiiary. (^'oclfrcN-, Illinois, and was nianiv.i 
ii) IS'i'G, to Cary Bai'nliart. 'iiicy rc.-;i(!o in St. l.ouii, ^!i^^(.'^Iri. 

111 l?'^>2> Edward Carier,' hom fchniary <•, 1S55, lu Xidiulasville, Kriuucky, aiul 
was cc'ucaicd at St. Mary.-; C'olK j,e, St. Mary.-, He st.idicd 
r.icdidiic and was praduaU' 1 fro:i. Ka;i:^.\< ("ity Coi'i'se of im-dicinc and 
Sviriicry and is a yradii.ile Ironi Ban'cs M'.-dical t"allcL>c-, St. Lfiui.-, 
Mit.-^ouri. He practiced mctlicine in St. I.ouis for a short time and rcmovixi 
10 K; where he rontiiuied to practice his profes-ion. Being an artist 
of abiiitv, he spent much of iiis -pare time sirawiriy. and modeling in clay. 
He ciicd No\-enilK-r 9, 1892, at St. Louis, Missouri. Never married. 

IV 136 ir Robert Evuiaro, ];.,^ born March S, 1857, ;.t DU-omingion, Illinois, where 
he aiicnded the \-kh\ schools and iinished his cducalion in the Kansas City 
Hiiih School. He became librarian of the Kansas Cit\ Law Library where 
he studied law for Iv.'O years, after which, he was for se\ eral years engaged 
in the wholesale grocery business in Kan-^as City. Missouri. He removed 
to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1S84, and became connected '.\ith the Barnh trt 
I\Iercantile Conii'iny v.itli which he has been associated continuously e\cr 
since. He i? riow and has been vice-president .for several years. He is 
a man of inventive genius. Among other things he lias invented a macli'.ne 
for cxlractinf the nieat from pecan ni'ts without injury. This macliine is 
being generally u.-ed by large manufacturing concerns. Me i^ an eider in 
the Presbvlerian Church. !n national politics he is a democrat but in 
state or municipal elections he is independent and votes accrirding to lus 
own ideas. He was married in 1882, to Ada Lee Cowan, daughter of 
ludge Robert E. Cowan of the law arid equity court of Kan^as City, Mis- 
souri. They reside in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and have two children • 

(1) Roberta,' born at the family home in St. Louis, Missouri, June 29, 1898; 

(2) Robert Everard,'^ III, born April 28, 19d4, at the home in St. Louis, 

V * 1365 Fiomic Groenwrod,' born October 10, 18.-9, at Bloomir.gton, Illinois, 
she attendied the .schools of the city ;ind completed her education at Monti- 
tello Seminary, Godfrey, Illinois. She was married in 1884 to William Ran- 
do;[.h Barnhart. They reside at Kirkwood, one of the l^eautiful suhairb? of 
St. Louis, Missouri. William I'iandolph Banduirt is jjresident of the 
Barnhart Mercantile Company of St. Louis. 

There was another child, SaMie Waddle,' born Septemlicr 6, 1S62. to 
728 Robert Everard Woodson' and Saliie Timberlake Carter, who died in 
1S75 at the age of thirteen. 

Issue of 7 2i> SALLiE MLAD>: V/OODSOK' (Samuel Hu.-,hes,^ Tucher,^ Tucker,' 
Josciih,-" Roijert,- John') and Ale.\a!tder Waddle. 

Page 2S4. ir'J-! Rotipit Evoraid Woodsoi;. Jr., was married in 1SS2 instead of l3?:2. 
Mic daughter, Roliert.i, was liorn Jliup l'T. 1S9S ir.istcad of Ju)i,:> :;9, 1*»^. 


-\ y 


Il-HTil Gi:\FR \Ti'. !N 

I J 366 Sar.iue! V/oocison ^.■:idc^;e^ i:-,arrii-(! Mif< l.ililjic Stovciiron. Tlicy h.:i\c 
o!ie (■.■n;^'iitcr. l.ucy W <u.h.\\c ,'■' wh.^t la.UTiod ik'iij.iniin [.ii":u. (:i"\v cicad;. 
She livo^ at r.!uonr,^.;l.(in. lliinoi.- 

Issue of 7S0 ELI7.'.3ET;i \\'0Or>SQ7V! H'.-hos" Tiulrer,^ Turker,' Joseph,' 
Ruhii-t,- Julni') iV.-pJ C'.iry L>\ . her first liiishand. 

I 1367 Har.ri.e Lec,'^ Ix^rn . died a vi-.v.'.vy Iad\-. 

II * J368 Can! Lee,' l.^ni , \\'as ni.,iri.-d lo WcI..;-Ut Wiihvrs of JCaiisas Ciiy. 

Missouri. , 

I-isn, .;y j'ii:.\ Calmv >d'( dv. inn sitxAT- iiu^iiAxn 

lif 1309 John Calvin M'Coy, Jr.,-' marri-.d I'iorida Ma;^i>:i. Tlicy severa! 
thildiLT. ami li\'(' in Kansas City, Miisuuri. 

IV 1370 V.''oo(isoii I-.T'Coy' nanicd and Hm--. in KanL-as Cit> . iMissouri. 

V * 1371 Evelyn Byd M'Coy^ n\-irricd jriTni'- Holloway and ]',y^_-:, in City, 


VI 1372 li.ittie M.-'son M'Coy^ liws in Kansas City, I'dissmiri. unmarried. 

Issue of 733 TIJCTIER BENJAMIN V/OODSOl':' (Tucker," Samud,* Tucker,^ Joseph •' 
Rohert,- John') and ?.!ahala Adeline Higgs ( Osieen) 

I * 1373 V/illiam Thomas Levi,* born Ma\- 0, 1S62, on the farm, near Aitanicnt, 
Elluv^hani cnuiu\-, Iliinois, was married January 1.S, 1S91, to E'.sie j. 
McCart\-, of Altaniont. She %vas horn Ajirii 20, iS7.3. They ii>-ed i.^. 
Illinf>is u few \xars, then nio\-ed to Al\-a, Oklahoma, and b^al^i,hl a fanri c:i 
which the}' still !i\-e. 

II 1574 Albert C.,- l.>orn Xu.endjer lb, 1?6.3, near Aka;n(-nl, Illinois, and died April 
8, 1S6-1. 

HI * 1375 Sarah Jane,* br;rn January 20, 1S65, on her father's farm, near /Mtamoni, 
Effii i^h.un county, I'liiicis. was married DeccmlKr 23, ISSO, to (.'haries 
Parkliurst of iIk. county. After a lew yeais -es'den~c in Il'ljaji.-, 
the>- moved to Alva, Oklahoma, and bought a farm on whicii they still 
li-ie. They also have some land ckuujs in New ^Vltxico. 

IV * 1376 Charles Walker,^ born March -1, IS67, on the farm at .-dtamoiil, Illinois, 
was married March 2, 1S91, to (farrie Lmtz of Cay couiuy, Il'inois. 
After a few years' residence in Ill'nois, thev- mo\xd to Anselmo, Xebra.->ka, 
where they ha\-e a farm on wliich the>" are n'')W lisdng. 

V 1377 Isaac Henry Erankliii,'* hnrn January 2!, 1^70, in .Missouri. At this time 

both his jiarcntr. v. eie \isiting his ; sisters who li'.'cd in Lawrence 

2.■^6 iiir, ".vuoi'-ovs AXP nM:!;-: roSNH rii 

cciMiiv, Missouri. Tiic p.uc.iLs ^'on icturPfil n.'' i!K-"r hciiio iu-.!r Aiunnon;, 
Il'iiiv^;-, whore tlicir cluM was r,.,M\H. He was niairie.I Jaiiiriry :"$, ^■■^'^^. 
io Xora S': '.r;> i>f .Mt ,'.'-'.n:'i. '!'lu'>- ;iiO mnv li\ii'.g i->;nif(i! lably on 
th -ir f.irm I'.t'a l.di.^v.'iod, liiinci.--. 

. \'l )37S 'c'-.i'- L.," bnri: Pc- '.-rKlrr H', ISTl, cm i1k- fv'.rrii near Aliaauiiii. lllin,;;--. 
\\v i-^ a farmer b_\' (..'.;r'j|'a;ion aiul lives r.oar iiiigov.'ood, Illiao'.s. Has 
ncx'ei' married. 

Issue of 739 J.iARY REBECCA WOODSON" ^i t'fnias JelTer.M-.n/' Wade X..-' •['nckcr/ 
Ji'.^eph," Rohert,- Johi^'.i and \\'illiar;i M(jnijo\' C.arr.\ril. 

1 '■' ir/?> Sail!-; Aral Ganaic',' Ix.rn in K'M;i:ie';y. proliaMy a/r)'nu 1S!5. uas married 
1 ) ( I'i.uies Ha.i.s l_ai e. IK: a niiuer, .wn] <>v. n"d, iarj;e imerests in a 
t;(ii(l (]i; >.ru; iniiie at .\n;.;e!< Canip. ( ";dif(ir!iia, and oilier s^old runes in 
(.■alilniiiia, Mexieo and Alaska, \\'l;:le eae.a.e.edi av one of bis placer 
mine-, in Ala-^k;'. he b'-r ids eye-ieiit. Reir ruing to Palo Ah.u, ("'.iHfornia, 
lie died lliere in 1«1.'. 

11 " loc'O Andre'." Garrard' mairiid Jeiinie Da.N-is and li\-is in Arizona. 

Ill 3381 Lucy Garrard~ m.iiriLd l"ra;'k Cimiibeli, and li\cdi at ,'\riU'rieavi Falis, 
Idaho, v.her. lur hii-').u..l died, ^^hr is now H\ir.c: iii Sea.ttlc, \\'cU-!nni;ton. 
No children. 

iV 13S2 William Garrard' married, but tiie name of hi.s v;ife has not been learned. 
Tlie>' live in \\ \"oniin-; and ha\e Iwo eiiiidren. 

V 13S3 David Garrard^ nc\-er married. Died at Angels Camp, California. 

\'l * 13S4 tTary Toulman Garrard^ married Solomon Simpson, a Canadian. 

\''n 13S5 Kate Garrard^ n-.arried Alonzo S. Linii of Arkansas. They lived a.v bile in. 
C\'.den, Utah, ;hen in San Franei^eo. He was associate;! in busiiir-^.; will) 
bis brother^-indav.-, (diaries D. Lane and Solonioii Simpson, in (_'a.iifo'-iiIa 
and Alaska. He fbvd in Los Angehjs, California, sur\-i\-ed by uvo ehildicn, 
(1) borina Linn'^ aiai (2) his Linn,^ who riow live in San I^raiiLisco, '_ali- 

Issue of 740 GALLIE ANN WOODSON" rriiomas Jefferson, « 'Wade X.,' Tucker,^ 
Joscpli,' Rohiit," Job.n') and Jan:e- Dysart Carson. 

I 1386 Charles Carson" manied X'aanie Mitebell and l>ad one daugh'u;r, Sallie 

II 1387 Thomas Car.son,* born , died in St. Joseph, Missouri. Never married. 

in 13S8 Gr.iiiael Ca:so:r married Carrie C,aml>cl. They have two daugL.ters: (1) 
Ann t Carson' and (2/ LdizabetiiCai'on.'-' 

Kh'^;- !!i (ii:s\:v\yio:\ 2S7 

Issue of V42 ADALINE JANE 'vv'OOiJSOK' (Tiicnias Jrfi'jr^cin.'' Wade N.,-' Tik'kit,' 
Jo^-ciih,-' l\ul)'.-n.- jo!'.n') mil Ar.-_iro\\' CMrson I'wsr.rt. 

I i.^39 Thoraas Jcffer?on Dysart.^ I >-.n Ja'niury 2, l.'?51. He li\-cs in V.v-\d, 
Okla'noina. ■.tot 'UJirriod. 

11 * IS.:"'} Tlir.jrn Gilbert Djsart,' born May 2, W^S(>, in St. Joseph, A'is-^ouii, \va-; 
married in \'i-iii<"'n county, Mir.?ouri, )89!), i<> Miss Annie Mariilcy. Slu; 
clicil in Parifir, Franklin coiin;>\ Missouri. lie is nov. {1912) lixing witii liis 
eliihiren in. Enitl, (.iklahunia. 

III 1391 Johnstone Dysart^ died in early childhood. 

IV r'.92 Lcaisa Ellen Dysart- died young. 

V 1393 I'Jartha Elizabeth Djsart.^ burn April I, 1S64, v.-as married to George D. 
AlL-n, ',v1k> died in St. Louis, .Missouri, where she is still living. No issue. 

\'l 139} ]''.0£l- Alice Dysart,' borii Seiteiiiber 7, 186S. Not married (1912). 

Issue of 745 MARTHA ELIZABETH WOODSON" (Thom.;s Jefferson. « Wade N.,' 
Tucker,'' Joseph,-' RoberL,- John'; and Sanuie! E. Hayes. 

I * 1395 Silas Woodson Hayes,* bora December 26, 1S74, was married io Kathcrine 
Belle Chambers o! Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Tdie}' located ]n California. 
He, in coini-any witli his cousin, 2;'06 Paul Lane,' v.'ere on .-i ti ii' to Alaslca, 
V\]ien their boat capsized and both v.ere drowned. Tlie wi'.low of Silas 
Woodson Hayes li\e5 in Palo Alto, California,'n her ch.iidren. 

Issue of 74.7 ELLEN TUCKER WOODSON" (Thomas Jcffcison.^ Wade N.,= '.^'ucker,- 
Jd-.eph,' Robert." John') and George \V. Frame. 

I * 1096 Virginia V/oodscm Catlett Fraire/- born February IS, 1879, in St. Josej>!i, 
Mi-sf)Uri, was man-ied (Jctober 14, 1908, in Riclunond, X'irginia, 10 C<'\. 
John William Cliuich of that city. She and her husband have both 
actpiircd sumc lante as critics, writers of magazine articles, playwright.^, 
etc. She is the authore.^s of "Corriniencerrcnt na\-s," "College Lif^a," 
also a p!?.y nf trie same name— -v.-ritten with Margaret Mayo. Her husband 
wrote "Deeji in the Piney Woods," and several other very entertaining 
books. Since leaving Richmond, Virginia, they lived a year or so in New 
Voik, left there September, 1912, and wcrit to San Diego, California, where 
thc>' now reside. 

Issue of 7 G 1 V/LLLIAM FVVING WOODSON' I'Benjamin Jourdan," Wade N.,- Tucker,^ 
Joseph,-' Robert,*- John'j and EuTiia Jane Patterson, his first \\i;c. 

I '• L097 Enuna Lee,*' born < Ictober .3, 1?65, in Wa\eri%', Lafayette cour.iy, Missouri, 
was educaieil ai Camden PuiiU, Missouri, un--! married July, 1883, to 

\:[)]i I i^NNi • 1 1^> 

S.inn;.-1 ll:ij;v.!'i C'.-mx:- 'a bi.-ilior to lior f ithot's joon,! wiic). anci iifi.r 
scvL-ra! N-o.irs. sc-illci i:i >k'nipliis. Teniu-->..'e, vliorc lie has fr.r rn:ui;- yoa'.- 
LM'C ' justice cif il-.o jvacc. 

II 139S I.l. 'Trje S.,* I.'mhi n'-oiit l';67, a:ul Uicd, 1 S69. 

Hi " 13PP Wiilir.nt Patterson, lioni April 10, 187i), in Waverly, I.arayettc coum>-. 
^ii^^^r,l|■i. was eciiica'.cfi in Si. Jo.-euh. Missouri, and there marric'i 
lunc i. 1897, \k> Jo>ei:-hine Siarks, who was i>oni in Cv)\vtr. Clintoa coun'v, 
i\i: siu'ri. (lavK;ii!cr o: Dr. \V. F. b[;>rl:-5 a^i.l Annie E., his wite. He v;as 
VT:h tlic First Xa'.iijnai I'.ar.i; '.;f St. Josei,-'!! from the iirne it was organized, 
until Au.:4Usi, 1903; was ht-ukkeener i'or a nuniiier of \-oars and receiviTi.; 
tel'-r Ifoin 19^1 to 1903. IK: moved to ("amdcn Point, in Plalte county, 
an.' iias been rashii.'- of ihe iia.ik at tluit !'L:ei. fror.! January, 1904, to ike 
presen.t time. He and liis wifo arc lucmbL-rs of ilie Chrisriar. Churcii. 

IV ' 1400 Joseph Fulkcrsor.,' born i-\-bruary 2.?, 1S;73. in Concordia. Lafayette 
county, Missimii; wa? reared and eduCtUcd in Sr. Josepki, e;iaduated from 
llic law department of Washintjton and L'ni\ .Tsity, December, 1891, 
receiving his degree the following June, 1S9.=^; was admitted to the b.'.r at 
St. Joseph, Missouri, October .?9, 1895, practiced lav.- there untii Septcmijer 
28, 1904, wiien he mo\cd to K! Paso, Texas, wheie he still lives and is a 
member of ti'.e law firm of Patterson, Bucklin and Woods-on. He was 
married Octol. .-r 5, 1:^99, at "Hamilton Fbice" in Scott county, Ivcutucky, 
to Nannie AHen, who was born in Fayette county, KentucVzy. She is a 
daughter of Thomas H. Allen and E'izab'eth Hamilton. 


V 1401 T.iargaret- died in infancy. 

VI 1402 Jennie R.' died at the age of six years. 

Issue of 7 62 JOHN FULJxERSOI^ WOODSON" ( Benjamin Jourdan,' Wade X.,= Tuckei ,* 
Joseph,^ Robert,- John^} and Jennie Davidson. 

1 * 14C3 Tlay Belle, - born in Pl.^ttf county, ^Missouri, received her education at 
Cdiristian CuMege, Camden Poi.nt, is a member of the Chrisiian Church. 
was married about 1890 to F^rank Bywaters v.ho was born, 1S6&, in Cul- 
pepper county, Virginia, and moved to Platte county, iVlissouri. when but 
a youth. He i.. a farn-er by occupation. They srient a few years ^n 
Neosho, Missouri, a short time in Kansas, and finally returned, in 1909. 
.to Platte county and now live on their farm near Camden Point. 

II ♦ 1404 Benjaniine Ray,' born Alarch Fb 1874, in Platlt; county, Misf.ouri. where 
he was reared "P.d educated. In cirh' life he taught schooi in Piatte nn'l 
iUichanan coanlic- and vas ri'arried in Buchanan county. October 9, 19.14, 
to Eugenia Willis, daughter of Charles S. V.'illi.-. and Dora Spratt.. The^- 

■.[(.in II i.rxi: 

sutilcii iii riai'.i" i<'i!iU>-. iini ar;' luAV civ:;.it;c"J in farniin.; near CaiiKirii 
l\iip.'. Thuy aiv hotli iiK'ip.lnT-; of tlio Clirisjiaii Cliiirc'a. 

Issue Vi 7G3 St v'len Cr'tieudf.;'. Woodsoii' vHcnjaniin JcihtLui,^ \\":ii1c N.,'' 'I'uc-ker/ 
!i'.-;.,-jih,'' RoIhti," J"'!"' ' 'I'^'l T'liai _:arcl I'l-rriii. 

1 1405 Olive Melton,* !>;>rii a'jo'il 1876, in I'laiic coniiiA-. Mi'^MHiri, was ;<ra(liKUoJ 
from the S.'.cioci Heart C'on\e;'.i in St . Joseph. Missouri; later atleiuied a 
seliiiol in Paris, I'lauce, ior one \ear; is a menil'er of ihc Ciiristian Churei"! 
aiv! lives v.-iih her parents in Kansas (/iiy, iNIissonri. 

II 1-106 Aytchiiioude Perrin,' born Septeu.Ijer 4, ISSI, in Phute ronniy. Missmi'-i, 
w;'.s gradaated !ro;n Si. Josep'i !iii.-!i srlio';' and fruni the rni\-er?it>' of 
Missouri. Also [graduated in lav a.iid lias siiice \n i-n pia.eiiri.ig his profes- 
sion in Kansas C"u> . Ho is a member of the Christian Ciuirch. 

Issue cf T &^' f^ii''.r''-S Rar.^oine \Voodson'' intnjnm-n Jourda.n,'- V.'alc X.,^ Tucker,- 
Joseph.' Robe'-t,- Joha'j and Jidia V. Tabor. 

I 1407 rait! Gervni';,'* bora Xo\-ember 20, 1S7,\ in .\gcnry, JMichanan county, 
IMis;-«ouri. was cdu'.aied in Sr. Joseph, studied lav% and \v;is admitted to lite 
bar in St. Joseph, but gave up the profession in a short \vhile and returned 
to Aerncy in 1903, and accepted a p.osition as cashier of the bank of Agency. 
He was married i\'bruary 21, 199'.', to Miss Jessie Miller, father, 
E. W. ]\Iil!er, is president of a ri-eal bank in Agency. In January. 1910. lie 
nioNx-d to Ottawa, Illiiiois, and became one of the mana;.ers oi the Pacific 
Mutt!al Life Insurance Company of tliat piace.; to St. Joseph, 
Missouri, he died there March 10, 1914. sur^■)^■ed by his widow and tvs-o 
cliildren (I) C'harle,-. I'lansome. Jr.,'^ (2) Pauline.^ 

II 1408 Julia Tabor, s born January 12, 1S8S, in St. Joseph, Missouri, w-as graduated 
from Ga\-lord lJ.:i!, in Platte City, i\Iissour;, and ioo!: post-graduate 
courses at Bel nont, Xash^-ille, Tennessee, and Hardin college, Mexico. 
Missouri. She is a member of the Episcopal Church. She possesses un- 
usual talent for art, and paints beautifully on citin.a. Sri'.- niarncd bhAxl 
B. Eidnian, Deimts- U. S. Re\-enue Collector. 

Issue of 7C7 APCKTZLAUS MARFJS WOODSON' (13enjamin Jourdan,'' "Wade X.,-^ 
Tucker,'- Jorejih,' Robert,- Joiin',) and Eiizaijeth Oii\er. 

I 1409 Lorene Margaret,* born October 20,. 1387, in St. Jo.-eph, Mi-^souri, was 
graduated trom Christian Collei;e, St. Joseph; from Columbia, Missom-i, 
and from St. :Jary-of-the-\Vood=, St. :Mary's, Indiana. For several 
years she has been a m.ernbcr ot the Christian Cliurcii. She is a young 
lady of sweet disposition and e.\ce['tional mental attainments. By her own 
persistent and well directed efforts she procured and supplied almost all 
the above data p/crtaining to 387 Benjamin Jourdan Vs'oodson'^- and his 
descendants. ^Vne was married at her father's home, 1701 Faradon Street, 
St. Joseph. Mis.-ouri, Rev. C. M. Chilton, Pastor of First Christian Church, 

A.\n Illl-IR (■|)NNlXriON- 

oiikialiiig, on Nuvc-'U^i' 3. I'MO, to Ralpli K. Robinson, sou of Waitoiir 
M. R.jluiijon of Ji;t];T.-,o!( Ciiy, foiracr ir.luo of liio supreme cuiii't ci 
Mi.s.-ouri. Tiiev ai once -ci lio! mi, ib.LMr o^vll farm ar Lblon, .\Ii--.o!ir;, 
where no-- li\o (.l'''i-l'. T'iioy iia<l >)t;e cbiid. \'iKjii!a IvuMnson.-' 
burn 19, 19^ \, in Jc;:.-r^^ n Ciiy, Mi-oari, and A'^lx) April 21, 191-}. 

II * 1410 Archtlaus I.Iarhis, Jr.,'^ \>oni S.-piei.ibiT 21. 1N;S9, in Si. Ju^Jph, Missouri, 
v!ic;v lie v2ccW,M his early e.kic.uion. He uas -radnaicl iro3ii St. \']p- 
crnl'i. College, Los Angeles, (".\iiioriiia, and al Merccrsburg. rennsylva'il.. 
He is liov,- with '.'ac 'iViotk-A'anipl>ciI \\'lvaiosa!e Dry Goods '"o. in Si. 
loseph. He v.-a-; n-arried Noveni!)er 2], 1912, in Jefferson Ci'.y, .Mis.=;oari, 
to r.ernlce Cullev, daughter of Charles H. Colley and EUca Houck. She 
^.-a^ bi^rn Xuvenibei 18, lS9-i, in \\'a\ i^-i-'-ville, Missouri. 

HI 1411 Helen Eli:tabeth,* ijorn February 16, 1S92, in St. jo.-ei)h, .Missouri, and 
died tiiere, October 23, 1S','S. 

Issue of 7-3© CAROLi:\^E ELIZABETH WOODSON' \ Benjamin Joardan,« Wnde X.,^ 
Tucker,' Joseph,^ Robert,- Jolin') and Dr. John B. .Reyr.oids. 

I 1412 Tames Benjamin Reynolds, ' born October l.>, ISSS, in St. Ju=opb.. Mis<-.onri, 
was graduated from St. Joseph high school in 19(t6, and took a position 
with'onc of the banks in St. Joseph, but decided to stud>- rnedicuie and i^ 
now attending ciie EInsworih Medical College in St. Joseph.. 

II MJ3 Stephen V/oodson Reynolds,* born June 29, u'91, in St. Joseph., IMiss.ouri, 
v.-as graduated from St. Jo.seph high school in June, 1910, and is now 
jireparing for college. He is a member of the Christian Church. 

Ill 1414 I'.Iary Josephine Reynolds,' born Septcm]>er 3, 1S97, iri St. Joseph, Mis 
souri. She is still a school girl, aiiendir.g the Jackson School in her nati\c 

Issue of 7 71 r.iARY ALICL WC0D50R' ( Silas, ^ Wade Xeiherland,^ Tucker,^,' 
Robert,'- Joint'; and Jefferson Carter Hosea. 

I 1415 Virginia Kelson Hosea,' born July 24, 189-1, in St. Joseph, Missouri, 
attended the p.arochia! ?ch,,rd ;,t that place When the family mo^■cd to 
Kan^a.. City, she attended the public schools there unLil bhe was graduated 
in 1908 from the Garfield School. In the f.dl of 190S, she returned to St. 
Joseph and en'ered the academy of the Sacred Heart remaining there 
until June. 1913. when she went with the family to Fordycc, A.rkansas, 
where she still lives. She has a position as stenographer with the Home 
Insurance Company of that place. She has been very helpful in procuring 
family l^iblc data f(ir this record. 

II 1410 Rachel Margaret Hosea,* born September 2, 1900, in St. Joseph, Missomi, 
went v.iti; t!)c f imiiy, in 1913, to Fordycc, Arkansas, v/here she is new in 

rnnnrv'"'!-';.!"""" """'>•'" ''■ '^'''' '"-o^''*''^ ""'' ^i^t^rs vvere born i.' Anderson 
tountv, J^IlI!^•;,-:_■e, and noi m Canipbtll cuiniy. 

lil 1417 SiK",:- Woodson Hosca,'' bom >;:\!ci! I-', 190J1. i? nsnv witii I'c.e family at 
r"c'Kl\-ce, Arkaii?.)!;. ^lu! aitcndia- slIiouI. 

iV 141S Ru;h EHzaVeth P'csea/ I'Orn J. niiary 25, 19U7, !< new v.ilh the fjinily ;:i 
l-ord\ce, Arkans.i-. 

\' 1419 Robert Carter Hosc-a,' I'Oi-n Aim!! '.1. 1911, is witl; hi.- paronis al I'ordycc. 

Issue of 7 7 7 ELIZABETH WOODSOi;' (Willi. a!).' jul.n P.,' Tuckwr,' Josci)li,' Roix:rt,- 
Joiiir) aiui DaN'id K. "^'oiiuc;. 

I 1420 Alice Young,' b )r:i lA-biuaiy 5. i;55. prulxibb.- in CampbcTi county. 
'J enTic-<ec, was laarric-d to Mr. C"lia[Hri.ii;, and livi:.- al rii!!t<.n, .\ndcrson 
county, Tennessee. She is preside:. t of the V,'orian's Hume Mission iry 
Socieiy oi Holsion Conference, M. iC. Clnirch, South. 

II 14?.! Korace Yotmg/Lorr. February, ]S:->7, and died October 5. 1S64. 

Ill 1422 V.'iliiain Baxter Young,* born Septen.ber 29, 1S60, di^d October 14, 18:^l. 

l\ 1423 Minnie O. Young,* !:orn May 27, 1:^63, in Canipbel! cot;nty, Tennossoc. 

\' 1424 Eauiuel C!ari:sfon,' boiii Aneusi 5 7, 1S66, died Decen:bci 23, 1SS3. 

VI 1425 J-mes Walter Young,* f;orn July 31, 1S6S, died September 20, Ivfix. 

\'II 1426 Etta Io!a Young,' born Xuvember 15, 1S70. 

VIII 1427 David King Young, ]<./ born 16, 1S72. 
(Famil\- record \)y David King Voting. Sr.) 

I:;5ue of 7DS ATA'IS K. V/OODSCI?" (George V.'.,^ Juhn P.,^ Tucker,^ Joseph,' Robert,'^ 
john'-j and America Jone?. 

1 1428 David Obedience,* I'orn Deccm.ber 17, 1867. at Jonesville, Knox eounty, 
Kentuck>-, went \\itlt las's famiK' to D.dlas, Texas, in lS7i. a!Tl wa. - 
reared at liiat pla.-e. Mc was inarri._d Jane 15, 19V'4, lu ?>laiy Kaihernnt 
Reamer of Dallas, Texa.-, in which rit\,- she was born December lo. lScS4. 

He had purcliased ten acres in Oak Hill, one of tiic suburbs of Dallas, 
on V. Inch he hat' a nice home. Or. Augrist iS, ^jI09. he was having a v.eli 
dug oii I'ie place and accidentally fell in and received injuries from which 
he died on August 23, 1909. He is survived by his widow and one son, 
Charles .Alvis \\''oof]son,5 who was I torn in Dallas, February 22, 1907. 

II 1429 John Thomas,* born December 16, 1869. at Jonesville, Knox county, 
Kentucky, went wiC.i the family, in IS/J, to Dallao. Texas, where he was 
reared. He married but the name ol his wife is not given. 'I hey are 
now living in San l-'rancisco, Califi^ini.i. 

AN!'. lliriR C'.KNN!:Cl5.">NS 

HI H3v) George Madison,^ born l-\cc:u!-,cr 11, 1^71, at J.>ne.-\illo. Kih'n coww.y , 
Koiuucky, wdu wiili liu- Uun'.lN-, ir. IST-'. to Dallas, Texas. He i? nov," 
marTic-d ai^d li\''..' in lM3ckIaiid. Klaiio. 

IV * 1431 S'.'.as Shields,- lorn ja!r.;;'ry -'_'. 1ST5. ir. lUlla.s TcNa?, wcU v,-ilb i'-.;.' 
fainiiv V. ucu l1a\- moved ;c SiM.-nn.'.a, '.U-x.'.s, w'lerc lie was reared. He w.-.s 
ir.arrii.-d, .Mav 7, l"!),"^, u> 1 illiaii May Inirion, v.-ho \va.- l.'orii in Sheri;;an, 
I"ebnjar>- 9, 1 :^S6. They nu\v liv<- in D.dia^. Te.xas. 

Issue of 8 01 WILLIAM ANDREV/ WOODSOry (Jo-eph i.ilhu'-n,'^ Jolir- P./ Tucl:er.- 
.U'tei.-'h.-'' !\oberi,- John') and S-'.rali .\nuinda Casner. 

1 1-;?..? J.^'HC-s Li'burn,' h-.r- n .\vv.v.> 19, KS67, a: l"'.ain of R.k's.-, I.iiieuln coinuy, 
Mi<.;c.uri wa.s married March .^0, 1903, to .Mi-s Lena Miller Mnnson. 

II 1433 Ella Casner.' Ixirn SoptemLer 19, 1872, and died July 1$, 1S74. 

Issue of 80 2 MISSOURI JAKE WOODSON' 'Joseph Lilljurn,« John P.,^ Tucker,' 
Joscsd:,"' Roheri,- Jo'.in'i and ^Larl)!e Came. on Rl.uiks. 

I 1434 Arthur West Blanks,- born Septemlicr 15, IS'. 1, in Lincoln county, 3.Iissouri, 
\s-as married January 9, 1907, in St. Louis, to Bernardino Menzc. 

II 1435 Willie Ethclene Blanks,^ born February 18, 1S76. at Chain of Rocks, m 
Lincoln coui;ty, Missouri, va- married June 15, 1907, to Fred Elias Gardner, 
who was born December 2, ISSO, aL Hampton, Iowa. In poHtics he is a 
democrat; by occupation a contractor .-s.nd makes a specialty of oriiameuial 
plastering and cen;ent stucco worlr. They have been living in, Sf. Louis 
but moved, Feb.ruary, 1913, to Kansas City, Missouri. 

Ill 143o Jessie Enola Blanks, ^ born July 23, 1S79, at Chain cf Rocks, in Lia;:o!u 
county, I\lis-i. uri, vas married November 20. 1902, to Oiuer Collins Pyie. 
They live in St. Louis where he is engaged in the mercantile bu?ir.e?i. 
Their home is at 5095 Cabanne Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. 

\\ l-:37 Den Kevdit Blanks," born September 8, 1SS3, in Lincoln county, Missouri. 
He is a ci\il engineer and is at present (1913; chief engineer lor Duuglar, 
Head & Corjipariy, Dirko, Indiana. Not married. 

Issue of 803 HENRY JASPER WOODSON' (Joseph Lilburn,^ John P.,^ Tucker,-" 
Jos.eph,^ Robert,^ Jolm') and Sarah Hutton, liis .nrsi wi!"'?. 

I * 1438 Jane,^ borii December 22, 1S66. on h.-r father's farm, four miles from C'nain 
of Rocks, Lincein county, Missouii, married October 16, iS9U, to 
Thomas F. Admi,-c, who was born }.;;Tch 14, ISO-L They lesidc at 4713 
Grccr Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. He is a driver for a wlioiesale house. 

li * i43',> jetty Dare/ i« Kci'i-iiuiA 2.-:, iS60. on ilir fa, in i-A-v:- fou- r.ii'v-s tiv^^; 
(."iuiin of Ro^ks, I iiicoli! co\'uiy, \l[>.n,uv'. ilc was mairiod S<;piei,i1n r .i: . 
1:SS, to Mi?- M'^Miio Tm\-.-!. 

Ill ^ 14-; > Joseph Liibnnr tv-n; J.,i:ua-r \U. I'wl. on l!;c farm tH>;-!- (bain of Roc!:-. 
l,:iu-oin couniy. Mis-^-iiri. v. a- niariicd Au-;is! 30, ISO.v u> Mi?'^ C laiiJv 
j:iok?oii, v.he ^\as b;.-rn l-<:bruary 17, 18/5. '1 lu-y reside ia \\ iuiK-M, 
!\ii^i;ouri, where ho hi cngau;ed in farnii!;g. 

lY M41 Wiiliam Y/iDis,^ Iwrn Jamnry 2.', i873, near Chain of shocks, iMi^souii. 
lie o\':n< a good fann near Wiafield, ?\ii-touri, em v.iiicli hf is living tiic ii!e 
of a Ijaeludor. 

\' * 14-;-2 Coia,' 1) irn Xi-.\ eiiihei- -1, 1^'75, near Chain of Is.'eks, \va? married Nnveniher 
10. 1S«'2, 10 l.lheny V). Lir.d.-ey, v.ho was born JuK' M), IS/l. [Iiey live 
in Si. I ouis, Mi--<".ui. He is an engin<-er by oecuiation. and i:- en-j;ilo\i.d 
at ti'.c Cenur.t Works iri St. l.ouis. 

YI M4', Carrie, = borr February 17, lo/T, on the farm rear Cii .in of Rocks, Missouri, 
and died iheie AuL'ust 6, 1S77. 

. . r. i;y SECOND WirE, "Ma.'^V F-LLEV AinUKE 

YII 1444 Floience Marie, ^ born Jannaiy 11, K'-Sib on nor's farm h-ir nViIes 
fiorn Chain oi Roeks, Aiisi,,.uii. Slie sriil iixes in old home and kvei^= 
house for her fallier. She is unmarried. 

YlII 1445 Georpia,' born 22, 16S2, on tlie farm near Chani of Rock--., Mi-souri. 
antl dieil young. 

IX 1446 Frank.s born September 12. 18.S4, four miles from Cb.ain of Rocks. >.!issouri, 
\va= married October 6, !'.)()(}. to Mary Mattic Fischer, whovvasborn >J'-'vcnv 
ber 18, 1S87. Tliey reside at 59.=;2 Romaine j'lace St. Louis, Mi.---eu;n. 
He is a rlrcct car conductor. 'Iheyhrive a son, Jasper Joser^h \\oud>oii.^ 
born Septeml;er 22, VMT . 

X 1^47 Henry Jasper, Jr./ b.,r.TAn-;i ^ 15!^7. near Chain of Ror!:sMi<=ouri, He 
v.ent to Si. Louis and vvorke 1 a while as a street ear ro:idi;ctor but soon 
returne-d to thi- farm where he is ..till !i\ing and woiking. 

XI 144S Mrry Fllen,^ b.orn October 2, 1889, near Chain of Roek^, Lincoin county, 
Mi>.-ouri. was married November 14, 1^11, to Reberi IJsmere Dn.v.n. 
They live at r-rcsenl on his father's farm at LthKii, Missouri. lliey have 
one son, Rabph Samuel Brown,-' l>oru .\o\embctr 2 1912. 

Issue of EC. SAP.AH V.'RGIKIA WOODSON" lJ'J>^'P''' Li!l.ur,;,» John V..-' Tucker,' 
Joseph.^' Robert,^ John') and her f^rst husband, CharlesA\'. J lershon. 

rii): Wf" i)s')Ns ANi» !i!^:ii; ciinnl; I^1N^ 

1 1440 Mershon," i'ora Ai^ril 1 !, ISoT, ia Linoolii •.■cuiuy. Mif<ouri, aiv.i 
'-lici March i, r-/?. 

I! 1450 J'cUvard JifTshon," born IXcvpi'^it •!, ISo,'-'. in linmln counl\'. ?iIi<>o'.-.ii. 
w.i- in.irri!.-.] Ocl^^txT Mi, !','7, to Mr<. Aniui (Shr.Kltr' Mi-rsliou, I'lc 
wifiovv- ".if h'.-^ !.lc^c.<^t•l.l \ r-'iti;;. r iinulicr. Hcr.iy '.iil^iirii Mer.-hon.- 

Iil 1451 Ella Mer?hon,- boni IS, !S71, i.n IJiiculri ..-oinilv. ^iissouri, v,-,-,f. 
married Xovcmher 2(/. l;<f)l, to Hanip Pollard. Tiiey re.-ide in Troy, 

IV 1452 RoF.a Mershon,* born FcbriKuy 0, iS73, in Lincoln coiiiUv'. Missouri, was 
iiianiL-d Ma\- i, li^Vo, lo John Ijicrr.'ian. Tlicy Uvq Dear Moscow Islilis, 

\' 1453 Henry Lilhurn Hershon,* hovn I'obriiary 10, 1S75, was married October 
IS. 189S, K. Anna Sliradcr. J Ic died A;-,riM5, 1006, ar>d his widow wa.-^ 
married October 20, 1907, to his elder brother, IJSSS Edward ^b?rshGn.'* 

Issri: DY TlIOM.\s J. CkEKCH, V.VU Siu'OXD IIU.SB.VNl) 

VI 1454 Dora D. Creech,' born May 10, 1870, and died July 18, bSSl. 

VII 1455 Otho B. Creech, 5 born Septeinber 11, 18P1, 'lied February 22, ISS". 

\'III 1450 M&ttie May Crce.^h,^ born Ari;u,-t 15, 18S3, died Sepiembor 23, 18S7. 

IX 1457 Louis Willian' Creech,' born February 1, 1884, in Lincoln coi;:it>-, Missouri, 
was married June 4, 191)4, to his cousin, Li'iie W'ood.-.^n-" dau^,';rier ol 
uncle, 809 Robert Liiburn Woodson.' 

X 145S James K. Creech, = born January S, 1SS9, and died Scpteinb-cr 21. 1895. 

XI 1459 Jloiner T. Creech,- born August 25, 1891, live.= with his parents at Mo.-cow 
Mills, Missouri. 

XII 1460 Geor.^da C-crlrude Creech,* b.^n November 29. iS93, and died December 
27, 1S9.V 

Issue of SOD COLU^.IBUS TOL-D VrOOLSON" (J^.^eph Liiburn. ■; John P.,' Tucker,^ 
Jo.-ei)!i,^ Roljeri,- John') and C'amillc Medora Admire. 

I 1462 Claude Tilden,*^ born January 9, 1877, at Chain of Rocics, Lincoh; couniy, 
Missouri, where he was reared. Some }'cars ago he v.-ent to St. Louis 
where he is now engaged in tiie rcsiauraat busiiiess on Broadway Street. 

II J402 Maud Ivlabe',' b-orn Feb'!-uar\ 7, 1879, at Cf:ain of Kocl:s, Aiissouri. 

Kii .Kin ^.!^•>;l:';Al iC'N -''^ 

Ml i-;63 Clarr. May,' l)0!ri (_>.-u>!i.i 2.^, ISSO, at Ch::\u ol Ko; ks. ;i:ul Mi;:;l jiiiic 2<, 

]\' 1-1j-: If^.inor;i,' Iwi p. i\:inu,!ry 7, 1SS2, at O'aiii of Rork?;. cou;Uy, 
Mi.-- •■ini, was ir. ,•.:•,;..•-,' to I\ A. Ivi-hue. or.ii !i\i- .it Tioy in ln-r natisi' 
toiiiViv, Thev ijaxc a tlai!,..,!iUT v.Iio was bv.ra al'oiit 19(!5. 

V M65 Ic •Roy," bora ?c;>U'a!ber .'0. 1SS4, al Chain of Ro^k^, Mi^-^ou.i. He is a 
rivil enginoor, in the Unilod St■aic^ ---erx ice. In 1909, he was siauoned at 
!\lii( hell, Nebraska. 

\'l 1466 Burt,' born June 30. \SS6. at Ch.aia of Rocks, ?.lissQiiri. 

\'ll M-^i7 Frederick,^ born Jantia.y 14, 1^^>;, at Ch.un of R..i.:ks, Missouri. 

\"il\ 140S Hili-iy,* born Ji'ly 15, 1890, at Chain of Rocks, Mi^-souri. 

IX l-;6y Mark Adler.Mjom i'ebruary 5, 1S9.^, in Lincoln ojunty, Missonr;. 

X 1^'.70 Don.alJ Ricnaid Alivic/ born March 20, 1899, at Chain of Rock,-, Mis'-ouri. 

Issue of SOB SUS.\ri MINERVA WOODSOK" (Joseph IJlbjrn,'^ John P.,' Tucker,-' 
Joseph,^ Robert,^ John') and W'iUiani Granville Merslion.' 

I 1-17 J Lucy Piicher Mershoii,"- born April 23, loSS, Hms wiih her parent., in 
Xa^hxiUe, Tennc'^sc-e. 

Issue of 310 DORA ALICE WOODSON' (Joseph Lilburn,« John P..^ Tuck;-r.-' Joseph." 
Rt;bert,- John') ar.d John iMcNair Simpson. 

I ]i72 Hu,-h Wesley Sirars.on, born October 14, ISSI, in Lincohi couiTtv, Missouri. 
He now lives on Tiierrsa Avenue, St. Loui~, Missouri. 

II 1473 Hairy Hall Simpson,' born Jvme 29, 1.SS3, in Lincoh; count)-. Missouri, 
and iJied No\-einli^r 7, loS7. 

in 1474 Pr.ul \7oadzor. Sin-i>son,'' bjrn March 7, 1885. H.- now- lives al Moscow 
Mills, Missouri. 

IV 1475 Lola Lee Simpscn,'' born January 6, LS.''"'.7, lives at Moscow AIi^l^, I^Hssouri. 

\' 1476 Raymond Cecil Simpson,^ born January 30, 1.S.S9, lives at Troy. Misrouri. 

\'I 1477 Anna Mae Simpson,^ born Man-h 5, 1^91, li'. es it Moscow ^ii!L. Missouri. 

Yli 1478 Ava Bernice Simpsou,^ born July 24, 1.S9J, live^ at Morrow- JMills. 

\dll 1479 Susie Mershon Simpson,'* b(jrn September S, 1895, lives at Mo.=,co^y Mills. 

Tin-' \VO(M>.-,>i.\.s .\\n 111; ;k luNMX riiiN^ 

I\ Mt;0 Luella Simpson," b^i n. August 2, !S'.'7. lives ai .Mo<c<nv Mills, Mi^r-oini. 

lijsue of 812 NELLIE nOS1^ LL^: Y/OODSOrr i}^r^v,^\i Li!Luri>,^ Jr.bii I'.,-' Tucla-r,' 
joM-ph,-' Kv>!;L;n,- J(ih:v') .uid Jaiucri AiTii^ Seal? 

1 ]\Si Joseph Cecil beals,- b'.vn 27, iSS6, in Adam;; cduu'iV. Illinois. 
lU !i\c:5 with hi:^ iiinii-ici" in Lof.iii'.e, l'liiii)i^. 

II 1'!S2 Glenii Woodson Pe'Is^,^ !,>orii Ncw.t.iIxt 2!, 1SS7, in AcLuns cou:U\-, 
lllilUli;^; r.v>^v li\cs wiiii lu-r niuiher iii L<jr>;inc, Illinois. 

HI 1483 Lillie Dott Sraly,"' hnri! :\Iay 23, \l<^'), in Adanib coumy, Illinois, and div/d 
Aini! 11, l-'Ul. 

I\" 14S4 Julina iM:.ry Seals,'' born Jannai}- 29, l.S'.M, in Au.inis ctiunly, Illinois. 
SliL- is nuinicd and has cmh: child. 

Issve of BIS JAMES SDV/ARD WOODSON' (Joseph Lilhiirn,'' John P.,' TucLer.-" 
Joseifh," Rubci't,- John') nnd Iv.ssie Jane \Va£c!e>-. 

r 1485 Marg-ret Medorr./ burn Xovcml-or 4, 1897. 

II i486 Lucille Pollard,'' born Jnni- 12, I'-OO. 

Ill MS7 Deane Elizabeth,' born J,il\ 11, 1<\:;1, in St. Loui^, Misso'a.ri, \\\v^\x■ this 
family still reside. 

Issue of O 1 7 Vv'lLLIAM WOODSON" (.Mien.''' Jes^e," William,^ Benjamin,' Robert^ 
John') and Martha G. llaythe. 

I * I4S8 Judith Virginia,* liorn Fe'iriiary 2, 1S27, in B(.)tctunrt county, v'iru'.Inia, 
\vhe:e she grew to >"Oun<T maidenhood and was married, first, i-'ii Jar;i.u'r>' 
25, 1841, ai her father's home near Bonsa.cks, Rote:iourt couiu_\ , Lo John 
¥. Coffman. They spent their V.iiief married life on the farm -which h.a.d 
been owned liy the Coftmans for more than a linnrlri'd ycar'=. llvi' husband 
died Juh' 3, 1819, snr\-i\-ed b\' his \\i'l(j\v aiui three children. She v.-as 
married, scrorrl, in ]^'.51, to Samuel Id. Sni'ley, of Springwood, E;Heio'irt 
couiU>'. She was a i.le\'oiii Christian and ;i member of the Baptist riim rh 
for thirty \ears. She died January' 5, 1'.'n<», at the home of her son-indaw, 
\V. B. Wills, at Trout\ille, \'irginia. 

II * 14^9 AthillCo Allen," born November 10, 1 828, on his father's farm, near B'lnsa'ks, 
Botetourt tount>', \'iii.;inia, where he rearei.l and educated in tlie 
schools in his neighborh'.iorl. He was married .May 11, 1853, to Ain".ie P. 
Briigh. He: i)urcha'ed a fine farm, a miie from Idncasile, Botetourt 
county, on v. liich he built his picturesque homo, o\'erIoo.king a beautiful 
mountain strtaiu. Here,- thej- spent th.e rest of their lives, rearing a large 
fa.inil\- of chililren, most of v. horn are fnumbors of the Baptist. Church. He 
died April 29, 1911. 

■hiM lU ^.J^^;I•;!^.\ iliiN . ^97 

11) 1490 Llary J.,* born M.uvh .■:7, iS.>!, near Bf>u?acl:s, 13otciMUrt cnumy, \'iryinia, 
aiiii diol April 27, !S32. 

IV 1491 Wiiilam ':.,' Lorn Aim i! 2, 18o.>, .lied Ma;, h I-;-, lS.i5. 

y '-■ 1492 Blake Lynch," born M -.y 21, ISoa, near Bonsaiks, Boiofu-art coit-Uy, 

Hi.- iccci\i<_! his piima.ry ciiurai ii.n in the c<)uii(r\' sc liool<i in liis nei;;'ioi-- 
hooci. ara! ialer cnuiru l.\-n(Iibmi; t"i;.ilo<c, i\vm whicli 'ne was i.(ra(!n.,i(ed 
\\ilh the d; give nf A. 15. He ^iiiaiid la.w in iho 1 '!]i\cr~;i\- of X'iia^inia, 
and was achniucd lo ihc bar about ihc \iiiie ilio Ci\-il War bc;.;a:;. He 
assi-;c<l ir' rai.^inj; a ci-mi'ar.y callt;' liu- "),>nchb'irg Baavireganls,"' of 
wliich lie \va--. mad.- Hr~-i I'i.iUon in. 'I'iiox- \s-c-ro n-,ai_Herod inio tiio ,-.-T\-ice 
of ilio Coaicderale Slalom in r\la\-. IS'il. With hi< eMm!:ian\-, lir sj-'cn! ihe 
firsi yca.r of ilie war, \n and .Vcji-i'idk, \"irgini>i. After thi.- he in 
tile artiller\- service, and fon-ht a.gainsl AleCleHin in tiie Peninsular 
(Aimpait;i;. When the CunfediTa.tei c\aciiatcd \(.rf ilk, he "rent lo ib.e 
couimand of John B. I'loyd, in \\'e;-l X'irginia, and a^-atUed in raising tlie 
Forly-ii!'th X'irginia b, ttalion and v,-as made inaior. with the bre\cv rani: 
of colonel. He was wounded once in a skirmirli by the bnr.-liay of .i shull, 
and in. another engagenient he recei\'ed a musket shot wound. Tn jiK', 
1864, he was captured by th.c eneni\-, bur was sor.n paroled and exchanged. 

After th.e clo-e of ihe war, he settled in Fincasik . in his iiali\-e county, 
and beg;iii a re\ie\v uf his law studies, jireparatory lo taking up ihe praciica 
of liis |)P'fes;ioii. In 1S6S, he was elected to the legislature of \'irgiuia.. was th'i sessi )n of tlic IcgislalUT-e afba" [\w- war, aad there was a 
vast amount of difficult and iniporiant work to be done in rhanging the 
r.talules to conform to the ncv\- cottstitution which hatl bcai adopted in 
1S67. This Icgiflaiun;- remained in session coalinuousi\' luitii the spring 
of 1871. 

Soon after adjniirnn.ent, !\Iai<ir V.'oodscm deierniined to i:hi\e west. 
Accordingly he located in Kan-as City, Misstjiu'i. and formed a law partner- 
slii;-) w'ith Robiert E. Cowan, which rontimied lO'til that genlicnian was 
clecltt! to the supreme bench. After this, Maj'ir Woorlson be'came a' 
ated with Gen. Milt.iii Moore in the r^ractice of lav.-. 

In 138-1, and again in 1S86, he was elected by llic democrats as prose- 
cnliu'.: altoruL-y for J.'ckson county, iMi-srji'ri, and pro'/ed lo lie a most 
faithful and ertnaeat officer. !n ]8o0, he was ciecled, and serx'ed for a 
slu/n lime as siiccial criuiinal judge. 

As a tri.d la\'.\er 'n criminal cases he had few erpials. lie ])i'--e-;^ed 
natural eloquence in a high degree. He was popular witii l.'oth ex-Union 
and ex-Coiiferlerate soldiers, and was a ineinber of Camp S(h Cniua! 
Confederate Veterans; and an hnn'irary member of \ cteran Coin;:any A. 
which is composed exclusively of ex-l'nion soldiers. It has been said that 
he had tried, perhaps, more ca^e:; in itie criniiiuil court of Kan-as City than 
any other lawyer at that bar. Ifo v, as zealous in the defciise of Ins client, 
Louricou^ to his fellow i-nembers of tiie bar, a succer^sfui [a'aclitioner anil, 
under ail circtim.-itances, a ^ciulcniun . 

>NS ANa 1iir.!« COVNUi •IlMN; 

He was twice married: nisi, to Mi-s [..■i!a W'^^rd, .la'-^l^'er nf Co! 
E. M. Word of Finca.-t!i.\ \"r.;inia. She died in 1S~1. He was nKnried. 
second, ill 1^;S0, v.; Mi-; Nora !V!.inoy of K.;nsas C:;y, who, with her \\m\-:: 
dau.L;httM-> siill icsiilv- ai their lionic. l.^l'J L"l<.ir!olie St;vri, Kansas Ciiy, 

lie died svtdden';.-. in K:.n,--a? City, on Aiarrli I.'j, 10U2. The exnri 
cause of iiis death is uncertain, but it was [irohaljU- due to apoplexy. f)'i 
the mornino; o! ?^lai•ch 16, V)0?.. he left his. home. 1.^1') e h.irlotte Street, al 
10:45 o'clock to go t<i his oOice. Haxinii Rone some ch'stancc, he was 
crossing a >t:eet wliere llierc were some loose rai!.- Kiic^. In steppiivc 
o\-er these he feil, strikini; the h.ack of his on the sharp corner of a 
rail. Death resulted immediately. 

Tile aliove sketcli Is taken i)aitly from an article piiblislie.l in a Kansas 
eit\- iKiper din;clly after Major WooJ-on's death, anij jiaiil}- fio:ii the 
fatnih' records. 

14j2 'viUiani David,' born June 21, IK.vS, near Bonsa^ks, Botetourt cou.t.Tv, 
Vir-inia, and has iivcd in that county ail his life with tlie exception of the 
four \-ears of ihe Ci\"il War. 

As a little of his war exi)crience iniirhi. be eraena.inir.g, the following 
extracts are made from the "War Recollections of Lieut. Willian: U. Wood- 
son, Compain- K, 2Sih X'irginia Regimcrit." 

"In 1861, Capt. P. G. RreckenridL,^e organi/cd a company of ninet>- 
men at the little town of Amsterdam, Botetourt iouni\'. \'iri;inia. la 
this coiiip.iiiy I war- orderly sergeant. ( was twie'e v/.vandied and recovered 
and twice captured, escaping brith times from the eraiinc I was wotimk-d 
in the groin at Gaines' Mil! and in the leg at Cold Harbor. That last 
bullet I am still carr>ing in m\- leg. I v.-as in prison at Johnson's island oti 
Lake Lric seven mor.ilu-. From there 1 came home i^Hho:/! havn. \Micn 
captured near Larm>\i!lc, \'i:-ginia. during the retreat from iVter^btirg. I 
was a prisoner oiiiy one day and night. Ours was company K ot the 
Twenty-eighth \'irginia infantry, Pickett's brigade, Longstreet's corps. 

The first time I was captured was in Pennsylvania during Gen. Let's 
second iiuar-ion of the north. Thi:, vras done by a sriuad of Yankee cas'alry 
Wiiich 1 mi>took for our own until it was too late to dodge them. In com- 
pany v.-iih about a dozen other prisoners, we were pushed :-apidly northwarrt 
as they were v.itliin oar lines and the battle of Gettysburg wa- raging ah>.)i.t 
lliat time. \\"l were hastened to and tlirough. liie city oi Baltimore. We 
had a large following through that city, and many of them, 1 couid sec, 
were in ^vmpathy with us. One of out men threw a wad of paper to a 
lady who w as rudeK' jiudied aside and it was picked up b>- one f>f the gii.ards. 
Then my "rebel" blood boiled andT was ready, il opporiiinity liaii ollered, 
to make mince meat cf him for the buzzards. We were hurried on to I-ort 
McHenry for a few weeks and then to .some prison on the B.iy. in a short 
lime orders came to this prison t'r- ship all commissioned oliicers to Jtdmson's 
Island on Lake I^lrie, near Sandusky City, Ohio. As I had been tuade 
lieutenant after tlie battle of "\\iiliam-burg. tliat order included me. Th-e 
Driven was iocited on the island two or three miles from land. 'Ihe yard 

r.h-.i! Ill (;i.Ni. 

wai^ incli.-.sed 1\\ a l'--i;tx' sor.n.-' si\i('i;n or twenty !'<-vi hi^h, \vi!ii i-eti'.iiH'l.-: 
waliciii.. il (.lay anil ni-iil. !■><•. ;pr- scxMivrd iiripus-ibk'. 1 irinii-d tticrt- 
J-,;y :;\ 1863, a-.^l \>:H, wiilu-D- U-.ive. l'-b.-uary 21. 1S64. 

Dari'i- l!ie winter ihoic ''aire a \ t-ry coid jpcll r-o il-at the puraps in 
tlu- iri-v.:) yard ali fidzc i;;;. ai^J wc wei..- ;».•. niiiu-d on'o rach day to po ots; 
!)ii tho iaki; fi.r wator. A ijuard was siatiiaicd '>r ciibor ^ido from t!io v:aio 
to tiic ia.kc and v, c liai! ri, p;■,^.- Loi\i-i.:i.'n l!ic i;uard< wiih om cantfL'ns. 
bu(.kct.= . lul;.^, etc.. for waiLr. At the tap of t!;i-,, all w!io wanted 
water as-xmbled at tl;" t,atc wr.ich \va^ opened to iij;, and we passed oiil 
between llie guards, to il-.e iak.-. ulied oiir v.^.-els and returned. We had 
to awaii our turn at tlic ice holes cut in the ice which look some little 
time. .\s I was always on the lookout for a chance to escape, I had my 
cvc: abc;iit me ou tais occasion, 'i'he Yankees not on duly v.ere allowed 
to pass the guard and mix uiili us. Tiie Bhics and. Grays were driving 
quite a brisk business, exchanL;ing tob.icco for ring.-?, watch I'ob.'^ and other 
trinkets, k occurred to n-ie if 1 had on a blue suit. I niii^ht mix up 
with the Blues and >valk out with thera. 1 returned to my block, corssulted 
will' one of my fellow prksoncrs and laid, my plaiis. I had on a citizens 
suit \vhich 1 would need in the eve-rii thrt I escaped, and 1 neetied a blue 
suit for present purposes. I procured a pair of blue j^ants troni c-ac of the 
prisoners and a Yankee blue overcoat from another. Our orderly get a tew 
dollars in greenbacks for rne, and by Sunday niornin.E; ) was ready tor 
"liberty or death." I took half a dozen canteens in my hand and got 
with the boys who were waiting for the opening of the gate. In a few 
minutes the gate opened and we all crov.ded thrcu;:h. T had asked one of 
the bo%s to take my canteens, and as I was passing through the gate, I fell 
them slip out of my hand behind me and I v.-alked leisurely down to the lake, 
to ali appearances, a true blue Yankee soldier oft duty. The guard had his 
eyes fixed on the Grays in front, so I stuck a pipe in my mouth and j-.assed 
by him unnotired. Our thou.'^hfful orderly had prepared- nic a pa-s in 
which he signed the name of the eommandin.g ofnter whose hea'.io.uarter.- 
were in Sandusky. I started for Sandusk\- and had gone bat a sliuri 
distance when I wis halted and my pass demanded. I handed it to the 
oi'ticer of the guard, not daring to even think what would become of me if he 
di:>covered the spuriousness of it. But I told him 1 belonged ever in the 
city, had been to the island and was on my way back, so he told me to p-ass 
on, wliieh I did witiiout any more i>arley. I made for the suburbs of the 
town and took the ilr.-^t road I foiwul leading soutiiward. I soon cair.e to 
a piece of wood.- sffficiently dense to conceal me and there I took ofT my 
blue clothes, suick ihem in an old fallen tree and left the place, jiist an 
ordinary citizen. This was Sunday, I-"ebruary 21. 1S64. J walked on 
.steadily all that day and until sunrise Monday morning, stopped at a toll- 
gate keciser's house, got something to eat and went on, keeping up m> tramp 
trami), tramp, my feet became tired and sore. .At the end of ihe 
third day I stopped at a farmer's house where they to'/k :r.e in, gave ine a 
good supper and a feather bed to sleej) on. Going on to Marion. I caught 
a train and rode as far as SprlngtklcJ, Ohio, where I got off. I had only 
iiboul fiflN- cents left. 1 .vent to a liule house, a few yards off the road, and 


'NNl'!; I U'N^ 

.1 kiiiij-fac'.'l la<i\- cr.vo iPC :: :^-'<',i 'u;;>ch for wlii-l; i p.'.icj ivn ie:r>s. ?\iy 
sti\'ni;th was noarU 'i>c-iU .'lul r.;y wiUk wa-- oiil\' a lu'li'iU' «i .il''.iH a mile 
; II i!<nif. 'Jf all t ^iiii-- <'ii rii\ >.:'.■>. hc-t;;.;.'"-,-; ^^a- the l>.!r<k'sl. 1 coakl !ii; 
or sii-al if ncro^\', ,>..'.•' uo ah; ";I aaiy naiii.:I'.iy iliin- v. b.ilc in U\c eaoi^y'.- 
Ci.JinutA', bin (ii'i\oi- iiir tioni !■■. ,.c:iii;. 

Whh i!k' ai;' of >a(.'rl ri.ii;:; U\ ru>ci \\ac:''i:>. lu'i:;.:ie;- and in!a?r wliicie-: 
guin^ my \vay. I m:,"^!:i rL.icl'id ( iaciiuiaii, crusidl c". er iliv ri\oi lo C'c\-iaf;- 
tiiii, K(MUi;ck\', while 1 fciui'l soi'io i riei'^ls who ^iii)i'li(-il ir.i v.iih !iii)i,iy. 
Aiici" re-.-n'iij; a iew iia\-.^, I l^^'^k a. -,-1 a.nicr ami weni almiii forix' i.;iic:;- ui; 
the Ohio Ri\'er, th.eii mu imo {'j-: iuieriur. lu'jai'i;- to iiicel \i^- with, sialic 
C'.i'afederate scouis wh.o iiii.",lu I'ih't nie throii;.;!"! the \\ ij',!~. of KerUticky to 
my aati\e ^laic. \\"l::le tlui wa.ipui:, J hasicu myself gotLiii;~ Mp a school. 
I succeed;.:! ill c nroll'i'.L; alu'iil ■ '.\ e;n y-Tn (: inii>)l>; l>iU my school '.vas ne\'er 
called tcj on.ler. .About this tinu- ihrve ( 'oafclcale -(■■n;;< cair.e into the 
neit;hboihoo(.l. 1 at once wi'iu to tlieir liidii';., jilact- and that night v,e 
raided n \',iiila'e shiiuliL' (d.uice. a.i.d t;ol two horses. We struck out for 
the nunintainh and in n fc\\ d,i_\--. ci'o;;sevl into \'ii":.;inia at Pouacl Ciaj), 
Kentucky. Here ve j)rirted, li;.' thn e scouts t;oinc^ to their rcspecti\"e 
coiviinacds and I to make my jotiriioy alone llirongli ^\'isc. Ta..-:e\ve.ii and 
oilier counties lo m\' home in k'(;(etoiirt Coiiniy." 

It was at this time thai he ^^■.i■^ marrieci lo Miss .\nn Mariahi Ste\(.-ns. 
In lifteen i\.xy> afiei' this, he was again ai tiie front, and figiitin.:^- in ihe- second 
halth- al told Ha:!.>ur, wl-.ere he received a \vr>und in ihc le:; which kep: 
him our of the army untii f'e'iruar}', 1865. He returned lo Ids command 
anci was \vith them i'l ail llieir !narch:n<;^ and n^.ihlinL,s unli! ihe close at 
.Appoiaattox on April 9, lS6a. Ih- ai oi'.ce retiiinei.l *o .\msterdiani, in 
Botetourt couni>. where he iiad enlisted in company K ju.-t four years 
j)re\aously. Here lie was net and weiccaricdi by his young, iilack eved 
wife, and old fronds and neigh.bors. But where weie the oilier ninety 
bo\'s and \nun;< men v.dio composed coin[jany K, four yci^rs agor * '■• * 

The o\er, he settled down on his farm i;erir An::^;erdam. Hi.-, 
wife died in iS90, and he was married, sc'"ond. in '.S92, t(^ .Mrs. Cornelia. 
Flora \\'itcers, widow of Ro'wert Withers, (kceased. 

In ISys, ihey left the farm and settled in Gl.fdys, in the lowL'r [lait of 
Botelinirl c(Hint\', where the\' still live, cngagid in th.e hou! 

\'II * 1494 Charles .■\le;--aai'er, b;rn JnK oU, !S iO, on l,i^ fatiier's farm near Eon.-ack-, 
Botetourt coiiiit\', X'iiginia. 

Ill July, l;^ol, he enlisted in the service of ih.e C"onf( derate Stales, 
joininjj- comi)an;. K, whicli w.'.r, organized .it, Botelriurt eoinity. 
Tliis coiii[)an\' wa.-^ placed in tlu 'i"went\-(igl'th \'irgiia'a infantry reginieai, 
Pickett's brigade, J..ongstrcet's corps, and saw nnich hard and bloody 
scr\'ice during the four years, war. When llie ^var was o\er he reinrned to 
. " hi^ home in Boleiourt and ^oon engaged in business in L.yrichbtirg which i'C 

continue'.' two tuid a half ye.irs. 

Ill 1^08, lie went to Creenxille, ^outh Carolina, lo study for the 
PM'iiistry. In ^^72, he was ordained a m'ni.-ter in the l<n))li-;(. Ciiurch and 
ci-mineiiced oreachin^; ;it Columbia, Alabama. He was married b)cccmber 

KI' ;: )i! G;:\UK.\T1:'N 301 

2,1. 1^73, U< ^!i^^.C'i^■o^gi(• (";in..-ii c^( Sinuh\-i;lo, Al.ujasna. Af'cr rcfidin^ 
sonu- \cars in .\l.;l\;n!a, ;IiC>' rv; uriicd to \'ir,L;'.ni.'. -.vI-cit- I'.e i'.i.s nicacljed 
at \ariaii!; plicc.-. 'I'iicy now li\c at Riis-thurg, C';-!! county. Vifgiiii:;. 

Issue of 8213 TARIETON WOODSON' iTai.t. CliarL-.s' Diiii\-.-- Wiiii.un,"' i5f:ijan)in,' 
Riil'(.rt,- joh'.'' and I'.lizabctli I'rii o Ricluuxl^ou. 

I * 1495 Shores^ (was al\va>s ralk"! .\iin). liorn rchruarv- 7, 180.^, at lu-r 
faiiunV Ikmhc in ("iiiiibci'laad (.-(''jniy, Viri^itiia, w'acre .-lie was married 
Scpt(.'inl,>cr 20, 1S2''). to jusiah II. riipiii!'.'' of (.'mnbt-rlaiHl C')i!ril\. tli: 

was a son of \\'illiani i'lippin and AL;ia\s W'ahon,'' sisior of Thomas 

lloiisun Walton. '.Slc K.\cnrMi,-. — Waii.m.') 

1! 1495 V/iliiain Edwaid,^ I'orn January 8 iSOV, in Camiiciland ronn'.y, and died 
SopioniLH.!' 20,, lunnarricd. 

Ill 1497 Thoma-. Fcntcn," bom 3.1ny 2S, ISOO, in Cuinbcrland conruy and dire! 
tliL-To, Julv 19, 1S29, unmarried. 

1\' * 1498 Mary Jfirnima,^ lioi;, Decf nilcr 22, ISIl, in Cuir.bcrlan«I county, Virginia, 
Y\as married Juh' lo, 1S37, lo Al!;ert Cunnini;hain. 

V * 1499 Ricliard Oscar, ^ b'lrn Ma\' 26, 3 813, at hi.- farhcr's liome in Cun:bi'rl".n':i 
count \-, \'ir;;ini<'., wliero lie v. <is rearcci and educated. H'- '.vas twice 
married ; first, on Xovembcr 25, 183.S, to Susan D. A. Hatclicr, a daughter (jt 
Frederick Haiehor of Cumlierland county. She died May 13, 18-1-3, one 
month- and t\to da\'s after the birth of her only child. He vras married, 
.'iecond, on Au-just 22, 1844, to Marcella E. French, daughrer of Robert 
French of Powhatan couni\-, \"irginia. They moved to Mississippi and 
boueht a farm about six miles nortii of Holly Si)rinE;s, in INIarsiiali county, 
and there sjjcnt ti:c remainder of their lives. He died Septenibe- 21, 
1892. He was higiily esteemed os one of the most substar.tia! citizens iri 
his section of tiie ceanty. 

\T * 1500 Samuel Leake, ^ born July 22, 1815, on his father's farm in Cumberiand 
county, \'irginia, where he was reared and educated. He married 
An;.;u-^t 17, 1843. to Miss Elizaiieth Dabney Brown of Buckinc;liam couniy. 
(See -Addenrla — "I^ ran? fort! Fam:!;v." i 

In the latter part of 1844, they moved to Mi.ssiscippi and located 
near Holly Sprin.;s in Marshal! county, the>' li\"ed alujut tliirtcen 
years. In 1858, the\- remo\-ed to Memphis, Tennessee, where lie cnv^aged 
in buiiness until the beginning of tlie Civil \\'ar. 

In 1862 — tlic Federal forces having la.kcn possession of Western 
Tennessee- -he, with iiis wife arid only son, removed to Sehaa, Alabama, he wa;-. engaged iii the t;>bacco business. Here they remained until 
after tlie war clo-ed. 

]}] 18i«9, thc^,- rcl';>-neil lo Menapl'is, tiiey spent ihe remainder 
of their li'scs. He died I"ebruar\- 27, 1870. He was a Uic^n of e.Ktraordinarv 

30.'! •111!- \vc,,ins"NS AN'.; riu-i^; *"N' 

ciier!;>- arid nclivity i:; -U "f hi-^ un(!eri:iki:i;::<. nm! I^'v.- a I'i^h :ciniiation 
arr.oir^ nil who kju-A hini • j a .-.i.-iii o!' a k<-cn scii^o of !i.ii\..,i and ihc sirlotosv 


His widow, who tur\ ivcdl him a fe\v- yea'-^, wa.-: ;>, woinan nou-d for 
lur prt-at kindncs.- of iu.Mrt. Jiinini; iiLV iifciiinc j'lc bad taken severa! 
orpliiii children wlioin >lic reared lo ho CAcraplary iriOn and wonx'ii. She 
dii--<!, 1S75, and is buried by the e'do ut licr luir^lxmd in r biiwood 
C'cnictcry at Alempiiis, Tc inu-ssie. 

\'n 1501 Elizabeth Jane,* born Auf-ust 25, 1817, in Cumberkind comny, \'irgini;i, 
and died iherc January 25-, ]SMl 

YIll '■■- 1502 Tarleton Henry,-' bf.rii jae.uary 1, Ln20, in C imiberkuul coiinly, \"ir-iaia, 
was nuirrit-d September 24, 1S,50, to l".!i/.alieth Allen Hopkins of Xcrlclk, 

JX 1503 Martha Susan,' born June 30. 1S22, on he; father'b lam-, in Cumberland 
e('Umy, \ ireinia, and died tliere July 9, 1843. 

X 1504 Lucy Matilda,' born September 9, li^2.S, in Cundierland county, Virginia, 
and died January S, 1853. 

Issue of BZ4- WILLIALI WOODSON" (Capi. Charlc.-;,^ Dniry,^ William,' Benjamin,-' 
Robert," joIinO and Alary Richardson. 

I * 1505 John Prosser,' born March 4, 18K-, at th.e "Red House, ^' his father'b home 
in Buckingham county. X'irginia, where he was reareci and recened his 
education from the country sch.ool, and irom private teacr.err; at home 
who were employed by his father. He was mu'ried September 9, 1S43, to 
Sallie Ann Hill, daugliter of Joe Hili and Sarah Roy<-di Palmore. 

He was a farmer and a merchant by occupation. In poUlic> he v.-as a 
democrat. He and his wife were both mciubers of the ?\le:hodi5t Cnurch. 
Wiien the Civil War came on he enlisted in die Confederate armv and 
served until discharged on accoun.t ot ill Iteaitli. 

I'pop. the death of his father in 1S61, lie took charge of the nsanu-eript 
family data, which his father had collected, and loaned ii to a kinsman, in 
Prince Edward cotmty, \'irginia (ascertained since to have been 
CharlcLi \'-in Der \'eer Woodson— I i. M. \V.). Conceii'ing thir= p.ickage 
he mode the follo^•.ing noccs; 

"Drury Woodson, son of William and Sarah (Allen) Woodson, married 
Lucy Chri.-.tian and had issue (besides Dihers) William, diaries and Diury. 
William a captain in the Revolutionar\- War, and was killed ir, battle. 
Cliarles was orderly sergeant in the company of his brother, Capt. V\ illiam 
Woodson, and was taken prisoner at Charleston, South Carolina, made his 
escape and returned home. He afterwards married Miss Judith Leake and 
had issue." 

These papers came to be knov.-n as the " Prosser AVoodson Papers," 
and were v.evcr returned, — — Charles Van Der Veer Woodson having 
died in the meantinu;. 

15U5 Irlin ProsfL!- Wcn'son.' wa< for mmy years Shcn!: of Cumb.-r- 
rouniv Virginia. Ir !.'i- llu- ! ;v.- ho could .>:>lv hold the oltkc iwo )ears 
•It a t'ime. ^So ho and K. 15. Trent alu-rnaied ihe h..Uling of the olhcc- 
lir>t one and thc.i the othcr--su that, in all. he v.a^ sherht about iMxtcc.i 
yirs When the law v as char;c:ed so as lo pcrink one. incinr.bent ro 
succeed hin:self indcnni... ly. he and K. 15. Trent became rival candulau- 
for the olnee and Trent was elected. So iie retnrncl to his farm and re- 
sumed hi. agricuiiural piirsiuts, which he cuntiuued I'nl'l lSSO,^when ho 
Hild out his'holdings in X'irginia and. with his wife, weal to Gc-o.'Kia to 
hve with their dangliter 2619 \'ir,:Inia.^ Here the\ both -nent the few 
remaining years of their life. He died August 4. )SS5, at Cuthbert, 
Georoia.' She sur\i\-ed little n.ore than a year and died Octuber 20, U-SO. 

II * 15C5 William Moncurc,* born April 27, ISn. at the "Red IfouseA la Bucking- 

ham c-ountv, Vireinia, where he was reared and educate.! at home unuer 
private tutors. He studied n^ediciae and practiced hi. profession at 
Fincastle, Botetourt cmnry. Virginia. He was twice married: first,^ on 
E^ecember 16, 1841, to Bayer of Fiiu-astle. She died survived by 
her husband and one daughter. He v, a.-, married sccund, on 7, 
1849, to Grace Ellen Shanks, of Fincastle. In the fall of 1S57 he v.-ent to 
Mcn'iphis Tennessee, with the view of setilirg there permanently. On Ids 
return homeward he ate some oysters whi:h made him so ill that he haci -.o 
stop at Farmvillc, Virginia, where he died December 6, ISa/. He was a 
member of the Presbyterian Church. 

III 1507 Heiuy,'* born September 23, 1S19, in Buckingham county. Virgiri-, and 

died in 1S29. 

IV * 1508 Viri^inia,^ born November 12. 1821, at the -Red Hou^e" in Buckingham 
count\-, \'irginia, educated at a female seminary at Raleigh, xNorth 
Carolina. Slie was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and wa,- married. 
September 30, 1S41, to Dr. John Hendree of Cumberland couniy.^ Tl;ey 
built their home in Cumberland county, on the road leading from Carters- 
ville to Cumberland Courthouse, and there spent the greater nart of their 
life. Some tin-ie after the Ci^il they moved to Sclma. AUvbama. 
where they had the miJortune to lose their house and much of its valuable 
contents by fire. Tlsey both dici in Selma. .\Ial>ama. 

V * 1509 Frederick Augustus/ born August IS, l'^24, at the "Red,'' in 
Buckingham county, Virginia. The first school he attended ht 1831, 
one near the "Red House," taught by his great uncle, 418 Drury V.'oods..n,'' 
a!)d was of the grade of "the three R's" (Reading, Riting, and Rlthmetic). 
Later, however, lie received further instruction in schools of a hdgher g>-ade, 
as shc'.wn by the reprint from the Yale Alumni V^■eek^.• of Decem- 
ber, 1910. 

"Frederick Augu-oas Wood-wn, '44. who d^ed oit August 12, 1910, at 

■ his home in Denver. Colorado, was born in Buckingham county, Virginia, 

on August 18, 1824. At the age of nineteen, he entered Yaie college and 

graduated in lSi4, v^inm^g in college, the prize for Latin composition. 

^04 Till' WOOPSi'NS AN?) 'IIUJI'. (,0> 

Afti.r .yr.'.tluMtinn. he jnitiot! tlic army of i^olti-ici-kors on liir- Pacii;'- 
Co.isl tpi-iu.ling some vc.irs in California. Return in;; 1)\- Nvay of " t'u> Htnu," 
ho went to Sclma, Al.iii.'.n!.!, aiul \\a.- married in .April, 1859, to M.jria 
I.onisa Trcadwcll. (Slic is tl-.e ij\-a! t;,raiuKiaut;lner of Gon. i*:cl--e!-,? of 
the l\L\-oIu;ionary army, aiul is the only rliiki of her r.^uents. F. A. W .) 

He [')r>;c.titcd i.iw in Sclma <o\'cral years. !uit .ilxuidoned iliis jirofe.^^iiun 
for ihe (Operation of saw mills altmL; tiie line of the Sehna. Rome, and Dallon 
Kailroaii, nnw known as tlu- .'-^linthcrn R.iilroad. His mi'is fnrni-hed 
material for two of ihe iargcsi gnnl"iats in tin- .south during the Ci\il War, 
of v.-lii. !i ihi Sehai.i wa. nae. 

in thesunimerot \si:2, hecsi.djHsh.i d theOxford Iioa W'orkj-ia norihcin 
Alabama, operating sucecssfulK' iiniil their licsiruclioa by ilie I'cderal 
army at th.o close of the war. Tiii? wiiiks wore not reL)nilt on that siie. 
btit about two miles distant. T.'ic oiiuroj) of iron ore wa? found so promisiiisj 
that new works were con.structetl aia! ifierwards .-old to N'oblc Bothers, 
of Rome, (Jcorgia, this Ijeing tlie foumiation for tlic extensive fouridry 
and blast furnaces now in operation at Anniston, Alabama. 

He also opened ami ojierated ihc Cahali.t coa! mines, near the city oi 
Birmingham, Alabama. These were sold for a large sum and investmciits 
made in real estate in Sehna. Depreciation of property N^alues followed the 
passage of the Sherman bill gi\!ng negroes the righc of franchise, thereby 
bringing financial ruin to him, as well as to thousands of otliers in the 
southern states. Refusing to take advantage of the bankrupt law, he settled 
with his creditor.-. 

Hoping for better tilings in a new land, he reino\-ed his family, in 1870, 
to a small town in southern Illinois. While there, he i:!\'onted and patented 
a smoke-burning furnace in conjuacti''!! with a cirLul.itor to prevent the 
accumulation of rust and mud in steam boilers. The smoke-consumer was 
introduced and operated in Gates' J'oundry in Chicago, for sev'tial j'cars, 
while the circulator was placed in boilers on Hudson Rl\er, Missouri 
River and IMissi-sipiii Ri\'er boats; also in a cotton factory in Seima, 
Alabama, accomidi^hing the work claimed Ijy the paientee. A conipajiy 
was formed and capital raised for ihe introduction of the smoke-consu.'ner 
and circulator in this and foreign countries, but the fuiancial panic of ifii'J 
stopped negotiations along these lines. 

Again he sought a ncw^ field of operation, removing, in ISSO, to Denver, 
Colorado, where the remaining years of his life were spent, uneventfully." 

lie died in Den\'er, at noon, Augusi. 12, 1910, and is buried in Riverside 
Cemetery. Surviving him are his widow, three daughters and one son. 

VT ISIO Mary Richardson, "^ Iw in Tebruary 26, l'j.30, at the '' House" in Buck- 
ingham count\', \'irginia. At tiie age of fifteen stie was in the }i(;mc of 
Thomas Jefferson l^a:id.)lph in .^Uiemarle countv-, being educated ui":dcr 
the personal tutorship of Col. Randolph, when she was taken ill and died. 
Miss Helen Randolph, Iv. an obituary, testifies to the lovable character 
of this young girl. 

VH * 1511 Charles Richardson,^ born Novenilier 23, 13,^2, at the "Red House" in 
Buclcinghum couniy, Virginia, reci'i\-ed his priinary education at home, 


--<'■ ^>, 


^ iJ: W 


■ . t ; 





i-.i..Hi II cr 


was liu'ii iviK lo Cli'i.M! At:u!(.i!>y ai:.,! wns jcr-vinati'd fn .i;i } iri:ii;nli,ii 
SiducN ('••llc;;c, X'tiyinia. Abi.iin ilic lirL-iniiiiiv: (jf >.\-'' C'vi] War, !■:• \vl'1;I 
lu .\i.'.!\i;iia ana on.;..yA'iJ ip> <.".'.] \^U!uug.. Duiinv iho w,-.;- be ar.'I liih 
i)i..iili'.--. 1447 r loleiirk .\ii.i.i;.Hu--.' wore cn;:n.;e<i in iiiakini.' pi~; iron an ! 
iniiiin.; coal icv ib.e Confedcr.ue Suucs eovcrnnieiit. tkcir plant i.-oi;-.^' 
krov.n as the Oxi'ord Iron Vuuk.s. This was (ieslr-n-eJ by ihc Fe' 
and after the close ot the Ke engaii^e-i in iari'iin^ near I'lno:; * own, 
in t''err\- ri.nnt)-, .Ma.h.mia. IK- ^\\:s inarrit.''! .May 2, IS/I, vo J;'.loi'/j 
'x'iiein^i I'oole, at her luniie in M;:r)Mn. Ala' vinia. ']"hev 'oca.ted on llie 
iaain ;i lew niiies from Unionlo'^-n, .Maliama, and 'iK-ic spent liie reiiiainder 
of ilieir lives. Slie di.;d at liorae ia I'.'Ul, and he died Deeernber, 1910. 
lie w;is a denioera,! and in his religions faitii a r'resl)\-terian. 

Issue of Q'^L 

I. JCY V/OODSOrr tCapi. Charles/ Prurv^ Williaia,' iienjamin,' Robvrt,- 
iohn') and \Vil!i,:m Miller. 

I 1 312 

Watkins Miller, ^ born about ISlU, w.i i:is fathcr't fane in Ct:nilior!.-.nv] 
coijnt\", \'iiL;inia. 

1! 1513 renton '\Iiiler,- born p:oh.abl\' about 1812, in Cumberland county, Virginia, 
Went to .\tjith Carolina, was nianied there and died, !ea\-ing one son. 

Ill 1514 T 

ihomas Miller,'^ born probably abota 1814, in Cumberland county, Virginia 
married .r.;d \\eni lo TeTinrssco and died there. 

IV 1515 

V.'iiharr, Miller, Jr.,^ born about 1S16, in Cumberland county, Virginir 
inairied and wer.t to Missouri, wdierc he died. 

V * 1510 Heath r-Til'er,* born probably about ISIS, in Cumberland tounr-y, Virginia, 
where he grew to manhood, v.'as inarried and settled ia Richmond, \ irginia, 
where he resided the rest of his life. 

Issue of G?3 CnARLL-S LEWIS WOODSON" (Capt. Charles, ^ Drury,' Willi. uii,^ 
ilenjann'ii,' Robert,- Juhn') and Linton Grayson Pov/ell. 

1 15)7 Agnes Cora,= born June 21, IS19, at Hopkinsvilie, Powhatan county, 
Virginia, niei' in iufanxy. 

II "■ 151S John Moiton.s born May 31, 1S2!, at rloplcinsvllle, Powhatan county. 
\irt;inia. He was ci\"en the name John Morton, in lionor of his father's 
friend, 313 Captain John Morton,* with Y«hom he was intimately associated 
while the>- were in llordeaux. b'rance. 

When little more ilian five years old- -Scjiteniber, 1S26 — both his 
parents died. He an>l his only sister v.-ere taken by their grandparents, 
412 Captain Charles'" an. 1 Judith Leake Woodson, to thei: home, Rosebatdc, 
Vvdiere they lived until they were both grown, andi ni nrivd. 

He' recei\ed his primary education in tlie "oM Lield sclioo!.?"' of ihe 
tinae, and la'cr hn'si)ed ot Hamuden Sidney Collcc'e. lie was married. 



fu-i-i, on \i>'-il 6, ISi:-. to 33 Kli/.ibclli Ccrncli.; Vs'-iUon, 'l.ui-hi-r of 
Thunia? Ik'I-i:)!! W.ih .n and !iir \\'.uA wife. \hv \v;d(j\v, Mi->. Ann Br:!-.kt.; i 
Il.itcli'".-, who livc<; so!.ii- live liiik.; avs uy. l.5ce Wa.U>in— Kxcur.siis.i 

In ihc sunn.UT el \^\-\ he :i.G%i;.l lo Miss-i.-sipi.-i lakinp, wiih l-,i:p hh 
youp.i; -vvifc and chiiii. all of tliolr .-laves, four of hi-: sislers iri-law a;-...i 
their ^lavc^; making aii lUiixj^iinL; caravan o! hor-e.;, waj^ons, slaves and (in^^b 
(^negroes and drii;< beii.v^ indis-pensablc lo cacl) oilier). Winn lu; i,iichcd 
his teats on Sau.'rday e\, while on the nio.'c. lie nc\-cr struck camp 
iiniil Morday mornina; The Sal.lia.'h day \vas rdii^ioiisly oi);.;Mvc'l. 1 (. 
required s,:\-cn weeks \.v make ihe iiii; fi^m; Cupihcrlaad county, \'i.-;;i:;:a, 
to Marslia'.i count\-. Mississip()i. Nine miles s.nitli of Holly !: i;rin;;s, he 
rented for the following \, a larni known ;\s the "Boardir,aii Idace" 
and m.iile a crop, there, hi the niea.iuime he purchased a fai m on Red 
b:inks (."reek, some ten ir.iles v.e-.; of Ho!i\- Sprin,c;s. }]■: took possession 
and settled on this farm in the fall of 1345. Me caMed his home here 
"The Wipvam;" the name beiu'^' su..:-;e.- ted by tlie f ict that {lie Choelav.' 
In'.liar.s, vd-.o lind a fev.- years pre\-ionsiy been jemo\-ed from this section, 
called their huts Wigwams. 

He wa-. api^ointed postmaster of Red Banks, and tlic orfice was 'ocatcd 
in hi.-^ h(-use. 

It was abotit 1850 that he vx as romiuirsioned captain of the Miluia in 
Marshall county, Missij-sijipi. In U'5.S he sold the farm and removed tu 
Gernuantrjwn, Tcnne-<ee, fourteen niHe-^ east of Memphis, wdiere he engaged 
in the m:.aufactuie of cotton uins tiniil the beginning of the Civil War, 
when the factor\- was btirr^ed and the l)U5incss discontinued. lie \eas v.n 
old lino whig, a strong Union man. was opposed to secession and voted 
;^gani.-~L it. but when hi; adopted state, Tennessee, seceded from the Union, 
he ca:t his lot with; and all his s\nipathies and ef!(.)rts were given to the 
south. Wdiile lie did not enlist in the jrmy, he did all that in his power 
to aid tile sou litem cau-e. 

Dtiring the war his residence v^as many times occupied by Federal 
officers as liead-fjuarters. While this v/as very unpleasant, it was, pci T.aps, 
in s measure a protection to rh.e family as well as to tlie property. But 
e\'erything he had in the wa\' of property, that was movable or destructible, 
Vvas cither carried of! or destroy ed b>' the Federal soldiers. So tlic close of 
the war found liim stripped of all his property except his residence and tl;e 
bare land.; and v.'ith no means v.diate\er of supporting his family and tl;e 
few negroe:- v/ho still remained on the place, and whom lie felt as n-uch 
bound to care for as if they had not been emaniiiixtted. In his dilemma 
he went to Mempliis and secured a p'jsition, at a salary of ?200 per'i^th, 
in the shoe store of A. H. Rorehert. This, it hoped, would do unli! 
times got better. Rut how rapidly dees one trotilvle follow on the hrels ot 
another. On June 24, 1S65, his youngest child, an infant of sixteen months, 
dieiJ. Within a few days thiireafter, his beloved wife who liad beei' bus 
cfheient helpmeet in all the '.'icissitiKles of their wedd.etl life, was taken ill 
and died on July 24, 186.S. 

Having been engaged in the mani'facturin.', business before the war. 
he owed a great deal of n-,one\ to Tiorilierri and eastern manufacfuri_>rs lor 



Mlli i.i-.S'. U.M'I'iN oO" 

c^.'iou gin ni.itcri.';. rie rcUi--'ju to taktt i!i<. beiicfit of i!ic h.iiikrnpi. 'av. 
v.-li.iLli was (.'iTcciiw; ai that liir.L", iHit sold iiis in-ine C"icrir, i!:;!' 
olT liis (.lehtri a:n\ .liiuost imiKiNcri.riied biuisL-lt ai;d fami'y. 

On Xuvcmhcr J.>, l^i.'N. ]■_■ v..,; married, sccoiu!, to the widow. Mr-. 
M.'!-;)-.,. Louisa ^,'^-"^. --••-^•y) IX'.vir-. a cojsiu oi' hii first wife. Xo isftie by I'ii'-.-. 
JSi.i! I ia;-;c. 

ia 1871, he iv:r.>tvcd to Tato ruuniy, Mis^is.^ippi. and houj;lit a farm 
JuiiU' t\vc!\e ipiiv.'- west of ^fe:t;ui'!.>ia, v. hcri; lie ■.;;;cni the remainder of Iv.s 
life. He died there on Xox'ernlier 27, ISSl, and i.'? buried in tiie ceuieicry 
at Senatol'ia. 

He was. for ina;-.\- year< ar.d uiuil iiit i.ieriih. an in the Pi-e;d)yterian 
Cluircdi, a rium to whom his neiglibors delii; to gu for counsel and advice. 
lie w.".:. r.e\'ei" kr.ov.n vo luru away .myoric wlio .nought food or shelter at 
hi;- hoMse; c\-en. ir. n-.;'s ha\-e be^- j);,rtakcri oi" liis iiiimeasured !iOipita!it>-. 
The world would be better were there more such rnen in it. 

His widow bur\i\c>i him abnit fo'.'rtcen x'ea:?, ap.d died May, lS95,at 
the iiome of her eld jsi son, ^\"aiLe^ SliieMs Da\-is. at Dellii. Louisiana, and 
is buried there. She is survived b>- one daughter, Eiia Rrackett Davis, 
who married James II. Solomon and li\-es at Denison, Texas. Walter 
Shields Davis married and li^■es at Ruston, Louisiana. (lie has since 
died — March, 1911. j Eben Heath Davis, married and lives in Texas, 
and Merriweather Lewis Davis, unmarried, and lives in Califo-rdr.. (.See 
ICxcursus — ^^'a!tor..) 

III 151Q Chnfles William,' named for his two grandfatliers, born Sepleniber 19, 

1S.':3, a.t Hopkinsville, I'owhataa coi.nty, \"irginia, and died in iniancy. 

IV * 1520 Marj Jarniraa,^ ijcrn December 25, l.«24, at Hopkinsville. Powhatan 

count}', Virginia. Her parents died, September 8 and 2S, 1S26, Vvdien she 
was not Cjuite two years old, and she and her only surviving brother 1513 
John Morton* were t.:ken by their grandparents, 412 Capt. Charles and 
Judith (Leake) Wot^j^on, to their home Roscbar.k and reared v.-ith ali the 
love and solicitude characteristic of affectionate grandparents. She v.-as 

educated at home by private tutors. She was married , l'^i2, to Dr. 

Richard Peyton Wakon, a son of Thomas Hobson Walton and his third 
Y.dfe, the widow, ^I's. Ann H. (Brarkett) Hatcher. He lived ac '"Pleasant 
Grov'.'," the Wrdinn homestead, about five ntiles from. Rosebank. (See 
l•2xcur^us — Walton.) 

When but a young girl, she was told that, beginning witli the first 
cliapter of Genesis, a.nd reading three chapters in tiie Bibic every day and 
five chapters on Sundays, she v\-ouid read the entire Bible through in a year. 
At the age of fifteen she commenced this systematic, daily reading, and in 
this way read the Bili'e through every year for bixiy-five consecutive years. 
She did ii in the spirit of worship, and so faithful vcas si'.e in tiie performance 
of this, to her, sacred duty, that her children hnw iV'd: "If the house was 
burning up, mother v.ould finish reading those three chapters before she 
wouKl tiiink abo;u- the fire." She was thoroughly conversant v^■ith every 










poriiou of liu" il','!\" iv.Mc. aiui, -tb Cmi eii:iMe',! lu-r, I'wco. tip So its d'viiT- 
[ifc-copts. Ai tliu a.;;'.M>f i'i;.;!i! \ foil;- ?1u- s<ii(l: "T c;'.r.tu)f. n-.n! nuic'i :".ow i>ui 
my ch.ikircn ami tiraiidrliiklun reaiJ to nw." 

lUTinisi.anddicl Octol'cr, 17, 1^9.2. ^he i^.^t;l! liviiiK ( 191 !■) in NorU/lk, 
X'irginia. ;!in! i^: a roniailcal'>i\' artivc \v;.imaa lor l;er ago. I"i>r i!ic past 

ivw \-oars she has li\cd with hor daiighior I.a\inin ■A^'a'/u-i!) I'ieid. 

Siace her chiidliood, s'le !;a.-; iioon a failhl'ul niL-nd.>er kA the iM'cyhsliria". 
Cdinrch. and \\:.r'. (.■ae of ilio \ery fiv>i iiuinbeis of the old I'rc.^In-terian 
Cluirch at fart'. isviUc, t'uai! ;■. rland cotiiuy, \'i,-;:;ini;',. All ■;:; lior cl;ildix-n 
wore nicmhcrs of t!.i^ deiion;-''; niwP., ihivc of htr son-^ I'oing useful and 
etiCCtivL- ir.iaisleio. 


1 John Walton' canu ffo-.n^tfr coaiuy, England, and laiideil at janics- 
tov.ii, X'irgiiiia, in 1620. Froai hin-i aie d'^sccadfd i.soit of ih.e X'iryinia 
Vx'aiions. Xo attempt is here made to yi\"e the names of h\> descendants 
of the second, third, or fonrvh generations, but beginning possibly a.l l!ie 
fifth generation, it apjK^ars thai his descendants are as follows: 

1 * 2 Robert Walion-"" was probabI\- ;?ora in one o*" the couniies on lov.-er jairiCi- 
Ri\er, v,-as married to Marth.r. Haghes. daughter of Robert Hughe- and 

Manila , ol Cun-.ljerland couiii\ , Mrginia. 1 he>' .=etiled in Priticc 

Ldward c.v.nnt>-. 

jI * 3 George Vvalion,' bcrn, possibly about ]"1S, was married M.iy 22, i7-i9, 

to :\iary Hughes, daughter of Rol-»ert Hughes and Martha of Cuinber- 

kuid county, Mrginia, and settled in Fredeiick county. 

in '■ 4 Thomas Walton,-'^ born, probably i;i one of ihe cotinties on lon'er James 

P.i\er. was married to iN.Iartha Cox. Tlie^- were ii%-ing in that part o: 
Goochland whicli later became Cumberland county, as early as 17.'5. 

f: ROBERT WALTON^ (John') and Martha Hughes. 

5 Robert V.'alton/^ 

C George V/aIten.« 

7 Joseph Wplion." 

8 Sherwood Vv'aUon/ 
Sally Wc.UonJ 

Zy GEORGE WALTON' (John") and Mary Hughes. 

10 George V/alton, Jr./ born pn.bab'y ab -ut 1750 i:; h'rederick county, 
X'irginia, married and settled in (^coigia aucl was one '.'■i the diclegates from 

:u;;r;'i! t.!;N!:K.\ i !■ 'S ■.''■'' 

lii;it ^tale to ^'.c.u iho nvduralion of Ir.-jepcadc-ncc at t!'.. <:oi!\ en.' iwi. 
hclJ i'.i 1776 in !"'■. ii'->>ylv<!i)i;j. I!e was one > f (lie I'w-^t two 
I.'tmU".! Suites Senaiois from C.e'.u-^iu and afterwards became governor oi 

Issue cf 4 TllOTuAS V/ALTOrs- (Jolin') and Martini Cox. 

I n Thomas Yv'alvon.'" 

II 12 Josi>.h Y/alton/^ 

ill 13 Geoige V/alion/ 

1\' 14 Eil-abelh WuUo.1/ 

\' 15 Martha Walton/" 

\'I 16 Thesiiia Walton/' 

\'II * 17 Robert Walion/ born Scptemljcr 25, 17-J9, in Cuniberland county, V'ii-ginia, 
wl'iei'e he grew to young; manliood and was iriarried Xoveinber 20, 1769, to 

Mar}- Hi)bson, daui;litcr of \\'iliiara Hol>;un and wiie L^lizabeth 

Thc\- settled in the purthcrn [jart of Cumberland roiiniy, and were ]i\-ins 
tilers when the Rc\''>!ntionar>" War began. 

}]e was a of strong character and firm con^"ictio^.s. Ha\ing 
settlec! it in his ovn naind that the cause of the colonies was a ri^rhteous oi.v 
and tiiat their grio'ances were suliicient to ju.-»tif\- a resort to a.rms, he 
promptly offered his services, enii^ted in the colonial ami}- as a j)r!\'atc 
soldier, and served faiihftilh- to liie end of t!ie coniiict. 

In a letter dated November 1-I-, 1907, his grandson, the late Edward 
Smi h Brown of J.ynchbtirg. \'irginia, tells something cf this gra.':d old 
patriot, soldier, gentleman, Mr. Hiown says: "He was a private soldier 
in the Revolutionary War — I think during the whole war. I ha\e iu-;ud 
iiim and ilarry Liiford, another soldier, tell about the engagenunUs tha.T 
the> were in; of ilicir painful appreliension preceding an engagement, and 
of their reckless disregard of their ii\es wliile the conlliC- raging, when 
soldiers on their right and left were being shot down. He was never 
v%oui!Ued. I ha\-e heard him speak of the de--t!tut!' m in the arm}-, '. he 
privations of the soldiers, and tlie -»vanL of food and clothing. I do not knovv 
wluit company- or regiment or battalion he belonged to. I <!o r.ot knfvv 
llie i-anie.- of an>- of liis commanding oiTicers. He had no military asp-ra- 
tions. He had no special regard for men who liore military titles, I'Ut 
he was a patriot, e\ ery inch of him. He lived several years after the 
first pension act was passed by congress. Pension agents cam.e more than 
once, and tried to get him to let them get his pension for hiin, and he 
r.'fiiEcd. I have he.ird hi:r. teli them: 'I did nor serve my country for 
money, arid I do n..t want tny money lor my services.' Kis p-ension was 
nevei paid because he v.ould never coa-ent to recei--e it. He a quiet, 

olO Till-: woDnsoNs .wii iukik <n\Ni:nii'N> 

iinohtru>i\o nun, kiivd-hcarlccl and jv-inulor. 1 noN^r lioaid liim speak 
harshly of anybody. He read a <.rreat deal, was wcli in'iorincd. had good 
judj^mcnl, was an uriy'iuil i!unkc:, had his ojiiniuns p-iu] did r,ol 
hc;;iiatc to cxi^rcss iIk-hi. IK- was a thrifty nu-.n and lel'l i\ good estate wh.icli 
was. diviflcd runong his chi'idr<;n." 

Duri'ig the latter years of his life h.e nsid'^d with n!s youngest Jaiigh'.er, 
2.5 Nancy (Walton) Crown, and dii'd. there July 24, 18,^7. aged ei^;luy-scven 
years and ten months. He was a consistent member of the Methodist 

Issue of 1 7 ROnEJRT V/ALTON' ('J'homas,^ John') ar:d wife ?iary Ilohson. 

I IS Ehzsbeth sV'aUo-i." born Xovcmbcr 21, I'ilO, u Cumberland counly. 

\"ir^iraa, died x'oung. 

11 10 M-'-fha Wrlton,' born September 20, 1773, at her father's home in the 

nf'rtliern part of Cumberland county, Viri^inia. She died young. 

II! * 20 Th'-irias Ilobson V/alton,' born October .-l, 1774, en hi: father's farm in 
the upper end of Cumberland county, A'irs^inia, ^shere he was reared and 
educated. He was married three times; first, about the >ear 1797, to the 

widow Mrs. Richardson, formerly >,!!ss Hatcher. She lived only 

a shori time and died, survived by her husband arid ir.fant dau^^hter, 
Alary. « 

He was married, second, on 1803, to 510 Susanna ^^■oodso^ Bates, ^ 
dau;<hter of Thoma-: Fleming Bates and ?.?2 Candine ?slaii''da Woodson'^ 
of Goochland county. She was born April 21, 1783, at her fallicr's home 
"Belmont" in Goochland county. They ^.ettled in Carlersviilc, in the upper 
end of Cundieriand counly, where he was for mai;y years, cnga.ced in the 
mercantile business. One da>- in the early summer :.:f 1$06 his young ■'..•■fe 
was sitting in her house peeling cucumljcrs. A terrifiC electrical storm 
arose, and while holding the knife in her hand she was struck by liglitnlng 
and instantly killed. S'le v.-as survived by her husband and one f,on, 993 
Robert Alfred Walton.* The old house, in 1S79, was still standing and in 
a fair state of preservation. 

He was married, third, in March, 18U9, to Mrs. Ann (Brackctt) Hatcher 
(n'e Ann H". Brackctt) widow of Th^.m^iS Hatcher of Amelia county. 
(For marriage date, see Amelia County Records, aUo see V\ ni. ^nd Mary 
Otly., vol. XVn, p. 43.) 


This particular Brackett famlK coi. listed of one son and eight daughters 
a.s follows: 

1 Jlenry Brrckatt, born during or j)ospi!'ly alvout the closing of the Revolu- 
tionary War, in Cumberland cuunty, \'irginia, where he was reared and 
educated. He was a polislicd gentleman and said to be an unusually 

:it,H ll; (.'MUA I h:\ 


lijuds'uiK; mnn. IK; vas :.;ri-atl_>.- Im.'.axiJ l.^- a'! wlio ]^r.:\v liiin anu c^iivri- 
ally was ho lexcrcii ay .lii tin.- uu-iu'.^it.- of t!io family, lov his nulilr ciir.iactvr. 
i;cncri.;i;< iir ;;uls< .■ .imi ciii'.-iii'iiK I'.iiuinei-i- :o cvcivIh ..iy. 

IK- \v,.s innvricfi w> .\l-ss S,;;a.\ Miliov Hransfdrd. <!aus;Iucr of (.'.![ t\ 
jaci.ili I'lMiiffurtl aiui i-'li'-al'.-;ii ("iiconh.-.iiy.ii II;.)!)poii of l-iiickini^hani oour.'y. 
X'ir^iii'ui. She was b>".in in IS('C). '['hi.y luid childroii: Biaikr!'; 
who jn,irriv.d Isaiah Slout of Siielliy couii(\', Tcniiossoo; I'i,i!ii,> Hrarkoii 
who died yoijtiy; and I.udvcil Jacob Ivraol't'tt. wiu: ijaiisict! in 1S61, in thr 
t;cr\-ii-c of ilie t'oiU'edv-ratc Slatos as a nuniln-r of Coaiwaan- C", T!iiri'-, ni it 
ToiinrssCi> infantry, and dic-d in ilio snaaacr d' KSo2 vhii^' still in i.hc ^f>!•^ ik-c. 

Henry Erackett, the snhii.\n of ttiis skcich. was^e in i85(i and ai 
that tinie was quite an old man. lie died short'}' afier that date. i..Soc 
Addend.'.. Thp R;an*f(jrd I'amily.) 

2 Maitha }3rackstt, horn, in Ciiml^L-rland coiint\-, \'i-\i.;inia, was married t!_i 

!\e\. ("hcs!e_\-, a Presljj.'teriaii mirasiei". >.m;.l liwd awhile in rii.i\ania> 

count\-, bi't her ricalth was so poor that thc>' niovod to fuickinrrhani county 
to be near her sister, l-" ranees. Mere she died about b'>i3. Mer hasi;a!H! 
went to lc>\\a and died there before 1S5G. 

3 Frances "diackett, burn an..] reared ir. Cumbeiiand county, \'irgii;ia, vsas 
married to Robert lioUing. They sealed in 15uckinj;lKim ciiuaty where 
they spcrit the rest of their ]i\-es. 

4 Mary Brf,ckett> born in ("uml'erland ctjunty. \'irginia v,"..s married in i8]6, 
to r.Ii. X.'sh. By all of h;r ni^' .-s and ne;>hews si-.e was familiarly cd.led 
"Aunt Na-h." 

5 Judith Craclrett, bom i.n Cumberland county, \'irL;inia. was married in 
1813, to I^enjamir. Peterson Hov.ard of Amelia county. Tiie>' liad several 
children, one of whom wa.s John Howard who settled in Gaive^top., Tc'-.r-s, 
became a i)romincnt merchant a:id died ih^re, Robert Henderson liow^ird,. 
who was a iav.-jer, settled in Galveston, Texas, where he sjK-nt the rest f;i 
his life practiein,:? law. He made a \'isit in 1S50 to his relatives ui V'irginia 
and while there wrote his brother, John, a \ery lengthy letter, gi\-inr; in 
detail, all the news of each member of tiie family. It is from thi:^ letter 
that rno-t of this B'-aeke't data have been obtained. 

Louisa Brjickttt, liorii in Cum.berland county, \'iru;inia, was rnarried to 
iJr. Hender>r;n. They spent ilu-ir lives i-n Cumberb-iid counc\ where hr- 
.successfull>- pr..ieticed his [a-ofi-^sion. 

7 Phoebe Braclcett, born in C"umber!and county, X'irgin.ia, was marri'-.d -.o 
Caleb Heb.-^.n and spent their li\es in their nati\e c/anty. 

8 Ann Brackett, born June 21, 1786, iti Cumberlaiul coinn\-, \'ir-iiiia. whrre 
s!.e was reared and educated. She was married October, 1806, lo 'J ht-mas 
Hatclier o! Aniulii county. He lived but a short time and died without 
issue. She wa> inarried second, in Ab.'.rch. 1809, lo 2>> 'l'ri'..rnas Ibob.s-jn 


>xs A \i) I :;i-iiv coNVi^ci'! 

\V.ilu>'i,' the <iii)jo( t .if (hiv :,keirli. She wciil witii l.vr hll-l•an^! in 18-M, 
lo Ma::-h.ali Cwaiily. Mi<vi>-.ipi.i, .uni th.cio (Hcm ju;-.- .:'(), 18-I6. ;a "TI-..: 
Wigwam,"' the I'Oi; c c<l :•:-;■ (!a;i.;!i:>.T. Mrs. Kli/aho;!i CoriL-Iia Woodsm,. 
She is i-uriei! in du- ohl -ra-, c> .:i\i. cM-.e niilc wl.-I of Red Ixi:;k<, in Marsiiali 
co'.'.nty, Mis.-isf-iijp'. Mcr ;:rave i.-; markc-l bv a marble si:.!) beariiii: i!.i:; 
inscripiion: " In u .;;;iory .>; ?'.li>. .\n'i II. . i,"uii-un c.f 'riioiiuis H. W.iUon . . 
v.ho departed iliis life }u\y -0, A. !)., 18i('. a^:ed :UMy years and 29 day:^. 
H!e.~--ed are the t'iCMl who die ii; the Lord." 

9 Betsy I-racketl, iioD] in ("ii-i'i<oriaa.l coniuy, Virginia, wa.s married to 
h-ham Iriarri-, <on of Col. Jnlin Harris and Obe iieiiee Turpin. u! Powliaiap, 
county. They settled in I'owhatan coii!H\- where he (lied .';iir\ived bv 
N. idov^ ruid orie -an. jolm^ lianas. 'j"1k wid(]\\ was afterv.rirj^- 
niarrie.l t.. Mr, .•\tki..-'in. "1 ]:e\- seilhd at D.nni'ie. J'itt>v hr.iv.a rouniv, 
wdiere they spent the remainder of their li\es. Thev b'.nr. li\ed to a ripe 
old age a,nd died without issue. 

licr son, jiiim llionias Harris, was i;iven a thoroiij.;]) educatiein and 
first smdied for the I.iv, but abandoned thai iirofession and studied medir::ie 
and became a sue 'essful ph>-sician. He settled in Alarsliali eouut^', 
r^lississippi, in lS-15, ami was there married in IS-fo, to liis eousin, ■<?. Louisa 
Eppes Walton.^ Tlie\' both died in Memphis, Tennessee, where he had 
p'Tctici'd meeliclne a number of \'ears. 

IMariha Draekett who m.irriwj Rev. Cliesley, ba.d only cue daughtet ; 
Martha Louisa Chesley.* born, about \t\25. probably in CumberlaTHl 
county, \'irgii-,ia, wdierc she was reared and euncated. When about si.xteen 
yeats o!d, her m>jthe:'s l,eah;i became fetb;..- and her father wr,:- vithou: 
a jiasLorate ar.d fate seemed to be against thern, so she obtained a st hnol 
in Xottowajy- couiit\-, and by her own exertions, stippo'-ted her fecbl"" father 
and mother until mother ilied about 1843. After this she rvsanied her 
school in .Vof.oway, exhibiting unusual strength of character for a vounc: 

girl oi her ag'c. Slie was married aljout ls-t5, to Mr. E)a\'i2, a \-er\- 

intelligent gentleman of Xottoway couisty, and settled at Oid'ord. "\oi,h 
Carolina, wdiere they spent their entire live-- in easy circumsta'Tes. He 
died about L'^G 1, and .-he was married, second, on .\o\cniber 2i. !8GS. to 
1518 John r\Iorton Woodson,'^ and liv,.d at Cerrnantown, Teim.essee, ab.'Ui 
tv.o years, when they mo\ed to Tate county. Mississippi, where he died 2 7, ]s\\. I V.r tiie re.-r of her life she made her himie m Senatobia. 
Mississipj)!, but spent mueh time wiili the families of her married children. 
While on a visu to son. Walter Shitlds t)a\a"s. at Deliii, I.oiiisian.a, 
she died, Ma\, L^O.'.. 

After liis third marriage, Mr. Walton continued his business in Carter>- 
Ville for some years, and acrumnhited a comfortable fortune. He then 
retired to his James River plantation som.e si.x or -cvvn miles west of 
Cartersville. Here he erected or: Wi!lis' Creek, what was then considered, 
a large Tiouring mil!, whi. h for more thai; hali a c.ntury was known as 
"VValton's ^iill. ' Since then it has changed hands several times and is 
now called "Idanigrn's I\Ii!l." 

i ;i i-KNLU \ i ii>N 

ilis rcsiiicr.Cf (...i'.Kd "i'icahaiU'.o" ;ui.J was hiiilt Ou a 
hill uw'rrliioking !l:e \ ,illv\ v.'i Willis* Creek aiu! llu; " luw Lrrouiidr " uf 
Janu-s Ri\fr. n-.i :...,.. (xvariou, aficr liis wheal had beoii cut a.;-(l sitocked 
ill il;e low ijroiiiuh. ihcrc v^:),Q (.'i.e of those " lic-'iet.'."' so uracil dreade-! 
ill tliat scciion, ar.ii carried :.wa\ hi.-, oiitire crop, ic.nces and everything' 
tluii iiapp 'lied Lo '»■ ia its c>>iir-.t-. Many of liis iK'p.roes bei:;,t,ed for loa\e 
to ivscue the proi:>e:ty, or at leas; . lo make an efu.ri to do ;-o, luit he refused 
to pencil them lo j,o near tlie rut-hiii^;- torrent, lest tlicy, loo, should be 
bwept away. In p^an view <■;" wh.u he considered prcn id.ential visita- 
tion, lie sat on hi.-- \erandu i-alnil\- .'-inoki'ii; his pipe and ikact uifercd one 
rebellions word of, so groat was i'.is faith in iiie infallibility of 
God's dealings. 

-Akuig wilii many others al.ont th i; tiip.e, iu- tlionght thcr^^ was preat 
!)r<ifit ,0 be made in the inaniifaiture of sill<. Accordin'^ly he planrod 
hirgt- numbers of Abaais Multicaulns (Muiherry,) trees, erected an irp-to- 
date cocoonery, laid in a o: silk vrorms or egt^s and all th.e neccssai'}- 
appnrtenaiices aad in due time Ijad ais worms making silk. After spending 
iar<;e sums of money, much time and labor, he was able to gi\'e about one 
silk lianilkerchief to each mern'.ter of his family. The enterprise was a 
failure and he abandoned it v.ith a k-ss of abcaii S20,000. 

About the yeai IS-13, he sold his plantation, stipulating in ilu- di:c(.\ that 
should the mill ever be abandoned or cease to be usod as a mill, the land 
tlien covered by th:.- pond should re\-crt to him or his heirs. 

lie then ga\e ali his negroes lo his ehildien,;ng theni equally, 
retpiiring each of his sons-in-lav. to pav him an annuity of one hundred 

In 18 J s, his )i\'' 'JauL;hters and one son ha\-ing preceded him, lie and his 
wife, left Virginia and v/ent to Mississippi, where they resided in the home 
of their daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Cornelia Woodson, at Red Banks. 

Here his wife died. July 20, bH-i6, and is buried in the old churchyard, 
about a mile fioni the "Wigwam." The old c!;urch has long since been 
moved away and liicre is nothing there nov.- but die graveyard. 

He wont witli the family- of his son-in-lav%-, 1.S18 John Mo-ton Woodson,^ 
in the fall of 18.v5. to rjermantown, Tennessee, ar.d continued to make 
his home with them until the beginning of tlic (/ivil War, when lie elected 

to live witii his youngest daughter, Mrs. Caroline Matilda Scruggs, in 

Marshall coimt\-, Missi.ssippi. After her death, he went lo DcA'alls Bluii, 
Arkansas, atid spent the few remaining years of iiis life v-.ith iiis d.iu.^titer, 

Mrs. Lavinia .A. Wheat. It was here that he died January 20, lo72, 

and is buried in the city cemetery at DeValls Bluff. 

'1 he following notice of his dctith is taken from tlie newspajior published 
at that jiiace. 

"Died at llie residence of his son-in-iav.-. Col. Tat H. Wheat, DeX'alls 
Bluff, Arkansas, o'l the 2nth of January, 1872, Thomas H. Walton, who was 
born October ,11, 177-1, in Cumberland county, Virginia. 

^dr. Walton was a dcoied Chrl.i'Jan, all who kn-.-w him resp'ected 
him for his many Christ.ian vi'tues ;md his true pir-'.y. lie died as he ha(; 
live-d, firmly reiyiijg on the saving grace of his 5a\ior, Jesus Christ, looking 

forward wiili .Viixivr \-. y\ no; ir.-,p;itic-nUy. lo t!ic day of his dissolution. 
He was a con?i.-!or,l i^K'inlnv .,f tlic o'd ■=clioo! Prc.-^liytcrian ('i)iirch, and 
ar rldiM- in thi.- ^^ai^K: lor n :■;•>• 'l.-ni f!:!ly yiais. lie was a inaii of more 
l! ar. ordinary iniollrci, and r<H.iin..'d his nv.-ntal facuUi'.-- iniiiapaircd to *.l'c 
l.isi. Mo was an a-rcLahL' (■oi:>.!;aniou lo ihe da;.- ct his lioaih. Fossi-.-: i;\-;. 
as he did,, nviro ilini ordi;\.ry coiivcrsalionrd jiowers, lie was not imiIv 
iiil(.'rf-sling but critorlaininv,. 

Oi ton cldldrcn only ihroo remain to nioiirn his departiiiv. f!e was, 
perhaps, th.e oldest niason in .Xnu-rica, havin;^ lieoii r.iisod to the sublinie 
dc.ercc of Master Mason in I'/OC. in St. Jih:ds l,od:^'0, Riehmond, \'ir!-inia. 
He wa.- elected and sei\cd as master of Cancrs\!'le Lod;;c, fourteen 
co'^:ecui'>-e ^•Cf"'? — an lienor rare'y convened on anyone. M'.rjin nt)t fur 
hiia. (diir loss i.- Idr- s;,"in ' 

He Wiole tin- fnllowinc; lines in C'ol. W'he.-t's family I'dble: 

"Thomas H. Walton, L-nn. (.^1) Thirty-lxst day dciober (1774), 
sevcmcen hundred, SL\er,ly-i.air. Tlds v.riilon 17th Oetober, 1870, 
ccnseijuentbe v. ill be 96 \aars old at the end oi tiiis month, ana will enter 
Jiis 97ih \ear." 

Afterw.irds he added rhe^o words:-— "And God has spared him uaiil 
31st October, 1S70. Let Him be piai.-ed lor iiis goodness. 

Tko. H. \\".\ltom." 

IV 21 YViltinm W-aUon,' born Januar>- 9. 1777. ; t his father's home in Cimiberland 

count V, Virginia, was married l>ut tl;? name of his wife has no: been 
obtained for this record. He moved to cast Tennessee, and thence to 
Kentucky and thete died lea\irg a Iv:rge family. 

V * 22 Polly Walton,' born June 2,S, 1770, in Cumberland county. Virginia, was 
married Augusr 4, 179(:>, to Xorton Goodman, who died July 7, 1529. 
She died November 25, 1S6.5, aged eighty-four years, five n-amilis ar.d two 

VI * 25 Fanny Wa'ton," borji April 7. 17S2, at her father's home in rutnberlaiai 
comiiy, \'irginia, v as married abnui 1802, to Alex. Fdippen. 

VII * 24 Agnes WaltonJ horn October 19, 1784, at her father's home in the upper 
end of Cumber], aid enUiitv, X'irgii'ia. \\ : s married about bSti2, to \\ il' 
Flippcn of thaL couni>-. It appear.-, ihat tliey spent ail their liw.-, ni 
Cumberland roimty and died there at a ripe old age. 

VIII * 25 Nancy Hobson V/altci,' born ?dai'h 24, 17,SS, at her father's biome in 
Cumberland county. Virginia, wa.- married about 1810, to Daniel Bro^Ti, 
and settled in Cumberland county, wdiere, it appears, they spent the rest 
of their lives. She died A-pril 2.S, 1880, aged ninety-two years, one month 
and one day. He died May 28, 1S63. 

About ti'.c year 1830, Dr. Jehu Rice, president of I'r.ion Theological 
Seminary, with several ol his Tluological students, came to this home and 
conducted a "prot.'-acted nieenng" and had a great revival at Hopewell 

1 K.IM!; ;'.(-'N!- i; ATldS 

Churcli. A', the fairn- V'ln: 20 Thomas t!ol)?on \>\iltnn/ with sevor.J c< 
his cb.i!i,lren, came to spi'nd a few wc.ek;-. in ius ^;i^UJ■'s homo, and aC'j-d 
"■.'lO iH'AMii.,." -t wa- ijW jiis occ.'.riun that chih'tx-ii and ib.of-c oi hl~ 
pi^'a-r, iirofe-s.ii re!i:;iori. !-is childivn I'.riting with I'ne I'rcsiiyterian, ■.■iu\ 
her.s with ih? ?Jeihodi?.i CJiurch. (Xotc.:^ by lidvward S. iirown.) 

Issue of 20 THOMAS ITOBSOr* WALTON- (Robcn,« Thomas,-' Jo]i'.') and NTr.^. 

(Hati.-li-v-i ) J\,i. his [\i-.[ wije. 

1 * 26 Mary ^l^1itc'n^' born ab( :1 179S. <■,. coiw.ty., -v.-as 
married \^2') to Robf;rt Watkins. They lioth died in early life, sur\i-,ed 
by nv() (' uigli'ers, X 'imic \\' 'litins,' and I\!"llio Watkin.-;.' 

Issue k\ ISS SrsAxx.v WooDsn-^ Bmils, ins skconm vviki; 

II * 27 Robert AHred Walton,'' l'"'"" Auyu.-.i 27, IS04, a( Cariersvilie. Cmiiborla.nri 
counly, X'ir.jinia. When iie was about two years old his mother was 
killed by lijiuninc;, and he was taken by his pjrandmuther lo her home, 
"Belmoni," in Goochland county, arid th.ere cared for until hi; father was 
married again in March, 1809, and was taken bad: to Caricrs\-ille where he 
was reared and educated. 

On September 2, 1809, his aunt 513 An:;a Bates,"' in a letter sa>s- 
"Alfre'J was well when 1 saw the dear boy, but I h?.\ e not seen him since 
March; his ne-vv mother is very :.40od to hini indeed, b-at he is not half as 
fond of lis as lie was, and has not staid witii us sine-? h's f;'.Thei v,a--. 

\\'hen he arrived at the age of \oung n-ianliood. he wen' fa St. Charles, 
Missouri, where his uncle, 507 Frederick Bates,' was thei^. lixing. .\fier 
he had beer, in St. Charles r- few years, he w:.s married A'a>.;usf 9, b'^3':\ to 
his first cousin, 992 Hmily Caroline 'Bates,' daughter of his uacle, 507 
Frederick Eaies,' and Xancj Opie Ball. She was born January 5, 1S20, 
anfl died Xovemibcr 23. iS91. 

'Jdie\ convinutd to reside in St. Charles where he was engaged in tiie 
manufacture- of bhmkeis and other woolen goods, which business he 
prosecuted for man\ years and accumulated a considerable fortune. lie 
was a staunch member of the iVesLi .-terian Church. He died Nove:nber 
20. ]S07. 

Issue by ins ihip.i) win;, Anx (Br.\ckett) H.\tc;u;R 

III 28 Anna WaltonA burn about 1811, in Cumljcrland county, \'irgiaia, was 

reared a.nd educated at "Pk-asant Gro\-e," her father's home on James 
Ri\-cr, six miles -ivest ol Cartersville. In iS-14, she went with her ol'ter 
sisters and brother-iii-!a-w, 1518 John Morion W'orjdson,' to Afarshall couniy, 

Mississippi, and was there marricri about 18-17, to Stephen Creer. 

Tli(!y went to Arkansas and very so.'hi ! there and. it is su[)f!Osed, went 
to Louisiaria ur Texas. Noihing was cwr heard from them except tliat 
she died childless. 

316 THu W'.Kii'.-. '.'. s ANji iin:ii.' loxm-xi .on> 

IV 20 \'ln]'>[> Ludweli '.Valton/ lur;. J]..K^■. IS\-1, u: Cinnborlaiul ruu;uy, VirgivHa, 

uwd uPi;iarr:C(J. 

V ^' 30 Au^.ustiis Thomas Walton/ !-irn Aiigust 1,?, 1817, in CiMnl.cik;n.l coutiiy. 
\'i'\,:ii!a, \v;i-; roand an'! i:. lucatcti al I'le.isar.i ('=rv;vo. Mc iiiariivd 

Wo.lncsday. July !2, KS43, K. !ii.~ -c-..\;iid cousin Mary L'li/a [3avcn- 

purt/ only daii^incr ?if Willi. liii !irn;.]cy ))avcnp'.rl and 39 Salh J. Goyd- 
ma-i.* Site was born May 15. 1S2-1. 

They continued to reside in X'irginia until after she hi'.!'! of t'iieir 
fir-t child, in M.-'.y. 1841. and tli:;' n;"W(l Ui Mar.-hall conn;y. I\iissis5ip[,i, 
where he en^'n:.;ed in farmiiv.; iinill th.e bcc^inninj; of the ('i\-i! War, when he 
enlisted for twelve month:., in ;.!ic scr\-ioe of ii;e Confedieraie State;^ as 
first sergearit in Coi-iipnny I, Se\enteenth Missis.-npiii leninieiit. infanii')-. 
This regiment ser\ed in ihe amy (..f p.orihoin \'irginia. anr! was in llu.- 
battle of Bull Run and in the fir-u I-.attk- of >danass:is and minor 

Al the expiration of his term of en'i>(nicni, Sergi. Waltor, returned 
home, and raised a coinpany of aliout one iiiuidred and twent\ — rank and 
file — and was commissioned captain of it. This r.p,!endid company of nieri 
and I oys (mostly loys) was called "Coldwatcr Rel'ds," from the fact tltai 
Coldv.-ater Ri\-er fluw.s through t!ic secii{/ii of coun.try v.diere the compar.-. 
was raised. It mustered iriVu service, March 1(1, i>^62, on ilie banks of 
Coldv.-ater Ri\-er, and placed in the Thirt>-foii> i!': Mississipoi leginiont as 
Company E. During the sumnier of 1862, Cupl, YVa.lton's heal'h failed 
and he re:-igiied and returne'I home to take chargi' oi his f-iini. 

.After the \v.;r he v.-ent to Memphis. Tennessee, to li\-e anti i iiere died 
at 5 :,■'() o'clock a. m. Alay 26, ISS-l, aged sixty-seeen years, nine month'', and 
tliirteen days, survived by six children and ins widow, v.ho died December 
30, 190.?. He had been brought up in the Presbyterian f.-ii-h. c.s n-en- all 
the children of 20 Thomas Hob-^on Walton," but joined the ^b^LhcKii^t 
Church in order to be with his wife, who Ijeen reared in the >.retlu)dist 
faith, as were all the cinldren and grandchildren of 22 Roily Wilton.." 

\'I 31 Richard Peyton Walton, * born March 31, 1819, at his fallter's hon.e in 

Ciimbcrkuid cotinty. \'irginia, where he received his primary education 

under private tutor.-, at Pleasant Gro\-e, and was graduated fo'in 

College, lie stedi.-d ir>edicine and gradi;.'tif"d from a medicai •. ollege In 
Philadelpli.a. Rciu.-tilrig hotne he begar. hi.-, pr^ciice in his r.asixe count\-. 
He was married in 18-12 to 1.''20 Mar\- Jamima Woodson," daughter of 
828 Charles I.i'\>.i; Wood-^on" and Linton Crayson Pov. ell. 

They built their home, "Morning Side," about four or ii\e miles 
west of Ca'-tersville, \'irginia, v>here all of tlieir children wen; be>rn. Wh.en 
the Civil War In'oke out he had built up a splendid practice, which he 
abandoried to enter the ser\-ice of the Coitfedcraic Slates. 

He enlisted in th.e Black Eagle company from Cumberland county 
arid was elected surgeon of the coinpanv-. 

The following letter written after his death, b\- Re'.-. R. I.. Da!'nv.y, 
D. I)., t'-lls of this eiega.nt gentk-man. The ietter was addressed 




lo Or. \\'.iI(o!i'.- ..-lurrt .■■Mil. Chaik's C/o; i1;;ikU W.ili.vT),' ;,iiu is (?af>'l 

Novraibcr .V ly^;:. Il >:.>•>: 

"T]\v lirst linic t tnx-r s,av I^r. Rich.'.i'! P. \\';>1i,on \\-aj- a> a P'-C5liylor\- 
;a Roi.i.-fi'^h CiUfi li i ! .\r;.r;,-.i;lo fomi!\. in ilio si)rin;j, of 1856. He v..:- 
ilu'ii in hiri priiiu'. ! ht;'.\o I'-.fore tvo now r. ])c.riTt pi.rtuvc of his 
.'ii)pc;'.ranc'j, i'uH oi the tv.acc, co-.u'iesy ainl iiii;n:iy v\hii ii rharacieri/^j-! |) and'f-rs. 

The r.cxt '.inie I mcl him was at Mana^^^as jimciion. lie wr^s t!u-n 
cliirf f-iiru;i'un vi i!ie [■".iv;l:lecir h X'ij'ginia reL;inu'ru, Col. Ro! i'.ti M. Withers, 
when ai iiie enr! of M;;y. ISiil, 1 was orJerod to il a.s its rh,;]>lain l)y vVa- 
i;(n-crnor of \'ir.:;inia. 

Dr. Vi'altoa had left a hicrati.xc pr.ictice as a |-'hysician, avid his haud- 
loinc f..irni r'nd yoeng family, to eiilist as a. pri\rae in lin' Cumberh';iK! 
c'on]pa.n\' v\ <"ai rain Carter llaaiison. When the rei^iinent >\'as organized, 
the Confederate go\'crnnienl s:•.^^■ ih:at his jiiodical skJH and hiLrii chaiactcr 
wonld make hin; tar more iisofid at surgeon of the reginieiU tlinn as a n''i\ ate. 

V.'hcn I joined the regiinrnt i;e recci\'cd mc hi-., mess and tciit-. 
1 contintiod in this intlinatc association with him while 1 remained in r'i'', 
regiment, and a w.rni friendship grew lip betwveii us. He idwavs suppoi ted 
me most corcHaily in nn' religious duties, and his society was an unfaihnr; 
spring of pleasure to me. At the end of the war he remained some vears 
in the town of Farnndlle, se\'en miles from the Thcolr^gicai Semitia'y. 
There 1 \.'as al'le *j\> renew pay friendship v.-ith him. 1 was ofren a \dsitor 
at his hospitable home. I met in'm at our eluirch courts, a? c^■er, a warm and 
intelligent Christian, a zealous elder. 

ITis ren-.o\-al to ?So!folk, Mrginia, and niine to Atistin. Texas, placei.' 
us nearly two thousa.nd miles apart, but his letters showed that his irier.d- 
sliip for me had not diminished. 

Dr. Walton's death reminds me t'lat the .survi\-ors of the illcstiijus 
Confederate Stale=? are beconMng very few. I feel nearly alone. In the 
corquest of mr co-.intr_\', not only ha-.-e her old institutions been destroyed, 
but many cif her old sentiments and m:inner? ha^•c passed away. We <d(! 
men find ouT^^iives in a new world, and it is an alien world to us; we a^c riCl 
at home in ii. We feel that it is time vrc v/ere migrating f.njm it. Hence 
I am fain to contemplate the d:parttire of an old comrade like Dr. Walton, 
not as an afiliciion to be bewailed, but as a privilege to be envied." 

A fe-.v years after the close of the war, he left his temporary home iii 
Farm\ ill;.' and returned to Morninj: Side, hi? home in Cumberland couik\-, 
and remained there until about 1S85, when he sold Morning Side and 
moNX-d to Norfolk, \'irginia, and opened a dispensary in connection with 
his medical pre ctii ■->. He died October 17, bS92, at his home in Norfolk, 
survived by eight children, and his v.ddow who is siill lixdiig (1913) in 
Norfolk. For issue see^l 520 AL-'ry Jrimima Woodson.' 

Vil " 3P. Louisa Eppes Walton,' born iS21, .at Pleasant Grove, liL-r father's home in 
Cumberland coinuy, \'irg!nia, .an! was educated at hon;e. One of the 
t\,achcr£ emj?loyed by her fatlier, and] the one who probably remained in the 
household the greatest leiigth of time, v.-as Miss Converse, whose kinspcoide 

.^)S liiK \viOi;.-u.\s AM) Tiiri:; cowr 

haw for i.'.^ny ypirs \'(:>:i\ editor-. ;rul piib!i>lK'rs of the ("iiristian 0;'-cr\-cr, 
;i Pix-.-l.'\t(.rtaii Chiiivh p-ii-iT piihii>lKHi ai I.oi!i<\-iili'. Kc;iliK-k\. 

in lyil, Louisa Walu.-ii/ woim with il'.e roil of tiic family lo M.'.r^hall 
toniity, >h?si^,-!ppi, and -.s as iborv ;5iari'c-'i aboiil K-j6 lo Joi'.'.i Tlioinas 
Marris, \\h ' ha i prc\ ioii>i\- iihaci! lo Mi5;;i;-,-ippi fi-oni rilt?>'l\ ania cGiM-.ty, 
\'ir,^iuia. IK- was a grai!>l.-',)n nf Cv. ji^hv. llarris aral Obi.-ciioi'cc Turpiii 
of P()\\liauui. 

Their hoiTie. some >i\ or sc\e!! nu!'_s west of lIo!!\- Sjirings was callixl 
"Loch Lo:nond." ll \v;is j-iiu.iler.i or. a liich kr.C'l) or hil! froni whicli iis 
lowerijii; L'jinhar:_!\' poplars coul'.i Le seen a q.-eai (listaricc. Tl".c\' soM tliis 
i'lacc ahoi.t 1855 and i'.io\ed lo (icrir.aiiunvn, Tcmicsr-oe, where he .oracliced 
medicine (f(-'r ihai was ids profession', sevc-ral \-cars and finaliy se? iK d in 
Md.ip'iis, ■.dierc ohe died in 1870 and he i.'i iS71. 

\dll 33 Elizabeth Cornelia Walion,-* born April 16, 1823, at I'iea-anL Grove, in 

Cumberla!id coan;>', \'ii.i,iala. She wa.s ediicaiedi at I'.oine b}- compeieiVi 
teachers w'loin liar father (-mp!o\eci on annua' s.ibirics. Siie was married 
.April 6, IS 12, to L^L'^ John Morton Woodson,^ \eiio was ihe onI\- brother ol 
1520 Mary Jaminia \\"oodsMn- v. ho married 31 Kicliard Peyton \\'a!ton.'' 

In the fall of 1844 siie ',vent -vith. her husband and vlie rest of her sisters 
to Marshall county, Missisippi. Idiey called their l:o?-ae there "The Wis-" Mere they spent ten hnpp.\- years ot their li\-es. Slie was a v-on-.aa 
oi much dlLjnity of character, Ivut, withal most gentle and kind, a sivict 
member ol' the Presbx-lerian Chuich and a de\'out Christian. On Su.iday 
afternoons she had the negroes, old and young, sumrnone'J fron": 'the 
quarters" to Sunda\- scliool. W hen all were seated on the lawn, she taught 
th.'m I he simple cateclr'sni ai.d expour.dcd to them such portions of the 
Holy Scriptures as t}:cy were capable of understandinf."-, requiring iiicrn to 
memorize all that they could of the Bible and the catechism. The precious 
fruits of her Sunday afternoon teachings at the "\\'igY.'am" may never be 
known in this world. 

In 1S55 she mo\ed with her family to Germantown, Tenncscoc^ v.d'.c-re 
she spent the remainder of her life, :!(\cr missing an opportunity of doing 
good. Haxing united v.ith the Presbyterian Cdr.irch at place, she was 
one of its faithful Sunda\- school teaches ro the end of 'ler life. 

On June 6, 1862, the city of Memphis was surrendered to the Federals, 
and from that time to the close of the Civil War, was disputed 
territory, lieiTig sometimes occupied by Federals an.d sometimes by Con- 
federates, making it e.xtremeh' unsafe for families who happened to be 
located in the midst of those luiid surroundings. The fortitude and 
courage woji v.diich she lure the hardshij^s and bra\'ed the dangers of those 
jierilous times, was sublime. 

The residence was often taken (somrtimes in the roughest and per- 
emptory r.ianner and sometimes in the most gentlemanly and apologetic 
manner) l;i>- Federal olticcrs for headquarters. This, however, Mrs. 
Woodson cotisidered a piece of good fortune, for the reason that she knew 
a r^uard would b? stationed around the house, which \vould be a protcrrion 
to her fam.ily and the premises as well as to the- officers. 

I: u.ii 111 <;k:-.-k 

On one uc-^uAon iv.-o FeOoi.-i soiJ^ors wanted ■.;> "su.ircli the liouic for 
con'.ra'oand." Tii.-x ^\■CI■c priwrcs .\nd she kne-.v tluyhad no authority for 
"so.irohiiig the Ji.iiu-j"' bei.M'i.-;c vlicio. no dlViccr whh tr.ori. So ;!ic 
f.'.'pncd. liack im-M An: h >u~c J.ul rro! a i'iitol ilia; s<>i!;e!.>.Hi\- luaJ left ilicR-, 
iitiii.' to the iw'.v, K_\\jc,y c::\d In .i taim, str.idy liiiu- (;i voice c.aid to ti;e 
Lnvmost man, ''C'''iiic- ono riis-rc .-U'li, sir, at \oiir in'ril." The two t'.iiew? 
s!ii'kcd away iik^? tli;.- cow.ud..^ ih,;l liicN' were. 

So things ^'.■ont on imti! the- war c!oi.cil and slie had ilie happincsi lo 
wclccme her -eldest son '.\!u.-n i-.e returned honic from the Cor.fc-der,;!e 
ar!i!\- on ?'da\- 19, 186'i. Oulx' a. i'.:\v weeks after thai day, s!;c was taken 
sh'j;Iii!y il!. [<vX co:it;iii:eel, desjii'e the skill ul her j.^hysician,-, i<,- grow worse. 
imti' she ch'ed or. th.e tweni}- fniirth cl.iy of ju!>-, lSo5, aged forty-iwo 
N'-Mi.-,, '.hree ni'jr.d-.- and e;.;Iit days. Her last C(;':-eious words were, 
''My S.ivicr talis uid I nuisi j.o." 

I'cr issue sec 1518 John .Morion V/oodson.^ 

IX ^' 34 Lro inia Ann ^Valtou,' 1-orn Tdpreh 10, 1S25, at her father's lioine, Plpjsant 
Giove, in Cuiiiberumd count}', \'ir^inio. .She w-.-s educated at home iimjer 
pri\aie teachers eniployed b\- hrv f.ther. 

In 1S44 she went with her sisters and broiher-indaw, John ?dor:on 
\\'oodson,'' to M;i! cr.imry, Mississippi. She li",-e,l \\-iiii tliem ncurlv 
a year on the Do.irdp.ian pi. ice, sonie niiie miles souih of Holly SprM:':;s, 
and was there m.irried September il, 1S45, to I'ai U. ^^'heat oi that town. 
The\' setiied on a farm a few miles away and li\-ed tlicre nntil jS53, v.,!;i n 
they sold oni and moved to DeVa.ll's Blut^f, There was no 
railroad in that part of the co;intr\- then, arid steamboating on riie Arkansas 
River \\as very i:neertain. So .Mr. \\'keat established a wagon train from 
DeVall's Bluff on White River to Little Rock on Arkroisas River, which 
for a number of \ears was the onl;,- means of transportation from DeVall's 
Blull to the western country. This enterprise was exceedingly profitable 
as he used his and his wife's negroes for teamsters. 

When the Cisil War came on he promptly entered the "-crvice of tlie 
Confederate Staxs, as Captain of a cavahy company in tlie Trsrr-^- 
Missiisippi department. At rhc close of the war he held the rani-, of 
lieutenant-colonel of his retiment. Col. Wiieat was a ?.I?son of hi/i: 
degree and was, perliaps, a^ widely known and as highly esteemed as any 
man in the state of Arkansas. 

His v.ife v,\»s a gentle. Christian woman and e.xcrtcd over him a 
powerful iuP.uence for good. All who knew her, from the lov.-iiest to the 
highoi, loved her for her sv.x-et consecrated Christian life; and her influence 
li\es to tliis day. Siie died March 6, 1S72, at her home in De\'airs Bluff, 
Arkansas, surrounded by sorrowing friends and neighbors. She was 
survl\-ed by her husband and her only living son, Patrick Henry Wheat, Jr.^ 
Her aged father had died at her only si.x weeks before. 

Colonei Wh..aL was married, second, to Mrs. Reynolds, a widovr, and 
mo\ed to Lonoire, Arkansas. She only lived a few j-ears, and he was 
marri-d, thin', Uj Miss Lou 'do::>n>^ of Lonoke, -who pioved t'. he a Liessing 
to him in his dirhning years, lie died June 15; l')10, at iiis home in 

'^20 IHK \vo(;:).-:i-N.s and 'iii; sk 

■ Lonoke, Arkansas, mikj -.v.-ie '..•uiltiii in liu; city cciiicinv v.i;l- Mafnic 
hoiiors. Op. tlini occasion c\er\- 'ousinoss Iiouse in the city \,.i>. c!i>.=!.i] an;! 
almost the entire iiopulalion attviidod liic fuiun.k 

X * 35 Caroline Mr tilcla Waiton,' bori! about tS30, at Pirasanr Grove, fathcr'j 
home in Cuinbc:iap.d co!!ui>', \'ir^.:in;a, w;;* edui.aied at home :v'A went fa 
1S4-.1 wish her otlier -siilers to Mar.-hal! couiuy, MississipjM. She li'/ci 
\viih tlie family of her brothei-i)i-la\v, Jolin Morton \\"oo(lM)n iiistil 
1S.5I when she v, as n-aiTJL-c! lo I>r. .AiUhoir- Tiioraas Scrnogs, v.i'o was not 
o!)!\- ill- best pliysiciaii in ail ihat s>.-ctiv)n. hut a Mc'ioJist minister of 
g;eai jiower awl inilucnce. She was his tiiin.l wife. 15y his nn'.rr';;-.;e 
there v.^is one daUf,litcr, Caroline i\ Ba.-eoin Scrugi^s, and by the scc^.-aJ, 
iwo .sons, .•X-.lhoay T. Scru,;gs, Jr., and ]<,v\ Dyer ScnigL:s. Pm in iu-r 
tn.;cn!ent oi the-e stLnelukh\ !i a.ul her own, ;!,erc was sitown n(; uiffereiicc 

Shortly before the Civil War she becanic at'ilicted and for nearly nine 
yc.-iri was not able to itand on !:.r feet, and ia. all that time she was never 
despondent, but maintained ai^ unfailing cheerfubacss to the end. She 
died about 1867, having lived a bri-ht Christian life and iK-en a benediction 
to all who had the goo"! fortune to know her and come under her sweet 

Issue of 2 2 POLLY WALTON' f Robert, « Thoiiias,- John') and Xorton Goodman. 

I 36 Nancy Goodman," born February 6, 1798: in Cumberland counrv, Virtdiiia, 

fMid d'"ed in 1S0,3. 

II 57 Eli/abeth H. Goodman,* borii February 1, ISGO, in \'irginia, veas married 

about 1S17 to Ja'nes Ilobson, and died rebru-iry 5, 1823. He died in M<iv, 

III 38 Merr-Aveathcr Goodman, « born Mareh 12, 1S03, in X'irgirda, v.-as niairied 

in 1S24 to -Marie .Ann Frer,ch. 

IV 39 Sally J. Goodinan_,s born September 4, 1805, in Virginia, was twice married; 

first, on .Ajjril 25, 1823, to William Brntiey Davenport, vrho.was born 
October 18 ISOO. and died on Saturday, Febru^^ry 1 1, 1824, less than ten 
months after !iis marriage. 

His v.idow, in 1841. \\ent with her daughter, Alary Eliza Davenjior'..^ 
and her sondridaw ."0 Augustus Thorna? Walton to Marshall county, 
Mississippi, and was there married, second, on December 6, 184S, to Sterling 
Withers, who was born August 14, 1785. He died, survived by his widow 
who spen: the rest of her life iu the family of her only daughter, and died 
September 10, 1889, aged eight \--foiir years and six days. Her daughter, 
Mary Eliza Davenport was niariied Jiiiy 12, iS43, to 30 Augustus Thomas 
Waitcn, and died Decemher 30, F)08, at the home of her son, Thomas 
Hcibson Walton, in IMempiiis. T'enncasce. 

V 40 Robert 1. Goodujan/ iuim AniV.r. 22, i'OS. was r.KirriLc! .Ninrrh 29, , 

to Fiar.fis W. DunlKiir.. Died ?>'arch 25, iS96, aged cigliVy-icvcu year.-, 
bO'/cn nior.thiS and tour di>.-. 

\ I 41 Thi'iiias A. Goodman,' l^orn .\ir.ii-n 22., 1810, was married Di'CtmluT 13, 

1832, to Jane C.^lord. and i\k-'\ in 185S. 

VJI 42 Mary Asnes Goodman,^ born Soptenibor 4, 1SI2. was laarried DeccmbcT 

IS, 1S,>2, to Daniel B. liippen, a.nd had i.-siie, I-iclci'. ii. l-"li,)p--n,= I)am\>l 
riii>pcn^ .luo Kol'ciT riipp.:n.5 v;,^, ,i;,.j J;iin!aiy 22, 1903, nrar i"arni\alie, 

\'I!I 4o Mariah Louisa Goodman,^ born Scpiember 3, 1815, and died. January 10, 


IX 44 Jane Frances Gcodnian^^ b>orn .March 20, 1818, was married December 11, 

l.>38 to Re\-. Heaiy D. Wood, aiid died EJecember 10, I8u-i. 

X 45 Liartha James Goodman,* born March 2 3, 1822, was married December 21, 

183/", to her first cousin, 50 Thomas Coinpton Brown/ 

Issue of 23 FANKY WALTON' (Robert, " Tnomas,^ John') and Alex. Flipper.. 

I 46 James Flippcn.^ 

II 47 Monroe Flippen.- 

III '18 Llaria Fllppen.^ 

IV 49 Daniel Fiippon.' 
Y 50 Mary Flipper.. ^ 

VI 51 Fanny Flipper.* 
\'II 52 Frances F'ippen.' 

IsM-e of 24 AGIVES V/ALTOW (Robert,",^ John') ar.d William Flippe.a. 

T 53 Jo?iah H. Flippen,' Ijorn about 1803, in Cumberland county, Virsinia, 

where he was reared and educated. He was married Septembe'- 20, 18/6, 
to 1495 Nancy Shores Woodson,* daughter of 823 Tarleton Vi'o'.MJbon.' 
For issue sec 1195 Nancy Shores Woodson. - 

II 54 AlpheuE FHppen.' 

III 55 Archer Flippen.* 

IV 56 Thonifi.s Flippen.' 








57 Mary Tiippen.'" 

5S Jane Flippen.'^ 

S-"* An-.indri Fiiopen.* 

60 lilarlon Flippen.'" Jli- was a piiysicin'i. 

25 KAKCY K0B30K WALTON' (Kol.vrt/ Thonia; ,■• JubnM ami DanK-! 
15 town. 

0! B'cnrj' Janier- Brown,' horn Ocln'.ci 12, KSII, in (■|)inl>oriani.l roup.t>-, 
\'iriiir.ia, was marricvi Octobci- 2-1, I^.xi, to Sub.iu Ann II(.i>s<)n, ciaui;!ut-r <;f 
Benjamin Hi.)I:<o!i 'A ruwluit.iri (•■.iaiu\' and ilival m; 1854, Hur\ived ijy 
one -on aiul ihrix- clauuhlcr?. Hi< I>i-(h1kt, i^tlwauii, wrote ol him on one 
ocra.-.i(,n: "Henry J. Brown lunl, I liiink, th;.- 1't.s'L r.atiira! nii!:(l of anyone 
I e\er knew. He i^ccmed lo he exoori a). an\thinL; lie tried lu do." 

62 Robert Walton Brown,' born August 2S, 1813, in Cnmberlaiid county, 
\'iri;;nia, was married to Hiiz-.dieth Allen Kobson, daughter of Benjamin 
Iltibson of Powhatan renmiy, and died April 25, ISli. 

63 Thomas Compton Erovvn,* born Dcrembcr 27, 1?15, in Cumberland eounly. 
Virjrinin, was marrievl to his first cousmi, 45 Alariha James Gondtnan,'' 
and died April 4, 1SS3. 

61 Edward Smith Brown,* born April V. ISIS, in Ctnnberland county, 
X'irp.inia, where he was reared and given a tlioroiigh educarior;. He 
studied law, and v/as admitted to the bar. He ojmmcnced practicing in 
1S43 in Cumberland county, and became em.inent in his profession. He 
was a man of an inc|uiring miiid and, i!atura!ly, adojitcd these words: 
'■J.r.reni mib.i da," as his motto. 

He was married in 1845 to Jane I\Iaryaret Winfree, dau.shter of 
Christopher \Mnfree and Corneli;! M^er of Lynchbu.i'g, Vir.firiia. When he 
was about t\veh-e years old. Dr. John Rice, presi(ie;n: of Union Theoiogical 
Seminary, came to his father's house and had a great revival of religiop at 
old Hopewell Churcli. It was on that occasion that he became a Christian 
and joined the Methodist Church. 

After his marriage he Inr.-^red in I'cwhatan county v. lien- lie practiceci 
law for many years, and enjoyed the highest esteem of a.U who kncv him. 
He was always deeply interested in Sunda.y school work, and \vhen he moved 
to Lynchburg, had a large c!a.-s of men and women in llic Court Street 
IMethodist Sunday school. On the Sunday previous to his dearh, he wa.s 
prepared and expected to teach liis rjass InJt wa? preventerl from doing so 
by rain and borlily ailment, which was a sore disapiwintmer't to him. 
Ere another Sabbath day dawned he had been summoned to tiie bar of 
God to render an account of his =vcv.ardship. He died on Friday, January 
3, 190S, and was ijuried the ne.Kt diy in the Presbyterian cemetery at 
L)'nc!iburg, \'irginia. 


V 65 Maiy Chrisiiaiia Bro^vp.,'^ I'orn;ibor 21, iSlO, in riMiiborl.iTui, 

\'i.\.,iiu;i. watf liiarr'cii ;o ]lnn:.--._M'. Joik.s of Ciin'.bcrlaii-.i 'Vh<.-\ died 
K-wiiig si:\ children; Hvc v.if wliniii ire siiH i!\-iiij;. One of lli(.-ui, .loci 11. 
JoiU'^, !i\-es in l..ync!ii:'i!r\;. \'!r>;i;;;r,. 

\ i 66 EllTabclh Apnes Brown," horn .\cA'onil:.or 13. IS12. in C"unilici!and coinuy, 

\'ir.;;::ia, was niarricu lo William ThMina? Hc'i>,--'iN c'f tlicu: rt.'.niiy. Tticj" 
had si\ children; lour of whom arc si:!! li\-iiic:, lau v.nvv uf Claii- names !ia\o 
l>-.'Ci' (dnainod fcir flut recnrd. 

\'II 67 LTart'ia Ann Brov;n,' liorii Sei)uinlicr la, 1825. in Cuii;l)cri.nid Ci)ii'U\-, 

\'ii;:;ii;ia, was married to Zarhaiiali (."ira>'sor. M'loremaa o\ Cani|)i>vil 
( uiiar. , \'irginia, anil died in 1S;^6. 'liiej' had a son w ho died a.i i!;c a.uc of 
t\veni\-lv,o and ivo dau;-;hters, Mrs. William C. \vvy of Lv ludii-nrj;, 
X'irginia, wlio is widely knov,-n amwijg Soi;iliv-rn Meihculi.-U. for I'.er deep 
in'.erest and liberality in missionary work. The second dauijuer is Mrs. 
-Alice Ijrown Ro>all of Arcadia, Florida. 

VI 1 1 * 68 ]")aniel Hobson Brown,' horn Septerabcr 13, 182!', in Cundurlaod county, 
\"ivi;iiiia. was married three times; first, on CSctoher 1''. 18?t, to Sallle 
Ann Hatcher, dai;c;hter of Sanuie! Hatcher. She died Octohcr 3i,\ 1S,=;6, 
lea\-ing two children. He was iiuarricd. second, June 30, 1858, to .\)iifircd 
.Mincixa ^^'i!ki^son. dauphier of Rohert Wilki.-ison. S!ie died Jd.ay 5, 
ISGl. He was married, third, on Februaiy 2, 1S6!, to Charlotte Virginia 
Hatcher, dauj^hter of Henry Hatcher. She died February 2. 1903. He is 
still living at Ins home at Ballsville, Po\vhatan county, \"ire,inia. 

Issue of £G MARY WALTON' ;^TIiumas Hobson,' Rohcr:,^ Thomas,^ John>) and 

Robert Watkins. 

1 * 69 I'lannie E. Vr'aikinS;-" Ijorn February, 1830, in Cunil»erland county, Vii;;,inia, 
where slie was reared and educated. In 1850 her aunt^ Louisa \\'a!lt)'i, 
and her husliand, b'r. John Tlioma? Harris, spent the summer in Mrgiida, 
and when tb.ey returned to their home in Mariiiall coeouy, r\Iis>is5i])pi. 
they look with thern, 56 Nannie Watkins, wlio at that time was a young 
lady aljout twenty- years of age, anrl very attracti\-e. She v^■as married ir; the 
t!;c fall of IS5! to John Wilson of ^Iarshall county. They v.ent to X'irginia. 
arranged her property affairs and returned to Mississippi in 1853 (.-riaging 
her negroes -and other effects and lived a fc\.- year^ aljou.i five milc-s east 
of Byhalia, rn Alarshall county, and finally settlud on a farm near Mount 
Pleasant, Mississippi. Mr. Wilson was very fond of bird imnting and had 
some fine bird dogs. One (.lay while hunting with a friend, he sri>;t a bird 
and at his command his dog biouglu the bird and laid it at his feet. In 
doing so, the dog trod on a corn stalk, one end of wiiicli struck rlic hammer 
of the gun, causing it 'o discharge and sent the load into Mr. Vv dson's head, 
hilling him almosl instantly. Aiu-r hi", death, hi-- v. idow spent the rest 
of her I'fc in the home of her married dau,;!uer, and died August 5, 1905. 

!24 Till. \\V)C'1.>0'.S? ANP 'ini'ik rt)NNl-.CTH>N'- 

II * 70 MoUie WatkinSj- hovn '*$?•?. in Ci;ml>ori:inil couniy, \'iri:;nia. Sl;e -.vent 
v.i;h her si^trv !u 1S50 'o M.u^h.ill c-uuiuy. Mi.-.-ij-si !■;>!. Rctin-nr.u tu 
^■;:■giIV.^, ;-!ie \v.'-- marr:.,.! a! 'Ul !S5.' tc Mcrriwvnhoi- [.(wis. H-.- ■li;_^l. 
survived by lii> vviJ<v.- :\v.:\ iiif.nU daiurluor. Sb.e v.;;- ;:i:\ri-ird. tc-i.n.i!. 
lo Andrew Fiinn. >!!e died luno 2S, 1S97. ;fged sixvy-foiir -ycMrs. P'v th'.- 
pccond ricirri-i-c .-'.it- h.-d uiic bou janics Liudlcy Flian v.dio now U-c;- la 
Goodricli, IVr.iu-.-ec. 

Iss'ie of 2.1 llORERT ALFRED Vv'ALTOIn^ (Thoraas Ilobson,' RoIktI,'- Thonia>,=' 

John') and Krdly rarolino 

I * 71 FredcricV: Eatc=; Walton, '" !>(/r!) June 4, i^^'^ in St. diaries, tMi?-ji:ri, 
was :na'.ri d Scp'onibir J, i.o!. a:; L -uisa Conway. >iu' v as b^rn .-Xpril 
24, 1840, a-id ciicd June oO, 1^9.S. He died December 24, 1907. 

II 72 Lucius Augustus V/.nitcn,' barn 24, 1S40, in St. Charles. Alirbouri, 
was mar. led ia 18o4 n. Cyiith;a Ba-on, and died . 

HI 73 Mary Peyton Walton,-' born June 4, 1S43, i-,i St. Charles, Mis.^ouri, was 

married May IS^, 1S66, to Cha-des L. Draper. 

IV 74 Kancy Pleming Walton, = bora August 26, 1S46, in St. Cl-arlcs, Mis.-oiiri, 

and died tin. re October 6, U-59. 

V 75 Thomas Woodville Walton,-' born November 17, 184S, died — - — . Un- 


V'l 76 Alfred V,''alton, jr.," b.jrn Xo^•cmber S, 1850, and died November 1, 1870. 


Twin^, bcrn Nox'eniber 7, 1853, in Sr. 

VII 77 Susan Woodson Walton.- j Charies, Missouri. Susan died Xo- 

venibcr 21, 1879, unmarried. En.rna, 
VIII 78 Emma Pates Walto--..3 1 was married July IS. 1894, to Robert 

J E. Bland. 

IX 79 Everett Walton,- born April 28, 1857, and died August 3, 1S58. 

X SO Charles WooJsou Walton,^ born Xo\-ember 14, 1S62, and died July 24, 


Issue of 3 AUGUSTUS THOif AS V/ALTON'* (Thomas Hobson,' Robert, » Tliomas,'- 

John'; anrl .Mary Eliza Daxenport. 

I * 81 Sarah Rosser Vvaltcn,- born May 21.1 844, in Cumberland county, X'ireinia, 
was taken by her parents, the followin;.; auLuniii to Marshall count\-, 
Mississippi, whore she was reared and educated. She was marrica October 
9, 1867, to J. Robert Johnson Siie spent her entiie life in Marshall county, 
and died aljout 1907 at her home near Xorth Aiouiu Pleasant, Mi."i^^i[ipi. 

lili.ll I I: l.iNi-.UA HON 

She \\'a5 froni youui,' i;i;l!u.Md a menil'Cf of tlio Mi'tliodi^i (.'i-.urrh, ain.! ,; 
SN\ccf Chrisiiiia charaoler. Slic !;_; ;Hirvi\cd by her h.i.-baiici aiul tw;, 
childly a. 

11 S2 Thomas Hobson V/alton, Jr.,' born Jul\- 10, lSi;'\ in ?■.L!!■^h.-^!l couni'.-, 

Missis^iiipi, icfci'/cd his rdiicni(>ii hi lIic cuaiiiry ^cliouls. ijol'iirc he \va,s 
sixtPfii years (ihl lie eidisted in the C'uafcdieraiL- Stales ,'riii>- as a p;-i\;ue 
ii'. his father's C'.iiiijxaay, "Tlie C'i.'',d\vater R'.behs," which was nui;iered si.T\-ice, Mai'eh 10, ]Sv2. Whale a mciiiber oT this e(iiii;>.:ny h.e ixirtici- 
jKUed \i) ilic bailie o'i Fa; r.anL;u:>i;, r.ear (/cihrLh, M i.-r-issipi!i. When the 
army v, lT-I to 'i'e.pch^ Mississipjii, lie went home aad joined a cavalry- 
company and 'vV-.s ca;i!nrid ia l^'ue aad iiaiaisraied r.i h'orl iJelaware, 
where he rem;\iae<i inui! the close of the v. a-. i~>iu':n;j; his irapri-onmerit 
!u: wa.s sid)jectLd to harsh ireatmeiU and endured the mo.^t incredilile 
liardshijis and sufierinyj but looked upon it all as the roninion lot that may. 
be expected l>y prisoners of vi-ar cver\'where. After tl;e war was o\'er l^.e 
returned home and \\ Mit io work on, the farm to make an luaicst li\'ing:. 

He was married Decemlicr 19, 1866, to Sallie S. Boggan., who l:;orn 
and reared in Mars.iall county, Mi-^-is^ippi. T'ley continaicd ta reside in 
ivlarshall county for some \'cars and Imally s?nled in Memphis, Tennessee. 
\vhere the%" still ii\e (1'M3j. Th.ey h3\-e no children. 

III 8.3 V.'illiam Eeijiky Walton," lu>vn June 12, 1?!S, on his father's farm in 

Marshall couiu}', Mis>issip]_)i, attended thecoiintr}" schools, and was married 
No\em!ier 19, 1S6S, to Sarah Ella Crawfor.I of Marshall count}/. She 
died tliLTc Tebruary 2/, 1878. he died on lUonday, May 5, 18S6. No 

IV 84 .Augustus V/ilson Walton,'' born June 20, 1S50, in :\!arsha!l county, 

?Jississip[)i, died .Apr:' 27, 1856. 

Y 85 Mary Ann Goodman Waiton,- born April 1-!, 1852, at her father's home in 

Marshall counr}-, Mississippi, was married September 1, 1875, to Vv'iliian: 
A. Brown, and dierl at 3 o'clock in the morning, i\Ia\- 5, 1878. Then" 
second son, Rosser Reavis Bi'awn'" was born Januar\- 2.'>, 1878, and died 
th( August 5, 1S78. He husljarid died s.-on after. 

Their first child Wakur Emnu_-t Drown'' was born June 7, 1876, in 
Memphis, Tciiriessee. After the death of his parents, he was adopted 
and rcaied by his uncle C 9 Thomas Hobson. Walton'-' and wife Sallie Boggan, 
as tliei'- ov,-n i I.ild. He erew to be a most ex -ellent young man, w-as marrii-d 
about !')()5 to Miss Mary White of Memphis, Tennessee. They li\cd in 
Memjiliis a few -.-ears and mo\-cd to Los Angeles, California, \\here i'le died 
June 19, 1908, 'urvivi d b\- iiis v. idow and two children, (Ij Carolyn Brown," 
and (2) Edward .N'ewton Brown." 

VI 8o .Martha Withers V/aiton," born FebiUary 27, io54, in Marshall county, 

Missi,ssipi)i, died August 21, 1S55. 

TMI- WO<iliS-'Nr' ANP nU.I'; C< NNK<M IONS 

VI i * S7 Id^ Epi'cs WaUonr l">ni Jii-o :S, 1856, at licr IntiiorV h_>v)w in Mar<h:ii! 
C()i;i!i\V Mis-^i<r:ip./i. was ni-viird, !ir~t, on rV!>niary 1<), 1879, lo Gii.^ W. 
H m of Geri;-..into\v.i. rcnn. sseo. li^' di..-,! M.iu-h 11, ISSo, an.) pho v..^.^ 
in.irrii.i. seconil, July 2S, 1S.^0, lo William .".. ilainpsoii of Mcmpl;!;;, 
Ti;nnes-ce. lie dietl Fclni'ary 22, IS'J\, ^urvivcl I)y his vi.Jo\v auJ 
two cuiMren, all of v.hoin still ro-ido in Mc-niphi>, Tenn'asscc. 

\'11I 8S Rich;-ird Alfred WaUou,- burn May 7. lSr,{>, on father's fann in Mar.^'r.all 

ccuTUV, Mi:.-i:^sippi, wi;iu lo ^lo'itplas wila thv family aiier ihe close of the 
("i\!i War. lie was married ).k-Lvnilicr 26, iSS.\ to Katie Hodges. No 

IX 8Q Robert Lee Wallon,-' horn September 2, 1S62, in Mai^hall eonaty, ^!is^is■ 

sippi, went to Memphis, Tennessee, with ihe family and was th.ere married 
lanuar\- 10, ISSS, to Miss Frankie Ilanip-^on 'I'hcy had. one child born 
"ia;HKir>- 2, ISS'', ar,d died tlic lollowii i; Niay 1, li^t;9. He died Augu.= i 7, 
19i.'t>, at Boyle, Mi^^i.-sippi. 

X 90 Charles Henry V/alton,'-' born on Monrhn. August 2, 1S65, on his father's 

farm in Marshall county, Missis^ijipi, went with the family to Mempins, 
Tennessee, wliere he was reared and educated. He veas married, fir.-t, 
]\Ia\- 15, t'..-8'.', by Rev. Dr. :\!artin. to Mi:,b Wat Hamner. Sh.c died and 
he \\as married, second, February 22, 190.S, to Maud Howard. 

He is an elTiaient and i;reaily beloved minister in th.e Cumberhir.d 
rresbytericoi (dirrch and is riow I'l^i-F. and ha.^ been for several years, 
pastor of the Union Avenue Church in Memphis, Tennes?ee. 

Issue of 32 LOUISA EPPES Y/ALTON^ CFhomas Hoi.son.' Robert. ■■ Thomas, » Johr.-) 

and Dr. John Thomas Harris. 

1 * 91 Anne Elizabeth Hn.iris,' born jaraaary !>;, lS^-!, in Marshall counly, 
Mississippi, went with her jarents in li^G to Uermantown, 'i unnesbee, 
and a few >-ears later to Memphis, Tennessee, u'hcre sh.e was educate>i ;n 
the city scho.jls. After tiie death of her parents slie was taken, in 1S71, 
into the h!;nie c-f her iinch- 1518 John Morton ^^■oodson,* at Coldwao r. 
'I'aiL count\a Missi. sippi, where siie was married Sept. niber. 1871, to Jolm 
Wriyht of that county. They had only two children. During Iser -.vidow- 
hood she made a visit to St. Louis, Missouri, and was there m.arried, second. 
on Anyusl ll, I^SO, to Mr. I.infl. .m honorable man of e.vcelient character 
arid a wcll-to do tarmer of Scluixler county, Missouri. They lived on their 
farm until he died. She then moved to KirksviUe, Adair county, Missouri, 
where she has lived ever since. She was again married Aiigu>t 10, 1909, 
to Asa Browning, and died December 11, 1913, at their home in Kirksvibe, 
Missouri, and was buried in Llewellyn cemetery. 

Issue of S^- LAVINIA ANN WALTON^ (']hon;as HoLson,' Robert,'' Thomas, * John') 

and Col. Pat H. Wheat. 

1 92 Thomas Ila Y^'hcat,- born Orjolcr 5, 18-16, near liolly Sprin-j. Marsluii! 

county, Missi.Nsipi'i, vesit witli hi--, in LS>3, !o L^LA'all's Bhif!, 
.\rkriir .'.s, and- t'-oJ Ii-utc t n (. ••c'tv)l.-.:r !, .1858. 

II 93 Kobert Sejircy Yv'luat,' bom .fin;e 26. l^I?. o'.\ !ii> fatlu-r'.s fanii, scvtn 

niili-s wc.-l -:■[ Holly Siniii^s, ]Nii>>i-.-:iiM'i, "I'd did! tliorc on Fcl^m.-iry '^, 
18.S,^. ' ' . ' 

III 94 Richard Henry V/heal,' Ix-rn .-\!ic;i.i>i: 16. 1850, ov h'n faUior's farm wc.^l o! 

Idoli;,' Sjiiingi, Mai .-'nail couiuy, M i>s'.--.--ipi)i, ainJ died liiere Aup.usL 18, 

IV C-5 Dr-vii Creer V/he; t,'^ hor,-. Jnly 1. 18.54, al DeVailV DlulY, and 

died lii_v Fc!>iiiary l-K 1856. 

V 96 James Elkanah V/heat,' born Aii-ust 5, 1856, at Dt-X all's niiiff, Arkansas, 

lived two da\-s and die-d Aiit;i!st 7. ■'85(). 

VI 97 Annie Cutler V/he^ai,- born June 24, 1858, al D(j\'ali5 BluiT, Arkansa,-^. and 

died ib.ere October 4, 1862. 

VII * 98 Patrick Henry Wheat, Jr.,^ born July 4, isoi, at L)e\'all> BhilT, Arkaiisas. 
The Ci\-il Vs'ar had begun and his father being captain of a cavalry c.-5nipan\, 
was necessarily av.-a>' from b.onie nuich of the time, to for tb.e greater safet\- 
of his farriily and jier.-onal p/roporty, lie ri')o\-ed them all io '1 e:cas. After the 
close of tlie war they returned to De\'alls Binff, viicre liitlc Tat was setu 
lo school. After the death of his mother, in 1872, he lived a while v.'ith his 
fatlier's sister, Mrs. Diana George Cutler, in HolI\-, IMississippi. 
In 1S7S, he went to Menard county, Texas, and spent two years looking 
after his father's ranch horses and cattle, and became nv expert horseback 

In 18S9, he retHrned to Arkansas a.".d settled at Lonoke in Lonoke 
count\- and was there married April 16, 1884. to Charily Rosanna Eagle, 
daugliter of William M. Eagle and niece of Gov. James P. Eagle. Here he- 
engaged in the furniture business. In 1909, lie organii;.'d the Lonoke Rice 
Milling Company, of which he is {jrcbident and is one of th;; largest stock- 
holders. He is a democrat, and an earnest member of the Baptist Church.. 
He is \-;ce-iM-e.^ident of the Bank of Central .-\rkansus, was secretary of the 
scliool bnau! for f'el'.e \'ears. was nui-^rer ('f Lonoke iod,;e. Xo. 51. F. & .-A. 
M. for seven years; high priest of Lonoke chapter, .\o. .''1, iov nine year^; 
oho a p-'-'ml.'er of .damin Temple .-Xncient Arabic Crch.r Noble Mystic 
Shrine, Litile Rock, .Arkan^ao; member of Hugh De Payens Commanders-, 
Knights Teiiiiilars, Little Rock, Arkansa.--. 

Issue of 3 5 CAkOimE MATILDA WALTOK^ Cniomas Hobson,' Robert,'^ Thomas, « 

John') and Dr. Anlliouj' Thomas Scruggs. 

1 * 99 Wi'liam Auf^ Scruggs,- born May 18, 1853, in Alarshill county, 
Jvlississippi, where l':e was reared and educated. He graduatefl in medicine 
al the medicai college at Louis\ ille, Kentucky. 

l-'ai;t: :Ji'7. 0:4 \villia)n .A.i:gustij.s .'^\i-ir.;!r= v.-^s tradiiatrd in sni^U.-i".- fi-itr <\c. Ipi- 
yersity -.n. .^•a^::vill.^ T.-aa.. >'a.-ti. liTv. ^u,l liot ironi L■:..lis^ i'l' , Ky He 
iQiifM li.r. i,r;.. v.Vb ot :;). i Kir...', :>;ay, IST-;, in .Marshall r.juutv. .Mi<:i-. 

>2,S rnr v, ()or.s--.>.s .\Nn uu u; •.'^s^ 

Like hi-^ ]:'.\h'-v. he \va< aiso a :nir;iifcr in tiic M^'iluKii^t Cluirrh. 
He was manici! l-H-C.-nihcr 6. 187(). in lOd Sjlliv I ea \\i!^••;l,■" ciauc.lit-.-r 
of 5{. Xaiiiiiij K. Waikias/ :uv] Juliii Wilson. 

For a nur.iiior of years he jjroaehoti a.u! practiroi! nio-litinc in \:\.i 
!..ilive c-iiinty. In ! 900, iie im.vvii [o 1 .clar..;',, iMis.^i; sipjii, and is now 
I'vin;; al na:\sbaro. Misf is>;ppi. He is a ^otci JcniOfral, a ^cod doctor, 
a i,',o('d preacher, ani! a good mar.. 

II lOr Thoroas Scruggs,- born about ls55, at Sunny Side, his fatl'Cr's Iiomc in 

Maishall c<junty, .Mississippi, ar.v! dii-d in ialariy. 

Issue of Q/^. EDV/ARD S. TJIIOWIN' ■ (Nancy Iloiwon Walton." llobert,'^ Thonias,^ John') 

;:'.d Jane Margaiel Winfrce. 

I 101 Cornelia Walton Brown,^ born April 6, IS-iri, at Puv;hatan Courlhouse, 

Pov.hatan county, X'irginia, and ihcie spent the earlv ^'e.ars of hei lile. 
With her father's family she moved to Lynchburg, X'irginia, and is still 
Hvin.i; in ihat city, unmarried. 

She is a lady of culrure, rennenient and sweet pooiie seuliments. 
.'\bout I he j.-ear L<96, she arcop.ipanied an in\alid sis! or who went, for 
special treatment, to Saranac Lake, or Lake Flower, as it is now cailed, 
and while there nursing the loved one, she wrote the following verses to her 
Hiother in L\nchburg: 

Sitting here, from hoiir to ivour. 
Looking out upon Lake Flower; 
Seeing now and th.-n a boat 
Oil its wavelets blue, afloai , 
Or beyond, the mounirdn hii;!!, 
Reaching u;i to touch the sky; 
Still my heart, for e\er true, 
\\'anders to home an.d you. 

Though tlie waters foam amf break. 
Tumbling downward to the lake, 
Countless diamonds ilirigin^' back, 
As they fall in; 
Though the lo\xl>- evergreen 
Adds its beauty to the scene. 
Sitting 'mii_l the fir and pine, 
Oft I sigh for "Auid t.ang Syne." 

For my own belo\ed land. 

With her mountains t.dl and grand, 

Wra[;t in rosy, dreamy light. 

Ere tlT;y Idd the world good night, 

Just to pass th.e idle hours 

Out among nv: buds and flowers. 

Kim i. i.;;nk!- \ r; 

Ah! (li\n- iionio i?o l",.r aw;iy 

I '.!ri.Mra ci you fco!!! d.iy to u:\y. 

'Mid Ir.e ;*r>i:'..,-cis i;f;c, i fn'.d 
Lo%'ip;; he >i-;^---..>!! a:id kind 
As c\t I Mi in 5.oiu!icr;i laiui.s. 
^'et, I lont; to ^•!a^n ilio hniKlj. 
Of ii-ii.- fr-cnu*, for \-cars helc! dear; 
Loii'^ to ficl lliuir jiii^seiire near. 
Oil, my best Lo!u\o(l and true 
Still v::y licari lurni back to \-ou. 

( . W. B. 
It is tiironsjh her i;iiidiVe>:i that l!i<j above data pertainirig to her 
falher's family have been olitainccb 

II '03 Ivlary Vi'-f-^ini'a Brov.-n,'^ born January 9. 1;-!", at i''ow!!.u..n l"^ourtho!,:sc, 

PowhataPi coiint\', \"irginia., was niarrieu Xox'eriilier 5, 1^.67, iii Lyachbiirg, 
Virginia, to Jolia Winston h'ex', and dic'a ir. loS7. T]h'\' had three children : 
(I) Ot-lia Walton Ivey.'-^ died in childhood. (2) Mary \^ in^ton Ivoy^'J 
(still living, 1913). (3) A son, died in infancy. 

Ill 103 Annie Browv,^ born October 7, 1856. in Cunibevlanci couniN-, Virginia. 

\\'hen a \oung' girl she went \^"ith the family to L^.aichburg, wifcre bb.e V\-as 
reared and educated. She graduated witii distinctiorT in the LyiichVnirg 
high school, and for sc\-era! years was one o! tlio most efncient teacliers 
in tl'iC public schools of that city. Slie was an e;irncst consecrated member 
of the Court Street Metliodist Church in i.yncliburg. She was an artist 
of ability. In 1894, wh.ile in Washington, D. C, jirusecutinf; licr studies in 
that line she was taken with an, wh.ic'n de\'eiope<.1 ';.>nsuni[)tion 
from v.-liicii sh.e never recovered. In the early suni'iier <.f 1S97, slie went to 
Charlottes\ille for trcatnieni by a specialist and dietl there on Jnr.j lO, 
1S97. Never married. 

Issue of G S DAN1E.L HOriSON BROV/N^ (Nancy Hobson Walton,^ Ro:>ei t.^ Tlion.ias,^ 

John'; an'i his first wife, Sallie AciM Hatcher. 

I 104 Maria l-ouiia Biowii,- married !1. B. Goodniau an.d in Galve^tv)n, 


II 105 Henry James Brown,' is a Ah'thodist nu'n.isler and belongs lo ihc X'irginin 



HI i.06 Robert Wilbur Brown," born )n Powhatan county, \'irginia, and now lives 

in San .Ange'o, Te.\.'is. 

i'^0 Ttii; \vo^lI)so^■^^ and THLIK '■ONXKCTIONS 

Issi'ii nv Ti'TKii win:, t."ii m'.i.otu; X'iki.jma }!ai\hi-:r 

j\" IC; Tliom-.s Gailini Br-v. n.- 

\' lOS Gay il. Browa.* 

\'l 1C9 S.'illie M. Brown,' t^oni in Po'Ahainn coiiiUy, \"ir;;;nia, aiicl ciicd there 

July 12, Ji>97. 

VII 110 Iscxv^: Lrovrn.^ 

VIT; 111 D.-nic! E-iv-s-d Brown.9 

Issue of G i-> NARLilE WATICINS ' 'Mary Walit.n.'^ Thonin^ Hoi wor.,' RobvTl,« Tiiomas,^ 

John") and jolm W. ^.\■il^on. 

1 3 12 Robert R. Yv'ilson,'" born Scplcm'uer 8, 1S52, in Virginia, v.dicn liis parents 

were there arran.L;ing his mother's affairs, preparaior\- lo moving to 

II Hi Sallie Lea Wilson,"-' born Ajiril 3, 1854, on the faisn east of Byhaiia, 7\lar- 

shail count\-, Mississippi. She was marrietl Dertniber 6, ISTO. ar her 
parents' home n^ar Mount Plea.-ant, Mississippi, to 99 Ur. William 
Augustus Scruggs. They settleti near Mount: Pleasant, where he praciiced 
his profession a number of year.s, went to Leland, Mississippi, and finally 
settled at Hansboro, Mississippi, wiitre lhe>" aie s'.ill li-.'ing. For issue 
see 99 V\'illiam Augustus Scruggs. - 

111 114 ?/hii T. Wiison,!" born ]S,=^6, in Marshall coui.t.- , Missiibippi, served 

several terms as clerk of D\er county, Tennessee; went to Hansboro, 
Mississippi, and died there August 10, 1910. 

l\' 115 James W. Y/Uson," born 1S5S, in Marshall count\ , Mississippi; went to 

Texas and died tb.ere in 1SS3. 

Issue of 7 O MOLLIE WATKINS ' (Mary Walton,* Thomas Ilojj-on,' Robert,'" Thomas,:' 

John') Lnd Mrrriwcli'ier Lewis. 

I 110 /mnie Lev/is,'" boMi about 1S55, in Cumlnrlar.d county, \'irgin!a, went 
ui(h her widowed m alier to Alarshal' county, M i.--issippi, and was there 
married to 'I alley. 

Issue by A.ndrew Flixn 

IT 117 Lindlcy Flinn."' 

Issue of 7 % FREDERICK BATES WALTON- (Robert Alfred, « Th.on.a.-, Hobsor.," 

Robert,^ Thomas,^ John') and Louisa Conway. 

iiKiMii; i;rNi-:KAi!C'X 

) liS riit),-: V.'aUon,'''' hovn >e,>t^inl>or •', ]So2, in S(. ("li.:vlr?, :\lir-"ur!, n!-,(i 

(lied AugUbi IS, 1S.',4. 

11 110 Allan WaJton," I'-n; Ma-vh -i. i:-!(^!, iis St. Ci-.irlc?^ >!i?.;oiiri. tic ?p-nr 
il\c early years !.•!' Iii-^ lil'c 'v.t St. I.diii? niitJ war- i('iK\>.ti.'il then-. He lia\ r'i\l 
cxti.''iisi''c!y throuiilioiii ihe Uriiiccl Stai'.s ami aiO.-r niaii\- years, locaii.vl .it 
J<"ii'ie-uoru, Arlcai'.r-as, v/hcax- he mat Mi^^. X'iruinia I-'ield, dangliter of ilenr\ 
Field, to vlu-'v, b.e ^\•a.-: married Oeiol-.^r ?1, 1''03. They scitied at Blyiiu:- 
\;iif, .\rhaii.-^.ts, vl-rre h.-e orsjanizcd a \e!io!c?alij grocery company; of \'.!iicli 
lie !;. prc.-.ivier.': and dioi-ig a inn.- biisine^^i-. I'lu.'v Iiavo one little daugiuer, 
\'iri;inia Walton,'' \vl;o was born , 190-!, at joncshoro, Arkansas. 

in T20 I.^aude W.dtOL,''^ borii February 6, !S6o, anr] died September 2j, IS",?, 

Uiiniai i iv-d. 

1\' l'/\ ('•.ly Y/alton,'''' b'lrn .\ii!;ast 2(). ISiV/, was rrart.-d and ri'aicat>'d in St. 

Lottis, Misso'ari, He is now a.^sori.ued with his two l^rotliers in the 
wdtolcsale grocerv' a.t l]!ytlie\'i!!e, .\rkun.-.;H. 

V 122 Howard Walton,'" born October 31. 1869, wa^ twice married; nn,t, oj! Ji;;ie 

22, 18Q3, to Ada \\"at-on. Sli.^ dded and he was ii-i.irried, second, on 
DeceniiifT 14. 190S, t:* Anna liiklebrand. They reside in St. Loiii-;, 

Yl 123 Grace Walton,'^ born September 10, iSVl, in St. Louis, Missouri, and sti!! 

li\X'S tliere. 

VII 124 Shirley Walton,"' b(,.rn May 15, 1S73, and died June 25, 1S79. 

\'III 12S r.oger ^Yallcn,''' born .-\pri! 6, 1873, died August 6, 1S76. 

IX 126 V.oy Walton,"'' born July 25, 1S77, in St. Louis, was married October 10, 

10(j7, :o Lue\' Coddard Hyde. They reside in Biythc\iHe, Arkansas, 
where he is associated with liis two brotliers i'.i the wlu'lesale ijjrocr-ry 

_ X 127 Gladys Walton,'" born February 2-., iSS2. in Si. L.itii.-., :Miiionii, where 

she still ii\es. 

Is.sue of 8 1 SARAH R0SS":R WALTON^ (Aup:usius Thomas,* Thomas Hobson," 

K ;beri,'' Thoma.:,^ John-) and J. Robert Johnson. 

I 128 Gussie Walton Johnson,'" burn Januaiy 27, 1S72, and died at 12 o'clock, 

on Monday, September 24 1877. 

II 129 Willie May Johnson,'" born May 3, 1S73, and was reared in Marshal! 

county, Missisippi. She was nuuried, first, to Tlomas Gatewcod, who 
died; and sccjiid, to Charley I.uc!:. T'lcy still ii\c near Mount Plea-ant, 
?.Iarslia'l ccjunty, AHssissippi. 

:-32 -iiii". V. ;)'iMS(i.\-; 'Nn •'.■!i!:iK ', oy Mf t;i lys 

lii L'O Ronne Sue Johnson, ■"■ boMi Xo\\-n:ln.-r 14, 1574, died Ot tobcr 25, 1379. 

l\' 131 A!!'!.!-! Scruggs Johrscn.'*' boin .■^l:;,,u^t 11. 1S76, in Mar.-liiill ouiiiny, 
M;-,:i^;;i,)pi. W'r.t'V. bui ;■ \-inilh ii.' ^vcnt. 'c MciitiMii?, Ti'niK'?-co, ;nul 

iJia 'led lu Tnc;- I'rirvii. 'CI.lx- hav ivn so-is, iwius. Samuel Fcrrcll 

Joha^oii arid .Mlicrl Si-.Iiuy joiinv.jii. 

l?si;c of S? II-'A EPPKS V/'ALTON-' ^Aaj^uslus 'i honias,^ Tlio.iia;-. Tlo'json,-' Robert,'^ 

Thomas' John') a:u] Cni?. \V, Hua. 

' 132 Augusta May Hurr,'-^ i •a.rn May 2o, 1S80, wa? married January 3t), 1900, 

tc WiUiani A. Barto.i. They had ''■ouc, (I ' Xoni.a I-hciyn Har;on, burn 
April 2'i, i9{l2, and [2) Wira Beniley Hanon," liorn January 2l), 1904, 
and diird July 17, 190S. 

II 153 Julian Berry Kurt,"' born Februaiy 27, 1SS2.. and .iicd October 21, 1902, 

ai iiis mother's home in Memphi.-, Tennessee. 

HI 13-1 Bessie Renibert Hurt,'" born October 15, 1SS4, and died September 3, 


I\' 135 Maud }3entlcy Hurt,'" born August 4, 18i'6, \Yas married April 29, 1906, to 

\V. Dennis Duriiam. They ha\-e t\\o children, (1) Dorrli Steu'art 1 /tiriiani, 
born January 29, 1907. (2) Rus^eil Hugeue DLuTjam, bo-ai Aueust 10, 

IssfK liv W'm. a. ^J.\^iP.^o^, iiHK SECcoaj i:i:suAXi) 

V 13i''> Howard Percy Kaimpson, born .-Xugasi IS, 1S90, in Abi-mohis. For several 
years he has been in ibe employ of th.e Memphis >;ev.-s Scimitar. 

VI 137 Iwary D.ivenpovt Harnpson, born January 16, 1893, in Memphis, l>nnessce, 

was educated in the city schools and is now an efhcient slenograplier. 

ls.sue of £.1 AN^^E EIIZAr.TTH I-;ARRTS'' {l.<j'i\i-,. ICppes Wa'i.Mi,' 'llioirias IJobson,' 

Robert,'' 1 humas,-' Joim'; and jcihu \\ ii^.;ht, her first husband. 

I 13S Louisa Estelle V/rip,ht,'" born .August 11, 18"(2, near Memphis, Tennes.«ee, 

aiid died Jul\', 1S73, in Tate county, Missibsippi. 

II 139 John Harris V/right-,"^' born June 21, 1874, at Tyro, Tate county, Mississippi. 

Went v.ith Ids mother to Mis.^ot.'rl, v.liere he was rea.'^ed. He was married 
December 28, 18'>9, to Ml.->s Mattie Gear of Oswego, Kansas. They 
located in St. Louis, Missouri, where he i^ eng:aged in tiic p!K>lograph 
busiiiess. They iia\e one son, lianas \^,'right, Jr.," bora Januaty 9, 1903. 
in St. Louis, Missouri. 

liC! Ill CKKl.'^Ali'iN 

Issue r.Y Mr. v.v.k si:cf/X») iu'sband 

IM l-'O Ftanley liiac'.ett Liid,'' bnm !'>. 18S!. on the farm, sovon -luios from 

C.ivr.i'' %)]., Schiivle.- c.Hiniy, Missouri. He is in llio phqiograph hii?inc;s 
in Kan: iv City, Misf-ouri. 

I\' 141 Jennie liad,"' born Scpic-mhcr 2^), 1SS4. on the f.'.rni near Gi\vn Top, 

Schnylcr countN', Mibsouri. went wiih lier \vi»!o\vc>,l nvilior to Kirksvillu, 
Missouri . wlieio.shc was reared an-l edneiuea. SIk- was married October 
29, i')07, lo GiU'crt Saeml. v,h., w.m be.iii Juby 27, 1S;^> :n Durham, 
Missuuri. Tliey siili reside in Kivk.^•i!le. Mi>souri- whure he is engaged in 
llic electrical business. Tliey liavc li.ree ciiildren- 

(!' Slanle\ Sneed.'' born in KirL~vil!e, .lain,.i.-y s, 1909. 

(2) Bernice Sneed," born in Kirksville, May 15, 1910. 

(3) :\Iary Virginia Sneed," born July 29, 1913. in Ivirksviilc, Missouri. 

Y 142 Arlhur Troy Lind,'^' born . He joined the church wlicit only sixteen 

veai^ old, obrainxi a position as cle-k in a sror..- and earned enough to 
complete his education. He is now a studciit in t!:C Normal Sdiool In 
Kirkville. ?.Hssouri. He expec.s to go soon to Dallas, Texas, and eng-age 
in the photograph business. 

Isstie of 83 PATRICK HENRY WHEAT, JR.^ (Lavinia .-\nn Walton,^ Thomas 

Hobson,' Robert, « Thomas,^ John') and Charity R. Eagle. 

I 143 Lavmia Ann WbDai,'' born March 26, 1SS5, at Lonoke, Arkansas, where 
she was reared and educated, was graduated from the Lonoke High School. 
She was married April 23, 1913, to Leo Hambetg. They reside m 
Conway, Arkansas. She is a member of the Baptist Church. 

n 144 V/illian, Eagle Wheat.^o born luiy 5, 1.';S6, at Lonoke, Arkansas, where he 
. rcw f Nounc, manhood and was m.uded June 16, 1909, to Nina Blanche 
Crutch..:' of Lon.-kc. They have a daughter Virginia Elise Vvhea.^l' 
born Ma> 30, 1910, and a son, ^2) Herndoa Eagio V.'heat, born 1913. 
Mr. Wheat is a dem.ocrat" and a mem.ber of the Baptist Church. He '.=■ a 
rice grower and a fine rice farm near Lonoke. 

HI 145 Ilia Nunn Wheat,'^ born September 19, ISSS, at Lonoke, Arkansas, and has 
continued to live there to the present time. He is a rice grower and lives 
on his rice L:rm near Lonoke. He is a democrat and a member of the 
Bap'.ist Church. Lnmarricd (1914). 

IV 146 Diana Cutler V/heat/" born Decembet 10, 1.S90, and died July 23. iS91. 

V 147 A.nna George Wheat,'^^ bom June 7, 1892, at Lonoke, Arkansas, was 
educated in t!ie schools of the l<.wn, i. a member of the Bapt-st Church, 
is unmarried ("1913), and still live.- witli her parents in Lonoke. 

ii'a: \'.(joiiso.' 

\'I 143 l-atricl: Heiixi V,i:cr.., Ili,'^ h. .n jimc ::, 1S>'4, at Loiioke, Arkaiisay, an'! 

is siil! living ihoro \vijh iiii parents. lie i.s a iiKiP.ber of the I3;'piist Clnirvh. 

\"Ii I4P Thomas Walt;'U,"^ bori Xovi'inbor 10, 1396, at Lonoko, Arkanfaf. 
an.d is now acieiu'iiig scIk'oI tiierc. lie is a member ol' ihe Baptist Churcii. 

VI II 150 Tan^es \7oodsoii "^.'heat,''^ born :\Iarch 7, 1S<":9, at I..onukc, Arkansas. He 

is a f)unil in tl'.c Lons.kc Srliool. He was i;i\eii the naiiK- \\'oodson in Iionc-r 
of liis tatiier's (oiisin 26-12 Ileiiry Morton \^"',>o^-j.■^on■' of Monipiiis, Tennessee 

IX 151 J.iarcus Edward V/Iieat,'' bcrii July 15, 1901. ,it Lonoke, .Arkansas, and is 

now aitciH'ling scliooi tliere. 

lisre of 98 DR. V/ILLIALl AUGUSTUS SCPJJGGS^ (Caroline Matikla Walton,* 

Tliomas Hohson,' Robert, "^ Thomas,^ Jr>lin"'J and 100 Sallic Lea Wilson."^ 

I 152 I'Taiinie vVatldns Scruggs,''^ LKjrn Sepienib^r S, 18/7, in Miutni Pleasant, 

Marshall county, Mississippji, where s'le was reared and educaied. Slie 
v.-as married about 1S97 to Fred Ivey of ?^lolint Pleasant. In 1900 they 
moved to Lcland. ^Mississipj)!, whcie he engaged in business and wdiero they 
still reside. 

II 153 Caroline Bascom,'^ twin sisier to 141 Xannie W'atkins Scraggs,''" born 

Sc[>temi;er S, 1877, in Mount I'leasa.nt, Misr-iisipin, and died tlicre October 
17, 189 J. 

Ill 1S4 Anthon}' Wilson Scruggs,"^ born Xovember 14, 18S1, in IMount Pleasant, 
-Ma-r^hall county, Mississippi, moved witli tiie family in 1900 to Leland, 
I\lissibsi; pi, where lu still !i^"es and is engaged in business. 

The Waltons are an ancient and honorabie Scotch-Eiiglish {amily, 
who v.-ere prominent in the early history of the country, and at th'3 present 
tiir.e maintain their iniluence and a high standard of manhood and woman- 

It is a source of regret that so little si.)ace ccjuld be given them in thi-- 
vcilume. Howe\xr, a thorough and complete history of this good old 

family, is in course of preparation by Charles Cortlandt \Valton, Jr.,^'^ 

of Richmond, Virginia. 

Issue of 8 3 ANN FEKTOK V/OOr-SON" (Capt. Chailes/' Dri r\ ,' William,^ Benjamin.^ 
liribert,-' Jolui') and German Booker. 

I 1521 Jc-inima G. Booker,^ born Xovemljcr 10, 1823. at Bold Spring in Cumber- 
land couiUy, \'irglnia, and died there at iht old ho:ne Ociobci 6, 1841. 

II 1522 Albert Lawson .Booker,' born February 17, 1825, at BoM Spring, Cumber- 
land county, Virginia, was married to Mary Smith of Buckingliam county, 
moved to Bristol, Tennessee, and died there December 10, 1S61. 

)-.l(.in 1! Cr.N::!' ATK'X 

in 1523 Lucie Hobson Boolrcr,' bom S.-pU' .50. ^S2i. .it P-oii,! Spring. Ciinihvr- 
lariv) coi!n;->-, \"i:.:i:'ia, was ir.anicd lo Willia.m Flippi'P. of C'umhoi-laiul 
county. Slu' ib now a wicioNv and li\-i.> wish her sifacr l.S2(> Dotlie in 
Riclunonci, \'iic;iiiia. 

I\' 1^2-i ivobert Her.derton Booker,' born January 19. IS29, at Hold Spriiig, 
CunibcrlanJ coiiiUy, Virginia, aiKJ Ji^u ykac Novcir.!:icr 20, 1S97. Never 

V * 1525 Charles Woodson Booker,' born July 14, 1S32, at the old. i^omtatead in 
(.'unibciiand couP-t>", X'irginia. lie located in ibe ri'.y of Kiv-linujud and 
was nianieil to ('ipliclia Hauls of city. He died M.irch 11, 1X96, at 
hi.s rcsidcnre on Holls' Street, KiMininTid, \'ii-L,inia. 

\'i lo26 Boitie Dcv; Booker,- born Xoxendj^r 21, ISiO, a.i her father's liom-'?, Rold 
Sprint;, in Cunibcrhmd coiini\-, X'ij'^inia., was married lo Thomas Po\v.-?ll 
of Riclimond. He died about i.6'69. Siie is still iivinp in Richmond, 

MI 1527 Naunie Fenton Booker,' born September 13, 1S.58, at Bold Spriri;, Cnmber- 
land county, \'iri;inia, and diedi there No'.ember 2b. iS97. 

\dll 1528 Joanna Christian Booker,' born January S, ISH, at the old homestead in 
Cumberland count\-, X'irginia, where she .-pent her entire life and died 
there February 11, 1881. 

IX lo29 r?jchr,rd German Booker,* born DcceiHbcr 3.", ISM, at Bold Spririy. in 

Cumberland county. He was married to , and died at his home 

"Sunny Side," February 2, 1909, survived by Ids v."ido\y and ivo chiidren, 
j\Iar>- Fen.ton Booker,' and Joanna Christian Booker.^ 

Issue of t>3<- CREED V/GODSON" (Tscharner,« Miller,^ John,^ Benjami.i,= Robert,- 
Jf^jin'J and wife, name i.'; not known. 

I 1530 Philip,* was born in the state of Georgia, v;as a ph.y-ician, married and 
settled near Ivlacon, Georgia. 

There were fevera! other sons and daughters in this fandiy but thc'r 
names have not been learned. 

Issue of S3 3 SArtAH WOODSON' (Tscharner,' Miller.^ John,'' Benjamin.-^ Robert,^ 
Joiin') and Henry Swann. 

I 1531 John Swann,'' born in Cumberland county. Viiginia, died in infancy. 

II 1532 Tschurner Swann,' born in Cund'crland county, Virginia, died in infancy. 

in 1533 Lucy Delia SNvanii,' born a fe..- miles from Cumbeila-id Courthouse, 
\'irciida. Tlie moiiier died sc;on after the birth of tids child ane' her aunt, 

Tin.: .\\(H;i)vON> and inr.ii^ toNNi-:< tu^xs 

839 Mnry (Wcxid-oir.' Sirxxi.' .lil'^pto! llu- liMle bain; and took her uv 
Jac'lc'ron, 'J"cniu'3PCi?, w hcM- il;oy .•,t,'Uii.d ^hi.iriiy :il''.fi \-.-.irc!s. T!u'\- till kfl 
JaLJ^S'in i'.iul ma\-cd lu Ciiiciiiuni, 0!iio. ;il.uul ihc !K';:iniMng of ilic (."i\i! 
\\\ir, a.ul have nut been luard from sinee. 

Issue of S4S CIIKISTOPHERC. WOODSOK" (CIvisKM^her.^ ^ilUer.Mohri,' l!c;;jandti,^ 
l\oben,- Jolin'J and wife, wlvj&e name is noi known. 

1 * 153-1 Chrlsloplier Columbus,' ]r.,vn !S1,\ in Ixirh'iunu', \'ir_.dr.i:i, went w'a\) Ids 
fatlu-rV- f;iniil\- in ]S20 \o Sparta., White eonnty, Tenne.^see, whfre he was 
reared and ednratc-d. llu ^v.^^ uKMiied .d'o.ii IS.vS vo M;:-s i'hoi'be 'I'.iylor 
of J.iriie.sii.w II, Tenricssr-e. The\' selth-'J ii"i Clinio.n cciirite, l\cntneky, 
where he b',u!;;hi a farm ancf reared hi.-^ fainils'. Jn politiis he wa.-- a 
dernoerat, was a nieiiiber of the n..ipi:ji e'imreh and b\' oecnpa.lion was a 
stonemason. His wife died in LS<';). .After this berej\ i-iU'jril he i;io\ed (o 
Alct'urtain, Oklahoma, and died tliere in I'J'jl . 

II 1535 William, ■* Liorn about iSlC, in Pudimond, \'irginia, ami died young. 

III * 1536 Richard Rogers, ^ born ?vlay il, ISIS, at Abingdon, \'ii;.;inia (no>v W'e.-.t 

Virginia), when the faniih- were "on tin- nio\'e" from P.ichmond, Virginia, 
to Sparta, Tennessee. It was about lis20 that they reached S-iiarta. 
Here this Kicliard grew to young manhood tind veas educated. In fS42 
he vrent to Ciintou county, Kentucky, and the fjI!o\^i;ig yd'\ in ]^.Iay, 
1843, was married to Miss ivatherine Talboit of Albany, liio i e-.jarv site of 
Clinton county. He boiir;hL a f.':rni four trdles west of Al!)any and !i\ed 
there twcnt\-five years. All hi? thirteen chikiren, seven boys and^ six 
girls, were born on this f,irm. He and Ids wife were Baptists and rejHiL'ii- 
cans. He died December 11, iS84, at their hoiii',.- ficar /\.lbany, Kentuelry. 

IV ]'>37 Matilda,* born about 1A20, probably in Sporta, Tennessee, and died young. 

Issue of a-vD ELIZA DeGRAFFERREIDT WOODSOiN" (Blake Baker, '^ IMiiler,^' joliu,'' 
Benjandt;,' Robert.- John') and Capt. Jack Raine. 

I 153S Goodt'oh RciJne.' 

H 1539 Adelbert Rpdne,'' married Hannah ^daxwe!l of Lynchburg. X'irguiia. 

Ill 1540 Nannie Raine, ^ married John Howell oi .\ppomattox Courthouse. 

W 1541 Ella Raine," married Mr. Perkins of .Amelia county, \'irginia. 

V 154? Charles Rrdne," married Miss Di.xon of Lynchburg. 

I;,sue of 84 3 SARAH TAYLOR V.-'OODSOIJ' l Blake Baker," Mllicr,'' John,' Penjandn,^ 
Roljert,^ Joh.n') and Col. I'dwin Moore. 

r.iGii 1 11 r.i- .vr.u.vTn X :i,-; 

i iri3 'I'honia? Moore,' \.ciu to ^"aiifiMiia ar.d 'm.-; n^.l h. en lieji->l fio!!! siuci.- 

II ir>44 Blake Tv^corc," '.nrn in ^'ii■|^il■iia. sv-rvvH; in ihc ConfcdcTi-ie ariii>', aiu! aftci" 
the war ^!o^elI he er-,L,;'.j;e'l in tlie inei\:;iuiiie busiii'^ss at GuiUcr.s\-ille, 
Alabanui, anJ liieei then;. 

Ill 1545 William .Moore,"' born in \'i!-;;ir.ia, wxiil with ilio faniiiy tu Alabama, 5cr\i'ii 
in llic C'onfciieratc arin\-, a.iiu -iftcr tlie \\\'.r weiil to Texas aiul died iliere. 

!\' 15 iO Alueri I^loore," b_u'nin lltillMrd eriunu, \'ii\,i!''.a, oiiHsied iii ih.cCoalcderate 
a.ini_\' and was Idlleu in battle. 

V' i5l7 John Moore, ^ b(!'n in l'K,d.i'i'rd e unry, \"iru;ini.i^ enlisted in the C\iniederate 
aiin^- and w as killed in battle. 

\T ]'>1S Granville Moore,' born about 18.^2 in'ord cnuwy, \'iri:,inia, went \Yith 
his mo. her to Guntcrs\-ille, AL b?ma, ar.d w.-.s liot main support after his 
faiher's death. In 1S72 lie w; s working f^jr a ralary and takii'g care of 
his nioiljcr, who, at that time, was in \'er\- treble Iicalili. 

V'll 1549 Eugene Moore, ^ born in IS.Si, in Bedford covirity, \'irginia, went with his 
mother to Gtmtersville, Alabama, and in the fall of iS71 went to Islisjls- 
sippi and setrkd there. 

\'III * 1550 Anna Moore, ^ born in Virginia, went with her mother to Gurters-\-iile. 
Alabama, was married to iNIr. Ka>'s arid died leaving four children. 

IX 1531 EllerL Mooie,* went with her mother to .•Mabama, was uiariied and liad 
several children, but nothing is known of th.em. 

X 15S2 Sallie jvloore,'' born in \'irgin:a, was twiee married and was a v.idrAv in 
1S72 ard wa-' living with her mother in. G'inters\ ille, .Mabama. 

Issue oi -052 BLAKE BAKER WOCDSOX' (Blake Baker, « Miller,-' John,^ Benjamin,' 
Robert,- Jolm') and Ann B. Barrett. 

I 15r3 Vviiliain I.'everly,' born IS-il, in!'ie, .-'■.labama, where he was 
reared and odticated. He was a young man of splendid physique arid was 
consielered one of the most intellectual yotnig men of the state. At the 
beginnini^ of the Ci\ i! Wat 1 e v. eat to \"irginia and volunteered in the 
ser\ice of the Confederate States, joining a troop of ca\-alry in Gen. J. E. B. 
Stuart's command, in which he served until Stuart fell at Yellow T-'ive:n. 
He was then transferred to Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's command and was cijj- 
pointcd one of the aides to that officer a short time before the war closed. 
He was in iivt\'-four battles during the %/ar and was wounded ilirce times; 
so slightly, howc\'er, ac not to make ii necessary for him to go to a hospital. 
After the close eif the war he rettum-d home in perfect heallh and was 

.\M> nP:iR CONM I. Tl'/iX? 

;apiuly lulauii;:^ iiim-rlr to ih. i-!i.i;ii;ctl C''!\!irians when in Jaiin.try. li^66, 
he wa'^ aecki-'ntalK' Iciik-i h\- one cf b.i-.> men intimate and dc\( led frioiuls. 
The circunistaiKetf arteiidiny; the sad alTair were as fallows: He was 
invi.ei h\- '"ap.. Mc^^"nlrler in aeconvv'.'iy IviV' home — alv..-ut fi>: mil',-.; 
from (".a.ii!es\il!e — to enjoy a few day?" spo-'t in bird hmiling. Mis sister 
Nannie \\'oo(is<->n, arcotnpanied them ihii ?!ie mi^lit pay a vi-^i to thc' 
Captain's sister wlio lived h;'h a mile frora his residence. 

Upon nrriviii!,: a! ("apt. .McWhoiler's liome, they cleaned their s^iins in 
the exenine, prcparate.r\- i>' a hunt on the following morning and plaee.l 
thein empty in- a of th.e roi^rn. In ihe meantime, a ?cr\-ant tool; a 
tun (left !;>■ Major (ira>son who hu.d he.ii hui.tini;- a few days hefoi-e) 
an'.i pla'.xd it with the (wo empty c;uns. Major Grayson's and Mc\\'horler's 
guns Wi-rc so nearly ahke ns -careely U- lie <lisung:uished the one from the 
othe'". On tile next miirning .:l!er ari.-ii'^' aad d.cssing themsch-es. it vsws 
proposed i!kU they go tlirough the various maneuvers and words o! 
command of a duel. Taking their guns, the Caj)tain, by mistake, took 
IMajor Gayson's v/Lich was rhar:;ed, and at the word "fire" lodged the 
contents in the side and luniks of his friend. His sister was sent for ini- 
mediate!)-. Upon arriving slie foimd her brother sitting composedly on ..i 
chair with his arms folded. He told her he was glad she had conic, that he 
miglit take an affectionate, though final of hei, and at the same time 
exonerate his friend from all blame and unjust suspicion by assuring her 
that the sad misfortune was entirely the result of accident. In a few 
moments he expired without a struggle. Capt. McWborter, wiio was a 
moral and hightoned gentleman, seeking to assuage his grief, plunged in^o 
intemperance and soon followed his friend to the grave. 

II * 15.=;4 Reavis Barrett, ^ born 1843, in Gainesville, Alabama, was reared and edu- 
cated there and at the outbreak of the Civil War, volunteered in the 
Confederate army, joining a rifle company organized at Gainesville, Aht- 
bama. He was in the first battle of Manassas, then iu all the battles 
before Richmond until McClelland was removed. At tiie second battle of 
Manassas h!s left arn; v.-as shattered by a grape shot and was amputated 
between the wrist and elbow. He refused to be discharged from the ar.n^y 
and after recovering from his wound returned to his command and was i.n ilic 
desperate battle near Fredericksburg. After the cessation of hostilities 
he returned to Gainesville, .Alabama, vi'heie he spent the remainder of his 
life, an honorable and useful citizen. In 1^67 he was appointed Lniied 
States Marshal, through the influence of his uncle, Judge Turner Reavis, 
who was a man of strong character and exercised considerable influence 
over the leading "radicals" of the state. 

He was married to Lucie Commac DiUard, and died 1S9&, at liis hon:e 
in Gaines\-ille. 

HI 1555 JohHj' hnrii in Gaincswlle, .■Maljam-i ; died young. 

IV * 155'^ Nautie Temple,'' boru Sep>':-mber 1, 1S46, and reared at Gainesville. 
Alabama, v.-\-:. married January 2, 1866, to Hon. Lawrence Doc.?.tur Gcdi.'-ey, 

Fli.H ril i.lM.KAT piN 

wlui v.'ar. l-.orii in Sm-.'.tcr coniity, .M.ib.uiKi, iiiui bccaiiu' r. proiiiinciu 
l.iwyir of t!iat ?t.iU\ I'c v/as jn.iyor of the city of CiaiiiL'^ville for ihiriy 
y< irs fr'irii lS"-i lo Jfidv I'o -.'-a- si,; \ear-; solicitor nt ilie judicial!-icl of whiih bis v^iimti-'i' r.uir.iy foi!iK-rI a. pari. lie was a nicnilicr 
of the Alalxiina K■gi^lalulV in IsSI-S; and < [ ihe ^.a;e ^-nalc i8SS to 1901, 
and atrain of <hf lower hous-a 1001-.'. lie <v\vcd t;allantl\ in X'ac Conk-dcral',; 
army until, at the Inuilo of Suxcn Pin. ?, \":i-in;a, his n£;lu ann wasshaitvrc'd 
and had lu I'c ainpuiatcd. lu:- was a .'oadous mcnilier of ilie M;.-. i'.odI^L 
Cliurrh and was a dclcsato lo ilic gcncTal runforence widen ror.\on(.-d in 
Si. Louis in KSOO. Mr. Codfrey was a Id^'-'y cducaud j;> ;uk-inan of ih.e 
old school; dignilied, coiiricuus and of st:;v,rlur ip.telk'Cinal atlainments, 
he was honored, iovc-d and tnu^l':.! hy r.!l wliu had ihc ;;aod. fnnuiic lo know 
liin. lU- removed in 19.13 from Caiivs\'!l:' lo I'c^seniei , Al.diama. wiv:re 
he praelired his profession until oonipelled l.y failing health, to alxindon it. 
In 190S he nioxx-d to Meridian, Mis^iss;pj|;, where he died Ja.nuary 20, 
1909. He was a pcd man. 

Issue 0^ 853 WILLIAM COWAN WOODSON' (Blake lliker.^:\Iillcr,= Jolm,^Bsnjamin.= 
Robert,- John'; anfi Virginia Kinerdd. 

1 * 1557 Charles Ed^-in,M)orn in Lewisburg. West \'iri.inia, where he was rcar.ed and 
educated. Arri\-inc: at the age of young manhood, he went ;o Te>:as r.nd 
was married to AJi-s Lydia Price of Xavarro county. Tiiey are now 
engaged in farming, near Athens, Hender.son countv, Tesas. 

II 155t; Samuel B,' born in Lewi. -burg, West \'irglnia, was married to Miss Erdine 
Spillman of \\'esimorcland coiint>;, where ll/.-y still reside. 

Ill 1559 Thomas Jackson,' born in Le-.visburg, West X'irginia. He was so named in 
honor of hi,? father's stepbrother Thomas J. (Sconewall) Jackson. He 
died in 1365. 

W * 1560 Edgar T.,' bom in Lewisburg, West Virginia, arriving a* the age of young 
manhood he went to Texas and was married to Miss Lmma Barefootc of 
Nocona, Montague county, Te.xas, \s-iiere they now reside, lie ts an 
electrician by occupation. 

V 1561 Ida Kincaici,^ born in I.ewi=burg, West \'irginia, where she is still living, 
it i^ through her kindness thcit all the above data on her father's family 
hax'c been obtained. 

Issue of 857 bUCY MATILDA WOODSON' (Miller." Mil'er.' John,' Benjamin', 
Rol;ert,- John) and 859 Creed Taylor." 

1 1562 Emily S. Tay'.or.s 

II 15CJ Annif^ TtLvlor.' 

'•\0 Till-; v.c',.:)3ox.s .\n:> i'!;i- ik cwni 

HI 1564 Taylor/ 

Tho?c llii-Cv- si^^icrs V-ove :\\l i.oni ;n ' ' S i\'K.\\: .wi; ." the old hoincsli:.:'' 
in CTiiiiLci'anf' co'.ir.t\-, X'ir.i- ;.i. Tiicx" .-i'l- a!! unm.irricd miui .•.li!l ic--i>!j 
at Ncodb.-ini, w lv,.-re iiu-y .<.re i!\\a\.< pk'a;e>i to .-■ee lluir !'I•i«■I'■J^ n..;! oxicii'! 
that lK>>piu;i!(>- v.aic'.; is a ^y;lo:■.y^a of the grand oh! li-iir.cslcach Th,-y 
often !ia\'o noimij; pi'i'plc- !!l>;)| the ncar-Iiy normal scimol, and dther.-;, 
conn- to Neocihan! and eiijox- !io:iti\.t, on the old fish, [^ond, pronienatiihy.' 
in till? axfiuic ol boN\\L")d# tiuU arc iiiore than a Ivj'idrcd \ears oh.!, aud 
olhoru ise it/prndncing ^^enc^ of jo\' and gh'...!ne>s witii wliicl; Noedham 
familiar in llu- sweet Ion;.; a^.i. 

Iss'ie of E,BQ BLAHE EAUEn VVOODE'.)!- (Miller,'' Miilcr.Mohn/ Beiijaniin,= Rohort,- 
Johii'i and his lirsi '.vile, \.xi\ ;;.■ Ana Foid. 

1 1565 William Tsrbarner," l)orn at fumbcrlan:' Coiirth.-juse, \"iri;inia, where he 
was reared and educalcd arid grew to pror.-.i.-ing >ourig Tnar.hocd, and di"i!. 

Issue by tihrd wifk, r,:..MA H. Hendkix 

II )5&6 iPIennrix- D.,' li.-rn at th.c ch.I }v]i!ler Woo;Ison iiomestead at Cnndjcriaral 
Coi'ithousc, Mrginia. 

HI !5o7 j^la]-:e Ral-er," horn aliotil l.'^Sl at ;i;e old h.omostoad at Ciin'ibcrland 
C"ourth'.>usc, \'irginia, and is sii',1 li\inr there: witii ins n' 

issue of QS't AI.I-:;; JAT^E TA.YL0R- iMauna WooJ-on,'' Mill'-r^' John/ Bc;ijam;a/ 
Kobeit,- John') and judge William Yates Gholson. 

I 15C8 Samuel Creed Gliols-on.^ 

II 1509 Anne Jane Gholson." At he biitli of thii child the mother died, and U'e 
two infant children were lahen hv Chancellor Crec.! Taxlor and hi? wik-, 
Sidh- \\"oodsr n, to their 110:1 e, "Xee iham" and rcai'ed as their own ehiidreii. 

Issue of 369 REV. LEWIS MILLER WOODSON' (Peter.'"' 'd^oplar h'oot" John.,- 
John,' Benjamin,' Robert,- j'oiia') and Liicinda Hanna. 

I ' 1570 Thomas ivlorris,- horn July eO, 1<<-M\ m Snnmer co'uni>, Tennessee, ^^a^. 
gr.idiKued ii! medicine Marcli 9, IS^O, from the uni%-ersity of Louis-.-ille, 
Kentucky. lie was cwice married; fi'si. on P~ebruary S, IS.^.:!, to Elizabeth 
llall Crendta^v v\dio was hor.'i April .8, 1832, and died August 19, ISM. 
)Ier widov. ed luisband w.:..s married, second, on IS, 1855, to An'.ciia 
Matilda .\l!en, who was born Xovenibcr 19. 1S34. She was a daughter of 
Re-c. I.r.l.-e I'. Alien, of th.: Kentucky C^jnferen'-e, M. K. Church, South. 
Tliey spent tlieir entire wedded life in Sumner county, %vhcrc he attained 
piominence in his profession a.i'i en'o\ed tlic highest esteem of a'l v.dio 
knew Idrn. I'hey both li^ed to a ri;je o' ! age and died at their home in 
Ca'hitin, Sumner coiiiitv, Te'u;essee. 

i...-..,, . 


i:!-..ii ril ili.Nl-KATi 

II 1571 Vv'ilHam Peter,- hovn \'chvu:.vy 6, ;S32, in Suinrn.T coiintv, Tcai-f.-?cc, nmt 
lilrd Ai^ril 23, 1S5.;. 

il! ib72 James Do;'k,^ hoin ■\'!i) 'ui:)- 26, !S,vi, ,\\cd M.nd- 8, 1S3S. 

W 1573 Joan Miller,^ \<>nu Pi co:,i!!cr 25, l;-\-;5, i\k-d May 7. lSo4. 

\' " 1574 TvTrjrtha Eii.-'abeth,' horn Au;4^l^t 20, l^.'.O, in Sumiu-r cimnly, 
''"t-i-nissco, arci dioci .Xi'i'ii 20. tSOO. Sli,- was ni.'irrieii Xo\ onihcr Ui. tSdO, 
if) Ccofice 'riionijison I^rMV/n, \\ ho Iiorn Au,t;!.isf 1", 15^37. Ai flio bc- 
oinning of tiic C"i\-il War, he cnL',- leii in ;hc ConfcL rale States arnr,' and 
was killed on l)ciobi.r 25. 1S63, in one (^l" i.he tjattlcs in Alabama. 

\] 1S7S Ira EJward,* b..:ii October 2S, 1842; di-d Au-ust 4, IS U. 

Issue of B7tj ALEXANDER WOODSON' [livuj.umn/ 'Tophir Foot" John,^ John,' 
Ijcnjaniiii,^ Ivj'iieri,- Joh.n') and M.iry Ar.p. Ci.iud. 

I * 1576 Ann Eiiza,""' bcrn March 1, lS4i, in Kuckiiij;ha!n county, Xorlh Caroh'na. 
went with tlK' family in 1850 ro Watkinsxillc, Ceori^ia, anc] was educated 
in t"o\ingioii, Georgia, ;ind was there married l\-bruar\- 22, IJ'/], to 
Albert S. Mande\ille, who w;is borti Ajiril 14, 1324, in J;icksonvilIe, 
Ton;;)kins cuiuity, Xew ^"ork. They settled in Atl;ens, Georgia, where 
she died in 1905. 

11 * 1577 Cornelia Brittain," born aboitt 1S43 in Rockingliani county, Xorth Carolina, 
went with the family in 1S5U to Watkinsville, Georgia, was graduated 
July 15, 1!:'57, from the Souihern Masonic I'emale College in Covitigvon, 
Georgia. Retuining to W'atkinsviUe, she v. .as tnarned (Jctolier S, 1861, 
to Millege Lindsay Durham. They spent their entire wedded life in Wat- 
kinsville, where she died Febriiarv 22. l^Sl. Ik-r husband died ?.Iarch iO, 
1905. The>- \\ e';c inendiers of the Methodist Chtirch and he was a prominent 

1 i I 1578 John,-' born about 1S45 in Xorth Caiolina went with lite family in 1S50. to 
Watkinsville and tlien to Co\ington, Georgia, where he was reared and 
educated. Me \\ as ma.rried bt:t the name of his wife has r.ot ijeen ascer- 
tained. He died in Co\ingioii, Georgia, about 1S9S. He had .'e-.eral 
children, one of whom is named Alexai^.der, who now n\es in Atlanta, 

I\' 1579 \.'iUiain Walter,^ Ijorii tibottt 1.S47 in Rockingham county, Xorth Carolina, 
'.vent witli the family in 1S50 to Watkinsville, Georgia. At the beginning 
of the Ci\il War in ISCil, he enlisted in the Confederate States army, 
was captured on the f.eld of battle, imprisoned at Fort Delaware and di^d 
in prison October 18, 1S63. 

Issue of 8 7t- Gi.ORGE V/OOr-SOK" c benjamin. = 'Poplar Foot" John,-' John,^ i'.en- 
jauiin,'" Robrrt,\io!in'; ar'd Addie Robetts. 

342 ■ • 111'.. Vo(>!W"\> \n;> riiKii: < <.>:M'< vt;-.NS 

I * 15S0 M.Tiy,^ iiKMricd Daxid R'.I»cits r;,.,l liad one cliil(!. 

!i * loCi Mariah Yt nnble/ was in irri.: ! lo ("li.irU-s Malonc, an.i Lnci two childivii. 

Ill "■■ i5£.' Miiitlia Aiiii,'^ was urirrii-.l lo '"ha;!' s Ti.-.', atu! liad tiircc chilvlrcn. 

Issue of 8D2 V,'!LLIAM WOODSON" (r^cnjaii-in/' 'Poplar Foot" John,^ John,' Bi-n- 
jainin,^ Kobcri,- Jolm') and I. call Frxc. 

I * I5o3 Geoige B.,"' rnnnicd Tilliiha Taylor. 

II '^- 1:;.^4 Jr.mos Wej;ley,^ iiuuricd I-:!!eii fauaiie and had Iwo cl'.ildrcn. 

Hi 1S85 /iloxandcr C.,"^ married l~li^abe;!) I.Ui:a-,i. 

]y ] 586 ICathc-rine Ann,*^ was married lo M r. Sniiw anii died Iea\ ini; sovcral chiitlicii 

Issue c: 3SS EMMA EATIIERlNE WOODSON' ( l^cnjamin," "Poplar rooL" Joi)n/ 
jolni,'' JM-njamin,' Roiic; c,- John'} anr! I'mcr Scales. 

I * 15S7 r.Tartlia Ann Scales,* \v>is married to IMnrtaiu Grogan aad had two 

I! 15So Edv/ard rranklin Scales,^ enlisted in iiie Confederate army and ^\as 
killed in liie haltle of Sliarpihurg, Virginia. 

IK * 1580 James Scales,^ married llulda Webster. 

I\" " 1590 Maiy Scales,'* was married to Re\-. Corr.elius Miliar, a Presliytciian 

V 1591 Dr. Jefferson Scales,' rn.uiied \'irt;ir,ia Sloan of North Carolina. They 
li\'e on Si: ten Island, .\e-.\ ^"ork. He is a prominent j'iiysician th<>re. 

Issue of 0£7 JAMES PATRICK WOODSON' (Benjamin,*^ "Poplar Foot" John,^ 
John," I'enjamin.'' R.i-bert,- Jol'n' ) ami Mary Isom. 

1 * 1592 Martha Ann,' born ISIO, at Ibisin-.n iiie. Linrr/m connty, Kentaeky, went 
with the family in 1S55 to Homy Cro\c, Te.xas, wliere she was iuarried 
iJecemlier 1.3, bS56, \n Thomas Howard l.ieon of X'irginia. He enlisted 
in the Confetlerate arm\-, attaiiied the ra.nk of lieutenant and distinguished 
liimself Oil many occasions for great ljra\cry. He was severely W'Ounded 
in a successful attempt at the battle of kranklin, Tennessee, to recapture 
tiie flag of his regiment. Me died Au-j^nst 2-?. 1S90, at home in Honey\e, 'I'e.vas. He was a dealer in n-ul -^stati;. 

II '■ i59C Elizabeth Frances,^ bom in 18^2, at Husionvilie, Kentuck\, v.ent with the 

family in 1S55, to Hocev Grow. Texas, and was tlicre inarti<.>d Septcru'.'cr 

12, L-v^A. lo C. Z. r>n<.li,c .;f II.)iu-\- (".lovo. H-. j-otvchI ir, the C'unfctleralo 
St.i'.c> ;'iin\-. (luiinv,' il'.c Civii W'.ir, .iiul .in.iir.-d ;•■■ tin- :.\iik t>f captnir.. 
Shr .'i'-ti \vh< .., to I'uv.aa v\\-^, 't %lc!iuhI i'uji Ucr UU.- v, v.v::ii in-eds."-' Iiv 

Ill J504 ]N'aiy J'anc," I'orn l.i IS! !, in Linrchi i;ciu.i:y, Kenuick\-, niul vilofl y.nmj.. 

1\' * IS95 Emm.i Kaihcdae,^ \,oi-n 18-^6. .m lii:e!.(jnvilic, Ktnt ucky. w.iit witii ihe 
f:iiiiil\- in 18,^5 lo !Jti!;oy (irc\c'. 'i'oxn.-, au'i was iliei'e n':v.-rioi.l J:i';iir.i\' 15, 
18()(), lo J;inie.s S. Hooikj, formerly of TcniK-fco. lie li.ul sci \ei_l il-.ivjir^h 
tlu' l"i\il War, in tlic Coiiftxk'r;i?c a!ii\\-. ?.lr,';. Boone's heaiitifr,! C.'lirisi.i.m 
life makcri I'.or name a huusi.-lioM v, on,i at hoir.e anti ahroarl. 

\' ^ 1596 Ma lah Virginia/ iiorn ISiS, ai Unstoux iile, ICeiituekv , \vc -U" wiih ilie 
fa.inily in JS55 vo Iloney Gro\'e, Texas, ant! was there mariieo JiiriO 2!. 
iSoS, to Geori^c An'hev%- I)aile>-, wlio was horn Iiii\- 4, ISM, at Mii--ioi.\!lle, 
i\entin-k\-, :-i Soli ^;f Pr. W'llHan: I-'.. I)aile\ a.iul !Mi/,i (irecr of Jlaltimore, 
Mai ;. iaru.l. He w-'iu \\ilh his parents, in 1857, \o H(.:He\- Gro\-c, Texas. 
He r ■r\ed tiiree >\ars in the Confederate States arr.i\. W'iien the war 
closed he rcttiriict' iiunie and cnj;a;,ed in the drug business and continued 
in t'.iat business as lon^ as he li\ed. Ho vvas married June 21, 1S6S, to 
1596 Mariah X'iryiiiia \A'oodson.^ He united with tl.e Methodist Church 
in l.S/(i, \\i\:, elected to the office of steward in 1874 and continued in that 
relati<,>n to ilio end of life. For fourteen } ears, and up lo tlic time of 
hi> deatli he was a faithful and devoted supcriittondent of tlie Sunday 
pehool, and lr,\ ed the work because lie lo\"e(f the cliildren and Iris Sa\ior. 
He le\ed ai! cl'iuih work because he lo\-ed thiC great Heari of the -rliureh. 
He was a man honored and respected ij}- all wlio knew hint. He was a 
I\lason of Idgh de;:;ree, and a member of tiie \"/o^)d.inen of the W'oriiJ. He 
died at 5 o'clock p. m. May 9, 1911, at his hoiue on Hickory Street, Hone\- 
C.ici\ ', Texas. I3r".!i orders of which he was ,". menilier, and t!te Sunda\ 
.scho'.il of wlncit he was the belo\-ed suixTinlendent:, panieli^ated in h'a 
funeral ser\'i!es. He is su'-vi%'ed by his widow and daughter. 

VI '■'- 1597 Benjamin Nelson,' born 1850, at Hustonville, Kentucky, went with the 
famih' in 1.S55 \r> Hone\' Cro\'e, Texas. He was educated ai f'ritclv.-it 
Institute, Glasgow, Missouri, graduated in the law department, C'.lurnl,!;; 
Colic jje. New York City. After Iv-ing admittod to the bar in Xew Yorlc. he 
returned to Gia.-.gow, Missouri, aiiu A\as there married on May e', bS.'-d. 
to Nellie Cockerill, a daughter of one of the most prominci'.t families of tiic 
St. lie. Remc\ing again to Texas, lie became active in the aiTairs o' 
l-.omin county, was elected county attorney in 1889, scrxdng two terms. 
W'lieii Oklahoma was opened for settlement, he secured much \-aluab>le 
[irojjerty in Oklahoma C ify, where he located and at once Ijecan.e prom- 
inent in tlie v.oiideiful de'celojiment of ih<it ne\s country. 

Represeutin;.- the state of Texas, he \\ as a mernlier of the famous 
Coaimittee of '1 hirteen tlutt a.clju-ted the lots In Oklalionta Cii\. In the 
piogres-; of e\'eiits lie lias bten chairman of nnmeroiis C(jnuuittet .>. lie was 
app'jin'.ed pirobate judge of Ka>' coLint\-, (Jklahoma, b>' t?iO\'. Ren'row. 

.^1-J li:i', Wi'ODSDNs \M) n'i"l:^v ON.Nl-rilONS 

ji'.i!;,'e \\"oo(lsi:n iv.-> 'hv;iy.-; liocn a s!;ui!ii"h (Iciiiocr.n, v.m] is a niiin of 
extiMtniliiuv.y bu^iricss .'li'ilitN-. His v.ido expcrin.Ci in !in:r.iria! ;:iul 
;.'.Hli;Ml .-iiKl'i'S, l:v.;C!'.- .• v iih lii- iiiu ;;: i'. \', !;.\.s sii;ii!i<! him ;va cnxi.ilile 
I'hh-.- in ihc (■-iiir:,'.;i<.'!i i.if . ;1 w Ivr, k;;o\v i.iip., rc;,,arc!lcss oi' !-'aiU' a'n!i.'uitiiif-. 
He I.;:- rrgiMi. fri-i.-) al! ;>ai ts <^t iiis aiicptcJ slau-, (;. becimio a faiuii(!a;c' 
;or !ii-irnn.;;iii-;c;o\C:;!i:>r, ! iii lias \,c^J■^ Ci-in;x'l'ed lo docHiic, on accinuu oT 
the clenia, u!s of his jirix :uc aiV.iirs. His iioiiie is in Ok!;ili.:.nui City. 

\'II * 1503 Lorcna Ellen, ^ borji IS52, ai Ilu--lr-'j\ ilio, Ki.-n!uck\-. \wai with thr fai;iii;- 
in 1^'.S5 u: I u>nc\' '->ro\ c, Toxa;., vvliere i-hi, i;>>-'^'- t'-" >i:jinig woman'.iood anJ 
was liiarriod Septcmlii.-r 7, IJsTS, tc.> J<).-i.-[ih Siiito!i Kriidall, who iv;.s uorn 
1J^49, in (7)0ors,ia. He Nvei't to 'I'oxas .■ ;i;l was, for a nuiiibi.v of years, 
slate superinicndent. of ;nililio ii.--; ri'ii ion. Ho was a man of suporior 
qualiiios, menial and nu>ral. In l:is do. ah, v.hioh occurred on OoR)ber 7, 
1906, at liis litmio in noniun, Ttxas, the .-lalo lost a vaUied nublio servant, 
the coniirii;nii V an (-stiinabii' folh.i'.v oiti.^on, and his f,iniii_\ a do\ntoJ fachcr 
and husband. 

I lis Vi idov-- stiil -ar\i\-(s. In ! OOS she went to ''r.roite and tra\o!cfi 
LXlensi\ely, a'iding nu oh inform. ilinn to a ininif already woM fiHod. She 
still resides a.t her home in Ueninn. Texas. 

VHI * 1S;)9 Janiei: Patrick Vensble,'' born h*-'5-!, at Hustonvillc. Ivontaoky, The next 
ye;ir Ik- was raken witii the family to Hone\' Gro\e, Texas, wliere iie grew 
lo y.')i!;i;; manhood anti was married October IS, 1S77, to I.ucy P.;rk.-: of 
Warrensbiirg-, Missouri, daughier of Re\'. Ji)seph C Parks, n ironister 
renowned a., an cdnc.itor and a poii'it orntor. b>99 Janios Patrick \"enab'.e 
Woodson'" died in early life in Austin, 1 exas. 

IX ' 1600 John Thoinas,- burn iS56. at Hon"\-\e, Texas, was ro.arried June 11, 
11*^95, to Annie ^"onng of Abilene, Texa^, wb.ore they still reside. 

X * 1601 F.obert Simon Woodson," born 1S58, at Honey Grove, Texas. When he- 
was little more than S' \X'nteen years old ho was married in 1S75 to Tv.lo'ta 
Pickens of Louisiana. Siie was at tliat time but -x \"Oung girl of ftftcop, 
years. She died in early womanhood, survived by her husband and two 

XT 1^02 V/iili:un Venablc,' bcrn 1S(.0, tit Huno;-- Grove, Texas, died in infar.oy. 

Issue of 8S9 MARIAII WOODSON'' (Benjamin.^ "Pr.plar Foot" John,» J.ol.n,' Den- 
jamin,'* R(.ib Tt,'- John') aiid Xath.aniel Dodd. 

I * 1603 Martha Venable Dodd,* was married to H. Clay Dandridge. 

H * 1604 Mary Dodd," was married to J. M. Gr.)k;an, a brotlior lo Marlain Grogan, 
wlio ni.irried 152.^ M irih.a Ann Scale-." 

Issue of G 9 O ROBERT WOODSON ■ (Renjainin,^' ''Pon-lar Foot" John,' Jol-n," Penjamin,' 
R.iberi,'-' J(/;in') and Jane Eliza fliUis. 

:;t,ir: h <ii-:Nf,K.\ !i'>x -vt>'i 

I * 1605 Alice.Mva.'! m.-irrictl I.) S. J. Mivulows. 

II ' 1606 Jjivies E,' married S;!rali Jaiio . 

Ill )007 Robert.^ L'iur...;n'>il. 

iue of fj9 1 JACOB CAIMFAX WOODSON' (Joseph Nailianiel.^ '4\M^iar Fool" 
John.- J.'lin,^ r,ci:: :ir.-n.' \inhvr\r John';, .nui Su^an Woodard. 

I 160S Elizn.bc-tli," Ijorii ai.uiu Dcccral'cr, IS.iI, in \'irj;inia. She wont with tlie 
fai'aih- ir, 18 17 tu Monigoniory coiiiUy, ■I'ciuu's^ce, and died ihctr, Sc'iJtL-mber 
6, 1o56. XcN'tT iiiarric-d. 

11 1609 J^i.e Ari..," iiorn IS.U in ViiL^inia. v,uit v ii!i the family in lSl-7 to Monr- 
v,o-y,r\-y county, Teni,i-ssi.\.', ami v. a.- 'lu-re iii trricdi in 1S51 to Janicb 
Nichulas Holt. Hi rlicJ in ISaO sin\i\ed 'ly his wilIow anil three rhildren. 
She died about 18S.S. 

Ill * 1510 Samuel B.,^ horn .\o\-e;nl er 2, IS.^V, in \ iri^irda, went witli tlie family in 
1S17 to Mnnl;.,oniery county, Tennc--ee. He v.a-- married lirst, in 18.-7, 
to Mary lunily Cook^ey. Slie diad al'out 1863 a.nd he was married, 
second, in ISOo, io Jane Marshall. They were li\ing in 1913 at Do\cr, 

W 1611 Silas H.,^ born Oetohier, 1830, in Virginia, went with the family in 1&47 
to IMontgomery county, Tennes^ve, and was the