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Full text of "Historical and genealogical miscellany : data relating to the settlement and settlers of New York and New Jersey"

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Early Ssitlers of New Jercey and iheir Descendants 



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Layton Kainily of Monmouth County, N. J i- to 

Tall ni an ol New Jersey 1 1- 4-. 

Taylor o*" Monmouth County, N. J 43- 74 

Throckmorton of Moiur.outh County, N. J 75~i30 

Tilton of New Jersey 13 1-202 

Tilton, Unconnected Lines 202-213 

Tilton, Miscellaneous 213-222 

Wall of Monmouth County, N. J ■223-234 

Walling of Monmouth County, N.J 235-246 

Watson of Monmouth County, N. J 247-254 

White of New Jersey 255-388 

Whitiock of Monmouth County, N. J 389-412 

^Vinter of Monmouth County, N. J 4 13-416 

Woodward of New Jersc}' ).i 7 -.;.24 

SVooUey of Monmouth County, N. J 425-506 

Errata 507 

Index 505J-576 




1 WILLIAM LAYTON, an Englishman,, with his name spelled six diftercnt v.-ays 
{Ldighto72, Laiton, Latone, Laitonc^ Lan-ton, Layteii), was one ot the pioneer settlers ot 
Middletown, New Jersey. 

i6S8, iNIch. 25. He had a patent for land granted to him. which was s'jrveyed June 
9, 16SS. Jan. 4, 16S8, he recorded his cattle-jnark. Apr. 30, 1703, John Stout, in a 
conveyance of land to his son Richard Stotit, lying in Middletown, mentioned the iaiids 
of Richard Mount and William Layton as abutting properties. 

1702, Aug. 17-18, he .made his will as William Lo.vjto)'.; proved June 28, 1708, in 
which he named Siis wife executrix, and she was probably the \"iolet Lawton to whom 
letters ot administration were issued, and his six children. 


2 William Layton 

3 Thomas Layton 

4 Andrew Layton 

5 John Laytoii 

6 Samuel Layton 

7 Mary La}'ton 

It is possible there v. as some kinship between John Layton, of Newport, R. I., who 
deeded land iv, Richard Tew in payment for swine on Jan. 14, 1674, and William Lav.ton, 
of Monmouth County, and perhaps even more likely that a kinship existed between 
\N'iIliam Layton, of Monmouth County, and Thomas l_awt(jn, of Portsmouth: "Ihomas 
Lawton, of Portsmoutli, Rhode Island, to Giles Slocum of ye aforesaid town and proymce 
2 whole shares of land b)- mc purchased of \V'= Reape of the place cr>mmonly called Nava- 
sink Narumsunk and Pootaj)cck, also land in ar.d near Shrewsbury, April ;, 1672. 
Witnesses: John Sanford, William Mairs." 

Deeds au'l I'ltents, Tyr)'t',n N. 7., Lib. 1, p. fj'/. 


2 WILLLAM LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, received his father's lands in 
Middletown, as appears under a conveyance in 1710, from Richard Mount to Eden Bur- 
rows, wherein his land is mentioned as upon the boundary, and which land we know had 
been his father's. However, Aug. 10, 1704, he was settled at JMeehold, where he con- 
veyed land for £13, to Samuel Layton, which he had by deed from Ricliard ILir'sh.orne 
Aug. 22, 1690, bounded by formerly Richard Stout, jr., George Keith, formerly William 
Scott and the Gully. The witnesses were Thomas Layton, John Lawrence and Willi am 
Lawrence. By deduction he was born between 1660 and 1670, and came v.-ith his father 
when a mere lad to Middletown. 

173^ -'"^Pi"- lOi he made his will; proved ALiy 15, 1735, calling himself of Ercchold, 
yeomrn, and mentioned: 

to liis_"cousin William Layron, Jr., of Freehold, yeoman, all that tract of land I purcliased of \Viiliam 
Scolt;^' wife Mary, upon whose deaih the residue of His estate is to pass to the aforesaid William La) ton, 
Jr. Executors: Jonathan Forman, Esq., \N'il!iam Maddock. Witnesses: James Stanley, George Secmur, 
Mary Roniaine. He made his mark to the wilL His inventory was taken Feb. 5, 1734, and amounted 
to £257,09,00. 

The "cousin" to whom he left his property was no doubi" a nejihew- named after 
him, and probably the son ot his brother John La)'ton, 5, yet he may have been a son 
of his brother, Samuel Layton, 6. 

3 THO^LAS LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, resided at Lower Freehold, 
where he died in 174 1, for Sept. 26, of that year, letters of administration upon his estate 
were issued to Joseph Williams and Peter Romeyne, of Lower Freehold, yeomen. 


8 Sarah Laj-'ton married Joseph Williams 

9 Rachel Layton married Peter Romyne. They had: Christopher Romyne 

who died 1748, and whose wife was Rebecca; Layton Romyne and Samuel 

There was a Thomas Layton who, with wife Lydia, sold larid on Manasquan River 
to Christopher Romine, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon County, N. J., Nov. i, 1742. 

Freehold, N. J'., Deeds. 

4 ANDREW LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, recorded his earmark in Mid- 
dletov/n, N. J., Mch. 11, 1725-6, and this same mark is next found recorded to another 
Andrew Layton, Dec. 24, 1764, v/ho was the son ot John Layton and brother of Satety 


10 John Layton 

5 JOHN LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, recorded liis earmark in M'ddle- 
town, N. J., Mch. 3, 1719-20, which June, 1761, was passed on to his son \\ illiani Layton, 
and still later, June 20, 1765, to William La}-ton's nephew, and ol course John L:ty ton's 
grandson, Anthony Layton. 


11 William Layton 

12 John Layton 


SAMURL LAYTOX, son of William l.ayton, i, married Janet, tlaughtcr of 
William Oliphant. They were members of the Mitkiletown Baptist Chvirch in 1712, and 
he was visited by a committee from this church in 1722. He died about 1732, and his 
wife was still alive April, 1734. From deeds recorded at Freehold, X. J., it appears that 
May 30, 1732, his widow Janet, signing by her mark, and his son Samuel I.aton, as heir 
to his father Samuel Layton, deceased, conveyed to Andrew Layton his brother (and 
son ot Samuel and Janet), land bounded by Thomas Layton on the Xoi-th, by John 
l,a)'ton on the East, by Stephen xAumack and William Layton on the South. Again the 
same indi\'iduals were grantees ALiy 30, 1733, to Samuel and Janet Lay ton's son, 
Thomas Layton, Jr., of iitt)'-four acres ot land which said deceased Samuel Layton had 
b)- deed from John Heritage X'ov. 1, 1707. Thomas Layten, Jr., and Samuel Layten, 
yeoman, conveyed to Andrew Layten, yeoman, part ot a tract of land granted to Samuel 
Layton, the deceased father of the said Thomas, Samuel and Andrew Layten, by deed 
from John Heritage X'^ov. i, 1707. 


13 William Layton, supposed; as both he and the father of Samuel Layton, 6, 

were christened William, but there is no evidence to prove such a son, 
except he was the legatee named in the will ot William La)'ton, 2. 

14 John Layton 

15 Samuel Layton 

16 Andrew Layton 

17 Thomas Layton 

10 JOHX LAYTOX, son of Andrew Layton, 4, must have stood in this relation, 
and have married a daughter of Safety Bowne, from the tact that the names ot his oldest 
sons were Andrew and Safety Layton (alter their respective grandfathers), and because 
the earmark of Andrew Layton of 1725-6 is next found recorded to an Andrew Layton 
in 1764. 

1761, Mch. I, he made his will, which is recorded in Trenton, X'. J.; proved May 13, 
1 76 1, and refers to "my four eldest sons, viz.: Safety, Andrew, John and ^^'il]!am," 
Vv'hich implies that he had more, and the will of his son Andrew Layton proves that they 
were James and Samuel Layton. 


18 Safety Layton 

19 Andrew Layton 

20 John Layton; probably it was he who had a license to marry Jane Johnston, 

of Freehold, Feb. 10, 1764. John Layton was then of Shrewsbury, and 
made his mark, and Andrew Layton was his surety. 

21 William Layton 

22 Thomas Layton 

23 James Layton 

24 Samuel Layton 

*lt is conjectured that the following Laytons were either children rr irr;uidchildreri of Samuel Layton, '': M;v i, !7-ii, Rc- 
heliah Layton, s^iin^ter, and Christopher Morris, cordwjincr, both of Mc nmouth County, Samuel Layron, surety; Nov. :S, 1751, 
Mary Layton, spir.ster, and Samuel Bowne, minor, Christopher Morris, Miret), all three of Middletown; Uvc. -5, 1755, Samuel 
Layton, yeoman, ?nd Sarah Williams, both of freehold, Samuel Bowne, ta'nor, of Middietown, surety, ali had marrrtee licenses 


25 Catharine Layton; marriage license to Gcrshom Cottrell Sept. 12, 1757, 

Safety Layton, surety, in wliich she is called dauyluer ot John. Their son 
Joseph Cottrell married Mary 'I'hickstone and they had (iershom Cotrrell. 

26 Hester Layton; marriage license to John Cottrell )an. (\ i~(y2, d'cr^hum 

Cottrell, surety. His will on record alludes to "my two first wives chiKiren 
£5, viz.: James, Thomas, William, John, Rhody's children, David, Re- 
becca Ann, Catharine, Hester;" wife Alary to have the use ol the estate and 
after her decease to "my youngest children," Job, Joseph, Sarah, Gershom, 
Seriah, John and Rachel. 

27 Llan.nah Layton 

28 Ann Layton 

12 JOHN LAYTON, son of John Layton, 5, resided at Middletown, N. J., wiien 

he wrote his will June 10, 1784; proved Oct. 31, 1789. He married Elizabeth , 

who died Nov. 16, 1786. He possessed an ample estate, which, after providing liberally 
tor his widow, he divided among his children naming his sons, John, Anth.ony and Job, 
executors. He alludes to the Hill Field, the Point Road, my Father's Spring and my 
Father's meadow, among other landmarks. 


29 John Layton born Nov. 12, 1734 

30 Anthony Layton born May 18, 1739 

31 Job Layton 

32 Lewis La)'ton 

23 Elizabeth Layton died prior to June to, 1784, leaving issue. 

34 Mary Layton; marriage license to W°'- Smith Nov. 6, 176::. His v.ill probably 

at Trenton, N. J., Jan. 4, 1794, proved Nov. 16, 1795, and it so they had 
issue: Daniel, Abraham, William, Elizabeth, Hannah and Mary Smitli. 

35 Johannah Layton 

36 Sarah Layton married Ezekial Cooper by license Aug. 28, (Sept. 4), 1766. 

She made her will Mch. 2, 18 17, proved Mch. 20, i8i3. Issue: John, 
Charlotty (married Mr. ALathews), Benjamin, Samuel (who had Sarah 
Ann and Ezekialj, William (who had Sarah) and Thomas Cooper (who had 

14 JOHN LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, resided at Freehold, N. J., Dec. 6, 
1729, when his father conveyed him land. 

15 SAMUEL LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, resided at Freehold, N. J., and 
was grantee of lands May 2'-^^ 17.3.1) from his brother A.ndrew Layton, bounded by John 
Layton, Stephen Aumac'k and William Layton. Lie also appears in. other land trans- 
actions about this date. 

16 ANDREW LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, was of Freehold, N. J., Mch. 
5, 1729, when his father conveyed land to him lioundcd on the North by formerlv James 
Stout, on the East by former!) Boiler., on the West by formerly John Oakesson, 
on the South unsurveyed, to wiiich the grantor had right by .ieed i>^ R.ichard Oiborn 
dated Oct. 8. 1712. 


1729, IMch. 5, liis father again conveyed lantl to him tleeded to grantor hy Gawcn 
Drunimond Apr. 20, 1715. 

1729, Meh. (\ he, Andrew Layton, 16, conveyeel this hast mentionetl tract of land to 
David Clayton, Jr., yeoman, of Freehold, which lay in PYeehold near the head of Manas- 
(luan River. 

He also appears in several other land transactions. 

17 T^O^L-\S FAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, as Thomas Fayton, Jr., of 
Freehold, N. J., yeoman, with Lidea his wife, sold land on Manasqtian River for £70, to 
Samuel Fa}-ton, ol the same place, and which the grantor had title to by deed from 
Theophilus Bartow June 7, 1735. 

In 1742 (Nov. i), he apparently had moved to Shrewsbur)-, N. J., for he, then of 
that place, with Lydia his wife, conve}.-ed to Christopher Romine, of Betheleh^-m, Flun- 
terdon County, yeoman, the remainder of the Bartow purchase of 1735, on Manascjuan 
River. He appears in laiid transactions in 1733 and 1734. 

18 SAFETY FAYTON, son of John Fayton, 10, was a resident of Shrewsbury, 
N. J.J when he had a marriage license with Christian Fleming, George Harrison, of 
Shrewsbury, sm^ety. 

He was on the Poor Rate and Dog Tax of 1764; was called one of the four eldest 
sons and named as an executor in the will of his father Mch. i, 1761. 

From his name Safety, I am confident that he v/as a grandson of Safety Bowne who 
in turn was a grandson ot Safety Grover. He was still residing in Shrewsbu'-y when he 
made his v.'ill Mch. 20, 1790, proved May 8, 1790, in which he left his son Jam_es 10 
shillings and the remainder ot his estate to his wife, daughter Rebecca and sons Joseph, 
Thomas and Safety, who were not yet twenty-one. 


37 James Layton 

38 Rebecca Layton 

39 Joseph Layton 

40 'Fhomas Fayton born Feb. 12, 1777 

41 Safety Layton 

19 ANDREW LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, took his grandfather, Andrev/ 
Layton's earmark, and :t passed upon his decease, to his son Isaac. He was named by 
his father John Layton, second in the list of his four eldest sons in the will of 1761. 

Andrew Layton's will was written Apr. 22, iSoo, proved July 16, 1800, and in it he 
said he was far advanced in years, and bequeaths to the "heirs of my brothers James, 
Samuel and John Layton, ?2o., as a bar to any Pretentions," and left to Isaac Lavton all 
his lands in ^liddletown, with reversion to the heirs of Nancy Sowden and Mar}' Layton, 
calling the latter "the youngest daughter of Margaret my housekeeper." 

1761, Dec. 19, he had a license to marry Mary Wilkison, of Freehold, v/ith Jolm 
Layton, surety. He probably had no issue by her. 


42 Nancy Layton married a Sowden 

43 i'vlary Layton born Aug. 23 (1780?); married Feb. 14, i8c2, Thomas, son of 

Anthoi-iy and Hannah Fayton. born Dec. 4, 1774. 




44 Isaac La)-ton probably died intestate, without issue, as the property of 

Andrew Layton, 19, was sold Dec. 2;], 1852, as the real estate of Thomas 
and Isaac Layton, deccasctl, by the descendants of Isa:ic's two sisters. 

21 WILLIAM LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, made his will Mch. 16, 1793, 
proved Feb. 26, 1807, wherein he mentioned his wife Catharine, his two youngest chil- 
dren, his sons John, Thomas, Walter and William not twenty-one, und daughter Catha- 
rine not of age; "all ot my children, \v/..: Aaron Layton, i\'lary Brittin, Tunice, John, 
Thomas, Walter, William and Catharine Layton." 

William Layton, 21, was probably he who had a license to m;;rry Now 19, 1764, 
Catlierine \'an ]''elt. 

45 John Layton died intestate, without issue, for Jan. 26, iSoi, administration 

was granted on his estate to his brother, Aaron Layton, and his property 
was distributed among his brothers and sisters. 

46 Aaron Layton 

47 Mary Layton married Nathaniel Britton 

48 Tunice Layton 

49 Thomas Layton 

50 Walter Layton niarried Aug. 19, 1798, Elizabeth Price, of Howell. 

51 William Layton married Dec. 29, 1802, Mrs. Jane \'oorhees. 

52 Catherine Layton 

23 JAMES LAY'TON, son of John Layton, 10, was probably named after his 
mother's uncle. He was apparently the one to whom land was conveyed May 10, iSoc, 
and Apr. 5, 1805, and in other transactions in 1S02 and iSi i. 

29 JOHN LAYTON, son of John Layton, 12, born Nov. 12, 1734; died Feb. 27, 
1814, had a license to marry Dec. 26, 1761, Sarah Sonmans Nevill, who was the daughter 
oi John Nevill, Gent., of Perth Amboy, and Frances his wife, born Aug. 30, 1742, and 
died Apr. 9, 1818. 

John Layton was called carpenter in his marriage license and his descendants say he 
fought in the Battle of Monmiouth in ^Vashington's Army, and that he had a grant ot si.v 
hundred and forty acres of land in Monmouth County, and that his ancestors were 
located "between Far Hills and Liberty Corner on the place known as the Henry Apgar 

c;3 Peter Layton born Sept. 22, 1770 

30 ANTHONY LAYTON, son of John Layton, 12, was born ?vlay 18, 1739; died 

L^cc. 4, 1821 ; married Hannah who died June 19, 1803, ^ged 57, 10, 1 1. They are 

buried in what is called the Layton yard, which has likewise the bodies oi various mem- 
bers ot the .Sliephcrd tamiiy, but only these two Layton stones. 


54 Thomas Layton born Dec. 4, 1774 



55 L}-Ji:i Layton iiKinied, first, Abraham Smith, of New York, Oct. 13, 1799; 

second, prior to Sept. 23, 1822, John Cooper. 

56 EHzabeth i.ayton single in 1822 

31 JOB LAY'I'ON, son of John I.ayton, 12, married, first, probably in 1773, 
Rei>ecca, daughter ot John and Elizabeth Mount, born 'AVednesday, 16 July, 1746-^' 
second, Rachel Taylor upon whose estate he was granted letters of administration Jul}' 
22, 1794; third, Lydia, daugliter of James Wall. Mis will was made Aug. 31, 1820, 
proved Jan. 26, 1827. 

Issue by first :c;/e 

57 Elizabeth Layton born Jan. 29, 1774; died Aug. 7, 182S; married Isaac 

Burdge boni Feb. 28, 1767; died Mch. 22, 1858. He was a son o( David 
and Elizabeth (Davis) Burdge. They had twelve children. 

58 Rebecca Layton born Jan. 7, 177C1; died Feb. 24, i860; married Aug. 8, 1793, 

William Wilson born Jan. 5, 1766; died Sept. 15, 1837. They had: ....'. 

Wilson married Vanderhoof; James Wilson married Fields; 

Job Wilson married Walling; Rebecca \\'ilson married Joseph Stout; 

Sarah L. Wilson married David Swan; F.sther Wilson married Henry 
Morris and moved to Ohio; Elizabeth Wilson married Joseph Knott; 
Euphame Wilson married Aaron Seabrook; Lydia Wilson married George 

59 John Layton born Jan. 21, 1773 

60 Job Layton mo\Td to Lockport, N. Y., and had: Eliza Layton who n-.anied 

a Phelps, and other children. 

61 Euphame Layton died prior to Aug. 31, 1820; married Joseph Cooper. They 

had: Mrs. Eliza Everett, Margaret Cooper, Mrs. Lydia Morris, Joseph 
and J ames Cooper. 

62 Sarah Layton born June i, 1781; died Sept. 4, 1859; niarried Aug. 16, 1801, 

Peter Mersereau. 
Issue by third ivife 
G^, James Layton married Feb. 23, 18 18, Eliza, sister of \ViHiam Murray. 

40 THO^vLAS LAA'TON, son of Safety Layton, 18, was born Feb. 12, 1777. The 
attribution of this son to Thomas Layton is largely by elimination, and because he signed 
as Thomas S., which might stand tor Safety, the name of his supposed father. 

1837, Aug. 28, Thomas S. Layton and David Layton, with Hannah his wife, of 
Ho\\'ell, made a conveyance. 

1837, June 5, Thomas S. Layton conveyed to William B. Hill, as his share of that 
part of the estate of Ebenezer Curtis, deceased, which the said Tho.mas S. Layton pur- 
chased of David Curtis. Thomas Layton married Miss Curtis. 


64 Elisha C. Layton 

65 Da\'id Layton born Apr. 9, i8oS; died Apr. 7, 1857; married Hannah Pearce 

boi-n June i !> '805; died Mch. 27, 1866; trcjm whom descend the Laytons 
of Mackinaw, 'I'azewell County, 111. 


-16 AARON LAYTOX, son of William Lavton, 21, resided at Hnv.eil. His wil' 
dated Jan 20, 1820, proved iMch. 3, 1820, mentioned: wife Sarah; <iauuluers and sons 
as given below m the issue. His first wife died between Oct. 8, 1 S08, anti Nov. 11 , j 8 1 1 
Hemarried, second, June 24, 1814, Sarah Barher. 


66 Anna l.ayton married Dec. 17, 1806, Joel Lewis 

67 Margaret Lavton married John Brown 

68 Catharine Lavton married Mr. Brown 

69 Eleanor Layton married William Cottrell 

70 Sarah j^ayton married Gershom Cottrell 

71 Mary Layton 

72 Perlina Layton 

73 Keziah Layton married Mch. 15, 1828, Isaac Patterson 

74 Elizabeth Layton 

75 Tunis Layton married Dec. 12, 1809, ^^rs. L^ciia Hulshart 

76 John Layton married Mch. 28, 1S18, Esther Truax 

48 TUNIS LAYTON, son of William Lavton, 21, resided at Howf-ll, where he 
made his will July 10, 1832; proved Aug. 25, 1832, which mentioned: wife Eleanor, and 
his children. 


77 Jane Layton married Apr. 15, 1816, Elijah Newman 

78 Aaron Layton 

79 Thomas S. Layton married Eleanor 

80 Francis Layton; of Alden, Erie County, N. Y.; died prior to Dec. 10, 1S52. 

81 Anthony Layton married Sarah 

82 Miss Layton married Mr. Wells and had: Mary Hannah Wells. 

49 THOAL^S LAYTON, son of William Layton, 21, married Oct. 2, 1803, Re- 
becca Mathews and was living in 1838, when he conveyed land. 

1816, Nov. 20, Thomas Layton, of Freehold, and Rebecca his v/ife, conveved to 
Tunis Layton, Sr., of Howell, his right to land belonging to his father William Lavton, 
deceased, except about one acre where the burying-ground is. Thomas Layton' ;?;/?>' 
/wt-r /^ec?7 the father of John B. and Francis T. Las'toiii 

53 PETER LAYTON, son of John Layton, 29, was born Sept. 22, 17-0; died Mch. 
[Nov.?] 4, 1835; married Sept. 25, 1797, Alargaret, daughter of Daniel' and Eleanor 
(Kunyon) Heath, born Nov. 26, 1778-9, died July 31, 1854. 


83 Daniel Layton born Sept. 10, 1798 

84 Sarah Layton born Sept. 4, 1800 

85 Eleanor Layton born Nov. 9, 1802; died Feb. 10 [15?], 1887; married Oct. 

29, 1828, David, son of Griffith Morris, born 1797-8, died Dec. 21, 1867. 

86 Elizabetli Layton born Oct. 6. 1806 

87 Mary Anne Layton born Feb. 21, 1812 


54 THOMAS LA^' rON, son of Anthony I.aytnn, -^o, was born Dec. 4, 1774; mar- 
ried, fust, Sept. 7, 1799, Deborah, daughter t)t Iknjaniin and Sarah Burdge; second, 
]<"eb. 14, 1802, Mary, daughter of Andrew La>ton. 


88 Lydia Layton born June 20, 1800; married, first, Mr. Tunis; second, Charles 


89 Fdizabeth La\ron born Mch. ^, 180";; died julv 14, 1869: married June 6, 

1824, Cyrus P. Dakin. 

90 Anthony Laytoii born May 7, 1804; married Mary 

91 Hannah Layton born Oct. 30, 1805; married Mr. McDougall. 

92 Deborah Layton born Aug. 23, 1807; married John Patterson. 

93 JuHa Layton born Aug. i, 1809; t^ie*-"^ Feb. 11, 1885; niarried Sept. ]i, 1831, 

Joseph Smith. 

94 Melene Layton born Jan. 29, 18 13; married Da\'id Luyster. 

95 Thomas Layton born Aug. 19, 1815; died Apr. 3, 1850; married lihzabeth 


96 Andrew Layton born Sept. 24, 18 17 

97 Noah Layton born Jan. iS, 1S20 

98 Isaac Layton born Jan. 25, 1822; died Oct. 6, 1825. 

99 Paul Layton born iSlch. 23, 1824; died Dec. 18, 1887. 

100 iNLiry A. Layton born June 5, 1827; married \\'illiam Minton. 

50 JOHN LAYTOX, son of Job Layton, 31, was born Jan. 21, 1773; died Apr. 5, 
1844; m.arried Nov. 8, 1801, Elizabeth Mersereau, born Dec. 16, 1783, died June u., 


loi John Mount Layton born July 31, i8c2; died July 11, 1830; married Oct. 
31, 1827, Martha Matilda, daughter of Jacob and Martha (McCleaii) 
Burdge, who was born Apr. 28, 1804 and died Dec. 29, 1828. 

102 Job Layton born Nov. 16, 1S03; died ^Liy 15, 1861 ; married Rachel Rounds 

born Mch. 19, 1808, died Feb. 13, 1S69. 

103 Rebecca Layton born Aug. 19, 1805; •^^'C'^ Feb. 20, 1899; married Jan. 3, 

1826, Alfred Rounds. 

104 Daniel Mersereau Layton born Nov. 2, 1807; died May lo, 1881; married 

May 20, 1840, Esthers. Bradley. 

105 James W. Layton born June 24, 1809; died Mch. 16, 1813. 

106 -Aaron ?>L Layton born Sept. 25, t8ii; died Sept. 7, 1873, ''' -^larysviile, 

111.; married Aug. 21,1 845, Charlotte Balcom. 

107 Polly Ami Layton born Oct. 9, 18 13; died Oct. 13, 1890. 

108 Cornelia Layton born Apr. 25, 1816; died Mch. 5, 1883. 

109 Emeline Layton born Oct. 28, 1818; died June 15, 1827. 

1 10 Eliza Layton horn June 11.. 1821 ; married Feb. 3, 1841, Ralph Bevier, 

111 James W. I^ayton born Mch. 1 1, 1824; married Sarah Wilson. 

112 Peter Mersereau Layton born Feb. 2, ]S32: married Alvlra Adkins Nov. 




Christopher Layton on the Tax List of 1759. 

Lamuel (not Samuel) Layton on Tax List of 1759; makes his mark with Ann his 
wife, in deeds Nov. 4, 1811. Peiliaps a son of John Layton and Miss Bowne. 

Obadiah Layton on Tax List ot 1759, as >eoman, of Freehold, had marriage license 
Mch. 22, 1759, with Flulden Hennones, of Shrewsbury- John Morris, weaver, being 

Samuel Layton on Tax List of 1759, and Poor Rate of 1764, with Samuel Layton, 
Jr., on Tax List of 1759. 

John R. Layton died June 16, 1S56, aged 79 years. Ifolnnlcl Baptist Yard. Mary, 
his wiie, born 1799, and John, his son, born 1841. 

John Layton, ot Morris Count}-, and Ann his widow, ALiy 9, 17SO. 

Admiyustrations^ Trenton, A'. J. 

William Layton, of Somerset County, administrator, Oct. 12, 1750, on the estate of 
his brother Thomas Layton, whose widow renounced. 

Estlier Layton, daughter of Andrew, had a marriage license May 28, 1747, with 
Richard Borden, of Middletown; Joseph Cooper, sui-ety. 

Mary Layton, ot Shrewsbury, made her will Sept. I4, 179S; proved Jan. 28, 1834, 
mentioned: sons John, Allen, Thoiiias, Henry and William. 

Freehold^ N. J., Records. 

John and Hannah Layton had: ALu-tha, baptised, at Cranbury, Oct. 9, 1820. 

1908. Grandin Layton, of Farmingdale, died Friday, July 24th, from heart disease. 
He leaves a widow and one son. He was 57 years old. Local newspaper. 

The investigations ot Mrs. L. R. Fellows, an ardent family genealogist, printed in 
the Neivark, N. J., Neivs, with the contributions of the late Rev. William White LLmce 
to the same columns, have greatly aided in this compilation. 




The Tallnians of New Jersey are represented by several branches of the name having 
a common ancestor in Peter Tallman, i,\vho settled in Newport an.d Portsmouth, Rhode 
Island, where he died in 1708. Concerning him and his immediate issue, 7. 0. Austin 
supplies the tollowing data: 

1655. lie "ivas a freeman. 

1657, June 9. Peter Taalman was on the list of New Amsterdam burghers. 

1658, Dec. 18. He bought nine acres in Portsmouth, i'or 2i shillings an acre, and two 
days later added six acres more to the first purchase. 

1661, Mav 21. Portsmouth. He was elected General Solicitor for the Colonv of 
Rhode Island.' 

1661-1662. He was a Commissioner. 

1662-1665. He was Deputy. 

1665. The Assembly granted him a divorce from his wife Ann.* 

1665, July 24. He entered into an ante-nuptial agreement with Joan Bnggs, of 
Taunton, agreeing to give her the land that he had bought in 1658, as also a house to be 
hers and the heirs born of this marriage. He also gave her a bed and halt the household 
goods, but if she died without issue, they were to revert to his eldest son, Peter Tallman, 
Jr., and if he died without issue, then to the eldest daughter of Peter Tallman, Sr.. Mary, 
and her heirs. Further, he gave to Joan, absolutely, as a free gift or donation, "three 
good cows and a breeding mare." 

1674, .Uine 7- Fie was imprisoned, but released at this date for having taken from 
tlie Indians lands by deed of gift in violation of the law of IMassachusetts, he having 
surrendered the same. 

'The case of Peter Tallman v,as tried upon petition by the Assembly. Peter Tallman applied for a aivorcc from his -xx'-z on 
the ground of adultery. The woman brought before the Assembly admitted the charge. The petition was granted at once- ar.c then 
the criminal, upop. her own confession, was arraigned tor sentence. The penalty was a fine and wliipping, and she w-as acco-dingly 
scnten:ed by the terms of the law, to pay the fine of ten pounds and to receive fifteen stripes, at Portsmouth, on ti"e ensuinr; Mon- 
day, and on t.he following Wednesday another fifteen s'ripes, at Xev/port, and to be impriioned. till the ser:tence was fulSncd. 

Upon her petition for mercy, the Court again examined her as tc whctner she intended to return to her husb^'nu. This she 
refused to do 'upon any terms. Her petition was denied and she was remanded tor punishment.'* 

"She escaped from prison and was gone two years. LIpfin iier return to the Colony, in May, 1667, she ■vas arrested anu 
petitioned the Court for ndtigation of sentenre. The fine and one-halt of the corporal punishment A'ei'; reinittc-l, and the rcrr.a;ndcr, 
fiffcn stripes to be infiivrecl at Newport, was executed. Arnold's Hist, oj lil-./jJc Island, Vol. I, p. 270. 


1675, Oci. 20. He sued Rebecca, w ife of Thomas Sadler, for breach of tlie pence iukI 
threatening his family. 

1680, He was taxed S shillings, 6 pence. 

170S. The in\entor>'of his estate was presented by his son James Tallman. 

1709, May ;]. Administration having been given to Jonathan Tallman, he took 
acquittances, at tins date, from his brothers and sisters, \Villiam Wilbur, Israel Shaw, 
Jonathan Tallman, James Tallman, Benjamin Tallman, Mary Pearcc, Susaima Beckett, 
Peter Tallman, Isaac Lawton, William Potter, John Tallman, Joseph Tallman and 
Samuel Tallman. 

Peter Tallman, Sr., married, first, Ann ; second, 1665, Joan Briggs, who died 

about 1685; third, about 1 686, Esther who died before 1708. 

1 Mary Tallman married John Pearce 

3 Elizabeth Tallman married Isaac Lawton 

4 Peter Tallman born Mch. 22, 1658, (son by first wife), a physician, married 

Anne ^^ alstonc. 

5 Anne Tallman married Stephen Braj'ton 

6 Joseph Tallman 

7 Susanna Tallman married Mr. Beckett 

8 Daughter married William Wilbur 

9 Jonathan Tallman married Sarah 

ic James Tallman, ancestor of the Shrewsbury, New Jersey, larnily. 

1 1 Daughter married William Potter 

12 John Tallman married Mary ; settled at Flushing, Long Island; 

ancestor of the Burlington County, Xev/ Jersey, family. 

13 Daughter married Israel Shaw 

14 Benjamin (son by second wife). 

15 Samuel Tallman (son by third wife). 

Concerning these children Austin contributes considerable information and men- 
tions ninety-two oi tkcir children. But we are only interested in following Tail- 
man, 10, and John Tallman, 12, and their progeny. 

10 JAMES TALLMAX, son of Peter Tallman, i, died 1724; married, nrst, Mch. 
18, 1689/90, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Brayton) Davol, "of the Niantic 
Country;" second, Sept. 14, 1701, Hannah, daughter of John and Mary (^^ yer) Swaine, 
of Nantucket, born about 1679, died 1765. 

James Tallman. v/as a physician and a resident of Portsmouth, Rhode L^land. 

1698, June 3. He deeded to Mary, wife of Joseph Timberlake, of Tiverton, for 
many kindnesses formerly to me shown and given by her, certain land and buildmgs, in 
Portsmouth, for life, with remainder to her daughters, Joan Cory and Sarah Timberlake. 

1705, May 14. He deeded to his brothers Benjamin, Samue! and Joseph Talbman, 
for love, etc., tvvelve acres of land. 

1706, Sept. 24. He was alluded to in the will of Thomas Barnes, of Providence, 
"as jny careful and I'.ind doctor, Mr. James Tallman," etc. 

T723/4, II, II mo. His will was signed; proved Februar\-, 1724, in wb.ich he ap- 
pointed his wile Hannah, executrix, and John Karlc, his overseer, and bequeathed tc his 


son John one hundred ncrcs in Tiverton, he paying \o his brother Jereniiiih, ,£;co; to his 
son Peter filty acres in Tiverton; to his son Silas land in 'J'ivcrton; to his son Jose-ph land 
in PortsniO'; to his son Srepiien the rest of liis homestead, he paying his sister Jeinima, 
X200, and liis sister Hannah, £100; to his v.ite Hannah the use ut'land given to Joseph, 
until he is of age, and the use ot halt of the land given to Stephen, with privilege of hidf 
the liousing to live in; also to his wite the rest of his estate, she paying daughter Mary 
£2Co; if Silas should die before twenty-one, his share to go to Peter, and if Joseph should 
die, his share to go to Stephen. His inventor)- an-;ovinted to £1373-16-6, viz.: neat cattle 
£138; 100 sheep £40; little boat £5; horse kind £35; 4 swine, poultry, bills due, £:S7; 2 
guns, sword, cider mill, 2 cheese presses, negro woman £40; hell m.etal inorLar, tv.o other 
mortars, still, physick and syrup, £25. 

1734, Dec. 9. His widow was allowed 20 shillings "for keeping Job liennett and 
doctoring hi? foot." 

1764, Jvily iS. Hannah, the \\'idow of Dr. James Talhiian, made her v.-ill; proved 
Sept. 9, 1765, in which she mentioned her executors: sons-in-law David Fish and ?viat- 
thew Slocum; her sons Stephen, Peter and Silas, who received 5 shillings, each; her 
daughter Mary Freeborn, who received £700; her daughter Jemima Fish, and son-in-law 
David Fish, who received £6co; her daughter Hannah Slocum, who received household 
goods; son-in-law Matthew Slocum, who received £500, and her three daughters, wlio 
received land in Tiverton. The inventory of her estate amounted to £3868-18-0. 

Issue by first wife 

16 John Tallman born Sept. 19, 1692 

17 Joseph Talhnan born July 13, T694 

18 Elizabeth Tallman born June 13, 1699 

Issue by second wife 

19 Stephen Tallman born June 30, 1702; settled in Monmouth County, New- 


20 Mary Tallman born June 26, 17C4 

21 Peter Talh-nan born June 17 (Dec. 2-) 1706 

22 Jemima Tallman born Sept. 1 1, 1708 

23 James Tallman born Apr. 10, 1710 

24 Jeremiah Tallman born Sept. 25, 1712; settled in Monmouth Co'.mt>', New 


25 Silas TalliTiari born Sept. 10,1717 

26 Joseph Tallman born June i, 1720 

27 Hannah Tallman born Sept. 14, 1723 

12 JOHN TALLMAN, son of Peter Tallman, i, died 1709; married Mary 

who died after 1707. He resided at Flushing, Long Island. He made his will, at 
Jamaica, Long Island, Sept. 3, 1707; proved Mch. 15, 1709, v.herein he mentioned: 
executors, his son Johii, and friend Samuel Haight. To his wife Mary lie gave his house 
for life; to his son John certain lands, a bed and cattle; to his son Benjamin land and £70, 
at age; to his son James land and cattle; to his son Joseph land and £95; to his son Peter, 
a minor, the house at the death of his wife; to hi? daughtr-rs Mary, Klizaberh and Snrali 
1 aiimnv', and the chiH "thiT hi^ vvife eocs with," certain eflects. 



28 John l\illman married loher, i i, 1712, Jane Hcdger. 

29 Benjamin Tallman 

30 James Talhnan married 8ber, 27, 1712, Abigail Hicks. 

31 Joseph Talhiian; executor in the will of his nephew James Tallman, of Phila- 

delphia, in 1758. 

32 Peter Tallman 

22 Mary Tallman married Nov. 18, 1714, Daniel Waters. 

34 tllizabeth Tallman 

35 Sarah Tallman married lober, 31, 1725, Thomas Willett. 

36 Child "that his wile goes with" mentioned in v,-ill,[Jobr]. 

19 DOCTOR STEPHEN TALLMAN, son of Dr. James Tallman, 10, was bjrn 
at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, June 30, 1702, (Town Record), and died at his residence. 
Pumpkin Point, Shrewsbury, N. J., Aug. 24, 1774, aged 74 (tombstone). These dates 
are contradictory but are correctly quoted. He married Nov. 11, 1724, Mary, daughter 
of John and Sarah (\\'ilson) Potter, born Mch. 2, 1707. See also Austin s Genealogical 
Dictionary of Rhode Island. Dr. Stephen Tallman was the founder of a large family 
located in Shrewsbury, N. J. The Tallman blood ran riotously. Through what ante- 
cedent strains it was derived, I can only conjecture, but there is ample proof that its 
fiery character appeared in six generations, commencing with Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19. 
They were unmoral and irreligious; ugly tempered and defiant of law and social restraint. 
In these respects they came close to primitive man. They lived the life of landed squires, 
owning many slaves and much land, and possessed much ready wealth. They were v/ell 
educated and contributed many members to the medical profession, and a goodly number 
of natural children to the world at large. During the Revolutionary War the family was 
split with many more of its members adhering to the Whig than to the Tory cause. In 
some instances it was brother against brother. 

In 1728, Dr. Stephen Tallman was residing in Portsmouth. 

In 1731, he was called Esquire, in the same place. 

In 1733 and 1738, he was called yeoman, of Portsmouth. 

Dr. Stephen Tallman became involved in one of the largest real estate speculations 
ever initiated in the State of Rhode Island. This ambitious ventin-e failed, and brought 
ruin to him and his associates. June 18, 1747, Joseph Scott, of Nev.'p)ort, m.erchant, 
deposed: that Dec. 7, 1743 there was a vendue of the lands of Stephen Tallman, ot 
Portsmouth, by the Sheriff for a judgment of court, obtained by John Potter, of South 
Kingstozvn, in the County of King's, yeoman. Part of the estate was bought by Joseph 
Scott, aforesaid, for £4,990. This property had furthermore been, in part, mortgaged 
by Stephen Tallman and others, for large sums of money, at divers times, to the Colony 
of Rhode Island. The date and the cause of Dr. Stephen Tallman's departure from 
Rhode Island m,ay largely be determined by this mishap, and it was doubtless at this 
unfortunate turn in his affairs that he sought a new home in Monmouth County, New 
Jersey, whither many of his kindred, and many Rhode Islanders, had long been settled. 
Even here trouble followed him, for IMch. 24, 1747, he was haled before the Court, sitting 
at Burlington, N. J., by John Potter, of South Kingston, King's Count)', R. L, as execu- 
tor of Sarah Potter, widow, late of the same place, to recover £351, £412 and £5301, 
evidently monies used in his recent Rhode Island land transactions. Suprcr-ic Cotrrt 
Files, Trenton, N. J. The widow. Sarah Potter, was doubtless his mothcr-;!:-!a',v, ai-.d 


jolin Potter his brother-in-law. From the size of the loans, Sarah Potter was, evidently 
a woman ot wealth. It is regrettable that so little is known ot the origin, growth and 
collapse of this business venture, which so strongly aj^pealed to these thrifty people and 
which resulted so calamitously. 

With the remnants of his fortune Dr. Tallman acquired Mch. 23, 174I, from James 
and Kezia Tallman, one ot the largest and most fertile estates in Monmouth County. It 
lay in Shrewsbury township, on an arm of the Shrewsbury River, and ultimately auiounlcd 
to seven hundred acres and its devious and indented shores presented about three miles 
of water front. Here, upon a knoll whose shores sloped to the water, and which was 
commonl)- called Pumpkin Point, he settled in Sally Heap's priniitive house,* v/hich he 
shortly, (in 1741), converted into a kitchen, and attached it to the fine and commodious 
residence he erected on this site. The estate passed from his descendants, in 1837, to 
the Newbolds, then to the Shermans, and finally, to a land syndicate, tor Sico,coo., it is 
stated, consisting of William Conover (Black Bill), Stacy Conover and others, who 
plotted the land, and who still own the property and run the old house as the Potapeck 
(Port-au-Peck) Hotel. 

Upon this estate Dr. Stephen Tallman lived in prodigal fashion until his death. His 
plantation was worked by his negroes under his supervision and he practiced medicine. 
He established his sons upon large farms, and they seemingly, had the funds in their 
possession to pay him for the same, especially so in the instance of his son James, to 
whom he conveyed the Potapeck property, Apr. 2, 1774, only a few months preceding his 
death, for the large sum of £3700. It is because of this disposition of his estate during his 
lifetime that he probably found it imnecessary to make a will. His daughters, it is 
traditional, received large amounts in cash. Some of his family silver marked s.T.M. 
(Stephen and Mary Tallman), is now in my {Jo/vi E. Stilli^ell, 191 51, possession. His 
professional mantle fell upon his two sons, Joseph and Christopher Tallman, who, with 
four descendants, through his daughter, Martha Tallman, wife o'i Col. Thomas Sea- 
brook, and a father. Dr. James Tallman, and an uncle Dr. Peter Tallman, make a total 
contribution to the healing profession of no less than nine of Tallman blood in six 

•William Reap, of Rhode Island, became one of the Monmouth Patentees in 1665. Ke died not long after this date, and 
his widow, Sarah, succeeded to his proprietary riglits, and soon became an active land investor: 

.67^, Oct. ;. She, late widow and rebidsnt of Newport, R. I., bought from Thomas Potter, of Deal, near Shrewsbury, for 
£40, the neck of land in the township ot Shrewsbury, called Naromson. 

1685, Sept. ;:. Sarah Reap, of Shrewsbury, X. J., widow, bought from Jonathan Marsh, of Newport, R. 1., merchant, lands 
in Shrewsbury. 

169J, Xo\-. ^o. Sarah, widow of William Reap, and her son William Reap, Jr., sold to Anthony Pintard, merchant, the 
proprietary lands of her deceased husband, situated in Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1703, Feb. 4. Sarah Reap, of Shrewsbury, N. J., conveyed to her grandson William Brinley, of the same place, land lying on 
Naromson Neck. 

171 c, Apr. 12. Sarah Reap, by will of this date, gave to her grandsons William .\Iarnh, Gent., of Flushing, L.I. , and William 
Kr;nky, of Shrewsbury, N. J., her h^nds. 

1716, Apr. 14. ' William Bnrdey, of Shrewsbury, N. J., conveyed his interest in the plantation whereon his grandxother, 
Sarah Reap, deceased, dwelt, to Sarah Reap's other grandson William Marsh, which estate she had willed them jointly. 

1720, May. 10. William Marah, of Flushing, Long Island, Gent., now the sole owner of this es'ate, conveyed it for £700, to 
James Tallmr.n, Gent., Z'^^ also of Flushing, Queens County, Long Island, N. Y., and the property was described as: patented lands 
lying in Shrewsbury, N. J., calied Potapeck, whereon Sarah Reap dwelt. That portion lying to the North and East was the part 
which had fallen in the division of Saran Reap's estate to William Brinley, and which he conveyed to William Marsh, .Apr. 14, I7l6. 
The upland and meadow amounted to three hundred and fifty acres. For some reason there was a confirmation of this title in the 
following deed: 

1731, Mch. 31. William .Marsh, Gent., of Shrewsbury, N. J., for seven hundred pounds, conveyed to James Tallman, Gent., of 
the same place, the neck of land called Potapeck, Iving in' Shrewsbury, being the same whereon Sarah Reap dwelt, and some other 
small parcels of meadow which did not belo.-ig to the said Sarah Reap, part or parcel of the said neck containing three hundred 
and fiity acre? more or less, of upland ami meadow. _ 1 1 • 

1741, Mch. 23. Bv a conveyance of this date James Tallman, 47, (and Ke/la his wifej, soa of J.imcs Tallman, 30, sold this 
p.'operty to Dr. Stephen Tallman. 



The following is one of Dr. Stephen Tallman's meilical hilh 


James Moil I)' To Stej^lien 'I'allnian 







Sep' 18 



























I 1 













To Cortix & Sail absentra ? lo/o 

To volatiles 2/'6 

To powders tor Gershoin 11/ 

To a vomit & Draps 

To pilis purgis 10/ volitiles 2/ 

To pills 6/10 to Draps 

'I'o 2 sweats 4/ 

To visit 6/ to N'cniit 1/9 Powders 4/ Draps 2/ 

To a visit 10/ Corti.x 8/ powders 4/ 

To 2 sweats 3/ plisters 4/ nitre Sp' i/o 

To a visit 10/ to powders 4/ to a sweat 2/ 

Draps 2/ Cortix 3/6 Sweat 2/6 powders 2/0 

Draps a/sits 2/6 

To visit lo/ to Cortix 4/ Draps 1/6 powders 3/ 

powders sent 4/ 

To powders 3/ to a Sweat 2/ 

To a visit <;/ Cortix 7/ to Draps powders purge 5/ 

To a vomit 1/9 

To a Cortix 4/ a Sweat 2/ 

'J\> a visit 7/ pills annodines 2/ Cortix 6/ volitiles 

To a visit 10/ anodines 2/ Cortix 6/ Draps 2/6 

To Oil of juniper 3/ Balsum Sulfer 2/6 

To a visit 8/ Cortix 7/ to fefibruges 2/ a/sits 3/ 

To Cortix 4/ 

To a vi/sit 10/ 3 pt vitrol 2/6 Cortix 4/ 

To a visit ic/ to Sintus 5/ Cortix 10 a/sits 2/6 

perioral Draps 2/6 

To Draps 4/ 

To a visit 10/ to Bitters 7/ and Electuary 7/6 

To Elixir vitrol 3/6 

To visit 10/ Cortix peru 7/ 

To a vomits 3/6 

An estate siipposedl)' belonging to the Tallmans, was vigorously sought, lor a timej 
by Samuel Tallman. assisted by his granddaughter's husband Harry C. Newel, ot Long 
Branch, N. J. They interviewed John R. Livingston, a former slave, of whom m.ore 
anon, copied many records, employed lawyers, addressed the Bank of England, the 
British Consul, in New York, and the British Minister in Washington, but without avail. 
They v.-ere inspired to this activit\' by a chain ot circumstances which I brieflyenumerate. 

Samuel Tallman remembered that his uncle Humphrey Williams told him that some 
day he would inherit great wealth through the wite of Dr. Stephen Tallman, and retained 
a vague recollection that her name was Mary Morgan, though he may have received the 
impression of her name from otlier sources: further, at various tirries men came to 
Moninouth County in search ot information concerning the Tallman family, pi.-rhaps 
concerning Mary, the wife of Dr. Stephen Tallman. This first \'isit was about i856. 
About 1870, one, David McAipine, came to Monrnou'di C<;u;ii) and stated that he was 















{Chary Hall Papc 


TAi.i.MAv oi< m:\v ji-:rsi:v 17 

employed by Peter Tallman,*' lormerly of Canada, to hunt tor an English estate and 
which his researehcs led him to believe belonged to the heirs of Dr. Stephen Tallnian and 
not to the heirs ot Peter Talhnan. 

It was an easy thing to inflame the minds oi many membei's of the Tallman famih , 
and he eiitertained them with stories ot a very wealthy ancestor, a herdsman, in England, 
by the name ot Morgan, or by another statement tJiat this ancestor was an owner of 
immense coal mines in Wales, and dying a bachelor, had left his vast property to two 
sisters, one Elizabeth, who married and settled in the State of Pennsylvania, for whose 
heirs he had already secured an immense sum, and the other, Mary Morgan, the wife of 
Dr. Stephen Tallman, whose descendants he had now joyfully locaied. The English or 
Welsh properties had been sold and the nioney placed in chancery, where it was drawing 
interest ro the amount of one million dollars a year. I have little doubt that David 
McAlpine was a shark working both ends of the line, the descendants oi Peter Tallman, 
in Canada, and the descendants ot Dr. Stephen Tallman in Monmouth County. 

There was much uncertainty left in the minds of all, when David McAlpine left tor 
his home at Fonthill, Pelham Township, Canada, West, for they took no memoranda of 
the names and places he supplied them. One person claimed that Mary Morgan's sister 
settled in Connecticut, and that one Morgan, an assistant at the tollgate, called Lam.e 
Morgan, came from that state to Eatontown, N. J., but left and returned to the home of 
his Connecticut relatives. Another account states that Ethan Allen and his brother 
Charles Allen, descendants of Stephen Tallman, received private information trom Mr. 
McAlpine, bought him off and obtained the money in chancery. Occasionally letters 
came from McAlpine or his wife, and then ceased. Members of the family became sus- 
picious of each other, employed various lawyers and finally the whole effort fizzled out 
for v.'ant of exact data and connecting links. 

John R. Livingston, the negro previously mentioned as interviewed, was the son of 
John Livingston, a slave of Barnes Smock, of Middletown, and had married Rosanna 
Williams, a wench of Dr. Stephen Tallman, of Pumpkin Point. They lived with their 
respective masters and had born to them (slaves of Dr. Tallman), a daughter Rosanna 
Livingston, and a son, the aforementioned John R. Livingston, who was reputed to have 
reached the age of one hundred and fifteen years, in 187S, when he was residing at 
Branchport, N. J. This would make his birth date, if his age is accurately given, the 
year 1763, an.d his age at the time of Dr. Stephen Tallman's death, eleven years. I am 
precise in giving these dates as I have seen them recorded by certain members of Mr. 
Samuel Tallmxan's family, for I doubt much whether a youth of eleven, a black and 
uneducated, could recite from recollection, accurately, many stories concerning Dr. Tail- 
man, his wife and children, without drawing upon a very lively imagination. 

When Livingston was interviewed in 1878, it was stated that he was in the field 
plotighing, a remarkable fact when you consicler his great age, which leads me to believe 
that his age was exaggerated, and if so, his years, at the time he lived with Dr. Tallman, 
were necessarily proportionately less. Further, it must be recalled that any testimony 
from the ignorant and prejudiced slave race, with its persistent animosity towards it>. 
severe masters, would hardly contribute truthful and unembellished statements against 
their former oppressors. However, from other sources in a general way, it has come 
down that the Tallmans were a fair complexioned and ugly-tempered race, and doubtless 
Livingston repeated that which he had heard, rather than that which he had seen. From 

'One of '.\:z sons of Oliver had .1 son Peter, who became a Royalisr and moved to Canada. It v.-as probably in the 
employ of some of his ilescemlants that McAlpine came to Monmouth County to ascertain whether there was any possibility o! 
recovering the famiU-'s forfeiterl estate bv reason of their Toryism. 

/ ,.!» 


his statements it would appear that Dr. Stejihcn 'I'aUnian handled his slaves severely 
and even cruelly, 'i'hey were likely to be whipped if he were angered, and if this failed 
to curtail their petty rebellion, he would sit them with bare pelts on heated briek>, uni.! 
when aged, sick and bedridden himself, he woukl command them to stand by hj,- bed, 
and with his cane terminating in a spear point, would prick them. Little serious dan;agc 
was iikelv to be done, as a sla\-e vvas a too valuable commoditv to hazard his well being or 

Dr. Tallman practiced medieiiie and farming iind his fame was a practitioner was 
extensive, and patients came from tar and near. 

He was confined to his bed about two months, was attended by his sons the two 
doctors, and finally succumbed to gout and the infirmities of age. He died in the same 
room, on the first floor, that his wife had occupied with him throughout their married 
life and in which she too had died. 

Aftv^r three days his remains were interred, without funeral services of any kind, on 
his own farm, in v.hat was and still is called the Potapeck, Pumpkin Point and Tailman 
burying-grcund. The attendance \^•as very great as he was esteemed in the community. 

It is said that he left a will wliich was read by its makers and holders, Dr. John 
Johnson, of Eatontown, and Dr. Samuel Tenhroeck, of Slirewsbury, on the return of the 
family to the homestead. 

Further, upon the recollection of John R. Livingston, he gave to each of liis sons, 
Stephen, Dr. Christopher, John, Samuel, James and Dr. Joseph, the farms they were 
residing upon, and to the latter likewise his medical belongings. To his daughter 
Martha, about £ico, and to his daughter Sarah, betw^een £ioo and £200, discriminating 
against the former daughter as she was the wife of a very rich man, Major Thomas 

In appearance Dr. Stephen Tallman was of medium height and strongly built. He 
had a clean shaven face and wore his hair powdered white and drawn back into a queue. 
He was generally considered a fine looking man. His wite, Mary Talhnan, was good- 
looking, though not a handsome woman. She was of medium size, large boned, heavily 
built and possessed a very fair complexion. She was always very tender and good to her 
family. She was an eccentric woman, with an easily provoked, high temper and was 
considered by her slaves, a witch. Rosanna Livingston, a household slave, seemed to 
have come in for a share of her ill will, tor on one occasion when she was setting the dmner 
table, her niistress threw a handful of knives and forks at her head, with such precision 
that Rosanna looked as if she were a female St. Sebastian, and the irate old lady held her 
to her work notwithstanding her suffering. This scene had a tragic ending, for the 
family were hardly seated at the dinner table, when Mrs. Tallman was stricken v.irh 
apoplexy. She was carried to her bedroom, remained speechless and paralyzed and was 
attended by her husband for nine days, when she died. 

The remains lay at her residence for two days and the attendance at the funeral u-as 
large. The customary eight pallbearers, four bearing the remains one-halt the wr-y, and 
four the remaining portion of the w-ay, carried the corpse, which was interred m the 
adjacent Tallman plot. Neither Dr. Tallman nor his wife ?\iary, were apparently 
members of any church, though they occasionally attendee! service at Shrewsbury. 

Mary Tallman, the wife of Dr. Stephen Tallman, v\'as living as late as 1774, when, 
with her husband, she joined in making the coiucyance to her son James,, -\pr. 2, of thai 
year; and if the assertion is correct that she died before her husband, it .must have been 
between tliis date, Apr. 2, and Aug. 24, 1774, when her husband Dr. Stephen Tailman, 


'J'AIJ.MAN U!'^ NF.W jERSK:Y 19 

,iicd. Thar she predeceased her husband rests entirely upon the doubtful testimony of 
|i)hn R. Livingston. Tliar she died close to the time of her husband's death is likely, as 
no tombstone marks her burial place, which is a matter for comment and not easily 

Pcrsonal/y J Juwen t an atom of faith i>i tlw Mary Murga}t tradition and belicce that Dr. 
Stephen Tal/man married hut once and that the hidy -teas Mary Potter, of Rhode Is/and. 

Only three ot the children of Stephen Tallman are supplied with birth dates, and it 
is doubtful whether the issue is chi-onologically airangcd. 


•;7 Tames Tallman born Auc 1 1, 172;, at Portsmouth, R. I. 1 .^ r, 1 

o AT 'T n u 7 " , ,_,- .n . .1 n \ J ozvn Records. 

38 iMary 1 allman born June 19, 17-7, at rortsmouth, K. 1. J 

39 Stephen Tallman 

40 Dr. Christopher Tallman 

41 Sarah Tallman 

42 John Tallman 

43 Samuel Tallman 

44 Martha Tallman born 1739 

45 James Tallman, 2nd 

46 Dr. Joseph Tallman 

28 JOHN TALLMAN, son of John Tallman, 12,* married lo'^^ 11, 1712, Jane 
Hedger. He was called Gentleman, in a deed dated 1727. 

1727, Dec. 2. John Tallman, of Flushing, L. L, Gent., sold for £100, to Benjamin 
Tallman, late of the same place, but now of ALinsfield, Burlington Co., X. J., yeoman, 
two hundred and fifty ac;-es of land in iSLmsfield, being one-half of a tract of land known 
as Spring Hill, formerly John Underbill's. Joseph Tallman likewise had part ol this 
original five hundred acre tract which was a boundary on John's tract. ]oh Taliman's 
land was likev.ise upon the boundary. James Tallman was a witness. 

Mount Holly, N. J., Records. 

29 BENJAMIN TALLALAN, son of John Tallman 12. 

1727, Dec. 2. Me, then residing at Flushing, Long Island, bought irom John Tall- 
man, of Flushing, Gent., two hundred and fifty acres of land in Mansfield, Burlington 
County, N. J., whe!'e he was then located. 

1736/7, Feb. 21. He v.^as named as an executor in the will of his brother James Tail- 
man, of Shrewsbury. 

1745-46, 1747-8, i75-;5i> '758,^ ^759, 1760, 1761, 1763, and 1764, he was a freeholder 
of Mansfield, Burliiigton County, N. J. 

30 JAMES TALLMAN, son of John Tallman, 12, was a prominent resident of 
Shrewsbury, N. J. He married 8''', 27, 171 2, Abigail Hicks, of Flushing, Long Island. 
Following his demise, she married, second, John Throckmorton, Esquire, by license dated 
Oct. 6, 1740. 

1720, i\Lay. 10. William Marsh sold lands, at Portaupeck, to James Tallman, and 
more, at the same place, Mcli. i, 1731. 

1721. James Tallman sues in Monmouth County. 

•The West family cf Tal' rrarrmonly s;v:l!cd th? r.?.me T.-:!mJt7. 


1733' I^ec. 17. Xicholas Chambers suld laiui to James Tallman. 

pS'-^-ly l''<-'t^v -1- Heniade his will; proved MVIi. 29, or Apr. 1, 17^7, wherein he 
spealvS of hirnsclr as a resident ot" Shrewsbury, yeoman, siek, cte., and wHls: to his wife 
Abigail one-third ot his estate during her widowhood; to his onlv son lames Tallnia.n, 
cattle at Tom's River, negroes and other goods; to his eldest dauuhter'Deborah Mott^ 
goods; to his daughter Mary, a negro, etc.; to his youngest daughter Elizabeth, a nc', 
and when nineteen years old, £100, and at the age of'twentv-one, an additional ifco! 
Executors:^ his wife Abigail, his son James, his brother Benjamin Tallman, and friends 
John Redford and Pontius Steele. Witnesses: \V'" Brinley, Edward Patterson Cook, 
\V" Brinley, Jvin', Jacob Dennis. He made a very fine signature. 

I737> J^i'iy 27. Jacob Dennis, Pontius Steele and George V\'illiams inventoried the 
estate ot James Tallman, deceased, amounting to £1,581-0-11^4. He had, amonGf other 
items, silver plate amounting to £15-18-0. In the various proceedings, .Abigail Talman, 
James Talman, Benjamin Talman and John Redford, all signed their names. ^ 


47 James Tallman, only son, married Kezia 

48 Deborah Tallman, oldest daughter, married Asher Mott. 

49 Mary Tallman 

50 Elizabeth Tallman, under age of 19, in ly^G. 

31 JOSEPH TALLMAN, son of John Tallman, 12, married bv license dated aUw 
18, 1736, Mary Woodward. 

1737-8, 1738-9. He was Clerk of Mansfield. 

^752, '55> '63, '64. He was Assessor of Mansfield. 

1762-65. He was a Freeholder. 

1769-70. He was Overseer of the Poor. 

He died 1784, leaving a will dated Mch. 25, 17S4; proved Apr. 22, 1784, which called 
him of Mansfield, Burlington County, sick and weak in body, and mentioned : son Joseph, 
to whomjie gave his lands and house where he was dwelling in Mansfield; son Augustine 
Talhnan's children £600, out of the bond I have against Peter Tallman (after £i5o"is paid 
to his grandson Thomas Taliman), they being Sarah Tallman, Mary Tallman, Elizabeth 
Tallman and ALirgaret Tallman; to his grandson Tallman Pennock £400, a mare that is 
called his, a three year old colt, a little brown mare and a negro boy named Dick; residu.e 
of his estate to his son Joseph Tallman, who with grandson Tallman Pennock, he appoints 
executors. Among the witnesses was Debby Talman. He signed the will: Joseph Tal- 


51 Joseph executor of his father's will 17S4 

52 Augustine Tallman deceased prior to 17S4 

53 Daughter; married Mr. Pennock and'had Tallman Pennock, an executor in 

the will of his grandfather, Joseph Talman, in 1784. 

32 PET ER 1 ALLMAN, soii of John 7'allman, 12, was a man of prominence. He 
married Margaret, sister of Joseph Imlay, of Bordentown, X. J., who made his will Apr. 
1, 1784, and mentioned therein: the house wherein Tallman Smitii lives; his sister Mar- 
garet Fallmanj and his thice nephews Benjamin, Peter a.'id Ttiomas Tnlima;i. Mai'- 
garet (Imlay) Taliman outl-ved her, ix^r June j, 17^9, Maig.;;.-! Tv^\n>:>:^, sisie: 


ot' Joseph Irnlay, with Peter TaUman ami Phillis, his wife, and Thomas TaUman, two 
oi the nephews of Joseph Imlay, con\-eycJ land in Borden town to Samuel Panccast. 

1768. Peter Tallman and wife INIargaret, of Mansfield, liurlington Co., yeomaii, 
conveyed land in that town, for £500, to Thomas Tallman, ot EvesJKim, in Burlington 
Co., yeoman, whieh Peter Tallman had bought in 1763, from various parties. 

1774. Peter Tallman was a Justice of the Court of General Quarter Sessions for 
Bvn-Jington County. 

1762, Oct. 19. Appointed administrator ot the estate of William Little, on applica- 
tii/n of Amey Little, the widow. Bond £500. 

1764, Feb. 1 1. Appointed administrator of the estate of Thomas Johnston, on appli- 
cation of Sallie Johnston, the widow. Bond £70. 

1765, '66, '67, '68, '69, 1770, '71. Peter Talman was Clerk of Mansfield. 

It wtis probably he who was the Peter Taulman who was a Lieutenant in Spencer's 
Regiment, Continental Army, and later Captain Peter Tallman, of the Western Bat- 
talion, Morris County, N. J., during the Revolutionary War. 

1770, Aug. 13. It was he probably, who was one ot the Committee that passed 
)->atriotic resolutions, and likely the individual alluded to below: 

Among the American wounded was Lieut. Tallman. He was shot through tlie 
throat and crawled behind the barn to die. Two Soldiers came to his relief; he told them 
to let him alone as he had but a few minutes to live. They lifted him from the ground 
nnd were retreating with him acro/s the orchard in the rear of the Parsonage, vvlien a 
musket ball pa/sing through the hat of one of them, he hastily abandoned his charge, & 
ran away. The other supported him to the dwelling of a Mr. Cook, in the Vicinity; where, 
ako, was carried another wounded ot^cer, Capt. Nealy. They were both confined a 
long time and received the kindest treatment trom the tamily. Barbn' and Howe. 

Col Asher Holmes 

pr favor 

Jos Newbold Esq' 

The Subscriber Recollects that in the year 1776 at the time when the Enemy penetrated as far 
as Mountholly in the State of Jersey that he was in Company with the then Col: Scudder of Monmouth 
County in the City of Phila*^^ Among/t other Conversation that he heard sd Scudder say. that tiirough his 
influence he liad obtained the Rek-asment of Mr Taylor & One or Two others from Confinement, in 
Philadelphia beini? Inliabitants of Monmouth County — that Mr Taylor of his Own Accord Expre/sed a 
t'rcat degree of gratitude ^: nron-.ised that he would use his utmost Endeavor to Protect Mrs. Scudder — 
l:om Insult propperty from Injury the Subscriber Replied, Doctor you have two Strings to your boe, does 
not Recollect o» hearing any thing said by sd Scudder that Led him to believe that sd Scudder and Taylor 
liad entered into any Contract previous to sd Scudders Interceding for sd Taylor's Liberation — The above 
is the principal pai t of the con\'ersat;on that passed at that tim.e to the best of my Recollection. 

•April S''' 17S1 Peter Tallman 

Cherry Hall Papers. 

1786, Feb. 28. Admiiiistration upon the estate of Peter Tallman, Esq., late of the 
County of Burlington, was granted to Joel Gibbs and Jacob Wolcott. 


54 Benjamin M. Tallman 

55 Pe'icr Tallm.^n 


56 Thcimas Tiillnian 

57 Sarali 'I'allman 

58 Margaret Tallman 

59 Agnes Tallman 

36 JOB 'I'ALLM AN, supposed son of John Tallnian, 12, it the name assigned to 
him be correct, was probably the son his wife was carrying, when John Talliiian's will 
was made, in 1707, and was nearly two years of age when his father died in 1709. 

In the migratioii ot John Tallman's (12) children to Burlington County, N. J., he 
probably joined, tor, in 1727, Job Tallman's land was named as on one of the bountlanes 
of Benjamin Tallman's purchase of lands in Mansfield. 

It was probably he who had a license to marry dated Feb. 25, 1736. Sarah, daughter 
of Benjamin Scattergood. 

1738-9, 1740. He was 0\'erseer of the Poor of Mansiield Township. 

1755. He was Consta'ole of Mansfield Township. 

1758, Jan. 6. Will of Job Tallman, of Burlmgron County, West Jersey, yeoman; 
proved Feb. 11, 175S, mentioned: £50 to his kinsman Gilbert Smith; £50 to his kins- 
woman Catharine ^^'atters or Walters; the remainder ot his estate to his two daughters 
Sarah Talnian and Martha Talman, equally. Executors: Gilbert Smith and the testa- 
tor's two daughters. 


60 Sarah Tallman married Joseph Wharton, Jr. 

61 Martha Tallman married by license dated Nov. 14, 1759, John Lawrence, 


1763, June 28. Joseph Warton, Jr., merchant, and ux Sarah Tallman and John Law- 
rence, Esq., of Burlington, and ux Martha Tallman conveyed land to Joseph Tallman, 
Jr., and in the deed it appears that Sarah and Martha were daughters and co-lieirs oi the 
late Job Tallman, of Manslield. John Tallman, of Long Lsland, conveyed Dec. 2, 1727, 
to Job Tallman, then of Long Island, part of the five hundred acre Underbill tract, and 
Joseph Wharton and Job Tallman, in 1732, bought land jointly from Mary Andrews, 
which they divided Mch. 16, 1747. Job Tallin an conveyed his interest by will, Jan. 6, 
1758, to his daughters which they conveyed as set torth above, for £1 100. 

38 MARY TALLMAN, daughter of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, was born June 19, 
1727, at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and was living and unmarried Apr. 20, 1702, when 
she quit- claimed her interest in the estate of her brother Stephen Tallman, deceased, to 
Frances Tallman for £400, to which Stephen had title by deed trom his father Dr. 
Stephen Tallman, and part by will of his brother John Tallman, deceased. 

39 STEPHEN TALLMAN, son of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, resided at Slirews- 
bury, N. J., where he pursued farming. 

1759. Steplien Tallman, Jr., was on the delinquent Tax List, of Shrewsbury, N. J., 
for £1-13-4. 

1761. He Vv'as ?'i\'\t<}\ in Shrewsbury, £5-16-8, for Mary Siccles. 
1766. Stephen, junior's land wrs nieiuioncd. 

TALLMAX 01' Nl'.W ll-liSHY 


1772, Apr. 3. Dr. Stephen Tallnian and wife Mary conveyed to their .--on Stephen 
Talhiian, Jr., tor £800, seventy-tive acres ot land at Runison. 

I77Sj M'^'- io- He took a mortgage on the lands of Judah Allc-n, of Shrewsbury. 

1775, May 20. He took a mortgage on the land of William S. Corlies, of Shrewsbury. 

1775, Nov. 22. He administrator of Daniel Malstead. 

1785, He was fined for Sabbath breaking, six shillings. 

1785, Jan. 22. He conveyed lands to Dr. John Johnson on the Great Road to Mon- 
mouth Court House, from Shrewsbury town. 

1785, November. Stephen Tallman, for the sum of £2,500, conveyed to Samuel 
J'orjiian and David Knott, one hundred and fifty-one acres of land on Rumson Neck, 
and two acres of meadow, about equal to five acres, which was conveyed to the said 
Stephen Talliiian Apr. 3, 1772, by a deed from his father Dr. Stephen Tallman, deceased, 
for the sum of £800, who claimed it by deed of Joseph Stillwcll and Edward Taylor, 
executors of Mary Seabrook, June 6, 1760. 

He died, unmarried, about 1790. His burial services were conducted by the Rev. 
John Woodhuii, the Presbyterian minister, of Freehold and Shrewsbury, at his house and 
at the grave in the Tallman plot. There were no hearses in those days and by reason of 
the long distance, his remains were carried in an open farm wagon, with four carriers at 
the house and four at the grave. Like all funerals about this period, his was largely 
attended and business in the community for many miles about suspended. 

Lea\'ing no will his estate was administered by James Tallman and Thomas Sea- 
brook, with a bond of £1000, dated June 21, 1790. 

The inventory of his personal estate amount to £1,500, and included six negroes. 

At the time administration was granted, the following representatives of Stephen 
Tallman renounced, viz.: Rachel Tallman, I\Iartha Seabrook, Polly Williams, Patty 
Tallman and Mary Tallman, and in 1791, the Commissioners divided his lands among: 
Sarah Wardeil, wife ot John; Mary Tallman; Martha, wife of Thomas Seabrook; Joseph 
Tallman; James Tallman; children of Samuel Tallman, deceased, and Rachel Tallman, 
widow of Samuel, deceased. 

Stephen Tallman had a natural daughter Ann (Nancy) Tallman, who was taken 
care of by her father until she married Mathias Wood,* an Englishman, who to 
America at the tim.e of the American Revolution and who ser\-ed in the American Army 
until the close of the war. They resided at Mechanicsville, N. J., and were buried in the 
cem.etery of that place. 

From the testimony Oi John R. Livingston, it would appear that Stephen Tallman 
was a very "queer" man and severe with his slaves, not infrequently having them 
whipped till their backs were laid open and the blood ran freely. He was morose and 
exclusive. It is lurther said of him that he saw from his room w'indov/ a w'oman crossin.o; 
his orchard, on her way to church, who plucked apples from his heavily laden trees, 
rather than to lilt those equally good, from the ground, which angered him to such a 
degree that he raised his gun, and with expert aim, cut a limb squarely off aboveherhead. 
He was indicted by the Monmouth Grand Jury for various offences, before whom 
he was accused as an "ill designing and disorderly person and of a wicked & malicious 
mind," and for having, on the 4"" day of September, 1784, killed and destroyed a mare 

•Mathias Wood was a short, thick, henvy-set man, with dark hair and complexion. Like most Englishmen, he was quite a 
sportsnian. They had issue: Ann Wood v.ho married Britt.-Lin, son of MontiUion WooUey, and Rhodorick Wood. 

This stone is erected to Mattliias Wood, a native cf Lcndor., Er.dand, who departed this l;t'e 26th Fob., 1S24, a soldier of 
the Rcvolutiijn, ased 72 years. Light lie the Earth on the B-easr of a Soldier. Pax ad spiritum ejus. 

S;icrtd £g ilie niet.iory of .4.nii, v.\{'^ of Mat:h;-'i \^o-od, -yhc died Ji']y iKth, iSjj, a'jed 94 vears. 


belonging to Dr. John Johnson, and for also having assaulted the said Doctor Johnson 
At the same session he was accused of having, July lo, 1781, sold iluur, Indian corn and' 
oats, to certain pei;sons unknown, m order to .end the same to the enemies of this ^latc 
during the War To both these charges he plead not quiltv and was ilisohar-cd Si/- 
preme Coi'vt Files, Trenton, N. J. It is interesting to^note that Dr. Johnson ^Aas the 
Mend ot his late father. - 1^ 

40 DR. CHRISTOPHER TALLMAN, son of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, was 
probably born m Shrewsbury, X. J., and died in the fall of 1790. 

1767, May I. Daniel Wainwright mortgaged to Dr. Stephen Tallman, both of 
Shrewsbury, certain lands. 

T 11 ^"^"' I'il 20. Daniel Grandin, of Freehold, N. J., mortgaged to Dr. Christopher 
1 alJman, ot Shrewsbury, certain lands. 

I7f'8, July 19. Stephen Wardell mortgaged to Dr. Christopher Tallman, both of 
Siirewsbury, twenty acres ot land for £49. 

1770, Feb. 5. Stephen Aumack mortgaged to Dr. Christopher Tallman, both of 
Shrewsbury, certain lands. 

i77o,_May 14. Joseph Dennis and wife mortgaged lands to Dr. Christopher Tail- 
man, all ol Shrewsbury. " ^ 

1770. June 28. Dr. Christopher Tallman mortgaged his lands at Strawberry \eck 
and Smoky Pond, for £1,368-15-00, to Valeriah Le Conte and Richard Tole, of Mon- 
mouth C ounty, Ehhu Spencer, of Trenton, and John Berrien, of Rockv Hill, Somerset 
County, N. J. • ' ' 

1771, Apr 20. Christopher Tallman, for £375, bought land at Eatontown, from 
Stephen and Mary \\ ardell, which Wardell received from his father Eliakim, in his will 
dated J an 16 1/37, ^vho received it by deed of gift June 30, 1725, from his father Joseph, 
who bought the land Aug. 6, 171 8, from Gabriel Steele. 

Unrecorded deed in the possession of Dr. John E. Stithr// 
_ 1776. Being a Royalist Dr. Christopher Tallman's lands were sold bv the Com- 

Dr. Christopher Tallman's Tory proclivities apparentiv made him unpopular and 
unsafe m Snrewsbury, tor being sick and apprehensive of d'eath, he made a will dated 
Shrewsbury, September 19, 1772, to which he appended a codicil August 16, 17-8, when 
he speaks ot n,mselt as still sick, late of Shrewsbury, but now of the "narrows on Long 
Island. His illness was apparently not vital for he lived twelve vears thereafter. 

He studied medicine with his father who established him on a tarm at Tinton Falls 
^. J., wnere he practiced medicine and farming. His brother Dr. Joseph Tallman suc- 
ceeded to the father's practice at the homestead and the brothers became fHendlv rivals 
m the same held. On one occasion Dr. Joe extracted a tooth, which was followed bv 
bleeding to a state of collapse, and in great fright he sent two slaves ahorse to his brothe'r 
Ur. Christopher, who, from, the excited blacks got the tale and laconically replied, "tell 
the man wno pulled it to stop it." More humane feelincrs overcame him,' however, and 
tie arrived with the messengers, successfully applied a remedv taken from Dr. ]oe's own 
medicine chest, put it in his pocket, and despite Dr. Joe's protests, carried it away with- 
out revealing its nature. 

{772, Sept. 19. Will of Cliristopher Tallman, of Shrewsbury, Docter, sick, etc., 
mentioned: » , j 

to Mnry Crockso.-i £ico, and to the cMId di.; is big wit!, or sv.pposcd to i)c h;g with, £400: und pr j.'i- 


sioii for this child under all circumstances; to lo\in!i mother Mary Tallman, £ioo; to brother Stcplien 'J'all- 
man, .Cico; to brother Samuel Tallman, f^o; to sister Mary, C50; to sister Sarah, £50; to sister Marih.a, 
f^o; to brother janies Tallman u\\ blood horses; to Deborah, dauchter of Elizabeth'W'arde!!, i'Co; nearo 
jack to be set tree at the age of forty years; his brothers Joseph and John Tallman, tiie residue of liis 
(.state; his three brothers Stephen, Joseph and John were apjioinred his executors. 

1778, Aug. ]6. Codicil to the will of Christoplicr Tallman, of the "narrows on Long 
Island," late ot Shtewsbury, Doctor, sick, etc., mentioned: 

to l-.ydia, the child born to Mary Crockson, £100 more; to a son of Mary Crockson, now four years 
of age, £500. ^^ ill was proved Oct. 8, 1790, when Joseph Tallman, the only surviving executor, renounced, 
and James Tallman qualif ed in his stead with a bond ot £500. 

Mary Crockson v>as tlie housekeeper of Dr. Christopher Tallman. Ke had by her 
a number ot natural children, among tliem Elias Tallman,* and Lydia Tallman. 

41 SARAH TALLMAN, daughter of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, married, first, imo. 
(Feb.) 28, 1757, Michael Cook; second, Dec. 4, 1759, David Allen; third, John Wardell, 
boatman, and a farmer ot large means, residing at Atlanticville, N. J., by whom she had 
no issue. John Wardell was a Justice in Shrewsbury, and an associate judge in Mon- 
mouth County. He was a Tory and his property was confiscated Mch. 29, '779. He 
was a friend of Capt. Richard Lippincott and testified for him in the Dritisli court 
martial, held in New York, June, 1782. 

Wardell was in a state of everlasting indulgence and persistent repentance. While 
under the effects ot liquor he broke his leg and no sooner cured than he repeated the 
drink and the accident, and these again once more. Three breaks were too many lor 
him and he succumbed to his habits and mishaps, leaving his widow, whosuctesst'ully 
managed her farm till old age and malignant disease of the throat, after miich suffering, 
ended her life. Her funeral services at the house and the grave were conducted by the 
Rev. Samuel Budd, a Methodist minister, ot Long Branch, and her remains were in- 
terred by the side ot her husband in the Tallman burying-ground. The date of her 
demise is not known, but Aug. 9, 1800, adininistration on her estate was granted to 
William Sickles and Mathias Wood. 

1791, June 21. John Wardell, boatman, of Shrewsbury, conveyed to Hannah But- 
ler, widow, ot Brooklyn Ferry, N. Y., in consideration ot love and affection and =iJi6o, all 
his interest in the estate ot Stephen Tallman, deceased, which he had by virtue of his 
marriage to Sarah, daughter of Stephen Tallman, Sr., and mother of the said Hannah 
Butler, etc., etc , and all his interest in the estate of his wife's deceased brother John 
Tallman, as well as his interest in her deceased brother, Stephen Tallmai'i's, estate, as 
well as his wife's dower interest in the estate ot her late husband David .Allen. 

*I:.iias Tallman, son of Dr. Christopher Tallman, married Bctbey Ruth, of Albany, X. Y., where he resided after his mother's 
death, who had removed thither to her relatives upon the demise of Ur. Christopher Tallman. After some years Elias Tallman 
received an invitation from his uncle James Tallman, to live with hi.m. He left his wife and a child behind him, and .apparently for- 
got that he had them, lor he engaged himself to Merihah, daughter of Slocum and Susan ^Vln D\kc, of Pumpkin Point. Ih'^ neg- 
lected spou"i?, however, arrived at Sh'"ewsbury postofHce in search of him just .as his uncle called for his mail and received 
.lotification for the first time from her of his nephew's marriage. His surprise and equanimity equalled each other, tor arriving home 
he said, 'K.lias you tal^e the horses and wi.ygon and go up to Shrewsbury and bring down your wench and voung one,' (decent te.'ms 
then used '.w women and children), "and then hustle and take care of them, or fiear from m.e," which Elias complacently did and all 
d«.elt at the hom.estead till tiring of restraint, Elias moved his family to W olf 1 lii!,, X. I., where, after some years, he 
died, while in the employ ot Edmund West, by an accident while inebriated. He was survived by his wife and four chil.lrcn. His 
widov/ rciidcd with her son-in-law Jesse Cook, at Atlanticville, X'. J., and died of old age. lioth Elias Tallman and his wife are 
buried iii the Potapeck ( Point;, graveyaid. Issue: Maria Tallman died single; Elias 'i'allman mov; 1 to .Albn/'y, X. Y.; 
•'xiphrcne Tallman moved to Albanv, X. Y.; Deborah Matiala Tallmaii married May 21, 184*?, Jesse Cook, a firiaer of ^lor^nluL,th 
Beach, N.J. 


iS Hannah Allen married Mr. Butler 

42 JOHX TALLMAX, srn of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19 lived at Karontown, N. J., 
where he died in 1790. He was club-footed, a bachelor and a farmer. His fumnd 
services were conducted at his own house and grave by the Re\'. John Woodhull. He 
was interred in the Tallman plot at Pumpkin I'oint. 

1779. He was residing in Shrewsbury. 

1782. He was fined for tornication. 

1786, Feb. 17. John Tallman mortgagcil lands in Eatontown, N. J., to Jacob 
Corlies and Joseph Parker, for £3 ! 7. 

1790, Mch. 6. John Tallman, of Shrewsbury, X. J., sick, etc., mat'e his will; pro\ ed 
June '21, 1790, in which he appointed Stephen Tallman his executor, and ordered his 
negro Tone to be freed after four years; gave £110 to Elias, the firstborn son of AJai-y 
Croxon; gave £100 to Lydia, the firstborn daughter of ALary Croxon; to Stephen Tall- 
man his brother, the residue ot his estate. He signed his name to the will. 

His executor, Stephen Tallman, having died, James Tallman aiid TJiomas Sea- 
brook qualified as administrators, with bond of £1,000, on June 21, 1790. 

The inventory of his personal estate ainounted to £6co, and included a half a do::en 
silver tea spoons valued at £1-10-0. 

43 SAMUEL TALLMAX'^, son of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, was a farmer and 
resided at Tinton Falls, X. J. He married Rachel, daughter of David and Meribah 
(Herbert) Curtis, ot Squan, X". J., by license dated June 26, 1765. His death occurred 
during the v.'inter of 1788, as December 8th, ot that year, administration was granted to 
Rachel Tallman and James Tallman, both of Shrewsbury, with a bond of £1,000, upon 
his estate. Both his widow, Rachel Tallman, and James Tallman, the administrators, 
signed, as well as Samuel Tallman, a witness. His personal estate, inventoried in 1789; 
amounted to £370-1-0, and a second appraisal taken the samic year, amounted to 
£560-19-08. His t'uneral services were conducted by the Rev. John Woodhull, and he 
was interred in the Talhnan burying-ground. 

He a man ot integrity, agreeable manners and of domestic virtues, but, like the 
rest of the Tallmans, he could swear beyond the average amount. 

He was an industrious v/orker and kept his slaves ahvays busy. He was wont to 
visit his father-in-lav/, going on horse back through the swamp, where at one particular 
spot, climbing a tree, he couKl observe his slaves at work and to their surprise pick out 
the laggards on his return. This worked well until his overseer, one Andrew McCard, 
noticing!; a black speck in a tree not tar from where the negroes were at work, discovered 
its nature and by caretul scouting he cautiously removed the neighing mare and her foal 
which had guided him to the spot, and rode her home. Upon Tallman's descent, m.inus 
a h(jrse v/hich he supposed had broken loose, he trudged home with his coat on his arm, 
foot-sore and weary. To his vvife's query as to his condition he answered, "T got off my 
horse in the swamp tor something and she got away from me and ran otT." '\Vhon he 
subsequently knew the facts he greatl\- enjoyed the joke at his own expense. 

Samuel Tallman, as described by John R. Livingston, was a remaikaiily handsome 
man, of slender but good figure, and a noticeably fine comp!exio!i. He v/as never iobust, 
and died, some'«hat suddenly, with hasty consumption. His wife, Rachel Tallman, was 


a very superior, goodlooking woman, \s iih considcrahle Inisincss talent, as she continued 
to manage his farm after his death. 

61 Stephen TaUman married and had Samuel Tallman, of Long Branch, says 

James Steen, which is probably correct. 
6;^ Mary Tallman married Samuel Williams 

64 James Tallman, Jr., married Charity White 

65 Rachel I'allman married Mathias Smith, of Long Branch, N. J. 

66 Ann Tallman married, 1785, John Tucker. She was born 1769; died 1S26. 

67 Phila Tallman married, first, Runah X. Goble; second, Samuel F. Allen. 

68 IMeribah Tallman 

69 SamuelTallman 

44 MARTHA TALL^LAN, daughter of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, was born 1739; 
married Major Thomas Seabrook, of the Bay Shore, Middletown Township, N. J., who 
was an extensive farmer, and carried on a boating business between Keyport and New 
York, and who was estimated a man ot large wealth. He was a Major and a Lieut.- 
Colonel in the Revolution, and a Representative ot Monmouth County in the Assembly. 

Shrews Bary, octob"', 5'" 1758. 
This is to certify whome it may Consarne, that Thomas Seabrook has my ConSent 
to Marry my Daughter Martha TaHman as witness my hand. 

Ste: Tallmax. 
In conformity with the above consent a marriage license was issued to Thomas 
Seabrook with George Pool, as bondsman, in the sum ot £500, Oct. 1 1, 1758. 

Marriage Licenses, Tre7ito7i, N. J. 
Martha Tallman Seabrook died July 14, 1828, aged 89, 2, o. For references to her 
issue, see the Seabrook Family in StillivelFs Miscellany. 

45 JAMES TALLMAN, son of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, died Apr. 5 [25 ?], 1S27, 
in the eighty-third year of his age, as appears upon his tombstone at Pumpkin Point, 
hence he was born in the year 1744-5, ^""^ could not possibly have been the sen born to 
Dr. Stephen and Mary Tallman, Aug. 11, 1725, at Portsmouth, R. L The natural 
inference therefore is that the first son, James, lived quite a number of years, perhaps 
fifteen to twenty years, and dying, his father called the next son born to him thereafter, 

1774, Apr. 2. Dr. Stephen and I\Lary Tallman, for £3,700, conveyed to their son 
James Tallman lands at Potapeck, deeded to James Tallman, deceased, by William 
Marsh, Mch. i, 1731, and also by deed of Nicholas Chambers to James Tallman, Dec. 17, 
^733> ^"d by deed from Jedediah Allen and brother R.alph Allen, to JamesTallman, Dec. 
8, 1741, to which Stephen Tallman had title by deed from James and Keziah Tallman 
Mch. 23, 1741. 

Ufjon tins estate, in the old house erected by his father and still standing ('1914), 
James Tallman resided with but short intervals, imtil his death. Occasionally he re- 
sided in another house on this property, which, while he was in occupancy, was burned, 
destroying the family bible, family portraits and other heirlooms. 

James Tallman in his old age still stood six feet in his stockings, was very erect, 
gaunt, eccentric and aukv/arj. He was also a stuttering man, carried with him a long 


lash whip, for use on man and beast, and possessed of great strength. When too de- 
crepit to move, he substituted for it a spear, made to hurl at his negroes. Among thcjn 
was lubs. Rose and Jack, the last of whom subsequently bought his frecLJoni. He died 
very aged and lert a son, who was recently li\ing in Long Branch, X. J. As opjxjscd to 
this tradition about Jack, is the will of his master, wherein he is set free two weeks after 
his decease. 

While a strict master, James Tallman was kind to his slaves; when in anger, an 
accomjilished swearer; destitute of religion, yet accustomed to read his Bible, and on 
Sundays ordered his slaves to church to catechise them on the text upon their return. 

James Tallman, like the other members ot his father's family, bought and sold real 
estate in his vicinity freely, but tlicre is nothing ot interest in these transactions worth 

1762, Nov. 25. The Monmouth County Grand Jury indicted him, as "he did procure 
and had a quantity of provisions, to wit. Pork, with intention to traitorously convey the 
same to the subjects and troops of the King of Great Britain, and did send the same." 
The outcome of the indictment is not noted, and it was probably quashed. 

Supreme Court Fi/es, Trerito)!^ iV. J. 

James Tallman had a natural son b}' Deborah Parker, to whom he was engaged to 
be married when a youth ot seventeen. Among liis gifts to her was a pair of gloves 
bought tor the prospective marriage. She died al:)Out this time and he retained the 
gloves until his death, when he requested that they should be placed upon his breast 
when he v/as in his coi^n, which v/as done. The boy was brought up by his grandfather 
Parker and was a wild specimen and died in early manhood in New York City. 

Will of Jaines Tallman, of Shrewsbury, written Feb. 24, 1827; proved Apr. 25, 1827. 

Therein he states that two weeks after his decease, he wishes his two colored men, Jack and F.lias 
Ryel,* freed, and to the latter he also gave 5i75-, in cash. To his housekeeper, Hannah Pawley or Dia- 
mond, he gave his large carpet and a yearling heiter, provided she lived with him; to James, j'on ot ^^il^l^^m 
Talhnan, Jr., he gave his silver tankard; to Uilliam Tallman, Jr., son of William Tallman, tailor, he nave 
§500.; to the daughters ot his brother Joseph Tallman, he gave the sums: to Elizabeth Miller 
Jioo., to Sarah ?i40., and to Lydia, wite ot John White, 5140.; to Elizabeth, daughter ot George and Men- 
bah White, he gave an old picture hanging over his closet door, an old bureau and 550. He ordered his 
executors to sell all of his real estate, "except the graveyard on the tarm I now live on with a quarter ot an 
acre more added to it, and to stipulate with the purchaser to keep the fence up m good order around the 
said graveyard." To John, son of Abraham. Laign, he gave his wearing apparel and siUc- buckels, and to 
Stephen Tallman, the son othis brother Joseph I'alhnan, deceased, he gave the residue ot his estate. Exec- 
utors: \Vir:iarn Brinley, Esq., and Tylee Williams. The inventory ot his personal estate amounted, ap- 
parendy, to $1,871. 

46 DR. JOSEPH TALLMAN, son of Dr. Stephen Tallman, 19, married Mercy 
Allen, of Squan, N. J. He resided on a farm o{ one hundred and titty-one acres, on 
Rumson Neck, Shrewsbury, conveyed to him Apr. 3, 1772, for £Soo, by his father and 
mother, Dr. Stephen Tallmati and ^Lu•y Tallman. 

1776, July II. Joseph Tallman, of Shre\^sbury, for £86, mortgaged to the Loan 
Commissioners, lands received from his parents Dr. Stephen and Mary Tallman, by 
deed dated Apr. 5, 1774. 

In 1779, Joseph Tallman was residing in Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1780. Dr. Joseph Tallman and wife Marv, conveyed lands to Tho.'nas Llovd, or" 

•Elias liyel w^s Ijorn June 4, I'io;. Tlie colored people belor.ging to the Talliiian? kept rcin.-irkiibly full and correc- B:L!t 
birth and death records. I hai'e 5Cjn a "\o\z cant-sir.i.-.g tv/eiity-oivci. bjch entries, all Talhi.aii ilavci and their Isiue. 


1787. Apr. 30. Joseph 'J'allinan ami his wife Mercy, sold land in Shrewsbury, to 
Thomas Lloyd, for £370, received trom his tarher in 1774. 

1788. He was residing in Shrewsbury, X. J. 

1790. He and his wife Mary were Hving when he said lie was tlie heir of his brother 
John TaHman, deceased, who by his will, etc., etc. 

1790, Aug. 2. Joseph Tallman and wite Mercy, quitclaimed their interest in his 
brother, Stephen's, estate to Hannah Butler, for £900. 

He first practiced medicine with his father Dr. Stephen Tallman, and later at Eaton- 
town, then moved to New York City, where he continued the practice ot medicine till 
his death. He and his wife were buried in that city. 

From the will of his brother James Tallman, written 1827, and other sources, he had 


70 Fanny (Frances) TaHman, a spinster, who carried on dressmaking in New 

York City, with Hannah Butler. She conveyed her share in the estates 
of her uncles, Stephen and John Tallman, deceased, to James Tallman, 
Sr., of Shrewsbv;ry. 

71 Maria Tallman married a seafaring man 

72 Lydia Tallman married John White, ot New York City, a hatter and an 

Englishman, and had John and Sallie White. 

73 Elizabeth Tallman married a seafaring man, Mr. Miller. 

74 Sarah Tallman married a seafaring man, probably by the name ot Carr. 

75 Stephen S. Tallman married Abigail Hicks 

47 JAMES TALLMAN, son of James Tallman, 30, of Shrewsbury, N. J., married 

Keziah , who, as his widow, probably marriedi by license dated Apr. ic, 1761, 

Samuel LLarriion, Jr., of Gloucester. 

1736-7. He was mentiopied in the v.-ill of his father of this date. 

1741, Mch. 23. James Tallman and wife Keziah, conveyed land to Dr. Stephen 

1741, Dec. 8. Ralph and Jedediah Allen, "brothers to James Tallman," sold land at 
Eatontown, to said James Tallman. 

1742, Aug. 16. Executors of Daniel Lippincott sold land to James Tallman. 

1743, Oct. 12. Administration upon the estate of William Brinley, Jr., was granted 
James Tallman, with Pontius Steele, bondsman. Brinley's wife was Keziah, wh.o refused 
to administer on the estate, and addressed James Tallman as Friend Tallmanj and was 
apparently not his kindsman. 

James Tallman inade his will Mch. 23, 1756; proved Sept. 16, 1758, where he speaks 
of himself as late of Gloucester, in the Province of New Jersey, at present residrng in the 
City of Philadelphia, in the Province o\ Pensylvania, Gent., being Somewhat Indisposed 
in body. He gave to his son James, his plantation on Oldman's Creek, in Greenwich, 
County of Gloucester, containing four hundred acres, purchased at several times trom 
several persons; remainder of estate to be sold for the benefit of his beloved wife Keziah 
Talman, and eldest son Hinchman Talman, equally, the son's share to be put out at 
interest until he attains full age. Executors: his wife and uncle Joseph Talmari, ot 
Burlington Co. Asher Mott was one of the witnesses. In a Codicil, Aug. 21, 1758, his 
son James is provided for until he reaches the age of twenty-one years. In\entcry 
amounted to £1,928-3-0. 



76 Hinchman Tallman 

77 James Tallman. Letters of guarclinshiji were granted to John Hinchman, 

Esq., on the person and estate of James, son of James Tallman, until he 
reaches the age of twenty-one years, Aug. 7, 1766, at Burlington, X. ]. 
It was he who was probably Capt. James Tallman, of Gloucester Co., "who 
served during the Revolutionary War. 

51 JOSEPH TALLMAN, son of Joseph Tallman, 31, was an executor in his 
father's will, 1784. He resided in Mansfield, Burlington County, N. J. 

1767. Joseph Talman, jr. was Collector in Mansfield. 

1768, '69 and 1770. He was Overseer ot the Poor in the same place. 

52 AUGUSTINE TALLMAN, son of Joseph Tallman, 31, died during his father's 
lifetime, who, in his will, 1784, mentioned his children as legatees. Oct. 13, J 780, 
administration was granted upon his estate (late of the County of Bin-lington), to Peter 
and Margaret Talman. 


78 Thomas Tallman 

79 Sarah Tallman 

80 Mary Tallman 

81 Elizabeth Tallman 

82 Margaret Tallman 

54 BENJAMIN HORATIO TALLMAN, son of Peter Tallman, 32, married 
Sarah Norris. His will dated Sept. 18, 1794; proved Apr. 4, //po? spoke of him as of 
Haddonfield, County ot Gloucester, N. J., physician, sick and weak in bod}', and 

brother Peter Tallman, my old watch; brother Thomas Tallman, my gold sleeve button.b and pair of 
knee buckeies; sisters Sarah, Margaret and lAgnes, land in Bordentown; wife Sarah Norris Tallman, his 
house and lands in Haddonfield, and created her sole executrix. 

55 PETER TxALLMAN, son of Peter Tallman, 32, had a wife Phillis, in 1799. 
1810, Feb. 21. Under the will of John Nenle, dated Jan. 20, 1804, he gave of his 


to his daughter Mary, one share; and to his grandchildren Charles, Herbert and Elenor 
Lawrence, iointly, one share; to his granddaugluer Anne Neale, one share; to his son John N'eale, one share; 
to his daughter Elizabeth, one share; and to his dear wife Elizabeth, one share; appointed his son-in-law 
Peter Taihnan, his dear brother Thoinpson Xeale and, grandson Charles Lawrence, executors. The 
-surviving executors Peter Tallman and Charles Lawrence, v.ith the executors of Thompson Xeale, were 
jointly sued by Elizabeth Xeaie, as sruardian of John and Elizabeth Neale, infants under age, "for a sur- 
plusage of orphans account." On Oct. 16, iSi:, three referees decided that the executors of John Neale 
were liable tor f 181.45. 

5G THOMAS TALLMAN, son of Peter Taihnan, 32. He married lyv license 
dated Aug. 78, 1763, Hannah Austin, and following the death of her husbam.!, she j-jiar- 
ried, second, by license dated May 20, 1773, James I^uxton. 

Thomas Talman, late ot the township of Evesham, died intestate and his wife 
Hannah, had letters of administration upon his estate, with John Cox, of the tov/nship of 

TAl.LM.'vN OF Xr:\V JERSEY 31 

Chester, County of Curlingtim, X. J., as hondsinaii, granted to her Nov. 8th, 1771. 
Amount C:,ooo. Site made her mark and was a (Quaker. 

The tollowing day, Xov. 9th, i",7i, her brother-in-law Peter Tahnan, quaHfied as 
co-administrator. He was a resident of Mansfield, Burlington County, N. J., and had 
as his bondsman Joseph Talman, Jun"', ot the same place. He also qualified in the 
amount oi £2,000. Both Peter and Joseph Talman, Jun', signed. Amount ot the 
inventory was £856-1-1 1. 

1768, Dec. 28. He was residing at Evesham and was sued tor a debt ot £100, liy 
Samuel Burrough, Sr. He evidently failed to collect, for 14"' of George HI. Samuel 
Burrough sued James Buxton and Hannah his wife, and Peter Talman,_ administrators 
of Thomas Talman on this same note. The administrators confessed judgment Nov. 
'3) ^773j Hannah Buxton, late Hannah Tolman, making her mark, and to satisfy it, a 
piece of meadow ground, in Chester, and also a portion of his Evesham property were 
sold 9"^ April, 14"^ of George IH. 

1774, July 30. Mary Searle likewise sued Thomas Talman's administrators for the 
debt of £100 note, and they confessed judgment. 


83 Thomas W. Talman. Apr. 27, 1772, Hannah Talman was appointed guar- 

dian of Thomas Woodmansee Talman until he is 14 years old. Nov. 16, 
1779, Benjamin Thon.-ias was appointed his guardian, and May 20, 1783, 
James Buxton was appointed his guardian. 

62 STEPHEN TALLMAN, son of Samuel Tallman,_43, married Oct. 6, 1798, 
Rebecca Harvey; second, Oct. 22, 1801, Mary, daughter of John Chandler. Stephen 
Tallman was a cabinet-maker and dwelt at Poplar, N. J., where he died about 1805. 
His first wife divorced him and moved to \Vestfield, N. J., where she married, successively 
Henry JefTus and Dr. William Pierson. Mary Chandler, the widow of Stephen Tallman, 
married his brother Samuel Tallman. 

1801, I'* 5mo. Stephen, son of Samuel Tallman, sold sixty acres of land to William 

Stephen Tallman was married to Deborah Slocum Oct. 6, 1798, by Thomas Little, 
Esquire. She died Feb. 21, 1827, aged 74, 10, o. Buried in the Quaker burying- 
ground, Shrewsbury, N. J. This is the same date as his marriage to Rebecca Harvey, I 
print it, subject to future correction. Her will dated Apr. 7, 18 19; proved Mch. 5, 
1827, mentioned: _ ... ^.. 

headstoPxe fur herself; to Deborah, dau'jshter of Audrey Jackson, 10 shillincs; to niece Mirabeth (hiiz- 
abetii?) Cook, 6 shillings; to niece Elizabeth Boyer, a feather bed; to nephew Daniel J^ackson 6 shillings; 
to niece Sarah Harvey 6 shillings; Daniel Jackson's daughter Deborah Jackson, and Mathias Barkalow's 
dauglitcr F)ebcrah Ann, all her wearing apparel; to Ann Bowyer a legacy. Executors: John P. Lewis and 
Benjamin Woo'ey. 

Issue by first wife 

84 Samuel Tallman born Mch. 12, 1799 

Issu.e by second wire 

85 Elisha Tallman died aged iltteen 

86 Mary Ann Tallman 


03 ^LARY TALLMAX, daughter of Samuel l^illman, 43, married Samuel Wil- 
liams, of Eatontown, N. J. She died at Tinton Ealls, N. J., and he at Shark River. 

Samuel NN'illiams, Jr. 
Mary Williams 

64 JAMES TALL^L•\\, JR., son of Samuel Tallman, 43, was a farmer and li\-ed 
at Eatontown, N. J. He married Charity, tiauglucr of Jacob \\'hite. He died at Shark 
River and his widow at Eatontown, X. J. 

. I79^5> Apr. 7. James Tallman and wife Charity, conveyed land on Jumpine ]5rook, 
devised by Jj^cob White to Charity Tallman, to James Tallman, Sr., for "Cioo. 

James 1 allman, Jr., seems to have lost his property as appears bv the following 

James Tallman, Jr., son of Samuel, by James Lloyd, late Sheriff, to John F. Long- 
street, iNLD., by a judgment in favor of Joseph Parker, for £1,201-15,08, and £3 costs. 

April Term, 1798, Monmouth Co., N. J. 

By judgment in favor of ALary Borde vs. Runah R. Coble and James Tallman, Jr., 
for £50, and £6-9-3, tlamages. 

By judgment against Stephen Tallman for £1,000, secured by one hundred and 
thirty acres of land commencing where Dr. Lloyd lives and lying between Eatontown 
and Shrewsbury, X'^. J. 

1801, 1st. of^ 5mo. James Tallman conveyed property to William Parker, formerly 
Samuel Tailman's, at Tinton Falls, being the western-most part of his plantation, for 

1802, Dec. 20. James Tallman sold to Thomas Little, two acres of land for $212.50. 


87 Jacob Tallman, perhaps 

88 James Tallman, Jr. 

_ 65 RACHEL TALLALAX, daughter of Samuel Tallman, 43, married Mathias 
Smith, oi Long Branch, X'. J. 

Patty Smith 
James Smith 

G6 AX^N TALLMAX', daughter of Samuel Tallman, 43, married in 1785, John 
Tucker, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (White) Tucker. He was ot Shar!: River, N. J., 
and v/as born Aug. 16, 1765, and died November, 1821. She died July 5, 1826, aged 
about 57 years. Both are buried at Shrewsbury, X\ J. 

Joseph Tucker 
Lewis Tucker 
John Tucker 
Curtis Tucker 


Lenh Tucker 
Patty Tucker 
Margaret Tucker 
Ann Tucker 
Rachel Tucker 

67 PHILA TALLIMAN, daughter of Samuel Tallman, 43, was born July i, 1777, 
nr Tinton Falls, N. J., and married, first, Runah X. Goble, of Squan, N. J.; second, 
Samuel F. Allen, of Squan, N. J. 

Samuel F. Allen's first wife was Hannah, daughter of Jacon [Jacob?] and Ilannah 
Croxson, of Eatontown, N. J., by whom, likewise, he had issue. 

Issue by her first husband 
Phebe Goble 
James Goble 
Sidney Goble 

Issue by her second husband 
Charles Allen 
Ethan Allen of New York City 

69 SAMUEE TALL^E•\N, son of Samuel Tallrnan, 43, married Mary Chai-idier, 
the widow ot his brother Stephen Tallman, and was, probably, the individual who mar- 
ried Feb. 5, 180S, Mary Tallman. They resided at Poplar, N. J. She was probably the 
individual alluded to as "Mary, wife of Samuel Tallman, died July i<t!i, 185.;, aged 
93, 2, 22. Aged mother thoti has left us," etc. 

Tombstone hi Jf'est Long Brcvncli Cciuetcry. 

1808, Mch. 21. Will of Samuel Tallman, of Shrewsbury; proved Apr. 1, 180S, left 
wite everything and made her executrix. 

He was evidently young, tor Dec. 15, 1800, Thomas Eittle was appointed guardian 
of Samuel, child of Samuel Tallman, late of Monmouth County, deceased. 


89 Daughter 

75 STEPHEN SANDS TAELMAN, son of Dr. Joseph Tallman, 46, was born 
July II, 1790, and married Abigail, daughter of Oliver Hicks. He died i\Iay 2^^ 1861, 
aged 70, 10, 19, while she was born Oct. 16, 1792, and died Nov. 21, 1862, aged 70, i, 5; 
both buried at Pumjikin Point, Shrewsbury, N. J. 

Stephen S. Tallman was the residuary legatee in the will ot his uncle Janies Talhrian, 
wiio devised him the Potapeck estate, conditioiially upon his paying legacies amounting 
to $3,500; to accomplish which he m.ortgaged the property to Charles Haight, of Long 
Hranch, N. J., for a small amount, and ultimately parted with the property to Caleb 
Newbold, oi \\'esL Jersey, for 57,800. Mr. Newbold never took possession of the 
premises, but leased it to Mr. Sherman for twenty-two consecutive years. \Vhen 
Stephen S. Tallman parted with his estate he moved, with his family, to New York City. 


90 Ann Amanda Tailman died Sept. 29, 1844, aged twenty-seven years; immar- 

ried. Buried at Pum.pkin Point, N. J. 


91 Abigail Talliiian died Sept. 29, 1S44, aged 27, 2, 6; [married George Bradford. 

oi Shrewsbury, and late ot New York City?]. 

92 George Douglass Tallman 

93 Catherine Tallman married Richard J. Bradford 

84 SAMUEL TALLALAN, son of Stephen Tallman, 62, was born Mch. 12, 1799, 
and died Jan. 28, 1S75. He made researches into the Tallman family liistory, hoping to 
obtain property in England, of which more elsewhere. He married May 5, 1829, by 
Justice Wooley, Lydia, daughter of John Lain, of Long Branch, N. J., who was born Alay 
25, 1805, and died Jan. 24, 1875. His youth was spent in Squanlcum, now Farmingdale, 
Monmouth County, N. J., and his father dying when he was six years of age, he was 
taken under the guardianship of his uncle Llumphrey Williams, of Poplar, N. J. At 
twenty-one years of age he moved to Long Branch, where he remained tintil his death. 


94 Meribah Tallman born Apr. 28, 1830. Meribah Tallman married John 

P. L. Jeffrey, and their daughter married Harry C. Newel, of Long 
Branch, who assisted in hunting up the alleged Morgan Tallman estates, 
and interviewed John R. Livingston. It is due to his generosity that 1 
have been able to give Livingston's narrative. 

95 Rebecca W. Tallman born July 31, 1831 ; died -\k-h. 17, 1S76. 

96 Curtis \V. Tallman born Mch. 20, 1833 

97 Thomas S. Tallman born Mch. 16, 1835 

98 James PL Tallman born June 16, 1836 

99 Ezra LL Tallman born Aug. 21, 1837; died an infant. 
J 00 Sarah Ann Tallman born Aug. 5, 1S39 

loi Deborah Tallman born Nov. 12, 184I ; died an infant. 

102 Nicholas V. Tallman born Oct. 22, 1843; ^^'^d Apr. 19, 1865. 

103 Samuel Tallman born Mch. 9, 1 85 1 ; died an infant. 

92 GEORGE DOUGLASS TALL^L-\N, son of Stephen S. Tallman, 75, died Apr. 
18, 1882, in his sixt>'-seventh year; married Ann F., daughter of Thomas and Saihe 
Sherman, of Mechanicsville, N. J., who died Feb. 19, 1878, in her sixty-first year. Both 
are buried at Pumpkin Point, N. J . 


104 Stephen Tallman died an infant 

105 Annie Theodosia Tallman died aged nine years 

106 George D. Tallman, of Red Bank, N. J., 1903; married Susan, daughter ol 

Henry W. and Sally Ann (Wardell) Howland. 

107 Thomas Sherman Tallman 

108 Stephen .S. Tallman married Miss Broadmeadow 

109 Catharine Ann Tallman married Sept. 29, 1870, Charles W. Pnce. 

1 10 Abby H. Tallman married Lyttleton Sleeper 

9G CURTIS W. TALLMAN, son of Samuel Tallman, 84, was born 1S33, and 
married Hannah McDonald June 11, 1853. 



1 1 1 Sarah Ann Tallinan born Sept. 21, i8s3 

112 Williain J\. 'ralliiiaii boni Sept". ';o, 185;^; iiKirried Marv VVooley I\Ich. 2^, 

1877. _ 

113 Samuel C. Fallman born Sept. 27, 1858 

1 14 John E. TaUman born Jan, 14, 1862 

97 THOMAS S.TAEEMAN, son of Samuel Tallman, 84, was born 1835, and mar- 
ried Sept. 25, 1S58, Rebecca Covert. He resided at Farmingdalc, N. J. 


115 Daughter 

116 Daughter 1.5932'?5 

117 Daughter 

118 Daughter 

119 Datighter 

120 Son 

98 JAMES H. TALLALAN, son of Samuel Tallman, 84, was born 1836, and 
married Nov. 4, 186S, ALary E. Allgor (Auger). He resided at Long Branch, N. j. 


121 Daughter 

122 DaugJiter 

123 Son 

106 GEORGE D. TALLAF-VN, son of George D. Tallman, 92. Fie settled at 
Newark, N.J. 


124 Stephen H. Tallman 

125 Susie Tallman 

126 Annie Sherman Tallman miarried June 14, 1905, Stanly Hagcrman. 

From 'Jeremiah TaUman ^ 24, the son of Dr. James Tallman, 10, and grandson of 
Peter Tallman, i, born Sept. 25, 17 12, and therefore a younger brother ot Dr. Stephen 
Tallman who settled at Pumpkin Point, Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, N. J., de- 
scends a family likewise seated in the vicinity of Shrewsbury. 

Jeremiah Tallman, himself, settled in Monmouth County about or soon after tlie 
arrival of Dr. Stephen Tallman. 

i75S,July7. Jeremiah Tallman paid in part tor his c/^-.'/^.tyZ'/,";-'; fine £3-6-6. 

To'ujn Records, Shreivs'^ury, N. J. 

1759. Fie was taxed in Shrewsbury £2-1-93-2. 

1 Joseph Tallman married Mary Jeffrey 
3 Oliver Tallman borf. June ic, 1737, in Rhode Eland. 


4 Datiie! Tnllman 

5 Jnmes Tall mail 

6 Hannah Tallman born Apr. 15, 1739, in Rhode Island. 

6a Gideon Tallman horn June 25, 1736, in Rhode Islarid. He was taxed in 
Shrewsbury in 1759, .C1-16-8. 

2 JOSEPH TALLiNIAN, son of Jeremiah Tallman, i, came with his father to iNLm- 
mouth County, N. J. He married by license dated Nov. 3, 1766, Mary Jeffrey. 

1776. Joseph i'allman, son of Jeremiah Tallman, with Mary his wife, mortgaged 
lands in Shrewsbur)', N. J., to the Loan Commissioners, devised by the will oi William 
Jefney, deceased, to the said Mary Tallman, late Mary Jeffrey, bounded by the lands 
ot Daniel and Lewis Jeffrey. 

In 1779 and 1788, he was taxed in Shrewsbury. 

I have no further information concerning him. 

3 OLl\"ER TALLMAN, son of Jeremiah Tallman, 1, vs'as born at Portsmouth, 
R. I., June 15, 1737. He resided at Long Branch, Monmouth County, N. J., prior to 
the Revolutionary War, where he owned a considerable estate. This he forleited by 
becoming a Royalist. During the Battle of Monmouth, he fought on the British side, 
while his son, William (ought under Washington. At the end of the war his estates were 
confiscated and sold, and he, accompanied wiih two of his sons, Peter and Daniel, vv-ith- 
drew to Canada, on the North shore of Lake Ontario, near St. Catharines, v/hcre lands 
were ceded to him for his loyalty to the Crown. 

Apparently the confiscated lands did not always find ready purchasers for it was 
not until Mch. 29, 1799, that the plantations of Christopher and Oliver Tallman, at 
Tinton Falls, N. J., were sold. 

In 1771 and 1773, Oliver Tallman was taxed in Shrewsbury, N. J. 

His stay in Canada must have been short because he died in Shrewsbury, in 1788, 
leaving a will written Nov. 28, 1787; proved Jan. 11, 1788, wherein he called himself ot 
Shrewsbury and spelled his name Oliver Talnian, and mentioned: 

son Daniel Talman; daugliter Jemima; son William Talman; daughter Molly Talman; daughter 
Hannah; brother Jeames' land, and disposed ot several negroes. He signed his name to the will. Executor: 
George Howland. Joseph Tallman, a witness. The executor renounced and \^"i!!ianl 'J'aliman qualified 
in a bond of £5cx3, with Joseph I'allman as bondsman. The amount of his inventory v/as £84:17:06. 


6 Daniel Tallman 

7 lemima 

8 William Tallman 

9 Molly Tallman 
ic Peter Tallman 
loa Hannah Tallman 

5 JAMES TALLM.AN, son of Jeremiah Tallman, i, is mentioned in his brother 
Oliver Tallmnn's will as "my brother Jeames' land." He was probably a resident of 
Shrewsbury, N. J., where, in 17S4, he was fined £4 for petty larceny, and where, in 1789, 
his name appe;'.rs upon the Tax List. 

1 1 James Tallman supposed 
11 Raclitl Talhnaii supposed 


G DAXIEL TALLMAN, son ofOlivcr T;illman, ,3. 

1776. Daniel Tallman, of Shrewsbury, N. j., for £15, rnortgasied \i\m\s 10 ihc Loan 
Commissioners, which he liad received by deed from Daniel and Sarali Wouie\ in i77 5. 
In 1779, he was taxed in Slirewsbury. 

8 WILLLAM TALL^L*\N, son ot Oliver Talhnan, 3, was the youngest son and 
born 1758. From tombstones in the NN'est Lorig Branch Cemetery, erected to himself, 
wife and son, several oi the following dates have been obtained. He died Nov. 17, ] 8jj, 
aged seventy-five years. He married Sarah Mount, who was born at Colt's Neck, wlio 
was a Quakeress and related to the Tiltons, and who died Aug. 11, 1857, aged 93, 3, 6. 
William Tallman was a tailor and resided at Branchburg, N. J. He was taxed in Shrews- 
bury 1789. His will is recorded at Freehold, N. J. 

13 William Tallman 
i.^ Ellis Tallman 

15 Joseph Tallman 

16 Deborah Tallman married Mr. Josiah Holmes, who was a carpenter, Con- 

stable and Justice, and lived at Mechanicsville. N. J. She was living in 

17 Peter Tallman died Aug. 14, 18 17, aged iS,o, !o. 

11 JAMES TALL^L\N, supposed son ot James Tallman, 5, married Sarah, 
daughter ot Daniel and Sarah (Allen) Wooley. Her brother Montillion Wooley married 
Abigail Tallmaii, born Dec. 2, 1761, died June 29, 183S. 

James Tallman died in 1S04, leaving a will dated June 30, 1803; proved Feb. 4, 1804, 
where in he stated that he was ot Shrewsbury, and left his estate to his children, Sarah, 
Lucy and Ann; appointed his daughter Sarah, and his worthy friend James Tallman, of 
Pumpkin Point, executors. William Tallman was a witness to the will. 


18 Sarah Tallman married John Dangler and had: Eliza Dangler wlio married 

Mr. Bennett, and Phebe Dangler who married Mr. Reynolds. 

19 Ann Tallman married Daniel Jetfrey Dec. 3, 179S. 

20 Lucy Tallman married William Lawson 

21 John Tallman died young 

22 James Tallman died yovmg 

12 RACHEL TALL^LAN, supposed daughter of James Tallman, 5, married Mch. 
17, 1801, Matthew Smith, of Little Silver, N. J. She was born Mch. 20, 1780, and died 
Jan. 16, 1847; from a tombstone in the Firsi Methodist Churchyard, JVest Long Branch, 
N. y., "erected by her grand-daughter Amanda Rue." 

Mrs. Bennett, a descendant of this line says: James, the father of Rachel Tallman, 
had a v/ife who died young, leaving an only child, by which I presume she m.eans an only 
daughter, and that this daughter Rachel Tallrnaji, was a tirst cousin to Ellis Tallma;i. 
Rachel Tallrnan and Matthew Smith had 

James Smith died Nov. 11, 1850, aged 43, n, 26; married Rebecca Wooley born 
June 12, 1809; died 1838. 


Elislui 'J'alliiKin Smith 

Martin Smith married a McClain 

George Smith 

Sarah Ann Smith born Mch. 12, 1806; married Ma)- 14, 1825, James Devoe at'.d 

died Fell. 14, 1849, by whom she had issue: Amand;i Devoc who married Mr. 

La Rue. She resided at 81 Tavlor St., Brooklyn, N. Y., and owned the hu-ni]\- 

Rachel Smith niarricd Mr. A'andeventcr 

13 WILLIAM TALLMAN, son of William Tallman, 8, was born June 28, 1794, 
and died JaTt. 24, 1849. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Hardenbrook, (by liis 
wife Miss Jjoyce), who was born Jan. 11, 1792, and died Sept. 8, 1882. Both were 
interred at Oakhurst, near West Long Branch, with commemorative stones. 

He received a bequest in the will ot James Tallman, of Pumpkii; Point, and built a 
large house on the road to Oceanvillc. 

William Tallman moved to New York City when a young man and became a retail 
grocer. Selling out in 1837, he moved near his father's homestead at Long Branch, 
N. J., where he dwelt until his death. His wite died near there, at rlie liome of her 
daughter Cordelia, Sept. 7, 1883 [ ?J. 


23 Cordelia L. Tallman married Nov. 8, 1854, Garret Schenck, son of Tylee and 

Maria Conover, of Little Silver, N. J. SJie was living in 1898. At the 
date of their marriage in 1854, he was twenty-three years and six months 
old and she was twenty-tour years, eleven months and twentv-three davs 

24 Martha Seabrook Tailman born Mch. 2C, 1S24; died Mch. 27, 1873; niarried, 

first, Israel, son ot Daniel and Mary Williams, born Dec. 9, 1814, died 
July 25. 1852; second, Harmon L. (S). Bennett. She was interred in the 
Oakhurst burying-ground with her first husband. 

25 Emily N. Tallman married Charles Lewis, of New York City, formerly of 

Long Branch, N. J. 

26 William Mount Tallrnan 

27 James Tallman married Jane He died prior to his father. 

27a Henry Hardenbrook Tallman 

27b Mary Elizabeth Tallman 

14 ELLIS TALLMAN, son of William Tallman, 8, married Mary White. He at 
one time lived in New York City, but later returned to Long Branch. He was a school- 
master. He taught at Oceanville, Long Branch and Shark Ri\.er, N. J. He was edu- 
cated by his brother William Tallman for a marine mercantile life but he discarded it for 


28 Joseph Tallman married Margaret Ann White 

29 Ellis Tallman born June 3, 1S34; died Sept. 4, 1876; interred at Oakhurst, 

near AVest Long Branch; married Catharine 

30 Rebecca Tallman born Sept. 6, 1822, died Feb. 22, 1889; married Samuel T., 

son of Robert ai'id Hannah (Blew) White, born Sept. 29, 18 18, died Mch. 


31 Sarah Tallniaii married Henry Green Oct. 26, 1853; both of Deal, by llev\ 
James B. \\ ilson, ot tlie Dutch Church, at Long Branch. 

3a Elizabeth H. TaHman, ot Deal; married John Smith, ot Rumson, Shrews- 
bury, Dec. 1, iS^2, h\- Rev. |ames B. Wilson. They moved to Utica, 

2j William H. Talhnan married Elizabeth A number of their children 

died young. 

15 JOSEPH TALLMAN, son of William Tallman, 8, died Sept. 20, 1819, aged 
-54, i;, 10. He resided at Shrewsbury, X. J. He married Rebecca Lawson \s-ho died 
Ian. 24, 18S4, aged 95, 2, o; interred in West Long Branch Cemetery. His will written 
Sept. 19, 1819; proved Oct. 20, 1819, is recorded at Freehold, N. J., and mentions: his 
wife and children and his executor Ellis Tallman; wite Rebecca, to get the Bible. 


34 Lawson Tallman married Sophia Gilmore, of New York City, and had a son 

Charles L. Tallman, of New York City. He was under age in 18 19. 

35 Maria Tallman niarried Harvey Jarvis. Mrs. Jarvis, living on the road 

between Long Branch and Eatontown, was the only survivor ot her genera- 
tion in 1898; born June 26, 1814; died Jan. 24, 1905. 
^6 Sarah Tallman married, first, Stewart Crowell; second, Henry Stevens. 

21 V\TLLL\M M. TALL^LAN, son of William Tallman, 13, resided at^Plainfield, 
N. J., in 1885, and in 1898, was employed in the Washington Lite Insurance Co., of New 
York City. He supplied me with much of the data relating to his tamily. 

22 JAMES TALLMAN, son of William Tallman, 13, died July 15, 1844, in his 
twenty-eighth year, and was interred in the West Long Branch Cemetery. He married 
and had a child, but his family is now extinct. He was the one who received the silver 
tankard from old James Tallman which first parted with its lid, then was thrown about 
and finally was lost, it is said down a well. 

23 JOSEPH TALL^LAN, son of Ellis Tallman, 14, married July 18, 1849, Mar- 
garet Ann, daughter of John B. and Mary (Whitej Morris, born July 14, 1832; died July 
26, 1906, at Long Branch, N. J. 


37 Shadrach [Shade M.] Tallman married and had issue 

38 William B. Tallman married and lived in Philadelphia, Pa., or Cam.den, N. J. 

39 John E. Tallman married 

40 Clara H. Tallman married Forman LL Giftbrd and lived with her mother at 

Long Branch, N. J. 


1757, Sept. 29. Hai-inah Tallman and Isaac Rogers, of Monmouth Co., had a mar- 
riage license granted. 

Hannah Tallman, widov/ of Isaac Rogers, of Bordentown, married 1778, Col. 
Joseph Haight, his second wife. Col. Joseph Haight was born Apr. 27, 1739, died Apr. 


4, 1795. Huricd in. the Haiglit, Morristown, N. j. People said of this Han.n.ih 
Talhnaii that "the Lord sent manna anii the devil sent Hannah." 

The Haighr \-ault, at Morristown, N. J., tradition says was built for Col. Jo.-.eph 
Haight's first wite. Interred there are the following: Col. Joseph Haight born Apr. 27, 
I7J9, ciievi Apr. 4, 1795. Rebecca Grifiith Haight born, nt Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 1738, 
died 1777. William Haight, son of Joseph, born Oct. 6, 1762, died April, 1837. Sarali 
Haight born Aug. 5, 1769, died Aug. i, 1799. Charles Haight born July 31, 1768, died 
1849. Of four other sons, the burial place of Thomas Griffith Haight, only, is known, at 
Christ Church, Shrewsbury. One daughter Sarah Hermance died in New Yorl; State. 
Tliomas Griffith Haight born Nov. 10, 1790, died Sept. i, 1847. Eliza Ann Van Mater 
Haight died Dec. 8, 1878. Joseph Haight born Apr. i, 1792, died 1834, oi" before 1837. 
Charles Haight born Apr. i, 1796, died Jul\- 12, 1811. William Haight "born Feb. 28, 1S25, 
diedjuiy3i, 1854. Trevonian Haight born June 18, 1827, died May 7, 1S39. JohnHaight 
born Mch. ic, 1839, died Aug. 2, 1830 [born 1830, died 1839?] Sarah Haight born Jan. 
25, 1831, died 1846. Trevonian Haight born Dec. 27, 1S38, died 1888. John Tyler 
Haight born Oct. 18, 1841, died Dec. 3, 1892. Elizabeth Haight born May 30, 1843, ^'^^^ 
Jan. 28, 1852. Mary Rogers, widow of Lloyd W"harton, born 1767, died October, 1847; 
a sister ot Mrs. William Haight. Edward, son of T. F. and Annie Haight Taylor. 
Thomas Griffith, son ot John T. and Louisa Drummond Haight. 

1763, June 15. Elizabeth Talman, of Burlington, and William Gamble, of Bur- 
lington, had marriage license granted. (See 1776.) 

James Tallman, Private in Capt. Flanagan's Co., 3d Battalion, 2d establishment, 
Revolutionary War. 

W™ Tallman, private in the Militia, Revolutionary War. 

1763, Nov. 5. Daniel Taber, of Shrewsbur}', and Hannah Tallman had a marriage 
license granted. 

1776, June 15. Elizabeth Talman, of Burlington, and William Gamble, of Burling- 
ton, had a marriage license granted. (See 1763.) 

1 78 1, June 12. ALir>' Tallman and John Reckless, of Mansfield, had a marriage 
license granted. 

1781, 3mo. [Mch.] 29. Lydia Tallman and Lsaac Shreve, of Burlington, had marriage 
license granted. 

1781, ^L1y 22. Elizabeth Tallman and Uz. Leach, of Burlington, had marriage 
license granted. 

1 78 1, Sept. 30. Dowe Tallman and Rachel Harring had marriage license granted. 

1782, 5mo. 16. Hannah Tallman, ot Burlington, and Joseph Edwards had marnags 
license granted. (Elsewhere the date is given as May 16.) 

1791, July 12. Gloucester Co. Jury indicted William Tallman, late ot the township 

handkerchiets. Defendant pleaded not guilty. 

1795, Feb. 26. Peter Tallman, Lieutenant; Captain, December, i8od. Died Sept, 
15, :8g4. Nezv Jersey /Artillerists and E)igincers. 

1799, Apr. 2. Hannah Tallman married to Thomas Chadwick. 

1802, Nov. I. Mary Tallman, widov,-, and son David, conve}'ed lands in Shrews- 
bury, to Peter Coriies. fJavid Tallman, at one time, lived about two miles trom Long 


Branch. David Taliniaii and his sister Phcbc ralhnaii arc nicnlioned in an old account 
book Octohcr, 1799. Da\-id TaHman's wite is mep.tioned in the same. 

1S05. I'homas W. Tahnan, will. TFills^ Burlington County, Trenton, A'. J. 

1821. Joseph Talnian, will. JVilh, Burlington County, Trenton, ;V. J. 

1809, t)ec. 14. John Taher and Ivcbecca 1 Vdlman, both of Shrewsbury, were niarriedi. 

1813, Nov. 2. Joseph Tallman and Lydia Philips, both of Siirewsbury, were married. 

1815, Nov. 21. Richard Covert and Charlotte l^dlman, btjth of Shrewsbury, were 

1818, Jan. 29. Sidne}' Tallman and lielfame [Euphame'] Brinley, both of Shrews- 
bur)-, were married by John Williams, Justice. She was the daughter of William Brinley 
and his wife ]\ebecca \\'hite. They had ^^'illiam, Louise and Elenry Tallman. 

1819, Apr. 7. \Vill of Deborah Tallman; proved Mch. 5, 1827, mentioned: Audry 
Jackson 10 shillings; niece Mirabeth Cook 6 shillings; niece Elizabeth Boyer, feather bed, 
etc.; nephew Daniel Jackson 6 shillings; niece .Sarah Harvey 6 shillings; Daniel Jackson's 
daughter Deborah Jackson, and Mathias Barkalow's daughter Deborah Ann, all wearing 

1829, May 24. Benjamin Drummond and Mary Tallman, widow, were married. 

1840, May 20. James Tallman, Jr., and Elizabeth Fleming, both of Shrewsbury 
township, were married, at Poplar, N. J., by John Wooley, Justice. 

1841. Mouritz Tallman born Dec. 2, 1818, died 184I; buried at Little Silver, N. J. 
1843, J^'"e -1- David Clayton and Ann Tallman, both of FreehoKl, were married 

by Jeremiah Stillwell, justice. 

1847, Nov. 15. Joseph Horton White, of Carbondale, Pa., and Emily Nelson Tail- 
man were married ar Shrewsbury. 

1852, Dec. 30. ^^'ill of Ebenezer Tallman, of Wall; proved June i, 1853, rnentioned: 
wife Elizabeth, to have all; Eliza Ann De Witt and Joel Test to have anything she m.ay 
leave at her decease. Executors: James Pierce, Jr., and Elizabeth Tallman. 

1853, Jan. 25. Abraham T. \'aridevcer married to Mary E. Tallman, both of Lotig 
Branch, by Rev. James B. Wilson. 

i860, June 14. William H. Cook and Sallie S. Tallman were married by Thomas PL 
Throckmorton, Justice. 

1866, Jan. 30. Joseph Cheesman and Elizabeth Tallman were married by John V\ . 
Davison, Justice. 

1873, Kec. 5. Paul B. Tallman and Mary, daughter of Combs Hendrickson, were 
married by Rev. \'incent Messier. \w 1886, he was an Innkeeper of Perrineville, N. J. 

1893. Thomas Tallman, of Oceanport, N. J., Justice of the Peace for Monniouth 
County. He was an h-ish blacksmith, Tilhna-n by name, changed to TaUman. 

1908. Caroline Bibb married a Tallman. She resided with her niece, Georgia Bibb, 
wife of Acton C. Harsthorne, at Freehold, N. J., where she died in 1908. 

1903, Oct. 13. TJie History of the Graveyard at Pumpkin Point. 

Dear ^Tadam: — 

Yours of 1 r-^ which reached me licre this evening was rather a surprise. 1 would say that you have 
been entirely misinformed arjd the tone of your letter is alio;:cther unvarr.Tnted. The Tallman burying 
ground at Port au Peck h.^s not been sold and not one j^enny has been paid to me or to any body else 
except to Mr. Mount the undertaker at Red I'ank for carefully removing the remains and reinrerring them 
at Fairview Cemetery near Middietov/n, wfiere the stones h.-n-e beeti fully resto.-ed. The tive {^) livine 
heirs of my father, together with Mr. S. T. Bradford, the eldest sen of the Bradford family have relin- 


quishcd their rights in the piece of ground hut that docs not alTect the rights of anyone else that may have 

The facts are that tlie hurrying ground was in a disgraceful condition and niyselt and brothers \\?.d 
no money to fix it up and care for it. The fences were broken down, cattle and iiorses roamed through 
it at will, the stones were overturned and that of my mother broken in twenty pieces. The ground was 
all overgrown with weeds and briers and young trees. In short it was heartrending to visit it. At Tair- 
view everything will be looked alter and cared for fore\er. Since the burial of James Tallman about 75 
years ago, no one has been buried there but my own family's immediate predecessors, viz., my grand- 
father, wife, sister, and children ^ my father, w^ite, sister and children — the last being my father in 1SS2. 
Not one of us now lives in Monmouth Co. and are not likely to again. Not one of us has or ever had the 
slightest desire to be buried at Port au Peck. 

As my grandfather Stephen S. Tallman was the sole heir to James Tallman, a bachelor, who estab- 
lished the burying ground, and my father Geo. D. Tallman, Sr., was the sole heir to s^ Stephen and we five 
children were the sole heirs to s"* Geo. D., and as further, no one but the immediate members of our family 
ever buried there or took the slightest interest in the plot, we considered we had a right to remove the 
remains and place them where they could be properly cared for as well as resign what rights \wc had to the 
plot, without in any way affecting any body elses rights if any existed. 


G. D. Tallman 

P.S. As long as I lived in Shrewsbury & had a little means I looked after the plot but later after 
losing everything 1 had in the world 6>: moving away I simply was unable to continue, hence the ruir- of 
the ground. I would be glad if you showed this letter to tne people who have been talking so unkindly 
about me. 


Among those who very early followed the original Patentees and Associates, \n the 
settlement of Middletown, was Edward Taylor, whose name immediately proclaims him 
an Englishman. His parentage, whatever may have been claimed to the contrary, is 
yet unknown, as likewise his English home. 

His descendant, the late Asher Taylor, Esq., was a most industrious, conscientious 
and well-informed antiquary and genealogist, and perhaps, the pioneer in this field in 
Monmouth County. Boasting, as he did, that he descended from the best ot Mon- 
mouth stock, it is not surprising that he rescued many interesting tacts concerning his 
progenitors. In tracing out his immediate family, he claimed that Edward Taylor, the 
founder of the American family, was the son of John, and the brother of Matthew Taylor, 
a New Jersey Proprietor. That he, Edward Taylor, through this ancestor, John Taylor, 
was the direct descendant of Baron Taillefer, a follower of William, the Conqueror, who 
died on the battle-field of Hastings, 1066, and that between the said John Taylor, his 
supposed father, and the Baron Taillefer, there were eight generations. 

The claim to this ancient pedigree rests upon the fact that Matthew Ta>'lor, who 
died in Nev/ York, in 1688, was thought to be the descendant of this family, and supposed 
to be the brother of Edward Taylor, wlio settled in Middletown. It is not disputed that 
Matthew Taylor was of the family above alluded to, but it is impossible to find any 
evidence that he was in any way related to Edward Taylor, of xMiddletown. The worthy 
Asher Taylor cites, in evidence of the kinship of these parties, a will recorded, in New 
York, that of Matthew Taylor, dated Feb. 20, 1687/8. He claims that after appropri- 
ating ten guineas to buy his friend Manning a mourning ring, he, Matthew Taylor, wills 
the residue of his propert) to his brother, Edward, residing in London, with reversion to 
Edward's son George. As a matter of fact, the will states, that, after appropriating 
twenty shillings for Capt. Manning to buy a mourning ring, and the sum ot £20 ror his 
two executors, he leaves the residue of his property to his loving brother S^!;?i!(e' 'Vaylcr, 
residing in London, with reversion to Samuel's son George. 

'Many years ago, during rhc last decade of his life, Asher Taylor, No. 185 of tliis pedigree, allowed me to copy his notes on 
the Taylor family. These constiiute a br-je portion of thi:. Taylor yencalotf)-, subjected to coriections, additicns and 
mcnt. M-. H-rn'm F. T).::<t-< likewise rubiiihed this A-incT Tayior gcncalcsy. with meinor:irda of the 'I'avlor i:.tcrm.irri34;cs, in his 
magazi.^c, Th: "J-'neyman, Vol. I'llI, No. 1 , and succeeding numbers. 



How tliis cnor could Imve occurred it is idle to speculate, and while it destroys the 
claim to an ]:^ng!ish pedigree, it stiil leaves the American family a record rich in hillness, 
historic interest, and one ot which they may well be proud. 

If any further evidence is wanting that it was a mistake to assign Edward Taylor 
as the heir o( Matthew, and that it was following Matthew's decease, and in the >car 
169; that he came to America, it may be found, in the old Town Book, of Middletown, 
which records his, (Edward's), cattle-mark, in 1684, ^"d i" t'le Book of Land Patents, 
at Perth Amboy, in \shich arc recorded grants, Jan. 13, 1692, of two tracts of land of one 
hundred acres, in Middletown; another tract of one hundred acres, Dec. 28, 1685; 
another tract ot one hundred and sixty acres, July 27, 1686, in Middletown; and in 1687, 
of still another tract ot one hundred and fifty acres. 

It also follows that most ot his children were horn here, and not in the mother 
country. Ot the lite ot Edward Taylor, the First, littde if anything is known. Fie died 
in the year 1710, atter jiaving accumulated a large estate, principally in lands, which 
were divided among his children. They were started in life prosperously, and each and 
all improved his condition, so that the tamily at once became prominent and opulent. 
The few writings of the first comer, that are in existence, prove that he was intelligent 
and educated, and that he belonged to the highest class that migrated to cur shores in 
the early days of its colonization. 

Edward Taylor, i, married Catharine 

1 EDWARD TAYLOR, married Catharine .... 


2 Edward Taylor born Aug. 8, 1678, about 10 at night. 

3 Hannah Taylor born Jan. 16, 1680, about 5 A.M. 

4 George Taylor born Dec. 16, 1684, about ^^ P.M. 

5 William Taylor born Oct. 26, 1688, about 9 P.M. 

6 John Taylor born June 19, 16 — , about 10 P.M. 

7 Joseph Taylor 

2 EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, i, was born Aug. 8, 1678, and died 
in 1733/4, as June 12, of that year, his will was proved. He dwelt at Colt's Neck, in 
Shrewsbury township, but later moved to Freehold. 

Among the items, mentioned in his will, is a silver cup, bequeathed to his son, 
Edward Taylor, 8, which was not unlikely brought from Old England, and wliich, by an 
unlucky thought, was melted down by the legatee's wife into a more modern shape. As 
such, it is still in the family descending to the Edward Taylor's in succession. 

1733. He mortgaged his land to the Loan Commissioners, situated at Colt's Neck, 
bounded by Nine [Pine?] Brook, John Throckmorton, E'sq., and Major Leonard. 

Fie married Catharine, daughter of Thomas Morford, of Middletown. who, after 
his demise, married John Ashton, Esq., by license dated Aug. 19, 1742. 


8 Edv.'ard Taylor 

9 Joseph Taylor 
10 George Taylor 


11 Thomas Taylor; perhaps confused with an unrecorded son of Johr, Taylor, 

6, whose name should be Thomas. 

12 James Taylor 

13 Esther Ta>lor. Either she, or Esther Taylor, 38, daughter of William Tay- 

lor, 5j married David Clayton, of Freehold. 

14 Hannah Taylor. There was a Elannah Taylor, who had a marriage license, 

in Monmouth County, to Jacob Gibbins, Ma)- 4, 1737. 

15 Catharine Taylor 

16 Rebecca Taylor married Garret Morford, by license dated Jan. 3^ 1742. 

17 John Taylor 

iS Susannah Taylor 

3 HANNAH TAYLOR, daughter of Edward Taylor, i, was born Jan. 16, 1680, 
and became the second wife of Thomas Stillwell, who previously, in 1703, married Alice, 
daughter ot John Throckmorton, tlie Second, and Alice Stout, his wife. 

Issue of Tliomas Stillwell and Alice Throckmorton 
19 Thomas Stillwell 
10 John Stillwell born 1709 
21 Alice Stillwell 

Issue of Thomas Snilwell and LLannah Taylor; supposed 
12 Mary Stillwell 

23 Hannah Stillwell 

24 Obadiah Stilhvell 

25 Jeremiah Stilhvell 

4 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, i, was born Dec. 16, 16S4; married, 
in 1708, Helena Johnstone, of Southampton, L. L She was commonly spoken ot as 
"Old Hile." He died, in Middleto^vn, in 175S. There still remains in the family some 
old silver miarked v/ith their joint initials gTh. 

In 1710, he was the administrator of his father's estate, and succeeded to the home- 
stead at Garret's Elill, in Middletown, N. J. 

1724. George Taylor sued Obadiah Stilhvell for a debt o[ £17-1 1-4. 

Freehold Court Records. 

In 1729, he erected, at Garret's Hill, a dwelling of then uncommon size, called the 
Mansion House, and the same season built the Old Taylor House, nov/ standing on che 
highway, in the village of Middletov.-n, just East of Christ Church, and a similar, but 
larger one, long knov/n as the "Old Tavern," in the front of the residence and by the side 
of the lane extending from the highway up to the house of Charles I. Hendrickson, Esq., 
deceased, in Middletown. 

From 1727 to 1739/40, he kept a cavern and was a merchant, probabh' conducting 
his business in tlie last above mentioned building. 

1744, Apr. 5. George Taylor kept a tavern and sold liquor to James Bownc. 

George Taxdor signed his name Taylor, Talor and Talar; the last, perhaps, being 
the most common. 

It is not unlikely that lie rcmai;-:cd in the "C)'J TaNxrii" until his deathi in 1758; he 



lG Lldward 'ra}'lnr born I7I2 

27 John 7'aylor l.iorn i7i5ori7i6 

28 George Taylor born 1717 

5 \VJLLLAM TAYLOU, son of Edward Taylor, i, was born Oct. 25, 16S8; mar- 
ried Hannah Grover. He settled at Freehold, N. J . 

Asher Taylor, Esq., inclined to the belief that Hannah Grover was a daughter of 
James Grover. I would assign her to Safety Grover and explain her son's name, Safety, 
as his namesake and not as Asher Taylor does, v\-ho said he was named such after his 
fatlier's sale return from a voyage to England. Further, Hannah Grovcr's children were 
the legatees oi James Grover, son of Safety Grover. 

1767, Aug. 3. \M11 ot William Taylor, ot 1^'reehold, sic, etc.; proved Oct. 12, 17^)7, 

wife, Hannali, to whom he gave the use of the dwelling house, etc., and negro Caesar and wench Jean 
to live with his wite; son, \Viinam Taylor, recei\"ed the plantation; son, Edward Taylor, rccei'.ed t'5 to 
bar him; five surviving daughters, one ot whom was Martha, wife of John Shepherd, who received i'lo; 
two deceased daughters, their shares to go to their cliildren. 

Executors: his triend, John Williams, his brother-in-law, James Grover and John Taylor. The 
testator made his mark to the will. 


29 William Taylor 

30 Safety Taylor 

31 Edward Taylor 

32 Mercy Taylor 

;^2 Deborah Taylor. There was a Deborah Taylor who had a license co marry, 
in Monmouth County, Joseph Cooper, December, 1741. She administered 
his estate in Ma)-, 1751. 

34 Hannah Taylor 

35 Catharine Taylor 

36 Martha Taylor 

37 Rebecca Taylor 

38 Esther Taylor 

• twins • 

married by license, in Monmouth County, 
dated June 2, 1741, John .Ashton. 

In 1767, site was the wire ot John Shcpher>,i, as 
per her lather's will. Martha Taylor and 
John Shepperd, ot Monmouth County, had 
a license to marry dated D;;-c. 13, 1742. 

6 JOHN T.AYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, i, was born June 17, 1690, or 1691 
[record worn], and died, about 1721, in Middletown. He married Sarah, daughter ot 
Richard Hartshorne, the First, born 3, 7mo., 1687, '^y whom he had his issue. 

John Taylor resided at the time of his death, in 1721, on land belonging to tlie estate 
of his t'ather, Edward Taylor, the Immigrant, previously owned by Peter \"an de \'enter, 
and afterwards, in 1736, owned by George Taylor, m.crchant. I think the "Old Tavern," 
nearly opposite Christ Church, in Middletown, was the place, although it apparently 
bmlt in 1729. 

1722, AIcli. II. James Scabrook made an or/u-r on George 'I'aylor to p'dv 'Ailhrn:) 


Taylor, of Freehold, £30-8-6'.;', it being his portion of tlic estate of his brother, John 
Taylor, deceased, of iSliddletown. 

1/37) .!;'"■'• 14- John Stout was appointed guaidian of Mope Taylor, until .^hc arri\cd 
at the age oi' tweiity-one years. Troitoyi Records. 

1738, Aug. 8. Inventory of S:irah Tajdor, deceased, of Monmouth County, amount- 
ed to £420-3 -4IJ. \Villiam and Hugh Hartshorne were administrator and bondsman. 
One of the items was: "18 SiKer buttons £0-9-0". 


39 Margaret Taylor married John Stout, son of Richard, son (;f Richard Stout, 

the b'n-st. 

40 Sarah 'i'aylor married Mr. Hankinson. 1734, Jan. 8. Maniage license o{ 

Sarah Taylor and Robert Hankersun, of Alonmouth County. 

41 Hope Taylor born 1722, died Oct. 27, 1792; married, first, Capt. John Wat- 

son; second, John Burrows, born 1719, died September 178s. Presby- 
terian Bi'.ry'mg Ground, MiddletO'-ivn, N. J. 

42 Catharine Taylor married Robert Fitz-Randolph 

43 Mere)' Taylor married Mr. Smith 

44 Anna Taylor married John \Yebster 

7 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, i, married, first, Miss Clayton, 
supposed daughter of John and Alice Clayton; second, Eleanor Covert. 

He was commonly spoken of as "Mr. Joseph Taylor." 

His residence was at Freehold adjoining his brother William Taylor. 

In one ot the sermons ol the Rev. Abel Morgan allusion is made to his death and 
that he was buried Feb. 10, 1748. 

1747, Aug. 27. ^Vill of Joseph Taylor, of Freehold, yeoman, sick, etc.: proved Apr. 
27, 174S, mentioned: 

wife, Eleanor; soii, Joseph; son, John, received £;'o; daughter, Amev Strickland, received €"o; 
daughter, Hannah Chamherlain, received £30; daughter, Anne Tomson, received £30; daughter, Rebecca 
Clayton, received £30; son, William Taylor; son, David Taylor; daughter, Mary Taylor, received £53; 
daughter, Margaret Taylor, received £50; daughter, Elllanor Taylor, received £50. 

Executors: ■^on, Joseph Taylor, his wife, Eleanor, and his cousin, Edward Taylor, of Middletown. 
The testator signed his name to the will. 

Issue by first wife 

45 Joseph Taylor married, by license dated Feb. 20, 1747-8, Ann Hankinson; 

second, by license dated Sept. 25, 1762, Ann Brennan. 

46 John 'l\aylor married and died without issue 

47 Hannah Taylor married John Chamberlin and had issue 
4,8 Amy Taylor married Thomas Striker and had issue. 

49 Rebecca Taylor married David Clayton and had issue. 

50 Ann Taylor married Thomas Thompson and had issue. 

Issue by second wife 

51 Edward Taylor died, young 

52 William Taylor went to North Carolina aitd never heard from. 

53 David Taylor 

54 Mary Taylor 

55 ivLarga ret Taylor 

56 EleU'ior Taylor 


8 EDWARD TAYLOR, son ot Edward Taylor, 2, was born Jan. 20, 1703, as per 
Aslicr Ta) lor, while his tombstone, at the Yellow Meeting House near Cream Ridge, 
recites that he died, Jan. 3, 1750, aged 45 years, 11 months and 13 days. Lie married 
Hannah, dauchtcr ot [ames Lawrence, who was born ]une 8, 1710, and died Apr. I, 

He was the lieir ol his and resided at Lljipcr Freehold. 

1748, l-''cb. 27. Will ol hAiward Taylor, ot Ujjper Freehold; ]:!roved ALiy 7, 1751, 

wife, Kannah, rccei\-ed z negro boy, silver cup, etc.; davigliter, Catharine Taylor, received, at the 
age of TMneteeii, i'loanj cattle; son, Edward Taylor, recei\-ed, at the age of twentv-one, a silve)' cap and 
estate; son, Jnnies Taylor, received, at the age ot tventy-one, £100; daughter, Hannah Ta\-!or, rccc:\'ed, 
at the age ot nineteen, £17 and cattle; son, Lawrence Taylor, received, at the age of twenty-oac, £ioo; 
daughter, Mehitahle Taylor, received, at the age of nineteen, £17 and cattle; daugliter, IDeborah Taylor, 
received, at the age ot nineteen, £17 and cattle. 

Executors: v/ite, Hannah, and her brother, Jacob Lawrence, and Jame;, of Upper Freehold, 
son of Obadiali. 

The inventory of his personal estate amounted to £85-15-10, and contained r. silver cup, five silver 
spoons, Tea Ware, etc. 


57 Edward Taylor 

58 J ames Taylor 

59 John Taylor born 175c; died 1762. 

60 Deborah Taylor born 1748; died 17S2 [?]; married Thomas Cox, by license, 

dated Nov. 4, 1767. 

61 Lawrence Taylor 

62 Mehitable Taylor born 1746; died 1784; married Mr. Kinman. 

S^i Hannali Taylor born 1742; died 1766; married by license, dated Apr. 16, 

176.}, William Carlisle, of Monmouth County. 
64 Catharine Taylor born 1734; died 1763; married by license, dated l\Liy J3, 

1761, John Vankirk. She was mentioned as ot Upper h'reehold. 

9 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 2, was born Mth. 15, 1720; died, 
Nov. II, 1766, aged 45 years, 7 months and 26 days; buried at the Yellow Mecriiig 
House, Cream Ridge. He married Elizabeth Ashton, by license dated islay 12, 1743, 
who was born Oct. 11, 1722, and who died, Aug. 23, 1807, in her 84th year, and is buried 
at the Yellow Meeting House. They resided at Upper Freehold. 

1803, -'^ug. 30. Elizabeth Taylor, of Upper Freehold, made her will; proved Oct. 7, 
1807, and mentioned: 

daughter, Lydia Porter, her bible; sons, Joseph and John; daughter, Elizabeth C.-aig; grand-daughter, 
Catharine Bradcn: son, William; son, John's daughter, Elizabeth; daughters of my daughter, Catharine 
Braden. E:<ecutcr3: triends and neighbors, James Cox and Thomas Cox. 

Her grandson, the Hon. J. W. Taylor, wrote that she retu.sed main offers of niar- 
riage; also invitations from her wealthy sons to live with them, in the states ot Oliio and 
New York, saying, "No, let me live on the lands endeared to me as my husband's home, 
die his widow, and lie by his side in my grave." 

"Devoting herself ro the care of her children, to hospitalit)' and chanty to her 
neighbors, she lived, for fifty years, on the dower estate, a grateful, pious, venerated and 
beloved matron," 


1766, Nov. 10. NVill of Joseph Taylor, of the townshiji of Upper FVcehold, Mon- 
mouth County, being 

"Very Sick & Weak of Body; proved, by witnesses, Thomas Cox, jun., and James Adams, at Biirling- 
ton, Dec. 17, T766, nientioned: "60 acres be sold off Lower End of nliice \ex to F.mhliestown," then r'e- 
niaindiT of lands are beciucathed as folltjws: son, Josepli, "ilie jilace 1 now live on 6v: 10 acres wood'.anci n't' 
ihe other nlace joining to the arforsaid place," paying izfo "to my Son, John," when of age; "Ilemainder 
of other place to son, William," paying C250 "to son, Ellsha," wl'ien of age; the "Ceder Swamp to be di- 
vided, equally, betv.-een Joseph and William;" the moveable estate to be kept on the place for'the use of 
■'Beloved wife, till daughter, Lydia, is of age," then to be sold and divided, according to the discretion of 
his wife and executors, equally, between "Beloved Wife," and daughters, Elisabeth.Catlirin and Lydia; 
his wife was also to have the choice of "2 rooms in either house to live in." 

Executors: "Beloved wife," and friends, William Tap[slcot and Thomas far. Witnesses: James 
Adoms,[his mark], Abigal adorns, [her mark], and Thomas Cox, Jun^ 

The testator signed his name in full to the will. 

1766, Dec. 17. Qualification of executors, Elizabetli Taylor [her mark] William Tapscot and Thomas 
Fair, at IVc.rlington. 

1766, Nov. 2S. Inventory of the estate of Jo/eph Taylor, "Taken at His Late Dwelling House," by 
Jo/ep!i Cox and Peter Covenh'oven, appraisers; proved by the executors, Dec. 17, 1766, anci also at Bur- 
lington, Mcli. 6, 1767, amounted to £846-0-0. 

An additional inventory by the same appraisers amounted to £12-2-2/2- 


65 John Taylor 

66 William Taylor 

67 Sarah Taylor married Thomas Morford, of Monmouth County, by license 

dated Jan. 21, 1765. 

68 Elisha Taylor 

69 Joseph Taylor 

70 Elizabeth Taylor married Robert Craig, of New Germantown, N. J. She 

outlived lier husband thirt)'-three years and died in 1830, leaving Janies, 
Joseph, William and Mary Craig, a spinster. 

71 Catharine Taylor married John Braddon; had a daughter, Catharine Brad- 

don, living in 1803. 

72 Lydia Taylor married S. Porter. She was living in 1803. No issue. 

10 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 2, married ISLary Leonard. 


73 Molly Taylor married Mr. Haggerty. She died, about 1848, at Tinton Falls. 

Joseph Taylor Haggerty, father of Capt. Anthony Haggerty, of Red 

Bank, 1S50. 
Garret Hacgertv 
Mary Haggerty' 
Hannah Haggerty married Nathan Croxon 

74 Asher Taylor 

75 Morford Taylor. In 1894, there lived, in Freehold, a George Taylor. He 

liad a half-brothiCr, Morford Taylor. 
75 John Taylor 


11 THOMAS TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, z, or more likely John Taylor, G. 
1749, Eeb. 12. John Stout, yeoman, of Middk'town, and Margaret his wife, o\^c of 

the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Taylor, made a conveyance. \\'itnesses: John 
Stout, minor, and Sarah Lipper. 

1724. Thomas Taylor was on the jury at l-'reehoKl. 

1726. Thomas and William Taylor were Surveyors of Highways, Freehold, N. J. 

1 741. In the Book of Mortgages to the Loan Commissioners, at Freehold, appears 
the signature of Tho^ Taylor, of Lipper Freehold. 

1824, Sept. 20. Thomas Taylor, a Revolutionary Soldier, died, aged 64 years, 3 
months and 4 days. 

1852, Aug. 2. Hannah, liis witc, died, aged 82 years, 4 months and 6 davs. 

Bnplist Burying-groimd, Freehold, N. J. 

12 JAMES TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 2. 

In 1741, Jeames Taylor mortgaged his land to the Loan Commissioners, for £.\G. 
Boundaries: William Brinley, Nicholas Stillwell, etc. 

77 George Taylor 

The James Taylor, of Shrewsbury, who had a license to marry Elizabeth Jackson, of 
the same place, June 23, 1759, was probably descended from James Taylor, 12. 

17 JOHN TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 2, married Mary , who was 

appointed administratrix of his estate, with his lirother, Edward Taylor, n-tJi Joseph 
Throckmorton on the bond, Feb. 15, 1744. 

1732, Dec. 16. Ebenezer Saltar, of Lipper Freehold, sold, for £900, to Edv/ard 
Taylor, Jr., and John Taylor, sons of Edward Taylor, of Shrewsbury, N. J., three hun- 
dred and eighty acres and over, lying in Upper Freehold. 

1733. They mortgaged these lands to the Loan Commissioners. 

1744/5, Pt;^- 16. Inventory of the estate of John Taylor, Late of Shrew_/l)ury, 
Monmouth County, Farmer, appraised by Jonathan Forman and Jo/eph Throckmorton, 
in the presence of Mary Taylor, widow and administratrix, and Edward Taylor, ad- 
ministrator, amounted to £424-15-1. 

2G EDWARD TAYLOR, son of George Taylor, 4, was born Aug. 20, 17 12, and 
died, Jan. 18, 1783, aged 71 years and 5 months. He married Mary, daughter of Samuel 
Ogborne, who was born June 10, 171 1, and died, Dec. 30, 1772, aged 61 years, 6 months 
and 20 days. Both are buried in the Lippit Burying-ground, Middletown, N. J. 

Edward Taylor, commonly called "Ed.ward Taylor, Esq.," was an active, intelli- 
gent man, possessed ot a liberal education. 

In 1768, 1772 and 1774, he was a Member of the Assembly. 

At the commencement of the Revolution, he was among those active in raising 
supplies to aid the Boston people in their effort to avoid taxation without representation. 
This activity gained him the animosity of his Tory neighbors, v.ho tried to have hirn 
impeached and his property confiscated. For prudential reasons, he then became less 
sctive, but was arrested several times and had great difficulty in keeping o;it of trouble. 

TAYLOi; OI' MOXMOirni COUNTY, N. j. 51 

nrst from one party, then the other. He succeeded in navigating through tlic storm 
,i:u! was eventually able to transmit his large estate to his descendants. 

.Among other pieces of real estate Edward Taylor owned was i/,^-o ot the I'iovince 
,.f East New jersey, which was a Proprietary right bought by liim, in 1749, ot John 
I.ippit, who succeeded to it, as heir of his mother, Sarah, daughter of John Throck- 
-uirton, who was entitled to yi, of her father's i/ioof 1/48 of the said province; and from 
Thomas Stillwell, Jr., son of Alice, daughter of John Throckmorton and sister of Sarah 
I.ippit, his like share, heired from his mother, which gave Edward Taylor ^-^ of i/io of 
1/4^, or 1/320 part of the whole province. 

Edward Taylor residied in the house erected by his father, in 1729, which still 
sfinds oti the highway of Middletown, East of Christ Church. 

In 1758, upon the death of his father, he succeeded him in the "Old Tavern," where 
he likewise kept store and tavern. He also built and ran the mill, since knov/n as 
".Arrowsmith's mill," and his business interests became varied and extensive. 

1779, Oct. 20. Will of Edward Taylor mentioned: son, George Taylor; son, John 
Taylor; only daughter, EUinor Lyell, and her children Mary, Fenwick and John Lyeil. 

Executors: Dan' Hendrickson, son, Jolm Taylor and daughter, Ellenor Lyel. 


78 George Taylor born Jan. 29, 1733 

79 John Taylor born Mch. 25, 1740 

80 Joseph Taylor born Aug. 26, 1752 

81 Ellenor Taylor born Dec. 27, 1737; his only daughter. 

82 Samuel Taylor born Nov. 28, 1735 

27 JOHN TAYLOR, son of George Taylor, 4, was born in 171 5 or 17 16, and died, 
at Perth Amboy, N. J., Nov. 23, 1798. He married Phebe, sister and heiress of Gen. 
Nathaniel Heard, of Nev/ Jersey. She died, July 10, 179 1, aged about eighty-three 
years, and was buried in the Lippit Burying-ground. 

John Taylor was commonly known as "Squire Taylor," to distinguislt him from 
other members of the family. 

He owned a farm of some two hundred acres which he sold before the Revolutioriary 
^Var, reserving about a dozen acres, upon which, in 1752, he erected a large, handsome 
house, at the head of the Main Street, in Middletown, at the commencement of the Deep 
Cut, which was denominated by his neighbors as "Taylor's Folly." 

In 17S2, this house was bought by George Crawford, Esq., from whom it passed to 
the Brekmans, and recently, December, 1891, was destroyed by fire. It seemingly 
would have stood for centuries. Its entire frame was of oak, and it showed no signs ot 
Wear. General Clinton w^as a frequent visitor there, during the Revolution, and Dr. 
Bainbridge, father of Commodore Bainbridge, there wooed and won his future wife. 

John Taylor was a Sheriff, of Monmouth County, for many years, as also one of the 
judges of the Court of Common Pleas, in Monmouth County, in 1761, and doubtless at 
other times. 

Upon the breaking out of the Revolution, like many office holders, he became a 
persistent Loyalist, and was appointed, by Lorcl Howe, on his arrival in this country, to 
offer terms of reconciliation, "His Majesty's Lord High Commissioner, of New jersey," 
in coiisequctKc u\ which, he was hunted by the Whigs. His propert)", not confiscated., 
but applied to public use, was paid for in Continental money, v/hich depreciated, untd 


practically of no value, and let'l him poor, Inir for this he was recompensed b\- ilic 
British. Governjnenr. 

Capt. Edward Taylor, who was thirty year^ of age, wlien Squire Taylor died, and 
knew all about him, told Asher Taylor, Esq., that his claim, for losses, amounted to 
£12,000, far in excess of the actual figures, but nevertheless allowed by the British 
government, which no doubt iniluenced Burke to say that he was a man of large estates 
and had made great sacrifices in the Revolutionary War for the Royal cause, and \\hicii, 
Asher Taylor, Esq., commenting upon, with tremendous Whig fervor, says, "was greatl) 
exaggerated and pure gammon." 

Warrant to Asher Holmes, Esq'', for the apprehension of J no. Ta^dor, Esq% of 
Middletown, and to convey him before the Council of Safety, at Bordentown, on .Ajiri! 
Dated April 5, 1777. 

Signed by Wil: Eivixgston 

Cherry Hall Papers, Matan'an, N. J. 

83 John Taylor born 1744 

84 William Taylor born 1746 

85 Joseyih Taylor born 1751 

86 William Taylor died, an infant, in 1745. 

87 Phebe Taylor died, Aug. 14, 1742, aged 4 }'ears; buried in the Lippit Burying- 


88 Mary Taylor married Dr. Absalom Bainbridge, an eminent physician, a 

Loyalist, during the Revolutionary War, who died, in New York City, 
June 23, 1807, aged 65 years, and was buried, with his wife, in a vauir, in 
Trinity Churchyard. Among his fourteen children, was Commodore 
W^illiam Bainbridge. 

28 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of George Taylor, 4, was born 1717; married Re- 
becca, daughter of Richard Stout, and "died, Sept. 19, 17S6, after 16 month's illness." 

Baptist Church Record. 


89 George Taylor born 1739 

90 Lena Ta)lor married Daniel Conover and had George, William and Rebecca 

Conovcr, who inarried John N. Wardell. 

29 WILLLAM TAYLOR, son of William Taylor, 5, married Hester Bullen, by 
license, dated Apr. 13, 17^)2, in which he is mentioned as Williaiii Taylor, jr., of Freehold, 
and she is mentioned as Ester Hullin, of Middletown, which is doubtless a misreading of 
her name. 

1 8 19, July I. Will of William Taylor, on record at Freehold; prove^i Mch. 28, 1821, 
mentioned: vvife, llannah; grandson, Charles Taylor; grand-daughtc!', Caty Ann \'an 

91 Edward Taylor 


92 John Taylor deceased, leaving issue. 

93 Gio\er Taylor 
54 William Taylor 

95 Joseph Ta\lor 

96 Mary Taylor married Mr. j acobus 

97 Caty Taylor married Mr. Conine 

98 Esther Taylor married Mr. Applegate 

99 Ann Taylor married Mr. Striker 
100 Phebe Taylor married Mr. Thorp 

31 EDVn'ARD TAYLOR, the Stutterer, son of William Taylor, 5, married, first, 
l)y hcense dated Oct. 17, 1757, Abigail, daughter of Samuel Ogborne; second, Susan 
Lrickson, who was popularly called a witch, because she believed in witches. 

No issue 

32 MERCY TAYLOR, daughter of WiUiam Taylor, 5, died, Feb. 19, 1827, aged 
99 years. She married, by license dated Jan. 19, 1750, wherein she is called Mary Tay- 
lor, Col. Richard Cox, ot Monmouth County, who was born 1727, and died iBocj. He 
was a higlily-valued officer in the Revolutionary War. He received a grant of land, in 
Ohio, upon which he settled and reared a family. This land is still owned by his de- 

Thomas Cox had issue: Col. Richard Cox; Thomas Cox. 

Col. Richard Cox had issue: Richard Cox, v/ho had Alexander and Williai'n Cox; 
Thomas Cox, who had Thomas and Charles Cox, of Kentucky; John Cox, who had 
Richard, Edward and Samuel Cox; Chloe Cox, who married John Taylor. 

S. S. Cox — Sunset Cox — a Meniber ot Congress, in 1874, was the son of Ezekiel T. 
Cox, nephew of Col. Richard Cox. 

53 DA\TD TAYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 7, married Martha, daughter of 
John Ashton. 

loi Catharine Taylor unmarried 

102 Joseph A. Tax'lor married a daughter of Thomas Holmes 

103 John A. Taylor 

104 Eleanor Taylor unmarried 

57 EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 8, was born in 1736, and died, 
Oct. 7, 1794, aged 58 years, i montfi and 15 days, and is buried at the Yellow Meeting 
House, Cream Ridge, N. J. 

Asher Taylor, Esq., says he was born Aug. 22, 1740, which is apparently incorrect. 

He married. May 27, 1762, by license dated May 24, 1762, Hannah Forman. She 
died, Nov. 21, 1774, aged 37 years and 10 months, and is buried at the Yellow Meeting 

They resided at LIppcr Freehold. 


105 Elizabeth Taylor m.arricd Judge Watts 


io6 Edward Taylor 

107 Ann Taylor married Williain I'ullus. She died, in 1S28, aged 87 years. 

John Bullus, of Upper Freehold. 
loS Hannah Taylor married Mr. Stille 

109 Mary Taylor married William F. Manning 

58 JAMES TAYLOR, son ot Edward Taylor, 8, was horn in 1739; dieil Octoher, 
1794; removed, after the Revolution, to Sarato2;a Countv, N. Y.; married Lydia \'an- 


1 10 Hetty Taylor married Joseph Brown. She was his second wife. 

111 Charles Taylor 

61 LAWRENCE TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 8, was born May 22, 1744; 
died, Oct. 4, 1785, in his 42nd year; buried at Yellow Meeting House, Cream Ridge, 
N. J.; married Amy L., daughter of Joshua Potts, Esq., by license dated Jan. 5, 1767, 
at which time he was residing at Princeton. She died, Oct. 5, 1788, in her 44th year and 
lies buried beside her husband. 


112 Joshua Taylor born Feb. 5, 1768; died, in Maine, in 1861. He was a 

Methodist minister. 

113 Edward Taylor, oi Bordentown, N. J. 

114 George Taylor 

115 Charles Taylor 

1 16 Ann Taylor married George Loxley 

Rev. Benjamin Loxley, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

117 E'/ekielTaylor of Philadelphia, Pa. 

118 Hannah Taylor married Mr. Eustick 

Charles Eustick 

119 Deborah Taylor 

65 JOHN T.AYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 9, was born Aug. 25, 1749; died in 
1829; married Chloe Cox, who was born May 12, 1752; died in 1824, and was a grand- 
daugiiter of William Taylor, 5. 

John Taylor removed to Saratoga County, N. Y., in 1774, and was for many years 
a Judge, and ircquently a representative, in the State Legislature. 


120 Joseph Taylor born 1775 

121 Richard Taylor born 1777 

122 William Taylor born 1779 


123 Edward Taylor born 1781 

124 John W. Taylor horn 1784 

125 Rev. Elisha Taylor born 1786 

126 Elizabeth Taylor born 17SS. She was mentioned in the will o{ her grand- 

mother, in 1 Soj. 

127 Sarah Taylor born 1792; married Daniel, son of John Holmes. 

128 Ann Taylor born 1794; married Ezra Spriys [ ?] 

66 WILLIAM TA^'LOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 9, married Lucy Embly, by license 
dated Dec. 3, 1768. The license reads: W'" Taylor, of Upper Freehold, and Lucy Quiley. 
The name, no doubt, is spelled incorrectly by copyists. He removed from L'pper Free- 
hold to Bainbridge^ Ross County, Ohio, about 1801. He was living in 1803. 


129 Joseph Taylor 

130 William Taylor 

131 Edward Taylor 

132 David Taylor 

133 John Taylor 

134 George Taylor 

135 Elisha Taylor 

136 Isaac Taylor 

137 Jonathan Taylor 

138 "jNIary Taylor 

139 Sarah Taylor 

1 40 Eleanor Taylor 

141 Lucy Taylor 

142 Elizabeth Taylor 

69 JOSEPH TAYXOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 9, of Upper Freehold, died, Nov. 
18, 1812, in his 67th year, and is buried at the Yellow Meeting House, Cream Ridge, 

N. J. He married, first, Mary Lawrence; second, Rebecca , who died, Jan. 16, 

1829, in her 82nd year, and is buried at the Yellow Meeting House. 

1809, Mch. 12. Joseph Taylor, of Upper Freehold, made his will; proved Jan. 13 
1813, and mentioned: 

v/ite, Mary; sons, James and Joseph; daughters, Sarah and Hetty Taylor; grand-daughters, Rebecca 
and Mary Forman, not eighteen; Joseph Taylor Shaw; triends, Robert Montgomery and George Robbins, 

Issue by first wife 

143 James Taylor born T777-, in Missouri. 

144 Betsey Taylor born Dec. 18, 1777 

Issue by second wife 

145 Mary Taylor 

146 Sally Ta}'lor 

147 Hetty Taylor 

148 Joseph Ta) lor 


7G JOn.N ']\\YLOR, son of George Tavlor, lo, married F.llen, d:uichter of Col 
George I aylor. He removed to Nov.i Seotia, and probably died, at Weymouth N S 
in 1820. ■ ) - ■ — J 

^ "William, John and George Taylor were in the N'iaiiara District, Ontario Canada 
1785-1790, and one of them made applicarion lor a Loyalist Grant statins he was of 
Miadletown, N. j. ' Letter of A. H. Beach, attorncy-at-law, 31 1 Oil Exchange, Casper, 
\\ yoming. 3, 9, 1924. Mrs. Beach lias the marriage license oV her great-grandfather' 
Edward Taylor at Niagara, 1801, to Hannah Collard. His gravestone near Grimsbv' 
Ontario, gives the date ol his death as 1836, aged 66 years. ' ' 

77 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of James Taylor, 1 2. 

I49 John G. Ta)]or 

78 COLONEL GEORGE TAYLOR, son of Edward Tavlor, 26, was born in 1 7 ^ 1 
and died, Mch. 4, 1799, aged Gs years, 1 month and 6 days. He married Deborah' 
daughter ol Joseph Carman, by license granted to George Tavlor. minor, and dated 
Nov. 30, 1752 She died, Jan. 15, 18 14, aged 82 years, and, with her husband, is buried 
in the Lippit Burymg-ground, iMiddletown, N. J. 

I" '773> Colonel Taylor apparently resided on the old arandfather farm of John 
Taylor, but during the Revolutionary War, he resided in theVillage of Middletovvn in 
the house next Eastot Christ Church, built by his grandfather, m 1729. and now,' in 
1907, the residence ot his great-grandson, Henry Tavlor, Esq. 

Inearly life he was an officer in the Militia. On the breaking out of the Revolution, 
he was in the Continental service, commanding a battalion of detached militia; he tefused 
to take the Oath ot Allegiance, and in July, 1776, threw up his commisMon aiul entered 
the king s service, as Colonel, in the Loyal \'olunteers. 


150 Edward Taylor 

151 Ann Taylor married James Dewey; left issue. 

152 Ellen Taylor married" John 'Ta\lor 

153 Mary Taylor married, first. Dr. Bradner, by whom she had 

Caroline Bradner 
Harriet Bradner 
Upon the demise of Dr. Bradner, she married, second, Elnathan Fields. 

79 JOHN TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 26, was born Mch. 25, 17^0; died, 
Jan. 29, 1S18, aged 77 years, 9 months and 24 days; buried in the Baptist' Church-vard 
MiddiCtown, N. J.; married Mary, daughter of Samuel Holmes, born 1743; died, Feb. 
26, 1819, aged 76 years; buried in the Baptist Church-vard. 

He resided for many years, in early life, in the house that stood n^^y.t East, of the 
Dutch Church, on the North side of the street, in the village of Middleto\\-n. It u-as 
burnt in 1848, when occupied by Dr. Edward Taylor. 

After the Revolution, John Taylor removed to the "grandfather homestead," on 
the corner of the Main Street and the road running North to Shoal Harbor and Keyport, 


where he continued to reside until liis death. This property cotninued, by rtgular 
descent, in the occupancy ot his children, until 1854, \\];en it passed to his grantl-daugh- 
tcr, Mary H. 'j\iylor, wiie oi Joseph D. Taylor, who built a fine niansion near the old 
residence. Both houses are yet, 1907, standing. The older, occupied by iNlrs. Taylor's 
farmer, contains some fine specimens ot hand carved wooti, the mantel, in the tap) room, 
perhaps being the most noteworthy. This larm was once part of the estate of Squire 
John Taylor, 27, who built the old house on it. He sold it to 15arnardus Rider, of Long 
Island, reserving on the Southwest corner, a building site of fourteen acres. 

In 1771, Rider conveyed the lands to E.dward Taylor, ;6, whose son, Col. George 
Taylor, resided on it in 1773. As conveyed to F.dward Taylor, the farm was laid at two 
hundred and ten acres. 

John Taylor, 79, was out several times in the provincial forces, for local duty, in the 
early part of the Revolutionary War. 

In 1777, in conjunction with FJaniel Hendrickson, he enlisted a soldier, as a sub- 
stitute, in the person of Henry Johnson, father of Lambert anel Henry Johnson, who 
lived near Harmony, tor a three year's term, in the Conipany of Capr. John Burro\\s', 
First Regiment of Monmouth Troops. 

1810, Mch. 21. He made his will, in which he mentioned negroes and a "riding 
chair or gig," etc. 


154 Joseph Taylor 

155 SamuelTaylor 

156 Asher Taylor born Feb. 3, 1775; died, unmarried, Mch. 13, 1797, aged 22 

years, l month and 10 days; buried in the Fippit Burying-ground. 

157 Jolm Taylor born Dec. 5, 1776; died, 1807, ^^ Savannah, Ga., without 

issue. He was a sea-taring man. 

158 Edward Taylor 

159 Sarah Taylor born June 27, 1781 ; married Dr. Stephen Manning. 

160 Mary Taylor born Sept. 6, 1783; died, unmarried, Oct. 7, 1849, aged 66 

years, i month and 4 days; buried in the Baptist Burying-ground. 

161 Huldah Taylor born Nov. 19, 1785; died, unmarried, Mch. 17, 1857, aged 

71 years, 3 months and 26 da>'s; buried in the Baptist Burying-ground. 

162 Susan Taylor died, June 22, 1840, aged 27 years, 9 months and 28 days; 

buried in the Baptist Burying-ground. 

80 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 26, born, in Middletown, N. J., 
Aug. 26, 1752. He settled at New Dorp, Staten Island; married, Feb. 23, 1782, Catha- 
rine, daughter of Zachcus Van Dyke, who died, Aug. 29, 1827, aged 72 yea.^s. 


163 Edward Taylor 

164 Cath.arine Taylor died early, unmarried. 

81 ELEANOR TAYLOR, daughter of Edward Taylor, 26, i-.nrricd Capt. Fen- 
wick Lyell. She died, Dec. 30, 1794, aged 57 years and 4 days, and is buried in the 
Lippic Burying-ground. 


Issue from tombstones in the Lippit Burying-groiincl 

165 John 1. yell died, Oct. 24, 181 1, nged 42 years. 

166 Fenwick Lyell died, Dec. 20, 1822, aged 55 years. 

167 Mary Lyell died, l\h\y 17, 1822, aged 63 years, 11 months and I4 days; 

married Benjaiiiin Micheau. 

82 SAMUEL TAYLOR, son of Edward 'l^iylor, 26, was horn in 1735; married, 
by license dated Oct. 12, 1761, Leah Stout, of Nutswamp. He died young; without 

83 JOHN TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 27, was born, in 1744, at Middletown, 
N. J.; married, first, Mary, daughter of John \\"addell, Oct. i", I76![?]; second, Ann, 
sister of his first wite, and widow ot Eleazer Miller, uncle of Sylvanus Miller, for manN- 
years Surrogate, ot >s\".v York City, about 1822. John Taylor was a member of the 
firm of Taylor & Delancy, merchants. New York, about 1773. 


168 George Taylor, ot Poughkeepsie; married Miss Clinton. 

169 William Taylor, of New York; at'terwards of Rahway, N. J.; married Miss 


170 Chase [Charles?] Taylor, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; married Cornelia, daugh- 

ter of F. B. Winthrop. 

171 Phebe Taylor married Francis B. Winthrop, Esq., of New Yo-k. Tliis was 

his second marriage. 

172 John Taylor 

173 Maria Taylor married Thomas Smith, of Haverstraw, N. Y. 
1/4 Nancy Taylor married Mr. Delancy 

84 WILLLAM TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 27, was born, at Middletown, N. J., 
in 1746. He was a lawyer, and at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, adhered to 
the Royal cause. He withdrew to England, and received an appointment in the Colonial 
Government, in the West Lidies, and received an allowance for his losses, in America, of 
some thousands of pounds. He returned to America and settled at Perth Amboy, 
he died, in i8c6. He married, in England, Eliza, daughter of Col. Philip. \'an Court- 
landt. She died, at Perth Amboy, July 22, 1816. 


175 Joseph Pringle Taylor 

176 Courtlandt Elliot Taylor 

177 George Elliot Taylor 

178 Catharine Eliza Taylor 

179 Susan Taylor died unmarried 

180 An infant ot this nanie, and probably of the same parentage, died, Mch. 13, 

1745, aged I year and 6 days, and is Iniried in the Lippit l^u-ying-ground. 

85 JOSEPH TA^T.OR, son of John Taylor, 27, was born 1751; married, June i, 
1774, Sarali, daughter of John Waddell, and sister oi his brother, John's, wife. They 



had fourteen chiklieii, se\'en of whom died in infancy. Anion<f those grown up were the 

l8i Harriet Taylor 

182 Charlotte Taylor 

183 Mary Taylor 

184 Caroline Taylor 

185 John Taylor 

186 Anna Maria Tavior 

187 William Tavior' 

188 Sarah Waddel! Taylor 

89 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of George Taylor, 28, was born, at Garret's Hill, 
Middletown, N. j., in 1739; died, June 4, 1806, aged 66 years and n months; buried at 
Garret's Hill, Hopping farm; married Sarah Crowell, by license dared July 29, 1766. 
She died, Apr. 15, 1833, aged 84 years, 8 months and 12 days. 

1806, Jan. 18. Will of George Taylor, of Middletown; proved June 7, 1S06, men- 
tioned: wife, Sarah; oldest daughter, Christian Tunis; second daughter, Mary LIunt; 
youngest daughter,_Agnes Dennis; sons, George, Thomas, Joseph, Presgrove, fourth son,' 
and Edward and \\'ilson not twenty-one. 

Reserves family burial place. 


189 George Taylor 

190 William Taylor died, Aug. 24, 1S02, aged 18 years, 10 months and 3 days; 

buried at Garret's Hill. 

191 Thomas C. Taylor, of New York. Died, in New York, 1 861, aged 89 years. 

He had several daughters, but no sons. 

192 Presgrove Taylor born Apr. 7, 1780; died, Sept. 16, 1835; buried at Garret's 


His will is at Freehold, dated Oct. 21, 1833; proved Sept. 29, iS-^j^, 
in which it stated that he was of New York Ci'ty, and devised all of Ills 
property to his nephew, George, son of his brother, Joseph Taylor. 

193 Wilson Taylor married Sarah D. Cunningham 

194 Joseph Taylor 

195 Edward Taylor [Capt.?] died, Sept. 2, 1822, aged 32 years, 4 months and 

28 days; buried at Garret's Hill. 

196 Mary Taylor married Wilson Hunt 


Thomas Hunt 1 , r-v- ^^ . 

Wilson G.Hunt ) merchants, of New \ork. 

197 Agnes Taylor married^ Mr. Dennis; died, May 26, 1833, aged ^S years, 
4 months and I day; buried at Garret's Hill. 

92 JOHN TAYLOR, son of William Ta>-kir, 29, married Nance, dau'^nter of 
Henry Stryker. She was a sister of Adam Stryker, the father of Tunis Stryker and 
Daniel Stryker. 


It wa'^ popularly said "Jie went to IIcll for a wife and niarricti the Dcnil's ciaue.htci," 
said Ashcr Taylor, Ksq. 


198 Josep]i_Ta),lor 1 "Poptilarly and uni\'ci\sally called 'dc\ils,' and ihcy were," 

199 John Taylor J said Asher Taylor, Ksq. 

200 James Taylor 

aoi Patty Taylor married Mr. 1 .utlnirrow 

93 GRO\'ER TAYLOR, son ofWilliam Taylor, 29, married Charity Sutphen. 

\\"\\\ of Grover Taylor, son of William Taylor; proved May 15, 1803, mentioned: 
wife, Charity; daughters, Ann, Phehe, Eliza, Fanny, minors, and daughters, Ida Cooper 
and Hester Rowlen; son James Grover Taylor to get his schooliiig; son, William. 


202 James Gro\'er Taylor 

203 Ida Taylor married John Cooper, brother to George Cooper, and removed 

to Illinois. 

204 Mester Taylor married James Rowland. The name is spelled Rowlcii, in 

the above mentioned v.'ill of Grover Taylor. 

205 Ann Taylor married Richard Lul"burrow, brother to Joseph Luil)urrow. 

206 Eliza Taylor married John S. Applegate 

207 Phcbe Taylor married Joseph Lutl^urrow 

208 Fanny Taylor married Elias, son of ^^'illiam Morford. 

209 William Taylor 

103 JOHN A. TAYLOR, son of David Tajlor, S3, was of Middletown, and died 
March, 1 8 1^2. He married, first, Ann, sister of Gabriel West; second, Lavinia Ann Van 

Issue by first wife 

210 David Taylor married Lavinia Hendrickson 

21 1 Ann W. Taylor married Hendrick, son of John Longstreet. 

212 Mariba Taylor married Edward Allaire 

Issue by second wife 

213 John A. Taylor married Lavinia Sattcrly 

214 Lavinia xA. Taylor married Albert G. Dearman 

106 EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Edward Taylor, 57, was of Upper Freehold, and 
born July 6, 1763; died in 1835; married Sarah Merrit, in 1790. He was a physician and 
for several years had charge ot the Friends' Asylum, at Frankfort, near Philadelphia, 
Pa., and was familiarly spoken of as tl'.e Quaker Doctor. 


215 Joseph W. Ta}-lor born, in 18 10, at Burlington, N. J. 

216 Edv.'ard Ta>lor 

217 Jacob NL Taylor 

218 Abraham >L Taylor born in 1795; resided at Ciiicinnati and retired to 



219 James Taylor bvini 1801 

220 Natliaii Taylor 

221 Hatiiiah 'l"a\lor horn l8o;;ot I^urliiigton. 

Ill CHAI^LES TAYLOR, son of James Taylor, 58, married, first, Elizaheth 
Conde; second, Ursula, daughter ot Roeliff" Coiiover, of New Jersey descent, in Saratoga 
County, N. Y. He then moved to Ohio. 

Issue by first wife 

222 Charles Taylor 

223 John Taylor 

224 Elisha S. Taylor 

Issue by second wit'e 

225 De Witt Clinton Taylor married Jane Stanard and resided in Cleveland, 

Ohio, anti had four children. 

114 GEORGE N. TAYLOR, son of Lawrence Taylor, 61, died, Sept. 26, 1829, 
in his 49th year, and is buried at the Y'ellow Meeting House, Cream Ridge, N. J. He 
married, first, INLary Steward, who died, Jan. 30, 1807, in her 20th year; second, her 
sister, Hannah Steward, who, upon his demise, married, second, John Palmer. She 
died, Feb. 19, 1848, in her 54th year, and is buried at the A^'cllow Meeting House. 

1829, Sept. 4. Will of George Taylor, on record at Freehold; proved Oct. 8, 1829; 
stated that he was ot Allentown, and mentioned: wite, Hainiah; sons, Lawrence, Aaron, 


226 Lawrence Taylor 

227 Aaron Taylor 

228 Charles Taylor 

115 CHARLES TAYLOR, son of Lawrence Taylor, 61, of Upper Freehold, and 
born Aug. 27, 1778; married Eliza Bird. 


229 James Manning Taylor 

230 Catharine Taylor died in 181 1 

120 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 65, was born 1 775. 


231 John Cox Taylor 

124 JOHN W. TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 65, was born Mch. 26, 1784, and 
v/as of Saratoga County, N. Y. He died, at Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 16, 1854. He 
married Jane Hodge, who was born Apr. 29, 1786, and died June 27, 1838. 

For twenty yeai^s he was a Member oi Congress, and Speaker of the oi 
Representatives, in 1821 and 1825, during the administration of James Monroe and 
John Quincv .ndains. His period of service extended tiom 1813 to i-'i^^-,. He was the 


first JNlenil^cr of the Hciusc to make a s]U'cch squarch', upoi-i the floor, in opposition to 


232 Sarah Jane 1'aylor horn h\-b. 27, 1800; married WilHam D. l^cattie. 

233 James H. Taylor. He was ch-owncd and died without issue. 

234 EHzabeth Ann Taylor born ioJ2; married Thomas D. Roberr^on. 

235 Malvina Taylor born Mch. 9, 1 8 1 5; married Dr. I'Alward Taylor. 

236 John William Taylor 

237 Oscar Taylor born Feb. 16, 1S22; married Malvina JM. Snow. 

238 Dr. Edgar Ta)-lor born Apr. 11, 1S24; of"Palm)-ra, INlo. 

239 Charles Edward Taylor 

129 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of William Taylor, 66, was of Ohio. Me married, 
in 1799, Jane Irwin. 


240 William Taylor married Elizabeth Finch, daughter of Rufus Luther. 

241 Nancy Taylor married Abraham Pebble 

242 J ared Taylor married Nancy Pebble 

James Taylor, Jr. 

243 Price Taylor married P. Swan 

William Taylor 

244 Joseph Taylor married 


Joseph Taylor married Fanny [probably Gardner], at Cleveland, 

0.,May, 1866. 

245 Edward Taylor 

246 Irwin Taylor died without issue 

247 Jane Emily Taylor 

248 Taylor 

134 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of William Tavlor, 66, resided in Ohio. He mar- 
riedj first, Polly Smith; second, Mrs. Hockins; third, Rachel Stevens. Besides the 
issvie given below, he had two other sons and eight daughters; in all twenty-six children. 


249 William Taylor 

250 Joseph Taylor 

251 Jacob Taylor 

252 George Taylor 

253 Nelson Taylor 

254 Elisha Taylor 

255 Isaac Ta\ lor 

256 Seth Taylf)r 

257 Daniel'ffjyior 


258 James TuNior 

259 John Taylor 

260 Jonathan Taylor 

261 Joseph Taylor 

262 Nathaniel Taylor 

263 Alexander Taylor 

264 Benjamin F.Taylor 

149 JOHN G. TAYLOR, son of George Taylor, 77, married, first, Polly, daughter 
of Tunis Conover; second, Elizabeth, daughter ot Tunis Conover, and sister of his first 
v.ite; third, Lydia, daughter ol William Morford. 

Issue by first wiic 

265 Jarnes J. 'l^aylor married Lucy, daughter of William Morford. 

266 \\'illiam Taylor 

267 Mary Taylor married Cornelius, son of Daniel Heiidrickson. 

Issue by second wife 

268 George Taylor married ALargaret, daughter of D. D. Conover. 

269 John J. Ta,y]or married Eleanor, daughter of Daniel Cono\-er. 

Jssac by third \\ife 

270 Elizabeth Taylor 

271 Sarah Taylor 

272 Lydia Taylor married Jacob Jones 

273 Charles Taylor married iMatilda, daughter of John Conover. 

274 Ann Taylor 

275 Morford Taylor married Jane, daughter of Benjamin and Saraii (Tilton) 


276 Jane Taylor 

150 CAPT. EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Col. George Taylor. 78, was born, in 
Middletown, N. J., in 1764; died, in 1855, aged 91 years; married Sarah, daughter ot 
John and Ann (Longstreet) Lloyd, of Imlaystown. She was born in 1779- He rcsidcdi, 
in his latter years, in the old house next East oi Christ Church, in the village of Middle- 
town, built by his grandfather, George Taylor, in 1729. 

Captain Taylor was ot the Third New Jersey Regiment, ol the forces sent by 
General Washington, in 1794, to Western Pennsylvania, to quell the "Whiskey Boys 


277 Ann Taylor married Peter WykofF 

278 George Taylor 

279 Dr. [-Ldward Taylor 

280 Dr. John Taylor 

281 Elizabeth Taylor married Gilbert S. Lawrie 

282 Elear.or Taylor unmarried 

154 JOSEPH TAYLOR, son of Jrdm Taylor, 79, was born, at Middletown, N. J., 
June 16, 1771; died, Oct. in, 1836, aged 65 years and 4 months, and is buried in the 


Baptist Cliurchyard; married i\Lirtha, daughter of Josel^h l^orset. She was born 
Oct. 16, 177s; ^'ied, Apr. 25, 1850, aged 74 years, 6 iiiontlis and 9 days, and is Iraricd in 
t]ie Baptist Churcliyard. 

Joseph Taylor settled in the house at the junction of the "Deep Road" arid "Rose 
Alle) ," at the toot of Rucknian's Hill, in tlie uiukt part of the viliaye of Middletcjv/n 

In 1 8 14, he built, and occupied until his death, the mansion, on the South side of" 
the street, at the upper end of the village of Middletown; since occupied by his eldest 
son, John Taylor. 

Joseph Ta)lor was a taiuier and a currier, and was succeeded in his business, by 
his son, John J. Taylor. For many years he was a Justice of the Peace and frequently 
refused to be a candidate for the Legislature and other public positions. 


283 Hannah Taylor born June 9, 1797; married Ezra Osborn. 

284 John I. Taylor 

285 A.sher Taylor 

286 Joseph Dorset Taylor 

287 JNIary Taylor born Dec. 24, 1803; married Richard C. BuToughs. 

288 Elizabeth Dorset Taylor born Aug. 6, 1 005; married John Micheau. 

289 Sarah Taylor born Oct. 9, 1807; married Gilbert Van Mater. 

290 Samuel Taylor born May 24, 1809; unmarried. 

291 Eleanor Lyell Taylor born Oct. 31, 1810; unmarried. 

292 Susan Taylor born Aug. 24, 18 12; died June 22, 1840, unmarried. 

293 Martha Taylor born Feb. 25, 1814; married Thomas S. Fields. 

294 Huldah Holmes Taylor born June 3, 18 16; unmarried. 

295 Edward Taylor 

157 SAMUEL TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 79, was born Mch. 21, 1773; died, 
unmarried, Feb. 23, 1843, 'igcd 69 years, 10 months and 22 days, and is buried in the 
Baptist Churchyarcl. 

1827, Sept. 10. Will of Samuel Taylor, of Middletown; proved May 6, 1S43, men- 
tioned: sister, Sarah Manning; sister, Huldah; sister, Mary; brothers, Joseph and Ed- 

L58 EDWARD TAYLOR, son of John Taylor, 79, was born, in Middletown, 
N. J., Jan. 16, 1779. He was placed, at an early age, in the store of his uncle, Joseph 
Taylor, at New Dorp, Staten Island, and in a few years was transferred to a clerkship, 
with Andrew and Obadiah Bowne, in William Street, New York City. The number 
then was 23; now number 7. 

He became a partner with them and so continued until 1 805. 

He continued in the dry goods business, in New York, until 1S40. 

1834 to 1 839. He was Alderman of the Second Ward, New York City. 

In 1843, upon the death of his brother, Samuel Taylor, he succeeded to the old 
homestead farm, where he died, Apr. 12, 1845, aged 66 years, 2 months and 27 days, 
and is buried in the Baptist Churchyard. 

In 1813, he married Mary Grover, daughter of John Holmes, by i^\Jary, daughter 


,if William and Deborah Parker. She died, Feb. 5, 1S14, aged 25 years, and was interred 
in the Friends' Burying-ground, in Houston Street, New York City. 


•296 Mary Holmes Taylor born Jan. 18, 18 14. She succeeded to the old grand- 
father homestead and married, in 1846, her cousin, Joseph D. Taylor. 

163 EDWARD TAYLOR, of Staten Island, son of Joseph Taylor, 80, was born 
in 1796; died, July 11, 1865, aged 69 years; married Charlotte Ann, daughter of Edward 
CoiTiii, whose wife was a daughter of Capt. Abel Rawson. 


297 Edward Taylor died young 

298 Charles Briggs Ta)'lor deceased 

-99 Joseph Taylor. He was a Captain in the Union Army. He was born at 
New Dorp, Staten Lsland, resided at Baltimore, Md., and married Miss 
Cole. Both deceased. 

Estelle Rawson Taylor living in Boston, ^Lass. Adopted by a ^L*■. 
and Mrs. Andrews, ot Baltimore. 

300 Lydia Rawson Taylor married Samuel Barton, whose mother was Jane, n 

sister of Commodore Cornelius A'anderbilt. 

Cornelius Vanderbilt Barton, of New York City, who manied Jessie 
A., daughter ot J. W. Alfred Cluett and Elizabeth Bontecou; resi- 
dents of Troy, N. Y.; both deceased. Mr. Barton owns a silver 
tankard, a wedding present from his grandmother, Ta}'lor, which 
descended from his grandfather, Edward Taylor. It is marked on 
the cover, within a circle, "Eliner Waters — 171 8," while on the top 
of the handle are the initials: "E. T." 

175 GENER--\L JOSEPH PRINGLE_ TAYLOR, son of William Taylor, 84, 
was born in 1796. His father, at the time of his death, at Perth Amboy, in 1806, ex- 
pressed the desire that his children should remain in this country, and be reared as 
-American citizens, the trouble being then over between England and this country, but 
his mother deemed it best to take her sons to England, where, through the influence ot 
her family, Joseph Pringle Taylor received an Ensign's commission in the English Army. 

In 1811, at the tei^der age of fifteen, he was tossed into a saddle and sent to the East 
Indies, with the 22nd Light Dragoons, to take his luck. 

In 1827, he returned to England with the rank of Lieut. -Colonel, and married 
Adelaide Frances, daughter ot Col. John Sheddcn, ot the English Army. 


301 John Courtlandt Skinner Taylor 

302 Isabella Sophia Eliza Taylor 
And oihtrs, v.ho dit.d yount^. 


17G COURTLAXDT ELLIOF TAYLOR, son oC William TaxKir, 84. 


303 Courtlamli Tri)'lor 

304 George Ballen Taylor 

305 Emily Taylor 

306 Eliza Taylor 

307 Charles [ ?] Taylor 

30S Gertrude Laura Taylor 

177 _ GEORGE ELLIOT TAYLOR, of New York, son of \Villiani Ta)-lor, 84, 
married, in 1828, a daughter of William Jepson. 


309 William Jepson Taylor 

310 Courtlandt Mulcastle Taylor 

311 Maria Farquar Taylor 

178 CATHARINE ELIZA TAYLOR, daugliter oi William Taylor, S4, married 
Clement C, son of Bishop Benjamin Moore. 


312 Benjamin Moore 

313 Clement Moore 

314 William Taylor Moore married Miss Post 

315 Margaret Elliot Moore married Rev. Dr. Ogden 

181 HARRIET TAYLOR, daughter of Joseph Taylor, 85, married Joseph 
Irwin, a merchant of New York. 


316 Dr. William T. Irwin, of Memphis, Tenn. In 1S69, he was the sole sur- 

viving son of a family of three sons and three daughters. 

182 CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, daughter of Joseph Taylor, 85, v,as born in 1791 ; 
married Dr. Samuel Beaumont, of Plattsburgh, N. Y. The family removed to St. J-'aui, 


317 Joseph Irwin Beaumont 

318 Mary Beaumont born in 1S21 
And others 

189 GEORGE TAYLOR, of New York, son of George Taylor, 89, was born at 
Garret's Hill, Middletcwn, N. J.; died, at New York, in ] 835, aged 65 years. 


319 Joseph R. Taylor. He held various ctffices in New York City. In 1850, 

he was Ccmiptroiier. Vvz died in 1 860. 


320 Cjc(j;-ge G. T;i\-|or. He was Secretary ol flic Bowery Insurance Comi-any. 

321 NVilliam H. Tayl(.)r 

194 CAP'l'. JOSEPH TAYJ.OR, "boatman," son of George Taylor, 89, was born, 
at Garret's Hill, ^liddletown, X. J., in 1776; died, May 1, 1834, aged 58 years, 3 months 
ami 26 days, and is buried at Garret's Hilt. He resided on the homestead, at Garret's 
Hill, and tollowed the water as Captain of a schooner. He married Mary, daughter of 
John Robbins. She died, Mav 27, iS<;7, in her 76th vear, and is buried at Garret's 

1834, Feb. 12. Will of Joseph Taylor, of Middletown; proved May 15, 1834, dis- 
tributed his estate among his ciiildren. 


322 Edward Taylor died unmarried 

323 (jeorge Taylor married Margaret, daughter of Dr. Frost, of Staten Island, 

a widow, and sister of Elizabeth Frost, wife of Paul Micheau. They 
resided, at Garret's Hill, in 1877. No issue. He was heir to his uncle, 
Presgrove Taylor. 

324 Joseph Taylor died. May 22, 1858, aged 49 years, 8 months and 14 days, 

and is buried at Garret's EJill. He was to be sustained by his brothers, 
as per his fatlier's will. 

325 William Taylor 

326 'j'homas Taylor 

327 Rebecca Taylor 

328 Sarah Taylor 

329 Mary Tajlor 

330 Elizabeth Taylor 

331 Emmeline Taylor 

202 JAMES GRO^'ER TAYLOR, son of Grover Taylor, 93, married Sarah, 
daughter of ^^'il!;am Morford. 


332 William Taylor 

223 Capt. James Grover Taylor 

334 Sarah Taylor 

22s Sutphen C. Taylor 

336 Mary S. Taylor 

337 Anna Ta)lor 

338 Henry Clay Taylor died 1S73 

21G ED\VAR]) TAYLOR, .s(jn of Dr. Edward Taylor, 106, 
:irried, in 18.15, b'.stlier E. Wright. 

was born in 1791 . 

339 Edward Taylor born 1816; died 1854; married and liad children, in Ohio. 
Edwardi Taylor 
And fithcr-i 


340 Caleb Taylor died, in 1850, without: issue. 

341 John S. Tax'lor 

342 Henry ^^'. Taylor horn ] 82S; of Louisville, Ky. 

343 Sarah Taylor born 1S17; married b.dward Dugclale. 

344 Emilia Taylor no issue 

345 Josei^h E. Ta) lor born 1831 [ ?J 

346 Samuel W. Taylor 

217 JACOB M. TAYLOR, of Trenton, X. J., son of Dr. Edward Taylor, 106, was 
born Sept. 3, 1795; married Anne 


347 David H. Taylor 

348 Hannah Taylor married Dr. H. H. Longstreet 

220 NATHAN EL TAYLOR, son of Dr. Edward Ta)lor, 106, was born in 1S05; 
married Dinah H., daughter of \Villiam Kinsey. 


349 George Taylor born 1834 

350 William Taylor born 1837 

35 1 Anna Taylor born 1 839 

352 Sarah Taylor died young 
j{^2 Sarah Taylor born 1 841 

229 JAMES IxL^NNING TAYLOR, of New York, son of Charles Taylor, 115, 
was born jslch. 4, 1810; married, first, Hannah Rosamond, daughter ot Caleb Howell," 
of Orange, N. J.; second, in 1869, Lizzie Jones, daughter of Rev. Benjamin R. Loxley, 
son of George W. Loxley, who was born in the house of General Washington, in Phila- 
delphia, and named by him. 


354 Rev. William H. Taylor 

355 Charles E. Taylor died without issue 

231 JOHN COX TAYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 120, graduated at Union 
College, Schenectady, N. Y.; studied law, at Washington, D. C, and settled in Alabama, 
with high patronage and flattering prospects, but was drowned soon afterward, in 
Cataeo Creek, in that state, in 1 836, in the twenty-lirst year ot his age. 

230 COL. JOHN WILLLAM TAYLOR, son of John W. Taylor, 124, was horn 
Feb. 22, 1S17; married Jane Wadleigh. He served on the stafl' of General Rosencranz, 
as Chief Quartermaster, of the .Army of the Cumberland, in 1S62 and 1S63. He re- 
signed, in 1863, on account of ill-health. 


356 Jolm V\'ad!e;gh Taylor 

'Caleb Hov;cli a dc;;cnJ:u,l of th. ^o^^Lll fan.ilv 


357 Sarah ] anc Taylor 

358 Ella ^ialvina^'aylor 

359 James Hodge Taylor 

360 Charles Edward Taylor no issue 

361 Ann Stewart Taylor 

215 DR. EDWARD TAYLOR, of Ohio, son of Joseph Taylor, 1 29, married, first, 
I'cnelopc A'irginia, daughter of John Gordon; second, Malvina, daughter of Hon. Jolin 
W. Ta}-lor, 124. His last residence was at Cleveland, Oliio. He died in 1868. 


362 Archii^ald Alexander Edw ard Taylor 

278 GEORGE TAYLOR, son of Capt. Edward Taylor, 150, was born, at Middle- 
town, N. J., about iSoo; married Emma F., daughter ot ALijor John S. Holmes. He 
settled at Cream Ridge, Upper Freehold, N. J., and later removed to Freehold village. 


363 Sarah Holmes Taylor married James Lippincott 

364 Emma Taylor married Henrick, son of J ames Conover. 

279 DR. EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Capt. Edward Taylor, 150, was born, at 
Middletown, N. J., Mch. 9, 1805. He resided in the house built by George Taylor, 4, 
in 1729; married Catharine Louise, daughter of Teunis Forman. William Reir.scn, a 
merchant, of New York City, married Agnes, only daughter of Col. John Coveiihoven. 
They vvere the grandparents of Dr. Taylor's wife. 

26^ Dr. Edward F. Taylor; iNIedical Director of the Army of the Potomac; 

practicing, in Middletown, 1907; unmarried. 
2^6 Teunis Forman Taylor 

367 Col. \Villiam Remsen Taylor; ot the 29th Xew Jersey ^'olunteers. 

368 Henry Clay Taylor; Justice ot the Peace, Middletown, 1907; married. 

369 ?\LTry Taylor unmarried 

370 Sarah Lloyd Taylor married James iNL Hartshorne, of New York City. 

280 DR. JOHN TAYLOR, son of Capt. Edward Taylor, i 50, was born, at Middle- 
town, N. J., about 1812, and settled at Trenton, N. J. Lie married Lydia, daughter of 
John learns. 


371 ^L'lry B. Taylor 

372 George Taylor 

373 John Taylor 

374 Gilbert Taylor 

2S1 JOHN L TAYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 154, was born, at Middletown, 
N. J., Apr. II, 1799; died Auiz. 4, 1871. He was a tanner and succeeded his father in 


the business, but was oblisied, in his hilter years, to rclinciuish ii on account of ill-licakh. 
He also succeeded his father in the residence, built in 1S14, at the upper end of" the 
"street," in Middlctown. He married, Jan. 30, i8j8. Mar)-, daughter of Jacob 11. 


375 Joseph I. Taylor born Jan. 29, 1840; died Feb. 26, 1865. He served as a 

Lieutenant, in rhe Rebellion, with honor. 

376 \Villiam Henry Taylor born December, 1 841 ; died Mch. 7, 1854. 

377 John Edward Taylor born Apr. 4, 1845; died Mch. 21, i 854. 

378 Garret \'. D. Taylor died .Apr. 4, 1 854 

379 Martha D. Taylor born Apr. 11, 1850 

380 Jacob C. Taylor born Sept. 2, 1852 

381 John Taylor born about 1856 

382 Ed\\ard Taylor born about 1862 

28.5 ASHER TAYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 154, was born, Nov. 3, i8co, in the 
old house, at the loot of Ruckman's Hill, in Middletovsn, the site of the Osborne House. 

This estimable man was the pioneer genealogist, I believe, of Monmouth County. 
His incursions into family history provoked amusement, wonderment and ridicule, but 
he was steadfast in his pursuit, with the result of accumulating much data. Nothing 
pleased him more than to meet a kindred spirit and discuss his hobby, especially in his 
declining years, saddened by the loss of members of his family. His life, though a 
happy one was a tempestuous one. He started, when less than thirteen years of age, 
in the store of his uncle, Edward Taylor, in New York City, with whom he became a 
partner, in 1830, and so continued until 1840. Henceforth he became prominent in fire 
insurance matters, becoming the president of several such organizations, which became 
insolvent, by disastrous fires. At the tim.e of his death, Asher Taylor was Mce-President 
of the Exchange Fire Insurance Company, of New York City. He resided at various 
times in New York City, Niagara County, N. Y., Red Bank, N. J., and finally, in Jersey 

He was a man of sterling honor, an ardent supporter of the Government, dvn'ing the 
late Rebellion, and excessively severe in his arraignment ot all members of the Con- 
federacy. This feeling ot hostility also shows itself, in his writings, when reviewing the 
lives of members of his family, who, during the Revolutionary War, espoused the Royal 
cause. He was genial, upright and downright. 

He married, in New York City, June 23, 1832, Sarah, daughter of Capt. Alexander 
Coffin, Jr., born Sept. 29, 1799, and died ?vlch. 31, 1869, at 12.30 A.M., and is interred 
in Fairview Cemetery, Middletov/n, N. J. 


383 Lydia Martha Taylor born, in New York City, Nov. 23, 1833; died Feb. 13, 


384 Gorham Coffin Taylor born, in Nevv York City, Nov. 21, 1835. 

385 Joseph Dorset Taylor born, in Nev/ York Cit)', Dec. 22, 1S37. 

386 Edward Holmes Taylor born, in New York City, Dec. 30, 1839; fiied July 



2S6 JOSKPH D. TAY] .OR, son of Joseph Taylor, 154, was born, at Middle- 
town, N. J., Ma}- 2~, 1802; married, May 20, 1846, his cousin, Mary H., daiighier of 
Edward Taylor, 158. He resided in New York and was engaged in the China trade 
until 185 1, when he retired to the old grandtather homestead, in Middletown, and built 
a commodious numsion on that estate. He died Sept. 26, 1864, and was int-erred in 
Fairview Cemetery, Middletown, N. j. 


387 Edward Taylor born Sept. 26, 1S46; married Miss Dominick.; no issue. 

388 Mary Flolmes Ta)lor born Dec. 6, 1850 

295 EDWARD TAYLOR, son of Joseph Taylor, 154, was born, at Middletown, 
N. J., Jan. 26, 1819. He resided, in New York, until 1840, and then went to the East 
Indies. Tie traveled extensively; resided in China, and, in 1849, settled in San Francisco, 
Cal. He married Fanny, daughter of Sam.uel and Fanny Easton, of New York State, 
Aug. 9, 1855. 


389 Edward Ives Taylor born Nov. 2, 1856 

390 ^Valter Comstock Taylor born May 6, 185S 

391 Henry Huntly Taylor born Dec. i, 1859 

392 Frances Easton Taylor born June 23, 1866 

393 Adaline Mills Taylor born Mch. 26, 1871 

341 JOHN G. TAYTX)R, son of Edward Taylor, 216, v/as born Jan. 20, 1824. 


394 Howard Taylor 

395 Anna Taylor born I S52 

396 Edward B. Taylor born Feb. 6, 1850 

347 DA\TD H. TAYLOR, son of Jacob M. Taylor, 217. 

291 Ella Taylor 

398 Frank Taylor, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

399 Henry Taylor 

400 Foster Taylor 

348 HANNAH TAYLOR, daughter of Jacob ^L Taylor, 217, married Dr. H. H. 


401 Joseph Longstreet no issue 

402 Edward Longstreet no issue 

403 Hcndrick Longstreet born 1854 


354 RE\. WII.I.IAM IIOWELJ. TAYLOR, of Tirusvillc, Pa., son of James 
Manninc; Taylor, izg, was boni Fel). ii, 1S34; married, first, Jane Arms; second, Sarali 
FJizalicth, a daughtci- ot Kbenezer Monroe. He was a Chaplain, during a long period., 
in the Army of the Rebellion. 

Issue by first wife 

404 Jennie l^ouise married Alanson Trask Enos and has issue 

/.f.f//(' by second wife 
404a Eii'/abeth Monroe Taylor married Pollock A. D. P. Gilmour and has issue 

356 JOHN WADLEIGH TAYLOR, son of Col. John William Taylor, 236, v/a? 
born Nov. 14, 1840; married, Aug. 29, 1864, Sarah \V., daughter of John \V. Ware. He 
served with credit in the Rebellion. 


405 John William Taylor born Dec. 29, 1867 

406 Carl Taylor born Apr. 22, 1871 

town, D. C, son of Edward Taylor, 245, married, first, Aug. 8, 1858, Annie, daughter 
of Thomas ^^andevere, of Freehold, N. j. She died Feb. 5, 1867. He married, second, 
Lucy E., daughter of Timothy B. Munson. 

Issj{e by first wife 

407 Vandevere Taylor born Jan. 31, 1S66 
Three other children who died in infancy 

Issue by second w'ite 

408 Edward Munson Taylor born Aug. 8, 1870 

409 Archibald Gordon Taylor born July 2, 1872 

3S4 GORHAM COFFIN TAYLOR, son of Asher Taylor, 285, was born, m Nev^ 
York, Nov. 25, 1835. Li early life, he followed the sea. He served, with distinction, 
in the U. S. Navy, as Volunteer Master's mate, Captain, etc. Lie married, Jan. 17, 
1865, at New Haven, Conn., Minerva C, daughter of Elisha Larkins, and died July 


410 Jane Larkins Taylor born Dec. 7, 1865 

41 1 Asher Gorharn Taylor born Dec. 6, 1867; died Aug. 18, 1869. 

385 JOSEPH DORSET TAYLOR, son of Asher Taylor, 285, was born Dec. 22, 
1837. lie participated in all the active service of the New York 7tii Regiment, during 
the War of the Rebeliion. He married, Oct. 5, 1865, Maria, daughter oi John A. Lef- 
ferts, brother ol Col. Marshall Lefferts. 


412 Catharine Louise Tajdor born Aug. 5, 1866 

413 Lydia Martha Taylor born Dec. 13, 1808 

414 Joseph Dorset Taylor born Jan. 15, 1873 



1678, Sept. 6 and 7. Cieorge LTutcheson, of Shcflield, in yc County ot Yorkc, in 
England, Distiller, sold to Edward Taylor, of Brigg house, in ye County aforesaid, 
Gentleniar,, for £18-15-0, one-eighth of the Three nynticth jns ot the land called NN'est 
New jersey. 

1680, Sept. 6. Edward Ta)]or, of Burlington, Merchant, sold lainl to William 
Ccopei . 

1687/8, Feb. 20. Will of Matthew Taylor, of the City of New York- proved ']\ies- 
day, Mch. 20, 1687/8, mentioned: 

Capt. John Manning, (^t Manning's Id., near New York, :o shillings to buy n ring, etc.; to "my 
loving brother, Samuel Taylor, now ot London," the remainder of iiis estate, and to his son, George, after 
him, except £-i; to Thomas Phillips a;id Richard Jones, of New York, merchants, each, £\o, and 20 
shillings to buy them gold rings. 

Executors: Thomas Phillips and Richard Jones. The testator made his mark to the will. 

AVcc York Wills, Lib. Ill, p. 132. 

1829, Aug. 15. Will of James G. Taylor, of Freehold; proved Aug. 18, 1836, men- 

wife, Sophia; brother, John Taylor's children: John, James, William, George, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, Lydia; all Taylors; sister, Eleanor Imlay's son, Joseph Imley; sister, Flannah Smith's children: 
Sidney, Hannah, Julian, Holmes, Sophia and George; siste;', Elizabeth 'I'aylor; brother, George Taylor's 
son, James; brother, Edward Taylor. 

James G. Taylor was the reputed son of George Taylor, Sr., of Freehold, N. J. 
See also 202, of this genealogy. 

1829, -Aug. 18. Will of Martha Taylor, of Middletown; proved July it,. 1831, men- 
tioned : 

son, Joseph; son, John; daughter, Catharine; daughter, Eleanor. 

1835, Jan. 8. Will of George Taylor, Sr., of Freehold; proved Feb. 19, 1835, men- 

son, Edward; daughter, Elizabeth Taylor; daughter, Rachel -Andrews; son, James Taylor; son, 
John Taylor; had issue; daughter, Hannah Smith, son, George Taylor, whose children receive .his share; 
daughter, Eleanor Embly, whose children receive her share. 

Marri.AlGes Licenses 

1741, Dec. 8. Taylor, Annie, of Monmouth County [?], and Thos. Tunison. 
1750, Jan. 23. Taylor, Mary, of Monmouth County, and John Niles. 
1750, Mcli. 2. Taylor, Rebecca, of Monmouth County, and John Forman. 
1750, Apr. 3. Taylor, John, of Monmouth County, and ALiry Hankinson, of Mon- 
mouth County. 
1754, Sept. 13. Taylor, Elliner, of Freehold, and Thos. Wmdycke. 
1754, Dec. 15. Taylor, Helena, of Middletov/n, and Gideon Crawford, ot Freeliokl. 
1757, Aug. 15. Taylor, lielena, of Monmouth County, and Daniel Covcnhoven. 
1760, ^Lay 17. Taylor, Mary, of Frecliold, and John Vanderveer. 

74 Ml STOK' 1 CA I . A 1 1 SCELLANY 

1765, July ,3. Taylur, Margaret, of Freehold, and Cornelius Schenek. 

1766, Meh.. 4. Taylor, F.lizabeth, otMonmouth County, and Sanuiel Curtis. 

1768, Mch. 2j. Taylor, Phoebe, of Monmouth County, and John llenry, of Middlesex 
In the old J(-)hn Taylor house, in Mitldletown, are pcneil portraits of "Aunt Ap.nie 
Van Dorn," mother or Garret; John I. Ta) lor and his wife, and Mary, daughter of 
Jacob and Eleanor (Smock) Conover. 




The Thi-Qckmortons trace tlieir ancestry into hazy periods of English history where 
they very appropriately start with one ot the name of Adam Throckmorton mentioned in 
the Worcestershire Pipe Roll, AT3. 1176. The name itself is a compilation of At Rock 
Moor Town, a town on a rock, which existed in the vale of Evesham, Fladbury, W(5r- 
cestershire, England, and v/hich apparently was the home and main seat of the family tor 
some generations. From this common ancestor probably descended a numerous pro- 
gency divided into many family groups, including the important branch seated at 
Coughton, in Warwickshire, all ot which bore arms blazoned alike or very slightly 

Arms: Gules, on a chevron argent, three bars iremels sable. 

Crest: On a wreath an elephant's head. Some of the later branches of family replace the old crest 

with "On a wreath, a falcon volante, proper, armed with Bells Jessant, Aurum." 
Motto: I'irtii^ Sola Nobilitas; or, Morii/us Antiquls. 

Many of tlie Throckmortons rose to eminence and had their records preserved by 
contemporary British annalists, but it has been left to the profound American geneal- 
ogists, Col. C. Wicklii^e Ttirockmorton, of New York City, and Mrs. George D. .Sither- 
wood, of Bloomington, 111., to assemble all known English and American data in book 
form, books recently and independently issued, which give the last word in a magnificent 
family history. 

Tlie founder of the American family was John Tlirockmorton, a cadet ot one of the 
English branches of the family, bitt the specific claim that he was the son ot Bassing- 
bourne Throckmorton, an alderman and grocer of Norwich, 1 feel is insufficiently sub- 
stantiated. Tlie complete absence of the unique baptismal name of Bassingbourne, and 
the names q>\ Bassingbourne Throckmorton's kindred, immediate, collateral and remote, 
among the children of John Throckmorton, of Rhode Islaitd and New Jersey, is too 
powerful a rebuttal of this claim to be ignored if it be not absolutely eliminativc. \{ I 
were to hazard an opinion I should incline to the l)clief that John Throckmorton sprang 
from the line of Job Throckmorton, of Hase'ey, Warwickshire, an outstanding Puritan 
of his time, who diet! 1628. 


76 1^1.ST0RI(:\L MISCl-iJ.ANY 

His aih'cnt is chronicled by t!ic iniKl and kindly (iuv. \N"inlliro]'), as folh)\vs: 

"I'^eli. 5, 1631. Tlif Sliiji Lyon, Mr. VN'illiam Peirce, Master, arri\'t\l at Nainasket. Slic liroiiglit 
Mr. Williams, a godly niiiiisicr, with his witc, Mr. Throckmorton, Perkins, One, and otliers with their 
wives and rliikiren, about twenty jiasseiuTers and about two hundred tons of goods. She set sail from 
Bristol, Dec. i, i6jo. Slie had a % ery tempestuous passage, yet through God's inerey all her people came 
safe, except \\ ay his son, who tell froni the spit sail yard in a tempest and could not be recovered, though 
he kept in sight for a quarter of an hour; her goods also came in good condition." 

May 18, following his arrival, he was admitted a Freeman in the town of Salem, 
Mass., and, though he Jiad moved, iiis hog house was mentioned as a landmark in vhc 
town records as late as April 15, 1639. Further his name was perpetuated here in an 
application to a cove on Salem Harbor about two miles west of Peaches Point. 

He became a Baptist and followed the footsteps of Roger Williams, his fellov/ 
passenger in the Lro;z, into Rhode Island, in the summer o\ 1635 or 1636. 

1637, June. Later settlers, at Providence, R. I., had lands laid out tor them "as 
fully as the former portions appropriated to our neighbor Throckmorton, neighbor 
Greene, neighbor Harris, Joshua Verin, neighbor Arnold and neighbor ^^'illiams," etc. 

1638, Oct. 8. Roger Williams conveyed to John Throckmorton, as one of twelve 
individuals, an equal interest, with himself, in his Indian purchase, covering the site of 
Providence, and on April 22, 1639, sold him an interest in Chibachuwest, now called 
Prudence L'^land. The removal of John Throckmorton from Salem was not a compul- 
sory act, as was Mr. Williams', but his strong notion of personal rights and religious free- 
dom would soon have caused his expulsion. For his disaffection and estrangement from 
the Church, and his adoption of Baptist views, he was exconmiunicated by the Rev. 
Hugh Peters, who, writing July i, 1639, to the Church, at Dorchester, said that John 
Throckmorton, his wife, and others have had "the greatest censure passed upon them 
in this our church," as they "wholly refused to hear the church, denying it and all the 
churches in the Bay to be the true churches." 

1640, July 27. He, with thirty-eight others, signed an agreement for a form of 
government at Rhode Island. 

1643. Fie made application to the Dutch to settle within their jurisdiction which 
was granted: 

Whereas Mr. Throckmorton, with his associates, solicits to settle with thirty-five families within the 
limits of the jurisdiction of their High Mightinesses, to reside there in peace and enioy the same privileges 
as our other subjects, and be favored with the free exercise of their religion; having seen the petition ot tlie 
aforesaid Throckmorton, and consulted with the interests ot the Company, as this request can by no 
means be injurious to the country, m.ore so as the English are to settle at a distance of three miles from us, 
so it is granted. Mr. Throckmorton, with thirty-five English fa.milies, are permitted to settle within three 
miles of Amsterdam. Albany Records Jrom /6jS to 16^2. 

Upon the 6th of Julv, 1643, tlie following "land brief" was granted to Jan Throckmorton: 
We, ^^iliiam Kiett, director general, and the council, in behalf of their high mighty lords, the States 
General of the I'nited Netherlands, his highness the Pririce of Orange, and tiie noi;le lords, the managers 
of the Ge:ieral Incorporated NN'est India Company in Xev/ Netherlands residing, by these presents, do 
publish and declare that we, on this day the date imder>vritter,, have given and granted unro Jan Throck- 
morton a piece of land, (being a portion ot \'r-:'deland,) containing as follows, along the ]-,ast rr/er of New 
Netherlands, extending from the point half a mile, which piece of land aforesaid is surrounded on one side 
by a little ri\'er, and on the other side by a great kill, wliicli rivcr and kill on high water running, meet each 
other, surround the said land, as will more clearly appear by a map of the same wiiich has been m'lde and 
marked off by the surveyor, with the express conditions and terms that the said Jan Throckmorton, or they 


who by virtue of these presents shall succeed to his action, the noble lords, the manauers aforesaid, shall 
acknowledge as their lords and patroons, under the sovereignty of the high and mighty lords, the States 
General, antl unto their director and council here, shall in all things be conlirmed as all good citizens aic in 
duty bound; proviiled also that the said jan Throckmorton and his company (associates) shall furtlier- 
niore be subject to all such burdens and im]5osts, as already have bceii enacted by the noble lords, and 
hereafter may yet be enacted. It is furthermore made an express condition that the aforesaid Jan Tiirock- 
morton, according to promise, shall settle on the aforesaid lands as many families as may otTer in the same 
manner, constituting over the said Throckmorton and his company, in our stead, in the real and actual 
possession ot the aforesaid ])iece of land, hing on the East river aforesaid, giving them by these presents 
the full and irrevocable might, authority, and special permission the aforesaid parcel of land to enter, cul- 
tivate, inhabit and occupy, in like manner as ne may lawlully do with other his patrimonial lands and 
effects, without our, the grantors in quality aforesaid, thereunto any longer having, reser\Mng or saiing anv 
part, action, or control whate^'er, but to the behoof as aforesaid, from ail assisting from this time forth and 
forever, promising moreover this transport firmly, invariably, and irrevocably to maintain, fulfil, and exe- 
cute, and to do all that in equity we are bound to do. Done in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherlands, this 
6th day of July, 1643. 

William Kihkt 
By order of the noble lords, the directors and council of the New Netherlands. Cornells Tienhovcn, 
Secretary. Albany Records, G.G., gS. Idsm, 173-4. 

This grant, subsequently called Throckmorton's Neck and Throg's Neck, embraced 
the eastern part of the present town. It was bounded on the north by Eastcheslcr 
neck, on the east by Eastchester bay and Long Island sound, on the south by the East 
river, and on the west by the Westchester creek.* 

Throckmorton's settlement had a short existence and was obliterated by the Indian 
uprising in the tall of 1643, when it was set upon by the savages and every vestige of it 
destroyed. Eighteen persons were killed and those who were so fortunate as to escape 
death, made their way to the Fort at New Amsterdam and "some that escaped from the 
Indian attack went back to Rhode Island," says Winthrop. Among those who returned 
was John Throckmorton. 

In 1647, John Throckmorton was living in Providence, and was asked to pa)- fifteen 
pounds, in wampum, for a house. 

1647, Feb. 27. He was granted the house and land of Edward Cope, provided he 
satisfied the Deputies of Providence, the amount of a certain lien against said property. 

1650, Sept. 2. He was taxed £1-3-4, at Providence, R. I. 

In 165;, he was Town Moderator, at Providence, R. I. 

*Upcn the extremity of tfie point is now, in course of erection (1S4S) by the United States government, 3 vcrvitroni' fortifica- 
tion, called Ftjrl Schi,yler. It is calculated, when completed, to defend this entrance and protect the city o; New York Irom foreijn 
invasion.^, ir. cop.nection with the;.blc works of a similar character erected at the Narrows. 

DisturneH's Gizetleer, of Scvi York. 

I'pon the 29th of April, 165:, John Throckmorton petitioned the director general for leave to transport Throckmorton's 
neck. In Ocicber fcilowing permission was granted, whereupon he conveyed the same to Auaustine Hermans. 

Albany Records, Court of Assize, I'o!. 2. p. 59. 

On the 5th of December, 1656, Governor Stuyvcsant ordered that Throckmorton's and Cornhill's neck (Classon's I'oir.i), 
might conie.into their jurisdict'on if thev please. Albany Records, Court of Assize, Vol. /, p. 60. 

Augustine Herman?;, ^oon after his purchase, conveyed fifty morgen of land situated on Throckmorton's neck, to Thomas 
Hunt. In 1665, the town of Westchester asserted "that ske had always enjoyed Throckmorton's neck." 

Albany Rc.-'rds, Court of Assize, Vol. z, p. 60. 

On the 7th of January, 1667, Richard Nicholls granted to Roger Townser.d "a certain parcel ut" land tein/ en ye hack 

side of Throckmorton's neck " 

In 1665J thirty acres of land on Throckmorton's neck were granted to Mrs. Miia'i Spicer. 

Upon the 1 2th cf January, i'iS6, Spicer's and Brockcli's necks (coninionly c.dl.J the ^Tove farm) u-ero conhrnv.-d b;. let'.er'j 
patent, under the great seal of the province, to Tlu mas Hunt, 

At a court of assize held November 5th, if;69, Mrs. Micah Spicer sued for thirty acres of land on Throcknio'ton's neck. 

Alh;iny Records, Co::r! of Assize, p. 22^. 

In l6SRj William Barnes and Martha l;;s v.lfe, conveyed \^r\.l^ on Throckmorton's neck, situate near thoi^- of Robert Hucstis 
to Bedicnt. Albany Records, lib. A, p. >jO. .-jho Doll ^n' ' Ih'-r.ry Of li'estcK-ster County, Vol. ..-, pp. /.',-., if/. 


165. '^, June z6. He sold his interest in Prudence Ishuui, R. 1., to Richard I^irker, of 

In 1655, he was on the Freeman's List, at Pro\Mdence, R. L 

1659, Apr. 24. He sokl sixty acres to WiUiam Carpenter. 

1659, J line 20. He entered three ankers of strong waters. 

1664. He became interested in the development of East Jersey, and shorth- there- 
after became one of the Monmouth Patentees. 

In 1664, '65, '66, '67, '68, '70, '71, '72, '73 and '75, he was a Deputy in Rhode Island. 

1666, May 31. He took the oath ot allegiance to Charles 1 1, at Pro\-idence. 

1672, June 1 4. John Throckmorton, of Rhode Island, conveyed to his son John 
Throck.murton, land in Middletown. 7oc:7i Book of Midtildo^iu, A'. J. 

1672, July 18. He wrote a letter to Roger Williams upbraiding him for a letter to 
George Fox, in which \^'illiams proposed a joint discussion touching (,Hiakerism. He 
addressed two other sh.arp letters to him. 

1675, June 15. He, still ot Rhode Island, sold one hundred and forty acres at , 

to Daniel Abbott. 

1677. He was Town Treasiuxr; also in the same year a member of the Towti Com- 

In 1679, he was taxed 7s. 6d. 

In 1687, his ratable estate v.-as two house lots and tour shares of meadow. 

1687. "Estate of deceased John Throckmorton." taxed 3s. 

John Throckmorton was gentlemanly born, well educated and possessed of wealth. 
He became a trader or merchant in his new home, and likewise was the owner of vessels 
doubtless used in iiis commercial enterprises, which carried him to Mrginia, up the Dela- 
ware River, and to Manhattan. The ships were probably operated by others, as he was 
never, to my knowledge, spoken ot as Captain Throckmorton. His trips in them, how- 
ever, were the means ot his acquaintance with the desirable lands in Westchester County, 
Nev/ York, and the Monmouth Tract in East Xew Jersey, into whose colonization he 
entered. By deduction he was born about i6co, and arrived in this country when close 
to thirty years ot age. He died an octogenarian, while visiting his sons John and Job 
Throckmorton, at Middletown, N. J., between Mch. 17 and Apr. 2;;, 1683-4, and was 
interred in a plot of land, set aside by and mentioned in the will of his son John Throck- 
morton, which later became known as the Lippit Burying ground, and then the Taylor 
Burying ground, and now is incorporated in the Morford estate on the main highv.ay of 
the village of Middletown, N. J. 

John Throckmorton's wite was Rebecca , as appears from the Rhode Island 

County Records, Vol. J, /;. 26, and Middlesex Court Files, contributed by the most pro- 
found and generous student of the Throckmorton family, Capt. G. Andrews Moriarty, 
whose descent is through the emigratit's daughter Patience, wife of Deputy Governor 
John Coggeshall. This Rebecca was probably the wife who accompanied him from 
England, and is alluded to by Wintlirop, and again in one of Roger Williams' letters. 

Edward Covill, gent., of Bradwell, in Essex, made his will in 1678; proved Feb. 9, 
1679-80, wherein he left a legacy of £6, to his kinsman John Throckmorton, ot Midle- 
Tov/ne, in New England. There is no evidence to determine whether this girt is to the 
emigrant John Throckmorton, or to his soi\ John Throckmorton., Jr. Pioth were living 
in 1678 and there was a Middletown in Rhode Island, as well as one in Xew Jersey, and 
the term New England, v/as so loose!)' aiinlied in (hose days that it could easily cover 
both places, li I v.cre inclined to opLculat.: I .nIiom'm tenti to the Ivjlief tliat the reference 


wns to the emigrant. SJiouIcI it apply to liis son it might unravel the surname of his 
mother Rebecca, wife ot tlie emigrant; and it has I^een suggested that the name Co :r// is 
a misreading of Crn/r/ which would account tor tlic intimate association of the 'Dirock- 
morten and Cornell families. 

1 Frcegitt Throckmorton 

3 Patience Throckmorton born 1640 

4 John Throckmorton 

5 job Throckmorton born 1650 

6 Deliverance Throckmorton 

7 Joseph Throckmorton 

8 Daughter Throckmorton married Mr. Taylor 

9 Children killed, in infancy, by the Indians at Throg's Neck. 

2 FREEGIFI^ THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, i, was ap- 
parently the eldest son. He died relatively young and unmarried. 

1667, Sept. I. Capt. Thomas Salter, of Jamaica, commanded a privateer which 
captured a Spanish vessel laden with Campeachy wood. He made William Smith its 
master with directions to sail the prize to Jamaica, instead of which Smith sailed the 
vessel to New York. Thereupon Samuel Mosely, acting for Salter, employed John Rider 
to sue Smith and his associates in the Court of Admiralty. 

Smith, styling himself, Commander of the good ship niHiam, had in the Ray of 
Campeachy, apparently arrogated to himself ownership and set up Articles of Agreemen.t 
Sept. I, 1667, with. Freegilt Frogmorton, Thomas Barnes, Symon Jones, Samuel Smith, 
Thomas Davis, Jolm Haytor and Abraham Keelings, by which it was agreed that erich 
man \'/a? to have his proper share of the vessel and a proportionate share of the Cam- 
peachy wood then on board, with the Captain having two shares; that no one was to 
sell his interest except to one of the others; that if any one deserted the ship he forfeited 
his share and that all prizes were to be equally divided except that the Captain was to 
have two shares. Throckmorton's and Keeling's participation in the venture apparently 
arose from provisioning the ship after it was taken over by William Smith. No decision 
is recorded. Neiv York Wills, Vol. I, p. joj. 

1669, Nov. 6. John Throckmorton, Jr., of Middletown, in East Jersey, who, with 
his lather was the lawful heir and next of kin of his late deceased brother Freegif't Throck- 
morton, who died intestate, gave a power of attorney to his father, Mr. John Throck- 
morton, of Providence, Rhode Island, in New England, to sue for sums due the estate of 
his late brother Freegift Throckmorton, from Richard Berris [?], of Warertov.-n, or 
Judah Bidedes, in his daughter's possession. Witness: Jonathan Hullmes, son to 
obadiah Hulmes off road Island. Freehold Tweeds, ^I--, P- 18. 

3 PATIENCE THROCKMORTON, daughter of John Throckmorton, i, was 
born 1640; married December, 1655, John Coggeshall, the Second, of Rhode Island, i-nd 
died Sept. 7, 1676. Her husband was born 161S (?j and died Oct. i, 1708. He was a 
son of John Coggeshall, Sr.; was an em.inent person in the early history of Rhode Island, 
and resided at Newport. He v/as wealthy and left a will dividing his property betv^'een 
three sets of children, by various v/ives, of v^hich the following are ;:he of}spr;!-;g of his 
Second niarnaiic: 



10 FVecgift Coggcshal! born Mcli. i, T657 

11 Janies Coggeshall born Feb. 18, 1660 

12 Mary Coggeshall born Mch. 10, 1662 

13 Joseph Coggeshall born May 31, 1665 

1 4 Rebecca Coggeshall born Jimc C'.o, 1667 

15 Patience Coggeshall born Aug. J 3, 1669 

16 Benjamin Coggeshall born Juh' 27, 1672 

17 Content Coggeshall born Alch. 28, 1674 

18 Content Coggeshall born May 10, 1676 

4 JOHN THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, t, v.-as probably born 
in this country, or if not, was an infant when he reached here. He ciwelr, successively, 
in Salem, Mass., Providence, R. I., Throg's Neck, N. Y., and Middletown, N. J. After 
the massacre at Throg's Neck in 1643, he returned to Providence, but Joined in founding 
the settlement ot Monmouth County, whither he removed and abided till his decease in 
1690. His earliest record is that which connects him with Providence, R. I., where, in 
June, 1668, he engaged allegiance. It was shortly after this tliat he moved to Middle- 
towii, where, in December, 1667 (if it be not his iather that is meant), he had assigiied 
to him town lots. Shortly after his arrival in Middletown Dec. 12, 1670, he was married, 
or as the ancient record expresses it, "was coupled together," by Edward Smith, Con- 
stable, to Alice, daughter of Richard and Penelope Stout, of INIiddletown. 

If he was not already the owner of lands he was speedily put in the possession or 
such by his father, who, by deed of Mch. 3, 1672, conveyed one of his two sliares of land 
acquired as a Patentee, to his son John, while the other he conveyed to James Ashron, 
the husband of his daughter Deliverance Tlirockmorton. From the fact that Job, a 
yoimger brother, drew town lots with the father in 1667, it may be inferred that John 
Throckmorton, 4, had not yet withdrawn from the Providence Plantations, and that his 
interests were only such as his father primarily secured, and which were later conveyed 
to him. However, he soon added, by grants and purchases, to the lands conveyed him 
by his father and died seized of a large realty. 

1685, July 20. For £375, Pennsylvania currency, he bought of Robert Turner, one 
of the twelve Proprietors, of East Jersey, 1/48 undivided part of the Province of East 
Jersey, it being JX of said Turner's ,1-2 of Thomas Rudyard's undivided }^ of the Province 
conveyed by Rudyard to Turner in 1682. 

1685, Dec. 4. John Throckm.orton conve)"ed to James Bowne, Job Throckmorton, 
Joseph Throckmorton, James Ashton, Joseph Grover, Lidia Bowne, and Edward Smitli, 
each, i/io of his 1/48: and to Benjamin Borden. John Smith, John Stout and Jonathan 
Holmes, each, 1/20 of his 1/48, of East Jersey. In consideration of the forgoing pur- 
chase and claim, the Proprietors on June 25, 1688, granted and released to the said John 
Throckmorton four hundred and eighty acres at Crosswicks, in Monmouth County, 
"beginning at a Walnut tree standing on the South side of the Burlington path." 

1688, Mrh. 28. John Throgmorton sold to James Bowne 1/20 of his 1/24. Later, 
Sept. 22, 1699, James Bowne, as heir, conveyed this conveyance to his brother John 
Bowne V. ho sold the 1/20 of 1/24 to James Alexander. 

John Throckmorton drew in the first division of lands in Middletovvn: lot No. 24, 
Dec. ^o, 1667, and lot No. 18, Dec. 31, 1&67. 

THROCKMOR'l'ON Ol- MUXMOr TI I COL N 1'^ , N. J. 8j 

1668. He recorded his eati Ic-mark. 

1668, June. John Throckiiiorton, J v., engaged allcgia:ice in Prcnddence. 

1670, Aug. 31. He was a fence viewer. 

1671, Nov. 18. He Vv'as elected a neputy to the Geiieral Assembly. 

1672, June. He was appointed Ensign. 

1673, J >-''>' 7- J^*^ ^^''^''' (-'hosen Constable. 

1673, September. He was ai^pointed by the Dmch, a Justice. 
167^, Jan. I. He was a Grand Jur\"man for the year. 

1675, June 29. He, with others^ was appointed to determine the town boundaries. 
1675, Nov. 2. He was elected a Deputy to the General Assembly, at Elizabelhtow.'i. 
1677, Jan. I. He was appointed one of the Deputies to meet the Governor, at 
Eli'/nbethtown. Keronis, M'uhUeton'n, X. J., Vol. I. 

1608, INIay 14. He was appointed one of two Deputies from jMiddletown, to the 
Assembly. Recoi'ds of the Goi'CDior mid Council of East Jersey, p. 146. 

John Throckmorton was a man of eminence. He served as a representative in the 
Assembly 1675 to 1688; was the lown's representative to meet the Governor in 1677; 
was long a Judge in the County courts, and was one of the Committee, who, with the 
sheriif, was appointed to build the first Monmouth County jail in 16S4. 

His lands amounted to several thousand acres and his purcliases are too numerous 
to mention in their entirety. 

He died after an active and useful life, in the Summer ot 1690, leaving a will recorded 
in New York and Trenton, N. J., which mentioned the following persons: 

his wife Alice, who received his dwelling and orchard at Garret's Hill, in Middletown, and one 
hundred acres adioining, and twenty acres ot meadow; his son Joseph and daughter Rebecca, who received 
the balance of his uplands and meadow, lying within ten miles ot his residence, at Garret's Hill, and to 
them likewise, upon his wife's demise, the bequest made to her. The rest of his lands and proprietorship 
he willed, equally, to his four other children, who are likewise to have one-half of the estate "tliat uoth by 
right belong to me by reason of my brother Joseph's will." Finally, he reserved for burial purposes, a 
one-quarter acre lot 'where my father is buried m Middletown." The will was written July 17, 1690; 
proved Aug. 22, 1690. Witnesses: Richard Hartshorne and Job Throckmorton. 

Alice Stout, the widow of John Throckmorton, married, second, Robert Skelton, by 
license dated Oct. 30, 161 1, by whom she had: 

Susanna Slkelton who married Barnes Johnson, and had: Skelton Johnson and Alice 
Johnson, who married John Debow, who died 1749-50, leaving a son John Debow. 

Alice Stout married, third, Mr. Jones. 

1704, Apr. 13. Letters of administration were granted to Alice Jones, mother of 
Joseph Throckmorton, lately deceased, intestate, and again, May 15, 1704, an inventory 
of the estate of Robert Skelton was filed in New York, which was of large size and which 
was attested by Alice Jones, his relict and administratrix. 

In 1692, Robert Skelton uas Foreman of the Petit Jury in Monmouth County, and 
April, 1696-7, both he ?.n(\ his wife were living in or ;diout Middletown. 

1696-7, March. Robert Skelton, of New 'I'^otk, Taylor, and Alice his wife, conveyed 
property to John Stillwell, of Staten Island. Ricliriion'd County, :V. Y., Dec-Is, Lib. D. 


In 1700-1703, Robert Skclton was a \'estryiiian of Trinity Clun-ch, New York City. 

In 1717, an Alcc Skelton was a witness ar the marriage of a kins-woman, Patienct; 
Lippet to John Woolcy, of Shrewslnir>'. She \\as, perhaps, Alice Stovit, wi/iow ot Robert 
Skclton, or if not, sht must have been her (.iaui> liter. It is certain that Alice (Stout) 
Throckiriorton and Robert Skelton had one cliild, viz.: Susanna, tor, in 1750, it is set 
forth in a deed, recorded at Freehold, that Susannah Skelton, wife ot Rarnc-s Johnson, 
in 1726, was a "sister of the half blood" ot Joseph Throckmorton, her brother, and that 
he, said Barnes Johnson, and wife Stisanna Skelton had a son Skelton Johnson."^ 

The name Skelton appears in Bucks Cotmty, Pa., where Robert Skelton, in 1748, 
was not infrequently alluded to in property transactions. 

Who Alice Stout's third husband, Mr. Jones, \\'as, I ha\'e not discovered. 


19 Rebecca Throckmorton 

20 Alice Throckmorton 

21 Sarah Throckmorton 

22 Patience Throckmorton 

23 Deliverance Throckmorton died at an advanced age 

24 Joseph Throckmorton 

5 JOB THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, i, was born in the year 
1650, (Sept. 30'), probably in the State of Rhode Island, and was likely the youngest of 
the children. In 1667 he came to Middletown, and v.'as allotted lands in the village and 
outl)'ing country. 

1667, Dec. 30. Job Throckmorton drew, in the tirst division ot lands in Middlctov.n, 
lot No. ■.■>2, and on Dec. 31, 1667, he drev/ lot No. jS. 

In 1668, lie recorded his cattle-mark. 

In 1670, he owned a large tract of ground, in Middlctov/n, to which he added a grant 
from the Proprietors, Nov. 18, 1676, which he subsequently exchanged tor land at Colt's 
Neck, Jan. 7 [20], 1700, owned by Nathaniel Leoiiard, who was joined in the deed b}' his 
wife, Susannah Leonard. Each family^ thereupon took permanent residence upon then- 
newly acquired domain, and the Leonards gave to their land the name ot Leonardsville. 
These sites have remained in the respective families and have been tlieir homesteads tor 
over two hundred years. In 1700, when this transfer took place. Job Throckmorton was 
residing at Shrewsbury. 

*I726, Oct. ?. Rebecca Srillwe!!, of Staten Isl.-ind, widow, and John Coward, of Freehold, Send Greet'iij: It i? s't forth that 
the Proprietors of East Jersey, did convey to Joseph Throct;inorton, no'.v deceased, son of John Throck.-iiorton, deceased, jne hundred 
and thirty-seven acres of land, at tiie head of Millstone Brook Creek, Freehold Township, and that the said Joseph TiirocRmorton 
died without issue, and the land descended to his several sisters, as coheirs. John Cov.-ard was the son ana heir of one sister, Patie.ncc 
Lake, deceased, and quit claimed to Susanna, wife of Barnes Johnson, of Middletown, "sister ot the hali blood ro the abL;ve named 
Josepii Th'-ockmorton, deceased," etc. These lands had been also patented to John Reid, F.sq., late ot Freehoki, wtiD received the.-'ii, 
by p.itciit, Aug. i, 1701, and who sold them with warranty, Mch. 9, i~~:, to Richard Watson. 

In 1750, Col. John Reid, son of the late John Reid, bought out the rights of the heirs of Joseph Throckmorton, for which ^je 
paid £137, and Wiiliara Watson, the successor of Richard Wutsun, paid to each, the sum of 5 siiillinf^s, as appears Irom the following: 

1750, May 7. Skelton Johnson, son and heir to Susanna Johnson, deceased; John I.ippit, son and heir to Sarah Lippit, 
deceased, and. Thomas Stillwell, Jr., son and heir to .^lice Stillwcll, deceased, all cf Middletown, convey Lands to Wilkam Watson 
and Col. John Reid, of Freehold, pateiited to Joscpii Thi-cckmorton, dece?sed, July 24, if>9.l, who d'ed without issue, andwhose 
lands passed to his .Hve sisters as coheirs, viz.: Rebecca, wh^e of John StiilAcU; Sarah, wife of .NIoses Lippit; .Vlice, wife of Thomas 
.StiUv.ell; Patience, wi.fe of Hugh Coward, and Deliverance Throckmcrton, who died unmar/ied. 

June iB, 175G. Then Received of James Motr one of the Lxcc-^tors of Tames Bowne Dece.a/t the Sum i.f three Pen I'i ton 
Shillings and fourc Pence in lull of all aicoumpts from Jam.-;> Bownj Decca/t to John Dcbu Dece^:./t and .Aies Dchu his Wi.'do 
Per Me Si.tJ.To.\ Jok:c/on 

aery UiM Papers. 

'Jl JliOCKMOinOX ()]' MONMOl'l! 1 COUNTY, X. J. 8;, 

1678, Jan. 1. Job 'I'hrockinorroii and Thomas Cox wcic cliosen to receive zhc 
tobacco for the town; i. c. M'ulJletown. 

1690, Aug. 18. Job Throckmorton apjX)intcd his brother, Samuel l.coi;ard, attoniey, 
in re his brother, Joseph, deceased. 

1705. Job Throckmorton and Sarali, his wile, of Shrewsb'.iry, conveyed hinds to 
J^aniel Applegatc. 

1705. Release oi this date; recorded in 1714, in which Job Throckmorton, of Shrews- 
bury, released to John Stillwell, Thomas Stillwell, Moses Lippit, and Hugh C.'oward, 
pro]ierty ot his late brother, Joseph Throckmorton. Recorded before Jeremiah Stillwell, 

Job Throckmcjrton rose to eminence in the community, and filled many positions 
of trust. 

Job Throckmorton and Sarah Leonard were married by Peter Tilton, at Middle- 
town, Feb. 2, 1684-5. 

Hexrv Leonard William Hunt 

SA^iUEL Leonard Anne LIunt 

John Leonard Rebecca Tilton 

Mary Leonard 

She "'died Feb. 5, 1743-4, ^ged 83 years, 8 months and 6 days," [born May 30, 1660], 
and her remains were interred in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. The site is marked 
with a brov/n stone with tlic preceding inscription and is surrounded today by the graves 
o; many of her descendants. 

Job Throckmorton died Aug. 20, 1709, aged 58 years, 10 months and r.i da>'s, and 
was buried in the Lippit or Taylor Buryingground, in the heart ot Middletown \ il'age. 
The brown stone slab that marked the site of his grave was badly broken and fallen, but 
is now repaired. He left a numerous progeny from vdiom all of the name ot Throck- 
morton in the United States at this day, descend, except the descendants of John Throck- 
morton, of Virginia. 

Job Throckmorton, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., died intestate, and letters of 
administration were granted to Sarah I'hrockmorton, widow, of Monmouth Co., and 
John Throckmorton, of Monmouth Co., June 8, t;ii. The inventory amiounted to 
£99-00-01, and was made by Henry Leonard, David Killy and William Leeds, Jr. 
Treuto/J, A\ J., J l' ills and Administrations, Lib. i,//. 321. 

So far as known he had 


25 John Throckmorton 

26 Joseph Throckmorton 

27 Job Throckm.orton 

28 Samuel Throckmorton 

29 Rebecca Throckmorton 

30 James Throckmorton (supposed) 

31 Mru-y Throckmorton m;u'rie<:l jvaniel Grandin 

32 Sarah TTirockr.iorton born 1685; married, first, John Powell; second, Dr. 

William ?\ichols. 
2Z Patience Throckmorton married Amos Grandin 

S'4 i]]S'l\)i;iC.\!. MlSCl'J.LANY 

f) DKLn'KRAXCF, THROCKMORTON, dnuehter of .lolm Throckmorion. i, 
jnarrieu at Providence, R. 1., Jaincs Ashron, J'"- He was doululess the son of James 
Ashton, who was a Comniissiorier in i6;2, '^S, '^9 and '63, and a Deputv in )6()<, i'l 
Rhode Island, 

In 1667, James Ashton, Jr., located upon the Monmouth Patent, in th.e vicinity cf 
Freehold. He was apparently a divine, tor he is spoken of in old documcrsts as the Re\'. 
James Ashton, yet it is likely that he was not ordained. Be that as it may, he was the 
first who ministered to the spiritual Vv ants of the infant settlements in Monniovith Coun- 
ty, which were of the Baptist persuasion. He \s-as held in great esteem aii.i filled nunier- 
ous responsible positions. See Ashto'ii Faiiiily. His children, so tar as is now known to 
me, are: 

34 James Ashton, of Freehold; of age in or belore 1693; died probal^ly 1731. 

35 John Ashton, of Cream Ridge; died 1744. 

36 Marv Ashton, a spinster; died 1739; her estate was administere.i hx leremiah 


37 Alice Ashton born 1671; married Obadiah Holmes; died Apr. 27, 1716, aged 

45 yeai-s. 

38 Deliverance Ashton; the first wife of Jonathan Holmes. 

39 Rebecca Ashton married David, son of Ricliard and Penelope Stout. 

40 Joseph Ashton 

7 JOSEPH THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, i, was ?n ea'-ly 
property holder in Middletown. He was a trader arid mnriiier and the owi'icr of r\v-o 
vessels, perhaps more. He never married, so far as is known, or if so, out'ived hi? 
marriage and issue, if any. 

His will, recorded in New York, Lib. Ill, p. iSj, declares that lie :s a inariner, 
"being about to go to Sea," and that he deA'ises his property to his namesake Joseph, the 
heir male of his brother John Throckmorton, yeoman, of Middletown, East Jc;'sey, 
whom he constitutes executor of liis will and trustee of the betjuest to his nephew Joseph. 
The will was written Dec. 2, 1689, at I^urlington, West Jersey. 

Joseph Throckmorton, Mariner, bound tor tl'.e \\'est Indies, made a p.uncupat;\e 
v/ill, in Philadelphia, Pa. Alice and John Throckn^iorton gave a power of attorney to 
Richard Hartshorne to settle the aiTairs of "Joseph Throckmorton dec*^." His vessels 
v/ere lying ofY Burlington, in Delaware River. 

Trenton y X. J., J Fills, Lib. 10 or L., p. 257. 

1690, Sept. 2. Adlice Throckmorton gave a power of attorney to Richard J-Iirts- 
horne. She signed by her mark. Recited that Joseph Throckmorto.n had ketches, 
"Hannah" and "Sarah," at anchor off Dela\^-are. 

John Tiirockmorton, 4, died prior to his brother Joseph, 7, leaving his [John'.--] v^itc 
Alice, his executrix; whei-eupon as such, she applied tor letters of adminic>tration upon 
the estate of Joseph Throckmorton, wjiich were granted, in New York, Oct. 13, 1690. 
In the probate proceedings she is spoken of as "Mistress Ails" and "Mistress Alte 

8 THROCKMORTON, daughter of John 'Hirockmorron.^ i. 

On (he 30''' of Oct., 1667, John Thrc;ckmorron wrote a letter to the .ANsembl}-, o\ 
Rhode concerning the esia'-',' of his daughter Tay!'\r, v.diich was referred re; the 

']"! iROCKMoirrox oi" MoxAior rn ccmin rv, n. j. r- 

Towii C\)iincil. Slif was }iossibl\' llicii recciuly dcccasci.1. No other infonnation has 
been obtained concerning her that 1 know of. 

9 There were probabh' oilier chilcircn \\ ho were nun-dercd liy the Indians in their 
youth, v.hile Hving at Throg's Neck, in 164;;. Mr. Winthrop wrote in his diary thai \hc 
Indians killed "such ot Mr. Throckmorton's and Mr. Cornhiirs lamilics as were at 

Extermination oi the whites was an easy matter, for Winthrop further says, of these 
settlers, that "these people had cast off ordinances and churches, and now at last, their 
own people, and for larger accommodations, had subjected themselves to the Dutch 
and dwelt scatteringly, near a mile asunder." 

19 REBECCA THROCKMORTON, daughter of John Throckmorton, 4, became 
the second u ite ot John Stillwell, ot Staten Island. 

John Stillwell, the husband of Rebecca Throckmorton, 4, was sheriff, o( Staten 
Island, in 1693; Justice in 1702, and a Member ot Assembly 1710, to tlie date of his 
demise. His wife was living m 1724, when he died. The property she brought him by 
marri;igc, he bequeathed to his sons — to John, the estate at Garrat's Hill, and to Joscjoh, 
the lands in Nutswamp; both situated in Middletown, N. J. 


41 Richard Stillwell 

42 John StillwelP 

43 Joseph Stillwell 

44 Thomas Stillwell 

45 Daniel Stillwell 

46 Rebecca Stilhvell married Ebenezer Salter 

47 Mary Stillwell married, first, Thomas Seabrook; second Daniel Corsen, 

Esq., of Staten Island. 

48 Alice Stillwell married Abrarn Emmoj-is, of Monmouth County, N. J. 

^^ hich of the abovemcntioned children were by the second \\ife Rebecca Throck- 
morton, 1 ha\e yet to determine. She was a witness 10''', 2mo., 1690, to the marriage 
of Robert Ray to Jenett Hamton, at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

20 ALICE THROCKMORTON, daughter of John Throckmorton, 4, married 
Thomas Stiilwell, by license dated Apr. 9, 1703. She was li\-ing in 1709, but was de- 
ceased prior to 1714. Alter her demise, her h.usband married Hannah, daughter ot 
Edward Ta}'lor, the Middletown, N. J., immigrant. 


49 Thojiias Stillwell 

50 John Stillwell born 1709 

21 SARAH THROCKNJORTON, daughter of John Throckmorton, 4, married 
Moses Lippit, by license d;iteLi Dec. 8, J697. 

* loim Stiil'.vell, 4:, dkii in i".-- . wii'iKjut (ilc\i-.\\iv! hi<; prop^-rtv. riiii it jias<,i-,'l to loscph Stiil'Ac'il. r>t' XutswmiD, who forin- 
vl'li est:ib!;s!iLl In;; s-;n Jo;,.; Siil!.v^:i thjrc. 


1708, Apr. 20. Moses I.ippit, Cooper, and Surah his wife, Thomas Sril'.weli ati.l 
A!ice his wife, conveyed to Hugh Coward, Alarincr, of" New York, and Patience TJirock- 
morton Jiis wife, and to r*.!,verancc Throckmorton, of Middletown, Spin-ter, 
rights in ilie four Ininch-cd and eight}' acre propricvorshi]:i granted them in i!k; will of 
their father John Throckmorton, 4. 

Sarah Throckmorton was the widow Lippit in 1727. 


51 Patience Lippit born about 169S; married 17, iimo., 1717, John Woolc}, 

of Shrewsbury. 

52 Jolin Lippit born about 1699 
S^ Alice Lippit born about 1701 

54 Ann Lippit born Nov. 29, 1702; married John Bowne. 

55 Sarah Lippit born Dec. 11, 1705, died Oct. i, 1767, unmarried. 

56 Deliverance Lippit married about 1737, Nathaniel Leonard. 

57 Rebecca Lippit married Joseph Shepherd May 10, 1733 

22 PATIENCE THROCKMORTON, daugluer of John Throckmorton, 4, mar- 
ried, first, Hugh Coward, of New York, mariner, by license dated July 6, 1703: married, 
second, Mr. Lake, of Staten Island, in or prior to 1725. In a deed dated Oct. S, 17:6, 
she is called Patience Lake, deceased. 

The heirs of John Throckmorton set forth their claim to the Turner Patent. In the 
application tor a warrant to surv^ey it, it is stated that Deliverance Throckmorton died 
single; that Else married Thomas Stillwell, and that her soi-. and heir was Thomas Sti!!- 
well, ajipears by the deposition of Richard 

1747-8, Mch. 12. John Coward, of Upper Freehold, or Crosswncks, recited in a deed 
that Jiis grandfather John Throckmorton was possessed of lands and "Patience, ray 
mother, and I, her eldest son, the riglit falls to me, with my cousin John Lippit, son of 
Saraiij and Thomas Stillwell, son of Alice. 


58 Sarah Cov/ard married Joseph Lake 

58a Rev. John Coward who died July 30, 1760. He married Alice, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Garretson) Britton, of Staten Island, and iiad 
twelve children. 

24 JOSEPH THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 4, died intestate 
and unmarried, in the year 1704. 

1704, Apr. 13. Letters of administration were granted to Alice Jones, mother ot 
Joseph Tlirockmorton, lately deceased, intestate. Xcii- York [Fills, Lib. VII, p. 144. 

He was the heir of his uncle Joseph Throckmorton, and with the legacy from his 
father, must have died seized of a large estate, which was divided ecjuail)' among his 

1705, Nov. 19. A deed on record at Freehold of this date, by John SiiUwell, of 
Staten Island,, and Rebecca his wife; Moses Lipit, of Middletown, cooper, and 
Sarah his wife; Thomas Stillwell, of Middletov.n, farmer, and Alice his wife: Hugh 
Coward, of New York C'ity, mariner, and i-*atici;cc his wife; and Deliverance Throck- 
morton, of -Vliddictoui-i; coT,vevs to lob T!vi-i .rkro' ii ion iif Snrcvv>,bi!) v, f(,ur huiidiL-d acd 


ninety acres of land near Crosswicks, that had been confirmed to Joseph Throckmorton, 
ol" I\liddleto\vi\, deceased, by patent June 20, ]68S, which the said Joseph held by deed 
horn his brother John, liated Mch. 28, 1688. .;;._^_ 

25 JOHN TKIROCK MORTOX, l-.squire, ot' Shrewsbury, son of Job Throckmor- 
ton, 5, was born in 1(188, and died Oct. 31, 1741, aged 53 years, 2 months and 21 days. 
His remains lie in Christ Church )'arel, Shrewsbin-y, X. J. He was twice married; first, 
to Mary, daughter ot Capt. Jerennah Stillwell, b\' whom lie liad all his issue, and wlio 
died Feb. 5, 1739 [1738-9], aged 49 years, aiui \\hohe remains lie adjacent to his. She i^- 
called in the burial record of Christ Church, by mistake Sarah. He married, second., 
Oct. S, 17-j-O, Abigail Tallman, of Monmouth County, by license dated Oct. 6, 17.10. She 
was Abigail Flicks, widow of James Tallman, whom she had married 8ber, 27, 171 2, when 
both v/ere residents of Long Island. She survived her husband John Throckmorton 
who made ample provision for her in his will. 

John Throckmorton was prominent in public lite. 

1706, May 28. Mary Daniel, en oath, says, John Throckmorton is the father of her 
bastard child and "X'^obody El/e." Co mi oj General Quarter Sessiofis, at Shren'sbury. 
Freehold Records. John and Job Throckmorton as surety, in the sum of £50, agreed to 
maintain the child and keep harmless the town of Freehold. Job ThrockmorLon was 
then a resident of Shrewsbury, X. J. The father, John Throckmorton, was theii a boy 
of eighteen years. 

1711. John Throckmorton was one ot the administrators of Job Throckmorton, 5, 
his father. 

1712, 1st. Tuesday in September. Henry Leonard and John Throckmorton were 
presented to the Grand Jurj', "for fencing & stoping the Queen's High way." Ordered 
to open the highway before the next court, or be prosecuted. 

Cotoity Court ^iiarter Sessions held at Middleto'Jsn. Freehold Records. 

17 14. John Throckmorton, son of Job, late deceased, ot Shrewsbury, conveyed land 
to his brother Joseph. 

1 7 16. John Throckmorton, yeoman, conveyed land to Henry Leonard, of Shrevvs- 

1718. John Throckmorton, of Shrewsbury, and wife Mary conveyed land to Peter 
Til ton. 

1722. Jolm Throckmorton conveyed land to Samuel Dennis. 

1722, 1728 and 1738. John Throckmorton was a Justice in Monmouth County. 

His will endorsed: "Judge Throckmorton's Last Will," etc., was written Oct. 12, 
1741 and proved X^'ov. 11, 1741. It set forth that he was of Shrewsbury, a yeoman and 
sick. He appointed his brothers Joseph Throckmorton and Job Throckmorton, and 
Thomas Morford, executors, and gave his wife Abigail £50; his sons Job and Joseph, his 
lands at Colt's X'eck, which "my father bought of Xathaniel Leonard;" sons Samuel and 
James £600, and James £100, additional, at the age of twenty-one; son John lands m 
Middlesex County, X". J.; daughter Mary Leonard property; daughter Sarali £250, at 
the age of eighteen; daughter Elizabeth £250, at the age of eighteen. Witnesses: Vv° 
X'ichols, Rich'' Sal tar and Parthenay Cook. The testator signed the will. 

Inventory of the estate of John Throckmorton, Esq., "iate of Shrewsbury, dec"^, 
taken Nov. 10, 174I, by Jolm Cair.pbel!, Jonathan Forman and Jno. Formrai, ap- 
raisers," amotmted to L'i2_;9-3-}; filed Mch. 16, I7j]2-3. The inventory included: 
4 negroes, 92 head of cattle, 13 liorcu.;, ;\: sliccp, 32 hog;, etc., etc. 


In tlio Bible ut Miss Allen, wlio resided ai the iruerseetion of the Shrewsbury roads, 
diagonally opposite Clu-ist Church, was an old, yellow, loose paj^er, conraining the follow- 
ing record ot John and Mary (Stillwell) Throckmorton's children, as well as those of their 
son Joseph, by his wife Mary b'orman. This paper was probably copied from an older 
book by Joseph W. Throckniorton. 

John an^l Mary Throckmorton — children: 

Job Throckmorton born Saturda}' 24 April 1714; married Hannah Ashton. 

Mary Throckmorton born iNlonday 16 April 1716; married Samuel Leonard. 

John Throckmorton born Thursday 20 February 1718; married Sarali 1 

Joseph l^hrockmorton born Saturday 19 June 1720; married Mary, daughter of 
John Forman. 

Samuel Throckmorton born l<"riday 6 July 1723; marrieci Catharine Francis. 

James Throckmorton born Monday 23 IMay 1726; married Rozi Ann Ynn Note. 

Sarah Throckmorton born Thursday 16 January 1727/S; married Jonathan Forman. 

Elizabeth Throckmorton born 20 December 1731 ; married John Stevenson. 
[Eight children of Joseph] 

Jane Throckmorton born Mch. 12, 1747/8, about i P.M.; died Oct. 25, 1749, 1-7-13. 

Jane Throckmorton born Monday Jan. 22, 1749/50, about nine A.M., Godfather 
Samuel Throckmorton, and mothers Jane Throckmorton and Elizabeth Throckmorton. 

John, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born Mch. 4, 1752, Wednesday, 
about 12 o'clock. 

Jarnes, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born June 20, 1754, at 8 P.M. 
Godfathers Samuel Leonard and James Throckmorton, God mother Mary xAshfield. 

Joseph Forman, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born Xov. 23, 1756, Tues- 
day, about 12 o'clock. Godfathers Thomas Hendrickson and Samuel Forman, God 
mother Nancy Forman. 

Samuel, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born Oct. 25, 175S, Wednesday, 
about 4 A.^L Godfathers Samuel Leonard and Samuel Throckmorton, God mother 
Margaret Forman. 

William, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born Jan. 31, 1761, Sattirday, 
7 o'clock P.AL Godfathers Samuel Throckmorton and John Forman, God mother 
Catharine Throckmorton wite of Samuel. 

Thomas, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, born Aug. iS, 1764, Saturday 
II P.^L; died Saturday 15 September, aged 4 weeks. 

Samuel, son of Joseph and Mary Throckmorton, died Friday, about 7 o'clock P.AL 
21''* Sep. 1804, aged 45 )'ears, ten months, and 27 days. 


59 Job Throckmorton born Saturday, Apr. 24, 17 15 

60 Joseph Throckmorton born Saturday, June 19, 1720 

61 Samuel Throckmorton born Friday, July 6, 1723 

62 James Throckmorton born Monday, ALiy 23, 1726 

62 ALu-y 'Lhroekmorton born Apr. 16, 1716; married Men. 4, 1734, Samuel 

Leonard, as per Christ Church Rcc(jrd. 
64 Sarah Throckmorton born Thursday, Jan. 16, 1728; married subsequent to 

1741, as per her father's will, Jonathan Forman; she died Juiy 11, 1787, 

aged 59 years, 6 months and 24 da} s, and is buried in Clirist Church yard, 

Shrewsbury, N. J. 


65 Elizabeth Throckmorton boni Dec. 20, 1731; inarricil June 17. 1754, John 


66 Joliii Throckmorton born Thursday, I''eb. 20, 171 S, at 1 o'clock A.M. 

20 JOSEPH THROCKMORTOX,* son of Job Throckmorton, 5, \va= bom Aug. 
4, 1693. He resided in Midd.letown, X^. J., but later, in 1735, he was ol b'rcchold. He 
died Aug. 6, 1759, aged G; > ears, 1 1 months and 12 days, and was buried in Topanemus 
graveyard, INIarlboro, X. J. He married Alice, daughter ot James and Ann Cox. She 
was born May 30, 1696. 

1733. Joseph Throckmorton mo)-tgaged land in Freehold, X. J. 

1755. He recei\'ed a legacy of £20, in the will of his sister Sarah X'ichols. 

He was frequently called iNlr. Joseph Throckmorton. 

1759, Aug. I. He made his will; proved Aug. 30, 1759, in \\hich he seated that he 
was of SliddletoM'n, sick, etc., and mentioned: 

wife, but failed to give her name; son John, a minor; daughter Rebecca, daughter Alice, daughter 
Catharine and daughter Mary, each to receive £30; son Job and son John to receive his wearing apparel, 
and children ot "my daughters Sarah, Ann and Patience." Executors: son Job Throckmorton, and his 
friend John Campbell, Jr., of Freehold. NYitnesses: Jno. Stout, Jon" Stout and Jno. Mount, Jr. The 
testator signed his name to the will. 

1759. The inventory of his personal estate amoiinteci to £435-17-1 1. 

In 1776, as Else Throcknujrton, Alice Throckmorton was assessed, lit Freehold, 
for 17 acres, 2 liorses — \'alue £12. 

67 Sarah Throckmorton born July 29, 1718; married by license dated .Apr. 30, 

1748, Stephen Heaviland, Sr. 

68 Job Throckmorton born Dec. 10, 1720; died Feb. 2 [or 22?], 1765; married 

Mary Mortord. 

69 Ann Throckmorton born Jan. 31, 1722-23 

70 Joseph Throckmorton born Oct. 24, 1724; died Feb. 21, 1725 

71 Joseph Throckmorton born Dec. 18, 1725; died Apr. 8, 1752, aged 26 years, 

3 months and 20 days; buried in Topanemus churchyard. 

72 Rebecca Throckmorton born May 5, 1727. She was the wile 01 Samuel 

Ellit or Elliot, in 1782. 

73 Patience Throckmorton born Dec. 8, 1728 

74 Alice Throckmorton born June 25, 1731 ; died single prior to 1782. 

75 Catharine Throckmorton born Alch. 6, 1732-3 

76 James Throckmorton born X^ov. 26, 1734; baptised Aug. 3, 1735, as per 

CJirist Church Record, Shrewsbury. 

77 Mary Throckmorton born July 20, 173S; baptised Feb. 9, 1746, as per 

Christ Chi'.rcli Record, -Shrewsbury. 

78 John Throckmorton born Feb. 24, 174 1-2; baptised Feb. 9, 1746, as per 

Christ Church Record, Shrewsbm-)'. 

27 JOB THl^OCKMORTOX, son of Job Throckmorton, 5, married Frances 
[Stout r].t He is given in the records the gentlemanly prefix of Mr., ana is spoki.ii ot as 

'Joseph Throckmorttifp's lilblc is ov.ned liv Mr;. Gcorcrc D. Sitlicnvood 'Frances G.), 815 F.. Taylr.r ii-r^'et, Kioomington, 
111., v.ho rendered ir:-; nid in pi:icing seme of tlic- l.uer gc!n:r.>;iuns of her family by correspondi;nCe iri I'jOi. 

iFrariCf-s. th» wife of JiK Throckmorton, by reason of Chriitian nunvj and her rciidcnce, i-.ay have b':cn a descendant ot 
Uieluiid, .-/.i.i of R;c;...rd and I'^.-.^l.^pc Stout. 


Mr. Joh Throckmorton, Sr. The hurial record of Christ Church, Slirewsluiry, N. J., 
says: "Mr. Job Throcknioi'ton \s as huricc] in the cliurch-yard l''cl). 24, 1747." No stone 
indicates, however, the location. 

1719, Ixich. 22. Hond of John Powell and Job ThrockmortcMi, both of ]'"rcchold, 
Monmouth County, yeomen, to Gabriel Stylle, merchant, tor £77-3-0. It either pay to 
said Stelle £38-11-6, before May i, 1721, then this to be null and void. 

SiiprcDie Court Fi/cs, Tre/ifon, N^. J. 

1720, he probably resided in I<>eehold. 

1734. Job Tlirockmorton, yeoman, mortgaged land in Freehold, N. J., boimded by 
land formerly Samuel Leonard's. 

1734, August Term. Supreme Court. Gabriel Steele by Fenwick Lyell, his attor- 
ne)', sued Job Ihrockmorton for an obligation of £77-3-0, dated Mch. 22, 1719, which he 
refused to pay. Joseph Murray, attorney for the defendant. 

1748, July 25. Frances Throckmorton, of Freehold, wife of Job Throckmorton, 
deceased, renounced her right as administratrix, on her husbantl's estate, in ta\or of her 
eldest son John Throckmorton. She signed with a good signature. 

John Throckmorton, ot Freehold, yeonian, eldest son of Job Throckmorton, de- 
ceased, intestate, qualified as administrator, and with Samuel Throckmorton, yeoman, 
of the same place, signed a bond tor £500. Both signed the bond. 


79 John Throckmorton; eldest son. 

80 David Throckmorton baptised ALiy 11, 1735, at Freehold. 

Christ Church Records, Shreivsbary, N. J. 

81 Joseph Throckmorton baptised Aug. z(>, 1748- Christ Church Records, 

Sh7-t lis bury, X. J., and mentioned in will of Sarah Nichols. 

82 Job Throckmorton baptised Feb. 9, I7.).6. Christ Chitrcli Records, Shreivs- 

hitry, X. J., and mentioned in will of Sarah Nichols. 
^2 Lewis Throckmorton baptised Feb. 9, 1746. Christ Church Reco7-ds, Shreivs- 
bnry, N. J., and mentioned in will of Sarah Nichols. 

84 Rebecca Throckmorton baptised Feb. 9, 1746. Christ Church Records, 

Shreivsbiiry, N. J., and mentioned in will ot Sarah Nichols. 

85 William Throckmorton mentioned in the will ot Sarah Nichols 

86 Thomas Throckmorton mentioned in the will of Sarah Nichols 

87 Daniel Throckmorton mentioned in the will of Sarah Nichols 

88 Mary Throckmorton married by license dated June 25, 1750, Reuben Foster; 

mentioned in the will ot Sarah Nichols. 

89 Elizabeth Throckmorton mentioned in the will of Sarah Nichols 

28 SAMUEL THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 5, was born July 
4, 1706; died July 21, 1758, aged 52 years and 17 da)'s, and was buried July 23, in Shrev/s- 

bury Churchyard. He married AJary , who was baptised, at Chris' Ciiurch, 

Shrewsbury, N. J., Aug. 28, 1746. It was perhaps she, who as "Mrs. ^Lu•y Throck- 
morton," was buriedi at Shrewsbury, N. J,, Aug. 21, 1766. 

1733. Samuel Throckmorton, yeoman, of Upper Freehold, mortgaged land to the 

1743, Aug. 5. Samuel Throckmorton was one of the appraisers of ihc estate of 
Anthony Pint arc, of Shrewsbury, N. J. 


I7(;8, Dec. 15. Administrator's borul, signc\l by Daniel (Trandin [sig.], administrator 
of Samuel Throckmorton, late ot ]''rechold, and Kdmond Latetra [sig.], botli of Mon- 
movith County, yeomen. \\"i messes: Zibiah Hulit and Timothy Akin. On the back 
of the paper is the deposirion of Daniel Grandin, administrator, that Samuel Throck- 
morton died "A\irhout a will." 


90 Hartness Throckmorton 

91 John Throckmorton baptised at Christ Church, Oct. 7, 1747; died Aug. zo, 

1749, aged 2 years, 3 months, 13 da)'s; buried Aug. 21, 1749, in Christ 
Churchyard, Shrewsbury, N. J. 

92 Sarah Throckmorton died June 3, 1756, aged 26 years, 3 months, 15 days; 

buried June 6, in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury, N. J. 

93 Samuel Throckmorton baptised Oct. 7, 1747, in Christ Church, Shrewsbury. 

94 Myrtilla Throckmorton. She received a legacy in the will of her aunt Sarah 

Nichols, in 1755. She was buried Feb. 4, 1765. Baptised Aug. 11, J753. 

29 REBECCA THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 5, was born 
169I; died Nov. ic, 1761, aged 7c years and 9 months, and was buried in Topanemus 
churchyard, Marlboro, N. J. She was the second wife of Jonathan Holmes. 

9^ Satnuel Flolmes 

96 Sarah Holrnes married her cousin John Throckmorton, 79 

97 Rebecca Holmes 

98 Obadiah Holmes 

99 John Holmes 

100 Joseph Holmes died 1738, aged sixteen years, and is buried in Topanemus 

31 MARY THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 5, married 
Daniel Grandin, who came from France to Monmouth County, N. J. He was born 

1733. Daniel Grandin, attorney at law, mortgaged land in Upper Freehold, to the 
Land Commissioners. 

1755. Mary Throckmorton, wife of Daniel Grandin, was deceased prior to this date, 
as she is so alluded to in her sister, Sarah Nichol's, will. 

1782. Daniel Grandin was a Toyalist Associator, at New York, and was to settle at 
Shelburne, Nova Scotia, the following year, with his family of tliree persons. 

Sabine's Loyalists. 

loi John Grandin 

102 Pliilip Grandin 

103 .Samuel Grandin. 
103a Daniel Grandin born Apr. \ 1, 1723; died Nov. i, 1790. 

All, in 1755, received legacies from their aunt, Sarah 
Nichols, — from £17 to £20, each. 


32 SARAH THROCKMORTOX, eldest dauglin.r of Job Thinckmorton, 5, r.Kir- 
ried, first, John Powell; second, Dr. William Xichols. 

Jolm Powell, her first luisband, died June 8, 1728, aged about 40 years. By him 
she had one son William Powell wlio died November, 1721, in his eighteenth \ear. Ijoth 
father and son are buried in the Lippit ISurying-groimd, Middletown, X. J., close to her 
father, Job Throckmorton, and their graves marked with headstones. 

The origin of John Powell I do not know, but tliere vv'ere Powells in Woodbridgc and 
Burlington, X^. J. 

[X^o date.] Daniel Grandin, jiractitioner of law, at Freehold, for £5, and natural 
love and affection which I have and bear unto my sister-in-law Sarah Powell, of I'^rechold, 
widow, conveyed lands in Freehold. 

Dr. William X'ichols, her second husband, was eminent in the early histor}' of Mon- 
mouth County, where he was equally prominent in politics, being "High Sheiiff," in 
1720, as in medicine, where he was consulted tor miles around. He and his wife, Sarah 
Throckmorton, are buried in Topanemus graveyard, with headstones, upon which appear 
the following: 

^^ illiam Nichols, for many years of this county of Monmouth. Practicione»" of Physic and Chirurg- 
ery. A gentleman of great experience and moderation in his Practice. He was born in the City of Dub- 
lin, in the Kingdom of Ireland, Oct. 23, 16S5, and died, in Freehold, in this county, April the 9"" day, 1743, 
in the 58'*' year of his age. 

Sarah, wife of Dr. William Nichols, deceased, who departed this life, the 6"' day of April, 1755, aged 
70 years, 2 mor>ths, 4 days. 

1729, X'ov. 4. William Xicholas made his will, in which he stated tliat he was of 
Freehold, Esquire; i:)ro^'ed May 25, 1743, and mentioned: 

nephew George Morrison li\-ing in New York, who received New York lands, which of right did 
belong to his mother "by virtue of my late father-in-law William Smith, Esq., deceased, in case she had 
lived until a division was made between her and my deceased wite, her sister, both daughters ot rhe late 
William Smith; Loving wite Sarah Nichols, the residue of his estate. Witnesses: James Reid, Aniice 
Grandin and Dan" Grandin. The testator signed in a fine hand, as V.'" Nichols. The will was endorsed: 
"D^ W- Nichols' Will; proved April 21, ijj,^" ^>^- ^-D-, p- 6j, Trenton, A'. 7., IVilh. 

1755, Mch. 27. Will of Sarah X'^ichols, of Monmouth County; proved July i, 1755, 

Brother, Joseph Throckmorton, who receives £20. 

Sarah, John, Rachel, Amos and Daniel Grandin, children of my sister Patience Grandin, deceased, 
each, £40. 

Hartness and Myrtllla Throckmorton, children of my brother, Samuel, each, £17; 

John, Philip and Samuel Grandin, children of my sister, Mary Grandin, deceased, £17 to €20, each; 

Sister, Rebecca Holmes, £17; 

John Tlirockiiiorton. son ot my brother, John Throckmorton, deceased, C20; 

John, NMlliani, Thomas, Daniel, Job, Rebecca, Lewis and Joseph Throckmorton, and Mary, wite of 
Reuben Foster, rece've ^2P, between them. William Throckmorton receives £17, additional, and Daniel 
Throckmorton, a negro boy; 

Elizabeth Throckmorton, daughter of Job, deceased, receives 10 shillings; .An .-ipplegate receives £4; 
brother, Samuel Throckmorton, receives residue of bonds; 

Daniel Grandin, [son of her sister, Mary], residuary legatee: lie to pros'ide headstones to my father, 
my mother, mv husband, John F^owell, and my son. 

The legacies are spoken ot as bequeathed to the children of my brothers and si.'.ters, as they arri\'e at 
the ages of eighteen and twenty-one years. 

Executors: B.-o.her, Samuel Throckmorton, and Daniel Grandin. \Mtncsscs: Tlio' Leonard and 
Mary Leonard. The testatr■:^ signed the \vi!!. 


Issue by first husband 
103b \Villiaiii Po\\-cli died No\cinber, 1721, in his eighteenth. year. 

33 PATI KXCE TilJ^.OCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 5, married, 
by license dated Sept. 23, 1732, Amos Cirandin. S!ie was deceased prior to 1755, for in 
the will o\ her sister, Sarah Nichols, she is alluded to: "as my deceased sister. Patience 
Grandin." To her sister's children, Sarah Nieliols willed £17, apiece, arid mentioned 
them by name. 

17S6, July. Amos Grandine went suretj' on the petition of Morgan Youno; for a 
license to keep a public house. Morris CoiuUy Court Records. 


104 Sarah Grandin baptised May 1 1, 1735, at I'reehold, N. J. 

105 John Grandin 
ic6 Rachel Grandin 
107 Amos Grandin 
icS Daniel Grandin 

59 JOB THROCK^IORTON, son of John Throckmorton, c.5, lived in Slirewsbury, 
and later, in 1748, at Colt's Neck, N. J. He was born in 1715, and died Apr. 23, 1748, 
aged 23 years, 11 months and 29 days, and was buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrews- 
bury. He married Hannah, daughter of John Ashton, who was baptised Apr. 28, 1746, 
at Christ Church, Shrewsbury. 

Job Throckmorton received titles of respectability and honor in numerous old 

Hannah, v/idov/ of Job Throckmorton, was probably she, who, under the name of 
"Mistress Hannah Throckmorton," married Dec. 18, 1748, Thomas Hankerson. 

1748, Apr. 3. [23]. Will of Job Throckmorton, yeoman, of Shrewsbury, sick, etc.; 
proved May 3, 1748, mentioned: 

wife Hannah and daughter Elizabeth, each of whom vere to receive one-half of his planration; "My 
brothers & sisters," but not named; daughter Elizabeth received three slaves. Executors: brothers John 
Throckmorton and Joseph Throckmorton, and loving uncle Jeremiah Stillwell. Witnesses: Samuel Leon- 
ard and John Throckmorton, Jun^ The testator signed the will. 

icr) Elizabeth Throckmorton baptised Feb. 9, 1746, at Christ Church. 

GO JOSFPfJ TFIROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 25, was of Colt's 
Neck, in 1748. He was spoken of as Joseph, Jr., in 1747. He was born June 19, 1720, 
as per the Allen Bible, and died Nov. 12, iSoo, aged 8o years, 3 months and 24 days. 
He married May 5, 1747, by license dated Alay 4, ivJary, daughter of Capt. John Forman. 
She died Aug. 19, 1766, aged4i years, i month and 21 days. 

In the Heyland l^ible it says: Joseph Throckmorton, son of John, was born July 19, 
1720; and Mary, daugliter ot John and J. Forman, was born Jan. ', 172S. Tiie age of 
Joseph Thi-ockmorton, as recorded on his tomlistonc, was evidently computed from the 
record in this Bible. 

1747. Jfisc])h Throckmorton was o?ie of the executors of John I'orman, his father- 


HlSTO]riC.\ L A I ISCF.1 .1 ,.\N Y 

1764. Joseph Throckmorton wns on the Assessors' List for the Poor Rate, of Shrews- 
bur)-, for £0-16-10. 

1775. He was a member ot tlie Patriotic Committee, in Shrewsbury. 
In 1782, he paid for sugar, in Shrewsbury. 


1 10 [Jemima Throckmorton ?] 

111 Jane TJirockmortoii born Mch. 12, 1747-S, about i p.m.; baptized May 30, 

1748; died, Oct. 25, 1749, aged 1 year anil 7 montlrs [ 1-7-1 j]; buricLi, at 
Shrewsbury, Oct. 27, 1749. 

112 Josepli Forman Throckmorton born Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1756, about 12 

o'ckick; baptized, May 8, 1757, at Shrewsbury, godfathers, Thomas Han- 
kinson^ and Samuel Forman and godmother, N^ancy Forman; died, Aus. s, 
1800, aged 48 years, 9 montJis and 2 days. [1 note here a chish in the dates, 
but can not explain it.] 

113 John Throckmorton born Wednesday, Mch. 4, 1752, about 12 o'clock; 

baptized, at Freehold, June 14, 1752. 

1 14 Mary Throckmorron,* "child of Mr. Joseph Throckmorton," baptized, at 

Christ Church, Shrewsbury, Feb. 9, 1746. 

115 James Throckmorton born June 20, 1754, at 8 p.m.; baptized, Aug. 4, I7«;4, 

at Freehold, godfathers, Samuel Leonard and James Throckmorton, and 
godmother, Mary Ashfield. 

116 Samuel Throckmorton born Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1758, about 4 a.m.; bap- 

tized, at Shrewsbury, Jan. 28, 1759, godfathers, Samuel Leonard and 
Samuel Throckmorton and godmother, Margaret Forman; died, Sept. 21, 
1804, aged 45 years, 10 months and 27 days; buried at Christ Church, 

117 William Throckmorton born Saturtlay, Jan. 31, 1761, at 7 p.m.; baptized, 

at Shrewsbury, Apr. 5, 1761, godfathers, Samuel Throckmorton and John 
Forman, godmother, Catharine, wife ot Samuel Throckmorton; died 
Sept. 2, 1830; buried in Christ Church Yard, Shrewsbur}'. 

118 Jane Throckmorton born Monday, Jan. 22, 1749-50, about 9 a.m.; baptized, 

Mch. II, 1750, godfather, Samuel Throckmorton, godmothers, Jane I'or- 
man and F.lizabeth Throckmorton; married, Thomas Forman, Nov. 2, 
1769; moved to Kentucky. 

119 Thomas Throckmorton born Saturday, A^ug. 18, 1764, at 11 p.m.: baptized, 

Sept. 15, 1764, privately; died, Satin-day, Sept. 15, 1764, aged 4 weeks 
[28 days]; buried, Sept. 16, 1764, at Shrewsbury. 

Gl SAMUEL THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 25, resided at 
South Amboy, N. J. He married Nov. 4, 1755, by marriage license dated Nov. i, 
Catharine, daughter of Richard Francis, of Aliddletown Point, N. J. She died Jul)' 24, 
1820, aged 86 years and 7 months, and is buried at St. l-'eter's Church, Freehold, N. J. 
Her will is recorded at Freehold, and is an interesting instrument. It was written Aug. 
I4, 18 17, when she was "at an advanced age," and proved Sept. 11, 1S20. She men- 
tioned her late brother Richard I'Vancis; her son Richard; her daughterdn-law Abigail, 

•Inasmuch as this name, Mr.ry, docs .not appt-a; in the record uf birchs in the Allen Bible, and if we exclude the possiSility of 
its being an enur in the entry of the Ci.urch r.;'^:~f.r, it shov.s that Joseph Throehniortor., f'O, had an earlier wife than Mary l-'o:mun, 
whom he married in 1747, and who could not therefore have been tlie mother of a child baptised in 1746. 


who is to receive all her medicines and her plum colored gown; Phebe, the widow of her 
son Samuel; her daughter Sarah, wile of Dr. Samuel Forman; Catharine, Mary, Ann and 
Richard S. Throckmorton, children ot her son Samuel; to the first of these, Catliarine, 
she gives profiles of her father and mother, and the testament; to her daughter Sarah 
Forman she gives "my grand mother's picture and a small picture ot my aunt Catharine 
Morris, hoping they may remain ir. the family." She mentioned also granddaughter 
Ann Forman, and grandsons Da\itl, Rich'^ T., and John F. G. l'\irman, the latter to 
receive "profiles of his uncle John l'\ Throckmorton and wife." She also speaks of her 
niece Catharine Carman and her daughter Susan Carman. 

1746-7. Samuel 'I'hrockmorton, Jr., (presumably 61), received one hundred and 
thirty acres situated between Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, from the East Jersey 

1760, Feb. 24. Samuel Throckmorton, of the South Ward of Perth Amboy, was one 
of the executors of James Denham. 

1760 and 1782. Samuel Throckmorton was SherifFof Middlesex County. 

1760, April 3. Bond of Samuel Throckmorton, as Sheriff" of Middlesex County, in 
the room of \Villiam Crawford, Esq'', deceased. He signs: Sam" Throckmorton. In a 
later reference to him, as Sheriff", Samuel Throckmorton is mentioned as "gentleman." 
Cov.rt Records, Middlesex County, Xezv Brimsn'ick, N. J. 

1762, January Term. The King vs William Jolly, tor an assault on Samuel Throck- 
morton, Esq"', Sheriti", in the execution of his oiiice. 

1762, April Term. The King vs Thomas Newton for an assult on Sanmel Throck- 
morton, Esq"", Sheriff", in the execution of his office. 

1763, April Term. Samuel Throckmorton, Esq'', a witness for the Crown, in the suit 
of the King vs William Jolly, Ju'', for assault on 'J'lirockmorton, as Sheriff. Defendant 

1763, April 4. Samuel Throckmorton, bondsman, with others, for James Brooks, as 
Sheriff, of Middlesex. 

1773, July 3. Samuel Throckmorton was probably he who was of Freehold, and was 
buried on this date, as per Christ Church Records, yet there was a Samuel Tlirockmorton 
unaccounted for, if he is not the son of Samuel Throckmorton, 28, who was a Sergeant 
in the First Regiment, of Monmouth County, N. J., in the Revolutionary War. 


120 Richard Throckmorton baptised at Freehold, Aug. 10, 1760. 

121 Samuel Throckmorton 

122 Sarah Throckmorton baptised Apr. 12, 1767, at Freehold. 

123 Jolin Fisher Throckmorton baptised Oct. 8, 1758, at Freehold. 

62 JAMES THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 25, was under 
twenty-two years of age in 1741, and was the youngest son, as per the wills of his father, 
John Throckmorton, and of his nephew, Richard, son of Samuel 'Hirockmorton. He 
married Jan. 7, 1787, Rosina \'au Note, in license issued Jan. 2, 17S7, called Rosina 
Viwiost, of Shrewsbury, and in the family Bible, owned by the Allen family, of Shrews- 
bury, Rozi Ann Van Note. They resided in Shrewsbury. 

In 1749, a James Throckmorton obtained sixty-two acres of land from the New- 
Jersey Proprietors. 


1750/51. James 'riirocknionon liad three lumdreci ami eleven acres in Monnioutli 

1759. James Tlu-ockmorton was taxed, in Shrewsbury, N. J., for £2-9-2. 
1764. James Throckmorton was on the Assessors' List, for the Poor Rate, of Shrews- 
bury, N. J., for Co-4-5. 

1770, 1771, 1772 and 1773. James Throckmorton was a Justice in Shrewsbur)', N. J. 

To'i^n Poor Book. 
The Jurors, in Behnlt ot the Stale of New Jerrev, ior Monmouth County, upon oath pre/ent, That 
this State ot New Jer/ev and tlie United States of America, arc at open War Lt Enmity with tlie King of 
Great Britain, and that Rozina Throckmorton, hue ot Shrew/berry, Widdow, on the loth of Sept., 17S2, 
from Slire'.v/lierry, Monmouth County, procured and had a Quantity ot Provi/ions, to wit, Chce/e and 
Fowis, and with intention to traitorously con\'ey the same to the Subiects and Troops of the said King of 
Great Britain 6v; did so. " NV™ Pat?:r/on', 

Atty. Gen'. 
Suprciue Court Records, Trcjilon, S . J. 

124 Job Tlirockmorton born 1768; married Jane Woolley.* 

125 Mary Throckmorton married WiUiam ALartin 

126 John Throckmorton married Zilpha Green 

127 Ann Throckmorton born Apr. 30, 1775; died Dec. 15, 1852; jiiarried Amos 

White. He died Aug. 19, 1833; born Sept. 21, 1768. 
] 28 James Throckmorton married .Abigail Worden 

129 William Throckmorton married Abigail Woolley* 

130 Sarah Throckmorton born May 3, 1780; died Jan. 18, 1858, aged 77, 8, 15, 

and is buried in Friends' Burying ground, Shrewsbury; married Mch. 2J, 
1807, Samuel Tucker. He died Apr. 20, 1853; born Jan. 2, 1776. 

65 ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, daughter of John Throckmorton, 25, was 
born Dec. 20, 1731; married June 17, 1754, Jolm Stevetison. Mr. Charles Carrol Gard- 
ner, of 853 South nth Street, Newark, N. J., is their descendant, and had made research 
into his branch of the family. 


131 Hannah Stevenson bajnised Jan. 31, 1755 

132 Robert Stevenson baptised Apr. 14, 1756 

133 William Stevenson baptised Oct. 23, 1760 

66 JOHN THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 25, was born Feb. 
20, 171 8, and married Sarah 1-lolmes Dec. 28, 1739, as per Christ Church Record, Shrews- 
bury. He was a resident ot Shark River in 1746, and was called "Mr.," in the records. 
He died prior to Jan. 25, 1791. 

1791, Jan. 25. Will of John Holmes, of Middletown, brother of Sarah Throck- 
morton; proved Apr. 3, 1804, devised his estate to the following mentioned persons: 

Samuel, John, Jonathan. Joseph, l-'.lisha and Stout llolmes, sons of his brotlier Samuel Holmes; ".my 
sister" .Sarah, widow of jno. Tlirockmorton, and her cliildren, James, her eldest son, Holmes Throckmor- 
ton, Sarah Tlirockmorton, and lier daughter Rebecca Large; Lydia and Parmela Stillwell, and Catharine 
Kegeman, daughters of my brother Samuel; Rebecca Bachelder, daughter of my sister Rebecca. Execu- 
tors: Jose[)h, John and Jonathan H'.hnes. 

*J.ine and Abigail V\'ocllc>- were siitcrs, daughters of William and Charity (Wliifj) WouUey. 


1804, .Ui'i'' -^- Sarah (,H<-'l'nes) Throckmorton made her will; proved at FrcLhoki, 
Aug. 30, iSo^, an.'.l mentioned: 

Rebecca Large, my daiiglner; Polly and Caty Holme;;, dau;;liters of John S., and Sarah Htilmcs; 
Polly Fish, my grand-daugliter; Josejih Holmes, my grandson, of L'ppcr Freehold; Elizabeth WikotY, my 
granddaughter; Elizabeth Baelinkir; Holmes Throckmorton, my sun. Executors: her "cciisin" (nephew 
as now e.vpressed) John S. Holmes. Enoch Stillwell was a witness. 

1805, -'■^'■'2. 24. Sarah, wife of John Throckmorton, died, on this date, aged 86 years 
and 6 days, and is buried on Joseph Holmes' farm, Holmdel, N. J. 


134 Lydia Throckmorton horn 1745; died Feb. 14, 178";; married Joiiathan 

Holmes, born Dec. 2, 1738; died Aug. 4, 177(7?). Both buried in Yellow 
Meeting House yard. 

135 Sarah Throckmorton baptised at Shark lliver (South River) June 30, 1746, 

at home, as per CJirist C/riirc/i Record; buried Nov. 15, 1750. 

136 John Throckmorton, son of John and Sarah, born 1749; baptised Oct. 24, 

1750; buried Oct. 26, 1750. 

137 James Throckmorton, eldest living son; baptised Nov. 10, 1751, at Freehold, 

agcci two months. 

138 Rebecca Throckmorton baptised May 26, 1754, at Freehold; married Mr. 


139 Sarah Throckmorton born Dec. 11, 1757; baptised Nov. 6, 1757 or 1758; 

died unmarried, Mch. 8, 1805, aged 47 years, 2 months and 25 days; 
buried at Yellow Meeting House Burying ground. 

140 Holmes Throckmorton, Sr., baptised Apr. 22, 1759, at I'reehold. 

68 JOB TFi ROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 26, was born Dec. 10, 
1720, and died Feb. 2, 1765, aged 44 years, i month and 23 days. He married .Apr. 7, 
1743, Mary Morford, who died Apr. 19, 1790, aged 66 years, 10 months and 28 days. 
Both are buried in Topanemus graveyard. 

1743, Apr. 4. The marriage license bond ot Job Throckmorton, (minor), and Mary 
Morford, states "ihat her parents Thomas and Hannah Mortord give ccjnsent. Also that 
his father, Jo>eph Throckmorton, sr., says he consents to his son Job Throckmorton, 
Minor have a license to marry Mary Mortord. Api. 3, 1743. 

Job Throckmorton probably resided in Freehold, and was probably the one who 
headed the subscription list. May 17, 1763, with £5, for a fund to raise the debt ot St. 
Peter's Episcopal Church in that village. 

1776. She was assessed, in Freehold, tor 5 acres, 5 horses, value £40. 

It was probably he that was named as executor, b}' Nicholas Stillwell, ot Shrews- 
bury, in his will 1759, and mentioned as "miy kinsman Job Throckmorton." 

1765, Jan. 14. Will of Jol) Throckmorton, of Freehold, Monmouth Cexinty, N. J., 
yeoman, being sick and weak oi bod}"; proved by witnesses, George Rhe, Catherine Rhe 
and Mary Leonard, Feb. 1 1, 1765, and mentioned: 

beloved wife Mary, the use of remainder of the plantation after South part is sold to pay debts, and 
the use of t!ie real and personal estate, during her widowhood, to maintain cnildren; "my Children which 
have Not Learning be Learned at the Expence" of his estate. If wife marries, the estate is to be snid, and 
after reserve for education, to be divided into nine parts: Mv \'.ife Marv to have one part in lieu of dower; 
six daughters, Sarah, Jemima, hlv.'cy. .Anne, Susanah and Hannah, each, one-ninth, and son Job, tv.o full 
shaies. Testator siL-ned his name in full. 


1765, Feb. II. Qualihcation of executors, Josepli Morford, Thomas Leonard and 
James Hankinson. 

1782, Aug. 19. Li an afnda\dt ot John Forman, of this date, lie recited that: beina 
called on by Samuel KUet and his wite Rebecca, to give evidence, in the matter concern- 
ing them, on account of the affairs between them and Eden Norris and his wife ^L^ry, 
vs the Estate of Job Throckmorton, deceased, he made affidavit as follows: Job Throck- 
morton, in his will, made Thomas Leonard his executor, and said Leonard was Sheriff, 
and so could not serve writs against said estate, and "I, as Coroner for the County, 
served certain writs agaiiist said Leonard, as executor to said Job Throckmorton's 
estate," levied execution, and sold the whole estate Oct. 2, 1769. Among such execu- 
tions was one of Rebecca Throckmorton, the wite now of Samuel Ellit; another was of 
Alice Throckmorton, now dead, who died some little time after her brother Job, died, 
and another was of jNLiry Throckmorton, [77], now widow ot Eden Norris. 

Dce^s //., p. 337, Freehold Records. 

One of Job Throckmorton's six daughters married Samuel Thomas, for, in the pos- 
session of his descendants, at Sycamore, Pa., is an old book, on the fly-leaf of which is: 
"Job Throckmorton [146] his book, bought ot his brother, Samuel Thomas, Oct. J4, 

141 Sarah Throckmorton born May 10, 1746, "daughter of Job, son of Joseph;" 

baptised June 22, 1746, at Shrewsbury; married, by license dated Dec. 4, 

1765, Edward Clayton. 
\^l James Throckmorton died May 28, 1749, aged 5 years, 2 months and 19 

days; buried in Topanemus graveyard. 

143 ISLiry Throckmorton born May 25, 1751 ; baptised July I4, 1751. 

Shreivsbtiry ClunxJi Records. 

144 Susanna Throckmorton baptised July 18, 1756, at Freehold; died Apr. 20, 

1792, aged 2%S ye^rs, 10 months and 21 days. 

Shreii-sbv.ry Clu'.rc/i Records. 

145 Jemima Throckmorton born Jan. 31, 1748; baptised Mch. 31, 1749, aged 2 


146 Job Throckmorton baptised, at Freehold, Aug. 23, 1761. 

147 Ann Throckmorton baptised Apr. 14, 1754, at Freehold; married iVLijor- 

General James Green. 

148 Hannah Throckmorton baptised Dec. 25, 1758, at Freehold. She died, 

single. May 6, 1809. 

75 CATHARINE THROCKMORTON, daughter of Joseph Throckmorton, 26, 
was horn Mch. 6, 1732-3, and it was probably she who married John Fisher, and had a 
son Samuel Fisher baptised, at Freehold, Oct. 8, 1758. 


149 Samuel Fisher 

77 MARY THROCKMORTON, daughter of Joseph Throckmorton, 26, was born 
July 20, 173S; baptised I'eo. 9, "■'].{('>; married, b\' license datCLJ Sept. 3, 1767, F.den 



150 William Norris born Feb. 8, 1769 

151 Joseph Norris bom July 21, 1770 

152 Rebecca Norris born Feb. 18, 1772 

153 John Norris born A]ir. 4, 1774 

Fro?)! tl:c eld Throckiiiarton Biblc^ at JFaynaburg^ Pa. 

78 JOHN I'HROCKMORTON, son of' Joseph Throckmorton, 26, was born Feb. 
24, i74T-'^- 

Issjie, supposed 
I '^4 Joseph Throckmorton. There was a "Joseph Throckmorton, son of a sup- 
posed John Throckmorton, born June 14, 1765, in Monmouth or Sussex 
County, N. J., who [Joseph] married a Miss Miller. He was a soldier 
in the R.evolutionary War and received a pension. He removed to 
Schuyler County, N. Y., about 1802; and, about 1824, removed to 
Hector County, Pa., where he died Apr. 12, 1851. His father, [John?], 
fought in the Colonial Wars against France, and had three brothers and, 
perhaps, sisters." 

1809, Sept. II. Joseph Throckmorton and Mary Miller, both of Upper Freehold, 
were married. Court House Records, Frecliold^ N. J. 

This Joseph Throckmorton is also repui:ed to have niarried Sarah A. Brewer. 
There was also a Joseph Throckmorton married to Nellv Brewer Sept. 18, 1788. 

Diac/i CJnirck Record, Freehold, N. J. 

79 JOHN THROCKMORTON, eldest son of Job Throckmorton, 27. 

1748. John 'ihrockmorton, administrator upon his father's estate, and a resident of 
Freehold, N. J. 

1750. John Throckmorton was an appraiser oi the estate of Hugh Taylor, of Middle- 
sex County, N. J. 

1755. John Throckmorton was a legatee in the will ot his aunt, Sarah Nichols. 

1756, Feb. 10. Samuel Serjant vs John Throckmorton. Debt £25. 
1756, July 6. W'" Tapscott vs John Throckmorton. Debt £16-18-0. 

1761, Mch. II. Joseph Burdy vs John Throckmorton. Debt £10-13-0. 

1762, December. Robert Schooley vs John Throckmorton. Case £40. Non est. 
1764, March. Frederick Temoth v^s John Throckmorton. Debt £80. Non est. 
1764, Maixh. Caleb Lindsley \s John Throckmorton. £46. Non est. 

Morris County, X. J., Court Records. 

82 JOB THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 27, married _ Mary, 
daughter of John and Hannah (Colton) Russell, by license dated NV)v. 10, 1769; both of 

"Mary Throckmorton died May ?.3, (840, at the advanced age of almost 4 score 
years & 10, having lived to witness her posterity to the y^ generation, comprising loj 
souls, some of whom anticipated her in the realms of glory," etc. 

Tonibstoyie in First Methodi'it Churchyard, IVest Loiv^ Bruncli, N. 7. 


1764, Mch. 14. Job Throckmorton wciu smoty for Samuel Graiuiin on his applica- 
tion to keep a public house. 

1764, September. Job Throckmorton petitioned for a license to keep a public house. 
Sam' Grandine and Tho^ Hal lock were his sureties. 

1765, March. Justus King \'s Job Throckmorton. £42. 

^'Cit;, Dec. 17. The Kine; vs job Throckmorton. "Reco^. to answer & beiiig Called 
Makes Default." 

1766, September. David Ogden and Richard Morris, executors of Robert Hunter 
Moi-ris, deceased, \'s Job Throckmorton. 

Morris County Court Records. 
^^ '775) tbfi"c \vas a Job Throckmorton taxed in Shrewsbury, who, howe^'er, may 
have been Job Throckmorton (124), son of James Throckmorton (62). 


156 William Throckmorton married, Apr. 30, 1 808, Aim Crum. 

157 Elizabeth Throckmorton 

158 Hannah Throckmorton born 4mo., 13, 1787; died 3mo., 20, 1864; married 

Feb. 1 1, 1806, Michael, son of Frederick Alapps. 

159 Ann Throckmorton married, July 10, 1S02, Benjamin Wardcll. 

160 Zilpha Throckmorton married James Hazlet, of New York City. She died 

June 8, 1848, aged 76 years, and is buried in First Methodist Churchyard, 
West Long Branch, N. J. 

85 WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 27. 
1754. William Throckmorton had a deed for fifty acres in Morris County, N. J. 
^754? Ji-ily 2- John Tice vs W"^-' Throckmorton. Debt £18-4-0, York money. 
Committment ordered Dec. 25, 1754. 

1758, Sept. 6. William Throckmorton inventoried tlie estate of Tliomas Langlee, of 
Morris County. 

1759, Dec. 15. William Throckmorton, of Morris County, and Sarah, daughter of 
Elijah Giilcr or Gillet, oi the same place, had a marriage license issued. They were mar- 
ried at the Morristown, N. J., Presbyterian Church, Dec. 26, 1759. 

1760, W'" Throckmorton was one of the largest creditors and administrators of Jolm 
Lafollet, ot Newtown, Sussex County. W'" Throckmorton was of Roxbury, Morris 

i76i,Mch. II. Henry Johnson vs W" Throckmorton. Debt £500; agreed. 
1762, Mch. 10. W™ Throckmorton petitioned for a license to keep a public house. 
1762, Sept. I. W" Throckmorton vs Henry Johnson. Debt £203. 

1762, December. Samuel Grandin and W" Throckmorton vs W'" Gest. 

1763, March. Vn''" Throckmorton petitioned for a license to keep a public house and 
went surety for Peter Salman on an application for the same purpose. 

1763, July 6. W" Throckmorton was a member of the Grand Jury in General 
Quarter Sessions. 

1763, September. W"' Throckmorton went surct}- for Aaron Sutphin on an applica- 
tion for a license to keep a public house. Lie also petitioned for a license for himself. 

1763, September. W"' Throckmorton \'s Lienor Johnson, Richard Johnson and 
John Vanryne. 


1764, March. Samuel Kemhlc vs W'" Throckmorton. £140; and the former vs 
.Aaron Gillctt and W"' 'I'hrockmorton tor £200, discontinued; and the former vs Samuel 
Grandin and \\ '■' Throckmorton tor £2CX), discontinued. 

1764, Septemher. \\'"' P. Smith vs W'" Throckmorton and Jos. Kitclull. Debt 

1765, March. James Parker, f.sq., vs ^^illiam 1 hrockmorton. Confesses judgment. 

1767, December. William Throckmorton vs Elinor Johnson, et al., executors of 
Henry Johnson. 

1770, Sept. 2. W"' Throckmorton, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co., was a witness 
to a will. Cour! Records, Morris County, K. j. 

The Jurors, iri behalf of the St.ite of New Jersey, for Midd!e/ex County, on oatli present that on 4''' 
of May, 1782, at Spoty'wood, Middle/ex County, a certain Hor/e Race was made "for money and the Lucre 
of Gain." 

William Throgmorton, Late of Spot/wood, Yeoman, unlawfully did aid, promote, etc., the same, "by 
laying Money thereon, and riding one of the Hor/es, that run for the Vuvfc." 
W" Paterson, Atty. Gen'. 

"1 plead Guilty." Signed "NNilltam Throckmorton" 

Supreme Court Files, Trcyitrrn, ?I. J. 

1797, November. He was sued by James Sirling (also Stirling) Bondsman Bailey 
Stout (?); also spelled John B. Stout. 

1797, November. W™ Throckmorton was sued on a plea of trespass and a bill for 
£200, by James Sirling (also Sterling). Bondsman Bailey Stout (also signed John B. 
Stout). Judgment against him and a levy on goods and land at Spotswood. 

Si(p7-c)}ie Cotirt Files, Trenton, X. J. 

1807, November. \\''" Throckmorton, of Spotswood, was sued by Samuel Norse- 
worthy for S235., for a note signed by him and witnessed by Catharine Throckmorton. 
Defendant claimed he paid the note; judgment by default. 

Supreme Court Files, Trenton, X. J. 

161 James Throckmorton 

86 THO^LAS THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 27, was mentioned 
in the will of Sarah Nichols. 

He made his will Feb. 13, 1763; proved May 3, 1763, resident of Roxbury, Morris 
County, and mentioned: 

son Thomas to receive when he reaches the age of 5 years, which will be in 1768, one-half of the joint 
movable estate of his father Thomas, and one-half of the remainder which belong'; to Thomas' brother 
Daniel (i. e. uncle I, and the balance of the estate at the age of twenty-one; testator's wife Mcriam ail that 
she brought upon her marriage, etc.; brothers and sisters contingent legatees, i. e., John, William, Daniel, 
Job,, Mary I'oster and Reisecca Throckmorton. His inventory was made Mch. 7, 1763, and 
amounted to £945-5-7. 

1762, Sept. 28. Tho" Throckmorton presented a petition to keep a public house. 

1763, March. Tho Throckmorton vs Jeremiah Dunn. Debt £18. 

1764, March. John Siinson vs Hartshorn Fitz Randolph, Job Throckmorton and 
Miriam Throckinorton, executors of 'iho* Throcl:morton. £40. 


1784, December. W. Kcniieciy vs Hartshorn Imvz Randolph, Job Throckmorton, 
W"" Young and Miriam liis wile, Inte Miriam Throckmorton, executors of TJio" Throck- 
morton. Morris Coi'Jitv Court Records. 

87 _ DANIEL THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 27, was mentioned 
in the will of Sarah Nichols, and in the will of his brother Thomas Throckmorton, in 1763. 

1764, December. Samuel Buttler vs Daniel Throckmorton. £17. 

1765, July. Daniel Throckmorton, a creditor, in Jacob Mitchel \\s Charles Richards, 
for £80-37-9. Morris County Court Rcrords. 

89 ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 27, wss 
mentioned in the will of Sarah Nichols, 1755, as the daughter of Job Throckmorton, 
deceased. This allusion may be to Elizabeth Throckmorton, 89, to Elizabeih Throck- 
morton, 109, or to Elizabeth Throckmorton, 157. One of these Elizabeths had a license 
to marry James Llankinson, May 25, 1757. 

90 ^ HARTNESS THROCKMORTON, son of Samuel Throckmorton, 28, was 
baptised in Topanemus Church, Freehold, Aug. 28, 1735; died, and buried at Shrews- 
bury, Aug. 22, 1760, aged 25 years and i day. He married, by marriage license dated 
Apr. 21, 1757, Susannah Williams, of Freehold. He was also mentioned as of Fieehold. 

I755> J^Ich. 27. He was mentioned as one of the legatees in the will of his aunt Sarah 

101 JOEIN GRANDIN, son of Daniel Grandin and Mary (Throckmorton) 
Grandin, 31, born Apiil 28, 1721; died Aug. 5, 1777; resided in Hunterdon County, N. J. 
He married Abigail Lippincott. She died Mch. 18, 1788, and both are buried at King- 
wood (Quakertown) h'rienils' Cemetery. No issue. 

102 MAJOR PHILIP GRANDIN, son of Daniel and Mary (Throckmorton) 
Grandin, 31, was born Aug. 13, 1731 ; died Feb. 23, 1791 ; married Mch. 18, 1753, Eleanor, 
daughter of Capt. John and Jane (Wykoff) Forman, born Mch. 24, 1734; died Mch. i, 
1791 ; buried at Kingwood. He was a fuller, dyer. Justice, etc., etc. 

162 Dr. John ForiTian Grandin, of Hunterdon County, N. J. He served in the 
U. S. Navy during the latter part of the Revolution. A fragment of his 
commission and his sword nov/ belong to Jane Grandin, of Clinton, N. Y. 
He married Mary, daughter of Dr. James Newell, of Allen tov,-'n, N. J., by 
his wife Elizabeth Lawrence. He died July 21, 181 1. 


1 Elizabeth Grandin born Apr. 18, 1785; married Dr. Benjamin Hunt; 

m.oved to Ohio. 

2 Eleanor Grandin born Sept. 15, 1786; married Joseph Reading. 

3 Mary Grandin born Feb. 3, 1788; married John ^^'. Bray; moved to 


4 Lucy Grandin born Apr. 2, 1790; married Elmore ^^'ilIiams, of Cin- 

cinnati, O. 

5 John Cirandin born May 28, 1792; married Elizabeth II. Readirig. 


6 Philip Graiu'.in horn Feb. 11, 1794; married Hannah Piatt; moved to 
i6j Rachel Grandin married William Lo)-d born 1757; died 1837. She died 
July 9, 1858, aged 86 years. 

164 Klenor Grandin married William Godley 

Augustus Godley married Elizabeth Paul Forman. 

Miss M. E. Godley, of Milford, Pa., in 1S95. 
Grandin F. Godley married a daughter of Richard Stillwcll, 
of New York City. 

165 Philip Grandin married Mercy Gray; no issue. 

166 Mary Grandin married Vsatson, son of John and Susanna Bray, of Hunter- 

don County, N. J. 

167 Jane Grandin 

168 Abigail Grandin 

103 SAMUEL GRANDIN, son of Daniel and Mary (Throckmorton) Grandin, 
31, was a distinguished lawyer and prominent Tory whose effigy was burned by the Whigs 
in 1776. He lived at Flanders, N. J., and married Dec. 23, 1752, Susannah Johnston, 
born July 8, 1729, daughter of Hon. Samuel Johnston, Colonial Judge of Hunterdon 
County, N. J., (the son of William Johnston, ot Trenton) and his (i. e. Samuel John- 
ston's) wife Sara Oakley born 1707; died June i, 1739; married 1728; of Trenton, N. J. 
Susan, daughter of Samuel and Susannah (Johnston) Grandin married Colonel (or 
Squire) John de Camp, and wrote a diary now (1915) in the possession of her great-great- 
granddaughter Mrs. Mary de C. Moor (Mrs. Maurice Moore) of 611 Pearl St., Lynch- 
burg, ^'a. 

1765, March. Samuel Grandine applied for a license to keep a public house. 

1766, July. Samuel Grandine applied for a license to keep a public house. John 
Solomon and Abrahani Drake as sureties. Court Records^ Morris County, A^ J. 

W. G. \'er Planck, Esq., of 54 William Street, New York City, is writing a history of 
the Grandin Family. 

103a DANIEL GRANDIN, son of Mary (Throckmorton) Grandin, 31. 


169 Daniel Giandin. He married Sept. 20, 1749, Sarah Throckmorton. Both 

are buried in Topanemus graveyard with stones: Daniel Grandin, son of 
Daniel and Mary Grandin, born April 11, 1723; died Nov., i, 1790. 
Sarah, his wife, born No\'. 1 1, 1722; died Feb. i, 1761. 

William Grandin baptised Mch. 8, 1750, seven day's old. 
Mary Grandin baptised Nov. 8, 175 1 
Daniel Grandin died aged 2 years and 3 months 
Job Grandin born 1753; died Aug. 3, 1774. 
lohn Grandin died aued ii munths 


112 .IdSEPl-l I'ORMAN THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throck-noi-ton, 
60, died Aug. 5, iSco, agcti 48 years, q months and 2 da\s, and is buried in Christ Church- 
yard, Shrewsbury. He marricti Maruarct Wilhams, ot Colt's Ncek, who died June 2, 
1817, agetl si years, ^ months and 27 days. She was tlic daughter of Edmund and 
Miriam (Tihon) \MUianis, and was born 5, i2mo., 1765. 


172 Sarah Throckmorton born Mcli. 31, 1790; died Mch. 19, 1875; married Dr. 

Edmond \N'. Allen June i6, 1814, who was born Aug. 14, 1788 and died 
May 17, Il'6-. They had five children. 

173 Edmund Throckmorton born June 6, 1792; died Sept. 26, 1866. 

174 Joseph '\\illiams Throckmorto!T 

175 Samuel Throckmorton 

176 [James] Forman Throckmorton died, unmarried, Feb. 3, 1852, aged 51 

years, 3 months and 27 days. 

177 John Throckmorton [ ?] 

113 COL. JOHN THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 60, was 
born Mch. 4, 1752; baptised June 14, 1752, and died Jan. 21, 1836. He married Mar- 
garet White born July 19, 1760; died Apr. 30, 1829, in Toronto. Both were buried at 
St. James' Cathedral. He espoused the Royal side during the Revolution, and subse- 
quently moved to North Norwich, Ontario, where he died and wliere his estate is still 
occupied by his descendants. 

Tradition says that when he left Monmouth County he went to Prince Edivard's 
Island, where a tract of land had been granted him; later, he sojourned in New Jersey a 
while. He travelled in France, where lie was taught "the sword exercise." Margaret 
^^ hite, the wife of Col. John Throckmorton, was reputed the daughter of a sea captain 
and was one who by frequent trips with her father, had become an expert sailor herself. 
Once ^\■hiie on a voyage, when the captain and tlie mates became intoxicated, she 
promptly had them locked in their cabins, and, taking the helm, herself, sailed the ship 
through many dangers into port. Her portrait gives her a fine, strong face. 

1776. John Throckmorton, of Freehold, was assessed for thirty-nine acres and three 
houses — value £.1.^ ; and it was probably he who had his lands confiscated in 1778. 

1777. John Throckmorton, of Monmouth County, Lieutenant, in the Nev/ Jersey 
Royal Volunteers, was taken prisoner, on Staten Lsland, in this year, and sent to Tren- 
ton. He likewise was Lieutenant in the King's Rangers and retired to the Island ot St. 
John, November, 1782. 

1777, May 24. "Joseph Throckmorton Esq' who some time since presented a 
Memorial to the Ciovernor and Council on Behalf ot his son, John Throckmorton, then 
& still in Confinement in the City of Philadelphia, appeared before the Board & prayed 
that he might be indulged so far as to have his s*^ son removed into this State & cojifined 
at his own House at Colts neck in Monmouth County, offering to enter into Bond tor 
£2,000 or 3,r:oo., if reCRiired, for his tuture Good Behavior, & for his Appearance before 
this Board when & wherever required. 

The Council taking the affair into Consideration, were of Opinion that they could 
not form any Conclusion respecting a Prisoner without having him first before them, and 
therefore as they cannot redeem Time sufficient tor the Purpose at present, they deferred 
the Deten7iinat;on to some tuture Time." 

AiinvJc: of the Council of Scfdy, oj Nen- JaSL'y, v. 54. 


Lieut. John Throck Morton, of Mon. Co., N, J., kept store in Monmouth; had 
thirty .teres ol hind in Monmouth and seventy-five acres of woodhuid deeded by John 
Furman, Aug. 21, 1776, executor of the will ot Hartshorne White. This property was 
confiscated and sold and is in the possession of Gov. Furman. Report of the Bureau of 
/Irchives oj (Jntario^ in 2 volumes, and in 16 volumes of manuscript called Th.e /Imcrican 
Loyalists Audit Office ^ Lenox Library, Nezv York City, Part \,p. 119. 

Margaret \\ hite horn July 19, 1760, was the daughter of Hartshorne White born 
Jan. 29, 1730, [son of Robert and Margaret (Hartshorne) White], who married July 12, 
1759, l^hebe 1^'orman, born Nov. 15, 1736, daughter of Aaron and Ursula (Craig) Forman. 


178 Dr. Samuel Throckmorton born Dec. 1 1, 1792; died Aug. 11, 1861; married 

Ann S. Duncan, born August, 1800; died Sept. 24, 1861 ; no issue. 

179 Joseph Hartshorne Throckmorton died Nov. i, 1862, aged 78 years, 8 

months and 4 days; inarried Adeline Delong, who died Sept. 27, 1884; 
they resided at Norwich, Ontario, Canada; no issue. 
18c Harriet B. Throckmorton married Dr. Alexander Burnside. She died 
without issue, Dec. 25, 1839, aged ^6 years. 

181 Ursula White Throckmorton 

182 John Throckmorton died Apr. 12, 1812, aged 32 years, 11 months and 6 

clays; buried at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

183 Hartshorne White Throckmorton died Mch. 3, 1801, aged 7 months and 23 

days; buried in SJirewsbury, N. J. 

115 JAMES THROCKMORTON, of Shrewsbury, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 
60, was born June 20, 1754; died Dec. 17, 1838, in his 84th year, and is buried in Christ 
Churchyard, Shrewsbury, N. J. He married, first, Apr. 19, 1783, Frances, daughter of 
John Barberie, Esq., of Perth Amboy, and Gertrude Johnson his wife. She was born 
Nov. 14, 1756, and died Mch. 19, 18 13, aged 56 years, 4 months and 5 days. She was 
called ^Irs. Frances Throckmorton, of Spottswood. He married, second. May 9, 1826, 
Mary, daughter of John and Margaret Chasey, born June 5, 1801. She married, second, 
Feb. 19, 1840, Dunham Sausbury or Sansbury. 

1785, Feb. 17. James Throckmorton was one of the administrators, with the will 
annexed, of John Barberie (and his wife Gertrude), of I'erth Amboy, executed .Apr. 21, 


Iji a certain litigation, Supreme Court Files, Tre7iton, N. J., commencing Apr. 31, 
1824, and extending to Sept. 17, 1831, between James Throckmorton, of Shrewsbury, and 
Charles Flaight, Esq., of Philadelphia, and later William Stevenson, liis assignee, involv- 
ing a sum of 54,556., secured by a mortgage, the possessions of James Throckniorton 
appear to have been: a farm of 250 acres situate in South Amboy, a mansion house and 
farm of 26c acres in Shrewsbury, one out lot near this farm of 18 acres, a lot in Freehold 
of 100 acres, etc.; also personal property: 5 horses, 2 colts, 20 horned cattle, 10 being 
cows, hogs, etc.; 3 black women slaves, and 2 men and some small children slaves, etc. 

James Throckmorton's will is on record, at Freehold, written June 13, 1838, and 
proved Feb. 4, 1839. 

Lisue by first wife 

184 Judge Tbomar. CcfTin T}i!-ockmorton born Jan. 27, 1784 


185 Mary Johnson Throckmorton born May 1,0, 1787; married Cliristoplier 

^'oucht* and had sons Philip Grandin \'ought and Dr. John ^'ouf^hl horn 
i8i6";diedMay 12, iSS;. 

186 Joseph Throckmorton born Sept. 30, 1790 

187 Gertrude Elizabetli Throckmorton born June 15, 1793 

188 Dr. John Barberie Throckmorton born Apr. 3, 1796 

Issue by second wife 

189 James Stevenson Throckmorton born July i, 1828; of Red Bank, N. J. 

116 SAMUEL (WILLIAMS) THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 
60, was a merchant, residing at Freehold, N. J. He died Sept. ai, 1804, aged 45 years, 
10 months and 27 days; married, Apr. 21, 1780, Ursula, daughter of Hartshorne and 
Phebe (Forman) White, at Reformed Dutch Church, Freehold. 

1810, Mch. 10 [Feb. 17, iSior]. It was she who married Josej^ih Philips on this date. 
Joseph Philips died Aug. i, 1820, aged 34 years and 9 months, though 1 find a doubt 
expressed as to the age, on his tombstone. Ursula Throckmorton died Sept. 15, 1824, 
aged 62 years. Both are buried at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1820, Jan. 17. Joseph Phillips, Esq., of Freehold, made his w'll; proved Aug. 14, 
1820, in which he mentioned his wife Ursula. 

1791. Lhsula Throckmorton was a witness to a marriage, in Shrewsbury. 

1804, Sept. 19. \Vill oi Samuel Throckmorton, ot Freehold; proved Nov. lo, 1804, 

wife Ursula; nephew Samuel, son of brother John, not of age; nephew John, son of brotlier John; 
nephew Thomas C, son of brother J?mes; nephevv Joseph, son ot brother \N illiam; sister Jane Forman, wife 
of Thomas Formun, "now of Kean Tuckey, ' and her son Samuel Forman. 

He apparently died without issue. 

181 1, Feb. 19. John and Throckmorton, as executors of .Samuel Throck- 
morton, brought suit lor Sico., at the house of Jacob Hart, Innkeeper, of Shrevrsbury, 
before Justice Joseph Vanderveer against Barnes H. Smock and Doctor Anderson. The 
former v.'as served by a sumnions by William A. Wykoff, Constable, and at the request 
of Archie Smock, for his father, the case was adjoined, but judgment later was taken by 
the plaintiffs and execution granted and given to Richard Sutphen, Constable, to collect. 
No property of Lloyd's was found and attempted collection was then mjade against Dr. 
Anderson, who put up bonds, (Smock having remo\'ed), and appealed to the Supreme 
Court. The Throckmortons filed a bill of details (extracted) as follows: 

D' Capt" Thomas Lloyd, in ace' with Throckmorton & Cook C^ 

Purchases begin 1802, July 3''''. Among them: Muslin, (jimblets, piece Tape, i Skean Silk, i Call. 
Mola/ses, i Qt. W ine, Crackers, Tobacco, "To Sundries, as p' Bill ot Abraham Bucklew, £2-4-3," '^ panes 
Gla/s £o-S-c, I lb. sousong Tea £0-8-0, i \'ial Pepper Mint £0-8-9. 

Credits: "By 2 Q" Lamb £0-8-0, Cash," "By Ballance on Flaxceed £1-4-0," "By the rise in said Cecd 
£0-2-3," "By 5 Bul= rye meal taken from Hartshorn's Mill (5: 30/ £7-10-0." 

Purchases end Dec. 18, 1802. Credits end Dec' i, 1802. Total bill £9-8-6. 

Dr. (James) Anderson counterclairned and aniong the reasons given to set aside the 
judgment of Joseph \'anderv'eer, Esq"', Justice of the Peace, Monmouth County, is that 
the plaintiff is mentioned as Docktar Anderson and his Christian name is omitted. 

•Christopher VouL'hr tiie sen nf John Vo'j~ht and Mjry, I'u.u^litci of John Gmnclin. 


117 WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 60, was horn 
Jan. 31, 1761, and died Sept. 2, 1S30. He married Cathai-ine Redding. In the iiiter- 
meni note in Christ Church Rc-ronfs, he is mentioned as "Buried Sept. 3, 1830, William 
Throckmorton aged 69, r/AVu' York." 


190 Josepli Throckmorton 

191 Reed Throckmorton 

192 Samuel Throckmorton 

193 Catliarine Throckmorton born May 20, 179'^; manied ^^'illiam Van Hook; 

died Mch. 31, 1852; buried at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

194 Eliza Throckmorton died, vinmarried, Oct. 29, iS'^5. 

195 Jane Throckmorton married Peter R. Roach. She died June 22, 1832, aged 

29 years, 9 months and 

196 Fanny Throckmorton married Leander Starr 

197 Mary Throckmorton married Mr. Lloyd 

120 RICHARD THROCKMORTON, son of Samuel Throckmorton, 61, was born 
May 30, 1760, and lived at Freehold, N. J. He married Abigail, daughter of Micajah 
How, of Trenton, N. J. He died June 9, 1842, aged 82 years and 10 days. His wife 
was born Sept. 8, 1765, and died Aug. 24, 1840; both are buried at St. Peter's Churcli, 
Freehold, N. J. 

1784, May 17. Richard Throckmorton, of Essex County, N. J., appointed adminis- 
trator of Catharine Morris, late of Kings County, New York, who died intestate. 

17S8, May Term. Peter Schenck sued Richard Throckmorton, who on Jan. i, 1787, 
at Trenton, Hunterdon Co., was indebted £199, and £9, additional, tor finding and pro- 
viding a certain mare with forage at the request of the said Richard, and £277, and also 
£15, for the use of one shop or store with its appurtenances; in all £500. Case discon- 
tinued. Supreme Court Files, Treyiton, N. j. 

1795, April Tern. Richard Throckmorton, plaintiff, in a suit for debt of £ Jo. 

Middlesex County Court Records. 

1 8 14. He was Surrogate of Monmouth Count)', N. J. 

His will, on record at Freehold, was written July 20, 184I; proved Aug. 4, 1842, 

brother, Dr. John R. Throckmorton and his children, Corlies Lloyd Throckmorton and tour infant 
daughtt-rs; cousin \Nilliam, son of James Throckmorton, "my father's youngest brother," living nea- Deai, 
in Shrewsbury, and his (James') children, Edmond 1 hrockmorton, of Red Bank, and his sister Sarah, wife 
of Dr. Allen; also Josepih Throckmorron, of Howell, son of, deceased; \^'illiam S. and Mary 
Louisa, children of Thomas C. Throckmorton; "my grandfather Richard Francis and his[Richard Francis'l 
brother-in-law, Abraham Lodge, an eminent counsellor, of New York City." Also bequests to Mary I. 
Vought, of Duanesburg, and her children; to Catharine Throckmorton Bartelson, youngest daugh.ter of 
my niece Catharine liartelson, wife of John W. Bartelson; to Richard Throckmorton Forman and his son 
of like name; Mary Ann Throckmorton, Richard S. Throckmorton, and numerous others. 

His v/ife, Abigail Throckmorton, made her will June 6, 1835; proved Sept. 7, 1840, 
by which she conveyed to her sister i\Lartha Lowry and her children, all her estate. 

121 SAMUEL THROCKMORTON, son of Samuel Throckmorton, 61, married 
Phebe Snyder, at Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 26, i?c6. He died prior to 1817, the date ol his 
mother's will. 



198 Cathnriiie 'i1irockni(irfon ir.arricd Fcl). 5, iSjs, Hon. John \\'csli'\ Bartle- 

190 Mary Ann Throckmorton liorn Apr. 21, iS'cfy.-dicd Mch. 9, 1868. 

200 Richard S. '1 lirockmorton died C)ct. :!4, iS'43, agcii JJ \'ears, 9 months and 

24 days. 
Other children 
Al! were burictl at St. l-'eter's, Freelio'd, N. J., l)iit now removed to jNlaplewcod 

122 SARAH THROCKiMORTOX, daughter of Samuel Throckmorton, 61, mar- 
ried 13r. Samuel Forman, ot Freehold. Their grand.son Dr. D. McLean Forman married 

Oct. 20, 1874, Elizal.icth ^'andervccr, and died Mch. 28, 1909. 


201 Jonathan F. T. Forman mentioned in the will ofhis grandmother Catherine 

(Francis) Tluockmorton, Aug. 14, 1817; married Fransincha Smcck and 

had issue: David, Frances Ann, Margaret ^'anderveer, Samuel Randolph, 

John FisJier and Sarah EHzabeth Forman, who married John Howard 

Sinnickson and their granddaughter Alice Margaret Sinnickson, born 10, 

14, 1878, Hiarried John Reilly, Jr. 

201 a Ann Forman mentioned in the \\ill of her grandmother Catherine (Francis) 

Tlirockmorton, Aug. 14, 1817; married Nov. 19, 1928, Joseph Randolpli 

and had issue: Samuel F. Randolph and Sarah Ann Randolph. 

201 b David Forman mentioned in the will of his grandmotlier CatJierine 

(Francis) Throckmorton, Aug. 14, 1S17. 
201c Richard T. Forman mentioned in the will of his grandmother Catherine 
(Francis) Throckmorton, Aug. 14, 1817, had issue: Sarali Ann and 
Richard T. Forman. 

124 JOB THROCKMORTON, son of James Throckmorton, 62, was born in 
Monmouth County, N. J. He married Jane, daughter of William and Charity (White) 
\Voolley, born 1771. He removed to Warren County, Ohio, about 1825. 

1804. He was Hving in Shrewsbury, and may ha\-e been the Job Throckmorton who 
was fined there in 1792. 


202 Elizabeth Throckmorton horn Jan. or June 13, 1793; died July 5, 1861: 

married Nov. 19, 181 4, George V\'oolley Lafctra. 

203 Charity W. Throckmorton born Dec. 23, i~94; married Samuel Shinn. 

204 Throckmorton born Apr. 11, 1796; married Aug. 22, 1816, Leah 


205 William W. Throckmorton born May 26, 1799; went to Ohio. 

206 Nancy W. Throckmorton born June 13, 1800; married Edmond Robinson. 

207 Caroline Throckmorton born Sept. 28, 1802; married Albert Howiand. 

208 Edwin B. 'J'hrockinorton born Sept. 2'^-^-, 1804; died young. 

209 Susannah Throckmorton born Dec. 23, 1807; married Charles Evan.^. 

aio George Fox 'IT.rockrnorton born Mch. 12, 1809, near Long Branch, N. J.; 
died Jan. i^, 1 88 T ; married Sarah Laftcrty. Fie resided at Coiiover, Ohio. 


12G JOHX THROCKMORTOX, son of James Tlirockmorton, 62, married Nov. 
4, 1798, Zilpha Greene- botli oi Shrewsbury. 


21 1 James Throckmorton 

212 Henry Throckmorton 

213 John Tlirockmorton 

127 AXX THROCKMORTOX^ daughter of James Throckmorton, 62, married 
Mch. i~, 1797, Amos White, son of Amos and Lucy (TaHman) Whire born Sept. 21, 
1768; d'cd Aug. 19.. 1S33, aged 64 years, 8 months and 29 chiys, and is buried in the Rum- 
son Burying-ground, Shrewsbury, X. J. 


214 James White born Feb. 7, 1798; died June 15, 1854, aged s^^ years, 4 months 

and 8 davs, and is buried in the Rumson Burying-ground, Shrewsbury, 

215 Hartshorne ^^hite born Jan. 24, 1S05; married Dec. 15, 1830, Ann Chasey. 

216 Deborah H. White born June 2, 1807; died Mch. 13, 1884; married Jan. 24, 

1832, Corhes, son of William and Margaret (Corlies) Tilton, born Aug. 
26, 1801 ; died Aug. 13, 1869. 

217 Joseph Throckmorton White born Sept. 10, 1802; died Mch. 10, 1880; 

married Dec. 2, 1826, Lucy G., daughter of William Taylor and NLiry 
(Taylor) Corlies, born Sept. 18, 1804; died Sept. 10, 1875. 

218 Mary Ann White born July 29, 1813; died 1881; married 1837, Owen, son 

of Benjamin and Alice (Wikoff) Woolley, born Dec. 11, 1811; died 
Aug. 9, 1892. 

219 Amos Scott White born Sept. 8, ]8i8; married Mch. 9, 1842, Hannah Con- 

row born 1825; died Dec. 3, 1903. 
219a Jeremiah White born Mch. 27, i8oc; died June 7, 1870; single. 

12s James Throckmorton, son of James Throckmorton, 62, married Abigail 
Worden, Mch. 1 1, 1809. 


220 James Throckmorton; resided at Deal, X. J.; married ^L1ry 

221 Alice Throckmorton 

222 Elizabeth Throckmorton 

129 WILLIAM THROCKMORTOX, son of James Throckmorton, 62, married 
June 4, 1803, Abigail Woolley. There was a William Throckmorton living in Shrews- 
bury, in 1842. 

i860, May 31. William Throckmorton, of Ocean township, made his will, to wjiich a 
codicil was added in October this same year; jiroved June 27, 1861. In it he appoints 
his sons Sydney and William, and so!i-in-law Samuel Parker, his executors. 

Issue .. - 

223 Samuel Throckm.orton 


224 ^h^ry Ann Throckmorton married Feb. i, 1S31, Samuel Parker. 

225 Sidney 'llirockmorton 

226 Rachel Throckmorton married Mr. Franklin 

227 Jane Tlirockmorton married Mr. Barnes 

228 Charity Throckmorton; unmarried; born 1S23; deceased July 25, 1906. 

229 Letitia Tlirockmorton married B. Jesguilt 

230 William W. Throckmorton 

130 SARAH THROCKMORTON, daughter of James Throckmorton, 62, married 
Mch. 21, 1807, Samuel, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (\\'hite) Tucker, born Jan. 2, 1776; 
died Apr. 20, 1853, ^ged 77 years, 3 months and 18 days, and buried in Friends' Burying- 
ground, Shrewsbury, N. J. 


231 Mary Ann Tucker born Dec. 21, 1807; died Sept. 17, 183S; married Nov. 

15, 1832, William Russell, son of Michael and Hannah (Throckmorton) 

232 Elizabeth Tucker born July 27, 1809; died May 14, 1S98; married Oct. 8, 

1831, William Haynes. 

233 James Tucker born Apr. 14, 181 1 

234 Susan Earle Tucker born Nich. 16, 1813; died Feb. 11, 1899; married Mch. 

<^'> 1837, John J. Barcalow. 
234a Deborah Tucker born July 2, 18 15; died Sept. 26, 1896. 
234b Leah Tucker born Nov. i, 18 17; died Mch. 11, 1850; married June 21, 

1849, Joseph [James?] Smith. 
234c Rebecca Wright Tucker born Dec. 11, 1820; married Mch. 19, 1846, John 

Mapes, bornOct. 3, 1821. 

137 JAMES THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, Gb, was called 
the eldest living son in the will ot his uncle, John Holmes, Jan. 25, 1791. He was bap- 
tised Nov. 10, 1 75 1, at Freehold, N. J., when aged two months. It was doubtless he 
who was the private of that name, who served in the First Regiment, Monmouth County, 
N. J., during the Revolutionary War. He died about 1819-20. 

140 HOLMES THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 66, was baptised 
Apr. 22, 1759, at PVeehold, N. J., and was buried at Shrewsbury, Oct. 4, 1821. He mar- 
ried Susannah '-^orman,* who died Nov. 16, 1820. His will is at Freehold, dated Sept. 
II, 1821; proved Oct. 16, 1 821. 

He lived, first, at Shark River, and later at Tinton Falls, N. J., where he had a large 
farm and a number of slaves. He was a private, in Spencei's Regiment, during the 
Revolutionary War. 


235 John Throckmorton married Mary Serviss, who married, second, Thomas 

Clayton I^ec. 14, 1826. 

236 Sarah Throckmorton married John Obart 

"Susannah ri.rman had a yovnger brother, N.ithan, who carried dispatches for General Washington, ana the tradi- 
ticn is that their !' was a l'resbytc;rian minister, at Old Bridge. In the Chiit Church Rucords, Shrewsbury, there is an entry that 
she v.ui buri'-J '.:: 10:1. 


■237 (Joseph) Forninn Throckmorton married Apv. cj, 1812, Elizabeth Morris. 

238 Jane Throckmortfjn married WilHam Scou 

239 Joseph Throckmorton died unmarried 

240 Throckmorton died, unmarried, June 3, 1S17. 

241 Ehzabeth Throckmorton married, first, Nov. 18, 1813, Jolm l^ritton; 


242 Mary Throckmorton born Oct. 31, 1808; died in 1899; married John Wilson, 

died Aug. 8, 1859. 

243 James Throckmorton, perhaps, and it so, he died young. 

143 MARY THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 68, was bap- 
tised July 14, 1751; married Richard Morris, and is buried at Waynesburg, Pa. 

"In Memory ol Mnry Morris, wife of Richard Morris, wfio departed tliis li''e, Jan. 9, A.D., 1^17, on 
the first day of the week, ahout 9 o'clock in the morning, aged 66 years, i month [4 months:], zc^ days." 
The Bible record says she was born May 2C, I'j^i. 

2.44 James Morris, of Greene County, Pa. 

145 JEMIMA THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 68, was 
born Jan. 31, 1748, i. e. 1749, and was baptised Mch. 31, 1749, aged 2 months, at Christ 
Church, Shrewsbury, N. J. Slie married Joseph Stillv.ell June 14 or 16, 177c, and died 
Mch. 25, 1 8 13, aged 64 years, i month and 25 days. 

Joseph Stillwell died Mch. 31, 1813, aged 65 years and 19 days. They were buried 
in St. Peter's Churchyard, Freehold, N. J ., as were otlier members of this family. 


245 Job StilUvell born May 24, 1772; died June 2, 1773. 

246 Rebecca Still well born .Apr. 20, 1774; died Oct. 31, 1791. 

247 Joseph Stillwell born Jan. 14, 1777; married Hannah Stillwell. 
2.48 James Stillwell born June 19, 1779; '-T'cd Nov. 28, 1780. 

249 Daniel Stilhvell born Sept. iS, 1781 

250 Abraham B. Stillwell born Mch. 29, 1784; died 1831. 

251 Jeremiah Stillv.ell \ twins; born -Aug. 23, 1786. 

252 Job Stillwell J Job died July 1, 1788. 

253 Mary Stillwell born July 12, 1789; died Dec. 9, 1790. 

146 JOld THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 68, was baptised at 
Freehold, Aug. 23, 1761. Fie married, first, ^F^ry Robinson, and second, Jane Aum.ack, 
the widow Stymas or Stymix, of Middletown, Feb. 27, j8i i. As a yovmgster he ser\x-d, 
as a private, in the Continental Army, in the Revolutionary War. He and his first wife 
are buried at Adelphia (known as Turkey and Blue Ball), Monmouth County, N. J. 

1795-6. Job Throckmorton and wite Mary, of Freehold, conveyed lands to Joseph 
Stilhvell, of the same place. 

183S, May I4. Will ol Job Throckmorton, of Frceiiold; proved May 6, 1839, men- 
tioned: v.-ife Jane; son Jo'^eph; son James R.; son .Vrchiljald; daughter Eunice Backalow 
[Barcalow?] son Morford; son Barnes Throckmorton; daughter Mary Reede. 

112 llISTOKICAl. MlSCi:i.L.\NY 

1839, Oct. 19. ^^'ill t)t Jane Throckmorton; proved Apr. zo, 1S42; nient), 
she was ot Shrewsbury, and made bequests to her sister Lenah Robinson, anu 
brother John Aumack. 


254 Joseph Throckmorton; jnoved to Pennsylvania; h;ui a htrge fai-nily. 

255 James Throckmorton 

256 Archibald Throckmorton; moved to J-'ennsylvania; then to Ohio; had a 

large family. 

257 Eunice Throckmorton 

258 Morford Throckmorton; moved to Franklin Township, Greene County, Pa.; 

had a large family. His grand-daughter Frances G., wife o( Dr. George 
D. Sitherwood, ot Bloomington, 111., gave me substantial aid in arranging 
some of the later generations of this family, and proposes to print the 
results of her researches into the family history of the Throckmortons. 

259 Barnes Throckmorton married Nov. 9, 18 19, Mary Jackson, who was born 

1 800. 

260 Mary Throckmorton married Apr. 3, 1823, Rev. Eliphalet Reede. 

261 Job Throckmorton married Feb. 23, 18 15, Rebecca Pile. 

"On the fly-leaf of an old book belonging to my great gr<indfatlier, Job Tlirockmorton, is: Job Throck- 
morton ills book, bought of his brother Samuel Thomas, Oct. 14*^, 1804," wrote Mrs. Sitherwood. 

156 WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 82, married 
Apr. 30, 1808, Ann Crum. 


262 Job Throckmorton of Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, N. Y., who died aged 

74 years, leaving a daughter and two sons. 

263 James Throckmorton 

264 Bogarr R. Throckmorton 

265 Willia.m Throckmorton 

266 Mary Ann Throckmorton married Dec. 20, 1829, Tucker Woolley. 

267 Hannah Throckmorton married Feb. 6, 1830, William Lloyd. 

268 Elizabeth Throckmorton 

15S HANNAH THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 82, died 
Mch. 30, 1864, aged seventy-six years. She married Feb. 11, i8c6, Michael, son of 
Frederick and Sil3yl (Rex) Maps, born Mch. 31, 1784; died Nov. 14, i860. Mary 
Throckmorton was a witness at this marriage. 

Mar)' Maps born Nov. 27, 1806; married John Woolley. 
Sibyl Maps died Sept. 2, 1809 
William Russel Maps born Sept. 14, 1809; married, first, Nov. 1 c, 1S32, 

Mary Ann Tucker; second, Susan Hampton; third, Mrs. Ann Dennis. 
Charles Maps born Nov. 20, 1815 
Elizabeth Pvlaps born Aug. 12, 1813; married James Slocum. 


Cornelia Maps born Aug. 11, 1817; died Feb. 9, 1852; married Montilion, 

son of Britten and Ann (Wood) Woollev, born July 15, 1810; died Men. 

Rev. Lewis T. Maps horn May 3, 1820; died July 11, 1846. 
Hannah \V. Maps born Apr. 6, 1823; died Sept. 10, 1872; married Feb. 25, 

184I, Samuel W., son of Jesse and Mary (Lippincott) Wardell, born 

Feb. 4, 1819; died Nov. i, 1901. 

161 JAMES THROCKMORTON, son of William Throckmorton, 85. 
1780, .Apr. 17. James Throckmorton, of Middlesex, and Mary Nephews, had a 
marriage license issued on this date. 

The Jurors, in behalf of the State of New Jersey, Middle/ex Ccinty, on oath, present that on 4"^ 
of May, 1782, "at Spot /'wood, Middlesex County, a certain Hor/e Race was made for monev f<: the Lucre 
of Gain & that James Throgniorton, Late of Spot/wood, Yeoman, unlawfully did aid, promote," etc., the 
same "by contributing Money to make up the Pur/c for the /aid Hcr/e Race, and holding Money betted 
thereon, and suffering his Hor/e to run in the /aid Race." 

W"^ Pater/on, Att^' Gen'. Dec', 1786. Def pleads not guilty. 

Supreme Court Files, Trenton, A". J. 

1785, November, JNIiddlesex County. James Throckmorton was sued for £300, for 
trespass, by Richard Ste\'ens. The plaintiff alleges that James Throckmorton did 
assault him and forcibly, with arms, entered his dwelling at Perth Amboy. 

Supreme Court Files, Trenton, -V. J. 

1788, May Term, Middlesex County. James Throckmorton was sued for £500, by 
Thomp/on Steli, Sheriff, for an indebtedness. Supreme Court Files, Trenton, i\^. J. 

1793, October Term. Ezekiel Mount vs James Throgmorton. Suit in debt. 

Middlesex County Court Records. 

1794, April Term. James William Throgmorton vs John Johnson. Suit for debt 
of £17-16-8. Middlesex County Court Records. 

173 EDMOND THROCKMORTON, of Red Bank, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 
112, v/as born at Hartshorne's Mills, N. J., June 6, 1792; died Sept. 26, 1866; married 
Susanna McClaren born May 11, 1794; died Aug. 30, 1875. She was a warti of Gov. 
Daniel D. Tompkins. 


269 Tylee W. Throckmorton born Feb. 22, 1823; died Apr. 22, 1907. See Ellis' 

Hist, of Moumouth County. 

270 Edmund McClaren Throckmorton born Mch. 17, 1825; died Oct. 23, 1873, 

leaving a daughter Josephine Throckmorton. 

271 Joseph Albert Throckmorton born July 3, 1827; died .Apr. 20, 1907, at Red 

Bank, N. J., in his eightieth year. 

272 Susan Throckmorton married Mch. '3, 1833, Samuel R. Throckmorton; 

she was deceased in 1889, leaving a daughter, Susanna .\L Throckmorton, 
and a son, Samiuel R. Throckmorton, who died, at San Francisco, Calif,, 
about 1890. 

273 Margaret Throckmorton born Nov. 3, 1S16; died Feb. 20, 1887. 

274 Hannah Tompkins Throckmorton born Oct. i, 1820; died Mch. 8, 1858, 

agt.d 37 years and 5 months. 


274a Charles Throckmorton born Nov. 8, 1829; died Dec. 6, 1831. 

275 Julia Throckmorton born May 5, 1837; died Feb. iS, 1889 [Jnn. 19, 18S9]. 

276 Anna M. Throckmorton married Dr. Robert R. Conovcr, Nov. 21;, 1863. 

Dr. Conover is deceased; his widow was living, at Red Bank, N. J., in 

174 JOSEPH WILLIAMS THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph llirockmorton, 
112, married Eliza Servier [or Sevier], of Tennessee. 

1819, Apr. 21. Joseph W. Throckmorton married to Miss Eliza Sevier; both of 
Philadelphia. New Jersey Alitror, of this date. 


277 William Throckmorton 

278 Joseph Brown Throckmorton 

279 Charles Throckmorton 

280 Edmond Throckmorton probably married Jane, daughter of jane Throck- 

morton Roach, 195. 

281 Sally I'hrockmorton 

282 Mary Throckmorton 

283 Lydia Throckmorton 

175 SAMUEL THROCKMORTON, son of Joseph Throckmorton, 112, married 

There was a Samuel Throckmorton born Mch. 10, 1798; died Oct. 10, 1P80, and wife 
Marv, born Oct. 6, i8g6; died Oct. 8, 1876; both interred in Christ Churchvard, Shre\/s- 
bury, N. J. 


284 Harriet Throckmorton 

181 URSULA WHITE THROCKMORTON, daughter of Col. John Throck- 
orton, 113, was born Oct. 3, 1794; died at Burford, Township of Branford, Oct. 6, 
1864. She was married Aug. 28, 1827, by the Rev. William Hough, Missionary of the 
Church ot England to the Indians on the Grand River, Canada, to the Rev. Rowley 
Hercules Longiord Heyhmd, son ot Terrence and Margaret Heyland, born Feb. 13, 1792, 
in Sommerhill, County Meath, Ireland; died May 28, 1873, ^t Ikn-ford, Canada. 


285 Johii Throckmorton Heyland born x-^ug. 8, 1828, at St. Catliarine's; died 

Mch. 4, 1900. 

286 Margaret T. Heyland born Jan. 22, 1830, at Fredericksburg; married about 

1888, John Rusk, her deceased sister's husband; living in 1907; no issue. 

287 Harriet Ann Heyland born July 12, 1832, at Colborne; died Jan. 3, 1S85; 

married, iirst, Jan. 23, 1855, Capt. Peter Milloy, of the steamer "Cham- 
piofi," who died Nov. 5, 185-; married, second, jolm Rusk. 

Peter Rov/icy Milloy born at Burford, Canada, Nov. 15, 1855; 
died in Louisiana, in 1894. 



James Edwarci Rusk died Dec. 25, 1S84, aged 16 years and 3 

Eleanor Rusk born Mch. 12, 1863; living in 1907, in Saskatchewan. 
Ursula Rusk born Aug. 23, 1S65; living, in 1907, in Burford. 

John Throckmorton Heyland, 285, son of Ursula White Throckmorton, 181, and 
the Rev. Mr. Heyland, married Frances \^ Simpson Apr. 2, 1868. Mrs. Heyland was 
jiving, in 1907, at North Norwich, Ontario. She possesses portraits of Col. John Throck- 
morton and his wite; and the o'-iginal lands of Col. Jolm Throckmorton are now occupied 
by her son George T. Heyland. 

George T. Heyland born Apr. 10, 1869; married Maud M. Clure [Clare?]; 
Oct. 31, 1900. 
Laura Clare Heyland born Sept. 14, 1901 
Edith Vaughan Heyland born Oct. 31, 1904 
Laura Ursula Heyland born Dec. 15, 1870; died May 2, 1889, aged 18 years, 

4 months and 17 days. 
Edward Rowley Heyland born Sept. 26, 1872; married Agnes Forbes Sept. 
12, 1899. 

John Forbes Heyland born Aug. 14, 1900 
Kenneth ^'aughan Heyland born ^Iay 9, 1902 
Maria Jean Heyland born June 14, 1905 
Margaret Alberta Heyland born May 20, 1877; died Dec. 20, 1884. 
John Vaughan Heyland born Nov. i, 1880; died Dec. 25, 1884. 

182 JOHN THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 113, died Apr. 12, 
1812, aged 32 years, 11 months and 6 days. He married Feb. 5, 1806, Lydia Craig, who 
died Oct. 30, 1838, aged 56 years. 

His will is on record at Freehold, and mentions his wile Lydia, and brothers Joseph 
H. and Samuel Throckmorton, and sisters Harriet and Ursula, and father John Throck- 

morton, 115, was born Jan. 27, 1784; died Dec. 25, 1868, and is buried at St. Peter's 
Churchyard, Freehold, N. J. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Major James Craig, 
about 1808, who was born Jan. 26, 1791; died Nov. 25, 1863, and is buried at St. Peter's, 
Freehold, N. J. 


288 James Barberie Throckmorton born Mch. 11, 1813; baptised July 4, 1813; 

died Jan. 21, 1870. 

289 Aaron Rhea Throckmorton baptised Oct. 25, )8i8, at Freehold, N. J. See 

Ellis' Hist, of MonniouJh County. 

290 William S. Throckmorton l)orn Sept. ii, 1824; died Dec. i6, 1824, and is 

buiied at St. Peter's, Freehold, N. J. 


291 ^YilliamS. Throckmorton, 2nd., born Fch. 2 iS-g-diedOrr . rSr^ . i 

.s huncd ar St. Peter's, Freehold, N j ' ^^' '• ^' '^^'"^ '"^^ 

292 Charles D Throckmorton born i822;died lunc 13, .87,^ 

0.93 juha A Throckmorton baptised June 2,1, -1816, at Shrewsbury, N. ].- ,nar- 
ned Rev. Lernando C. Putnam; died lune 7, 186^, in her .8th vear' 

295 l^ann> hi ancesElr/a] Throckmorton baptsed at Freehold S.-nr i 187,. 

297 Tames Throckmorton baptised at Freehold, Mch. 25, 1810 

.98 G=«™de Eliza Thrcckmorton born Mch. .7, ,818; baptised Oct. 05, ,8,8, 

299 Mary Throckmorton died Nov. 17, 1900 

300 Ellen Throckmorton married Emmons, of" Asbury Park N | 

Tso^TdSyay t^sS.' '*"'' " P"' ^'•«'""''"^«°'-*- She was bo/n Ma,- .6, 

^ /j.f?^^ by first wife 

301 Codies J Joyd Throckmorton 

302 James TJirockmorton died Jan. 9, 1835, aged 6 years, 7 months and -^i 

days;bunedmSt. Peter's, Freehold, N. T. uis dna -i 

Issue by second wife 

303 Ann Eliza Throckmorton 

304 J^s^Phine Van Hook Throckmorton born Apr. 13, 1839; married Aup. 7, 

1861, William Henry Powell. "b- /> 

305 ^^;^^l^>^.'^^^^°^]^g"J«'-to i- e. Frances Rowena Throckmorton, born June 28, 

306 John R; Throckmorton died Feb. 2 or 7, 1835, aged 2 years, 9 months and 

i9days;buriedinSt. Peter's, Freehold, X. I. nuuwnu 

307 IMolJy rhrockmorton, i. e. Mar)- Augusta Throckmorton, born Mav 6 

I04I; died Aov. 17, 1900. ' ' 

308 John B. Throckmorton; at one time of Ridley's-dry eoods-Grand Street 

New lork City. u^u^^i, 

noM rlnlll^^a^Cfe ? '""^='°"" ""■= '"^°''^^ f^"- ^" '^'^. '° "- F-^'-^^' I'^' Churcl,y,,:a, a. Ard. 

aljout two miles 


morton, 1 15, of Red Bank, married May 6, 1S48, FJlcn Jane, daughter of John C, and 
Mary (Lane) Price. lie died at Red Bank, N. J., June 12, igio. 


309 John S. Throckmorton born August, 184S; married No\'. 4, 1868, Gcorgi- 

anna Rodgers. 

310 Capt. Charles E. Throckmorton born March, l8<;o; marrieii Kate Hurley. 

Their daughter Mary Pauline married James, son of 1-ieuben and Sarah 
Laviiiia (Hurley) Tilton. He was born Apr. 9, 1867. 

311 J- Dunbar Throckmorton 

312 M. Ella Throckmorton 

192 SAMUEL R. THROCKMORTON, son of William Throckmorton, 117, mar- 
ried Mch. 13, 1833, Susanna Throckmorton. 


313 Edmund R. Throckmorton died Apr. 5, 1842, aged 2 years and 18 days. 

314 William Throckmorton died Feb. i8, 1835, aged 3 days. 

315 Charles Throckmorton died Dec. 6, 1831, aged 2 years and 28 days. 

202 ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 124, 
married Nov. 19, 1814, George \A'olcott, son of James and Meribah (Wolcott) Lafetra, 
born May 30, 1793; died at Clinton, 111., Nov. 13, i860. 

Mr. I. H. Laletra, or Santiago de Chile, and, in 1906, of I44 West 104th Street, New 
York, descends irom this line. 

James Hubbard Lafetra born Oct. 19, 181 5; married Sarah Hormell. 
Jane Lafetra 

Tylee Lafetra died 1853; married Clarissa Hormell. 
Ann Lafetra married Jonathan Graham 
Edmund Laietra, her twin, died young 
Eliza Lafetra married Henry Swindler 
Susan La'etra married James \\'ilgus 
Robert Lafetra married Family l^ukens; no issue. 
Benjamin Lateira miarried Mary CatFerty 

203 CFIARITY W. ITIROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 124, 
married Samuel Shinn. 


316 Jane Shinn 

317 Job Shinn 

318 Jefferson Shinn 
310 "Elizabeth Shinii 


22 ,8^' r'-'^'^? ™ROCO!ORTON', son of job, 1.4, married Au. 
22 iSib J.cah clauphrer of John and Ann (Tallman) Tucker who warbon Mav o." 
1796; both of Shrewsbury at the date of their marriage. ^ ^' 

320 Edmund Throckmorton 

321 Ann Throckmorton 

322 Johirihrockmorton 

323 Job Throckmorton married Ameha Githcns 

324 Joseph Throckmorton married Cvnthia Stancel 

325 Jane Throckmorton married, first, James John; second, James Parlet 

^ "w"slkc° """''"' ^"'- '^' '^''' "'-'"''^ ^^^- ^^' ^^^49, William 

327 James Throckmorton born June 4, 1830; married Miss Lilly 

320 iydia Ihmckmorton born July 24, 1S32; married [oseph Brandenburg 

^I^Tjjha^/hrocRmorton born Dec 23, 1837; n^arried Eli or Alelknder 

Sarah Cartr^^^^""' '''' ™ROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 124, married 


330 Clarissa Throckmorton 

331 Lydia Throckmorton 

332 Charity Throckmorton 

333 Benjamin Throckmorton 

334 James Throckmorton 

335 George Throckiiiorton 

336 Mary Throckmorton 

337 Caroline Throckmorton 

338 William Throckmorton 

339 Susan Throckmorton 

340 Charles Throckmorton 

ried l°nt u'^.'^Tfi^'p'' THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, ,..„ mar- 
riea ;5ept. I4, ibio, Edmond Robmson. 


341 Jane Robinson 

342 Samuel Robinson 

343 Lydia Robinson 
34.4 Joseph Robinson 

345 Elizabeth Robinson 

346 Lucinda Robinson 

rrrJeLl^^fP^^^^^i™^^^^^"^^'''^^^^ ^''^"g'^^- ^^ J°'^ Throckmorton, 124, 

mrtnied AJoerr Howjand. ^ 


347 Deborah Mowland 


348 George H()N\ land 

349 Lydia Howland 

350 Albert Howlaiid 
3^1 Hannah Howland 
352 James Howland 
;^^;] John Howland 

209 SUSANNAH THROCKMORTON, daughter of Job Throckmorton, 124, 
married Charles Evans. 

Is J It e 

354 William Evans born Feb. 28, 1828; died Nov. 2, 1906, at Los Angt;Ics, Calif. 

355 Joseph Evans died young 

356 George Evans 

357 E'melinc Evans born Sept. 4, 1834; died June 26, 1906. 

358 Jane Evans 

359 Florace Wolcott Evans born 1840; died May 30, 1876. 

360 Charles Evans born 1842 

210 GEORGE F. THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 124, married, 
first, Sarah Lafferty, by whom he had all of his issue; second, Sarah Hendley. 


361 Edv/in llirockmorton unmarried 

362 Job Throckmorton born Apr. 18, 1834; died April, 1902. 

363 Rebecca Jane Throckmorton born 1 836 

364 Caroline Throckmorton born Oct. i, 1839 

365 William Throckmorton 

366 Mary Throckmorton married William Wilgus 

367 Eliza Throckmorton born 1846 

368 Matilda Throckmorton born June 22, 1850 

369 Charles Throckmorton born JNIch. 7, 1852; died Oct. i, 1900. 

220 JAMES THROCKMORTON, son of James Throckmorton, 128, resided at 
Deal, N. J. He married IMary 


370 Edward Throckmorton, of Eatontown, N. J.; of Long Branch, in 1885; 

born iS47;ciied Apr. 22, 1905. 
Louis 'I'hrockmorton 
Lillian Throckniorton 

371 Susan Throckmorton married Mr. Dangler 

372 Hannah Throckm.orton married Mr. Hulick 

373 ALary E. Throckmorton married Mr. Bennet 

374 Alice Throckmorton 

375 Lydia T.hrockmorton married Mr. McGec 

376 J'^rnma Throckmorton married Mr. Howland 


225 SIDNEY THROCKMORTON, son of William Throckmorton, 1-9, married 
Mary Ann Strome. He died Aug. 16, 1880. Ht is .spoken of as of Eatontown. 


377 Samuel Throckmorton born about 1840 

378 Susan A. Throckmorton 

379 Lydia Ann Throckmorton married Mr. Randall 
38c Klary Jane Throckmorton 

381 William LI. Throckmorton born about 18 '53 

382 Sarah J. Throckmorton 

230 WTLLIAM WOOLLEY THROCKMORTON, son of William Throckmor- 
ton, 129, married Feb. 3, 1846, Elizabeth A., daughter of Peter and Mary (Paxton) 
Casler. She was born in 1827, and died June i, 1906. Peter Casler was born in 1797, 
and died in 1883. 

William Throckmorton lived at Long Branch, N. J., and had died prior to 1906. 


383 James P. Throckmorton 

384 Mary Throckmorton married Dr. Samuel Johnson, of .Asbury Park, N. J. 

385 Theodosia Throckmorton; of Loch Arbor, N. J. 

386 Elizabeth Throckmorton married Charles .\. Toland, of Asbury Park, N. J. 

387 ^Largaret Ann Throckmorton married Mr. Beatley, of Loch .Arbor, N. J. 

235 j;OHN THROCKMORTON, son of Holmes Throckmorton, 140, married 
Mary Serviss, who upon the demise of John Throckmorton, married, second, Dec. 14, 
1826, Thomas Clayton. She died May 10, 1848, aged 69 years, and was interred in 
Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury, N. J. 


388 Joseph Throckmorton born Nov. i, 1807; died about 1853. 

389 Charles Throckmorton 

390 Isaac Throckmorton married Hannah 

391 Furman Throckmorton ran away in his youth and was never heard from. 

392 Susan Throckmorton married Ezekiel Wade, of New York. 

393 Mary Ann Throckmorton, "daughter of Mary Clayton," died .Aug. 5, 1836, 

aged 20 years and 6 months, and is buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrews- 
bury, N. J. 

236 SARAH THROCKMORTON, daughter of Holmes Throckmorton, 140, 
married John Obart. 


394 George Obart 

395 TJuockmorton Obart 

396 Ann Obart 

397 Susan Obart 

398 Jane Obart 


237 JOSFPH FORMAX THROCKMORTOX, son of Flolmcs Throcknionon, 
140, married A]t-. 9, iSi;, Elizabeth Morris, wlio was baptised Jul}- 3, 1S14. He was 
buried Apr. 28, 1829. 


399 Sarah Form an Throckmorton born Xov. 7, 1812; baptised Oct. 10, 1S13; 

married, first, IMr. Wales. 

400 Jane Throckmorton born Dec. 28, 181S. 

401 Charles Forman Throckmorton born Apr. 7, 1816; baptised June 16, 1816. 

402 Ann Matilda Throckmorton baptised June 7, 1818; married Mr. Cole. 

403 Susan Throckmorton baptised July 14, 1822; married Mr. Brewster, 

404 William Throckmorton born Mch. 9, JS14; baptised July 3, 18 14. 

405 Charlotte Throckmorton 

406 John Wilson Throckmorton born June 24, 1S27 

407 James Forman Throckmorton born Dec. 4, 1823 

238 JAXE THROCKMORTOX, daughter of Holmes Throckmorton, 140, was 
born Apr. 13, 1791: died Aug. 18, 1885; married Apr. i, 1819, William, son of John and 
Sarah (Hisson) Scott. History of the Scott Family by Rev. Jrt/,:ir S. Cole. 


408 Catharine Scott born Oct. 19, 1810; married Capt. Elisha C. Price. 

409 Susan Scott born July I4, 1813; died Mch. 6, 1S32; married Dec. 24, 1S31, 

James Lane. 

410 John Scott born Sept. 24, i8i5;died Mch. 18, 1832. 

411 Sarah Ann Scott born Oct. 8, 1817; married Charles Tilton Fleming. 

412 Holmes Throckmorton Scott born Jan. 3, 1S20: married Eliza Field. 

413 Jane ^Amanda Scott born May 6, 1822; married Jacob Brower. 

414 Mary Caroline Scott born Xov. 22, 1826; married Walter C. Reynolds. 

415 William ^^'ebster Scott born X^ov. 6, 1835; married Eleanor Dangler. 

241 ELIZABETH THROCKMORTOX, daughter of Holmes Throckmorton, 
I40, married, first, X'^ov. 18, 1813, John Britton; second, , and removed to the West. 


416 John Britton 

417 NLiry Britton married Mr. Hall 

418 Catharine Britton married Mr. Pierce 

242 MARY THROCKMORTOX, daughter of Holmes Throckmorto:^,, i-p, was 
born Oct. 31, i8oS;died 1 899; married John \^'ilson, who died Aug. 8, 1859. 

4T9 I'ornian Wilson 

420 George Wilson 

421 Catharine Wilson 

422 HoLmes Throckmorton Wilson 

423 Charles Henry Wilson 


424 William V'onnan Wilson 

425 Susan NVilson 

426 Sarah Wilson 

427 Mary Jane Wilson 

428 James K. Wilson 

429 Mary Ann Wilson 

430 Frank Wilson 

259 BARNES THROCKMORTON, son of Job Throckmorton, 146, married 
Nov. 9, 1 8 19, Mary, daughter of Hugh and Rebecca (Morris) Jackson. There is a small 
portrait 0} her in the possession of her descendants in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


431 Austin H. Throckmorton died Mch. 5, 1889; married Janette C. Owens, of 

Eatontown, N. J., 1 889. 
Austin R. Throckmorton 

Mary Throckmorton married George S. Riley, of Brooklyn. 
Catharine Throckmorton, of Eatontown, N. J., 1889. 

432 Mary Throckmorton married John A. Gray 

433 Jackson Throckmorton born 1825; married Lydia Ann Wolcott. 

William Augustus Throckmorton born Jan. 31, 1861; died Ck-t. 27, 

434 Job Throckmorton married Kate Winters 

William Throckmorton 
Edward Throckmorton 
Elwood Throckmorton 
Maud Throckmorton 

435 David Nathan Throckmorton married Julia Knapp 

264 BOGART R. THROCKMORTON, son of William Throckmorton, 156, was 
born at Long Branch, N. J., and died at Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1881, aged 62 years, 
I month and 26 days. He married Catharine Hughes, who was born in Flint, Flintshire, 
North Wales, and died at Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1887, aged 71 years, 3 months and 
14 days, and is buried at Long Branch, N. J. 


436 Edward Throckmorton died Apr. 1, 1878, aged 23 years, 3 months and 10 


437 William Throckmorton died aged 2 years 

438 Louisa K. Throckmorton born in New York City; m.arried T. F. Fanshaw; 

died at Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1889, aged 41 years, 9 months and 25 

All of this record is taken from tombstones in the First Mcthociist Churchyard, V.'cst 
Long liranch, N. J. 


2G6 MARY ANN THROCKMORTON, daughter of William Tlirockmorton, 156, 
was born Apr. 29, 1809; died Dec. 14, 18S5; married Dec. 20, i8?.9, Tucker Woollcy, son 
of Benjamin VVoollc)', of Freeliold, born Oct. 19, 1808; died Mch. 4, 18S7. 

Catharine R. Woolley born Feb. 5 (1824?); died Oct. 17, 1847. 
Kate Wooley born 1 850 

Armenia Woolley born 1831; married Dec. 3, 1846, Charles H. 'S^alentine 
born 1824; died June 9, 1907. 

']"illie F. Valentine born 1872; died Nov. 29, 1887. 
James H. V/oolley 
Edwin L. \Voolley 

Mary Ann Woolley married James Cloughly 
Charles Benjamin Woolley married Lydia Ann, daughter of William and 

Elizabeth (Hampton) Woolley born 1852. 
John L. Woolley, supposed, born Mch. 5, 1840; died Dec. 7, 1859. 

2G9 TYLEE WILLIAMS TLIROCKMORTON, son of Edmond Throckmorton, 
173, was born Feb. 22, 1823; married Feb. 26, 1844, Anna Maria, daughter &J Edward 
Smith, of Monmouth County, N. J. He died Apr. 22, 1907, at Red Bank, N. J., aged 
eighty-four years. 


439 Elizabeth De Hart Throckmorton married Oct. 7, 1869, James Marshall, of 

New York City. 

440 Llarriet Throckmorton married Dr. James S. Conover, of Freehold, N. J. 

441 Fldmund W. Throckmorton born Jan. 14, 1859 

442 Charles Throckmorton 

271 JOSEPH ALBERT THROCKMORTON, son of Edmond Throckmorton, 
173, was born July 3, 1827; died Apr. 20, 1907. He was a wealthy merchant, an emi- 
nent citizen of Red Bank, and an honorable and generous man. He was unmarried, 
and President of the Second National Bank. 

By his will he disposed of an estate of about $150,000., to various relatives, includ- 
ing: brother Tylee W. Throckmorton; sister Anna i\I. Conover; niece Susan McClarcn 
Throckmorton; niece Josephine Throckmorton; cousin Alida V. R. Throckmorton; 
cousin Mary E. Adams; cousin Julia M. Vidall; and Harriet, daughter of Samuel 

For further information concerning Joseph Albert Throckmorton,_see Ellis' History 
of Mown out h Cou>i!y, and Red Bank, 5s\ J., newspapers of the date of his death. 

288 JAMES BARBERIE* THROCKMORTON, son of C.^ Throckmor- 
ton, 184, married, first, Sarah Maria, daughter of Philip Grandin. She died Mch. 28, 1843, 
aged 22 years, 5 months and 3 days; second, Sarah S. Wc-odhull Nov. 25, 1P46. She 
died Mch. 29, 1902, aged eighty years. 

•A Peter Barh.Tio, Jr., w.-is a Vestrvman of Trinity Church, New York, 1710 .ind 171 2; Warrieti J'/ij to 1715; Vcitrymr.n 
again I'lC to 17;;; V.'.-irder. .Tg.iin ;7j; :o '726, :'.nd Vc'trynn?^ 1726 m 172^!. 



443 l^arberie Woodburn Throckmorton horn Mch. 22, 1843 

444 ()ilhert Woodhuli Throckmorton died [May r] 9, 1861, aged 3 years, 5 

months and 19 (hays, and is buried in St. Peter's Burying grourid. 

445 Jviha Maria Throckmorton born Dec. 28, 1840 

289 AARON RHEA THROCKMORTON, son of Thomas C. Throckmorton, 
184, was born Mch. 21, 1818; died Mch. 3, 1883; married Dec. 14, 1848, KHzaheth H., 
daughter of Daniel H. Elhs. She survi\'ed licr husband and died July 13, 1893. Siie 
was born Oct. 19, 18 19. 


446 Charles Ellis Throckmorton baptised 1 850; died aged three years. 

447 Charles E. Throckmorton, 2nd., died Mch. 1 1, 1909 

448 William .Stevenson Throckmorton born May 23, 1856; died Oct. 3, 1894; 

married S. Ella Hartshorne. 

Rhea A. Throckmorton died Dec. 20, 19 10, Freehold 
Willard Porter Throckmorton married June 19, 1908, Eva Laughlin 

Du Bois. 
Harold Throckmorton 
John Throckmorton 

320 EDMUND THROCKMORTON, son of James Throckmorton, 204, was 
born at Utica, Warren County, Ohio, 5, 27, 1817; died Jan. 19, 1896; married, first, Apr. 
II, 1839, Eliza Keever, v/ho was born Aug. 5, 1812, and died Sept. 28, 1S48, and by 
whom he had his issue; second. Oct. 23, 1849, ^Irs. I'elinda Keever Pence, who v/as born 
June 16, 1806, and died 1879; third, Jan. 12, 1882, Sarah A. Richardson. 


449 Abraham Throckmorton born Sept. 15, 1840; died 1863, in the Army 

Hospital oi the 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 

450 John Throckmorton born Oct. 19, 1842 

451 Eliza J. Throckmorton born Sept. 23, 1845 
451a George Throckmorton born Sept. 26, 1848 

321 ANN THROCKMORTON, daughter of James Throckmorton, 2C4, was 
born Sept. 15, 1820; married Thomas T. Roberts, born Dec. 9, 18 13. 

4^1 Mary Jane Roberts 

453 Job Mott Roberts 

454 Leah Amanda Roberts 

322 JOHN THROCKMORTON, son of Ja.mes Throckmorton, 20.-,, was born 
Aug. 8. 18 1 8: married Nov. 15, 1841, Abigail Ann Earnhart born June i8, (8 -.5. 



455 Margaret A. Throckmorton born Apr. 8, iS4_3 

456 Wintield Scott Throckmorton born Dec. 31, 1844; died in the Army. 

457 Charles A. Throckmorton born Oct. 22, 1846 

458 Albert Throckmorton 

459 Millie Throckmorton 

460 Almeda Throckmorton 

461 Ella Throckmorton 

323 JOB THROCKMORTON, son of James Throckniorton, 204, was born Apr. 
27, 1822; married Apr. 15, 1847, Amelia Ann Githens, born Nov. 24, 1829. 

461a Hester Ann Throckmorton horn Nov. 21, 1847 
461b James Throckmorton born May 26, 1849 

324 JOSEPH THROCKMORTON, son of James Throckmorton, 204, was born 
Aug. 22, 1824; married Dec. 30, 1846, Cynthia E. Stansel. 

46 1 c Dolanda S. Throckmorton born Oct. 25, 1847 
46id Alfonso H. Throckmorton born May 3, 1849 

325 JANE THROCKMORTON, daughter of James Throckmorton, 204, was 
born Mch. 9, 1826; married Aug. iS, 1843, James R. B. Jones, born Jan. 30, 1829. 

Thomas W. Jones born June 2, 1845 
Leah S. Jones born May 4, 1847 
Alonzo i". Jones born Feb. 23, 1849 

334 JAMES THROCKMORTON, son of William W. Throckmorton, 205, 
married Susan Green. 


462 Willetta Throckiiiorton 

3G2 JOB THROCKMORTON, son of George F. Throckn^.orton, 210, married 
Catharine Wliite. 


463 Alice 'Hirockmorton married Gilbert Sweet 

464 Flora Throckmorton married, first, Mr. Henderson, of Kansas; second, Mr. 

Kanierer, of Oklahoma. 
46; Mary Throckmorton 

466 G e o r ge T h r o c k m o r t o n 

467 Charles Ti\rockmorton 

468 Eva Throckmorton 

126 H I S'l O ]< 1 C A I , :\ ! 1 S C ¥AA A ^Y 

363 REBFXCA JANE THROCKMOin-ON, daughter of George F. Throck- 
morton, 2IO, married Alexander Stewart. 


469 WiUiarn Stewart 

470 Chira Stewart 
47! Mary Stewart 

472 Edwin Stewart 

473 Susan Stewart 

3()4 CAROIJXE THROCKMORTON, daughter of George F. Throckmorton, 
210, married David Manning. 


474 George Manning 

475 Charles Manning 

365 WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, son of George F. Throckmorton, 21c, 
married Ellen Johnson. 


476 Clara Throckmorton 

477 Robert Throckmorton 

478 Edward Throckmorton 

367 ELIZA THROCKMORTON, daughter of George F. Throc!:morton, 210, 
married Joel Barrett. 


479 Emrna Barrett 

480 Alice Barrett 

481 Edwin Barrett 

368 MATILDA THROCKMORTON, daughter of George F. Throckmorton, 
210, married Joseph L^nglesb)', who was born Oct. i, 1839. 


482 Charles Unglcsby born 1870; died young. 

483 Mary Stella LJnglesby born 1873 

484 Laura jane Unglesby born 1876 

369 CHARLES THROCKMORTON, son of George F. Throckmorton, 210, 
manied Dora Fowler. 


485 Frederick Throckmorton born near Conover, Ohio 

486 Clifford Throckmorton 


3S3 JAMI'.S P. TH ROCK. MORTON, son of William W. Throckmorton, 23c, 
resided at Hranchport, N. J. He married Jan. 30, 1867, Catharine Lavinia, daughter 
ot' William and Hannah Dein'se, born June 22, 1846; died Apr. 16, 1^03. 


487 E. Everett Throckmorton 

488 Orella E. Throckmorton married Hugh B. Seymour 

3S8 JOSEPH THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 235, was born 
Nov. I, 1807; married in 1831, Sarah Ann, daughter of James and Eleanor (Willets) 
Gilland, of New Brunswick, N. J. She was born in 1813 and died in 1889. He residecl 
at Tin ton Falls, N. J., and kept a shoe stcu-e in Red Bank, N. J. He v.-as a member of 
the Baptist Church, and an Odd Fellow, etc. 


489 Susan Mary Throckmorton born Dec. 13, 1832; married Capt. Louis Drake, 

of Trenton, N. J. 

490 John Throckmorton born July 3, 1S34; died Apr. 10, 1834. 

491 Catharine Throckmorton born July 12, 1835; married Benjamin P. Breed- 

ing, ot Philadelphia, Pa. 

492 Furman Throckmorton born Oct. 12, 1837; died Mch. 10, 1842. 

493 Elizalieth Throckmorton born Dec. 2, 1839; married John Hooper 

494 Elinor Throckmorton born Jan. 29, 1842; married James Fox, of New 


495 Sarah lane Throckmorton born Sept. 17, 1843; married Teremiah Hamilton, 

of Philadelphia, Pa. 

496 Hannah Throckmorton born Aug. 10, 1845; married George Hackett, of 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

497 Joseph Throckmorton born Nov. 10, 1S46; died Nov. 21, 1846. 

498 Lydia Ann Throckmorton born Apr. 2, 1849; died in 1849. 

499 Libby Throckmorton born Apr. 2, 1849; died in iS49- 

389 CHARLES THROCKMORTON, son of John Throckmorton, 235, married 
Jan. 24, 1850, Rebecca Ann Martin, born Aug. 13, 1828; died Mch. 21, 1903. He died 
in 1888. 


500 Mary Throckmorton married, about 1886, David Service 

501 Lydia Throckmorton married William Sheddon 

502 Augusta Throckmorton born about 1855; married 1905, James Service. 

503 James F. Throckmorton married Lazelle Pitcher 

504 Annie Throckmorton- single. 


161 8. "The Muster of John Throemorton &c." "John Throgmorton aged 24 
years in y' William 'i3 Thomas 161 8." The names of four young men follow, and were, 
apparently, in his employ. Hotlcns Emigrants^ p. 208. 

•From the rarnily BiL!c of Jostpli Throcl-.morton, son of John Throckiiiorton, 138, in the possession, of Mrs. K.-to P^nrington 
Fort (Mrs. J. N. Fort;, 50.-; 67th Aveiu.£, Oak L:uic, I'liiL.d.-liMid, Pa. 


1623-4. John Throgmortoii appeared in \'irgin!a, as per "Lists of" the Livinge and 
Dead in ^'irginia I'^ebr: i6th i6;;^, i. e. 1623-4." Hottofs Emigrants.p. 189. 

1747. John Throckmorton was of Perth Amboy, N. J. 

1747, Oct. 16. John Throckmorton and John Lortoi: were bondsmen for Bi'idgct 
Llovd, administratrix of Thomas Llo\-d, veoman. .All were residents of Perth .Ambuv, 
Middlesex County, N.J. 

1747-S, Jan. 15. Samtiel Throckmorton, Jr., John Throckmorton and Sarah Throck- 
morton were witnesses to the will of Bridget Loyd, widow of Thomas Loyd, of Middlesex 
County, N. J. 

1753, May Term. Middlesex County. 

Robert S.ivage complains of John Throckmorton, other\vi/e Called John Throckmorton, of Deep 
Run, in the County ot Middlesex, ycc', in Custody of high Si:crr:f of the County of Middle/ex, of a 
plea to render unto liini £48-14. \Vhereas John Throckmorton, on ^14"' of June, 1749, at City of Perth 
Amboy, Middlesex County, made Iiis writing obligatory to pay said Robert £48-14, and refuses to do so. 
Damages asked £:o. 

Robert Savage puts in his place Pat'k M"^ Evers, as his attorney. 
Judgment for want of ple.i .Aug. 7'*', 1753. 

\V™ Deare, SherifF, acknowledges to have received a Declaration in above case, with a Rule to plead 
the Eleventh Day ot July, last past. Dated June 17''', 1753. 

Supmnc Court Files, Tnuton, N. J. 

Writ to Sheriff of Middlesex County, to produce John Throckmorton, otherwi ^e Called John Throck- 
morton, of Deep Run, County of Middlesex, yeoman, in court, at the City of Burlington, on the second 
Tuesday in May next, to answer Robert Savage, in a plea of trespass, and also of a bill of £48-14. P,.obert 
Hunter Morris, Esq"', Chief justice, at the Citv of Perth .Amboy, :7th of Mch., 26th of George II. 

I\^ Evers, atty. To \^'" Deare, S/u'rriJf. ' Read, Cl'k. 

Supreme Court Files, Trenton, N. 7. 

Writ to Sheriff of .Middlesex County, to produce John Throckmorton, orherwi7e C^allecl John 
Throckmorton, of Deep Run, County of Middlesex, yeoman, in court, at the City of Burlington, on the 
first Tuesday in November next, to satisfy a judgment of Robert Savage, in the 'abo\-e case, for £48-14, 
and also £6-5-11, damages. Robert Hunter Morris, Esq'', Chief Justice, at the City o( Perth Amboy, 
2ist of Aug., 27th of George n. McEvers, atty. Read, Cl'k. 

1752. John Throckmorton had a license to marry Lydia West, of Shrewsbury, Oct. 
3, 1752. In the license he is called John, son of John Throckmorton. 

I753> Sept. 16. Elizabeth, widow of George Allen, of Shrewsbury, in her will men- 
tions her grand-daughter Lydia Throckmorton. 

1759. Nicholas Stillwell, ot Shrewsbury, in his will menrioned "my kinsman Job 

1759, Apr. 17. Mary TJirockmorton was appointed administratrix of the estate of 
her mother Mary West, of Shrewsbury. 

1755. John Throckmorton was a juryman in Middlesex County. 

1755, Jime I. -Ann Throckmorton married Josiah Holstead. She died Nov. 14, 
1760, aged 28 years, 1 month and 23 days, and was buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrews- 
bury, N.J. 

1760, Aug. 27. H. Throckmorton died. Shrci:-sbi(ry Christ Church Record. 
1770. There was a Lydia Throckmorton mentioned in the Town Book, of Shrews- 

buiy, N. J. 

1780. Job Throckm.orton was box-n at I'reehold, N. J., this year, and moved to 
Little Georgetown, West Virginia; married and had twelve children. His soii Job 
[fhomas] Throckinortoii, of Berkley County, West Virginia, was born Sept. 16, i^'03; 


•-ri.irricci Apr. 6, 1826, I'.Ii/abcrh SliaiTcr, atui ha^i nine childicii, one of wlioni is Johi) 
jl. Tiirockmorton horn at Wapakoncta, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1844. 

1782, May 4. James Throckinorton was born in New Jer^e> , on this date, and is 
reputed to have had two brothers, John, Jr., and Jdb, wiih lie quarrelled over the 
scJtlenient ot his father's estate. He went in early life, to Ohio, and later to Indiana. 
\lc changed his name to James T. Morton, and was the father of Governor 01i\-cr P. 
Morton, ot Indiana. He died in Keokuk, Iowa. 

1705. James \^'oIcott married for this third wife, bdizabeth 'Idirockmorton, and had: 
Tslee \V. \Volcott born 1795, ^nd nine other children; in all, sixteen children. 

1 8 10, Apr. I4. John Throckmorton, Jr., was buried at Freehold, N. J. 

1S17, June 2^. Eliza Throckmorton, daughter of lames, died. Buried at Slircws- 
hury, N. j: 

1 8 19, May 30. Joseph Throckmorton, son ot Samuel and Mary Throck.morton, 

1823, Apr. 18. Jane Throckmorton was buried at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1823, Oct. 19. John Throckmorton was buried at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

(Jane?), daughter of Samuel and Mary Throckmorton, died June 3, 1756, aged 26 
years, 3 months and 15 days. 

1809, Feb. 16. Joseph. Throckmorton, of Freehold, liceriscd to marry Catherine 
Idulshart, ot How-ell. 

181 1, Apr. 28. Aaron Throckmorton and Nancy Aiven^, widow, licensed to marry; 
both of Upper Freehold. 

1822, July I4. Baptised. Susan, daughter of Forman and Elizabeth Throckmorton, 
born Dec. 10, 1821. 

1837, June 18. Baptised. Charles, son of Wm. Throckmorton and Sarah Nivison, 
born Apr. I4, 1832. Red Bank. 

1837, June 18. Baptised. George, son of Wm. Throckmorton and Sarah Nivison, 
born July 22, 1834. Red Bank. 

1837, July 15. Buried. Mary Throckmorton. Shrev/sbury. 

1838, Dec. 19. Buried. James Throckmorton. Sltrewsbury. 

1 86 1, Aug. 7 Van Hook married to William Henry Throckmorton, of 


Hester Throckmorton dicvl Aug. 4, 1896, aged 43 years. 

CJnist Church Records^ Shreivsbiiry, N. J. 

1829, Aug. 27. (1S20, says Mrs. Sitherwoodj. "Mary 'Idirockmorton died in her 
54th year," and was buried in St. Peter's Churchyard, Freehold, N. J. 

1830. Job Throckmorton was born this year at Martinsburg, \V. ^'a.; married Leah 

1 841, Dec. 14. Margaret Tlirogmorton died aged 88 years, 4 months and r.5 days. 
iIightsto-:.-n Baptist Church. [Born July 20, 1753.] 

1868. Throckmorton A. Allaire died Feb. 12, 1S66, aged 57 years, i month and 
3 days. He mariied Sarah Lounsbu'-y who died Apr. 9, 1S66, aged 51 years, i month 
and 2 days. Buried at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1868, Jan. 3. Nelson Throckniorton died aged 52 years. From c/n abandoned grave- 
yard, IVcsl Long Branch, N. 7. 


\\. rJirockmortcm, who had issue hv -, fVun.,.,- ' " ^ ci •'"' ^•' ' ^^"-'"-v of Harry 

Eiizab^h ^(:■?co;?,,.)'?K„:i;;;^?^r';;;' ;";"•'=" ^-^^^ ="'-■ -- -^ ■^'-'- -» 

Marriages Rfxorded at Freehold, N. J. 

life Ihh 'c ■ 5\^"^^>' Throckmorton and William Johnson. 

Sor W o^' m"'^ Throckmorton and \\'illiam Martin. 

S?-^' 5 )?■ . ^^^^ry Throckmorton and Gilbert Hires. 

9^' ii u Mn 1 hrockmorton and Mary Jones. 

b 4, Mch. 27. Ann Throckmorton and Stephen Van Kerk. 

80^' iT ^'^- ^/'^'"'V/ J^rockmorton and Nellie Maxson. 
ib^S Apr. _. Mary Throckmorton and Elisha Woolev. 

s:Z' i'''": "■ &r"7 Throckmorton and John Williamson. 
1st Ian it S S 'f \ ^'^•■°?'^,"-^7°"' widow, and Chas. Howland Baxter. 
i\,i, Jan. II. Sarah I'urman Throckmorton, ot Shrewsbury, and William 0-dcn 

„ ,, , ^iverson,otMiddletown. u .^mumx u^dcn 

18^^' Knt' o^; SamuelThrockmorton and Mary Lawrence. 
ibj/, Ao\. 22. Jacob Throckmorton and Elizabeth Cook. 
643, Uec. 9. James Throckmorton and Mary Garden. 
840, .\ov. 30. ^arah A r]„-ockmorton and John S. Conlev. 
8c8' Ma;'"^; ^^'-^'•l^^rjuT.ckmorton and Rebecca Ann Martin. 
86. Or? r^' T^^^^"°'-L- Throckmorton and John B. Chapman. 
86^' Nov - r^ r} nrockmorton and William B. Labaw, I\LD. 

S6c' T^n.V '■ ru^'T ft'-^^'T'^o""" ^^ncl Hatta Patterson. 
S^r' -if ^" S-n'^"' Throckmorton and Caroline Mc Gre-or 
1865. Sept. 14. ^^^i- Throckmorton aged forty years, son^of Joseph, and Eliza- 

dau'h!^r fTf' 7l"r' "^'^ '^'""'y y^^'"' of Bordentown, 
.cro T ^ ^ Q'^V='^'^^' ot John J. Johnson. ' 

Im Dec ot F'7"''"f TK Throckmorton and George A. Parker. 

668, Dec. 21. Edward Ihrockmorton and Margaret Clancey 
IS/O, Aug. 10. Lydia Ann Throckmorton and \Villiam H. Co;. 




The first Tiltons in America were established at Lynn, Massachusetts, as early as 
1640-1. Two of them were contemporary, WilHain and John, and a great divergence in 
their years leads one to suspect that the two may have stood in the relation of older and 
much younger brother, unless we give to John a father of like name, which we are dis- 
posed to do because of an allusion in the Court records to the wile of a John Tilton, Jr., 
whose name appears in the presentments of 1642, for non-belief in and contempt of the 
ordinance of baptism. If we accept the existence of a John Tikon, Sr., he would be on a 
parity in age with William Tilton, and there would then be no need to strain the ages 
of William and John, Jr., in order to bring them into the same generation, even though 
there is no proof of the supposed John Tilton, Sr.'s, having come to this country. 

That this supposititious John Tilton, Sr., is of the closest kin to William Tilton, of 
Lynn, and, supposedly his brother, may be justly inferred because of the identity of 
names in the descendants of the two men, viz.: Peter, Samuel, Daniel, Abraham, as 
children o\ William Tilton, of Lynn, which names likewise appear among the six sons of 
John Tilton, the grandson of the supposititious John Tilton, Sr., of Lynn. 

John Tilton's history and movements more intimately concern us, as he was the 
ancestor of the Tiltons of New Jersey. 

How long John Tilton may have sojourned in Lynn prior to 1640, I know not, but it 
was shortly after this date that, actuated in all likelihood by the same feelings of religious 
unrest as possessed I.-ady Deborah Moody, he migrated, probably with her and her 
followers, to New Amsterdam, to secure a place for settlement among the Dutch. He 

*Thio genealogy of the Tilton Family was compiled by me many years ago and revised for me by my friend, the l;ite Rev. 
Uiliiam NNhite I lance, just prior to h'.s cieath. Mr. Hance v/as well qualified to render me this service. His investigation into the 
history of the Tiltons was a profound and continuous labor of many years and a matter of pride and love. In November, iu'i~, Mr. 
Francis Theodore Tilton commenced the publication in serial pamphlet form (still in issuance) his History OJ The Tittm Family in 
/fr-.frica, a \>orV; so exhaustive in character that J have hesitated to proceed v.ith printing my own manurcript. However, upon 
refiection, 1 feel that its omiision in \'oluine V, would be an abrid2;.'.'nient of the Mist'jrial and Gcnealr,^:cu! MisceHtf.y' s \-s.\uz ti.^ 
many whose fam.'.ly histories have been published in the preceding volumes and who are connected by various ties with the Tiltons. 
I have studiously avoir.ed all comparison of Mr. Tilton's w.;rl< with m.y own to avoid the possibility of even unconscious plagiarism. 
1 do not knovj that any differences will occur in tlie facts we present, but should such a situation arise I would advise a prompt 
acceptance of Mr. Tilton's statements in preference to my own as I recognize hi.m as the legitimate historian of tlic Tilton Family. 
Mr. Tilton incorp.ratcs much infnnnatio:. concerning the family alliances and the epochs in v.luch the> live; which, v/ith the personal 
history he supplies his char.acters, makes them live again. Every one may be proud of his Tilton blood and Mr. Irancis Theodore 
Tiltcn's werk vil! grow invaluable 2C "ime gees on. 



apparently iiian-iL\l while residing at l.)-iin, and had born to him there two children at 
least, John, in 1640, and I'ctci', in 1642. in 1644, Sarah, his daughter, was born, per- 
hai\> in New .Anisurdaiii or Cjra\escnd, tluaigh the latter liad not yet become a place of 
organi'/cd settlement, or was ai least too iraich exjiosed to the hardships of early life to 
harbor an_\' exirept the niost liard)' settlers. 

John Tiltun was one ot the first settlers of Gravesend, of which place he was tlie 
Town Clerk from 1643 '^'^^ 1662, and again from 1668 to 1681. 

1646, Feb. 20. In the first division ot distril)ution of farms calletl Fhintal-ons^ ant! of 
lots called Garden Spots, John Tiltcn w-as assigned one of each. 

1652. As agent for iNIr. \Mlliam Bell he bought a farm in Gravesend of Robert 

1655. Jacobus Van Gurler and other Dutch settlers of Gravesend wrote to Director 
Stuyvesant stating their "daih" fears that the strange reports from Hempstead and 
Newtown that the Savages intended killing the Dutch among the English; that the 
Savages had demanded of the English of Gravesend that they should separate frinrt the 
Dutch so that they might not be in any danger; that Tilton and the Magistrates of 
Gravesend have advised the Dutch that it were best they moved away, but if the Dutcli 
would not move the English would do the best they could for them, which tliey tliink 
is poor consolation if the Savages should come; that if they leave Long Island is no 
longer inhabited by the Dutch; that the English continually communicate witli eacli 
other; that yesterday Tilton and the Sheriff of Xewtown came; today they went aw^ay 
again." And they conclude by asking for a moderate force, else an armed vessel to 
carry them, their families and possessions away. 

1656, jNIa)' 14. Letter of John Tilton, Clerk, to Director StuyA^esant iri answer to a 
complaint of Anthony Johnson in respect to intrusion on his, Johnson's, lands. Jn this 
lettei', written for his fellow townsmen of Gravesend, John Tilton alluded to Anthony 
Johnson as a Mohainmedan, and a troublesome person, .... in ti-oublesome time when 
the whole country seems to hang upon uncertainty, and all our lives in jeopard)' as by 
the great supplies Indians have ot arms and ammunitioii. It would appear that John- 
son charged the Gravesenders with encroaching upon the boundary lines of his larm, 
while they countercharged that he invaded the bounds of Gravesend, and accused him 
of being a liar, and called him likewise Anthony thezibi, which means the skunk. 

When the first evangelists ot the Quaker persuasion came to New Netherlands, the 
Governor, Peter Stuy^'esant, it appears, received them kindly, but soon after shewed a 
spirit of bitter hostility to themi as well as to the Lutherans of New Amsterdam and the 
Independents ot Middleberg. And Feb. i, 1656, an ordinance was enacted against those 
who held conventicles here and there within the Province, and against unqualified per- 
sons in such meetings who assumed the ministerial office without being called or ap- 
pointed thereto by ecclesiastical or civil authority, and penalties were trained for any 
infraction of this ordinance. So tar as regards its application to the Lutherans ot New 
Amsterdam, this intolerant law^ was vetoed, June I4, 1656, by the authorities in Holland, 
and while the Director was therefore restrained from interfering with f/iem, the English 
of Gravesend and other towns were not protected in like manner, and were little likely to 
find favor with the home authorities, and consequently might safely be proceeded against. 
Hence, in 1658, on the 8th of January, an order was issued to furnish the Sheriff oi 
Gravesend with a copy of John Tilton 's answer to the charge of entertaining a Quakeress; 
and two days later (Jan. 10) he was sentenced for harboring sonie o\ "the abominable 
sect of Quakers/' and fined £12. and costs. 

Tli;i'OX OF NEW ll'.KSi:^' 133 

On the morning of Jan. 10, 1661, the under schout of New Amsterdam aiu! .Vicholas 
Bayard came from Jamaica to (jravesend having heard there was a Quaker mcetint^ at 
the latter phice. Arri\-iiig at the house of Samuel Spicer, they learned that George 
\N'ilson, a Quaker preacher, had just held a meeting there, Inif being informed of the 
approach of the oflicers had made liis escape by so precipitous a flight as to leave his cloak 
behind. This the officers seized and also arrested Samuel Spicer, who, with Mary, the 
wife of John Tilton, liad attended a Quaker meeting, at Jamaica, the day previous; and 
on the 20th of Januar)-, John Tilton, "tor being at the Quaker meeting January 9, and 
at a Quaker meeting at Gravesend January loth," was sentenced to be banished from 
rhc Province, but, through the influence of Lady Moody, he was pardoned. 

This experience, however, does not seem to have at all intimidated this courageous 
couple, and, September 19, 1662, the Director and Council notifled the magistrates of 
all the English towns on Long Island to assist Resolved Waldron in arresting "all persons 
who attend unlawful or prohibited meetings." At the same time complaint was made 
against John Tilton, for attending meetings ot Quakers and harboring persons of that 
persuasion, and against Mary, his wife, for "attending meetings ot that abominable sect 
called Quakers." They were both arrested and imprisoned, and, October 6th, were 
sentenced to banishment from the Province. The sentence, however, v/as not put into 
execution until the following May, influence having apparently been brought to bear on 
the Director to postpone the carrying of it out until the rigors of winter should be passed. 
But, May 7, 1663, the Fiscal was ordered "to take an inventory of the estate of John 
Tilton, sentenced to banishment," and, May 17th, a warrant was issued to the Sheriff", 
commanding him to remove John and ISlary Tilton out of the Province. In this emerg- 
ency kind friends (Anthony \>'right and others), at Oyster Bay, ofi^ered the banished 
couple a home, which they gladly accepted, and that place, outside the Dutch jurisdic- 
tion, became their residence until the hurling of the despotic Stuyvesant from power, in 
1664, made it possible tor them to return home. 

Upon the banishment of John Tilton, the oliice of Town Clerk became vacant, and 
William Goulding was elected as his successor. John Tilton and his wife removed back 
from Oyster Bay to Gravesend in 1667, and, in 1668, he was again made Town Clerk, 
and annually re-elected to that ofHce till 1681, when John Emans succeeded him. 

1664, Jan. I. Aiviong those to whom land was deeded b}- the Indians at Shrewsbury, 
N. J., we find the names of John Tilton, Sr., and Jr. 

1665. Samuel Spicer and John Tilton, having become owners of Barron Island, sold 
it to Elbert Elberts (Stothoft-'). 

1665, Nov. I. George Baxter sold to John Tilton, of Gravesend, lot No. 19, in 
Gravesend, formerly owned by Thomas Greedye. 

1670, Jan. 5. In the partition of land on Garretson's .Neck and Guisbert's Island, 
into thirty-nine lots, John Tilton was assigned two ot them. 

1672. John Tilton. and John Tilton, Jr., were among those who held land in the 
^^'est meadow, Gravesend. 

1675, Sep. 6. He was commissioned one of tlie Justices of the Peace of King's 

1676, June 26. John Tilton and John Cook, who had been chosen 0\-erscer? of 
Gravesend, being Quakers, refused to take the oatli of oiticc, and. the Court of Sessions 
dispensed with it, directmg them "to give their engagements tc) Mr. Ju-vcice Hubbard to 
perform tlicir duties as overseers, under penalty of perjury," 


1681, Apr. 15. Jolin Tikon, of Gravcsend, sold liis rights in two acres of laiid, lot 
No. 7, on Guishert's Island, to John Carsonson, of Gra\-csend. 

1683. John Tilton, of (iravesend, was assessed on twenty-nine acres of land, one 
horse, five cows, nine sheep, and two hogs. 

16S8/9. John Tilton was among those who received land in Gravesend, iii the 
public division of the same. 

The maiden name of Mary, the wife of John Tilton, is to me unknov.-n. She was 
apparently the mother of all his children. And it was probably she who appeared, 
lacking a Christian name, but described as the wife of John Tilton, Jr., in the present- 
ments of Dec. 14, 1642, tor maintaining that baptism was no ordinance of God. 

She was a woman of strong religious convictions, and was not afraid to assert them. 
The inevitable result was tliat this arrayed lier against the authorities boLJi in New 
England and New Amsterdam. And since she, as well as her husband, was a follower 
of George Fox, she was much persecuted. 

"Goody Tilton w^as not so much condemned for assisting at Conventicles as for 
having, like a sorceress, gone from door to door to lure and seduce tlie people, yea even 
yo\ing girls, to join the Quakers." 

She died. May 23 [29], 1683, at Gravesend, and was no doubt interred in the plot 
her husband later left in his will tor burial purposes. 

John Tilton died, 1688, at Gravesend, leaving the following will: 

I, John Tilton otl" Gravesend in the Kings Countie upon Long Island in Yorksliire, being in Perffect 
meniorie as my last will and testament do heareby make and appoint my louving sonns John Tilton and 
Samuel Spicer my sole and whole executors off all my whole estate, both oft Housing lands goods cattle 
and chattels Debts Dues and demands oft or belonging to mee from any Person or Persons whatsoever 
all which T shall be deceased oft tor them my said executors out of the said estate to paye such legacies as 
heare afFtor mentioned. Itein untor John Paintor tenn Pounds and all my wearing cloathes; Item unto 
John Tilton Jiuiior my dwelling house: and the Remaynder oit mv estate that then shall bee; when all 
debts charges and expenses everie way is ftully satisfied and Payd I doe give unto my chidren as heare- 
afTter fiblloweth: that is unto John Tilton, Peeter Tilion Thomas Tilton Sarah Painter Abigaill Scott 
Estor Spicer Mary Soman, to bee equally devided am.onst them fturther I do give unto my said Execu- 
tors John Tiiton and Samuel Spicer and also unto Wiiliani Richardson a Certain Peace of Land Lying & 
Being in gravesend as aitoresaid f^br a buriall Place which Longe hath, 6c att Present is Inclosed & Palled 
Round ftor that End i\; so L'sed, With a waye out off the Streete Seaven foote broad to goe into itt as bv 
y" Records off the s' Towne Doth 6>; May appeare fior them &: theire Successours & all fFriends in y= 
Everlasting truthe off ye Gospell as occasion Serves fFor Ever to have & to hold and to make use otF to 
burie their Dead Inn; and this is my Will & Pleasure soe to Doe whereunto 1 have sett my hand y= fr'ifieenth 
Day of the Seventh Month in ye Yeare 1687. 

John' Tii.ton- Semor. 
Recorded by order of Court of Sessions, held Ap. 3rd, 16S8, in Kings County. 

1 John Tilton born [4. 4mo.l June 4, 1640; married, first, Mary Coates; second, 

Rebecca Terry. 
3 Peter Tilton born [in ye 11'*' mo., 1641] January, 1642; died i3ec. 10, 1699/ 

1700; married Rebecca Brazier, 
.f^ Sarah Tilton born [4, 3mo.] May 4, 1644; married John Painter. 

5 Ester Tilton born 1647; died Si'p. 24, 1703; married Samuel Spicer. 

6 A.bigail Tilton born 1650; married, first, Ralph \Varner; second, Wi'.liani Scott. 

7 Thomas Ti'ton born [i, imo.l Mch. i, i6;2; removed to Delaware. 


8 Mary Tilton born [in ye 1 imo.] June, 1654; married Henry Bowman. It has 
been thought his name was Carman, but in the will of his tather-in-law it 
seems to liave been spelled bomnn^ with a small letter "b" instead of the 
capital. While the name Carman is found in Monmouth Co., at a little 
later date, Henry Bowman appears to have paid Quit Rents on land that had 
been recorded to him in 1681, and which adjoined some ot Peter Tilton's 

2 JOHN TIJ>TON, son of John Tilton, i, born 4mo. (June), 4, 1640; died probably 
early in the year 1704, his will ha\ing been probated April 17th of that year. He mar- 
ried, first, at Oyster Bay, L. I., 8mo. (Oct.), 10, 1670. Mary Coats, and second, at Flush- 
ing, L. L, jmo. (May), 12, 1674, Rebecca Terry, by whom he appears to have had all his 
children. She died, in ^Iiddletov/n, N. J., icmo. (Dec), 18, 1715. This date for her 
death is found on the Shrewsbury Quaker Meeting Records, ow the same page as, and 
following after the names and dates of birth of the children born to Walter and Sarah 
(Tilton) Herbert. And Sarah Herbert was her own daughter. 

1658, Oct. 10. Thomas Greed)'e, born in Devonshire, England, in his will of this 
date; proved Nov. 4, 165S, devised to his loving friend John Tilton, ot Gravesend, his 
estate, out oi which the said Tilton was to pay his debts, and the remainder he be- 
queathed to Peter Tilton, son of said John Tilton, excepting only one small sum the 
which I have given unto John Tilton, Jr. 

1662, Nov. 16. Order for John Tilton, Jr., to deliver up a boat he had secured. 

1664, imo., 25. John Tilton, Jr., and his brother-in-law, Samuel Spicer, were among 
those named in the first purchase of land, in Monmouth Co., from the Indian Sachem 
Popomora. This deed was acknowledged April 7, 1665, and is on record in the Secretary 
of State's Office, at Albany and in Trenton, as well as in the Proprietors' Office at Perth 

1683, Aug. 13. John Tiiton, Jr., of Gravesend, sold to Martin Petersen (WykotF) 
a plantation in Gravesend. 

1684, Mch. 26. John Tilton, Jr., named as executor in the will of Obadiah Wilkins. 
1691/2, Mch. 8. John Tilton, of Gravesend, sold to Cort Stevenson, of I'latlands, 

all his Gravesend property, for £295, reserving the use for twelve months to remove 
therefrom. About this time he would seem to have left Gravesend to reside in Mon- 
mouth Co. And this deduction is further sustained by the fact that his brother, Peter 
Tilton, and v.'ife Rebecca, were the only Tiltons whose names appear in the Quaker 
Records up to 1692. 

1694, September. He was one of the Grand Jurors independent enough to indict one 
of the Judges then sitting on the bench, and to present another. 

1700, October. He was committed to the custody of the Sheriff for "subscribing a 
seditious paper." 

1700, 9mo., (Nov.), 23. Will of John Tilton, of Middletov/n; proved Apr. 17, 1704. 
In it he makes no mention of his son Abraham Tilton, probably because he was dead at 
the time of its being made. Neither docs the testator refer in it to his youngest daught- 
ers, Mary and Hester. But he does distinctly declare that he had a son Peter Tilton, 
v/ho is not of age, and yet this Peter's name is not given with those ot the other children 
in the Shrewsbury Quaker Recoixls, nor in the hViends Records of New York and 
Mcinity, which gives his childreri and their birth date., as 1 append them. 

'It! sen, Jc;iui liliton, fi'/e shillings; to son Samu-.-i 'iiliton r-ighty-hvc aires of upland aiid dnee of 


meadow, and to his heirs; to daughtLi- Sarah 'I'illton one cow; to my wife, Rebecca Tillton, after my 
decease, my dwelling house, etc., and all my farme, after her tlecease it is to eo to my son Peter I'ilhon and 
his heirs, not yet ;i ; in case ot his death, then to my son Daniel Tillton, and his heirs; if lie die before he 
come of nee, then to my sim Thomas Tillton, and his heirs. If Peter live to he 21, then he is to pav unto 
his two brothers Daniell and Thomas Tillton, fivteen pounds to each; if he die, Daniell shall pay 3c p'ovinds 
to Thomas. Residue to my wite Rebecca Tillton, my Executrix, and after her death, to be equally di- 
vided amongst my children. ftViends, Thomas Hillborn 8: John Llppincott. will be helpful to my wife 
to see my will jicrtormed. 

John Tiltox Sex". 
Witnesses: Remembrance Lippincott, Ben. Lawrence, George Corlcis. 

Inventory ol his personal estate £146-1 i-o. 

9 John Tilton born Apr. 14, 1675; <^ied August, 1731 ; married, July 29, 1703, 

]\Largaret Lippincott, born ^Liy 7, 1683. 
ic Abraham Tilton born Jan. 14, 1676; he is not mentioned in his father's will, 
and the entry of his death is recorded as "son of John Tilton," on the 
Quaker Records, of Flushing, L. L, without date, but between en.tries for 
the years 1684 and 1686. 

11 Samuel Tilton born Mch. 2, 1678; died prior to ^L^y 6, 1743; married, June 

5, 1705, Patience Allen. 

12 Sarah Tilton born Nov. 14, 1680; married, June 2, 1704, Walter Herbert. 

13 Peter Tilton married, November, 1722, Lydia Bills. 

14 Daniel Lilton born Dec. 27, 1682; married, probabj)- as a second wife, Nov. 

6, 17 1 7, Elizabeth Powell. 

15 Thomas Tilton born Dec. 20, 1684; died Jan. 4, 1763; married Faitli Law- 


16 Mary Tilton born Oct. 21, 1686; married James, son of Joseph and Hannah 

(Lawrence) Grover. 

17 Hester Tilton l)orn A])r. 17, 1689; married, Oct. 15, 1719, \"\'illiam Lawrence. 

3 PETER TILTON, son of John Tilton, i, born, January, 1642, at Lynn, Mass.; 
died, in Middletown, N. J., Dec. 15, 1699, 1700. New York marriage licenses show that 
he married, Apr. 22, 1665, Rebecca, daughter of Henry and Susannah Brazier, born 
April, 1648; died, in Aliddletown, Oct. 6, 1700. 

Lie was a witness at various marriages in the Shrewsbury Quaker Meeting, com- 
mencing as early as 1686/7; ^"d the names of his children, together with the dates o( 
their births, are given on the records of that Society. 

1670, July 5. With three others established as Overseers for the town of Shrewsbury. 

1670, Aug. 19. Conveys land to Abraham Browne, the deed being on record at 
Freehold, N.J. 

1676, June 30. Peter Tilton had lands patented to him on Swimming River, ad- 
joining lands of Richard Stout, Jr., and James Grover. These lands were patented to 
them on the same day, and each of the three men was of Middletown. It must have 
been about this time that he moved from Shrewsbury to Middletou'n, for his bon, 
Thomas, was born, accortiing to the Quaker records, in Shrewsbury, in 1676, and died, 
in Middletown, in 1677. 

1679, Jan. I. Constable for Middletown. 

16S1, Jan. I. ChoaJii h\ i!;e firehtildi-rs 01 Midirietown for their deputy. 


1683, June 26. Peter Tilton mentioned in connection witli the County Cc)Ui t, as an 

Oneof the Assessors of Monmouth Co., under the Act of Dec. 5, 1683. 

Peter Tilton, late of Shrewsbury, and now of Marvell Hill, within the province of 
New Jersey, Apr. 13, and 17"' of July, and also 24 of July, 1675, bought land of Nepeson, 
Checawcus, Cawsehoc, Menenvein and Awaycis, Ji\'e of the Indian Sachems ot the town 
called Ramc/.ing also Ramczonk, and agrees with Jos. Grover about boundary, Oct. 7, 

1685, Sep. 23. Subscribes to the oath of ofiice ot James Bowne. 

1686, Oct. 4. Recorded his earmark in the Middletown Town Book. 

1689. He sold land for 20s., to Therlagh Swiney, for the use of his son, John Swiney. 

1691, September. Justice of the Court ot Sessions. 

1694, last day of .August. .As Justice of the Peace, he united in marriage John French 
and Mary White. 

1700, Oct. 19. The inventory of the personal estate of Peter Tillto and his wite, 
Rebecca, by William IMerrell, William Leeds, Jr., and James Grover, Jr. 

1705, September. Mentioned by the Commissioners in laying out a highway, as 
owning property between Hop bridge and Stony brook. 


18 Rebecca Tilton born, at Gravesend, Sep. 6, 1667; married, first. Intentions 

publislied Dec. 7, 16S6, Daniel Applegate; died 171c; married, second, 
William Leeds; died Apr. 27, 1739. 

19 John Tilton born, at Shrewsbury, ^\c\\. 11, 1669; married Elizabeth .... 

20 Peter Tilton born Apr. jo, 1672; married 

21 Mary Tilton born Nov. 8, 1675; died Aug. 31, 1678. 

22 Thonias Tilton born Sep. 20, 1676; died, at Middletown, May, 1677. 

23 Ester Tilton born, at Middletown, Aug. 5, 1678; died prior to June 2, 1704; 

married, as his tirst wite, Richard Stout. 

24 Daniel Tilton born Sep. 9, 1679; married Sarah WyckhofF. 

25 Mary Tilton born Feb. 2, 16S1; married, as his second wite, prior to June 2, 

T704, Richard Stout. 

26 Catorn Tilton born Sep. 14, 1684; married Hugh, son of Richard Hartshorne, 

born 16S5; died 1742; see Hartshorne Family \\\ Stiikveil Miscelhiny . 
1~l Henry Tilton born Jan. 24, 1686; alive Nov. 29, 1709. 
28 Samuel Tilton born Mch. 17, 1690; died 1764; married, first, ; second, 

by license dated Feb. 4, 1744, Elizabeth Willett. 

5 ESTER TILTON, daughter of John Tilton, i, born 1647; died^Sep. 24, 1703; 
married, at Oyster Bay, Long Island, by license dated May 21, i^^S-, Samuel, son or 
Thomas and Michal Spiccr; died 1699. 

1692, Sep. 13. Will of Samuel Spicer, of ^Vcst Jersey. In it he mentioned: 

wife, sons Jacob, Thomas, Sninuel; daughter Mary, the v.ife of Jeremiah Rates; daughters Sar;'h, 
Martha and Abigail Spicer. 

1699/17CO, Mch. "1 2. Letters testamentary were granted to his v.idow and executrix, 
Hester Spicer. 


1702, July 27. ^Vill of Hester Spicer, mentioned: 

sons Jacob ami I'homas; dnuirhters Martha and Abigail; prandcliildrcn Marv, Sarali, Martha and 
Abigail, children of ray dauglucr Mary, the wite of Jeremiah Hates, and Samuel, son of my d-.'.ughter 
Sarah, the v.ite of Daniel Cooper. 

Executors: son Jacob, and son-in-law Cooper. 

6 ABIGAIL TILTOX, daughter of John Tilton, i, born 1650; married, A^ Y. 
Marriage Licenses, May 15, 1669, Ralph Warner, who was buried Apl. 24, 1678; see 
Hoiteyi's List oj Emigrants; she petitioned the Court, at Gravesend, Dec. iS, 1678, to be 
freed from the debts of her husband because he left so little to Jierself and chiildren. 

After the death ol her hrst husband, Abigail married, A'". Y. Marriage Licenses, 
Feb. 7, 1678, William Scott,* born probably not later than 1639, as he bought, May 31, 
1660, a house and garden, at Gravesend, of Nicholas Stillwell. They renio\'ed irum 
Gravesend to Shrewsbury, probably in 1682/3. 

Issue by fii-st husband 

Mary Warner born, at New Utrick, April . . , 

Ralfe Warner born at Brookland, June .., 167-. He was a witness at the 
marriage of ^Abraham Brown and Leah Clayton, Sep. 29, 1692, and the 
inventory of his estate was taken July 22, 1695. His step-father, William 
Scott, and his mother, Abigail Scott, administered on his estate. 

Issue by second husband 
John Scott born, at Gravesend, Jan. 9, 1680; married Mary Bills. 
William Scott born, at Gravesend, Oct. 8, 16S1 ; died the end ot December, 1682. 
William Scott born, in Shrewsbury, Dec. 2<, 1683; died at Shrewsbury, jai:. S, 

Samuel Scott born, in Shrewsbury, May 31, 1685. 

Peter Scott born, in Shrewsbury, Sep. 27, 16S7; died at Shrewsbury, Oct. 2, 1687. 
Female* not named; born Nov. 15, 1688. 
Esther Scott born, in Shrewsbury, Dec. 6, 1689. 

7 THOALAS TILTON, son of John Tilton, i, born Mch. i, 1652; removed to 

1678. Thomas Tilton was witness to a deed in Gravesend, L. I. 

In direct descent from this Thomas Tilton, 7, who removed to Delaware, was James 
Tilton, a reputed son, but undoubtedly he was a grandson instead, as records on file at 
Washington, in the Pension Department, state that he was about sixty-nine or seventy 
years of age, in 18 13, and died May 14, 1822. This would make him to have been born 
about 1743 or 1744, and his alleged lather, Thomas, would have been about ninety-nve 
years of age at his birth, which demonstrates tliat he was a grandson rather than a son 
of the said Thomas. 

It is further shown by the records of the War Department, at Washington, that 
James Tillon, surgeon. Colonel John Haslctt's Delaware Regiment, Revolutionary War, 
was commissioned, Jan. 13, 1776, and was honorably discharged at the expiration o! one 
year; that he was appointed physician and surgeon-general. United States Arriiy, June 

*Sce IJi^tcry of the Scon 7,.// ./v , by ilic ke::Teysa ,ir:hur o. Cote, '•/ Md'ias^uar., ,V. J. 

TILTOX 01' NF.W JI-.U.SEY 139 

II, 1S13, and was honorably disclinrgcd June 15, 1S15. 1 le was pensioned for diisabilhies 
contrated during this service* 

li has Hkewise been stated of him that he was a Meniber of Congress. 

Dr. James Tilton appears to liave made some elTorts to trace his relationship with 
the New Jersey line, and to have given to members ot it some items concerning his own. 
To him is ascribed the statement that Thomas Tilton, 7, had 

John Tilton who was lost at sea 

Joseph Tilton who married and had sundry children 
Thomas Tilton 
James Tilton 

Nehemiah Tilton; a Major in the Revolutionary War; married, and had a 
large family. 

9 JOHN TILTON, son of John Tilton, 2, born Apr. 14, 1675; f'ie<^^ i/ji; married, 
July 29, 1703, Margaret, daughter of John and Ann (Barber) Lippi)Kott, born May 7, 

1 73 1, Aug. II. \\ ill of John Tilton, of Middletown, yeoman; proved by the affirma- 
tion of Robert Tilton and his brother, Nathan Tilton, executors of their father, John 
Tilton, also by the affirmation of Joseph l.awrence and Jacob Dennis, Oct. 9, 173/. In 
it he mentioned: 

eldest son Robert Tilton, the easterly part of liis plantation, adjoining Samuel Tilton and Swimming 
River; soi; Nathan Tilton, to ha\-e upland and meadow adjoining "my brother Peter," and Samuel 
Dennis's Sawmill brook; youngest son John Tilton, to have "the remaining or m.'.ddle parr ot my farm 
lying betv.ccn his said two brothers." "It" anv of the said three sons die before they reach the age of 

twenty one years." "each of iny six children." My three daughters, viz.: Anne Tilton, ?>Iargaret, 

Hester Tilton; my said son Nathan Tilton to oversee what I have given to his Brotlier, my said youngest 
son, John Tilton, t'll he come to ih.e age of twenty-one years. 

Executors: my two sons Robert and Nathan Tilton, and my two brothers Daniel Tilton and Peter 

Witnesses: Joseph Lawrence, Lucas Whit, Richard Bartlet [his mark], Jacob Dennis. 

ic) Robert 'Hlton, eldest son, died Oct. 2^, 1762, married, Jan. 6, 1731, Miriam 

30 Nathan 7'ilton died Mch. 30, 1788; married, Nov. 25, 1735, Increase Lippin- 


31 John Tilton youngest son; probably married, by license dated Feb. 15, 1742, 

Elizabeth Lane. 

32 Anne Tilton witness at the marriage of her brother Robert Tiltoii, Jan. fi, 

1731, to Miriam Allen. 
2,2, Margaret Tilton 
34 Hester Tilton 

11 SAMUEL TILTON, soii of John Tilton, 2, born Mch. 2, 1678; died 1745; mar- 
ried, at Friends' Meeting House, June 5, 1705, Patience, daughter of Jedediah and 
Elizabeth (Howland) Allen, born May 8, 1683; died i";^4^- 

1736/7, Feb. 22. Samuel Tilton, of ^liddll;.tov. n, conveys land to his ehlcs! son, 

•l.'r. jarres Ti!ron w:i- -r:,,h,:ueu }ut-^ "i, r,'''. Iron, the NicJi^.;! U^partmc:;: of ihc Colkvc of Philnd-.l-'hi-', I',-'. 


Abraham Tilton, of Nottingham, by a deed to wliich Sanuiel Tilton, Jr., is a witncr-s; 
described as hind \vhercon he now dwells in Nouinyham. 

1/45' ^Liy 6. ],ctters of administration gix-cn on his estate to Patience Allen his 
widow. Lu'cntory £",^94. 

1748, May 13. Administration granted on her estate to Abraham Tilton (lier son). 


35 Patience Tilton born Sep. i, 1717; died ^Lly 18, 1778; married, Thomas 

IMiddleton, Jan. 15, 1735. 

36 Esther Tilton born 1722; died Oct. 24, 1796; married 1745, William Lippin- 


37 Abraham Tilton died 1761/2; married, December, 1748, Elizabeth Thornc, 

born May ;;, 1724. 

38 Elizabeth Tilton 

39 Rebecca Tilton; perhaps it was this Rebecca Tilton who married, February, 

1749, Robert, son ot Joseph Lippincott. 

40 Sarah Tilton married Joseph Killey 

41 Hannah Tilton married, by license dated Aug. 20, 1747, Joseph Killey. 

42 Samuel Tilton, Jr. 

12 SARAH TILTON, daughter of John Tilton, 2, born Nov. 14, i6Sc; married, 
at the house of Rebecca Tilton, in Middletown, June 2, 1704, Walter Llerbert, of Shrews- 
bury, died January, 1755. 

Walter Herbert was a physician, and had married Deborah .... by whom he had 

Walter Herbert, born, in Shrewsbury, Jan. 25, 1701. 

He married Sarah Tilton, as given above, for his second wife, and, after 
her death, he married, third, by license dated Jan. 13, 1741, Phebe Alount, 

1755, Jan. 20. \n his will of this date; proved Jan. 27, 1755, he refers to 
his wife, Pheby; to the children of his sons, Walter, Paul and Timothy; 
and names his four daughters as Meriby Curtis, Sarah Worth, Lydia 
Brewer and Deborah Flerbert. 

/jj;/t' by second wife 
Rebecca Plerbert born, in Middletown, March 6, 1704/5; married, second, 

intentions, June i, 1724, John Curtis. 
Deborah Herbert born, in Middletown, Feb. i, 1706. 
Timothy Llerbert born, in Shrewsbury, Apl. 2, 1709; married, first, intentions 

Jan. 7, 1733, Sarah Bills. 
Esther Herbert born in Shrewsbury, Mch. 18, 1710/11; married, June, 1734, 

James Irons. 
Meribah Herbert born, in Shrewsbury, Feb. 10, 171 2; married, June, 1734, 

David Curtis. 

Paule Herbert born, in Shrewsbury, Aug. i, 1715, married, 

Sarah Llerbert born, in Shrewsbury, 171-; married, by license dated Apr. 

17, T742. Edward PaUf-'son Wuvrh. 


L}-c'ia IlLrhcrf married, by license dated May 19, J742, William r>re\ver, 
born May 9, 172::. 

13 PETER TILTOX, son of Jnhii Tikon, 2. Me is not mentioned \\\[h the ntlier 
children of Joh'i Tilton, 2, on the Quaker birth records, but is called son, by hii7i in his 
will, and said not to be of age at tlie time will was mrale. He is called brother, in the 
will ot John Tilton, q, and named by him as one of his executors. 

I705> J'^'iic 5. He signed, with the rest of the relatives, as a witness at the iiiarriage 
of his brother, Samuel, 12, to Patience Allen. 

1717, Nov. 6. His naine occurs again in this same prominent position, as a v.'itncss, 
when his brother, Daniel, 14, marries Elizabeth Powell. And it was at his house, in 
Middletown, that his sister, Esther, married William EawrenceOct. is, 17 19. 

His second intentions of marriage were published, in the Shrewsbury Moiithlv 
Meeting of Women, Nov. 5, 1722, v.ith Lydia Bills. I suspect she was a sister to that 
Elizabeth Avho joined with Peter Tilton, as his wife, in conveying land, Dec. 2, 171 7, 
when the witnesses to the deed were Thomas Bills, David Allen, Thomas Bills, Jr., and 
John Louis Pintard, in other words that this Peter I'ilton, 13, married, first, Elizabeth 
Bills, and secor.d, in 1722, her sister, Lydia Bills. But that is merely a supposition. 

1750. Apr. 19. Will of Peter Tilton, of Monmouth Co.; proved Mch. 28, 1761, 

daughter Abigail Potter, £50; son Daniel Tilton, £100; daughters Lydia Tilton and Hannali Tilton, 
each, £50; son Amos Tilton, wiioni he makes executor, and residuary legatee. 

Inventory £y;o-i2-o. 


43 Abigail Tilton born Sep. 22, 1723; died prior to Feb. 4, 1808; married Josepii 


44 Daniel Tilton, born No\'. 5, 1725; died Aug. 21, 17S0; married, Elizabeth .... 

45 Amos Tilton born Oct. 6, 1727; died Oct. 15, 1765. 

46 Lyd"a Tilton born Mav 15, 1731; will made Feb. 4, i8c8; proved Mch. 28, 


47 Hannah Tilton born Oct. 27, 1735; married, Nov. 4, 1766, John Lippincott. 

14 DANIEL TILTON, son of John Tilton, 2, born Dec. 27, 1682; married, prob- 
ably for his second wife, Nov. 6, 1717, Elizabeth Powell. 

1743/4, jM''^t"ch 5. He complained to the Shrewsbury Quaker Meeting against his 
brother, Samuel Tilton, 1 1, for encroaching on his land. 

24 August 1723 

Mi.N'uiLs oy THE Court 

r- T^ • 1 'i-i f Jeremiah Stillv.ell esq. sworn for the plaintif 6v; a deed from John Bay'ev 

Case : Darnel 1 ilton > i u t! c run . ci- 1 .u r- 1 ' 

I to John bowne, one from John Bowne to hnzaueth Cirover, one horn 

T71- 1 X^ T) I I Gershom Stillwell & Elizabeth his wife to Hush read fo^ 

Ehzabeth Bayley i p|a;..t;f_ 

Freehold, County Clerk's Ojfiee. 

His will, made Oct. 14, 1749, and proved Nov. 13, 1749, mentioned: 
Children John Tilton, ?v!ary Ridgway, Margaret, wife of William Lawrence, Ann, 
Sarah, Pliebe and Lydia; his daugh.ters each receive £ico, etc. 
Executors: R(>bert r<nd Nathan 'J'ilton. 


4S John Tilton, of Middlctown; m:uTii.i.' liy license dated Mcli. \.\, I7>:, I-'riiiK-es 
Thomson, spinsler; William Lawrence, surety. l-Vechold Muri&aijes, A, 
page 68, Jan. 27, 1769, shows John Tilton, of Middletown, and Frances, 
his wite, giving a mortgage on land that was hounded In Jacob Flendrick- 
son, Samuel Tilton and Swimming River. 

49 iSIary Tilton; second intentions, Burlington Meeting, Oct. i, 1744, married, 

Oct. TO, 1744, Job Ridgway, Jr., of Little Egg Harbor, son of Thomas. 
\Vitnesses: Daniel, Margaret, Sarah and Phebe Tilton. 

50 Margaret Tilton married, at the house of Daniel Tilton, May 5, 1748, 

\Villiam, son ot Richard and .Alice Lawrence; both of Middletown, born 
Dec. 13, 1719. 

51 Ann Tilton married, second intentions, July 3, 175S', John Harvey. 

52 Sarah Tilton 

c,!, Phebe Tilton. Perhaps it was she who married, by license dated Feb. 28, 
1760, Humphrey Wady; Christopher Tallman, surety. 

54 Lydia Tilton married, second intentions, May 3, 1756, Job Marvey. 

In his ir.ventory appears, "six silver spoons &: a silver bowle." He resided at ^lid- 
dlctown, and was well-off financially. 

15 TFIOMAS TILTON, son of John Tilton, 2, born Dec. 20, 1684; died Ja!i. 4, 
1763; married, second intentions, Oct. 7, 1717, Faith, daughter of Joseph and Sarah 
(Worth) Lav/rence. 

Trenton Deeds, K-2, page 544, records the conveyance of a piece of property, June 
27, 1741, by Joseph Lawrence, ot Shrewsbury, to Faitli Tilton, ol Shrewsbury, daughter 
of the said Joseph Lawrence. 

1713, Oct. 13. Referred to as owning a mill dam when a road was laid out from 
Middletown to Chinquerors. Book D, 0/ Deeds, at Freehold. 

The following undated paper was in the possession of the late James Steen, Esq., of 
Eatontown, N. J., and was evidently the memorandum for drav/ing up of the deed, dated 
3mo., 4, 1765, on record at Freehold. 

The persons mentioned were daughters of Thomas Tilton, who died, Jan. 4, 1763, 
giving the power to act on their behalf to their brother Thomas Tilton, and their brothers- 
in-law Samuel Lawrence and Benjamin Borden. 

"Power of Attorney from Sarah the widow of Ebenezer Cook; Rebecca the wife of Ben')amin Borden; 
Esther tlie wife of Amos White; Elizabeth; Hannah the wife ot Richard Borden; Mary the wife of Sanuiel 
Lawrence; Rachel; Patience the wife of John Curtis; Lydia the widow ot Herbert Curtis; and Deborah, 
toThonias Tilton, Samuel Lawrence and Benjamin Borden, to convey the land mentioned in this deed." 


55 Sarah Tilton born Sep. 10, 1718; married. May, 1741, Ebenezcr Cc;ok. 

56 Rebecca Tilton born July 4, 1720; married, Dec. 29, 1757, Ji:-njarnin, son of 

'Lhomas and Margaret Borden; no issue. 

57 Esther Tilton born May 10, 1722; died Aug. 11, 1777; married, first, Jere- 

miah Borden; married, second, Aiiios \\ hite. 

58 Elizabeth Tilton born Meh. 26, 1724; died single, upwards of 90 years of age. 

59 Llannah Tilron boni June 24, I72''i; married, July 22, 1758, Richard, son of 

Thomas and Margaret Borden. 

60 Mary I'ilton born Apl. 16, 1728, .married, by license dated No^'. ij, Lo''; 

TlL'rON OF NKW Jl'.KSi:^' 143 

Samviel Lawrence; John Curtis, Jj\, surety. Had gran(.l.s(jn, jarncs 

61 Rachel Tiltnii born July 14, 1 730; died unmarried. 

62 Thomas Tilron born A}il. I4, 1732; died PvLarch, 181 1. 

63 Patience Tilron born Jan. 3, I735''6; m'arried Nov. iS, 1756, John son of 

John and Rebecca (Herbert) Curtis, Jr. A'(V Curiis I-'ani/y, Sliiiivcll Mis- 

64 Lydia Tiltori born Mch. 5, 1738; niarricd, first, Herbert Curtis; second, 

^Villiam Pierce. 

65 John Tilton born May 5, 1739; married, by license dated July 23, 1766, 

Elizabeth Giftord. 

66 Deborali Tilton born Dec. 21, 1740; married, by license dated Fe'.i. 22, 1766, 

Joseph Lawrence, Jr., ot Shrewsbury; William Morton, surety; married, 
second, Dec. 9, 1767, Joseph Hahurst. 

67 Joseph Tilton born Dec. 24, 1741 ; married Deborah Potter. 

]G MARY TIL^T;N, daughter of John Tilton, 2, born Oct. 21, 16S6; married, 
prior to Nov. 6, 1717, James, son of Joseph and Hannah (Lawrence) Grover. They were 
witnesses on that date to the marriage ot her brother to Elizabeth Powell, and on Oct. 
15, 1719, of her sister, Esther, to William LawTence. 

1735, Jan. 15. She was witness at marriage of her niece, Patience Tilton, to Thomas 
Middleton, and, Oct. 10, 1739, they were both present when William iMorris married 
Elizabeth Brewer. 

Thurlovv' Sv>yny, in his will, dated March 5, 16S3/4, makes him the legatee of his 
house and land, in Middletown township, in case his own son, John, then under age, 
should die without issue. 

1695/6, Jan. 29. He recorded the eannark that had belonged to his father, Joseph. 

Joseph Grover, his father, in making his will, Dec. 7, 1688, names his Vvile, Hannah; 
this son, James; his daughters, without giving their names, and speaks of an expected 
child. N. y. Arch. Vol. XXI, page 168. 

On page 322 of the same volume, their names are given as Mary, Hannah, Eliza- 
beth, Rebecca, Susannah and Deborah. 

East Jersey Records, D, page 154, has an affidavit from Sylvanus Gro\-er, made 
Mch. 16, 1787, in which he calls himselt the grandson ot Joseph Grover. Therefore, 
unless Sylvanus was the son of that "expected child," we get 

Sylvanus Grover married, by license dated Dec. i, 1757, Valeria, daughter 
of Robert and Miriam (Allen) Tilton; Andrew Bowne as surety born Aug. 
4, 1736, died Aug. 2, 1761. 

18 REBECCA TILTON, daughter of Peter Tilton, 3, born Sep. 6, 1667; married, 
first, intentions published .Shrewsbury Women's Monthly ^Ieeting, Dec. 7, 16S6, Daniel 
son ot Thomas Applegate, Sr., and wife, Johaniia, of Middletown, and giandson ot 
Richard Gibbons. 

He died, jjrobably, in 17 10, his will being dated Oct. 15, 1709, and proved Sep. 7, 
1710. Ln it lie calls himself Daniel Applegate, Sr., of Middletown, names wife, l^ebecca; 
eldest son, John; and children Jacob, liarth.olomew, Ebenezer, .Susannah, Hannah, 
Mary and Rebecca. 

144 HISTORICAL M!^C]:LL.\\'^' 

After his death, l\ebecca married, Jan. 9, r;To/ii, William Leeds,* rcccM'd in 
Christ Clunxh, Shrewshur)', reads that he tiied April 27, 1739; this is on th.c fl)--leaf ot' the 
covert)! the minutes oi that Church. 

In liis will, dated. Jvme 20, 17,';5, and proved Nov. 20, 1739, he rcfei's to his wife, 
Rebecca, and leaves his personalty, after that v.ite's death, to Rebecca Grace) aiul 
Ebenezcr Applegate, children of the said wife. Then follows a legacy to Abigail Apple- 
gate, daughter ot Richard Applegate, that leads me to think Richard was a son, and 
Abigail a grand daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Tilton) Applegate. 

1697, June I. Peter and Rebecca Tilton convey one hundred acres ot Inrid to their 
daughter Rebecca, the wile oi Daniel Applegate, between Hop and Swiniining Rivers, 

John Applegate; possibly it was he who married Hannah 

Samuel Applegate; baptised, at Cranbury, Mch. 25, 1747. 
Rebecca Applegate; baptised, at Cranbury, Mch. 7, 1750. 
Hannah Applegate; baptised, at Cranbury, May 14, 1753. 
Richard Applegate married 

Abigail Applegate 
Jacob Applegate 
Bartholomew .■\pplegate 
Ebenezer Applegate married, by license dated July 9, 1743, ^Lary Imlay; 

Peter Tilton as surety. 
Susannah Applegate 
Hannah Applegate 
Mary Applegate 
Rebecca Applegate married Mr. Gracey 

19 JOHN TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 3, born March 11, 1669; married Eliza- 

1708, Nov. 2. John Tilton, carpenter, and Elizabeth, his wife, conve}' land to his 
brothers, Henry and Samuel Tilton, sons of Peter Tilton. FrccJioId Deeds. 

20 PETER TILTON, son of Peter Tiltori, 3, born Apr. 10, 1672; is called an 
Innholdei-, of Middletown, June 15, 1699, when he mortgages one hundred acres oJ land 
that had beeri conveyed to him by his father on tlie 28th ot the preceding March. 

His earmark is recorded March 2, 1695/6, in the Middletown Town Briok, and he 
is called uncle, by Benjamin Carmin when the same mark is taken up by ])im, Jan. 19, 


He is a witness at the inarriage of his cousin Sarah Tilton, 12, to Walter Herbert, 
June 2, 1704, as is also Elizabeth Tilton, who may possibly have been his wile, since the 
other Elizabeth Tilton then present and signing was tioubtless the wife oi his brother, 
John, 19. 

1709, Nov. 10. He conveys land to his brothers, Henry, Samuel and John Tilton, 
in a deed wherein his lirother Daniel is not mentioned. 

*Thc oriyir.ul Ccrtil'icatc fo: tiiib marria'je, iibUCii by Obajlah Bownc, ii in tlie potsessioii of Dr. J. F.. Stillv/cll. 


1731, Mch. 4. Adrnini^triition was granted on his e<;tate to AbcU Tillrtin, son nnti 
heir and administrator of Peter Tilton, hite of Freehold, Millwriglu-. 

1733, May 4. A deed is on record, from Abel Tilton, of Freehold, and Martha, his 
wife, to William \'aughan, ot Middlctown, when there signed as witnesses to the trans- 
action Abraham Wilder, Peter Tilton, Benjamin Carman, Sylvester Tilton, and Josei/ih 
Tilton. On account ot there being so many Tilton witnesses to this deed, it scenis most 
likely that they were the brothers of Abel Tilton, the grantor and heir oi Peter, 20. 

1731/2, Feb. 26. The inventory of his estate was taken £89-10-103-2. 


68 Abel Tilton married Martha 

69 Silvester Tilton married, by license dated Apr. 3, 1739, Hannah \'ahan, 


70 Joseph Tilton married, by license dated June 13, 1739, Catharine daughter of 

John and Mary Mount, who give their consent: Abel Tilton, carpenter, 
being surety. 

71 Silas Tilton married, by license dated Nov. 3, 1739, Phebe Mount, spinster; 

Peter Tiltoii, carpenter, surety. 

72 John Tilton, carpenter; married, by license dated Aug. 14, 1744, Rebekah 

Applegate, spinster; Silvester Tilton, carpenter, surety. 

73 Peter Tilton, carpenter; married, by license dated Jan. 29, 1745, Marg?rct 

Imlay, spinster; Silvester Tilton, carpenter, surety. 

23 ESTER TILTON, daughter of Peter Tilton, 3, born Aug. 5, 1678; died prior 
to 1701; married, as his first wife, Richard, son of John, and grandson of Richard and 

Penelope Stout. 

Esther Stout born prior to her half-brother John; died prior to Sep. 19, :74-; ; 
married as his first wife, about 17 16, Benjamin, son of John and Mercy 
(Potter) Woolley, born Feb. 25, 1692. She was the mother ol the seven 
children whose births are recorded on the Quaker records at Shrewsbury. 

24 DANIEL TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 1, born Sep. 9, 1679; married Sarah 

1702, June 17. Recorded his earmark in Middletown Town Book. 
1747/8, Feb. 15. Will of Daniel Tilton, Sr., of Freehold, proved May 31, 1748, 

wife Sarah; oldest son Peter Tilton, and his son Samuel; son John; daughters Hannah and; 
children of my daughter Sarah; executors: son Daniel and Williarn Waycoft; youngest son Mott, X'ico; 
sons John, Samuel and Joseph. Witnesses: Daniel Tilton, Benjamin Carman, Arthur Rowland, Joseph 

1752, Nov. 28. Apparently his v.'idow married, by license of this dace, Samuel ^^il- 
lett; Thomas Ra;toon being surety on the bond. 

•June 5, 1705. Dani=!Tiltcn aii:i wife Sarah, of Mi Jdletown, N'J., -"id Mary WyckoiT, of Gravtiend, rcll:! of Martin l' 
WyckofF, late o! GrriV'^i'jnu, deceased, conveyed for £64, two-sevenths of tlie land."! ar.d meadows of their father ^lartin I'cler>';r. 
Wyt'Kc ff. £iii. ///, p. log. 



74 Peter Tilton nianicd 

75 Sarah Tilton married ; and liad issue remembered in the wil! of tlicir 

grandfather. The late Miss Anna North stated that Daniel Tilton, a 
grandson of the first John Tilton had two daughters, Sarah and Mannah, 
one of whom married Joseph Killey. They may be 75 and 77. 

76 John Tilto!! 

77 Hannah Tilton 

78 Catharine Tilton 

79 Daniel Tilton married, by license dated Nov. 16, 1747, Mary, daughter of 

William \'an Nort; Peter Patterson being surety. 

80 Samuel 'J'ilton 

81 Joseph Tilton, "carpenter;" iiiarried, by license dated Mch. 23, 1749, Mary 

Patterson; John Patterson being surety. This Joseph was himself surety 
on the bond for the marriage liceiise of John Watson and Jannett Camp- 
bell^, Sep. 29, 1744. 

82 Mott Tilton; youngest son. 

Danie! Tilton, 24, by his wife Sarah WyckholT, had a son John Tilton, 76. 

John Tilton, 76, son of Daniel Tilton, 24, married Ann Applegate and had a son: 

Capt. Jacob Tilton, who married Charity Hagerman, and who served in the Aincr- 
ican Army during the Revolution. They in turn had: 

Sarah Tilton who married William Johnson, and their daughter Emeline Johiison, 
married the eminent shipbuilder John Roach, who had issue: William Henry Roach, 
John R. Roach, of Chester, Pa., Garret Roach, of New York City (father of Steplien G, 
and Belden Roach), Stephen Roach who died Vv'ithout issue, Sarah Roach, v.'ho married 
William F. McPherson, and iNIiss Emeline Roach, of 1 150 Fifth .-\ venue, New York City, 
N. Y., March, 1930. 

Capt. Jacob Tilton lived at Kettle Creek, now Siherton, N. J. 

Mrs. John F'ranklin Kitts, 114 East 8ist St., New York, has made an exhaustive 
study of this branch of the family. 

25 MARY TILTON, daughter of Peter Tilton, 3, born Feb. 2, 1681; married, as 
his second wife, Richard, son of John Stout. 

1704, June 2. Richard and Mary Stout were witnesses at the marriage of her cousin, 
Sarah Tilton, 12, to Walter Herbert. 

1709, Sep. 26. Richard Stout, Sr., and Mary lus wife, reserve a piece of land v.-here 
the said Richard's "former wife lies buried." 

1749, Dec. 8. He made liis will, which was proved Jan. 17, 1749. 

John Stout born Jan. 8, 1701; died, Aug. 16, 1782, aged 81, 7, 8; married 

Margaret Taylor, daughter of John; she died June 5, 1793. 
Jonathan Stout, born Mch. 16, 1704; died Apr. 17, 1775; married, prior to 

Feb. 27, 1728/9, Leah, daughter of Amos White. 
Mary Stout married James Grover 
Catherine Stout mnrried, by license dated Nov. 2, 1730, John, son of Joseph 

and Ruth (Greenland) Stout. 
Rebecca Stout married George Taylor 

TIL'l'ON OF NE^^• jERSKY 147 

28 SAMUEL TILTON, "cooper," son of Peter Tikon, 7, horn Mch. 17, 1693; 

married, first, ; second, by license dated Feb. 4, 1744, Elizabeth Willetr, s]>inster; 

William Matlock being surety on the bond. She was living in 1764. 

1709, Nov. 29. Henry and Samuel Tikon, yeomen, of Middletown, sons of Peter 
Tikon, deceased, convey land by a deed 0} this date. And Samuel 'Ilkon, not being 
twenty-one years of age at tlic time, signs the deed again, Apr. 7, 171 1. 

1758, July 7. Will of Samuel Tikon, of Middletown; proved Aug. 3, 1764, mentions: 

wife Elizabeth; son Peter Tilton; son S.-imucl Tilton; 4 sons, Nathaniel, Peter, Thomas, John; 
2 daughters, Susannah and Rebecca Tilton. 

Witnesses: Thomas StilKvell, Jeremiah Stillwell, Edward Burrowes. 


83 Peter Tikon. Oct. 22, 1767, Peter Tikon, son of Samuel, of Middletown, 

mortgages land that Samuel bought of Thomas Stillwell Mch. 16, 1715. 
It has been suggested that he may be the one whose will is given in the 
unconnected notes following. 

84 Samuel Tilton married, by license dated Jan. 6, 1749, Mary Passel; Job 

Throckmorton as surety. 

85 Nathaniel Tilton married, by license dated Jan. 10, 1761, Ellinor Johnston 

(perhaps a widow); Jonathan Stout as surety. 

86 Thomas Tilton married, by license dated June 17, 1758, Mrs. Mary Thomson, 


87 John Tilton 

88 Susannah Tilton married, by license dated Mch. 4, 1742/3, Peter Fernall; 

Samuel Tilton and Josiah Parker as sureties. 

89 Rebecca Tikon 

29 ROBERT TILTON, son of John Tilton, 9, was called the eldest son by his 
father, in his will. He died Oct. 23, 1762; married, at Friends' Meeting House, Shrews- 
bury, Jan. 6, 173], Miriam, daughter of Ralph and Margaret (Denn) Allen, born Dec. 2, 
1712; died Mch. 7, 1787. 

After the death of her first husband, Miriam married (William?) Lowrie, and the 
date ot lier death, as Miriam Lowrie, is given in the Quaker Records as occurring 3mo., 
I, 178 1. But the former date, Mch. 7, 1787, is what is given in the old family Bible 
from w hich many of the other dates concerning this family v/ere obtained.* 

1756, 2mo., 2. Robert Tilton was one of those appointed to see that burials were 
made in the Quaker yard according to the rule established. 

1762, Joir.o., II. 'Will of Robert Tilton, of Middletown; proved Nov. i, 1762. 

wife Miriam, £100, e^c; son Obcdiah, one-half of his farm in Shrewsbury; son David not yet 21; 
son Jedediah, to have his schooling, £300, etc.; daughters, Deborah, £jO; Dinah £yo; Miriam, £^c; 
kinsman Amos Tilton 

Inventory £6j6. 


90 Margaret Tilton horn Nov. 18, 1733; died Aug. 31, 1762. 

*Tlils I»ib!s u'.-u h;u! the fulluvvipg entries in it, i>'jt I do not kno-.v v,!io arc the persons rdcrreJ to. 

John Barlrcr, l)orn Iimc i:. i"S4. 
Mary;-, hii \v:ft, born \'::j 2, 1756. 


91 Deborah Tikon born Jan. ti, 1734; married, between April 5 and May 3, 

1756, Anthony Woodward, Jr., son of Anthony and Constance (Williams) 
Woodward, of Chesterfield. 

92 Valariah Tilton born 4, 17,-^/'; died Aug. a, 1761; married, by license 

dated Dec. i, 1757, Silvanus Grcnxr, of iMiddletown. He was alive Oct. 
10, 1792. 

93 Obediah Tilton born Jan. 18, 1738- died Oct. 19, 181S; married, Hannah 


94 Dinah Tilton born Jan. 31, 1740; died Aug. 28, 1796; married, George 


95 Miriam Tilton born July 28, 1743; married Edmund ^^'illiams. 

96 Robart Tilton born l^ec. 18, 1745; died iimo.,4, 1754. 

97 David Tilton born Sep. 20, 1749; died 1840; m.arried Sarah Scott, died 

Feb. 9, 1842. 

98 Jedediah Tilton born Sep. 24, 1752; died Aug. 2, 1777; married Hannah Allen. 

99 Robert Tilton born Aug. 21, 1756; died i2mo., 29, 1756. 

30 ^ NATHAN TILTON, son of John Tilton, 9, died Mch. 20, 178S; married, at 
Friends' Meeting House, Shrewsbury, Nov. 25, 1735, Increase, daughter of William and 
Hannah (Wilbur) Lippincott, born Nov. 11, 1714; died Jan. 3, 1810. 

1785, 9mo., 23. Will of Nathan Til ton, ot Middietown; proved Apr. 10, 178 8, mentions: 
wife Increase; sons William and Nathan Tilton; daughters, Mary, Catharine, Anna and Phebe 
Witnesses: Obadiah Tilton, Gideon Middleton, Hannah Allen. 


100 Mary Tilton born Sep. 11, 1736; married, by license dated Sep. 10, 1760, 

Garret Bennett, of J\liddIetown. 
William Bennett 

101 Catharine Tilton born Jan. 10, 1737; married, at Shrewsbury Meetmg 

House, Sep. 11, 1766, Jacob Shotwell, ot Woodbridge, N. J. 

102 Phebe Tilton born Oct. 2, 1739; married, at Shrev/sbury fleeting House, 

Feb. 14, 1765, James, son of Robert and Rebecca (Griffith) Haydock, 
born, in Penkitle, Lancashire, England, June 10, 173 1; died in Rahway, 

103 William Tilton born Aug. 14, 174I; died Mch. 12, 1797; married, Mch. i, 

1770, Hester Middleton. 

104 Ann Tilton born Nov. 9, 1743; died July 23, 1830; married, Apr. 11, 1771, 

Samuel Middleton. 

105 Nathan Tilton born Apr. 24, 1749; married, at Shrewsbury Meeting House, 

Jan. 15, 1784, Abigail Birdsill. 

31 JOHN TILTON, son of John Tilton, 9; youngest son; probably married, by 
license dated Feb. 15, 1742, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Charity l^ane; Thomas 
Lepper as surety. 

They mortgaged land in jNliddletov.'n, N. J., Aug. 16, 1768, and May 11, 1769, 
described as lying between what had been "devised by my father, John, to his two sons, 
Robert and Nathan," in hi? will dated Aug. 11, 1731; and as adjacent to lands of Cyrenius 
Van Mater, on Sv.-imminr R'.vcr. 


35 PATIEKCE TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 1 1, born Sep. i, 1717; died 
May 18, 1778; married, at Shrewsbury Meeting, Jan. 15, 1735, Thomas, son of John aivl 
Esther (Gilberthorpe) Middleton, born Jan. 8, 1710; died Sep. 21, 1803. Me marrieti, 
second, Dec. 14, 1780, Mary Forsyth, born Apr. 16, 1719; died Feb. 6, 1804; by whom 
he had no issue. 

Rebecca Middleton born Nov. 11, 1736; died Mch. 16, 1782; married, Feb. 

15, 1759, Joseph l^orden; no issue. 
George INliddlcton born July 7, 1738; died Aug. 28, 1779; married, Nov. 25, 

1762, Dinah Tilton, 94, daughter of Robert, 29, and Miriam (Alkn) 

Tilton, born Jan. 31, 1740; died Aug. 28, 1796. 
Guli Middleton born Dec. 13, 1739; died Alch. 15, 1801; married James, 

son of James and Rebecca (Champlice) Potter, born Nov. 20, 173S. 
Esther ^liddIeton born Aug. 15, 1741; died Nov. 29, 1806; married, Mch. i, 

1770, William, 103, son of Nathan, 30, and Increase (Lippincott) Tilton, 
born Aug. 14, 1741; died Mch. 12, 1797. 

John Middleton born June 26, 1743; married, first, Hannah Lippincott; 

second, Mary Skidrnore. 
Samuel Middleton born June 7, 1745; died June 6, 1812; married, Nov. 4, 

1 77 1, Ann, 104, daughter of Nathan, 30, and Increase (Lippincotr) 
Tilron, born Nov. 9. 1743; died July 23, 1830. 

Thomas Middleton born Nov. 2, 1747; died September, 1748. 

Abigail Middleton born Sep. 23, 1749; died June 6, 1775; married, Dec. 13, 

1770, James, son of Stephen and Ruth (Tucker) Woolley, born Oct. 1749; 

died Feb. 7, 18 13. 
Gideon Middleton born Dec. 14, 1751; died Aug. j6, 1828, unmarried. 
David Middleton born Apr. 27, 1754; died May 11, 1818; married Elizabeth 

Gaskill, born Aug. 31, 1765; died Oct. 17, 1836. 
Thomas Middleton born June 15, 1755; died September, 1757. 
Sarah Middleton born Jan. 9, 1757; ciied September, 1757. 

3G ESTHER TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 11, born 1722; died Oct. 24, 
1796; married January or February, 1745, William, son ot W illiam and Hannah (Wilbur) 
Lippincott, born Apr. 25, 1718. 

In the Shrewsbury Quaker Records the date for their marriage is given as lomo., 
31, 3745, the same as that of the marriage of Stephen West to Sarah Lippincott, a sister 
to William Lippincott, Jr., at the liouse of their father, William Lippincott, in Shrews- 
bury. But it is evident that the marriage of Esther Tilton did not take place at that 
date, prob.ably because the other one did occur then and the faniily could not be at them 
both on the same date. Evident, for the reason that, in the minutes of the Monthly 
Meeting, the committee appointed to attend their marriage, reported to the Meeting 
that the marriage had not taken place up to the time of their report, Jan. 6, J 745; asked 
to be continued; and then reported, Feb. 3, 1745, that it had been done ir. an orderly 

37 ABRAHAM TILTON, son of Samuel Tilto;i, 11, died 1761/2; married, 
December, 1740, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Foulkc; Thurnc, born 
May 5, 1724. 


tor tlie Icne 1 bear to all my said sisters, convev all hn i ;„ m; i !1 . . num, as wcii as 

father's. S.imiel Tilton's, aforesaid, at^he tiroVhi scl th" ^li m"v noh tti 1 ?nH '?" "^' ' ""' "■'•' "•'■ 
my mother Paticnee Tilton's right and claim ot her Del; er " ' ^ ' ''•''''' '^"'^' '-'^'-"^Tfng 

^^ itnesses: John Hays, Ephraim Silver, Amos Middleton. 

tions?^''' ^''' ~'' ^""'^^ °^--^^^'-^^'^''^'" Tilton, of Nottingham; proved Jan. 5, 1762, men- 
Pat;^;:'£^S!^S£nn:i^S^^;:^"i£Sl^^S;r ^^^^-"' ^^ ^^^ -" "- >- twenty-one; children. 

After the death of Abraham Tilton, his widow, Elizabeth married bv lirpn<P 
dated Aug 25, 1763 Humphrev Wall, by whom she had an onh' ?hi Joseph Wa'l 
who was the tather of Jacob Wall, the well-known baker of xNew York Gty ' 


106 Patience Tilton married by license dated Mch. 4, 1768, John ]?untins, [r. 

107 Sarah filton. Charles R. Ellis is the authority for saying, thnt she mVrrled 

Jesse Bunting. ' ' 

Samuel Bunting born 1799; died, at Bordentown, N. L, where he 
resided, Sept. 21,1881. •' ''^"- ''^ 

108 Hannah Tilton born 1754; married Isaac Ivins. 

109 Lucy Tilton. Administration on her estate was granted to John Run^in^ 

Jr. Sep. 4, 1775. - • ^■-' 

110 Abraham lilton married, by hcense dated Jan. 15, 17S1, Elizabeth Rogers. 

T \° SARAH TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 11, married, as his first wife 
/iug. 20, I ^4 /, her sister Hannah. 

Issue hy first wife 
David Killey died Jan. 27, 1817; married at Chesterfield, Fr-b. 14, i"i 
Hannah, daughter ot Amos and Elizabeth (Champless) Middleton, born 
July 25, 1749; died Dec. 30, 1796. 

42 SAM'^'^^ TILTON, JR., son of Samuel Tilton, 11. 
, ,;?;■• ^^ c '•''" ^f ■ ?r''''^^^V", ^^^ authority for saying that there is in existence a "aift 
TiUn, ^^'7" ?""3"^1 ^ '^^""' i the township of Middletown, to "his eldest son," Abraham 
Til on, o Nottingham, Burlington Co., dated Feb. 22, 1736, for the farm where Aaron 
to Samlll -n ; ""'b ^^ 'r"^°^^'V^"d th^t this was the same property which was conveyed 
to Samuel rilton by Ihomas Evins, 4mo., 2, 1725. This deed was witnessed by Samuel 
T T' .■^'■- "^'^'^b^th Allen, and John Campbell, and may be found at 7V,f;;/67;', in Book 

. 43 ABIGAIL TILTON, daughter of Peter Tikon, 13, born Sep. .:, i-2.- died 
prior to Hcb. 4, 1808, when her sister, Hannah Lippincott; nK:de her will; n.Lri.:i d!?! 


20, 1753, "'^t Friends' Meeting House, at Shrewslniry, Joseph, son of F.phraiin anj Sarali 
(Brown) Potter, as his second wife, born Aug. 8, 1709 /jo. 

1768, Dec. 20. Joseph Potter and Abigail, his wife, mortgage hmd. 

Daniel Potter Inirn May 25, 1756 
Lydia Potter born Feb. 2, 1758; married, at Friends' Meeting Mouse, in 

Shrewsbury, June 26, 1777, Peter, son of Benjamin and Clementine 

(Cook) Wolcott, born Sep. 28, 1753; died 1S15. 
Joseph Potter born Apr. 27, 1760 

44 DANIEL TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 13, born Nov. 5, 1725; died Aug. 21, 
1780; married Elizabeth ; died Oct. 20, 1785. 

Chesterfield Monthly Meeting Records give dates of his birth and death, death of 
wile, Elizabeth, and dates of birth of their children Rhoda and Lydia. 

1 1 1 Lydia Tilton born Oct. 13, 1762; married Abner Rogers. 

J 12 Sarah Tilton, of Middletown; married, Nov. 15, 1780, Burlington Meeting, 

Aaron, son of Edward and Sarah Barton, of Mansfield. 
1 13 Rhoda Tilton born Sep. 4, 1759 

45 AMOS TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 13, was born 1727; died 1765. He made 
his will 8, lomo., 1765; proved Oct. 17, 1765; of Middletown, weak, etc., and mentioned: 
sister Abigail Tilton, wife of Joseph Potter, who had Daniel Potter, who received "my 
silver buckeles and money scales;" Lydia Potter who received silver studs and buttons; 
brother Daniel Tilton and his daughters Lydia and J'ihoda, who received "my silver 
teaspoons marked A.T.," and china dishes; sister Lydia Tilton; sister Hannah Tilton; 
Nathan Tilton, his kinsman; loving kinsmen Elihu \Villiams and Edmond Williams, 
executors. Vv'itnesses: Obadiah Tilton and Richard Lawrence. 

His inventory amounted to £839-3-2 and £43-0-6. 

46 LYDIA TILTON, daughter of Peter Tilton, 13, born May 15, 1731. 

1 80S, Feb. 4. Will of Lydia Tilton, ol" Middletown; proved Mch. 28, 18 12, mentions: 
sister H.innah Lippincott; niece Lydia Wolcott, daugliter of sister Abigail, deceased; niece Lydia 

Roggers, daughter of brother Daniel Tilton, and wife of Abner Rogers; Robert and MeriasTi Tilton, son 

and daughter of Obadiah. 

Executors: Peter Wolcott and his son Joseph. 

47 HANNAH TILTON, daughter of Peter Tilton, 13, born Oct. 27, 1735; mar- 
ried, Nov. X, 1766, as his second wife, John, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Engle) Lippin- 
cott, born Aug. 31, 1737; died Nov. 7, 1780. 

1808, Feb. 4. Will of Hannah Lippincott; proved Mch. 28, 1812. 
Abigail Lippincott born Dec. 15, 1772; died, at the age of 15 years. 
Amos Lippincott born 1776; died young. 

55 SARAH TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 15, born Sep. 10, 1718; first 
inttn.tions of niarriagc Apr. 6, 174I; second intentions, May 4, 17.+ 1; reported niarried, 


June I, 1741, Shrewsbury Men's Meetings, to Ebene?.cr, son of Silas and Sarah (West) 

1760, Feb. 19. Will of Ebenezer Cook, of Sjirewsbury; proved Mch. 15, 1760, 

wife Sara; sons Thomas and William; daughters Hannah, Faith, Mary. 
Executors: Joseph Cook and Thomas Tilton, Jr., 62. 

Hannah Cook born May 15, 1742; died Mch. i, 1820; married, June 23, 

1762, David, son of Timothy and Rebecca (Allen) Hance, born Sep. 18, 

I739;died June 6, 1825. 
P^aith Cook born Mch. 18, 1747; died Oct. 12, 1826; married, by license 

dated Mch. 18, 1767, David Falkinbridge, (or Falkinburge on tombstone). 
Mary Cook born May 21, 1752 
Thomas Cook born Sep. 26, 1757; died June 23, 1848; married, first, Rachel, 

daughter of Richard and Hannah (Tilton) Borden, born Feb. 16, 1763; 

died Mch. 7, 181 1, 59; married, second, Rebecca Combs; died Sep. 

22, 1825. 
William Cook born Mch. 28, 1759; killed in the Revolutionary W^ar, at 

Cedar Bridge, N. J., by John Bacon's m.en; married Diadamia, daughter 

of Joseph and Rebecca Harrison, born Apr. 7, 1764, died Apr. 26, 1843. 

57 ESTHER TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 15, born May 10, 1722; died 
Aug. II, 1777; married, second intentions June 2, 1746, Jeremiah, son of Thomas and 
Margaret Borden, born July i, 171 1; died Aug. 8, 1754, married, second, Dec. 17, 1761, 
Amos, son of Thomas White, died Dec. 21, 1770. 

As copied from the original letter by George Taylor Dennison, to be found in the 
Lippincott manuscripts, at the PcnJisykania Historical Society Library, in Pkiladelphia, 
the Dennison Bible gives the following: 

Thomas Borden, Sr., died 9, 28, 1764 
Jeremiah Borden, Sr., died 8, 5, 1754; born July i, 171 1. 
Esther \\hite died S, 11, 1777 
Amos ^^hite died 12, 21, 1770 
Jeremiah Borden, Jr., died 9, 7, 1777 
Samuel ISorden died 9, 11, 1777 
Elizabeth Borden born May 10, 1747 
Rebekah I'orden born Mch. 22, 1749 
Jeremiah Borden, Jr., born Dec. 30, 1750 
Samuel Borden born Nov. 10, 1752 

Esther Borden, daughter of Jeremiah and Esther Borden, born Oct. 9, 17541 4th day of week; mar- 
ried, Mch. 4, 1770, Richard Lippincott, born Jan. 2, 1745; died May 14, 1 8 26. She died 5, 20, 18 19. 
Margaret Lippincott, their daughter, born i, 28, 1772; died 5, 5, 1781. 
Rebekah, their daughter, born 9, 5, 1776 
Eliza Lippincott born Jan. 30, 17S5; died July 4, 1792. 

Esther Borden Lippincott born 7, 14, 1791 ; died Apr. 13, 1823; rriarried George Taylor Dennison. 
Rachel Wooley, daughter of John & Rebekah, born Dec. 4, 1767 
Esther Woolley born Nov. 27, 1769 
Jeremiah Wooley horn 3010.. i, 1772 
Benjamin Borden Wooley born 12, ly, 1774 
Jeremiah Borden Wooley born Jan. 6, 1779 


1754, Aug. 28. Will of Jeremiah Borden; proved July 26, 1754, refers to his wife as 

Issue by first husband 

Elizabeth Borden born May 10, 1747 

Rebecca Borden born Mch. 22, 1749; married, Oct. 14, 1767, John, son of 
Thomas and Rachel (White) Wooley, of Shrewsbury. 

Jeremiah Borden, Jr. born Dec. 30, 1750; died Sep. 7, 1777. In his will 
dated 9mo., 7, 1777, and proved Aug. 2, 1783, he mentions: "my sister, 
Rebecca, wife of John Wooley;" "my sister, Hester, wife of Richard 
Lippincott;" brother, Samuel, executor with friend, Jacob Hance. 

Samuel Borden born Nov. 10, 1752; died Sep. 11, 1777; married Hannah . . . 

Esther Borden born Oct. 9, 1754, on 4th day of the week; died May 20, 
18 19; married Mch. 4, 1770, Captain Richard Lippincott, as his second 
wife, born Jan. 2, 1745; died May 14, 1826; son of Wilber and Frances 
(Stout) Lippincott; the notorious Captain Lippincott, who in the Revo- 
lutionary War, hung Captain Joshua Huddy. 

59 HANNAH TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 15, born June 24, 1726; 
married, July 22, 1758, Richard, son of Thomas and Margaret Borden. 


Sarah Borden born Apr. 1 1, 1759, married John Debow. 

Thomas Borden born Nov. 6, 1760; died, Sep. 17, 1848, unmarried. His 
will, dated Dec. 20, 1839, was proved Nov. 8, 184S. In it he refers to his 
brother Benjamin, and his sons, Thomas T. Borden and Richard Borden; 
to the heirs of Hannah Carr, of Rachel Jennison, and of Richard Cook; to 
Richard Debow, Lawrence Debow, Sarah Sherman, the wife of Thomas; 
and makes his nephews, Thomas Debow, Thomas Cook, Jr., and John 
L. Borden, son of Benjamin Borden, his executors. 

Rachel Borden born Feb. 16, 1763; died Mch. 7, 181 1; married Thomas 
Cook, of Point Pleasant. 

Benjamin Borden born Dec. 22, 1766; died Mch. 18, 1849; married Mary, 
daughter of Williams(?) and Ann (Levis) Lloyd, born Apr. 4, 1772; died 
Oct. 10, 1839. His will, dated Dec. i 5, 1846; proved Apr. 4, 1S49, men- 
tioned: his three daughters, Hannah T., wife of John B. Hartshorne; 
Ann L. Fiance; and Sarah T. Degrauw; his sons, Richard, Thomas T., 
John L., and Joseph L. ; and his brother Thomas Borden. 

62 THOMAS TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 15, born Apr. 14, 1732; died 
March 1811; married, first, May 12, 1763, Catharine, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca 
(Champlice) Potter, born Jan. 28, 1740/1; and second, in 1777, Sarah Mitchell; died, 
November, 1820, aged about 60 years. 

D. Ellis WilliaiTis, of Philadelphia, one of the descendants of this second marriage, 
thinks that Sarah Mitchell was the daughter of John Mitchell, who died April, 1758, and 
grand-daughter of James Mitchell, who died September, 1723. 

^757> J^inc 5. Letters of administration were granted to Thomas Tilton, Jr., 
principal creditor, on the estate of William Lawrence, late of Shrewsbury. 


1760. Will of Hoburt Curtis of Mon. Co.; mentioned his hiother-in-law, Thomas 
Tilton, Jr. 

1766. Thomas Tilton, ot Shrewsbury, blacksmith, and Catharine, his wife, convey 
one hundred and fifty-seven and a half acres of lantl to Esther White, of the same place, 
in the presence of Elizabeth Tilton and Benjamin Jackson, Jr. Acknowledged Feb. 2, 

1766, 8mo., 25. Thomas Tilton, executor of Gershon Bills, of Shrewsbury. 
1791, 8mo., 21. Thomas Tilton, of Squan, blacksmith, mortgaged land that ad- 
joined Walter Llerbert's land, lately David Curtis.' 

181 1, Feb. 26. Will of Thomas Tilton, of Howell; proved Mch. 28, 181 1; mentioned: 
wife Sarali; son Amos and other children, not named; daughter Hannah Parker. 
Executors: Thomas Cook, David Lewis, Amos Tilton, John P. Lewis. 

Issue by first wife 

114 Abigail Tilton died Mch. 17, 1850; married, prior to Feb. 12, 1800, James, 

son of Lewis Morris, born Jan. 19, 1766; died May 13, 1839. See Morris 
Family in Stilhvell Miscellany. 

Issue by second wife 

115 William Tilton born 1778, died June 12, 1819; married, Jan. 11, 1804, 

Catherine Mellis, born 1771, died Apr. 4, 1843. 

116 Amos Tilton born June 5, 1780; married, Nov. 3, 1808, Deborah Lewis, 

sister ot Dr. J. P. Lewis, born Dec. 10, 1790; died Apr. 20, 1843. 

117 Thomas Tilton born 1782; died, July 4, 1818, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

118 Mary Tilton born Dec. 2, 1788; died Aug. 18, 1865; married, Dec. 3, 1807, 

Daniel, son ot Israel and Beersheba (Woodmancie) Williams, born Feb. 
2, 1784, died Oct. 18, 1865. 

119 Hannah Tilton born 1782; died Oct. 18, 1850; married, Feb. 12, 1800, 

George Parker, born Oct. 25, 1772; died 1854. 

64 LYDIA TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 15, born Mch. 5, 1738; married, 
first, Apr. 22, 1756, Herbert Curtis; died May, 1760; second, by license dated Jan. 28, 
1766, William Pearce. 

Issue by first husband 
William Curtis 
Thomas Curtis 

Faith Curtis; perhaps; who may have been a daughter of John and Patience 
(Tilton) Curtis, G^,. 

Issue by second husband 
James Pearce 
Asher Pearce born Sep. 25, 1768; married, Apr. 4, 1793, Mary Ellison, born 

Dec. 20, 1771. 
Benjamin Pearce born Mch. 31, 1772; married Elizabeth Newberry, born 

Sep. 10, 1780. 

65 JOHN TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 15, born May 5, 1739; married, by 
license dated July 23, 1766, Elizabeth Girturd; William Brand being surety on the bond. 


1802, July 2. John Tilton, of Howell, son of Thomas Tilton, with Elizabeth, his 
wife, conveys land on this date. 

1805, June 29. John Tilton was called, "brother," in the will of Joseph Tilton, of 
this date. 

1815, Nov. 7. John Tilton, Sr., and John Tilton, Jr., with Mary, his wife, convey 
land, at Klanasquan, to Ebenezer Curtis, it being one-half of what John Tilton, Sr., owns, 
and all that John Tilton, Jr., owns by virtue of a deed from Joseph Tilton and Deborah 
his wife, to Thomas Tilton and John Tilton, Jr. 

1816, Feb. 8. John Tilton, .Sr., and John Tilton, Jr., both of Howell, convey land to 
Joseph Tilton. 

1821, Nov. 10. The Sheriff conveyed land to Joseph Tilton, of Howell, on a decree 
against John Tilton and John Tilton, Jr., with Mary, his wife. 


120 Thomas Tilton born May 25, 1767; married Joyce Wells. 

121 John G. 'I'ilton born Apr. 24, 1771; married, Jan. i, 1S04, Mary Curtis. 

122 Joseph Tilton born Apr. 24, 1771; married, Dec. 23, 1804, Mary Scott. 

67 JOSEPH TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 15, born Dec. 24, 1741; apparently 
died, in 1812, without issue. He married, by license dated July 28, 1767, Deborah, 
daughter of Preserve and Catharine (Cunningham) Potter; both of Shrewsbury; William 
Morton being the surety on the bond. 

1805, June 29. Will of Joseph Tilton, of Howell township; proved June 29, 1812, 

wife Deborah; brother John Tilton, (65); nephew Amos Tilton, (116); Thomas Tilton, Jr., (120), 
and his son, Joseph (168), not yet of age; John Tilton, Jr., (121). 

1807, 5mo., 27. Joseph Tilton, of Howell, gave a piece of land to the Tiustces for a 
Quaker INleeting House. 

1815, Nov. 7. John Tilton, Sr., 65, and John Tilton, Jr., 121, with Mary, his wife, 
convey land, at Manasquan, it being one-half of what John Tilton, Sr., owns, and all 
that John Tilton, Jr., owns by virtue of a deed from Joseph Tilton, 67, and Deborah, 
his wife, to Thomas Tilton, 120, and John Tilton, Jr., 121, dated Aug. 24, 1804. 

1816, Feb. 9. Joseph Tilton, of Howell, (122 or 169?), conveys land in the estate of 
Joseph Tilton, deceased, 67, to Thomas Tilton, 120, and John Tilton, Jr., 121, ot the 
same place. 

69 SILVESTER TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 20, married, by license dated Apr. 
3> 1739> Hannah Vahan, spinster; Silas Tilton, carpenter, being surety on the bond. 

1747, Dec. 7. He asked of the Men's Monthly Meeting, at Shrewsbury, that he 
might come in under the care of Friends, and was admitted to their care, Jan. 4, 1747/8. 

1764, Feb. 27. Administration on his estate granted to Joseph Potter, the principal 
creditor; Hannah Tilton being the widow of the said Silvester. 

Proof is lacking that he was the father of the following, but from the correspondence 
in time and name, he must have been either father or uncle. 


123 Silvester Tilton married Mary 


71 SILAS TILTON, son of Peter Tilton, 20, married, by license dated Nov. 3, 
1739, Phebe, daughter ot John and Mary Mount, spinster; Peter Tilton, carpenter, 
being surety on the bond. 

'J'he records of the Baptist Church, at Middletown, show that one Phebe Tilton 
died Dec. 3, 1790. 


124 Ezekiel Tilton married Elizabeth , born 1746; died Mch. 9, 1837. 

125 (John Tilton). Tradition says Ezekiel had a brother John. 

74 PETER TILTON, son of Daniel Tilton, 24, married 

1764, May 18. Samuel Tilton, son ot Peter Tilton, 74, was complainant, according 
to the records of the Court at Freehold, against Daniel Tilton, 79, and William Wicott, 
the executors of the last will and testament ot Daniel Tilton, 24, because they had 
rendered no accounting. 


126 Samuel Tilton remembered in the will of his grandfather, Feb. 15, 1747/8; 

and of age prior to May 1 8, 1 764. 

84 SAMUEL TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 28, married, as Samuel Tilton, Jr., 
by license dated Jan. 6, 1749, Mary Passel; Job Throckmorton being surety en the bond. 


127 Thomas Tilton died prior to Dec. 28, 1832; married 

128 Samuel Tilton born Aug. 3, 1753; died Sep. i, 1820; married, (about 1776), 

Lydia Willett. 

129 Edward Tilton 

86 THOMAS TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 28, married, by license dated June 
17, 1758, Mrs. Mary Thomson, widow; Samuel Tilton being surety on the bond. Prob- 
ably this was a second marriage on his part also, as by a process ot elimination it would 
appear that he is identical with the Thomas Tilton referred to by a great grandson as 
being his ancestor. 


130 Jeremiah Tilton married Elizabeth Tilton 

93 OBADIAH TILTON, son of Robert Tilton, 29, born Jan. 18, 1738; died Oct. 
19, 1818; married, Jan. 20, 1763, Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Woodman- 
see) Corlies; he ot Middletown, she ot Shrewsbury, born Sep. 9, 1741; died May 8, 18 10. 

1807, Mch. 19. Obadiah Tilton and Hannah, his wife, join in conveying property. 

See also an article entitled "John Hance and Some of his Descendants," in the 
New York Geyiealogical and Biographical Record Jor 1904. 


131 Robert Tilton born Feb. 16, 1764; died April, 1820. 


132 Margaret Tilton born Oct. 26, 1768; died Aug. 22, 1^49; rnarried, Dec. 19, 

1799, William Haiice.* 

133 Miriam Tilton born Mch. 2, 1772; died, Aug. 5, 1854, unmarried. 

134 Josepli Tilton born Oct. 11, 1775 or Dec. 11, 1774; died, Mch. 8, 1858; 

married, Mary ; she died Apr. 15, 18 19. 

135 Hannah Tilton born Sep. 12, 1781 ; died, IMch. 30, 1786. 

94 DINAH TILTON, daughter of Robert Tilton, 29, born Jan. 31, 1740; died 
Aug. 28, 1796; married, at Shrewsbury, Nov. 25, 1762, George, son of Thomas and Patience 
(Tilton) Middleton; he of Nottingham, she of Middletown, born July 7, 1738; died Aug. 
28, 1779. 

Mary Middleton born July 31, 1763 
Miriam Middleton born Feb. 10, 1766; died May 2, 1798. 
Thomas Middleton born Dec. 15, 1770 
George Middleton born Dec. 13, 1773 
Patience Middleton born Aug. 2, 1778 

95 MIRIAM TILTON, daughter of Robert Tilton, 29, born July 28, 1743; mar- 
ried, (the license being dated Aug. 11, 1762), Aug. 14, 1762, Edmund, son of George and 
Elizabeth (Abbott) \A'illiams, born Oct. 8, 1740; died Jan. 27, 1812. 

1810, Aug. 28. Will of Edmund Williams, of Shrewsbury; proved Feb. 22, 1S12, 

wife Miriam; children, Margaret Throckmorton, Tylee Williams, Phebe Burr, Anne Woodward, 
wife of NimroJ Woodward, Miriam Lippincott, Mary Ten Brook, wife of Samviel W. Ten Brook; children 
of deceased daughter, Elizabeth Allen, viz.: Edmund W., Phebe, Miriam, Joseph Williams, Elizabeth 
and Caroline Allen; grandsons, Edmund W. Burr, Edmund Throckmorton, Edmund Woodward, Edmund 
T. Williams. 

Elizabeth Williams born Aug. 18, 1763; died Aug. 2, 1807; married, June 

16, 1785, Joseph, son of Joseph and Llannah (Lippincott) Allen, born Apr. 

15, 1763; died Mch. 7, 1837. 
Margaret Williams born Dec. 5, 1765; died June 2, 1817; married, prior to 

May 12, 1791, Joseph Forman Throckmorton, born Nov. 23, 1756; died 

Aug. 25, 1800. 
Tylee Williams born Jan. 30, 1768; died Feb. 5, 1828; married, Jan. 10, 

1792, Elizabeth, daughter of Esek and Elizabeth (Salter) Hartshorne, 

born Jan. 1, 1771; died Oct. 3, 1849. 
Phebe Williams born JMay 10, 1771; died ,14, 1837; married, May 12, 

1791, Henry Burr, Jr., son of Joseph and Jane (Abbott) Burr, cf Bur- 
lington born Oct. i, 1763. 
Anne Williams born June 8, 1774; died Dec. 23, 1836; married, Jan. 3, 1796, 

Nimrod T.,son of Anthony and Deborah (Tilton) Woodward, born Jan. 

•Gravestones in Friends' Bmying ground, at Shrewsbury. 
Miriam Tilton died, 8mo., 5, 1854, aged 82, 5, 3. 
Joseph Tilton died, 3mo., 8, 1858, aged 83, 2, 28. 
William Hanoe died, I. 30, 1827, aged 66, 8, ic. 
Margaret, his wife, died, 8, 22, 1849, ^ged 80, 9, 28. 
Obadiih Tilton, their son, died, S, 26, 1825, rs'-d 19, 5, 11. 


20, 1765; died Aug. 24, 1829. Lor issue see Historical Miscellany under 

JVoochi'ard Faviily. 
Mary Williams born Dec. 31, 1776; died May 7, 1826; married, Samuel \V. 

Ten Brook, M.D. 
Miriam Williams born Jan. 29, 1781; died Apr. 5, 1842; marrieil, Mch. 15, 

1810, Seth, son of Thomas and Lydia (Burr) Lippincott, of Chester, Pa., 

born Apr. 10, 1787; died Apr. 16, 1853. He married, second, June 20, 

1844, Sarah, widow of Joseph Hooton. 

97 DAVID TJLTON, son of Robert Tilton, 29, born Sep. 20, 1749; died 1840; 
married Sarah, daughter ot William and Mary (Runnels) Scott; died Feb. 9, 1842. 

1839, Oct. 28. Will of David Tilton, of Shrewsbury; proved June 2, 1840; mentioned: 
son, William, and his son, William, Jr.; grandson, Corlies Tilton, son of William; grand-daughter, 
Lydia Holmes, wife of Samuel, and daughter of William Tilton; grand-daughter-in-law, widow of grand- 
son, Da\'id Tilton, deceased, jane Brown, late Jane Tilton, v.ite ot James Brown. 

A caveat was filed against this will by David K. Perrine, Mch. 16, 1840, in right of 
his wife, Elizabeth, who was the daughter of David, deceased son of the testator. 

1823, Feb. 26. Sarah Tilton, or Shrewsbury, gives a deed that was witnessed by 
William Tilton and David Tilton. 

Margaret, the wife ot William; David, the son ot David and Sarah, and Esek Tilton, 
son of William and Margaret Tilton, are each buried in the Friends' Burying ground, at 
Shrewsbury, but with no other inscription than the initials, "M.T.," "D.T.," and 


136 William Tilton born July 4, 1773; died May, 184I; married, Mch. 8, 1795, 

Margaret Corlies, born No\\ 17, 1775. 

137 David Tilton born Jan. 8, 1785; died prior to Mch. 16, 1840; married, CVt. 

23, 1806, Sarah (Flemnenr); died January, 1846. 

98 JEDEDIAH or JEDIAH TILTON, son of Robert Tilton, 29, born 7mo., 
24, 1752; died Aug. 2, 1777; married, at Chesterfield Meeting, Nov. 9, 1775, Hannah, 
daughter of Samuel and Mary (Robbins) Allen, ot Nottingham, born Jan. i, 1756; died 
Feb. I or 15, 1824. She married, second, Feb. 1, 1779, Jacob, son ot George and 
Llannah (Fowler) ^liddleton. 

1777, 7mo., 22. Will of Jediah Tilton, of Nottingham; proved Sep. 3, 1777, at 

To wife, Hannah, "what was left her by her father-indaw Samuel Allen in his last will;" daughter, 
Mary, a minor; executors: wife, Hannah, and Nathan Rolibins; witnesses: Nathan Middleton, Jacob 
Middleton, Benjamin Linton. 

The testator signed his name as Jediah Tilton. 

Chesterfield Meeting Records give the following: 

Judiah Tilton, born 7mo., 24, 1752, died 8mo., 2, 1777. 
Mary Tilton, his daughter, born iimc, 19, 1776. 

Jacob Middleton, of Nottingham, married, Feb. i, 1779, Hannah Tilton, of Chesterfield, at Chester- 


138 ^L"lry Tilto:! born Nov. 19, 1776; married, Apr. 8, 1802, Edward Field. 


103 WII.LJAM TILTON, of Micldlctown, X. J., son of Nathan Tilton, 30, born 
Aug. 14, 1741; died Mch. 12, 1797; married, at Chesterfield Meeting, Mch. i, 1770, 
Esther ^liddleton, of Nottingham, daugluer of Thomas and Patience (Tilton), 35, 
Middleton, born Aug. 15, 1741; died Nov. 29, iSc6. 

1798, Jan. 9. Fetters ot administration granted to Thomas Tilton, .Amos Tilton 
and Gideon Middleton, on the estate of William Tilton, of Monmouth Co. 

1803, June 25. Will ot Esther I'ilton, ot Middietown, widow of William Tilton; 
proved Aug. 27, \oo6; mentioned: 

sons, Thomas Tiltcm, Amos Tilton; niece, Sarah Jackson, wife of Hugh Jackson, and their children, 
Edna and .Miigail; bkmkets that had lieen ui\-cn to licr by her father and which were marked "T.P.M." 
and "E.M." Executor: friend, Edmund \^'ilhams. 

i8c6, Mch. 24. Thomas Tilton, clothier, conveys land to Amos Tilton. They were 
sons of William Tilton, deceased, his sole and only heirs. 


139 Thomas Tilton born Apr. 14, 1771; died, 1841, unmarried. He resided 

near Farmingdale, N. J. 

140 Amos Tilton born Oct. 7, 1774; died Sep. 3, 18 19; married, Sep. 12, 1799, 

Elizabeth White. 

104 ANNE TILTON, daughter of Nathan Tilton, 30, born Nov. 9, 1743; died 
July 23, 1S30; married, Apr. 11, 1771, Samuel, son of Thomas and Patience (Tilton), 
35, Middleton, born June 7, 1745; died June 6, 18 12. 


Asa Middleton born Oct. 10, 1771; died May 28, 1842; married, Bucks Co. 
Meeting, Nov. 17, 1796, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Sarah Sim- 
mons, born Feb. 2, 1772; died May 5, 1846. 

Phebe Middleton born Aug. 8, 1773; died Aug. 20, 1827; married, Oct. 10, 
1793, Isaac Wilson. 

Nathan Middleton born Jan. 20, 1775; died Mch. 23, 1859; married 

Abigail Middleton born Sep. 21, 1776; died May 23, 1801. 

Thomas Middleton born Sep. 22, 1778; died May 21, 1787. 

Increase Middleton born Nov. 2, 1780; died June 15, 1833. 

Rebecca Middleton born Aug. 20, 1782; died Feb. 15, 1833. 

Sarah Middleton born Apr. 28, 1784; died Mch. 14, 1807; married Benjamin 

105 NATHAN TILTON, son of Nathan Tilton, 30, born 2mo., 24, 1749; died 
Sep. 23, 1820; married, Jan. 15, 1784, Abigail Birdsill, died Nov. 26, 1836, aged 79 years 
and 7 months. Her will, signed 13ec. 25, 1822; proved Dec. 16, 1836, mentions daught- 
ers, Lydia Tilton and Catharine Tilton. 

The following are to be found in an old Bible, ot William Tilton: 

Thomas Burrous died, Smo., i, 1805, aged 47 years and 24 days. 
Esther Burrous, his wife, died, cmo., ij, 1836, aged 73 years, and 26 days. 
Nathr.n 'I iiton died, gnio., 23, 1820, aged 70 years, 7 months and 13 days. 
Abigail Tilton, his wife, died, 11 mo., 26, 1836, aged 79 yeais and 7 months. 


Willuim, son of Nathan and Abigail Tilton, died. 3mo., 27, 1840, aged 55 years, 9 months and 3 davs. 
Catharine B. Tilton, daughter ot" Thomas and Esther Burrous, died, 41110., 10, 1812, aged 29 years, 

3 months and 15 days. 
Jacob Middlcton died, 5mo., 6, 181S, aged 67 years, 6 months and 8 days. 
Hannah Middleton, his wife, died, :mo., 11, 1824, aged 68 years, i month. 
John \\"cst died, :imo., 25, IS;^, aged 63 years, 11 months and 13 days. 
Elizabeth West, his wife, died,' imo., 14, 1793, aged 1,1, years, 3 months and 13 days. 
Jacob Middleton, Jr., died, i:mo., 5, 1846, aged 58 years, 3 months and 30 days. 
Sibylla MiddlLton, daughter of John and Elizabeth West, died, 7nio.,5, 1S49, ^S^'d 5^^ years, 5 months 

and 2; days. 
Thomas B. Tilton, son of William and Catharine Tilton, born 3mo., 10, 1812. 
Hannah A. Tilton, daughter of Jacob and Sibylla Middleton, born i;mo., 3, 1815. 
Thomas B. Tilton and Hannah A. Middleton zfas married imo., 29", 1846. 
William Tilton born i2mo., 5, 1S46. 
Hannah A. Tilton died, 2mo., 15, 1856, aged 40 years, 9 months and 12 days. 


141 William Tilton born June 24, 1784; died 3mo., 27, 1840; married, first, 

Catharine Burrows; second, Hannah Allen. 

142 Edmund Tilton married 

143 Abigail Tilton died prior to Aug. 17, 184I; married, Aug. 5, 1814; Gideon 


144 Lydia Tilton 

145 Catharine Tilton died, Feb. 5, 1857, aged 67 years, 11 months and 14 days; 

buried in Fairview Cemetery, Aliddletown. 

110 xABRAHAM TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, 37, married, by license dated 
Jan. 15, 1781, Elizabeth Rogers; Joseph Thorn being surety on the bond. 

Charles R. Hutchinson, of Allentown, N. J., says that Abraham Tilton was a 
private in the Revolution from Burlington Co. 

1792, Apr. 13. Abraham. Tilton, ot Nottingham, and Elizabeth, his v/ife, convey 
land to Henry Allen. 

1836, 3mo., 17. Will of Abraham Tilton, of New Hanover; proved Apr. 12, 1S36, 

_ wife, Elizabeth; executors: wife, Elizabeth, and son, Samuel; sons, Samuel, William, Abraham, and 
Daniel Tilton; daughters, Charlotte, wife of David Curtis; Lucy, wife of William Burtis; Elizabeth T., 
wife of Thomas Harris; Lydia, wife of James Ellis; Mary T., wife of Samuel Steward; Sarah, wife of Joseph 
Schooley; and the one ele'.'enth share to his daughter. Patience T. Lalor, wife of Barnt De Lalor, in trust. 
Witnesses: Samuel Burtis, Thomas Harrison, George Sykes. 


146 Charlotte Tilton born Nov. 30, 178 1; died Aug. 25, 1864; married David 


147 Lucy Tilton born Dec. 5, 1783; died Aug. 8, 1859; married, Nov. 8, 1804, 

William Burtis. 

148 Elizabeth T. Tilton born June 11, 1786; died Sep. 16, 1845; married, first, 

Feb. 5, 1 8 10, John Ellis, Jr.; second, Thomas Harris. 

149 Lydia Tilton born June 25, 1788; died Nov. 3, 1858; married, Feb. 28, 1816, 

James Ellis. 

150 Abraham 'Lilton born Nov. 25, 1790; died Oct. 7, 1866; married, Jan. 13, 

18 14, Martha Meirs. 


151 Patience Tilton born Feb. 18, 1793; died May 15, 1S61; married, Apr. 12, 

1820, Barnt De Ealor. 

152 Sarali Tilton horn Apr. 12, 1795; died Apr. 15, 1854; married, Oct. 8, 18 15, 

Joseph Schooley. 

153 Samuel Tilton born June 24, 1797; '■i'ed July 28, 18S2; married Feb. 20, 

1829, Mary Bonlen. 

154 Mary Tilton born July 31, 1799; died Dec. 23, 1867; married, Mch. 27, 

1837, Samuel Steward. 

155 William Tilton born Oct. 23, 1801 ; died .Apr. 25, 1881; married, Nov. 25, 

1825, Margaret Richie Lawrence. 

156 Daniel Tilton born Oct. 8, 1804; died Nov. 9, 1874; mjarried, Jan. 13, 1825, 

Sarah Meirs. 

Ill LYDIA TILTON, daughter of Daniel Tilton, 44, born Oct. 13, 1762; married 
Abner Rogers. 

1799, Apr. 1. Joseph Mount and Theodosia, his wife, of Hanover, as heirs to her 
father, John Rogers, deceased, convey land to Abner Rogers. 

See also the will of Rhoda Tilton, 113. 


William Rogers married 

Daniel Rogers married 

Esther Rogers married, Feb. 29, 18 16, Samuel, son of John and Mary 

(Skidmore) Middleton. 
Pathenia Rogers 
John Rogers 

113 RHODA TILTON, daughter of Daniel Tilton, 44, born Sep. 4, 1759; died, 
1828, unmarried. 

1826, 3mo., 13. Will of Rhoda Tilton, of Nottingham township, with codicil, 
dated 9mo., 4, 1S27; proved Aug. 2, 1828, mentioned: 

niece, Elizabeth T. Allen, the wife of Chamless Allen, and her children, Emley, Harriet, and Joel, 
Bulali Ann and Lydia; nephew, William Rogers, and his children, viz.: Tilton and Esther Ann Ro'jers; 
nephew, Daniel Rogers, and his son, Abiah Rogers; niece, Esther Middleton, v/ife of Samuel, and her 
children; niece, Pathenia Rogers; nephew, John Rogers; children ot Sarah Steward; Sarah Bennett, Samuel 
Bennett, John Scott Bennett, and Garret Bennett, children ot James Bennett. Executor: Friend, 
Samuel Craft, of Monmouth Co. Maria and William Radtord, the two oldest children of James Bennett. 
Witnesses: Joseph Forsyth, Nancy Radford, Elijah Field, Jr. Witnesses to the codicil: Hannah Cratt, 
Mary S. Craft. 

115 WILLIAM TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 62, born 1778; died June 12, 
1819; married, Jan. 1 1, 1804, Catherine, daughter of John and Sarah Mellis, oi England, 
born 1771; died Apr. 4, 1843. 


157 Elizabeth Tilton born Oct. 12, 1804; died, Mcli. 20, 1887, unmarried. 

158 Sarah M. Tilton born Nov. 25, 1807; died July 14, 1S87; married, June 10, 

1830, William L. Howard. 

Thomas Howard born Sep. 3, 1831; married 


159 Mcllis S. Tilton born Oct. 23, iSio; died Dec. 29, 1891; married, Feb. 2. 

1835, Rachel, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Shreve) Cook, born 
i8ii;died Aug. 30, 18S6. 
William Tilton born Jan. 9, 1836; married, June 17, 1873, Sarah 

Sherwood, born 1845, sister to Milton Sherwood. 
Thomas Tilton born Aug. 27, 1840; died Sep. i, 1843. 
Edward Tilton born Jan. 26, 1843; died Feb. 12, 1864. 

116 AMOS TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 62, born June 5, 1780; married, Nov. 
3, 1808, Deborah Lewis, sister ot Dr. John P. Lewis; died Apr. 20, 1843. 


160 John Patterson Lewis Tilton born July 2, 1809; cli'^d Aug. 21, 1896; married, 

Nov. 19, 1 83 1, Sarah F. Ely. 

161 Thomas Tilton died Apr. 2, 1816, 4-7-6. 

162 Amos Tilton born Feb. 17, 1813; died Mch. 4, 1884; married, Feb. 2, 1839, 

Charlotte, daughter of Stephen and Fannv (Haight) Allen, born Aug. 25, 
162 Mary Tilton died Nov. 2, 1816, aged i year, 7 months, 23 days. 

164 Mary Tilton married, May 23, 1839, \Villiam Haight. 

165 Thomas L. Tilton born Sep. 21, 18 16; died July 28, 1880; married, Feb. 9, 

1839, Isabella Mount. 

166 James Tilton died young 

167 Jordan R. Tilton died, Sep. 3, 1 822, aged 7 months, 26 days 

118 MARY TILTON, daughter of Thomas_ Tilton, 62, born Dec. 2, 1788; died 
Aug. 18, 1865; married, Dec. 3, 1807, Daniel, son of Israel and Beersheba (Woodmancie) 
Williams, born Feb. 2, 1784; died Oct. 18, 1865, according to the epitaph on his tomb- 
stone in Slirewsbury Quaker yard; but Oct. 26, 1865, according to the records of Shrews- 
bury Quakers. The latter date is also in an old Bible at Oceanport. 

Catherine T. Williams born Oct. 2'^i 1808; died Dec. 27, 1867; married, 

Feb. 10, 1835, Richard, son of Benjamin and Mary (Lloyd) Borden, born 

Oct. 27, 1796; died May 30, 1863. 
Elizabeth T. Williams born July 30, 1810; died Feb. 22, 1891; married, Oct. 

10, 1835, Eden, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Tucker) Woolley, born Mch. 

I, 1805; died Nov. 17, 1892. 
John Williams born Sep. 6, 18 12; died Dec. 12, 1897; married, Nov. 28, 

1844, Elizabeth Fowler, daughter of Daniel and Ann (Middleton) Ellis, 

born July 9, 1819; died Apr. 19, 1898. 
Israel \Villiams born Dec. 9, 1814; died July 25, 1852; married Martha S. 

Sarah T. Williams born Feb. 19, 1817; died July 26, 1848, immarried. 
Thomas T. Williams born, at Poplar, Mch. 27, 18 19; died, at Little Silver, 

Mch. 28, 1907; married, first. May 9, 1849, Eliza Gillingham, born Oct. 

27, 1813; died May 22, 1888; married, second, Frances J. Newlen. 


Hannah Parker Williams born Apr. 17, 1822; died Dec. 10, 1849. 
Ann C. ^^'!llia]ns born Aug. 11, 1824; died Jan. 28, 1904; married, Xov. 29, 
^ ^'^53) John D. Sutherland; died about 1S85; no issue. 
Charles Edward Williams born Dec. iS, 1S27; married, May 15, 1851, Ellen 

Lippincott, died July 28, 1 892. 
Mary T. Williams born Feb. 7, iSjo; unmarried. 

119 HANNAH TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 62, born 1782; ditd Oct. 
18, 1850; married, Feb. 12, 1800, George, son of" George and Martha (Thorn) Parker, 
born Oct. 25, 1772; died 1854. 

Charlotte Parker died young 
Eliza Parker married Mr. Wilmot 
Benjamin Parker born 1807; died Dec. 30, 1865. 
Mary Parker married Mr. Sullivan 
Sarah Parker 

George Parker married Sleeper 

Catherine Parker 

Thomas Parker died, i S78, unmarried 

William Parker 

120 ^ THOMAS TJLTON, son of John Tilton, 65, born May 25, 1767; married 
Joyce Wells. 

1 816, July 6. Thomas Tilton and Joyce, his wife, of Howell, convey "one half equal 
undivided moiety" in a tract of land, to Abraham Osborn, Jr., and James Osborji. 

1824, Dec. 24, Thomas Tilton and Joyce, his wife, and John Tilton and Mar)-, his 
wife, of Howell, convey land that had been deeded to Joseph Tilton, Thomas Tilton 
and Walter Lawrence. 


168 John Tilton married, Mch. 28, 1829, Charlotte, daughter of Robert and Ann 

(Collins) Pharo. 

169 Joseph Tilton born Feb. 20, 1796; married Deborah Johnson, born Tan. 13, 

170 Peter Tilton married, Dec. 20, 1821, Elizabeth Morris 

171 James Tilton married, Jan. 26, 1832, Lydia Allen 

172 Mary Tilton died unmarried 

173 Elizabeth Tilton married, Feb. 23, 1826, Curtis Havens, and had 

Thomas Havens, ot Point Pleasant, N. J. 
James Havens 
John FLivens 
Elizabeth Havens married 

121 JOHN G. TILTON, of Herbertsville, N. J., son of John Tilton, 65, born Apr. 
24, 1771 ; died Oct. 1, 1856; his tombstone says "aged 85 years, 4 months," which v/ould 
make hi.> birth to have occurred in May rather than April; married, Jan. i, 1804, iNiary 


Curtis, born Sep. 12, 1772; died Jan. 30, 1838. They are buried in the Manasquan 
Quaker Cemetery. 

1827, Oct. 23. John I. Tilton, of Ilowell, conveys to Jonathan Tilton, of Howell, 
the equal undivided half part of land which had been left to John Tilton and Thomas 
Tilton by the last will and testament of Joseph Tilton. The middle initial "I" in his 
name is probably a mistake for "G." 

1827, Dec. 27. John G. Tilton, of Howell, conveys a different piece of property 
from the foregoing, to Jonathan Tilton, of Howell. 


174 Jonathan Tilton born July 12, 1804; died Feb. 16, 1874; married Lydia Ann 


175 Deborah Tilton born Jan. 25, 1806; died Aug. 16, 1890; married William, 

or as it is on his tombstone William M. Allen, born July 29, 1787; died 
Aug. 30, i860. 

176 Lewis Tilton born Jan. 13, 1808; married Catharine, daughter of William 

and Sarah (Tilton) Johnson. 

177 Esther Tilton born June 21, 181 1. 

178 Joice Tilton born Feb. 17, 1814; died, Jan. 24, 1891, unmarried; buried in 

the Manasquan Quaker Cemetery. 

123 SILVESTER TILTON, supposed to have been tlie son, possibly he was a 
nephew, of Silvester Tilton, 69. 

Salter, in his History ot Monmouth and Ocean Counties, says of him that he was a 
soldier in the Revolutionary War, being a member of the Fifth Company of the Mon- 
mouth Co. Militia. xAnd that it was in a skirmish at Manahawken, Dec. 30, I78i,that 
he received so severe a wound below one of his shoulders, that the surgeon passed a 
silk handkerchief completely through his body in searching for the bullet. 

1809, Jan. 5. Silvester Tilton and Mary, his wife, convey to Garret Tilton, both of 
Shrewsbury, two lots of land, one ot which, where Silvester now lives, was deeded to him 
by Edmund Williams, Apr. 4, 179S. 

1 8 10, May 30. Will of Silvester Tilton, of Shrewsbury, Millwright; proved Apr. 3, 
1813, makes mention ot wife Mary, and two grandsons, only, viz.: Silvester Tilton ISlount 
and Silvester Hall. 


179 Deborah Tilton married Joseph Mount 

1 80 Daughter Tilton married Mr. Hall 

Silvester Hall 

181 Silvester Tilton married, first, NLary (Hull?); second, ALiry Fa'kinburg, 

widow, born Woodmanse. 

182 John Tilton born Mch. 17, 1776; married, first, Elizabeth Clayton; second, 

Sally (Letts) Falkinburg. 

183 Garret Tilton married Jane Lewis 

184 Kenneth Tilton lived and died near Squan 

185 Luborn (Reuben.'') Tilton mariied, Jan. 19, 1805, i^-oily Sheerward 


124 EZEKir'L TILTON, son of Silas Tilton, 71, married Elizabeth , 

born 1746; died, Mch. 9, 1837, aged 91 years. She was buried in a plot on the Home- 
stead fann, near Middletown, N. j., but her tombstone together with others of the 
family Iniried there were remo\'ed to Fairview Cemetery, Middletown. They are as 

Elizabeth Tilton died, Mch. 14, 1874, aged 64. 

Silas D. Tilton died, Feb. 12, 1864, 51,9, i. 

Peter Tilton, son ot Silas and .Anna, died, Mch. 17, 1S42, 27 years. 

Silas Tilton died, Oct. 10, 1839, 65 years. 

Ann Tilton, wife of Silas, died, Mch. 11, T870, 84 years. 

Elizabeth, wife of Ezekiel Tilton, died, Mch. 9, 1S37, 91 years. 

Catharine Tilton, daughter of Silas and,.-\nn, died, Dec. j, 1826, 8 years. 

Susan I'ilton, daughter of Silas and .\nn, died, Mch. 3, 1842, 21 years. 

Eliza, wife of Thomas Cooper, died, May 17, 1865, in her 73rd year. 

John H., son ot John and .Nlargaret M. Tilton, died, Apr. 3, 1842, aged i year. 

Catharine Tilton, infant daughter of John and Margaret M. Tilton. 

John Tilton died, l"cb. 8, 1872, 64 years. 

Mary A. Debowe, wife of Andrew Winter, died, Sep. 19, 1870, 84 years. 

The property of Ezekiel Tilton was confiscated and sold after the Revolutionary 

1837, June 6. "Jonathan Tilton, of Middletown, and Mary, his wife," convey land 
to "Silas Tilton, their brother, being children of Elizabeth Tilton, deceased." 


186 Jonathan Tilton born Sep. 17, 1771; died Dec. 7, 1846; married, Mary 


187 Silas Tilton born 1774; died Oct. 10, 1839; married Nancy Debau, born 

1786; died Mch. 11, 1870. 

127 THOMAS TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 84.^ 

1820, Aug. II. Called brother in the will of Samuel Tilton, 128. 

It apparently was he who is referred to in the following deeds: 

1832, Dec. 28. Williain D. Tilton, of Middletown, conveys to William Morford, 
one equal undivided half of the property of the late Thomas Tilton, deceased. 

1834, July 21. James Hopping and wife, Patience, ot Middletown, convey to 
William ^lorford, one equal half part of the land that formerly belonged to Thomas 
Tilton, and had been deeded to them by the auditors of the Court of Common Pleas, 
appointed to sell the real estate of George Tilton, a non-resident debtor, he being an 
heir-at-law ot the said Thomas Tilton, deceased. 


188 William D. Tilton 

189 George Tilton 

128 SAMUEL TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 84, born Aug. 3, 1753; died Sep. 
2, 1820; married, (about J776) Lydia, daughter of John and Mary (Wall) "Willett, born 
Mch. 28, 1752; died Apr. 9, 1822. 

They are buried in a field between Keansburgh and Port Monmouth, neat the 


site of the old Tikon Homestead, with other graves in the same plot, hut only the two 1: 

tombstones that read: ' \ 

"Samuel Tilton, died, Sc]->. 2, i S20, in his 68th year." ] 
"Lydia wife ot Samuel 'filton, died, April 9, 1822, in her 71st vear." 

Mrs. Mary H. (^'an ALiter) Patterson owns the oki Family Bible, which contains ! 

the following: i 


The Age of S.^muel Tiltov, his Wife an-d Children j 

Samuel Tilton, the son ot Samuel, and Mary, was Born August 3, i']'^']. 1 
Lydia Tilton, the wife of Samuel, the Daughter oijoh, and Nlary Willett, was Born ^L-lrch 28th 1752. 
Thomas Tilton, the son ot Samuel and Lydia, October 19th 1777. 

Samuel Tilton, the son ot Samuel and Lydia, April :19th 1779. '■ 

Mary Tikon, the daughter of Samuel and Lydia, June i6th 1780. j 

John Tilton, the son of S:imuel and Lydia, September 21st 17S1. ' 
Patience Tilton, daughter of Samuel and Lydia, March aist 1783. 

Peter Tilton, son of Samuel and Lydia, December 15th 1784. i 

Humphrey Tilton, son of Samuel and Lydia, September loth 1786. ! 

Isaac Tilton, son of Samuel and Lydia, January 17th 17S8. j 

Deborah Tilton, daughter of Samuel and Lydia, September 2nd 1795. i 

Lydia Tilton, daughter ot Samuel and Lydia, l-'ebruary 21st 1793. ! 
Hannah Tilton, daughter ot Samuel and Lydia, April 9th 1797. 

Samuel Tikon departed tliis life Sept. isc 1820 67 vears, 28 days. 
Lydia Tilton ended this lite April oth 1822 — age 70 years, 12 days. 
^Iary Hopping, wife of John Hopping died Aug. 31st 1843, ^3 ye^rs, 2 months, 4 days. 
Thomas Tilton, son of Samuel and Lydia, Nov. 9, 1809, 32 years, 9 months 27 days. 
Samuel Tilton, son of Samuel 6c Lydia, Oct. 18, 1 8 10, 31 years i month 10 days. 
Humphrey Tilton, son ot Samuel & Lydia, April i, 1826, 40 years 6 months 22 days. 
Peter Tilton, son of Samuel & Lydia, July i;, 1834, 49 years k months o days. 
Isaac Tikon, son of Samuel & Lydia, April 8 1854, 63 years 2 months 23 days. 

1820, Aug. II. Will of Samuel Tilton, of Middletown township; proved Oct. 17, 
1820, mentions: ; 

wife, L-ydia; sons, John, Peter, Isaac; daughter, Lydia Tilton; son, Humphrey; daughters, Mary 
Hopping, Patience Hopping; son-in-law, James Hopping; daughters, Detioraii Hendrickson, Hannah 
Johnson; brother, Thomas; grand-daughters, not yet 21, Julian Tilton, Sarah Tilton, Lydia Tilton; son, 


190 Thomas Tilton born Oct. 19, 1777; died Nov. 9, 1809; married His 

widow married, second, Mr. \Vilder. 

191 Samuel Tilton born Apr. 29, 1779; died Oct. 18, 1810; married, .\nr\ Snyder. 

192 Mary Tilton born June 26, 1780; died Aug. 31, 184J; married, May 8, 

1805, John Hopping. 

193 John Tilton born Sep. 21, 1781; said to have died unmarried. 

194 Patience Tilton born Mch. 21, 1783; died Jan. 16, 1S84; married, Apr. 2, 

i8g8, James Hopping, born Sep. 11, 1781; died Apr. 8, 1837. 

195 Peter Tilton born Dec. 15, 1784; died July 5, 1834. 

196 Humphrey Tilton born Sep. 10, 1786; died Apr. i, 1826; married, Sep. 10, 

181 1, Cath.erine Hendrickson, born Jan. 8, 1788; died Sep. 24, 1881. 

197 Isaac Tilton born Jan. 17, 1788; died Apr. 8, 1854; married Phebe Hopping; 

no issue. 


198 Dehornh Tiltoii horn Sep. 2, 1795; ni'Ti'i'ied, Jan. 12, 1813, Daniel C. 

Hentlrickson, born Jan. 11, 1785; died Sep. 7, 1863. 

199 Lydia Tilton born Feb. 21, 1793; married, Oct. 2, 1834, \Villiam Mu'ford 

ot Morris Co. 

200 Hannah Tihoii burn Apr. 9, 1797; married, Jan. 21, 1818, Henry Johnson. 

130 JEREMIAH TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 86, married I':iizabeth Tilton. 
She has been supposed by some to have been the daughter of Peter Tilton, of Middlesex 
Co., and own cousin to her husband. 

Mr. Francis Theodore Tilton, ot Clitton, N. J. has in his possession a letter written 
by his great uncle, Obadiah Tilton, in which he says: — 

Key Port, N. J., June loth, 1873. 
"According to request 1 write to you the names of my former parents. My great grandfather's name was 
Thomas Tilton. My grandfather's name was Jeremiah Tilton, and my grandmother's maiden name was 
Eiizabetli Tilton. She was a Tilton before she married a Tilton. And my father's name was Reuben 
Tilton, and mother's name was Mary Holoway." 


201 Reuben Tilton born June 28, 1779; died May 9, 1826; married Mary 


131 ROBERT TILTON, son of Obadiah Tilton, 93, born Feb. 16, 1764; died 

1820, Apr. 10. Will of Robert Tilton, of Shrewsbury; proved June 26, 1820; men- 

sister, Miriam. Tilton; brother-in-law, William Hance; sister, Margaret Hancc, and their two children 
Elizabeth and Obadiah; brother, Joseph's three children, Obadiah, John and Hannah, the youngest not 
yet 18. Executors: kinsmen, William Tilton and Tylee Williams. NVitnesses: Daniel Tilton, Sarali 
■Tilton, Jr. 

132 MARGARET TILTON, daughter of Obadiah Tilton, 93, born Oct. 26, 1768: 
died Aug. 22, 1849; married, in Shrewsbury Meeting, as his second wife, William, son 
of Jacob and Elizabeth (Corlies) Hance, born May 20, 1760; died Jan. 30, 1827. They 
are buried in the Quaker Burying ground, at Shrewsbury. 

1825, xApr. 4. Will ot William Hance, ot Shrewsbury; proved Mch. 3, 1827, men- 

wife, Margaret; son, Revo C. Hance; daughter, Elizabeth Hance; son, Obadiah T. Hance. Execu- 
tors: Revo C. Hance and Tylee Williams. 

Elizabeth Hance born Mch. 10, 1802; died June 6, 1872; married, Feb. i, 

1837, Robert Henry, son of Thomas and Rachel (Woolley) Hance, born 

Apr. 14, 1798; died Sep. 3, 1876; no issue. 
Obadiah Tilton Hance born Mch. 15, 1806; died Aug. 26, 1825. 

134 JOSEPH TILTON, son of Obadiah Tilton, 93, born Oct. 11, 1775;* died 
Mch. 8, 1858; married, Mary ; died Apr. 15, 1819. 

*\Vitli regard to the dates of Joseph Tllton's birth and death. 
Shrewsbury Quaker records give that he was Lorn lorr.o., 11, 1775. 

"John Harce .^nd his Descendants" says he was born Oct. li, 177.J, and died Mch. 8, 1858. 

The inscription on his tombstone reads that he ditd, 3mo., 8, 1050, aged tij years, 2 months and 18 days. The calculation 
from this would show that he was born l2mo., (Dec), nth; 177.1- 



202 Ohadiiih Tilton born Mcli. 5, 1 808; died Feb. 25, 1842. 

203 John Tilton born Akh. 29, 181 1; died Feb. 2, 1836. 

204 Hann;ih Tilton born Sep. 24, 1817; died Jan. 7, 1S36; married, Peter T., 

son of William and ^L^ry Nivison, born Aug. 14, 18 12; died Oct. q, 1884. 
He married, second, Mary L., daughter of James Herbert, born ^L'lrch, 
1821 ; died Dec. i, 1903. 

136 WILLIAM TILTON, of" Shrewsbury, son of David Tilton, 97, born July 4, 
1773; died May, 184I; married, Mch. 8, 1795, Margaret, daughter of Timothy and 
Lydia (Allen) Corlies, born Nov. 17, 1775. 


205 Sarah Tilton born Apr. 5, 1797 

206 Lydia Corlies Tilton born Apr. 16, 1799; married, Feb. 14, 1837, Samuel 


207 Corlies Tilton born Aug. 26, 1801; died Aug. 13, 1869; married, Jan. 24, 

1832, Deborah H. White. 

208 Eseck Tilton born Dec. 24, 1805 

209 William Tilton born Apr. 7, 18 13; died Apr. 10, 18 87; married, Dec. 15, 

1837, Elizabeth, daughter of David and Phebe (\'an Kirk) Honce, born 
1 8 15; died Feb. 23, i860. 

137 DAVID TILTON, son of David Tilton, 97, born Jan. 8, 1785; died prior to 
Mch. 16, 1840; married, Oct. 23, 1806, Sarah (Flemnen.''). Her will was signed Jan. j6, 
1846, and proved Feb. 5, 1846. 


210 Elizabeth Tilton married, Jan. 5, 1831, David K. Perrine. 

211 David Tilton born June 29, 1813; died Mch. 3, 1837; married, Jane S. 

; she married, second, Apr. 7, 1839, James Brown. 

138 MARY TILTON, daughter of Jediah Tilton, 98, born Nov. 19, 1776,- married, 
Apr. 8, 1802, at Chesterfield, FMward, son of Benjamin and Tabitha (Rockhill) Field, 
born June 2, 1776; died Dec. 30, 1839. 

Tabitha Field born Feb. 6, 1808 
Edward Rockhill Field born Jan. 9, 18 17 

139 THOMAS TILTON, son of William Tilton, 103, born Apr. 14, 1771; died 
1843, unmarried. He lived near Farmingdale. 

1 841, Aug. 17. Will of Thomas Tilton, of Freehold township, proved Nov. 19, 
184], mentioned: 

brother, Amos Tilton, and his children, Caroline W., the wife of Isaac K. Lippincott, Benjamin W. 
Tilton, Mary M. Statesir, and Ann Tilton Statesir and her dauuhtcr, Elizabeth T. Statesir; uncle, Nathan 
Tilton, and hi; children, William Tilton, Edmund Tilton, each of whom was married, and his dL'cc?sc'd 
daugliter, Abigail Middleton; uncle, Garret Bennett, and his son, William Bennett; i\iary A. Cooper, 
formerly Mary A. Parker, the wife of John Cccper, hr.rtc.-. 


140 AMOS IILTON, son of William Tilto.i, 103, born Oct. 7, 1774; died Sep. 3, 
81CJ; married at Shrewshury Meetmg House, Sep. 12, 1799, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Benjamin and xMary (Morris) White, born Mch. 2, 17S1; died Oct. 4, 1854. 


212 Caroline W Tilton born June 27, 1800; died Dec. 18, 1885; married, Oct 

17, 1822, Isaac K. Lippincott. 

213 William W. Tilton born Dec. 19, 1S02; died Mch. 16, 1874; married, Mav 

f^J-^"^^', E''2abeth Ann, daughter of Gcorcre A., and Elizabeth fCorhes) 
White born May 5, 1S07; died xMch. 4, 1859; no issue. 

214 Mary Morris Tilton born Nov. 6, 1S03; died June 24, 1878; married, Feb 

12, 1833, John Statesir. 

215 Gideon Middleton Tilton born Apr. 20, 1808; died June 6, 1871, unmarried. 

216 Ann V\. likon born May 24, 1810; died Sep. 8, 1837; married, Isaac P. 


217 Benjamin White Tilton bom Dec. 13, 1817; died Mav 7, 1900- married 

Nov. 5, 1846, Mary Baker. ■ '^ ^ ^ 

141 WILLIAM TILTON, son of Nathan Tilton, 10^, born June 24, 1784- died 
3mo 27 1840; married, first, Nov. 23, 1809, Catharine; daughter of Thomas and 
tsther (Lrawtora) Burrows; died, 4mo., 10, 1812, aged 29 years, 5 months and 15 days: 
second, Sep. 13, i8i.|, Hannah Allen. :> ^ ' 

The marriage of William Tilton and Hannah Allen is recorded at New Brunswick 
iN. J., and calls them both ot Burlington. 

Issue by first wife 

218 Eusebia Tilton born Sep. 24, 1810; died Feb. 29, 1896; married, Tan. 2, 

1833, Silas, 327, son of Jonathan and Mary (Madden) Tilton, born 
June 28, 1805; died Nov. 21, 1888. 

219 Thomas Burrows Tilton born 3mo., 10, 1812; died Feb. 24, 1867; married 

first, Hannah A. Middleton; second, Elizabeth Coles Simmons. 
Issue by second wife 

220 Lewis Tilton 

221 Amos Tilton 

222 Anna Eliza Tilton born in Allentown, Lan. 27, 1S19; died June -2 i88<;- 

marned, Feb. 14, 1839, Richard Way, son of George iMiddleton and 
Margaret (Killey) Furman, ot Trenton, N. J., born, in Trenton, Dec ^-< 
i8io;diedAug. 19, 18S7. 
W'llliam Tilton Furman born, in Trenton, Apr. 4, 185 1; married, 
Mch. 15, 1877, Susannah McCully, daughter of Thomas and 
Susannah (McCully) Amies, of Philadelphia. 
Charles Furman 
George M. Furman 

223 Catharine L. Tilton died, 1889, unmarried 

142 EDMUND TILTON, son of Nathan Tilton, 105, married 


1854, Meh. 2. Lydia Tilton and Catharine Tilton convey land to tlie U;iitcd States 
Government. They were acting in this as guardians of George F.., John C, and Ed- 
nnmd 'Lilton, minor chikiren ot' Asa Tilton, deceased, of Middletown. 

224 Asa Tilton jnarried Eliza Eldridge 
George Fl Tilton born 1834; married Catharine, daughter of 
Jacoh and Mary (Burrows) McLean, born 1843 
Malcolm Oscar Tilton born 1870; married, Mary Mc- 
Dowell. He was a larmer in Middletown and died 
in his 57th year in the house in which he was born. 
Obituary Red Bnjik Register June 17, 192^. 
George Audley Tilton born 1872; married, Mary, daught- 
er of Edward Lutborrow 

John C. Tilton married 

Edmund Tilton died young 

146 CHARLOTTE TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, no, born Nov. 30, 
1781; died Aug. 25, 1864; married, Feb. 28, 1801, (1802, according to the record in 
County Clerk's OfHce, at Mount HollyJ, David Curtis, born 1776/7; died, 1863/4, ^^'■ 
the 88th year of his age. 

Elizabeth Curtis married Tilton Wall 
Mary Curtis married William Middleton 
Lydia Curtis married Joseph Emiey 
Abraham Curtis born 1808; died Aug. 2, 1880; married, Hannah, daughter 

of Daiiiel Emley, of Jacobstown. 
Charlotte Curtis married Clayton Hartshorne 
William Curtis married Ann R. Wakinson 

Patience Curtis married Robert Hankins born 181 2; died Mch. 25, 1875. 
Meribah E. Curtis married, Nov. 18, 1841, George W. Buntine; died Mch. 

Edith Curtis married Middleton, son of William and Ann (Middleton) 
Carslake, born Dec. 20, 1822 

147 LUCY TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, no, born Dec. 5, 1783; died 
Aug. 8, 1859; married, Nov. 8, 1804, William Burtis. 

Anna Eliza Burtis married, first, Edv/ard Middleton, of Crosswicks; second, 

Amos Flendrickson. 
Abraham T. Burtis married Sarah, daughter of Major Wright, of New 

Egypt, N.J. 
William Bui tis married Alice Conover 
Miriam Burtis married, first, James Middleton; second, Tliomas Antrini. 


Apollo M. Burtis unmarried 

Laicv Burtis married David Ridgway, of Plattsburg, N. J. 

Maria Burtis married John Ridgway, of Plattsburg, N. J. 

Martha Burtis died young 

Daniel Burtis married Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Tunis A'andcrveer 

John Ellis Burtis married , daughter ot Tunis ^'anderveer 

Martha Ann Burtis married George, son of Isaac Ivins, of Penns Manor, Pa. 

14S ELIZABETH T. TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 1 10, born June 1 1, 
1786; died Sep. 16, 1S45; married, first, Feb. 5, 1810, John Ellis, Jr.; second, Thomas 

Issue by first husband 
Charles R. Ellis born 18 15; married, 1838, Elizabeth, 12G, daughter of 
Abraham and Martha (Mears) Tilton, born iNLiy 19, 18 17. 

149 LYDLA TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, no, born June 25, 1788; 
died Nov. 23, 1858; married, Feb. 28, 18 16, James Ellis. 

Decklyn Ellis married Elizabeth, daughter of John Keeler, of Cookstown, 

Elizabeth Ellis married ^^ illiam Ellis 

William Ellis married 

Joseph Ellis married 

James Ellis married 

Rachel Ellis married, first, Mr. Van Sant, of Pennsylvania; second, Mr. 

Van Sant. 

150 ABRAHAM TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, no, born Nov. 25, 1790; 
died Oct. 7, 1866; married, Jan. 13, 18 14, Martha, daughter of Apollo and Unity 
(Shinn) Mears, born Dec. 22, 1794; died Aug. 7, 1878. 

The will of Abraham Tilton, of Plumstead, with wife Martha, and children as 
mentioned below, was signed 6mo., 13, 1862, and proved Oct. 23, 1866. It is on record 
at Toms River, Ocean Co., N. J. 


225 Apollo M. Tilton born Dec. i, 18 14; died Nov. 15, 1886; married, Dec. 2, 

1839, Elizabeth M. Lippincott. 

226 Elizabeth Tilton born May 19, 18 17; married Charles R. Ellis, Sr., son of 

John and Elizabeth (Tilton), 148, Ellis born 1815. 

227 Abraham Tilton married, 1843, Elizabeth Horner 

228 Unity Tilton died August 1S65; married, June 5, 1845, Nicholas Wain; died 

Jan. I, 1879. 

229 William Tilton born 1823; died June 17, 1885; married Ruth H. Bruere. 

230 John M. Tilton married Lydia Norton, died Jan. 5, 1876 

231 Sarah .Ann Tilton married, Dec. 17, 1846, Asher Borden 

232 Lawrence Tilton married Rebecca Satterrhwaite 


233 IMary A. Tilton married Josepli Wright 

234 Martlia A. Tilton, her twin sister, married I'mil Satterthv, aite 

235 Caroline Tilton married Gilbert H. Warden 

236 George William Tilton born Ma\' 5, 1837; married Annie M. Sexton. 

151 PATIENCE TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 1 10, born Feb. 1 8, 1793; 
died May 15, 1861; married, as his second wife, Apr. 12, 1820, Barnt De Lalor. They 
had issue a still-born child onl\'. 

152 SARAH TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 110, born Apr. 12, 1795; 
died Apr. 15, 1854; married, Oct. 8, 1815, Joseph Schooley. 

Abraham Tilton Schooley died Mch. 23, 1887- married, Lydia Ann, daughter 

of John Burtis; died Nov. 2, 1881. 
Sarah Jane Schooley married William Barkalow 

Caleb Schooley married Alice, daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Warden. 
FJizabeth Schooley married George R. Aaronson, of Walnford, N. J.; died 

Nov. 3, 1879. 
William R. Schooley married Margaret, daughter of Major Hutchinso.n; 

died a few years prior to 1887. 
Marianna Schooley 
Charles N. Schooley died Oct. 18, 1902; married Susan, daughter of Tilton 

and Alice Woodward. 
Franklin Schooley died, Mch. 22, 1880, unmarried 

153 SAMUEL TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, no, born June 24, 1797; died 
July 28, 1882; married, Feb. 20, 1829, Mar\-, daughter ot Josiah and Mary Borden, born 
Dec. 15, 1805; died, Sep. 14, 1867, aged 61 years, 8 months and 29 days. They are 
buried in the cemetery of the Baptist Church, at Jacobstown, N.J. 

12,1 Clarkson Tilton born Apr. 16, 1832; died Jan. i, 1886; married Anne More, 
of Trenton, N. J., died Apr. 9, 1881. 
Samuel Tilton died young 
Emma Tilton 
Minnie Tilton 
Marietta Tilton died young 

238 Emily Tilton born Aug. 22, 1834; married Joseph Leland. 

239 Josiah B. Tilton born May 15, 1837; married, Jan. i, 1S63, Mary Eliza- 

beth, daughter of Joseph C. and Abigail Bullock. 

Joseph B. Tilton born Nov. 7, 1864* 
Mary R. Tilton born Oct. 17, 1866 

•In the cemetery of the Baptist Church, at Jacobstown, N. J., there is a torubitone to the memory of Joseph Tiltcr;, died, 
1850, aged 25 yearj. 


Jolin B. Tilton born Oct. 6, 1868 
Ella li. Tilton born Mch. 26, 1872 

240 John B. Tilton born Oct. 22, 1839; died, Jan. 3, 1863, unmarried; buried at 

Jacobstown, N. J. 

241 ^L'^ry Elizabeth 'I'ilron born Feb. 22, 1842; married Joel Wainright. 

John T. Wainright died prior to 1887 
Mary Frances Wainright died prior to 1887 
Emma L. Wainright 
Anna A. Wainright died prior to 1887 
Aaron B. Wainright 
Annie B. Wainright 

154 MARY TILTOX, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 1 10, born July 31, 1799; "-^'^d 
Dec. 23, 1867; married, Mch. 27, 1837, Samuel Steward, who died several years prior to 
his wife. 

Susan Steward married David, son of David Hendrickson 
Benjamin Franklin Steward died Aug. 17, 1875; married, Elizabeth, 

daughter of Daniel Norton. She predeceased him. 
Mary Elizabeth Steward died Jan. 12, 1877; married William Norton; no 

Emily Steward married Edwin A., son of Josiah Bullock; died May 5, 1883. 

155 WTLLIAM TILTON, of Chesterfield, son of Abraham Tilton, no, born Oct. 

23, 1 801; died Apr. 25, 1881; married, Nov. 25, 1825, Margaret Richie Lawrence, of 
Middletown, daughter ot John Richie and Margaret (Shinn) Lawrence, born Apr. 3, 
1803; died, I\Ich. 4, 1865, aged 6^ years; buried in Jacobstown Baptist Cemetery. 


242 Martha Ann Tilton born lune 28, 1827; married, Nov. 13, 1845, Edward 

Taylor Wikoff. 

243 Amanda Theresa Lawrence Tilton born Aug. 24, 1833 or ^^; died Apr. 11, 

1904; married, July 20, 1852, Joseph T. Scudder born Nov. 18, 1827; 
died Sep. 11, 1886. 

244 Mary Elizabeth Lawrence Tilton born Nov. 29, 1838; died young. 

156 DANIEL TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, no, born Oct. 8, 1804; ciicd 
Nov. 9, 1874; married, Jan. 13, 1825, Sarah, daughter ot Apollo and Ann (Burtis) Meirs, 
born June 26, 1805; died Dec. 31, 1888. They are buried in the Cemetery ol the Baptist 
Ch\irch, at Jacobstown, N. J. 


245 Charles M. Tilton, of LIpper Freehold, born 1826; married Kate, daughter 

of Aaron Ivobbins, of Allentov/n, and had 
Anna Rolibins Tilton born 1866 
Lizzie Tilton born 1872 
Charles 'I'ilton born 1870 


160 JOHN PATTLRSON LLW IS TILTON, son of Amos Tilton, 1 16, born July 
2, iSog; died Avig. 2i, 1896; married, Nov. 19, iS^^i, Sarah F. Ely, born ^Lly 2, 1810; 
died May 6, 1875. 


246 Rebecca Tilton born Sep. 1, 1832; died, Dee. 29, 1891, unmarried. 

247 Anios Tilton born Nov. 11, 1833; tlied October, 1905; married, Nov. 16, 

1859, Mary Ann Allen born Oct. 20, 1838. 

248 John Ely Tilton born Mch. 28, 1836,- died Mch. 11, 1864. 

249 ?»Ii!ton Tilton, ot Hamilton, N. J., born Apr. 25, 1838; married, Dec. 18, 

1864, Lydia Hurley born July 12, 1844. 

Irene Tilton born Aug. 13, 1865 

250 Augustine Tilton born Feb. 10, T840; died Jan. 30, 1907; married, 1870, 

Josephine, daughter ot William Robinson, born 1840; dieii Jan. 27, 1907. 

251 Caroline Tilton born Jan. 4, 1842; married, Mch. 5, 1868, Charles Tucker, 

born Aug. 4, 1839. 

Clara Tucker 
Frank Tucker 

252 James Tilton born Jan. 10, 1844; married, January, 1882, Isabella G. Wil- 


253 Marie Antoinette Tilton born Apr. 21, 1846; married Feb. 16, 1871, Albert 

W. King, born Sep. 25, 1848. 

Carrie King born Dec. 9, 1874 
Edward King born Feb. 7, 1876 

254 Deborah Tilton born May i, 1848; died Dec. 8, 1851. 

255 Edwin L. Tilton born Aug. 28, 1851; married, Jan. 29, 1878, Sophie M. 

Pyle, born Apr. 20, 1855. 

John P. L. Tilton born Apr. 2, 1885 

256 Charles R. Tilton born May 7, 1853; married, Oct. 27, 1875, Frances M. 

Williams, born Jan. 22, 1853. 

ReginaUl Tilton born Feb. 26, 1877 
Sarah F. Tilton born Aug. 1 1, 1880 
Arlena Tilton born Feb. 19, 1886 
Walter E. Tilton born June 23, 1890 

1G2 AMOS TILTON, son of .Amos Tilton, 116, born Feb. 17, 1813; died Mch. 4, 
1882; married, Feb. 2, 1839, Charlotte, daughter of Stephen and Fanny (Haight) .Allen; 
born Aug. 25, 1807; died Mch. 2, 1882. 


257 Charles B. Tilton, of Manasquan, N. J., born Dec. 15, 1839; married, Apr. 

14, 1872, Sarah Elizabeth Allen born 1846. 

TILTON OF Nl-:\^• Jl.RSFA ,75 

1G5 THOMAS L. TILTOX, oi IManasquan, son of Amos Tilton, n6, born Sep. 
21, 1816; died July 28, 1880; married, Feb. 9, 18J9, Isabella, daughter of" Britton and Ann 
(Curtice) Mount, born Dec. 12, 1819; died Jan. 25, 1906. 

Iss tie 

258 Deborah Tilton born Oct. 28, !8;,9; married, first, May 22, 1864, Eugene 

A. Hyde, ot Norwich, Conn.; died Apr. 8, 1872; second, Jan. 25, ilso, 
James J. Longstreet; died Mch. 30, 1S99; no issue living. 

259 Britton i\I. Tilton born Oct. 17, 1841; died, July 3, 1885, unmarried. 

260 Melissa Tilton born Dec. 22, 1843; married George Rankin; died Nov. 17, 


261 Ann_ Augusta Tilton born Mch. 4, 1846; married William H. Green. 

262 Lydia Jane Tilton born Nov. 9, 1848; died June 27, 1S52. 

263 Elizabeth IM. Tilton born Dec. 30, 1850; died Apr. 13, 1855. 

264 George W. Tilton born Sep. 27, 1852; married, first, Oct. 24, 1883, Emma 

Dawsen; second, Mch. 21, 1904, Jessie Grant Belford; no issue. 

265 William EdwardTilton born Sep. 13, 1S54; married, Feb. 12, 1896, Mar- 

garet Baer; no issue. 

266 Frances Adelia Tilton born Apr. 30, 1856; died May 15, 1857. 

267 Ella A. Tilton born Apr. 8, 1858; married, Nov. 8, 1881, Arthur A. Bradley. 

268 Laura E. Tilton born June 13, i860; married, Mch., 1880/1, Houston Fields. 

168 JOHN TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 120, born Oct. 17, 1801; died Dec. 
24, 1864; married, Mch. 28, 1829, Charlotte, daughter of Robert and Ann (Collins,) 


269 Henry Remsen Tilton born in New Jersey; Assistant Surgeon, United 

States Army, Aug. 26, 1861; Major', June 26, 1876; Surgeon General, 
Aug. 12, 1893; retired F~eb. 2, 1900; granted medal of honor Mch. 22, 
1895, for distinguished gallantry in action against the Indians at Bear 
Paw Mountain, Montana, Sep. 30, 1877. See Heitman's Historical 
Register oj the United States Aryny. 

He died, June 25, 1906, at iMadison Barracks, Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., 

and is buried at .Arlington, Va.; married Anna M ; living, in 1909, 

at Sackett's Harbor, N.Y. 

Daughter Tilton married Samuel Seay 

270 Allen P. Tilton born in New Jersey; died May 6, 18S3; Captain in the 

Civil War; married Adelaide daughter of Judge Benjamin Oliphant, of 
Manahawken, N. J. 

271 Mary Anna Tilton married Captain Samuel Birdsall 

169 JOSEPH TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 120, born Feb. 20, 1796; died 
1840; married Deborah Johnston, born Jan. 13, 1797. 

1816, Feb. II. Joseph Tilton, of Howell and Deborah, his wife, conveved land to 
Thomas Cook. 


2J2 Mary Tiltoii born May 17, 1816; died June 27, iS;^:;; married, June 24, 
1836, Robert A. Lippincott born Apr. 19, 18 10; died Apr. 2, 1S72. They 
are buried in the yard at Lower Squankum. 

273 James L. Tilton born Nov. 27, 1822; married Ann 

274 William Penn Tilton born June 16, 1828; died Nov. 4, 1857. Buried in the 

yard at Lower Squankum. 

170 PETER TILTON, son of Thomas Tilton, 120, married, Dec. 20, 1821, Eliza- 
beth Morris, at the house of Robert W. Morris; both of Howell. 


275 Morris Tilton died, Mch. 28, 1855, aged 34-9-28; married Mrs. Mary 

Eleanor Osborn.* 

John S. Tilton died, Sep. 25, 1874, aged 21-1 1-12. 
Andrew Tilton died Aug. 13, 1854 

276 Ann Tilton married James, son of Joseph Tilton. 

277 Elizabeth Tilton 

278 Joseph Tilton died, Apr. 25, 1861, aged 30-4-13; married Sarah Gifford 

born Mch. 3, 1835; died Apr. 17, 1902. She married, second, Samuel A. 
Elmer born Sep. 13, 1831; died May 9, 1890. 

279 George Tilton 

171 JAMES TILTON, son ot Thomas Tilton, 120, born Sep. 28, 1798; married, 
Jan. 26, 1832, Lydia Allen. She, in her will of Jan. 5, 1888; proved May i_> 1891, calls 
herself ot Brick township. 


280 Margaret Tilton born xAug. 10, 1832 

281 Thomas Tilton born June 6, 1834; died 1865; married Hannah and 

had two children. 

282 Elizabeth Ann Tilton born Feb. 3, 1837; married J. G. \Y. Havens, of 

Point Pleasant, N. J. 

283 Catharine Almira Tilton born Nov. 19, 1839; died Dec. 6, 1882; married 

Charles H. Wardell. 

284 William J. Tilton born Jan. 17, 1847; unmarried. 

285 Mary Lydia Tilton born June 2, 1849; married Horatio Ely Havens. 

174 JONATHAN TILTON, son of John G. Tilton, 121, born July 12, 1804; died 
Feb. 16, 1S74; married, Jan. i, 1832, Lydia Ann Herbert, born Feb. 25, 1812; died 
Aug. 19, 1868. 


286 Easter Ann Tilton born June 15. 1834; died May 14, 1869; unmarried. 

'She ?;2?, probp-bly, the dfiUghtcr of Cai,:a!ii James and Mary E. R-.nkin. 


287 Mary Tilron horn Mcli. 6, I'S^i; died Mch. 4, 1862; married, Dec. 31, 1855, 

/\aroii Elma; died, Feb. 8, 1863, aged 25, 2, 15. 
Ella F^lina horn i8<;8; married Jiiscpli Havens. 
Julia Elma married Benjamin Havens 

288 Isaac Herbert Tilton born June 23, 1832; died Apr. 14, 1909; married, 

Feb. 12, 1857, F'mily Gifford. 
Frederick D. Tilton born Nov. 14, 1857 
Irene Tilton born Sep. 24, 1859; died Jan. 27, 1874. 

Asher A. Tilton born F'eb. 2, 1862; married 

Mary E. Tilton born Dec. 31, 1863; married J. Harry Ee Compt. 

Everett R. Tilton born Oct. 3, 1865 

Lydia Ann Tilton born Mch. 8, 1871; died Jan. 27, 1874. 

176 LEWIS TILTON, son of John G. Tilton, 121, born Jan. 13, i8c8; married 
Catharine, daughter of ^^'illiam and Sarah (Tilton) Johnson; died about 1902. 


289 Eight children who died young 

290 John Tilton born Jan. 5, 1835; died 1879; married, Nov. 8, 1863, Ann Wal- 

ton born Oct. 16, 18. .. She was a sister to Carlisle Walton, v/hose first 
wife was Mary, daughter of William and Sarah (Tilton) Johnson. 
Katy Tilton 

179 DEBORAH TILTON, daughter of Silvester Tilton, 123; married, prior to 
Feb. 24, 1792, Joseph Mount, wiio died between Apr. 20th and Oct. 22nd, 1830. 

1792, Feb. 24. Joseph Mount, of Shrewsbury, carpenter, and Deborah, his wife, 
mortgage their property. 

1830, Apr. 20. Joseph Mount, of Shrewsbury, and Deborah, his wife, convey land 
to William Sutton. 

1830, Oct. 22. Joseph Mount, Jr., Sylvester T. Mount and Han.nah, his wife, and 
Deborah Mount, the wife of Joseph Mount, Sr., convey land to William Sutton. 


Sylvester Tilton Moimt married, prior to Oct. 22, 1830, Hannah 

Joseph Mount 

181 SILVESTER TILTON, son of Silvester Tilton, 123; married, first, Mary 
(Hull r) ; second, July 11, i S 1 8, according to the records at Freehold, N. J., Mary Falkin- 
burg, widow of Caleb Falkinburg, and daughter of Samuel Woodmansee. Salter, in 
his History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, says she was born in 1799, and that 
Caleb Falkinburg died Jan. 8, 1815, and signed his will in 18 17. It is evident that 
Salter is mistaken both in the date of Mary's birth, and also either in the date of Caleb's 
making his Vvill or of his death. 

1831, Sep. 30. Silvester Tilton, of Dover, and Mary, his wife, convey to Amos 
Falkinburg and Reuben Tilton one piece of land that adjoined land, formerly belonging 


to Gabriel Woodmansee; also the one quarter part of a Cedar Swamp that formerly 
belonged to Gabriel Woodmansee, deceased, had been allotted to his heirs, and had 
been conveyed by Samuel Brinley and wife to the said Silvester Tilton, by deed dated 
Aug. I, 1814. 

1S32, Apr. 28. Reuben Tilton and Amos Falkinburg and Rebecca, jiis wife, convey 
this property to Samuel Parker. 

Silvester Tilton, with his wife and part of his family, moved to Ohio, and settled 
in Highland Co. He made his will there, signing it with his mark, Feb. 13, 1847, and 
it was proved May 6, 1S47. In it he calls himself of Fairfield township, and mentioned: 

my loving wife, Mary Tilton; my daughter, Rebecca Johnson; my son, John Tilton: my son, Reuben 
Tilton; my son, James Tilton; the heirs of my daughter, Mariah Kennedy, deceased; the heirs of my 
daughter, Cliarriiy Giavatt, deceased; the heirs ot niv son, Sylvester Tilton, deceased; my daughter, 
Lydia Ann Hansell. Executor: my friend, William Rahorn. 

Issue by first wife 

291 Silvester Tilton, oldest son, of Forked River, N. J.; married Jane Stout. 

292 John Hull Tilton born Apr. i, 1804; married, 1826, Deborah Matthews 

born July 18, 1807. 

293 Reuben Tilton married Elizabeth Grant 

294 Rebecca Tilton married Israel Johnson 

Issue by second wife 

295 James Tilton, of Red Lion, Warren Co., Ohio; married and had a large 


296 Ephraim Tilton died in Ohio, after his mother; not mentioned in his father's 


297 Charity Tilton married Mr. Gravatt 

298 Lydia Ann Tilton married Mr. Hansell 

182 JOHN TILTON, son of Silvester Tilton, 123, born, in Monmouth Co., Mch. 
17, 1776; married, first, Apr. 15, 1798, Elizabeth Clayton, born Dec. 18, 1776; second, 
in 1815, Sally Letts, the widow of Jvlr. Falkinburg, born Aug. 31, 1784. 

John Tilton removed to Licking Co., Ohio, in 1728, or thereabouts, but before 
going, his step-daughter, Amelia Falkinburg, was married, Feb. 27, 1828, at his house in 
Dover tov/nship, to Joseph Stout. 

Issue by first wife 

299 William Tilton born Sep. 4, 1798 

300 Joel Tilton born June 28, 1800; remained in Monmouth Co. 

301 Maria Tilton born Dec. 25, 1801; married Mr. Bowers, of Philadelphia. 

Edward Bowers 
(Daughter) Bowers married Mr. Hough 

302 Hannah Tilton born Jan. 3, 1804 

303 Asher C. Tilton born Apr. 21, 1806. There is reason to suppose that he 

v/as named after his maternal grandfather. 

304 Margaret H. Tilton born July 10, 1808 

305 Silvester Tilton born Feb. 22, 1812; married, in Muskingum Co., Ohio, 

Miss Maloney, and moved to Salitia, Ohio. 


(Son) Tilton 

306 Elizabeth Tilton born Dec. 26, 1814 

Issue by second wife 

307 Rebecca Tilton born Feb. 18, 18 16; married the Rev. Sylvester Southard. 
30S William G. Tilton born Feb. 3, 18 19; married 

James Wesley Tilton died about 1906; of Marysville, Ohio. 
Noah H. Tilton, of Martinsburgh, Ohio; died 1909; marrietl 


Sarah Tilton 
Martha Tilton 

309 Nehcmiah Tilton bom Jan. 10, 1820; living, at Newark, Ohio, Apr. 5, 1910; 

married, June 10, 1843, Mary Hoover. 

John F. Tilton born Apr. i, 1844; married. 
Elizabeth Tilton born Apr. 5, 1848; married William Kirk, of 

Zanesville, Ohio. 
William A. lllton born Sep. i, 1851; died Jan. 9, 1885. 
Anne Eliza Tilton born Oct. 4, 1853; married, Mch. i, 1S81, C. W. 

Martin; died Apr. 26, 1909. 

310 Sally Ann Tilton born Nov. 12, 1822 

311 John Tilton born May 4, 1825 

1S3 GARRET TILTON, son of Silvester Tilton, 123; married Jane Lewis. 
1825, Apr. 28. Garret Tilton and Jane, his wile, of Shrewsbury, convey a piece of 


312 Amos Tilton born Apr. 27, 1809; died Jan. 3, 184S; married, 1829, Mary F. 

Chadwick born Dec. 3, 181 1; died Feb. 2, 1901. 

313 David Tilton 

314 William Henry Tilton 

315 John Tilton 

316 Robert Lewis Tilton married, Jan. 31, 1847, Catherine Chadwick. 

317 Garret Tilton 

318 Mary Ann Tilton married Mr. Santord 

319 Jane Tilton married Mr. Boggs 

Seth Boggs, M.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

320 Sarah Eliza Tilton married, Dec. 14, 1837, Charles Butler 

321 Deborah Tilton unmarried 

ISO JONATHAN TILTON, son of Ezekiel Tilton, 124, born Sep. 17, 1771; died 
Dec. 7, 1846; married, Mch. 5, 1795, Mary Madden born Jan. 23, 1774; died JcUi. 17, 


1838. They are buried, together with Mary, their daughter, in Christ Chijrchyard, 
Middletown, N. J. 

1797, May 24. He recorded his cattle mark. 


322 Mary Tilton born Nov. i, 1807; died Nov. 7, 1846. 

323 Ez.ekiel Tilton married, first, Aug. 5, 1817, .^nn McCook; second, Lydia 

Morris; third, Catherine Thorben. 

324 Samuel Tilton married November, 1S28, Hannah Conover 

325 William Tilton married Martha Barnard 

326 Jonathan Tilton born 1804; married Patience Willett. 

327 Silas Tilton born June 28, 1805; married, Jan. 2, 1833; Eusebia Tilton, 218, 

328 Horatio Tilton born 1812; married Mary Ann Scott. 

329 Asher Tilton born 18 15; married Hope ^Vhite born 18 16. 

187 SILAS TILTON, son of Ezekiel Tilton, 124, born 1774; died Oct. 10, 1839; 
married, Jan. 10, 1807, Nancy Debeau born 1786; died Mch. 11, 1870. They are buried 
in Fairview Cemetery, Middletown, N. J. 


330 John Tilton born 1808; died Feb. 8, 1872; married Margaret M 

331 Elizabeth Tilton born 1810; died Mch. 14, 1874. 

332 Silas D. Tilton born May 11, 18 12; died Feb. 12, 1864; married ; no 

233 Peter Tilton born 181 5; died Mch. 17, 1842. 

334 Catherine Tilton born 18 18; died Dec. 3, 1826. 

335 Susan Tilton born 1821; died Mch. 3, 1842. 

190 THOMAS TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 128, born Oct. 19, 1777; died Nov. 
9, 1809; married His widow married, second, Mr. Wilder. 

33G Edward Tilton 

337 Julia Ann Tilton married Edward Heron 

191 SAMUEL TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 128, born Apr. 29, 1779; died 
Oct. 18, 18 10; married Ann, daughter of Christopher and Sarah (Leicester) Snyder, 
born Sep. 17, 1776; died Mch, 9, 1816. 


338 Sarah Tilton born Feb. i, 1806; died July 7, 1898; married Benjamin Frost. 

339 Lydia Tilton married, Nlay 27, 1829, Thomas, son of William and Lydia 

(Stout) Morford. See Moijord Family , in Slilkvcir s MisceHariy. 

192 MARY TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 128, born June 26, 1780; died 
Aug. 31, 1843; married. May 8, 1805, John, son of Samuel and Sarah (Frost) Hopping. 

Samiicl Hopping married Margaret W. Klots born 1820; died June 22. ipo;. 


Harriet Hopping married Garret, son of William and Mary (Hendrickson) 
Van Mater, burn June 13, iSi::; died Aug. 17, 1879. 

Lytiia Hopping born Nov. 8, 1810; died Jan. i, 1S74; married Judge James, 
son of Jehu and Hannah (Gordon) Patterson, born Alch. 25, 1794; died 
May 2, 1867. 

194 PATIENCE TiLTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 128, born Mch. ai, 1783; 
died Jan. 16, 1884; married, Apr. 2, 180S; James, son of Samuel and Sarah (Frost) 
Hopping, born Sep. 11, 1781; died Apr. 8, 1837. 

John J. Hopping died, June 5, 1890, aged 69 years; married Hannah, 

daughter of James and Deborah (Trat^urd) Patterson. 
Sarah Hopping born Apr. 18, 1809; died Mch. 2, 1865; married Jaines, son 

of James and Lydia (Morris) Frost. 
Mary A. Plopping married Thomas Leonard 
Edward T. Hopping born 1S18; died May lo, 1901; married 

196 HUInIPHREY TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 128, born Sep. 10, 1786; died 
Apr. I, 1826; married, Sep. 10, 181 1, Catherine, daughter of Cornelius and Lydia 
(Vanderbilt) Plendrickson, born Jan. 8, 17S8; baptised June 15, 1788; died Sep. 24, 1881. 

1813, Dec. 23. Recorded his cartlemark in Middletown Town Book; and this was 
taken up by another, May 6, 1829. 

1822, Apr. 20. Humphrey Tilton and Peter Tilton, of Middletown, convey land 
to Isaac Tilton, that belonged to the "Estate of Samuel Tilton, our father." 

1824, Oct. 16. Humphrey Tilton^ of Middletown, and Catharine, his wife, give a 
deed for the hoinestead place. 


340 Lydia H. Tilton born Nov. 2, 1812; died Sep. 26, 1901; married, Oct. 7, 

1832, John Wiggins, and had 

T. C. Wiggins, ALD.; 520 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

341 Catherine Tilton born Nov. 26, 1814; died Oct. 21, 1894; married, Mch. 12> 

1845, Solomon Conklin. 

Warren S. Conklin, 95 Branch Ave., Red Bank. 

198 DEBORAH TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 128, born Sep. 2, 1795; 
married, Jan. 12, 1813, Daniel C, son of Cornelius and Lydia (^^lnderbilt) Hendrickson, 
born Jan. 11, 1785; died Sep. 7, 1863. 

Cornelius Hendrickson born Apr. i~, i'Si4; married Mary, daughter of 

John G., and Elizabeth (Couwenhoven) Taylor. 
Daniel T. Hendrickson bom Jan. 29, 1822; died Mch. 26, 1857; married 

Deborah .Ann Morris. 


to Lifl" \vLl;l:So:":e!;rN:'l'B!!,riS;k '':^"r'',''' ^°""'>-.,-rf f™- "-,. re.„oveJ 
and „.,de h,s ho,w" AllisSlc r.rHol'.nli H ;,^:;""''' '" '\'"""»"'H County, 
was k.lled by the falltng of an appiriec on hi L™ ', MonlS''' '"n°"-"'T,"T' ""^ 

:i;: ";;:tS^:eS ?: E^2:r^>r' "^— -^^-"^-'-HSai^iiatS! d 
r.;'r;,d,^d K-LT'oiiri""" "™^ ■^'^= """■-' '^-'-'' Bo™:;and";;^;^d1:^be'ttie 



342 Jeremiah Tilton born Feb. 22, t8ov died Tnnp rr^ iQtQ • j c r 

Antonides. • ' ^ ' married Sarah 

^''' ^AmWeT ^"" '"^^'^^ ''' ''"^' ^"^ ^'J"""- ^- ^^91; married Abram. 

^^^ •^'Troo Til'K^ll^Tr'^'^^- ^<j/8?7; went to UHnois or Ohio; married, Mch. i-^ 
..c Ch. f' !f .f ^"^J''^-- ^'^^ had a s.ster Josephine, who'married k German: 

346 'iVlj^Tilton born June 8, 1812; died Dec. 21, 18S8; married Susan Thomp- 
^'^^ ^^^rH^J'Adr^^'TKP'- '^' '^'^■^^'IS'^ I^^^b. 5, 1902; married, first, Alch. ,, 

/j.r«f by first husband 
Mary Augusta Thorne, of Keyport. N. J.; married, Feb. 2^, 1863, 


Issue by second husband 
Stephen Shellard died young 
William Slieliard born May 27, 1855 

348 Mary Tilton born July 3, 1818; died Oct. 22, 1882; married, Jan. 12, 1S36, 

John A. Sutphen born Feb. 8, 18 13; died Sep. 22, 1889. 
LydiaAnn Sutphen born Jan. 12, 1837 
William Henry Sutphen born Oct. 11, 1839 
Kortenous Heyer Sutphen born Apr. 30, 1841 
Mary Louisa Sutphen, of Holmdel, N. J., born June i, 1843; I'nar- 

ried Ogborn Bray. 
John Watson Sutphen born .■\ug. 8, 1846 
Joseph Rue Sutphen born Dec. i, 1848 

349 Obadiah Tilton of Mcchanicsville, N. J., born Jan. 18, 1821; died Apir. 11, 

1891 ; married Lavinia, daughter ot William and Maria (Wright) I\Iorris, 
born Jan. 23, 1826; died Apr. 8, 1908. 

Ehnira Tilton born Dec. 5, 1849; married Daniel T. Thorne. 

Annie Tiltoii born Sep. 8, 1866; married Charles H. Clarke. 

350 William Tilton born July 24, 1824; disappeared. 

207 CORLIES TILTON, son of William Tilton, 136, born Aug. 26, 1801; died 
Aug. 13, 1869; married, Jan. 24, 1832, Deborah H., daughter ot Amos and Ann (Throck- 
morton) White, born June 2, 1807; died Mch. 13, 18S4. They are buried in Friends' 
Yard, at Shrewsbury, where the tombstones read, "Corlies Tilton, died, Aug. 13, 1S69, 
67-1 1-17." "Deborah H. White, his v/ife, died, iSLarch 13, 1S84, 76-9-1 1." An old Bible 
says that Corlies Tilton v^'as born Aug. 26, iSc2. But tombstone and Bible pgree in 
date of death and age, "Aug. 13, 1869, aged 67 years, 11 months and 17 days." 


351 Margaret Ann Tilton born Nov. 16, 1832; married, first, Thomas Blanche; 

second, Oliver Holmes. 

Issue by second husband 
Whittier Holmes 
Lincoln Holmes 
Eva Holmes 

352 Charles H. Tilton born Feb. 4, 1835; married Kate Drum. 

353 William Am.os Tilton born May 14, 1837; died Feb. 19, 1908; married, Feb. 

13, ]866, Caroline Maghan. 

354 Sarah S. Tilton born Dec. 10, 1838; married, Dec. 13. 1864, William L. 

Cromwell or Cornwcll. 
Laura Cromwell or Cornwell 
Susan Cromwell or Cornwell 

355 James White Tilton, of Marlboro, born Jan. 31, 184I; married, Nov. 20, 

1864. Catharine Thompson born July 4, 1842. 

356 Lydia Tilton born Sep. 9, 1843; died Dec. 21, 1899; married, Sep. 9, 1075, 

Joseph, son of James and Mary (Matthewsj White, born 1842. 


209 WILLIAM TILTON, son of William Tilton, 136, born Apr. 7, 1813; died 
Apr. 10, 1887; married, Dec. 15, 1S37, Elizabeth, daughter of David and Phebc (Van 
Kirk) lloncc, born 18 15; died Feb. 23, i860. 


357 Margaret Tilton* born 1838; married, 1867, John J. Elkin. 

358 David Tilton born June 20, 1839; died 1856. 

359 Holmes Tilton married Jennie \zn Dorn 

360 Elizabeth Tilton, ot Eatontown, born Aug. 14, 1853; married, Feb. 25, 1873, 

Albert Dennis, born July 19, 1850. 

210 ELIZABETH TILTON, daughter of David Tilton, 137, married, Jan. 5, 
1831, David K. Perrine. 


Charles Henrv Perrine 1 xt , • , -n r i • j 1 

Mary Elizabeth Perrine ^'1,"^^^ 3^?., ^^^^ /'^^ /^ 'Y' ^'■^"^"^"ther, 

Elwood Perrine | ^^'^^ T'^^°"' >"• ^' ^^46. 

212 CAROLINE W. TILTON, of Middletown, daughter of Amos Tilton, 140, 
born June 27, 1800; died Dec. 18, 1885; married, at Shrewsbury, Oct. 17, 1822, Isaac 
K. Lippincott, of Freehold, son of Caleb and Jemima Lippincott, of Northampton, N. J. 

Elizabeth Tilton Lippincott married, first, Nov. 28, 1849, Jehu, son of 
James and Deborah (Traft'ord) Patterson; second, Henry Clay Patterson. 
Augustus Lippincott married Mary Jackson 
Caleb Lippincott married Lizzie Druin 
Mary Morgan Lippincott married Henry Morrison 

Edward Lippincott married 

William Henry Lippincott married Caroline Coane 

Frances Caroline Lippincott married Henry Bolton; no issue. 

214 MARY MORRIS TILTON, daughter of Amos Tilton, 140, born Nov. 6, 
1803; died June 24, 1878; married, Feb. 12, 1833, John, son of John and Agnes (Aumack) 
Statesir, born Sep. 16, 1800; died Jan. 19, 1884. 

John Statesir born Aug. 15, 1834; married, first, Jan. j8, 1860, Elizabeth 

T., only child of Isaac P. and Ann W. (Tilton), 216, Statesir, born Jan. 

4, 1836; died Aug. I, 1884; second, Aug. 3, 1886, Harriet B., daughter of 

John B. Emimons, born Jan. 18, 1857. 
Edwin Holmes Statesir born Apr. 1836; married Margaretta Bayles, 

daughter of Daniel and (Griggs) Hunt; no issue. 

Amos Tilton Statesir born Aug. 29, 1839; died August, 1865; unmarried. 

•At the time of her baptism in St. James Church, Eatontown, N. J., the Register reads: "'Mrs. Msrgarct, wite of J.ihn JacoS 
Elkin, and daugiuer of Wilham and Elizabeth Tilton, born May 30, 1842;" but she herself writes "1 was bora in iSjS, and am the 
eldest of the fr.rr.ily." 


Benjamin Tilton Statesir born Dec. 2, 1841 ; married, first, Emily A. Foster; 

second, Henrietta Smith. 
Mary Ann Statesir born May, 1844; married, Oct. 3, 1879, Stephen Ilig- 


216 ANN \V. TIETON, daughter of Amos Tilton, 140, born May 24, 1810; died 
Sep. 8, 1837; married Isaac P., son of John and Agnes (Aumack) Statesir, born Nov. 15, 
1797; died July 29, 1868. 

Elizabeth T. Statesir born Jan. 4, 1836; died Aug. i, 1884; married, Jan. 
18, i860, John, son of John and ISIary Morris (Tilton), 214, Statesir, 
born Aug. 15, 1S34. 

217 BENJAMIN WTIITE TILTON, son of Amos Tilton, 140, born Dec. 13, 
1817; died May 7, 1900; married, Nov. 5, 1846, Mary, daughter of Dobel and M.-iry 
(Corlies) Baker, born Dec. 6, 1823; died Oct. 30, 1905. 


361 Joseph White Tilton married Mary L. Moore 

362 Mary Elizabeth Tilton died at the age of 18 years 

363 Caroline Lippincott Tilton, of Mount Vernon, N. Y.; unmarried. 

364 Sarah Baker Tilton 

365 Edward Lippincott Tilton married, June 5, 1901, Mary Eastman, daughter 

of Charles Canoll Bigelow. 

366 Josephine H. Tilton 

219 THOMAS BURROWS TILTON, son of William Tilton, 14J, born 3mo., 10, 
1812; died Feb. 24, 1S67; married, first, Jan. 29, 1846, Hannah Allen, daughter of Jacob 
and Sibylla (^^'est) Middleton, born smo., 3, 1S15; died 2mo., 15, 1856; second, June 
20, 1857, Elizabeth Coles Matlack, widow of John C. Simmons, and daughter of Reuben 
Matlack; died May 5, 1869. 

Issue by first wife 

367 William P. Tilton, an only child, born, near Crosswicks, N. J., Dec. 5, 

1846; died, at Hulmeville, Pa., xApr. 15, 1910; married, Oct. 26, 1870, 
Elizabeth Matlack, daughter of John C. and Elizabeth C. (Matlack) 
Simmons, born July 31, 1843, ''•''"J ^'^^ 

Marian Wallace Tilton born Dec. 18, 1871 

Helen Mar Tilton born Oct. 19, 1873 

225 APOLLO M. TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, 150, born Dec. i, 1814; died 
Nov. 15, 1886; married, Dec. 2, 1839, Elizabeth M. Lippincott, of Mount Holly, (the 
records in the County Clerk's Office, at Mount Holly, give her name as Elizabeth B. 
Lippincott); living at Mount Holly, in 1887. 


368 Leander Tilton died young 


369 William Henry Tilton married ; lived in Ccrmantown, Pa., and had 

four children. 

370 Emma Tilton died young 

371 Anna Tilton died young 

372 Apollo Tilton died young 

373 Charles Tilton 

374 Ella Tilton married Mr. Hart, of Philadelphia 

227 ABRAHAM TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, 150, married, 1843, Elizabeth 
Horner. The date ot his birth was given me as Jan. 26, 1886, but it is evidently a 
mistake. Of their tliirteen children, one died in the Civil War. 


375 Joseph Tilton married Sarah Arbor; and had two children. 

376 Julia Tilton, of Philadelphia, Pa.; married 

377 Clara Tilton 

378 Abraham Tilton died July 3, 1880; married, and had two children. 

228 UNITY TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 150, died Aug. 1865; married, 
June 5, 1845, Nicholas Wain, of Walnford, N. J.; died Jan. I, 1879. 


T. Ridgway Wain married Sarah, daughter of John Ellis and (Vander- 

veer) Burtis. 
Richard Wain married Lillie, daughter of Aaron Robbins, of Allentown. 

George Wain, ot Philadelphia; married 

Nicholas Wain died young 
Jacob Wain died young 

229 WILLIAM TILTON, of Upper Freehold, son of Abraham Tilton, 150, born 
1823, (in 1826, according to the Census of 1S80); died June 17, 1885; married, Oct. I, 
1846, Ruth H., daughter of John Bruere, of Allentown, N. J., born 1826; died Aug. 28, 


379 Susan H. Tilton married John V. Leonard 

Frank Leonard 

380 Anna E. Tilton married Henry Steward, of Ellisdale, N. J. 

381 Sallie Tilton married Frank Lee, of Princeton, N. J. 

382 Mary Victoria Tilton married Ridgway Chafey 

Josiah Chafey 

383 Emma Tilton married, first, Samuel Powell; died Mch. 23, 1877; second, 

James B. Pullen, of Ellisdale, N. J. 

Wiford Pullen 
Chester Pullen 


384 Florence Tilron born born 1862; married Frank Bird. 

355 Martha Tilton born 1865; married John Chafcy. 

356 VVilHam Tilton 

387 Ida Tilton born 1869; died June 11, 1885. 

230 JOHN M. TILTON, son of Abraham Tilton, 150; married Lydia, daughter 
of William Norton, of Trenton, N. J.; died Jan. s, 1876. 


388 Jennie Tilton died Aug. 3, 1880; married Elwood Carson. 

Cora Carson 
Irwin Carson 
Ada Carson 
Martha Carson 
Stella Carson 

389 Bella Tilton married Clarkson Hendrickson 

390 Anna Tilton married Joseph H. Appleton, of Trenton, N. J. 

Lester Appleton 
George Appleton 
Bertina Appleton 
Rosien Appleton 

391 Sarah Elizabeth Tilton married Nathaniel Coleman 

392 Albert Tilton 

393 William Tilton married, first, Lydia Norton; second, Rainer. 

231 SARAH ANN TILTOxN, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 150; married, Dec. 
17, 1846, Asher, son of Sidney P. Borden, ot Allen town. 

Frank Borden died, Mch. i, 1861, aged 14 years. 
Amanda Borden married, Nov. 6, 1874, Louis Brown 

Ada Brown 
David .A. Brown 
Carrie Borden married Samuel J. Brown 

Sarah Etta Brown 
Walter A. Borden unmarried, 1S87. 

232 LAWRENCE TILTON, of Upper Freehold, son of Abraham Tilton, 150, 
born 1830; married Rebecca, daughter ot Jacob and Deborah Satterthwaite, born 1833. 
Of their eight children, six died young. 



394 Laura F,. Tilton horn 1863; married Theodore Cubberly, widower, of 

Hamilton Square, N. J., and had one child. 

395 Emlen Til ton married Kate Barkalow 

Albert Tilton 
Graven Tilton 
Clifford Tilton 

233 ^LARY A. TILTON, twin daughter with Martha A., of Abraham Tilton, 
150; married Joseph, son ot Robert and Sarah ^^'right, of Trenton, N. J. 

Sarah Anna Wright married Holmes, son of John Hankins, of Allentown. 
Jennie Wright married J. Burtis, son of A. Tilton and Lydia (Burtis) 

Anna May Schooley 
Sallie Schooley 

234 MARTHA A. TILTON, twin daughter with Mary A., of Abraham Tilton, 
150; married Emil, son ot Jacob and Deborah Satterthwaite. 

Walter Satterthwaite married, first, Lizzie A., daughter of A. Tilton and 

Lydia Ann (Burtis) Schooley; died May 27, 1880; second, Sarah, 

daughter oi John W. Burtis. 
Tilton Satterthwaite died young 
Mary Elizabeth Satterthwaite married Tunis Vanderveer, son of John 

Ellis and (^''anderveer) Burtis. 

235 CAROLINE TILTON, daughter of Abraham Tilton, 150; married Gilbert 
H., son of Samuel and Mary Ann Warden, of Allentown. 

George T. Warden 
Mary Warden 

236 GEORGE WILLIAM TILTON, of Upper Freehold, son of Abraham Tilton, 
150, born. May 5, 1837, at Ellisdale, N. J.; married, Dec. 5, 1S66, Annie M. Sexton, 
of Crosswicks, born 1844. 


396 Frank B. Tilton born 1868 

397 Addie P. Tilton born 1869 

398 Clara A. Tiicon born 1871 

399 J- I^oya! Tilton born 1873 


242 MARTHA ANN TILTON, of Barncgar, N. J., daughter of William Tilton, 
155, born June 28, 1827; married, Nov. 13, 1845, Edward Taylor, son of Peter Holmes 
and Ann Lloyd (Taylor) WikofF, born Nov. 9, i82j; died May 21, 1885. 

John Lawrence ^^'ikoff bcMn Dec. 1, 1S46; died Mch. 25, 1848. 
James Lawrence Wikoff born Mch. 31, 1849; m;^rried, Feb. 21, 1880, 

Alice Holmes, daughter of Flenry Perkins and Sarah S. (Meirs) Davis, 

born Aug. 24, 1858; died Dec. 28, 1881. 
Augusta Wikoff born Nov. 23, 1851; died July 23, ]86<;. 
Edward Taylor ^^'ikoff born Apr. 28, T854; married, Jan. 4, 1883, Jennie 

McQuestion, daughter of Dr. James McQuestion and Rachel (Borden) 

Maggie T. Wikoff born June 16, i860; died June 21, i860. 
Elizabeth Holmes Wikoff, born Feb. 27, 1867; married, Aug. 28, 1895, 

John Henry, son of Michael and Annie Cahill, born Mch. 31, 1869. 

243 A^LANDA THERESA LAWRENCE TILTON, daughter of William Tilton, 
155, born Aug. 24, 1833 or 1835; died Apr. 11, 1904; married, July 20, 1852, Joseph T. 
Scudder, born Nov. 18, 1827; died Sept. 11, 1886. 

Elizabeth T. Scudder born July 3, i860; died Oct. 9, 1861. 
James Clark Scudder born June 14, 1865; died Oct. 16, 1866. 
Frank T. Scudder born Apr. 24, 1873; *^ied October, 1873. 
Ella Scudder married Martin \a.n Harlingen 
Margaret Scudder, of Philadelphia 
William Scudder unmarried 
Edward Scudder unmarried 
Anna .Scudder married Clark Cooper 
Sarah Scudder married Mr. Love 
Lillian Scudder unmarried 

247 AMOS TILTON, son of John P. L. Tilton, 160, born Nov. 11, 1833; died 
October, 1905; married, Nov. 16, 1859, Mary Ann Allen, born Oct. 20, 1838. 


400 Ellwood A. Tilton born Dec. 16, i860 

401 lola Tilton born July 2, 1863; married S. A. Disbrow. 

402 John Ely Tilton born Dec. 16, 1866; died July 5, 1910; married. 

Alma Tilton 
Helen Tilton 
Gladys Tilton 
Marguerite Tilton 
Amos Tilton 

403 Carrie Tilton born Apr. 27, 1865; died Sept. 10, 1866, aged 1-4-13; buried 

at Hamilton; born May 3, 1865, according to Bible. 


250 AUGUSTINE TILTON, son of John P. L. Tilton, i6o, born Feb. lo, 1840; 
died Jan. 30, 1907; married, 1870, Josephine, daughter of William Robinson, born 1S40; 
died Jan. 27, 1907. They died at Birlingham, Washington, and are buried at Hamil- 
ton, N. J. ' ' 


404 John P. L. Tilton born 1871 

405 James Tilton born 1S75; died Feb. 2, 1908. 

406 Sarah Genevieve Tilton born 1877 

257 CHARLES B. TILTON, of Manasquan, N. J., son of Amos Tilton, 162, born 
Dec. 15, 1839; married, Apr. 14, 1872, Sarah Elizabeth Allen born 1846. 


407 Chauncy A. Tilton born Aug. 3, 1873; '^'^'^ Sept. 15, 1874. 

408 Theodore F. Tilton born Aug. 16, 1875; niarried, Sept. 8, 1908, Margaret 


409 Charlotte Tilton born Oct. i, 1880; married, May 29, 1906, Charles Jones. 

Lena Margaret Jones born Nov. 25, 1906 

410 Carrie M. Tilton born Aug. 18, 1882 

411 Alex Tilton born 1889 

273 JAMES L. TILTON, son of Joseph Tilton, 169, born Nov. 27, 1822; married 

41a Joseph Tilton, of Squankum, N. J., born 1854; married Mary Catherine 
Megill born 1855. 
Catharine A. Tilton born 1873 

291 SILVESTER TILTON, of Forked River, N. J., oldest son of Silvester Tilton, 
181, is said to have been born 1 800-1 S05, and to have been a sea captain. He is buried 
at Good Luck, N. J. He m.arried Jane Stout, and she, after his death, which was prior 
to Feb. 13, 1847, married, Sept. 8, 184^, as lier second husband, Garret Stout. 


413 Catharine Tilton married, 1858, Joel Grant; she was living, in 1909, at 

Lanoka, N. J. 

Silvester Tilton Grant 
Laura Grant unmarried, 1909. 
Almont Grant 

Jane Grant married Edward Holmes 
Catharine Grant unmarried, 1909. 

414 Sarah Tilton died young 

415 Lydia AL Tilton died about 1890; married, May 11, 1864, William R. 



292 JOHN HULL TILTON, sen of Silvester Tikon, 181, born Apr. i, 1804; 
married, Sept. 5, 1S26, (aecording to the Bible record; Sept. 19, 1826, according to the 
record in the County Clerk's Office, :U bVeehold), Deborah INIatthews, horn July 18, 
1807. He learned his trade as a carpenter of his uncle. Garret Tilton, at Colts Neck, 
N. J. 


416 Jerusha Ann Tilton born Aug. 31, 1827; married, Dec. 30, 1846, Garret 

C. Heyer. 

417 Silvester ^L Tilton born Ecb. 26, 1829; married, first, Oct. 8, 18^4, Eleanor 

Beers or Peters; second, Nov. 7, 1864, Cornelia Johnson. 

418 Benjamin ^L Tilton born Mch. 24, 1831; died Feb. 1902; unmarried. 

419 William ^L Tilton born Oct. 10, 1834; died Mch. 29, 1901; married, about 

1858, Anne ^L Green born 1837. 

420 Lydia Jane Tilton born Aug. 26, 1836; married, Sep. 12, 1855, Charles 

B. Beers. 

421 James L. Tilton born Nov. 5, 1838; married, Apr. 20, 1S64, Anne Beers, 

born 1834, no issue. 

422 C. Elizabeth Tilton born Mch. 31, 184!; married, Jan. 29, i860, Alfred, 

son of Philetus Conklin. 

Lavina Conklin 

Benjamin Conklin married Ella Morrell 
Alice Conklin married 

423 E. Thomas Tilton born Julv 4, 1843; married, July 11, 1865, Mary F. 

Gilluly born 1848. 

424 Reuben M. Tilton born Nov. 15, 1846; married, about 1869, Maria Smith, 

born 1846; no issue. 

293 REUBEN TILTON, son of Silvester Tilton, 181, is said to have been born 
1800-1805, and lO have been a sea captain. He resided at Forked River, N. J., where 
he died aged about 40. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Reuben Grant, who died 
Nov. 24, 1897. 


425 Maria Tilton, oldest child; died in California; married Samuel V. Pierson. 

426 Reuben Tilton born November, 1841; died January, 1907; married, first, 

Rebecca Rogers, died about 1871; second, 1887, Cynthia Parker, living 
1909, at Lanoka, N. J. 

Issue by first wife 
Ivins Tilton, an onlv child, born October, 1875; rnarried Lillie 

427 Deborah Tilton married Dan Gowdy, of Burlington, N. J. 

Lillie Gowdy born about 1874 or 1875 

428 William Tilton died at West Creek, N. J.; married, June 30, 1874, Emma 

K. Pharo. 

429 Silvester Tilton died, unmarried, in South America. 


312 AMOS TILTON, son of Garret Tilton, iSj;, born Apr. 27, 1809; died Ian. 1, 
1S48; married, 1829, .Mary F., daughter of William and Meribah (Webley) Chadwick, 
born Dec. .^,, 181 1; died Feb. 2, 1901. His old homestead property was upon IVosjK-ct 
Ave., Red Bank, N. J., and is now occupied by the Sutphen family. 

1850, Jan. 7. Joseph \V. Borden, and Mary Tilton, Guardians of Edwin, Harriet, 
Alpheus, Martha, .Adelade and Oliva Tilton, minors and heirs-at-law of Amos Tilton, 
deceased, sell by order of the Court, lands to the west of the Highway from Nevesink 
River to Rumson Road; thirty acres more or less. 


430 Adelaide Tilton born 1840; died June 12, 1907; married Apr. 10, 1862, 

Ellas Hubbard. 

Harriet Hubbard married George A. Longstreet 
Lulu Hubbard married Benjamin W. Johnson 
Mamie Hubbard married Walter E. Boyd 
Nelly Hubbard married Mr. Fleisley 

431 Edwin Tilton died young 

432 Edwin R. Tilton married Elizabeth Haviland; (she married, second, 

Levi Van Ness). 

Amos Tilton born 1857; married Annie Borden. 

Hazel May Tilton married, Aug. 15, 1908, Ricardo 
Edw'jn R. Tilton born i860 

433 Harriet Chadwick Tilton married Thomas I. Swannell born 1827; died Apr. 

I, 1887 

Joseph Swannell 

434 Olivia Tilton born 1S51; married Albert C. Harrison born 1044. 

John L. Harrison 

435 Martha Tilton died unmarried 

436 Alpheus Tilton died unmarried 

323 EZEKIEL TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, married, first, Aug. 5, 18 17, 
Ann McCook; second, Lydia Morris; third, Catharine Thorben. 

Issue by first wife 

437 Mary Tilton married Thomas Carter 

Matilda Carter 
George Carter 
Charles Carter 


Issue by second wife 

438 Benjamin Morris Tilton born 1S30; died Tune 26, 1906; married iSc-? 

Margaret Hogarth. He was of the Irving Bank, New York Cu>'. '"' 
Lydia Tilton 
^Iargaret Tilton 
Laura Tilton 

439 Sarah Tilton died May, 1909; married James Christey Hughes. 

William S. Hughes 

440 George Morris Tilton born 1835; ^iied xMch. 9, 1904; married, Nov. 9, i8c8. 

Maria A. Ualhng born 1S37. ^' j > 

Maurice Tilton born 1861 
George Tilton, of Keyport, N. J., born 1868. 
Benjamin Tilton born 1870 

Sarah Tilton, of Farmingdale, N. J., born 1877; married Mr. 

^^^% ^Y; '^'^to"' o^ Keyport, N. J., born Apr. 1880; mamed 
Mr. Snyder. 

441 Lydia Tilton living, at 316 Cleremont Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y in iqoq- 

married. May 6, 1858, William Stout. ^ ^' 

William Stout 
Lydia Stout 
Adelaide Stout 
Grace Stout 

324 SAMUEL TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, married, November, 1828, 
Hannah, daughter of Jacob Conover"". 


442 Elizabeth Tilton married Henry Cherry 

John Cherry 
William Cherry 

443 Richard Tilton died in the Civil War; probably unmarried. 

444 William Tilton died in the Civil War; probably unmarried.' 

445 Hannah Tilton married Moses Cherry 

Joseph Cherry 
Elizabeth Cherry 

446 Ira Tihon unmarried 

•Epitaphs on stones in the Grr>y:.varJ of Cl.rist Church, MiJUlctown, th.ii probably belong to this family: 

K. v_. liiton, Co., ij., 14th >•. J. Ini. ■' 

Mary, -Aife of Jacob Conovcr, i\<-.d, Sepi. .-5, 1849; ac-d 75 vc.irs 5 months. 

Mary Uuisc, daughter ot Samue! and Hannah Tihon; died, Jniy 6, 1^39; 7 months, 13 days. 

Mary, tl?u?htcr of Samuel ?nd Hannah Tilton; died Mch. 4, 1811; 9 month?, i day. 


325 WILLIAM TILTON, son of Jonathan Tillon, iS6, married Martha Rnrnaid; 
settled at Lynn, Mass. 


447 Elizabeth Tilton married Mr. Kitfield 

448 Martha Tilton married Frederick Smith, of Lynn, Mass. 

449 William Tilton died unmarried 

326 JONATHAN TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, born Mch. 12, 1803; 
died Aug. 13, 1882; married Patience, daughter of Garret Willet and Rebecca Stillwell, 
of Long Island, who was born July 7, 1798, and died Mch. 22, 1879. 

1838, Apr. 23. Jonathan Tilton, Jr., and Patience, his wife, of Middletown, con- 
vey land. 


450 Anne E. Tilton born June 16, 1827; died unmarried. 

451 Willett Tilton born Dec. 24, 1839; died unmarried. 
451^ Garret Tilton born Mch. 12, 1832; died 1832. 
451'' Mary Rebecca Tilton born 1836; died 1836. 

327 SILAS TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, born June 28, 1805; died 
Nov. 21, 1S88; married, Jan. 2, 1833, Eusebia Tilton, of Crosswicks, N. J., daughter 
of William, 141, and Catharine (Burrows) Tilton, and grand-daughter of Thomas and 
Esther (Crawford) Burrows, born Sept. 24, 1810; died Feb. 29, 1896. They are buried 
in Fairview Cemetery, I\Iiddletown, to which place their tombstones w^ere removed. 

Silas Tilton kept a shoe store at 259 Greenwich St., New York City, from 1833 
onwards for many years; but at the time of his death he was of Keyport, N. J. 


452 Theodore Tilton born October 1835; died May 25, 1907; married, October, 

1855, Elizabeth M. Richards; died 1897. 

453 Edgar Tilton born Jan. 26, 1842; died Jan. 13, 1872, immarried. 

454 William E. Tilton born Apr. 18, 1844; died May 11, 1854. 

455 Anne Tilton, of Penrose, Freemont Co., Col., married Joseph Leslie. 

Lloyd Leslie 
Ruth Leslie born Jan. 25, 1881; died Feb. 22, 1902. 

328 HORATIO TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, born 18 12, married Mary 
Ann Scott. 


456 Horatio Tilton born 1845; married Mary A ,born 1849. 

Edward Tilton born 1869 
Howard Tilton born 1873 

457 Edward H. Tilton born 1846; married Anna R , born 'i'^SS- 

Bertha Tihcn born 1873 


458 Frank Tikoii married Laura Johnson 

G. \Yebster Tilton 

459 Charles Tilton married 

Mary Tilton 
Daisy Tilton 
Charles Tilton 
Harriet Tilton 

460 William A. Tilton born 1S52; married Ucilla Van Pelt, born 1850. 

Frank Tilton born 1874; died young. 
Samuel E. Tilton born 1875 
Caroline R. Tilton born 1877 
Annie Laurie Tilton, of Keyport, N. J. 

461 Theodore Tilton married 

462 Caroline Tilton, of Newburgh, N. Y., married Mr. Mosher. 

463 Samuel Tilton married 

329 ASHER TILTON, son of Jonathan Tilton, 186, born 1815; married Hope 
Stout, daughter of Andrew and Jane (Tunis) White, born 1816. 


464 Thomas Burrowes Tilton born Dec. 13, 1838; died September, 1905; 

married, first, Cecilia Walling; second, Harriet Webster. 

Issue by first wife 
Robert Fletcher Tilton 

465 Mary Jane Tilton born Nov. 23, 1845; married Stephen G. Lambertson. 

Burrowes T. Lambertson 
Nellie C. Lambertson married, June 17, 1888, Albro jSL Tilton, 519. 

466 William H. Tilton born Feb. 25, 1858; married Mary Emma Tilton, s^o. 

Cecil May Tilton 

330 JOHN TILTON, son of Silas Tilton, 1S7, born, 1808; died Feb. 8, 1872; 
buried in Fairview Cemetery; married Margaret M 


467 John H. Tilton born, 1841; died Apr. 3, 1842, aged i year. 

468 Catherine Tilton died young 

469 Tilton 

470 Charles Tilton 

337 JULIA ANN TILTON, daughter of Thomas Tilton, 190. Mentioned in 


the will of her grandfather, Samuel Tilton, laS, Aug. 11, 1820, as one o( his grand- 
children; married Edward Heron. 

Kate Heron married, first, James Kirby; seconil, Mr. Burrel. 
Henrietta Heron married Edwin Atkins 
Margaret Heron married Mr. Miller 

338 SARAH TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 191, born Feb. i, 1806; died 
July 7, 1898; married Benjamin, son of James and Lydia (Morris) Frost, born June 5, 
179S; died July 16, 1854. She was called a granddaughter in the will of Samuel Tilton, 
128, Aug. II, 1820. Botli husband and wife are buried in the Baptist Yard, at Mid- 
dletown, N. J. 

Ann Frost born Oct. 11, 1827; died Jan. 24, 1842; 15-3-13. 
John H. Frost born Aug. 15, 1828; died Mch. 24, 1852; 23-7-9. 
Benjamin Frost born Nov. 10, 1830; died Dec. 23, 1874. 
Lydia Frost born Aug. 23, 1832; died Feb. 4, 1835; 2-5-12. 
Rachel Frost born Sept. 27, 1834; died Oct. 11, 1S37; 3-0-14. 
Caroline Frost born Sept. 4, 1S38; died May 7, 1858; 19-8-3. 

339 LYDIA TILTON, daughter of Samuel Tilton, 191. Mentioned as one of his 
grand-daughters, in the will of Samuel Tilton, 128; married. May 27, 1829, Thomas, 
son of William and Lydia (Stout) Morlord. 

William. Morford married Hortense Gregory 
Sarah V. Morford married Dec. i, 1852, James H. Frost. 
Adelaide Morford married, first, Dec. 18, 1S67, Benjamin Frost; second, 

Mr. Spader. 
Kate Morford married, Nov. 25, i860, William C. Story, born 184I; died 

Dec. 18, 1906. 
Martha Ann Morford 

Albert Morford died Feb. 11, 1909; married Ann Spader. 
Thomas T. Morford married 

342 JEREMIAH TILTON, son of Reuben Tilton, 201, born Feb. 22, 1803; died 
June 10, 185S; married, Mch. 15, 1826, Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Sut- 
phen) Antonides, born Mch. 2, 1808. 


471 Mary Elizabeth Tilton born Dec. 11, 1827; married, as his second wife, 

Aug. 8, 1853, John F., son of Robert and Rebecca (Youmans) Morris, 
born Oct. 12, 1827. 

John Henry Morris born Oct. 26, 1875; niarried Annie Flitcroft. 

472 Sarah Ann Tilton born Sep. 4, 1829; married, as his first wife, Feb. 14, 1849, 

John F. Morris, born Oct. 12, 1827. 


George Morris married Aniiio, daughter of William and Hannah 

473 William Tihon born May 2, iSji; died May 23, 1.SS6; married Mary 

Woojiey, of Hamilton, N. J., born 1841. 


Jeremiah Tihon born 1S60; married Anna 

May Tilton born Dec. 31, 1S84; died Jan. 14, 18S7. 
Sarah Jane Tilton born 1863; married Mr. Heiidrickson. 
Elvina Tilton born 1875 
Edna Tilton born 1879 

474 Deborah Tilton born Jan. 29, 1833; '^'^<^' unmarried. 

475 Eleanor Tilton born Oct. 23, 1834; died unmarried. 

476 Reuben A. Tilton born Nov. 12, 1836; married, Jan. 16, 1861, Sarah 

Levenia Hurley, living at Red Bank, N. J. 

Ada Tilton born 1863/4; married Charles E. Nieman. 
James Lanfear Tilton born Aipr. 9, 1867; married Mary Pauline, 
daughter of Captain Charles E. Throckmorton, of Red Bank. 

477 Richai-d Tilton born Oct. 4, 1838; died October, 1898; married Charlotte 

W. Garrabrant. 

478 John Henry Tilton born Aug. 23, 1840; married Elizabeth H., daughter of 

Robert and Rebecca (Youmans) Morris, born 1845, 

Ella Tilton born 1S64; married William Smith. 
Edward J. Tilton born 1866 
Melvina Tilton born 1868 
Jane Tilton born 1871; married Beuregarde Knowl. 

479 James S. Tilton born June 24, 1842; died unmarried. 

480 Charles E. Tilton born July 12, 1844: died young. 

481 Charles Tilton married, tirst, Mary E 

Preston E. Tilton born 1869 
Belle Tilton born 1876 
Minnie Tilton born 1879 

343 LYDIA TILTON, daughter of Reuben Tilton, 201, born May 18, 1804; 
died Apr. 13, 1 89 1 ; married, Mch. 15, 1S27, Abram, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Sutphen) 
Antonides, born Oct. 19, 1804; died Oct. 24, 1872. 

They lived at Morrisville, N. J., on the farm purchased by her husband of her 
father's estate. 

Delia Ann Antonides born Dec. 27, 1827; died Aug. 2, 1905; unmarried. 
Charles Antonides born Sep. 29, 1829; died Oct. 11, 1907; married, hrst, 
Ella Ei. Van Dorn; second, Mrs. Lydia A. (Tj'iojnpson) Brown. 


Mary Elizabeth Antonidcs born A})r. 5, 1832; married Charles James 

Ten Brook B. Antonides born May I4, 1834; died May 3, 1908; married 
Rebecca Tiiompson. 

Ira Antonides born Jan. 23, 1836; died May 23, 1900; married Martha 

Emcline H. Antonides born Mch. 29, 1838; died Mch. 2, 1909; married 
Charles Curtis, of Red Bank. 

Eleanor Antonides born Mch. 20, 1840; died Aug. 20, 1858; unmarried. 

Deborah jane Antonides born Oct. 31, 1841; unmarried. 

William W. Antonides born Aug. 31, 1844; married Kate Conovcr. 

Laura Augusta Hart Antonides born Julv 4, 1849; married Louis Lane, of 
Middletown, N. j. 

Stephen Shellard Antonides born May 4, 1852; died Aug. 27, 1898; mar- 
ried Christine Lauder. 

345 CHARLES TILTON, son of Reuben Tilton, 201, born Dec. 4, 18 10; died 

Aug. 26, 1848; buried at Freehold, N. J.; married Phebe, daughter of and 

Annie (Antonides) Armstrong, born Mch. 9, 18 14. 

Charles Tilton was of Middletown, N. J., and was a cooper by trade. 


482 Jane Ann Tilton born Mch. 2, 1832; died young. 

483 Mary Louise Tilton born Nov. 18, 1834; died Mch. 21, 185S; unmarried. 

484 Edward Williams Tilton born Jan. 30, 1838; married, Sep. 11, 1859, Mary 

Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Brower) Shumar, born Feb. 
II, 1836. 

Frank Shumar Tilton born Aug. 6, i860; married, Mch. 16, 1879, 
Mary Lucretia, daughter of Josiah and Jane (Van Note) Scul- 
thorpcj born July 12, 1862. 

Francis Theodore Tilton born July 12, 1884 
William Tilton born Aug. 26, 1862 

Edward Williams Tilton born Jan. 28, 1868; married, Sep. 21, 1887, 
Amelia M., daughter of Charles James and Mary Elizabeth 
(Antonides) Wilson, born Jan i, 1868. 

Grace Amelia Tilton born Nov. 2, 1888; died Apr. 4, 1891 
Weaker Edward Tilton born Mch. 16, 1890 
Florence Wilson Tilton born Nov. 30, 1893; died Nov. 

17, 1894 
Arthur Tilton born Aug. 14, 1895; died Sep. 5, 1896. 

485 Remson Tilton born Dec. 25, 1844; died, about 1874; unmarried. 

486 June .Ann Tilton born r>ec. 7, 1847; died young. 


31G TYLEE TILTON, son of Reuben Tilton, 201, born June 8, 1812; died Dec. 
:i, 1888; married, about 1837, Susan Thompson, born 1818, died Feb. 22, 1908. 


487 Ann Tilton married Apr. 20, 1864, Mr. Ireland. 

488 Aaron Tilton born 1842; married Louisa B ; born 1849. 

489 James Tilton 

490 Robert Tilton born 1851 ; married, 1879, Sarali Fcnton, born 1855. 

491 Charles Tilton born 18^5 

492 William Tilton born i8';S 

493 Frances Tilton born 1861 ; married Mr. Randolph. 

494 (Ayres Tilton) 

495 (Garret Tilton), of Freehold 

352 CHARLES H. TILTON, son of Corlics Tilton, 207, born Feb. 4, 1835; mar- 
ried Mary Catherine Drum, born 1852. 


496 Mary A. Tilton born 1871 

497 Deborah Tilton born 1875 

353 WILLIAM AMOS TILTON, son of Corlies Tilton, 207, born May 14, 1S37; 
died Feb. 19, 190S; married, Feb. 13, 1866, Caroline Maghan, born Apr. 13, 1845; died 
June 23, 1898. 


498 Ella Tilton born 1869 

499 William N. Tilton, of Bclmar, N. J., born 1872; married Emma Lewis. 


Lena Tilton \ 

/- • -r-i r twins 

Carrie iilton J 

500 Anna Bell Tilton born 1S79 

501 Frank Tilton 

355 JAMES WHITE TILTON, of Marlboro, N. J., son of Corlies Tilton, 207, 
born Jan. 31, 1841; married, Nov. 20, 1864 (or Dec. 13, 1864, according to Freehold 
record), Catharine Thompson, born July 4, 1842. 


502 George Corlies Tilton born Aug. 22, 1865; married, Dec. 20, 1893, Eleanor 


Ira Tilton born Aug. 26, 1898 

503 Charles E<jward Tilton born Nov. 16, 1875; married, Oct. 20, 1897, Florence 



356 LYDLA TIl/FOX, tiaughter of Corlies Tilton, 207, born Sep. 9, 1843; died 
Dec. 21, 1899; married, Sep. 9, 1S75, Joseph, son of James and NLiry (Matlhcws) 
While, born 184::. 

James Howard White born Dec. 6, 1876; married, Sep. 26. 1900, Fannie 

Roberts, born July 26, 1876. 
George Edmund White born INLiy 20, 1879; married, Dec. 18, 1901, Lillian 


359 HOLMES TILTON, son of WilHain Tilton, 209, married Jennie Van Dorn. 


504 Annie Tilton married Isaac Kilborn 

505 Kittie Tilton 

506 Mahala Brush Tilton married, Nov. 19, 1901, John Strassburger. 

507 Charles Tilton 

360 ELIZABETH TILTON, daughter of William Tilton, 209, born Aug. 14, 
1853; married, Feb. 25, 1873, Albert, son of John and Caroline (Bennett) Demiis, born 
July 19, 1850. 

Charles Holmes Dennis born Dec. 13, 1873 
Catherine Dennis born June 26, 1875; "^'^d Sep. 16, 1875. 
John Milton Dennis born July 15, 1876; died Aug. 12, 1877. 
Henry Dennis born Oct. 2, 1877; married, Oct. 22, 1903, Anna Belle, 
daughter of David F., and Mary J. (Nelson) Wolcott, born July 20, 1880. 
George Oscar Dennis born Feb. 6, 1883 
Bessie Dennis born July 26, 1884 

William Tilton Dennis born Mch. 2, 1889; died Oct. 29, 1906. 
Margaret Dennis born Aug. 22, 1890; died Sep. 12, 1891. 

416 JERUSHA ANN TILTON, daugliter of John Hull Tilton, 292, born Aug. 31, 
1827; married, Dec. 2'^, 1846, Garret C. Lleyer. 

Joseph Heyer 
Elizabeth Heyer 
John T. Heyer 
Jane Heyer 
Anne Heyer 
James Heyer 
William Ileyer 
Reuben Heyer 
Ella Heyer 


417 SILVESTER M. TIT.TOX, son of John Hull Tilron, 292, horn Feb. 26, 1829; 
married, first, Oct. 8, 1854, Eleanor, daughter of John S. and Elizabeth Beers or Peters 
borp. Oct. 26, 1833; died Jan. 6, 1 86 1 ; second, Now 7, 1S64, Cornelia Johnson, born 1841. 

Issue by first wife 

508 Ambrose \V. Tilton born Mch. 28, 1856; died Sep. 12, 1863; 7, 5, 14. 

Issue by second wife 

509 Edward M. Tilton married Lydia Sutphcn 

510 Charles E. Tilton born 1867 

511 Martha Tilton born 1869; died May 29, 1904; married Loyal C. Bohannan. 

512 Dora Tilton born about 1874; married, about 1897, Minor Brown. 

513 Henry Cook Tilton born about 1875; married, Nov. 26, 1902, Florence 

Mae, daughter of Charles E. Conover. 

Issue ;> 

Eleanor Tilton 
Ruth Tilton 

419 WILLLAM M. TILTON, son of John Hull Tilton, 292, born Oct. 10, 1834; 
died Mch. 29, 1901; married, about 1858, Anne M. Green, born 1837. 


514 Sylvester Tilton born about 1859; married Lydia Crane. 

Ernest Tilton 
Anna Tilton born June 21, 1S91; married, June 21, 1908, Martin 

Loyal Tilton 

515 James Tilton born about 1861; died unmarried. 

516 John Tilton born about 1S63 

517 Howard Tilton born 1868; died unmarried. 

518 Francis E. Tilton born 1874; married Jane Clayton. 

John W. Tilton 

423 E. THOMAS TILTON, son of John Hull Tilton, 292, born July 4, 1843; 
married, July 1 1, 1865, Mary F. Gilluly, born 1848. 


519 Albro M. Tilton born Apr. 22, 1866; died Oct. 5, 1921; married, June 17, 

1888, Nellie C, daughter of Stephen G., and Mary Jane (Tilton), 465, 

Hope H. Tilton born Mch. 19, 1889; married, Jvme 21, 1916, W" 

Ward Gaul and has Albro I'ilton Gaul born Alch. 29, 1917. 
L. Catharine Crawford Tilton born Sep. 16, 1897 

520 INLt'-y Emma Tilton born 1868; married William H. Tilton, 466. 

521 Iv: Tilton 

522 William Tilton born 1872 


452 THEODORE TILTON, son of Silas Tilton, 327, born Oct. 1835; died May 
25, 1907; married, Octubcr 1S55, Elizabeth M. Richartis, died 1897. He was at one tinic 
editor of the New York Lidcpcndent, and was the plaintifT in the celebrated trial of the 
Reverend Henry Ward Beccher. 


523 Florence Tilton of Brooklyn, N. Y., horn Aug. 4, 1857; married, Sep. 13, 

1880, \Mlliam Halsey Pelton. 

524 Alice Tilton, of Chicago, 111., born Apr. 18, 1S59; married, July 4, 1881, 

John E. Gardin. 

525 Carroll Tilton, of Keyport, N. J., born Aug. 6, 1863; died Nov. 12, 1904; 

married, first, Miriam Blauvelt; second, Ida Brown. 

526 Ralph Tilton born June 20, 1869; died Feb. 16, 1907; married, first, Emily 

Hubbell; second, Grace Lunt. 

477 RICHARD TILTON, son of Jeremiah Tilton, 342, of Wall township, born 
Oct. 4, 1838; died October, 1898; married, Sep. 22, 1862, Charlotte W. Garrabrant, 
born July 11, 1837. 


527 Archibald Antonides Tilton born May 31, 1863; married, May 23, 1886, 

Ruhama Pyle, born Apr. 17, 1862. 

John Franklyn Tilton born Nov. 7, 1888; married, Oct. 22, 1908, 

Matilda i\Iarie Keum born Apr. 29, 1890. 
Irma Beatrice Tilton born Apr. 12, 1891 
Mabel Leola Tilton born July 23, 1894 
Walter Hubbard Tilton born May 26, 1896 

528 Mary Eliza Tilton born Sep. 14, 1S66; died Nov. 12, 1866. 

529 Abraham Sheldon Tilton born Sep. 28, 1869; married, Mch. 28, 1892, 

Lillie May White. 

Harold Raymond Tilton born Mch. 10, 1893 
Melba N. Tilton born Nov. 6, 1894; died Jan. 26, 1896. 
Jessie Winifred Tilton born Feb. 10, 1897 

530 Mary Augusta Tilton born Oct. 9, 1873; died Nov. i, 1876. 

531 Estelle Gertrude Tilton born i\Iay 27, 1876; married, Septem.ber, 1898, 

Walter T. Hubbard born July 2, 1876. 

Gertrude Hubbard born Aug. 20, 1899 
John T. Hubbard born Nov. 27, 19C0; died Oct. 31, 1903. 


I am indebted to Mr. Josephus S. Tilton, Jr., of Norwalk, Ohio, for all the data 
concerning the follov/ing family. He is positive that it is descended from the Nev/ 
Jersey Tiltons, because one of liis vmcles, "an elder brother of my father, living in Monti- 


cello, Ind., and a lawyer," told him that he had gone hack to New Jersey to look at 
titles to real estate there thought to belong to heirs of the family, but he found it had 
been all proper!)- deeded away. 

1 JOSEPH TILTON born 1712; died 1794; married 

1 John Tihon, who settled at what is now called Tiltonsville, JefTerson Co., 

Ohio; married Susan "He was uncle to my grandfather," writes 

Mr. Josephus S. Tilton, Jr., "and had several other brothers besides. But 
what the name of the father of my grandfather was, I cannot now recali; 
I have a dim idea it was Jacob." 
3 (Jacob?) Tilton died of smallpox, as did also his wife, near Pittsburgh, Pa.; 



4 John Tilton settled, married, and died in Ohio; large family of sons 

and daughters. 

5 Richard Tilton was captured by the Indians, and taken to Detroit 

for one )'ear; was in the war of 18 12; died in Ogle Co., 111.; mar- 
ried twice. 

6 William Tilton died, aged over 80, near Amity, Knox Co., Ohio. 

7 Elijah Tilton born, at Redstone Fort, Juniata Co., Pa., Mch. 27, 

1776; married Mary Ann Craig, daughter of William Craig, a 
soldier in the Revolutionary War, first on the side of the British, 
and afterwards, under the name of William C. Slaughter;, foi- tJie 
cause of freedom. 

8 William Tilton 

9 Josephus S. Tilton born Oct. i, 181 1; resided in Ohio all 

his life, and died there 1889. He married 

10 Josephus S. Tilton, born Apr. 4, 1836; mar- 
ried, 1859; died Apr. 25, 1909. 
1 1 Horace Greely Tilton 
Two other sons 
Three daughters 

2 JOHN TILTON, son of Joseph Tilton, i, the eldest son of this family, married 

Susan , who was of New Jersey, before coming to Ohio. Lie settled in Ohio 

before it was legal to do so, it being yet Indian territory. In consequence, the United 
States troops were sent against him; his house was burned; his orchard destroyed, and 
he driven forth. Fie returned, though, and had a son born there who is credited with 
being the first white child born in the Northwest Territory, to whom was given the 
name of Caleb. 

12 Caleb Tihon 


J 3 Joseph Tikon married 

Noah Til ton 

14 William Tilton married 


15 Ebenczcr Tilton, ot Bloomington, 111., born about 1803; married 


\G ^^'illiam Tilton, an only son, married 

17 Howard Tilton 

The late Henry M. Walter, of Washington, D. C, 424 Eleventh St., N.W., endeav- 
ored, but in vain, to connect the family of Tiltons into which he married with the New 
Jersey line. 

From the records of the Pension Department he learned that Peter Tiltnn, the earliest of the line to 
whom he could trace, "served as a memlier of Captain Samuel Clark's company of New Yorlc State 
Troops, in the Revolutionary War, this company having been 'selected from the militia of Ulster County 
for the defense of the State ot New York, by order ot the convention of the said State dated July 16, 1776.' 
His name appears on the muster roll of the company, not dated, with record as follov/s: 'Day of enlistinent, 

July 31, Day which marched, Aug. 4, Time of enlistment, till last day of Dec. When 

mustered, Aug. 4, 1776. Age, 36 years, born in Jersey, a carpenter. Height, 5 ft. 10 in. Fair com- 
plexion, brown hair blue eyes.' 

"It also appears from the records that one Peter Tdton served as a private in Captain Philip D. 
Bevier's company, 5th Nev.' York Regiment, commanded by Colonel Lewis Duhoys, Revolutionary War. 
He enlisted March 1, 1777, to serve three years, and was discharged Januarv 20, 1780. It further appears 
from the records that one Peter Tilton served as a private in Captain Jonathan Piercy's company of 
Colonel Albert Pawling's regiment, Nev/ York Militia, Revolutionary War. His name appears on a list 
of certificates issued by the Treasurer of the State of New York, with remark sho\vlng that the soldier 
received a certificate for services in 178 1 in the regiment mentioned." 

This Peter Tilton, therefore, born, in New Jersey, about 1740; married Margaret 
Uhl, probably of Dutcliess Co., N. Y. 

Lanah Tilton born Apr. 12, 1780; died Aug. 29, 1866; married Job Foss; 
settled at Dover, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Phebe Foss married William A., son of Isaac White, of Beekman, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Peter Tilton born Dec. 20, 1782; died Dec. 27, 1859; married and li\'ed near 

Ogdcnsburg, N. Y. 
Mary Tilton born Mch. 27, 1785; died Oct. 17, 1850; married Peter Hall, 

born 1773; died 1842; and settled at Clove, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Daniel Tilton born Jan. iS, 1787; died Mch. 3, 1866; married, first, Mary 
Wilbur, born Aug. 21, 1790; died July 12, iSii; second, Betsey Salisbury, 
born Sep. 12, 1792; died Jan. 19, 1818; third, -Abigail Foss, born 1782; 
died 1862. 

Issue by first wife 
Peter Tilton born Sep. u, 1809; <^'cd Mch. 14, 1884; married 
Jcrusha Wilcox. 


Harrison Willnir Tilton born June 19, 181 1; died, Oct. 7, 1889, 

Issue by second wite 
Mary Tilton born Sep. 18, 181 2; died Oct. 7, 186S; married Gilbeit 

H. Christie, born Jan. 21, 1807; "^^'C'd ^^'^ov. 19, 1S94.* 
Lucina Tilton born Oct. 16, 1815; died about 1896; married M^ ron 

A. Hold ridge. 

1 JOHN TILTON, born in Dover, Monmouth Co., N. J.; married Meriam Thomp- 
son, born 1744; died 1S43; buried at King Ferry, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

It is a tiadition in this family that John Tilton was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War, and that when the Battle of Monmouth Court House was fought, June 28, 1 778, 
Mrs. Tilton was still confined to her bed after the birth ot her son, John, eight days 
before, and that all during the battle, hearing the guns and cannon, she was terribly 
anxious lest her husband should be brought in killed or wounded. 

1 John Tilton said to have been born 1777 

3 Neliemiah Tilton, known as "Miah," died unmarried. 

4 Peter Tilton married and had a hamily; died in Monmouth Co., probabh' in 

Dover township. 

5 Sarah Ann Tilton born May 15, 1788; married Jonathan Johnson. 

6 Mary Tilton married Benjamin GifFord 

Betsey Gifford died at Ithaca or Trumansburgh, N. Y. 

7 Mercy Tilton married Mr. Howell 

Edward Hov/ell, of Genoa, N. Y., married Edith 

2 JOHN TILTON, son of John Tilton, i, said to have been born 1777, and to 
have been eight days old when the Battle of Monmouth was fought, v.-Jiich would make 
his birth to have been June 20, 1778; removed to Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 180S, 
where he was a farmer, and died Feb. 22, 1867- married, first Marriam Rolte; and second, 
her sister, Patience Rolfe, both said to have been born in New Jersey. 

Issue by first wife 

8 Jonathan. Tilton born L)ecember 1801, died Feb. 13, i860; married Sophia O. 

La Tourette. 

9 Peter S. Tilton born 1805; died May 11, 1884; married, first, Rebecca Ann 

Lemiiig; second, Jane Leming. 
10 Eihvard Tilton born near Northville, now King Ferry, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1812; 
died Jan. 12, 1903; married, 1841, Martha Jane Hamilton. 

Silas Edward Tilton, of Colorado 

'These were the p.Trciit? of Peter Harrison Christie born Apr. 23, lS3y: mnrried, Oct. i, ib6'j, Mary Trances McCord; and 
lindparcnts of Mary "Ihor;;: CKri-tie bor.T Nov. ".;, ^''67; rmrr'cd, Oct. !?, I'^J-, Henry M. Walter, died Apr. 1507. 


11 Thom;->son Tilton born 1810; died, about 1907 or 1908, at Norwalk, Ohio; 


12 Catharine Tilton died unmarried 

13 Patience Tilton born 18 14; committed suicide about 1906; married Calvin 

Smith, of Ithaca, N. Y. 

Albert Smith 
Will Smith 

14 Polly Tilton, youngest child; married Samuel Goodrich or Goodridge. 

Issue by second wife 

15 MacKinzey Tilton unmarried 

16 /Mice Tilton married William Waring 

17 Merriam Tilton married Lansing Brown 

18 Elisha 'Jllton born, Oct. 23, 1823, at Genoa, N. Y.; married, 1S75, Mary 


1 9 Henry Tilton unmarried 

20 Lewis Tilton married Charlotte Renoud 

21 George Tilton unmarried 

22 Moses Tilton died a short time pricn- to Sep. 26, 1900; married, Feb. 20, 1868, 

Mary Malison, of King Ferry, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

5 SARAH ANN TILTON, of Howell, daughter of John Tilton, i, born May 15, 
1788; died May 14, 1863; married, Dec. 7, 1806, Jonathan Johnson, of Howell. 

Reuben Johnson married, first, , of Pa.; second, Sarah Moe, of Genoa, 

Cayuga Co., xN. Y. _ 
William Johnson married Ruth Schenck, of Genoa, N. Y. 
Paulina Johnson born Oct. 13, 18 13, at King Ferry, N. Y., died, Feb. 13, 

1902, at Richford, N. Y., married, first, October 1834, Jeremiah Wray 

Allen, of Genoa, N. Y., born Aug. 12, 1814; died Feb. 26, 1861; second 

John R. Drake, of Michigan. 
Rachel Johnson married Ezra Ogden, of Virgil, Courtland Co., N. Y. 
Maryum Johnson married Abram Snyder, of Lansing, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 
Charles Johnson married Sophronia Holden, of Genoa, N. Y. 
Salla Johnson born about 1821 or 1822; married Ira Knapp, of Groton, 

Tompkins Co., N. Y. Mrs. Knapp Is still living, 1910, with her sister, 

Mrs. Hardenburgh, at Battle Creek, Mich. 
Abigail Johnson married, first, John Baker, of Lansing, N. Y.; second, Orren 

Mary Johnson born about 1833; married, first, Jackson Pew, of Ithaca, 

N. Y.; second, Lyman Hardenburgh, of Caton, N. Y. 

8 JONATHAN TILTON, son of John Tilton, 2, born December 1801; died Feb. 
13, ]86o; married, I'^eb. i, 1832. Sophia Ogdcn La Tourcttc, born October 18 14; died 
Apr. 25, 1877. 


Is site 

23 Elizabeth Tilton married Jason G. Atwatcr, of King Ecrry, N. Y. 

24 Syivester E. Til ion married 

Wilfred R. Tilton 

Prairie Depot, Wood County, Ohio. January lo, 1910. 
Dear Sir: — 

Your favor of Jan. 20th addressed to my father Sylvester E. Tilton, has been handed to me for 
reply. My aunt, Mrs. Jason G. Atwater, of Kings Ferry, N. Y., has furnished you with all the informa- 
tion regarding our branch of the Tilton tamilv that we have any knowledcje of. 1 ha\e a consideralilc 
collection of addresses, etc. etc., regarding the "tribe of Tilton" that might lie of value to you, and v. hich 
1 would gladly furnish providing the use to which you may place them is proper and legitimate. 


Wilfred R. Tiltox. 
To the Rev. W. W. Hance. 

9 PETER S. TILTON, son of John Tilton, 2, born 1805; died May 11, 1884; 
married, f.rst, Rebecca Ann Leming; second, Mch. 20, 1836, her sister, Jane Lcming, 
born 1 81 6; died Dec. 16, 1903. 

Issue by first wife 

25 John E. Tilton born June 2, 1831; married Huldah Newman. 

26 William L. Tilton born Nov. 21, 1833; married, May 29, 1854, Mary 

Combes, born 1837. 

Issue by second wife 

27 Edward Tilton born Oct. 23, 1837; married three times. 

28 Rebecca A. Tilton born Sep. 5, 1840; married, June 3, 1862, Raisine Woolley. 

Emily Woolley married. May 25, 1893, Erank, son of Hance Petti t. 

29 Ensley P. Tilton born Nov. 29, 1843; married Jane Corlies. 

30 Mary E. Tilton born Oct. ii, 1846; married, ^Iay 24, 1866, G. M. Hurley. 

31 Elisha Tilton born Aug. 7, 1849; married, Nov. 28, 1871, Mary Ann Chase 

born 1852. 

32 Patience Tilton died young 
23 Patience Tilton died young 
34 Alice Tilton died young 

2S Jonathan l"ilton born Feb. 7, 1861; died Feb. 6, 1907; married Mary E. 

25 JOHN E. TILTON, son of Peter S. Tilton, 9, born June 2, 1831; married 
Huldah Newman. 

2)6 Francis Tilton born Aug. 23, 1852; died Jan. 21, 1862. 

37 Calvin Tilton born 1857 

38 Everlie Tilton born 1860 
'^9 Henry Tilton born 1862 
40 Albert Tikon born 1864 


41 Delia Til ton born 1R66 

42 George Til ton born 1868 

43 Frank Tilton born 1871 

44 Ida A. Tilton born Sep. 28, 1873; ^i'^'-^ '^ug. 2, 1874. 

2G WILLIAM L. TILTON, of New Bedford, N. J., son of Peter S. Tilton, 9, 
born Nov. 21, 1833; married, May 29, 1S54, Mary Combes, born 1837. Seven oi' their 
children were living when they celebrated their golden wedding. May 29, 1904. 


47 Three children who died young 

48 James C. Tilton born 1S60 

49 Anna E. Tilton born 1863 

50 Adelaide Tilton born 1866 

51 Lydia L. Tiltoti born 1868 

52 William H. Tilton born 1870 

53 Hannah Tilton born 1873 

54 Resta Tilton born 1875 

55 Mary Tilton born 1878 

27 EDWARD TILTON, of West Point Pleasant, N. J., son of Peter S. Tilton, 9, 
born Oct. 23, 1837- married, first, Catherine Cole; second, Nov. 20, 1872, Maggie A. 
Herbert, widow of John E. Cooper, died 1882; and third, about 1876, Hannah Evans. 


56 Thompson Tilton 

57 Alice Tilton 

58 Son Tilton 

31 ELISHA TILTON, son of Peter S. Tilton, 9, born Aug. 7, 1849; married, Nov. 
28, 1 87 1, Mary A.nn Chase, born 1852. 


59 Frederick Tilton born 1872 

60 Peter Tilton born 1874 

61 Lilly Tilton born 1878 

35 JONATHAN TILTON, son of Peter S. Tilton, 9,_born Feb. 7, 1861; died 
Feb. 6, 1907; married. May 14, 1881, Mary E., daughter of John L. and Maggie A. 
(Herbert) Cooper. 


62 Maggie Daisy Tilton born May 14, 1882; married Mr. .Allgor, and has four 


63 Jonathan Alvin Tilton born Aug. 2, 1S85; married, and has t\vo children. 

64 George Edgar Tilton born Nov. 16, 1888 

65 Lily Viola Tilton horn Oct. 23, 1892; married Mr. Cummings. 


One branch of the Tilton family lived, generally, ar and around Bakcrs\'ille, Bar- 
gaintown, and Absecon, near Atlantic City. Among the liescendants the impression 
quite generally obtains that they are descended from the inevitable three brothers, o'ac 
of whom settled on Loiig Island, one in Monmouth County, and the third, front whor.i 
they get their descent, at Absecon. 

1 DANIEL TILTON. The grantee in deeds dated July 9, 1777; Mch. 29, 17S0, 
June 18, 1784, Aug. 4, 1790, and Mch. 20, 1793. In this last deed John Tilton is the 

1 Daniel Tilton married Mary 

3 Espress Tilton married Hannah Steelman 

2 DANIEL TILTON, son oi Daniel Tilton, ], signed his will September 2, 185c; 
proved Aug. 11, 1850, (these dates are as given me by the Surrogate of Atlantic Co., 
N. y.), and letters testamentary were issued to his wife, Mary Tilton. 


4 Alice Tilton married Mr. Frambes 

5 John \V. Tilton married 

3 ESPRESS TILTON born Oct. 30, 1782; died Feb. 2, 1859; married Hannah 
Steelman born xAug. 25, 1783; died June 2, 1864. 


6 John Tilton died young 

7 Mary Tilton married Joel Adams 

8 Sallie Ann Tilton married, first, Daniel Lake; second, Joel Adams. 

9 Daniel Tilton married, Dec. 23 or 26, 1837, 'Maria L. Murphy. 

10 Judith Tilton married James Higbee 

11 Espress Tilton died unmarried 

12 Steelman Tilton; letters administration granted, May 31, 1843, r*^ J^"^'- 

Adams; married Hannah M. Morse. 

John H. Tilton married, June 30, 1S62, Eliza Ann Frambes. 

13 Rebecca Tilton married, first, Sep. 3, 1837, Joseph Baker; second, Robert 


14 Samuel Tilton married, first, Aug. 24, 1S53; Marietta Somers; second, Mary 


15 Peter S. Tilton; letters of administration granted to his son, Wiiber R. Til- 

ton, Apr. 24, 1895; married, first, Nov. 21, 1847, Marietta Ryan; second, 
Mary J. Dupuy. ' 

Issue by first wife 
Wiiber R. Tilton born about 1S50 

Issu.e by second wife 
Marietta D. Tihon born l.;i \\'iibcr's twenty-first birthday 

16 Hanr.ah Ann Tiltoji married, Dec. 12, 1^46, Jo-c^h li. Riseh. 


5 JOHN W. TILTON, son of Daniel Tilton, 2; manicd 


17 Daniel Tilton married 

J. Walker Tilton 

Daniel Tilton married 

Edgar C. Tilton signed his will, Jan. 8, 1903; proved Apr. 
23, 1903- 

9 DANIEL TILTON, son of Espress Tilton, 3, born Apr. 29, 18 10; died June i, 
1890; married, Dec. 23 or 26, 1837, Maria L. Murphy, born Mch. 16, 1814; died Sep. 21, 


18 Hannah Ann Tilton married, Apr. 12, 1872, John Boice. 

19 Charles M. Tilton married, June 21, 1871, Rebecca C. Steelman. 

20 Parker C. Tilton married, June 19, 1876, Eliza A. Leeds. 

21 Daniel S. Tilton married July 20, 1887, Ester Maria B. Joslyn. 

22 Sarah M. Tilton married, Dec. 18, 1868, Joseph C. Johnson. 

23 John Espress Tilton born 1849- died Dec. 25, 1896; married, Aug. 28, 1886, 

Mary Emma Gile; died Jan. 1, 1897. 

Leroy Will Tilton 
John Warren Tilton 

24 Joel A. Tilton married, July 26, 1893, Mary C. Willson. 

25 Alica Adelia Tilton married, Jan. 31, 1878, John H. Lee. 

26 Warren P. Tilton unmarried 

27 Thomas B. Tilton married, July i, 1873, Eliza A. Ryon. 

Others of the name to be found in x'\tlantic Co., N. J. are descended from one John 
Tilton, who died in 1845 or 1846, leaving a son. 

2 JAMES TILTON; letters of administration granted on his estate, July 10, 1 849, 

to Margaret Tilton and James English. He married Margaret , and she after 

his death married, Jan. 8, 1854, Scull English. 


3 Elvey L. Tilton; letters of administration on his estate granted to Richard 

L. Frambes, Jan. 11, 1855. 

4 John R. Tilton; letters administration granted on his estate, June 17, 1867. 

5 Abigail Tilton married, Apr. 18, 1852, John C. Fifield. 

6 James Tilton 

7 Lewis S. Tilton; letters of administration to his wife, Apr. 18, 1S65; married 

Caroline L. ; died 1895. 

Laura C. Tilton 


Allen P. Tilton; letters of ntlininistration were granted, in Atlantic County, on his 
estate, Oct. 16, 1S88, to his son, John H. Tilton. Me left surviving him a widow, Marion 
A. Tilton, and the son wlio was made his administrator. 

^ CAPTAIN CLAYTON TILTON, the Tory, of Shrewsbury, together with Aaron 
White, was one of the prisoners exchanged for Daniel Randolph and Jacob Flemming, 
who had been captured with Captain Joshua Huddy, at Toms River. It is supposed 
that he accompanied the British when they evacuated New York City. And Mch. jo, 
1794, twenty-four hundred and forty-two acres of land were granted at Musquash, 
New Brunswick, to John Mount, Ebenezer Scott and Clayton Tilton. In 1906, I am 
informed, there stood upon the Tilton grant the Musquash School House, the Church 
of England Rectory, the Shore Line Station House, and several residences. 

^'oiume 2 of the Second Series of the New Jersey Archives relates that the properties 
of Ezekiel Tilton, and John Tilton, late of Middleto wn, and of Clayton Tilton, late of 
Shrewsbury, were confiscated after the Revolution. 

1774, Mch. 25. A mortgage is on record at Freehold, given by Thomas and Francis 
Chadwick and their wives Elizabeth and Huldah, w hich shows that the land mortgaged 
was bounded on the east and south by Samuel Pintard and Clayton Tilton, on the west 
by a highway, and on the north by the North or Navesink River. 

Clayton Tilton had a brother John Tilton, who was also a Tory, and by soirie it 
has been supposed that they were brothers to the Deborah Tilton, born May 7, 1751; 
died June i, 1S50, who married William White, of St. John, New Brunswick. Bat 
there would seem to be little more than conjecture to this. 

Clayton Tilton married, first, Catharine, daughter of Samuel and Almy (Borden) 
Scott; and, after her death, he married, July 30, 1805, Elizabeth, the widov/ of Thomas 
Green, of Musquash; died, Nov. 30, 1827, aged 64 years. 

"There was at Fort Howe (St. John, N. B.) in Garrison in 180S, a regiment which had been recruited 
largely out of the British prisons in the exigencies of the French War. It was the loist of the line, and 
was frequently referred to as the 'Hundred and Worst.' The officers were capable men but the rank and 
file were a hard lot. There were frequent floggings, and the Colonel said of his men that they were 'bad 
everything, except bad soldiers.' On the Battle field they were all right. 

Now for the tragedy. Henry Baldwin, James Lannon and Patrick Mclivoy, privates in the loist 
regiment at Fort Howe, deserted Oct. 17, 180S. A party sent to Musquash in pursuit of them failed to 
find them. On the 23rd of Oct., the deserters called at the house of Ebenezer Scott, at ?vlusquash, to 
inquire the way to Dipper Harbor. Clayton Tilton, living about two hundred yards from Scott's, con- 
cluded it his duty to arrest the deserters, and with two nien^ his own servant, Frederick Storm, and 
Burdett, his neighbor Scott's irian, attempted to stop the deserters. In the attempt Clapton Tilton was 
shot and killed by Henry Baldwin with nis musket. The deserters then took to the woods and made 
their escape, but were captured some days afterwards on an island in Passamaquoddy Bay, on their way 
to the United States, by a party of the Charlotte County militia, and carried before a magistrate of thit 
County, by whose order they were sent to St. John for trial. The prisoners were found guilty and sen- 
tenced to be executed. Patrick McEvoy was recommended by the iury for mercy, he being a youth 
between 18 and 15 years of age, and having taken no active part in the murder of Tilton; and his comrades 
having testified that he had been persuaded by them to desert. 

Baldwin and Lannon were hanged near the Block House Hill, corner of Kinc; and Wentworth Streets, 
on the 23rd November, just one month from the day the crime was committed. Justice was sv/ift in 
those days. At the execution, the rope broke with each of the prisoners, and the unfortunate men had 
to remain standing under the gallows till the messenger went to the South Wiiarf (half a niile away) and 
returned with a new rope. Some few years since some street laborers, d't;[;ing about the place, turned v.p 
some bones anrl fragments of red clotn tc whic'i military buttons were attached, evidently the remains 
of these two unforcunatc fellows who were buried under the gai'o'.vs." 


1 William Tiitnn married I\Lary Haycock 

William Tilton, of St. John, New Brunswick 
Ebenczer Tilton 
Elizabeth Tilton 
John Tilton 

3 Samuel Tilton born Jan. 6, 1777; died May 7, 1861; married, first, Hannah 

Pintard; second, Mrs. Susan Squires. 

4 Ann Tilton born 1779; died July 6, 1850; married John C. Cochrane. 

5 Elizabeth Tilton born July 15, 17S3; died 1816; married Samuel Scoct. 

3_ SAMUEL TILTON, son of Clayton Tilton, i, born Jan. 6, 1777; died May 7, 
1861; is buried in Christ Church Yard, Shrewsbury; married, first, Hannah, daughter 
of William and Hannah (Scott) Pintard, born Aug. 19, 1783; died Apr. 20, 1842; second, 
Susan, widow of Captain Squires, of St. John, New Brunswick, born 1796; died Oct. 28, 


6 John Tilton born A]ir. 12, 1802; died Mch. 18, 1820. 

7 Mary Ann Tilton died, unmarried, aged 86 years. 

8 Mercy Tilton married Thomas A. McGlade 

9 Catharine Tilton born 1811; died Dec. 20, 1869. 

10 Deborah Tilton married James F. Earle 

11 Hannah Pintard Tilton born Mch. 22, 1816; died Mch. 20, 1853; married, 

Nov. 9, 1853, Shepard K. Kollock, born Aug. 19, 18 13; died, at Red Bunk, 
N. J., Aug. 12, 1908. 

12 Elizabeth Cornelia Tilton married, as his second wife, Shepard K. Kollock. 

13 Charlotte Amelia Tilton born June i, 1821; died Oct. i, 1855; married, Jan. 

5, 1843, Charles W., son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Tilton) Scott, born 
Jan. 29, 1818. 

4 ANN TILTON, daughter of Clayton Tilton, i, born 1779; died July 6, 1850; 
married John C. Cochrane born Feb. 18, 1772; died Apr. i, 1855, a descendant of Lord 
Cochrane, of Ireland. 

Mary H. Cochrane, of Richwood, Canada; married Frank Goodwin. 
Isabella Cochrane born May 22, 1881; died Sep. 13, 1857. 
Clayton Cochrane 
Crosby Cochrane 

William Perrine Cochrane married 

Susan Cochrane 
Rebecca Cochrane 

Ann Rogers Cochrane born Nov. 4, 1823; died Sep. 18, 1802; I'iiariicd, first, 
about 1840, John Ring; becojid, about 1844 <^'' ^845> Charles O.^b-jm. 


5 ELIZABETH TILTON, daucrhter of Clayton Tilton, i, born July 15, 17S3; died 
1816; married Samuel, son ot Ebenczer and Elizabeth Scott, born Sep. 18, 1771, died Apr. 
;S, 1817. 

Ann Elizabeth Scott !)orn May 3, 1804 
John Scott born Mch. 9, 1S06 

Joseph Scott born Feb. 24, 1808; probably died prior to Apr. 30, 18 17. 
William Scott born Apr. 4, 1810 

Ebenezer Scott born ^Ich. 30, 1812; married Charlotte 

Catharine Scott born June 18, 18 14 
Clayton Scott born June 18, 1814 

Charles W. Scott born Jan. 29, 1816; married, first, his o\vn cousin, Charlotte 
Amelia, daughter ot Samuel and Hannah (Pintard) Tilton; second, Mary 
Emeline Covert. 

1822, Dec. 19. A quit claim deed on record at Freehold is, in a nieasure, the basis 
for the following: 

Alice, daughter of Peter Holsart, and wife of John Tilton, died prior to Dec. 19, 
1822, leaving 

Joseph Tilton 
John Tilton 
Mary Tilton married, Feb. 28, 1820, Hendrick, son of James and Ann 

Eleanor Tilton married, Jan. 11, 1814, Samuel, son of Robert Laird, born 
Feb. 8, 1787. 

Sarah Laird born Sep. 12, 1815; died Aug. 7, 1852. 
Benjamin Laird born Sep. 22, 1817; died June 26, 1818. 
Alice Laird born Oct. 6, 1819; dieci Jan. 2, 1856. 
John T. Laird born Nov. 26, 1821; died Feb. 21, 1846. 
Joseph T. Laird born Feb. 12, 1824; died Oct. 11, 1894. 
Elizabeth Laird born xAug. 2, 1826; died Sep. 3, 1855. 
James Laird 

Malvina Laird born Feb. 23, 1831; died Feb. 29, 1848. 
Mary Laird born Apr. 28, 1833; died May 29, 1839. 
Robert Laird 
Mary S. Laird born Dec. 23, 1839; died Sep. 4, 1863. 


1808, 4th, 2mo. Will of Lydia Tilton, of Middletown; proved Mch. 28, 1812, men- 
tioned: sister, Hannah Lippincott; Lydia Woolcott(.?), daughter of my deceased sister, 
Abigail; Lydia Roggers, daughter of my deceased brother, Daniel Tilton; legacies to 
Robert Tilton, son ot Obadiah, and Meriam Tilton, daughter of Obadiah. 

John C. Tilton, of Headens Corners, near Middletown, N. J., born 1839; died, June 
29, 1880, leaving a widow, Lavinia, born 1854, and a daughter, Ainnie Frances, born 


Deeds on lecord at Freehold, N. J-, show tliat one, Samuel Tilton, married Micah, 
daughter of Cyrenious ^'an Mater, prior to June 5, 1802, when they convey to her 
brother, \\iirKun \'an Mater, the lite interest which was theirs in property that had been 
Jett to her son, Cyrenious \'. Tilton, by his grandfather, after whom he was named. 
Cyrenious \. 'J'ilton and his sister, Mary Tilton, were left a legacy by their aunt, Mary 
\an Mater, in her will ot 1813. It would seem as though they were of Middletown. 
And probably it was he whose name appears in the New York City Directories for 1834 
to 1839, as Cyreno Tilton, mariner, and Tyreno Tilton, mate. 

In the burying ground of the Methodist Church, at Little Silver, N. J., are stones 
to the memory oi Elizabeth Bennett, daughter of Samuel and ALartha A. Bennett, and 
wife of Edward Tilton, and to their tuo infant children, Lla and Sanmiie Tilton. Eliza- 
beth (Bennett) Tilton was born Jan. 25, 1845, and died June 9, 1871. 

On record at Trenton, N. J., is the will oi a Peter Tilton, supposed by some to have 
been 83, of Middlesex Co., N. J., dated the "twetieseventh day of September in 1794," 
which was proved before Anthony W. White, Surrogate of ^^!ddlesex Co., May 25, 
1 801, and letters issued to Robert Tilton and Robert Karson. In it he mentioned: 

Peter Tilton Smith, to whom he left a "walking cain with I\-cry head." All the rest of his estate to 
his five children viz.: Elizabeth, Robert, Rebeckah, William and Lidia. Executors: son, Robert, and 
Robert Karson. Witnesses: John Smitli, Sarah Nixon, Mary Smith. 

There were resident in Ilolmdel township in 18S0, when the Census was taken, 
Benjamin Tilton, born 1843, 'i''"^' Rebecca, his wife, born 1847, with their children, Ehsa 
B., born 1869; Francis, born 1870; Joseph, born 1872; Alice, born 1875, and Ada born, 
1877. Along with their names was that also of Elisa W. Tilton, born i8c6, wlio was 
doubtless the mother of Benjamin Tilton. 

SARAH TILTOX, of Squankum, N. J., married, May 27, iSio, Wiliiam Johnson 
a brother to Israel Johnson, and had 


Jacob Johnson married Sarah Jane 

Charity Johnson married David FJavens 
'James Johnson married Mary Ann Tanner 
William Johnson died unmarried 
Elisha Johnson died immarried 

Emeline Johnson married John Roach, of ship-building fame. 
Garret Johnson married Ann Johnson, sister to the Sarah Johnson who 

became the second wife of Carlisle Walton. 
Jane Johnson died unmarried 
Theresa Johnson died immarried 

Rebecca Johnson married, first, John Regue; second, John Baker. 
Mary Johnson married Carlisle Walton, as his first wite. 
Catherine Johnson died about 1902; married Lewis, son ot John G. Tilton. 
Margaret Johnson, the youngest child, married Dennis Byron. 

The record of the First Presbyterian Church, of New York, has these two entries: 

Silas Tilton, son of Peter Tilton and Phebe his wife, born June 21, 1763. 

Mary Tiltoii, daughter of Peter Tilton and Phebe Mills his wif<-, botn Oct. i i, 1767. 


Epitaplis on tomlistones in Fairview Ccnictery, Middletown: 

John Tikon born May 10, 1767; died Mch. 19, 1851. 

Elizabeth Tilton, his wife, died, Apr. 20, 1847, 67 years, 4 months, 10 days. 

John Tilton, their son, died Dec. 4, 1814, 23 years, 3 months. 

Eleanor Tilton, wife of William Langdon, born Apr. 26, 1S13; died Apr. 5, 1S92. 

EDWARD TIT.TON, married Susannah Debowe, daughter of Frederick and 
Margaret (Johnson) Debowe, and widow ot Obadiah l^owne, born Mch. 27, 1749; died 
probably in 1833. -^"^c'" mother, Margaret (Johnson), married, first, by license dated 
May 27, T748, Frederick Debowe; second, Samuel Bowne; and died, Jan. 18, 1797, aged 
71 years and 10 months. 

1798, Jan. II. Edward Tilton, Susannah Tilton and Catharine Debowe were wit- 
nesses to a deed by Samuel Bowne to Joseph Bowne, tor land, in Middletown, that was 
bounded on the North by land of Edward Tilton. 

1825, May 17. Will of Susannah Tilton, oi' Middletown, proved Feb. 21, 1833, 
mentioned: daughters Rachel Winter,* Margaret Burdge and Susannah Tilton. 

Margaret Tilton born Dec. 6, 1786; married. May 25, 1820, Samuel, son of 
Jacob and Martha (McLean) Burdge, born Apr. 13, 1788; drowned Apr. 
30, 1851. 

Edward Burdge born May 23, 1821 

EDVn'ARD tilton married, Jan. 25, 1810, Rebecca, daughter of William and 
Rebecca (Stevenson) Mount, born Dec. 6, 1789; and she married, second, Sep. 25, 1816, 
Benjamin Cooper. 

1 81 5, Jan. 7. Rebeckah Tilton declines to administer on the estate of Edward 
Tilton, my late husband, and requests that letters of administration be granted to my 
brother, Cornelius S. Mount. 

1 815, Mch. I. Rebecca Tilton, of Middletown, conve)'s to Richard Walling land 
that had been released to her by Thomas Walling, Sr., who had purchased the shares 
of the legatees to the estate of William Mount, deceased. (Cornelius Mount, calls 
himself "son and heir ot William Mount," when he deeds to Thomas Walling, Jr., his 
two-fifths share, as joint heir to his father, deceased, v/ith his sisters, Rebecca, Elizabeth 
and ^Largaret"). 

PETER and GARRET TILTON, of Englishtown, N. J., were brothers, but I 
have been unable to learn the name of their father. 

1 PETER TILTON, of Englishtovv-n, made his will July 15, 1871; proved Feb. 
II, 1879; v/hich he signed by his niark, and in it declared himself to be of Alonroe town- 
ship, Middlesex Co. He named his wife as Deborah, and his sons as Jacob, Peter, 
Charles H., Free Baird and Garret L. 

*l<nchel Winter, the wife of Andrew Winter, was the daughter of Susannah anj h-.-r firbt husband, Obadiah Bowne. She was 
born Feb. 25, 1773. 


1 Jacob Tilton horn June 12, 1832; died Apr. 21, 1890; married Mar 
born 1844 


Deborah L. Tilton born 1864 
Free Haird Tilton born 1865 
Peter F. Tilton born 1867 

William H. Tilton born 1870 

Mar\' E. Tilton born 1S72 \ 

Charles A. Tilton born 1874 \ 

Ad Lcona Tilton born 1875 i 

George M. Tilton born Feb. 12, 1878; died Mch. 29, 1879. 1 

3 Sarah C. Tilton \ 

4 Peter Tilton 'j 

5 Prine (Perrine?) Tilton 1 

6 Charles FI. Tilton j 

7 Pree Baird Tilton j 

8 Garret L. Tilton \ 


9 GARRET TILTON, brother of Peter Tilton, i, born, in Enghshtown, 1803; 1 

signed his will Aug. 11, 1884; proved ^Lay 3, 18S6; died Apr. 21, 18S6; married Sarah ! 

Morris, born in Wilmington, Del., 18 16. j 


10 Elizabeth Tilton married Mr. Miller . j 

11 Flarriet Tilton 1 

12 Isabella Tilton died 1907; married Mr. Burchell. j 

13 William Tilton married 

Walter Tilton 
Mary Tilton 

14 Benjamin Tilton 

15 Garret Morris Tilton, of Williamstown, K. J. 

16 Henry Tilton 

17 Iven Tilton 

Administrations, Sec, at Trexton, N. J. 

1758, Jan. 14. Letters of administration granted to Samuel Tilton, principal creditor 
of John Stout, late ot Middletown, boatman, deceased. 

1785, Oct. 3. Mary Tilton and James Taylor made administrators on the estate of 
Benjamin Tilton, of Monmouth Co., deceased. 

1799, Dec. 2. Rebecca Tilton made administratrix on the estate of Phineas Tilton, 
deceased, late of Monmouth Co. 

1800, Dec. 31. Sarah I'ilton and Daniel Tilton made administrators of the estate 
of Daniel Tilton, late of Gloucester Co. 

1803, Sep. 7. Richard Rogers and Oliver Sproule nnule administrators on the estate 
of Elizabeth Tilton, late of Mcnnicuth Co. 



Ahram Tilton of Burlington Co. 
Benjamin Tilton ot Monmouth Co. 

Benjamin Tilton, ALattross, Capt. Barnes Smock's Co., Artillery, Monmoutli. 
Daniel l^ilton ot Gloucester Co. 
Edward Tilton of Monmouth Co. 

Joseph Tilton, 3""'' Battalion, Gloucester Co.; also in Col. Somers' Battalion, Stare 

John Tikon, Capt. Waddell's Co., i" Regt. Monmouth Co. 


1802, May 10. By Sarah Tilton, of New York City. 

1804, Sep. 18. By Jonathan Tilton and Lydia, his wife. 

1805, Sep. 12. By George Cook and Richard Rogers, administrators of John 
Tilton, Jr. 

1806, July 2. By John Tilton, of Dover, and Meribah, his wife. 

1 8 10, Feb. 5. By Henry Tilton and Ann, his wife. 

1811, Feb. 23. By Reuben Tilton, of Middletown, and Mary, his wife. 
1825, Mch. I. By Samuel Tilton, of Middletown. 

"0-2," page 489. Jacob Tilton, of Dover, quit claims to Miles Clayton and Ricr.aid 
McKelvey a piece of land where Keneth Tilton lives, "to whom I shall hereafter convey 
the rest of said tract if he fulfills his contract with me." Witnesses: Charity McKclvcy 
and Hannah Tilton. 

1832, June II. By Jonathan Tilton, of Howell, and Lydiann, his wife. 

1832, Dec. 22. By David S. Tilton and John Tilton, ot Stafford. 

1838, Apr. 23. By Jonathan Tilton, Jr., and Patience, his wit'e, of Middletown. 

1838, July 25. By James Tilton, of Dover, and Lydia, his wife. 

1843, Mch. 13. By Samuel Tilton to Mary Ann Tilton. 

1849, Nov. 26. By John Tilton, of Honesdale, Pa., to John R. Bergen, trustee, tor 
Margaret M. Tilton, the wife of saici John Tilton, and "their children." 

Marriage Licexses recorded at Trextox, N. J. 

1742, Mch. 4. Susannah Tilton and Peter Fernerl or Fernall; both of Monmouth. 

1743, June 9. Sarah Tilton, of Monmouth, and Jonathan Combs, of Perth Amb')>. 
1747, Nov. 16. Daniel Tilton, of Freehold, and Mary Van Nort, of Lower Freehold. 
1752, Nov. 28. Sarah Tilton, of Freehold, and Samuel Willet, of Readington. 

John Tilton, of Burlington, and Elizabeth 'V'anse, of Crosswicks. 
Valeriah Tilton and ^^'illiaIn Ilay, botli of Monmouth. 
Peter Tilton and Hannah Edwards; both of Middletown. 
William Tilton, of Freehold, and Amey White, of Shrewsbury. 
Mary Tilton, and Ephraim Buck, of Monmouth. 
Benjamin Tilton and Mary Hagens; both of Middletown. 
Mary 'j'ilton and Johii Lafier; both of Somerset. 
Harinaii Tilr'm and Joshua Williains, of Hanover. 



















177 1, 







1802, Sept. 1. Jonathan Tikon married Lydia Mullen; both of New Jersey. Records 
of the First nyui Second Presbyterian Cliiirehes of Neiv York. 

Mr. Charles Iv. Hutchinson, Allcntown, N. J., says that Peter Tilton, of Ciiester- 
field, was Surveyor of the Highways in 1765 to 1770; Freeholder 1772; and Overseer of 
Roads in 1773. 

Marriages recorded at Mount Holly, I^urlington Co., N. J. 

1830, June 17. Mary Tilton, widow, and Ephraim ^'andervecr. 

1836, Nov. 7. Charles Tilton and Mercy Ann Carr; both of Burlington. 

1845, Mch. 13. Arabella Tilton and Charles Antrim. 

Marriages recorded at Freehold, Monmouth Co., N. J. 

Mary Tilton and Daniel Williams; both of Shrewsbury. 

John Tilton and Aulcha Emmons. 

John Tilton and Elizabeth Clayton; both of Freehold. 

Jacob Tilton and Sarah Story. 

Thomas Tilton and Mary I.uker. 

Rebecca Tilton and Richard TxlcAlvcy; both of Dover. 

Rebecca Tilton and Ezekiel Emen. 

Luborn (Reuben.^) Tilton and Molly Sheerward. 

Deborah Tilton and Michael HofFmire, New York. 

John Tilton and Elizabeth Dickison. 

Henry Tilton, ot Middletown, and Ann K. Flemming, of Shrewsbury. 

Mary Tilton and Richard Phillips, Jr.; both of Dover. 

Benjamin Tilton and Sarah Miller; both of Howell, at Samuel Allen's, 

Amelia Tilton and James Brady; both of Freehold. 
Ann Tilton and Thomas Brown. 
Peter Tilton and Elizabeth Morris; both of Howell, at Robert W. 

Meriam Tilton and Ephraim Atterton. 
James Tilton and Lydia Allen. 

Mary Tilton, of L'pper Freehold, and Robert Reed. 
Lydia Tilton and Samuel P. Applegate. 
Jacob Tilton and Rebecca Pearce, at Kittle Creek. 
\\'iHiam Tilton and Elizabeth ^"an Note; both of Dover. 
Mary Tilton and William Llenry Marlatt. 
Elizabeth Tilton and James L. Riverly, at the house of Benjamin Tilton, 

of Freehold. 
Sarah Tilton and George W. Filder. 
\\'illiam Tilton and Harriet Dennis. 
Peter Tilton and Sarah Fisher; both of Howell. 
Margaret Tilton and Ivins Ivins. 
Mar)- Tilton and Thomas J. Carter. 
Alice E. Tiltun, dauLihter of Joseph, and James N. Seabury. 

























































- / 

































— f 


1858, Apr. 25. Eli/a A. Tiltnn and Charles R. Church. 

iS'59, May 4. William F. TiUoii, of Monroe, and Frances J. Cole. 

1.S62, Sep. 16. Charles H. Tilron and Mary Phillips. 

1864, Apr. 12. Mary A. Tilton and Ireland. 

1864, Dec. 13. James W. Tilton, ut Colts Neck, and Catharine A. Thompson, of Marl- 


1865, Nov. 19. Edward Tilton and Elizabeth Bennett. 

1869, July 3. Charles Tilton (27), of Middletown, and Elizabeth Jay (20), of Keyport. 

1869, July 3. Anna ]'',. Tilton (23), and John Silkworth (20). 

1870, Dec. 22. Louisa Tilton (23), and John A. Applegate (3^)). 

1871, July 6. V\'illiam H. Tilton and Mary A. Garrison. 

1872, Jan. 3. George FI. Tilton (22), and Mary H. Stricklin (17). 

1873, Jan. I. Mary F. Tilton and John H. Applegate. 
1875, Jan. 3. Elijah Tilton and Susan ?vL Morris. 
1875, Apr. 4. Patience lllton and Jacob Berlew. 

1875, Oct. 28. Emma R. Tilton and Samuel ^^ Powell. 

1876, .Aug. 20. Rebecca Jane Tilton and Charles FF Pettit. 

1876, Dec. 21. Peter Tilton, of Monmouth, and Hannah H. Herbert, of Ocean. 

1877, Apr. 5. Amanda H. Tilton and ^^'illlam H. Manahan. 

WILLFAM TILTON, of Lynn, had at least two wives. By the first he had issue 

a son, Peter Tilton. He married again, one Susannah , v/ho, upon his demise, 

married Roger Shaw, and moved with him to Hampton. This is \\'ell proven by the 
following assertion; that "Roger Shaw and last wife Susannah that Roger Shaw should 
give the children she had by her first husband, as follows, to Samuel Tilton, her eldest 
son, £30 at age. Samuel Tilton acknowledges receipt from Joseph Shaw, executor of 
Roger Shaw, June 12, 1661." Also Roger Shaw agreed to pay Daniel Tilto'i, son of 
William Tilton, of Lynn, deceased, £10. And Samuel Tilton, guardian ot Daniel, 
acknowledges the receipt of same from Joseph Shaw, executor, A^pr. 13, 1663. 

William Tilton was an old resident of Lynn, about 1640, and was then, apparenth', 
somewhat advanced in years, for, in 1646, the E'^sex Court records state that William 
Tilton v/as freed from training but was to keep his arms fixed. And, again, in 1649, 
William Tilton was freed from training on account of his age. From this data I am 
inclined to deduce the birth of William as having occurred about 1580, and ol his son 
Peter, approximately about 1605-10. Presuming these dates to be correct, the migra- 
tion of father and son probably took place not far from 1635. 

During his residence at Lynn, William Tilton was an appraiser of the estate of 
Abraham Belknap, in 1643; appraiser of the estate of Francis Lightfoot, in 1646, and 
administrator of the estate of Edward Lewis, in 1650. 

"In 1861," writes Mr. William P. Tilton, of Isoston, "my uncle had careful examina- 
tion made of the records in England, and again in 1873, m\ great-uncle. General William 
S. Tilton, had an advertisement placed in the London Times, offering a reward of £5, 
for proof of the births and baptisms of William, Peter and John Tilton." No success 
followed these efTorts. But data was obtained, shedding light upon the early English 
family bearing the name of Tilton. These extended references are in the possession of 
mcmbei's of the New EngLuid farnil)-. Two itenis alone, of v, Irat I have seen, suggest 


any means of connecting the American with the Englisli family, viz.: (a) "In 1639," 
writes William P. Tilron, "Rev. Ephraim Huet, the minister of a chin-ch in Wroxhall, 
Warwickshire, with several members of his church, among them Peter Tylton, settled 
in Dorchester, Mass., being prosecuted for non-conformity, by the P)ishop of Worcester. 
Warwickshire is an adjoining county to Leicestershire, and Leicestershire is the oi-iginal 
home of the Tiltons." 

(b) "A quo warranto was issued by Charles II, in 1683, against the Governor and 
Company of Massachusetts, in which he is styled Petru Tylton, Armiger." Fol. /''., 
Mass. Col. Records, and JJliitmcres Heraldic Journal, p. 23. These serve to connect 
him with the family in Leicestershire. 

1 WILLLAM TILTON died in 1653. His will is missing from the probate files 
of Salem, but the date of the inventory ot his estate, as shown by the records there, was 
Feb. 16, 1653. He married, first, ; second Susannah 

Issue by first wife 
1 Peter Tilton married, according to the records of Windsor, Conn., May 19, 

1641, Elizabeth 

Issue by second wife 

3 Samuel Tilton married, Dec. 17, 1662, Hannah Moulton. 

4 Daniel Tilton married, Dec. 23, 1669, NJehitable Sanborn. 

5 Abraham Tilton married, first, Mary Cram; second, Deliverance 

2 PETER TILTON, son of William Tilton, i, probably settled at Windsor, Conn., 

between 1635 and 1640; he married there. May 10, 1639, Mary ; and if this was a 

first marriage, it was somewhat belated tor his years. In 1659, he was ot Hadley, Mass. 

Peter Tilton was a man of great prominence in New^ England; he was a Representa- 
tive to the General Court for many years, and an Assistant, for sev^en years. He was 
largely concerned with Mr. Rogers and Mr. Saltonstall, in concealing Gofr'e and Whalley, 
the Regicides, and was cited to appear before the British Parliament for befriending 
them, and it is supposed that one ot them was buried in his garden. See Stiles' History 
off he Judges. 


6 (Son) Tilton, imbecile, and died unmarried. 

7 Mary Tilton married, 1682, Joseph Eastman, born Jan. 8, 1651; died Apr. 

4, 1692. 

3 SAMUEL TILTON, eldest son of William Tilton, i, by his last wife, was liorn 
about 1637/8; his tombstone reading that he died, Nov. 29, 1731, in the 94th year of his 
age. He married, Dec. 17, 1662, Hannah Moulton. About 1672, he removed from 
Hampton, N. H., and settled in Martha's \'ineyard. 


8 Hannah Tilton born July 15, 1663; married Thomas Mayhew. 

9 William Tilton born Nov. 7, 1668 

10 John Tilton born Aug. 23, 1670 

11 Josiah Tilton born 1675 

12 (Silas Tilton), possibly there was this ntth ciiild, but about his existence, 

there is considerable doubc. 


4 DANIEL TILTOX, son of William Tilton, i, mamed, Dec. 23, 1669, Mchitable 
Sanborn, (Sa\age gives her name as Mehitable Weare). He was of Hampton or Exeter 
in 1689. His descendants located in Xew Hampshire. One ot the more recent ones 
belonging to this branch is Mr. John P. Tilton, of Salem, Mass. 


13 Abigail Tilton born Oct. 28, 1670; married Christopher Page. 

14 Mary Tilton born Mch. 9, 1672; died young. 

15 Samuel Tilton born Feb. 14, 1674 

16 Joseph Tilton born May 19, 1677 

17 "r^Iary Tilton born May 25, 1679 

18 Daniel Tilton born Oct. 28, 1680 

19 David Tilton born Oct. 20, 1682 

20 Jethro Tilton born about 1684 

21 Klehitable Tilton born Oct. 2, 16S7 

22 Josiah Tilton born 1689 

5 ABRAHAM TILTON, youngest son o\ William Tilton, i, by his last vvife, born 
1638; married, first, Jan. 25, 1665, INfary, daughter of John Cram; second. Deliverance 
; her will dated Nov. 9, 1730, was proved July 2, 1733. 

"Abraham Tilton, youngest son of Susannah Tilton, was apprenticed to John Hud, 
of Lynn, weaver, Dec. 5, 1653. One, Spencer, deposed that John Hud, late of Lynn, 
sent a letter to his wife, in Lynn, giving orders to deliver apprentice to his mother again." 

"Elizabeth Hud, wife of John Hud, says that she did not know that the Court at 
Hampton had apprenticed said Abraham to his brother Peter living in Connecticut, 
with consent of his father-in-law Roger Shaw, of Hampton, and she consents Nov. 10, 
1665, Abraham's mother being dead." 

"Nathaniel deposes that he v/ent with Shaw to Mrs. Hud, and that he 

spoke with Abraham before he went to Connecticut. That Abraham was unwilling 
to go to his brother, rather go to his father, Roger Shaw." 


23 Abraham Tilton born about 1666 to 1670; married, Dec. 11, 1693, Mary 


24 Abagail Tilton born xApr. i, 1679; married, first, John Fillmore, one ot the 

ancestors of Millard Fillmore, President of the United States; second, 
Robert Bell. 

25 Samuel Tilton born Apr. 14, 1681 

26 Mary Tilton born Aug. 8, 1683; married Tristram Brown. 

27 Sarah Tilton married Mr. Marti.n 

28 Rebecca Tilton born Mch. 8, 1692/3; married, first, April 16, 1717, John 

Lamb; second, Thomas Dinges or Durgis. 

29 Isaac Tilton born May 2, 1695 

10 JOHN TILTON, son of Samuel Tilton, 3, born Aug. 23, 1670; married 


30 John Tilton married Sarah C^ibbs 


Issue (of John Tilton and Sarah Gihhs) 

31 Silas Tilton, said to have settled near Easton, N. Y. 

32 Ebenczer Tilton, saitl to ha\ e settletl near Easton, N. Y. 
22 Cornelius Tilton 

34 John Tilton, said to have settled near Easton, N. Y. 

35 Sarah Tilton 

36 Eunice Tilton married her cousin E,lijah Tilton, and died without 

37 Jane Tilton married John Tilton, of New Jersey. 

37 JANE TILTON, daughter of John Tilton, 30. The story runs that a cousin 
of the last mentioned family came from New Jersey to visit his cousins in Martha's 
\'ineyard. His name was John Tilton, and he was then a widower, having married, 
Aug. 13, 1738, Clarissa (Gibbs?), by whom he had a daughter, Catherine Tilton, who 
accompanied her father to Martha's \'ineyard, and there married, Nov. 11, 1779, \'ina] 
Skiff. This John Tilton, of New Jersey, married, second, Jane (37), youngest daughter 
of John Tilton. 


38 Zadoc Tilton died unmarried 

39 Eimice Tilton married Oliver Tilton 

40 Sarah Tilton married Josiah Crosby 

41 Hannah Tilton married Charles Jackson 

42 Jane Tilton married Asa Wing 

43 Betsey Tilton married Ephraim Bin-dock 

44 Meribah Tilton married, Jan. 27, 1785, Jonathan Burges. 

45 Polly Tilton married Clayton Y^'oung 

46 Prudence Tilton married Samuel Stanton 

47 Gibbs Tilton removed to I\Iaine 

48 (Pamelia Tilton) probably, who went to Maine with her brother Gibbs, and 

v\'as there murdered at the age ot 16, by Edmund Fostes, a negro, at \'as- 
salboro, Me. For this murder he was executed in 1794. 

The descendants of William Tilton are scattered throughout the New England 
States and the West. Concerning them Mr. I^Vank W. Hine, of Grand Rapids, Mich., 
has perhaps more information than anyone else. 

Mr. William P. Tilton, 24 Beach St., Boston, Mass., has likewise devoted some time 
to the study of this family, being a descendant of Abraham Tilton, 5, through both his 
paternal and maternal ancestors. 




1 WALTER WALL was born in 1619, and came to America from Wiltshire, Eng- 
land, between the years i63';-i640. 

He, seemingly, was the Walter Wall, aged sixteen, transported to St. Christopher's, 
in 1635. Uotteri's List of Emigrants, p. 126. 

He was a resident of New Amsterdam for an uncertain period, and then joined in 
the settlement of Gravesend, L. L On the Town Record appear a number of allusions 
to him: 

1645, Aug. 10. Lie received a plantation. 

1654, Sept. 22. Lie purchased lot No. 14. 

1657. He had seven and one-half morgens of land in tillage in Gravesend. 

1658. Nov. 9. He purchased lot No. i. 

1659. Walter Wall named at Hempstead, L. L, Onderdonck' s Hempstead, p. 104, 
was doubtless the same individual. 

Ann Wall, alluded to below, I have not identified, but suspect she was the wife of 
Walter Wall, as he had one of that name. 

Sir Henry Moodv vs Anthon'y Johxson' Van Salee 

The complainant alleges that Johnson ^'an Salee came to his house and used abusive language. 
Aimctje I'/all testified that she was scouring pewter there and Johnson Van Salee asked her what she did 
there and commanded her to take it away, calling Sir Henry Moody, at the same time, a dog, a rogue and 
a "skellumme," (i. e. a scallywag — Dutch word;, and abused her with evil language. Lhe court fined 
the defendant 10 guilders, and enjoined him to behave better or tare worse. Girivesend Court Records. 
Quoted in the pamphlet on "Lady Deborah Moody," by Mr. (lirard. 

1665. He v/as one of the Associate Patentees of the Moninouth Patent, and as 
such, paid £4. 

1666 or 1667. He moved to Middletovvn, N. J., and located upon a farm about two 
miles to the west of the center of the village, the title to which, in the early part of looo, 
was vested in John Stout and Daniel I). Hendrlckson. 

1667, ^^<-'C- 30. Walter Wall, of Mididlctown, N. J., was awarded lot No. 4; also lot 
No. 32, outside, in the Poplarheld. 


1670. Walter Wall was stated to have paid for shares of land in Middletown, N. L 

1676, Jan. 10. He paid quit-rent of £0-10-2, on two hundred anci forty-four acres, 
in Middletown, N. J. 

1677. He paid on two hundred and forty acres in Shrewsbury, X. j. 
1679. t^t- also paid quit-rents. 

1686. He also paid quit-rents, but the quantity is not mentioned. 

1688, ALav 10. Ide paid quit-rent of £0-6-0, on one hundred acres, in Middletown, 

N- J- 

1702. Fie died somewhere about this date, or earlier, as his cattle-mark, was then 
transferred to another, which he originally recorded, in 1668, in the To::>i Book, oj MicJ- 
dlctomi, N. y., as follows: "a half moone cutt out of the under side off both eares." 

1702, Sept. 26. This earmark was recorded to James Cox; 1712, July 21, to Walter 
Wall, and in 1791, to Cornelius Hendrickson. 

Walter Wall signed by his mark. 

He married Ann 

1 Rutgert Wall baptized, July 25, 1651, in New Amsterdam, aged 4 years; 
hence born 1647. 

3 Maria Wall baptised, July 25, 1651, in New Amsterdam, aged three-quarters 

of a year; hence born 1650. 

4 John Wall born, probably, between 1640 and 1650. 

5 Garret Wall born, probably, between 1640 and 1650. 

6 Rebecca Wall 

6a Probably a daughter who married Tiiomas Wright, of Shrewsbury, and 
died with her husband about 16S0, leaving 

Walter Wright died intestate 169S, estate being administered by 

Thomas Cox, with Garret Wall as his bondsman. 
Susannah Wright, a minor in 1690, asking for the appointment oi 
Captain John Slocum as her guardian. 
6b Probably a daughter who married Thomas Cox, 2. 

William Leed's letter to Cox, written I think between 1716 and 1736, says, referring 
to his rights in a dispute about the title of lands he held; "a little time after we came to 
Swiming River, Tho" Wright and his wife died, and my father planted the land then as 
Wright had cleared and Jarrat Wail was in a pucker. He would arrest my father for a 
trespass, ay that he would, but Samuel Leonard met with him and showed him it was 
out of Stout's power to make a lawful title for any land at Swiming River, the 22 of 

June, 1676, and so Jarrat had done and v«-e heard no more for several years, but at 

last it came into his head that he v/ould get the articles of agreement or writing acknowl- 
edged and recorded and so let it lye " 

3 MARLA or ALARY WALL, daughter of Walter Wall, i, is the person probably 
alluded to below. 

1663, June 12. "The corte having heard the difference between Walter Wall and Nathrinye!! Britton 
conrcrnir.ij Mary Wall cover | illegible] seri-ant to Nathanyeli Britloii for two [illegible] years and com;)laint 
wase made to the courte ot (jravesande but noticing; could: lincgible] be proved netlur ironi the iervuhtc 


nor by witnise, whereof the corts orders is the sayde servant shall li\e with her sayde master during her 
full tune, and tliat sayde Nathatiyel! lioth promise to use the childer well and to find and provide all 
things convenient for her and at the expiration ot her time to eive her two suts of clothes and a cow crdfe: 
this in the presence ol W ill Wilkins, John Cooke, Charles Morgan, Will Goulding, Clarke." 

Gravesen^, L. I., Court Records. 

It is likely that Walter Wall had become a wiLlowcr, and had bound out his daughter, 
Mary, a mere child, for her better bringing up, to Nathaniel Britton. 

4 JOHN ^^'ALL, son of Walter Wall, i, was, probably, born between 1640 and 

1670. John Wall appeared in Aliddletown, N. J. 

As an Associate Patentee, in the purchase of the Monmouth Tract, he paid £3-10. 

By exclusion, I believe him to be a son of Walter Wall, i. 

5 JARRAT WALL, son of Walter Wall, i, was probably born between 1640 and 
1650, and resided in Middletown, N. J. 

1676, May 22. Gerard or Jarret Wall was a witness to a deed irom the Indian chiefs 
to Richard Hartshorne. Book C, Deeds, p. 11, Freehold, N. J. Court Records. 

It is possible the first Jarret or Garret Wall may have had the English name, 
Gerard, transformed by the early settlers into the Dutch — Garret. 

1680, Apr. 21. Lie paid a quit-rent on one hundred acres of land, in Middletov/n, 

1682, Apr. 12. Garret Wall paid a quit-rent on one hundred and seventy acres of 
land, at Shoal Harbor Creek, Middletown, N. J. 

1684, Nov. 28. Garret Wall recorded his earmark. 

1685, June 5. He paid quit-rent on one hundred and seventy acres ot land, on 
Manasquan River, Shrev/sbury, N. J., which amounted to £0-7-1. 

Lie was quite prominent in Monmouth County: Petty Juryman in 1693; Receiver 
Taxes, January, 1697, and Foreman ot the Grand Jury in 1699. 

1696. He recorded his brand-mark. 

170x3-1701. He was those who resisted the encroachments of the Pro- 
prietors; was arrested, but liberated by the people, tVom the Sheritt's custody, and, in 
1700, he aided in the rescue of prisoners, arrested lor like offences. 

1709. Jarrat and Lydia Wall, [by her mark], deedea land to Daniel Hendrickson. 
Witness: Walter Wall. 

17 15, May 5. His cattle and brand marks were conveyed to his son, John. 

Lidia, wife of Jarrat Wall, died Apr. 12, 1732. Baptist Church Record, Middle- 
town, N. J. She was a member of this church in 171 2. 

1711, Mch. 10. Jarrat Wall made his will, which v.-as proved Nov. 10, 1711-12, 
and which m.cntioned his wife, Poolen, alias Lydia \^'all, whom he made executrix, with 
John and Walter Wall, executors, and mentioned his children. 

The wife of Jarrat Wall, 5, was probably Pauline, daughter of Clement and Peula 
or Poulin Masters, of Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1675, Nov. 2. Clement and Poulin Masters liad one hundred and twenty acres of 
land and meadow at Shrewsbury, N. J. 

1689. Thomas Wainwright, John West and Clement Masters were presented by 
the Grand Jury, at Shrewsbury, for ''playing at nync pins on ye ffirst day." 


"Mary Pew's mother was a French lady named Peula Masters," said Asher Taylor, 
Esq., but this I consider an error, and the allusion is probably to Mary Pew's mother- 

1713, Oct. 21. John Masters, son and heir-at-law of Francis Masters, late of 
Shrewsbury, made a conv^eyance to I'rancis Masters, son of Clement Masters, of Shrews- 


7 John \Vall born 1685 

8 Jarrat Wall born 1694 

9 Humphrey Wall died Apr. 10, 173-. Baptist Church Record, Mid.dkiovrn, 

N. J. On Sept. 6, 1 721, he was unmarried and deeded, with his brother, 
John and wife Mary, land to James Seabrook. 

10 Mary Wall married Thomas Mortord born Mch. 2, 1692; died Apr. 12, 1750; 

and hat! issue. 

11 Anne Wall 

12 Deborah Wall 

13 Lydia Wall apparently married Henry Leonard, of Shrewsbury. 

14 Walter Wall born 1690 

6 REBECCxA WALL, daughter of Walter Wall, i, married Richard Mount. 
In the records of the early Court of Sessions, at Freehold, is the following: 

1687, Dec. 29. Richard Mount, plaintit, versus John Johnston, defendant, in a 
plea for "trespass." "Garret Wall for evidence sayeth the mare as he soposeth to be 
the mare he gave to his sister Rebecca, Richard Mount's wife, was the same rnare," etc. 
Verdict by the jury for the plaintif; damages £8. The Go\'ernor and Proprieiors al- 
lowed an appeal to be taken by Johnston to the Court, at Amboy. 

7 JOHN WALL, son of Jarrat \Vall, 5, was born circ. 1680-1685, and probably 
died in the vicinity o( 1752, when his son, John, claimed his cattle-mark. 

1711. May 8. John Wall, Blacksmith, sold land to Daniel Hendrickson, yeoiman. 

1712. He was a member of the Baptist Church, Middletown, N. J. 

1713. In a deed v/ith his brothers, Walter, Garret and Humphrey, of this year, he 
calls himself the son and heir of Garret Wall. 

171 5. John Wall, yeoman, and wife Mary, sold to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph 
Grover, and wife of Gershom Stilhvell, for £300, the plantation on which Wall lived, and 
which he receiveil from his father, in 1709, and more from his brother, jarrat, in 17^5. 
This is now Hendrickson property. 

1720. He was a merchant, and on the Grand Jury, in Monmouth County, N. J. 

1722 and 1723. John Wall was a Justice in Middletown, N. J. 

John Wall, of ^Iiddletown, married Mary, daughter of James Hubbard, as appear 
from deeds prior to 1715. She was born circ. 1689. 


15 Williampie Wall married, 1729, Elias Conover, of Middletown, N. J. 

16 Rachel Wall married John Britton. Authority of Howard Dtacon, Esq. 

17 Mary Wall 

18 John V\';di wi'.o rccordedi his father's earmark July 2'^} I7i""' 


8 JARRAT WALL, son of Jarnu Wall, 5, was horn March, 1694, and died, IVLiy 
II, 1 77 1, aged 77 years, 1 month and 21 or 25 days. 

1718, Apr. 3. He recorded his earmark, formerly tlie mark ot Fdisha Lawrence. 

"May 13, 1777, (says I'^oote, but probably sliould read 1771], at Middletov.n in the funeral of Garrat Wall, 
aced about 77, a member of the Baptist C hurch tor many years: I'sed the otlice of deacon tor a long time. 
An humble, serious, and godly man. Taken amiss in the night and died in the morning." Text: 2 
Sam. XXIII, 5. Manuscript Sermons of Rfv. Ahel Morgan. 

He married Mary, daughter of James Pew, who was born Apr. 30, 1699, and died, 
.Aug. 4, 1776, aged 76 years, 3 months and 4 days. 


19 Deborah Wall married, first, Joseph Dennis; second, John Kinnan. 

20 Mary Wall married Col. Ludlow 

21 Rebecca Wall juarried, by license dated Jan. 17, 1761, Richard Jefl-'rey. 

22 Humphrey Wall born 1720; died, Apr. 11, 1795, aged 74 years, 9 months 

and 28 days. 

23 John Wall born July 17, 1723; died, Dec. 27, 1806, aged 83 years, 5 months 

and 10 days. 

24 Susannah Wall born 1725; died, Feb. 2, 1754. 

25 Ann Wall born 1729; married, by license dated Apr. 26, 1750, John Stillwell. 

Elsewhere the date is given as Nov. 24, 1768. 

26 Lydia Wall born Jan. 5, 1731; died, Mch. 8, 1749, aged iS years, 2 months 

and 3 days. 

27 Jarrat Wa'l born Apr. 21, 1736; died, Apr. 23, 1775, aged 37 years and 2 days. 

28 Jamima Wall died, Apr. 12, 1741, aged 9 years, 4 months and 11 days. 

29 Jamima Wall, 2nd., married Richard Suydam. 

30 Catharine Wall married, first, by license dated June 30, 1755, Henry Green; 

second, by license dated Jan. 5, 1780, Rev. Isaac Steele; third, Mr. 

31 James Wall married ^Lary 

14 WALTER W^ALL, son of Jarrat W^all, 5, was born in 1690; died Feb. 2, 1737-8, 
and is buried in the Scots' Burying ground, Marlboro, N. J. 

He married Ann , born 1696; died Jan. 19, 1758, and is buried in the Scots' 

Burying ground, Marlboro, N. J. 

1713. He is mentioned in the deed of his brother, John, of this date, with his 
brothers. Garret and Humphrey Wall. 

15 WJLLLAMPIE WALL, daughter of John Wall, 7, married, in 1729, Elias 
Conover, ot Middletown, N. J. 

Issue, as per Records 0/ the First Rejormed Church, Freehold, N. J. 
Petrus Conover, or Cowenhoven, bapti7,ed Mch. 4, :733. 
Jannetje Conover baptized Mch. ?., 1740 
Daniel Conover baptized Aug. 3, 1746 
Aaitje Conover baptized May 8, 1748 
Neeltje Cor.over baptized Aug. 23, 1750 


17 MARY WALL, dauchter of John Wall, 7. 

In the Dutch Retornied Church Records, Frecliold, N. J., arc the folloving csitircs, 
which may reter to this Mary Wall. 

Niclaas ^^'ykhof and wife Maria Waal had issue: 

Jacohus Wykhol baptized Jan. 11,1738. Witnesses: Elias Covenhoven, etc. 

Jan Wykhof baptized May 16, 1742 

20 MARY WALL, daughter oi' Jarrat Wall, 8. 

Despite the assertion that this Mar_\' Wall married Col. Ludlow, the follov/ing de- 
duction seems to me plausible. 

Oct. 31, 1751. John Wilier had a license issued to marry Mary Wall' they had a 
daughter, named Lydia, born Mch. 28, 1752, who married Samuel, son of Samuel and 
Mary (Passel) Tilton, and named one of their sons, Humphrey Tilto!i. Undoubtedly 
Humphrey was indebted for his name to the Wall family, as his mother Lydia if she were 
the daughter ot Jarrat Wall, 20, as appears to have been the case, had a brother and 
an uncle Llumphrey Wall. 

22 HUMPHREY WALL, son of Jarrat Wall, 8, was born 1720; died, Anr. 1/, 
1795, aged 74 years, 9 months and 28 days; married, by license dated Mch. 6, 1765, 
Elizabeth Ogbcrn, who was born 1720, and died, Mch. 26, 1800, aged 79 years, 8 months 
and 9 days, or 79 years, 3 m.onths and 3 days. He was murdered in Burlington County, 
and "Old Si" was hung tor it. 

1773. He recorded his earmark, in Middletown, N. J. 

1763, Aug. 25. Humphrey Wall, ot Monmouth County, liad a license to marry 
Elizabeth Tilton, ot Burlington County. She was Elizabeth Thorne, widow of Abraham 
Tilton, and was born 3mo., 5, 1725. They had an only son son Joseph Wall fromx whom 
descended Wall, the New York baker. 

1780, November. Humphrey Wail was a member of the jury in Monmouth County. 

1785, Jan. 5. Humphrey ^^'all, ot Nottingham, Burlington County, sold to Joseph 
Wall, of the same place, tor £2045, lands which he had bought of Samuel Stevenson in 

32 Joseph Wall 

23 JOHN WALL, son of Jarrat Wall, 8, was born July 17, 1723; died, Dec. 27, 
1806, aged 83 years, 5 months and 10 days. He married, by license dated Apr. 30, 1751, 
Rachel, daughter ot James Bowne, who was born Apr. 9, 1727; died, Mch. 30. 1791. 
aged 63 years, 4 months and 21 days. 

1750-1766, and again, in 1777, he was Clerk of the Assembly. 

1766, Jan. 6. He recorded his earmark. 

1803, Aug. 9. John Wall made his will, which v.ns proved Jan. 5, 1807, and alluded 
to "my four children" and their tamilies, as his heirs, and to his grandsons, Joseph Wall 
and Aloses Bloom field Wall. 

John Wall resided in Middletown, N. J. 

23 James Wail born Mch. 13, 1753; died, Mch. 23, 1791, aged 38 years and. 10 
days; married TsLiry Dorset; settled at Freehold, N. J., v.hcre he died. 


34 ^L1l■y ^^'all bom Feb. 2S, 1755; died, Oct. 6, 1777, ngcd 21 years, 4 months 

and 22 days; unmarried. 

35 Elisha Wall born Mch. 21, 1757; married ^Lary Longstrcet. In 17S2, he 

recorded liis earmark. 

36 ]ohn G. Wall born Dec. 17, 1759; died Jan. 14, 179S; married Ann Bloom- 


37 Deborah Wall born Oct. 22, 1766; died Oct. 12, 1847; married Samuel, son 

of William anil Hannah (Scott) Pintard, born Sep. 14, 1762; died Oct. 7, 

38 Jarrat Wall born June 21, 1769; died, Mch. 10, 1772, aged 9 years and 19 


39 Jarrat Wall, 2iid., born ALay 4, 1773; died, June 20, 1775, aged 2 years, i 

month and 16 days. 

24 SUSANNAH WALL, daughter of Jarrat Wall, 8, born 1725 ; died Feb. 2, 1754, 
aged twenty-eight years and five months; married, by license dated Mch. 24, 1743/4 
Richard Burdge. 

"the age and death ot our sister burdge. She was born y*" 3 day of September 
1725, and departed this Life the 2 day of Feb. 1752." 

The dates do not agree exactly with those given on page 302, "\'ol. 2 of Historical 
Miscellany, but there can be no doubt whatsoever that we have, in the two entries, 
reference made to the oiie individual, viz.: Susannah Wall, the wife of Richard Burdge, 
and the curious thing about it is, that while there is a ditFerence of two years between 
the epitaph and the Church record, for the date of her death, there is none at all as 
regards the date of her birth; hence the Church record should probably read 17 s4 
instead ot 1752, and this is the more likely as the entries ot various years in this record 
are oft times not clearly separated one from the other. 

In this connection it will perhaps be well to note another error, relating to Hannah 
the daughter of the preceding Susannah (Wall) Burdge. 

She is stated to have been born Feb. 15, 1744, and died Aug. 26, 1807, when she 
would have been 6^, 6, 11, instead of 63, 7, 11. 

After the death ot Susannah, Richard Burdge married, for his second wife, Feb. 22, 
1757, Hannah Huff. 

Issi'.c by first wife 
Hannah Burdge born Feb. 15, 1744; died Aug. 26, 1807; married Jan. 21, 

1771, Joseph Dorset born ^Ich. 7, 1743. 
Richard W. Burdge married, and died intestate. 

25 ANN WALL, daughter of Jarrat ^^^all, 8, was born 1729; married, by license 
dated Apr. 26, 1750, John Stillwell. She died, Sept. 16, 181 1, aged 82 years, 7 months 
and 20 days, and is buried in the Gershom Stillwell Burying ground. See Stillwell 


32 JOSEPH WALT, son of Humphrey Wall, 22, married , and had 


40 Jacob Wall 


41 Elizabeth Wall married Mr. Flynn, of Louisiana. 

42 Dauglitcr Wall married Mr. Seaman 

33 JAMES WALL, son of John Wall, -3, was born Mch. 13, 1753; died, Mch. -3, 
1791, aged 38 years and 10 days; married ALiry, daughter of Josejih Dorset. She died, 
May I, I8.H-5 aged 91 years, 5 months and 10 days. He settled at Freehold, N. J., where 
he died. 

1778 to 1781. He was Town Clerk, Middletown, N. J. 

1789, May 28. He recorded his earmark, which was formerly his father's; later, it 
passed to Daniel Hendrickson. 

He was Lieutenant in Capt. Smock's Company, Light Dragoons, Revolutioiiary 
War, and Second Lieutenant in Capt. William Schenck's Company. He was present 
at the Battle of Monmouth. 


43 Joseph Wall born Apr. 27, 1777; married Elizabeth Dey Hillyer. 

44 John Wall born August, 1779; lost at sea. 

45 Mary Wall born Mch. 24, 1781 ; died April 25, 1866; unmarried. 

46 Garret Dorset Wall born i\Ich. 10, 1783; died Nov. 23, 1850; manied, first, 

Mary Rhea; second, Mrs. A. M. Tyler. 

47 Susan Wall born Jan. 21, 1785; died Apr. 13, i860; married James Schure- 

man, Esq.* He died. May n, 1877, aged 85 years. 

48 Lydia Wall was the third wire ot Job, son of John and Elizabeth Lay ton; 

died 1827; by whom she had 

James Layton married Feb. 23, 18 18, Eliza Murray. 

49 James Bow!ie Wall died, unmarried, in New Orleans, La. 

35 DR. ELISHA W^ALL, son of John Wall, 23, born Mch. 21, 1757; living, as 
per the will of his father, in 1803; married Mary Longstreet. 

1782, July. Recorded the earmark that was formerly James Grover's. 


50 Lydia Wall 

51 Deborah Wall 

52 John W^ail 

36 DR. JOHN GALEN W^ALL, son of John Wall, 23, was born, Dec. 17, 1759, 
in Middletown, N. J., and died Jan. 14, 1798. He married Nancy, daughter of Dr. Moses 
Bloomfield, of Uoodbridge, N. J., to whose practice he succeeded. His remains lie in 
the Presbyterian Churchyard, Woodbridgc, N. J., and are marked with a tablet reciting 
that he was a physician ot Woodbridge and Perth Amboy for thirteen years. 

1783. He was a member ot the New Jersey Medical Society. 

The widow of Dr. Wall lived with Mrs. Pintard, at Red Bank, until her marriage 
to James Paton, Esq. 

*Tlie records of Christ Church, Shrewsbury, <.how the mirnage, Sep. 9, 1817, of jamts Schureman and Sarah Wall. No 
doubt this is an error in the clerical v/ori:, and for Sarah the record should read ijusan. 

WALL OF IsIONMOiniT C0L^N7T, N. J. 231 

52 John Wall 

54 Sarah ]^)Ioomric!d Wall dicJ, Oct. 12, 1791, aged 15 moiitlis. 

55 joh'i James \\'ali died, Nov. 23, 1797, aged 2 years, and 8 months. 

40 JACOB WALL, son of Josepli Wall, 32, married , and had 


56 Tilton Wall 

43 JOSEPH WALL, son of James Wall, ^3, l^orn Apr. 27, 1777; married Elizabeth 
Dey Hillyer. 


57 John Wall born Jan. 11, 1801 

58 William Wall born June 15, 1808 

59 James Wall born xAug. 26, 18 10 

46 GARRET D. WALL, son of James Wall, 1,2, was born, at Middletown, N. J., 
Mch. 10, 1783; died Nov. 22, 1850; married, first, Mary, daughter of General Jonathan 
Rhea, ot Trenton, N. J., by whom he had his issue. 

Garret D. Wall married, second, Mrs. Tyler. 

Ann, wite of Garret D. Wall, died Jan. 5, 1S47, and is buried in St. Mary's Buryiiig 
ground, Burlington, N. J. 

Garret D. Wall lived with his uncle. Dr. J. G. Wall; studied law with Jonathan 
Rhea, and was licensed as an attorney, in 1804; counsellor, in 1807; Member of the 
Assembly, in 1822. 

Lie was a Captain in the War of 1812, subsequently Quartermaster-General of 
the State, 1815 to 1827, when he assumed the title ot General Wall. 

In 1829, he was elected Governor of New Jersey, but declined the honor. 

From 1835 to 1 841, he was U. S. Senator, and distinguished himself as a good orator. 

In 1848, he was Judge ot the Court of Appeals, New Jersey, which positiori he 
occupied to the date ot his death. 

He v.'as a most popular man in his day; a Democratic leader; an excellent lawyer 
and an able statesman. 


60 Matilda Wall born 1815; married Gov. Peter D. Vroom, of New Jersey. 

61 James Walter Wall born ALay 26, 1820; died June 9, 1872, and is buried in 

St. Mary's Burying groimd, Burlington, N. J. 

53 JOHN WALL, son o( Dr. John Galen Wall, ^i^, married Mary, daughter of Dr. 
Gershom Stillwell, by his wite, Mary Tilton, who v/as the widow of Dr. Clarke. 


62 Rev. Bloomtield Wall 

63 Deborah Wall 


56 TJLTON NVALL, son of Jacob Wall, 40, married Elizabeth, tlauglucr of David 
and Charlotte (Tikon) Curtis (who were married about 1801). 


64 David C. Wall 

65 lames ^Vall 

66 Charles Wall 

67 ^Larv Wall 

68 Eliza Wall 

61_ COLONEL JAMES W. WALL, son of Garret D. Wall, 46, married, in 1842, 
Susan T. Pratt, grand-daughter of Henry Pratt, Esq. He died circ. 1870. He was a 
state prisoner during the Rebellion, in I-afayette. "A bad egg was Jim," said Asher 
Taylor, Esq., the most ardent ot Republicans, whose political antipathies ran high. 

He was elected Senator, in 1863, to fill an unexpired term. 


69 Mary Rhea Wall born 1843 

70 Annie Campbell Wall born 1845 

71 Garret Dorset Wall born 1850; died 1852. 

72 Julia Pratt Wall born 1853 

73 Amanda Wall born 1856 


1 63 1. James Wall was a carpenter, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire or Rhode 
Island, but likely the latter. Savage. 

1639. John Wall was named at Portsmouth, R. L, and appointed to lay out lands. 

BartJctC s Rhode Island Records^ Vol. i. 
1653, Sep. 8. A sale of a house and ground was made on this date, in Boston, by 
the attorneys ot David Yeale to Hezekiah Usher, "for use of Capt. John Wall, of London, 
Mariner." IVinthrop's Ne-u.- England, Vol. II, p. 321. 

1660. Thomas Wall was a Magistrate, in Westchester County, N. Y. 

Bolton s History of JVcstchestcr Cormiy, Vol. II, p. 161. 

Marriage Licenses, Trexton, New Jersey 

1740, Oct. 24. Garratt Wall, of Middlesex County, and Catherine Carr, of Monmouth 

George Wall, of Bucks County, Pa., and Anne Elleket, of Pennsylvania. 
Mary Wall, of Middletown and John Willet, of Middletown. 
Lydia \\'all, ot Moiunouth County, and James Magee, of Monmouth 

John Wall, of Alicldletown and Anna Bowne, of Middletown. 
18. Anna Wall, of Monmouth County and David Ketcham. 

John Wall, of Middletown and Idy ^'anderbilt, of Middletown. 
Margaret Wall and John Fensh [Feurt], Jr., of Middlesex County. 























Capt. William Conover died, Oct. 27, 11829, aged 76 years, 3 months and 25 days. 
He was a Captain, in the Revolution, and grandson of Jacob Conover, who came from 
Long Island, in 1699. ALiry Wall, his ^^•ite, died, Nov. 21, 1S34, aged 67 years. Dutch 
Reformed Church-yard^ Middlctoicu^ N. J. 

Walter and James Wall, reputed sons ot Humpihrey ^Vall, came from New Jersev, 
and settled on a neck of land, called "The Forks," lying between the Monongahela and 
the Youghiogheny Rivers, about sixteen miles South of Pittsburgh, in Alleghany County, 
Pa. For years this locality was known as The Jersey Settlement, by reason of its num- 
erous settlers from New Jersey, especially trom Monmouth County. \n 1769, after 
having cleared land and built houses, they brought their families. The records of these 
Walls were destroyed, by accident, many years ago, and I am strongly inclined to believe 
that instead ot Walter and James Wall being the sons ot Humphrey \Vall, they were 
the children of James Wall, as appears from the following will: 

1750-51, I\Ich. 13; will proved Apr. 4, 1760, to which he made his mark. James 
Wall, sick, of Middlesex County, mentioned: 

wife; four daughters: Martha, Re'oeccs, Abigail and Neomia, each, Cio; two sons, ^^ alter and 
James, the residue of his estate. .All of the children were minors. 
Executors: Friends, John and Joseph Story. 

Walter Wall niarried Alice, a sister to Benjamin Applegate. 

James Wall 
Isaac Wall 
John Wall 
Rebecca Wall 
Elizabeth Wall 
Catharine Wall 
Hannah Wall 

James Wall, the brother of Walter Wall, married Elizabeth \'aneman. 

Walter Wall 
William Wall 
Garret Wall 
Nicholas Wall 
Andrew Wall 
Naomi Wall 
Hannah Wall 
Mary ^Vall 

It is said Rebecca Wall, sister of James and Walter \^'all, married Benjamin Apple- 
gate born 1725; died May 21, 1823, v/hose sister Alice Applegate married \^'alter Wall. 
Allen Wall, of Washington, D. C, has a complete list of their descendants. 

Many years ago J. Sutton Wall, Esq., Chief Draughtsman, Department of Internal 


Affairs, Han-isburg, Pa., informed me that he was tlie son of Capt. Brisben Wal! who w-s 
the son oi Garret Wall who was the son of James Wall and that the last named Tames 
Wa emigrated from New Jersey in 1766, to Pennsylvania with his brother VValtcr 
Wall. It is possii)le that James Wall was No. 31 in this Wall History. 




Upon the authority of Austin's Rhode Island Dictionary there was residing, as 
early as Jan. 22, 1651, in Providence, R. I., a Thomas Walling, at which date Roger 
Williams, of Narragansett, writing to the town of Providence, probably alluding to him 
said "I understand that one of the orphans of our dear friend Daniel Abbot is likely (as 
she herself told me) to be disposed of in marriage. 'Tis true she has now come to some 
years, but who knows not what need the poor maid hath of your fatherly care, counsel 
and direction. I would not disparage the young man (for 1 hear he hath been labori- 
ous)," etc. He desired the town, however, to have some assurance that the young man 
will "forsake his former courses." Thomas Walling married, first, Mary Abbott, who 
died 1669; second Margaret White who first married Robert Colwell, by whom, in 1667, 
she was divorced and thereupon married June 19, 1669, Thomas Walling and following 
his death (Margaret White) married, third, Dec. 25, 1678, Daniel Abbott and died in 
the year 1717. 

165 1, July 28. Pie v.'as received as a townsman. 

1655. Freeman. 

1657. Commissioner. 

1657, Jan. 25. He sold to Richard Pray a home share of land. 

i66c. Surveyor of Highways. 

1660, Feb. 19. He had lot No. 72 in a division of lands. 

1670, July 27. Dispute with his neighbor Thomas Olney, Jr., in re blocking the 
right of way. 

1674, July 19. He made his will, proved Nov. 22, 1675, in which he mentioned: 

sons, Thomas, John and William his farm as each arrive at age, only to be sold among brothers, i. e. 
Thomas, John, James, William and Cornells; to James land when he becomes of age; to son Cornelius 
land; to son Gershom land and ten shilling;;; to daughter Abigail five shillings. Executrix his wite Mar- 
garet. She was living on Dec. 13^ 1675. The inventory of his estate amounted to £171-7-0. 

1 Thomas Walling. He moved fro.m Providence, R. I., to Cohansey, Salem 
\ Co., N. J. 



3 Gerslioni \N';i!Iing. He was unquestionaM)' the founder of tlic Monmouth 

County, X. J., family. 

4 A.bigail \\"alliiig died unmarried 1677 

5 James Walling, ot J-'rovidence and Smithfield, R. I.; died Apr. 4, 1753; 

married, first, ; second, Mch. 2, 1751, Elizabeth Nox who died 1752. 

Llis children arc enumerated by Austin. 

6 William Walling born May 20, 1670 

7 John Walling born May 20, 1670; died Nov. 11, 1694, unmarried; of Provi- 

dence, R. I. 

8 Cornelius Walling born Oct. 25, 1672 

1 THOMAS WALLING, son of Thomas Walling, i, married May 20, 1695, 
Sarah Elwell. 

1676, Aug. 14. hie received rights to service of Indian Captives in King Philip's 
War, as he had "staid and went not away." 

1687, September. He was taxed. 

1687. Ratable estate. 

1718, Jan. 7. He settled his accounts as administrator of his brother John and paid 
his brother James a legacy of £13-16, and was authorized to keep the balance ot £9-8-10. 

1718, Feb. 17. He was of Cohansey, Salein County, West Jersey, when he sold 
to Thomas Olney, ot Providence, a share in a thatch bed there for £4-5-0. 

17 19, June 26. Lie deeded to his eldest son Thomas Walling, of Cohansey, Provi- 
dence lands. He had ten children enumerated by Austin. 

1724, May 19. Will of Thomas Walling, of Salem Co., N. J., carpenter; proved 
Oct. 22, 1724; mentioned 

wife Sarah; sons Thomas, Elisha, John, James, Joreph, Benjamin; daughters Rebecca, Abigail wife 
of John Bediant; undutifu! son William. Executors: sons Thomas and James. Inventory ot personal 
estate Nov. 15, 1724, am.ounted to £108-5-0. 


9 Thomas Walling 

10 Elisha ^^'alling 

11 John Wailing 

12 James Walling 

13 Josepli Walling 

14 Benjamin Walling 

15 Rebecca Walling 

16 Abigail Walling 

17 WilHam Walling 

3 GERSHOM WALLING, son of Thomas Walling, i, was born probably about 
1655-60. Jan. 27, 1667, he was apprenticed in Rhode Island, until of age, to Nathaniel 

In 1688 he received from the Proprietors of I''ast Jersey land which was probably 
the two hundred and torty acres of land he held in Middletown in 1688. 

In 1688 he recorded his earmark. 

16S8, Apr. 16. Gershom Walling received payment from the estate of John Clark, 
of Freehold, N. J. 


Mrs. Jewett, the sister of Mrs. Seabrook, is the authority for the statement that 
Gershom Wailing had once a headstone in the oldest family graveyard, which was broken 
and which stated that he died in 1727. Mrs. Jewett was then a mere chik!. 

The Wallings located near Centrcville, Monmouth Co., N. J., and the locality was 
dubbed Wallingtown. 

Issue supposed 

18 Gershom Walling 

19 Thomas Walling 

20 \Mlliam Walling. There was a William Walling who recorded his earmark in 

Middletown 1721-22. 

18 GERSHOM WALLL\G, supposed son of Gershom Walling, 3, was born 1689; 

died May i, 1767, aged 77, 6, 6 {lFa//i?ig Baryiiig grotiud); married, first, Miriam , 

who died Jan. 22, 1723-4, aged 34, 6, 12; second, Mary , who died Mch. 7, 1760, 

aged 74, ic, 14. 

1722. Gershom ^^'ailing recorded his earmark. 

1732, Gershom Walling member ot Baptist Church, Middletown, N. j. 

1741. Gershom Walling is mentioned in Samuel Holmes' xAccount Book. 

1759. Gershom Walling was debtor to the estate of Patrick Watson, of Freehold. 

1 761. Gershom, Gershom, Jr., James, Thomas, Thomas, Jr., and John Walling 
taxed in Middletown. 

1767, May 10. Inventory of the Personal Estate of "Mr. Gershom Walling, late of 
Middletown." Total £79-7-5. Son-in-law Thomas Craven and Thomas Bullman, 
administrators; Jno. Walling and Joel Bedel, appraisers. Item: "to cash p'-* for grave- 
stone £1-18-9." 

I believe it was this Gershom Walling who owned the property which passed to 
Deborah Wall who married Squire Samuel Pintard, who in turn became its owner. The 
farm, about i8go, was known as the John Curtis farm and lay adjacent to the road 
between Middletown and Keyport. Here is the Walling Burying ground with many 
stones still standing. See S/i//v:e//'s Historical Miscellany, Vol. II. 


21 James ^^'al]ing born 1710 

22 Elizabeth Walling born Sep. 7, 1714; married Thomas Craven. 

23 Ann Walling born 17 16; married Thomas Bullman. 

24 Gershom Walling died 1721 

25 Miriam Walling died Oct. 4, 1727, daughter of Gershom and I\L\ry. 

26 John Walling died Aug. 15, 1724, aged 6, 3, 17. 

27 Abigail Wailing died ^Liy 25, 1756, aged — 9,3,27 (undecipherable sione); 

inarried William HufT. She was daughter of Gershom and Mary. 

19 THOMAS ^^'ALLING, supposed son of Gershom Walling, 3, was called senior 
in 1765 and was born 1692. He died June 19, 1772, aged about eighty years; married, 

first, Mary , who died Jan. 14, 1755, aged about sixty years; second, Elizabeth 

Watson, widow of Capt. Abraham \\'atson, by license dated ^lay 9, 1759. 

1739. Thomas Walling appeared in Holmes' Account Book. 


ijCt;, Sep. 7. V.'ill ot Thomas \VaIliiig, Senior, of Middletown, Monmouth Co., 

"Being \'cry Sick fc we.Tk;" jirovcd by witnesses Joseph Dennis and Joel Biddel, Sept. 25, 1772. 
Executors: Jol'.n U'alling and Thomas WalHng quahtied at the same time. He signed with his mark and 
mentioned: Dearly Beloved \Mte Eli/'al.ieth during widowhood residvic of moveable estate; son Thomas 
part of land where I dwell. Boundaries Joel Bedded & Thomas \\ ailing' land; pond whereon Hendrick 
Gooclets Saw-mill now stands and John \VaIlings line; wife Eli/alieth for maintenance during widowhood 
rest of land and atrer death or marriage, her estate to be sold and £20 to my Loving Grandaughter Lyddia 
Beddcl, but ii she dies, the whole money, equally, among mv six children. If she lives, the remainder: 
As to Ger/hom Walling my Elde/'t Son his equal part; Aly Son John Walling, my son thoma/ Walling 
whoiTi I constitute my two executors. Likewise three daughters, Ann Roberts, Mary Beddel aiid Martha 
Mires, each, equal share with sons. Witnesses: Jo/eph Dennis, Ju"'', Joel Beddel, Peter \'andeventer. 
Recorded at Perth Amboy, Book K., of lFii!s,p. //./. Inventory of Thomas Walling, dated June . ., 1772, 
amounted to over -i'90, by John Walling and Thomas Walling, executors. Filed Sept. 25, 1772. 

Issue "The Pot-pie Wallings"* 

28 Gershom Walling eldest son 

29 Thomas Walling 

30 John Walling born Feb. 3, 1725 

31 Anne Walling married Thomas Roberts by license dated Mch. 4, 1747. 

32 Mary Walling married Joel Bedle (Beddel), by license as Joel Riddle, of 

Bordentown, N. J., Jan. 4, 1748. 
22, Martha Walling married Jacob Miers b}' license dated Apr. 26, 1759- They 
liad a daughter, Rachel Mires, who married Stephen McCormick or Mc- 
Dermot. Their son Joseph McCormick or McDermot, born about 1790, 
and living in 1879, niarried Hannah Thorne and was adopted by Capt. 
Thomas Walling, 29, his great uncle, and was thereafter known as Capt. 
Joseph M. Walling. 

21 JAMES WALLING, son of Gershom Walling, 18, was born 1710; married, 
first, Susanna . . . . , who died Jan. 6, 1749-50, aged 39, 9, 28; second, Alice Stillwell by 
license dated Dec. 26, 1752, who died Dec. 4, 1753, aged 38, i, o. 

1739. James Walling appeared in Samuel Holmes' Account Book. 

1739. James Walling, deceased, in Samuel Holmes' Account Book, which raises a 

1739. Martha Walling appeared in Samuel Holmes' Account Book. 

1757- James Walling, of Aliddletown, signed a receipt. 

176 1. James ^^'alling tax payer at Middletown, N. J. 

22 ELIZABETH WALLING, daughter of Gershom Walling, 18, married Thomas 
Craven, a school-master. 

1745. Tho^ Craven mortgaged to the Loan Commissioners two acres, in Middle- 
town, and also land on the opposite side of the road on which his dwelling stands. \\ it- 
nesses: Mary Lawrence and John Field. 

1746. Thomas Craven witnessed the will oi Jan Schcnck, Sr., ct Middletown. 
1751, May 20. Thonias Craven, of Winds(jr, Middlesex Co., N. J., "bchoolmaster," 

*Pot-pie Walling"' — a nickname arising from the culinary skill ot the widow Watson exhibited during TKurnas V>'a!ling's 
courtship, and a product he so greatly enjoyed and discussed that it was attached to himself and family to distinguish them trom 
the Tihby ll'a!lir:^\. 


conveyed property in Middlcrown, part of which he bought o( the Commissioners of the 
Loan Oflice, on June 12, 1745, and had mortgaged to the grantees. Deed Book 2s, p. 32. 

1755, June 2. Thomas Craven witnessed the will of Charles Hoff, of Hojiewell, 
Hunterdon Co., N. J., yeoman. See AV'JC Jersey ^hrhives. 

1748, Dec. 8, 13, 2c, 27. Advertisement in the Pe>i7isylva}iia Gazette — B. Frank- 
lin, printer — "writing, arithmetic, vulgar and decimal, merchants accompts, by the 
Italian method, double entry, sundry branches ot the mathematics, as navigation, sur- 
ve)'ing etc., and algebra, all carefully taught in Burlington, near the Court House, by 
Thomas Craven." Quoted from the original issues* 

The following is copied from the copy made about 1845, ("rom "a leaf of an old 
family Bible," by the Rev. Elijah R. Craven, D.D. 
"Thomas Craven 

•T""^ ^5*N 1773- 

"Thomas Craven — son ot Thomas Craven and Anna Craven his wife, born in the 
city of London on Sunday about sunrise November 20"' Anno Christi 1709 and came 
into Pennsylvania 26'-'' of October 1728. 

"Elizabeth Walling the daughter of Gershom and Miriam Walling — -born in Middle- 
town in East Jersey, on Tuesday Sept. 7"' Anno Christi 1714. 

"The above Thomas Craven and Elizabeth Walling entered into the holy bonds of 
Matrimony on Monday Deceniber 6"" 1736." 

Anna, born at Middletown on , December 10*'', 1737 

Thomas " " " " Thursday, May 24"", 1739 

John, " " Shrewsbury on Friday, July y^, 1741 

Miriam " " ry on Monday, December 12"', 1743 

Gershom " " Middletown on Sunday, February 2°", 1745/6 

Samuel " "Burlington on Monday, September ii'-'', 1749, died at Windsor, 
near Princeton, July 29*'', 1750, interred at the West End of the Friends' 
Burying ground at Stoney Brook. 

William Walling, born at Stoney Brook, Saturday, May 25"', 1751 

Joseph, born in Flopewell on ... . March 7"", 1754 

died by an accident, at Princetown, on Friday, September 29'^, 1769, and was 
interred in the College burying ground, a sinall distance due West of the 
Presidents' graves. 

Miriam, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Craven departed this life at Amwell, 
April 20''', 1785, an.d was inteired in the Ch. burying ground in Amuell. 

"Thomas Craven died the 4"' day of Sept., A.C. 1775, in the 66"" year of his age, 
and was interred in the Church burying ground in Amwell, at the East end of the 
Church, t 

"Elizabeth Craven — widow of the above Thomas Craven — departed this life at 
Amwell, Feb. 5"', 1777, being Wednesday, between the hours of five and six in the morn- 
ing, in the sixty-third year ot her age and was interred in the Church burying ground in 

The record continues with the son Gershom Craven above, and his marriage to 
Rebecca (or Rebekah) Quick, and their issue, etc. 

The liistory of the missionary, the Rev. \\m. Frazcr, at St. Andrew's, at Riiigoes, at 
Kingwood and other places in Hunterdon County, has hccn well written in a memorial 

*I am indebted to D. Cooi:, Esq., of 3:8 Scjth Sinedle/ St., P.Hilaclslphia, Pa., for mu.'h Cuvcn f.:ni:ly i'-f j-'-nat>.n. 
fThis was St. .Andrew's Episcopal Church, at Rir.goes, Amwcli Township, Hunterdon County, N. J. It is now at 


pamphlet, by a recent rector. Only one stone remains in the graveyard now, tluiL of 
Dr, Gershom Craven and his wife. 

23 ANN WALLING, daughter of Gershom Walling, i8, was born 171 6; died 
May 12, 1802, aged 86, 4, 15; married Thomas Hullman who died May 3, 1772, aged 
60, 10, o. 

1765, Meh. 16. Will of Tho' BuUman, of Freehold — Schoolmaster; proved June 2, 
1772, mentioned: 

wife Anne; son John under 14 years; son Gershom who received the Great Bible; son Joseph; 
daughter Rose; daughter Sarah; son Tho' who received Arithmetic and Navigation hooks: daughter 
Susanna. Executors: wite and sons Gershom, Josepii and Thomas. Witnesses: Peter Bowne and 
Joseph Bowne. He made a fine signature. The inventory amounted to about £90. 

John Bullman under fourteen years in 1765 
Gershom Bullman of age in 1765 
Joseph Bullman of age in 1765. An Ensign; married Mary Bard or Baird 

and had Mary Bidlmaii, 1779-1829, who married John, son of \Villiain 

Drummond, 1 763-1 843. 
Rose Bullman 
Sarah Bullman 

Thomas Bullman of age in 1765 
Susanna Bullman 

Miriam Bullman died Aug. 28, 1741, aged 15, 6, o. 
Ann Bullman died Aug. 29, 1749, aged o, 12, 18. 
Thomas Bullman (first) died Nov. 17, 1740, aged 80 days. 

28 GERSHOM WALLING, son of Thomas Walling, 19, eldest son and of age and 
over in the will of his father September, 1765. It may have been he who had a license 
to marry Mary Collins Nov. 15, 1762. 

29 CAPT. THOMAS WALLING, son of Thomas Walling, 19, married by license 
dated July 6, 1754, Rebecca Roberts, sister of Elizabeth Roberts. 


34 John Walling 

35 Thomas Walling married Ruth Carman 

36 Joseph Walling married Margaret Huff 

37 Gershom Walling unmarrieri; died aet. about 80, at Keyport, N. J. 
2>i Mary Walling married Joseph Walling, her cousin. 

39 l-ydia Walling married Job Bedle 

40 Rhoda Walling 1 died, aged, on the homestead, near Keyport, N. J., 

41 Martha Walling J unmarried. 

Capt. Joseph M. Walling, born about 1790, and living in 1879, married Hannah 
Thorne. He was the son of Rachel Myers by Stephen ^IcCormick (or McDermot) 
and was adopted by Capt. Thomas Walling whose name he thereupon a5;-umcd. See 
jXo. 33. Capt. Walling, 29, v.'as his great uncle. 


Capt. Thomas ^^'allin<:, Gent, had rwo sons, John and Josepli, in his Company 
during the Revolutionary War. 

30 JOHN WALLING, son of Thomas WalHnc, ig. was horn Feb. 3, 172^; died 
Jan. 31, 1 81 5, aged 89, 11, 2-; married by license dated Mch. 21, 1757, EHzabeth Roberts, 
who died Aug. 8, 1820, aged 85. 6, 20. She was a sister to Rebecca Roberts and both 
were grand-daughters of John Cavaher, of New York City. 


42 John ^^'alHng 

43 Daniel Walling 

44 Thomas Walling 

45 William Walling 

46 Joseph Walling 

47 Cornelius ^^'alling 

48 Mary Walling born April, 1762; married Capt. Thomas Carhart. 

49 Elizabeth Walling married William Huff. Fie married, second, Martha Dey 

by whom he had Capt. Joe Huff. 

50 Catharine Walling died July 12, 1775, aged i, 5, 9. 
50a Elizabeth Walling died Sep. 23, 1775, aged 8, 4, 25. 

31 ANN WALLING, daughter of Thomas Walling, 19, had a license to marry 
Tho= Roberts Mch. 4, 1747. 

Request of Ann Roberts [sig.] that "Whereas my Beloved Hu/band Tho' Roberts 
is Di/eased" that "my Brother John Walling," administer his estate. No date. Bond 
dated 21 June, 1763. 

Administrator's Bond signed by John Walling [sig.], administrator of Thomas 
Roberts, late of Monmouth County, and Thomas Walling [mark], both of Monmouth 
County. Dated June 21, 1763. Witness: Jona: Deare. [On back] oath oi' John 
Walling, administrator, that Thomas Roberts died intestate, and that he will ad- 

35 THOMAS WALLING, son of Capt. Thomas Walling, 29, married Ruth 

52 Richard Walling married Deborah Burrowes 
^2 Benjamin ^^'alling married Miss Leverson 

54 Catharine Walling married Henry Schenck, out of the Tice family. 

55 Daughter married Mr. Patterson 

42 JOHN WALLING, son of John \\'alling, 30, died Apr. 7, 1807, aged 49, 9, o. 
lie married Nancy or Mary Hughes. 


56 Garret Walling married Sara.h Thorne 

57 John Walling married Phche Truex 

58 Cornelius Wrdling married Mary, daughter of Col. Richard Poole. 

59 Daniel Walling married Catherine, daughter of Obadiah Stillwell. 


60 Elijah Walling married Jane Kelsey 

61 Joseph Walling married Hannah Carhart. He was a carpenter. 

62 David Walling married, first, Ann Collins; second, Mary Collins; cousins. 
bT, Michael Walling died unmarried 

64 Catharine Walling married James Herbert 

65 Lydia Walling married Asher Holmes 

66 Elizabeth Walling married John Carter 
And perhaps other children 

43 DANIEL WALLING, son of John Walling, 30, married Helena Huff, circ. 
1787. He was born Jan. i, 1761; she was born Apr. 17, 1771. They lived on the (jeneral 
Jarrat Stillwell place, now owned by William Henry Llencirickson. Daniel Walling died 
May 6 or 5, 1851, aged 90, 4, 5. She died Feb. 6, 1849 ''^ged 77 years.* 


67 Dajiiel D. Walling married Ida Wilson 

6S Elizabeth Walling born Dec. 4, 1790; died July 16, 1853. 

69 Leonard Walling born Apr. 25, 1793 

70 John D. Walling married Alice Sproul 

71 Richard D. WaUing 

7a George D. Walling married Catharine Flynn 

73 Adeline Walling married James S. Wilson. She was born Feb. 22, 1809, and 

died Oct. 22_, 1886. 

74 Gershom Walling married Elizabeth Huff 

• 44 THOMAS WALLING, son of John Walling, 30, married Mary Roberts, his 


75 Joseph R. Walling married Margaret Lequier 

76 Cornelius Walling married Abigail Smith 

77 Thomas Walling married Rhoda Deane 

78 Anne Walling married Elijah Bcdle, who was killed by Tone (Anthony), a 

slave of Joseph Dorset's. Tone was hung for it. 

79 Elizabeth Walling married John Thorne 

45 WILL.IAM WALLING, son of John Walling, 30, married Rebecca Dey, sister 
of Elizabeth Dey, wife of Joseph Walling. 


80 William Walling married Euphemia Imlay 

•Daniel Wilson is the next door neighbor to Edward Beel-;man in Middletovvn, N. J. He has the liibic of the Wilson-Wailing 
family, 174S. it contains the following memoranda: John Wilson bern Jan. I, 1747. Lydia Smith born Apr. 4, 1766. Their 
chihircn: Rebecca born Mch. 26, 179I, William born Pel). 17, 1793, James S. born Jan. 20, 1795. He married Adaliiic Wulling. 
They had: Daniel Wilson born Jan. 3, !S;6, John born Apr. 16, ifin, Lydia Ann born May 19, 1829. 

Lydia Smith Wii^on died July 23, 1S17. John Wilson (■fath< r of Rebecca and James) died Mch. 14, 1827. James S. Wilson, 
t'orn 1795, died May i, liyi. Rebecca, daughter of John and Lydia Wihon, died Feb. 3, 1826. John W. Wilson died Jan. 14, 1S75 
aged 47, 9, 2. F.l.zabeth, daughter of James and A>daiine Wilson and wife of John Curtis, died .Aug. 9, 1S55, aged 23, 6, 24. She 
was born Jan. 15, i?32. Henrietta Hcndrickson, wife of Daniel Wih.on, was born Jan. 17, il?26. Joseph Wilson married Mar.-aret 
and had a sor. John Wihon who married Lviiia Smith. Joseph Wilson was buried in the Dutch Church-yara, Middletown, .N'. J. 
He hrd ah? a d.iughter Rebecca who died unmarried. William, son of Jchn and Lydia (Smith) Wilso.T, married .\n:\ Nc.vel. 


81 Isaac \VaIlir,_LC married Mary Hoft' 

8a Amop Walling; married Luc}- Hoft"; second, Harriet McLane, widow of Peter 

83 Edward Walling married Tamar Hyers, Alice Walling and Abigail Bond. 

84 John \\'alling married Uydia Poland and Matilda Lewis 

85 Manuel Walling married Elizabeth Smith 

86 Jtine Walling married Peter Snyder 

87 Elizabeth Walling died, single, when young; probably sixteen years of age. 

46 JOSEPH WALLING, son of John Walling, 30, married, first, his cousin Mary 
Walling; second, Elizabeth Dey. 

Issue by first wife 

88 Deborah Walling married Gershom Tibby Walling 

89 Samuel Walling married Ann, granddaughter of Stephen Seabrook. 

Issue by second wife 

90 James Walling unmarried 

91 John Walling married Jane Pool, of Long Island. 

92 Obadiah Walling married Susan Stout 

93 Benjamin Bennet Walling married Mary Jane Compton; second, Eliza 


94 Joseph Walling married a Long Island woman 

95 Nancy Walling married William Smith 

96 Llannah Walling married H. H. Ryder, of Long Island. 

97 Mary Walling inarried Jesse McClean; second, John W. Hoff, brother of 

Capt. Joe HofF. 

98 Rebecca Walling married Mark Smith 

99 Elizabeth Walling married Joseph Sproul 

47 CORNELIUS WALLING, son of John Walling, 30, was born Dec. 22, 1769; 
died Oct. I, 1825; married Elizabeth Murphy born iMch. 14, 1792; died Sep. 20, 1877, 
aged 85, 6, 6. 


100 Alfred Walling born June 10, 1812; died Nov. 8, 1875; married Elizabeth 

Stout born Sep. 10, 1815; died Oct. 16, 1852. 
loi Amelia Walling born May 6, 1816; married Thomas B. Stout born Dec. 17, 
1 807. 

102 Elizabeth Walling born Mch. 12, 1822; married Thomas V. Arrowsmith; 

County Clerk of Monmouch County in 1879. 

103 Eusebius Walling born Nov. 17, 1823; married Charlottee A. Price. 

104 Catharine Wailing died an infant 

105 Matilda W^alling died an infant 

51 JAMES WALLING, son ot John Walling, 34, may have married and probably 
had issue. 

52 RICHARD WALLING, son of Thomas Walling, ^S. married Deborah Bur- 
ro wes. 


io6 Katharine Walling horn April, 1821; J.icd prior to 1S90. 

107 Debonih Walling li\-ing in 1S90. Roth Katharine and Deborah were 

residents ot Keyport, Monmouth County, N. J. 

5G GARRET WALLING, son^ of John Walling, 42, married Sarah Thorr.c, 
daughter ot John I'horne and ^Lary Van Wyck, of Long Lsland. 


108 Caroline Walling married Archibald Stilhvell 

109 Mary Amanda Walling married Burt Anderson 
no Julia Ann Walling married James Sproul 

1 1 1 Hamilton Wailing of New York 

112 Thomas [or Thorne] Walling, eldest son, married Mrs. Bradway. 

113 Warren Walling went West and raised a family 

57 JOHN WALLING, son of John Walling, 52, was perhaps the John I. Walling 
who follows: 

John I. Walling died Apr. 9, 1848, aged 68, 4, 21. 

Baptist Church Yard, Middh^ou-n, N. J. 
Phebe, his wife, died Feb. 27, 1853, aged 67, 3, 10. 

Baptist Church Yard, Midd/etozvru N. J. 
Thomas Edmund, their son, died Aug. 20, 1848, aged 10, 10, 10. 

Baptist Church Ya?d, A4iddktoii;-, N. J. 
Elizabeth R., their daughter, died Sept. 29, 1851, aged 43, 3, 25. 

Baptist Church Yard, Middlctovc-i, N. j. 
Mary Jane, wife of Benj. Walling, died May 30, 1836, aged 27, 9, 7. 

Baptist' Church Yard, Middletown, N. J. 

69 LEONARD WALLING, son of Daniel Waliing, 43, was born Apr. 25, 1793; 
married, first, Catharine Aumack born June 19, 1793^ second, Deborah Carroll, widow 
of Joel Bedle. She was born June 10, 1803. 

Issue by first wife 

1 14 Theresa Walline married Henry Seabrook, of Kevport, Monmouth County, 

115 Washington Walling; Superintendent of New York Police. 

116 Jacob A. Walling 

117 Leonard Walling 

Issue by second wife 

118 Adaline Walling married John L. Jewett, of New York City. 

71 RICHARD D. WALLING, son of Daniel Walling, 43, married, first, Ann 
Eliza Willet; second, Judith Willet; sisters. 


1 19 Taylor Willet Walling miarried Lydia Wilson, daughter of James S. Wilson. 

He died August, 1890, aged 6^, or about. 


Asbury W. Walling died 1890; married Mitierva Carhart; without 

Daniel Walliiig 

Annie Walling married Jacob Aumack 
Hannah Walling married Peter Force 
James Walling married 

100 ALFRED WALLING, son of Cornelius Walling, 47, married Elizabeth Stout. 


120 Judge AHred Walling, of Monmouth County, 1880. 

121 INLatilda Walling married Asbury \'an Dine; second, Jeremiah HofF. 


There were Wallings in Burlington, Cumberland, Hunterdon and Salem Counties, 
New Jersey. 

In South River, Middlesex County, is a large group of Wallings descended from 
Monmouth County ancestry. 

Some ot the Wallings had Indian blood in them through Anthony Smith. Airs. 
Thefesa IF. Seabrook. 

For a Walling Bible, printed 1746, see Daniel Wilson, neighbor ot Edward Beekman, 
in Middletown, Monmouth County, N. J. 

Sarah, wife of Philip Walling, died Jan. 12, i8c6, aged 39, 3, 11. 

Marriage Licenses, Unattached 

1 75 1, Nov. 23. Mary Walling, IMiddletown, Flenry Vanderhule, Middletown. 
1753, Jan. 29. Martha Walling, Middletown, Pearce Chasey, ^liddletown. 
1763, June 21. Nancy Walling, Monmouth County, Abraham Mires, Monmouth 

1771, Jan. 5. Mary Walling, , Joseph Bailey, Monmouth County. 

1774, July 4. Sarah Walling, , John Roberts, Middletown. 

Lewis Daniel Cook, Esq., of 328 South Smedley St., Philadelphia, Pa., is interested 
in the history of the Craven family and the Walling family or Monmouth County, N. J. 

One of the Gershom Wallings adopted a person by the name of Tibby. This 
adopted individual was known as Gershom Tibby IValling. He, Gershom Tibby Walling, 
married and had a son John Gershom Walling v.-ho in turn married and had issue as 

Cicrshom Walling married, first, Mary Bedle; second Deborah Walling. 

He received the I'arin lelt by Gei,-.hom Walling to his ado])ted son Tibby 

John W.-dling married. Mary Rob^.-rfs 


F.lisha Walling married and had issue 
Isaac Walling married Mary Bailey 
Abraham ^Valling married Anne Bailey 

Tliis fan:ily, to distinguish them from the true Wallings, were called Tihh\- Wallings, 
Tibby John, Tibby Bill Walling, etc. 

The three tollowing inscriptions are from the Baptist Burying-ground. Holmdcl, 

James Walling died July 17, 1822, in his 8ist year. 

Mary, wife of James Walling, born Oct. 25, 1750; died ALiy 10, 1805. 

James, son of James and Mary Walling, died Sep. 21, 1799 [1790?], aged 22, 5, 5. 



There v/ere, apparently, two distinct families of this name, among the early settlers 
of Monmouth County, N. J. James Steen, Esq., a painstaking investigator, thinks 
differently, however, and inclines to the belief that Peter Watson's cousin, John, to 
whom he wrote, in August, 16S4, urging his removal to East Jersey, is represented by 
Capt. Abraham Watson, of Middletown, who died 1756, which would make the two 
families of kin. I have never seen anything to sustain this belief. 

John Watson, the early settler in Monmouth County, had a previous residence in 
New York City, where he had his children baptised in the Dutch Church: 

16S5, June 3. Jan Watson and wife, Sara, had Lysbeth baptized. Witnesses: 
Vincent Smith and Jannetie Jans. 

1688, Jan. 4. John Watson and wife, Sara Hidding, had Abraham baptized. Wit- 
nesses: Willem Estin and Grietje Kermer. 

Some time after this, he settled on the Bay Shore, in Monmouth County, where he 
died in 1708. 

"Changarores the ii"" June, 1708. 

Then appeared before me, Edward, Vi/count Cornbury, Captain General and 
Governor-in-Chief in & over the Province of New Jersey, New York, &c., Captain John 
Bowne, principal Creditor of John Watson, of Changarores, lately dec'' &: praying for 
administration," etc. 

Tre7}ton Records. 

In Hotteyis List oj EiiiigrayUs is mentioned "Abram Watson, 1635, at Gravesend, 
aet. 19," which I cite because ot the name, but do not attempt to connect with the New 
Jersey Watsons. 

John Watson had, seemingly two wives; the first, Sara Hidding [Hedden?]; the 
second, Elizabeth Bockworth, a widow. 

Sep y'' 22"^^, Armo Dom 1708. Att y' Instant Request of Elizabeth Wat/on, widdow, 
y' this Court of Se/sions would bind out her son, James Bockworth, an Apprentice, 
to some man, to Learcn a trade, accordingly y° Court doth bind him out an Apprentice 
to James Bollen, as per Indentures bearing date herewith. 



Iss tie 

2 Elizabeth Watson born 1685 

3 Abraham Watson born 1687 

4 John Watson; supposed. 

2 ELIZABETH WATSON, daughter of John Watson, i. 

In 1724, EHzabeth and John Watson were witnesses to the will of John Stout, of 
Middletown. Whether this Elizabeth Watson was the sister or wife of this John \\'at- 
son, I am uninformed, but incline to the belief that she was his sister, and a daughter 
of John Watson, i. 

3 ABRAHAM WATSON, son of John Watson, i, was baptised, Jan. 4, 1688, in 
the Dutch Church, in New York City. 

His tombstone, in the defunct Presbyterian Chmxhyard, in Middletown, N. ].. 
states that Catt. Abraham Watsox died, in 1756, at the age ot sixty-seven years. Tlic 
discrepancies in dates, so commonly occurring in tombstone and bible records, are seen 
here. They were not infrequently simply an approximation. Again the computation 
may have been with the birth date in old style and the death date in new style. 

Capt. Abraham Watson is reputed to have had two wives, Mary and Eliza- 
beth , who was probably the Elizabeth Watson, whose marriage license, to Thomas 

Walling, of Middletown, was issued May 9, 1759. Thomas Walling also had been mar- 
ried, widowed, and was along in years like his future spouse. 

Abraham Watson was a sea captain of many years experience. He sailed t.he 
sloops, "John &: Samuel," "Elappy Margaret" and "^Iary," from Perth Amboy, to and 
from Boston, Newport, and other ports, in the years 1723, 1724, 1725, 1726, 1729, 1730, 
1733> snd 1734. In the last two years, he was accompanied by his son, John, whom he 
was doubtless training for a siinilar vocation. 

171 1, January. Abram Watson recorded his cattle-mark, formerly Richard Corn- 
ton's, in the Middletown Town Book. 

1712, Feb. 20. Derick Tyson, of Middletown, yeoman, and Antje, his wife, sold 
land to Abraham Watson, boatman. 

1717, May 20. Humphrey Wall, of Middletown, sold to Abraham Vv'atson, planter, 
land, which "s"^ Wall had from his father, Jarret," lying on Conascunk Creek. 

1717, Aug. 21. Abraham Watson, of Middletown, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, 
conveyed land to Thomas Kearney. She made her mark. Witnesses: Gershom Mott, 
John ^lott, John Wall and Humphrey Wall. 

Abraham Watson and Elizabeth Wright had an illegitimate child. 

Freehold Records. 

1756, May 31. Will of Abraham Watson,; proved Aug. 11, 1756, mentioned: 

Wife, Elizabeth; three grandchildren, Abraham, Sarah, and Elizabeth Watson, who share alike. 
Witnesses: Thomas Walling [his mark], Joel Bedle, Edward Taylor. 
Executors: John Burrov/es and W"" Hendrickson, Esq., ot Middletown. 
He signed his name: Abram Watsox. 


5 John Watson 

4 JOHN WATSON, supposed son of John Watson, i. 


In 1721, John Watson, evidently a sea captain, bore a letter from Thomas Paul, of 
Edinburgh, Scotland, to James Paul, his brother, residing in Middletown, N. J., and, 
in 17-4, John Soul [Stout?), of Middletown, made his will to which John Watson and 
Elizabeth \Vatson affixed their signatures as witnesses. 

1730, Oct. 10. John ^^'ats()n, William J^owne and James liowne, Jr., were witnesses 
to the will of James Paul, miller, of Middletown, N. J., on this date. James Paul left 
all of his p.'-operty to the four youngest children of Obadiah Bowne. The executors of 
the will were Jeremiah White and John, son of Obadiah Bowne. 

This John Watson I conceive is the supposed son, John Watson, above mentioned. 

He was, probably, the John Watson, ship-master, sailing his vessel trom Perth 
Amboy, N. J. 

5 JOHN WATSON, son of Abraham Watson, 3, died prior to 1749, for, in that 
year, his widow, Hope, became the wife ot John Burrows, of Middletown. She was 
born, Hope Taylor, in the year 1721 and died 1792, and was buried, in the yard of the 
defunct Presbyterian Church, Middletown, N. J., next to her second husband, John 
Burrows, and adjacent to her father-in-law, Capt. Abraham Watson. 

Tradition has it that Capt. John Watson, her husband, was drowned at sea, and I 
judge it v>'as between 1747 and 1748. 

The following record is from an old Bible, owned by Mr. Asher Holmes, of Wicka- 
tunk, N. J. Where the elipsis appears, the original record has become much worn 
and illegible. 

John Watson & Hope Taylor joyned i 

Bands of Holy Matrimony . . . y" 15''' D 

6 in y^ Year of our Lord 1737/8 

Samuel Watson: Son of John Watson: & Hope Watson was Borne y^ 26^'' Day of 
November about Nine or Ten of y" Clock in y* Morning ic in y" Year ot our Lord One 
Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty-Eight. 

amuel Watson Son of John Watson & Watson Departed this Life this 

twelfth Day of oq Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred &: Thirty n 

Months & Sixteen Days. 

W'atson: Daughter of John tson & Hope Watson of a Monday 

Evening about Sun Set it being y'' ot March in y° Year of Our Lord One Thousand 

Hundred iS: Thirty Nine Forty. 

h W^atson Daughter of John & Hope ^^'atson was borne about Ten a 

clock in y*^ morning .... the l^'irst Day of February in the Year of our Lord MDCCXLv- 

m Watson Son of John & Hope Watson was Born day about Four 

o'clock in )•" afternoon it being the 13''' MDCCXLI1\' or 1747. 

am Watson Son of John & Hope Departed this Life the 10'^ Day of 

Sepf kin the afternoon in y*= Year of our Lord one seven hundred and 

sixty seven Aged twenty month and twenty Seven Days. 

1745, J^ly ^3- John Watson's wile, Hope, Htnr)- van Hook, Jeremiah Boi-.ham, 
John Lemir.g, Jun'', and Schenck Job, on their petitions, allowed to be Public House 
Keepers. Records of Court of Sessions & Plens^ Freehold, N. J. 


Hope Taylor, by her second husband, John Burrows, had quite a number of cliikiren 
who are traced in the History ot the Burrowes Family. 

1798, June 16. Jon" Forman was appointed administrator, on the estate of Hope 
Burrowes. The sureties were Tho* Henderson and Tunis Forman. The bond was for 


6 Samuel Watson born 1738; died an infant. 

7 Sarah Watson born 1740; died 1830; buried in Holmdel Baptist Church- 

yard; married Col. Asher Holmes. 

8 Elizabeth Watson born 1744; died 1826; buried in Baptist Churchyard, 

Middletown; married John Stillwell, ol Garrat's Hill. 

9 Abraham Watson born 1747; died 1767. 

9 ABRAM WxATSON, son of John Watson, 5, was born in 1747 and died in 1767. 

1756, Dec. 9. Abram Watson recorded the cattle-mark ot his grandfather, Abram 
Watson, in the Middletown Town Book. At tliis date, he was but nine years of age 
and it was probably, entered by the order ot his guardian. Later, this mark was con- 
veyed to John Burrows. 

1787. Samuel Dorset took oath that Sarah and Elizabeth were the granddaughters 
and only heirs of Capt. Abram Watson. 

The following memorandum probably refers to Abram Watson. 

Hope Burrows lost her only grown son. A letter, of great beauty of expression and 
pathos, written by her, was found, some years since, among the effects of Cyrus Bruen, 
whose daughter, Mrs. Charles H. Conover, of ^LarlbGro, N. J., had it for some time. 
She loaned it to the late Judge Bennington H. Randolph, of Jersey City, who dying, 
it was lost, or mislaid, among his numerous papers. The substance and text ot it, as 
recalled by Mrs. Conover, is: 

Tod.iy I have written thus that if in the future any of my children or grand children sh?'l see this 

f)aper tticy will know the sufferings of my heart. This is the anniversary of the death of my son John 
Abralismr], who died at the house of his master, in New York," etc., etc. 

It is my impression that the son alluded to, was Abram Watson, her sor. by her iirst 
husband. The statement that he was at the house ot his master, in New York, may have 
referred to a marine master, i. e. shipmaster or owner. 

The oilier Watson Family, in Monmouth County, descended trom: 

1 PETER WATSON, probably a Scotchman, who came to Perth Amlioy, .August, 
1683, as an indentured servant, to serve four years. Neiv Jersey Archives, Vol. I , p. 46^. 

In 1686, Peter Watson and James Reid are mentioned, as part ot the "stock," 
beloiiging to 'he Proprietors. Nevj Jersey Archives, Vol. /, p. ',12. 

In 1700, Peter Watson was in Monmouth County, where he, with other Scotchmen, 
bought land on Matawan Creek. 

Peter Watson was one of the founde/s of the "Old Scots," (now Tennent), Church. 

1708. He was one of the trustees ot that ciiuich, and was the Rev. Johri Boyd's 


17JO, Aug. 14. Pcler Wiitsrm bought land of W"' Hoge, being the plantntion and 
land where \\'illiam [ioge then lived, together with stock, crops, goods and chattels, 
paying therefor £250. This land was one ot the Wickatunk lots, and \\'as forn"!erly 
John Rcid's. The Hoge plantation remained in the Watson tamily until 1762, when it 
was deeded to Agnes (\\ atson) Freneau. It is still called 1 lie Freneau Place, and is at 
Frencau, N. }. 

1715, May 3. Peter Watson bought land from John Johnson, near Lochiell's tract. 

i7i5,]May 18. Peter Watson, ot Freehold, sold his share ot land, on Matawan Creek, 
to John Drummey, which Peter Watson, and others, had purchased of Thomas Warne, 
Mcii. 22, 1700, and Feb. 8, 1707. 

1718, Jan. 3. J-'eter \\atson bought land, on Millstone Brook, where the Indian 
Path crosses the Brook, from his son, Richard Watson, and Martha, his wife. 

Freehold Records, Lib. C, p. 16S, Lib. E., pp. iji, l^y and jjg. 

1725/6. Peter Watson made his will, which was probated in 1727, and wherein 
he called hiniselt ot Middletown, and mentioned: 

wife, Agnes, (who was probably his second wife); sons, William, the eldest, Richard, Gawin, ]I>aviu, 
Peter; deceased. 

Agnes Watson, widow of Peter Watson, dying in 1728, left all of her property 
away from the Watson family and among her friends anci relatives, hence it does not 
seem as if she were the mother of Peter Watson's children. It seems as if his first wife's 
name might have been Euphemia, as his four sons each had a daughter by that name. 
James Steen, Esq., ot Eatontown, N. J., states, positively, that Peter Watson married 
the daughter of Alexander Napier, who, in his will dated Feb. 7, 1744, speaks of grand- 
children: — David, Margaret, Agnes and Elizabeth Watson, but as these naines do :iot 
correspond with the names of the children mentioned in Peter Watson's will, and as the 
dates of the v/ills are so far apart, I am inclined to think that it was Peter Watson's 
son, David, who married Napier. 


2 William Watson; "eldest son," in his father's will. 

3 Richard Watson 

4 David Watson 

5 Gavin Watson 

6 Peter Watson died in 17 12 

2 WILLIAM WATSON, son of Peter Watson, i. 

1751, Nov. 8. Will of William Watson; proved Mch. 12, 1752, stated tliat he was a 
resident of Freehold, yeoman, sick, etc., and mentioned: 

daugluer, Euphemea Johnson; daughter, Margaret Watson; brother, Gawen Waf^on, with Jro. 
Anderson, to divide the est.".te for his two children. In evenr of their death, the estate to go to Peter and 
Gawen Watson, sons of "my brother, (jnwen Watson." 

Executors: Friends, Joseph Ker and \\'" Tapscotr. 

The testator signed his name to the will. 

His personal inventory amounted to £225-19-1. 


7 Euphemia N^'atson 

8 ?vlaigarer Watson 


3 RICHARD WATSON, son of Peter Watson, i. He is mentioned in n deed, 
dated Jan. 3, 1718, as selling land, on Millstone Brook, to his father, Peter Watson, which 
land he, Richard, had bought from his father May 9, 1705. 

In 1709, he was a debtor to an estate in Monmouth County. 

In 1718, he had a wife Martha, but she probabl)- died before 1736, as she is not 
mentioned in her husband's will. 

1727. Richard \\'atson was one of the trustees of the "Old Scots" Church. 

I733> .'^^.cl^- -8- Richard Watson mortgaged land, in Freehold, for £12-10-0, to 
the Commissioners. 

17365 September. William Watson died. 

1736, Sept. 13. Will of Richard Watson, of Freehold, yeoman, sick, etc.; proved 
Sept. 22, 1736, mentioned: 

son-in-law, W" Jolly 1 40 shillings for the use of their eldest son, when he becomes of age, and 

anddaughter, Jean Jolly J 10 shillings for themselves. 

Daughter, Margaret Watson, goods; son, James; children, Peter Watson, James Watson, Richard 
Watson, Margaret Watson, Euphem Watson, Anne Watson and Mary Watson. 

Executors: Brothers, W"^ Watson and Gawan Watson and Joseph Furnian, of Freehold, who 
were also appointed guardians of his three children, James, Richard and xMary. 

The testator signed the will. 

1736, Sep. 22. Inventory of Richard Wat/on, late of Freehold, Monmouth Countv, 
appraised by Gideon Crawford, Timothy Lloyd and Robert Newell; proved on the 
same date, amounted to £59-1 i-o. 

9 Peter Watson 

10 James Watson 

11 Richard Watson baptised in Tenncnt Church, 1735. 

12 Anne Watson 

13 Margaret Watson 

14 Euphem ^^'atson 

15 Mary Watson 

16 Jean Watson inarried William Jolly 

4 DAMD WATSON, son of Peter Watson, i. 

He, probably, married a daughter of Alexander Napier. 

I744j Fe'o- 7- I" the will of Alexander Napier of this date; proved May 8, J 744, he 

daugliter, Elizabeth English; grandson, David Watson; granddaughters, Mary Buckalew, Euphem 
Smith, wife of Joseph S.mith; Agnes Watson, Elizabeth Watson, Zilpah Smith. 

Issue; supposed 

17 David Watson 

18 Euphem Watson married Joseph Smith 

19 Margaret Watson 

20 Agnes Watson 

21 Elizabeth Watson 


5 GAMN WATSOX, son of Peter ^^'arson, i, \\a<; livine, in 1751, when lie and 
his sons, Peter and Gavin, are mentioned in the will ot WilHam Watson. 

11 Peter Watson died 1761 

23 Gavin Watson 

24 Euphem Watson 

25 Ann Watson 

6 PETER WATSOX, son of Peter ^Vatson, i, died in his father's hfetime, for 
administration granted liim on tlie estate ot his son, J-'eter, who died 171 2-13, leaving 
a large estate. 

7 EUPHEMIA WATSOX, daughter of William Watson, 2, married, May 17, 
1750, Michael Johnston. 

Eupheniia Johnston died. May 8, 1770,* in her 41st year. 
Michael Johnston died, Sep. 9, 1785, in his 66th year. 


26 Peter Johnston baptised Aug. t2, 1751 

27 Mary Johnston baptised Feb. 18, 1753; died 1754 

28 John Johnston baptised Mch. 2, 1755 

29 Maiy Johnston baptised June 22, 1757; died 1764 

30 William Watson Johnston baptised Sep. ';;^o, 1759 

31 Jane Johnston baptised July 5, 1761 

32 Margaret Johnston baptised July 10, 1763 
22 Michael Johnston baptised July 7, 1765 

34 Thomas Johnston baptised Jan. 22, 1768, "at a Catechizing, at Mr. Cook's." 

35 Joseph Johnston baptised Alay 9, 1772;* "his mother \s-as buried the same 

8 MARGARET WATSOX, daughter of Wijliam \yatson, 2. 

1752, June 26. Margaret Watson, daughter of W"" Watson, deceased, released and 
ciuit-claimed land to Ufamy Johnson, daughter ot sd William Watson, left them by the 
will of sd V\'illiam Watson. The land lay on Mil/tone Brook. Witnesses: Peter 
Imlay, Jun', and Thos. Herbert, J^ Freehold Records, Lib. /, pp. 64 a7:d 269. 

17 DA^'ID WATSOX^, supposed son of David Watson, 4. 

He seems to have died without issue, as X'ov. 27, 1762, "in consideration of the 
natural love and aftection" which he bore to his sister, Agnes, wife of Peter Freneau, he 
deeded to her all of his property — lands, goods and chattels. 

1752, X^ov. 21. There was a David Watson who married -Ann Tice, by license of 
this date. It is possible that this was David Watson, 17. 

18 EUPHEM W.ATSOX^, supposed daughter of David Watson, 4, married, Joseph 
Smith, Dec. 3, 1741, at the I'^irst Dutch Reformed Church, of Freehoki, "with lyccns." 

*Thcre is a di^L-rcpancy in the dates, but it is so given in the History of Church. 



36 David Smith baptized Apr. 14, 1743. Sponsors: Jan Kinnie and Johannii 


37 Margaret Sniitli baptized Dec. 9, 1744. Sponsor: Phoebe Hunn. 

38 Jan Smitli liaptizcd Apr. 5, 1747 

19 AGNb^S WATSOX, supposed daughter of David Watson, 4, was born in 1728 
or 1729; died Oct. 18, 1817; married, first, Peter Freneau or Frisneau, Mch. 12, 1750; 
second, James Kearney. 


39 Philip Freneau born Jan. 2, 1752 

40 Peter Freneau 

22 PETER WATSON, son of Gavin Watson, 5, married, Jan. 4, 1747, Mary 

1761, "thirtenth" of March. Will of Peter Wat/on, of Freehold, Monmouth 
County, "being weak in Body;" proved by witnesses, Ann Forman and Robert Cum- 
ming, Apr. 3, 1761, mentioned: 

brother, Gawen Wat/on, £10; "my sister, Eupheme, the wife of Jo/eph Ker," £io:>; "my sister, 
Ann, the wife of V\'allter ker," £100. Trustees of the Pi'esbyrerian Church, of iMonmouth County, for 
the Presbyterian Congregation, ot Freehold, £100; "my Sister-in-Law, Margrat Ker," £100; "Dearly 
beloved wife, Mary," the residue of the estate. 

Executors: "her," (his wife), and John Ander/on, Esq^ 

Witnesses: Ann Forman, Thomas Edwards and Robert Cumming. 

The testator signed his name in full to the will. i 

The executrix, Mary Watson, qualified on the date of the proof of the will. 

24 EUPHEM WATSON, daughter of Gavin Watson, 5, married, Mch. 25, 1746/7, 
Joseph Kerr. She was his second wife. 


41 Euphemia Kerr baptised Mch. 13, 1748 

42 Ursulla Kerr baptised Aug. 6, 1749 

43 Anna Kerr baptised Jan. i, 1751 

44 Ebinezer Kerr baptised Nov. 25, 1754 

45 Lydia Kerr baptised Sep. 19, 1756 

25 ANN WATSON, daughter of Gavin Watson, 5, married Walter Kerr. 


46 Ezekiel Kerr baptised Apr. 30, 1758 

47 N\'atson Kerr baptised Mch. 1, 1761 

48 Sarah Kerr baptised May 13, 1764 




It was previously assumed that Thomas White, the immigrant, was the father of 
Samuel White and of Peter White, and grandfather of Thomas White and of Samuel 
^^'hite, who married Pilizabeth Wardell, and of Amos White, the first mentioned Samuel 
White being the father of these three sons. This was deemed to be the relationship 
between the different individuals mentioned, because real estate that had been acquired 
by the elder Samuel, as oldest son of Thomas, the immigrant, is found in the possession 
of the second Thomas, and presumably it could only have gotten there by the law of 
primogeniture. In reality the law referred to was strictly carried out, but, through the 
death of the son Joel White born to Samuel ^Vhite, the property next went to Tiiornas 
White as brother and not son of Samuel White. 

There is no proof whatever that there were two Samuels, the one of the second 
generation having been the father of that Samuel who married Elizabeth Wardell. In 
fact, the evidence at hand, and particularly the expression made use of in the will of 
Peter White, appointing "cousins Samuel White and White as supervisors and 
assistants to their Aunt," requires that we regard Thomas White, the imniigrant and 
Peter White us brothers. 

W'ho the parents of these men were we do not know. 

Issue of an Unknown Father 

2 Thomas White died 1684/5; married 

3 Peter White died 1697/8; married Mary Worthley. 

4 William White (possibly) married, by license dated Aug. 23, 1669, Katherine 
Dower, or Downs. 

2 THOM.AS WHITE, brother to Peter White, 3, was a carpenter, and bought 
land of Tliomas Potter and Judah .Allen, 6th month (Aug.), 1675. The tradition is that 

•The late Rev. William W!iit? H.<nce was cor.i.';:te 1 hy blood ti-.-s wrh the White family ol' Monm'.jth Couafy, N'--a- Jc's'-y. 
He made tlieir genealogy ins intensive suiiiy. The adai'inn ot'niy own \Vhiic .lata ro Vir. Hance's lias rcsiilteii in this voli.niinoad 
family history. 


he was from Deal, Kent Co., England, and settling on the Jersey shore named the place 
after that from which he had come. 

1684/5, .T''^n- ^'- '^'''c inventory of his personal estate was made by Thomas Potter, 
Samuel Dennis and Symon Charles, amounting to £140-2-0. 

1684/5, Feh. 4. Letters of ailmlnistration were granted on the estate oi Thomas 
White, to his son Samuel ^^'hite, ot Shrewsbury. 

1685. Accounts entered against September Court. Thomas Leonard vs. Samuel 
White, Administrator to the estate of Thomas White, deceased, in an account ot debt 
due by said deceased. £2. 4sh. od. Freehold Book of Deeds, R, page 34. 

1687/8, Jan. 22. Patent to Samuel White, of Shroesberry, in right of his father 
Thomas White, for six hundred and seventeen acres ot land, bounded on the south 
by Long Pond, east by the sea, and north by a small brook along Thomas Potter's land. 

1729, Oct. II. Li a deed given by the executors ot his son, Amos White, they state 
that Thomas White owned the "farm at Deal," whereon he died. 


5 Samuel ^^hite died about 1698; married Elizabeth Wardell. 

6 Thomas White died 171a- married, first, ; second, Elizabeth, daughter 

of Jacob Cole. 

7 Amos White died 1729/30; married, Feb. 2, 1708, Hannah, daughter of 
Janet Mills. 

3 PETER WHITE, brother to Thomas White, 2, died 1697/8; married Mary 
Worthley, supposed to have come from Maryland. 

1682, Apr. 10. Peter V.'hite and Thomas Cook witness the signature of Jolin Crav,-- 
ford. Freehold Deeds, Book B, page 47. 

1685, i2mo. He is on the list tor quit rents upon sixty-tour acres. 

1687, Mch. 25. He is named as owning land at Passequenecqua i. e. Little SiK'er. 

1687, Nov. 7. He had a patent for fittv acres of land that had httw surveved to him, 
Feb. 16, 1686. 

1688, 5mo., 10. Sarah Parker, of Burlington Co., widow, and George and William 
Parker, her sons, convey land to Peter White, "Tayler," ot Shrewsbury; consideration 

1697/8, Mch. 20. Will of Peter White, of Shrewsbury; proved June 10, 1698, 

wife: Mnry, who is r.ppointcd as executrix; sens Peter, Robert, Thomas, the latter two not of age; 
seven daughters whose names are not given; "Cousins Samuel Uhite and Thomas ^^hite as super\isors 
and assistants to their Aunt." \\itnesses: John Lippincoate, senior, Poncett SteUie, Joseph Parker, 
Samuei Dennis. 

1698, .\Lay 27. The inventory of his personal estate taken by Joseph Parker, Samuel 
Dennis, John Lippincott, Sr., and Thomas Hearse, amounting to £82-9-0. 


8 Peter White died 1733; married Abigail Lippincott, born Nov. 17, 1685. 

9 Robert ^^'hite, not of age, Mch. 2c, 1697/8. 

10 Thomas \\'hite married Christian 

11 Elizabeth White marriedi Oct. 17, 1701, Joseph Lippincott, born Apr. 28, 


Wlirib: OF NEW jERSKY 257 

12 Sarah \Miirt.- 

13 Mary ^^'hit■r nian-icd Oct. 12, 1695, RicharJ Eippiiioott. 

14 Jane Wliitc married Sep. 28, 1693, Tlioiiias Garwootl. 

15 Ann Wjiite marriedj lirsl, Mr. Sutton; second, Apr. 14, 1692, John Cheshire. 

16 Daughter White 

17 Daughter White 

4 WILIJAM WHITE (possihl)) a brotlier to Thomas and Peter White, niarried 
Aug. 28, 1669, (hcense dated Aug. 23, 1669), Katherine Downs, of Maryland, he being 
of Gravesend. This record was taken from the town books ot Gravesend, E. E, and v/as 
pubhshed in the New York Genealogical and liiographical Recoi'd, \o\. 4 (1873), page 


1678. William White a grand juror of Monmouth Co., N. J. 

1679, ^^'^^^- -8. \Mlliam White, a juror. Fj-cehoM Deeds, Book A, page 89. 
1706/7, Feb. 20. John Estell, ot Freehold, deeds land for £30. at Alillstone Brook, 

to William White, of Freehold. Freehold Deeds, Book F, page 71. 

1707, Mch. 18. Abraham Brown, of Burlington Co., deeds thirty-seven acres of 
land, at Barnegat Bay, to ^^'illiam \\'hite. Freehold Deeds, Book F, page 72. 

1707, Mch. 23. Record of survey for William White, of Freehold, of one hundred 
and twenty-five acres of land on Millstone Brook. Freehold Deeds, Book F, page 72. 

1714. George Allen, blacksmith, deeds land to William \Miite, of New York City, 
feltmaker. Freehold Deeds, Book E, page 73. 

From Baptisms in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, prior to the 
Revolution, we learn that William White and Katherine Dower, his wife, had baptised 
the following 


18 Catharine White Sep. 12, 1703 

19 Thomas White Jan. 13, 1706 

20 Susanna White Feb. 8, 17 to 

21 Abigail White Apr. 2:, 171 2 

5 SAMUEE \VHErE, son of Thomas White, 2, died about 169S; married, after 
Dec. 17, 1688, Elizabeth, daughter of Eliakim and Eydia (Perkins) Wardcll. She 
married, second, Dec. 5, J 700, Seth Elill, oi Burlington, N. J. 

1684/5, Feb. 4. Was granted letters 01 administration on the estate of his father 
Thomas White, 2. 

1685, September Term. Samuel Eeonard sues Samuel ^^'hite, Executor of Thomas 
White, deceased, tor remainder of £16, for an Indian girl. 

168S, Dec. 12. Elizabeth Wardell signs as such at the marriage of Thomas Hillborn 
and Elizabeth Ekitton; Samuel ^^'hite also a witness. 

1693, Mch. 29. Lewis Morris, ot Passage Point, Gent., Attorney of Christopher 
Almy, sues Samuel \Miite, administrator of Thomas White, dest. 

1687, J'lti. 22. Patent on five himdred and sixty acres of land, in Shrewsbury, "in 
right ot his father Thomas White." This tract was bounded by the Ocean on the east, 
and by the Eong Pond on the south. Eong l-'ond was afterwards known as White's 
Pond, and later still as Corlics' Pond. He was chaiged with the quit rents on this tive 
hundred and sixty acre tract in 1685. 

258 inSTOl^lCAL MlSCKl.L.WY 

UndatcJ will of Samuel \\']iite, carpenter, ot Monmouth Co.; proved July q, i6(;a, 

wife, Iili/aheth, to whom he left '4 of liis property, which after her death was to go to Iiis son; son, 
Joail, written in such a way that it lias been more than once misread for Jacob, to whom he devises th^- 
other half of his property; sister, Hester Warilell. Executors: his brother, Thomas W hite; his uncle, 
John Worthiey; and his cousin, John Chessear. 

1698, Apr. 21. Inventory of his personal estate made by Gav. Drummoiid, Job.:-, 
Williams and Thomas Hillborn, amounting to £i3i-4-iJi'. 

1699, Oct. 4. The above mentioned Esther Wardell married Robert Ronnell. 

1700, Oct. 7. Seth Hill gets a certificate to marr)' Elizabeth White. Bur/ingtou 
Moyithly Mc cling of Friends. 

1709, July 28. Elizabeth, widow of Seth Hill, prays to be made administratrix of 
his estate, he having died intestate. 


22 Joel White born after 1688, and prior to 1698; died young. 

6 THOMAS WHITE, son of Thomas White, 2, died 1712; married, first ' 

second, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Cole. 

Because two of his daughters were named Rachel and Leah, and those names were 
also borne by two of the daughters of John Clayton, it has been supposed that there was 
some relationship between the two men. 

1686, Mch. 8. John Slocum was plaintiff in an action against Tliomas White for 
taking up and marking horses and mares contrary to an Act ot the Assembly. The 
case is marked "withdrawn." 

1712, Nov. 9. Will of Thomas White, sealed Eeb. 14, 1712, aiid proved Dec. 4, 1712; 

his brother, Amos, to whom he devised land at Deal; his oldest son, Samuel; his second son, Thomas; 
his third son, Amos; his fourth son, Jacob; his youngest son, Levi; his oldest daughter, Rachel, the wite 
ot Isaac Hance; his second daughter, Leah White; his third daughter, Elizabeth \\ hite; his fourth daught- 
er, ^Lary White. Executors: his wife, Elizabeth, and his brother Amos. Witnesses: George Curlis, 
Samuel Dennis, Jr., Renjamin Burden, Jacob Dennis. Directed John NN'illiams, George Corlies, \Miliam 
Brindley, my son-in-law, Isaac Hance, and Samuel Dennis to be surveyors. 

1714, Mch. 7. Partition deed for the heirs of Thomas White, by John Williams, 
George Curlis, William Brinley, and Isaac Hance, on record at the Secretary ol State's 
Office, Trenton, iV. J., in small Book K. 

1717, Oct. 3. As Elizabeth Ashton, Elizabeth (Cole-White), the step-mother ot 
the bride, signs at the marriage of James Tucker and Leah Wilbur. 

1736, Aug. 19. Will of Elizabeth Ashton, to which John Ashton gave his consent. 
Calls herself the wife of John Ashton, of Upper Freehold. Refers to the fact that her husband, Thomas White, had purchased "of my two sisters Exercise and Ellison, 
the sixty acres of land v/hich they received from my father Jacob Cole, deceased." She 
also speaks of "my son Levi White and his other brother in law," and ot her son-in-lasv 
Isaac Hance. 

Issue b\' first wife 

23 S;imuel \Muie died ]irior to 178S 

Wlll'J'IZ OF NEW Jl-.RSF^Y 259 

24 Thomas While died Aug. 8, 1781; niiirried, first, Elizabeth Borden; second, 

by Hcense dated Sep. 4, 1762, Deborah Irons. 

25 Amos \\'hite died Dec. 21, 1770,- married, first, Jane Borden; second, Dec. 

17, 1761, Hester Tilton, the widow ot Jeremiah Borden. 

26 Rachel White married, as his first wite, Oct. i, 1710, Jsaac, son of John and 

Elizabeth (Hanson) Hance, born Oct. 25, 1685; cli"^"^ Sep. 5, 1764. The 
second intentions ot their marriage were pulilished in Shrewsbury Meeting, 
Sep. 6, 1710. For their issue see A'^. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record^ 1934- 

27 Leah White born 16SS or 1694, married, first, (Samuel?) \\'ilbur; second, 

Oct. 3, 1717, James Tucker. 

28 Elizabeth White married, Oct. 17, 1714, Thomas Eippincott. 

29 jNIary \\'hite married, Oct. 17, 1717, Jacob Lippincott. 

Issue by second wife 

30 Jacob White 

31 Levi White died 1784; married, (Mch. 13?), 1733, Ann Lippincott. 

7 AMOS WHEFE, son of Thomas White, 2, died 1729/30; married, 12th mo., 2d, 
1708, Hannah Mills, both of Shrewsbury, at the house of Jenet Asten. William Ashton 
or Aston, in his will of Oct. 7, 1705, calls Hannah Mills, his daughter-in-law (mreaning, 
no doubt, step-daughter); and her mother, Janet Astin, married again, Feb. 6, 1710, 
John, son of Richard and Abigail Lippincott, as his second wife. 

1728/9, i2mo., 27. Will of Amos White, of Shrewsbury; proved Mch. 26, 1730, 

Children Ziphphania, Amos, Andrew, Samuel, Leah Stout, Avis, Jennet, and Hannah; homestead 
fnrm at Runi;^on, and land at .Ambov. Executors: son-in-law Jonathan Stout and Benjamin WooHey. 
Witnesses: John Lippincott, Thomas White, Hugh Jackson, William Cradock. 

1729, Oct. II. Jonathan Stout and Benjamin Woolley, as executors of Amos White 
convey land, bounded north by Thomas White, east by the sea, south and west by 
White's Great Pond. 


32 Zephaniah White, of Middletown; apparently died without issue. 

22 Amos White died December 1775/6; married, Nov. 12, 1743, Jane White, ^2- 

34 Andrew White died 1761; married by license dated Sep. 15, 1743, Hester 


35 Samuel White 

2^ Leah White married Jonathan Stout, born Mch. 26, 1704; died Apr. 27, 

1775; see Stout Ja7vily. 
21 Avis White married John Fisher; disowned by Friends, 8mo., 2, 1756, for 

breach in marrying. 

Iss lie 
Zephaniah Fisher born 1740; baptised Sep. 13, 1747. 
Sarah Fisher born 1744; baptised Sep. 13, 174", aged 3J.f years. 
Hannah Fisher born February, 1746; baptised June 3, 1747. 

38 Janet or Jane ^^ hi te 

39 Haniinh White r/iarricd, by licerjse dau-ii Ma\' 24, 1753, \\'illiam La)to?i; 

i'tichard Stout, being the surety. At the time tiie iiond wa-, given for tiiis 

26o M 1 STC) R I C AL M 1 SC L'.l J .A N Y 

license, there was filed a paper which reads: "August 19, 17;-;. I, 
Jonathan Stout, of Middletown, Executor to Estate o\ Amos \\'hitc, ui' 
Shrewsbury, do give liberty to William Laton to marry one of said Amos 
\\'hite's datters she being of tul age." (Signed) 

William I^ayton, weaver, of Middletown. 

Richard Stout, cordwainer. 

S PE,TER WHITE, son oi' Peter White, :^, died 173.-;; married, after Oct. 17, 170!, 
Abigail, daughter oi Remembrance and Margaret (Barber) Lippincott, born Nov. 17, 
1685; alive Dec. 19, 1734. 

1733, 2nK>., 14. Will oi Peter White, oi Shrewsbury, yeoman; proved May 22, 1733, 

wife, Abigail; eldest son, Britton White, to have eight acres in Little Silver; son, Peter White, Jr., 
to have the use of two-thirds of my property while my wife remains my widow, and after her death or 
marriage he is to have all the hind in Shrewsbury except the eight acres mentioned; youngest son, Benia- 
min ^^ hite, to have £5^' ^'■l^'^''' he becomes twenty-two years of age; six daughters, lluth Boude, Hannah 
Cook, Sarah NM:ite, Dorothy ^^'hite, Eli/;abeth \N'hite, Abigail White. Executors: wife, Abigail ^^'hi^e, 
and son, Peter \\hite, Jr. \^'itncsGcs: NVilliam Woolley, Robert White, Joseph Waidcll, Jr. The testa- 
tor signed this by his mark. 


40 Britton White died Dec. 26, 1760; married, Dec. 19, 1734, Dinah Conies, 

born Jan. 17, 1712. 

41 Peter White 

42 Benjaniin White, youngest son, born after 171 1. 

43 Ruth White married Joshua Bond 

44 Sarah White born July 21, 1715; married, Dec. 22, 1737, Jacob, son of George 

and Deborah (Hance) Corlies, born Oct. 14, 1715; died Dec. 8, 1767. See, 
for their issue, A^. Y. Gen. tff Biog. Record Jor 1904. 

45 Hannah White married Job, son of Ebene'/er and ALary (Patterson) Cook. 

46 Dorothy ^Vhite married, by license dated .Apr. 30, 1739, Amor Chandler; 

died 1764. 

47 Elizabeth White 

48 Abigail White 

10 THOMAS WEIITE, son of Peter White, 3, was not of age when his father 
made his v.ill, born therefore after 1676; died 1747; married, about 1715, Christian 

17C9, Dec. 19. Thomas White, single man, bought fifty-three acresof land of Sarah, 
widow of Thomas Potter, at Rumson, being the south end of the tract where the said 
Sarah now lives, and bounded northwest and southwest by highways. 

Free/told Deeds, E, page 89. 

1745, Aug. 30. Will of Thomas White; proved May 25, 1747, mentioned: 

wife. Christian; eldest son, George; youngest son, John, to have land purchased of .Amos \Miite; 
son, Thomas, to ha\'e homestead on Little Siher Creek; daughters, Anna, Sarah, Elizabeth; grand- 
children, Benjamin Parker, Lydia Parlicr, Christian \Miite. 


49 Mary White born Dec. 17, 1716; died May 23, 1732. 

50 Margaicl White born Aug. 28, 1718; died July 29, 1736. 

\vnri'i<. ov XF.\v jersey 261 

51 Constant ^^'hite born Afch. 2q, 1720; married, Mch. 27, 1740, Ephraim, son 

of Nathaniel and Lydia (Allen) Paiker, born Apr. 18, 1715; and had 

Renjamin Parker 
Lydia Parker 

Sarah Parker married, Dec. 13, 1770, Joseph, son of Levi, 31, and 
Ann (Lippincott) White. 

52 George White born Feb. 4, 1721/2; married, by license dated Jan. 5, 1747, 

Ann Lippincott. 
c;;^ Jane White born .Apr. 3, 1722; married, Jan. 12, 1743, Amos ^^'hite, ;];}. 

54 Ann White born Apr. 18, 1727; died Aug. 22, 1757; married, Dec. 6, 175c, 

Jacob I lance. 

55 Sarah ^Vllite born July 15, 1729 

56 Thomas \Miite born June iS, 1732; married, by license dated Dec. 19, 1760, 

Dinah Lippincott. 

57 Elizabeth White born Jul\- 8, 1735 

58 John White born Jan. 28, 1738; married, by license dated Jan. 17, 1761, 

Mary Jackson. 

13 MARYWHITE, daughter of Peter White, 3, died Feb. 8, 1721/2; married, 
Dec. 12, 1695, Richard, son of 1-lemembrance and Margaret (Barber) Lippincott, born 
Mch. 19, 167-; died July 12, 1723. 

A daughter born Sep. 19, 1696; died Sep. 29, 1696. 
A daughter born June 7, 1697; died June 7, 1697. 
A daughter born Feb. 28, 1698; died Feb. 28, 169S. 
Remembrance Lippincott born Mch. 27, 170-; died Apr. 3, 1701. 

Jacob Lippincott of Chester township, Burlington Co.; married Mary 

David Lippincott born Oct. 31, 1704; married, Aug. i, 1731, Rebecca, 

daughter ot John and Mary (Leeds) Stockton. 
Abigail Lippincott born June 29, 1707; married John \\'i!ls. 
Nathan Lippincott born Mch. 13, 1709 
Remembrance Lippincott born Aug. 13, 1712; married, Nov. 29, 1732, 

Hannah Bates. 
Richard Lip}.iincott born Mch. 6, 171-; died May 9, 171 5. 
Ruth Lippincott born June 11, 1716/17; died November, 1798; married, by 

license dated Oct. 3, 1733, David, son ot John and Mary (Leeds) Stockton; 

died 1763. 

24 THO^LAS WHITE, son of Thomas White, 6, died Aug. 8, 1781; married, 
first, about 1724/5, Elizabeth, daughter of Francis ancl Mary Borden, born Aug. 5, 
1707; died Mch. 6, 1760; second, by license dated Sep. 4, 1762, Deborah Irons, Robert 
Harvey being surety on the bond. Deborah was a widow at the time of this marriage, 
for in the tollov/ing year, Feb. 16, 1763, her daughter, Deborah Irons, v/as married at 
the house of her step-father, Thomas Wiiite, to Isaac, son of Timothy and Rebecca 
(Allen) Hance. 

No will of Samuel White, 23. the brother of Thomas, 24, and of Amos, 25, has been 


found; but, in i~~\., when ' \\'hirc, 24, in making his will, he is found to ha\c his 
residence upon property that liad been willed by their father, Thomas White, 6, tn the 
eldest son, Samuel. 

]7~5, i2mo., II. Will of Thomas XMiite; pro\-ed Aug. 16, 1781; meiuioncii: 
wiK", Deborah, to ha\e all siie brought when she became my \\\{c\ gratidson, 'riioinas, the onlv son 
of my eldest son, Samviel Wlijte, deceased, a minor; son, Thomas, to have part of the plantation 
whereon the said son now lives; son, Jacob, to have the part whereon the testator was living, and a tract 
at Betty's branch bounded on the west by land that belonged to Thomas White, "weaver;" granddaugliter, 
Meriliah NN hite, daughter ot' deceased son, Samuel ^^'hite, not yet cigliteen years of age; grandsons, Jacob 
and Job Cook; Achsah, daughter ot my daughter, Rachel, not yet eiuhteen; daughters, Mary ^^'o^thk-v. 
Hannah Har\-ey, Lydia Curtis, Sarah Allen, Rachel Jones, and Zilnah WoolJey. Executors: Sc>n's, 
Thomas and Jacob White and nephew, John Tucker. Witnesses: \\il!iam Paikcr, Samuel Tucker, 
Amos White. 


59 Elizabeth \A'hite born Feb. 7, 1725/6; died 71110., 10, 1750; married, May 16, 

1744, William Cook. 

60 Samuel White born Feb. 6, 1727/8; died Nov. 27, 1759; married, Nov. 26, 

1755, Ann Curtis. 

61 Mary White born Apr. 19, 1730; died May 25, 1802; married, June 17, 1747, 

Richard Worthley. 

62 Hannah White born Apr. 10, 1734; married, by license dated Jan. 2, 1764, 

Robert Harvey. 

63 Thomas White born Sep. 17, 1736; died 18 10; married three times. 

64 Lydia White born June 6, 1739; died Apr. 16, 1827; married, May 19, 1756, 

David Curtis, Jr., son of David and Alerebah (Flerbert) Curtis, died Feb. 
27, 1815. Sec Curtis Jcvnily. 

65 Sarah White born July 3, 1741; married, June 2, 1762, William Allen. 

66 Rachel White born Nov. 5, 1743; married Mr. Jones, and had 

Achsah Jones born prior to Dec. 11, 177';. 

67 Jacob White born July 9, 1746; died April 1784; inarried, by license dared 

Oct. 14, 1768, Charity Wardell. 

68 Zijpali \N'hite born Jan. 29, 1748/9; died July 31, 1824; married Nathan, 

son of John and Sarah (Rundel) Woolley, born Dec. 7, 1750; died Novem- 
ber, 1 81 8. 

25 AMOS WHFFE, son of Thomas White, 6, died Dec. 21, 1770; married, first, 
Jane, daughter of Francis and Mary Borden, born Sep. 6, 1708; second, Dec. 17, 1761, 
Esther, daughter of Thomas and Faith (Lawrencej Tilton, and widow of Jeremiah 
Borden, born May 10, 1722; died Aug. 11, 1777.* 

Jeremiah Bordeti, Sr., born July i, 1711; died 8mo., 5, 1754. 
'Iliomas Borden, Sr., died gmo., 28, 1764. 
Amos White died i2mo., 21, 1770. 
Esther \Miite died Smo., 1 i, 1777. 
Elizabeth Borden born May 10, 1747. 

*Among the manuscripts of the I.ippincott Family, on file in the Library of the Society of Pennsyiv;ini.i, in Thiln- 
delphia, I'a., there is a letter containing the foP-jving rccorjs from .- liitle belcnEjIng to the Dcnnison fap.iily, of Canada. 

wmri.: (w nfw ji-.rsey 263 

Rebc■^nh Borden horn Mcli. 22, 1:49. 

Jeremiah BorJen, jr., horn Dec. 30, 1750; died 91110., 7, 1777. 
Samuel Borden horn Nov. 10, 1752; died 9mo., 11, 1777. 
Estlier Borden horn Oct. 9, 1754. 

Capt. Richard Lippincott horn Jan. 2, 1745; fhed, May 14, 1826, aged 82 years. 
Married, Mch. 4, 1770, Esther, daughter of Jeremiah &: Esther Borden, born Oct. 9, 
4th thiy of the Week, 1754; died 5mo., 20, 18 19. 

Margaret Lippincott, their daughter, born imo., 28, 1772; died 51110., <;, 1781. 

Rebekah Eippincott, their chiughter, born gmo., K, 1776. 

Eliza Lippincott boi'ii Jan. jo, 1785; died July 4, 1792. 

Esther Borden Lippincott born 7nio., 14, 1791. (She married, Dec. 18, 1806, 

George Taylor Dennison, born Dec. 29, 1783; died 1853/4.) 

Estlier Borden Dennison died, Apr. 13, 1S23, aged 31 years and 9mos., all but i day. 

Rachel Wooley, daughter ot John and Rebekah, born Dec. 4, 1767. 

Esther Wooley born Nov. 27, 1769 

Jeremiah Woolley born 3nio., i, 1772 

Benjamin Borden ^\'oolley born i2mo., 17, 1774 

Jeremiah Borden Woolley born Jan. 6, 1779 

A paper entirely in the hand v>riting of Amos White, and with his signature at- 
tached, follows: — 

Friend James Morris 1 under/tand Go/per Is run way the Debt tliat he ows to me 
Is 4 : o : o york money I desire //w will secure It in thy one hands for me If thou cant 
I mu/t be for/t to teach it If thou cant Cecure It for me 

Amos White — 
January the 12'". 1768. 

On the back of the foregoing is v/ritten in another haml, "proved By His Aflirma- 

1770, Dec. 12. Will of- Amos \Miite, of Deal; pro\-ed Dec. 29, 1770, mentioned: 
eldest son, Joel ^^ hite; son, Amos White; daughter, Lerdi Morris, to ha\-c £200; tiirec children of 

deceased daughter Rachel, viz.: John, Mary and Rachel; daughter, Deborah; daughter, Mary; wife, 
Ksther, to ha","e all the nio\'able estate she brought '.vhen I married her. Executors: Friends, John 
Tucker and Samuel Tucker. 

1771, imo., 9. Joel White, of Deal, conveys to his brother, Amos White, of Deal, 
all his title to that part of the farm of which his late father, Amos \Miite, died sei'/.ed, 
where his said father lived and died, adjoining the sea. Witnesses: Samuel Tucker and 
William Parker. Recorded Oct. 4, i8c6. 

1773, 3nio., 8. Esther \Miite conveys one hundred and fifty-seven and a iialf acres 
of land, at Wreck Pond, in Shrewsbury, to Edmund Lafetra. 


69 Mary White married, Dec. 10, 1755, William Parker, born 1736. 

70 Joel White died 1773; married, by license dated Oct. I4, 17^2, Annie War- 


71 Amos White married, b_\- license dated .Apr. 3, 1766, Lucy Tallnian. 

72 Leah White married, by license dated July 18, 1753, James Morris; liied 



73 Rachel While died \n\ov ro 4nio., 0, 1752; niiirried, Oct. 15, 1746, Thonias 
Wool]e>', Jr., son of Thomas and Patience CFn^-l^cr) W'oulle)-, h(,rn Sep. 
24, 1725; died 1S02. 
74 Deborah White married, In' hcen.^e tlated Ajir. 21, 1758, Joseph Warclell- 
each of Shrewsbury. 

27 LEAH WHITE, daughter of Thomas White, 6, born 1688, according to a 
pamphlet giving the Tucker genealogy. This is probably based upion a mistaken read- 
ing of the Quaker records of Slirev.sbury, that says she died, 2mo. (Feb.) 18, 1767, aged 
78 years, which properly deciphered is 73 not 78 }-ears. This would have made her 
birth to ha\-e occurred about 1694. She married, first, about 1713, (Samuel?), son uf 
William Wilbur, born Feb. 17, 1691; died between 1714 and 1717; second, Oct. 3, 1717, 
James, son ot John and Ruth (Woolley) Tucker, born Aug. 27, 1691; died Sep. 29, 177''!. 

Thomas White and James Tucker were among the first settlers along the seashore, 
of the place that is now called Deal, N. J., and it is said that it got its name from the 
fact that the Whites came from Deal, Kent Co., England; likewise from the Tuckers 
having come from the same place. At any rate the Tuckers seem to have had an estate 
here in New Jersey three times as large as that of the Whites, the one having perhaps 
twenty-five hundred acres to the others eight hundred. And, further, the name was 
applied to the place at an earlier date than would appear to correspond with the coming 
of the Tuckers from New England to New Jersey, tltere being a deed on record at Tren- 
ton, dated May 12, 1683, in which "Thomas Potter, of Deale, near Shrowesbury, N.J., 
planter," conveys land in Fenwick's Colony to an inhabitant of Rhode Island. 

1710, Oct. 1. Leah Jl'hite is a witness at the marriage of her sister, Rachel, to Isaac 

1714, Oct. 7. Sa?}2 ^^'illbur and Leah IFiUbiir are witnesses at the marriage of her 
sister, Elizabeth, to Thomas Lippincott, they signing together and immediately after 
Isaac and Rachel Hance. 

Issue by first hizsband 
Zilpah Wilbur born Aug. 16, 1714; died July 9, 1802; married, Feb. 24, 
1734/5, John Corlies, Jr., son of John and Naomi (Edward.s) Corlies, 
born No\-. 8, 1714, died between Feb. 12, and Aug. 18, 1760. 

Issue by second husband 
John Tucker born July 26, 1718; died June 9, 1793; married, Feb. 13, 

1744/5, Phebe, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lippincott) Parker, 

born Nlch. i, 171 8/ 19. 
Ruth IXickcr born Apr. 16, 1722; died Oct. 17, 1759; married, Aug. 28, 

J 74 6, Stephen, son of Emanuel and Ivuth (Cook-Collier) \\"oollcy. 
Elizabeth Tucker born July 25, 1724; died 1824; married, Dec. 29, 1742, 

John, son of George and Joanna (Bills) Williams, boi-n Mch. 20, 1719; 

died Oct. 16, 1768. 
James l\icker born Oct. 30, 1727; died IMch. 25, 1755; married Jan. 31, 

1750/1, Margaret, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Parker, born Jan. 

^5> 1726. 
Hannah Tucker born Mcli. 9, 1731; died Dec. 25, 1757; married, as his first 

wife, second intentions, 21110., 1753, Joseph \Vardell, Jr., son uf Josepli 

and Margaret (Parker) Wartlell, born May 26, 1724. 


Samuel Tucker horn Oct. 8, I735;died Nov. ?., 1818; married, Jan. 22, 1761, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Briton and Dinah (Corlies) White, born Aug. 25, 
25, 1740; died Jan. 3, 1S19. 

28 EEIZAJ3ETH WHITE, daughter of Thomas White, 6, married, as his first 
wife, Oct. 17, 1714, Thomas, son of John and Sarah (Huet) l,ippincott, born May 19, 
1693; died 1760. 

Sarah Lippincott born Aug. 17, 1715; married, Apr. 22, 1736, Stephen, son 

of Silas and Sarali (West) Cook. 
Elizabeth Lippincott born May 3, 1717; married, Dec. 18, 1735, Thomas 

White, the "weaver." 
Mary Lippincott born Jan. 17, 1719/20; married, by license dated Jan. 29, 

1739, Ichabod \Voodruff', Thomas White being surety on the bond; she 

married, second, by license dated Oct. 23, 1750, Jeremiah, son ot Capt. 

Jeremiah Stillwell. 
Surniah Lippincott born Nov. 23, 1723; married, Mch. 15, 1743/4, Isaac 

Rachel Lippincott not Richard, as given on the Shrewsbury Quaker Records, 

born Sep. 23, 1726. 
Uriah Lippincott born July 10, 1728; married, by license dated, Aug. 17, 

1752, Valeriah Chamberlin, baptised May 21, 1748, upwards ot 15 years 

old. Jacob Lippincott was surety on their marriage bond. Uriah was 

taxed, in 1759, and Valeriah Lippincott, in 1760 and 1768, thus indicating 

that Uriah probably died in 1759 or 1760. 

29 MARY \\HITE, daughter of Thomas White, 6, married, Oct. 17, 1717, as his 
first wife, Jacob, son of John and Sarah (Huet) Lippincott, born July, 7, 1695; died 
1757. He married, second, Nov. 28, 1720, Dinah Allen, by whom he had the most ot 
his children. It w'ould seem most likely, though, that by his first wife, he had 

Thomas Lippincott 

31 LEM WHITE, son of Thomas White, 6, died 1784; married, (Mch. 13?), 
1733, Ann, probably the daughter of Robert Lippincott. First, as regards the date of 
her marriage, and then about her parentage. The records ot the Quakers, at Shrews- 
bury, state that Levi \Miite and Ann Lippincott were married, imo., 13, 1733, which, 
according to the chronology of that time, would be March and not January. But the 
minutes of the Mens' Monthly Meeting distinctly declare that their first intentions 
were published, 9mo. (Nov.), 5, 1733; their second intentions, lomo. (Dec.) 3, 1733, 
and that the committee reported, iimo. (Jan.), 7, 1733, that they had been married in 
an orderly manner. Hence it is evident that their marriage occurred at an earlier date 
than the records give them credit for, although in the latter part of the year 1733. 

These same records also show the following entry: "Thomas & Christian White's 
son, George White, married Ann, daughter ot John Li})pincott, whose son Benjamin 
White, born 12 ["4," in lead pencil] of i2mo., 1755;" etc., etc. 

This Benjanup. White v.rote a memorial ot his life, in which he states tiiat he was 
"born on the 4th day of the 12th m.onth.s 1755. My father George White son of Thomas 


and Christian White, my iMother Annn, daughter of Jolin LijTpincott she dying when I 
was young, I have but a slight remembrance ot lier." 

Plainly the correction in the records for the birth of Hcnjamin was made from the 
manuscript. But the contusion arising from the making of the same womaii to have been 
the w ife ol two diflcrent men must be accounted for on other grounds. It has been stated 
in the genealogy of the Lippincotts that Levi \\'hite married Anne the daughter of John 
and Sarah (Lluet) I.ippineott; and it has been declared by more than one genealogist 
that it was George ^\]^ite, son of Thomas and Christian, who married this same Anne 

To my mind there is no doubt that George, and not Levi, White married Ann, the 
daughter ot John and Sarah (Huet) Lippincott, because her own grandson, Benjamin 
White, 98, says she was John's daughter; because George and Ann White name tlieir 
oldest children, John and Sarah, after the maternal grandparents; and because she would 
have been only fourteen years of age at the time of her marriage to Levi, if we accept 
the date as given in the Quaker Records, ha\ing, as they, show, been born iimo., 5, 
1719/20.* Furthermore, the signatures of John, Thomas and Jacob Lippincott, as wit- 
nesses, when Levi and Ann were married, can be readily accounted for as those of her 
uncle and his two sons, it we suppose her to have been the daughter of Robert Lippincott, 
mentioned but not named in the will of her grandfather, John Lippincott, whose w^ife was 
Ann (Barber), after whom epch ot these granddaughters received the name of Ann. This 
John Lippincott, the grandfather, refers to her as "the daughter of my deceased son, 
Robert Lippincott." 

1784, Auig. 4. Will of Levi White, of Shrewsbury; proved Sep. 13, 1784, mentioned: 

wife, Ann; son, Thomas, the land where he now lives; son, John White, £100; granddaughter, Phcl>e; 
son, Joseph ^Vhite, to ha\-e the remainder of his real estate. Executors: son, Joseph ^^'hite, and daught'jr- 
in-law, Sarah ^^ hite. Witnesses: Jeremiah Bonham, Jr., David Burk, Timothy Corlies. 


75 Thomas White born Xov. 30, 1734; died 1801; married, by license dated 

Dec. 18, 175S, Charity Green. 

76 Elizabeth White born Sep. 2, 1739; died Oct. 20, 1767; married Mr. (Par- 

ker?), and had 

Phebe (Parker?), or a daughter Phebe , who married Mr. 

Parker, for she is called Phebe Parker in the will of her uncle, 
Thomas White, 75. 

77 John White born Jan. i, 1745; married 

78 Joseph \\'hite born Aug. 27, 1749; married, Dec. 13, 1770, Sarah Parker. 

32 ZEPHANLM-I WHITE, son of Amos White, 7, died 1758, apparently without 

1758, May 16. Will of Zephaniah White, of Middletown; proved June 29, 175S, 

brothers, Amos White and Andrew White; sisters. Avis Fisher and Hannah Layton; cousin, Leah 
Stout; friend, Elonah Iluft, daughter of John Stout, (she married, by license dated ^lay 2, 175^!, John 
HofF); deceased cousin, Hannah Stout. The residue of his estate to be divided between his cousins, 

•Since writing the aliove 1 h.ive consulted the original of the Shrewsbury Quaker Records, and find that the date of birt'i> 
liir.o., 5, i-i'j/ic, is nor apphcuble to Ann Lippincott at all. Her name is entered, and the place lor th^ date of her birth loT' 
vacant. Immediately al'tei her name appears that of anotlier daughter, Sarah Lii-pincott, born, in Shrewsbury, and with the ilate 
of birth r.3 above given, but v.ith a pen mark of erasure carried thrt,i:i;h sll but the date. 


RiclKird Stout, Jo'iatlnn Stout, Jr., Mary Stoat and Hester Stout. Executors: Joliii Taylor and John 
Wall, each ot Middietown. 

33 AMOS WHITK, son of Amos White, 7, tiicd Dccemlicr 1775/6; married; nt 
I'Ticnds' Meeting House, in Shrewsbury, Jan. 12, 174,^, jane, daughter ot Thomas and 
Christian White, born Apr. 3, 1722. 

1769, June 2. Amos White mortgaged land, on the road running to the North I<i\er, 
to James Alount. 

1775, 9mo., 25. Will of Amos White, ot Shrewsbury, yeoman and carpenter; proved 
Apr. 23, 1776, mentioned: 

son, Peter, to have land that I bought of the executors of Henry Allen; lasid where I now live to be- 
long equally to my wife and son and all my daughters that are unmarried until they shall agree to sell it; 
daughter, Christian, hath had her share. Executors: son, Peter, and daughter, Sarah. Witnesses: 
Francis Herbert, John ^^"hite, Nathan Jackson. 

'jc) Christian White born prior to Aug. 30, 1745, \\'hen she is called a grani.i- 
daughter b)' her grandfather, Thomas White, 10. 

80 Peter White born Aug. 11 (19?), 1746; died Mch. 26, 1798; married Patience 


81 Sarah White 

34 ANDPEW WHITE, son of Amos W^hite, 7, died 1761; married, by license 
dated Sep. 15, 1743, Hester Harbour, William Morris, blacksmith, being surety on the 
bond, calling himself cordwainer at the time, and her spinster. 

1761, Mch. 26. Will of Andrew White, of Middietown, proved Apr. 17, 1761, men- 

wife Esther, to have one-third; son Amos, cane that vvas my father's; son Zephaniah, silver knee 
buckles; daughter Anne; son Garrison; son Andiew, not yet fourteen years old. To each of his children 
one equal fifth part of the remainder. Executors: Friends Esek Hartshorne, John Herbert. \\'itnesscs : 
Jonathan Stout, \M!liani Applegate, Robert Hartshorne. 

1798, Oct. 12. John WooUey gives a mortgage to Robert Hartshorne as executor of 
Esther White. 


82 Anne White 

83 Garrison White 

84 Zephaniah White married Mary 

85 Andrew White* not 14 years of age in 1761 

86 Amos White* 

40 BRITTON WHITE, son of Peter White, 8, died Dec. 26, 1760; married, Dec. 
19, 1734, Dinah, daughter of George and Deborah (Hance) Corlies, born Jan. 17, 1712; 
died 1798. 

The late James Steen, Esq., had a memorandum for the dra\^■!ng up of a deed Iror.i 
"Preserve Lippincott, only son and heir of Daniel Lippincott," to Britton White, dated 
May 19, J 753. 

87 Deborah White born Sep. 22, 1735; died 1S16; married, by license dateti Nov. 

*The Kc'Jj York Gcufaloyictil and bioT.raf,':ical Record fu) IQCIQ, In 2i\;iig a li^i of the N'ew Brunswick Loyalists of the RcvoIl.- 
tion, mentions the n.nir.cs of an Andrew White who settled at St. John, and of a;i Anios White, wife .^nn, and children Jun.ithan, 
Amos, Moses, :'.rd Marg;ry, of Bciv.-r H.-rLcr. 


12, 1754, Wehley Edwards being surety, John Williams, of Shrewsbury; 
died 1 82 1, and had 

Catharine ^^■illianls married, first, Tliomas I'arclay born Mch. ]8, 

1755; second, iNIr. Collard. 
John \Villiams married Ann Worthley born June 28, 1778. 
Samuel Williams 
Nathan Williams married 

88 Elizabeth White born Aug. 25, 1740; died Jan. 3 or 5, 1819; married, Jan. 22, 

1761, Samuel, son of James and Leah (White-Wilbur) Tucker, born Oct. 
8, 1735; died Sep. 2, iSiS; a.nd had 

James Tucker born Nov. 13, 1761 ; married, 1785, Elizabeth I\Iabee; 

died about 1842. 
Brittain Tucker born Oct. 30, 1763; died Oct. 30, 1848; married 

Hannah Boyer born July 15, 1767; died Eeb. 10, 1836. 
John Tucker born Aug. 16, 1765; died November 1821; married, 

1785, Ann Tallman, died July 5, 1826. 
Elizabeth Tucker born iNIch. 22, 1767; died Dec. 31, 1854; married, 

Sep. 16, 1784, Jacob Woollev, born Feb. 20, 1760; died Oct. 7, 

Hannah, Samuel, Phebe and Deborah Tuclcer; all died young. 
Samuel Tucker born Jan. 2, 1776; died Apr. 20, 1853; niarried, 

Mch. 21, 1S07, Sarah Throckmorton born May i. 1780; died 

Jan. 18, 1858. 
Hannah Tucker born May 6, 1777; died, Aug. 31, 1851, unmarried. 
Ebenezer Allen Tucker born May 5, 1783; died about 181S; mar- 
ried, about 1805, Nancy, daughter of James Mount, burn 1765; 
^ died July, 1837. 

89 Rachel ^^ hite born Apr. 4, 1744; died June 9, 1745. 

90 Hannah White born .Sep. 21, 1745; married, by license dated Apr. 30, 1767, 

Thomas Leonard, and had 

James Leonard 
Joseph Leonard 

91 Brittain White born Sep. 4, 1747; died August, 1S22; married, Apr. 22, 1773, 

Elizabeth, daughter of George Allen, died Dec. 5, 1795. 

92 Margaret White born Apr. 21, 1751; died Sep. 14, 18 12; married, first, 

Ebenezer Allen; died prior to Dec. i, 1791 ; second, Richard Davis; and had 

Issue by first husband 
Hannah Allen died unmarried 
Nancy Allen married, Jan. 31, 1799, William Scott. 

93 Joseph White born Apr. 5, 1753; died Nov. 8, 1755. 

43 RUTH WHITE, daughter of Peter White, 8, married Joshua Boud. 
^749j }^h' 3- Administration to Josluia Bc<ud, principal creditor, on the estate of 
Jonathan Jcckieks. 


I775> -"^ii"- -?• John Boude, tailor, son of Jo?;hua Roudc, mortgages land, with Ann, 
his wife, to Briton CorHes, carpenter, with Montihon ^^'oolley, as v.itness. 

1/75) ^'■"'^- I- John and Joshua Boude mortgage hand to Lydia I'ilton, with Joseph 
Potter, as witness, that had been deeded to them in 1758. 

45 HANNAH WHITE, daughter of Peter White, 8; married, prior to Apr. 14, 
1733, Job, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Patterson) Cook. 

"1778, Mch. 12. Will of Job Cook, of Shrewsbury, proved Aug. 15, 1787, mentioned: 

sons, E!ihu, Jesse, Ashcr; dnnghter, Miriam; grandson, Elias, the son of my son William; son-in-law, 
George Howland; grand-daughler, Hannah Cook, and appointed son, Jesse, as his executor. 

Elihu Cook 
Jesse Cook born June 12, 1749; will signed Oct. 11, 1792; proved Mch. 6, 

1793; niaiTied Deborah, daughter of Benjamin and Catharine (Husbands) 

Woolley, born Feb. i, 1756; died Aug. 4, i835._ 
Asher Cook perhaps it was he who married, by license dated Mch. 31, 1764, 

Elizabeth Green. 
Miriam Cook 

W'illiam Cook married and had son Elias Cook 
Susannah Cook married, by license dated Jan. 21, 1758, George Howland. 

46 DOROTHY WHITE, daughter of Peter White, 8; married, by license dated 
Apr. 30, 1739, Amor Chandler, died 1764. 

1^764, Feb. 2. Will of Amer Chanley (in the body of the will, but signed as Amor 
Chandler at the end of it), of Shrewsbury, bricklaye'-; proved May 12, 1764, mentioned: 

wife, Dorothv; two sons, Pontias and Asahel; daughter, Leady (Lydia), now the wife of Ed'.vard 
Patterson Cook; daughter Rebecca, wife of William Mount; daughter, Elizabeth; .fo?; Benjamin, George, 
John and Thomas Chandler and my daughter, Dorothy, at tlic age of twenty-one, 5 shillings to every one 
of them. Executors: wife and Pontas (Pontias). Witnesses: Job Cook, Asher West, Thomas White. 

Lydia Chandler horn Sep. 5, 1739; died Aug. 16, 1829; married by license 

dated Dec. 12, 1757, Edward Patterson, son of Edward Patterson and 

Catharine (West) Cook, born May 13, 1733; died July 26, 1826. 
Pontias Chandler died prior to Apr. 2, 1804, when Thomas Chandler is 

spoken of as his administrator in a deed. 
Rebecca Chandler married, by license dated Dec. 6, 1763, William Mount;* 

died Apr. 1793. 
Elizabeth Chandler married, by license dated June 19, 1767, Thomas Morris. 
Dorothy Chandler 
Asahel Chandlery 
George Chandler 

John Chandler married Sarah 

Benjamin Chandlery 

'William Mount, in his will of 1793; signed Apr. 4, and proved Apr. 17, left two sharcb of his propurty to Willi.un and two 
shares to Asahel Chundlcr, but does not state his rchtion-ihip to them. _ 

tAs.dicl i'.iid Benjamin Chamiiir \.-crc present ut the mai.:.:i;e of their eou-in, Briitaii. U iiitc, Jui.e -Z, 1773. to Lli/aLet.! .idea. 


Thomas ChancHei- died ?\Ich. 9, 18,^7; married, July 15, i?oo, Hannah, 
daughter of Jesse and Deborah (Woollcy) Cook, born Jan. 31, 1779; died 
Nov. 10, i8co. 

52 GEORGE WHITE, son of Thomas White, 10, born Feb. 4, 1721/2; married, 
Jan. 20, 1747, Ann, daughter of John and Sarah (Huet) Lippincott; died 1760/1. See 
for further parricuKars about this Ann Lippincott under Levi White, 31. 

1747, Jan. 5. Marriage license of George White and Ann Lippincott, refers to thcni 
as of Monmouth, calls him weaver and her spinster and has Amos \Miire, cooper, on the 
bond as surety. 

1764, 9mo., 22. Will of George White, of Shrewsbury, yeoman; proved June 29, 
17685 recorded July 21, 1768, gave equal shares ot his property to his six sons and one 
daughter, mentioned as 

Jolin, Thomas, Robert, Benjamin, William, Joseph, and Sarah. 

F.xecutors: Friends, Joseph Jackson and Benjamin ^^olcott, both of Shrewsbury. 

Witnesses: Peter White, Thomas Hulitt [his mark], John West. 

1782, Nov. 28. Joseph White and wife Sarah give a mortgage to his brothers John, 
Robert and Benjamin, "on land that belonged to their tather, George, deceased." 


94 John While died June 8, 1815; married Elizabeth Ferris. 

95 Sarah White married, Jan. 17, 1771, Peter Parker. This marriage I had 

from one source. But I was told by Miss Andrena Scoyen, 199, that 
Sarah married, first, Mr. Corlies, and second, Mr. Marryat. 

96 Thomas White died about the close of the Revolution, a Tory. 

97 Robert V\'hite born Nov. 24, 1753; died 1831; married, first, Hester Craw- 

ford; second, Cornelia Leonard. 

98 Benjamin White born Dec. 4, 1755; died Nov. 7, 1841; married, first, Mary 

ISiorris; second, Sarah De Cou. 

99 Joseph White born Sep. 25, 1760; died Mch. 7, 1846; married, 1781, Sarah 

100 William ^^'hite born Sep. 25, 1760; married and had a family. 

54 ANN WHITE, daughter of Thomas White, 10, born Apr. 18, 1727, died 
Aug. 22, 1757; married, as his first wife, Dec. 6, 1750, Jacob, son ot Isaac and Rachel 
(White) Hance, born May 3, 1729; died June 21, 1799. 

1780, Sep. 10. Jacob Hance is called uncle, in the will ot Jeremiah Hance. 

1789, October Term of Orphans Court. Settlement ot account ot Jr.cob Hance, 
executor of Jeremiah Hance, deceased. 

1799, April Term of Orphans Court. Exception taken to the account of Jacob 
Hance, as surviving executor of John Hance, deceased. 

1799, July Term. Exceptions taken in above case must be made against \\'ill!ani 
Hartshorne, executor of Jacob Hance, deceased, the latter having died since prior 

1799, Apr. 17. Will of Jacob Hance; proved July 15, 1799. 

Rachel Haiice born i2n-:()., 23, 1751; m;'rricd, Dec. 24, 1772, John Wh:re. 


Thomas Hance,* born lonio., 30, 1753, according to the Quaker Records; 
died November, 1 8 10; married Rachel, daughter of John and Rebecca 
(Borclen) Woolley, born Dec. 6, 1767; died Mch. 30, 1853. 

Sarah Hance born lonio., 14, 1755; died June 4, 1786; married John, son of 
Richard and Elizabeth (Williams) Worthley. 

50 THOMAS WHITE, son of Thomas White, ro, born June 18, 1732; married, 
by license dated Dec. 19, 1760, Dinah, daughter of John and Patience (Allen) Lippiiicott, 
born Jan. 12, 1734. 

An old Bible, edition ot 1725, in the possession of Miss Charlotte W. Hance, of New 
Britain, Conn., contains the following: 

The time of the birth of Thomas Whites Children by Dinah his Wife — 

Our Son Esck was hern 20th 9th Montli 1763 — 

Our Daughter Achsali was Born 9th nth Month 176<; — 

Our Daughter Charlotte was Born 26th loth Month 1773 — 

Achsah Hance wife of WilHam Hance departed this Life the 20th of the Sth Month 1796 — 
Revo Hance was born the 9th of the 11 month 1790 — 
Dinah Lippincote horn the 12 of the 11 month 17-4/5. 

1780, July 13. Dinah White was a witness to the marriage of Robert White to 
Hester Crawford. 

loi Esek White born Sep. 20, 1763; died Jan. 3, 1S25; married Ann Bessonet. 

102 Achsah White born Nov. 9, 1765; died Aug. 20, 1796; married William., son 

• of Jacob and Elizabeth (Corlies) Hance, born j\Iay 20, 1760; died Jan. 
30, 1827. See N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record J or 1904. 

103 Charlotte White born Oct. 26, 1773; died Feb. 5, 1831; married May 19, 

1798, Isaac, son of John and Catharine (Waples) Hance, born June 16, 
1769; died Alch. 25, 1832. See A'". Y. Gen. and Biog. Record for 1904. 

58 JOHN WHITE, son of Thomas White, 10, born iimo., 28, 1738, according to 
the Quaker Records, but "imo., 29, 1738/9, O. S." according to an old Bible; died May 
21, 1795; married, by license dated Jan. 17, 1761, Thomas White being surety on the 
bond, Mary Jackson, born about 1740, died, Apr. 21, 1829, aged about 89 years and 5 

1776, July II. John White, of Rumson, gave a mortgage to the Commissioners of 
the Loan Office of Alonmouth Co., on a tract ot land, in Shrewsbury, devised to him "by 
the last will and testament of his father, Thomas White, deceased, recorded in the 
Secretary's Office, at Perth Amboy." This tract of land was upon Little Silver Creek, 
and was bounded by land belonging to Hugh Jackson and Anios White. 


104 Deborah White born June 15, 1761; married, as his second wife, John, son 

of Richard and Elizabeth (Williams) Worthley. 

105 Elizabeth White born Nov. 18, 1763; married Henry, son of Benjamin and 

C!em:entine (Cook) ^^'olcott, died June 21, 1S34. 

*Uis Erave<-i.oi",, i-i the ol i hiiryii.r groiin.i at l^ii:ns<M;, N. 1., read-. ■|'h-j;n:is Hance. born 9:710., 175:; Ji-jJ gmo., l£i-j. 


106 Christian Wliite born Apr. 20, 1766; ilicd, Nov. 13, 1824, aged 58, 6, 24. 

107 George White born July 16, 1769, died in Texas; married EHzabeth ; 

died in Texas. 


EHzabeth \Vhitc married Mr. Tucker, of Railway, N. J. 

108 William White born Apr. 4, 1772; died Oct. 4, 1844; married, Jan. 12, 1797, 

Margaret Morton. 

59 ELIZABETH WMITE, daughter of Thomas White, 24, born Feb. 7, 1725/6; 
died 7mo., 10, 1750; married, May 16, 1744, William, son of Edward Patterson and 
Catharine (West) Cook, born May 7, 1721; died Sep. 22, 1767. 

1775, Dec. II. Will of Thomas White, proved Aug. 17, 1781, refers to Jacob and 
Job Cook as his grandsons. 

Jacob Cook born Dec. 23, 1744; died Mch. 2, 1806; manied, September, 

1767, Joanna, daughter oi George and Elizabeth (Abbott) \Villiams, born 

Aug. 8, 1 745; died Jan. 21, 1833. 
Job Cook born Apr. 22, 1750. It was probably he who had marriage license, 

dated May 17, 1772, with Mary Warrick. 

60 SAMUEL WHITE, son of Thomas White, 24, born Feb. 6, 1727/8; died 
Nov. 27, 1759; married, Nov. 26, 1755, Ann, daughter of David and Meribah (Herbert) 
Curtis, who married, second, Jan. 10, 1765, Briton Corlies. He was a surveyor. 

1758, October. Samuel White assessed on three hundred and eighty-four acres of 
land, at Freehold. 

1759, Feb. 12. Will of Samuel White, of Upper Freehold; proved Oct. 9, 1759, men- 

wife, Anna, to whom he left her marriage inheritance; son, Thomas, to whom he left liis compass nnd 
chain and other surveying instruments, and all his carpenter and turner's tools; daughter, Meriban ^^ hite, 
not of age; to wife, Anne £ico "to raise the child;" "my two children to divide remainder equally;" 
brother Thomas White, to have four suits ot apparel; father, Thomas White, to keep son Thomas Wiiice 
until he becomes of age. Executors: brother, Thomas \Miite and brother-in-law, Da\'id Curtis. 

1775, Dec. II. Will of Thomas White, refers to his grandson, Thomas White, the 
son of his eldest son, Samuel White, as not yet of age; and to his granddaughter, Meribah 
White, as not yet eighteen. 

1788, January Term of Orphans Court. Citation issued against Thomas White and 
David Curtis, executors of Samuel White, deceased, on behalf of Meribah \\ hite. 

1791, January Term of Orphans Court. Thomas White, executor of Thomas White, 
deceased, "has his accounts allowed." It may be that this refers to Thomas \Vhite, o^-, 
as executor of Thomas ^^hite, IC9, but no slightest trace of the will of said Thomas can 
be found either at Trenton, Freehold, or Perth Amboy. 

1836, Apr. 30. A deed at Freehold, in Book Nj, page 2?>^^^ shows that property 
which was left to Thomas White by his grandfather, Thomas White, 24, in his v.'ill, is 
in the possession of Jacob Garrabrandt. 

That Thomas White, 109, left no issue at the time of his death, is proved by the 
fact that real estate bequeathed to him by his grandfather, which was to revert to the 
testator's sons, Thomas, G^,, ^^^.v-l Jacob, 67, if ha died childlcso, io con\xycd in Book M, 

\MnTE 01- XJ'.W JERSliY 273 

pace 166, Apr. 7, 1798, hy Chnrity Tallinnn to James Tallman, Sr.; the said Charity 
.statinfi she is entitled to the land by virtue ot the last will and testament ot her father, 
Jacob White, deceased. 

109 Thomas White born Nov. 26, 1756; mairied, Dec. 4, 1777, Meribah Parker. 

No issue. 
no Curtis \Vhitc born June 8, 1758; died Nov. 18, 1758. 
Ill Meribah White born June 8, 175S; married Charles Little. 


Ann White Little born May 26, 1797; died, Aug. 7, 1858, unmarried. 
Her will was made July 24, 1858 and proved Aug. 30, 1858. 

Elisha l^ittle married Ann, daughter ol Aaron Dcwitt. She mar- 
ried, second, Nov. 16, 1829, James Morris. 

Gl MARY \A'HITE, daughter of Thomas White, 24, born Apr. 19, 1730; died 

^Lay 25, 1802; married as his second wife, June 17, 1747, Richard, son ot John and 

Elizabeth (Hance) Worthley, born Oct. 22, 1712; died 1785. 

1784, Feb. 24. Will of Richard Worthley; proved Nov. 7, 1785, mentioned: 

wife, Mary; son, John, and his children Richard and Jacob; son, Daniel; daughter, Lydia, wiie ot 

John Borden; daughter, Elizabetli, deceased, and her children; brother-in-law, Thomas White; brotlier- 

in-law, Nathan Woolley. Witnesses: John Borden, JoelTiorden, John Mains. 

Issue by second wife 
Lydia Worthley born October 1749; died Jan. 16, 1831; married, Jan. 28, 
1767, John, son of John and Elizabeth Borden. 

63 THO^LAS WHITE, son of Thomas White, 24, born Sep. 17, 1736; died iSio; 

married, first, ; second, July 27, 1769, Mary, daughter ot Benjamin and Catharine 

(Husbands) Woolley, born 6mo., 22, 1759; died prior to May 3, 1791; third, prior to 
June 26, 1798, Lucy (Taliman), widow of Amos White, 71. She probably died in the 
same year as her husband, 18 10, but betore him, as the inventory of her estate was taken 
prior to his. 

1791, June 25. Will of Lydia White, of Freehold township; proved Nov. 18, 1805. 
"To my sister, Zilpah White, all my hole estate." My father, Thomas White, and 
friend, Matthias A'an Kirk, sole executors. \Vitnesses: David Clayton, [his mark], 
Sary Thompson, [her mark]. The testatrix signed by her mark "Lydy White." Thomas 
White qualified as sole surviving executor. 

1804, Sep. 15. Book 0, of Deeds at Freehold, page 991, shows the conveyance of fit ty- 
one acres of land, by Edmund Weatherby and wife, to "John White, the son ot Thomas 
White, of Deal." This same property is later on deeded by "John T. White," to John 
White, sawyer. 

1807, Jan. 10. Will of Thomas \\'hite, of Deal; proved Nov. 9, 1810, mentioned: 

wife, to have $12^. and a!! movables she brought with her when they were married; son, brittain, 
to have a piece of land that Brittain White and Lydia, iiis wife, coincy, Apr. 5, i^-'ii, to .Xmoa \Miitc; 
also one hundred acres of wooiUand, at Shark River, which the same parties convey to Obadiah Sears, 
June 8, .'Si I; and one acre of salt meadow at Goose N'cck; son, Benjamin, and his wife, .Abigail, to hnve 
the use of a tract "Leven" chains wide ihe sea to Wiiite's Fond, for the bringint^ up of their ci!:iJren, 


and after tliL-'ir death it sva? to no to said children; son, Jacob, to have all tlic rest of the horncsicad farm, 
at Deal, and one-half the woodland, at Shark River; dauuhtcr, Eli/abcth Lipnincott, to ]iavc;?37v; 
granddaughter, Mary White, to have ?:5o. when cigliteen; granddauahter, Deboran White, to have ,"^2^0. 
when eighteen; grandson, \\illiain White, to ha\-e Ji^jo. when twenty-one; son, Ijenjaniin, to have tlic u^c 
of the rest of the woodland, at Shark Ri\-er, it afterwards to go to his children. Executors: son, Jacob 
and son, Brittain. W itnesses: Amos W hite, James Throckmurton, Jacob \\ oolley. 

Issue by first wife 

112 John White married 

113 Lydia White died, unmarried, 1805. 

114 Zilpah Wliite 

Issue hy second wife 

115 Jacob Wliite born July 18, 1782; died May 28, 1859; married, May 3, i8c6, 

Abigail Holmes. 

116 Brittain White married Lydia 

117 Benjamin White married, Sep. 4, 1799, Abigail, daughter of James and 

Sarah (Wardell) Lippincott, born May 14, 1773; administration on her 
estate granted Nov. 10, 1836 to Henry Longworth: 

Sarah White, of Philadelphia, married Samuel Balenger. 
Margaret White, ot Philadelphia, married Henry Longworth. 
Mary White, of Cape May, married John Mickle. 

1 These two sons are given on the authority of 
the Lippincott manuscript in the Library of 
the Philadelphia Historical Society. See 
also No. 312. 

118 Elizabeth White born July 8, 1778; married, June 4, 1794, Joel Lippincott. 

119 Thomas White married Phebe, daughter ot William and Mary (Wliite) 

Parker; died 1853. 

G7 JACOB WHITE, son of Thomas White, 24, born July 9, 1746; died April, 
1784; married, by license dated Oct. 14, 1768, Charity, daughter ot Joseph and Hannah 
(Brinley) Wardell. The original license for this marriage was in the possession of the 
late James Steen, Esq., of Eatontown, N. J. 

1782, iimo., !2. \\\\\ of Jacob White, of Shrewsbury; proved Apr. 23, 1784, men- 

wife, Charity White, to bring up and educate all my children; four daughters, not yet 21, viz.: 
Elizabeth, Hannah, Charity, Zilpah. Executors: Wife, Charity; friend, Gawen Drummond; brother-in- 
law, Nathan Woolley. Witnesses: Jesse Cook, Thomas Sherman, Joel Woolley [his mar!;]. 

1787, April Term Orphans Court. Nathan Woolley and Gavin Drummond, com- 
plainants, against Charity White, their co-executrix, of the estate of Jacob White, 
deceased, for waste. 

1787, July 3. The Shrewsbury Town Book shows Charity White was fined £5, on 
this date, and £5, again in 1794-5. 

1794, April Term Orphans Court. Petition of James and Charity Tallman, she 
the daughter of Jacob White, deceased, for a division of his real estate; states that one 
or two of his four da.u2hters are now under age. 



120 Elizabeth White ma.Ticd DaviJ Knott 

121 Hannah White born Dec. 15, 1773; tlied Mch. 20, 1S52; married Juno 14, 

1794, Richard, son of Peter and AHce (Eongstreet) \Mkoff, born Scji. 1 1, 
1763; died June 28, 1836. Both buried in the Presbyterian Churcliyard, 
at Shrewsbury, N. J., where the tombstones read as here given. A 
Wikoff Bible says she was born Sep. 9, 1773; died June 26, 1836; and that 
they were married in 1790. 

122 Charity White married James Tallman, Jr. 

123 Zilpah White of Shrewsbury, married, Dec. 6, 1798, Theophilus, son of 

Peter and Alice (Eongstreet) Wikotf, ot Upper Ercchold; died prior to 
January, 1823. 

G9 ISE'^VRY WHITE, daughter of Amos White, 25, married, Dec. 10, 1755, William 
Parker, familiarly known as "Rich Billy Parker." He was born in 1736, and died in 
181 5. She probably died prior to Sep. 30, 1791, as on and after that date he gives deeds 
without mentioning any wife in them. 

1812, 5mo., 28. Will of William Parker, Sr., of Shrewsbury; proved Xov. 30, 1815, 

daughters, Deborah Corlies, Marv Crawford, Phoeba White, and her son, William ^^'hitc; grand- 
daughters, Mary White, Deborah ^^hite; grandson, Joscpli Parker; son, William Parker; grandson, 
NN'illiam Holmes. Executors: my two sons, Joseiih and William Parker. Witnesses: Peter Corlies, 
George Corlies, Jacob W oolley. For issue of this marriage see N. Y. Gen. ayid Biog. Records for igo^. 

70 JOEL WHITE, son of Amos White, 25, married, by license dated Oct. 14, 
I7<2, Annie Wardell; Joshua Parker being surety on the bond. She afterwards married 
Mr. West. 

1768, Apr. 3. Will of Joel White, of Shrewsbury, yeoman; proved Dec. 16, 1773, 

Wife, Anne, to have use of all to educate and bring up my children. 

Two daughters, Charity and Rachel White 

Two sons, James and Joel White, all my lands after my wife's death or marriage. 

Executors: my wife, and brother-in-law, Ebenezer Wardell. 

\Nitnesses: James Boggs, William Wardell, Job Cook. 

1773, Dec. 16. Letters testamentary given to Amos White, on estate of Joel White, 

1793, ^'^P"- --• ^s Anne West, she joins in a deed given by her son, Joel White, and 
his wife, Alary, tor land, at Deal. 


124 Charity White married William, son of James and Catharine (W'oolley) 

Woolley, born 1752. For issue see Historicnl Miscclhuiy under JVoolley. 

125 Racliel White born Mch. 6, 1756; died Oct. 10, 1839; married, first, John 

Corlies; second, Jacob Corlies. 

126 Joel White died 1S14; married Mary, daughter of Joseph White. 

127 James White died unmarried 

71 AMOS WHITE, of Shrewsbury, son of Amor. White, 25, died 1791; married, 


by license dated Apr. 3, 1766, Lucy Tallman, of Shrewslnirv. She afterwards marrir ' 
prior to June 26. 1798, Thomas White, 63, and died in iSio. 

1 79 1, I5rh day of (This was preceded by an entry under the date Mch ) < 

1791, ^nd followed by one of Feb. 25, 1791.) Bcnianiin Corlie's appointed adiirnistriior 
of the estate of Amos \\ hite, deceased, of Monmouth Co. 

1797, Mch. 30. William Parker made Guardian of Humphrey Wliite. 

1800, Jan. 28 Division of the real estate of Amos White, deceased, amony his 
Jicn-s, made by Thomas Little and Barnes 1. Smock, commissioners. And th- heir'- 
were Humphrey ^^ hite, Amos White, Joel White, and Scott Herbert, a grandson.^ 

1816 Peb. 20. Samuel W. Ten Brook made administrator on the^ estate of Huir 
phrey uhite, deceased. 


128 Humphrey White died about 18 15/16 

129 Amos White born Sep. 21, 1768; died June 19, 1833; married, Mch. j- 

1797, Ann Throckmorton. " 

130 Joel White born Sep. 3, 1780; died Oct. 9, 18-^6; married Anna White. 

131 Deborah White born July 23, 1773; died July 6, 1795; married, Mch. 24, 

1792, Jacob, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Corlies) Herbert, as his 
first wife, born July 25, 1764; died Nov. 19, 1825. 

Scott Herbert born Sep. 24, 1794; married Mcribah, daughter of 
Joseph and Lydia (Corlies) Corlies, born Mch. 4, 179-. 

72 LEAH WHITE, daughter of Amos White, 25, married, by license dated July 
^S, I753> James, son of Richard Morris; died 1769. 

_ 1769, Jan 16. Will of James xMorris; proved Mch. 18, 1769, refers to his father- 
in-law, Amos \\hite 


Amos Morris married Lydia 

Joel White Morris 

74 DEBORAH WHITE, daughter of Amos White, 2s, married, by license dated 
Apr. 21, 1758, Joseph Wardell; Samuel Tallman being suretv on the bond. He was the 
son of Jacob and Hannah (Parker) Wardell, born Oct. 15, 1718. 

Benjamin Wardell born Sep. 13, 176;; died Feb. 2;;, 1821 : married Deborah, 

daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Corlies) I lance, born Oct. C, i-y62: died 

Oct. 23, 1830. 
Joseph VVardell married Sallie Robert 
John Wardell 

\vnrrE of new ji-.rsi-.y 277 

Sarah Wardel! married Mr. Cummings 

Deborah WarJell married Mr. Wood 

Hannah Wardcll marrieil, first, Mr. Forman: second, Mr. Borden. 

Carohne Wardell 

Julia Ann ^^'ardeIl married Robert, son of John and Rel'iecca (Horden) 

Maria Wardcll born Oct. :io, 1781; died Mch. 7, 1853; married George T., 

son of Thomas and Esther (Holmes) Morlord, born Feb. 3, 1778; died 

Oct. 20, 1827. 

75 THOMAS WHITE, son of Eevi White, 31, born Nov. 30, 1734; died 1801; 
married, by license dated Dec. 18, 1758, Charity, daughter ot Henry Green; Henry 
Green being bondsman. It has been said that this Thomas White was called "Eledger/' 
but the statement is probably an error. 

iSoi, Jan. 21. Will of Thomas White, of Shrewsbury; proved Mch. 25, iSoi, men- 

brother, John; only daugliter, Margaret Stilhvell, to have the use of real estate given to the issue 
of said daughter that may live to come of age. In case Margaret died and no issue was alive to inherit, 
then his "cosen," Jacob White, 135, was to have the lot where I now dwell, and his brother, Job.n ^^'hite, 
the use of the lot adjoining George White, which was afterwards to go to his son, Thomas \Miite; sister's 
daughter, Phebe Parker. Executors: friend, liley NN'illiams, Cosen Jacob White. \\itn.esses: Jacob 
Herbert, Amos White, Timothy Corlies. 


132 Margaret White born January, 1762; died, Apr. 25, 1825, aged 6^ years, 4 

months; btn'ied in Christ Churchyard, .Shrewsbury; married James 
Stiliwell, born Jan. i, 1767; died Dec. 26, 1826. She left no issue. 

77 JOHN WHITE, son of Levi White, 31, born Jan. i, 1745. 

1807, January Term Orphans Court. Account of Jacob White, (Quaker) adminis- 
trator of John White, credits himself for 13 months board of John H. White, son of John, 
deceased, intestate. To this is attached a note saying that the real estate of the deceased 
consisted of a small lot, near Eatontown, on which there are some small buildings very 
much out of repair, and that Judge Little could give the Court further information. 

1807, January Term Orphans Court. Jacob White appointed as Guardian ot John 
Hedger White, under 14 years of age; Britton White and Francis Borden, sureties. 

1826, Nov. 13. Thomas White, of Brooklyn, N. Y., conveys to James and Gabriel 
West, seven acres of land, adjoining a small lot of land that belongeci to George \Vhite, 
"weaver,"' which appears to have been inherited by him under the reversionary clause 
of the will of his uncle, Thomas White, 75. 

1827, Oct. 26. Thomas White, of Kings Co., N. '^j'., conveys to John T. Corlies, of 
Shrewsbury, twcnt)"-two acres of land, which is described as "being a part ot the real 
estate of Jaiiies Smith, deceased," and adjoining George White. 


133 Thomas White mentioned in the will of his uncle, Thomas White, 75, Jan. 

21, 1 801. 

134 Joim I ledger V-'Iiite r.ot I4 years of age in 1807 

278 HISTOi^ICA]. MlSCEl.l.AXY 

7S JOSEPH WHITE, son of Le\i ^^■llite, 31, horn Aug. 27, 1749; died prior ro 
Oct. 5, 1799; :narried, Dec. 13, 1770, Snrah, daughter of Ephraim and Constant (Whit.j) 
Parker, 51. 

^~n9, Oci- 5- George Van Pelt, of Slu-ewshury, and Elizabeth his wife, convey to 
Jacob \Vhite, also of Shrewsbury, all right, title and interest to the one-sixth interest in 
the hind wh.ereon Joseph \\'hite dwelt, by virtue of being one of the heirs of said Joseph 
White, deceased, ^^'itnesses: Samuel and Elizabeth Brees. This deed, acknowledged 
as well as signed on_ the above date, was not recorded until Dec. 24, 1821, the same date 
for the recording ot the next two deeds also. 

1809, Jan. 4. Quit claim deed from Joseph Fleming and Lydia, Itis wife, to her 
brother, Jacob ^^'hite, all of Shrewsbury, for her one-sixth interest in the one hundred and 
sixty-eight acres where Joseph White dwelt. This hand is described as being bounded on 
the south by land ol Timothy Corlies, southwesterly by the main road, westerly and 
southwesterly by John White's lot, and westerly by Thomas White's land. 

1811, July I. John D. Goodrich, of New York, and Sarah, his wife, convey their one- 
sixth interest in the same land, describing it in the same way, except that Timotli.y Cor- 
lies is called "deceased." 

The following is an absolutely accurate copy of a paper in the possession of Mrs. 
John Livingston Conover, of Wickatunk, N. J., which was made I^Iarch 28th, 1908. 
The words with aesteriks had lines drawn through them in the original, those in italics 
were interlined, without any indication as to where they belonged. 


I Reside in the Town of Freehold N.* J.* Mo. Co. A'. J. I ?m 75H years old wns 
Born & have always Lived in this County & State: my Great Grand Father FJemine was a General in 
the Revohitio-'iary war with* Great* Britain* Flcmington Co. Seat of Huntcidon Co. n'as rtamed after hhn 
My Grand Father Jacob Fleining was a captain* Lieutenant 1776 in War of 1S12 a Farmer in this Co. 
Died in 1S19 his hrother Stephen H'as a Captain my Father a son of Jacob Fleming was a Farmer in t!iis 
Co. & State* died in 182S My Mother was Lydia White Daughter of Joseph White Died 1812 (Quakers) 
whose Ancestors Came to this Country sometime* in 1660 Farmers in this Co. iN; owned Large tracts ci 
Land at & near Long Branch N. J. my Mother died 1829 Leaving me a minor age 13 years I am a 

It is difficult, if not impossible, rightly to assign the dates of death as given in this 
document. It was not Joseph White who died in 1812, for his daughter Elizabeth ^'an 
Pelt is giving a deed for her share in his property in 1799. It was not the date of death 
of Lydia, the daughter of Joseph, for she died in 1S29. Nor am I at all confident that 
the date 1819 belongs with Jacob Fleming, it might just as well apply to Stephen from 
its position in the manuscript. 


135 Jacob \\'hite died Jan. 21, 1855; married, Feb. 9, 1799, Catharine Howland, 

born Nov. 1 1, 1780. 

136 Elizabeth White married George Van Pelt, and had 

Antliony G. Van Pelt born Oct. 5, 1799. 
Sarah Ann Van Pelt; working samplers in tSii and 1813. 

137 Lydia White died 1829; married, June 21, 1806, Joseph, son of Jacob item- 

ing; died 1828, and had 

'Line thicu^Ii in oriijinal. hnlii.-^ litnou.- iptrrlincri worii* 



Charles Tilton Fleming, born July 14, 1815; died Aug. i, 1894; 
married, May 6, 183S, Sarah Ann, daughter ot William and Jane 
(Throckmorton) Scott, born Oct. 8, 1817; died Mch. 4, 1896. 

138 Sarah White married, Aug. 22, 1S09, John I). Goodrich. 

Miss Jane ^^'hite, of Eatontown, X. J., told me verbally, that the following were 
children, or under 141, grandchildren, of Joseph White, but it does not seem likely, 
since no one of them joins in deeding the homestead property to Jacob White. 

139 William White died, unmarried, while learning his trade. 

140 Sidney White died, unmarried, at about the age of forty. 

141 Amos White married Ann * 

SO PETER WHEFE, son of Amos White, 2:,, born Aug. 7i, (19?), 1746; died 
Mch. 26, 1798; married Patience, daughter of John and Patience (Allen) Lii-)pincott, 
born 3mo., 27, 1757, as given in the Quaker Records, in one place, v. hile in another these 
same give the date as 8th mo., 12, 1757. 

1796, Aug. 23. Peter White and Patience, his wife, convey to Hannah Lippincott, 
widow, and Lydia White, single woman, land that was situated on the Rumson Highway, 
and also on the Highway from that to the North River, which was evidently the same 
as was mortgaged, by Am.os White, 22i to James Mount, June 2, 1769, and was part or 
that which had been bequeathed to him by his tather, Amos White, 7. 

1798, imo., 27. Will of Peter White, of Shrewsbury; proved June 30, 1798, men- 

wife, Patience; sons and daughters, as named, some of whom were not yet eighteen years of as 
Amos, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, PiicCe, Peter, Allen, Elizabeth and Jane. Executors: \\ illiam Hartshc 
and son, Amos. NMtnesses: John \N'hite, Mary White, Sam.uel \\'. Ten Brook. 

age: — 

1802, Apr. 3. Nicholas ^'an Brunt, and Addrean (Audria?), his wile, convey to Eseck 
Wliite, seventy-two and a half acres of land at Rumson, on the north side ot the main 
road from Black Point to the Falls, "which, with more, the said Nicholas \'an Brunt 
claims by virtue of a deed of sale/or the executors ot Peter White, deceased, dated Mch. 
27, 1800." 


142 Amos ^^'hite born Jan. 15, 1777; married, Oct. 15, 1801, Ann White.* 

143 Mary White born Nov. 10, 1778 

I43>< Jean White born Aug. i, 1780; died Aug. 5, 1780. 

*.\ careful ana painstakin? comparison of the names signed as witnesses to the marriage ot Amos White an;l Ann White 
shows, quite ccmplctely, to my mind, at leaat, thnt Amos White was the son of iVter and Patience White, and Ann White was 
probably the daughter of Joseph, 78, and Sarah (Parker; White. In this way the signatures immediately following those ot the 
bride and groom would be accounted for as: 

Sarah White, the mother of the bride. 

Patience White, the mother of the groom. 

Lydia White, trie sister of the bride, who later or. married Joseph Fleming. 

Hannah Whire, the sister of the groom, eighteen years old. 

Sarah Wtiite, the sister of the groom, twenty years old. 

Jacob White, the brother of the biidc wiio had married, in 17051, Catharine 

John White, an uncle of the bride. 

Kathl. Parker, a relative of the bride's, on the mother's side, who was the granddaughter of a Nathaniel Parker. 

Cathaiine White- siste.--in-!.',w of the ti'ide. 


14.} Sarah White horn Oct. 25, 1781 

145 Hannah White horn July 4, 1783 

146 Pliehe \\'hite horn Apr. 19, 1785 

147 Ahigail White horn Aug. 29, 1787; died Nov. 26, 1789. 

148 Peter White borii Mch. 26, 1789. 

149 Samuel \\hite born Apr. 2, 1791 ; died Aug. 27, 1793. 

150 Allen ^Vhite born .Aug. 10, 1793 

151 Eliz:iheth White born Feb. 18, 1796? 

152 Jane White born Oct. 31, 1798 

84 ZEPHANTAH WHITE, son of Andrew White, 34, married Mary , 

who died prior to the probate of his will. 

1752, Jan. 2g, and July 31. Freehold Court Recoi-ds show that he was in litigation 
with John Morris, for a debt of £20., owed by the latter, together with interest from May 
7, 1748. 

1803, Mch. 30. Will of Zephaniah ^^ hite, of Middletown; proved May 12, 1827, 
mentioned wife, Mary, and children, Zephaniah, under twenty-one; Andrew, Esther, 
Mary and Elizabeih. 

1827, May 15. Zephaniah White and Eleanor, his wife, and Andrew White and 
Jane, his wife, deed land to John Stout, excepting out of the same a burying ground, that 
had been sold to Zephaniah White (84?), Oct. 14, 1802. 


153 Zephaniah White married, Oct. 19, 18 14, Helena, daughter of ISlai-garet 


154 Andrew White married Jane Tunis, and had 

Hope White born 18 16; married Asher, son of Jonathan and Mary 
(Madden) Tilton, born 1815. 

155 Esther A. White born 1817; died 1888; married, Feb. 26, 1839, Jacob 

Romine; both of Middletown; born 18 17; buried at Fairview Cemetery, 

156 Mary White 

157 Elizabeth White 

--^ 91 BRITTAIN WHITE, son of Britton White, 40, born Sep. 4, 1747; died August 
1822; married, Apr. 22, 1773, Elizabeth, daughter of George Allen, died Dec. 5, 1795. 

1815, limo., 10. Will of Brittain White, of Shrewsbury; proved Oct. 4, 1822, men- 

son, George A., ?3CO.; son, Thomas Chalkley, S1500.; three daughters, Lydia, Eli7abeth and Rebecca 
White, ?iooo. each; executors: son, George A. White, and friend, Tylee \Nilliams, to have ?icoo. for 
particular reasons, to be placed in trust and the interest given anniially to my son Samuel during his lite, 
after his decease to his laAfu! issue; my seven children, George, Brittain, Joseph, Tiiomas, Lydia, Eliza- 
beth, Rebecca; to George and Brittain had been left legacies by their grandfather George .Allen. Wit- 
nesses: Jacob C. \'anartsdalen, Edmund NV. Allen, Sarriuel Traflbrd. 


158 George Allen White born Jan. 1, 1776; ilied June 6, 1S54; married Elizabeth 


WHITl'. 01' NEW JI'.RSEY 281 

159 Brittain White born June 29, 1778 

160 Joseph White born Jan. 25, 17S1 

161 l>ydia White born Sep. 10, 1783; died Jan. 25, 1785. 

162 Samuel White born iMch. 16, 1787. 

163 Lydia White born Oct. 14, 1788; died, Mch. 22, 1871, unmarried. 

164 Thomas Chalkley Wliite born Sep. 25, 1790, died, Nov. i, 1846; letters of 

administration grante>.l on his estate, Dec. i, 1846, to George A. White. 

165 EHzabeth Wliite born, Oct. 12, 1792; died Apr. 2, 1869, unmarried. Buried 

in the Quaker yard, Shrewsbury. 

166 l^ebecca \\'right White born Oct. 8, 1794; died Jan. 21, 183T. 

94 JOHN WHITE, son of George White, 52, died June 8, 1815; married Eliza- 
beth Ferris.* 

On the authority of Miss Andrena Scoyen they are given the following 

167 George White 

168 Eliza White married Mr. Palmer 

169 Ann White died unmarried 

97 ROBERT WHITE, son of George White, 52, born Nov. 24, 1753; died 1831; 
married, first, Hester,t daughter of William and Catharine (Bowne) Crawford, born 
I'^eb. 3, 1761; died May 10, 1797; married, second, Nov. 27, 1806, Cornelia, daughter of 
Samuel and Mary Leonard, born Dec. 31, 1776: died, Oct. 11, 1830, aged ^1, years, 10 
months and 11 days, according to her tombstone in the graveyard of Christ Church, 

Robert White, his first wife, Esther, and their son, Tylee, are buried in the Quaker 
yard, at Shrev/sbury, with locust boards having only their initials and the year of death 
to mark the graves. 

1817, 9mo., 16. Will of Robert White, of Shrewsbury, merchant; proved, Mch. 2, 
1831, by Littleton White, when Joseph Lafetra, the surviving executor, qualified, 

wife, Cornelia, to have use of house where I now live, and the interest from $2000. in lieu of dowe!'; 
the residue my executors are to use for the support and education of my children by my said wife Cornelia; 
and when the youngest comes of agef then the whole estate is to be sold, except what has been left to my 
wite, and di\'!ded as my executors choose, tor the advanragc of all my children by my first and second 
wife. If my daughter, Catharine Martin, needs assistance my executors are to give it to her. Executors: 
friends, Tylee \\illiams and Joseph Latetra. Witnesses: fidmund W. Allen, Littleton \\'hite, Henry 
I. Remson. 

Issue bs' first wife 

170 Crawford White born June 14, 1782; married Dec. 9, 18 19, x-\nn Taylor. 

tiilJ3, iimo., 8. Joseph I.r.lVtr.T, as executor of Robert White, JeccascJ, conveys land on the west side of the main hl:;hw.iy 
ftoiii Tinton Falls, to F.Jmunu Throckmorton, on the authori:.)- cf the ci.uios in his will which ern[iowere 1 him so to do "when 
his yoiint-'L-jt child b> his wife Corn.dia. if a son at Itie ace of 2 1 years, and if a daut;liter at the age of 1 8 yea-'s," was con-e of a?e; 
?.nd itute . l!:at s,aid child has arrived ."t said a^c. 


l/i Catharine White born Mch. 25, 17S4; married juiic 11, 1807, Isaac ^L•l^tir,, 
Jr., and Jiad 

• Benjamin ^Lartin 

172 Tylce \\'h!te born Oct. 29, 17S6; died Sep. 28, 1802. 

173 Robert Bowne White, of Danville, \'a., born Oct. 17, 1788; married. 

174 Lydia Grover White born Dec. 20, 1791; married, Mch. 16, 1814, Re\'. 

Samuel P. Lewis, oi Westchester, Pa. 

175 William C. White born Sep. 8, 1794; died June 13, 1880; married Mary 


Issue by second wife 

176 Alfred White died about 1890; married Ada , who died about 18S9; 

no issue. 



98 BENJAMIN WHITE, son of George White, 52, born Dec. 4, 1755; died Nov. 
7, 1841; married, first, (by license dated Apr. 16, 1781, his brother, Joseph ^^'hite, being 
bondsman), Apr. 25, 1781, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Joanna (Hulett) Morris, born 
Sep. 20, 1758; died July 19, 1807; married, second, Mch. 9, 1809, Sarah, daughter of 
John and Sarah (Antram) De Cou, born Jan. 25, 1776; died Dec. 29, 1847. 

Both Benjamin and his second wife are buried in the Quaker INleeting House yard 
at Shrewsbury, N. J., together with several ot his children, there being nothing more 
than locust boards witli initials, and possibly a date, to indicate the spots, and these are 
so decayed that in a short time they will have disappeared totally. His first wife lies 
buried in Christ Churchyard. 

1S40, jmo., 1\. Will of Benjamin White, of Shrewsbury, with codicils dated 6tr)o., 23, 184c, and 
9mo., 19, 1840, was proved Dec. 11, 1841, appointed his friends, Joseph Lafetra, tanner, in Shrewsbury, 
and Chailcs H. ^^ hite, of Philadelphia, son ot Joseph White, of Runison, as his executors. The codicils 
revoked the appointment of Joseph Lafetra, and appointed John Statesir in his place. 

Issue by first wife 

179 Elizabeth White born Mch. 2, 17S2; died Oct. 4, 1854; married, Sep. 12, 

1799, Amos, son of William and Hester (Middleton) Tikon, born Oct. 
7, 1774; died Sep. 3, 1S19. See Historical Miscellany under Tiltou. 

180 Caroline White born iVLay 30, 1782; died Mch. 31, 1798. 

181 John White born Oct. 11, 1783; married Jane Wright. 

182 Mary White born Apr. i, 1785; died Oct. 21, 1861; married June 3, 1803, 

Thaddeus, son of Hezekiah anci Mary (Bctts) Whitlock, born Oct. 21, 
178 1. See Historical Miscellan.y under JV hillock. 

183 Agnes White born Nov. 20, 1786; died Dec. 3, 1786. 

184 Joanna White born Jan. 20, 1788; died 17SS. 

185 Annie White born Feb. 11, 1789; died, Sep. 22, i860, aged 71 years, 7 

months, 11 days, unmarried. 

186 Susannah White born June 3, 179J; died Oct. 3, 1796. 

187 Joanna White born Apr. 13, 1793; died Aug. 11, 1793. 

1 88 Morris V\hite born May 3, 1794; died 0;:t. 1, 1796. 


189 Benjamin Morris White born July 20, 1797; died June 8, 1817. 

190 Joseph Emhree White horn Jan. 23, 1799; died July 9, 1874; married, May 

22, 1834, Sarah White, daughter of Jacob and Rachel (White) Corlics, 
125, born June 21, 1797; died Feb. 21, 1890. In his will he calls himself 
of Eatontown, N. J., and, having no issue of his own, devised his property 
to his sister, Sarah W. Hance, and to various nieces and nephews. His 
wife also calls herself of Eatontown in her will. 

191 Susan White born July 11, 1 801 ; died, July 12, 1865, unmarried. 

Issue by second wife 

192 Stacy Ue Cou White born Dec. 10, 1809; died June 17, 1848. 

193 V>'illiam De Cou White born Aug. 25, 181 1; married, Jan. 10, 1S47, Susan 

F. Conrow. 

194 Sarah \Miite born Mch. 9, 1814; died July 8, 1890; married, Feb. 15, 1838, 

George, son of John and Ann (Borden) Hance, born Mch. 8, 1808; died 
Julyi7, 18S7. 

99 JOSEPH \VHITE, son of George White, 52, born Sep. 25, 176c; died Mch. 
7, 1846; married, 1781, Sarah, daughter of Elihu and Ann (Wady) Williams, born July 
I, 1764; died Feb. 22, 1852. Both buried in the Quaker Groimds at Shrewsbury, with 
only locust boards to mark their graves. 

1782, 9mo., 28. He gave a mortgage to his brothers, John, Robert, and Benjamin 
White, on land that had belonged to their father, George \Miite, deceased. 


195 Ann White born May 16, 1782; married, Dec. 13, 1802, Curtis, son of 

Humphrey and Meribah (Curtis) Williams, and had 
Clarinda Williams 
Anne Williams 
Abby Williams 
Phebe Williams 
Mary Williams 
Sarah V\'illiams 
Sarah Williams 

James Williams born Nov. 6, 1824; died Nov. 25, 1908; married 
Arintha, daughter of John C. and Lucy Van Mater born Aug. 
23, 1825; died Dec. 13, 1900. 
Wadey ^^'illiams 

196 Sarah White born Nov. 11, 1784; married, Sep. 14, 1809, Benjamin Paxson, 

Jr., and had 

Susan Paxson 
Ruth Paxson 
Alfred Paxson 
Benjamin Paxson 
Edmund Paxson 

197 Clariiidu ^Vilite born Fel). 2^, 1787; died-, 1833, unmarried. 


19S Elihu White born Feb. 3, 1789; nutnicd, Sepremlicr, 1813, Rebecoa II;ivi- 

199 Phebe ^^'hite born Apr. 14, 179:?.; died Mch. 20, iSSi; married, Dec. 25, 

1 8 13, Peter Scoyen, and had 

Andrena Scoyen born December i8i4;died,Nov. 12, I903,vinmarricd 
Julia L.ouisc Scoyen married Henr\' Koop 
Eugenia Scoyen married Dr. Rugg 
Clarinda Scoyen married Mr. Lowrey 
Peter Scoyen married 
Josephine Scoyen 

200 George ^Y. White born Apr. 13, 1794; married EHza Fields, and had 

Edward White 
Andrena White 
Eleanor White 
Julia White 

201 Charles H. White born Apr. 3, 1796; died 1876; cabinet-maker, of Phila- 

delphia; married, first, Rebecca Stockton, and, second, her sister, Sarah 

Issue by first wife 
Joseph White 
Job ^^'hite 
Charles White 
Benjamin White 
Albert White 
Augustus White 
Nancy White 

Sally White married Herman Koop 
Rebecca White married Michael Xewbold 

202 Mary White died young 

203 Mary White born Aug. 3, 1799; died Feb. 12, 1S95; married, Dec. 22, 183T, 

John B. Eveleth; died 1851; and had 

Charles White Eveleth died 1832 
Alma Eveleth married Edmund Wrigley 

Sarah Eveleth born 1837; married, Sep. 29, 1864, Benjamin Paxon 
\\'rigley, born 1839. 

204 William Williams White born Dec. 5, 1801; married, (Apr. 15, 1839?), 

Eliza (Fields) White, and had 

Rebecca White 

205 Joseph White born Nov. 13. 1804; died (1846?); married Sarah lloiner; died 

(1852;}, andhad 


Issar by second wife 
Joseph White 
Alfred White 

206 John Ferris White born Nov. 19, 1S07; married, Dec. 12, 1833, Rachel, 

daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Cook) Sherman, and had 

Ferris White 

Louisa White married Mr. McCobb 
Thomas White 

Henry Clay White died young 
Josephine White died young 

101 ESEK WHITE, son of Thomas White, 56, born Sep. 20, 1763; died Jan. 3, 
1825; married Ann, daughter of John and Sarah Bessonet, died Apr. 5, 1836. 

1836, 5mo., 10. Inventory of the estate of Ann White taken, Isaac P. White, ad- 
ministrator, Thomas C. White and Henry W. Wolcott, appraisers. 

Among the wills on record at Trenton is that of John Bessonet of the city of New 
York, m.ason, in which he mentions land at Middletown, wife Sarah, and three children, 
viz.: Ann, John and Sarah Bessonet. This was made 4mo., 18, 1783, and proved Nov. 
I, 1783- 


207 Henry B. White born Oct. 14, 1801; died Oct. 4, 1836; married Sarah Ann 


208 Isaac Pennington White born Apr. 7, 1804; died Jan. 28, 1876; married 

Adaline Simmons. 

209 Caroline White born June 4, 1806; died Aug. 27, 1828; married, June 10, 

1S28, Joseph M. Butcher; no issue. 

210 Harriet White born Oct. 3, 1792; died Dec. 9, 1830; married Jacob Butcher. 

211 Esek Ten Brook White born May 12, 1809; died July 16, 1841; married, 

September, 1835,* Elizabeth Hartshorne, born Aug. 15, 18 13; died Dec. 23, 
1874; she married, second, Dec. 21, 1843, Joseph T. Allen. No issue. 
He lies buried in the old yard at Rumson. 

102 ACHSAH WHITE, daughter of Thomas White, 56, born Nov. 9, 1765; died 
Aug. 20, 1796; married, 1784, William, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Corlies) Hance, 
born May 20, 1760; died Jan. 30, 1827. She is probably buried in the Quaker Meeting 
House grouncis, along with her husband and his second wite, who was Margaret, daughter 
of Obadiah and Hannah (Corlies) Tilton. 

Revo Carney Hance born Nov. 9, 1790; died F'eb. 25, 1862; married, Nov. 
9, 18 1 5, Mary Augusta, daughter of Edward and Anne Gouverneur 
(Provoost) Ming, born iVlay 29, 1795; died May 5, 1880. 

'Records of Chriic CIilhIp, Sli]cv,-sbur> . 


103 CHAKLOTIT. WHITE, daughter of Thomas White, 56, born Oct. -6, 
1773; died Feb. 5, i8;;i; married, May 10, 1798, Isaac, son of John and Catherine 
(\\'aples) Hance, born June 16, 1769, died Mch. 25, 1832. 


Edward Hance born Sep. 3, 1798; died Oct. 22; 1867; married, Dec. 23, 
1821, Sarah \V. Conrow, born Jan. 25, 1803 died June iS, 1855. 

Joseph Lippincott Hance born Oct. 12, 1802; died ^Ich. 21, 1885'; iiiarried, 
Sep. 12, 1825, CaroHne, daughter ot Richard and Sarah (Cliadv/ick) 
Borden, born Aug. 20, 1809; died Oct. 20, 1872. 

Catharine VVapIes Hance born Aug. n, sSo-; died Jan. 30, 1885; niarried, 
Oct. 10, 1838, John H. Adlem. 

Henry Hance born Sep. 9, 1809; died Aug. 30, 18 13. 

Ehzabeth VVoolIey Hance born Nov. 3, 1813; died, Dec. 23, 1898, unmar- 

104 DEBORAH WHITE, daughter of John White, 58, born June 15, 1761 ; died 
after May 24, 1842, when her brother, WilHam, mentioned her in his will; married, as 
his second wife, John, son ol Richard and Elizabeth (Williams) Worthley. 

John Worthley born Jan. i, 1795; died Sep. 21, 1883; married, first, Oct. 

17, 1819, Elizabeth Chandler, horn Jan. 27, 1798; died Nov. i, 1834; 

second, Dec. 23, 1841, Elizabeth Sherman, widow ot William. Borden, 

born Mch. 27, 1809; died July 2, 1874. 
Jane Worthley born 1802; died Mch. 9, 1S77; married John Taylor. 

105 ELIZABETH WHITE, daughter of John White, 58, born Nov. i8, 1763; 
married Henry, son ot Benjamin and Clementine (Cook) Wolcott; died June 21, 1834. 

John Wolcott born Nov. 11, 1789; died Nov. 26, 1856; married, Dec. 20, 
1810, Lydia, daughter of William Brinley, born June 34, 1790; died 
Jan. '23, 1852. 

lOS WILLIAM WHITE, son of John White, 58, born Apr. 4, 1772; died Oct. 4, 
1844; married Margaret Morton, born Dec. 6, 1779; died May 23, 1829. 

1836, Apr. 5. William White mortgages a piece of land that he had bought, as one 
of the heirs-at-law of John Vvhite, from John Worthley and Deborah, his wife, and the 
other heirs-at-law of the said John White, the deed being dated Nov. 17, 1824. While 
Christian White's name is in the margin of the mortgage it is not attached as a signature, 
she having died four days prior to the signing ot the deed by John and Deborah Worth- 
ley, John and Lydia \Volcott, and by George and Elizabeth White. 

1842, May 24. Will of William White, of Shrewsbury; proved Oct. 18, 1844, makes 
mention of his sister, Deborah U'orthley, and all of the following children except t!:e son 

212 Mary Wjiite born July 19, 1798; died Sep. 16, 1886; married John B. Morris. 


213 John White born Jan. i, iSoi, died 185-;; married Julia 

214 William M. Whire born Jan. 10, 1S03; died 1877; married Idi/a .....; 

removed to Ohio. 

215 George White born Vch. 5, 1S05; n^irried l-'Jizabeth 

216 Abraham White born June 23, ib'07; married Theodosia 

217 Deborah Ann White born Sep. 7, 1809; '^''^"d Nov. 19, 1878; married Robert 

I. Wheatly; removed to Illinois. 

218 Joseph S. White born Sep. 24, 181 1; died May 29, 1855; married Eliza 

, and had 

Lydia White, of Rahway, N. J. 
Fanny White 
Tom NVhite 

219 Thomas White born Oct. 27, 1813; died, Oct. 14, 1838, unmarried. 

220 Henrv White born Apr. 11, 1816; died Aug. n, 1889; married, 1845, Susan 

B. Klartin. 

221 Samuel White born June 26, 1818; died May 31, 1900; married Mary Ann 

Martin, and had 

Fred White 

Mary White married Mr. Plum 
Jennie ^^ hite married Mr. Brown 
Susan White married 

222 Jane E. White born Apr. 8, 1820; died Feb. 19, 1900; married after A)ay 24, 

1842, Jacob \"anderbilt. 

223 Charles White born July 7, 1822; died June 4, 1890; married Mary 

112 JOHN WHITE, son of Thomas White, 6^, seems to have lived at Deal, and 
to have signed his name as John T. White in order to distinguish himself from other 
John V\'h!tes ot the time. 

1787, May I. Jacob Hance and Elizabeth, his wife, mortgage fifty acres of land to 
"Thomas White, son of John White." 

1789, Oct. 3. Here a mortgage is given to "Thomas White, son of John White," 
and on the margin of the record appears the notice, dated May 13, 179-, that the mort- 
gage had been produced cancelled by "Daniel White, brother of Thomas White, the 

1791, May 30. Daniel White mortgages thirty-three acres of land, near Hollow 
Brook, "whereon John White, the father ot the said Daniel, now dwells." 

1804, Sep. 15. Edmund Weacherby conveys fifty-one acres of land, on the west side 
of Squan road, to "John White, son of Thomas White at Deal." When this is sold, 
May II, 1S12, to John White, "Sawyer," the grantor signs his name as John T. \Mi:te. 

1824, May 6. John White, as written in the body of the deed, but John T. White 
as signed, conveys to Thomas White, sixty acres of land, in Freehold township, on the 
north branch of the Metctecunk River, about ten cliains to the west ot Thomas \\ hitc's 


'22.\. Thonias White married and died prior to July 4, 1828. 

225 Daniel \\'Iiite school teacher married Sarah 

226 John \Vhite 

227 Polly ^^'hite married Jacob White and went to Ohio. 

115 JACOB Vn'HITE, son of Thomas White, 63, born Julv 18, 1782; died Mav 28, 
1859; married, May 3, 1806, Abigail, daughter of Jacob and Nancy (RusselFl Holmes' 
born April 1778; died, Nov. 6, 1856, aged 78 years and 7 months. 'They arc buried in 
Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

1851, Aug. 4. Will of Jacob White, of Ocean township; proved June 18, 1859, 

wife, Abigail Wliite; daughters, Mary Ann White, Ellen White, and Emmeline H. Finch, the wife 
of George Finch; grandsons, Charles Addison Chasey, Thomas White Chasey, and Jacob White Finch. 
Executors: friend, Elisha Lippincott, and daughters, Mary Ann and Ellen'White, all three of whom 


228 Mary Ann White born Oct. 16, 1808, died Apr. 25, 189T; buried in Christ 

Churchyard, Shrewsbury. In her will, dated July 20, 1888; proved 
Jvine 22, 1891, she named her nephew, Charles Addison Chasey, as her 
executor; left him a legacy of $1000., and the rest of her estate to her sister, 
Ellen White, who as the oldest of the heirs-at-law and next of kin, and 
^ as residuary legatee under said will was granted letters of administration. 

229 Ellen White born Aug. 11, 18 10; died Jan. 10, 1894; buried in Christ Church- 

yard, Shrewsbury; signed her will June 8, 1891, leaving all to her nephew, 
Charles Addison Chasey, and appointing him her executor. Against it a 
caveat was filed by F. P. Finch, a nephew, Jan. 15, 1S94, and it was 
proved Jan. 22, 1894. 

230 Lucy White born Sep. 15, 1812; died, July 26, 184S, aged :^Si u, n; mar- 

ried, June 8, 1845, Eli^^ Chasey; and had 

Thomas White Chasey 
Charles Addison Chasey born Jan. 25, 1846; died Aug. 24, 1896. 

231 Emmeline H^ White born Nov.' 8, 1814; died Mch. 29, i893;~married, Sep. 

H> ^^'36, George Finch, of Newark, N. J., born Mch. 4, 1800; died Nov. 
30, 1863, and had 

Issue G. Finch born 1854; married, 1875, Ij^aac Hance, son of 
John Henry and Catherine (Waples) Adlem, born Sep. 16, 1840. 
Frank P. Finch married 
Jacob White Finch 
John Finch died young 
Frederick Finch died young 

232 Hannah \'orhees White born Mch. 7, 1817; died young; buried in graveyard 

of Christ Church, Shrcv/sbury, where the stone is sunk low in the ground. 

233 Jacob White buried Sej?. i, 1S24 

234 Abigail White born Aug. 4, 1821; died Aug. 23, 1824. 

WHITE 01'" NEW jI-:KSi:^' 289 

118 ELIZABETH WHITE, daughter of Tliomas White, 63, horn Julv 8, 177S; 
iTiarricd, June 4, 1794, Joel, son of James and Sarah (Wardeil) Lippincoti, horn Nov. 15, 
1766; died May 9, 1854. He made liih will Oct. 5, 1S52; proved May 27, 1851; and she 
was alive in 1856. 

Mary Lippincott born July 24, 1795; died Feb. 2, 1884; married, Oct. 15, 

or Nov. 2, 1 815, Jesse, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Hance) Warde!!, 

born May 20, 1789; died Feb. 3, 1866. 
Patience Lippincott born June 14, 1797; married, Aug. 18, 1883, Richard 

AL Sexton. 
Deborah Lippincott born May 2, 1799; died, Aug. 8, 1891, aged 92, 3, 6; 

Sarah Lippincott born .Apr. i, 1801; died Jan. 21, 1879; married, as his 

second wite, Joseph, son of Peter and Lvdia (Wardeil) Parker, born 

July 8, T766; died Jan. 18, 1851. 
Elizabeth Lippincott born Sep. 8, 1803 
Hannah Lippincott born June 18, 1806; died Dec. 27, 1890; aged 84, 4, 1 1 ; 

married, May 22, 1827, Benjamin W. Parker, of Little Silver, N. J., horn 

Apr. 23, 1795; died, Oct. 28, 1868, aged 73, 6, 6. 
Jacob Lippincott born Sep. 8, 180S; married, Apr. 16, 1833, Maria Mar- 

garetta Smith. 
Juliann LipjMncott born Jan. 20, 181 1; died, Mch. 2, 1887, aged 76, i, 10; 

married Charles Keebler. 
Achsah Lippincott born Mch. 31, 1813; married George Kennedy, of Oak 

Lane, Pa. 
Enoch Lippincott born Aug. 14, 1815; died Oct. 23, 1887, aged 72, 2, 8; 

married, -May 6, 1861, Margaret Emblay. 
Arthur Lippincott born Jan. 11, 181 8; married Mary Conk. 

119 11-IOMAS WHITE, son of Thomas White, 63, married Phebe,* daughter of 
William ("Rich Billy") and Mary (White) Parker, 69, died 1853. 

1820, January Term of the Orphans Court, Monmouth Co., N. J. Samuel W. Ten 
Brook was appointed Guardian tor \Mlliam, son of Thomas White, over the age of 14; 
William Parker being surety. 

1852. September Term of the same Court. Benjamin W. Corlies was appointed 
Guardian for Amy, Clarence and Phebe White, children of William White; Ezra A. 
Osborn and Francis Corlies being sureties. 


235 Mary P. White* born July 18, 1797; died Aug. 23, 1873, uninarried. Will 

signed Feb. 23, 1869; proved Sep. 8, 1S73. 

236 Deborah White* born -Apr. i, 1799; died, Sep. 23, i860, unmarried. 

237 William White married, first, Edith, daughter of Joseph and Amy (Lundy) 

Adams; second, Rogers; and had 

•Buried in t!ic Qj.iker Yaid , 


Clarence II. While* born 1832; died, Oct. 17, or 19, 1S94, nged 0; 
yrs., 1 imos. ^^'ill signed July 16, 1SS7; pro\-ed Dec. 3, 1894. 
Phebe White married, prior to Feb. 23, 1869, John Dwyer, and had 

three children. 
Amy White 

125 RACHEL WHLrE, daughter of Joel White, 70, born Mch. 6, 1756; died Ocr. 
10, 1839; married, as his second wile, by license dated ^Lay 31, 1779, John, son or John 
and Zilpah (^^'ilber) Corlies, born Apr. 21, 1746; died Nov. 3, 1786; married, second, 
Mch. II, 1789, Jacob, son of Jacob and Sarah O^'ii'^c) Corlies, 44, born Apr. i, 1755; 
died Dec. 25, 1841. 

Issue by first husband 
Elizabeth Corlies born June 5, 1780; died May 22, 1805; married, Feb. 4, 

1 801, Jacob, son of Benjamin and Deborah (Parker) Corlies, born July 

15, 1779; died July 31, 1853. 
Anne Corlies born June 8, 1781; died Feb. 16, 1866; married, Dec. 20, 1801, 

John, son of Thomas and ALargaret (Corlies) Curtis, born July 17, 1775; 

died June 22, 1825. 

Issue by second husband 
Edward G. Corlies born Jan. 21, 1790; died Feb. 25, 1865; unmarried^ 
Charlotte Corlies born Dec. 31, 1791; died Oct. 11, 1873; married, Nov. 4, 

1829, Jacobus Hubbard, born Apr. 23, 1766; died Feb. 25, 1847. 
Susannah Corlies born June 20, 1794; died Aug. 24, 1880; m.arried, Apr. 16, 

1827, Thomas T., son of Benjamin and Mary (Lloyd) Borden, born June 

24, i8cx3; died Jan. 29, 1862. 
Sarah White Corlies born June 21, 1797; died Feb. 21, 1890; married, ^Liy 

22, 1834, Joseph Embury, 190, son of Benjamin and ^Llry (Morris) 

White, born Jan. 23, 1799; died July 9, 1874. 

126 JOEL WHITE, son of Joel White, 70, died after Mch. i, 1814; married, prior 
to Apr. 23, 1793, Mary, daughter of Joseph White. 

1814, May II. Inventory of the estate of Joel White. Mary White sole admin- 
istrator, John Williams and Uriah Cooper, as appraisers. 


238 Jacob White jnarried Parsalls, and had 

Thomas White 

239 Thomas White 

240 Hannah \\'hite died unmarried 

241 Milton White 

242 Ursulla White born May 14, 1795; died Dec. 16, 1872; married, Eseck, 

son of Nathan and Zilpah (\Miitc) Woolley, born July 13, 1791; died 
Aug. 2, 1S72. 

jric.I in Qu.i'^cr Y.^rd, Shr^;wsbur). 


243 Eliza Wliite married Miltrcd, son o\ Daniel Jeffry; and had 

Hugh M. Jeffr}' of Branch, N. J., born i^i^; died Aug;. 7, 

1906; married, Ann Rebecca, daughter of Josepli West, born 

1837; died ^bout 1SS6. 
Milfred jeffry 

Mary JeftVy, of Oceanport, N. J.; married Henry Du Bois. 
Ja)nes jefIVy 
Two other children 

129 AMOS WHITE, son of Amos White, 71, born Sep. 21, 1768; died June 19, 
1833; married, Mch. 17, 1797, Ann, daughter of James and Rosina (\'an Note) Throck- 
morton, born Mch. 30, 1776, (another account says born Apr. 30, 1775); died Dec. 15, 
1S52. Husband, wife, and two sons, James and Jeremiah, lie buried at Rumson. 

1833, July 24. Administration on the estate of Amos White granted to Elisha 

1835. July Term of Orphans Court. James White appointed Guardian of Amos 
Scott White, Elisha Lippincott and Scott Herbert as sureties. 

1852, Dec. 31. Administration on the estate of Ann White granted to Elisha Lip- 

1854, July I. Administration on the estate of James Wliite granted to Elisha 

1855, Apr. 10. Deborah H. Tilton and Corlies Tilton, her husband, Amos S. White 
and Hannah, his wife, Joseph T. W'hite and Lucy G. C, his wife, and Owen Woolley and 
Mary Ann, his wife, as being tour of the heirs of James White, deceased, convey to 
Jeremdah White, four-sixths of one-halt ot the farm, at Deal, which belonged equally 
to the said Jeremiah White and his brother, James, deceased. 


244 James White born Feb. 7, 1798; died, June 15, 1854, unmarried. 

245 Jeremiah White of Ocean township, born Mch. 27, 1800; died, June 7, 

1870, unmarried. He appointed Thomas Cook, as his executor, in will 
dated Apr. 6, 1S69. 

246 Joseph Throckmorton W'hite born Sep. 10, 1802; died Mch. 10, 1880; mar- 

ried, Dec. 2, 1826, Lucy G. Corlies. 

247 Hartshorne White born Jan. 24, 1S05; married, Dec. 15, 1830, -'^nn Chaser. 

Records Christ CJinrch, Shreivsiiii7-y. 

248 Deborah H. White born June 2, 1807, died Mch. 13, 1884; married, Jan. 24, 

1832, Corlies, son of William and Margaret (Corlies) Tilton, born Aug. 
26, 1 801 ; died Aug. 13, 1869. Sec Tilton Jamily\ in Historical Miscellany. 

249 Mary Ann White born July 29, 18 13; died 1881; married, 1837, Owen Wool- 

250 Amos Scott White born Sep. 8, 1818; married, Mch. 9, 1S42, Hannah Con- 

row born 1825; died Dec. 3, 1903. 

130 JOEL WHITE, son of .Amos White, 71, born Sep. 3, 1780, died, Oct. 9, 
1836, aged 56, I, 6; married Anna White, born Apr. 26, 1782; died Feb. 22, 1861. i3oth 
are buried, as are other members ot the tamih', in the West Long Branch Cemetery. 


They lived on the Tinton Falls road out from Eatoiitown. Husband and wile, 1 hr. c 
been told, were cousins, and Anna is said to have been a sister to Garret White, 45, as 
well as the aunt oT'IVnty Ann \\'hite, ;;40, who married Anthony 'IVuax. This would 
make Anna to have been a daughter ot \Villiam and Sarah (Lippitt) White, and si'^ter to 
the Polly \Vhite, 227. 

1S16, Apr. I. Joel and Anna White con\-ey twenty-three acres of land to Anms 
White, it being a part of the real estate that had belonged to his brother, Humphrey 
\Vhite, 128, and after his decease, in the division of his estate, this lot was set off to the 

1836, Oct. 21. Administration on the estate of Joel White, deceased, granted to 
Elisha J^ippincott. 


251 Caroline White died 1876; married, Dec. 23, 1825, Benjamin A., son of 

David Corlies. 

252 Lucy Ann White born Nov. 8, 1806; died, Mch. 6, 18S7, unmarried. 

253 Scott Herbert White born Jul)- 8, 181 1; clied, May 28, 1881, unm.arried. 

254 Alice White born Apr. 16, 1813; died, Aug. 14, 1882, unmarried. Admin- 

istration on her estate granted to William Pintard, Sep. 4, 1882. 

255 Mariam White born May 17, 1819; died, Sep. 5, 1879, unmarried. 

256 Edmund White born Auig. 22, 1821; died Oct. 2, 1832. 

135 JACOB WHITE, son of Joseph White, 78, died Jan. 21, 1855; manied, Feb. 
9, 1799, Catharine, daughter of Audrey (West) Howland, and grand-daughter of Janics 
and Ann (Wing) West, born Nov. 1 1, 1780; died May 17, 1853. 

17S7, Jtme 17. Will of James West, in which he leaves a legacy to his grand-daught- 
er, Catharine, daughter of my deceased daughter Audrey. 

1804, Mch. 17. Jacob White and Catharine, his wife, deed land, at Long Branch, 
that had been given to Catharine by her grandfather, James West, in his will. 

1S07, May 6. Tylee Williams, as Trustee of the estate of David Woodmanset, 
having been empowered by an act of the Legislature, conveys to Jacob White, of Shrews- 
bury, a tract of salt meadow, on the South or Shrewsbury River, that was bounded by 
upland "formerly belonging to Levi White, deceased, now to his grandson, the aforesaid 
Jacob White." 

1849, Oct. 24. Jacob White of Ocean township, made his will; proved Jan. 29, 1855. 

1853, Mch. 25. Will of Catharine White, w^ifc of Jacob Wliite; proved Maj- 31, 
1853, nientions her grandfather, James West. 


257 Mary A. White married, according to the Records of Christ Church, Shrc::s- 

bury^ Feb. 15, 1827, Anthony \'an Pelt, born Oct. 17, 1803. 

258 Elizabeth White;* married Thomas Aumack, and had 

William Aumack born 1839; '^'^'^^ Apr. 16, 1908; married Elizabeth 
Sidney Aumac!; died young 

259 Sarah .\\v{\ \Vhite married John i). Hurley, born Feb. 6, i8oc; died Apr. 20, 

'The trto son3 of [■'hzrilfCth (White) Ai'-t.cW v.crc not of vj: when h-r f:i';i-r ma^'.c hi' 

WKITl-: OV Xl'.W jr.RSl'.Y 293 

160 James W. Wjiiie horn iSij; died Ma)- 9, 1S89; married Eli/ahcrli, daugliter 
of John and Lydia (Brinley) Woicott, born 1815; died July 25, 1890. 
Tiicy had 

Henrietta White born Sep. 9, 1838; died Apr. 8, i860. 
Jane^Vhite born 1826; of Eatontown, N. J. 

261 Jacob White born 1821; married, first, Apr. 12, 1846, Ann Eliza Kelly, 

born Aug. 24, i8j6; died Oct. 18, 1853; buried in Presbyterian Church- 
yard, Shrewsbury; and second, Ellen White,* born 1S34; died Nov. 6, 


Eliza K. White dieil young 

Ann Augusta White died young 

(Benjamin \M-iite born 1850?) 

262 Thomas White born 1824; died Aug. 31, 1888; married, Dec. 10, 1846, 

Meribah Woicott, and had 

Charles T. White, of Eatontown, N. J., born 1854; married, June 
14, 1874, Eliza Hubbard, born 1854; ^"<^ ^^^ 
Henrietta White born 1877; married, Xov. 11, 1903, 
Herbert Sweeny. 

263 Sidney White died aged about 22, unmarried. 

141 xArvIOS WHITE, said to have been a son of Joseph White, 78, married Ann 

This is as the information was given me by Miss Jane, daughter of James W. White, 
260, but I am strongly ot the opinion, for the reasons given in note under 80, that Ap.n 

, as given above, was none other than the daughter of Joseph White, 78, and that 

Amos, her husband, was, 142, the son of Peter, 80, and Patience (Lippincott) White. 


264 Elannah White iriarried Mr. Stratton 

265 Amos White died unmarried 

266 Sarah A.nn ^Vhite married Charles Matthews 

267 Jane White married Mr. (\^'hite^) 

268 Elizabeth White died unma/ried 

158 GEORGE ALLEN WHrPE, of Ocean township, son of Brittain Wjiite, 91, 
born Jan. i, 1776; died June 6, 1854; married, Oct. 17, 1805, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Benjamin and IJeborah (Parker) Corlies, born May 25, 1781; died Nov. 7, 1815. He 
made his will in March, 1852, mentioning son, Benjamin C. \Vhite, and daughter, Eliza- 
beth Ann Tilton. Husband and wife are buried in the Quaker yard at Shrewsbury, as 
is also the son, George C. White. 

''Fllen White wa^i one of three sisters, tlie names of parents have not been obtained; Jano Wh-te married Marri'on 
J.iques and hr.d a dauL'htcr, Mary E. White, died lX77,S; n!:,rried, S.'r.reinbcr, 1874, ^i-i^ey Borden, son of William and Marv 
(White), 22H, West, b"rn Myj,. ;!i, iSjj. Ann, the third sister, niirrieil Dar.iel Arrancc, ana had a daujhter who married Dt Witt 
Daii;;ler, aiid a son, 'I'nco.'.ore Arranc. 


l6c) Elizabeth Ann White born May 5, 1807; died Mch. 4, 1859; married, Mav 
4, 1847, WilHam \V., son of Amos and KHzabctli (White) 'Filton, 179, i)orn 
Dec. 19, 1802; died Mch. 16, 1874. 

270 George C. \N'hite born Oct. 31, 1815; died, Jan. 25, 1852, aged 36, 2, 25, 

unmarried. Administration granted on his estate to Benjamin C. White, 
Feb. 19, 1852. 

271 Benjamin Corlies White born Jan. 14, 18 14; died Feb. 26, 1882; married 

Ehzabeth ^^'oo!ley Lewis. 

170 CRAWFORD WHITE, son of Robert White, 97, born June 14, 1782; mar- 
ried, Dec. 9, 1 819, xAnn, daughter of Joel and Ann Taylor, born Oct. 28, 1794. 

1 8 17, Sep. 10. Isaac Martin, Jr., and Catharine, his wife, conveyed to Crawford 
White land, which, when he mortgaged it, he described as "all my share in the land at 
Middletown, being an undivided fifth, known as 'Willet's Lot,' that had been bought 
by William Crawford, deceased, of Thomas and John Willetts, and by them and their 
wives quit-claimed to Robert White and Esther, his wife, as part of their share of the 
property of the said William Crawford, deceased." 

1828, Apr. I. Crawford White and Ann, his wife, of Nottingham township, Bur- 
lington Co., mortgage land to John B. Crawford, of Aliddletown. 

1 83 1, Apr. 15. Crawford White and Ann, his wife, Catharine Martin, Samuel P. 
Lewis and Lydia, his wife, William C. White and Mary B., his wife, as heirs of Robert 
and Esther \Vhite, join in conveying land. 

Chesterfield MontJiIy Meeting Records contain the dates of birth of their children, as 
given below, and also state that a Robert \Vhite was born 2nd of 2nd mo., 1745. 


272 Dorothy Ta^dor White born Oct. 23, 1820 

273 Chalkley White born July 22, 1822 

274 Joel Taylor White born July 31, 1825 

275 William C. Vv'hite born Oct. i, 1827 

276 El wood White born Oct. 4, 1829 

175 WTLLIAM C. WHITE, son of Robert White, 97, born Sep. 8, 1794; died 
June 13, 1880; married, Sep. 14, 1820, Mary Barnes, born Mch. 10, J796; died I'eb. 6, 
1877. They are buried, together with Elizabeth B. White, their daughter, in the 
Quaker yard, Shrewsbury. 

I-]-] Elizabeth B. \Vhitc born July 20, 1821; died Feb. 8, 1877. 

278 Caroline White born Aug. 24, 1822; died Apr. 12, 1S30. 

279 Mary Anna White born Aug. 4, 1826; died Sep. 14, 1835. 

280 William C. White born June 4, 1834; died June 27, 1842. 

281 Robert Barnes White of Siirewsbury, born July 11, 1S37; died I'eb. 22, 

1903; married, Dec. 16, i860, Susan B. P., daughter of Thomas and 
Anne (Williams) Cook, of Scjuan, born Sep. 2!, 1S34; died May 19, iSSi; 
buiied in the C^^-'^ker yard, S]uew-->uurv; a.'nl liad 

wiirri', OF NE\v ji".Rsi:Y 295 

Mary B. White boni Jan. 12, 1869; married, Jan. 27, iS'yc, Charles 
Wesley Bilhngs. 

181 JOHN WHITE, son of Benjamin White, 98, born Oct. 11, 1783; married 
Jane Wright, and had 


282 Elizabeth White born Dec. 23, 18 18; died Feb. 17, 1875; m^mcd, Nov. 12, 

1839, John \Miitlock, born January i8i2; died June 9, 1867. See Historical 
Miscellany^ under IV hillock Family. 

283 Robert W. White of 121 Glen Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y.; married and has 

two or three children. 

284 Catharine White died unmarried 

285 Benjamin White died unmarried 

286 John Morris White born Sep. 14, 1S27; died Feb. 15, 1883; married, Nov. 

9, 1850, Elizabeth, daughter of Elias and Maria (Smith) Wade, born Sep. 
25, 182S; died Jan. 26, 1904; and had 


_Maria Louise White born Dec. 6, 1851- married, Dec. 20, 1874, 
Clarence Edwin, son of William J. and Elizabeth (Hinman) 
Beebe, born June 4, 1849; <^lied Mch. i, 1900. 

Frederick Morris White born Oct. 3, i860; died Feb. 7, 1895. 

193 WILLIAM DE COU WHITE, son of Benjamin White, 98, born Aug. 25, 
181 1; married, Jan. 10, 1847, Susan F". Conrow, born October 1826; died July 23, 1S65. 
She is buried at Little Silver, in the Methodist yard, in the same plot with ^lary Ann, 
wife of Michael Brinley. 


287 Sarah F. White, of Red Bank, N. J., born Mch. 3, 1S47; married, Dec. 24, 

1868, Edward U'illctt, son of Benjamin and Mary (Spinning) \Volcott, 
born 1848; and had 

Borden Hance Wolcott born Oct. 10, 1869 
Helen Wolcott 
Edv/in Wolcott 

Nevada Wolcott born 1874; married Mary 

Ida Wolcott born Nov. 17, 1874; married, July 12, 1893, David E., 
son of Isaac and Caroline (\\'ainright) Hance, born Oct. 8, 1859. 
William C. Wolcott born 1878; married Sylvia Gregory. 

288 Mary Ann White born July ic, 1849; died Aug. 31, 1885; married Michael, 

son of Michael and Elizabeth Brinley, born 1835; and had 

Carrie Brinley born 1875 
Susan Jane Briiiie)' born 1877 
Belle Brinley 

296 HisioiMCAL mi.sci:jj..\ny 

289 Ik'nic'imir. M. White born June 9, 1850; died July 28, 190S; married, luii 

tiicd without leaving issue. 

290 Maria \Vardell \Miite, of Long Branch, X. J., horn Aug. 27, ib'c;2; married 

Charles E. Murphy, and had 

Henrietta Murphy married Granville Herbert, an adopted son of 

Jacob T. and Hannah (Morgan) Herbert. 
Maud Murphy 

291 Georgetta \\ hite born Mch. 23, 1854; died young. 

292 Josephine ^^'. ^^'^dte born May 31, 1856; married Fred Zauner; and had 

Fred Zauner 
Maggie Zauner 
Elizabeth Zauner 

293 Elizabeth Whitlock White born Oct. 15, 185S; died, Feb. 28, 1905, unmar- 


194 SARAH WHITE, daughter of Benjamin White, 98, born Mch. 9, 1S14; died 
July 8, 1890; married, Feb. 15, i8^;8, George, son of John and Ann (Borden) Haiice, 
born Mch. 8, 1808; died July 17, 18S7. 

John Hance born Nov. 30, 1838; died Dec. 25, 1893; married, Jan. 28, 1863, 

Sarah Jane, daughter of Henry B. and Sarah (Chadwick) Parker, born 

1846; died Feb. 17, 1906. 
Georgianna Hance born May 15, 1840, married, Feb. 5, 1862, Dr. James 

H., son of James and Lydia (Hopping) Patterson, born May i, 1S35; died 

July 4, 1890. 
Susan Jane Hance born Mch. 17, 1842; married, first, Jan. 28, 1863, Samuel 

N. Patterson, born 1836; died 1884; and second, June 19, 1889, Robert, 

son ot Charles G. and Catharine (TrafFord) Allen, born Mch. 4, 1S25; 

died Sep. 23, 1903. 
Borden H. Hance born Aug. 18, 1849; died Nov. 14, 1863. 

198 ELIHU WFIIIT, son of Joseph White, 99, born Feb. 3, 1789; married, 
October, 18 13, Rebecca Haviland, and had 


294 Charles ^Vhite 

295 Josci">h White 

296 Archibald White 

297 Tyler White 

298 Almeth White born Mch. 12, 1821 ; died Dec. 6, 1S95; married .Ann Eliza 


299 William ^Vhite 

3CXD Sarah White married David Allen, of Burlington, N. J. 
301 Mary An", \^hite 


207 HENRY B. WHITE, son of Esek White, 101, born Oct. 14, 1801 ; died Oct. 
4, 1836; married Sarah Ann l^orden., born Mch. 25, 1804; died I^ec. is, 1829. Isaac P. 
White, his brotlicr, was appointed executor ot his estate in i8j6. Husband, v.ite and 
John B. Wliite, tlieir son, He buried at Runison. 

1836, Sep. 15. \\'\l\ of Henry B. NVhite, of Slircwsbury; proved Oct. 18, 1836, left 
liis \\]iole estate tu Ids two sons, Esek and John B. White, but in case they died without 
leaving heirs, then it was to go to his two nieces, Margaretta Butcher and Elizabeth 
Butcher, daughters ot Jacob Butcher, deceased, when they were eighteen years of age. 


302 Esek White born Apr. i, 1825; died July 10, 1897; married Henrietta 


303 (Brook \Miite?) I question if he is not identical with the next following. 

304 John B. White born Mch. 18, 1S27; died May 13, 1848. 

208 ISAAC PENNINGTON WHITE, son of Esek White, loi, born Api . 7, 1 804; 
died Jan. 28, 1786; married, Nov. 2, 1S42, Adaline, daughter of Abraham and Temper- 
ance (Jones) Simmons, born Aug. 26, 18 13; died May 7, 1894. 


305 Henry Simmons White* born July 13, 1844; died Sep. 29, 1901 ; married, 

Nov. 19, 1878, Annie H., daughter of Amzi C. and INIargaret (Hull) 
McLean, born 1852, and had 

Margaretta Pennington White born Jan. 15, 1883. 
Henry Simmons White born July 13, 1894; died Sep. 29, 1901. 

306 Theodore Simmons White born Aug. 10, 1846; died, July 28, 1865, unmar- 


307 James Simmons White born Sep. 6, 1849; died xApr. 14, i860. 

210 HARRIET WHITE, daughter of Esek White, loi, born Oct. 3, 1792; died 
Dec. 9, 1830; married, Oct. 23, 1815, Jacob Butcher, born May 31, 1789; died Jan. 27, 

Elizabeth N. Butcher born Dec. 28, 1827; married, Dec. 23, 1850, T. El- 
wood Combs, born Sep. 18, 1814; died Aug. 3, 1900. 
Margaretta Butcher born Jan. 24, 1824; died i\Ich. 17, 1S51. 
Ann W. Butcher born Dec. 11, 181 8; died Mch. 24, 1824. 
Caroline W. Butcher born June 9, 1826; died Nov. 22, 1S26. 

212 MARY WHITE, daughter of William White, 108, born July 19, 1798; died 
Sep. 16, 1886; married, 183c, John B., son of Jacob and Anne (Wolcott) Morris, born 
Sep. 22, 1807; died Oct. 18, 1854. 

^Freehijld Deed:, ycLj/4, pa^e 7, shcv.- that Henry S. White, Esek V.'hite and Eli/ribcth N. Combs, with '1 hcinns E. Combs 
her husband, join together in conveying land, Apr. 4, 1S79, ^s "Heirs and representatives of Esek White, deceased." 

fHenry B. White appears before the Orphans Court of .Monmouth Co., .'\pril Term, 1833, as "surviving" executor of Jacob 
Eutclier, dcceaocd. 


Margaret A. Morris born July 14, 1832; married, July 18, 1849, Joseph 

Tall man. 
Jane Pdizabcth Morris born Jan. i, 1835; married, May ;o, 1857, DauiJ 

B., son of Benjamin Stilhvagon, born 183;. 
Ten Brook Morris of Long Branch, N. J., born Sep. 19, 1837; married, Jan. 

13, 1870, L)dia A. Davison. 

220 HKXRY WHITE, son of William White, 108, born Apr. 11,1816; died Aug. 
13, J 889; married, 1845, Susan B. daughter of William and Susan Martin, born May 28, 
1825; died Jan. 17, 1904. 


308 Joseph S. White, of Long Branch, N. J., born Sep. 11, 1849; married, Au^. 

23, 1877, Elizabeth D., daughter 0? Edmund T. and Pahnyra (Riddle) 
Woolley, born Jan. 5, 1852, and had 

Grace White 
Susan White 
Lewis White 
Willie White 
Carrol White 

309 Mary E. White, of Asbury Park, N. J., born Jan. 28, 1847; married, Dec. 

24, 1866, Rldward Brandt. 

310 Lewis C. White, of Asbury Park, N. J., born May 30, 1855; died Nov. 5, 

1901; married, Aug. 20, 1889; Annie ^'an Dorn. 

224 THOMAS WHITE, of Weymouth township, Gloucester Co., N. J., son of 

John White, 112, married Susannah , and died prior to July 4, 1828, on which date 

Edward White conveyed to James T. White, "all my share in a lot of land in Shrews- 
bury township that belonged formerly to my father, Thomas White." All the other 
children, except the daughter, Elizabeth, join in a deed which was acknowledged before 
Commissioners in Gloucester and Burlington Counties, to the same James T. White 
Mch. 16, 1831; and Elizabeth, as the wife of Levi Styles, gives a separate quit claim to 
him, dated May 5, 1834. 


311 James T. White married Rachel 

312 'Edward White 

313 Lydia White married Mr. Erazier 

314 Hartshorne White 

315 Rachel V\'hite married Richard T. Collings 

316 Deborah White married Joseph Gitins 

317 Edna White married Aaron Johnson 

318 Samuel White married Mary 

319 Beulah White 

320 Achsah \Vhite married, Feb. 19, 1834, William Smith. 

321 Zilpah White 

322 Elizabeth White married, i 831-1834, Levi Styles. 

WliriT. OF KFW JERSEY 299 

225 DANIEL WHITE, of Logantown, son of John White, 112, died prior to 

Oct. 19, 1829; married Sarah , said to have been Sarah White, and sister to the 

Annie, who marrieii Joel NNliitc, No. 130. He was teacher of ihe school at Wavsidc, 
N. J. 

1829, Oct. 19. Sarah White, of Shrewsbury, widow of Daniel White, ciuit claims to 
Samuel ].ippincott, oi Howell, one equal third of the land that had been mortgaged by 
the said Daniel White, May 30, 1791, on which John ^Vhite, the father oi Daniel, lived 
at the time. 

1832, Aug. 18. Dariiel White, having died intestate, Robert II. White quit claims 
to his brother, Daniel White, all his rights in the homestead farm ot one hundred and 
eleven acres where their father lived and died, and in the deed the names ot all the fol- 
lowing children are mentioned. 

1839, Sep. 4. Sarah White, the widow of Daniel \Vhite, deceased, acknowledges a 
deed given by Daniel White and Sarah, his wife, to Garret Johnson White, May tS, 1818. 


323 Daniel White married, Aug. 11, 1845, Isabella (Thompson) White; died 

July 4, 1897. 

324 Robert H. White died unmarried 

325 Hendrickson White married, Jan. 3, 1830, Isabella Thompson, born 18 10. 

326 \\'illiam J. W'hite born Dec. 11, iSoi; died Feb. 15, 1865; married Susan 


327 Garret Johnson White born 1792; died Nov. 26, 1876; married Mary 


328 George W. White born June 28, 1819; died Oct. 7, 1840; administration 

granted to Garret White, Jr., Nov. 19, 1840. 

329 Nancy White married John G. Longstreet, of Squan, prior to Aug. 19, 1837. 

330 Rebecca White married Joseph Leming, of Red Bank, N. J. 

331 Elizabeth White born Jvlch. 12, 1810; died Apr. 2, 1858; married, Jan. 10, 

1827, Samuel O'Bray, born Nov. 7, 1802; died Mch. 27, 1872. 

332 Hannah Margaret White died unmarried 

233 Sarah White married, after Oct. 26, 1S40, William Edgar Walling, of Nut 

Swamp, N. J. 
334 Harriet W'hite married John Roberts, of Middletown, N. J. 

227 POLLY WHITE, daughter of John ^^'hite, 112; married Jacob, son of John 

I am unable to place this last mentioned John White, but it seems very probably 
that he was identical with the John White, "sawyer," mentioned in deeds below. 

1800, Apr. 10. Simeon Babcock and Jane, his wife, convey thirty-four and forty- 
two hundredths acres of land on Jumping Brook to John Lipj^incott, which was bounded 
on the south by lands of the said John White, and on the east by lands of Charity, the 
wife of James Tallman, Jr., and daughter of Jacob White, (67). 

1800, Aug. II. Richard Wikoff and Hannah., his wife, she having been one ol the 
daughters of Jacol.) W'hite, (67), late of Shrev/sbury, convey seventy-five acres of land, 
to John Whice, of Shrewsbury, boundeci east by James Tallman, south by Thomas 
White, (63), west on Jumping iiiook, and nortli by John Lippincott. Tliis rract was 


the one referred to in the previous deed given by Simeon Ralicock, ahliotigh of an carlic 
date, and was deeded by John White, "sawyer," and Mary, his wife, to Jonathan 
Younians, June 3, 1S13. 

John White, "sawyer," and Mary, liis wife, convey, at this same time, another 
tract of land to Jonathan Youmans, of five acres, wliich adjoined the first, to whicli he 
claimed title by deed of sale from Thomas White, dated Mch. 20, 1797, but which is not 
on record. The beginning point of this five acre tract was "in the Forge Pond, forty- 
four links north of the middle of the bridge that crosses the flood gates;" thence the line 
ran to "a small run or swamp that puts into Jumping Brook," and down the swamp to 
the brook. Two of the courses, together with their distances, coincide with what can be 
found in a deed for one hundred and eighty-six acres, from Thomas Stillweil aiidPhebe, 
his wife, to Abraham Van Dyke, he claiming title by virtue of a deed which, likewise, is 
unrecorded, from Thomas Wliite, (62). This tract is described as being in Shrewsbury, 
on the east side ot Jumping Brook, beginning "about seven chains below the saw mill of 
John White's and Daniel White's on Jumping Brook, at the mouth of a small run that 
empties in said brook, it being the corner of John White's lot that he purchased of 
Thomas White." It may be that Daniel \^'hite in the above description is a mistake 
for Amos White, for, once in the body of the deed there is certainly such a mistake made, 
and twice the name Amos is used properly. 

1804, Mch. 31. Peter Knott and L)-dia, his wife, convey fourteen and one-quarter 
acres of land, at Poplar Swamp, to John White and Jacob White; grantors claiming 
title by virtue of a deed from Anthony Woolley and Sarah, his wife, dated, April 1790. 

1812, May II. John T. White (112) and Mary, his wife, convey fifty-one acres of 
land to John White, "sawyer," which John White "sawyer," deeds to Thomas Rosell, 
Dec. 12, 1816. 

1 8 13, A]->r. 5. John White, "sawyer," and Mary, his wife, convey a part of the tract 
purchased o( Peter Knott, to Hendrick White. 

1 8 16, 2mo., (Feb.) 28. Will of Jacob White, of Poplar; proved Jan. 31, 1817. Made 
mention of his wife, Mary, and appointed Jacob Woolley and Daniel Williams as his 
executors. Witnessed b)' John W, Woolley, Edmund Robinson and John Woolley, Jr. 

1822, January Term of the Orphans Court. Settlement of the account of Jacob 
Woolley and Daniel Williams, executors of the estate of Jacob White, deceased. 

1832, Mch. 5. Mary \\hite, widow of Jacob White, sells the balance oi' the Knott 
tract of land to Elias Truax, who had previously come into possession of the part pur- 
chased by Hendrick \\'hite. 

335 Joseph White went west with his mother, about 1832, perhaps to Columbus, 

22^ John White 

337 Charles, or Jones, or Charles Jones White 

338 Mary White married Mr. Keiser 

339 Catharine White married Benjamin, son of Job and Elizabeth (Wolcott) 

Pearce, born Mch. 9, 1793, and had 

Jacob Pearce 
Elizabeth Pearce 
Nathan Pearce 


Ruth Pcarce 
Charles ]-'t\Trce 
Catharine Pearce 

340 Tcnty (Content) Ann \Vhitc, said to Iiavc l)ecii a niece of Joel (No. 130) 
and Anne White,* born Sep. zS, 1812; died May 28, 1881; married, Dec. 
15, 1832, Anthony, son of Elias and Hannah (Lay ton) Truax, born July 
17, 1810; died Mch. 4, 1S98; and had 

Henry Truax, of Asbury Park, N. J., born Aug. 20, 1835; married 
Amanda, daughter oi Richard and Charlotte (White) JcflVy. 
I Hannah Truax born Sep. 30, 1837; died Aug. 9, 1904; married, L")ec. 

I 6, 1859, Matthias, son of Montilion and Cornelia (Maps) Wool- 

[ ley, born Dec. 10, 1837. 

I Jacob W. Truax born Sep. i, 1839; died Feb. 2, 1850. 

I Elias L. Truax, of Camden, N. J.; married Jennie 

'{- Mary Catharine Truax born Feb. 16, 1843; niarried George C. 

I Taylor. 

I Cornelia Truax born Dec. 9, 1846; died June 11, 1875; married 

'i Charles E., or Lewis Hulick. 

; Anthony Taylor Truax born Oct. 17, 1847; married, first, Mch. 6, 

\ iSyg, Laura, daughter of Charles Hulick; died Ivlay 11, 18S5; 

\. and second, Oct. 26, 1887, ^Minnie Behr. 

i George ^^'ashington Truax born INLay 15, 1849; '-'^i^'-'i ^Lay 5, 1891; 

; ' married Amanda Miller. 

(' Joseph Chattle Truax born June 30, 1851; married, Dec. 27, 1877, 

; Elizabeth, daughter of William Stuart Jeftry born 1858. 

246 JOSEPH THROCKMORTON WHITE,t son of Amos White, 129, borii Sep. 
lo, 1802; died, Mch. 10, 1880; married, according to the records of Christ Church, 
Shrewsbury, Dec. 2, 1826, Lucy G.,t daughter of William Taylor and Mary (Ta)ior) 
Corlies, born Sep. 18, 1804; died Sep. io> 1875. Administration on her estate was granted 
to her husband, July 22, 1878. 


341 John \Miite died young 

342 James A. Whitef born 1829; died Oct. 16, 1890; administration on his 

estate granted to Benjamin T. White, Oct. 29, 1890. 

343 Joseph Henry White of Mount Vernon, N. Y., born Mch. 21, 1832.; married 

Mary Jane Wharam; died May 16, 1903; and had 
Henry jNL White 

George Throckmorton White died Jul)', 1898 
Margaret E. 'White 
Arthur W. White 

344 William C. Whitef born Nov. 21, 1830; died July 23, 1879; married, first, 

Jane ^L Parker, y born Nov. 9, 1835; died Feb. 29, 1864; second, Rachel 
B. Parker,! born Jan. i, 1833; died ^Lay 9, 1897; sisters; daughters of 

•This relationship mi^ht have bien c.ij:c-i hy Joel's wife .-\nnc having been sifter to either ol'Tent/ .Ann's parents. 
jBuiicd in rhe Nl'jthociijt yard at i.ittli- Silver. 


Samuel and Mary Ann Parker; and liad 
Issue hy first wife 
Elizabctli Lucy ^^'hite born 1S57; iiinrried George Atkinson. 
Alice Adclia U'hite born i860 

Harriet Jane Wliite born 1863; inanied Charles Champlain, son of 
George and Sarah (Dennis) Lippincott, born Oct. 10, 1856; died 
Aug. 31 J 1908. 

345 I\Liry C. White born Mch. 8, 1835; died Aug. 6, 1896; married Francis G. 

Ryerson, born Dec. 24, 1823; died Sep. 21, 1882, and had 
Lucy E. Ryerson born Aug. 13, 1859; died Jan. 16, 1865. 
Willie C. Ryerson born Jan. 16, 1862; died Jaii. 23, 1865. 
George Ryerson 
Asher Ryerson 

346 Amos Lenhart White* born April 1837; died, Aug. 21, 1864, unmarried. 

347 Asher T. C. White; married Margaret. Thompson, born 1853; died Apr. 14, 

1901, and had 

Harrison White 
Lucy White 
Jane White 
Albert ^Vhite 

348 Augustus J. White, of Kansas City, born 1840; died Oct. 20, 19C0; married, 

first, iNLarv Bennett; second, Mary Dudley; and third, Alice ; and 


Issue by first wife 

Lucy White inarried "f 

Gertrude White born ^Lly 5, . . . ; married Augustus L., son of 

Cornelius Morris, born 1840. 
Clara White born May 5, . . . ; married Edwin Leavitt. 
Ada White married f 

Issue bv second wife 

7j.f/^f by third wife 
Harrison White 

349 Benjamin Theodore White, of Little Silver, N. J.; married Charlotte Morris, 

and had 

Joseph T. White married Eveline ^'oorhees 

350 Harrison Decatur ^^'hitc, of Little Silver, N. J., born May 5, 1848; married 

Amanda, daughter of Cornelius Morris, born 1855; no issue. 

351 Elsworth J. White born 1850; died Jan. 24, 1901; married Elizabeth Lyons, 

and had 

William White died about 1888 

*Buricil in Methodist yard at Little Silver. 

tILither Lucy or AA:\ "Ahite married, May 5, 1*^87, VV. W. Shnmp.innre, ar.d hud a daughter bo'-n to her, M-.y iS, lyo;, an 1 
the cthc-r married Rcy Smith. 

\Min"E OF i\li\,V JERSEY 303 

249 MARY ANN WTHTE, daughtei- of Amos White, 129, horn July 29, 1813; 
died 1 88 1; married, 1837, Owen, son of Benjamin and Alice (WikolT) "NVoolley, born 
Dec. II, 1 Si I; died Dec. 3, 1903. 

Benjamin Woollcy born 1838 

Ann Amanda Woolley born Nov. 21, 1840; died Ajir. 23, 1903. 
James Harrshorne Woolley born Sep. 9, 1842; died July 12, 1864; buried at 

West Long Branch, N. J. 
Theodore Frelinghuysen Woolley born 1845; married, 1875, Harriet A. 

Corlies; died 189T. 
Alice Elma Woolley born Mch. 25, 1847 

E^dwin Owen Woollcy born 1849; married, 1875, Mary Alice Mount. 
Amos White Woolley born Dec. 7, 1851; died Dec. 16, 1852. 

250 AMOS SCOTT \\TiITE, son of Amos White, 1 29, born Sep. 8,1818; married, 
Mch. 9, 1842, Hannah Conrow, born 1825; died Dec. 3, 1903. 

i^35> July Term of the Orphans Court. James White was appointed guardian of 
Amos Scott White, Elisha Lippincott and Scott Herbert being his sureties. 

2^2 Deborah A. Wliite born March, 1843; married John Rowe. 

353 Jeremiah White of Elberon, N. J., born Sep. 14, 1844; married, Nov. 13, 

1866, Emeline B. Woolley, born 1849, and had 

Conover E. White, of Atlantic Highlands, N. J., horn 1S67; married 
a daughter of Peter P. Mount. 

354 James H. White of West Long Branch, N. J.; married, Dec. 18, 1871, 

Amelia Dangler, horn 1853, ^"<^ h^d 

Essie White born 1878 

355 Amos White horn Dec. 10, 1848; died unmarried. 

356 Mary White horn Oct. 20, 1851; married, Feb. 13, 1874, Clement, son of 

John and Amanda Layton, born 1851. 

357 John White, of Elberon, N. J., horn June 3, 1853; married Emma Green. 

358 Joseph H. White horn Sep. 21, 1855; married, Apr. 3, 1878, ^L^ry Blakely. 

359 "Martha White, of Elberon, N. J., born May 18, 1858; married Samuel EL 

360 Charles L. White born Jan. 30, i860; died unmarried. 

361 Sarah White born Jan. 8, 1862; married Hoi 

mes ^L^tthews. 

362 Emma J. White born February, 1864; niarricd Charles Irwin. 

363 Frank White horn June 20, 1865; died unmarried. 

364 Alice L. White, of South Elberon, N. J., born Sep. 3, 1866; died Dec. 25, 

1907; married John Bishop, and had seven children. 

365 Elmira White, of Brooklyn, N. Y., born Dec. 5, 1S67; married John Wil- 


304 I1IST01>:ICAL MlSCi:L].A\Y 

251 CAROLINE Wll fTE, slaughter of jocl White, 130, died 1 876; niarried, 1 )vc. 
23, 1825, Benjamin A., son of Da\id Corlies. 

Sarah M. Codies married George h'ins 
Mary F.Hzaheth Corlies; non compos mentis. 
Rebecca CorHes married Daniel Idulse 
White Corlies married Sarah E. Megill; she afterwards married Mr. 

Alice \\'. Corlies married William Morris 
Benjamin Corlies died prior to Aug. 14, 1SS2; married. 

257 MARY A. WUITE, daughter of Jacob White, 135, married, Feb. 15, 1827, 
Anthony, son of George and (Elizabeth.^) A'an Pelt, born Oct. 17, 1803. 

Henry Van Pelt born July 7, 1848; married Catherine \'an Brunt. 
Catharine Xan Pelt married, 1850, Isaac Decker. 

Jane A. A'an Pelt, of Brooklyn, N. Y., married William Eurman Wilson. 
Frances \^an Pelt married Philip Hathaway 

Ann Xv.-n Pelt married, first, Henry S. Ketcham; second, David Norton. 
William Van Pelt married Malony Wikoff 
Arthur Yiin Pelt married Delia Crosett 

259 SARAH ANN WHITE, daughter of Jacob White, 135, married, Jan. 13, 
^^3h John D., son of Jacob Dennis and Deborah (Woclley) Hurley, born Feb. 6, 1808; 
died Apr. 20, 1864.* 

Mary Jane Hurley, of Eatontown, N. J., born 1833; died 1892; married 
Samuel Tuttle, born 1829; died Alch. i, 1903. 

271 BENJAMIN CORLIES WHITE, son of George Allen White, 158, born 
Jan. 14, 1814; died Feb. 26, 1882; married, Oct. 20, 1842, Elizabeth Woolley Lewis, 
born Nov. 17, 1817; died Aug. 29, 1S81. Both buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrews- 

266 Catharine Elizabeth White born 1S49; married, Oct. 19, 1868, Howard 
Stokes, died 1843, and had 

Mabel Stokes married, 1889, Thomas "N'inton Murphy. 
Howard Stokes 
367 Rebecca Wliite born 1852; died 1898; married, Dec. 26, 1872, Joseph W. 
Elberson, and had 

'Data copied from an old Bible in the possession of the descendants of Samuel Tuttle: — 

Deborah Woolley born Dec. i, 1776 

Dehorali Hurley died N'ov. I, 1856 

Jacob Hurley born July 25, 1800 

John D. liurley born ;mo., 6, 1808; died 4mo., 20, i}!'j4. 

.\m;- E. Rivcly, daughter cf .-^llcii atiu Dtuot-di Rivcl/, born J in. :j, iSj:. 

WIIJTJ- 01- NEW Ji-.RSEY 305 

Leon \\'hitc Elbei>-on born Jan. 1 8, i S73 
Benjamin Corlies Elbcrson born I'\"b. 13, 1874 
Josephine El berson born Oct. 21, 1S76 

298 ALMETI-I WHEfE, son of Elihu White, 198, born Mch. 12, 1821 ; died l^ec. 
6, 1895; married, Feb. 14, 1849, -'^"'i tlhza Hoff, born Dec. 24, 1829; died May 22, 1903. 
Lived on St. George's Avenue, Rahway, N. J, 


368 Arbour White born Nov. 29, 1849; married Eflie Canady, and had 

Charles White born September, 1883 
Wiiming White 
George White 
Annie White 

369 George Eveleth White, of Rahway, N. J., born Nov. 27, 1851; married 

Jennie Mallon, and had 

John Mallon White married, June 25, 1903, Josephine Lyon Hur- 
ley, died Mch. 23, 1904. 
Irene White 
Isabel Eveleth Wliite 

370 Almeth White born June 30, 1S70; married Josephine Stagg, and had 

Howard White 
Helen White 

371 Sarah Adelia White born Oct. 26, 1853; niarried, Nov. 11, 1875, |oseph F. 

HofT; died July 15, 1886. 

372 Mary Rebecca White born Feb. 12, 1857; married, Feb. 17, 1892, Frank 

S. Richards. 

373 Adeline Lewis White born Oct. 7, 1863; married, Oct. 6, 1892, Flarrie A. 


374 Enos Runyon White born May 9, 1855; died Aug. i, 1856. 

302 ESEK WHITE,* son of Henry B. White, 207, born Apr. i, 1825; died July 
10, 1897; married Henrietta Conrow,* born 1830; died Feb. 10, 1880. He was the oldest 
Odd Fellow in Monmouth Co., at the time of his death, having joined the Lodge at Red 
Bank, fifty years before, and for thirty-six years he had been the Tax Collector, of 
Shrewsbury township. 

31S .It''''!'i 1^- White* born May 17, 1849; '^'^^^ Oct. 6, 1891; married Catharine 
Gettis, and had 
Maie White 
Susie B. White 

•ButicJ in the y:.-d cf the Mcthoiist Church, a: Li::!c Silver. 


376 Mnrgarctta H. Wliitc"*' boni July 17, 185 1; died Apr. 10, 1S52. 

377 Esck Henry White born Mch. 8, 1853; married, first, Emily ,* born 

Mch. 16, 1869; died May i, 1S97; second, Rachel Auglcr. 

378 Sarah Ann White* born Sep. 29, 1855; died, Jan. l>, 1S97, uiima-rieti. 

379 Caroline H. Wjiite born Dec. 20, 1857; married, Apr. 14, 1S76, Dustin, son 

of Daniel and Mary Allaire, born 1855, and had 

Harry Allaire born 1878 
James D. Allaire 
Charles Allaire 

380 James D. White* born May 29, i860; died Sep. 16, 1862. 

381 Emily B. White* born Nov. 8, 1862; died Feb. 23, 1867. 

382 Maryetta White* born Sep. 12, 1865; died Aug. 2, 1866. 

383 Adaiine White born Aug. 13, 1867; married, Sep. 13, 1895, Howard Rogers, 

and had 

Hazel Rogers born May 27, 1 896 

312 EDWARD WHITE, son of Thomas White, 224. The Lipnincott manuscript 
in the Histcical Society's Library, at Philadelphia, makes the assertion that Benjamin 
White, No. 117, had two sons named Edward and James. If such were the case, the;; 
do not join with the daughters of Benjamin in conveying property after the deaths or 
Benjamin and his wife, Axhigail. And without proof to the contrary, it would seem as 
if they had been contused with two ot the sons ot Thomas \Miite, No. 224, although some 
evidence can be procured to sustain the view that the Lippincott manuscript is correct. 
As, for instance, Mr. James Edward Borden, of Eatontown, N. J., the last remaining 
Quaker of the Shrewsbury Meeting, says that he can recollect an Edvvard White, v/no 
died unmarried, and was probably a nephew oi Jacob WJiite, No. 1 15. While Mr. Isaac 
C. Kennedy, a lawyer of Asbury Park, states distinctly that Edward \Miite was a son 
of Benjamin White, No. 117. Still another old resident ot that section ot the country, 
"who knew Edward White's father well," says the father's name was Benjam»in, and 
that he owned property at Deal. He likewise says that the James T. White, No. 311, 
who owned the property on which Joseph Truax was living in 1902, came fro.m Burling- 
ton Co., (as was actually the case), and returned there after his father's death; and that 
the family to which he belonged was a branch of the Deal family. 

1828, July 4. Edward White, of Hanover township, Burlington Co., deeds to 
James T. White, without giving any full description, "all my share in a lot of land in 
Shrev.sbury township, that belonged formerly to my father Thomas, deceased." 

1836, Sep. I. Edward White conveys to John Ireland seventeen acres ot land ad- 
joining Jacob White, the Ocean, Jacob Corlies and Corlies Pond. 

1S36, Oct. 22. Edward \Miite conveys to William Wright, three acres ot woodland, 
adjoining the County Poor House land, near Shark River. 

1838, Jan. 23. Edward White conveys to ^ViHiam White nine acres that adjoined 
the last mentioned tract of woodland. 

323 DANIEL WHITE, son of Daniel White, 225, married, Aug. 11, 1845, I'^abella 

•Buried in tn= yard cf the M^il.odist Chu:J; a: Liuk Sdvir. 


(Thompson-White), tlie widow ot his brother, Hcndrickson \\'hitc, born iSio; died July 


384 Fanny White married George Brown, of New York; no issue. 

385 Caroline White born Dec. 27, 1848; died Jan. iS, 1897; married Charles E., 

son of Barzillai Allen, born Dec. 25, 1S48, and had 

Nora B. Allen born June j, 1 869 
B. F. Allen born Aug. 22, 1872 
Fannie B. Allen born Aug. 13, 1873 
Eliza z^llen born Nov. 9, 1876 
Emma Allen born Jan. 13, 1879 
Matilda T. Allen born Aug. 8^ 1883 
George W. Allen born Feb. 22, 1887 
Carrie Allen born June 21, 1889 

386 Robert White, of Hamilton, N. J., born Feb. 15, 1851; married ISlary Eliza- 

beth Simpson, and had 

Adelle^^'hiteborn about 1884 
Carl White born about 18S7 

387 Dennis White born 1855; married, Sep. 18, 1898, Annie McBride. 

325 HENDRICKSON WHITE, son of Daniel White, 225, married, Jan. 3, 1830, 
Isabella Thompson, born 18 10. She married, after his death, his brother, Daniel \A hite. 

1842, Aug. 31. Administration granted on the estate of Hcndrickson White, to 
Richard Davison, Aug. 31, 1842. 


388 Jacob White born 1833; married, Oct. 31, 1857, Mary Herbert, born 1841, 

and had 


Edgar White born 1859; married Williams. 

Emma White born 1861; married Robert Minnis. 
Atlanta White born 1868; married Monro Shatto. 
Milton White born 1870; married Ada Shafto. 
Brinley White born 1S74 
Irving White born 1S76 
Weldon White born 1878 

389 Ralph White, of Squancum, born 1837; died September, 1900; married, 

Oct. 28, 1857, Jane Ann Patterson, born 1837, and had 

Almira L. White born 1859; married Thomas Burdge. 
John H. \Vhite born 1861 ; married (Annie?) Herbert. 

David P. \Miite born 1863; married Stillwell. 

Mary H. White born 1866; married William l^urdge. 
Isabella White l)oni 1869; married Dan Vwa Patrick. 

3o8 HISTORJCAl, MISCi:i,l..\XY 

George B. White boni 1S71; married Woolley. 

Robert C. White born 1875; iii:ii'i'icd ^'an Pelt. 

Rebecca Ann White born 1 877; married 

Clarence Wliite 

390 Sumner Columbus White born 1840; married, Mch. 15, 1862, Annie Gaskin, 

born 1S40; died Nov. 28, 1885. 

George \Miitc born i86j; married Mary Pearce. 

loseph White born 186;; married 

Edward White born 1868 

Anna ^^'hitc born 1868; man-icd John, son of Jacob ^^'oolley. 

Robert White born 1872; married 

Ira White born 1875; married Sallie Patterson. 

Nettie White died y^oung 

Bella White born 1880; married 

391 Eliza White born 1842; married, Dec. 21, 1864, Jordan, son of Joel and 

Eliza (Newman) Woolley, born 1839; died Sep. 12, 1S85, and had 

Frank Woolley, of Hamilton, N. J. 

392 Ann White died young 

326 WILLIAM J. WHITE, son of Daniel White, 225, born Dec. 11, 1801; died 
Feb. 15, 1865; married Susan Youmans, born 1809; alive June 1st, 1880. Avdministra- 
tion on his estate granted to John P. L. Tilton, June 23, 1866. 


393 Mary Ann White born Apr. 13, 1827; died July 29, 1863; m.arried, Apr. 13, 

1842, Theodore \'an Note born May 31, 1822; died Oct. 28, 1892, and had 

William Henry ^^an Note born January 1843; clied Sep. 6, 1843. 
James ^^an Note born Feb. 2, 1850; died Apr. 12, 1850. 
Charles Van Note married Lydia West 
Eliza Van Note married Weaver Wright 
Louise Van Note married Augustus Bradford 
Elma Van Note married Harry Ashton 

William Van Note married 

John ^^an Note 
Libbie Van Note 

394 Marsarct Emeline White born 1829; died Mav 13, 1907; married Charles 

Jeffry born 1828. 

Charles H. JelTry born 1855 
Cecilia Jeftry born 1S62; married De Witt, son of John W. and 

Catharine (Bennett) Brower, born 1858. 
Mary E. Jeffry born 1865; married Samuel ^'an Brunt. 
Edgar J eflVy born 1870 
I'Vancis jeitry born 1873 

wiirj'i'. oi< NEW ji-:rsi:v 309 

395 Sarah White, of Elberon, N. J., born 1831 ; dietl Feb. 3, 1899; married, 

July 30, 1S51, Joscpii Al., son of Scott and Mcribah (Corlies) Herbert, 
"born Klay 24, 1851 ; died July 29, 18S5. 

Spencer Herbert 

Henry W'. Herbert a minor Feb. 5, 1884 
Elizabeth Herbert married Mr. Taylor 
Margaret Herbert 

Georgiana Herbert married Mr. Riggs 
Susan Herbert married Mr. Conover 
Catherine Flerbert 

396 Eliza Jane White, of Long Branch; married Jacob C. Williams. 

397 Susan Jennette White married, May 26, 1854, John FF Wells. 

398 William N. White born Mch. 3, 1840; died Oct. 30, 1881; married Lydia A. 

, born 1846; no issue. 

399 Peter D. White married Charlotte Brehm 

400 Hannah Louisa \\ hite married Benjamin D. Johnson 

401 Winfield White born 1 85 1 ; married Louisa Sculthorpe, born 1857. 

402 Charles FF White, of Oceanic, N. J., born 1852; married Emma Eustace, 

born 1858. 

403 Ellie Adelia White married Joseph Zsomonski 

327 GARRET JOHXSOX WTIITE, son of Daniel White, 225, born 1792; died 
Nov. 26, 1876; married AFiry Youmans, born Sep. 3, 1802; died AFiy i, 1871. Adminis- 
tration on his estate granted to John FF Jackson, Dec. 21, 1876. 


404 Jonathan White married, first, Elizabeth Jackson; second, Elizabeth Taylor. 

405 Clark White died unmarried 

406 Samuel White died unmarried 

407 Henry D. White born 1842; married, Sep. 30, 1862, Phebe J. Raymond born 

1843, and had 

George E. White born 1864 
Benjamin F. White born 1866 
Mahlon F.White born 1868 
Archibald A. White born 1872 
Mildred White born 1 874 
Harry White born 1877 

408 Garret \Miite born 183S; married AFarcha Ann AFjoney, born 1840, and had 

Garret White 

409 Benjamin Thomas White ot Dakota, bom 1844; married, Mch. 19, 1864, 

Mary Jane Curtis, born 1840, aiid had 

Lenora U'hite born 186s 
Edwin White born 1867 


Annie M. NN hire horn 1869 

W. Madison White born Aug. 31, 1873; dicJ Oct. 16, 1875. 

Mailclaidc \A''iite born 1S79 

410 Eli'/abetli White Iiorn 1826; hving in 1896, married, Oct. 11, 1S40, John 

Hennessy, born iS 15; died Jnl>' 14, 1890, and had 
Jerdon Hennessy born Jime9, 1854; died .Sep. 4, 1856. 
Garret Hennessy 

411 James \Miite, of Shark River, N. J., born 1839; married, Mch. 16, 1867, 

Mary Catherine Youmans, born 1 847, and had 


Willie White born 1865 
Kinmouth White born 1872 
Estclla White born 1874 

412 Asher Wliite born 1824; married, June 5, 1847, Mary Jackson, born 18,12. 

413 Mary White married, first, iNIr. Whalen; second, Obadiah Worthley West, 

born Nov. 10, 1802; died Dec. 31, 1869. 

414 Rebecca White, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; married Mr. Clark. 

404 JONATHAN WHITE, son of Garret Johnson White, 327, died about 1S65; 
married, first. May 3, 1845, Elizabeth, sister to Curtis Jackson; second, l-'eh. 21, 1853, 
Elizabeth, ciaughter of Gilbert Taylor, born May, 1818; died Aug. 28, 1891. 

Issue by first wife 

415 John H. W'hite born 1844; married, first, Susan E., daughter of Samuel and 

Mary Drake, born 1838; died Aug. 17, 18S7; married, second, Aretta 
Tyson, and had 

Issue by second wife 
Carrie Winthrop White born September, 1 898 

416 Joseph \\'hite married 

417 Mary White married Mr. Bennett 

Issue by second wife 

418 Rebecca White married George Wainwright 

419 Sarah White married Charles Parker 

412 ASHER WHITE, son of Garret Johnson White, 327, born 1824; married, 
June 5, 1847, Mary Jackson, born 1832. 


420 Garret White, of Wayside, N. J., born Feb. 1 1, i860; married, Jan. 6, 18 . . , 

Jane, daui'hter of Layton and Hester (Havens) Dangler, born Mch. 3, 
1859, and had 

George D. White born Sej). 5, 1884; died Sep. 18, 1884. 
Amelia White born Nov. 12, 1885 
Lizzie White born Sep. 11, 1887 

Layton D. White born Aug. 20, 1889; married, May 30, 1908, 
Emma Adaline Siiaw, adopted diuigiiter of Eastw'vod White. 


Elvine White horn July 3, 1891 
Dereiida White born Feb. 13, 1894 
I.cster White born May 15, 1897 
Whitney Cook White born Jan. 23, 1901 

421 Hezekiah \\'hite born 1S58; married Miranda Kane, and had 

Chester White 
(Daughter) White married D. Wesley Manners 

422 Asher White married 

423 Louis White born 1866; married Lizzie 

424 Lizzie White married George Williams 

425 Maggie White born 1 868; married David Sloctun. 

426 William B. White born 1 871; died about 1893. 

427 John White married Lydia Ann Truax 

428 Howard F. White born 1 S74; married Lillie Hyers. 

1 Liternal evidence, in the will of Robert White, seems to be sufficient to assure us 
that he was the father of the Robert White, 2, who went to Monmouth County. And 
from the occurrence of the name of Peter among his sons, it has been thought that he Vvas 
closely related to the Peter and Thomas \Miite, brothers, whose descendants are enumer- 
ated in the foregoing pages. 

All the knowledge I have been able to obtain of him is contained in the record of his 
will, as printed by the A'ifw York Historical Society^ Volume i, Page 283. 

iGcjG/-], Feb. 2. Will of Robert White, Sr., of New York, joiner, mentioned: 
eldest son, Robert White; sons, Peter and John, each to have one-half his working tools. Executors: 
wife, Elizabeth, and Mr. WiUiam Bickley, mei chant. 

Major Bickley, in his will, dated Aug. 27, 1716, and proved June 17, 1724, refers to 
his wife, Elizabeth, and leaves one-half of his New Jersey property to Elizabeth White, 
Jr., "whom my wife hath brought up and will continue with us." 

1 Robert White eldest son 

3 Peter White 

4 John White 

5 Elizabeth White 

6 Mary White married, Aug. 31, 1694, John French. 

7 Martha White married Hendrick Wan Hoofden; and perhaps, married, 

second, Peter Bant. 

2 ROBERT WEHTE, son of Robert White, i, married, first, Nov. 28, 1690, 
Jacomyntje Van Rollegon; second, Aug. 31, 1694, Frances Stanley. 

1684/5, Feb. 4. The inventory of the estate of Thomas White, of Monmouth Co., 
shows his estate as a debtor to Robert White as of this date, the debt having been paid 
sometime between 16S4 and 1686, by Samuel White, the son and administrator of 
Thomas. Possibly this was Robert White, i, but it would seem more likely to have 
been his son, as he is known to have taken a wife iii Mc/nmoulh. Couiity. 


I1-»c Reformed Dutch Church records, of New York Cit)', state that: 

Robert Wfiitc, youni; man, of London, England, married, Nov. 28, 1690 Jacomyntjc \'aii Uo!le[;on, 
young maiden, of New "i'ork; and also that their child Elii;abcth, was baptised July 1, 1691. 

The New Jersey Historical Society have, in their Library, at Newark, as presented 
to them by Charles S. lioggs, ot the LhTited States Navy, the original license issued f(;r 
the marriage of this Robert White to his second wife, which differs in a remarkable wav 
from the record of the marriage itself. The license has the names: 

Robert White, "joyner," of New York, and Frances Stanley, of Province of East Jersey, have license 
dated Aug. 29, 1694. 

In Book "B" of the record of Deeds at Freehokl, N. J., is to be found the following: 

"These are to certifie all wliom it may concern, that on this the last day of August, Anno one thous- 
and six hundred ninety and four, Robert White, of the city of New York, and Frances Wales,* of the 
Province aforesaid, was lawfully Joyned in holy-^^'edlock, and this to be their sufficient Testimonial!. 
Given from under my hand at Tinton INIanors this day and date hereof. Signed L. Morris." 

1694, the last day of August 1694, at Trenton Manor, INLary \Miite married to John 
French. The date for this marriage is given as Oct. 21, 1694, in the Supplementary List 
of INLarriage Licenses, issued by the State Library Bulletin, in April, 1898. But the 
earlier date, occun-ing on the same day and at the same place as when Robert White 
was married, is found on the records at Freehold. 

1695, July 21. Elizabeth, daughter of "Robert White and Frankje^ferv," bap- 
tised. Tryntje Rollegon as a witness. 

1697, Apr. 25. The Reformed Dutch Church of New Y'ork gives the record of the 
baptism of Jacjuemyntje White, daughter of Francina Standings with Bartholomeus La 
Roux** and Tryntje Rollegon as witnesses. 

1705, Jan. 18. Preserve Lippincott and Elizabeth, his wife, convey fifty acres of 
land, in Shrewsbury, to Robert White, "cooper," bounded by the ^^'est and North High- 
ways, Francis Borden and Preserve Lippincott, that had been deeded to the present 
grantor, "by my loving father, John Lippincott, Dec. 13, 1700;" Peter White, one of the 
witnesses. Freehold Deeds, "//.," page 43. 

Issue by first wife 

8 Elizabeth White baptised July i, 1691 

Issue by second wife 

9 Elizabeth White baptised July 21, 1695 

10 Robert White 

11 Jacquemyntje White born Apr. 3 or 13, 1697; baptised Apr. 25, 1697; died 

Apr. 28, 1784; married, Nov. 15, 1716, John, son of Lewis and Elizabeth 
(Almy) Morris born June 12, 1695; died ^ich. 12, 1769. Sec Historical 
Miscellany^ under Morris of Passage Point. 

12 Abraham White married Mehitable, daughter of John and Mary (Bills) 


13 Stanley White 

•There is no doubt thnt ihe ■.> ifu of Roliert Wliite, (2), wa^ France^ St.iiilev, and not Frances Wales; of t!':; there is a sur'er-_ of proof. It has been suegcited that the Monmouth Co. recor 1 of this mariiage was meant to read Frances Stanley, o! 
Wales. Though v.e have knowledee of file Stanleys in Moimi'iulh Co., there is no proot o! their Welsli origin, but to the 
contrary, the name, Stanley, is probably Ent'lish. 

"\ baptism of Nov. I, :fr,', ihowi that Bartholomew I, a Roux tnaiiied Gertrude Van Kulleton. 


10 ROBERT WHrrE, son of Robert White, 2, had 


14 Robert \Vhite 

15 Thomas White married, Dec. 18, 1735, Elizabeth Lippincott. 

16 Francis White diet! Dec. 28, 1792; married, by Hcense dated Nov. 11, 1749, 

Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Grace Lippincot; Robert White, 
"cooper," being surety on the boiid; born Sep. 28, 1730; died Nov. 5, 18 15. 

17 Michael \\'hite, probably; died 17S3/4; married, by license dated Apr. 19, 

1758, Margaret \'an Dyke. 

12 ABRAHAM WHITE, son of Robert White, 2, married Mehitable, daughter of 
John and Mary (I'ills) Scott, born Jan. 16, 1706. 

1735, Nov. 27. She signed as a witness of the marriage of William Scott, her brother, 
to Mary Runnels, immediately alter the groom and bride. 

1735, Dec. 18. They were witnesses of the marriage of his nephew, Thomas White, 
"weaver," to Elizabeth Lippincott. 

1741, July 8. Abraham White was one of the witnesses to the will of Preserve 
Lippincott, and owned lands adjoining his. 

Reference to them and their descendants can be found in Coo/ey's Early Settltrs in 


18 John White married, first, Catharine Olden; second, by license dated Oct. 11, 

1782, Mary Smith. 

13 STANLEY ^VHITE, son of Robert White, 2. But very little evidence is 
afforded for the existence ot Stanley White and his place here in this pedigree. Llis name 
alone is sufficient to show his parentage. And his signature has been found upon receipts 
in the possession of the late James Steen, Esq., of Eatontov.-n, N. J., of about 1730, one 
being tor the year 1731, whereon the name ot Daniel Lippincott also appears, \\]\o was, 
I surmise, his brother-in-law. It was the mother of this Daniel Lippincott who refers 
to her grandchildren in her will as ^'incent and George ^^'hite. 

1745, 9mo., 12. Will of Elizabeth Brinley; proved June 7, 1748. She signed it by 
her mark, and was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Allen) \\'llliams, and widov\- of 
Preserve- Lippincott, marrying as his second wife, Sep. 19, 1739, William Brinley. In 
this will she refers to: 

my grandsons, \'incent and George White, as not yet twenty-one years of age, and left to tfein all 
money due me from Thomas Holmes on his bond, and also the interest ot the s.ime. If they both died 
the above legacy was to go to the children ot my son, Daniel Lippincott; Vincent NNhire was to have a 
chest marked "V.W."; to grand-daughters, Elisab"'. Audrea and Anne Lippincott, the clothes that I had 
before I married William Brinley. \\ hile Elizabeth was to have my Great Bible, Audrea was to get the 
sheets marked "E.A.L." Executors: Cousins, Joseph Corlies and Hez''. Williams. Witnesses: John 
Webley, Stephen Wardell, Sarah Williams. 


19 ^'incent V\'hite married, first, Grace Jeffrey; second, Rachel Green, 
ao George \Miite 

21 Peter White, j^robabh'; married, by license dated Jan. 22, 1747, Huldah 


15 THOMAS WHITE, son of Rol'crt White, lo. He married, lo month i8, 
17,^5, Elizalieth, daughter of Thomas and E'lizabeth (\\"hite), 28, Lij^pincott, when liis 
father and brotlicr, eacli of the name of Robert, sign as witnesses in the most prominent 
positions. She was born May 3, ijiy. 

The will of Thomas ^Vhite is referred to in a deed on record at Freehold, in Book W, 
page 22, dated July 22, 1S13, but although an extended search has been made for the 
same no trace of it could be found. It may be that it was to this Thomas White refer- 
ence was made in the settling of the account of "Thomas White, executor of Thomas 
White, deceased." January Term of Orphans Court, 1791. 

He is the Thomas White, "weaver," spoken of in the will of Thomas White, of Deal, 
No. 24; and is called "Thomas \Miite, of Shark River, deceased" in a deed gi\'en by James 
Talman, Jr., and Charity, his wife, April 7, 1798. 


22 Thomas White 

23 \\'illiam White married, by license dated Feb. 18, 1766, Sarah Lippitt. 

24 Elizabeth \^'hite 

16 FR.AXCIS WHITE, son of Robert White, 10, died Dec. 28, 1792; married, 
by license dated Nov. 11, 1749, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Grace Lippincott, 
born Sep. 28, 1730; died Nov. 5, 1815; Robert White, "cooper," being the surety on their 

An old Bible, in the possession of the late Timothy M. White, of Little Silver, N. J., 
gave the entries which are appended herewith, and would seem to indicate that Francis 
and Elizabeth (Lippincott) White lef't no issue, as no mention of any is made in it. 

Elizabeth Lippincott, daughter of Daniel and Grace, born Sep. 28, 1730. 

Preserve, their son, born May S, 17J2. 

Audria, their daughter, born Nov. 16, 1734. 

Francis ^^ hire, son of Robert, died Dec. 28, 1792. 

Elizabeth, his wife, [died] Nov. 5, i8k, aged 8^ years, & 38 days. 

'J'imothy M. White married, Aug. 2, 1S07, Elizabeth King. 

William K. White, their son, born Aug. 15, 1808; died, Dec. 20, 1838, aged 30, 4, 5. 

Lewis White born July 7, 18 11 

Elcy Uhite born Oct. 25, 1813; died, June 10, 1S14, aged 7mos. 15 days. 

Elcy White born Apr. \\, 1815 

Elizabeth White born Aug. i,'i8i7 

Jemima White born Mch. 2, 1820 

Timothy White born Oct. 7, 1821 

Daniel Hulett born Apr. 30, 17^6* 
Michel Hulett born Oct. 3, 1759 

Joseph, son of Michael ^^ hite, born Nov. 5, 1764. 
Mary Hart, wife of Joseph, born Oct. 13, 1771. 
Joseph White and Mary Hart married June 18, 1788 
Timothy, their son, born Mch. 28, 1789. 
Elizabeth \Miite born Sep. 9, 1793 
I^wis R. White born J'^eb. 10, 1800 
Mary White born Apr. 6, 18 15 

Joseph White died Mch. 12, 1838 

Elizabeth NNhite, v;ife of Timothy, died Mch. 19, 184C. 

Timothy White died, Sep. 6, i860, aged 71 yrs. 6 mos. 9 days. 

•Thomas Hulett married, by license dateii Dec. 2-i, I7v<;, Ann, daughter of D.miel and Grace Lippincott, and sister to Eliza- 
beth (Lippi.'.cctt; ^Vhite; and Dan;;:! ."..-.d .Michel Hii'ctt v.crc their sc:;s. 

WHITE OF N]-:\V jl-.RSF.Y jjiS 

17 MICHAEL \\'HITF,, probably the son of Robert White, lo, for in no other 
way cnn I account (ov the Bible whose records are given under the heading of Francis 
White, Xo. 14, being in the possession of his grandson, Timothy AF \\ hivc. AFarried, 
by license dated Apr. 19, 175S, iNFargaret Van Dyke, when each was of Shrewsbury. 

17S4, Jan. 1,0. Fetters of administration granted to AFirgaret White on the estate 
of Michael \Vhire, late of Monmouth Co. 


25 Joseph INF White born Nov. 5, 1764; died Mch. 12, 1838; married, June 18, 

1788, AFary Hart. 

26 Britton INF White born 1767; died Dec. 5, 1855; married Abigail Woolley. 

18 JOHN WTIITE, son of Abraham White, 12. He was of Lawrenceville, N. J., 
and married, first, Catharine, daughter of James Olden, of Stonj' Brook; second, by 
license dated Oct. 11, 1782, iNFary, daughter of John and Hannah Smith. 

Issue by first wife 

27 Job White died unmarried 

28 Nancy White died unmarried 

29 James White born 1778; died 1851; married Martha, daughter of Philip 

and Charity (Green) Hendrickson, born 1771; died 184S. 

Issue by second wife 

30 Catharine White married Giles W. Olden, and had 


John Olden 

James Olden 

Samuel Olden 
3! Benjamin C. White married Ann Paxson 
32 Jonathan White died unmarried 

19 VINCENT WHFFE, grandson of Elizabeth (Williams-Lippincott) Brinley, and 
probable son of Stanley White, 13; died 1775; married, first, by license dated Apr. 14, 
1755, Grace Jeffrey, when John Mount was surety on the bond, and Deborah Standley 
was witness to it; married, second, by license dated Apr. 4, 1759, Rachel, daughter of 
Henry Green. 

1772, 4mo. (Apr.) 2. Will of A'inccnt White, of Shrewsbury; proved Feb. 9, 1775; 

wife, Racliel; son,. Henry, not yet twenty-one years of age, to have Tan Yard and Shop; daughters, 
Hannah, Rebecca and Elizabeth, not yet eighteen; an unborn child, if a son was to share equally with 
Henry. Executors: Jo!in Tucker and Henry Green. 

1787. July Term of Orphans Court. William Brinley and v»^if"e, the wife being a 
legatee under tlie v/ill of Vincent White, procure a citation against John 'Fucker, the 
surviving executor of Vincent White, deceased. 

23 Henry White; letters of admiidstratiuii granted, Jan. 21, 1782, to James 
Green on the estate of Hciwy Wh.ite, late of AF):. mouth Cu. 


34 Rebecca White married \Mlliam, son of William l^irinley; he married, second, 

Mch. 9, 1798, Rachel Cliamberlain; and died 1839/40. She had 
Henry Brinle)- married, Feb. 16, 1814, Mary Robbins. 
Sylvester Brinley born Jan. 25, 1793; died Sep. do, 1S40; married, 

Feb. II, 18 19, Hannah Britton, born May 23, 1790; died Aj^r. 

Vincent Brinley married, Jan. 15, 1824, Sarah Ann, daughter of 

Asher S)nith; died 1867. 
Euphaime Brinley married, Jan. 29, 181 8, Sidney Tallman. 
Lydia Brinley born June 14, 1790; died Jan. 23, 1852; married, 

Dec. 20, 1810, John, son of Henry and Elizabeth (V.'hite) Wol- 

cott, born Nov. 11, 1798; died Nov. 26, 1856. 

35 Elizabeth White married, Nov. 20, 1796, Colonel George, son of William 

Brinley, and had 
Rebecca Brinley married Mr. Brown 

36 Hannah White 

37 Vincent White died prior to Mch. 21, 1832, when his heirs are spoken of as 

bounding land that was conveyed in Freehold Deeds, "Z-l," page 447, 

20 GEORGE WHITE, grandson of Elizabeth (Williams-Lippincott) Brinley, 
and probable son of Stanley White, 13. 

It would seem as though it were this George White who was purchaser of an acre of 
woodland from Thomas Little and Elihu Chadwick, executors of George Smith, Nov. 
12, 1800. This same parcel w^as sold by Deborah and Elizabeth White to Ricliard S. 
Poole, Jan. 25, 1833. And Jan. 11, 1839, Deborah White, of Shrewsbury, conveys to 
Gabriel West all her right in the lot of land "conveyed to my father, George \\'hito, by 
Jacob Brinley and his wife Jane, May 3, 1791." 

21 PETER WHITE, in all probability the son of Stanley White, 13, married, by 
license dated Jan. 22, 1747, Huldah, daughter o\ Philip Tabor. One of her Canadian 
descendants said she was living in Monmouth Co., in 18 11. 


38 Benjamin White born Dec. 20, 1749; died Dec. 23, 1842; married, Mch. 16, 

1775, .Amah Ball. 

39 Philip ^^'hite died Mch. 30, 1782; married, first, ; second, Oct. 29, 

^1773, J'i^e fliers. 

40 William White born Oct. 28, 1759; died Dec. 6, 1857; married, June 7, 1779, 

Deborah Til ton. 

41 John White died prior to May i, 1822; married Margaret, daughter of 

Jasher Cook. 

42 .Susan White married Slocum, son of Isaac and Meribah (Slocum) \'an Dyke. 

43 Vincent White married Susan Carle 

2.3 VriLLIAM WHITr{, son of Thomas Vs'hite, 15; married, by license dated Feb. 
18, l/i'/i, Sarahj daugluei of Jolm ]_.!pp!tt, bcjrn July i i, 1745; died Sep. iu, 1836. 



17S6, Feb. 8. Catharine Goodenough, W'iliiam White and Sarah, liis wife, and 
Ruloff Schenck and Rebecca, his wife, quit chiim land ol" which John Lippet died seized, 
adjoining the road from Middletown to Shrewsbury F'alls. 

1812, July 23. \\'i]liam \\'hite, of Shrewsbury, and Sarah, his wife, convey to 
Garret White, their son, land where Garret now dwells, it having been deeded, b)- ^^'il- 
liam Brinley, to "Thomas White, the deceased father of the said William White, ..... 
and was left by the last will and testament of the said Thomas \Miite, to be divided 
between his two sons, the said William aiui Thomas, ami was by release di\'ided b>' the 
said brothers." 


44 John Lippitt Wliire born at Ocean Reach, N. T.; died June, 1831; married, 

first, Jedidah ; second, Eleanor Rierson. 

45 Garret White born prior to 1772; married, first, Catherine Coleman; second, 

Rebecca Eippincott. 

46 Hendrick H. White born Dec. 23, 1783; died Mch. 22, 1862; married, Jan. 

16, 1812, Hannah De \'oe. 

47 Rebecca White* born July 23, 1780; died Oct. 28, 1849; married Jeremiah 


48 Ann White* born Apr. 26, 1782; died Feb. 22, 1861; married Joel, 130, son of 

Amos and Eucy (Tallman) White born Sep. 3, 1780; died Oct. 9, 1836. 

49 Sarah White* married Daniel, son of John White (112). See No. 225. 

25 JOSEPH ^L WHITE, "carpenter," of Shrewsbury, son of Michael White, 17, 
born Nov. 5, 1764; died Mch. 12, 1838; married, June 18, 1788, Mary Hart, born Oct. 
13, 1771; died Feb. 20, 1858. She lies buried in the Methodist yard, at Little Silver. 


50 Timothy ^L White, born Mch. 28, 1789; died Sep. 6, i860; married, first, 

Elizabeth King; second, Mrs. Catharine Hulett. 

51 Elizabeth White born Sep. 9, 1793; died 1876; married, June 9, 1813, Ben- 

jamin King, born May 18, 1788; died May 23, 1842; and had 
John King born Mch. 21, 1814; died July i, 1898; married, 1836, 

Margaret Borden, born March 1S18; died Nov. 12, 1906. 
Deborah R. King born Apr. 21, 1816; died Dec. 9, 1875; married 

Josiah, son ot Michael and Ann (Woolley) Parker, born June i, 

1 812; died Aug. 14, 1866. 
Joseph White King born Jan. 11, 1819; married, Dec. 3, 1840, Ann 

M.j daughter oi John and Elizabeth (Chandler) ^^'orthley, born 

July 24., 1820; died Oct. 3, 1893. 
Mary Alice King born June 27, 1827; married, 1847, Thomas 

Taylor Rogers, born August 1825; died Nov. 15, 1903. 
Hannah Maria King born Mch. 17, 1822; died Sep. i, 1824. 
Robert W. King born l^ec. 28, 1824; died Sep. i, 1826. 
Barzillai King born Feb. 20, 1830; died Apr. 12, 1838. 

*I am not at all sure that 47, 40 and 49 were daughters of William White. Three dirfercnt ones of the grandchildren of Garret 
White state that Sarah was his sister. Otheri claim that Sarah and Ann were sisters. And dirert dei^cendants of KebeCca Newman 
and of Hendrick H. White are surp that .^nn and Kchecca were ?;isters of H;-nilr:ck .--nd John Kippi' White. 


52 LcM'is R. White hnrn Feb. 10, iBoo; tlicd about 1817'. 

53 Mary White born Apr. 6, 1815; married Joseph J. Goodcnough, born Apr. 

16, 1 8 10; died Aug. i, 1864; and had 

Earl (joodenough 

Mcnry Goodenough, born Seji. 27, 1837; died, Mcli. 1, 1867, un- 
Charles Goodenough 

2G BRITTON I\L WHITE, son of Michael White, 17, born 1767; died Dec. 5, 
1855; married Abigail, daughter oi Jedcdiah and ivLrry (Remington) Woolley, born May 
12, 1773; alive Sep. 12, 1840. 

He was 0} Ocean township, and lies buried at Hamilton, N. J. 


54 George W. White born Jan. 10, 1794; died Aug. 8, 1877; married, Dec. 3, 

1 8 17, Deborah Jones. 

55 Tucker White born Mch. 16, 1804; '^I'ed May 23, 1875; married, Aug. 24, 

1826, Mary Jones. 

56 Jediah White born May 20, 1805; '-'^icd Apr. 5, 1857; married, July (21?) 

1 826, Sarah H. Youmans. 

57 Britton White born Jan. 16, 1807; died Apr. 5, 1885; married Caroline 

Elmore, born 1824. 

58 Drummond White horn Aug. 3, 181 1; died May 17, 1872; married, Oct. 17, 

1829, Rebecca Slocum. 

59 Meribah White married, Mch. 15, 1821, Jesse Howland, and had 

Hartshorne Howland 
Zenas Howland 
James Howland 
Matthias Howland 
Deborah Howland 

60 Elizabeth White married Samuel T., son of Garret White, No. 45. 

61 Deborah Ann White married Mr. West 

62 Abigail Ann White married, Jan. 9, 1830, Bartholomew West, and had 

Henry West 

38 BENJ.AMIN WHITE, son of Peter White, 21, born Dec. 20, 1749; died Dec. 
23, 1842; married, Mch. 16, 1775, Amah, daughter of David and Sarah (Badcock.) 
Ball;* died Apr. 21, 1816. 

He was a cordv.-ainer, and removed to Acushnet, ^dass., where, amongst a lot of old 
papers that came into the possession of his great-grandson, Alden White, there were 

*David Ball, "wcivcr." and S.uah Bafkcck were married Nov. S, IV^.V She was the dautihter of George and Elizabeth 
(Waste) Badcock, published Awj,. 33, i-2'j. And George was the son of Return Badcock, one of the Proprietors of Dartmouth, 

\\I11TK OF Ni:\V JERSEY 3T9 

found the following notes, letters and parts oi letters that have aided considerahly in 
completing this line. 

1766, Mch. 18. "This indenture v.itnesseth that Benjamin \^hitc son of Peter White and Hulder 
NN'hite of ye Township of Shrewsbury — liath putt Himself an apprentice to John Cradtlock of ye same phice 
& township aforesaid and with him to Dwell ^: to learn ye artt and Mistery of ye trade he now followeth 
that is that Cordwainer or Shoemaker &; Tanner and with him to serve from ye date Hereof of the full 
term of Three years Ten months" etc., etc. 

1770, Oct. 20. This is the date of the earliest of the accounts found of Benjamin 
White, as shoemaker, being a single entry against John Tohcy. There are several for 
the year 1771, and more for later years. 

"Shrewsbury July the 7 day 1773. Received of Mr. Benjamin White one Pound Sixteen Shillings 
and nine Pence new york Currency on accounts Received 
in Part 

of his account 
By me (Signed) Ebexf.zek Wardell." 


"Shrewsbury October 30th 1773. 
Received of Mr. Benjamin \Vhite By the hand of David hance Constable five Pound, in full of 
all accounts to this Day. 

Received Bv me as \Mtness my hand 

(Signed) Ebenezer W.\rdell." 

"Mr. Benjamin \\'hite Sargent you are Desired to Warn your Destrect Both Train Band and Alarm 
List to Appear at Amos Simmons on Monday May the Eighteenth Day with a fire arm for to cliuse a capt 
and other officers you must worn them imediately for they aueht to have ten Days worning orders from 
Capt Keen (Signed) Reubem Maso.v." 

The following letter from his brother William White, has written upon it's back the 
words "Dartmouth," and "Sukey." 

St Johns, Parr Town 

September 15 th 1784 
Dear brother. 

I have the pleasure to inform you that I am well hoping these few Lines may find you in the same 
I am am settled at Parr Town St Johns and like the place amazing well. That there is plenty ot e\Ty 
thing here and Cheap would be hapj^y in receiving a letter from you to know how you are Situated as 
I have not received any from you since my arrival here. I have one boy living who is nam.ed after our 
brother Philip, desire to be remembered to all friends and relatives 1 am your 

loving Brother 

(Signed) Willm. White. 

This portion of a letter was, no doubt written by his mother Iluldah (Tabor) 
White, and may possibly have been enclosed with the one which follows it: 

"July ye 14 1791 

Dear son I rite having this oppcrtunity to Let vou no that 1 am in as good helth as can be expected tor 
so old a woman as I am i had a hard Spell of sickness Last Spring but 1 l^ived threw it and I tnank God 
for his merciful goodness Lme wonce more " 

On the outside o[ the following letter wc find the signature of "!n White" 
himself and the address: 

320 lUsrORlC.XL MlSCriLl..\NY 

M'' Bcnicmin White 


near plain 

July y 15 1791 

Loving brother 
haviiii; this oppcrtunity to Inform you tliat 1 and my family is all well at present I thank god for it 
hoping you are all in the same I intended to come and see you Last fall but I under tuk a erat Jurncv 
1 went the first of June and got back in September I traveled eleven hundred miles from hom 1 was 
a mong nine nashons of Ingins 1 was whare thay kild pepel and eat them you must think that wa^ 
Sharp times I wish you wold cum and se me and 1 could tell you more than ever you see in your life I 
hope I sha! cum and se you in a year or two if nothing hapens You must send me a Letter by the fir,-;t 
oppertunity we all remembers our Cind Love to you and your wife and Children So no more at present 
but J remain your Loving brother tel Death 

(Signed) Johx White. 

179:*, June 4. This date, on the lower half ot a sheet of note paper, seemingly indi- 
cates that the letter written upon it, and of which it was part, was received prior thereto. 
It reads: 

"Leave me now I send my kind Love to Amay and all the Chilrden my Love and well wishes to all 
friends and a quaintences so no more at present but this comes from your Loveing sister till Death 

(Signed) Surey WnrrE. 
I hope to come to sec you this fall or Next it nothing happens" 

One other letter was found, given below, addressed on the outside: 

To Benjamin White 

at Newbedlord near the 

Long plains in th sate of 


favrd By 

Mr allin 

Long Branch Shrewsbury November 17th 1820 

Dear brother i have the pleasure To inform you that through boundless Merceys i Do with my fr.meiy 
and friends in general Enjoy good health, and most cheertully hope these lines may find you in pos- 
session of the same Sister Susan and famely is in health Except her son John and is on the Recover — 
My son Ben Jamin is Marryed and Lives with me 6i:c — Dear Brother Concerning the Rails you offered 
me if vou still think well of it and write to me when the Rails will Be Ready at tlie Landing i shall have a 
Certainty to depend on Because i must hire a Vessell in the Spring as Early as the Season will admit if 
i Can Depend on them for a Certainty i Donot think i Can get a \'essell under fifty or sixty Dollors you 
will therefore Be pleased — To write this fall that i may know without fail, and how you and your is ot 
which i Shall Extreemly glad To liear these from your Brother and tViend 

(Signed) Joh.v White 

To Benjamin Vt'hite 

N B Josejih west is yet living and in good health his sons and family arc well — the crops of grain 
-has Been the greatest this season we have Ever had both Ric and Corn it has been Selling out of the 
field for two and sixpence pr bushel this tali Vegitablcs is plenty and Cheap But money is Scarce 

63 Asher White horn June ?-8, Tyyr; died, Jainiar)^, 179'^, unmarried. 


64 Huldah White born Aug. 20, 1777; died May 19, 1869; married September 

1801 J Seth Buinpus; atid had 

Nelson Bumpiis married 

65 Mary White born July 6, 1781; died Jan. 26, 1857; married Samuel T., son 

of James Ball; and had 

Amah W. Ball born 1813; died 1893; married Joseph Bemiett, born 

1803; died 1850. 
Alden W. Ball born 1816; died 1905; married Elizabeth Rogers, 

born 1 82-; died 1893. 
Susan Ball married Torrey Wallace 
Mary Ball died young 

66 Philip White born Sep. 23, 1783; died November, 1836; married, Jan. 25, 

1807, Patience Russell, born 1782; died Aug. 24, 1816. 

67 Susannah ^^'hite born Now 21, 1786; died January 1788. 

68 Sarah White born Oct. 5, 1789; died Dec. 12, 1853; married Maltiah H. 

Pierce, born Oct. 7, 1792; and had 

Philip R. W. Pierce born 18 15; married a daughter of Thomas 

Benjamin Pierce born 181 8; married Mary A. Yall. 
Judith Pierce born 1820; married John D. Hathaway, of New 

Bedford, Mass., no issue. 
Huldah Pierce died young 
Laura A. Pierce born May 26, 1826; married Isaac Freeman, of 

New Bedford; no issue. 
Sarah J. Pierce born 1828; married Charles Kiniball. 
John M. Pierce born 1830; drowned. 
Samuel T. Pierce born 1833; married Hannah , of Bangor, 

69 Alden White born JuK 13, 1792; died Jan. 27, 1858; married, Nov. 3, 1824, 

Jane McCully. 

39 PHILIP WHITE, son of Peter White, 21. Killed in the War of the Revolu- 
tion, Mch. 30, 1782, by a party of the British Li;^ht Horse Cavalry. Married, first, 

; second, Oct. 29, 1773, Jane Miers, born Dec. 14, 1755; she married, second, 

Mr. Irons, and third, Mr. ]3evan. 

Alfred Smith, a great-grandson ot Jane Miers, by her third marriage, had in his 
possession, in 1882, the certificate of her marriage to Philip White, which he had found 
among his father's papers. It reads as follows: 

"Jane Myer was born the fourteenth Day of December in the year 1775." 

"•This may Certifie all such as it may Concern that. Philip White & Jatie Miers have been Lafully 
loined in holy Matrimony by me October y* 2y 1773 

(Sigiied; Charles Mackxight." 

The Reverend Charles Mac Kniglu was pastor of the Presbyterian Church, in 


Shrewslniry, about tlic time of this marriage, out the earl\- records of that Churdi 
have been destroyed or lost for many years. 

Mr. Smith had also in his possession a paj^er that gave the dates of birth of the two 
children of Philip White, as given beyond. 

1782, Apr. 20. Letters of administration on the estate of Philip White, of N\\', 
York, joiner, who died intestate, granted to his brother, William Wliite. 

vVf-::- ^'oj'k Historical Society, Wills, Vol. 9, page 324. 

According to Sabine's Plistory of the Loyalists, George Taylor Dennison, Jr., tried 
to make Philip White to have been a son ot Amos (Xo. 25) and Esther (Tilton-Border.j 
Wliite. But there is not a particle of evidence to show that this couple had any chiui 
by what was a second marriage on the part of each ot them. And other reasons showing 
Mr. Dennison's mistake hav^e been set forth by the Reverend William White Hance in 
an article he published in the Nci:: York Genealogical and Biographical Record, for July, 


In hunting o\'er some old newspapers for the time, the folkn\'ing was obtained from 
a copy of the Pennsylvania Journal, of the date of ALiy 1, 1782: 

"The circumstances attending the death of the abo\e mentioned Philip White were as follows: On 
Saturday the 30th of March last, he was surprised by a party of our people, and after he had laid down, his 
arms, in token of surrendering himself a prisoner, he again tooli up his musket and killed a son of Col. 
Hendrickson: he was however taken by our light horse, and on his way from Colt's Neck to Freehold, 
where they were conducting him, he again attempted to make his escape from the guard, who called on 
him several times to surrender, but he continued running, often crossed and recrossed by the light horse, 
and desired to slop, and finally, when leaping into a bog, impassable bv the horse, he received a stroke 
in the head by a sword, which killed him instantly. The above facts have not only been proved by the 
affidavits of our friends who were present, but by the voluntary and candid testimony of one Aaron 
\^hite, who was taken prisoner with the said Pliilip." 

From Library of Pennsylvania Historical Society, in Philadelphia. Abstracts of 
letters from George Taylor Dennison to Jas. S. Lippincott. 

February 21, 1880. 
"I have gathered some further information since I wrote you last From an old draft of a peti- 
tion to the Lieut. Gov. of Canada, I find that Mrs. Lippincott's father was a magistrate before the, 

and died before the war commenced I may say that iNIrs. Lippincott was a near relative of Philip 

White and Alexander NNhite for we have an old book in our family which belonged to Alexander ^^hite 
brother of Philip we believe — but the tradition in our family is that Philip ^^'hite was a near relative of 
Captain or Mrs. Lippincott — a cousin or step brother — perhaps this may aid you somewhat. 

I have unearthed two old letters from Mrs. Lippincott to her husband when he was in England ;n 

1787 and 1788. From these letters it appears without doubt that they came from. Shrewsbury. -^Ls. 
Lippincott speaks of having received two letters from Shrewsbury, one from Sally Wardeli and cne from 
Sally De Ijow — both asking her to spend the winter with them — She also refers to one J. Knight and also 
of Joseph Parker who had gone to Shrewsbury to spend the winter and who had promised Mrs. Lippincott 
to call upon her friends there. She also appears to have had a sister in Shrewsbury. 

(Signed) George T. De.vison-." 

8th May, 1880. 

"My cousin Richard Lippincott Dennison has the old family Bible which belonged to the Captain 
— I think in fact that the J-iibie was Mrs. Lippincott's. Brittain \\'oolley was nearly related to us. Also 
a Mrs. Thompson who married a Captain Van Alien v.ho used to run a Lake Erie Steamboat. Her 
brother Mr. Ben Thompson, of St. Paul, Minnesota, is also a near relative. 

In 1867 I "ist a ?dr. Lippincott [this must have been Charles A. Lippincott, son of .Amelia, who died 
very aged] who told me he had often heard his mother speaking of Captain Lippincott. 1 afterwards 
saw his .mother's tombstone in Shrewsbury Churchyard which states that she died about thirty years 
ago aged over 90 years old." 


May 19, iSSo. 
"From letters I have of Mr-^. I.ippincott, it is clear that Rebckali died before 17S6. 
Esther Rordcn I.ippincott Dcnnison was the only child that l-.-ft issue. 
John and Rcbakan Woollcy married in Shrewsbury Oct. 14, ijO'j." 

Issue by first wife 

70 Jolin P. White born Dec. 8, 1772; married, first, Jane Smith; second, Susan 

Lane; third, Polly (Hampton) Aumack. 

71 Susanna White born Mch. 6, 1775 

40 WILLIAM WHITE, son of Peter White, 21, born Oct. 28, 1759; ci'^d Dec. 6, 
1857; married, June 7, 1779, Deborah Tilton, born May 7, 1754; died June i, 1850. 

Fighting on the Loyalist side during the Re\-olutionary War, he afterwards went to 
Canada and settled at what is now St. John, New Brunswick, then called Parr Town. 

In 1825, William and John White, as executors of "their brother" John's estate, 
obtained order from the Court in Monmouth Co., to sell some of his real estate in order 
to pay his debts. 

It is not known who were the parents of Deborah Tilton, his wife, but some things 
M'ould seem to indicate that she was a sister of the brothers, John and Clayton Tilton, 
Loyalists, also of New Brunswick, Canada. 

The list of their children and later descendants has been taken from a Ilislorx uf 
the llliite Family^ published tor private distribution, in 1906, by Mr. James E. White, 
one of the grandsons of William White. 


72 Edward White born Mch. 7, 17S0; died Dec. 2j, 17S2. 

73 Philip White born Sep. 19, 17S2; married, first, 1805, Phebe Lawson; second, 

1 82 1, Catharine Lawson. 

74 Peter White born Mch. 22, 1785; died Dec. 15, 1S53; niarried, Mch. 21, 1807, 

Charlotte Buckhout; died June 23, 1867. 

75 Samuel White born Mch. 14, 1787; died Apr. 8, 1870; married, Mch. 27, 

1809. Elizabeth McFarlane; died Jan. 24, 1875. 

76 Vincent White born zAug. 18, 1-89; died May 21, 1884; married, Mch. 13, 

1815, Mary, daughter ot Gilbert and Dorcas (Manzer) Dykeman; died 
Feb. 4, 1890. 

77 Huldah White born Jan. 26, 1791 ; died young. 

78 Mary U'hite born Oct. i, 1793; died Nov. 7, 1876; married, Dec. 8, 1807, 

William Wiggins, died June 25, 186 J. 

79 Susan Vshite born Mch. 18, 1796; married Hiram Briggs. 

80 Sarah \Miite born Mch. 18, 1796; married Henry Manzer. 

81 Deborah T. \\'hite born Oct. 9, 1798; died July 14, 1874; married Samuel 


82 Eleanor White born Aug. 28, 1801; married Jedediah Fairbrother. 

4L JOHN WHITE, "carpenter," of Shrewsbury, son of Peter White, 21, died 
j'trior to May i, 1822; married, prior to 1784, Margaret, daughter of Jasher Cook; died, 
Apr. 1831, at the residence of her son, William White, in Hackettstown. N. J. 

1819, Aug. 14. Will ot John White; proved May 1, 1S22, made menticjn of his wife, 
Margaret, and appointed his brothers, Williani and Bi.:i-;Jarnin V^'hitr, iv:, his executors. 


1825, Mch. 16. William ami Bcnjaniin \Miiie, as excrutors of their brorhcr, loh;. 
White, sell his one-halt interest in a piece of woodland to John T. Corlies. 

1830, June 13. William \\"hite and Mercy, his wife, \'incent White and Atsey, h:-; 
wife, (she signs her name as "Ackey White"), Samuel Brand and Dehorah, his'c, 
and Benjamin \Miite and Ann, his wife, as heirs-ai-law of John White, deceased, conwv 
woodland to Henry Wardell. 

1831, June 19. William and Mercy White, of Mansfield, Sussex Co., N. J., \'incLiit 
and Atsey White of the same place, Samuel and Deborah Brand, of Philadclpliia, and 
Benjamin and Ann White, of Shrewsbury, as heirs-at-law of John White, deceased, deed 
house and land, at Long Branch, to Matthias Woolley. 

%2, John \Miite born during the Revolutionary War; mentioned in his father's 

will, Aug. 14, 1S19; married, in New York City, Betsey ; and had 

Mary \M-iitc 
Murray White 
(Son) \Vhite 

84 William White born Feb. 24, 1784; died Sep. i, 1838; married Mercy Tindall. 

85 Vincent White, married Achsah Lambert, and had 


George Washington \Vhite married 

Elizabeth White married Mr. Dickerson 
A'incent White 
Peter White 

86 Deborah Ann White married, Feb. i, 1806, Samuel Brand; no issue. 

87 Benjamin White born Feb. 16, 1795; died Aug. 17, 1882; married, June 24, 

1820, Ann Rively. 

42 SL^SAX WHITE, daughter of Peter White, 21, married Slocum, son of Lsaac 
and Meribah (Slocum) \'an Dyke. 

1807, Apr. 4. John \A'hite, son of Philip, and Slocom ^'an Dyke and Sasannah, his 
wife, all of the township of Shrewsbury, convey two tracts of land to William Cook, the 
son of Stephen, of the township aforesaid, that the grantors claim title to by virtue ot 
the last will and testament of Isaac \'an Dyke, late of Shrewsbury. 

Mrs. Meribah Curtis, of Navesink, N. J., is authority for the statement that she 
herself is the daughter of John \a.n Dyke; that she was named after her aunt Meribah, 
who was named after her grandmother; that Meribah \'an Dyke was the only daughter 
of Slocum. and Susan \'an Dyke, and that if there had been another daughter it was 
their intention to call her Huldah, after the maternal grandmother. 


Peter \'an D}ke married Jennie Ganot 

Henry ^'an Dyke born Sep. 11, 1790; died Mcli. 15, 1871; married Catha- 
rine, daughter of Charles and Hannah (Maps) Martin, born May 5, 179-; 
died Nov. 27, 1861. 

William \''an Dyke died about eight months after his brother John; married 

WniTK 01' NEW jKRSl'.Y 325 

Mcreihah \'p.n Dyke mnrried Peter Forman 

John \'an 13yke died, July 18, ]8 — , aged 51 jears; married Zipporah Craw- 
ford, born Sep. 15, 180S; died July 1869. 

43 VINCENT WHITE, son of Peter White, 21, a Loyalist, settled at St. John, 
NewBrunswiek. For much of tlie information here set forth I am indebted to Mr. Walter 
Woodworth White, at one time Mayor of St. John. 


88 William White 

89 Tliomas White married Ann Mcintosh 

90 John White married Eleanor Manzer 

91 Michael White married Cole 

92 Huldy White married Leonard Bent 

93 Sally Wjiite married William McDonald 

94 Mary Ann White married Richard Carman 

44 JOHN LIPPITT WHITE, son of William White, 23, born at Ocean Beach, 
N. J.; died June, 1831 ; married, first, jedidah ; second, Eleanor Rierson. 

1798, Dec. 16. John Lippit White and Jadidah, his wife, convey land to Lewis 

1S02, November. Survey of lands made by A. Dennis "for John White, the son of 

1808, Dec. 28. John Lippitt White sold land to his brother Hendrick White. 

1821, ¥th. 15. Will of John L. White, of Howell; proved July 14, 1831. h\ it he 

wife, Ellenor, to have all the property she had or brought with her when I married; two sons, Richard 
White and Peter White, to have "all my lands and bildins" to be equally divided between them, provided 
they pay $25. each to my youngest daugliter Sarah ^^hite; my three daughters, Lidy Lain, Hannaii \"\ il- 
cott and Sarah N\hite, to have the rest of my movable estate; two sons executors. Witnesses: Jeremiah 
Newnion, Sr., Garret Newmon, Debe Newmon. 

1837, June 6. Ellen White, widow of John L. White, ot Howell, conveys to Richard 
White all her dower rights in the undivided hall ol two tracts ot land. 


95 Richard White born 1798; died 1880; married, first, Hannah Pearson; second, 

Letitia Conover. 

96 Peter White born Mch. 9, 1801; died July 6, 1S84; married, Jan. 25, 1834, 


97 L)Tlia White married, Oct. 9, 1813, Jacob Lane, of Shrew>bury. 

98 Hannah White married, Nov. 18, 18 19, Samuel P., son ot Peter and Lydia 

(Potter) Wolcott, born Nov. 7, 1796; and had 
Catharine Wolcott 
John Wokott 

Ann Eliza Wolcott marrieil Richard Moran 
James Henry Wolcott 

99 Sarah White born, about !8c6, married Da\-is AtHick, arid had 


William H. Afflick married, Aug. zz, i86o, Rebecca White. 
Lavinia Aftlick married Mr. \\ infield 

45 GARRET Wlirj'E, son of William White, 23, born prior to 1772; marricci, 
first, Catharine Coleman, born 1771 ; died Dec. 27, 1795; second, Oct. 25, 1798, Rebecca, 
daughter ot William and Ann (Curtis) Lippincott. He made his will July 2, 1855, which 
was proved iSlch. 15, ] 861, and in it speaks of himself as of Ocean township. 

100 Catharine White married James Long, and had 

John Long 

Rebecca Long married Mahlon Poinsette 
loi Samuel T. White married Elizabeth, daughter of Britten ^L and Abigail 
(Woolley) White. They went west. 

William White 
Curtis White 

102 Sarah Ann White married her own cousin, \^'illiam White, and went west. 

103 Mary W. White died aged eighty; married, first, Charles Packer; second, 

prior to July 2, 1855, Samuel Corlies Stout, born 181 1; died Nov. n, 
1892; and had 

Issue by first husband 
Mary J. Packer married S. S. Long 

Issue by second husband 
Rebecca Stout married James B. Sherman 
Winchester White Stout born Jan. 22, 184I; married, Sep. 12, 1866, 

Georgiana Hitchcock, born Oct. 6, 1 838. 
Charles Packer Stout married Abigail \N'ardeIl 
Margaret Ashby Stout unmarried 
Richard Stout married Susan Shultz 

104 Gertrude A. White married, Oct. 28, 1829, Dennis, son of John and Re- 

becca (Hurley) Martin, born June 8, 1S04; died before 1855; and had 

Garret Martin, of Middletown, Ohio. 
Lucian Martin, of Dayton, Ohio. 

105 Curtis White born 18 10; married, first, Catharine Parker; second, Isabella 


106 Peter Drummond White died, of lockjaw, unmarried, at the age of twenty- 


4G HENDRICK LL WHITE, of Wall township, son of William White, 23, born 
-Dec. 23, 1783; died Mch. 22, 1862; married, Jan. 16, 1812, Hannah De Voe,* born Mch. 
17, 1789; died July 12, 1866. Both buried at Hamilton, N. J. 

*Hcr sister, Eliza De Voj, married Kicliard ll'igU, »l,o die 1 July 7, 1876, son of Archibald IVighlir..:'!, v-ho came from the 
Jsle ol \V:trhi. 1 he mother of th;se two "Iris auerwaras mnrricii .Mr. Garrabrandt. 

\Mirn-: of nf.w jersey 307 


107 William VN'esIey White hcirn Oct. 30. 1813; died, Aug. 9, 1857, unmarried; 

administration on liis estate granted to Benianiin D. Pearce, Aug. 17, 

108 Charlotte Garrabrandt ^^ hite born July 18, i8i6;died Feb. 5, 1890; married, 

Dec. 7, 1817, Richard D. JeftVev, born Apr. 30, 1814; died Jan. 26, 
(1863.?), and had 

Charles Jeffrey 

Amanda Jeffrey married Henry Truax 
Catharine Jeffrey born 1847; married Henry King. 
Charlotte Jeffrey married Mr. Birr 
Louisa Jeffrey married William Bov.les 
John Jeffrey born 1857 
William H. Jeffrey born Mch. 22, 1852; died Nov. 8, 1883; married 

Mary E , born 1852. 

Rena Jeffrey born 1 859, married Henry West. 

109 Aaron De \oe White born Apr. 24, 1819; died, 1841, unmarried. 

no Ann Eliza White born Apr. 20, 1823; died Mch. 29, 1886; married James 

111 Flenrietta White born Oct. 13 or 19, 1S25; died Feb. 16, 1894; married, tlrst, 

^^'illiam Henry Curtis born Febiiiary, 1825; died Oct. 7, 1862; second, 
Holloway; died 1900/01, and had 

Issue by iirst husband 
Garret A. Curtis born June 30, 1846; died Sep. 4, 1855. 
Louisa Curtis married James Newman 
Jane Curtis married William Norris 
Henrietta Curtis married John Gifford 
Ellen Curtis married Jacob Shebley 
Hannah Elizabeth Curtis married Harry Reynolds 
Catharine M. Curtis born Aug. 8, 1859; died May 28, 1S68. 

112 Catharine Ward White born Oct. 3, 1828; died Feb. 27, 1898; married. 

Feb. 27, 1 860, Charles King, Jr., o{ Belmar, N. J. and had 

Henrietta King died April, 1901 ; married Mr. Henniger. 

Sophia King married 

Margaret King married Robert Finlay 

George H. King born October, 1864; died Apr. 7, 18S5. 

(Son) King died young 

113 Charles D. S. White born Mch. 2, 1831, died 1904/5; married, June iS, 

1854, Martha Elizabeth Curtis. 

47 REBECCA WI^ITE, daughter of William White, 23, born July 23, 17S0; died 
Oct. 28, 1S40; married Jeremiah (^Ne\\nKjnr) Newman, l)orn Sep. 15, 1760; died May 
31, 1854. 

J;uie Ncvvi-ian born Auf,. ao, i8oc; married^ Henry Youmans. 


Garret born Aul^. 20, 1800; dicJ Dec. 15, 1S69; married l^ar.iu-h 

Sarali Ncwnian born Nov. 5, i8o2; marrietl, first, l^ritton Roycrs; secoi;(i. 

Elijali Newman. 
Deli\-erance Newman born July 9, 1 S04; married William Rogers. 
Zilpha Newman born Jan. 1 1, 1S07; married Andrew Torton. 
Rebecca Ann Newman born June 9, 1809; died May ?.8j 181 1. 
l.ydia Newman born Apr. 2q, iSi?.; died Nov. 13, 1814. 
Isaac Newman born Nov. 2, 1814; died Oct. 31, 1826. 
Kleanor Newman born July 31, 1S17; married, first, second, Da'.'iJ 

Catharine Newman born Nov. 18, 1820; married Wesley Miller. 

50 TIMOTHY M. WHITE,* son of Joseph M. White, 25, born Mch. 28, 1789; 
died Sep. 6, 1S60; married, first, Aug. 2, 1807, Elizabeth,* daufrliter of John King, born 
1785; died Mch. 19, 1S45; second, Catharine, widow of Daniel Hulctt, aiid daughter or" 
John and Sarah (Hisson) Scott; died, 1S73, •'ibout 84 years of age. 

1870, July 18. Will oi Catharine White, of Shrewsbury township; pro^•ed McJt. :.:., 
1873, mentioi'is her daughters Hannah, the '.vife of John ^'anderbi!i:; Mar}', the Vvife of 
Jacob Long^treet; and her daughter-in-law, Mary Jane, the v/ite oi Michael iTalei.t. 

Issue by first wife 

1 14 William K. White'*' born Aug. 15, 180S; died, Dec. 20, 1838, unmarried. 

115 Lewis ^^hite born July 7, 1811; died Sep. 15, 1900; married. May 29, 1834, 

Eliza Lippincott, according ro the records of Christ Church, Shrewsbury. 

116 Elsie White born Oct. 25, 1S13; died Jutie 10, 1S14. 

117 Alice ^^'hite born Apr. 15, 1815; married, (Feb. 3, 1834, the date of record- 

ing), R-icliard Borden born Jan. 20, 1812; died Dec. 4, 1843; and had 

Richard F. Borden born Mch. 13, 1842; married, ?\L"iy 13, i8;4, 

Emma J., daughter of William Butler born 1844; died Mch. 22, 

Sarah E. Borden born 1840; died May 2, 1902; married, 1857, 

George W. Vanderveer; died 1902. 
Fi'ancis Borden died at the age ot twelve years 
W^illiam Borden born 1840 

1 1 8 Elizabeth \Vhite born Aug. i , 1 8 1 7 ; married, June 4, 1 840, Garret Van Dorn, 

Jr., and had 

Horace \'an Dorn, D.D.S. 
Albert ^'an Dorn born Dec. 31, 1849; died Aug. 18, 1850. 

119 Jemima White* born Mch. 2, 1820; died Oct. 30, 1896; adminifrtratiojT on 

her estate granted to Timothy White, Nov. 27, 1896. 

120 Timothy l\i. ^\'!i;te born Oct. 7, 1821; died Apr. 4, 1905; n-,arried, Sei\ 16, 

1844, !.(,■• ilsa Lippincott. 

'li--ricd in tn.; old y.ird nt )i.ii!Tisori. 


54 GEORGE W, WHriT., son of Rritton I\I. While, 26, horn Jan. 10, 179^; 
died Aug. 8, 1877; married, Dec. ^^, 1817, Deb/orah, daughter of William Jones, born 
Aug. 17, 1799; died Oct. 12, 1872. Husband and wife are buried at Oakhurst, N. J. 

1820. April Term of Orphans Court of Monmouth Co. Robert Shafto presented 
liis account as Guardian of Deborah Jones, now Deborah White. 


121 Eleazar \\'hite Liied Sep. 21, 1880; married Caroline F. Hagcrman; no issue. 

122 Abigail \Miite born 1830; unmarried. 

123 Eliza White married George Hagerman, and had 

Verna E. Hagerman 
George Hagerman 

124 Bloomfield White born 1851; died Apr. 11, i886; married, Sep. 19, 1875, 

Mary Jane Gardener, born 1 853, and had 
Alice May White born 1 874 
Daisy Leona White born 1877 
Lester White born 1879; died young. 
Hairy Bloomfield White born 1883 

125 Hannah White married Anthony Campbell 

126 Atlantic White born 1840; married Ida ; born 1858. 

127 Alice White married Samuel Thompson, and had 

Minnie Thompson 
Charles Thompson 

128 George White married Martha J. Youmans, born 1S37; administration on 

his estate granted to Martha J. White, Jan. 24, 1878. 

Deborah A. White born i860 
Ellsworth White born 1S64 
Frank ^^'hite born 1 866 
Adela White born 1868 
Lillie White born 1S74 

129 Margaret White married William Van Pelt, and had 

William Y'an Pelt 
FJbert Van Pelt 

130 Hugh ^^'hite born ]8iS; died Aug. 31, 1880; married, Jan. 6, 1842, Susan 

Amelia Brown, born 1824, and had 

William Elwood White born i860 
Richard Tyson White 
Edmund Augustus \Vhite 

131 William \Miite, died January, 1880; married Jane Whitlock. In petition for 

administration on her estate, made Oct. 4, 1887, she is called of Pjrook!y;i, 
Long Island, and reference is m.ade to her brothers, Samuel X^.hitlfick, 


George Whitlock, Aiidrev/ Whitlock, eldest hrother Janies WJiitlock, 
sisfcr, Lsabella McDonakd, and Emma Hovell, daughter of a dcceascii 

55 TUCKER WHITE, son of Britton M. White, 26, born Mch. 16, 1804; ^Hed 
NLay 23, 1875; married, Aug. 24, 1S26, Mary, daughter of William Jone'^, born Mch. i, 
1809; '•^'^'''^ Aug. 6, 1862. Slie was one of the heirs-at-la\v of Christopher Jones, June 4, 
1833. Husband and wife are buried at Oakhurst, N. J. 


132 Charles White died unmarried 

133 Christopher White died unmarried; administration to Richard Ten Brook 

Stout, May 28, 1884. 

134 Jediah White born 1834; married, Feb. 17, 1865, Rebecca F. Johnson 

born 1844, and had 

Annie White born 1866 
Luther White born 1872. 
Mary White born 1875 

135 Remington White born 1840; married Annie , born 1850; died Feb. i, 

1902, and had 

Cora E. White born 1874 
Lambert White born 1877 

136 John LI. White born 1841; married, Oct. 24, 1866, Elizabeth L. Bennett 

born 1850, and had 

Emily White born 1867 
Ella White born 1869 
Dora White born 1873 
Tucker White born 1875 

137 Lorenzo White born 1S45 

138 Elizabeth Ann White married, Mch. 29, i860, Halstead W. Brown. 

139 Hannah White married, Dec. I, 1875, Thomas George Sculrhorpe. 

140 Emcline White married, prior to July 10, 1877, Benjamin ^'an Brunt. 

50 JEDIAH WHITE, son of Britton M. White, 26, born May 20, 1805; died 
Apr. 5, 1857; married, July (21 :), 1826, Sarah H. Youmans, born August, 1804; '^'^'^l Sep. 
lo, 1880. 


141 Youmans B. White born Jan. 19, 1827; died, Aug. 18, 1879, unmarried. 

142 Jane V>'hite born Feb. 11, 1831; died Oct. i, 1898; married, October, 1852, 

Captain William W. JefFery, son of Lewis and Margaret (White) Jeffrey, 
born Jan. 29, 1830; and had 

John R. JefFery born 1856; married, first, Addie Priichet; second, 
Man-lie Gardner. 

WHITE OF NllW Jl'.RSlZY 331 

William l'~.lhvoocl jcf-Teiy, born 1S56; married Jane Adclia Cook, 

born 1857. 
Margaretta Jefiery born Mch. 1, 1859; died Jan. 24, i860. 
Adeline Jcltcry born 1861 
Borden A. Jeffery born 1S67 

143 Menry \Vhite born 1833; married, Nov. 20, 1853, Elizabeth A. Reynolds, 

born 1834; a)id had 

Edward J. White 

Rebecca J. White married, May 5, 1875, Charles Augustus Aumack. 
Effie White born 1868; married INIr. Dooley. 

144 Deborah White born June 4, 1834; niarried, Oct. i, 1853, Borden Wolcott, 

son of David and Jane (Wolcott) Sandford, born Sep. 19, 1829; and had 

Henry W. Sandtord married Sophie Eraser 
William S. Sandford 

145 William C. White born 184I 

146 Drummond White of Asbury Park, born 1845; died Nov. 16, 1884; married, 

Nov. 29, 1868, Jane E. Hagerman, born 1852; and had 

Antoinette \Miite born 1870; married Mr. Sha)'brit. 
Cassy M. White born 1877; married Mr. Frederick. 
Walter White born 1872; married Clara Belle Elornby. 

147 Russell White born 1848; married Hannah Wooley, born 1848; and had 


Frank \\'hite married 

Eva White born 1872; married Mr. Brown. 
Charles White born 1868 

Mattie White born 1877; married 

Abner White born 1875 
Augustus White born 1879 

148 James J. ^^'hite born 1850; married Mary E. Brown born 1853; and had 

Ida B. White born 1874 
Theodore G. White born 1877 
Maggie White 

149 Benjamin White married Jennie F. Vermilye; and had 

Mamie White 

150 Martha A. White married, prior to Apr. 20, 1878, William Thorn, snd had 

Lewis Thorn 

France Thorn married, Gardner. 

Drummond Thorn married Poland. 

Wilbur 'I'horn 

Sallie Tliorn married Mr. Ricke)' 


57 RRITTON \VHITF., son of Britten M. White, 26, born Jan i6, 1S07; ^iicd 
Apr. 5, i8Ss; married Caroline Elmore, born 18 1:4. 

1885, iSlay 7. Administration on his estate granted to Isaac C. Kenncih. She 
signed her will Dec. 20, 1898, and it was probated Feb. 20, 1901. 


151 Samantha White born 1842; married Martin Chandler, born 1842; and had 

Minnie Chandler born 1864; married John F. Chamberlain. 
Gussie Chandler born 1S64; married Harry Woodall. 
Lafayette Chandler 
Frank Chandler born 1871 

David V. Chandler born Jan. 18, 1871; died Dec. 21, 1872. 
Martin Chandler born 1874 

Addison Chandler born 1876; married 

Evan Chandler 

Etta Chandler born 1879 

Charlotte Chandler 

152 Washington White born Jan. 10, 1849; died Mch. 24, 1898; married, July 3, 

1870, Evlena, daughter of Samuel Brandt, born 1853; and liad 

Henry S. Kinmonth White born 1872; married 

Alpheus M. White born 1873; married, Dec. 22, 1897, Grace C. 

Frederick J. \Miite born 1877; married 

153 Andrew Jackson White, of Loch Arbor, N. J., born 1859; married, Dec. 

16, 1S74, Deborah Browers, born 1856; and had 
Britton White born 1875 
George A. White born 1872 

154 Lewis Franklin White born i860; married Letitia ,born 1S57. 

155 Eastwood White born 1862; married Emma L., daughter ot Aaron L. and 

Mary (Vanderveer) Smock. 

156 Britton Romeo White born 1866; married lola 

157 Juliette ^^'hite, married, Apr 6, 1873, Mahlon Slocum. 

58 DRUMMOXD WHITE, son of Britton M. White, 26, born Aug. 3, iSii; 
died May 17, 1872; married, Oct. 17, 1829, Rebecca Slocum, born Mch. 7, 1812; died 
May 16, 1898. She married, second, Daniel Williams. 


158 Elizabeth \^'hite born Jan. i, 1831; died Sep. 11, 1847. 

159 Matilda ^^'hite, of West Long Branch, born Mch. 14, 1S33; married, 

Nov. 6, 1 8 'JO, Samuel Vanderhuel. 

160 Mary Ann W'hite, of Jersey City, born Dec. 28, 1834; married, Sep. 25, 

1854, John Snowden. 

161 Tirnbrook White born l^ec. 23, 1836; married, first, Cathariiie A. Hager- 

man born June 20, 1S44; died Nov. 6, 1862; second, Catharine AL-Lanc. 


Issue, iiy first wife 
James T. White bom June 6, 1862; dietl Oct. 3, 1862. 

162 Jane Maria Whire, of Bclmar, N. J., Iiorn Apr. 19, 1838; married, first, 

Ricliarci [. Xewman; second, Jan. 3, i8ss, John Haieht. 

163 Robinson White bom Jan. S, J840; died Oct.' 28, 1875"^; married Rarlnira 


164 John S. White, of New Bedford, N. J., born Nov. 28, 1841; married, first, 

May 29, 1867, Mary J. Newman; second, Georgie , and had 

John Snowden White, born June 10, 1868. 

165 Nicholas V. White, of West Long Branch, born Dec. 11, 1842; married, 

first, Feb. 22, 1870, Phebe .\. Stillwell, born 1848; second, .Sep. 26, 1883, 
Mary M. Garrabrandt, and had 

Issue, by first wife 
Jessie A. \Miite born 1871 
L'ranklin White 

Gilbert E. \Yhite, born 1S77; married, Dec. 15, 1897, Nettie, 
daughter of Charles E. Harvey. 

Issue, by second wife 
Emma White 

166 Caroline White, of Hamilton, N. J., born Mch. 17, 1844; married Michael 


167 Emily E. White, of Long Branch, born Sep. K, i8j.6; died Aug. 26, 1901; 

married, Apr. 13, 1867, Britton, son of Britton'and Sally Ann (Allen) 
Woolley, born Sep. 7, 1845; died Dec. 27, 1899. 

168 Samuel S. White, of Bradley Beach, N. J., born Oct. 29, 1847.; married, 

first, Sep. 20, 1871, Rebecca, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hunter' 
born 1843; second, 1901, Elizabeth (Pickard) Busby; and had 
Issue, by first wife 

Benjamin White born 1873 

Eva White bom June 7, 1876; died Dec. 14, 1878. 

John White born 1879 

Issue, by second wife 
Lester ^^'hite died Dec. i, 1906 

169 Asbury White, of Bradley Beach, N. J., born Oct. 29, 1847; married 

Deborah Truax. 

170 Ruliif White born Nov. 13, 1850; died Mch. 8, 1885; buried at Hamilton, 

N. J.; married Jane Winters, born 1854; and had 
William White born 1877 

171 Ellen White born Feb. i, 1852; died Julv 28, 1852 

172 Clarence White born July 5, 1853; died Aug. 6, 1853. 

69 ALDEN WHITE, son of Benjamin White, 38, bom July n, 1792; died Tan. 
27, 185S; married, November, 1824, Jane McCu.Hy. > ^> /^ > -J 



173 Jane F. NVhire horn Sep. 3, 1829; died Nov. z, 1905; married Benjamin (j. 

Wliite, and liad 

Martha W. Wliite born Jan 13, 1S49; married, 1S93, Frederick 

A. Pierce. 
Eliza H.White 
Alden White married Annie E. Brown, and had 

Everett Alden White 
Jane F. White married Albert Snow 

174 Benjamin White born x-\ug. 29, 1826; died Jan. 12, 1892; married Apr. 11, 

1858, Lydia A. Morse, and had 
Alden White, of Acushnet, Mass., born Apr. 11, 1S61. 
Annie M. White born Apr. 5, 1863; married Charles W. Bartlett. 
Carrie L. White born Apr. 14, 1866 
Amah B. White born Jan. 11, 1871 

70 JOfIN P. WHITE, son of Philip White, 39, born Dec. 8, 1772; married, first, 
Nov. 14, 1802, Jane Smith, daughter of James Smith; second, Susan, daughter of Gilbert 
Lane*, born Sep. 25, 1769; died May 26, 1841, according to Mr. Lafetra; born 1793; died 
June 15, 1823, aged 2,'^ years, according to her grand-daughter; married, third, Mrs. 
Polly (Hampton) Aumack. 

1793, April Term. Orphans Court, Monmouth Co. Geoige Smith, one of the 
heirs of James Smith, late of Shrewsbury, petitioned to have Commissioners appointed 
to divide the real estate ot the deceased. And at the October Term they reported 
having divided said Real Estate to George Smith, Matthew Smith, Ann Smith, Deborah 
Smith, Margaret, the wife ot George Pool, and to Jane Smith. 

1796, Feb. 8. George Smith signed his will; probated Apr. 25, 1796, in which he 
refers to his mother as Ann Sears, and to his sister, Jane Smith, as not yet eighteen 
years of age. 

1807, .Apr. 4. John \Miite, son of Philip, and Slocom Yan Dyke and Susannah, his 
wife, all of the township of Shrewsbury, convey lands to William Cook, the son of Stephen 
of the same township, that were bounded by James Tallman, and b}^ lands left the said 
Slocum Van Dyke by Isaac ^'an Dyke in his last will and testament. In signing this 
deed Slocum Van Dyke made his mark. 

1807, June 22. Alexander McGregor conveys to John White, two-fifths of two un- 
divided lots ot land which was divided and left otf to Jane White, deceased, being the 
share allotted her from her father's real estate, and which after her decease became the 
property of Matthew Smith as one of her heirs at law, and was conveyed by the said 
Matthew and Rachel, his wife, to -Alexander McGregor. This deed is recorded in 
Freehold immediatelv between two others which wert drawn to John White, the son of 

Issue, by second wite 

175 Philip White born Sep. 5, 1812; Apr. 13, 1843; married Phebc Jacobs; she 

•>.?r. Lnf'jtrj says Gilb^ri I.a:n;'i -.vifc wua ElliaLetli HolUtr. b.jrn sc]). 15, 1769; -ii'-ii May IS, 16^J. 


married, second, Mr. Jacobs; and third, He had issue three or 

four children who all died younLT. 

176 Susan White born Mch. 20, 1814; died 18S2; married Gilbert Hatheld 

Meade, and had 

Philip Meade 

Sarah Maria Meade married Philip Renby, of Nyack, N. Y. 
Mary Elizabeth Meade 
Elannah Meade 

177 Gilbert Lane White born Oct. 14, 1816; died Mch. 9, 1900; married Matilda 

Morrel! Baxter. 

178 John Myers White born Apr. 30, 1825; died Jan. 11, 1892; married, Feb. 

26, 1845, Maria. Jane Baxter. 
Issue, by third wife 

179 George Washington White married Margaret Ann Sherman, and had no 

issue. Their adopted daughter was Lillie, the daughter of Elizabeth 

180 Hamilton ^^'hite died young 

181 Mary White married Charles P. Hawkins, and had 

Mary Cynthia Hawkins married Robert Insley 
Caroline Miranda Hawkins 
Charles Edward Hawkins 
Albert William Hawkins \ ■ 
Wilfred Albert Hawkins _ J ^''''"^• 
George Washington Hawkins 
Ellsworth Hawkins 
Susan Hawkins 
Charlotte Hawkins 

73 PHILIP WTilTE, son of William White, 40, born Sep. 19, 1782; married, first, 
1805, Phebe Lawson; second, her sister, Catharine Lawson. 

Issue, by first wife 

182 William Edward White born Apr. 10, 1S07; married, Jan. ^> 1839, Catharine 

Marshall, died Aug. 12, 1865. She died Apr. 29, 1884. 

183 Mary White born 1808; married, 1828, Andrew Lipset. 

184 Charlotte White born Feb. 11, 1809; died Oct. 9, 1891; married, Mch. 9, 

1830, John Robertson; died Nov. 16, 1879. 

185 Samuel \\'hite born Jan. 16, 181 1; died Feb. 26, 1901; married, Mch. i, 

1838, Margaret Da\-is; died May 16, 1898. 

186 Peter White born Dec. 17, 1813; died May 22, 1866; married, Ja.n. 27, 1844, 

Esther S. Wiggins; died May 10, 1894. 

187 John Lawson ^^hite born 18 14; married Lucy Corning. 

188 FJizabeth White born Sep. 23, 1816; died Feb. 9, 1900; married, Oct. 22, 

1834, George H. Chase. 

189 Lanah White born 1819; married, Apr. 7, 1845, Samuel Nichols. 


Issue, by second wife 

190 Andrew White born 1823; married Maggie Rcvard. 

191 Benjamin White born 1825; married Frances Knight. 

192 Phebe White born 1828; married James Blizard. 

193 Sarah G. Wjiite born Feb. 13, 1833; married, Sep. 6, 1855, Charles E. 


194 Edward White married Louise Starkey 

74 PETER WHITE, son of William White, 40, born Mch. 22, 1785; died Dec. 15, 
1853; married, Mch. 21, 1807, Charlotte Buckliout. 


195 John Tikon White born Apr. 5, 1808; died Mch. 18, 1892; married, Feb. 24, 

1 83 1, Bridget Rodgers. 

196 Elizabeth \Miite born June 7, 1809; died young. 

197 Deborah White born Oct. 7, 18 10; died 1868; married. Tunc 7, 1827, James 

W. Cody. 

198 Phebe C. White born June 8, 18 13; died 1890; married, Mch. 25, 1830, 

William McClintock. 

199 Samuel Vincent White born July 14, 1815; married, Feb. 17, 1840, Mary 

B. Scribner. 

200 Asa L. White born June 4, 1817; died Feb. 1, 1841. 

201 Hiram B. White born May 20, 1821; died young. 

202 Edward H. White born Feb. 6, 1825; died 1905; married, first, Oct. 2, 1846, 

Matilda J. Davis; second, Apr. 12, 1887, Harriet Larabee. 

203 George W. White born May 12, 1826; married, first, Nov. 17, 1849, Mary 

Wiggins; second, September, 1902, Fannie ^L^son. 

7G VINCENT WHITE, son of William White, 40, born Aug. 18, 1789; died May 
21, 1884; married, Mch. 13, 1815, Mary, daughter of Gilbert and Dorcas (Manzer) 
Dykeman, died Feb. 4, 1890. 


204 Gilbert White born Mch. 3, 1816; died June 18, 1887; married, first, Sep. 

20, 1837, Julia Elvira Flewelling; died Apr. 21, 1854; second, Mrs. 
Eleanor Ann (Colter) Gillis; died Oct. 22, 1899. 

205 Vincent Samuel White born Feb. 22, 18 18; died Oct. 18, 1892; married, 

Apr. 2, 1862, Charlotte Dimmock. 

206 William Henry White born Aug. 12, 1820; died Feb. 19, 1901; married, 

first, Feb. 29, 1844, Sarah Miers; died June 21, 1848; second, Mch. 10, 
1852, Eliza fane Hatfield; died .■\ugust, 1866; third, Sep. 24, 1888, ILmily 
M. Mott. 

207 James Edward ^^hite born Dec. ] i, 1822; married, Feb. 14, 1849, Margaret 

daughter of Daniel and Ann (Spragg) Scott born Oct. 8, 1830; died 
Sep. 20, 1895. 

208 Simeon Hatfield White born May 20, 1825; married, Feb. 14, 1864, Mary 

Stenning, daughter of Danie! and Ann (Spragg) Scott, born 1838. 

209 Jacob Dykeman V\'hite born Sep. 6, 1827; iiiarried, Nov. i, 1853, Maria 

Pevey; died Jan. 24, 1894. 


aio Doicns Eli'/al)eth White born Jan. 22, 1S30; died Sep. i, 1892; married, 
first, July 9, 1S54, Elisha Gillis; died Nov. 7, 1873; second, Feb. I4, 1881, 
James Sturuus Marvin. 

211 Hiram Briggs \M-iite born Mch. 4, 1S33; married, first, Oct. 1, iSs/, Mary 
Jane Hayward; second, Nov. 10, 1863, Mary Adeline Hunter. 

212 Deborah Jane White born Sep. 18, 1835; married, Mch. 2, 1864, John E. 

Gunter, died Apr. 4, 1905. 

213 CharE^s Titus White born Jan. 12, 1839; married, first, Sep. 29, 1859, Mary 

Ann Hatfield; died Mch. 21, 1876; secontl, Susan Davis. 

8-i WILLEAM \M^ITE, son of John White, 41, born Feb. 24, 1784; died Sep. 1, 
1838; married, Mercy, daughter of Joseph and Phebe (Hendrickson) Tindall, born 
Aug. 17, 1793; died Dec. 15, 1845. 


214 Sarah V^'hite born Nov. 25, 1810; died Jan. 15, 1831; married Mr. Martin. 

215 Deborah White born Sep. 16, 1812; died Jan. 9, 1813. 

216 John White born July 21, 1814; died Feb. 7, 1884; married, Jan. 31, 1835, 

Bethany S. Bird; died May 15, 1888; and had 

Hiram D. White, o'i Beattysto\\n, N. J., born June 9, 1837 
William White 

Fanny White, of Elackettstown, N. J., married S. V. Fisher. 
Calarissa NMiite 
Mercy White 

217 Huldah White born Yitc. 28, 1816; died, Jan. 2, 1845, unmarried. 

218 Penninah White, of Albion, Mich., born Jan. 18, 1819; married Mr. Groff. 

219 William White born June i, 1S21; died May 19, 1885; married Elizabeth 


220 Caroline White born JvEay 11, 1823; died Jan. 19, 1871; married Benjamin 


221 Joseph White born Apr. 2, 1825; died July 14, 1873; married Jane Sharp. 

222 Oziel White born June 18, 1827; died Nov. 15, 1881; married Minerva 
, of Princeton, 111. 

223 Margaret White born Apr. 3, 1832; married, Jan. 18, 1854, Joshua H. Curtis, 

and had 

George Palmer Curtis born Nov. 10, 1854; married, Jan. 26, 1899, 

Mary Elizabeth Munson. 
Alice Evilene Curtis, of Hackettstown, N. J., born July 22, 1856. 
Joseph White Curtis born Oct. 27, 1854; married, Nov. I, 1888, 

Sarah Dunn Beatty. 
Albert Jehu Curtis born Apr. 10, 1861; died Oct. 9, 1863. 
■ Frank Wallace Curtis born Apr. 9, 1865; married, Oct. I4, 1897, 
Ale\na Hartung. 

224 Mercy White born Dec. 26, 1829; died Oct. 8, 1901; married 

225 James White born June 14, 1837; died Sep. 29, 1838. 

338 niSTORIC.M, MISC'1',1,1, ANY 

87 BEN7AM1X WHITE, son of John White, 41, born Pel.. i6, 1795; died Au-. 
18, 1882; married, June 24, 1820, Ann, daughrer of Andrew and Xancy (.Rcmineion) 
Rively, born Jul_\- 1, 1795; died May 12, 1S73. Both are buried at West Long Branch. 

12G Nelson White born June 16, 1S21; died Sep. 9, 1900; married, first, Matilda. 
daughter ot Thomas and Eleanor (Lane) Brown, born Sep. 24, 182 <; 
died May 26, 18S0; second, Alice Maingcr; and had 
Issue, by first wife 

William W. White born 1850; married Anna , born 1850, 

and had 

Charles L. White born 1869 
227 Deborah Ann \Vhite born July 14, 1822; died Mch. 31, 1879; married, 
Dec. 31, 1842, James C, son of George W. and Abbie (Brinley) West, 
born 1820; and had 

Susan M. West married Elliott KL Best 
Harriet West married Edward Osborn 

Annie AL West born 1844; married, Dec. 4, 1864, Thomas R., son 

of Jordan and Mary Jane (LLislem) ^^■oolley, born Mch. 10, 1841. 

Alice West married Edward Moore 

i28 ]\Lary White born Oct. 13, 1823; died Nov. 17, 1904; married, Nov. 17, 1S53, 

William, son of Elias and Deborah (Sherman) West, born Dec. 

25, 1826; died Jan. 19, 1906; and had 

Sidney Borden West born Aug. 31, 1S54; married, September, 1S74, 
Mary E., daughter of Harrison and Jane (\Vhite) Jaques, born 
• ^1858; died 1877/88. 

Warren West born Mch. 18, 1856; married, January, 1875, Henri- 
etta Archer, born 1853. 
Benjamin West born Jan. 22, 1S58; married, November, 1885, 

Mahala Cook. 
William Milton West born Feb. 2, 1862; married, Nov. 9, 1884. 
Lizzie Wood, born May 5, 1S63. 
229 Benjamin White born Apr. 25, 1825; died Apr. 3, 1857; married, first, Jime 
28, 1847, Alice Chasey, born July 24, 1824; died Apr. 9, 1848; second, 
Lydia, daughter of Elias and Deborah (Sherman) West born January, 
1829; she married, second. Steward Cook. He had 

Issue, by second wife 
Deborah A. ^^'hite married Charles E. Williams 

Hubbard R. White born 1854; married Katie A , born 

1854; and had 

Ruth White born 1877 
Kate White married, Dec. 24, 1871, Jacob Warner, Jr. 
Mary E. White married, Dec. 24, 1873, George Edward Fergerscn. 

wiii'ii': OF \i-:\v jr-,['.v j,^9 

230 Sidnc}' White hovn Aug. 9, iSi^o; died l'"el). 15, 1907; mari-icd Cailiarinc 

, born 1852, ilied prior to Feb. 15, 1907; and had 

WilHam \Vhite horn 1S74 
Solomon White born 1S76 
John White born i8~8 
Mary Ann White born May, 1880 
Benjamin White 

231 Margaret L. Vs'hite born Oct. 24, 1833; died Oct. 11, 1834. 

95 RICHARD WHITE, son of John Lippitt White, 44, born 1798; died 1880; 
married, first, May 26, 1824, Hannah Pearson; died about 1832; second, .Aug. 17, 1837, 
Letitia Conover; died Mch. 24, 1882. 

1837, Nov. 6. Richard White and Lydia, his wife, of Nottingham, BurHngton Co., 
convey to Peter White, of Howell, an equal half of the homestead farm whereof John L. 
White, the father of the aforesaid Richard and Peter White, died seized. 

Richard White and Letty, his wife, convey lands to Peter White, his brother. 

Freehold Deeds, Book 284, pcige 475. 
Issue, by first wife 

232 John Pearson White 

233 Susan \\hite 

234 Ellen White 

Issue, by second wife 

235 Lydia Ann White married L. B. Fox 

236 Susan White married Shipley W. Haines 

237 William H. White born Aug. 27, 1845; m^^ri'ied, Oct. 16, 1873, Ella E., 

daughter of Samuel T. and Sarah B. (Stiles) Duftell, arid had 
Richard Irving White 
Aileen DufFelfWhite 
Samuel Jerrald White 
William Norman White twin with 
Ella Norra White died young 

96 PETER WHITE, of Wall Township, son of John Lippitt White, 44, born 
Mch. 9, 1 80] ; died July 6, 1886; married, Jan. 25, 1834, Jane, daughter ot Robert Shafto, 
born Oct. 14, 1813; died Jan. i, 1892. 


238 Elizabeth S. ^^'hite born 1834; died Mch. 28, 1907; married John F. Davi- 

son, of Glendola, N. J., and had 
J. F. Davison, Jr., married Emma Pefrer 
Robert K. Davison married Bertha Howland 
Frederick M. Davison married Laura Matthews 

239 Isabelle ^^ hite married David F. \'an Nortwick 

240 John S. \Vhite born Mch. 17, 1837; died Oct. 29, 1854. 

241 Robert S. White born Apr. 19, 1842; died Dec. 11, 1842. 

242 Robert K. White barn }^r.c 29, 1844; died July i, 1865. 


105 CURTIS ™iTE, son of Garret White, 45, born iSio; married, first, Cath- 
arine, daughter ot \VilIiam Pahner; second, Isal->cl!a Palmer. 

1851, Mch. 22. Curtis White and Catharine, his wile, Anthony Truax and Tcntv 
Ann, his wife, and Johii H. Truax and Rebecca, his wife, con\-cy land, near Shark River, 
to Elias Truax, all of Ocean township. 

Issue, by first wife 

243 William White died 1901; married, first, Amanda Stokes; second, ; 

and had 

Issue, by first wife 
Jennie ^^ hite married Mr. Kruge 
A.nna White 
Mary White 

244 Charles P. White born 1836; married, Dec. 25, i860, Kate E. Davison. 

245 Rebecca White married, Aug. 22, i860, William H., son of Davis and 

Sarah (White) Afflick, of jMemphis, Tenn. 

246 Samuel T. White married, Feb. 12, 1863, Catharine, daughter of Job and 

Ann (Cook) Wardell, and had 

F^velyn White 

Lillian White married, Nov. 28, 1901, William T. Patterson. 
Kate White married, second, Joseph, son of George H. Stout. 
Charles FI. \Vhite married, Apr. 2, 1903, Carrie, daughter of Caro- 
line Gehlhaus. 

247 Mary White married, Sep. i, 1869, Joseph Fjiderly, and had 


Joseph Endcrly married, 1901, Brown. 

Bertha Enderly 

248 Catharine White married Mr. McCray 

249 Peter Drummond White, of North Dakota, born 1835; niarried Lorctta, 

daughter of Richard and Rachel (Brown) Wolcott, born 1835; and had 

Howard White born 1864; married Metzgar. 

Cora White born 1866 
IVillard D. White born 1868 
Fred White born 1870 
Loretta White born 1872 
Charles White born 1876 
Josephine ^^hite born 1879 

250 Abigail \\'hite married Mr. Robinson 

Issue, by second wife 

251 Bella Palmer White born Dec. 12, 185:; 

252 Curtis \\'hite born May 19, 1S57; married Barstow. 

253 Gertrude White born Dec. 27, 1S58 

254 Sarah Ann White born Apr. 7, 1861 

255 Henry .Arthur White born Sep. 28, 1S64 

256 John Palmer White borri Nov. 29, 1866 

WHI'll.^ OF Ni:W jl'.RSEY 341 

113 CHARLES DAVID SAYIU- WMITE, son of Heiulrick II. White, 46, of 
\Vieck Pond, N. J., born Mch. 2, 1S31; died 1904/5; married, June iS, 1854, Martha 
l-^H^abcth Curtis, born 3 8j2; died July 20, 1906. 


257 Cliarles Edward White born 1855; married Addie Mou)U; and had 

Charles White 
George White 
William Wesley White 
Stanley White 
Helen White married, Jan. i, 1907, William Arthur A. Robinson. 

258 Sarah E. White born 1858; married George Stillwell; and had 

Annie Stillwell married Fred Auger 
Hattie Stillwell 
Martha Elizabeth Stillwell 
Lidy Stillwell 
Irene Stillwell 

259 Aarlnda F. White born 1S60; married Thomas Devlin; died April, 1893; 

and liad 

Thomas Devlin 
Harry Devlin 
James De\lin 
Joseph Devlin 

260 Hannah Manlda White born 1862; married Peter James Meredith, and had 

James Meredith 
Eliza Meredith 
Lavinia Meredith 
David Meredith 

261 Ann Eliza White born 1S64; married, Dec. 20, 1899, Henry Landhal. 

262 Charlotte Adelaide White born 1867; married George Height, and had 

Aarinda Heicht 
Blan Ballard'^Height 
Vivian Height 
Meta Height 

263 Martha Elizabeth White born 1870; iriarried George Gregory, and had 

George Gregory 

264 Alice Evehna White born 1872 

265 Georgia rkta White born 1S74 

266 Anna White born 1876; died young 

115 LEWIS WHITI', sen of Tirucuhy M. White, 50, born July 7, iSi i ; died Sep. 


15, 1900; married, May 29, 1834, KH7.ahclli, daughrcr of George and Iluliiah (; 
Lippincotr, horn Now 2, 1S08; died Aug. 26, 1S79. Both buried in Christ Chureli- 
yard, Shrewsbury. 


267 Amanda White born 1836 

268 WilHam A. White born 1839; married Louisa Smith. 

269 Theodore F. White born Aug. 19, 1843; married, Dec. 6, 1870, Mary S. 

Terhune, born 1842. 

270 Henry C. ^^"hite born Oct. 17, 1844;; died Jan. 14, 1899; married Carrie P., 

daughter o{ WilHam T. Sherman, and had 

Walter R. \Mnte 
l^eroy \\'hite 

Orville \Miite born July 3, 1884; died Aug. 21, 1884. 
George H. ^^ hire 
Mabel White 

271 Winficld S. White born Jan. 6, 1850; married, Dec. 15, 1880, Adaline T., 

daughter of William Sherman, born Nov. 25, 1857; died Oct. 11, 1S92; 
and had 

Elizabeth Sherman White born Apr. 5, 1882; married, Nov. l.^, 
1905, Borden Lovett, son of Robert W. and Elizabeth (Lovett) 
Hance, born Nov. 14, 1879. 

272 Joseph White born 1851; married Delia, daughter of Forman and Sarah 

(Rodgers) Smith, born 1S52; and had 

Ellas White born 1874 

273 Timothy NL White born 1856; married, ALartha, daughter of Benjamin S. 

and INLirtha (Bennett) Maney. 

120 TLMOTHY M. WHITE, son of Timothy AL White, 50, born Oct. 7, 1821; 
died Apr. 4, 1905; married, Sep. 16, 1844, Louisa, daughter of Charles and Sarah Lip- 
pincott, born Aug. 16, 1827. 


274 Felix R. White born ALay 15, 1847; died Oct. 3, 1875; married, Nov. 20, 

1867, Maggie A., daughter of Thomas Taylor and Mary Alice (KingJ 
Rogers, born Mch. 11, 1849; and had 

Fred A. White born 1874; married Abby Laughlan, and had 

Alice Louise White born 1898 

275 rdizabeth White born July 5, 1851; died July 10, 1851. 

276 Alice B. White born May 28, 1862; died Feb. 27, 1869. 

177 GILBERT LANE WLII'IT:, son or John P. White, 70, born Oct. i.i, i8io: 

\\)]ITI<: OF Xi;\V jr.RSEY 34;> 

died Mch. 9, 1900; married Matilda Morrc'.l, daughter of Cliarles D. ami Rutli E. 
(Gildersleeve) Baxter, born Nov. 25, 1822; died Dec. 24, 1S93. 


277 Gilbert Marion White born Nov. 24, 1839; married, first, Nov. 22, 1874, 

Clara J. Brookings; died Mch. 16, 1877; second, June 4, 1878, Clara 
J. Stevens, and had 

Issue, by first wife 
Edith White 

Issue, by second wife 
Ethel White 

278 Alexander Hamilton White married Mary Wood, and had 

Margaret White 
George Lafayette White 
Gilbert Marion White 
Elarry Hamilton Wliite 

279 Mary Matilda White 

280 Charlotte Amelia White married Robert C. Inslec, and had 

Caroline Inslee married Frank Underdonk 

281 Martha Amanda White married Orlando Albert Davis 

282 Maria Jane White married James Trefley St. Pierre, and had 

Chester Arthur St. Pierre 
Pauline St. Pierre 
Joseph Trefley St. Pierre 

178 JOHN MYERS WHITE, son of John White, 70, born Apr. 30, 1825; died 
Jan. II, 1892; married, Feb. 26, 1845, Maria Jane, daughter of Charles D. and Ruth E. 
(Gildersleeve) Baxter, born Sep. 3, 1816; died A])r. 21, 1S62, aged 45 years, 7 months 
and 18 days. 


283 Miles ^^'ashington White born May 16, 1846; married Lillie, daughter of 

Elizabeth Goble, and adopted daughter of George White; and had no 

284 John Augustus White born Aug. 19, 1848; married Rose Ella Hurley, and 


Miles White 
John White 
Alice White 

285 Maria Alice White born July 28, 1855; married, Apr. 28, 1880, Charles E., 

son of Tucker Cook and Catherine NV. (Joiine) Edwards, and had 
John Percival White I'Jwards born Apr. i, 1881 


244 CHARLES P. WHrfE, son of" Curtis While, 105, of Avon, N. J., born iSj6; 
married, Dec. ^^5, t86o, Kate E., daiiLrliter of Peter Davison, horn 1838. 


286 William P. ^Vhite born 1S61; marrici,] Hannah A., daughter of Silas P. 

Hurley, arid had 

Harold L. White 
Helen A. White 

287 Olive White born 1863 
28S Irene White born 1865 

289 Samuel White born 1868 

290 Minnie White born 1872 

I believe that the following Robert White was a son of Robert White, 10, and grand- 
son of Robert White, 2, and Frances (Stanley), his wife. But I have nothing to show 
in corroboration; and I Jiave also under the miscellaneous notes suggested that Robert, 
the son of Robert White, 10, was the father of another group of children. Which of 
these deductions is correct it is impossible to tell. 

1 ROBERT WHITE married Margaret, daughter of Hugh and Catharine (Tilton) 
Hartshorne. He was alive Oct. 10, 1773, when his son, Hartshorne, made his v/ill. 

173 1, Sep. 2. New Jersey Archives, \o\. XI, page 257, states that an apprentice 
of one Robert White committed suicide. 

1742, A^ug. 7. Will of Hugh Hartshorne; probated Oct. 18, 1742, in which he leaves 
a legacy of £50., to his daughter, Margaret, the wife of Robert White. 

1747, 5mo., 10. A Robert White died, and was buried in the Shrewsbury Quaker 
Burying ground. 

1749, Nov. II. A Robert White, "cooper," is surety on the marriage license bond 
of Francis White, "weaver," with Elizabeth Lippincott, spinster. 

1750, June 8. Robert White recorded the ear mark that was formerly Hugh Hart- 

1754, July 3. Fifty-two acres and a half, strict measure, surveyed for Robert \\'hite, 
of the south branch ot the Metetecunk River, his house being ten chains distant from 
the beginning point. East Jersey Records, at Perth Amboy. 

1765, fmo., 18. Will of Catharine Hartshorne, of Middletown, widow of Hugh 
Hartshorne; proved Sep. 30, 1767, gave a legacy of 35 shillings a year to her grand- 
daughter, Margaret White, the daughter of Robert White and "my daughter Margaret, 
deceased;" and mentioned other children of the said Margaret as Richard, Deborah and 

1786, Mch. 15. Sarah Tole, widow of Richard Tole, conveys land to Robert White, 
"trader," which was bounded on the east by the Highway from the Church to Red 
Bank. Freehold Deeds, ''I", page T90. 

1789, June 29. Daiiicl Allen coi'ivcys land to Robert White, "trader," which ad- 
joined land's of Joseph Hulirt. Freehold Deeds, "/.", page 370. 

WHTTi: 01< NEW JF.RSFA' 345 


1792, Feb. 6. Samuel Ilofi'iiiiie and wife, deed four and a quarter acres of land to 
Robert White, situated "on the road that leads from loel Borden's late mill to Red 

1796, Aug. 4. John Borden and Lydia, his wife, convey twenty and ninety-eight 
hundredths of an acre to Robert White, it being a tract of woodland between Squan 
road and Pine Brook, about three and a half miles south of Tinton Falls. 

1806, Apr. 7. Robert Hulett and Sarah, his wife, convey to Robert White eight 
and ninety-seven hundredths ot an acre of woodland situated about three-quarters of a 
mile southwestward from Chestnut Plains. 

1795, Apr. 24. Richard Hulitt, yeoman, of Shrewsbury, and Sarah, his wife, convey 
to Robert White, "merchant," ten acres of land which grantor claims by virtue of the 
last will and testament of his father Joseph Flulitt, deceased, dated Apr. 25, 1791, 
beginning at the southwest corner of lands of Joseph Price, deceased, on the east side 
of the Highway from the Quaker Meeting House to Red Bank, in what is usually called 
the Great Bog. Freehold Deeds, "P"., page 418. 

1800, July 29. William G. Bennett and Mary, his wife, Mary Bennett, his mother, 
and his two sisters, Increase and Elizabeth Bennett, all of Middletown, convey seven 
acres to Robert White, "merchant," Freehold Deeds, "M.", page 75. 

1804, May 7. Thomas White and .Susannah, his wite, of Gloucester Co., convey 
fifty acres of land to Robert White, of Freehold. Freehold Records, "0.", page 922. 

The references to Robert White in the foregoing data are grouped together here, 
but are not of necessity referable to this Robert White, (i). 


2 Robert White married, by license dated Sep. 25, 1742, Mary Price. 

3 Margaret ^^'hite 

4 Richard White 

5 Deborah White 

6 Frances \Miite married, by license dated Feb. 21, 1766, James Dorsett. 

7 Hartshorne White born Jan. 29, 1730 or 1736; died .Apr. 12, 1774; married 

Phebe Forman. 

8 Samuel White, probably, died 1793/4; niarried Jemima, daughter 0} Timothy 


2 ROBERT WHITE, "cooper," son of Robert White, i, married, by license 
dated Sep. 25, 1742, Mary Price; Joseph Price, "mariner," being surety on the bond. 

Robert White was surety on the marriage license of Jolm West and Amy Price, 
Dec. 28, 1754. 

9 Robert R. White born May, 1753; died Dec. 16, 1815; married Clemence 

7 HARTSHORNE WHITE, son of Robert White, i, born Jan. 29, 1730 or 1736; 
died Apr. 12, 1774; married, July 12, 1759 (by license dated Jii!}- 11, 1^59), Pliebe, 
daughter of Aaron and L'rsulla (Craig) Forman; Andrcv Forman being surety on the 


bond. Tlie Family Bihle records that he was born Jan. 29, 1730, ami died, Anr. i; 
1774, aged 37 years, 2 months and 14 tlays; that she was born Now 15, 17;/'; and died,' 
Jan. 2, 1775, aged 39 years, i month and iS days; and that they were married )ulv 11] 

Mr. Frank R. Symmes, in his History of Old Tennent C/w.rcIu says their 
are in the yard ot that Church, giving the dates of their death the same as the Bible, 
and saying that he was in his 38th year, she in her 40th. 

1771, -Apr. I. Hartshorne White, and Phebe, his wife, gi\ e a mortgage on land that 
they owned. 

1773, Oct. ic. Will of Hartshorne White, of Freehold; proved Apr. 21, 1774. 
Directs his executors to sell his real estate, divide the proceeds in three parts, and give 
one share to his wife, Phebe, one to his eldest daughter, Margaret, not yet eighteen, and 
one to his second daughter, Ursilla. He also directed that his father, Robert White, 
was to be well cared lor as long as he lived; and appointed his wife, Phebe, and John 
Form an, his executors. 

1776, Jiine 10. John Forman, as executor of Llartshorne White, conveys land he had 
inherited from his mother, and she from her father, Hugh Hartshorne. 

1804, Sep. 19. Will of Samuel Throckmorton, of FreeJiold; proved Nov. 10, 1804, 
mentions wife, Ursula. 

1820, Jan. 17. Will of Joseph Phillips, Esq., of Freehold; proved Aug. 14, 1820, 
mentions wife, Ursula. 


10 Margaret White born Jul)- 19, 1760; died Apr. 30, 1829; married Jolm, son 

of Joseph and jMary (Forman) Throckmorton, born Mch. 4, 1752; died 
Jan. 21, 1836. 

11 Ursula White born 1763; died Sep. 15, 1824; married, first, Apr. 21, 1780, 

Samuel, son of Joseph and ALiry (Forman) Throckmorton, born Oct. 24, 
1758; died Sep. 21, 1804; second, Mch. 10, 1810, Joseph Phillips, died 
Aug. I, 1820, aged 34 years, 9 months. 

8 SAMUEL WHLFE, son of Robert White, i, died 1793/4; married Jemima, 
daughter oi Timothy Mount; died Jan. 3, 1817. 

The late James Steen, Esq., had in his possession, at the time of his death, the 
following note of hand, endorsed on the back: 

Note of Hand Dated 
Interest from the Date to the 
THIS INDENTURE made this 27th Day of June 
New Jersey 

Deed of Sale .Samuel White, to Timothy White, his son, for the Homestead. Beginning at High- 
way at the north west corner thereof. Being the southeast corner of Land formerly belonging to John 
Machet, thence East i. along the fence as it now stands to a Button Wood Hedge, thence South 2. along 
said Hedg Co a parciman tree Standing in .Matchet's corner, 3 thence East along said Matchet's line East 
to Robert Vs'hite's line, thence South 4. along said last line to the line of Michael White, 5 thence Wester'y 
to an ash saplin Being the Xoithwest corner of Mich.ael U'h.ite, 6 thence Southerly along the Line Ditch 
of .Said Michael White to Barent Smock's line, thence Westward to the Highway, thence North to the 
Beginning; coiTtaining tijuitecn acres nioie or less. Consideraiirin to be £70 jiroclamation money. 


175:!, Dec. 27. Will of 'J'iir.othy Mcnru, oi Middl crown; proved Jan. ji, 175^1, 

wife, Eli/aln-th; my \vit'e's mother, l-".lesabeth \\'Iiite, to have £7: rlirce daiurliters, Hannah,* Jcmvme, 
and Elisabeth, not yet twenty-one, to have an equal di\-ision; it they all died then to 1:0 to my two brothers, 
Joseph and George. Exeeutors: l'"ricnds, Thomas Mount and James Grover. \\itnesses: James R'ce, 
Samuel Mount, Matthias Mount. 

1793, Ma}- 15. Sainiiel \Miire, ami jcmimc, his wife, give a morrgage to San-iuel 
Breese, on land in Shrewsbury; hounded northerly b)" Pirittain White; westerly by Robert 
\\'hire, and Samuel White; southerly by said Samuel Breese, and easterly by Michael 
Hulett. This was canceled Jan. 19, iSoi. 

1793, Oct. 15. Will of Samuel White, ot Shrewsbin-y; proved Feb. 19, 1794, mentions: 

wife, Jemima; two sons, Timothy and Robert, to pay to their mother £5, apiece, yearly and to have 
all lands; two daughters, Meahatable and Margarett. It my daughter Margaret should die without 
lawful issue, her part is to go to Samuel Tratlord's children; Samuel Trafi-'ord's son, Samuel; to Jacob 
that lives with me £10, when he is twenty-one years old. ^^'itnesses: Content Trafrord,josiah Parker, 
.'Inthony Dennis. 


12 Robert White. t Administration was granted on his estate to Samuel 

W. TratTord, July 30, 1845. 

13 Timothy White married, Mch. 9, 1797, Hannah Crawford. 

14 Margaret White married, first, Ebenezer Hart; second, Mr. Wardell. She 

had issue by her second husband, but none by the first. 

15 Mehetabel White born Aug. 27, 1763; died Mch. 15, 1S49; married, Sep- 

tember, 1782, Samuel TrafJbrd. 

9 ROBERT R. WTIFFE, son of Robert White, 2; died, Sep. 16, 1815, aged 62 
yrs., 9 mos.; married Clemence, daughter ot Jacob and Margaret (Price) Dennis, born 
Mch. 29, 1760; died Mch. 8, 1847. Both buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

1797, Dec. I 2. Joseph Dennis and wife, Zilphy; Anthony Dennis and wife, Clemence; 
Jacob Dennis; Robert White, and wife, Clemence; Jacob Lippincott, and wife, Mary; 
and Richard \'\'arde!l and wife, Margaret, convey land, whereon Jacob Dennis, deceased, 
resided, to Richard Da\-is. 


16 Lyttleton White born May 13, 1782; died Mch. 13, 1S51; married, Aug. 9, 

1810, Anna Holmes. 

17 Ann White born Mch. 24, 1787; died Feb. 8, 1S66, unman ied; buried in 

Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

18 Elisha \N'hiteborn June 28, 1791; died Apr. 20, 1868, married, Dec. 25, 181 

Mary l^ewis. 

19 Asher White born Mch. 4, 1797; died Feb. 4, 1873; married, Apr. 11, 1S44, 

Amanda Sniith. 

13 TIMOTHY WTHTE, son of Samuel White, 8, died 1841/2; married, Mch. 9, 

•When Cornelius Compton, Jr., marriage license, JateJ Dec. ij, 175''', with Hannah Mount, she is called the dauyhtcr 
of Elivalieth, an'l ih'. statement is m:\dc "father dcccasei;! a few years." 

t'rimothy M. White, of Little Silver, N. J., ( i:c), is authority for the statement that he bmi'^jht a part of the property cf 
Role, t Whire, suio died ui!:nanied, J'l- i received his title from Robert .-Mien, Jr.. who liad the settlinj up of the estate. 


1797, Hannah, daughter of Ricliard and Catharine (Shcj^hcrd) Crawford, born aft^T 
1762; buried May 2;;, 184s. 

1856, l-'cb. 28. Will oFjarrctt Morford, of Shrewsbury; pro\-td Oct. 4, 1865, men-, 

wife, Catharine, the daughter of Timothy White, and niece of Robert White; sons, Thomas and 
Samuel; daughters, Hannah ^icCausland, Elizabeth Mcrford, and Anna Grant; brother, Thomas Mor- 
ford, Sr.,_ deceased; bequeathes thirteen acres of land which William Parker conveyed to the above Tim- 
othy White, Jan. 4, 1797; eight acres which Theophilus Little conveyed to same, Jan. 11, 1796; and a tract 
that Anthony \^ oodward conveyed to the same, Alch. 1 , i S03. None of these deeds is on record. 


20 Jemima White died youno; 

21 Catharine C. White born Feb. 28, 1798; died Jan. 14, 1869; married, Apr. 2, 

1818, Jarrett, son of Thomas and Hannah (Holmes) Morford, born 
May 3, 1781; died Sep. 21, 1865; and had 

Hannah White Morford born jMay 2, 1819; died Dec. 6, 1894; 
married, Dec. 31, 1840, James AlcCausland, born June 9, 1807; 
died May 25, 1844. 

Thomas Morford buried Mch. 24, 1827 

Elizabeth Holmes Morford born Jan. 9, 1826; died Oct. 31, 1884. 

Hester Ann Morford born Mch. 23, 1828; died Mch. 5, 1868; mar- 
ried, 1854, William H., son of John and Ann (Kance) Grant, 
born Dec. 24, 1820; died Nov. 3, 1897. 

Samuel W. Morford born Mch. 12, 1836; died Oct. 26, 1909; mar- 
ried, December, 1869, Mary Ruth, daughter of George and Eliza 
Ovens, born 1849; died Feb. 8, 1903. 

Henry Hobcrt Morford born July 23,^837; died Mch. 15, 1855. 

Thomas Finch Morford born Mch. 12, 1838; died April, 1888; inax"- 
ried, Jan. 16, 1855, Elizabeth C. W'ilbur, born 1832. 

15 MEHETABEL WHITE, daughter of Samuel White, 8, born Aug. 27, 1763; 
died Mch. is, 1849; married, September, 17S2, Samuel, son of Samuel and Content 
(Bills) Traftbrd. 

Elizabeth Trafford born May 12, 1783; died young. 
Jemima Traftbrd born Aug. 13, 17S4; married, Jan. 15, 1807,, son 

of John Brewer; died 1863. 
Nancy Trafford born July 12, 1786; died Feb. 19, 1869; married, Oct. 22, 

1807, John Hart, born 1773; died Feb. 4, 1846. 
Samuel White Trafford born Dec. 7, 1788; died Oct. 5, 1865; married, Oct. 

10, 18] 6, Margaret Tyson, born Aug. 28, 1787; died -Apr. 25, 1873. 
Elizabeth 'I'rafford born July 5, 1791 

Abraham White Trafford born Dec. 2, 1793; died June 26, i8c2. 
Margaret Hart Trafford born Ma>' 17, 1796; died Nov. 8, 1825; married 

George Klots. 
Deborah Trafford born Aug. 18, 1798; died Mch. 30, 1829; married, Oct. 12, 

1817, James, son of Jehu and Hannah (Gordon) Patterson, born i\Ich. 25, 

1794; died May 2, 1867. 

wniTi-: OF m:\v jfrsey 349 

Catharine Hart Trafrnni bcirn Auc;-. 30, 1801; married. May 22, i8?3, 
Cliarles G., son of James P. and Mar)- (Gordon) Alien, born Aug. 4, i8cx>; 
died Mch. 31, 1885. 

Abraliam 'I'raltord born Dec. 31, 1S04; died Aug. 27, 1S71; married Basilca 
Harmer, born Oci. 28, 18 14; died Sep. 13, 1894. 

16 LITTLETON WHITE, son of Robert R. White, q, born May 13, 1782; died 
Mch. 13, 1851; married, Aug. 9, 1810, Anna, daughter of Jacob and Nancy (Russell) 
Holmes, born Aug. 28, 1784; died Feb. 4, 1867. They are buried in Christ Churchyard, 

1821, Feb. 24. Elisha White, and Mary, his wife, convey to Littleton White, all of 
grantor's interest in the lands which descended to him on the death of his father, Robert 
R. White, intestate, including woodland southwest from Chestnut Plains, eighty-eight 
and ninety-seven one-hundredths ot an acre. 

1831, Dec. 22. Littleton White and Nancy, his wife, convey to Asher White one 
quarter of an undivided claim in woodland of twenty acres. 


22 Charles White born Dec. 2, 1810; died Dec. 14, 1810. 

23 Russell White born Mch. 28, 1812; died Jan. 3, 18 14. 

24 Charles White born Dec. 15, 18 13; died May 27, 1888; married, Mch. 11, 

1840, Mehetebel Hart, born Dec. 10, 1810; died Jan. 6, 1883. They are 
buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury; and had 

Iss lie 
Adaline Eveleth White born Dec. 24, 1841 

Charles Littleton White born Mch. 28, 1847; married, Feb. 6, 1894, 
Caroline (Ferris) Dumain. No issue. 

25 Robert Holmes White born Dec. 7, 1815; died, May 29, 1899, unmarried. 

His tombstone, in Christ Churchyard, reads that he was born Dec. 7, 18 16; 
and died May 23, 1899. 

26 Cordelia White born May 13, 1819; died. May 21, 1S74, unmarried; buried 

in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

27 Jacob White born Mch. 16, 1852; died, Aug. 30, 1854, aged 2 years and 4 


28 Annie Clemence White born Dec. 8, 1824; died, Mch. 15, 1889, unmarried; 

buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

29 Abigail White born May 5, 1827; married, Jan. 25, 1848, Samuel T. Sleeper, 

died May 12, 1864; and had 

Anna Virginia Sleeper born May j8, 1849; married, June 25, 1873, 

Charles B. Jennings. 
Littleton White Sleeper born June 21, 1851; married Abbie H., 

daughter of G. Douglas and Ann (Sherman) Tallman, born 1854; 

died Nov. 30, 1903. 
J. Howard Sleeper borii May 9, i860; died Sep. 20, 1862. 

30 Jacob Littleton White born Nov. 25, 1825; died Nov. 5, 1835. 

3 CO 1 J 1 STO R 1 CA I , M I S C !':i .] .A N \ 

IS KLTSHA WHITE, son of Robert R. White, 9, horn June 28, 17QI; dice] Apr. 
20, 186S; married, Dec. 25, 1816, Mary, daughter of na\-id ar.d Mar\- (PaUerson) l.cwis, 
born Sep. 20, 1798; died Apr. 30, 1S91. They are buried in Christ CJiurchyard, Shrews- 
bury, together with some oi' their chihiren. 


31 Redding Lewis White married, first, Rachel Cole; second, Juliette NVilson; 

third, Mary Martin. 

32 John P. White born Sep. 23, 1819; died July 24, 1894; married, first, Hannah 

Allen, second, Phebe Newman. 
^2 Forman White born Apr. 10, 1821; died l^ec. 14, 1893; married Lydia Allen. 

34 Gordon Dennis White, of Matawan, N. J., died 1875; married Catharine 

Jane Smock, born 1830; and had 

Mary Anna White married James L. Terhime 
Helen Louise White born 1854; died Sep. 10, 1904; married James 

L. Terhune. 
Louis B. White born 1859; died unmarried. 
Albion Dennis White born 1S61; married Alwilda Schwartzheimer. 

35 Ann Eliza White born 1825; died Feb. 4, 1850; unmarried. 

^6 Catharine White born Aug. 11, 1827; died Mch. 2, 1854; unmarried. 

37 Mary Clemence White born 1830; died Sep. 7, 1899; unmarried. 

38 Littleton White born Apr. 7, 1833; died Apr. 15, 1902; married Mary 


39 Barzillai White, of Freehold, born 1837; died Sep. 27, 1902; married, first, 

Tan. 23, 1 861, Sarah 'SI. Scott; second, Marcy H. Rogers, born 1842; and 

Issue, by first wife 
Laura White died young 

Issue, by second wife 
Frederick A. White born 1879 

40 Caroline White born Nov. 7, 1841; died, Dec. 16, 1871; unmarried. 

41 Jane Amelia White, of Red Bank, born 1843; unmarried. 

19 ASHER WHITE, of Shrewsbury, son of Robert R. White, 9, born Mch. 4, 
1797; died Feb. 4, 1873; niarried, Apr. 11, 1844, Amanda Smith, born Aug. 29, 18 14; 
died May 13, 1894. They are buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 

1 841, Sep. I. Asher White mortgages to Thomas C. White, (164), land on the south 
side of the Highway from Red I'ank to South River Dock, and himself brings the 
mortgage for cancellation, Mch. 27, 1851. 


42 Thomas Russell White born June 5, 1846; died Dec. 23, 1893; married, first, 

Annie , born 1849; second, June 22, 1882, Elizabeth M. Byer, 

and had 

Issue, by first wife 
Amanda White bcrn 1874 

WIHTK OF .\i:\V JERSEY" 351 

Issue, by second wife 
Freddie \\'hite born May 23, 1883; died Jul)- 31, 1S84. 
Etliel \\"hite 

43 Angclla ^Vhite born May 21, 1849; '^'^"'■1 ^>ov. 4, 1908; niarried, Nov. 24, 1897, 

Edwin C. Applegate. No ib,sue. 

31 REDDING EEWIS WHITE, of Ocean township, son of Elisha White, 18, 
died about 1874; married, first, Racliel Cole; second, Juliette Wilson; third, Mary Martin. 

Issue, by first wife 

44 Alonzo White born 1843; married Emma Arroes, born 1843; and had 

William R. White born 1865 
Charles E. White born 1867 
Walter L. White born 1869 
Borden White born 1871 
Augustus R. White born 1873 
Alonzo White born 1876 
George C. White born 1880 
Issue, by third wife 

45 Ida White, not yet eighteen when her father made his will, Mch. 11, 1874. 

32 JOHN P. WHITE, of Red Bank, N. J., son of Elisha White, 18, born Sep. 23, 
1819; died July 24, 1894; married, first, Feb. 6, 1842, Hannah Allen, born Sep. 24, 182!; 
died June 21, 1859; second, Phebe Newman, born July 7, 1829. His burial plot is in 
Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 


46 Gordon Allen White born 1843; married Sarah (Smith, daughter of Joseph 

Smith?), born 1846; and had 
Ansil White born 1876 
Olivia White born 1877 

47 John H. White born 1846; married Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. William 

, born 1850; and had 

Ferdinand White born 1871 
Nellie M. White born 1874; married, Mch. 11, 1902, William Edgar, 

son of Sidney Denise. 
Phebe White born 1880 

48 Annie A. White born 1847; married John Worthley, born 184I; and had 

Sammie Worthley born July 20, 1873; '^I'^d June 30, 1887. 
Harry Worthley born 1870 

49 Clarence P. White born 1849; married Leanor , born 1856; and had 

Howard O. White born 1876 
Clarence_WhiteJx)rn 1877 


Alice E. White born 1S7S 
John White horn 1880 

50 Evelyn Louisa V\'jiite horn Apr. 4, 1S52; died Aug. 27, 1853. 

51 Eranklin P. White, of Red Bank, X. j., horn 1856; married, Aug. 25, 1875, 

Olivia \V., daughter of Andrew S. 15uckale\v. 
Albert Raymond White born 1878; married, Nov. 5, 1903, Norrine, 

daughter of Mrs. L. B. Dunham. 
Carrie A. White born 1879; married, Aug. 15, 1902, James Abraham 

Garfield, son of Thomas Wise. 
Andrew White 

Issue, by second wife 

52 Idelle P. White born 1867; married Albert T. Doremus, and had 

Newton Doremus 
son Doremus born Jan. 11, 1900 

53 Melphia White born March, 1869; died Sep. 10, 1875. 

54 Caroline L. White born 1871; married Newton Doremus, and had 

Clinton Doremus 

33 FORMAN WHITE, son of Elisha White, 18, born Apr. 10, 1821; died Dec. 14, 
1893; married, about 1843, Lydia, daughter of Jacob and Ann Allen, born Jan. 26, 1823; 
died Dec. 8, 1899. Both buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury. 


55 Laura White born June 7, 1848; died June 29, 1868; buried in Christ Church- 

yard, Shrewsburv. 

56 Almied White born Mch. 24, 1850; died Jan. 7, 1851; buried in Christ Church- 

yard, Shrewsbury. 

57 Lewis I\I. White, of Red Bank, N. J., born 1852; married Lavinia, daughter 

of Gilbert and Mar)- W. (Morrell) Howland, born 1852; and had 
George E. White married, and had 
Helen White born March, 1902 
Bert White 
Blanche White 
Wilbur White born about 1897 

58 Catharine White born 1854 

59 Borden White 

60 Form an Edward White born 1859 

61 Alma White born 1861; married l^cnjamin Addison, son of Alfred and Anne 

(Wolcott) Hegerman, and had 
Stanley Hegerman born Feb. 12, 1881; married. Tune I4, 1905, 
A.nn!C Sherman, daughter of (jcorgc D. Tallman. 


62 Mary Louise Wliitc married WiHiaiii T. Cole, born Jan. 13, 1S43; and had 

Bessie Cole born June, 1880; dietl Aug. 11, 1885. 
Howard Cole born Feb. 7, 1S82 

63 Laura White born 1871 

3S LITTLETON WHITE, of Eatontown, N. J., son of Elisha White, iS, born 
Apr. 7, 1833; died Apr. 15, 1902; married Mary, daughter of Josliua and Lydia Lambert- 
son, born 1836; died Jan. 31, 1906. 


64 Annie E. White born P'eb. 22, 1855; died, June 8, 1880, unmarried. 

65 ^S'illiam Lambertson White born Aug. 14, 1859; married Mary Hildebrand, 

and had 

Will White 
Laura White 
Dorothy White 
Ludlow White 

66 Cornelia Lewis White born Jan. 5, 1866; married 

67 Harry White born 1869 

1 JOSEPH WHITE, son of George White and Martha Cornish, his v.-ife, was 
born in Ireland, in 1748, and baptised in St. Multose Parish, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Mch. r.7, 
1748. In 1767, at the age of nineteen, he shipped, as an able bodied seaman^ in the 
Royal Navy, as from Kinsale, and remained there until 1769. His name then disap- 
pears from the muster rolls until 1793, when it is again entered, as Master. He passed 
as Lieutenant, in 1797, and became Commander in 1800, remaining as such on the ship 
Priyjcess^ until 1802, after which no further notice of him could be found in the Admiralty 

1776, Nov. 12. Joseph White married, according to the Register of the Parish 0^ 
Birr or Parsonstov/n, by lycence, Mary Kennedy. 

1776, Nov. 18. Killaloe Marriage License Bond signed by Joseph White and Paul 
Palmer, both of Birr, in Kings County, gentlemen, for license for marriage of said Joseph 
White and Mary Kennedy, ot Birr, in Kings County, Spinster. She was the daughter 
of Bryan Kennedy, of Clongowna, who died Nov. 9, 1787, and Margaret Keating, 
his wife. 

1801, Sep. 16. William Henry Pike, of New York City, merchant, and Elizabeth, 
his wife, convey to Josepli \Vhite, of said City, "combmaker," one hundred and fourteen 
acres of land, in Rumson, Monmouth Co., N. J., on both sides of the road from Black 
Point to the Falls, which was bounded by Thomas White's fence on the south. The 
purchase money mortgage tor this is found in Freehold Morlgages, D, page 492, dated 
Sep. 17, 1801. 

1805, Oct. 15. Joseph White, Sr., "combmaker," and Mary, his wife, convey this 
same tract to Joseph \N hite, Jr., "larmer." This was conveyed back again to Joseph 
\Vhite, "combmaker," Apr. 27, 1807. 

1807, Apr. 28. Joseph Vv'hite, "combmaker," and JMary. his wife, sell this same 


tract to Siimuel Ivins, "farmer," dcsoribine it as beiim bounded in part bv tlie line (,f 
Eseck \Vlufe (56). 

1815, Mch. 14. Will of Joseph White, Sr., of Trenton; proved Mch. 6, 1816, 

son, Jonp.thnn White, to ha\x the house he li\cd in, the slion and all tools, machinery and articles 
appertaininj to the business; said son will not be twenty-one until Oct. :o, 18 17; dauyliterj F.ssv \Vi,itc; 
wife, Mary White; daughter, Anne Easiburn, to ha\'e "my large silver watch my Grandfather's silver 
spoon and' pleated tea-urri;" apprentice, Henry White, son of Joseph White, Jr., not yet twenty-one; 
' my two sons, George and Joseph White, Anne Eastburn and Essy White." Signed, at his house, in 
Trenton, in the sixty-lifth year ot his age. Mary White and Joseph White, Jr., made administrators with 
will annexed, Mch. 6, 18 16. 

He died, Mch. i, 1816, at Philadelphia, and was buried in the Baptist Churchyard, 
at Trenton. 

1 George White born 1777; died July 18, 1854; married, May 7, 1808, Jane 
- Irwin. 

3 Anne White baptised July 4, 1779; died Aug. 28, 1822; married Thomas 


4 Essy White died in Trenton; married, by the Rev. William Johnson, in St. 

Michael's Church, Trenton, Feb. 24, 1832, James Mc^^ly. 

5 Joseph ^^'hite born February, 1783; died xAug. 22, 18 19; married AL.try Irwin. 

6 Jonathan White born Oct. 20, 1796; died Dec. 17/18, 1834; married Jane 


2 GEORGE \\TIITE, son of Joseph White, i, born in Birr, Kings Co., Ireland, 
1777; sailed from Dublin, in the ship \'enus, Mch. 5, 1801; landed at Staten Island, 
May 5, 1801: married, May 7, 1808, Jane, daughter of John and Letitia (Gillespie) 
Irwin, born Nov. 13, 1789; died Mch. 9, 1839. She was from Dengivin, Co. London- 
derry, Ireland; sailed from Londonderry, June 24, 1807, and landed at New Castle, 
Sep. I, 1807. He died July 18, 1854, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brook- 
lyn, N. y. 


7 John Irwin White, of Woodbridge, N. J., born Aug. 24, 1809; died Jaii. i, 

1885; married, first, Evilena, daughter of Peter and Eleanor Thompson, 
born 1812; died Sep. 28, 1842; second, Dec. 23, 1843, Sarah, daughter of 
Peter and Eleanor Thompson, born 1793; died Dec. 27, 1878. All buried 
in the Presbyterian Churchyard, Woodbridge, N. J., as is also his 

Issue, by first wife 
Francis Thompson \\'hite born June 27, 1838; died June 18, 1839. 

8 Mary Jane White, of New Brunswick, N. J., born Nov. 21, 181 1; died Nov. 

29, 1852; married, Dec. 23, 1828, Martin Armstrong Llowell, born Dec. 
25, 1804; died Feb. 23, 1889. He married, second, Sarah A., widow of 
George Schenck. 

Irwin WJiite Howell born Feb. 16, 1830; died Aug. 8, 1847. 
Martin Armstrong Llowell born Nov. 24, 1832; died March, 190C; 
niarried, first, Feb. i, '8.., Abbie Lucretia, daughter o: John 


and Eliza (Wocidruff) Stoul; died Apr. 12, 1890; second, Eva 

Eliza ]Junham Hcnvell born Juno 2, 1834; unmarried. 

Jane Ann Ho\\'ell born Oct. 17, 1836; married, Oct. 28, 1869, 
Fretlerick, son ot Louis de Coppet, born 1845. 

Florence Howell born Feb. 22, 1838; died Oct. 28, 1839. 

John Russell Howell born Feb. 14, 1841; died Mch. 20, 1894; mar- 
ried Evangeline Julup Healy; died Sep. 25, 1899. 

Sarah White Howell born May 24, 1846; died Apr. 22, 1866. 

Laura Howell born ^Lay 19, 1848; married, Dec. 7, 1870, Abel L 
Smitli, born June 12, 

Mary Evelyn Howell born Aug. 24, 1852; died Sep. 19, 19T0; mar- 
ried, June 18, 1885, John Wright. 
9 James White born Sep. 2, 18 16; died Aug. 30, 18 17. 

10 William White born June i, 1814; died Nov. 10, 1848; buried in Greenwood 

Cemetery, Brooklyn, X. Y. ; married, Nov. 2, 1847, Adeline LL, daughter 
of George and Eliza (Gibbs-Cahoone) Kinney. She married, second, 
Mr. Devotion. 

Eliza Jane White, of Norwich, Conn., born Sep. 22, 1848; married, 
Oct. 7j 1874, Frederick Earned Osgood, born May 31, 1849. 

11 Joseph White born ^lay 22, 1818; died, Apr. 22, 1842, unmarried. 

12 George Augustus White, of New York City, born Dec. 17, 1820; died, June 

16, 1852, unmarried; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

13 Letitia Ann White born June 29, 1823; died Nov. 14, 1841; buried in Christ 

Churchyard, New Brunswick, N. J. 

14 Sarah White, of Woodbridge, N. J., born Apr. 19, 1825; died, at Summit, 

N. J., July 22, 1 88 1; married, Oct. J, 1851, George Corlies, son of Revo 
Carney and iNlary Augusta (Ming) Hance, born Nov. 8, 1820; died Feb. 
26, 1884. They are buried in Trinity Churchyard, Woodbridge, N. J. 
William White Hance born Aug. 28, 1852; unmarried. 
George Clarence Hance born Sep. 27, 1854; died Jan. 5, 1856. 
Frances Amelia Hance born Dec. 27, 1856; died May 9, 1893; 
buried at Denver, Col.; married, June 30, 1885, John Henry, son 
of Alfred and Julia A. (Fen ton) Houghton, born Mch. 29, 1848. 
Revaud Kearny Hance born x-\pr. i, 1859; married, Apr. 18, 1893, 
Mrs. Susie Cornelia Read, daughter of Noah D. and Susan C. 
(McLaughlin) Taylor, born Mch. 17, i860. 
Irwin Howell Hance born May 26, 1861; married, Feb. 9, 1893, 
Isabel iNlary, daughter of George and Sophronia (Westervelt) 
Clark, born Feb. 27, 1862. 

15 Virginia V\'hite born Dec. 2, 1832; died, at Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 17, 1907; 

buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.; married, first, Nov. i, 
1854, Joseph Tucker, son of Alexander and Euphemia (Morrison) ^Laster- 
ton, born 1832; died June 11, 1858; second. May 8, 1862, Revo Clarence, 
son of Revo Carney and Mary Augusta (?\Iing) Hance, born Mel;. 2g, 1836; 
died Jan. 16, 18S5. 


Issue, by first husband 
Fannie Mastcrton born Mch. 2, 1855; marrlccl, July 30, i8S:S 

Charles S., son of Sidney Blaiichard. 
NMlliani James Masterton born Apr. 28, 1856; died Feb. i <;, 187-. 

Issue, by seeond husband 
Oscar Tibbals Hance born Xov. 9, 1863; died Oct. 12, 1902; married, 

first, Jan. 22, 1889, Nolie Rose; died November, 1891; second, 

Oct. 26, 1898, Jennie Roe. 
Virginia White Hance born Feb. 23, 1866; died Aug. 16, 1866. 
Gouverneur Provoost Hance born Mch. 29, 1871 

3 ANNE ^^'HITE, daughter of Joseph \Miite, i, baptised, in the Parish of Parsons- 
town, Ireland, July 4, 1779; died Aug. 28, 1822; married, by the Reverend Mr. Bennett, 
at Shrewsburv, N. J., Apr. 27, i8o<;, Thomas Eastburn, born July 8, 1778; died Apr. I4, 

Joseph Eastburn born Mch. 18, 1806; married; no issue. 
Thomas Eastburn born July 3, 1807; died July 15, 184I; married, May 17, 

183S, Emeline Clark, died July 21, 1841; no issue. 
Mary White Eastburn born May 7, 1809; fli^d Aug. 6, 1S99; married, Nov. 

10, 1825, Richard MacDonald, born Dec. 20, 1803; died Aug, 9, 1894. 
Abigail Eastburn born Jan. 7, 181 1; died, unmarried. 
Jane Eastburn born Jan. 28, 1814; died August, 1881. 
Sophia Eastburn born Mch. 17, 18 16; died Sep. 9, 1865; married, July 9, 

1843, David H. McCord; no issue. 
Robert Eastburn born June 30, 1818; died Aug. 4, 18 19. 
Marselus M. \'an Geison Eastburn born June 15, 1820; died Apr. 14, 1821. 

5 JOSEPH WHITE, son ot Joseph White, i, born February, 1703; baptised, at 
Parsonstown, Ireland, Feb. 10, 1785; died, in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 22, 1819; married, 
in Trenton, N. J., Feb. 17, 1808, ^Iary, daughter of John and Letitia (Gillespie) Irwin, 
born, near Londonderry, Ireland, Dec. 19, 1787; died in Philadelphia, Pa. 


16 George Irwin White born Dec. 4, 1808; married Maria , and had 

Mary Frances White married William Richards 
Robert White 

17 Letitia White born May 25, 18 10; married, Mch. 14, 1833, Robert Scott, 

born 1792; died Dec. 14, 1862; and had 
Emilic Scott born Jan. 7, 1834; married, Feb. 21, 1854, Daniel R. 

John Agnew Scott. Captain, U.S.N., born May 28, 1835; died 

Nov. 25, 1908; married, Feb. 7, 1872, Priscilla Shapley. 
Adelaide Scott born Dec. 8, 1836; married, June 28, 1859, George 

Van Nest Neville. 
Robert Scott born Apr. 7, 1839; died Aug. 29, 1862. 
Mary Scott born Apr. 27, 1841 


18 Sarah Ann White born May 5, 1S12; married, July 5, i8-;6, Tlionias Bush- 

fieid Targcf, sometime Chief of the St. Louis, Mo., iMre Department, 
born 1808; tlied Apr. 10, 1849; and had 

Albert Targee born Apr. 14, i8j-; died, 1892, unmarried. 
Jane Ehza Targee born Oct. i, 183-; died 1S68; married Thomas 

A. Elutchins. 
Thomas Jordan Targee born Eeb. 11, 183-; died, 1857, unmarried. 
Sarah Helena Targee born Mch. 17, 183S; died 1869; married 

Charles J. Hilfcnsteiji. 
Emma Adelaide Targee born Mch. 6, 1840; married Alexander G. 

Letitia Scott Targee born May 23, 1842; died 1847. 
Laura Frances Targee born Mch. 20, 1846; married Edward Cran- 

shaw, INL D. 
Charles Targee horn May 20, 1848; died 1S48. 
Clara Stevens Targee born Alay 19, 1849; died 1849. 
Isabel Targee died 1S45 

19 Joseph White born Jan. 7, 1814; died young. 

20 Jane White born Dec. 14, 1815; died young. 

l\ Mary Jane White born Feb. 4, 18 18; ciied young. 

22 Joseph White born Oct. 19, 1819; ran away to sea from his boarding school. 

6 JONATHAN WHITE, son of Joseph White, i, born Oct. 20, 1796; did not come 
to America with his parents, but was left behind in Ireland with a foster mother; died 
Dec._ 17/18, 1834; married, June 6, 1824, Jane, daughter of Jesse and Margaret (Permele) 
Jarvis, born Feb. 6, 1804; died Apr. 8, 1875. Jonathan White is buried in Christ 
Churchyard, New Brunswick; his widow afterwards married Abraham \'oorhees, of 
New Brunswick. 


23 Harriet White born Jan. 29, 1826; died May 17, 1858; married, Dec. 4, 1856, 

Ezekiel Fargo Harmon, born Mch. 27, 1823; and had 
Harry White Harmon born May 10, 1858; married, first, June 16, 
1890, his now cousin, Mary White, born Dec. 28, 1863; died 
Dec. 5, 1895; second, Apr. 15, 1901, Florence Abendroth VVight. 

24 Susan Jarvis White born Dec. 7, 1827; died Aug. 21, 1904; married, Apr. 22, 

1850, Charles Henry Waterbury, born Nov. 19, 1816; died Mch. 22, 18S2; 
and had 


Blanche Waterlniry born Mch. 16, 18 £^3; unmarried. 

Alice Waterbury born Dec. 12, 1856; died June 10, 1857. 

25 Charles Jay White born July 16, 1830; died ^Iay 15, 1907; married, Oct. 10, 

1855, Mary A. Abendroth, born Dec. 17, 1832; died Feb. 12, I902;andhad 
hi ue 
William Abendroth \\'luLe born Feb. 19, 1857 


IJenry C;uiy White born Jan. 19, 1S59; married, Apr. 14, iSSr, 
Sara Teesdale, born 1861 ; died May 28, 1892. 

^L-^ry White born Dec. 28, 1S63; died Dec. 5, 1895; m;^i"i'ied hu 
own cousin, June 16, 1S90, Harry White Harmon. 

Charles Augustus White born Sep. 27, 1867 

INhirgaret Jarvis White born July 29, 1832; died June 22, 1864: 
married, Nov. 19, 1857, Jeremiah Robin Fairbank. 


An exemplified copy of the will of x'\mclia J. White, of New York, made Feb. 22. 
1884; probated Feb. 10, 1887, was filed in Monmouth Co., N. J., leaving all her proj^errv 
to her husband, Llorace White, and directing that if he was not living at the time of her 
decease it was to be distributed according to the laws of New York, 

"June 1 day, 1769, received by the hand of Asher West, in behalf of Antoney White, 
son of John, the sum of six shillings and one penny." From an old note book of Elzarus 

1 COLONEL ANTHONY WHEFE, born Oct. 28, 1717; died June 19, 1787; 
married, Dec. 14, 1741, Elizabeth, daughter of Gov. Lewis Morris, born Apr. 3, 1712. 

1780, Feb. 14. Will of Anthony White, of New Brunsw^ick; proved Nov. 12, 1787; 
mentions wife, Elizabeth, and the four children, Anthony Walton White, Isabella. 
Joanna and Euphemia White. 

1766, Feb. 10. Will of Elizabeth White, wife of Anthony White, of New Brunswick; 
proved Aug. 30, 1784, mentions sister, Mrs. Euphemia Morris, of England, and the four 
children spoken of in her husband's will. 

1788, July 22. Will of Isabella White, of New Brunswick; proved Aug. 2i, 1789; 
mentions brother, Anthony Walton White, and his natural daughter, Elizabeth Matilda 
Euphemia White; sisters, Joannah, the wife of John Bayard, and Euphemia, the wife of 
William Patterson. 

1 Isabella White born Sep. 23, 1742; died, June 10, 1789, unmarried. 

3 Johanna K. White born Nov. 14, 1744; died June 24, 1834; married, Nov. 29, 

1787, Col. John I^ayard, born Aug. 11, 1738; died Jan. 7, 1807; no issue. 

4 Euphemia Norris White born Dec. 10, 1746; died Jan. 20, 1832; married 

Judge William Patterson, born 1744/5; died Sep. 9, 1806; no issue. 

5 Anthony Walton White born July 7, 1750; died Feb. 10, 1803; married. 

May 8, 1783; and had 
Elizabeth Matilda Euphemia White 

Eliza ALary White born July 22, 1794; died Jan. 3, 1861 ; married, 
June 20, t8io, Thomas M. Evans. 

Susan, wife of Archibald White, lies bui-itd in the old graveyard on Rumson Neck, 
her ejMtaph reading that she died, Sep. 21, 1847, aged 21 yrs., 3 mos., 24 days. 

Arthur H. White, of Red Bank, N. J., married Carrie S., daughter of William K. 
^Vardcn, born 1856; died July Uj, 1907; and had a so!i, Harry B. Whiie. 


1 ASHER \MTITE, born July, 1768; died, May 5, i8ia; aged 43 years and 10 
months; buried on a (arm near Lower Squankuni, N. J.; married, July 29, 1797, Mary, 
ilaughter of William and Ann (Curtis) I.ippincott. 

Mrs. Ann L. Welles, one ot the nieces of Ashcr WJiitc, made the statement, in 1902, 
when she was eighty-one years of age, but in full possession of her mental faculties, that 
she thought Asher and Garret White (45), were cousins, and knew they married sisters. 

181 2, June 3. Letters of administration granted to ^L^ry White on the estate of 
.Asher White; and, in 1814, she was made guardian of the following seven children, all 
under the age of fourteen. 

1 Ann White 

3 \N'illiam White married Sarah Ann, daughter of Garret and Rebecca (Lip- 

pincott) White, and had 

John White 
"Asher White 

4 Elizabeth White 

5 John White 

6 Asher White 

7 Rachel White 

8 David White 

Daniel W. White, of Red Bank, N. J., made the statement that his father was 
William White; he was almost sure that his grandfather was Michael \\'hite; and he 
thought there was an uncle, Britton White. This statement should be compared with 
what is given under Michael White, 17, before accepting unreservedly the idea that 
Britton White, following, was born in Scotland. 

1 BRITTON WHITE is said to have been born, in Scotland, in 1745; to have 
emigrated with his parents to this country; and had 

1 Michael White married, May 16, 1843, Elizabeth, daughter of John and 
Letitia (Parker) Brewer; became a shoe dealer, in New York, and died 
without issue. 

3 Margaret White 

4 Elsie White 

5 Maria White 

6 Ellen White 

7 William \\'hite born 1803; died 1885; married, 1825, Juliette Green; died 

1861; and had 


8 Thomas Jefferson White 

9 ^Villiam "V. \Miite 

10 Mary White 

11 Daniel Webster White, of Red ILink, N. J., born Dec. 16,1836; 


died Apr. r;, 1909; married, I^Liy 13, 1856, Mary Jeanne, daugli- 
ter of Abraiiani Carlock, born 1835; and had 

12 John H. White 

13 NLiry E. White married William J. Doig 

14 Lillian White mamied Edgar E. Harlow 

15 Anna E. White horn 1879; ni^'ii'i'ied Jaines S, Throck- 

morton, Jr. 

A part of the following is obtained from the History of Derby, Conn., by Orcutt and 
Beardsley, page 299. 

1 THE RE^TREXD CALVIN WHITE, Yale graduate of 1786, born 1763; died 
Mch. 21, 1853; married, first, Phebe Camp, of Newark, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Rachel Camp, born 1775; died Nov. 23, 1826; second, Jane, daughter of John Mardcn- 
brough, of the Isle St. Martin's, West Indies, born May 15, \','^\\ died Oct. 18, 1S63. 

Sabine in his Loyalists oj the Re'colntion says that he was fifth in descent from John 
White, who came from England, in 1636, and was one of the founders of Hartford. 

Among other children he had 

1 Robert ^^'hite, Jr., born 1792; died Jan. I2, 1856; married, Apr. 9, iSi8, 
Hannah, daughter ot Abel and Elizabeth Gibbs, born 1794; died Sep. 
^2> 1872. 
1854, 6mo., (June) 13. ^^ill ot Robert NMiite, Jr., oi New York City, tonnerly 
merchant. On record at Freehold, N. J., and mentions: 

That he is to be buried at Canaan, N. Y., among Quakers. 
Wife, Hannah G. White 
Daughter, Anna White 

Minor son, John CorHes White to have real estate I purchased for hi.Ti of John R. Conk, Peter 
Bennett and Samuel T. ^^'hite. 

Children, Phebe C. Baker, Robert Cornell White, Rachel C. Baker, Anna White, John Corlies White. 
Executors: sons, Robert Cornell White and John Corlies White, and George I. Cornell. 
The will was proved Feb. 12, 1856, when Robert Cornell White qualilied. 


3 Phebe C. White born Oct. 12, 18 — ; died Feb. 17, 1873; married, May 9, 

1844, George Corlies, son ot Dubel and Mary (Corlies) Baker, born May 
16, 1819; died Apr. 13, 1863; and had 

Hannah \Miite Baker born Feb. 17, 1846 

Mary Corlies Baker born xApr. 20, 1849; died Apr. 28, 1904; mar- 
ried, July 7, 1869, Thomas Long. 

George Dobel Baker born Mch. 6, 1851; died Aug. 26, 1S52. 

Sarah Haydock Baker born Mch. 2, 1853; died Mch. 7, 1S92. 

Robert Haydock Baker born July 3, 1855: died Apr. 11, 1898. 

Harris Dobel Baker born Feb. 2, 1861; married Alice Jones. 

4 Robert Cornell White born November, 1823; died Aug. 29, 1884; .married 

Nov. 4, 1847, Hannah D., daughter of Dobel and Mary (Corlies) Baker, 
born Jan. 17, 1826; and had 



Henry M. \Miitc born Sep. 13, 1848; dictl Jan. it, 1880. 

Sarah Ijaker N\hite horn June 2, 1851; died May 31, 1861. 

Joseph Baker \Vhile born June 15, 1854; died Jan. 14, 1904; mar- 
ried, Nov. II, 1897, Estelle P. Home. 

Cornelia C. White born Feb. i, 1859; married, Nov. i, 1883, 
Walter D. Despard. 

5 Rachel C. White born Jan. 10, 1826; died May 6, 1899; married, Nov. 4, 1847, 

Joseph, son of Dobel and iNIary (Corlies) Baker, born Oct. 28, 1820; died 
June 20, 1900; and had 

Margaret Corlies Baker born Oct. 16, 1848; married, Oct. 16, 1867, 

Wharton Barker. 
Anna Baker born Oct. 8, 1852 

Robert White Baker born June 25, 1855; died Dec. 31, 1859. 
Kate S. Baker born Apr. 15, 1861 
John Corlies White Baker born Jan. 20, 1865 

6 Anna White 

7 John Corlies White died July 15, 1872; made his will, as of Ocean township, 

Dec. 6, 1870. 

1851, Dec. 16. Charles \Vhite, aged 42 years, buried. 

Records of Christ Church, Shreivsbnry. 

1807, Apr. 8. Richard Suydam and Lydia, his wife, convey a lot, at Middletown 
Point, to Cornelius White, which Cornelius White and Sarah, his wife, sell, Mch. 19, 
1816, to William Gordon and Hendrick Smock. 

1832. January Term of Monmouth Co. Orphans Court. Joseph L. White made the 
Guardian of Cyrus Jones White, under the age of fourteen years, son ot Charles W hite, 
late of Monmouth Co.; Mary White being surety. 

Denise Hendrickson and Susan E., his wife, Cornelius Hendrickson and Sarah, his 
wife; William ^'an Schoick and Betsey Ann, (she signed "Eliza Ann"), his wife; Daniel 
Hendrickson and Phebe, his wife; Daniel B. White and Eleanor, his wife; Joseph Buck- 
son and Sarah, his wife, (she was the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Hendrickson); and 
Lewis Smith and Maria, his wife, devisees and reversionists under the will of Gairet 
Hendrickson, deceased, all of the County of Monmouth, convey land to John Hendrick- 
son (whose wife was Eliza), Mch. 16, 1838. 

DAVID K. WHITE born Feb. 3, 1819; died Mch. 25, 1879; buried in West Long 
Branch Cemetery; married, Dec. 21, 1843, Catherine Ami Conk, and had 


2 James H. White born 1846; married Nellie , born 1844; and had 

Charles N. White born 1S6S 
David K. White born 1874 

362 H ISTORI CAL :\ 1 f SCELl .AXY 

Catharine A. White; born 1876 
Etua M. White born May, 1880 

3 John B. Wlutc born 1846; married, Oct. 8, 1870, Susanna, daughter of 

Malachi Eckley; and had 
Harry White born 1872 
Bertha White born 1877 
EHzabeth White born 1878 

4 Ellsworth White died young 

5 Sarah White died young 

6 Susie V\"hite died young 

7 Wilhe White died young 

1708, 2mo., 12. Derity White is a witness at the marriage of Amos White, 7, to 
Hannah Mills. 

1869, Oct. 16. Elizabeth White, age 20, married Nicholas Cottrell, age 22. 

Recortis 0/ St. Peter s Church, Freehold, X. J. 

1 FRANCIS WHITE, of Red Bank, N. J., married Elizabeth ; and had 

1 Howard White born 1S70; died Nov. i, 1904; married, Mch. 21, 1893, 
Sadie, daughter of Gilbert White, and had 
Courtlandt White born 1896 
Marion White born 1S98 
Maynard White born 1900 

3 Clarence WJiite born 1862 

4 Gertrude White born 1S59; married, as his second wife, James Bray, born 

June 20, 1824; died June 21, 1906. 

5 Alice White born 1866 

6 Evelyn White 

7 Madie White 

GEORGE W. WHITE, of Little Silver, born 1837; inarried Lydia, daughter of 
Bartine and Sarah L. Twiford, born 1837; tl'^d May 16, 1906; and had 

Ira E. White born 1867 
Lilhe F. White born 1870 

HENRY \\TiITE, of Matawan, N. J., born 1825; married, Oct. 12, 1845, ^I^''>' 
J. Stilhvell, born 1826; and had 

Cliarles M. White born 1847 
1865, Jan. 9. William A. Foster appointed Guardian of Mary H. White, over 
fourteen vcars o' age, dauehter cf Hcr.ry \Vhite. 

whitp: of nev; jeusf-Y 363 

1827, Apr. 3. CajHain Hugh \MiiLe buric-J in ]'rcsbyreria!i Ch.urchyard. 

Records of C/nist Churchy Sliren'sbm-y. 

1714, Sep. 14. Jeremiah White is left a legacy in the will ctf John Bowne, of Mnt- 

1 JESSE \\'HITE, born, at Logantown, X. J., 1808; died 1852; married Rebecca, 
daughter of Catharine Morris, born 1803; died Dec. 25, 1894; and had eight children. 

2 Isaac B. White born 1836; married, first, ; second, ; 

third, Aug. 2c, 1872, Cornelia A. Pett>-; fourth, Sep. 3, 1878, Mary, 
daughter of James and Ann (Gallagher) Cannon, born 184S. 

3 Anthony Pintard White born 1835; married Sarah Tuckey, born 1842; 

and had 

Josephine White born 1859; married, Sep. 14, 1878, Charles Peddi- 

cord, born 1856. 
Clara White born 1867 
William H. White born 1870 
Edward White born 1872 

4 Garret H. ^Vhite born Feb. 28, 1837; married, May 6, 1858, Elizabeth West, 

born 1833; ^"<^ had 
Garret H. White 
Ann Amelia White 
Anna Rebecca White 

John H. White born Feb. 5, 1865; married Jennie Jorolomon. 
Dora F. White born Oct. 29, 1867; married Hugh Thomas. 
Rosella White born June 6, 1868; married Augustus J. Wilson. 
Tucker W. White born 1870 
George S. White born Sep. 17, 1871 
Lizzie White born Sep. 22, 1874 
Alonzo White born 1878 

5 Jesse White 

6 Catharine White married Theodore Davis 

7 Martha White married Lewis Morris 

8 Mary Ann White married ^^'illiam Werts 

1685, Dec. 7. John White is a witness to the will of Thomas Rudyard, of Xew 
York, and proved the same in East Jersey, Feb. 20, 1692. 

1689, Mch. 26. John Johnston to be paid £5. 8sh. "for the dyett of John White, six 
months two weeks, he being sick and ill ot an ulcer." 

Freehold Deeds, Book B, page 69. 

1692/3, Feb. 20. John White acts as attorney for Thomas Lambert, when letters 
of administration on the estate of John Hooten, iormerly granted, were confirmed. 

1707, May 6. John and Elizabeth White are among the witnesses to the will ot 
Andrew Bov/nc, of Middleto'A n. 


1718/9, Jan. 30. John \Miite is one ci the v.'itnesscs to the will of James Hubhai\l, 
of Middletown. 

1722, May 21. John \Vhite and Sarah, liis wife, as heirs of Thomas Ler^narJ., con- 
vey land on east side ot Mine Brook to John Throckmorton and Samuel Dennis, jr. 
And in the following deed they quit claim to the same parties land adjoining the ahr)\-e 
which had been bought by Hester Leonard, the mother of the said Sarah White, atvi 
widow of the said Thomas. 

A paper to which was attached the splendidly written signature of John White 
showed an agreement entered into by John White, of Shrewsbury, in the County of 
Monmouth, Singleman, and William Jackson, of said place. Yeoman, to keep up a lOivi- 
sion fence between the fifteen acre lot bought on the date of this agreement, and the 
land adjoining where William Jackson then dwelt. Dated this Twenty forth Day of 
March, one Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty 1760. And witnessed by Jacob 
Parker and Natlia' Parker. 

The following is a copy of a paper found in the office of the late James Steen, Esq., 
of Eatontown, N. J. 

"Whereas Mary Wliite, wife of John White, of Frederick Town in Virginia, was found wandering in 
this County of Monmouth with three chikiren, vb..: Peter aged 6 years, Abigail aged 3 years & Leuisa 
aged 9 months, and all destitute of support 6c Likely to be Chargeable to Some town in this County and on 
Consultation of the Overseers of the poor of the town of Shrewsbury in said County to us whose 
are hereunto set and seals arnxed Being two of the Justices of the peace in and for said county of Mon- 
mouth one of us Being of the Quorum and Haveing Examined the said Marv ^^ hite on oath Do find that 
the Last place of Legal settlement ot her the said Mary and the said three children with the said John 
^Vhite the husband to and father of said Mary \^ hite and of said three children in Frederick town In 
\'irginia about two miles & a halt from Packing on Potomac I^iver. Therefore on Due Considera- 
tion had ct the premises we L^o adjudge the said brederick town in X'irginia to Be the place of Last Legal 
Settlement of her the said Mary \N hite and her three children viz. Peter \\ hite, Abigail White and Leuas.i 
White we Do therefore Command ar.d Require you forthwith to take Ller the Said Mary NN hite and her 
/d three children and them convey to the constable of the next town In the Nearest and ^'Iost Direct NN'ay 
to Said Frederick town in A'irginia and So to Be convey from Constable to Constable the nearest and 
Direct Way untill they arive at /d. Frederick town In ^'irginia there to Be Delivered to the Said John 
White and to Remain with him or if the Said John ^^ hite is not there to be found then to Be Delivered 
to the Church \N arden or 0\'erseer of the poor of Said trederick town Requireing you the said overseers 
and Church Warden to provide for them as Inhabitants of your Parish town or Precinct Given under 
our Hands 6c Seal this 4th of March 176S" 

(Not signed.) 
"New Jersey 1 . 
Monmouth / -' 

To the Constable of the County of Monm.outh and to the Constables and other Officers whom it 
may concern to Receive and Convey and to the Church U'ardens and Overseers of the poor of frederick 
town in Virginia or to Either ot them to Receive and Obey." 

1796, Apr. 18. John White, yeoman, of Shrewsbury, purchases of Thomas BorJen 
and Hannah, his wife, five acres and ten square rods of land, on Rumson Xeck, which 
John \N'hite and Mary, his wife, convey, Nov. 17, 1802, to Joseph Wainright. March 
5, 1804, Joseph Wainright and Hannah, his wife, deed two and one-half acres of this 
same tract to John White, and this is eventually sold by Joseph White, administrator 
of John ^^hite, to Martin Chandler. 

i8of). January Term, Monmouth Co. Orphans Court. Joseph \Miite as administra- 
tor of the estate of John White, deceased, applies for permission to sell real estate. 

1/99^ M:i\' 4, Vs'illiuir, J. Croxon con\'eys four tracts of land to John 'VVhite, one o! 

WllU'E OF NF.W jRRSKY ^f-^s 

uhich adjoineil liiiul ot "John \Muto, cariK^nlcr," (41), and when John White sells one 
of these four tracts to ALMahaiu Lane, Dec. 29, iSoi, he calls hiniselt" "lilacksmirh." 

1S06, Jan. 24. John \Miite, Jr., "blacksmith," con\-eys ten acres of land to Daniel 
Slocuni, and in the lollowing June, two tracts ot land to James Joline, all of which he 
had bought of Andrew Bell. 

1 JOHN \M]ITE, of Shrewsbury, married Nancy ; and had 


2 Catharine White married Mr. Sickles 

3 Frances ^^"hite born Dec. 4, 18 16 

4 Margaret Hart ^^'hite born Dec. 8, 18 18; died May 6, 1907; married John 

iiiiy.iiLL ijiiii 11 line uuiii j-^iri^. o, 1010, liiCLi i>i<i_> LI, ly^jy, Jiiciiiicu JUllll 

Applegate; and had issue five daughters who respectively married Theo- 
dore Arrance, William Aumack, Elisha ^^'ilson, Asher Stanhope, and 
Albert S. Phillips. 

5 John Henry Hobart White, of Dupont, Ohio, born Dec. 8, 18 18. 

6 Albert Wiiite, of Port Monmouth, N. J., born Dec. 8, 1S18; married , 

Lewis Wjiite born 1856 
Harry White born 1859 

1 JOHN WHITE, of Shrewsbury, married, by license dated June 2^, I739> 
Robert Ireland being Surety, Mary, widow of Thomas Toilet, and daughter of John and 
Mary (Bills) Scott, born Aug. 30, 1712. 

1790, Apr. 20. Job ^Vhite appointed administrator of the estate of John WJiitc, 
late of Shrewsbury. 

1796, Mch. 18. Job White, legatee and administrator of John White; Garret Coven- 
hoven and Hannah, his wite, oi Bethlehem, LIunterdon Co., N. J.; Sarah Gasper, 
widow, ot Somerset Co.; and Samuel Scott and Catharine, his wife, of Somerset Co., 
children and legatees ot John White, deceased, convey land to Aaron White, "carpen- 
ter," of New York. 

1802, Sep. 4. Cornelius Tyson, "merchant," of New York, and Deborah White, 
administrators ot Aaron \^'hite, deceased, convc}' land, at Shrewsbury, N. J., adjoining 
John Scott's land, late Samuel Scott's, at Newman Springs, which was deeded to the 
said Aaron White Mch. 18, 1796. 


2 Job White 

3 Hannah White married Garret Covenhoven 

4 Sarah White married, Dec. 29, 1771, Francis Gasper. 

5 Catharine White married, by license dated Apr. 28, 1778, Samuel, son o( 

John and Ruth (Stockton) Scott; his will, dated Jan. 30, 1817, pro^'ed 
Apr. 16, 1822, mentioned his son, as Jesse Scott; died 1833. 

6 Aaron \\'hite married by license dated Oct. 2, 1780, Deborah TraiTord. It 

is this Ai.aron White who was a prisoner together with Philip \Miite, 39, 
when he was killed tr)-:ng to escape, Mch. 30, 1782. By some persons 


it was said lliat he was a broi'icr of the said l''Iiilip \Miite, but such wa.s 
not the case. 

James Talhiian, in his will dated Feb. 24, 1827, and proved Apr. 2;, 1S27, leaves 
legacies to his niece Lydia, the wife ot Jolm \M'iite and daughter of Joseph and Mercv 
(Allen) Talhnan, and also to one Elizabeth ^^'hite, the daughter of George and Meribah 
White. (See George \Miite, 20). 

John L. White,* of Farmingdale, N. J., born July, 1802; died Sep. 6, 1872; married, 
first, ; second, Sarah , born June, 1802; died Oct. 31, 1871; and had 

Issue, by first wlie 
1 Rebecca White married Court Patterson, and had 
Louise Patterson 
Issue, by second wife 

3 LViah White, ot Asbury Park, born 1839; died July 11, 1902; married, Mch. 

29, 1868, first, Annie R., daughter of Hugh Hurley, born 1840; died 1898; 

second, 1900, her sister Mrs. Catharine A. ^Larshall, and had 
H, Burtis \Miite born 1869 
Eddie White died Feb. 24, 1873, aged 2-4-27. 
Hattie White born 1872; married Mr. Conover. 
John L. White born 1875 
Laura White died Mch. 20, 1879, aged 1-8-24. 

4 Jonathan V\'hite, of Spring Lake, born 1839; died Feb. 28, 1908. 

5 Mercy White married, Oct. 25, 1859, Charles Wagner. 

6 Caroline White married Davicl Clayton 

1832, Mch. 31. Monmouth Co. Orphans Court issued letters of administration on 
the estate of Joseph White, deceased, to James T. White and John P. Lewis. 

1 JOSEPH WHITE born Dec. 28, 1804; died Mch. 9, 1874; married, Feb. 4, 
1834, Mary Ann ^Latthews, born Jan. 6, 1814; died Feb. 23, 1887. Both buried at 
Blue Ball, Adelphia, N. J. 

1 Gilbert H. White born Dec. 24, 1833; married, first, Margaret L., daughter 
of Joseph and Nancy (Lafetra) Smith, born July 26, 1S34: died Mch. 17, 
1864; second, Sep. i, 1867, Mrs. Alice Smock, daughter of Longstreet aiid 
Sarah (V'an Note) Harvey, born 1840, and had 

Theodore \\'hite, an adopted child, born 1853; married Ida Fleet. 

Issue, by second wife 
Maggie L. \Nhite born 1868; married C. Fred Burke, and had 

Maggie Burke 

'Freehold records c'lvc tne marr'KiL'e ot u John S. or John L. V.'hitc to Sarah Warner, Feb. !, I?j.i 


Sadie \Miilc horn Feb. 21, li^yi; married, Mch. 21, 1893, Howard, 

;;or. of iMancis \Vhitc, born 1S70; died Nov. I, 1904. 
Elizabeth White born 1873 
Charles H. \Miite born 1876; married Emma Dorsett, and had 


Helen White 

Milliard White 
Isadora White married, May 9, 1900, John Perrine Lloyd. 
Alice \Miitc born 1879 

3 Eleanor White married George Brown 

4 Katie White married, as his first wife, Louis Despreaux, born 1836; died 

Dec. 10, 1S99, and had 

Frank Despreaux, of Navesink. 
Daughter Despreaux married Garret Van Kirk 

5 Stephen S. White born 1835; married Sarah E. Megill, born 1838, and had 

Matilda White born Mch. 16, 1862; died Oct. 16, 1894. 
John S. White born 1870 

Chattie i\L White born Feb. 22, 1872; died Oct. 13, 1894. 
Willie Vs'hite born 1874 

6 Joseph L. White born 1842; married, Sep. 9, 1875, Lydia, daughter of Corlics 

and Deborah H. (White) Tilton, born Sep. 9, 1843; ^'^^'^^ Dec. 2i, 1S99, 
and had 

James Howard White born Dec. 6, 1876; married, Sep. 26, 1900, 

Fannie Roberts, born July 26, 1876. 
George F^dmund White born May 20, 1879; married, Dec. 18, 19CI, 
Lillian Bennett. 

7 Lewis White born 1844; married, first, June 16, 1869, Catharine Jane New- 

man, born 1846; second, Katie Beers, and had 

Issue, by first wife 
Charles White born 1870 
Edward White born 1875 

8 Mary White, of Manasquan, married Willis Thompson. 

9 Fann)' White died unmarried 

10 Thomas White married, first, Apr. 25, 1869, Sarah Ann Morton; second, 
Jan. 29, 1882, Emma Burdge. 

1799, Apr. 17. Bond given by Jacob White, as administrator of the estate of Joseph 
White, deceased, of Monmouth Co. Thomas White and Timothy Corlies his fellow 
bondsmen. Witnesses: James Lloyd and Caleb Lloyd. 

1799, 5mo., 2. liiventory of his estate amounted to £241 : i2sh: 5. Appraisal being 
made by Timothy Corlies and Joseph Parker. 

Josiah ^^'hitc gave his note of hand to Peter ^'oo,•heCi. and Jacob ^'andcrveer fur 


five povincls and eight sliiHings, current money of New York, June ist, 1765. Witnessed 
by jolin Brewer; and endorsed on the back: — Note ot hand from J^siah White. 
£5: 8: 

13: 10 interest to April y^ 1" 1767 

£ 6 : 1 : I o. 

1817, Feb. 15. Monmouth Co. Orphans Court issued letters of administration to 
Hannah White on the estate of Lewis ^Vhite. 

LEWIS WmiTE born iS:S; died Nov. 7, 1901; married L)-dia, daughter of Jacob 
and Sarah Nivison, born May 13, 18 19; died Feb. 16, 1901, and had 


Charles H. White, ^L D., born 1845; married 

Larue Nivison White born 1842; died .Sep. 11, 1890. 
Mary-Frances White died young 

LEWIS SLOCUM W^ITE, of Long Branch, born 1859; married, Aug. 14, 1879, 
Mar)' Catharine Montaine, born 1863, and had 

Lewis Slocum White born May 17, 1880 
Lucy Elizabeth ^^'hite born Feb. 21, 1883 

1722, June the i6th. Luke White had his ear mark recorded, the same as was 
recorded to James Fraust, May 20, 1791. 

1730, Jan. 4. Luke White, signing his name as Lucas White, and Samuel Dennis, 
both of Shrewsbury, gave bond before John Morris, Surrogate of Monmouth Co., ror 
Samuel Dennis to administer on the estate of James Mollegan, laborer, of Shrev/sbury, 

1790, Sep. 30. Thomas Morford was granted letters of administration on the estate 
of Lydia White, deceased, intestate, of Monmouth Co. 

1837, Sep. 26. Will of "Lydia White, Single woman, of Shrewsbury," 
proved Mch. 31, 1838, gives S30. to friend, Taber Chadwick, all the rest to friend, Robert H. Hart, 
except her wearing apparel which is to be given to Eliza NNhite, the wife of Uilliam \Vhite, as a reward 
for attention in my sickness. And names Robert H. Hart and Taber Chadwick, as her executors, only 
the former of whom qualifies. Witnesses: Henry White, Mehitable T. Parker, Hannah Parker. Testator 
signs by her mark. 

1830, July 28. Hannah Lippincott, in her will of this date, mentions a Lydia White, 
single, as her sister. 

1714, 8mo., 7. Manche White is a witness at the marriage of Thomas Lippincott 
to Elizabeth White, 28, at Friends' Meeting House, Shrewsbury. 

MAITHEW WHITE, of Oceanic, N. J., boin 1830; married Sybilla L , 

born 1818; died May 25, 18S8, and had 


Matthew \\'hiie born 1S58 
Sybilla White liorn 1859 

Some have said that the three following were children and descendants of Michael 
White (17). 

1 Joseph White 

2 Alice White married Mr. Ely and had 

(Daughter) Ely married Mr. Butler 
Alice Ely married Mr. Ward 

3 Martin White born 1761, died June, 1839; married Nancy Marshall, born 1762; 
died November, 1S48, and had 


4 Michael White died in young manhood 

5 Alice White born 1801; died 1894; married William H. De Groot, and had 

Theodore R. B. De Groot married Emma Polhemus 
Eujihcmia De Groot married Alpheus Freeman 

6 Randolph \Miite died 1872; married Ann Collins, and had 

Michael White 
Randolph White 
George White 
Le Grand White 
Alexander White 
Robert White 

7 Margaret White died 1849; married Joshua Underbill, and had 

Joshua Underbill died 1848 
Alpheus Underbill 
Ann Eliza Underbill 
David Underbill 

8 Huldah White died 1864/5; married, Sep. 24, 1808, John W. Brower, and had 

Theodore Brower died about 1 S3 1/2 

9 Experience White died 1869; married John McLean, and had 

John McLean 

10 WILLLAM HENRY WHEFE, son of ALirtin White, 3, born Aug. i, 1804; 
died Dec. 2, 1882; married Mary, and had 

II Henry White, of Lakewood, N. J., born Jan. 7, 1830; married, first, Rebecca 
Williams; second, Annie Gilrnan, and had 


Issue, l-.y -first wife 
Mary R. Wliite born I'ch. lo, 1853 
Henry C. \\'hite born Sep. 12, 1855 
Randolph \\hire born Vch. 2.\, 1867 
James Edwin Wliite born Aug. 20, 1868 

Issue, bv second wife 
Arthur G. White born Aug. 7, 1S80; died May 25, 1888. 

12 Ellen White born Oct. 9, 1831; died Apr. 12, 1846. 

13 Elizabeth G. White born Nov. 11, 1833; died Apr. 15, 1858. 

14 Randolph D. White, of Peekskill, X. Y., born Apr. 3, 1836; died Sep. 2, 188:; 

married Frances M. George, and had 

Harry Ward White died June 14, 1905, in his 31st year. 

15 Mary White born June 26, 1S38; married, first, James Packer; second, 

Peter Haines. 

16 Alice White born Nov. 20, 1840; died Sep. 18, 1868; married Lewis Baker. 

17 James B. White born Apr. 18, 1844; died Feb. i, 1868. 

18 Ellen White born Sep. 6, 1846; died Feb. 2, 1872. 

19 Eugene White born Sep. 6, 1848; married Julia Watkins. 

20 Fannie ^^'hite born Sep. 6, 1850; died Oct. 8, 1865. 

The late James Steen, Esq., had in his possession the original marriage license, 
issued May 2, 1768, for Peter White and Patience ^'an Dyke. 

Henry Yan Gelder made administrator on the estate of Richard White, May 4, 1717. 

If it could be established that Robert White, 10, son of Robert White, 2, son of 
Robert White (i), of the will dated Feb. 2, 1696/7, had a son Robert, which I am dis- 
posed to infer, but have not yet been able to prove, he would conform to the Robert 
White, who was the father ot the children mentioned in the annexed affidavit, on record 
at Freehold, in Book "i?." 0/ Deeds, page 97. 

Dated June 14, 1806, it reads as follows: — 

Certificate of James Hankinson, Kenneth Hankinson, and Joseph Thompson, con- 
cerning the family of Robert White, deceased. 

Whereas information has been received of the decease of James White, formerly of New Jersey but 
late of North CaroHna, that said James White devised his estate to William McMurrav, of New Jersey, 
and to his heirs on the body of Eli7abeth \\ hite, sister to the said James W hite and wife"^ to said \Villiarn 
McMurrav, and whereas both William and Elizabeth Mc?\lurray died leaving no issue, we the sub- 
scribers of the township of Lower Freehold, who are some of the oldest settlers of said place now Tn ing, 
have been applied to by Robert White, a brother of said James, for a certificate relative to his father's 
family with whom we were acquainted, do hereby certify that said Robert is eldest son of Robert White, 
deceased, who had several children, to wit, Robert, John, Bryant, NVilliam, Ja.mes, Elizabeth and Catha- 
rine White, and that we believe the said Robert W hite to be at this time the only survivor of the said 
family, also that he is the sole heir at law to the estate of aforesaid brother James White. 

A family that has been called at times the "Lakewood" Whites is descended from 
one Robert W'hite, \sho had 

*I755, .\ug. 18. M:;rri->'jc license. VwllMni NkMurra, and EHz.iLijcIl White; bi,tli o.'' Moninojtli. 


Issue, by first wife 
1 William White 

3 John White 

4 Thomas ^^ hite 

5 James R. \Miite married 

Issue, by second wife 

6 Samuel White 

5 JAMES R. WHITE, in his will dated Feb. 24, 1843, and proved Dec. 20, 1S45, 
calls his wife Sarah, sa>s some of his sons are not yet of age; mentions his sons-in-law as 
James D. White, Barnet Hagerman, Barzillai Grover, and Robert Wilbur; names his 
twelve children in this order; states that the minor children are to have a home with their 
mother, and appoints Joseph Lawrence as his executor. 


7 Thomas J. White married Eliza Ann Grover, and had 

Stewart White died unmarried 
George White died unmarried 
Charles White married 
James White married 

Reuben White married 

Elizabeth White 
Charity White 

8 Amy White 

9 Jane White married, Mch. 20, 1833, Barnet Hagerman. 

10 Sophia B. White married, Nov. 14, 1835, Barzillai Grover. 

11 Wesley B. White married, Feb. 22, 1844, Sarah Luker, and had 


James White married Estelle 

John White married Lane 

Abraham White 
Alexander White 
Davis White 
Alice White 
Mary E. White 
Kate White 
Kexiah White 

12 Hannah Ann White married Sep. 4, 1839, Robert Wilbur. 

13 James J. White married Adaline, daughter of Joseph Mount, and had 

Sallie White married John McClaskcy 
Maggie White married J. Nash Horner 
Maria White 

Georgianna White married Edward Tilton 
Sophia White died unmarried 
Joseph R. White married, Oct. 24, 1875, Elizabeth Thompson. 


John White died unmarried 

Wilham H. White married, Feb. 12, 1878, Mary P^la, daughter of 

WilHam Smith. 
Jackson White died unmarried 
Frank \Miite died unmarried 
Waller White 
James White 

14 Sarah White 

15 John F. White married twice 

16 Joseph R. White married Casoille, and had 

William Osborn White 
Arthur White 
Augusta White 

17 Ellen S. White 

18 Matthias S. White, youngest son, married Maria Hopkins, and had 

Emma White 
Hattie White 

1 ROBERT WHITE married Haiuiah Blew, and had 

1 Margaret White born Aug. 12, 1809; died Mch. 7, 1884; married, first, July 
7, 1825, Lewis Jeffrey; second, John Conk, and had 
Issue, by first husband 
William W. Jeffrey born Jan. 29, 1830; married, October, 1S52, 
Jane, daughter of Jediah, 56, and Sarah (Youmians) V,'hite, born 
Feb. II, 1 83 1; died Oct. i, 1898 

3 Betsey White married Mr. Fleming 

4 Billy (William) White _ 

5 Samuel T. White married Rebecca Tallman 

5 SAMUEL T.WLIITE, of Ocean township, born Sep. 29, 18 18; died Mch. 4, i5?84; 
married Rebecca, daughter of Ellis and Mary (White) Tallman, born Sep. 6, 1822; died 
Feb. 22, 18S9. 


6 Bloomfield White born 1851; married, first, Sep. 19, 1875, Mary Jane Gard- 

ner, born 1853; second, Lizzie King, and had 
Issue, by first wife 
Harry White born 1877 

7 Isaac B. White, of Oakhurst, N. J., married 

8 Rachel White married John Brown 

9 Hannah White married J. Hawley, son of Peter and Emeline (Bennett) 

Fary, and had 

Phcbe Fary 
Emeline I'ai v 

WJU'IK OF N1-:\V jI'.RSF.Y 373 

10 Samuel T, White born Xov. 17, i!:^57; Uiod Dec. zS, 1884; married Hannah, 

daughter of Lem Adams, and had 

Edgar L. White married, Oct. 2, 1904, Neva, daughter of W. P). 

11 Margaret A. White born 1862; married Mr. McKane. 

12 Ozella White born 1866; married Joseph S. Mount. 

ROBERT WHITE, of Devonsliire, England, born 1809; died Sep. 19, 1891 ; mar- 
ried Mary Coles, born h'eb. 18, 1820; died May 4, 1903. They lived at Red Bank, N. J., 
and are buried in Christ Churchyard, Shrewsbury, together with some other members 
of their family. Much of the following was obtained trom the petition for administra- 
tion on the estate of Mary White, on record at Freehold. 

George White born 1838; died Oct. 8, 1857; unmarried. 
W'iliiam H. White born Sep. 9, 1851; died Oct. 16, 1857. 
Lucy A. ^^'hite born Mch. 16, 1854; died Oct. 31, 1857. 
Mary Hannah White married Jefferson Hillyer, and had 

Mary Jane Hillver born Tulv 2"', 1864; died Julv 17, 1S65. 
Robert W. Hillver of Brookl'vn,' N. Y. 
John H. Hillyer 

Emma Hillyer, of Caldwell, N. J.; married Mr. Burtis. 
Harriet Jane White, of Red Bank, X. J.; married Jacob Antonides. 
John Robert White, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; married Catharine \N'ay. 
Ann Eliza White, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; married George Jewell. 
Sarah E. Whiter married, first, George McQueen; second, Thomas Swannell, 
and had 

Issue, by first husband 
Charles L. McQueen | 

George McQueen ot Colts Xeck, N. J. 

John H. McQueen j 

Issue, by second husband 
Emma S'jsaiinal married Mr. Meyer 
Henrietta White married William \'an Xame; he married, second, Louisa 

Issue, by his first wife 

Grace B. \'an Xame married iSLirtin , of Lakewood, X. J. 

Florence L. \'an Xame married 

Jennie ^'an Xame 

There was also another grandchild, Henrietta, born 1862, but I have been unable 
to learn who were her parents; she married Joseph \'an Xame. 

One Robert V>'hite, who perhaps may have been he who married FLannah Blew, 
had a dauchter 


^L1^y ^^'hilc, manicd Robert, son of John anJ Sarah (Wolcott) Rcr.nctt, 
and had 

Joseph Bennett married Jane West 
Robert Bennett* married, June 31, 1847, Sahna White. 
Isaac Bennett 

Jacob Bennett* married Catliarinc King 
Elizabeth Bennett* married Charles Emery 

Caroline Bennett married, first, Mr. West; second, Daniel Wright, 
and had 

Issue, by first husband 
Ella West an only child; married John Gibbs. 
Mary Bennett* married William Covert 
Peter H. Bennett 
William H(_arrison?)* Bennett married Havens 

Robert White, of Middletown, made his will May 29, 1S56, leaving to his wife the 
use of his whole estate, and after her death it was to belong to James Patterson, "my 
best friend, be binding himselt to support me and my wife as long as we shall live." 
The executor to make a good fence around my graveyard. He appoiiited James Pat- 
terson as his executor; James Gordon, James G. Taylor and James LL Patterson, Jr., 
were the witnesses; Robert White signed it by his mark, and it was proved June 20, 1856. 

Chesterfield Meeting Records give the birth of a Robert White as 2mo., 2, 1745. 

1769, Oct. 28. Thomas Borden made administrator on the estate of Robert White, 
of Monmouth Co. 

1802, Aug. 25. Inventory of the estate of Isaac Van Dyke, taken by Abrahani ^'an 
Dyke and Robert White, executors of said deceased, Elihu Chadwick and William 
Brinley being the appraisers. 

An exemplified copy of the will of Robert J. White, of Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., 
Conn., was made Nov. 12, 1879; proved Apr. 10, 1885, and recorded in Monmouth Co., 
N. J., leaving all his property to his wife, Ellen W. White, who qualified as his executrix. 

1794, Nov. 21. Samuel White is called the last surviving executor of Daniel Wain- 
right in a deed gi\'en by the Sheriff to Benjamin Brewer in execution ol a judgment 
against the estate of the said Daniel Wainright. 

1802, Sep. 16. Samuel White buys fifty acres of land of James Hankinson, situated 
on the north side of Toms River between White's bridge and south run, in the tow'ish'.p 
of Dover. And June 14, 1810, he sells it to the Sarah White who married Isaac Fielder. 

1697, 8mo., 28. Sarah White and Mary White are witnesses at the marriage ot 
Thomas Hooten to ^Llry Lippincoti, in the Friends' Meeting House, at Shrev.-sbury. 

*MfrntinMpd ns hiirs of Willi;im I'. Whiie, in I081. 

vvnrn- of new jersey 375 

.And also at the marriage of Joseph Parker to l^lizabeth Lippincoct, at the house of 
Rcinembranee Lippineott, ;mo., 7, 1699. 

1699, 9n;o., 2J,. Sarah White is a witness to the marriage of George Corhes to 
Dohorah Ilance, at Friends' Meeting House, in Shrewsbury. 

1701, 8mo., 17. Sarali White, probably, 12, the daughter ot Peter and Mary 
(Worthley) White, and sister to the bride, signs as a witness to the marriage of Joseph 
Lippineott to Ehzabeth White. 

SARAH WHEFE married, June 14, 1810, or Mch. 13, 1812, Isaac Fielder, and had 

W'illiam Fielder 

James F. Fielder married Charlotte 

Robert D. Fielder 

George W. Fielder 

Sarah Ann Fielder 

John Wesley Fielder 

Emeline Fielder married Jonathan E. Hutchinson 

THOMAS WHITE married Hannah, daughter of .■bnwjniiah or Amoriah and 
Sarah Morris; she married, second, Taylor Haggerty, born Mch. 26, 17SS; died Feb. 7, 
1872. They had 

Henry White born Mch. 25, 1804 
Elizabeth White born Apr. 3, 1806 
Jonathan White 

George Haggerty White* born Oct. 27, 181 1; died May 12, 1890; Court 
Crier at Freehold for many years; married , and had 


W'illiam White died about 1892; married Catharine and had 

Mary E. White boin 1867; died Aug. 14, 1902; married 
1885, John E. Murray. 

THOMAS UTIITE married Elizabeth C. Smith, and had 

James S. White of Freehold, N. J., born Mch. 29, 1858; married, Apr. 15, 

1896, Nettie R., daughter of George Dickenson. 
Nellie R. White born 1864; married George A. Chambers. 
Maggie White born 1866 

THOMAS WHITE, of l-reehold, born 1843; married Winnifred , born 1844; 

died Dec. i, 1907, and had 

•1829, Oct. :?. Jarrett H.i_-t;:.-ty .ifpointcvi GiiprJ.';.n of George, ;rn of Thomns Whire, over fovirtccn yeirs of r-.g;. 


James ^^'hite born 1869 
John \\'hirc born 1875 
Thomas \\'hite born 1878 

Thomas White aiid Joanna Morris were the parents of Nancy and Thomas White, 
baptised at the Reformed Dutch Church, New York, May 2, 1784. 

URIAH WHITE, said to have been a brother to John L. White, and to the Joseph 
White, who married ^lary Ann Matthews; married, Mch. 5, 18 17, Nancy Oakerson, 
and had 

Ellen \\'hite married Garret A'^orhees 

Lewis White born 1817; married, Jan. 16, 1847, Elizabeth -Ann Conine, 
born 1823; and had 

Henry \Miite married Elma Edwards 
Ann S. White born 1854; married, Aug. 31, 1873, George W. Barka- 

low, born 1839; witnesses Henry E., and Amelia C. White. 
Amelia White married David Patterson 
Caleb White born 1861 ; married, first, Catharine Patterson; second, 

Apr. 4, 1883, Mrs. Julia Covert. 

1708, Nov. 30. William White is one of the witnesses to the will ot John Dev/ildy, 
of Monmouth Co. 

1709, June 8. William and Sarah White are witnesses to the will of Robert Holman, 
of Freehold. 

1714/15, Feb. 24. Sarah White made administratrix on the estate of her husband 
William White, of Freehold; William Parant and Jeremiah Bennett being her tellow 

1798, Aug. 20. James Reynolds conveyed sixty acres of land to William White, 
which he on the same day mortgaged to Elisha Boudinot, of whom Reynolds had bought 
it. April 9, 1802, William ^^hite, of Howell, and Rebecca, his wife, deed this same 
property to Aaron Forman Walker. 

1816, Oct. 16. Ebenezer Hart, Naphtalie Hart, John Hart, Joseph Knott and Cath- 
arine (Hart), his wife, and William White and Rebeca (Hart), his wife, brothers and 
sisters of Jacob Hart, give a deed to Margaret Hart, the widow ot the said Jacob Hart, 

1 815, Apr. 15. William White, of Freehold, purchased land a mile and a quarter 
south from Englishtown, on the south side ot the road from Englishtown to Black Mills 
in Manalapan township, which was conveyed by Charles Applegate and Sarah, his wite, 
and Alexander Laird and Henrietta, his wife, to Thomas \'an Ammon, Apr. 10, 1850. 
He had 

1 Sarah L. White married Cliarles Applegate 


3 Eleanor White married, Mcli. 28, 183S, Thomas ^'an Amnion, each of 

Lowt-r Freehold. 

4 Hannah White married, Feb. 25, 1846, Alexander Laird, at the residence 

of jNIr. Coulter, in Freehold. 

1838, Dec. 22. William White, of Shrewsbury, buried. Christ Church records. 

William White, of Eatontown, N. J., married Louisa Rowley, and had 

Edith May Wliite born Nov. 27, 1886 
Charles Edward White born Feb. 19, 18S8 
Maud Louisa White born Aug. 28, 1889 
Augustus White born Dec. i, 1890 
Alice White born 1875; married, June 8, 1S96, William Waller, born 1876. 

WILLLAM B. WHEFE, born May 19, 1856; died ^Liy 8, 1896; married Deborah 
E ; she afterwards married Harry Brooks. 

Abbitt B. White born 1877 

Sarah L. White born July 26, 1879; died Jan. 6, 1891. 
Jonathan B. White 

William H. White; married, Aug. 2, 1869, Eglantine Huntsinger. 

1840, Nov. 21. Letters of administration were granted to James A. Reid, on tlie 
estate of William AL White, in Monmouth Co., Orphans Court. 

The following heirs of one William P. White* are mentioned in a deed on record, 
at Freehold, in 1881. Some of the names lead me to suppose that he was the son of 
Robert and Hannah (Blew) White. 

Mary Covert; Amanda Taylor; Robert Bennett; Jacob White; Rachel Arrants; 
Harrison Bennett; Fanny Redmanf; Margaret Cook (Conkr); Elizabeth Emery; Sarah 
Gardner; Hannah \\an Note; Jacob Bennett. 


1742, Apr. 18. Edward White and Rebecca Pelton (Tilton?), spinster; both of 
Monmouth; Joseph ^^'illiams, surety. 

1748/9, F'eb. 25. Catharine White, of Middletown, and John Carman. 

1752, May 9. Elizabeth White, of Perth Amboy, and Nicholas Johnson, ot Middle- 
town . 

1752, Dec. I. Elizabeth \\'hite and Thonias Letson, of Monmouth; William Bills 
being surety. 

M William P. White; marrie.-l, J.-.n. l6, iZ^G, Jar.c D. Rcci. 

■jWillia.r. Rfuinaa; niarricJ, Ott. i-i, lt'4C, Fanny White; hotli of S!;r;v,^bury. 


1760, Jan. 2. Mclatiah White and Ahii;;nl Titus; each of Shrewshurv. ■;■ 

1760, June 3. Klizaberh White and Daniel Starns, of Slu-ewsburv. ' f 

1761, Aug. 17. Christian Wliite and Robert liilborn. ' ] 

_ 1761, Dec. 7. Josepli White and Ruth Woollev, each of Shrewsbury; SiLis Woollev '■ 

being surety. ' • | 

_ 1762, Mch. 6. Mercy Wliite and Uriah West, each of Shrewsbury; Tliomas Whif- ^ 

being surety. 

1762, Apr. 10.^ Josiah Wliiie, of Shrewsbury, and Nancy Early, of Middletown. 
1762, Sep. 4. Thomas White and Deborah Irons; each of Shrewsbury. 

„, . ^7^;^' ^^^y "• ^"^^elatiah White and Lydia Wheatin; each of Shrewsbury; Thomas > 

\\ainright being suret}-. ' I 

1765, Aug. 5. Amy White, of Shrewsbury, and William Tilton, of Freehold; Ephraini 
Buck being surety. i 

. 1765> Oct. 31. Mary White and John Fennimore; each of Shrewsbury; [ohn Hance, i 

being surety, and James Throckmorton, witness. ' ' j 

1766, Apr. 24. Abigail White and Miln Parker; each of Shrewsbury. 
1778, Apr. 28. Catharine White and Samuel Scott, of Monmouth. ' 


^797> Jan. 12. William White and Margaret Morton, under age, but in the presence 
of her parents. 

1797, Jan. 14. WilliamWhite and Sarah Letson, by Thomas Little, J. P. 

1797j J'11"'- 23. Ann White and Remembrance Lippiiicott, bv Samuel Breesc, T.P. 

1797, Mch. 9. Timothy White and Ruth Lane. 

1799, Oct. 24. Mary White and John P. Bassenett; Esek White and Amos White 
as witnesses. 

i8co, Aug. 23. Philip White and Betre Bennett. 

i8co, Dec. 24. Benjamin White, Jr., of N. J., and Eliza, daughter of Joseph Gray, 
of Philadelphia. 

1802, Feb. 21. Hannah White, of Howell, and Joseph Hayiland. 

1807, Feb. 15. John White, of Shrewsbury, and Elizabeth Tucker, of N. Y. 

1808, Feb. 10. William White and Mary Voorhees; each of Perth Amboy. 
1808, Sep. 2-. Huldah White and John Brower. 

18 12, Noy. 12. Zilpah White, of Howell, and Richard Lonsstreet. 
1815, Mch. II. Susan White and Miles Woolley. 
1815, Noy. II. Deborah White and John West;' each of Shrewsbury. 
1817, Apr. 21. Catharine White and Job Matthis. 

1817, Aug. 13. Catharine White and Benjamin Pearce. 

1818, Julyf. Abigail White and Cornelius Pool. 

1819, Sep. 9. Perselley White and James joline. 

1 821, Mch. 15. Meribah White and JesseHowland. 

1822, Feb. 2. Ussey White and Jonathan Taylor; each of Freehold. 

1822, Oct. 31. Mary White and Peter Bennett. 

1823, May 3. Hannah White and Brittain Tucker. 
1829, June 21. Mary M. White and Charles Parker. 
1829, Sep. 13. Cornelia White and John Vi. Andrews. 




830, Sep. 2:.. Joscpli L. \Miite and Mrs. Eydia Patrcrscni. 

831, Aug. 16. John White and Mary Golden. 

833, Jan. I. Margaret White and Eei\sard R. Stiles. 
833, May 28. Henry White and Lydia Harvey. 

833, Nov. 20. George ^^ hite antl Alargaret Coward. 

834, Jan. I. Abigail White and John Mariner; each of Howell. 
834, Jan. I. Hannah White and Henry Reynolds, at Howell, 
834, Feb. 1. John (S.?) White and Sarah Wai-ner. 

834, Nov. 30. Lucy White and William Cooper; each of Freehold. 
834, Dec. 17. Fanny White and Joseph Cook, at the house of John V. White. 
834 probably, the page on which it vv-as recorded having been torn out, this taken 
the index. Thomas C. White and Eliza Ann Grover. 

837, Mch. 4. William \Miite and Catharine Johnson. 

838, June 17. Mrs. Rebecca Ann White and Garret \'oorliees. 

839, Feb. 7. Elea White and Moses Patterson; each of Howell. 
839, Mch. 3. Lewis White and Lydia Niverson. 

839, Apr. 15. William White, of Rumson, and Elizabeth White, of Red Bank. 

839, June 16. Sarah White and James Smith; each of Shrewsbury. 

840, June 9. Margaret White and George Stanhope. 

840, Dec. 19. Nancy White and Cornelius (T. ?) Hankins. 

841, lune 27. Catharine Wliite, of Shrewsburv, and George Sickles, of Freehold. 

842, "Mch. 3. John White and Mrs. Mercy Ellis. 

843, May 16. Michael White and Elizabeth Brewer. 
843, July 27. Sarah White and John Moore. 

843, Nov. 21. Elizabeth White and Joel C. Pope. 
843, Dec. 21. David White and Catharine Ann Conk. 

845, Feb. 22. Francis White and Jane Flynn; each of Long Branch. - 

846, Sep. 3. John White and Caroline Mount. 

847, June 18. Joseph Llorton White, ot Carbondale, and Emily Nelson TaFiman, 

847, June 31. Salina White and Robert Bennett. 

847, Nov. 14. Elizabeth White and Samuel Harvey, at Poplar. 

From the index of an old account book, that gives evidence of having been used as 
early as 1730. 

Abraham White, page 138. Peter White, Jr., page 120. 

Avis White, page 77. Robert White, Saddler, page 134. 

Amos White, page 139. Robert \Miite, Joyner, page 6. 

Brittin White, page 20. Robert White, Cooper, pages 126 and 160. 

Cliarles \Miite, page 55. Standley White, page 1 12. 

Francis ^Vhite, page 102. Thomas White, Jr., page 25. 

Levi ^^'hite, page 207. Thomas \Miite, Mason, page 96. 

Mary White, page 231. Thomas Wliite, Deal, page 63. 

Peter White, Middlctown, page 54. Thc;nas White, Shoemaker, page 245. 

Peter White, Shrewsbury, page 94. 

3 So 


From the Shkewsblrv Tax-List, vok 1759. 

Amos White, F.sqr. 
Amos White, Rumson. 
Brittain ^^"hite 
Christian White 
Francis White 
George ^^"hite 
George \Miite 
John White, \\'eaver. 
Joseph 7/7/ //t\f 
Joel White 
Levi White & son. 
Michael \Miite 

jNIaletiah White 

Peter White 

Robert White, Cooper. 

Robert White, Metctecunk. 

Robert White, Jr. 

Samuel White 

Thomas White, Rumson. 

Thomas White, Shoemaker. 

Thomas White, Weaver. 

Thomas White, Deal. 

^'incent White 

F'rom "A List of the Poor Rate axd Dog Rate for the Years 1764 &: 1765. 

Amos White, Rumson. 
Amos White, Deal. 
Christian White 
Dinah White 
George White 
George White, Jr. 
John White, Rumson. 
John White, Weaver. 
John White, Shark River. 
Joseph White 
Joel White 

Levi White 
Michael White 
Robert White, Cooper. 
Robert White, Jr. R. 

Samuel White 
Thomas White, Rumson. 
Thomas White, Carpenter. 
Thomas White, Shark River. 
Thomas White, Deal. 
^'incent White 

The following record was written by Benjamin White, 98, about the year 1825, and 
was copied for Mrs. George Hance, in October, 1865, by Henry F. Spaulding, from which 
copy a transcription was taken, in August, 1899, and this is a copy of such transcription. 
Since it was taken both the original and the copy have disappeared, and, on inquiry 
being made for the transcription where it was supposed to be, that also was found to 
have followed suit and become invisible. 

Benjamin White lived in what is now the Presbyterian parsonage, in Shrewsbury, 
a large part of which he built, as is set forth in these papers. He was a Quaker, and was 
familiarly known as "Book Muslin Bennie." The record of births, marriages and deaths, 
subsequent to his own death, were added, it is believed, by Mr. Spaulding, trom his 
own memoranda. 

A Memorial axd Record of the Life of 


from His Childhood to Old Age, Writtex 

BY Himself. 

Shrewsbury, N. J. 

I have been tliinking for some time of lca\ing for my children, a short sketch of my life from e.irly 
youtli unii! the evcniivj ui my life. 'I'hat they may sec the great goodness of a kind providence and ho-.v 

WHITl'. 01' XF.W JERSEY 381 

God has preserved my life from many dangers nis:h unto death which the remembrance thereof has given 
nic izreat cause for thankfuhiess and gratitude to my preserver. 1 was born on the 4th dav of the I2th 
iiio. i/sf. My father George White son of 'I'lionias and Christian N\'hite, my Mother Anna daughter of 
John I.ippinco'tt she dying when ] was young, 1 liave but a slight remembrance of her. At lier death slie 
left in my father's care (7) seven children the youngest twins: \'iz., John, Sarah, Thomas, Robert, Benja- 
min, Joseph and NMlliam. The last two were about nine months old. My father had a great care on his 
hands to provide for this family of small children. He lived a widower the remainder of his life. .My 
dear fatiier met with a serious accitlcnt, \vhicl\ I think shortened his lite. He went up in the store house 
chamber for something and returning he fell from the top step in the stairs to the bottom across a half- 
bushel which hurt hiiii very much from which he never recovered. \\'hen he was dying he requested that 
all his children should be at his bedside, he gave us all good ativice taking one at a time by the hand, 
iicginning at the eldest and so on down to the youngest. I can remember soine of his words while hold 
of my hand — Beniamin, he said, farewell — be a good boy and do not run about on first da\s. ^^'e all 
then went out of tlie room weeping in tears for our dear father. My aunt intormed me since that he 
requested them not to weep for him for he was going to a place ot rest he said he saw the angels around 
him as white as snow and I believe he is now in the realms ot bliss I hope I may be prepared to meet him. 
We were now left without either father or mother our things were sold at ^'endue which last three days. 
I then went to li\e with my uncle John \^ hite, and went to school a short time atter which I worked on 
the farm for my uncle Thomas ^^'hite where I remained till I went to learn the tailors trade of Abel Middle- 
ton, Crosswicks. He also kept a store and made too tree use ot ardent spirits which made him neglect 
both trade and store. I had to come once a vear to see my friends in Shrewsbury. My time was inost of 
it spent in working on his farm and I had a small prospect ot learning my trade. Atter a while I went to 
work with Jacob Cook to obtain an insight ot the tailoiing business. Atter that 1 applied to Edward 
Weaver of Jacob Town, and bound myself by an Indenture until I was twenty one years of age. I 
remained with him untill he was taken sick with consumption which was some years — he went to live with 
his sister at Colestown, and I went at journey work with Thomas Bliss of Bordentown. I afterwards 
heard that my master was near the close ot lite, I went to him at Jacobstown, and found the_price he asked 
for my time. I took the money I had earned at Bordentown and ot a friend, gave my note tor the balance 
and paid my master for my time. I then returned went to work earned anough to pay off my note and 
then worked with Levi Budd at the new Miles until I had an offer to go to, Philadelphia where 1 remained 
for some time — until I was taken very sick and had to leave the city and returned to West Jersey, and 
boarded with my old mistress Polly iNIiddleton, where I remained for some time in very poor health — 
was reduced very low. My frieiids thought dropsy or consumption would be my end. I was recommended 
to drink cheese whey, which I did and made the Cheese curd my diet. In a short time thereafter through 
the kind providence of God my health returned. Atter which I returned to Philadelphia, and then went 
to New "i ork to see my brothers John and Robert. I also thought I would visit my relatives and friends 
in Shrewsbury. I came on a boat with Capt. Wardell and Slocum, in company with Peter Parker old 
Joseph Allen and Thomas Seebrook the wind north east and snowed a little the sea rolled heavily and 
one tirne we thought we shold all be lost, after much labor we passed safely into the River I ha\'e often 
admired the goodness of a kind Providence — our lives from a watery grave — the night was dark and there 
was ice in the river and with much labor we broke our way through the ice until we reached the shore. 
Soon after that I was gunning after ducks down the river in company with a boy a \-ery cold day cur boat 
drifted from us we were left on the sedges and came near perishing with cold. Atter my visit in Shrews- 
bury I returned to Philadelphia and worked at my trade till the sound of war. I then went to New 
York and worked Journey work with my brother Robert. We had a room and kept Batchelor's hall, 
our furniture was a bed, chest, ; cups and' 2 spoons, our pro\'isions we kept in the chest. Brother Robert 
was cook and I went to market we made ourseh'es as happy as we could we had to depend on our labor 
for our living and to save time he done the cooking nights, lie met with a misfortune spraint his ankle and 
had to lay up for some tim.e — how long we might have continued in this way is uncertain if the v.'ar had 
not progressed as I shall mention hereafter. As I lay in bed one night I heard the firing of large guns. I 
immediately arose and went into the city and found the people in great confusion, drums beat to Arms. 
The ship, Asia \'.a3 laying off in the ri\er firing upon the town. The people were removing the large guns 
from the Battery and I had iiold and helped mo'.e them nothing now but war preparations going on some 
moved out ot town, business was on a Decline, we soon broke up housekeeping and I took the stage tor 
Crosswicks boarded v.ith my old mistress and followed my trade. Being often fined for not doing military 
duty I left and came to Shrewsbury, and went to making sait by boiling seawater — did not answer — I 
returned to West Jersey continued my trade until the battle of Trenton when Gen. Washington with his 
army crossed the Delaware River, took the Hessians at the battle of Princeton, Gen. Putnam r^nd Mifflin's 


head-quarters was with my old mistress where I boarded and every one must do something cither go the 
British, to Jaile, or join the American Army. They were in want of forages for their horses and wanted 
some one well acquainted with the farmers, wh.ere the British had not been. I told Gen. Putnam, if he 
would give from under his iiand tliat the teams should not be prized, I would procure them plenty, whi(.!i 
lie did and I bought hay, corn, cheese, cvc. and sold it to the Army so when the .Armv moved to Princeton 
I was appoi.nted ^^'agon .Master, and remained with the .Army for some time, I drew Captain's pay had 
my horse saddled always reatiy tor an alarm or marching ortlers. Everey morning I had all the brigade 
of Wagons drove up, and sent some for wood, some tor hay, grain \"c. The carters must have my written 
order or they could not obtain either pro\-isions for themselves or feed for their horses. \^ hile in the 
army I tried to be useful both to the .Army and to the farmers in returning property unlawfully taken, 
being at Stoney Brook Samuel ^^orth informed me that his team had been prized and he never expected 
to see it again iiad been gone some time in the way for Morristown. I obtained the team and sent it to 
the owner. I also helped Isaac Field obtain his horse. I went with him from Bristol to Burlington with 
a military guard. None could cross the ferry unless in the service of the Army neither the v.agon or horse 
could have been obtained if I had not been respected by the officers in the .Army. Samuel Worth above 
mentioned was a brother to Mary Middleton my old mistress. .As soon as I could I left the Army, and 
presented my certilicate tor serx'ices as \N agon Master in the .Army, and I drew Continental Monev. 
After a short tiine I returned to my native soil, Shrewsbury, with but little money as to value, it being 
Continental and old Jersey money. I went to work at my trade. My brother Robert worked at distilling 
in Partnership with Robert Bown. After some time a French fleet came to anchor off Jumping Point 
and sent their boats ashore for water. They \\ere cut off by the British fleet from obtaining water at the 
watering places. I assisted them in carting their empty casks filling them and returning them through 
the surf to the boats. After the fleet had sailed a large drove of cattle arrived for their use, but as they 
had sailed I went with the drove to Gen. Maxwell's .Armv then laying at Spottswood. Col. White's 
troop of horse and Maj. Lee were then at Brown Brook they had taken the horse "Heron" then owned by 
R. Bown and my uncle Thoinas \M"iite. I went for the horses "Heron" and one for Nathan Justious — 
his answer was T. White mv uncle was an old Tory and would not let me have him he delivered up Nathan 
Justious horse which I led home to his owner. The other after sometime was returned and mv brother 
Robert with myself purchased a '4 of a share for £46 and sold the same to my uncle T. White and ncv^er 
received a penny from him or from his estate. This is the end of old "Heron" so to return to my former 
memory and trials in the war. I returned to my trade. I was seldom idle, strove to make a living and 
lay up all I could while I had health. Robert Bowne proposed to my brother Robert that we should keej) 
a small store, and he would assist us. We then hired .Martin .Miars wife to keep house for us. We began 
with 3'2 lb. of butter, i lb. Pork and a few potatoes. We had no china, but it was much better than being 
in the army, still we were not far from them. We were so near the line, that in the fore part of the night 
we had British and Refugees, in the morning the American troops. My brother was called a Kings man 
or Refugee and myself a Rebel and friend to Jersey troops. Colonel Ford and Lee cam.e. We had to 
find quarters for the army. The dwellings for some distance around were occupied by soldiers. \\'e gave 
up our kitchen and cellar. Sometimes after this we commenced our store, began with a little tea. Barrel 
of sugar, papers, a pr. small scales with other small articles and i hhd. Rum. Apple spirit we had plenty 
as we carried on the distilling business at that time, ^^'e had gone on in this way but a short time' when 
a large party of British and Refugees came oft in order to surprise and take Col. i7ord, with all his troops 
but they were informed just in time so as the rear of our troops passed the lanes by Wardells or where 
Tilee Williams now resides the whole of the British forces came on their rear shot and chased thein to 
the Falls, but being so enraged that they had lost their prey that they set fire to the houses and burned 
many of them and plundered on their return. I hid most of our dry goods but they broke open the 
store, robbed us of what they could, filled their canteens with spirits and let it run to waste. My brother 
was from home. They had my mare out and going off with ner. I ran and got hold of her and while 
I was tusling with the soldier others were plundering mv house, the guns left by our troops were broken 
across the fence. They seemed like wild or mad men. I kept hold of my mare until some of the .Amer- 
ican troops who was in persute hred at them he then left me and run across the gravevard, so I saved my 
mare and some of the plunder. 1 had often to go to Philadelphia to buy goods. My brother was not 
acquainted, and I had that to do, but when he v.ent out to work at his trade, I staid at home to watch 
and when I .vent he did the same, so we always kept busy trying to make a living, war appeared all 
around us — we were constantly in danger — near the line — between two tires — through favor we were 

Preserved. We started very early one morning to gunning at Black Point, Judiah Allen's brother and 
Tothcr Robert the weather was very cold. I shot some fov.-l and in going for it on the ice 1 broke through 
— lost my gun in the v.arcr and cr.m.e near drownding. 1 was expecting every moment to sink under the 

WHITE OF Xi:\V jr.RSEY 2^2 

ice, my mind being turned untc the Lord, I said "O Lord I am now coining unto tliee — do tliou liavc mercy 
or. mv poor soul" at hist ha\ ing got my arms on the ice and witii my feet as it swimming brought me 
to the top ot tile water and with great effort I gradually cralcd on the ice, and as I moved I said, am I 
yet alive, and I praised my Maker tor deliverance. John Hartshornc had been an eye witness to all my 
struggles in the water, but dared not come to me until I was on the strong ice, he then gave me his arm 
and helped me to NN'iiiow >Lirshes ta\ern at Black I'oint. They put me to bed, I I'elt as if I should per- 
ish with the cold, when the trost began to come out ot me it resembled the steam from a boiling pot. In 
tlic evening I was conveyed home my agitation was so great that 1 tound but little sleep mv thoughts 
were c)n so great deliverance and at this time when I pen these lines I can say that I feel that I am a 
monument ot his Mercies, and have great cause to bless His dear name for all his tavors. The skin of 
my hands all pealed olT like a potatoe, my gun was fished up with oyster tongs. As soon as 1 was able 
1 started for Philadelphia for goods in a sleigh, at Burlington we went on the ice on the river to the city 
and back again which was never done before nor since to my memory — the winter was very se\-ere. The 
ground froze to great depth. Joseph Lippencott died that winter and in digging his grave it was all 
frozen ground. ^Ve kept our store going for sojiie time and then my brother married ^^'illiam Crawford's 
daughter, then our housekeeper left and we were much better suited. I was very fond of g\inning after 
water fo\\l. I went to Little Sih'cr and put my gun in the boat with the muzzle toward me, there was 
ice in the boat, the gun slipped, the lock struck the timbers and she went otf the whole load passed through 
tl'.e bow of the boat, I stood by the side of the boat near the bow, this I saw was another great deliverance, 
and 1 could say what shall I render unto the Lord for so many tavors and benefits. We rented the house 
we lived in and kept store in the front part, afterwards we bought it ot John Corlies and paid the cash 
down, we bought it in partnership. It was the lot where I now live, we strove for an honest living and 
we had our health and seemed to be blessed. Sometime after I married Mary Morris, the war still con- 
tinued. We lived in a small way in a small house which I bought of my wifes brother John Morris. 
Sometimes after my brother Robert told me that he must move. I tound that he was in earnest. I 
told my wife that we must move in as I could not leave the store. Brother R. mo\'ed where he now 
hves — our families increasing we divided the household goods, and began to charge each other with what 
we took out of the store before this we each had out of the store without charge for many years. We 
have now obtained our Independence. War is at an end. We have agreed to give Quit Claim to each 
other, and I pay him the difference I took the lot in Shrewsbury town, and he the one where he now 
lives — througn much hard work both my wife and myself we build a new home. My cellar is 32 x 42 
and 7 feet deep. I asked the mason how many stone he would want for the cellar wall he said fill the 
hole full just leave room enough for him to stand. I worked very hard getting the material for my 
cellar. I'he free stone in front came from Newark. The day I raised my house was a busy day. I 
had made up my mind not to have any rum, or spirits of any kind on the day of raising, althougn the 
expense was greater. I had a barrel of good beer with plenty of good cider and wine and eggs in the 
morning — it was raised without accident. The next morning as I was walking on the foundation show- 
ing my wife where the little bedroom was to be I fell with my breast on the joice hanging with both hands 
for some time at last fell to the bottom of the cellar. I was hurt \'erv much was bleeding in both arms 
and confined to my bed for some days. As soon as I was able I went to Philadelphia tor more goods by 
the way of Bordentown while the war continued I had to go on horseback to Philadelphia generally 
tv/o teams met me at Bordentown sometimes in freezing cold winter and at other times hot schoring 
summer days — through all I have been preserved to the present moment and I have cause to be thank- 
ful. A law has been passed in Jersey that all goods tound going towards the enemy's lines or coming 
out of Philadelphia should be seized and one half should go to the informer the other half to the state 
unless the owner was qualified that they were imported according to law — therefore all goods which I 
bought I presented to the Notary Public and was sworn or aflirmed that what they sold me were so 
imported 1 also had the large seal of Pennsylvaia when they arrived at Bordentown. One Peter Tallman 
came with a company of men and said the goods were contraband and he should detain them as such. I 
showed him my invoice all attested and according to law, after looking them over he handed them, back 
and replied that I had acted well and hoped every one would be as careful and guarded as I had been, 
but very few believed him, as he had been watching for the goods and would have been better suited 
to have kept them and a very great disappointinent to him and many others in his gang. Richard Da\-is 
was in company with me and uncle Letson drove our team and Lamon Taylor his it was a fine pass time 
for all of them when they saw Tallman so chop fallen and all his gang skunk away. After I had paid 
my bill at the tavern we started for Shrewsbury and arri\ed home sate. I mention this to show that 
we had to be as wise as s.erpants and ought to have been as harmless as doves. I mentioned the raising 
of iny house which was after the war and peace proclaimed then we began to ship goods from New 'i'ork. 

3 8 4 II I SIX) R 1 C A L M ! S CI •, IJ , A N Y 

My house was begun in. tlie year 1789 and finished in 1790, we both my wife and myself worked very 

W'e had a taniily ot young children and many work people to provide tor but we were blessed with good 
health tlirough tlie goodness of a kind providence. We linisned the house and moved the kitchen to 
the cast end of the house. It has served for that use ever since. My brother liobert felt dissatistiti! 
that I had a new house and lie none. 1 told him that I would assist him in building one. I helped him 
until his house was all completed and then built his barn. Dr. Johnson was much in debt and had to s.-il 
his corner house and land — we bought it and found it \ ery much encumbered with mortgages 6cc. It 
cost us a great deal of money and trouble. He owed some in Xew Biainswick, some above New York. 
I had to go to all who had claims on the estate and pay them oti-', so we still own all except what wc 
sold to Corlies and Allen, the stone hill out southward is a part of the bargain. Then I bought in com- 

Eany with Brother Robert 20 acres of woodland of James Williams — 50 acres of Daniel Williams, out 
y Bill Cratts. I claimed a right on 100 acres near Natts Hill — I let Brother Robert have one iir.If, 
bought 40 acres ot John Morris. I bought the old Sand field adjoining it and the new ground more or 
less which makes the land square. 1 built a small house on it and planted 2 orchards and fenced it. I 
also bought a lot adjoining the above built a small house and repauxd the barn. Bought of James R. 
Holmes \'andue 3 Lots ot Woodland at Chestnut plains, also at the same time two lots of Woodland of 
John Holmes, one near the Falls 67 acres the other by Polly Britons 58 18/100 acres, which 1 paid lor 
in Silver Money, and all the rest has been paid for which the deeds will show. I mention the above lots 
to let my children know how they came to be mine as well as the dwelling houses and out houses thev 
came by industry and hard labor, with the great goodness of the All wise Providence. He can bless a 
little and blast a great deal. 1 hope I may ever be truly thankful for all his favors and say what! 
1 render unto thee O Lord for all thy benefits and favors. This brings to my mind another favor. I 
went to New York with my wife Mary to buy goods she went Westchester to visit brother John White. 
I sent my goods on board ot a Boat lying at the foot of Peck Slip, to sail next day for Shrewsbury. My 
wife had returned to Robert Bowns. I went to the boat in the evening to put something on Board, it 
being dark I fell into the water from the dock and put my shoulder out of joint. I found a ring and 
cable in the corner of the dock which I held unto and cried for help, and the Mounts on board heard 
me and helped out of the water to R. Bowns house. Dr. Simmons came and set my shoulder. It made 
a loud report when replaced. They bound me with silk handkercheifs in my chair v.'hen he bled me, 1 
fainted away. I went on board next day and arrived safely at home. This 1 mention as another nar- 
row escape from death. My brother R. seldom went from home I often thought he did not know the 
dangers and hardships 1 had to pass through, but his health would not permit him, and not being so 
much in the store his judgment was not so good in buying or selling. I was very fond of fishing and gun- 
ning whenever I had an opportunity. It gave me new life. I often caught Sheepshead, Barb, Bass 
and other fish with hook and line. I owned a large fishing seine, but of late I found it did not answer 
and I sold the seine boat and ropes to Dr. Longstreet. He broke so I lost all. I then had John King's 
boat and his son Benjamin a small lad we fished in the channel near Tallman's Creek. We concluded 
to lioist sail and run down to the Beech. In doing so the Skiff upset. The boy and myself got on to 
the bottom of the boat. I lost my hat — it sunk to the bottom. We remained there for sometime. 
At last William Richard and Samuel Lain came from Rumson to our deliverance they refused receiving 
anything for their services but I think I have since rewarded them. I came to John Kings without a 
hat and glad to get home alive. This was just betore my daughter Betsey was married to Amos Tilton. 
They had passed meeting. I hardly expected to see it accomplished when on the bottom of the boat 
in the channel, but blessed be his Holy Name I am still a .monument of his Mercies. My brother John 
proposed to join us in partnership, he to purchase all the goods and I to take charge of the store and 
share the profits equally. We purchased a boat, alter a while business declined our boat did not p.iV 
ware and tare. The hands run away \sith all the profits. We mutually dissolved partnership and I 
had to buy all the goods, and have ever since. When we dissolved partnership with Brother John it 
was agreed that we should pay him a commission tor purchasing goods we wrote tor, but when we settled 
he wanted pay for all goods bought. I thought hard in his so doing but I let it pass. I had a large family 
to support. My wife and myself had to rise early and work hard to support them. I had an old un- 
settled account with Brother Jolm for lumber from Ludlow's Yard. .Atter his death his son Gccge 
(was not a member of the Friends; became much embarrassed. I concluded to let it go with the rest, 
but it gave me some consolation that they all alowed it to be mv just due. From inability my brother 
Robert was seldom in the store he was very fond of setting up diiTerent mechanics, but not to see to any 

tart of selling or carrying them on. He in company with Joseph Parker built a saw mill — Betsey Parker's 
usband. He was a pc)or tool .^or his wor'k.s proved him to be so — he had the worst work in buildmg the 
mill done in cold sh^ii. — men v.-orked v.'ith n-.ittcns. .At last he began sawing we v/cre to have halt. 

WHI'JT Oi'^ X1-;\V j(:RSKY ^585 

Whcn we sent for our halt wc found that lie had carted it all to our store and we had been huving our own 
boards. \Ve also bought ol Jo_b Morris a plantation near the sawmill a man and his wife was on the 
place we were to have one hair ot the butter and cheese it served for country seat at Squancom — in a 
short time all seemed to be eoing to decay and we sold both the plantation and the saw mill and took 
horses and so on for pay and I'id tarewell to Squancom. \\'e next set up a blacksmith and cooper shop 
furnished each with tools. The blacksmith turned horseeler and the cooper lazy and the shop and tools 
all fell on our hands. We next set up John \Vinans in a hat factory — found him fur. He spoiled all the 
hats and came out ot the little end of the horn. At'ter that old Molly DeCamp started a store in Turkey- 
town. We supplied her with goods. At first it looked like doing well. She got in debt and moved off 
to Brunswick we lost all the debt with costs. Then Thomas Tilton proposed for us to supply him v.'ith 
goods at Squan and give us half the profits — he might have done very well had he not trusted so much, 
also his son \N'illiam lived in New York whom he supplied with lumber paid tor out of the store which 
caused its niin. I believe Thomas Tilton to be an honest upright man — omitted manv thines not Iiaving 
learning. We had all matters settled by Arbitration after his death. Now all the above I .mention to 
show my children that all our schemes failed where we had to trust to other persons to do our business 
and found but little dependence to be placed in any one when it was not under my eye and examine the 
accounts myself and not trust it to others. I then drew all my business into a small compass and found 
it not so much perplexity. The corner house we rented for a ta\Trn to a man named Joseph ^'imk. It 
was attended with so much trouble to collect the rent and keep the house in repair which all fell on me. 
The house was on fire several times and would have burned down if I had not obtained help speedily. 
He was a bad man and 1 had many long law suits to get him out so I had it fixed in my mind to sell 
when a chance offered and 1 sold it to Corlies and Allen they have paid me in full, and to return m.y 
daughter Caroline who had all the charge of the store when I was away from [home] was taken from me 
by death. She was much esteemed by all who knew her and was company for both young and old. She 
departed with praise to her Maker, and I beleive she is now in the realms of Bliss. My dear v.'it'^e began 
to complain. She was a very stiring woman and would never give up unless very Bad. I have ob- 
served her cheerfulness when in her bodily weekness, yet with a composed mind. She would entertain 
company as though nothing ailed her. She had a sweet temper — good disposition and kind to the poor 
and ner steps will long be remembered. I beleive she is now with the dear children in the blessed abode 
singing her Maker's praise, the loss I felt more than this pen can mention, but I said the Lord gave and 
the Lord hath taken away blessed be forever the name of the Lord. I hope I may so live and end my days 
that we may both again meet never to part. When we were first married we had to use great economy. 
1 began lite with very little property. I had a small store had been plundered by the Refugees, I was 
called a Rebel having always taken an active part in the American cause and had' been a wagon-master 
under General Putnam, but had an acquital t'rom him — honorably and had retired to the land of my 
nativity in order to settle in life more agreeable to my mind — and this the Refugees and Tories knew as 
I had informed them that 1 halt left the army. I would also say just before we were married, rhe tories 
robbed my wite of her last bed. She sat on it until they dragged both her and the bed into the street, 
it is our duty to firgive but we cannot forget them. And it was my opinion — is now — that none but 
true Americans should be at the head of Government aftairs and it is duty to keep all Foreigners from 
Public office, but use them well w^hile they behave well keep them from office as much as possible. Wo 
ha\-e obtained our Independence and we ought to be very thankful to Him for the same and the way for 
us to keep it is to live in love for all but trust none to conduct the aifairs of the Nation but true Ameri- 
cans. This much I thought might not be amiss to pen at this time. There is one thing I omitted on the 
first part ot this paper W hen making arrangements to pay my Master who lav sick at Cooperstown I 
took what money I earned at Bordentown, and borrowed the Balance of Jonathan Chesar. 1 had seen 
him at my fathers and also at my uncles Thomas White while I lived with him and had the care of his 
horse. 1 '.vas a poor lad and he was the only one I could think of who would trust me for the money and 
he did. I was very bare tor shirts at the time my master paid me back two bills for that purpose, but I 
kept the very bills untill I earned m.oney enough to pav off my note — but I sold a pair ot new boots to 
help raise the money. I paid liim so soon he threw off the interest, for which I t.hanked him. I was 
advised not to pay for my time — I was only bound to him he could not sell it but this came to my mind — 
he will scon leave this world, and if I don't pay him his full demand when 1 meet him in the World of 
Spirits he would Ioo'k angry at me — so I made up my mind to pay him in full of all demands and I a.m 
very glad 1 did and it may be one cause and a great cause why I nave been so blest in basket and in store 
when I paid him, he bid me farewell and requested me to be nice and keep good company, not any low 
company but such as might improve me. I thanked him for his good advise lie died soon after. I 
mention this to show my children how good it is to attend to inward Monitor at all times in youth as wcl! 


ns in old ac;e. \Villiani I'enn's advice to his son William is good he says: — "No cross, no crown, let noth- 
ing in the world tciTi]it you to wrong your conscience." 1 mention this to show how good iv is and csi_r 
will be to att'.-iid to the blessed Monitor \\ilhiir us. I have great cause to he thankful that in some measure 
1 have attended to it which has kept me in early lite from many grave e\"ils. .Xtter the dupaiture of my 
loving wife in a reasonable time I was inclined to marry my second wite judging it iar better than to hire 
a housekeeper for generally they have no interest in the family but their wages and there would be great 
waste of piroperty in and about the house what come in at the door flew out at the window tor they have 
friends and relations they wish to help. I have had a trial ot both and would choose to support a good 
wife and many children than one housekeeper hired by the v.eek. But this is a task for a widower to 
perform first the age — temper — religion — virtue — economy and agreeable to your family to study all 
this and consider it well and ask in secret that you may be blest in your undertaking with the Presence of 
Divine Providence, all this 1 think I tried to do in my second choice for a wile which as yet I have no 
cause to regret and 1 hope 1 never shall. I had known her trom childhood and her father and mother 
had both been kind to me when a stranger in a strange land. It is not my intention to mention our 
marriage as my children by my first wife all remember her. We had three children viz. — Stacy — William 
and Sarah. We have great cause to be thanklul tor so many favors and blessings having liealth and 
the means to entertain both freinds and stranger at our house. We have had the company of many 
from different parts of the world. 1 will mention of a great deliverance and recovery fronr a bed of sick'- 
ness. I had been in the sea and had taken cold and concluded to take a dose of Calomel which proved 
to be very severe. 1 was in great distress of body the Doctor had no hopes ot my recovery. I was 
greatly reduced and was obliged to lie very low tor nine or ten months. I was taken sick in tlie summer 
and remained so until late the next spring, when I gave over all hopes of ever recovering my health. My 
heart beat so tliat strong that you could see my waistcoat move at every motion. I had recourse to ever- 
ting 1 could think ot but none seemed to help me. At last one Doctor Perkins came to get some Medicines 
and told me that it was a nerve that led to my heart which was out of order and said it I would Itakej 
some conserve (or sweet meat) with port wine and solid food it would help me. I did so and had not 
used it more than two days before it began to amend and the blessing of health returned. I mention 
this as another great Mercy and favor to be remembered. This conserve is made of the real rose and 
leaf sugar or good broken lump sugar will answer i lbs. ot sugar to one pound ot buds and leaves pound 
the buds and leaves first then add the sugar and pound them all together — as I was in a very week state 
it seemed to brace me up and give me strength — I mention this that if any of my children or friends or 
any one else should ever be in the same way that they might [employ] the same remedy which through 
divine favor helped me, and be a benefit to some one else in a week state of health. 


Benjamin, son of George anci Annie White, horn Dec. 4, 1755; died, Dec. 7, 1841, 
aged 85, 11,3. 

Mary, daughter ot Joseph and Joanna Morris, born Sep. 20, 1758; died July 19, 1807. 

Benjamin White and Mary Alorris; married Apr. 25, 1781. 

Ehzabeth, daughter ot Benjamin and Mary ^^'hite, born Mch. 2, 178 1. 

Carohnc, daughter of Benjamin and Mary White, born May 30, 1782; died, Mch. 31, 
1798, aged 15 years 11 months. 

John, son of Benjamin and Mary White, born Oct. 11, 1783. 

Mary, daughter of l^enjamin and Mar\- White, born Apr. 1, 1785; died, Oct. 21, 
1861, in 77th year of her age. 

Agnes, daughter ot Benjamin and Marv White, born Nov. 20, 1786; died Dec. 1, 

Joanna, daughter of Benjamin and Mary White, born Jan. 20, 1788. 

Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Mary White, born Feb. 11, 1789; died, Sep. 22, 
i860, aged 71,7, II. 

Susanna, daughter of Benjamin and Mary White, born June 3, 1791; died Oct. 3, 
1796, aged 5 yearsj .; months. 


Joanna, dauclncr of Benjamin ami Mary White, born Apr. 13, 1793; died, Oct. 11, 
179-;, aged 4 months, 28 days. 

'Morris, son of Benjamin and Mary White, born May 3, 1794; died, Oct. i, 1796, 

J ged 2,5,4-. 

Benjamin Morris, son of Benjamin and Mary \\'hite, born July 20, 1797; diet!, 
June 8, 1817, acred 19, 10, 19. _ _ 

Joseph Embree, son ot Benjamin and Mary \Miitc, born Feb. 23, 1799; died, 
]ulv 9, 1874, aged 75 years, 4 months. 

Susan, daughter ot Benjamin and Mary White, born July n, iSoi; died, July 12, 
1865, aged 64 years, i day. 

Benjamin White and Sarah Decon, married, Mch. 9, 1809, ^t Mansfield Meeting 
1 louse. 

Sarah Decon, daughter of John and Sarah Decon, born Jan. 25, 1776. 

Stacy D., son of Benjamin and Sarali \Vhite, born Dec. 10, 1809; died, June 7, 1848, 
aged 39, 6, 17. 

William D., son of Benjamin and Sarah White, born Aug. 2';, 181 1; died 

Sarah, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah White, born Mch. 9, 1814. 

Sarah White, widow of Benjamin, died, Dec. 29, 1847, in 72nd year. 

Ages of William a\d Susan E. White's Children. 

Sarah F. Wliite, born Mcli. 3, 1847 

Mary Ann White, born July 10, 1849 

Benjamin M. White, born June 9, 1850 

Maria Wardell White, born Aug. 27, 1852 

Georgette White, born Mch. 23, 1854 

Josephine W. White, born May 31, 1856 

Elizabeth W. White, born Oct. 15, 1858 

Died, in Brooklyn, Jan. 31, 1862, Joseph White, son of Capt. Charles E., and Mary 

E. Baldwin, aged i year. 
Died, in Eatontown, ^s^ J., Jan. 20, 1862, Thomas T. Borden, in 62nd year. 
Borden, son of George and Sarah Hance, died, Dec. i, 1863, aged 13 years. 
William White, died Oct. 23, 1801. 
John White died June 8, 1S15. N.B. This is brother to Robert, Benjamin and 

Joseph White, son of George \\'hite. 
Robert White, Jr., died, Jan. 12, 1856, aged 64 years. 
Black Mary, daughter of Rodah Cummins, born Nov. 11, 1795. 
Lettis was 31 years of age May 5, 1806. 
Juliann, born Apr. 11, 1806 
Charles, born Feb. 26, 1806 
Eliza, born Dec. 5, 1809 

Thomas Jeffery, a lad bound to Benjamin White, died Dec. 28, 1793. 
William Finch, of Shrewsbury, died. Now 9, 1S60, aged 18, 3, 17. 
Mrs. Judge Barclay, died Jan. i, 1861 
Mrs. Jane Wardell, died Jan. 17, 1861, aged 52 years. 
Dr. John A. Lewis, died Feb. 27, 1861, aged 73 years. 
Rev. Mr. Wheeler, died Mch. 14, 1861 
Tames Grier, died August, 1861 
George Newman, died, Nov. 3, 1862, aged 21,3, 28. 


Mary Newman, died Nov. 24, 1862 

Robert \Vardcll, died, Oct. 11, 1863, aged Sc;, .\, 19. 

Capt. Samuel Sleeper was killed in battle. May, 1864. 

John L. Borden, died Dec. 4, 1864 

"Mrs. Eliza Clark, died, Jan. 22, 1865, aged 72 years. 

George Finch, died Nov. 30, 1863 

Susan E. Hancc, died Dec. 27, 1863 

Mary Dennis, died, Jan. 20, 1864, aged 84 years. 

Rev.' Harry Finch, died, Feb. 14, 1864, aged 66 years. 

Joseph W. Borden, Esq., died, Feb. 16, 1864, aged 46 years. 

Benjamin Woolley, of Deal, died, Feb. 19, 1865, aged 80 years. 

Edward Corlies, died, Feb. 24, 1865, aged 76 years. 

Samuel TrafFord, died, Oct. 5, 1865, aged 76 years. 

Miss Wall, died May, 1866 

Catharine Sickles, died, May 18, 1S66, aged 74 years. 

Nancy White, died, Feb. 4, 1867, aged 82 years. 

Edmond Throckmorton, died, Sep. 26, 1866, aged 74 years. 

George A. Corlies, died, Dec. 2, 1866, aged 78 years. 

Peter \V. WikofF, died, Jan. 11, 1867, aged 66 years. 

Betsey Holmes, died, Jan. 25, 1867, aged 82 years. 

James Patterson, Esq., died iNIay 2, 1867 

Dr. Edmond W. Allen, died. May 17, 1867, aged 68 years. 

Henry E. Van Uxem, died Jan. 16, 1870 

Dr. Cutter, died March, 1871 

Mariam Borden, died May 26, 1871 

Mr. Weaver Tailor, died Sep. 30, 1871 

Jacob Woolley, (Oceanport), died Nov. 20, 1 871 

Joseph Woolley, died Jan. 29, 1872 

Mrs. Austin Morford, died, Apr. 14, 1872, aged 62 years. 

Mrs. Joseph T. Allen, died Dec. 23, 1874 

Morris Newman, died, Jan. 15, 1875, aged 75 years. 

Mrs. Dr. E. W. Allen, died, Mch. 19, 1875, ^ged 76 years. 

Mrs. E. Throckmorton, died, Sep. 2, 1875, ^S^^^ So years. 

Samuel Woolley, died, Sep. 16, 1875, ^S^d 97 years. 

The Christian names in italics are so spelled in the Rev. Willi