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Full text of "Historical nuggets : Bibliotheca Americana, or a descriptive account of my collection of rare books relating to America"

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I uEM buy with yitu, sell with you. 






ABAT (Jean Baptiste). Noureau' 
Voyage aux Isles de I'Amerique. 
Contenant I'Histoire Naturelle de 
ces Pays, I'Origine, les Moeurs, la 
Religion & le GouTemement deg 
Habitans anciens & modernes : Les 
Guerres & les Erenemeiis fingulien 
qui y font arrivez pendant le lone ISjour que I'Au- 
teur y a fait. Le Commerce et les Manufiutarea 
qui font ^tablies, & les moyens de les augmenter. 
Arec une Defcription exa^ & curieufe de toutes 
ces llles. Ouvrage enrichi d'un erand nombre de 
Cartes, Plans, & Figures en Taille-douce. A La 
Haye, F. Husson, etc. h.dcc.xzit. Six Volumes. 
Tome Premier. 15 prel. Uave$ ; viz. Collective title, 
Title, Table des Chapitres, and Preface. Text 504 
pp. Map at p. 1 and plates at pp. 45, 75, 200, 269, 
297, 312, 315, 343, 376, 379, 380, 402, 432, 475. 
Tome Second. 4 prel. leamt, and 576 pp. Plata at 
pp. 9, 12, 15, 29, 39, 46, 48, 54, 200, 212, 261, 257, 
326, 349, 379, 380, 387, 398, 414, 463, 553. Tome 
Troisieme. Sprel.leavei,ai^!>i6pp. Plates at pp. 
21,32, 57, 63, 65 (2), 68 (2), 69, 74, 79, 86, 93, 98, 
104, 109, 114, 116, 132, 178, 181, 222, 223, 234, 
246, 253, 275, 278, 333. Tome Quatrieme. iprel. 
leaves, and 539 pp. Plates at pp. 36, 37, 54, 59, 202, 
203, 207, 346, 356, 387, 420, 504, 510. Tome 
Cinquieme. 4 prel. leaves, and 504 pp. Plates at pp. 
1, 35, 55, 262, 380. Tome Sixieme. 3 prel. leaves, 
and 514 pp. Table des Matieres, 58 pp. Plates at pp. 
1, (3), 110, 143, 312, 382, 404, 406. Old calf. 
12ino. {11. lit. 6d. 1613) 

z oo 

498 SihHotheca Americana- 

LABAT (JvAM Ka['Tjs7>:). Nouvfiau Voyage mix 
Ij+ks de rAmeritiue. Cor^t^^uHlU THiatoire Natu- 
relle de ces J-'rtjB^ l'Crij]jin*»^ los ftlojiirs^ la Rp- 
Ugion ^ Le Gouvernpmpiit di^s Habil^iQs uncif^iis ^ 

qui 3' lent arnvez pfmbiut le \ow^ I'tjcur qae 
1 Autfiury a fait: Le t'ouimercppt lesManui;iCturt:3 
qui y fout ttahlit's^ 6i Ir.s moyi'iis d<i ks au^uieuter. 
Ouvra^u oiirichi d'uii frniud uomhre de Carlf'S^ 
Plana^ fit Fifjurta en THlllt-tloutip. A la Uaifej 
P» Ihisaon, #<(>, M.ncc.Jtxjv, Turn Valinnei, Touie 
PremiiT* 11 pmL leaves; vk. CaUective Tiitt^f 
'Voyage du IVre Lubrit, aux isles de rAmfj-kjue, 
Conl^uant \Jne. exafle Uefcription de toutt'S ceA 
Iflts; etc. Kii i L \ oluiurij.' 'litk; * Kpitre/3 p;?, 
'Preface/ t^it* pjj. * Avis au lU'lieur, 1^ yp. cvu- 
taini}ig a tibt oj the »wpf atni plaLes iri th^ 2 voiam^ii i 
rJ5» *'Jome 1. PreuiLt^rt^ i-'artif, 11 inujis ond plutes^ 
Seconde VarUfj IS ptfiiei. Troisieme Fartie, 23 
phtes. Tom, 11. Quiitrieme PartlC) 9 pfate^^ Ciu- 
quif^me Partie^ 6 ffiate^, iSixu-mt? Partk, 4! plates, 
*Trtbk%'3pj^ Ttit i^teijfkte rattie, llhpp. See- 
conde Pariie, 56(1 pp. Tonie Second, ^tprH- tf^mes; 
viz., Cotieeiive iiifej Tithy ' J rtblf^,' S pp. TcTt ^'^0 
pp. *Table d.fn Maiit-rf s/ ^u ^j>* With the ma pn 
and plates. Old calf. 4to. {11. 4s, 1614) 

LABAT (Je^n llAPiifiTi)- Nouveau Voyag^e auii 
Islea de TAmerique, Conttmant rHIsT.oir^i Natu- 
relle de ces I'ti^s^ ['Ori^int, ies iJocurs^ la He- 
li^ion tk le Gouvemampnt dea Habitunn ancient & 
modernes. J ^es t j uerrts i*: les Ev^^nt^mfitallriiiifulieTa 
qui y font arriveic jit^iHlaul ic iVJour que I'Aiiteury 
a faiU l*ar le R. W Liibat, de TOidre des Frerts 
Prtcbeurs. Nouvi41e Fdiliou augmenu^ con- 
fid^ rabli^ me ut^ Us. em'icljii^ de Figureia en Tailles- 
douCed. A l^aris^ i.'h.J. li, Ut^lnajhine, .MKj>ct.'.X[.ii* 
I^ight Vot times. Tome Premier^ ajjii pp. and 7 
preL leaves y Text 47 'i pp. S'oitfi/'itj yt> majn utid 
pialen, iuuie Sscondj S preL leaiea, ami \r\4- pp. 
ir mop'i umt jilati^^, Touie Troisitme, j prct. kftieSf 
and 47/) pp. 21 plates. Tome (Juairitrue, ^ ptei, 
leaies^and if'^o pp. I'll pltties. Tome Cinq uitrme, 3 
]}reL lem^Si umi 'ilU ftp. Toiiie SixiLme^ y ptet. 
ieaveSj itttd 1^02 pp. 14 ptaiei. Tome kiejititniej tit 
and bl6 }ip, Dpiutes. Tome lluitiuue^ J prei.ieitvet. 

Stbliotheca Americana. 439 

and 437 pp. PriviUge du Roi. 7 pp. 4 platti. Old 
calf. ttmo. (iLiU. 6d. 1615) 

lAET (Jeaw de). Befchrijvinghe/ van/ West- 
Indien/ door/ loannes de Laet/ Tweede druck :/ In 
ontalUjcke plaetl'en vers/betert, vermeerdert, met 
eenige/ nieuwe Caerten, beelden van/ verfchyden 
dieren ende/ planten verciert./ Tot Leiiden, bij de 
Elzeviers. A°.1630./ liprel. leaver, including hulf- 
title, Engraved titU, and Register of Maps {of which 
there are 11), on the reverae Errata; Text 622 pp. 
' Register.' 17 pp. Fine copy. Half calf. 
Folio. "(2i.*». 1616) 

liAET (Jean de). Notts Orbis/ feu/ Descriptionis/ 
Indiie Occidentalis/ Libri XVIII./ Authore/ 
loanne de Laet Antverp./ Novis fabulis Geo- 
naphicis et variis/ Animantium, JPlantarum, 
Fructumque/ Iconibus illuftrati./ Cvm Privilegio./ 
Lvgd. Batav. apud Elzevirius. A°. 1633./ 16 pret, 
leaves, including the HatJ-title, Engraved titU, and 
&( of iiapt (y rchieh there are 11). Text 690 pp. 
Index, 17 pp. Folio. {U.lU.6d. 1618) 

LAET (Jean de). L'histoire/ dr/ Nouvean Monde/ 
ou/ description/ des Indes/ Occidentales,/ Con- 
tenant dix-huitl Liures,/ Par le Sieur lean de 
Laet, d'Anuers;/ Knricbi de nouuelles Tables 
Geographiques, & Figures des/ Animauz, 
Plantes, & Frui6ts./ A Leydr,/ Chez Bona- 
uenture & Abraham Elfeuiers, Imprimeuni/ ordi- 
naires de I'Vaiueriite./ cIj Iocxl./ 11 prel. 
leaves, including Title, list of Maps, (of which there 
art 14), Preface, Table of Chapters and List of 
illustrations; Text 63:2 pp. and Index 6 leaves. Old 
calf. Folio. (1(. 105. 1619) 

LAFITAU (Joseph Francois). Histoire des De- 
couTertes et Conquestes des Portugais dans le 
Nouveau Monde, Avec des Figures eu taille-douce. 
Par le R. P. Joseph- Fraa;ois La&tau de la Com- 
pagnie de Jesus. A Paris, Sausrain, j[ Jesn-Bap- 
tiste Coignard. udccxxxiv. F«ur Ka/um«a. Tome 
Premier. Frontispiece, 3 prel. leaves, xl and 432 pp. 
Copperplate map and plates, at pp. 1, 38, 74, 30i, 
StO. Tome Second. Title and 381 pp. ' Table, 
I & II Tomes.' 79 pp. Plates at pp. 5i, 206, 254. 

440 BihHoflieca Americana. 

Tome Troiisienie. THk and 5V2jip. Fiatei; at pp. 
66i 334- Tome QuatriEmt^^ TiilA and .S&& pp. 
* Table/ 111 &:1V Tomes, Apprnlmtion, PriviiegCf 
and Erruta^ l4y jtp. Pfatei at pp. 16, S'2j 190^ SOO, 
379. Uncut, Smalt Gto. (U. 5s. 16^0) 

cljichtc dvT Lander unJ Volkcr von Ammca, 
^■feblleinerVorretlfi Siegmund Jacob Baumgjirtens 
der h. t^djrift Doctors urni iiftenrl, Lelirt-'fR^ auch 
des tlieologiichen Seniinarii Dircc^oTs iiuf der 
kctnigl. preulzl. Fnedrichs univ^erfttiit id llarllc. 
Mit vit^lfiii Kiipfi^m, Hti^/^, hf.y Johann Jaltinua 
Gebauer. 1753. Tuo Volumes. KtWvt TiieiL 
Fmniiipiece and '■2^ pret. leaves; Text 6&B pp. Cop- 
perptate Map tit p.i3, atifl pUitesnumfjered i ff> x^h 
ZweiLer TLfriU 11 pr^.L lioivtSf and 905 pp. i'ieguter 
6S pp, ^5 iktppei-piiite maps tjud plales* Velium, 
4to. (15i. 1631) 

LAHONTAN (Bahon ufV NVwVoyMgesTo Xorth- 
Amerita^ Contaiuiiifr ;\u Atcooiit oi^ tJit? ftivernl 
JNationflot'tljfitvuU Continent; tbdr Cull onis, Com- 
merce^ and Way of NaviL^ation upon the Lakes 
and KivtTS; the feveral Attempts of the Ln^lifij 
and Frtncli to difpoffel's one ftnotlier- >s'itli the 
Reafons of the ilifcarriage of the form^.'r; and the 
various Ad Vf^TitureJ* betwt.'f^n the French^ and the 
Iroquefe Con federates of linf^bxinJ, fi-om ltiS3 to 
169^. A Geoffrapliical Uefcription of Canada, and 
a Njitaral Hiltcjry of the Country, with HF^mafliS 
upon tlii^ir Government, and the Interefi of tha 
Lncrliih and Frpncli in their Commtiret** Also a 
Dialogue between ihe Author and a General oftlje 
Savages, tfivin^ a full View of the Helij^ion and 
ftrange Opinions of thoft^ People: With an Ac- 
count of the Authors Kt^treat to Portugal and 
Denmark und Ins Remarks ort tliofe Courts. To 
which is addt'd, A Dittionrtry of the Algonkine 
Lanjj^aj^e, \\'hich is generally fpoke in North- 
America. UlufTTati d >vith Twenty Three Mappfl 
and Culs. Written in French \W the Haron La- 
bontan, Lord Lievtenant of the Fmnch Colony at 
Plaeentia in New-foundland, now in KnglaJid. 
Done into Knt^lilh. In Twu \\>lumrs* A great 
part of which never PriTited in the Original. Lon- 
ihn: H» Bonwicke, 1703. Vol.1, 1'2 preL imtea 

Bibliotheca Americana. 441 

and 380 pp. 13 eopperpiate mapi and pblei. Vol. 
II. minting. Old calf. 8n>. {7s. 6d. 1628) 

LA HONTAN (Baron de). Nouveauz Voyages de 
Mr. Le Baron de Lahontan, dans I'Amerique 
Septentrionale, Qui contiennent une Ri^lation des 
dinerens Peuples qui y habitent ; la nature de leur 
GouTernement ; leur Commerce, leurs Cofitumea, 
leur Religion, & leur maniire de faire la Guerre. 
L'inUr^t des Franfois & des Anglois dans le Com- 
merce qn'ils font avec ces Nations ; I'avantage que 
I'Angleterre peut retirer dans ce Pais, ^tant en 
Gaerre avec la France. Le tout enrichi de Cartes 
& de Figures. Tome Premier. A la Haye, Chez lea 
Frires PHonor^ Marchands Libraires. m.dcc.iii. 
Two Volumet, Tom. I. 12 prel. leaves, and 279 pp. 
15 copperplate maps and plates. Tom. II. ' Me- 
moires de I'Amenque Septentrionale, ou la suite 
des Voyages de Mr. Le Baron de Lahontan. Qui 
contiennent la Defcription d'une grande itendue 
de Pais de ce Continent, I'int^ret des Franfois & 
des Anglois, leurs Commerces, leurs Navigations, 
les Moeurs & les Coutumes des Sauvages, &c. 
Avec un petit Difhonaire de la Langue du Pais. 
Le tout enrichi de Cartes & de Figures. Tome 
Second. A La Haye, Chez les Fibres I'Honor^, 
Marchands Libraires. mdcciii. 220 pp. Table 16 
pp. Copperplate map and 13 plates. Old Calf. 
12ma. (18<. 1623) 

LA HONTAN (Babon dk). Dialogues De Mon- 
fieur le Baron de La Hontan £t d'un Saura^, 
Dans I'Amerique. Contenant une defcription 
ezacle des moeurs & des coutumes de ces Peuples 
Sauvages. A Anaterdam, Boeteman, m.dcciv. 
8 prtl. leaves, and 103 pp. Copperplate at page 1. 
Itmo. {11.1s. 1634) 

LA HONTAN (Babon db). Voyages du Baron de 
La Hontan dans I'Amerique Septentrionale, Qui 
oontienneDt une Relation des differens Peuples qui 
y habitent ; la nature de leur Gouvemment - leur 
Commerce, leurs Cofltumes, leur Religion, & leur 
mani^re de faire la Guerre: L'lnt^rit des Francis 
& des Anglois dans le Commerce qu'ils font areo 
ces Nations; I'avantage que I'Angleterre peut 
leteirer de ce Pais, itant en Guerre avec la France. 

442 Sibliotheca Americana. 

Le tout enrich! de Cartes & de Figures. Tome 
Premier, Seconde Edition, revue, corrig^e & aug- 
mentte. A Amsterdam, Chez Francois 1' Honor*, 
vis-a-Tis de la Bourfe. mdccv. Tko Volumet. 
Tom. I. 10 pret. leaves including Frontispiece, and 
376 pp. 2 cvpperplole maps and 11 plates. Tom, 
II. 'Memoires de I'Amerique Septentrionale, ou 
la suite des Voyages de Mr. Le Baron de La Hon- 
tan : Qui contiennant la Defcription d'une grande 
^tendue de Pais de ce Continent, I'int^r^t des 
Franfois & des Anglois, leurs Commerces, leurs 
Kavigations, les Moeurs & les Couturoes des Sau- 
vages, &c. Avec un petit Dictionaire de la Langue 
du Pais. Le tout enrichi de Cartes & de Figures. 
Tome Second. Second Edition, augmentee des 
Conversations de I'Auteur avec un Sauva^e dif- 
tingu^. A Amsterdam, Chez Francois I'Honore & 
Compagnie. hdccv. Title, and pp. 5-336. Table 
i pp. Small copperplate map and 9 plates. Old calf, 
ISmo. (185. 1625) 

LA HONTAN (Bahon de). New Voyages to North- 
America. Containing An Account of the Teveral 
Nations of that vaft Continent ; their Cuftoms, 
Commerce, and Uar of Navigation upon the 
Lakes and Rivers ; the ievpral Attempts of the 
Knglifli and French to difpoffel's one another ; with 
the Beafons of the Milcarriage of the former ; and 
the various Adventures between the French, and 
the Iroquefe Confederates of England, from 1683 
to 1694. A Geographical Delcription of Canada, 
and a Natural Hiftory of the Country, with Re- 
marks upon their Government, and the Jnterell of 
the Englifli and French in their Commerce. Alfo 
a Dialogue between the Author and a General of 
the Savages, giving a fiiU View of the Religion 
and ftrange Opinions of thofe People : With an 
Account of the Author's Retreat to Portugal and 
Denmark, and his Remarks on thofe Courts. To 
which is added, A Dictionary of the Algonkine 
Language, which is generally fpoke in North- 
America. Illuftrated with Twenty-Three Maps 
and Cuts. Written in French By the Baron La- 
hontan, Lord Lieutenant of the I' rench Colony at 
Flacentia in Newfoundland, at that Time in Eng- 
land. Done into Englifl). 1'he Second Edition. 
Id Two Volumes. A great Part of which never 

Biblioiheca Americana. 443 

Printed in the Original. London : J. and J. Bon- 
wicke, H,nrc,xxxv. Tiro Volumes. Vol. I. lifmL 
Uavet, and 280 pp. 10 copperplate maps andp/alm. 
Vol. II. ' Mew Voyaeesto North-America. Giving 
a full Account of t£e Cuftoms, Commerce, Re- 
ligion, and ftrange Opinions of the Savages of that 
Country. With Political Remarks upon the Courts 
of Portugal and Denmark, and the Prefent State 
of the Commerce of thole Countries. The Second 
Edition. Written By the Baron Lahontan, Lord- 
lieutenant of the French Colony at Flacentia in 
Newfoundland: Now in England. Lotidon: J. 
Walthoe, 1736.' 304 pp. 10 Copperplutei. Old 
calf. Bvo. (18(. 1636) 

LAMB (R.) An Original and Authentic Journal 
of Occurrences during the late American War, from 
its commencement to the year 178S. By R. Lamb, 
late Serjeant in the Royal Welch Fuzileers. 
Dublin: Wilkinson & Courtney, 1809. 6 pre/, 
irates, and pp. 5-438. ' Order,' 1 page, at page 158. 
Calf. 8w>. (10j.6d. 16S7) 

LAMBRECHTSEN (N. C.) Korte Beschrijving 
Tan de ontdekking en der verdere lotgevallen van 
Nieuw-Nederland, weleer eene rolkplanting van 
het gemeenebest der vereenigde Nederlanden in 
America, door Mr. N. C. Lambrechtsen van Ritt- 
hem, ridder der orde van den Nederlandschen 
leeuw^ President van het Zeeuwacb Genootscbap 
der W etenscbappen. Te Middetburg, bij S. Van 
Benthem, mccccxviii. 3 prel. Uaves, and 103 pp. 
With Map. Uncut. Sao. (lOi. 6d. 1638) 

LARRANAGA (Bruno Francisco). Prospecto 
de una Eneida Apost6lica, d Epopeya, que celebra 
> la predicacion del V. ApAstol del Occidente P. f r. 
Antonio M argil de Jesus: Intitulada Margileida. 
Escrita con puros versos de P. Virgilio Maron, y 
traducids a verso Castellano : La que se propone al 
publico de esta America septentrional por Sub- 
scripcion: Para que colefiados aoticipadamente 
Ids gaslos necesarios, se proceda inmediatamente 
t su impresion. Su Autor Don Bruno Francisco 
Larranaga. Impresa en Mc'iico en la Imprenta 
nueva Madrileiia de los Herederos del Lie. D, 
Joseph de Jauregui. Calle de S. Bernardo, Ano 

444 Siblioiheca AmerirafiU* 

de 1788. 2 preL kavet and ^0 jtp. Half raoroccit. 
4to. (li.U. lG'-;9) 

LAS CASAS(TUnTi[nmMK u>0. ^A£|ui f<f ron^ 
tipjut?/ vna difputa, o controuf'rfm ; ^ntre fil/ Ohiljjo 
do fray iiurtholome cie laB/ C'alii^, tt CalHuSj ohil[>o 
q fue ue la/ ciudiuJ Keiil di^ f'hiapa, t^uf* *'.s *'.fi^l 
loa JndiaOj ]iarte rtr^ Ja riufMiii Kl'iia^yna: y fil d<jo- 
tor Giiiea df? Sepulut'da/ i 'oronilta d«l J-ltujii^ratJfjr 
uueltro le/iior* I'obrp t| el iluctor cor^tf^ndiat *\ Ijis/ 
con<jui1bis lie las Jndms Cflntr:* Iflu/ liidioa **raii li- 
citas; J el obil'iK) por/ el cutrario d'frmlJo j lirtirnio 
Butr fi/ do y f^r TiKifTthLe no iWrlo : tiranira^j/ in- 
juRtaA r ihi(|ii]tA» J^^ *yia\ ^jueflio/ I'e vi^tUo t dh- 
jiulo CQ prt-fencia d'mu/ dio* IctmdoH tW-olojjos r 
juriftus/ <^n vna co^rej^ion q nianduL'i] ma^/^i'{lad 
juniar *^1 aTirt d^^ mil r qnh'to^/ y cincurrta tn la 
villa de VallEidtjIid./ Amo. 15-^a,/ [O./^vj^.^h] 
VAIoor y gloria d*- nueliro f+'/Mor Jel'u Chnlto y 
dola racral^ifHrna vJr^t'n fancta/ .Maria fu madre^ 
f U(? imfiFL^ITa la pr<?lV»nt« obra./ i^iila uiuy nobler 
muy 1^'al ciuda^l di? SetiifUi ;/ i+n fjafa d*- -Sf^hallian 
'rni^illo inipn.'llbr drj lihroH. frSti^ro d^.- nuejtra 
ffhora de Gra/m. AcaNide a. i, dmdrd nws de 
Sf^r/tiembre, Ano d*.^ mil X i|uim^^M/tos r dn- 
cucnta y dos./ '^I{i]f^ri.^ \s irantmiwd a diKputn or 
controversy btdtwpfmthe l^ij^liop Kriar H»i<thi:.domnw 
de La.^ ( msue^ or Cai^'it^n^ forrm.'dy liieliop of the 
rnyal City of Chianu which in in the Indies it part 
til yit'Vir Spain, arni t)ie Doctor <jiiif."«d«HSeTmlvuda 
Chroniclfjr to thn Kmpfrfjr our Lord, in ^diicli the 
Uortor c:f]nt(N]dM that tlip comjorsts of tJie lndicfl 
against the Indians wer/^ lawful, ^nd thr liishop 
on the contrary di^fptidf^d and itdinned tiieni to 
bav^ bf'fiu and to ^a* impossible to be so, but 
tyrannical^ unjual andinicjuitous^ W)jirh question 
was exafninftd and [lis[>utHd in the jir^^Ht^nce of 
many I^^amf^l theolo|^ianfl sLnd jurists in a meeting 
^hitdi his MiijfSty ordered to w held iu xli4^ ytli* 
on^' thonsLind fi^e hundred juid hfty in thf? f 'iry of 
Vallintolid. In the yttdt 155S^. I itU'iithon] To tin- 
honor and ^lory of our Lord JcHufi f 'hrist and of 
iJie mojit holy Virtfin l^Eiint ^ia^y his Mother* 
Thr^ [>r(^fl*?nt work wha printHl \i\ thf/ v^.-ry noble 
and Vf.Ty Irjyal L'iij of Sovjlh% at SebiL-^tian Trti- 
filloV, printer cf bookn, and Ojijiositc Lady of 
Grate, Fiiiiahtd tbe 10th day of the month of 

Bibliotheca Americana. 445 

September. In the 1552. 62 leaves, $ignatum a 
to g in eights attd h in 6 leaves, the last being blank. 
4to. {31. is. 1619*) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholohe de). Q Aqui fec6tieii8 
V tre/yntapropoficionesmayjoridicaa: en/lasquales 
^ fmnaria y faccintamente fe/toca muchas cosas per- 
tenecietes al de/recho q la yglefia y los principes 
chrU/ftianos tienen, o puede tener fobre los/ infieles 
de qual quier efpecie que fean./ Mayonnente fe 
affig^a el verdaderoy y fortiifimo fundamento en 
que fe affi/enta y eftnba: el titulo t fenorio I'upres/ 
mo y Tniuerfal que loa Reyes d'CalU/lla y Leon 
tienen al orbe de las que Ua/mamos occidetales 
Indias. Por el ql/fon conftituydos vniuerfales 
i^ores y/Emperadores enellas fobre muchos re-/ 
yes, Apunta fe tambien otras cofas c5/cemiente8 
al hecho acaecido en aql or/be notabiliffimas : y 
dignas d'fer vifias/ y fabidas. Colijo las dichas 
treynta p/ poficiones El obibpo d5 Fray Bartho-/ 
lome de las Cafes, o Cafaus : Obifpo/ q fue d'la 
ciadad Real de Chiapa : cier/to Reyno de los de la 
Dueua ElJMina./ Ano. 1553./ [Colophmi] C Im- 
preflb ea/euUla en cafa de febaftia trugillo./ ( Here 
are contained thirty most lawful propositions, in 
which are summarily and succinctly treated of, 
many things appertaining to the rigot which the 
church and the christian princes have, or may have 
oyer the infidels of whatever kind they may be. 
Chiefly the true and strongestfoundation is assigned 
on which is based and supported the title and 
supreme and uniyersal lordship which the kings of 
Castile and Leon hold oyer the world of what we 
call the West Indies. By the which they are con- 
stituted uniyersal lords and emperors in them, 
over many kings. Other most remarkable things 
are also pointed out relative to the transaction 
which has taken place in that world, and worthy 
to be seen and known. The Bishop Don Friar 
Bartholomew de Las Casas or Casaus, formerly 
Bishop of the royal City of Chiapa a certain king- 
dom of the new Spain, collected the said thirty 
propositions. — In the year 1552.) 10 leaves, sigva- 
turta. 4(i>. (2{.2>. 1630) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholohe de). C Aqui fe cotiene 
J Tnos/ anifosy reglas para los confelTores q/ oyeren 

446 Bihlioiheca Americana^ 

confeflioii^?? dfl loa KlpaT^n/ Ipa que Ton, o lian Mo 
en cargo nf Icia hiffio* Jti 1^ Indms dt>l/ mar 
Oe^ano : cok-sjiclaii |>or/ cl obil'jK) de Clnupa don/ 
fray JJarthoLome <l^ia£/ calUs^ o c^ifdu^ deU/ tirden 
da Sjuicto/ iJotiiingo/ [LW<Yj/iy^j,J C Alcjor y 
gloKa d^j nuHtTO ft^/nor Ji^i'u Cliriito y dela Tacra- 
tiirmiu rirgt'ii I'tincta/ LVLiria. Fut? impreir^ la fire- 
ft^jte obra j^n la mu y/ nobl*^ t muy leal (^iudad de 
SeuiUci^ t^n cal'-i/ d<^ -Sebtiftian TruLfillo imprefloT de 
li/broji. FrotL^ro de nii^ltr^ leiiora dp/ Uracm^ 
AcftbuMf? a. xi. diaa dfl/ iiifs d*^ t^etji-iinUre. Ano 
de/ mil r (juiniontos r ciri/cLn^iitm y dos./ 4* / 
(Herp are contained aorae dtivicii'S arul rules forllie 
coule^sur^ wlio liiive lu^ird tlit; contV'asioris of the 
Spfimtirds \vho l]ave or liJive li^d \\\n cJmrEjK of the 
Indiuns of tUv. J iidi<'S of liie 0:;ean Sea ; collected 
by tlit^ tJisliop of rhbpa Don liartbolaiUF^w de 
Las CiififiSj or Ctiflms, Friar of Un.' Order of -Saint 
Dominick, [^Cotojihott] To tiie honor ^nd p;lory of 
Our Lord JeJ^us Christ and of ibe most lloly 
Virgin iSamt iMary, Tht^ Tiresr^^t tt^ork waa 
printed in tUa very noblo and very loyiii CJity of 
SevjllH^ at r^ebastian JVu^ifillo'Sj [printer of books^ 
Oppo.Hite Our L;idy of (iraoe: llni^hKl the i^th 
day of tbe montl] of SL^ptenibLT* hi the year one 
thousand five hundrpd and fifiy-two.) J6 l^aeeSj 
signtiture a, ihe reveis& ttj ilm ia^t kafhlunk, 
4io, {iii. '25. 1631) 

LAS CA3AS (BAnrnoLOKE ue^. <[ Ureuiftima 
rela/cion de ladeftmyciondelaa [n^/dias t colei^ida 
por ol Ohilpo do/ fray Hartolotfn- dtf. bif) Cafaa, 0/ 
Caf(iua de la ordeii d;? Sat;t.o Uo/ininj^o./ Alio* 
153^./ [CitUtphim] C Fue imyirt^lfL la pridbnte o?/ 
bra eTii;i muy noble t mny h>al ciudad de Seailia/ 
en calh de SijbaUian TniJ^iUo iinpi'olVor de/ libros^ 
A nueilra iWiora de trraoiii./ Aiio di> .M. D, Lij,/ 
(A very briif atronni of the Df^stru<;tioaof (he In- 
diee; collettod by rlie [lisliop J>on hnrtbolomew 
de J^ag Cassia, orCajaua^ Friar of the Order of iSaint 
Domiuitk* In tho yiur LVV^* [Citinjthon] The 

fireaent vi'ork w:is printed in thr most noble Dud 
oyal eity of Sei^ille at Sebastian Trugillo's, printer 
of booliM. At our Lady of (jra^i^'s^ In ilm year 
15.Vi.) 54 iei3Vi.'x, signniin^es a tn in e'tghl y iten^ 
and g itifoar ieuvii6 beiit^ tt SEput^te Unci Ctanmiinc- 

Sibliotheca Americana, 447 

in; 6 Lo que fe figue et vn peda90 de tiu carta, 
«te. 4(0. iU.it. 1692) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholohe se). 4* I^itre los res/ 
medios q d5 fray Bartulome de las cal'js :/ obilpo 
d'la ciadad real de Cbiapa : refirio/ por mandado 
del Emperador rey nro Tes/nor: en losayuntamietos 
q mado bazer IW magellad de perlados y letradoi 
J perlb/nas grades en Valladolid el ario de mill r/ 
qiuniatos y quareta y dos : para reforma«/ci6 de las 
Indias. £l octauo en orde es el/ figuiete. D6de 
fe afigna veynte razones :/ por las qles urueua no 
denerfe dar los ins/dios a los Kfiianales en en- 
oomieda: nien/feudo: ni en Tafiallaje : ni d'otra 
manera al/gfia. Si fu majeftad como defli-a quiere 
li/brarlos de la tyrania y perdicio q padece/ como 
de la boca de los dragones : y q totals/mete no los 
o6furoa y mate y q de vaxio to::/ao aql orbc d'fas tit 
infinitos naturales ba/bitadores como eilaua y lo 
vimos poblado/ [Co/opAon.] CFue imprefla la pre- 
fente oDra en/ la may noble y opulentiflima y muy 
leal ciadad/ de Hemlla, en las cal'as de Jacome 
Cr6/berger. Acabot'e a divz r fiete dias/ del mes 
de Agolto, aiio de mill/ r quinientos r cinquens/ta 

Ldos alios./ (Among tlie remedies which Brother 
on Bartholomew de Las Casas Bishop of the 
Royal City of Chiapa reported by order of the 
Emperor, the King, our Lord, in the meetings 
which his Majesty ordered to he held bv the pre- 
lates and learned men and grandees of Valladolid, 
in the year one thousand five hundred and forty 
two, for the reformation of the Indies ; the pightn 
in order is the following, wherein twenty reasous 
are assigned, by which it is proved that the Indians 
should not be given to the Spaniards, neither in 
commission, nor in fief, nor in vHSsalnge, nor in 
any other way whatsoever, if His Majesty accord- 
ing to his desire would free them from the tyranny 
and perdition which they suffer, as from themoutn 
of the dragons, and that tbey may not totally con- 
sume and kill them, and devastate that world of 
its so infinite natural inhabitants, with whom it 
was, and we saw it, peopled. [Colophon.'] The 
present work was printed in the very noble and 
most opulent and very loyal city of Seville at Jacob 
Cromberger's ; finished on the seventeenth day of 

44S ^thUotheca Americana, 

the month of August in the year 153'i.) 54 Uaves, 
gipwttires a to fin f^^^'^'^j "^'^ 5 ^^ ^^ ieaves, the hst 
being blank. 4io. {2t. ^s. lf>33) 

LAS CASAS {^Rahtijoij^vit; nv). C MftF-PS vn tra- 
tado q/ el obifpo d« la cuidad Real de Cliiapa flo/ 
fray tJartbolorae de las Cafas, o Cafaup/ cympulbj 
norcomiflion delConlHo Heal/ dclas India* : Ibhre 
la miitcrm do lys yns^/dios <]ue I'e ban he^ ho en ellas 
efclauos. El/ qual contiene mucliaa ra^onej* y 
a[icloj:/ridadep juridical : que ])uedpn apro/ueclmr 
a lo5 Ifttorpit para deter^/mtnar muchaa y diuerCis/ 
qnefiiones dudol'^R/ en rnfiteria de res/llitucion : y 
dc/ utras que al/ tilente los/ liobres/ el tir>po de 
agora traUn./ Aho ]55y./ [CV^fl/j/iffftJ C Aloor 
y gloria de nut^ftro le/nor Jetu Clirifio y dela fae- 
Tatillima virgen fancta/ iMariji» Kue imprelTa la 
prel'efite obra en la muj/ noble t muy leat ciudad 
de Strniiliif tn cafa/ de JSebi^fuan Trugillo imprelTbr 
de li/hrofi, Frontero de nuelira lefiora/ deGracia. 
Acabofle a doze/ diaa del niee de Setiem/bre. Auo 
de mil r qM;/nientos y dnfjue/ta y doa./ (Tbisis 
a treatise ivhich tJie Mii>$hop of the Kojal City of 
Chiapa, Kriar Don BarLholemevi- de Laa Caeas or 
f'asaus compeared by commission of the Hoyal 
Cnuncri] of the Indies: upon the subject of the In- 
diana IV he have been made sl'U'es there ; wliich eon- 
tains many reaso nil and lawful Eiutbori ties J which 
rmv ]trofit the readfrsfortbe determinjition uf manT 
and diffen'rit doubtful quesrionjj in the matter of 
restitution, and of otbir'rs which now the men of 
the ]]r4-'aent dav trout of- In ihe year 1.152, 
[Coittjttiii}t] To the boTior and ^lory of Our Lord 
Jesua CliriM mid of tbe mo<^t ^loly Vir^^in Saint 
fllary. Tlie present work wasprintt^d in tbenmst 
noble and most loyal City of rt^ vilie, at Sebastian 
Trugillo^aj priutt^r of bookfi. Opposite Our Ladj 
of (jrate. Fmished thetwdfth day of the mouth 
of Sejitemher, In tbe year one theu:5and five 
hundred and ^?ty-\.vio. ) 36 Uni^s, sigtmtureji'A. to c 
in eights, d in 12 ieave^f the rever&e af (Ai? tnst tfttf 
biattk, 4i0. {p. '2s, 163i) 

LAS CASAS ('B^HTHOLOME Uf). (L I'rincipia 
qtiedii ex quibua/ proeedenduTij eli in ditputatione 
ad manifelian/dnm et defendondam iuliiciam Yn- 
dorum :/ Fer Jlpifcopu, F, Bartholometi a Ca/faus 

Sibliotheca Americana. 449 

ordinis predicatorfi, collecta./ [Colophon] Q Im- 
preflum Hifpali in edibus Sebaftiani Irugilli./ 
(Certain principles from which we are to proceed 
in disputation to the manifestatioii and defence of 
the jurisdiction of the Indiana. Collected bybishop 
Bartholomew de La« Casas, Friar of the Order 
of Preachers. [Colophon] Printed at Seville, at 
Sebastian Trugillo's, [IddS].) 10 Uaves, signature 
A. 4to. (31.3$. 1635) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholomb de), C Tratado c6pro/ 
)f^ batorio del Imperio foberano y/ principado vniuerfal 

•■ que los Re/yes de Caftilla y Leon tienen fo^/bre 
las indias : compuefto por el/ Obil'po don fray 
Bartholome d'/ las Cafas, o Cafaus de la orden d / 
Sancto Domingo. Aiio. 1552./ [Colophon] C Aloor 
y gloria de nueftro fe/nor Jelu (;hrifto y de la 
facratiffima virgen fancta/ Maria fu madre. Fue 
imprefla la prelente ox/bra en la may noble r muy 
leal cuidad/ d' Seuilla en cafa d Sebaftia Tru/ gillo 
imprefibr de libros. Aca/ bofle a ocho dias d 1 mes/ 
de Enero. Ano./ 1553./ 84 leaves, signatures a to 
i, in eights. 4to. (3^. 3s. 1636) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholome de). Tyrannies/ et 
Crvavtez/ des/ Espagnols,/ peroetrees/ es/ Indes 
^ Occidentales,/ qu'on dit Le Nouueau monde ;/ 
Brieuement defcrites en langue Castillane par 
I'Euefque/ Don Frere Bartelemy dp Las Casas ou/ 
CasaTS, Kspagnol, de I'ordre de S. Dominique; 
fide-/lement traduidles par laqres de Miggrode :/ 
Pour seruir d'exemple & aduertilTement/ auz xvii 
Prouinces du pais bas./ Heureuz celuy qui deu- 
lent fage/ En voyant d'autruy le dommage./ A 
AnversJ Chez Fran9oi8 de Ravelenghien ioignant 
lepor-/tail Septentrional de I'Eglile noftre Dame./ 
H.D.Lxxix./ (Tvrannies and cruelties of the Spa- 
nish, perpetrated in the West Indies which are 
called the New World -briefly described in the 
Castilian tongue, by the Bishop Don Bartholomew 
de I^as Casas or Casaus, Spaniard, Friar of the 
Order of St. Dominick ; faithfully translated by 
James de Miggrode ; to serve as an example and 
warning to the seventeen provinces of the Low 
Countries. Happy is he who becomes wise in wit- 
nessing another s disadvantage. Antwerp, at 
Francis de Ravelingeu's, adjoining the northern 

450 SihUotheca A'inmcana. 

f^ntrnncp of the Church of our Lady. 1^579.) Sprel. 
Icavasj iind IB t pp. Rt*J. (S/, ^s. 1637) 

LAS CASAS (]iAimioi.o>ii- ce). The/ Spanilh 
Colflnie^/ or/ liriefe (Jhronicly of the Af.ts and/ 
ffellefloftheSpaniardeB in thf; Weft fn-yiiies^ called 
the newf^ Worlds ft»r the/ Ipacu of il. jeereH: 
written in the (_'a-/fi.iliiin totij^ie bj tl^e reuerend 
I3U/tho}> Bartholome^v de lae Caiiis or CjifsiuSj n 
Friar of the or-/derof St* Doiuinicke,/ And no^e 
firft tranllated into/ En^lifti, h^ M, M. S./ C Im- 
printed at London for/ William Brome./ 1533-/ 
[Cfl/(>pftp;!] liTit>rJr]ted at London at tl^e three/ 
Cranes in the Vintree by Thomas/ Dawfbn^ for 
"WiLliam Broome./ ].'>33./ 8 ;ire^ iaiive.m -, viz. Title 
in a hrtiiid tifjre ifiaial UorcleCj tlm reiiefSi^ {flank ; * To 
the Header/ 7 pp. *The ArE^umtnt oi' thJJipreibnt/ 
S^ummarie.7 ^ PP- *The Prologue of the Bilhop 
Frier/ Hnrtholomewe de las Cafas or CtilaupJ to 
the Tiioft hij^h and mightie print;e,/ Our Lord Don 
l-*hilip IMnce/ of Spairie.7 4m>* in roman tifoe. 
T^ii 52 leaies in Hlack letter } Siguutures A, to N, 
infhum^ ^ 'fo the KejifJer,* 14 hucas in roinnit tifpij 
signatures O. to Q. in Jouviy It. in tvco^ [Cohphott^ 
Imprinted at London at the three/ franea in the 
Vintree by Thomas/ Uawlbti, for William Hroome,/ 
15337 Russia extm. 4ta. {lOL 10s. 163B) 

LAS CASAS (BAHTitoinMK rt:). New^e Welt./ 
Warhafftige Anzci[junp/ Der HifjHmier grewli;/ 
chen^ abichewlichen vnd vnmenfeLUchen Ty=/ 
ranney^ von ihneii inn din TudiimifHien Liindern,/ 
fo gej^en Niderfi^ang der Sonnen ^eli>f^en, vnd die/ 
Ntfwe Welt }i;ennet wirilj hegangf^n./ Erftlich/ 
CaitiUaniidijdnrch BiVdiotf UArtholtnufuin) de las 
Cafaa oder/ Cafcms^ gchornen Hifpaniem, Predieer 
Qrdeng^ belchrieben : Vnd/ im Jahr 155S in deJ 
Koni^lithen Staat Hifpahsoder/f^eviliftinSpanien 
gedruckt :/ Hernaeherin die/ tVant^bfifche Sprachj 
durch Jaeohen von Migfi^rode^ den 17/ l-*rovmoien 
defa Nidttrlands, zur Wnrniinpf/ xtad Hoylpjel, 
gehraeht:/ Jetzt abi^r erft ii>^/ Moehteutlch/durch 
TTfflcrhrn wil^erij vbergpefetzt,/ .Jm Jhar/ 1557./ B 
pret. teams and 15y }>p. Rt^i'Her Vi pp. uf\iiO\ind^ 
4ta, {^31. 3s. 1639) 

SihKotheca Americana. 451 

LAS CA8AS (Bartholohe de). Spieehel der 
Spaenfcher tjs/raiinye, in Weft-Indien. Waer inne 
> Terhaelt wordt de moordas/digbe, fchandelijcke, 
lende groaweijcke feyten, die defelve Spaen-/ 
jserden ghebruyckt hebben inde felve Linden./ 
Mitlgaden de befchryvinehe rander ehelegenthejt, 
leden/ ende aert van de felfde Landen eode Vole- 
ken./ In Spaenfcher Talen befchreven, door den 
E. Biffcbop Don Fray Bartholome de las Cafas, ran 
S. DominicuB Oorden./ i' Anutelndam,! By Cor- 
nelia Claeiz, Boeckrercooper woonende opt W ater,/ 
int Schriifboeck, Anno 1607./ 44 leaves including 
^U, mm map «f America engraved on the title, the 
revene blank. Black letter. Signatures A. to L. in 
fours, the Uut blank. 4to. (K. lOi. 1640) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholohe de). Den/ Spieghel/ 
Vande Spaenfche Tyrannie beeldelijcken aU/ge- 
*" maelt, leeft breederen in-hout door bet schrijven 
Tan den £. Biflchop/ ran Cbiapain nieu Spaengien, 
ghenaemt Don rray Bartholome de/ laa Cafas, 
ran S. Dominicus Oorden^ aeu den grootmach-/ 
tigen Coninck ran Spaengien Philips de tweede./ 
Gnedruckt tot Amstelredam by Cornelis CUefz. 
1609./ TitU vrith copperplate engraving the reverse 
blank, and copperplates numbered 1 to xrii, with 
letter-press description at foot of each. Black Utter. 
4(0. (It. lOi. 1641) 

LAS CASAS (Babtholome de). Le Miroir/ De 
la/ Tyrannic Efoagnole/ Perpetree auz Indes/ 
^ Ocddentales./ On rerra icy la cruaute plus/ (]ue 
inbnmaine, commife par les/ Efpagnols, aulsi la 
deicription de/ ces terres, peuples, et leur nature./ 
Mife en lumiere par un/ Kreftjue Bartholome de las 
Cafas,/ de I'Ordre de S. Dominic./ Nourellement 
re&icte, avec les/ Figurs en cuyrre./ tot/ Amster- 
iam/ Ghedruckt by Ian Ererus,/ Cloppenburg, 
op't Water,/tegenoTer de Koor-Beur/ in vergulden 
Eijbel./ 1620./ 68 folioed leaves iticluding title 
within an engraved border of Figures, and copperplates 
with the text on folios 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 18, SO, 21, 24, 
», 29, 30, 3S, 49, 53, 55, 65. Old calf. 
Ua. (,U.iU.6d. 1642) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholohe de). Istoria/ d breuif- 
lima relatione/ Delia Distrrttione/ dell' Indie Oc- 

452 Bihliotheca Americana. 

cidentali/ di I\Jonisii^. Kevf;r?ndiAs./ Don Uar- 
tolomeo dulle Cul'e, ij CiifauBj Siuigliano/ VpIcoqo 
di Chiapa Citti lif;galf^ nell' indie./ (.'onfonjje a] 
svo vtTO origiriiiKV Spft^nuoln^ iji« Aiimptit:o in 
Siuigha.y (Jon la truduttiuny in JUtlirmo de Fran- 
cefco EprlahlLa,/ Df^dicata alT Amicitia./ 1 n 
Vemtitx I'rdlo AJarco Uinammi. jn.oc.xxvi./ Con 
licenzii de' Superiori, ^ IViuilr^io./ ( History or 
very Jihort account of the destruction of tlae West 
Induce ; bj i^[y Lord tlie mopt re^'erend Don bar- 
tholomew de Las (.'jujas, or Ca«aus, of Seville^ 
Bishop of Cldapa, a royal City in the indies. Ac- 
cording to his true originaf Spanish, formtTly 
printed in Seville, with the translation in Italian 
of Irancie liersrfbita. Dedicated to Friendj^liip. 
Venice at i^lark Ciinammi's, Id^ti. With license 
of the Superiors and privikf^\) G prd. feaves and 
I54fj>* L.ihri StamjKit't S^ Errori S yp* Vetlum^ 
4H», (1^, JiT. 164S) 

LAS CASAS (Baitihoi o:^Tt de). Tynimiies/ et/ 
CrvaTtez/ dcs/ Lspa^nols^/ Commises es Indeii/ 
Oct^idpiiiales, qu'on/ dii le ^ouueau Monde./ 
liricfvcnient deserite en/ Kt^pjiifiiul^ jMir Dom Frere 
fiarthelemj dc/ las (Jas;is de TOrdre de S* Do- 
roiiu(|ue, ikf Euefque de la ville Hoy alls de 
Chiappa./ Tradutttt^ ttdcHement en J'Van^ois par 
lacques de Miji^rode/ sur la {.'ojipie Espa^noUe : 
Jwprimee a la Tille de Seuilk./ A fiifvenj Chea 
Jact|U(S iVtilloii^ a la (.ourt du Palais:/ 
M.IJL.XNX-/ luuxtL* la Coppie luiprim^c a 
Taris, par Guillauine lulien./ Avec iVivilciTe dv 
l^oy.l ('Jyranny and Cruel Lied of the Spaniards, 
committed in the West ludu-t?, crtlled the Nejw 
World. J3rieflv described in Spanish by Don Fr. 
Bartlioloinew de Las (Jasas of the Order of St. 
Dominic and lUshopof the Hwyal City of Chiapa* 
Faithi'uily translated into French by James de 
ftll^L^Tode from tJie ftpanL-rh original^ printed in the 
city of Seville. At lUm+^n, nt James CaiUoue'e, 
in the Palace Court. Iti^iO.) 11 pieL ieuifs; viz. 
Title, the rtifr^ie btattk, *■ Advertijiin-^ment av Lec- 
tevr loTchant le present Livre/ V2 }tp. 'Sonnet.^ 1 
pa^e* * Arffvment dv jiretent Liure.^ '^ }fp- * Fro- 
loj^ve de L'evesqve doni Frere l^iartlii^h^my de laa 
Cnpas/ eic* 5 ]>p : Tfii ^14 pp. Dhi cafj eitra^ 
4^0, (1^. Hi. i}d. 16J4) 

Sibliotheca Americanch 453 

LAS CASAS (Bartholomeo de). La Liberti/ Pts. 
tesa/ Dal fupplice Schisuo Indiano/ di Monsignor 
ReTereDdiss./ D. Bartolomeo dalle Cafe,/ d 
CalauB, Siuigliano, dell' Ordine de' Predicatori, & 
Vefcouo/ di Cbiapa, Citta B«gale dell' Indie./ 
Conforme al fuo vero Originale Spagnuolo gia 
fiampato in Sioiglia./ Tradotto in Italiano per 
opera di Marco Ginammi./ AH' Altezza Serenif- 
nma di/ Odoardo Famese/ Dvca di Parma, et 
Piacenza, &c./ In Venelia, Preflb Marco Gin- 
ammi. M DC xxxx./ Con Licenza de' Superiori, & 
Priuilrao./ (The pretended liberty of the sup- 

Eliant Indian slave, by My Lord the most reverend 
). Bartholomew de Las Casas, or Casaus^ of Se- 
Tille, of the order of Preachers and Bishop of 
Chiapa, a royal city of India. According to the 
true Spanish original, formerly printed at Seville. 
Translated into Italian by the industry of Mark 
Ginammi. To His Most Serene Hiehness Ednrard 
famese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, etc. 
Venice. At Mark Ginammi's, 1640. With license 
of the Superiors, and privilege.) 158 pp. Vellum. 
4to. (it. It. 1645) 

LAS CASAS (Bartholome de). Histoire/ des In- 
des/ Occidentales./ Ov I'on reconnoit/ la bont6 
de ces pais, & de leurs/ peuples ; & les cruantez 
"Tyran/niques des Espagnols./ D^crite premiere- 
ment en langue Caftfllane par/ Dom Barthelemy 
de las Casas,/ de I'Ordre de S. Dominique, ic 
Euefque/ de Chappa ; 6i depuis fidellement/ tra- 
doite en Francois./ A Lyon,/ Chez lean Caffin, 
& F. Flaignard,/ en rue Merciere, au Nom de 
lesvs./ M.DC.xui./ Auec Approbation, & Per- 
milsion./ (History of the West Indies. Where 
are recognised the excellence of those countries 
and of their people, and the tyrannical cruelties of 
the Spaniards. First described in the Castilian 
tongue by Don Bartholomew de Las Casas, of the 
Onfer of Saint Dominic, and Bishop of Chiapa, 
and since futbliilly translated into French. Lyons. 
At John Caffin and F. Plaignard's, in Mercer 
Street, at the name of Jesus. 1642. With appro- 
bation and permission.) 4 prel. leaves; viz. Tiite on 
the revene, Approbatiem, and Permiawn. ' Preface 
av Lectevr.' 6 pp. Text 399 pp. Vellum. Small 
8iw. (K. li. 1646) 

454 J^ihliofheca Ajnericana, 

LAS CASAS (HAiiiHoi.nMF' de)* Tstorift,/ o 
Breuilgima Kelatiorn-/ deUii DistrvUione/ deir In- 
die Oucid^ntali/ di Moiisig. linvvtv^iM^.j Don 
Uarto]omeo dalle Cale^ o Cal'aus^ Siui^liano dell* 
Ordirip/ fW l*r('dififitoi*i ; & Wffrouo di Chiapa./ 
CoTifbnne al fuo vero Oripiiial« Siia[2;init>lo gift 
flasipato in Siitiglia./ TrudottA in Jtaliano dall 
Kecell* Sig. f.ijacomn Cjistpllaiiij/ giuLbttonome 
di Kranct'sco J3trrabiJA* Al Molt' 111.", fct Kcc*"^^. 
Sig .« Sig.r mio rol™° 11 Si^./ >i'ico]o' l^ersico*/ 
In Venrtia Prfllb iMareo Giuammi. m.dc.xijli./ 
Coji Licenzit dc' Supenori, £t rriuil^gjo,/ (llis- 
torj or very short account of t\\tr dfsT.TUction of 
the West Indic^ft* H y My Lord t\\e. most reverend 
Don Jiartiiolonifjv^ dii Las fjasasj or CaeauB^ of 
Sovillf, of th^> order of I'rt^achersj iind bishop of 
Chiapu. According to the true Spanish original 
formerly prinW iti rtiiville* 'iVanslatt'd into Ita- 
lian by [lit? Kxcelkncy Sij^or Jrtmes Castell^ni, 
formerly under the name of Krancis Uern-ahita, 
To the moAt Jliustriousand moAt f^xceMpnt Sl^or, 
my most Jlonon^d Lord^ Sit^nor \icholtifl Pcrsico. 
Venif;e, At .Mark (linammi s. 1G4,'3, With license 
of the f^up^riorSj and privLN^^g^e,) 3 prtL leaves and 
150 p/j. 4^to. (iMs. 1<]47) 

LAS CASAS i Baiitiioijimfo i>r), Conuvista/ dell' 
Iiidifi/ Ocddfjintftli/ di MonflignoW Fra fiartolomeo 
dttlle Case,/ b (Jiiftiuaf ^lui^liuiio, Vofcouo di 
Chiapa,/ Tradotta in Italiiino yterontTa di Marco 
Ginammi./ Air J1L^° tt Kcc-^t* Siltk Sig.^V ^ 
mio Padron Col."""/ 1 1 Sii^^"'^ Pictro Sagredo/ Pro- 
cvratore di S. .Marco./ In Venetitif nr oc xxxxv./ 
Prdlij .'^liirt:!! (rinajiiini,/ Ciin Licenza de^ Su- 

feriori, & Privilj'j^io,/ (ConqiiEtst of the West 
ndii^s by .My Lord, liroiher Liartholomew de Las 
Cjwa« Of Canaua^ of Sr^viMf^, liishop of Chiapa. 
Translatpil into Italian hv tb^ labours of iMark 
Ginammi. To th^j moat llluBtriona Eind excellent 
Lord, iMy lAtrd and moat honoun-id ]>atron the I^rd 
P^^ter Siij^r+do, Procurator of ^aiut Mark. Venice, 
16-lJ. At M fir If ^jiimmmi^iJ* With the license of 
the Supt^riora and privilege.) lU-l pp. Vethnt^ 
4iP. (1^ U. 1647*) 

LAS CASAS (Bahthot^mi^ dO- The Teiirs of the 
Indians :/ Bejn^/ An Hilloricul and true Account/ 

Bibliotheea Americana. 


Cruel/ Muiracrt^H njiii Slau^JUPrs/ nf r^boTe 
r A[illiotLit/ of iiinoL'^nt IVcple ;/ Ccmmif ted 
Spaniards/ Id tlii? lllauda of/ i{if|.i[Liiiu]u, 
Piilin, Jntuiuca, &c./ Aa alio, in tie Continent 
pf/ fileiico, IVru, mid other Pisces of tlie/ \Veft- 
"ndiesT/ ^ t^ the total d<^ftru^tion of lliofe Countriea./ 
Vrittfrn in Spanilh by <.'(iJauf^^/ an E_ye*witnefii of 
iiiofe things ;/ Anrl uinde Englifli by J. P./ Lim- 
donj Piintfid by J. C. for NatL. Urook, nt tbe An- 
el/ in Combil^ 1656,/ 15 pivL ieaivt ; luz^ ist 
Janft, Tiiie iht reutrje blank, 'To His Itifrbneli, 
[)liver Lorvl Prot^clx^r of tbti Common w<.^ivUh of 
E^nglandf Sootland and Ireland^ V\'itb tbe Dom- 
ain ions tbwi.'to be!oiij!:infr.* T pp. SigtifU 'J. 
Pbilliiis.' ' To all true Kngliflj-mKn.' l(i pp. Ttxt 
pp. Ci^pjierptnte btf *ii, Gajwooil/ Otdealf^ 
Bmall QlK>. {U. U. 16-lB) 

CASAS ("B*BTr!oi^ME hi;), I'ojjtrj/ Truly 
Ijlpliiy'd in its/ Uloody Colours :/ Or, a "fiiif hfuf/ 
^Arrative/ of tbe/ Horrid and UnejaDi[>lpd Maf- 
lis, But-/ebi^riea, ami nit manner of CrusltiM, 
hat [lei! and/ Malice could invent, committed by 
tlit Popilb Spanilb/ J-'arty on die liibabitanta of 
Wefift-ljidiai/ Together/ With the Devallations of 
everal Kiti^domB in Amerit*/ by Kiry and Sit-ord, 
br tbe fpace of Forty and Two] Yt^ars, from tbe 
[inie uf its tirll Dilcovery by them./ ConipoftKl 
Irft ill Sjmtittb by Unrtiiolomew de las ChIus, u 
Jiniop/ tiiere, and an Eye-Witnela of moll of ttiefe 
"^iirblkrous Cjuellie* ;/ afterward TrajiflLited by him 
nto Latin, (ben by other ha mtii, into/ 1 lifjh-liuteh, 
Low-Dutch^ French, jtnd now Tjui'rht to tpeak/ 
'rloderu Knglilh,/ London^ Printed for R, Hffwfon 
^t the Crown in Cornbil,/ near the Stocks- Market. 
IliS^,/ -i jtrrl. leaves ami fSO pp. 4to. ^il.^i. 1649) 

^S CASA!^ (B,iHTiio).oMK de), I.B DecoiiTertp/ 
ifH/ Inttes Oecideotalefl,/ par/ les DspAanoH,/ 
(^Tite l»ir J)om Baltba£ar de LaH-/Caflas, Lvtique 
■" ? (.'liiojm,/ Dedii! i Moufeigiieur le Comta/ de 
foutouse./ A FaTii.l Chez Andre Prelard, rue 
Bftint JncQue^s a rOccalion/ ai.ol'.kcvii./ Areo 
Ptivilr^ clu Roi,/ (Tbe DiFcovery of tbe EaAt 
'ndie» by tJ)e S|ianiiird(i. Written by Don Ltal. 
rde l-dia Ctiaus, Bishop of Cbiapa. Dedicated 
liOrd^ the Count of Toolouae. Paria^ At 

456 Sihliotheca Americana. 

Andrew Prpliinra^ St. Jam^a Street^ at the Oppor- 
Uavri inriiiditig e^ifrraied title ; Teji t 5BS pp ; Tnhte 

^'oya^ea/ et des/ d£^couvprU"s/ Que lt?a Klpagrnolfi 
out fftit dans It^s/ Iiidna QcckientaLea ;/ Kcrile par 
Dora 13- de Lftfi-rjafsi!^, Kvt /ifufMJttChijipa./ Avec 
la i^elatioD ciirieule Jew ^'oyrt||^eB du/ S^ifur de 
IMoiit^ubaij, CapitairiH df s/ HLbuftiers^ t^n Guin^^e 
Van 1*j95h/ A Jnij^terdfimJ LheaJ, J.ouiadtr Lonne 
Libraire fur le/ RcK^kin, u i'eTdeij^ne de Iti Liberte**/ 
W,tiC!(t-viii7 ^^ ?"'^'- ^f^t^Sj htcittditig l^^ ontitpiece ; 
Ttxt 40^ ^/^- Cu^u/"^r'(^i S? /7^- hlii.itk It^f ; Foihwfd 
by J/Art/ de/ Vuyap;er/ L'tiknicnt-/ JSuivant la 
Copie dn Paris./ A j^wjs^t^rt/Hw/^/ t.ln-'Z J. Luuia de 
Lonne Jjhraire fur le/ Horkin, d. Vt^nii'ign*^ de la 
Liberte.*/ ai^tiu.XLviir./ 3 jjre^ ientea ujtd 5'i pp. 
OldaitJ\ lyflid. (10s. (id, 16^J) 

LAS CAf^AS (l^AnTuni.oME xie). An/ Account/ Of 
the FJrfi/ Voyat^t^s and DiflLOvpnffi/ I^Jade by the 
Spaniarcla in AmericaH/ CoiUainin^/ The. mctl 
Kjtjif^t Kt^lahon hirhttrto ^lub/liHi'd, of thAt un- 
parEdlerd Cruel tii^i:/ en I lie l/MJi«ns, in llietleltruc- 
ticiu ol' a-/bove forty Million.'^ of l-'eople./ With 
the PropofiMons- ofl'(^r'd u> tlie Kin^ of Spain^/ to 
prevent The further Uuiuof thf? U I'ft liidxts./ By 
Don Jiartholomewde las riifna, Itilhop of Miiapaj/ 
who WHS an Kye-witiu^fsof rLeirfrudti*^./ JJlul- 
tratf^il with (.utfi./ 'Jo which is aiidrdj 'I he Art 
of 'I'rEHxtlintTy (tif">\"iijj^ how a Man may/ difpofd his 
Travels to lUe beit advanra^t^r/ L■t^uii^1^^^| Printf'd 
bv J* iJarhy ior I), hrttwn iiiHif^ Uli^oli Swan/ ond 
liibk wit}iout I'l'nijile-lUir, J. Mtirns at the/ Har- 
row in Utile hrirain^ and Andr. Bell at the/ 
(.-rofti'lieyA and J-!ihlf in {'ornhil. .M^tn^ittMji*/ 4 
ptft. /rutps; ri:;* 7 if/f*^ I^rfJtiiT, itnH (."fiui^uts : Ttsi 
UAH ftp. *'lbe Art of TravrJIir^' to Advantage.' 40 
pj}. *2 coppirpliite^y eacfi iti tuit l^aifs ui ptt^i 1^ Ofd 
CittJ\ Srfl, (ly.. tStl. IG^^) 

LAS t-ASA^i (Bartitoiohii iif.\ lirpvt Hebcion 
de la Dt5trucdtm di- Ur Jnitias OmrlentiilfB, Pre- 
aentada a Fel;pe Jl i^n-nclo l^rincip<? dff Asturtaa 
puT D. Fr, Uartulomi de lus Cas:ii^, Del Orden de 

SibUotheca Americana. 


diendorfti, Obispo de CliMjit. Imprtsi en 
SevilliieQ Ihsi. HeiiDpremi en Ltrndrf^PctrSdiulie 
ir Dfsn, IS, Poiuid Street. IBl!. Half-titU, title, 
'undliOpp. Uiuriit. lima. (KkSdd. 165S) 

[LA SO DK LA VEGA (Aktosio t>e Cobdovji). 
^/ Por^ D.AntonjodjL'Cordora/LRLb delft Vega, 
(/apitao de ju Guardat;/ de et GDremador, j 
T«iieii[e Cii!ae-ln\ de In (.'snOIeria dd Keyno^ de 
Chile./ Con/ lil SetioT Fiscftl del/ C'cmfejo de 
lndift£> ^ «l Promotor Fifca]/ de CobruD^afl de ^IJ 

F^t0. (IJ. li. 1654) 

LSSO DE LA VEGA (Gabriel). Elogitis/en 
de Amgon^ Don FerDan-/da Corlt^ Mftrqoes dd 
VUJe^ Y IJoTi/ Aluara de Bngan I^Jarqueade/i^snlA- 
croB./ * (.oijuijftoa por Gabnel Ijiljb dels Vega 
Cotina del H. N. S./ Dinpdos s Don Garpw Gai- 
ctnm die Caftro y Pi^/iiOD, Code de Guunaran, 
Viwodt; dp tliol, &C./ Aiio 1()01/. Con priui- 
le^o^ En CiiTtigo^ por AionJb Hodriguei./ Bprrf. 
haiti iliiti 144_/4^i(tf<f tiuva. Fine ct^ptf. Otd catf* 
16mo. {31. iSi. 6d. 1655) 

A.iST (Tit*)/ Eaft-Indian/ Yojige.j Coufniniag 
Mvcli/ i-iiriftit? of tJie State of" the leuerall/ king- 
domf^ wJjHre tliey IiHue tr.ided :/ with the Letters of 
thT«e fr^ufrrnll hmgul to llie Kings Mnieliia of 
£n^land.i' l)pj?;iln'h_r ODCof tlie VoyAj^e; ftnco con* 
" " r" riie lEutUfull obferuationfi of/ tbem 
'iiinif./ At IjOtidoitJ Priated by T- 
iti Itiirre./ 1 611(5,/ Ttite, rcieri* 6/anfc; 

*To ihe litr;MJer.* 1 iKgr, iijitfrf ' W. B.' Tert, tig. 
BloK ti>/dun. liutfmat. iio. (31. Si. 1656) 

LATHROP (Jons). A Discourse Preatibed, De- 
ceaib«r 15tli 1774. Bt^lug tlit^ day recum mended 
l\y (Jie ProviuciiiJ ConpTt^ls, 'Jo be ObfterTed In 
tiuitilir^rviijg rc] God for the tilellinii^ij tpujuyed ; and 
Lutatlmtiua itti aiicoLint ot' public CnlfLiiii titles. By 
Jatin l„*tlirup, X.M. Piusior ufthe Secnud Cbureh 
in BoBTJtDp hftyttiu : Printed bj D, Knee land; 
*iid Soltl by Siuupe! Webb, ia (Jueen-StTeet. 1774, 
SO 111. I'iKUt. «i>P, (4*. 6d. 1657) 

LATHROP (JostPii). Two Sormons, on tLe 
Chriliiiu) SnbbuOi, for UutributioD in eke ^ew 

458 Sihliotheca Americana, 

SettlementB of tlift Uniti^d SlJit^a, By Jo3q>h La- 
throp, D.D* Paftor of the firll Church in Weft- 
Sprin^fifild^ Northamptotij (iVJaJlkchuft^tUi,) 

PrinU'il fiy William i^iitJ^r, (For the n]m)pilnre 

8rd. {2s.6ii. 1653) 

LATOLIR (A» IgACAHRrntK), Historical IMemoir 
of the Wftr in West Moridfi and LouiBiana in 
1014^1^^. With an Atlas. By Msiior A. Lacarriere 
Lalour, Priin:jpal Kngint^4:;r \u tlie Seventh Mili- 
tary Diiitrict L^niteJ States* Army, Written 
^ ^__ii___-__ j-ypn^;]] jij^j translated for the Au- 

thor, by lU l\ Nugent, Kpr], PKitadeljiitiu : Puh- 
Ijslied by John (.'onr;i<l rtnd Co, J. ^l&iwell, 
prniter lelG. ix tind ^64: pp. * Appendix,' cicpp. 
With T colared wiap$ and ptan^^ hoards^ uncut. 
8w, {15s. 1659) 

LAW (Wilmam). An Fztraet from n Treatise By 
WiUlam Law, .M.A. Call<^d, The Sjiirit of tVayer; 
or. The Soul rifin^^ out of the Vanity of Time, into 
the iiiches of I'-ternitj. Difcovering' the true 
Wfty of turning to God, and of tiudiug tlie King- 
dom of Heaveri the lUclies of Ktorriity in our 
Souls. Philitddphiti: Printed by B. Franklin, and 
U Hall. 1760, 4r]t}t. iivo. {tOs. 6d. 1660) 

LAWSOX (Deohat), Christ':* Fidelity/ the only/ 
Shield/ against/ l^atan's Malignity./ Asserted in 
A/Jfermou/ Deliver'd at Salem-VjUage the/ 24th 
of March, IGE^^. Hi?inf^ Lc^turc'/day there, and a 
time of I'uhlick Examination, of fome Sufr^etted/ 
for Witf^licraft./ By Deoclat Lawson, .Mimlter/of 
(he Gofpel./ The Stxlond Fldition,/ J'rinted at 
Bofton in i\ew-Fn gland, and Reprinted/ in J^on- 
don by K, Tokey for the Author^ etc^ 1704./ 6 
prei. teave^Sj and IW pp.. Fitte copy, Itaif cat/. 
l2mo. ' (SL'^i. 1661) 

LA WSON (John)* A Xew Voyjige to Carolina; 
Containinn^ thfi E^at't Deicription and ISatural 
FMllory of thtit Country : Toi^ether with the Brc- 
fent ^tafe thereof. And A Journal Of a Thousand 
Miles, Travel'd thro' ievr^ral Nations of Indians, 
GiTinj^ a particular Account of their Curroins, 
Manners, &c. By Jolui Lawflon,Gent. Surveyor- 
General pf North-^C^roLina^ Loadon ; Prmted in 

Sibliotheea Americana • 



the Yenr 1709+ Titte, re^jtrte b}ank; Dedication to 
Lord Crtiiten S pp ; t^rejftf^ S /?p; Ijttrodticthn Hf 
Jifurtmt^ 60 pp ; DfKnplion nf S'ofth CaroliTut^ pp^ 
61 to ti5B ; iAitftif jriibliihed etc. t page. Ma^ of p* 
61^ 6i plate of tinimii.U at p^ l*ib^ Pine copy. Gii/1 
4to, {9L V2». 6d. 1663) 

Thtiooppt h»«j It Fu nr]jri[ii4]j [)uhii>titd la numiitT-it biirLnj^ the 
HYsnl Llt]«i to Lite Afiril* tity, Ji\ntt, lod July ituiubtrii I7ti0» 

LECIIFORD (TiioM/is). Plain Dealing:/ Or,/ 
Jievres/ &oa(/ Ne«*- England./ A (liort view of 
New-EQglanJs/ prefent UoTemmenf, "both JCcclt^- 
JtafbcwJI and Civa^/ eompfirecl with the oncientlj- 
receivcJ iinil eiU-/liliHii;J Govframeut of England, 
in/ fume m^t^riall points ; lit for the gmvefl/coiiAi- 
^^^ dt?r(ttioji in thtfe time^./ Hy ^rhnniiu Leobfard of 
^^L Oements lane,/ to tie C'Oumy of Middlefei, 
^H Ctmt./ Lsmdvn,! Printed W \^'. £. and 1. li. for 
^^H Natlu Bottefjat tiieiigne/ ofthepyde BullneereS, 
^^1 Aultinit gMtc. 1649./ i prel. itavfs ; v'a, Titk, on 
^^V tht rttvertt Roifai Arttii ; ' To the l^adi;r.^ 5 ^/i. ^ A 
^V Table ' etc^lpage ; TeJit BOjip, Fine copijf caif extra 
f^ t(( Bedford. 4M. (5f,"5i. 1(J63> 

LEDERER (Jobs). The/ Discovtrics/ of/ John 

ILederer,/ Ja three feFeral Marches from/ Virgi- 
tua,/ To the Weil of/ Carolina,/ And other parts of 
the Continent:/ Begun in .March ld(iy, and ended 
in JSeptetuher 1670./ Toother with/ A Lienend 
Slap of the whole 1 eiritory/ whieh tie traverfd./ 
Colki^ted and TranQsted out of Latjne from his 
Difcourfe/ and Writings^/ ily Sir William Talbot 
Bdrocet./ LpJidttn^ Printed by J, C. for Samuel 
IlevrifJt, at Grays-Zlniie-gate in Itolborn. 1672./ 
Spriti. Ifav^ ; vi^. TiUe reverss blanhf * To tlie Right 
Honourjible Anthoay Lord Ashley 'etc. 2 p^, tigiiat 
* Wiltiam Talbot.' 'To the Hi^aifx.' i mi, sipied 
*^Villiftln Tttlbnt.* 'A il»p of the whole Lemtory 
Traversed by ioha Lfrderer in hia three Marches.^ 
Tfit ^ pp, yiiur ettpi/. Grfidn morcmii *?itrfi. 
1^^ 4(d. (Si. 3s, 1664) 

^^^KȣE iVnAttj.Vii), Memoirs of the life of the late 
^^B^Ch»iei Lw^ Esq. Lii^itenant Colonel of the fortj 
^^M Funrth llf[;tment, Colonel in the Portu^niese Ber> 
^^B ^loe, .Major General^ and Aid duCamptu theKin^ 
^^^ of I'oland, and Setoiid in Comrannd in the Serrieo 
of the United States of America during theKevo- 

460 S'thlioikeea Americana, 

lution; To iv)iich nrp addt-J his I'olitical and Rli- 
litarj Essays ; also, J^pttyrs to, and troni niarij^ dis- 
tinguislitT'd Cliarai.^tHrfi^ both lu Kurope and Amf^- 
Tiea. Dubl'tH: H. tiynie, etc. 179^. zii urtJ 439 
pp. Old mif. etio. (Ws. 6d. Iddo) 

LKK (CnAKLf5>. Tlio l,ift' and Memoirsofilip late 
Major(irn[Tal Lpe, ^etoiid int'auiiiiarid to Gene- 
ral V\ ashiijj^ton^ ilurin^ the American Eevolution^ 
to wbich are add<d, Ms I'olitioa! and ftiilitary Es- 
says. AlsOj Letters to and trinnnmnj'dif^tinguished 
Cnaractt'rs both in Etjm]ie and America^ Kew~ 
York; Kiclianl ticott, liil3. iyrel, irutfs und jf;), 
13-3oe. CalJ'. lyjni). (7s. 6d. 16o6J 

LEEDS (Damh.). An Almansfk For the Year of 
Chfietian Accotint 1G8?, 1 Particularly respecting 
tlie Meridian lind Latitude of i^urUn^toi^f but may 
indifterenlly serve all yilaces adji»teiit By Daniel 
Leetls, Student in Agriculture, i'rintt'd and Sold 
by ^^']lljarn Llradlbrd^ neat- t^htliidei]yhia in i^enn- 
Bjlvania, pro Anno 1()B7. A bvmdiide. 
Fatin. {'Jl. 2s. 1667) 

ThJK nhfcl Almnn^r in saiil In h^ve ^ca the ^tux [jie4:e priitl^fd tt 
I'ltiL^dflpliiii^ TJj*? |irtiM*]!t (.'op\ is nrilj a Iraitment *4 abrpul 
thn!t:'-4^i^litli^n''tti4j ivktuUijbutLlbB^ElitKiwtrriifbt-ltandL'aratrr, 

LEKDS (DAMtj.), The mtne^a. rept-ittt. A hroadside,. 
Fdia. {^^.6d. l<i6B) 

LEKVEN EN DADENV der Doorluchtiglille/Zee- 

'B'en./ lieginiK^nde met/ rhrifitofFel Colombus,/ 
Vinder van de iSieuwt^ \\ ertfldt./ En evndiL,'f^nde 
met dtti UoLtnniditjgt^n Adiiiirad/ ftJ* A*dc3 lluy^- 
t4^r, Kidd, &r./ Vertooiieiidt vefil vreein<le X'oor-^ 
val!^njdapj)pre\'emdilinjj;4^n,/ iTouTnioedijfe Belt- 
icrin^t^n^ t^n iWjiere ZtT-lljigenj Ott:./ NEicuL«urigh, 
uyt veele fjfloofwaerdi^e :^cbriften^ en Autht^n- 
tijctf/ Siutikcn, by eeii j^ebrjiclir^ *^n ttfithreven,/ 
Door V. D* B,/ t'/Jmi(frdflmj/ lly Juu t larsz. ten. 
Hoornj pii Jau Jiouman^/ BceckverkooiKJrs. Anno 
167^./ iMfU Privilejrif? voor ifi. ,]nri.'U,/ 5 preL 
ieavpjf; m* Eitgrimed iille * Jver^^^t'ii. en Uydt^nr/der 
Doorlu^Jitit^e/ Zt^e- Maiden./' ^^^fi en (^^ leierse 
*■ iVivilt^^ie/ Por^aif r/ De TZkt/fer, * Op-dracht' 
& ?7). '■ Aciiden Le^tr.\"?fi * U^'i^n^tpr/ ^ /;p- 7erf 
350 J7). C[ijj/>fr;>/«fes at ;?p. 1, iiO, 45, 79^ b9, 108, 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 461 

188, 153, 183, 210, 235, 258, 280. Tweede Deel. 
i and 303 pp. ' Register.' 7 jrp. Copperplates at 
pp. 1, 7, 43, 50, 71, 85, 92, 121, 166, 173, 179, 185, 
251, 271, 281, 295, 299. Calf extra by Clarke and 
Bedford. 4to. {U.lU.6d. 1669) 

LEEVEN EN DAADEN/ der Doorluclitigfte/ Zee- 
Helden,/ Beginnendemet deTocbtns/ Damiaten,/ 
Voor^evallea in den Jare 1217./ En eiudigende 
met den beroemden Admirael/ M. A. de Kuyter, 
Hartog, Ridd, &c./ Vertoonende alle de voorna- 
emfte Zeedaden die de Hollanders en Zee-/lander8 
&c. van haer begin aen, loSelijck tegens bun vj- 
anden ver-/richt hebben ; nerens veel vrcemde 
Voorvallen, dappere Helde-/daden, ftoutmoedige 
Beftieringen, en fwaere Zee-flagen, &c./ N aeukeu- 
rigb, uyt veele geloofwaerdige Schriften, en Au- 
thentiioke/ Stucken, by een gebracht, en befchre- 
Ten,/ Door V. D. B./ Met veele curieufe koopere 
Plaeten verciert./ t'AmsleUam,/ By Jan ten Hoom, 
en Jan Bouman,/ Boekverkoopers, in Compagnie. 
Anno 1683./ 8 prel. leaves; viz. Engraved title, 
' Leeven. en Daden./ der Doorlughtige/ Zee-Hel- 
den./ T Amsterdam/ By Jan ten Hoom, en Jan 
Bouman,/ Boekverkopers in Compani 1683./ Title, 
on the reverse ' Privilegie.' ' Opdracht ' 2 pp. ' Aan 
den Leezer.' 2 pp. ' Register Der Hooft-Deelen ' 8 
pp. Text 784 pp. ' Register.' 7 pp. Copperplates 
at pp. 3, 39, 93, 123, 127, 150, 193, 203, 224, 282, 
293, 326, 412, 482, 489, 512, 519, 548, 558, 587, 
593, 601, 633, 721, 749, 773, 778, 781. Vellum. 
4to. (1(. ll».6d. 1670) 

LEIGH (Eoehton). Extracts from the Proceedings 
of the High Court of Vice- Admiralty, in Charles- 
town, South Carolina, upon Six several Informa- 
tions, adjudged by The Honourable P^gerton Leigh, 
Esq ; Sole Judge of that Court, and His Majesty's 
Attorney-General in the faid Province, In the 
Years 1767 and 1768. W ith explanatory Remarks, 
&c. And copies of two extraordinary Oatlis. To 
which are subjoined. Recapitulation, reflections 
arising from a retrospect of a late Case, and some 
General Observations on AmericanCustom-Flouse 
Officers, And Courts of Vice- Admiralty. The Se- 
cond Edition, with an Appendix. Charlesiown: 
Printed by David Bruce, udcclxix. »> and 64 
pp. Fotio. {2l.ias.6d. 1671) 


469 Sibliotheca Americana, 

LEJARZA (Juan Jose Martinez de)* AnilsisKs- 
tadf^tico. Dc In l^roviiicia(leMichuacan,enl833. 
For J. J, L. Meiico : 1824. 2 prd. (faresj h and 
281 pjK Tabta Num . 1 -7 , 4^0. < 1 3s. 1 672 ) 

LEO AFRICANUS (Jt-.^N), Historiale/ Dpscrip- 
tion/ dc VAtritTVe^ TiLTs/ce partie dv/ Monde/ 
Contenant fefl fiojaumeB^ Ke^ioiis, \'ilo3, Citez,/ 
Cbateaus ^ fortert^d'es: ]les, rleuaes, ATii-/maiiB, 
tftnt aquatiLiues, qiit? terreftres: coutu-/mes, loii, 
religion & m^on de faire d^^s habitas,/ Mucc pour- 
trails df^ It^ure ImbiE : enltinLble autres/ cboi'es me- 
morablt^Sj i^ rinjfuliercs nouueautea :/ Krcrite de 
notre temps par lean Leon, African,/ jjrcmiere' 
ment en langue Arabelqufi, puis en Toi-/cane, & a 
present mifeen Francois,/ En Aiiv^rs,f Ches lean 
BellertJ./ 1556.1 IG pel. ieaves : T*rxt -^12 folioed 
leaves, ^ Indice dea principalea matieres ^ etc, 48 pp. 
Calf extra, Gim). (U. U, 1673} 

LEON (Antonio nE)» Epitofme/ de la/ Biblioteca/ 
Oriental i Occidental, ^ autica/ i Geografica./ Al 
Eicelentifr. Ser]Or D. Kamiro Nuiioz/ P^^rez Felipe 
de Guzman, Senor de laCata/ de Guzman, Dutiue 
de Medina de laa ToTp/res .Martjues deToral i Mo- 
nafteriOjCoiide/de l*armafccelIoi Valdorce,Comen- 
dador/ de Valdcpenaa, Gran Canciller de Jaa Inr/ 
dia*, TeJbrero General de la Corona de ArA.l^^oii i 
Conffjo de (tali&j CapitAH de los cicn/ Hijosdal^o 
de la guarda de la Real pers/lbna i Sumiller de 
Corps./ Por el Licenciado Antonio de Leon/ Re- 
lator del Supr*:mo i Ilea]/ Coiisejo d<j laa Indias./ 
Con Priuilegio,/ En Madridy Tor luan Gonzalei./ 
Ano de .m.ucxkix. Eu^^raved title and 43 ^treL 
Uuves; Te^t 186 pjk * Appyndice/ liij'p, a^ifi Co- 
lophou Uaj\ Half calf. 4to. (21. 2s, 1671) 

LEON (Antonio de), Politica/de laa Grandezas/ 
T Govierno del S^vnremo/ y Heal Constyo dt'/ laa 
Indias./ Diriijida/ Al Key Nvestro Senor en el/ 
mil'mo Heal Conlejo, Prelidente el Licenciado D, 
luan de Vi-/lela del Abifo de Santiago ; Gran Can 
ciller el Cude Dui^ue do/ Gal'par de Guzman, Co- 
me udadar mayor de Alcantara ; ConVe-/jeTo9, el 
Lie. don Francil'co Arm Maldonado, ^laeftre-ef- 
cucla/ de Sabuuanta, Lie* luaii Gonzalez de &olor- 
^ano, Lie. don Ko'/drigo de Aguiar jAcuna, Lie 

Sihliotheca Americana, 463 

Atonfo ^laldoDAda df^ Torres^/ Lie. F^rnuDdo di2 
Villa fcftor, Pn;lltli!iite Jb la (.'oniratdciiui,/ Lie. 
SiLEcho Floret del Coiifejo deCmzculn^ Lie. doa 
Di^Efo dW Cardeaafl^ Lie- don FrtLuciJeo Ar^uifb y 
Zufij^, Lie, don Pedro/ de Bibftaco, del Abilu Je 
Santiago, Lie, don Die^o Goiif;HleE/ de Cuenen v 
Cpntreraa, Lie, dan Francilco Antenio de Al^ru/ 
det Abito de Santiago; Fifeal el Lie. dou ,\iit(iiiio 
de la/ Cue^ra y Silva, Setreturios, I'edro de Ledef- 
ma^ yf don Fu'dinaiidodeCoatr^ruii; Tenientt^de/ 
Grau CancilLer D, Antonio de/ AguiELr y Aeuna, 
del Abito/ dtj SantJafto./ Pof el Licenciado An- 
tqaio deLeon,/ fLj»hB^165& ?J Titi^ utid^QJoiiiHiiL 
ifaves, VeUum, 4to, (1(, I4. 1675) 

LEON IMMELO <.*.RTONio ni). [Printtd TitU} 
Vida/ del ilystr. i lleTCrend./ Don Toribio/ Al- 
foixw MogTovejo/ Arzobii^po de Lima./ [Ert^rd^jyi 
Titfcl Viua/ del IK-sLrissiino/ 1 RavereuQiflimo D. 
Toribio/ ,\lfon!;o Mofp-ovejo./ ,\rcobiSf)a de la 
Civdad/ de los Reyes Lima/ Cabeza de laa Pro- 
Tineias del Piru./ DeiLcase,/ Al EtniiientUHimo 
S-V Don Ualtasar de Mosooao/ v Sim:lov;il, Pres- 
biU;^ Cttrdenal de la/ S,' J glelia de Roma del TiTulo 
de S.' Cnii/ en Gertisalea Arcobilpo de Toledo 
Pri/-niudo de las Kfjiarms C'lianoiilt-r/ mayor de 
CHtiilla del Coa-/fejo de Eltado. iij Por el Licen- 
oIihIo Aatouio/ de Leon Pinelo, Relator del C'on- 
/ejo Suprf?-/mo de la* Indian, y del de lit/ Ciimara 
itel Jaa,/ [Lima] lG3d. 2A prtiL letups ii}ui 4J1 ^^. 
fith I'onmit of Toribivi A{f'BuaMi Moj^roimio, Calf. 

(2i, si. 1676) 

MON Y GAMA (AsTpNio nr), Disertacion 
Fifliea sobrela Materia y Formacjoa de la;? Auroras 
BorcaleH, que t^on ocnjtioii de !a i[ns ajiarecio ^ii 
jMeJtico y otros SugareS'dela Nueva Espaim el dia 
H (ie \oviftnhre de IT69, Eseribid u. Antotiiu 
ie tjHiu y Gama, Con la.<t Lioen(:ias ^'eeeaa^i(lS. 
M^iiftJ; Por D, Felipe de Zuni^ y Oativei^os, 
calle del Ksulritu Santo, atio do 1790. Tiitr and 
37 pp, llaij mor. 4io. (10a, 6d, 1677) 

1*E0N' Y G.\MA (Antojjio oe), Des^^ripcion 
UwlrtricB y CronobWicii de Insdos Piedras que cou 
OOluioti del nuevo Linpedrado que Sti eijta Ibrm* 
* I en la Piara I'rinct pal de AIlxkki, se lullanin 

464 JBihiiothecGL Americana. 

en &lla el Ailo de 1790^ Exjilicasc; el fiistema d« 
lop Calendarirts tit? lus Jridioa, el mttodo quR tenian 
dediviJirp] tienipo, y la torrr^cdonqut? Itacian de tl 
para ip^ualar ^l ano civiJ^ d^ i-^\w iif^ahaii, ton «] 
ano solar tr^pjco* Ncktkja muy iit'ct^fiaria pam In 
perfucta intf^li^eii^ia de la sHguiidiL pi*^dra : ii que 
&f} an a den otras turioe^aa i.^ LmstnicEiva^! subrH la 
Witolrtgla dt^ Ifts Meiicanos, eoln'e f^u Arttrojjomla, 
J »obi*ti lt;s ri(.os y crrrpiuoiiias qut* arottUTuhrabflQ 
ea tieTopodp sti GentiLidad, J'or Don Aiiionio de 
LecQ y Gania^ Mutco. l^ri la Inijin^titn de Don 
FHipe de i'lunTj^a y Oritivprus ATio de >i.i>tc.xcir. 
3 preL tem-ea and lli't jfjj. Lijic/, fi/j. i! ytj>, Avid 3 
p/ifft^i, Calj: 4iti. (]5s. 1670) 

LE J^AGK DU PllATZ (M.) iHstotre dc U 
Louisiana, Nontenant la DLCouverto de cp ^'alIe 
l-*aya; la Der^inprion ir^ograpLiqup; uti Voyage 
dans lea Terrt?is ; rUiJiuire NniuT^lk ; ks^Jctui'ri, 
Coiitiimes 6c Hf^li^ion d^a ^latur(.►ls, avec leurs 
Originea ■ deui Voya^ps daua le Nord du uouveau 
Mexif^ue, dont un juVcjir^ In ^Icrdg l^ud j ornte 
de deux Cartes Ac de -JfJ t^lync-hes ^n TEulle douce* 
Par M. Le Pa^e du Prutz* A I'uiis, yuuvc.Lviii^ 
Thme Voiittnfis. ■'lomn Prf;nii<^r, srj and 3bd jrp^ 
S Citfij}f.t-p(ate mtjjts (it pp. IIjB^ 13P* Toine Sfr^cOHUj 
JfaiJ-iidej tiile, ntui 'H-1 ;?;>, 34 cttpjiet iLties. Tome 
Troisiemej UaiJ-titfuy uHf.^ umi -JM pp. Appvola." 
Hon ami f^thjfi'ge S pp, Knata 1 Jtoge. 4 ^npjt^r- 
piateg. OU call. I'^mo. (I5s. 1679) 

LE PACK DU PIEATZ (^l.) Tiie History of 
Louisiana^ or of 1 Le Wj^.sicru Parts of Virginia 
and Carolina: Cont:uniTi^ A Drimpiion of ibe 
Countrios tliat lyo on both t^idt^s of tho Kiver 
Sliilifipi: \\ii\\ An Ai^coiint of the Seitlf^mentB, 
InlialnTanrsj t^oil^ (Mnmtej and Products. Trauf- 
lated from the PreiK^hj Uatt-ly jAibliltjed,} Jly M. 
Lf Page Du JVatz ; \virb Some Aotei9 and Obser- 
"vation^iridatinjirroourCLjbinieiJ. lu'lVo \ ohim€9< 
Londot}j T. JV(;kr^t unA P, A, De Hondt, mdcc 
LXiiJ* Tno Voliimi^s. Vol. I, Unif-tiiU^ iitle^ I pp.. 
vii ttjut Sitii }ip. '^ nuipa. VoL Jl. 4 prel. tt^tes^ 
and ^2 pp. Utdcalj. V2Tito. (lis. Um) 

LE iiOY (P-L.) A Narrative of tbe smgular 
AdventurL^B of Four Rullian ;>nilors, Wht) s^ere 

466 JBlhUotheca Americana. 

[AlaRocheiie] Pour Amoiiif.^Chuppiiu/ m.d^lxtcXk/ 
SS prtL Uiii>e&, uuH S&2 pp. TabU 10 pp^ Errata 1 
page. VeUum. &t». {IL 5s. 1633) 

LERY (Jeax de). Historia/ Navigationis/ in Bra- 
siliafti^/ quce ^.t America/ dicitrr./ (Jva dt^acribitTr 
avtoTis/ iiauigiitiu, ^lua^que la mari viUit memoriae 
pro-/denda: Villagn^nonis in Animca gefta; 
BraU-/lieniium virtus is: morcfl^ A noftrLs admodmu 
fr-Zlkni^ (Turn i^uruni liii^u^ dialo^o^ aiiimalia 
etiam^y arborss, uti^ut? Jn^rbn^j rcliciutiqiit! fin^ularia 
& no-/bis |>enilus mco<^nil:a./ A lonnn^ Lerio 
Bvrtj^vudo/ GalUctr Icrijsta. Nunc vefu primtmi 
Latinitate/ donata, U varija fiynm illustrata./ 
Eicvdebaty Evstathiva Virion./ Anno cu jo 
LiXKvi^ [0(ntfiiiit'\ 3'2 pre/, kuves^ the last binak; 
Text 342 pp. Index \6 pp. At pn^e 17H ^* n tx>ood- 
cut 6{ by y uicfcfs. Veiiajn. Bto. ( 1/. 10s. 1684) 

LERV (Jfjin de). Historia/ Navigationijj/ in lira- 
BJliftm/ ^ju?e et AniB^rica/ dicitur/ Qva dtscrihitvr 
aTthoTJE/ nauifi^atiu^ qua^qup in mari vidit me- 
moriffi prodenda : \ illa-/^agnonis in America 
gHta: brafiUeniiuni viftua A; mores, h/ nultns ad- 
modum ^lieni^ cum coruni Ilti^lC duilogo: ani-/ 
maLia etiam, arbores, atque herba>, rt'iiriuuque 
fin^lafia i^/ nobic; j^pnitus incognita./ A Joajme 
Lmo LWrjjiando/ (.jallice tcH^iti*. Nunc v<?r6 pri- 
mum Latiuitatf?/ donata^ 6l varijs flc^^uria illuitrata./ 
Secvnda Editio./ Genev&.j Anud tiairedes fiufia- 
thij \ i^^on,/ tm J3 xcitn. TitUy Tuene blank; 
* Lpistola/ SUaven; Kpipams 2 leaves; *Tutiva 
Historife Svmma Capita,' ^2 leai'es; * Pra*ffalitj/yi 
leaves; text MO pp. ' IndeXj' 8 (ftii'e,t; vi(A /iiWiHg- 
Koodaat to Jace p. 17B. Fate copy. Otd cai}\ 
Sua. {li. tOs. 1685^ 

LE SAGE (M.) Tbe Adventnrps of Robert Che- 
valier, callM De beaucliene, Captaii] of a Priva- 
teer in iSeTV-rrantT* V*y Monficur Le Sa^fe, 
Author of Gil-Bias. Jn Two Vuluim-is, Lt^fit^cn ; 
T» Gafdnerj M,hf:c,?:3A^ Tiiu Votuinam, Vol 1. 
4 pre/- if^Tifff^ and jU7 jj/j. \ ul. 1]< 4 pi el. Uaves, 
aiitt a87 p^, ISmo- (10s. (5i/, I68fi> 

LKtSLlE (CnjiRLKs)* A New and Ei act Account 
of Jiunaica, wbereinTbe Antieut and IV^ lent Slate 
of iliat Colony, ita Importance to Grt^at liritnin, 

Bibliotheca Americana. 467 

Laws, Trade, Manners and Beli^on, toother 
with the moft remarkable and curious Animals, 
Plants, Trees, &c. are defcribed : With a particu- 
lar Account of the Sacrifices, Libations, &c. at 
this Day in Ule among the Negroes. The Third 
Edition. To which isadded^ An Appendix, con- 
taining an Account of Admiral Vernon's Success 
at Porto Bello and Chagre. Edinburgh : R. Fle- 
ming, MnccxL. 4 frel. leaves, and 376 pp. Calf. 
etw. (lOs. 6d. 1687) 

LESSEPS (M. de). Travels in Kamtschatka, 
during the years 1787 and 1788. Translated 
from the French of M. De I^sseps, Consul of 
France, and Interpreter to the Count de la Fer- 
onse, now engaged in a Voyage round the World, 
by Command of his most Christian Majesty, In 
Two Volumes. Landoii: J. Johnson, 1790. Tuio 
Volumes. \ol. I. xvi and ^8S pp. Map. Vol.11, 
viii and 408 pp. Calf. Sua. (10s. 6d. 1688) 

LETERA de la nobil cipta: nouamente ritrouata 
alle Indie con li collumi & modi del i'uo Re &l i'oi 
popnli : Li modi del I'uo adorate con la bella vlanza 
de le donne loro : & de le dua perfone ermairodite 
donate da quel Re al Capitano de larmata. [at the 
end] Data in Pern adi. xxv. de Nouembre. Del 
MDXxxuii. [Reprint, Milan, 1830 ?] 8 pp. boards. 
4to. (tl. Is. 1689) 

LETRAS Anvas/ de la Compania/ de lesvs/ de la 
Provincia/ del N vevo Reyno/ de Granada./ Desde 
el Ano de Mil y Seys cientos/ y treinta y ocho,/ 
hasta el Ano de Mil y Seys cientos/ y quaranta 
T tres./ En Zaragoza Ano de 1645./ Imprefas con 
liceucia delos Superiores./ S39 pp. Old calf. 
4to. (li. ll».6<i. 1690) 

LETTER (A) from a Merchant at Jamaica to a 
Member of Parliament in London, Touching the 
African Trade. To which is added, A Speecli 
made by a Black of Gardaloupe, at the Funeral ol 
a Fellow-Negro, London, A. Baldwin, hdccix. 
31pp. Uncut. Halfmor. Small Svo. (4s. 6d. 1691; 

LETTER (A) from South Carolina; giving an Ac- 
count of the Soil, Air, Produft, Trade, Govern- 
ment, Laws, Religion, People, Alilitary Strength, 
kc, ol that Province ; Together with the manner 

468 £ihUotheca Americana. 

audnecefTary charges of Settling a Plantation therej 
and the Annual Protit it 'w-ill produte* Written 
by A y>viia (.lontlemun, to his friend at Bern* Lon- 
dtrtij A. Baldwin, 1710. 65^^. iiutf morxeo. 
Si:o, (lOi. txi, 1692) 

LEITER (A) To the Right Honourable The Lord* 
Commillionere of 'J rade ^ PJaniatJotia : Or, A fhort 
Lstsay on the l^rincipftl Brtmthee of tJje Trade of 
Kew-i-^ugland, with the Dithculties thcj labour 
under ; and Some Atethodsof Improvement, Lon- 
don : ]713» y prrt, t^vejf; viz* TiUe and Dedicatiffttf 
SigTied * T. B/ Text 19 yp- Half morocco, 
Bvo. {1^2s. Gd. 1693) 

LETTER (A) To the Right Reverend the Lord 
Biftiop of London, from An Inhabitant of bis 
MujoBty'a Jveeward-rtiribbee-Iflandil. Containing 
fame Considerations on Ilifl Lordship's Two Let- 
ters of jMajr 19^ 17^. Thti first To the Masters 
and ■\ii stresses of Families in the Lnglilh Planta- 
tions abroiid ; 'l'heae<'ond U'o tbt? jM issionaries there. 
In which is InletttMl, A Short Kesay concerning- 
the Conversion of the Xegro- Slaves in our Sugar- 
Colonies; Written in the lUonthof June, 1727, by 
tlifi fame Inhabitiint, Louthn : J. W ilfurd, 1730. 
Huif-titUf titkj and text 103 pp. liotj morocco, 
Qlo. {In. 6d. 1694) 

of England To his Dillenting Parilhionors, la 
Anfwer to Some Remarkii^ made on the ibrmer, by 
one J* G. iJos([^/j: Printfd in the Year 1734» 
ilaif-tltie, title and llo pp. Errata 1 pff^f, haifmor^ 
Bcci, {Is^.ibd. 1695) 

LETTER (A) To a certain Eminent British Sailor, 
Occalion'dbv hisSpoeimen of Naked Truth, »om 
a zealous AllVrtor of his Merit, and lineere \VeU- 
wilJier to his iVr&on. London : M- Moore^ 
M-necxLTT. 3^ p/>* haffmnr. Okj, (6$» ItJ96) 

LETTER (A> to I\Irs. P S. In which lome 

Facts in her Lafi Number are reitued from thefalfe 
Light llie has put them in, and fome others winch 
Jhe ha^ omitted, are fupply'd. London: H. Car- 
penter, u.UCC.XLJX, liiU and 21 pp. Imljmor. 
Bue. {7ii.6d. 1697) 

BibUotheca Americana. 469 

LETTER ^A) to the People of England, on the 
Prefent Situation and Conduct of N ational Affairs. 
Letter I. The Third Edition. London: Printed 
in the Year, 1756. 56 paga. Half morocco. 
900. {4i.6d. 1698) 

LETTER (A Second) to the People of England on 
Foreign Subsidies, Subsidiary Armies, and Their 
Confequences to this Nation. The Third Edition, 
London : J. Scott, hscclvi. 56 pp. Half morocco. 
9vo. (4i.6d. 1699) 

LETTER (A Tbibd) to the People of Eneland, on 
Liberty, Taxes, And the Application of Publick 
Money. The Third Edition. London : Printed in 
the Year, 1756. TitU and pp. 5-54. half morocco. 
8tw. (4«.6<<. 1700) 

LETTER (A Focbth) to the People of England. 

On the conduct of the M rs in Alliances, fleets, 

and Armies, fince the firft Differences on the Ohio, 
to the taking of Minorca by the French. London : 
M. Collier, 1756. lJalJ-title,title, and 111 pp. halj 
mor. 8vo. i4$.6d. 1701) 

LETTER (A) to a Clergyman, in the Colony of 
Connecticut, irom his Fnend. In which, the true 
Notion of Orthodoxy is enquired into ; and fome 
Thoughts are fuggelled concerning publick Telis 
of Orthodoxy, and the mifcbierous ¥.ffe€ts of fet- 
ting up falfe Tells thereof. New-Haven : Printed 
by James Parker, and Company, hdcclvii. iipp. 
rigned ' Catholicus.' Svo. (4<. 6rf. 1702) 

LETTER (A) to the Bight Honourable William 
Pitt, Esq; from an Officer at Fort Frontenac. 
London: 1. Fleming, mdcclix. Half-title, title, 
and 36 pp. 8vo. (7<. 6d. 1703) 

LETTER (A) to the Glergy of the Colony of Con- 
necticut, from an Aged Layman of faid Colony. 
[Hew-Haven >] Printed in the Year 1760. Upp. 
8tw. (4>. 6d. 1704) 

LETTER (A) Addressed to Two Great Men, on the 
Prospect of Peace ; And on the Terms neceflkry to 
beinufted upon in the Negociation. London : A, 
Millar, mocclx. TitU and b6pp. Half morocco. 
8w. (5«.6d. 1705) 

^70 J3ibHotkeca AmeHcana* 

LETTER (A) Addresflert to Two Crpat Men, on the 
JVosppct of Peace ■ And on the 'IVrtiia neceflary to 
be iiitita^d upon iu thr^ Ke^ciution* Tlie Second 
Edition, corrected. Lottdtm ; A iMillar, mdcclx, 
Huij-Uiiej iiitej und teit 56jfp. HaijmnrfH^a, 
Sit). {bs. Gd. 1706) 

LETTER (A) To Em Honourable Brigadier General, 
Commander in t'hitf of bis iNTajeUy's Korcca ia 
Canada. Londonj J. Burd, 1760* Titfe and 32pp- 
haifmor. ^hv. (5s. 6d. 17U7) 

Nuw ^cucralh ac](nowJed?r(l to be bf JiinJun. Jt liu been re- 
priiiiLd b-<t ^l^. SLaiaii'9 or rhe Q^JlE^U JIu^i'Liiu. 

LETTER (A) to the People of Euf^land, on the Ne- 
cessity of putting fin lmmediat<^ End to tbe War; 
and The ftlenne of oTitainin^ sin Advantageous 
Peace. Loudon: R. Grilfithf?, miicC[,\. TitU and 
5^ pj), hill/ mnr. Sio. <4a.6d. IFOB) 

LETTER (A) to a Grc^t M ---^r on the 

Prolpeft of ft Peace ; Wherein tbe Demolition of 
the VortiHcatioiifi of Louiflhoiir^ la lliewn to be 
abfurd; Th^^ Importance of Canada fullj refuted; 
The proper ELirrier pointed out in North America; 
and the Keafonablenefs and ,N et^i'lTity of retaining 
the PVench Suj^'iir J^lande. Containinsf Remarks 
on fouie prect'dii]^ Pamphb^ts that have treated of 
thu JSuljjert, and a fucciii^t Wvvf of tlje i%bole 
Terms iliat ought to be iTtfified on from France at 
a future Ne^odatjon. hy an unprf^judioed Ob- 
st^n^i^F. Loudatt : G. Kearaly, j^iDcerxi. Tiileand 
148 pp. hslf mor. (7s. 6d. 1709) 

LETTER (A) to G. G* Sti^" in Ofnuitms, aluMys in 
the icrftn^. httndon: J. V^ JUiains, nincci-xvii. 
JialJ-titlej titleyafid text 96 pp* Half mftro<;c0. 
Svii. (7s. 6d. 1710) 

This Setter Jk i^i^Litil Ti, at the eii<l, and 1b r^aifd " Rlctiihi^nd^ Ju. 
ju, I767»" II ^}tii ;i(tilrt'ti«e4i lo Gt!i>riFr: GrcjiviLU^^ ttiL- niiuJs^cr^ 
abd ri't[iLt»t:ijLLj'ct} to AiiHierlcan AS\i\ni. 

LETTKH, (Aj concerning an American Bishop, 
&c* '\i^ Dr* llradbury Chandler^ JiiiJrT of St* 
John^BCliurch, in Elizabeth -Town, In Anfwerto 
the Appendix Of Hia Appeal to tb^? Public, ice 
Triiitt^d, A.D, 176&, i9 pp. }ialfmotvi:c^i. 
Bio, (7**6ff. J7il) 

LKTTER(A)To the Right tlononrable The Earl 
ofH B n, Mis M' y's S y of 

Sibliotheca Ainericana. 471 

8 — te for the C — 1— — a, on tLe Present Situation 
of Affai™ in the Island of Gr — n — da. London : 
J- Wilkie, M.Dcc.Lxix. ^pp, Matf'mttrixxa. 
8hi. (*(.6rf. 1712) 

LETTER (A) to Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. [in an- 
swer to tlie Fllae Alarm,] J. Almon, 1770. Titttf 
OJid pp. 5-34. hat/ jfUii-, Sca^ {3i. 6d, 171S) 

LETTER (A) from a Vir^nian to the Membcre of 
the Con^^feto be held at Philadelphia, on The Kirfl 
of September, 1774. Boston, printed: Londnttf re- 
printed; J. Wilkie 1774. TitU, * and 61) pp. half 
mrr. Biv. (Si. (iJ. 1713»J 

LETTER (A) to Doctor Tucker on hia proposal of 
& Septrfttjon betn^een Great Britain and her Ame- 
rican Colonies. Ltittdtm. J. Ijecket, aiocclxxiy. 
Title and 36 pp. half uiiir. Ufa. tbs. Od. 1714) 

LETTER (A) to a Member of Parliament on the 
Present Unhappy Dispute betw-ecii Great-Hrltain 
and her Coloniefl. Wherein the Su[>remacT<tf tlie 
Former ia Alli^rted and l*roved; and the Necea- 
sity of Compelling the Latter to paj due Obedience 
totheSoTerei^State,iH Enforced, upon E^riiieiplea 
of Sound Policy, Reason, and .luatice. Lonrion ; 
J. Walter, mdcclxxh'. Titk and 47 fip. half mot. 
&V0. (5,1. 6d. 1715) 

LETTER <A) to [William Pitt] (lie Earl of Chat 
ham, on the Quebec IJill. Lmim : T. Cadell, 
tf ncc(^£tv» Ttt^ anfj S6 pp. iiotf morttccn. 
Bvo. {is. 6d, 1716) 

LETTER (A) to the People of Great- Britain, in 
Answer to that publiahed by the An^ericHii Con- 
gree*. London : F. Newbery, mdcclxxv. 59 pp. 
hatftaor. Bto. (5s. ed. 1717) 

LETTER (A) to the Right Honourable Lord Cam- 
den, on the Bill for restrEiniing the Trade and 
Fishery of the Four Provmces of \ew Kngl tind. 
Loth/oh ; T. Cadall, mocclvxv. Title and 44 pp. 
halfmor. 8ko. (7a. 6(/. 1718) 

LETTER (A) to Doflor Mather. Occalioned by 
his dillngenuouB RefleiiouB upon a certain Pam- 
phlet, entitled, S^ilvLition for all JMen. \^y One 
who wiihes well to Him in common with iVJankijid, 

472 SibUotheca Americana^ 

rj?«rti. Jfihn Ctarkf of BoslonA Boston : Printed and 
fold by T. and J . fWfX at ihe. Uibk and Heart in 
Comliill, 1782. Tiik^ and iejt 9 /»/). UnbvuTid, 
Bva. (Sj. 6d. 1719) 

LKTTERS (Two) of the Lord Biniop of London: 
The First, To thoMEififlrp and MiRrGilesof Famine* 
in the Eoglilh Planrariocifl abroad^ Kihorting- 
them to KiiccMirat^^e and Promote the liiflruttion 
of their Ne^rot^a in the f.'hrifiian Faith. The 
Second, To the ^lissionariea there ; Direfting 
them to diUribute the I'jiid Letter^ and Kxhortinij 
them to^iTfi their ^^fTifiante towards the Inltruction 
of the Ke^roes within their feveral Pari(hee, Lan- 
dnni Jost^ph Dowiiin^j MJ>Ct:.xxvii, ao }yp. Half 
vwT. 4ta. (7s. 6d. 17au) 

LETTERS from a Fanner in Pennfylvaniaj To the 
Inhabitants of the Jiritish Colonics* Boston : 
Printed by IMoin and Kleeming, ftnd to be sold by 
John Mem, at the London Mook-StoTe^ \orth- 
Si^le of Kin^'Street. AiDm.Ttvjri, Titie and vp. 
5-14{3. ' To ihe ingemom Author/ tic. a pp. iLtf 
inefiiecD. 8uo. (5fi. Gt/, 17^1) 

LETTERS and other Papers relatinp^ to the Pro- 
ceedio^s of his Miijd'ty*^ CointnijTioners. By the 
Karl of Carlisle, Sir Henry Clintorij William Eden^ 
EsquirCj and t^eor^e Johnstone, E^uire, Com- 
miiuontTs appointed by his i\];ijefty in Purfuance 
of an Acl of Parliament, to treat, confuk, and agree 
uj>on the I^leans of ouietin^ the Difordera now 
subfillin^ in ctTtain ot the t'olonieSj Plantations, 
and Provincesof North-Am^Tica* 55pp. Propofed 
Apjienfiii to the feveral Publications relating to 
the ProceLHtinfjs of llis [Majesty's Commissioners* 
By a Well W irtier to the iVoVperitj both of Great- 
Hritain and \orth- America. [Rivington^ A'eu'- 
VptA, 177B] 10 ieaj^ei^. Pnvatelji printed, Haif 
msr. 8tfl. flOs. 6ii, 1733) 

LETTERS of Papinian : In which The Condu^, 
prefent Stfite, and Profpeds of tlie American Con- 
gress are pjjaminetl. !New-York^ Printt?d : J.tm- 
di>n : Reprinted for J* \Vilkie, MtitcT.wJX* 3 prei. 
l^aveSj and text 8d pp., 'urtcuU UaiJ' mtuvcco. 
&w, (5s. 6d. 1723J 

BMiotheca Americana. 473 

LETTERS to a Noblemsn, on the Conduct of the 
War in the Middle Colonies. London: J. Wilkie, 
MDCRI.XXIX. 3 pnl. Uai>e$, and 101 pp. With a 
Plan. 8vo. (5s. 6d. 1724) 

LETTERS to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of the 
War in the Middle Colonies. The Fourth Ekiition. 
London: G. Wilkie, hdcclxxx. 3 prel. leauei, and 
101 pp. WUh the Plan. Stw. (3<. 6d. 1725) 

LETTERS and Dissertations, by the Author of the 
Letter Analysis A. P. On the Disputes between 
Great Britain and America. London : Printed for 
the Author, m.dcc.lxxxii. 130 pp. halfmor, ' 
l«Bio. (7i. 6d. 1726) 

LETTERS and Papers on Agriculture : Extracted 
from the Correspondence of a Society instituted at 
Halifax, for Promoting Agriculture in the Pro- 
▼ince of Nova-Scotia. To which is added a selec- 
tion of Papers on various branches of Husbandry, 
firom some of the best publications on the subject 
in Europe and America. Vol. I. ^atlpubliehed ?] 
Halifax : Printed by John Howe, m Barrington- 
Street. h.dcc.xci. 139 pp. Contentt 2 pp. Old 
green morocco extra. 8iw. (7t. 6d. 1727) 

With the Autoi^ph of John InsUs, Btobop of Nova S«otla, oothe 

LETIRES/ a un Amiricfaam/ sur llistoire naturelle, 
gin^rale et par-/ticuliere de monsieur de BuSbn./ 
troisi^me partie./ a Hamburg/ 1. 7. 5. 1./ Title, 31, 
96, ana 69 pp. Small 6m. (lOi. 6d. 1728) 

LEWIS (Merhiwethzb.) The Travels of Capts. 
Lewis & Clarke, from St. Louis, by way of the 
Missouri and Columbia Rivers, to the Pacific 
Ocean; performed in the years 1804, 1805, & 
1806, by Order of the Government of the United 
Stat^ Containing delineations of the Manners, 
Customs, Religion, &c. Of the Indians, compiled 
from Various Authentic Sources, and Original 
Documents, and a Summary of the Statistical View 
of the Indian Nations, from tlie Official communi- 
cations of Merriwether Lewis. Illustrated with a 
Map of the Country, inhabited by the Western 
Tribes of Indians. London : Longman, 1809. ix 
and see pp. Map. Svo. (7t.6d. 1729) 

474 Bihlioiheca Afnericana, 

LEWIS (MF.nRTWFiATHEn.) Travele to the Source 
of the Missouri Hivt^r and across the American 
Continent to the PEicific Ocean, j'erfonned bj 
Order of the Government of the L-nited JStates^ in 
the Yetirs 16(>.l-, imS, and IrtO^. Ey Captains 
Jjf^wis and ClafVc* J*ubljslietl from tlie Oflicial 
K*?|>ort And Ulustrsited by h IVJap of the Routt*^ and 
othtT Maps. Londiiji: Longman, IGl 4. xiiv and 
Gd'J^j. Large tnap and 'isJnaU mfljJS at pcif^e 379. 
Calf. 4fo, (15*. 1730) 

LEYES y ort^enanzas nuevEitnente hechjis/ por tni 
M ages tad, para la jrobernacion de las/ Indias y 
buen tratamiflnto y coriservacion de loa/ Indios; 
que sft lian da ^uardar en el eontiejo y au-/dienciaj& 
reiileB tjue en ellaa rrsi:lpn : y por todos/ los otros 
pobemadoTeB) jur^vseFi y pt^rannas parti cu-/ lares de 
ellas./ L'on pnvilegio imperial/ [Calojfhini] La« 
presently leyes, y nuevafi/ordennnKL^sy dechtracion 
acllaa/ para la govi-nianon dt^ las ln-/dias, y buen 
tratanii^uto dc los/ natundea drlL'^s* Fueron im-/ 
pre^a^ por mandado dc/ los Benorori ; pretiidente, 
y/ del confiejo dt^ bs In-/diafi: en la villa/ de 
Alcaiaj def Ilenaivii : en casa de Joan/ d& hrocar 
i oeho dias del/ tu^b de Julio del ano/ de nro sal- 
Tador/ Jeau cri8-/to*/ Af.n.TtLiii-/ BUtck tetter^ 
FdiQ. (TL7S. 1731) 

TJUsCapyiA MS. e\C£pr ToEioc ? tn9r wllirH arc orii^Ml. 

LIRERTV (Tjii.) and Propertv of Hrltish STibjeots 
AsiSertfd; In a Lf^tter ffoni An ABBembly-Mnn in 
Carolina, To his Friend m J.ondon^ London: 
Printed for J. Hoberts in Uarw let-lane, K*txc^ 
xxvi. S'Jyp. SiVT/ef/ ' J— K — / unbound. 
Bvo, {^^ fid. 1732) 

LIGON (Richard). A True &c Exact/ History/ 
Of the Ifland of/ BarbadoeB./ lltuftrated with a 
JVIap of tlie inanci, aa alio the/ Principal Trees and 
Plants therej let forth in/ tjieir due PropnrtiouH 
&nd Shapea, dra^vn out by tbt^r Ibveral dnd re- 
fpective Scn'ilea./ Together with the In^enio that 
makes the Su^ar, with/ the Viots of the feveral 
Houfep, HooTus, and other pla<;ee, that/ are ufed 
in ihe whole proccfa of Sugar-making; viz* the 
Grindin^-/rootn, the Hoyling-rnom, the F'Llling- 
room, the ('uring'-/'*^"^^^ SuU-houfe, and Fur- 
i\accSfl All ctit in Copper*/ By Richard Li^cm, 

Sibliotheca Americana. 475 

G«nt./ Lmim,/ Printed and are to be fold by 
Peter Parker, at hu Shop at the Leg and Star/ 
over againfi the Roral Exchange, and Thomas 
Gut at the comer/ Shop of Little Lumbard-ftreet 
and Comhill, 1673./ TitU reverie blank, and Hi pp. 
Contentt 2 pp. An Index, etc. after folio 84, 1 page. 
With ' A topographicaU Description and/ Admea- 
•orement of the Viand of/ Barbados in the Weil 
Indyaes/ With the M". Names of the SeTerall 
plantacoDs/ ' 6 copperplates at pp. 70, 76, 78, 80, 
83, 84, and 3 Engraved Plans. Halfrussia. 
Folio. (11. 10s. 1733) 

LIMA. A Tme and Particular Relation Of the 
Dreadful Earthquake Which happen'd At Lima, 
' the Capital of Peru, and the neighbouring Port of 
Callao, On the 28th of Oaober, 1746. With an 
Account likewife of every Thing material that 
pafled there afterwards to the End of November 
following. PubliOied at Lima by Command of the 
Viceroy, And tranflated from the Original Spanifli, 
By a Gentleman who refided many Years in thofe 
Countries. To which is added, A Defcription of 
Callao and Lima before their Dellru6tion; and of 
the Kingdom of Peru in General, with its Inhabi- 
tants; fetting forth their Manners, Cuftoms, Re- 
ligion, Government, Commerce, &c. Interlperfed 
with Pipages of Natural Hillory and pbyfiologiciJ 
Difquifitions ; particularly an Enquiry into the 
Cause of Earth-q u akes. The whole Uluftrated with 
A Map of the Country about Lima; Plans of the 
Road and Town of Callao, another of Lima; and 
fereral Cuts of the Natives drawn on the Spot by 
the TranQator. The Second Edition. Londm:^. 
Osborne, moccxltiii. ixiii and 341 pp. Copper- 
plates numbered i-t%. Calf. 8vo. (8s. 6d. 1734) 

LINSCHOTEN (Jan Huyoen van). Semper 
Eadem/ lohn/ Hvighen Van/ Linschoten./ nis 
Difcours of Voyages/ intoy' East& West/ Indies/ 
Diuided into fours Bookes/ Printed at London by/ 
lohn Wolfe/ Printer to y' Honorable Cittie of/ 
London/ [1598] Willms Rogers/ ciuis Londi-/ 
nenfis Inuentor/ et fculptor./ 1 W/ 5 prel. leaves; 
vii. Engraved title, the reverse blank. 'To the Right 
VVorsEipfuU/ Ivlivs Caesar Doftor of the Lawes,/ 
ludge of^tbe High Court of Admiralty,/ Mailer 

476 I^lhUothscd Americana^ 

of Requpfis to the QuepneB/ Maipfiy^ and ^lafter of 
Saint rCEitherint^a./ 3 pp- iU^Jted Mohn Wolfe.* 
'To tbe Reader*' 4 pp. Text W7 pp. *TbeSecond 
BcK>ke, ffc* lo9B.* 2"!//^, vevtfse binnk^ and Ttxt 
p/i. 197-339. *ThpTbirde Bootet*^tc. 1590.' TitU, 
rtnrx bt/inhy and Ttjt pp. ^T-WT"* *The FoTTth 
Bootp, e/r, 1593/ 7'i^/*, t'e}?ene btan^^ and Text 
pp. 451 '46^2. Fifie ci^pi/. Foiia, (7^ 7s. 1735) 

It "ijv^fc UPTii" Ttrrsmii]. m fi. \. 

II. 1'n*:' (letuTiMlioit nf thEi' UUnnleft nnd Ctftle or yioKkmbAiyaK, 
fir. Cr,iLie:. hf Wijii^jn ^<^-^rTv. at p. A. 
in. Tlie*3tiL:ritPHi>nrtr raenloiifie C^»ftf », rjf . »l ttd Temda 

NaUl( rJr-, Hi^i»trtiu litJ^Lii. pI mh [1, 
\\\ Thp diKi^riprir^n of tbe Cftfift flf Xfw^. The Streftigtau of 

MtTa, fif. lir^\wn by Rr^Eb^rc HeckJtr at p. I^b 
V. The Eft^wLlii^L^riFilianof i1l t>>tCoa£tH o/Cbiitip^ff- Gnncn 
L>jr kabprr littcktt. at p. 31, 
VI. Th4^ in^nii ol' Sr* H^Wm,ftc. GmKf^ bv Rij^iuld Elt- 
nVv. at p. ni, 
VII. Thr irth; (ItffiTipcion and fLzLLibniFi^n of the LrtJiiid & (leleiu 
H>n {lit £^ft, Sr^rLbj und Sli'i^ft t\<^*.^t tte. ijTAUca by Hk^^ 
Zn^^A Kkltnik. a^ ^. J7V. 
VII[- TiieTrvelJL'!ft;H|pLiciiD/iltr[9lantl{>fAH:cntioii, «/c!» CnucA 
^y Wilikiiiii Hn>;cr^. of p. i:^, 

b> IVtNUN] Rrt^^Fi^. at p. J97. 
X. Tllelle^^'^i^Il OMortJii' Cn)is[r>j"t.?umei, Manicaupj, mnd Ad- 
!^]*, riL^ Fl. E. rcnlF^r^t, cri p. l^iT- 
X(, Tiiedefr:ripllrtn r>nkr whmk^^aO l^ins IQ Lhi^ ^raitth feianf 
AO'ertL-KOallrd rcfU, rff, Criiitn b? ftobprt Eft-vLtit. df 
/J. 316. 
X[I. [El^il']u<? ^lolvccaCt^r. Graurb In Rnln^rE Bt-'Ckit. ff p. 33fl. 

LTNSCHOTEN(Jax Huvcex van), Navi^tio/ 
ac Itinerarivm/ lohannis Hv^onia Lm-/scotnni in 
OrientaK^ni sive Lvsitano-/rvm Indiam. Descrip- 
tion's eivsdem Ttrnc ac Trtictvm/ Littaraliutn. 
Pracipuorum Portuum^ Flummum^ CanLtuni, Lo- 
Forumqiie^ J^uiita-/norLtm liaf^tenus navig^tiombus 
deteetoriim* fis^na St noUv* Imagiup^ habU/tus 
jft^lEulbue Indorum ac Lnlitanorum per Indiain 
■vivpntiuni, 'lein-ZpIorum, Idolomm, .±)dianij Ar- 
bommj fructuum, HtfrbarumJ Aromatum^ &lc. 
Mores ^enitum cirea fLicnfirm, PoU'/tiam flc rem 
familiar^* Knarrntlo Mercatare^ quo'/modo &c 
vbi ea pxerccatur. !Mf^morabi!ia/ gelta luo tempore 
iia in partibus./ Colkcla omnia ac del'critit^ per 
eundflm Helgice; \unc vero Lfttine reddita, in 
rfum/ comnKuIum ac volujiiatem fiudioH Jj^itoris 
novamm m<?moriiiquf/ dii:nan]iu reruni^ diU^^enti 
studio ac opfrj'i./ fla^ir-ComJthf KitofHcina .'Vlberti 
Henrici. Impcnfia Aulhoris & CorneUi Nicolai^/ 
prof^^^nt[]ije iipuH .-t-iridigm KllV^vimm, Anno 1599./ 
AprtL iiia\ies-f viz, Tiiie^ on th^ reiem * Ad IIIts- 

BibUotheea Americana. 477 

tTUsimvm' tte. Engnrud Coat of Arvu 1 Itaf, 
'lUTStrusimoatqveSereiUBBimo Pnncipiac Domino 
D. Mavritio Lantgravio Hessiee, Comiti in Cat- 
■enelnbof^n, Dietx, Zigenhain, Nidda, &c.' 2 pp. 
' Prae&tio ad Lectorem." 1 fage, on the reveru Por- 
trait of Lituehottn. Teitliipp. 'DescriptioTotiTa 
Gvineae Trac-ZtTS, Conei, Aneolae,' etc. 46 pp. 
' Index 'Sup. With ST Mapt and Plata. Unbound. 
FoUo. (il.il. 1736) 

UN8CH0TEN (Jan Hmrom tan). Hiatoire/ de 
la Navi-Zgation de lean H-v-/gvea de Linscot Hol- 
landois et de/ ion Tovagees Indcs Orientales : con- 
tenante diucrres delcnptions des/ Pajrs, Coilea, 
Haures, Riuieres, Caps, & autres lieuz iurquei & 
prefent/ defcouuerta par lea Fortugais : Obferaa- 
dons dee couilumes des na-/tioD8 de dela quant i 
la Religion, Eftat Politic & Domeftic, de leura/ 
CommerceSjdesArbeB, Frui£is, Herbes, Efpiceriet, 
& autres/ fingularitex qui s'y trouuent : Et narra- 
tions des obofes/ memonbles qui y font aduenues 
de/ fon temps./ Avec AnnotatioDs de Bernard 
PalT-/danus Dofleur en Medecine, fpecialement 
for la matiere des plantes &/ efpiceries : & diuerfes 
figores en taille douce, pour illu-/lbration de 
I'oenore./ A Qvo; sont adioTstees qvel qves av-/ 
tres defoription tant du pays de Guinee, & autres 
ooftes d'Euiiopie,/ aue des nauigations des Hol- 
landois ven le Nora au Va^-/gat& en la nouuelle 
Zembla./ Le Tovt reoveilli et descript par le 
mesme/ de Linfcot en baa Alleman, & nouuelle- 
ment tradui£t/ en Francois./ A Amitelrtdam,/ De 
rimprimerie de Theodore Pierre./ m do. x./ 2 
prai. Uavet ; vis. Title, revene blank, ' Preface av 
LeoteTT.'lpo^,- Tfit 275^. With 8 copperplate 
Mapi and numer«u< Engramngt with the text. 
Fo&>. (2«. 12». 6d. 1737) 

LINSCHOTEN f Jan Huyoen van). Itinerario./ 
Voyage ofie Schipraert, van Jan/ Huygen ran 
Linfcuoten nser Ooll ofle Portugaels Jns/dien, in- 
houdende een corte befchryvingbe der felver Lan- 
den ende Zee-cuften, met aens/wyfinge van allede 
Toomaemde principale Marens, Kevieren, boecken 
esde plaetfen, tot noch/ toe vande Portugefen 
ontdeckt ende bekent : Waer by glievoecht sijn, 
net allean die Conters/reytfela vande habyten, 

478 Bihliotheca Americana. 

drachlen ende Tr^fen, fo varnlr; J^ortu^effn aldaer, 
reDderf^nde^ ala van?/de in^eboornen IndiaDen^ 
eride huere Tf^upf^la, Afi,'Bdt'nj Huylinj^e^ mt^t die 
ToomiwniluV Hoonu^in, Vrucljtf^n, Kruydciij &pe- 
cerjen^ ende dii?rselLicke matermlen^ als oot die/ 
manieren dt^E ft'lkdt^n Vulck^a, lb in Imnnpu Godt£- 
dirnlU'tj, Fibjn l^d^iin/ t?n Nuijl-ijondniphe : maei* 
ooc een corttj v<.Thaliit^e van de Coopbani/ delin- 
fjen, hue eii waer die >c^iedreven fii ^hevonden 
wordf^u,/ niet die ^hedeuck wtf<.^Ailtdittc ^tflcbie- 
denilfetij/ vooTglit'vjdltiii den tijt zijnder/ rt'lidontie 
aLdaer./ AlJea beilrhrtven eude by een verg^ert, 
doot den C^UiIeUj f^er nufj oorbaer^/ ende oock 
vennak^.'lijcken tout allii curit'ui^^ t'jide Lief-/lieV 
bers v:in rreemdij^beden.y t*AimieU-e<{am.l Uy 
Cornelia Claefa. op^t Water, in't Schnjf-boecif, 
by tie oude l^ru^tf|,t;.y A uno c^o, io. xcvi./ Kirrt 
hiiition^ Three fun^, I'art 1- 4/irci, leaves; vii. 
Title, on the reverse * Extract uyft Re^iftt^r * etc. 

* Aende Hoccjhentte V\t>]^l]e borpne, t^tc^ ^^ PP- 

* Pre ben do orte vuoireden totten k^ser.* 1 ptige^ 
'SonntJt.' 1 page. ' Ode.' 1 /Nr^^j on the reier^ie Par- 
tratt of Litischoten. Text IG^J pp. Part 11^ Rt;\a- 
l^b^iScbri f: ttc, j>u u* xt v. i;)+ ;)p. * Fion letrr £i- 
tract eiide etc. ci.'>- r^, scvi/ Title i'ererse bLinkj 
*■ Aendtv \'\'elgbeborene/ etc, 1 /^r/j^t n/( the rehtr^ 
'Ad lo. ilvg. LinsootTiu" eic. leitftp. 133-147. 
Part in. * Hf'd.hey-^iivj^hfi f^tc, >i.Li,xivi.' E'2 pp. 

foltoti:e(f hii 5 {eai:es c^tntaMtln^ li^ti of t'ttiie:? und 
Map$j Register etc. 4^ wu/ii uttd j^hte^s. Firu^Ci^pif^ 
Fotw. (S^. 3s. 1738) 

LIST (A) of Copies of Charters, from the Commif- 

fioaera for Trade and PlantatiaiKS, IV^^fente^l to 

tbe Honourable ilie Mtmlb of L'ommons, in Pur* 

fuance of their AddreSs^ to If is ^[Hj1^sr}',of tbe^^th 

of April 1740. via. i^Iarylpind Chartt^r, ^iinted by 

1 ^'i^n Ciiarl^^H 1. Ill l1i(? Hi]] Vf^ar of Elia Heign, 

I Connec[it:Mt Chivrter f;r?inth.^d by Kin^ ('barlt^s J I. 

I in tbe lllh Year of J[is Rei^n, Uhi>dt?- Island 

' {.'bEirter, i;pantrd by Kiiii; CliJirU'S J L in the lotb 

I Year of J lis Keiiujn. PensylvanmCbarter, prant^d 

I by Km^ Charles J I. in the;l:)d Year of Ilia Kei{^» 

MassaehusetB Hay Charter, ^raiiti^d by K\\i.^ Wil- 
I li:iiM tiiid Qinji-n -AJary, in the M Yeixr of Their 

' Hei^n. Ueorgiu Churter, granted by His A3a- 

jegty, in tbe 6tli Yew of Hia Heigu. London: 

Sibliotheca Americana. 479 

Printed in the Year h.dcc.xu. Title : 12, 10, 14, 
li,Si,andlSpp.halfmor. 4ito. (7i. 6d. 1739) 

Transactious of the Literary and Historical Society 
of Quebec : founded, January 6, 1824. Volume 
I. Quebec : Printed for the Literary and Histori- 
cal Society ; by Fraofoia Le Maitre, Star office. 
1829. 3 prel. leaves, xxivi and 261 pp ; Errata 1 
page. ' Catalogue of the Mineralogical Collection 
Delonging to the Literary and Historical Society 
of Quebec.' 72 pp. ' Solar Spots.' 1 paee. Wm 
Vi plates. 8vo. (10<.6d. 1740) 

LITTLE (Otis). State of Trade in the Northern 
Colonies considered ; with An Account of their 
Produce, And a Particular Description of Nova 
Scotia. London : G. Woodfall m.dcc.xlviii. viii 
ami 84 pp. Aat/ inor. 8«o. (7t.6d. 1741) 

LITTLE (Oris). The Sttte of Trade in the North- 
em Colonies considered ; with An Account of their 
Produce, And a particular Description of Nova 
Scotia. London Printed, 1748. Boston Re-printed 
and fold by Thomas Fleet, at the Heart and Crown 
in Comhill. 1749. 43 pp. 8vo. {7s. 6d. 1742) 

LITURGY. A/ Liturgy,/ collected principally 
from the/ Book of Common Prayer,/ for the use of 
the/ First Episcopal Church/ in/ Boston ;/ together 
wiUj the/ Psalter, or Psalms/ of/ David./ Boston,/ 
Printed by Peter Edes, in State-Street./ mdcc 
Lxxxv. 4 prel. leaves and sigruitures, A to B bb in 
foun. Fine clean copy uncut. 8vo. (12<. 6d. 1743) 

LITURGY. The Book of Common Prayer, And 
Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites 
and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the 
use of the Church of England : Together with a 
Collection of Occasional Prayers, and divers Sen- 
tences of Holy Scripture, Neceflkry for Knowledge 
and Practice. Formerly collected, and tranllated 
into the Mohawk Language under the diredtion of 
the Miffionaries of the Society for the Propagation 
of the Gofpel in Foreign Parts, to the Mohawk 
Indians. A New Edition : To which is added The 
Gofpel according to St. Mark, Tranflated into the 
Mohawk Language, By Capt". Joseph Brant, An 

480 Bihliotheca Amevicanau 

Indian of thi> Mohawk IVation. London- C* Buck- 
ton 1787. N'e Vakan'ea YondereanajeDdaelikwfl 
Ogh3f?ragwop;oulij n^oni jakawea ne orighwa 
doji^ea^lily Yyiidat.nt.^ktJs^t'riighs neoni Tekariifh- 
wy|^'Hihadontj ova oni AdtTcanayezit, ne teas nika- 
rinake KaditBihuhstarsygowa Ronaderigbwisaoh 
Gara^^li^owa a-oiiLa Hodftuhaouk Oni, vtatkanissa- 
a^htoh Oddjake Adereanayont, neoni tfiiiiiyoght- 
hare ns Ka^hyadoehapradogeagbty, NewahotiDj 
Aktiy^ndaraWnfjtJiii AliliOiulattf;ri!iiionny, yV-nu^a 
wodinjrogbkwe, neoni J >;k:iweanadeanyoh Kan- 
yenkeliuga 1 fjkaw^anondagbko, ne neane Radit- 
flhuhftatJ'y ne Hadjrij^l]wawakoughkffuwa rona- 
danh^-outh, Kanyt'iikewaondye tfi-radmakeronnvo 
Onj^we-oewe. Kengaye ase yondereanayendaglt- 
kwa. Oni taliogbBniideroli St. Mark Kaorigh- 
wadogea^hty, TukftTvcanadenayoh Kanyenkeliiga 
llakowiuica T'l Jayen danopT^a^ Koewajatfl. Lon- 
don: C* Uuckton, 17B7, Two Titles, Hi and A06 
pp ; 18 copperjfUiteSf tftd Calf, ZVQ. (15s. 1744) 

LOCKK (Joijn)* a Collection of scvcml Pieces of 
M^ John Locke^ Nevf^r before prioted, or notei* 
tantia hia VVorks^ Publilh'd by the Author of the 
Lifo of the cver-mcmorablo iMr* John Hales, &c. 
London : J. liettenham for R. Francklin, m^dccxk. 
31 prel. l^ave$ and S62 pp. Inde^and Errata 19 pjr* 
€aij\ ^10. (5g.6d. 1745) 

Tlie KurJilanicQtal €onflti[iition or CaroLiua^ dra^in up by Lockej 

LOCKMAX (Jons). Travels of tbe Jesuits, into 
VarioMH Parts of tbe Morld: Particularly China 
and tt^ EFi^t'Indics. Intcrmix'd vr\tk an Account 
of the Manners^ Coverumentj Civil and Religious 
CeremomeSj Natural nifitorv, and CurJositif^a, of 
the fevcral Nations vifuru by tliole Fathers* 
Tranelated from the celpbrateu J^ttres fdyianle^ 
&[ curie u$,eSf eerliea des Afti^iuuji etftittt^eres, par ki 
Mis6wnaires de U Compngvie deJ^fitu-,. A Work fo 
entertaining and curiouB, tbut it lias already been 

' traiiilated n:to ineft of the European Langua[5;es* 

This \\ ork is illuftrato^l witli iMaps and Sculptures, 

I enj^ravt'd by the bcft .M^UrTji* 7'o ^'liidi is now 

i prefixed, An Account of the Spanish Settleuiimia 

in America^ with a general Index to the vv^bult^ 
^Vork. By Mr. Lockman. Second Edition, cor- 

Biblioiheea Americana. 481 

rented. T. Pietr, [Lmdon] 1763. Two Volumet, 
Vol. I. 16 pnl. leaves, and 488 pp. Vol. II. &prel. 
Uavti, and d08 pp. General Index 19 pp. 'A ( 'oncUe 
Account of the Spanish Dominioiui in America.' 
t*pp. Sm. (18<. 1746) 

LONG (J.) Vo^«ges and Travels of an Indian In- 
terpreter and Irader, describing The Manners and 
Customs of the North American Indians ; with an 
Account of the Posts situated on the Hirer Saint 
Laurence, Lake Ontario, &c. To which is added 
aVocsbulary of TheChippeway Language. Names 
of Furs and Skins, in English and French. A List 
of Words in the Iroquis, Mohegan, Shawanee, and 
Esquimeanx Tongues, and a 1 able, shewing The 
Analogy between the Algonkin and Chippeway 
Languufes. By J. Long. London : Printed for 
the Auuor : MiOCC^xci. 7 pre! Utmet, and S95 pp. 
Wi»h Sketch of Ott Weitem Countria of Canada, 
ito. (15». 1747) 

LONGACRE (James B.) The National Portrait 
Gallery of Distinguished Americans. Conducted 
by James B. Longacre, Philadelphia; and James 
Herring, New York : Under the Superintendence 
of the American Academy of the Fine Arts. Phila- 
delphia, Heniy Perkins, 1834. Four Volumes. 
Vol. I. d prel. Uavet, the contente stating the number 
of pages to each Portrait. 36 Portraits. Vol. II, 

1835. d prel. leaves, the contents stating the number 
of pages to each Portrait, 36 Portrait!. Vol. III. 

1836. Sprel. Uaves, the contents stating the numberof 
pages to each Portrait. 36 Portratd. Vol. IV. 
James B. Longacre, 1839. 5 prel. leaves, the con- 
tents stating the number of pages to each Portrait. 39 
Portrattt. Large paper copy. Half morocco extra. 
4to. (6t. 6$. 1748) 

LOOKING-GLASS (A) for Presbyterians. Or. 
A brief Examination of their LoyalQr, Merit, and 
other Qualifications for Government. With fome 
Animadverfions on the Quaker unmask'd. Humbly 
Addre&'d to the Confideration of the Hoyal Free- 
men of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Printed in 
the Year h,dcc,lxiv. 18 pp. Signed ' Philo-Liber- 
tatis.' Uncut. 8vo. (7s. 6d. 1749) 

Tliit piece U marked " Numb, l " at die lop or the title. 


482 Sibliotheca Americana. 

LOPEZ DE ESCOBAR (Diego). Reladon/ de los 
Particrlares/ feruicios que ha hecho a V. Mageftad 
Don/ Diego Lopez de Efcobai Gonemador y Ca-/ 
pitan general de la Isla de la Trinidad, y de las/ 
Frouincias del Dorado, hvjo del Capitan/ Dieeo 
Lopez de la Fuente, en/ el imo de 1636./ Con U- 
cencia/ En Madrid. For la ruida de luan Gon- 
zalez./ Ano H.DC.xxxTii./ Title reverie blank, 
and 6 pp. half morocco. FoUo. (18s. 1750) 

LORD (Joseph). Reafon Why, not Anabaptiii 
Flnnging but Infants-Belierer's Baptism Ou^ht 
to be approred. Is becaufe the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and His Apoftles, Preached it and Fra6ticed it. In 
Anfwer to the Anahaptift Reafon Why. With Re- 
marks pointing at the Notable Fallacies that are 
every where to be found, in the Notes on the Forty- 
one Texts of Scripture ; The Arguments and An- 
fwers to Objections, and other things contained in 
that Book, Together with fundry Evidences of the 
Churchmemberfhip of Infants of Believers, and 
regularity of Spnnldng, In Old Testament Scrip- 
tures atteiied to in the New-Teiiament. Old- 
Testament Frophecies relating to New-Teftament 
Times, and New-Testament Testimonies. By 
Joseph Lord. Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, 
for Samuel Gerrifli, at his Shop in Comhill, 1719. 
Title, via and 170 pp. Old calf. limo. (16». 1761) 

LORENZANA (Fbancisco Antonio). Concilios 
Provinciales Frimero, y Segundo, celebrados en 
la muT Noble, y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico, 
Presidiendo en Illmo. y Rmo. Senor D. Fa. 
Alonso de Montufar, En los anos de 1555, y 
1565. Dalos a luz El 111."" S.' D. Francisco An- 
tonio Lorenzana, Arzobifpo de efta Santa Metropo- 
litana Iglefia. Con las Licencias Necesarias £n 
Mexico, en la Imprenta de el Superior Gobiemo, 
de el Br. D. Jofeph Antonio de Hogal,en laCalle 
de Tiburcio, Aiio de 1769, 5 prel. leaves, 184 pp. 
'CI0I3I.XV. Alios. Concilio Provincial, 'etc. Ipoge; 
pp. 185-396. ' Indice de los Capitulos.' 12 pp. ' Con- 
cilium Mexicanum Provinciale III. Celebratum 
Mexici anno mdlxxxv. Pneside D. D. Petro 
Moya, et Contreras Archiepiscopo ejusdem urbis. 
Confirmatum Roms die xxvii. Octobris Anno 
HDLxxxix. Pofiea JulTu Regio editum Mexici 

BlhUotheca Amertcanat 483 

Anno MDcxxiT. fumptibus D. D. JojinniB Perestcie 
Iei Serna Arcbif^piAcopi. Domum typin miUHlttTiim 
cum, &.*^jtpCrtriHli* JJ. Francisri Aiitoiiij A J^TfD- 
lUinu ArcljipnusiiLis. Alejxici Anno ■iimci^i,\x. Sh- 
pRnnrum PerniiEsu, Kx Typu±^rapltia Etac« JolppLt 
Antonij lio Ifo^l. 6 prpi. tmni*^ and ti^H pp. * in- 
de£ ' 4t pp. * iStututa Ordinata n Sancto Concilio 
ProviDCLaliMexi[:anoi[I. Anno Domini Min.Kxxv, 
Ei Pr^esmpto Sacro&ancli Concilij TruU-ntini 
Uvcreto Seffl ?4, C'ap. 12. da Reform, rerbo 
Cetera. Rfiviia a CaOiolic^ Alajescaii;, et a Sacro- 
sancra seds Apostolica Cotitirmfttit Annfi Doiiiini 
miUt^fTlmo quin^entillinio o^tufl^ciTnuu noav. Title 
tind 141 pp^ ItideT 3 pp^ Twa Votutnex. Veltum^ 
FttttQ. {^Lr2s.6iL 175^) 

D. Franci^o Lorenzo/ de San MUlbHj/ Inez oficiaj 
de Ja Cafa de/ la Contr^taoion de la Cmdiul de 
Seuilla,/ y Contndor de la Vilita dol Tribunal de/ 
Quent^ ue la Ciudad de ^leiicu^ j/ de las caxiu^ 
Kealea della, y de la* d^-/iti^ dal llf^yno dr- 
Nueua/ El'pana,/ Kn la Cavaa/ i.]vc; t?n virtvd tk' 
cedvla de sv/ Ma^eftad fc^ ba actuado, cojura tji 
dicbo Don Fran-/circo, I'obre I'u:* iirocediujit^ntuth 
en el ju 15510 de vi-/rita ue laa caXnis^ y M inns dt^ la 
Ciudad/ da Zacatecus./ [itiZa f] 19 folioed iaavea. 
hMfjJti>i\ Fi}iw, (1^, dir» 175a) 

LORING (IftRAKt). Juilification not by Works, 
but by Faitb in Jesus Christ* A Practical DiT- 
coarrt? Kihibiied on tial. ii. IG. liy iir:ieJ Lorin^^ 
M*A. And Paitot of the U'E^llChurcb \n Sudbury. 
BoJttt»t : Printed Si ?5old bv Xneclajtd and Green, 
in Queen-Sireet, 17-Ay. 'J Ute ami iKl pp. Uncut. 
Igirto. (1th. 6d. 17M> 

LORT (MrcHAEL)* Account of an antii?nt lntV:np- 
liou in Xorth America. liv t.\w Kev, AlidiatO 
Lflrt, D. 1). V.P.A.S, [With bol. Vallancey s Ob- 
Borvations] 17 pp ; and 2 pUites. HiaIJ mmoa'ti. 
4to. <4s, dd. m5) 

LOS A (Ffiy^NCTsco). La Vic/ de/ GrOE,'oirp/ Lopez/ 
dans la NoTvelle/ Ksjjagne,/ comnnaec en Esjm^^ 
nol/ par Francois Losa Pr^'itrt^,/ Lritenrit, & ladis 
Cor^ dc TE^life/ Cathedrale de Mexico./ Et 

484 Hiblioiheca Americana* 

traduite nouuQllement vu Francois, par vn Pere de 
la CDm]ia^nie de/ ][^bv'b./ Seconds EdirioM./ A 
PariijI C'he^ Jpan JJenavlt, Lihram* Jurt,/ rue S. 
lact^xiea, u I'Aiige UardieTi/ ^ itiiDtt Ranliat^l./ 
M^tiCTVj./ Aiiec Priuile^e dy Roy./ 13 prfi* (ftJir* 
tr?f<i lei( V6t>J^^» Tuii^ dtii Ciiapitr^s 3 yp. OidcaiJ'. 
ItmiK (10s. 6a. 1756) 

LOSKIKL (GvoHGE Henrt). History of thci Mif- 
BLon of the United 3Jretlireii anaong the Indiana in 
Korth Anif^rica. In Tlirt?e i'arts. By Gecr^^e 
Henry Lost iel. Iriiiistfited from the German, l^y 
Christian Ignatius La Trobe. London: Printed 
for \\ni liT^tlmi^n^s ftocit^Ty for the furtlierance of 
the Gospel; 1734. 3:u yj>. Map. I^m-i L 159 pp. 
PaitJL234pp. Ftirt UL'2S3 pp. Indei 21 pp. 
UiicuL, bin* (VJ6. 6d. 1757) 

LOriLKV IMAGAZI^E (The)j Or, Gmipleat 
Fond of Literary, Political and Cojurntircial Knois'- 
ledf^e* for Aa^^uat and Heptt'mherj 1776. Londanz 
Johnson and Co. [177(jJ Gvo. (2a, 6d, 175S) 

Tliv ^u■■kb{!^^lJf Au;i^!itt:rjntii]4e Itltl DeclarillLou 'j T L itili'pr nilt uch > 
prnhsbLy xh^ 4'FirLtiii.l jiuhlJc^TLdit of It m l^ll if lititl r Th p S^ ^hh^Ea- 


LOUlSbOUUG. An Authentic Account of the 
Keductiou of Louisbourgj InJune and July 175B, 
Py a Spectator. Londtyti: \W Owen, 1763* 60 pp. 
htUftttor, BiJo. (105. 6d. 1759) 

LOtJLSIANA. Yoya|;:e a la Louifiiaiie, et sur le 
ContmF^iil de L'ATiiOri^ue ^eplentrionnle, faitdaus 
les anntes 1794 u 17^3; Contenant un Tahltfftu 
IdiStorique de la Louiaianej des observations sur son 
cliniat, fits riches productk^iis^ le caractcre el le 
noiu des Suuva^es; des renmrcjuesijuporta[it<.'si6ur 
la uuvigation ; des priucijies d^administration, de 
Iti^'islution et de ^ouvt^riieHient propres ^ cette 
Colonic^ etc* etc. Par B*** D***. [Haudry IcB 
Loaierts] Orne d'une belle carte. Ptiris, Dentu, 
An Xl-lBOi!. S jtreL fecujeij and 383 pp. Map, mor, 
Btu {10s. 6d, 1760) 

LOW (Conhj^dX Meer oder JSeehanen Buch^/ 
Darinn/ Veryyjiebriet feind, die Wun^r/derhare, Ge- 
denckwilrdi^e KeifcvndSchiffarbteiijfo/reclit vnd 
billich ^^eheiHen Mf^r viid Seehanen, dtr Konig^n 
von ni^/lpuiiiut PoHxjgalj Engellandt md Franct- 
reich, iuwendig den letit verj^ignen hunri/dert 

Sihliotktca Americana. 



Jthren^ eethnn, Autf^vnd dnrch tv-^ktip SchifTinr^ 

Auif^iiiL^ feJegt^Hf i^rfuTiiien riid/ eittdt-ckt Leind./ 
NiHmti ItnucJ ooch ^^t'llr-tn zwpy f4fltKiiiiie vi*d 
.(iileiictrwnrdri^ii Stuck*/ Ditu ^jjnc iat^/ J>if; Gnt?h- 
ung der Schittiirt^ To im Jnhr l^'J-l, c^tlian liben 
Scbii^V ^♦^T^**^' 'i^^ Vnierte Niderlfindifcb*' Stiind 

jrt^n laoiTmLch Cbmn eu ut^men. Dii?lb1bi;^e ScbifT 
rf?iad»i;i.^fii^rt;ii J dar^;bdit^Kn!f^!oder/ Straps jfiwilclitn 
JeH Ljmiitf<:bfttf>(^n dt* Grofariirlten von dt*r Mof- 
CLiw^ vud der Inliel ^VaL(^lLtZf/ bej KoQii Ztmlii 
^lep'n, lit J* itia groffi* Tart:irifi;Jit! M«tTj \\\-!<3b^a 
uufl^ l^tiU'm OcL'iinuay ScyiUtcufl ckW jMuro Tabiii 
ECfionnet wirt, vnd biiben ectdectt den Flufz/ 
liililiy our 13» Meil voxn groileu Flufsi/ Obij i^de- 
feu./ Dm ander fiiick lit./ Kin Warlmi^er^ 
IcLuvr, et^ntliclier TJF^ricbtf vou dur vr^jiten vn 
wittij/Jt?rbsren Reifeodt^r ftcbiff fahrt^lb drey ScMff 
rmt fiu PjitaL£^aul£ EUillnud^ hd':;^ in/ (udieni^t^en 
Autf^nuig eetbiui^ Du^lt^lbo JScbift' ri.'iiid van 
Ttritd in Hoihndt hb^i'Taoren am uji-/di^rn ta^ 
.^ItriliMf ita .Fw l,'iy5. Ilftbtm vTnbg*^f:i;^t^U dju 
Vorhniipt Uonct +Sfipij vnd iV^iiid ttbti dt*l'/ gfofleil 

*(*j^*^uJ»Ten» \'on dttrun^n Ibind He/ geliigelt jjen 
t^AwAiffti Torze'iten THprobfirLB^ vnd fi^hrner ^en 
bntttKm^ pm ^mfle Gewf^rblLatt/ in di^ Inf^L Ihu.'^ 
Mainr^ werrtr tjMi ftidayii, vnd dt^r \j\iA HaHj. 
Von dnnnen Imnd fif* am ad./ FebmaHj lM^7*widfr 
\^tlX^\ I tr>)l{iiidt ^ttfHijrc^a, viid mbn jri^ondts fxhnztj* 
Inaden, Am 10* TH^/ Aucltmoujiu detlnlbpo Jar^ niit 
^^eud^n zu llauLi cimkomeu^ Hubeti mubradit/ 
I^flrrf Nag^ltHH, Muscat Nitas vnd lilumen. 
N«bt:n df^m vini^u/ w^indf^rbjirLicben Vo^d, der 
Fettrkolen vcTlthluckflt./ UantK W\\^ aulelcn,/ 
Uif^* li^^ifr'n Ttui ScbitlahrU'n L'oind Eufamunf wwi-A 
iu»=/iliirti IJsurftiichru ins ri^utrtii j^ebraohr,/ Durulj/ 
C'onrwl Li>w der liiftorien Litbbuher./ Gcimcki 
£U C'Olblf ^^ der JJur|j;mauri{n, iiey/ liertrntii 
liucliboltz, Im Jabr/ J,y)w, 7'i£/y! r*riiL'i'*e ^iaw^^ 
aurf tf±i 110 /f/j. Ir'i^V^ Mfl/j, Vpihitn, (liotjk 
oftHf^ Ot-^n or s^a-cockA In which are rebitedibe 
woiuleHiil memorable traveJ* and voyages wliith 
tLe ri^bUy 4]idjii&ttj c&litid Uceau or iSda-cack^of 

486 Bthliijtheca Americana* 

theKin^ofSjmin, PorTu^til^ Engliindj and France 
hRve made witbin the last past hundred jear$^ In 
and hy means of which voyag'es a \ew ^Vo^ld 
situate?! toTrards the Wf^si and great Kin^doma, 
countries, and Lslanih to^i'ards tljf eiifit hiive bt-eu 
found and discovered. Jlerero :ire yet added two 
curious kSt rt:m:irkfibl4i^ pi(?C(^s* One is the relation 
of the Toyage wljirh sf.^ven ships, which the United 
i^tatCRof thr^ Xcdif^rlandaseni to the Nonhin order 
to take thence thi'ir courcie tti China, ji+^rfonned in 
the year 15^4. The said ships proceeded through 
the pass or fjtraits between the territories of the 
Great Prince of .Mofttow and the Island U aigata 
situated near Xova Zemhla, intotiieEn"*?Eit Tartaric 
Sieaj which is o:dled in i.atin OcenniiB Scythicus or 
Marefahin; andhavtdiscoveri-dtiif Rivf;rtiili&*^ 
situated only 13 miles from the great lliYcr Obij* 
The other piecr^ is a trtip , clear, and accurate ac- 
couiit of tho distant and wonderful voyaj^f^ ivhieh 
thr^'e ships and a pinnan'e mside from Holland to 
India to^^'ards the Kjist, These ships proceeded 
from T<^3tel in Mollaud on thefHr^corid day of April 
in tht^year 1595. Thoysiiih'd round the (.'ape of Liood 
Hope and proceeded lo the gn^at Island ^Jadagas 
('arj noiv calh.'d St. I,aivrr^iicelii]iind. ilt'uce thej' 
sailed to Sumatra, form eriy Taprobiina and further 
to Bantam a grr^at trading city in the Island of 
Java Major, furth^rtoSidayaand ihr-i.'rland Hally. 
Thence they proceeded on tlie ^(ith of February 
1597 a^ain towaj'ds Holland^ and arrived at home 
with joy on the lOth day of Au^^ust in the sanie 
year without landing any whert^* lb<?y have 
brou<;ht Ti'ith tliem pepper, cloves, nutmee, nuts, 
and flowers, toi^ether with a wonderful bird which 
swallows red-hot Coab. Very pleasant to read* 
These travels and Toya^es have been collected in 
fjennan, out of other Ifvni^iaj^ei^j hy Conrad Low, 
a lover of hitjtories* Printed at L'ologne on the 
r'astle-walls bv Bertram Uuchholz. in the vear 
lo9a.) Futio, ' iM, 15$, 6iL 1761 ) 

LLiSSAX (Kavkvkau ok). Journal/ du Voyae^/ 
fait a la mer de Sudt/ avec les riihustiers/ J>e 
L'Amerique en 1634./ & anncfs fuivanres^/ Se- 
condt} KdiLJon./ Bar le Sieur Haveneau De Lus- 
Ban./ A I'urhJ Jean Bapt. Uoiftnard,/ et/ J*.an 
Baptiste Coignard^ ^il^?/ mdci^x^j^xxiix^ Avecpri- 

Bibliotheca Americana. 487 

vile^ de sa Majeste./ 8 pKi. ieava, und 448 pp. 

Privilege ami ColoplioH 2 teaces. Old ailf. 

ISmo. (JUj. &/. 1762) 

LYNE (CHiHLEs). A Letter to tho Ri^Lt Honour- 
able Lord Castlerengh, &c. &c. &c. on tlio \ortli 
American Export TrEide During tbe Wor^ smd 
during anj time the import 4nd U-^o ut' our IVlauu- 
factures are interdktod in tlio United Stiitoa. To 
wLioii IS added^ the resolutiona of the I^lanuf^- 
turers^ EiporterBorGoodu, and Mercijantf, of the 
City of tiljiBKOW* Hy Clmrlt^a Jjyne* Lontiim : 
J. ^L iii<;h[ird3on, 1813. TiiL: ajid'Uj pp^ unbom\d* 
Hw. {3i.6d. 17(iTj 

LYTTELTON (TnoMvts, Lord). A LetUjr from 
Thomas Lord Lj Helton to William Pitt, Earl of 
Cb^itham^onthe Quebec Bill. Biysinni IVinted b_v 
Mills fUid Hicks, for Cos and Horry, in Kin^- 
Street< jMjDcc,lxxiv. 17 pp* H^tf morocco. 
et'o, (5i, 6d. 1764) 

LVrrELTON (Tno)iAa, L«rd). A Letter from 
TLomoa Lord Lyttelton, to WilliaTii Pitt^ Earl of 
Cbatbam, on the Quebto IJdl, ^eio-Yoi-k: Re- 
printed by JainOH ilirlii^ou. JVi,ot:o,Lxxiv* S^ 
pp. half mar. Biio. {-Is, tid, 17(iS) 


ABLY {Abhe tJjO- Tlemarksi con- 
oemintc the (Jovemmf^nt and thw 
Laws of thfl United Statfs of Ame- 
Tica: In Four LetterM, addrpfliied (o 
Mr. Adfiras; ^liniBtrT PJ**nipoten- 
tinry froin the Unitf^d Stntps of 
America to those of ][onaiif1; and 
oneofth*? Nej^ocial^orgfor thf'purTiosfofcondudmg 
a E^eneral l*eace, from the French of the Ahbu de 
Mably : With Notea^ by the 'rrnneliitor, Limd<m : 
J. Debrett, Mj[x;c,Lxi}ciVt Hatf-tiik, titUj and 
^80 pp. Bdo. (4s. 6d. 17GG) 

MABLY (ApiiK nt')' R^niarka catifxrum^ the 
Goveromi^nt and the Laws of the United States of 
America: In four Letters , addressed to Mr, Adams, 
Minister Plenijmtentiarv from the United States of 
America to tho^ of Jlolland; and one of the \e- 
gociatoTB for the purpose of conclodint^ a general 
peace, from the French of the Abbe de Slablj; 
With Notes, by the Translator* DitbVm: Mon- 
crieffe^ etc, KorcLixxv. UalJ-iiiU^ tilk^ and 2&0 
yp. OULcatf. Bvo. {4iS.6d. 1767) 

MACAULAY (CATtEARrNt), Observations on a 
Pamphlet, entitled f Thoughtfl on the Caose of the 
Present Discontents. By Catbarine Macaulay, 
The Third £ditiotij Corrected^ Lnjidon: Kdwrnrd 
and Charlea Dillj. udcclxx* 31 pp. Malj' mor^ 
Bw. (4s. &/. irfiG) 

MACAULAY (CATHAnrwE). An Address to the 
People of England, Scotland, and Ireland, on the 
present Important Crifia of A (lairs. By Catharine 
Macaulay. R. Cnittwel^ Bathj ninctirXxv. 29 ;ip* 
Half mor. Svo, i'U.6d. 1769) 

MAC CLURE (DiTin). Memoirs of the Hgy. 


490 Bihliotheca Americana, 

Eleazar Whpelock, D.D* Foutidt^r and President 
of DartDiouth Colh^^^e and .Moor's Cliaritj School; 
with a sumirmrv JiisiTory of tJi$ (.'oUe^e and School, 
To which ure added, copious Extracts from Dr* 
Whpelock's CorreapoTid(?ncrt. By david ^I'Clurc, 
D.D,, SJf kS, VttHtor ofaChuJTch in East. Windsor, 
Con, and Elijah Paris hj D.D, Pustor of the Church 
in Byfield, Mass. ^einhui'vpori : Edward LittlL^ 
& Co. 1811. S3ti />/). iWtrait of Kleaiar WheettX'k. 
Caif. 8Lt3. (7*. 6rf, 1770) 

MAC DONALD <Johs). Eniifp-adon to Canada. 
Narrativt? olu. Voja^o to Quehec, and Joumt^y 
from tlience lo ^Nhw Lanark^ in Upper (^anada. 
Detailinj^ ihe hardships and difficulties which an 
Emi^ant had to encountPTj bt^tbre and after his 
eettkniont' M itli jm Account of the Country, as 
it regards its climate, soil, and the actual condition 
of its inhabitants* Uj John JrUonald. Eighth 
Edition* Loinfon ; H* Arlififl* 1826. 'AGyp. half 
mov. Sto. (3s, tiJ, 1771) 

MACER (Jons). Lcstrois Uuresdey Tlliatoire dee/ 
Indefl, aconiplie/ dtf plufieurfi chofofl nnjiuorables^ 
autant fid^lt-njent {.|ue lbuimaJre-/inentco]npolez i^n 
Latin, it [le[>uiii/ iiak^uerea faittz en FraTit^ojs-/ 
Par Alailtre Jt^han Macer,/ liceucid en droict./ 
Avec Privilege./ A Pay is. I Chez (.Tuillaume 
GuiUard en la rue/ Sainft laf:t|uefl a iVnteij^nt:/ 
Sain^te Eaihe./ Ibbb.j *i}6j\}i\9td k^vfu. VettuaK 
16nM, (i;* lOs. 1772) 

MAC GREGOR fJ^MKS). J^tterfromtlieRevet^d 
Mt. James ^PGregor, Miniattrr, at Pictou, Nova^ 
Scotia^ to the General Associate Synod, April -^)th, 
1793. Published by order of &jno<L Pnhifif ; 
Printed hy John Neil son* jti.nce.Tfciii. Id pp, 
Biw* (4s. Gd. 1773) 

MAC KENNEY (Thot^ias L.) Sketches of a Tour 
to the LakeSj of the character and customs of the 
Chifjpeway Indians, and of incidents connected 
with tlie TrtMity of Fond du Lac. By Thonias L. 
Mc Kenney, of'the Indian Department, And joint 
Conmiissiont-r with his Exoelkricj trov* Cass, in 
nej^otiatin^ the IVeat.y, Also, a Vocabulary of the 
AI^c, or Chippeway Lan<;uaife^ formed in part, 
and as far asit^oes, uponthL hatii^of onefnjniohed 

Bibliotheca Americana. 491 

by the ?Ion. Albert Gallatin. Ornamented with 
twenty-nine Engraringgj of Lake Superior, and 
other Scen^, Indian Likenesses, Costumes, &c. 
Baltimore: Fielding Lucas, Jun'r. 1827. 294 pp. 
i9phte». Bvo. (7». 6d. 1774) 

MACKENZIE (Alexandek). Voyages from Mont- 
real, on the Biver St. Lawrence, through the Con- 
tinent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific 
Oceans; In the Years 1789 and 1793. With a pre- 
liminary account of the Rise, Progress, and Present 
State of the Fur Trade of that Country. Illustrated 
with Maps. By Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. Lon- 
don : T. Cadell, Jun. h.dccc.i. Half-title, title, 
viii and cxxxii pp : Text 412 pp. Errata 2 pp. With 
Portrait of the Author, and 3 Copperplate Maps. 
4(0. (IOj. 6d. 1775) 

MAC KINNEN (Daniel). A Tour through the 
British West Indies, in the Years 1802 and 1803, 
giving a particular Account of the Bahama Islands. 
By Daniel M'Kinnen, Esq. London : J. White. 
1804. Half-title, title, viii and 272 pp. With Map. 
8eo. (5s. 6(i. 1776) 

MAC LANE (DAVin). TheTrialof DaridM'Lane 
for High Treason, before a Special Court of Oyer 
and Terminer at Quebec, on the 7th July 1797. 
Qtxeiwc; Printed and Sold by J. Neilson, 1797. 21 
pp. halfmor. 8vo. (5s. 6d. 1777) 

MAC MAHON (John V. L.) An Historical View 
of the Government of Maryland, from its Coloni- 
zation to the present day. By John V. L. M<Ma- 
bon. Baltimore: F. Lucas, Jr. 1831. Vol.1, mi 
and 539 pp. (12«. 6d. 1778) 

MAC NEILL (Hectob). Observations on the 
Treatment of the Negroes, in the Island of Jamaica, 
including some Account of their Temper and Cha- 
racter, with Remarks on the Importation of Slaves 
,from the Coast of Africa. In a Letter to a Physi- 
cian in England, from Hector M'Neill. London: 
G. G. and J. Robinson, vi and 46 pp. half morocco, 
Svo. {3s. 6d. 1779) 

MACQUEEN (James). The Colonial Controversy 
containing a Refutation of the Calumnies of the 
Anticolonists : the State of Hayti, Sierra Leone, 

49S BibUotheca Americana^ 

IndU, Cluim^ Cochin ChiDa, Java^ &c. &c, ; the 
Proihiction of Suit^iir^ &ic. an<l theatat^of thft Fret* 
and SlaTfl Labourers in those Countries ; fuUj con- 
Hidt^rvd in a Sem-fl fif Lf?tti^i*3, addressed to The Karl 
oi' Liverpool ; witii a aujiplf-n^t^ntary L-L-tter to Mr, 
Macaulaj, My Jiimes Maccjueon. Ghsg^v:: 
K\\u\\ bUclde, ^ Co, 1823. S^^ ^. /fd/^ int»r. 

8jw. (4s. 6fi. ireo) 

MADHE DE DEO.S (Caspar t>A). ilemorias para 
a Hie^torladaC'ajutauiadeS. Vicente, hojechamiida 
de S« Paulo, do ^'Atado do Brazil publicadas de 
Grdem da Academia K« da^ t^it'iicias por tV, 
Gaf^par dji Madrid de Deoa, Mont^e lienedittino, e 
corrvlpondente da mefma Academia, Li^aa: iS'a 
Tjpografia da Academia. 1797, 4 preL ifavesy utid 
te^t 242 pp. ^ CatalogD ' etc. '2 pp. Halfctilj. 
4to. (7s. 6d. tTSl) 

MAFFEIUS (JoAN>-Fs Pethu5% loan. Petrr/ 
Maifeiij/ Jier);;omatis,/ e t^ocietate leav,/ Historic 
armi/ Indicarvm/ Libri XVl./ Selectarvm, iiem^ 
ez India/ Epistolarum, eodfin interpreto, Libri 
IV.^ Accewitt l^natii Loiola: vita./ Omnia ab 
Auttore n^co^riita, ^ nunc primijnri in Gerjjiania 
excula./ Item, in fm^ulu oporii copicfus Index./ 
Hie nunc receiis adit^ta eit ciiarta geo^fraphica, 
at renitidilTime e3C|»reflaj quft Lectori vtriufq*/ In- 
di» fitudf ^L loiiginqua ad a^ nauif^atio, accurate 
ob fK^ulos fpe^tanda pra-/ponitur, non minus ad- 
fpec^u, ^uani hiltoria ipfa lectu iucunda,/ C<iU>ni^ 
AgrippitucJ In OtJicina iiirckmannitft, I'umptibus/ 
Arnoidi Mylij./ Anuo ». D.\ciir./ Cum Gratia l^ 
Priuilei^io tf, Cft^farea Mait^tatia./ ^ p}^f. i^aves ; 
I'ir. Titlfj reivr^ hhtik, M^hilippo lU's/jfi Catiio^/ 
lico,' 2 pp ; Tilt ri-Vi pp. ^ CompendioBTH Indei,* 
etc. S5 pp. Pi^nkiFu J-Wiu, (los. 178^) 

MAFFK[US (JoAvMTs Pltius). loan, Pt'tri/ 
JVlaffeii,/ Ber^matis,/ e Societate/ [ee^^/ Histori- 
arvm/ Indicarvm/ l^ibriXVl./ Selectarvm, Iiem, 
6X ln-/dm lipietolarvm Lilm IV,/ Acceflit libtr 
recentiorum Lpistohrrm, a loanne l[ayo DulgBt- 
ticnd/ Scoto ex eairlem JSocieiate nunc primum ei* 
cuius, cum/ iii[|ict^ accurattJ./ Dvobvs Fomis Di»- 
tribvti./ Omnia ab Au^tort* recoj^nita & emendata./ 
In Qn^uia copiofua Index*/ AntverpitEj Ex OHicina 


Bibliotheca Americana. 498 

Martini Nutij, ad infizne dua-/ram Ciconiarnm, 
Anno M. DC. t./ 36 pret. Uavei; Text ' Liber Pri- 
mv« ' 478 fp; i blank leaf. ' Selectarvm Epiato- 
lamn ez India LibTiQTatvor,'«tc. 402 pp. IndMiS 
pp. PigiMn. Svo. (Idi. 1783) 

iIAGELLANS. Appendice a la ReUcion del 
Via^ al Maeallane* de la Fra^ata de Guerra Santa 
Maria de la Cabeza, que contiene el de los Paque- 
bote* Santa Canlda y Santa Eulalia para oom- 

Sletar el Reconooimiento del estrecho en loi Anos 
e 1788 J 1789. Trabajado de Orden Superior. 
Madrii hdcclxxxxiii. En la Imprenta de la 
Viuda de D. Joaquin Ibarra. 3 prel.Uavei and 188 
pp. Carta iMredw de Magallatue, 1786, y 1789. 
4to. (10t.6d. 1783») 

MALOUET (V. P.) Ezamen de cette question : 
Quel sera pour les Colonies de I'Amirique le Ri- 
sultat de la lUvolution Franfoise, de la Guerre 
qui en est la Suite, & de la Paiz qui doit la ter- 
miner 1 Par M. Malouet, D6put« de la Colonie 
de St. Domingne. A Londre$ : Baylis, 1797. 29 
pp. half mar, Biw. (Si. 6<<. 1784) 

MALOUET (V. P.) Lettre a M.S.D., Membre 
du Parlement, sur llnt^r^t de I'Europe, au Salut 
des Colonies de rAm^rique. Par M. Malouet, 
Diput^ de la Colonie de St. Dominf^e. Londres : 
Baylis, 1797. Half-tUU, title, and 36 pp. Uncut. 
Siw. (3i.6<i. 1785) 

MALOUET (V. P.) Collection de M^moires et 
Correspondances Officielles sur 1 'Administration 
its Colonies, Et notamment sur la Guiane fran- 
faise et bollandaise, par V. P. Malouet, ancien ad- 
ministrateur de* Colonies et de la Marine. Parii, 
Baudouin, An X. [1803] Four Volumes. Tome 
Premier. Half-title, title, and 484 op. Tome II. 
Half-HtU, titk, and 379 pp. Tome 111. Half-titk, 
title, and 388 pp. Tome IV. HalJ-titU, title, and 
STBpp.halfealf. Svo. {10t.6d. 1786) 

MANSIE (ALEXiiNOER). Dedicated by permission 
to his Excellency the Governor. The Apprenticed 
Labourer's Manual : Or An Ksssy on the Appren- 
ticeship System , and the Duties of the Apprenticed 
Labourers, Including: several of the Personal and 
Relative Duties bin£ng on Mankind in general. 

494 BihJ'wiheca Americana. 

Wy AtpxaiuUT .Mtinw, \Vofi1(;yan Minister, Bntish 
GhIuhu. : Published hy lUe Society for the Jnfitnic- 
tion ofthi.^ Liib(juriii(j Cla*ae.'i, 1H5?, ^ii'tind^lTjrp. 
^ A Catecbism of certmn Moml, Social^ ami Civil 
iJuties; adiqjted to existing circumstances. By 
the \\e«lcyjiii -Mis^iinnarit^fjf Antigua, Originallj 
printed bj Order of til e Legi^^MUTeofthat Colony.' 
iSpfi. BviK (5s. 1787) 

MASON {J* M.) An Oration commemorfitivt of the 
latr .^l.^ior-tlenenl Alex^ Hftmiltoti ■ proQoiinced 
before the \f?w-Vork State Society of the Cincin* 
natij on Tuesday, July JljietM-. Hy J. fl^31ason, 
D,l), Pastor oi'thp first Asso<;iatc Krfonjifd( -hurch 
in tlieCity of New York, ^\'irh Ein Appendix, con- 
tainin<c the PEirticnhiris nf the Duel heti\oeiiCienti- 
tiil ItiLuulton and t 'olonpl Linrr^ a Cojjy of tb*? Paper 
liit't Ity the General, and Tlif Rev. Dr. ^lason's Let- 
ter to the Kditor of tiie Commercial Advertiser, 
Giviugan Account of tboGencrars last Moments, 
I.tiitdoii : 11, ICdwards, lyOl. 38 pp. Uumi, 
8vo. {2s.6d. 1788) 

MARDAN (Ptoiio). Arte/ de la J^ng^a/ Moia,/ 
coiiRu Vocabulurio, y Cathi'ciismo./ Compuesto/ 
por el M. K* P. Pedro Marban/ de la CompaTua de 
Jeevsj Superior, quf; fue,/ de las iJifsicjues de lii- 
^uIg&j f]iiti tieue laComs/pania dt; tfta Provinciade 
el Peru en las/ dilatadas Rp^iones de los Indies/ 
Moxofl^ y Chi(]uLtoa,y Dirii^ido./ Al Kxc,""* <^.°^ 
UrMi.dfhttr/ PoTtociirrcroLallo,dola A'cE^a. Conde/ 
de la iloncloviL, Coinendador de la/ Zariia, del 
Ordt^ <]e Ahantara, del Con-/f(jo do Guerra, y 
Junta [IcGucrrade Iiidiiis, Virrcy, Governanflo, y 
Capitan/ General, que fue del Reyno de la \ueva/ 
Efpaiia^ y actual, q es de eftos Hey^^/noa, y ProTin- 
cias del Peru,/ l^Liwa 1701] Con Licenciade los 
STperiores. Jin la Imprenta Real de Joleph fie 
Coritreras. prei. UaieSj utid titi-t pp ; * (3athecis- 
mo iMeno^ fU\ iiOtpp; ^ Indiee' 1 jxigti. 1'eifji.n. 
iitiuiit 8nT* {:V. I3s. 6d. 1789) 

.MAftKlJAM (WiLi-iATu), A Sermon 1 Vached be- 
f[tre iJie hiforpoT>tted Society for the ProyiaE^atJon 
of the Gofjiel in Fortiign Parts; at their AmiiTti'- 
sary IMeetniif in the Ptirjlit Cliurch of St, ^AJarv-le- 
bow^ Un Priday February 'Jl, 1777* UythoMoft 

BihKoiheca Americana. 495 

Bererend Father in God, William Lord Arcbbiihop 
of York, London : T. Harrison and S, Brooke, 
MDCCLXxni, 104 jrp. ' The Form of a Legacy to 
this Society.' 1 page, half mm-. Svo. (3s. 6d. 1790) 

MARQUETTE (Le P.) Voyage et d^couverte de 
quelques Pays et Nations de rAm^rique Septen- 
trionale par Le P. Marquette et Sr. Joliet. A Paris, 
Chez Estienne Michallet rue S. Jaques a I'lmage 
S. Paul. H.Dc.Lxxxi. Arec privilege du Boy. 
Paris. Manlde et Renou, 1845. Haff -title, title ; 
and 43 pp. Map, Morocco extra. A reprint for Mr. 
O.Rieh. Small Om. (12». 6rf. 1791) 

MARRANT (John). A Narrative of the Lord's 
wonderful Dealings with John Marrant, a Black, 
(Now going to Preach the Gospel in Nova-Scotia) 
Born in New- York, in North-America. Taken 
down from his own Relation, Arranged, Corrected, 
and Published By the Rev. Mr. Aldridge. The 
Second Edition. London : Gilbert and Plummer. 
1785 ; 38 pp. dm. (4«. 6d. 1792) 

MARSHALL (Humphry). Arbustrum America- 
ntmi : The American Grove, or, an Alphabetical 
Catalogue of Forest Trees and Shrubs, natives of 
the American United States, arranged according to 
the Linnnan System. Containing, The particular 
diftinguilhing Charaders of each Genus, with plain, 
&mple and familiar Defcriptions of the Manner of 
Growth, Appearance, &c. of their feveral Species 
and Varieties. Also some hints of their uses in 
Medicine, Dyes, and Domestic Oeconomy. Com- 
piled from actual knowledge and observation, and 
the assistance of Botanical Authors, By Humphry 
Marshall. Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Cruk- 
shank, in Market- Street, between Second and Third- 
Streets. MDCCLXXXv. xxandlTipp. unbound. 
Bix). (7». 6d. 1793) 

MAR8TON (Edward). To The Moft Noble Prince 
Heniy Duke of Beaufort, Marquifs and Earl of 
Worcefter, Baron Herbert, Lord of Ragland, Chep- 
ftow and Gower. Palatine of the Province of South 
Carolina in America. [Loiidon, 1712.1 12 pp. half 
mor. 4to. (18j. 1794) 

MARTENS (Frioericb). Friderich Martens/ von 
Hamburg/ Spitzbergifche oder Groeulandifche/ 

49fl Mthtiotheca Ajnet^iaxna^ 

Reife Befchreibun^/ p^lmn im JahrltfTl./ Aus/ 
Figaren nstcli dem Jjehenlelbft nb^riffun, (lb hier- 
mit^t^tlieilet./ Htimbur^,/ Auff Gattfned, SchulN 
Italia Kofioh^ gtfdruckt^ Im Juhr 1673*/ 4 prti^ 
leaves and iJii pj^^ * Ke^itter ' y )>p. ' ErraU/ 1 
pu^e. 1^ Ci}p}>crptates. 4lo» (U, 5s, 1795) 

MAKTFNS (FHE[>LRir:HV [En^rui'tJ (itie] Vojagie 
Daar/ Grotnibiicl of Spitfibei'gen/ mite ^Adira een 
net vf?rbaEil der/ Walvis vangnst/ en dtT ztlve be- 
UandtfUui',/ i\Iet vet^l Avontuurlyke voorvallen 
door i\ ifrtrteiia*/ Tt? UordrecUtj/ Gedruki hy 
Hf ndrik Waljjot, boekvcTkooper OT<?rt Sfadhuys./ 
[f i7/jif/i*if/t] FredrikMartens/Nankpurigp Besch-' 
jyvixt^QJ van/ Grwnlaud/ of/ Spitebergen,/ Waer 
in de \V alvifch-Vanglt, gelogtintbeyd Tan/ *t Vs, 
en liaer ivonderlykt^ kra^t en Fi^uren duydelyk 
wordi^n/ aenfjewt leii :/ NeTena/ Den Aard ran't 
Landf Gewuir^n^ '^'s-li^irgcn, Gtvo^eltw,/ Vierroe- 
tio^ DifTpn, en Villchen Jelier t^ontryen,/ Ookbo^ 
de Walvitfcben i^evajigen, gekapt en g^eljiedon wor- 
den :/ Beiu^vens voribheydii Avontuurlyke voorval- 
len in GToenland,/ Met een VerhaeL van d*; pe- 
vantfe Widvifch by St. Anne-T.and./ Alamedceeu 
Gevei^ en fpringen Tan tvrce Scliepen, een Fnina 
en een En-/gels: Sevens alle de Gevaaren haar 
tiverLrekotnen./ ^let Kopere J^latei) A't^r^iert,/ Te 
DttrdrechtJ Godrukt by Hendrik Walpotj Bosk- 
drukber en Boekverkooper/ over 't Stadtlmys*/ 
[1710?] 5 yieL teni-£Aj and &3 jtj). CopptrpLites at 
pp. 4<j, 51J, t?B. 4r-j. {11. lis. Od, 1796) 

MARTIXI (FftANtis). Argo-Navto/ LSataT>'fl,/ Sive 
expt^itioiit^ XlIvciIls^ quam alter nolter/ Jason, At 
]Ieros forthluiiua, Petf vs/ Heinivj?, inb auLpiciJa 
llluitriffmioruin iv/ potemilfimoriim DD. Ordd: &/ 
lllufLrilUmi iViut-jpiii Auraici^ In-/clyta?q; Socie- 
XiitiA Indi'Ai Ocd-/denudi3 da^rtii miper/ Jufcepit;/ 
Ft Victoria in fmii ^Ijatiui:!^ divinitus/ reiwrtata?/ 
TliEtoriii/ Cntnnine iieroico dolcri]>ta, in publioe re- 
citata,/ a/ Fnincisco Mjtrtini/ ScWse Campenfia 
Diicipulo,/ Cumfm.f Ki orticina Petri lUmrici 
Wyrin^ani^y fub iiipiu Typugrapliia?./ ciDucitJtix/ 
Title and MH pp. 4to. {*^L ^^. 1797) 

BtbUotheca Americana. 497 

MARTINIERE (Sieur de la). A New/ Vo^rage/ 
into the/ Northern Countries/ Being a Difcription 
of the Manners,/ Cailoms, Superltition, Buildinj^,/ 
and Habits of the Norwegians, La-/ponians, Kilops, 
Boraudians, Sib-/erians, Samojedes, Zemblans and 
Iflandera./ With Reflexions upon an Error in/ our 
Geographers about the fcitua-/tion and Extent of 
Greenland and/ Nora Zembla./ London/ Printed 
for John Starkey, at the Miter/ in Fleetftreet near 
Temple-/Bar. 1674./ 5 prel. Uaoei and 153 pp. 
Old calf. limo. (1(. Is. 1798) 

MARTINIERE (Siecr oe la). [Engraved HtU] 
Voyage/ Des Pais/ Septentrionavx/ Par le S'. D. L 
M./ A Paris/ Chez Louis Vandosme proche/ Mon- 
feig'. le Premier PreCdent./ G. Laaame {Printed 
title'] Voyage/ des Fays/ Septentrionavx./ Dans 
lequel fe void les mosurs, maniere de vivre, & fu- 
penli-/tions des Norweguiens, • Lap-/pon9, Ki- 
loppes, Borandiens,/ Syberiens, Samojedes, Zem-/ 
bhens, Iflandois./ Par le fieur de la Martmiere,/ 
Seconde Edition, reveue & augment^e/denouveau./ 
A Pari$,l Chez Louis Vendosme, Libraire/ au Pa- 
lais dans la Salle Royalle,/ au Sacrifice d'Abraham 
1676./ Aveo Privilege dv Roy./ 6 prel. Uavei,and 
322 pp. 'ExtraiaduPrivilegeduRoy.'Spp. Old 
calf. IJmo. (15s. 1799) 

MARTYN (Benjauin). Reasons For Establishing 
the Colony of Georgia, With Regard to the Trade 
of Great Britain, the Increafe of our People, and 
the Employment and Support it will afibrd to great 
Numbers of our own Poor, as well as foreign per- 
fecuted Protestants. With fome Account of^the 
Country and the Defign of the Trustees. By Ben- 
jamin MartynEfq. The Second Edition. London: 
W. Meadows, Mnccxxxiii. 48 pp. Frontispiece If 
Map, both engraved on copper. Half morocco. 
4to. (15s. 1800) 

(^MARTYR (Peter). De orbe nouo Decades, [ires. 

< Colophon] Cura & diligentia uiri Celebris Magilbi 
Antonii Ness/briflenfis historici regii fuerunt hse tres 
protono/tarii Petri martyris decades Impred'ae in/ 
contubemio Amaldi Guillelmi in/ Illustri oppido 
carpetanse pul-/ciffi copluto quod uulg;ah/ter di- 
citer Alcala pfe/£t& eft nonis No/uebrig An./ 
1516./ Withottt pagination or catchwordt. On the 

499 mUiolhecct America7i<i. 

revfrxe of the Title ^' {'hiriPHimo l*riiiripi CftTolo Reel 
Cathrjlifo :" The i ' lef ace <itrttf ties iht mxi pa^e a li^ 
en fJtf rfT-rr^ fij nhich in'siufi thf ttxt mhkh emU an 
ihe rcterse ofi* \Vi', ^ Ad l^.^Momiri iLc!r;vLbiiBcianil0' 

ieufi *^ VorrthuJu lJitrbftrn» /) V^fft^s t^Tdiug with the 
Colti}tJittHf ret-i'^rnF bitt»k; ^ifrnuture.i a to i in fights, 
eiVfipt u UHfl hytahirh tuiw uri/y uti itttr^^t etmh, *'Iji- 
Cipiti^r t^<'f<iiri(* Ji[i!iyloi]j<Ji " Hi Um^n^ *yjF«i(r(r(?Jr A 
Q^nt M, .Sjtttutiiti rrt;ji/ nlth rough tntft^^ m rfti mo- 
vmni e.ttiu lii lU'djt^rli, Fofh}. (lOi. lOi, IBOl) 

JC^ MAK'J'VIKrniiO. D^iXvppr/fivbD. CaroioRe- 

^ i>iT-/tifH iihluliji, iidiulijUi' irit'oliiram/ iiuinbuftt R* 

VctTJ Miirty^/ris, Kntimridicin, nrmii-/nni MiLT|jr&' 

rit^r, iJiui/ M]i£, Cu.-l'. filb-/ dicntiim,/ Jhsitetfj 

Atiuu/ yuh,n\u 'W;j;j. 4(r>. (ii^ ^5. 1802) 

Ji^ MAin VU (VivrKft). J*'?tri Mart^STis/ ah Ang:k'na 

T^ flli^cliftluijin- OmtoTiw/ clrtriUhiir, FomunJiJ^ l!e- 

liijv^)4'lli Ilil'jiiuiiiLruiii {mumliim rf^^uDi/ fi coufiLiJH, 

bUFi/ [|(]ici|Miil ilr inUf'niipi ni]]NT tiTrin tnuUlum^ 
nuuurum rfruiii cu[hLf/iluin h^cUiWUi rrftjiirrt' jtoifit, 
cojiJort", IbliUitiT, irru£Jit<^(|mr i\inu:Uir.l Kivfldrm 
prui'ti^fni/ Li't^aHoniM j^ntbylotiic^j li/bH tres: vbi 
jirni't'.T (jrntorii nivnrn^ pij1c:]]fTTintum''XC]iifi1uinf 
i-liruiMiiju-ijciiil ill utLriiinjiii ^riuiiiiiEi morU/biiH ^ 
iiiliifuiiH irili^mjti'r jirivrluriim uidit, (|ua<ijij(> torm 
ujurit|ui* iK'ciiJi^ruiUf/ cmimtL Irctumin!' iucuncJUf ^e- 
ijcri" ihf:i Jiili jiolitifliimj tTadiiulur. i^u«/&j*?,/ ujiud 
Jorui^4'iii li^Mmuj./ M.D.tixxiii. V2 jfrei. ieaites 
uttU i.)!i! fjttitml kucen. I'iue coftif in Sftttiti^h mttroi^a 
b}j I^.t^httm. foiifl, \ii. Un, iUi. lOtJj) 

MAJt'l'^ K(i*i^Ti;ji), lli-lntimii/ dirl S. I'lftro Mat- 
. Ur*'/ jM ilmiE'Ats/ [hill cu\\'. jiotahili ildlii prouiiicim 
^ tli'lr lv/|^Jtl(i Imtti^ ^11 hn^^im J.ntinu nlli ^i^rmuCdf/ 
di frlkv! ihrihciriu iia Ctitulici IJ. Fi.'rhitndo,/ (> D. 
liFibi'Jluj i. iMint riTair^ rnO]it Jtiilj/uKu/ JJn raj-lo 
TitfiHi-/ (Joji J*rivil(^(^rj<^^^ Jn y^ifitin iipprrlTb ti iur- 
e;JodL:'{.'niJKlli t6^j4. T /•r'^^. ^^'^I'f^T 'n^^ Titieretvrif 
hfiuttc^ * Air lllimriflfl. 1 1 Kccf'llrnHHfl.Si^^imnitiiv- 
liaKforxii \*allQ\ici\mf* el/'* ^t jt}* ; *DiHt'nrHLnU(]ttrlo 
l^nnHiy' etc. OfifK 'I'fxt 71 fittitmi (fut'fs^ * J'uvoIh,' c(c. 
ly 7171 ; * Krroh ftitti jn^llu itcuiiporli,' vtc. J />p. ca/^* 
SmiiiiUvo. (It. It. 1801) 

SibUotheca Americana. 499 

MARTYR (Peter). De Rebus/ Ocesnicis/etNoTo 

, Orbe^ de-/cades tres, Petri Mar-/tyriB ab Angleria/ 

J MedioUaensis./ Item eivsdem,/ de Babylonica/ 

^ Legatione. Libri III,^ et item/ de Rebvg Aethiopi- 

cu,/ Indicts La£taiucis& Hifpanicis, opufcnla que- 

da/ Hiilorica do£tiffima,quae nodie non facile^ alibi 

reperiontDr, Damiani/ A Goes Equitis/ Lalitani./ 

Quae omnia fequens pagina lattus demonlbat./ 

Cum duplici locupletimmo Indice./ CoUmia, Apud 

Geruinmn Caleniam & heeredes/ Quentelios. m.o. 

Lzxnii./ Cum gratia & Pririlegio Ceesareo./ 34 

prel. ieaoei and 655 pp. ' Index,' §8 pp. Fine copy, 

VeUum. Small Svo. {U.t0:6d. 1805) 

MARTYR ( Peteb). De Novo Orbe,/ or/ the His- 
torie of/ the weft Indies, Contayuig the ades/ and ad- 
nentuies of the Spanyardes, which haue/ conquered 
and peopled thofe Countries,/ inriched with varietie 
of pTea&nt Te-/Iation of the Manners, Ceremonies,/ 
Lawes, Gouemments, and/ Warres of the Indians./ 
Compmed in eight Decades./ Written by Peter 
Mai^rr a Millanoife of Algeria, Cheife/ Secretary 
to the Emperour Charles the fift,/ and of his Pri- 
me Councell./ Whereof three, haue beene formerly 
tranflated in-/to Englifh, by R. Eden, wherennto 
the other/ fine, are newly added by the Induftrie, 
and/ painefuU Tranaile of M. Lok Gent./ London/ 
Printed for Thomas Adams./ 1613./ bprel.Uavet; 
m. TUle.rmerK blank ' Kpistola Dedicatoria' 4pp. 
Signed ' Michael Lok.' To the Reader ' 4 pp. Signed 
*M. Lok.' Text 3t» folioed leave: Wanting leaf 
foUoedlSS. 4to. (il.iit.6d. 1806) 

iMARTYR (Peter). The/ famora/ Historie of/ the 
'T' Indies:/ Declaring the aduentures of/ the Spa- 
niards, which haue conque-/red thefe Countries, 
with varietie of Relations/ of the Religions, Lawes, 
Gouemments, Manners,/ Ceremonies, Cullomes, 
Rites, Warres,/ and Funerals of the People./ Com- 
prifed into fnndiy Decads./ Set forth firft by M' 
Hackluyt, and now pub-/lilhed by L. M. Gent./ 
Tin fecond Edition./ Z^mtian : Printed for Michael 
Sparke dwelling at the figne/ of the blue Bible in 
(jieen-Arbor. 1628./ 3 pret. leava ; vii. Title the 
ttvene blank ; ' To the Reader ' Signed ' M. Lok.' 4 
fp. Text 318 folioed Uavet. Calf extra by Bedford. 
4(0. (4l.i<k.6d. 1807) 

500 Bibltotheca Americana* 

^lARTYR; 0V3ED0 & XEUKS. Libto Primo/ 
/ dcllft iJisto/riiiclti I'ln/die Oc/cidt^n/t:ili ^»/ \vtrno\ 
* Svmmnrio i!c Im CwuerAV'.j IJisiorin lIi^ I'Jndiu Oc- 
cii/dflntali cEivnto dali^j^/bri t$cntti dul aii/trnor don 
Pittro/ -Murtyrt^ di^l cuN.si/^lio d^dli; Indie/ della 
Maestii/ (!(:: I luip(Yador(%/ et dn nioltp/ altre par^:/ 
ticvlas/ri relaiz/ticud*/ 7^J Jotiofd kuces^ the BO/A 
binjik^ Libro riecoii/do df'lJe Jii/die Oc/ci den/tali/ 
4* BiDJtxKiliJ./ Con ;<ratia ^ priuiWm*/ [ter^fj] 
Svramariu d« In/ Natundi.^ vl tjt^Dt^nil lii^ui/rJa de 
rijidio occidtntali^ com[Kjlu da (joiizido ft^rdi^/ 
Tinndo d^l Uuiido ahriiaenti di valdfj nutio de/ hi 
terrii di I^Tudril : blbitatore ^ rt.+ttore d+V 1* f^^*^ 
di laniaMarLaimticadfd Uurien,/mterrtifi'.^rmu del' 
iniJii^ : jl£|tial fu riut^/duto & ctitretto per ordme 
de lu/ MjwilU dL'l Inipi.'radoro, pel luo/ rf-al conQg- 
liOf (Je^ la dette Jn/die^ & tradotto di lin||;ija/ caiti;;- 
Liana in IiaMa:;/aa, Ca> priuili^^io/ dc lalLluftrifT./ 
Jiifjnorm di/ Viht^^iaT/ pnr itni X}t* (i* /flfiocd ^tiies, 
iht! 6^lh conta'ifihtf^ the Tabh mid the GOih the expU- 
ftaiioH of' the utapii. Libro vllJmo del fivniiua/rio 
dellf / Indli^ Oc/cid*?i]/tali/ «rjjtx?fiiii» [Cnhphun] 
^ In Venr^ia, Del nn^lb d'Uttobrf./ Mtixxxnin/ 
16 leuveSj the H;\ih being bhink. The three Ftirla 
etunpfete^ it verif tai'ffe copify nuih the Mtip f>f * l&o]a 
tsjiufi^nvola * ttnd * La carta ufiiuersaU deiia term 
finnej' baifi ttj' which ure here inseried in Jacsimile^ 

MAJIVLAND. A/ Relation/ of/ Maryland ;/To(je- 
thcr,l Witb [A Mapof tbu Countr^Vj/ 'J'b£> Condi- 
Tiona of Pljiiiratjon^/ \\h Migdlirs Charter to the/ 
Lord JiaU^^mon^j trandatf?d/ into Endilli./ Tliel'e 
Llooked are to hva Itad, at i^Jaiter W'ilJiam/ P'<a11ey 
T^(t\; Liftboule; ontbeback'^deof Uru-/ry-Lane^ 
nL'On: tbt^ t'ock-pU J'layhoufo; or in/ his abfcnoe; 
]it iMalier John 3Jor;L^^miP) houfe in/ bigU Elolboum^ 
ovpr a^'^ainft tb*: Dolpbin^ S^muiiui.j tisuptemberjtbe 
fi, AtMii) Uom.ltj^iH/ 7^if^ reuer^e ^iflpjJc, fljnJ56jip, 
' rbr^ ('bartoi' of Marjbnd/ ^.t pp. TJ^ia morocN 
fiiTti bu IltiifiUnf^ Mii{j Ih^ h\f 113 iwrh, tiifljifirt,^. 

MAJtVl.A\D. Thi^/D*?daration/oft]itV Reasons 
imd MotivK^/ For tbe Present/ Appoann^in Anas/ 
of/ Their Miijf'Sii^B/ Protestant Hubietta/ In iJi^ 
ProvJiictj of/ jMaryJand./ Licena'd, Nov-embt;!- 

Biblioikeca Americana. 501 

Mth 1689. J. F./ [Colophm] Maryland, Printed by 
William Nuthead at the City of St./ Maries./ Re- 
printed in London, and Sold by Bandal Tay-/lor 
near Stationers Hul, 1689./ 8 pp. unbound. 
Folio. (11. llj. 6d. 1810) 

MARYLAND. The Charter/ of/ Maryland./ [Lon- 
don] 23 pp. avo. (10<. 6d. 1811) 

MASSACHUSETTENSIS. Letters numbtred I 
to XVII. [Boston, 1775.] 118 pp. First Edition, 
halfmor. 8vo. {10s. 6d. 1812) 

MASSACHUSETTENSIS: Or a Series of Letters, 
oontainine a faithful state of many important and 
striking facts, which laid the foundation of the pre- 
sent Troubles in the Province of the Maffachnfetts- 
Bay ; interspersed with Animadversions and Re- 
flections, originally Addrefled to the People of that 
Province, and worthy the conlideration of the True 
Patriots of this Country. B^ a Person of Honor 
upon the Spot. The Third Edition. Boston printed. 
London reprinted for J. Mathews, mdcclxxvi. 
viHandliapp.halfmor. Svo. (7s. 6d. 1813*) 

MASSACHUSETTENSIS : Or a Series of Letters, 
containing a faithful state of many important and 
strikiiig nets, which laid the foundation of the 
present Troubles in the Province of the Maflachu- 
fetts-Bay ; interspersed with Animadversions and 
Reflections, originally Addrefled to the People of 
that Province, and worthy the Conlideration of the 
True Patriots of this Country. By a Person of 
Honor upon the Spot. The Fourth Edition. Bos- 
ton printed : Londoti reprinted for J. Mathews, 
MDCCLXXVI. ittii and 118 pp. Half morocco. 
8i». (7». 6d. 1813) 

MASSACHUSETTS. An Account of the Massa- 
chusetts State Prison. Containing a description 
and Plan of the Edifice ; the Law, Regulations, 
Rules and Orders : With a view of the present 
State of the Institution. By the Board of Visitors. 
CharUstown : Printed by Samuel Etheridge. 1806. 
48 pp. With 3 folded pkies. 8iio. (2s. 6d. 1814) 

MASSACHUSETTS-BAY. A/ Collection/ Of the 
Proceedings of the/ Great and General Court or 
Aflembly/ Of His Majesty's Province of the/ Maf- 
bchofetts-Bay,/ in/ New-England;/ Containing 

502 Bihliotheca Americana* 

feveral InftrutTifjns from thf^ CrowD^ to tlin/ Coun- 
cil and Airembly of thii: Provinctj, for iixio^ a/ 
Salary on tJjft Governour, aDil their Determina- 
tion h/ the rton,/ As ftlsDj/ The Methods taken bj 
the Court for Supporting the fevpra]/ Uovemourp, 
fince the Arrival of the prefent Charter .y Printed 
bj Order of the Honee of Heprefentati^es./ hn- 
toji : Printed hy T. fleet, in Puddiug-Lano./ 17^9./ 
n^ pp. hftif ctllf. 4to. (11. U. laio) 

MAE^SACHUPKTTS BAY. A Brief Srate of the 
Services and Kip*.'iieee of the Proviuoe of the Mas- 
sachusett's Buj, lu tlic Common Cause. London : 
J. Uilkiej HiJCCLiV. ^^JJp- iittlf intiri^i:o. 
Bi'ii, (71. 6d. 1816) 

MASSACHUSETTS BAY, The Proceedings of 
the Conncil, and the lionise of Representatives Of 
the Province of the MafsuchurtottB-Bay, relative to 
the Convening, holding and keeping J 1je General 
Afecmhly At Hur%ard-Colle^e in Cambridge: 
And Tlie feverul MelTages which palsed betipeen 
If is Honor the Lieut4^nant Governor and TheTi^o 
IJoufes, Upon the Subject Puhliilied hj Order 
of the Iloufe of iiepivrfientatives* Eo&to^} : Printed 
by Edes and(JilI,Printerfl to the Honorable Houfe 
of Repreflentatjvea, 1770. Thle^ and jt]K 5-85. half 
mor. Bto, {76. Gd. IfllT) 

MASSIE f J.) Cnlculations and Observations re- 
IfitiuL,'- to an Addihonal Unty upon Su^n Doted 
IVesiiti'tnstery 20th January 175^. 2 pp, single sheet 
Ftiiiu. (4i, 6J, laiti) 

MASSTE^J.) A State of the? r^riti>ihSn^ftr-Co]ony 
Trade; shewing, That an Additional Duty of 
Twelve Shilling!! per 112 Pouncls Weijjhi may be 
laid uiKin lirown or Muscovado Suj^r (and pro- 

ttortionahly higher Duties upon S>ugar refilled 
tefore imf>orted) without making Sugar dearer in 
this Kingdom than it bath be*n of late Years, and 
without Diftreflin^tJif* liritidiSu^ar-Planters; for 
their Profits will then he Tiriee as mucb Money 
per acre of hand, as the LandhoLdern of Kngland 
receive for their JlftatfS, AH which blatters are 
plainly made appear, and thr? vaft lolfes which tbi^ 
Kingdom bath suffered h v the Sngar-Colony Trade, 
written thirty Years lall pafi, are particularly 

SibUotheca Americana. 503 

pointed out. Mofl humbly fubmitted to the confi- 
deration of the Honourable House of Commons. 
By J. MafGe. London, T. Payne, mdccux. TitU 
and 40 pp. half eatf. Mo. {5s. 6d. 1818») 

MATHER (Cotton). Late/ Memorable Provi- 
dences/ Relating to/ Witchcrafts and Pofleffions,/ 
Clearly Manifefting,/ Not only that there are 
Witches, but that Good Men (as well as others) 
may pouibly have their Lives (hortned/ by fuch 
evil Inftrtuuents of Satan./ Written by Cotton 
Mather Miniiler of the/ Gofpel at Boftonin New- 
England./ The Second Impre&ion./ Recom- 
mended by the Reverend Mr. Richard/ Baxter in 
London, and by the MiniAers of/ Bofton and 
Charleftown in New-England./ London, Printed 
for Tho. Parkhuril at the Bible and/ Three Crowns 
in Cheapfide near Mercers-/Chapel. 1691./ 11 pre'. 
leaves, viz. Title reverse blank, 'To the Honourable 
Wait Winthrop Elq;' 2pp. 'To the Reader.' 4 
pp. ' The Preface.' 9 pp. 'A Catalogue of Books' 
etc. 3pp. 'The Introduction.' 2 pp. Textl4App. 
SmaUSvo. {21. "is. 1819) 

MATHER (Cotton). The/ Life and Death/ Of 
The Renown'd/ Mr. John Eliot,/ Who was the/ 
Firft Preacher/ of the/ Gospel/ to the/ Indians in 
America./ With an Account of the Wonderful 
Sac-/cefs which the Gofoel has had amongft the 
Hea-/then in that part of tbe World : And of the/ 
many ftrange Cufiomes of the Pagan Indians,/ In 
New-England./ Written by Cotton Mather./ 
The Second Edition carefully corrected./ London:/ 
Printed for John Dunton, at the Raven/ in the 
Pooltrey. hdcxci./ 3prel.Uaves,aruiiS8pp. calj. 
SmaUBvo. {11. 5s. 

MATHER (Cotton). A/ True Account/ of the 
Tryals, Examinations,/ Confessions, Condemna- 
tions,/ and Executions of divers/ Witches,/ At 
Salem, in New-England,/ for/ Their Bewitching 
of fundry People and Cattel/ to Death, and doing 
other great MifchiefSj/ to the Ruine of many Peo- 
ple about them./ With/ The Strange Circum- 
liances that attended/ their Enchantments :/ And/ 
Their Converlation with Devils, and other/ Infer- 
nal Spirits./ In a Letter to a Friend in London./ 

504 Bihtiotlieca AfUfricana* 

LiceTiff>d accordin;^ to Order*/ London^ Printed for 
J. Conyers, in Holbciiirn./ 3 pp^ * Saleru, 8th. 
Month/ie^a, SigTiedC, M/ 4tP. (2L'^s. 18S1) 

MATHEIl (CoTTox). The Wondere of the In- 
vifiblf: World :/ Being' an Account of tbe/ I'ryaU/ 
of Sov^pral UitdiORj/ Lately Ksecutf-d in/ New- 
PLn^lund :/ And of Ecvcral rcmarkfilile Curiofities 
therein Occurring./ Together witb,/ J. Obferva- 
tionaupon tlie ^Nature, the Ntiraber, and the Opera- 
tions of tJic Devils^/ Ji. A iliort Xfin-ittive of a 
lare outrage cominitU^d by a knot of Witches in/ 
Swede- Land J very much refemhling^ and fo farei- 
plainin;^, that uiidef which/ ^ew-Kn^la^d has 
laboured-/ JIJ» i^om^> Coiinccla dLre^tine a due 
Improvement of the Terrible things latelyy done 
Lj the unui'ual and amazing Range of l-^vil- Spirit* 
in \ew-Jinf;lai]dK/ IW A brief Difcourle upon 
thofe Temptations wliich are the more ordinary 
DeTi'/cea of i^atan./ Hy Cotton Mather./ l^nb- 
liflipd by the Spt^tinl command of bts Kxccllency 
the Governour of/ the Province of the IMaiTachu- 
fette-i^av in Xew-F]n gland./ Printf^d firlt, at liol- 
ton in New- England ; and Reprinted at Loa-fdcfn^ 
for John Duiiton, at the liavcn in the PoultTT. 
1693*/ Fir&t Edilioii. TiiUy and 93 pp. unbound, 
^to. (2i. 3.S. 18Sa) 

MATiniR (roTTON). The Wonders of the In- 
vifiblc Wotld :/ Hcifltr an Account uf the/ Tryab/ 
of/ Several Witches/ Lfttely Eiecuted in/ New- 
EnL^land:/ And of leveral Remarkably" Ciiriofitiea 
therein Oicurrinf^./ liy Cotton Mathf^*/ Pub- 
lirtied by the Special Command of his Escellency 
the/ Governour of tlie Province of the MafTachu- 
fetts-T^ayin \eTi-/Kngland./ TheSeoond h^dition,/ 
Printed firft^ ftt Pofton in New-Hn^landj and re- 
printed at Liwdon, for/ John Duntonj at the Haven 
iQ the Ponhrny. t69S.I S preL ieav^Sj and pp. 9-62. 
haifmnr. 4ffl. (2L 2s. 1823) 

MATHER (Coiton). The Wond*>r3 of the InviG- 
ble \\ orld :/ tJt^in^ an Account of the/ Tryals/ of/ 
Several \Vitche?s/ Lately Executed in/ >iovr-Eng' 
land:/ And of Ifiveral Kt^markable Curiofities/ 
therein Occurring./ By Cotton iMather,/ Pub- 
liihed bythe Special Command of his Kicellency/ 

Bibliotheca Americana. 505 

the GovemouT of the Province of the Maffachu- 
fetts-Bay in/ New-England./ The Third Edition./ 
Printed firft at Bofton in New-England, and re- 
printed at Londm,l for John Dimeon, at the Raven 
in the Poultrey. 1693./ 4 prel. leaves, and pp. 9-64. 
half mar. 4to. (2/. 2«. 1824) 

MATHER (Cotton). The Order of the Churches 
in Nenr- England. Vindicated. [Boston 1700'!] 
pp. 13-144. Wanting the title and prel. leaves. 
12mo. (Ti.6d. 1825) 

MATHER (Cottom). Magnalia Chrilli Americana : 
Or, the Ecclefiaftical Hiftory of New-England, 
from Its Firll Planting in the Year 1620. unto the 
Year of our Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. I. An- 
tiquities : In Seven Chapters. With an Appendix. 
II. Containing the Lives of the Governours, and 
Names of the Magilbrates of New- England : In 
Thirteen Chapters. With an Appendix. III. The 
Lives of SixQr Famous Divines, by whofe Miniftry 
the Churches of New-England have been Planted 
and Continued. IV. An Account of the Univer- 
fity of Cambridge in New-England; in Two Parts. 
The Firft contains the Laws, the Benefaftors, and 
ViciiStudes uf Harvard College; with Remarks 
upon it. The Second Part contains the Lives of 
Ibme Eminent Perfons Educated in it. V. Adts 
and Monuments of the Faith and Order in the 
Churches of New-England, pafled in their Synods ; 
with Hiftorical Remarks upon thofe Venerable 
Aflemblies ; and a great Variety of Church-Cafes 
occurring, and refolved by the Svnods of thofe 
Churches : In Four Parts. VI. A Faithful Re- 
cord of many Illuftrious, Wonderful Providences, 
both of Mercies and Judgments, on divers Perfons 
in New-England : In Eight Chapters. VII. The 
Wars of the Lord. Being an Hiftonr of the Mani- 
fold Afflictions and Difturbances of the Churches 
in New-England, from their Various Adverfaries, 
and tile Wonderful Methods and Mercies of God 
in their Deliverance : In Six Chapters : To which 
is fubjoined. An Appendix of Remarkable Occur- 
rences which New-England had in the Wars with 
the Indian Salvages, from the Year 1688, to the 
Year 1698. By the Reverend and Learned Cotton 
Mather, M. A. And Pailor of the North Church in 

506 SihUotheca Americana, 

Bofton, Xew-Etijifliind. London : Printed for Tho- 
mas ParkljurfL, jit the Bible and Three Crowna ia 
CheajiUiJc. nincxir. lA^peLieav^s; viz.Tiilef AtUi- 
tatioTif i*oemSf Generul intyoditctionj and dmtents. 
'Antiquities. The First Jio^t.' Title and 3B pp. 
* Ectleiiartini CWpei* The Second liook/ Titli 
andTbpp, ^ VcAybias* Thf^rhird l3ook.* Titkand 
238pp. 'Sal Gentium, The Fourth Book.' Title 
andpjKt^^-2^2. ^ Actsand iMonimientfl* The Fifth 
Book.' Title and pp. 3~iW. * ThaumuturgTie* The 
Sixth Book/ Title and E^ pp^ blank If^f. * Eccle-- 
&iarum Pni-dia: The Seventh Book,' l^ith andjw. 
3-lia. * Books/ st(>.^jrp. Withjiiiip, Old coi}. 
folia. (31. 3s. 10S6) 

MATHKR (CnTTfl-fl). TlieCurhedSinner. A Dis- 
coureeUpon the Gracious and Wonriroai UefLjraintg 
]jaid hy the Providenci.^ Of the Glorious God, Uii 
the Sinful Children of Menj to W ithold them from 
Sinning^ againft Him, Occafioned hy a Sentence 
of Death, ijulft^d on a poor Young Mau, for the 
Murder of his Companion- ^Vith fome Hiitoricnl 
PaiTageB referrinfj to tJiat Unhappy SjieOacle* By 
Cottoji Mather, D.D. Boston^ M.K. Printed by 
JoLn Allen^ for Nicholas Boone, at the Sif^nof tlje 
Bible in Cornhil, iTln}* T'tiiej xiv and 61 pp. 
Vtllum, I'iiiw. {10s.6d, imr) 

MAlItKR (Cotton). A Prefent of Summer Ftuit, 
A Tery brief Esfi^iy To Offer Some Instruetions of 
Piety, Which the Summer- iSeason more Particu- 
larly and Kmphatically Jneads us to; ButOichallb 
as UTC never out of Sealbn. ]3einf|^ The Ihort En- 
tertainment of an Auditory in Boflon, on a Day 
riifiinKuiJlied with the Meat of tJie Summer ; 5d, 
5m. 17l;f. l^y Cotton Jlather^ L>.l). Hostom 
Printed and Sold bj B. Green, in Newbury Street 
1T13. Titlej and text 29 pp. Vtilnta. 
l^mo, (lOi. 6d. 1B2B) 

MATHER (CoTTox). The Grand Point of Solici- 
tude. A very brief Essay upon Divine Defertioiis; 
the Syui[>toinfl of them, and 'J'he jMethodj* of Pre- 
rentinjj them. A Sermon Pnhlifhod for the Service 
of Otht^rSjby Oneofthe Hearers, more particularly 
ntieftrd in the llearinL^ of it. Httstifti; Printed by 
B. Green. 1715, Blank leuj) Tiik, and .11 pp. 
t2mo. (7s, Gd, 1829) 

BibUotheca Americana. 507 

MATHER (Cotton). Fair Dealing between Debtor 
and Creditor. A very brief Essa^ upon The Cau- 
tion to be ufed, about coming in to Debt, And 
setting out of it. Offered at Boston- Lefhire ; 5. 
3. XI. m. 174J. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. 
Boston : Printed by B. Green, for Samuel Gerrifli, 
at his Shop over againft the North fide of the 
Town-Houfe. 1716. Title and 30 pp. unbound. 
16flio. (Ids. 1830) 

MATHER (Cotton). Desiderius. Or, A Defire- 
able Man DefcriVd ; In the Characters of One 
Worthy to be, a Man Greatly Beloved. And An 
Example of One, who Lived very much Defired, 
and has Dyed as much Lamented ; Given in fome 
Commemoration of the very Valuable and Memor- 
able Mr. James Keith, Late Minifter of the Gospel 
in Bridgwater ; Who Expired^ on 23. d. V. m. 1719. 
In the Seventy Sixth Year of bis Age. By Cotton 
Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. Boston: Printed by 8. 
Kneeland, 1719. Title, and text 34 pp. Vellum. 
limt. (10s. 6d. 1831) 

MATHER (Cotton). A Year and a Life Well 
Concluded. A brief Essay, On the Good Things 
Wherein The Last Works Of a Christian, may 
be, and fliould be. His Best Works. A Sermon 
Preached on the Last Day of the Year, 1719. 
Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, for B. Gray, at the 
Comer Shop on the North fide of the Town-Houfe, 
1719-20. 24 pp. 12mo. (10s. 6d. 1832) 

MATHER (Cotton). Coheleth. A Soul upon 
RecoUefHon; Coming into Inconteftible Senti- 
mentsof Religion ; Such as all the Sons of Wisdom, 
will and muft forever Justify. Written by a Fel- 
low of the Royal Society. Offering the Advice of 
a Father going out of the World, unto a Son coming 
into it. Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland, for S. 
Gerrish, and Sold at his Shop. 1720. Title and 46 
pp. 12mo. (10s. 6d. 1833) 

MATHER (Cotton). India Cbriftiana. Adifcourfe, 
Delivered unto the Commiffioners, for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospel among the American Indians 
which is Accompanied with feveral Instruments 
relating to the Glorious Design of Propagating our 
Holy Religion, in the Eastern as well as the West- 

.^08 Bihliotheca Americana. 

pro, Indites- An Kntpriainm^nt which they that 
nre Waitinjj for th« Kingdom of Uod will rpceive 
as tjood -^I^W3 from li fur (.'Duntrv- Bv Cotton 
■Miithpr,D.[>Kantl KK.St BosMh in^ew-hngland; 
Printed by H* Gr^Hin* I73J* TitU^ Dedicathnii 
pft. Teit 9t pp. *■ t'orrigenda,' 1 pagt. Old calf'. 
SimU^vo. (iLU. 1834) 

MATHER (CoTTnN). A Pafioral I^^ttpj-, to Fsini- 
Uc'B Vidteti with Sicknpf?. tVoDi iWpral Mmifiters 
of Itoalon^ At. a timr of Kjiidt^mir'^l Sicknpfa Dif- 
trpflmj:: oftheTtiwn, TUr J liird Imprfflioti. [CV- 
ifp/Jr^pji] /ios^on: Priiitti'd bv ii» (ir(*f n, for S. G«t- 
rilh, at hifl rihop nt^jtr thp brick Mt^f tin^-Houfe ia 
ComhilKl7£l* liaij-tittet and ^^ pp. hatfrnarocta, 
Igwrt. (7s.Cd. 1335) 

MATHKR^Cotton)* Silpntiimiis* AbriefP^sayon 
thi! Holy Sih^iico and Godly Pati&iicf;^ that ^ad 
Thin;;:ji ju**' to t>e Knt<;miiiied v^ithal. A .Sfmit]n at 
R[jftoii-Lr^«urfi,Untht' Lif-^EHhofMrri. Abigrail VVill- 
ardj And tUc Day hi^fors lipr Intennent; who Ei- 
pircd H(^I»t<?mh. Stiri. t^JK By htr Katlit?r» Uhprptu 
th*^re ifl aJdt'df A Srnnon otIj TiiP l{r;fup:e of tlie 
Diftrt'fl'pd^ which wjis Prpached on the Lord's- Day 
[irt^r^'r.iVm^. hn^ttitt : J'rint''d by 8. Kn4f^land, 
i7til* Ott Om rrvfAfie. oj'Oif. Tiiifj 1 ntrodnttion J 
jf/^'Tjer/ *(_'otton MathFT^ ^'I'Jii' Silent Sufferer/ 34 
pp^ 'The Refuge of the Difirelled.' 128 j?/"- ti/ihutinrf» 
iSflio. (15s. 1836) 

MATHER (f'oTTON), liethiah- The Glory Which 
Adornji Lin.' Daui;hipra tif (jod. And the Piety^ 
Whf^ri^^vith '/Mm wi/hfifl lo ff^E^ her iJan^htcrs Gfo- 
riouiS. /^jTjfow : Print'.^d by J. Franklin^ for S. 
Gtirrillij at hia rihop in rornhill. tltt, titi pp* 
lawn. (10*. 6d. 1837) 

MATHKR (CriTTON), Columbanufl^ Or/flie DoTes 
Flyiiif^ to ihp Windows of th'-Ir Saviour. A Ser- 
mon Ut a Reli^DUB iSocifity of Voune Ph?fijdc, June 
4l h . 1 r ^2* }\i^Um : Pr i tited by S , K iwt; land, for J . 
Kdwardfl, Sold at hia Shop, 17^2* Title tind'ttpp. 
Igflifl, (llJs. 6d. 1838) 

MATI[FR (CoTTfis), Hoiiefia Parfimoma: Or^ 
rimj.^ n'^jK^nt aa it ihtRild be. Proposals, To preveiJi 
that Great Folly and Mischiiif, 1 he Lofs of Tune ; 

Bibliotheca Americana. 509 

And Employ the Talent ofTime So Watchfully and 
Fruitfully that a Good Account may at Laft be 

fVenofit. Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland, for 
Edtrards, and Sold at his Shop. 172[3 ?] Half- 
titU, TitU,and iS pp. iimo. (10s. 6d. 1839) 

MATHER (Cotton). The Minister. A Sermon, 
Offer'd unto the Anniverfary Convention of Min- 
isters, From fereral Parts of New-England, Met 
at Boston, 31 d. in m. 1733. By One of their 
Number. And publilhed at the Reqneft of them 
that heard it. Boston : Printed in the Year 1722. 
Half-title ' Dr. Cotton Mather's Sermon, at the 
Anniversary Convention of Mi;iisters, May 31ft. 
1722.' and 45 pp. 8vo. (10s. 6rf. 1840) 

MATHER (Cotton). Pia Difideria. Or, The 
Smoaking Flax, raifed into a Sacred Flame ; In a 
Short and Plain Essay upon thofe Pious Defires, 
Which are the Introduftion and Inchoation of all 
Vital Piety, Delivered unto a Religious Society of 
Young People; On the Lord's-Dav-Evening, Aug. 
5. 1722. Boston : Printed by S.' Kneeland for S. 
Genriih, at his Shop in Comhill. 1722. Title and 
a pp. Unto. (10s. 6d. 1841) 

MATHER (Increase). The/ Mystery/ of/ Ifrael's 
Salvation J Explained and Applyed :/ Or,/ A Dis- 
course/ Concerning the General (Jonverfion of 
the/ Israelitish Nation./ Wherein is Shewed,/ 1. 
That the twelve Tribes (hall be faved./ 2. When 
this is to be expefted./ 3. Why this muft be./ 4. 
What land of Salvation the Tnbes of Israel/ Ihall 
partake of. (viz.) A Glorious, Wonder-/ful, Spi- 
ritual, Temporal Salvation./ Being the Subllance 
of feveral Ser-/mons Preached./ By Increase Ma- 
ther, M.A./ Teacher ofa Church in Boftonin New- 
England./ London, Printed for John Allen in 
Wentworth-ftreet, near/ Bell-Lane, 1669. 23pr«<. 
leaves ; viz. Title reverse blank, ' An Epistle to the 
Reader.' signed ' John Davenporte.' 11 pp. ' To the 
Reader.' agned ' W. G.' 4 pp. 'To the Reader.' 
agned ' W. H.' 14 pp. ' The Authors Preface To 
The Reader.' signed <J.M.' 14 pp.- Teat 181 pp. 
'The Names of Writers,' etc. being 'The Table.' 
5 pp. ' Places of Scripture opened,' etc. 4 pp. Calf 
ettra by Bedford. SmallSvo. {Il.l6s.6d. 1842) 

310 B'ihJiotheca Americana- 

MATHER (Increase), IV/ First Pnnciples/ of/ 
New-Kna^lfliid,/ Concerning/ The Sutjett of Brtp- 
tilmp/ 6il C<>Tnmuuioii of (Jburcbt^s./ t'ollefted 
partly out of thp Printfrd Bf>oka, but chiefly/ out 
of the Origiiml iManufcriptftof theFirft and chit^fe/ 
Fathers in the New-Kn^lilh Charcbtia ; With the 
Judf^-/meiit of Sundry Li^an^wl Uivinea of the 
Congregational/ Wav in England, Concerning the 
faid QiifffiiftnA./ Puhliihed for the Benefit of thofe 
wJio aro ot*the Hiting Gene-/]fation in New-Kng- 
land./ by Increaaw .Mftther, Teacher of a Church/ 
in Bofion in New-Entjland/ Cambridge/ Printed 
by ftiimiicl Grerjn, 167.i./ At^treL Ituves; viz. Titi£ 
in u nartvu-t ^netai tuy^ banhr^ iht reverse btatik^ * To 
the Reader.' signed * Increase Mather,' 6 pp ; Text 
40 pp, ^ i^ostscript' sig}ied ^ lohn ARin/ 1 page^ 
^ A J^tttfr conctrnnnsf the Subje(:t of Raptifme/<(c. 
signed ^Jonathan Mitchel.^ pp. 2-7* Cuif txtrti by 
Bedford. 4iii. (4^ 4ir. 1843) 

MATHER (Kcnn.isk). The/ Di\nne Right/ of/ 
Jnfitnt-Jiaptifm^V AlVt.rted aTid IVoved from/ Scrip- 
ture/ And/ Antiquity. By Increase I^Iather,/ 
Teacherof a Chttreh of Chnfi in Bollon in New- 
Englaml/ J^oafori,/ Printed by John Pofierjinthe 
Year 16Gt}./ 4 prel. leaves; viz. Title the reverse 
hiiiiik; * Christian Reader.' b pp. Signed 'Urian 
dikes/ fpif 27 pp. Ciilf ^itTH^ giU hif Bedford.. 
4^fl, (4L 4*. 1844) 

MATHER (Inthejise), Returning unto God the 
great concernment/ of a CoTenant People./ Or/ 
A Sermon/ Prcache<l to the lecond Church in 
Boston in/ Ncw-Kngland, March 17. IGjj. when/ 
that CJiurch did iblemnly and explicitly/ Renew 
their Covenant «'irh/ God, and one with another*/ 
By Incr+?ase Mather Teacher of that Church./ 
Bo^Um^ Printed by John Foster. 1680./ SpreL 
ienvf^; viz. Tiile^ reverse htank; ^ 'Jo the fecond 
Church of ChriR in Boston iu \ew-England/ 4 
jip. Tifit '21 pp. Fine copy in morocco bif B^dford^ 
4[o. {SL Ss. 1845) 

MATHER (Increase). Diatriba/ de signo/ Filii 
Hominia/ et de/ i^E^nndo Mpasia; Adventu;/ Libi 
demodo futurgp Judjeorum ConverQonis :/ \ec non 
d^ £gnis A'oviiaimi diei, diileritur./ Authore/ Cres- 

Sibliotheca Americana. 511 

eentio Mathero/ V.D.M, apud Boftonienfis in Norft 
Angliit. AnuUlodami,! Apud Mercy Browning 
Jnxta Burfam. 1682./ 4 prel. Uavet and 98 pp. 
Index 5 pp. Corrigenda, 1 ^la^e. Calf extra by Bed- 
ford. 8i». (It lU. 6d. 1846) 

MATHER (Inchease). KOMHTOrPA*IA./ Or 
a/ Difcourfe Concerning/ Comets ;/ Wherein the 
Nature of Blazing Stara/ ia Enquired into :/ With 
an HiAorical Account of all the Comets/ which 
hare appeared from the Beginning of the/ World 
onto this prefent Year, u.dc.lxxxiii./ Exprefling/ 
The Place in the Heavens, where they were seen,/ 
Their Motion, Forma^ Duration; and the Re-/ 
markable Erents which hare followed/ in the 
World, fo &r as they bare been/ by Learned Men 
Obferved./ Aa alfo two Sermons,/ Occafioned by 
the late Blazing Stars./ By Increase Mather, 
Teacher of a Church/ at Bollon in New-England./ 
Bo$Um In New-England./ Printed by S. G. for 
8. 8. And fold bv J. Browning/ At the comer of 
the Prifon Lane next the Town-/Houfe. 1683./ 6 
prel. Uavei ; viz. Title. ' To the Reader ' 4 pp. tigned 
•John Sherman.' ' To the Reader,' 3 pp. 'The 
Contents' 2 pp. Text 143 pp. Errata 1 page. Hea- 
Ten's/ Alaria/ to the/ World./ Or/ A Sermon, 
wherein is shewed,/ That Fearfiil/ Sights/ And 
Signs in Heaven, are the Presa-/geB of great Cala- 
mities at band./ Preached at the Ledure of Bofton 
in New-England:/ January, 20. 1680./ By Mr. 
Increase Mather./ The Second Impression./ Boston 
in New-England,/ Printed for Samuel Sewall. 
And are to oe fold by/ Jofeph Browning at the 
Comer of the Prifon-Lane/, ttexi the Town-Houfe. 
1682./ 4 prel. Uavet; viz. TitU, ' To the Reader.' 
6 pp ; Text 38 pp. ' The Latter/ Sign/ Difcourfed 
of,/ in a Sermon/ Preached at the Lecture of Bof- 
ton in/ New-England ^ August,31.1682./ Where- 
in is fhewed, that the Voice of/ God in Signal Pro- 
vidences, efpecially/ when repeated and Iterated, 
ought to be/ Hearkued unto/ By Increase Mather./ 
Title and 3i pp. small 6vo. (21. is. 1847) 

MATHER (Increase). The/ Mystery/ of/ Christ/ 
opened and applyed./ In several Sermons. Con- 
cerning the/ Perfon, Office, and Glory of Jefus 
Chrift./ By Increase Mather,/ Teacher of a Church 

SlU BlhliothecoL AmeTicana^ 

iit Boflton in N. l^n^land./ [SjuifiMi] Printed in 
the year >ii>t:i,?;xTivi* I'itU 6 tmd y]S pp. Tiie 
Cotilettt.'i 1 pa^^e^ Books printed, eic* CulJ es'tra h\f 
hedjovti, l^jntf, {iL lis. <id. 1848) 

.MATMKR {I>(iiu:A.sfi). De/ SucceiVu Evan^elij/ 
Apud Indofi/ 111/ ^ovi-Ant;lia/ Kpi^itola*/ Ad LL 
Virum/ D. JohanfLem J^urdeiium,/ Lingoiie Suntts 
ill Ultra-Zji'^tinii Afiademm Prcj^/telTorem, Scripta,/ 
A Crelbentio IVJatJiero/ Apod WoUouit^iifts V.D.M, 
nee non/ (JoUefrij llarvunlini quod pft Canta-/ 
bri;^nir! Xov-Anjjjlorum^ Rettore./ Lfljitrfijj/j Typia 
J* (.1* 3033./ 1 i(^e u/rtt X3 ji}i^ Gv^i^M jnorocco- 
V2mi}. (iLls. 1849) 

MATHER (Increase). De/ SuceeflTu Evang^lii/ 
A]]ad/ Jndos/ occidt^n tales,/ In NDVii-Anglm-/ 
I'JpistolaK/ Ad t'L \'irum/ D. Johiinnem Leus-^ 
denum/ Lingua; SancTffi in UUrajpttiDa A(^ade-/ 
miH. ProliilfGrf^m, ScriiitaJ A Crelc^tio Matliero./ 
Apud Jiodonieufea V*. 1). I\J. nee non Collegii/ 
IJarvardini <]uod t^l Cttntubrigia ^ov-An-/f^loru]n, 
Rectorp./ Londini^ Typig J. G, 1588,/ Jam tecn- 
Iba, & fucc^oVflu Eviinj;:t^tii aj]ud Jn^/dos Orientales 
aucta./ t.'/fr«;fc/i,/Apud \^ ilbelmum Broedelethj/ 
Anno 1699./ Hi pp, bio, {VJs, 6d. 1850.) 

MATHER (iNfjiu'jifjK), A Further/ Account/ of 
thr/ TrvaW ol" UW New-En^lund Witches./ With 
th(j Obl'prration,'?/ Of a P^jrlon who was upon tLe 
place ftiVt^ral/ iJaya wht:n the fulpettHd Wi^cb*^ 
w^ri-V firll taken into Kiimiinatlun./ To which is 
added^/ Ciiie!^ of t'outcitnce/ Concerning Witch- 
crafts and Evil Spirit* J' pr-/ronatin^ menn/ W'rjtten 
at tlnf Ho{|uHl of thf^ iMinilicrs tif i\civ-Enf;land./ 
i^y lucrt^EiTc jMjithtfr, Trt'lident of Harvard Col- 
ledge./ Licpiifed and Kntred according to Ordern/ 
[jjndaii: Printed fur J. Duiitoii, at tJie Raven in 
the PoMlfrc}7 1593. Of VL'hom may be bad the 
Third Edition of Mt. (.'oiton/ Matlier^a Firll Ac- 
count of'tbt^ Tryds oi' tht- i\pw-Kng]atid/ \VitcbeS| 
Priut{;d on the lUmr (iza witli tliis Lalt Account^/ 
that thpy mny bind up tojiijetht^r./ Titltf nnti 10 jp/i: 
^^ Cases of (Conscience " t^U:, Tittfi ; and ' Cbriltian 
ReadtT^ 2 jip: Tut ^Opp^ * Postscript' 4pp, Uaif 
mor. 4io. {iii.^s. 1851) 

MATHER (iNCUKASh). AnfjLdographia^/ or/ A DiT- 

Siblioiheca Americana. 513 

ooarfe/ Concerning the Nature and Power of the/ 
Holy Angels, ana the Great Benefiy which the 
True Fearers of God Receive/ by their Miniftry :/ 
Delivered in ferend/ Sermons:/ To which is added, 
A Sermon concerning the Sin and/ Mifery of the 
Fallen Angels:/ Alio a Difquifition concerning/ 
Angelical Apparitions./ By Increase Mather, Pre- 
fident of Harrard/ Colledge, in Cambridge, and 
Preacher of the/ Gofpel at BoRon in New-England./ 
fiostoainN. £. Printed by B. Green & J. Allen,/ 
for Samuel Pbillira at the Brick Shop. 1696./ 8 
preL leave*; vi*. Title, ' The Epiftle Dedicatory,' 
2 »p. / To the Reader,' 12 pp .- Text 132 m. ' A 
Dilmiifition' etc. 44 pp. Portrait of Incrtase Mather. 
CalJ extra by Bedford. Small Svo. (21. 2s. 1852) 

MATHER (Inchejise). Two Plain and Praaical/ 
Discourfes/ Concerning/ I. Hardneb of Heart./ 
Shewing,/ .That fome, who lire under the Gofpel,/ 
•le by a Judicial Di^)enfation, given/ up to that 
Judgment ; and the Signs/ thereof./ 11./ The Sin 
and Danger/ of/ Difobedience to the Gofpel./ By 
Inoeafe Mather, I^fident of HarTard-/College in 
Cambridge, and Preacher of/ the Gofpel at Bofton 
in New-England./ iMtdon. PrintM for J. Bo- 
binibn, and are to/ be Sold by Samuel Phillips, 
Bookfeller in Bofton^/ in New-England. 1699./ 
197 pp. Booh lately Printed, etc. 5 pp. Calf extra 
hy Bedford, iimo. (18>. 1853) 

MATHER (Increase). Meditations on the Glory 
of the Lord Jefos Chrift : Delivered in feveral Ser- 
mons. By Increafe Mather. Boston in New- 
England. Printed by Bartholomew Green, for 
Benj. Eliot, at his Sho|) under the Weft-End of 
the 'Town-honfe, 1705. inii, and 162 pp. (minting all 
after page 163). 16mo. {7a. 6d. 1854) 

MATHER (Incbease). The Doctrine of Singular 
Obedience, As the Duty Tmd Property of the True 
Chrifiian: Opened & Applied. In a Sermon, 
Preached by I. Mather, D.D. Boston in New- 
England, Printed & Sold by Timothy Green, at 
the NorUi End of the Town, 1707. 29 pp; Adver- 
timtent, I page. VeUum. Iimo. (11.1$. 1855) 
A preMnution cop; " To Mr. Samuel Mather." 

MATHER (Increase). A Discourse Concerning 

514 BihHotheca Americana. 

the JMftint^nnncpj Dup to tliofe that Preacli tbe 
Oofp(*l; In which The Qui^stion, Whether Tithefl 
Are by ths Divine Law, the Minilters Duel ifl 
consider^^ft : and the Ne«;ative Prov'd, By J, 
Mather, D.D. i^olton, \. K. Trimfd 1706, and 
Reprinlt^d at London j 1709- 2 prel. leaves; and 32 
pp. SmuU Uun. (ty*. 6d. 1856J 

MATHKR (1ncrua3e>. Practical IVutha, Plainly 
Delivered, Wherein ia Sliewed, J, That true Be- 
lievers on Jelbs ChrilE, ihali as certainly enjoy 
EyerlnHtincr Liff? in Ileaveiij as if tbcv tvcre there 
already. IJ . That there ia a hlefTed Marriage be- 
tween Jc'fu3 Chrill the Son of (Jrodj and the true 
BelieTfr. Hi* ThatMen are Infinitely concerned, 
not onlv to hear the Voice of Chrift, but that they 
do it^ To Uay. \V. The V\'cirk of the Minifhy, 
dofcribetl, in an Ordination Sermon* Hy Inereal'e 
AlfltheTjD.D. Bontoiiy N. E. Printed by B, Greezij 
for Daniel Henchman, and Sold al hi* Shop^ 1718. 
S prel. leaveSj and 1S4 pp. ( Wanting all after page 
134.) 16mo. {16i, 1837) 

MATHER (Tnche^se). Memoirs of the Life Of 
the late Reverend In creafe Mather, D»D. Who 
died Aueufi '^3, 1733, With a Preface by the 
ReTtrend Kdnnmd Calatny, D.D, l^ondon: John 
Clark and Richard Hett, mdcc^cxv* 4 preL UaveSj 
andSHpp. Bto, (16^. 185B) 

MATHER (JJ^THAN^eL). Twenty-Three Sele^ 
Sermons Preached at the ilerchanta-Lucturej &t 
FinnerS' Hall, and in i,imc-lli*cet* W herein several 
Cafes of ('onftience, and Other Weighty Matters, 
are propoundt^d, and handled- By the Judicious 
and Learni'J IV] r* iVathunai'l Mather. Lo^idim: 
N, HilleFj 1701, 4 prel. ieai^es, mtd 460 pp. ctjlf. 
0trt, (10s, 6d. 1859) 

MATHER (RitHAmO. A/ Modell ik Brotherly/ 
Answer/ To IVl""* Charles Herle bis Book,/ a^inft 
the Independency of Churchefl 7 WLefeinhiafoure 
Ai*;:^um<^nt8 for Mie Govcni-/nicnt of Synods over 
particular Con^cgaii'/ons^ are friendly Examined, 
and/ clearly Anl'wered./ To^ther^ with (Jhriftiaa 
and Loving Ani-/madvf-rlioii.'J upon fundry other 
ohfervahle pHnh-/r?'^3 '^ tht^faid iJooke./ All tend- 
ing to declare tlie true ufe of Synods^ and thef 

BibUoiheea Americana, 515 

power of Congregationatl Charches in thepoinU 
of/ ele^tin^r and ordaining their owne Omcen,/ 
and oenfunng their Offenders./ By Richard M v 
ther Teacher of the Church at Dorchefter ■ And 
William Tompaon Paftor of the Church at/ Brain- 
tree in New- England./ Sent from thence after 
the Aflembly of Elden were diflblved that/ laft met 
at Cambridg to debate matters aboat Chnrch-go- 
vemment./ London, Printed for Henry Overton 
in Popes-bead alley, 1644./ 2 pnl. leaves, and 58 
pp- *to- (15<. 1860) 

MATHER (Richahd). A/ Reply/ to/ Mr. Ruther- 
fiird,/ or,/ A defence of the Aniwer to Re-/rerend 
Mr. Herles Booke againft the/ Independency of 
Churches./ Wherein fuch Objections and/ An- 
fwer^ as are returned to fundry paflages/ in the 
laid Anfwer by Mr. Samuel Rutherfiird,/ a godly 
and learned Brother of the Church of Scotland, in 
his Booke EntituledThe Due/ Right of Presbyters, 
lie examined and removed, and the Anfwer jufti- 
fied/ and cleared./ By Richard Macher Teacher 
to/ the Church at DorcheAer in New/ England. 
1646./ London,/ Printed for J. Bothwell, and H. 
Allen at the Sun/ and Fountaine in Pauls Church- 
yard, and/ the Crown in Popes-head Alley, 1647,/ 
4 pnl. Uaves, and i09 pp. 4(o. (15<. 1861) 

MATHER (Samvel). Early Piety,/ exemplified/ 
in the/ Life and Death/ of Mr. Nathanael Mather,/ 
who/ Haring become at the Age of/ Nineteen, an 
Infianoe of more/ than common/ Learning and 
Virtue,/ Changed Earthfor Heaven, 061. 17. 1688./ 
MHierato are added/ Some Difcourfes on the true 
Nat /the great Reward, and the /Seafon of fuch/ 
A WalkVrithGo /as he left a Pattern of./ Lon- 
don,/ Printed by J. Aftwood for J. Dun [date cut 
offil 5 pnl. leavet, and 60 pp. ' Several Sermons/ 
Concerning,/ Walking/ wim/ God,/ and that/ In 
the Dsyes of Youth :/ Preached/ At Boflon in 
New-England./ By Cotton Mather, Paftor of a 
Church uiere./ London, Printed by J. Aftwood 
tat J. Donton, at the Black/ Raven in the Poultrey , 
over againft the Compter. 1689.'/ Title and 86 pp. 
Old calf. SmaUSvo. (15<. 1861*) 

MATHER (Samuel). The/ Figures/ or/ Types/ 

516 Sibliotheca Americana, 

of the/ Old IVflament,/ by wiiicb/ Cliriat and the 
Heavenlv Things of the/ GoCpel were Preached 
snd Shadowed to the/ PeopJeof Godof Old./ Ei- 
pUin'd and Improvd in fundry/ Sermons./ By 
Samuel I^lather, Ibmetime Pafior/ of a C-hnrct in 
Dnblin./ The .Second Edition, 'lowhichisannex'd, 
(more tiian/ wa3 in tht? former Edition) a Scheme 
and Tabk of the wliole,/ whereby the Header may 
readily turn to anySubjed treato(l/of inthis liook./ 
Loiidim,! Printed for Nath. Ilillier, at the Prince's 
ArmB in Lcaden-/hall-ftreet, over a^aintl St» Alary 
Aie, 1705./ 6 J/rel. Uarii ; vh. litk, and To the 
Reaiier, tii )>p. SigTifd ' Xatbanael Mather.' Baoks 
&^c. 1 pfl^f J Scheme 4 jtp. Ttit 540 j^. Table 11 pp^ 
Errata 1 page. Old calf, ilo. ( 1/. 5s. IBfiS!) 

MATHER (Sahiv tr,). An Apolofrv For the Liber- 
ties of tlie Churches in New England : To which 
ifl preJijc'df A DifcourJe concerning Congrefjcational 
Churchea. Ry Samuel Matlior, M.A. Pailor of a 
Church in l.loflon, New England. Bostoti : Printed 
by T. Fleet, for Daniel Henchman, over againft the 
Hricli Meeting Houfe in Condiill. 1738. iprel. 
letjvenf ix pp. Erraia 1 piigej atid teit 116 pp. Oitl 
calf. Bivj. (JSs. 6d. 136S) 

MAUDUIT ( Israel), A Short View of the History 
of the Colony of Maasacbusett's Hay, Mrith Refpett 
to their Original Charterand Constitution. Lnttdou : 
J. Wilkie, 1769. Titk and 71 pp. half tiwrocco. 
Bt'o. (7s. 6d. 1864) 

MAt'DLiIT(IfnAti,). A Short View oftheliistoty 
of the Colony of MaiTa«hulett3 Hay, With Refpe<:t 
to their (.'barters and Constitution. Pj Israel ^fau.' 
duit. The Third Edition, To which is now added 
the Original (Uiarter granted to that Province in 
the 4Lh of Charles ]. and never before printed in 
England. l,07idan: J. Wilkie, MUtci.txiv. TitU, 
mtd pj). 5-93. halj'mor. Bwi. (7s. fid. 1865) 

MAUDUIT (IsBAV.i). A Short View of the History 
of the New England Colonies, With liffpett to 
their Chartt^rs ai^d Constitution. iJy Israel IMau- 
duit. The Fourth Edition, To which is now added. 
An Account of a Conference between the late Jlr, 
Grenville and the feveral Colony Agents, in the 
Year 1761, praTiaus to the jialTmg the Stamp X&.. 

Sibliotheca Americana. 517 

A]fo the Original Charter granted in the 4th of 
Charles I. and never before printed in England. 
London: J, Wilkie,MUCCLXs7i. TitU,andpp. 5-tOO. 
half mm-. 8i>o. {7s. 6d. 1866) 

^ MAW (Henry Lister). Journal of a Passage from 
the Pacific to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in 
the Northern Provinces of Peru, and descending 
the River Maraiion, or Amazon, By Henry Lister 
Maw, Lieut. R. N. London: John Murray, 
Hncccxxiz. XV and 486 pp. Witk Map. Unbound. 
8iw. (5s. 6d. 1867) 

MAXIMILIANUS (Transylvanus). De Molvccis 
in/ fulis, itemq; alijs pluribus miradis, quae/ nouif- 
fima Caftellanorum nauigatio Se-/remli9. Impera- 
toris Caroli. V. aul'picio/ fafcepta, nuper inaenit : 
Maximiliani/ Tranlyluani ad Reuerendil's. Car- 
dina-/lem Saltzburgenfem epiftola le£tu per-/quam 
iucunda./ [Colophon] Colonue in sdibus Eucharij 
Ceruicomi. Anno air-/ginei partus, h. d. xxiii. 
menfe/ lanuario.'./ 15 unjolioed Uaves; Signature 
A. in eight, B. in seven leaves. Red morocco extra 
byBedJord. SmaU»vo. (4<.14i.6(j. 1868) 

MAYHEW (Experience). Grace Defended, in a 
Modeft Flea for an Important Truth; Namely, 
That the Offer of Salvation made to Sinners in the 
Gofoel, comprifes in it an Offer of the Grace given 
in Regeneration. And Shewing the Confiuency 
of this Truth with the Free and Sovereign Grace 
of God, in the whole Work of Man's Salvation. 
In Wmch The Doctrine of Original Sin and Hu- 
mane Impotence, the Obje£t and Extent of Re- 
demption, the Nature of Regeneration, the Difier- 
ence between Common and Special Grace, the 
Nature of juiiifying Faith, and other Important 
Points, are confidered and cleared. By Experience 
Mayhew, Boston : Printed by.B. Green, and Com- 
pany, for D. Henchman, in Comhil. 1744. Title, 
viand 306 pp. Svo. (iOs. 6d. 1869) 

MAYHEW (Jonathan). Seven Sermons Upon 
the following Subjects; viz. I. The Difference 
betwixt Truth and Falfliood, Right and Wrong. 
II. The natural Abilities of Men for discerning 
thefe Differences. III. The Right and Duty of 
private Judgment. IV. Obje&ons confidered. 

516 Bihliotheca Americana, 

V* The Love of God. YL The Lore of out Neigh- 
bour Vn. '\\ifi firft and great CommandmeDt, 
&c. Preached at a Lecture in th* Weft IMeetinE^- 
Houfe in Boston, Be^un tbefirfiThnrfdayin June^ 
and ended the laft Thurlday in Aufjutt, 1748» liy 
Jonathan Mavhew, D.U* Paftor of the Weit 
(^^Imrcli in Bofton, Firft Printed at Boston in 
>[ew-Knglajid. London Reprinted, John Noon^ 
Mdccl. Spret. UaveMond teit 152 pp. Unbound. 
BtP. {4s. 6d. 1870) 

MAYHEW (Jonathan). A Discourse Occalioned 
by tJie Death of The Honourable Stephen Sewall, 
Efq; Chief- Tuatice of the Superiour Court of Ju- 
dicatnre, Court of Aflize, and t j<?neral- Goal- De- 
livery ; aaalfo A Member of His iJajeaty^s Council 
for the Provinc^oftbcMassacbua^^ttB-HnTin Ncm- 
Enc^land : W ho departed this Life On Wednefday- 
Nig:ht, Peptt^mberlO. 1760. ^^Litiig 5S, Delivered 
the Lord*s-Da^ after hie Decf^afe* l\j Jonathan 
Mayhe'^\', D,D. Paftor of the Weft-Church in Bos- 
ton, Ba^tan : Printed by Richard Draper, in 
N^ e^burj- Street : Edee andGill,in Queen-Street: 
And Thomas and John Fleet, in Corniiill, aiiiCCiA, 
Titki ond jyp. 5-66. halfmor. Qvo. {5$. 6d. 1871) 

MAYHEW (Jonathan). Observations on the 
Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospel in Foreijfn Parts ; deaie^ed 
to shew Their Non-conformitj' to each other, U'jlb 
Benmrkfl on the Mistaken of East Apthorp, M,A. 
Midionary at Cambridge, m Quoting and Repre- 
fenting the Senfe of faid Charter, &c. As al^ 
Various incidental Refle^^tions relative to the 
Church of Kn^land^ and the State of Religion in 
TJorth- America, particularly inTSew-Engfland* IJy 
Jonathan i\layhew\ D.D. Paftor of the Weft- 
Church in Boston^ To which is su^oinedApthorp 'a 
Considerations, Boston, in Xew-Englandj printed; 
rtmdmn, reprinted for W, NicoU, >idcclxiii. 16\ 
pp. htiifmor. ^vo. (5s. 6*i, 1873) 

MAYMEW (Jonathan), An Anjjwer to Dr. May- 
hew^B Obfervations on the Charter and Conduct of 
the Society for the Propa^tion of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parte, f^trndotij John Rivington, m.dcc< 
LXTV- 68 pp. haifmor, bvo. (i$, 6d. 1373) 

BiblioAeea Americana. 519 

MAYHEW (Jonathan). The Claima of the Church 
of England fenouily examined : In a letter to the 
Antbor of an Aniwer to Dr. Mayhew's obaerra- 
tiona on the Charter and Conduct of the Socie^ 
for Propagating the Uofpel in Foreign Parts. By 
a Protestant Dissenter of Old England. London : 
W. NichoU, 1764. S8 page$. Half morocco. 
Sw. (4i. 6d. 1874) 

MAYHEW ( Jokathah). A Defence Of the Obser- 
vations on the Charter and Condn&of the Society 
for the Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign 
Parts, against An anourous Pamphlet falflj in- 
titled, a Candid Examination Of Dr. Majrhew's 
Obfervatioiis, &c. And also against The Letter to 
a Friend annexed thereto, laid to contain a short 
Vindication of faid Society. By one of its Members. 
By Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. Pallor of the West 
Church in Bofton. Boston printed: London: re- 
printed for W. Nicoll, M.DCC.LX17. 120 pp. half 
mar. Bvo. (5<. &<. 1875) 

MAYHEW (Jonatoan). Remarks on an Anony- 
mous Tract, entitled An Answer to Dr. Mayhew's 
Observations On the Charter and Conduct of the 
Socie^ for the Propagation of the Gofpel in Foreign 
Parts. Being a Second Defence of the liud Obser- 
vations. By Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. Pallor of 
the West Church in Bofton. Bnton : Printed and 
Sold by R. and S. Draper, in Newbury Street ; 
Edes and Gill, in Queen-Street; and T. & J. Fleet, 
in ComhilL 1764. 86 pp. ' Advertifement.' 1 page 
Signed 'J. Mayhew.' Sotieitingcontributiomin^i- 
rope, for the Ion of the Library of Harvard College 6y 
Fire. Half mor. Svo. (5>.6(i. 1876) 

MAYHEW (Jonathan ). Sermons to Young Men. 
In Two Volumes. By Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. 
Ijondm, T. Becket hocclxvii. Two Volumet, 
Volume the First, xx and 275 pp. Volume the 
Second. Title, iv and text 30i pp. Old calf, 
lime. (8t.6d. 1877) 

MAYNAS. Copia de dos Cartas Escritas de yn/ 
^i> Milaionero, y del Superior de las Mifsiones de los 
Ty Maynas,/ en el Rio Maranon, jaril'diccion de la 
Real Audiencia de Qui-/to, avifando al Padre Vice- 
Provincial de la Compania de/ lesvs, del Noevo 

620 SihUatJieca Americana, 

Reyno de Grftmuifl; el vno, el ei'iado del/ Ptieblo 
en que afsifte \ y el otrOj el que tiene parte de 
afjuella/ gloriol';^ Mir^ion^ que arm vilitado el ana 
panado dc 1(581./ Primera Carta./ \ ui^joliofd pp^ 
Foiio. {11. Il5. (iJ. 1B78) 

WRAD (JostTfi), Aq Essay on Cuirenta at Sea; 
Bj which it appearSj 'I'Jujre iis Keftlbn to apjjre- 
hend^ that the Sea is not a Fluid in a State of llest^ 
exceju ti^ol'e Alotioi^a which are cauted by the Im-^ 
pulee of Winds, uiid that Jtnown by the Name of 
Tides : And consequently, That tliie Earth is not 
of ft uniform Utofity, accordin^^ to the Suppofition 
of Sir Isaao Newton; but that the Currents of the 
Gulpli of FlorJdaj alib on the Coaft of lirasil, and 
the j\ orthen^ Jn-draught on this Weftern Coaft, 
are Currente of Circulation, kept op hy diftfereut 
Denfities in this E:irth, and its ^lotion round its 
Ajxis, By Jftseph i\iead. Lmidim : J. Marshall, 
«,i>tCji,vir. Titt^ having (rn thi! rtifri* ^ Krrara/5 
linesj Teit43pp. hoifmor. &vo. {7s. Gd. 1379) 

MEAD (Matthlw). The Almoft ClurHian Dis- 
covered or, the FftUe TrofrlTor Tryed and Cast, 
tfein^' the Subitance of Seven l^ermons, Firll 
Preached at t^epukhers^ Londtm, I66i Aud now 
at the InipoHunity of Frit'iids made Puhlick* The 
Eourteenth Edition, By JMatthew I^lead, Eost^m^ 
Printed for Jofeph Edwards at the corner Shop on 
the North fide of the lOMn-lloufi^, fie Hopeftill 
Fo Iter in Corn hill. 17jO. 4 pret. Uaves and 19'^ jtp^ 
V2mo. {iOh^ed. laOO) 

JUEDIN.'V (A^TOMo nrX Sermon/ predicado en/ 
el Castillo de San Felipe/ del Puerto del CallaOj a 
P- fu Dedication y benedi-/cion ; eltando defcubierlo 
el Santii'simo Sacra- /men to, y eii prefciicia de todo 
el/ Prelidio,/ Por el P. F. Antonio de Medina del 
Grden/ de l^redicadores^ Letor de Teolof^ia del 
Conuento del Cnzco, a onic/ de Mayo da 1625* 
anos./ % A Don Fernando de Castro Cavallero/ del 
Abito de yautiaffo, y Tenieute de Capiran General, 
por el/ Excellentifsimo Sehor IMftruuefl dc Giiadal- 
ca^ar./ Virrey dellos Reynos del Pirii./ Con li- 
ceucia./ ImpreiTo en Lima; por Geronymo de 
Contreras./ Aiio de 16*25»/ iHjultoed t^'uves^ half 
mar. Uo* {10s. 6d. IGSl) 

Bibliotheca Americana. 521 

/EDRANO ^Sebastian Fernandez de). Breve/ 
descripcion ael/ Mundo/ o Guia Geographica/ de 
Medrano./ Lo mtts pnncipsl de ella en Verfo., 
Dirigida/ A la Catholica Mageftad del Rey Nu- 
eibo Senor/ Don Carlos Segundo,/ Monarcha de 
las Efpanas./ Debajo/ De la protecion del Excel- 
entillimo Senor/ Marques de Jodar./ £n Bi-usseUuJ 
En cala de Lamberto MarchEint,/ Mercader de Li- 
bras/ >i.i>c.Lxxxviii./ 108 pp. Old calf, 
llmo. aOi. 6d. 1883) 

MEMOIRES/ tovchant/ I'Etablissement/ d'vne/ 
Mission Chrestienne/ djans/ le Troisieme Monde,/ 
Autrement appell6,/ La Terre Aultrale, Meridio- 
nale,/ Antarbqae, & Inconnue./ Dediez a Noftre 
S. Pere le Fape/ Alexandre VII./ Par yn Ecclefi- 
aftique Originaire de cette/ meline Terre. [Juan 
PaiUymerl/ A ParisJ Chez Clavde Cramoisy, rue 
Saint/ Victor, proche la place Maubert,/ au Sacri- 
fice d'Abel./ M.Dc.Lxiii./ Avec privilege dv Roy./ 
18 prel. leavet and 216 pp. With copperplate map 
of the World. Old calf. 8w. (1(. lis. 6d. 1883) 

MEMOIRES des Commissaires du Roi et de ceux 
de sa Majesty Britannique, Sur les pofleffions & 
les droits refpe^fs des deux Couronnes en Am£- 
rique ; Avec les Aftes publics & Pieces juftifica- 
tives. Contenant les M^moires fur I'Acame & fur 
I'ille de Sainte-Lucie. A Paris, de I'lmprimerie 
Royale. m.dcclv. Four Volumes. Tome Premier. 
vUi; Ixxv; and 181 pp. ' Premier Memoire' etc. 
61 pp. ' Memoire de Messieurs les Commissaires 
Anglois,' etc. evii pp. ' Second Memoire,' etc. 120 
pp. Map. Tome Second, xiii and 646 pp. Tome 
Iroisieme. xvt and 319 pp. Tome Quatrieme, 
M.DCCLVii. 3 prel. leaves; xxv and 654 pp. Map, 
Fine copy. OUf extra. 4to. {31. iSs. 6d. 1884) 

MEMOIRS of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman, 
Retom'd from a Thirteen Years Slavery in Ame- 
rica, Where he had been fent by the Wicked Con- 
trivances of his Cruel Uncle. A Story founded on 
Tmth, and addrels'd equally to the Head and 
Heart. London: J. Freeman, hdccxuii. Half- 
tUU,titU,ttndirrpp. Oldcalf. limo. (8<.6d. 1885) 

MEMOIRS of the Principal Tranfaftions of the Last 
War between the English and French in North 

62S liibltotheca Americana. 

America. From the Cominencempnt of it in 1744, 
to the t'oncluiion of the TTenly lit Aii la Chftpelle. 
ContRininfr in ['srficular An Account of the im- 
portance of Nova Scotia ot Acatlie and Jflfniti of 
Cape Hrf^toii to hotii Nations. [By ^VilJiam Shu- 
ley.] l^imdim: K. and J. Dodalej, m.dcc.ltu. 
vitiaiid 102 pp. half mor. Bm. (7s. 6d, ltiB6) 

MEJIOIRS of the rrincinol Tran faction s of the Last 
War between the KngliDi and French in North- 
America. From the Coniliienccinfnt of it in 17+4, 
to the C-onclufion of the Treaty at Aii hi C'hapcllc. 
Containing in l^articular An Account of the Im- 
portance of Nova Sjcotift or Acadie, and the llland 
of (Jape Breton to both Nations. I'he Third Kdi- 
tion. ]..ondon, Printed. Bosinti. Xew-En^land^ 
Re-printed and Sold by (.irt-en and Itussell, at their 
Printing-Office in Queen-Itreet, MmrcLviir* iv <iitd 
JJjj. y-t)U. Bi(F. (7i, Cd. 18BB) 

MI^MOKIAL/ ( + )/ de lo Svcedido en/ la ciudad 
de .Mexico, defde el dia pri/mero de Nouiemhre, 
de 16S3. haf/ta tjuien^e de Enero de/ l(jy4./ SB 
j'olioed leaves, fiiiin. (II. Is. 1883) 

MEMOIUAL (A) Relating to tlje Tobacco -Trade. 
Offer'd to The t'onfiderjLtion of the Planters of Vir- 
ginia and Maryland. Wittiam.ibiirg\: Printed by 
William Parks, M,Dco,xxxTir. 55 pp. Signed ' Da- 
niel Mac Kercher,' hulf mor. Bi'o. (10s. fid, 1B90) 

MEMORIALS (Thf.) of the Enslilh and French 
Commissaries concerning St. Lucia. Londott ; 
Printed in tlie Year Min;t:Lv» Tide and 550 pp. 
Fine copy. Oidcnlf. 4to. {11. U. 1891) 

JIEMORIALS (Thk) of the Englilli and French 
Coniniissaries (Jonccniiiig the Limits of Nova Sco- 
tia or Acadia. Ltyjidoii : Printed in the Year 
MticejrV. Sf prei. leuiei^ and 771 pp. Map. Fine 
cojni. Old calf. 4to. (11, lOs. 1893) 

]\iE\'DOCA ( Ji'AN GoK^ALEE rk). Historia/ de las 
Cosas/ inas Notables,/ Ritos y Coslvmbrt^s,/ Del 
gran Reyno dela China, labidas alTi per los libros/ 
delos niefmos C^hinas, como j.Ktr relation de Keli- 
gio-/tba y fttras perlbnafi que. an cftado en el dicho 
Reyno,/ liecha y ordenada por el mvy K, P. 
Iklaestro Fr. loan 6on^alezde Mendo^a dels Ordea 

BibUotheea Americana. 523 

de S. Aoffuftin, y pemteii-/cistio Appoftolieo a quien 
U Magcdftad Catoolica embio con fu real/ carta j 
otras ooCu para el Bey de aqnel Reyno el aoo. 
1580./ Al IllTStriMiino S. Fernando/ de Ve^ j 
Fonleca del confejo de fn Mageliad j (u/ prefidente 
en el Beal delas India*./. ^^ ^^ Itinerario del 
noeuo Mnndo^ Con Pnuilegio y licencia de Tu 
Saafiddad./ £n Boma, a oofta de Bartholome 
Giaffi. 1585/ en la Stampa de Vincentio Aocolti./ 
16 rrtl. Itmtt, thti6th blank ; and 440 pp. Vellum. 
8w. (15>. 1893) 

BIENDOCA (Jdah Gonzales de). Dell' Historia/ 
ddla China,/ Defcritta nella lingua Spagnnola, dal 
P. Maeftro/ Gionanni Gonialez di Mendozza,/ 
ddl'Ord.diS.AKpftino./ EttradotUnell'Italiana, 
dal Majni. M. Francefcoy Auanzo, cittadino ori- 
ginarioaiVenetia./ Farti dve,/ Diuife in tre libri, 
& in tie viaggi, &tti in quel paefi,/ da i Padri Ago- 
fiiniani & Frandfcani^ Done fi defcrine il fito, & 
lo ftato di qael gran Regno,/ & fi tntta della reli- 
gione, de i coftumi, & ddla/ difpofition de fnoi po- 
poli, & d'altri laochi/ pii conofciuti del mondo 
miouo./ Con due Tanole, I'ma de' Capitoli, & I'al- 
tra delle eofe notabili./ In Venttia, mdlxxxti./ 
Appreffo Andrea Mufchio./ 16 pnl. leaves, tk< 
16tft blank, and 462 pp ; 1 bltmk kaf, and ' Tavola,' 
tU. 40 pp. Velbtm. 8tw. (15>. 1894) 

MENDOCA (Juan Goncalei de). L'Historia/ del 
gian Begno/ della China,/ Compofta primier 
amente in ifpagaoolo da/ maeilro Giouanni Gon- 
ndes di Men-Jdinia, monaco dell' ordine di/ 8. 
Agoftino :/ £t poi &tta vulgare da Francefco Au- 
mxi/ cittadino Vinetiano./ Stampatalateraarolta, 
& molto pid dell' al-/tre emendata./ Con due 
tauole I'una di Capitoli, & I'altra delle/ eofe piu 
notabili./ In Vmegia. 1587./ Per Andrea Muf- 
chio./ 506 pp. ' I^ilampatore,' etc. Ipafe; 'Ta- 
Tola, etc. 77 pp. ' Errori etc. 1 page. Ota calf. 
IShno. (15». 1895) 

MENDOCA (Juan Gonzales de). Histoire/ dr 
Grand/ RoTavme de la/Chine, sitr6 avx/ Indet 
orientales, diuif^e/ en deaz parties./ Contenant en 
la Premiere, la fituation, antiquity, fertility,/ reli- 
gion, ceremonies, &caBces, rois magiftrats, mceuts,/ 

524 DibHotheca A.mericana. 

vSj loiij ^ autren cho(V?B m&morableH dudit Toy- 
aume./ Kt t.n la SiJt;onde, trois ^^oyaa^^s faits vers 
iceluy en Vax\l 1S77, 1579 & 1501. aut* les Qn- 
^laritezplii^ r(^marqua-/blesy ^eiiea & entendiifts : 
enfembit? vn Itinerarie/ du nouuean monde, Of le 
df^fcouuremeDt du/ Douueau Meiiquc trn I'ttn 15S3./ 
Faite en eljia^not par R. P. Ivan Gon^ale;^ de 
MEn-/*lo*^^i ^^ I'ordrji iiv S. Aus^ultin i fit mife eti 
FraD^oLs auec/ des additions en jQVir^&y £c deux la- 
dices*/ Par Lvc di^ la Porte, Parifiuiij/ dooinur es 
droita./ A/ Mon^df^nevr le CLancelier,/ A f^driy^ 
Chez lereniie Perier, rue S. lean di?/ lieuuaiB, au 
franc Menrier,/ 1^9./ Avec privile^ dv Roy./ 
la p^-e/. UawSy ami S'iSftdmd kat&fi; ^ Indice dea 
cba&Ea Xotablfes/ efc. 48 ^p. 'Tautes/eic. 1 pt^^e, 
Otilcatj: BiJ<3. (U. Is, 1B96) 

MEXDOZA (DiKco de). Chronica/ de lu ProTin- 
tia deS» j\.ntoiii(j/ de ioaC'harcas/delorden de Nro, 
Seraphico P./ S. Kraricisco/ Kn lalodia-s Occidfta- 
tales Reyno dtl Peru/ E&crita/ jior el R. P. Pre- 
dicador F, Djega de Mendoza/ Cbronifta y Padre 
de la raeflniEi WouJncia./ Dedicala/ Allll^". Vr™^ 
S. D. F. Gabriel/ de Guillestegui del Confejo de 
fu Mag"**/ yObirpodel Paraguay*/ P'aViUafranca 
fculpfor Reo;iu3, Lciilpfit Mutritij l(jt>4,/ Engraved 
titkf l'± pi^i. leaveSj atid (jOI pp. ' Proteata de el 
Autor/ Ipo^ei * hulice delosCapitTlos/ etc. 6pp. 
ViUam. FMio. {'sit. Ss. 18?7) 

MKRCATOR (GEn^tmua). f^eratdi Meroatoris/ 
Atlas/ aiie/ Cosmographicae/ ^leditationes/ de/ fa- 
hricl ,Mundi et/ fabricati Fi^^vra./ lam tandem ad 
fineniperdtictus,qiiamplnrimusu?neis ta=/biilis liis- 
pauia^, African, Alia? it America au^tuaac/illullra- 
tU9 tiludoco HonUio. iJuibuAetLamaddit^(prd^ter 
^Merctttoris) diUieidLc it accuratte oiumuTn tabu:?/ 
larum delcrijjtionesnovffijftutlioetoperaPet.MoQ' 
tani*/ I^Ntiuium in itdibLiA iudoci Hondij Amite- 
rodami. 1606* 10 prd. leaveSf ond 354 pp. Jndei 
etc. Vi leaves. Maps trith the te^t. Fine copy. Oid 
cafj: Urge FoiUK (IL lis. 6d, 1898) 

MERCATOR (G*:HAHoiis), AtLis/ Minor/ Gerardi 
Mercatoris/ si 1. Ilondio phirimis ^neisi tabu Us/ 
au^tuB at(jue illuftratus./ Amslerndtimil Excuaum 
in ^tdibus ludoci Uondij,/ veneutit edam apud 


StbUoAeea Amerieana. 525 

Cometifi Nioolai./ item apnd loumem lanfoniu 
Aiaheau./ [CMoplum] Dordnckti/ Eicadehu Aizi- 
snua Bottiiu/ Anno ci3 13 ex./ 4 pnL lemtt, and 
684 pp. ViUum. ObUmg4b). (Ut. 1899) 

M£RCATOR(GEiuRD<rs). [E^rnn' title] Histo- 
ria Itx leTi/GeogTqdua Mradi./ UotoriaMndi/ 
or Menaton Atlas. Containiiu; his Cosmographi- 
eall Descriptions/ of the Fabrieie and Figoie of the 
world./ Lstelij rectified in diners places, as alio 
beutified/ and enlarged with new Mspps and 
Tables/ b^ the Stadions indnstrie of lodocTs Hon- 
ijl Englished by W. S. Generosos & Begin: Oxo- 
nue./ Lond<ni/ Printed for/ MichaeD/ Smrke, and 
are to be fowld in/ greene Arbowre/ 1637/ Second 
Edytion/ IPrvaedtUU] Historia Mmdi':/ Or/ Mer- 
eator's/ Atlas./ Containing his Cosmographicall/ 
Defcription of the Fabricke and/ Figure of the 
World./ Lately redified in divers places, as alfo 
beaotified/ and enlareed with new Mappes and 
Tables ;/ Br the Stacuons indnlby,/ Off Ivdocrs 
Hondy./ Englished/ By/ W. S./ Generofus, £c 
Coll. Regin. Ozonis./ London/ Printed b^ T. 
Cotes, for Michael Sparke and/ Stunuel Cartwnght. 
16S5./ IS prel. Uma; 56 m; The Pnfaee upon 
Atlas i pp. and 930 pp. Tablesetc.Sapp. Old calf. 
Folio. (1M<. 1900) 

MESSAGES (Tbiieb) from the President of the 
United States, to the Congress, inNoremberlBll, 
Together with Documents accompanying the same. 
Washington; Printed 1811: London: Reprinted 
for J. Hatchard, 181S. 360 pp. 8tw. (4s. 6d. 1901) 

MEXICO. Album Mejicano Tribute de gratitudal 
Cirismo nacional Retratos de los Personages ilus 
tres de la primera y segnnda 6poca de la Indepen- 
dencia Mejicana y notabilidades de la pr^sente. 
Mejico C. L. Prudhomme Editor 2* Calle de los 
Plateros No. 12. 1843. Title, Advertencia, and il 
plain, each with 4 portraits. 4to. (10s. 6d. 1902) 

H'FINGAL: A Modem Epic Poem, in Four Cantos. 
By John Trumbull. The Fifth Edition, With £x- 
pbnatory Notes. London : J. S. Jordan, h,dccxcii. 
monJ 142 pp. 8m. (T$. 6d. 1903) 

MICHAUX (F. A.). Travels to the Westward of 

526 Bibliotheea Americana. 

the Allegany Mountains, in the States of the Ohio, 
Kentucl^, and Tennessee, and retarn to Charles- 
town, tlurough the Upper Carolinas; containing 
details on the present State of Agriculture and the 
Natural Productions of these Countries ; as well as 
information relative to the commercial connections 
of these States with those situated to the Eastward 
of the Mountains and with Lower Louisiana. Un- 
dertaken in the year X, 1833, under the auspices of 
His Excellency M. Chaptal, Minister of the Inte- 
rior. With a reiT correct Mapof the Statesinthe 
Centre, West and South of the United States. By 
F. A. Michauz, M.D. Memher of the SocieQr of 
Natural History of Paris, and Correspondent of the 
Society of Agriculture of the Department of the 
Seine and Oise. Faithfully Translated from the 
Original French, by B. Lambert. London: J. 
Mawman, 1805. xviatxiSSOpp. Map, boardt. 
8tx>. (7<. 6d. 1904) 

MICHAUX (F. A.). Travels to the West of the 
Alleghany Mountains, in the States of Ohio, Ken- 
tucky, and Tennessea, and back to Charleston, by 
the Upper Carolines; comprising The most inte- 
resting Details on the present State of Agriculture, 
and the Natural produce of those Countries : To- 
gether with Particulars relative to the Commerce 
that exists between the above-mentioned States, and 
those situated East of the Mountains and Low 
Louisiana, Undertaken, in the Year 1803, under the 
auspices of His Ezcellancy M. Chaptal, Minister 
of the Interior, By F. A. Michauz^ Member of the 
Society of Natural History at Pans ; Correspond- 
ent of the Agricultural Society in the Department 
of the Seine and Oise. Second Edition, London: 
B. Crosby & Co. 1805. xiiandiQipp. Calf. 
8v«. (7t.6d. 190S) 

MIDDLETON (Christopher). A Vindication of 
the Conduct of Captain Chriilopher Middleton, in 
a Late Voyage on Board His Majefty's Ship the 
Furnace, Kir Difcovering a North-well Pafiage to 
the Weftern American Ocean. In Answer To cer- 
tain Objections and Afperfions of Arthur Dobbs, 
Efq ; with an Appendix : Containing The Captain's 
Inltrudtions ; Councils held ; Beports of the Infe- 
rior Officers ; Letters between Mr. Dobbs, C^t. 

Bibliotheca Americana^ 527 

Middleton, &c;, Af&daritg and othar Voucherfire^ 
ferM to in tJi(* Cftptam'fl AnlVers^ ic. With a» 
mucb of the Log-Jouraiil aa relatcn to the Dii$co- 
very. The Whok m lately delivtr'd to theLordd 
Commifii(mei*s of the Admiralty* I'o whicJi ui an- 
nei'df An Acciount of the Ertraordinarj D^vreea 
and Surprizing Efie^ts of Cold in Hudfou's-TBay, 
Morth America^read before tho Koyal Society » J5y 
Christopher Middleton, Late Commander of the 
Furnace^ and F.R.S. hondvn: Jiicob Rohinlbn, 
1743. ^ prH. UtiUi^ ixnd S06 pp, ' Several Abbre- 
Tiationfi/ etc^ 1 page. Log-Jautiial 48 pp* Old catf.. 
B^'D, (7i, 6d. 1906) 

MIDDLETON (Cuhistopher)* A Vindication of 
the Conduct of Captain Chriitopher iMiddleton, in 
a Late Vovage on Board His Majesty's Ship the 
Furnace- Vor Difcovt^riii^ a Morth-Wdi E^aifi^eto 
the VVeftern American Ocean. In AnswerTocer- 
tain Objections an<l Alj^erlions of Arthur Dobbs^ 
EtLi ; vfith^n Appendix: Coiitaimng' The Captain's 
Inter nations; Councils held; Reportfl of the Infe- 
rior Officers, Lett^jra betw«3n Air. Dobbs^ Capt* 
Middleton^6tc* Affidavits :iud other Vouchers re- 
ferM to in the Captain's AnlVers, ^c. With aa 
much of the IjOd;. Journal as rr^Ute^ to the DiflcO' 
very. The Whole A& lately deli verM W the Ijorda 
Commiihoners of the Admiralty. To which is An* 
neicMj An Account of the LMraoi*diuary D<?groea 
and Surprizing Effects of Cold in l!udron*H-liay, 
N orth- America, read before the Royal Society. By 
Christopher Mtrldleton^ l^ate C'oimnjmder of the 
Furnace, and F.R*3. Dublin-i J- Jackson, flf^Mc, 
YLiT- 16^and4Gpp,hiiijmar, ^vo.(7s.6ii. 1907) 

MIDDLETON(CHnJ9tornER). A ReplytotheEte- 
marks of Arthur Dobba, Efq ; on Capt* Middle- 
ton's Vindication of bis Conduct on board his J^Ia- 
jeaty^s Ship the Furuace, when Sent in Search of 
a North- weft Vassa^c, by HudsouVHuy, to the 
Weilem American Uceaii- Humbly Intcnbad to 
the Ri^ht Honorable the Lorrts C^cmmLssioners for 
executing tho Office of LorJ High Admiral of 
Great- Britain and Ireland^ -i^c. By Chrisfopher 
Middleton,El<]^ hondtyni George Brptt, Mdccxliv, 
X vnd 193 pp. * Appendix* 9'^ pp. Errata aitd lit- 
dexf 8 pp. ^00. i7s. 6il. 190B) 

528 Bihlwtkeca Americana. 

MIDDLETON (CiiRisToi'tivn). Forgery Detected. 
UjwbicljiBeWDced bow t^oundles^are All the Ca- 
lumnies call upon the Editor^ in a Pamphlet })ub- 
liilittl under the Xame of Arthur Dobba, Esq ; Bj 
Capt. Christoplier MidcUeton, late Coromaiirter of 
his Majelly's Sbip, fumacej when fent upon tlie 
Sfjarch of a North-Weft I'affage to the iVeiiera 
American Ocean. Lflndoti : M.Cooperj I^LtJCCxi.v, 
TUk, V Hiid 35 jj/F. kaifmrn: 8to. (lOs. 6d. 19U9) 

MILIUS (ABnAii.iM). DeOrifjine/ Ammalium,/et 
Bli^atione/ Vopuloruiiij/Scriptum Abraham) Mi- 
lii./ Uhj iaquiritur, quomodo quaque via HomineA 
ca:tera-/que Aniraalia 'Jeirefirm proveuerint; & 
poll De-/luvium in omnea Orbia terranim partes flf 
rejfionc,<i :/ Aliam^ Europam, Africum^ utramque 
Americam,/ &. Teiratn Aufiraleni, five Magellani- 
cam pervene-/rint./ Genet:iE :/ A pud Petruin Colu- 
mesiuni. ji.Dt'.Lxvii./ 6ii ]^. Calf extiti bti Bfd- 
ford. 12mo. (15f. *1910> 

HULLS (Hr.N'nv Jamts). Mills's Trinidad Almanac 
and l*ocket TteE^tater for the Year of our Lord 1B40, 
Ueing IJisseitik- or I,eap ^'ear. Calculated to the 
JMeridian of Port of Spain. Port of Spain is situ- 
ated in Latitude 10 deg. 39 m. N. Lon|ritude (31 
degjSim.W. Portofapain. Henry James IMilk, 
[lH-101 ea pp. With Flan, ' Trinidad ijriports eft. 
ISSi). folded ilieeiaif^ige 60, i'lmo. (2s,0d. lyil) 

MILLS (Saiiuei. J.) Report of a M issionar;' Tour 
through that part of the United States which lies 
West of the Aliegnny !Mountains ; performed under 
the direction (d'rhe [Massachusetts MiMsiouarj- So- 
ciety. By Samuel J. j'Mills an<l Daniel Smitli. 
Andoi'er: Flagg and Gould, IGlJ. 64 }tp, Vitcvt, 
Bid. {is.6d. 1913) 

MILTON' (Cii.ini.Es Wir.t.iAM). Narrative of t!ie 
Gracious dealings of God in the Conversion of IV . 
I^Iooney Fitzgerald atul .Tohn C^lark, two malefac- 
tors, V\ ho were Executed on Friday, Dec. IB, 1789, 
At St. Joiin's New iirunfwick, Nova Scotia, for 
Burglary; in a Letter from The Eevereud Mr, Mil* 
ton to the Right Honourable the Couutess Dowager 
of Huntingdon. Lendon : I'rinted in the vearl7SK). 
22j)fi, 12mo. (4j, 6'ii. 1913) 

BibUotheca Americana. 529 

MINISTERIAL (A) Catechise, Spitable to be 
Learned by all Modem Prorincul Goremon, 

Fenfioners, Placemen, &c. Dedicated to T 

H T^fq- Bottm: Printed and Sold by 

Isaiah Thomas, near the Mill-Bridge. Hixx:Lxxi. 
6fp. half mm-. 8vo. (lOt. 6d. 1914) 

MINOT (George Richards). The History of the 

Insurrections, in Massacnosetts, In the Year 
MDccLxxxvi, and the Rebellion consequent there- 
on. By George Richards Minot, A.M. Printed 
at Worcester, Massachusetts, by Isaiah Thomas. 
MDCCLXXxviii. 193 fp. 8va. (7s, 6d. 1915) 

MISSA Gothica seii Mozarabica, et Officium itidem 
1 Gothicum diligenter ac dilucide explanata ad Usum 
\ Percelebris Moz4rabum Sacelli Toleti iMunificen- 
tissimo Cordinali Ximenio erecti ; et in Obsequium 
111'°'. Perinde ac Venerab. D. Decani et Capituli 
Saactae EcclesiaeToletanae, Hispaniarum et India- 
mmPrim&tis. An^elopoli: Typis Seminarii Pala- 
foziani Aimo Domini h.dcc.ijcx. 4 pret. Uavet; 
137 ami 198 fp. i Cvpptrplatei, Old red morocco. 
Folio. (3l.l3s.6d. 1916) 

MITCHIL (Jonathan). A/ Discourse/ of the/ 
Glory/ To which God hath called/ Believers/ By 
Jesus Christ./ Delivered in fome Sermons out/ of 
the I Pet. 5 Chap. 10 Ver./ Together with an an- 
nexed Letter./ Both, by that Eimnent and Worthv 
Mi/nifter of the Gofpel, Mr. Jonathan/ Mitchil, 
late Paflor to the Church/ at Cambridge in New- 
England. Ijondon: Printed for Nathaniel Ponder 
at uie/ Peacock in the Poultry, Anno Dom. 1677./ 
8 preL leave* ; xm. Title, 'To the Reader.' 11 pp. 
^pied 'John Collins.' Teit 363pp. < A Letter,' 
etc. 30pp. SraaU^oo. (15<. 1917) 

MOCQUET (Jan). Wunderbare/ Jedoch/ Griind- 
^ lichfund warhaSie Gefchichte/ und/ Keife Begeb- 
•^ niffe/ In A&ica, Afia, Oflaund/ Westslndien/ von/ 
Jan Mocquet aus Frankreich,/ Ihrer Koniglichen 
Majeftat Heinrichs des Groffen oder IV./ und Lud- 
wigs des XIII. dafelbft gewefnen geheimen Ho& 
una Cammers/Apotheckers, wie auch wolbeftellten 
Verwefers, derer dafelbft befindlichen fremxden,/ 
auslandifcuen, und in tmfem Landen unbekannten 
Frucbten, Gewacbfen, Krautem/ und Blumen, in 

1 N N 


530 Bihliotheva Americana* 

dero Koni^Jiciicn R^iidf^nz^Stadt zu Paria^/ in der 
Tuillerip*/ N*bft eigcntrlichet Hi-^fchreibuEg- derer 
StHdte^ Kbnigreiclie^ Inlijln und/ Provinzen, wje 
felbige inij^^r 'Aait annocli zu befind*?", und Krm 
vprltbiednen/niftli^iimit laiiiCwii-i^cnSorgeu, Miibe 
und HelclivverQiflen zu Walibr und Land^, in Hiii 
und/ Froft, \ [un^f?T und Durit, Armuth und Mttiu 
g£?l, nacb unzf;bhch erdultetem Kiend und/ Unge- 
mach, in hocbfter LebenBsGtfahr^ Krankheit und 
(jefiinji^iiiflbn, aucb endUcIi firlittnen/ iscliiffbruch^ 
ganzpT zvi'anii^ Jahi*, durcb Gotten Gnude, durch- 
zureil'pn/ liber fich ^enommen^ aufigeftanden und 
FeendiyetH/ Allen Liebiiabern verwuiisderl'amcr 
Begebniiltn und HeiferGefcbichten/ zu angeneh- 
mer £rgi>Lzlicbkeit in untcrlbbiednen Biicbern nus 
dem Franz (ilicb en/ in Hochteutllclie Sjiracbe iilwr- 
fetzet undentdtjcket/ durch/ Jobann Georg Scboe- 
beu. L'uneburg,/ [16SB*J In Verlegung Johann 
Georg j .ipnerfl./ '^ prd. leaves ; Fn^v^d FroHtii- 
piece ; ona T^ji 6S2 pji. Cvpp^rjjiatas numbet^d 1 to 
Xj and ]ilun of* lenisalem, 4(o. (1/, Ij, 191B} 

MODEST < A) Proof of the Order and Government 
StJttled hy (Jhrilt and bis ApoltU's in tbe Cburch. 
By Shewin? 1. \\ Jiat Sacred Othces were inltituted 
by tljem, II, HowtliofeOtiicefl wereDillinguiflied, 
11 J. That they were to be Perphetual Standing in 
tbe Cburch. And, IV. Wbo Succeed intbem,aiid 
riglitJy Kx^cute them to tliia Dav- Bosttni: Re* 
printfr'd by Tbo^ FlctJt, and are to be Sold by ben- 
jamin Eliot in Bofton, Daniel Aurault in Aewportj 
Gabriel Hernon in Providence, Mr. Gallop in bril- 
tol, Mr. Jean iu Stratford, and in moft other Towiis 
within the (xiloniea of Connecticut and Rhode- 
liland. l7Sr3. TUU^^^pp. and text G^App. Unbound, 
itima. (If, Is. 1919) 

MOLINA (Ai.ONso nz). Vocabvlario/ en leug^a 
fastellana y Mexicana, [y Mexicana yCastellaua] 
C0Tii-/[}uefT0 per <^1 muy Kiiuerendo Padre Fray 
Aloulbde Molina, dela/ Ordendel bienauenturado 
nueftro Padre fant Francifco*/ Dirigido al mvy 
Kxcelente Senor/ Don flLartin Enrique^^ Vilorrey 
deflanueua Efpana./ En il/enctj,/ K.Ti Cafa de An- 
tonio de Spinofa./ 1571,/ [Ctyhphotj]. % SoliDeo 
bonoF et Gloria-/ If At^vi bazen dii los doa voca- 
bvkriofij en lengva Caste/ liana y nabual o Meii- 

BibUoikeca Americana. 531 

ana que biio y reeopilo el mnr Renerendo pxiR, 
baj Akmta de Mo-^lina: de la orden d« lienor ian 
Fnneilco. Imprimieronfe «iiia mnr infizne t mn 
jiqJaJy de Mexico : en cau de Antonio oe Spino^ 
enel aio de nnefiia redvpcion. de. V>7\. ^ \i- 
cantaim qii (a jn ontetl Toeabrlaiio St- pan Ca£- 
tiUan fi«™li Toan nauatlatoUi, t ocninotlalili oen- 
ca manixtililoni, to/ latzin tnr Alonfo de Molina, 
tenpixqiii Sant Fnncifco. Chnicoilo niean rpan 
Tcjraltepetl eiodad Mezieo : rcha Antonio de spi- 
nofo. \ pan xinitL; 1371. Alice. Tko Parti. Pan 

ciiL ^ 

l<ne>,'I>iricatTrOntionKa,'(t«.intA ic«<fru(|^r( 
1 fogc, ra (« rrrene r<w^a( dnio. Part II. fiOe, 
Mtlkfmdeut of Saint Fmncit; m tA<m«rw,' Y Pro- 
logoal Lector,' and ' Atuc*.' 2w; T«t l^^/o^oed 
lencf ; tke latt Uaf amtaiiuiig tie tviophm at tbnt, 
md an the rearm a large taoieut aettet. Old cair. 
Fetu. I ill. Xfoi) 

MOLINA (JcAs Icy4Tiis>. Eatai »or I'HisMiie 

I. XitDielle du Chili, Par M. I'AblK Mchna; Tra- 

f. doit de riialien, it. enricbi de note*, Par M. Gra- 

Td, D. M. A Parv, Nee de la Koci>eIle, m.lcc. 

Lxzxiz. mpp.aiidtezt^li pp. VId mlt. zUt iaek. 

8w. '7».&«.' 19Sny 

MOLIXA (JcAjr Icxatic!). Tlie Geofiapbical \a- 
. tiin],andCiTil Hixtonrof CiiilL Translated from 
C the original Italian of the Abbe Don J. IiEnaaiu 
\ Molina. To which are added, Nooes frwu the 
Spaniih and French VeniooL aiul two .\ppendizie*, 
by the En^liih Editor ; the first, an .Account of the 
.^chipebuo of Chiloe, &om the Lieicripcioa Hi*- 
tmial of P. F. Pedro Gonzalex de .AztKroa ; the 
teeond, an Account of the Mati^e Tribes who in- 
hdnt the Southern eztremitr of south AnKiica, 
extracted chieAr from Falimer's deacriptian of Pa- 
tagonia. In Two Volume*. Longman, 1809. Tm 
Vatumta. \'oL I. a and 311 pp. itap. VcL II. 
mandSBopp. Sso. m.6i. 19tt) 

JIOXARDES (Xicoio;. Primera r; 
°1r Teieera/ Partes de la Hinoria. Medi 
'' coias/ que fe traen de nue&raf Indiai Ocd-/d 


032 Bihlioiheea Amerieana. 

qae 6nien en/ Medidna./ Tratado de la Piedra/ 
Bezaar, y dela yeroa Efcaeroonera./ Dialoco de 
las Oran-/dezas del Hierro, j de fas Tirtades/ Me- 
dicinales/ Tratado de la Nieve y del bener &io./ 
HecboB por el Do-/£)x>r Monardes Medico/ de Se- 
uilla./ Van en esta impression/ la Tereera parte 
7 el Dialogo del Hierro nQeaa-/mente hechos, que 
no ban lido impreflbs/ bafta agora. Do ay cofiis 
grandes/ y dignas de &ber./ 1 Con Ucencia y Pre- 
uilegio de fa Mageftad./ En Sevilltt/ En cafa de 
Alomo Efdinano./ 1574./ 6 pnl. Imvet ; viz. Title 
reverie blank ; ' Licenciay Previleeio.' ipp; ' Elo- 
lo hecho,' etc. 4 pp. 'Sanctis D. N. Gregorio 
III. Pont. Opt. Max. Doct. Nicolaus Moniuxlas 
Medicns Hirpalenfis. S.P.D.' 3pp; Text 906 fo- 
IwedUavet; Woodcutand Colophon m the rtvertecf 
folio 206, ' In Lavdem Dotiffimi Nicolai Monardis 
Medici Hiipalensis.' 1 page. 'Erratas.' 1 page. 
VeUum. 4to. (31. St. 19t3) 

MONARDES (Nicolo). f loyfvll/ Newes ovtof/ 
the newe founde worlde, wherein is/ declared the 
rare and Cngalar vertues of diaerfe/ and fandrie 
Hearbes, Trees, Oyles, Flantes, and Stones, with 
their aplications, iu well for Fhificke as Chirarge- 
rie, the faied be/yng well applied bryngeth fa^ 
prefent remedie n>r/ all defeafes, as maie feme alto- 
gether incredible:/ notwithftandyny by praotiie 
founde out,/ to bee true : Alfo the portratore of the 
fined Hearbes, very apts/ly difcribed : Englis/flied 
by Jhon/ Framps/ton/ Marchaunt./ f Imprmted 
at London in/ Ponies Churche-yarde, by/ W illyam 
Norton./ Anno DominiJ 1577./ 3 prel. leaves; 
vie. Title, reverse blank, ' % To the right woHhipfoll 
Maifter/ Edwarde Dier Efquire, Jhon Framp-/toii 
wiiheth muche healthe, with prolpe-/rous and per- 
fite felicitie./ 3 pp. in Italics. Text in i09JiUoed 
leaves ; ' The Table of the/ thinges that thele three 
Bookes/ doe containe./' 3 pp. Black Letter. First 
Edition. 4to. (St. 13<. 6d. 1934) 

MONARDES (Nicolo). Delle cose,/ cheveneono/ 

Sortate dall' Indie/ Occidentali pertinenti all vfo/ 
ella Medicina./ Haccolte, & trattate dal Dottor 
Nicolo/ Monardes, Medico in Siuiglia,/ Parte Pri- 
ma./ Nonamente recata dalla Spagnola nella nos- 
tra/ lingoa Italiana./ Doueancho trattade Veneni, 

Bibliotheca Americana. 033 

& dellfl lor curA^Z Ag'giuntiuL doi Indici ; tho de* 
Capi principalis Valtro delle cofe piu ri'/leuanti, 
che G ntrouftno in tutta Vopera*/ Con pnvik^^o*/ 
In Venetia, Appreflb Giordfln Ziletti. 1&82./ 3 
yreL ieava; viz. Title the Teverte blank^ ' A] Claris- 
aimo mio Sig. oRservatid^ 11 Sis. Andrea Conta- 
Tini, fu del Clarify. M^ Dionigi. 6 pp, 'Giordan 
jfiletti a' Lettori.' 3 pp., the reiiene btank; *Capt 
del primo libro/ 1 pa^e ; aiid on* btnttk leaf. Ttxt 
S4^pp. *TaTola/13rp. * Dfs Libri/ dell' His- 
toria/ de i Semplici^ Aromati^/ ir^t aJtre co^; cbe 
veoegono/ porUte dall' Indie OrientAli pertinenti/ 
all' vlb dell Medicinft*/ Di. Don Gaxzia dall' Hor- 
to,/ Med]C!o Portugbelb; con aLcune breui Anno- 
tationi/ di Carlo Civ^io./ Kt d^e Altri Libri/ Tari- 
m^nte di quelle che fi portano dall' Indie Occident 
taUf/ Di NicoLo Monardea, Medico di Siuiglia,/ 
Hora tutti tradotti dalle loro lin^e nella noftra Ita^ 
liana da M^/AnmbaleBH^anti^ Mamicino da Ciu- 
ita di Cbieti, Dottore & Mtdico eiceUeniiflimo*/ 
Con Privile^o./ In VenetUij Apprellb Franctlco 
Ziletti. 15B2./ i'i preHeams ; viz. Titte the reverse 
biankj * All' lUvetriM^ Signore il Si^Of Don Fer- 
rante deAlarcon, e di Mendoia, Warchefe delia 
\ alle.^ 9 pp. the reverse blank; * Tavola' 12 ]fp; 
Text 347 pp. VelliLta, Bto. (1^ Ua, 6d. I9i!:3) 

MOXARDES (NicoLo). loyfvll Newes/ Out of 
the New-found/ VVorlde./ \\'lierein are declared^ 
the rare and/ Qng'uler vertues of fliners Herbs, 
Treea^/ Plantes, Oyles ik Stones, with their ap-/ 
plications, af well to the vfe of Fbilicke, aa of/ 
Chirurgerj" which bein^ well appljedj brins^/ 
fuch present remedie for all difcafi^Sj aa may/ feeiiic 
^Ito^ether incredible: notwith-/rtaiiding by prac- 
tice found out/ to be true./ Alio tbe porttature of 
the faid Hearbs,/ verie aptly defcribcd :/ Kn^li^bed 
by John Frampton IMarchant./ Newly corrected 
aa by conference with/ the oldecopit^a may appeare. 
Whersf/v^nto arc added three other boottis/ treating 
of the Bezaar Itone^ the herb/ Elcuerconera^ the 
propertieBof Iron/and Steele in Medicine, and the 
Ofcr/nefit of Snow./ London,/ Printed by E, AUde, 

J by the alaigne of/ Bonham Norton*/ 15V>()*/ 3 prtl. 
Uavts; viz, TUl£ iji a btoad tifjie me ttil border^ the re- 

* verse bknkf*^ To tlie ri^^ht wurlhipfiil fllnylter/ 

"^ £dwarde Dier El'qmer, iohn Frampton wi-/£lieth 

SM Bihliotheca Americana. 

mach beeJthjWLth profperous and/ perfedi felicitie^ 
Signed ^ John FramptaD,' 3 }tp. in rontan ttfpe; 
Text in 137 folhvd ieaiei., Bhck I^lter^ Oretn 
Morocco eitra. Fijie copy. 4-to. (Si.l2s.6d» X936) 

MOXARDES (NicoLo). Hiatoire deaf Simples 
Medica^/mens Apportta de I'A-meriqv*;, defqvtls/ 
on fe fen en la Meaicifit^,/ KftritepremieremenleQ 
EfpaDgnol, par M. Nicolas/ Monni-d, Medecm de 
Siuill^./ Du defpLiis mile ^q Latio^ ik IWaCir^e de 
plufifurs Afinota-/tiotifl, par Oiades TEclufe d* 
Arraa./ Et nouupllf^ment tradui^te en Francois 
par AEithoiae Colin/ I\[ai]\re Apottcaii-e lure df la 
ville de Ljaa.f hdition fecoude augmenlee de 
plufi^urs fi^/i^ures &c Annotationfi./ A hyorXjj Aai 
defpens de lean PilleLottpj/ a I'enfeigne dtt nom 
de lesvfl./ M^XJCMx,/ Auec Pnuilege du Roy-/ 
£t32 pp. TabU, etc. 6 pp. 8™, (10*. 6d, 1937) 

MONROE (J amis). A View of the Conduct of the 
Executire in the Foreign Affairs of the United 
StAtea, aa connected with the iMission to the French 
Republic, durin^^ the years 1794, 5, and 6, By 
Jame^ Monroe^ late Minister FLenijwtei^tiary Co 
the said Republic lUuHtrated by hia Jnatruction* 
and Conespondonco, and other Authentic Docn- 
menU^ The hecond Edition. Philadelphia, Printed, 
London: Reprinted for James Rid^way, 179B, 
via and 117 pp. Si^o. (£^, 6d. 19S8) 

MO\TANO (RtNJTO At^iAs). Relacion Cierta y 
Verdadera,/ del famofo fuceflb y i-itofia que tuvo 
el Capitan/ Benito Ariae iMontano, fohrino del 
dottifisLuio Arias Montane^ natural de Ellremadura, 
Gover-/nador y Capititn general de laProvincia de 
la nue/va Anflalujiiaj y ciudad de Cumana, y Al- 
cayde de/ la fucrea de Araya, por el Rey nueflro 
teuor, con/tralDsenemigosOladefes, q eftaran forti- 
ficados/ en una laliuaqueeftiriberasdel no Vnare^ 

3ue es/ t'n efta governacion, veynte y quatro leguae 
e la/ ciudad de Cumana, efte ano de 1535*/ [yoio- 
ph<jn\ Con licencia, imprefib en Sevilla por Fran- 
cii'co de LjtUjI Aho de 1634*/ 4 pp. hat}' jnortxc^w 
Folio. (iLlU.6d. 1929) 

M0XTANUS<AnNOi.ti), [Ejigrnved titklAmefuAf 
T* Amsterdam/ By Jacob van Meura, l^laetfnydfir 

Bibliotheca Americana. 535 

en Boeckverkooper op de Keyfers graft in de Stadt 
Mean. 1671./ [Printed tUU\ De Nieuwe en On- 
bekende/ Weereld :/ Of/ BeschryTing/ van/ Ame- 
rica/ in 't Zaid-Land,/ Verraetende/ d'Oorfprong 
der Americaenen en Zuid-/landers, gedenkwaerdige 
togten derwaerds^Gelegendheid/ Dervaiie Kufien, 
Euanden, Steden, Sterkten, Dorpen, Tempels,/ 
Bergen, Fonteinen, Stroomen, Huifen, de natanr 
▼an Bc«ften, Boomen, Plsnten en vreemde Ge- 
walchen, Gods-dienft en Zeden, Wonderlijke/ 
Voorrallen, Vereeuwde en Nieawe Oorloogen;/ 
Verciert met Af-beeldl'els na 't leven in America 
gemaekt, en befcfareeven/ Door/ Amoldua Mon- 
tanuB./ t'Am$terdam,/ By Jacob Meura Boek-rer- 
kooperen PUet-fnyder, op de Kairara-graft,/ fchuin 
over der Wefier-markt, in de ftad SGurs. Anno 
1671. Met Pririlegie./ 4 prel. leavet and SSS pp : 
* Blad-Wyxer,' etc. iS pp; ' Naemen der Schrr- 
TCTfc' etc. 1 page ; ' Aenwyzing Voor der Boet- 
binden' etc. 1 page. Portrait of ' loan Maurits, 
Prina van Nasioaw.' and 54 Mapt and Platet. 
Folio. (K. 1<. 1930) 

MONTCALM (Marquis de). L^ttres de Monsieur 
Le Marquis de Montcalm, Goaremeur-General en 
Canada; a Messieun de Berryer & de la Mol£, 
Ecrites dans lei Annies 1757, 1758, & 1759. Avee 
one Verfion Angloife. A Londret: J. Almon, 
M.DCC.LXxvii. Letters from the Marquis de Mont- 
calm, Goremor-General of Canada ; to MefTrs. De 
Bernrer & de la Mol6, In the Years 1757, 1758, 
and 1759. With an Englifli Tranllation. London : 
i. Almon, H.DcCLXXvii. Title, and 28 pp. doubly 
mimented. French and Englith. Half' morocco. 
8m. (7>.6<<. 1931) 

MONTESINOS (Fernando de). Avto/ de la Fe/ 
, odebrado en/ Luna a 2S. de Enero/ de 1639./ Al 
[• Tribrnal del Santo Ofi-/cio de la Inquilicion, de log 
Reynos del Peru,/ Cbui, Paraguay, y Tucuman./ 
Por d lioenciado D. Fer-/nando de Montefinos 
Preabitero, natural de Ofluna./ Con Licencia/ de 
IT Ezoelencia, del Ordi-/nano, y del fanto Oficio. 
Inmreflb en lJma,l por Pedro de Cabrera; A no de 
16^./ Vendenfe en la tienda de Simon Chirinos, 
Meicader de Libros./ 4 prel. Uavet, and Text, tig- 
naturet A to G infmn. Mo. (11. li. 193!2> 

5S6 Bibfiothecn A^nericana. 

MOODY (JiinEs). Lieut, James Mot>dy's Narra- 
tive of bis Kxertionis and SufFerin^s in the Cause 
of Government, Smce the Year 1776; Auiheuti- 
cateH by proper Certificates, 'j'he tw?rond ivUtion. 
Lpudrri : Ui;:bard:3on and Urqubiirt, mucclxxxiie. 
Title and b? pp. * Appendbc ' 7 pp, hafj' jnorncco. 
&V0. (7*. 6d. 1933) 

MOORE (DanieO* ARepresentationof Facts, Re- 
lative to tbe Conduct of Danirl ^loore Kiquire, 
Collector of His Maj^ftys Cultoras at CbarJ^g- 
Town^ In iSouth Carolina, From tli^ Time of bis 
Arrival in March, 1767, to tbe Time of his Depar* 
ture in Se]itf:mber following. Transmitted By ibe 
Merchants of Charles-To^vn, to ClmrU^s tiartlj^ 
Fjfquire, in London, Agent for the I'rovince of 
Soutb-t.-arolina ; and, Recommended in a Letter 
from the Jlont5urable The Committee of Corre^ 
fpondence. Chartestowtty Sauih Carolina: Printed 
by CharlpB Grouchy at hifi Printin^^-Office in Elliqtt- 
ftreet. 1767. viii ami pp. 3-iS. Folio. {iil.2i. 19S4) 

MOORE ( FfijiNcrs)* A Voyage to Georj^ia, Pegnn 
in the Year 17.'^- Containing An Acconnt of the 
Setllin;^ ihe Town of Trederica, ta the Southern 
Part of tbe Province; and a Uelcription of the 
li^oil, Air, hirds, iieastSj Trees^ Rivers, Islands, 
ficc* With 'Mie Huli^M and Orders made by the Ho- 
nourable theirustees for that Settlement; includ-^ 
infif the Allowances of Provifions, Cloathin^, and 
other Neeefl'ariea to the Familiejj and Servant* 
which went thither. AlflO a Delbription of the 
Town and County of Savannah, in the Northern 
Part of the l*rtivi[K:e ; the m;inner of dividing and 
?rantin^ the Lands, tmd the ImpTovementa there ; 
V\ ith an Account of the Air, Soil, Rivers, and Is* 
land? in that Part. ]iy Francia Hoore, Author of 
Travels into the Irdand Parts of Africa. London : 
Jat:oh Kohinson, t74-L tOii pp. S^i if of at end uitk 
Aulhor^n odv^rtiiitinent of vo^i^e to Georgia in 173B* 
$U- hiilj uti>i\ Bio. ' (7s. ed, 1935) 

MOOKK (JAMKS L.^ The Columbiad r An Epio 
Poem on the Dij*::ovcry of Amrridi and the \^'e*t 
Indies by Columbus. In Twelve l^oolifl. \\y tlie 
Rev. James L. [\loore, Master of tlie Free Gram- 
mar School^ in Hertford, Herts. London: F- and 

SibUotheca Americana. 537 

C. Rivington, 1798. Titlt and 455 pp. Rmria extra. 
8tw. (lOi. 6<i. 1936) 

MOORE (Sir Thomas). Mttngora, King of the 
Timbosians. Or the Faithful Couple. A TraKedy. 
By Sir Thomas Moore. London: W. Hanrey, 1718. 
4 prcJ. Umet and ttxt 54 pp. Half morocco. 
4to. (10i.6d. 1937) 

MORETON (J. B.) West India Customs and Man- 
ners, containing^ strictures on the soil, cultivation, 
produce, trade, officers, and inhabitants ; with the 
method of establishing and conducting a Sugar 
Plantation. To which is added, the Practice of 
training new Slaves. By J. B. Moreton, Esq. A 
new edition. London: J. Parsons, 1793. i9i pp. 
huffmor. 8vo. C4<. 6d. 1938) 

MORGAN (John). A Discourse Upon the Institu- 
tion of Medical Schools In America ; Delivered at 
a Public Anniversary Commencement, held in the 
College of Philadelphia May 30 and 31, 1765. 
With a Preface Containing, among;ft other things, 
The Author's Apology For attempting to introduce 
the regular mode of pra£tifing Pnysic in Philadel- 
phia: By John Morgan, M.D. Fellow of the Royal 
Society at London ; Correfpondent of the Royal 
Academy of Surgery at Paris; Member of the 
Aicxidian Belles Lettres Society at Rome ; Licen- 
tiate of the Royal Colleges of PhylicianB in London 
and in Edinburgh; and Profeflor of the Tbeoiy 
and Practice of Medicine in the CoUef^e of Phila- 
delphia. Philadelphia : Printed and lold by Wil- 
liam Bradford, at the Comer of Market and Front- 
Streets, MDCC,LXV. 18 prtl. Uaves and 63 pp. calf. 
6vo. (11.1s. 1939) 

MORNING (The) and Evening Prayer. The Li- 
tany, and Church Catechilin. Ne Orhoengene 
neoni Yogaraskhagh Yondereanayendaghkwa, Ne 
Ene Niyon Raodeweyena, neoni Onoghfadogeagh- 
tige Yondadderigliwanondoenthia. Boston, New- 
England : Printed by Richard and Samuel Draper. 
17S. Title and 24 pp. ' The Church Catechilin.' 
18 pp. Aa(/fflor. 4to. (3<. 3s. 1940) 

MORRIS (Valentine). A Narrative Of the Offi- 
cial Conduct of Valentine Morris, Efq. late Cap- 

538 Bihiiotheca Americana, 

tain General, Oovemor la Chief, &c. &c, of the 
IslaDfi of St. Vincent and ia JJfpendi^Ticies* Writ* 
ten by him*f»lf. Supported by his Official Corre- 
fuondence ^vitb the t^ecretary of Stale, Lords of the 
Treafury, and other of his ^VJajel'ty^^SifrTaDts, Ad- 
mirals, UorernorB, &c^ The UrijL^inah^to be fouDd 
in the refrie^tive OfficeSj and the Duplicated now 
in his PoriWhon. Alfo hy other Docymrnta equally 
Authentic. Lm}do7t : Printed at the IjDgogr^phic 
Prera,by J.Waltefj Printing- HouBe-Squarr?,Bla<;l(- 
FHarSj janccLixxvu. HalJ-titkf titU, rdi, 3, and 
467 pp. (6*. 6rf, 1941) 

MORSE (Jedidiah). The American Geography; 
or, A View of the Present Situation of the United 
Statics of America. Containing Aftronomical tieo- 
gTftphy* Geographical Definition b. Difcovery, 
ancl General Delcription of America, i^unimary 
account of the UircD^eries and St?ttlement9 of North 
America; Geni*ral Vie^ of the United States; Of 
their Hound ariefl ; Lakes' liaysandUtverf^; Moun- 
lainii ; ProUuctJous ; Population ; Government ; 
Agriculture; {/ommerce; Manufa^turea ; Hiftorj; 
Cuncil'e Account of the War, and of the important 
KTf;nt3 which have fuccceded. Bio^^phical Sket- 
chea of fpveral illuHrioua Heroes. General account 
of New Kn^land; Of its Boundaries; Extent 
Divifions; Mountains; llivere; iNaturai History 
productions ; Papulation ; Character ; Trade 
Hiftory, Particular Defcriptions of the Thirteen 
United nStatea, and of Kcntuciiyj Ihe Weftern Ter- 
ritory and Vermont. — Of their Kitent; Civil Di* 
vifions- CbiefTowns; Climatea : Rivera^ Mouu- 
taina; Soils; Production^; Trade; Manufft^tures; 
Agriculture^ Population; Character; Conftitu- 
tions; Courtflof Jufuce; Collegea; Acadenuesand 
iSchooIa ; iieli^ion ; lilands ; 1 ndjan!^ ; Literary 
and Humane Societiea ; Sociptiea; Springs; Cun- 
ofiiies; Hiftories^ lllullrate^i with two Sheet Maps 
' — One ol' the Southern, the other of the Northern 
States, neatly and elegantly engraved, and more 
correct than any that have hitherto been publiflied. 
To which is added, a concife Abrjdjjment of the 
Geography of the British, SpanilTi^ French and 
Dutch ncmimonn in America, and the Wett-iudied 
— Of Lurojie, Afia, and Africa, Hj Jedidiah 

BibUoiheea Atnertcana. 589 

Mone. fiinietfcTmim: Printed by ShepardKoI- 
lock, for tlie Author. h,dcc,lxxxix. xii and 534 
SB. 'The Reader' <tc. 1 We. Without the mafu. 
Calf. 8iw. (ie<. 6d. 194«) 

MORSE f JisiDiAa). A Sermon, exhibiting the 
pteaent dangers, and consequent duties of the Citi- 
sens of the United States of America. Delivered 
at Charlestown, April 25, 1799. The day of the 
National Fast, By Jedidiah Morse, D.D. Paftor of 
. the ChoTch in Charleliown. Published at the re- 
quest of the hearers. CharUHmm : Printed and 
■old by Samuel Etheridge, next door to Warren- 
Tarem./ 1799. 50 pp. 6vo. (St.6d. 1943) 

MORSE (Jeoidiah). A Sermon, delivered before 
die Ancient & Honourable Artillery Company, In 
Boston. June 6, 1808, being the Anniversary of 
theb Section of Officers. By Jedidiah Morse, 
DJ). Minister of the Congregational Church in 
Charlestown. Charltttown : Samuel Etheridge, 
1803. St pp. 8n>. (»s.6d. 1944) 

MORSE (Jedidiah). A Compendious History of 
New England, exhibiting an interesting view of 
the first settlers of that Country^ their Character, 
their Suflerings, and their Ultimate Prosperity. 
Ckillected and arranged, from authentic sources of 
infomiation. By Jedidiah Morse, D.D. and Rev. 
Elqdi Farishj A. M. of Boston, New England, 
loiulm: William Burton, 1806. 6 pnl. leavti, and 
20frpp. Calf. Svo. (5i. 1945) 

MORSE (Jedidiah). A Report to the Secretary of 
War of the United States, on Indian Affairs, com- 
prising a Narrative of a Tour performed in the 
Summer of IStO, under a Commission from the 
President of the United States, for the purpose of 
Moertaining for the use of the Government, the 
aetiul state of the Indian Tribes in our Country: 

' lUnstnted by a Map of the United States : oma- 
inented by a correct Portrait of a Pawnee Indian. 
Bt the Rev. Jedidiah Morse. D.D. Late Minister 
of the First Congregational Churchin Charlestown, 
near Boston, now resident in New Haven. Neu- 
Havm:i8ti. 400pp. Errata 1 page. Colored Map; 
and Portrait. Uncut. 8vo. (6>. 6d. 194<>) 

540 Bihliotheca Americana. 

MORTON (Tiio«Afl). ^'ew Engliah Canaan/ or/ 
New Canaan*/ Containing; an Ab1lra6t of Keif 
England ,/ Compoled in thrt-c Uookes./ The firil 
Booko fettinj^ fortli the originall of the Natives, 
their/ Planners and C^utlomeft, lojretUer witii tlieir 
tractable Nature and/ Love towards the Englifli,/ 
The I'eeond iSooke fetting fortli the natural! Tndow- 
metits of the/ Country^ and what fiaple Coramodi- 
ties it/ yealdetli./ Tli*: ibirtl Jlooke fetting forth^ 
irhat people are planted there^/ tbeir proVperitj, 
what remarkabk accidents have happened fi nee the 
firft/ planting of it, together with their Tenenta and 
pra^tife/ of tlieir Church./ Written by I'homaa 
Morton, of Cliffords Inne gent, upon tenne/yearea 
knowled^'e and eiperiraent of the/ Country 7 
Printed at AijiAterdariiyl \^y Jacob Frederick Stam./ 
In the yeare 1637./ laa pp. * A Table ' etc. 3 pp. 
4tfl. (4i. 4j, 1947) 

MOST (A/) Eiaa and Accurate/ Map/ of the/ 
Whole World;/ Or the/ Orb Terrelb-ial defcribed 
in Four plain Maps,/ (viz.)/ Aeift, Kvrope, Africa, 
America./ Containing all the known and tnou 
Remarkable/ Capes, Ports, Baye&and IHes^ Rocks, 
Rivera J Towns,/ and Cities; to^eth^r with their 
Scituation^ Commodities,/ Hiftory, Cuftomes, Go^ 
vernmentj and a riew and esatt Geography,/ 
efpecially tln^ir Lonj^itudeB and Latitudes, tn 
Alphnhetical Order, and fitted/ to all Capacities./ 
A Work, as well ufL-ful aa dclitchtful, forall Scho- 
lars,/ Merchants, Mariners, and all fuch as detire 
to know Eorreign/ parts, and is very helpful for 
the ready fiadirif^oatam place mentioned in/ large 
Maps./ D. L. ^I.A./ Z^ntTfln, Printed for John 
Garrett, at his Shop aayougo/np the l^ta^rs of the 
Royal Exchanjfe in Cornhil : where is Printed^/ 
Coloured and Sold, a I\Iap of the World lu four 
Sheets with Enjj^lifh de-/ fen ptions : And where von 
may have alio choice of all forts of Maps,/ and f^ic- 
turirfl for Jloules, Studies, or Clofets, 4 prtL Uaitij 
mid 192 pp. Poariiopi^j teaming teveml Uaves. 
^tfi. (5i, 19-18) 

MOULTRIE (John). Dissertatio Medica Inau- 
guralis, de Febre maligna biiiofa America:; quam, 
Annnente deo ler opt, max. Ei auttoritate re- 
vufijndi admodum Viri, D, Gnliclmi Wishait 

Bibliotheca Americana. 541 

S. T. D. Academiae Edinburgente pnefecti, neo 
non Amplusaimi Senatus Academici consensu, et 
nobilissimae Facultatis Medicinae decreto; pro 
grada doctoratOB, summisque in Medicina honori- 
aoB ao pririli(^a rite et le^time conseqaendis, 
i>aditorain F^amini Snbjicit Joannes Moultrie 
ex Meridionali Caroliiue prorincia, A et R. £x 
officina Robert! Flaminii. h.dccxlix. 2 prel. Uavei, 
aad iipp ; ' Epbemerides Meteorologicae, ' etc. 8 pp. 
4ta. (4s. 6d. 1949) 

MOUNTGOMERY {Sir Robert). A Discourse 
Concerning the defign'd Establishment of a New- 
Colony to the South of Carolina, in the Moft de- 
lightful Country of the Univerfe. By Sir Robert 
Monntgomery Baronet. Ixmdon : Printed in the 
Year. 1717. TitU and 30 pp. Large Copperplati 
Plan at page 11. half mar. Sm. (lOi. 6d. 1950) 

MUHLENBERG (Henry). Desoriptio Uberior 
Graminnm et Plantarum Calamariarum Americe 
Septentrionalia indigenarum et cicurum. Auctore 
D. Henrico Muhlenberg, Societ. Physic. Gotting. 
— Berolini Imperalis Naturae Curiosorum-Phytogr. 
Gotting. — Physiogr. Lund. — Americ. Philosoph. 
etc. Membro. Phuudelphus: Solomon W. Conrad, 
1817. TUU,uoaidi95pp. 8i>o. (Js.6d. 1951) 

. MUNOZ (Jdan Bautista). Historia del Nuevo- 
ML Muodo escribiala D. Juan Baut Muhoz. Tomo I. 
1^ en Mairid por la Viuda de Ibarra Mnccxciii: 3 

prtL leafsei, xsx and 364 pp. Portrait and Map. 

Largp Paper, halj ealf. 8vo. (]5«. 1952) 

No fecoDd Volume wm ever published. 

MUNOZ (Joan Baptista). The History of the 
New World, by Don Juan Baptista Munoz, Trans- 
*, lated from uie Spanish, with Notes by the Trans- 
^ later, an Engraved Portrait of Columbus, and a 
Map of Espanola. London: G. G. and J. Robin- 
son, 1797. Vol. I. XV and 558 pp. Map St Portrait. 
8tw. (8s. 6d. 1953) 

MUNSTER (Sebastian). Cosmographia./ Bfch- 
rdbfig/ aller Lender Diirch/ Sebaflianum Munf- 
terum/ in welcber begriffen,/ Aller viilcker, Herr- 
fchaffien,/ Stetten, vnd namhafiliger Hecken ber- 
komen:/ Sitten gebretich, ordnung, glauben, 
fecten, vnd hautie-/rung, durch die gantze welt, 

642 Biblioikeca Americana* 

rnd fiirncmir/Uch Teutfcher nation*/ Was auch 
bf^lunders jq iedum laadt ^efunden,/ rnnd darin 
tefcUf^nlHy./ ALLes mit figuren vnd Icbbnen laudC 
tailen erklert^/ viid fiir an^j^en ^eflell*/ Getruckt 
zu Basel dxxjch FJt.'nnchut]]/ Petri. Anno M*D. 
xjiiij./ 6 prel. leaties ; ^4! tL'oodcut Mapfi of S teaix$ 
eaciif afid I'ext dclix pp, H^n/fciti nwpj at pp. 546, 
5.^4. a;id 2 /jifltw a^ pp. iiSO, iSf 631. Pi^jtti/i. 
J-Wtd. (^^ 13i. drf. 1954) 

MURRAY (jAiiv&). An Impartial Uiatory of the 
present War in America ; Containinff An Accouat 
of its Rise and Progress, Tbe Political Spring 
tliei^'ofj with its various Successes aud Disapoint- 
Tnt?nt5 on both sidesn Hy the Rev. Jnmes Murraj, 
of Newcastle* London : R. Baldwin, [177B.J 
Tiiio Voiiitaes. Vol. l,S7SpiK Vol. il. 376 pp, ?3 
Cojif^efptiitf f'vrtraitSj and Vlan nfthe Town of Bos- 
ton, CalJ\ 3vo. (IL 10s, 195^) 

MURRAY (VViLUAM, Eorl of Mamfietd\ Lord 
Manaheld'fl Speech In giving' the Judgment of the 
Court of King's-Benchj On Monday, November 
i?B, 1774, In the Cause of Campbell a^aiuft Hall, 
respectinf^ the Kin^^s Letters Patent, of the 20th 
oi July, 17(^4; for raising a Duty of tour and an 
]lalf per Cent, On all tlie Lxportsfroin the Island 
of Granada. Aceurattfly taken by a Barrister* A 
^'ew Edition Corrected. Luitdim ; O* Kearsly, 
M.Dct.Lxxv, Tiii^j and ieit 33 pp^ Half nujrocco, 

MYSTERY (The) RevealM ; or, Truth brought UJ 
Light. Being a Dilcovery of Ibme Fatts. in Rela- 
tion to the Condu^tof the late M y, which how- 
ever extraordinary they may appear, are yet fup- 
ported by lucb Teilimoiiies of authentick Papers 
and MoMioirs as neither Confidence, can, out -brave; 
nor (Running invalidate. By a Patriot, hond&ai 
^V* Cater, 1759. HifeHwi 319 pp, HolfmoTocco, 
^vo. (4*. 6d, 1957) 

ARBOROUGH (Sir Jo«v and 
Othen). An/ Account/ Of Several 
Late/ Voyages & Difcoreries/ To 
the Sorth and North./ Towards The 
Streights of Magellan, the South 
Aeaa, the vaft/Tniins of Land beyond 
Holhmdia Nora &e./ Also/ Towards 
Nova Zembla, Greenland or Spitsberfr,/ Groyn- 
land or Engrondland, &c7 By Sir John Nar- 
borough, Captain Jasmen/ Tasman, Captain John 
Wood, and/ Frederick Marten of Hamburgh./ To 
which are Annexed a Large/ Introduction and 
Supplement,/ giving/ An Account of other Nari- 
cationa/ to thofe Regions of the Globe./ The 
Whole lUnftrated with/ Charts and Figures./ Lon- 
don : Printed for Sam Smith and Benj, Walford, 
Printers to the/ Royal Society, at the Prince's 
Arms in S. Paul's Churchyards, 1694./ 18 prel. 
faoDW, Map of the StreighU of Magellan, and 196 pp. 
Map of t*« North JSort, «c. at page 143. ' The Fust 
Part of the Voyage into Spitzlwrgen,' etc. SOT pp. 
Table at page 1 ; and VtaUs lettered AtoS,3 of the 
letter P. i tiu copy. Old calf. Svo. (iit. 6d. 1958) 

NARRATIVE (A) of Occurrences in the Indian 
Countries of North America, since the Connexion 
of the Right Hon. The £ari of Selkirk with the 
Hudson's Bay Company, and his attempt to Estab- 
lish a Colony on the Red River; with a detailed 
account of his I/irdship's Military Expedition to, 
and subsequent proceedings at Fort William, in 
Upper Cajiada. London: B. McMillan, 1817. 
nv and 152 pp. ' Appendix.' 3 prel. leaves and 87 
pp. ivo. (_6t.6d. 1959) 

NEAL (Daniel). The History of New-En(^land, 
Contaming an Impartial Account of the Civil and 

544 Bihliotheca Americana^ 

EcclpfiafricEil Affairs Of the Country, To the Year 
ofour Lordj 17U0. To wLicb is added, Tbe Pre- 
pf^nt State of New-EnglanJ» \Vith A New and 
Accurate IMap of the Country* And an Appendix 
Containing; trieir iVeftnt Charter, tbi^ir LcL'leJaf- 
ticiil DUl'ipline, and tht^ir Alunicipftl-l^ws* In 
Two Volumes. The Second Edition. \VitbniflnT 
Adduiou9 hy ihc Author, By Daniel ^'eal, A.M, 
London: A. Wurd,iVtDtTXLvii. Tu'o Vohun^ii^ Vol, 
1. B prei. levies uud 39*2 pp. Map. Vol. 11. S preL 
haven and text StJOjJj^. inder, tb pp. Old ctiij, 
8do. (I8i, 1960) 

NECK (Jacob Conwi^Lius), The/ lorrnallj or Day-/ 
ly He^ift(>T,/ Contaypin^ a iVve/ tiianifeltation, and 
Hilloncall declaration of tbe/ voya^e^ accomplil^ied 
by eight Itiijipe^ of Anifierdam, vnder/ the conduft 
of lacoh Comelilzen >eck Admiriillt^L Wvbrandt/ 
van Warwick Vice-Admirallj which fayled from 
Amfter-Zdaiu tUe firllday of i\iarcb,/ 1598./ Shew- 
ini^ the eovrfic they/ kept, and what other notable 
matters bappt^ned/ unto tbem in the I'ayd voyage./ 
Imprinti-id at lAmdofi fur Ciithbert Barby & lobn 
Fbiket:/ And arc to be fold at the RoyaJI Ex- 
c}iunk^e, & at tbe figne/ of the blucke heare in 
Pault^s Church-yard,/ IdOl./ Titlfjvith Woodcut 
fifi:>hiplnjntisailj the rei^rn^ blanks 'TotbeHi^bl 
AVorship-/fvll, i^lFtateT Thomaa Smith,/ fc^heriffe of 
tbe honorable Citie of J^ndon^ and/ Goueroor of 
the ft^mou^ conipanic nf the Lnglifb JMarchants/ 
tnulin;;^ to the KalUndiei^j Sumatra^ lava, the IQes 
of the iMalucoa,/ iJanda, and the liieb and Mi}>htie 
Kin^deme of Chyn^ : and to tbe/ right V\''oribip' 
full liie Aldermen, and tberell of the Commit-/tieS 
and fociprie of tlie faid corjioration. William/ 
Walker vvjibfth all profueritie and/ happie fiic- 
cede./ 2 pp. signed MVilliam Walker/ Tert in 58 
Jhttped ^earvs, * iionie words of tlic Malilh fpeeck^ 
whicb/ lanuruai^e is vi\:A throughout the EaJt In- 
dies, as/ French is in our Countriej wherewith i 
man may trauell/ oner all the J^nd. The Portti- 
gab fpei^^cb u apt and prti'/titable in tJjele iJlonds, 
for thcrf^ are many lnter-/preters which fue^e 
Portugall./ 9 pp. 4to. (2^, Si, ISdl) 

TItJb Copy IE iiu perfect, wanting s^d'eral Itav^, 

NECESSITI^ (T^^*^} o£ Kepealing the American 

Bibliotheca Americana. 545 

Stamp- Aft demonstrated: Or, a Proof that Great* 
Britain muft be injured b^ that Act. In a Letter 
to a Member of the British House of Commons. 
London : J, Almon, Mdcclxvi. 46 pp. half mar. 
Stw. {it.6d. 1962) 

NEILSON (John). Second Series of The Present 
and Fatore Prospects of Jamaica considered, Point- 
ing out the Advantages which may be derived from 
the Extinction of Slavery, and Shewing the causes 
which oppose themselves to the successful Workings 
of the Apprenticeship system, in accelerating that 
object, and proposing a remedy. Suggesting the 
means for establishing a Bank, on a s(wd basis, by 
John Neilson. Kingston- Jamaica : Printed at the 
office of the Commercial Advertiser. 1834. 30 pp. 
8t». (2». 6d. 1963) 

NEUE NACHRICHTEN von denen neuentdekten 
Infnbi in der See zwifchen Alien und Amerika ; 
aos mitgetheilten Urkunden und Ausziigen ver- 
faifet von J. L. S. • • Hambtirg und Leipzig, bey 
Sriedrich Lugo Lndwig Gleditfch. 1776. Title and 
173 pp. Svo. (4«. 6<i. 1964) 

NEUsEROFFNETES Amphitheatrvm, Worinnen 
Nach dem uns bekanten gantzen WeltsGreifz, 
Alle Nationen Nach ihrem Habit, infaubem Fi- 
guren reprafentiret. Anbey Die Lander nach ihrer 
eitoation, Climate, Fruchtbarkeit, Inclination und 
Befchaffenheitder Einwohner, Religion, vomehm- 
fien Sttidten, ErtzsBifthumem, Umverfitaten, 
Hafen, Yeftungen, Conunercien, Macht, Staatss 
Interene^ RegierungssForm, Raritaten, Miintzen, 
Prstenmonibtis, vomehmfien RittersOrden und 
Mappen aufgefiihret find, Und welches, mit 
Znziehnng der LandsCharten, zu vieler Belufti- 
gung, romehmlich aber der ftudierenden Jugend, 
als em fehr niitzliches und anmuthiges Compen- 
dium Geographicum, Genealogicum, Heraldicum, 
Curiofom, Mumilinaticum, kangebrauchet werden. 
F/rffitrthf Gedruckt und verlegt von Johann Mi- 
chael Funcken, 1723. Five Parts. General Title, 
Vmrede, 2 pp. ' I. Aus dem gantzen Europa, etc, 
1722.' 66 feavo. ' II. Aus dem gantzen Africa, etc, 
1723.' 2 prel. leaves, and 96 pp. ' III. Aus dem 
gantzen America, etc. 1723.' 2 prel. leaves and 124 

546 BibliotJieca Americana, 

pp. *Au5 (Jem Studliclipn Asia, etc^ 172Q.* Title and 
142 777. * Turcicum, etc. 1734-' 172 pp. Regiittr 4 
pp. IVoodcuti u^iih the text. FoUo. (li. 10s. 1965) 

KKVE, Y MOLINA (Luis vn), Reglas de Or; 
ihographia, Diccionflrio,y Arte del Iciioma Otbonit 
breve inatruficion para los priQcipLantea, qve dictu 
e\ I-.. M. Lvls de Neve, y MoUna, C&tJiedjratico 
Proprietario de dicho Jdioma en el Ileal, 7 Ponti- 
ficio (?olegio Sf^mtnario, Examinador Synodal^ i 
Interprete de el Tribunal de Fe en el Provilbrato 
de Indiofl de elte Ar/obii'pado, y Capellaii del Hof- 
pital Real de efta Cortc^ Dedicalo al Gloriosi^ 
Bimo Senor San JoaEph^ Pndre Putativo del Verbo 
Etenio, y bajo fu Protetcion lo faca a lu^. Im- 
prciHis L^n Mexico, con las IkenciJW necelTariaej en 
la Imprenta de la IJibliotheca Mexicana, ea el 
Puente del Kfpmta Santo. ATio de 176T. l^preL 
ieaicf. and ISO pih at pu^* 12 En^ratied Uaf ' Antes 
de leer el Diccionario, £tc/ etc* 1 page. Old calf.. 
Small Qvfr. {31. 3s. 1966) 

ourable the Knif^hle, Citizens, and Hur^eiTee m 
Parliament AITembleJ. The hnmble Petition of 
fevera] Projirietors of Plantatioae iQ the iJlauds of 
Mevie and St» CUnllopbera in America, and Mer- 
chants Trading to the lame ; on behalf of them- 
felres and other Inhabitants and Traders to the 
aforelaid I Hands, IL^tJuitm] A single &heet. 
Folio. {'is. 6d. 1967) 

NEW (A) Easay [By the PennfyK-anian Farmer] 
on the Constitutional Power of Great- Uritaino^er 
tlie Colonies in America ; witli the Resolv^es of the 
ComniiLtee for the L'rovince of Pennsylvania, and 
their Instructions 'I'o their Llopresentatives iu As- 
eembly. Philadelphia Printed, and London Re- 
printed for J. Almou, 177k viii and 126 pp* half 
mor. Bfc-o, (5s. 6d. iy6aj 

NEW BRUNSWICK. Hand Book for Emigrants 
t(j the Province of New Brunswick, Containing the 
averaj^e ]trice of Land, Provisions, Clothing', i: arm 
Stock, Building and other Materials, &e,, and the 
rale of Wages to Mechanics, Labourers, ^c, VViih 
other necessary information for persons with Capi- 
tal, a? well as for Mechanics^ Farm Servants, La- 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 547 

'bourera, £fc^ mtending to ^ttle in the Province. 
Comjjiied From Ketunia in the OSiw of the Pro- 
vincial Secretary* Fndfrictim: John SimpaoUf 
Printer to the Queen'a ISlost Excellent Majesty, 
1841. 15 pj). Six). (Mj. 6d. 1969) 

mj kurtz/ vereanger/ zeythe/ erfunden/ [Co^opActi] 
T Alfo hat ein pudte aides Biichleij), vreli/clica 
ftufz "Vrellifcher Iprach, in die dewtit^ben/ ^cbrachte 
md gemachte ilt worden, durch/den wirdi^^ vnd 
kiinfte^ md ftrti-/enncien Doctore re* Vnd durch 
mich Geors/een Stiichfzen zu ^'ilreinberghkj G*J- 
driielite/ vnd volendte nath CbriiU vnfera ln:bCTi 
her/ren gehurdte. fll.cccc.viu. Jarc, tan Mlt-/ 
woch lanctii Mathei, d«a lieili^en apollola/ abentlje, 
der do waa dec jweigntiisfifc iBgf;/ d';B Monadts 
Septembris./ 6B teaveSf m doubie ctihtmn^i without 
EaUikwordi or pagiiuiltimj but wttti signatures a to k in 
fi^Eii, ajid I ittfotir Uaiieij wtiti 4 kavfn of ri^iniir, 
reUuni. F,,iia. {51. 5a. 1970) 

NEW-EXGLAND. An/ Abstract/ of the/ Uwea/ 
of/ New England,/ Aa they are now ellahliBhed./ 
London.,! Printed for F. tloulea, and \V. Ley at 
Faulea Chain,/ 1641./ Title reverse hiank,and. 15 
pp. * The Table of the Chapters.' S jifj. Vninmnd. 
4to. (ai. 2». J971) 

NEW/ ENGLAXDS/ Firat Fruits;/ in refpect,/ 
t Converfion of fbme, 1 
Firftofthe; Convidton of divers, ' of the Indians. 
( Pr^aration of fundry > 

S. Of the progrefle of Learning, in tjje Colledjf*^ at/ 
Cambridge in Maflachufett* Bay,/ With/ Uivera 
other fj>ccia]l 3Iattcrs concerning that Countrf^y./ 
Publilhed by the injiant reqm^ll of fundry Krienda, 
who defire/ to be fatisfied in tbt^fe poinW by many 
^e-w-Enjflftnd IMeii/ who ar*? here prefent, and 
w^TB eye or eare^/witnenes of the famcr/ Lon- 
don, Printed by H. 0. and G. D. for Henry Over- 
ton, and are to be/ fold at bia Sliop in Pojies-head 
Alley, 16-43./ Title merte bianhj and ^ti pj/. i'aif 
titra, bg Btdford. tto. Cit.^i. VJTi) 

KEW-ENGLAND. A Brief/ Narration/ of the/ 
Practicps/ of the/ CTiurcbes in \^w-Kn(flarKl./ 
Written in priTBte to one that dclired/ luforuiatiun 

548 Biblioiheca, Americana. 

therein; by ftn ]nhabitantthcre,/aFriend toTnit 
and Peace./ Publillied according to Order*/ X^n 
lioji,/ Printed by SEattli. Simmons for John Kotl 
veWj and/ ar(3 to be fold ht hie Shop^ at the ^a. 
of the Sonne/ in Paula Churchyard, 1645*/ Tit\ 
a«<il3pp. <1M1j. 6d. 1S73 

KEW-ENGLAND. A Brief/ Narration/ of the 
Prsetices/ of the/ Churciies in New-England, in 
their folemne Worthip of God./ Written to on 
that deiired infor-/mation therein; by an Inbabii 
nut tlicre ;/ a Friend to Truth and Peace./ Put 
lilhed according to Order./ l^ondon; Printed b 
Matthew SinunonB, and are to be fold by/ Job 
Pounfet at tiie lower end of Budge-Row/ neei 
Canning-Btreutc* 1647./ Tiiie and Text in Ifl pp. 
4ta. {U.lU.6d. 1974 

TKli diCFcn Tram tbe precedia^ only la tbc titU;* 

NEW-ENGLAND. The/ Day -Breaking,/ if noi 
The Sun-Rifmg/ of the/ Goapell/ With the/ Indian 
in New -England./ London J Printed by Ricl 
Cotes, for fulk Clifton, and are to bee/ fold at b. 
'fliop under Saint JMa^areta Church on/ New-fifl 
ftreet Kill, 1647./ 7^'^/^ in a narrow type mett 
6oi-rfer, Mi the j-evfTie ' To the Reader, signed ' Ni 
than. Waj-du.' Ttit S5 yp. Calj'eiira bi/ Btdfan 
4t». (2/, as. 1795 

NEW-ENGLAND. An Act/ For the proraotin 
and propagating the/ Gospel/ of/ Jeius Chrif[/ ii 
^ ew- England./ London, Printed for Edwartl Hu 
band, Printer to the Parliament of England, an 
are to be fold iit his Shop in Fleetftreet, at the Sig 
of the Colden-/Dragon, near the inner- TetnpL 
1G49./ Tiffe iiHri ]rp. .IW-lia. liluelt letter, ha. 
mor. Fotio. {15s, 1976 

NEW-ENGLAND. Tlie Light appearing moi 
and more to-/wards the perfett Day./ Or,/ A fai 
ther Difcovery of tbe prefent ftate/ of tbe indianj 
in/ jVew- England,/ t^onceming tlie Progieffe i 
the Gofpel/amonglitheiii./ Manifeilcd bv l^ttei 
from lucli ns preacht/ to them there./ Publifhe 
by 11. Whitfield, laie Piifior to tlie Chuch/ < 
Chrift at Gilford in New- 1! nj;! and, who came/ lal 
thence./ London^ Printed by T. R. ^ E. M. ft 
Jolm Bartlet, and are to be/ fold at the Gilt Cd[ 

JBibUotheea Amerieana. 549 

near St. Anftms^ate in Paula/ Choich-^anL 1651./ 
4 prel, Uavu ; riz. ' The Loid, who u wonderfiil 
in Coancel,' etc, signed ' Jofeph CtrjV m the re- 
vene of the fint leaf; Title in a type metal border, 
the reoerte blank, ' To the Right Honorable the 
Parliament of England and the Coancel of State.' 
Signed ' Henry Whitfeld.' 4 pp ; Text 46 pp. Calf 
extra by Bedford. 4ta. (22. S$. 1977) 

NEW-ENGLAND. Stren^/on of/ Weakneaae; 
Or a Glorious/ Manifestation/ Of the farther Pro- 
giefle of^ the Gofpel among the Indians/ in Nerr- 
ringland./ Held forth in Sondir Letters/ from 
divers Miniilers and others to the/ Corporation ef- 
tablilhed by Parliament for/ promoting the Gofpel 
among the Hea-/then in New-£nghuid; and to 
particular/ Members tliereof finoe the lim Trea-/ 
tife to that effea, Published by/ Mr. Henry Whit- 
field late FaAor/ of Gilford in New-England./ 
London ,-/ Printed by M. Simmons for John Blague 
and/ Samuel Howes, and are to be bid at their/ 
fliop in Popes-Head- Alley. 1653./ 8 prel. leaves ; 
mt. Title t» a type metal border, the reverse blank ; 
' To the Supreame Authoritie of this Nation. The 
Parliament of the Common- Wealth of England.' 
Signed by ' John Owen' and It others, 4ipp; 'To 
the Reader. Signed ' W. Gouge.' and 13 others, 5 
pp, 'TotheChriflianReader.'Spp. Text 40pp. 
4to. (l{.ll>.6<i. 1978) 

NEW-ENGLAND. Strength out of Wealmefs./ 
Or a Glorious/ Manifestation/ Of the iurther Pro- 
eiefle of the/ Gospel/ amongst/ the Indians/ in/ 
New-England./ Held forth in fondry Letters/ 
from diveis Minifiers and others to the/ Corpora- 
tion eftablilhed by Parliament for/ promoting the 
Gofpel among the Hea-/thenin New-England; and 
to particular/ Members thereof finoe the laft Trea-/ 
tife to that eSe&, formerly fet/ fortii by M' Henry 
Whitfield/ late Paftorof Chlford in/ New-England./ 
Publiibed by the aforebid Corporation./ London,/ 
Printed by M. Simmons for John Blague/ and 
Samvel Howes, and are to be fold at their/ Shop in 
Popes Head Alley. 1652./ 8 prel. leaves ; vit. Title 
in a type metal border, the reverse blank, ' To the 
Supreame Authoritie of this Nation, The Parlia- 
ment of the Common-Wealth of England.' Signed 

550 Bihliotheca Americana, 

* William Steele, Prerident.' 4 pp ; * Ta tbe Reader/ 
Bgned ' William Goug'e.* and 17 otherSj 5 pp, ^ Ta 
the rhriltian Reader/ 3 j3jJ: T«it40/jp» CaifeiiTu 
bjf Bedford. 4to. (2i. 3s. 1979) 

NEW-EXGLA\D. Stren^th/ort of/ Weatneaae;/ 
Or a Gloi-ious/ .ManifestaUon/ Of the further Pro 
CTfilTe of/ the Gofpel umung tlie Indians/ in Nev¥- 
En^lsjid./ Held forth in Sundry Letters/ from 
diyera Minifiers and others to tue/ tlorporatiou 
ftftftbliihed by Parliament for/ Tromoting the Gofpel 
hmon^ the Hea-/t}ien m New- England; and to 
particular/ iSleinhers thereof iinee tlie lall Trea-/ 
tife to that eSeSr^ formerly fet forth by IM"^ Henry 
Whitfield/ late Paftor of Gilford in New-Eng- 
land./ Publillied by the aforel'aid Corporation^/ 
London ; Printed by M. Simmons for John Blague 
and/ Samuel Howefl^ and are to he ibid at their/ 
Shop in Popefi'Head -Alley. 1652./ 8 pr*^ leaves; 
uis, Tilte ni a Tnt^tal tyjii hnrdfirj tii$ fiVtiT^ bianh; 
'To tJie fnprrame Au'thoritie of this Nation, The 
Parliament of the Common- Wealth of England/ 
tipisd * William Steele, Prefident/ 4pp ; * To the 
Reader/ H^ned * William Goujj^p * and 13 others^ 5 
pp. Strength ovt of VVeaknease; Or a Glorious 
Manifestation Of the? further Progrefie of the Gof- 
pel amon^ the Indians in Nt'w-Rnj|fland/ 4 pp: 
Te^t 40 pp* Fine copy in ctitfeitrtt by Bedford* 
4to* (3/. 35. 1980) 

NKW^ ENGL AND. A/ History/ of/ New-Eng- 
land./ From the English planting- in the Veere/ 
16sy. untill the Veere 165S./ Declaring the form 
of their Government,/ Ciyill, Military^and Kc^le- 
fiaTtirjue. Their AVara with/ the Indiana^ their 
Troublea with the Gortoniftaj/ and other Here- 
tiques- Their manner of i^athoriii^/ of Churehca, 
the commoditit'fl of the (Country,/ and defcriptioa 
of the principall Tovna/ and Havens^ witJi the 
great encou- /Fakements to increafe Trade/ betwixt 
them and Old/ England. With the names of all 
their Goyernouraj IMagiftratea,/ and eminent 
Minidt^rSn/ LondonJ Printed for Natt: Hrooke 
at the Ani^el/ in Corn-hilL 1654*/ S prW* /eaves; 
viz. Title, u}id *To the Reader.* ^gned 'T» H/ 1 
pp : Text 236 pp. * Brooke's Catalo^e ' 4 pp, 
4io. ULl^,6d. 1961) 

Biblioifieca Americafia. 551 

NEW-ENGLAND. The/ Secret Worke*/ Of a 
Cruel/ People/ Made manifest;/ Whofe little finger 
is become he-/ner then their persecutors the 
bishops Lojns, who hare/ fet up an Image amongst 
them in New-England, which/ all that will not 
bow down unto, and worship, must uD-/dergo all 
fach Sufferings as can be invented and/ inflicted 
by the hearts and hands of such/ men whofe tender 
mercies are cruel./ Which may be feen in this 
ihort relation of their cruelty,/ which was pre- 
sented to Parliament, and now recom-/mendea to 
the consideration of all fober people^at/ they may 
fee how these profeflbrs of New-England have/ 
loft their former tendemeff, who fled from perse- 
cution,/ and now are become the chiefeft of Perse- 
cutors./ Whereunto is annexed a Copy of a Letter 
which came/ &om one who had been a Magistrate 
among them,/ to a friend of his in I<ondon, wherein 
he gives an/ account of the cruel fufferings of the/ 
people of God in those parts under die/ Rulers of 
New-England and their un-/righteous Laws./ 
London, Printed in the Year 1659./ Title, reveru 
blank, and 96 pp : at page 18 tigned ' John Rous.' 
4ta. (3i.2>. 1982) 

The ttUe li in miDnicript* 

NEW-ENGLAND. The Humble/ Petition/ and/ 
Address/ Of the General Court fitting at/ Bollon 
in New-England,/ unto/ The High and Mighty/ 
Prince/ Charles/ the Second./ And prefented unto 
His Moft-Gracious/ MajeftyFeb.il. 1660./ [Lon- 
ionl Printed in the Year 1660./ 8 pp. tigiud ' John 
Endecot GoV./ In the Name, and wim the con-/ 
fentof the General Court.' Calf extra by Bedford. 
4to. (,91. it. 1983) 

NEW ENGLAND. The Necessity/ of/ Reforma- 
tion/ With the Expedients fubfement/ thereunto, 
aflerted:/in Anfwertotwo/ Qvestions/ I. What 
are the Evils that have provoked the Lord to bring 
1^ Judg-/ments on New-England 1/ II. What is 
to be done that fo thofe Evils may be Reformed ?/ 
Agreed upon by the/ Elders and Messengers/ Of 
the Churches auembled in the/ Synod/ At Bofton 
in New-England./ Sept 10. 1679./ Boston;/ 
Printed by John Fofter. In the Year 1679./ 4 pnl. 
Uavet } viz. lit, ' At a General C^urt heldat Bofton 

552 Sihlioiheca Americana. 

in New-En(^land, 15tJi. of October 1679,' signti 
* By the (]ourt Edward Kawlbn Seer/ 2ruJ, iiiU 
the reverie tftank, 3rdj uTui 4tA, * TJie Kpiitle Dedi- 
catory,' TeLt 15 pp. Fin^ ctypy in movocci} by Htd- 
J'ord. -llu. (41. 44. 198*) 

KEW-E\GLAXD'S Faction Discovered;/ Or,/ A 
Brief and True Account of th«ir Perlecntioi^ of the 
Church/ of Enf^land; the Beginning and Proereia 
of the War/ with the Indians; and other Late Pro- 
ceedings tliere, in/ a Ij^ttcr from a Gentleman of 
that Country, to ti Pcrfon/ of Quality./ Being, aa 
AnlWer to a molt falle and fcandalous Pamphlet 
lRte-/ly Publilhed; Intituled, News from New- 
Kn^land, &Cr/ [Cplflphon] Loiwifln ,/ Printed forJ. 
Hindmarlh, at the Sien of the Golden Ball, over 
againlr/ the Royal Exchange in Comhill. I(j90./ 
8 pp. signed ^C, D.* Poorcopifctosety cat. Unbound, 
4(u, (1(, Ij. 1935) 

NEW-ENGLA ND. The/ Humble A ddrefa/ of the/ 
Publicans/ of/ New- Encf land,/ To which Kmgjou 

fleale./ With some Remark^/ Upon it./ Lmuton: 
*rinted in tlie Year, 1631./ ^ pp. ^ine captf, caij 
titm bv Bedford. 4(i). (2i. 'is. 1986) 

NEW-ENGLAND. A brief Review of the Rise 
and Progress, Services and SntTeringa, of New 
Entfland, especially the Province of SlaasachasetV 
Bay. HuTnbly fnbmitted to tlie Conlideration of 
both lloules of Parliament. Lond^m : J. Huckland, 
MDtCDtxiv, S'2 pp. kutf mvr, 8i'u. {Tt.6d. 19B7) 

NEW-ENGLAND, atid her Institutions: By One 
ofherSons. [Jacob Abbot.] R. B. Seeley and W. 
Bumsidet London, mdcccxxxv. 4 prei* Uatr^et artd 
393 jjp. 8(0. (4s. 6d. 19B8) 

NEW-JKRSEY An/ Abstract,/ or/ Abbreviation/ 
Of Ibme Few of the/ Many (Later and Former) 
Testimony?/ from the/ Inhabitants of/ N ew- Jersey,/ 
And Other/ Eminent Perlbn.?,/ Who have Wroto 
particularly cOTicerning/ That Place./ Land&n, 
IVinted by Thomas ililboum, in the Year, 1681./ 
3a pp. ito. (3(. 13s. 6d. 1989) 

NEW-JERSEY. The Acts Of the GenemI Assem- 
bly Of the Province of New-Jersi'y, From the 
Tinie of the Surrender of the Government of the 

Sibliotheca Americana. 553 

fitid ProTinoe, to the Foarth Year of the Bei^ of 
Kine George the Second. CoUe£ted and Published 
by Order of the faid Assembly. With a Table of 
the Principal Matters therein contained. Philadel- 
Ma : Printed and Sold by William and Andrew 
Bradford, Printers to the King's Moft Excellent 
Majefly, for the Province of New-Jerfey, mdcc 
xxzii, TprelleaveiandtcantmgttUafterp.SSi. Old 
calf. FoUo. (15s. 1990} 

NEW-JERSEY. The Acts of the General Assem- 
bly of the Province of New-Jersey, From the Year 
1753, being the Twen^-fixth of the Reign of King 
George the Second, where the Firft Volume ends, 
to the Year 1761, being the Firft of King George 
the Third. With proper Tables; and an alpha- 
betical Index ; containmg all the principal Matters 
in the Body of the Book : Together with an Ap- 
pendix ; containing the feveral Acts of Parliament 
now in Force in America, relating to his Majefly's 
Forces, and the Articles of War. Collected and 
pnblilked by Order of the General Assembly of 
the faid Province. By Samuel Nevill, Efq; Se- 
cond Jultice of the Supreme Court of Judicature of 
the faid Province. Volume the Second. Wood- 
iridge, in New-Jersey : Printed hy James Parker, 
Printer to the King's Moft Excellent Majefty, for 
the Province, m.dcclxi. xvi and 401 pp. Index 
56])p; Appendix S9pp; Index to tA« Jppendix pp. 
61-64. Old calf. Folio. (ll.iOs. 1991) 

NEW -YORK. Laws, Statutes, Ordinances and 
Constitutions, Ordained, made and Established, by 
the Mayor, Alderman, and Commonalty, of the 
City of New- York, Convened in Common-Council, 
for The good Rule and Government of the Inha- 
bitants and Refidents of the faid City. Published 
tlie Ninth Da^ of November, in the third Year of 
the Reign of our Sovererai Lord, George the 
Third, hy the Grace of God, of Great Britain, 
France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, 
&c. Annoque Domini 1762. And in the Mayor- 
alty of John Cruger, Eiq ; To which is added. An 
Appendix, contaming Extraits of fundry AoB of 
the General Aflembly , oftheColonyof New- York, 
immediately relating to the good government of 
the faid City and Corporation. [New- York] Printed 

554 Bihliotheca Americana. 

and Soldj liy Jolin Holt, at the Printing Office, at 
the lower i-,rnl of Broad Street, oppofite tlie Ei- 
chau^, 1763. 2 j>rei. leavei and pp. 3-108. Tabtt 
2 pp. F.'lio. ai. lis- 6d. 1992) 

NEW- YORK, Tbe Tharter of the Citj of New- 
York ; I'rinted hj OtAct of the i\iayor, Recorder, 
AUermen and Commonalty of the City aforefaid. 
To which ie annexed. The A61 of the General Af- 
fembly confirminji the fame. ^™ Yark, Printed 
by W. Weyman, in Broad- Street, 176.5. 60 pp. 
Folio. (li. 111. 6<i. 1993) 

NEW- YORK. Authentic Account of tbe Prooeed- 
ings of tJie ConprfsB held at New-Ynrk, In 
MnctLxv, On the Subject of the American Stamp 
Act, MDtcuxvti. Tilk and S7 pp. HalJ'Tnerorco. 
Biv. (7s. Gd. 1993») 

NKW-YORK. The Constitution of the State of 
New-York, PhilaJetpltm : Printed and Sold by 
Styner ami Cist, in Sccond-ftreet, fix Doors above 
Arch-flreet. mdcclixvii. 32 pp. Half calf. 
Bi'o. (7j. 6d. 1991) 

NEW>YORK. The Charter of the City of New- 
York, Printed by Order of tlie Mayor, Recorder, 
Aldermen and Commonalty Of tbe (^itj aforefaid. 
To which is annexed. The Atiit of the General 
Allenihly confirminfjJ.lie fame. ^eu^-YoTk; Printed 
by Samuel and John Loudon, Printers to the 
State. M,DCCjLxixvi. TitU ifttd pp. 3-44. 
Folio. (1(. 10>. 1995) 

NEW-YORK. Laweand Ordinanr,es,Ordainedand 
KiStahlished by the iMayor, Aldermen and Com- 
mnnalty of the (.'ity of New- York, In Ccmmon 
Councfl convened; For the good Rule and Go- 
venimJ'nt of the Inhabitants and Residents of the 
faid City, Publiahed the Tiventy-Nintli Day of 
Marfh, 1786, iu the Tenth Year of our Independ- 
ence, And iu the iMayoralty of James Duaue, 
Eft]. AVii^-V^flrfc: Printed by Samuel and John 
Ijjudon, Printers to the State. ii,nr-c, t.x>;xvi. 49 
pp. F„lin. (11. lOi. 1996) 

NICHOLSON (Fhancis). A Jlodcft .Answer To» 
IMalicious Libel Againfi his Excellency Francis 
Nichollbrt, E(i) ; &c. Or An Examination of that 
Part of .Mr. Blair's Affidavit, relating to the 

Sibliotheca Americana. 555 

Sehool-Boyg of the Grammar-Scliool, in her Ma- 
jt&j'B Bond College of William and Mary in Vir- 
einia. Written in Virginia, in the Year 1704. 
\London, 1706.] Privately printed, bmnning mth 
page 1, mthout leparate title. 55 pp. Ctlf extra bv 
Bedford. 8w). (1/. li. 1997) 

NICHOLSON (Francis). An Apolopy or Vindi- 
cation of Francis Nicholfon, Efq ; His Majesty's 
Governor of Sonth-Carolina, From the Uniuft Af- 
perfions c»& on Him by fome of the Memoers of 
Uie Bahama-Company. Zondon, Printed in the 
Year 17S4. 62 pp. Calf extra by Franeu Bedford. 
8t». (K. It. 1998) 

NICHOLSON (Fhancis). Papers ReUting to An 
Affidavit Made by His Reverence James Blair, 
Clerk, pretended Prefident of William and Mary 
College, and fnppofed Commiflary to the Bifhop of 
London in Virgmia, against Francis Nicholfon, 
Efq ; Govemour of the faid Province. Wherein 
His Reverence's great Refpect to Government, and 
obedience to the Ninth Commandment, Thau shalt 
not bearfalie Witnas, &c. will plainly appear ; as 
will alfo his Gratitude to the faid Govemour, from 
whom he had received fo many Favours, and to 
whom he was faimfelf fo highly obliged, in feveral 
origin^ Letters under his own Hand, fome whereof 
are here publilbed, and more (God willing) fliall 
herokfter. [London.] Printed in the Year 17t7. i 
prel.lea«e$ and tOi pp. Calf extra by Bedford. 
8w. (U It. 1999) 

NISBET (Crablxs). Monody to the Memory of. 
the Rev. Dr. Charles Nisbet, many years first 
Minister of Montrose, and late President of the 
College of Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Edinburgh: 
James Ballantyne, 1805. 23 pp. Halfmmxco. 
8t». (3s. 6(1. 2000) 

NODAL (Bartolome Garcia de, and Gonsalo de). 
i Relaeion/ del Viaje qve por/ orden de sv Mag.'/ 
\ y acverdo del Real Consejo/ de Indias Hezieron los 
Capitanes/ Bartolome Grarcia de Nodal, y Gon- 
a£>/ de Nodal hermanos, naturales de Ponte/ 
Vedra, al defcubrimiento del Estrecho/ nuebo de 
8. Vicente y reconofinj°:/ del de Magallanes./ A 
Don Fernando CarriUo/ Cauallero del abito da 

556 Bthliotheca Americana* 

Santia^ Prefidente/ en el tnifmo Coafejo./ Con 
Privilegio/ En Madrid. Pot Fernando Coirea-/ de 
Montenegro. Alio. 16iiil./ N, ft, de Atocba X, S. 
del becen Sucertb./ 1 de Courbee tsculpfit,/ 1^ prti. 
i^ve^i viz. Engraved title with Fortmits of the two 
brothers Nodal, the reverse blank ; ^ Fee de aproua- 
cion/ Spp ; ^ Suma del [iriuile^io^' 1 page ; * TftBsa/ 
1 ^>age i ^ Krratae,' 1 va^s ; *A Don Fernando 
Carnllo, Cauallero del Abito deSatiago^ PreCdente 

del Real Conlejo de IndiA^.^ 3 pp ; *Al Lector/ 
5 pjt ; ' Advertencias.* 3 pi^ ,- *Variacion de la 
a^uja' ^ pp I R^^glfia para iaber la variacion de ta 


aguja al nacer y pouer del SoL' 3 pp ; Text 65 
jolh^d leaves : *■ Tabla Para Sakr l^as lioras * etc. 1 
Uof: * llelftcion svmaria de loa ServicioB de Iob 
Capitanes Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, y Gon^ala 
de Nodal berpianoe.^ Joiioetl leaves S-15, At foL 
35 iii a cfipp^iphte Mapevtitted ' IWonocimiento de 
lofl Kstrechos de Jlagallanea ' etc. *■ I de Courbea 
r<;ul]>lU.' 13^ by 15^ inchea. h'hie arp^ hi. morocco b\ 
Bi^djord. 4fo, {10^. IOj. 200l' 

NOMFNCLATUEtA Brevis Anglo^^Latino in usiiia 
Scbolarum. Together witb Examples of tbe Five 
Declenfions of Nouns : Witb tbe V\'ords in Pro- 
pria cjuEc Maribus and Queo Genus reduced to eacb 
Declenfion, Per F. G. Bostotif in New-England; 
Printed bv J, Draper, for J. Edwards and H, 
Foftcr in CornbiL 1735. 2 prel. leaves and 00 pp. 
Calf. 12mo. (10s, Gd, 20O*J) 

NOOTKA SOUND, An Autbentic Statoment of 
all tlic Facta rdiitivc to Nootka Sound; its dia- 
coverj, history, eettlement, trade, and tbe probable 
advantages to be derived from it ; in an Address to 
the Kint^. J^andym : J. Debrett, muccxc. TitU and 
26 pp : Signed * Argonaut.' Binj. (4ii. 6d. 2003) 

1V0RGATE(E,) I\rr. John Dunn Hunter defended: 
Or^ some Remarks on an Article in tbe North 
American Review, in which that Gentleman is 
brande^l as an imt>ostor. By E. Nor^ate- Lotidon; 
John Miller, 1B2(>. 33pp. Bvo, {2s,6d. gOW) 

^.KORTH-AMERIGAN (The) and the VVest-Indian 

^ Gaaettt^er. C!ontainiEig An Anthentic DelcriptioD 

p of the Colonit^s and Islands in that part of the 

G lobe^ Shewing their Situation, Cluuate, Soil, Fro- 

Bibliotheca Americana. 557 

dUM* And Trade : With theiT Former anil Prefent 
Condition. Also an emtt Account of tbe Cities, 
Towns, Harboura, l*orts, iiAys, Rivers, llake*, 
Mountaina, Number of Inhabitants, &c. lliua- 
trated^'ithmaps. L/riicf^m,CT,RohitiEon,MDccLxxvi. 
3 ynl. ituvts; InUvductvin. xj:iv pj3 : Textj $igtui- 
tures B. to T, in siies Sf U. 1. Atid$iida ^ ^p. 2 
maps, Otdcalf, Vium, (4s. (id. aOOa) 

NORTH-AMERICAN (The) and the West-Indian 
Gaietteer. ContaininEC An AntJicnt.ie Dcfcription 
of the Colonies and Islands in that part of the 
Glabe, shewinp their Situation, Climate, Soil, Pro- 
duc>e, and Trade ; With tlieir Fortner and Prelent 
Conditiou, Also An exaft Account of the Cities, 
TowBS, Harbourfi, PortB* Bays, Rivers, Lak^d, 
Mountains, Number of InhabitarLts, ^c. ILlus* 
trated with Maps. The SeconJ Edition. London; 
G- Robinsou, hdcclxxviti. 3 pfsl. leaver, littre- 
ductitm ixiv pp. Teitj signatures B. to T. in &Ues £f 
U. 1. S Mups. 12i>u>. (4s. (id. atKMi) 

NORTHERN TOUR (A): Being A Guide to Sa- 
rattwa^ Lake George, Xiagara, ( 'anada, Boston, 
&C.&C, Through tbeStatesof JVnnsyLvanJa, New 
Jersey, New York, Vermont, New [lampshire, 
Itlassachu setts, Kbode Island, and Connecticut; 
emhracing an account of tlie C'anals, Colleges, 
Public Institutions, Natural t^uriositiefl, and inter- 
esline objects therein, rhihileliiliia : II. C. Carey 
& 1. Lea. leaS. 4 prel. leaves and 279 pp. Half 
calf. Uma, (5s. 20Orj 

NORTON (John). A/ Discussion/ of that Great 
Point in/ Divinity,/ the/ Sufferings of Clirist;/ 
AndtheQuestiousabouthis/Ri^liteouiheire Active, 
PalTive;/ and the Jntputation tliereof,/ Being an 
Atiswer to a Dialogue/ Intituled/ Tlie Meritorious 
Price of our Redemption,/ Juliiiication, Ace./ Jiy 
John Norton Teacher of the tlhurcli/ at Iplwich 
in Nevr- En gland./ Who was ajipointi'd to draw 
up this Anfwer by the General] Court,/ Lojidotij 
Printed by A. Al. for Geo. Calvert at the Sigfti of 
tbe half/ Moon, and Joleph Xevill at the S>ign of 
the Plough in the/ new Buildings in i^ aula Church- 
yard, 1633,/ 8 prel. lenres and 'iTO pp. Mattoesi 
fagt, 'The Copy of a Letter,' etc. 3 ]ip. Unlmund. 
8i». (^ti)s. 6d. SQOB) 

560 Bihliotheca Atnericcina. 

&/ aliquot aliis couGmiUs s^umenti libellid^ <\Vif>- 
rum/ timnium cataloi^s femienti p*»tebit paji^ina,/ 
Jlis accefTit copial'uB remm memorabilium indei./ 
Parisiis apvdGakotTm a/ Prato, in aula maiorere^ 
gii I'alatii ail primrtm columnam/ [Co/^Aun] im- 
prclfum I^finliis apud ADtonium Au^erellum, im- 
penlls loanaia/ Parui & Gal&oti a. Prato. Aimo 
M. i\ Jtxx^i. vw.j Calcii. Nouembris,/ 26 lirtL 
Uavisl viz. Title, on the reversSf 'Catalogrfl etc* 
^EicelleativiroGeorgio' etc. Spy. ^ Index Temn' 
etc, 37 }ip, ' Typi CoiSn^oj^rapliici et D^clarado/ 
etc. 10 pp- TV.vi 507 pp. [^br 514] colophon ten/ us 
above. Vellum. Folio, {11. 10s, 2017) 

NOVVS ORHIS. Die New/Welt, der iandichftf^/ 
Itn vnnd Iriluk'Ti, ib/bia hie hsr alien Altweltbe- 
fcbrybern rnbetantj/ lungit aber Ton den PorTu- 
ealeil^rn vimd Hir|j^mern jiri/ Nidtrj^/gengbcben 
TileerJicrfund^n* Sambtdenfitttjnvnnd^ebreucben 
dcr Inwonenden/ vtilcker. Aucb was Gutter oder 
Warpn man hey j'^^u fuiidt^n, vnd jnn/ vni'ere 
Laiidtbrachtbab. Do bey lindt man aucb bie den 
Trfpmnt^ vnd/ akherkununen Fiirnembften Gwal- 
tigiten ViJlcker der AlLr/bekanten Weltj aU do 
ff?ind die Tartem, ilolcouitcn,/ Kcuflt-n, PrGuflen, 
Uuntrern^ iSfchlaien* etc./ nach aniej^nff vnd jnn- 
balt difa vmb::/gewenten blats./ Gedrucki lii 
Strtiszfmrg durcli GeoTcen Vlricher,/ von Andla^am 
viert&jbendcn tag dca Mertzens*/ An. m^d.xxxiiiu 
6 pret. leaves ; viz. Tjlte^oji tlieretersty ' Anaeygung 
vnd luhalt differ Uiichs d^r Jse^v^^n \VeIt/ * Dem 
Woli^byrneii Herm Jlerrn Keynbarten Graffenzii 
Kanuw, Herm zii Lichtenberg^ dts HobenScifftszii 
Stralzburg TbiimciUlef IVinem Gnedigen Herm. 
etc.^' 10 pp. Text 21^2 [jor i!5i^] Jp^ioftJ leaves. 
Foiu). {il.lOs, aOlB) 

KOVVS 0R13IS Regio-/nvm ac ] nsvlamn veteribvB 
incognitarvm/ nna cum tabula cormograpbica^ £( 
altLjLiot alija conlimiUs/ argument! libdlis, quorum 
omnium cata]ogufl/ I'equenti pati:bit pagina./ His 
acoeflit copiofua rentm memorabilium index./ Ad* 
ii^cta est hvic poslreniae Editjoni/ N aui^tio Carol i 
CaiiarisJ aur]ut!io in comi-/tJJ3 Au^ftania infututa,/ 
Basileae apvd lo. Herva^ivm mense/ Martio Anno 
M.ii.xxxvii. S4 pr^^ leaves; uiE, Title^ on the re- 
7:£r5^, * Catalogufl etc. ' Kxctllenti Tiro Georgio/ 

Biblioiheca Americana. 561 

etc. 3 pp. 'IndexTemn'etc.lSpp. ' Index eBro- 

"-'-i/rtc. 13 pp. 'Tjrpi Cosnu^irapliici' etc. 18 

Text €00 pp ; and Uank leaf with woodcut on 

Old itamped ealf. FoUo. (It. 10$. i019) 


NOWS ORfilS Re-/gionTin ac Insrliirviii vetes/ri- 
bvB iiMXKnitamii vna cvm Tabvla Co8-/inoeraphi- 
cs, & aliquot alijs coniimilis argument! UbelUs, 
nunc no-/ius narigationibvs au£ni8, quorum om- 
niom catalogoa/ feqnenti patebit pagina./ His ac- 
cefsit oopiofus rerum memorabilium index./ Ad- 
iecta est hvic postremae Editioni/ Naui^tio Caroli 
Caesaris aufpicio incomi'/tijsAugaftanis inftituta./ 
Batiks aprd lo. Hervagivm, Anno h.d.lv./ 26 
prel. leaves ; vix. Title, on the reverse, ' CatalogVs ' 
etc. ' Excellent! viro Georgio,' etc. 3 pp. ' Index 
remm' etc. 33 pp. Errata on the last page; blank 
leaf; ' Tjpi cosmographici ' etc. 12 pp. Text 677 pp ; 
blank \eaj with woodcut on the reverse. With Map. 
Fine copy. Beit Edition. FoUo. (ll.iOs. 3020) 

NOVUS 0RBI8./ id eft,/ Navigationes/ Prima in 
Americam :/ qmbus adjunximus/ Casparis Varrerii 
discTTSTm/ fuper Ophyra Regione./ Elenchum 
Antorem yerfit pagina/ Le^r inreniet./ Jlotero- 
dami,! Apud lohannem Leonardi Berewout/ Anno 
cla. 13. cxvi./ 8 pre^ learns ; vix. Title^ on the re- 
Dene 'ElenchTsATtorrm.' ' Omatisfimis, Pruden- 
tifimisque viris in CoUegio Thalassiarchico vrbis 
Roterod. Domiais fuis.' 13 pp : Text 570 pp ; and 
1 blank leaf. J ' Casparis/ Varrerii Lrsitani/ Com- 
mentarins/ae OjATra/ Regione,/ In facris litteris 
lib. III. Regum/ & II. Paralipomenon./ Rotero- 
dami,/ Apud loannem Leonard Berevrout,/ Anno 
1616./ Title, and 82 unnunAered pages. Fine copy. 
SmaUSvo. (2/. 12s. 6d. 2021) 

NUEVAESPANA. Continente/ Americano,/ Ar- 
gonauta/ de las Costas/ de/ Nueva-Espuia,/ y/ 
Tierra-firme,/ Islas, y Baxos/ de esta Narega- 
don,/ Longitud,/ j Altura de Polo,/ de sua Puer- 
tos,/ T Noticias de estas Habitaciones. [Cadiz 
1728 11 3 pre{. leaves and 161 pp. Old red morocco. 
8tw. {12s. 6d. 2022) 

relacion j comentarios del gouema/ dor Aluar nu- 
Jf-.Dez cabefa de vafa, de lo acaefcido en las/ dos jor- 
I p p 


50:^ Billiutheca Americana* 

naclAA qufbizo a laa Indian./ Con pHuilef^./ 
1i KltiitiilWa per los it fiun-s lifl poiUejopnOclim 
J" ciiico mfs,/ \ili}Uf}}hov^ ^tt Impreflb eii TuiZiuJp- 
iiily ]>or Fraiicilco fer-5*/uandezd*?Cordoua* Ano 
dv mil ;f quLiiif^iWnipiitofi V ciuqueiitay ciikcoanos-/ 
146 iemes\ liz* Tittt; with engraved coat 0f'Armi; 
on the reirrsf * El Key/ sipied ^ FrancUbo* de Le- 
tlel'ma/ mfd fol. ij. fw ibl. Ivj. the rf*i erw 6/<rnJv.^ 
Commeutii^f/WDfl de Alvar ^^vnei Cabf/^-a de 
vEica, ndelaiitEiJo y gouprnnidor delft pro/uitica Jd 
Kio dp la Plata,/ Smntos por Pero faemandE'j 
Ifriuftiio V feore-/ tnrio dell proui Jim* Y diri^doB 
lil Tereiiin./ tnuv altoy Jiiuy |>oderofo fefior/ el Jn- 
ftmre doii Carlos. N. S./ 1 p<ige. 'Prohemio.' 5pp: 
the Mh pa^e of the Frohemis is *■ Fol, Ivij.' a.nd ffll. 

Iviij* ^0 fol- clxiiii. [ft^r oxliiiu] foL xiv. Q^ir it,] 
fol. l:xi. Vj'itr liii.] fol. Hxxili, [iW Isijcv.i B/jfi 
/f^(fr, riiie large foptf it blue flinr, bif Bedj'tjrd^ 

ko. (10/* 10s. S0S3) 

MJNEZCASTAXO(Drtco>. Brevp comiK-ndivm/ 
ilf^stivni Haere'/tkon^m OlaDdf^D.'^ivnj/ aduentum 
in \'aMinianj ciplDrato/rem milTuin, ic narrationom 
eiuflj/ fugani illomm turn pJitto redemi-/di : proui- 
das dir]it}litianes Prorre^is:/ Claflim expeditamad 
cond i turnip -/iijs on m thMs necjelHirys,/ itaUaconti- 
neDs./ Gvberufint« t^Jcc* D,D7 Petro a Toleto ic 
J.py va Prorrpf^e./ Rej^mante PhQippo Till,/ Hif- 
paniflrnm Re^e./ St^dio^ et Laborp/ Didaci Xufiee 
Caltafio Prellivteri*/ Limtf^ Armo 1645*/ Titif^nn 
the rei'f^fse * Ad OblatioDPm Libri.' and foiioed Itntes 
"^-^6. I6ifi0, {'^L l^s'. 6d. ^0i4] 

NU\r^DEKARO(ALovsn). iNosplDf.D. Alon- 
so iVuMt'zdf^ llaro, y Pernlta^ por la Graciadf'Dios, 
y de lil Santa Stds Apostolka, Anobispo dp I^le- 
jiico, d^rl Contipjo de fiu Mii^tMstad^ A.j* [^JeiifoJ. a 
Broadnide in 2 Sheets, I-olio, (75, 6d. ao-,5) 

EJECTIONS (The) to the Taxation 

of our American ColonieB, by the 
Le^lature of Great Britain, 
Briefly Coniider'd. London : J. Wil- 
kie, 1765. Title, and pp. 3-30. 
4to. (7>. 6d. 2036) 

tVATlONS on American Independency. 
. tigned' T.T.B.' »vo. (4a. 6d. 2027) 

IVATIONS on the Conduct of Great Bri- 
irith lUqg^ard to the Negociations and other 
tactions Abroad. London, J. Roberts. 1729. 
. 8ix». (St.6d. 2028) 

IVATIONS on the Case of the Northern 
lies. London: J. Roberts, 1731. 31 pp. half 
9vo. (7s.6d. 2029) 

IVATIONS Occafion'd by reading a Pam- 
intitled a Discourse concerning The Cur- 
a of the Britilh Plantations in America. In 
ar to • • • • *. London: T. Cooper, 1741. 
halfmor. 8vo. (4a. 6d. 2030) 

iVATIONS On the Inflaving, importing and 
afing of Negroes j With feme Advice thereon, 
led from the Epiftle of the Yearly- Meeting 
: People called Quakers held at London in 
ear 1748. Second Edition. Germantown : 
<d by Christopher Sower. 1760. 16 pp. 

(7i.6d. 2031) 

VATIONS on a late State of the Nation. 
n : J. Dodsley, hddclxix. Title and 97 pp. 
(4s. 6d. 2032 ) 

VATIONS on a Late State of the Nation, 
'ourth Edition. London, J. Dodsley, mdcc 

564 Bihfiotheca Americana* 

i.xiTC' iintj'-iitlef iitkf Jf i35 jrp^ Half moraccfi. 

OBSERVATIONS on Several Acts of l'arliamem» 
paHHPrl I n the Kourtli, Sixth and Seventh Yeari of 
MiH l'rt'S<Mit Mnjfstya Reign, Publijh«l by th^ 
Mf^rdiimKs of Jlos^on. Hoaton: l^tintfd hy Edpn 
n.\u\ (iill. J.itndtm ; Hrprintt^d for G. Kearsly^ 
iiUKrCJ-M- Title atid ieii 3iT pp. hitf-f ■murocca. 
nii]. (>«. 6d. a«j4> 

Oils l^llVATlONSiOntJia Reconciliation of Greiit- 
htitnin, nnd the Coh]ni4\q ; In ^v'hich an? exhibited 
Arj^iimcnls for, and n^uiullj that MeaHure. By a 
Krienrl of Ammcaii iJbtTtv- PhUntlffiphm ; I'rllit- 
ed, hy llohtTt Beli^ in 'rhird-STr^Tt* mdcclxtivi. 
,^y ]if!. * 'J'hfl [4ari of an American Compact, with 
(itF 'at- Britain. Firft Tuhli^hed at Ni^^^w-Vork//^* 
^V4iK htttfttwr. «w, (55. tid. 30:i6) 

OllSHK\ ATIONS on the Dutch Manifesto, ad- 
dn^riurd tu tbi- llarl ftf JShflhurn. t.imdon: G. 
ki^ari^l> J17H1J. w ttnif '^7 ]ip. \Uv. (4jf. (jJ, a03fi) 

tmSKKV'ATIONS on the Commerce of the Arae- 
rican ^tiU* }*. With jui A|t]itfndix^ cont»ining An 
Atc^ount of all \K\ci\ Jiid](fo, Cochint^al, Tobacco, 
Wiij^r, MoUdli's, and Rum imjiom^d into nnd eJ(- 
jiortnl fmm Great Britain thr- lafl tt'ii Yeara. Of 
tJt£^ VahiK of UrII JVlrn^bkhEH^f imjiorti'd into and 
exjiortrd from Kn^^land. Of thf^ Imports and Kx- 
jxirtfl of JMtilash'lohia, j\ew-Vurlt, Ate* Alfo an 
Account of \\\r >^\n\\[yU\^ i^mphivi^d in Americn 
pri'vious to thr War. Th^ Si'cond Kditjon. Lon- 
ihiitt}. iJFbrnlt, MUf fi.xxxjji. % j^relAfMVtujmd 
\*i'i {r}i. * T\vi Tahlcf* ' p/r* 1 Vf^g^j *Contentflof tL** 
Appi'miix ' iv ftp. ^Appmidix* No. I to XVIJI. 
VWfc. nuijiiniv. G^v^, i5i. 6d. S0J7) 

01lSi:UVA'l ION'S on thr Fift Article i>f the Trolly 
with Amnrica: And on Thft Ni+teJTity of appoint- 
\n\!, a Judicial I'inipjiry into the Mfntfli^nd IJitSPi 
of tlK^ American Loyalists, i'rinted hy Order of 
t.hi^ir A)^nnlj3« Lottdon; O. W'ilkic, MuccLxxxntn 
I*>/)p, hufj tfiiiT. BwtL (hIj, 6d. 3038) 

OllSKUVAI'ION^SonaPamphlet, entitled A Staif 
of tht> rn^Hi'nt Knrm of (iovernment of the Vn- 
vincf^ of Qui^bei^ ; circnlated in London, during tbe 

BibliotJuca Americana. 565 

last gammer. With an Appendix, containing in- 
fonnation on the subject, dj a Citizen of Quebec. 
London: J. Stockdale, mdccxc. Title if 78 pp. 
Hal/mor. Svo. (4i. 6d. 2039) 

OBSERVATIONS on the Present War, the Pro- 
jected Inrasion, and a Decree of the National Con- 
vention, for the Emancipation of the Slaves in the 
French Colonies. [By the Rev. John Hampson], 
Sunderland: [1793J. Half-title, title, and pp. 3-6i. 
halfnurr. 8vo. (3t.6d. 2040) 

OBSERVATIONS on the System by which Estates 
have been and are still Managed in Jamaica ; and 
on the Apprenticeship introduced by the recent 
Abolition Act. By a Proprietor. Edinburgh: 
MadacUan and Stewart, mocccxxxvi. 27^^. 
8tw. (2<. 6d. 2041) 

O'CALLAGHAN (£. B.) Jesuit Relations of dis- 
coveries and other occurrences in Canada and the 
Northern and Western States of the Union. 1632- 
1672. By E. B. O'Callaghan, M.D. Correspond- 
ing Member of the New York Historical Society, 
and Honorary Member of the Historical Society 
of Connecticut. From the Proceedings of the 
New York Historical Society, Nov. 1847. ^«ui 
York : Press of the Historical Society, hdccxlvii, 
22 pp. ealf. 6vo. (7<. 6<i. 2042) 

OCCASIONAL Reflections on the Importance of 
the War in America, And the Reasonableness and 
Justice of Supporting the King of Prussia, Ike. In 
Defence of me Common Cause. Founded on a 
general View of the State and Connections of this 
Country ; the General Syftem of Europe; and the 
ambitious Defigns of French Policy for overturn- 
ing the Ballance of Power and Liberties of Europe. 
In a Letter to a Member of Parliament. London : 
J. Whiston and B. White, m.dcc.lviii. Half-title, 
title,audlS9pp.halfmor. 8iw. (7<. 6d. 2043) 

OCCOM (Sampson). A Sermon at the Execution 
of Moses Paul, an Indian ; Who had been guilty 
of Murder, Preached at New Haven in America. 
By Samson Occom, A native Indian, and Mif- 
fionary to the Indians, who was in England in 
1776 [1766] and 1777, [1767] collefiing for the 


366 Bihliotheca Americana. 

Indian Cbarity Schcxih. To wbich is added a 
Bhort Account of tbe Late Spread of iLe Gosjiei, 
among the IndiaDS. Also Obst^rvationfl on tbe 
I^ugiia^e of the Muthekan^^taw ladians; com- 
municatL'd to tlu^ Connecticut Society of Arts and 
Sciences, hy Jonathan Kdwardsj D.D. Kew 
piaveaj Connecticnt : Printed 1788. Loudim : Re- 
printcd, 1788, SJ'tpf. ^Obiaervations/ e(c» 16 jip. 
8vo. {5s. 6d. 2044) 

OCKANICKON. A True/ Acconnty of the/ DpnK 
Words/of/OckanickoMj/ jin Iiidirtn/Kinfj^./ Spoken 
to/ Jahkursoe^/ His Brother's Son^ whom he ap- 
pointed/ King/ after him./ [Limdon] Printed m 
the Year 1683. 6 jtp. On the reiw^rse uf the titti^ 
* A Letter ' etc. dated ^ liurlin^ton the l^th, of tlie 
yStlj, l\{f>nth, 1683/ signed^ John Cripps.' 
4to. (1M]#. 6d. e(H5) 

O^DONOJU (Jujin). Correapondencia entre el 
" General D. Juan O-Donoju, y el J3rL((adier D. 
Francisco T^maur, Y las Ultimas cartas do aquel al 
general Diivila, con las tcsput^fttas de tete. [^Cohp- 
ftdrt] llahaiia, t^^Il. Diaz de Castro, 2^ pp.. hulf 
war. Hvo. (Si.6d. «04<)) 

O'DOXOJU (Jl^an), Befutacion^connotas inlere^- 
tanti^Sj al parte C|uc dirigio &. Superior tJobiemo el 
Teniente General Don Juan (J-Donoju sohre e\ 
Tratado que Firnn'^ en Ccirdoha. HufHuta. — iS^ii. 
Pedro Noh'isce Bolona, Titt^ ami 15 pp. batfmor. 
8m. {Ss. 6d, a(H7) 

OEXMEL1N(Alf;xandreOmvti;h'). Histoire/des/ 
Avanturiers/ qni sc eont slj^ntdeE dans les indes^/ 
[ contenant/cequ'ilti out fait de plus remarfjuable/ de 
puis vingt Anne^es.y Avec/ La \ ie, les Mceuts^ les 
CoCituincs dea Ijabitane de iSaiut Do-/mingue & de 
la Toriucj & une defcription exalte de cea/ lieuj ;/ 
Ou Ton voit/ I^^etahliuement d^Jne C'hambre des 
CoTiipti'S dane les iiide^,/ ik un Ktat, tirt de cette 
Chttmbre, des Offices tant Eccle-/riafLiqn(;s que Se- 
culiers, oil le Eoy d^Lfjiagne pourvoit, les/ Re* 
venne qu'il ttre d^^ rAnierujue, & ce que le* plus 
grands/ Princes de ^Europe y polledent,/ Le tout 
enrichi de Cartes GeogTapl]iques tit de Figures/ en 
TftiUe-douce./ Par AU^xandr^j Olivier Ot.-imelin*/ 
A Pans,/ JiicquesleFebure^/M.nc.LxxxviiT./ Avfc 

Biblioiheca Americana. 567 

Priyilege du Roy./ Two Volumes. Tome PrAmier. 
12 prel. Uavet including Engraved HtU, and 448 pp. 
r/iw 846] Table 16 frp. Maps at pp.1, 179. Tome 
Second. S^el.UaveiandWAvp. Tablei6pp. 'E\- 
traitduFnvilege.' Ipage. Map at page 133, Old 
calf. limo. {S».6d 3048) 

OGDEN (Uz*l). The Theological Preceptor; or 
Youth's Religious Instructor. Containing a Sum- 
mary of the Principles, Rise, and Progrels of Re- 
ligion, from the Creation of the World, to the Con- 
fumation thereof; — together with moral Reflec- 
tions.&c. and a Sketch of the Ar^ments in Farour 
of ChriftianitT. In a Series o? Dialogues, By 
Uzal Ogden Jon. a Candidate for Hofy Orders. 
^<ti> York: Printed by John Holt, h,occ,lxxii, 
xtt and 359 pp. limo. (lOi. 6d. 2049) 

OGLE (Sir Chamser). The Tryal of Sir Chaloner 
Ogle, Kt. Rear-Admiral of the Blue, before the 
Chief Jullice of Jamaica, For an Auault on the 
Perfon of his Excellency Mr. Trelawney the Go- 
vernor, committed in his own Houfe in Spanifli 
Town on the 22d Day of July laft. With Authentic 
Copies of the I'everal I^etters that pafled on that 
Occafion, between Mr. Concanen, now Attorney- 
General of the Illand, Sir Chaloner Ogle, the Go- 
Temor, and A — 1 V — . [Admiral Vernon.] Lon- 
don Printed : Dublin Reprinted udccxlii, 16 pp. 
Half morocco, ivo. (7».6d. 3050) 

OGLE (Sir Chaloner). The Tryal of Sir Chaloner 
Ogle, Kt. Rear Admiral of the Blue. Before the 
Cniei Justice of Jamaica, For an Aflault on the 
Perfon of his Excellency Mr. Trelawney the Go- 
vernor, committed in bis own Houfe in Spanilh 
Town, on the 22d Day of July laft. With Authen- 
tic Copies of the feveral Letters that pafled on that 
Occaiion, between Mr, Concanen, now Attorney 
General of the Illand, Sir Chaloner Ogle, the Go- 
vernor, and A — 1 V — . London: W. Webb, 
if,DCCXLiii. 38 ;)p. hulfmor. 8vo. (Ti.6d. 2051) 

OGLETHORPE (General). An Impartial Ac- 
count Of the late Expedition Against St. Augustine 
Under General Oglethorpe. Occalloned by The 
Suppreffion of the Report, made by a Committee 
of the General Aflembly in South-Carolina, tranf- 

5G8 Bibliotheca Americana. 

mitted, under the Great Seal of tbat Prorince, to 
their Agent in England, in order to be printed. 
With an Exaft Plan of the Town, Caftle and Har- 
bour of St. Angaliine, and the Etdiacent Coaft of 
Florida; ihewing the Difpofition of our Forces on 
that Enterprize. London : J. Huggonson, 1743. 
68 pp. With Plan of St. Augustine. Halfmor, 
8bo. (IOj. 6d. 2058) 

OLD ENGLAND for Erer, or, Spaniih Cruelty 
difplay'd. [ionden, 1741 ?] pp. r-320. TUle and 
prel. leaves minting. Old euQ'. Svo. (7s. 6d. 3053) 

, ONA (Pedro de). Aravco/ domado./ Compresto 
.^ por el/ Licenciado Pedro de Ona, natural de los/ 
■jv" Infantes de Engol en Chile, Colegial del/ Real 
Colegio Mayor de San Felipe, y/ San Marcos 
(undado en la Ciu-/dad de Lima./ Dirigido a Don 
Hrrtado/ de Mendof a, Primogenito de don Garcia 
Hur-/tado de Mendofa, Marques de/ Cuiete, &c./ 
Ano, 1605./ Con privilegio ;/ En Madrid, por Ivan 
de la Cuefta./ Vendefe en caia de Francilco Lopez./ 
16 prel. leaves ; Text 3ii folioed leaves. ' Tabla' 3 
pp. Oldealf. Svo. (3l.i3s.6d. 3054) 

OPPORTUNITY (The), or Reasons for an Imme- 
diate Alliance with St. Domingo. By the Author 
,^^ of" The Crisis of the Sugar Colonies." London: 
J. Hatchard, 1804. *iii and text 156 pp. Unbound. 
8t)«. {3s. 6d. 3055) 

ORDERS in Council ; or, an Examination of the 
Justice, Legality, and Policy of the New System 
of Commercial Regulations. With an Appendix 
of State Papers, Statutes, and Authorities. The 
Second Edition. London : Longman, 1808. Half- 
title, title, and 130 pp. 6vo. (35. 6d. 3056) 

ORFORD (Robert, Earl of). A Further Report 
from the Committee of Secrecy, Appointed to En- 
quire into the Conduct of Robert, Earl of Orford ; 
During the latt Ten Years of his being Firil Com- 
missioner of the Treasury, and Chancellor and 
Under-Treafurer of his Majesty's Exchequer. De- 
livered the 30th of June 1743. London: T. Leech, 
1743. 133 pp. ' No. 13 ' a folded duet betweett pp. 
128 «r 129. halfmor. 8i». (4i. 6d. 2057) 

ORIGIN (The) of the Whale bone-petticoat. A 

Bihliotheca Americana. 569 

Satyr. Boston, AuguA Sd, 1714. 8 pp. in Vene. 
Siw. (lL.0».6d. 2058) 

OSORIO (HiERONYMo). De Rebvs,/ Emmanvelis 
Regis Lv-/8itaniaB Inrictissimi Virtvte/ et Avspicio 
gestisUbri/ drodecim./ Au6bore Hieronymo Olorio/ 
Episcopo Sylvensi./ Olysippoiu./ Apud Antonium 
Gondiialu& Typo^aphum./ Anno Domini h.d. 
Lxxj./ Cvm Privilegio Regio./ 4S0 pp. ineluding 
the title. Privilege ami Errata S pp. Fine copy, Oul 
calf. Folio. (11. U. 2059) 

OTHER (The) Side of the Queftion : Or a Defence 
of the Liberties of North- America. In Answer to 
a late Friendly Address to All Reafonable Ameri- 
cans, on The Subject of Our Political Confusions. 
By a Citizen. New York : Printed by James Ri- 
vington, fronting Hanover-Square. h,dcc,lxxiv. 
30pp. imlfmor.ivo. (7». 6d. 2060) 

OTIS (James). The Rights of the Britilh Colonies 
Aflerted and proved. By James Otis Efq, Boston: 
Printed and Sold by Edes and Gill, in Queen- 
Street. M,DCC,LxiT. 80 pp. Half morocco, 
8«>. (5».6d. 2061) 

OTIS (Jaues). The Rights of the Britilh Colonies 
Afferted and proved. By James Otis, Efq ; The 
Second Edition. Boston, New England, Printed ; 
London Reprinted for J. Ahnon, [1765?] 120 pp. 
halfmor. ivo. (5<. 6d. 2062) 

OTIS (James). The Rights of the Britilh Colonies 
Afferted and proved. By James Otis, Efq ; The 
Third Edition, corrected. Boston, New-England, 
Printed: London Reprinted, for J. Williams, 1766. 
iiO pp. half mor. ivo. (bt.6d. 2063) 

OTIS (James). A Vindication of the Britilh Colo- 
nies. By James Otis, Efq ; Of Boston. Boston, 
printed : London, reprinted for J. Almon, 1769. S 
prel. leaves and text ^ pp. Half morocco, 
Svo. {6$.6d. 2064) 

OUSELEY (William Gore). Remarks on the Sta- 
tistics and Political Institutions of the United 
States, with some Observations on the Eccleiiat- 
tical ^stem of America, her Sources of Revenue, 
&c. To which are added Statistical Tables, Jcc 
By William GoreOuseley, Esq. Attache tohia M»- 


iS?0' BihUotheca Americana. 

jpBty's I^oratjon at Washington, hondan : J, Rod- 
well, 183^. ivand^OiipjK Hio, (a?. 6d. 3065) 
OVALLE (AtJisgo dh), HiBtorica/ Relation/ Del 
Rcyno d^ Cliilf^j/ Y df^Ias miflionefi, j raiaifterios 
queexercitueii f^i/lftC'oiiTj^ilmde JesvH./ A Nves^ 
(TO Senor/ lesv Ciiriflto/ Dios llomhre,/ Y alaSan- 
tifrima Vir^en, y .^Jadrp/ Maria/ Senora dd tieb, 
y dcOaTiftiTttj/y aioB Stintoa/ lo^epli, loadiin^ Ana/ 
fua J-*adrf:s, y Ap;in^!o3./ Alonao de Ovallf^/ Dt^U 
Compania d*^ Iprvs \atural de Santia-/^o dt^ Chile, 
y I'll l^rocuTEMJor it HouihI. J^n /^f^nja^por Francilco 
Cauallo. >i,Dc.xLvir/ Con ticrncm delos Superio- 
res./ ^ pr&t, li>.ai-e%; rh. {Afh-erilsenitni] Vftrias, J 
Cvriosas Notims del Reino de Chile, fJc, 1 pagi 
the revefne hhtnk; Title en the reverix *Qvefta Rela* 
tione del ChWi^/etc. ^ Prolpj^ alletor.\Sp/). 'Ad-, 
uertencia pfu'ft noerrar en poiierlae I mag^nt^s, V?c, 
^ vp : ^ VrotPftta dpi hvtdr/ t pa^e^ Text 456 jip. 
Vfiih Mup of Chile ^ and 37 Copper-plates at pp, 5tj 
58, OB, 90, yi, 9^J, 101, lOT, 1B6 {3),2SS, 30^, 333 
(333,393, With lii uimiaiU nt the end. VetUm. 
Folio. {SLSs, 3066) 

OVIEDO (Hf.rmandk?. de)* La hiftoria general/ 
del as Indian 7^ Con priuile^inimiiprial 5*/ fOi- 
b lophotf'] De SeutUa a treynta/ dias delmcs de Seti- 
enibre: de M. d. r treynta t cinco anos [1535]. 
Title in hhtk and red, humn^ on the rer£rxe 11 iinei 

fiviug a fiitler deserirttov of the book ; Prejhce ' Li- 
ro primero'6 ^>/i^ Teii in cxcujfolioed leavea. Verif 
Jinccifpif in Btuik Letter, Fafin. (lO^.lOs- 3067J 
Al t1jr mtl ar Lilt liiwk t^ tha xalitfr^pU oriheauLbor. 

OVn-J>0 \ VALDES (GoN^ALoFEaNjiNDEznE). 
U Libro. XX. De la I'rgnnda parte de la eeneral/ 
C' hiiioria de las Indias. Llcripta por el Capttati/ 
Goii<;alL> KernandeKdeOuiedo, y Valdea. AL/cavd€ 
de la fort4ileza y jnitTto de ^iicto Donitn/fro, S'l* 
ifla Kf|>ahola, Crcjnifta d' lu Maj^elUd,/ Que trara 
deleOredio de I\1aH^llans*/ €[ Lii VaHadoiid. For 
Franrifeo Femandf'! du (.^ordotia,/ Imprpflbr de gu 
Macelbid. Ano de m.d.lvii^/ [0^^7^n«ij] |1 Im- 
prelTo i^n Valladolidj por frTis^/ciBeo fenmndpa de 
Cordoua-/ Kn efe aiio de m.u.lvik/ fri^fl^W 
^erjue* including title. Black letter. Fine copu. 
Fotlo. (4/. 14s. Gd. M6B) 

AINE (RobertTkeat). The Works, 
in Verse and Prose, of the late 
Robert Treat Paine, Jon. Esq, 
With Notes. To which are pre- 
fixed, Sketches of his Life, Cha- 
racter, and Writings. Boston: J, 
Belcher. 1813. xc and 464 pp. Er- 
rata 1 page. With Portrait of Paine. Green mo- 
rocco extra gilt. Bvo. (10s. 6d. 2069) 

PAINE (Thomas). The American Crisis, and a 
Letter to Sir Guy Carleton, on the murder of Cap- 
tain Huddy, and the intended retaliation on Cap- 
tain Asgill, of the Guards. By Thomas Paine, 
Author of Common Sense — Rights of Man — Age 
of Reason — and the Decline and Fall of the Eng- 
lish System of Finance. London: Daniel Isaac 
Eaton, Title and 293 pp. 8vo. (7s. 6d. 2070) 

PAINE (Thomas). Observations on Paine's Rights 
of Man, in a Series of Letters, By PubUcola, 
[John Adams]. Newcastle : Hall and Elliot. 36 
pp. ISmo. (3s. 6d. 2071) 

PAINE (Thomas). A Letter addressed to the Abbe 
BaynaloftheAjfoirs of North- America. In which 
The Mifiakes in the Abbe's Account of the Revo- 
lution of America are corrected and cleared up. 
By Thomas Paine, M.A. Of the University of 
Pennsylvania, and Author of a Tract, entitled 
" Common Sense." Philadelphia, printed : Lon- 
don, reprinted, C. Dilly, m.dcclxxxii. tiiii and 76 
fp. halfmer. 8t)0. (3s. 6d. 2072) 

PAINE (Thomas). Common Sense : Addrefled to 
the Inhabitants of America, On the following In- 
teresting Subjects. I. Of the Origin and Defign cf 
Government in general, with concife Remarks on 

572 nihliotheca AmetHcatia. 

tlje En^liHi f'onftitution. J I, Of Monarchy and 
Hf'retlitary riucrtfftsion. IJl, 'I liouy^hlA on tJi^ 
prffrnt Stnti^ of AimKciiii Afta^rfi. IV^ Of the 
profc^nt Stiite of Amcfrica, witii Ibnie IMifcelluneoud 
JlF'fli^btioMfi. A \ow FAiUtm^ With fi^ppml Ad- 
diHtms in the Hody of thf- Work. To which ia 
aJdi'df 'Ml Appr;ndix ; toj^nther with an Adclrcfe to 
thd lVo[>li^ call^l CJuiikerR. Thf? New Kdition 
here givifii mcrnflh^n fho Work upwards of One 
Third, liy 'i'lKmiji^ raiiu', SfXTf^tury to the Cotn- 
mitlee for Koi>dfrii Affairfl to f.'onitjrffs during the 
Amf^rican War, and Author of thfd Ili|i^JLtf» of Alanj 
and a U lb rto thtr Ahht' HayuaL Ltfudon : Printed 
and Eold by all the IJookaullorH. M.ncrj.xcH. 58 pp^ 
l^Hi". i^, 6d, ^iQT3} 

1*A1NK (TiiowAs)* (.'ommon S<jnBO; addrt'Hsed to 
the InhahitantA of Americ^a, On the following in- 
tereitin^' Suhjj-eis : J. Of tht^ Origin and Di^fic'n of 
f.rOveriuiKnU in j^^Mirrjil^ \%itii concsil^* Jtuniarks on 
th^j Kn^lilh Coiiltitutiun^ [J. Of iVlonarehy and 
JJeredJtary Succf^flion^ 111, Thoughts on th*^ 
J*relinii Stale of Anirritan Aft'airs. IV\ Of tiie 
]jrrf[^nl Abihty of AmrricA, with fome milceUane' 
■lue Jl^'fie^tion^. A Nt'W Kdition with fevf?ral Ad- 
dition!; in the liudy of the Work, To which is 
iiddf^d, aii Aj>j*iidiK ; to^mher isith an Addrefs 
to th(^ I'cople cnllrd Quakrrfl. N, it, Tht New 
Kdition here ^iven iucri^alefl the Work upwards of 
One-Third, \W Thoman I'aine, St-tn^tary to the 
(.'ommitU'i^ f[.tr rorcif^n Affairs to {'onf^refs, durijig 
thf^ Animcan War^ and Author of the Ki^htA of 
Man, Ekiid a J jitter to the Ahhe Ray rial. Lomitmi 
IL JJ. Synifjiidrt, 17yS^- 36 jip. With I\trtrait uf 
Thomas f*uifte. llilmo. (U,6ti. tf074) 

1*A1NK (Tho«aa). a Letter addressed to the Abbe 
R ay nal, on thp affairs of North- America. In which 
till' mifitEiki'H in the Ahbe'fl Account of the Revolu- 
tion of Ainoriea are corrected anci ch^ared up. fly 
Thomiia J^aim^, Si^crt^tary for Torr-ipn Aflairs to 
f 'ohl^ri'f^r* duriiij^ the Anif^riean War, and Author 
of t 'ommon rten^c, and the Righta of MaOn J^on- 
tinn : J. ilidgway^ M,oi:r.:^\cit. 46 /jp^ {JfthonMtL 
Vlma. {4^.^. 2075) 

TAINK (TiJOMAaJ* Tetter addressed to tl^e Ad- 

BUtUotheca Americana. 573 

dregsen, of the late Proclamation. By Thomas 
Paine, Secretary for Foreign Afiairs to Coneren 
in the American War, ana Author of the Works 
intitled " Common Sense," " Rights of Man, Two 
Parts," &c. Londm: H.D. Symonds, 1792. 40 
pp. limo. (3j. 6d. 2076) 

PAINE (Tbomas). Miscellaneous Articles, by 
Thomas Paine. Consisting of A Letter to the 
Marquis of Lansdowne. A Letter to the Authors 
of the Republican. A Letter to the Abbe Syeyes, 
Thoughts on the Peace, and the Probable Advan- 
tages thereof. First Letter to Mr. Secretary Dun- 
das. Letter to Lord Onslow. Second Letter to 
Mr. Dundas. And A Letter to the People of 
France. London: J. Ridgway, h.dccxcii. 36 pp. 
limo. (3«. 6d. 2077) 

PAINE (Thohas). Rights of Man : Beingan An- 
■wer to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolu- 
tion. By Thomas Paine, Secretary for Foreign 
Affairs to Congress in the American War, and Au- 
thor of the Works intitled " Common Sense," and 
" A Letter to the Abbe Raynal." Part 1. London : 
H. D. Symonds, h,i>cc,xcii. iv and 78 pp. and 1 p. 
lima. (*$.6d. 2078) 

PAINE (Thomas), Rights ofMan; part the Second. 
Combining Principle and Practice. By Thomas 
Paine, Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Congress 
in the American War, and Author of the Works 
entitled " Common Sense," and the " First Part of 
the Bights of Man." London : H. D. Symonds, 
119%. 9* pp. and! p. limo. (4e.6d. 2079) 

PAINE (Thomas). Rights of Man : Part the Se- 
cond combining Principle and Practice. By Thomas 
Paine, Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Congress 
is the American War, and Author of the Worlcs 
intitled " Common Sense," And the " First Part 
of the Rights of Man," London : Printed for the 
Booksellers. m,dcc,xcii. 82 pp. Unbound, 
lime. (3(. 6d. 2080) 

PAINE (Thomas). Mr. Paine's Principles and 
Schemes of Govemmeut examined, and his errore 
detected. Edinburgh: J. & J. Fairbaim, 1792. '.; 
pnl. leaves and 60 pp. 8vo. (3s. 6d. 2U81) 

57{i BibUotheca Americana. 


and 344 ftp. pht^ at p* i ^ Map ttf Califitmia ett- 
raved on Ct^pper bif Diego Frmicoso iu MericaH^T^ 
^inecopi/. VeHtitn. Mo. {*iL 2s. SOB£) 

PA>!AMA. Originiil Papers Relatino^ to tlie Ejt- 

_^'* pedition to PaDama. Loudati; M* Cooper, h.dcc^ 

J^ 3£MV. Title ajtd Sajjjjy. Wanting pp. ^OT-B. halt 

mor. 8uo. (7ji,6d, §087) 

PAPERSandLetterfson Agriculture, Recommended 
to the Atteiititin of the Canadmii Panners, By the 
Af^ricultural Society in CanfulA. Quebec : Printed 
by ftamuel Xeilson, K"* 3 Mountain-etreeL 
M-UCf^^XL. In Enfrlkh und French vn rtpposite pages 
5 p'eL leaves and 3^ dojiirljf numbered pp. Thick 
paper: old green morocco eitraj teoied aides. With 
the Auiograph of BUiop Ingin of Nwa Scotia on r^ 
titte puge. auo. (7^. fid, SOSfl) 

PAKISM (KLij.iir). A Sermon preached at Boston, 
^ov^emhcT 3, 1B14, before tlie Society for Propa- 
^atiD^^ tlie Gospel limon^ the Indians and others la 
?Jonh- America. 3Jy K^ijah Parisii, D.B. S.A.S. 
Boston: iS 'dthnnicl W i\U6f ISi'^. 44< pp. UnbftuntL 
^io. (£<. 6d. aOB9) 

PARKKR(Ttro«AO' The/Viaionsand Propheciea/ 
of/ Daniel expounded :/ \^ ht^rein the Miitatea of 
former/ Interpreters are modefily dili::oFered, and 
the true/ jiiettain^ of the '^I'ext made plain by/ the 
Words and('ircuniitanceflof it./ The lame alfod- 
luftrated by clear infiances taken/ out of HietorieSt 
whicli rt^latt: the llvt^utis/ of time, myltically fore- 
told by the Holy Pronhet,/ Amon^it otber diing& 
ofNote^ touching/ 'Ilie Two Witnefles^ the New 
Jerusalem, the ihoufand/ ycetfl, t*tc. Here is pro- 
pounded a new Way for the finding out of liie/ de- 
teniiinale time fignified by Daniel in )iia Seventy 
\\*}cks:f ^\'hen it did be^m, and when we are to 
expect the end thereof,/ Very coniiderable, in re- 
fpe^ of (he great ftirs and tumults/ of tliis prefettt 
Agewhert^in welive,/ ByThouuis Parker of N ev^- 
bejy in Berkshire, and now Pallor to the/ Church 
at Newhery in New-England./ Ltmdnu^ Printed 
hy Kuth llaworth and John I'ield, for Edmund 
Paxion, dwellinjr/ at Pauls chain neer Doctors 
(]onunons^ Ifiki,/ 2 prei. ieiiL^i and 156 pp* Old 
calf. lio. {2L ^ti. 2(m} 

Bibliotheca Americana. 577 

PARKINSON (Sydney). A Journal of a Voyage 
to the South Seas, in his Majefty's Ship, The En- 
deavour. Faithfully tranfcnbed from the Papers 
of the late Sydney Parkinson, Drsuf^htfinan to Jo- 
seph Banks, Efq. on his late Expedition, with Dr. 
Solander, round the World. Embellished widi 
Views and Defigns, delineated by the Author, and 
engraved by capital ArtiAs. London: Stanfield 
Parkinson, H.DCc.LXXiii. xxmandilifp. Errata 
t fp. Portrait and 27 Plates. Large Paper. Calf. 
4to. (t0t.6d. 3091) 

PABS0N8 (Jonathan). Good News From a Far 
Country. In Seven Discourses From 1 Tim 1. 15. 
Deliveredatthe Presbyterian Church in Newbuiy: 
And now publilhed at the Defire of many of the 
Hearers and Others. By Jonathan Parsons, A.M. 
And Minifter of the Gojpel there. Portsmouth, in 
New-Hampshire: Printed and Sold by Daniel 
Fowle. 1756. «iiian<il68i>p. 8t>o. (Ts.6d. 2092) 

PARSONS (Jonathan). To lire is Christ, to die is 
Gain. A Funertd Sermon On the Death of the Rev. 
Mr. George Wbitefield^ Chaplain to the Countelis 
of Huntington, Who died fuddenly of a fit of the 
Afthma, at New-bury Port, at Six of the Clock 
Lord's Day Morning, Sept. 30th, 1770. The Ser- 
mon preached the Dime Day, Afternoon. By Jo- 
nathan Parsons, A.M. And Minifter of the Preiby- 
teriaa Church there. To which are added. An Ac- 
count of his Interment; The Speech over his Grave, 
By the Rev. Mr. Jewet; And I'ome Verses to his 
Memory, By the Rev. Tho. Gibbons, D.D. Ports- 
mouth, New- Hampshire, Printed, London Re- 
printed, For James Buckland, 1771. 3 prel. leaves 
and 36 pp. Ovo. (4a. 6d. 2093) 

PARSONS (MosEs). A Sermon preached at Cam- 
bridge, Before his Excellency Thomas Hutchin- 
•ni, £s<j ; Governor : His Honor Andrew Oliver, 
Esq; Lieutenant-Governor, The Honorable his 
Majesty's Council, and the honorable House of Re- 
presentatives, Of the Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bavin New-England, May 27^ 1772. Seine 
the Anniverlary for the Election of His MajesQr s 
Coundl for faid Province. By Moses Parsons, 
A.M. Pafior of the Church at Newbury Falls, 

1 QQ 

576 BihUvtheca Americana^ 

Bonion : Printed by Edea and Gill, PTinter* to the 
Honorftble House of HepreBentativeB. m,dcc,t,xxii, 
^pp.hiiifmor. Sva. (3s. 6J. 2094) 

PARTICULAR (A) Account of the Commence- 
mt^nt and TrOffrefl* of tlie Inauirectioti of the Ne- 
groes in &t» Dominf^Oj w-hicli bt^^an in An^st^ 
1791 : Being a TranElntion of the Speech made to 
tlie National Asaemhlj, The3dof^^ovemberjl79lT 
by th^ l^i^mtiefl from the General A snfrnihly of t}ie 
French l^artof St* Dominj^o, Tbe Second Kdition, 
\\'ith Not«^ and nn A ppt^ndix^ containing ExtradU 
from authentic Tajiers* Lo7i<ion : J. Sewell, n.ucci 
yviU iv and 47 pp. Bid. (4a, 6d. ^095) 

Or, A Particular DcscriptionOf the Several Couit- 
tries in the ^\'orld; in their Situation, Extent, Air, 
Soil, Divifion3y Provinces, Rivers, Commouit^r^Sj 
l^aritif^s, Capital Cities, Chief Towns, I lihabitauta, 
MunntTJl, Lani^ufl^cs, PopuloulnelJS, See. The Ge- 
nealogy, Pretenfions, Govl^^m)t:nt, Titles, Reve- 
nues, i^efidence^ iSic of their KinG;s and Princes. 
Their relpe^ive l^mtes^ Courts of Jufticc, Laws, 
IVobilitT, Ordpre of Knigbiliood, CltTpr, Arch- 
hilLopncIis, Ih Ihop ricks, L^nivcrsities, and Religiou. 
The f^ccond Kd^tion, with Additious. Londan: 
"WillijiFn i'rajuce, 17S^9. Tuie ih and 395 pp ; Jn- 
di3 5pp. Oidcaif. Bm {7it. 6d. 209fi) 

PATRIOT (Thk). Addreffcd to the Electors of 
Great Britain. Lojulvn: ainccLxxiv, TifUoTtdSS 
pp. hatfitujr. iiio. (4t.6d. 2097) 

PATRIOTS (TnF>f North-America: AStetch fin 
uer^e]. With Explanatory Kotes, Netv-York: 
Printed in the Year a,DCCji,xxv. iv and 4B pp., 
hiiljmor, 8rtf. (IOjs. 6d. 209B) 

PAlTEllSON (Waiter). Some f'acts stated, re- 
lative to the conduct of Walter Patterson, Kfq; 
Late Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of the 
IllandSt.John, OfEdmundFannin|^,Efq; Thepift- 
feiit LitMitPTittnt-GuvcTnoT ; and of Peter Stewart, 
£lq; Chief Just ice of the ftiid Ktand; Occaflouedby 
feme Notes, contained in a Pamphlet, entitled The 
CrimiEifHinf^ Complaint, &.c, ^c, Tiite and 40 pp. 
hatj THor. eio, (4s. 6d, 2099) 

PAULLI (SjiioN). Simonia Paulli, D,/ MedidRe- 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 579 

gii, so Fnelati Aarbufienfis/ CommeDtariiu/ De/ 
Abiuu Tabaci/ Americanorum Veteri./ et/ Herbse 
Thee/ Asiaaticoram in Europa Novo,/ Qua ipfiffi- 
ma ell Cbamseleagnos Dodonaei,/ Editio Seconda 
priori au&ior & correctior,/ Argentoratil Snmp- 
tibua B. Authoris Filii Simonisl^aulli Bibliop./ 
Anno Salutig h.dc.lxxxi./ 30 frel. Uaxts inelud- 
iiagPortraitil Amu, Ifc. of Author, andSS pp. 'Syl* 
labus Auctoram.' 4 pp. ' Index Renim. 7 pp. i 
folding plataatpp.TeSi 77. *U>.(10:6d. 2100) 

PAUW (Mr, de). Recherches Philosophiques sur 
lea Americains, ou M^moirea intireflants pour ser- 
vir a rHiitoire de I'Efpece Humaine. Far Mr. de 
P • • *. Avec une Diflertation fur I'Amirique & 
lea Americaina, par Don Pemety. Et la Defenfe 
del'Auteur des Kecherches contre cette DifTerta- 
tion. A Berlin, m.dcc.lxx. Three Volumei. Tome 
I. ixtv and 336 pp. Table 25 pp. Tome II. Title and 
366 pp. Table 31 pp. Tome 111. 136 pp. 'Deftiue,' 
etc. 256pp. Oldcalf. SmallSvo. (10s. 6<i. 2101) 

PAUW (Mr. de). Recherches Philosophiques sur 
lea Americains, on M^moires int^reflants pour 
fervir a I'Hiiioire de I'Efpece Humaine. Par M. 
de P • • *. Avec une OifTertation fur TAm^rique 
& lea AmMcains, par Dom Peruety. A Londrei. 
I1.D.CC.LXXI. Three Volumet. Tome Premier, xx 
and W6 pp. Table ^6 pp. The ind and 3rd are of the 
edition above. Vim». (10>. 6d. 2102) 

PAUW (Mr. de). Selections irom lea Recherches 
Philosophiques sur les Americaina of M. Fauw. 
ByMr. W»»». [Webb.] Batt, Printed by R. 
Cruttwell. HDcCLXxxix. 9 prel. leaves and 211 pp. 
Sw. (15s. 2103) 

Fifty cople* onlj of thit work w«re prloted, kod given to lli« Ao- 
tlior*t frleod*. 

PAYNE (John Howard). Memoirs of John How- 
ard Payne, the American Roscius: With Criti- 
cisms on his Acting, in (he various Theatres of 
America^ England and Ireland. Compiled from 
Authentic Documents. London: John Miller, 
1815. 2 prel. kavei and 131 pp. With Portrait of 
Payne. Bvo. (4s. 6d, 2104) 

PEALE (Rembrandt). Account of the Skeleton 
of The Mammoth) a non-descript Carnivorous 

580 BibUotheca Americana. 

Animal of Immense Size, Foand in America. Br 
Rembrandt Peale, the Proprietor. London: £. 
Lawrence, 1802. 46 pp. Svo. (4s. 6d. 3105) 

PECKARD (P.) Memoirs of the Life of Mr. 
Nicholas Ferrar. By P. Peckard, D.D. Master 
of Magdalen College, Cambridge. Cambridge, J. 
Archdeacon, hdcoxc. xvi ami 316 pp. With 
Portrait and Pedigree of NiehoUu Ferrar, 
8vo. (1&.6(2. 3106) 

PEMBERTON (Ebenezeh). Sermons and Dis- 
courses on Several Occafions. By the late ReTer- 
end and Learned Ebenezer Pemberton, A.M. 
Pallor of the South Church in Bollon, and Fellow 
of Harvard College in Cambridge, New-England. 
To which is added, A Sermon after his Funeral 
preached by the Reverend Mr. Colman, Pafior of 
a Church in Bofion : Containing fome Account of 
Mr. Pemberton's Life and Charafier. Now firft 
Colle£led into One Volume. London: J. Batley, 

. HDccxxvii. 4 pret. {nines and 310pp. Old col/. 
8iw. (7s. 6d. 3107) 

PEMBERTON (Ebenezer). Heaven the Refidence 
of the Saints. A Sermon Occafioned by the fudden 
and much lamented Death of the Rev. George 
Whitefield, A.M. Chaplain to the Right Honour- 
able the Countels of Huntington. Delivered at 
the Thurfday Lecture at Boston, in America, Oc- 
tober 11, 1770. By Ebenezer Pemberton, D.D. 
Pallor of a Church jn Bofton. To which is added. 
An Elegiac Poem on his Death, By Phillis, a 
Negro Girl, of Seventeen Years of Age, Belonging 
to Mr. J. Wheatley of Bofton. Boilon, Printed: 
London, Reprinted, For £. and C. Dilly. h.occ. 
Lxxi. 31 pp. Aa(fmor. 8t>o. (4s. 6d. 2108) 

PEMBERTON (John). A Testimony of the Month- 
ly Meeting of Friends, at Pyrmont in West^alia, 
Germany, conceming^John Pemberton, of Phila- 
delphia in North America: With his Epistle to 
the Inhabitants of Amsterdam. Philadelphia 
printed : London reprinted James Phillips & Son, 
1798. 36 pp. 13nio. (Is. 6d. 3109) 

PEMBERTON (John). A Testimony of the Month- 
ly Meeting of Friends, at Pyrmont in Westphalia, 
Germany, concerning John Pemberton, of Phila- 

BihUoihecd Americanam 581 

d«lpbiatn North America: With hiB Kpistlg to the 
I ohabitaQts of A ms terdaui. Philade iph m : Prui tf;d 
by Henry Tuckniss, 1798, v and pp. 7-^. 
lima. (m. 6d. SI 10) 

PENA MOXTENECRO (Alonso de laj. Itioe- 
^ rojio/para/ Fajochos/ de Indios,/ en que se tratan 
las materia#i/ mas partirular^a, tocajii^a a cllos, 
pam fu/ buenft Adniinillrnciori;/ Compueato/ por 
£1 Ilufltrisaimo, y Roverendi&aimo/ Senor Doctor 
Don Alonso/ de la Peiia I^Iontenegro,/ Obispo del 
Obispadct de Sad Francisco del Quito,/ del conft'jo 
defu Mft^eftftdjCole^al qqi? fue dd Colopo mayor/ 
de la UDiverfidad de Santiat^o, &c./ ^ oeva Edi- 
cion Purgada de muchos Yerros./ Ea. Ambei^s^J 
Por Uenn<;o y Conif^Uo V'erdus^n./ Ano «.nc, 
xcvijn/ Con Liccncm./ ^£t pre/^ ^auef; 'i'ejt 697 
pp. double columns, folltiTted by Ind'tc$ 4!^ leaves ^ 1 
page. Old calf, 4/<i. (U. 1*. Sill) 

PENHALLOVV (SamukO. The History of the 
Wars of Nevp-Krif^land^ vVith th*:: Kalkm Indians. 
Or, a Narrative Of their continued Pertidv ami 
Cruelty^ from the 10th of Au^ifuftj 1703. fo tlic 
Pea<^ renewed l.^th of sTuly. 1713. Ajid from the 
45th of J lily, 17 Sa. To their Subniillion 15 th De- 
cember, 17i35. Which was Ratified Auguft 5th, 
17S6. By Samuel PenhaUovr, Eeq^ Moston : 
Printed by T, Fleet, for S, Ge?rriili at the lower 
end of Comhill, and D« Henchman over-a^ainfl 
the lirick Meeting-Houfe in Cornhill^ 17^6* 4 
preL leaves and 1^1 pu. * Advertil«^meiit,* 1 page. 
lUdmar.byBedfiwd. Spuia^io. (10/- lOs. ^112) 

PENINGTON (Isaac). An/ Examination/ of 
the/ Grounds or Caufes,/ Which are faid to induce 
the Court of/ Bolton in Newi^England to make 
that Order or l^w/ of Utinilhment upon pain of 
Death aj^itift the Quakers;/ As Eillb of the Grounds 
and ConQderationa by ti^eni pro-/duced to mauifelt 
tJie warrantableiH-^ls and juitntHs both ol/ their 
making and eiecutine the fame, which they now 
Hand/ deeply engaged to defend, huviuff already 
tl^ereupon put/ two of them to deatli./ As alfo of 
fome furtlier Groundsi for jufiifvin^ of/ the fame, 
in an Appendix to John \orton*B Book (which/ 
was Printed after tlip Book it felf, yet as part 
thereof) whereto/ he is faid to be appointed by the 

582 Bibliotheca Americana* 

rjenf*raJ Court./ And likewife of the Argnm^ntA 
hrifrflj binte^l hi that whi^h/ ifi called^ A true Kf- 
lation of the Proc^odmgia OL^ainft thp Qualier^f 6tc./ 
Whert^untofoTDewhftt is added ahont the Authoritj 
and Go-Z^emnieDt which Chrill excluded out of 
liifl Churchy which occafi'/oneth Ibmewhat couq*rn- 
in^ the true Cliurch-Uovemni^at./ By Ifanc Fe- 
ntn^ou, the Youn^r./ London, Printed for L^ 
Lloyd, oejtl to the ^i^n of/ the tlaiiU- in C'omhill, 
1660./ 2pTeLlmvttand99pp. -Uo. iSi.Sa. »113) 

PKNIXGTON (Jons). An/ Apostate/ Exposed:/ 
OrJ George Keith/ Contradicting himfelf and hi* 
Brother Bradford. U'ljei*ein Their Tefiimooy to 
the Chritlian Faith of the People called Qua^/kers, 
is opjiolkl to Ci, K'b late/ PiuuphLet, $tiLed, Grol^ 
Error/ and Hypcrift? detected,/ By John Pen- 
ington^/ LmidifHf Printrd and SoM hy T* Sowle, 
near the Meeting-/ t!oufe in VV bite- Hart-Court ia 
Grace-Cburch-ftreet, 1695./ Tiit^ atui pp. 3*Sy. 
\2ino. {^L Sj. tlU) 

PKNN (Wiluak). a/ Letter/ from/ William 
Fenn/ Pj*oprietary and GoTt»Tnoar of/ Pennsyl- 
vania/ In America, to tlie Comiaittee/ of the/ Free 
Society gf 1>aderp/ of that Province, refuting in 
London./ ContainitJg/ A General DefctiptioT* of 
the t'ftid Province, ita Soil, Air, Water^ ^eafona 
uid Produce^/ both Natural and Artificial^ and tht* 
good Kiicrf-afe thereof./ Of the Natives or Ahon- 
eines, their Lang^mi^p, C.^uttomsand Manners, thet^ 
Houfes or Wiff-/wani3j Liberality, eafie w^j of 
Living, PhyHck, Burial, Religion, SacnRces and 
CanticoJ fefiiv-als, Government, and their order 
in (.Council uiion 1'rt^aties for/ Land. ikc-. their 
Juftice upon Evil Doers./ Of the firft I'lantem, 
tilt! Dutch, &.C. and the prefent Condition and 
Settlement of the faid J^rovince,/ and Courts of 
JufUces, Aicf To which is added, An Account of 
the City of/ Philadelphifl/ Newly laid out. Ita 
Scituation between two Navitrahle Uivera, Dela- 
ware and SkulkiLl,/ with a/ Portraiture or Plat- 
form thereof,/ Wherein the Purclmfers Lota are 
Diftinjffuilhed by certain Numbers inferted./ And 
the Profpcroua and Advantagious SettlenientB of 
the Society aforefaid, within/ the faJd City and 
CoUMiry, &c./ Printed aud Sold hj Andrew 

BibUoiheea Americana. 563 

Sowie, at the Crooled-Billet in HoUoway-Lane in/ 
Sboreditch, and at fereral Stationers in Lmdmi, 
1683./ 10 pp. With the Portraitun oftht City of 
Philadelphia. Folio. (3i.lii.6d. 2115°) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A/ Further Account/ Of the 
Province of/ Pennsylvania/ and its/ Improve- 
ments./ For the Satisfikdion of thofe that are 
Adventurers, and/ enclined to be so. [London 
1685.] At the end Dated ' Worminghurlt-Place, 
ISfth of the 10th Month 85.' Signed < William 
Penn.' 20 pp. Hol/mor. .tto. (IJ. lit. 6A 2116) 

PENNSYLVANIA. Some/ Letters/ and an/ Ab- 
ftract of LettenI from Pennsylvania,/ Containing/ 
The State and Improvement of that/ Province./ 
Publifbed to prevent Mif-Reports./ [LoTidon] 
Printed and Sold by Andrew Sows, at the Crooked- 
Billet in HoUo-/way-Lane, in Shoreditch, 1691./ 
12 pp. Uneut. 4to. (2<. 2i. 2117) 

PENNSYLVANIA. The Charters of the Province 
of Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia. Phila- 
delphia: Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, hdcc 
xui. SO pp. Folio. (Is. lit. 6(2. 2118) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A Collection of all the Laws 
Of the Province of Pennsylvania : Now in Force. 
Publiflied by Order of Assembly. Philadelphia: 
Printed and Sold by B. Franklin. H,Dcc,xut. 
562pp. 'An Appendix; containing a Summary 
of such Acts of Assembly As have been formerly 
in Force within this Province, For Regulating of 
Defcents, And Transfering the Property of Lands, 
&c. But fince expired, altered or repealed. Phila- 
delphia: Printed by B. Franklin. h,dcc,xi.ii. tvpp. 
and matting all after p. 16. Folio. (18i. 2119) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief State of the Province 
of Pennsylvania, in which The Conduct of their 
Assemblies for feveral Years paft is impartially 
examined, and the true Caufe of the continual 
Encroachments of the French difplayed, more 
efpecially the fecret Defign of their late unwar- 
rantable Invadon and Setuement upon the River 
Ohio. To which is annexed. An ealy Plan for 
Refioring Quiet in the Public Meafures of that 
Province, and defeating the ambitious Views of the 
French in time to come. In a Letter firom a 

584 B'ihlioiheca Americana. 

Gentleman who has refidfd many Years in Penn- 
fylvania to his Friend iu London [Uenjamin 
Frantlin]. Londim : R. Griffiths. 1755, Uitif- 
tUUj tiiUf and text j}p* 3-45. Half morocco. 
Sta. (I0s.6d. ai^) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A bmf State of the ProFince 
of JVnnsylvaniaj in which The Condufl: of their 
Aes^mblies for Ipveral Years paft is impartiHllj 
examiDed^ and the true CauCe of the continual 
Encroachments of The Fteiith difpliijed, more 
efpecittlly tliefecretDefiffn oftJieir late nn warrant' 
able InvaJionand Sett lenient upon the River Ohio. 
To which is anne:red, An eafy Plan for Tefioring 
Quiet in the public Meafti res of that Trovince, and 
defiiatiiij^ rlie ambitioujj VicTTB of the French in 
time to come. In a Jitter from a Gentleman wlio 
has xeiided mftnj' Years in PennlyU'ania to his 
Friend in London. The Second Kdition. London: 
R. Griffitiis^ :7o3. Half-title^ title^ and iexi pp. 
3-45, Haij mer. Zvo. (10s. 6J. 31^1) 

PENNSYLVANIA, An Answer To an invidiou* 
Pamphlet J intitLiled, A Briff State oj' the frminre of 
PeTiJiyit:aiiia. ^V herein are ex poled ITie many 
falU: Aflertions of the Authfir or .'\uthorsT of tli 
faid Pamphlet) with a View to render the tjualcera 
of Peniylrania and their Government obnoxious 
to the British Parliament and Aliniftryj and the 
Several Tran tactions, nioll ti^rofly mifreprefented 
therein, fet in their true lij^ht. Lotidtm ; S, BUn- 
doCj MotcLT. TltU and 80 /t^. Haif -morocco* 
8^0, (10*. 6d. 2132) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief View Of theConduct 
of Pennpylvanifl, Kor the Year 1753; So faraa it 
affr^^tetltlifi G eneral Service of the British Colonies, 
particnlarlj the expedition under the late General 
lirJidtlock, With an Accouni of the ftiocking In- 
hum^niiies, committed by the Ineurfions of the 
Indians upon the Province in Ottoher and Novem- 
ber; whieh occaiioned a Body of the inhxihitants 
to come down, while tlie Atfembly were litting, 
and to i^^fift upon an immediate Sufpention of all 
Dit'putes, and the Pulfing of a Law for the Defeiice 
of the (,'otintrj. Jnterlpers^d with federal inter- 
eiliug Anecdotes and ort§;ina] Papers^ r^latin^ to 

Bibliothtca Americana. 585 

die Politics and Principles of the People called 
Quakers: Bein? a Seauel to a late well known 
Pam^Iet, Intitled, A Brief State of Pennsylvania. 
In a Second Letter to a Friend in London. Lon- 
liini : R. Griffiths. 1756. 88 pp. Half morocco. 
»va. (10s. 6d. 2133) 

PENNSYLVANIA. An Historical Review of the 
Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania 
From its Origin; So far as regards the feveral 
Points of Controverfy, which have, from Time to 
Time, arifen between The feveral Governors of 
that Province, and Their feveral Assemblies. 
Founded on authentic Documents. [By Dr. 
Franklin] London: R. Griffiths, hoccux. viU 
pp. Contenti 18 pp ; and Text 444 pp. Old calf. 
8w. (7>. 6d. 3124) 

PENNSYLVANIA. A New Essay [By the Penn- 
fylvaniao Farmer] On the Constitutional Power 
of Great-Britain over the Colonies in America ; 
with the Resolves of the Committee for the Pro- 
vince of Pennsylvania^ and their Instructions To 
their Representatives m Assembly. Philadelphia 
Printed ; and London Re-printed for J. Almon, 1774. 
eiii and 126 pp. Halfmor. 8vo. (5t.6d. 2125) 

PENNSYLVANIA. The Acts of the General Af- 
fembly of the Commonwealth of Pensylvania, 
Carerall^ compared with the Originals. And an 
Appendix, Containing the Laws now in Force, 
fitted between the 30th Day of September, 1775, 
and the Revolution. Together with The Declara- 
tion of Independence ; the Conftitution of the State 
of Pennsylvania; and the Articles of Confederation 
of the United States of America. PubliHied by 
order of the General Afl°embly. Philadelphia : 
Printed and Sold by Francis Bailey, in Market- 
Street, ii,DCC,Lxxxii. Two Volumes. Vol. I. 3 
sr>{. teavee, xxxit and 527 pp. Index or Table viiipp. 
Vol. II. Hall and Sellers, Title and pp. 3-704. 
Tabkeat pp. 82-3, 110, 254, 270, 369, 400, 588, 704. 
Volumes IV. V. and VI. 400pp. Tables at pp. 8,88, 
180, 194, 314, 400. fine copy in Old calf. 
Folio {ll.ns.6d. 2126) 

PENNSYLVANIA. Proceedings and Debates of 
the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, As taken 

536 BihUothtca Ameiicana, 

in aliorl-haud by Thom&a Llojd. Fhiladelpliia : 
IMiited by Joseph Jamea, in Chesnut-StreeL 
H,ix:cjLxxxvji. Volume the Seconds Title and 
189 pp. Errata l\)age, St'fl. (3s* 6d, SICT) 

PENNSYLVANIA. ObaervatioTia upon the present 
Government of Tennsy J van ia. Jn four letters to 
the Peopleof Pennsylvania* PhihrUlphia: Printed 
and Sold by Styner and Ciflt^ in Second-ftreet, 
five doors above Arch -itreet, MnccinXxvEi, $4 pp. 
Hatfmitr. 8m (5s* §128) 

PENNSYLVANIA* An Hietonc*! Keview ofthe 
CoTiEtitutioD and Government of Pennsylvania, 
from its origin; go far as re^rds the several points 
of eontroversy which have from time to time arisen 
between the several Go vernorfl of Pennsylvania and 
their several Assemblies, Pounded on Authentic 
Dot^nmeiitfl, [Hy Dr. Franklin] IHOB, Reprinted 
ftt Philadelphia by Wm. Dnane, from the London 
Kdition of 1739- TitU and pp* jv-ztxvL Text 431 
pp, 8wi, {7s. 6d. S129) 

of the Account of the Penofylvauia Hofpital; From 
the Firlt of May 1754, to the lifth of Mav Jr6L 
With an alphabetical List of the Contnb^itors, 
and of the J.^egaeies which have been bequeathed, 
for Promotion and Support thereof, from its Hrft 
Rise to that Time, rhihtielphut: Printed by B, 
Franklin, and D. Hall, Moooi.xi. TitU and pp* 
41-77. 4JD. (IL IQs. 3130) 

American iMonthiy Museum. Tvioeci.:£xv* Volame 
I. rhiUideiyhia : Printed and sold by R. Aitten, 
Printer and Pooksf^ller, opposite the London Cof- 
fee-House, Front-Street. 4 }irel, leaves and text 
•pp. y-625* Indei 5 pp. Witk neverai citpperpfates.. 
Oldaj(j: Bvo. (Idi. S131) 

PEREi? (Francisco). Cateciemo de la Doctrina 
CristiancL en lengua Otomij tr;iducida Jiteralmc^nte 
al Castellan por el IVesbitt^ro H, tVanciaco Perctj 
catedratico jiropietario do dicho idioma en la 
nacional y pontiticia universidad de la Ciudad 
federal de loa estados iMexieanos^ eiaminador 
einodal de dicho Idioma de efitt> arzobispado. 

BibUotheea AmerUana. 587 

Maieo: Imprenta de la Testamentaria de Valdis, 
a cargo de Joai Maria Gallegos 1834. 5 prel, 
Uavu and 17 pp. ' Manualito' tte. 46 pp. Half 
nor. 8iio. (1<.1<. tl32) 

PEREZ (Manvii.). Arte de el Idioma Mexicano. 

■ For el P. Fr. Manuel Perez, del Orden de N. P. 

r San Auguftin, hijo de la Santa Proviocia del San- 
tiflmio Nombre de Jears, actual Vilitador en ella. 
Com Miniftn^ por fo Mageftad, de la Parroquia 
de lo8 NatnralM del Real Collegio de San Pablo, y 
Cathedratico de dicho Idioma en la Real Vm- 
▼erfidad de Mexico. Dedicalo a la dicha Santif- 
fima ProTincia. Con Licencia. En Mixieo, por 
Franoiioo de Ribera Calderon, en la calle de San 
Angoftiii. Anode 1713. 8 prel, Uave$ and 80 pp. 
< Indices' S pp. 4t«. {4l.l4i.6d. iiSa) 

PEREZ (Manoel). Parol IndianojyGriadeCuras 

^ de Indioi. Summa de los Cinco ^tcramentos que 

"^ adminiftran loa Miniliros ETangelicos en ella Ame- 
rica. Con todoe los cabs morales que fuceden 
entre Indies. Deduoidos de los mas claficos Au- 
thores, y amoldados a las coftombres, y privilegios 
de loi Naturales. Por el P. Fr. Manuel Perez, 
del Orden de N, P. S. Aueuftin, hijo de efta Pro- 
Tincia del Santiflimo Nombre de Jesus. Vifitador 
adnal de ella, Cura-Miniftro, por fu Mageftadj de 
la Panoqnia de Naturales de s Pablo de Mexico, 
T Cathedratico de Lengua Mexicana en la Vniver- 
Bdad. DedicalaAl Santiflimo Efpofode la Efpofit, 
T Madre de Dios, y Patron de Ella Nueva-Elpaiia, 
Senor San Joseph. Con Licencia de los Svpenores. 
En Mexico, por Francifco de Rivera Calderon, en 
la oaUe de San Auguftin. Ano de 1713. 34 prel. 
Itavti and 192 pp. ' Indice de los Capitulos,' 3 pp. 
4to. (,91.3$. «1S4) 

PERNETTY (Dom). Histoire d'un Voyage aux 
Isles Malouines, Fait en 1763 & 1764 ; arec des 
Obaerrations sur le Detroit de Magellan, et sur 
les Patagons, Par Dom Pemetty, Abbi de I'Ab- 
baye de Bai^l, Membre de rAcademie Romaic 
des Sciences tc Belles-Lettres de Prafle ; Aflocii 
Correlpondant de calle de Florence, & Bibliothi- 
eaire de Sa MajeiU le Roi de Frufle. Nouvelle 
Edition. Refondue & augment^e d'un Difcours 
Priliminaire, de Remarques I'ur THistoire Natu- 


588 Bihiiotheca Americana. 

relle, &c. A Pdrijj Saillant & N^yon, u.dcc.lxx^ 
Ttao Volumea. Tome Prf^mier. iv and 3H5 pp. 
Tome Second. Titit and 334 pp. ^pprfltatiW and 
Prit?i/j/je S yp. With 13 folded plates ut end. Old 
calj\ Bhj. (8s, 6d. 2135) 

rKRU. Conquefte van Indien*/ T> wonderlijcke 
ende waracbi/tigheHiftorieyant Coninckrijck van 
Peru,/ "fUelfjgen in Iiidien^ inde weicke verhaelt 
wordt de ghel<^K^"'"^'*^P^/ coftuymf'nj manit^ren 
THJi IcTPn^ oTeruloodichejt due Goudtfl ende 
SiiverSj/ endf vooTta alle de fonderlingfte dmghen 
van dtn felven lande,/ Infghelijckg van den/ 
fteden, plttetien ende inwoonders dcflelfs Con- 
inckrijci, daer beneven, hoet ghevondeo/ ende 
«?rii by de Keyterlijcke Mayeftej-'t hoocbLoflijcker 
nieKn>rien fj^becoiique^r/fleert ende vercregben is, 
nn.'t alle dt^ Oorlogben, ende firijdeDy dje ehe=/ 
buert zijn^ loo te^b^na d' Indianen^ als oock om 
tgoe'/verneinent d*f#n te^g'heua den audereD./ De 
Caerte van Annjrica*/ [Eui^ravtid on Copper on the 
title.] t^Amiteiredanirl liy ilorrwlis Clael'z, woo- 
nende opt Water, by de Oude Bruga^lie^/ Int 
Scbrijf Hoeck. Anno, 159&./ Tiiiej m the reverse, 
*Tot den Lefer.* Text in 148 Uaves very irrega- 
Inrly fhVtoed ; ^ojiperplate engraving of 'Cerro de 
Potoar fln the retvrrf ij/'st£. Eeij. ^TafeloftRe^ 
giUer de» boecks' £0 j>;). Fine copy. Old calf 
4to. ill. 2s. 3136) 

PERU. Constitucion. Politica de la Kepublica 
Peruana Tnrada en Lima el 20 de Noviembre de 
18^3* Lima: 1BS5, Impronta del estado dot J, 
Conzntrz. ciii and 5^ pp. Indice 2 pp. (/nfwunil, 
16?Nij, (5*. Sl3r) 

PETERS (Rkusuaiid MicuAt:!,), Eine befonder* 
merkwiirdigc Ilei1f< von A m llordiun nacb Surinam, 
nnd von da zuriick nacb Bremen, in dtn Jabren 
t?^3 und I7ft4. von Bprnhard iMiehael Peters, 
einem Jevf^rldnd^^r. VVobei die Reilen und Le- 
b'jnBgefcbicbtt^ John Tboinfons einea Eni^landfra, 
ftiinea vertrauten Freundes und Reilegefiihrtenauf 
der See. Bfemen^ l7Ba. Ttnj Vohimes. Erlter 
TheiK 4pr^LUin-e6 und ^2\'i pjK Zwt^yte und letxte 
ThiiiL 17yO. 6 preL kaus aitd IS^ pp. boardt. 
Sii). (?s, 6d. ei3&) 

Bibliotheca Americana. , 589 

PETERS (Hugh). An Historical and Critical 
Acooant of Hugh Peters. After the Manner of 
Mr. Bayle. Londmi : J. Noon, hdccli. 72 pp. 
Half mar. 6vo. iis.6d. 2139) 

PETITIONS from the Old and New Subjects, In- 
habitants of the Province of Quebec, to the Right 
Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal. 
London : Printed in the Year 1T91. 2 prel. leaves 
and 55 pp. Half mar. 8vo. (4>. 6(2. 2140) 

PHIUPOT (TnoMAs). The Original and Gro?rth/ 
of/ The Spanilh/ Monarchy/ United with the 
House of/ Austria./ EztniUed from thofe Chro- 
nicles,/ Annals, Regifiers and Genealogies,/ that 
ydld any faithnil Beprefentation/ how the Uoufes 
of Caftile, Aragon and/ Burgundy became knit and 
combin'd/ into one Body./ To which are added 
fereral Difcourfes of tnofe/ Acceflions and Im- 
provements in Italy,/ Airick, with the Eail and 
Weft-Indies,/ that are now annexed by Alliance 
orCon-/qoeu to the Diadem of Spain./ By 
Thomas PhiUpot, M.A./ Formerly of Clare-Hall in 
Cambridge./ London, Printed by W. 0. for R. 
Taylor, in St. Martins le/ Grand neer St. Leonards 
Church yard. 1664./ 4 vrel. leaves and text 264 
op. With portrait of Philip tfie IV. of Spain. 
&mU»vo. (18<. 2141) 

PHILIPS (Miles). The Voyages and Adventures 
of Miles Philips, A Weft-Countrv Sailor. Con- 
taining A Relation of his various Fortune both by 
Sea and Land ; the inhuman Uiage he met with 
from the Spaniards at Mexico, and the Salvage 
Indians of Canada and other barbarous Nations ; 
and the Sufferings he and his Companions under- 
went by their Confinement and Sentence in the 
Spaoifli Inquiiition. Together with A Natural 
Defiaription of the Countries he vifited, and par- 
tienhr Obfervations on the Religion, Cmloms and 
Manners of their refoeftive Inhabitants. Written 
by Himself in the plain Stile of an F.nglifli Sailor. 
Lomdm : T. Payne, 1724. 6prtl. Uavet and ilSpp. 
Wanting pages 17, 18, 101, to 116, 203, to 106, 
nchunw. Old calf. Umo. {14s. 6d. S14C} 

PHILLIP (William). The/ True and perifeaDe-/ 
feripticm of three Voy-/ages fo ftrange and woon- 

590 Bihlioiheca Ameiicana. 

' derfiill>/ that the like hath neuer been/ heard of 

before;/ Done aniipcrrcn*nie(UhrtH*yeare5,oaeifUr 
the oth^^r by the Shipi of/ HollBnd and Z^l&nd, on 
theNorthiidesofNarway, Mufcouiatuid/ Taruria, 
\ towurdfl die Kingdomeg oi CnthoJa and China; 

. niewinc/ the difcouerieoftheStraightHofWeigatefl 

: ^Duu Zemhln,/ and the ('ountrie l^'ing vnder BO 

t de^efs; which is/ thought to be Greenland- 

[ Inhere ncut^f auy man had/ bin before; jrith tlie 

cruel] Beiir^^ and other/ Monftera of the Sf^, and 
the TTLlbp-/ portable and extreame cold/ tiiat is 
found TO he in/ thole placed./ And how that m 
the laft Voyajjej the Shijipe waB fo inclofed by the/ 
Ice, tliat it was left tht^re, whereby the men were 
foroeiL to huUd a/ houfe in the cold and ddkzl 
Countrie of ^i ouaZembla wherin/ they continii«l 
10 monthea to^i^tlift, and netier faw nor/ heard of 
any man, in moft^eat cold and extreanoe/ mifene^ 
and how after that, to faue their lines, they/ wera 
coriftraijif'd to bayle aboue 360 Uuch-Zniiles, which 
is above lOCKI mileg Knglilh,/ in little open hoates^ 
nlon^ and out?r thf.'/ maine Seas, in nnofl ^at 
datJti^r,/ and with extreame labour, vti'/fpeakable 
troubh^s, and/ great hunjr^T./ 3mpriiitetl at Los- 
donj for T. Pauier./ 16tVJ./ % preL Uacts; ot- 
Tiile the rerene hiank, * To the Ki^ht W'or'/fliip- 
full, Sir Thomas Smith Knight, Goucr-/nnnr of 
I tb^i Mufcouy t'ompLiny, i^t;.' Sl^ed HVilliam 

I Phillip/ 1^ pp. Trii in 97 uji/oHtted tfitve$. Signa- 

tures h. to \\ injoura, and X. in 3 leaves. Morocfo 
eitrrif hif Riviere. 4ta. (4L 4s* fl43) 

PHILOPOlSl-l!^ (HoNORiLs). No^Typis/Trans^ 
acta Na-/vi^tJo./ !Novi Orbis Indite Ocd-/dei]- 
tali^/ Aflniodvm Re'/verendissimorTm P.P*/ ac 
F.}\ Reverendffimi ac lllustriflimi Domini^/ Dn* 
BveUii Cataloui Abbittis montis/ Serrati, & in vni- 
rerfani Americom, live Novum,/ Orbem Sacnt 
Seditt ApeUolicai Homajiai u Latere/ l^^li^ Vicarij, 
ac Patriarchal So<;ioninjf|i !Mo-/D**Jtj'>nittiexQHliiie 
S. P» N. Benedi^ti ad i'unra/ di^ Nori Mundi 
barbaras gentts Chrifti S. LFtin-/gelium pr^dic&ndi 
gratia df legator uiu Sacerdo/tura, DimiiS per 
S-D. D. PapJtm Akxandruui/ VL AnnoChnAi, 
1492-1 Nvnc Priirivni/ K varijs Scriptoribua in 
Ttium cflUe-/ctu, & figuris ornata./ Avthore/ 
Vencrando i'r. Don llonorio Philopono/ Qrdinij 

Bibliotheca Americana. 591 

S. Benedict! Monacho. 1631./ 3 prel. Uavei in- 
elitdmg the engramd title, and 101 pp. with 3 teq. pp. 
There are 18 copperplate engravhigs. Vellum. 
Fctio. (31. 13s. 6d. 3144) 

PHILOSOPHIC SOLITUDE: Or. the choice of 
a nural life : A Poem. By a Gentleman educated 
at Yale CoUege. The Third Edition. New-York: 
Printed by J^n Holt at the Exchange. [1769 ?] 
40 pp. Httlfmor. 8vo. (10>.6d. 3146) 

PHILOTHEUS. A True and Particular History of 
Earthqnakea. Containing A Relation of that 
dreadful Earthquake irhicn happen'd at Lima and 
Callao, in Peru, OaoberSS, 1746; publifh'd at 
Lima by Command of the Vice-Roy, and now 
tranflated from the Original Spanilh ; alfo of that 
which happen'd in Jamaica in 1693, and of others 
in different Parts of the World. Accurately 
defcribing The dreadful Devafiations that have 
been ma& by thofe horrible Convulfions of the 
Earth; whereby JMountains have been thrown 
down, or remoy d to great Diftances ; Cities, with 
all theii Ilihabitants, fwaUow'd up in a Moment ; 
whole Flocks and Herds, with tlieir Keepers, in- 
gulph'd in the termendous Chafms and Openings 
of Valleys ; large Forefts funk, and for ever buried 
in an Inftant. Extracted from Authors of the 
moil iioezceptionable Credit and Reputation. By 
Philotheus. London : for the Author, 1748. xt>> 
and 176 pp. Old calf. 8tw. (7t. 6d. 3146) 

PIECES Justificatiyes des Mimoires concemant les 
Limites de L'Acadie. A Paris, de L'Imprimerie 
Royale. H.nccuv. TitU and 646 pp. Old calf. 
4to. {II. 5i. 3147) 

PIGGOTT (8.) An Authentic Narratiye of four 
years residence at Tongataboo, One of the Friendly 

Islands, by Geo. V Who together with 38 

odier Missionaries was sent thither by the London 
Society in the Sliip Duff, under Captain Wilson 
in 1796, and survived them all; and lived as one 
of the Natives for two Years. With an Appendix 
by an Eminent Writer, By the Rev. S. Piggott, 
A,M.Domestic Chaplain to the Right Hon. Viscount 
Lord Galway, and perpetual Curate of St. James' 
Church, Latchford, Warrington. London: Long- 

592 BibViotheca Americana. 

mAn & Co. 1815. tv and ^34 pp. Errata 1 psge. 
With ptale and churi. Euu. (5:. 6d. 2148} 

PI ICE (Zufsiii^N Mostgomehv), Eiploratorr 
Travelfl throiif^h tbe VVtrBtem Territories of Korth 
America: Comprising a Vojhgc from St. J^uis, 
pa the MisEisaipi, to the Source of that River, and 
a Journey through the iDterior of Iy>uijtiaua, and 
the Nortli'Kttsttru I'rovbces of New Spain. Per- 
formed in the jears IBa'^, 18(W3, WOT, bv Order of 
theGoTernmentof the United States. lij Zehulon 
Montgomery Pite, Major 6th Regt. United 
States Infintrj,', Landau: Ixingman^ 1811. iipp. 
a-nd leit 436 pp. With S Mapl. Half calf . 
4tD. (iOs.Cd. S14g) 

PIMIENTA (FHANcism Dr.tz), Relacion del 
Svcesso Qve/ Two Francisco Diaz I'imienta, 
General de la Real/ Arm&da de las Indias, en U 
Ifila d^ fanta Catalina. Date cuentacomo la/ toin6 
a loa enemi^os que la pofT^ian, ecbandolos della, j 
de la/ eftimacion de los defpojos, y numero de los/ 
prifioneroa./ [Cnhphuit] Coti licencia. En Ma- 
dndy Per tuan Sanchez. Ano 164S./ 6 tiAntin. 
bsred pages. IhlJ mtir, Ftilio. (H. lis. 6d, 2150) 

PIMIENTA CFrakcisco Diaz), Relacion del 
svcesso qve two Francisco/ Diui Pimienta, 
General de la Real Armada de las Indias, en la 
If'/la de S. Catalina. Date cuenta de como la 
tonio a loB enemigos que/ la polleianj echandolos 
della, y la eftimacion de loa defpojos, y nu-/menJ 
de prifionerofl./ [Ctthpkon^ Con licencia del fe.nor 
don Miguel dc Luna y Arellano, Cavallero del 
Abito de San-/tiiigo, del Confejo defu Mat^efiadjy 
fu Oydor en la Real Andiencia de Se^i-/lla loim^ 
primio PVancilto de Lyra, Alio 1S42./ Hun* 
liumlieted pulses. Half mar. 4to. (II. lis, 6d. SflSt) 

PINES. The Isle of/ Pines,/ or,/ A late Discovery 
ofa fourth ]>>land in/ Terra Auftrali^a, locogmta./ 
Beins/ A True Relation of certain Englifh per- 
fons,/ Who in the dayea of Queen tlizaTwtli, 
making a/ Voyage to the Eaft India, were caS 
away, and wrack-/ed upon the llland near to the 
Coaft of Terra Auflra-/lis Ineo^ita, and all 
drowned, except one Man and/ four Women, 

Bibliotheca Americana. 593 

whereof one was a Negro. And now/ lately Anno 
Dom. 1667. a Dutch ship driven by foul/ weather 
there by chance have found their Pofterity/ (fpeak- 
ing good Englilh) to amount to ten ortwelve) thou- 
fand perfons, as they fuppofe. The whole Bela-/ 
tion follows, written, and left by the Man himself a/ 
little before his death, and deckred to the Dutch 
by/ his Grandchild./ Licenfed June 27. 1668./ 
Loudon,/ Printed by S. G. for Allen Banks and 
Charles Harper/ at the Flower-Deluice near Crip- 
plegate Church,/ 1668./ Title and 9 pp. half mar. 
4to. (1/. Ij. 21.52) 

PINTO (Ferdinand Mendez). Wunderliche und 
Merekwurdige/ Reisen/ Ferdinandi/ Mendez Pin- 
to,/ Welche er iiierhalb ein und zwantzig Jah=/ren, 
durch Furopa, Afia, und Africa, und deren Kbnig- 
reiche/ und Lander; als AbyiTma, China, Japon, 
Tartarey, Siam, Calamin-/ham, Pegu, Martabane, 
Bengale,Brama, Ormus, Batas, Queda,/ Aru, Pan, 
Ainan, Calempluy, Cauchenchina,/ und andere 
Oerter verrichtet. Darinnen er befchreibet/ Die 
ihme zu Wafler und Land zugeftoffene groiTe/ 
Noht und Gefahr ; wie er nemlich fey dreyzehn- 
mal gefangen genom:/men und fiebenzehnmal ver- 
kaunt worden ; auch vielfaltigen/ Schiffbruch er- 
litten babe:/ Dabey zugleich befindlich eine gar 
genaue Entwerfiiing der/ Wunder und Raritaten 
erwehnter Lander ; der Gefetze, Sitten, und Ge- 
wons/heiten derfelben Vblcker: und der groffe 
Macht and HeeressKraSt/ der Einwohner./ Nun 
eift ins Hochteutfche iiberfetzet, und mit unter=/ 
fishiedlichen Kupferlitukken gezieret./ Amsterdam,/ 
Bey Henricfa und Dietrich Boom, Buchhandlem,/ 
Im Jahr ChrifU 1671./ 4 prel. leaves including 
Froniitpieee title; and 393 pp. Maps i; Plates at pp. 
1, 13, 30, 98, 1S9, 217, 256, 267. Pagination very 
irregular, Mo. (10s. 6d. 2153) 

PINTO (J. de). Beponse de M'. J. de Pinto, aux 
observations d'un honune impartial, Sur fa Lettre 
a Mr. S. B,, Oo&euT en M6decine i Kingilon dans 
la JamaVque, au fujet des Troubles qui agitent ac- 
taellement toute VAm^rique Septentrionale. A 
La Haye, Pierre-Frederic Gosse, hdcclxxvi. 60 
pp. haff mar. 8vo. (4s. 6d. 2154) 

!^ PIRATA8/ de la/ America./ Y Lnz a la defenfa de 

> R S 

504 nihii'Aheca j^mertcaha, 

lii§ Coiliw/ lie IndiiiB Occitientales/ Dedicado/ Al 
muy Kobif Senor Hon/ FVimfiaco Lopez Suftzo*/ 
1 rrulurulo/ Dc In l^uguii Klamf^rira en Kfpafiola, 
iior/ rl !)■*'. [|i' Umjifi-MniioJi MKlico/PrMtricofii 
[fLojiiikfritilHiiim/ t'JuihuL r|r^ Ainii'^rclHm./ t}e|Tundii 
Imprcwuon./ Kn t'fjff^jjfV/ Af^ri}>jtiuujf fen cafa de 
Lorfn^u 8rruilt-/Mntj Am) de I^B^*/ if4pr<L Uavet 
iiini 'i\^0 pp. * 'j'liblu De Job (Jajiitulop' 8 pp^ y^et- 
fum. V^tnfl. {it. Is, 21St5) 

Vll\.VyAii(^)i]r;lal Amprica./ Y Luz a [utifi- 
iriifi* d*' Ielb t'ofniiS;' (li? IndiaH Oct'idf*iitah^w/ Dedi- 
t'lulff/ Al njijv \(jLle tStnior Don/ Itkurdo de 
^VJ^Jtf j/ CnvdU'rci di?! Urd™ Militnr/ de CaUtrava 
&t:"*/ IVuducido/ l.V* lu lfii|^tia Flanjencfl on Elpa- 
rmlii^/ iior rd Ii*^ dfl lionnpi-Maifon-/ loipreaBion 
Si-^undii./ Vu i'ohttitiAgriftphiti,/ Kii caffl dp Ijcy- 
r*'\ivii l^trink-/Mmij AtiO do 1CHS7 98 prf^ /frjici 
wf^fi W }tjK '■ Tublfl De lofi Cajntulofl' a ;/;j, IV/- 
tiiffi, I'iiint, {11. U. 2156) 

1^1 StM ((I 1,11 i.Hia). (Julkibiii l^jflonift/ Medici Atn- 
MrLi'diiiiifTiKiH/ d^/ Indium Vtrii]flEjUf>/ re Naturilj 
e( Mrdirn/ Lilirl (Jvatvordeciin/ Quorum ronu^nti 
]^r^f^^nn I't'iju+^iifi/ t^xhib^t,/ [f ivlifilmi J^isoiiis,/ Me- 
ihvi Aitillrlii'diiinridift,/ 1. I>r Ai'rihue*, Aqujflf Al 
iMi-.U.I 1 L ]>r N Ilium & ourti iMor1»orum, Ucd- 
d^'Mtali Indiii'i inipmn^>4/ Hndiliii.', rEimiLinriuni./ 
]JJ. J)r' Aiiiiiu^lilHJH, iiqiiFLTllilMJB, ToliitilibuB, &L 
ivrri'JidMiFf, rduliljus./ W . J.)f Arboriliitflj t'rtt^ti- 
huH, l\ ln'rljin uM'di('iMf tiiijur tklimMMiJiriiF!^/ imfcen- 
tihuB ill IpriililiEi ^L ]\'^^^Nlihun viciuiji./ V. JJe 
N^ixiiri jS. vrhrhrkhH, minimijut' Ajitidotta^ Quihua 
iiir*'rlii1ii]ii/ Auiiiniliiniiij[u»TLiid]^mvivn.^lb^tiom'H- 
'J'uiti \ tiliijui^t [Mi''/rtimirr]dKiLrEi iuSf'tiorim.f VIh 
Miitii.ijlli jininiuiit'iL fSic:. J'ljliia pnli J^onli] tra^^A- 
tijH./ <M(>r^ii Miir^riivii JJe Ln-jflimlt/ 1. Trada- 
t.i]n'lo|]U^rupliiruN^: Ateh'ur<dn^i('Li/i Hrnlilia', curu 
0|i-/irrviiTtoni' KdijdtH^SolnriM./ JI.(.'oTrimc;)itHrJup 
dr )ir]Llilii Tifiuiik ^ Chtlrjklium itidtdt^ ac Mn^Ji 
£yr../ Itindii J^4>nlii, lifvUivinV in miijnre JnvaiiurEc 
J^lrdiiu urd'mi\r\ij J. iXM'ontJ^rviiTida vnli^tudin^./ 
JJ* [\[<tJi(KluFi mi'tUiuU,/ 1 N, UblcrviitiuTiffl m 
eiidiiViTihuH./ I \ * Notji' in ( riirc:^im) Fib UrtA. V* 
lliliurin A^lTiiiiliuiij. V J. IhUoriiL J lanUirum.] 
<^tii|jii>i riiJuliTii inl'r'riJJt G. JNhu A fjfir>tAtio-/iii'ji JU. 
AiUiiln-ttnin EjLii'i JCDiK-H iilijuu rc^H Jie-/C(?niLrJlLH..'J 

Bibliotheca Americana. 595 

Amsteladami,/ Apud Ludoricum et Danielem/ £]- 
zeririos./ A°. cla l3 clviii./ 13 pr«t. ^ves ; vis. 
£f^niv«(< title, ' Avtores et Titvli,' 1 page ; ' Dedi- 
catoria,' 4 pp; ' Praefatio,' 4 pp ; Verses, etc. 12 pp. 
Half-title; Teit pp. 3-327. ' Index' 6pp. ' Georgii 
MarceraTii' etc. 39 pp. 'Jacobi Bontii,' etc. 326 
pp. 'index rervm 2 pp. Fine copy. Vellum, 
Folio. (18». 2157) 

PITMAN (Henry). A/ Relation/ of the/ Great 
Sufferings/ and/ Strange Adventures/ Of Henry 
Pitman,/ Chyrurgion to the late Duke of Mon- 
mouth^ contain-/ing an Account;/ 1. Of the occa- 
fion of his being engaged in the Duke's Service. 
S. Of/ his Tryal, Condemnation, andTranfportation 
to Barbadoes, with/ the moft fevere and Unchrif- 
tian Ads made againfi him and his Fellow-fuf- 
ferers, by the/ Govemour and General AlTembly 
of that lUand. 3. How he made his efcape in a 
linall/ open Boat with fome of his fellow Captives, 
namely, Jo. Whicker, Peter Ueewell, William/ 
Woodcock, Jo. Cobke, Jeremiah Atkins, &c. And 
how miraculoully they were preferved/on the Sea. 
4. Howthey went afliore on a uninhabitable Ifland, 
where they met/ with fome Privateers that burnt 
their Boat, and left them on that defolate place to 
(hift/ for themfelves. 5. After what manner they 
lived there for about three Months until/ tlie laid 
Heniy Pitman was taken aboard a Privateer, and 
at length arrived fafe in £n-/gland. 6. How his 
Companions were received aboard another Priva- 
teer that was after-/wards taken by the Spaniards, 
and they all made Slaves; And how aftar fix 
Moneths/ Captivity they were delivered, and re- 
turned to England alfo./ Licenfed, June 13th, 
1689. London, Printed by Andrew Sowle: And 
are to be Sold by John Taylor, at the Sign/ of the 
Ship in Paul's Church- Yard, 1689./ Title and pp. 
3-38. .il(itiertt<eiiient(lpafe. Calf extra by Bedford, 
4to. (1(.11«. &i. 2158) 

PITMAN (Robert Biris). A Succinct View and 

\r Analysis of Authentic Information extant in Ori- 

"T- ginal Works, on the practicabili^ of joining the 

' Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by a Ship Canal acrofs 

tbelsthmusof America. By Robert Birks Pitman. 

London: J. M. Richardson, 1825. viii and 229 pp. 

596 Dihlioiheca Americana^ 

Errata 1 p*Jge^ Mnp nf the Isthmus of Amtnca 
Jtichig Title. 8vo. {7s, Gd. 2159) 

PLAIN TRUTH 1 Addri'SStjd to the rnhahilantB of 
America. Contmnint^ Remarks on a late ramphlet, 
intJtiEHl fomDion Sease^ Wher^iD are iliewu, tliat 
tlie Schi^nr- of lufkpend*?iice is ruinous, df^lufive, 
Mnd impnittu-able ^ thfttwere the AiithoT*a Aflevf^- 
rationSj relpetting the Powfir of America, as rehl 
as nugatory, Reconciliation on liberal Piiuciples 
vi'ith ureEit 13i-itain would he exalted Policy ; and 
diat, (rircumlianced as we are, permanent Liherty 
ari[l trut Happiin^ls can only be obtained by Re- 
conciliation with that Kin^dom^ V\ rittenbyCiiii- 
didus, Philadtil[}}]ja, Printed. Londortj Reprinted 
for J* Almon, .M»i]t;c.i.xxvi, 3 prel, leavex imd 47 
])iKhatjjf}OT. Btfl* (4^^. 6d. 2160) 

PLAIN TRUTH: Or, a Letter to the Author of 
JJispassionareThoujrlsTfion the Amertoait \^ ar* la 
which The Prnitipl^s and Ar^imcnts of tiiat Au- 
tlior are refilled, and the Neceflity of carrjdng on 
tliat AVar dearly domonft rated. By tlie Author flf 
Lt'tters to A !N yblcmati on tlic Condudt of the Ame- 
ricaiiWar; and of Cool ThougjhtB od the ConKi^ 
qijciicfjs of Aiaerican ludepf^ndence, Lvndm: ii^ 
Wilkie, MDCCLXTtx* vii and 76 pp^ half tm^rocco. 

PLAIX TRUTH, iji a Series of Numbers from tiip 
Nfw-York Daily Advifrtiser. Neic-York. Dauidl 
Fanshaw, 18S1. " h'>G pp. 12^0. (gj, 6d. 3J6S) 

PLA^i (A) of a Propost-^d Union betweeo Greal- 
Jiritain and The Colonies of Xew-Hampfinre, Maf- 
Ihclmft-ttR-Ray, Rliotle-lrtand^ Nc-vr-^ork, ftew- 
Jerl'evj Pennfylvania, Marvland, Delaware Conn- 
ties jVii^inia, North Carolina, SouiL Carolina, and 
Georgia* AVIiit^h was produced by one of the l>e- 
lej^fttes frt>m P^^nnlylvania, in Congrefa, as nie^i- 
tioned in the preceedin^ W ork* 4 pp* hnijinor. 
CucJ. (^j^.Gd. 1163) 

PLAK (A) to reconcile Great J3ritain & her Colo- 
riij.^B, nnd preserve the Dependency of America. 
LoTtdon: J. Almon, muiklxxiv* [1774]. iri pfti. 
pp. Sii^ji^d * Cosiiiopoliti.'/ Teit 40 pp^ haljmor. 
8vo. " (OS. 6d. aid*) 

Biblioiheca Americana. 597 

PLAN (A) for conciliating the Jarring Political In- 
terests of Great Britain and her North American 
Colonies, and For promoting a general Re-union 
throughout the Whole of the British Empire. 
London : J. Ridley, 1775. xviii pp. Uncut and 
Unbound. 8v«. (4>. 6d. 2165) 

PLAN (A) for conciliating the Jarring Interests of 
Great Britain and her North American Colonies, 
and For promoting a general Re-union throughout 
the Whole of the British Empire. London: J. 
Ridley, 1775. xviii pp. 'Letters, &c.' [ti««(on, 
1775.J 127 pp. half mar. Zvo. (10». 6d. 2166) 

PLANTAGANET (Beauchamp). A/ Description/ 
of the/ Province/ of/ New Albion./ And a Direc- 
tion for Adventurers/ with fmall liock to get two 
for one, and good land freely./ And for Gentle- 
men, and all Servants, Labourers,/ and Artificers, 
to live Plentifully./ And a former Defcription Re- 
printed of the healthieil, pleB-/fantell, and richeli 
Plantation of New Albion in/ North Virginia, 
proved by thirteen Witnefles./ Together with/ A 
Letterfrom Mailer RobertEvelin, thatlived/ there 
many yeers, (hewing the particularities, and ex-/ 
cellency thereof./ With a Brief of the Charge of 
Vi6tual, and Neceffariea, to tranf-/port and buy 
(lock for each Planter, or Labourer, there to ge^ 
his Mailer fifty pounds per Annum, or more, in 
twelve Trades,/ and at ten pounds charges only a 
man./ London,! Printed by James Mozon, in the 
Yeer hdcl./ 4 prtl. leaves; viz. Title having on the 
reverie 3 woodcuts of the ' Ploydens Armes. Albions 
Armes. The Order, Medall and Riban of the Al- 
bion Knights,' etc. 'This Epillle and Preface 
(hews Cato's beft Rules for a Plantation.' etc. at 
the end dated ' Middleboro this 5 of Decemb. 1641.' 
Signed ' Beauchamp Plantagenet.' 6 pp : Text 32 
pp. Fine large copy, with rough leaves ; morocco by 
Bedford. 4to. {211. 2167) 

PLANTATION WORK/the/ Work/ of this/ Gene- 
ration./ Written in True-Love/ To all fuch as are 
weightily inclined to Transplant themfelves and 
Ftmi-/lie8 to any of the Englifh Plantati-/on8 in/ 
America./ The/ Moft material Doubts and Ob- 
jections againft it/ being removed, they may more 

598 Biblwtheea Americana. 

cht?eHiilIy iiro-/ceed to the Glory and Ri^nown of 
the God of/ tlie wiiole Eartli, who in all Undcr- 
tiLkiji^ ig to/ be looki'ij ucito, Praisod and Ft^arcd 
for livi-r,/ London, Printed for Henj.imin (.'lark 
in Geor^u-Vard in/ Loititiard-ftreet, i(i83./ Titk 
andiai'ip. 4/0. (iLlU.&i. 9168) 

PI.ANTERS/ PLEA/ (Tiik)./ Or/ the Grevnds of 
]'']an-/t!ition3 KjEiimined,/ And vfiiall Objcitiojis 
anfffered./ Tojjetlier vritb a maniff llltion of tbe 
eanfes moovin^/ fuch afl bavo lftti?ly FTidertaken a 
EHantatiotiin/ Nevv-Enpbind :/ Forth*^iatii'fedtion 
ofthofHtbatijuetiion/tbelawfulnefloof thoArtion./ 
LimiiimJ Printed by WilUfim lonPH./ 1630,/ Titlr, 
Tertr^ blank ; ' To the Header.' 2 }tp, Ttrt 84 pp* 
Fine copy. 4(0. (61. (is. 91fi91 

PLATFORM {;A)ofCborchDiftciplinp: Gatbercd 
otit of the Word of God And u^rf^d upon by tbe 
KldurB and Mt^sspngt'TS of tbe (;iiurtbfs Assembled 
in the Synod at Cambridge, in New-Enj^^hmd : To 
be presented to tbf? (]hurcbea and General (*oiirtj 
for tlieir conaideration and acceptance in the t^rd, 
theeiglitb month, Annol648. iinston: Belcberand 
Armstrong, JH08, 118p;), 'Confession of Faith' 
etc. 3f) pp. Calf. I'iiuo. (4s. 6d. tiTO) 

POiNTlS (Louis oe). Relation/ de ce qui fl'efit fait 
a Is prise/ de Cartagene,/ scitue'e am/ Indes Es- 
na^oles,/ par l'K*H:adre Coninmnde'e/ par Mr. de 
Voilitis./ A HrasetleyJ Chez Jean Frici, Jmp./& 
Marchiind Libraire,/ .M.Dcxtviit./ Title and HI 
pp. Old calf, IShhi. (10s. (U, ai71) 

POINTIS ( Urns ut"). MonfieurDe Pointi's/ Eipe- 
dition/ to/ CartjiECenft ;/ lirin^/ A partictilar Rmn- 
tion,/ 1. Of tbe Taking and Plundermjjf of tbat/ City, 
by tlie Kirencb, in the/ Year 1697./ II. Of tbe'ir 
Meeting with Admiral Xevil,/ in their Return, and 
the Courfe tbey/ lleer'd to p;et clear of him./ 111. 
Of tbi'ir I'aiTlii.i? by Conimadore Norria,/ at Xew- 
finmd-Lfind./ IV. Of their Kncounter nith Capt. 

Marlon',/ at their j^oing into Ilrest./ EiiL'hIb'd from 

1 publi^b'd at Paris/ by INlonlieur De 

I'ointis himlHf. And/ Illultriited with ti large 

Drjin^bt of tbr^ City/ of (!^arti^ena, itfl Harbour 
and I crts / Limduti :/ Sold by S. Croucb, at th* 

Bibliotheca Americana. 599 

Comer of Pope's Head- Alley, in Cornhil ;/ Richard 
Mount at the Pollem, upon Tower-hill ;/ S. Buck- 
ley, aeainft St. Uunftan s Church, in Fleet-ttreet ; 
and/ A. Felthsm, at the foot of the Parliament 
Stairs, NVellminster, 1699./ 4 prel. leaves, including 
title and text 134 pp. Pum wanting. Old calf. 
8iw. (1/. IJ. 2172) 

POINTIS (Louis de). A Genuine and Particular 
Account of the Taking of Carthagena by the French 
and fiuccaniers. In the Vear 1697. Containing an 
£xa& Relation of that Expedition, from their firft 
fetting out, to their Return to Breft ; wherein are 
delcriVd their feveral Engagements with the Eng- 
lilh, in their PalTage home. By the Sieur Pointis, 
Commander in Chief. With a Preface, giving an 
Account of the Original of Carthagena in 1532, to 
the prefent time : Alfo an Account of the Climate 
and Produfl of that Place, and the Country adja- 
cent. London, Olive Payne, 1740. viU and 86 pp. 
kalfmor. Stw. (10s. 6d. 2173) 

POINTIS (Louis db). An Authentick and Parti- 
cular Account Of the Taking of Carthagena by the 
French In the Year 1697. Containing An exact 
Relation of that Expedition, (in all its Circum- 
liances) from their firll Setting out, to their Return 
to Breft ; wherein are defcrib'd their feveral En- 
gagements with the Englifli Fleets, in their Paf- 
fage home. By the Sieur Pointis, Commander 
in Chief. With a Preface, giving an Account of 
the Original of Carthagena m 1532, to the prefent 
Time ; alfo an Account of the Climate and Product 
of that Place, and the Countij adjacent. The 
Second Edition. London: Olive Payne, 1740. 
viii and 86 pp. With plan of Carthagena. Half 
morocco. 6vo. (10s. 6d. 2174) 

POLITICAL (A) Analysis of the War: The Prin- 
ciplee of the prefent political Parties examined ; 
and A juft, natural and perfe£): Coalition propos'd 
between Two Great Men, whole ConduA is parti- 
cularly confider'd. The Second Edition. With an 
Appendix, Enforcing the Coalition propus'd ; and 
proving, from our late Acquifition of the Havanna, 
that we are now in the moft happy Situation for 
continuing the War, or concluding a Peace. Lon- 


600 Blhtwtheca Americana. 

tian: Tho, PayDe, 1762. Titie and 86 pp., halfmor^ 
Bva, {7s. 6d. S17S) 

POLlTlrAL DEBATES foa American AffairsV 
A PtiriXj J, W* HDccLxvi, Title and. I'd pp. half 
TOOT. ai30. (4j. 6d. at7(j) 

POLITICAL (The) Detection; or the Treacb^iy 
and 'J^j^ranny of AdmLuUtrationj lioth at Home and 
Abroad; diflpla^i^d in n Striea of Letters^ si^oied 
JuuJuR Americanue. London^ J. and W, Oliver, 
MDCCL]CX< Title and text to! pp. holf morocco. 
8wj. (6s, S177) 

POLITICAL Electricity, or, An Historical £c Pro- 
phetical t*rint in the \ ear 177(>, Bute & Wiltes 
mvfn^ MercunuiS Sc Apt^Uee Jt?c^ Pnhligh'd ac- 
cording to Act of Parliament. [LpmJimj 1770.] 
Luvge sft^ef, Faho, (45. Gd. 2178) 

POLITICAL Reflections on the late Colonial Go- 
vernments; In which Their orif2;inAl Constitutional 
Deftcta arc pointed ont, and lliown to have natu- 
rally j>roduccd the Rebellion, T^^hich has unfomi- 
natcly terminated in the Dilmeitibermsnt of tlte 
British Kmpire. By An Ame^rican. Laitdon:G. 
Wilkie^ Mocci.xxxjii. 3 prei. leaves and ^2b9 'pp* 
CiiiJ eiUa ffif Bedford. Svo. (16s» £179) 

POiVCt; Dlv LKON" ( Krawcisco). Descnpcion/dd 
Hevnode Chile,/ dc fus Puertos, Caletas, y fitio de 
Val-Zdiuia, con algnnoa difc;xirfo9 paxa lu/ mayor 
defenla, Contjuiita,/ y duracion./ Conaagrale id 
Rey Nveatro/ Sefior, en fu Real C'onfejo de/laaln- 
dias,/ Kl Maestro Fray PraociJK^o/ Poncede Leon, 
del Orden de nut^Jlra ^Hiorft dc la Mer-/ced, Pro- 
uurador Gene.Tal del Rev no de CliiU'^ y del/ Real 
Excrcito <]ue lu .Maeellad tiene eii el Con[inii-.'ia- 
dor^ y D<:lc;MbHdor de lais Proiiincias df I Itio Ma- 
ra-/rkon, Fundndor dc la ciudad de fan Francilcc (k 
BorjaJ Prouifor, Oouemado, Vicario General, j 
luea I'jtlc-/HHfU[;o t^n lo3 ObifpadoSj de Quito^ 
TrgjciNo, Y Cliilc, Vi-/cafio l-'rouincial de la Pro- 
uincin deLima,yfu ViiHa-dor: y Ueformador Ge- 
neral de las de Chile,/ y Tucumaii : Proulncial dc 
la de Chile. Capcllan/ Mayor de los Reynos il*^i 
Pern, y Cnile, y/ Comillario del Vaiito OficiffJ 

Bibliotheca Americana. 601 

[Madrid 1644]. Title and 15 folioed leaves. Un- 
bound. 4to. (3/. 3>. 3180) 

POOR SOLDIER (The); an American Tale: 
Founded on a recent Fact. Inscribed to Mrs. 
Crespigny, The Second Edition. London: J. 
Walter, h.dcc.lxxxix. 3 prel. leaves and 43 pp. 
half morocco. 4t<>. (4t. 6<i. 2181) 

PORCACCHI (ToMAso). L'Isole/ piT Famosc/ del 
Hondo,/ descritto da/ Tomaso Porcacchi/ ds Cas- 
tiglione Arretino,/ et intagliate/ da Girolamo Por- 
ro/ Padovano./ Di nuovo corrette, & illuftrate con 
I'aggiunta dell' Iftria, &/ altre Ifole, Scogli, e nu- 
OTe curiofiti. EffendoW una/ diftinta deforittione 
delta Citta di Conftantino-/poIi, e della Penilbla di 
Morea./ Consecrate/ All' lUultriiIimo,& Eccelen- 
tiffimo Sign, il Sign./ Pietro Gntti/ Q. Lvigi, Q. 
Raimondo,/ nobile Veneto./ In Venetia, u.oc. 
Lxxxvi. Preflb Pietr' Antonio Brigonci. Con Li- 
cenza de' Superiori, e Privilegio./ 8 prel. leaves 
and 300 pp. Small copperplate Maps at pp. 1, 93, 95, 
108, 104, 107, 108, 111, 112, 114, 115, 117, 119, 
147, 128, 130, 143, 156, 160, 166, 169, 171, 174, 
176,179. 4to. (10s. 6d. 2182) 

PORCEL (Francisco Moreno). Retrato de Man- 
uel de Faria j Sousa, Cavallero del Orden Mili- 
tar de Cbrifto, y de la Cai'a Real. Contiene una 
Relacion de fua Vida, un Catalogo de Ins Efcritos, 
J on fumario de fus Elogios, recogidos de varios 
Autores, por D. Francisco Moreno Porcel ; Aora 
nuevamenta acrefcentado con un Juific Hillorico, 
que compuzo el Excellentiffimo Senhor Don Fran- 
cifco Xavier de Menefes, Conde de la Erizeira. 
O&ecido a] Excellentissimo Senhor D. Luis de 
Meneses Quinto Conde de la Erizeira, del Concejo 
Su Mageftad, Coronel, y Brigadero de Infanteria, 
Vi-Rey, y Capitan General que fue en los Ellados 
de la India, &c. Lisbaa Occidental, en la Officina 
Ferreiriana. h.dcc.xxxiii. Com todas las li- 
oencias neceffarias. Sprel. leaves, and 103 pp. Un- 
bound. Folio. (2<. 2s. 2183) 

PORCUPINE (Peter). Observations on the 
Debates of the American Con^ss, or the Ad- 
dresses presented to General \\ashington, on bis 
resignation : With remarks on the Timidity of the 

fi02 Bihliotheca Americana* 

Lanf^n^^ ht^ld tawards France; The Seizurps 
of American Velfels by Urpat Britain aud 
France; mni on tlif^ relative situations of llioae 
coilntript) wUh America. ]Sy Peter Porcupine, 
Author of tbe Gone to ^naw for iJemocrats, — 
Letter to roin Paine^ &lc. ice, To which is prt'- 
fixed, CreTu.^nil WtishincTtoiT^s Address to fJongreaa ; 
and the answers of the J^enate and Honss of 
Kepresentatives, PhiJadelphift printed: London 
rejirinted, David OgilTj and Son, 1797. Title 
audS3ft}t. Qtio. {'^.6d, U^) 

PORCUPJNK'S WORKS; containing various 
Writin;^ and S^^lectiona, eihibitinff a faitliful 
Picture of the United Staten of Ami^nca ; of their 
Govern me nrrt, LawK, PoliticB, and Resconrce^; of 
the cbaructi^rji of tht»ir Presidents, Governors, 
Le^iHlatorn, .Magistrates, and AJililarj Men; ana 
of the Cufltoma, Manners, I^iorab, Iteh^on, Vir- 
tueiS and Vict-a of the People: Comprifiing alsoa 
comph?te series of historical document* and re- 
marks, fronj the end of tlic Wtir, in 1783, to tie 
Election of the PresiJent, in March, tmU By 
William ('ohhett. InTis-'elve Volumes. {^A Votvim 
to be iitiii^d annttnltt^,) London: Cobbett and 
I\If)rf,fan, May, 1301. T'j;eiie Voltiun^, Vol. L 
400 pp. Vol. II. 2 pret. leai'e^ and 47^ pp. Vol. 
IIL ''i prA. iein>eii ami 'VM) pp, Voh IV* 2 prt^ 
Uii-Vei and 444 pp^ \o\. V. 2 prcL ieavts and 43^ 
pp. Vol. VI. ^ preL leaven tind ^% pp. Voh VII. 
a pret. leaver and 430 pp. \ oL V H L 2 preL Ifni^s 
and 480 pp. Vol. IX. 2 pret. kacei aud 412 pp. 
Vol, X. '^preLlein:e!iaftd 4r\9 pp.. * Postscript. — To 
the Public/ 3 pp. Vol. Xi. <? pt^l. hates and 43^t 
pp. Vol* XI J* 2 preL leaves and 25'2 pp, * Indeji^ 

Qi pp. iitiifcaij: fliJfl. (^i, 2j. nsb) 

PORTKR (Ki.u-iiAi.Lr). A Discourse before tlie 
Society for iVopaf^i-ting tin* tioapel among the 
Indiana and others in North- America, delivered 
November oth, 1807. hy Khph^ltit Porter, D.D, 
Pastor of the tirst Church in Roxbury, Bt}ston: 
Munroc, fra^jcis, 6i Parker, IBOS* 2^ pp. 
Utient Oaj, (^s. 6d. S1B6) 

P0RTFA:S (Bfjliiv). a Letter to theGovemorflj 
Lej^islatures, and i^roprietori$ of Plantations^ in the 

Bibliotheca Americana, 603 

Britiah West-India Islands. By the Right Rer- 
ereod Beilby Porteus, D.D. Bishop of London, 
l/mdon: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1808. 48 pp. 
6vo, (,3s. 6d. 2187) 

POTENT (The) Enemies of America laid open : 
Being Some account of the baneful effeds attend- 
ing the ufe of Distilled Spirituous Liquors, and the 
Slavery of the Negroes; To which is added. 
The bappinelii attending life, when dedicated 
to the honour of God, and good of manldnd, in 
the fentimentsoffomeperfons of eminence near the 
clofe of their lives, viz. the earl of Eflex, count 
Oxeiflem, H. Grotius, D. Brainard, John Lock, 
&c. Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph Crukshank 
in Market-Street, between Second and Third 
Streets. A ColUctive title of the following : — l»t. 
'The Mighty Destrover displayed, In some 
Account of the Dreadral Havock made by the 
miiiaken Use as well as Abuse of Distilled Spi- 
rituous Liquors. By a Lover of Mankind. Phila- 
delphia : Printed bv Joseph Crukshank, between 
Second and Third Streets, in Market-Street. 
■.DCC.I.XXIV.' 48 pp. ind, 'Thoughts upon 
Slavery. By John Wesley, A. M. London 
Printed: Re-printed in Philadelphia, with notes 
and fold by Joseph Crukshank. md,cc,lxxiv.' 
83 pp. 3rd. ' To the foregoing teflimonies of the 
happinefs of a life foent m the fervice of God, 
may be added that of a faithful fervant of Christ 
from amongft ourfelves, to wit, David Brainard,' 
etc. 16 pp. 4rt. ' The Dreadfiil Visitation, in a 
short Account of the Progress and Effects of the 
Plague, The laft time it fpread in the city of Lon- 
don, in the year 1665, extracted from the memoirs 
of a perfon who refided there during the whole 
time of that infe£tion. Philadelphia: Printed by 
Joseph Crukshank on the North fide of Market- 
Street, between Second and Third Streets, mdco 
Lixiv.' 16 pp. Small 8vo. (15». 2188) 

POTHERIE (BACQOEVII.LE de la). Histoire de 
L'Amerique Septentrionale. Divif(^e en quatre 
Tomes. Tome Premier. Contenant le Voyage 
du Fort de Nelfon, dans la Baye d'Hudfon, a 
I'extr^mit6 de I'Amerique. Le premier ^tablide- 
ment des Fran9ois dans ce vaile pais, la prife 

604 Bthllotheca Americana. 

dudit Fon de NelioHj la Defcriptiou du Fieu^e de 
iViint LaurC'nt^ le tfouvcrncvrnf^iil de Quebec, des 
trois Rivieres in. de Montreal, depuis 1534'. jufi^u' 
a 1701, l*ar Mr* de Bacqupville de U S^olberie, 
nt a ]» Guadaloupe, dnin^ rAnieriqiie Mcridiooak, 
Aide MEyor de la dite Ille. EnrLchie de Figures. 
A Pf/m Jt^aii-Luc Nioiiet Francois Dido% M*t»tc. 
xxir. Tome J* 7 pri^i. knven inctttdirig Kngraied 
tittej and ^STO pp. Tubie A< pp. Copperplates at pp. 
Itit 17, (S) 31, b6y 66y 67, 76, 80, 81, JOO, 105, 
13a, a3g, 311, 3^4, 351. VoL J. only. Old caif. 
t^mty. (4s. 6d. SI 89) 

POTTKll (LvMAs). A SennoD preaclied before 
tlip General A flfembly of the Statt^ of Vermont, On 
the Day of tbpir Anniversary Election, October 11, 
17B7j at Newbury. Hy Lyman Vottcr, A^M^ 
Fastor of the C'hurch in Sorwicb* Windsor [TeJ-- 
mun^] Primed by Ilougb &c Spooner, u,ih:c. 
L\xAviJT. 23 pp. 8^fl, {^.6d. ei!^) 

J^OWN AJ,L (Tiro^iAsV Prinriplefl of Polity, bein^ 
the Grounds and Rf^asona of Civil Empu-e» la 
Three Parts, liy Thomas Pownall, Efq ; 7^drt- 
di^n: Fd ward Owen, ^lucciiu lui, and teil 143 
pp* IViih 1 leaf of errata. Half movocco. 
4frj. (m.6d. S191) 

POVVNA LL (Tiimr^s)' i^peedily will be PubUrtied, 
[i:?old by J, Almon, opposite iJurlinji^on- House, 
Piccadilly] AMh^p of the Middlt^ Kritilh Coloniefi 
LU North -America* First pubhshud by Mt. Lewi^ 
EvarnSj of Philadelphia, m 17r>5; and ftnce cor- 
rected and im^irovtnlj as alio extended, with tlie 
Addition of New- England, &Ct and borderirj 
Parts of fanitda* from actual Surveys now I ^nag 
at tlie lioard ot IVtde. liy T, PownnU, M.P. 
Late Governor, ice y ike. of bis iMajesty's Provinces 
of M:issacbuflets-Hay and South- Carolinaj and 
Lieuttinant-Uovcrnor of Neiv^Jersey, '^pp^Jol' 
itiiL'id inf * 13ooks printed fof J» Almon in Picca- 
dilly,' ^p. 4-8. IliitJuMr. Hio. (4s, 6d. 2192) 

POWNALL (Thotiia^^. The Administration of the 
Colonies. ]3y Tbctnias Pownall, Late Governor 
nnd Commander in Chief of his Majeiiv*s Pro- 
vincoSj jMannchuleTS'llfly and South -C arc tina, and 

Biblioiheea Americana. 605 

Lieutenant-Goremor of New- Jersey. The Second 
Edition, Rerifed, Corrected, and tnlarged. Lon- 
don : J. Bodsley, udcclxv. 13 prel. leaves and 
303 pp. ' Appendix. Section I. and II.' 60 pp. 
Ha^-mor. Svo. (7i.6d. 2192») 

POWNALL (Thomas). The Administration of the 
Colonies. By Thomas Pownall, Late Governor 
and Commander in Chief of his Majefly's Pro- 
vinces, Maffachufets-Bay, and South-Carolina, and 
Lieutenant-Governor of New-Jerfey. The Third 
Edition, Revifed. Correiled and Enlarged. To 
which is added, An Appendix, N°. Ill, contain- 
ing, Confiderations on the Points lately brought 
into Queftion as to the Parliament's Right of tax- 
ing the Colonies, and of the Meafures neceflary 
to be taken at this Crilis. London i J. Dodsley, 
MDcci,xvi. 14: prel. Uavet and iOi pp. 'Appendix. 
Section I. and II.' 60 pp. ' Appendix. Section 
III.' 5ipp. Calf. 6m. {9s. 2193) 

POWNALL (Thomas). The Administration of 
the Colonies. (The Fourth Edition.) Wherein 
their Rights and Constitution Are dil'cufled and 
ftated, By Thomas Pownall, Late Governor and 
Commander in Chief of his Majelly's Provinces, 
Mailachuletts-Bay and South-Carolina, and Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of New-Jerfey. London : J. 
Walter, mocclxviii. Title, v to xxxi and 318 pp. 
'Appendix' 73 pp. Calf. 8b«. (10». 6d. 2194) 

POWNALL (Thomas). The Administration of the 
British Colonies. The Fifth Edition. Wherein 
their Rights and Constitution Are dii'culTed and 
ftated. By Thomas Pownall^ Late Governor, 
Captain General, Commander m Chief, and Vice 
Admiral of His Majefty's Provinces, Malfachu' 
fetts-Bay, and South-Carolina ; and Lieutenant- 
Governor of New-Jerfey. In Two Volumes, 
London : J. Walter, m.dcc.lxxiv. Two Volumes. 
VoLI. si, and XV prel. pp. Text 288 pp. Vol. II 
ri and 171 pp.folUmed by Half-title, errata, tttfej 
and 308 pp. i^ne copy in Old calf. Best Edition. 
8w.. (15». 2195) 

POWNALL (Thomas). A Topographical descrip- 
tion of such Farts of North America as are con- 

<i06 Bibliotheca Atttericana. 

with their condition and eircmnfllanceB. londm ; 
T. Itt'ftct, jllntLxviJ. IS |n-d. teaies If 3&i uipk 
Old calf. Uro. (7.. (id. JJM) 

PUESKM STATE (The) of tlie Xation: Panien- 
larlv with rf^atiett to its Tmde, Finanei>f[^ he. &e. 
Addrfsswi to The Kin" and botli IIohIi-b of Parlia- 
ment. Luntioti : .\. Almon, JIiH'ci.xiJi. Tiii/^ it 
anii pp.9-Vi7. hil/mor. Bid, (■U.6d. ■iWi) 

I'UJ('K(liitJi*itD). CurHory Remurks on Dr. Pricf'a 
4!)hRervationa on the Nature of Civil Liberty* lo 
a J>i-tter to a Friend, liy a jMerchant. l^ondtm.: 
\V. \icoLI, MjlicCft.^XfVt. 3 preL teaves aud *iS pp. 
hitlfnuir. (3j. 6d, 2**! 

I'UKT {lliciunn). OhaervatioiiB on tlie Nature of 
(Jivjl J^ihprty^ flif^ Mrtiu'i[>h'a of tJoveromentj and 
tlie Justiee and J'oiii'y of the Wnr B-ith Ammr*, 
etc. [jjndon, I'nntetf: A'cit^- i^nr/f. Re- printed by 
S, Loudon, iu Water- Street. 177(j. UTT pp. half 
mill'. Hill, (3s. 6d. 2307) 

PRICK (RioiAnti). Observations on tiie Natun" of 
Civil Liberty, the Principlea of ("jovernmenl, ^li 
tbe Jli«1i« and Policy nf the VVsr with Amerrni, 
fie. Jly Hicbitrti IVjc, U.D. K.R.S. T be Third 
Kditinn. Lotttittn : T. (.adell, u,Dco.i.xxv[. iprei 
learei il( ]'iS pp. half iiior. Sirt, (3s. tid. 3208) 

I'RICF ( Rinnno). ObflE'rvntions on the Nature of 
t.livil LihiTty, the Princiijb.'s of Government^ and 
tbe Jusiiet? ;iiid I'olitv 01 the Wat with America, 
I'o wbieli \a mUU^A An Aj>jicndijr, Containing a 
SlJlU^ of the National Debt, an J'lltiTnat*^ oi' the 
Hlonoy ilriLH'ii fmni Llie Publil! l)j tlie 'J'axcs, and 
an Accoutit of Uir. ^atioIlal Income atid Ejtpt^ndi- 
fnre liin'e llip bif[ ^^'ur. L\y Rieljard Priee, U.D. 
F. R.S. Tlie Fourth Kdition. Lnmtiin : T. CniJell, 
rM.ott-Lxxvi. -t prft. ti^ives and liJB pp. Vnhtivtt^. 
Ihv. (4s. ad. 22051 

i'RlCK (Rien.uio). ObsprvatiotiB on the Nature of 
Civil l.ibi-Tly, the PriTtci]iU-fl oi' (.povemment, and 
tbc .luBtice mid Policy of the War in Ameriea. To 
wbieb arf added !tn AjiiH^ndix atul Postacript, con- 
tiiiiun^ a StatL' of tbp National Debt, an LfiinUite 
of tlie Slonr'v ilrawu from flip J'ublic by the Taies, 
and au Account ot' Oit: National Income nnJ f.t- 

Bibliotheca Americana. G09 

peaditiue fince the laft War. By Richard Price, 
D.D. F.R.S. The Sixth Edition. London; T. 
Cadell, HDCC.LXXTI. 4 prel. leaves cmd 138 pp. half 
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PRICE (Richard). Obserrations on the Nature of 
Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and 
the Justice and Policy of the War with America, 
etc. By Richard Price, D.D. F.R.S. The Seventh 
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134 pp. Sm (is. 6d. 2211) 

PRICE (Richard). Observations on the Nature of 
Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and 
the Justice and Policy of the War with America. 
To which are added, An Appendix and Postscript, 
Containing a State of the National Debt, an Eui- 
mate of the Money drawn from the Public by the 
Taxes, and an Account of the National Income and 
Expenditure fince the laft War. By Richard Price, 
D.D. F.R.S. The Eighth Edition, newly correaed 
by the Author. Edimmrgh : [By permilfion of the 
Author.] J. Wood and J. Dicxson. h,dcc,lxxvi. 
4 prel. leaves and 94 pp. 12mo. (3s. 6d. 2212) 

PRICE (Richard). Observations on the Nature of 
Civil Liberty, the Principles of Government, and 
the Justice and Policy of the War with America. 
To which is added. An Appendix and Postscript, 
containing A State of the National Debt, An Esti- 
mate of the Money drawn from the Public by the 
Taxes, and An Account of the National Income 
and Expenditure fince the laft War. By Richard 
Price, D.D. F.R.S. The Ninth Edition. London: 
Edwwd and Charles Dilly, h.dcc.lxxvi, 48 pp. 
half.mor. 8vo. {3s. 6d. 2213) 

PRICE (Richard). Observations on Dr. Price's 
Theory and Principles of Civil Liberty and Go- 
vernment, Preceded by a Letter to a Friend, on 
the Fretenfions of the American Colonies, In re- 
fpea of Right and Equity. York : A. Ward, 1776. 
4 prel. leaves and 147 pp. Svo. {3s. 6d. 2214) 

PRICE (Richard). Remarks on a Pamphlet lately 
published by Dr. Price, intitled, Observations on 
the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles of Go- 
vernment, and the Justice and Policy of the War 

5'.0 BibUotheca Americana. 

with America, iiC. ]q a Letter from aGentleman 
in the Country to a Member of t'tirl Lament, hm- 
don: T. (Jadell, MoctLxxvj, Tilie unJ dlpp. kilf 
foT. Biw. (-fa. 6d. aai5) 

PRlt'E (RiMfAjiu). H^markfi on Dr. Price^flOb- 
Bcrvations on tile Nsture of Ciril Liberty, ice. 
hoiidnfn: G.Kearslej, mdcclxxvi, ^ -pitl.Uatitiatti 
76 pp. HatJ moT, auu. (**.&;, Sf416) 

PHlCE(Ricnj*Rn)* Tbree Letters to Dr. Price, con- 
taiuinf Remarks on his Observations od tJje Na-' 
tureot (.'ivil JJberty,the IVmciplesofGovf^mmcnt, 
and tl>e Jultice and J^olicjof tJie War TvitL Ame- 
rica, Uy a Member of Lincoln's Inn, I'.H.S. F.S.A. 
Lp7it/(w,T. I'ayne, sjdcclxkvi. Haij-tiUe^ (it^,jjii 
aniit&iTpp. ilalj'mor. BtJO. (4j. 6<f. 2\ilT) 

PRlCL(RjcirAnD). Additioaal ObserTatiODti On tile 
^Nature and ^^alue of (Jivil Liberty, and the \\'ar 
with America; Aluo Observations on Schemes for 
raifmg iloney by I^ublic Loatis ; An 1 1 ifiorical De- 
duction and Analyfis of the ^ialional Debt; And 
a brief Account of the Debts and Resources of 
France. Jly Richard Price, D.D. F.tl.S. Loit- 
doit: T, Cadell, w.nct.i.xxvu. jui nnd 176pp. 

a^o, {^s.6d. gaie) 

PRICE (RiaMno). Additional Observation.'! On the 
Kature ami \alnp of Civil Liberty, and the Wir 
'^'ith America : Also Observations on Schemes for 
railing iHoneyby Public l^ans; Au Hilbrical De- 
duction and Aualylis of tlie ^I'ational Debt; Aad 
a brief Account of the Debts and Resources of 
Prance. By Richard Price, D.D. F.ll.S. The Se- 
cond Bditi<in. Lojuhti : T. Cadell, m.ik'c.lxxv-ii. 
i-ri iittd 17(j pp. half mor. 8i?fl. ^4j. 6d. 2'H9) 

PRICK ( Richard). Additional Observations On the 
Nature and Value of Civil Liberty, and the War 
vv-itli America; Also Observations on Schemes for 
railing Hloneyby Public J-oans ; An Iliftorical De- 
duction ami Analyfis of the National Debt; And 
a lirief Account of the Debts and Resoureea of 
Prance. Rj Richard Price, D.D. F.R.S. The 
T]]ird J'^dition, witij Additions. Limdim: T. Cadell, 
M.IJtui Axviii. i.ii'i and 17lipj). Six). (4s. fid. SiSO) 

PIHCE (RicuAHD). UJie General Introduction and 

Bibliotheea Americana. 611 

Sapplement to The Two Tracts on Civil Liberty, 
the War with America, and the Finances of tfie 
Kingdom. By Richard Price, D.D.F.R.S. London: 
Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand, hdcclxzviii. 
Title, ami and pp. 181-216. ' A Summary View ' 
tte. a folded sheet. 8m. {4s. 6d. 2221) 

PRICE ([Richard). A Sermon delivered to a Con- 
negation of Protestant Dissenters, at Hackney, 
On the 10th of February lall, Being the Di^ ap- 
pointed for a General Fast. By Richard Price, 
D.D. F.R.S. The Third Edition. To which are 
added, Remarks on a Passage in the Bishop of 
London's Sermon on Ash- Wednesday, 1779. Lon- 
don ; T. Cadell, h.dcc.lxzix. 2 prel. leaves and 45 
pp. Ualfmor. 8vo. {is.6d. 2232) 

PRICE (Richard). Three Letters to the Rev. Dr. 
Price : Containing Remarks oppn hia Fast-Sermon. 
By a Cobler. London: S. Bladon, hdcclxxix. 
Half-tUU,tUU,ttnd3Spp. (,3s.6d. 2223) 

PRICE (Richard). Observations on the Importance 
of the American Revolution, and The Means of 
making it a Benefit to the World. To which is 
added, A Letter firom M. Target, late ComptroUer- 
Generalof the Finances of France : With An Ap- 
pendix, containing a Tranflation of the Will of M. 
Fortone Ricard, lately publiflied in France. By 
Richard Price, D.D. L.L.D. And Fellow of the 
Royal Society of London, and of the Academy of 
Artt and Sciences in New-England. London : T. 
Cadell, M.DCc.Lxxxv. viit and 156 pp. Lrrata 4 
taut. Mftmr. Bvo. (4s. 6d. 2224) 

PRIEST (Wiluam). Travels in the United States 
of America; commencing in the year 1793, and 
ending in 1797. With the Author's Journals of 
his two Vojrages across the Atlantic. By William 
Priest, Musician, late of the Theatres Philadelphia, 
Baltimore and Boston. London : J. Johnson, 1802. 
stmdmpp. Frontispiece. Sua. {ds. 

PRIESTLEY (Joseph). Observations on the Emi- 
gration of Dr. Joseph Priestley, and on the several 
addresses deliverea to him on his arrival at New- 
York. New Edition. Philadelphia, printed. Lon- 
don : Re-printed for John Stockdale, 1794. 63 pp. 
Bra. (2<. 6d. 2326; 

612 SihUotheca Ainerica^o.. 

PRIMER,/ (A)/ for the Use of the/ MohflTrk Chil- 
dren,/ To tLocjuire tbe Spelling and Reading of 
their/ oivn, Hfi \^-ell as to f*et acquainted with the,' 
English Toneue ; whicli tor that Purpose is put/ 
ou th*> oppoute Page./ WaprighTragnsawe/ Iksa- 
ongvenviK/'lTi^v-jiondad-derighLiormy Kaghyadophs 
fera; Najon-/tleweyefta^hk]ijeweanaghnodonav- 
eghy^dow Ka-/aiyen]EeLuga K av^eanondaghlEouii : 
Djorheaf-ha^a/ oni tiiniliadiweaTiotea*/ Ltflidfm^f 
Printpd by C. Buckton, Great Pultney- Street/* 
17Bt>* Frpiitiipiecfj and 98 'pi^. Inciuding Titte. Old 
tree cat/.J ^'^mo. {St. iSs. 6d. SSS?) 

PRIXCK ^D^BOHAti). Dying Eiprciaes of Mrs. 
Deborah Prince ; And Dr^vout I^lfKlitationa of Mrs. 
Sarah Gill, Daughters of the JflteRev. Mr, Thoma* 
PrincCj ,A1iiii1ier of the South Church, Boston. 
K-dinhurgh : D* Patcrson, hucclxxjcv, 4^/fp* 
12mu, {7s. 6d. 2328) 

PR1\CE (TiioMABj. A Sermon Delivered By Tho- 
mas Prince^ M.A. On Wenfday October 1. 1718. 
At his O mil nation to the Pastoral Cbar^e Of tbe 
Soutb ('hurch in BoRon, A* 11* In Conicinction 
with the Re-verend .Mr. Joseph SewalL Together 
with J'he Chari^ej By the Reverend Increase Ma- 
ther^D.D. Aucl a Copy of iv hat wa.^ faidat givinjr 
tbe Right JTand of tellowiliip: By the Revereud 
Cotton Mailitf, D,D. To ivliich h add«l, A Dis- 
course Of the Validity of Ordination by tbe Hands 
of Presbyters, Previous to Mr, Sewall 'son Septem- 
ber 16* 1713. liv the hate Rev^erend and Learned 
Mr. Ebenezer Peniljertonj Paltor of the fame 
Church. Boston ; Printed by J* Franklin for S. 
Gcrrislij aud Sold at his Shop, near the Old Meet- 
ins- If oufe- 1718* 4 prd. UiJivs and 76 pp. * k 
Discourse had By the late Reverend and J.,eamed 
Mr. Kbenezer Pemberton, Previous to the Ordina- 
tion Of the Reverend Mr. JofepJi SowalL At Bos- 
ton, Septemher l(j. 1713* Affirming and proving 
the Vitfidity of Preshyterial Ordijiation, Uostew^: 
Printed byJ* Franklm, for S. Gerrjah, and Sold at 
hie Shop near the Old IVleeting Houfe. 17tH.' 2 
^i-eL kax^aand Xbpp, Smvil 8lo. {It. lU.Gd. dS39} 

PRINCE (TiioH^s). Tbe Departure of Ehjah la- 
mented ASermon Oooaiioucd By the Great ^ Pab- 

JBibliotheca Americana. 613 

lick Lofs In the Deceafe of the very Reverend & 
Learned Cotton Mather, D.D. F.R.S. And Senior 
Pallor of the North Church in Boston: Who left 
this life on Feb. 13th im, 8. The Morning after 
HefinifhedtheLXV Yearof his Age. Byliioinas 
Prince, M.A. And one of the Pallors of the South 
Church. Biatou in New-England : Printed for D. 
Henchman, near the Brick Meeting Houfe in Com- 
hil. uDccxxviii. Half-title, title, and 'i6 pp. 
8t». (7».6<i. «230) 

PRINCE (Thoma»). A Chronological Hiftory of 
New-England In the Form of Annals: Being A 
fummary and exafl Account of the moll material 
Tranfamons and Occurrences relating to This 
Country^ in the Order of Time wherein they hap- 
pened, from the Dil'covery by Capt. Gosnold in 
1602, to the Arrival of Governor belcher, in 1730. 
With an Introduction, Containing A brief Epitome 
of the moft remarkable Tranfactions and Events 
Abroad, from the Creation: Including the con- 
neBted Line of Time, the Succeffion of Patriarchs 
and Sovereigns of the moft famous Kingdoms and 
Empires, the gradual Difcoveries of America, and 
the Progi'ess of the Reformation to the Difcovery 
of New England. By Thomas Prince, M.A. Bot- 
ton, N. E. Printed by Kneeland & Green for S. 
GerrishjMoccxxxvi. Vol. I. Uprel. leaves, tit, and 
«0 pp. 'The Introduction' 104 jn>. 'The New- 
England Chronology' Parti, and Part II. S5ipp. 
Oldealj: StnallSiio. (15s. 2231) 

PRINCE (Thomas). Extraordinarf Events the Do- 
ings of God, and marvellous in pious Eyes. lUuf- 

' trated I n a Sermon At the South Church in Bofton, 
N. E. On the General Thanksgiving, Thurl'day, 
July 18. 1745. Occafion'd By taking the City of 
I/Ouiibourg on the Ifle of Cape-Breton, by M ew- 
England Soldiers, affilled by a Britifli Squadron. 
BvThomas Prmce, M.A. And one of the Paftors 
of laid Church. Boston: Printed for D. Hench- 
man in Cornhil. 1745. 2 prel. leaves and pp. 7-35. 
8IW. (Js.6d. 

PRINCE (Thomas). Extraordinary Events the Do- 
ings of God, and marvellous in pious Eyes. Illus- 
trated in a Sermon At the South Church in Bofton, 

614 BihUotheca Americana. 

N. K. On t.hft General Thanliso^ivin^, TLnrsdflVT 
Jtilyl&,]745. 0<!Cftfion*[1 Hv 1 ^kin^ the CiJy of 
Louilbour^ on the iJJe of Cape-Hrpton^ by ^ew- 
En^Iand Soldiers, afliliecl bj a Britffh &qufldrDTi, 
|W Tbomfifl J^rince, M.A* And otic of Che Paltort 
of the fiiid Church. The Third Edition, DoitoD, 
Printed : Ltrtidnttj Rf?printed ; J» l^wis^ 1746* ^^ 
pp. Bvo. (7s. 6d. 2233) 

PRINCE (TnOHj^B), Eihrftordinflr^ EvenUthe Do- 
inp;s nfCod, and marrellouB in pious Ejea. Illtir- 
tratpd in a Sennon at thi^ South Church in Hofion, 
K* E. On the General Ihanks^ivii)^, Thursday^ 
July 18, 174.^. Occafion'd By taking the City of 
Louii^wurir on rhe Tfle of Cape-Hretonj by ^elF- 
Englnnd Soldierfi^ fifliri^ hy A BriCiOi Squadron. 
l-!v Thomas Prince, M.A. And one of the PaftoT* 
offaid Church. Ji^inbvT^h: H. KJeming and Com- 
pany. 1746. 3 preL l&ivfs and jrp* 5-S8. Unbtnittd^ 
8t=fl, (5i- ed. $234) 

PRINCE (Thomas), The Sakation of God in 174d. 
In Part fet forth in a Sermon At tho South Church 
in liofton, Nov. 27. 1746. liein^ tbe Day of the 
Annivfrrsary Thanksgiving In the Province of the 
Mailachuftttfi J3ay in ^^K Wherein The moft w- 
markahle Salvations of the Year paft, both in Eu- 
fope and North-.4nienca^ an far as they are come 
to our Knowltdee, arebn^'flyconfiderecf. ByTho- 
moH Prince, M.A. And a Paliorof thefpid Church, 
ho^tfyn: Printed for D» Henchman in Comhil. 
174«- TitU and pp. 5-S5. Gva, {7s.6d. ^23^) 

PRJ.NCE (TnOM.i5). A Scnnon Delivered At the 
^outh Church in Bolton, N. E. Anyfuli 14* 1746. 
Bein^ thf^ Pay of General ThankfltiTrng for The 
prat Deliverance of the britifh S ations hy The 
glorious and happy Vittory near Culloden. Ob- 
tained by His Koynl llifiLnKs Prince WiUiam 
Duke of Cumberland Aiiril 16. laft. Wherein The 
Greamefs of the Publick Dan^jer and Deliverance 
ifl in Part iet forth, to eiccite thfir moft grateful 
PraiVea to the God of their Salvi^tion. By I'botnaa 
Prince^ M,A. And a Pafior of the (aid Chnrch. 
Bimtfift : Printed for D. Henchman in Comhil^ and 
S. KneelanU and T. Green in (^ueen-fireet, 1746- 
Tiite arid yp. 3-39, Brn. (7*. 6d. 2236) 

Biblioikeca Americana. 615 

PRINCE (Thomas). A Sermon Deliver'd at the 
South Church in Bolton, New-England, Auguft 
14, 1746. Beins' the Day of General 'i'haiuugiTing 
for the Great Deliverance of the Britifh Nations, 
by the Glorious and Happ^ Victory near CuUoden. 
Obtained by His Roral Highness Prince William 
Duke of Cumberland, April 16, in the fame Year. 
Wherein the Greatness of the Publick Danger and 
Deliverance is in Part let forth, to excite their moft 
grateful Praifes to the God of their Salvation. By 
Thomas Prince, M.A. And a Pallor of the laid 
Church. Boston Printed: London, Re-printed, 
John Lewis, 1747. 39 pp. 800. (7». W. 2237) 

PRINCE ^Thomas). The natural and moral Go- 
Temment and Agency of God in caufing Droughts 
and Rains. A bermon At the South Church in 
Bofton, Thurfday, Aug. 24. 1749. Being the Day 
of the General Thanksgiving, In the Province of 
the Massachusetts, For the extraordinary reviving 
Rains, after the moll difirelTing Drought which 
have been known among us in the Memory of any 
Living. By Thomas Prince, A.M. And a Pallor 
of the faid Church. Boston : Printed and Sold at 
Kneeland and Green's, in Queen Street, 1749. 3 
fml, kava and 4/0 fp. 8t>o. (4>. 6d. 

PRINCE (Thomas). Six Sermons by the late Tho- 
mas Prince, A.M.oneof the Ministers of the South 
Church In Boston. Published from his Manu- 
scripts, By John Erskine, D.D. one of the Minis- 
ters of Edinburgh. Edmburgh : David Faterson, 
MOCCLXxxv. xvi and text 156 fp. Half morocco, 
limo. (7t.6d. 

The IS prelinlnary Paget are occupied with an interesting Me- 
moir of Thomas PriQCe and the Prince family, Bj Dr. John 

PRINCE (Thomas). A Chronological History of 
New-England, in the form of Annals : Being A 
Summary and' exact Account of the most material 
Transactions and Occurrences relating to this 
Country, in the order of Time wherein they hap- 
pened, bom the Discoveiy of Capt. Gosnold, m 
1602, to the Arrival of Governor Belcher, in 1730. 
With an Introduction containing A brief Epitome 
of the most considerable Transactions and Events 
abroad, From the Creation. Including the con- 

616 HihHolh^a Americana, 

nerted line of Time, the surc<?^ion of Patnarclis 
and ^overeigDA of the most famous Kmg-doins And 
Empires ; thf ffradual Discoveries of Am^ricft, and 
the PTO^resfl of the KefbrmatioD, to the DiscoT'eiy 
of N'tw-Kiiffland. Hy Thomas Prince, M»A. fi<w- 
iffn, > . K* Printed by Kneeland Ot tireen, for S* 
Cierrish, Mtn:cx7t3ivt, A Wt?w- Edition, published 
by CuuuuiDgs, Hilliardj aud Compauy^ 18.?6. 4;t9 
-^^ ^v0. (8i. 6d. 3340) 

PRINX'lPLESofTrade, Freedom and Protection 
are its btll f^uport: Indufity^ tJi& only Means lo 
render Manufactures cheap. Of Coins; ExeLan^; 
and JJountvs ; particularly ou Corn, Hy a Well- 
WiHier to Vtt Kinj^ and Country. With an Ap- 
pendix. Contnininc;' HefleHiona on Gold, Silver, 
and Paper palTm^ as ^lony. The Secnnd Edition 
corettcJ and enlarg'd^ Lo^tdan^ Broiherton and 
Sewellj HUCCi.XMv, 3prri. ^1^3 an(^4& jip, * Ap- 
pendii' ttip^. Oidtree calf. Sua. (15s, £$41) 

Tbii^i^npy Di](?L' bi'tank^^ Mi Vi'ltlltm VaLifhHh, vhn liai wrlU4fi>on 

PRINCIPI.Ei^ of Law and Government with an in- 
quiry into (}n" Juflticc and Policy of the Present 
War. [with America], and most edV^tnal means of 
obtaining an hnnonrable, permaufDt^ and advon- 
tRE^eous Pcat^e* I.nininn : J. Mnrrny, MOfXLXitxi. 
Tiro Paris. l-*!irt L 3 prel. tettvesatid ^^pp. Part 
II. HaiJ-titte Qtid 1^7 jyp. Errata 1 page. Old cat/. 
4(0. t^s. 6f/, S243) 

PROCLAMATION. Hy the Queen, a Proolama- 
tion. For SettlinjT and Alcertainin^ the Current 
Itatcs of Fort-iern Coins in Her A I njefties Colonies 
and Plantations in AmericEi; [Coio]ihon'^. J^mtiimf 
Printed by Charles liill, and the Executrix of Tho- 
mafi Xt^Wiomb, deceased ; Printers to the Qneeiia 
molt Eicellcnt Majelly. I7f>4. A Bituidside. haif 
tnor. ftilio. (4i* 6d. 2243) 

PROGIWS^ (The) of the French Jii their Views of 
UniTerlal [Mnnnrchy. Louden: W. Owen, m*d.cc, 
Lvj. tiandb^pp. Brtt, (^s. tid, 2S44) 

PROPOSA L ( A ) For putting' a Speedy End to the 
War, 1.5y Kuinin^L^ tht? Commorco of the t'renchaiid 
Spaniards, And ^fonrin^ otir Own, W ithout wij 
additinnal Ex[H^nce to tho Ivation. Londoiiy Duiid 
Brown, mdccui, v'tii and pp. 5-18. I futj' morocco. 
'Uo. {7s. 6d. n43> 

Bihliotheca Americana. 6 1 7 

PROPOSAL (A) For Humbling Spain. Written in 
1711. By a Perfon of Diftin6fion. And now tirft 
printed from the Manuscript. To which are added, 
some Confiderations on the Means of Indemnify- 
ing Great Britain from the Expences of the Pre- 
ttnt War. London: J. Roberts, [1739?] viii and 
7ipp.halfmor. 8vo. (7». 6d. 2246) 

PROPOSAL (A) For Hftmbling Spain. Written in 
1711. By a Perfon of Diftin£hon. And now firll 

S rioted from the Manuscript. To which are added 
ome Confiderations on the Means of Indemnifying 
Great Britain from the Expences of the Prefent 
War. The Second Edition. London : J. Roberts 
[1739?] viii and 72 pp. halfmor. 8iio. (7s. 6d. 2247) 

PROPOSALS Offered for the Su^ar Planters Re- 
dress, And for Revinng the Bntifti Sugar Com- 
merce. In a further Letter from a Gentleman of 
Barbadoes, To his Friend in London. London, J, 
Wilford, H.DCC.xxxiii. 35 pp. Half morocco, 
4to. (4s. 6d. 2248) 

PROPOSALS For Uniting the English Colonies on 
the Continent of America So as to enable them to 
aft with Force and Vigour againft their Enemies. 
London: J. Wilkie, m.dcc.lvii. Tiffe, viand 38 pp. 
halfmor. 8vo. (7s. 6d. 2249) 

PROSPECT (A) of the Consequences of the Prelent 
ConduA of Great Britain towards America. Lon- 
don : J . Ahnon, 1776. 98 pp. Half morocco. 
800. (5s. 6d. 2250) 

PROSPECTS on the Rubicon: Or, an Investigation 
into the Causes and Consequences of the Politics 
to be agitated at the Meeting of Parliament. Lon- 
don : HDCCLXXxvii, >i> and 68 pp. Half morocco. 
8w. (4». 6d. 2?51) 

PROTEST Against the Bill To repeal the American 
Stamp A£t, of Last Session. A Paris, J. W. h.dcc. 
LZTi. 16 pp. 8tw. (4s. 6d. 2252) 

PROTEST (Second), with a List of the Voters 
against the Bill To Repeal the American Stamp 
Aa, of Last Session. A Paris, J. W. 1766. 15pp. 
With Errata to the ls( and 2nd Protest 14 lines. 
8vo. (4s. 6d. 22.53) 

Iil8 BtbUoiheca Americana. 

PROTESTS. Correct Copies Of tho Two ProteW 
aj^uiiBt ttie Hill To Hepeul tlie Amencaa Stamp 
Art, of Last 8e«*ion. Wiiti Lute of the Speikfra 
and Vottru, A f arij, J. W. h.dl-c.lxvi. 'il pp. 
' A List'elc. a pp. 8™. {ii.6d, itSi) 

PROLD { RdB^BT). Thp Hillonr of Pprmfjlvaiiia, 
ill \urth AnKTicH,from tlif^On^dnal iDflittition and 
tiuttleQL^nt of that Prormce, undi?r tlxe 6rrt Pn^ 
prietor and Governor VViltiaiii Penn, in 16BI, till 
aih'T tli(! Vf^ar 174^.^ ; witli an Introduction reapect^- 
i[ij»^ The Life of \V, J^<^nn, prior to the grant of t}j*i 
Proifinct^, and tJie religious Society? of thu I'copk 
calli,-(l (juakcrs ; — vritd the GH't rile of the neigh* 
hourin^ (.'ohmiea^ more particularly of Weft-Xew- 
Jt-rfej', ami thf; Settlement of the Dutch and Swedes 
on Dhliiware. To which isaddf^d, A brief Descrip 
tion of t}ie aaid Province, and of the Ger^eral State, 
in whieh it (louriftitd, principally betneen the 
Vearfl 176^) and 177U. llie wlioli? including a W 
rii^ty of Thmjd^B Useful and iiiterefting Lo be known, 
rt'fpi.'i^tiiig that Country in early Time, dc. With 
an Apjiendil. Written principally between the 
Yirars 177(i and 17(i0, liy Robert Prond. I'ltila- 
lietjiliui, Printi'd and Sold by Zachariah Poulson, 
Junior, NumhfT Liglity, Clieanut Street, 1TS7. 
Twii yfdtitttea. V^olume I. 508 itp. With Partrait 
of Penn^ and Map of Ptituiyivanut, Volume IL 
' Printed etc. No. 100, Chelnutlirert, \earlyoppo- 
fitr? to the Kaiik of \ortli America. 1798.' St'.^pp. 
' Ajipendii' flc, 1-ki fj;j, Hfu. (li. Ij. aaStS) 

PSALMS. The/ Psalms,/ Hymn«,/ and/ Spiritual 
Sonjijii/ of the/ Old and New T^'ftament,/ Faitlifully 
Tranllateii into/ Kiij^lish Metre,/ For the ufe, edi- 
tJciitiou, anrl comfort of tlie/ Saints in publick and 
private, efpe-/cially in \ew-Enj;land./ Ciimhriitgtfj 
Printed for lle2!:kiali Usher, of IWtoo./ [16t)4]. M 
]tp. iiiciitdin^ tfis title, ittiimi-jfctf vatntinir alt after 
ptf^e 'Ji. litd mtu-atxo titiu htj i'rancit liedford. 
lUrmi. {IM.UIs. 2256) 

Piabng, In a Trim 11 ;it ion K xatt I v conformed unta 
the Orjffinal ; tiut all in lilank Verfe, Kitted unto 
the I'unrrH commonly ufed in uur Churches. Which 
Pure fiflerin;^ is accompanied with lIlufirratioiiEi, 
dufijing for Hidden Trealures in it; And Rules to 

Bibliotheca Ammcajta, 619 

Kmploy it upon the GloriouR and Vftrinui Inten- 
tiotia oi\x, \viiereto Are adJeJ^ tiom** other Por- 
tioits of the Sacred E^cHpture, to Knrich the t'ttH- 
tioDBl. Boitan : in N. K< I'rintt^d hy S. Knt^tand, 
for H. EUot^ S,Germli^ V. JU'udiman,nnd J. K<i- 
w Ard E(f and SohL nr tlieir S h o p^ 17 Iti . 77( ^^ rj i vi avd 
4i26 pp. Imperjfctj irariliHg pag^s Hi tttid iv. Botind^ 
StmtilHVQ. {*^L^s. nb?) 

PTOLEM^a'S (CLAuniiJsl. In hoc Op^rc/ hsrooon- 
tl/nentvr Gpoj^raphiwCJ^Plolf^ms^iaplnrimia uiria 
utriasrqf Hti^a^ tUtCtiiV./ etnt'datn: Hi ciiartiLpt^jH> 
(fricco ab ijiiis coUata./ h^chpnintii cii drnionlim- 
tionibus luiH coiTfT^a a Marco Hpneuentano/ Mo- 
nacbo co^ldUno Ac Joannt* Cotta \'(<roni^t]^] uirU 
MathfmBtid?i/confiiltiflimirt./ FipiJ-adf pron'ctione 
f^ihera: in piano cpiorr in Libroo^tauodrllderu/ butur 
ttd iplis nffUum iJirmnralft Ird fere ttd itiutnta niis, 
n. uf^lu^n/ in nullo ptinm enpco coiJioe extnbant./ 
Maxima ouantitaa diert ciuitatu *, & ditlantix; locoa 
ah Ali^iHcfTJn/ Aepyptiruiuftj^ ciuitfitiH . ipja^nnihja 
oodicibu!4 no prant./ iManiljdi^i.TJum Tl. IHoh'mui 
liouiter reco^nitu & diLigenufll emen'/datum a 
Marco Hejjeui*ritano Mmiacho ctleftitio./ Noua 
orbia delbriptin ac noim Ocf^ani nnuij^ntio qua Ijif- 
hona nd/ Indiru p^mi?nitur pi-!flgua Mnrco Bf^ne- 
u en tun o m on ei c ho caO h - /iii n o a^d i tu ./ N oim ^ u n i- 
ufriRliorQrbisco^iti tabula lua. Ku^vrchGtrmano/ 
eloborata./ Sc+jc Tab n In; aouih-r conVi-fU^ uidehcet 
Liuonis: Myl'pttniH? (jaUia' :/ GtTmanifC: Jtalj^; 
& Judea'^/ CavtTm eatf^dicto [vlii. 1 [, l^oitt. A[iix./ 
ne (J vifl Jmprimertf avt ImprimJ/ fucen^ fivdcat hoc 
it]i8vm opTS/ pena eicomrnvnicatiuinti hitae St'tUen- 
tiac/hia i[Vi c^intra IMatLdittviii lv>Heivmnrf.y connri 
flTdehvurn/ Anno \ ir^im'i Piirtva/ SlUVUl./ 
lifine* Sigtiaturei A. [D tV K in sh] tit \. in 
eiehtij 0. in nevffiiyjtttittv^ed hti A\ coitft^rfihte Mu]n^ 
' IncipitRiii^il^rum *(c; niffutttureiAai^ Hb ineights, 
Co in Jotir. * Rruerendiflimo iii ChriJlo' ^(e. sig- 
mtturtii a iw Jilr b in e!(£^t. I'in/ rtf/ij/. Vrthtttt. 
Folio. ('.V.lls. y^58) 

PTOLEMjEUS (Ct.au nrtiw). Gpo-Z^'raj^hb'/ vni- 
TcrSffi/ tvm vi^teriii* tvm/ riovif abfiolvtiA^imum/ 
opuiiT dtiobuA roluminibufi dlMin^tnm,/ In quorum 
priore babeiiiur/ Ci. I'lolfunrt IVlvsirrifli^/ Gm- 
grapbicn'^narrAtiunin \Abrii\tit>z/ (Quorum prmiuFi, 
qui pntccpta ipfiua facultutiu uiuuia cumplofuturj 

G20 Sihliotheca Amencana. 

commentarija vberrimifl illuflriitus est a/ To. An- 
tonio Marino Patavino./ In fpcumio volumme in 
fmit/ (.1. PtolemueLj antiqua? orbis tabulii^ xJtTii.ad 
prifcoa hi-/ltoriaA inteUigendEiH I'ummc neci^Hiiris. 
Et tfibi]]^^ TtJtwu* ri^cen-/liorfts, quibus vniuerQ 
ofbis pi^tura^ ac faeir^s, finj^ularumtiy/ eiua partium, 
Teginuum, ac prouuLciaruniobocii'/Lospfitet mifiro 
Ei^'Otilo {:ont;ru^n!t« Vna cnm ipLiirtim tabularum 
ctipiontlimid L'jtporitkmibua, qajbus (ingulse/ crbis 
partes^ prouincia;, rti^ioripg^ imperin^ rcgnn, duca- 
ti)3, UlI aUa (lomimn, prout iiustro tempore I'e ba- 
bent,/eia^te delcribuntur/ Auttoreeodem lo. Ant. 
Ma^no/ Patavino^ iMatbomaticarnm in/ Almo Ho- 
nomenfi Gyninaiio pubhfio profellbre./ Anno 1597./ 
IncelebflnimiiAgniJpuiiiiiSivni Cahm^ f^^cvdehntf 
Petrvg Kpscbfldt./ Two PttrU, [Part I.] 4prf^ 
kavfSf 47(i^wilU4/J/>, /rtdei.^a pp. [Part II]. Titk 
andjoiiaed leavti ^-^S!^. index 5ti /71, Veiium. 
-ko. tl2s. 6d. aS39) 

PUGH (Ei.i.iO- A Salntation to the Britains, To 
Call them From ilie Alanj Tbinga, to tbe Onfi 
Tbin^ needful^ for tbo Savi^ig of tiidr Souls; Vja- 
|ieciaUy, 'J'o t]]e poor uuLearnuJ TradefmEjnj Plow- 
mt!n uiid li^hrpberdi!^, thoff^ tbat me of a low Degree 
lite my iWlf, Tbift, ^ii Ordi^r to dlrt:tt jou to know 
God and (..'hriil^ tbi^ only wife God, wbicb is Lift; 
ctt^nialj rtud to li am uf bim^ tbat you may become 
ivil'er tljan your 1VacherjJ» liy I'UUsPvgh. Traol- 
bil^^d from tbe Pritilh Laji^ungo by Row land ElLis^ 
Kt^vie'd atul (Jorrp^t^^d by David JJoyd* Phita- 
deiphia: Printed by S. kf?imifr, for VV. Davies, 
Bookbinder, in CheVnut-Strewt. 17^7, rti and 'i'2i 
pp. Oldctiij'. liiini). (IMj. aStiOl 

PULLEIN (S^hlilO- Tlie Culture of Silk : Or^ 
an I'jBsay on iln rational Practice and ImproTe- 
ment. InFour Parts. 1* On th^^raiiingandpliuu- 
inif of Mtilbf^rry Trees. 11. On hatcbinjj andrebr- 
intj tlio Silk- Worms, llh On obtaining thnr Silt 
and Breed. 1\\ On ri'diti;^ ibeir Silk- Pods. For 
tbe ule of tbe American t'olonies. By tlie Rev. 
Samuel Pulkitt. M.A» hiwdi^n: A. -MiUar, amcc 
Lvjii, jfu unH 3^9 pp^ With iuo pfates. Old vaif. 
Ctf). {7s. GtL T261' 

V V LI* F X F V ( \\' I L Li .1 II ) . Though ts on the present 

Bihliotheca Americana, 621 

State of AfTair^ witli AnitirirE^, and the meADA of 
Conciliation. By William l^ulteiipj, Escj: Tlie 
Third Edititm. London : J. iJodjjlej', MjJccLXXvni. 
TitU and 102 j^. haifmor. Bro. {4i. 6d, MS(>2) 

PULTKNFA' nVii,UA«>. Tlioughtfloii the j^res^nt 
Btute of ttlfuim with AmcricEi^ Hnd tiii^ tneaiis of 
conciliation. Bv William rukt^ney^ Esq. The 
fourth edition. Linfdan: J. DoJsU% iiDtjcj.xxviii. 
Titk and lO-if pp. hulj tnor, fiuo. (is. 6d. aiS63) 

PULTENF.V (Wn.UAM). Considerations on the 
PreaetiC i^tate of Public Affairs, ami thf^ moans of 
raiaing the neceesary Supplies^ ]iy William Pul- 
teney, Esq. Tht^ Second Edition. Lotidim: J* 
Doditley, BiDCCLKXix^ Titk and 31 jip. hfilfmvr. 
Bio. (4*. 6d. SSii4) 

PURCHAS (SAMLTtL). Pvrchas his Pilgrimage./ 
Or/ Ht^lfltioTiHy of the World/ and the lielii^ions/ 
observed in all Ages/ And places diicom^red^ from 
tlie/ Creation vntu thiw/ prt^sent,/ in foure Tartes^/ 
Thifi hnst contai-/ncth A ThDcdoj^irtil and/ Geo- 
graphical l-liliorie of Alia, AfricEL,/ und America, 
with the JHaiids/ Adiaceiit./ Declaring th<i An- 
cient Heligiona beforo tht fjovd, the/ n«.'ftthmih, 
Jewifli, and Sarocenicall in all A^es JiiicE?, in thole/ 
narts profededf vc'ilh tlieir li^uerAlL Opiniimg^ IiIdIs, 
Omclefl, Templei*,/ Pnclltr^s^ KaltSj Kcails^ Sauri- 
ficefl, and Rites Religious : Their/ beginnings, Pro- 
cetedings, AlterationSj Sptls,/ Orders and Succef- 
fionu./ With briefe Dt'ft^riptions of tin ■ Count rice, 
Nations, States, Discoucncs,/ Pnuatc and Pub- 
like Cuitomes, mnl thf^ mole Kemarkuble Rarities 
of/ N ftture , ot I i uni an<.' 1 1 id u J Ine^ t n tht- lame./ Ily 
SamTel PvrcJjEis, .Miuifter at l^Uwood in t^i^cA*/ 
JjandonJ Printed by Willijju Stiin.^l>v for llcnric 
Kctheruone^ and are to be/ Iblil nt his Shopjie in 
PftulB Church-yard at the/ Sialic of the Rofe 
i613./ 14 pre L Uines; uis. Tiiiti revei-xe htauk; 
'The Kpietle Dedicatorie*' -i pp: ^To the Reader.' 
4iro. iWrains 3 pp ■ * TJie Ci,mtents^ e(rr. 9 pp ; 
*The Calalopfue of the Authors/ 6 pp ; Text 75^ 
pp. 'Table of the principall M atters * eft?, SO /tp* 
Finecopif. OidcatJ. folio. (iHs. Sad5) 

PURCHAS (Samuel), PvTchaaliia Pilgrim./ Mi- 


624 Bihlioiheca Americana^ 

dution-principlf)/ Oiis pi*f;feDt Rejily doth explaiu 
all theafU^rpropheciuBot'ChriftaSunerin^./ d By 
clearing feveral other ScriptureB of the greatefl 
note in thtfeCoiJtroverfiffl,/from Mr* Nortons cor- 
rupt Kx poll tiojifif and bj pxpoundini^ them in their 
right/ Lenfe; Hoth accordin;^ to the Context, and 
ftctording tu iundry (Eminent Or-/lJiodoi Writers./ 
Wy WilJiam JY"t^I«>n Kia ; Itttiiof New England./ 
London^ Printed by R. 1, for Thorn. Newberry, and 
are lo be fold at his Shop in/ Condiil, ov^r&gainli 
tb« tunduit neur the iioj&I Kxchanjfe, 1655./ 26 
prelim. Utives and teit 439;jjJ. Errata Ipage. Old 
CiitJ. 4to. {SI. Sg. njo) 

oe). Epitafioii/ Orieinales con/qve 
el Real Convento de lesvs/ Maria, de 
esta Noble Cirdad de Mexico,/ wed 
a luz parte del juftifsimo fentimiento, 
aue ocultauan los ^enerofos/ pechos 
de fas Religioraa bijas; los qutues, en 
18 tarjas eflauan repar-/tido8 por los pedellales 
ze viftofas piramides, y leis el'paciolas/ gradas 
hazian ezquifita armonia) fobre que eftaua ma 
lif-/puelia Pyra que fubltitnya el depofito del 
iftuolb cuerpo, con fu turn/ ba cubierta de vn 
y dos almoadas de rica tela, omato (fi da- 
te) deuido a la Real Corona, de aue le confti- 
y compuffo el/ fumptuofifsimo Fanteon, que 
do de el'quadrones de/ brillantes luzes, erigid 
aradefu PatronalaSe-/renifliina D. Isabelde 
m,/ Reyna de Efoana, y Senora nueftra, a/ los 
27. de lulio del Aiio/ de 1645./ Al Senor 
)r Don Pedro de Barrientos/ Lomelin, del 
•jo de fu Magellad, &c./ Por el Bachiller 
aio de Qrintana/ y Guido, Capellan del Clioro 
Santa Iglefia Cathedral./ Con Licencia :/ En 
V, por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon. Aiio 
45./ Title OTi the reverse, Woodcut Arms. ' Ap- 
>n del Padre/ luan de S. Miguel, de laCom- 
/ de iesvs./ 1 page, reverse blank. ' Al Seiior 
}T D. Pedro/ de Barrientos Lomelin,' etc. 2 
Text commencing ' Titulo Dedicatorio que ocu- 
la quarta' etc. folioed leaves 3-8, the reverie 
. 4to. (1/. lis. 6d. 2871) 

(Peter Ferdinand de). Terra Aullralisin- 
ta,/ or/ A new Southerne/ Disooverie,/ con- 
ig/ A fifth part of the World./ Lately found 
By Ferdinand De Qvir,/ a Spaniih Captaine./ 

624 Bihliotheca Ainericana^ 

datioD-priDciple)/ this prefent Keply doth cspltiiu 
all the after proplieciesot'(.*brifis Sufferings./ 6 By 
clearing ieveral other Scriptures of the ^atdl 
note in thefe Con troverfi^s,/ from Mr- \ortonfl cor- 
rupt KxpoGtionfl^aiid bj eipounding them mtheir 
right/ ft^nfe; Hoth accfirtling to the Context j and 
accoTclint^ to fundry eminent Or-/thodox Writers,/ 
By \Villiam PjncLon Eiq ; lateof Jiew P^nglond./ 
Londoiij IViritedhy Hh L for Thorn. Newberry, ana 
are to be fold at hie Shop in/ CornhU^ over againft 
the Conduit near the Rojal Exchange, 1655. f 26 
ff-et'tm. UaviSajid text 439 pp. EiTrata Ipagt. Old 
Ciiif. 4to. {5L Ss. '^7Q) 

de). Epitafioii/ Originales con/qve 
el Real CoDTento de lesrs/ Maria, de 
esta Noble Civdad de Mexico,^ bed 
a luz parte del juftifsimo fentimiento, 
que ocultauan los ^enerofos/ peclios 
de fus Religioras liijas ; los quales, en 
viftofas tarjas eftauan repar-/tido8 por loa pedeilales 
de doze viftofas piramideB, y feis el'paciofas/ g^adaa 
(^ue hazian exquifitaarmoma) fobre que ellauama 
bien dif-/puella Pyra que fubltituya el depolito del 
Mageftuotb cuerpo, con fu turn/ ba cubierta de va 
paiio, y dos almoadas de rica tela, omato (fi de- 
cen-/te) deuido a la Real Corona, de oue le confti- 
tuyo, y compulTo el/ fumptuofifsimo Panteon, que 
poblado de elquadrones de/ brillantes luzes, eru^d 
in honradefuPatronaIa8e-/reniflima D. Isabefde 
Borbon,/ Reyna de Elpana, y Senora nuellra, a/ los 
26. y 27. de lulio del Ano/ de 1645./ Al Senor 
Doctor Don Pedro de Barrientoa/ Lomelin, del 
Confejo de fu Mageftad, &c./ Por el Bachiller 
Antonio deQrintana/y Guido,CapellandelCboro 
defta Santa I glefia Cathedral./ Con Licencia :/ En 
Mexico, por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon. Aiio 
de 1645./ Title on the reverx, Woodcut Amu. * Ap- 
rvacion del Padre/ luan de S. Miguel, de laCom- 
ntnia/ de lesvs./ 1 page, reverse blank. ' Al Senor 
Doctor D. Pedro/ de Barrientoa Lomelin,' etc. 2 
pp. Text commencing ' Titulo Dedicatorio que ocu- 
paua la quarta' etc. J'oUoed leavet 3-8, the reverie 
llank. *to. {U.lU.6d. 2271) 

QUIR (Peter Ferdinand de). Terra Auftralisin- 
cognita,/ or/ A new Southeme/ Discoverie,/ con- 
taining/ A fifth part of the World./ Lately found 
out/ By Ferdinand De Qvir,/ a Spanilh Captaine./ 

626 Bihliotheca Americana, 

^euer before ]iubliniLnU/ rmnllatpd by W, B*/ 
London! t^fiutt?^ for !oLu llod^inrs.f iGiT. ThU^ 
Tiii^T!^ biank^ ami \17 pp. Aio. {^U. 14s, 6rf, ^37li) 

QUKHKC Stnteoftln* present form of GtivernmeDt 
oftbe Provincf: of Qui^bpc^ With a larj^ Appen- 
dix; cnntiiiniri|i Kstmcts from tk^ ^limitf^s of an 
invej^tigation into thu pu>}t administration of jus- 
tice in that province, instituted by urdt^r of Lord 
Dorfbestf^r in 17B^,and from otlisr orij^inal Pa]i*?rs, 
l^ndtiKf J, Debn^tt, mdcclxxmx^ Title, iLrrota, 
a}ui\7€iTpp. Hiiif morocco. Bld. {bi. 6d. ^t^si 

QUlXrV fJo?i;4n, Junior). Observation*"* on th$ 
Act of l*arliiniuM^t» coJiimt>nly caUed xUr Hoston 
Port-bill; with Thoupbti on Civil Society and 
Standini; Armies, Uy Josiah Quiney, Janior, 
Counli-'llor at Law^ in Hoi^ton, Boston, N^K, 
Print(?d. LtiUih^n : Re-printed for Kdward and 
t^harb's Dilly, MnrtLxxiv, i^ •prei. (eaves and HO 
py. IJtiljifioi'Mco. aui>. (Off, 6d. y^4) 

ALEI01I(SirWAt.TiiRV Thit/Diaoo- 
vpric/ of tho Large,/ Hich and IJevv- 
tifvl/ Kiupirp of Civiaiiii, with/ h re- 
lation of tlie Great anil(iold<>nCitie/ 
of Manoa (which tlie Ipaiiinrds call 
Kl/ Dorado) And the provinces of 
Knioria,/ Amimain, Amnimia and 
otiier Coun-/trie8, with their riuers, ail-^ioynine/ 
Performed in tlie yeare lASW. by Sir/ W . Ralegli 
Knight, Cantaina of her/ iMaji'liics (iiiard, l,o. 
Wanlen/ of the Stanneries, and her lli)rh-/nefl« 
Lieutenant general)/ of tlie Countie of/ Cornewall,/ 
Imprinted at LonHim hy Robert Kobinlbn/ 1A96./ 
iprtl. IfttVta ; eit. Title, ifiirnt hlank. ' To tlie Kight/ 
Honorable my/ fmgular good Lord and kinl'man,/ 
Charles Howard, Knight of the (iar-/ter Barron, 
and Counceller, and otthe Ad-/mirall8 of Kngland 
the moll rennw-/med : And to tlie Uii(ht llniiorable/ 
Sr Robert Cecyil Knight, ('ouncel-/ter in lier Iligh- 
nes priuie/ CounceU.' 8 pp ; ' To the Header.' 6 
pp: TtxtUipp. VeUum. 4to. (3/. .is. i«75) 

KALKIGH (Sir Wai.tkr). A/ Declaration/ of the 
DemeB-/nor and Cariasc of/ Sir Walter Ualeigh,/ 
Knight, al'well in his Voyage, an/ in, and lithenoe 
his Retume ;/ A iid of the true motiiiea and induce-/ 
ments which occafioned Mis Maiellie/ to Proceed in 
doing lustice u])on him,/ as hath Ihmio done./ /.on- 
<<«n, Printed by Ronliam Norton/ and Inhn Hill, 
deputie Printers for/ the Kings niol) Kxcellent Ma- 
iellie./ M.pc.xviii. Till*, having on Ih mtrtt a 
teoadtut of iht Rogal Arms ; Ttit 08 pp. IMfcalf. 
Mo. (l(>s.6rf. txr'6) 

RALEIGH (SirWALTRn). Sir Walter/ Ravvleighs/ 
Ghost,/ or/ Euglands Forewarucr./ Difoouering 


6:ffi BibHofJieca Amei'tcana* 

a fecret CoQlultution, n*?wly bol-/iletJ in tl 
of Spaiijf./ Tthftflher, with his tormenting < 
^\i•| GoM Jomftr ; ami his liniiige affrightme 
frrtioii/ and publiquf o^iutatiou: layii 
many/ trf.^acli*Tie3 intended for the fubuei 
Euf^lund,/ Vtriaht,/ Prinlt^d by John Se 
ltiV6^/ Title J reverse hftink^ and "h} pp* Want 
7 to *i% iiidu&ite. Ata. {^.Gd. 

RALE[GIU5jrWAi.T*d). The/ PHwgatiue 
- , lamrnt!;/ in England:/ Pruut'd in a Dialog 

I &/ coiitru) b^'tWfH'fit: a Couiic^Llour/ of ^ili 

lufUce/ of Pi'iin\/ \Vrirtt:n byiht? Wortb 
laclifd/ and lamt^ntcd ) Sir \\\ K* K}. di 
DedicHt^.'d to the Kiiijirs Maieftr, and to/ tl 
of Pikrlument now afii-mhled./ t^rpft^niHl ti 
bappiK/ (in tJiffi* dilimcted Time*^/ Pi 
and/ J^riUtrd at Hainburi^h./ 16'28./ 4-prt 
m, Tiltfj ygf^ife blunkj ^ To the Kin^/5 pp 
pp. htiij mor. -^io, {lOt. 6d. 

RALKttUi {Sir W aitj'r }. The/ Prero|^ 
Parlimn^'nT?/ m KniLilEttid :/ Proued in a I 

(I tp^ ^/ contra) betwei^ne a t'ouncellonr/ 

( ftnd ft loUir*"/ ot* iVace./ ^\^itlen by the 

Iimuch Lucknd wnd/ hminitt'd) t?ir Waiter 
KniijbrJ df^^ejifed./ DedicHtfxi to tlie Kii 
ieftie^ imd to Uwf HotUe of Purlament no 
MhI./ Pri'fenied to b^* now hiipjiily/ (in 1 
tm^fed Tiiiiefl)/ PuhLiMied^ and/ Printed i 
tmge.f Iti^^bn/ 4 pv^L Umei, (it. I'UU 
bhtik^ *Tti the Kin^.' 5pp : Tmt 66 pp.. ha 
4to. {7i. 6*i, 

RALEIGH (SiVWaltth). Tvbva Historic 
Hiftum^all Peripective ;/ Difuovt'ring' idl 
pirt^s nnd KitiiT-/ domes of thp World, aath 
riiht refjH't^tividy iindi^r/ thfi foure loiperij 
^archif^'S./ PaithfuJly coinpoLed out of \ 
a]>-/jm>ved Autiioiirfl,ajjd<^n«:tlydi'/ffeftft 
iuix to the fup-/pulation of the bef;/ Llironi 
(M lib ;i C'atidu^ne of the Kin^ and Kn 
of/ the chiefi^ iNutioiis of tlie World. )/ Hi 
faiuous and Lnirned KniL!;ht/ Sir W^Lter r 
Landau jl Printed by 'l huiuas Elarper, for £) 
FiJher, ld3ti-/ 1^ unuumiti^red (ftiits; t'i:* 
ivrM btunkf *■ To the most iUufinous and 

Biblioikeca Americana. 629 

Prince Charles,' etc. 1 page, the reverse blank ; ' The 
Publilher's Advertifement to the Reader.' 3pp. the 
reverte blank ; ' Tubus Hiftoricus.' running title ' Sir 
Walter Raleigh's/ Chronologicall Tables.' 9 pp. 
the reverse blank; ' A Catalogue of the Kings and 
£in-/perours of the chiefe Nations/ of the World.' 
7 pp. tht reverse blatJc. 4ta. (lOt. 6d. 3280) 

RALEIGH (Sir Walter). The/ Prince,/ or/Max- 
ims/ of/ State./ Written/ by Sir Walter Ravvley,/ 
and prefented to Prince Henry./ London, Printed, 
HDCxui. 3 prel. leaves and 46 pp. Half morocco. 
4t». (7«. 6d. 2281) 

RALEIGH (Sir Walter]). Judicious/ and/ Seleft 
Eflayes/ and/ Observations,/ By that Renowned 
and/ Learned Knight./ Sir Walter Raleigh./ upon/ 
The firft Invention of Shipping./ The Mifery of 
Invafire Warre./ The Navy Royall and Sea- 
Service./ With his/ Apologie for his voyage to 
Guiana./ London,/ Printed by T. W . for Humphrey 
Mofeley/ and are to be Sold at the Princes Armes in/ 
St. Pauls-Church-yard, 1650./ 5 prel. leaves and 
4Spp; Title, 4 pp. and SI unpaged leaves; 1 blank 
leaf; TitUandiSm; Title and 69 pp. With Por- 
trait. Calf extra by Riviere, limo. (l%s.6d. 3282) 

RALEIGH (Sir Walter). The Cabinet-Council :/ 
Containing the Chief Arts/ of/ Empire,/ And Mys- 
teries of/ State ;/ discabineted/ In Political and Po- 
lemical Aphorifms,/ grounded on Authority, and 
Experience;/ And illuftrated with the choicell/ 
Examples and Hillorical/ Obfervations./ By the 
Ever-renowned Knight,/ Sir Walter Raleigh,/ 
Publiihed By John Milton, Efq ;/ London, Printed 
by Tbo. Newaomb for Tho. John-/fon at the fign of 
the Key in St. Pauls Churchyard,/ near the Weft- 
end. 1658./ 4 prel. leaves and 199 pp. Portrait 
of Raleigh. Old calf. 16m«. {10».6d. 

RALEIGH (SirWALTEH). The/ Life/ of the/ Valiant 
and Learned/ Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight./ With 
his/ Tryal/ at/ Winchester./ The Third Edition./ 
London,/ Printed for George Dawes, and Richard 
Tonfon within Grays-Inn-/ Gate next Grays-Inn- 
Lane. MOCLXXXVii. TiiU and 41 pp. half mor. 
Folio. (10i.6</. 2284) 


Bibfiofh^cu Ammeana. 

RALEIGH {.^iVWAirm]. An Jntrodufi 
Breviiry of thp/ HiMoiy of Knf:laiid/ V 
Rri^/ of/ Kld^ Willj^Lm tbft I./Kntitledl 
qaeror./ Written by *'^r» Waltr^r Halt^i^h, 
Dedic^iiir'd To tlif th^to Karl of Sali^bury^/ 
Printed for Sam^ Keble at tbp Great-Tur 
in FWt-rtrtet. Autl Uaii. Browa/ at th 
SwanOTul yib^e wUbout/Ttmple-liar. . 
prei. leaies, inciudhig the Pt/ritnitj and 77 f 

RAMSAY (DiiriD). The HUtory of theR. 
t>f South-Carolina, froDi a Briti^b ProTii 
Independent i*Lite, My David Hiimflp 
ISleniber of tbe AraericEin Congress* In 
Lum^- Trettton : Priuti^d by Isaac Collim 
T-X?(^V* 7 iro I'otumtt, \ oK I. il and 453 
attd Sfiftch at pp^ i^ and l4o* Vol. IL ii 
pp. Sktichfs und ytan at pp. 5^i, 58, and l 
8-?o. (10*. 6c 

RA>1SAY (D.^vid). The llistorjof the j 
Revolutiotu liy David RjuufLy, Al,D* < 
Carolina. A Afw Lditionn in Two 
Laiitlan : John fftockdalo, 17P3* Tv:o 
Vulamf L y pivt. teaies mt/i 35T pp. Vo 
li'i and '360 pp. Qi&. (Ux^ 6c 

RANDAfJ. (Joiiv). A brief Account of 
Principled, and Discipline of tlie i^eoi 
Quakers^ Iti r^ule^icu, ami elfl*?whcre- ] 
from A ^System of t^po^rajjhj Latfly 1 
ByJolin HuodalK BrL&tui ; riani. larlcy, 
pp. l!^jni}. {4s. 6o 

RA-VGIlL fJostPH FkANcjsfo Djua*). 
fisico -fubre la Formaciou df Ini? Auroras 
For Uh Joifpb Francisco Dionis Kangel, 
en psta Cortf* [L'u/h/Wjch] Coix las Licenci 
i^irias: Imprci^o en Mcjkn pn U Uficii 
HerciiercfS tie I Lie. U. Jos^-ph de Jauregni 
San IJhrnurdo. Anadel789, *i. to nj/ 
mftr. 4^^ U'^« 6d 

RAVXAL ( AnnO. A Pbiiosnphlcil and 
History of ibc llritish J^cttknients and 
North America. From tb<^ Fiv'nchof Abbt 
In Two Volumes, iCdiniturgh ; C. Macj 



JBibliotheca Americana. 631 

ti.occ.i.xxTi. Tux>Volume$, Vol. 1. 340 pp. Map of 
North Amerutt. Vol. II. 231 pp. 12mo. {Tt.6d. 2490) 

RAYNAL (Abbe). Bevolution de l'Am6rique, 
par M. L'Abb^ Ra;pial, Auteur de I'Hifioire Pbi- 
lofophique & Politique des Etabliflemens, & du 
Commerce des Europ^ens dans les deux Indeg. A 
Londrei, Lockier Davis, h.dcc.lxxxi, xvi andl83 
pp. With Portrait of Raynal. Half morocco. 
»B0. (li-Sd. 2291) 

ItAYNAL(ABBE). The Revolution of America. By 
the Abb£ Raynal, Author of the Philosophical and 
Political History of the Establishments and Com- 
merce of the Europeans in both the Indies. Du6- 
lin : C. Talbot, h,i>cc,lxxxi. it and 244 pp. Old 
calf. 12iiM>. (5». 2292) 

RAYNAL (Abbe). The Revolution of America. 
By The Abb6 Raynal, Author of the Philosophical 
and Political History of the Establishmeats and 
Commerce of the Europeans in both the Indies. 
London : Lockyer Davis, hdcclxxxi. xvi and 181 
pp. Svo. (4>. &<. 2293) 

RAYNAL (Abbe). The Revolution of America. 
By The Abb6 Raynal, Author of the Philosophical 
and Political History of the Establishments and 
Commerce of the Europeans in both the Indies. A 
New Translation. London : Lockyer Davis, m.dcc. 
Lxxxi. 2 prej. /eaves and 199 pp. Half morocco, 
limo. (3s. 6d. 2294) 

REAL Comptmia de Comercio Para las Islas de 
Santo Domingo, Puerto-Rico, y la Margarita, que 
se ha dignado su Magestad conceder con diez Ke- 
gillros para Honduras, v Frovincias de Guathemala, 
al Comercio de la Ciudad de Barcelona, y fu Efta- 
blecimiento en la mifma, baxo el Patrocinio de 
Nueftra Seiiora de Monlerrate, y de la Real Pro- 
tecion de I'u Mageftad. En Madrid : Joseph Bico, 
1755. 2 prel. Mvet and text 33 pp. Calf. 
16mo. (14«. 2295) 

REALES Ordenanzas para la direccion, Regimen y 
Gobiemo del Importante cuerpo de la Mineria de 
Nueva-Espana, y de. su Real Tribunal GeneraL 
De Orden de su Magestad. Madrid. Ano de 1783< 
Frontitpiue, Title, xlvi and 214 pp. in boardi. 
Folio. (12.. ed. 2296) 

632 Bibliotheca Aniericana. 

REALES (Jirn.^jj). Entretenimifntoa de un Priaio- 
nero ftn \as Provindas dsl Rio d^ la Plata: Porel 
Baron de Jtirrts Uealejs, eifHtlo Fistial d*i S. jM. cu 
el ReJuD de CJiik. Barcelona : Jo&£ Tomf^r. 1Q28. 
7V(J F(j^iiw/fct. T'omo rvimpro, 4 pre/, /t^ayes^ viii 
andSS'i pp. Wonting yf^ ^95 — SO'^ inclusive. ToniO 
Sf grindo. 2 jit^l. teaveSy and 391 pp. * Appendioe/ 
16 pp. 4tij. (lya. (W, a^97) 

REASONS tor KsUiT>IJiihinc:th£» Colony of Georgia, 
With Regard to the Trade of Great Hritain, the 
Inorsftfe of our People, aud the Employment and 
Support it. will afl'ord to §^reat Numbersof ourown 
Poor, as well aa foreign perfecuted Protestants, 
Witli ffjine Account of the Country, and the De- 
fign of the Trustees. I^ndon: \W Meadows, 
jHDCC3txiiiT» ^pp* Plateund Map, Ilaif morocco. 
Mo. (10*. 6d, S*^8) 

REASONS i^oundfid on facte. Shewing, J, That a 
new Duty on Sugar mult fall on the Planter. 1 1. 
That the Liberty of a direft Kxportiition to FoTeign 
Morkptj^will not htlp him in this Cafe. IIL That a 
new Duty will not certainly increaTetLe Revenue* 
Andj IV, That it will probablvoccafion the Defer* 
tion of our Sugar Hlands. London ; M, Cooper, 
MjDCCjS.i.vin, Tiik and pp, 3 — -31. Huff morocco. 
Buo. (4s, 6d. 2299) 

RECENTES/ Novi Orhip/ Historiffi,/ Hoc eft,/ I. 
ln(]uirtiiD nfiui^arioniR Sf.^prfmtrionalis, an & quo- 
inodo *'ii fe]if;lter pf.Tfici poflit, eaque/ figuris afneis 
dt?monftrata./ IL Relatio fuper detectione noui ad 
Cauruni iranlitus ad terras Am<?ricanas in Chinam 
at-/c|ue lapunem ducturi,/ III. Memorial is libel Ins 
SereuilBmo liifpa-/niarum Regi oblatns fuper De- 
te^tione quar-/tai orhifl terniriim partis cui nomen 
Av-/atralis Incu^nitftf eififque ini-/menfia opibuA 
ti. fertilitate.y IJIl. flerum ab HiRpams in India 
Occiden-/tali ha^tenus -^i^lliirum, libri tres./ Co* 
ianiiE Altohrovm^/ Apud IVtrvm de la Rouier*./ 
Atino M ucxn.y Title rfversf hiank^ 51 attd Teit 
480 pp. '■ Eleuchvsj sive Index,* 12 pp. With S 
coppei-piate maps, Vdltim. Bvo. {SL 3s. 3300) 

liEClO DE LEOX (Jl-an). [Be^in^] Ivan Recio 
de Leon MaeiTt? de Campo^ Ftc* [Account of the 
discovery of a new route for the conveyance of 

Sibliotheca Americana. 6S3 

Silver from Potosi in Peru to Spain in \eb than 
half the time and expense of the ordinary route]. 
[Madrid, 1636.] 10 Uavei. Half moroeeo, h'oUo, 
(lt.li$.6d. «301) 
RECUEIL des Plans deL'AmeiiqueSeptentrionale, 
A Paris Chez Le &'. Le Rouge Ingenieur Geographe 
du Roy, Et de 8. A. 8. M. le Comte de Clermont, 
Rue des Augustins. 1755. Engraved Title and 16 
PUau. *to. (li$.6d. 2303) 

REDMAN (John). Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis 
de Abortu. Qvam favente Deo ter Opt. Max. Ex 
Au£loritate Magnifici ReBoris D. Joannis Alberti, 
S. 8. Tbeologiee Doctoris, ejusdemque facultatis in 
Academia Lugduno Batava Professoris Ordinarii, 
Nee non Ampliifimi Senatus Academici Coofenfu, 
& Nobiliffimge Facultatis Medicte Decreto, pro 
Grandu Doctoratus^ Summifque in Medicina Ho- 
noribus, & Pririlegiis rite, ac legitime confequendis, 
&uditorum Ezamini fubjicit Johannes Redman, 
Penlylvanienfis. Ad diem 15 . Julii 1 748 hora lo- 
coqne folitis. Nulla eft quae pulchriora laborum 
pnemia cultoribus perfolrit, quam medica fapi- 
entia. H. Boerhaar. De ufu ratiocin. Median, 
in Medicina p. 64. Constantia Triumphans Lug- 
duni Batavorum Apud Conradum Wisboff. 3 pre/. 
UttvetandSipp. half morocco. 4U>. (7s.6d. 330*) 

REED (John). An Explanation of the Map of the 
City and Liberties of Philadelphia. By John 
Reed. Philadelphia : Printed for the Author, and 
Sold by Mr. Nicholas Brooks, in Second-Street, 
between Market and Chesnut Streets, u.dcc.i.xxit. 
34 pp: ' An Alphabetical List of the First Pur- 

■ ebasers Names, etc. 8 and 33 pp: ' The Date of 
Surveys 'e«c. 9 pp. 4(o. (18». 8S05) 

REED (Joseph). Joseph Reed Defendant, Ad. 
John Reed.} Argument for the Defendant in 
Error. 38 pp. 4to. (7$.6d. 3306) 

REEVES f John). History of the Government of 
the Island of Newfoundland. With anAppendiz ; 
containing the Acts of Parliament made respecting 
the Trade and Fishery. By John Reeves, Esq., 
Chief Justice of the Island. London : J. Sewell, 
1793. 4 prei. feavet and 167 pp. 'Appendix.' 3 
preU Uavee and exm pp. 8w. (7i. 6d. 3307) 

634 hthlioiheca AmeHcana. 

RKFJ.KCTIONS ow tlie TmporUtion of Bar-Tron, 
From uur oivn Colonics of NortJi-Amprica. In 
AniwtT toa liite J^ampblet on timl Sutijt.^tt. Hum- 
bly Wubmuted to \W Conlicleratifiii of tlie Honour' 
ablt^ the Housil^ of CommonJi, March l-t^ 1757. 23 
pp. liiitj matiicti}. Bto, {\0n.6d. 230B) 

RKtLI■:c:^lO^S Moml and Political on Great 
BritaiD and her Colonies, Lontliyn : T. (Ject^t* 
M*Dcc,i,xx» 3 jjJt!^* kui'i» iind 66 -pp. Haif morocco. 
&V0. (4iP. <iJ. 23l>9j 

RKFLECTIOXS on the Rise^ ProgreaSi and pro- 
bable coiifl+^<|Upncr^fl, of tlie present contentions 
witb tbe Colonics. Hy A Frcebolder. Edinhurgk : 
Printed in tbe Yc^ir mdccj-xxvi. ie and SS pp^ 
i'2ttto. (4*. 6d. 1*310) 

REFUTATION (A) of tbc Letter to an Hoiii-^ 
JirigaditiMieneral, Commander of His AiajcAy'9 
Forces in Cnnada* Hy an Officer. Tlie Second 
Edition^ Liittdon.: J4. titevens, Mocn.x, [See 
LeitehJ^ HutJ'-tUiej titlEj and ^^ ^p. Half morpccti. 
^vo. {is. 6d. 2311; 

KKf.ilL (Pedro IVlANri:!.)* Memoria Infttnictira 
sobre el comi^rcio general de la Provineia d« 
-^. Vucatau, y pariieular del nuprto de Oampeche, 
' formada jhor el Srnor don Vt+dro Monuel rlegilj 
diptitado electo para hs Cortes Ordiimriaa por 
dicbr* i'rovincJH, l^a Publi<:a don Angel Alonjio y 
PanriirHj dipulaJo de 1li8 aetiudes Cortes, y cura 
Territorial y Clastrense de la PttiTO{juia de Cam- 
pctihr!* Mufirid: Ann Muccrxus Ea in Imprcnta 
de Ve^a y (.onDpaniJi. Callu di? Capel lanes. Titt£ ; 
and 56 pp. Folded :iheets at pp. 4^!^ and 45 (y)» 
n<dj caij. 0(Lf. {15$. S3ie) 

REfilMK>,TO, & Leys anbre as IVlis-sonena do 
KibUo do Aluranliub, k^ Par^i^ & fobre a liberdad^ 
4-^ dos Indios* Jmprellb ptjr ordem de liJl-UeT 
noifoi^+^ulior, L^bmiOcchUi^ln^f Antonio Manesc^, 
^n.uccxsiv* ^ prei. ktit»js and ie,yt Bi^ pp, Catf\ 
Folio. {U. iU.6d. ^13) 

RFGISTER (A) for The 8tate of Connecticut: 
With ail Ahiifinack, For tbe Year of onr Lord, 
17fij, Calculai.t^d for tliM Aleridian of Ncw-)^n- 
don^ LEit. 41. 25, NorTli, Y^y Nathan Daboll, 
Teacher of tbe Matbematicii at tbe Academic 

Bibliotheca Americana. 635 

School in Plainfield. New-London: Printed and 
Sold by T. Green, near the Court-House. [1785]. 
48 pp. [Almanac] 13 pp. 16mo. {Ss. 6d. 3314) 

REGULATIONS (The) Lately Made concerning 
the Colonies, and the Taxes linpol'ed upon Them, 
confidered. [By George GrenviUe.] London: J. 
WUkie, 1765. Half-iUU; title, and pp. 3—114. 
Svo. (6s. 6d. 2315) 

RELACAM/ Verdadeira,/ e breve datomada da/ 
Villa de Olinda, Elvgardo Recife na Costa/ do 
i^'' ' Brazil pellos rebeldes de Olanda, tirada de huma 
/ carta que efcreueo/ hum Beligiolo de muyta autho- 

ridade, & que foy tefiemunha de vifta/ de quafi todo 
focedido : & alsi o affirma, & jura; & do mais/ que 
de;yois dilTo focedeo te os dezoito de Abril/ delle 
prezente, & fatal anno de 1630./ [CoUmhon] En 
Xuboa. Com todas as liceufas necenarias For 
Mathias/ Bodrigues Anno 1630./ Taixao efta Be- 
lafio em reis./ 6 unnumbered pages. Half morocco. 
Folio. (11. Us. 6d. 2316) 

RELACAd Abbreriada Da Bepublica, que os Be- 
Ugiolbs Jefuitas das Provincias de Portugal, e 
das duas Monarchias, e da Guerra, que nelles tern 
morido, e fulientado contra os Exercitos Hefpan- 
hoes, e Portuguezes : Formada pelos regillos das 
Secretarias dos dous refpe^tivos Principaes Com- 
miffiuios, e Flenipotentiarios ; e por outros Docu- 
mentos authenticos. Belation Abregee, Concemant 
la R^publique que les Religieux, nommes J^fuites, 
des Provinces de Portugal & d'El'pagne, ont etablie 
dans les Pays & Domaines d'outre mer de ces deux 
Monarchies, & de la Guerre qu'ils y ont excit^e & 
foutenue centre les Armees Kfpagnoles & Portu- 
gaifes : Dreifee fur les Regiftres de Secretariat des 
deux CommilTaires refpedtifs Principaux & FUni- 
potentiaires des deux Couronnes, & fur d'autres 
Pieces authentioues. [17581. 68 pp. Memoire 
Pour fervir d'adoition ic d'iclairciiTement k la Re- 
lation abregee, &c. qu'on vientde donnerau Public, 
fur I'abominable conduite des Jefiiites, dans les 
pays & domaines d'outre-mer dependans des Boy- 
aumes d'Efpagne & de Portugal. 30;>p. Old calf. 
Umo. (,Ss.6d. 2317) 

636 Bihliotheca Aiftericana, 

RELACIOX de lo pTcedido/ en los Gal(H>ne9 7 Flota 
do IVirafirme* [16'^2] ^Jotioed leaves. Vubottnd. 
Folio. (iLlU.ed. ^^31B) 

EELACIOX de las Vito-Zma q^e Don Dicf^o de 
AiToy 0/ y Da<;!i, GoTerniidor y Cayiitao gpDeral 
de La prouint:!/ d*'. Cunmna^ tuuo ^n In ^an Saline 
dp ArrayH, a 3iJ* d*i No-yuimibrts del uno psdTsido 
de 6S^. y a trpap dp/ Enero dpfte iJio, coQtra cieoto 
y/ quatro jiamosdti Olfln-/delVB./ [GpM/jAun] Con 
Licencia/ En Mudridf For la V]uda do Aioalb 
Martin./ [idi^] 4 u/jHumbtfred pages^ Unbatind. 
Folio. {U. U. T319) 

RELAnON/ dt Como Martiriaaron/ los Her<?g*»fi 
OJandpftt^fl^ Gplandfsea,/ y I'echiliiiLrueaj en cxlio de 
nueftrji Tantu Ke Catolica, al Reli^o^/fo y ob- 
I'prunnte varon el Padfe Prefentado friiy AlonJb 
(romez/ dp Enzinas^ d(?l Ordrn de au<?fcra Senora 
de la ^J<^rt^d> Hpdpn-/cion de CuutinoE^ y tiaturtU 
de la villa de C'uHlarj eu la entrada/ que bizieron 
Pile niHS puQudo de lumo de 16'J4. en la cuidad/de 
(juayai^uil, en lu E-'roumcia de Quito, que es en/ 
1*13 LnditUH, V Ri'yn^>fl del Peru./ [Cuiophon] Con 
J^icencia, Ln ^icidrid por 1 uan Delf^ado, Ano 
16*^5*1 <^ amiatniteied pages. Fiilio. (1^. Is, 2320) 

RELAnOX del Svce^o del Armada, y/ e^oercito 
uue Tueal focorro del Brazil, di^fde queentro en la 
iabia fie Todos-/ i^antos, lialta que entru en La 
ciudad dr>l ^aluador^ que pofl'eian Iob Kebeldea de/ 
Olanda^ lucada de voa carta qup el fehor don 
indriquf^ de Toledo efcriuio a I'u/ Mageflad^/ 
[16a5,J 4 unnvmbered pugfi. ioiio. (l^ls, T3^1) 

HtLAC'lON/ y Topia de vna Car/ ta, de las Com- 
puiiiafl dfV Infanif^ria, y de Arauallo, qne fu Jla- 
gF/flcuL tiene en/ el ])uerto di? C'allao, para defenia 
del djcho pjuerto. yj de ia l^la dpi bralil. lunta- 
mente fe bajM> r('ia-/cion de la^ nobrea de Los Capi- 
tan+js^ y la g'en/te que cada vno tiene, con Laa demaa 
iirp/uenciones jjani pi diclio ei'eto./ [Ceiu//AonJ 
Con Lifrencia,/ Iniprellb en Madnd: en casa de 
lier-/nardmo de Guzman* Afio/ de 1625.1 4 u«- 
tinmbneii pagas. Foiio. (\l. lis. Gii. 2i>2a) 

lit^LAC'lON de la lornada qre lu/ Armada de fu 
jMai^e^Md a becbo al Iucotto del braziL y{ batoUa 
que ^liiTii eWvLf y la de Lob Ellados de Oliida ft; 

Sibliotheca Americana, 637 

die/ron en doze de Septiembre defte ano de 1631. 
en diez y/ ocho grados de altura a la bada del Sur 
de la eqainocial,/ y paraje de los Abrojos. [Co/o- 
phonjl Con licencia del lenor Alcalde don Alonfo 
de BolaSoz, En Seoilla por Francifco de Lyra. 
Ano de 16S1./ 4 unnumbered pagei. Half morocco. 
Folio. (li. 11». 6d. 2323) 

KELACION cierta y Verdadera,/ del famofo Tuceflb 
y vitoria que tuvo el Capitan/ Benito Arias Mon- 
tano, fobrino del dofhrsimo/ Arias Montano, natural 
de Elbremadura, Gover-/nador y Capitan general 
de la Provincia de la nue/va Andaluzia, y coidad 
de Cumana, y Alcayde de/ la fuerea de Araya, por 
el Rey nueltro feiior, con/tra los enemigos Oladefes, 
a eftavan fortificados/ en una lalina que elia riberas 
del rio Vnare, que es/ en efta governacion, veynte 
y quatro leguas de la/ ciudad de Cumana, efte aiio 
de 1633./ \Colophmi] Con licencia, impreflb en 
Sevilla por Francifco de Lyra,/ Ano de 1634./ 4 
unnumbered pages. Folio. (12. Is. S324) 

RELACION de los/ muertos, y heridos que huuo en 
la Real/ Armada de la guardia de las Indias, las/ 
dos vezes que peleo con el enemigo,/ fobre Pan de 
Cauanas, ano/ de 1638./ 4 unnumbered pagei, 
4to. {11. U. i335) 

RELACION de lo Svcedido a/ la Armada Real de 
la goarda de la carrera de las In-/dias, defde el dia 
qne fe hizo a la rela eo la Vaia de Ca-/diz, bafta el 
en que dio fondo en el puerto de la Vera Cruz/ en 
la N ueua EfpaSa. Recopilada de cartas de algunas 
per/fonas fidedignas y de audlnridad, que vinieron 
a manos de/ vna perlona graue defta Ciudad. En 
efte imo de mil y feil'-/cientos y treinta y ocho./ 
[Mexico, 1638.] Sfolioed leaves, ito. (ll. Is. 2326) 

RELACION. Mverte de Pie de Palo./ Segvnda/ 
Relacion^ mvy co-/ piofa de vna carta que embio 
el/fenor Duque de Medina/ a la contrauacion de/ 
Seuilla./ Dafe cuenta de la batalla que ban tenido 
los Galeones con/ 40 Nauios de Olandefes, fiendo 
General de ellos Pie de/ Palo. Alsi milino le da 
cuenta de fu muerte, con/ perdida de fiete nauios, 
en el cabo de S. Anton.^ [Colophon] Con licencia, 
en Madrid, por Antonio Duplaftre,/ Ano 1638,/ 
4 unnumbered pages. Mo. {11. Is. 2327) 



638 SihUotlieca Amevicana, 

RKLACION/ Vi-rriadf^ra,/ de la Gran Vitoria qv*: 
han/ alcan^^ido <in el bruHl la ^t^ite dc la BaiA 
de/Todos L^Eirilos, contra loa Olandelea. Daff^/ 
cuenta {;oit]0 Ie^s mat^rtin dos mil homhri^i;,/ y df^ la 
c^ran prcllji (]u<? !(►? tomftron* hilai<^ntlo-/los em- 
barcaPj y d^xjir el jmerlo, quitando-/lps todo el 
bap«i<' 41J!?/ Jlt^iiauiinV [CJj^Jrcm] Imprelfa con 
licenciii t^ri SeiiiUUi por \icolii* Ko-Zdri^nez, en 
CJille de (^^enoua. Ano de 1638./ ^ unimmberfd 

RELAnOX/ Verdadera de la/ Refriega qve Tvvie- 
rrtii/ nui^l'iros {lELlir-ouf^s Jh la Plata t^u el Cft-/bo dt^ 
fjin Anion, eon catorzc; iiavio^/ d*? Oluda, de que 
era gf^neral Pie dp ra-/lo^ jda la vitoria quedelW 
alcai](;am,/ Tucptlido en el mi^s de Agolio pulTado 
defii"^ prcferttt' uho de mil y feil'-yci^^ntos y treinta y/ 
oeljo./ [Cit/fl^;/jeHJ Coi: Licencm./ ImprefTo en 
SeviHa, jtor Franciri.o de -Lyra^ Ano de 1638./ 4 
vttnuinbfnd pagej^^ 4tfl. (1^ Is. !?329) 

R£JjAC'10\ Verd^-/d<^ra del viaje de In^ Galeones, 
y de hx^f doa batallas que ruuieron fobre Pan de 
Cauanas, con Icia/ Olandelta, en elre afio He 16S8^/ 
f t-d^T/jfrfF/i] ('on licenciftj en S^nilffi por ^Nicolas 
Rodngupz, en calle de (reiioua^ en pfte ano d# 
163SV ^i unnitmiti^d piigEi, 4to, (l£, 1*, ^330) 

RliLACiON/ de la ViTctria qve/ Alcanzarou las 
Arnia,"!/ (LitolicHS en la liala de Todus Santos, 
toii-/tra OlamtelrB, que iueroo a fjtiar aqnella 
Pln-/^a, en 1 1. <le luiiio dr> llj^lQ. Siendo (.lO-/ 
uernador d;'l Mftsido d(d LSrafil/ Pedro de Silua^/ 
[^Cohpluftil Iai Mticltttt, Ptjr Kraneifeo Martiiieif 
jino ItjJB*/ 6Jt}iwed t^«i"^* llttif morocco. 
Fifth, {liiis.6d. ^331) 

RELACION Vf Td]U^ ra de las Pazps/ que Capitvlo 
con el Aravcano Rebplado, el/ A[ari]i]p«de Baides^ 
Ctmdedr rrHlmlo^Uoaernador^y CapitanGene/ral 
dH Reyno de (JliiU% y I'refidente de la Real Audi- 
rneia. Sncada dir/ kts informes, y rjatias, j dii lo# 
PadPfi^s fie ht (.'fimpania di^ lelua, quo ac6-/panaron 
el It+.^al cxeerito en la jomada que bizo para efte 
fifH^i el Aim palliulo de :5Jl,/ {^Cohfthott] Ka 
^tildi■^^iy pf»r l>ftncj|h» Maioto, Emo de 1641^./ 8 
U7tntimber?d jjages* I'oiio. {IL 11j** 6d. S333) 

Bihliotheca Americana, 639 

RELACION de Todo lo Sv-/cedido en cstas Pro- 
vincias de la Nveva/ Kl'pana, defde la formacion de 
la Armada Real de Barlorento, deljpacbo/ de Flota, 
J fuceflb delta, balla la lalida delta primer Avifo 
del ano de/ 164S./ 4 unnumbered pages. Half 
morocco. Folio. (U. iU. 6d. 2333) 

RELACION de/ los Socorros,/ que faa/remitido a 
Tierra-Firme el ExceIentifsi-/mo I'eiior Conde de 
Lemos, Virrey, Go-Zvernador, y Capitan General 
de los Rej-/aOB, y Provincias del Peru, para la 
reftau-/racion del taftillo de Chagre, y/ Ciudad de 
Panamit, de que fe/ apoder6 el Lnemigo/ Ingles./ 
[1671]. 4 unnumbered pages. Half morocco. 
Folio. (U.ns.6d. 2334) 

RELACION de la/ Salvd Milaerosa, qve dio/ el 
Bienarenturado Stanislao Koft Ka, Novicio/ de la 
Compaiiia de lesus, a otro Novicio de/ la raifma 
Compaiiia, en la Cafa de Provacion/ de San Antonio 
Abad de la Ciudad de/ Lima, el dia 13. de No- 
viembre de/ el aiio de 1673./ Y confta de la Pro- 
cesso,/ que fe hizo por orden de el fenor Doflor 
Don/ lofeph Davila Falcon. Prorifor, y Vicario/ 
General de el Ar^obirpado de Lima en Sede-/ra- 
cante, Canonigo Dodlor al, y Catredatico/ de Prima 
de Caaones en la Real/ Vniverfidad./ Con licencia 
en Madrid ; Aiio de 1674./ 6 folioed leaves. Un- 
bound. 4to. (11. Is. 2335) 

RELACION/ del Exemplar Castigo qve/ embio 
Dios a la Ciudad de Lima Cabeza del Peru,/ y I'u 
Cofta de Barlouento con los efpantofos/ Temblores 
del dia 20. de paubre/ del Ano de 1687./ [Colo- 
phon^ Con Licencia En Lima,/ Por lofeph de 
Contreras. Ano de 1687./ 8 unnumbered pages. 
Folio. (1(. 1». 2336) 

RELACION/ de lo Svcedido a la Armada de/ Bar- 
lovento a fines del aiio paflado, y/ principios de efte 
de 1691./ Victoria, que contra los Francefes, que 
ocupan la Cofta/ del morte de la Ifla de Santo 
Domingo tuvieron,/ con el ayuda de dicha Armada, 
los Lauzeros, y/ milicia El'paiiola de aquella Ifla, 
abrafando el/ Puerto de Guarico, y otras Pobla- 
ciones./ Debido todo al influxo, y providentiflimos/ 
ordenes del Ezcellentiffimo Senor/ D. Gaspar de 
Sandoval, Cer-Zda, Silva, y Mendoza, Conde de/ 
Galve, &c. meritillimo Virrey, Govemador, y/ 

640 liihliotheca Americanaw 

Capital] G^meral i\e efta Nueva-Ffpana./ Con 
liccdcitt de loK Su]i*^riijr«i vt\ Mtjico ijor los Here- 
deroB/ dc la Viiulu de Hemiudo Calderon liuo de 
1691-/ 16 uitnumAvrfJ pogts^ Uncut and unbaiind.. 
4ia. (,S^ Si. 2337) 

HELAnON./ Drl f:*])antoso Ternv/moto qu« 
pEidec'iu frliH i 'iudaci d*^ los Hi^ve;)/ i^Lmn, y fus co]j- 
tornoa f] dm 14* Up Juliu drV t^lit? prefente ano da 
1699. I'us laliimol'nfi/ pfi'ttuiijde mutTtPs, y rujrna;^ 
7 iiFjiiurrt/«*rtti ?*^A'f*' *'^» U'* ^1'" ^m'- ^338) 

RELA'UONS/ VeriUibltrs/ et Cvrievafs; de I'lilft/ 
de iSliida^iis^'ar,/ K-t tlv Jircflil./ Auec rhiJloir(; de 
In dertiiert' (.iui^rre f;titjf iiu iJrt'ii^/ 1* litre U.* Horlu- 
guis £iL If's J kdlnruloiSr/ 1 rom Kf^lutiorm d'Eg^'pte,/ 
fit vn(? du Huy:iUDie de Ttrle./ A Pari^J Clit^a 
Avgv^tiji C'uvrhc', au J^aluJAj en La (.lalLerif?/ dcs 
M+.T^MiTft^ n in i'n\mt*.f ». iit. ii./ Atm: Privilege 
dv liuy. H pr^L leuwi ; the liA bfanky aud 307 f/J* 
Mii;^ a*( jM/jff 1, Cw(/' -4^1, (JQs, tk^. ^339) 

HKlJ(r[Ul?.S l\TElJ.KiK>T'E and Seaaonable 
Advir*^ Croni Ahmad: Cuncerning Lay-^Preachine 
itjjd K^linrUitktn. <.'g] lection J, [ I L II L IV.] 
frnm the roririLTLJiiut hA^anj^eUtral Ma^xine^ >io. 
Ijl, ad Jit M. and Mr. Kd^-ards Tresident flf 
Trinn-ton rolWpe^ Nti^- Jersey, hi^ f.li{]U£rfjpt on 
Heli^ion, Uc. Kdinimf^h : 'l\ It^iSft and Sons, 
HWl-2, 'H'drffi* ^u. 1. 't lilf ainiU'i pp. No. U. 
til) pjK No. IJl. liii tfNfi j7>. 3 — bb. No. 1V» lafW, 
r;^/f ami .^H /^ji. l^^Hu. (6j. 6d. S^iOJ 

KKMAKKS On Several Afla of Parliament Rela- 
Uiig mure crjieciiilly to the Tolonicfl abroad: As 
rtllb on (liveriip Aftw of Afif^emblieA there: lop*^- 
ther ivitli A (.'omjiEiriftm of tlie [Vti^tice of the 
Courts of Lei\i' in Ibnio of tlie PLiintntionH^ with 
thofr of Wrstminstrr Mulh And a modeft Apo- 
logy for the former^ fy {-at ha they mnteriallj diner 
from itn' Litter. W hfri'jn Ih liki-wifp contain M, A 
lOilb>urfti c:oiJCernin»( thr •\\ per ( 'ent. Duty paid 
in itiirbiidoH, ]iriii &•: J.Ff^wW lllatuU. lAfwhm. 
'J'^CuopLT. {l-Vi. l\ prmi. Uitvr.ij 4i^'rW*l\ M,'dnd 
li^fi pp. liiitj mvrocc^K Hvri. {U. 6d, 2341) 

HLMAUKS on the Kireucli Momorialu concemitig 
lli{-^ t^iioiiH ol' AcLLdJEi; I'riii^i^d wl the Koyai Prio> 
Unj^'JjoiilV^ lit Farid^ and djltributed by thf! KreDcb 

Bibliotheca Americana. 641 

Miniften at all the Foreign Courts of Europe. 
With two Maps, Exhibiting the Limits : One ac- 
cording to the Syftem of the French, as inferted in 
the faid Memorials ; The other conformable to the 
English Rights, as fupported by the Authority of 
Treaties, continual Grants of tne French Kings, 
and exprefs palfages of the heft French Authon. 
To which is add^, An Answer to the Summary 
Discussion, &c Londvn: T. Jefferys, mdcclvi. 
Title ; ezplatttttim of tnapt, i leaf . Text HO fp. t 
copperplate maps. Halfmor. 6m. (lOt. 6d, 234t) 

REMARKS upon a Letter Publifhed in the London 
Chronicle, or Univerfal Evening Poft, M°. 115, 
Containing an Enquiry into tlie Causes of the 
Failure of the late Expedition againll Cape Breton. 
In a Letter to a Member of Parliament London : 
M.Cooper, hdcclvii. 30pp. Half' morocco. 
8m. (5t.6d. 2343) 

REMARKS on the Letter address'd to Two Great 
Men. In a Letter to the Author of that Piece. 
London : R. and J. Dodsley, [17d9 ?] TitU and pp. 
5 — 64. Half morocco. 8iw. (4s. 6d. 2344) 

REMARKS on the Review of the Controversy be- 
tween Great Britain and her Colonies. In which 
The Errors of its Author are expofed, and The 
Cbums of the Coloneies vindicated, Upon the Evi- 
dence of Hillorical Facts and authentic Records. 
To which is fubjoined, A Proposal for terminating 
the prefent unhappy Dispute with the Colonies ; 
Recovering their Commerce ; Reconciliating their 
Affection; Securing their Rights ; And eftablifliing 
their Dependence on a juft and permanent Basis. 
Humbly fubmitted to the Conlideratlon of the 
British Legislature. London: T. Becket and P. 
A. De Hondt, hdcclxix. Half-tilte, title and 126 
pp. Half morocco. 8vo. (7s. 6d. 2345) 

REMARKS on the New Essar of the Pensylvanian 
Farmer: and on the Resolves and Instructions 
Prefixed to that Essay ; By the Author of the 
lUgbt of the Britilh Legiilature vindicated. ' Lon- 
don, T. Becket. mocclxxv. Title and 6'i pp. Half 
morocco. Svo. (4(. 6d. 2346) 

REMARKS on the Patriot. Including some Hints 
respecting the Ame ri ca n s: With an Address to 

1 vv 

643 Sihliotheca Atnevicana. 

the Electorsof Great !lTitain» London : Richardson 
and trquhart. 1775. TUU and 46 pp. Half 
morocco^ iim, (-is. 6ti. ^347) 

REMARKS on the Prineipal Acts uf the Thirtt^enth 
rarliameiit of Grf^at Hntaiii. Hy the Author of 
Letttjra C0iicE?rnin].j the Prelent State of Poland, 
Vol. I, [iiii patilijiheti'] Containing Remarks on the 
Acts reliitirij; to thft Colonies. With a Plan of 
ReconcUiatiOEi. Lun^on, Payne, mdcclxkt, j^ipp. 
'Contents' i, and ^00 pp. "8™. (lOs. tit/. ^348) 

REMAHKH on iht; Eiescriiitof the Court of Madrid, 
and on the iVIanifesto or tlie (!ouTt of \"er3aillei(. 
In a Letter to tiie People of Great Hritain. To 
which is added an Aiipeiidii, Containing the Re- 
script, the Manifesto, and a Memorial of Dr. 
Frankljn to tlie (^ourt of VerBaillea. London t T. 
Cadell, iiin.ti !t>;ix. Spret. (eaues and 91 pp. Half 
moi-iKco. liuo. {Ts. 6d, 8349) 

REMARKS on tlje Review of Inchiquin^s Letters, 
published ni tlie Quarterlv" Review- ; addressed to 
tht! Ri^lit Honorable CtK>rge CanniTi^, Esquire. 
By an Iniiahitant of \ew. England. BoAtott : Pub- 
lishfd bv Samuel T. Armstrong, No, 50, Cornhill. 
IBia. 17(3 pp. a™. (3s. 6d. 2350) 

RiniKiMHRAXCER (The), or Impartial itoposi- 
torv of i^ublic Lvt'nts. l^ondan: J. Almon, [and 
J, UebrLlt]. Hiiccji.xw. ia 17S,'l. Fifaeti Votatnex. 
Vol. 1. ytiO Ji/>, iVilli 2 nuips if Boilon.. \"ol, II. 
Part I. for tin; Ytir 177(5. Title and pp. 3—371. 
Itidei ii — iL>. ^■oL 111. Part II. For the Year 
177(5. Titli^ and S.'iii pp. Vol. IV. Part III. For 
tlie Year 177f5. Tiik and ;ioO pp. Jndti, (i pp. 
Wiihout the two njopn at pp. l^cil, ^2\}Q. \c\. V. For 
llie Year 1777, I'linruit of Fmnkihi, Title and 314 
pp. /jirfpiGjiji, Vol. VI. For (he Year 1778. Tsiie 
and 374 pp. Indei 7 pp. \'ol. \' U. For the Y'ear 
177B, ana Uesiniiiuf^ of 177^1. Title atid -KXJpp. 
tnde^epp. VoLVIII. For the War 1779. Title 
and 3B6 pp. indfv '^ PP' Cuttitof^u? of BookSj etc. B 
pp. Vol.lX. FortheYearl78(J. Title and'3a4 pp. 
index 6 pp. Vol. X. For the Year 17B0. Part IL 
iv and 350 pp. Caialoi^iie nj' Bmkn, etc. 8 pp. Vol. 
XI. For the Y'ear l?bll.Part 1. y pre^ leaveSj and 
S75pp. Vol. XII. For the Year 17B1. Part IL 



Biblioiheca Americana. 643 

TitU and pp. 3 — 394 pp. Index, 2 pp. Catalogue of 
Books, eU. 8 pp. Vol. XIII. For the Year 1782. 
Part I. TitU and 380 pp. Index 2 pp. , Vol. XIV. 
For the Year 1782. Part II. 2 pre/. Uavei and 378 
pp. Vol. XVI. For the Year 1783. Partll. 2preL 
UavesandSSOpp. 6vo. (10/. 10<. 2351) 

Vol. IS and 17 are wantlnic. See No. sat, 

EENEY (William). A NarratiTe of the Shipwreck 
of the Corsair ; in the month of January, 1835. 
On an unknown Reef near the KinggmiU Islands, 
in the South Pacific Ocean ; with a detail of the 
dreadful Sufferings of the Crew. By William 
Reney, Chief Mate. London, Longman, 1836. 
am and 80 pp. iSmo. (2s. €(/. 2352) 

REPONSE a la Declaration du Congres Am^ricain. 
Traduite de I'Anglos. J Londres. T. Cadell, 
ii,i>cc,LXxvii. Tit/e,!) and 124pp. index 4 pp. Old 
tree calf. 8vo. (5<. 6d. 2353) 

REPRESENTACION/ Politico Legal,/ que haze/ 
a nuestro Senor Soberano,/ Don Pnelipe Quinto,/ 
(que Dios Guarde)/ Rey Poderoso/ de las Es- 

n~as,/ y Empcrador Siempre Augusto,/ de las 
tag,/ gara que se sirra de declarar,/ no tienen 
los Efpanoles Indianos obice para obte-/ner los 
empleos Politicos, y Militares de la Ame7rica ; y 
que deben fer preferidos en todos,/ alsi Ecleu- 
afticos, como Se-/culare8./ Don Juan Antonio de 
Ahumada,/ Colegial actual de el Mayor de Santa 
Maria de/ Todos Santos de Mexico, y Abogado de 
fn/ Real Audiencia./ 22 Folioed leaves. Unbound. 
FoUo. (15». 2354) 

REPRESENTACION del Ilmo. Sr. Arzobispo de 
Mejico concemiente a algunos sucesos Anteriores 
a la Independencia proclamada en Aquella Capital. 

' Habana : 1822. Impreso por Campe en la Oncina 
Liberal. 43 pp. Halfmor. Mo. (3s. 6(2. 2355) 

REPRESENTATION (The) and Memorial of the 
Council of the Illand of Jamaica, To the Right 
Honourable The Lords CommilTioners for Trade 
and Plantations. Together with The Addrefles of 
the GoTemour and Council, and Town of Kingfton ; 
and Aflbciation of the Principal Inhabitants. With 
a Preface, by Mr. Wood. London : W. Wilkins. 
1716. TilU, via and 46 pp. 8do. (10s. 6d. 2356) 

644 Sihliotheca Americana^ 

RKPRKSKNTATION of tbe Board of Trade rela^ 

tiD^ to the Lh\i's Totidp, Munuis^iture^ fet up, and 

Tradi* carried on, in His Ma^liy'a riaiitations in 

America. \\ hitfhuUf January S3, 17^3-4. ^ii pp. 

BuIJ motacco. ioiw- (lOa.etL T357) 

from thi« Xfrt'i'iou* docanrTit rtf the Boird of Trade w learo 

Ihat Kveial ft( l]ie C<>Joiik« linti, lor aotui: lime pTVTtDUfh LtivL^ 

dotiefl u|)Oii [he inj|>friatJ4ii vf ^t)i[^^n from Arrica, ^wjih a 

Tkw ;proUiJ>li^ Hif ndilhjJk tlirophc^lvm or BO odtoiit ■ tn^Q), 

" ^'e UK n]' ihfiiitiotir"s>»}ii i>ie Ho^jr^l, " t hit it wniitd be man 

lirir ihe JFtlfrin-t r^f iJie Ljtflith l^^ntiBiiCs tttiit tlutiti hpqd 

Nrfrroej:! uliOLiLd lor lite TtilLire l4 ^L;ikil b^ iliv Pitri^uer (haq t'5 

the JnrporTer^ nitd H-> MniearT Iihf, li]^ii our R^'prnent^tichn^ 

Ihi^n p^Uf^il m veiLd 411 luairufiiua to litut l^tfect to ill Lji 

f;ovi'ni4iur« In Aitienca." 

REPRESENTATIOX from the Commissionera for 
Tradt? and PianmtionE, To the Ripht Honorable 
the loTik Spiritual and T^-mporal, In Parliament 
AfR'mbled, Jn purluance of their Lordlliipd Ad- 
drt^Qefi to His Majpfiy of the Ifi and 5th of Aprils 
173i. relating to the Siale of the BritiJh Ijlaiida 
in Americaj with rrj^urd to their Trade, their 
Strength, and Fortifications, and to wliat may be 
further neceiTary for tJie Encouragement of dieir 
Trade, and Security of tiiol'e Jilancb: As Ukewife 
to fuch Encouragements as may be neceilary to 
(^ngage the Inhabitaj^ts of tbe UritiDi f'oloniea on 
the tloiuimnt m Anjerita, to apply their Indufirj 
to the Cultivation of Xaval Stores of all kind«, and 
of luch other Producis as may be prop<?r for the 
Soil of the laid Colonif&^ und do not interfere with 
the Tritde or Produce of Great Britain. Limdim : 
JohnLastett, 1?3^. I9pj>. 4^u. (10s. 6c/. 2368) 

RErtU:«K\TATIO\ (A) on behalf of the People 
called Quulicrs, to the I're&ident and Ejtecutive 
Council, and the General Assembly of Pennsyl- 
vania, 6c c, Jjjudtfn: Reprinted by James Phillipa, 
».ucc^Lx\Mi. 15 pp^ lij^fflo* (4i. 6ti. S359) 

REPRESEATATION (A) on behalf of the People 
called Quakers, to tbe President and ExecatiT** 
Council, and the General Assembly of Pennayl- 
rania, itc. \ ork: Reprinted by Walker and Pcn- 
nin;;tonjM.uc:c,Lxxxii. lSfj>p, Ij^tao, (4j»6J. SS&i) 

REPUBUK (Die) der Jefuiten, oder das Utn^fl- 
ur^le Paraguay, welchea Eine richtjpe Erzahlung' 
des Kriegf^s enthiiltj den diefe Geiltlicben g^gen 
die Monarchfu Spaniens und f^ortugals in AmeHki 
tu fuhren geiva^et, Nachden SekretariatSffAuf' 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 645 

iatsen der beyderfeitigen Konigl. Commiflarieii 
and BeroIImachtigten der zweyen Kronen. Auf 
. befonders ausdriicklichen Befehf des portugiefifcheD 
Hofes an das Licbt geliellU AmsUrdam, 1738. 36 
pp. Half morocco. 4to. (lOt.Sd. 3361) 

RESENDIUS(Anoelo Andrea]). Epitome Rerrm 
Gestarrm/ in India a LuGtanis, anno fuperiori, 
iuzta exems/plum epiflols, quam Nonius Cogna, 
dux Indie?/ max. definiatus, ad regem mifit, ez 
▼rbe Cas/nanorio, IIII. Idas Oftobris. Anno./ 
M.D.xxx./ Au£lore Angelo Andrea Refendio Lufi- 
tano7 Lou»nii apud Seruatiam Zaflenum, Anno/ 
M. D. XXXI. Menfe lulio. Ad &i/ga& Begni coelo- 
nuB./ 16 leaves, including title teith the reverie 
Hank ; tignaturts A to D ia fourt. Red morocco, 
extra, by Maekentie. 4io. (il. lit. 6d. 3362) 

RESOLUTIONS (The) of the House of Commons, 
on the great and constitational questions between 
the Privileges of the House of Commons and the 
Prerogative of the Crown ; From the 17th of De- 
cember 1783, to the 10th of March 1784. Inclu- 
dine the Mover and Seconder, And the Numben 
in Uie Divifion on each Motion. £xtra£led ver- 
batim from the Records of Parliament. London : 
}. Debrett. h.dcclxxxiv. 2 prel. leaves and 31 pp. 
Half morocco. 8tw. (4s. 6d. 2363) 

REVIEW (A) of All that hath pafs'd between the 
Coorts of Great Britain and Spain, Relating to 
Our Trade and Navigation From the Year 1721, 
to the Prefent Coveution ; With fome Particular 
Observations Upon it. London: H. Gorehaml739. 
HaU'-titU, title, and text 60 pp. Half moroeco. 
8ti»: , {*s.6d. 2364) 

REVIEW (A) of The Rector Deteaed or the 
Colonel Reconnoitred. Part the First. Williams- 
burg, Printed by Jol'eph Royle, mdcclxiv. 29 pp. 
Half morocco. 4to. (10». 6d. 2365) 

REVIEW (A) of the Government and Grievances 
of the Province of Quebec, since the Conouest of 
it by the British Arms. To which is added An 
Appendix, containing extracts from Authentic 
Papers. London: J. Stockdale h,dcc,lxxxviii. 
HtM-titie, title, and text 111 pp. Half morocco. 
8w). (d<. 6ii. 2366) 


646 SihHotheca Americana. 

REYNOLDS(TnForHiLus). Cursorj Observations, 
ftddr*^asf:d lo tlif? Plantefs and Otherfl, mtci>?ated id 
the West Indiii IVadu; m ^'\\\^\\ el more pra£table 
mode of Territoriul Appropriation is pointed out. 
And iilufltrati'd by e3:aT!G]]le. Jiy Mieopbilus Rej- 
nolds, J..UD. /.iiJerptJi^i, F. ii, Wripljt, 180a. 15 
yy. 8to. {A&. 6d, 3367) 

RlIiERA (Drt-r^o ny). Concenfos/ Fmebrps^y Me- 
tricoa/ Ltiinentos, qvo esplican^y DemofiracioDes 
publicas, de reconcidoa afectoa^ eny Ioj? Fvfieralea 
devidos nl TlluJirifliinOj/ Ri^vtreJuMnimo, y Jilice- 
IcntifUciiO Seiior Mnt^ltro/ D- Ff* Fayo Enriquei/ 
de Kibi'ra,/ Dip;niIiimo Ari;obifpo, que fue de eftii 
Ciudad de/ jMejcico, Virrey, y {^aj^itan General en 
ella, qup/ delcaiizft t?n Phi*/ Kscribelos/ Con me- 
morias de lii empenado aj^adecimientOj/ f^l Hr^ D» 
Diego de Rit>era, Presbj'tero, y/ los dedica por la 
raioii de juitoii titutos,/ AV Mxcelentissimo Sefior 
Coiide dti Paredes/ I^larqueR de la Laguoa, Virrey, 
y Capitan General j/ de efta Xuera-lFlpafia^y Pre- 
tidente de la l^teal/ Audiencia^ y Chancilleria,/ 
If Con Liccncia/ Kn Afeiiffl, por la \^iudH de Jler- 
nardo Calderon, aho de 1GS4./ £^ uutiv^mbfr^d 
binves^ 4to. {iLls. 2368) 

RT3iAS (ANDflFs PfiefzheV Historift/ de los Trivjn- 
phos de Nue.^Jra/ Santa. Fee entre Gentes las mas 
Barbaras,/ y fit^ras dtl nutnio Orha:/ conreguidos 
nor los Soldados, de la/ Milicia de la Compania de 
iL^itvs en las MiL^iiont's/ de la Prouinciade Nueua-/ 
Efpaha*/ RefieTeiiae as»i mismo las costTmbres,/ 
ritos, y Inperlli clones que vljiuftti titaa Gentes ;/ fus 

SuHioSj y temples:/ las vitorias t]ue de al^nas 
ellas alcJiv^ron uon las armaji los Ca-/lolicoH Ei- 
Sanoles, quando K-a obh^arort a iomarlas : y Iog 
iclioliis/ miiertes de Teinte Reli^iolbs de la Com- 
pauifi, qne en va-/rios pueitos^ y a manos de variaa 
Naciones,/ dieron liis vidas^ ^wr la predica-/cioii 
del fanto Euan-/g^elio./ Dedicada a lu mvy Catatica 
JUageatad/ del Hev ^\ S- Felipe Qvarto,/ Kscrita 
pop fcl Padre Andres Pei*ei de t^iba^,/ ProniDciaJ 
en la ^»ueua FVpuiiaj natural de Cordoua./ Aiio 
l(j'45./ C(ni Privilegio./ En Madrid^ Por Alofo 
de Paredez, jfiffi & los Ffiudiofl de la t'5pariia,/— 
( History of tLe triumphs of our boly faith among 
the most barbarous and savage nations of the n^w 

Bibliotheca Americana, 647 

World ; obtained by the soldiers of the Krmj of the 
Company of Jesus, in the Missions of the Prorince 
of New Spain, Likewise are reported the customs, 
rites and superstitions which those nations prac- 
tised ; their places and temples ; the victories which 
were obtained over some of them by the arms of 
the Spanish Catholics, when they obliged them to 
take them ; and the happy deaths of twenty priests 
of the Company, who m various places, and Dy the 
hands of various nations gave up their lives for the 
preaching of the holy Gospel. Dedicated to the 
most Catholic Majesty of the King our Lord Philip 
the fourth. Written by the Father Andrew Perex 
de Ribas, Provincial in New Spain, native of Cor- 
dova. In the year 1645. With privilege. Madrid, 
by Alonzo de Paredes, near the Hall of the Com- 
pany.) 16 prel. Uaeet and text 756 pp. Vellum. 
Folm. {41. 4$. 3369) 

RICHSHOFFER (Ahbrosics). Ambrofij Bichfz- 
hoffers,/ Brafzilianifoh s und Weft Inaianifche/ 
Reifze Belchreibung/ Stra/zburgI Bey Jofzias 
Stadeln, A<>. 1677./ Sprtl. leavet; viz. Portrait of 
Richjhoffer, and Engraved Title : Text pp. 3 — ^182. 
Sonuett, 4 pp. Errata 1 page. Copperplate, mapt 
and platet at pp. 49, 57, 68, and 129. Boards. 
Small 8tx>. (12<. 6U. 3370) 

RIGHT (The) of the British Legislature To Tax 
the American Colonies Vindicated ; and the Means 
of Asserting that Bight proposed. London : T. 
Becket, udcclxxiv. Title and iO pp. Half morocco. 
8w. {4s. 6d. 3371) 

RIGHTS (The) of Great Britain Asserted against 
the Claims of America : Being an Answer to the 
Declaration of the General Conp^ess. [By James 
Macpherson, Translator of Ossian.] The Second 
Edition. London: T.Cadell, MDCCLxxvi. TitUand 
99 pp. ' Aippen^x' a folded sheet at page dO. Hmlf 
morocco. 8t>o. (6«. 6d. 3373) 

RIGHTS (The) of Great Britain Asserted against 
the Claims of America : Being an Answer to the 
Declaration of the General Congress. Hie Third 
Edition, with Additions. London : T. Cadell, 
tiDCCLXXvi. Title and 96 pp. Half morocco, 
8m. (4<. 6d. 3373) 

646 BihliotheccL Americana, 

RIGHTS (TiikI of Great Hrltain Aaaf-rtpd ijrftinsi 
the ClainiH of America : Bein^ an Atiswor to tbe 
Decli^riitiun ol'ilie tiF^neral C'orli^^[^sn, The Fourth 
KiJitini), wkih Additions^ Londitti : T» ('lulell, 
uiM.-Li.\Kvj. 'A prei. iative&and llXl p/j. ' Appemiix^ 
ixt page 77, ajolded ^/i^ei. Vimo. (4*. 6d. 2374) 

flIGHTS (Tiih) of GTeal-Urituin Aasn-ted a^miit 
the (JlainiA uf America : lleiu^ an Afis^ver to tbe 
DpcIarHtion of tin- Gi^nera] Cant^ri-sa. The l^iilli 
Edition^ with Additions. Edinburgh : Printed for 
Chorlea riUiot, ai^dcx-^lx^vj. ^ f}K!L ttituts attd 9Q 
pp. 'Appendix *tftjy(j^'e 9'i, iij\st<kd shtet. 

RIGHTS (Tiii;) of Great RritaJTi ABserttd af^ainst 
the Claims of America : tk%n^ an Answer to tlie 
D^Laraiion of tht^ tteneml t'onsress. The Ninth 
Kilitiofi. 'J^o whi<;h is now added, a Kurther Refu- 
tation of Ur Tnc+^'s State of tho National DebL 
Lnniliiti: '[\ Cadell, inrjf:t.'ir?t ?tvi. S prel. leaves and 
1j1 pp* ^ Appendix ' tiJaLind ^htei at jM^'t i79* Half 

RIGHTS (The) of Gr^t Britain Asserti^d a^fainrt 
thi' Cliiimii of America : Bein^ an Ansn-er to the 
Declaration of thf U^neral UonETeiW. The 'J'^nth 
Edition. 'I'o wlnth is now added, a Further R(?fa- 
tatiun yf Dr. i^rice^B Stale of the XuTioiial Debt, 
LitndtiH : 'j\ Cadell^ miic'<ji,x\vi, ^ prei. i^at^et oud 
il]l pp. ^Appendix* n j aided sheet at page 99^ 
iiiiij manxca. Btin* (-Jj, 6d* *tM7) 

RIO (AMTONm hFi.V Dnscriptirsn of the Ruins uf 
an Ancient City, discovered near Palenque, in the 
Kingdom of uuatemnla, in tipanieU America; 
trarishited fn)m llieUrJgiiiril Manuscript Report of 
(.'aptain Don Antonio Del Uiu: FoLlowied by reatro 
CntJcu Ami.frifano ; or, a criticfd inveati^^ation and 
. rt^aearch intct 'I lit^ lUntory of k\m'. Aiuericans, by 
Doctor Trtul Fi'iix C'ahrt'ni, of the (*ity of New 
Uuat4''mjda, Lmidon : Jlenry Bcrihoutl, l^'i'l. liii 
pp. *'j4^a(ro tJritico' 1 fn^^^tf, Ttxi 1^8 pp. 17 
pUites. 4f(J. (^IIT*. 6rf, Sf37B) 

ROilKRTS (Geohoe). The Four Years Voyn^rt 
of Tcipr. George Hoberrs* beiufi; ft Serit^s of Ua- 
conimou Kveutw, VV'hioh befeli linn In a Vovage t* 
tliu iiluuds of tiie Canaiif.'^^ (Jape de VerQc^ and 

Sibliotheca Americana. 649 

Barbadoes, from whence he was bound to''the 
Coaft of Guiney. The Manner of his being taken 
by lliree Fyrate Ships, commanded b; Low, Ruf- 
{eU, and Springs, who, after having plundered 
him, and detained him 10 Days, put him aboard 
his own Sloop, without Provisions, Water, &c. and 
with only two Boys, one of Eighteen, and the 
othPT of Eight Years of Age. loe Hardships he 
endur'd for above 20 Days, 'till he arriv'd at the 
Jlland of St. Nicholas, from whence he was blown 
off to Sea (before he could get any Suftenance) 
without his Boat and biggeft Boy, whom he had 
fent afliore ; and after Four Days of Difficulty and 
Diftrefs, was Shipwreck'd on the Unfrequented 
Ifland of St. John, where after he had remained 
near two Years, ho built a VeOel to bring himfelf 
off. With a particular and curious Defcription and 
Draught of the Cape de Verd Iflauds ; their Roads, 
Anchoring Places, Nature and Produftion of the 
Soils ; The Kindnefs and Hol'pitality of the Natives 
to Strangers, their Religion, Manners, Calh>ms, 
and Superftitions, &c. Together with Obfervations 
on the Minerals, Mineral Waters, Metals, and 
Salts, and of Nitre with which (ome of tliel'e Illands 
abound. Written by Himself, And interl'pers'd 
with many Fleafaiit and Profitable Remarks, very 
inftru£tive for all thofe who ufe this Trade, or who 
may have the Misfortune to tneet with any of the 
like Diflreffes either by Pyracy or Shipwreck. 
Adorn'd with feveral Copper Plates. London : A, 
Beltesworth, and J. Osborn, 1736. 3 prel. Uaves 
and 468 pp. 4 Platei and Draught of all the Cape dt 
Verdhtands. Oldcutf. 6vo. (Ss.6d. 2379) 

ROBERTS (William). An Account of the First 
Discovery of Florida. With a Particular Detail of 
the feveral Expeditions and Descents made on that 
Coaft. CoUetted from the beft Authorities By 
William Roberts. lUuftrated hy a general Map, 
and fome particular Flans, together with a geogra- 
^ical Defcription of that Country, By T. Jefferys, 
Geograpberto His Majesty./ London : T. Jefferys, 
M DccLXiii. viii pp. Contents i and lOS! pp. 7 Maps 
andPlani. Mo. (8s. 6d. S38U) 

ROBINSON (John). Essaves;/ or,/ Observations/ 
Divine and/ Morall./ Oollected ovt of/ holy 
Scriptures, Ancient and/ Moderoe Writers, both 

650 Bibfiotheca Americana^ 

di-/vme ftnd humane./ As fllfo, out of the gfeat 
volume/ of mens manners: Tending to the/ for- 
thf^rance of IiJjowImI}**^ and vertup./ By lohn 
Hohinisciu-/ Thfn Wicoini Kdition, with two Tables, 
the one of/ thi^ Anthours quoted; The other of the 
mat-/rftrfl contained in ih^^Obrt^rvationSK/ Landonjl 
Printed bj J. D. for T Hdlami^^ at tbrt/ three 
golden Lyons in C'ornlull neere/ the RoyuU Ei- 
chanj^e^ 1638./ 16 jtrd, leaves itnd 566 ^}p. Old 
caif. tSwfl. {^Ll^s.6d. *23S1) 

R013I1SS0N (John). A/ Ivstification/ of/ Separt- 
tion/ from the Church of Kn^^Jand./ Againii Mr 
Kkhard Bt^rnard bis irivt?cuve,/ iniUvled ;/ The 
SeparathSs i-'chijtfiej llj John Robinson./ Printed 
in tlie yeere !(>.'»!?./ 382 pp. Joihti'.ed by 3 leaves of 
Table. Fine copif in nid Ciiif. M<i. {bt. 5t. ^382) 

ROBINSON (John). A/ Ivst and Necessary/ 
Apolo^if*/ of c*?rtain/ ChmtJEmSj/ \o lefTe con- 
cumeliouLly then com-/moiiLy cjiLLed Brovvmsts,/ 
nr BarrovvJHts,/ Hy JVJ^ John Robin'/sftn, Paiior 
oflUti KnE;liBh/ Church at Lcvdt^n*/ Publilhed firrt 
in Latin in Lns Orncl/ the Churclina name over which 
he/ waji l(-t : Alter franflated into En-/gli(h by 
hiJELfelf, ftnd now- repubhlhcd for/ the fpcciall and 
common ^ood of/ our own cou[itrymen./ [LiycZi^rj?] 
Printed jn the yerr of our l^rdjj M^Dt^jturii./ 72 
pp. induditjg the Title* Red morocco eitra^ btf Bed^ 
ford. '^Iffw. (5i. 5f, '^383) 

ROBINSON (MATrnnw), Peace the beatPohcjor 
RfjflcclioTis ujion tho Appi*ar«nce of a Foreign 
War, tht prfstint .'itate ot Afiitira at Homfi and the 
Coiikmissjoij for Gracitino; Pardons in Amerioii, In 
a Lettfjir to a bVicnd by JMatt. Robinson M,T Ltm- 
don : J. Almon, mucl:l\xvik Title a7fd 11@ pp. 
tlatf YfunocciK Hid. { 4*. 6J. 2384) 

KOBIN.SON (WiT.LiAi^i). Several/ Kpiatles/ Given 
forth by Two of thf/ Lords Faitlitul Servants^/ 
Whom ht^ tVnt to/ New-EnglandJ to/ Hear Wit- 
upfs to hiw KvcrJrtrtiii^ rrnih./ Atid were there 
(by the Pricfts, RulJ7rs, and l-'rofcQbra)/ lifter cruel 
and long Imprifonmt^ntj and inhi^inane/ Whipping! 
and Banilhmt?ni, nut todt^ath ■ for/ no other Cflule, 
but for l**^tj>in[^ tne/ CommEindnu'nts of (.iod, and/ 
Teflimony of JefuB./ William Rohmfon,/ William 



cfiitamn XI 

w^A » woa _ _ 

Aart Hiiiu ! * i£-t>r- inawr- r Huiuu: --Mr 
aid of OK: T'lMii liwj I v iif £de:iu tw>»- jarjpt 
the Gnac of -De Biolna. ~4k- '^jasvr ' vrfO^f 
wilk BeaHBB miai. -Ur- >jaiae jor. 2^^ jik»» |«w- 
dMei kf -OK CiMiwBr «eiOT> ii>- 'vtamsuv «f 
Ae Ht-"""™*"^ 'Jaaait v. ' — —• — j; tw 7 4ar 
1749. II- -ill TliuMi r lar k^vato- v' vsutiatr 
the Stiif FsR. oiIkc ?-iatp^ v'- f-ju* i-ivn. iK 
the eatrBBee of CiiiiraBU>4ii:?: JT.'. Tv <>uini(.' 
ma of > nHm ijaei- 7* . i <sr-tr- 9-'ti«> 'juutin 
iil'ViiiiM li'n 1 - X feiTM r- >j 'S«st a<( Oilaav* 
hu-mI. »--J TX ^ ^HBiui ir lu* W mot Mid 
ndes at CaBmaiiL-9n°B^ -ior i-ar- i/ -ti« T^mm 
1746 aad 1747. Tm- Vji>n> ilinfenn«c. £jr a 

of CkiadU&-tii'9z aac ^jm* ic i im-fwl, not 
Prince of Wius* Ivr. Ijauun }. ftffut. 
■DOCLO. Tult,vimmt1Hff..-±y}>vuia'Virf. 
HUfi. (Hiem^. iHk. 71. M. tSDO) 

ROCHEFOBT (^Ceu* la > "Tjuemmi Me] Hit- 
toiie/ Natonlfe « Mtruf- oa 'I>9 AstUka d«/ 
rAMeriqa*,/ A ItiaiiiiliM, Gws Antmt Loen. 

65S BihUalheca Americana. 

Msrchant Ljbrair. 16587 [Peinted litie] Hiatoire/ 
Naturelle ut Moraic/ des/ lies Antilles/ ds rAme- 
riqu^./ Enricbii; de plufifurs belles Azures dea 
Rar^t^i U?a plus/ conPiaerableBqui y font d'tcrites./ 
. AveCYn VotabulaireCaraibe,/ A fiuter</uni,/Cbei 
Amould Leers,/ M.DC.i.vin :/ i^irst Editifln* B;i^L 
Zfut^j; tits. Two titles, ' Kpistre.' Signed * L. D, P.' 
4 pp ; ' IVHUce,' 6 jij) ; ' AvprtiEs«ment,' S pp; 
Ttit5'i7pp; ' Table/ la pp. Fine copi). Vetium. 
4to. {li. IDs. 6rf. 2387) 

ROCtlEFORT (Clc*An be), [En^r^vfd UtU] Hia- 
toire/ Natvrelle et Morale/ Dr-s/ lies Antilles de/ 
I'Amerique/ [/*ri?t(cd (it^tj Histoire/ Naturelle et 
Morale/ ties/ llt^s AiiUlles/ d.« I'Anierique./ Eu- 
ricbe d^un grand iiombni de belles Figures en taille 
doucCj/ defl Plticps St des Raretez les plus confide- 
rabies,/ r^uiy font dOcritts./ Avec un V'ocBbulaire 
Cani'ibe./ Seeonde Kdition^ KevoucJSc au^mentee 
de pliijii^urs Defcriptionfl^ 6t de quelques/ eclair- 
ciflsnicns, ipi'on drfiroit en la precedent^./ A 
RaUrdam^l Cbez Arnout l.i^rs,/ >i.nc*Lxv.y 18 
pre^. leai^es'f viz. Two tiit^s; ' Epistre,' 11 pp. Signed 
* De lioclipfori*^ *Prefjiee/ 5 pp; * AvertLtse- 
ment,' 4 jip ; 'Copies Lettrcs,' lit pp; Teit 583 
|)p; 'Table,' 13 pp. Copperplates at pp. 53, 332, 
4ia. t'e/iuM, 4(0. {II. Is. ^388) 

ROCIlEFORT(CESjin nt). I^ Tableau/ de/ L'Isle 
dc TabagOj/ on de la/ ^Jonvelle Oiialclire,/ L*unc 
des IduB Antilles de/ rAmppi(|uf,/ Dept^ndante de 
la fourerainete des Jlauls ^/ E^jTJliiils Sei^neur^ 
lc3 Eftats Generaus/ des Provintjes Uniea des 
Paiu-bajj./ A Leifdef t'liea .fean Le Carpentier/ 
clyl^cLxv./ Qpret. leaves and 1+4 Jip. Veltum. 
8iw. (15j. a.?B9) 

ROCIIEKORT (CrsAii de>. Relation/ de L'IsIe/ 
de Tabaffo,/ ou de hi/ Nnvvelle Ovalcre,/ IVne 
des Isles Antilles/ de I'Ameriqve./ Par le Sieur 
de Kocliefurt./ A i'niis,/ tljei l/ivys Uillaine, 
au fecond/ Pilier de la Graiift* Sale du Palais. 
M, nr. J.xvi./ Auec Perniiilion./ 3 ^jre^ teavesand 
128 7>p. OW™//. lemo, (10«. 6rf. ^3)0) 

ROCHEFORT (CrsAB uiv), Histoire/ Natvrelle/ 

des/ lies Antilles/ de FAnieritjvL' :/ Par Mr. De 

' lUiclifort./ A LjuJi,/ ChezCliriatode Fovrioj',/ fiie 

Biblioiheca Americana. 653 

Merciere, a la Bibliotbeqae./ H.nc.LXTn./ Two 
volumti. Tome Premier, S3 prel. leatn, ike latt 
blank, and 566 pp. CapperplaUt at pp. 13, 195. 
Tome Second, 3 prel, Uava and 680 pip. Capptr- 
plate at page llo. Old calf. Una. {12e. 6d. 3391) 

ROCHEFORT (CaAu de). Hifiorifclie/ Befehrei- 
jL^ bung/ Der/ Antillen Infeln in/ Ameriba gelegen/ 
T' In fich begreiffend derofelben/ Gelegenteit, d»- 
rinnen benndlis/chen natiirUchen Sachen, bmpt 
deren/ Einwohner Sitten nnd Gebrancben mit/ 
45. Knpfferftuckpn gezieret./ tod/ dem Herm de 
Rochefort,/ zam zweyten mabl in Franzofis/ feber 
Sprach an den Tag ge^/geben,/ nunmehr aber/ in 
dieTentlcbe iibertetzet./ Frankfurt,! In Verlegnng 
Wilbelm Serlins, Bncbdms/ckerg ond Bncbhan(U 
lera. 1668. Two Volumei. ( Buch I.) 11 prel. 
leave*, including irontifpiece, and 430 pp. ' Innbalt.' 
11 pp. Copperplatet at pp. 39, 104, 105, 106, 107, 
109, 111, 118, 119, 123, 134, 136, 138, 141, 143, 
143, 148, 149, 153, 156, 163, 166(3), 180,183, 
189, 193, 195, 205, 315, 233, 364, 371, 301, 307(3), 
311, 331, 335, 353. (IBucb II.) 6 prel. leavet, 33 
and 514 pp. ISmo. (7t.6d. 3393) 

ROCHEFORT (Cesab de). {Engraved titW] Hi»- 
toire/ Natarelle et Morale/ Lies/ Ilea Antilles de/ 
VAmerique/ Bemiere Edition revene et/ aug- 
mentie./ [Printed tilW] Ilistoire/ Naturelle et 
Morale/ des/ lies Antilles/ de rAmerique,/ En- 
ricbie d'nn grand nombre de belles Figures en 
taille douce, qui/ reprefentent au naturel les Places, 
& les Baretez les plus/ conliderables qui j font 
d^crites./ Avec un Vocabulairc Caraibe./ Der- 
niere Edition./ Beveue & angment^e par rAutbeur 
d'nn Becit de I'Kftat prefent des/ celebres Colonies 
de la Vir^nie, de Marie-Land, de la Caroline, du/ 
noureau Duch4 d' York, de Penn-Sylvania, & de la 
nouvelle An-/gleterre, litu6es dans I'Amerique 
frptentrionale, & qui Tele-/Tent de la Couronne du 
Roj de la grand' Bretagne./ Tir^ fidelement des 
memoires des habitans des m^mes Colonies,/ en 
fitveur de ceas, qui auroyent le deifein de s'y/ 
transporter pour s y itablie./ A Rotterdam,! Obex 
Reimer Leers,/ m.dclxxxi./ IS prel. leave$,includ- 
mg the engraved and printed titiet. Text 583 pp; 
TidiU, 13 pp. Second title, ' Recit/ de I'Estat/ Pre- 


654 BiUiothfica Americana. 

fhldlji^ phte^ at pp. 53^ 332^ and 4X2, ritte coptf in 
old T£ii murttcco. ^tn. (U^ 1*» 3333) 

Voynf^f ripina h'fi KtftTs-lIiiifl d'Amtrique, fait en 
1795, 1796 (t 171!7- I'ar U Rochefoucauld-LiaD^ 
courts A i^it'iii I)q Pontj Uuiufkiii^ Churlea Poo- 
pTiH, Van VI J 0(^ In l{iV]»iUii]iH\ (1799) Et^ht 
Volttmes. 'JVjimi JVf^mifr. iiiv mid 3fi J ;>/?- Map 
ff ( jkiffC 1 ^ I'tJ tui} Sf^cu n eJ , / /h tj -title, tiiU^ha ftd 349 
ji^j. Tomi^Tmifiinmr?, iiatJ-titUf litle^ ivtiTtfi:ii^^pp. 
'Jomff Qutttrit-inf^ iiaij'-uiie^ iitUj ui and 3-49 pp- 
hhip ui jifti^e i. Tome ('iut^uicmi?. Hfttf-titte, tilfe, 
iv itud 'ii)i) ftjK Tome SjiiLmo, Ilalf'tliU^ i'ttle^ Hi 
and ^]i> pft. *' 7'nblf^auj' pfc* at jnif^e 26Gy a JoUed 
shtrt. 'luini: S(»jjUi;Tm\ Ifa{J-tiiley t'tite^ iu andSG6. 
Mtiii ill pui^e l;x>. 'J'ome lIuitiLme, IJalf-tiiie, titU^ 
and y-tl tt}t i foUUd jtWit at pu^fi ]7^, numifrad 
I— VJ. Ctijertm. 8m (1^. 1j. ^394) 

Ilinlrit^iicfi fk' Mi'Uo J^usiUni Portuenttis Je KiiJl- 
tkrifi llmMJIJHj l-EfbuH ranninum Libri IV, Accedit 
rniflcutii Anifiriilii liriirtUtriiAis rli? SacHmH Opificio 
('urnn-n, tiiuntr KnrcLxx?(r* Kx Typoj^raphia t'ra- 
truDL J^]^eLlt+']lionim. viii and ^206 pp. 1 copper- 
jdalt^HiU ihevfui. \Utiiint. Brrt. (l^a. Gd. £395) 

RODRIGl-K/^AsTovmJ. Relacion/ de Ja* Fiestaa/ 
nvf^ uU liiLiiJiLCV'/laJiL (.Vjita'[K:iou dHa Vir^en 
JS« ^rhura L'^^ hiiirTOn rn In Riml Ciudad di; Lima 
en/ el JWiij v pnnti])iilmentH delas q liiao )a ('on/ 
(^Ef^^ufrinn dHa KxjHTLi^iiriit del l*ano/ en la CG- 
piiuia ill' \i'[\\i\ HMO 1(j17k/ Din^:id]t a1 Kicelim- 
tiftKLiJio/ S^innr JMncijie dc Kl'ijuihiclie Virrey df?floa 
Ui^yiiitfi./ J*or fil hac}]LLU^r Ankitiin itodri^Vf.'i/ tie 
Leon lV<)fi'li3>rdelOrt E|fTr'i:lMi,i J^'onlificio j (Jefareo./ 
If <.-on LiceiK^ia impirrtb en liimn por Frantifco del 
Oml^t,/ Atiolia di: luari FcniaTidt^x Itigur.Ta m*!r- 
raiJ*T. Aim 161^^/ % prr.L it^nveR; rh* TiIIb^ ih€ 
Ttmr^. hfatthj ' Krr;itrtJi/ a/t^i ^Taspa:' 1 p^S'' 
' Apn^hadi^ii/ 1 p^tge ; Text QOfoliitfA leaves^ 
^tti. ai.\\s.6d. 3396) 

ROURKJUKZcManvrl), Seiior,/ [flp^jiw*] Manuet 
Uu<]ri^ui'z df^ In romnnriia de hevs, i-'i'0(:urudor/ 
genural |K>r lajj rrovmcia^ de Indian, dize : eie. 

BibUotheca Americana. 65d 

[iWin^] liberal Mano, y Cstolico zelo de V. 
Mageftaa. 4 unnumbered pages. Half morocco. 
Folio. (11. U. 2397) 

RODRIGUEZ LAMEGO (Manuel). 4./ Assi- 
ento/ y Capitvlacion qve/ se tomo con Manvel 
^V''rlodrieTez/ Lamego, ibbre la renta j prooifion 
^1 generu de efclauos/ negros que fe nauegan a laa 
Indias por tiempo/de ocbo anos,yprecioae ciento 
y veinte mil/ du cados cada ano./ Aiio de 1623./ 
17 folioed leaves. Halfmor. Folio. (11. 1». 2398) 

ROEBUCK (John). An Enquiry, whether The 
Guilt of the Present Civil War in America, ought 
to be imputed to Great Britain or America. By 
John Roebuck, M. D., F, R. S. A new Edition. 
London: John Donaldson, mdcclxxvi. Title and 
€9 pp. Half morocco. Zvo. {is.6d. 2399) 

ROGERS (Abhaham). Abraham Rogers/ Offne 
Thiir/ zu dem verborgenen/ heydenthum :/ Oder,/ 
Warhaftige Vorweifung defz/ Lebens, und der 
Sittcn, famt der Religion,/ und dem Gottesdienft 
der Bramines, auf der/ Cuft Cbormandel, und 
denen herumli=/g;enden Landem:/ Mit kurtzen 
Anmerkungen,/ Aus dem Niederlandifchen liber- 
fetzt./ Samt/ Chriftoph Arnolds/ Auserlefenen 
Zngaben,/ Von den Aliatifchen, Africanilchen, und 
Ame-/ricanifchen Religionsslachen, fo in XL / Ca- 
pital Teriafll./ AUes/ Mit einem nothwendigen/ 
Regifter./ Niimberg,/ In Verlegung, Johann An- 
dreas Endters, und/ Wolffgang deiz Jting-Seel. 
Erben./ m.dc.lxiii./ 8 prel. leaves, including the 
engraved and printed titles ; Text 998 pp. joUovied 
by 19 leaves of Beeister and one page of errata. Nu- 
merous plates. Vellum. Svo. (15s. 2400) 

ROGERS (Robert). A Concise Account of North 
America : Containing A Defcription of the feveral 
British Colonies on that Coatiuent, including the 
Illands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, &c. As 
to Their Situation, Extent, Climate, Soil, Produce, 
Rile, Gorernment, Religion, Prefent Boundaries, 
and the Number of Inhabitants fuppofed to be in 
eadi. Also of The Interior, or Wefterly Parts of 
the Country, upon the Rivers St. Laurence, the 
Mississipi, Christino, and the Great Lakes. To 
which is lubjoined, An Account of the feveral 

656 Sib/iotheca Amejncfina, 

Nutionfl And Trib<?B of Indians refidinff in thofe 
Parta^ :ls to their CuftomSj Mmiuprs, GoveraraeDtj 
Noinbfrs, &ic. Cuntaining mnny UlWful and En* 
tertiiminf^ Katta, never l»e fore treated of» By Major 
Robert KoL^prs. London : Printed for the Author, 

HOCCLXV. ^i'ii tind ^fA pp, 6(J17» {9s. S40t) 

ROGKUS (I^ohmit)* Joumalit of Major Robert 
Rogers: ro[iLdnin;^ An Account of the feveral 
Kjtcurfionfl h& miide under tlie Generuls who com- 
manded unoii the Conrineiit of Aorth AmpticL 
during the Isite War, From which mfij be collected 
Then^oll material (.'ire nmltanc^'s of every Campaign 
upon that (.'ontinent, from the Commencement to 
the Conclufion of tlnj War* To which is udded An 
liir^crical Account of the Expedition againft the 
Ohio Indians in the Year 176*, under the com- 
mand of M^-nry Jlom^uet, 1" fq ; Colonel of Foot, 
and now lirigadier General in Ameri^ia, including 
his Traniiicli(jnj!i with the Indianfi, ri^lritive to the 
Delivery oftht^ l'r;[bnerSj and tlie Preliminaries of 
Peace, With an Introduttory Account of the 
Pruceedintr Campaign, and Uattle at Hunry-I^un, 
Duhtin : IL Acheflf^n^ m, tier, i;it, lit, 2- and 21S jtp. 
^An f liJioricLil Account of the Expedition agaistt 
the Ohifj IndiiLDfi, in the year mucclxjv// ^f^' ** 
and 99 pp. V id oil/, l^mo, (lOs. tki. S40a) 

ROfiJjKS (W'oonf.s), A Cruising Voyage round the 
World: Firtl to the South Seas, thence to the 
Kast-lnUieft, and homewards by the Cape of Good 
Ho[>R. Benrun in 170B, and finiih'd in 1711. Con- 
taining a Journal of all the Remarkable Tnmf* 
actions; parlicularly^ Of the Taking of Puna and 
Guiaquil, of the? AcapulfO Siiip, and other Prize*; 
An Account of Aleiander Selkirk's living alone 
four Ventre and four iMonths in an Ifland ; and A 
briuf D^rfcription of feveral Couutriert in our Courfe 
noted for Trade, ei'peclally in the South-Sea, With 
Maps of all llje Coait, from the beft Span i lb Manu- 
ft;ript UrntUi^hts* And an Introduction relating to 
the riouth-St>a Trade* By Captuin Woodea Rojera, 
Commander in Chief on this EjEpedition, with the 
Ships Uulie and Dutchel's of Brinol, Limdon : A. 
Bell and B* Lintot, ^i^nerz^xn. xjii and 42S pp* 
' Appendix/ .i6 pp. ' ludexj^' 14 pp. 4 maps.. Old 
caij\ Biw. (10(, 6d. 2403) 

Bibliotheea Americana. 657 

ROGERS (WooDEs). A Cruising Voyage round 
the World : Firll to the South-Sea, thence to the 
East-Indies, and homewards by the Cape of Good 
Hope. Begun in 1708, and £nifli'd in 1711. tic. 
The Second Edition, Correcied. London, Andrew 
Bell and Bernard Lintot, h.dcc.xviii. xixand 438 
pp ; ' Appendix,' 67 pp ; Index, 7 pp. Mapt ot page 
1 of Text, and pp. 1, 10, S3, and dl, of Appendix, 
Old calf. Svo. (10t.6d. 2404) 

ROGERS (WooDEs). A Cruisin? Voyage round 
the Worla: etc. The Second Edition, Correfied. 
London : Bernard Lintot, m.dcc.xxti. [The tame 
ae Second Kdition, of 1718, except a new title, attd 
having in addiiimt two plates at pp. 63 and 101, repre- 
tenting the Aligator and Crocodile, drawn from life 
in London, 1739. Old calf . 8w. (10s. 6d. 340^) 

ROLLE (Denys). To the Right Honourable the 
Lords of His Majesty's Molt Honourable Privy 
Council. The Humble Petition of Denys RoUe, 
Efq ; fetting forth the Hardships, Inconveniencies, 
and Grievances, which have attended him in his 
Attempts to make a Settlement in Eail Florida, 
humbly praying fach Relief, as in their Lordfhips 
Wifdom fliall teem meet. [London 17 — ] 85 pp. 
Flan at page 72. ' Grants by the Governor of 
South Carolina,' a folded sheet, ' Copies of bis 
Excellency Governor Grant's Letters, and alfo 
Copies of the rough Drafts from which bIt. RoUe's 
Letters to the Governor were wrote, containing 
the full Import of the lame.' 47 pp. Half morocco. 
8to. - (1/. Is. 2406) 

ROLT (Richard). A New and Accurate History of 
1^, South-America : Containing A particular Account 
K^ of fome Accidents leading to the Dil'covery of the 
New World ; of the Dil'covery made by Columbas, 
and other Adventures ; of the feveral Attempts 
made to find out a North I^ast and North- Weft 
Faflage; and what Parts of America are fubject 
to the different European Powers. With A fbll 
Defcription of the Spanish Provinces of Chili, 
Paraguay, Peru, and Terra Firma. Of Guiana ; 
particularly of Surinam belonging to the Dutch, 
and of Cayenne belonging to the French ; of Brazil 
fubje& to the Crown of Portugal ; of that Part of 


(J58 Hib/iofheca Americana* 

ParaETuay poflpiTed by tht* Jeauits, where thy have 
(flb^bfilliffl a Se.vr Mauarchy' and of the varjcius 
Tsiatioiiig ut' Jnciianfi tbrnufjbour thi* fjctcnlive Ter- 
ritory : As ulib of all the moft rhimfirkable IQandd 
adjaceat to ita Coafla. lueluding the Gto^a- 
pbical, Nataral, Political^ arid Commprcial Hiftory 
of f?vi^ry Province: With the Keligion, MannerB 
and Cu^lojnB of the inhabitiizit^, Vi'itb DiEsei^- 
tionfl on the Briti^b^ Spaniili^ Portus^uere, French, 
Dutch, and Indian SeCrlemeiita. By Mr. Holt. 
London : T* Gardner^ M.Drc.Lvi. B jtreL lenvaand 
57ti}>p, With map ftfSaiith- America bu Eman Boittn. 
Sea. (7s. 6d. 2407) 

RUMKRO DE MELLA (Ntcor^), Por/ Don 
.\icolaa Romero/ de Mella, Contador de tributna, 
y azo-/^uea tie Ja Noeua Espana./ En/ El plf^yto 
que trata con el iVnor KifcaL/ Sobre/ l^a rellituciou 
del dirJio ofieio ; v on fatistaeion de lo9 car^oa que 
le bi-/zo el fefior 1 Jcenciado Don Pedro de Galuez^ 
del Clonfejo de Lti/ Ma^eJiad^ en f;l Supremo de Ug 
Jnditw, r'l aiiode3.'3./ Kri la vifita de loa ^rimftroft, 
y OfioialuB/ Kealeis del Heyno de/ Mejiico./ [1655] 
^6 joiioed leaver. Haifmftr, Fotto. (l^. 1*. ^408) 

ROSS (Jrttis). An Explanation of Captain Sabme'a 
romiirkji on th(3 latt; Voyag-t; of diseovery to BaiBn's 
Hay. By Captain John Ros^s, R. N. Londoti: 
John Murray, ilil9, Uulj-tiite^ title, and Ji-t pp, 
Bm ' ('is.6d. 2409) 

ROSS MiontHT), A Sermon^ Preached at New 
'town, Dt'cember 8th, 1773- On Church GoFem- 
lUL^iit and Dilcjpline. By Robert Rosa, A. M. 
Paltor of the Church of Chrid in Stratficld. With 
A Preface Elnd an Appendii, Containing Somu 
Remarks on the Rev. Mr. David Judaoirs Reply 
to laid Srrmoti, Wew-Harfti. Printed by Thomjifi 
and Samuel Green* [1773*] 53 pp* Unbound* 
3tni. (4*. 6d. 14i0) 

ROTI 1 ERAM (John)- An Essay on Paith, and itfl 
connection with Good W orks. By John HothertUJi, 
M, A. RectoT of Ryton in the County of Durham, 
and Chapljun to thE Lord Bishop of Durham. 
Third Kdition* London, Printed: Vcic-Vprt, Re- 
printed and Soldby J . l*ark«r, at tlie Now-Printmg- 
Odice, in Heaver-Street, Ai,m:^*i«iEvir* viii and I'iG 
pp. Bm (5i, drf. S-UIJ 

BMioAitm Amrriemma. Cd9 

ROUSSIGXAC 'JioKts st. . Tfe lira tvke 
AduamaiewfaSiT 1, Or.VL Asauaaeti Diiaamite 
ot Eithqmkw., 'io \asri^ C«c>a. Kiarai. ■•< 
Manifeld ESeetf V oo e a m M iHi. BTOirlazvf acie. 
which happened on ck Eirici I>«t tiT -"nm^fai 
len. 1 Two of the Ckn. ix Ok A i i WMUU . 
EKrided inlOf' Phihitibpax^ TiiennsiBf. aacc'd o« 
~ ETraabi 

of manjr/ Famous lladerE. aadAaneal 
Tnnllated into En^iafa : %Vis B^eienaicit w that 
nnafual One, tint hamaand i^ Qwca Elnabeth'i 
Rogn, oo the faae Oar. Sth. of Sejabsaher lan^ 
at the iame Hoar, wiiicfc was ttsabiV fcit thrao^ 
out ^ Eorope,.- aord bmt; pan of .(ci in t!>e £mw 
Moment, as mach a* ii it tofoni om.; \ ioratdj 
With an Aocoont of aiaBj ■uDnxJoai and woo- 

derfiil/ ETeats in GentaoT. Itafr, aad otlwr Kine- 
doma./ Wherein. Sooae' Objerratiouc are auur 
upim the Ciraunliaiict*, wherein, lheii;Two Eaitlt- 
qnakea agree, and in others wherein ther differ./ 
B7J.[acqaes] D.re] U-rouMsiar !] t'lnch Mi- 
nifier./ Lam£m : ViisOtA for the Aatlior, at Siou's 
CoUedgt^ near/ Cripole^ate: and to be Sold at 
Mr. Cocbel, BooUHler. at the Sip of the Three 
hegt in the Pooltrr, and at )fr. VaiiUnt, French 
Book-/feller, in the ^truid, orer-a^uoA the French 
Savo/s Chnidi, 169}./ 4 prtl. laK*$ and 47 rp- 
4to. (7s. 6d. Uli) 

R0WLAND80N (Mmt). A tme/ Historr/ of 
the/ CaptiTity & Refioration/ of/ Mn. Marj Row- 
landson,/ A Minifier's Wife in \ew-£ngUnd./ 
Wherein is let foith. The Cruel and Inhumane/ 
Ulage fl>e underwent amonefi the Heathens, for/ 
Eleven Weeks time : And her Delirerauoe from/ 
them./ Written by her own Hand, for ber Private 
Ufe: And now made/ Publick at the eameft 
Defire of Ibme Friends^ for tlie Benefit/ of the 
Afflicted./ Wbereonto is annexed,/ A Sermon of 
the Poffibility of God's Foriaking a Peo-/ple that 
hare been near and dear to him./ Preached bj 
Mr. Jofeph Rowlandfon, Husband to the faid Mrs. 
Bowlaniuon :/ It being his Ull Sermon./ Printed 
firft at New-lWland : And Ke-printed at Londm, 
and fold/ by Joleph Poole, at the Blue Bowl in the 
Long-Walk, by Chrifta-/Church Hofpiul./ 168«./ 
3 prtl. Ieate$ and 36 pp. 4io. (11. lli. 6d. ^13) 


660 SibUoiheca Am^cana* 

RUIZ DE LEON (Francisco), Hernandift, tri- 
utuphoa de la Fe^ y gloria de las Armua Es^aDolaa. 
Poema H*?rojro. CoatjtiiaLa de AJeiico, cabeia 
dffL imptTLo Septentriotia] de ia NueTa-Etipeiia, 
Proezaa de HerQun-('ortcs, Carlhobcos BlasoDeft 
AiilitarePf y grander as del Nuevo Alundo< Lo 
cantaba Doii Francisco Ruiz de LeoHf hljo de La 
NueTa-K&]>ana, j reverente lo couMgra a la Sobe- 
rana, CamoLica iVJa^estad de su Rey, y Senor 
N^tuTal UoQ Fernando Sexto^ en la reat Catholica 
Maj^estadde la H^yna N uwitra. Sehora Dofia Maria 
Barbara^ (4u<? Diop g'uarde) y a \^& do9 IVlai^es- 
tadea. Par MaDO del excellpiitissiTDO Senor Duque 
de Alva, &c. Con Privllt^gio. En Madrid; Viuda 
de Mariutd Fernandt^z, 1755* 10 pr^L leaves cud 
383 pp* Vellufn. 4to. {IL lis. 6d. 2414) 

RULES for tbe St. Andrew's Society in PhiladeK 

Ehia. PhUad^iphia: Printed bj B, Fran klin, and 
». Hall. niDccLi. 16 pp. bin. {U. Is. 2415) 

RULIXG (Thr) & Ordaininf^ Powder of Congre^a- 
rioiial HiijIiopSf or Presbyters^ Defended. Bemg 
Remarks on Ibnu^ I'iirt of Mt. P. jiarclay's J^er- 
suasive^ lately diftributed in New-England* Bj 
an luiparrial f-laud. In n Letter to a Friend* 
HosUm: Printed for Samuel Gerriih and Sold at 
[m Shop near tbe Urick Meeling-Houfe in Com- 
billj 17:^4. TitU and 45 jfp. 3vo. {i'^s. 6d. S416) 

RUMSEY (JAsii:s). A Sbort Treatise on the appli* 
cation of Steam, wbtn'eby is clearly ishewn, from 
achJtil expenmL-ntjs, that Steam may be applied to 
propel Boats or Vessels of any burthen againJl 
rapid currt^uts with j>reat velocity. The fame 
Pritidplce are alfu iutroduccd with Effe^, by « 
Macliine of a Umple and cheap Conftruction, for 
the l^urjjoie of raising Water fufticitnt for the 
workiii}; of Grist-iAIiJis, Saw-Mills, ^c. And for 
'Wateriiijj Mfadows and other purposes of Agricul- 
ture. By James Kum&f'y, Ot' Berkeley County, 
Virgiua. Phiiadetphiaj Printed by Joseph Jamea: 
Cheflimt-Street. w,tK:UjLxxxvjiu ^6 pp. (JtvchU 
Bvo. (lOi* 6d. 3417) 

RUSSELL (William). Tlie History of America 
iVom its Discovery by Coluiubns to the conclusion 
of the late War. With an Appendix, containing 

Bihliotheca Amerii:ana. 661 

■n account of the rUf; and progress of the prespnt 
unhappy conteEt b(>tw{?eri (.freat l^ritain un<L her 
Colonies. By William Bussf?!]^ Esq. of GrajV 
Inn, himdi^a. : FieJding^ and Walker^ mdccixxviii. 
Two VviHme&' Volume I* it- and b\}6 pp^ &8 ma;)* 
9T\d ptates. Volume I[» 6^0 pp. * Dii>'<!'tioiiS for 
placing the Maps and Cuts.' 2 pp. 1^ vuips and 
piata. 4ta, (15j. 3418) 

RUTHERFORD (Samuel). A/ Survey/ of tht/ 
Survey of that Summe/ of Church - Djfciplm«/ 
Penned by Mr* 'J homafi Hooker,/ Late Pallor of 
the Church at Hartford upon/ Cotme^cot in New 
Eng^land./ Wherein/ The Way of the Churchi^s of 
N. Eno^land/ ia now rp-examined; Arguments in 
favour/ fh*?rf;of winnowed \ T Lt? Principles of that/ 
Way difculfed- JUid the H^Hirous of mofi/ ft-emijig 
ftrength and nerves^ removed-/ Jiy ^iniud l^uther- 
furd, ProfelTor of Divinity in/ thu Univerlity of 8^ 
AndrevFS in Scotland./ Laiitton^/ Print^^d hy J. G, 
for Andr. Crook^ at thu Gr^^en Dragon/ in St 
Pauls Churcb -yard. m. dc. lvju,/ 4 })tH* leaiea and 
521 fp. Oidcalj: 4-to. i^Lt^i.6d. 3419) 



ABINE (Edward). Renuu-ka on 
the Account of The late Vova^ of 
Discovery to Bafiin's BaTjpuolufaed 
By Captain J. Ross, R.N. By 
Captain Edward Sabine, Royal Ar- 
tillery. London : Richard and Ar- 
thur Taylor, 1819. 40 pp. Unbound. 
(See No. 2409). (3a. 6<i. 2420) 

SACK (Albert von). A NarratiTe of a Voyage to 
Surinam ; of a Residence there during 1805, 1806, 
and 1807 ; and of the Author's return to Europe 
by the Way of North America. By Baron Albert 
Ton Sack, Chamberlain to bis Prussian Majesty. 
London: G. and W. Nicol, 1810. 7 pre<. laives, 
including engraved title ; and 382 pp. Fnntispiece. 
Sketch at page 1. Plate at page 101. Half calf. 
4(0. (7>. 6d. 2421) 

SACKVILLE (Lord George). The Trial Of the 
Right Honourable Lord George Sackville, At A 
Court Martial Held at the Horle-Gusrds, February 
29, 1760, for An Enquiry into his Conduct, Being 
charged with Difobedience of Orders, While he 
commanded the Britifli Horfe in Germany. Toge- 
ther with His Lordfliip's Defence. London: W. 
Owen, [1760.] V(Jtaii(JS42pp. Wanting pp. 319-20. 
Half morocco. Bvo. (7s. 6d. 2422) 

SAGAN/ Landnama/ rm pyrftu bygging Iflands 
af/ Nordmonnum./ Symbolum Regium./ Pietas/ 
te &/ Iusti=/tia./ SIcalhoUuJ Dryckt af Hendr: 
Krufe/ A moclxxxviii. 5 pre/, teavei and 182 pp. 
' Registrr ' etc. 10 Uanei. Half morocco. 
4to. (2<. 2<. S423) 

CbroDtcle of tlie fint ColoniMtlon of Iceland, bj the Norwe|rlant. 

664 Blbtiotheca Americana. 

SAGARD (GAiiuitL\ [En^rawi title] I^ Grand/ 
Voyage Uv l\vfl/ des Hurona, Situe en Vk^f 
ineru]ue ucrs lan^rr cloucp/ tfz dernieres confioflde/ 
la nouu<]l]u FraDce/ Ou iL efrt trulcte de tout/ ce 
qui est du pays et du/ i^ouuernf^ment des Sauuagefl/ 
Ag^c Uii [ik:tiOJinairr/ dt^ U Lun^ue huronne/ Par 
Tr* trabriel Sa!;ard/ Hecolletit do S^ Francois/ de 
ta prouince l^^ Denis./ A Paris Che^ Uenya/ 
MorcAU rue S*. Jac[|i(es i/ I^ ^^ttlnmantlre 163^/. 
fPrinftJ ^if^*] l>j Grand Voyages/ dv Pays des 
Hvronp,/ fitut;, on TAmerique 7ers La Mer/ dciuce, 
^s derniera conlins/ dp La nounslle France,/ dite 
Canada,/ Ou il Hi amplemFtut traite de tout ce qui 
elldu pays, dt\*i/ moeurefii du naturel des Sauua^ea, 
de leur gouuernemenl'y & famous di; fair^, tint 
dedans leurs pavs^qu'^vElans en voya-/^cs: Deleur 
if\f^ croyanuo ; De Lfura conf^ils ftc guerres^ & 
de quol ji^cnre de tonrmt'nE ils font raourir leura 

fjrilbnnierfi./ Comme ils i^t morientj & ell^ent 
eurs enfant : Dp It^urs .Me-/df;cinp, &c des remedefl 
dont il^ vient n It^urs maladies ; De/ leurs dances 
£c clmiiroiis: De la c]mi]e, de la pelcbe, & de» 
oyLeaux & aniiuaux terMires & atjuatiques qu'ila 
ont* Dfs/ richelTt'S du pay^ : Comme ils cultiuent 
les terrcB, £c ace om-/ mode nt leur Meneiire* De 
leur deiiil, pleurs ^ic la men ta-/ dons, &. comme Us 
enfeuelinnnt & enterrent letira morts-/ Auec vn 
DiCtionaire de la lau^uc Uuronne, pour la com- 
modi-/te de ceux ^]Ui onl a voya^r dans le pftys, 
& n^ont/ I'intelli^encft d'icelle lan^ne,/ Par F. 
Gabriel Sjis^ard 1 Uodat, Hecollct df/ S. Fraii^oia^ 
de la Prouirice de S* Deiiys en France./ A Pntii, 
Cbez Deuys Moreav, rue S. lacqu^s, y/ la Sala- 
maudrfi d'Arf^ent./ m.[]0.?:>:xii7 Autx Piiuilege 
du Hoy./ \'i prd. IffiL'es and 3&0 ji/j ; Joltoii:ed bjf 'i 
blank tt^nves. * DichonEiire de la Langve* ^fc, "^^t^pi 
villi 'Lea Mots Franeois tciurnez en Huron/ 66 
uitpug^d leaves ; * Table des cbos:^s,* etc* 14 pp* 
Imperfect, v:tiniin.^ fp. 130 — 17j. Old calf. 

SAGITTARIUS'S Ij^tters and Political Specula- 
tions. K;itj-acti'd Yvitm the Public Ledfjer. Ham- 
bly Inscribtrd To tbe very LoyEil and truly l^ioaa 
Doctor Samuel Cooper, Puitop of the Congrepa- 
tioiial (.'liurch in HraEEle Street* BffJitoH : Printed : 
By Order of the tSelect Men and Told at Donation 

Bibliolheca Americana. 665 

Hmll, for the BeneEt of the difirefled Patriots. 
MOCCLXXV. Title and liT pp. Calf extra, bu Bed- 
ford. 8iH>. (t.5<. 2425) 
SAINT DOMINGO. Betrachtun^en uber den ge- 

fgenwartigen zuftand der franzofilchen Colonie zu 
Ban Domingo. Aus dem Franzrfirchen iiberfetzt 
nnd mit eiuigen Anmerkungen verfehen. Leipzig, 
bey Johann Friedrich Junius. 1779. TwoVolumu. 
Enter Tbeil, 8 prel, Uavea and text 310 pp. Zwejter 
Theil, 2 p-el. leaves and text 332 pp. Half calf. 
em. (7s. 6d. 2426) 

SAINT DOMINGO. History of the Island of St. 
^ Domingo, from its firft Uiscovpry by Columbus to 
"p*— the present period. London ; Printed for Archi- 
bald Constable and Co. Edinburgh i 1818. xiv and 
446 pp. Bvo. (6s. 6d. 2427) 

SAINT DO.MINGO. Histoire de I'lle de Saint- 

. Domingne, depuis I'Epoque de sa decouverte par 

>jj^ Christopbe Colomb Jusqu al'Annee 1818. Fubliie 

' '' ' SUT des documents authentiques, et suivie de Pieces 

instificatives, Telles que la Correspondance de 

Toussaint-Lonverture avec Buonaparte; le Cirk- 

monial de la Cour d'HaVty; la Constitution de ce 

Toyaume ; TAlmanach royaJ d'Haity ; la Corres- 

r dance du comte de Limonade, et le Manifeste 
rui Christopbe. A Paris, Delaunay, 1819. 
Half-title, title, u pp. and text 390 pp. Half-calf. 
Svo. (5s. 6d. 2428) 

SAINT JOHN (J. HrcTOR). Letters from an 
American Farmer; describing certain Provincial 
Situations, Manners, and Customs, not generally 
known ; and conveying some idea of the late and 

E resent interior circamstances of the British Co- 
>nies in North America. Written for the Infor- 
mation of a Friend in England, by J. Hector St. 
John, a Farmer in Pennsylvania. London, Thomas 
Dairies, hdcclxxxii, 8 prel. leaves and 318 pp. 
With ft maps. Half calf. 8vo. (5s. 6d. 2429) 

SALLE (Monsieur db i,*). An/ Account/ of/ 
Monfieur de la Salle's/ last/ Expedition and Dis- 
coveries/ in/ North America./ Prefented to the 
French King,/ And Publiflied by the/ Chevalier 
Tonti, Governor of Fort St. Lo-/ttis, in the Pro- 
vince of the Illinois./ Made Englilh firom the 

666 BihUothera Americana. 

Paris Orjij^inal./ Also/ The Adventarea of the 
Sieur dp/ ftlontavbuti, Captain of the Frencli/ 
Huccajieers iin the ('oaft of Guinpa^ id the/ Yeat 
1695,/ J^pnHojt^t Printed for J. Tontbn at the 
Judfrc's Head, and S. Hucklv/ at the 13ol[)!iin in 
Fleet't'creet, and K. KiiaplocV, at the/ An^el and 
Crov™ in St. Paul's (;:hurch-YaTd. 1698./ Titif 
and Sit pp. * A/ Kelatioii/ of a/ Vovage/ Made by 
the/ Sieur de Montaiiban, / eft. 44 pp. Haif cal}\ 
Buo. (15j, S430) 

S A RATE (Al'gustine), See ZARATE {Auous- 
, SARMIENTODEGAMfiOA (Pehro), Viage al 
estrecho de MaErallanea For el Capitan Pedro Sar- 
mienLo de Gamh6a Kn loa arioB de 1579- y 1580. 
Y NotifiEi de la Kipedicion (Jue despues huo psm 
pohlarle. En l^ladrld : 1768. /jj.xiiJ and 4tl2 pp. 
3 Plates, ' Declaration que De urden del Virrti 
del Peril D, Kraticiaco de Borja,/'e/e. TilUand 
xxniifp. Old calf. 4(0. (IBs. 2431) 

SCHED.i;/ a™ PreEts/ Froda/ Vm Island./ Pren- 
tadar i ShiOwilU ai'Hendrick Krule./ Anno 168^7 
Oit tAeretfrr.s(!(T/'(fte ti(ip; * Ad J>^itor^Jn.* ftr. Teit 
14 pp. ' Kegiitur ' etc ; 4 feates. iliilf morocco. 
■Ue. (li. lis. 6d. 213?) 

SCHMIDEL (Hi'i.DEnioL-s). Vera hifwria,/ Ad- 
miranda! cvivs-/ darn nauifjationis, quam Hul-/ 
dericus ScliniiJrd, StrauhiiiEeuCs, ab Anno 1534./ 
ufque ad annum l.^.'^l. in Anierit^ain vel nouiini/ 
MuTiduni, iuxta Ltralijiani ^ Kio della Plata, c-oii- 
fecit tjuid/ per ]jor{:e armos 19. fuftinuerit, quam 
varias di quam jnirandas/ regiones at homines 
viderit. Ahiplb SchmidelioGeriiianice,/ defcripta' 
Nunc vero, emendaiifi i Ciirrettis \'rbium, Regio-/ 
num h Fluniirtuuij nominibuB, Adie^ta etiaro tab- 
ula/ Geo^raphioa, tiguris Ac alijs u^tationi^/bus 

?uiburdani in banc for-/mani redutta./ NoribergttJ 
mjienfis Ij^viuiHulfij. 1599,/ Titlfthereverse blank, 
and 101 pp. I'ortrait of ihs AnlhtiF. Capperplate 
etchings ai pp. (i, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 91, £5, Jti, 
32, .'Sr, 40, 03,69,79,97, With the Map. Unbevsii. 
4(D. (3i..'k, a-t33) 

SCHMIDT (Ulricii). WurhafBi^ He=/(cbriebon^ 
aller/ vad mancherlej' forgfeltigen ^hif::/farten, 

Sibliotheca Americana. 667 

•aeb viler vnbekanten erfundnen Landtfchafiten, 
Infos/len, Konigreichen, vnd Stedten, von derfel- 
bi(^ gelegenheyt, wefen, gebreuchen,/ fitten, Re- 
ligion, Kuoft vnd handtierung. Item von allerley 
E'ichlz,/ Metallen, Specereyen, vnd anderer 
emehr, fo vonihnen in vnfere/ Land gefUhrt 
gebracht weraen./ Auch von mancherley 
geiahr, ftreitt vnd fcharmutzeln, fo fich zwilchen 
jnen vnd/ den vnfem, beyde zu Waffer vnd Lande, 
wnnderbaTlich zugetragen. Item von/ erfchreck- 
licher, feltzamer Natur vnd EygenfchaSt der 
Leuthfrefler, Dergleichen vorhin in keinen/ Chro- 
nicken oder Hiitorien befchrieben, mit ichonen 
Condordantzen vnd einem vols/konlnen Hegifter, 
SUT furderung des gemeinen nutzes/ zufamen ge- 
tragen./ Duich Vbicb Schmidt von Straubingen, 
vnd andem mehr, fodafelbil/ in eigener Perfon ge- 
genwertig gewefen, vnd folcnes ertaren./ Getruckt 
za Franekfurt am iittm, Anno 1567/. 6 pnl. tem)e$ ; 
m. Title revene blank^ ' Den Ehrnelien, FUrfichtis/ 
gen, Eriamen vnd weifen Herm, Stetmeiftern vnd/ 
Ratn der loblichen Reichfzttadt Schwiibirchen 
Hall,/ meinen infondem gtinlligen lie^/ben Her- 
tea.'/ 8 pp. 1 blank leaf. Text, 110 folioed leaves. 
' Warhatttige vnd liebliche Bes/1'chreibung etlicher 
fiimemen Indianifchen Landtx/fchaffilen vnd In- 
folen, die vormals in keiner Chronicken gedacht,/' 
etc. 59 folioed Uavet ; and Colophon leaf, the revene 
blank. Blue morocco extra. Folio. (4(. 4s. 3434) 

8CH0EPF (To. Davidis). D. Io. Davidis Sohcepf/ 
Seren. Meovgrav. Brand. Onold. et Cvlmb. Med. 
Avl. et Milit. Coll. Med. Membr. Materia Medica 
Americana potissimvm Regni Vegetabilis. Erlangae 
Svmtibvs Io. lac. Palmii. mdcclxxxvii. xctii and 
170 pp. Old calf 8w>. (,7s. 6d. 2435) 

8CH0MBURGK (Robert H.). A Description of 
British Guiana, Geographical and Statistical : Ex- 
hibiting its resources and Capabilities, together 
with the present and future condition and prospects 
of the Colony. By Robert H. Schomburgk, Esq. 
London: Simpkin, Marfhall and Co. 1840. . i 
prel. leaves ana text 155 pp. With map. Cloth. 
8t». (Ss.6d. S4S6) 

SCHONER (Joannes). loannis Scho-zneri Can- 

668 BihUotheca Americana, 

loslidii Opv3cv-/lvm Geo^rapbicTm ei Ditct- 
AOfrm Li/urint nct^arMR fumma cura 6c diligentia 
coUci/ttum^ at^comodatuiii ad rt^Emter<^la=/boratuin 
ab eoclem ^loburu de^/rrriphomi^ terrene:. \Ba^i 
153v^.J Si wH/>f/jjtfd leaver iuciti'fing riiie. On the 
reverse af f/if titU ij a woodcut aj the Gi0be. Half 
morocco. 4to. {IL Ir 3437) 

SCHOtlTEN (GuLiiELiius CoBNET.irs). lomia]/ 
oy Relai-inn/ eincte dv voyage de Gvill, Schovt*?ii,/ 
dana liis lndt>5: I*ar vn. nouueau/ defiroit, ik par 
lea f^Tjin(1[?H Mc^r^/ Aujlraks i^u'iJ a dt^lbouuert, 
vt;r^/ le l^ol? Anlartit^ui;,/ Knuenible dea Xov-/ 
ucllcs Tt;m.'K auparauant inco^i^nutiif/ JOi^s, FruittB, 
Peuple?, & An;[iiauJc/ ellran^^^^K, quM a trouufi en 
fon chtrmin :/ Kt dt^ft riftrt'S obiVruationa qu'il y a 
fiiit/ LoL^f^ii'mt la df^dinaiibn do rAynmnt-/ A 
Parh./ Cb^H -M. Gobprt, au Palais ^n la [jallerie/ 
ties prifonnitTS; Kt b-s Cartt^a^ clifK M. Tiiuemicr, 
Grautjur du lloy, Jr^m^jurfitit Au pont Marobajid./ 
V. UC, KVMi./ 7 ^^^/. ffaufj fiFi J !^3^ pp. Maps and 
plates (It pp. 9, o7i T3j 103^ 113, 137, 153 and 169. 
Citlfeitra htf Bedford. Sup. (Si. &. S43a) 

SCFJOUTEN (Gli.iklmus Corneliuh)* Jovmal/ov 
Rclatio^i/ eiacti^ Jv Voyajjifp/ ds GviU. ScbovtenJ 
dana ks EniJi's: Vwr vn nouuf^au/ deltroir^ & par 
tf^s e;randGJi AIpts/ Aultrales c]i:'il a d^f{;ouu{;rL, 
vers/ It^ Polt^ Antartiqufl./ Ens^^tuble dus Nof-/ 
ualles T^rrttrt jiupaniant incognueSj/ Idt^fl, Fruitts, 
Pi^uples, 6l AniniHiux/ i^ftrun^i'^, qu^il a trouu^ ea 
fo^i cht^iQin :/ Kt d^'B rarps abli?rijul.iaus quM y u 
faity toucbant )a dpclinailbn de TAymaiiL/ A 
ParUJ iJlu^K IVK (iobt^ft, nu i'alaia t*n U ^allerie/ 
di^ prifonniora : Kt ipa C^irtofl^ i:hBZ M,/ Tttupmier, 
Grtiueurda Hoy, de-/mi^araiit au pont Alrtrdiand./ 
Kjjc.xix,/ 7 /i/t/, ^i^uue^ u»ii *jr;^^ pp. Without the 
mops and platen, i^eo. {It. lis.M, tlS9) 

SUJ[OUTf]N (GuLiELuuB CoRKELira). Jovrnal/ 
Ou/ UrSLiription/ dv inprveiUpvx Voyage dt?/ 
Gvillavim? ricbtjvU'n^ l[olUudoia aatif de/ Hoorn, 
fait ea ann^ea ltit3. I6lti. 6t liHT./ Comme (en 
circum-navia^fant le Globe ttT-/restre) JL a df(- 
couvert vc^rs le /lud du dpftroit iW. Magellan vn/ 
nouv^^Liu pidlk;^^, jufipn'fl i\ Ift t^andu MerdeZud./ 
Ent'c^inble,/ Dtja avauturca admirabiejj qui luy fcmt 

Biblioiheea Americana. 669 

•dveinies en/ defcourrant du plufieura Ifles, & 
peoples ellranges./ A Amstredam,! Ches laD 
Isnnbii, Libraire, demeurant fur I'Eau,/ a la Carte 
jMarine. 1619. 4prel. leaves; ris. Title with emper- 
plate engraving of ihips in full tail, the revene blank ; 
' Preface. Au lefteur debonnaire.' 5 pp ; ' Sur 
I'amirable navigation d« GviUaTme Scbovten, N atif 
de Hoom.' 1 page. Copperplate engraving of the 
Globe voith 6 ;wi'(nit(s and i ships: Text 80 pp. 
With copperplate engravings at pp. 14, 24, 41, 45, 
49,51. 4ta. (91. is. 8440) 

SCHOUTEN (GnuELMrs CoKNEtius). Diarirm/ 
vel/ Defcriptio laboriofiffimi, & Moleftiffimi/ Jtin- 
eris, fafti a/ Gvilielmo Comelii/ Schovtenio, Hor- 
nano./ Annis 1615. 1616. & 1617./ Cum a parte 
Auftrali freti Magellanici, novum du6lum, aut/ 
fretam,in Magnum Mare Auftrale detexit, totum q/ 
Orbem terrarum circumnavigavit./ Quas Infulas, 
tc re^ones, & populos viderit,/ & quae pericula 
fabierit./ Amsterdami, Apud Petrum KEerium. A". 
1619./ 4 pret. leaves, and 71 pp. 6 mops and plates. 
4(0. (21. is. 2441) 

SEABURY (Samdel). The nature and extent of 
the Apostolical Commission. A Sermon, preached 
at the Consecration of the Ki|:ht Reverend Dr. 
Samuel Seaburjr, Bishop of the Episcopal Church 
in Connecticut. By a Bishop of the Episcopal 
Church in Scotland. London : John, Francis, and 
Charles Riviugton, hdcclxxxv. Si pp. Unbound. 
4to. (Ss.6d. 344S) 

SEASONABLE Advice, to The Members of the 
Britilh Parliament, concerning Conciliatory Mea- 
sures with America ; and an Act of Perpetual 
Insolvency, for Relief of Debtors: With Some 
Strictures on the reciprocal Duties of Sovereigns, 
and Senators. Limrfon: J. Bew, h,occ,lxxv. viii 
and SB pp. Half morocco. 8vo. (5s. 6d. 3444) 

BECKER (Thomas). A Letter To the Right Ho- 
nourable Horatio Walpole, Efq : Written Jan. 9, 
1750-1, By the Right Reverend Thomas Seeker, 
LL.D. Lord Bishop of Oxford: Concerning Bi- 
shops in America. London : J. and F. Rivington, 
MDCCLXix. i prel. Uaves and 28 pp. Unbound. 
Bw. (4i. 6d. , 2445) 

670 Bibfiotheca Americana' 

SE[.KIRK(iiir(,>f). A Sketch of the British Fur 
Trade id N opth AinPri<:a ; with Oiidervntitrnfl rela- 
tiTH to the Nortli-WfBt Compiiny of Montrtal, 
Hy th(^ Karl of Selkirk. Second EditioD. Lnntltm: 
J^mes Kid^way^ 1B16. 3 pfeL Uaves Qud 1^ pp. 
HolJ ailf. SiD. (Ss. 6it. 2i«) 

8ELLKR (John). America. A sm/iU Ailu) in ii 
coftperptttt£ engriivltigs. Catf extra by F, Bfdjhrd. 
laiHU. (IBs. 2447) 

SKNTIMKNTS (Thk) of a Foreigner, on the Dis- 

ftuteaof (treat-J:lritain witli America. Ti*anslaW 
roin the Krcuch. I'hiiitdtipU'uL : Printud byJamea 
i'lumphrcya^JimiOT ; in Ktont-Strcet. bi,dcc^lxkv. 
a? ■pp. ifalf mariKco. Bva. {4s, 6d. 3448) 

SKl'P <Amosv), R. H. p. p. Antonij Sepp,/ und 
Aiit^rtij Jiiihm,/ Uer Societiii Jeau t'rieficro,/ 
NeuivpimclirUj/ RcjI'siHeftlireii/buiig,/ W ie fclbe 
aufa HifpaTiieii in l-'ara^/quannm komm^n./ Und 
Kurtzer JinrirJit der dencks/wurdiglien Jiachett, 
felbiftt-T f.fmdv/fchufii, Viilckern, uiid Arbeitun^ 
der/ P. P. Ajilhonanomm./ Geio^eOj/ Aufs denen 
R. P. Sepp. Snc. .Teau mit/ ei^iier f^and gefchrie- 
beiipn Hricfft'ii,/ Von Stt^jih, Igti. Sepji von Sep- 
pi'nh,/ umi Hech: I'ripfern, J. I). C. als Inhsf 
lichen Jirudern:/ Drilte und verbefTerte Edition^/ 
iMit KrlaubiJUJs der Obem./ PaisatLf Drucktsund 
verleitts tieorg Adam UiillCT, 1698./ 336 pp. Old 
Dilj. l-iiao. (lOi. 6d. S449) 

.SEPU LVKD,'!'' (JoANSTS Gevesii) Cordubensis 
Opi^pn, (.'uui Jkiitaj Turn Inedita, Accursnte Regis 
Ilistoriic Atsdeiiiia. MuirHi. Ex Typogranhi* 
Re^ia de la (juzeta. Anno m.ik'c.lxxx. Faiir 
Valnfv^f'. V<duinen Primum. 8 prei, Ifttivf^^ vtiiv 
pp, m !>p, i fcai'is, i/ui pf), l^urtraU of Chartii 5(V 
ti.nd 'i6H pp. * jVlonitum ad Ij^ct^rem' 2 pp. Vo- 
lumen Secundum. 3 firel. leaves, livi and 544 pp. 
* Index ' 7.^/*tff^.*r. VuiunnMrrertimu. 3 prei. Uavrt, 
ziviii ami ^44 pp. ' Inde* 'D Irai'ts, hatj-titlt, A'um- 
HtutitiinT teaiviij 154 pp. ' Iridci ' 7 t£tii'es,huif-tilU 
uH^ 399 jip. Judex 11 jip. \'olumeii C^uartutn. 5 
pref. teoues, aiid iiQl pp. liuiei 21 jjjs. Old caif. 
ito. (31. 3s. 24i0) 

SERGEANT (John). Tlie CfiiifM find Danger of 
l)eiiisiiiii£ ill tlie Atiairtj of iUb^^iou C'onfider d and 

Sibliotheea Americana. 671 

eantion'd againft, With particular Reference to 
the Temper of the prefent Times. In a Sermon 
Preach'd at Sprin^eld, April 4. 1743. In the 
Andience of the anbciated Paftors of the County 
of Hampfhire. B; John Sergeant, M. A. Paftor 
of the Church of dbrii>t in Stockbridge. Publifli'd 
at the Defire of the Hearers. Boston, Printed for 
8. Eliot in Comhil. 174S. S6pp. Half morocco. 
8w. {7$.6d. 8451) 

SERGEANT (John). A Letter From the Rev*. 
Mr. Sergeant Of Stockbridge, to Dr. Colman Of 
Boston ; Containing Mr. Sei^ant's Propofal of a 
more e^&ual method for the Education of Indian 
Children ; to raife 'em if poiBble into a civil and 
indnftrions People; hj introducing the En^lilh 
Ijuiguage among them ; and thereby inliilling into 
their Minds and Hearts, with a more lafting 
Impieffitm. the Principles of Virtue and Piety. 
Made pnUiek by Dr. Colman at the Defire of Mr. 
Sergeant, wiA some general Account of what the 

Ber. Mr, Isaac HoUis of has already done 

for the Sons of this Indian Tribe of HouiTatannoc, 
now erefled into a Townlhip by the General Court, 
and called Stockbridge. Boston, Printed by Rogers 
and Fowle, for D. Henchman in Cornhill. 1743. 
16|if>. Half morocco. Hvo. (10$. dd. 2458) 

SERIOUS ADDRESS (A) To thofe Who unnecef- 
larily frequent the Tavern, and Often fpend the 
Evening in Pnblick Houfes. By feveral Minillers. 
To which is added, Aprivate Letter on the Sub- 
jett, by the late Rev. Dr. Increafe Mather. Boston, 
N. E. Printed for S. Gerrifli, at the lower end of 
Cornhill. 1786. Title, tv, and 30 pp. Unboutul. 
aw. (7<. 6d. 8453) 

SEVERAL Conferences Between fome of the prin- 
cipal People amongft the Quakers in Pennsylvania, 
and the Deputies m>m the Six Indian Nations, In 
Alliance with Britain ; In Order to reclaim their 
Brethren the Delaware Indians from their De- 
teSbion, and put a Stop to their Barbarities and 
Hoftilities. To which is prefix'd (As introdu6)»ry 
to the &id Conferences) Two Addresses from the 
Cud Quakers; one to the Lieutenimt-Governor, 
and the other to the tieneral-Aflembly of the Pro- 

672 BihUotheca Americana* 

rince of PpnniyivEiam ; as alfo the Lieatenint^ 
Govertior'fi DeclanitiDQ of Wax agaiiill t\\f. laid 
Dela^iart' liiclitidfi, ami their ArlLerents, N^ujcmfif 
fjp^n V've : h 1 JiompAan and Company^ mdccltTh 

SEWAtJ. (JosErn), The l\o\y Spirit Convincing 
the Hc5r]d of Sin ^ of Ri^hU?oufnel»^ anil of Jud^- 
mentj conftdered in FourlSermona : The two former 
delivered at the Tu+^t'day- Evenincf Lecture in 
13rattk- Street J January ^Dth it March 3: The 
other ut the Old-Sou th-Church in Boston, Aprii 17 
fit *i^y ]M1, By JolWph Sewall, D. D. Hotitm: 
Printed hy J. Urapi^r^ forD. llelichmaninComhil. 
1741- Tide ;vi and \.o\ji\K itttio. (10^. Gd. 3455) 

SEW ALL (SAMUfcT^)* PiiEnomena ^uiedam/ Apoc- 
alyptica/ Ad Afpettum Novi Orbis condofuralo./ 
Or, fi>uJC few J.mes towardfi a defrnption of tlie 
New/ Ht^vt'u/ As H makea to thoft' who Hand upon 
the/ Jiew Karth/ Jiy Samuel Sewall fometuce 
Ftllow of liarvartl E.'olledge at/ Cambridge in 
New-Kn^liiiiJ./ MasAuchvi-^t;/ Boston, Priutrd by 
Bart hoi omr.'w Grf^en, and Jolin Alk^n,/ And arclo 
be fold by Richard Milkine, 1607,/ 4 pteL t^vesi 
vif. Title the vfver^ htuHk^ *To the Hoi^orabi'?, Sir 
VVilliam Aslivrst Kiiij^ht, (jovernc)nr; aad the 
Company Kor the Tropagfttion of the Gospel to 
the Indians in \^w-En^land^and places adjacent^ 
in America/ S J'j7 > *To iJie Houorahie \i1Ui3n1 
Stou^hton Kfi]. Litnit. Gcivi^rncur and (^ommandrr 
in ('hipf, in and over His Mnjefties Province of 
thf^ ^]af]acliui'Hta Utiy in New England/ 3 pp; 
* Pfalm 1^9. 7"la/l ;^^e, Tej^t 60 pp. AfpfWM 
by Beifjord. 4to. {7i.7s. 3436) 

SKWKL (Wii.MAsi), The History of tlie Rifle> 
lucrj'iiMJ^j and ProgrpBB, Of the Christian Teopli! 
calkd Qunkers : Intermixed with stdveral Remart- 
able Occurrt^nces- V\ rittcii Originally in IjOff- 
IJutch, £ii]d aifo Tranduied into En<;lii$lif By Wil- 
liam St'wel. 'J'lie TJjird Kfhtion, Corretled, FAt- 
iitttelftfimt Trintyd and Sold by Samuel Keimerin 
Second Strt^et. .iiDcrxxvni. 6 prel. imvei aud^ 
pp* * indr:£ ' 16 p^. Caif PXim. hnperjfclt n^avUng 
2 leaves vj the. /ndfi* ftiUo. {^i. '^s. ^467} 

&EWEL <WiLUAu). The History of the Sin, 

Bibliotheca Americana. 673 

Increue and Progress, of the Christian People 
called Quakers ; with several Remarkable Occnr- 
rences intermixed. Written originallv in l^w- 
Dotch, and alfo tranflated into English, kj William 
Sewel. The Third Kdition, corrected. BurlingUn, 
New- Jersey : Printed and Sold by Isaac Collins, 
M.DCc.Lxxiv. in<nui81S})p. ' Index ' 16 p/i. Old 
calf. FoUo. (2(. 2i. 2458) 

SEYB£RT(Ad4ii). Statistical Annals: Embracing 
Views of the Population, Commerce, Navieation, 
Fisheries, Public Lands, Post-Office £stablisliment, 
Rerenues, Mint, Military and Naval Establish- 
ments, Expenditures, Public Debt and Sinking 
Fund, of the United States of America : Founded 
on Official Documents : Commencing on the ?'ourth 
of March Seventeen Hundred and Eighty-nine and 
ending on the Twentieth of April Eighteen Hun- 
dred and Eighteen. By Adam Seybert, M. D. A 
Member of the House of Representatives of the 
United States, from the State of Pennsylvania; 
Member of the American Philosophical society ; 
Honoraiy Member of the Philosophical and Lite- 
rary Society of New-York ; Fellow of the Royal 
Society of Goettingen, &c. Philadetplua : Thomas 
Dobson & Son, 1818. jsrviii and 803 yp. Boards. 
4to. (15i. 3459) 

SEYFRIED (Job. Heinricr). Poliologia,/ Das 
ift:/ Accurate/ Befchreibung/ Aller vornebmfien 
in der ganxen Welt/ befindlicben/ Stadten, Schlof- 
fem nnd Ves/ilungen/ So wol was ihre Erbanung, 
Fortifis/cation, Religion, Herrfchafft und Regies/ 
rnngssForm, als anch Die von ihrem Urfprung 
an,/ bis auf gegenwartige Zeit fich ereignete 
knegssnnd/ Friedens, Freud und Leid betrenende 
Begs/benheiten betrifft./ In zweyen abfonderli- 
oben Theilen/ dergeftalt vor^eftellet,/ Dalz im 
erfien die beriihmteften Orte in ganz/ Europa, im 
•odem aber die in Afia, Africa und/ America 
befindliche, ausfiihrlich nach dem Alphabet/ ab- 
g^wndelt werden,/ Und zwar alles und jedes 
mit fonderbarem Fleifz/ zu eines jedem Lefers 
nutslicher Ergiitzung zufanun/getragen, und nun 
sum ansdemmal verbeflert her?/ausgeben durch/ 
Job. Heinrich Seyfried, HochfiirlU. Durchl./ cu 
PftU Snlzbach Ho&kammei«Rath./ Nuniberg,! 

674 BihHotheca Americana, 

\er\f^^ JflliMiin Leonli^rd Bh^^pI, 1095./ Tuw 
Vohimes. Th^sl I. 14 prel. leaver itilk foUtittg umap 
of the ■iiiiirUi; Teti^ ^\\{} jtp ; and iHie hUink {eaj\ 
llieil I L 13 ]n^i. Ififives and ima himtk ieaj ; Text, 
pp. ^ — 3J7. Blue morocco eitra gitt^ hti Ilaifda\f. 
e^tJ. (1^ 1*. EKiO) 

SHARP f^ B.^nTtTOLOMLw). Tho/ Voyac:^s/ und/ 
Advpnturo?/ of/ Capt. Bartli. Sluirp/ And otliera^ 
in \\\^( Soutli Sea:/ B^iri*^/ n Journnj of the fame./ 
Also/ Capf* Van V\on\ with his Buccanier^s fur-/ 
prizing or' In Vora (Vuz,/ To wliicli is adJpd/ The 
true Uelatioii of Sir J Icnry Morgan/ Jus Kxpedition 
agEiinfi the t^pLinmrds in tht;/ \\Hl-lridioBj and his 
talJnt^ l-'uuanm./ TogE^tbor with/ Th^* Prrfident 
of i:*anaLiin'fl Acoount of the fume/ Expf^dition: 
TmnJlatL^cl ocU of Spanish./ And CoL Hellion's 
adjultment of the PeaK? be-/twcen tbe Spaniards 
and Knglilli in the Weft Indies./ Publilhed by ?♦ 
A. J'>(^;./ Lnmhivj jVinted bv B. W, for R. H. 
and S, T. und are to ba fokl/ by Waller Davis in 
Anien-Cor[K^r. mdclxxxiv./ 12 pp¥^. leaves and 
tT2 pp, t'alf. iiini. (13j. i>46l) 

SHARP (Ghanvihk)* Eitract from a ReprcBen- 
tation of Ihc lnjush*:c and Uanf^erous Tcndt^ncy of 
tolerating; Slavery; or Admitting the leafi Claim 
of private (Vt^pMrty in ths Perfoiis of iMen in 
England, by <jranvill(' l:^]iarp, KiVst printed ia 
London. Bincri.xix, Titlej ond pp. 147 — 19B* in- 
<?«x, 6]}p. liitij ftioiuccij. bid. (li, 6(i. 1^163) 

SHARP (Ohanville). a General PJan forlayin^ 
out Towns and Townships on the Nen'-Actjuirod 
LaiJtJe in tUr Ka.st Indites, Americaj or dsJewhere; 
In ordr.T to promote Cultivation, and raise the 
Value of all the adjoininep Land, at the Price of 
^ivintj j;ratiii the Town-J.ots, and^ in some Cu^es 
(lis in new Colonieii), also the smaU Out-Lots, to 
the first Settlers and thi.^ir il^'irs iSo long as they 
possess mi otlier Land ; and on equitable Condi^ 
tiona. First Printed m 1794. Second Kdition laiM, 
24 pp. Wiih plan. Qio, (Is, Od. Sf4dS> 

SHARP (Joiiv), A Si^rmon Preached at Trinity- 
rhurdi in New-York, in Am^inca, Aut^fl; 13, 
17U6, At the Punt^ral i)i^ the liiirjit Honourable 
Kutheriue Lady Cornbury, UaroneJs Clit'ioii of 

Sibliotheca Americana. 675 

Leigbton Bromfwold, &c. Heirefs to the moll noble 
Charles Duke of Richmond and Lenox, Wife to 
his Excellency Edward Lord Vifcount Cornbury, 
Her Majeity's Captain General, and Governor in 
Chief of the Provinces of New- York, New-Jerfey, 
and Territories depending thereon in America, &c. 
By John Sharp, A. M. Chaplain to the Queen's 
Forces in the Province of New York. London : 
Printed by H. Hills, [1708.] 16 pp. Half morocco. 
8tw. (7«. 6d. 2464) 

SHARP (John). A Sermon Preached at Trinity. 
Church in New- York, in America, Auguft 13. 
1706. At the Funeral Of the Bight Honourable 
Katherine Lady Cornbury, Baronel's Clifton of 
Leighton Broml'wold, &c. Heirefs to the moft No- 
ble Charles Duke of Richmond and Lenox, and 
Wife to his Excellency Edward Lord Vifcount 
Cornbury, Her Majefty's Captain General, and 
Governor in chief ot the Provmces of New- York, 
New-Jerfey, and Territories depending thereon in 
America, &c. By John Sharp, A.M. Chaplain to 
the Queen's Forces in the Province of New- York. 
London : J. Morphew, 1708. 16 pp. Unbound. 
8vo. (Ts.6d. 2465) 

SHEBBEARE (J.) An Answer to the Queries, 
contained in A Letter to Dr. Shebbeare, Printed 
in the Public Ledger, Au";uft 10. Together with 
Animadversions onlwo Speeches In Defence of 
the Printers of A Paper, fubfcribed a South Briton. 
The First pronounced by The Right Hon. Thomas 
Townsend, in the Houfe of Commons, And printed 
in the London Packet of February 18. The Second 
by The Right Learned Counfellor Lee, in Guild- 
hall, And printed in the Public Ledger of Augull 
12. In the Examination of which a Comparifon 
naturally arifes between the public and private 
Virtues of Their Prelent Msjefties, and tnofe of 
King William and Queen Mary. The iUerits, alfo 
of Roman Catholics, and of Diflanters from the 
Church of England, rel'petling Allegiance and Li- 
berty, and their Claims to National Proteftion, 
are tairly ftated, from their paft and prefent Tranf- 
•ftions. By J. Shebbeare, M.D. London; S. 
Hooper, Title and text 179 pp. Half morocco. 
6vo. (4s. 6d. 2466) 

676 Hihhotheca A^ene^^icanaw 

SHEPBEARKfJ.) An Fwtay on the On^rij Pro- 
gT^fs and EftublilliTDcnt of Satittnal 8ocif1^; iu 
wbich Tlip l*rincijilps of Uoveriiment, the Defini- 
tiorifl oj' pl^vlical, Tiioral, civil, and relij^Loufl Li- 
berty, coDtJiintni in Dr* Price's Obfervationa, ^c, 
Hje fairlv fiamiried Hnd fuUy refuted; Top4?tber 
witb A Julufii*fttioii of tJif? J. tT-^i nature, m reducing 
America ti) Obotliente by Porce. To whicb u 
added An Appendix on the Kxc^H^nt atid adtal- 
rable m Mr. Hurke'a ft^comi printed ^ppecb of the 
gad of Man::b, 1775. Bj J. Sbebbeare, M.D, 
hmidon: J. Ik^vv, th.dcc.lxavi. Thle attd ^19 pji, 
HolJ tnnrocco, &v(t. (4s. fid. 2467) 

SnKhliMAUE(J.> An Epsav on the OripiD, Pro- 
prefs and lifiablifhment of National Socifrtv; in 
whitb 'J'he I'rindplE^B of GovErnmfiHj the De£m- 
tionj* of pbjlical, mora^ civil tuid Teli^ions Li- 
berty^ contained m Dr. Prict*s ObfervatJona^ &Ct 
are fairly examined and fully refuted : Together 
with A J lUliJication of Ltie Le^iflature, in reducing 
America to OlK'tin.^ncc by J'Oxve* I'o wbicb a 
addend an A]ipendix on tbf? Excellent and adnu- 
rablc in j\Jr» Ljurke'^ fecond printed Speech of the 
gad of Marrh, 1775. Hj J. fc^hebbeare, M.D. 
Second Edition, Loiidon: J. liew, mucclxxvIh 
Title iim{ ^Vl ^rp, Btfl, {Ai.6d, 2468) 

SJU^FKIKLD (JuriN Loni), Observations on Uie 
Commerce of tJie Ami.Tioitn StutcB. By John Lord 
SbeHit^ld. A New Edition, much enlarged. With 
an A]hjM?ndijc^ Containing 'J abli?si>f the ImportflWid 
Ez]jorta of (.ircEit lintain to Hud from all Ports. 
Alfoj the Kxporta of America, &lc. With Hemarks 
on thoi'e Ijibb'Sj and on the late Proclamations, 
in.c^ ho^idon: J* Uebrettj MUtci.xxxiv. 8 yrtl. 
Uuxt% aiid yfiEJ pp. Taht^a Tifntibered 1 fy XI. *The 
Tonage * vtc. 1 jnige. 8ec. {6s. 6d. 3469) 

SIIEITIELD (Jons Lujd), ObaervationB on the 
Commerce of the American bitatfS* Uy John Lord 
Shcflit'bl. M ith an Appendix ; Contain mg TaMm 
of the Imports and Esi>ort3 of Grt-at Britain to 
and from all Parts, from 1700 to 17B,'L Alfo the 
Exports of America, &c* With KemarLf^ on thof* 
Tablcwj on the Trade and Navigation of Great 
Britain, and on the late Proclamations^ &<:♦ The 
Sixth Edition, enlargEd. VVit.h a Complete Indfi 

BibUotheca Americana. 677 

to the whole. London : 3. Debrett, h,dcc,lxxxiv. 
t prel. lama ; ' Introduction ' xivii yp ; ' Errata ' 
1 page, Tat 545 pp. TabUs numberai I to XVI. 
' The Tonage ' 1 page ; ' Contents ' 4 pp ; ' Index ,' 
17|ip; 'Errata '1 page. 8wi. (7:6d. 2470) 

SHELVOCKE (George). A Voyage round the 
World Bv the Way of the Great South Sea, Per- 
form'd in the Years 1719, 30, 31, 33, in the 
Speedwell, of London, of 34 Guns and 100 Men, 
(under His Majefly's CommiiBon to cruize on the 
Spaniard* in the late War with the Spani(h Crown) 
till Ihe was call away on the Ifland of Juan Fer- 
nandes, in May 1730 ; and afterwards continu'd in 
the Recovery, the Jesus Maria and Sacra Familia, 
&c. By Capt. George Sbelvocke, Commander of 
the Sp^dwell, Recovery, &c. in this Expedition. 
LondoH: J. Senex, udccxxti. 4 prel. leaves; 
' Preface ' xirii pp ; ' Contents ' 4 pp ; Text 468 pp. 
Copperplate map : and plates at pp. 106, 253, and 
404(8). Old calf. 8iw. (IO5. 6<2. 3471) 

SHEPARD (Thomas). The/ Sincere/ Convert/ 
Difcovering/ the Paucity/ of true Believers ;/ And 
the great Difficulti^ of/ Saving Converfion./ By 
Tho. Shepbeard, fometimes/ of Immanuel Coiledge 
in Cambridge./ London,! Printed by T. P. and M. 
S. and are/ to be I'old by John Sweeting, at the 
Angel/ in Popes-head Alley, 1643./ 9 prel. leaves 
mild 966 pp. Old morocco. 8tio. (15s. 3473) 

SHEPARD (Thomas). The/ Sound Beleever./ 
Ot,I a Treatise/ of/ Evangelicall Converfion./ 
DiKOvering/ The work of Chrifts Spirit, in/ recon* 
ciling of a finner to God./ By Tho: Shepard, 
fometimes/ of Emmanuel ('oUedge in Cambridge,/ 
Now Preacher of Gods Word/ in Mew England./ 
London,! Printed for R. Dawlinan 1645./ 3 prel. 
leaves and 35i pp. OLdmorneco. 8to. (15s. 3473) 

SHEPARD (Thomas). Theses Sabbaticie./ Or,/ 
The Doarine/ of the/ Sabbath :/ \\ herein/ llie 
Sabbatha [1. Morality./ II. Change./ HI. Be- 
ginning./ IV. Sanftification./] are clearly/ dif- 
cufled./ Which were fiifi handled more largely in/ 
fondry Sermons in Cambridge in New-England/ 
in opening of the fourth Commandment/ In nn- 

. Ibldingwhereofmany Scriptures are cleared, divers 

678 Blhfiofheca Americana^ 

CttfeBofron-Zlcifiiicereralvi^dT and tbc MorftllLair 
$« a rule of Jifr to a IJt^liever,/ occaJlonalW and 
difiinttlj hiindlEd./ By Thomas Sliepard, Tafior 
of the r^liurdi of/ Clirift al Canibridge in Xew- 
England./ L/pjj(^(j?f, rnnt^dbjT. H. and E* M* 
for .folm Ucthwell at i^un and/ Founiaitte in Pauls 
CJiurt:li-vard. I(il9./ FfJi^r J'uj r^» J*art 1* lU jjrtf. 
/eute.'i uiffl 1;VJ /J/^ !^^C0lld I'art. 32 p/j. Third und 
Fourth Tart. 5t> pp. 0/J ra/^L 4fo, (1/, U 2+74) 

SHEl^AKD (Thomas). Cemiti/ Srlcct Ca^es/ Bfi- 
fotvf d^/ rtpefrifdtv^ tt-ridiufj to The ncht/ orderins 
of thr? iu'jir!, thtit/ w^f^ may corafartably walk/ with 
God in our pem^ral/ and particular fallinj^s./ Hy 
Thomas SJiq}iiard^/ Soirt^tini^e of Kmanuel-Cof- 
led^+V ^" t.'iiiTibri(ijj^*^, Now Prfachd^r of/ CiOdg 
Word in N^w-/Eni;lflnd./ Loiuiim^ Printi^d by 
W, H, for Juhn J{nt]]Wellj ai thf t^un/ and Foun* 
tain in Paula Uhurdi-yiird, jmjwtj the littlo North- 
door, I6jtl./ 4 jneL teases und 07 ;>;), Otd mif. 
Bvo, {ii)^.6d. 347o) 

SUKPARD (TnoiiAs). Subjp<:tion/ to/ Chrift/ in 
all hijj/ OrdinancE^s,/ and Appointnif nti;,/ The brft 
mt^ans to pn-l^rve our/ hit^rty./ 'Jofrnther with 
a/ 'J>!^flti.Hfi/ Of fnrfft'HijJil Hranrit^ the Word;/ 
flow v.-i". mov know wJiether we have hf-^td/ ilie 
fame pflncttjally : And by whaf nit^aii9 it may/ be^ 
come effi'Hual unro \i»J With lome rf^markable 
Pnllii^es of Wis life./ By 1'ho. Shephard, late 
Paiinr of the t'hurch/ of l^hriii in Cumbrid^e in 
NVw-Knj^Uiid*/ j\ifw piihlisEii'd by [\lr. Jonathan 
Michf^ll/ Pallor of th^^ f;ud 1 hurch ia N*^w-Enj^- 
land./ LtiUffiiUj Printed for John Hothwell and 
are to bf^ iol<l by/ 11in- B^fwh^T, at the thrtHJ 
Hiblf3, in Puub C'hurcfi'/yard n&pr the Weft tud 
lli'jy./ tt jivel. temes tind 19.> pp. Tahie 11 pp. 
Oidrix(j\ bt'P. (I5i. 347d) 

SlIErAlM) (TiioinAs), The/ Sound Heleover./ A/ 
Trt?jttise/ of/ Kvaiigf^licjjll CootL-rlion-/ iJiscovtT- 
jn}j/ The wurk of Chrilis Spirit, in/ recont'iling of 
a Sinmr to Uod./ \\y njouias i^lit^prd,/ fome- 
times of Kninihinu^'l CoU'dn<^ iu (^jinj-/ bridge, now 
Preacbt^r of GoiJs Word ui/ Now-Kn;j;lamL/ Lon- 
d^H^f Printed for Andrew C'roote at the/ Grotn* 
Dra^oa in PnuLs-ohuroh-yard,/ ai.i>c.Liii./ Titit^ 

Bibliotheca Americana. 679 

S nreJ. m ; and Text 317 op. TabU 3 pp. Calf. 
Svo. (12».6<J. 4477) 

8HEPARD (Thomas). Sabjeftion to Chrift,/ in 
all his/ Ordinances/ and/ Appointments,/ The beft 
means to prel'erve our Liberty./ Together with a/ 
Treatise/ of/ Ineffectual hearing the Word;/ How 
we may know whether we/ hare heard the fame 
effectually :/ And by what means it may become/ 
effeAual unto us./ With ibme remarkable palTaees 
of his life/ By Tho. Shephard late Pallor of the 
Church/ of Chrift in Cambridge in New-England./ 
Now publiflied by Mr. Jonathan Michel,/ Faltor 
of the faid Church in New-England./ London, 
Printed for Tho. Brewfter, at the three Bibles in 
Pauls Church-yard. 16.54./ 6 prel. leavet and 195 
pp. 'Table '11 pp. Calf. SmuUdvo. (15j. 2478) 

8HEPARD (Thomas). The/ Sincere Convert:/ 
Discovering/ The fmall number of true/ Beleevers,/ 
And the great difficulty of Saving/ Converiion./ 
Wherein is excellently and plainly opened/ thefe 
choice and Divine Principles ;/ Viz. [1. That there 
is a God, and this God is moft glorious./ 2. That 
God made man in t^lcffed eftate./ 3. Man's mifery 
by his Fall./ 4. Chrift the only Redeemer by price./ 

5. That tew are faved, and that with difficulty./ 

6. That mans perdition is of himfelf./ Whereto is 
now added the Saints Jewell,/ (liewing how to 
apply the Promil'es; And/ the Souls Invitation 
unto Jel'us Chrift./ By Tho. Sheppard, fometimes 
of Emanuel/ CoUedge in Cambridge./ Corre^ed 
and much amendea by the Author./ London, 
Printed by £. Cotes, for John Sweeting,/ at the 
Angel in Popes-head Alley, 1655./ 8 prel. leaves 
and 947 pp. Calf. 8vo. (10*. 6d. 2479) 

8HEPARD (Thomas). Theses Sabbaticie./ Or,/ 
The Doctrine/ of the/ Sabbath./ Wherein/ The/ 
Sabbaths/ [I. Morality,/ U. Change,/ 111. Bepn- 
ning,/ IV. Santlification,] are clear-/ly dircuf-/led./ 
Which were first bandied more largely/ in fundry 
Sermons in Cambridg in New-£ng-/land, in open- 
ing of the fourth Commandment./ In unfolding 
whereof many Scriptures are cleared, di-/vers Cafes 
of Confcience refolved, and the Moral/ Law as a 
rule of life to a Believer, occalional-/ly and dif- 

680 BihHotheca Americana. 

tin^lyhnjidled./ ]ijTboTnasSIiepard,Pfi(torofthe 
Church of/ CiiHstat Cjimbridi^r! in Z^ew-Eiio;laDd./ 
London^ iVmtt^d by S* Lr. for Juha Rothivd at tbe 
Fouu-/r]iin tind Beiir iu CioLdL'raubs row m (Jhenp- 
fidf^*/ Iti^.'jn/ l.\ pf^L taivis ofid 320 pp. J'olhmd 
by 3 prel* leui^i;^ and 3'2 pp. u^iih ^ p^tL leaves^ 1 and 
17 pp. Otdctiff. Bvo, {lQi.6d. S48d) 

SEIEPARD (TimiiAa). The/ Parable/ of tbe/ Ten 
Viri^iiis/ ojiened St ap]j1iL'd ;/ JJeiQg the Sub- 
l^Qiice of divers/ Sermons/ on Mattb. S5* 1^ — 15./ 
VVherem^ ibe Differfince between the Sincere 
Cbriftian and/ the Uinii Refined Hj^pocrilej the 
KiiturH and {'brtrtittt^rs of Saving/ and of Common 
Grace, the Datig^ra and Difeafew incident to/ moft 
douriihin^ Churches or Cbrillians, aiid other Sni- 
Titual/ Iruthii of f,Tt?ateft importance, are clearlj/ 
difcovertid, and jirattically Improved,/ liy/Thomaa 
Sbepard/ late \\ ortby aud Faithful i PaJtor of tbe 
Church of Chrii: aXf Cambridge in New-Knglnnd./ 
Now Publiflied frcm the Authors own Notes, ut 
tbt? detin^fl ai'/ many, fur the common lieuefit of the 
Lords people,/ J^y/ Jomithun Mitchell Miniller it 
Cambridjrt.^j/ 1 ho : Shejiard, Son to tbe Reverend 
Author,/ uow iMinifier at Charlee-Town in New- 
England./ lAtmhttjl Printed by J. Jl. for John 
Rothiwlij at tbe Fountain iu tiohJlmUhH-Row in 
Cheiip'lhk,/ and l:^ainui I Tiiomfon ut the Bilhop'a 
Head in P:iuh Cliurch-yiird. 166IX/ Two J*arU. 
Part I. i pret. tetives and i!40 pp. Part H. 303 jip. 
Tabt&. 5 pp. Old rtifj: titdo. (IBx. a48l) 

SHFPARD (TiujiMs). The} Sincere Convert,/ 
Disco verino;/ Tbe limdlntlmberof truo/ Beleevers,/ 
And tJiF^ jr^eat ditbculty of f^jivinp/ Converlirin./ 
Wherein la escelk^nl^ly ami plamlv opened/ tbcfe 
choice and Divine Princi]>les :/ Viz. [1. That there 
ia fl y od f and l1 i is G od ia m oil glori on s ./ 2. Th at God 
made man in n blrfli;d eiiate*/ S. .MaiLs mifery by 
bis fall./ 4. Chrilt tbe only Redeemer by Price./ 
5. 'J'hat fe\v are I'aved^ and tbi^t with difQcuby^ 
(j. That nmns perdihon is of himfelf./ Whereto is 
now added the Saints Jewel, tbewjutr/ bow to 
apply the promile ; And tbe t^ouls fnvi-/rjition 
unto Jefus Cbrilt^/ By I'ho. Sliepherd^ fomptiines 
of Emanuel/ Colledfre in Cambrido;r!,/ Corrttled 
and much amended by ijje Author./ Ltmdttrij 

BibUotheca Americana. 681 

Printed by Tho : Mabh, for Robert Home,/ at the 
Angel in Popes-head-alley. 1664./ 8 pre/. Uava 
mid916pp. Half calf. Sw. (10s. 6d. 2482) 

SUEPARD (Thohm). The/ Sincere Convert :/ 
Difeorering the finall number of/ True Believers,/ 
And the great difficulty of/ faving C'onverfion./ 
Wherein are excellently and plainly opened thefe/ 
choice and.Divine Principles:/ Viz. t. That there 
ia a God, and this God is molt glorious./ 3. That 
God made Man in a blefied eftate./ 3. Mans 


mifery by bis Fall./ 4. Chrili the onely Redeemer 
byprice./ 5. That few are faved, and that with 
difficulty./ 6. That Mans perdition is of himself./ 
Whereto is now added/ The Saint's Jewel, (hewing 
how to/ apply the Promifes ; and/ The Soul's In- 
vitation unto/ Jefus Chrift./ By Tho. Sheppard, 
fometimes of Emanuel/ College in Cambridge./ 
Corrected and much amended by the Author./ 
London,/ Printed b^ J. Fleiher for Robert Home 
at Greuam-coUege, in/ the first Court in Bifiiopf- 
gate-ftreet. 1667./ 8 pr«i. feoi«» onrf 237 pp. Old 
ealf. 8iw. (10». 6d. 2483) 

SHEPABD (Thomas). The/ Sincere Convert:/ 
Difcovering the fmall number of/ True Believers,/ 
And the great difficulty of/ Saving Converfion./. 
Wherein are excellently and plainly opened thefe/ 
choice and Divine Principles :/ Viz. 1. That there 
is a God, and this God is moft glorious./ 2. That 
God made Man in a blefled eftate./ 3. M an's mifery 
by his Fall./ 4. Chrift the onely Redeemer by price./ 

5. That few are laved, and that with dtmculty./ 

6. That Man's perdition is of himlelf./ W hereto is 
now added/ The Saint's Jewel, (hewing bow to/ 
apply the Promifes; and/ The Soul's Invitation 
unM Jefus Chrift./ By Tho. Sheppard, fometimes 
of Emanuel/ Colledge in Cambridge./ London,/ 
Printed by £. Fleiher for Robert Horn at the 
Booth En-/trance of the Royal Exchange. 1672./ 
6prel.leavetandS23pp. Calf. ivo. (10«.6<i. 2484) 

SHEPARD (Thomas). The/ Parable/ of the/ Ten 
Virgins/ Opened & Applied :/ Being the Sub- 
ftance of divers/ Sermons/ on Matth. 25. 1, — 13./ 
Wherein, the Difference between the Sincere 
Chriilian and/ the moft Refined Hypocrite, the 

682 Bihliotheca Americana* 

Nature & Chara^erfl of Suvinp/ and of Common 
Gracf, the Dung ere ami Di lew left iccident to/ moil 
flourifliing t'liurthes or Cbrillians, and other Sni- 
ritual/ iVudirt of fj^rf;atf.*1i importances are clearlj-/ 
dilcovered^ and jira^tically Improvf^dj/ By/Thomnfl 
Shepard/ Lat^ Worthy and taitliful I'aftor of th& 
Church of Ciirilt hT/ Camhrids^c in New-Kngland*/ 
Now puhLilhed from the Authors own Notes, at 
the dfffirf'S oT/ niiiny, for the common Benefit of 
the Lords jjfoph.*,/ J.U/ JoTiiithan lAJitchell Minifwr 
at Cambrtdf^e./ Tlio. kfhepjirdj Son to tJi<* He- 
verend SMthar^l now .Miniatrir at Charles-Town, 
in ^lEjw-Kn^laTid./ H^'-priTitt'tl, Eind carefully C^r- 
rected in the Vrnr,/ lij^^j./ Two Parts, Part L 
4 prcL ifaves ami y.'iy pfj. Part 11, 190 pp- Tahle, 
5pp. OtficttiJ. Fdh. <iai. S485) 

SHKPARD (Tiio>Ms). The Sound BelicTer. A 
Treatijjk^ of Kvan^elicall Converfion, Discovering 
The Work of ChrHi's spirit, in reconcilincf of a 
Sinner to (rod. liy 1 lio. Shepherd, fometimea of 
Kmn'iuuel ( lolh^lfTf? in Cambridge, iS'ow PrfiJicW 
oftrod's Word in Nf^w-Kjjfjhuid. Aberffe^n^Fnaitl 
by Jamt'S ^licol, 1730, ^'^5 pp. Table 3 pp. 
Uffio. {15s. S!486) 

[SHKHMAN (Itottrn).] A f^ermon, of anew kind, 
Never nrefldiPHl, nnr tvt^r will be; Containing a 
(Jolle^tion of Docrrim^fi, iielonf^ingto the llopkin- 
toniurt Schenii^ of Urriioduiy ; Or the Marrow of 
tbe TncFft 3[odcrM Divinity- And an Adflrt^fti to 
tbe linrf^cfenevat^^, fij2;reetLble to the Doctrines, 
New- ^tjrfin ; Printed ftnd Sold by T. and 3. 
Ur^^en- '^3 pp. Hatfmtn\ i2ffto, {lOs. 6d. g4S7) 

SHIPLEY (Jonathan). A Sermon Preached bc- 
i\)ei^ ihi; Incorporated Society for the Propugation 
of thfMtoi'pid in rorei^^Ti Parts; at their Anuiver- 
sary M^fruig in the Parilli Church of St» Mary- 
h^-Uow, On Friday l-'ebruary ly, 1773* By the 
Hi;;ht Hj>vcri.'nd Jonathan Lord llilhop of St* 
Asajdi. London Printf*d : /WuPi^ Xew-Enplandj 
!le-Pririted : And (o he ^old by Thoinu^ and John 
Vlf'i'tf at thi^ Ih'^irt and Crown m Cornhill, 1773- 
17 pp. JitjiJ moincco. ^10. iis.Gd. y4il8> 

SIliRLLV (Wili.iam). A Letter from William 
Shirley, Elij ; Governor of MallachoiEt^s Bay, Ta 

JBibUotheca Americana. 683 

his Grace the Duke of Newcaftle : With A Journal 
of the Siege of Louisbourg, aud other Operations 
of the Forces, during the Expedition againft the 
French Settlements on Cape Breton ; Drawn up 
at the Deiire of the Council and Houfe of Repre- 
fentatiTes of the Province of MaiTachufet's Bay ; 
approved and attefted b; Sir William Pepperrell. 
and the other Principal Officers who commanded 
in the faid Expedition. Publilhed bv Authority. 
London: E.Owen. 1746. SSlfp. Half morocco. 
8t». (7«.6rf. 2489) 

SHIRLEY (Wiluam). A Letter from William 
Shirley, Efq ; Governor of Maflachufetts-Bay, To 
His Grace the Duke of Newcaftle : With A Journal 
of the Siege of Louilbourg, and other Operations 
of the Forces, during the Expedition aeainft the 
French Settlements on Cape- Breton; drawn up 
at the Deiire of the Council and Honl'e of Repre- 
fentatives of the Province of Mafluchufetts-Bay ; 
approved and attefted by Sir William Pepperrell, 
and the other Principal Officers who commanded 
in the faid Expedition. Publiflied by Authority. 
London : Printed 1746. Boston : Re-printed by 
Rogers and Fowle, for Joshua Blanchard, at the 
Bible and Crown in Dock-Square. 1746. 16 pp. 
Bvo. (lOs. 6d. 2490) 

SHIRLEY (William). The Conduct of Major 
Gen. Shirley, Late General and Commander in 
Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America. 
Briefly stated. London : R. and J. Dodsley, 1758. 
viii and 131 pp. Halfmor. 8vo. {10s. 6d. 2491) 

SHORT/ (A) Account/ of the/ Manifeft Hand of 
God/ That liath Fallen upon Several/ Marflials and 
their Deputies/ Who have made Great Spoil and 
Havock of the/ Goods of the People of God called/ 
Quakers,/ in the/ lUand of Barbadoes,/ For their 
Testimony againft Going or Sending/ to the Mi- 
litia./ With a Remarkable Account of some others 
of the Perfe-/cutors of the fame People in the fame 
Ifland. Together/ with an Abftract of their Suffer- 
ings./ London, Printed and Sold by T. Sowle, 
near the/ Meeting-Louie in White-hart-court in 
Gracious-street. 1696./ 23 pp. ' An Abstract ' etc. 
a folded iheet. ito. {It. U. 2493) 

6S4 Bibliotheca Americana. 

SHORTf A> At^courit of the I ni^rt^si and Conduct 
of tbf* J:im£iic^a I'UnturA. in an Addr^f^i to (ti« 
Merclmnta, J radoM, iH)d Livtjrymen af Uj*^ t'ity of 
London. I^Mtuian: ^l^ Cooper ^ hoccli v. Tiite end 
tlpp. Ikn, {^t,6d. '£493) 

SHORT (A} lllfttory of the Conduct of the Present 
Minifitry^ V^ ith ll^^^iu-d to the Am^ricaa Stamp 
A^L lAindtJui J. Almon, 1766. 21 yp. fiatfma- 
TtKCv. 8vo. (4«. 6J. i^4) 

SHORTS A) Tlifil^rvof tli«Coridijc:t of thr*pr*^nt 
Ministry^ Witli H^^£r:Lrd to the American istump 
Act. J he Si^cofid lidUion^ Londoji i J, Almon, 
1766. *ilpp. iitttf marocco. Btfl. (4s. 6d. S49.^J 

SHORT (A) Account Of that Part ofAfrica Jnha- 
bjred bv thi^ \e;^roen, W itij Hefpett to the Fer- 
tility fd tiif rouTitry, tin^ ^ood iJifpolition of tuiny 
of ihii NativL-Ef and tJj^ Manner by whicii toff 
SkvH Trudf^ iii curried on. Kitra(^ted from divtra 
Authora, in urdcr lo Ihi^w* th** Jinquity of chat 
'iradfif and the i^alfity of tije Arf^umunlfl ufuallj 
advarired in itfl VLudii^ation. With tjuotations from 
the \\ ritirji,Tiofrf-vF-ral JVribimoJ Note^viK. ijeotj^ 
Waib><^ i'nincipi Hutchf^Ftnnf andJiimi^it FoBt^r^ ftiid 
u larp^r^ Kxtrzict (rum a i'nmphlet^ lately jmbliflicd 
in [.r^nfjon, on tUa h^ohjh^ct of tjif^ ^iave Trade. 
The Third Mdition^ J'hdsuhdphiu-: Prints Ijm- 
dttn : Rj-^priiired by W. Llaker and J< \V. GalkbiDf 
Mucr.i.tvirj. «U;//^ ttt'i>. (Ts. 6d, S496) 

SHORT A'lJn-Hs to lhe{iovernm<?nt, the Mert^hantil, 
AI:mufiietunT% and ihe rolotiifitii m AawtiCti.., and 
tU*i Su^'jir [sbndsj On tUy^ prirlWit Wtatf^ of Affhirs, 
hy a AiF^inhtT of PjiHJ:onent. JouJon, ii. Ro- 
L Ltiaori , 51 lift I, It Jt V . Tit U ujui 4\) pp. i Iti tj' marocto* 
Hvo. (5M.6d. S497) 

SilORT (\) liif^tory of the Opfitrtition dunnp itt 
Lalt Sf^Ujon of i'arlmm^.^iil. iJie Third Kdition. 
Ijinduni 'i\ (J^deJ^^ nm-ri.xxix. .58 Jip. Unftimnd. 
kiuo. {4s,6d. 'J498) 

SHORT (A ) HiRtory of ch*? Ojmufition during the 
I.iili siHbon of J*fii'UEimt nl. Iht IhirtJ fjhtion. 
LfiHdoH : T* Cadellf MLtcuLKxtX* vi and 56 pp. 
iliitj mtiifH^cu. (4i. Od. ^4tf9) 

SH0WJ:JI (JarjN). rriit'tjta] RefieclionH on tU 
iiiarthcjualcea 'i'hat have huj^penud in Luru^ auii 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 685 

America, But chiefly in the Islands of Jamaica, 
England, Sicily, Malta^ &c. With a Particular 
and Hiilorical Account of them, and divers other 
Earthquakes. By John Shower. The Second 
Edition. Lmtdm: Cook, James, and Kingman, 
Mdccl. TitU,mii,and96fp. 6vo. (4s. 6d. 2500) 

SIGFRID ( Isaac). Theological Theses, Containing 
the chief Heads of the Christian Doctrine, Deduced 
from Axioms ; Compoled and publickly defended 
in Prefence and under the Diredtion of the very 
reverend and moil judicious John Henry Ringier, 
V. D. M. And Profeifor of controverfial Divinity 
in the Academy At Bern. By Isaac Sigfrid, of 
Zoffingen in Bern, and Daniel Wyttenbach, of 
Bern, In Order to obtain the Honour of the S. 
Ministry. 1747. (Tranflated from Latin.) To which 
is added a Discourse bv Gerrit Lydekker. A.B. 
New-Yarh, Printed and. Sold by Samuel Brown 
at the Foot nf Botbaker's-Hill, between the New- 
Dutch Church and Fly-Market. 1766. 6 prtl. 
leavetandSapp, ' A Discourse ' etc. Tit/e and 113 pp. 
'Advertilement.'4j)p. Bw. (10s. ed. 2501) 

SIGNS (The) of the Times consider'd : Or, The high 
Probability, that the prefent Appearances in New- 
England, and the Weft of Scotland, are a Prelude 
of the Glorious Things promil'ed to the Church in 
the latter Ages. Edinburgh, T. Lumisden and J. 
Robertson; md.cc.xui, S prel. leaves; Text, pp. 
5—34. Svo. (5s. 6d. 2502) 

SILLERY (Madame). A Selection from the An- 
nals of Virtue, of Madame Sillery : Containing 
the Moll important and Interefting Anecdotes from 
the Histories of Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, 
and America : With fome Account of the Manners, 
Customs, Arts and Sciences of France. Translated 
from the French By Elizabeth Mary James. Bath. 
S. Hazard, m.dcc.xciv. 4 pret. leaves and text 255 
pp. ' Subscribers.' and ' Errata.' 8 pp. Old ailf. 
8vo. (7s. 6d. 2503) 

SIMON (Pedro). 4./ Primera Parte/ De las No- 

u ticias hilloriales/ de las Conquillas de tier/ra firme 

rr*^en las Indias/ Occidentales./ Compvesto por el 

' Padre/ Fray Pedro Simon Prouincial/ de la Sera- 

fico Orden de San Frans/cisco, del N ueuo Reyno 

de Granada/ en las Indias, Lector Jubilado en 

666 Bihliotheca Americana^ 

Sa^/cra 'Hieolc^ia, y qualificador del San^^/ Officia, 
bijo du la rrouuiuin tie (Jur/thii^enB en Caliilla^ 
Natural de/ La ParrJIla Ob]r|>ado de/ Cuijrtca./ 
Diri|^ido/ A nvestro iuncjr/tiiljmo y maior Mo- 
□Brcn/ del Antij^utj y mjubo jMun/da FhiLppo 

?uartu en i'u/ l^t^al v supremo Coufejo/ de laa 
udias./ [LWf^/j^NUiJ Con PrivUegio^/ Del Rej 
nuefti'O Seiior, eu Ojtrjicff por/ Domingo de la 
Iglesia^ Alio./ de Iti'i?^! 7 vtel. ieiive$ ipctuditt^ 
en^i'uved titlti, ieit 671 pp ; luhh 11 leaves y Tulit 
dt Vi)t:i\h\oji^} teui:e$^ 2 i'J the? pfeLUavesitretranting. 
VeUaift. I'oiio. {'^L i^JOl) 

SiMO>JDF. Di: SlSMONDl (J, C. L.) Dc I'In- 
tertt df^ la France a I'tfrard de la Trsite dts 
Ncgrt^s^ par J- C. L. Simonde d^? Sismojjdi. A 
t^iiituej J, J. PascLondj et a l^aris^ 1814-. 59 pp., 
e-'-^ (2i, 6J, 2605) 

SIVRRS (Tlt.NRTcri). Bericht/ Von/ Gi-olmlandj/ 
Gezo^en auB a^o ChronikGn: Einef alteii Ibs^/ 
laDdirdif:Q, und einer ueueji Dunifchen ; iibcr- 
geififid/ in Krai^t7jilUlchei' Sprahche/ An/ Herrcn 
von d<.T Mote dfn \\'uyiU' vuu einem/ unbenandten 
Mtiiflej, mid ^edruckt zu/ Parihs bey Au^ufdn 
kiirbe in s./ Anno Idi?./ Jetzo aber Deutich 
gt^gitben^undTUiu dtlto f:trti£;er iliii/ ^u gebrauchen^ 
uutiirrclijlidlieheingeteiljlet/ Von/ H enrich SiveK./ 
Haiiihurf^y/ Jn Wriaf^uns; Johaii ^aumana und 
Jurgen \\olfe7 Gcdruckt ini Jahr CbriUi/ 167*./ 
3 pyei. ietui^.'! tutd 70 pp^ K^itfi 2 seq^ pp. Copperpiatt 
Vmp i'J Ort^iriiftindf $u<^ruved fn^J. UichtfUitt. Half 
iitiifiitf. 4/e^- ' {^15$. 2506 J 

SLADK (William)* Vermont State Papers; beipff 
a t^jIb'Ctiou of Rptordsand Doc^nmcnts, enmiected 
with tiie Asriuinplionand iCuf^blisbmeiit ortjoTf?ra- 
ment by tlie People of V^^rmont j tojjetbf>r ivilh 
the Journfil of the f^ouncil of Safety, the Firsl 
Cynstitntioii, the Marly Joaruuls of the General 
Asfif*rnb]y, and the Laws from the Year 1779 to 
17B(jj JncJnsive. To which are added the Proceeii- 
in-jffi of thi^ First and St^cund Councils of Censors. 
Compiled and Publiwhed by William Sladi.^j Juiit 
Secretary of f5tate. Midfiieimfi^ : .1. VV, Copeland, 
Printer. 1B^3. u utid pp. 9— 5tJ3. Vaij eitrabif 
BedjQrti. f^vif. (16*. ^0?) 

Bihlioiheca Americana. 687 

BMALLEY (John). The Consistency of the Sin- 
ner's Inability to comply with the Gospel; with 
bis inexcusable Guilt in not complying with it, 
illustrated and confirmed : In two Discourses, On 
John VI''', 44"'. By John Smalley, A. M. Paftor 
of a Church in Farmington. Hartford : Printed 
by Green & Watson, near the Great Bridge. 
M,DCC,Lxix. 71 pp. 8t)o. (4«. 6d. 8508) 

SMITH (Aaron). The Atrocities of the Pirates: 
being a Faithful Narrative of the Unparalleled Saf- 
'' ferings enduded by the Author during his Captivity 
among the Pirates of the Island of Cuba ; with an 
account of the excesses and barbarities of those 
Inhuman Freebooters. By Aaron Smith, (Who 
was himself afterwards tried at the Old Bailey aa 
a Pirate, and acquitted.) London : G. and W. B. 
Whittaker, 1824. xi pp. and text 214 pp. Boards, 
limo. (4s. 6d. 2d09) 

SMITH (John). A Map of Virginia./ With a 
Descripti-/on of the Covntrey, the/ Commodities, 
People, Govem-/ment and Heligion./ Written 
by Captaine Smith, fometimes Go-/vernour of the 
Clonntrey./ Wherevnto is annexed the/ proceed- 
ings of thofe Colonies, fince their firft/ departure 
from England, with the dilcnurlbs,/ Orations, and 
relations of the Salvages,/ and the accidents that 
befell/ them in all their loumies/ and dilcoveries./ 
Taken faithfvlly as they/ were written out of the 
writings of/ Doctor KvsseU. Richard Wifiin./ 
Tho. Stvdley. Will. Pbetti Place./ AnasTodkill. 
Nathaniel Powell./ left'ra Abot. Richard Pots./ 
And the relations of divers other diligent obfervers 
there/ prefent then^ and now many of them in 
England./ By VV[illiam]. S[trackey]. At Ox- 
ford,/ Printed by Jufeph Barnes. 1612./ 4 prel. 
leaves and 39 pp ; Second title and ' To the Reader ' 
iUaves,and 110 pp. Map of Virginia. Fine copy in 
blue morocco by Bedford. 4(0. (lit. 12s. 2510) 

SMITH (John). The/ Generall Historie/ of/ Vir- 
ginia, New-England, and the Summer/ IQes : 
with the names of the Adventurers,/ Planters, and 
Governours from their/ lirli beginning An° : 1584, 
to this/ prefent 1624./ With the Procedings of 
those Severall Colonies/ and the Accidents that 

688 Bihliotheca Americana, 

bpfell them in all their/ Journyes and DifcoTeriea./ 
Alfo tb*3 iMnpH Hnd DcrcriptioDB of all thol'p/ 
Countrjes^ their Coiumoditips, people,/ GoTern- 
rnentf Cuftomefl, and Rf^ligton/ yet knowne./ 
Divided into sixe Book<js./ liy Capt.nine \o\\a 
^jmitli Ibmr^ljmea GoTernour/ in thole Country^ 
& Admirall./ of New Kn^land./ hMvdun.j Printed 
b^ 1. D. ami/ [. M.for Michaei/ Sparkca./ 1624./ 
Engraved title and fi prei. leaves^ Feii pp, 1 to% 
and 105 to 2'i8 ; nJid Ert'ala, With the 4 ntaps com- 
pUte. Folio. (lO;. IOj, &511) 

SMITH (John). A Sea Grammar,/ With/ the 
Plainer E^tposition/ of SmirliR Accidf?nce for jo\ia^l 
Sea-men, eular^M./ Diuid^d into fifto*ne Chap- 
tcTft: Wlmt they are you/ may partly conceive ty 
the Contents. Written by Captaioe loha Smith, 
fometiraes/ Goveniour of V^ir^inia, and Admirall 
of/ l^^civ-Hnjjland*/ LoTidotiJ Printed by loUn 
Hftviland,/ 16!^7./ 6 preL Utjves and text 86 ppy 
4(0, {Si Ss. 2312) 

SMITH (JurrN). Tlic/ True Travdi*,/ Adventvrea,/ 
and/ Obgervations/ of/ Taptaine lolm Smith,/ In 
EuroriPj Afii5, AfJ'ricaj and America, from Anno/ 
Domini 1393* to 1629,/ il'is Accidents and Sea- 
fights in the Straights ■ his Service/ and Strata^eniA 
of warre in Hungaria, Tranfdvaiiia, VVallachiBj 
am]/ Moldavia, againll the lurU, and Tartars; 
Lis three Qngle combats/ betwiit the Chriftiftn 
Armte and the Turkes./ After how he was takeP 
priioncr by the TnrliSj Ibid for a Slave, lent into/ 
Tartarian his defcription of the Tartars, their 
ftrange manners anJ <:uii:omes of/ Relia;ionB, Diet?, 
Buildings, Warres, Feafts^ Ceremonies, and/ Liv- 
ing; how bee Actv the Baftiaw of Nalbrite in 
Canibiii,/ and elcaped from the Turkes and Tar- 
tflrs./ Together ft'ith a coJitinuation of hia ^nenll 
Hillory of Virj^inia,/ Snmmer-lh^p, Neiv Knglaad, 
and their proceedings, lince l^^-t. to this/ prcleril 
^.6'29 ; as atfo of the new Plantations of the greai/ 
River of the Amazon,^ the Hes of tr*. Chriftopher^ 
Mevisj/ and Barbados in the Wefl Indies./ AH 
written by aflaall Authoui's whole names/ jov. 
shall finde along the IJifTory./ LimdonJ l^rinted 
by J, H. for Thomas Slater, and are to bee/ fold 
at the lllciv Jiible in Greene Arbour,/ 1630./ fi 

Sibliotheca Americana, 689 

jirtL Itava and 60 pp. vxmting tht Utrgt copperplate 

engrttumg in tix eompartmentt. Cloth. 

Folio. (il.lU.6d. 2513) 

SMITH (Joon). Advertisements/ For the unexpe- 
rienced Planters of/ New-England, or any where./ 
Otj/ The Path-way to experience to erea a/ Pltm^ 
taboo./ With the yearely proceedings of this 
Country in Filhing/ and Planting, lince the yeare 
1614. to the yeare 1630./ and their prefent ettste./ 
Alfo bow to prevent the greateft inconveniences, 
by their/ proceedings in Virginia, and other Plan- 
tations,/ by approv^ examples./ With the Coun- 
tries Armes, a defcription of the Coaft,/ Harbours, 
Habitations, Land-markes, Latitude and/ Longi- 
tude : with the Map, allowed by our Royall/ King 
Charles./ By Captains lohn Smith, rometimes 
Govemour of Virginia, and Admiral! of New- 
Ei^land./ London,! Printed by John Haviland, 
and are to be fold by/ Robert Milbovme, at the 
Grey-hound/ in Pauls Church-yard. 1631./ 4 
pnL Umet and 40 pp. Map. Ho, (51. 5t. 2514) 

SMITH (John). The/ Genersll Historie/ of/ 
Vininia, NewsEngland, and the Summer/ Ifles : 
with the names of the Adventurers,/ Planters, 
and Goverdours from their/ firll beginning An° : 
1584. to this/ prefent 1626./ With the Procedings 
of those Severall Colonies/ and the Accidents that 
befell them in all their/ Joumyes and Difcoveries./ 
Alfo the Maps and Deicriptions of all thofe/ Coun- 
tryes, their Commodities, people,/ Government, 
Cofiomes, and Religion/ yet knowne./ Divided 
into sixe Bookea./ By Captaine lohn Smith fome- 
^mes Governour/ in thofe Countryes & Admirall/ 
<n New England./ London./ Printed by I, D. 
and/ I. H. for Edward/ Blackmore/ Anno 1632./ 
Engraved frontitpiece, and in evety other respect the 
tame at the Jirtt Edition of 1624, with the 4 maps. 
FoUo, (10(. lOi. 2515) 

SMITH (John). Reifen, Entdeckungen nnd Un- 
temebmungen des SchifssCapitain Johann Schmidt 
oder John Smith; welche den wahren Urfpning 
derer Englifchen Colonien in NordsAmerika be- 
wirkt baben, nnd ihn deutlich vor Augen ftellen : 
Erdfientheils aus deflelben ligenen Scbriften i)et- 

690 Bibliotheca Americaiia. 

cbnpben von (Jflrl Friedrich ScLpibler, PafloT iti 
Hftnsfddp, Zart;!ig tind Schwend ia PreuiEich 
Pommern. BeHin-j bei Si^giamund Friedrich HtlTt^, 
J7e^, 232 pp. and 1 l£t{f af Errata. Uuif mif. 
BucJ. (10s. 6rf. aSlti) 

SMITH (Jo«>)* Tbe Trve Travela^ AdventTre* 
and Obaervationa of Captaiae loba Smithy in 
Euro^ie^ Asia^ Afncke^ and America; lieginoing; 
ubout the yeerc 159S^ and continued to this preient 
1629. From thf? l^ndon Editjon of 1629. Kkh- 
iturnd: Rtrpublished at the Franklin Press. Wil- 
liam W, Gray, Priatet. 1919, Tiro Voitimei, 
Vol. I. 7 preL leaves and^\7 pp. Portrait of Smi^^ 
plains at pp. 14, 1 IJ^, map at 149- Vol. 1 L Fron- 
tispkce; xi and *£ii'£ pp. CalJ\ Bup. (IBj, 2517) 

SMETH (JoHx). An Authentic Copy of the Minut<?0 
of Evidence on the Trial of John Smith, a M;5- 
sionary^ in Demerara; Held ai the Colony House, 
in Georcje Town, Uemcrarfi, on Monday^ the 13th 
Day of October, 1823, and ^7 following Days \ on 
a CW^*^ of eititinj? the Nei^oes to Rebellion; 
copied verbutini) From a Re[.tort as Ordered to be 
printed, by the House of Commons, 22d of March, 
1BE^4. With an Appendix, including The Affidavit 
of Mrs. Jane Smitli, the Petitmn presented to tba 
House of Commons, from the Directors of the 
London JVliMfliouary c^ociety, l^etters of Mr. John 
Smith. And othf.T intcrcstinj^ Documents, Lon- 
don : SamueL Uurtoo, 1824. 179 pp. Boards. 
&iw. (4.J. 6d. 2518) 

SMlTi[ fJosHTiA Hett)* An Autbenilc Narrative 
of tiio causes which led to the d^^ath of MaJqt 
Andre, Adjutaut-GencTftl of hts .Majesty's Forces 
in ^^on.h Anierica. liy Joshua Hett Smith, tsq. 
CounsuUor at J^av^, late Alember of the Convention 
of the State of A i^w Vork. 1 o wliich is added a 
Mi>nody on thf^ death of Major Andre. By Misa 
Sewartl. London: Mathews and J^igh, 1808. vH 
and :J.ia pp. Portrait, map^ and plate. Ilaljcutf* 
ih^o. {Ti. 6d. 2519) 

SMTIH (JosHrx Toclmix), The Discovery oi 
America hy the Northmen it^ the Tenth Centuiy. 
Ry Joshua Toulmin Smith, Author of** Frogrew 
of Philosophy among the Ancieatjs;^^ ^' Compare- 

Biblioiheea Americana. 691 

tive view of ancient History, with explanation of 
Chronological Eras;" etc. With Two Maps. 
Lmubm: Charles TUt, 1839. xii and 3ii pp. 2 
atapi tid i platet. Stiff. (4i.6d. 2530) 

SMITH (Samuel). The History of the Colony of 
Nora-Caisaria, or New- Jersey : Containing, an Ac- 
count of its First Settlement, Proeressire mprove- 
ments, the Original and present Constitution, and 
other events, to the Year 1721. With some parti- 
eolars since ; and a short view of its present state. 
By Samuel Smith. Burlington, in New-Jtnej/: 
Printed and Sold by James Parker : Sold also by 
David Hall, in Philadelphia. u,I)CC,lxv. x and 674 
yp. Fine a^. Old calf. Ovo. (iL2$. 2521) 

SMITH (William). A New Voyage to Guinea: 
Describing The Cuftoms, Manners, Soil, Climate, 
Habits, Buildings, Education, Manual Arts, Agri- 
culture^ Trade, Employments, Languages, Ranks 
of Diftm&ion, Habitations, Diverfions, Marriages, 
and whatever elfe is memorable among the Inhabit- 
ants. Likewise, An Account of their Animals, 
Minerak, &c. With great Variety of entertaining 
Incidents, worthy of Obfervation, that happen'd 
during the Author's Travels in that large Country. 
lUnftrated with Cutts, engrav'd from Drawings 
taken from the Life. With an Alphabetical Index. 
By William Smith, Efq ; Appointed by the Royal 
African Company to furvey their Settlements, 
make Difcoveries, &c. London: John N curse, 
Mddczuv. [1744] iv and 276 pp. Index Bpp. 
Frotttitpieee and plates at pp. 8, 147, 148, 151. Tree 
calf. 8t>0. (Js.6d. 2522) 

SMITH (Wiluam). a Natural History of Nevis, 
And the reft of the EngUlh Leeward Charibee If- 
lands in America. With many other Obfervations 
on Nature and Art ; Particularly, An Introdu£lion 
to The Art of Decypberin^. In Eleven Letters 
from the ReV* Mr. smith, lometime Rector of St. 
John's at Nevis, and now Rector of St. Mary's in 
Bedford *, to the ReV" Mr. Mason, B.D. Wood- 
wardian Profeifor, and Fellow of Trinity-College, 
in Cambridge. Cambridge : J. Benthan, hdcoxlv. 
3 prei. leaves (with errata) and 3T& pp. ' Index ' 9 
pp. Old calf. 6vo. (5s. 6d, 2523) 

692 SihHoiheca AmericancL, 

SMlTH(Wrjj.tAM). HistoiredelftWooTdle-Yorlc, 
depuia Ifl Decouvprte de cette ProTiacti iustia'a 
(lOtre Steele, Dans laquelle onrapporte l^ademElJe* 
qu'elleaf^uH hvh; Les C^Dodieaa & tea lodiena; les 
Guerres qu'^lle a foutenue» contrecea PeDplea;le» 
Traits & le:) AlliaiiCf^s qu'elle a faits avec eux, 
itc. On y a joint Une Delcription Geo^aptique 
du Pays, & une J-fiftoire Ahr^g^ede fcB Hftbitana, 
de ienr Htdii^ion, de It^ur Gouvernement Civil & 
Kcclt-fiaftique, &c. Par William Smith. TraduJte 
de I'Anglois par M* E*** A hendra* h^dcc. 
i.xvit, jvinTiii'^lbjtp.oldcaif. Bmf* {Qt.bd. ^5M) 

SMITEi (Wilimm). a Sermon On the Preseat 
Situation of American Affairs. Preaclif^ ia C'briat* 
ChurcL June ^3, 1775, AtUie Requeftof theOS- 
cprB of the Third IJattalion of the City of Phila- 
delphia, and Difrrict of Southward, By WiUiaiu 
rtmith, D,D, J*rovi>fit of tJje College in that Cjtj» 
V hiludf^lphi a Printed : l^mioit Re -printed, Edward 
and Charles Dilly» m.dcc.lxxt^ 3 jjiW. Uatteij ic 

I S M IT H ( W 1 1 . Li A M ) , The History of the Pf ovmoe 

' of j\ew-Yort, from the firet discovery. To which 

'' ia annexed A Delcription of the Country ^ an Ac- 

count of the InhabitaiitSj their Trade, Ht^h^iouaand 
Political State J an J the Con Hi tut ion of the Courta 
of Jultice in that Colony* By WLHiaia Smith, 
A. 1^1. Lontlon: J, Almun, uuccLxxvi* viii and 
S^lpp. Catf t^itm b^ Bedford, Sttf. (I5s. 2526) 

SAJITJ|{\Vji.lmm). Kulo^iumunliemaminFrantlinj 
LIj.D. Presidentof the American Philosophical iSo- 
ciety, &c. &c. Delivered Alarch t^ 1791, iti Phila- 
ileljihia, before both llouges of Confess, and the 
American Philosophical Society, &c. Hy WiUiam 
Smith, D.D^ One of the V ice- Prt^ Aden te of the faid 
Society, atid Provoll of tJ^e Collcf^e and Academy 
of Philadelphia. London: l\ Cadell, iut>ccJEcifp 
Ilatf-iUiej iitte, find 39 pp. Bm. (45. 6d. ^fT) 

SMYTH (J. F. D.) A Tour in the United Suiesof 
America: Contiiinin^ Afi At:count of the Present 
Situation of that Country ; The Populatiou, Agri- 
culture, Commerce, (!usioma and .Manners of the 
Inhabitants; Anecdotes of itfveral Members of the 
Congiesa, aud General OSicera in the Amencan 

Bibliotheca Americana. 693 

AnnT; and Many other rery fingular and intereft- 
ing Oooimencei. With A Defcription of the In- 
ditut Nations, the seneral Face of the Country, 
Mountains, ForelU, Rivera, and the moll beantifiil, 
nrnnd, and pidarer<iue Views through-out that van 
Continent. Likewise Improvements in Husbandry 
that may be adopted with neat Advantage in 
Enrope. By J. F. D. SmySj, Esq. London, G. 
Bobinson, hdcclxxxiv. Two Volumes. Vol. I. 12 
fmL Uavet, and 400 pp. Vol. II. 6 prtl. Uava and 
456 pp. 8vo. (8(. 6d. 2528) 

8N0WDEN (Richard). The American Revolu- 
tion : Written in Scriptural, or. Ancient Historical 
Style. By Richard Snowden. Baltimort : Printed 
by W. Pechin, No. 10, Second-street. [ ] S6U 
pp. ' The Colnmbiad ; or a Poem on the American 
War, in Thirteen Cantoes. By Richard Snowden. 
Baltimore : Printed by W. Pechin, No. 10, Second- 
street.' 41pp. Old calf. Small Svo. {10s. 6d. 2529) 

SOBER Remarks on a Book lately Reprinted at 
Bofton, Entituled,A Modell Proof Of the Order and 
Government fettled by Christ and his Apoliles in 
die Church. In^ Letter to a Friend. The Second 
Edition. Boston in N. K. Printed for Samuel 
Gerrifii, and Sold at his Shop near the Brick Meet- 
ing-Houfe in Comhill. 1724. 4 pre/, leavesand 126 
pp. Sw. (15>. 2530) 

80LIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio oe). His- 
toria/ de la Conqvista/ de Mexico,/ Poblaeion, y 
Progrelsos/ de la America Septentrional,/ conocida 
por d nombre/ de/ Nveva Kspaiia./ Escriviala/ 
bon Antonio de Solis,/ Secretario de fu MageAad, 
y su Cbronifia/ mayor de las Indiag./ Y/ la pone 
> los pies del/ Rey'Nvestro Senor,/ por mano del/ 
Ezceleotissimo Senor/ Conde de Oropefa./ En 
Madrid.! ^ 'a Imprenta de Bernardo de Villa- 
Die^, Impreflbr de fu Mageftad./ Ano u.dc. 
Lxxxiv./ ftr»t Edition. 17 prei. leaves including the 
engraved title eeiatainmg the portrait of the Author. 
Text 546 pp. ' Indice ' 15 pp. old calf. Large Paper. 
Folio. (,11. 5s. 2531) 

80LIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). His- 
toria/ de la Conqvista/ de Mexico,/ Poblaeion, y 
Progressos/ de la America Septentrional,/ conocida 



604 Bibliolheca Americana. 

por p] noxnljrp/ de Nreva Efipftna./ Eflcrivialft/ 
Don AtitoTiio de Solis,/ Spcretario de &v Magpstad, 
y sv ChroniBta/ mayor de lae IndimJ Dediciise al 
lllTstriaALmo Spnor/ Don Gvillen de UocafTll/ y 
Ebcatif.^rti^ f>l>r la gracia de Dios vizcnnde/ de £o- 
cabeni, t^onde dc Cerajada, y de Albatera, &c./ 
Ario 1691./ Barceiona.f YjJ\ La hnprenta de loseph 
Llopia, ImpreflTorde Libros; y a lu cofta./ Vendt^ie 
Pti (u Calh, t;n laealle de Santo Domingo./ IQyrei. 
faii-ej and (fit 548 f\>. ' Jndice' 15 fp. Oidctlf. 
Fuiio. {15s. 2532) 

SOLIS Y RIHADEXEYRA (Antonio be). Hijt- 
toire/ Ue la t'onqnete du/ Meiique,/ Ou de b 
Nouvellt/ Eepa^e.y Par Femand Cortez./ Tra- 
duite de TElpagnol de Don/ Antomo de Sohs^/ par 
I'Auteur du Tnumvirat./ A la fiaye,! Cliez Adruin 
ftloetjenii,/ Marcliand LibrftiTe prea la Cour, a la/ 
Libraire Fran^oife./ w.Dc.xcir.y Tu'o VoLxtjAH. 
Torn. 1, Wtytrfi.teaTjnand^a-jip, *Table,' 13 pp* 
Capperjil-'lei <tt TP- If 3^1 44, 1B4, 341, 342, 344, 
343,350,365,409. Tome 11. 6 yni. leavei and 
37B p/). * Table ' J 5 ;>^. Ci>j»j>^rp^aff?a fl( ^p. 1T6, 
33fi, 37t. IBnifl. (10s, Gri. 2533) 

SOUS Y RIHADKNEVRA (^ntomo de>. Hi?- 
toire d@ la Conquctp du Meiique, ou de la Kou- 
velle Espa^ne, par Fernaiid Cortt^ji, Tradoite dp 
rKlpa(!;tifil de Doto Autoine dcSolis, par I'Autenr 
du Triunivirat. A Paris, Par la Compa^ie des 
Ltbraires, u.ncf.iv. Ttto VotuKes. Tome J. ISprfJ. 
Ifattti and iVi fip, ' Table ' SO pp, Cop^wrptati Mitf 
and phiiea at pp. 1, 35, 44, 184, 341, ;j45, 34*;, 34*, 
365, 408. Tome ]I. 6preL leaves ltn^im(y^:^79)|lf^ 
'Table' IS pp. Plaits at pp. 177, *t3, 336,37*. 
Oidcolf. NmaltBvn. (7s. 6d. 353*) 

SOUS Y RlKADtXEYRA (Antomo de). His- 
toria de la(.'onqvJatarfe Mejiou, Poblacion, y Pio- 
gressos de la America SepUmtrional, conD<;Lda poT 
pi Aombre dp !Nueva Kspaua, eaeriviala Don An- 
tonio de Soils, Si^cretano de fu .lla^efiad, y lu 
Chorouifra mayor dp las Jtidiaa. Dedicada al Ei- 
celentiRsimo SerioT Don Joseph de Solis Val-Dfr- 
rahano Pacbeo Giron Ciuzman y Luzon, Carallertk 
del Abito tie Santiiigo, Conde de Montellano, Ade- 
lantado de la Provincia de Y^ucatan, Go¥ernadoT 
del Coufejo Real de Caliilla, &c. Con PiiriJegio: 

Biblioiheca Americana. 695 

En itfairid : Antonio Gonzalez de Reyes. 1704. 
12 vnl, Uttvtt and text 35S pp. ' Indice,' 15 pp. 
FoUo. (IS.. 2535) 

^30LIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). Hig- 
toire de la Conqaeste du Mezique, ou de la Nou- 
relle Eapagne, par Fernand Cortez, Traduite de 
I'Efoagnol de Dom Antoine de Solis, par I'Auteur 
da TriumTirat. Quatrie'me Edition, A Paris, Far 
Is Compagnie de« Libraires. mdccxiv. Two Vo- 
lumtt. Tome 1. 17 preLUavei and text 537 yp, TabU 
19 pp. Map and platet at pp. 1, 43, 243, 412, 435, 
447, 452, 434, 476. 534. Tome II. 7 pre/. Uavet 
and text 494 pp. Table 15 pp. ' Privilege do R07.' 
Spp. Pbtu at pp. 229, 435, 485. Old calf . 
&miU8vo. (7$.6d. 2536) 

. SOLIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio be). The 
History of theConqneft of Mexico by the Spaniards. 
Done into English from the Original Spanish of 
Don Antonio de Solis, Secretary and Hillorio- 
erapher to His Catholick Majefty. By Thomas 
Townsend, Efq ; London : T, Woodward, h.dcc. 
zziv. Portrait of Cortes. 9 pret. Uaves, Text, Books 
1 and 2, 163 pp. Plate and Map at pp. 1 and 31. 
Books 3 and 4, 252 pp. Plates at pp. 50, 69, 70, 
72. BmfcS, 152 pp. Pbtu at pp. 124 and 146. Old 
ealf. Folio. (i0s.6d. 2537) 

SOLIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). The 
HistorjT of the Cono ueft of Mezico by the SjMmiards. 
' Done into Englisn from the Original Spanish of 
Don Antonio de Solis, Secreta^ and Hillorio- 
srapher to His Catholick Majefty. By Thomas 
Townsend, Efq ; Illuftrated with Copper Plates. 
DubUn: S. Powell, mdccxzvii. Two Volumes. 
Vol. L 18 prel. leaves arid pp. 25-455. Plates at pp. 
383, 396, 417, 422. Vol. 11. TitUand pp. 457-970. 
With map. Old calf. 12mo. (7<. 6d. 2538) 

SOLIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). His- 
^ toire de la Conqueste da Meziqae ou de la Nou- 
" Telle Espagne, par Fernand Cortez, Traduite de 
I'Efoagnol de Dom Antoine de Solis, par I'Auteur 
do Triamvirat. Cinquieme Edition. A Parti, Par 
la Compagnie des Libraires. m.dcc.xxz. Two Vo- 
lumes. Tome 1. 16 prel. leaves and 606 pp. Tdblt 
> gtid PriviUge 26 pp. Map and Plates at pp. i, 49, 




696 liihUotkeca Americana, 

6*, fTi, 46rt, 501, 505, 511, 514, 528. Tome II. 
6 yrrl. kavf^ and 5t>C> pp. Tnbte *it pp, Plata at pp. 
261, 49*, 54a. Oldcalf. Smalt S\'i>. (Js.6d. i539) 

History of tliK tonqupat of Meiico by the Spau- 
mrd3. Tranlliited iato Eo^lisb from Lbe Ori^uUil 
SpiLuiiJi of Don Antonio de dolia, decrt^tary and 
Hidtorioitraphcr To His Cutiiolick Majpsty, By 
Tliomas Townsend, Efq ; Late Lieuteiiant Colont:! 
ill Brig;. Geo. Nfwton^s Regiment. The whole 
TranHation lleviscd anil t'orredted By Nathanael 
Hooke, Efq ; Tranflntor of The TraFeJfl of Cyros, 
attd The Lifeof the Arcljbiahopof Cambray. Lon-* 
lion : T. Woodvi-ftril, and H. Lintot, MiJcciiiiviii, 
Tmo Volumes, ^"ol. I. 3 prfl. leaves^ z aud 479 pp. 
I'urtrait 0/ Cortes t I'lates at pp. 1, 5'i, 3.V9, 393, 4, 
398. Vol. II. lii and 475 pp. fUtet at pp. 43», 
ki5. Old calf. Siv. (7s. 6d. 2540) 

SOLIS Y HIBADENEYRA (Antomo oe>. Ano- 
ther citpif, the mme us ahovij Sprinted Jot * John Os- 
born.' (7«. 6rf, S541) 

SOUS Y RtBADE\EYRA (Amonio de). The 
E]istorv of tlie CoiiqUf^st of AJexico by the Sran- 
iard&. 1 ranUated from the Ori^naL Spanish of Don 
Antotiio de Solis, Secretary audl-Iiiiariop^pberto 
His Catliolick Jlajeliy, liy ThuiraB Towascnii, 
Efq ; Tini whole Tranil^tion Revifed and CorrefteJ 
By Natlianael Hooke^ £Lq \ Author of The Kotiian 
History, &c. The Third Kditioo. Lwidm; H. 
Lintot; J. Whi^itoaand B. White, uucclui, Jirt 
Voliimes. ya\. 1. jti and 334 pp. Fortroit ef 
Cortes iiiid Plates at pp. 1, 17, S?90,3[8, 321. Voi, 
11. iand3&6pp. Pltilesaipp.'jiT andSTT. Boardt, 
Btw. (7i. 6d. «,Ma) 

SOUS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antdmo be). His- 
toire dii la Conqutte du .Meiiqup, ou de la Nou- 
velle Espa^ne. Par Feniand Cortex, Traduitede 
rKfpagnol de Dom Antoine de Soils, pnr TAilteiir 
du Triumi'irat, Sixittne Edition. Af'aris,ii.oci:. 
MX. Tii:o Volumes. Tome 1. 1111 and 606 pp. 
Table and Privilege "26 pp. Map dTid piotes at pp. 1, 
49, 274, MV, 5, 511. 514, Q29. Tome il. 6pnL 
leaves tind 560 pp. Table ^2 }tp. PUitet ttt pp. 261, 
494,549, Oidcatf. SiaallSiio. (7t. 6d. VM) 


Bihlioiheca Americana. 697 

SOLIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antowio de). His- 
' . toria de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, y Pro- 
gressos de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el nombre de Nueva Espafia. Escrivala Don An- 
tonio de Solis T Rivadeneyra, Secretario de fu 
Mageftad, 7 fa CbroniftaMayorde las Indias. En 
Jtfadrid, Juan de San Martin. 1763. 12 pre(. teana 
and 4,76 pp. VeUum. ito. (\0s.6d. 2544) 

SOUS y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). His- 
toria de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, j Pro- 
greBSos de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el nombre de Nueva Espafia. Escriviala Don An- 
tonio de Solis J Rivadenerra, Secretario de su 
Magestad, j su Chronista Mayor de las Indias. 
En Madrid; Don Antonio Mayoral. 1768. lipnl. 
Itmettmdb^pp. VeUum. 4to. (i0s.6d. 2545) 

SOLIS Y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). His- 
toria de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, y Pro- 
..' gresos de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el Nombre de Nueva Espana. Escribiala Don An- 
tonio de Solis y Kibadenerra, Secretario de su 
Magestad, y su Cronista Mayor de las Indias. 
Dindida en dos Tomos, e Ilustrada con Laminas 
Snas. Con las liccntias Necesarias. Barcelona: 
Pot Thomas Piferrer. 1771. Two Volumes. Tomo 
I. 12 prel. leaves and 479 pp. Map and plates at pp. 
1, 48, 390, 395, 397, 464. Tomo II. 6 prel. leavesand 
4iBS pp. Plates at pp. 199, S6i, Svo. {10s. 6d. 2546) 

SOLIS Y RIB ADEN EYRA (Antonio de). His- 
toria de la Conquista de Mexico, poblacion y pro- 
gresoB de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el nombre de Nueva Espana. Escribiala D. An- 
tonio de Solis 7 Rivadeneyra, Secretario de su 
Magestad, y su Chronista Mayor de las Indias. En 
Madrid, D. Antonio Fernandez. 1790. 10 prel. 
leaves and 649 pp. Old calf. ito. (IO5. 6d. 2547) 

SOUS y RIBADENEYRA (Antonio de). Hig- 
toria de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, 7 Pro- 
gresoB de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el Nombre de Nueva- Espana. Escribiala Don An- 
tonio de Solis, Secretario de su Magestad, 7 
Cronista mayor de las Indias, Diridida en Tres 

' Tomoa. Madrid: mdccxci. Don Placido Barco 


698 Bihlivtheca Americana. 

Lopez. T^ree Voixunei. Tomo I, 16 prei. lea^tt 
and 357 jfjt. Indies 9 pp^ Tomo IL t prei. teavea 
atid 500 pp^ TotDO ilh £ preL Uavit and $64pp. 
Small Qtio. {lOt.etL 3546) 

SOLORZANO PEREIRA (Juan de). [^nemtfli 
(iti«] J'ulitict*I^dlllnfl/dt'/elD*»^D- JvandeSolor- 
zano/ rtreirftCavallsrodelOrdende/ If^^ntiago^ del 
Conlejo delK*^y/ N. S^ eJos SupreroosdeCafl/dlla 
y de la/ Indiae/ Dirig-ida/ Al Jlcj Nvestro 5"^^/ en 
I'u Realy Supremo CoDfejo/ de las liidiBA/ por 
mano d^f 'Ex^^.J S^ Conde de CastriUo/ Prefidepte 
dtjlint'fmo/ Confejo ice,/ Con Privilegio en Mad- 
rid en la OAicina/ de Die^o diaz de La Cairera/ 
An'o de 16477 [PriH^et/ (if/f] Politjca Indiana^ 
iSacuda eii Len^n CastelUna de/ loFt dos tomos del 
derecho, i govjemo mrnicipal/ de las luJias Oc- 
cidental's [jve ma* copio^amentM/ escnbio en la 
Latina./ I'd Dotor lion Ivan de Solorzano Ptr- 
eira/ caballero del orden de iSantiago, del/ Coniejo 
del Rey ^ ui-fLro Senor eij loa Supremo*/ deCafidfaf 
i de las Indian./ For el iMe^mo Artor^ DivLdida 
en fei^ Libros./ En los qvalea con gran distiiicioTiT 
i eatvflio/ iW trattt, i re fuelve todo lo tocante al Del- 
cubrimiento, Delcri|jcionT Adqui-/i]cion, i Heten- 
cion de las mefmaslndisiB, i fu E^ovierno particular^ 
al'fiicerca/ lasPerlbnaa deloA h^dio,*^, i fus Serricioa^ 
TributoSj UiL^iinos, i Kncomit"n-/dafi, como de lo 
EfpirituaL i EcleQaJrico, cerca de lu Dotrina^Pat- 
ronazgo/ Real, Iglefjas^ Prelado«, PrebeDdAdoB^ 
(J uras Seen lares, i lle|^ular(.a,inuui-/fidDreSjCotaJf- 
farLoa de^ Ouzada, i de las Religionea^ I en b 
Teniporal,cerca/de totloslos-MagiftradosfeculareSj 
Viireyeti, PrdidentfUj Audiencias^/ Conftjo Su- 
premo, i lunta de Guf^iTEL deliae, <xin mlercion, j/ 
declaracion de lasmucbasf^edubiji Ilealefl que/ parA 
«'lio i'e ban dd'padiado^ Anadidas/ mvcUascosafl^ 
que no eatan en los tomo^/ Latinos, i en particular 
todo el Libra Sexto, que en die^ i fiete Capituloti 
trata de/ la Hai^ienda Heal dt- latt Indias, Rt^aliMr 
Derccbo8, i Miembros dc que fe/ conipone, i del 
mode en que I'e adminiftra ; i di^ los Oficial^^/ 
R*?ale3, 1 nbunales de Cut^titas, i Cafa de la/ Con- 
tratacioii dtr S^villa./ Obra de svmo tral>aiOf i de 
Lgvul importancia,/ i utilidad^ no iblo para los delas 
ProvincJas de las iudias, \li\o de las de EL'pa-/ria, j 

BibKotheca Americana. 699 

otm Naoiones, de qaalquier Profefaion que fean, 
por la gran Ta-/riedad de cofas que comprehende, 
adomada de todas^ letras, i efcrita con el metodo, 
daridad,/ i lenguaje que por ella^ pareoeri./ Con 
do( Indices muv diftintos, i copiofos, uno de los 
libroB, i Capitulos en que fe/ divide : i otro de las 
eofiu notables que contiene./ Con PriTilegio,/ £n 
Madrid. Por Diego Diaz de la Carrera./ Adoh.dc. 
XLViii./ 24 pnl. lanm ; vi:. Engraved an^ fainted 
tititt S leavet ; ' Cenavra del Senor etc. Licencias ' 
etc. S Uaves; ' Al Rei N" S°' Don Felipe IV.' etc. 
7 leavee ; ' Al Excelentissimo Senor Don Garcia de 
Haro i Arellaneda,' etc. 3 leaves ; copperplate «n- 
gnaed portrait, 1 leaf; ' Al Retrato del Autor defte 
Bbro.' etc. 1 leaf; ' Al Lector.' 3 leavet; 'Indice 
de los Libros,' etc. 5 Uavee : Text 1040 pp. ' In- 
dice mTY Copioso ' etc. 53 leavee. Vellum. Fine 
copy. FoUo. (11. U. 2549) 

80LOIt2ANO PEREIRA (Jdan de). D. D. Io- 
annis^ de Solorzano/ Pereira,/ I.V. D. ex eq^estri 
L, Militia/ D. lacobi, et in supremis Castellee,/ & 
.■ Indiarom Confiliis Senatoris ;/ de Indiarum Ivre ;/ 
sive/ de JTSta Indiarum Occidentalium/ Inquiu- 
tione, Acqnifitione, & Retentione./ Cui acceffit 
alia ejusdem artfaoris/ Dilputatio de Parricidii 
Crimine./ Cum duplici Indice, primo Librorum 
& Capitum: altero Rerum notabilium abl'olu- 
tiSmo,/ Editio nouiffima ab innumeris, quibus 
priores deformatas erant mendis emaculata./ Lti;- 
duai^ Smnptibus Lavrentii Anisson./ m.dc.lzxii./ 
CTmSvpenomnPermissu./ Two Volumes. Tomn 
PrintrB. 19 prel. leavet and 438 pp. Indexes 4i leaves; 
fiMoaed by 64 pp. of text, and 8 Uaves of Index. 
Tomvs ScnrndTS, 6 preL leavet, and 858 pp. Index 
71 t*ave$. Folio. (10s. 6d. 2550) 

SOME Acconnt of the North -America Indians; 
their Genius. Charaflers, Cuftoms, and Difpofi- 
\ tions, towanis the French and Enslifli Nations. 
To which are added, Indian Miscellanies, riz. 1. 
The Speech of a Creek-Indian againft the inuno- 
deiste Ufe of Spirituous Liquors ; delivered in a 
National Aflemblr of the Creeks, upon the breaking 
out of the late War. 3. A Letter from Yariza, an 
Indian Maid of the Royal Line of the Mohawks, 
to the principal Ladies of New-York. 3. Indian 

700 BibUothera Americana. 

Song* of Pi^ace, 4. An American Fable. C'ol- 
k'ftt'd by a \eATXied aiid m^enious (jeQtleman in 
the Province of Penfjlvuiiia. Landon: R.GrifGtlis^ 
[17M] OHjfp. Hiiiftfior, 8vd, iWt.6d. S551) 

SOME Remarks on a PampMet, calTd^ Refle^ons, 
on tUe f'oiiftitutioii And Mariagement of the Trade 
to Africa, DemonBtr^mg the Author's abuiive 
AfperiiuiLi thi^rc^in contained, to be tll-Ground?[lj 
the Mutters of Ya^t wrong Keprefented, and tha 
late Mftnag*micnt of that Trade fet^naXnie Jjtgh[, 
With An Account, of the Mtsedful Charge of tbi? 
Britilh Settlementi* in Africa; in what manner 
tliey maj be beft Maintained, and the Trade carry'd 
on to the lJt^ne£t of tliis Nation, and our Plants- 
tions m America. [Li>niiaji] Printed in the V^-ar, 
Moecix^ ^2 pp. Half mor* Bvo. (4s, 6d^ Soo?) 

SOME Consi J [^rations on the Conaecjuences Of the 
French Settling ColonibS on the Miasissippi, Wiiii 
refpett to the Trade and Safety of the English 
Plantations in America and tbe VVef>lndieis» Frcm 
a GcJitleman of America^ to h;e Friend lu Londoti^ 
Ltmdon: J. Roberts, 17^0. Itatf -title, title, and 60 
pp. Wilhmap^ j{ulj' mor. fltJO. {7s. 6iL £563) 

SOME Obaer>'utioniJ on tlie Affiento Trade, Afl it 
has been Exercift?d by the South-JSea Company; 
proviujf the Uamagc Which will accrue thureby to 
the liritilh Commerce and Plantations in Ameri^ 
And particularly to Jamaica. To which is anne£i><i 
A Sketch of the AdvjLiita^efl of that liJand toGreil 
Britain, bj ita annnul Produee, and by its Situatitia 
for Trade or War. Addressed to His Grace tie 
Dnkeof Newcaflile,Oneof hia Majeiij*a Principal 
Secretaries of l^tate. Uy a Pcrlbn who TeliJtd 
feveral Years at Jamaica^ London : K* Whitridge, 
irirxX'XiiViii^ iv and text 30 pp. llalj tuomcco. 
8vo. |,Jf. 6d. ?5M) 

50MK ObEerratJona on Extracts taken out cf tlie 
Ki^port from the Lords- Commifiioners for l^rade 
and Plantations. [^(jjjdi>H, 1730] A: pp* folded a.^ 
btmnd iu calf. Folio. {^s. tlrf, 'Jddj) 

SOME ConBiderEitioni9 1 imnhly offer'd upon the 13iil 
>'ow depending in the lloufe of Lorujs, Kelating 
to the Trade between the Northern ColoniM and 

Biblioiheca Americana. 701 

the Sugsr-Iflsnda. In a Letter to a Noble Peer. 
[Lot>dim\, HDccxxxii. 19 pp. Half morocco. 
8iw. (4$.6d. 2556) 

SOME Fmit> of Solitude, in Reflections and Maxims, 
Belating to the Conduct of Human Life. In Two 
Parts. The Eieht Edition. Newport, Rhode- 
Ifland : Printed by James Franklin, at the Town- 
Sohool-Houfe, 1749. 6 prel. leava and iSSjp. 
Table 7 pp. ' More Fruits of Solitude : Seine The 
Second Part of Reflections and Maxims, Relating 
to the Conduct of Human Life. Newport, Rhode 
Ifland : Printed by James Franklin, at the Town 
School-Houfe, 1749.' 3 prel. Uavet: imperfect, 
wajUing all after page 106. limo. (10:6d. 3557) 

SOME Observations on the Bill, Intitled, "An Aft 
for granting to His Majelly an Excife upon Wines, 
and Spbits diililled, fold by Retail or confumed 
within this Province, and upon Limes, Lemons, 
and Oranges." Boiton: Printed in the Year, 
1754. TitUandtextlSpp. Half morocco. 
Small 8vo. (St. St. 2558) 

SOME Hints to People in Power, on the Prefent 
Melancholy Situation of our Colonies in North 
America. London : J. Hinzman Mdcclxiii. Half 
morocco. 48 pp. 8vo. (5l. 6d. 2559) 

SOME Thoughts on the Method Of Improving and 
Secnrinr the Advanttu^s which accrue to Great- 
Britain Ifrom the Northern Colonies. London : J. 
Wilkie, MoccLxv. 23 pp. Half morocco, 
8m. (4<. 6d. 2560) 

SOME Important Observations, Occafioned by, and 
adapted to, The Publick Fast, Ordered by Autho- 
ri^, December 18th, A.B. 1766. On Account of 
the Peculiar Circumstances of the prefent Day. 
Now humbly offered to the Publick, By the Au- 
thor. Newport : Printed and fold by Samuel Hall. 
1766. Half -title, title, and pp. 3 — 61. Halfmor. 
Mo. (10s. 6d. 2561) 

SOME Candid Suggestions towards Accommodation 
of Differences with America. Offered to Con- 
sideration of the Public. London : T. Cadell, 
HoccLXXv. S3 pp. Halfmor. 8vo. (4(.6d. 2562) 

SOME Reasons for approving of the Dean of Glou- 

702 SihHotheca Atnericana, 

cestpr's rJaoj of w-pRraUjjo^ from the Colonips; 
with a I'roposul for a further ImproFemeDt. Lon- 
dfm : A. Couant^ Ki.i>cc.txxy. 32 />p» Half ma- 
rocat. ^eo. {4s. 6d. 2563) 

SOME Sf^asonahle Ohservatioas and Remarks upon 
The State of one Controversy with Great liritftin ; 
And on the ProceedinKa of the Crontmental Con-' 
gniBB : Whereby many iiitereJliug Fa^ta are related, 
and Methods prt)j]ore(l for our fafft^ and an Ac- 
comim^datjon* By a Mederute Whig, America: 
Printed and fold in the Year icdcclxxt, 14 pp. 
Half' morocci)^ 8iif>» (Ts- 6d» ?56i) 

SOME Transactions betweenthe Indians and Friendj 
in Pcnnaylvaiiia, In 1791 & 1792. London : Jamea 
PhiLlipB^ uDccxcii* 14fip« Half tiwroceo. 
&V0. {St. 6d. £565) 

SOMK Considerations on this question; Whether 
the British Government acted wisely in grantiti^ 
to Canada hf?r presmt eonstitution i Wtth an Ap- 
pendii ; cuntaimii^ Documt'iits, fitc* liy a British 
Settler. MoHtreul: Printed and Sold by J, Brown/ 
\o. ^0, St. Fraii^oiB XaWer Street. 1810* 26 pp, 
iltiij morocco, ^vo* (4j. 6d. 25<5ti) 

SOME Aceonnt of the conduct of th*; Keli^ou* 
Society of Frkuds towards the Indian Tribes in 
the Settlemeut of the Colonies of East and West 
Jersey and Pennsvlvania: with a brJL^f narrative 
of tljpir labour^ for the Civili^aiioii and Christaon 
instruction of the Indinns^ from the time of their 
flettLeinent in America, to the yearlU-l3* Publiahnd 
by the Aborijjint^s Comriiittej^ of The Meeting for 
Sufft^rinj^s» LoHt/o?! ; Edward Marsh, lB-14. ! 
prei. Umjen and ieil ^47 pp. With two coloured dvJpj. 
3w*J, {4s. 6d. 2567) 

SOMER-ISLA\DS. A True/ Rdation/ of the/ 
Illegal Proceedings/ of the/ Somer- Islands-Com- 
pany/ in their/ Courts at London./ And the like 
done by their Coveruour/ Sir John Iteydon, Knight, 
and hi^ Couiu:i1, in the/ Som^r-Ialands./ In til 
Humility prcfentcd to the Honourable Kniglits^/ 
Citizens mid Burj^f^lftfS Airemhled in Parhameat./ 
Cravin-f from thi^rn to be Relieved from the fol- 
towing/ Oppressions./ Londtni: Fnnted in tba 

Sibliotheca Americana, 703 

Year 1678./ Title, the reverie blank ; ' Contents ' m 
ASjlfrngtyAereverteblank; Teztpp.ltoii; Om- 
ttMts t fge, the rteto blank ; continuation of ttii 
(At)]ip.l3to26. Calf eitm by Bedford. 
Mo. (2/. 8«. t568) 

SOTO (Fefkando de). a/ Relation/ of the/ Innifion 
. jfA Coaqme&l of/ Florida/ by the/ Spaniards Under 
y'^UM Coounand of/ Fernando de Soto./ Writtfti 
in PortDKoefe by a Gentleman/ of the Town of 
Ehras./ Mow Englished./ To which is Subjoyned 
Two Jonmeys of the/ prefent Emperoar of China 
into Tartary/ in the Years 1682, and 1683./ With 
fome Difcoreries made by the Spaniards in/ the 
liland of California, in the Year 1683./ Lontion .- 
Printed for John Lawrence, at the Ani^l in the 
Pooltiy/ over againft the Compter. 1686./ 7 prtt. 
laavetmndinpp. Calf. Stw. (U.tt. 2570) 

SOTWEED REDIVIVUS: Or the Planters Look- 
ing-GIais. In Burlefque Verfe. Calculated for 
the Meridian of Maryland. By E. C. Gent. An- 
impoli$: Printed by William Parks, for the Author. 
M.oocxxx. viii and text 28 pp. Half morooco. 
4to. (15«. 2571) 

SOULES (Francois). Histoire des Troubles de 
L'Am^rique Anglaise, Ecrite fur les M^moires les 
plus authentiques ; D^di^e a sa Majest^ Tres- 
Chr^tienne; ParPninfoisSouUs. Arec des Cartes. 
A Pttrit, Buisson, 1787. Three Volumes. Tome 
Premier. 4 prel. leaves and 379 pp. Tome Second. 
. Half-tUle,title,and365pp. Tome Troisieme. Half- 
title, title, and 420 pp. Svo. (lOt. 6d. 2572) 

SOUSA COUTINHO (Fbancisco de). Propositie/ 
Gbedaen/ Ter Vergaderinge van hare Hoogh 
Mog. d'Hee-/ren Staten Generael der Vereenigde 
Neaer-/landen, In's Graven-H^e den 16 Au-/ 
gufti, 1647./ Door den Heer/ Francisco de Sousa 
Coutinho,/ Raedt ran fijh Coninckl. Majeft. van/ 
Portvgal : Sijnen Gouvemeur ende Capiteyu 
Ghenerael van de/ Vlaemfche Eylanden./ Geno 
emt/ Met den felven Tijtel van den Staet van 
Brafil./ Ende/ Ambafladeur by Hare Hoogh 
Moogende./ Gedruckt, Aimo 1647./ 4 leaves. 
Calfby Hayday. 4(0. (10s. 6d. 2573) 

704 Bibliotheca Afnericana^ 

SOUTH CAROLINA. A True State of tlie Cafe 
between the InbBbitants of South Carolina^ and 
the Lords Propmtorsoftbat Province; conUiniDg- 
an Ac^coutit of tlie Gnevances under which thf!j 
labour. 4; pp. Fotio^ {7<^ 6W. ^74) 

SOUTH CAROLINA. A New and Aceumte Ac^ 
count of the Provinceu of South -Carolina ohd 
'Georgia; With many curious and uieful Obfer^a- 
tjons on the Trade, Navi^auon and Plantation* of 
Great' iJritnin, compared with her moil powerfol 
maritime Neighbours in aotient and modern 
Times. Jjint/nn, J, Worrall, 173a. Haif-titte, tiiUy 
and 76 pp. Ital/ morocco^ 3co. (10s. 6d. £5rJ) 

SOUTH CAROLINA. A New and Accurate Ac- 
count of the ProvincpE of South-Carolina and 
Georgjia; \Vith mtuiy curious and ufeful Oblerra- 
tion!4 on the Trade, Narigation and PlQotatioDs of 
Great' Britain, compared with her mott powcrftil 
maritime Ne;]L^hboura in antient and modern 
Ttiues. London: J. U'orrall, 1733. Hatf-titie, titft, 
and 76 pp. iico. {lOs. 6d. 2576) 

SOUTH CAROLINA. An Historical Account of 
tlie Rise and Progress Of the Colonies of Soutli 
Carolina and Geoi^ia. In Two Volumes. Alex- 
ander Donaldson, i.iWon, v^occ. lxkix, Tim 
Voiumes. Vol. 1. siti und 347 pp. Vol. IL ixattd 
3'J9pp.Ciiff. ^t?o. (Id*. 6(f. 2577) 

SOUTH EUN E (THnniAs), Qroonoko ;/ A/ Trtgedj/ 
As it is Attcd at tlni Theatre^Royal,/ li^ His 
Majeeiy^fl Servants./ \Vritten by Tho. i^outlicnie./ 
Londim:/ Printed for H, Playford in tlje Temple= 
Chan^TQ. IJ. 1 ooke/ at the IV] iddletiTemplerG^te. 
And S. Buckley at the/ Dolphin againll St. Don- 
ftan*s Church m Fli^tfvreet,/ MDC^^:VI./ 4 prrL 
tstive^i and B4 pp. ' Ejiilo^e.' y pp^ ^ialj mprMoi. 
4to. (7s.6d. S578) 

SPAFFORD (Hon^rio GArrs). A Gazetteer of 
tlie State of Ncw-Vork; carefully written from 
ori^nnal and authentic materials iirrani^ed on i 
new j}bn, In Three Parts ; (.'omprisi op-, "First — A 
comuTehensive ^i^ograjihiCDl and statistical vier 
of the whole state^ conveniently disf>osed uudt^r 
stp^ate heads: Second— An ample general Tiew 
of each county^ in alphabetical order, with topo- 

Bibliotheca Americana. 705 

graphical and statistical tables, showing the civil 
and political divisions, population, post-offices, 
&c: I'hird — A very full and minute topogra- 
phical description of each town or township, city, 
borough, village, &c. &c. In the whole state, 
Alphabetically arranged ; as also its lakes, rivers, 
creeks, with every other subject of topographical 
detail ; forming a complete Gazetteer or Geogra- 
phical Dictionary of the State of New York. With 
an accurate Map of the State. By Horatio Gates 
Spafford, A.M. Author of a Geography of the 
United States, a Member of the New-York His- 
torical Society, and a Corresponding Secretary of 
the Society of Arts. Albany: Printed and pub- 
lished by H. C. Southwick, No. 94, State-Street 
1813. 334pp. Appendix, a pp. Svo. (4$.6d. 2579) 

SPANIARDS/ (The)/ Cruelty and Treachery to 

ij/'the/ English/ In the time of/ Peace and WaTj/ 

^ Discovered,/ Being the Council of a Perfon of/ 

^ Honour to King James, then upon Treaty/ of 

Peace with them, for to infift upon a/ Free Trade 

in the Weft-Indies/ With fome Expedients for the 

fub-/jecting of the Spaniard in America, to/ the 

Obedience of England./ N ow tendred to the Con- 

fideration of His Higbnefs/ The Lord Protettor, 

and his Council./ London./ Printed by J. M. for 

Lodowick Lloyd and are to be fold at his/ Shop, 

at the Sign of the Caftle in Cornhil, 1656./ S prel. 

kaves, viz. Title and Dedicalioti, $igned ' D. K.' 

Text 56 pp. Half morocco. 4to. {11. U. 2580) 

SPANISH AMERICA. Observations on the pre- 
^.sent state of Spanish America, and on the most 
c" effectual method of terminating the present com- 
V motions there. By a Spaniard, a Lover of his 
Country. Translated from the Spanish. London : 
R. Wilks, 1817. Title, and text 45 pp. Half mo- 
rocco. Svo. (3a. 6d. 2581) 

SPANISH EMPIRE (The) in America. Con- 
taining, A fuccindl Relation of the Difcovenr and 
(~ Settlement of its fevcral C^olonies; a View oi their 
TefpeAive Situations, Extent, Commodities, Trade, 
&c. And A fiill and clear Account of the Com- 
merce with Old Spain by the Galleons, Flota, &c. 
Alao of the Contraband Trade with the English, 

a 3 a 

706 Bihliolhtfca Amcricnnam 

Dutclif FrMjHjt Dum-rt^ uniL Portuifupfe, With 
Aaexh^l nH'cnptiun of E'ar]i^uii;y« Uy w\ Rni^liiib 
JVJr^rdiant. Ltittduti : M, Vf>o\ierw 1747^ C vrnL 
ti!at*sauii:^3(ffip, indciiij\ BtiCF. (JOi, 6rf, SABtfj 

SPAJIKM UMxrAi). TJj** Librrtrv of AmpricM Bi- 
OtfriLjjIiy. (Vmriuctr^d \\y Jun^ri MparliK^ BmImi: 
HJlliunl, fifFiy^ tin I i Co. Ixmilun : Hie hard JttMi 
Ki^mu^tl. IU>'}'I— ^J. 7Vrj V oi\tme.%^ oriitintii Kdi^ffiOt 
Vlinti. (U. 11'. &/. 3583) 

SPKf:[MK\ <\) of Niil(#^c) Trutli, from n Brituh 
^iA)lt>r, A nudfTj; WHIiviNiiT, Lo ih^ Itonour, Mid 
I'roijrffritj fif tJwf jtr^'frjit Wnyn} FacniJy, awl liiM 
("mjriTry* Lamiim : W* VVi.^bb, tdlHCHtvi. 30Pf» I 
littfj tnorun-tt. \ii^i. <4i, 6rf» 3[iW() 

Sri'LKl'll rfdn) of a rnM^U-Tmlittn, af^ainst Ihe 
J »4jj^>i I i^rn U' V til* of Hj 1 1 rU uoutt tAuuon , lioM VfTol 
Jri iL Nutiojtni AWatihly of ib^ Crr^ffkjt ut^ii Uip 
bn'ukjn^ OLit of tb^r Lttt/r War. To wbit^b m.k 
luMf-fJ, 1. A L<'ttJ'r from Viici^^ an J net inn Miud 
i]f Ebf^ Jto^vnJ Luif'of tbf^ MobawJiH, fo tbi^ prjnci|j«l 
J juli^'A fii' \rw VorJf. !f^ J Indian Htm^A of Pi'so'. 
3* Ail Airtf rifim t'ublr. 1'o^Hbf'r with Jiomt llfr- 
rnurkn o|m)M tbt' ( latrni'U^m and (ifrnitui of (in? 
[ndiuriH, iiitd npim ibi^ir I'ufLoniH nnd LVn'monint 
iL^ iMiiLiii;^ VV'iLr iiijd jVtic. i.midim : H« Gfiftjlhi, 
M.jKx.i.iv. <iii^i/^ Hifp. fA^«iifj;jl; (7>,&f. ^iibij 

Bl'KKCn rJ'iiiO of Mr. )''^ And I^v^rtU 

u^bfTH^ Iri u t^rrtHJri iiui^ull Af}Mt)(dy On b lute im* 
jiohiuii Liflmh; : Wjth an h^iroou^tion of Um 

Vi'ttr — tki. [176f>] V'i(/* tfr^i /j/i, S — ;J4. VnbuvNtL 
Hmi. <4jt, (^ff. !f:»8/;; ■ 

SI^KKf'H ^ A) inN*ndM to bfivf bcm Npolfi'd oti thf 
Ifill for [illyTii>;^ vht- fbiirtiTK of lli^ Cfdotij' of . 
MiU(P*:]j:bunr'Ll^H l^n^. M^y Ur. Hhijjbry IJiHbop (if | 
St* AH]i|djJ I utufitu : \\ i'whA], Mucuhxntv. vfi 
tittd :i(tpjt' Uiiif nwivctii. \hii. (4*, 6d. tf5a7) 

Sn'!K(!IJ (Aj iol''jidf'{1 tu Jifivi* bfv>ri ti[iutr«^n on tht" 
[\i\\ for nlTr-riti]^ tUi ('hiir1*Tp( of thtt ('olahv (il 
Mi^riHu^ibuMf^rpf i^Jiy, 'J bfi Ht'COJid Kditiuu Jj^- 

dim; 1',rHdill^ JVll)Ct:i,J(XlV, uit f/;W 3tf ^j/i, Wd//^ 

muritcfiK Wtnt. {lit, tW* 1£5BH^ 

Si'ili-lCJJ (A) uiiiitiilini tu buvft bct:ii ftpokcD ou (itf 


Sibliotheca Americana. 707 

Bill for alterins; the Charters of the Colony of 
Maasachusett's-Bay. The Fourth Edition. Lon- 
don : T. Cadell, M doc lxxiv. vii and 36 pp. Half 
tnoncco. Zoo. (St. M. 2589) 

SPEECH (A) intended to have been spoken on the 
Bill for altering the Charters of the Colony of 
Manachoaett's Bay. The Sixth Edition. London, 
Printed. Boston: Reprinted, and Sold by Edes 
and Gill, in Queen-Street, m.dcc.lxxit. 24 pp. 
Halfmoneeo. 8iw. (4i. 6d. 2590) 

SPEECH (A) nerer intended to be Spoken, in an- 
swer to a Speech intended to have been Spoken on 
the Bill for altering the Charter of the Colony 
of Massacbusett's Ba^. Dedicated to the Right 

Reverend The Lord Bishop of St. A . London : 

J. Knox, HDCCLXxiv. tv and 34 pp. Errata 1 page. 
Half morocco. 8oo. (4t. 6d. 2591) 

SPEECH (A) never intended to be Spoken, in an- 
swer to a Speech intended to hare been Spoken on 
the Bill for altering the Charter of the Colony 
of Massacbusett's Bay. Dedicated to the Right 

Reverend The Lord Bishop of St. A . London : 

J. Knox, MuccLXxiv. ivand^pp. Half morocco. 
9vo. (4«.6rf. 2591») 

SPEECH (The) of a Scots Weaver: Dedicated 
to Richard Glover, Elq. London: W. Nicoll, 
MOCCLXXiv. €5 fp. At the end of tke Dedication 
$igntd ' Thermopilai.' Half morocco. 
Sw. (4a. 6d. 2592) 

SPEECH (A) intended to have been delivered in 
the House of Commons in Support of the Petition 
firom the General Conp«ss at Philadelphia. By the 
Author of an Appe^to the Justice and Interests 
ofGreat-Britain. London: h.dcc.lxxv. HalJ-titU, 
tUlt, and 6T pp. Halfmor. Biw. (M.6d. 2593) 

SPEECH (A) on some Political Topics, The sub- 
stance of which Was intended to nave been De- 
livered in the House of Commons, On lUonday the 
14th of December, 177B, When the Estimates of 
the Army were agreed to in the Committee of 
Supply. London: F. Cadell, mdcclxxix. 4 prei. 
liava and 7i pp. HalJ mor. Siw. (i».6d. 2594) 

SPEILBERGEN (Jous van). Ooft ende Weft-In- 

708 Blhliotheca Americana* 

difche/ Spieghel/ 'WfteT in BefclireTen werdFa ds 

l6l4,ltil3*Hjl6,l6l7.endfcl6lB* Di>y e^m^ door den 
Termaerden Zi^e-Helt loris van Speilbergen door 
del Strata van Ma^'^alLanf^s^ ende loo roTidtom den 
gajitfchen Aerdt-/Cloot, met alle de Eatallien foa 
te Water flls te Landp f^btlchiet./ Hier i'ya mede 
hj ghevoeclit twee Hiliorien, de eene v^nde Oost 
ende rfe aiulere vaude Wefit-/jHdien,mi?tlictfjlietol 
der ScJieLH^Hj Forlen, Soldritcn ende Gtrfchut./ De 
andere ghe^daen by lacob le iMsire, de wekk^ in^t 
Zuyden/ de ritra^t Magelljinee^ ecu nieuwe Straet 
ontdcc^tt heeflj met de JieVclirijvin^he/ aller Lso- 
den^ Volcken ende Xatien. Alles verciert met 
itbcjoneCaertenendefi^uerfrnbif^r toedienfielijct./ 
't Amstttrednuj./ By Xan Janlfz, lioeckvprcooper 
op't Water inde Paa-Caert./ Ao. m. lc. xxi./ 4 
pf£t, teatvn and pp. 9-19^- Coj^perpfatei^ jjvmbertd 1- 

SPEXCER (Thomas). A True and Faitii/iil/ Re* 
latjon/of the/ ProceediiiLTs/ of the/ Forces of Their 
Majesties/ K. W ilbfim and Q. Mary,/ In tbeiiEx- 

fiddjtioii againft the French,/ in the/ Caribby IT- 
aiids/ in the/ ^^ ept-J ndies :/ Under the Conduct of 
Ihs Eiccllf'nty (.'briftuplier/ (.'odring-ton. Captain 
tieneml aod Uomirian-/der in L'hiet' of the fAid 
ForcpV In ibe Years ldB9. and 1690./ Written 
bj I'liotnus Spencer, Jun* Secretary to/ tbe Hott- 
Durable SirTunothy Thornbil Baronet, to whcfe 
Ke-/}|riment be was Mufier-MafKir, and fupplied 
the Flat^ of/ CotniiiiflarvV Limdon, Printed for 
Robert Clavel Eit tho Peacock, at the \Vdl-/£ndof 
St. PauFs Chnrcb-yard, Hi9t./ Reitrx oj tilit 
btonk; Dedkaiitm to Admiiai Kduaid Ru^stlt^ S 
pages^ Tezt IS pp. itj v^j'^ ciobe ti^pe^ F^tit cttpy. 

SPITILLI (G^^rAU). Brevis et/ Compendiott 
Jiar-/ratio Miwiionvm Qva-/rvndam Orienti* et/ 
O^identis./ Eicerpta ex ntJibufdam litteris i 
PP, Petro/ Mfirtinez Prouiiiciali Indiae OrieDtaiis, 
P./ Toanne de Atienza Prouinciali Peruaoi^ P< 
Pic^tix) Uiaz Prouincitili JJe^cicaoa; Pro-/uinci*- 
rum, datis ajn]o 15^0 6i 1j91. Ad/ Reueren. P. 
(jencralem. Societatifi lesv./ Et coUe^ta [tet P- 

Biblioiheca Amei-icana. 7Q9 

Gafpanim Spitilli/ eiufdem Societatis./ AntverpUe./ 
Exoadebat Martinus Nutius ad infigne dua-/ram 
Cyooniarum. Anno 1593./ 53 pp. Calfatra by 
Sivien. l^mo. (15<. 8597) 

8PIZELIUS (Theophilcs). Theophili Spizelii/ 
Eleratio/ Relationis/ Monteziniana;/ de Repertis 
in America/ Tribubus Israeliticis ;/ et Discussio/ 
ArgumentoTum./ Pro Origine Gentium Ameri-/ 
canarum Israelitica/ A/ MenaCse Ben Israel/ in 
V>nw mpD Seu Sue/ Israelis/ Conquisitoram/. Cum 
oeleberrimi riri/ Johannis Buxtorfii/ de Judaico 
isto conatu ad/ rheophilum Spizelium/ Epistola./ 
Batilete./ Apud Joannem Konig, 1661./ H prel, 
Uma and tat 138 pp. Calf extra by Riviere. 
SmaUavo. (18s. 3598) 

8P0T0RN0 (Giambattista). Delia Origine e 
della Patria di Cristoforo Colombo libri tre di 
Don Giambattista Spotomo Barnahita, Genova 
1819. Andrea Frugoni, 347 pp. Uncut. Halfmor. 
8tw. (10s.6d. 3599) 

SPRENGEL (Matthias Christian). Briefe iiber 
Portugal, nebft einem Aohang iiber Brafilien. Aus 
dem Franzolifchen. Mit Anmerkungen herans- 
segeben von Matthias Chrift. Sprengel, Profeflbr 
der Gefchichte in Halle. Leipzig, in der Wey- 
gandfohen Bucbhandlung, 1783. 6 prel. leaves and 
i90 pp. half calf. SntallSvo. (4s. 6d. 3600) 

STADEN (Hans). Warhaftig/ Hittoria vnd bef- 
chreibung eyner Landts/fcbaSt der Wilden, Nacke- 
ten, Grimmigen Menrchfrefler/ Leotben, in der 
Newenwelt America gelegen, vor vnd nach/ Chrifti 
seburt im Land zti Heflen vnbekant, bifz vff dife 
I)./ nechll vergangene jar, Da fie Hans Staden von 
Homs/berg aufz Heflen durcb I'ein ejgne erfarung 
erkant,/ vnd yetzo durch den truck en tag gibt./ 
Dedicirt dem Darchlen<;htigen Hochgebomen 
herm,/ H. Philipfen I^andtgraff zii Heflen, Urafi' 
>tt Catzen/ elnbogen, Dietz, Ziegenbain vnd N idda, 
feinem G. H./ Mit eyner vorrede D. Job. Ury- 
andri,jgenant Eycbman,/ Ordinarij Profeflbris Me- 
dici aU Marpurgk./ Inbalt des Biichlins volget 
ucb den Vorreden./ Cetruckt zii Marpure, imjar 

. ». o. Lvii./ [Coiophon] Zii Marpurg im Kleeblatt, 

710 Bihtiotheca Ameritana* 

bei/ Andrnt Kolbpn, Fff Faftnacht. 1557,/ 8 prtl. 
ttitvfK; Viz. Tiiir the Ttrfrtt; bUinky * D*iJD DuTch- 
l^uchti^D vnd Hochs/^t'borneQ Fiirlien vod Herni, 
Herrii VbilipL^Ji/ Ijiticltgrauen xii HefTt^i), Grt^ueu 
zii/('at£f lie Inborn, DieZf j^i^^rinUftin/ vnd Nidda, 
tc* Weinem/ pimUg^n Fiirlten/ vnd Herrn^^SpP' 
*Deni Woleeboriifjn hem H, Phitipfen/ Grad^ tii 
^'Ilflaw vnJ ^arprurk xc. mein*^in m Gn&/di|^n 
ll^rn. M\ linVclit D. DryandRr viel hey Is/ miterbie- 
tunge iHJapr DienfrK/ 10 p}i, ' Inhalt des buchg'/ 
1 ptiue- * VV as liilftt ' ^fc» Muderntath a tff^S^ urnod- 
fli( of a Ship in J\tU nnU ; * DieLftndtlchafl^mitdeD 
genantcn hauiu^en/ etc. u ioUied ttiwr/ruf map of 
"Ammta ooer l'rai;ilif=ti.* J(jt in Bt ifiiwi, ji^n- 
furf* a to t Fv^ JpvTSf v in Jive ; maTitf v^otnimti nith 
th^teit. Fiuecopy. Veliiim. 4to. {BLBi, 36C1> 

STADEN f H^^s)- Varhaftige.y bfc/fchreibUBj 
inpiifehenfrt'lP?r It^utJieii^ in der newen/ weJt Acm- 
Hca gelt^^ea, Vorvnd nach Chrifii gcburl imland/ 
£u ileflen vnbeliimt, bil'a vft! dife zwey ne^t ver- 
gancrpne jrtr,/ U&Wc Hans Stadea von Hombere 
aula J^eJk^n (lurch I'ein/ eygne prfarun^ erkftnt, vnll 
jtKt durcb den iruct an taj£:|^ibt. Vncl zuna andern 
roal tifiiri^ t^orri^rt vnd Ljt^btflert,/ Dedicittdeni 
Durdileucbtigen hochjrebornen ftirtwn/ H. PbiUp- 
feix l.aiidij^aue zii Hefltti, Gmff lii Catzen^/elu- 
boEren, Dit'lZjZit^penhainTK ^Lidda, lemeta G* H./ 
Miteynrr verredL* U.Job. Dryandri, g;enflnt Eycb- 
man^/ Ordinarij Profeflbris Medici zii Marpur^./ 
rnhiilt: di.'Ji biidilitis voliifft nacJi den vormen./ 
[Co/fl^Ao?;] Getnickt zii i^/tfi-ptir^ im/ Hcir4?n land^ 
Wi Andres Colbsn J ^' ff. Maria? (ji.'burtstagy/ Anno 
SI. D. LVij. Vifryjitiprciipi/. 4to. (S^ 2i» SfiOK) 

STAMLER (Jous)h Dialogvs, Tohannis Stamler, 
Avgvstiu/ De DivefKarvm Gfncivm Sectifi/ et 
Mvndi RHigionibvs./ Rp^il'iru o peris refpiceia 
finp./ [(?tt/fl;)AffnJ ImprHrtim .^j^uaM: ^r Krtljar- 
dum o^Uii, i. Jeorffifi ^adlf^ Cura/ ooireciottt et 
diligentia vfnetabjU*j domini \\'olf£:angi Aittinper/ 
pfpiteri AuguftE'ii^ ac bonamni Anium }tc, Mn- 
giflri Golloiiienlfl/ Anno nolire Laluti^^ 1. 50. fit- 8^ 
die. '2'2. menfis AJay. zc-/ S pr^L teaies ; ci*. Tififf 
engraved bath iideiy * Keverecdo . in . Cbriato « Patri . 

BibUotheca Americana. 711 

et. Domino.' etc. Ipa^; ' ([ Germani . Frodaneer . 
et . Trviecrart . sd . Lectorem ' etc. 1 fge. Ttxt 
XXXII folioed leant; < Reg^strrm.' S pp. Calf by 
Hayday. Folio. {lLlU.6d. 8603) 

STANHOPE (Geokgf). The emly ConTerfon of 
Iflsnders, a wile Expedient for propagating Chrif- 
tiani^, A Sermon, Preached before the Incor- 
porated Society for the Propag^ation of the Gofpel 
m Foreign Parts ; at their Anniremiy Meetinzin 
the Pariih-Church of St. Man-le-Bow ; On Friday 
the 19th of Feb. 1713-14. By George Stanhope, 
D,D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain in Or- 
dinarytoHer Majesty. London .- J. Downing, 1714. 
39 pp. With 3 Plans at pp. 36 and ST. Half mor. 
8tw. (4f.6d. 2604) 

STATE (The) of the Sugar-Trade; shewing the 
Dangerous Consequences that Muft attend any ad- 
ditional Duty thereon. London: E. Say, 1747. 
a pp. Hal) mor. 4lo. (^4t. 6d. 3605) 

STATE of the BritiOi and French Colonies in North 
America, With Refpeft to Number of People, 
Forces, Forts, Indians, Trade and other Advan- 
tages. In which are coniidered, I. The defencelels 
Condition of our Plantations, and to what Caofes 
owing. II. Pernicious Tendency of the French 
Encroachments, and the fitteft Methods of fraitrat- 
ing them. III. What it was occafioned their pre- 
fent In vafion, and the Claims on which they ground 
their Proceedings. With a Proper Expementpro- 
pofed for preventing fiiture Difputes. In Two 
Letters to a Friend. London : A Millar, mdcclv. 
Title and 150 pp. Bvo. (10s. 6d. 2606) 

STATE (A) of the Claim of His Majefty's Bermuda 
Sabje£is to the Right of Gathering Salt at Turks 
Iflands, Referred to by the Governor, Council, and 
Aflembly of Bermuda, in their Memorial of the 7th 
Day of May, 1790, to the Right Honourable Wil- 
liam Wyndnam Grenville, His Majefty's Secretary 
of State for tlie American Department. London: 
Printed in the Year 1790. Title and 16 pp. half 
morocco. 4to. (7s. 6d. 2607) 

STEARNS (Samuel). The American Oracle. Com- 
prehending An Account of Recent Discoveries in 

712 Bibliotheca Americana. 

thfi Arts and Science^i with a viLrietj of Religioua^ 
Politicul, l*lj>aiciil,anJ PLiloaophical fiLjbj«:ta, Ne- 
ceirarv to bs known in all Kamilies, for the Promo- 
tic u of their pr<^fL»nt Fttlicity aud future Happioes^^^ 
liy tile ILoiiOurablti Samuel Stearns, Ll^.U. and 
Doctor of I'hysio ; Astronoraer to liis IMajeBtj's 
Provjiioe of Quebec, and New Brunswic; also to 
theCommoiiwealtbofiMa&sachusettAf and the State 
of l^ermojit, iu America^ Landtin: J» LttcliiDgton, 
1791^ vtit and tut 6^7 pp. Index iviii pp. BaTitid. 
Biiti, (7s. 6d. aSOB) 

STEDMAN (C.) The History of the Origin, Pro- 
CTffls, and Termination of the American War. JJj 
C. iStftdinan, who served under Sir W. Howe, Sir 
II. Clinton, and ilie Marquis Cornwallis. In Two 
\'olumea. Ltindtin : PriTited for tlie Author; 1734. 
Twit l'olnmes. Vol. I. IV and 399 pfi. 7 FOttes at 
pp. 127, 195, 210, ail, 35S, 3(3^, 377. Vol. 11. m 
and 449 pp. ' Inddx.' 13 pp. 8 Plata at jip. ISi, 
lH;i, aiO, 3S9, 342, 358, 40U, iVi. Old calf. 
Ito. (U.lU.Gd. S609) 

STEPHEN (JjiMFs). The Speech of Jamea Step- 
Jj^ii, K.sti. In the Debate inlht liouseof ConiJtlona, 
Mitrch C, IBOy, on Ht. Whitbread's Motion rela- 
tive to the hite overtures of the American tioveni- 
ment : Wkti sujiplemeuiary remarks on the recent 
Ord<jr in (Jouutjil. J^inttton: J. Uuti^rworth, imd 
J, Hatchard, 1809. iti and 1S^6 pp. Haij' matocco. 
8t». (4*. (id. 2610) 

STErHENS (William). Tlie Caatle-Buildera; 
or, [he History of William Stephens, of the Hie of 
^Vight, Kri|; lately detealed, A Political A" otcI, 
Never beforf^ jiubliflicd in any Langna^e. Londt^n : 
IVinted for the Author. ainccLix. jt- and 199 pp. 
'Contents.' j)j;. ij, uiiJ 1, Sun. (IDs. 6d. 2611} 

STEPHENSON (iVI.iRMAnuKE). A Call/ from/ 
JJtath to Life,/ and/ Out of the Dark wajes tni 
Uorihips of the Worhl ivhr're/ the Seed ia held in 
"Bondage under the .Merciiimts of/ Babylon, Writ* 
ten by .Marmaduke Stejihenson ;/ V\ ho ( together 
with another dear Servant of the Lord callei)/ Wil- 
liam Hobinjioii) bath (iince the Writing hereof) 
I'ufFer /ed Death, for bearing Wiinellij to the fame 

B^liotheca AmeiHcana. 713 

Truth,/ smon?(t the Profeflbra of Boftons Jurifdic- 
tion/ ia Ne«r Ensland./ With a True Copy of Two 
Letters, which toey Writ to the Lords/ People a 
little before their Death./ And alfo the True Copy 
of a Letter as it came to our hands, from/ a Friend 
in New England, which gives a brief Relation of 
the/ manner of tlieir Martyrdom, with feme of the 
Words which they/ expreix at the time of their fuf- 
fering./ London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at 
the Sign of the/ Bull and Mouth near Alderfgate. 
1660./ 32 pp. halfmor. ito. (tl. 11>. 6d. 2612) 

8TEUART (Aoam). Some/ Observations/ and/ 
Annotations/ Upon the/ Apologetical Narration,/ 
Humbly fubmitted to the Honour-/able Houses of 
Parliament;/ The moil Reverend and Iieamed/ 
Divines/ of the/ Assembly,/ And all the Protellant 
Churches here/ in this Ifland, and abroad./ Lon- 
don,/ Printed for Chriftopher Meredith, and are to 
be fold in/ Pauls Church-yard at the fign of the 
Crane. 1643./ 4 prel, leaves, signed ' A. S.' and 71 
pfp. halfmor. ito. (7i. 6d. 2613) 

STEUART (Aoiiu). An/ Answer/ to a/ Libell/ 
Intituled^ A Coole Conference/ Betweene the 
cleered/ Reformation/ and the/ Apoloeetical Nar- 
ration,/ Brought together by a Wel-wilier to both ;/ 
Wherein are cleerely refuted what ever he bringeth 
v/gainft the Reformation cleared, moll humbly 
fub-/mitted to the judgement of the Honorable 
Houfes/ of Parliament, the moil Learned and Re-/ 
rerend Divines of the AITembly,/ and all the Re- 
formed/ Churches./ By Adam Stevart./ Imprinted 
at London, 1644./ 3 prel. leaves and 62 pp. halfmor. 
4(0. (7s. 6d. 2614) 

OTEVENS (John). A New Collection of Voyages 
MiMuid Travels, Into feveral Parts of the World, none 
I of them ever before Printed in Englilh. Contain- 
ine, 1. The Defcription, &c. of the Molucco and 
Philippine Iflands, by L. de Argenfola. 2. A new 
Account of Carolina, by Mr. Lawlbn. 3. The 
Travels of P. de Cieza, in Peru. 4. The Travels 
of the Jefuits in Ethiopia. 5. The Captivity of the 
Sieur Mouette in Fez and Morocco. 6. The Travels 
of P. Teixeira from India to the Low-Countries by 

H Land. 7. A Voyage to Madagafcar by the Sieur 

714 Jiibl'wtheca Americana. 

Caucbe. IriTwo X'olumi'ti, lUuftralpH withfeversj 
Maps HJid {'iitB, Leiuloti, i, Kiiapton, 1711. Tita 
Vohimfi* \(i\. I. 6 prtt. Utirts irclttflmff tht roi- 
Uctitt tittff * Molucca find l^liiJipTiine ] itfLrLdfi^ &<;/ 
2(i0 fip. Indri. 8 ;ip. ' A New Vciyaf'e to Ciro- 
lirjfl ; elc. il prei. ieum atttt 2;^>8 pp. iJiUiy pub- 
liih'd etc* 1 ]nif^i. With ttiup tifni "i ptatf.t. Yo[. 11, 

5 pret. Uinei iiiriiitliiig rnthctite iilU 'Truvfllj of H, 
de ('i*!i£fl, &c.' ^'M/)//, TftecnjtteiHtavd Indeiil pp. 
' Ihti 'Vrnvii^fi oT thr Jt^AiiitH in Klhiopia : ' etc. 9 
prfi. tenvet nmt ytji p/^ 7V(ff contetitt and Indei 16 
pp. ' TliL' 'I'ra^i^is rjf tlic i*ieur Muuettfl,' e(f , 1 15 
pit. I'hf cotileJil'i and htdei 5 pp. * Tlj« Travel* of 
Peter 'IVixr-irs,' f (c. Bl f>ji, Ihe ctinlrnti, and Indtt 

6 ;rp. 'A \'()j'ji{;e to M ndiigascBr, etc. liy Kruticu 
CaucJK^' 77 jtp* hidei.3pp. With 'imajisatidpiate. 
iMr/^e i'aper, calfeili-a, gilt edget fcv ^'. Jif.dJ'itrd. 
ito. ( iOL lOi. S()15) 

STIGLIANI {"ToMASo), Del/ Monilo/ Neovo/ del 
(,'avalicT/ 'rnniafo Stigliimi./ \'entj Trinii tlanti./ 
Cu i i4uinnmrii dell* ietJ-A^o/ Aut/ire dietro a ciafche- 
dun d' viTij e/ eon vim lertera del medcdmo in fmej 
la <|ual rlifciirrc liipra d* alcuiii riceuii-/ti auuerti- 
meli inU?rrin n tij:l]i 1' ojiera./ ran Priuilej^io dfl 
SerenifJiini) di 1'. T./ In I'iarfntst fN>r AleJTandno 
Jiaaiirclii, J(il7./ 7fiOpp. 'Gli KrroridcllStainpa' 
etc. 6 jip. Vhiio. (V.Ui. jeili) 

STiljKW (1\7.f(a1. a DiprourRP on the ChriGtian 
lii>ion : '1 it^- SnljlLin^^^ of wbirli waa delirer^d 
Iwfore 1'liff lieven'hd Convention of fbe ConffTwt^ 
tlurifil I'l-rjiy hi the riilony of Hliodr'-lfilani! ; Af- 
ffmliii'd ai Ifristol Ajjrii ti>,i. 17(i(). Hjr KzraStilel, 
A.M. I'nstor of iIif- li'Coiid {'rin;;rffra{iiinainmrcli 
ill New[wrt. Hmiuii : .\. t'.. I'riiitwl iind fold by 
Miles and (.iilL moh i.xt. l.)y pp. Half nuiroccji. 
«'">. (it. '6d. 2617) 

STILTS (Fviii.i). llii; United States elevated W 
(ilorv and Honor. \ ^rrniion^ i^reiiclnfd before 
lii.s Kxccllfticy Junntlwn 1 rum bull, Ki(([. L.L.D. 
(joverijor tin J (.'onniiuiider in (Jliief, And ihe 
llojioralpli- 'J 111- (jeiiiTal AKH^.'inbly of '1 lie i>lat£ of 
( 'onitcotitnt, Coiiveni'd at lliirtfurd, At tbe ApdJ- 
verlkry Election, May Utli, 17tt3, Siy hzra titiki, 

Bibliotheca Americana. 715 

D.D. President of Yale-CoUege. New-Haven: 
Printed hy Thomas & Samuel Green. h,occ, 
Lxzxiii. 96j)p. hatfmor. 8vo. (4(. 6d. S618) 

STILES (Ezra). A History of three of the Judi;es 
of King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Ma- 
jor-Genera] GoSe, and Colonel Dizwell : who, at 
the Restoration, 1660, Fled to America; and were 
secreted and concealed, in Massachusetts and Con- 
necticut, for near thirty years. With an Account 
of Mr. Theophilu's Whale, of Narraganfett, Sup- 
pofed to have been alio one of the Judges. By 
Ftesident Stiles. Hartford: Printed by Elisha 
Babcock. 1794. 3i7 pp. Errata, and Advertisement 
1 page. Portrait of Stilei facing Title, 8 pUttes at pp. 
189, 77, 80, 114, lie, 136, 202, 343, numbered I to 
IX. Calf extra by Bedjord. 6vo. (K. 1<. 2619) 

8TITH (William). The History of the Firil Dis- 
covery and Settlement of Virginia : Being A n Essay 
towarids a General Histoiy of this Colony. By 
William Stith, A. M. Reaor of Henrico Parifli, 
and one of the Governors of William and Mary 
College. Willianuburg: Printed by William Parks, 
M,DCC,XLTii. vtii and 331 pp. 'An Appendix to 
the Firft Part of the History of Virginia, <tc. v and 
S*pp. Old calf. 8vo. (1/. lit. 6d. 3620) 

8T1TH (William). The History of the Firft Dis- 
covery and Settlement of Virginia. By William 
Stith, A.M. Prefident of the Collpge of William 
and Mary in Virginia. Virginia, Printed : London, 
Reprinted for S. Birtin Ave- Mary- Lane. M.DCC. 
Liii. v'ii and 331 pp. ' An Appendix to tlie First 
Part of the History of Virginia,' ele. v and 34 pp. 
Old calf. Bvo. • (U.lU.6d. 2621) 

STODDARD (Sou)iion). Gospel Order/ Revived,/ 
Being an Anl'wer to a Book lately let forth by the 
Reverend Mr. Increafe Mather, Prelident/ of Har- 
vard Colledge, &c./ Entituled,/ The Order of the 
Gofpel, &c./ Dedicated to the Churches of Chrill 
in New-England./ By fundry Minifters of the 
Gofpel in New-England./ Printed in the Year 
1700./ 6 prel. leaves ; viz. ' Advertifement^acinj; 
rit/s; title, ' The Epiftle Dedicatory, to the 
Churches of Cfarift in N. England.' 8 pp. Tut 

716 S'thUotKeca Americana. 

40 pp. Time cop^ ill morotxo h^ Francis Bedford. 
4(0. (4^.45. ^63f) 

The JVtl^Frtirtnieut TKtlliF Ittr tJlle !»&* faltawt: ^' Tbt Rrwfirit 
dt!£rrMd KhLibh' ^niirc Lliit [he Prttj J in Hotlott Ei Th m ncJi under 
lilt itw i^r l]ie U L vt! rfitit j ^utliDFT vtt^iu wi! amwiT, and titi 
Friends Lli^I wt< } cmfd hir>l obEiia t)f Lht: ^^ncirrr llttru L[»prLbL 
{he fill- f J Thiri D !t ^ Iti-Lt^ , w.h El: h it 1 lit; r rh I f tr un FE ^bJIi a h lif iH J 
bHTV Ti'itt lLji'l'np> C'LifAt fur ltd I m |jft.'lli un niiduh^re | Ujtfiiil^ 
ffiUt fooie UirticiiUy.*' 

STODDARD (Snrxjuos), Tiit/ Doctrine/ of/ In- 
fhtuti.^d Churchpa/ i';xj>laiiied aod Provt'd/ from 
the/ Word/ of/ (jod./ liy Solomon Stoddard, A.M. 
Minifl^r of thi? GoTpHl in/ ^l0^tLla^^pton^ >iew- 
KEiijlund./ himdiifi : Prlt;iefl foi- Kaljkh Smith, at 
the iiibleunder thePiazzHof the Roj^'jiJ/ li^xchange 
in CoruliiL 170^./ Titie uwd 54 pp. tnnrocca fry 
Bedjotd. 4to. {^L I'^s. 6d. ati23^ 

STODIiARD (SoLfjMfjN). TLe/ VVav for a P*?ople/ 
lb Jvivri Lorif^ m the Ij^ud tiiat/ God/ Hath givnn 
them,/ A StTmon/ Prt'acJi'^d hefore His Excel- 
lt?i]cy,/TheGoverEJOur, the Horiourt^ri/ CJoancilaud 
AJJ^mbt^v of thi^ JVovince/ of the AUirin;huft?ita- 
Bay ii/Nh*W'En^land,/ on th<* ^ti» of May 1703, 
At the Elti^tion/ of Ht^r Majeuies Coimeit 
By Solomon .Stofldarti, / Ami l^afior of 

North limp ton./ Ho^tont/ PrmXadhy Bartholomew 
Green and John Allen, for B / and am to he 

SolU at his +Shop under the Weft End nf the/ Town 
Hoafc 1703. f Title and 'iS pp. nttjrocvit bif Btdjhrti. 
^u. (2i. 2i, 3!6?4) 

STODDARD (SoLo^ErlN). An Answer/ to some/ 
Cults of Confcience/ Rcfpcttiiig tiie Country./ By 
Solomon SioddanJ, A*AL I'Jilioi'in J^orthumpton./ 
[Coloyhon] BosUm m ^evv- En gland:/ Prjntt^d by 
B. Green: Sold by Samuel Gerrilh^ at his Shop 
hear Ihrj Jirirk i\J<"clin^-Ilouf<- in Com Hdl. June 
Soth. 17ya./ lb pp, jtwrocco eitra bit Bedford. 
4to. \^L "ts. 3635) 

STORIES of populfir Voyajjcs and TrsFels; with 
illuistrLiUoTi^^ Containing ahridgtid N arrative^ of 
rccttntTravfl*? of soiue ol tbemoflt popular TSTitert 
on South America, With a pn^UnniFary sketch cf 
the Geography, History^ und Prodnctioti^ of that 
Country. iS lw Edition. Liimii^H : W hittaker, 
Xreiicherj and Co.^ ubcc^c^tx^ iiaif-title^ titUj iv 

Bibliotheea Americana. 717 

and S59 pp. WHk EiigTWtedtmt,mmpmdSPh^t. 
ISiiu). (2i.6d. S6S6) 

STORK (Dr.) An Extract from the Accoimt of 
East Florida, Pnbliihed by Dr. Stork, who re6ded 
a confiderable Time in Angastine, the Metropolis 
of that Prorinee. With the ofaservatioiis of Denys 
RoUe, who fonned a Settlement on St. John'a rirer, 
in the lame Prorince. With his Proposals to Sodi 
Perlbns as ma^ be inclined to fettle thereon. Lam- 
ion : Printed m the year hdcclxvi. Titk amd 39 
pp.halfmor. 8m>. {7$.6d. 96<7) 

STORK (Wiluam). a Description of East-Florida, 
with a Journal, kept by John Bartnun of Phila- 
delphia, Botanist to his Majestjr for The Floridas ; 
upon A Journey from St. Aognstine np the Rirer 
St. John's, as far as the Ijikes. With Ezplanatoiy 
Botanical Kotes. lUuftrated with an accurate 
Map of East-Florida, and two Plans ; one of St. 
Augustine, and the other of the Bay of Espiritn 
Santo. The Third Edition, much enlaiged and im- 

Cved. Lmulm : W. NicoU, mdcclmx. 8 pre(. 
e«,viiiaiut 40 pp. ' A Journal,' etc. Title, xiiaiid 
36 pp. Map and i Plant. 4to. (6>.6d. 8638) 

STORY (Thomjs). A Determination of the Case of 
Mr. Thomas Stoiy, and Mr. James Hoskins, Re- 
lating to an Aflair of the Pennfylvania Company, 
&c London : J. Roberts, 1784. 11 pp. UiUwund. 
4to. (15s. 8689) 

8T0UGHT0N (Wilua»). An/ Assertion/ for/ 
True and Christian/ Church-Policie :/ Wherein/ 
Certain Politike Objections made against/ the 
Planting of Pastors and Elders in/ every Conere- 
gation are snfficis/ently answered. &c./ By/ Wil- 
liam Stoughton/ Fellow of \ew Coll. Oxon./ and 
Magistrate of the Colony of Mas^/sachusets, New 
Eng./ London :/ Printed in the Yeare, 1613./ 5 
pret leaves and 178 pp. The Title If ritien. CalJ. 
4(0. (l<.lt. 8630) 

r SUAREZDE FIGUEROA (Christotal). Ileehos/ 

lA^- de Don Garcia/ Hvrtado de Mendo^a,/ [Quatro] 

Marques deCanete./ A Don Ivan Andres/ Hur- 

tado de Mendofa/ sn faijo Marques de CaaeteJ 

Senor de las Villas de Argete/ y su partido, Mod- 

718 BihJiotht^cfi Ameficana^ 

tero mayor/ li^l K*^y nro Bsnor, Guards/ mayor de 
tacjudad/ de (.'lUMicaj eit**/ Por el Doctor Chris- 
tovaJ/ Suarez do Figueroa./ En Madrid^ en ]a 
Iiitpreiitji Ht al./ Auo 1616./ Erij^ruiifJ fiti^japrfL 
leaves and 3^4 pp- y/d attj. 4to. CiL l'2i. Od. 2631) 

SUCCl NCr Account of the Tr^Ati(?fi and Negocia* 
tions between threat Britain and the Unitt?d i^tatea 
(jf AmericaT rplatin^ to the Boundary between the 
British jjossessions of Low^f Canada and New 
i^ruuswitrkf m ^'orth America^ and the United 
States of Amfriea. [London.] 206 pjt. Contents 1 
page. Mnp oj North ATa£iica. 8yo. (Ti, 6ii. ^632) 
PrLvftUly ;pri4itedj and hiivjnj^ Lhe tuto^r&ph at the Eijrl of 

SUCCINCT (A) Viewof the Ori^^iuofour Colonies, 
with TJit:ir Civil dUite, Founded bj Queen Eliza* 
beth, Corroborated by Succeeding Princes^ and 
Corifirujed by Acts of Parliament; whereby Tb^ 
Xature of the Kntpire ofinblilhed in America, Aud 
the Errors of vanoua Hypotlieses formed there- 
upon, may be clearly understood with Oblerrahona 
on thfjComiUE^reiul, Jif^TJf^ricial and IVrpetual Union 
of the Colonies witli this Kiugilom. Bemg An 
Exiract from an Essay laltdy jiublijhod. Entitled 
The Freedom of Speech Had Writing, iScc. London: 
MDccLxvi* Title aud 4^ pp. Qlo. {^7$^ 6d, *^6S3) 

SUMMARY (A) Vieiv of the Rights of Britiab 
America, P?et furth iu ibme HeF^olutiona intended 
for The Inspection of tht^ prelent Delegates of the 
i*eo|]le II f Virginia J now^ in < Jon mention. By ■ 
Native, and Member of the Houfe of Bur^eflea. 
Williiimahurt:, Printed. London^ Ke-printed for 
G» KeEifflly, l?ri. 2 pi^l. ieiu'fiif, viz. Tide and 
Vrefact ; Dedication * To the King* pju ti— jti, 
Signed ^Tribunus/ Teitpp. ^ — 11. HafJ' moroeai, 
Buti. (4s. 6d. ^6^) 

SUMMARY f A) Acconnt of the present |]oumhiTt^ 
State of the ialimd ofTohiigOp wiih a Plan of tlie 
Island, Lmidon: S» Hooijer, wpeerxxvji, ivand 
pp,7—m. 8to. {4A,6d. ^635) 

SUiUMERSETT (JAJati, a Negro). The Origii;aJ 

BibUoVteea Americana. 719 

Beport of the celebrated Case of James Smninenett 
which decided that American Slaves oo reaching 
English groond are Free. Mantueript. 132 pp. 
4to. {tLlU.6d. 86S$*) 

SUPREMACY (The) of the British Legislature 
orer the Colonies candidly discussed. London : J.- 
Johnson, mdcolxxv. S prel. leaves and 38 pp. Half 
morocco. 8in>. {4t.6d. 3636) 

8UTCLIFF (Robert). Travels in some parts of 
North America, in the years 1804, 1809, & 1806, 
by Robert Sutcliff. York: C. Peacock, 1811. xi 
and 393 pp. Wilh6jAata. Calf. limo. (5>. 3637) 

8YMME3 (Thomas). Utile Dulci. Or, A Joco- 
Serious Dialogue, Concerning Regular Singii^: 
Calculated for a Particulur Town, (where it was 
publickly had. On Friday 0&.. 12. 1722.) but may 
ferre fome other places m the fame Climate. By 
Thomas Symmes, Philomuficus. Boston : Printed 
by B. Green, for Samuel Gerrifh, near the Brick 
Meeting Houfc in Cornhill. 1723. TttU, ii and 
59 pp. Half morocco. Small 8vo. (1£». 2638) 

AILFER (PiTHici). A True uid 
Historical Narrative Of the Colony 
of Geor^a In America, From the 
firft Settlement thereof until this 
prefent Peri<id: Containing The 
moft authentick Fa£b, Matters and 
Tranfadlions therein ; together with 
lajetty's Charter, Reprcfentations of the 
'., Letters, &c. And a Dedication to his 
ency General Oglethorpe. By Pat. Tailfer, 
Hugh Anderson^ M. A. Da. Douglas, and 
, Land-holders in Georgia, at prefent in 
s-Town in South-Carolina. Charkt-Toum, 
Carolina : Printed by P. Timothy, for the 
rs, M.DCC.xu. xviii and 118 pp. Half-mor, 
(7i.6d. 2639) 

r (Edwaro Allen). Five Years Residence 
Canadas: Including a Tour through Part 
United States of America, in the Year 1823. 
ward Allen Talbot, Esq., of the Talbot Set- 
t. Upper Canada. In Two Volumes. London: 
>an, 1824. Two Volumet, Vol. I. Tt>i and 
. 1 plaU. Vol. II. 400 pp. 1 plate. Boanb. 
(Js.6d. 2640) 

DE VARGAS (Thomas). ResUvracion/ 
Civdad del Salvador,/ i bais de Todos- 
8,/ en la Provincia del Brasil./ Por las 
de/ Don Philippe iv. el Grande,/ Rei 
ico/ De las Espahas i Indias,' &c./ A Sv 
tad/ Don Thomas Tamaio de Vargas/ fu 
fta./ Afio 1628./ Con Privilegio./ En 
( : Por la vivda de Alonso Martin./ 8 pnL 
the eighth blank, and 178 folioed teauw. 
la de lo Particvlar ' etc. 8 pp. Vellum. 

(21. St. 2641) 

722 Bibliolheea Americatia. 

TAXATION no Tvranny ; an Answer to the RwW' 
lutions and Addnjsd of the Aroerican Con^BS, 
[Bj Dr^ Samuel Johnson^] London^ Cadell, 
iiDCCLXx.T» HatJ-titUj tittHj and 91 ]tp. Half witiT. 
8wi, (ij. 6d. M+ai 

TAXATION DoT3TanTiy; an Answer to the Ktso* 
lutioiia ami AdilreSfl ot' the Anit^rican Confess. 
I'hcTljird Edition. Ltindoni T.Cadt01,^t>ec:L.xxVr 
llalj-tiile, iitle, ami Ot pp. 810. (4j. 6d. 2643J 

TAXATION. Tlie Vara jdilet, entitled, "TaiatiQn 
no Tyranny, " candidly conaidered, and it's ar^- 
meius, and ]ie ruinous docrriiieP, Exposed BDd 
Httfuted. Lmdnn ; W. Davis, [1775.] Uaif^iitte, 
title, and leit 132 pp, CatJ' eiliu by F. litdjord. 
Bm. (lil.'ii. 2614) 

Ifli'iEh n»n^ maniiRcripl addiboits ind con'etfliOflE ID Die hlEid- 

TAXATION. An Answer to a Pamphlet, efititW 
Taxation uo Tyranny. Addressed to tbe Aatlior, 
and to l^tirsoii* in Po^'er, l^ndon: J. Almon, 
MDCCLXXT. 6k> fip. iit'o. (4s, 6d< 1^645) 

TAX ATJONjTvranny. Addressed tfi Samuel John- 
son, L.Ij.D, LtifidoH : J. Bew, M.tH^c.i^xxv. TiUf 
iijidSi}p}t. HiiiftRmvcCo. hVf>. (4^.6d. 2646) 

TEMPLEMA?J (Thomas). A New Survey of the 
(jlobe: Ur, an Accurate Mensuration &f all t\\e 
EmprcS} Kinj^Joma^ Countries^ States, princiml 
Provinces J (Jountieft, iV J^slnuds in tbe World- 
The Area is given in Square Miles, by winch tlie 
Kjttent, Magnitude, and true Proportion, that one 
Country bears to anottier, are exactly bnown^ 
The JJiTtaiH and Separate T(?rritories, of every 
PrincLs und Sftate, are collefted toijether^ and to 
lejifularly p^Jic'd, that at one View, their whole 
Xioiuiniona maybe seem The chief City, or Town, 
of every KiniT^bmj Province, and UWd, ihe Lon- 
^tude, Latitude, it nearest Uistancf? from London 
in hJritish Miles. The Protestant Kingdoms and 
States, distinguish 'd from thole of the itoman 
Catholicks; A Comjmrifon between the Ereatner* 
and extent of thpir feveral Dominions^ the differ- 
ence ballancM and demon ftrated. Also the Andeut 
Ferfian and Hyman Empires, compared with the 
present Kuf^jian^ Turkish aud other great Empires: 

Sibliotheca Americana. 723 

And what Proportion the Known and Habitable 
Earth bears to y* Seas and unknown Parts, A 
Collection of all the Noted Sea-Ports in the World, 
(hewing in what Country they are, & to whom 
, Sobje^ with their Lon^tude, Latitude, and dif- 
tance irom the Port of London, by Sea ; Alfo the 
Settlements & Factories, belonging to the Eng- 
lish, Dutch, French, Portuguele, Spaniards, &c. 
in the East and West-Indies, Africa, and other 
Parts. With Notes Explanatory & Political, 
wherein the Number of People in all y' principal 
Countries and Cities of Europe are seTerally cal- 
culated from the Number of Houses or Bills of 
Mortality. BrThomasTemplemanof S'. Edmunds- 
Bury, Suffolk. Engrared by T. Cole in Great 
Kirby Street Hatton Garden London. [1776?] 
Engraved titU, ' To the Hon'''' James Reynolds, 
Eiq;' etc. 1 page. Introduction, List of Subicribm 
and Table x pp. Platet numbered 1 to 35. Old calf. 
Oblong 4to. (15>. 3647) 

TENNENT (Gilbebt). The Neceffity of holding 
fall the Truth reprefented in Three Sermons on 
Rev. iii. 3. Preached at New- York, April 1742. 
With an Appendix, Relating to Errors lately 
vented by fome Moravians in thofe Parts. To 
which are added, A Sermon on the Prieftly-Office 
of Chrift, And another, On the Virtue of Charity. 
Together with A Sermon of a Dutch Divine on 
taking the little Foxes ; faithfully tranflated. By 
Gilbert Tennent, M.A. Minifier of the Gofpel at 
New-Brunfwick, in New-Jeri'ey. Boston : Printed 
and Sold by S. Kneeland and T. Green in Queen- 
Street, over againlt the Prifon. Mdccxliii. Title, 
tit and 110 pp. ' Two Sermons ' etc. Title and 3T 
pp. ' K Sermon By Abraham Hellenbrock,' etc. 
Title and 31 pp. 8tw. (10«. 6d. 3648) 

TENNENT (Gilbert). Sermons on Important 
Subjects; adapted To the Perilous State of the 
British Nation, lately preached in Philadelphia. 
By Gilbert Tennent, A.M. Minifter of the GospeL 
Philadelphia: Printed by James Cbattin, at the 
Neweft-Printing-Office, on the South Side of the 
Jerfey-Market. 1758. iizvii pp. one blank leaf, 
and text 42& pp. Calf extra fry P. Bedford. 
Sua. (1&. S649) 

724 Bibliotheea Americana. 

TERNAUX-COMl'ANS (Hrnri). Kotlee ™rU 
Colonie de la Nouvt?lle Sutdtr* Par H, Temaui- 
Compans. I'aris. Artlmr UertranJ, 18'13. Half- 
titiif titttf text ^ pp' afid map, Hatf moriKco, 
B«o. (5i, S650) 

TESTIMONY (The) of the People Mlled QuaLen, 
jjiven fyrtli by a tMtt*tinp of the lieprefentativea of 
laid People, in I'eimpylvani* and New -Jersey, 
hclil at I'liikdi'lpliia the twenty-fourth Day of the 
firil Month, 1775* Signed * James Pembertott/ 
SiTigte ilieel. t'eUo, (2*. 6rf. i6b\) 

THACEIER (PfTvn). A Sermon, preached to tie 
SfK:iet_y in ijrattle StrL'<*t, Ilofton, November l-t, 
1790. And occasioned hy the Death of The Hon. 
James Bowdoin, \'A], J^.UD. F.lt.S. Lately Go- 
Ternor of the Coiunion wealth of Massachiutetls^ 
U_y IV'ter Thacher, A.M. Pastor of the Church in 
brattle ritri-et. Printed at Rimau, hy I. Thorn u 
aud E. T, Andrews, Fiiu-Jt's Statue, >'«. 45, New- 
bury Street, UDCCXCl. 'i? pp. iiii.tf mnreixiJ. 
*n. {is.6d, iSbV 

THATCHER (I). B.) Indlnn Biography or an 
Historiciil Atcuunt of those inrtividods who haic 
been distiiiij^ijialieil nmoii^ the ^orth American 
NtitjvtJH uE (.)riitorrt, Wurriors, Statesmen, and 
other re marl; able (Characters, lly H. H, Thatcher, 
HjwI, In'l^vo\'(tluniea, jViitr-l'jirif: J, ficJ. ifarper, 
IBJ'i. 7'uD Vobtmei. Vol. 1. Tide and pp. h—3ii. 
wall ptale, atui Hortruit nf Rid Jacket, Vol. 11. 
liil,: u-iii pp. 5—3itO. lamn, (5a. 8653) 

THEVENOr (MKT/:niMUvc). Ttecueil/ de Voj- 
agea/ de flP/ 'Ihcvenot./ Dedie an Roy./ A 
i'm'isj (.Ihez Kstientie Michallet/ i*ue S. Jaquesi 
I' Jmaift S. Paul./ K.v.i:.i\\\i.j Avec I'rivilCbfP 
du Hoy./ 7 (((p, f"i the rf tir;ss ' .Suite dn llecueil.' 
and \6 pp, Mitpnt ]nif;e 10. ^ Dtcouverte de t|uel- 
qui'H jmjHet .NationHder.Anif^rujueSeptentrionale.* 
4S pp. "i('i ' (Jarte, fit. W7S.' ' Voyajfe d'un Ao- 
buasitdevr t|iiEi le Tzaar de Moacovje envoya ptf 
Terre a laC-hineT AjiTiee lli53. IB pp. * ExjiUea^ 
tion des l>'ttrea de la Fif^uri; fiiivante.' 3 pp. irilft 
map. 'DidColirs aijr I'Art de la >iftvisHtion,'rtf. 
as pp. ' llistoire iNaturelle de I'Ephem'Te.' 20 pp. 
' Table ' etc. engraved Jiguret 13 pp. with £ Juldni 

Sibliotheea Americana. 725 

pbtei. ' Hiitoire Naturelle dn Cancclliu, ou Ber- 
naid rHennite, Reprefeotie par Figures.' 8 fp, 
wHk plate. ' Le Cabinet de Mr, STTammerdam, 
Dooteur en Medecine,' etc. 16 pp. Old calf. 
Svo. (51.5: 2654) 

Tbb little Tolnne It pardcalarlv Ttliied on account or lu contalD- 
lag FaCllcr M«rqiteite*t Relation of his voyaf^e down the MUeJ»- 
dppl River lo ivrs, with the map or bli route, &c. 

THEVET (Andrew). Historia/ dell' India Ame- 
rica/ detta Altramente/ Francia Antartica,/ di M. 
Andrea Tevet;/ Tradotta di Francese in/ Lingra 
Italiana, da/ M. Givseppe Horologgi./ Con Pri- 
▼ilnno./ In Virugia Appre330 uabriel/ Giolito 
de' Ferrari/ HDLXi,/ 16 prei. /eaves ; viz. Title, re- 
vene blank, 'AH' Illvstriss. et Eccellentissimo Sig- 
ncne, II Signor Paolo Giordano Orsino, Givaeppe 
Horologgi.' 14 pp. ' Tavola ' 16 pp. Text 363 pp. 
' Begiatro ' 1 page,followed by one teafmth Printer' t 
device. Vellum. Small 8vo. {il.it. 3655) 

THEVET (Andbew). f The New/found VTorlde, 
or/ Antarclike, irherin is contai-/Qed woderful and 
ftrange/ things, as well of humaine creas/tures, as 
Bea&s, Filhes, Foules, and Ser-/pents, Trees, 
Plants, Mines of/ Golde and Siluer: garnished 
with/ many learned aucthorities,/ trauailed and 
written in the French/ tong, hj that excellent 
teamed/ man, mafter Andrewe/ Thevet./ And 
now nerTly tranllated into Englifhe,/ wherein is 
reformed the errours of/ the auncient Col'mo-/gra- 
phers./ H Imprinted at London,/ by Henrie Bvn- 
neman, for/ Thomas Hacket./ And are to be fold 
,at his Ibop in Poules Church/ yard, at the figne of 
'the Key./ [Cotophon] ' If Imprinted at Lon<E>n, in 
Knight-/riaer Ibete, by Henry Bynneman, for/ 
Thomas Hacket./ 1568./ 8 prel. leaves ; viz. Title 
in a bread type metal border, the reverie blank, ' % To 
the right honorable Sir Henrie Sidney, Knight of 
the moft Noble order of the Garter, Lorde PreGdent 
of Wales, and Marches of the fame, Lord Deputie 
Generall of the Queenes Maiefties Realme of Ire- 
land, Your humble Orator Thomas Hacket wilheth 
the nuioure of God, long and happy life, encreafe of 
honor, continual! health and felicitie.' 4 pp. ' ^ An 
Admonition to the Reader.' 1 page. ' In prayfe of 
the Author.' 1 page. < H To my Lord the Right 


73!6 Biblioiheca Americana* 

reuf^reDd C'ardinall of Sens^ keper of iht §T^t 
feales of Kranc* : Andrew TWuet w-iflieth peace 
and felicitie/ 8 pp* Teit VjAfQitoed ieaves. ' ^ The 
I'ablf^ of the Chapters of ttiis prtffffnt Boke.' 4 ^■ 
Fin$ tropy. 4f«. {Wl. 10s. 3656) 

TH KY Hutj and We Run Written on the late En- 
eagement be:wi'*^n Admiral Keppel & the Due de 
f'hartr^a July "IT^K ir78 oflp UahAnt. j< sang^ mtk 
musk. ::>iJtgleihe*it,halJmor, Fotio. {Ss.GtL 'i6^7) 

1 MOM (Adam). The Claims to the Oregxjn Tejii- 
torv cousidered. Uy Adam Thom^ Esq.^ Itetonkr 
of Itupert'a J^nd. lA^idoti : Smith, KLderandCo.^ 
1844. iv&ud^^pp. Sva, ("is. 6d. 2d58) 

THOMAS (Daluy). An/ JHQorical Account/ of 
the/ Rife and Growth of ;he/ VVeft-lodia/ Colo- 
nies^l Arid of the Great Advantag>^9 thcW are to 
Kiif^lrind^ Ju refpec't/ to Trade/, Licuncecf Accord- 
\n\!; to Ordiir/. l^ondonj VnitU^d for Jo Hitjdtnarlh 
at the Golden-iiallj over/ againft the Koyal-Ei- 
chaiige, 1690./ 5 preL teaventnd 5S pp. ihiij catj\ 
4io. ilLlU.6d, ^£659) 

THOMAS {Gabhiei.). Ad Hiftorical and Geo^- 
phjcal AfctiiuJT/ of tht'l l^rovince and Country/ 
oiy IVneilvnina;/ and of/ \Velt-\tw-Jerfey/ inf 
America./ The Kichnefs of the Soil, the Sweetaplk 
of the l!?ituationj/ the Wholefomeneis of the Air^ 
the Niivj^ahhi Hjvers, lind/ athere, the prodi*;ioLS 
Encreai'e ot'Corn^ the flourifhing/ Condi lion of tlie 
(;ity of PJjiiad«Jphiaj with tlie lUtely/ Buildings, 
and other Iraprovfinents there. The fcran^e/ 
CrentiireSj ha Birds, B«afiij, Tiihes, and Fowls, 
with the/ feveral torts of Minerala, Purging Waters, 
tind Stoiiea^/ Jatfjiy dilbover^xJ. The Nttti^eii, 
Aborigiiii^W their Lari-/^uage, Reljjfion, Laws, 
and Cuftums ; The firli Planters,/ the Dutcli^ 
Sweeds, and Engli^h^ with the nuraher of/ its Id- 
habitants ; Aa alib a Touch ujion Geor^^c Keith's/ 
iNew K<'!i;^^Ton, in his fecond Chano;e fince he left 
the/ QiialiL-ra./ With a Map of both Countries./ 
H^ Gabriel J'homas,/ whi> rt'fjded there about 
Kifleen Vearfl./ I.ojuiirti^ iVinttd for, and Sold by 
A, Biildivin, at/ theUxon Arms in W arwick-Lajjt*, 
169R./ 4 pf^t. leavet JolioKid ij/ mtjp and * Hifiorj 

Bibliotheca Americana. 727 

of Penfilvania,' 55 pp. ' History of New-Jersey,' 
epnLUavaandSipp. 8vo. {il. iU. 6d. 2660) 

THOMAS (Pascoe). A True and ImpartialJoumal 
of a Voyage to the South - Seas, and Round the 

Globe, In His Majesty's Ship the Centurion, Under 
the Command of Commodore George Anfon. 
Whereiu All the material Incidents during the 
faid Voyage, from its Commencement in the Year 
1740 to its Conclufion in 1744, are fully and faith- 
iiilly related, having heen Committed to Paper at 
the Time they happen'd. Together with fome 
biftorical Accounts of Chili, Peru, Mexico, and the 
Empire of China; eza£t Defcriptions of fuch 
Places of Note as were touch 'd at. And Varietjr 
of occafional Remarks. To which is added, A 
lai^ and General Table of Longitudes and Lati- 
tudes, afcertain'd from accurate oblervations, or 
(where thole are wanting) from the bell printed 
Books and Manufcripts taken from the Spaniards 
in this Expedition: Alfo the Variations of the 
Compafs throughout the Voyage, and the Sound- 
ings and Depths of Water along the different 
Coafis: And laftly, several curious Observations 
on a Comet feen in the South Seas, on the Coaft of 
Mexico. By Pascoe Tliomas, Teacher of the Ma- 
thematickg on board the Centurion. London, S. 
Birt. MDCCXLV. 8 prel. leaves and 347 pp. Appen- 
dix 39 pp. Old calf. Svo. (10s. 6d. S!661) 

THOMPSON (Thomas). An Account of Two 
Missionary Voyages By the Appointment of the 
Society for the Propagation of the Uofpel in 
Forei^ Parts. The one to New Jersey in North 
America, the other from America to tbe Coali of 
Guiney. By Thomas Thompson, A.M. Vicar of 
Beculver in Kent. London: Benj. Dod, Mdcclviii. 
2 prel. leaves and 87 pp. Urn. (10s. 6d. 2662) 

THOROVVGOOD (Thomas). lews in America,/ 
or,/ Probabilities/ That the Americans are of/ that 
Race./ With the removal! of fome/ contrary rea- 
fonings, and earneft de/fires for effetluall endea- 
vours to make them Chrilliau./ Propofed by Tho : 
Thorovvgood, B.D. one of the/ Aflembly of Di- 
vines./ Zonrfon, Printed by W. H. for Tho. Slater, 
.•nd are be to fold/ at his Uiop at the figne of the 

7^ Bihlioiheca Americana* 

Ang^l in Duck lan«, 1650./ €0 -pTvl. leavtii vi:. 
Titie^ \}i$ reverse btaiik, ^ To the Honovrable Kniglira 
and (jeiitit^JUf n ihut bavR refidence in, and relaUon 
to thu t'ouniy of Norfolk, t^eace, from the God of 
Peac«/ l-t pp. ^ The Prt^face to the Read*?r.' pp. 
* An E[]ilioli(^all Dilcuurle Of Mr. lotrn Uvry/fo 
Mr* TUoro>v|fOod/ 16 pp. Text I3y pp* HaiJ vt9- 
rocco. 4to. {41. 4s. 2663) 

TfJOROWGOOD (Thomas)- Jewfj/ in/ America,/ 
or/ ProhiibiUUi'St that thofe Indians arp/ JudaLcui^ 
mude more prohabie hj fome Ad-/ditionaU to the 
fornu^r t'onji-ftares./ An Accurate; Discourse ia 
premifed of/ Mr. Jolm Klljol, (who firft preached 
thh! (ioipel/ to the ^ativ^a in ihoirown Language) 
touching/ their Origination, and his Vindicatiou of 
th(V I'hmttirs,/ E htJ. Thorow^ood S* T* B. Nor- 
folciencis./ LondfjiiJ IVint'^d for Henry Brome at 
the {.iun in ] vie-lane, 1660,/ 5 prtL Uuvf.s; ^i-. 
Titlet reverse biaiikj * To the Kind's Most Eicellenl 
Majestj.' 8 pp ; ^ To the Noble Knigbta, LodieH^ 
aud Gentlemen of Norfolk/ etc. 3^ p/j, ' Jevves in 
AmtTita. Suiumf: of the firft Treatilt?.' ^ pp; fwlf- 
tithj 'Jewes in America*' *Tbe learned Conjec- 
tures of Reverend iJr. John Eliot touc^iiog the 
AmtTicanp/f(c,S^a;jp. 'Chap. LA short Difcourfe, 
conc^Tniag Ibo >Jew VVoHd, or America.'' 67pp. 
4to, (4L 4s. S664) 

THOUGHTS on Trade in Gencml, our West-Jiidian 
in J'articular, our Continental Colonipa, Canada, 
Guad;iloU|>e, aiidtbc prf^linniinry Articles of Peace* 
Addr^sjied to the Commuuity. Latidott ; John 
V^jlkiJr!, MucrLxiii. 86 /jp; dated* December 1762.* 
ajid signed * Jjjuotua.' hulj mar. Bvq. t^4a. &£, ^665) 

Til 01) GUTS on the Origin and Nature of GoTern- 
meut Occalionefl by I'he late Dii'putee between 
Great Britain and her Amfiricun Colonics. VVHltea 
in the Vc:ir 176ti. Lottdon : T. Bectot and P. A. 
de llondt, mixjcliix. 64p/j* Htiif mQcocco, 
8iio, (4s, 6d. 3666) 

THOUGHTS on the Catiae of tbe present Discois^ 
tents. 'Ihe Fourth E^lilion^ Landffrij J. Dodslej, 
»i)ccLx\. TitU and IIU pp. IJaiJ morocco. 
8u^ t6s. 6d. S6fi7J 

Bibliotheea Americana. 729 

THOUGHTS on the I^te Transactions respectine 
Falkland's Iflands. [By Dr. Samuel Johnson.] 
London: T. Cadell, hdcclxxi. Title and 73 pp. 
Halfmoneeo. Svo. (4t.6d. S668) 

THOUGHTS on the Late TranRactioiis respecting 
Falkland's Iflands. The Second Edition. London: 
T. Cadell, hdcclxxi. HalJ-titU, title, and 75 pp. 
Half' morocco. 8vo. (45. 6d. 3669) 

THOUGHTS on the Late Transactions respecting 
Falkland's Iflands. London: Printed, New-York: 
Be-priuted, bj H. Gaine, at his Book-Store and 
Printing-office, at the Bible and Crown, in 
Hanorer-Square, M, doc, lzxi. 48 pp. Half lao- 
roeeo. 8w>. (7<. 6<i. 2670) 

THOUGHTS on the Act For making more Effeftual 
FroTifion for the Goremment of the Province of 
Quebec. London:. T. Becket, mdcclxxiv. Title 
rnnd pp. 5-S9. Half morocco. Svo. (5<. 6d. 3671) 

THOUGHTS upon the Political Situation of the 
United States of America, in which that of Massa- 
chusetts Is more particularly confidKred. With 
some Observations on the Constitution for a Federal 
Government. Addressed to the People of the 
Union. By a Native of Boston. Printed at 
Worcester, Massachusetts, by Isaiah Thomas. 
MDCCLXxxviii. 209 pp. (7». 6d. 2672) 

THOUGHTS On Civilization, And the gradual 
Abolition of Slavery in Africa and the Weft Indies. 
Printed for J. Sewell, No. 32, Cornhill. [^London, 
17901] 12 pp. Haljmor. 8i». {3s. 6d. 2673) 

THOUGHTS on the Canada Bill, now depending in 
Parliament. London: J. Uebrett, m.dcc.xci. Half- 
tUU, title, and 50 pp. half mor. Soo. (4s. 6d. 2674) 

THREE Letters to a Member of Parliament, On 
the Subject of the Present Dispute with our Ame- 
rican Colonies. London, T. Lowndes, hdcclxxv. 
Title and 7* pp. Haifmor. Svo. (4s. 6d. 2675) 

THROOP (^Benjamin). Religion and Loyalty, the 

Duty and Glory of a People ; lUustruted in a 

Sermon. From 1 Peter 2. 1 7. Preached before the 

*l General Assembly of the Colony of ConneiUcut, 

730 Bibfiotheca Ame^^icana. 

Kt Hartford, On \hv Day of the AimWerTftTT 
KleftioTi, May JHli, ir^a. By Benjamin Thraop, 
A,M. Pttltor of a CNurch in Norviich* New-Lm- 
don: Trinted by Tiniotlij Greea^ Printer to tLe 
Govt^rnor and Company, MdccIhVjii, Titft and 

TilUMlS (Thomas)* The Monflter of Monstera : A 
true and faithful Narrative of a moll remarkable 
Ph^tiijmennn lu.t^ly Teen in this Metroj»o]is ; to the 
preal Surprizr^ and Turror of 11x3 Majestv^s pwd 
Subjects: Humhly Dedicated to &]] the Virtuoli of 
New-En*Iand. JJyThomas Thumb, Eiq, [Bu^fon], 
}Vinle<J in July 1751. ^4 pp, Ued morocco ^L 
l^^no. i2L 33. 2677) 

THYSIUS(A\Tf>Niud). AntoniiThysii JC/ His- 
torift ^avalia,/Sive^^elehemmo^vm/ Prspltortita,/ 
qu^l Alnri ab antiquiHiniit^ temjH^rihud ufnue &d 
Pacem ]li-/fpanieum Batavi, Ttrderatiq ; Belg^e^ 
utplarimum vitlores/ geffiirunt, luculenta defchp- 
lio»/ Lu^diim Bdtavoruniy/ Ex Oflicicia Joannid 
Maire, cr'>I^LVJi.y 4 prfL leaviSj ^i03 pp, ttnd 7 
pp. oj Index, Catfeitra, 4to, (It. U. 35ra) 

TITFORD (W, J.) Sketches towards a Honus 
Botanirus Ainericanus ; or, Colonfi^d PlfttfS (Trjth 
a Catalogue and concise and familiar descriptioa 
of many species) of New and Valuable Plants of 
i\iG Wv^t Indies and Nortli and South America. 
Also of stn^crai othcm, ^ifttivea of Africa and the 
East Indies: Arranged after the Linni^an System. 
^^'itl1 a ciincise and t'oniprehensive Gloeaary of 
terms, prefixedj and a f^eneral Index. By W* J. 
Titford^ M.D. CoireHponding^ Member of the 3o- 
cieiy (or the Encnuragemenr of Arts, ^c» J^ndtni: 
}'rinti?d for liie Author, hy C. Slower, Hackney: 
lUll, 1.^ pfft. leaves itjclitain^ colored Ffniiiispieaj 
ottd pp. 4-ll:i7, ir colored phiesj Tejt to platet 
30 pjK Kiii^ihh IndeXf 4 pp. Addeftdaf iv pp. IM 
of Subscribetjfj ^ PP' 4fD. (IQs. 6d. 2679) 

TJASSEXS<JonAN). Zee-Politle,/ Der/ Vereenigd* 
NefUtrlarideu,/ V't^rtuoot in eeii Tafclj/ Knde in 
Iweo Boecken befchrevcn./ door/ .loban TjasseoA,/ 
\\ aer achter o^voedit iijn eenige ^aecken tot 
an-/derrechtne<.', en Kemiille, lot de Polilie die- 
ut^tido. In 'sCu-aveti-Iiagiifl By Johao Vely JJo^-* 

Bibliotheea Americana. 731 

Tarkooper, A.'. 1669./ S4 preL Itam and 991 ff. 
Imrge paper. VeUum. 4le. (Si. Zl. tfiaO) 

TOUCH STONE (A) for the Clergy. To wbicb M 
added, k Poem, wrote By aClerg/mao io Virginu, 
In a Storm of Wind aod Bain. Printed in tlxt 
Year 1771. 16 n>. 8w. (4*. 6(1. Uei) 

TRACTS (Select) relating to Colonic*. Conaittin^ 
of I. An £flay on PUnutioni. Hy Ifir Francia 
Bacon Lord Chancellor of Eo|(land. II. Home 
Paflages taken oat of the liifiurr of FlvretKie, tie. 
III. A Treatife. By John D« Witt PenfioofV of 
Holland. IV. The Benefit of PUintatioui of Coto- 
niea. By William Penn. V. A INlbourfe oon- 
ceming PlantatioDB. By Sir Joaiab Child. Lon- 
tbm, J. Roberts. 4 pnL liasu ami 41) pp. Vnbataid, 
8n>. (7«. 6rf. tSm) 

TRATADO de Amiatad, Lfmitef y Narfvacion oon- 
cloido entre el Key Xoeftro Sffivr y lu« Kalad'Nt 
Unidos de America : Firmado m Hia lA/rravt <*! 
Real a 27 de Octubre de 1795. Ma4rid, 1796. 
Title and 54 pp. In doublt eolamnt, in SputiUh and 
Englithy'Moa^delPtMporUi'iif. HalJ moroteo. 
4io. (7§. fjd. S6()3> 

grant'a Guide ; containinfj; general d«»cri|<tionji of 
different routes through the Mtat/r* of New- York, 
Ohio, Indiana, Illinou, and tlie Territoiy of Mi- 
chigan, with short deicriptiotts of tlie Uimate, 
Soil, Productions, Prospects, he. Hitffah : HteaU) 
& Faxon. 1833. 82 pp. CmUnU 3 pp. hoard*. 
iSmo. (U. 6d. 2684> 

TRAVELLER'S GUIDE (Tut) to America; com- 
prehending a concise and accurate description of 
the Western States of Alabama Mississippi, Lou- 
isiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, 
Missouri, and the Territory of Illinois, with neces- 
sary instructions and adnoe to Settkn and Emi- 
grants, also, an Account of Upper and Lower 
Canada, With much useful Information concerning 
the Stttte of the Country, Soil, Prorisions, &c. 
and Two Letters from Mr. Emmett, Containing 
interesting and valuable remarks on the State of 
Society, pointing out those Trades and qnalifica- 
tiana wbicb prove moat adrantageooa in the United 

702 BlbUotheca Americana^ 

Statrt- Cark: John BoUter, Patrick Street. 181B- 
71 pp. f^mo. (4*. 6d- tfAb) 

THAVKLS TFiie) OffeTPral Learned MUsionersof 
the Soci+^ty of Jesua, into Divers J^arta of the 
Archipelago^ India, Tbina, and America. CoQ- 
tAiniii^ a j^t.'LieraJ iit^lcriptiori of tlie uioft remir' 
able Towiifl; witJi a particular Account of the 
Cuftomflf Maniiera antl Religion of thofe fevppaJ 
Natiunfi^ the wlmle interl'pi^ra d wjtJi I^liilofophicil 
Obforviitioris and other curiuus KemarliA. Trajif- 
lated from the French Original publilh'd at P&rta 
in tbe Vear i7L^. Limdoti t U, {ioding, kdcciiv^ 
B prel. t^m^s nnd 3S6 ftp- Indei^ Hoohi Hrintedj etc. 
16 pp. ^ piates at pp. 17(i atid ^1.^. Old calf. 
8m (r*, 6d. 2686) 

TRAVELS in North America. Biihiin: Printed by 
Brett Smithj Mary-Strt^t, 10^4, 180 pp. ijicU- 
difi^ Fnmtinpiece and Title ; woodcutE en pp.9:}yl'i3, 
14U, lib. I'iftio. (2i. 6d. 26a7J 

TREATIES/ (Sr vtRAi.)/ of/ Peace and Commerce/ 
Concluded betnefn the Itite/ Kinj;^/ Of Blefled Me- 
morj DeceaiPtl,/ Eind other/ Princps and States;/ 
witlj/ Addititinal Not^a in the jMar^in, Keferrinj/ 
to thefeveral Articles in pafhTrcuty, and a Table,/ 
Reprinted anci l^ublilhed by HiBMajt^^iefl/Efpeci^ 
ComiuHiid./ Ldiuioiij Printed by lUn IVlajeAiea 
Printers, and fold by/ Mflward i^oole at the Sipi 
of the iship over a-/gaiii1i the Royal Exchuif^^ 
IdB^./ '^ pyel. ietiv^i ', viz^ Titte^revei-ae hlatik, ''iable 
of' the TrearictJ, ' 1 pi^ge. 7 e j t y tiy pp . Hti Ij m(iri«rcij. 
Mo. tlOs. ed. a6B8) 

TREATIES. AGenend Coileaion of Treatys De- 
claratiotiA of War^ Mauifeftoft^ and otber Publick 
Pttjifcrs^ Itclatin^ to Peace and War, Atnon^ the 
Potentatps of Euro]>e, from IdWJ to the prefcnt 
Time. Partii^ularly Ibe Treaty of Muni\er 1648* 
The l^reiuan Trpaty^ with the French Kinjij's and 
the inf'imta^B Renunciation i>f the Spsnilb Donu- 
nions, ld^9. The JSaLe of Dunkirk I6ci^. 1'he 
Peace bet^'iJCt England and France, and England 
and Holland in 1<j67. The Treaty of Aii-la-Cha- 
pelle. Tije Triplt? I^^^f^ue Ififit}* Treatys of tl'ooj- 
merce bt^tween F^nglond, France, Spain and HdI- 
land. Treaty of jSiiiueguenl67ti. Defcnlive Alliance 

BMiotheca Americana. 733 

betwixt England snd Holland 1678./ Declarations 
of War hy the AUys againft France 1688, 1689 and 
irOS. The firft Grand Alliance 1689. Thefeparete 
Peace betwixt France and Savoy 1696. Treaty of 
Berwick 1697. Treatys of Partition 1698, &c. 
The fecond Grand Alliance. Treaty for fecuring 
the Hanover Succelfion. Ufurpations of France 
fince the Treaty of Munfter. Tlie Right of the 
Crown of England to Hudfon's-Bay. With many 
others, to be feen in the Contents. To which is 
prefix d. An Hiftorical Account of the French 
King's Breach of the moft Solemn Treatys. Lon- 
dm : J. Darby 1710. 44 and 448 pp. Old calf. 
800. (,7t.6d. 2689) 

TREATIES. A General Collection of Treahrs, De- 
clarations of War, Manifeftos, and other Publick 
Papers, relating to Peace and War. In Four 

• Volumes, etc. The Second Edition. London : J. J. 
and P. Knapton, etc. h.dcc.xxxii. your Volumes. 
Vol. I. 32 and 448 pp. Vol. II. iiii, Errata i, and 
560 pj). ' The Contraft of Marriage of the mod 
Chriuian King with the moll Serene Infanta, eldell 
Daughter of the Catholick King. The 7th of No- 
Tember, 1659.' 23 pp. Vol. III. xxxix and 492 pp. 
Vol. IV. 4 prel. leaves and 458 [490] pp. ' Cata- 
logue ' etc. 13 pp. Old calf. Svo. (11. is. 2690) 

TREATISE (A) on the Cotton Trade: In twelve 
T>etters. Addressed to the Levant Company, West- 
India Planters, and Merchants. By Experience. 
Printed for the Author, London ; [17 — ^1. Half- 
titU, title, Hi to viand 6$ pp. 12i»o. (3ii.6d. 2691) 

TREATY /[ Of Peace,/ Good Correfpondence & Neu- 
tniiPfl in/ America,/ Between the moft Serene 
and Mighty Prince/ James 11./ By the Grace of 
God,/ King of Great Britain, France and Ireland,/ 
Defender of the Faith, &c./ And the moft Serene 
and Mighty Prince/ Lewis XIV./ The Moft 
Chriftian Kmg xl Concluded the •,*,''> Day of No- 
Temb. 1686./ Publilhed by His Majefties Com- 
mand./ In the Savoy : Printed by Thomas New- 
comb, One of/ His Majefties Printers, mdclxxxti./ 
20 pp. Half morocco. 4to. (Ts.6d. 2692) 

TREATY (The) Held with the Indians of the Six 
Nations at Philadelphia, in July 1742. To wbioh 

734 Sibiiotheca Ainericana. 

iA PreGxM An Account of the firJl CoDf^pracy'or 
ihe Sii Nations^ their prefpnt TributaKi^^ Df- 
pendontit, KiiJ AlliflU. London: Rt*-printed* T. 
Sowle Haylton and Luke Hinde, [1743?] tiiand 
38pp. llaif morocco. 6to. (lt>j. 6d. 3693) 

TREATY of Amity ^ Commerce, and Navieatioii^ 
between His t^ritunnic Majesty luid the Uiuted 
States of America; by their President, w-jth tts 
advice and constant of the Senate, Not, 19, 17^4. 
London i J. Debrettj 1795. 25 ftp. Half' morocco. 
Btw, (^(.6d. 2694) 

TBOTT (NicnOLj^s). The Laws of tbe Britilb Pl«i- 
tationfl m America^ Helating to tbe Church and 
tht^ Clergy, Kehgion and Lt^aniiug^, CuUedted in 
One Volume, liy Mcbolns Ttott, LL.D» Cb;ef 
Joftice of tbe I'rovince of South-Carolina^ Lon~ 
don : B. Cow&e. Moccxxr. 1.3 prei. leaves and 435 
pp. Large ]Ki per, CaiJ. Folia, (It. lis. 6d. 2695) 

TR\'E(Thi-)/ Relation/ of that vTor/thy Sea Fiffbt, 
wbiclj/ two of the Kafl India Shijips, had/ Trith 4 
Portin^aUj of ^-eat force and buT-/tben, in the 
Perfian Gulpb./ With tbe Lamentable/ Death of 
Captitine Andrew/ Shdling'./ Witli/ oth^r ^lemo- 
rablfj Ac-/t:idtfuijs, in that/ \'oiaf2^e./ Printed thid 
2. of luly./ London. I Printed by I. D. for Na- 
tbauiel A(5wbery and William/ Sbeffard, aad are 
to be fold iu iVtiea-head Alley,/ 16^5,/ Title, 
and^'iipp. Uo. (2i, ^. £696) 

TRUE (A) State Of the Prefent diffi^ronce between 
the Kuyal African Company, and the Separate 
Traders: Shewing' The Irregularities and Impoii' 
tions of tbe Toint-JStock .Managers \ the Ufeltiluela 
of tlieir Forts; tbe Kjtpence they are at in the 
Maintenance of tlie fame; the Char^ of fnpporting' 
them in a Condition of Defence; the valt Suma 
they have received by the Ten per Cent, Dutv in 
order thereunto, and what has been mjfapplyQ to 
their own private I'fes; tbe Advantages and Rea- 
fonablenefa of an Open Trade to Africa; jmd, 
laftly, the Danj^er of an li^ieiuliv'e Trade, not oniT 
to tbe Traders of South and North Uritain, but, to 
<iur American Plantations. Written bv a Tree 
ixiwt^r of his Cou^^try, ajid humbly luhmitted to 

Sibliotheca Americana. 735 

the Wife Confideration of Both Houfes of Parlia- 
ment. London : Printed in the Year 1710. 40 fp. 
With plan at page 5. 4to. (10s. 6d. 3697) 

TRUE (A) Account of the Aloe Americana or 
Africana, Which is now in Blossom in Mr. 
Cowell's Garden at Hozton; Which is upwards 
of Twenty Foot high, and has already put forth 
Thirty Branches for Flowers, all upon one Stem, 
Twelve whereof are already fairly Opened and 
Blown oat. As also Of Two other Exotick Plants, 
eall'd^ the Cereus, or Torch-Thiftle, Which have 
Ukewife put forth their Bloflbms in Mr. Cowell's 
laid Garden, The like whereof has never been 
feen in England before. London: T. Warner, 
1729. 4 prei. leavet and text 44 pp. With copper- 
plate of the Torch-Thiette at page 40. Half morocco. 
8m. (,Tt.6d. 2698) 

TRUE (A) State of the Case Between the Britilh 
Northern-Colonies and the Sugar Islands In Ame- 
rica, Impartially Confidered, With Rel'peA to the 
Bill now depending in the Right Honourable the 
Houfe of I/>rd8, Relating to the Sugar Trade. 
M.DCczxxii. Title attd text '16 pp. Half morocco. 
4to. (10.. 6d. 8699) 

TRUE (A) and Particular Relation Of the Dreadful 
Earthquake Which happen'd .Kt Lima, the Capital 
of Peru, and the neignbouring Port of Callao, On 
the S8th of October, 1746. With an Account like- 
wife of every Thing material that pafled there 
afterwards to the end of November following. 
Publilhed at Lima by Command of the Viceroy, 
And IVanflated from the Original Spanilh, By a 
Gentleman who refided manv Years in thofe 
Countries. To which is addea, A Description of 
Callao and Lima before their Deftruction ; and of 
the Kingdom of Peru in general, with its Inhabi- 
tants ; fetting forth their Manners, Culloms, Reli- 
gion, Government, Commerce, &c. Internierred 
with Paflagesof Natural Ilillory and phyriological 
Difquifitions ; particularly an Enquiry into the 
Cause of Earthquakes. The Whole illultrated with 
a Map of the Country about Lima, Plans of the 
Road and Town of Callao, another of Lima ; and 
fevenl Cuts of the Natives, drawn on the Spot 


736 Bihliotheca Americana. 

bj the TranflatoT, The Second EditioD. Lmdon: 
1\ Osljorm-, HurcxLviii* Jii'ti and teit 341 pp^ 
Map of LimaTond piutes numbered J to iA\ Otd coif, 
8yo. t^s. 6d. trob) 

TRVfj (The) Sentiments of America : Contaiaed in 
a Collection of Letti^rs sent from the Hovse of 
Repreat iitati\Ts of tSm y*n)vince of MassacLvsetta 
Hay to tieveral Persona of High Bank in tin! 
Kingdom, Together witb e^^Ttain Paj*ers reLatin^ 
to a sv|ipoaed LiVl on (lie Goveraor of that Pro* 
TJnuc and a Dissertation on the Canou and the 
Fevdal Law. Lotidottj I. Almon^ 17G8* Tiile^ 
*'Jlip following refoluiiou ' etc. 1 page: Text pp, 
5-150. H»IJ mor^t:o. B™. {7's. 6d. *70l) 

TRUK (Tk*0 Con flit utional Means For putting an 
iind tu tbo Disputes bclwetin Great- UritaJit and 
her American Colonies. London^ T» Uecket and 
P. A» De IJondi, muccuxjx. TiiU and 38 pp. 
Baij movocco. tJwi. ^^s. 6d. S70a) 

TRUTH Triumphant or a Defence of the Cburcb of 
England^ a^^ain^t The Second i^olemn League and 
Cov*eTiantj publidieJ under the Title of tbe(jlorioua 
Combination ^tc. \^ iib Addrfa34;'a to tJie Members 
of tbn Dutcl] Ciiurcbes, and To all Kriends of Re- 
lif^ion^ Lil>ert Vj anJ Peace» ISieu^-Yoik^ MntcLxiit. 
T'itie, Frejacej and tezt 64f pp. tioij' mortxat, 

TRUMRIJLL (Jor1^). Autohiosrri^pbj-, Eenjinia^ 
cences and Letters of John TrumhuU^ from 175G. 
to 1B4]. AVii''l'orJi& Jxtudon : \\ i ley and Putnam- 
NeW'lJavt^n: H. J^, Hunden. la^U. ni and 439 
pp. UUh 'JSphtEs. bro. {7i, 6d. ^£703) 

TRVON (TnoMAs). Trjon'a Letters^ Domefiict 
and Fort^ij^n/ro feveral Perlbns of Quality : Occi* 
ilonriUy diliribiitt'd in cliubjettii, \'iz. PJulolophical, 
Theolopicyl, und floral. J.iy Tbo, Tryon. Author 
of tbe Way lo JJoralth, J-^ng Life, and Happinela. 
Lmuion: (ieo, Cfinyers, and Llia. Harris, 1700, 
Titkaud 210 ftp. tivo, (tOs. 6d. 2704^ 

TRYOJN (TnoMAs)* Trjon's Letters upon Sever*! 
Ocenrtfions, via. 1. Of i tearing. 2. Of Smelling^ 3. 
Of laltin-, 4- 0\' Seeing. 5. Of Feeling. 6. Of 
the Making of Coul-FireB, ?. Of the Making of 

BihUotheea Americana. 737 

Brick», Tyles, «ec. 8. Of Beligion. 9. OfDropfies. 
10. Of various Opinions in Religion. 11. Of the 
Humanity of Chrili. ii. Of an Afili£ied Mind. 
13. Of Faitb, Hope and Charity. 14. Of God'g 
Permiffion for Killing and Eating of Beads. 15. 
Of a Soldier's Life. 16. Of the FounUin of Dark- 
ness. 17. Of the Fountain of Love and Light. 18. 
Of Cleannels. 19. Of FleOi-Broaths, &c. 20. Of 
the Right and Left Hands. 21. Of Corpulency of 
the Body. 22. Of Fevers. 23. Of Education. 24. 
Of Smells. 25. Of Predelbnation. 26. Of Death. 
87. Of Judicial Astrology. 28. Of Perpetual Mo- 
tion. 29. OfMufick. 30. Of Languages. 31. Of 
Times for Eating. 32. To a Planter of Sugar. 33. 
To a Gentleman in Barbadoes. 34. To a Planter, 
about the Manufa£iurr of Cotton. 35. Of the 
Making of Sugar. 36. Of the Burial of Birds. 37. 
Of Fermentation. By Tho. Tiyon. Author of the 
Way to Health, Long Life, and Happinefo. Lon- 
don: Geo. Conyers, and Eliz. Harris, 1700. 7 
prel. leaves and 240 pp. Ovo. (7<. 6d. 2705) 

TUCKER (Geohoe). The Lifeof Thomas Jefferson, 
Third President of the United States ; with parts 
of hia Correspondence never before Publislied, 
and notices of his Opinions on Questions of Civil 
Government, National Policy, and Constitutional 
Law. By George Tucker, Professor of Moral 
Philosophy in the University of Virginia. In Two 
Volumes. London : Charles Knight, mdcccxxxvii. 
Tvo Volumet. Vol. I. xiii and 612 pp. Portrait of 
Jeffenon. Vol. II. x and 587 pp. Cloth boardt. 
8vo. (10».6ii. 2706) 

TUCKER (John). A Sermon Preached at Cam- 
bridge, before bis Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, 
Efq ; Governor : His Honor Andrew Oliver, Efq ; 
lieutenant-Govemor, The Honorable His Ma- 
jes^'s Council, And the Honorable House of Re- 
presentatives, of the Province of the Maffachufetts- 
Bay in New-England, May 29th. 1771. Being 
the Anniverfary for the Election of His Majesty^ 
Council for faid Province. By John Tucker, A.M. 
Paftor of the Firft Church in Newbury. Bostott: 
New - Eng'land : Printed by Richard Draper, 
Printed to His Excellency the Governor, and the 
Honorable His Majefty's Council, hdcclxxi. 63 
pp. Half morocco. Sin. (7<. 6d. 2707) 

1 3c 

738 Blhlioiheca Americnna^ 

TUCKKK (Jobi^h). Ad Humble Adclre4§ anrf 
earnest A]>p(?a1 to tho&e reflf>ectabj£^ pernona^fi in 
G real -lin lain ftnd lr*^land, ^Jjo, bj their j^reat 
and pi^mauDf Dt interest in Landed proiiertj, th^'ir 
liburaJ f^duc^tion, elevated rank tina eidarg^ 
views, Hre the iibleHt to judfj^j ftnd the fittf-Bt to 
decide, wh^^lher a connectiofi with, or a separation 
from the <'o[i tine ntal Colonies of A merit a^ h^ most 
for tlie national ailvatitaL^e^ nud the lastinc betteti; 
of tiieir Kingdoms. liyJoMiih Tucker^ D*D* Dean 
cf CfloceHter. Gfoceatej't It* Kaikes, H,orc,LXKv. 
93 pp. * An Account ' itc^ jhtded sheet at pv^^t 49. 
Ilalftnorocci^. hvo. ('U. 6d. 3706) 

TUCKKR (JoBMiO. All Jfumble Addreafl and 
^ami-'St A]ijx^a] to those respectable persoiiagea in 
Great' britairi and Ireland, who, by their ^a: 
and p^rmsnent Interf^nt in Laiidtnl property, tbeir 
lib^Tal education, elevated rank, and enlargi^ 
viewn are the ablest to judge, aiid thf fittest to 
decide, whether a connection with, or n separation 
froni the Continental Coloniets of America, be most 
for the tiatiotml adrantifge^ and tlie Itt^tinni^ beneHt 
of tliese Kinj^tiomfl. Wficond Kdition, Corrected, 
Hy Josj!ih Tucker, D*D. Deun of Uloceeter* Gh- 
C6iier : K. Uaikfs; m-hlclixv. 93 pp. * An Ac-' 
count* etc.Jiftded ifieel al pagt 49* iiutj vxurotxo. 
Btv. (4<, *iJ. 3709) 

TUCKER (JosMu), A Letter to Edmund Burkp, 
Kfi| ; Meinhf r of Parliament for the Citv of Bris- 
tol, ai]d Aj^''ent. for tbe Colony of Mew York, ^c* 
in tifiRwer io Liia Printed Speech, Raid to be Dpokea 
in :Ik^ Jlouflj^ of Commons on the Twenty -fewcond 
of Mareht 1775. Wy Joiiiab 1 ucker, D.^. Dean 
of (.ilocester. Glocetiert H, HaiLea ; >i*i^ec*LXitv* 
5B p}t. ilafj nttrrccctt. Rm, ('Jj» 6d, 2710) 

TUCKKI^ (Ji]5i.iji)* A Series of Answerji to certain 
popular Objections against aejiaratin^ from thtf 
Ki:bidlit>ufl Colonies, and discardini^ them entirely; 
heiuL,' the f?on<'ludinj|r Tnict of the Dean of Glf^ 
cester, on the nSubject of American Atfairs* Glo- 
rtjffrr; H. liaikes; AJ,m;i:ji,)tXVi» WH pp. Cmitenit 
5 pp^ HuiJ' luontcco^ tJtfl* (4*. &/. !^ll) 

TUCKIiiJl (JosMu)^ Cui Uono? or, an Itiqtiir^, 
what benefits can arise either to tl^ English or tbe 

Bibliotheca Americana. 739 

Americans, the French, Spaniards, or Dutch, from 
the greatest Victories, or Successes in the present 
War, being a series of Letters addressed to Mon- 
sienr Necker, late controller General of the Finance 
of France. Third Edition, with an additional pre- 
fitce. With a plan for a general pacification, Ky 
Josiah Tucker, D, D. Dean of Glocester, London : 
T. Cadell, h.dcc.lxxxii. Title and pp. v-xiv. 
Textpp.S-Ul. HifJfmor. 8ti0. (7s. 6d. 2712) 

TUCKER (Josiah). Four letters on important 
National Subjects, addressed to the Right Ho- 
nourable the Earl of Shelbumc, His Alajestr's 
First Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. By 
Josiah Tucker, D.D. Dean of Glocester. GlocesUT: 
R. Raikes. m dcc lxxxiii. vii and 119 pp. ' At a 
Meeting, etc. January 24tli, 1783. Resolved, That 
the following I^etter, etc. be Printed,' etc. 23 jrp. 
Half morocco. 8iw. (4s. 6rf. 2713) 

TUDOR (William), The Life of James Otis, of 
Massachusetts : Containing also. Notices of some 
contemporary Characters and events from the year 
1760 to 1775. By William Tudor. Boston: Wells 
and Lilly. 1823. xx and 508 pp. With portrait of 
Otis. Half morocco. Stw, (7s. 6d. 2714) 

TUMULTIBUS (De) Americanis de que Eorum 
conciliatoribus meditatio Senilis. Oxonii: E Ty- 
pographeo Clarendoniano. J. Fletcher, and U. 
Pnnce; B. White, Londini. mdcclxxvi. iprel. 
leaves and 36 pp. Halfmor. Hm. (4s. 6d. 2715) 

TUTCHIN (Mr.). The/ Earth-quake/ of/ Jaimaca,/ 
Defcrib'd in a/ Pindarick Poem./ Br Mr.'J'utchin./ 
London,/ Printed, and are to be fold by R. Baldwin, 
near the/ Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane, 1692./ 
8 pp. Half morocco. Folio. (7s. 6d. 2716) 

TVVO/ Famovs/ Sea-Fights./ Lately made,/ Be- 
twixt the Fleetes of the King of/ Spaine, and the 
Fleetes of the/ Hollanders./ Tlje one, in the Wefi- 
Indyes :/ The other,/ The Eight of this prefent 
moneth of/ February, betwixt Callis and/ Gravelin ./ 
In the former, the Hollander fuffered./ In the 
latter, the Spaniard lost./ Two Relations not rnfit 
for tbefe Times to animate/ Noble Spirits to attempt 
and accompliih/ brave Actions./ London,/ Printed 

740 Bibliotheea Americana, 

for Nath: BvUpt aod Mc: lloTroe,/ with Pmi* 
ledge. l6A9*j 16 uwTiu/nierfid pageu HalJ nwrocm. 
4ra; ti;. lis. tki. 2717) 

TWO Papers On tbe Subject of Taxing ilie Uritifih 
Colonk'S in Ammca. The Fitst entitled, "Sobqe 
" Kemarke on tlic moll rational an J efTf^tuiJ 
" Meuns thftt can be uli^d in the prefcut Coniunc- 
** ture ior the future Security and l^relervatiflii of 
"the Irfult? of Great- Hritiun, hy protettiu'j and 
** advaiicuj^ her irieUlenients on the North Conti- 
" uent of America," The other, ** A Proposal for 
'^ efuiblilhtri^r^ by A^l of TarliHrnent the Datit^ 
** upon Siiunpt Paper and Parchment in all Uin 
" liritiMj AiuerJcon t'olonies." l^ndoa : J* ALmou, 
1^67. ^^ py. Hal) moiifcco, 8w». (7^. 6d. a71ijj 

CHTKK]TZ(Heinrichvon). Kurtie/ 
Hcile BpltUreibun^/ Hr. Heinrico 
vcpii UtlitHritz,/ Lieutenants, Erb- 
r.tlliMi ail It' Modeltritz/ in Meiflen, 
Tc.j Worinnen vermeldet, was er 
aui diTlelben fur Ungluck und/ 
Gluck gebabt, I'onderlich wie er 
gefangen nach Weft-lndicn gefiihret,/ zur Scla- 
verey verkaufft, und auff der/ Infel Barbados/ 
Durch den namen feines Herm Vettern Johann 
Cbriftoff von Uchteritz,/ uff Medewitz und Spans- 
dorft' Erbgefeflen, CammersJunckern auff/ Gottorf^ 
wunderlich errettet und eriofet worden./ Wetf- 
Jenfels bey Johann Chriftian Wohlfarten, Im Jsbr 
1705./ 32 pp. ito. (11. U. 2719) 

TJLLOA (Antonio de). Noticias Americanas: 
Eutretenimientos Phisicos-HiBtoricoB, sobre La 
■Sj^ America, Meridional, y la Septentrional OrientaL 
Comparacion General De los Territorios, Climas, 
y Prodaciones en las tres especies, Vegetales, 
Animales, y Mineraleg : Con Relacion Particular 
De las Petrificaciones de Cuerpos Marines de los 
Indios naturales de aquelloa Paises, bus costumbres, 

Lusos : De las Antiguedades : Discurso sobre la 
!Dgua, y sobre el modo en que pasaron los pri- 
meros Pobladores, Su Autor Don Antonio de 
UUoa, Comendador de Ocana, en el Ordeu-de 
Santii^o, Gefe de Esquadra de la Real Armada, 
de la Real Sociedad de Londres, y de las Reales 
Academias dc las Ciencias de Siockclmo, Berlin, 
&c. £n Madrid: Don Francisco Manuel de 
Mena, mdcclxxii, 12 prel. Uaves and 407 pp. 
• Erratas,' 1 pog*. VeUum. 4<o. (15». 8720) 

742 Bihliothecn Americana. 

ULTIMAS noricias del Rpino de Nueva-Espftiia, 

UMFriEVn.[.E(Kuw^Rp\ The Present Sfate of 
Jludsoirit Jitiy, Coiityininii^ a fuH dfwriptioti of 
that SF.^tli^mi^nt, and \he adJHa>nt Country; snd 
likewise of the Fur 'J'nule, with hints for its im^ 
provemeut, l^c. Ha-V.. 'Jo ^hicli are udd^^d^ Hernai-ks 
AndOb!«(TYntiona m:ide in \\w Jidaiid purtj}, dunn); 
a residence of near Fuur Vears; u speciiueD of 
Five Indian Lmt^iia^i'R ; and a Journal af a Jour- 
ney fmm Montreal to ^^■w-V^>^k. 13y Kdward 
Umfreville; Llcven Vt'arE in the service of the 
Jludaon^H liav (.'umpativ, find Four Years in thft 
CanaJu Fur Trmh\ ttwdon: C'harU-s Aialker^ 
MDCTM'. UiftJ-titiej tiltej vii auti 230 pp. 'An Ac- 
count^ ^ic. at jNtf^e A>!. *■ V\au of a buK'alo Pound/ 
Q( ;jo^f ](J0. * A tipet:imi'ji of fundrv Indian Lan- 
j,Tjflgj.'8>' etc. tti pai^e aO^, bve. {7s. 6d. 2732) 

L'SSELVXX (William). Argonovtica Grstavi- 
aim;/ Uas ili :/ ^^othwendij^ Nach Kicht/ Von 
der \ewtjri Sfefptlirt vnd/ Kfluflliaudlung: ;/ So 
von dfm ^Veihuldt Alh'rdLircLlendiliciten, Oroii- 
mathi/ti^rlh II vnd Sii-gri'ii liedtu Fiirfuri vnnd 
H**iTn, Jli-rrJi (ivsiavo/ Adolpho IMa^no, der 
Schwijdtn, Ciutlu'TL vnd W i^iden Kc>njg Uroft^/ 
Fiirlli'n in FLiinbindtj J[i^rtsto^Mi lu EUefTen vnd 
f'nriden^ ihTni zu In^eri^/inanlmidtf xc. Aller^- 
lorwiirdiL^ftF^u St>e]i|^ten Andencikena,/ durch aii' 
riditiini; piii£-r/ (iencral Haiidfl:rCfitnpfignie,/ l>o- 
cielet oder <.irf<difdiJifft,/ In dero Heich vncl 
J^ndt'n, zu di-rUdbrn ibndt^rhahrem Aufl^f/noliojHt 
vnd Khir, aulz hohi^m Wrfiandt vnd Hath, vor 
wi'nif^ Jiihrt^n/ jiu flifl'tfu impffan^en :/ Anietzo 
abtr lU.T l'*'Ul(c\\cn Kvim^elil'ehen AatioHf iiilbn- 
6i'r^l\if\i <len jeniejen ^tdche Jitdi in S» K. M* 
Frt^umUlhadi, devotion^ uiUr VtTi/biindnufa bi- 
p:eben, vnd lU'h dii^fcs proflvn \ ortlieiU, bey lb 
iiairUrij^T tielegmbrir^ f^f^brauchfn/ woUen^ m 
VJlrrinelz]ii!]em \ul/ vnd Fromnirti, ufz Kbnig- 
licher ISlUdin^kdt, zunrii^un^r- vnd iinadej mit^eL- 
heilet word+^ri: vnd niit dj.ni forderlitldlen, ver- 
mittelfi ^liti differ vi^rleihiin*^^ dH'z/ ALIerhbchfteUr 
lurty\lt?tEtrt vnd vijJli^ i£u U trek ^^t-richtei/ werdt'U 

Biblioiheca AmetHcana. 743 

foU./ Dareufi denn ein jedweder claren, CTiind- 
liohen, md zu feinem Bebuff Iktfamen Bericht rod 
WiffenfohaA diefes Hoohwiobtig;eii Weroks ein- 
nehmen, md wie daflelbe nioht alx/lRin an fioh 
felbft fondem auch diefes orths, Chriftliob, booh- 
riibmliob, Recbtmiiffig vnd booniittliob,/ auob 
praoticierlich vnd obne rtoSe difficulteten fey, lur 
gniise rerllehen kan,/ Dabey aucb zugleicb yer- 
niinfitig erachten vnnd ermeflen mafj Ob jbme 
vnd den feinigen, wel'z/ Standee oder Condition er 
jmmer feyn mbchte, diefes biemit j bme angewiefe- 
nen rorbabens, iwifcben diefem vnd dem, ges/liebts 
Gott, niicbft kommenden Newen Jabrs Tage, durob 
einfohreibung feines Namens vnd einer gewiflen 
Pod/ Geldes, es fe; fo viel es woUe, ficb tbeilbafltig 
lu maeben rathfam vnd thunliob/ erfunden werden 
miiobte./ Was aber fiir allerhandt vnterfchiedene 
SobrifRen, diefe Sache betreSendt,/ allbier beyfa- 
men vorhanden; folohes wird die niichllfolKende 
Seite seigen./ Uedruckt zu Franckf'urt am Mayn, 
bey Cafpar Riidteln,/ Im Jabr Chritti 1633. Menfe 
Jnnio./ Mit der Cron Schweden Freybeit./ 10 
pnl. Itttvet ; vix. Title, on tkt nvene ' Veneichnuft 
derer Sachen vnd Schrifften," etc. ' Der Konigli- 
eben May. vnd Reiche 8ohwes/den Ratb,' etc, $ 
pp. ' Kurtxer Extract ' <le. i pp. ' Ne pagina va- 
oaret;' etc. 1 page. 'Oct Roy Vnd Pnvilegivm,' 
etc. 8 m. ' Ampliatio Oder Erweiterung Deu Pn- 
vilegii, etc. 4 pp. ' Formular/ Defz/ Manifest/ 
Vnd/ Vergleichaoder Contractsbriefs/fes,' etc. 56 
m. ' Merovrivs Uermanis,' etc. 61 pp. Bound. 
FoOo. (lot 10s. «7tS) 

UTENHOVE (Jan). Commentar/rioivs/ Paralle- 
los,/ sive/ Libellvs Aflertorius ((juo Principum 
im-/primia duorum, Hifpaniarum Icilicet/ & Indi- 
amin Regis auguflilTimi,/ Kegis Philippi inqua 
Secundi, & Turcici/ Alagni ImiwratoriB Mahu- 
metis Tertij/ Vires, opes, prouiucise, atque forma 
eas/ bene adminiltrandi L regendi tempore/ belli 
atque pacis ezplicantur, armaq;, &/ arcana dete- 
guntur infinita) nunc/ primum ez lohaunis Boteri 
Itali Ubris/ ideoma verl'us in Latinum ez Italo/ 
fennone, nullius antes excufus typis./ CoUmie 
Agrippiiue,/ Apud Lambertum Anareie. Anno 
u. o. xcvii./ 96 leaves, the 16tk and the latt blank. 


Jiiblintheea AmKricajia^ 

* Tjpis OrHia Tprrairni " on the reveriie of 3rdj and 
ncto i>J thit -ish team. 'Tvrcici Imperii Di-sCTiptio' 
on iht reietv. ifj the tTdiand rtctooj' tht l^ik Uatsa, 
HulJ'mtiroceo. 4iu. (II. U. J724J 


ALDKS (Antonio). Derrotero de 
las Costas de Espaiia en el Oc^ano 
Atlantico, y de Ins Islas Azores 6 
Terceras para inteligencia y uso de 
las Cartas Csftricas Presentadas al 
Bey Nuestro senor por el Kxc""'. 
Sr. Boylio Fr. Don Antonio Valdis, 
Teniente General de la Real Armada, del Consejo 
de Estado, Secretario de Estado, y del Despacno 
Unirersal de Marina. Y Construidas de Orden 
de S. M. Por el Brigadier de la Real Armada Don 
Vicente Tofiiio de San Miguel, Director de las 
Academies de Guardias Marinas, de la Real de la 
Historia, correspondiente de la de las Ciencias de 
Paris, Socio de la de Lisboa, Socio Literato de la 
Sociedad Bascongada, y de m^rito de la de los 
Amigos del Pais de Palma. De Orden Superior. 
Madrid. Por la Viuda de Ibarra, Hijos y Com- 
paiiia. Aiio mdcclxxxix. Title, iviii and 247 pp. 
Large paper. Calf. 8bi). (15«. 2725) 

VALLE (Alonso det.). Memorial y Carta en que/ 
el Padre Alonso del Valle Procvrador/ general de 
la Prouincia de Chile, reprelenta a N. may Reue- 
rendo Padre/ Mucio Vitilefqiii, Prepofito general 
de la Compaiiia de lesvs, la ne-/cel8idad que fus 
mifeiones tienen de fujptos para los glorio-/los em- 
pleos de fus Apoftolicos/ minifterios./ [At the end] 
Seuitla y Mar90 12. de 1642./ 10 unnumbered 
Uavet. Folio. {11. lis. 6d. 2726) 

VALLETTE (Elie). The Deputy Commissary's 
Guide Within the Province of Maryland together 
With plain and sufficient directions for Testators 
to form, and Executors to perform their Wills and 
Testaments; for administrators to compleat their 
Administrations, and for every Person any way 

746 BlbHotheca Americana* 

coucCTTTipd in (lecfjasf-d Vj^won's Kstat^s, to proceed 
therein wiili Safety to tliemseLves and others, by 
Elie Viillptte. Uegitnerof the Prerogative, — Anna- 

pntia. J^rinted hy Aim C -, mocc — . Evffi'uvid 

tittcj iv ami ^^4& ^p* Judex 9 pp^ C(iu{ents vj' the Ap- 
pendix 2 jip, ^Tsible 0^ Dtisctint.' at page 105, 7'i(if- 
page mutiUitf!d. HvtJ. {15s. ^H) 

VAXDER DONCK (Adriaen). Beschrjvinj,'!'/ 
Van/ Mr.'uvV',\eilrrlantJ (Gelijek hft togfjowoor- 
diffh in Strw^t is> lii^jrrijpimde cle Aature, Aert, 
ffeleg^^ntheyt en vruchtbEierhevt/ van het fdve 
Landt; mit%atlprB de jtroifiitelijcteeode p'ewenfta 
toerallf^u^ die/ u1d<K!r lot ondiThondtderMenlchtn^ 
(Too ujt liaer iHven uls van buyten inge-ybrachO 
gevonuf.^ri wordt^'ii^ A Is niede de inan^erc en on^e- 
raeyne l^ytjt+u It: hitp-ZpFn vande Wilden ofte Katu- 
rellen vanden Lnnde. KnJe een hy fonder verhael/ 
vandrn wtinderJijck+^n Aert ende bet Weufen der 
JJt^vfTB*/ Uiirr noch by-j;evot*E^lit iii/ Ken Djfcoura 
over de geleiilheyt s';tn \ii^uvv-\ederlandt,/tiiircheii 
een Nfi^ftrlandtii i^atriotj ende een Nienw' Neder- 
Irtuder./ JkldiRjivendoor/ Adtiaen Vfindt^r Donct^ 
U(>yder Rrcht^-n Dottoor, die t"g<^nwoordigb/ nocb 
iu Nif^Qw-iNediirlimdt ia./ Jin hier achter by pih 
vaejfht/ Hiit vnord*^t;lif^h Reglenient vftnde Ed: 
Hoog* Aditbare/ Heeren d^i Heeren Burgermeef'- 
teren ileler nSiede,/ betreffende de I'aken van Nieuw 
KeflerlmidL/ Dku tweeden Druirk./ Met een per- 
tinent Kflortjf^ van 'tzpWt' Laudt vcr^iert^/ en van 
veel drutk-fouteTi jjeluyvert./ ^i Aemi*iAtlam^ By 
Kvi^rt ^ if^uwriihof, Hoe<it-verkoop<;r, woonrnd*^ 
o]i/'t Rulbniit, in 't ScJirijf-hoeuk, Anno 1656-/ 
Met Privib^gie voor 15 Juren7 4:preL leavei ; tJii» 
Tithf (fn ifte rtfi/rfiM * Kxtra^t nvt Privilege/ elt. 
Ftntr Wflodfifts pfvmta a) firm a^ * Opdnidit^ Acn De 
nooglortif?lijcl^e^\\i-'WiJ7e^4i voorzienige Heeren^* 
etc. Sif^jifd '■ K, Nieuwi-'nhof.' ^ pp^ ^ iMitsgadem, 
Aen dtf T'>jjntl'eltf.% VVijle ende Ti^^r WaenLij^e 
Jleeren/ etc. 'it pp. * Aan dn l^ii^^r,* 1 page, *Op 
de Vourllanders t^ii de Pefchrij^^inge.' elc^ 1 pa£*, 
iVfflp, * \(tva Pelgicji ^ivH >ieuw NfxleHandL* 
7'irj^ 1(J0 ^^i, Mic^^ialrr/ 4 pp* * Conditien,/ Die 
dfKkr de Utii-iren llurgermeestj^ren der il^tade/ Am- 
ji'Td^im ; vidnrf-ns 't gemaecte Aocoorl Tiiet de 
\> Ldi-hiUilbbLV Compii^nK^, tndod'Approbatie van , 

Sibliotheca Americana. 747 

hare Hog : Mog : de Heeren/ Staten General der 
Vereenighde Nederlanden, daer/ op gevolght, ge- 
prefenteert warden aen alle de gene, die/ als Colo- 
nierB na Nieuw-Nederlandt wilten vertrecken;/ 
welcke haer fullen hebbeo te addrefleren aen de 
E. E. Hee-/ren Coenraed Burgh, Eaedt ende Ond- 
Schepen, Henrick Hoeters, Opper-C'ommiflarig van 
de Wiffelbauck, Eduart/ Man, Il'aac van Beeck, 
He£tor Pieterfz. ende loan Tayfpil, als/ Commif- 
farifen ende DireAeurs, hier toe by de Heeren/ 
Burgermeefteren vemoemt, &c./ t Amsterdam,! 
Met content vande Ed. Hoog. Achtbare Heeren, de 
Heeren Borgenneefteren,/ By Evert Nieuwenhoff 
Boeckverkooper opt Rullandt/ in 't laer. 1656./ 
Title, reverse olank, text 6 pp. ' Lyfte.' 1 faee. fine 
eopyinbluemcr. extra, by Bedford. 4to. (16(. 3728) 

VARENIUS (Bebnhardus). GeograpJbia/ Gene- 
ralU,/ In qua affectiones generales/ Telluris ex- 
plicantur/ Autore/ Bernh : Varenio/ Med : D./ 
Amstelodami./ Ex Officina Elzevinana. 1671./ 
Engraved title, 19 prel. leaves and 784 pp. Folded 
sheeu at pp. 8 (2), 66, 126, 172. Vellum. 
tSmo. (10s. 6d. 2729) 

VARGAS f Manuel de). «!• / Relaeion de los Mila- 

1^ eros gve/ Dios nueftro feiior ha obrado per vna 

V\ Image del gloriofo P. S. Fra/ cil'co de Borja en el 
nueuo Reyno de Granada, facada de los procef/lbs 
originales de la informacioo, y aprouaci5 que dellos 
hizo el Ilul/triflnno fenor D. lulian de Cortazar 
Argobifpo de Santa Fe,/ Por el P. Manuel de 
Vargas de la Compania dJe lefus./ [Colophon'] Con 
licencia del Ordinario, En Madrid por Andres de 
Para,/ Anode 1629./ 2feoi»s. Folio. {11. is. 2730) 

VAUGHAN (Samuel). A Refutation of a False 
Aspersion first thrown out upon Samuel Vaughan, 
Efq. In the Public Ledger of the Twenty -third of 
Augnft 1769, And fince that Time induftrioufly 
Propagated, with an intent to Injure Him in the 
Eye of the Public. London : E. and C. Dilly, 
MDCCLXix. 2 prel. leaves and 26 pp. Half morocco, 
8tw. (3s. 6d. 2731) 

.VAZQUEZ DE MEDINA (Juan). Por/ Ivan 

rVazqvez de/ Medina, vezfno de la Ciudad de Me-/ 
xico, J Teforero de la Cafa de/ la moneda de ella./ 



748 J^ibliotheca Ajnertcana. 

Kn tA \*]ryi(il con/ D. laan Francifco Centeno^ j 
D. luun/ Anl'iddo lii? Verii*/ ti^obr^^ ^^ contirniaciop 
del dicUo olicio./ [Id^jJ.J ^-ijoi'toed teuv^n* 
FqUo. (taa. dd, 273*) 

VEITIA LIXAGKfJnsn-nDE). Nort*/ de la con- 
tr:it;u:iori/ dolus Indiafl/ OfoidentJiks./ Difiii^ido 
Al Exc"^°. Seiior/ D. Uuspar/ de JJracumonte/ j 
Gviman^/ f ^ondf^ de Penaj-anda^ GentiLbombre de 
la (JutrmrEi dt'l lir^y/ NueUro St^iiof, i\o fuaConfejw 
di: Eitado, 3^ C^ULxra,/ y de la luntii del Uoviemo 
Voiverlal/ d+^lios ReyiioH./ Y/ Presidente anted 
del CotiBtjo SvprpTi]^/ de las liidiaa^ ya del de 
Italia./ Por/ D, iosqdi du Witia Ltna^e,/ Caval- 
lero de la Orilni de SEintiafro, Soiior de la Cal'a de 
V*^iliat/ dftl t'oiil'ijo df^ I'u Ma^^ellad^ fu IVlurero^ 
Ju^iOiidifll de la RefiV Audii^iicia dt laCafa de la 
Contratacion/ de his [nduis./ Con Privil^gio :/ En 
SeL^ifla^ Pnr limn Francilbo de h[iL% lmprt>fl[Qr 
major d<? diclia Tiudjul. Ano lt»7Sf*/ lo prd. 
leaves; Lihro Prii}iei\y'i99 pp* Libra Se£vndo'i6^ 
pp. indict 7U pp', and Colophon leaf. Flue cjipy. 
>Wio. \iL ns.6d. S7S4) 

\A)9 CKt.y|ioM{jK iireve Practicaj y Ke^icn<*n dt'l 
Conf*»fUiorinmi dr? ]j]diuA^ fn -^leik^ano, j Castel- 
lano ; para instruccioii di:4 Confessor Prmrmiante, 
llaliit]T.:ic:Uhii^ y t^xiutu-'ii del Penitenle, qnr^ ditunuiLt^ 
Para loa Seiuin irrst^iw 1.1 Hr. D* CjiHos C^decfonio 
V*^las([Ut^z de (Jurdennhi, y Li on, Cologiai Real del 
Potitifitio^ y Peal (olej^io l^euiinario, y lU Vice- 
P<?ttor, Catlirdratitio drjs vt-^t^s de Pliilolbpbia, de 
Mayon-'S, KhetorifjiT y Ij?^rna Hiimni^af]^ Exami* 
nador ii^ynodid de Hie Ariobilpado^ (ura del Par- 
tido dt: S- ^lJi;uel XaltorEHj, y Juri Keleimitico de 
el, y I'us anrxfjs (^u^Titithm, j" Tidtitlan^ De Zum-^ 
paliuaeatif (npuluLtc^ y uljora de la Concepcion de 
Otumba, < urn por i>, Al . y .) ue'z Eclc^fialliixi por el 
Ilmr'p. Sr. lir. Don iMiinui'l JolVph iJubio^y Salinas, 
de la Santa Sfde ApcfiolJL'n, dt-l Conlejo de S, M. 
lJi^mlUii]0 Arzobiljto de Mexico. Y la Dedicft al 
Eminenlidicuo ^rhor ^an Carlofl J^ocromeo, Car* 
denaJ de l^anfa J^ri^xede, ^'iu;ilantifImio Arzobilpo 
de Mdiin, (]on Las LieeiiciaB Neccssariafl, 1^ piei. 
ietives and 5-^ pp. Hmuiitivo. {M. 4s. ^S5) 

Bibliotheca Americana. 749 

VENEGAS (Miguel). Noticia de la Californis, y 
de su Conquista temporal, y espiritual hasta «l 
tiempo presente. Sacada de la Historia Manu- 
scrita, formada en Mexico aiio de 1739. por el Padre 
Miguel VenegAS, de la Compaiiia de Jefus ; y de 
otras Noticias, y Relaciones antiguns, y modemas. 
Anadida de algunos Mapas particulares, y uno 
general de America Septentrional, Al'sia Oriental, 
y Mar del Sur intermedio, formados fobre laa 
Memorias mas recientes, y exaflas, que je publican 
juntamente. Dedicada al Rey N '"". Senor por la 
Provincia de MueTa-Klpaiia, de la Compania de 
Jefus. En Madrid : Viuda de, Manuel Fernandei, 
H.D.ccLTii. Three Volumet. Tomo Primero, !» 
pret. leaves and 340 pp. with map at page 1. Tomo 
Se^nda, 4 prel. leaves and 564 /ip. Tomo Tercero, 
4 prel. leaves and 436 pp. with maps at pp. 194, 236, 
and 436. Old calj extra. 4to. (31. 3s. 2736) 

VENEGAS (Miguel). A Natural and Civil History 
of California : Containing An accurate Defcription 
of that Country, Its Soil, Mountains, Harbours, 
Lakes, Rivers, and Seas ; its Animals, Vegetables, 
Minerals, and famous Filliery for Pearls. The 
Customs of the Inhabitants, Their Reli^on, Go- 
vernment, and Manner of Living, before their 
Converfion to the Chriftian Religion by the mif- 
fionary Jesuits. Together with Accounts of the 
feveral Voyages and Attempts made for fettling 
California and taking actual Surveys of that 
Country, its Gulf, and Coaft of the South Sea. 
Hluftrated with Copper Plates and an Accurate 
Map of the Country and the adjacent Seas. Tranf- 
lated from the original Snanifli of Miguel Venegas, 
a Mexican Jefuit, publilhed at Madrid 17d8. In 
Two Volumes. London, James Rivington, 1759. 
Two yolumes. Vol. 1. 10 prel. leaves and 455 pp. 
Frontispiece, map at page 13, and plate at page ^. 
Vol. 11.4 prel. leaves and 387 pp. Frontispiece and 
plateatp.lit. Fine copy, calf. 8vo. (11. U. 2737) 

VERNON (Admiral). A New Ballad On the 
Taking of Porto-Bello, By Admiral Vernon. Lon- 
don: R.Dodsley,1740. 7pp. Folia. (7«. 6d. 2738) 

VERNON (Admibat.). The Genuine Speech Of 
the Truly Honourable Adm IV N, 




730 BibUothena Americana. 

to the Seii-OflrcerHj at & CouDcil of War, Just 

before 'I he Attuek of L" A* Ab coui- 

municaled hy \\ iWlbii of }Jonour then prtfent^ in 
a J^ttHr tu }]in Friends Landon : 'i . Coopt-r, 
M,m:c,iiu< tiixlj-tiitiff iitttj uitd 19 pj>* Utibimnd. 

VERY (A) short and candid Appeal to Frte Bom 
Britons, bj An American, Lvudun : l*nnted for 
the AuT.horp ]^iU[Ci.xxiv« TiUa and 'ifB yp. Signed^ 
* A Caroliiiiatu' liaij murocco. Btw. (4j. 6^. iJ740j 

VKSriJCCI (AMKition). AUjtric^ vofpucci" lau- 
ratio/ pr^tri fmriL^iff^L de m^dicia Salutem pLuriiua 
dicit/ Felix/ Ji'Unii Uimbtrt/ [Paris 15U5] TitU 
with wiUNkutJit^iti'eSj the reverse biank; iejt in 9 un- 
ttutrtikirfd pa^i^^^ hh^uaiiirt a^ fate ^^Pfl ^^ hron^n 
mffTocco eitro^ fiif heitjord, 4to, {^IL 2741) 

VESIMJCCl f AM]itir;o). Di? ora antarctica/ perre-^ 
Hff^m I'ortu^jdlic/ prid^^m inuifULLi./ [CalnphvJi] Im- 
preflum Ar/^Entiitfi per Mathiam hupfuf^'^ M.v^.v*/ 
6 teaven^tL^tlh ujnudcnt oj Jifruresand mips on the title, 
ii^iatiire A* finf Ct'filf uitk ratigh t&nvf, in browilr 
mirrtfivttijtta, btt Bedjttrd. 4to. {211. 2742) 

VESPUCCI (A^iriniciT), Cum Privil^gio/ + Paefi 
Arjijamt'Jkti' n^rouiiti* Et Aouo Mofjdo oft A 
bfirico Tfifputio Fiorentino iiitituLato^ [Cohphoii^ 
C iStampatfj ill Vkeitti/i tu la impMjfa de Mj^V 
lienrko Vici^ntini) : & ddi^eiite cura ik indu/ itria 
de Ziimaria fuo fiol iiA, jM.eccccv^ii. a/ di. iu< de 
Nouembrt'. Cum frcutiit &/ priuilejjfio p ani. i. 
como ni-lhi/ fua l^otlu nppEire : ehe p/ foa del Do> 
miido Ve/ neio iiTi Eirdifea i/ priint^rlo,/ Tif/*, n;- 
vergefilimk ; **rnbiiht Cfmiunis/Oju/i; IVLuutidbuddo 
FVacujj. Ell (uo nmicinhuu luHLiiniLiria/ AuzoLdJo 
Vw:t^nlino. ri// 1 pti^e. Text in ISO kave^, Prima 
lAhro to Lihro Si^xtn^ ii^nulmrs tt (0 1) in fours, the 
last tettf hloitk. 'I'ttn te^ivf^ in Jhfsimiiey viz. I'tiU 
and Itial {etij oj the 'Vaiiie, inontcco. 4lo, ( '■^iL S7'kJ) 

VlCSPtJCCJ ( Ami:]!] [JO )- Cosmof^rnphja?/ Intro- 
dvctio/ cvm c|vihv^/ilaiji Gp^onuVtria/ uc/ Asiro- 
no/miEu ])riiLcJj>ii? ad/ <'um riim neceHsariis/ InfujHT 
quatiui^i* Aiii^rJci/ VvfjMicij n[mi{;atioi]es./ Vdi- 
uerfulis Cormo^i-aphiip [If^rripTiu tarn/ in fotida 
q^AphmOf *Na ctmni iiilVTi!i/ qujit Ptholompo i^ciia 
a tiLi/pt^riN rt^]K!rla funt,/ lJ\s\}iycon* Cum deus 

•^ mi 

Bibliotheca Americana. 751 

•ftn regat, & teme climata Cxfar \ee tellos, nee 
eis fydera maius habent./ 20 unHumbertd leaves, 
$ignatum A, B in 6, aiid C and D in Jour leaves ; 
on the reverse of the title, eommencing ' Uivo Mazi- 
miliano Ctesari sem/per Avgrsto Gymnasivm/ 
TOSagense' etc, ending on the last leaf ' Ha^Olus 
ezequud capita etc. Finis introduciionis.' the re- 
verse blank. Wanting a folded sheet in signature C, 
counted as two leaves, iciih a aoodcut oftSe globe, m 
the reverse, commencing ' Propofitum eft hoc libello 
qoandam Cosmograpnie iutrodu^tione fcribeie: 
qaam nos tarn '/ ending ' fignauimus Ted bsc iam 
miffa facieotes.'/ ' Qrattror Americi/ VespTtii 
Navi/Kationes/' etc. [Coiophoit] Finitfi. iiij. kl. . 
Septe^ris Anno fupra fd'/quimillelim&. vij./ 
\Guatier Lud, St Die] Si unnumbered leaves^ signa- 
tures A (a) to {, the reverse of the last leaj blank. 
Unbound. 4to. (lOi. 10<. 2744) 

VESPUCCI (Amerigo). Cosmography Introdvs/ 
'lo, cvm qvibvs/dam Geome/triiB/ ac/ Astrono/ 
Ue principiis ad/ eam rem necessariis./ Inl'oper 
quatuor Americi Ve:/fpucij nauigationes./ Vni- 
aerialia Colinographie del'criptio/ tam in folido qi 
piano, eis etiam/ infertis que Ptholomeo/ ignota a 
nupens/ reperta iunt./ Distichon./ Cum deus aftra 
reeat, & teme climata Cael'ar/ Nee tellus nee eis 
fydera maius habent./ 18 unnumbered leaves [1st, 
ind, 5lh, and 6th, are oj the first Edition, May 7th, 
150ri] the remainder are of the edition as above. On 
the reverse of the title ' Maximitiano Caesari At- 
gvsto/ Philesivs V^ogesigena.' 4(0v (SI. Ss. 2745) 

VESPUCCI (Amerigo). Cofmographie intro/duc- 
I -tio; cum quibuldam Geome:/trie ac Aflronomie 
^ princi/pijs ad eam rem/ neccffarijs./ Infuper quat- 
tuor Americi Ve/fpucij nauigationes./ Vniuerfalig 
Cofmographie del'criptio/ tam in folido qz piano, 
eis etiam/ inl'ertis que Ptholomeo/ ignota, a nuperis/ 
reperta (unt./ Cum deus aitra regat, et terre cli- 
mata Cefar/ Nee tellus, nee eis fydera maius ba- 
bent./ [Colophott] Preflit apud Argentora,/ cos 
hoc opus Ingeniolus vir Joannes/ griiniger. Anno 

?oft natu fals/uatore lupra felquimiU/leQmfi NoAo./ 
oanne Adelpbo MulichoArgentineii Caftigatore./ 
32 leaves, the reverse of the last leaf blank. Signatures 
AtoF. A,B, U.and E, in ^burs.C tnsix, Fineij/it 
leaves. Fine copy. Unbound. 4t«. (10(. lOt. 2746) 



75'2 BibHotheca Atncricana* 

VESrUCCI (Asif^BJco'f* Paefi nouanipnte ritpouati 
per/ In Nauij^ationt^ di Spa^na in (.'alJcuL Et rln 
Alberyiutio vViputiu 1' iort^titmo ititituLato Mon/iJo 
^Jcll]Cl : Ntuami'nfe JmprflTri*/ \Coittphott\ ^ titam- 
pftta in ygitetia pf>r Zorzi df! Hufcoai miLU-/nHp : 
Nel, M.ccccc.iyiL. ft cji. xviii, Af^olin,/ l!24 unniim- 
^red ifaie\^ uilh wtuttirnt oj ihe Citu *fj Venice on 
the titU ; i^te reverts nj the litst ieuf Ittank; xigmttutet 
A injbury b to q in ti^hlt. Hine mnnjrci} extra. 

ew. {:iu. ioj. ar+D 

VJiSPtiCCI ^AiiLRioo). Pa^^ft Tiouamente iretrauati, 
tic Nouo Mcjild da Aitnirit^o Vefpntio Floi/rediio 
jDtitulatn./ [^C.fyinphott] C ^tnmp:ito in Miiano con 
b i/nm-fiiii de lo. Jacobo fit frateUi da/ Ugnano: 
Ct diii^^pnt^^ cura ic iiiijujirm de loanne Aiig>?lo 
fdnzffn/ ZFilffr: ti+^L M.cccocxii- a di. v. de Maio./ 
TUi.& uUh vtitidciitoJ'jigHfeiy and ihifij^^an the reverXf 
*1hJ]vLi;' *C iMoniiilboddo J-Vjiean/ etc. 7 pji. 
Teil in 79 leavei^j Libtv Friuto to Librs Ses^tit, $igtja^ 
tiiif^ti a. to n inJoiirSf the ttal UaJ blanks Veiium^ 
4(0. {HIL •£743} 

VEHSrL'CC[ (AmriitgoI Vita di Ann^ripo Vespucci* 
jfp. ^-1 — nii. [Ti^/f jHftiiuii i}J * Americ. Vespuccius.' 
lh(J HwnKCu. 4iii. {7i. 6u. 27i9) 

VETANCUnX ^Ai'firsTiN dt.\ Arte/ de lengva/ 
MeJ{iLiinii^/-J» diflpveato-J*/ ['or orden,y lajuidato 
de A. Ji"^" I'h/ Ir. Krfindm.o Trevino, Predica-/dor 
Tli«jlof^o, l*!idn^ de la iantu JVovincia de Bunj:o8, 
y ComUrario/ General de todEis laa de ]ii Ntiotu- 
Klpufia^ y p(jt cl ltr:>-(>r^Hndrt,/ y Veutrable Diffioi- 
torii> dr^ la L'Tovincia d+^l ?^auto Evangelio./ Dfidi- 
cado oJ JiiMiiventvriiflo/ S. Antonio de PadvA,/ 
Tor el P- Yt. Au^uliin du Wiancurt hijo de/ Za 
rtidia Prodncia del h^anto Evanpt'lio, Fredicaddr 
juhiladu, Pi:/ Ir-i^tar dp rheolo;jia, y I'rt'ceptor df? 
la len^ua ^iK-TiiciinEi, Vicario/ de La Capilla de S. 
Josepli dff lus \aTuralea en el Convento/ de N* P. 
H. FrjiTitisrro dti Mexico./ Con lic^ncia^ A/fii™ 
por Fjantifco llodrijj:uPz Lupr-mo. 1675./ 6 utrl. 
leneen; viz. Titfe^ ihe ret:erse blmik ; ' Approbabicn 
del H. V* Fray liaminij de Iti S^ma, *tc. 2 pp; 
' Paret'.T del Doctor, y Mii^'Btro Don Antonio da 
la 'JVjri-'^ y Arellano/ etc. 1 pu^^e ; ^ Licencia dfl 
Ordinuriu,'! pu^e ; ' Ceiutvradti Doctor, y Maestro 

SibliotJieca Americana. 



Doti Vgnacin tic Hoyos, SunEillanti/ etc^ 1 jmge; 
PalBiile de N, M. R." 1^. Proviiwiiil,' 1 pa/^c ' Al 
l^eotor,' Ipn^; ' DpKicstoriii,'3pp: Tai 'VDfoliced 
teavfSj J'at' .iJ; 2 J'tititis li. ^ Instrvct^ion Breve 
P^Tft/ admin lit riLr lod E^^ntoa ii^iu^rnui^tod/ d^ ta 
ConfeflJoD, Liatioo, Mirtrimoiiio, y Vciit-Zoiones en 
1a ta leui^nm Mexjcaaa/ t^jip; 'Cateciauao Mexi- 
cano.' 3 pp. iiu. (5/, 5(. 'iT50) 

fKTAXCL'RT( AvtnETiv tm), Tcitro/ Mpiicano/ 
lie^ri^>iuon Ureve/ de Iob Siivcesaqfl Exemplaree,/ 
Ifistoncos,/ l^oljtiiioa,/ Alilitiires, y Kt^Iigiofos del 
mievo muiido/ Ocffidfntal tleluB Indims,/ Dedicado/ 
AN'^liKjIiidelaquep^dpliuiruioOios hirpofaj/Fadre 
putativo (iel Hijo, ijur «s lllfo del mirrao/ Dioa 
Christo, DioB,y lionilire vtrdadfro,/ Al que con el 
fiidor df f\i rciLro fustent^i al que/ todo lo lulLeatii : 
Al que file Anj^rl de Gufirda lie/ In t'iudati de Dios 
milJi^rotleruOimiipotencinJvnbirmo Jpla t^racin*/ 
IVliiriJi rit.'iicir^i ^%'4^stra./ Al^lariosoPatriarcade la 
casn dt? Diaa Si-nor S. Joscpli./ Uispvesio/ Por el 
B* P^ Frt AvgvHtJu de Vet ancvrtt Mexicuno* hijo 
delamifmu Mroviiipia^ DiKiiidor Ritual , Ex-i^e6tor/ 
de Theologia, IVdicsilor .fiiliilado Uf^iiirnl, y I'u 
f 'hrotiiiirt/ Apoflolico^ VieariCj y (.'ura Almillro, por 
I'll MikgrfCiid, (le/ la Ijrltlin Parrocliinl lie ?. Joseph 
de ios fliattimlfa/deSleiico./ C'ori Lif-eutiadeloii 
Svperiores./ En J1/«iM nor DoFift Maria de Bena- 
vidss Viuda de luaii de ftibera, Aiio de/ 16Et3.y 6 
pre/, (nfiiri, Puf ts 1 uitd y, ti(> fip. iiii;i ItiB p/j; 7n- 
i/i« * pp ; ' Tratitdo de la Ciudad de .Meiieo,' etc. 
b6 pp. Fitliautid hy the tiiie ta the Sectmd Volume ■ 
' Chronirn/ de In/ I'rovincin drf Santo livan^iio/ 
de Mexico./ Quarta parte del 'featro Meucano 
dc los/ fucoelToa Keligiuibs./ (."onijiueatfi/ por el 
Rcrert-ndo Pftdre/ Friiy Au^^ullin de Vetancur^ 
Meiicanc, liijo d« la miiiun/ I'lnvinda, Definidos 
Adltml^ Ki-.Lectorde l"Ltolfbgiftj/ Predicador lt*bi- 
ludo (jcntTal, y fu ChroniAa Appoatolico^/ VicArio 
yCuin Miiiiftro, por I'li MtigrjBiail,/ de la Iglefin 
Parn^f^iiial {lo Sau loaeph/ de Uir Naturalea de 
MoAico,/ ftc. t'on licpficia d<? Ion SvpeHorea./ En 
JHfiicK, poT Dotia Maria de lleiiavides Viuds de 
Iitftn de t^ibera. Ahoile/ 1697./ 6 preL teitves and 
t3B pj> ; * M^^nologio Fraufti^cano d** los varoneB 
niBsaenalrnlos, (jue co» liia viidfui enenipliires,' f(c. 
1 pt^i^w, the rtL^ritr btatihj and 15t> pp* 7ttf> to/i^ni^i, 
l^iUun. i''oiiii. (6(. ie>. (id. ^7^1 1 


734 Hibliotheca Ame^^icunat 

VIAGE, y svcesso delos Cara-yuelonefl, Galeontetpp 
de la guarda de Cartagena delas/ 1 adias^jrfi^ cofia^ 
Yin (^aiidiofa vittona f|ue ban tenido cotra ios 
CoHanos PirataA en aqud ISEur^/ efte aiio 1621* 
loB qualfa tn el hazian grondea rohos, y par efto 
cefTavan W contratacion^a J con K^an dano de 1^ 
co11b8 y rezmoH de tieira iirme./ [CLt^LyjftoH :] Con 
lioeacia^ Imjir^^iTa eD Madrid^ poT la viuda dc Co^e 
Delp:ado* Ano de mil/ y fe^vfcientos y veinte y 
vno.y Cleaves. Haifmor. toiio. {lt.l$ 375S) 

Mondo./ Con Gratinper Anni- xiiii./ mdxxxvi./ 
4 /iff^ /fflo'tf.s ; tii":. Titiej the reverse btattkj *■ A'l I^t- 
toreJ 4/5^* find, a half; Te^t 47 vnnumbered leaws; 
^Capitolo. VJ.' 1 page, the reverse blank. Sigytattirei 
AtoMinfvun, Uaij mor, Ma. (10/. ItJji. tlt^) 

VIAUD (PiEftHF.). The SLipwrtrek and Adventure* 
of Monsieur Pierre Viand, A ^' atire of Bourdeaux, 
and Captain of a SLip, TranllaW from tlie French, 
By flJrs. Griffith, i^ondon^ T* DavicSj hdcclxxi^ 
tii and ^76 pp. Froatispkce. 3ui>. ^4^, 6d^ i754) 

VEITIA LlXAGE(JosErnjiE). The/ Rule/ Efta- 
blifli'd in Spain^/ for the/ '[Vadt?/ in the/ Weft In- 
dieSr/ Being a propter Schenie for DirecV/ln^ the 
IVaftft to tbe/ ^outh Sea,/ Now by Ait of Harlia- 
mejit to be/ Kftabliib'd id Great Britain*/ Tranf- 
lated from the Spanifh by Captain/ John Stevens./ 
To ivhich are Added^/ Tw^o (.lompleat Lists : One, 
of tbe GcmiU Tranfjiorted/ ont of Europe to the 
SpanilhWest Indies^ the otber, of/ CommoditieB 
brought from thofe Parts into Europe*/ Loridon, 
J'rinted for Samuel Cmufh^ at the corner of/ 
Popes-Head Alley in Cornhill./ [1700^] IS prti. 
teaves, find teit 367 pp. Iiidei^ 9 pp. Old calf. 
^ Bvo. {lbs. 2755) 

VIEW (A) of the Depredationa and Ravages Com- 
mitted by the Sjianiards on i\u^. Hrilisb Irade and 
Navigation. Mtyix humbly offer'd to the Confid«- 
ration of the Parliameni of Great Britain. Lt^ndant 
W. Hincbliffe, 17:;i. TitUj ix awd 44 771. Half 
Tjwmcco. 3vo. (5^, 6d. I^Sfi) 

VIEW (A) of the Controversy between Great-Bri- 
laiii aod hiT Colonies : Including a Mode of De- 
ttinnining tbeirprelentDilputeSj FioaBy and Effec- 

nibliothtco, Atnericana, 75a 

tunllj j luid of preveatiDg All Future Contentions. 
Jn a Letter tt> the Author uf u fuJi Vmdiciitiou of 
TheMeuJures of theCongrefs, froni the Calumnies 
ofclieir Euemka. By A. W. Farmer, AuEjiur of 
Free Thou^hm, &c, kew-Yvrkx Prmted by .famiia 
Rivingtotij Ai,D<:c^iJtx[v. 57 j;/?. Half morocco. 
8kp, (7ji. &i, -2737) 

VIEW (A) of the CoiitroT*?rsj between Great- Bri- 
tain Rtid ber Colouio^ : Including^ a Mode of De- 
termiDing their Prefeut Dilj»uti?i(t Kinally unci Ef- 
feftuiLLI^ ; And of preventiui^ u-LI future uontentiou^, 
Ztta Letter to tho Author of A Full Vindication of 
die Meafures of tJie Con^eL^^ from t}it> C'alumnieA 
of their Enemies, Uy A* VV. Fnrnj+T^ Author of 
Fr€>o ^J'hcJuffhtB» ixc. New-York^ Printed: London 
Reprinted llicluirdaon and Ur^uhiLrt^ 1775* Haif-^ 
iitU, titie iJttii f^ jtfi. Btfa, {7i.6d. 27^0) 

VIEW (A) of tht^ History of Great-Britain^ during 
thti Adminii&tration of Lord North, to the Second 
Sefiaion of the Fifteenth Parliament, In Two 
Parts* With Statements of the Public Expenditure 
in then Period. I^ndoji ■ G, Wilkie, mdcclxxxji. 
Titttj. « ami 412 ftp. 8uo. (Sir. 6d. 2759 ) 

Tliii t\nt Pirt mm pjbltiihfil In thft pivr^in;? jv^r^ uiidcr ihe 

TEW (A) of the Btate of Partieis in the United 
3t4te9 of Americu.; beiii^ on Attempt to Aocount 
for tJw? preaetit Aaoendnn(?y of tlie trrneh, or De- 
mocratic Party^ in that Country; tn trto Letters 
to a Friend. My ti. G^atlematj who has recently 
visited the United Statoa. Edinburgh: John Biil- 
lantjrnoondCo. IQli. tlOj^, Qtm. (i4#, 6rf. S76t>) 

"VIEWS of Society and Manners in America; in n 
Beries ni l^^tter^ from that country to a frieiul in 

^ England, Juhn^^ the yeatiJ IDIB^ 181^^, and IBSO, 
lij an EngliahwomanH London : Longman, lU^L 
xand5'£5pp. Half caif. 8tw. {6n. 3761) 

ILBAO (LuTs nE). Sermon de la Fe/ end Solene/ 
y General Avtn, L|ve/ fu Tribunal Sanio ca^lehro 
ea la/ (Jiudnii de Lima./ Kl DominLro tf:roero de 
Aduiento, que fue dia de Santo/ 1 o B as Apqflol, a 
ai* de Di:tiembre, dt> Iti'^a. aTioii./ I^or el Piidre 
Mieftro I'niy Lniflde Vilbao, dj-in Satjm/ ilaOrden 
de Predicadore^T Caliticudor del Ji^o^ito O£-/ci0j j 





756 BihUotheca Americana. 

C&treflatico proprietBrio de Prima de Tpo-/lo^a en 
ta Real VniuerMiid dc Jo» Hejt'S*/ A I Excelen- 
tifTLiuo Sefior U. Die^o FerdinaDdez de C'ordoua 
Mafijups/ de Guadalcazar, Virrey, y Capitaii Ge- 
neral deflofl Ueynofi/ Jl'I Piru, Sac.f Afio de 16367 
Imprenb eii Ltnia ; Con lit'cncia de fii Ejtceleticia./ 
Title attd J'ittived leaver y to IB* Calf eitm h\f Bed- 
^jrd. Krt. (1/, ilfi. M. ^7Gtt) 

VILLAOOISIEZ (Pedro de). Disc^Tsoy Ivridico/ 
aobre/Que pertenece a la DiG;nidad Ar^obilpal, iif 
Kpilcopal, el iJombr^T, y rt'iiiovor low Colecto-/TeB 
delaa Iglefiiis Catedrales da laa Indius,/ Dq depen- 
d^inciadd iloalPa-/troiiaz^o./ Por/Kl ilvHtriSfdmo 
Sefior Don/ Pedro de \'illu^oiiioz, ArtobU'po dc k 
Sauta/ Iglefia Metropotitana de la eiudad de los 
Rt!-/yee, dfl (oak jo de iuj MagelUd./ Cftpitvlo L/ 
HelucioD do] cufu^ inotivoSj intento, y diuirion/ de 
efttv dilcurib.y [£iJ£/J AiiDU[it Deus ]>eir Cliriflum 
Domjiinm iiO'/firuni, Amen. Ljjj^j y l^biembre 10, 
de 1653,/ tWro Ar^obil'po de l,ima./ GOfotioed 
ieuies. 4io. {IL 11^. 6d. 2763) 

VILI,AGRA (Caspar r^F,). Historis/de la Nttva/ 
AJexicr>j dfl Capitan/ Ciajspar dt Villa^ra./ Diri- 
}jid(i al Rcy 1>. Felipe/ nueltro Teiior 1 ercero dtfte 
no nibre . / A lio 1 til 7 Con priv i W^ f^io . / K n j< /co /u , 
iior l.uyfl I\larttjit?z tirandt;-/ A eol'ia de Baptifta 
LofUjK mercador de libros./ [C'tf/u^AuH.] ImprelTo 
en Alcaladt'/ IJenareSjporLQys/AJartineTtGradt*./ 
Ano, J610./ ^4 prfl. kiiviii^ indvdiu^ portrait of 
iiftthor ; Tf\it SU? JoUoed ktives^ and Ctttophan one 
leaf . Blue iinjiocco eilia bif Betijord^. I'erifjine cojuj. 
^m<(U yt*>. 4^ 14*. 6d. H764) 

VJLLE ( Jt.iN Baptiste or). Hiatoire des Plantt^ 
J de TEuroji*^^ et des plus Usite'ea aui viennent 

leurtj Figurea, Itur^ noma, en cjuel temp^ t:lle8 
Beurillent, & le lieu ou elites eroilVtiut* Avoc iiii 
Abr^yis de Itiira ijualite^, ^ de kurs Vertus Ipeci- 
G(|ues. DivUiie en deux Tomfs, & rsTigte t'uivant 
Tordre du Pmux de (jafpard Baubin. A Ltunif 
CliCz ^;icoins i)f^ Vilb'j >j|Jttvii. Tii:o Vatunte^. 
ToiTiij PremK^r* '^^pret. leaven and 44:^ pp^ Tomt; IK 
Tilie tiiid pp. 44.'j — Q66. Table m pp. Old calf. 
Utuu. {L0i.6d. e76j) 


Bibliotheca Americana, 



VINCENT (TrioMAsln An Explicatory Caiechifm: 
Or, an Ejt[iiatiinifln of the A^sumtJlits Shorter 
Caiecliifm. Wherein all (ht^ AnlVers in the AlVflm- 
bliea Catechifm dre Uiken abroad in Under-C^uef- 
tions and AnlWers»tht^ Truth t^xplaioM and proved 
by Ht^nroimiuUScrinlun^ft^vdmlCjirysofronlcienw 
relblv*d I'omp chief Controverfiea in Religion llate^), 
with Argumpnta ug^inft divtifJi tlrrors. LU'eful to 
be read in privet*? KuTnilies, after Exaniinntion in 
theCatechidm itl'elf, for the more clfuimnd thoroUj^h 
underllandio^ of ;vhat in tht^rdn Lij^nmM, Hy 
ThomttB Vincenf^ ffimotimea Minifter of MauJlia 
Milk-llreet in London. Bo^t&rt in Npw-^Kn^litnd : 
Printed for D. Heochfcan, over a^ainU the hriclt- 
Meetincf lloufe in Cornh ill, John Phillipa, ftt the 
Sttitioners-Arms, and T. Hincock, iit the uihle and 
Three Crowns near the Towu-DDeli, 17*29* Tttfe, 
via anti S\b ]ip. V^nw. (IOjt. 6rf. Sfr66) 

NDtCATlON (A) of The Proceedings of The 
'^»astern Association Tn FairJield Comity; and of 
hi* Coujjcil that tt^nfured Mr. White, And dilmifled 
im froni liis Paftornl Relntion to The First Church 
ijL Danbury : In li Lttitir To The Reverend JMr» 
Joseph lieilaipy. In which the ^hole Procefs ia 
fiiirly reprofented, contrary to the falfe Riiprtfen- 
tationa mid abufive Reflei'tionfl cotitiunei in a 
Pftmpl I Jet called A Brief Narrative of their Pro- 
eepdm^, JJy the Committee Of the First Society 
in Daiihury. A>iif-Waucft v Printed by B» Mpcom. 
17t>4. T^jrp. BiJo. {Is.iyd. ^67) 

VIRGINIA. The/ Nevr Lif^/ of Vtrcjineii;/ De- 
dHrinsr the/ former svccesse and pre-Zleiit eftarj^ of 
that jilautrttion, bpinp the iVcoad/ part of Noua 
Britannia./ Publiflied hy the autnorilie of hia 
MskipllieR/ Connfell of Virginea./ l^ndmij Im- 
printed by Felix Kynston for William Welhy, 
dv^ellinj^ at tlW ^i^neof thf* Swan in PimUChureh- 
yerd. 161'^./ Tr/ir (Jdcsipftjfe)irilfttDuiirft.'ptt, poftrait, 
and C(mt iiftn'mi. the ret)frse blank ; ^To the Hlght/ 
Worshipful and/ Worthip Kni<;ht Sir/ Thomai 
Smith of London, Gouernonr of the/ Molooxiia and 
£ait Indie Companie^^one of/ hlA Maieflies Couh' 
"11 for Virj^infa^/ and Treasurer for the Colony ;/ 
pace and health in ChriTt*/ 4 pp. Sig^f.d * R* I.' 
Vi^T *The New Life of Virginea.' tti t?4 tutHum- 

758 Bibliotheca Americana. 

VIBGIMA. A Perfeft Deftription of/ VJrginis :/ 
fiein^j/ A full and true Heliition of the pretent 
Slate/ of tlip I'laiitation, tlicir Health, Peace, and 
Plenty: the numhtT/ of people, witli tJieiT abun- 
dancfi of Cattell, Fowl, rifli, &e* with feverull/ 
fortfi of rich and good CoEumudities, which may 
there he had, cither/ Naturallr, or by Art aod 
Labour. Which we are fain to/ prooure from 
Spain, France, Denmark, Swedeland, Gemflany,/ 
I'oland, yen, from the Kail-Inilies. There/ having 
heen nothing* related of the/ true eflate of tLia 
Planta-/tjon thpfe ^^5 j'eara./ Being fent from 
VirRijiia, at the reijueft ofa Gentleman of worthy 
note, who d*?fired to know i he true State of\'Lr^ima 
as it now ftauds./ Also,/ A Narration of tLe 
Countrey, witiiin a few/ dayesjourney of Virgiuia, 
Welt una by South, where jieople come/ to tnde: 
bein^ related to the Govemour, Sir William 
Berckley,/ who ia to §(0 hiinielfe to difcover it with 
30 horfe, and .lO foot,/ and other things needfull 
for hiB enterprize,/ With the manner how the 
Emperor N ichotawance/ canie to Sir William 
Beret ley, attended with fii^e petty Kings,/ to doe 
Homage, and hrin^ Tribute to King Charles. 
IVitli his folemne Proteftation, that the Sun and 
Moon lliould loie/ their Lights, before lie (or his 
people in that Country), Ibould prove dinoTall, 
but ever to keepe Faith/ and Allegiance to itingf 
Charles./ Ltinilon, Prijid for liichard IVodenoth, 
at the Star under Pctrrs/ Church in Comiiill. 
16^9^1 S prH. Uuves; viz. l.st. nn verio the row' 
arrtii: ^nd, TitUfTtverse blank ; test 19 pp, Mcrxct 
extra bt) Be<lJ'iird,Jinecniiy. ito. {lOt.lOi. S7691 

VIRGJMA. The Case of the Planters of Tobacco 
in Virginia, As reprei'eiited by Themselves ; figoed 
by the PreGdent of the Council, and Speaker of 
the Houfe of Burgi'ffes. To which is added, s 
Vindifation Of the laid Repreietitation. Lpnd0n: J. 
Roberts, 17 J3. 6^pp. Hatjmnr. 8t>o. ^7i.6d. 3770) 

VIRGINIA\. The American Wanderer, through 
Various Parts of Europe, in n series of Letters to 
a Ladv, (Interfperled with a Variety of interesting 
Anecdotes,) By a Virginian. Uabiin, li. Smith, 
HOCCLxxxiii.iriii^SaiJpjD, Igmo. (7i, W. 2!71) 

760 Bthliotheca Americana, 

An Append ix. Contaimrof the Journal of aVoT*ge 
to tht; Nttrlh l^olt^^by tbs lltm^Commodorp Pbipps, 
ajiJ Captain Lutwid^o. Loifdan : ¥. Newbery, 
Mnrct.xjtjv. Ftuir Voiumei. Volume the First, 
Titfcy t pr^L }ip. List of Sufrtcnberx, d pp* Direeiions 
ffi theBtJokbrnderffirpIitcing the phteSf I pti^i ; Tett 
430 pp ; 1 map and 15 phttes. Volume tilt? Second* 
Tilk and 4-40 pp* ft platei* Volume the Third. 
MnccLXXJii. ilii and 470 /ip, 4 Charts tmd 15 
t'lateSy 1 wautitt^ai page :ii^7* Volume the Fourth, 
MJJt'ti.sxtij, litte Hint 30^ PP' The BooknelUr'i 
Adverti^metit, 2 pp ; * Supplement, ccuitftiiiin^ the 
Journal of 'a Voja^e/ etc. Title and 118 pp. 5 
phUitfjnapjaud c}wri* IlatJ'calJ', fito. (iLls^ 2774) 

VOYAGES^ A new CoUection of Voyan;es, Dij- 
coveries and TravpU; Containing AVhaterer h 
vranhy of \oKce, in Furopp, Asia, Africa and 
Amerif^a : In ri^spect to The Situation and Kitent 
of Empires J Kingdoms, and Provinces; their Cli- 
matps, Soil, Produce, &c. With the Mannerti and 
Cufifiins of the fi^veral Inhabitants ; their Govern- 
ment, Pdi^ion, Arts J i^deiicefl, Manufnfturea^ and 
Commerce. The vhole coniiltin^ of fuch Enghsh 
and Foreign Auiliora as are in moft Klieem; in- 
cluding the DoltrijUionJj and Remarke of fome late 
celebrated Tmvellers, not to be found in any other 
CoUe^tioii, llluliriit^d with a Variety of Accurate 
Maps^ I'^aiis^ Eind ckf^aiit eu^raviugp. In SereB 
Volnmea, Limdim : J. Knos, MDCtLxvii, Seitn 
Volumes, \'oh F H pret. iemesund 5it^ pp, VoL U. 
^ prel. ieavfn tiTid 496 pp. Vol. [i\*^prd. leaves and 
520 pp^ V'ol. 1 V. "i prei. Iraves and 4(!A: pp. VoL V. 
S^ prvL kuieaaiiti '\7'^pp. Vol, VI, 2 prel. Uavefiand 
54:3 pf>* Vol* VlF y prel. Uatei and 5^8 pp. Old 
calf. ftLo. (\L lOs. 3776) 

VOVAUKS. Interestiiij^ Account of the Early Voy* 
a^ps, made hj the ]-'ortugu*3e Spaniards, hic. To 
Africa, East and WVflt-lndies. The Difcoveiy of 
Numerous 1 (lands; with P:jrticu|}irs of the Livea 
ofthofe Eminent ^ avif^;itors. Jncludiuff the Life 
and \'oyDo;efl of Columbua. To which H profiled 
the Life of itiat Great Cireumnaviirtiior Captain 
Cook, with pfirtit^ular.H of bis Death. Extracted 
from Dr. Kipps's. London : Printed for the Pro- 

Bibltotheca Americana. 



priPtOMj ]M,p(]c:,.i£p. 13 'prtl, leapei and pp. 7-'i76t 
PJattif arnt jiwps flf pp, 7, 8, IT, S5, A2^ 4<J, 48. t>M 
«{/; 4ifl- (10s. 6ri. 2776) 

ypVAGES. A GeDOTftl Collection of Voyag&a and 
Dist^ovf-fieB, maile hy tljfi Port it (^ii est* and tiie 
5puiiiitr<i8 during the Fiftc^ontb and Sixteenth Cen- 
turies, Cont^inm^ the inte reefing mid entertamin^ 
Voyais^g of the (.-elcbrated tJotitaleK atid Vuz^ 
Ganzatcz Ziirco, LnnKerotn, Dio>i^o (Jill^ Cr^la 
MoRto, Pudro di Sintra, Dio^o d'Azambuza liiir- 
tholomew Dioc, \''ii$L'o de (innrnt Vo3''a^ps to ilin 
Canary Islands, Voyo^^a at' Columbus, Nino and 
Guierra^ Ojeda and VeHnusios Cortereal, AlTiirez 
Cabral, Fraiim Aliut^i, Albu^iuerque, Andrea 
Corsali, Vojapp io SLThoniiis, Vova^^e ofdclSolifl, 
Pinzon^ tie. Voyn^e. of Jobn Ponce, Grijalva, 
Nioueesa, CorteR, Ujt^'da and Qcamiio, Mag;el1an» 
With olher Voyages, to the Jvaftt-lndi*^{^J thti W^^st- 
litdies, llounJ the World, inc. Adorned witb 
Cnpper^Plaies, JVlaps^ ficc. Ltwdtut t \W Iticbard- 
aoUf mdccikIxxix. 5 -pitL iravis ajjd jtp. 7-M0. 
Plates and maps. 4to. {12s, Gd, 3777) 

VUE do lii Colouie Eapa^nole du ^TiaeiEsipi^ ou dv9 
Provincffl de Louiflinn:^ r^t Floride 0«i:Jdt;Titiilej en 
I'Ann^e 1805* Pur un oljsei'vateur naldent pur les 
h'eax : Onrrage a[:c(impa>>ii^ dv deux cartes dres- 
a^-es avec sojn, el arti^ti-ment pravees <?l enlumi- 

ntes. II - Duvullon, Editeur. Parif. 1803. 

u: uvd3\8 pp, Tahlf Abrc^iie 5 pp. Ama an RetieuTj 
6t Errutu et Addiii^ins.. 4 pp. ^'Hh 'i coloved maftt^ 
Hittfcutj: Byo. {5i,6d, ?77a) 


PoAoT of a 

ADSWOBTII fB»»J*«"<). An 
Knkv. for iht? CliBrituble Spteaduig 
of Oit^ Ofmift^J into l^ark I^orant 
Pl«c(«; Being II Sertnon (now fomfi- 
tiling inlarged ) Prj^ftch'd at tlm 
Lfiiure in Holioii, 0*^tob. 16. 1718, 
By Hpiijajuin \\ adln'OTth, A.M. 
Church of Chrift in Boflon, N,E. 
BoUim: Printed by B. Green, for Benj, Lliot, »t 
his Shop. 1718, TiiU and 36 pi>. Unbtiund. 
iSmo. (lOi, 6rf. 9779} 

|^AD.SWORTH (Benjamin). Tlie Gospel not 
Oppofed, but by the Devil and Mens Lulls. A 
I..eilure Scrtnon PrHach'd at Bofton, Jan. B. 171B, 
19. From JJIat. x. 3-1., By Benjamin Wndfworth, 
A.M. Faflorofa Church of Chrift in Bollon.N.E. 
Roitoit, N.E. Printed by H. Grwn, for Bcnj. 

^Eliot,»thiflShop, 1719. 'litte,aHd46pp. Vubaund, 
12™. (lOj, Gd. STflO) 

WADSWOilTH (Benjamin). Vicious CoiirTfa, 
Procuring Poverty, Uffcrib'd and Conjfmn'd. 
A Lctture Sermon, Preach 'd at Boilon, Feti, 13, 
1718, 19. By Benjamin Wadfwortli, A.j\l. Pallor 
of a Church of (lirilt in Bolion, N. E. Bojlnii, 
Printed by John Allpn, for Beujiimin Eliot, at lii« 
Shop in King itrect, 1719. TiileamlXipp. Cnfreunrf. 
ISmD. (IOj. 6J. 3781) 

i'AFER (LtONKL). A New/ Voya^/ and/ De- 
sctiptiori/ of the/ lAhmun of Atnerica,/ Giving an 

-Acconnt of tlie/ Author's Abode there,/ The Form 
and Mate of the Country,/ tlio Coalla, HiUs, Iti. 
vers, &«. V\'ooi1b,/ Soil, Weather, it<!, Treen, 
Fruit, Bcofb,/ Birda, Kilh, Ike./ The Indian In- 

764 Bibliotheca Americana. 

baljitantB^ thpir Featute*,/ Corapleiion, &c. tbeir 
AlannfrB^ (.^i-/ftonis, Kmployiueiitfl^ AlEuriagefl, 
FpjiBts,/ lluiitin^, Computation^ Lau^uag'e, i^^f 
WitL Kf^markdMe Occurrtnces in ths South/ Sea. 
aod dfj^n in-r*?./ By Lioael Wafer, lllultrated 
witlj leveral ( 'opper^r Plates./ l^mdon : PriDted 
for Jaiues KiiapUiu, at the Crown in/ Sl PauFs 
Churcjj-yard, 1699. i 4 preL haven aiui S24 pp. 
Index 14 pp. Boohij etc. 2 pp. Map at page 1, pbiUj 
at pp. ^B, lOS, ^Al. Oldciiif. Bio, {IS^. ^783) 

WAFER ( LioviiO. A Xew Voy^^ and Description 
of the Isthmufl uf America. Giving An Account 
of tlie Author's Ahode there^ The Form and Mak« 
of the CountTj\ the Coalts, ilillay lUvers, &&■ 
^Voods, Soil, W eathi>r, £tc. Trees, Fruit, Birasts, 
liird^^ Fi^h, &c. The Indian Inhabitants their 
Features, Complxioo, &c tlieir Manners, Cutlomd^ 
EmploymeTitSj Watriaffes, Feafts, Hunting, Com- 
putation, LunguA^G, &c. With Remai-kahlc Oc- 
currences in tbe iSoutli-Sea and ellewhere* Bj 
Lionel WKfer. The Second Edition To which are 
added, The Natural lliliory of thofe Parts, Bj a 
Fellow of the Roval 3[>oiety: And Davis's Eipe- 
dilion to the (juid Mines in iros. lllultrated with 
leveral Cupper- Plates. London^ Printed for Jatoes 
Knapton, At the Crown in i^u Paule Church- Yard. 
BincLiv, prei. ttaves and ^i&i pp : Jndtx. 12 pp; 
Map and j piaies. Old v^ij. 8tt». (iSs- 2783) 

WAGFJEXAKR (L.JO The Mariners Mirrorr/ 
Wherein may plavnlv he fnien tlie courfes, heights, 
dilV/tatices, dnptl^Sj roiindiuf^s, flouds and eba, 
rifmij^a of/ lands, rocks, fands and ihoalda, with the 
marks for th'eiii^/trinvs of tlie Harbourou^hs, Ha- 
vens Mild ]*orta of itie tireatelt part of Europe: 
their f^^uerai traficks and commodities: Together 
w/^ thf? Kiiles and inliirumets/ of Navigation./ 
Firll inarlr ix ibt fourth in diners exact Sca-Chaits, 
br that f;imous/ \auii^ator Lvk** Wa^uar of En- 
cliuiiVn And now fitted witli necelaarip/ ailditionB 
for the ulV of Eiifijlinimeu by/ Anthonv Ashlej*/ 
Herein alio may he underftood the exploits lately 
atchiued by t^ie right/ llancrable the L. Admiral 
of Englitd with her Man^'^* Natiie; and fome/ for- 
TOPr I't^ruici^s don hy that worthy Knight/ &^. Fra: 
Drake,/ ILoiiduii^ l^BS.] SI leavci of preiimitiaTif 

BihUolhcea Americana, 


^mnttet, inci-' 'ivrf title, CijprKtpfote mnpt 

il ) Utyt'i'^ " '<i pt'ttHfri mt nii'li mny^ ^^\'\m 

" com) l';ii-i . . .... -iliiniiLTs Minvivri coiiuiin- 

Vordit'rn uriil V.iuUnv Niivii^iiuii :,' vj]^» Krum thtt 
BUvi^ltts botwtit^n Uotjtfr utui L'niU^, itnV t^oasta of 
Xji^LiiniU SciNiJuiid, ^'o^l^'[lyt IliTKlt'ii^ ^'ut^/laud 
ttrtli n\l tlit^ louuda of C^umurk ^ llir U:iUicl/ 
I tiiito Wiliiir);)) mid ttn' Nnruf/ W iili ilicir )iar- 

P'^tV'/ tiUf nud f\ipftfrptntr mufti J tci XXllI^tcifA 
■m^i-^/j£ji>n prittttd mi rtich luttp. And It tinftv^fiiule 

- -' . \ ' ■ - -If ^ff^^ 

.'■■■■, '- 

Whi. ' \jK i.^. oil. ^784) 

LLKER (Hov»i\t>Frv^^ A Jnijr(t>L) ; Or f^ill h\c> 
ouut Of Ujk livt« K]E)x;ditiaii tt> ^ ahikIb. ^\ itb an 

Council* of W Kr, Ai?. n^liitiu^ tlwri'to, 1!^ Sir 
HoTpttdi'ii U'ullier, K'. l.otMlon : I'rinfid tor 11. 
Browtii^ nt ibr Bljick.Swjm^ W. Meftrs tti tli« 
Ijunb, wiilioul Ttmidi.- Unr.diiil (j.iSi™liiu» nt tint 
"jdldi'n Unll a^itinli tlit' h;ti-1>tiiiK<' >» CornhtU, 
^ ptet, ItaMiand tiit 30-1 jifi. DM cult', 

{II. Is. ~27B5) 

ILKEtl (Jt»r«). LiTltt'rs on tiic Wmt loilirs. 
Bjr Jani'^n AVuJIcer. Imidon: Rt-sl Fi^ujitir, tHlfJ. 
ii>t ait(/ '-'tla t'p. Bto. ( U. <id. vm) 

A.\CK (KnivAtiiiJ.) Tlip Ori'i^in Qurstitm 
cntiined hy llit- UuLes of Intenmhoiml I .aw. 
|i)j Ktl«"iml J. \V«lUiii.', M..i,, t!iirni>U'r-(it-L«w, 
[ItMtibikf. Laiidim: A, Muwetl & i^o^, IS-IA. SS 

•LKH (WijiMMi. Aii^ l:isiiy,' on t!if I V»lup 
of tlie MiiKH,; Uir of fir fjirtiiTv I'ricf.y Hy 
rVflliiiin ^\ ^lltTf f f<'nt.i' iiVif^vHrU of llii* ft^d 
lUu'S (' VVm (or till' jirivati; StiiiadimoTi of/ all 
rartnprf.; l.undi'u:; I'riitvni in the Ymw, 
MlK'JtrviM.y VI prtl. UinTTij ititd .'>.'> pp. tilth Urn 
' Midi; lAivfi, tiiM a HiWirut /i/um ii; t'oi.w, OW nit 
Mvcco, put citpy. Um. (l:!i.t>(l. t^US) 

I bK (TiinuAs), Florti C»rol<it», ti>ciintluiu 

766 Bibliotheea Americana. 

STstema Vegetabilinm Perinustiis Linnai di- 
gesta; Characteres essentiales Naturalesve etdif- 
erentuus veras exhibens ; cam emendationibTia 
nnmerosis: Desciiptionam antea erolgatanm; 
Adumbrationeg stirpium plus mille contineiu: 
Necnon, generibus noris non paacis, speciebiis 

Slurimis novisq. Omata. A uctore Thomas Waltei, 
igriola. Lmdini : J. Fraser : M,DCC,i,iiXXvnu vlii 
andteSpp. PlaU facing iUle. Svo. {7i.6d. S789) 

WANSEY (Henry). The Jonrnal of an Excimion 
to the Umted States of North America, in the 
Summer of 1794. Embellished with The Profile 
of General Washington, and an Aqua-tinta View 
of the State House, at Philadelphia. By Hem; 
Wanse;, F.A.S. A Wiltshire clothier. Sali^ry: 
J.Easton; 1796. xiii pp. half-title and 290 ]fp : In- 
dex, 13 pp : Errata, 1 page. Projile facing title, and 
plate at page 131. Bm. (6s. 6d. 3790) 

WARD (Nathaniel). The/ Simple CoWer/ Of/ 
Aggavram in America./ Willing/ To help'mend 
his Natire Country, la-/mentably tattered, both in 
the upper-Leather/ and fole, with all the honeft 
ftiches he can take./ And as willing never to bee 
paid for his work,/ by Old EngUfh wonted pa^./ 
It is his Trade to patch all the year long, gratis./ 
Therefore I pray Gentlemen keep your porfes./ 
By Theodore de la Guard./ London,/ Printed by 
John Dever & Robert Ibbitfon, for Stephen Bow- 
tell, at the/ Cgne of the Bible in Popes Head- 
Alley, 1647./ 3 prel. leaves ; viz. Titk, the reveni 
bUnJc; ' To the Reader.' 1 page ; Tei(, 80 pp. Fine 
large and clear copy, with rouifh leaves. Morocco 6jf 
Bedford. {51. 5s. Others 31. 3s. and il. 3s. 3791) 

WARD (Nathaniel). Another copu, very fine, « 
calf extra by Bedford, having on the title-page the 
autograph of White Kennet. {51. 5s. 2793) 

WARDEN (D. B.) A Chorographical and Statis- 
tical Description of the District of Columbia, the 
seat of the General Government of the United 
States, with an engraved plan of the District, and 
view of the Capitol. Paris : printed and sold by 
S mith. Rue Montmorency. 1816. vti and 313 pp. 
Index, 2 pp. Plan at page 1. Plate at page 34. Calf. 
8w. (12s. 6d. 2793) 

Bibliotkeca Americana. 7G7 

WAEREN (Gkoiick)' An Im^iurtiaJ/ DescriptioD/ 
of/ Surinam/ upot]/ Tht? Continent of Guiarts/ 
in/ America./ \\ixh ei Hillory of feveral Itriinge 
BtaiU, Birdflj/ FilljeJ*, SerpcntiSj IiiA^cU, and V\i{'* 
tonus of/ that Colony, ikc.f Worthy tlie iV^rufal of 
all, from the experience of/ George Warren (J ent,/ 
LfyadOTij Printed hy VVLniam fiodbid for NathB.mei 
Brooke/ at ihu Angol in tfrcllisim-Colk'djijr', in thp 
lecond yard/ from Bithoplgate-llrept. 1667./ ^ 
preL ieavtS ; uiE* Tiik {he rertrAf. blank. * To the 
Rcader.'2p/J. /Vjf,ytJjjp. 4te. {11. iU. GH. ^9i) 

WASHINGTON. The Campaigns of the British 
Army at Washington and i\ew Orleans, in the 
Yeart 1814-1315. Hy tln> Author of thu i^ubjiUern. 
Fourth Edition^ corrected and revised, London: 
Jobn Murray J Moccf^xxsvt, ivarui 3^9 pp. Ciotk. 
UncaU lamfl. (Js. 6tL Sr?95> 

WASHINGTON (Geohoe), The Journal of Major 
George Walliington, st?nt by the Hon. Robert 
Dinwiddie, Kfi ; Ills Majeily's Litutcniint-Go- 
vernor, and Commander in Chief of Virginia, to 
the Commandant of tlif^ French Forces on Ohio. 
To which ar«^ add<'d, the GoVf;riior's Letter : and a 
translation of tlie French Olficer's AnlWer. With 
a New MapoftheCountrj[L*fUr a^s thii Mij^i^i.ssippi. 
VVilliamsburgh Printed^ Lonfiun^ Reprinted for T. 
Jefferys, siuccliv. S2 ]jj}. With {he map, Jfnif 
moracco. Sco. (1^ is. ^796) 

WASHINGTON (Gf-nnotO* letters from General 
Washington, l^o I'cvcrul t)f his Friends in the Year 
1776- In which are set forth A fairer and fulltr 
VJ*?Tr of American Ptilitk?^, Ihan ever yt^t trans- 
pired, Or the Public could be made acL]uainted 
with through any other t-hannel. Lotnlfln : J. Bew, 
M,DCO,Litivii. TiiU, find 7.^ pp* Half mfrroccii, 
Gvo. (tOs.6d. ^797^ 

WASHINGTON (Geohc^e). A Pontical Epistk to 
his Excellency George Wasliint^tou, Esq. Citm- 
mander in Chief ot' th^ Armies? of the United 
States of America J from An Inhabitant of the Stale 
of Maryland, To which is annexed, A Short 
Sketch of General W'Mahinfjton's Life and t!Jta- 
racter. Annapolis Printed 1779 : Liwdim: lie- 
printed for C, Oilly, MDtt:^xxx. '^4' pp. Uiibtunni. 
4^(K {l\)s.6d. '^7')^) 

768 liibUoiheca Americana^. 

WASHINGTON (G^mic.F.). A Mfssa-^e of the 
Pr^aideut of the Lnitj'd ^tatoe to t'on^ress relative 
to France and Grciit-Britiiiii, Delivered Decembt^r 
5- 17^3. With the Pjiptrra therein reft'Tred to* 
Uo which are Eidded tht^ Fremdi on^inals. Pub- 
lished hy ordtrr cf the Jlouse of Ileprt?sentatives. 
Phitiidftfihia: Printed by Childs Hlid Swnme. 
M,DCL-,xciii* 10:1 pi^. haljmor. Bm. {iQs.6d. £799) 

\VAST[lNGT0N(GEOftni.:). Official Lettcra to the 
Hoiioi'iible AmericflTi t'ori^resSj Written during 
the War between the Ignited C'oloniea luid Great 
J^ritain, by hi» Excellency, George Washington, 
Conimrtnder in Chi^f of the CoiitiiLenfal Foixies, 
now President of the United States. Copied by 
Sj>ecijil Permifficin from the Original Papers pre- 
served in the (^rfice of the Secretary of State, 
Philaileljdiia. j^ondon: Cfidell Junior and Davids, 
1795^ iv:o Vfiinme^'t. Vol. 1. viii and jC4 pp. 
VoL Ih iUij-iiik^ iiiUj and 3S4 pp. Uncut, 
^tio, (lOi. Gd, 2»00) 

WASHINGTON (Gj-oncE). Memory of Wash- 
ington : Coinprisincf a sit etch of his Life and Cha- 
racter; and the National Teetinioniiils of llespecL 
Also, 11 collection (*( ^^^l^>^ief4 and Orsitions. With 
a copious App<'ndiA. AVupjirf* K.I. Printed by 
Oliver Fa rns worth. IflOO. '^46 yp. Sub^ribers' 
WatmrSj 6 [fp. PottmU tj G, WakhittfiUm^ Cat/, 
l-iino. \10i.6d. SBOl^ 

WASIllXGTOX (Gfen<;iO. I.ctters from hia Ks- 
celle^bty (Itriiernil Washington, to Arthur Youug, 
Ksq. F.R.S. Cnntatninji^ iui Account of his Husi- 
bauJry^ with a Map of hiw Fftrtrti his Opinions on 
various Questions in Agrieulturc; and manr par- 
ticulars of tin: Rural Economy of the Onited 
Stati-H. Liwtton: ii. M'iMilhin, im>l, vi und 173 
pp. H'iih tht> mttp. Bto. {Is.Gd. 2802) 

WATERTON (CnAui.fs). Wanderings in Soutli 
Anieficii, the North-West of the United States, 
and tlie Antilles, in the year^ WV2j 1816, IB'^U, 
and Id^k ^\ ith orii^inal instructious for the per- 
fect preaervLition of hirds^ ^;f:, for Cabinets o) 
Watunil History. IW t hiirh.s Wttterton, Esq* 
IrOtt{Uyn : J. J\l;iwmaiij Irttd.^. tiiand S'^dpp. Plate 
faciiig title, Lat^e paper, ^Hq, {7i, 6U. 280:1) 

Bibliotheca Americana. 769 

WATTS (Isaac). A Guide to Prayer. Or, A Free 
and Rational Account of the Gift, Grace and Spirit 
of Prayer, With plain Directions how every Cnrif- 
tian may attain them. By I. Watts, D.D. The 
Eighth Edition Correfled. Boston : Printed by J, 
Draper, forD. Henchman inCornbil. Moccxxxix. 
Title, X and 328pp. Tutfe 4pp. 12nu>. (K.ls. S804) 

WEBB (John). The Young-Mans Duty, Explained 
and Prefled upon Him. In A Sermon From 
Eccles. XII. I. Preached to a Society of Young 
Men, On a Lords-Day Evening : And now Pub- 
lilhed at their Kequefl. By John Webb, A.M. and 
Pafior of a Church of Cbirift in Bofton. Recom- 
mended bT the Reverend, Increase Mather, D.D. 
Botton: Printed by S. Kneeland, for D. Hench- 
man, at the ('omer Shop over againft the Brick 
Meeting-Houfe. 1718. T itU, ii pp. and wanting all 
after page 32. Small Svo. (8s. 6d. 2805) 

WEBSTER (Pelatiah). Political Essays on the 
Nature and Operation of Money, Public Finances, 
and other Subjects : Publilhed during the Ame- 
rican War, and continued up to the prefent Year, 
1791. By Pelatiah Webster, A.M. Philadelphia: 
Printed and sold by Joseph Crukshank, No. 91, 
High-Street, m ccc xci. viii and 504 pp. Half 
caff: Svo. (as.6d. 2806) 

WELCH-COBLER. The honett/ Welch-Cobler,/ 
for her do fcome to call her/lelfe the fimple Welch- 
Cobler:/ Although her thinkes in all her/ Con- 
fciences, if her had as many as would Hand/ be- 
tweene Paules and Sharing-Crofle that her have/ 
not fo much wit as her Prother Cobler of A-/merica, 
yet her tbinke her may have as much/ knavery ; 
and though her have not fo much Creek,/ which her 
holds to be Heathenifli ; nor Hebrew,/ which her 
holds to be Shewifli Language ; nor/ Latine, which 
is the Language of Rome, yet her/ fliall endever 
her felfe to teuver her felfe in as/ cood Tialeft as 
her can for her hart plood, for the/ petter under- 
fianding of all faer friends and kind/red, whether 
Comro or Sil's, wherein her (hall/ find variety of 
connfells, profitable inftrudions, feafonable cau- 
tions, to prevent tangers that may come/ upon all 
her countrymen here ; Her alio fliall find fome/ 
truth, little honelly, fome wit, and a creat teale of 

* Se 

770 Bihliotkeca Americana. 

bna-Zverie./ Hy Shinkin ap Slione, ap Griffith, «p 
Gearard^ up Shiles, ap/ bholVjph, ap Lf!wia, ap 
Laurence^ ap Kichard, ap Tho'/ma^, ap i^he^re, 
ap i^lieaniea, hii 'Xa&i;, ap tlarie,/ All Shentleman 
in Wules./ (l-ondott] Printed Ijy M. Shinkin, 
Printer to S. TafGe, and/ are to be Lbid at tlie Signe 
qf the Goat on tbe/ Welch Mountaine. 1647,/ 8 
pp. 4to. (1(. Is. 2807) 

WBLD (Isaac), Travels through the States of 
North America, and the Provinccfl of Upper and 
Lower (!!anada, durine the Years 179.^, J79ti, and 
J797. Hy Isaac Weld Junior, Illustrated aad 
cmbrllishcd with Sixteen Plates. Loadoti: Jobo 
Stockdak^, 1799. iiiu anrf 454 p;). BoakSj etc. Bpp, 
' Krraruni.' puited at the itfltiotn itf the tiii of piatti^ 
With the. 16 ]iLi us. Hiilfciitj. 4W. (lOs. SJ, S30B) 

WELD (IsjiAc). Travels through the States of 
^orth America, and the Provinces of Upper and 
Lower (.lanada, during the Veans 1795, 1796, and 
1797. Hy IsJiac Weld, Junior. 1'hird Edition. 
Ulufitrated and embellished with sixteen plates. 
InTwo V^olumes. hmtdan: John Stockd ale, 1800. 
Tv:» Viiiuwei, \iA.\.ijand 4^7 pj>. 2 mapt flTid 
9 pistes. Vol, II, tiiii and 376 pp, 5 'plates. Half 
calf. Bi!o. (Ti, 6d. a&09) 

WELD (Isaac). Travels through the States of 
Worth America, arKl the Provinces of Upper and 
l^wer Canada, during the Years 179:>, 179fi, and 
1797, By Isaac Weld, Jun, Fourth Edition. 
Illustrated and Embellished witli Siiteen Plates, 
In two Volume*, London: John Stockdale, IBOT. 
Tu'i) Voliimes. \'o\. 1. ii iind 4^r pp. *i maps and 
9 JilaUs. Vo!, II, Dili uji(/ 376pp, 5 plates. Half 
aitf. Bid. (7s. M. 8810) 

WELDE (T.> A/ Short Story/ of the/ Rife, reign, 
and niine of the Antinomiann,/ Fajnilitts & Liber- 
tines, that infetled the (JburcUes/ of/ Kew-Eng- 
Zand :/ And how they were confuted by the 
Alletnbly of I\li-/nifters there: As alfo of the 
Magilirates proceedings/ in Court aeainft them,/ 
Togethcrwith Gods ftranj^e and remarkable judge-/ 
ments from Heaven upon Ibme of the chief foraentflra 
of/ ihel't' Opinions ; And the lamentable death of 
M». Uutchifun./ Very Gt for thefe times; hero 

BibUotheca Americana- 


eing the fame errours anion|i;fi/ iid, and aited bj 
the lame Tpirit,/ Pubhihad at ilie inibnt requeft of 
fundrjt by one that was an eye/ and eure-witnefle 
of t]ie curriiL^e of mattei^ theiy,/ Ltindon^l Frio ted 
for Ralph Smitti at ttie fij^no of the Uible in Corn- 
hiiy neare the Hawaii Eicbaoge. 1644,/ 10 pM. 
Uawt; vi%^ Title in a meiat twe harder^ the retwrse 
bluKk; 'To the Reader.' iVii<d 'T. W," 1 pa^. 
•The Preface.' %n((i'T. Welde.' 16 p/i; Teit 66 
pp. Catj tiira bjj liedfard, 4(o. (Sl.tS^.tU, 8811) 

WEMMS(WiLLiiM). The Trial of WaiianiWerams, 
James Hartef;an, William M'Cauley, Hugh White, 
MatJiew KiUroy, Wilhaia Warren, John CaiTol, 
and Hugh Montgomery, Soldiers in his Mrtjeftf'tt 
S9tii Regiment of foot, For th« Miirderof Crifpas 
Attuok^^ SiiTnutl (-'ray, Samuel Warerick, .lamea 
Caldwell, and Patrit^k Carr, On Alonday Kvening, 
the 5lh of March, 1770, at tije Superior Court of 
Judicature, Court of Adiie, and general Goal 
Delivtify, held at Boston. The i7tL Day of No- 
vember, 1770, by Adjournment. Before tbtj Hoa^ 
Benjamin Lynde, Johu Cubbing, Peter Oliver, and 
Edmund Travrbhdge, Esquires, Juatici^s of ftiiii 
Court. Publilhed by PermiOion of the Court. 
Talten in Short Hand by Johtj Hodgson, tiosttm: 
Prioted by .P. Fleeuiiuit, and ibid at his Printing- 
office, nearly opjxifito tho White-liorfe Tayern in 
Newbury.ftreet. jj,ncc,LXi. 917 pp. Ctiif extra 
by Bedford. 8i'u, (IBs. SBIS) 

WESLEY (John). An Old Foi Tair'd and Fea- 
thered. Occasioned by vrhat is called Mr. John 
Wesley's Calm Addrel^ to our American Colonies. 
By an Hanoverian. A Calm Addrefs to uur Ame- 
rican C'olonieA. London i Printed for the Author; 
[1775.] 16pp. Haljtaor. Sl-u, [is.6d. 2813) 

jfESLEY (John). A Calm Address to our Ame- 
picon Colonies. By John Wesley, M.A. London, 
fR. llawes, [1775.] 23 pp. Halfmarwce. 
18tno. (4i. fid. 3814) 

WESLEY (Jons)- A Calm Address to our Atue- 
rican Colanies, By John Weelev, M.A. London: 
R. Hawcs, MDCCLiJtv. S3 jjp. Half morotca. 
iSim. (3s. 6d. 8815) 

WESLEY (Joitjt), A Calm Addrtsl to our Ame- 


772 Bibliofheea Amet'ieana, 

ricui Colonies. By John Wesley, M.A, A New 
Editian, t'furt^cted, aad Knlargecf, hatidtnty Robert 
Hswes, [1776.] '2i pf. l^mo. (4t. (id. 3816) 
WKSLKY (JuifN). A Cnlm AddrefB to the Inhalii- 
tanW of England. By John Wesley. Lundon: 1, 
Fry aad Co. M.oct;.LXxvii. SI pp. ilalfmDriiaii. 
ISmo. (.Is. 6d. 2817) 

WKSLF.V (Jon^). Some Oheerval ions on Liberty: 
Occafioned by a late Tract, ily John VVealey, 
M.A. L<p)i(/ipii, R. Ilawes, 1776. 36 jt}/. HalJ mt- 
rncctl. ISmo. (3). 6rf. 2816) 

WKST ( JoKTii). The SuliEit&nce of a Journal darja^ 
a residence at the (led Kivi'r Colony Hritisb Nortli 
America : And frecpent excuraionfl atnon^ tlie 
North Wi4it American Indians, in the years 18^0, 
lUai, lB2i!, lBi!3. Second Kdition, enlarged witli 
a Journal of a Mi^niyn to the Indians of New 
Jirnnswick, and Nova Scotia^ and the Mohawlij 
on the Uuqe or (rrand River, Upper Canads. 
1K'JS-1B^6. Hy John West, A, M. Laie ChaDlain 
tu the Hon. Tht.' lludscin's llay Company. L. B. 
Sefdev and Son, Ltyttdon* uncccxxvii. ivi and 336 
H>. '(\'ith /i flaier., Clidh. Btm. (a*. 8819) 

WEST INIJIA COMPANY. Nader Prolongstie 
van het Octroy vuor de Westindisehe Compagtiie. 
en vni\ de ei.'riht prolongatie ran dim, voor deji 
tyd van noj^ derti^ jaart^n. Gearrefteert den 8 
Au^^tliy 17;.k). In ^s Gfitnenhagef ily Jacobufl 
Wtheltus, Anno 1730. 2U jtp. CulJ, tiy J/ajdajr, 

iti). (10(. 6d. aaao) 

WKST-IXLJIES. Wcft-vnnd Oft Indifcher/ Lufl- 
^^trt:/ HiiP ill,/ l^ygeiiiliche Erzehlung,/ W^im 
vnd von viem die News Welt eifun den,/ befiigdt, 
vnd eirjj^enomiueti worden. vnd was iich Denclc-/ 
wiirdijj^fl darbey zujjfetriif^en./ Neben Hefchrei- 
buiiR allur dert>n Landfchafften,/ Infeln, Vblcker, 
Thii'j'i'M, Friichlen, Gewiichff^n, Ibf beydes in 
WelUvnd Oil Indien in finden./ Wie atjcb Ver- 
faffiin^dFT f lirnenibften SchiHahrten fo/ nichtallein 
diihin, fonderen aiicli vnih dir; eantzc Welt voa den 
Sj)ai/niei'en,Kii^'elliinderen, Iiolltinderen, &c. ver- 
richtiT/ warden./ Aulz ^laubwijrdig^en bchrifften 
Kiiliinien jteii'f([-n,/ (Jedruckt lu Cellen,/ I)«y 
VVilhdni Liitienkirclten,/ Anno kdcxvhi./ 4 

Bihlloiheca Americana* 773 

prtL inavtii; vh, TUUf thf. rmvi'^ hltink. * Dem 
HocliTviitdigtfn inGott Vnttpr vnnd Herren, HerreD 
liuj^ont/f^if:. '^Pftf n't^njfti * (JilphiT Ena L, Wilhelm 
LutBf^nLirphiin, * Art df-n GiinJhf^f^n J.*?{c'r/ S pp: 
Tfjt^ 4:.ifi np. * Dea Ofl tndilcli*?ii Lu%[iri/teiis/ 
KrllerTheJ:/'a;Wpp* yeliuja. Mo. (*/.2j. S0S1) 

KST INDIES. r^WjKti titU^ WtsMndiscV/ 
Spie^l^y V ^jFf*/ffFrrf(iw» Hv lirocr lanfa. endt? 
Iac()b Tietfrfz* VVachfer, Uoc?pk-/rercoopar op 
I Dnm, indK^ Wuchter. Anno l(>'i4./ r/']jiffraiifd 
jQ Weii-I^difclitY Snii^j^b^l^/ Wntr iiuit^ meu 
I kan,/ AlU^ tie Kylmjaeu, Provinuen, Ijint- 
(hhajipen^ litt/ Muchtiffti K^vck von Meiioo, «a 
'tCJout/euftilvi^r-rjckeLandt van Peru./ Tfiimpt/ 
Ut^ Courlefij iJaveriHi, KUppPTi»/ Kocipmnnsehap- 
wn, ^Tf . Too Wfil inde? Ntiort aJa in/ a^ Zuyt-i^. 
AIh mndt.* Iioo die vRudef iSpimJnei'don ticrlt ^i> in- 
Todeert Cyn,f Donr/ Athnnaajum In^^/ Peruaen^ 
v^nCtiff.fhf ^pmLi^ven; i\k.En^afetinndpntii«<i 
tiltea^ 'Ttm w/^lR'n-iJniif*' 4 ppi T^xi 435 pp. 
' Rf^gillpr dps Moec]tH;*7 pp. t ftw^jj^ *t Noorder 
(]<^e1 van Wf'flt IiidiPra * am^ H Zuyd^r d^el viui 
Weat-fiidifm.' VHhtm. AtQ. (iMls, 6(£. SB^iS) 

ETMOllE (Jy^wtfl). A yUidicatJoji of Tbe Pro- 
frHbrs ot' riie CKurcJi of Knt^Iiind m ConnediJcuU 
AgoiTtft The Invp^tire^ coiitninGd in a Sermon 
pivacJu^d at Sunford hy Mr, Noali Hobiirt, D*!!C» 
31. 1746. In 11 J.Ktur to ii tVii^iid. Ely James 
Wetniore^ A.M. il^^ttor of the Purilli of Rve^ aad 
MiHioioriry from ihw vanerablo i^oeii?ty for ujo Pro- 
piigiitioii i>f tbe Gofjjf^l in forei|t:n Parts, Btwfon ; 
PJ» E, Printed and Sold by Koj^fom and Fowle in 
Qneen-ftraet. jkdccxlvu, 'lo pp* ^falf mm-occn, 
&va. (IOj. (id, ljfi93) 

HAT Mtitit ye of the Con^reas imvrl Or, an En- 
qutry, liuw mr the AmciricanH Are bound to iibide 
hy, And i^jtficuti*, thi? D^^ciAJrjnR of tUe late Conti- 
nental Ton^^reetf* Witjj a Plaii, UySutnuel GuUo* 
w»y, Ef(|; for a Propoat^d Union bfltween Great- 
BrxtdJn and iLe Coloni^'s, I'o wbiob \i added. An 
Atiirtn to tbf J^tjfrifiliituri.* of tiiH Provinw^ tif New- 
Yortt Ocfiufionefl by the in^XcuX Political Difl- 
turbancefin Addretted to the. Kt'presentittiTefl in 
CedfTut Aasftdbly convem^d. New Yort^ Printed 
hy J* lUviu|;Lon : Latnionf Reprinted for Ricban)- 

774 Bibliotheca Americana. 

son l^rquJiart, 1775, TitU and 90 pp. Half irui- 
Tocca. BfP, (7(. 6d. g821) 

WHEATLEY (PhiilisI. Poems on various sub- 
iectfly reli^ous and moral. By PhilliB Wheatlcy^ 
^cs"^ Servant to Mr. John M hpatlej, of Boaton^ 
in Ntw Kn^land. J-andtiri: Printed for A. Bell, 
Bookliiller, Aldgatc ; and fold by M«i&a. Cox and 
Berry, King Street, Boaton. hdcclxxtit. 124 pp. 
ConUnUj 3 pp. With froniiipUce portraits d/f. 
B™. (10). 6d. «8e5) 

WHEELOCK (Eleazab). A plain and feithfiil 
Kairative of tbe Ori^nal Defif^, Rife^ Pro^reft 
and profent Statj.^ of llie Indian Cbarity -School At 
Lebanon^ in ConnectiouL Hy Eleaiar Wheeloct, 
A.M. Pastor of a Church in Lebanon. Btitm: 
Printed by Richard and Samuel Draper^ in tie^- 
buiy-fiieet. m.dcc.lxhi. 55 pp. Ifatf nutroaii. 
a™. (Tt. 6d. S&16) 

WHEELOCK (Eleazab). A Brief NaTrativs of 
the Indian f'harity -School, In Lebanon in Con- 
nctlicot, New Knglsnd. Jounded and Carried on 
b^ Thut faithful Servant of God The Rev. Mr. 
pjleazar Wheelock. London: J. and W. Ob™r, 
asDCCLXvi. 4ftpp. Halfmor. 8™. (5£.6<J, iSS?) 

WliriAKF.R (NATHAjiiirL). Two Sermons: On 
the Doctrine of Reconciliation. Together witii 
an Appendix^ in answer to a Dialogue wrote to 
discrr'dit tilt' main Truths contained m tlicse Di>- 
couraes, liy the Reverend William Hart, Of Say- 
brook, in (.'Onnecticut. Pj Nilthanael VVhitaker, 
D.l). Minifter of the Gofpel in Salem, in MasAa- 
chusctts- Hay. Soiam, New-Kngland : Printed by 
Samuel Hall, in the main Street, mucclkx. 168 
pp. Gtiii. (Gs. M. geSB) 

WHITBOURNE (RienAnn). A/ DLwovrse/ and 
Discovery/ of Ncvv-fovnd-land, with/ many res- 
fons to prooue how worthy and he-/neficiall a 
Plantation may there be made,/ after a far better 
manner than/ now it is,/ Togetlier with the Lay-/ 
ing open of certaine e»or-/mitics and abules com- 
mitted by feme tJiat trade/ to that {^^ountrey, and 
the meanes laide/ downe for reformation/ thereof./ 
Written by Cajiiaine Richard Whitboume of/ Ei- 
mouth^ in the County of Deuon, and pub'/liHied 

Bihliotheea Americana. 


"by Autliority./ Impriin^d at Landaa "bj Felix 
KyngftnK, for/ Wiiliftm Bsrret. IdSO./ y prcJ. 
teavei ; viz, TitUji>n the ivvf rii tht rfiyul arms; ^To 
th^ i^igli/ fvnd Mightiii PriDce,/ Inmes, tij the 
trrtice of/ God, King of Great brittaitie, France/ 
and IreUiid, Defender of the/ Faith, itc.'/ (A3) 
4jip ; iigjted * Richnrd Wliitbuvme.* *To his Ma- 
irfticB good/ Subiflttj.' (B) 4 pp: signid ' H. W.' 
' The Prefiice be-/iiig an IndTOtiou to/ the follow- 

ing Difcourle.'/ <B3) 8 ji/). ih italia ; Teit, (D) 

') Tpp.J'otlDictd bif(ntehlankf 

the Header, contftitting/ 8 piirticular Defefiption, 

and relation/ of fome things omitt^^d in ti^e for-/mer 
Dilconrfe// *i pp. Fine capy^ in ajt/eztfiij fc-v Bed.- 
Jard. ilo. ' (41, 4s. SO'i'J) 

WHITBOIIRNE (Richard). A/ Dincovrae/ And 
DijHmvery/ of New-found.- land, with/ many rea- 
fona to prooue how worthy and hpne-/ficiall a 
Plantation inaj there be made, after a far/ better 
maaner than now it is./ Together with the laying/ 
open of certuine enormitipe/ and ahufea committed 
by tome that trade to that/ (.'oimtrey, and the 
meanefl laid downe for/ reformation tliereof./ 
Written 'hy CaptJiiiie Richard AVhithonrae of/ Ex-, 
mouth, in the Coimty of Deuon, and pub-/1tihed 
by Authority./ As alfo, an Inuitation: and like- 
wile certaine Letters fent/ from that Countrey; 
which are printed in (he/ lutier part of this tioolce./ 
Imprinted at Londan by Felix Kinglton./ 16S^V 
11 prtl. leaver; i?t£- Tiite^ itH the reivr«r the Toiiai 
Brroi ; ' At Theobald*, the ia, of Aprill 16S«.'' 1 
fagt; 'After our very hearty Commendations to 
your gaod Lordlhips,' etc. 1 jmge ; ' The names of 
rome^ who ii^xxp. vud^rtaken to/ helpe and adtiatiCQ 
hia Maielhes Plantation in/ the New-found- land. 
«i,' a fi;;; sigmai 'K. W.^ 'To the High/ and 
Mightte Prince,/ lames, hy the Grace oi'l God, 
Kitu^ of ^eat lirittaiue, France/ and Ireland, De- 
fender of the/ Fflitii, Jte./ 4 pp ; Signed ' Richard 
WJiitboTme.' ' To hia Maifilics good/ Subiefls,'/ 
4 pp; tii^MiI ' R. W.' 'The Preface,/ Iwing an 
indTC-/tion to the following/ DiCcourse / Opw iTizt 
t07 pp. * A Concliiliun U> the former Dilcourfe,' 
«tc.5fip; (igtijrf ' R. VV.' ' A Letter from Cajitaine 
Edward ^^ynne, Go-/uernour of the Colony at 
Ferryland, within the/ Protiluce of Auak)a, in 

776 Bihliotlieca Americana. 

Newfirand-land, T:ito/ the Ri^^ht Honomble Sir 
Ge0(fg6 Calvt^rr/ Knij^ht, his Mai^^ftif'a Principal] 
S«re-/t^y* J"^.V lti-2*/ and 3 other Letters,jtp. 
1 to 15* f/3^^ ,3j, 7U, (i^iJ 71, fire paged 3^ 100, anJ 
1010 Ciiij€xirii,bii Bedford. 4[o. (4/,4s, 28,30) 

WHITBOURXE (Riciuinn). Aj Disco t^rst?/ and 
Discovt^rj-/ of new - fovntl - lEitid, witb/ majij 
njaibn^ to prooue how worthy and b^ne-/Acial a 
PlantarioD may there be made, after a/ better 
niaiioer than it was./ Together with the laying/ 
opon of cf^rtam onormitioB/ and abufes coEamittetl 
by Jbuie th^t trade to that/ Countrey, nnd tlie 
mearif^s lajd downe fnr/ reformation thereof./ 
Written by Captuino Richard Wbitboume of/ Ei- 
mouth, in the County of Deuon, and pubVii^h^^ 
by AuThority./ A.s allb a louinf^ Inuitatioo aod 
likowiVe tJie copies of certain^?/ Letters lent from 
that tloiintrey; which are printed in/ the Ijjtisr 
part of this Eiooke. Imjirinted at l.ondofi by feltx 
KirigMton. IfiyS./ & pi'H. Uavfs ; vh. Title^ on the 
revernfr ihe roual iirmSf and *- Mofi humblyj' etc^ * At 
Theobalda, the la. of ApriU 16^2.' I jmi^a, * After 
our very Jj party Coinmendationfl to your good Lord- 
fhips/c^c- 1 /w;jp; [^The iiamos of Ibme, who hsue 
Tnd^?rtakQn to heipe and aduance hi!} Alaiefuea 
Plantatioti in the N'ew-fDuiuUland. vj^/ ^ pjo, 
si^r}ed Ml* W,' uunthi^J] *To the High/ and 
Mightie Trince,/ lumeSj by the Grace of God^/ 
Kine of threat ilrittaine, France and J reUudj/ De- 
ft^nder oi tUa Faith, ^c.'/ 2 pp. * To his Maieftiefi 
^ood SQbie?cts.* S pp; *TJie Preface,' 7 pp. Text, 
97 pp; * AronclLfjon to the fonnfr Diltrfmrle/ etc 
4 pp. * A Letter from Captn'^ioo Kdward Wynne/ 
ttc.aitdo other I^iternjpp.t tolb. 4io. {3L *aB3i) 

WIIJTt:FIKLD(Gf:onoF), A Joumnl of a Vo^a^ 
from London to Savannah in Geora^ia» In Two 
Parts. Part 1. From London to Gibriillar, Part IL 
From Gihraltnr lo Savannah, by Ueorge White- 
field AJ4. of I'ejnbroke College, Oxford, [Witha 
Ihort Preface^ fliewin^^ the Reafons of its PtibUca- 
tion. LoHtiiHi, James Hutton, 1738.] Tittcj iv and 
53 pp. TUte-pnge mnUiaUiL Half morocco. 

WHlTFFlEr.D (GEono*:)* A Journal ofnVova^ 
from ijOndoJj to Savannah in Georgia, In Fv^o 

BtbUolheca Americana. 


P»rtH. PftrtT- From London to GibrEilter. Partll, 
Krom Gibrdlter to Ssi'iinnnU. I!j ti«)r|iP Wliite- 
field, A.B.of IVinbrokf.'-CoUegf.OifoTd. WitliB 
lliort Prel'uce, ^iQvrin^ the Retilbn of its Publica- 
tion, Tfie Kiftli Edition, LbbJub, Jamss Ilutton, 
MDcnxxiii. 55 pp. Sua. (4d. 6d. SB33) 

WHITEKIELD (Georoe). A Continuation Of the 
ReTcrend Mr. Whitefield^ft Journal^ From hin 
Arrival at Savaunali^ l^o liis Hi^turn to LonduQ. 
ljORdon.,\^mvi^ Hutton^ m.[k:c.xK}(tx. S pref. \eava 
uru/^Qpp. ^AdTertiLemeut^M page. Half' momeca, 
8po, (5i.«. 8834) 

WKITRFIELD (GioboO; A Continuation Of the 
Reverend Mr. V^'bitefield's JuurniiL From bia Ar~ 
rival at Sav^nnab^ Tu bis Return t£p London. The 
Sefronil Kditiiju, 7.im/iiin.- W.Strtilian, Mijccshxix. 
2 prel. (fuiifj cfnd 38 />;(. Si'D. ^5(. (jf/. S8j5) 

WHITEFILLD (George), f First tii It] The Rev. 
Mr, Wlmefield's Answer to ijte liisbop of London's 
last Pajjtoml Leltrrs. The Scuond Edition. With 
the Supplement. [Sfcond tittr] TUc Rev. Mr. 
Wbitelit^ui^s Answer to tlie BJaboj* of Lnndoji's last 
PaBtoral Letter. Lrmilim : W.Strsban, hich-xjimx. 
Tert, pp. 3-iiG. ' A Sitpfdemeat to The Rev. Mr, 
Wbitefield'sAnswer,'e(c, Hpp, Boo. (?s.6d. 3836) 

WdlTEFlKLD (OroHot). The heinous Sin of 
Drunkenne^^ A Sermon Preached on JJoiml the 
Wbitaker. By George Whiletittld, A. B. of Pem- 
broke CoUejfe, Oxford. Lonitou: C. VVIiitefield, 
Moccxxxix. Wanting ati njie.r jxige TO. V ntt/ruitd. 
Svo. {2s. 6d. m3T) 

WIIITEFIELD (Geohce), Tlmnkfulnels for Mer- 
tie* neetived a neceffary Duty A Fdrswpl Sermon 
Preached on Board the Wbititker, At AncW near 
Saviuioah in Geor[;^a, On Sunday IMny the IZtli^ 
17j8, By George VVhilelield, A, H, oC Pem- 
broke Colle^'e, Oxfort!. J.nnilim : C. Wliitpfield, 
Muttxxxix, Title anil iip.3-ii. Uro. (Ss. 6rf. 'iOSB) 

WHITEFIELD (Geohge). A Continuation (Jfttie 
Reverend JMr, Wbitf field's .TournaL^ From bis 
Embarking iitt*r the Embiii^, 'la his Arrival at 
Savannah tn Georgia, London: VV. Straliati 1740, 
BBjip, 8i>(J, <5j, 6J, 5839) 

WIIITEFIELD (Georce). An Account of Money 
RecKiveJ luid Dilburfed tor the Orjdinn-House in 

778 Bihhotheca Americana. 

Penibroke-ColleFe, Oiford. To which is prefixed 
A Plan of the Building-, honthn: W. fstrahBO 
forT,Cooi)erjl741. Title and ^5 -pp. Wiihi,he?iaJ\. 

WHITEFIELD (Geohge\ A Letter To the R^ 
verend Mr. John Wesley : In Answer to hia Ser- 
mon^ entituled, Free-Graoe. By George While- 
field, A* H. Late of Pembroke- College, Oiforl 
London: W,Strahan for T- Cooper, 1741. 31pp. 

WHITEFIELD (Ge/jrce). A Continuation ofthe 
At:count of rLf? Orphan-House in GeoJ^ia* From 
January 174^, to June 1743* To ^hich are ilfo 
fuhjoin d. Some P^xtracts from ftn Account of a 
Work ot a like ^lature^ carried on hy the late 
Proffflbr Frflnck in Glaudm near Hall in Saxony. 
By George Whitefieldj A.B. L^te of Pemhrote- 
Colle^ in Oxford^ hdinhMrgh^ T. Lunaisden and 
J. Kobertson; w»ucc»xui» 85 'pp, Unbound. 
12vio. (4s. 6d. SMS) 

WHITEFIELD (Geoiige). A Continuation Of the 
Reverend Mr. VVhitefield^fl Journal, From a few 
Dayf* al"tt^r liifi Return to Georgia lo liis ArrJTsJ 
at Falmouth, on the llth of March^ 1741* Con- 
taining An Account of the Work of God at Georgii^ 
Rhod^'lihnd, J* mv- England, Kew-York, Penn^ 
fvlvania and South-Carolina. The Seventh J otinjal, 
"I'he second j'^ditiofi. I^nitdon t W. Strah&n ; 
MDccxLiv, 8B pp. ilatf m^r. 8vo. (^5s,^d. ¥843) 

WniTEPlFLD (GrohgiO- A Short Account of 
God's Dealings With the Reverend Mr. Georgia 
WLitefield^ A.B. late of Penihroke-CoHege, Ox- 
ford, from His Infancy to the Time of hia entrinff 
into Holy Orders^ V\ ritt^n by Himself, on boara 
the Elizabeth, Captaine Stephenfon, bound from 
l^ufioTi to iMiiladelphia and fent over by him to 
be publiihod for the benefit of the Orphan Houfe 
in Cieortpa* The Second Kdition. LondQii: W, 
Strahan, muccxliv. 4(i pp. Ilatf titaracrfr^ 
12mfi. (44. 6d. S844J 

WIHTEFIELD (Gi^onoO- Bntam's Mercies, and 
liritain's Duty; RcpryfentPil in a Sermon J'reacfa'd 
at the New-Building in Philadelphia^ Ou Sunday 

BihHotkeca Americana, 


Auffoft 94, t746. Oceafiorxed hy theSoppreffionof 
tbe latx Unnatural Kubellion. Bj G«u^White- 
fiold, A^B. Lat« of l^tmbroke-Colli^geT Otoq. 
Tbe Sernond Kdition, Banon t tVirtti^l and Sold by 
8. Kneelttiid aiid T. Cireen in Queen-Sfreet, 1746, 
ri(feoK/(jip. 5-aa. 8uo. (Si. (irf, 1815) 

WHITEFIELD (Gkoboe). Britnin's Mercies, and 
BritaiD'H Duty, ReprraentBd in a Sermon Proicb'd 
at I'tilailelphia, On Sonda^ Auguit 24, 1746. And 
occaJiooed by the Suppression OF tbe late Unna- 
tural Rebellion, \iy George WhiteiieW, A.B. 
Late of FeiDbroke College, Oion. t'biladelphia 
Prititfsl : London Ke-pnnted, For J, KabinBon, 
1746. i\fp. Hat/ nturaxe. 8w. (^ii. 6d. S8M) 

WHITEFIELD (Georoe). Tbe Two Fim Parta 

of hii Ijife, with bia Joumals, Hevifed, corre^led^ 
and ttbridoped, iiy George VVhiteHeld, A.B. Chap- 
lain to tbe Uigbt Hon. tlieCanntili; of Huntingdon. 
LoTttlojt: VV. Struban, mdccli'i. 3 prel. leaves and 
446 pp. Old calf. lion. (7<. W, 8847} 

WHITELOCKE (John). Trial of Lieutenant Ge- 
neral Jobu Wbif'locke, Comnmndet in Cbief of 
the Eniwlition againat; Buenoa Ayrea. By Court- 
Mfirtial, held in Chelsea College, On Tiiarsday, 
the yUili January, 1808, ttud suoceedinff duja, 
iMiitiiiii. Samuel Tipper, 1808. Jl«i/-titfc, tiifc, 
aiid'illpp. IbtaHkifttf, ' Appendix, iiipp. f (an 
nj' ilse march. Its, Biro, (4i. 6rf. BflW) 

WHITNEY (Peteii). The Histoiy of tbe County 
ofWorcester, in the Comuionwf^tth of AtaAaaobn- 
■etu: With a Particular Account of every Town 
from ita tirat Settlement to the prelem Time ; In- 
cluding iia Eocleaiastical State, toother with a 
Geograpiiiral Description of the aame. To which 
a prefiied, a Map of the County, at Large, from 
actual Survey. By Peter Whitney, A. M. Minifter 
of the Gofpel in Narthhorciu?h, in faid County. 
Printed at WnrcButtr, Massacliuaetta^ by Isaiah 
Thonins, Sold b^v him in WorceMer, hy laidThomas 
and Andrew^p, in Boaton, and by tniu Tliomaa and 
Carliidle, in Waijmle, Newbamp^hire. iduccxciit, 
S39fp, Wilhilumap. Calf. fiiM. (1*j.6(i. 8849) 

WHOLSO.ME Severity reconciled with/ Chriatian 
Liberty./ Or,/ Thu true Kelblution of a prelent 

780 Bihliolheca Americana^ 

Con-/troverfie concemincj Liberty of/ Conscience,/ 
Htrt^ vou liiive tht: Qm lliun ftated^ the middle/ 
way betiv'ixt Ptjpilli 'lynmnie and ScLilinatiiiug/ 
Liberty approved, unci alio continued iVom/ Scrip- 
ttire^ and tin' tfltimouiefl of J>ivuu?s,/ ye:i of wlicile 
ChurdieH:/ I'lio chitifj" Ar^m^^ntsand ExcepdoDi 
ufed in The/ JJlouJy Toneot, The Comp^lki innate 
SainHriump,/ M. S. lo A.S. tic. eitauiinod./ Eight 
DiHin^lioaa julib^d l^rquaJifymg- and/ clearing die 
whole matter r/ And in coiicLulion a Par^neticlc to 
the live Apo-/lc^ilta for cbooUii^ Accommod^titm 
Tatlier/ then Tolerafion./ Imprimatur* Ja. Cran- 
ford- Dcc«mb* 16* 164-W LondonJ Printed for 
Chriftopber Meredith, and are to be fold/ at tbe 
Signe of the Crane in Pauls Churchyard. 16+5-/ 
^prei.itavestindAO pp. lialj mar, 4to. (li»ls* 2850) 
WJGGLEsJVVORllI (Ep^vAntj). The Bleiredjie& 
of the D*?&d who die in the Lord. A tSennon 
Preached at the Publick: Let'ture, Tuefday, April 
6. 17 3i. In the Hull of Harvard^ Col lege. In 
Camhrid^^j ^^ E. Upon ihn News of the Death of 
Thomas llolli^, Ei'[| ; of L^ondon, The moft boun- 
tiful Benefactor to that Society. Hj Edvv^Jird 
Witwlesworth, D.13. And HoUis-ProftiTor of Di- 
vinity. I'uhliihi^d at the Dr'lire of the Prefident 
and KcllowiS of 1 1 Jirvard -College. Boston in Kew- 
En^^land : Primed for ^^. Gerrilh, at the lower End 
of Coriihd, 173L Tititf iv and ^3 pp. Unbound. 
8jff. C4j, 6J. S831) 

WIGGLESVVORTU (EowAnn). A Letter To the 
Htverend Mr. George Whitefield, By Way of 
Reply To hia AnlVver to the CoUej^e Tefdmony 
aj^aiiill hiui iind his Conduot. By Edward Wis- 
glefworlh, ILU. ProlVfTor of Divinity in faid Col- 
lege. To which is added, The Ueverend IVcfident'i 
Answer To the Things cliar^^'d upon Him by the 
faid Mr. Whitdield, aa Inconfillences. Bo&tiiRj 
JVJv lVinti>d a[id fold by T. lleet, at the Htart 
and Crown in Cornhill. 1745, CI pp. * Postcript.^ 
2 pp. *The Reverend Prt^lident's AnsweTj' ft pp. 
ii^ited 'Edward Jlolyoke,' itu. (7s. 6d. SBaii) 

WlGt^LESWORTH (KdwariO. Catculations on 
Arm-riLan Population, witjj A Table for eltimatinr 
the aniiutil iuorrasf^ of iuhahiranta in the BritiJh 
Colonies: "The iMaiitier of itA Conltruttion El- 

Bibliotheca Americana. 781 

plained; and lU Vie Illuftrsted. By Edward 
W^glesworth, M.A. Hollis Profeflbr of Divinity 
at Cambrid)^. Boston .- Printed and Sold by John 
Boyle in Marlboro' Street, mdcclxxv. 84 pp. 
Halfmaneco. Bvo. (7s. 6d. 2853) 

WILBERFORCE (Samuel). A History of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in America. By 
Samuel Wilberforce, M.A. Chaplain to H. R. H. 
Prince Albert, and Archdeacon of Surrey. Lon- 
don: James Bums, 1844. xvi and 436 pp. Map 
and table. Cloth, uncut, limo. (3a. 6d. 2854) 

WILCOCKE (Samuel Hull). Histor;? of the Vice- 
royalty of Buenos Ayres; containmg the most 
accurate details relative to the Topography, His- 
tory, Commerce, Population, Government, &c. 
&c. Of that Valuable Colony. By Samuel Hull 
Wilcocke. Illustrated with plates. London : Sher- 
wood, Neely, and Jones, [1806]. 2 prel. Uavetand 
676 pp. Map facing title, chart and plates at pp. 58, 
172,336,415,418,457. 8»o. (7s. 6d. 2855) 

WILKES (Charles). Narrative of the United 
States' Exploring Expedition, during the Yean 
1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. By Cliarles W ilkes, 
U. S. N. Commander of the Expedition, Member 
of the American Philosophical Society, &c. Con- 
densed and Abridged. London: Whittaker and 
Co., [1845.] 4 prel leaves and 372 pp. Half calf. 
Bvo. (5s. 2856) 

WILKINSON (James). Burr's Conspiracy ex- 
posed ; and General Wilkinson vindicated against 
the slanders of his Enemies on that important 
occasion. 1811. Title, Advertisement 1 jiage, Intro- 
duction, pp. 3-18. Text, pp. 3-99. Appendix 136 
pp. Half calf. 8i». (78. 6d. 2857) 

WILKINSON (James). Memoirs of My own 
Times. By General James Wilkinson. In Three 
Volumes. Philadelphia: Printed by Abraham 
Small. 1816. Two Volumes. Vol. I. xv and 855pp. 
7 Returns A (o G. ' Appendix,' 42 pp. ' Errata.' 
2 pp. facsimile letters at pp. 282, 283. Vol. II. Title 
and 578 pp. ' Appendix.' 260 pp. [Vol. 3 minting'] 
Half calf. Svo. ' (1(. li. 2858) 

WILLARD (Samuel). A/ Sermon/ Preached upon 
Ezek. 22. 30, 31./ OccaGoned by the Death of the/ 

782 Bihliotheca Americana. 

iQDch honoured/ John Leveret Efq ;/ Governour 
of tbe Colony of the/ Miftachuleta. N. E./ By S. 
W. Teacbor of xW South Churcli/ in Bofton./ 
Boston 'J Printed by John Kofler, !□ the Year 
1679./ Tiite in a type meUiL boi^erj the reverse btankf 
and text, IS pp. tint topj, in moriKW, hi; Bedfi/rd. 
4(0, (Si.'3s. ii3o9) 

WILLARD (Samuel). The Duty of a. People that 
have llenewed/ their Covenant with God./ Opened 
and Urged in/ A Senuon/ Preached to the fecoad 
Church in Bollon in/ New-Englftnd, IVliLrch 17. 
t6'^_ after/ diat Churcli had explicitly and mofi/ 
foleinnly renewed the Ingagement/ of themfelrei 
to God^and one to .another./ liy SaravelVVillard,' 
Teacher of a t'hurch in/ Bofton in New-Eno;land./ 
Boiim, Printed by John Fofter. 1680. 7ifk,«- 
verse bLiJtk, and IS pp. Fine copy in moroccOj by 
Beiifotii. 4(0. {31. 3s. SSeo) 

WILLARD f Samuel). Ne Sntor ultra Crepidtm./ 
Or brief/ Animadverl^ions/ Upon the New-Eng- 
land/ Anabaptifts/ [&te fallacious/ Narrative:/ 
Wherein the Notorious Milbke-i/ and FaKhoodi 
by them Publilhcd, are deteftcd./ By Samuel 
Willard, Teacher of a Church in Bollon in New* 
England. Boston in New-England,/ Printed by 
S. Green npon Afli^tnent of S. Sewall. And are 
to be Sold/ by Sam. Philips, at the Weft end of 
theExehanffe: 1681./ 4 prel. leaves ; viz.Titte^Tt- 
verse blank, ''j'o the Header,' 6pp, aigMd' InerEaaa 
Mather.* Teit 27 pp. Fint copy in niflrofcOj by 
Bedford, 4(o, (4J. 4j. i861) 

WILLARD (Samuel). The Movroers/ Cordial/ 
Agaiiill Escelfive/ Sorrow/ Difoovcring what 
grounds of Hope/ Gods People have couceroiji^ 
fiieir/ dead/ Friends/ By Samuel Willard, Teacher 
of a/ Church in Boston./ Bojinji^ Printed by Ben- 
jamin Karris, and/ John Allen. KBl.j Very 
Suitable to be given at Funerals./ 4 and 138 pp. 
Uiaa. (It. Is. SB62) 

WILLARD (Samuel). Love's/ Pedigree./ Or/ A 
Difcourfe iliewin^ the Grace of/ Love in a Believer 
to be of/ A Divine Original/ Deliver^ in a/ Ser- 
mon/ Preached nt the Leiture in Boston,/ Fehr. 
Sy- l«y ^y 8- Willard, Teacher of a Churth 

Bihliotheea Americana, 


here./ Boston, in N,E, Primed by B, Green, 
ad/ J, Allen. Snlcl by Benjamin Kliot, ut liii 
liop/ under the Well End of tbe Town Houfe. 

' 1700./ Titit &i pp. a-aa. ifimo, (.io>. erf. asea) 

WILLARD (Sami:i-i,). The Peril/ of the/ Times 
Difplayed./ Or,/'tIie Danger of Mens taLing up/ 
witli a/ Form of GodLinelJi,/ But Usnyui^ the 
Power nf it,/ Being/ The Subitance of fevt'rftl 
Sertnona/ Preached ■/ lJydiuiiuelWilIard,/Teacher 
of a Cliurcb in Eolton. fi . E, Bujion, I'rtnted by 
B. Green, &: J. Allen,/ Sold l)y Benjamin Kliot. 
1700./ 16B pp. V2mo. (tl. Is. aSfti) 

WILLARD (Samuel). A Compleat Body of Di- 
vinity in Two Hundred and Fifty Eipoaitory 
Lectures on the AlFembly^a Short*^r t.!atechi(in 
wherein The DoutrineJi of the Chrihtiau Helijifiuii 
are unfolded, their Truth coalirniM, their Excel- 
lence dilpItiyM, their Ulefnlnels improved; con- 
trary Pirrors 4t Vir*» refuted ic ejcpus <\, Objeftiotis 
anlWer'd, Controverfiea lettktl, tiil^H of Corifeience 
refolF'd ; and a great Light tliereby rtidet^ted on 
the prefeiit A"e. By tlie Reverend & Learned 
Samuel Wdlaril, M.A. Late Paftor of the South 
Cburch in Bofton, and Vice-Prefident of Harrard 
Colle^in Cambridge, in ^ew-En^land. l*refiK:*d 
bribe Pallors of the liuue Church. Hositm in New- 
kofz^land: Printed by B. Green and $, Kneeland 
for B. Kliot and D. Henchman, and Suld at tlieir 
Shops. nii>ecx\vi. Tiite, iv, 6, urirf 914 pp. A 
Cufniogue, etc. 1 pagt. ioiui. (31. 3i. 2863; 

WILLIAMS (Daniil). Man made Righteous/ by/ 
Chrift'a Obedience./ Being two/ Sertnoiu/ at/ 
Pinners- Hall./ With Enlargements, Stc./ AUb 
fome/ Remarkii/ on/ fllr. Muther^a Polifcript, &c./ 
By Daniel VViUianiB./ Lttwienj Printed for J, 
Dnnton attht^ Haven/ in the Poultry, It)94./ 6p«l, 
Uavtf ujmJ S.ia pp. Old mif. 2m. {Is. Od. W66) 

WILLIAMS (EuwjHu). Viruinis;/ More elpe- 
cially the South part thereol,/ Richly and truly 
valued: viz./ The iertile Curolana, and no Icile 
ejtcelJent Ifle nrRoa-/rioak, of Latitude from .^1. 
to^. D^'H^r. relating the/ nienncfl of raylin^ inlinite 
profita to the Advelltu-/rers and Planters./ J'he 
fecoad Edition,, with Addition of/ Tbe Discovery 

784 BihUotheca Ame^^icana* 

ofSiltwonnSj/withtlit^irbeneJiL/ And Implanting 
of Alulbury Trees./ Also/ The Dreffing of Vinefij 
for the rich 'J'rade of ma- /king Winea in \ irginia-/ 
Together with/ J he making of the Saw-miil^ verr 
uit^fuli in Virje^niaj/ for cuttiti^ of Timber and 
CLapbonl to build with-/all, anu its ConFerCon to 
miuij us profitfthk Llf^a./ By E. W'^ Gent-/ Lah- 
rfflft,/ IVinted hyV. H. for John Stephenfou, at the 
Sii^ne of/ the Sun below Lud^te, l(i50./ 6 prtL 
kiiv^i ; -oh, Tttie^ the reveme bttirtkj 'To the worthj 
Gentlemen, Advf-niut<jrs and Pian-/ter9 in Vir- 
tiniu.7 ^ pp i ^ '['o tiie Supreme Autiiority of thia 
JVatiorijI Iwf Pnrliament of England// 8 ^j^j; iigned 
* Ed. AVilUams." Teitj 47 pp. *The Table/ B pp^ 
'Vii^iiiaH/ DilVovei^ of/ SUke-WormtU,/ with 
their h<jnerit7 And/ The Implanting of JMulbeny 
Trees./ Ahb/ Tlie dreJing and kee]ung of Vines^ 
for the rith Trade/ of making Wines there./ To- 
getht?:T >v'itit/ The making of the Sa^-mill, Tcr^ 
ulefull in \'irginiaj/ for cutting of Timber and 
Clapboard, to build with'/all^and itg converfionto 
other us profiTuble Lfes./ LtmdojtJ Printed by T. 
IK for John Stephenfon^ at the fi^ne of/ the Sun, 
below Lud gate, 165tl./ 4 p'd. Uaces ; viz, a7te btank 
Uafi Titk^ Teiey6€ biank; 'To all the Virj^inin 
MercliAnts, Advfintures, and PlanteTs/ 4 pp. si^fii 
*Ed.\\ Uliaiua.' Tejtj7Hpp. ii mapXjtwe iLilh and mti 
teiOiiiiU th^ portrtiit tif Drake. 4(o. tl3M5s. 3867) 

WILLIAMS (Gbiffitu). An Account Of the Island 
of Newfoundland, With the Nature of its Trade, 
And .Method of carrying on the Fishery, With 
Keft.^ons for the great Decreal'e of that moft valuable 
Branch of Trade. By Ctmt, (jriffith ^^ illiams. Of 
the rtoyal Regiment of Artillery, wbu refided in 
the jfland Tourtetn Vears when a Ijeutenanl, and 
now has a (.'oinmand there. To which is annexed, 
A Plan To exclude the Trrnch from that Trade. 
ProTujfed to the A dmSnlft ration in the Year 1761, 
By C'li pt, (S ol e. [ Lou thti ] , 1 *ri n ted fo r Chpt* Thomaii 
Cole^ suocfi.LXVy IlalJ-iidey tittej and ^6 pp. Ifatf 
viotvccti. 8td, (4js. 6d. 386ti) 

WILLIAJIS (Jon>). An Enquiry into the Truth 
of the Tradition^ concernmy the Difcorery of 
America, Uy I'rinc^e jMadog ab Owen Gi^vnedd, 
about the yyar, 117U. 13y Johu UilliamSj LL.D. 

Biblioiheca Americana. 785 

Ijmdon: 3. Brown, h.dccxci. vim and 8S pp. 
' Appendix.' 3 pp. ivo. (10s. 6(i. 

WILLIAMS (John). Farther Observations, on 
the Difcovery of America, by Prince Madog ab 
Gwynedd, apout the year, 1170. Containing the 
account given by General Bowles, the Creek oi 
Cherokee Indian, lately in London, and by feveral 
others, of a Welln Tribe or Tribes of Indians, now 
living in the Wellern parts of North America. 
By John Williams, L.L.D. London : J. Brown, 
H.DCCxcii. ix and 51 pp. Stw. (7(. 6<i. 3870) 

WILLIAMS (Jonathan). Thermometrical Naviga- 
tion. Being A Series of Experiments and Observa- 
tions, tendmg to Prove, that by ascertaining The 
Relative Heat of the Sea-Water from time to time. 
The Paflage of a Ship through the Gulph Stream, 
and from deep water into soundings. May be disco- 
vered in Time to avoid Danger, although (owing 
to tempestuous weather,) it may be impossible To 
heave the Lead or obferve the Heavenly Bodies. 
Extrafted from the American Philosophical Tnms- 
a£tions. Vol. 3 & 3. With Additions and Im- 

Srovements. Philadelphia: Printed and Sold by 
L Aitken, No. 22, JWarket Street. 1799. xii and 
98 pp. ' Postcript,' 4 pp. With map. Old calf. 
8m (7j. 6d. 2871) 

WILLIAMS (Rooer). The/ Blovdy Tenent,/ of 
Persecution, for came of/ Conscience, diibimed, 
in/ A Conference betweene/ Trvth and Peace./ 
Who,/ In all tender Affection, prefent to the 
High/ Court of Parliament, (as the Refult of/ 
their Difcourfe) thefe, (amongft other/ Pafl^es) 
of higheft confideration./ [London] Printed in the 
Year 1644./ 12 prel. leaves; viz. Title, the revtrte 
blank ; ' Firft, That the blood of fo many hundred 
thoufand fouls of Proteftants and Fapiiis,' etc. 4 
pp; 'To the Right Honorable, both Hoafes of the 
High Court of Parliament.' 4 pp ; ' To every 
Courteous Reader.' 3 pp ; 'A Table of the prin- 
cipall Contents of the Booke.' 10 pp : Text 247 pp. 
Red morocco by F. Bedford. 4to. (7J.7«. 2872) 

WILLIAMS (Rooer). The/ Bloody Tenent/ yet/ 
More Bloody:/ by/ Mr. Cottons enderoor to 
a 3r 

786 BihUotheca Americana* 

waih it whiJ^ iQ ilif/ Sluod of tlin Ijiiulie ;/ Of 
whofk? prtcioun J^luod^ rjiiU in the/ hlood of \\^ 
Serva]iLa; and/ Of the bluod of ISJiUiona Ipilt ia 
r&miftr and/ later \\ ars for Conlcit^iiCf^ fake,/ that/ 
Moll bloody IVnefit of iVrfetution for caufe olj 
Cont'ciencpj upon u Ibcond 1 ryal, is found now 
more/ app:ir(Mitly and more notoriotifily ^dly,/ 
In this Kpjoynder t(j Mr, Cotton, an- prmcipflllj'/ 
]. The Name of rrrfF^culion,/ 11. The Powerof 
the Civill Svord/ in Spirituab/J Kianiin*=!d/ III. 
The rarliamf^ntfl pt-rtuifliou ot/ DilT<'nting Coti- 
fcien<:[a/J Jufiified,/ jMIo (be a Tciliniony to M^ 
Oartis jSarmiive) is added/ a Letter to IMrEn*- 
dicot (iovf^rnoi- of the ^iiiflkehuft?t!j iu N . t./ By 
]{. \\ illiiin]? of I'rovidtince in IScw- Entfland-/ 
J.ondon^ Triiited fbr (Jilh^s Calvert^ and aiv to be 
fuld tki/ the black-ipri-^ad-Ea^hi at ihf.^ WrJi-end of 
Paultij lb52./ yo \tiH. kuun; vk. Title in a type 
meiiti boideVy the leierse blank ; * To t!ie i\iost Ho- 
nor^iblr thf^ Pfirliament of dif^ rommon -wraith of 
Knf^land/ Hi^ned ^ l^og;er \^ illiams/ IB pp; *To 
thr Ibvf.Tal Ht'lpr^^tivtj Gt^nt^ral (.'ourTs, (^Ipecially 
thnit of ihi: Miii\\\i]iuk'^s in \. LiigU^iuU ligTitd 
'Roger Williiirns/ 7 yff ; ^ To llu- [Merciful and 
fJumpMlHi-nutt^ Ufftdt'r/ iii^ved ^ Roger Uilliama,' 
12pft: TexlSWf'p. * "J'he Principal t'onU'Uts/ Ifi 
fp, Oidciitf. 4/0. (7i. 7ir. SB73) 

WN.LTAMH (Hor^Fii). The Uloudy Tenant of 
J'ri'srcutioti for Cause of Conwc-if^nce DJE^eus^d; 
And ^JT. Cotton's Letter examinF^d and anHwercd* 
Hy Rogf^r VVilUams. Kditrd for The llan.serti 
KnoU.vs Wodrtv, by Kdward Uean DnderhiU. 
LoHth\i} : J. Nattdonj lB4a. ^tyipp. [Til^e anJ 440 
frp^ ' Second AnnuuJ Report/ etc^ 8 pp* Cluih. 
am (?i. 6J. ^874) 

WILL1A.^]S (Roof.r). To the King^a tlJoft Kxcd- 
lent Miijesly./ The Humbler iVtition of Hooker 
^\ iljbins of Lendouj Mariner, Your WajeJly's 
moll Loval rtnd liutifulSubjttt./ ILojutoTi, ItiSO?] 
Stjtf^le .hftpfL liufj' mniot^co^ tuUu^ (7s. 6d^ 1^875) 

^\'^JJAJ\1S (SA:hiu^L). The Natural and Ci^U 
llisrery of Vermont* Hy Samuel WiUiiiTna, LL.D< 
J^l ember of thc^ iMeteoroIogicaJ iSociety in (.Germany 
of the l'hi]<]rtfiphuj)l J'^ocjety m PhiladelphiA and 
of the Acudcmy of Arts and Sciences in Alaska- 

Bibliotheca Americana. 787 

chusetts. Publilhed according to Act of Congress. 
Printed at WalpoU, Nevrhampshire, by Isai^ 
Thomas and David Carlisle, Jun. Sold at their 
Bookstore, in Walpole, and by faid Thomas, at his 
Bookstore, in Worcefier. mdccxcit. ivt and 416 
pp. Map of Vermont. Calf. 8ix>. (7s. 6d. 2876) 

WILLSON (Marcius). American History : Com- 
prising Historical Sketches of the Indian Tribes ; 
a description of American Antiquities, with an 
inquiry into their origin and the origin of the 
Inaian Tribes; History of the United States, with 
appendices shewing its connection with European 
History : History of the present British Provinces ; 
History of Mexico; and History of Texas, brought 
down to the time of its admission into the American 
Union. By Marcius Wilson, Author of School 
History of the United States, comprehensive Chart 
of American History etc. New York: Mark H. 
Newman & Co. No. 199 Broadway. 1847. 673 
pp. Cloth. Bw. (fis.6d. 2878) 

WILMORE (John). The/ Case/ of/ John Wilmore/ 
Truly and Impartially Related:/ Or, a/ Looking! 
Glal's/ for all/ Merchants and Planters/ That are 
Concerned in the/ American Plantations./ Lon- 
don,/ Printed for Edw. Powell at the White Swan 
in/ Little Brittain, hoclxxxii./ Title and 17 pp ; 
rigJwd'JohnWilmer.' J'oiio. (U. 1». 2879) 

WILMOT (John Eahdley -). Historical View of 
the Commission for enquiring into the Losses, 
Services, and Claims, of the American Loyalists, 
at the close of the War between Great Britain and 
her Colonies, in 1783: With an Account of the 
Compensation granted to them by Parliament in 
1785 and 1788. By John Eardley - Wilmot, Esq. 
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plate of the ' Reception of the American Loyalists 
by Great Britain, in the year 1783.' Hafy' calf. 
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WILSON (H.) The Shipwreck of the Antelope 
Eaft-India Packet, H. Wilson, Elq. Commander, 
on the Pelew Islands, fituate in the Weft Part of 
the Pacific Ocean ; In August 1783. Containing 
the subsequent Adventures of the Crew with a 
fingular Race of People hitherto unknown to Eu- 

788 Bihliotheca Americana. 

ropans. With Int^rf^ftinp Particulars orLeeBoo^ 
Second Son of the Pelow King^ To the Time of his 
Death, at ('apt. Wilson'H Houfe at Rotherhitbe. 
By Om* of the Unfortunate Officers* Londim: D. 
Brewmftn, hucclxxxviit. mil and iS^-jrp^ With 
ptate. Bto. (4j, tid. 2B81) 

WILSON (Jahes). Commentaries an the Consti- 
tution of the United States of America* With that 
ConBtitution jirefijtt'd^ iri which are uufoldcd, tlie 
rrinciples of Free Goyenimcot, and the Superior 
Advantaees of Republicanism demonftrated hy 
Jamen Vi iUon, JLL»U» ProftjJlor of Laws in tLe 
folks** and UniTcrsity of the Commonwealth of 
Pennljlrania, one of tlie Ailbciate Jud^s of the 
Supreme Court of the United States, and appointed 
by the Lej^flatureof Penniyivama to form aHigcft 
oftheLawBof that State; and ByThoma!? M^Kf^an, 
LL.D- Chief Jufiice of tJie Common xi^caltb of 
Pennfylvania. Tbe whole extrafted from Debatp*, 
puhlitlied in Philadelphia, By T. Lloyd. Londim : 
J. Debrett, 179*2, 4 jireL ienves and pp^ 4-147. Jn- 
der^ g pp. Ktttdaf 1 jtagff, «tu. (Tj, 6it. 3883) 

WILSON (TnoMAs). Tbe Knowledge and Practice of 
Christianity Aladt^ EasyTo theMeanelt Capucitiea: 
Or, an Kpyay towards an Infltruction tor tbe In- 
diana; Which will like wilV hoof Ufe To all ftjcb who 
are culled (Ibristians^ but have not well confidered 
the Aletiiiiiigof the Beligion they profefs : Or, who 
profess to know (jod, but in WoTkedodenjHim. In 
Twenty Dialotnies* Together witli Directions and 
Pj-ay^^rs^ for The Ileailien Worid, IMisaionaries, 
Catechumens, PriFnte PcTSOtiB, Familie{^. Of Pa- 
rents for thdr Children, For Sundays, ttc. The 
Twelfth Kdition. By the Right Jlcverend Father 
in God, Thomas, Lord iHQiop of Sodor and Man^ 
LiHtclitTi: John Rivin^ton .M,D[rc,^3ixvr, 4 prtL 
{mtes,xiivtiv(i^mrp. Caif. ISmp. (7i.6d. SB83) 

WILSON (TnoMAS W.) An Authentic NarratiTe 
of thii Piratical Descents upon Cuba made Hy 
hordes from the United Slateii, headed by Narciso 
LoTiez, a native of South America; to which are 
added some interesting letters and declarationfl 
from the prisoners, with a list of their nameti, &c* 
Hy 'Thomas W, Wilson. Havana September 1851. 
^pp. 4fo. {2^.6d. 2B84) 

Bihlioikeca AmerictMtu 789 

WINCHESTER (Elhanan). The Gospel of Chmt 
No Caufe of Shame : Demonftrated in two Dif- 
courfes on the SubjeA. Br Elhanan Winchester. 
PhiUidtlfhia: Printed by B. Towne. 1783. 140 
fp. 8V0. (4s. 6d. 2885) 

WINCHESTER (Elhanan). An Oration on the 
Discovery of America. Delivered in London, 
October the 12th, 1792, being Three Hundred 
Years from the day on which Columbus landed in 
the New World. By Elhanan Winchester. Lmi- 
don: Printed for the Author, mdccxcii. Si pp. 
8i>a. (&. M. «386) 

WINCHESTER (Elhanan). An Oration on the 
Discovery of America. Delivered in London, 
October the 12th, 1792, being Three Hundred 
Years from the day on which Columbus landed in 
the New World. The Second Edition, with an 
Appendix, containing among other Things a de- 
scription of the City of Washington, in the District 
of Columbia ; illustrated with an accurate engrav- 
ing. By Elhanan Winchester. London : Pnntsd 
for the AuUior, [1792.] 77 pp. SchtduU,afoUtd 
thtet^ A List of the Publicatioits of the Author, etc. 
2 pp. With the Plan of Washington, Half morocco, 
8vo. (5i. 6d, 2887) 

WINSLOW (Edwahd). New-Englands/ Sala- 
mander,/ discovered/ By an irreligious and foome- 
inll/ Pamphlet, called New-Knglands Jonas/ caft 

up at London, &c. Owned by Major lohn/ Childe, 
but not probable to be written W him./ Or,/ A 
fatisfa^ory anfwer to many afperu-/on8 call upon 

New-England therein./ Wherein our government 
there is lliewed to/ bee legall and not Arbitrarr, 
being as neere the I^w/ ot England as our condi- 
tion will permit./ Togetlier/ With a briefe Reply 
to what is written in an-/rwer to certaine paflTages 
in a late Booke called/ Hypocrifie unmasked^ By 
Edw. Winflow./ Londott : Printed by Kio. Cotes, 
for John Bellamy, and are to bee/ fold at bis Ihop 
at the figne of the three Golden Lions in/ Comehiu 
neare the Royall Exchange, 1647./ TitI* in a nar- 
row type metal border, the reverie blank : Text 29 pp. 
Fine large copy, with rough leaves. Red morocco 
extra, by Bedford. 4(o. (ill. 2888) 

7&0 JBibliothecOr Americana. 

WINTERBOTHAM (W.> An Histonral Gcofcn- 

phicn] C'cmnu^Tcial^ and Philosophical View of the 

Ameritiui Uiiitixl St&tFs, and of thp European 

Settlempntn in America and th^ West-Indies* bj 

W. Wintcrbotham. In Four Volumes^ Londtin: 

J, RidHjfway, 1795. Four Vatutties. Vol. 1, 9 pni. 

UdVfS^ tiiid 531 pp. J-*(rrtTait vf Waahin^toJij *2 mupi 

and 1 phtte. Vol. tl. 2 ptvL leavefj and 493 pp, 

I^artniii of' Pettitj '2 maps and 1 pl<iie. \'o\. 11 [. 2 

VTfri. UnvFSf ariU 5ii!3 pp^ Portrait af J^ranktitij. 2 

waps and 6 piates. V^ol* JV. 9 pret. teuvei, and 4X5 

pj>, * Apppndii/54pp. ^Indei/9pp. * Directionfl 

ttj the Hinder,' y pj*. Portrait of Winterhotham, 

mapsj tables, and plates. Calj. 8w* (18b. 5889) 

Armniptanipci by WjLirE'rl>r'ilinn'» American Atlia ", tl*, 
U Cit^neru) Slipnf Nnritb Aramca 

J* |VlFi|> nf Ihi' NnrtheiTI or New EngUt^ Sbttt 

4h Mip of the MhMIl^ :ilste* 

it M&V <^^ fli* Soulhern siare» 

fi. rtAnrjrtlic rky of k\itnttnffiDii 

7. IVlApor Kentifrky 

[4. fifiiml Manor SoMtli Atnerlfa 

9. Alnp rrftllc VV'eal Jn^lieci 

WIM'miOP (John). A Journal Of ihe Transac- 
tions and Occurrences in the ftittlem^nt of MaiTa- 
chulntts and tJift oth*?T New-England Coloniea, 
fmm tho y^.hz 16'J0 10 1(iW: Wntft^n bv John 
Winthropj Elq. Firft tjovcn^or of MaflTaniuff^tta : 
And now firft puhli^}ie<I from a correct copy of thu 
or^f^inal jVlanuifript» liaitford : Printed Bv Elisha 
IJabcock. ^lynccjxc J prit^ Uavti and 364 pp; 
Cojitefits^ 4 pp. Calf. (iSs. Sfl90) 

\V[RT(Uili,mmV Sketches of the Lift? and Cha- 
racter of Patrick llcniY* l^y William Wirt, of 
Hicbmond, Virginia. Second Edition, Corrected 
hy the Author. Vhiladelphia i Jfttnt's Web^ster, 
181B, IV and 'V27 pp. * ApLK^ntUi,* jn* With par- 
tToit nf Pntriek He7ir\f. Calf. Rlu. (7^. 6d, $B91) 

WISDOM (TufX and Policy of the French in the 
Construction of their Great Ofliccs, So tia bcft to 
onfwer ihi^ Purpoles of citcnrUni^ their Trade and 
Commerce, ami enlarging their Foreif^n Sctlle- 
inents. With Some Obst^rvations in relation to tJie 
Oisputes now iuhfjfLinf botT^'Ci^n the English and 
FrauchColnnioa in America. London: R.liohlwin, 
Mdcclv* Title^ Uxt and iSS pp. ^olf morocco. 
Gw. (7j. 6d, £893) 

Bibliolheca Americana. 791 

WITHERSPOON (John). An Address to the 
Natives of Scotland residing in America. Being 
an Appendix to a Sermon preached at Princeton 
on a General Fast By John Witherspoon, D. D. 
Prefident of the College at New Jersey, hmdm ; 
Fielding and Walker, m,dcc,lxxviii. t'v and 34pp. 
Half morocco. 800. (ia. 6d. 3893) 

WITHERSPOON (John). The Dominion of Pro- 
Tidence over the Passions of Men. A Sermon, 
preached at Princeton, May 17, 1775, being the 
General Fast Appointed by tlie Congress through 
the United Colonies. By John Witherspoon, D.D. 
Prefident of the College of New Jersey. Phila- 
delphia printed ; London reprinted, For Fielding 
and Walker, m,dcc,lxxviii. iv and 44 pp. HaU 
morocco. Svo. {is.6d. 3894) 

WITHERSPOON (John). Christian Magnanimity : 
A Sermon, Preached at Princeton, September, 
1775 — the Sabbath preceding the Annual Com- 
mencement ; And again with Additions, September 
33. 1787. To which is added, an Address to the 
Senior Class Who were to receive the Degree of 
Bachelor of Arts. By John Witherspoon, D.D. 
L.L.D. Prefident of the College of New-Jerfey. 
Princeton; Printed by James Tod. m.dcclxxxvii. 
XV and 44 pp. Svo. (3s. 6d. 2895) 

WITHERSPOON (John). A Sermon on the Re- 
ligious Education of Children. Preached, in the 
Old Presbyterian Church in New- York, to a very 
numerous Audience, on the Evening of the second 
Sabbath in May. By the Rev. John Witherspoon, 
D. D. President of Princetou College. Elisabeth- 
Town : Printed by Shepard KoUock, M,ncc,Lxxxix. 
34;>p. 8tw. (3s. 6d. 3896) 

WOLCOTT (Roger). Poetical/ Meditations,/ being 
the/ Improvement/ of some/ Vacant Hours,/ By 
Roger Wolcolt, Elq;/ With a/ Preface/ By the 
Reverend/ Mr. Bulkley of Colchefter./ New Lon- 
don:/ Printed and Sold by T. Green,/ 1725./ Half- 
titU, ' Mr. Wolcott's/ Poetical Meditations.'/ Title, 
reverse blank ; ' The Preface,' liii pp. signed ' John 
Bulkley,' and dated 'Colcheller, December 24./ 
1724./' 'To the Reverend/ Mr. Timothy Edwards./ 
it pp. signed ' R. W.' and dated ' Windfor, January 

792 Bihliotheca Amencana. 

4th./ 17ea,3.V r«(, ' Some Improvement of vacanl 
Hours,/ 13j Koger Woltjott^ Hl'q ;7 13 JJOges^ con- 
tshiing m niiTim' puenis on reli^ons subjects. Then 
comts ' A lirief Account/ of tie/ Agency/ Of the 
Honourdble/ John Wintlirop^ Mfq ;/ in the Court 
of/ Kin^ {^iiarlea the Second,/ Anno Dom, 16fi3./ 
Wlien he Ohtained for the Colonj of Con-/nefticut 
Hia MajelU-'a Grotioua Cliarter.*/ pages 19 to 7B, 
* Finis/ Thejijhlhws * Errata/ une p^^^ i ' Adver- 
tieement' 3i)«g«s,iiffii«d'Joae])h Dewey,'oJiddotfJ 
' Colchefter/ 1735./ iied morocco eilra 61; J3e<(/ort(. 

8111. (.ri. iTs. 6d. aew) 

rt h^ bctn itated Uii^ Mr. [>ewey, &mfi1t^!^ qT wnnlkn rlotli^ id 
C 1 1 ti^ bf^ntf ri (^iju I m: [ i cut, was aj ittC e?£pciiF^ of liriittJaf tliJ> 
bftol^T ^^^ ^^C t-TinLlULou of i N Ft-TLili [f Iilf^ ad¥€rli(eii)f3i| Kt ttc 
eiitJt Icidp^ct tiiti wnrtlif rlolktier iniilnaten a^ riLUch ii^ Uiod- 
TtrltHenktnt : " luTiii|f b^un Tcmuii tliinif a I ritarge ID ^rniDbtJE]; 
■ he l* ufa Lillim;[; titu rnrc-^icLi^ M^rdiK^ion^^ dn )]€■¥ t9t€ (lie 
L1b4?rt^ to Advarriitt my Ci'unEry-I^RopJt of fbnte Rtil€fl H'blc]i 
OU^ifkt Lo tw nbfiTvcd^ln doini; LKhir pa r(^ that tb the ClothlCTI 
ni I ^]i L be aJIi n^if I ]n ibie bvltf^r pi.TrijnDani:c of wliat \s V^'^itt^ 
of ttlLin, that thf' Cloth H'hLt^h i\i riiid« amonj; nfi niFty bnih Wew 
and Lsiftt beHtT, tliari i| ran pi>i^t>L^ tlo, t^itcent Ifurfe fnjlawlr^ 
Dirf^ion^are Uhrcrveil bv u^l"^ llic ji fnllnw hi^ neven Rules. 

The inlfrcut it itiij bnr\\ ccirHrra in tl]^ li IFitiJrka I poeiu UpOU 
IVLMthrHip'nohtainJrurnf Chirleii II. Hit- i'hnrler ofC'ojitteciifniu 
After the de^toratJunr the *' t^aK^?^i fnf t'cutricctlcut*' i^ent VViiin 
Utrt>p their (ravcnior m Eji^J^nd Ln present ;in bddrtrsA, mtl 

^' Tdask thf mti| for (^^lAATEit Libetlies^" 

gixmsni-r, it waj itibAUiii^ed to Charles wh^ 'Wu in hla Cam- 

cil Jiit/' tfiat 

*' All A^entfmm C&nneftloutdrttli wiltj 
With 111 Atldr<?rd [H:rDre >uur PaiaeL date,'" 

Wiflthrnp ailmittM^discharf^eG laimsrlf \a InDnieflpun numhen^ 
rednLellL rather of truth tlian T>™'iryH tiLlinjr SOIlte nLvtJ IhtfT^i 
in wltlfh he reou^tn the nalinnal^rivilt pnl1tlC4^ tti?d flSlUufT 
UiHtary nf the CoIo^t frnm the i*a r I ie^t t i nnj till " grtiit iJtir^iH 
ind liLtt Kli^ifilom feil}'^ lin^t^riii^ ^onj; Abutit tliat beiQlkfdl 
rLvef, thM 

" ralfply nn i ^ntld vt-vc d^tii tnove ■ 
Aa Lf 'tuerE! drjiwii to ThtlLt h'Ui><e hy Invu. 
TJ)e \^'iter8 Vre^h aiui i^wi-CL, & Lir ilint iVims 
lu it, RfL^i'ijiTAand Oiir^ hi« Surft'it tlmbs^ 
Thr KKheritian the Frj with flrafiitr Ei'ln, 
\Vi[^ SeiJiSh Hnt^p An^lpn, aitd his Tramf ' I- n^ES^ 
in itswtiii S^huinnh t^tii l^^io LI , Ciirp and Lp]-^t 
AlKtvc fTy Crintn, Ctjfft, Durk, HtTonn and Teaiia; 
And Shnna which take Cia-h \*\i::aikne an [tiey Hj* 
Ttity Elu^th«lr Hymn^ oft lonj bfforr they nj*" 

ATtiir rt4'Ftla^ Ihe exploitf of ('apt. Jnhn niason^ the Pcqatd 
War^ and Lht TlU 4rSat4CtieT the A^ftint coorliiileA:— 

" And we Your Snppljfl;^ bsfnra tiit; Throne, 
Refif leii¥to hnpe wliiV all ynur Kavou Tft Tu ft, 
Ci>nuL^ Aleut ttilL 1)0 L bt! overpaft.^^ 

'^ Cn-it CHAnt,}u riiio £^Ft Attention all the whiles 
tookinETt^ii WiiLthrop Willi iL k'tyal SmiLr, 
Untjl [laat oM]i!i }-'alherb Vnnf^ tie fpeallH, 
Which dreu tht rhriftaUtiveridown bia Ch«]t». 

Bihliotheca Americana, 793 

But TeeiDg Wiathrop his Addrefa had ctoiM, 
The KJnff bis Mind and CounteDance ComposM, 
And with asbrigrhtan Air of Majestr, S 

As Phflebus fliews when he Serenes tbe Sk;^ \ 
Made this Refolve upon the Agency^ J 

Ji* it n\ tttf»,(ii,tl \ii: OUJt SLLP ilrt:r«f 

<:^>nne<.:ti(mi V ihitu !,iuL(tutfiv -. 

Enfranc^it^ri vilh tMfb Atnutr I^ihtrtifr 

Ax TftPKt Jhvir t'rJF'ni^K ihtiU bft/ far tin'm Bevisef 

JtndJurfhiT tnt'\ti} ttur Haifat Pf/nt^rr f^iUj 

^H J tV if i.t Ihl" r UN- r^ . r/ flv ll .S 1 

CAlr/iit {if J^■f' rnf ^1 i^Tnnnp TAok shuU stnnd, 

jlHUt''iii\'it't n.i-iiii fr,.r/iii t it y ri ftti itanil. 

Aft<ifr>f flhif/'Sr rutt'irt iinri Poti-ntceSj 

Tfittr Mrn iff iVruish tt'ii it-HAttcH Attilitici; 

Jiff jj \tf Fl^ltf' oitit Uti^ ttf f Hjflwf pff f, 

Frie^fii iu tf'rir fintftty nnrf lo (IS tktir Pfince. 

And may the People of that Happy Place 
Whom thou hast to Endeared to My Grace; 
Till timet tatt Exit, through Succeeding Ages, 
Be Blett with Happy En^ith Privileget. 
And that they may be tofoear thou from hence 
To them thete Premonitiont from their Prince. 

First, Let all Offieeri in Civil Trutt 
Atwajft Btpotue their Countryi Interttt. 
Let Law and Right be Precious in thevr Eyes, 
And hear the Poor Mans Cause when e're he Cryt, 
Preserve Rellifion Pure and Understand, 
That it the Firmett Pillar of the Land: 
Lei it be kept in Credit in the Court 
And never fail for want of due Support. 

And let the Sacred Order of the Goum, 

With Zeal apply the Business that*s their own. 

So Peace may Spring from th* Earth 4- Righteousness, 

Looh down from Heaven, Truth and Judgment Kiss. 

"Tlien, Lri thr Ffftu\rn nfyim-f CitrpeTiitianf 

Alwfitft fti<irofe iif ifn' tuflii-mttitm^ 

()fthifie tcAirA aiwuys Ifftiini VoMylvitit afd FfaTf 

flitch Piagnet itrf It'unpi'Tiutt In inJrCf ffir Air; 

S^tch ^m OTf OtH' Laiii'it ti-Uh rrjUE;HT4tJtJ4 

Hnfivjc MfHj FrffifcHH in tHrh A^itniftitiOA: 

That FVtrit Ac-i of Onirr af iii'iitrriiiit 

Thev^tl RejiTtiem tti rmHSfr of i'taapfftint. 

AmithiK is no Sno Di/rlrtHf, 'lin a linit 

H'itt tatzftt IN S(ittiH4 firal f^nvti'ri itcfiovi. 

St im-'u bis tvru mi/A tratrJer/Nl Sucrrstj 

Anti rrer ainrc Aai iiftrt Jtit .Vasltr-pircfr 

''Tit tmrtin' stfifht hi{ iphirh thutffriii icarimii, 

Was ftrgited froHt manV Itenrjii ain^fv 

Bvl thrsr otttfla Aim in ikat vay pf £fit. 

And iritt fBmetiwrtfor God^i tair pl*y ike BrrlL 

And Lastly, Let Your New Enfrlfab MuUUude, 

Remember well a bond of Grztitvde 

Will Lye on them and their Posterity 

So bear t» mind their Freedom come by Tbce." 

WOLLASTON (William). The ReUgion of Na- 
ture delineated. London: Samuel Palmer, 17S6. 
219 pp. Index llpp. Calf extra, by F, Bedford. 
4to. {ll/U$,6d. 2900) 

Tbif Is the Book wblrh Franklin mentioot )a hU Autobiography 
as having worked upoot while apreM-nisn with Sftnuel Palner, 
Id London. 

794 Bihhotheca Americana, 

WOOD (William)* New/ Knj^landp/ Prospect./ 
A true, lively^ and exptirLmea-/tall dffcriptioa of 
tliat part of Amt^rka,/ commonly called Nerv- 
Krif^liind ;/ dilcovmiiiL^ the Itate ot tliiit Coun-Ztrie, 
both as It Itanda to our new-come/ EneMlh Planters: 
and to the old/ Natit^e (nbabLtaiiu./ Laying do wue 
tljat wjji[;b mftv both enricb the/ knowledge of 
tbe miud- travelling Rt^ader,/ or benefit the future 
Voyager./ liy W d I i am W ood . / P rinle d at London 
by riio* Ootea, for lohn Bdlamie^ and arc to be 
fold/ nt biB Hjop, at the three Golden Lyons in 
Corne-hill, neere the/ Royall Exchange. 1634-/ 
4 pret. ipavea ; viz. Titt^f the reverse btaufcy *To the 
Hi^ht W'orahip'/full, mv much honored Friend^/ 
Sir William Armyne^/ knight and Baronet.*/ 2 pp^ 
tipied * W, W'.' * 'Jo tJie Rcador^' 2 pp. sifted 
*W* W.^ 'To the Author, bis Qn^ular good/ 
Friend, IP. William Wood// 1 pagSjiigtied ^S* W/ 
'The Table '£j"f^ Mi]rrat!ij' 1 jw*je. Tejtj 9S pp, 

* Eecaufe many have dcllred to heare Ibme of the 
Na-/tives Language, I have here inferted a I'maU 
Nomen'/clator,*^^<?. 5j^/L With map q/'* The South 
jiart of New-England, as it is Plant<;d this yeare, 
1634/ lio. {51. 5s. 3901) 

W'tCli tlie AuLD^rajih of \li']iite Kejiitelt, 
WOOD (William). New/ Knplands/ Prospect./ 
A tnip.y livf^lyj and osperimen-/tall defcription of 
that part of America^/ commonly called Nctv- 
Enp^laml :/ dilcoverin^ the ftate of that CouD-/trie, 
bothasitltandfi to our new-come/ English Planters; 
a^id to the old/ Native Iniiabiiaiita,/ J,ayiii^dowjiQ 
that which may both cnrieh the/ knowled^ of 
the mind-travelling Reader,/ or benefit t)ie future 
Voyager,/ J3y William Wood^/ Printed at LondoA 
by T}io. t*otes for lohn Pellamie, and are to bt: 
fold/ at his ihop^ at the three Golden Lyons ia 
Coriie-hill, neere the/ Royall Exchonti^e* 1635./ 
4 pret. teaves ; viz. Title, the Teterne btunk, ' To the 
Right W'orihipfullj/ my much honoured friend^ 
Sir/ Willinnri Armyne, knijfht/ and Haronet^'/Spp. 
siiiimf * W. W. * To the Reader/ 2 pp. ^gjitd 
'\V. W.' * To the Author^ bis Gngular good 
Friend, M^ William Wood/ 1 pn^Sy sigiiM *S, \V.* 

* riie Tabic,' 1 page. Tf\t 8,3 pp. * BecAule many 
have dehrud to heare foinc or the N tt-/tivea Lan- 
^a^p,' etc. 5 pp. With map of*^ The South part of 

Bibliotheca Americana. 795 

New-England, as it is Planted this yeare, 1635.' 
Oldatlf. 4to. (4l.l4i.6d. 3902) 

WOOD (William). New/ Englands/ Prospect./ 
A true, lively, and experimentall/ defcription of 
that part of America oom-/monlY called New- 
England : dif'/corering the ftate ot that Coantiy, 
both as/ it (lands to our new-come Englifli Plan-/ 
ters; and to the old Native/ Inhabitants./ Laying 
down that which may both en-/rich the knowledge 
of the mind-travelling/ Reader, or benefit the future 
Voyager./ By William Wood/ London,/ Printed 
by lohn Oawlbn, and are to be fold by lohn Bel- 
lamy/ at his fliop, at the three Golden Lyons in 
Come-/hill, neere the Boyall Exchange,/ 1639./ 
4vrel. leaves; viz. Ttt/e, the reverse blankf 'To the 
Bight WorfliipfuU, my/ much honoured friend, 
Sir William/ Armyne, Knight and Baronet,'/ S pp. 
tiened ' W. W.' 'To the Reader,' f pn. signed 
'W. W.' 'To the Author, his fingular good 
Friend M'. William Wood,' 1 page, signed ' S. W.' 
' The Table,' 1 page. Text, 83pp. ' Becaufe many 
have defired to heare fome of the Natives lan- 
guage,' etc. 6 pp. With map of ' The South part of 
New-England, as it is Planted this jeare 1639.'/ 
Brown morocco extra. 4to. {41. 14s. 6d. 3903) 

WOOD (William). WiUiamWood; Appel- 
lant. David Polhill, Efq ; and others, on Behalf 
of tbemfelves, and other, the Proprietors of Gold 
and Silver Mines in Jamaica Refpondents. The 
Appellant's Case. To be Heard at the Bar of the 
House of I.ords, on [Wednesday] the [Fourth] 
Day of [February] Day of [February] 1746. 
[London. 1746.] 3 pp. t'olio. (4».6d. 2904) 

WOOLMAN (John). Considerations on keeping 
Negroes; Recommended to the Professors of 
Christianity, of every Denomination. Part Second. 
By John Woolman. Philadelphia : Printed by B. 
Franklin, and D. Hall. 1762. 52 pp. Unbound. 
8vo. (lOi. 6d. 2905) 

WOOLMAN (John). A Journal of the Life, Gospel 
Labours, and Christian Experiences of that Faithful 
Minister of Jesus Christ, John Woolman, Late of 
Mount-Holly, in the Province of New-Jersey, 
North-America. To which are added, His Works, 

796 Bihliotheca Americana^ 

contftiniii^ his laft EpifLlf^ aiid other WHtittee. 
JJHiifm;K.M.JiickEon,ira4. ji?ond4G4pp. Cal/* 
Siw. (n. 6d, 2906) 

WORD (A) of Comfort to a Melancboly Countrj. 
Or the Bank of Credit Erected in tbe iMafrachufettA- 
Bay, Fairly Heft^ndtid by a DJfooverj of the Great 
J3enefitj accruing by it to the Whole Province; 
With a Remedy tor Recov^ering a Civil State when 
Sinking under Ut^fperfltion by a Defeat on their 
Hank of Credit- By Amicus Patriae, hoav^n: 
Printed in the Year, X721. 2 pr^L t^aresmtdb^ pp^ 
lOmo. {li.ls. 3907) 

WORSLEY (Israel). A View^ of the American 
Indians, their General Character, CuatomB, Lan- 
guage, Public Festivals, Religious Rites, and Tra- 
ditions: Shewiiijj thtJtn to ha the Descendants of 
The Ten Tribes of Israel, The Language of Pro- 
phecy concernintf tljem. and the courac by which 
tb<:y travdkdfrom Media into America. By Israel 
Woreley. Londim: June, Mocccxxviit, Printed 
for the Author, Haif-tUk, Uiie, lii and 1S5 fp. 
nmo. {3i.6d. a90a) 

WRtGHT (ED\vAnD)» Certain Errors/ in/ Naviga- 
tion./ Detecti^d and Coirettcd/ By Edw, WrighL/ 
With many Additions that were not/ in the former 
Editione./ London./ Printed byjofeph Mojcoq./ 
and ibid at liis Shop ftt the Atlas iyi\ t^^om-hiil, 
1657./ KngroKed tttte^ '12 ftret. Uuv&a^ n-nd ^24 pp; 
'J'he Division of the whoie Art of Navigation." 
110 jip : * Made and fold by Jofeph Moxon,' etCi 
1 pt/^e-j ' The IJaven-finding Art,' et^^^jfp. Din- 
p-ami at pp. 3B, 57, 63, 148. Piatt j\}r saiHng io the 
Azof-eSf on coppeVj at p^^t 91, 'id. Part* Calf. 
4M, ilLlU.6d. 2^09) 

WRIGHT (JohnV The American Negotiator, of 
the Various Currencies of the liritisb Colonies in 
America; As well the lalaiids, as the Continent. 
The Currencies of Nova t:^cotia, Cana<la, Ne*r 
England, 3Vew York, East Jersey, Pensylvania, 
West Jersey, Mary land, Virginia, Xorth Carolint, 
l^outh Carolina, Georgia, &c. And of the Island* 
of Barhadoes, Jamaica, St. Christopher*^, Antigua, 
Nevisj Montserrat, tiic. Rcilnced into Englith 
jMoney, By a Series of Tables tuited to the feveral 

Bibliotheea Americana. 797 

Excbaiigei! between the Colonies and Britain, 
adapted to all the Variations that from Time to 
Time bare, or may happen. With Tables redndn^; 
the current money of the Kingdom of Ireland into 
Sterling, and the contrary, at all the Variations of 
Exchange. Also, a Chain of Tables for the inter- 
changeable Redu3ion of the Cnrrencies of the 
Colonies into each other. And many other uiefbl 
Tables relating to the Trade in America. Br J. 
Wright, Accomptant. The Third Edition. Lon- 
dtm: J.Smith, hdcclxv. Ixxx and 326 pp. Old 
calf. 8vo. {6$.6d. 3910> 

WYETH (Joseph). Remarks/ on/ Dr. Bray's Me- 
morial, &c./ With Brief Obfervafions/ On fome 
Faflages in the Acts of his Vifitation/ in/ Mary- 
land,/ And on his/ Circular Letter to the Clergy 
there:/ Subfequent to the (aid Vifitation./ By 
Jofeph Wyeth./ Lmdm, Printed and Sold by T. 
Sowle, in White-Hart-/Court in Gracious-ftreet, 
1701./ 51pp. *to. (IOj. M. 2911) 

WYNKELMANN (Hans Just). [Enmved titU] 
Hans Just/ Winlcebnans/ Americanischer/ Neuer 
Welt/ Beschreibung/ Gedruckt zu Oldenburg/ 
1664./ rPrinte(2(i(fe]Der/ Americsnischen/ Neuen 
Welt/ Befchreibung,/ Darinnen deren Erfindung, 
Lager, Natur, Eigenichaft,/ Sitten, Barbarey, una 
unerhorte Graufamkeit der Einwohner, Thier, 
Vogel,/ Fifchen und anderer ; Beneben einer won- 
derbaren Schifffart und Reife Bes/fchreibung nach 
Brafilien Hans Ton Staden, biirtig aus Homburg 
in Hefien ;/ Was er vor felzame wunderbare Lander 
und wilde Leute gefehen ; Was er ins/nerhalb acht 
Jabren ausgellanden, una wie der hogfte Gott ihn 
aus fo Vielfak/tiger grofer Gefahr errettet habe 
&c. Mit vielen nachdenklichen Fragen/ und noth- 
wendigen Figuren ausgezieret und zus/fammen 
getragen/ Durch Hanf Juft Wynkelmann./ Ged- 
ruckt zu Oldenburg bey Henrichs Conrad Zim- 
mem,/ Im Jahr Chrifti 1664./ 8 mel. leaves; viz. 
Engraved and printed titles, ' Dem Hochwurdjgen, 
Durchleuchtigen, Hoch=/gebomen Fiirften una 
Herm,7 1 page ; ' Als Alexander,' etc. 4pp; ' And 
den mit Stand und Verlland/ Hochgeneigten Lefer./ 
5 pp; ' OrdnungssRcgifter der Capiteln,' 2 pp; 
Folded sheet, a portrait of the Author; Text 228 pp; 

ALE-COLLEGE suTiject to the 
General Aaserably. Kew-Haven: 
J'rinted by Thomas aod Samuel 
Green, ii,iito,LXX5[iv. 44 pp. 
8iv). (7i. 6J. 2916) 

YONGE (F.) A View of theTradp 
of Soutli-tsroliua, with Proposils Harahly OBer'il 
for Improving the fame. [Lmidan. ITit.l Priwdtlj 
printed. 16 jip. lialfmor. Bto. (7s. 6d. 291?) 

ARATE (AuopgnN). Le Histoin>/ 
Del Sig. Agostmo/ di Zarate/ CoD- 
tatore et Consieliero/ del I'lmpera- 
tore Carlo V./ I)eUo Scoprimento et 
Conqvista del Perv,/ nelle quali fi 
ha plena &particolar relatione delle 
cofe fuccefle, in quelle bande,/ dal 
principio fino alia pacificauone delle Pronincie, ii 
ui quel che tocca/ alio fcoprimento, come al fuc- 
ceflo delle ^erre ciuili occorfe/ fra gU Spagnuoli 
& Capitam, che lo conquifiarono./ Nroramente 
di Lingva Castigliana Tradotte/ Dal. S. Alfonso 
yiloa./ Con Frivilegio./: In Vinegia appresso 
Gabriel/ Oiolito de' Ferrari./ hdlxiii. 8 jrrel. 
leaves ; viz. Title, the reverse blank ; ' All' Illvstris». 
Signore il S. Grido Brandolino Conte di Valde- 
marini,' etc. 3pp; ' Tarola,' 11 pp ; Text 294 pp ; 
in ItaUcs. Vellum. 4to. (31. 3s. 2918) 

ZARATE (Aogustin). JFirsttitW] The/Discoverie 
and Conqvest/ of the Prouinces of Perv, and/ the 
Nauigation in the South/ Sea, along that Coaft./ 
» And alfo of the ritche Mines/ of Potosi./ [Wood- 
cut ojl • The • Hiche ■ Mines ■ of" Potossi •/ If Im- 
printed at London by Richard Ihones. Febru. 6. 
1581./ The reverse blank. ISecmd titU] 9V The 
lirange and/ delectable Hiftory of the/ difconerie 
and Conqneft of the/ Prouinces of Peru, in the/ 
Soath Sea.J And of the notable things which/ 
tiiere are found : and alfo of the bloudie/ ciuill 
Trarres yrhich there haps/pened for goaemment,/ 
Written in foure bookes, by/ Auguftine Sarate, 
Auditor for/ the Emperour his Maieltie in the/ 
lame prouinces and firme land./ And alfo of the 
ritche/ Mines of Potofi./ Tranllated out of the 
Spanish/ tongue, bj T. Nicholas./ Imprinted at 
hondon by Richard/ Ihones, dwelling oner againft 
tbe/ Fawlcon, by Holbume bridge. 1581./ Within 

% 3g 


803 Bihlifjtheca Americana, 

a vsoodcut bertUr offi^urEij the reverse blanks ' JV Ta 
the Hight Ho-/aourable, IMailier Tbumafl WUtion,/ 
Dottor of tbe CiuiU J^we, and one/ of the prin- 
eipall Secretaries, to tbe/ Quoenes inoti excellent 
^laieltie^7 ^ FP* f^^^d ^Thomoa NiclioltUf' in 
Rifman type. * To tbe Reader j' 6 pp. in biafk ittttr: 
Ttit, bL'ick Utter, in 83 leatita, 1 ta 12, and 89, nol 
>o/u)«/ ; (bl™ 16, 17, 28 uiki 19, /or 17, 18, 19 aiiiS 
20 ; v:ith tL-tttidcuts on th^ recrrse ef folios Ifij £0, 4S, 
58j 85, ' Tbe dit'coTery of tbe ntcbe Mynej o^ 
I'Dtafi & bow captaioe Carauajell tolie into bia 
po^er// wwvicuf (^ jamc ot on m^ jirtt titit, 3 ^j). 
^ Tbe Table of the Chapters,' 3 ^, Red moreuo 
eitm, fry Bedford. Me. (lOJ. 10s. 2919) 

ZARATE (Aur.usTiN de), HtBtoJre/ de lay DA- 

j couverte/ et(iela/Con^uete/du/ Perou./ Traduite 

+" del'Kfpagnol/ U'Augustin de Zarate,/ Par S. D,C./ 

' A AmsteTtiamJ Che2 J. Louid de Lorme, Libntii^ 

fur/ le BockiD, a la Libert^./ u.dcc,/ TvooVolnmet, 

Tome Premier, 19 pret. Uave^j and 307 pp. Fron- 

tiipiece, plates and map at pp. 4, 8, 12, 16, 34, 36, 

64, 114, 130, 149, 153, 290. Tome Second. 3 prtC 

leai-es, and 400 pp. Oldcalf. 12ms. (lOs.firf. ?S-iO) 

ZARATE (Au(it'9Ti:< pe). Hirtoire de I& Diooti' 
rerte et de la Comjuete du Perou, Traduite de 


I'E^n^^ol D'Au^stiD de Zaiate, Far S. D, C. 
A J\im, ParlaCompaeniedesLibraifes. mticcxTi. 
Tvio Votumei. Tome Premit^r. SO prei. Uavei oni 
360 pp. Fratttispieeej plates and map^ tit pp. 5, 10, 
IS, SO, 89,41,43,64, 133, 155, 170,177,185,310. 
Tome Second. 4 prei. teuies and 479 pp. Fine ajpif. 
Oldaitf. ttmo. (lOf. 6ci. 2921) 

ZARATE (AuousnN de). Hiatoire de la D^o- 
Teite et de la Conquete du Perou. Traduite de 
I'Elpa^ol D'Aueustin de Zarate, Par S. D. C. 
A Pa™, Rue a. Jacques, Cbei Michel Guignaid, 
pr^Ei la Fontaine S. Sd^^^rin, a rima^re S. Jean, 
M.Dtcxvj. Two Vstitmes. Tome Premier, ^pni. 
leaves, and 360 pp. FrontispieDC, Tome Second. 4 
prel. leaves and 479 pp. 13jbo. (IOj. 6d. t9M) 

ZARATE (AiTGvSTiN ul). Histoire de la Dicon- 
Terte et de la Concjueite du Perou. Traduite di 
I'Eapa^ol D^Aguatin de Zarate, Par S. D. C, 
A /'aril, Par la Compagnie del Lihraiies. M.iicc. 

Bibliotheca Americana. 803 

zLii, Two Volumes. Tome Premier. 20 prel. leavet 
and 360 pp. Frontitpiece, plaU$ and map at pp. 5, 
10, 15, 20, 29, 41, 43, 64, 133, 155, 176, 177, 185, 
340. Tome Second. 4 prel. Uavei and 479 pp. Old 
calf. limo. (,10>. 6d. 2923) 

ZARATE (AcGUSTiN de). Histoire de la D^oou- 
Terte et de la Conqulte do Perou, Traduite de 
I'EspapioI D'Augustin de Zarate, Par S. D. C. 
A Fam, Par la Compagnie de« Libraires. m. dcc, 
Lxxiv. Two Volumes. Tome Premier, xl and 360 
pp. Frcmtispiece, plates and map at pp. 5, 10, 15, 20, 
29, 41, 43, 64, 133, 155, 176, 177, 185, 340. Tome 
Second, vrn and 479 pp. l9mo. (lOi. 6d. 2934) 

ZENGER (John Peter). The Tryal of John Peter 
Zenger of New- York, Printer, Who was lately 
Try d and Acquitted for Printing and Publishing 
a Libel againu the Government. With the Plead- 
ings and Arguments on both Sides. London : J. 
Wuford, 1738. Title and 32 pp. Half morocco. 
4to. (7i.6d. 2925) 

ZENGER (John Petes). The Tryal of John Peter 
Zenger, of New- York, Printer, Who was lately 
Tit d (uul Acquitted for Printing and Publishing s 
Libel sgainft the GoTemment. With the Pleading! 
andArgmnentson both Sides. The Second Edition. 
London : Printed for J. Wilford, 1738. TUU and 
Si pp. Half morocco. 4to. (Jt.6d. 3926) 

ZENGER (John Peteb). The Tryal of John Peter 
Zenger, of New- York, Printer, Who was lately 
Tryjd and Acquitted for Printing and Pnbilshinff 
a Libel againft the Government. With the Pleaf 
ings and Argnments on both Sides. The Fonrth 
Edition. London, J. Wilford, 1738. Title and 33 
pp. 4(0. (7f. 6<1. 2937) 

ZENGER (John Feteb). The Case and Tryal of 
John Peter Zenger, of New- York, Printer, Who 
was lately tryed and acquitted for Printing and 
Publishing s Libel againu the Government. With 
The Pleadings sad Arguments on both Side*. 
London : J. Wilford, 1750. 60 pp. Halfmorocta. 
SCO. (5t.6d. 2928) 

ZENGER (John Peteb). The Trial of John Peter 
Zenger, (>f New-York, Printer: Whowasebaiged 

804 BibHotheca Americana. 

with havinff printed and puhlifhed a LilM*l agaioH 
theGovt^riimtmt; and ac^uiiu^d, WitJi a Narrative 
of hiA case» To wUich Is now added, being never 
printed before^ tlie Trial of Wr- WilUaia Owen, 
Bookseller, near Temple - Bar, ^\'}io wa^ alfo 
Cliarged with the Publication of a Libel agauift 
x\\ii Gi>verimieQt; nf whicb be wis honourablj 
acquitted by a Jury of Free-born Engliftuueii, 
Citizens of London. Lvjidoji: J. Almon, hdccl:it. 
59 pp. Half morocco, ^vo. (^As^Sd* 3923) 

ZENO (CATETtiNo). De i Comiaentarii del/ Viaggio 
in Perfiu di M . Cfaterino Zeno il K ./ & delie enennB 
ffttte Tieir Jmjierio PeHiano,/ dal tempo di Vffiia- 
eaflano in una*/ Libri Dve*/ Et dello aoopri- 
mento/ dell Hole Frislanda, Eslaiida, Enernjue- 
landa, Efto/tilando^ & Icariaj fatto ibtto if Polo 
Articy^ da/ due fratelli aeni, M. Nicolo il K» c M» 
Antamo.j LibroVno,/ Con vjidisegno particolai* 
di/ tutte Ic dettE? p^rte di tramontartK de lor fccK 

Jipjte./ t'on gratia^ et Privilegio*/ In Venetial 
'er Francefco Marcolini^ tattLvui./ Thle^ the re- 
verse biatik; *A1 Heverendiasirao/ Monigijrfior M7 
Daniol Barbaro/ Eletto Patriarcba/ D'Aqvilegia./ 
Francefco Mnrcolini. Vmiiremo^/Sp/j. * Proemb 
de I'Avtorp/ ne i dve Libri de' com-Zmentarii del 
Vjaggio in/ Perfia 6i. delle ^erre PerGane/ di U. 
Cftterino Zcno il/ Canalliere^'/ 6 pp. * Errorij^ 1 
yjfl^f* 7Vit njmwpijjmg (m i/ifi inverse effotio 5» flnJ 
endifig on foOo 58 ; *)Jt the reverse^ the Printers de- 
vice. With ^ Carta da \avej5ar de Nicolo et An* 
tonio Zt^iii FsTOno in Tramontane Lano. M^ccc, 
LTtxx/ liiiisia. aro. (10/. lOs. 3930) 

2EN0 (Cai EHiso). ^iidf^tf copVf wanting the map. 
Beo. (2L ISs. 6J, ^31) 

ZlftmT:RMANN (E. A, W. de>. Eeaai de Coid- 

£araisori entre La France et Lea Etata-Unis de 
,'Amcrique Septentrionale, par rapport & leur 6t>l^ 
a leur climat^ a leura productions, a leura babitanSf 
a leur confttitutionj et ii leur formation progressive* 
Par Mr* E. A, W, de l£tmmermannf Conseiller de 
C'our et Professeur a Brunavic, de I'Academie de 
Petersbourg-; Goettingen; Bologne; de la Soci^t^ 
Limi, de Londres, etc. Traduit de rAUemand et 
EnricUi de Developpemens et de Notes par TAu- 
teuT m^me. Tome J, a Leipzigj Cbes Reinicke ^t 


Bibliotheca Americana. 805 

Hiniichs./ 1797. vtii and 494 pp. Lia, and Ctvt- 
lion, etc. 4 pp. OU catf. 8vo. (4(. 6<i. 3933) 

ZISN EROS (Joseph de\ Digovrso/ qve en el in- 
gigne/ A vto de la Fe, celebrado en/ efta Real cuidad 
de Lima, aueinte y treg de/ Knero de 1639. aiiog :/ 
Predico el M. R. P. F. logeph de Zisne-/ros, Cali- 
&cador de la fuprema, j general Inquilicion, Padre 
de la S. Pro-/uuicia de la Concepcion^ ^ ComilTario 
general en todog eftog Reynos/ del Piru, y Tierra- 
finne, del Orden de N. P. S. Franoifco./ Dirigido/ 
al Ex""" Senor Don Lvig Geronymo de/ Cabrera y 
Bobadilla, Conde de Chincon, Virrey, Gouema/ 
dor, y Capitan General de los Reynog del Pir6, y 
Tierrafir-/ina, GentilhSbre de la Camara de m 
Mageftad, y de fu Ilaue/dorada, de log Confejos 
de gnerra, y eftado, ComSdador/ del campo de 
Critana, del orde de Santiago./ Impreflb en JAfno 
porGeronymodeContrerag, anol639./ [CoUrphon.'] 
Con licencia./ Impresso/ en Lima por/ Geronymo 
de/ Contrerag, Im-/pregsor de libros, fron-/tero de 
la Cruz de grada8,/^Ano de 1639./ 5 l^el. Uavet, 
oil. Title in a metal type border, and woodcut of arm*, 
the reverse blank ; ' Aprobacion del M. R. P. M. F. 
luan de Ribera Prouincial,' etc. 3 pp. signed ' Fr. 
luan de Ribera.' ' Dedicatoria,' 4 pp. signed ' Fr. 
lofeph de Zifnerog Comiffario general.' Text in 15 
folioed leaves. Calf extra. 4to. (li. 11». 6d. 

ZURLA (Placido). 11 Mappa Mondo di Fra Mauro 
Camaldolege Degcritto ed lllugtrato da D. Placido 
Zurla dello stegs' ordine Venezia 1806. 164 pp. 
With i plates. Large Paper. 4to. (It. ts. S934) 

lLau0 0(0. 

UINIJON, JULY 4, 1863,