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GATAmmm m mimiiis 



APRIL. 1st, 1852. 

[published by order of the church.] 



J 852. 


We have carefully examined the following Historical Sketch, and 
the Catalogues of the former and present members of this Church, as 
prepared by Tracy Peck, Esq., and find them to be as correct as can 
be expected. And we believe it is in compliance of the wishes and 
vote of the Church. 



TRACY PECK, | ^, , 


THOMA5 BARNES, C Cmirmttee. 



Bristol, April Ist, 1852. | 


The following statement was prepared by the 
Hon. Tracy Peck, a member of the Church and 
one of the Committee, and will explain to some 
extent, the time and manner of the formation of the 
Society and the gathering of the Congregational 
Church in the present town of Bristol. 

In the year 1721, the original eighty-four proprie- 
tors of the lands contained within the limits of the 
patent of the town of Farmington, procured their 
lands lying within the present town of Bristol, to be 
surveyed and lotted out at right angles, among them- 
selves, according to their respective lists for the year 
1672. This tract of land is five miles square, and 
lies at right angles ; at the same time there was al- 
lowed to two Indians, viz. Bohemia and Poland, a 
lot of land containing one hundred and eighty-six 
acres, and also a lot to said Poland of four and a 
half acres — these lots lay adjoining, and upon them 
these Indians peaceably resided for a number of 
years. A portion of the village of Forestville stands 
on these lots. The stream of water between East 
Bristol and Forestville, called "Poland Brook," takes 
its name from one of these Indians, and upon its 
banks Poland lived. The ridge of land lying south 
and south east of Forestville, called "Bohemia Bank" 
takes its name from the other Indian, who lived on 
the flat near its foot. 

The permanent settlement of Bristol, by the Eng- 
lish, is said to have commenced in the year 1727, 
—the date of the earliest deed to an actual settler is 

November 22d, 1727. The purchaser was Mr. Daniel 
Brownson, of Farmington. This land Hes back of 
the store of Mr. Rowland M. Andrews. 

In the year 1728, Mr. Ebenezer Barnes, from 
Farmington, and Mr. Nehemiah Manross, from Leb- 
anon, took deeds of lands and settled upon them. 
Mr. Barnes' deed included the lands now owned by 
the widow^ Lydia Pierce and others. Mr. Manross' 
deed included lands now owned by Mr. Ephraim 
Downes and others ; meaning the place south of 
Orrin L. Botsford's. These men raised families and 
some of their descendants now reside here. Mr. 
Manross, in 1735, purchased a tract of land now 
owned by Elisha Manross, Esq., and others, upon 
which he built a small house— the cellar of which is 
now to be seen, and is about forty rods south of the 
residence of Ehsha Manross, Esq. From 1735 to 
the present time much of the lands contained in that 
purchase have been held by his descendants. 

In 1729 Mr. Nathaniel Messenger, from Hartford, 
and Mr. Benjamin Buck, from Farmington, took 
deeds. Mr. Messenger's included the lands now 
owned by Orrin L. Botsford and others ; his house 
stood on the other side of the road. Mr. Bucks' deed 
included the farm now owned by xMr. Lazarus Hard, 
and his residence was upon it. About the same year 
Mr. John Brown, from Colchester, took a deed of the 
farm lying between the lands of Mr. Ebenezer Barnes 
and Mr. Nehemiah Manross — a small brown house 
now stands on this purchase — the rolling mill also 
stands upon it. The descendants of Messrs. ]\Ies- 
senger, Buck, and Brown, have all left this place, as 
is supposed. 

In 1736, Mr. Moses Lyman, from Wallingford, 
purchased and settled upon the place now occupied 
by Mr. Hopkins Roberts and others. It is supposed 
this was a very worthy man. It is not known that 
any of his descendants reside among us. 

In 1737, Mr. Ebenezer Hamblin, from Barnstable, 
Mass., purchased and built upon a piece of land ad- 
joining Poland brook; upon which he built and 
resided, the cellar place is now to be seen ; he 
afterwards moved and resided, as is supposed, 
on the west side of the road, north of the 
house of Orrin L. Botsford, where the cellar 
place is to be seen. This man and his family 
were one of the best families in the place ; his de- 
scendants have long since left town. The Rev. Le- 
onidas Lent Hamblin, D. D., of Cincinnati, Ohio, a 
Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, is a de- 
scendant of his. 

In 1742,Caleb Abernethy, from Wallingford, bought 
and settled upon the corner lot south of Orrin L. 
Botsford's slaughter. The Harwinton and Wolcot- 
ville Abernethy s are descendants of this man. 

Between the years 1740 and 1747, David Gaylord, 
Joseph Gaylord, Stephen Brooks, Caleb Matthews, 
and others, from Wallingford, and Daniel Mix, from 
Farmington, made purchases of land and settled 
here ; the Gaylords in the south and south west part 
of the place ; Mr. Matthews and the Brooks on 
Chippin's Hill, which hill took its name from an In- 
dian of that name. Mr. Mix was the first purchaser 
of and settler upon the ground upon which Foster's 
hotel, the Post Office, and other buildings stand. 

Messrs. Abel Roice and Nehemiah Roice, from 
Wallingford, were early settlers. Abel Roice built, 

lived and died in the old house owned by Mr. Orrin 
Ives, and Mr. Nehemiah Roice the one novv^ owned 
by Jeremiah Rice, Esq. It is now more than a 
century since these two houses were built. All of 
these persons were Congregationalists, and attended 
public worship at Farmington, then under the minis- 
try of Rev. Samuel Whitman. 

In October, 1742, the General Assembly on their 
memorial granted them the liberty of winter privi- 
leges, and to hire an orthodox and suitably qualified 
person to preach among them for six months annual- 
ly, commencing on the first of November, and the 
Society was called '' South West Society," or Win- 
ter Parish.' The first Society meeting was holden 
on the eight day of November, 1742, and Ebenezer 
Barnes was chosen Moderator, and Moses Lyman, 
Society's Clerk. 

Messrs. Edward Gaylord, Nehemiah Manross, and 
Ebenezer Hamblin were chosen Society Committee. 
At this meeting it was "Voted, To hire preaching so 
long as the Court has given us liberty." At a Soci- 
ety meeting holden on the twentieth of December^ 
1742, it was voted to hire Mr. Canfield to preach 
during the winter season. (This was Mr. Thomas 
Canfield, a graduate of Yale College of the clas& 
1739, and a classmate of the Rev. Samuel Newell. 
Mr. Canfield was afterwards settled in Roxbury, in 
1744, and died in 1795.) 

At the session of the General Assembly holden in 
May, 1744, upon the memorial of Mr. Ebenezer 
Barnes and others, they were incorporated into an 
Ecclesiastical Society, with the limits of five miles 
square, and called " New Cambridge." 

At the first Society meeting holden in New Cam- 
bridge, on the fourth day of June, 1744, it was "Voted 
that we apply ourselves to the next Association for 
advice in order to bringing in a Minister as soon as 
conveniently may be." 

At an adjourned Society meeting holden on the 
seventh day of June, 1744, "Voted that we would 
apply ourselves to Mr. Joseph Adams, as a proba- 
tioner or candidate, in order for settlement among 
us in the Gospel Ministry." We can say nothing 
more of this Mr. Adams, except that he graduated 
at Yale College in 1740, and died in 1782, 

At a Society meeting holden at the house of David 
Gaylord, (the Eleazor Norton place,) on the fourth 
day of September, 1744, Mr. Samuel Newell was in- 
vited to preach to the Society ; also at the same 
meeting, "Voted to attend public worship at the 
house of Stephen Barnes." (This house stood near 
the house of Mr. Alphonso Barnes.) 

At a Society meeting holden December 3d, 1744, 
" Voted that we hire Mr. Samuel Newell, for our 
minister, in case it should be the advice of the Asso- 
ciation, there being seven votes in the negative." — 
And this invitation, or call, was again made to Mr. 
Newell, at a Society meeting holden January 21st, 
1745, and still again on the second of October, 1745, 
there then being twenty-eight votes in the affirmative 
and two in the negative. Moses Lyman, John Hickox, 
Abel Roice, Abner Matthews, Stephen Brooks, and 
Caleb Palmer, here entered a protest against the 
management of said Society meeting, and consequent- 
ly the meeting was adjourned until the 28th of said 
October, which meeting met agreeable to adjourn- 
ment, and " Voted to call a council of ministers to 


hear and determine any differences among them with 
respect to settling Mr. Newell as their minister, and 
that the Rev. Samuel Whitman, Mr. Marsh, Mr. 
Colton, Mr. Wadsworth, Mr. Bissell, Mr. Elnathan 
Whitman, and Mr. Curtiss, should be the Council, 
with as many messengers as they should think fit to 
bring with them." The council met on the 13th of 
November, 1745. No record of the result of the 
council is to be found ; but, after this a Mr. Ichabod 
Camp, and a Mr. Christopher Newton, were invited 
to preach in the Society. 

At a Society meeting holden on the second day of 
July, 1747, it was voted to proceed to the settlement 
of Mr. Samuel Newell among us since the associa- 
tion advise us to him ; *' and here it must be noted" 
says the record, " that Caleb Matthews, Stephen 
Brooks, John Hickox, Caleb Abernethy, Abner Mat- 
thews, Abel Roice, Daniel Roe, and Simon Tuttle, 
publicly declared themselves of the Church of Eng- 
land, and under the Bishop of London." 

At a Society meeting holden on the 20th day of 
July, 1747, it was voted to apply to the Rev. Samuel 
Whitman, of Farmington, Rev. Jonathan Marsh, of 
W^indsor, Rev. Benjamin Colton, of West Hartford, 
Rev. Elnathan Whitman, of Hartford, and Rev. Jer- 
emiah Curtiss, of Southington, wilii their churches to 
assist in the ordmation of Mr. Newell. 

The ordination of Rev. Samuel Newell took place 
on the 12th day of August, 1747, and the Church was 
gathered at the Church-fast preparatory to the ordi- 
nation, and consisted of about twenty male members. 
Rev. Messrs. Whitman, of Farmington, Colton, of 
West Hartford, and Curtiss, of Southington, assisted 
at the fast and the formation of the Church. 

In the month of March, 1746, Mr. Samuel Mes- 
senger, a County Surveyor, in pursuance of a vote 
of the Society, run out the Society lines, and placed 
bounds at some of the corners, and also ascertained 
the center, and there set a stake, and stones about It, 
and this is supposed to be near the barn of Mr. 
Chauncey Boardman. On the sixth and seventh of 
October, 1746, a stake was set by a Committee ap- 
pointed by the General Assembly, around which the 
sills of the first meeting-house were to be placed, and 
in 1747, the first meeting-house was erected, being 
30 by 40 feet upon the ground. This house stood 
about 60 feet a little to the north of east of the pres- 
ent one. In 1770, the second Congregational Church 
was erected, and the sills enclosed a stake ))laced six 
feet west of the then old meeting-house, which had 
been there placed by a committee appointed by the 
Hon. County Court. This house was sixty-five by 
forty-five feet upon the ground. In the spring of 
1797, a steeple was built, by subscription mainly, and 
attached to the north end of it, and in the. fall of the 
same year, an excellent bell, weighing about 600 
pounds w^as procured, by subscription, and placed in 
its belfry. 

In 1831, the present Church edifice was erected, 
and is seventy-two by forty-eight feet upon the 
ground, and stands about fifteen feet w^est and thirty 
south of the old house. 

At a Church meeting holden August 3d, 1842, 
upon the report of a Committee, the following pre- 
amble and resolve w^ere unanimously adopted, to wit 
— " Whereas, Mr. Thomas Barnes, a brother in the 
Church, procured and presented to this Church on 
the first day of May, 1841, two three quart Flagons 


of the value of twenty-six dollars each ; twelve cups 
of the value of six dollars each ; four platters of the 
value of eight dollars each ; and one vase of the value 
often dollars; making a value in the whole of one 
hundred and sixty-six dollars, being a full sett of 
Communion Furniture, of the best double plated 
English manufacture. 

Therefore, m consideration thereof, it is hereby 
ResoluedfThat the thanks of this Church be presented 
to the said Mr. Barnes, signifying to him thereby, that 
he has laid this Church under an obligation to ever 
pray for his prosperity, and the increase and growth 
of grace in his soul, and that the Clerk present to 
JVJr. Barnes a copy hereof." The old Communion 
Furniture was given to the Central Evangelical 
Church in Barkhamsted. 

The first Pastor, the Rev. Samuel Newell, was 
ordained August 12th, 1747, and continued its Pastor 
until his death, February 10th, 1789, he being in the 
75th year of his age. He lies buried in the south 
yard. Mr. Newell was a native of Southington, a 
graduate of Yale College, class 1739, — was married 
May 4th, 1749, to Mary, widow of Timothy Root, 
of Farmington, — her maiden name was Mary 
Hart. It is worthy of notice that Mr. New^ell 
is the only clergyman of our denomination that lies 
buried in Bristol. 

Rev. Charles L. Hungerford of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, a son of Mr, Evets Hungerford, died at 
Brooklyn, L. I., November 16th, 1845, aged twenty- 
nine years. His corpse was brought to and buried 
in Bristol, west yard. These two are the only cler- 
gymen buried in Bristol. 

The Rev. Giles Hooker Cowles, the second 
Pastor, was ordained October 17th, 1792. The Rev. 


Jonathan Edwards, D. D., of New Haven, preached 
the ordination sermon, and the Rev. Timothy Pitkin, 
of Farmington, Rev. John Smally, of New Britain, 
Rev. Rufus Hawley of Avon, Rev.William Robinson 
of Southington, Rev. Simon Waterman of Plymouth, 
Rev. Benoni Upson of Kensington, Rev. Jonathan 
Miller of Burlington, and Rev. Israel B. Woodward 
of W^olcott, with their delegates, constituted the or- 
daining council. Mr. Cowles was dismissed, by 
mutual consent, May 24th, 1810. 

Mr, Cowles placed upon the records of this church 
the following facts, viz. — " No dissatisfaction was 
manifested tow^ards Mr. Cowles in any respect, the 
Society, as a reason for not doing any thing, mani- 
fested their fears that some few might be disposed to 
leave the Society from pecuniary motives ; but time 
will determine whether they misjudged or not. 

Mr. Cowles, at the close of seventeen years and 
seven months ministry in this place, on the 27th of 
May, 1810, preached his farewell sermon from He- 
brews 13: 17. "For they watch for your souls as 
they that must give an account, that they may 
do it with joy and not with grief, for that is unprofi- 
table for you," to a crowded assembly, who were 
very much affected, and appeared to regret the un- 
happy circumstances which rendered the trying part- 
ing scene necessary. " Perhaps the instance was 
never known that a minister and people ever parted 
with so much harmony, but for wise purposes Provi- 
dence has ordered it so." 

" There were four seasons of awakening during 
Mr. Cowles' ministry. 218 members were added to 
the Church. 181 from the w'orld upon their profes- 


sion, and 37 by letters from other churchs. Of the 
218, — 74 were gone by death, removals and excom- 
munications. The number remaining at his dismis- 
sion 162 ; of these, but 17 were members when he 
settled with them. The church parted with a truly 
faithful minister, whose choice was to live and die 
with them ; but he has gone, and the Church and Soci- 
ety's duty is plain to endeavor to choose another who 
will be faithful to the souls committed to his charge ; 
to support him, and assist him to fulfill the arduous 
task imposed on him." In about one year Mr.Cowles 
removed with his family to Austinburgh, Ohio,where 
he was reinstalled and remained until his death which 
occurred on the fifth day of July, 1S35, aged sixty- 
nine years. While at Austinburgh he received the 
degree of Doctor of Divinity, from Williams College, 
Massachusetts. Mr. Cowles w'as born inFarmington 
on the 26th of August, 1766 ; was a graduate of Yale 
College of the class of 1789 ; studied Divinity with 
Dr. Edwards of New Haven ; was married Februa- 
ry, 179.3, to Miss Sally W^iite of Stamford. 

Rev. Jonathan Cone, the third Pastor, was or- 
dained May 22d, 1811. The ordaining council con- 
sisted of the Rev. Messrs. Dan Huntington, Middle- 
town, Nathan Perkins, D.D.,West Hartford, William 
Robinson, Southington, Jonathan Miller, Burlington, 
Salmon Cone, Colchester, Noah Porter, Farmington, 
and Luther Hart, Plymouth, with their delegates. — 
The Rev. Dan Huntington preached on the occasion. 
He was dismissed by mutual consent on the 19th of 
March, 1828. We find no record made by Mr. 
Cone of the fruit or success of his ministry among 
us ; but we find that during his ministry here 254 


\vere added upon their profession, and 54 by letters 
from other churches ; total 308 ; and that 73 were 
dismissed and recommended to other churches.— 
Mr. Cone was afterwards reinstalled at Durham, 
Greene County, New York, where he remained until 
about two or three years previous to his death, when 
he moved to New Haven, where he died January 4, 
2 850, in the sixty-fifth year of his age. Mr. Cone 
was born in Colchester, was a graduate of Yale 
College, of the class 1808 ; studied Theology at An- 
dover Seminary, Mass. He married Abbe Usher of 

Rev. Abner Johnson Leavenworth, the fourth 
Pastor, was ordained December 16th, 1829. The 
council consisted of the Rev, Messrs. Joel Hawes, D. 
D., of Hartford, Noah Porter, D. D. of Farmington, 
David L. Ogden, of Southington, Luther Hart, of 
Plymouth, Jonathan Cone, of Bristol, Jason Atwater, 
of Waterbury, Darius O. Griswold, of Watertown, 
Erastus Scranton, of Burlington, and their delegates. 
Rev. Joel Hawes, D. D. preached on the occasion. 
Mr. Leavenworth was dismissed by mutual consent 
September 19, 1831. He has left no record of his 
ministry with us ; but we find that during his minis- 
try here, that twenty-three were admitted upon their 
profession and ten by letters from other churches. 
We find but five that were dismissed and recom- 
mended to other churches, but it is known that others 
were thus dismissed and recommended. He was 
installed at Charlotte, N. C, in the fall of 1832, and 
was dismissed on a call to the High Street Presby- 
terian Church, in Petersburg, Virginia, and was there 


reinstalled November, 1839. Mr. Leavenworth was 
born in Waterbury, July 2d, 1803. Graduated at 
Amherst College, Mass. 1825, and at Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, Mass., 1828. Married to Miss 
Elizabeth Manning Peabody, of Salem, Mass., June 
14th, 1831. She died a few years since, and Mr. 
Leavenworth has married again, as we understand. 

Rev. David Lewis Parmelee, the fifth Pastor,was 
ordained February 29th, 1832. The council consis- 
ted of the Rev. Messrs. Joseph E. Camp, of North- 
field, Erastus Scranton, of Burlington, Noah Porter, 
of Farmington, Luther Hart, of Plymouth, David L. 
Ogden, of Southington, Laurens P. Hickok, of Litch- 
field, their delegates, and Dea. George Stanley from 
the church in Goshen. Rev. Laurens P. Hickok 
preached the sermon. He was dismissed by mutual 
consent on the 2d day of February, 1841, to take 
effect with the close of that month. Mr. Parmelee 
has placed upon the records of this church a full 
history of his ministry among us. He says there 
had been four seasons of special religious interest in 
this church and out of it. He further says, " The 
first had just commenced as I began my labors in 
this place, the joyful intelligence that the evidence 
was clear that God was present by the special influ- 
ence of his Holy Spirit hastened my course hither ;" 
that 157 members were added by profession, and 
126 by letters, making the additions 283 ; that 103 
were dismissed and recommended to other churches ; 
4 excommunicated, and 55 died leaving on the first 
day of March, 1841—399. Mr. Parmelee includes, 
among the admissions during his ministry, 24 who 


were admitted by profession January 8th, 1832, and 
1 by letter the same day, for the reason that they 
were admitted after he had been called to become 
our minister. He was reinstalled at South Farms, 
August 25th, 1841, where he remains. Mr. Parmelee 
was born at Litchfield, on the 11th of November, 
1795. He is not a graduate of any College; he 
studied the higher departments of his literature and 
the classics with the Rev. Truman Marsh of Litch- 
field, and Louis Mitchell, Esq., and two other law 
students at Litchfield, who took an interest in the 
education of Mr. Parmelee. His theological course 
was with the Re V.Joseph Harvey, D.D.,thenof West 
Chester. Mr. Parmelee and Miss Sally Stanley, 
(daughter of William Stanley, Esq.) of Goshen, were 
married August 28th, 1817. 

Rev. Raymond Hoyt Seeley, the sixth Pastor, 
was ordained July 5th, 1843. The council consisted 
of the Rev. Horace Bushnell, D.D., Hartford, Noah 
Porter, D. D., Farmington, Elisha C. Jones, Soutl> 
ington, Aaron C. Beach, Wolcott, Merrill Richard- 
son, Terryville, and Harvey D. Ketchell, Plymouth 
Hollow; with their delegates, and Deacons Sherman 
Smith, Burlington, Roderick Stanley, Plainville, and 
Brother Barnabas W. Root, Plymouth. Rev. Horace 
Bushnell, D. D., preached the sermon. Mr. Seeley 
was dismissed by mutual consent, on the 24th day of 
January, 1849, on a call from a church in Spring- 
field, Mass.,where he was reinstalled March lst,1849, 
where he remains. Mr. Seeley has left upon our 
records a very kind, tender and affectionate expres- 
sion of his thanks for the many expressions of kind- 
ness and affection received at our hands, with his 


earnest prayers for the temporal and eternal happi- 
ness of ourselves and families. We find upon his 
record that thirty-two were added to the Church by 
profession, and fifty-nine by letters during his minis- 
try, and that 45 were dismissed and recommended 
to other churches. Mr. Seeley was born at Norwalk 
February 19th, 1812; he graduated at New York 
City University in July, 1839, and at the Theological 
Seminary in New York, in 1842. Mr, Seeley and 
Miss Catharine L. daughter of Hon. Timothy Cowles 
of Farmington, were united in marriage October Oth^ 

Rev. William Henry Goodrich, the seventh 
Pastor, was ordained March 13th, 1850 ; ordaining 
council. Rev. Messrs. Noah Porter, D. D., Farming- 
ton, Elisha C. Jones, Southington, William Wright, 
Plainville, James L. Wright, Burlington, Merrill 
Richardson, Terryville, Aaron C. Beach, Wolcott, 
William W. Woodworth, Berlin, and their delegates. 
Rev. Chauncey A. Goodrich, D. D., New Haven, 
Rev. Jarius C. Searle, Unionville, and Dea. Charles 
G. Ives, delegate of this Church. The Rev. Ephraim 
Lyman, Joseph D. Hull, Chauncey Goodrich, and 
Erastus Scranton, being present were invited to sit 
with the council. Rev. Chauncey A. Goodrich, D.D. 
preached the discourse. Mr. Goodrich remains with 
us, and since his settlement there has been added to 
the church by profession fifty-six ; and by letters 
thirty-four ; and during the same time, twenty- six 
have been dismissed and recommended to other 

Mr. Goodrich was born at New Haven, January 
i9th, 1823 ; is a graduate of Yale College, class 


1843, and of the Theological department in 1847. 
Mr. Goodrich and Miss Mary Prichard, formerly of 
Boston, were united in marriage at New Haven, 
April 23d, 1850. 


The following persons have been Deacons in this 
church, to wit — Hezekiah Kew, and David Gaylord 
were the first Deacons, and were both chosen No- 
vember 8th, 1747. Deacon Gaylord died April 23d, 
1776, aged — years ; we cannot find when Deacon 
Rew died. His wife, Abigail, died Nov. 21st, 1764. 
His residence was near the house of Mr. Lott New- 
ell. Stephen Barnes was chosen to fill his place, 
and died March 21st, 1757, in the 43d year of his 
age, and was buried in the south yard. 

Elnathan Ives was chosen October 13th, 1757, 
to supply the place of Deacon Barnes, deceased, 
and resigned his office October 15th, 1764, and 
died February 16th, 1777, in the 71st year of his age 
and was buried in the south yard. 

Elisha Manross was chosen April 23d, 1765, 
to supply the place of Deacon Ives, resigned. He 
served until his death, which occurred on the 18th 
day of January, 1810, aged 83 years, and was buried 
in the south yard. 

Stephen Hotchkiss was appointed in 1774, with 
reference to supply the place of Deacon Gaylord ; 
and served until about the year 1780,whenhe moved 
to Burlington, where he died in 1807, in the 89th 
year of his age. 


Zebulon Peck, Jr., was chosen to fill Dea. Hotch- 
kiss place, and served until his removal to Paris^ 
Oneida County, N.Y.,in June 1801. He died at 
Marshall, in said County, January 23d, 1820, aged 
77 years. 

Josiah Wolcott was chosen September 30th, 
1800, and officiated until he moved to Farmington, 
Ohio, in 1808, where he died January 13th, 1838, 
aged 83 years. 

Bryan Hooker was chosen July 3 1st, 1801, 
and sei-ved as such until his death, July 22d, 1826, 
aged 62 years, and was buried in the north yard. 

Ira Hooker was appointed September 16th, 1808, 
and officiated until his death. He died November 
30th, 1837, aged 78 years. He lies buried on the 
Great Plains. 

Charles G. Ives was appointed to the same office 
February 2d, 1809, and now holds and does the 
duties of the office. 

Reuben Hough was appointed October 6th, 
1826, and did the duties of the office until 1828, 
when he moved to Brooklyn, N. Y,, and thence to 
Whitesborough, Oneida County, N.Y., where he died 
July 9th, 1850, aged 63 years. 

Elisha C. Brewster and Welles R. Byington 
were chosen April 30th, 1830 ; they both accept- 
ed and served. Deacon Byington until his death, 
July 4th, 1849, aged 60 years ; he was buried in the 
north yard. Deacon Brewster now holds the office 
and does its duties. 

The foregoing persons are all who have held the 
office of Deacon in the Church, but several others 
have been chosen but declined to accept. 


Art. I. You believe that there is one only living 
and true God, who is a Spirit, infinite in natural at- 
tributes and moral perfections, that the mode of his 
existence is such, as lays a foundation for the three- 
fold distinction of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, who 
possess the same nature and are equal in every 
divine attribute and perfection : that he made, pre- 
serves, and governs all things for his own glory, and 
that in whatsoever comes to pass, he accomplishes 
the eternal counsel of his own will in such a way 
that man is a free and accountable agent. 4. Isa. xUi.8, xlv. 5. Rev. iv. 8. Job xi. 7 — 10 Rev. xix. 6, 
Isa.lvii. 15. Ps.cii.24— 27. Mai. iii. 6. James i. 17. Ps, cxxxix. 1-12 
Danieliv. 35. Romans xi. 34— 36. Ex. xxxiv. 6— 7. Matthew v. 48. 
1 John iv. 8. Matthew xxviii. 19. 2Cor. xiii. 14. 1 John v. 7. John i. 
1 & 3. Romans ix. 5. Hebrews i. 8. 1 John v. 20. Acts v. 3,4. Phil.ii. 
1, 6, 12 and 13. Acts xiii. 2—4. Isaiah ix. 6. John viii. 56—58. Rev. 
i. 8, 11. Hebrews i. 10 — ^14, xiii. 8. John x. 28. Matthew xviii. 20, 
xxviii. 20. Rev. ii. 23. Mathewix. 4. Ephesians iv. 30. Heb. ix. 14. 
Ephesians iii. 19. 1 Timothy i. 2. Matthew xii. 31, 32. 1 Corinthians 
iii. 16, ii. 10, 11. Isaiah xl- 13, 14. Acts i. 16. Ephesians v. 9. Ne- 
hemiahix.6. Matthew x. 29,30. Psalms ciii; 19- Acts ii- 23- iv.26 
— 28. Eph. i. 11. Isaiah xlv- 7, xivi. 10- Josh. xxiv. 15. Romans 
xiv. 12. Luke xii. 41— 48. 

Art. II. You believe that the Scriptures of the 
Old and New Testament are given by inspiration of 
God, and are the sufficient and only rule of faith and 

2 Timothy iii. 16. 2 Peter i. 21. Hebrews i.l& 2. 1 Peter i. lO&ll. 
Isaiah viii. 20. Acts xvii. 11. Psalm xix. 11. Matthew xxii. 29. Gal, i. 
Band 9. Rev. xxii. 18, 19. Luke xxiv. 27 and 44 and 45. John v. 39. 

Art. III. You believe that God created man up- 
right, that our first parents freely sinned and fell, 
that in consequence of the original offence all man- 


kind in their natural state are alienated from God, 
without holiness and under the curse of the divine 

Gen. i. 26, 27. Ecetesiastes vii. 29. Genesis iii. 6, v. 3. Rom. v. 
12. Ephesians ii. 3. 1 Corinthians xv. 21, 22. Genesis vi. 5. John 
iii- 6. Romans viii. 6— 8. Job xiv. 4.xv. 15. Psalm xiv. 1—3, li. 5. 
liii. 1— 3. Iviii. 3, Isaiah i. 5, 6. lix. 7,8. Jeremiah xvii. 9. Matthew 
iii. 7. xii, 34. Mark vii. 21, 22. Gal. v. 19—21. Romans i. 29—32. 
iii. 9— 20. vii. 18. 2 Cor. v. 14. Colossians ii. 13. 

Art. IV. You believe that Jesus Christ is both 
God and Man in two distinct natures and one person 
forever ; that by his obedience, sufferings and. death 
he made a sufficient atonement for the sins of the 
world ; that he arose from the dead and ascended 
into heaven as Mediator between God and man, that 
through him salvation is freely offered to mankind, 
and that there is salvation in no other. 

John i. 14 and 29. Isaiah liii. 3—9. 1 John ii . 2. Romans v. 8 & 19 
Rev. V. 9. 1 Peter i. 18,19. Phil. ii. 6— 8. 1 Timothy iii . 16. Mat- 
thew xivi. 28. Romans viii. 32. 2 Corinthians v. 15, 16. Mark xvi. 
6 14 and 19. John xx. 11— 18. Acts i. 9— 11. 1 Timothy ii. 4— 6 
Hebrews vii. 25— 27. John iii. 16. Matthew xi. 28— 30. Rev.xxii. 
17. Acts iv. 10— 12. 

Art. V. You believe that all those who will be 
saved by Jesus Christ, were given to him as his elect 
according to the eternal purpose of God, that by the 
special influence of the Holy Spirit in their regener- 
ation, they do receive him in the faith of the gospel ; 
and that having received him they are justified by 
grace through faith and have the sure promise of 
being preserved by the same grace in holy obedience 
unto eternal life. 

John yi. 37 and 39. Actsxiii. 48. Romans viii. 28-39. ix. 11. xi. 
5, 7, 28. Ephesians i. 4, 5, iii. II. 1 Thessalonians i. 4. 2Timo.i. 
9. 1 Peter i. 2. Psalms ex. 3. Ezekiel xxxvi.26, 27- Zechariah iv. 
6- John i.l2, 13. iii. 3 — 8. James i. 18. Titus iii. 5: Romans iii- 
21—25. Ephesians ii. 8. Romans viii- 1 John iv. 14.x 29. 1 Peter 


i. 5. Revelation iv. 18. 1 Thessalonians v. 9, 10, 24. 2 Theasalom-- 
ansiii.3. Philippiansi.6. 1 Corinthians x. 13. Job xvii. 9. Colos- 
siansiii. 3. Hebrews x. 39. 1 John ii. 19. 

Art. VI. You believe that although the saints are 
justified by faith and saved by grace yet the law as 
a rule of life remains in full force, so that perfect 
holiness of heart and life is duty, and that the gospel 
of free grace does not countenance or encourage in 
any case to live in the least degree of sin. 

Matthew V. 17, 18, 48, John xiv. 15. Romans iii. 31. \i. 1—23. 2 
Corinthians v. 14,15. 

Art. VII. You believe that Jesus Christ has a 
church on earth, that in its visible form it compre^ 
hends all those who credibly profess the faith of the 
gospel, that its sacraments are Baptism and the 
Lord's supper, and that Baptism is to be administered 
not only to believers (when not baptized in infancy) 
but also to the children of their households. 

Act3ii.47.xx.28. Romans xvi. 4,5. 1 Corinthians x. 32. xi. 2^. 
XV. 9. Galatiansi.l3. Ephesians v. 24. i.23. Matthew xvm. 19. 
Romans iv. 11. Acts ii. 38, 39-41. Galatians iii. 27-29. vl,^. 
Genesis vii. 10. 1 Peter iii. 21. Luke xviii. 15,16. Acts xvi. 15,33. 
1 Corinthians i. 16. vii. 14. PhiJippians iii. 3. Matthew xxvi. 26-28, 
Mark xiv. 22-24. Luke xxii. 19, 20. 1 Cor. xi. 23,26. 

Art. VIII. You believe that at the end of time, 
the Lord Jesus Christ will descend from heaven to 
raise the dead and judge the world, that then there 
will be no further state of probation, that the right- 
eous will be received into life eternal, and the wicked 
will go away into everlasting punishment. 

Psalm xcvi. 13. Ecclesiastesix. 10. xii. 14. Matthew xii. 36. xiii. 
40, 42, 49. xvi. 27. xxv. 31-46. John v. 22-29. Acts x. 42. xvu. 
31. Romans xiv. 10. Jude 14, 15. Revelation xx: 12, 13. 2 Peter 
iii. 7-13. Matthew xxv. 10-12. 1 Thessalonians iv. 16. 1 Corinthi- 
ansxv. 52. Psalm ix. 17. 

Do you consent to these as articles of your belief? 


You do now in the presence of the everliving God 
and this assembly, avouch the Lord Jehovah to be 
your God ; Jesus Christ to be j^our prophet, priest 
and king, and the Holy Ghost to be your sanctifier, 
comforter and guide. 

You do deliberately, and forever, dedicate your- 
selves and all you have to God in Christ Jesus, hum- 
bly confessing and repenting of your sins, professing 
to have accepted of salvation as coming exclusively 
through Jesus Christ and as bestowed on you through 
the rich and sovereign grace of God. 

You do solemnly promise, in dependence on divine 
grace, that you will make the word of God the rule 
of your faith and practice, that you will carefully 
observe his ordinances and institutions, that you will 
walk worthy the Christian vocation, evincing a life of 
piety towards God and of benevolence towards your 
fellow men. 

You do also cordially join yourselves to this church 
of Christ, especially dedicating yourselves to the ser- 
vice of Christ in it, engaging while you continue a 
member of it, that you will walk with it in charity 
and Christian affection, that you will seek its purity, 
peace and edification, and that you will faithfully 
employ, and meekly receive the admonition and dis- 
cipline which Christ has ordained. 


With an aflecting belief that your vows are recor- 
ded on high, and will be reviewed in the day of final 
judgment, to this Covenant you give your cordial 

(Here the members of the church are requested to rise and stand.) 

We, then, as a Church, do cordially receive you 
into our fellowship and communion, and give thanks 
to God, who we trust has inclined your hearts to 
fear his name ; we promise to treat you with Christ- 
ian affection, to watch over you with tenderness, and 
to offer our prayers to the great head of the church 
to enable you to fulfil the Covenant which you have 
now made. 

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make 
his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, 
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give 
you peace. 

Nov/ unto Him, who is able to keep you from 
falling, and to present you faultless before the pre- 
sence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only 
wise God, our Saviour, be glory and majesty, domin- 
ion and power, both now and ever. Amen. 



You, who have now appeared in the Sanctuary 
with the child [or the children] which God has given 
you, believing that his Covenant is not only with his 
people, but with their seed after them, and feeling 
it to be a privilege thus publicly to dedicate your 
offspring to his service, and have applied to them 
the seal of that Covenant, do now sacredly devote 
this child, [or these children,] to be His forever, 
and, in humble reliance on His grace, do solemnly 
engage to train it [or them] up in his fear, to instruct 
it [or them] faithfully in His Word, to set before it 
[or them] a pure and Christian example, and by all 
«ieans in your power to prepare it [or ihem] for 
admission into His visible Church on earth, and for 
a place at His right hand forevermore. 

Thus in dependence on the all sufficient grace of 
Christ to make you faithful, you now Dromise^ 

[Here follows the administration of the ordinance as usual, after 
which the Church will rise at the following words.] 

We, then, your brethren of this Church, do cove- 
nant affectionately with you, to regard this child, 
for these children,] as embraced within our watch, 



and to aid you in this great work by our sympathy, 
our example, and our prayers. And may the Great 
Head of the Church bless and keep you and your 
house, and at length gather you and them into the 
mansions of His Eternal Rest. 


Rule I. That any person, wishing to join our 
communion ; be first propounded before the Church 
and Congregation, at least one Sabbath previous to 
the Sabbath of admission. 

Rule H. That a letter of recommendation from 
any other church in favor of any individual wishing 
to connect with this church, shall be publicly read 
before the church, and if no objection shall be made 
within one week after it is thus read, the pastor or 
officiating minister is authorized to declare that in- 
dividual a member of this church. 

Rule HI. That any member of this church wishing 
to remove his or her relatioiiship from this church to 
some other church, shall be publicly announced to 
the church, and if no objection shall be made within 
one week, the pastor, or in case there shall be no 
pastor, the clerk of the church is authorized to grant 
the letter. 

Rule IV. That when any member of this Church, 
removing from this place, shall suffer the space of 
two years to pass without either taking a letter of 
dismission, or in any way communicating with the 
Church, this shall be considered a neglect of cove* 
nant obligation, and no letter shall afterwards be 
wranted without due satisfaction made to the church. 


Rule V. Members of sister and other churches 
in regular standing, residing among us, shall not be 
considered as being included in the customary invi- 
tation to communion in the Lord's supper for a 
longer term than one year, except by a vote of the 
church on their application. 

Rule VI. There shall be appointed at the annual 
meeting of the church, a committee not exceeding 
seven, whose duty it shall be to assist the pastor in 
the examination of candidates for admission to the 
church, to conduct when necessary any investigation 
before the church, or to obtain the assistance requi- 
site to conduct such investigation ; but the existence 
of this committee shall not be understood to release 
any member of the church from taking the first, 
second or third steps in the case of offences within 
his knowledge. 

Rule VII. The offences which especially require 
the exercise of christian discipline are such personal 
injuries as interrupt a free and pleasant communion ; 
all vices and immoralities which bring reproach upon 
the christian name ; all departure from the essential 
doctrines of the gospel ; and all willful neglect of 
the essential duties of Christianity. 

Rule VIII. We take the directions of our Saviour 
in Matthew xviii. 15 — 17 inclusive as our rule in all 
cases of ofience. 

Rule IX. When it becomes necessary to tell a 
fault to the Church, the complaint brought in due 
form, with the names of the witnesses must first be 
presented to the Pastor, or if there be no Pastor, to 
ihe Senior Officer of tlie Church, who, as soon as 



may be, shall call a meeting of the Church for an 
examination of the case, and shall c&use the accused 
to be cited, and the witnesses to be summond to be 
present, giving them reasonable notice beforehand. 

Rule X. No member shall be convicted but by 
the testimony of two or three witnesses or that 
which is equivalent. And we deem the evidence as 
coming within that which the spirit of the gospel re- 
quires which will prove by different individuals, the 
same offence, neglect of duty or heresy in kind on. 
different occasions, although as to each particular 
but one can testify, and therefore recognize such 
offences, neglect of duty and heresies as disciplin- 

Rule XI. On the conviction of a member when 
the offence is peculiarly scandalous and notorious, it 
may be necessary to proceed to excommunication 
immediately, but in other cases conviction should be 
followed by admonition on the part of the church 
previous to the final sentence. 

Rule XII. Confessions before the church should 
be made, only at public meeting?, and whenever the 
sentence of excommunication is pronounced, il 
should be done publicly. 

Rule XIII. We consider ourselves bound to dis- 
countenance reports which are injurious to the Chris- 
tian character of any member, and the circulation of 
such reports we consider a disciplinable offence ; but 
whenever we have serious cause to apprehend that 
any one has been overtaken in a fault, it is our duty 
to go to him directly and lell it to him alone t if ou 


the examination, there appears to be no sufficient 
ground for the complaint, we are to do what we can 
to stop injurious reports respecting it ; and in all 
cases to endeavor, as far as possible, by private and 
seasonable admonitions, counsels and prayers to set- 
tle differences, and remove offences without a public 
exposure of them. 

Rule XIV. No member may refuse to attend 
with the church on any ordinance of the gospel on 
account of any offence committed by another 

Rule XV. That if any member of this church- 
shall offend or trespass against another in a manner 
which can in the opinion of the aggrieved member- 
be proved according to the word of God, and when 
the steps which the gospel requires cannot be taken- 
by the aggrieved member before the then next ad- 
ministration of the Lord's supper, he may request 
the ofifending member to absent himself for that oc- 
casion only from this ordinance. 

Rule XVI. We are under the same obligations 
to members of other churches of our communion, 
who reside among us, as to members of this church 
in respect to private admonition in cases of offences,^ 
and when any one of them is not gained by private 
admonition it is our duty to inform the church to 
which he belongs. 

Rule XVII. We acknowledge ourselves to sus- 
tain a tender and responsible relation to the children 
of the members of the church as recognized in their 
baptism ; and we consider it our duty to afford each 
other all the aid in our power in training them up im 


the nurture and admonition of the Lord ; to cultivate 
an acquaintance with them, to remind them of their 
special obligations ; to do whatever we can to per- 
suade them to comply with their obligations ; and 
also freely to give each other and thankfully to re- 
ceive whatever notices or admonitions may be need- 
ful, in order to a discreet and faithful performance 
of parental duties. 

Rule XVIII. The ordinance of the Lord's Sup- 
per shall be administered at least six times a year ;• 
the first Sabbaths of every other month commencing 
with January, shall be (providence permitting,) the 
stated periods. 

Rule XIX. The foregoing rules shall be read 
before the church and congregation annually on the 
first Sabbath on which the communion shall be ad- 
ministered after the annual meeting of the church. 

Resolved, In the case of non-resident members of 
this church, who shall any time have been ten years 
absent without regular dismission, and without com- 
municating with the church, or (2) who have united 
themselves to churches with whom we hold no com- 
munion, or (3) who are reported to be of unchristian 
walk or opinions, and from whom, after due endeavor 
to correspond with them, no answer is obtained,, that 
the watch of the Church be withdrawn from fhem, 
and that in token thereof the words, ivatch with- 
drawn, be affixed to their names in the record of 
©kurch members,. 





In Ati^i^st, l'y4^, to A|>raS 1st, l§52.--To wit, 

The Committee have much evidence to suppose, 
and tlie presumption is, that the following persons 
became members, at the time of its gathering, to- 
gether with others whose names we cannot ascertain 
as the church record previous to March 4th, 1750, is 
lost, but those against whose names is this mark * 
we find, by later record, were members. 

Time of Death. Age. 

*Hezekiah Rew, } 
^Abigail, his wife, 

*David Gaylord, 
Mary, his wife, 
^Stephen Barnes, 

and his wife, 
*Elnathan Ives, ) 
Abigail,his wife, ( 
*Miss Deborah Buck, 
*Joslah Lewis, ) 
*Phebe, his wife, \ 
Widow, Sarah Bushnell. 
Nathaniel Messenger, and his wife. 
Nehemiah Manross, and his wife. 
Ebenezer Barnes, and Lucy, his wife. 






















V 33 

Joseph Benton, ) 

Sarah, his vile, ) 

WiUiam Meriam, 

Hezekiah Bunnell, ") 

Esther, his wife, 5 

Moses Lyman, > 
and his wife, ^ 

Ebenezer Hambiin. 

Edward Gaylord 
and his wife, 

Samuel Gaylord. " 

John Hickox, i 17G5 

and his wife, ) 

John Brown, > 

and his wife, ) 

Abner Matthews, > 
and his wife, J 

Caleb Palmer, 
and his wife. 

David Rich, 1748 54 

Abigail Deming, wife of Jacob, 1771 85 
Rachel Rich, wife of David, Jr. 1757 33 

And the following persons are supposed to have 
joined the Church between the ordination of Mr. 
Newell and the 4th of March, 1750, and those with 
this mark * are proved to have been members by a 
memorandum made many years after by the Rev, 
Dr. Cowles. 

^Stephen Hotchkiss, ) 1807 8^^ 

Thankful, his wife, ] 1760 42 

Mason Cogswell, 

Robert Cogswell, and his wife. 

Daniel Mix, and his wife. 

John Gaylord, 7 1753 19 

and his wife, ) 
Samuel Williams, 1760 57 

Stephen Brooks, 1773 71 

34 ^ 

Benjamin Brooks. 

*Zebulon Peck, ) 1795 83 

*Mary, his wife, \ 1790 78 

* William Jerome, 1794 77 

^Joseph Gay lord, 1796 80 

*Sarah,wire of Hezekiah Gridley, 1 796 89 

*Mary,wife of Rev. Sam.Newell,l797 81 

*Thomas Hart, 1801 87 

*Joseph Rowe, " 83 

*Eleazor Gaylord, 1810 88 

*Widow Rachel Hart, " 87 

Aaron Aspinwall, 1769 67 

Here commences the Catalogue of Members ad- 
mitted during the ministry of Rev. Samuel Newell> 
with the dates of admission. 

March 4th, John Gaylord, 1778 64 

" John Hamblin. 

August, Mahitabel, wife of William Barnes. 
October 28, Sarah, wife of Na- 
thaniel Matthews, 1764 32 

September 24, Elenor Barnes. 

April 8, Ann, wife of Andrew Naughton. 
" Abijah Barnes. 

January 3, Benjamin Hungerford,1790 84 
February 3, John Hungerford, 1787 71 
May 26, David Ryington, Jr. 
November 3, Zebulon Frisbie, 1800 84 

December 28, Zerubabel Jerome. 

October 24, Jacob Roice. 
November 11, Elisha W'arren. 

April 17, Hezekiah Gridley, 1776 74 


October 21, Abel Yale, ) 1797 65 

Sarah, his wife, ) 1816 77 

" Sarah, wife of Abner Mat- 

thews, Jr. 1765 32 

March 22, Mary, wife of Joseph Spencer. 
August 10, Esther, widow of Matthew 

Judd, 1775 61 

August 2, Hannah, wife of Elisha Lewis. 
Lois, wife of Abijah Barnes. 
January 3, Asa Upson, 1807 78 

June 6, Elisha Manross, 1810 83 

February 20, Jesse Churchill. 
May 29, Luke Hill. 

June 19, Elizabeth,w^ife of Timothy Mix,1804 71 
" Sarah, wife of David Newell, 1822 86 
" Hannah, wife of Oliver Tuttle, 1779 67 
August 28, Timothy Mix, 1800 75 

Gershum Tuttle, 1782 73 

March 11, Moses Parsons. 
October 7, Ruth, wife of William Churchill. 
December 2, Wise Barnes, 1815 90 

^ 1765. 
February 10, Lois, wife of Ebenezer Hamblin. 
July 14, Hannah, wife of David Barnes. 

April 27, Mary, wife of Abraham Bartholomew, Jr. 
July 13, Eunice wife of Elisha Fox, 1810 73 
" Admitted from other churches, viz. 
" Abraham Pierson, 
" Olive, his wife. 
" Martha, wife of Mason Cogswell. 
September 28, Elihu Smith. 



Nov.G, l\Iartha,wire of Dea.Elisha Manross,1789 55 
*' 27, Daniel Row, 
Rhoda, his wife, 

March 5, Martha Norton. 

March 27, Esther, wife of Joseph Stone. 
May 27, Susannah, wife of Jonathan Pond. 
Sept. 30, Rhoda, wife of Elisha Warren, 1823 83 

January 20, Mary, wife of Luke Gridley, 1817 74 

January 12, Joseph Hayford. 

" Nathaniel Ingraham ; admitted 

on a letter from Judea, (Washington.) 
February 23, Eunice, wife of Abner Matthews, Jun. 
April 26, Abner Matthews, Jun. 
June 7, Eunice, wife of David Roberts, 1780 35 
October 4, Lucy, wife of James Lee, 1828 83 
November 1, Deborah, wife of Abel Peck. 
December 6, Experience, wife of Stephen Norton. 

February 7, Lucy, wife of Justus Peck, 1823 82 
April 25, Jonathan Linsley. 

May 9, Zebulon Peck, Jun. 1820 77 

May 16, Eunice, wife of Jonathan Linsley. 

January 9, Rachel, wife of Jessee Gaylord,1828 91 
July 17, Kachael, wife of Matthew Hun- 

gerford, 1811 74 

" Jerusha, wife of Jonathan Fond, 1828 77 

" Lois, wife of Benjamin Wilcox, 1792 44 

July 31, Jonathan Pond, IS 1 7 78 

January 29, Joseph Stone. 

«' Susannah, wife of Zebulon 

Frisbe, Jr., 1S38 86 

May 21, Ruth, wife of Dan Hill, 1S09 64 

« Rhoda, wife of x\aron Norton, .1812 64 


June 1, Annah, wife of Elijah Gay lord, 1819 82 

'' Lucy, wife of Amos Gaylord. 

September 24, Amy Newell, 1797 41 

October 22, Samuel Lewis, ) 1819 72 

Eleanor, his wife, ) 1804 55 

Dec. 31, Mary, wife of Jacob Hungerford, 1806 56 

January 14, Ruth, wife of Abel Lewis, 1820 66 
" 28, Eunice, wife of Samuel Adams, Jr. 1822 74 
February 4, Mary, wife of Freeman Up- 
son, by letter from Roxbury, Mass., 1816 62 
February 11, Theodore Root, 1824 82 

Rebecca, his wife, S 1814 71 

June 30, Elijah Gaylord, 1796 60 

July 28, Thomas Hungerford, ISIO 67 

December 29, Capt. Amos Barnes. 

March 9, Isabel, wife of Abraham Warren. 
March 23, Joseph Byington, 1798 63 

June 1, Chloe, wife of Andrew Jerome. 
September 28, Samuel Brockway, 1806 89 

Sept. 20, Huldah, wife of James Hadsell, 1827 S3 
October 16, Widow Abigail Peck, 1824 75 

August 1, Widow Phebe Roberts. 
August 15, Thankful, wife of Daniel Rowe. 

October 29, Judah Barnes. 
Feb. 11, Hannah, wife of Joseph Byington,lS19 67 

April 14, Rachel, wife of Samuel Hotchkiss,18o3 79 

From April 14, 17S2, to October 17, 1792, we 
have no record of the admission of members to the 
Church, but we have other evidence fully satisfac- 
tory to the Committee, that the following persons 
united with the Church during said period, and we 


sr€ of the opinion that a number of other persons 
also united with the Church during that time, but 
we have failed to find the evidence. 

Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Amos Barnes. 

Ruth, wife of Roice Lewis, 1821 69 
Lois, wife of Samuel Beckwith. 
Annah, wife of Timothy Hungerford. 
Mercy, wife of Zachariah Hitchcock. 
Jerusha Barnes. 
Widow Mary Cole, 

Levi Hungerford, > 1814 74 

Sarah Hungerford, > 1836 94 

Josiah Holt, > 1810 55 

Kezia Holt, ] 1^11 64 

Amasa Ives, ") 1817 69 

Huldah Ives, ) 1810 60 

Joshua Phinney, 1821 65 

William Richards, > 1825 70 

Polly Richards, > 1827 70 

Esther Rowe, 1830 62 
Calvin Dodge. 
Beede Hitchcock. 

Isaac Hall, > 1814 75 

Lois Hall, > 1798 57 

Joel Benham, ") 1803 74 

Esther Benham, > 1795 65 

Naomi,wife of Thomas Hungerford, 1792 45 

Isaac Norton, ") J 793 82 

Mary Norton, > 1791 82 

Isaac Brooks, 1797 65 

William Wheeler, 1798 63 

Dan Hill, 1799 65 

*Lucy,wid. of Ebenezer Barnes, Jr.l799 74 

*Lucy, wife of Noah Byington, 1798 32 

*Widow Lucetta Gridley, 1803 77 

^'Naomi, w^ife of Samuel Adams, 1796 70 

*Widow Polly Smith, 1803 30 


























*Samuel Brooks, > 

*Lyclia BrooKs, 5 

*Sal]y, wife ol Thaddeus Rich, 

*Capt. Daniel Barnes, 

*Polty, wife of Lot Gridley, 

*Widow Lydia Richards, 

*Widow Eunice Cowles, 

*Widow Phebe Webster, 

* Widow Martha Upson, 

*Sally, wife of Dan Hill, 

^Benjamin Churchill, 

*Mary Murry, 

*Samuel Churchill, and his wife. 

*John Ga3''lord. 

*Saul Upson. "> 

*Rebecca Upson. > 

*Luc3^ wife of Luke Adams, 1829 71 

*Sarah, wife of Ebenezer Norton, 1795 88 

*Ira Churchill, 1835 71 

*Simeon Hart, ) 1800 64 

*Sarah Hart, \ 1800 62 

*Hepsibah, wdfe of John Woods, 1793 58 

Number admitted as near as can be ascertained 
before the 4th of March, 1750, 59 

Number admitted from March 4th, 1750, 
to April 14th, 1782, as copied from Rev. 
Mr. Newell' s record, 96 

Number admitted from April 14th, 1782, 
to March, 1793, as near as can be ascertained, 63 

Total, as above, 218 


Rev. Giles Hooker Cowles, D. D., was or- 
dained October 17th, 1792, and dismissed May 
24th, 1810. During his ministry the following 
persons were admitted to the Church upon their 
profession, viz : 


March. Rachel, wife of Lament Peck, 1817 60 

" Mary, wife of Jesse Gaylord, Jr.l818 62 
April. Widow Jemima Wadsworth. 

June 2, Samuel Gaylord, 1850 82 

October 27, Enos Ives, > 1830 76 

Eunice Ives, > 1832 74 

December 1, Jacob Bartholomew, 1805 70 

" Widow Comfort Peck. 

" Annah, wife of Samuel Deming,1796 72 

Reuben Ives, 1823 80 


November 2, Eli Lewis, Jr. 1839 66 

December 28, Samuel Deming, 1796. 72. 

January 4, Sally, wife of Rev. Giles H. Cowles. 

" Charlotte, wife of JabezPtoberts,1834 71 

'' Sally Barnes, 1796 22 

March 1, Anne, wife of Eli Lewis, 1800 58 

Roger Lewis, ) 1832 75: 

Phebe Lewis, > 182S 73 

Sarah,wife of Samuel Newell,1836 79 

July 5, Hannah, wife of Joel Norton, 1821 70 

October 11, Samuel Adams, Jr. 1818 69 

Falla, wife of Gideon Roberts,lS27 68 

Sarah, wife of Mark Lewis, 1843 76 
October 25, Jonathan Pond, Jr. 

January, Stephen Rovre, ) 

'' Lurenda Rowe, \ 1798 37 

'' Gilbert Hart, 1847 84 

" Mrs, Mary Hart, 1824 58 

" Selh Hart, ) 1852 87 

'^ Mary Hart, y ' 1.839- rt74 


September 4, Solomon Rowe, > 
November 20, Jerusha Rowe, 3 

Sybil, wife of Ithurel Hart, 1837 74 

April 30, Eunice, wife of Zachariah ^ ^ ^^ 

^ Beckwith, 1846 82 

" Anna Bates, 1815 56 

September 24, Isaac Norton, ) 

Esther Norton, \ 1809 55 

Bazaleel Bowen, 1832 7a 

November 5, Charlotte, wife of John Gaylord, 

Elizabeth, wife of Abel Bradley,l8l6 7^ 
May 6, Lois, wife of Abel Hendriek, 1842 83 

"A year never to be forgotten" says the record of 
Dr. Cowles — 

March 31, Noah Byington, 1834 72 

Elijah Manross, ) 1832 71 

" Martha Manross, S 
" Clarissa, wife of David Grannis, 

Lucy, wife of Samuel Gaylord, 1828 61 
" Ruth Manross, 

CatyWolcott, 1826 44 

May 19, Widow Margaret Hungerford, 
" ^' Mindwell, wife of Dea. Zebulon 

Peck, 1828 73 

*« Jemima,'wifeof JosiahPeck, 1850 90 
" William Lee, ) 1828 83 

" Elizabeth Lee, \ 1821 78 

" Hannah, wife of George Mitchell,1808 32 
'' Martha, wife of David Lewis, 1836 82 
" Reuben Ives, Jr. ") 

" Lucy Ives, 5 1815 35 

" Widow Caty Gaylord, 1840 94 

" Whiting Russell, 
Amasa Ives, Jr. 

oah Lewis, 1846 70 

pdner Dod^e, 

hel H. Norton, 1836 58 

Anne Lewis, 1814 46 


" Am: 






Ch]oe,wife of James Hadsell, Jr.1850 

Lud Lindsley, 

Hannah Lindsley, 

Bryan Hooker, 

Calvin Hart, 

Anne Hart, 

Reuben Clark, 

Thankful Clark, , 

Freeman Upson,' Jj 

Dennis Lewis, 

Gad Bartholomew, 

Daniel R. Wolcott^ 

Roxanna Lewis, 

Parthenia Rich, 










May 19, Rhoda Lewis, 
" Rebecca Lewis, 

*' Olive Lewis, 

" Keturah Ives, 

" Haldah Ives, 

" Almira Smith, 

*' Amanda Lee, 

" Betsey Chubb, 

'* Mamre Lowrey, 

" 27, Lois, wife of Elisha Warren, 
July 28, Lament Peck, 1S23 

" Mahitabel,wife ofThomas Jerome, 181 5 

" Sarah, wife of Daniel Barnes, 

" Samuel McKee, ") IQ37 qq 

" Electa McKee, 

" Gordon Johnson, 

^' Lott Grid ley, 1349 ^, 

" Truman Norton, 

" Lucia Gildcrsleeves, 

" Chloe Byington, 

" Clarissa, wife of James Lee, Jr 

" Phiio Ives, 
August 4, \Yilliam Thorp, i 
Catharine Thorp, \ 
September 29, Widow Lydia Thompson, 
Abigail, wife of William Rich, 
" Hannah, wife of Ashbel Mix, 





September 29, Nancy Bartholomew, 
Polly Grannis, 
" Lois Upson, 1811 26 

January 19, Joseph Parmelee, 

'• 26, Thomas Barnes, ) 1825 82 

. " Esther Barnes, \ 1819 75 

" Polly, wife of Elisha Langclon, 

Polly, wife of Luther Tuttle, 1808 29 
" Josiah Lewis, 1803 64 

" Martin Byington, 1821 54 

" Asahel Barnes, 

" Samuel Rich, 1845 66 

" William Jerome, ; 1821 65 

" Phebe Jerome, ) 1804 44 

" Moses Ives, and Lydia Ives. 

« Titus Merriman, ) 1848 80 

« Polly Merriman, \ 1823 50 

" Rutheda,wife of Billy K. Peck,1815 45 

" Ruth, wife of Thomas Jerome, Jr.l809 37 
" Hannah, wife of Samuel Peck, 

" Rosannah Bradley, 

" Sarah, w^ife of John Winston, 1846 81 

April 6, Widow Keturah Lindsley, 1824 74 

'' Mrs. Polly Byington, 1844 75 

" Eunice Ives, 1843 63 

" George Upson, 1822 62 

" Joseph Byington, 1844 65 

" Joseph Ives, 

June 1, Eli Lewis, 1831 88 

" Isaac Norton, 1831 82 

" Asahel Cowries, ) 1829 60 

" Rosannah Cowles, ) 1847 77 

" Rachel, wife of Stephen Rowe, 

August 3j Sally, wife of Thomas Gridley, 
" Hannah Ingraham,. 

December 7, David Lewis, 1818 65 

" Mercy Webster, 1801 21 


June 7, Ira Hooker, 1837 78 

July 26, Almira Rich, 


January 24, Amy, wife of Ira Hooker, 1835 66 
" Elizabeth, wife of Truman Norton. 

September 25, Widow Ada Hill. 

August 4, Olive Pierce. 

Febuary 9, Israel Barnes, 
May 4, Charles Grandison Ives, 

January 25, Nancy, wife of Dea. Bryan Hooker, 

March 8 

, Zachariah Beckwith, 



October 4, Aaron Norton, 



December 27, Widow Phila Wilcox, 




Diadama Gaylord, 




1, Widow Rhoda Russell, 



Viah, wife of Aaron Norton, 



Eliza,wife of Daniel R.Wolcott,1809 


Ruth P. Lewis, 

Philotheta Ives, 



Phebe Lewis, 

Shaylor Ives, 



Orrin Hart, 

Chauncey Ives, 


Orrin Lewis, 



January 28, Ira Ives, ) 1848 73 

*' Cynthia Ives, ) 

" Joseph C. Baldwin, 

** Rosetta Baldwin, 

" Ruth, wife of Clark Carrington, 

" Marcus Shepherd, 

'* Samuel Waterman, 

" Chauncey Boardman, 

" Barnabas Churchill, 

" Major Churchill, 


March 25, Lazarus Hard, 

May 20, Sheldon Rich, ^ 1828 45 

" Lorene Rich, 5 

'« Azariah Johnson, } 1821 4^ 

" Miranda Johnson. | 

The following, persons^^ were admitted to the 
Church during Mr. Cowles' ministry by letters from 
other Churches — viz ; 

Abigail, wife of Dea. Elisha Manross, ch. Saybrook, 
Rachel, wife of Isaac Ingraham, ch. Branford. 
Lois, wife of Ira Churchill, ch.Southington,1845 75 
Simeon Fuller, ) 

Eunice Fuller, \ Southington, 1803 67 

Josiah Wolcott, ) 1838 83 

Lydia Wolcott, \ Rocky Hill, 1805 48 

Dr. Oliver Fuller, and Alice Fuller, Kent. 
Alice Fuller, Jr., Kent. 

Thomas Fancher, and Eunice Fancher, Paris, N. Y. 
Ebenezer Barnes,, and Jerusha Barnes, Plymouth, 
^eviah, wife of Jonathan Board- 
man, Rockyhill, 1824 60 
Rebecca, wife of Jacob Bartholomew, Jr. 

ch. Burlington, 1812 42 
Widow Ruth Gridley, ch. New Britain, 1811 91 
Betsey Gridley, " 1826 69 

Oliver Gridley, ) " 1831 80: 

Huldah Gridley, \ " 1820 63 

Hannah, wife of Lazarus Hard, ch. Watertown. 
Mary, wife of Eliphalet Johnson, ch. Woodbridge. 
Rhoda, wife of Gardner Dodge, ch. Paris, N.Y. 
Enos Root, ) ch. Waterbury, 1821 64 

Martha Root, ] « 1825 64 

Moses Root, '« 1802 23 

Enoch Thomas, ) ch. Cheshire. 
Sarah Thomas, \ " 1807 52 

Eunice, wife of Elias Perkins, ch. Woodbridge. 
EunicCj wife of Jacob Bartholomew, ch. 

Plymouth, 1816 66, 
John Hart, ch. Southington, 


Lydiajwife of Reuben Ives, ch. Meriden, 1830 79 

Sally, wife of David NortonjCh. Plymoulh,1818 40 
Phebe, wife of Noah Lewis, ch. Farmington. 

Anne, wife of John Bradley, Woodbridge,1815 3G 

Seth Richards, ^ Farmington, 1852 88 

Salome Richards, ] " 1838 73 

By Profession, 181. 

By Letter, 37. 

Total, 218. 

The following persons were admitted by profes- 
sion while the Church was destitute of a Pastor,viz. 

February 17, William Rich, 1828 40 

" Bryan Richards. 

" Alva Jerome. 

Asahel Yale. 

Rev. Jonathan Cone was ordained May 22d, 1811. 
During his ministry the following persons were ad- 
mitted to the Church by profession. 

April 12, Welles R. Byington, 1849 60 

" Samuel Root, 1829 44 

" Joel Root. 
" Ebenezer R. Scovi!. 
" Gad Lewis. 

" Harvey Gay lord, 1817 23 

" Mary Beckwith, 1824 55 

" Piera Ives. 
" Abbe Rich. 

" Mrs. Sarah Bradley, 1815 33 

Lucinda Hills. 1846 55 


April 3, Rhoda, wife of Ephraim Culver, 1829 46 

June 10, Orville Barnes, 1845 48 


February 5, Anne King. 
April 2, Mrs. Zadda Hungerford, 1847 74 

" Widow Elizabeth Tuttle. 
June 4, Lucy Gaylord. 

" Thankful Gaylord, 1828 31 

August 13, Widow Anne Yale, 1830 71 

'* Shadrack Pierce, and Sally Pierce. 

** Annah, wife of Chester Lewis, 1833 47 
February 4, "A day never to be forgotten." 
" Widow Sarah Wheaton. 
" Lydia, wife of Amasa Adams, 1836 76 
" Widow Elizabeth Johnson. 
'* Ithurel Hart, 1838 78 

James Holt, > 1826 76 

Chloe Holt, ] 
'' Thomas Barnes, Jun. ) 
" Rosannah Barnes, ) 1836 60 

♦' John Birge, ) 

« Betsey Birge, s 1844 57 

" Polly, wife of Joseph Byington, 1833 61 
" Lurene, wife of Asahel H. Norton. 
" Eunice, wife of Eii Lewis, Jr. 18.^1 64 
" Betsey,wifeofJonathanPond,Jr.l8l8 32 
" Levia, wife of Chauncey F, Andrews. 
" Charles Sage, ) 1835 40 

Sally Sage, S 
'• Cyrus Lewis, and Olive Lewis. 
" Roxanna, wife of Chauncey Boardman. 
" Betsey, wife of William Rich. 

'« Chester Lewis. 

" Marilla Adams, 1827 29 

*' Nancy Adams, 

" Alpheus Bradley, 1822 28 

" Sheldon Lewis. 
" Electa Lewis. 
" Nancy Mix. 
*' Sally Frisbie. 


February 4, Lydla Hart, 1830 46 

*« Asahel Mix. 

** Greorge Hooker. 

" William Church. 

" Asa Beckwith, 1848 52 

" Eunice Payne. 

" Sally Barne&o 

" Belinda Ives. 

■** Caroline N. T. Merriman. 

^* Eveline Barnes. 

♦* Salome Deming. 

•<* Justus P. Hard. 

** Hiram Jerome. 

^' Nancy Hills. | 

Aprils, Abel Yale, • 1847 73 ; 

" Aaron Norton, Jr. 1825 43 | 

David Norton, 1847 69 I 

« Dana Beckwith. | 

« Clark Carrington. | 

« Irene, wife of Abner Brown. 

Sally Russell, 1835 38 

<* Anne Russell, 1837 39 

'' Rachel Gaylord, 1827 36 

" Anne Hooker. 

" Patty Boardman. 

'' Ruth N. Upson. 
August 4,Mahitabel,wife of BenjaminHart,1848 84 

" Abigail G.wife of Joel Baldwin,1851 80 

*« Esther, wife of Luman Carrington. 

Isaiah Norton, > 1830 49 

« Hannah Norton, ) 

" Br3^an Churchill. 
. 1817. 
April 6, Nancy, w^ifc of Dana Carrington. 

" Samuel W. Gaylord. 
June 8, Luke Adams, " 1831 75 

*' Lydia Churchill, 1843 87 

Septembef7, Mary Ann Pierce, - 1848 62 


Jdne 5, Emily Curtiss, 1818 2^ 

June 3, Orrin Jerome, 1851 60 

'' Sally Matthews. 
November 5, Alanson Richards. 

May 27, "Another day never to be forgotten." 

'' James Lee, 1823 80 

** Eleazor Norton, 1825 75 

" Abel Allen, 1832 83 

Phebe, wife of Isaac Norton, 1843 88 
'' Widow Ruth Brooks, 1841 73 

" Almira, wife of Roger Norton. 
*' Catharine, wife of Elias B. Foot. 
** AsaBartholomew,and Charity ,^his wife. 
•<< Newell Byington, > 
** Hetty Byington, > 1833 54 

*' Roswell Brainard, ) 
-"' Anne Brainard, 5 1^40 48 

*' • Clarissa, wife of Seth Gaylord. — 
** Damaris Lewis, 1845 71 

Allen Birge. 
^' Martha Norton, 1848 57 

George Bulkley, > 1831 41 

Mahitabel Bulkley, > 
James Adams, > 

Electa Adams, > 1843 54 

John G. Cowles, ") 

Sally Cowles, 5 1835 46 

Elisha C. Brewster, ) 
Elizabeth Brewster, ) 
Fanny,wife of Norman Lewis,l 839 4S 
Mary, wife of Bryan Churchill. 
Lucy, wife of Theophilus Smith. 
Betsey, wife of James Hart* 
Ransom Gaylord. 



May 27, 

Frederick Board man, 



Richard A. Ives, 



Edward C. Ives. 

Franklin Newell. 

Leonard Parsons. 

Ira Lewis. 

Daniel Tuttle. 

Anson Beckwith. 

Rush Frisbie, 



Samuel Pardee. 

William Davis. 

James Jerome, 



Vincent Brown. 

John Russell. 

George H. Lewi:^, 



George W. Bartholomew. 

Luther L. Tuttle. 

Joseph W. B3dngton. 

John Stevens. 

Harvey Stevens. 

Eli H. Byington. 

Aristarchus Byington, 



Noah H. Byington. 


Julius C. Hard. 

Abel G. Peck. 

William Peck. 



Porteus R. Ives. 

Orrin M. Langdon. 

Lydia Brooks. 

Ruth Brooks, 



Nancy Wilcox. 

Electa Payne. 

Kezia Hungerford. 

Prudence Hungerford* 

Julia Hooker. 

Sophia Boardman. 

Electa McKee. 

Angeline Ives, 


May 27, Austria Griggs. 


Julia Ann Jerome. 


Selina Tuttle. 


Harriett Bartholomew. 


Nancy Bradley, 1841 



Maria Norton. 


Caroline Hooker. 


Celestia Ives. 


Minerva Mix. 


Arma Jerome. 


19, Noah Root. 



Salome, wife of John Case. 


Tracy Peck. 


Seth Gaylord. 1829 



Dennis Rich, ) 1827 
Levia Rich, ) 





Alonzo Thompson, ) 1835 
Tryphenia Thompson, > 




Williams Darrow, and Dotha, his wife. 


Richard Peck, and Sophia, his wife. 


Laura Gridley, 1849 



Lucy Gridley. 


John Bacon, ) 1838 



Harriet Bacon, ) 


Widow Emily Hinsdale. 


Sally Peck. 


Wyllis Lewis, ) 1826 



Levina Lewis, ) 


Sophia Lewis, 1827 



Mary, wife of Wilham Johnson, 1837 



Charles Byington. 


Ashbel Mix, 1851 



Maria Byington. 


Delia Byington. 


Lucy Winston. 


Mary Tuttle. 


Sophia, wife of Phihp Barnes. 


Nelson Rowe. 


November 4, Widow Lydia Warner. 


Lucinda Shaylor, 1844 



Nathaniel Wf Bishop, > 1832 
Esther Bishop, 5 1844 





Flora Bishop, 1841 



Charlotte Baldwin. 


7, Martin Hart, and Sally, his wife. 

May 12 

, Alniira, wife of Hopkins Roberts. 


Laura, wife of Ira Lewis. 


Chloe Steele, 1847 



Sally Steele. 


Abbe Kent. 


May 30 

, Eiisha HoiCon. 


Truman Root. 


Ehsha Manross, and Maria, his wife. 


Lyman Mix. 


Eli as Horton. 


Philander S. Beckwith, 1835 



Charles Kirk. 


John Kirk. 


Winslow Culver. 18 30 



Jesse Gaylord, 1851 



Lawson C. Ives. 


Lucy, wife of Thomas Botsford, 1847 



Jerusha, wife of Mark Norton, 1831 



Hannah, wife of Ehada Tuttle. 


Clarissa, wife of Alvah Gridley. 


Lucy C. wife of Ransom Mallory. 


Abigail, wife of Harry Henderson. 


Emeline Peck. 1836 



Ann p. Peck. 


Mary Hills. 


Rachel Peck. 


SeviUa Woodford. 


Diadama Bradley. 


Lydia Hooker.. 


May 30, Sally Gridley. 

" Emeline Lee. 

" . Selina Lee. 

" Emily Peck, 1851 46 

" Angeline Peck. 

" Loretta Norton. >. 

Falla McKee. 
August 1, Isaac Muzzy. 

" Hiram Mitchell. 

*' Henry Root, 1850 41 

January 6, Shelton Hotchkiss. 
" Mos :s R. Andrus. 
" Mark Kelsey. 

" Susan, wife of Frederick Boardman- 
" Lois S. Norton. 
" Margaret E. Norton. 

The following persons were admitted by leters 
from other Churches — viz : 

August 4, Daniel Jones, ch. Farmington.- 
" Joshua Kilborn, " 

Russell Richards, 
" Samuel Steele, *' 

Sophia Steele, wife of Saniuel,lSll 25 
'* Abbe, wife of Rev. Mi. Cone, ^ 
ch. "^^'est Chester. S 
October 18, Philand^-^, wife of Daniel R. ) 
Wo^ooit, ch. East Hampton. 5 
Nov. 14 Mary Pierce, Baptist ch..Bristol, 1822 78 
Hannah Bradley, " '' 

June 7, Reuben Hough, ch. Meriden, 1850 63 
" Fanny, wife of Philo Ives, " 1817 27 
July 9, Sally, wife of Tracy Peck^ ch. Litchfield,. 



July. Abel Frisbie, > ch. Colebrook, 1S35 80' 
RuthFrisbie, 5 " _ 1844 77 

November 5, Huldah, wife of Silas Grid- ) 
ley, ch. Plymouth, ) 
April 3, Martin Lewis, ) ch. Bethlehem,1852 85 
" Sally Lewis, > " 1851 81 

" Ruth, wife of Elisha Horton, Wolcott. 
" Mary, wife of Aaron Norton, ) 

New Hartford, ] 1831 83 
June 4, Elisha Stevens, > eh. Cheshire. 1847 6S 
" Fanny Stevens, > ** 

January. Rachel Shaylor, ch. Meriden, 1844 72 
Mary, wife of Barnabas 
Churchill, ch. Farmington. 
Sylvia, wife of Isaac Upson, Wolcott. 
Polly, wife of Jeremiah Rice, North Milford. 
April 1, Mrs. Esther Munson, Southington,1828 84 
" Experience, wife of Reuben ) 

Ives, Jr. ch. Burlington, ) 1850 67 
September 7, Rosalba, wife of John j 

Bradley, ch. Plymouth, > 1851 55' 
March 1, Esther, wile of Dana Beck- 

with, ch. Farscnington. 
September 6,Ebenezer Darrow,Plymouth,1834 78- 
November 22, Sabrina, wife ofChauu- ) 

cey Ives, ch. Meriden, > 1821 29* 
January3l,Elizabet'hLoomis,Torringford,1828 71 
November 14, Lucia P. wife of Titus ) 

M. Roberts, ch. Goshen, \ 1839 4.-3- 
" Lucy, wife of Allen Birge, Burlington^ 


September. Amna,wife of Asahel Mix, ch. Avon. 
November 4, Solomon Payne, ch. East Windsor. 

July T, Chauncey Jerome, ) ch. Plymouth. 
" Salome Jerome, ) '' 

«* Edwin Smith, <' 

" Nancy , wife of Noah Root, Plymouth,184o 66 
September, Esther, wife of Truman 
Root, ch. Farmington. 
November. Urania, wife of Solomon C. ) 
Hinman, ch. Roxbury, ) 
December. Elijah Darrcw, ch. Plymouth. 
" Sarah, wife of Zealous Blakes- i 

ley, ch. Wolcott, \ 1829 72 

March. Eli Parsons, ) Dedham, Mass.1832 61 

Abigail Parsons, ) " " 

Nov.3, Mary, wife of Cyrus Gridley,Cazanovia,N.Y. 

July 31, Sarah, wife of Forest W. Mills, Wolcott.. 
September 12, John C. Root, ; ch. Harwinton. 
'* Lydia Root, \ " 

" Harriet Hart, " 

November 7, Henry Loomis, ch. Plymouth. 

September 3, Martha,wife of Nehemiah ) 

Peck, ch. Plymouth, ) 1849 51 
" Morris Church, } ch. New Haven. 
" Mary Church, 5 " 

March 4, Lemuel Scovill, ch. Plymouth. 
September 2, Sarah Cone, ch. Litchfield. 

By Letter, - 56 
By Profession, 254 

No. Admitted 310 

Number of Dismissions, 73' 


Rev. Abnt^r Johnson Leavenworth was or- 
dained December 16, 1829, and dismissed Sep- 
tember 19, 1831. The following persons were 
admitted to tlie Church during his ministry, viz : 
By Profession, 

May 2, Isaac Baldwin, 1835 25 

" Morton E. Bicknall, 1832 23 

'' Marcus De Witt Bicknall. 

Henry C. Bull. 
" Zenas P. Ives, 1841 29- 

" Cornelius R. Williams. 
^* Elmina Baldwin. 

*' Sarah C. Boardmin, 1839 26 

" Jane Botsford. 
*' Jenette M. Byington. 
" Juliette Birge, 1840 28- 

" Phebe Crampton. 
" Agusta Hopkins. 

'' Harriet Ann Pond, 18-51 47 

*' Hannah, wife of Leonard Parsons. 
" Adeline Rich. 
September 5, Noble Jerome. 

Henry S. Rich, 1834 26- 

" Olive Eliza, wife of Ashbel Mix. 
" Emehne, wife of Richard A. Ives. 
" Ehza Laura Johnson. 

Phebe S. Rich. 
" Huldah, wife of Franklin ) 

W. Gaylord, \ 1S35 28* 

By Profession 23. 

Admitted by letters dunng his ministry, viz : 
Amanda, wife of Chauncey Ives, eh. Farmington, 
Priscillia, wife of Theophilus Bots- } 

ford, eh. Middletown, \ 1851 73: 
Burton Pond, Waterbury. 
Widow Lydia Beebe, ch. East Hampton, 1840 74 


July. Samuel Terry, } ch. Plymouth* 
" Esther Terry, \ 

" Charlotte C.wife of Burton Pond,Torringford*. 
" Polly, wife of Benajah Camp, ch. Plymouth. 
February 25, George Warren, ch. Glastenbury. 

" Lois, wife of Jesse Gaylord, Wolcott. 

By Letters 10 

By Profession 23 

No. Admitted 33^ 

The following persons were admitted to the Churcb 
while it was destitute of a Pastor, Rev. Luther Hart 
of Plymouth, officiating. 

January 8, Ransom Mallory, 

Titus M. Roberts, 

Cyrus Gridley, 

Alvia L. Wooding, ^ 

Sophronia Wooding, ) 

Widow Jerusha Johnson, 

Betsey,wife of Austin V/ilcox, 1846 43 

Charlotte L., wife of George 

Goodrich. 1848 39 

Albro Alfred, 

Henry A. Kezar, 

Luke Palmer, 

Charles A. Roper, 

Francis Oliver, 

Henry Carder, 

Abel Y. Culver, 

Wellington Tuttle, 1850 36 

Elvira C. Hall, 

Marcia Upson, 1847 4P 

Nancy L. Palmer, 

Sally Ann Rich, 

Abigail Prichard, 


January 8, Lurene Rich, 
" Chloe Norton, 

" Ruth Horton, 

" George Goodrich, from South ch. Hartford. 

Total, - - 25. 

Rev. David L. Parmelee, ordained February 

29, 1832 — dismissed February 2d, 1841, during 

which time the following persons were admitted to 

the Church by profession. 

March, 11, Bryan E. Hooker, 
" Erastus M. Eggleston, 
" Hiram H. Bishop, 
" Ebenezer Benham, 2d, 

Edwin Walker, 
** Rufus A. Hitchcock, 
*' Helen A., wife of Edwin Smith, 

Polly VV. Hooker, 
" Maria Crampton, 1837 31 

" Maria Peck, 
*' Mary Ann Judd, 
'' Nancy Twitchell. 
May 6, Maryette, wife of Lawson C, Ives» 
" Caroline Root, 
" Jane E. Guilford, 
'' Cynthia Mix. 
September 2, Dolly, wife of David Norton, 
Polly Root. 
" Mary Newton. 

January 6, Francis Caswell, 
Belinda Gridley, 
Almira Cogswell. 
May 5, Widow Lucretia Steel, 1839 Si 

" Widow Abigail Beebe. 
May 4, Solomon Griswold, 
" Elizabeth Griswold, 
" Luman Barnesj 


May 4, Agustine Norton, 

" Luther Root, 

" Sylvia, wife of Lott Jerome, 

" Sophia Crampton, 

" Eveline S. Ives, 1841 24 

" Ann E. Matthews, 

« Falla Roberts, 1847 33 

" Lucinda Roberts, 1836 18 

" Henrietta L. Thompson, 1847 29 

September 7, Levert G. Case, ) 

" Maryette Case, ) 

" Levia, wife of Chauncey F. Andrus, 

*' Stephen T. Porter. 


November 18, WilHam Hill, 1836 38 

July 3, Mrs. Nancy H. Hill, 
" Lucy A. Brewster. 
May 7, Maria, wife of Bryan E, Hooker, 
" Rhoda Barber. 

January 7, Widow Eliza Plumb, 
" Sarah Maria Rice, 

Almira Emma Peck, 1S44 25 

" Sarah Ann Yale, 
*' Julia Ann Webster, 
March 4, Sarah Ann, wife of Joseph B. Brainard, 
July 1, Norris Clark, ^ 

'• Harriet L. Clark, S 

'' Elizabeth, wife of Seth Barnes, 1849 75 
'* Clarissa, wife of Elijah Darrow. 
" Eliza, wife of James Edmunds^ 
" Salome, w^ife of Porteus K. Ives, 
'* Christiana, wife of Edgar Skinner, 
*' William Dupree, 
" Orange N. Frary, 
*♦ Martha A. Boardman, 


•July 1, Calista B3^ington, 
' *« Almira A. Norton, 

'' Elizabeth Craiiipton. 

" Hannah S. Tuttle. 
September 2, Theron Ives, 

" Sarah, wife of Pliilo Tierce, 

" Emily, wife of Edwin Matthews, 

*' Nancy N. Brainard, 

'' Nancy, wife of William Hale. 

" Betsey Adams, 

<' Ruth L. Hubbell, 
November 4, Lucy, wife of Lemuel S. Parsonsv 

January 6, Ellen Maria Hooker, 1842 20 

-November 3, Joseph A. Wells, 

" Hannah A., wife of Abner Tuttle. 

" Amanda T., wife of John B. Terry, 

" Elizabeth G. Peck. 

March 1, Charlotte, wife of Seth Hart. 
May 3j Chester Wilcox, J 

" Sarah D. Wilcox, ^ 1852 51 

" Ebenezcr Miller, ) 

" Parmelia Miller, ) 

'♦ Thomas F. Fuller, 3848 60 

*' Ammi Norton, 

" Charles Norton, 

<' Lewis O. Hadsell, 

" Lucius A. Fenn, 

'• Margaret,wifeofAlmyron Young, 1841 31 

<' Nancy, A. Hart, 

" Harriet Norton, 

" Maria A. Manross, 

" Mary E. Churchill. 
July 5, Asa Thompson, ) 

" Emily Thompson, ) 

» Zeloles C. Grant, } 1846 41 

'* Eethiah Grant, 

" Ira Churchill, 

«< Samuel B. Tuttle. 


July 5, Dennis Johnson-. 

'^ Jeduthan Clark. 

** Joseph S. Ives. 

'* Charles F. Hamlin. 1846 32 

<* Philander P. Woolworth. 

<* Carlos Lewis. 

'< John Eaton. 

'' Isabinda, wife of Miles Lewis, 1847 65 

" Mary A. wdfe of Edwin S. Lewis. 
Esther J. wife of Alfred Way. 

'' Juliette, wife of Theodore Terry* 

" Catharine,wdfe of Harrison Elwell,1844 27 

^' Nancy, wife of Charles Cramar. 

^* Mrs. Lucina Shepard. 

*' Mrs. Eliza Ann Gaylord. 

" Diadamia Gaylord. 

" C and ace Jerome, 

*' Sabrina R. Ives. 

*' Eliza Ann Hooker. 

^' Lois S. Ives, 1846 25 

** Adaline D arrow. 

" Amelia D arrow. 

*' Albertina M. Parsons. 

♦' Abigail R. Henderson. 1843 2^ 

** Margaret Miller. 

*' Ophelia Ives. 

*' Jane P. Boardman. 
September 6, Lemuel H. Munson. 

«' Charles Root. 

'' Levi Eeach. 

Riley O. Smith. 

^' Lucretia C. wife of William Lewis. 

« Ruth A. Cowles. 

^ Harriet N. Tuttle. 

By Profession, 13S* 


Admitted by Letters during Mr. Parmelee's 


March 25, Enoch Pierce, ) ch. North Mansfield. 

Laura Pierce, > *' 

May 13, Sally,wife of David L. Parmelee,Goshen. 
20, Wilham G. Bartholomew, South ch. ") 

Hartford. > 

" Joseph S. Lord, Yale College Church. 
July 1, Russel Peck, ^ ch. Plymouth. 

" Mary Ann Peck, ) " 

" Ehas Ingraham, ch. Glastonbury. 
August 19, Mary S. wife of Samuel S. ) 

Terry, ch. East Windsr, S 1842 41 
<* Caroline S. wife of Beri M, 

Todd, ch. North Haven, J 1S45 38 
September 30, Charles G.Edwards, ) Watertown. 
Sarah M. Edwards, j 
F^b. 17, Lester Robinson, South ch. Middle town. 
*' 24, Joseph Ives, ) ch. Brooklyn, L. I. 
« Almira Ives, S " 

** Porteus R. Ives, " 

May 5, Rhoda, wife of Mark Norton, "> 

ch. Plymouth, > 1845 62 
** Charlotte, wife of Alanson Richards, ) 
ch. Farmington, ) 

" Hannah,wife of Asahel Hooker,Harwinton. 
** Caroline, wife of Dennis Johnson, " 
" Orlenda, wife of Samuel Sanfurd, Wolcott. 
June 23, Jonathan C. Brown, ) ch. Bolton. 

" Julia A. Brown, ) " 

August 18, Almon Lewis, 3d ch. New Haven. 
September 15, Josiah Davis, ") ch. Harwinton. 

" Chloe Davis, J '' 

October 13, Maria, wife of Charles A. Roper, 

ch. Windsor, 


December 22, Miiidwell Kellogg, ch. Tornngton.. 
" 29, Mary H. Richards, ch. Burlington. 
February IG, Mrs. Hannah Webster, Farmington.. 
*' 23, Mrs. Lucy Ann Candee, ch. Cold ) 
Springs, N. Y. > 

" Havilah T. Cook, ch. Harwinton.. 
** Maria Bartholomew, " 

March 9, Lucas H. Carter, ch. Wolcott. 
April 27, Edward M. Barnes, ch. Addison, Vt. 
" Bejamin P. Hawkins, Winchester,l835 27 
" Eben Prichard, ch. Plymouth. 
" Mrs. Amy Burwell, ) ch. Miiford. 
" Laura Burwell, ) *' 

May 11, Mrs. Sally Gibbs, ch. Wapping, 1850 69 
June 15, Delia,wire of Justus Candee,WetherfiekL 
** Florilla Cook, ch. Harwinton. 
" 22, Louisa A. North, ch. Goshen. 
August 31, Nathaniel Barnes, ) ch. Plymouth. 

" Harriet Barnes, ) " 

September 7, Jason C. Keach,ch. North Coventry. 
" 28, Erastus Case, ch. Sennelt, N. Y. 
" Sylvester Willard, " 

October 19, Samuel S. Terry, ch. Plymouth. 
'' Revilla, wife of Jason C. Keach, 

ch. Manchester. 
April 12, Josephine, wife of William G. Bar- > 
tholomew, Whitesborough, N. Y. > 
^' AlmiraE. Bicknell, " '' 

May 10, Samuel E. Root, '' " 

June 14, Hannah, wife of George W. Matthews,, 

ch. New Haven. 
" Fann}^ wife of Henry Carder, ( 
ch. New Hartford. ? 
August 23, Thomas C. Davis, ch. Harwinton. 
November 8, Lucretia, wife of Lemuel H. ) 
Munson, ch. Torrington. ) 
" 22, Henry A. De Forest,Yale College ch, 



Feb. 21, Roxy, S. Richards, Burlington, 1839 2^ 
March 13, Theodore Case, ch. Sennett, N. Y. 
April 10, Alanson E. Brooks, Stockbrid^e, Mass. 
« 24, Samuel H. McKee, ) Plymouth^l842 35 
" 24, Celestia McKee, ) 
August 28, Emily L. Frisbie,ch. Granville, N. Y. 
Septem.ber 4, Clarinda, wife of William L. } 
Gilbert, ch. Washington. 5 
** 11, Horatio Avery, ) North Coventry. 
*' Irene Avery, ) '' 1845 55. 

" 25, Orrin B. Andrews, ch. Plymouth. 
October 2, Nathaniel Cook, ch. WethersfiekL 
*' 23, Amanda, wife of William Hitch- 
cock, ch. Granby. 
Nov. 6, Hannah, wife of Gad Lewis, ch. Woleott. 


Feb. 26, Aaron C. Andrews, ) Plymouth, 

" Maryette Andrews, ) '' 1843 25 
March 26, Mrs. Keturah Piatt, " 1838 66. 
April 30, Mrs. Amy Barnard, ch. Troy, N. Y. 
'^ Celestia, wife of Robert Pierce, 
ch. Elizabethtow^n, N. J. 
May 7, Andrew Ingraham, i ch. Marlborough. 
« Emily Ingraham, \ " 1837 31 

" Benjamin A. Lindsley, ch. Wolcott. 
** 14, Ann Ehza, wife of Frederick Dayton, ) 

ch. Milford. \ 

June 4, Edward F. Morse, ) Farmington, 1839 42: 
" Roxanna Morse, ) " 

" 18, Hannah W. wife of Eleazor Hatch, 7 
ch. Springfield, Mass. 5 
July 9, Alfred S. Grant, ch. East Windsor. 

'' 30, Joseph W. Camp, ch. Northfield. 
September 17, Edgar Skinner, 3d ch.EastWindsor 

^' John Hamlin, ch. Farmington. 

November 5, David A. Sanford, ch." Bethany. 

November 26, Thomas Stone, ) ch. Camden, N.T, 

" Buthinia Stone, ( " 

December 10, Maria H. wife of Lewis A. 
Blakesley, ch. Harwinton. 
February 18, Joseph B. Brainard, ch.Wethersfield. 
March 11, Maclissa, wife of William A. Hooker, 

ch. Barkhamsted. 
April 15, Mary Ann, wife of Edwin A. Bassett, 

ch. Southington. 
May 13, Julia E. Camp, Worthington, 1S48 29 
July 1, Martha S.wife of Norris Clark.Southington. 
September 9, James Edmunds, ch. Newtown. 
October 28, Almyron Young, ch.Willoughby,Ohio. 
Nov. 11, Sylvanus S. Doolittle, ) 1846 38 

^lary Ann Doolittle, \ Farmington.. 
January 6, Garry Nettleton, ) ch. Waterbury.. 

" Polly Nettleton, \ « 

May 5, Harriet B. wife of Chauncey Pomeroy,- 

ch. Southwick, MasSo. 
June 2, Orrin Cook, > ch. Andover. 
'' Mary Cook, > 

*' 30, Lemuel Peck, i ch. Watertown. 

Caroline M. Peck, S " 

October 27, Abner Tuttlc, ch. Meriden. 

" Charlotte J- Bartholomew, Harwinton.. 
December 15, Harrison. Elwell, Charlton, Mass. 
" 22, Maria Stone, ch. Litchfield. 
Jan. 12, Edmund Tuttle, "> South ch. Middletown. 

" Betsey Tuttle, ] ch. Meriden. 
April 5, Ciiarles Cramar, ch. Terry ville. 
«< 12, Salmon Root, ch. Plymouth Hollow. 
'* 26, Curtiss P. Blakesley, ) Northfield. 

Marcia Blakesley, 5 «' 1847 40. 

June 14, Ruth Loomis, ch. Vernon. 

^' Prudence C.wife. of Chauncey Loomis,Vernon,. 


August 16, Jerusha Bartholomew, cb. Harwinton. 
" 23, Maria, wife of Jeduthan Clark, 

ch. Southwick, Mass. 

Sept.l3, Levant D. Johnson,Royalton,N.Y,lS42 29 

" Maria, wife of George W. Ecld3^NewHartford. 

Jan. 17, Laura, wife of Lora Waters,NewHartford. 
February 28, Betsey, wife of Garry H. Roberts, 

eh. Farmington. 

By Letters, 125 

By Profession, 133 

Total, 258 

Admissions to the Church from February 28th, 
1841, to July 5th, 1843, there being no settled 
Pastor. By Profession, 

September 5, Cornelia Norton. 

" Jane Fidelia Norton. 

" Catharine Norton. 

January 9, Harriet N., wife of Nathan Blood. 

" Edward L. Dunbar, 

'' Julia DunVir, 

«* Anson G. Hol\ister. 

'» Adeline E., wife of James A. Beach. 

«* Susan S., wife of Thomas W. Welles. 
March 13, Widow Lydia A. Fry. 

" Nancy E.wife of Levant I>. Johnson, 1844 25> 

'' Harriet, wife of Ephraim McEwen. 

" Mary Jane Barker. 

*' Lucy B3dngton. 

*' Ellen L. Barnard. 
January 1, Charles P. Clark. 

" Robert Woolworth, 

" Charles ChurchilL 


Sfarch 19lli, Milo Terry. 

. John B. Terry. 
'« Edward Terr3^ 

»< Henry G. Judd. 

*« Henry R. Wilson } 

<« Adaline Wilson. ^ 

By Profession, 24\ 

By Letters. 

March 14, EHzabeth, wife of Dea. Charles G. ) 
Ives, ch. South Farms. V 

July 4, Anson Lucius Atwood, ch. Watertown. 

11 James A. Beach, ch. Terry ville. 
September 5, Marcia, wife of James G. Peck, ) 
ch. Wethersfield. ) 

" Thomas W. Welles, ch. Plymouth. 

November 14, Widow AnaBlakesleCjCh. Northfield. 

January 9, John Woodruff, ch. Catskill, N. Y. 

'* " Nathan Blood, ch. East Hampton, Mass. 
*' 16, Noah L.Brewster, ch. Farmington. 
February 6,Phebe,wife Henry Johnson, EastWindsor, 
" 13, Andrew Miller, ) ch. Farmington. 
" Eliza A, Miller, \ 

" 27, John B. Wheeler, ch. Somers. 
" Caroline Andrus, ch. Manchester, Vt,. 

April. John H. Adams, ) 4th ch. Hartford. 

'* Maria W. Adam.s, 5 " 

May 8, Thaddeus Beach, j ch. Terryville. 
'' Sally Beach, \ 

" Mary L. Beach, " 

" Mrs. Sylvia Woodruff, ch. Farmington. 
" Julia, wife of Alfred S. Grant, " 
June 12, Polly, wife of Zenas Hall, ch. Terryville. 

" Frances A. Hall, " 

July 10, Lester Robinson, ) ch. Upper MiddletowDe 

" Nancy Robinson, ] " 

December 11, William Day, j ch. Southington 
** Emeline C, Day, 


March 5, Mrs. Laura Churchill, ch. New Hartford. 
April 2, Elam A. Fenn, ch. Terryville. 

" 16,0range N. Frary,ch.South Hampton,Mass. 
May 14, Harriet E. Dolbear, ch. Vernon. 
June 4, Lucy Jane Mix, Plymouth Hollow, 1851 28 
" Ebenezer W. Strong, Northampton, Mass. 
By Profession, 24 

By Letter, 33 

Total,. 57. 

Rev. Raymond H. Seeley, ordained July 5th, 
1843, and dismissed January 24th, 1849. The fol- 
lowing persons were admitted during his ministry. 

By Profession, 

September 3, Julia, wife of Elias Ingraham. 
" Rodney Lane. 

" Adolphus Bradley. 

October 1, Mary C Beckwith, 1845 25. 

March 3, Julius Yale. 

" Lydia E. Boardman. 

" Jane B. Rich. 

'' Ann Eliza Rich. 

" Mary, wife of Alphonso Barnes, 1844 20 
May 3, Jane M. Henderson. 

" Lucy G. Stiles. 

'^ Piera L. Roberts, 1848 25 

" Hannah M. Muzzy. 

" Jane C. Muzzy. 
July T, Franklin Woolworth. 

" Rachel, wife of Hopkins Stevens. 
November 1, Adaline, wife of George C. Atwater^. 

" Lucy Beckwith. 

" Almira M. Goodrich. 

" Rosetta, wife of Joseph S. PecL. 


March 2, Austin Wilcox, 

" Nancy R., wife of Henry H. Porter, 
January 4, Robert C. Bronson, 1850 2S 

" Ann, wife of Edward Terry. 
" Maria Louisa, wife of James H. Smith. 

July 4, Ursula Millicent Hart. 

May 7, Leavet D. Mills. 

January 7, Orange W. Bradley, 
Mary E. Bradley, 
" Eleanor C. Beckwith. 
" Sarah A. Richards. 
" Sarah Langdon. 

By Profession,. B2 

By Letter, 

November 6, Lucinda Warner, Vernon Village,N.Y. 

January 7, Jam^s H. Smith, ch. Southington, 
March 3, Widow Mary Eaton, ch. New Hartford". 
May 10, Samuel E. Judd, ) 4th ch. Hartford. 

" Mary L. Judd, ) 
July 1, Widow Sophia Butler, ch. Plymouth. 
August ll,Mary,wife of Samuel S. Terry, Meriden. 
Oct. 20, Azuba, wife of James Adams, Southington, 

January 12, Vv^ealthy Ann, wife of Seth Peck, 2d. 

United Society of New Haven, 
Febuary 16, Widow Amy Burwell, New Hartford. 

" Laura Booth, 

March 30, William M. Warren, ch. Plymouth. 
June 1, Julius Nott, ch. Wethersfield. 

" Edward Nott, " 
September 21, Widow Eliza Plumb, ch. Burlingtooi. 


October 12, Waite R. Griswold, ch. Wethersfield. 
" 19, Ann R., wife of Joseph A. Welles, 

ch. Watertown. 
November 30, Harvey Gray, ) Southington. 
'' Mary Gray, S " 

" Widow Diadama Woodruff, Southington. 
" Wid.Lydia Hart, Egremont, Mass. 1846 78 
" Charles F. Coye, ch. Monson, Mass. 
March 15, David Hawley, > ch. Farmington. 
'' Adeline Hawley, ) " 

" 22, Laura A., wife of Gilbert Penfield, 

4th ch. Hartford. 
April 27, Eli Ely, ) ch. Marwinton. 
Sarah Ely, ) «' 

*' Julia T. Ely, 
*' Jane C.Ely, 
May 4, Levi Langdon, ch. Southington. 
June 15, Mary, wife of Daniel Cook, ch. Plainville. 
*' 22, Esther, wife of Franklin Newell, 

ch. South Farms. 
August 2, Clarissa, wife of Lucas Barnes, Newtown. 
** 23, Wealthy, wife of Charles Higgins, 

3d ch. Berlin. 
September 6, Glies N. Langdon, > New Orleans, 

" Emma A. Langdon, ^ " 1850 41 

October 11, Henrietta, wife of Samuel B. Smith, 

2d ch. East Windsor. 
January SI, Abigail Deming, 4th ch. Hartford. 
February 14, Doctor G. Potter, ch. Burlington. 
April 26, Jane B. Rich, ch. Huntsville, Ala. 
" Catharine, wife of Heman C White, 

ch. Montgomery. Ala. 
May 2, Martha, wife of Charles Norton, Kensington. 
July 25, Minerva, wife of James O. FitchjRockville. 
August 2, Catharine L., wife of Rev. R. H. Seeley, 

ch. Farmington. 
August 9, Charles Churchill, Union ch.Groton,Mass,. 
November 1, WilHam P. Tuttle, 1st ch. Milford, 


April 23, Electa T., wife of LeavetD. Mills, 

ch. Torringford, 1850 30 
'' 30, Eben Norton, ") ch. Goshen. 
" Clarissa Norton, J " 

May 29, Julia C. Bancroft, ch. Harwington. 
" Widow Mary Phelps, ch. Winsted. 
July 19, Orson S. Adams,^ Unionville. 

" Eunice Adams, J " 

November 13, Widow Emeline Ives, 

10th Presbyterian ch. New York. 
'' Ophelia Ives, " " 

" Helen M. Ives, " «' 

'« William B. Barnard,^ ch. ^South Farms. 
" Mary Barnard, J " 

Dec. 31, Edwin O. Goodwin, 1st ch. Hartford. 
By Letter, 59 

By Profession, 32 

Totd, - "91 
From January 24th, 1849, to March 13th, 1850, 
the Church was vacant, and the following additions 
were made. By Profession, 

September 2, Julia E. Bre vaster. 
" Martha J. Brewster. 

January 6, Mary Ann, wife of Charles P. Clark. 

By Profession, 3. 
By Letter, 

June 3, Polly E. wife of Delazon L. Ruggles, 

ch. South Salem, N. Y. 
October 21, Manila Lindsley, ch. Wolcott. 
December 23, Sarah, wife of William V/ilcox, 

ch. Collinsville. 


December 30, Harriet C. wife of Lester Good- 
enough, eh. Winsted. 
By Letter, 4 

Total admissions, 7 

Admissions under the ministry of Rev. William 
H. Goodrich, who was ordained March 13th, 1850. 
By Profession, 


September 2, Charles Smith, and Mary, his wife. 
" Martha x\nn Peck. 

" Lydia Elizabeth Wilcox. 

May 4, Nancy E. Camp. 
July 6, George W. Atwood. 

'« Eveline Barnes. 

^ Julia M. Brown. 

" Rosalie S. Brown. 

«* Inez Byington. 
Mary Clark. 

" Phineas Curtiss, and Catharine E. his wife. 

" Widow Mary E. Gamp. 

" Henry K. Hotchkiss. 

" Martha Hooker. 

*' Enos B. Ives. 

" Hannah, wife of William Jackson. 

'' Fanny, wife of Noble Jerome. 

" Daniel S. Lardner, and Jane E. his wife. 

«' Orra M., wife of Almon Lewis. 

" David A. Newell. 

" Malinda Price, alias Norton. 

*' Anna S. Noyes. 

<' Seth Peck. 

*' Ellena J. Porter. 
Ellen F. Piatt. 

^» Vf illiarn R. Richards, and Sarah C. his wife, 

«« Emerette L. Richards. 

*' Mary, wife of Alonzo Rood. 



July 6, Hopkins Stevens. 

*' Charles E. Smith, and Sarah T. his wife. 

'' Widow Caroline M. Tuttle. 

" Eliada S. Tuttle. 

" Selden H- Tracy, and Mary E. his wile. 

*' Emily A. wife of Charles Treadway. 

" Pliny F. Whiting. 

'* Mary M. wife of Albert Wilcox. 

" Harriet S. wife of Filbert L. Wright. 
Sept. 7, Oliver A. Beckwith, and Sarah his wife. 

" Calista A. D arrow. 

" Israel L. Graham. 

*' Boardman H. Leavenworth. > 

" Antoinette P. Leavenworth. ) 1852 25 

*' Nancy A. Robinson. 

" William L. Rogers. 

" Edward N. Saxton-. 

'* Widow Unicia Winston, 
November 2, Mary .J. Stoddard. 

" Mary L. Mix. 

March 7, Eliza, wife of Wallace Barnes. 

By Profession, 56. 

By Letter from other Churches. 
April 28, Esther, wife of Isacc P. Frisbie, 

ch. Union ville; 
June 2, Mrs. Almira Brainard, ch. Leyden, N. Y. 
'* 23, Hiram C Thompson, ch. Whitneyville. 
" 30, Samuel P. Newell, ch. Farmington. 
July 14, Catharine Cudgel, Temple st. 

ch. New Haven. 
August 11, Lucy, wife of Asahel Carrington, 

ch. Southington. 
*' Roxanna, wife of William Carrington. 

ch. Southington. 


August 18, Frances A. wife of Albert B. Camp, 

ch. Northfield. 
September 22, Mary E. wife of Frederick Wake- 
field, ch. Vernon. 
October 6, Mary P. v/ife of Rev. William H. 

Goodrich, 1st ch. New Haven. 

" Wid.Ruth LoomisjCh.HaverstraWjN.Y. 

November 10, Wid. Phila Allen, 4th ch. Hartford. 

January 19, Asahel M. Hooker, ch. Nwark, N. Y. 
April 6, Frederick Allen, ) ch. Bethlehem. 

" Margaret Allen, ) " 

April 13, Maria, wife of Sheldon Lewis, Cheshire. 
** Amanda, wife of Chandler Norton, 

ch. Wolcott. 
" Rosanna Perkins, ch. Wolcott. 
April 30, Laura P. wife of Henry H. Sheldon, 

ch. Troy, N. Y. 
May 11, Electa, wife of Henry A. Se\'mour, 

ch. New Hartford, 
" Widow Lucy Morse, Tabernacle ch. N. Y. 
May 2o, Widow Sarah B. Clark,Wilbraham,Mass. 
'' Nancy,wife of Walter Adams, Wethersfield. 
July 6, Leonard Blakeslee, "> ch. Wolcottville. 
" Rumina Blakeslee, ) '' 

" Maria H., wife of Henry R. Pond, 

ch. Southlngton. 
ii V/iUiam Jackson, Kirk st. ch. Lowell, Mass. 
July 13, Alfred K. Catlin, ) ch. Collinsville. 

'" Amelia Catlin, ) " 

September Y, Mary Crane, ch. Wethersfield. 
" Jennet, wife of Berkley Parsons, 

ch. Farmington. 
November 2, Charlotte M. wife of Henry 

Beckwith, 2d ch. South Windsor. 
'' Esther Skinner, " *' 


March 7, Berkley D. Parsons, ch. Ansonia. 
By Profession, 56 
By Letter, 34 

Total, 90 


Number admitted at the gathering of the Church in 

August, 1747, male and female, as near as can be 

ascertained, say, 40 

From the gathering of the Church, until March 

4th, 1750, as near as can be ascertained, (the 

record being lost,) by the Rev. Mr. Newell, 23 
From March 4th, 1750, to October 17th, 1792, 

mostly by the Rev. Mr. Newell, 155 

From October 17th, 1792, to May 24th, 1810, 

by the Rev. Dr. Cowles, 218 

From May 24th, 1810, to May 22d, 1811, the 

Church being vacant, 4 

From May 22d, 1811, to March 19th, 1828, by 

the Rev. Mr. Cone, 310 

No admissions during the vacancy from March 

19th, 1S28, to December 16th, 1829. 
From December 16th, lSi9, to September 

19th, 1831, by the Rev. Mr. Leavenworth, 33 
During the vacancy from September 19th, 1831, 

to February 29th, 1832, 25 

From February 29th, 1833, to February 2d, ^ 

1841, by the Rev. Mr. Parmalee, 258 

During the vacancy from February 2d, 1841, to 

July 5th, 1843, 56 


From July 5th, 1843, to January 22d, 1849, 
by the Rev. Mr. Seeley, ai 

During the vacancy from January 24th, 1849, 
to March 13th, 1850, 7 

From March 13th, 1850, to April 1st, 1852, by 
the Rev. Mr. Goodrich, 90 

Whole number of admissions, 1310 

Number of deaths as ascertained, 429 

Deaths not ascertained and dismis- 
sions by letter, 471 
Number of members April 1st, 1852, 410 




APRIL. 1st, 1§52. 

Husbands and wives ivho are members are joined in 
a brace. The letter fV, is prefixed to the names of 
widows. The figures at the right indicate the year 
of admission. 

Adams James, ) 1821 

Adams Azuba, ) 1S44 

Adams Betsey, 1838 

Adams Cornelia, wife of Luther, 1841 

Adams John H. ) 1842 

Adams Maria W. \ 1842 

Adams Nancy, wife of Walter, 1851 

Allen Candace, wife of Samuel W. 1840 

W. Allen Phila, 1850 

Allen Frederick, ) 1851 

Allen Margaret, \ 1851 

W. Andrews Levia, 1816 

Andrews Aaron C. - 1837 

Atwater Adeline, wife of George C 1844 

Atvvood Anson L. ) 1841 

Atwood Eliza A. \ 1840 

Atw^ocJ George W. 1851 

Avery Horatio, 1836 


Bancroft Julia C 1848 

Barnes Thomas, > 1816 

Barnes Lucy Ann, ) 1834 

Barnes Edward M. 1834 

Barnes Luman, 1834 

Barnes Clarinda, wife of Lucas, 1846 

Barnes Caroline M. wife of Alphonso, 1851 

Barnes Eveline, 1851 

Barnes Eliza J. wife of Wallace, 1852 

Barnard Amy, 1^37 

Barnard William B. ) 1848 

Barnard Mary, ) 1848 

Bartholomew Asa, ) 1821 

Bartholomew Charity, 5 1821 

Bartholomew^ George W. ) 1821 

Bartholomew Angellne, ) 1824 

Bartholomew Jerusha, 1840 

Beach Mary, w^fe of W^illiam, 1824 

Beach Levi, ) 1840 

Beach Ruth A. S 1840 

Beach Thaddeus, ) 1842 

Beach Sally, \ 1842 

Beach James A. > 1841 

Beach Adeline, ] 1842 

Beckwith Dana, ; 1816 

Beckwith Esther, \ 1818 

Beckwith Lucy, 1844 

Beckwith Charlotte M. wife of Henry, 1851 

Beckwith Ancon, 1821 

W. Beckwith BeHnda, 1833 

Beckwith Oliver A. ) 1851 

Beckwith Sarah, ) 1851 

W. Beebe Abigail, 1833 

Bird Martha, wife of Henry N. 1851 

Birge John, ) 1816 

Birge Jerusha, \ 1832 

Blakeslee Maria H. wife of Lewis A. 1837 

Blakeslee Leonard, / 1851 

Blakeslee Rumina, ) 1851 


Blood Nathan, } 1845* 

Blood Harriet N. 5 IS42 

Boardinan Chauncey, ) 1310 

Boardman Roxanna, > 1816 

Bradley Hannah, 1811 

Bradley Orange W. > 1849' 

Bradley Mary E. > IS49 

Bradley Martha A. wife of John,. is40 

Bradley Adolphus, 1,343 

Brainard Joseph B. ) 1S3S 

Brainard Sarah Ann, \ 1838 

Brainard Ahiiira, wife of Gilbert,. 1850 

Brewster Elisha C. ) 182i 

Brewster Elizabeth, >. I821 

Brewster Noah L. 18 40 

Brewster Julia E. I849 

Brewster Martha J. I849 

Brown Vincent, I821 

Brown Jonathan C. ) I833 

Brown Julia A. j * IS33 

Brown Julia M. I851 

Brown Rosalia S. I851 

W. Bulkley Mehitabel,. 1821 

W. Burwell Amy, I845 

W, Byington Abigail, I8I2 

Byington Lucy, 1842 

Byington Newell, ) 182 1 

Byington Electa, \ I8I6. 

Byington Joseph W. 1821 

Byington Eli H. I82i 

Camp Polly, wife of Benajab, 183o 

Camp Joseph VV. ) I837 

Camp Lucy A. \ 1836 

Camp Frances Ann, wife of Albert B. 1850 

Camp Nancy E. 1851 

Carder Henry, > I832 

Carder Fanny, 5 1832' 

Carrington Jane C. wife of Silas H, 184a 

Carrington Lucy, wife of Asahel, 1S50 

Carrington Roxanna, wife of William, 1850 

Case Leverett G. ) 1S34 

Case Margaret Ann, \ 1834 

Catlin Alfred K. ) 185i 

Catlin Amelia, > 1851 

Churchill Ira, XS40 

W. Churchill Laura, 1843 

Churchill Charles, ^847 

Clarke Charles P., ) 1S43 

Clarke Mary Ann, )■ 1850 

W. Clark Sarah B. I851 

Cogswell Almira, 1833 

Cook Havilah T. ) I834 

Cook Sophia C. ) 1834 

Cowles John G. I821 

Crane Mary, 1851 

Cudgel Catharine, , 1850 

Culver Abel Y. I832 

Curtis's Phineas, > I851 

Curtiss Catharine E., > I851 

Darrow Williams, ) 1821 

D arrow Doth a, \ 1821 

Darrow Adeline, I34Q 

Darrow Elijah, ) 2822 

Darrow Clarissa, \ 1838 

Darrow Calista A. I851 

Day William, ) 1842 

Day Emeline C. j 18 42 

Doming Abigail, I847 

W. Dodge Sally, I824 

W. Dooiittle Mary Ann, 1838 

Dunbar Edward L. ) 184:2 

Dunbar Julia, \ I842 

Dupree William, ^ 1838 

Eaton John, 1840 

Eddy Maria, wife of George W. 1840 



Elwell Harrison, 


Ely Eli, ) 


Ely Sarah, ( 


Ely Julia T. 


Fish Celestia, wife of Miller, 


W, Foote Catharine, 


Foote Lydia E. wife of Charles T. 


Frisbie Esther, wdfe of Isajac P.. 


TV. Fuller Lucy, 


W, Ganap Mary E. 


W. Gaylord Elizabeth, 


W. Gaylord Clarissa, 


W. GayloM Lois, 


Goodenough Harriet C^ wife of Lester, 


Goodrich George, 


Goodrich Almira M. 


Goodrich Mary P. wife of William H. 


Goodwin Edwin O. ) 
Goodwin Harriet B-. y 



Graham Israel L. ) 


Graham Inez, ) 


Gray Harvey, ) 
Gray Mary, \ 



Gridley Huldah, wife of Silas, 


Grid ley Lucy, 


Gridley Clarissa, wdfe of Alvah, 


Gridley Harriet, wife of Henry, 


Hall Polly, wife of Zenas, 


Hall Frances Ann, 


Hard Hannah, wife of Lazarus, 


Hard Julius C. 


Hart Martin, ) 


Hart Sally, \ 


W.Kart Charlotte, 


Hart Ursula M. 



W. Hill Nancy H. 1836 

Hitchcock Maria, wife of John, 1834 

Hitchcock Amanda, wife of William, 1836 

Hollister Anson G. -1042 

TV. Holt Chloe, 1816 

W. Hooker Nancy, 1807 

Hooker Hannah, wife of Asahef, 1833 

Hooker Asahel J\J. I851 

Hotchkiss Lucy, wife of Isaac, 1815 

Hotchkiss Henry K. ) I851 

Hotchkiss Eleanor E. I I849 

Ingraham Elias, > 1 832 

lagraham Julia, \ I843 

Ingraham Andrew, ; I837 

Ingraham Rhoda, \ 1837 

Ives Charles G. > 1806 

Ives Elizabeth, ] I841 

TV. Ives Cynthia, 1810 

Ives Edward C. 1821 

Ives Joseph, ^ I833 

Ives Almenia, J I833 

Ives Porteus R.) 1833 

W, Ives Emehne, 1848 

Ives Upheha C. I848 

Ives Helen M. 1848 

Ives Angeline, wife of Orrin, 1824 

Ives Enos Byron, I851 

Jackson WilHam, '^ 1851 

Jackson Hannah, J 1851 

Jerome Chauncey,"^ 1822 

Jerome Salome, J 1822 

Jerome Noble, '\ 1830 

Jerome Fanny, J 1851 

Jerome Sylvia, wife of Lott, 1834 

Johnson Dennis, ^ 1840 

Johnson Caroline, J 1833 

Jones Harriet E. wife of John, 1843 



Lane Rodney, 1843 

Langdon Levi, 1846 

Langdon Giles N. 1846 

Langdon Sarah, 1849 

Lardner Daniel S."^ 1851 

Lardner Jane E. J 1>'^5I 

Leavenworth Board man H 1851 

Lewis Roxanna, 1799 

W, Lewis Phebe, 1806 

Lewis Gad, ^ 1812 

Lewis Hannah M.J 1836 

Lewis Sheldon, ^ 1816 

Lewis Maria, J 1851 

Lewis Ira, "^ 1821 

Lewis Laura, J 1822 

Lewis Lucretia C. wife of William, 1840 

Lewis Mary A. wife of Edwin S. 1840 

TF. Lewis Levina, 1821 

Lewis Carlos, 1840 

Lewis Almon, ] 1833 

Lewis Orra MJ 1851 

Lindsley Marilla, 1849 

Loomis Prudence C. wife of Chauncey, 1840 

W. Loomis Ruth, 1850 

Mallory Ransom, "^ 1832 

Mallory Lucy EJ 1824 

Maltby Cynthia, wife of Ephraim, 1832 

W. Manross Martha, 1799 

Manross Elisha,"^ 1824 

Manross Maria, J 1824 

Matthews Sally, 1819 

Matthews Hannah, wife of George W. 1835 

McEwen Harriet, wife of Ephraim, 1842 

Merriman Ann P., wife of George, 1824 

Mitchell Hiram, 1824 

Mills Leavet D. 1848 

Mix Asahel,"^ 1816 

Mix Amna, J 1821 


Mix Lyman, 1824 

W. Mix Olive E. 1830 

Mix Mary L. 1S51 

MuPxSon Lemuel H. ) 1840 

Munson Lucretia, ) 1835 

Muzzy Minerva, wife of Isaac, 1821 

Nettlcton Garry,! 1839 

Nettleton Polly, J 1839 

Nettle ton Harriet N- wife of Wilford H. 1840 

Newell Franklin,-] IS'21 

Newell Esther, J 1846 

Newell Samuel P., 1850 

Newell David A., 1851 

Norton Alm.ira, wife of Roger, 1821 

Norton Loretta, 1824 

W Norton Hannah M. 1816 

W. Norton Lurene, 1816 

TF. Norton Dolly, 1832 

Norton Augustine, ) 1834 

Norton Calista, ) 1838 

Norton Charles, ~] 1840 

Norton Martha, J 1847 

Norton Eben, -| 1848 

Norton Clarissa,] 1848 

Norton Malinda P. 1851 

Norton Amanda, wife of Chandler, 1851 

Noyes Anna S. 1851 

Pardee Ruth N., wife of Jared W. 1816 

W. Parsons Abigail, 1823 

Parsons Leonard, .1 1821 

Parsons Hannah, J 1830 

Parsons Berkley D.. t 1852 

parsons Jennette, J 1851 

W. Peck Hannah, 1800 

Peck Tracy,! . 1821 

Peck Sally, J 1812 


Peck Richard, > 1821 

Peck Sophia, 5 18'2t 

Peck Ehzabeth G. 1839 

Peck Russel, ) 1832 

Peck Mary Ann, ] 1832 

Peck Martha Ann, 1850 

Peck Lemuel, ") 1839 

Peck Caroline M. 5 1839 

Peck Marcia, wife of James G. 1841 

Peck Ellen L. wife of Josiah T. 1842 

Peck Rosetta, wife of Joseph S. 1844 

Peck Maria, wife of Ambrose, 1832 

Peck Wealthy Ann, wife of Seth, 2d, 1845 

Peck Seth, 18.'^1 
Penfield Laura A. wife of Gilbert, • 1846 

Perkins Kosanna, 1851 

Pierce Sarah, wife of Philo, 183S 

Pierce Hannah M. wife of Josiah, 1844 

TF. Phelps Mary, 1848 

Philbrooks Susan, wife of John, 1828 

Piatt Ellen F. 1851 

W. Plnmb Eliza, 1845 

Pond Maria H. wife of Henry R. 1851 

Porter Nancy R. wife of Henry H. 1845 

Porter Eleanor J. 1851 

Rice Mary, wnfe of Jeremiah, 1816 

Rice Maria S. 1838 
TF. Rich Betsy, 1816 

Rich Jane B. 1S47 

Rich Ann E. 1847 

Richards Bryan,) 1811 

Richards Sally, 5 1816 

Richards Emerette L. 1851 

Richards Alanson, ) 1820 

Richards Charlotte, \ 1833 

Richards William R. ) 1851 

Richards Sarah C. \ 1851 

Roberts Almira, wife of Hopkins, 182^ 



Robinson Lester, ) 1842 

Robinson Nancy, ) 1843 

Robinson Nancy A. 1851 

Rogers William L. i 1851 

Rogers Jane R. ) 1840 

Root Noah, 2821 

W. Root Augusta, 1^830 

Root Truman, ) 2324 
Root Esther, \ 
Root Samuel E. 



Root Jane M. ) 

Rood Mary, wife of Alonzo, 2^851 

Roper Charles A. i 2832 

Roper Maria, j 2833 

Rowe Nelson, 2821 

Ruggles Polly E. wife of Delazon L. 1849 

Russell John, 2821 

Sanford David A. 2837 

Saxton Edward N. 2851 

Seymour Lucina, wife of Stephen, 1340 

Seymour Electa, wife of Henry A. i85i 

Sheldon Laura P. \\ife of Henry H I851 

Shipman Mary, wife of Julius R. * 285, 

Skinner Edgar, ) 28^7 

Skinner Christiana R., ( ,0^0 

Skinner Esther, |«^? 

Smith Riley O. ^^^ 

Smith Henrietta, wife of Samuel B. 184b 

Smith Charles, ) f^^^ 

Smith Mary, IfJ^^ 

Smith Charles E. ) ^^? 

Smith Sarah T. \ If.l 

Spelman Jane C, wife of Hiram, 1844 

Steele Nancy, wife of David, , oof 

Steele Sally, \fl 

Stevens Hopkins, ) ,«^f 

Stevens Rachel, 1^^] 

Stiles Lucy G. ^ J^^^ 

Stoddard Mary J. J^!f 


Strong Ebenezer W. > 1843 

Strong Albertina M., ) 1840 

Taylor Louisa A., wife Samuel, 1834 

Terry Samuel, ) 1830 

Terry Esther, ( 1830 

Terry Samuel S., ) 1834 

Terry Mary, 5 1844 

Terry John B. i ^ 1843 

Terry Amanda T. ) x 1839 

Terry Milo, "^ 1843 

Terry Ruth L., wife of Ralph E. 1838 

Thomas Catharine, wife of John M. 1841 

W, Thompson Tryphena, 1821 

Thompson Asa, ) 1840 

Thompson Emily, J 1840 

Thompson Hiram C. I 1850 

Thompson Sarah A. J 1849 

Tracy Shelden H., > 1851 

Tracy Mary E. ) 1851 

Treadway Emily A., wife of Charles, 1851 

Tuttle Luther L. 1821 

Tuttle Hannah, wife of Eliada, 1824 

Tuttle Abner, ) 1839 

Tuttle Hannah A., \ 1839 

Tuttle Samuel B. 1840 

Tuttle William P. 1847 

Tuttle Eliada S. 1851 

Wakefield Mary E., wife of Frederick B. 1850 

W. Warner Lucinda, 1843 

Warren Wilham M., 1845 

Waters Laura, wife of Lora, 1841 

Way Esther J. wife of Alfred, 1840 

Welles Joseph A., ) 1839 

Welles Ann R.. ] 1845 

Wheeler John B. 1842 

Whiting Pliny F. 18^^ 


Wilcox Austin, ) 1845 

Wilcox Charlotte L., \ 1839 

Wilcox Lydia E. 1850 

Wilcox Sarah A., wife of William, 1849 

Wilcox Mary M., wife of Albert, 1851 

Wilson Henry R. ^ 1843 

Wilson Adeline, \ 1843 

W. Winston Unicia, 1851 

Wooding Alvia L. i 1832 

Wooding Sophronia G. \ 1832 

W, Woodruff Diadamia, 1845 

Wool worth Robert, 1843 

Woolworth Franklin, 1844 

Wright Harriet S , wife of Filbert L. 1851 

W. Yale Lurena, 1816 

Yale Julius, 1844 

Total, - - - 408 

We believe the foregoing Catalogue to be correct 
forthelirst day of April, 1852. 
Certified by, 

Charles G. Ives, "^ 

Elisha C Brewster, I 

Tracy Peck, j Committee 

Chauncey Boardman, y of the 

Thomas Barnes, Church. 

Newell Byington, 

Dana Beck with. 


Charles Henry Mathews united with the Church, 
by profession, May 2d, 1852. 

Rev. William Henry Goodrich, by letter, from 
Church Yale College, June 20th, 1852. 

Maria Byington, died in 1825, aged 28 years. 
Israel Barnes, died in 1841, aged 82 years. 

Charles F. Coye, died in 1852, aged 31 years. 
Nancy Bartholomew, died in 1852, aged 70 years. 


Page 2d, line 4, for "of" read 'with.' 
Paae 5th, line 8, erase " built and." 
Page 76th, line U, for 410, read 408, and 
for 471, read 473. 




After a careful examination of, and computation 
from, my record, and other documents in my pos- 
session, I find that there were during the fifty 
years commencing on the Istday of January,1801, 
and ending the 31st of December, 1850, fourteen 
hundred and fifty-nine deaths in the town of Bris- 
tol ; that the average age of these persons is 
twenty-eight years, four months and nearly twenty 
days ; that two hundred ninety-nine of them died 
under the age of one year ; that but five lived to 
the age of ninety years, viz: Mr. James Cole 
who died September 16th, 1803, aged ninety-six ' 
Mr David Moore, (colored,) who died January 'M, 
1833 aged ninety-five; Widow Anne Nichols, 
who died December 31st, 1S18, aged ninety-three ; 
Widow Ruth Gndley, who died in August, 1811 
aged ninety-one ; and Widow Rachel Gaylord' 
who died October 31st, 1828, aged ninety-one. ' 
The average age of those persons who died 
during the first twenty-five years of the time, is 
twenty-eight years, eleven months, and a fraction 
over twelve days ; and of those who died during 
the last twenty-five years, is, twenty-seven years" 


eleven months and nearly twenty-four days ;— 
and that, the population of Bristol in 1800 was 
1362 : in 1810, 1428 : in 1820, 1362 : in 1830, 
1707 t in 1840, 2109 t and in 1850, 2884. 

Tracy Peck, 
Bristol, April 1st, 1852. 

»* O, life ! it is tearful, 

We're all of us sighing,— 
The moment we are cheerful, 

That moment we're dying, — - 
And all we have tasted. 

And all we have spoken. 
Are hopes— that are wasted, 

And hearts — that are broken.'* 













A PRIL. 1st, 1S52. 

[published by order of THE CHURCH.] 

J 852. 


■V^^ * 8 I A " v\ 


* v^ 

^■i^' .' 




'/», - y 

'n^. "v;" 

■-J . ■' 

" .^^^^ 

A^ :- 


>^ f^ 

-^s" .S^^ 
^ -O