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Full text of "Historical souvenir of the Springfield High School Alumni Association, 1902"


'L I E) RA RY 




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High School 

-A. L u M isr I 



'^S^^''^^^^^ 1 f) O 2 :- ^^g^Sa*^^ 

in OF 




At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Springfield High 
School Alumni in the spring of 1901, the question was asked by one 
of the members, "How many graduates are there of the High School, 
and where are they located?" 

The first part of the question — how many graduates are there — 
was easily answered by referring to the records of the Board of Edu- 
cation. The number of these graduates who are still living and 
their location, not being a matter of record, the latter part of the 
question could not be answered. 

The question was then discussed of obtaining information as 
to the whereabouts of the graduates of the school and publishing 
it in book form, together with the business they are engaged in and 
their callings in life. Out of this discussion has grown this Histori- 
cal Souvenir. 

Mr. I. E. Diller, of the class of 1871, President of the High 
7 School Alumni, was authorized to take charge of the work. Mr. 
y Diller selected Mr. F. C. Dodds, of the class of 1881, and Miss 
Marcia B. Odam, of the class of 1891, to assist him. 

The committee entered at once upon the work of collecting the 

necessary data and putting it in shape for publication. This task 

^^^ proved to be one of large proportions. The committee found at the 

^^__outset that the 1,200 graduates of the Springfield High School are 

K, 5r- scattered all over the United States, and that to obtain any sort of 

«=i reliable information as to their exact location and calling in life 

^ would require much more time than it had thought would be neces- 

g sary to compile' the Souvenir. When the work was commenced it 

">- was the intention of the committee to have the Souvenir ready for 

Qi distribution at the x4.1umni Reunion in June, 1901. This, however, 

Qwas found to be out of the question, and the efEorts of the committee 

jwere directed to the end of having their work completed and ready 

. \for the Reunion in 1902. 

iNi °i The work of collecting the data published herewith was beset 
with many difficulties and delays. A vast amount of correspondence 

4 Sprixgfield High School. 

was necessary to definitely locate those who are living in other cities 
and States. The committee regrets that it was unable to get but 
meager information with respect to many who have graduated from 
the High School. It realizes, too, that its work is not perfect and 
complete. That there are errors in the Souvenir, it does not doubt, 
it being necessary in many cases to accept unofficial data Avhich it 
had no means of verifying. It feels, however, that it has laid the 
foundation for future publications, and that with the material here 
presented the future historian of the graduates of the Springfield 
High School will be enabled to prosecute his work much more ex- 
tensively and with less difficulty and delay than it has liad to con- 
tend with. 

Volumes could be written about the many good men and women 
who go to make up the Alumni of the High School. The committee, 
however, has not gone into details concerning their life work. 

It was thought that the reproduction of the program of the 
Commencement Exercises of the various classes would be of interest 
to the readers of the Souvenir. All of these programs are not a 
matter of record and it was necessary to resort to the files of news- 
papers for copies of them. They are reproduced just as they ap- 
peared in the public press at the time. Following the program is a 
list of the graduates in each class. 

The committee desires to thank all who have so kindly assisted 
it in its work and those who have contributed the funds which made 
the publication of this Souvenir possible. 

I. K. DiLLER, 

Marcia B. Odam, 


Springfield High School. 

The first school iu Springfield was opened in 1821, three years 
after the first settlement, and was taught by Mr. Andrew Orr. Dur- 
ing the thirty years that followed, private schools were conducted to 
which pupils were admitted upon pa}-ment of tuition, the most 
prominent of which was the Academy, incorporated in 1839 ; but 
it was not until the year 1854 that steps were taken to establish free 
public schools. By an amended charter, approved March '2, 1854, 
the city was organized as the "Springfield School District,"' and the 
City Council authorized to establish and maintain free schools for 
the education of all wliite persons between the ages of five and 
twenty-one years of age; and to appoint seven Inspectors, to be de- 
nominated as the Board of School Inspectors, and to prescribe their 
duties. In accordance with this charter, an ordinance was passed 
August 21, 1854, defining the powers of the Board and dividing the 
city into four sub-districts, corresponding to the wards of the city. 
A lot in each Avard had already been purchased for school purposes. 
Buildings in the First and Third wards were completed in the spring 
of 185(>, and were immediately opened for the admission of pupils. 
Very soon thereafter, these buildings could not accommodate all the 
pupils, and public schools were opened in the First Baptist and First 
Presbvterian Cliurches. School buildings were erected in the Second 
and Fourth wards at a cost of $10,000 each, and were opened in Sep- 
tember, 1858. 

At a meeting of the Board of Inspectors held July 20, 1857, the 
Committee on Examination of Teachers was instructed to inquire 
into the expediency of revising the course of study pursued in the 
schools. The members of this Board, at that time, were : Jolm W. 
Priest, President; E. Baker, Secretary; Isaac S. Britton, J. ^Marvin, 
Charles E. Dodge, John A. McClernand, and J. S, Yredenburgh. 
The report of this committee, covering nearly eight ledger pages 
of the record, closely written, was presented July 27, and was signed 
bv Isaac S. Britton, Chas. E. Dodge, and J. Marvin. Already certain 

6 Springfield High School. 

higher English branches were taught in the ward schools. This 
committee in the report advised that these higher branches, be 
stricken from the course, and "that a separate and independent de- 
partment be organized, to be called 'The Department of Science," 
which should include Xatural Philosophy, Physical Geography, 
Elements of Algebra, Physiology and Hj^giene, General Exercises in 
the Elements of Elocution and in Composition, and the Grammar 
of Composition and Declamation; and that this department be 
placed in charge of a male preceptor to receive a salary of $500 a 
year, and that this department for the present occupy a room on the 
second floor of the Third Ward School Building." 

This committee, at the end of the lengthy report, summarized 
its recommendations in eight resolutions, the fifth one containing 
the recommendation of a "Department of Science." 

When presented to the Board, Mr. John A. McClernand moved 
to amend by striking out the fifth resolution and that part of the 
report relating to the establishing of a "Department of Science," 
and insert the following: 

"Resolved, That a Central or High School be established with 
such riiles, regulations and course of study as hereafter may be 
adopted, to be taught by a competent teacher hereafter to be selected, 
said school to be taught in some central and convenient building." 

Upon the vote, a division was called for and five members were 
recorded as voting for the amendment and two against it. The re- 
port, as amended, was then unanimously adopted. This was the 
first official action relating to the establishment of a free High School 
in the City of Springfield. 

At a meeting of the Board held August 24, 1857, Mr. McClernand 
of the committee appointed to recommend studies for the High 
School, made this report: "The committee charged with the duty 
of selecting and reporting the course of studies to be pursued in the 
Central High School, respectfully report : That they have diligently 
considered the important subject referred to them, and, as a result 
of their deliberations, recommend the following studies : 

For the male pupils, Natural Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, 
Political Economy, Surveying, and Bookkeeping. 

For the female pupils, The same studies, with the substitution 
of Botany and Physiology for Surveying and Bookkeeping. 

This report before adoption, was amended to include Algebra, 
and Geometry, and a review of Grammar, Geography and Arithmetic. 

At a meeting held September 8, Mr. Beaumont Parks was elected 

Alumni Association. 7 

as the first Principal of the High School, for the ensuing year, Mr. 
Chas. D. Arnold serving as assistant Principal. 

The school was opened in a small building in the Third ward, 
on .Market street, now known as Capitol avenue, just west of Spring 
street. JSTo record of the attendance of this first year of the High 
School can be found. 

As the building in which this school was taught the first year 
was small and not centrally located, it was transferred to the Fourth 
ward building, just completed, now known as the Lincoln school, 
and Mr. Andrew M. Brooks was made the principal of both the 
Fourth ward school and the High School. Forty-two pupils were 
enrolled the second year. 

In December, 1858, the course of study was revised, a number 
of branches added, and a classical course provided for, includ- 
ing Latin and Greek, which was designed for those preparing 
to enter college. In September, 1859, tuition in the High School 
for pupils living outside the city, was fixed at $21 a year. At the 
same meeting, as provided for in a resolution passed at a former 
meeting, Miss Sophia Chapin was elected as female assistant, Mr. 
Geo. Tourtellot having already been elected Principal. 

At the beginning of the third 3^ear, the school was located in the 
Academy Building, situated on South Fifth street, a short distance 
south of Monroe, this building having been procured by the City 
Council for this purpose. The High School was conducted in this 
place for six years. Very soon after the school was located here, 
the Board declared it an unsuitable place, and began to petition the 
Council for a new building. 

After the Council had decided that a new High School building 
should be erected, it was several years before an agreement upon 
the location of the site could be reached. The records of the meet- 
ings of the Council during the several years, while trying to select 
a High School site, make interesting reading. The subject became 
an issue at city elections, and several' aspiring statesmen were rele- 
gated to private life on account of their position on this important 
question. Finally the site -was selected at the southeast corner of 
Madison and Fourth streets, and in 1865 a new building was com- 
pleted at a cost of $65,000. The erection of this new building which 
was one of the best for educational purposes in the State at that 

8 Springfield High School. 

time, and its occupancy by the school transferred from the "Academy'* 
huilding, mark tlie beginning]: of a new and important era in the 
liistor}' of this institution. 

The school was conducted in this building for almost a third 
of a century, and here a large number of the boys and girls of the 
city, as well as many from the surrounding country, received their 
academic training. The people of the city were proud of this in- 
stitution and gave it hearty support. Connected with its history, 
during these years, are interesting associations which many of the 
older citizens, their children, and in some instances, their grand- 
children, deliglit to cherish in their memories. Thirty-three classes 
completed their High School studies in this building, the members 
of which received their diplomas at the annual commencements, which 
Avere great occasions for those interested in the High School, and 
are now recorded as Alumni of the Springfield High School. 

From time to iinie the courses of study were revised to keep 
pace with educational progress. It appears that in the early years 
of this school the boys and girls were in separate classes, and that 
there were several studies prescribed for boys that girls were not per- 
mitted to take, and vice versa. The record shows that forty years 
ago two Pangnnnasticons were purchased and one placed in the 
male department and the other in the female department. 'J'hese 
Avere to be used in connection with the physical training system. 

Early in the history of the school, the value of a library was 
a])preeiated and a beginning was made. In a report of the Superin- 
tendent, made early in the sixties, he says : "The library was in- 
creased during the A^ear about one hundred volumes. The greater 
part of this addition was obtained by a small appropriation made by 
tlie city last winter; tlie remainder was contributed by the scholars. 
An appropriation for this purpose should l^e made every year. Xo 
scholar is allowed to draw a novel from the library whose grade is 
under tA\-o and five-tenths, tliree being the maximum." 

Among the studies required for several years, were, Evidences of 
Christianity, ^Moral P]iih-)Sophy, and Mental Philosophy. Dr. 
Samuel Willard, Superintendent of schools in 1869-70, suggested that 
these studies were of doubtful value, and other more useful branches 
should be substituted in their place. He made these recommenda- 
tions as "an orthodox Christian and a father of children in the High 
School," believing that they should not study these branches until 
they had reached mature 3'ears. Dr. Willard's successor, !Mr. Ben- 

Alumni Assoclvtion. 9 

nett, followed up his recommendations, and very soon thereafter 
these branches were stricken from the course of study. 

A niarked improvement was made in 1883, when an outline of 
English work was prepared for each of the four years of all the 
courses, to be pursued by all pupils. This provided for each year, 
in connection with English language and Literature, the study of 
three or more American and English authors, thus affording an 
opportunity for pupils during the four years' course to study quite 
thoroughly some of the best works of at least twelve standard 
authors. This advance step, thus early taken by the High School, 
and the excellent work done 1\v the classes, has been highly com- 
mended ])y several of the leading universities. 

In 1887, application was made to have the High School placed 
on the accredited list of Michigan University, After an examina- 
tion by a committee of the faculty of the University, a favorable re- 
port was made, and since that time graduates from the Springfield 
High School have been admitted to the various courses of ^Michigan 
University upon certificates that the required studies had been com- 
pleted here. This was very gratifying to the friends of the High 
School, as it was an endorsement by one of the leading universities 
of the country, of the efficiency of the work done here, and this was 
more highly appreciated when it was learned that this same com- 
mittee had reported unfavorably vipon several of the larger High 
Schools of the State. Since this action was taken by the University 
of Michigan, graduates of the High School have been admitted upon 
certificate to Cornell, Wellesley, Vassar, University of Illinois, 
University of Chicago, and other colleges and universities. 

At the present time, with the exception of a certain amount of 
work in English, history and mathematics, the studies are elective. 
A two years' Business Course has recently been added. Also a course 
in manual training for which credit is given, the same as in other 
branches. There are excellent facilities for laboratory work in 
Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and the instruction in many of the 
ijubjects is given by specialists, and the latest, best approved methods 
are used. 

The High School building completed in 1865 and located at the 
corner of Madison and Fourth streets, finally became too small for 
the educational demands of a growing city, and, besides, the location 
became unsuitable on account of adjacent streets being used by so 
manv railroads, and the proximity of manufacturing establishments. 

10 Springfield High School. 

It thus became necessary to erect a new building. The present 
beautiful and commodious structure, located between Washington 
and Adams streets, near Pasfield street, was completed in the fall of 
1897, and occupied for school purposes in October of the same year. 

This building, 200 feet long by 100 feet wide, with three stories 
above the basement, was erected at a cost of about $75,000, and has 
a capacity for 800 pupils. This is a very extensive and complete 
building to be secured for that amount of money, but the contract 
was let in 1896, Avhen building material could be secured at the lowest 
prices known for years. 

Four or five years ago the plan of semi-annual promotions was 
adopted in the lower grades of the grammar schools and has been 
gradually extended to the higher grades until it has now reached the 
second year of the High School. This plan provides for classes a 
half year apart, instead of a year, as formerly, and now pupils are 
promoted from the eighth grade of the ward schools to the High 
School twice a year. One of the advantages of this classification and 
promotion, is that pupils who, for any reason, are unable to advance 
with their classes, may be placed in a lower class without losing a 
year's time in completing the course. 

In Februarv, 1901, a class of seventv-five from the ward schools 
was admitted to the High School, and will complete the four years' 
course in the middle of the school year in 1905. Another class of 
about the same number was admitted in February of the present 
year, 1902, and, under this arrangement classes will be admitted 
regularly twice a year, in September and in February. 

Prior to 1882, it was the custom each year, just after the close 
of school in June, to require the eighth grade pupils of the ward 
schools, to go to the old High School building to take a written ex- 
amination upon all studies pursued by eighth grade pupils, for admis- 
sion to the High School. This was a momentous occasion. It was 
entered upon by many of them with fear and trembling, because their 
admission to the High School depended entirely upon the result of 
this examination. This examination had been in their minds from 
the day they had entered upon the work of the eighth grade, and they 
were not allowed to forget it. The greater part of the instruction 
of the teachers and the preparation of lessons by pupils, had this 
final examination in view. Pupils Avere required to write two days, 
then their papers were carefully marked, the percents of each pupil 
averaged and tabulated, and the names of the successful candidates 

Alumni xissociATioN. 11 

published in the daily papers. There were sometimes many failures, 
and, of course, as many sad hearts as there were pupils who failed. 

After 1883, for a number of years, these final examinations were 
held in the ward schools. Soon after 1890 the method of admission 
to the High School was changed, and since then the daily work of 
the pupils and the monthly written tests have been made mainly the 
basis of promotion. Those who make eighty-five percent, or above, 
in any study during the year, take no final examination in that study. 
A considerable number are passed to the High School upon this 
record. Those who fail to make eighty-five percent upon one or 
more studies are examined upon these studies, and their standing 
is made up from the term's work and this examination, each counting 
half. Under this method, the recommendation of the teacher has 
much to do with the promotion of pupils. 

Since the new High School was completed, in 1897, the attend- 
ance has increased very rapidly. Many families from the surround- 
ing country have moved to the city for the sole purpose of giving 
their children the advantages of the High School. Tuition amount- 
ing to nearly two thousand dollars is paid by non-resident pupils. 
The enrollment of the present year has reached 680, and there is a 
faculty of nineteen instructors. 

Considerable liberty is now allowed, pupils in the selection of 
studies fro]n the various courses of the High School. With the ex- 
ception of two years of mathematics, and a certain amount of English 
and history, the subjects are elective. The following are the courses 
as provided for at present: 

A Business Course of two years which includes bookkeeping, 
Commercial Geography, Commercial Law, Commercial Arithmetic, 
and English. 

An English Scientific Course which includes, in addition to the 
mathematics, history, and English of other courses, all of the 
sciences usually taught in a High School. 

A German-English Course which provides for four years of 

A Latin-English Course which provides for four years of Latin, 

A Classical Course which, in addition to the four years of Latin, 
provides for Greek. 

Vocal music, free hand and mechanical drawing, and manual 
training are taught by specialists. 

For every study completed, the pupil is given a certain number 
of credits. A study pursued through the entire year with five recita- 

12 Springfield High School. 

tions a week, has a value of four credits. A study that can be com- 
pleted in one-half year has two crcflits. Thirteen credits are required 
in the first year's work and seventeen for each of the next three years, 
making a total of sixty-four credits to be made in four years. It is 
possible for pupils to make more than the required number in a year. 
]\Ianual training, music, and drawing are given one or two credits 
each year, depending upon the number of recitations per week in 
the subject. 

The standard of vocal music has been raised very considerably 
above what it was a few years ago. This is due to the instruction 
given in this subject in all the grades of grammar schools, and in the 
High School by a special teacher of music. Fifteen years ago, very 
few boys could be fo\ind in the High School who were able to read 
music. Today nearly all of the boys and girls read music very 
readily, and now, with comparatively little effort, vocal music of a 
high order is rendered at High School entertainments. 

The following are the names and time of service of those who 
have filled the position of High School Principal since the organiza- 
tion of the school: Beaumont Parks, 1857, one year; Andrew M. 
Brooks, 1858, one year; George W. Tourtellot, 1859, one year; An- 
drew M. Brooks, 1860-1805; William Baker, 1865-1868; Benjamin 
C. Siicsserott, 1868-1869; Edwin P. Frost, 1869-1872; Andrew M. 
Brooks, 1872-1874; F. E. Feitshans, 1874-1883; J. H. Collins, 1883- 
1888; William Helmle, 1888-1899; L. M. Castle, 1899 to the present 
time, 1902. 

The following are the names of teachers who rendered most efficient 
service for a term of years : Misses Sophia Chapin, Jennie E. Chapin, 
Mary J. Howard, Emma F. Jones, !Maggie E. Muir, Mrs. P. A. 
Baird, Mrs. 'Mary Feitshans, Mr. E. E. Darrow, Misses Emily A. 
Hay ward, Mary A. Anderson, Mary H. Kuhl. Miss Emma F. Jones 
has the distinction of having been connected with this school longer 
than any other teacher. 

The first class Avas graduated from the High School in 1861, 
and had three members. The total number of graduates is 1232. The 
diplomas of 854 of these have been signed by Mr. J. H. Collins, as 
Principal of the High School, Hxe years, and Superintendent of 
Schools, fourteen years. 

Many of the prominent citizens of this city are graduates of this 
institution and many otlicrs living in various parts of the country 
received the benefits of its instruction. Nearly every one whose 

Alumni Association. 1 


name appears as an ahimnns, is a useful member of society. Very 
few have proven to be failures in life. 

The High School has been called the "People's College," and 
rightly so, because it is an institution whose benefits are conferred 
upon, and its privileges open to, the children of the poor and rich 
alike. Here all meet upon a common plane, and receive the same 
training which fits for citizenship and the duties of life. This school, 
on account of what it has been, as well as what it promises to be, is an 
institution in wliich the citizens of this city take a great interest 
and which they cheerfully support. May it continue to be the pride 
of all, by doing that work tliat will best fit for right living and useful 

CLASS OF 1861. 


A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Sophia Chapin. Sarah P. White. 

Second Presbyterian Church, Friday, June 28 — 2 P. M. 


Music — Exhibition Song School 

Declamation — "Sustain the Government" (Doug-las) James F. McNeill 

Composition — "Power of Genius" .... Mildred Hocker 

Recitation — "We've all our Angel Side" Fannie DeVore 

Music — "Have ye Faith in One Another" School 

Declamation — "Union" (Stuart) Leslie Elkin 

Select Reading — "Antiquity of Freedom" (Bryant) . .Miss Joanna Rathsack 
Recitation from Shakespeare. .Misses Huntington, Lee, Priest and Barrows 

Music, Song — "Rock Beside the Sea" Georgiana Bowers 

Essay — "Magic and Magicians" Edmund Dresser 

Recitation — "The Lost Heir" (Hood) Etta Wood 

Declamation — "Emmett's Defense" , DeWitt Smith 

Music — "God Bless Our Native Land" School 

Discussion — "Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword" 

Aff. Virginia Stuart 

Neg. Carrie Owsley 

Select Reading — "Laborare est Orare" (Mrs. Osgood) 

Misses Starkweather, Lamb and Stanert 

Music — "Where do Fairies Love to Dwell"' School 

Declamation — "The Crisis" Walter S. Campbell 

Reading of School Paper — "The Wreath" Nannie Latham 

Music — "Isle of Orono" School 

Select Reading — "Lament of Tasso" Emily Huntington 

Declamation — "State of the Country" (Seward) John S. Vredenburgh 

Music — "Union, God. Liberty" School 


"Day Dreams of Life and Life's Realities" Mary Hocker 

"Superiority of Moral over Physical Heroism" Ida Springer 

"Treason does Never Prosper" ( with valedictory) Nettie Wiley 

Presentation of Diplomas. 

Closing Song — "Good Night" School 


14 Springfield High School. 


Mary Hocker — Married Mr. Lee Williams, and resides at 1206 Pearl 
street, Denver, Col. 

Ida M. Springer — After teaching several years, married Mr. Henry 
L. Sanford, farmer. Mrs. Sanford's present address is Eural 
Route No. 7, Springfield, 111. 

Nettie Wii^ey — AVas a teacher in the city schools of Springfield for 
a number of years, and died May 18, 1891. 

CLASS OF 1862. 


A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Sophia Chapin. Alvina M. Eastman. 

Second Presbyterian Church — Thursday, June 26, 1862. 



Essay — "Cui Bono" Miss Sophia Hale 

Select Reading- Miss Ella L. Todd 

Concert • Reading. 


Essay — "Time" Miss Anna Pender 

Select Reading- ■. . . . Miss Fannie N. DeVore 

Oration — "Intemperance" John S. Vredenburgh 


Essay — "Patriotism" Walter S. Campbell 

Select Reading Miss Nannie Latham 

"The Wreath" Miss Virginia L. Stuart 


Latin Oration James F. McNeill 

Select Reading Miss Maggie C. Doremus 

Essay — 'Beauty of Good Things" Miss Juliet Ordway 


Select Reading Miss Emily W. Huntington 

Oration — "Help Yourself" Wallace T. Stockdale 


Music by Springfield Philharmonic Society. 


Walter S. CAMPBELir— Went to Detroit, Mich., in 1866, to accept a 
position as clerk in the office of the Chief Quartermaster, U. S. 
A., Department of the Lakes. In 1869 he entered the employ 
of 51 wholesale confectionery firm, retaining this position until 
1895, when he was elected secretary of the Merchants' and Manu- 
facturers' Exchange of Detroit, which position he still holds. 
He is also secretary of the Detroit Credit Men's Association and 
the Detroit Industrial Bureau. His address is 506 Wayne County 
Bank Building, Detroit, Mich. 

Alumni Association. 15 

James F. McNeill — Enlisted August 12, 1863, in Company G, 114th 
Illinois Infantry, as a private and was mustered out as a sergeant- 
major in 1865. For twelve years he was employed in the First 
ISTational Bank at Springfield, 111. In 1883 he removed to 
Oskaloosa, la., where he still resides. He is prominently con- 
nected with many of the leading industries of that city and has 
been very successful in his business undertakings. 

Wallace T. Stockdale — Taught school for fifteen years in Sanga- 
mon County, and has since served as bookkeeper in many of tlie 
large business houses of Springfield, 111., where he now resides. 

CLASS OF 1863. 

A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Sophia Chapin. Alvina M. Eastman. 


June 26 — Cook's Hall. 

Music by Philharmonic Society. 

Prayer Rev. J. L. Crane 

Music — "Away, Away, the Morning Freshly Breaking" 

Salutatory and Essay — "Sacrifice, the Great Lesson of Life" 

; Emily W. Huntington 

"What Can Woman Do" Laura E. Clark 

Music — "When Life in its Beauty" 

"Tendency to Eixtremes at the Present Day" Maggie C. Doremus 

"He Builds Too Lowi, Who Builds Beneath the Skies" Laura A. Lee 

Music — "When the Summer Rain is Over" 

"The Value of True Wisdom" Anna M. Pender 

"The Poets Pilgrimage" Mary J. Remann 

Music— "O Hail Us, Ye Free" 

"Footprints of Angels" Virginia L. Stuart 

"The Power of an Earnest Life" (with valedictory) Emily Starkweather 

Address and Presentation of Diplomas. 


Laura E. Clark — Married Mr. W. E. Beall and resides at the Leland 
Hotel, Springfield, 111. 

Maggie C. Doremus — Married Dr. T. W. Dresser, and resides at 321 
Adams street, Springfield, 111. 

Emily W. Huntington — Married Mr. John T. Stuart, and resides 
at 1588 Jackson boulevard, Chicago, 111. Mrs. Stuart is a 

Laura A. Lee — Married Mr. John T. Capps, of the Springfield 
Woolen Mills, and resides on South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Anna M. Pender — Teacher in the Springfield, 111., public schools, 
and resides at 1208 South Sixth street. 

IG Springfield High School. 

Mary J. Eemann— Besides at 402 South Eighth street, Springflekl, 

Benjamin M. Smaffneu — Admitted to the Illinois bar in 1869, and 
resides in Chicago, III., his office address being 1407 Ashland 
Block. Captain Shaffner attended the U. S. Naval Academy at 
Annapolis, and organized the Xaval Militia of Illinois, holding 
the positions of lieutenant, lieutenant commander and captain. 

Note — Mr. Sliaffner did not participate in the commencement exer- 
cises,, but was awarded a diploma later. 

Emily Starkweather — Married Dr. H. N. Keener, hospital physi- 
cian at St. Joseph, Mo., and clerk of Board of Health. 
ViRGFNiA L. Stuart — Died April 1, 1893. 

Note — Mr. John S. A^redenburgh would have graduated with this 
class, but enlisted before commencement in the Tenth Cavalry, 
in which he served through the war, attaining the rank of cap- 
tain. He died in Springfield, February 19, 1902. 

CLASS OF 1864. 


A. M. Brooks^ Principal. 
Sophia Chapin. Jennie E. Chaptn-. 


June 23 — Capitol Hall. 

Music by Philharmonic Society. 

Prayer Rev. A. Hale 

Salutatory George E. Dawson 

Essay — "Compensation" Alice .T. Cuiright 

Essay — "The Eyes of Others" Fannie N. DeVore 

Oration — "Bankruptcy" Charles H. Yates 

Essay- — "Riches Without Wings" Lydia M. Gray 


Essay — "Mental Cultivation; Health and Happiness". .Lizzie F. Lanphier 

Essay — "Time the Sanctifier" Anna lyavvrence 

Essay — "Greece" Augusta Trapp 

Essay — "Action is Happiness" Annie M. Gray 

Oration — "Superstition" George A, Withers 


Essay — "Nature will be Reported" Juliet M. Ordway 

Essay — "Catch the Sunbeam" Olive li. Priest 

Essay — "Point the Arrow to the Sun" Lizzie M. Pender 

Oration — "Elements of National Stability" Wm. W. Billson 


Essay — "Whither and for What" Fannie H. McCulloch 

Valedictory Viola F. Myer 

Delivery of Diplomas Rev. G. W. F. Birch 

Farewell Song by the Class. 


Alumni Association. 17 

members of class. 
— William. W. Billsox — Was admitted to the Minnesota bar at Wi- 
nona in 1868 ; removed to Dnlutli in 1870, was a member of the 
State Senate from the Duluth district in 1872, and again in 
1883 and 1885 ; was United States District Attorney for Minne- 
sota from 1873 to 1881, and has since then been engaged in 
active and general practice of law at Dnluth. He is a member 
of the firm of Bill son, Congdon & Dickinson. 

Alice J. Outright — Eesides at 582 Maryland avenue, Milwaukee, 
Wis. Is Parole Visitor for the Wisconsin Industrial School for 
Girls; teacher in the St. Louis public schools 1872-3; secre- 
tary of Board of ]\Ianagers of Wisconsin Industrial School for 
Girls 1889-93; officially connected with Booker Washington 
School at Tuskegee, Ala., 1891-6; appointed by Governor of Wis- 
consin as 'State delegate to Xational Prison Association in Austin, 
Tex., 1897; appointed meml)er of Board of Control of Wisconsin 
by Governor Scofield, 1898; appointed by Governor of Wisconsin 
as State delegate to the ISTational Conference of Charities and 
Corrections in Xew York City, 1898; appointed by Governor as 
State ■ delegate to National Prison Association in Hartford, 
Conn., 1899 ; contributor to newspapers and j^eriodicals. MiSs 
Cutright married Mr. John L. Kaine, editor, in 1869. 
•^ George E. Dav^'SOn — Mr. Dawson is an attorney at law, with office 
at 611 First !N'ational Bank Building, Chicago, 111. He gradu- 
ated from the University of Michigan in 1878 with a B. A. and 
M. A. degree. In 1870-1 he was Principal of the High School at 
Flint, Mich. From 1871 to 1871 he occupied the chair of An- 
cient Ijanguages at the High School in Buffalo, X. Y. From. 
1874 to 1876 he was abroad studying languages. In 1876-7 he 
held the position of Assistant Principal of the Springfield, 111., 
High School. He was Principal of the Peoria High School from 
1877 to 1879, and was Principal of Washington School, Chi- 
cago, 111., from 1879 to 1881. Mr. Dawson was admitted to the 
bar in 1881, and at present is Assistant Attorney of the Sanitary 
District of Chicago. He is a mem1)er of the Iroquois Club, and 
also several clubs of lawyers in his city. 

Fannie N. DeYore — Married Dr. James Euth. Was married a 
second time to Mr. George Hartzell, who held a government posi- 
tion. Mrs. DcYore Hartzell died in St. Paul, Minn., in 1895. 

Annie M. Gray — Married Mr. J. S. Smith, of Bates, III., a prominent 
farmer and stockman. Mrs. Smith died in 1893. 
— IjYDIa M. Gray — Married Mr. M. M. Mason, Probate Judge, and re- 
sides at Emporia, Kas. Mrs. Mason's only child, a son, after 
graduating from the Presliyterian Synodical College of Kansas 
with a Ph. B. degree and also from the Law~ Department of the 
University of ]\[ichigan, practiced law in Detroit, Mich., for 
two years. He returned to Emporia to assist his father, where 
he died very suddenly June 5, 1901. 

18 Springfield High School. 

Francine Elizabeth Lanphier^ — Married Hon. James W. Patton, 
attorney at law, and resides at 937 South Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. Tn 1891 Mrs. Patton was appointed a member of the 
Illinois Woman's Exposition Board for the Columbian Exposi- 
tion, at Chicago, by Governor Fifer of Illinois. She also held 
the position of President of the Springfield Woman's Club for 
seven years; was secretary of the State Conference of Charities 
m 1899, and is at present Vice President of the Associated 
Charities, and director of various philanthropies in Spring- 

Annie Lawrence — Resides in Kansas City, Kas. Married Mr. J. 
M. Mason, attorney at law, and author of "Armageddon." Mrs. 
Mason is the mother of eleven living children, two of whom, 
graduated from the Law Department of the Kansas University. 

Viola F. Myer — Resides in Little Rock, Ark., where she is engaged in 
teaching. Married Mr. W. W. Leverett, attorney" at law. 

Fannie H. McCulloch — Married Dr. William Gallagher, who at the 
time of their marriage was a Congregational minister. After 
living at Bloomington and Sycamore, 111., for a number of 
years, they removed to Boston, Mass., where Dr. Gallagher was 
Master in a Latin School for Girls and Boys. Later they lived 
in Easthampton, Mass., where Dr. Gallagher was Principal of 
Williston Seminary. In September, 1896, they removed to 
South Braintree, Mass., Dr. Gallagher having been appointed 
Head Master of Thayer Academy at that place. Mrs. Gallagher 
died in October, 189G, in a hospital at Cambridge, Mass. She 
was a writer of marked ability ; was author of "Four Miles from 
Tarry toAvn," and was an extensive contributor to magazines and 
other periodicals. 

Juliet M. Ordway — Married Mr. Charles Averill, bookkeeper, and re- 
sides at 514 West Grand avenue, Springfield, 111. Mrs. Averill 
is an able worker in the "Illini" Club, which is devoted to the 
study of early Illinois. 

M. Lizzie Pender — Resides at 1208 South Sixth street, Springfiel<3, 
111. Miss Pender is Principal of the Feitshans school. 

Olive Priest — Married Mr. George Latham, real estate agent, in 
Springfield, 111. Mrs. Latham died September 9, 1882. 
— Augusta Trapp — Resides at South Pasadena, Cal., married Mr. David 
Rabb, dairyman. 

George A. Withers — Mr. Withers lived at Piedmont, Mo., where he 
was a lumber merchant. He was foully murdered several years 


Charles H. Yates — Resided in Nebraska for a number of years, 
where he was engaged in farming. He died in Colorado in 1896. 

Alumni Association. 19 

CLASS OF 1865. 


A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Mary W. Lloyd. Mildred Hocker. 


June 29 — First Presbyterian Ciiurch. 

Music — "Potpourri" Springfield Social Orchestra 

Prayer Rev. E. Miller 

Music — Chorus. 

Oration — Salutatory Horatio B. McBride 

Essay— "No Rest Here" Mary Reynolds 

Music — Duet. 

Essay — "Gems" Almeda B. Milligan 

Essay — "True Glory — Self Conquest" Charlotte M. Moore 

Music — "La Serenade." 

Essay — "Bring Back My Flower" Fedora J. Robinson 

Oration — "Progress" Thomas J. Nolan 

Music — Boat Song. 

Essay — "The Translation of the Ideal" Laura I. Clinton 

Oration — "Light, with Valedictory" James J. Rafter 

Delivery of Diplomas, Wm. Lavely. President Board of Education. 

Music — Farewell. 


Laura I. Clinton — Eesides at Lincoln Lodge, Oak Ridge Cemetery, 
where her husband, Major E. S. Johnson, is Custodian of Lincoln 
Monument. Mrs. Johnson is known as an elocutionist, club- 
woman and home-maker. At present she is President of the 
Springfield Woman's Club. 

Alyin B. Judkins — Died in California, September 22,1897. 

Horatio B. McBkide — Was a Presbyterian minister in California, 
where he died January 5, 1899. 

Almeda B. Milligan — Married a Professor Bogarre, and when last 
heard of resided in Boston, Mass. 

Charlotte M. Moore — ^Married Mr. K. M. Ohman, cashier at the 
Illinois Central freight depot, Springfield, 111. Mrs. Ohman was 
an active worker in the cause of the Woman's Christian Temper- 
ance Union and for years was interested in prison reform work. 
She died very suddenly in February, 1902. 
/ Thomas J. Nolan — Address, Denver, Col. Is interested in quartz 

mining at Prescott, Ariz. 
-^ames J. Eafter — Eesides in East St. Louis, 111., were he is engaged 
in the practice of law. He graduated from Xiagara University, 
New York, in 1868, and was admitted to the bar in 1874. 

Mary Eeynolds — Married a ]\Ir. Brooks and resides in Chicago, 111., 
where she is a teacher. 


20 Springfield High School. 

Fedora J. Eobixsox — Married a Mr. Jenness, and resides at Ft. 
Bennett;, S. D. Mrs. Jenness is a successful writer of high grade 
stories, and is an extensive contributor to magazines. At present 
she is a teacher in St. Jolm's Mission. 

CLASS OF 1866. 

^Vii.LT\M Baker^ Principal. 
Ephraim Miller. Jennie E. Chapin. 

SoppiiA Chapin. Mary W. Lloyd. 


High School Hall, Thursday, June 28, 1866. 

Music Fessenden's Band 

Prayer Rev. F. H. Wines 

Music — "'God Made Nature Free." 

Salutatory Ella Bushnell 

"Struggle and Triumph" Alfred Wiley 

"Get Thy Spindle and Distaff Ready, and God will Give the Flax" 

Elizabeth Lee 

"The Irish Republic" P. J. Rourke 

Music — "My Prairie Land" 

"Aristocracy" John C. Lanphier 

"Unfinished" Kate V. Jackson 

"Life" John S. Condell 

Music — Fessenden's Band. 

"History" , George T. Enos 

"Joy, Sorrow, Work" Elizabeth M. Corruthers 

"Decay of Nations" Edward J. McClernand 

Music — "They All Belong to Me." 

"Concerning Clito" Mary J. Clinton 

"Discipline" Porte Yates 

"Wait" Mary A. Canfield 

Music — "Beautiful River." 

"He Who Forgives, Wins the Laurels" Sophie M. Phelps 

Valedictory Henry C. Remann 

Music — "Farewell Song of the Class." 
Delivery of Diplomas, Wm. Lavely, President Board of Education. 



Ella Bitshnei,l — Married Mr. Daniel Dunn^, a civil engineer, and 
resides in Macon, Ga. 

Mary A. Canfield — Married Mr. Peter Vredenbnrgh, lumber dealer, 
and resides at 604 South Sixth street, Springfield, Til. 

Mary J. Clinton — Graduated from Vassar in 1870. Was Principal 
of the High School in "Williamstown, Mass., and also taught in the 
Springfield High School. She was married in May, 1874, to Mr. 
Carl 0. Wederkinch, a Danish civil and mining engineer, who at 
the time was engineer of the Hoosac Tunnel and afterwards Chief 
Engineer of the Sutro Tunnel in Nevada. She died in April, 

Alumni Association. 31 

John S. Condell — Ex-Sheriff of Sangamon County, and resides in 
Springfield, at G05 South Fourth street. 

Elizabeth M. CoRRUTHERs^jMarried Mr. James Whitlock, who is en- 
gaged in the wall j^aper business in Indianapolis, Ind. 

George T. Enos — Kesides at 43i A^orth Second street, Springfield, 
111. Is assistant county surveyor. 

Kate Y. Jackson — Married Mr. John Heber Cherry, attorney at 
law, Little Eock, Ark. Mrs. Cherry died July 4, 1880. 

John C. Lanphier — Eesides at 903 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, ill. ]\tr. Lanphier is a successful attorney. 

Elizabeth Lee — Married Mr. 0. Stockwell. Mrs. Stockwell died 
April 1, 1891. 

JEdward J. McClernand — Giraduated from West Point, and has 

served in the regular army ever since ; gained distinction in Nez 
Perce Indian war, and was Adjutant General under General 
Shaffer in the Cuban campaign. Was afterwards Governor of 
the Province of Cebu, Philippine Islands. At present he is 
assigned to the Department of the Platte, with headquarters at 
Omaha, Xeb. 

Soi'HiE M. Phelps — Married Mr. John P. Weber, a retired mer- 
chant, and resides in Pawnee, 111. Mrs. Weber is a faithful Sun- 
day School worker ; taught school for nine years. 

Henry C. Eemann — Lives at 402 South Eighth street, Springfield, 
111. Is bookkeeper at the Barclay Coal and Mining Company at 
Springfield, 111. 

Patrick J. Eourke — Clerk in the Sangamon County Treasurer's 
office, Springfield, 111. Served two terms as County Superin- 
tendent of Schools. 

Alfred Wiley — Is a prominent attorney at law at Star City, Ark. 

Howard Wood — Eesides at Decatur, 111., where he practices his pro- 
fession as physician. Is a member of the Central Illinois Home 
Medical Society, and examiner for the Modern Woodmen, Su- 
preme Court of Honor and Eoyal Circle. 

William C. Wood — Lives in Chicago, 111., where he is an attorney at 

Porte Yates — Eesides at Cook and Pasfield streets, Springfield, 111. 
Mr. Y^ates holds a responsible position with the Springfield Elec- 
tric Light and Power Company. 

23 Springfield High School. 

CLASS OF 1867. 


William Baker, Principal. 
Sophia Chapin. Mary Reynolds. 

Jennie E. Chapin. Hester A. Thayer. 

Carrie M. Chamberlain. 


Thursday, June 27 — High School Hall. 

Music — "Thank God for Pleasant Weather." 

Prayer Rev. Davidson 

Music — "Oh, Come to My Home in the West." 
"Concerning People of Whom Much Cannot be Expected" — with 

Salutatory Sophia I. Bennett 

"Drifting" Mary E. Priest 

"Influence of Art" Samuel A. Fisher 

Music — Piano Duet. 

"The Wealth Siren" — an allegory Emma F. Adams 

"An American Home" Mary R. Lamb 

"The Royalty of Inward Peace" Theodosia Woods 

Music — "Boatman's Song." 

"The Goddess of Getting On" Ella H. Moseley 

"Woman's Right to be Womanly" Laura Pickrell 

"Wise Work with Class History" Emily Watson 

Music — "Gently Fall the Dews of Eve" — vocal trio. 

"The Politician" James L. Symthe 

"The Whirligig of Time" (with valedictory) Annie E. Vredenburgh 

Music — "A Shout for Columbia." 
Presentation of Diplomas by John W. Priest, President of the Board. 

Music — "Farewell" Song by the Class 



-Emma F. Adams — Resides at 218 Fourth street, Oakland, Cal., and 
is engaged in teaching. Married Rev. William Gill, deceased. 
Mrs. Gill has seen the great west grew up, having been the wife 
of an Episcopal Missionary, thus calling Colorado, Idaho, Ne- 
braska, jSTorth Dakota, Washington, British Columbia, New 
Mexico and California, home. She has one son and six girls. 
The son is an electrician, and assisted in adjusting the electrical 
appliances in the battleships Oregon, Wisconsin and Ohio. 

Sophia I. Bennett — Married Mr. A. F. Crowe, lumber merchant. 
Mrs. Crowe died April 12, 1891. 
~Samuel a. Fishj;r — Resides at Cincinnati, 0. Is Department Man- 
ager of the United States Printing Company, and is organist at 
the First Presbyterian Church, where his wife is soloist. 

Mary R. Lamb — Married Mr. John T. Peters, capitalist, and resides at 
1002 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. Mrs. Peters is in- 
terested in several philanthropies of the city, and especially in 
the Home of the Friendless. 

Ella H. ]\Ioseley — Married Mr. Eugene Whitmore, deceased, and 
resides in DeKalb, 111. 

Laura Pickrell — Married Mr. A. H. Lockridge, farmer and stock- 
man, and resides at Greencastle, Ind. 

Alumni Association", 23 

Mary E. Priest — Married Mr. Silas W. Currier, one of the proprie- 
tors of the Elevator Mills at Springfield, 111., and resides at 
Fifteenth and Monroe streets, Springfield, 111. 

James L. Smythe — Eesided in California for a number of years, 
where he was engaged in the practice of law. He died November 
22, 1884. His widow lives in Middleton, Cal. 

Annie E. Vredenburgh — Married Mr. James Partridge, who is en- 
gaged in the dry goods business, and resides in Bowling Green, 

Emily Watson — Married Dr. Cary, dentist, and resides in Pitts- 
field, 111. Mrs. Cary took a Chautauqua course, graduating in 
1889 ; also a Bay View course, and is especially interested in 

Theodosia Woods — Teacher, and resides with her sister, Mrs. Clara 
Lunt, in Santa Barbara, CaL 

CLASS OF 1868. 

William Baker, Principal. • 
Benj. C. Suesserott. Jennie Chapin. 

Sophia Chapin. Annie M. McCracken. 

Mrs. p. a. Baird. Sarah A. Hutchinson. 

E. Gertrude Seaman. 

Thursday, June 25 — Rudolph's Opera House. 

Prayer Rev. J. L. Crane 

Music Junior Chorus 

"Salutatory with Dignity and Destiny of Man" Charles Philo Kane 

"Modem Procrustes" W. L. Grimsley 

"Under the Sea" Fannie Dunton 


"The Past and the Future" Mattie E. Kane 

"Being a Woman, What Have I To Do" Lizzie Nottingham 

"The Dignity of Human Life" Mary E. Tilburn 

"Liberty and Learning" Fred Trapp 


"Active Genii" Samuel Brooks Ives 

"Success" Chas. A. Armstrong 

"The Other Side" Laura Fitzhugh 

"Nature's Library" Annie Adams 


"As Night to Morn, to Souls Occasion Comes" Mary V. Hubbell 

"This World is Even as we Take it, and Life, Dear Friends, is as we 

Make It" Addie VanHofE 

"Nature Supreme" Wilbur R. Condell 

"Shall the Republic End in a Despotism" Edward Dow Matheny 


"Italy" Aaron Crawford Thompson 

"Class History" Fannie J. Lamb 

Valedictory with "The Rough Diamond, Better Than Polished Paste" 

Maggie E. Muir 

Awarding Diplomas. 

Music — Parting Song. 


24 Springfield High School. 


Annie E. Adams — Married Mr. P. C. Sloan, real estate and loans, 
Tnscola., 111. Mrs. Sloan died in Tuscola April 11, 1886, leaving 
four sons, Bright, Oscar, John and Bruce. 

CiiAELES A. Armstrong — Resides in SiDringfield, 111., and is em- 
plo3^ed as bookkeeper at the Sangamo Club. 

Wilbur E. Condell — Practiced medicine in Springfield for a num- 
ber of years and died July 17, 1901. 

Fannie Dunton — ]\Iarried Mr. Charles L. Staley, and resides in 
Cleveland, 0. 

Laura Pitzhugh — ]\Iarried Mr. P. Ross Lance, traveling salesman 
for a A^ew York drug firm, and resides in New York City. Mrs. 
Lance is engaged in literary pursuits. 

William L. Grimsley — Was prominent in musical circles through- 
out Illinois. Was regarded as one of the most siiccessful dry 
goods salesman in Springfield. He died August 10, 1887. 

\/ Mary V. Hubbell — Resides at 80 Lincoln avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Samuel Brooks Iyes — Was connected with the Wabash railroad for 
a number of years. Later he entered the ministry of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church and was a very successful pastor. He 
died at Mechanicsburg, 111., August 30, 1888. 

Charles Philo Kane — Resides at 1001 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111., and is engaged in the practice of law. Was 
City Attorne}^ of Springfield three terms, member of the Board 
of Education five years, Judge of the County Court of Sangamon 
County one term, and is at present Grand Commander of the 
Knights Templar of Illinois. 

Mattie E. Kane — Married Mr. Thomas DeQuincy Tully, lecturer 
and secretary of the Law Enforcement Society of Brooklyn, N. 
Y. Her address is 291 Seventh avenue. Mrs. Tully has two 
children, a son and a daughter. The son holds a position in one 
of the county offices of Kings Count}^, N. Y. The daughter is an 
elocutionist and impersonator. 

Fannie J. Lamb — Married Mr. Daniel Hay, deceased, and lives at 
21G Snow avenue, Peoria, 111. 

Edward Dow Matheny — After graduating Mr. Matheny taught in 
the public schools of Sangamon County at Buffalo, Sherman, 
Loami, Dawson, and was Principal of the Converse School at 
Springfield, 111. He was admitted to the bar in 1880. For 
three years he was junior member of the firm of Matheny, Mc- 
Guire & IMatheny. In 1883 he was appointed Deputy County 
Clerk, which position he held for eleven years. Was twice elected 
to the office of Circuit Clerk of Sangamon County, and died March 
18, 1902, while serving his last term. 

Alumni Association. 25. 

Maggie E. Muir — Taught for a number of years in the Grammar 
schools and also in the High School of Springfield, 111. At 
present she is engaged in teaching in Flint, Mich. 

Lizzie Xottingiiam — Married Mr. Alexander D. Higgins, insurance 
agent, and resides at East Las Yegas, New Mexico. Mrs. Hig- 
gins is an active worker in the "Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union and local charities. 

Aaron Crawford Thompson — Died two months after graduation, 
while holding a position as bookkeeper. 

Mary E. Tilburn — Taught school four years in Sangamon, ]\Iason 
and AYarren counties, and later in Central City, Xel). She died 
in Stanton, la., about 1887. 
HPrederick Trapp — Served as Master-in-Chancery of the Circuit 
Court of Sangamon County, 111., for two terms, and afterwards 
accepted the position of Business Agent for Lord Scully at Lin- 
coln, 111., where he now resides. 

S. Adelaide Yan Hoff — Married Mr. ]\L E. Bell, architect, and re- 
sides at 36 Aldine Square, Chicago, 111. Mr. Bell was the archi- 
tect of the new Springfield High School. 

CLASS OF 1869. 


Benj. C. Suesserott, Principal. 
Annie M. McCracken. Mrs. P. A. Baird. 

Emily Starkweather. Alice L. Stephens. 


Thursday, June 24, 1869— High School Hall. 

Music — Instrumental. 

Prayer Rev. John R. Eads 

Music — "The Golden Stair" — solo and chorus. 

Salutatory with "Our Aim in Life" Virginia S. Hackney 

"Now and Beyond" Callie Loose 

Music — "Oh, How I Love My Mountain Home" — solo and chorus. 

"The Worn-out Theme" Marian M. E. Hansell 

"What Hast Thou Been Gleaning" Geoi'gia A. Reeves 

Music — "Go Where the Mists are Sleeping" — vocal duet. 

"Fuge Magna" Fred F. Fisher 

"Succedaneum"' Maggie B. Irwin 

Music — "Wild Ash Deer." 

"Our Country, Present and Prospective" R. Officer NeweU 

"Thoughts by the Wayside" Lillie McManus 

Music — "Woodbird's Song." 

"The Voice of the Sea" — with class history Annie Bunn 

"Real Scholarship" Mary L. Campbell 

Music — "Sounds so Joyful" — solo from LaSomnambula. 

" 'Twas not aU a Dream" Emma C. Brown 

"The Christian Scholar's Mission and Reward" Kate Anderson 

"Science Elevates the Soul" (with valedictory) Francis V. Raftei" 

Delivery of Diplomas by Rev. J. K. McLean, in behalf of the President 
of the Board. 


26 Springfield High School. 

members of class. 

Kate M. Anderson — Married ]\Ir. James E. Moore, deceased, and 
resides at 825 South College street, Springfield, 111. 

Emma C. Brown — Married Mr. William F. Connelly, journalist, and 
resides in Danville, 111. 

Annie Bunn — Married Mr. Charles H. Seaman, clerk, and resides 
on South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

--Mary L. Campbell — Married Mr. Lucius F. Gould, farmer, and re- 
sides at Haywards, Alameda County, Cal. Mrs. Gould is teach- 
ing and holds life diplomas for the states of Washington and 

Fred F. Fisher — Eesides in St. Paul, Minn. Ts engaged as salesman. 

Virginia S. HackneY' — Eesides at 1446 Staughton street, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Marian M. E. Hansell — Eesides at 1033 South Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher and writer of bright, breezy newspaper 
articles ; successful as a lecturer, and has traveled extensively. 

Maggie E. Irwin — Married Mr. George F. McNutt, traveling sales- 
man, and resides at 1226 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

— 'Callie Loose — Married Eev. W. H. Musgrove, and resides in Sey- 
mour, 111. 

V^ Lillie ,McManus — Eesides at 616 Korth Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Egbert Officer Newell — Eesides in Eed Oak, la. 

Francis V. Eafter — Graduated from Fordham College, IST. Y., with 
degree of A. B., and was for years Principal of the Grammar 
School and High School, and also Superintendent of Schools 
at East St. Louis, 111. He died in October, 1893. 

Georgia A. Eeeves — Married Mr. George Wallace, salesman, and re- 
sides in San Francisco, Cal. 

CLASS OF 1870. 


Edwin P. Frost, Principal. 

Grace C. Bibb. Mrs. P. A. Baird. 

Ora E. Dolbear. 

Thursday, June 23 — Opera House. 

Prayer Rev. G. H. Robertson 

Song: — "Let the Dead and Beautiful Rest" Junior Class 

Salutatory with essay— "Has Each Brought Back His Shield" 

Susie B. Reed 

•pYom Shore to Shore" Itonia L. Baird 

"Labor with What Zeal we will, Something Still Remains Undone" 

Rebecca E. Baird 

"The Stream of Time" Kate G. Brewer 

Alumni Association. 27 

Music — "Sweet and Low" Male Quartette 

"Literary Bank Stock" ; Jennie Dresser 

"Queer People" Kate Fitzhugh 

"John Chinaman" John E. Lasswell 

"Wreaths and Star Crowns" Hattie • Groo 

Music — "Where the Daisies Grow" Preparatory Class 

"Hobbies" Emma L. Higgins 

"Curves and Angles". . , Jeannetta Lasswell 

"Big Chunks and Little Pieces" Edith McCandless 

"The fleeing hours of gladness 

Are joined to those of sadness" Lizzie Hood 

"Night Brings Out the Stars" Lucy Matheny 

'Vocal Solo — "Over the Sea." 

"The Growth of our Western Country" John H. Brown 

"I slept and dreamed that life was beauty, 

I awoke and found that life was duty" Emma Post 

"Dreams of the Past and Future" " Sallie E. Ray 

"The If 's of Life" Abbie A. Sutton 

Music — "Chime of the Bells" Middle Class 

"Over the Wave" Addie Tomlinson 

"Illinois" Clifford R. Bateman 

"There is Nothing New Under the Sun" Maggie Vredenburgh 

Valedictory and essay — "The Hills are Green Afar Off" . . . Marthai C. Mason 

Parting Song Graduating Class 

Diplomas presented by Hon. A. L. Knapp, President of the School Board. 


Itonia L. Baird — Eesides in Clinton, Mo.; is teacher of vocal 
music and foreign languages in Baird College. 

Eebecca E. Baird — Married Mr. Frank Cook, deceased, and resides 
at 810 East Jackson street, Springfield, 111.; is teacher in the 
Lin'coln school. 

Clifford R. Bateman — Took course in Political Science at Berlin, 
Heidelberg and Paris, and was called to the newly instituted 
chair of Administrative Law and Government, the first in the 
United States, at Columbia College, New York City, which he 
was occupying when he died, February 6, 1883. 

Kate G. Brewer — Died in 1875. 

John H. Brown — Resides in Seattle, Wash., where he is a railroad 

Jennie Dresser — Resides at 818 West Edwards street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Kate Fitzpiugh — Married Major Benham of the regular army; she 
afterwards married Mr. Arthur McAllister, and resides at 481 
Central Park, West, New York City. 

Hattie Groo — Married Mr. John Ellsworth, farmer. Lake View, 
Mich. Mrs. Ellsworth died May, 1901. 

Emma L. Higgins — Married Mr. Justus Graves. Mrs. Graves died 
in 1886. 

Lizzie Hood — Married Mr. Virgil U. McKinnie, a prosperous farmer, 
and resides in Empire, McLean county, 111. 

28 Sprixgfield High School, 

John E. Lasswell — Resides near Springfield, 111., where he is en- 
gaged in farming. 

Jeannetta Lasswell — ^larried ]Mr. Samuel Gehlman, dealer in 
real estate, and resides at 614 West Edwards street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Martha C. Mason — ^Married J\Ir. James P. Brassfield, farmer, de- 
ceased, and resides in Auburn, 111. 

Lucy Matheny — Resides at 515 South Seventh street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher of music. 

•Edith ]\IcCandless — Married Mr. Albion Baker, deceased, and re- 
sides at 158 West Alisel street, Salinas, Cal. 

Emma Post — Resides at 603 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 
Miss Post taught school for thirteen 5'ears in Illinois, Indiana 
and Connecticut, and is now bookkeeper at the First National 
Bank, Springfield. 

Sallie E. Ray — Married Mr. Edward R. Ives, merchant, and resides 
at 1217 East Monroe street, Springfield, 111. 

Susie B. Reed — Resides in West Pullman, Chicago, where she is 
engaged in teaching in the public schools. 

Abbie E. Sutton — Died October 2, 1895. 

Addie Tomlinson — Married Mr. B. F. Conner, and died in 1870; 
taught school for several years before her marriage. 

Margaret S. Yredenburgh — Resides at 521 Xorth Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

CLASS OF 1871. 


E. P. Frost, Principal. 

Grace Bibb. A. H. Carleton. 

Mrs. p. a. Baird. 


Thursday, June 22, Third Presbyterian Church, 7th and Capitol Ave, 

Prayer Rev. D. F. Carnahan 

Song — "Isle of Angels." 

Salutatory and Essay — "Every Bitter Has Its Sweet" Rebecca Hudson 

Instrumental Duet. 

"Figs and Thistles" Fannie Shepherd 

Song — "The Wild Wood Bird." 

"The Temple of Fame" Mary Power 

Song — "Pearly Gates Ajar." ' 

"Benefits of Education" Isaac R. Diller 

Song — "My Old Kentucky Home." 

Alumni Association. 29 

"Clouds" Lillie C. Foley 

Song — "So Far Away." 

"Who Ever thinks a faultless piece to see, Thinks what ne'er was, nor 

is. Nor e'er Will Be" Jennie Corneau 

Song — "Over There." 

"For What Do We Live" Emma M. Hopkins 

Song — Duet. 
"Old Coins" Maria Venable 

Duet — Instrumental. 

"Pygmies are Pygmies Still, Though Perched on Alps". .. .Julia A. Herndon 

Song— "Columbia's Guardian Angel." 

Valedictory — "A Sacred Burden is This Life Ye Bear". .. .Richard N. Dodds 

Song — "Merryland of Childhood." 

Pi-esentation of Diplomas, Hon. A. L. Knapp, President of the School Board. 

Parting Song. 


Jennie Corneau — Married Mr. Henry Wood, assistant cashier L. 
Burrows & Co., bankers, Decatur, 111. Mrs. Wood died Jan- 
uary 28, 1880. 

Isaac E. Diller — Besides at 511 West Carpenter street, Springfield, 
111. Mr. Diller is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of 
Pharmacy, class of 1876, and for a number of years was engaged 
in the drug business. At present he is connected with the Xew 
York Life Insurance Company. 

EiciiARD N". Dodds — Lives at the Leland Hotel, Springfield, 111. Mr. 
Dodds is engaged in the drug business at Fifth and Monroe 
streets, and is secretary of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Associa- 

LiLLiE C. Foley — Eesides at 625 South Seventh street, Springfield, 
111., and is a teacher in the public schools. 

Julia A. Herndon — Married Mr. J. P. Lindley, railroad official, and 
resides at 904 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Emma M. Hopkins — Married Mr. Charles W. Bales, druggist, and 
resides at 319 West Edwards street, Springfield, 111. 

— Rebecca Hudson — ijMarried Mr. P. W. Conner, railroad traveling 
agent, and resides at 2814 Park avenue. Walnut Hill, Cincinnati, 

Mary Power — Married Mr. H. T. Loper, business man, and resides 
at 507 South Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Fannie Shepherd — Married ]\Ir. L. Harlan, with Marshall Field 
& Co., and resides at 279 LaSalle avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Maria Venable — ]\rarried 'Mt. Alvin C. Brown, and resides in Clin- 
ton, Me. Mrs. Brown died May 7, 1885. 

30 Springfield High School. 

CLASS OF 1872. 

A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Mary Howard. A. H. Carleton. 

Mrs. p. a. Baird. Jas. A. Kennedy. 


Thursday, June 20 — Opera House. 

Music — Instrumental Duet. 

Prayer Rev. Chas. D. Shaw 

"The Prayer of Ajax" and Salutatory Kate E. Croley 

Music — "Down by the Deep Sad Sea." 

"White Wash" Laura J. Lloyd 

"Your Work" Mary F. Seaman 

"Work While the Day Lasts" Mary E. Lasewell 

Music — "Two Merry Alpine Maidens." 

"Class History" Alice Ina King 

"Heroes and Warriors" Grover Ayers 

"Salt, Pepper, Etc" Minnie Goodwin 

Music — "The Musician and His Harp." 

"An Auction" Jennie Irwin 

• The Republic" Wm. B. Ruggles 

"Outward and Homeward Bound" Jennie Kreigh 

Music — "Gently Down the Stream of Time." 

"Unfinished" Lizzie Adams 

"An Equation" • Nettie Withey 

"The Last Decade" Heni-y B. Kane 

Music — "Two Merry Girls." 

"Beyond the Alps" and Valedictory Kate I. Enos 

Presentation of Diplomas, Mr. John Rosette. 


— Elizabeth Adams — Married Mr. B. F. Conner, and resides in Tay- 
lorville, [11. Mrs. Conner was engaged in teaching in the schools 
of Jllinois for fourteen years previous to her marriage. 
Grover Ayers — Died September 4, 1879. 

Kate E. Croley — Resides at 2912 Sheridan avenue, St. Louis, Mo. ,■ 
taught school for fifteen years and spent one year as special stu- 
dent- at Cornell University. 

Katherine I. Enos — Eesides at 434 North Second street, Spring- 
field, HI. 

Minnie Goodwin — Married Rev. Samuel B. Tves, deceased, and re- 
sides in Mechanicsburg. 111. 

Mary J. Irwin — Resides at 801 jSTorth J. street, Tacoma, Wash., 
whore she is engaged in teaching. 

Henry B. Kane — Attorney at law and resides in Lake Charles, 
Louisiana ; is receiver for the Kansas City, Watkins & Gulf Rail- 

-—Alice I. King — Married Mr. Carlisle Cantrall, who is engaged in 
farming, and resides in Illiopolis, 111. 

Alumni Association, 31 

v/ Jennie Kreigh — Eesides at 1353 Capitol avenue, Des Moines, la., 
where she is Principal of the Training Department of East Des 
Moines Schools. 

Mary E. Lasswell — Eesides at 321 West Capitol avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Laura J. Lloyd — Married Mr. Frank Barrell. and resides in Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Wm, B. Kuggles — Eesides in ^Matanzas, Cuba, Mr. Euggles is a 
civil engineer. 

Mary F. Seaman — Married Mr. James Lord, stock dealer, and re- 
sides in Edinburg, 111. ; attended Normal and taught two years, 

Nettie Withey — Married Mr. George Buck, contractor, and resides 
at 1023 East Jackson street, Springfield, 111. Mrs. Buck is well 
known in musical circles. 

CLASS OF 1873. 

A. M. Brooks^ Principal. 
J, C. Chamberlain. A, H. Carleton. 

Mary L, Tuttle. Emma F. Jones, 

Mrs. p. a. Baird. John Bach. 


Thursday, June 26 — Opera House. 

Prayer Rev. J. A. Reed 

Chorus by Class— "Days of Youth." 

"The Shadowy Future" and Salutatory Carrie Klein 

"The Student's Progress" Lizzie G. Kidd 

"Decision" R. Francis Ruth 

"Life's Golden Keys" Maggie Leeds 

Piano duet, Mendelssohn's Wedding March Misses Adams and Kimball 

"By Gaslight Hannah L. Ives 

"Capital" Dennis R. Haganey 

"Thoughts on Leaving School" Lillie V. Tillotson 

"Government" Kennedy Brooks 

Music — "Cheerfulness" (Gumbert) . 

"Time, the Supreme". . . , Kate Heberling 

"Ambition" Edwin C. Haynie 

"Life's Aim" Dora Adams 

"Education and Its Progress" Fred W. Sutton 

Music — "Cavatina." 

"Irish Genius" John P. J. Shanahan 

"Set Each Gem with Care" Ada B. Mclntyre 

"Our Country Past and Future" Wm. Walker 

"After the Battle" Ada Fuller 

Music — "Ruin of Athens" (Rubinstein). 

"The Stage, a Teacher" Clarence Bennett 

"Golden Sheaves" Rosalinda S. Priest 

■ "America's Milestones of Progress" Samuel G. Grubb 

"My Dream" Anna M. Paynter 

Vocal Duet, A. B. C. 

"One Science" Flora Foley 

"Hidden Uses" Hannah M. Fisher 

32 Springfield High School. 

"The Mystic Crystal" Julia E. Kane 

"What Shall We Do," and Valedictory James H. Matheny 

Presentation of Diplomas Ex-Governor John M. Palmer 

Solo Miss Dora Adams 

Farewell Song Class 

Benediction Rev. H. M. Paynter 

Chorus of Class Song, written by Clarence Bennett. ■ 

"Schoolmates all, farewell, farewell, 

May each life path shining be 
May Fame's loudest paeans swell 

For the class of Seventy- Three." 


Dora Adams — At present is in Los Angeles, Cal., but calls Spring- 
field, 111., her home. 

Clarp]NCe Bennett — Eesides in Canton, ]Mo., and is following the 
dramatic profession. 

^ Kennedy Brooks — Eesides at Zincite, Mo. ; teacher ; received A. B. 
and A. M. at Wooster University, and Ph. D. University of Mich- 
igan and University of Berlin, Germany; taught in the Spring- 
field High School for some time. 

Hannah ]\I. Fisher — Eesides at 1218 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; is engaged in teaching in the public schools. 

Flora Foley — Eesides at 625 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. ; 

— Ada Fuller — Married Hon. A. P. Eiddle, editor and publisher, 
ex-State Senator and Lieutenant Governor, and resides in Min- 
neapolis, Kas. ]\Irs. Eiddle is a club member of the local club, 
and of the State Federation. They have three children, Estelle, 
graduate of ]\rinnea])olis High School, and Kansas State Uni- 
versity, Jennie Louise, graduate of the College of Sisters of 
Bethany of Topoka, and Arthur, attending the High School. 

— 'Samuel G. Grubb — Eailway Postal Clerk, on Chicago & Alton Eail- 
road; resides in Chicago, 111. 

Dennis E. Haganey — Eesides at 915 South J^inth street, St. Louis, 
Mo. ; is a printer by profession. 

Edward C. HAYNiE^Eesides in St. Paul, ]\Iinn., where he is en- 
gaged in the real estate and insurance business. 

- Kate Heberlinc — l\rarricd Mr. W. B. Adams, teacher, and resides 
in Taylorville, 111. 

- — Hannah L. T^ts — Married Mr. Charles Brown, pension and claim 
attorney, and resides at 202 Elston avenue, Crawfordsville, Tud. 
They have four children, Stella, Katherine Springer, who is at 
the Emerson College of Oratory, Boston, Mass., David, attend- 
ing Wabash college, and Eobert Hazlett. 


Alumni Associatiox. 33 

JuLTA E. Kane — Eesides at S20 South Second street, Springfield, 
111. ; was teacher for ten years, in the Trapp and Edwards schools 
and principal of the Hay school. 

Lizzie G. Kidd — Eesides at 6I3I/2 East Capitol avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; member of AYoman's Club where she has held office at dif- 
ferent times. 

Carrie Klein — Married 3Ir. E. M. Goucher, jeweler, and resides 
in ]\Iinneapolis, Kans. ; was teacher in the public schools thirteen 
years. Mrs. GoucJier is a home-maker and has been a club 
woman for fourteen years. 

— 3^Iaggie Leeds — Married Mr. Horatio Valpey, orchardist, and re- 
sides in Warm Springs, Cal. 

James H. Mathent — Secretary and Treasurer of the Illinois State 
Bar Association ; successful attorney at law : resides at 807 South 
Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

^ Ada B. McIntyre — Eesides in Eatontown, X. J., where she is post- 
mistress, her husband, Mr. J. Weed Naf ew, being deceased. Mrs. 
Nafew is entering on her fourth term of office. 

Anna M. Paynter — Jilarried Mr. H. A. Tucker, commission merch- 
ant, and resides at 868 Case avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Possess- 
ing dramatic abilit3% she received stage offers from the Edwin 
Booth Co., but entered Monticello College, and after graduat- 
ing, attended the School of Oratory, Chicago, and later 
studied with Monsieur Girandent of the Paris Conservatorie; 
is now at the head of her own highly successful school of ex- 
pression, or character building, in Cleveland. The school is 
known as The Tucker School of Expression. Mrs. Tucker has 
a daughter who has inherited her mother's talent. 

EosALiND S. Priest— Eesides in Chicago, 111., where she is engaged 
as an office clerk. 

E. Francis Euth— Eesides at 520 South Sixth street, Springfield, 
111. ; is engaged in the hardware business. 

John P. J. Shanah.an — Died about 1890. 

Fred W. Sutton— Auditor of the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Eailroad, 
with headquarters in Chicago, 111. 

Lillie V. TiLLOTSON — Married Mr. A. J. Smith, former principal 
of Trapp school, and Count)^ Superintendent of Schools, and 
resides at 508 Douglas avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Wm. Walker — Died March 11, 1880. Mr. Walker was a printer by 

34 Springfield High School. 

CLASS OF 1874. 


A. M. Brooks, Principal. 
Y. 11. Feitshaxs. EmmxI F. Jones, 

^[ary Clinton. Carrie P. Moore. 

Maggie Muir. Annie M. Pender. 


Friday Morning, June 26 — High School Hall. 

Prayer Rev. H. W. Everest 

Chorus — "The Lord Reigneth." 

Salutatory — "Heroism" Lou J. Middleton 

"Independent Thought" Ezra W. White 

"Each Moment a Golden Gem" Alice I. Watson 

"Corners" Nettie C. Kimball 

"Who Wins" Clara Montgomery 

Vocal Duet. 

"True Greatness" . Richard R. Lorimer 

"Key to Success" Mary E. Gordon 

"Success the Crown of Perseverance" Clara B. Ormsby 

"Reason" Lizzie C. Mahoney 

"Crisis of '73" Harry L. Hampton 

Piano Solo. 

"Shadows" Nellie D. Barrell 

"Knowledge" Eugene Colgan 

"Home Guards" Agnes E. Shepherd 

"Pictures Without Frames" '. Lizzie S. Hesser 

"Class History" M. Olive Porter 

Vocal Solo. 

"Travels and Travelers" Lloyd E. Johnston 

"The Love of Fame" Delia Bunn 

"The Mind" Wm. H. Conway 

"Our Boat is Launched, But Where is the Shore" ,. .Mary Rippon 

Piano Trio. 

"Ancient Superiority" Edward W. Payne 

"The good are better made by ill 

As odors crushed are sweeter still" Julia E. Paine 

"Leibnitz" and valedictory Allen Enos, 

Distribution of Diplomas by A. M. Brooks. 

Song by Middle Class, in honor of the graduates. 

Benediction — Rev. Everest. 


-Nellie Douglas Barrell — ]\Iarried Hon. Joseph 'N. Carter, Judge 
of the Supreme Court of Illinois, and resides at "Lawndale," 
Quiney, 111. 
Delia Bunn — Married Mr. S. H. Heidler, principal of the Converse 
school, and resides at 1007 Xorth Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Eugene Colgan — General Manager, Cantrall Co-Operative Coal Co., 
Springfield, 111. 

Wm. H. Conway — Resides in Springfield, 111.; architect. 

Z. Allen Enos — County Surveyor, Sangamon County ; resides at 720 
North Fifth street, SpringJEield, 111. 

Alumni Association. ' 35 

Mart E. Gobdon — Married Mr. Samuel Gordon, employe of the Illi- 
nois Watch Company, and resides in Springfield, 111. 

Harry L. Hampton — Is engaged in the grocery business, and resides 
at 909 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

Lizzie S. Hesser — (llVIarried Mr. L. P. Hopkins, plumber, and resides 
at 431 South New street, Springfield, 111. 

Lloyd E. Johnston — Eector of Grace Church, Louisville, Ky. Rev. 
Johnston was formerly in the office of the Secretary of State of 
Illinois, under Col. Geo. H. Harlow, and later with John W. 
Bunn & Co., wholesale grocers, Springfield, 111. ; served as rector 
at Danville, 111., and Appleton and Waukesha, Wis. 
— ^'ettie C. Kimball — Married Mr James Herbert Riggs, editor, and 
resides in Waterloo, Neb. 
i/ Eichard R. Lorimer — Resides in Boston, Mass.; manager foreign 
insurance department of Brown, Durrell & Co., one of the larg- 
est jobbing and im]:»orting houses in the United States. Mr. 
Lorimer taught school six years in Illinois. 

Lizzie C. Mahoney — Resides in Springfield, 111.; dressmaker. 

liOU J. Mtddleton — Resides in Washington, D. C. ; department clerk. 

Clara Montgomery — Married Mr. James B. Howell, deceased; re- 
sides at 217 West North Grand avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Clara B. Ormsby — Deceased. 

Edward W. Payne — President of the State National Bank, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Julia E. Paine — Married Mr. Wm. Bloomer, printer and interested in 
mines, and resides in Denver, Col. 
1/ M. Olive Porter — Resides at 281 LaSalle avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Mary Rippon— Died Oct. 19, 1875. 

Agnes E. Shepherd — Resides at 628 North Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in the Lincoln school. 

Alice D. Watson — Resides in Des Moines, la. 

Ezra W. White — Graduated from University of Michigan and en- 
gaged in the practice of law in S])ringfield, 111. He removed 
to Burnett, Tex., where he died September 16, 188-i. 

CLASS OF 1875. 


F. R. Feitshans, Principal. 
Mary E. Flanders. .Maggie Muir. 

Emma F. Jones. 


Friday Morning, June 11 — Higii Sciiool Hall. 


Prayer Rev. G. H. FuUerton 

Chorus by Class. 

Salutatory— "Liberty" Chas. F. Rafter 

"Hidden Genius" Dora Bennett 

36 Springfield High School. 

"The Pen" Carrie B. Phillips 

"F. K. S. and LL. D. 

Can only spring from A, B, C" Annie R. Hannon 

"Bravely, Joyfully, Ti-iumphantly" Lizzie Hughes 

"Monuments" Mary Brewer 

Instrumental Trio. 

"From Shore to Shore" Lucy Alice Montgomery 

"We Live in Deeds, Not Words" Mary E. Brooks 

Piano Solo. 

"The Future of the United States" Maurice E. Power 

Vocal Solo. 

"Mark Well Your Center Point" Annie L. Power 

"Quid Libet" Annie Burkhardt 

"Aspirations" Nellie Queenan 

Instrumental Trio. 

"When My Ship Comes In" Henrietta McCrillis 

"Value of Good Books" Lizzie Schlitt 

"The Music of Life" Amanda A, White 

Vocal Duet. 

"The Present Age" Samuel A. Tobin 

"What Next" Sadie Bateman 

Valedictory — "One by One" Ella M. Rippon 

Diplomas Conferred by Dr. Griffith. 
Benediction by Rev. Fullerton. 
Chorus of Class Song: 

"But in Our Hearts the Golden Chimes 

Of Memory will Ring — 
As Often of the Dear Old Times 
We Fondly Muse and Sing." — 


Sadie D. Bateman — Married Eev. Wiley K. Wright, a Presbyterian 
minister, and resides at 538 State street. Traverse City, Mich. 

Dora Bennett — Married Dr. Wm. McElfresh, and resides at 420 
South Seventli street, Springfield, 111. ; taught for a number of 
years in the Lincoln school. 

Annie L. Burkhardt — Married ]\Ir. Alfred Booth, grocer, and re- 
sides at 728 East Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Mary Brewer— Died Julv 31, 1896. 

Mary E. Brooks — Besides at the Bettie Stuart Institute, Springfield,. 

111., wliere she is engaged in teaching. Miss Brooks taught in 

the Decatur schools for a number of years. 

Annie E. Hannon — Resides at 430 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; was Countv Superintendent of Schools of Sangamon 
County from 1892 to 1894. 
^ Lizzie Hughes — Resides in Bloomington, 111. During the school 
year she is at Whitewater, Wis., where she is in charge of the 
Art Department of the State iSTormal School, which position 
she has held for fourteen years. 

Henrietta McCrillis — Died Octol)er 6, 1878. 

Lucy A. Montgomery — Married Mr. James G. Watson, farnt 
machinery salesman. Mrs. Watson died July 38, 1876. 

Alumni Association. 37 

— Carrie B. Phillips — Married Mr. Lincoln B. Hull, train dispatcher, 
and resides at 403 Seventh street, South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

— Maurice E. Power — Eesides at 15 Court Square, Boston, Mass. Mr. 
Power is New England Manager, James Clarke & Co., New York. 

Annie L. Power — Resides at 119 South Walnut street, Springfield, 
111. Miss Power is engaged in teaching. 

— Nellie W. Queenan — Married Mr. John Boyle, farmer, and resides 
at Tvesdale, Champaign County, 111.; was formerly a teacher in 
the public schools. 

Charles F. Eafter — Taught school near Springfield, TIL, until 1884, 
when he went to South Dakota, and engaged in farming. Mr. 
Eafter died in August, 1889, in North Dakota. 

Ella M. Eippon — Resides at 802 South Fourth street, Springfield, 

Elizabeth Schlitt — Resides at 215 West Adams street, Springfield, 
111. Miss Schlitt is a teacher in the Trapp school. 

Samuel A. Tobin — Secretary, Retail Merchant's Association, Spring- 
field, 111. ; served as deputy Circuit Clerk of Sangamon County 
for seven years. 

Amanda A. White — Married Mr. W. W. Stokes, and resides in Day- 
ton, 0. 

Note — During this year two volumes of written work and two 
amateur papers by the pupils of the High School were sent to 
Philadelphia for exhibition at the Centennial, the expense thereof 
being paid from the proceeds of an exhibition by the pupils of the 
Ward Schools. 

CLASS OF 1876. 


F. R. Feitshans, Principal. 
T. W. Catlin. Maggie Muir. 

Mary E. Flanders. Emma F. Jones. 


Friday Morning, June 9 — High School Hall. 

Instrumental Music — March Frank Smith 

Prayer Rev. J. A. Reed 

Anthem, Mighty Jehovah (Donizetti). 

"Simon says Thumbs Up," with Salutatory Kate Wood 

"The Press" James W. Brooks 

"Cordelia" Dora B. Claspill 

"The Gray Forest Eagle" Amanda Schloss 

Instrumental Duo — (Grand March de Concert). . . .Misses Smith and Griffith 

"Soap and Civilization" John H. Piper 

"Nothing Great is Lightly Won" Mary E. Giblin 

"Vestments" Rebecca Hammerslough 

"Industrs'" Annie Lonergan 

Vocal Duo — "O'er the Hill and O'er the Dale" 

Misses Hammerslough and Maxwell 

"Greed" Albert Salzenstein 

38 Spkixgfield High School, 

"Der Unsichtbare Gefanwaerter" — German essay Rachel E. Piper 

"Masqueradingr" Nellie Maxwell 

"Chemistry" William E. Gomes 

Instrumental Solo — Selection from "Irish Diamonds" Belle Churchill 

"What's on the Upper Shelf" Viola Harris 

"The Starry Heavens" MoUie E. Emmons 

"A Famous Woman" Lizzie E. Payran 

"He Who cannot Paint Must Grind the Colors" Frank Z. Crane 

Vocal Solo — "Ave Verum" Mary E. Giblin 

"The Land of Fancy" Mary Billington 

"The Spade" Edward Ridgely 

"Legal Tender" Mary L. Croley 

"Flowers of Enna," an allegorical poem Nellie Patterson 

Vocal Trio — "Row Us, Row Us Swift" 

Misses Churchill, Maxwell and Griffith 

"Launching of the Ship" Clara C. Fosselman 

"Mental Science" William Helmle 

Instrumental Duo — Montechi et Capuletti (overture) 

Misses Gitalin and Hammerslough 

"Our Nation's Centennial" Edward Lewis Baker 

Valedictory Rachel E. Piper 

Class Song Miss Maxwell and Class 

Presentation of Diplomas, Hon. A. L. Knapp. 

The Class Song was written by Nellie Patterson. Following is the 

"O Past, O Time, so beautiful and bright, 

May Love and Hope again our hearts unite, 
And echo unto echo isoft reply, 

The burden of our thoughts: Good-bye, good-bye." 


u Edward Lewis Baker — Journalist, and Secretary of the Hunter- 
Woodrufl: Printing Co., Lincoln, 'Neh. Mr. Baker was U. S. 
Vice-Consul at Buenos Avres, Argentine Eepublic, from 1889 
to 1894. 

Mary Billingtox — Married ]\Ir. Thomas Wilson, President Farmers' 
Federation, and resides at 1028 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; taught school for a number of years prior to her mar- 

James Welch Brooks — Principal of a Chicago school, and resides 
at 7058 Parnell avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Dora B. Claspill — Married Mr. Frank Terry, employe of the Na- 
tional Watch Co., Elgin, 111., where she resides. 

Fraxk Z. Crane — Pastor of the People's Church, McVicker's Thea- 
ter, Chicago, 111. Eev. Crane is lecturer of note; is also mem- 
ber of the State Board of Pardons. 

Mary L. Croley — Resides at 2913. Sheridan avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 

Mary E. Emmons — ^Married Mr. H. Pietz, photographer, and resides 
in St. Louis, Mo. 

— Clara C. Fosselman — Married :Mr. Charles Smith, stock broker in 
^"ew York Cit)', and resides at 192 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Alumni Associatiois'. 39 

Mary E. Giblin — Married Mr. John Pierik, jeweler, and resides at 
820 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

William E. Gomes— Died April 1, 1889. 
— Rebecca Hammerslough — Married Mr. ,M. Lillienstein, stock dealer, 
and resides at Petersburg, 111. 

Viola Karris — Married Mr. H. A. Cantrill, farmer, and resides 
near Springfield, 111. Mrs. Cantrill taught school in Sangamon 
County before her marriage. 

William Helinile — Teacher in the English High School and resides 
at 6444 Yale avenue, Englewood, III. Prof. Helmle was Princi- 
pal of the Springfield High School, from 1888 to 1900. 

Annie L. Lonergan — Resides at 130 West Miller street, Springfield, 
/ Kellie Maxwell — Resides in Hanna City, III. Miss Maxwell taught 
in the Stuart school, Springfield, 111., for a number of years. 

Nellie Patterson — Died July 27, 1877. 

Lizzie E. Payran — Married Prof. Albert Carver, teacher of sciences 
in the Springfield High School, and resides at 118 West Allen 
street; taught school in Springfield before her marriage. 

John H. Piper — Men's Furnishing goods, 407 E. Monroe street, 
Springfield, III. Mr. Piper served as county clerk of Sangamon 
county from 1894 to 1898. 

Rachel E. Piper — Married Mr. Emil Rutz, Chief Clerk, Royal Circle 
Insurance Company, Springfield, 111., and resides at 1216 South 
Second street. Mrs. Rutz was a teacher for a number of years. 

Edward Ridgely — National Bank examiner, with headquarters in 
New York City; was cashier of the Ridgely National Bank, 
Springfield, 111., for several years. 

Albert Salzenstein — Attorney at Law, Springfield, 111.; member 
of the firm of McGuire & Salzenstein. 

Amanda Schloss — Married Mr. J. Koenigsberg, merchant, and re- 
sides in Shenandoah, la. 

Kate Wood— Resides at 723 North Third street, Springfield, 111.; 
is teacher in the Trapp school. 

CLASS OF 1877. 


F. R. Feitshans, Frincipal. 

George E. Dawson. Mary E. Feitshans. 

Maggie Muir. 

Friday Morning, June 15 — First Presbyterian Church, 7th and Capitol Ave. 

Opening— March Mrs. H. H. Roman 

Prayer Rev. R. M. Barns 

"Cracked Pitchers," with Salutatory Lillie Washburn 

"Coal" Samuel "WTiite 

40 Sprixgfield High School. 

"Parasites" Nellie Holmes 

-Exchange" Fred W. Yates 

"Zenobia" Millie B. Anderson 

"What Pays" Wm. H. Conkling 

"Where Brook and River Meet" Enola Adams 

Chorus — "A Wish for the Mountains." 

Goethe and Schiller — Essay in German Annie Krueger 

"The Power of the Will" John H. Ruckel 

"Wings for the Azure, Boots for the Pavement'' Fannie B. English 

"Extremes" Ida C. VanGundy 

"'Brazil" Edward W. McManus 

"The Ancients" Mary I. SchlifC 

"Unknown Heroes" Gertrude Wright 

"Avarice" John A. Cory 

Chorus — Miners' Song. 

"No Man Liveth To Himself Alone" Isaacettia Seaman 

"Waste" , Emma F. Hartmann 

"Industrial Pursuits" Wilson Stuve 

"The Jewel and Its Casket" Mary Leber 

"The Chinese" James W. Johnston 

"A'eneering" Rose Hoffman 

"Are Self- Made Men, Well Made" John W. Reilly 

Chorus — "Over the Ocean Spray" Seniors and Juniors 

"In Gazing on the Star, We Crush the Heartsease at Our Feet" 

Louise M. Kavanaugh 

"The Prayer of Ajax" Frank B. Smith 

"Log Houses" Katie Phillips 

"Luck's a Fool; Pluck's a Hero" Eugene S. Kane 

"Mosaic" Julia A. Winston 

"Taking Aim as Nature Teaches," with valedictory Charles Wilson 

Presentation of Silver Water Set to Prof. F. R. Feitshans by James W. 
Johnston for the class. 

Class Song — Solo taj' Fannie B. English 

Preisentation of Diplomas by ex- Governor John M. Palmer 


Chorus from Class Song: 

"With fond regret we part from joys. 

To which we fain would cling; 
And hearts are sad while voices join, 

A last farewell to sing — " 

The Alumni Reunion was held in the evening in High School Hall. Fol- 
lowing was the program: 

Address by the President Geo. E. Dawson 


Poem Fedora Robinson Jenness 

Song — "La Separazione" Wm. L. Grimsley 

Class History Mrs. Laura Clinton Johnson 

The exercises in the Hall were followed by a banquet at the Leland 
Hotel. Hon. C. P. Kane presided as Toastmaster and the following toasts 
were responded to: 

"Our Alma Mater" Jas. F. McNeill 

"The Faculty of the Springfield High School: Its Past and Present" 

'. A. M. Brooks 

"'Our Alumni Association: Its Dignity, Its Objects and Its Aims".. 

F. R. Feitshans 

"Our Public Schools" P. j. Rourke 

Alumni Association. 41 

members of class. 

Enola Adams — Died in April, 1883. 

Millie B. Anderson — Resides at 427 West Adams street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; taught school a short time in Breckenridge, 111. 

William H. Conkling — Assistant Postmaster, Springfield, 111.; 
served as City Comptroller from 1897 to 1901. 

John A. Coey — Attorney at Law, Kansas City, Mo. 

Fannie B. English — ]\Iarried Mr. Colburn Fields Buck, employe of 
the State Superintendent of Insurance, and resides at 629 South 
Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Emma F. Hartmann — Besides at 1300 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Rose Hoffman — Married Mr. Herman Burkhardt, Springfield, 111. 
Mrs. Burkhardt died Aug. 4, 1884. 

Nellie E. Holmes — Married Mr. Frank Myers, merchant, and re- 
sides at 1403 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

James W. Johnston — Treasurer of the Western Electric Company, 
Chicago, 111. 

Eugene S. Kane — Pa^nnaster of the Great ISTorthern and Interna- 
tional R. R. Co., iPalestine, Tex.; is also interested in mining, 
and oil wells, in Mexico. 

Louise M. Kavanaugh — Married Mr. P. P. O'Donnell, capitalist, 

and resides in Chicago, 111. 
-Anna Krueger — Married Mr. D. T. Palmer, who is engaged in the 
insurance business, and resides in Topeka, Kan. 

Mary Leber — Married Mr. E. L. Chapin, attorney at law, and re- 
sides at 138 South Lincoln avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Edward W. McManus — Broker, Kansas City, Mo.; residence 1207 
West ]N'inth street. 

Kate Phillips — ^Married a Mr. Campbell, attorney at law, and re- 
sides in Kansas City, Mo. 

John W. Reilly— Physician, 223 I. 0. 0. F. Bldg., Springfield, 111. 

John H. Ruckel — Franklin Building, Springfield, 111.; is engaged 
. in the insurance business. 

IsAACETTA Seaman — Telegraph operator with the Western Union 
Telegraph ■ Co., Chicago, 111. Miss Seaman formerly taught 
school in Dixon, 111. 

Frank B. Smith — Graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, 
111., and practiced medicine for some time. Later he accepted 
a responsible position with the LaFayette Smith Grocery Co., 
of Springfield, 111. L^pon the death of his father he was made 
president of the company, Avhich position he held at the time of 
his death, Aug. 34, 1901. 

Mary I. Schliff — Married Mr. J. W. Morse, Clerk of the Court, and 
resides in Pierre, S. D. 

42 Springfield High School. 

Wilson Stuye — Eesides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he is 
engaged in the practice of medicine. 

Ida C. VaxGuxdy — Resides at 1131 East Cook street, Springfield, 
111. ; manager Children's Department of the clothing firm of 
Hall & Herrick. 

LiLLiE A. Washburn — Married Mr. J. 0. Duncan, bookkeeper Na- 
tional Casket Co., Louisville, Ky., and resides at 1749 Floyd 

Samuel White — Deceased ; was killed on a railroad in Texas. 

Charles Wilson — Was engaged in gardening at Hot Springs, Ark., 

a number of years. Recenth' removed to either New Mexico 

or Arizona; present address unknown. 

Julia A. Winston — OMarried Mr. Thos. Cloyd, who is engaged in 
farming, and resides at Chatham, 111. 

Gertrude Wright — Married Mr. Clement G. Morgan, attorney at 
law, and resides in Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Morgan was the 
first negro to graduate from the Springfield High School. 

Fred W. Yates — Resides at 427 South Seventh street, Springfield, 

CLASS OF 1878. 


F. R. Feitshans, Principal. 
E. E. Dareow. Mary E. Feitshans. 

Maggie Muir. Emma F. Jones. 

Representatives Hall, June 14. 

Motto — "No Fence to Fortune." 

Opening- March Nellie Barrell 

Prayer Rev. Robert Nourse 

"Mirrors" — with salutatory Nettie E. Brown 

"Tyranny" Louis M. Myers 

"What Adorns" Emma L. Gwynn 

"The Anglo-Saxon Race" B. B. Griffith 

"Summum Bonum" Jennie A. Call 

Vocal Quartette — "Sweet Hour of Night" 

Messrs. Anderslon, Griffith, Kane and Turney 

"The Queen of Sheba" Emma C. Greene 

"Explorers and Explorations" Albert R. Cobbs 

"The Try Company" Mollie Hamilton 

"Working and Shirking" Lewis H. Miner 

"Public Opinion" Clara Hamburger 

Duet — "Zampa" Misses Churchill and Hamburger 

"Thuisnelda" Mollie E. Dennes 

"The Applications of Steam" Benj. O. Pearl 

""Superstition" Kate I. Stanley 

"Mining" Edward Anderson 

"The Mission of Music" Isabel M. Churchill 

Vocal Duet — "Fair Janette" Misses Greene and Griffith 

"Diversity of Opinion" Chas. E. Hamilton 

Alumni Association. 43 

"Builders" Augusta Schlitt 

"The Golden Mean" Wm. H. Turney 

"Our National Park" Lou Enos 

"Farming" Edwin F. Smith 

Instrumental Trio — "Beautiful Blue Danube" .' 

Messrs. Griffith, Johnson and Turney 

"The Sea Hath Its Pearls" Mary L Johnson 

"Charles Sumner" Newell Kane 

"Fighting Windmills" Eloise A. Griffith 

"Thought and Her Chariot" Enoch Johnson 

"Hammer and Anvil," with valedictory Isabel M. Pringle 

Class Song. 

Presentation of Diplomas. 


Chorus of last verse of Class Song: 

"Farewell: In the ether glow of this nearer shore, 
We'll see our motto and all there is in fate; 
Here, "No Fence to Fortune" — there, no bounds to love 

Will sweetly blend for the class of '78. 


E'dwabd Anderson — Principal of the Trapp school, Springfield, 111. 

Nettie E. Brown — Married W. L. Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel 
TJ. S. A., and resides iii Washington, D. C. 

Jennie A. Call — Eesides at 33 5 South Spring street, Springfield, 
111. ; active in church and literary club work. 

, Albert E. Cobbs — Clerk in the general offices of the Santa' Fe Eail- 
road, Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. Cobbs was connected with the 
Wabash Bailroad twelve years ; with the Wilmington Transpor- 
tation Co., two years ; with J^. Norris & Co., Chicago, 111., two 
3^ears, and has been in his present position two years. 

^. Isabel M. Churchill — INIarried ]\Ir. Lewis Deyo, and removed to 
California. Mr. Deyo is engaged in raising sugar beets at Chino. 

MoLLiE E. Dennes — ^Married Mr. John D. Eichardson, farmer, and 
resides at Eiverton, 111. 

Lou Enos — Eesides at 434 North Second street, Springfield, 111. 

B. Barret Griffith — Physician and surgeon, Springfield, 111.; Dr. 
Griffith is on the medical staff of St. John's Hospital. 

—Emma C. Greene — Married Mr. Wm. M. Martin, commercial travel- 
ler, and resides in Mt. Pulaski, 111. 

Emma L. Gwynn — Married Mr. Fred J. James, carpenter, and re- 
sides at 827 West ISTorth Grand avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Eloise A. Griffith — Married Dr. Thomas J. Pitner, physician 
and surgeon, and lives at "Fairview," Jacksonville, 111. Mrs. 
Pitner is District Vice-President of the State Federation of 
Woman's Clubs, and President of a Musical Club, and Vice- 
President of an Art Society at Jacksonville. 

44 Springfield High School. 

TVIoLLiE Hamilton — Eesides at 700 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. 
Charles E. Hamilton — Died May 24, 1880. 
Clara Hamburger — Died in 1879. 
p- Enoch Johnson — Attorney at law, St. Paul, Minn. 

Mary L. Johnson — Secretary of the Decatur Board of the Illinois 
Federation of Woman's Clubs, Decatur, 111. Miss Johnson is 
cashier of a Building and Loan Association and has also been 
connected with an abstract office eight years. She is a talented 

Newell Kane — Attorney at law, Palestine, Tex. Mr. Kane is 
Secretary and Manager of the Palestine Cotton Seed Oil Co., 
and is also a member of the Board of Managers of the Texas 
Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. 

LEV7IS H. Miner — President of the Illinois State Journal Co., 
Springfield, 111. Mr. Miner was postmaster at Springfield, 
from July, 1899, to April, 1901. 

Louis M. Myers — Member of the firm of Myers Bros., clothing 
merchants, Springfield, 111. 

^y Benjamin 0. Pearl — Member of the firm of Clark & Pearl, attor- 
neys at law, Marquette, Mich. 

Isabel M. Pringle — Died Aug. 6, 1880. 

--"Augusta Schlitt — Married Mr. John K. Eohn, attorney at law, and 
resides at 301 North Sandusky avenue. Tiffin, 0. 

Edwin F. Smith — ^Supreme President of the Loyal Americans, an 
insurance order, Springfield, 111. 

Kate I. Stanley — Married Mr. D. Gleason, farmer, and resides at 
Broadwell, 111. 

William H. Turney — Died February 18, 1883. 

CLASS OF 1879. 


F. E. Feitshans, Frinciiml. 
E. E. Darrow. Mary J. Howard. 

Maggie Muir. Emma F. Jones. 


Thursday Morning, June 19 — Representatives Hall. 
Prayer Rev. j. F. Stout 


Salutatory john M. Zane 

Class History E. Eudora Porter 

"Mound Builders" Clara Breusing- 

"Switzerland" : Huizinga Hurst 

"Gloves Off" Clara Wallace 

Alumni Association. 45 

"Aristocracy" Thos. C. Kimber 

"Idiosyncracies" Cora B. Rames 

Vocal Solo. 

"Truth" Mollie C. Stuve 

"The Source of Sovereignty" Robt. Matheny 

"Iconoclasts" Margaret E. Smith 

"Fossils" Vannie L. Sheiry 

"Time" Chas. L.. Sampson 

"Unwritten Music" Alice C. Fagan 

Vocal Duet. 

"Victories" Blanche Hough 

"The Jewel of the Soul" Zenetta M. Dedrich 

"The Polar Star" Mary Ragland 

"Science" .' John A. Conway 

"Beauty a Dewdrop; Knowledge a Sun Beam" Lizzie Hopping 

Instrumental Solo. 

"Indolence" Otto Bekemeyer 

"Where" Rose Henkle 

"Forests" Annie Conway 

"The Right Man in the Right Place" John Sylvester 

Solo and Chorus. 

"Wedges" Dora Greb 

"A hundred Grecian cities contend for Homer dea-d, « 

Through which the living Homer begged his daily bread." 

— Emily Selby 

"Progress" Chas. Zane 

"The Press as an Educator" Minna Blanchflower 

Vocal Duet. 

"The Grammar of Life" Linnie M. Roll 

"The Sine Qua Non" John M. Zane 

"Sowing and Reaping" Sophia Krueger 

"Now or Never" — with valedictory Francis A. J. Waldron 

Farewell Song — Duet and Chorus Misses Hopping and Ragland 

Presentation of Diplomas by Dr. A. Trapp, President Board of Education. 

Benediction by J. F. Stout. 

Glass Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra. 

"The goal we've sought these four long years, 
Thro' struggles, labors, doubts and fears. 
That goal we reach today, 

Amid the flowers of festal June, 
When every bird thrills some sweet tune, 
We chant our parting lay" — 


Otto Bekemeyer — Manager of a newspaper, Oklahoma City, Okla- 

CL.1RA Bredsing — Married Mr. T. J. Kennedy, bookkeeper, and 
resides at 1013 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Minna Blanchflower — Principal of the Franklin School, Spring- 
field, 111.; she is now Mrs. Havens and resides at 411 North 
Fifth street. 

JoHM A. Conway — Was manager of a clothing house in Chicago, 
111., where he died March 26, 1893. 

46 Springfield High School, 

Annie J. Conway — Married Mr. Allen T. Westlake, and resides at 
1129 East Jelferson street, Springfield, 111. Mr. Westlake is 
Dean of the Horologieal Department, Bradley Institute, Peoria, 

Zenetta M. Dedricji — Teacher in the puhlic schools; resides at 
1059 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Alice C. Fagan — Married Mr. Philip Ackerman, bookkeeper, de- 
ceased, and resides at 911 South Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Dora Greb — Teacher in the Converse school, and resides at 633 North 
Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 
—Blanche Hough — Pesides at 330 Webster avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Lizzie Hopping — Married Mr. Charles S. Crowell, and removed to 
Seattle, Wash., where she now resides. 

HuiziNGA Hurst— Died Sept. 1, 1894. 

Rose Henkle — Was Principal of the Primary Department of the 
Bettie Stuart Institute, under Mrs. Holmes, prior to her mar- 
riage to Mr. C. W. Prouty, merchant, Springfield, 111., and resides 
at 1161 North Fourth street. 
u- Thomas C. KniBER — Secretary and Treasurer of the St. Louis and 
Suburban Railroad, St. Louis, Mo. 

Sophia Krueger — Married Mr. Archibald R. Thayer, deceased, and 
resides at 214 West Reynolds street, Springfield, 111. ,Mrs. 
Thayer taught school for a number of years before her marriage. 

Robert Matheny — Attorney at law, Springfield, 111. 

v/ E. EuDORA Porter — Married Mr. E. E. Park, deceased, and resides 
at 409 Lind street, Quincy, III. 

Mary Ragland— Married Mr. N. L. Allyn, Springfield, 111. Mrs. 
Allyn died August 19, 1887. She was prominent in musical 
circles and was organist at the First Methodist Church a num- 
ber of years. 

Cora B. Rames— Resides at 717 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

LiNNiE M. Roll — Married Mr. ]Martin Sprague, attorney at law, 
Springfield, 111. Mrs. Sprague died January 13, 1892. 

Charles L. Sai^ipson— Principal of the Normal School, Jonesboro, 

Margaret E. Smith— Married Mr. Geo. E. Deyo, traveling auditor, 
Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railway, and resides at 1321 South 
Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Vannie L. Sheiry — Died June 6, 1888. 

Emily H. Selby— Resides at 234 Michigan avenue, Chicago, III.; 
Physician and Specialist in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, having 
graduated from Harvey Medical College in 1901. Miss Selby 
has filled several positions of trust, among them being Assistant 
State Librarian, from 1879 to 1891; clerk at the World's Fair, 
1892 to 1894; private secretary to the speaker of the house of 
representatives 1895, and afterward with the Sanitarv District 
of Chicago from 1895 to 1900. 

Alumni Association. 47 

MoLLiE C. Stijve — Besides at 526 South Seventh street, Springfield, 

John 0. Sylvester — Street Car Conductor, Elgin, 111. 

Francis A. J. Waldron — All that can be learned is that he went 
to Philadelphia, Pa., soon after graduating. 

Clara Wallace — Teacher in the McClernand school; resides at 
805 South Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Chas. W. Zane— Died at San Antonio, Tex., September 26, 1889. 
Mr. Zane graduated from the Universit)^ of Michigan in 1882 
and was assistant United States attorney of Utah frOm 1885 
to 1887. 

John M. Zane — Member of the firm of Shope, Mathis, Zane & 
Weber, attorneys at law, Chicago Title & Trust Building, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; received degree of A. B. at University of Michigan 
in 1884 and was assistant United States attorney of Utah from 
1889 to 1893. 

CLASS or 1880. 

F. E. Feitshans, Principal. 
E. E. Darrow. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary J. Howard. Emily A. Hayward. 

June 18 — Opera House. 


Prayer Rev. Robt. Nourse 

"Sunset on the Ganges; Sunrise on the Mississippi" Laura Lusk 

"Competition and Combination" L. S. Miller 

"Beyond the Alps Lies Italy" Ida M. Cantrall 

Chorus— "Who Can Tell" 
"The Mill will Never Grind with the Water that has Passed". Hattie Adams 

"Character, the Basis of Happiness" Charles B. Lindtwed 

"Form and Mind" Nellie launders 

Chorus— "The Twilight Shades" 

"Bitter- Sweet" Debbie S. Bell 

"From East to West" John H. McCreery 

"Wearing- the Wishing Cap" Mary H. Hartmann 

Piano Duet Misses Cantrall and Lusk 

"Mediocrity" Martin M. Hazlett 

"Tangled Skeins" Sadie K. Culp 

"Put It Off" Chas. F. Helmle 

Chorus — "Beautiful Summer" 

"Dissolving Views" Sarah L. Piper 

"Self Help" Robt. A. Carnochan 

"The Yankee" Annie M. Lindsay 

Chorus — "Soldier's Farewell to Home." 

"Ministry" Mai'y Ellen Winston 

"Our , Earth" Robt. E. Lowe 

"Gratiano Speaks an Infinite Deal of Nothing" Annie I. Cory 

Class Song. 
President's Address and Presentation of Diplomas. 

48 Springfield High School. 

The Alumni Reunion was held on the following evening in High School 
Hall, when the following program was rendered: 

Vocal Solo Will Grimsley 

Duet Dr. Barrett Griffith and Miss Eloise Griffith 

Duet Misses Lusk and Cantrall 

Vocal Solo Fred F. Fisher 

Addresses John H. Oberly and Chas. P. Kane 


Hattie L. Adams — Married Mv. James Chandler, and resides in Pros- 
pect Park, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Debbie S. Bell — Married Judge James Wickersham and resides in 
Eagle City, Alaska. Mrs. Wickersham spent last winter in 
Annapolis, Md., where her son is in the Naval Academy. 

Ida M. Cantrall — Married Mr. AYilliam Turner, and resides in 
Chicago, 111. 

EoBT. A. Carnoghan — Butte, Montana. 

Annie I. Cory — Teacher, Tacoma, Wash. 

Sadie K. Culp — Married Mr. W. S. Troxell, insurance and real 
estate, and resides at 513 South Douglas avenue, Springfield, 

Mary H. Hartmann— Eesides at 1300 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Martin M. Hazlett — Salesman with J. A. Davlin & Co., agricul- 
tural implement dealers, Springfield, 111. 

Charles F. Helmle — Spokane, Wash. ; ticket agent Wabash Eail- 
way at Springfield, 111., for several years ; later in general ticket 
office of Southern Pacific Railway at Los Angeles, Cal., and 
afterwards in charge of general ticket office at Spokane, Wash. 

, Charles B. Lindtwed — Clergyman Evangelical Lutheran Church, 

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 
— Annie M. Lindsay — Married Mr. George Welch, machinist, and 
resides at 409 West Canedy street, Springfield, 111. 

Robert E. Lowe — Railway mail agent; residence, Kirkwood, Mo. 

Laura Lusk — In Post Office Inspector's Office, St. Louis, Mo. Was 
stenographer for the Governor of Kansas at Topeka. 

John H. McCreery — 'Manager of St. Nicholas Hotel, Springfield, 

Lewis S. Miller — Hardware merchant, Springfield, 111. 

Sarah L. Piper — Married Mr. George A. Wood, attorney at law, and 
resides at 501 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Nellie Saunders — Teacher in Edwards school, and resides at 604 
North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Mary Ellen Winston — Married Mr. James Raymond, banker, and 
resides in Girard, Kas. Mrs. Raymond taught in the Spring- 
field schools from 1881 to 1895. 


Alumni AssociATioisr. 49 

CLASS OF 1881. 


F. E. Feitshans, Principal. 
E'. E. Darrow. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary J. Howard. Emily A. Hayward. 

Opera House, June 17th. 


Salutatory Fred C. Dodds 

Essay — "The Mirage of Life" Alice Dallman 

Oration— "The Mechanic" Henry A. Johann 

Essay— "No Ray of Light is Lost" Helen Saunders 

Song of Friendship — Chorus by Beethoven. 

Essay — "Invisible Crowns" Maggie E. Cobbs 

Oration — "Nihilists and Nihilism" Wm. D. Carpenter 

Essay— "The King's Garden" Benita Berry 

Oration— "Force of Character" Fred C. Dodds 

"The Swallow's Farewell" — Chorus by Husken. 

Essay — "Ancient Alexandria" Kate Ulrich 

Oration — "Sources of Patriotism" Willis F. Wright 

Essay — "The Imprisoned Angel" Lizzie Armstrong 

Essay — "How Many Fathoms Now" Anna Poffenbarger 

14th Rhapsodie — Liszt ". Ella Kelchner 

Oration— "Young America" Edwin Reece 

Essay — "Our Class; A Dream of the Future" Clara W. Staley 

Essay and Valedictory — "The Last Reveille" Florence Whipple 

Phantom Chorus, from Somnambula by Bellini. 
Address and Presentation of Diplomas by CoL W. L. Gross. 



Lizzie C. Armstrong — Teacher in Trapp school, and resides at 609 
North Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Benita Berry — Teacher and resides at San Antonio, Tex. 

Wi\r. D. Carpenter — Attorney at law, Los Angeles, Cal. 

]\L\.GGiE E. Cobbs — Married Mr. James A. Eaynolds, deputy sheriff, 
and resides at 113 E. Washington street, Springfield, 111. 

Alice Dallman — INIarried ]\Ir. John W. Cobbs, manager of Eyan's 
Washington street drug store, and resides at 1401 South Fifth 
street Springfield, 111. 

Fred C. Dodds — Clerk State Board of Charities, Springfield, 111., 
and special correspondent, Chicago Evening Post; assistant 
secretary, Illinois Eailroad and Warehouse Commission ^87 to 
'93; Purchasing Agent, Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Eailway, 
'93 to '96. 

Henry A. Johann — Agent, mining machiner}', Joplin, Mo. 

Anna Poffenbarger — ilarried !^Ir. Thomas Stacy, salesman, and 
resides at 1303 South Fourth street Springfield, 111. 

50 Springfield High School. 

Edwin Reece — Formerly road agent for Pacific Express, at Port- 
land, Oregon; now one of the proprietors of Recce's laundr}^ 
at 716 East Washington street, Springfield, 111. 

Helen Saunders — Married Mr. Ralph W. Haynes, attorney at law, 
and resides at 1460 Kansas avenue, Washington, D. C. 

Clara W. Staley — Married Mr. Neal Vandeventer, conductor, Pull- 
man Palace Car Co., and resides in Chicago, 111. 
-Kate Ulricii — Married Mr. F. B. Kinsman, grain dealer, and re- 
Sides at 358 East Fourteenth street, Oakland, Cal. 

Florence Whipple — Married Mr. John Bennett, Chair of Mathe- 
matics at Doane College, and resides in Crete, Neb. Mrs. Ben- 
nett is also a graduate of Doane College, and was, at one time, 
teacher in the Springfield High School. 

Willis F. Wright— Died March 16, 1899. 

CLASS OF 1882. 


F. R. Feitshans, Principal. 
E. E. Dahrow. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary J. Howard. Emily A. Hayward. 

Calvin A. Pease. 

Opera House, June 16. 

March B. Meissner 

Prayer Rev. T. A. Parker 

Chorus — "In the Forest" 

Salutatory John C. Mathis 

Oration — "National Eloquence" Wm. P. Hopping 

Essay — "Sermons in Stones" Emma W. Billington 

Oration — "Duties of an American Citizen" Prank A. DeFreitas 

Essay — "Do Thy Nearest Duty" Julia D. Eberlen 

Chorus — "The Chapel." 

Essay — "True Friendship" Josephine Vieira 

Essay — "Love of Action" Josephine Coleman 

Oration — "Discontent" Chas. E. Opel 

Vocal Solo — "For You" Delia Roper 

Essay — "Essay" Annai W. Fisher 

Essay — "Imitation" Leonora Cook 

Oration — "The Demands of the Day" John C. Mathis 

Quartette — "When Evening Shadows Rising." 

Essay — "Art" Mary E. Rhoads 

Essay — "Gems of Literature" Hattie Harris 

Oration — "Our Monopolies" Fred E. Gross 

Chorus — "May Days." 

Essay — "Put Yourself in His Place" Alice M. Fogarty 

Essay and "Valedictory — "At the Portal" Laurai Snyder 

Chorus — "From Cinderella." 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Chas. E. Hay 

Address E!x-Governor John M. Palmer 

Awarding of Prizes for Best Reading Frank Tracy 


Alumni Association. 51 


Emma W. Billington — Teacher at Oak Park, Chicago, 111., and 
resides at 1025 South Eighth street, Springfield, 111. 

Josephine Coleman — JVEarried Mr. Jerry Jackson, photographer, and 
resides at 438 North Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Leonora Cook — Teacher in Springfield schools, and resides at 810 

East Jackson street, Springfield, 111. 
Frank A. DeFreitas — Cashier for the Cudahy Packing Co., and 

resides at 429 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111. , 

Julia D. Eberlen — Married Mr. Frederick VanHorn, merchant ; was 

teacher in Trapp school; resides at 903 Xorth Fifth street, 

Springfield, 111. 
Anna W. Fisher — Teacher in McClernand school, and resides at 

the corner of Capitol avenue and Spring street, Springfield, 111. 
Alice M. Fogarty — Married Mr. August W. Kloppenhurg, saddler; 

was teacher in the McClernand school; resides at 1031 North 

Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 
Fred E. Gross — Lumber merchant, New Madrid, ^Mo. 
Hattie Harris — Teacher, and resides at 215 South First street, 

Springfield, 111. 
—William P. Hopping — Real estate and insurance, 605 National 

Bank of Commerce Building, Tacoma, Wash. 

— John G. Matiiis — Member of the firm of Shope, ^lathis, Zane & 
Weber, attorneys at law, Chicago Title & Trust Building, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; residence, 30 Madison Park. 
Chas. E. Opel — County Clerk; resides at 128 West Reynolds street, 

Springfield, 111. 
]\Iary E. Rhoads — Married Mr. George Johnson, deceased, and re- 
sides in Forsythe, Mo. 
Laura Snyder — JMarried Mr. J. L. Adams, nurser3mian, and resides 
on Rural Route No. 1, Springfield, 111. 
—Josephine Yieira — Married Mr. David Pires, sash foreman for 
Jolm C. Moninger Co., manufacturers of greenhouse construc- 
tion lumber, and resides at 159 Cleveland avenue, Chicago, 111. 

CLASS OF 1883. 


F. R. Feitshaxs, Principal. 

E. E. Darrow. Calvin A. Pease. 

Emma E. Jones. Emily A. Hayward. 

William Helmle. 


Opera House, June 22. 

Salutatory Mary Curry 

"Lessons of History" Fred L. Pearce 

"The Eternal City Delia F. Roper 


52 Springfield High School. 

"Where?" Presco W. Kidd 

Chorus — "Father, Oh Hear Us." 

"Chains" Gertrude G. Garland 

"Old Associations" Laura L. Tobin 

"Intemperance" Thomas T. Thompson 

"Learn to Labor and to Wait" Lydia L. Weldon 

Vocal Solo — "Pretty Zingarella" Delia F. Roper 

"It is Never Too Late to Mend" Henry C. Allen 

"What Rises Highest Toward Heaven, is Founded Most Firmly on 

Earth" Mary Curry 

"Sowing and Reaping" Bessie Winters 

"Dependence" Ella E. Cai'ler 

Chorus — "Thy Flowery Banks." 

"Caste" Brown S. Smith 

"Siegfried" Chas. A. Gehrmann, Jr 

"The Trinity of Art" Helen M. Kelchner 

"Under Lock and Key" Alice Lomelino 

Piano Solo Helen M. Kelchner 


"Success" Will W. Harts 

"Quid Dies Ferat Incertum Est" Ada G. Barnes 

"Breadth of Culture" George H. Walker 

Valedictory Helen M. Kelchner 

Chorus — "Gloria." 

Presentation of Diplomas by Chas. E. Hay. 

Address, State Superintendent Henry Raab. 

Closing remarks, Senator Shelby M. Cullom. 


Hexky C. Allen — Porter, Pullman Palace Car Co., and resides in 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Ada G. Barnes — Married Mr. Xelson Allvn, clerk, and resides at 
315 South Pasfield street, Springfield, 'ill. 

Ella E. Carter— Died, ]\ray 30, 1890. 

Mary Curry — Married Mr. Henry Eentchler, merchant, and resides 
in Dawson, 111. 

Gertrude G. Garland — Married Mr. Edwin A. Reece and resides 
in Springfield, 111. 

Chas. A. Getirjiann, Jr. — ]\rine owner, and resides on Pennsylvania 
avenue, Denver, Col. 

AVill W. Harts— Graduated from West Point in 1889, and was 
assigned to Engineer Corps ; was in charge of improvements 
on Columbia River. At the beginning of the Spanish-American 
war, Avhile superintending the work of planting torpedoes in 
the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Harts had 
a narrow escape from death by an explosion; was afterwards 
promoted to Captain of Engineers, IT. S. A., and is at present 
in the Phillipine Islands. 

Helen M. Kelchner — Married :\Ir. E. E. Darrow, an attorney at 
law, and resides at G443 Jefferson avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Alumni Association. 53 

Presco W. Kidd — Became a successful journalist. The Kansas City 
Times said of him, ''"A journalist hj intuition, but one who never 
sacrificed the truth for the sake of sensation." He died in 
Kansas City, Mo., March 21, 1888. 

Alice F. Lomelino — Teacher, and resides at 1212 South Seventh 
street, Springfield, 111. 
-- — Feed L. Pearce — Silver mining; resides in Aspen, Colo. 

Delia F. Eoper — Married Mr. William Olden, civil engineer; was 
teacher in Springfield schools until 1894; from 1894 to 1898 
was teacher of music in the schools ; resides at 23 Humboldt Park 
boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Brown S. Smith — i^ssistant States Attorney, and resides in Kansas 
Cit)'', Kan. 

Thomas T. Thompson — Cashier, Wabash Railroad, and resides at 
400 South Glenwood avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Laura L. Tobin — Married Mr. C. A. Leaverton, farmer, and resides 
near Farmingdale, 111. 
—George H. Walker — Graduated at University of Rochester, N. Y., 
in 1886; Principal of Grammar School, Rochester, ?^. Y., 1886 
to 1888 ; studied law two years in Tacoma, Wash. ; graduated 
at Columbia Law School in 1892; practiced law in Tacoma eight 
years; prosecuting attorney two years; is now practicing law at 
Seattle, AVash. 

Ltdia L. Weldon — Married Rev. Thomas F. Hartman, Pastor M. E. 
church, and resides in Chatham, 111. 

Bessie Winters — Teacher in McClernand school, and resides at 
824 East Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

CLASS OF 1884. 


J. H. Collins, Principal. 
Mary A. Anderson. Emma F. Jones. 

J. C. Feitsi-ians. Emily A. Hayward. 

William Helmle. 

Chatterton's Opera House, June 6. 

Invocation Rev. A. H. Ball 

Salutatory and Essay— "The Polly of Trying to Please Everybody" 

Gertrude Converse 

-Educated Through the Sense of Touch" Nina Withrow 

"Music, a Means of Culture" Luther W. Irwin 

Chorus — "Honor to the Soldiers." 

"Superstition" Lillie Johann 

"Play the Sweet Keys, Would'st Thou Keep Them in Tune" 

Annette C. Fernandes 

"Public Men of America" Arthur Lee McVeigh 

54 Sprixgfield High School. 

"Sources of Light" Hannah Myers 

"Emierration" Pascal E. Hatch 

Chorus — "The God of Israel." 

"The Brig-hter Side" Joanna Eraser 

"Why ?" V^isa McLaughlin 

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit" Will Forest Pillsbury 

"Rough Diamond Better Than Polished Paste" Carrie E. Hulitt 

"Pioneers" Nettie Whipple 

"Work and Wages" Julius F. Kuecher 

"Me, the Measure of all Things" Susan E. Wilcox 

Chorus — "Hail, Fairy Queen." 

"Journalism" Chas. Philip VanGundy 

"Get Thy Spindle and Distaff Ready, and God Will Give Thee Flax" 

J. Alice Naramore 

"Straws Show the Current" Anna Oglesby 

"Quid est Vita" David Levy 

"The World Moves" Nellie H. Pringle 

Chorus — "Daughter of Zion." 

"A Neglected Art" Catherine H. Jack 

"Is the American Jury a Failure?" James Walter Oglesby 

Valedictory Susan E. Wilcox 

Address Clinton L. Conkling 

Presentation of Diplomas by Hon. Chas. E. Hay. 


Gertrude Converse — Eesides at 1237 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Anxette C. Ferxaxdes — Married Mr. Oliver Lawrence, with Illi- 
nois Watch Factor}', and resides at 917 Xorth Klein street, 
Springfield, 111. 

\y JoAXXA Fraser — Teacher; has taken course in the Jacksonville 
Business College, and in Literature and Arts at University of 
Illinois; resides in Ashland, 111. 

Pascal E. Hatch — Attorney at law; graduate of Harvard, and has 
served as alderman; resides at 1005 N"orth Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Carrie E. Hulitt— Married :\Ir. Walter Evans, conductor, Chicago 

& Alton Eailroad: Mrs. Evans taught four years in Springfield 

schools; resides in Eoodhouse, 111. 
- — ^Luther W. Irwix— Booklceeper at Sub-Treasury, Chicago, 111. 

Married Miss Olive Capps; resides in LaGrange, 111. 
Catiierixe H. Jack— Married Mr. George B. Winston, machinist, 

and resides at 800 South Wva.i\\ street, Springfield, 111. 
LiLLiE JoHAXX" — Attended Chicago University one year and is now 

•in Europe; resides at 515 South State street, Springfield, 111. 
Julius F. Kueciter— Clerk in Toledo, Peoria & Western Eailwav 

General Office, Peoria, 111. 

David Levy— Attorney at law, suite 132 Hartford Building, Chicago, 

Visa i\[cLAUGHLix— Teacher; resides at 2222 Evanston avenue, 
Chicago, 111. 

Arthur Lee I^CcYeigti — Died in Januarv, 1887. 

Alumni Association. 55 

Hannah Myers — Married Mr. Louis Hirshemier, Pittsfield, 111. 

Died Jaimarv 5, 1891. 
J. Alice Naeamore — Married Mr. Hilton Boysel, balance staff 

pivoter, and resides at 1001 North First street, Springfield, 111. 
Anna Oglesby — Married Mr. William Parker, and resides at 329 

West Jackson street, Springfield, 111. 
James Walter Oglesby — Was City Editor, State Capitol; died 

December 16, 1901. 
Will Forest Pillsbury' — Attorney at law; graduate of Harvard; 

resides in Chicago, 111. 
Nellie H. Pringle — Married Mr. Frank T. Kuhl, merchant tailor, 

and resides at 800 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 
CiTAS. Philip VanGundy — Chemist for Baltimore & Ohio Eailroad; 

graduate of University of Illinois ; resides in Baltimore, Md. 
Nettie Whipple — ¥/'as teacher in Springfield schools several years; 

attended Leland Stanford University one year; died December 

15, 1895. 
Susan E. Wilcox — Teacher in Springfield High School; graduate 

of Wellesley College; resides at 723 North Third street, Spring- 
field, 111. 
Ntna Withrow — Teacher in Springfield public schools and resides 

at 817 South Eighth street, Springfield, 111. 


CLASS OF 1885. 


J. H. Collins, Principal. 
Mary A. Anderson. Frances Kusel. 

Emma F. Jones. Emily A. Hayward. 

Mary J. Hovs^ard. William Helmle. 

Chatterton's Opera House, June 12. 

Prayer Rev. Fred H. Wines 

Chorus — "Lord of Heaven." 

Salutatory and Essay — "Amethyst" Lizzie Pease 

"The Gem of Social Life" Minnie Clariss Rubly 

•Facts" John J. Amos 

"Living Music" Carrie Dorwin Fisher 

"Living, Though Dead" Gertrude E. Fowler 

Vocal Solo — "The Flower's Decision" Charlotte Roper 

"True Aristocracy" Robert G. Walker 

"Nemesis" Emma Stansbury Wines 

"The First Stroke is Half the Battle" Minnie E. Clarke 

"No Royal Road to Success" Albert Carver 

Piano Solo— "Rigoletto" Carrie Dorwin Fisher 

"Sunbeams" Charlotte O. Billington 

"The End of the Rainbow" Etta Gordon 

"The Trials of Our Forefathers; Our Strength" Walter Duff 

"The Grand Campaign" Lulu B. Ames 

"Night Brings Out the Stars" Ella Schlitt 

Chorus — "The Arrow and the Song." 

56 Springfield High School. 

"Division of Labor" Joseph B. Perkins, Jr 

"Knight Errantry" Lottie Pickard Roper 

"Trifles" Ada P. Dedrich 

"Architecture" Frank P. Conway 

"Acme" Magg-ie Opel 

"Love of Beauty" Annie T. Dowdall 

Vocal Solo — "Oh Loving Heart, Trust On" Etta Gordon 

"Character and Destiny" Edward Bogart 

"Poverty, the Mother of all Arts" Susan Cooper 

"The New South" Edwin M. Stanton 

"Sorosis" Lillie E. Burkhardt 

"Silhouettes" Nettie Smith 

"Simplicity" Mattie Roberts 

Instrumental Duet — "Ojos Criollos". . .Lillie E. Burkhardt and Lizzie Pease 

"The Ideal" Fannie Taylor 

"The Growth of Political Truth" Henry F. Berry 

'lOommonplace Things" Mabel Rippey 

"Living Thoughts" George P. Bressmer 

"Are You Ready?" Lillie May Ross 

Chorus — "Stars of the Summer Night." 

"Shine 'Em Up" Nettie Ramstetter 

"Our Point of Observation" • Frank Garland 

Valedictory Emma Stansbury Wines 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon Chas. E. Hay 



John J. Airos— Brick manufactiTror ; practiced law in Springfield, 
111., and Humboldt, Kas.; resides in Humboldt, Kas. 

Lulu B. Ames— Married Mr. C. Almon Lewis, farmer; taught in 
country and cit_y schools; was an able teacher at the Feitshans 
school, and at one time took prize as the most popular teacher 
in the city; resides near Joliet, Til. 

Henry F. Berry — Farmer ; graduate of Harvard ; lives near Dawson, 

Edward Bogart — Attorney at law, Chicago, 111. 

George P. Bress^mer— Died January 25, 1S92 was member of the 

firm of John Bressmer Co., Springfield, 111.; his two children 

now I'lYQ in Canada. 

Lillie E. Burkhardt— Is an active member of the Springfield 
Woman's Club; resides at 738 East Capitol avenue, Springfield, 

Charlotte 0. Billington — Teacher in Chicago school; taught in 
countrv and city schools, and then at Oak Park, and resides in 
Oak Park, 111. 

Minnie E. Clarke— ]\rillincr; resides at 914 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Susan Cooper— Resides at 822 South Fourteenth street, Springfield, 
111. Has taught at Kirksville and Hannibal, Mo., and at present 
is at Tuskeegee Normal, Alabama, with Booker T. Washington. 

Frank P. Conway— Resides in Springfield, 111. ; clerk at Hudson's 
hardware store. 

Alumni Association. 57 

Albert Carver — Instructor in Physics at Springfield High School; 
Graduate of and was instructor at University of Illinois. At- 
tended University of Berlin, Germany. 

Walter Duff— Died of typhoid fever, May 1, 1887. Was clerk for 
C. D. Roberts. 

Ada p. Dedrich — Eesides in Scranton, Pa. 

Annie T. Dowdall — Teacher; resides at 1013 South College street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Carrie D. Fisher — Eesides at 1220 South Fifth street, Springfield, 

Gertrude E. Fowler — Teacher in Dixon, 111. 

Etta Gordon — Married Mr. Eobert H. Patton, attorney at law, and 
resides at 1305 West Washington street, Springfield, 111. 

Frank Garland — Eesided at Portland, Ore. Married Miss Fannie 
Williams. Seriouslv injured several years ago and died June 
5, 1901. 

Maggie Opel — Married Mr. Chas. F. Eippe}^, and resides at 230 
State street, Springfield, 111. 

Lizzie Pease — Married ]\[r. Seymour Jones, First Assistant Attorney 
for Sanitary District of Chicago, and resides at 2310 Kenmore 
avenue, Chicago, 111. ; was teacher in Springfield schools. 

Joseph B. Perkins — Springfield, 111.; manager Lincoln Lyceum 
Bureau and nianasrer of Odd Fellows Building; attornev at law. 

Charlotte Eoper — Married Mr. AVm. A. Peterson, merchant, and 
resides in Ligonier, Pa. ; was teacher in Springfield schools. 

!i[iNNiE C. EuBLY — Eesides at 122 West Eevnokls street, Springfield, 

LiLLiE May Eoss — Eesides at 825 South Twelfth street, Springfield, 

111. ; stenographer in the offices of the Franklin Life Insurance 

Mattie Eoberts — Eesides in Boston, Mass. ; teacher in Boston High 

School; taught in Springfield schools, and attended college. 
Mabel Eippey — Eesides at 412 West Monroe street, Springfield, 111.; 

teacher at Stuart school. 
ISTettie Eamstetter — Married Mr. Martin Baum, monument works, 

and resides at 1800 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 
Edwin M. Stanton — Eesides at 420 South Fifth street, Springfield, 

111. ; has been in railroad business since shortly after graduation. 
—Ella Sgtilitt — Married ]\Ir. James Wesley Cotner, farmer, and re- 
sides near Lima, Ohio. Mrs. Cotner for some time taught in 

country and city schools. 
Xettie Smith — Eesides at 1028 East Monroe street, Springfield, 111. 
Fannie Taylor — Eesides at 1335 North Fifth street, Springfield, 

Til. ; clerk at Macpherson & Edwards, Boston store. 

58 Springfield High School. 

Egbert G. Walker — Eesides in Tacoma, "Wash. ; real estate and 
mines; has mining interests in Alaska. 

E:\niA Stansbdry Wines — Resides at 901 Mulberry street, Scranton, 
Pa.; prepares pupils for college, particularly Bryn Mawr; has 
three assistants; attended Wcllesley and graduated from Bryn 
Mawr, where she took a post graduate course, 

CLASS OF 1886. 


J. H. Collins, Principal. 

Mary A. Anderson. William Helmle. 

Emma F. Jones. Mary J. Howard. 

Emily A. Hayward. Mary H. Kuhl. 

A. E. Ewington. 

Commencement, June 4. 

Prayer Rev. D. S. Johnson 

Salutatory Clara Helmle 

"The Value of Truth" Kate L. Fitzsimmons 

"Ireland" John S. Flaherty 

Extract from Morituri Salutamus Libbie M. Taylor 

"The Ttirf Before the Stones" Florence B. Cochran 

Chorus — "The Heavens are Telling." 

"Shams of Life" Mary E. Ferriera 

"Foundations" Henry P. Lumpp 

"Not Failure, But Low Aim is Crime" C. Mary Whitley 

"Bells" Ediih E. Packard 

"Avocations" M. Willett Stebbins 

Vocal Solo— "Adore and Be Still" Cora Belle Barkley 

"The Difference" Laura Taylor 

"Legend of the Organ Builder" Ella Gerdes 

"The Mystic Force" Robert White 

"Keys" Mary A. E. Thompson 

"Fashion" Tena Reisch 

"Woman as a Patriot" May Rames 

"Turn to the Right and Keep Moving" John McFarland 

"Ideals" Belle Hellweg 

"Instrumental Solo — "Cachuca Caprice" Susie Gross 

"The Rocking Chair" Grace Ward 

"Wanted — Men" Laura E. Joiner 

"Storms Purify the Air" Sheldon W. Snively 

"Weaving the Web" Fannie Haire 

"The Accident" Charles H. Robinson 

"Blow Your Own Trumpet Ray R. Hiller 

"Strike".' William Joiner 

Vocal Solo — "Dream Faces" Mabel Winter 

"Napoleon's Address to the 'Old Guard' at Waterloo, and Their Final 

Defeat" Kate G. Myers 

"The Oft-Told Tale" (Original Poem) Clara Mendonsa 

Chorus — "The Storm King." 

"The Star of Destiny" Philip H. Beil 

Valedictory Emma Barker 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Chas. E. Hay 

Address Hon. Chas. P. Kane 

Alumni Association. 59 

members of class. 

Emma Barker — IMarried Mr. John L. Scott, teacher and clergyman, 

and resides in Pleasant Plains, 111. 
Cora Belle Barkley — Married Mr. Prosser M. Lax, real estate 

agent, and resides at 718 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

Laura B. Bowers — Married Mr, Frank I). Hudson, bookkeeper 
Wabash shops at Moberly, Mo., and resides at 415 South William 
street, Moberly, ]\Io. 

Philip H. Beil — Was formerly machinist in Kansas City, Mo. ; now 
living on a cattle ranch. 

Florence B. Cochran — Married Mr. Ed. H. Hamann, printing, 
and resides at 516 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Mary E. Ferriera — Resides at 103 West Carpenter street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk at Weems' Laundry. 

Kate L. Fitzsiimmons — Married Mr. Edward Holland, and resides 
in Bloom ingt on. 111. 

-John S. Flaherty — Manager Bijou Theatre, Chicago, 111. 

Ella Gerdes — Married Eev. Gerrit Snyder, Presbyterian clergy- 
man; died June 9, 1897. 

Susie Gross — Married Mr. Thomas Pindell, Division Superintendent 
Erie Eailroad and resides in Passaic, N. J. 

Fannie Haire — Married Mr. T. B. McMurray, farmer, and resides 
near Divernon, 111. 

Arthur FLay — Resides at 831 South Second street Springfield, 111.; 
Civil and mining engineer ; graduate of Columbia college ; Secre- 
tary and Engineer Springfield Park Board. 

Clara Helmle — Resides at 428 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Belle IIellweg — Married l\Ir. William Tucker, commercial traveler 
for St. I^ouis leather house, and resides at 209 Walnut street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Ray R. Hiller— Resides at 913 Xorth Sixth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Springfield High School. 

William Joiner — Resides in Washington, D. C. ; teacher in High 

Laura E. Joiner — Resides in Washington, D. C. ; government clerk. 

Henry P. Lumpp — Died January 22, 1887. 

John McFarland — Resides at 258 East Sixty-Fourth street, Chicago, 
111.; mechanical engineer. 

Clara Mendonsa — ^Married ]\Ir. All^ert Herre, who was for a number 
of years clerk of the Springfield Board of Education and teacher 
in the Springfield High School ; Mrs. Herre taught in the Spring- 
field schools prior to her marriage ; residence, San Diego, Cal. 

Kate G. Myers — Resides at 1142 Xorth Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Trapp school. 

60 Sprixgfield High School. 

Edith E. Packard — Ecsides at 107 Lake street, Chicago, 111. ; secre- 
tary to President of the Oliver Typewriter Co. 

]\Iay Ka:mes — ^larried Mr. John T. Pennington, Ijookkeeper, 
Springfield Paving Brick Co., and resides at 1713 South Eighth 
street, Springfield, 111. 

Texa Keisch — ^Tarried ]\rr. Charles Meyer, traveling salesman, and 
resides in Springfield, 111. 

Charles H. Eobixsox — Pesides at 528 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; President, Henson Robinson Co., stoves and hardware; 
married Miss Addie Langdon. 

\/ SiiELDOX W. SxiVELY — Telegraph Editor, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cin- 
cinnati, 0. 
M. "WiLLETT Stebbixs — Resides at 712 South Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; hardware dealer. 

LiBBiE M. Taylor — Married Mr. Frank Shaefer, attorney at law, and 
resides at 4228 Grand boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Laura Taylor — Resides at 1335 Xorth Fifth street, Springfield, 111.; 
bookkeeper at Pickrcll's grain store. 

Mary' a. E. Thompsox — Married Mr. Frank S. Miller, President 
Columbus Cannins: & Preserving Co., and resides in Colunil)us. 0. 

Charles M. ITlrich — Resides at 81 3 South Sixth street, Springfield, 
111.; grain merchant. 

Grace AYard — Married ]\[r. L. ^\. Fee, confectioner and fruit merch- 
ant, and resides at 708 Xorth Fifth street, Spri ngfield. 111 . 

C. Mary' AYhitley' — Resides at 1119 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. 
- - Robert White — Chief Engineer of Steinway Hall, Chicago, 111., and 
resides at 2032 Jackson boidevard, Chicago, 111. 

Mabel Wixter — ^larried Mr. Jesse E. Ross, shingle manufacturer, 
and resides at 241 9 North Twenty-Eighth street, Tacoma, Wash. 

CLASS OF 1887. 

J. H. CoLLixs, Principal. 
Helex Kelchxer. William Helmle. 

Mary E. Andrews. Mary J. Hoavard. 

Emifa F. Joxes. Mary H. Kuhl. 

Emily- A. Hayward. J. N". Huff. 

Opera House, June 3. 

Prayer Rev. James Reed, D. D 

Salutatory Carrie Huey 

"Perspective of American Literature" E. T. Dickerman 

■'Excelsior" Louise Eberlen 

•'Getting On" Sol. Salzenstein 

Chorus — "March of the Men of Harlech." 


"Look Aloft" Mattie Mowitt 

"The American Pulpit" Chas. J. Peterson, Jr 

"Commencement Day" Grace G. O'Connell 

"The Flood of Years" Jennie Brennan 

"'The Indian in Literature" Maggie F. Pletz 

"Spare Moments" Annie H. Ensel 

Lincoln's Gettysburg- Address Edwin B. Harts 

Vocal Solo — "Pierot" Maud Hoyt 

"Henry Thoreau" Lou Raymond 

"Bread Winners" Nellie Day 

"American Humorists" Dwight Wilcox 

"Woodman, Spare that Tree" Mary Joseph 

"Tramp, Tramp, the Boys are Marching" Annie M. Barnett 

"Innocents Abroad" Kate Genevieve O'Crowley 

Chorus (Girls) "Barcarolle." 

"The Wants of Man" May Hathaway 

"The Dictionary" Belle Phillips 

"The Building of the Ships" Edward W. Johnson 

"A Glance Behind the Curtain" Annie A. Day 

"Quotation and Originality" Kate E. Halliday 

Duo, Mendelssohn, Op. 40 ; Weber, Op. 25 

Annie Beatrice Hickox and Alice Estella Irwin 

"American Caricature" James M. Doyle 

"The Death Bridge of the Tay" Minnie Lomelino 

"Isms" John O. Rames, Jr 

"Birds" Owen M. Edwards 

"The Power of Prejudice" John McAuley Palmer 

"The New Organ" Mary Schlitt 

"The American Forum" Joseph O'Connell 

Chorus — "Farewell." 

"Patent Office Reports^ Willard French 

"The Associated Press" Preston Wood, Jr 

Valedictory Annabel Gait 

Presentation of Diplomas Dr. J. A. Vincent 

Address Hon. S. M. Cullom 


Annie ]\[. Barnett — Eesides at 403 West Allen street, Springfield, 

Jennie Brennan — IMarried Mr. John Linane, merchant, and resides 

in Streator, 111. 

—Annie A. Day — Married Mr. Frank E. Armstrong, on editorial staff 
Chicago Eecord-Herald, and resides in Chicago, 111. 

ISTellie Day — ]\Iarried Mr. Joseph J. Foster, midertaker, and resides 
at 310 East Jackson street, Springfield, 111. 

E. T. DiCKERMAN — Graduate of Chicago Medical College; practic- 
ing medicine in Chicago, 111. 

James M. Doyle — Died in Chicago, 111., May 15, 1902, where he 
was employed as newspaper and magazine ilhistrator ; was for- 
merly with the "Monitor" imder Capt. T. W. S. Kidd, editor. 

Owen M. Edwards — Resides in Yorkville, 111. ; Principal of school. 

Louise Eberlen — ]\Tarried Mr. Fred P. Schlitt, hardware merchant, 
and resides at 1317 North. Fourth street, Springfield, III. 

62 Springfield High School. 

Annie H. Ensel — Eesides at 633 West Monroe street, Springfield, 
111. ; bookkeeper. 

WiLLABD French — Resides in Independence, near Victor, Colo. ; in 
Cripple Creek district; engaged as mine assayer. 

Annabel Galt — Resides in Bangkok, Siam ; missionary ; went out 
in 1891 ; home on furlough, 1899 and 1900. 

Kate E. Halliday — Married Mr. Leonard Reisch, dry goods merch- 
ant, and resides at 329 South Fourth street, Springfield, III. 

Edwin B. Harts — Resides in Chicago, 111. ; office 102 Oxford Build- 
ing; attorney at law; graduated from Princeton University ia 
1891 with degree of B. A.; graduated from Michigan University 
in 1893, with degree L. L. B. ; admitted to practice law in Illi- 
nois in 1893. 

May Hathaway — Resides in Buffalo, 111. ; teacher. 

Annie Beatrice Hickox — Married a Mr. Stewart, and resides in 

Vineland, N. J. 
Maud Hoyt — Married Mr. James Smurr, watch maker, and resides 

in Elgin, 111. 

Carrie Huey' — Married Mr. W. C. Garrard, Secretary State Board 
of Agriculture, and resides at Douglas avenue and Washington 
street, Springfield, 111. 

Alice Estella Irwin — Married Mr. Frank R. Davis, music dealer, 
and resides at Seventh and Easton streets, Alton, 111. 

"Edward W. Johnson — Resides in Leadville, Colo. ; assistant superin- 
tendent, Arkansas Valley Plant, American Smelting and Refin- 
ing Co. ; graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 1891, with 
degree of E. M. ; mining and metallurgical engineer. 

Mary Joseph — Married Mr. Fred Knave, and resides at 1012 West 
Monroe street, Bloomington, 111. 

-Minnie IjOMELIno — Married Mr. E. M. Gonsalves, jeweler, and re- 
sides at 42 5 Wabash avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Mattie Mowitt — Married Mr. Elzie Curry, farmer, and resides near 
Springfield, 111.; Rural Route 'Ro. 1. 

Joseph 0''Connell — Resides in Spokane, Wash. ; mining business. 

Grace G. O'Connell — Resides at Third street and North Grand 
avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Kate Geneviere O'Crowley — Married Mr. F. W. Couron, manager, 
Cudahy Packing Co., and resides in St. Paul, Minn. 

John McAuley Palmer — Graduated from West Point in 1892; 
Second Lieutenant Infantry U. S. Army 1898; Captain of In- 
fantry U. S. Army, 1901 ; Capt. Palmer served in the Philip- 
pines and China ; now instructor at West Point. 

Chas. J. Peterson , Jr. — Resides in Springfield, 111. ; teller. Marine 

Alumni Association. 63 

Belle Phillips — Married Mr. Emmett Phillips, trunk manufac- 
turer, and resides in Portland, Oregon. 

Maggie F. Pletz — Married IMr. Peyton Grafton, deceased, and re- 
sides at 1067 Washington boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

John 0. Eames^ Je. — Eesides in Springfield, 111. : teller, Farmers' 
National Bank. 

Lou Eaymond — Married ]Mr. W. E. Fugate, teacher, and resides in 
Eochester, 111. 

Sol. Salzenstein — Eesides in Virginia, 111. ; merchant. 
]\Iary wSciTLiTT — jMarried Mr. W. J. Spaulding, of the Spaulding- 
Bode Produce Co., and resides in Springfield, 111. 

DwiGHT Wilcox — Eesides at 725 North Third street, Springfield, 
111. ; manager, theatrical company. 

Pkeston Wood, Jr. — Pastor M. E. Church, Delavan, 111. ; graduated 
from Wesleyan Universit}-, Bloomington, 111., 1889 ; married Miss 
Eliza A. Bronson. 

CLASS OF 1888. 


J. H. Collins, Principal. 
Mary J. Howard. Mary E. Andrews. 

Emma F. Jones. Mrs. L. B. Shepherd. 

William Helmle. Helen Kelchner. 

Mary H. Kuhl. Emma S. Wines. 

Opera House, June 1. 

Prayer Rev. O. O. Fletcher 

Salutatory Will L. Patton 

"Architecture". . . -. Henry H. Dickerman 

"The End, Not Yet" Henrietta R. Ulrich 

"Purpose" Sarah Goldstein 

Duet — Sonata in D — A. Diabelle. .Florence A. Dallman and Lillie Lomelino 

"Our Battle Axe" James E. Brennan 

"'King Robert of Sicily" Olive Latham Capps 

"Shadows" Annie F. Hamilton 

"The Ruling Power" John H. Ilanratty 

Chorus — "Spring Song" — Giro Pinsuti Class 

"Aux Italiens" Alice Garland 

"Knowledge and Wealth" Fred DeVares 

"Arbitration" William Cochrane 

"Sympathy" Mae DeFreitas 

Piano Solo— Tarantelle, Op. 12; S. B. Mills Maude Thayer 

"Do" Isadore Myers 

"A Look Into the Future" Margaret Colgan 

"The Maiden Martyr" ■ Mary Fernandes 

"Immigration" Philip Barton Warren 

"The Present Age" Will Davis 

"Dignity of Labor" John M. Kimble 

Vocal Solo — "Every Zephyr that Blows so Fair" Julia Shepherd 

"Words, Words, Words" Alice K. Flower 

64 Springfield High School. 

"Enthusiasm" Julius Myers 

"Labor Unions" Arthur L. Pillsbury 

"Des Saengers Fluch" Anna Fixmer 

Chorus — "Sir Knight, O Whither Away." 

"We Must Stand" Walter Casey 

"Ideas" Etta M. Terry 

"Good Enough" Albert Herre 

Proverbs Jennie Fisher 

Vocal Solo — "Sailing o'er a Summer Sea" Nana E. Mackey 

"Popular Clamor" Will I. Bogardus 

"The Ride of Death" Marie Westenberger 

"Popular Applause" Anna T. Mitchell 

"Light" John Taylor 

"May Song"^Hauptmann. 

"Materialism" George E. Anderson 

Valedictory Kate E. Brewer 

Presentation of Diplomas Clinton L. Conkling 

Benediction, Rev. Francis Springer. 


George E. Axdersox — Eesides at 126 Glcnwood avenue. Spring- 
field, 111.; attended Shurtletf College, Upper Alton, 111.; grad- 
uate of hnr school Illinois Wesleyan University; managing editor 
Springfield JS'ews. 

Will I. Bogardus — Bookkeeper, Sattlev Manufacturing Co., Spring- 
field, 111. 

.T.\:\n"S E. Biiexxax — Besides in Chicago, 111.; with Illinois Central 

Kate E. Brewer — Eesides in Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Hay school. 

Olive Latham Capps — Married Mr. Luther W. Irwin, bookkeeper in 
sub-treasury, Chicago, HI. ; resides in LaGrange, 111. 

Walter Ca.sey — Eesides in Springfield, 111.; mail carrier. 

William Cochrane — Eesides in Gibson City, 111. ; secretary, mining 

Margaret Colgan — Sister at Convent of Sacred Heart, Springfield, 

Mabel Cruser — :\Iarried ]\Ir. James B. Brown, grain dealer, and re- 
sides at 2111 Seventh avenue, Council Bluffs, la. 

Elorence a. Dallmax — Eesides at 909 East Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in lies school. 

Will Davis — Eesides in Springfield, 111.; clerk at Myers Bros, 
clothing house. 

Mae DeFreitas — Eesides in Springfield, 111. ; cashier, Boston Store. 

Fred DeVares— Died October 20, 1889. 

Henry H. Dickerman — Bookkeeper, Sattlev Manufacturing Co., 
Springfield, 111. 

Mary Ferx^andes — Married ^Ir. Chas. Xaas, Wabash Eailroad, and 
resides in Springfield, 111. 

Alumni Association. 65 

Jennie Fishek — 'Married Mr. Edward E. ITlrich, Jr., grain dealer, 
and resides at 817 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

-Anna Fixmee — Married Mr. Lonis Teuscher, Jr., and resides at 
3638 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, Mo. 

Alice K. Flower — Besides in Springfield, 111.; Principal Enos 

Alice Garland — Married Mr. Frank Hunt, with R. F. Herndon & 
Co., and resides in Springfield, 111. 

Sarah Goldstein — Married Mr. M. H. Klempner, grocer, and re- 
sides at 62G IsTorth Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Edgar L. Gross — Resides at Chanute, Kas.; with Kansas & Texas 
Oil, Gas & Pipe Line Co, 

Annie F. Hamilton — Resides at 700 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

John H. Hanratty — Resides in Springfield, 111.; bookkeeper with 
0. Hanratty. 

'Albert C. Herre — Resides in San Diego, Cal. ; teacher in the 
Springfield High School and clerk of the Springfield Board of 
Education for a number of 3^ears; took special course in Botany 
at the Chicago University; was also a student at the Leland 
Stanford University in California for one year; married Miss 
Clara Mendonsa. 

John M. Kimble — Resides on South Sixth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
mejnber of the firm of P. F. Kimble & Son. 

Lillie Lomelino — ^Resides at 1212 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in schools of Williamsville, 111. 

Nana E. Mackey — Married Mr. Albert Hughes, farmer, and resides 
near Pasfield, 111. 

Anna T. Mitchell — Resides near Springfield, 111.; Rural Route 
No. 1 ; teacher ; graduate Illinois State Normal University, Nor- 
mal, 111. 

IsADORE Myers — Resides at Kewanee, 111. ; merchant. 

Julius Myers — Resides in Springfield, 111. ; member of the firm of 
Myers Bros., clothing. 

George Pasfield, Jr. — Resides on South Pasfield street, Spring- 
field, 111., now traveling in Europe. 

Will L. Patton — Attorney at law, Springfield, 111. ; graduate of Har- 
vard Law School. 

Arthur L. Pillsbury — Resides in Bloomington, 111.; architect; 
graduated from Harvard in 1892 as civil engineer, and at 
Champaign 1895 in architecture. 

Julia Shepherd — Married Mr. K. F. Flagg, stock dealer, and re- 
sides in Sherman, 111. 

John Taylor — Resides in Portland, Ore.; machinist. 

66 Sprixgfield High School. 

Etta M. Terry — Married ]\Ir. E. H. McAnulty, attorney at law, and 
resides at Northwest comer of Sixth and Cedar streets, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Maude Thayer — Besides in Springfield, 111. ; librarian at state 
library, state house. 

Henrietta E. Ulrich — Eesides at 813 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Philip Bartox Warrex — Attorney at law, Springfield, 111.; mem- 
ber of the firm of Wilson & Warren. 

Marie Westexberger — JMarried Mr. P. P. Powell, traveling sales- 
man; and resides in Springfield, 111.; vocalist. 

CLASS OF 1889. 


W^iLLiAM Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

;Mrs. L. B. Shepherd. Frieda Habermaas. 

Helen Kelchner. Mary E. Andrews. 

Emma S. Wines 


Opera House, June 21. 

Prayer Dr. W. N. McElroy 

Salutatory Essie M. Barnes 

"Thoughts on Commencement" Georgia M. Decker 

'"A Problem of Today" Charles A. Rippon 

"The Four-Leaved Shamrock" Florence M. Edwards 

Chorus — "High School March." 

Recitation — "The Leper" Bertha Pease 

"The Poet and the Flowers" Ella G. Brennan 

"Socrates' Wife; a story of a Day" Ada L. Ayers 

Piano Duet — "Daemontanz" — Holz Katherine Schmid, Margaret Myers 

"Smiles" Elizabeth Flynn 

Symposium — The Press. 

"'Freedom of the Press" Frank C. Thompson 

"The Editor" Frank B. Fisher 

"The Reporter" Mamie Nusbaum 

Vocal Duet — "Song of Summer Birds" — Rubinstein 

Grace Hyde and Laura P. Fisher 

"The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi" Anna V. Fogarty 

"What Can be Done in Three Minutes.. Horace L. Wiggins 

"I Will Think of It" Cenie Duncan 

"'VVTiat Shall Girls Do?" Kittie M. Hall 

Song — "Ave Maria" — Luigi Luzzi Annie C. Kelleher 

Intermission of five minutes. 

"Patriotism" Edward S. Day 

Symposium — "Merchant of Venice." 

"Dramatic Poetry" Lillian A. Butler 

"Lesson of the Caskets" Martha A. Burke 

"Portia" Mary L. Wilcox 

Song — "Beauty's Eyes;" Tosti, with violin obligato Susan M. Johnson 

Alumni Association. 67 

Symposium — "The Centennial" 

"The United States in 1789" Alfred S. Bouchard 

"The Constitution" Charles S. Bogardus 

"The United States in 1889" Roy R. Reece 

Piano — "Rondo Brillante" — Weber op. 62 Josephine Garland 

Recitation — "The Face Against the Pane" Gertrude E. Foster 

"From New York to Liverpool" Nettie Campbell 

"Bobby Burns' Looking Glass" Lenore Cleverly 

"Man's Work is from Sun to Sun; Woman's Work is Never Done". . . . 

Eliza Faro 

Chorus — "Joy to the Victors." 

"Pay as You Go" Elma L. Vancil 

"Hope" Jessie M. Corby 

Recitation — "The Famine" (Hiawatha) L. Adelaide Kuecher 

Vocal Trio — "Evening" 

Susan M. Johnson, Annie C. Kelleher, Laura P. Fisher 

"A Kingly Gift" Augusta May 

"Forward March" Lewis E. Wood 

Valedictory Agnes M. Warren 

Presentation of Diplomas Clinton L. Conkling 

Benediction Rev. F. H. Wines 

The High School Alumni held its reunion at the Leland Hotel in the 
evening. At the banquet which followed a musical progi'am, the follow- 
ing toasts were responded to: 

President's Address^J. C. Mathis, 'S2. 

"All Aboard" — Mr. C. L. Conkling, President of the Board. 

"Our Critics" — Miss Margaret Vredenburgh. 

"Academic Life" — Rev. F. W. Clampett. 

"Class of '89" — Arthur Wines. 

"Historical" — Mrs. E. S. Johnson. 


Ada L. Ayers — Employed as bookkeeper for A. L. Tde Sons of Spring- 
field. Eesides at 104 West Allen street, Springfield, 111. 

Essie M. Barxes — Employed as teacher in the Stuart school, Spring- 
field. Eesides at 531 West Monroe street, Springfield, 111. 

Alfred S. Bouchard — After leaving scliool engaged in the grocery 
business. Was employed by H. Elshoff & Sons several years. 
In 1893 engaged in business for himself, establishing a grocery 
at Eighth and Monroe streets. Died July 16, 1900, at the home 
of his mother in this cit}^, of consumption. Was 27 years old 
at the time of his death. 

Ella G. Brennan — Teacher in the Lincoln school; resides at 720 
East Carpenter street, Springfield, 111. 

George M. Brinkeriioff, Jr. — Member of the firm of Brinkerhoff 
& Co., loans and coal. Eesides at 515 Keves avenue, Springfield, 

LiLLiAX^ A. Butler — Teaches school near Springfield. Eesides at 
724 West Washington street, Springfield, 111. 

Martha A. Burke — Clerk, ]\IcCourtney & Co., dry goods. Eesides 
at 1304 East Jackson street, Springfield, 111. 

68 Spuingfield High School. 

-Charles S. Bogardus — Eosides in Clinton, 111., Avherc he is a practic- 
ing physician. IMarriod a Clinton girl in 1899 and lost her by 
death carlv in 1901. Graduated from Chicago Homeopathic 
College, 1897. 

S. Leigh Call — Reporter Illinois State Journal, Springfield, 111. 
Resides at 315 South Spring street. Mr. Call is a fluent 
writer and is the Springfield special correspondent of the Chi- 
cago Record-Herald and the St. Louis Republic. 

Nettie Campbell — Resided in Springfield from the time she left 
school until her death, June 13, 1899. Her death occurred in 
Denver, Colo., whither she had gone three months before, because 
of failing health. The cause of death was consumption. 

-Lenore Cleverly — Resided in Springfield until a year ago when 
she removed with her parents, to Denver, Colo., where she now 

Jessie M. Corby — Resides Avith her parents at 1400 East Jackson 
street, Springfield, 111. 

Edward S. Day — Was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1892. Was 
acting secretary of the State League of Republican Clubs of 
Illinois during the campaign of 1892, and the following spring 
was nominated for city attorney on the Republican ticket. Was 
later conjiected with the Associated Press doing legislative work 
at Springfield and Washington, D. C. Removed to Chicago in 
1894 and was connected with the law firm of Isham, Lincoln & 
Beale. Was assistant corporation counsel of Chicago during 
the Swift administration. In 1898 was appointed Inheritance 
Tax appraiser by Judge of County Court. His office is at 806 
Ashland Block, Chicago, 111. 

Georgie M. Decker — Employed as clerk in the office of the Spring- 
field Retail Merchants' association, Room 309, Odd Fellows' 
Building. Resides at 230 West Jackson street, Springfield, 111. 

Cenie Duncan — Went to Missouri after leaving school and engaged 
in teaching school until her death in 1892, of consumption. 

Florence M. Edwards — Went to Clifton, Kan., after graduation, 
where she taught in the High School six months. In 1890 she 
became a student at the State Normal University at Normal, 
111. After a 3'ear of normal school work she became a teacher 
in the primary school in that town. Her health never was very 
sturdy and, at the solicitation of her father. Dr. Richard Ed- 
wards, formerly State Supt. of Public Instruction, she resigned 
her position nnd went to Carlinville, where the family resided. 
She went with her parents to Bloomington in the early spring 
of 1893. After a little time she entered the business college in 
Bloomington where she received a diploma in stenography and 
typewriting. Since her graduation in that course she has been 
<>mployed as stenographer to her father. 

Alumni Association. G9 

Eliza Fako — Has been teaching school in ^Missouri since lier gradua- 

Frank B, Fisher— Is a practicing physician of Springfiekl. Grad- 
uated from Blackburn University at Carlinville and afterwards 
took a course in medicine. For a time was engaged as assistant 
surgeon in the A^'abash Employes' hospital in this city. Xow has 
an office in Myers Bros, building. 

Laura P. Fisher — Is stenographer in the local offices of the internal 
revenue department for the southern district of Illinois. Resides 
at the corner of Capitol avenue and Spring street, Springfield, 111. 

Elizabeth Flynn — Eemoved to Chicago shortly after leaving school 
and was married in that city to John J. Morrison, afterwards 
state senator. 

Anna V. Fogaety — Resided in Springfield to the time of her mar- 
riage to P. J. Ryan of Peoria, since which time she has made her 
home in that city. 

Gertrude E. Foster — Was married Oct. 10, 1894, to William B. 
Curtis of Waverly, where she still resides. Mr. Curtis engages in 

Josephine Garland — Was married April 24, 1895, to Robert Cutter 
Matlock. Now resides in Peoria, 111., 533 Indiana avenue. Mr. 
Matlock is an electrical engineer. 

Kittie M. Hall — Resides at Forty-second street and Michigan ave- 
nue, Chicago, 111. ; teacher in Chicago schools. 

Grace Hyde — Resides with her ])rother at 182 ^Mason street, Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; teaches music (vocal). 

SuSxiN M. Johnson — Has resided at the family residence on South 
Sixth street, Springfield, 111., since leaving school. 

Joseph W. Jones — Was employed for a time in the capitol building. . 
Afterwards engaged in the confectionery business as a member 
of the Crown Candy Company of Springfield and now is assistant 
cashier of the Franklin Life association. Resides at 808 South 
Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Annie C. Kelleher — Left Springfield several years ago, removing 
to New Orleans. Is vocal soloist in one of the leading cathedrals 
of that citv. 

L. Adelaide Kuecher — Resides with her mother at 702 South 
Twelfth street, Springfield, 111. 

Stephen L. Littler — Capitalist. Has been active in politics. Was 
an aid-de-camp on the military staff of the late Gov. Tanner, 
ranking as colonel. Resides at 707 North Klein street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Augusta May — Since leaving school has resided at her home near 
Rochester, 111. 

Margaret Myers — Removed to Chicago several years ago and is now 
employed as stenographer in that city. 

70 Springfield High School. 

Mamie Xusbaum — Kesided in Springfield until September, 1899, 
wlien she was married to Maurice Landauer, a clothing merchant 
of ^Monmouth, III, since which time she has made her home in 
that city. 

— Willi.4lm W. Pearson — Attended the University of Illinois, literary 
department, one year; graduated from the medical department 
of the University of Michigan, and for a year and a half was a 
member of the surgical and medical staff at the Prince Sani- 
tarium in Springfield, 111. Attended the University of Goettin- 
gen and University of Vienna a year and a half and has since 
been practicing medicine in Des Moines, la. 

Bertha Pease— AYas married June 30, 1896, to James Babcock of this 
city. The family residence is at' 222 West Edwards street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Jay L. Price — After leaving school he was employed in the whole- 
sale lumber business in Chicago, several years. Afterwards re- 
turned to Springfield to engage in the coal business. Became a 
member of the Edward F. Hartman Printing Company, but after- 
wards withdrew from the firm and returned to Chicago where 
he is now employed in the credit department of Armour & Com- 
jpanj, packers. 

PoY R. Eeece — Was employed as traveling salesman for a Chicago 
clothing firm several years. Is engaged in the fish, poultry and 
produce business as senior member of the firm of Eeece & Sulli- 
van. Resides at 816 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

— €harles a. Eiprox— After graduating attended the University of 
Illinois for one jear. Was then abstract clerk with the Abstract 
and Title Guaranty Co., of this city for three years. N"ow em- 
ployed as draughtsman with the Westinghouse Electrical Supplv 
Co., 561/1, Public Square, Cleveland, 0. 

EuVTHERiNE Sch:\iid— Is employed as teacher in the Stuart school and 
resides at 226 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Charles E. Sullivax — Has resided in Springfield since leaving 
school. For four years was a clerk in the city water works de- 
partment and now is employed as a clerk in the office of the State 
Board of Health, Springfield, Illinois. 

Frank C. Thompson— Eesided in Springfield until his death, June 
24, 1900. 

Elm A L. Vancil— Was married in June, 1895, to E. H. Lapham, who 
is now a member of the firm of Burleigh & Lapham, photo- 
graphers. Resides at 1311 South Pasfield street, Springfield, 
Til. Mrs. Lapham taught in the Springfield schools for six years 
before her marriage. 

Alumni Association. 71 

Agnes M. Warren — Was employed as a teacher in the Springfield 
schools until her death, August 20, 1897. She was visiting in 
Ann Arbor, Mich., at the time and was accidentally killed by an 
engine on the Michigan Central railroad. The body was brought 
home and the interment made in Oak Ridge cemetery. 

Mary L. Wilcox — Made her home in Springfield until August, 1896, 
when she was married to John Henry, of Edinburg, 111., where 
she now resides. 

Horace L. Wiggins — Manager, Leland Hotel, Springfield, 111. 

Arthur F. Wines — Died, Dec. 2, 1899, in St. Mary's hospital in 
Washington, D. C. After leaving school was employed for some 
time in Evanston. Later attended Cornell University. After- 
wards was appointed to a responsible position in the United 
States census department. Was given charge of the work of 
enumeration in Alaska and the rigors of that climate undermined 
his health, resulting ultimately in his death. The funeral and 
burial took place in Springfield. 

Lewis E. Wood — After leaving school was employed as clerk in the 
Springfield postoffice several years. Was engaged for a short 
time as local reporter on The State Journal staff. Afterwards 
studied dentistry and is now practicing the profession, with his 
office in the Franklin building. Is married and resides with his 
family at 323 South Douglas avenue, Springfield, 111. 

CLASS OF 1890. 


• William Helmle^ Principal. 
L. M. Castle. • Emma F. Jones. 

Mrs. L. B. Shepherd. Frieda Habermaas. 

Mary H. Kuhl. Mary E. Andrews. 

Susan Wilcox. 


Chatterton's Opera House, June 20. 

Prayer Rev. Francis Springer 

Salutatory Nathalia Henne 

"From Sunrise to Sunset" Elizabeth A. Hallahan 

"Make New Friends, But Keep the Old" Lizzie S. Campbell 

"Influence of Habits" Fred L. Power 


"The Ethics of Quarreling-" Katherine L. Brown 

"Seedtime and Harvest" S. Virginia Bouchard 

"The Rank and File" Frank S. Springer 

"Fortune Favors the Brave" — Motto of Class of 1890 Jennie Alice Burke 

Piano Duet — "March Triumphale" (Hoist) 

Alice E. Gehlman and Mabel Seaman 

"Choice of a Calling" George H. Buck 

"Idle Hands" Emma M. Johnson 

"Our Country's Greatness" Kate E. Burns 

72. Springfield High School. 

"Drifting with Time" Maude Williams 

"Science" Richard E. Corson 

Vocal Duet — "I Pescatori" (Gabussi) 

Annetta G. Glysson and Marie B. Gomes 

"Difficulty of Choosing" H. Ida Savage 

"Fata Morgana" Edith Campbell 

"Esse quam Videri" Grace Fancher 

Recitation — "The Christian Martyr" Elizabeth Mester 

"Go" Moiris Robinson 

Song— "II Sogno" (Abt) Olga Shrock 


"Paddle Tour Own Canoe" Jennie Kreigh Taylor 

"The Friar's Lantern" Mae Louise Coe 

"Rebecca" Elizabeth Rodgers 

"Eight Hours" Harry T. Pride 

"They Go Down to the Sea in Ships" Alice May Stockdale 

Piano — "Valse Brillante" — Chopin, Op. 34, No. 1 Minnie Salzenstein 

Recitation — "Forest Scene from As You Like It" Eva C. Stern 

Symposium — "America's Intrinsic Strength." 

"Manhood Suffrage" George H. Manlove 

"Common Schools" Thomas A. Roberts 

"Material Resources" Harry H. Gard 

Piano — "Tarantelle" — Heller, Op. 85 Sallie Butler 

"Home" Charity G. AUen 

"The American of the Future" Ella R. Tarrent 

Recitation — "Smiting the Rock" Susie Vandercook 

Chorus — "Sir Knight, O Whither Away." 

"Utopia" Ella M. Carman 

"We Build the Ladder by Which We Rise" Georgia P. Williams 

"Die Griechen, die Griechen, und immer die Griechen". .Hasseltine Fletcher 

Song — "Judith" — Concone Bertha A. Wilcox 

"Standing With Reluctant Feet, Where the Brook and River Meet". . . . 

Ada B. Hallowell 

"The Pilgrim Fathers" Francis T. Gehlman 

Valedictory Jennie E. Rubly 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Clinton L. Conkling 

Benediction Rev. O. O. Fletcher 

The Alumni meeting was held in the High School Chapel in the even- 
ing and the following program was given: 

Piano Solo Essie Irwin, '87 

Address to Graduates John Mathis, '82 

Response George Manlove, '90 

Song— " 'Tis I Alone Can Tell" Marie Westenberger 

Poem— "A Tale of Woe" Ray Hiller 

In Memoriam Margaret Vredenburgh, '70 

The officers elected were: 
President — Wm. Helmle. 

Vice President — Margaret Vredenburgh. 
Secretary — George Buck. 

Treasurer — Hasseltine Fletcher. 


Charity G. Allex — Married Mr. Ed. Elliot; was teacher in schools 
at Edwardsville, 111., at the time of her death, which occurred 
May 5, 1899. 

S. YiRGixiA Bouchard — Besides at 1430 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Trapp school. 

Alumni Association. 73 

Katherine L. Brown — Married Mr. Fred Buck, merchant, and re- 
sides at 408 South. Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

George H. Buck — Resides in Chicago, 111. ; is engaged in insurance 

Jennie Alice Burke — Eesides at 417 South Ninth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Kate E. Burns — Eesides at Cook and Sixteenth streets, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher. 

Sallie Butler — Resides at 724 West Washington street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Edwards school. 

Edith Campbell — Resides near Springfield, 111. ; teacher at Illiopolis, 

Lizzie S. Campbell — Resides at 825 South Third street, Springfield, 
111. ; bookkeeper with George S. Connelly & Co. 

Ella M. Carman — Assistant storekeeper at Illinois Eastern Hospital 
for the Insane, Kankakee, 111. ; taught school for several years. 

Mae Louise Coe — Resides at 903 South Fourth street, Springfield, 

Richard E. Corson — Resides at 122 Nortli Glenwood avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; travels for Lord, Owen & Co., wholesale drugs ; married 
Miss Jessie Fee. 

Grace Fancher — Resides at 318 South AValnat street, Springfield, 
111. ; Secretar)^, Capitol Life Association. 

Hasseltine Fletcher — Resides at 43 Beach street, Bloomfield, N. 
J. ; teacher ; graduated from Vassar. 

Harry H. Gard — Resides in Cripple Creek, Col. ; principal of a school. 

Alice Evans Gehlman — Resides at 231 East Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Francis Taylor Gehlman — Resides at 231 East Jackson street, 
Springfield, 111. ; with Frank T. Kuhl, merchant tailor. 

^ Annetta G. Glysson — Married Mr. E. A. Myers, dentist, and resides 
in Hamilton, Mont. 

Marie B. Gomes — Resides at 210 East Carpenter street, Springfield, 
111. ; stenographer, Springfield Consolidated Railway Co. 

Elizabeth A. Hallahan — Married Mr. Harry A. Ramstetter, 
Springfield, 111. Mrs. Ramstetter died April 7, 1898. 

Ada B. Hallowell — Married Mr. Otto Miller, traveling salesman, 
and resides at 201 West Pine street, Springfield, 111. 

— JSTathalia Henne — Resides at 121 Franklin street, Akron, 0. ; gradu- 
ated from Ann Arbor in 1901 ; teacher of German in Akron High 

Emma M. Johnson — Died July 20, 1900. 

74 Springfield High School. 

George Henry Manlove— Resides in Eockford, 111., journalist; 
graduated from Chicago Homoeopathic Medical College in 1895, 
with degree of M. D., and practiced at Eockford and Durand for 
two years, and then took up journalism. 

Elizabeth Mester— Resides at 2034 Peoria Road, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Converse school. 

Fred L. Power— Resides at 119 South Walnut street, Springfield, 111.; 
bookkeeper at Power's Planing Mill. 

Harry T. Pride— Resides at 911 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111.; 
builder; married Miss Lillian A. Humphrey. 

Thomas A. Roberts— Graduated from West Point, June 12, 1897, 
and was assigned to 10th U. S. Cavalry; was shot through the 
abdomen in the charge on San Juan Hill, Cuba, during the 
Spanish-American War in 3 898; was promoted and served on 
the Island of Samar in the Phillipine Islands. Is now instruc- 
tor in French and Spanish at U. S. Military Academy at West 

Morris Robinson— Resides in Chicago, 111.; traveling salesman for 
Illinois Malleable Iron Co., 30 West Monroe street, Chicago. 

Elizabeth Rodgers— Resides at 524 Xorth Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk with the John Bressmer Co. 

Jennie Elizabeth Rubly— Married Mr. Walter Smith, civil engi- 
neer, and resides in Harristown, Tex. 

— Minnie Salzenstein— Married Mr. Nathan Stone, wholesale jeweler, 
199-201 Market street, Chicago, 111. 

H. Ida Savage — Married Mr. E. Grover Bolles, architect, and resides 
in Alameda, Cal. 

Mabel Seaman— Resides at 624 South Fifth street, Springfield, III. 

— Olga Shrock— :Married Mr. Alliger Hasbrouck, firm of Rothermel 
& Hasbrouck, fire insurance, and resides at 5147 Prairie avenue, 
Chicago, 111. 

Frank S. Springer— Resides at 528 South Lincoln avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; Secretary, American Southdown Association. 

Eva C. Stern— Resides at 416 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111.; 
stenographer with Brown, Wheeler, Brown & Hay. 

Alice May Stockdale— Resides at 101 East Allen street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Edwards school. 

Ella R. Tarrent— Resides at 333 West Elliot avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Enos school. 

Jennie Kreigh Taylor— Married Mr. George Jack, salesman, and 
resides at 205 West Pine street, Springfield, 111. 

Susie Vandercook— Resides on Rural Route No. 4, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Dubois school. 

Alumni Association. 75 

Bertha A. Wilcox — Resides at 723 North Third street, Springfield, 
111.; was principal of Clinton High School; is a vocalist of 

Georgia P. Williams — Resides at 713 Oak street, Evansville, Ind, ; 

graduate Fisk University 1895 ; teacher of Latin and Literature 

in High School. 
Maude Williams — Married Mr. Jack Henry, traveling salesman, and 

resides at 3650 Fifth avenue, Chicago, 111. 

CLASS OF 1891. 


William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary H. Kuhl. Mary E. Andrews. 

Frieda Habermaas. Elizabeth Gastman. 

Susan Wilcox. 


Chatterton's Opera House, June 18. 

Prayer Rev. D. S. Johnson 

Salutatory Alice Purcell 

Recitation — "The Marble Queen" Edith Lawson 

Oration — "The Congo Free State" Henry B. J. Craig 

Essay— "Monologue of the Good Fairy of the High School". Julia Etta Averill 

Essay— " 'Tis the Mind That Makes the Body Rich" Kate A. Gaughan 

Recitation — "Lady Clare" Annie D. Jack 

Song — "Non fu Sogno" ('Twas No Vision) — Verdi Castelle Derry 

Oration— "Importance of a "Well Spent Youth" ...Max T. Schaaf 

Essay — "Gang "Warily" Harriet E. Maxwell 

Essay — "L. 'Allegro and II Penseroso" Maud Hoffman 

Oration — "The Value of Experiment" Logan Coleman 

Symposium — "An Excursion Into Mist Land." 
"The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead." 

"Greek Nature "Worship" Carrie Gait 

"Orpheus and Eurydice" Adaline Hensel 

"Pandora" Lena Armbruster 

Chorus — "Oh, Italia, Italia, Beloved." 

Oration — "The Railway as a Civilizer" Frank H. Hamilton 

Essay— "Trifles Lighjt as Air" Anna Alkire 

Oration — "If the Arts Were for Sale, "Which "Would You Buy?" 

Carrie Stretch 

Essay — "After School Days; What?" Helen Johnson 

Oration^ — "The Young Physician" Jacob Frisch 

Recitation — "Soldier's Joy" Adelaide Langdon 


Oration — "Memory vs. Hope" Marie Dean Shrock 

Recitation — "The Angels of Buena Vista" Bessie M. Weller 

Piano Solo— "Soiree de Vienne, No. 6" — Schubert-Liszt Julia Fisher 

Essay — "Famen" Mary Merrick 

Piano Solo— "Hunting Song"— Mendelssohn Marcia Brainard Odam 

Recitation^"Sandalphon" Eliza B. Condell 

Oration— "Machinery" Frank E. Marney 

76 Springfield High School. 

Poem — "Sweetest Shakespeare Fancy's Child" Isabelle Graham 

Essay — "Then and Now" Adelle M. Weisz 

Piano Solo — "Papillons Roses" — Francis Thorne, Op. 59 Lida F. Ward 

Symposium — "Two Ways to Protect American Workingmen." 

(a) "By Establishing Industrial Schools" John W. Solomon 

(b) "By Restricting Immigration" Otto G. Miller 

Recitation — "Keenan's Charge" Harriet H. James 

Essay — "Distance Lends Enchantment Kathrine Carroll Higgins 

Chorus — "Go Hold White Roses." 
Oration — "Columbia Beloved" (A Geographical Sketch) ..Annie C. Lundquist 

Essay — "Calamity is Man's True Touchstone" Cora Campbell 

Oration — "Agitation" Moses A. Mardis 

Oration — "Trades Unionism" Gus A. Pride 

Piano Duet — "La Gallina" (The Hen) Gottschalk 

Adelle Council and Elizabeth Rippey. 

Valedictory Christopher B. Coleman 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Clinton L. Conkling 

Benediction Rev. J. A. Kumler 


Anna H. Alkiee — Kesides at 1315 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; stenographer at headquarters Illinois Anti-Saloon I^eague. 

Lena M. Armbruster — Resides at 831 Xorth Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Eidgely school. 

Julia Etta Averill — Eesides at 541 South West Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Cora Campbell — Eesides at 756 Xorth Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Converse school. 
—Christopher B. Coleman — Resides in Irvington, Ind. ; Professor of 
History, Butler College; A. B. Yale, '96; B. D. Universitv of 
Chicago, '99. 

Logan Colemax — Eesides at 520 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
graduate of Princeton University ; bookkeeper at Illinois Na- 
tional Bank; married Miss Priscilla Hitt of Island Grove, 111. 

Eliza B. Condell — Eesides at 1446 Staughton street, Washington, 

D. C. ; emplo3^ed in the census office. 
Florence Adelle Council — Eesides in St. Louis, Mo. ; stenographer. 

^ Henry B. J. Craig — Eesides at 22 William street. New York City; 
assistant to custom house attorney; spent much time in Oregon 
and California. 

— Castelle Derry — Married Mr. H. S. Daniels, hardware merchant, 
and resides in Jerseyville, 111. 

Julia Fisher — Eesides at 1220 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
bookkeeper, Sangamon Coal Co. 

JA.C0B Friscti — Resides at 407 North Fourth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
druggist ; member of Sangamon County Board of Supervisors. 

Carrie Galt — Resides at G19 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111.; 
teacher in High School. 

Alumni Association. 77 

Kate A. Gaughan — liesides at 1802 East Jackson street, Springfield, 
111.; student at Business College. 

Isabelle Graham — Resides at 2310 Spencer street, South Omaha, 
Neb.; teacher. 

Frank H. Hamilton — liesides at 700 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111., cit}^ engineer; graduated from University of Illinois; 
Captain, Engineer Corps, Illinois National Guard. 

Adaline Hensel — Married Mr. E. C. Pruitt, teacher, and resides 
at 635 Calhoun avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Kathrine Carroll Higgins — Eesides at 622 North Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Lincoln school. 

Maud HorFMAN — Married Mr. Loren E. Wheeler, postmaster, and re- 
sides at 152 North Walnut street, Springfield, 111. 

Annie D. Jack — Eesides at 418 South Eleventh street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Harriet IT. James — Married Mr. F. A. Eckerson, machinist foreman, 
and resides in Beardstown, 111. ; graduated in 1892 at Business 
College in shorthand. 

Helen Johnson — Died August 2, 1898. 

Adelaide Langdon — Married Mr. Charles H. Robinson, of Henson 

Robinson Co., and resides at 528 South Eighth street, Sj)ringfield, 


Edith M. Lawson — Resides at 101 South Walnut street, Springfield, 

Annie C. Lundquist — Died, June 18, 1895; was a teacher. 

Moses A. Mardis — Resides in Chicago, 111. ; attorney at law. 

Frank E. Marney — Resides in St. Louis, Mo. ; on local stafl" St. Louis 

Harriet E. Maxwell — Resides in Hanna City, 111. 

Mary Merrick — Married Mr. George Stewart, and resides at Four- 
teenth and Laurel streets, Springfield, 111. 

Otto G. Miller — Resides at 201 West Pine street, Springfield, 111.; 
traveling salesman. 

Marcia Brainard Odam — Resides at 1510 South Sixth street, 
Sprino-field, 111. ; newspaper work ; was student at Art Institute, 

Gus A. Pride — Resides at 25 Erie street, Cambridgeport, Mass. ; agent, 
insurance company. 

Alice Purcell — Married Mr. J. B. Strode, merchant ; and resides at 
920 West Cook street, Springfield, 111. 

Elizabeth A. Rippey — Resides at 412 West Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; bookkeeper. 

Max T. Schaae — Traveling in Germany. 

78 Springfield High School. 

Mary Dean Siirock — Eesides at 5147 Prairie avenue, Chicago, 111.; 

John W. Solomon — Resides at 1110 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. : graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, 
in i895; taught school in 1896; minister M. E. church 1897 to 
1900; now in government employ as letter carrier. 

Carrie M. Stretch — Resides at 231 Jackson Park Terrace, Chicago, 
111.; bookkeeper with Western Union Telegraph Co. 

Lida F. Ward— Resides at 708 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Feitshans school. 

Adelle M. Weisz — Died in Chicago, Feb. 8, 1896. 
Bessie M. Weller — Resides at 1000 East North Grand avenue^ 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

CLASS OF 1892. 


William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary H. Kuiil. • A. M. Craig. 

A. E. Chamberlain. Olive B. Ray. 

Susan Wilcox. 


House of Representatives, June 16. 

Prayer Rev. C. C. Otis 

Prologue and Salutatory Theodosia Savage 

The Discovery. 

"The Idea of a New World" Gertrude Birchard 

"The Hour and the Man" Bessie Conner 

"Westward, Ho !".... Jessie Fee 

"America" Wm. Olden 

Recitation — "Columbus" Rose Harris 

Piano Solo "Die Spieldose" (the Music Box) (Liebich) Laura Hussey 

"The Fountain of Perpetual Youth" Liillie Connelly 

"The Pacific" Jemima Morris 

"The Aztec Communities" James W. Bolden 

"The Incas in Peru" Clara Trotter 

French Explorations. 

"The Missionaries" Gertrude Darbey 

"Acadia" May Donnelly 

Chorus — "Our Country" — (Rossini.) 

Dutch Explorations. 

"The Hudson in Legend and History" Clara Stockwell 

English Explorations. 

"The Sea Dogs" Carrie Jackson 

"English Colonial Policy" May Gallagher 

"The Landing of the Pilgrims" Earnest T. Rickard 

"The Breaking Waves Dashed High" Lillian Keyes 

Alumni Association. 79 

Piano— "Der Vulkan" Minnie Peterson 

The Provincial Period. 

"The Township in Massachusetts" jay French 

"A Yankee District School" Virginia Gehlman 

"The County in Virginia" Alice Flaherty 

"Relations with England" Edwin A. Mallory 

"Taxation Without Representation" Rose DeCastro 


Part Second. 
Song— "The Rose Bush" Florence Throop 

The Revolution. 

"The Boston Tea Party" Ida Brooks 

"The Minute Men at Concord Bridge" Effie Sanders 

"Paul Revere's Ride" Emma Helmle 

"Washington" Joseph Drake 

"Achievements of American Arms" Andrew M. Brooks, Jr 

"Exploits on the Sea" Edward Kessberger 

"The Revolutionary Rising" Lillie Stickel 

"American Diplomacy" Latham Souther 

Chorus — "The Fisher Crew's Return" 
The Constitutional Period. 

"The Convention of 1787" Sophia Schlicht 

"The Work Done" Robert Knight Porter 

"The State" , Daisy Logan 

"The Nation" Charles W. Weisz 

"The Ship of State" Mary Reisch 

Piano — "Canyon Rill" Margaret Quaid 

After 400 Years. 

"1492-1892, a Comparison" John Davis 

"American Literature" Annie L. Wilcox 

"Barbara Fritchie" Kate Deicken 

"Agriculture" Julia Amos 

"Manufactures" David S. Griffiths 

"Commerce" James Lewis 

"Uncle Sam" Percy Stone 

"Glimpses of Our Neighbors" Rose Armbruster 

"Some Problems of the Present" Albert L. Wood 

"The Duty that Lies Nearest" — and Valedictory Wm. L. Steele 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Clinton Conkling 

Benediction Rev. Preston TV^ood 


Julia W. Amos — Married Mr. Warren Taylor, Principal Dubois 
school, and resides at 1241 West Washington street, Springfield^ 

EosE T. Akmbruster — Eesides at 831 N^orth Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Trapp school. 

Gertrude Birchard — Married Mr. George Estabrook, who died in 
California. She died April 19, 1898. 

.Tames W. Bolden — Eesides in Chicago, 111. ; stenographer ; Spring- 
field address, Cook and Fourteenth streets. 
—Andrew M. Brooks, Jr. — Eesides in St. Joseph, Mo.; electrician; 
married Miss Sallie C. Estill of Chilesburg, Ky. 

Ida F. Brooks — Eesides at 523 South Spring street, Springfield, Ilh 

80 Springfield High School. 

LiLLiE CoxxELLY — Married Mr. Edward Lyman, farmer, and lives 
near Farmingdale, 111. 

Bessie Coxner — Eesides at 418 South Walnut street, Springfield, 111. ; 
stenographer. Electric Liglit Co. 

Gertrude E. Darbey — Besides in Moline, 111.; graduate Illinois 
State Normal University. 

John H. Davis — Eesides at 231 ISTorth Fifteenth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; night dispatcher at postoffice. 

EosE DeCastro — Eesides at 1043 Norrh Sixth street, Springfield, 

Kate Deicken — Married Mr. David S. Griffiths, city treasurer, and 
resides at Third street and Eastman avenue, Springfield, 111. 

May E. Donnelly^ — Eesides at 509 ISTorth Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111.; cashier at Hampton's grocery store. 

Joseph Drake — Attorney at law; removed to Indiana. 

Jessie C. Fee — ^Married Mr. Eichard E. Corson, traveling salesman, 

and resides at 122 North Glenwood avenue, Springfield, 111. 
Alice Flaherty — Eesides at 1159 North Fifth street, Springfield, 

Jay' T. Fren"CH — Eesides at 317 South State street, Springfield, 

111.; money order clerk at postoffice. 

May Gallagher — Married Mr. John Westenherger, with Klaholt 
Shoe Co., and resides at Eleventh and Adams streets, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Virginia M. Gehlman — Eesides at 614 West Edwards street, 
Si^ringfield, 111.; teacher in Hay school. 

David S. Griffiths — Eesides at corner of Third street and East- 
man avenue, Springfield, 111. ; City Treasurer. 

EosE Harris — Eesides at 336 Ontario street, Chicago, 111.; steno- 
grapher, Haskins & Sells, expert accountants; attended Wash- 
ington College, and was private secretary to Congressman 
Hinrichsen, Washington, D. C. 

Emma Helmle — Married Mr. James A. Hall, clerk, Marine Bank, 
and resides at 334 North Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Laura Hussey^ — Eesides in Industry, 111. 

Carrie B. Jackson" — Eesides at 843 North Seventh street, Siding- 
field, 111.; teacher at St. Agatha's school. 

Edward Kessberger — Eesides at 114 North First street, Spring- 
field, 111.; insurance agent. 

Lillian Keyes — Eesides at 922 North Sixth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in McClernand school. 

James A. Lev^^is — Eesides at 5501 Indiana avenue, Chicago, 111.; 
firm of Kidder & Lewis, druggists. 


Alumni Association. 81 

Daisy j\I. Logan — Married Mr. W. R. Eldredge, with United States 
Express Co.. and resides at 614 Xorth Madison street, Bloom- 
ington. 111. 

Edwin A. Malloey — Eoom 68 Postoffice Building, Chicago, 111. ; 
postal clerk. 

Jemima Morris — Eesides at 1832 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in Stuart school. 

—William Q. Olden — Eesides at 23 Humboldt Park Boulevard, 
Chicago, 111. ; civil engineer, with Illinois Steel Co. ; married 
Miss Delia L. Eoper. 
Minnie Peterson — Eesides at 34 North Gifford street, Elgin, 111.; 
teacher in schools. 

Robert Knight Porter — Eesides in Prescott, Arizona ; teacher of 
Latin and German in Prescott High School; graduate of 
University of Illinois; classical course, A. B. 

Margaret Quaid — Eesides at 319 South Walnut street, Springfield, 

Maey' E. Eeisch — Married Mr. Joseph Zimmerman, clerk, Eidgely 
Bank, and resides at Calhoun avenue and Eutledge street, 
Springfield, 111. 
-Earnest T. Eickard — Eesides at Homer, 111. ; bank clerk ; married 
Miss Mae Eaynor, of Champaign, 111. 

Effie S. Sanders — Eesides at 508 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; graduate of Vassar. 

Theodosia Savage — Married Eev. Henry Hawley, and resides in 
Sloan, Iowa; graduated from Oberlin College. 
—Sophia Schlicht — Eesides in Bradfordton, 111. 

Latham T. Souther — Resides at 1203 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field. 111.; clerk, Sangamon Loan & Trust Co., Bank; now travel- 
ling in Europe. 
—Will LaBarthe Steele — Resides at 200 Franklin avenue, Wilkins- 
burg, Pa. ; architectural draftsman with Alden & Harlow, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. ; graduate school of architecture, University of Illi- 
nois, class of "96; draftsman with Louis H. Sullivan, Chicago, 
from 1897 to 1900; married Miss Mariana Green, of Ramsey, 111, 

Lillie B. Stickel — Died in September, 1897. 

Clara L. Stockw'ell — JMarried Mr. Dean Burleigh, with Eastman 
Kodak Co., and resides at 876 Eddy street, San Francisco, Cal. ; 
taught in the Springfield public schools from 1892 to 1897. 

Percy A. Stone — Resides near Springfield, 111.; Rural Route No. 
4; farmer; graduated in electrical engineering at University of 

Florence Throop — Married Mr. James B. Edwards, Jr., electrician, 
and resides at Fifth street and Eastman avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Clara A. Trotter — Resides at 405 North First street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

82 Springfield High School. 

CiiABLES Weisz — Eesides at 5051 Indiana avenue, Chicago, 111.; book- 

Annie L. Wilcox — Married Mr. Clarence B. Wilson, and resides 
in Woodlake, Ky. 

Albert L. Wood — Eesides in Eoodhouse, 111. ; pastor, M. E. Church. 

CLASS OF 1893. 


William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Mary H. Kuiil. Howard W. Dickinson. 

Susan Wilcox. Florence Whipple. 

Olive B. Eay. 


Opera House, June 16. 


Prayer Rev. E. B. Rogers 

Introductory — (Salutatory) Rose C. Talbott 

I. In Kentucky Wilds and Indiana Forests: — 

(a) "Lincoln's Heredity" : Bessie C. Trotter 

(b) "A Good Mother" Sidney L. Fox 

(c) "The Backwoods School" Walter C. Bradish 

(d) "The Ohio Boatman" Araminta F. Davis and Addie L. Duncan 

(e) "Roughing It" Paul Ulrich 

Piano — "Narcissus" (Nevin) Clara B. Wilms 

II. Pioneer Life in I linois: — 

(a) "The Rail Splitter" Mamie T. Keefe 

(b) "A Long Journey" Fred H. Hahn 

(c) "In Good Company" Rose P. Nuess 

(d) "The Soldier of the Black Hawk War." 

"Historical" M. Alberta Alkire 

"A Reminiscence" Anna B. Claypool 

(e) "The Defeated Candidate" Chas. J. Rourke 

Chorus — "Carnival." 

III. "The Lawyer and the Politician: — 

(a) "The Law 'Student" Reed M. Perkins 

(b) "In Congress" Sarah E. Rhoads 

(c) "The Debater." 

"Douglas" Vincent T. Dallman 

"Lincoln".. Henry A. Converse 

Recitation — "Is Slavery Wrong" (Lincoln) :..Nina L. Converse 

(d) "The Presidential Candidate." 

"The Address at Cooper Institute" Flora S. Havighorst 

"The Campaign of 1860" Marie F. Traylor 

Piano — "Air de Ballet" (Moszkowski) Ella L. Mount 

IV. At the White House: — 

(a) "The Commander-in-Chief Howard W. White 

(b) "The Diplomat." 

"The President" Mary O. McGinnis 

"His Inaugurals" Elsie M. Converse 

"Right Makes Might" Margaret M. Young 

(c) "The Emancipator" James R. Forden 

(d) The Martyr" Rose C. Talbott 

Alumni Association. 83 

Recitation — "The Death of Lincoln" (Beecher) Fannie C. Stern 

Piano — "Polka de Concert" (Pattison) Bella N. Powell 

V. Lincoln the Man: — 

(a) "The True Friend" Nonie L. Burns and Catherine A. Howard 

(b) "The Orator" Frank S. Bogardus 

Recitation — "The Gettysburg Address" Eva S. Stern 

(c) "The Genial Story Teller" Eugenie Willett 

(d) "The Patriot" Anna L. Johnson 

(e) "Honest Abe" Albert D. Stevens, Birt V. Bolles 

Recitation — "Tribute from London Punch" Gertrude Deffenbaugh 

Chorus — "Let the Hills and Vales Resound." 

VI. The Lincoln of History: — 

(a) "Verdict of the World" Horace C. Porter 

(b) "A National Hero" Mazy Cooper 

(c) "The Judgment of Intimates" Effie W. Sexton 

(d) "Hero Worship" Ella Verne Auxier 

Recitation — "Commemoration Ode" (Lowell) Flora B. Higgins 

Valedictory Horace C. Porter 

Presentation of Diplomasi Hon. S. P. Wheeler 

Benediction Rev. Gerrit Snyder 


M. Alberta Alkire — Resides at 1315 JSTortli Fourth street, Spring- 
field;, 111.; teacher. 

Ella Verne Auxier — Married Mr. Sylvester Dillard, with Central 
Union Telephone Co., and resides at North Grand avenue and 
AA'alnut street, Springfield, 111. 

Frank S. Bogardus — Besides in ISTormal, 111.; teacher; graduate 
Illinois State ISTormal, 1896; principal of practice school of 
State Normal, 1900-1901; married Miss Luella Forden of 
Eound Prairie, 111. 

Birt V. Bolles — Attended DePauw University at G-reencastle, Ind., 
and Carthage College; died February 8, 1898. 

Walter C. Bradish — Besides at 509 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; pharmacist ; graduated from Highland Park College 
of Pharmacy at Des Moines, la. 

Nonie L. Burns — Besides at 1704 East Cook street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher. 

Anna B. Claypool — Besides in Athens, 111. 

Elsie M. Converse — Married Mr. E. E. Staley, shoe dealer, and 
resides at Eighth street and Eastman avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Henry A. Converse — Besides at 1346 North Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; assistant U. S. District Attorney; graduated from 
law department at Ann Arbor. 

Nina L. Converse — ]\Iarried Col. Henry Davis, capitalist, and re- 
sides at Fifth and Allen streets, Springfield, 111. 

Mazy Cooper — Married Mr. T. A. Telfer, furniture dealer, and re- 
sides in Seward, Neb. ; taught school for six years. 

Vincent Y. Dallman — Besides at 409 North Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; telegraph editor. Daily State Begister; married Miss 
Marie Boston. 

84 Springfield High School. 

Araminta F. Davis — Eesides in Decatur, Ala. ; first assistant teacher 
in public schools. 

Gertrude Deffenbaugii — Married. Eev. C. M. Barton, M. E. minis- 
ter, and resides in Assumption, 111. 

Addie L. Duncan — Eesides at 312 North Thirteenth street, Spring- 
field, TIL; proprietor of grocery store at 812 East Washington 

James E. Forden — Eesides in Saginaw, Mich.; teacher in manual 
training; graduate of Illinois State Normal, 1901. 

Sidney L. Fox — Married ]\Ir. Fred Schlierbach, carriage and harness 
dealer, and resides at Third and Dodge streets, Springfield, 111. 

Fred Howard Hahn — Eesides in Springfield, 111. ; traveling agent. 
Standard Oil Co.; married Miss Blanche Nebinger, deceased. 

Flora S. Havigiiorst — Eesides in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; teacher in 
High School; graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, Dela- 
ware, Ohio, 1901. 

Flora B. Higgins — Married Mr. Charles Barnes, and resides in 
Chicago, 111. 

Catherine A. Howard — Eesides in Chicago, 111.; teacher. 

Anna L. Johnson — Eesides at 1213 Ledlie avenue, Springfield, 111. ; 
proof reader. State Eegister.' 

Mamie T. Keefe — Eesides at 103 West North Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; bookkeeper, Keef e's Flour & Feed Co. 

Mary 0. McGinnis — Eesides in Dawson, 111.; student at Illinois 

Ella L. ]\Iount — Married Mr. Eobert A. Clarkson, and resides at 
4101/2 South Sixth street, Springfield, 111. ; taught in the Spring- 
field schools. 

EosE P. NuESS — Eesides at 619 West Washington street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Dubois school. 

Eeed M. Perkins — Eesides at 945 South Second street, Springfield, 
111.; attorney at law; A. B., University of Illinois, 1898; L. L. 
B., Wesleyan University, 1901. 

Horace Chamberlain Porter — Eesides in Champaign, 111.; 
graduate of University of Illinois, classical course, degree of A. 
B. '97 ; scientific course, degree of B. S. '99 ; post graduate, de- 
gree of M. S. 1900 ; post gr'aduate work at Harvard, 1900-1901. 
with degree of A. M. 1901 ; holds Thayer scholarship at Harvard 
and assists in chemical laboratory. 

Bella N. Powell — Married Mr. Philip G. Malheny, manager, coal 
department, Eepublic Steel & Iron Co., and resides at 1229 South 
Fourth street, Springfield, 111. 

Sarah E. Eh o ads — Eesides in Forsyth, Mo. 

Charles J. Eourke — Eesides at 1600 East Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; with Central Union Telephone Co. 

Alumni Association. 85 

Effie W. Sexton — Married Mr. Tra J. Bell, attorney at law, and 

resides at 933 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111,; taught six 

years in city schools. 
Eva S. Stern — Married Mr. Joseph A. Heineman, cement contractor/ 

and resides in Chicago, 111. 
Fannie C. Stern — Besides at 416 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 
Albert D. Stevens — Eesides in Joplin, Mo. ; attorney at law. 
Eose C. Talbott — Eesides at 730 West Jefferson street, Springfield, 

111. ; teacher in schools. 
Marie Traylor — Eesides at 1133 West Edwards street, Springfield, 

111. ; teacher in schools. 
Bessie C. Trotter — Eesides at 503 West Jefferson street, Springfield, 

111. ; stenographer. 

Paul Ulrich — Died Jnne 7, 1895. 

Howard W. White — Eesides at 18 Milwaukee avenue, Chicago, 111.; 
engaged in iron and steel business. 

Eugenie Willett — Eesides at 535 South Douglas avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; soprano soloist ; teacher in Stuart school. 

Clara B. Wilms — Eesides at 517 South Lincoln avenue, Springfield, 

Margaret M. Younc — Died May 1, 1901. 

CLASS OF 1894. 

William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Olive B. Eay. 

Florence Whipple. Howard W. Dickinson. 

E. E. TuRNEY. Lydia M. Tomsen. 


Chatterton's Opera House, June 15. 

Prayer Rev. E. B. Handle 

Salutatory — "Knowledg-e of Nature" Robert Carr Lanphier 

I. The Muddy Waters of the River: — 

"The Sangamon" Frankie Gatton 

"Its Source" Mamie Chaffee 

"Its Affluents Nellie Stanton 

"What to See in Maps and Charts" Arthur H. Davidson 

Piano — "Les Joyeux Papillons" (Gregh) Daisy Florence White 

"How Springs Are Formed" Kate Maxcy 

"A Lesson from a R. R. Cutting" Mabel Allen 

"How Rains Feed the Springs" Susie E. Thompson 

"The Summer Storm" (Lowell) Jennie May Ridgeway 

"A Study of Clouds" Caroline Wheeler 

"The Crystalization of Water" Herman Rothert 

Evaporation — "The Circuit of Waters" Margaret Davis 

86 Springfield High School. 

Bass Solo Fred Chase King 

Music — "Happy Birds" Mandolin and Guitar Club 

II. The Prairies Through Which It Flows: — 

"Submerged Beneath the Ocean "Wave" Robert Carr Lanphier 

•"The Song of the Stars" (Bryant) Carrie Belle Lee 

"Coral Insects at Work" ; Hattie M. Cantrall 

"A Tropical Forest" Estelle L. Moore 

"A Universal Sheet of Ice" Joanna M. White 

"Rushing Torrents and Lakes" Mattie Rankin 

"Clay for Our Bricks" MoUie M. Logan 

"Wear and Tear of Rain and Flo\\ing Water" Jesse O. Pride 

"Mud Banks and Alluvial Meadows" Jean Wood Parkinson 

"Centuries of Grass Growth" Frank Allen Drake 

"The Prairies" Florence Edith Stickel 

"The Garden of the World" Florence Mabelle Irwin 

Song — "The Dragon Flies" 

Gertrude G. Bahr, Jennie French, Eleanor Ewing Thorpe 

Music — Selection from Wang (Morse) Mandolin and Guitar Club 

IIL "The Breezes which Blow Over It." — 

"The Winds as Common Carriers" Alice May Watson 

"The Cause of the Winds" Margaret S. Gillespie 

"Moisture from the Gulf" Margaret C. Sullivan 

"Cold from the Northwest" Katherine Heitele 

Song — "Rosamonde" (Chaminade) Laurel E. Scott 

"Changeability of Our Winds" Anna Glennan Cannan 

"An Ocean of Air" Clara Reed 

"A Saucer of Lime Water" , Bertha May Renne 

"Weighing the Air" Frank W. WTiipple 

"How to Read the Weather Charts" James Lucian Adams 

Piano Duet — "Faust Ballet" (Gounod) .Minnie M. Solomon, Rose J. Johnson 

Sextett — "Farewell to. the Forest" (Mendelssohn). 
IV. "The Life which Beautifies it:" — 

"The Red Man and His Hunting Ground" Wm. A. Bradford 

"Its Wild Flowers" Julia E. Chapman 

"Forest Trees" Margaret L. Tarrent 

"The Forest Hymn" (Bryant) Nellie Quaid 

"Fish, Flesh and Fowl" Nellie M. Engelskirchen 

"The Guests of the Flowers" Lida Gait 

"Grains and Grasses". John C. Beam 

"The Plant as a Producer" Ella R. Claybourne 

"The Animal as a Consumer" Clara Eberlen 

"Dame Nature's Balance Sheet" Laura E. Mott 

Piano — "Tarentelle" Jennie Josephine Rippey 

(Thome Opus, 43.) 

"The Legacy of the Past" Lucy Ellen Heritage 

"The Survival of the Fittest" Ethel Mairy Cobb 

"The Value of Scientific Education" and Valedictory . Margaret S. Gillespie 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. R. D. Lawrence 

Benediction Rev. A. P. Cobb 


James Lucian Adams — Eesides on East Washin<]rton street, Spring- 
field, 111, ; electrician with E. Haas Manufacturing Co. 

Mabel Allen — Resides at 111 South Glenwood avenue, Springfield, 

Gertrude G. Bahr — Married Mr. William H. Melton, and resides at 
208 North Ninth street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Alumni Association. 87 

John C. Beam— Kesides at 200 West Edwards street, Springfield, 
111.: clerk, Wabash Eailroad. 

William A. Bradford — Besides at 131 North Walnut street, Spring- 
field, 111.; attorney at law, suite 508 Myers Building; graduate 
^of Northern Illinois College of Law, 1900. 

Hattie M. Cantrall — Resides at 526 South Walnut street, Spring- 
field, 111.; supervisor of drawing in public schools; graduate 
of Pratt Institute. 

Anna Gllnnan Carman — 'Resides at 933 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; stenographer. 

Mamie Chaffee — Eesides at 402 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Julia E. Chapman — Eesides in Chicago, 111. ; bookkeeper. 

Ella E. Claybourne — Eesides at 709 South Eleventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; stenographer. 

—Ethel Mary Cobb — Resides at 508 West Washington street, Bloom- 
ington, 111.; teacher in High School; B. A., Wellesley, 1899. 

Arthur H. Davidson — Eesides at 121 North Glenwood avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; clerk, Wabash Eailroad; married Miss Maude 

Margaret Davis — Resides at 54-t South State street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Trapp school. 

Frank Allen Drake — Resides at 558 West Jefferson street, Spring- 
field, 111.; clerk, Board of Education. 

Clara Eberlen — Resides at 1007 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher in Trapp school. 

Nellie M. Engelskirchen — Resides at 505 West Monroe street, 

Springfield, 111. ; teacher. 
Jennie French — Died at Asheville, N. C, March 17, 1901. 

LiDA Galt — Married Rev. George Gelwicks, missionary, and resides 
in Siang Tan, Hunan Province, China. 

Frankie Gatton — Married Mr. Walter A. Talbott, proprietor Clover 
Leaf Dairy, and resides near Springfield, 111. 

Margaret S. Gillespie — Resides at 407 llast North Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; stenographer. 

z' Katherine Heitele — Resides in St. Louis, Mo. ; stenographer, Sim- 
mons Hardware Co. 
Lucy Ellen Heritage — Died in Springfield, 111., Aug. 27, 1898. 

Florence Mabelle Irwin — Married Mr. Louis J. Tonjes, clerk, and 
resides at 725 South College street, Springfield, 111. 

Rose J. Johnson — Eesides at 353 West Miller street, Springfield, Til. 

Fred Chase King — Eesides at 613 South Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; traveling salesman for Swift & Co. 

Robert Carr Lanphier — Resides at 810 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; electrician; graduated from Yale in 18i)8. 

88 Springfield High School. 

Carrie Belle Lee — Resides in formal, Ala.; stenographer ;md 
teacher of elocution and delsarte in Agricultural and Mechanical 
College; graduate of Wilberforce University of Ohio, and private 
secretary to Rev. H. M. Ttirne'r, senior bishop of A. M. E. Church, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Mollie M. Logan— ^^Married ]\Ir. Ernest Naramore, traveling sales- 
man, and resides at 1001 North First street, Springfield, 111. 
Kate Maxgt — Resides in Pasfield, 111. 

Estelle L. Moore — jMarried Mr. Thomas M. Kilbride, Principal, 
Stuart school, and resides at 105 East South Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Laura E. Mott— Resides at 1218 East Capitol avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Horace Mann school. 

Jean Wood Parkinson— Resides at 227 West Capitol avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Jesse O. Pride — Resides at 8 Cardinal avenue, St. Louis, Mo. ; clerk 
and bookkeeper ; married Miss Florence McGinniss. 

Nellie Quaid— Resides at 319 South Walnut street, Springfield, 111.; 

Mattie Rankin— Married Mr. John Vandawalker, mechanic, and 
resides at 919 South Ninth street, Springfield, 111. 

Clara Reed— Married Mr. J. M. Pauls; died in Chicago, TIL, Oct. 
10, 1900. 

Bertha May Renne— Resides at 205 West North Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Jennie May Ridgeway— Resides at 309 South State street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Jennie Josephine Rippey — (Married Mr. Elmer E. Wright, clerk, 
and resides at 1220 South Second street, Springfield, 111. 

Herman Rothert — Resides in Petersburg, 111. ; physician and sur- 
geon ; graduated from Miami Medical' College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
in 1897. 

Laurel E. Scott— Resides at 537 West South Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Stuart school. 

Minnie M. Solomon— ]\Iarried Mr. Henry A. Gillette, and resides in 
Winona, Minn. 

Nellie Stanton— Resides at 420 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. 

Florence Edith Stickel— Resides at 1211 South Sixth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Margaret C. Sullivan— Resides on East Cook street, Springfield, 111. 

Margaret L. Tarrent— Resides at 333 West Elliott avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. : teacher. 

Susie E. THo:\rpsoN— :\Iarried :Mr. Charles Barton, and resides at 
125 North Fourteenth street, Springfield, 111. 

Alumni Association. 89 

Eleanor Ewing Thorpe — Resides north of State Fair Grounds, 

Springfield, 111. ; teacher. 
Alice May Watson — Married Mr. Charles E. Ealph, P. 0. clerk, 

and resides at 641 South Glenwood avcnne, Springfield, 111. 

Caroline Wheeler — Married Mr. W. W. Woodworth, superintendent, 
Gas Compan}'-, and resides in Peoria, 111. 

Frank W. Whipple — Died in Springfield, 111., Sept. 5, 1896. 

Daisy Florence White — Resides at 215 West Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; music teacher. 

Joanna M. White — Resides in Spruce, Mo. ; bookkeeper. 

CLASS OF 1895. 


William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Florence Whipple. 

Howard W. Dickinson. Ray R. Hiller. 

E. E. Turney. Lydia M. Tomsen. 


Opera House, June 13. 

"A Morning- with the Poets." 

Prayer Hev. E. B. Randle 

Salutatory Helen Kreigh RadclifEe 

(1) Home and the Fireside: 

Introduction Mildred Louise Seifert 

"Home Sweet Home" Payne 

Mabel Irene Drake. 

"The Old Oaken Bucket" Woodworth 

Chas. N. Neal. 

"Snow Bound" Whittier 

Edna Leah Paullin. 

Recitation — "An Order for a Picture" Gary 

Mary Eugenie Bradish. 

Piano— Andante from Trio C. G. Reissiger 

Pearl Hopkins. 

(2) Infancy and Childhood: 

Introduction Fannie Gertrude Taylor 

"The Children's Hour" Longfellow 

Emma Lauterbach. 
"A Visit from St. Nicholas" Moore 

M. Monica Scanlan. 

Recitation— "Green Apples" Helen Griffith 

"Friday Afternoon Riley 

Wilbur W. Ross. 

"In School Days" Whittier 

Hugh J. Graham. 
Song — "Give Me Thy Love" (Ave Maria) Milton Wellings 

L. Gertrude Barber. 

(3) Historical Poems: 

90 Sprixgfield High School. 

Introduction J^^ ^- ^^^^ 

"Paul Revere" Longfellow 

Miriam S. Springer. 

"Sheridan's Ride" ^^^^ 

Wm. Henry Bowe. 
"Evangeline" r- -Longfellow 

Margaret J. Nickey. 
"The Concord Hymn" Emerson 

John D. Armstrong. 

"The Commemoration Ode" Lowell 

James Silva. 


(4) Patriotism: 

Introduction •. Ethel Marion Smith 

"Old Ironsides" ' Holmes 

Wm. A. Barnett. 

"The American Flag" Drake 

Helen Kreigh Radcliffe. 

"Dixie" Pi^® 

Chas. P. Colby. 

"My Country 'Tis of Thee" Smith 

Laura Granniss Bruen. 

"The Present Crisis" Lowell 

Wm. S. Wood. 

Piano— "Impromptu. Mazourka" Carl Bohm, Op. 302, No. 4 

Alma C. Stewart. ' 


(5) Nature: 

Introduction Hannah M. Curran 

"The Chambered Nautilus Holmes 

Teresa O'Connell. 

"To a Water Fowl" Bryant 

Anna M. Wilier. 

Recitation — "Robert of Lincoln" Bryant 

Laura Blossom Hickox. 

"Woodman, Spare that Tree" Morris 

John P. Latharn. 

"Columbia's Emblem" J. Primrose Parker 


(6) Labor and Social Questions: 

Introduction Lora Hieronymus 

"The Village Blacksmith" Longfellow 

L. Herbert Owbridge. 

"The Heritage" Lowell 

John Rothert. 

Recitation— "Farm Yard Song" Frances E. Shrader 

"Songs of Labor" Whittier 

Harry L. Stockwell. 

"Laborare est Orare" (Labor is Worship) LaRue VanHook 

Piano Solo — Faust, Fantasie Brillante — Eugene Ketterer, Op. 128 

Mary A. Watts 

(7) Humor and Satire: 

Introduction James B. Quinn 

"Proud Miss McBride" Saxe 

Stella Webster Morgan. 
"Contentment" Holmes 

James Eastman Dalbey. 

"The Heathen Chinee" Harte 

Fred S. O'Hara. 

Alumni Association. 91 

"The Bigelow Papers" Lowell 

Howard Logan. 

Recitation — "The Courtin" Lowell 

Carrie M. Goldsmith. 

Valedictory Carrie M. Goldsmith 

Pre.sentation of Diplomas Hon. H. Clay Wilson 

Benediction Rev. Thomas D. Logan 


John D. Armstrong — Besides at 1520 North Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; tinsmith. 

L. Gertrude Barber — Married Mr. H. W. Berger, chief clerk in 
auditor's office of Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Eailway, and re- 
sides at 629 South Seventh street, Springfield, 111. 

William A. Barnett — Eesides at 403 West Allen street, Springfield, 
111. ; registered pharmacist at Hulett's drug store, corner of Fifth 
and Monroe streets. 

William Henry Bo we — Eesides at 1131 North Eleventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; stenographer. 

Mary Eugenie Bradish — Eesides at 931 South Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Laura Granniss Bruen — Married Mr. George Hartman, and re- 
sides at 627 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Charles P. Colby — Eesides near Springfield, 111.; student of den- 
tistry at Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hannah M. Curran — Eesides at 514 West Calhoun avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in Dubois school. 

James Eastman Dalbey — Eesides at 1157 North Third street, 
Springfield, 111. ; electrician with Capital Electric Company. 

Mabel Irene Drake — Eesides at 402 West North Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; teacher in Enos school. 

Carrie M. Goldsmith — Eesides at 401 West Capitol avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in Trapp school. 

Hugh J. Graham — Eesides at 413 South Seventh street, Springfield, 
111. ; attorney at law, A. B., Illinois University. 

Helen Griffith — Married Mr. James Connor, and resides in St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Laura Blossom. Hickox — Married Mr. John Caldwell, capitalist, and 
resides in Wiggins flats on Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 

LoRA HiERONYMUS — Eesidcs at 555 South West Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; teacher in High School; graduated from Uni- 
versity of Chicago in 1900 with Ph. B. degree. 

Pearl Hopkins — Married Mr. Bert M. Bunnell, and resides in Bloom- 
ington. 111, 

Jay T. Kirk — Eesides in Carbondale, 111.; teacher; graduate of 
Southern Illinois State Normal school at Carbondale, and Eureka 
College at Eureka, 111. 

92 Springfield High School. 

John P. Latha]m — Besides at 903 South Second street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Emma Lauterbach — Died in 1898. 

-Howard Logan — Besides in Milwaukee, Wis. ; bridge draftsman with 
American Bridge Co. ; graduate of Princeton, 1899. 

Stella Webster Morgan — Besides in Burlington, Iowa; teacher. 

Charles N. Neal — Besides at 750 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; dentist. 

Margaret J. Nickey- — Married Mr. Oscar Becker, and resides at 
Monroe street and Glenwood avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Teresa O'Connell — Besides at 219 ISTorth Fourteenth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; dry goods clerk. 

Fred S. O'Hara — Besides at 3251/2 South Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; physician. 

L. Herbert Owbridge — Besides at 906 Eddy street, San Francisco, 
Cal. ; three years at University of Illinois; one year in TJ. S. 
Army, transport service on steamship Logan, to Manila, Japan 
and China; practiced architecture two years in San Francisco; 
at present Assistant Secretary, Farmers' and Manufacturers' 
Association of America. 

John Primrose Parker — Besides" in Sydney, Cape Breton, Canada; 

Edna Leah Paullin — Married Mr. Charles Guest, clerk, and resides 

on South Second street, Springfield 111. 
James B. Quinn — Besides at 613 North Seventh street, Springfield, 

111. ; attorney at law. 
Helen Kreigh Badcliffe — Besides at 623 North Fourth street, 

Springfield, 111. ; teacher in McClernand school. 

Wilbur W. Boss — Besides at 210 West Edwards street, Springfield, 
• 111. ; graduated from Illinois College of Pharmacy in April, 1902. 

John Bothert — Taught school three years; died July 17, 1900. 

M. Monica ScANLAN-^Besides at 1901 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; bookkeeper. 

Mildred Louise Seifert — Married Dr. Percy Taylor, physician, and 
resides at 105 West South Grand avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Frances Emilie Shrader — Married Mr. H. J. Toberman, hardware 
merchant, and resides at 615 Fegueroa street, Los Angeles, Cal. 

James Silva — Besides at 1132 South Spring street, Springfield, 111. ; 
clerk at Dodds' drug store. 

Ethel Marion Smith — Besides at 1325 M street, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; stenographer U. S. Fish Commission. 

MiRiA:\r S. Springer — Besides at 219 West Adams street, Springfield, 
111. ; bookkeeper. 

Alumni Association. 93 

Alma C. Stewart — Resides at 211 North Walnut street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Ridgely school. 

Harry L. Stockwell — Resides at 8 Fort street, Auburn, IsT. Y. ; 
machinist; served in Spanish- American war in Third N. Y. Yol. 
Inf t. ; married Miss Ruby Tif f t. 

'Fannie Gertrude Taylor — Married Mr. W. B. Pickrell, physician, 
and resides at 621 Walnut street, Springfield, 111. 

La Rue Van Hook — Student, University of Chicago ; received Euro- 
pean traveling fellowship in Greek. 

Mary A. Watts — Resides at 725 South Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Anna M. Willer — Resides at 531 South West Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Willia]\[ S. Wood — Resides at 823 North Eighth street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher in Springfield High School; graduate of Blackburn 
University, A. B. 

CLASS OF 1896. 


William Helmle, Principal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Florence Whipple. 

Lydia M. Tomsen. E. E. Turney. 

Ray R. Hiller. Albert Carver. 

A. C. Herre. 


Prayer Rev. Dwight C. Hanna 

Salutatory Maud J. Jeffery 

Chorus — "Anchored." 

Valedictory Frank Nelch 

Chorus— "The Bugler." 

Address to Graduating Class — "Brains" ; Dr. F. M. Bristol 

Evanston, 111. 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. S. P. Wheeler 



Michael H. Boland — Resides at 609 South Eleventh street, Spring- 
fi.eld. 111.; druggist. 

Anna Brinkerhoff — Married Mr, Henry R. Fowler, with IST. Hay 
& Co., shoe dealers, and resides at 709 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Thomas Broady — With Pullman Palace Car Co.; headquarters at 
St. Louis, Mo. ; residence 2834 LaClede avenue. 

Clark Cabanis — Resides in Kinmundy, 111.; student at University 
of Illinois. 

Julia Carter — Resides at 844 South Second street, Springfield, 111. 

94 Springfield High School. 

Lucille Coopee — Married Mr, Charles Wallers, and resides in In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Mae L. Davis — Besides at 106 West Edwards street, Springfield, 111. 
Catherine J. Donnelly — Eesides at 509 North Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; music teacher. 

Ernestine Fetzer — Eesides at 412 West North Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Stuart school. 

Francis Griffin — Eesides in Pleasant Plains, 111.; teacher. 

Eva L. Groves— Eesides at 915 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111.; 
teacher in Trapp school. 

Myrtle Horner — Married Mr. L. L. Dale, attorney at law, and re- 
sides in Nevada, Mo. 

Eay Hudson — Eesides at 626 Black avenue, Springfield, 111.; clerk 
at Illinois Central freight house ; married Miss Mattie Holley. 

Edith Hull— Eesides at 628 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111.; 
Assistant Principal, Training school. 

Maud J. Jeffery — Eesides at 611 South Seventh street, Springfield, 

Frank Lyman — Eesides in Farmingdale, 111.; chemist; graduate 
University of Illinois 1901, chemistry course, degree of B. S. 

Nannie Maxcy — Eesides at 619 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Training school. 

Cora McGinnis — Eesides in Mechanicsburg, 111.; attended Univer- 
sity of Illinois one year. 

• — Will H. Mills — Eesides at 2775 North Lincoln street, Chicago, 111. ; 
correspondent in claim department, Deering Harvester Co.; Sec- 
retary, American Hampshiredown Sheep Association; married 
Miss Maude Wellman. 

Frank Nelch — Eesides in Waggoner, 111.; farmer and stoclanan; 
breeder of registered Aberdeen Angus cattle ; married Miss Josie 

Sylvia Nusbaum — Eesides at 429 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Mary Olden — Eesides at 1030 West Lawrence avenue, Springfield, 
111.; teacher in Stuart school; attended Art Institute, Chicago, 

■ -Laura Palmer — Eesides at 606 South Tenth street, LaFayette, Ind.; 
teacher in schools. 

Laura Parkerson — Eesides at 822 South Fourth street, Springfield, 

Arthur H. Pasfield — Eesides at 908 Main street, Kansas City, Mo. ; 
real estate; attended Princeton two years. 

Mary F. Povs^ell — Eesides at 722 South Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Katherine Quinn — Married Mr. Martin Troy, and resides at 801 
South Fifteenth street, Springfield, 111. 

Alumni Association. 95 

John Albert Ealph— Eesides at 1109 Osborn avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; married Miss Anna M. Wimderlich, of Virden, 111. ; teacher. 

Edith M. Richards— Eesides at 336 North Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; stenographer. 

Mary S. Eoss— Married Mr. Wm. E. Irwin, chief clerk, Santa Fe 
Eailroad, and resides in San Marcial, N. M. 

Mary L. Eoss— Eesides at 825 South Twelfth street, Springfield, 111. ; 

stenographer, Franklin Life Insurance Co. 
Laura I. Sanpord — Eesides near Springfield, 111.; teaching in 


Marcia Saunders— Eesides at 718 North Fifth street, Springfield, 

Benjamin D. Seligman — Eesides at 913 North Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; traveling salesman. 

Maud A. Stiamel — Eesides at 1440 North Third street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Enos school ; sings in Baptist church choir. 

Alice E. SnEriiERD — Eesides at 107 West Jefferson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; taught a number of years in Converse school. 

Mary M. Shepherd — Eesides at 107 West Jefferson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; stenographer, Scott & Co., Investment Bankers. 

Elda L. Smith — Eesides at 710 South Sixth street, Springfield, 111.; 
graduate Northwestern University, A. B., 1901; elected to Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1901; teacher in High School. 

Amy K. Stewart — Eesides at 211 North Walnut street, Springfield, 

Bertha L. Stickel — Eesides at 1211 South Sixth street^ Springfield, 

Bertha Strode — Eesides at 920 West Cook street, Springfield, 111. ; 

teacher at Bissell, 111. 

James D. Talbott — Eesides at 730 West Jefferson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; agent. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. ; was lieu- 
tenant. First Illinois Cavalry, -Spanish- American war. 

Julia Tarrent — Eesides at 333 West Elliott avenue, Springfield, 
111.; stenographer. 

Euth Ulrich — Married Dr. Benjamin Pinkerton, physician, and 
lived for a short time in Beyrout, Syria. Mr. and Mrs. 
Pinkerton returned to Springfield, 111., where they now reside 
at 813 South Sixth street. 

Eva Waters — Married Mr. W. L. Morgan, teacher, and resides in 
Mechanicsburg, 111. 

Nellie Waters — Eesides in Mechanicsburg, 111. 

Mabel Wilfong — Married Mr. A. P. Brewer, with Sattley Manu- 
facturing Co., and resides at 1313 South College street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

96 Springfield High School. 

CLASS OF 1897. 

William Helmle, Principal. ■ 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. K E. Turney, 

Eay R. Hiller. a, C. Herre. 

Albert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Agnes M. Warren. Carrie Galt. 


Chatterton's Opera House, June 17. 

Prayer Rev. Freeman Havighorst 

Salutatory Elizabeth Logan 

Chorus — "Sion" (Rodney.) 

Valedictory Louise Griswold 

Chorus— "Sing, Sweet Bird." 
Address before the Graduating Class, President John Cook, Illinois State 

Normal University. 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Rheuna D. Lawrence 

President of the Board. 
Benediction Rev. T. D. Logan, D. D. 


Eoe E. Adams — Cadet U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. ; won 
high honors in 1903. 

Maud ALLEN^Married Mr. Arthur Davidson, master mechanic's 
office, Wabash shops, and resides at 119 Sonth Glenwood avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Sophia Barnett — Eesides at 403 West Allen street, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Stnart school. 

Fred Bogardus — Eesides in Chicago, 111.; physician, hospital staff, 
Cook County Hospital. 

Margaret Brewer — Eesides at 615 West Edwards street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Bessie W. Brinkerhoff- — Eesides at Fifth street and Keys avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; music teacher. 

EoY N. Coats — Eesides near Pontiac, 111.; address Eural Eoute 
No. 1. 

Thomas A. Dines — Eesides at 5603 Clement avenue, Tacoma, Wash. ; 
clerk. Northern Pacific Eailway Co. 

TiiEKLA Dinkel — Married Mr. Finley McLennan, and resides at 
426 West Edwards street, Springfield, 111. 

Ealph E. Dorland — Eesides in Peoria, 111.; graduate in pharmacy,. 
Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., 1901. 

Alumni Association. 97 

Charles De Witt Early — Eesides at 1901 Korth Adams street, 
Peoria, 111. ; physician and surgeon ; graduate of Eush Medical 

Adeline P. Elkin — Eesides at 218 South State street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Dubois school. 

Josephine Feldkamp — Eesides at 528 North Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Louise Griswold — Eesides at 1034 South Fourth street, Springfield, 
111.; student at Oberlin College, Ohio. 

Harry B. Harts — Eesides at Second street and Lawrence avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; law student at Ann Arbor ; two years at Prince- 

Katpiryn Hopkins — Eesides at 431 South New street, Springfield, 

Mary W. Howard — Eesides at 1517 North Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Nellie Howard — Eesides at 612 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

EoY Igou — Eesides in Grove City, 111. ; graduate literary department, 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

Susan Jackson — Married Mr. William Grant Foster, architect, and 
resides at 5553 Cottage Grove avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Nicholas V. Lindsay — Eesides at 603 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; student at Art Institute, Chicago, 111. 

■Olive C. Lindsay — Eesides at 603 South Fifth street, Springfield, 
111.; graduated from Hiram College, Ohio, with highest honors 
among the girls; took a course of elocution at Boston Conserva- 
tory and was recently elected a member of the High School faculty. 

Elizabeth Logan — Eesides at 430 South Second street, Springfield, 
111. ; student of music at Wilson College, Chamber sburg. Pa. 

Pearl E. McCreary— Eesides at 912 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Feitshans school. 

Wilbur S. Montgomery— Eesides at 1161 North Third street, 
Springfield, 111.; stenographer, superintendent's office, Chicago 
& Alton Eailroad Co. 

Alice Lorene Odam — Eesides at 1510 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; studying kindergarten work in St. Louis, Mo. 

Albert A. Owen — Eesides at 1115 East Division street, Springfield, 
111. ; machinist at Aetna Foundry. 

William H. Eadcliff — Eesides in Chicago, 111.; with American 
Bridge Company; graduate in engineering, University of Illinois. 

Essie Grace Saunders — Eesides at 404 South Glenwood avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; stenographer and bookkeeper. 

Muriel Scott— Eesides at 537 West South Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. 

98 Springfield High School, 

M. Blaxcite Sextox — Eesides at 920 North Fifth street, Spring- 
fiekl, 111. ; teacher in Converse school. 

Alt A ^Iae Speulda — Resides at 113 E'ast Jefferson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Feitshans school. 

Axnie Sprixger — Eesides at 219 West Adams street, Springfield. 111. 

Albert Stewart — Eesides at 211 North Walnut street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk in Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Eailway general offices. 

Helex Stricklaxd — Resides at Spring and Monroe streets, Spring- 
field, 111.; stenographer, Illinois National Bank. 

\y Aura Taylor — Eesides at 1309 Michigan avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Harriet Vax Meter — 'Married Mr. John A. Barber, attorney at 
law, and resides at 930 South Second street, Springfield, 111. 

Alice Watsox — Eesides at 916 North Sixth street, S^jringfield, 111.; 
clerk in postoffice. 

Erxest Clifford White — Eesides at 370 South Wood street, Chi- 
cago, 111. ; chair of Organic Chemistry, Dunham Medical College. 

— Oakrie a. Wilford — Eesides at 30G West Allen street, Springfield, 

May Williams — Married Mr. Frank Cloyd, farmer, and resides near 
Loami, 111. 

Theodore Wy'xekex — Eesides in Lafayette, Ind. ; dentist. 

CLASS OF 1898. 


William Helmle, Prmcipal. 
L. M. Castle. Emma F. Joxes. 

Susan E. Wilcox. E. E. Turxey. 

Ray E. Hiller. A. C. Herre. 

Albert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Carrie Galt. Kexxedy Brooks. 

Lucy A. DuBois. 


June 16, High School Auditorium. 

Prayer Rev. J. E. Rogers 

Bridal Chorus — Graduating Class. 

Salutatory Jessie Alice Spaulding 

Valedictory John Simeon Cleavinger 

Chorus — 'Drops of Rain." 

Address Prof. Benjamin S. Terry, University of Chicago 

Violin Solo — "Ungarisch II" — Hauser Jessie Alice Spaulding 

Chorus — "Star Spangled Banner." 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. R. D. Lawrence, President of Board 

Benediction Rev. J. Elwood Lynn 

Alumxi Association. 99 


Marian Allyn— Resides at 838 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111.: 
organist First M. E. church. 

Henry George Bengel — Resides at 914 Xorth First street. Spring- 
field, 111.; clerk, Illinois Xational Bank; one 3-ear at Springfield 
Business College. 

Mamie E. Bolles — Married Mr. Albert B. Carswcll, President, 
Johnston, Hatcher & Co., and resides at -125 North Sixth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Elizabeth M. Broeker — Resides at 1114 South Eleventh street, 
Springfield, 111.; teacher in lies school. 

Irene Estella Carter — Resides at 844 South Second street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Edwards school. 

Marguerite Mae Carver — ^Resides on Rural Route Xo. 1, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher. 

John Simeon Cleavinger — Resides at 135 West Jefferson street, 
Springfield, 111.; clerk in general offices Chicago, Peoria & St. 
Louis, Railway Co. 

Louis G. Coleman — Resides at Logan Place, Springfield, 111. ; stu- 
dent Yale University, Xew Haven, Conn.; graduated from 
Lawrenceville, 1899; editor Yale Daily Xews. 

Mary L. Coleman — Resides at Logan Place, Springfield, 111. ; gradu- 
ate of Monticello Seminary. 

Albert- E. Converse — Resides at 1346 North Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; strident at School of Dentistry, LTniversity of Illinois, 
Chicago, 111. 

Ellen Esther Converse — Resides at Ninth street and E'astman 
avenue, Springfield, 111. 

Fannie Davenport — Married Mr. Roy Robert Wilson, secretary and 
treasurer, W. & W. Manufacturing company, and resides at 788 
Wood street, Decatur, 111. ; studied piano and voice at musical 
college in connection with Illinois Woman's College, Jackson- 
ville, 111., 1898-99. 

Bertha Eberlen — Resides at 1007 Xorth Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; student at Springfield Business College. 

Fannie England — Resides at 911 South Fourth street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher. 

Eva Blanche Farmer — Married Mr. II. Solomon, and resides at 
northeast corner Fourth and Rafter streets, Springfield, 111. 

Frances Fawcett — Resides at 523 Xorth Fifth street, Springfield, 
111.: attended Business College; stenographer in City Attorney's 

Genevieve Fisher — Resides at 811 Xorth Eighth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Converse school. 

100 Sprixgfield High School, 

Katherixe Fischer — besides at Adams and Lewis streets, Spriuo-- 
field, 111. 

Marie Louise Garavood — Resides at 5100 Cabannc avenue, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Clara Gassler— Resides at 514 West Monroe street, Springfield, 111. 

Dora Goldstein— Resides at 626 North Sixth street, Springfield, 
111. ; bookkeeper. 

E.MMA Blakelt Grant— Resides at 431 West Washington street, 
Springfield, 111.: teacher in Horace Mann school; summer of 
11»01 at Chicago University. 

Annie D. Grout — Resides at Fifth and Scarritt streets, Springfield, 
111. ; vocalist of abilit}'. 

Richard Albert Guest — Resides at 1411 jSTorth Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. : clerk in office of division superintendent of the Chicago 
& Alton Railroad. 

Charles T. Headexburg — Resides at 325 N"orth Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; was clerk in office of coimty treasurer for a 
number of years: captain of Company C, Fifth Regiment, I. N. 
G. ; served as lieutenant during Spanish- American war ; insur- 
ance agent ; married ]\Iiss Christine Higgins. 

Roy Trend Jefferson — Resides, at 1023 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. ; with Capital Life Insurance Company. 

Alice X. Keyes — Resides at 922 ISTorth Sixth street, Springfield, 111. 

Mabel A. Kimber — Resides at 918 South Second street, Springfield, 
111.: teacher in Training school; one 3^ear at Northwestern Uni- 

John C. Lanphier, Jr. — Resides at 903 South Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; insurance agent. 

Mary Eloise Laugeman — Resides at 1215 South Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Clara Lillian Miller — Married Mr. H. F. Janssen, florist, with 
Brown & Canfield, and resides at 109 North State street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

LiLA Beatrice Morledge — Married !Mr. J. Ernest Scott, firm of 
York & Scott, contractors and builders, and resides at 508 West 
Jefferson street, Springfield, 111. ; attended Chicago Universitv 
in 1901. 

Eleanor Dorcas Myers — Resides at 1403 South Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Stuart school. 

Annette Ruth Neely — Married Mr. John Roberts, of Warren Rob- 
erts Co., contractors, and resides in Chicago, 111. 

Helen Myrtle Nelson — Resides at 921 West Jefferson street, 
Springfield, 111. ; in Berry's music store. 

Kate H. Newlin — Resides at 925 West Washington street, Spring- 
field, 111. : teacher in Dubois school. 

Alumni Association. 101 

Cecil Norvell — Resides at 911 South Fourth street, Springfield, III. 

George W. Oliver — Resides in Chicago, 111.; employed in Santa Fo 
Railway general offices. 

Albert Louis Pickel — Resides at Klein and Carpenter streets, 
Springfield, 111. ; clerk in postoffice. 

Belle Radcliff — Resides at 623 North Fourth street, Springfield, 

Minnie S. Reisch — Resides at 321 West Herndon street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Agnes Helen Rogers — Resides at 606 North Thirteenth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Feitshans school. 

Sadie R. Salzenstein — Resides at 603 North Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; one year at Oberlin College studying music. 

Odiorne M. Sampson — Resides in Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Edward C. Schoettker — Resides at 702 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk in Farmers' National bank ; formerly with engi- 
neering department of the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railway. 

Jessie Clarice Scholes — Married Mr. Robert Vredenburgh, man- 
ager, Yredenbiirgh's planing mill, and resides at 710 South Sec- 
ond street, Springfield, 111. ; studied music in Chicago during 
winter of 1900-1901. 

EuTH Elizabeth Smith — Died at Colorado Springs, Col., August 
21, 1901. 

Jessie Alice Spaulding — Married Mr. Frank H. Bode, of the com- 
mission firm of Spaulding & Bode, and resides at 1401 South 
Fourth street, Springfield, 111. ; teacher of violin. 

Annie Streckfuss — Resides at Concordia College, Springfield, 111.; 
teacher in Palmer school; attended Chicago University. 

Frances Thoma — Resides at Fifth and Elm streets, Springfield, 

111. ; attended Chicago University. 
Ella Vance — Resides at 701 North Sixth street, Springfield. 111.; 

nursing in Chicago hospital. 
Katherine Marie "Walsh — Resides at 336 North Fifth street, 

Springfield, 111. ; bookkeeper. 
Laura Ella Watts — Resides at Sixth street and Lawrence avenue, 

Springfield, 111. 
Mabel Wellman — Married Mr. Herbert Lehr, dentist, and resides in 

Dwight, 111. 
Frances Westenberger — Resides at 1001 North Fifth street, 

Springfield, 111.; teacher in McClernand school. 
Amy Wheeler — Resides at Walnut and Jefferson streets, Spring- 
field, 111. 
Eva Wheeler — Resides at Walnut and Jefferson streets, Springfield^ 


102 Springfield High School. 

Bessie Jane WiiiTECUArT — Ecsides at 728 South Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Bernice D. Wilfong — Besides in Chicago, 111. ; stenographer, Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., publishers, 378-388 Wabash avenue, Chicago, 

Mary Virginia Wines — Resides at 1446 Staughton street, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

The class of '98 participated in the exercises at the opening of the new 
High School building, November 23, 1897. The following is the program 
on that occasion: 

Music — High School Mandolin Club. 
Call to Order and Address, R. D. Lawrence, President of Board of Education. 

Invocation Rev. Thos. D. Logan 

Chorus — Junior Class. 

"Historical Sketch of High School" Eva Blanche Farmer 

Piano — Spanish Dance — "Moszkowski" 

Marian Allyn and Fannie -Davenport 

Address Chas. T. Headenburg 

Song Delia Roper 

Address on Behalf Board of Education Judge Samuel P. Wheeler, 

Chairman of High School Committee. 

Response L. E. Wheeler, Mayor of City 

Chorus — Senior Class. 

CLASS OF 1899. 


William Helmle, Principal. 

L. M. Castle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. E. E, Tqrney. 

Rat R. Hiller. A. C. Herre. 

Albert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Carrie Galt. Kennedy Brooks. 

Lucy A. DuBois. Olive ^Sattley. 

High School Auditorium, June 22. 

Prayer Rev. Alexander Allen 

Salutatory Mary Will Dines 

"The Surrender of General Lee" Richard Sayre Brinkerhoff 

Chorus — " 'Tis Morn" — Geibel. 

"The White Man's Burden" Caltha Burke Eads 

"The Power of Oratory" Owen C. Pickrell 

"How and Why" Agnes Adella Bowyer 

'Alia Menuet" — Ludwig Schytte Jewel Clara Pierik 

"Permanence of Our Republic" John Sherman Wilson 

"Seven Missions" Elberta Thalia Smith 

"The Public Press" John Parker Olden 

Chorus — "Away to the Fields" — Wilson. 

" ?" Mary Etta Humphrey 

"The Struggle for Supremacy" Willard W. Wheeler 

Song — "Page Song" — Les Huguenots — Meyerbeer. .. .Mary Berdan Tiffany 
"The Debt We Owe to the Community" and Valedictory. .Mabel E. Alkire 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. R. D. Lawrence, President of the Board 

Benediction Rev. M. G. Coleman 

Alumni Association. 103 

members of class. 

Mabel E. Alkire — Eesirlcs at 1315 North Fourth street, Springfield. 
Til. ; teacher in McClcrnand school. 

Sadie Evelyn Auxier — Besides at Walnut street and North Grand 
avenue, Springfield, 111. ; with Illinois Watch Co. 

George C. Ayer — Besides at 353 East Ontario street, Chicago, 111.; 
bookkeeper, Kelley Cigar Co. 

Julius Caesar Becker — Besides at 116 West Carpenter street, 
Springfield, 111. ; clerk in Joseph Hann^s coal office. 

Chloe Florence Bewsher — Besides at 442 West Williams street, 
Springfield, 111.; with Illinois Watch Co. 

Agnes Adelia Bowyer — Married Mr. John F. Murphy, and resides 
in Jefl'ersonville, Ind. 

Mary Jane Bressmer — Besides at 827 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111.; graduated from National Bark Seminary, class of 1901. 

EiCHARD Sayre Brinkerhoff — Besides at 1447 North Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; student at Brinceton College one year ; em- 
ployed with P. F. Kimble & Son, Springfield, 111. 

Stanley Castle — Besides at 843 South Fifth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
student at Bush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 

Edith Bland Chumley — Besides at 1223 South Eleventh street, 
Springfield, 111.; teacher. 

Clifford Frank Cook — Besides at 810 East Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk. First National Bank. 

Margaret Claspill Davidson — Besides at 121 North Glenwood 
avenue, Springfield, 111. 

BuTH Beatrice Davis — Besides in Bobertsville, Mo. ; teacher. 

Nancy Bolyng Davis — Besides at Madison and Fifteenth streets, 
Springfield, 111. 

Carrie Noble Decker — Besides at 230 West Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Hannah J. E. Deicken — Besides at 811 East Capitol avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; bookkeeper. 

Mary Will Dines— Besides at 1021 West Governor street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

EiCHARD Douglas — Besides at 615 South English avenue, Spring- 
field, in. 

Arthur Bay Drennan — Besides at 1220 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; timekeeper at Wabash shops. 

Caltha Burke Eads — Married Mr. Nathaniel G. Henderson ; taught 
in the Springfield schools. 

Lauretta M. Early — Besides at 515 East North Grand avenue, 
Springfield^ 111. ; stenographer. Loyal American office. 

104 Springfield High School. 

Anna Helen Erickson — Eesides at 412 ISTorth Second street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Elizabeth Feldkamp — Eesides at Feldkamp and Lawrence ave- 
nues, Spriiigfield, 111. ; bookkeeper. 

Mayme D. Fugate — Resides at 602 South Walnut street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk, Bressmer's dry goods store. 

Ella Galt — Eesides at 619 West Capitol avenue, Springfield, 111. 
James Egbert Gardner — Eesides at Pleasant Plains, 111.; farmer; 
attended Northwestern University. 

Effie Gordon — Married Mr. John W. Prather, breeder of Short 
Horn cattle, and resides near Sherman, 111. 

"Joseph E. Goulet — Eesides at 144 North State street, Springfield, 
111. ; shipping clerk, Illinois Watch Co. ; took post graduate 
course at Springfield High school. 

Dorothea C. Haselmeyer — Eesides at 1011 jSTorth Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Nelie Hemenway' — Eesides at 501 South Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Bessie Hill — Eesides at 722 West Monroe street, Springfield, 111.; 
bookkeeper, Springfield Paper Co. 

Mae E. Hofferkamp — Eesides at 507 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Dennis Mortimer Howard— Eesides at 612 North Sixth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Adaline Maude Humphrey — Eesides at 725 South Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; was student at National Park Seminary. 

Mary Etta Humphrey — Eesides at 725 South Seventh street, 
Springfield, 111. ; graduated from National Park Seminary, class 
of 1901; was president of her class at the seminary. 

Susie Pal'mer Jayne — Eesides at Fifth street and Enos avenue, 
Springfield, 111. 

Maude Johnson — Eesides at 319 Spring street, Springfield, 111.; 
bookkeeper. Merchants' Eetail and Fire Insurance Co. 

William Keefe — Eesides at 103 West North Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; in Wabash freight office. 

Newark Lax, Jr. — Eesides at 224 East Jackson street, Springfield, 
111. ; in office of Frederick Gehlman, contractor and builder. 

Georgia Pearl McElroy — Eesides in Niantic, 111. ; student at But- 
ler College, Irvington, Ind. 

Lawrence Alvies Mendonsa — Eesides at 924 North Ninth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; night mailing clerk in postoffice. 

Laura Estelle Mitchell — Eesides at 1140 West Cook street, 
Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Dubois school. 

Alumni Association. 105 

John Keal, Jk. — Eesides at 750 jSTorth Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; pharmacist, with J. F. Booth, 223 South Sixth street. 

John Adams Neuman — Eesides at 304 East Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

KoY Mann ISToblett — Eesides at 724 East Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; in office of Noblett's laundry ; attended preparatory 
school of Yale. 

Otto Louis ISTuess — Eesides at 619 A¥est Washington street, Spring- 
field, 111.; with Sattley Manufacturing Co. 

John Parker Olden — Eesides at 23 Humboldt boulevard, Chicago, 

111.; mechanical draftsman, with American Can Co. 

— Mary L. Ostermeier — Eesides on Eural Eoute No. 2, Springfield, 

Owen C. Pickrell — Eesides in Buffalo, 111. ; bank clerk. 

Jewel Clara Pierik — Eesides at 820 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; studied music in Chicago, 111. 

KiTTiE Cora Powell — Eesides at 722 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Cora ISTewtine Eeece — Eesides at 816 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; studied vocal music in Chicago, with Mrs. Sheffield. 

Eda M. Eeiscjt — Eesides at 321 West Ilerndon street, Springfield, 

Alice M. Eodgers — Eesides at 1025 North Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; bookkeeper. 

Martha Scaife — Eesides at 1518 East Jefferson street, Springfield, 
111. ; bookkeeper, Illinois Watch Co. 

Elberta Thalia Smith — Eesides at 710 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; student at Northwestern University. 

Howard E. Smith — Eesides at Capitol avenue and College street, 
Springfield, 111. ; was reporter of the Evening News for some time, 
and later was with the Prudential Life Insurance Co. 

Charles Beecher Stanton — Eesides at 420 South Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; student, Eensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, N. Y. 

Cora Strode — Eesides at 920 West Cook street, Springfield, 111. ; 

Flora Belle Strode — Eesides at 920 West Cook street, Springfield, 

TIL; bookkeeper. 

Mary Jane Thomas — Eesides at 1450 North Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; with Hall & Herrick. 

Mary Berdan Tiffany — Eesides at 612 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111.; student of vocal music, with Mrs. Magnus, Chicago, 

Irene Twyman — Eesides at 1225 North Eighth street, Springfield, 
111. ; stenographer, Sattley Manufacturing Company. 

106 Spkingfield High School. 

-Earl ^I. Watson — Eesides in Fair Oaks, Cal. ; stenographer and 
bookkeeper for Terry Lumber Co., Bella Vista, Cal. 

WiLLARD W. Wheeler — Resides at 611 North Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; student at Williams College, Mass. 

John Sherman Wilson — Taught school in Missouri, and is now em- 
ployed at the Leland hotel, Springfield, 111. 

— <jUSTAVE L. Wyneken — Eesides in Centerville, S. D. ; teaching at 
Freeman, S. D. 

CLASS OF 1900. 


L. M. Castle, Principal. 

William Helmle. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Eay E. Hiller. 

A. C. Herre. E. E. Turney. 

At;Bert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Carrie Galt. Olive Sattley. 

Grace Freeman. . Earnest A. Miner. 


High School Auditorium. June 14. 

Prayer Rev. J. M. Francis 

"The Song of the Sky Lark" — Mendelssohn Class 

Salutatory Grace Humphrey 

Class Poem Lellie Milton 

"The Importance of a True Perspective of Life" Geo. E. Koehn 

"Thoughts at Sunrise" — Cowen — Vocal Solo Lotta Wancker 

"My Trip to the Rockies" Pearl Herndon 

"The Progress of Our Nation" Albert Brinkerhoff 

"The Holy Grail" Minnie Joseph 

Part Chorus — "Let Our Voices be Glad" — Lecocq Class 

"As the Moon Rose" Ruby R. Jones 

"Tom Grogan" Cora R. Galyon 

"The Value of Our Navy" Fred C. Hall 

Solo — (a) "Leichter Verlust" (Erik Meyer Helmund) 

(b) "Believe" (George Ro,sey) Marie Poston 

"The Labor Movement in the U. S." Warren Lewis 

"The Great Enigma" Clara Primm 

Valedictory Edith French Matheny 

"The Lord is Great" — Mendelssohn Class 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. R. D. Lawrence 

Benediction Rev. Archibald Hall 


Hattie L. Atkins — Eesides at 1416 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; stenographer, A. L. Ide & Sons. 

Edna Batchelder — Eesides at 1001 North Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Lincoln school. 

Alumni Association. 107 

Alice Bell — Besides at 1026 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111.; 
studying music. 

Lillian C. Bergold — Eesides at 1325 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field,, 111. ; teacher in Edwards school ; studying music. 

Edith Booth — Eesides at 1429 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111.; 
attending University of Chicago. 

LucRETiA Beatton — Eesides at 1015 North Walnut street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Albert Brinkerhoff — Eesides at 1447 North Fifth street, Sprhig- 
field, 111. ; attending Cornell University at Ithaca, N. Y. 

Daisy Dean Brown — Eesides at 107 West Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111.'; teacher in Training school. 

Marie Coutant — Eesides in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Nellie Curran — Eesides at 514 West Calhoun avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk. 

Mabel L. Dalbey — Eesides at 1205 South Second street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Mabel Davison — Eesides at 505 South New street, Springfield, 111. 

Gertrude M. Day — Eesides at 310 East Jackson street, Springfield, 
111.; attending Business College. 

Nettie De Freitas— Eesides at 1122 North Ninth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Flora Dempsey — Eesides at 805 North Seventh street, Springfield, 
111. ; studying music. 

Daisy Donaldson— Eesides at 117 East Adams street, Springfield, 
111. ; attended Business College. 

Mattie C. Eads— Eesides at 303 East Canedy street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Training school. 

May Fagan — Eesides at 1225 Monument avenue, Springfield, III; 
stenographer for Humphrey, McAnulty & Allen, attorneys at law. 

Lavinia Fisher— Eesides at 410 West Edwards street, Springfield, 

Annie French — Eesides in Frankfort, Ky. 

Cora K. Galyon— Eesides at 512 West x\llen street, Springfield, 111. ; 
teacher in Hay school. 

Clinton Good— Eesides at 1162 North Fifth street, Springfield, 
111. ; student at Cornell University at Ithaca, N. Y. 

Sibyl Goodey— Eesides at 118 West Pine street, Springfield, 111. 

Fred C. Hall— Eesides in Buffalo, 111. ; taught school one year. 

EoY Hieronymus — Eesides at 555 South West Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk, Illinois National bank ; vocal student. 

Pearl Herndon — Eesides at 513 West Monroe street, Springfield, 
111. ; studying elocution at Northwestern University. 

108 Springfield High School. 

Grace Humphrey — Resides at 725 South Seventh street, Spring- 

fielf], 111.; student at Wellesley College. 
Olive Jack — Resides in Buffalo, 111.; student, Illinois College, at 

Jacksonville, 111. 

NoNiE James — Resides at 1525 North Fourth street, Springfield, IlL 
Hallie Johnson — Resides at 904 South College street, Springfield, 
111. ; attended Wilberforee University in Ohio. 

Ruby E. Jones — Resides at 502 South State street, Springfield, 111. ; 
studying elocution. 

Minnie Joseph — Resides at 1155 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111.; teacher in Training school. 

Charles Ivenney — Resides at 321 West Jackson street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk, Illinois National bank. 

Matthew Keyes — Resides at 922 North Sixth street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk at B. H. Ferguson's store. 

George E. Koehn — Resides at 301 AVest Cook street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk, First National bank. 

Olga Laugeman — Resides at 1215 South Fourth street, Springfield. 

Warren Lewis — Resides at 1331 East South Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; law student with Matheny & Matheny. 

Retta F. Long — Resides at Twelfth and Jackson streets, Springfield, 
111. ; with American Short Horn association. 

Charles Foster McElroy — Resides at 301 Ohmer avenue, Indi- 
anapolis, Ind. ; student at Butler College. 

J. Frank Macpherson — Resides at 200 West North Grand avenue,. 
Springfield, 111.; jDreparing for college. 

Myrtle Madge — Resides at 622 West Edwards street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Palmer school. 

Edith Matheny — Resides at 807 South Seventh street, Springfield, 
111.: attending Monticello Seminary. 

Lellie Milton — Resides at 4147 Lake avenue, Chicago, 111.; nurse 
at Lakeside hospital. 

Lulu Neuman — Resides at 321 South Douglas avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Dubois school. 

Clarence Parker — Resides at 316 North Fifteenth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; newspaper work. 

Pauline Paullin — Resides at 607 Black avenue, Springfield, 111.; 
stenographer for J. Elmer Gard, insurance and real estate. 

Lorena M. Peel — Resides at 510 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; stenographer, Deering Harvester Co. 

LiLLiE Phillips — Resides at 212 West Monroe street, Springfield. 
111. ; attended school in Boston, Mass. 

Alumni Association. 109 

Mayme Pittman — Resides at 1405 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111.; stenographer. 

Nellie Pittman — Resides at 1405 North Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher in Training school. 

<tEORGIANA Post — Resides at 619 South Sixth street, Springfield, 
111. ; attended Monticello Seminary in 1901. 

Marie Poston — ^Married Mr. Vincent Y. Dallman, telegraph editor 
Daily State Register, and resides at 409 North Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; vocal soloist. 

Clara Primm — Resides at 1310 West Governor street, Springfield, 
111. ; student at University of Chicago. 

Ceorge Reisgh — Resides at 331 West Herndon street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk in oSice of F. Reisch & Bros. 

Jessie M. Rollins — Resides at 1127 East Mason street, Springfield, 
TU. ; took post graduate course at Business College, 

Crace Cone Sims — Resides on Rural Route No. 2, Springfield, 111. ; 

Walter Smith^ — Resides at Fourteenth and Mason streets, Spring- 
field, 111. ; attending Business College. 

Ella W. Springer — Resides at. 219 West Adams street, Springfield, 

Fannie Springer — Resides at 219 West Adams street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk in office of Bullard & Bullard, architects. 

■Frank Stevs^art— Resides at 146 North Walnut street, Springfield, 
111. ; studying dentistry. 

Edward Sturtevant— Resides at 917 South Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; in Ridgely National bank. 

Charlotte Sullivan— Resides at 1326 North Eighth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; stenographer, Scholes Electrical Supply Co. 

Grace Swan— Resides at 754 North Fourth street, Springfield, 111.: 
clerk in Ferguson's store. 

LoTTA Wancker— Resides at 716 West Monroe street, Springfield, 
TIL: in the office of Gov. Yates. 

Ella Watts— Resides at 524 West Monroe street, Springfield, 111.; 
post graduate High school. 

Thomas Fatts— Resides at 1123 South Second street, Springfield, 
111.; attending Business College. 

Louise Westenberger— Resides at 1001 North Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; studying vocal music. ■ 

110 Sprixgfield High Scpiool. 

CLASS OF 1901. • 


L. M. Castle, Principal. 

H. S. Magill, Jr. Emma F. Joxes. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Kay E. Hiller 

Albert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Carrie Galt Earnest A. Miner. 

Olive Sattley. Grace Freeman. 

Edward Jerrey. K. B. Seymour. 



Chatterton's Opera House, June 13, 1901. 

Prayer Rev. T. D. Logan, D. D. 

Oration and Salutatory — "The Treasure Jar" Ethel L. Ross 

Instrumental Duet — Rosamunde Overture (Schubert) 

Althea L. Gross and Clara D. Streckfuss 

Oration — "Ideals of Manhood" George M. Clendenin 

Recitation — "Ol' Mistis" (Johm Trotwood Moore) Burnette Radcliffe 

Part Chorus — "The Torrent" (Marchant) — Class 

Oration — "Language" Lola Sargeant 

Declamation — "The Debating Society" Frank C. Brinkerhoff 

Spanish Caprice (Moszkowski) ." Ruth E. Spaulding 

Recitation — "Mary Elizabeth" (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps) Alma E. Booth 

Oration— "Our Relations with Cuba" Frank Kalb 

Vocal Gavotte — "Tripping O'er the Hills" (Bohni arr. by Wilson) ... .Class 

Oration — "Will Power as a Factor in Success" William Freidinger 

Oration and Valedictory— "Freedom of Thought" Felicie Cottet 

Presentation of Diplomas Hon. James W. Patton 

President Board of Education. 
Benediction Rev. J. E. Lynn 


D. EoY Betts — Resides at 1105 ISTorth Fourteenth street, Springfield, 
111. ; attending school at University of Illinois. 

George W. Bogardus — Resides at 439 West Edwards street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; employe of Sattley Manufacturing Company. 

Alma Elizabetil Booth- — Resides at 1229 North Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; taking a post graduate course at Springfield 
High school. 

Clara Mae Bradeen — Resides at 323 Keyes avenue, Springfield, 
111. ; taking a course at Capitol Business College. 

Eti-ielavyn Bradish — Resides at 931 South Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Training school. 

Eleanor S. Brewer — Resides at 817 South Fourth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Frank C. Brinkerhoff — Resides at 1437 North Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; clerk, city police magistrate's court. 

Alumni Association. Ill 

FoEDYCE William Broavn — Besides at 1327 Xorth Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111.; draftsman, with Illinois Watch Co. 

Lydia Caroline Buchee — Besides at 218 West Cook street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Helen E. Bullaed — Eesides at 318 South Glenwood avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; attending school at University of Illinois. 

Mary Claea Buens — Eesides on Eural Route Xo. 4, Springfield, 
111. ; taking a business course at Dominican Convent. 

Stella Peael Caldwell — Resides at 402 West Edwards street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Eenest J. Caetee — Resides at 844 South Second street, Springfield, 
111.; employe of United States Express Company. 

Geoege M. Clendenin — Eesides at 1009 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111.; attending Springfield Business College. 

Mabel Ellen Coder — Resides in Lincoln, Neb. 

Alice Benson Conner — Resides at 117 North Walnut street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

H. Leslie Coeeethees — Eesides at 900 East Miller street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teaching art. 

Felicie Cottet — Eesides at Western hotel, Springfield, 111. ; teacher 
in Training school. 

Bernice Philbeook Ceockee — Eesides at 1423 North Fifth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; taking post graduate course at High school. 

Nettie Dawson — Eesides at 617 1-2 East North Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; studying music. 

William Hughes Dillee — Eesides at 511 West Carpenter street, 
Springfield, 111.; preparing for Yale. 

Mary M. Duffield — Eesides at 606 West Lawrence avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; cashier, Loper's First restaurant. 

Grace A. Fish— Eesides at 209 East North Grand avenue, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in Training school. 

William Arthur Freidinger— Eesides at 1226 North Third street, 
Springfield, 111.; employed in finishing department of Illinois 
Watch Co. 

Clara Calloway French— Eesides at 317 South State street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Emory Clizbe Gaffney— Eesides at 1427 East Adams street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; student at Hahnemann ^ledical College, Chicago, IlL 

Annie C. Goldstein — Eesides at 626 North Sixth street, Springfield, 
111.; attending Capitol Business College. 

Althea Livingston Gross— Eesides at 838 South Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. ; studying music. 

Lida Grubb — Resides at 219 West Jackson street, Springfield, 111.;, 

112 Springfield High School, 

Daisy Gutzwiller — Eesides at 1316 East Monroe street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Lydia May Hamilton — Eesides in Lafayette, 111. 

Ida Lr.iGH Harbison — Eesides at 338 South Douglas avenue, Spring- 
field, 111. ; teacher in Training school. 

Harry H. Harris — Eesides at 917 South Fifth street, Springfield, 
111.; employed in Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Eailway freight 

Myron Freeman Henkel — Eesides at 1127 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. ; student Springfield Business College and as- 
sistant in the office. 

Arthur Freeman Hughes — Eesides at 229 South Walnut street, 
Springfield, 111.; will attend medical college. 

Anna Janssen — Eesides at 103 West Lawrence avenue, Springfield^ 
111.; teacher in Training school. 

Jean IsleR' Jefferson — Eesides at 1023 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. ; taking post graduate course at High school. 

Phoebe H. Jj^nkins — Eesides at 1017 South College street, Spring- 
field, 111.; teacher in Training school. 

James H. Johnson — Student at Capitol Business College. 
J. Franklin Kalb— Eesides at 801 North Eighth street, Springfield, 
111. ; clerk in dry goods store of J. P. Eadcliff. 

Caroline Maria Kane — Eesides at 1101 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Frank T. Keisacker — Eesides at 322 South Second street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; ticket accountant, Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Eail- 
way, auditor's office. 

Clara Marion Lawson — Eesides at 3-11 South Douglas avenue, 
Springfield, 111.; cashier at Boston store. 

Marjorie Sibylla Logan — Eesides at 205 East Jackson street, 
Springfield, 111. ; taking post graduate course in German at High 
school, and studying art. 

Sadie May Lott — Eesides at 310 West Cook street, Springfield, 111. ; 
attending Capitol Business College. 

Helen Marie Luers — Eesides at 929 South Second street, Spring- 
field, 111.; stud3dng music. 

Peter A. F. Lundh — Junior partner of the firm of H. B. Lundh & 
Son, watchmakers and jewelers, 120 East Main street, Clinton, 

Alma I^IcConnell — Eesides at 513 South Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Lulu E. McGinnis — Eesides in Dawson, 111.; attending college at 

Alumni Association. 113 

Edna Andeeson McGrue — Besides at 822 East Capitol avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; attending Capitol Business College. 

Mary Irwin McjSTutt — Resides at 1226 South Fifth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Mary E. A. Marshall — Besides at 1335 North Ninth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Katherine Elizabeth Marshall — Resides at 1335 North Ninth 

street, Springfield, 111. 
Helen Veronica Mischler — Resides at 718 South Eighth street, 

Springfield, 111.; learning dressmaking trade. 

Deavitt Hall Montgomery — Resides at 1179 North Third street, 
Springfield, 111. ; clerk in Marine bank. 

Robert G. Moore — Resides at 1419 South Second street, Springfield, 
111.; clerk. Black Diamond Coal Co. 

Grace L. Noblett — Resides at 724 East Monroe street, Springfield, 

Annie Mae Nolan — Resides at 1408 East Jackson street, Spring- 
field, 111.; clerk. Five and Ten Cent store. 

S. LoRA Northcutt — Resides in Phoenix, Arizona. 

D. Rae Norvell — Resides at 911 South Fourth street, Springfield, 
111. ; studying music. 

Mabel Odiorne — Resides at 1010 South Second street, Springfield, 
111. ; taking post graduate course at Springfield High school. 
— Katherine Ostermeier — Resides on Rural Route No. 2, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Bessie C. Peel — Resides at 510 North Fourth street, Springfield, 

Burnette Radcliffe — Resides at 727 North Seventh street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; student at Chicago College of Music and Elocution. 

Sadie Louise Robinson — Teaching school in Alton, 111. 

Ethel Lynn Ross — Resides at 210 West Edwards street, Springfield, 
111.; studying music. 

Robert Francis Rourke — Resides at 1600 East Jackson street, 
Springfield, 111.; employed at Ide's foundry. 

M. Lola Sargeant — Resides at 1234 North Sixth street, Springfield, 
111.; preparing to teach. 

Geneva Amanda Schraner — Resides at 401 West Washington 
street, Springfield, 111.; teaching at Tipton school, near Cora, 

Theresa Dixon Scott — Resides at 1120 South Fourth street, 
Springfield, 111. 

J. William Shaw — Resides at 1317 North Ninth street, Springfield, 
111. ; taking a course at University of Illinois. 

114 Springfield High School. 

Lucy Abbott Souther — Resides at 1203 South Sixth street, Spring- 
field, 111. 

Kuth Elizabeth Spaulding — Resides at 818 North Sixth street, 
Springfield, 111.; teacher of piano. 

Jacob S. Stern — Resides at 416 North Fifth street, Springfield, 111. ; 
employed at Myers Bros.' clothing store. 

Clara Dorothea Streckfuss — Resides at Concordia College, 
Springfield, 111. : studying piano music and theory. 

Ella Striffler — Resides at 128 West Jefferson street, Springfield, 

Pearl E. Taintor — Resides at 1303 North Ninth street, Springfield, 

111. ; bookkeeper for P. E. Taintor, cement contractor. 

Eugenie Vance — Resides at 701 North Sixth street, Springfield, 111. : 
attending Springfield Business College. 

Lillian C. White — Resides at 1312 East Monroe street, Springfield, 
111. ; teacher of music. 

Grace Hannon Wilson — Resides dt 520 South Second street, 
Springfield, 111. 

Jay Thomas Wood — Resides at 317 West Washington street, Spring- 
field, 111. ; employed in general ojffices of Chicago, Peoria & St. 
Louis Railway. 

Frank Lester Wright — Resides at 214 South West Grand avenue, 
Springfield, 111. ; employed on city directory. 

Mary Alice Wright — Resides at 123 South Glenwood avenue, 

Springfield, 111. ; teacher in Training school. 
Ethel York — Resides at 847 North Second street, Springfield, 111. ; 

taking a post graduate course at Springfield High school. 

Alumni Association. 115 

CLASS OF 1902. 


L. 31. Castle^ Principal. 

IT. S, Magill, Jk. Emma F. Jones. 

Susan E. Wilcox. Eay R. Hiller. 

Albert Carver. F. A. Freeark. 

Carrie Galt. Earnest A. Miner. 

Olive Sattlet. Grace Freeman. 

Edward E. Jerrey. E. B. Seymour. 


Ethel Jean Luke. Willia^m S. Wood. 

Elda S. Smith. 

members of class. 

Commencement June 19, Chatterton's Opsra House. 
Jeanette S. Bair. — Eesides at 623 North Seventh street. 
Gl.\dys Eussell Baxter — Eesides at 1223 South Eighth street. 
A. Marie Bekemeyer — Eesides at 1303 South Sixth street. 
Ivy Caroline Bengel — Eesides at 914 North First street. 
Birdie Euth Bergold — Eesides at 1325 South Sixth street. 
Jesse 0. Bookout — Eesides at 1512 South Pasfield street. 
Helen Irene Bostick — Eesides at 211 West Capitol avenue. 
Maud Susan Broeker — Eesides at 1114 South Eleventh street. 
Edwin Elliott Bullard — Eesides at 318 South Glenwood avenue. 
Olive Elizabeth Bunker — Eesides at 506 South Walnut street. 
Mary^ Theresa Bruestle — Eesides at 310 North Fourteenth street. 
James Joseph Burke — Eesides at 407 West Adams street. 
Emma Margaret Campbell — E. E. No. 5, Springfield. 
Clair Earl Canterbury^ — Eesides in Cantrall, 111. 
EuBY Avondale Chamberlain — Eesides at 432 South Fifth street. 
Elmer H. Churchill — Eesides' in Bissell, 111. 
Helen B. Colean — ^Eesides in Glenarm, 111. 
Euth Edna Converse— Eesides at Ninth and Eastman avenue. 
Charles S. Dines — Eesides at 306 West Capitol avenue. 
Celia M. Dowdall — Eesides at 1013 South College street. 
Percival Eaymontd Earnest — Eesides at 222 South Douglas avenue. 
Louis Julius Ehlert — Eesides at 901 South Thirteenth street. 

116 Spkingfield High School. 

Mary Alice Erisman — Besides at 1530 South Seventh street. 

Emma Marie Feuerbaciier — Besides at 917 North First street. 

Harold Struble Freeman — Besides at 629 South Second street. 

AiiY Boss Gard — Besides at 1624 South Sixth street. 

Isaac Goltra — Besides at 506 West Monroe street. 

Agnes C. Hallaitan — Besides at 401 West Adams street. 

Walter F. Harbison — Besides in Biverton, 111. 

Marie Amelia Heintze — Besides at 1115 South Fourteenth street. 

George Barrington Helmle — Besides at 430 South Fifth street. 

Elizabeth E. Hofeerkamp — Besides at 933 South Third street. 

Lulu T. Hubbard — Besides at 1957 South Eleventh street. 

Oramel Blackstone Irwin — Besides in Pleasant Plains, 111. 

Harry L. James — Besides at 1203 South Eighth street. 

Alice Jess — Besides at 726 South Second street. 

Florence May Jesse — Besides at 517 South Ninth street. 

Violetta May Joiiann — Besides at 837 North Eighth street. 

Mary Clinton Johnson — Besides at Lincoln Lodge. 

Arthur Fletcher Kenney — Besides at 317 W, Jackson street. 

Elmer S. Laee^ — Besides in Cantrall, 111. 

Margaret Mary Lawler — Besides at 614 South Eighth street. 

Cecile Lelia Lister — Besides at 1212 West Monroe street. 

Hattie King Logue — Besides at 313 South Glenwood avenue. 

Grace Eva Lomelino — Besides at 1212 South Seventh street. 

Anna May Mason — Besides at 616 South New street. 

Louise French Matheny — Besides at 807 South Seventh street. 

Carl A. Melin — Besides at 1901 South Seventh street. 

Illinois Florence Moody — Besides at 1403 South Second street. 

William S. Mussenden — Besides at 401 North Fourth street. 

Henry B. Myers — Besides at 1403 South Seventh street. 

Alice Adelaide Nettleton — Besides at South Grand avenue 

and Pope street. 
Arlowyne Orr — Besides at 804 North Seventh street. 
HoiMER H. Pelletier — Besides at 414 West Jefferson street. 
Mary Eunice Pendleton — Besides at 321 West Monroe street. 
Gertrude Ethel Penn — Besides at 603 West Lawrence avenue. 
Marie Theresa Pierik — Besides at 830 South Seventh street. 
Carl M. Beisc'h — Besides at 321 West Herndon street. 
George S. Biordan — Besides at 1108 South Seventh street. 
Edna Genevieve Bodgers — Besides in Biverton, 111. 
Grace Schermer?torn — Besides at 522 South Walnut street. 
Stella Schueller — Besides at 219 West State street. 

Alumni Association. 117 

Sidney Benjamin Smith — Eesides at 710 South Sixth street. 
Gkace Margaret Stacy — Eesides at 939 South Fifth street. 
Ethel Izora Stubbles — Eesides at 529 West Canedy street. 
Philip G. Talbott — Eesides at 730 West Jefferson street. 
Gael William Vandagrift — Eesides in Cantrall, 111. 
Edna B. Wagoner — Eesides at 631 West Edwards street. 
Bessie Grace Walker — Eesides at 1501 South Ninth street. 
Albert B. Watts, Jr. — Eesides in Farmingdale, 111. 
Margaret Elizabeth Watts — Eesides at 1223 South Second street. 
Josephine Marie Wehrle — Eesides at 719 North Eutledge street. 

N. B. — The seventy-two graduates of 1902 are not figured in 
the total number of graduates in the historical sketch. 


Class Number Living. Number Dead. Total 

1861 2 1 3 

1862 3 3 

1863 8 1 9 

1864 10 6 16 

1865 6.. 3 9 

1866 14 3 17 

1867 9 2 ;11 

1868 12 6 18 

1869 12 1 13 

1870 15 6 21 

1871 8 2 W 

1872 13 1 14 

1873 22 2 24 

1874 19 3 22 

1875 14 4 18 

1876 21 2 23 

1877 24 4 28 

1878 21 4 25 

1879 23 ^ 6 29 

1880 18 18 

1881 13 1 14 

1882 15 15 

1883 16 2 18 

1884 18 4 22 

1885 30 3 .33 

1886 33 ..2 35 

1887 34 .. 1 35 

1888 39 1 40 

1889 41 6 47 

1890 41 3 44 

1891 38 3 41 

1892 47 2 49 

1893 40 3 43 

1894 49 4 53 

1895 44 1 45 

1896 47 47 

1897 42 42 

1898 59 1 60 

1899 6"^ ..67 

1900 67 67 

1901 84 84 

1902 72 72 

1210 97 1307 


Adams, Annie 1868 

Adams, Dora 1873 

Adams, Emma F 1867 

Adams, Enola 1877 

Adams, Hattie L 1880 

Adams, James Lucian 1894 

Adams, Elizabeth 1872 

Adams, Roe R 1897 

Alkire, Anna H 1891 

Alkire, M. Alberta 1893 

Alkire, Mabel E 1899 

Allen, Charity G 1890 

Allen, Henry C 1883 

Allen, Mabel 1894 

Allen, Maude 1897 

AUyn, Marian 1898 

Ames, Lulu B 1885 

Amos, John J 1885 

Amos, Julia "W 1892 

Anderson, Edward 1878 

Anderson, George E 1888 

Anderson, Kate M 1869 

Anderson, Millie B 1877 

Armbruster, Lena M 1891 

Armbruster, Rose T 1892 

Armstrong, Chas. A 1868 

Armstrong, Lizzie C 1881 

Armstrong, John D 1895 

Atkins Hattie Lorene 1900 

Auxier, Ella V 1893 

Auxier, Sadie Evelyn 1899 

Averill, Julia Etta 1891 

Ayer, Geo. C 1899 

Ayers, Ada L 1889 

Ayers, Grover 1872 

Bahr, Gertrude Gretchen 1894 

Bair, Jeanette S 1902 

Baird, Itonia L 1870 

Baird, Rebecca E 1870 

Baker, Edward Lewis 1876 

Barber, L. Gertrude 1895 

Barker, Emma 1886 

Barkley, Cora B 1886 

Barnes, Ada G 1883 

Barnes, Essie M 1889 

Barnett, Annie M 1887 

Barnett, Sophia 1897 

Barnett "Wm. A 1895 

Barrel!, Nel ie Douglas 1874 

Batchelder, Edna Adaline 1900 

Bateman, Clifford R 1870 

Bateman, Sadie D 1875 

Baxter, Gladys Russell 1902 

Beam, John C 1894 

Becker, Julius Caesar 1899 

Beil, Philip H 1886 

Bekemeyer. Otto. 1879 

Bekemeyer, A. Marie 1902 

Bell, Alice Adele 1900 

Bell, Debbie S 1880 

Bengel, Henry George 1898 

Bengel, Ivy Qaroline 1902 

Bennett, Clarence 1873 

Bennett, Dora 1875 

Bennett, Sophia 1 1867 

Bennie Bertha May 1894 

Bergold, Lilian Clara 1900 

Bergold, Birdie Ruth 1902 

Berry, Benita 1881 

Berry, Henry F 1885 

Betts, D. Roy 1901 

Bewsher, Chloe Florence 1899 

Billington, Charlotte 1885 

Billington, Emma W 1882 

Billington, Mary 1876 

Billson, Wm W 1864 

Birchard, Gertrude 1892 

Blanchflower, Minna A 1879 

Bogardus, Chas. S 1889 

Bogardus. Prank S 1893 

Bogardus, Fred 1897 

Bogardus, George W 1901 

Bogardus, Will 1 1888 

Bogart, Edward 1885 

Boland, Michael H 1896 

Bolden, James W 1892 

Bolles, Birt V 1893 

BoUes, Mamie E 1898 

Bookout, Jesse 1902 

Booth, Alma Elizabeth - 1901 

Booth Edith 1900 

Bostick, Helen Irene 1902 

Bouchard, Alfred S 1889 

Bouchard, S. Virginia 1890 

Bowe, Wm. Henry 1895 

Bowers, Laura B 1886 

Bowyer, Agnes Adelia 1899 

Bradeen, Clara Mae 1901 

Bradford, Wm. A 1894 

Bradish, Mary Eugenie 1895 

Bradish, Ethelwyn 1901 

Bradish, Walter C 1893 

Bratton, Lucretia R 1900 

Brennan, Ella G 1889 

Brennan, James E 1888 

Brennan, Jennie 1887 

Bressmer, Geo. P lS8b 

Bressmer, Mary Jane 1899 

Breusing, Clara 1879 

Brewer, Eleanor S 1901 

Brewer, Kate G 1870 

Brewer, Kate E 1888 

Brewer, Margaret P 1897 

Brewer, Mary. 1875 

Brinkerhoff, Albert David '. 1900 

Brinkerhoff, Anna B 1896 

Brinkerhoff, Bessie W 1897 

Brinkerhoff, Frank C 1901 

Brinkerhoff, George M. Jr 1889 

Brinkerhoff, Richard Sayre 1899 


SpRiKGFiELi) High School. 

Broady, Thos E 1896 

Broeker, Elizabeth M 1898 

Broeker, Maud Susan 1902 

Brooks, Jr., Andrew M 1892 

Brooks Ida F 1892 

Brooks, James Welch 18^(^6 

Brooks, Kennedy. 18'<'3 

Brooks, Mary E 1875 

Brown, Daisy Dean 1900 

Brown, Emma C 1869 

Brown, Fordyce William 1901 

Brown, John H 1870 

Brown, Katherine Lydia 1890 

Brown, Nettie E 1878 

Bruen, Laura Graniss 1895 

Bruestle, Mary Theresa 1902 

Bucher, Lydia Caroline 1901 

Buck, George H 1890 

Bullard, Edwin Elliott 1902 

Bullard Helen E 1901 

Bunker, Olive Elizabeth 1902 

Bunn, Annie 1869 

Bunn, Delia 1874 

Burke, Jennie Alice 1890 

Burke, James Joseph 1902 

Burke, Martha A 1889 

Burkhardt, Annie L 1875 

Burkhardt, Lillie E 1885 

Burns, Katie E 1890 

Burns, Mary Clara 1901 

Burns, Nonie L 1893 

Bushnell, Ella 1866 

Butler, Lillian A 1889 

Butler, Sallie 1890 

Cabanis, Clark 1896 

Oaldwell, Stella Pearl 1901 

Call, Jennie A 1878 

Call, S. Leigh 1889 

Campbell, Cora 1891 

Campbell, Edith 1890 

Campbell, Emma Margaret 1902 

Campbell Lizzie S 1890 

Campbell, Mary L 1869 

Campbell, Nettie 1889 

Campbell, Walter S 1862 

Canfield, Mary A 1866 

Canterbury, Clair Earl 1902 

Cantrall, Hattie M 1894 

Cantrall, Ida M 1880 

Capps, Olive Latham 1888 

Carman, Anna Glennan 1894 

Carman, Ella M 1890 

Carnochan, R. A 1880 

Carpenter Wm. D 1881 

Carter, Ella E 1883 

Carter, Ernest J 1901 

Carter, Irene Estella 1898 

Carter, Julia : . . . 1896 

Carver, Albert 1885 

Carver, Marguerite Mae 1898 

Casey, Walter 1888 

Castle, Stanley 1899 

Chaffee, Mamie 1894 

Chamberlain, Ruby Avondale 1902 

Chapman, Julia E 1894 

Chumlv. Edith Bland 1899 

Churchill, Elmer H 1902 

Churchill, Isabel M 1878 

Clark, Laura E 1863 

Clarke, Minnie E 1885 

Claspill, Dora B 1876 

Clavbourne, Ella R 1894 

Claypool, Anna B 189^ 

Cleavinger, John Simeon 1898- 

Clendenin, George M 1901 

Cleverly, Lenore 1889 

Clinton, Laura 1 1865- 

Clinton, Mary J • • • 1866- 

Coats. Roy N 1897 

Cobb, Ethel Mary 1894 

Cobbs, Albert R 1878 

Cobbs, Maggie E 1881 

Cochrane, Wm 1888 

Cochran, Florence B 1886 

Coder, Mabel Ellen 1901 

Coe, Mae Louise 1890 

Colby, Chas. P 1895 

Colean, Helen B 1902 

Coleman, Christopher B 1891 

Coleman, Josephine 1882 

Coleman, Logan 1891 

Coleman, Louis G 1898 

Coleman, Mary L 1898r 

Colgan, Eugene 1874 

Colgan, Margaret T 1888 

Condell, Eliza B 1891 

Condell, John S 1866 

Condell, Wilbur R 1868 

Conkling, Wm. H 1877 

Connelly, Lillie E 1892 

Conner, Alice Benson 1901 

• Conner. Bessie 1892 

Converse, Nina L 1893 

Converse, Albert E 1898 

Converse, Gertrude 1884 

Converse, Elsie M 189S 

Converse, Ellen Esther 1898 

Converse, Harry A 1893 

Converse, Ruth Edna 1902 

Conway, Annie J. ". 1879 

Conway, Frank P 1885 

Conwav. John A 1879 

Conway, Wm. H 1874 

Cook, Clifford Frank 1899 

Cook, Leonora 1882 

Cooper, Susan D 1885 

Cooper, Mazy 1893 

Cooper Lucile 1896 

Corby, Jessie M 1889 

Corneau, Jennie 1871 

Correthers, H. Leslie 1901 

Corruthers, Elizabeth M 1866 

Corson, Richard E 1890 

Cory, Annie 1 1880 

Cory, John A 1877 

Cottet, Felicie 1901 

Council, Florence Adelle 1891 

Coutant, Marie Pauline 1900 

Craig, Henry B. J 1891 

Crane, Frank Z 1876 

Crocker. Bernice Philbrook 1901 

Croley, Kate E 1872 

Croley, Mary L 1876 

Cruser, Mabel 1888 

Gulp. Sadie K 1880 

Curran, Hannah M 1895 

Curran, Nellie A 1900 

Curry, Mary 1883 

Outright, Alice J 1864 

Alumxi Associatiox. 


Dalbey, James Eastman 1895 

Dalbey, Mabel Louise 1900 

Dallman, Alice 1881 

Dallman, Florence A 1888 

Dallman, Vincent T 1893 

Darbey, Gertrude E 1892 

Davenport, Fannie 1898 

Davidson, Arthur H 1894 

Davidson, Margaret Claspill 1899 

Davis, Araminta F 1893 

Davis, John H 1892 

Davis, Mae L 1896 

Davis, Margaret 1894 

Davis, Nancy Rolyng 1899 

Davis, Ruth Beatrice 1899 

Davis, Will 1888 

Davison, Mabel E 1900 

Dawson Geo. E 1864 

Dawson, Nettie 1901 

Day, Annie A 1887 

Day, Edward S 1889 

Day, Gertrude Margaret 1900 

Day, Nellie 1887 

DeCastro, Rose 1892 

Decker, Carrie Noble 1899 

Decker, Georgia M 1889 

Dedrich, Ada P 1885 

Dedrich, Zenetta M 1879 

Deffenbaugh, Gertrude 1893 

DeFreitas, Frank A 1882 

DeFreitas, Mae 1888 

DeFreitas, Nettie 1900 

Diecken, Hannah J. E 1899 

Deicken, Kate 1892 

Dempsey, Flora 1900 

Dennes, MoUie E 1878 

Derry, Castelle 1891 

DeVares, Fred 1888 

DeVore, Fannie N 1864 

Dickerman, E. T 1887 

Dickerman, Henry H 1888 

Diller, Isaac R 1871 

Diller, Wm Hughes 1901 

Dines, Charles S 1902 

Dines, Mar\- Will 1899 

Dines, Thomas A 1897 

Dinkel, Thekla 1897 

Dodds, Fred C 1881 

Dodds. Richard N 1871 

Donaldson, Daisy Adele 1900 

Donne'ly, Katherine J 1896 

Donnelly, May E 1892 

Doremus, Maggie C 1863 

Dorland, Ralph E 1897 

Douglas, Richard 1899 

Dowdall, Celia M 1902 

Doyle, James M 1887 

Drake, Frank Allen 1894 

Drake, Joseph A 1892 

Drake, Mabel Irene 1895 

Drennan, Arthur Ray 1899 

Dresser. Virginia 1870 

Duff, Walter 1885 

Duffield, Mary M 1^01 

Duncan, Addie L 1893 

Duncan, Cenie 1SS9 

Dunton, Fannie 1868 

Eads, Caltha Burke 1899 

Eads, Mattie Clevista 1900 

Early, Chas. D 1897 

Early, Lauretta AI 1899 

Earnest, Percival Raymond 1902 

Eberlen, Bertha 1898 

Eberlen, Clara 1894 

, Eberlen, Julia D 1882 

Eberlen, Louise 1887 

I Edwards, Florence M 1889 

Edwards, Owen M 1887 

[ Ehlert, Louis Julius 1902 

Elkin, Adeline P 1897 

Emmons, Mary E 1876 

Engelskirchen, Nellie M 1894 

1 England, Fannie M 1898 

■ English, Fannie B 1877 

Enos, Kate 1 1872 

! Enos, George T 1866 

i Enos, Lou 1878 

Enos, Z. Allen 1874 

Erisel, Annie H 1887 

Erickson, Anna Helen 1899 

Erisman, Mary Alice 1902 

Fagan, Alice C 1879 

Fagan, May Estelle 1900 

Fancher, Grace 1890 

Farmer, Eva Blanche 1898 

Faro, Eliza 1889 

Fawcett, Francis F 1898 

Fee, Jessie C 1892 

Feldkamp, Elizabeth 1899 

Feldkamp, Josephine 1897 

Fernandes, Annette C 1884 

Fernandes, Maxy E 1888 

Ferriera, Mary E 1886 

Fetzer, Ernestine 1896 

Feuerbacher, Emma Marie 1902 

Fish, Grace A 1901 

Fischer, Katherina A 1898 

Fisher, Anna W 1882 

Fisher, Carrie D 1885 

Fisher, Frank B 1889 

Fisher, Fred F 1869 

Fisher, Genevieve 1898 

Fisher, Jennie 1888 

Fisher, Julia 1891 

FMsher, Laura P 1889 

Fisher, Hannah M 1873 

Fisher, Lavinia 1900 

Fisher, Samuel A 1867 

Fitzhugh, Kate 1870 

Fitzhugh, Laura 1868 

Fitzsimmons, Katie L 1886 

Fixmer, Anna 1888 

Flahertv, Alice 1892 

Flaherty, John S 1886 

Fletcher, Hasseltine 1890 

Flower. Alice K 1888 

Flynn, Elizabeth 1889 

Fogarty. Alice M 1882 

Fogarty. Anna V 1889 

Folev, Flora 1873 

Foley, Lillie C 1871 

Forden. James R 1893 

Fosselman. Clara C 1876 

Foster, Gertrude E 1889 

Fowler. Gertrude E 1885 

Fox, Sidney L 1893 

Eraser. Joanna 1884 

Freeman. Harold Struble 1902 

Freidinger, William Arthur 1901 


Springfield High School. 

French, Annie Laura 1900 

French, Clara Calloway 1901 

French, Jay T 1892 

French, Jennie 1894 

French, Willard 1887 

Frisch, Jacob 1891 

Fugate, Mayme D 1899 

Fuller, Ada 1873 

Gaffney, Emory Clizbe 1901 

Gallagher, May 1892 

Gait, Annabel 1887 

Gait, Carrie 1891 

Gait, Ella 1899 

Gait, Lida 1894 

Galyon, Cora Rebecca 1900 

Gard, Amy Ross 1902 

Gard, Harry H 1890 

Gardner, James Robert 1899 

Garland, Alice 1888 

Garland, Frank H 1885 

Garland, Gertrude G. ._ 1883 

Garland, Josephine. ..." 1889 

Garwood, Marie Louise 1898 

Gassier, Clara L 1898 

Gatton, Frankie 1894 

Gaughan, Katie A 1891 

Gehlman, Alice Evans 1890 

Gehlman, Francis Taylor 1890 

Gehlman, Virginia M 1892 

Gehrmann, Jr., Chas. A 1883 

Gerdes, Ella S 1886 

Giblin, Mary E 1876 

Gillespie, Margaret S 1894 

Glysson, Annetta G 1890 

Goldsmith, Carrie M 1895 

Go'dstein Annie C 1901 

Goldstein, Dora 1898 

Goldstein, Sarah 1888 

Goltra, Lsaac 1902 

Gomes, Marie B 1890 

Gomes, Wm. E 1876 

Good, Clinton Edward 1900 

Goodey, Sibyl Marie 1900 

Goodwin, Minnie 1872 

Gordon, Effie 1899 

Gordon, Etta 1885 

Gordon, Mary E 1874 

Goulet, Joseph E 1899 

Graham, Hugh J 1895 

Graham, Isabelle 1891 

Grant, Emma Blakely • 1898 

Gray, Annie M 1864 

Gray, Lydia M 1864 

Greb, Dora 1879 

Greene, Emma C 1878 

Griffin, Francis 1896 

Griffith, B. Barret 1878 

Griffith Eloise A 1878 

Griffiths, David S 1892 

Griffiths, Helen 1895 

Grimsley, Wm. L 1868 

Griswold, Louise 1897 

Groo, Hattie 1870 

Gross, Althea Livingston 1901 

Gross, Edgar L 1888 

Gross, Fred E 1882 

Gross, Susie 1886 

Grout, Annie D 1898 

Groves, Eva L 1896 

Grubb, Lida 1901 

Grubb, Sam'l G 1873 

Guest Richard Albert 1898 

Gutzwiller, Daisy. 1901 

Gwynn, Emma L 1878 

Hackney, Virginia S 1869 

Haganey, Dennis R 1873 

Hahn, Fred H 1893 

Haire, Fanny E 1886 

Hall, Frederick Charles 1900 

Hall, Kittle M 1889 

Hallahan, Agnes C 1902 

Hallahan, Elizabeth A 1890 

Halliday, Kate E 1887 

Hallowell, Ada B 1890 

Hamburger, Clara 1878 

Hamilton, Annie F 1888 

Hamilton, Charles E 1878 

Hamilton, Frank H 1891 

Hamilton, Mollie 1878 

Hamilton, Lydia May 1901 

Hammerslough, Rebecca 1876 

Hampton, Harry L 1874 

Hannon, Annie R 1875 

Hanratty, John H 1888 

Hansen, Marian M. E 1869 

Harbison, Ida Leigh 1901 

Harbison, Walter F 1902 

Harris, Harry H 1901 

Harris, Hattie 1882 

Harris, Rose 1892 

Harris, Viola 1876 

Hartmann, Emma F 1877 

Hartmann, Mary H 1880 

Harts, Edwin B 1887 

Harts, Harry B 1897 

Harts, Wi:i W 1883 

Haselmeyer, Dorothea C 1899 

Hatch, Pascal E 1884 

Hathaway, May 1887 

HavighoTst, Flora S 1893 

Hay, Arthur 1886 

Haynie, Edward C 1873 

Hazlett, Martin M 1880 

Headenburg, Chas. T 1898 

Heberling, Kate 1873 

Heintze, Marie Amelia 1902 

Heitele, Katherine 1894 

Helhveg, Belle 1886 

Helmle, Clara 1886 

Helmle, Chas. F 1880 

Helmle, Emma 1892 

Helmle, George Barrington 1902 

Helmle, William 1876 

Hemenw-ay, Nelie 1899 

Henkel, Myron Freeman 1901 

Henkle, Rose M 1879 

Henne, NathaMa 1890 

Hensel, Adaline 1891 

Heritage, Lucy Ellen 1894 

Herndon, Julia A 1871 

Herndon. Pearl Melvina 1900 

Herre, Albert C 1888 

Hesser, Lizzie S 1874 

Hickox, Annie B 1887 

Hickox, Laura Blossom 1895 

Hieronymus, Clark Roy 1900 

Hieronymus, Lora 1895 

Higgins, Emma li 1870 

Higgins, Flora B 1893 

Higgins, Kathrine Carroll 1891 

Alumni Association. 


Hill, Bessie 1899 

Hiller, Ray R 1886 

Hocker, Mary 1861 

Hofferkamp, Elizabeth E 1902 

Hofferkamp, Mae E 1899 

Hoffman, Maud 1891 

Hoffman, Rose 1877 

Holmes, Nellie E 1877 

Hood, Lizzie 1870 

Hopkins, Emma M 1871 

Hopkins, Kathryn 1897 

Hopkins, Pearl 1895 

Hopping, Lizzie E 1879 

Hopping, Wm. P ' 1882 

Horner, Myrtle 1896 

Hough, Blanche 1879 

Howard, Catherine A 1893 

Howard, Dennis Mortimer 1899 

Howard, Mary W 1897 

Howard, Nellie 1897 

Hoyt, Maud 1887 

Hubbard, Lulu T 1902 

Hubbell, Mary V 1868 

Hudson, Ray B 1896 

Hudson, Rebecca 1871 

Huey, Carrie 1887 

Hughes, Arthur Freeman 1901 

Hughes, Lizzie 1875 

Hulitt, Carrie E 1884 

Hull, Edith M 1896 

Humphrey, Adaline Maude 1899 

Humphrey, Grace Caroline 1900 

Humphrey, Mai-y Etta 1899 

Huntington, Emily W 1863 

Hurst, Huizinga M 1879 

Hussey, Laura 1892 

Hyde, Grace 1889 

Igou, Roy 1897 

Irwin, Alice Estella 1887 

Irwin, Florence Mabelle 1894 

Irwin. Luther W 1884 

Irwin, Maggie E 1869 

Irwin, Mary J 1872 

Irwin, Oramel Blackstone 1902 

Ives, Hannah L 1873 

Ives, Sam'l. Brooks 1868 

Jack, Annie D 1891 

Jack, Katie H 1884 

Jack, Olive Rena 1900 

Jackson, Carrie B 1892 

Jackson, Kate V 1 866 

Jackson. Susie W 1897 

James, Harriet H 1891 

James. Harry L 1902 

James, Nonie Florence 1900 

Janssen. Anna 1901 

Jayne. Susie Palmer 1899 

Jefferson, Jean Isler 1 901 

Jefferson. Roy Trend 1898 

Jeffery, Maud J 1 896 

Jenkins. Phoebe H 1901 

Jess, Alice 1902 

Jesse, Florence May 1902 

Johann, Henry A 1881 

Johann, Lillie 1884 

.Tohann, Violetta May 1902 

Johnson, Anna L 1 893 

Johnson. Edward W 1 887 

Johnson, Emma M 1 890 

Johnson, Enoch 1878 

Johnson, Helen 1891 

Johnson, Hal.ie C 1900 

Johnson, Mary L 1878 

Johnson, Maude 1899 

Johnson, Rose J 1894 

Johnson, Susan M 1889 

Johnson, James H 1901 

Johnston, Lloyd E 1874 

Johnson, Mary Clinton 1902 

Johnston, James W 1877 

Joiner, Laura E 1886 

Joiner, Wm. A 1886 

Jones, Joseph W 1889 

Jones, Ruby Ethlyn 1900 

Joseph, Mary 1887 

Joseph, Minnie Mae 1900 

Judkins, Alvin B 1865 

Kalb, J. Franklin 1901 

Kane, Caroline Maria 1901 

Kane, Charles P 1868 

Kane, Eugene S 1877 

Kane, Henry B 1872 

Kane, Julia E 1873 

Kane, Mattie E 1868 

Kane, Newell 1878 

Kavanaugh, Louise M 1877 

Keefe, Mamie T 1893 

Keefe, Wm 1899 

Keisacker, Frank T 1901 

Kelchner, Helen M... 1883 

Kelleher, Annie C 1889 

Kenney, Arthur Fletcher 1902 

Kenney, Charles Francis 1900 

Kessberger, Edward H 1892 

Keyes, Alice N 1898 

KE'yes, Lillian 1892 

Keyes, Matthew S 1900 

Kidd, Lizzie G 1873 

Kidd, Presco W 1883 

Kimball, Nettie C 1874 

Kimber, Mabel A 1898 

Kimber, Thos. C 1879 

Kimble, John M 1888 

King, Alice 1 1872 

King, Fred Chase 1894 

Kirk, Jay T 1895 

Klein, Carrie 1873 

Koehn, George Edward 1900 

Kreigh, Jennie 1872 

Krueger, Anna 1877 

Krueger, Sophia 1879 

Kuecher, Julius F 1884 

Kuecher, L. Adelaide 1889 

Lake, Elmer S 1902 

Lamb, J. Fannie 1868 

Lamb, Mary R 1867 

Langdon, Adelaide 1891 

Lanphier, Francine Elizabeth.... 1864 

Lanphier, John C 1866 

Lanphier, Jr., John C 1898 

L^inphier, Robert^ Carr 1894 

Lasswell, Jeannetta 1870 

Lasswell, John E 1870 

Lasswell, Mary E 1872 

Latham, John P 1895 

Laugeman, Mary Eloise 1898 

Eaugeman, Olga Pauline 1900 

Lauterbach, Emma 1895 

Lawler, Margaret Mary 1902 

Lawrence, Annie 1864 


Sprixgfield High School. 

Lawson, Clara Marion 1901 

Lawson, Edith M 1891 

Lax, Jr., Newark 1899 

Leber, Mary 1877 

Lee, Carrie Belle 1894 

Lee, Elizabeth 1866 

Lee, Laura A 1863 

Leeds, Maggie 1873 

Levy, David 1884 

Lewis, James A 1892 

Lewis, Warren 1900 

Lindsay, Annie M 1880 

Lindsay, Nicholas V 1897 

Lindsay, Olive C 1897 

Lindtwed, Chas. B 1880 

Lister, Cecile Lelia 1902 

Littler, Stephen L 1889 

Lloyd, Laura J 1872 

Logan, Daisy M 1892 

Logan, Elizabeth- 1897 

Logan, Howard 1895 

Logan, Marjorie Sibylla 1901 

Logan, MoUie M 1894 

Logue, Hattie King 1902 

Lomelino, Alice F 1883 

Lomelino, Grace Eva 1902 

Lomelino, Lillie 1888 

Lomelino, Minnie 1887 

Lonergan, Annie L 1876 

Long, Retta Frances 1900 

Loose, Callie 1869 

Lorimer, Richard R 1874 

Lott, Sadie May 1901 

Lowe, Robt. E 1880 

Luers, He'en Marie 1901 

Lumpp, Henry P 1880 

Lundh, Peter A. F 1901 

Lundquist, Annie C 1891 

Lusk. Laura 1880 

Lyman, Frank L 1896 

McBride, Horatio B 1865 

McCandless, Edith 1870 

McClernand, Edward J 1866 

McConnell, Alma 1901 

McCreary, Pearl E 1897 

McCreery, John H 1880 

McCrillis, Henrietta 1875 

McCulloch, Fannie H 1864 

McElroy, Charles Foster 1900 

McE'roj^ Georgia Pearl 1899 

McFarland, John B 1886 

McGinnis, Cora 1896 

McGinnis, Lulu R 1901 

McGinnis, Mary 1893 

McGrue, Edna Anderson 1901 

Mclntyre, Ada B 1873 

McLaughlin, Visa 1884 

McManus, Edward W 1877 

McManus, Lillie 1869 

McNeill, Jas. P 1862 

McNutt, Mary Irwin 1901 

McVeigh, Arthur Lee 1884 

Mackey, Nana E 1888 

Macpherson, John Francis 1900 

Madge, Myrtle Ethel 1900 

Mahoney, Lizzie C 1874 

Mallory, Edwin A 1892 

Manlove, George H 1890 

Mardis, Moses A 1891 

Marney, Frank E 1891 

Marshall, Katherine Elizabeth.... 1901 

Marshall, Mary E. A 1901 

Mason, Anna May 1902 

Mason, Martha C 1870 

Matheny, Edith French 1900 

Matheny, Edward Dow 1868 

Matheny, James H 1873 

Matheny, Louise French 1902 

Matheny, Lucy 1870 

Matheny, Robert 1879 

Mathis, John C 1882 

Maxcy, Kate 1894 , 

Maxcy, Nannie 1896 l 

Maxwell, Eleanor 1876 

Maxwell, Harriet E 1891 

May, Augusta 1889 

Melin, Carl A 1902 

Mendonsa, Clara L 1886 

Mendonsa, Lawrence Alvies 1899 

Merrick, Mary 1891 

Mester, Elizabeth 1890 

Middleton, Lou J 1874 

Mi'ler, Clara Lillian 1898 

Miller, Lewis S 1880 

Miller, Otto G 1891 

Milligan, Almeda B 1865 

Mills, Wm. H 1896 

Milton, Lellie Ruth 1900 

Miner, Lewis H 1878 

Mischler, Helen Veronica 1901 

Mitchell, Anna T 1888 

.Mitchell, Laura Estelle 1899 

Montgomery, Clara 1874 

Montgomery, DeWitt Hall 1901 

Montgomery, Lucy A 1875 

Montgomery, Wilbur S 1897 

Moody. Illinois Florence 1902 

Moore, Charlotte M 1865 

Moore, Estelle L 1894 

Moore, Robert G 1901 

Morgan, Stella Webster 1895 

Morledge, Lilla Beatrice 1898 

Morris, Jemima C *. . • 1892 

Moseley, Ella H 1867 

Mott, Laura E 1894 

Mount, Ella L 1893 

Mowitt. Mattie 1887 

Muir, Margaret E 1868 

Mussendsn, William S 1902 

Myer, Viola F 1864 

Myers, Eleanor Dorcas 1898 

Myers, Kate G 1886 

Myers, Hannah 1884 

Myers, Henry E 1902 

Movers, Isadore 1888 

Myers, Julius M 1888 

Myers, Louis M 1878 

Myers, Margaret 1889 

Naramore, J. Alice 1884 

Neal, Chas. N 1895 

Neal. Jr., John 189^ 

Neely, Annette Ruth 1898 

Nelch. Frank 1896 

Nelson, Helen MjTtle 1898 

Nettleton, Alice Adelaide 1902 

Neuman, Lulu Edna 1900 

Neuman, John Adams 1899 

Newell, Robert Officer 1869 

Newlin, Kate H 1898 

Nickey, Margaret J 1895 

Alumni iVssociATiON. 


Noblett, Grace L. 1901 

Noblett, Roy Mann 1899 

Nolan, Annie Mae 1901 

Nolan, Thos. J 1865 

Northcutt, S. Lora 1901 

Norvell, Cecil A 1898 

Norvell, D. Rae 1901 

Nottingham, Lizzie 1868 

Nuess, Otto Louis 1899 

Nuess, Rose P 1893 

Nusbaum, Mamie 1889 

Nusbaum, Sylvia 1896 

O'Connell, Grace G 1887 

O'Connell, Joseph 1887 

O'Connell, Teresa 1895 

O'Crowley, Kate G 1887 

O'Hara, Fred S 1895 

Odam, Alice L 1897 

Odam, Marcia B 1891 

Odiorne, Mabel 1901 

Og-lesby, Anna L 1884 

Og-lesby, James Walter 1884 

Olden, John Parker 1899 

Olden, Mary E 1896 

Olden, Wm. Q 1892 

Oliver, Georg-e W 1898 

Opel, Chas. B 1882 

Opel, Maggie 1885 

Ordway, Juliet M 1864 

Ormsby, Clara B 1874 

Orr, Arlowyne 1902 

Ostermeier, Katherine 1901 

Ostermeier, Mary L 1899 

Owbridge, L. Herbert 1895 

Owen, Albert A 1897 

Packard, Edith E 1886 

Paine, Julia E 1874 

Palmer, Laura F 1896 

Palmer, John McAuley 1877 

Parker, Clarence L 1900 

Parker, John Primrose 1895 

Parkerson, Laura D 1896 

Parkinson, Jean W 1894 

Pasfield, Arthur H 1896 

Pasfield, Jr., George 1888 

Patterson, Nellie 1876 

Patton, Wm. L 1888 

Paullin, Edna Leah 1895 

Paullin, Pauline Pearl 1900 

Payne, Edward W 1874 

Paynter, Anna M 1873 

Payran, Lizzie E 1876 

Pearoe, Fred L 1883 

Pearl, Beni. 1878 

Pearson, Wm. W 1889 

Pease, Bertha 1889 

Pease, Lizzie 1885 

Peel, Bessie C 1901 

Peel, Lorena Margaret 1900 

Pelletier, Homer H 1902 

Pender, Anna M 1863 

Pender, M. Lizzie 1864 

Pendleton, Mary Eunice 1902 

Penn. Gertrude Ethel 1902 

Perkins, Joseph B 1885 

Perkins, Reed M 1893 

Peterson, Chas. J., Jr 1887 

Peterson, Minnie A 1892 

Peterson, Belle 1887 

Phelps, Sophie M 1866' 

Phillips, Belle 1887 

Phillips, Carrie B 1875 

Phil.ips, Kate 1877 

Phillips, Lillie Margaret 1900 

Pickel, Albert Louis 1898 

Pickrell, Laura 1867 

Pickrell, Owen C 1899 

Pierik, Jewel Clara 1899 

Pierik, Marie Theresa 1902 

Pillsbury, Arthur L 1888 

Pillsbury, Wm. Forest 1884 

Piper, John H 1876 

Piper, Rachel E 1876 

Piper, Sarah L 1880 

Pittman, Mary Elizabeth 1900 

Pittman, Nellie P 1900 

Pletz, Maggie F 1887 

Poffenbarger, Anna 1881 

Porter, E. Eudora 1879 

Porter, M. Olive 1874 

Porter, Horace C 1893 

Porter, Robert K 1892 

Post, Emma 1870 

Post, Georgianna 1900 

Poston^ Marie Stockdale 1900 

Powell, Bella M 1893 

Powell, Kittie Cora 1899 

Powell, Mary F *. . 1896 

Power, Annie L 1875 

Power, Fred L 1890 

Power, Mary 1871 

Power, Maurice E 1875 

Price, Jay L 1889 

Pride, Harry T 1890 

Pride, Gus A 1891 

Pride, Jesse 1894 

Priest, Mary E 1867 

Priest, Olive L 1864 

Priest, Rosalind S 1873 

Primm, Clara Laura 1900 

Pringle, Isabel M 1878 

Pringle, Nellie H ; 1884 

Purcell, Alice 1891 

Quaid, Margaret 1892 

Quaid, Nellie 1894 

Oueenan, Nellie W 1875 

Quinn, Katherine L 1896 

Quinn, James B 1895 

Radcliff, Belle 1898 

Radcliff, Wm. H 1897 

Radcliff e, Burnette 1901 

Radcliffe, Helen Kreigh 1895 

Rafter, Chas. P 1875 

Rafter, Francis V 1869 

Rafter, James J 1865 

Ragland, Mary 1879 

Ralph, John Albert 1896 

Rames, Cora B 1879 

Rames, Jr., John 1887 

Rames, May 1886 

Ramstetter, Nettie 1885 

Rankin, Mattie 1894 

Ray, SalMe E 1870 

Raymond, Lou 1887 

Reece, Cora Newtine 1899 

Reece, Edwin A 1881 

Reece, Roy R 1889 

Reed, Clara 1894 

Reed, Susie B 1870 


Springfield High School. 

Reeves, Georgia A 1869 

Reilly, John W 1877 

Reisch, Carl M 1902 

Reisch, Eda M 1899 

Reisch, George Frank 1900 

Reisch, Mary E 1892 

Reisch, Minnie S 1898 

Rbisch, Tena 1886 

Remann, Henry C 1866 

Remann, Mary J 1863 

Renne, Bertha May 1894 

Reynolds, Mary 1865 

Rhoads, Mary E 1882 

Rhoads, Sarah E 1893 

Richards, Edith M 1896 

Rickard, Earnest T 1892 

Ridgely, Edward 1876 

Ridg-eway, Jennie May 1894 

Riordan, George S 1902 

Rippey, Elizabeth A 1891 

Rippey, Jennie Josephine 1894 

Rippey, Mabel 1885 

Rippon, Ella M 1875 

Rippon, Chas. A 1889 

Rippon, Mary 1874 

Roberts, Mattie C 1885 

Roberts, Thos. A 1890 

Robinson, Chas. H 1886 

Robinson, Fedora J 1865 

Robinson, Morris 1890 

Robinson, Sadie Louise 1901 

Rodgers, Alice M 1899 

Rodgers, Edna Genevieve 1902 

Rodgsrs, Elizabeth 1890 

Rogers, Agnes Helen 1898 

Roll. Linnie M 1879 

Rollins, Jessie Mabel 1900 

Roper, Delia F 1883 

Roper, Lottie P 1885 

Ross, Ethel L 1901 

Ross, Lillie May ISS.d 

Ross, Mary L 1896 

Ross. Mary S 1896 

Ross. Wilbur W 1895 

Rothert, Herman 1894 

Rothert, John 1895 

Rourke. Chas. J 1893 

Rourke, Patrick J 1866 

Rourke, Robert Francis 1901 

Rublv, Jennie Elizabeth 1890 

Rublv. Minnie C 1885 

Ruckel. John H 1877 

Ruggles, Wm. B 1872 

Ruth. R. Francis 1873 

Salzenstein, Albert 1876 

Salzenstein, Minnie 1890 

Salzenstein, Sadie R 1898 

Salzenstein. Sol 1887 

Sampson, Chas. L 1879 

Sampson, Odiorne M 1898 

Sanders, Effie S 1892 

Sanford. Laura 1 1896 

Sargeant, M. Lola 1901 

Saunders, Essie Grace 1897 

Saunders, Helen A 1881 

Saunders, Marcia 1896 

Saunders. Nellie E 1880 

Savage. H. Ida 1890 

Savage. Theodosia 1892 

Scaife. Martha 1899 

Scanlan, M. Monica 1895 

Schaaf, Max T 1891 

Schermerhorn, Grace 1902 

Schlicht, Sophia 189: 

Schliff, Mary 1 187 , 

Schlitt, Augusta 187 

Schlitt, E.la 18s 

Schlitt, Elizabeth 187:. 

Schlitt, Mary 1887 

Schloss, Amanda 1876 

Schmid, Katherine 1889 

Schoettker, Edward C 1898 

Scholes, Jessie Clarice 1898 

Schraner, Geneva Amanda 1901 

Schueller, Stella 1902 

Scott, Laurel E 1S94 

Scott, Muriel 1897 

Scott, Theresa Dixon 1901 

Seaman, Isaacetta 1S77 

Seaman, Mabel 1890 

Seaman, Mary F 1872 

Seifert, Mildred Louise 1895 

Selby, Emilv H 1879 

Seligman, Ben. D 1896 

Sexton, M. Blanche 1897 

Sexton, Effie W 1893 

Shaff ner, Benj. M 1863 

Shamel, Maud A 1896 

Shanahan, John P. J 1873 

Shaw, J. William 1901 

Sheiry, Vannie L 1879 

'Shepherd, Aenes E 1874 

Shepherd, Alice E 1896 

Shepherd, Fannie 1871 

Shepherd, Julia 1888 

Shepherd, Mary M 1896 

Shrader, Frances Emilie 1895 

Shrock, Marie Dean 1891 

Shrock, Olga 1890 

Silva, James 1895 

Sims, Grace Cone 1900 

Smith, Brown S 1883 

Smith, Elda L 1896 

Smith, Edwin F 1878 

Smith, Ethel Marion 1895 

Smith, Elberta Thalia 1899 

Smith, Frank B 1877 

Smith, Howard R 1899 

Smith, Margaret E 1879 

Smith, Nettie 1885 

Smith, Ruth Elizabeth 1898 

Smith, Sidney Benjamin 1902 

Smith, Walter 1900 

Smythe, James L 1867 

Snively, Sheldon W 1886 

Snyder, Laura 1882 

Solomon, John W 1891 

Solomon, Minnie M 1894 

Souther, Lucy Abbott .. 1901 

Souther. Latham T 1892 

Spaulding. Jessie Alice 1898 

Spaulding. Ruth Elizabeth 1901 

Speulda, Alta M 1897 

Springer, Annie 1897 

Springer, Ella W : . . 190O 

Springer, Fannie 1900 

Springer, Frank S .• 1890 

Springer, Ida M 1861 

Springer. Miriam S 18,95 

Stacy, Grace Margaret 1902^ 

Alumni Association. 


Staley, Clara W 1881 

Stanley. Kate 1 1878 

Stanton, Chas. Beecher 1899 

Stanton, Edwin M 1885 

Stanton, Nellie 1894 

Starkweather, Emily 1863 

Stebbins, M. Willett 1886 

Steele, Wm. L 1892 

Stern, Eva C 1890 

Stern, Eva S 1893 

Stern, Fannie C 1893 

Stern, Jacob S 1901 

Stevens, Albert D 1893 

Stewart, Albert T 1897 

Stewart, Alma C 1895 

Stewart, Amy K 1896 

Stewart, Frank A 1900 

Stickel, Bertha L 1896 

Stickel, Florence Edith 1894 

Stickel, Lillie B 1892 

Stockdale, Alice May 1890 

Stockdale, Wallace T 1862 

Stockwell, Clara L 1892 

Stockwell, Harry L, 1895 

Stone, Percy A 1892 

Streckfuss, Annie 1898 

Streckfuss, Clara Dorothea 1901 

Stretch, Carrie M 1891 

Strickland. Helen A 1897 

Striffler, Ella 1901 

Strode, Bertha M 1896 

Strode, Cora 1899 

Strode, Florabelle 1899 

Stuart, Virginia L 1863 

Stubbles. Ethel Izora 1902 

Sturtevant, Edward Louis 1900 

Stuve, Mollie C 1879 

Stuve. Wilson 1877 

Sullivan, Charlotte Grace 1900 

Sullivan, Chas. E 1889 

Sullivan, Margaret C 1894 

Sutton, Abbie E 1870 

Sutton, Fred W 1873 

Swan, Grace Marie 1900 

Sylvester, John 1879 

Taintor, Pearl E 1901 

Talbott. James D 1896 

Talbott. Philip G 1902 

Talbott. Rose C 1893 

Tarrent. Ella R 1890 

Tarrent, Julia T 1896 

Tarrent, Margaret L 1894 

Taylor, Aura 1897 

Taylor, Fannie E 1885 

Taylor, Fannie Gertrude 1895 

Taylor, Laura A 1886 

Taylor, Libbie M 1886 

Taylor, Jennie Kreigh 1890 

Taylor, John G 1888 

Terry, Etta M 1888 

Thayer, Maude 1888 

Thoma. Frances 1898 

Thomas, Mary Jane 1899 

Thompson. Aaron Crawford 1868 

Thompson. Frank C 1889 

Thompson. Mary A E 1886 

Thompson, Susie E 1894 

Thompson. Thos. T 1883 

Thorpe. Eleanor Ewing 1894 

Throop, Florence G 1892 

Tiffany, Mary Berdan 1899 

Tilburn. Mary E 1868 

Tillotson, Lillie V 1873 

Tobin, Laura L 1883 

Tobin, Sam'l. A 1875 

Tomlinson, Addie 1870 

Trapp, Augusta 1864 

Trapp, Frederick 1868 

Travlor, Marie F 1893 

Trotter, Bessie C 1893 

Trotter, Clara A 1892 

Turney, Wm. H 1878 

Twyman, Irene 1899 

Ulrich, Chas. M 1886 

Ulrich, Henrietta R 1888 

Ulrich, Katie 1881 

Ulrich, Paul 1893 

Ulrich, Ruth 1896 

Vance, Ella 1898 

Vance, Eugenie 1901 

Vancil, Elma L 1889 

Vandercook. Susie 1890 

Vandergrift. Carl William 1902 

VanGundy, Chas. Philip 1884 

VanGundy, Ida C 1877 

VanHoff, S. Adelaide 1868 

VanHook. LaRue 1895 

VanMeter, Harriet 1897 

Venable. Maria 1871 

Vieira, Josephine 1882 

Vredenburgh. Annie E 1867 

Vredenburgh, Margaret S 1870 

Wagoner, Edna B 1902 

Waldron, Francis A. J 1879 

AValker, Bessie Grace 1902 

Walker, Geo. H 1883 

\\^alker, Robert G 1885 

Walker. "U'm. Henry 1873 

Wallace. Clara 1879 

T\^alsh, Katheryn Marie 1898 

Wancker. Lotta Ella 1900 

Ward, Grace V 1886 

^Vard, Lida F 1891 

I W^arren, Agnes M 1889 

Warren. P. Barton 1888 

Washburn. Lillie A 1877 

W^aters, Eva M 1896 

Waters, Nellie F 1896 

Watson, Alice C 1897 

T\^atson. Alice D 1874 

Watson, Alice May 1894 

^Vatson. Earl " M 1899 

Watson, Emily 1867 

Watts, Jr.. Albert B 1902 

"^^atts, Ellen 1900 

"U^atts. Laura Ella 1898 

^Vatts. Margaret Elizabeth 1902 

"U^atts. Mary A 1895 

Watts, Thos. Barton 1900 

Wehrle, Josephine Marie 1902 

T\^eisz, Adelle M 1891 

Weisz, Charles 1892 

T\^eldon, Lydia L 1883 

"Weller, Bessie M 1891 

TVellman. Mabelle L 1898 

Westenberger, Frances 1895 

"^''estenberger, Louise Marie 1900 

Westenberger, Marie 1888 

■Wheeler. Amy 1898 

"V\Tieeler, Caroline 1894 


Springfield High School. 

Wheeler, Eva 1898 

Wheeler, Willard W 1899 

Whipple, Florence 1881 

Whipple, Frank W 1894 

Whipple, Nettie 1884 

White, Amanda A 1875 

White, Ernest Clifford. . . ". 1897 

White, Daisy Florence 1894 

White, Ezra W 1874 

White, Howard W 1893 

White, Joanna M 1894 

White, Lillian C 1901 

White, Robert 188e 

White, Samuel 1877 

Whitecraft, Bessie Jane 1898 

Whitley, C. Mary 1886 

Wiggins, Horace L 1889 

Wilcox, Annie L 1892 

Wilcox, Bertha A 1890 

Wilcox, Dwight 1887 

Wilcox, Mary L. 1889 

Wilcox, Susan E 1884 

Wiley, Alfred 186C 

Wiley, Nettie 1861 

Wilfong, Bernice D 1898 

Wilfong, Mabel 1896 

Wilford, Carrie A 1897 

Wilier, Anna M 1895 

Willett, Eugenie 1893 

Williams, Georgia P 1890 

Williams, Maude 1890 

Williams, May 1897 

Wilms, Clara B 1893 

Wilson, Charles 1877 

Wilson, Grace Hannon 1901 

Wilson, John S 1899 

Wines, Arthur F 1889 

Wines, Emma S 1885 

Wines, Mary "Virginia 1898 

Winston, Julia A 1877 

Winston, Mary Ellen 1880 

Winter, Mabel 1886 

Winters, Bessie 1883 

Withers, Geo. A 1864 

Withey, Nettie 1872 

Withrow, Nina L 1884 

Wood, Albert L 1892 

Wood, Howard M 1866 

Wood, Jay Thonaas 1901 

Wood, Kate 1876 

Wood, Lewis E 1889 

Wood, Wm. C 1866 

Wood, Jr., Preston 1887 

Wood, Wm. S 1895 

Woods, Theodosia 1867 

Wright, Gertrude 1877 

Wright, Willis F 1881 

Wright, Frank Lester 1901 

Wright, Mary Alice 1901 

Wyneken, Gustave L. 1899 

Wyneken, Theodore C 1897 

Yates, Chas. H 1864 

Yates, Fred W 1877 

Yates, Porte 1866 

York, Ethel 1901 

Young, Margaret M 1893 

Zane, Chas. W 1879 

Zane, John M 1879