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% 1846 j^ 

''V Of VMS' 


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This Is Produced 

By The Photoduplication Program 

Of The Ncu' Engbnd Historic Genealogical Society 

Boston, Massachusetts 


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Family of Thomas JJoble, 





The ^obe are but a haodfti] to tbe tribes 
That slnmber ia iu bofom.** 





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Pbbfacb, ........ t 

iHTBaDUcnoir, ....... 18 


Bramch or John, ...... 28 

Bbakch of Thomas, ...... 189 

Bkahch ov Mattbxw, ..... 867 

Brahoh op Mask, 606 

Bbahch op Luxb, 568 

Bramoh op Jamss, 636 


A. Other pamilixb op Nobles, .... 706 


C. College obaduatbs, ..... 772 

D. Laud owmsRs m Erolakd ahd Wales, m 1878, 774 

E. Addbxda, ....... 776 

F. Pbbsohs hot idbrtipied as bblongiho to pahilxbs 


Bbrata, . ' . 806 


L Desckrdahts hambd Noble, .811 





HoDBE OP Thomas Noble 8d op Westpzbld, Mass., built 

ABOUT 1726, 192 

Luonm Boltwood op Amhebst, Mass., (No. 1642) from dsguerrs- 

otype tskeo by J. A. Whipple, 1869, . .276 

Lucius M. Boltwood op Habtpobd, Ck>KN., (No. 2247) from 

photograph tskea bj 8. H. Wsite, Nov., 1878, 842 

James M. Oomihs op New York Cnr, (No. 8889) from photo- 

graph taken Oct, 1876, 442 

Rbubeh Noble op Wbbtpibld, Mass., (No. 8488) from photo- 
graph tskeQ 1878, 467 

Okablbs E. Noble op Mobbistowii, N. J., (No. 4768) from 

photograph tskcQ 1878, 647 

Oobbblius Hbdgbs op Hblkra, Mohtaha Teb., (No. 6686) from 

photograph taken probably in 1871, .608 

Mrs. Slisa Palmeb op CknrooBD, N. H., (No. 6987) from pho- 
tograph taken Nov., 1877, • • ^746 

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abt for about 

a. for aged. 

ar. for argent, nlyer. 
az.for azure. 

b. for bom. 
Bap. for Baptist 
bapt for baptized, 
bro. for brother. 
Col. for CoUege. 

Ckmg. for Congragationa]. 
d. for died, 
dan. for daughter. 
Dea. for deacon. 
dU. for diamiaaed. 
diap. for displayed. 
Epiac. for BpiaoopaL 
gr. for great 
grad. for graduated, 
gu. for gules, red. 
inst for installed, 
m. tot married. 
Meth. for Methodist 
moa. for montha. 

n^e for bom. 

or. for gold or yellow. 

ord. for ordained. 

per. for perhaps. 

pass, for passant 

prob. for probably. 

pub. for published. 

Presb. for Presbyterian. 

fee for record. 

rem. for removed. 

res. for resides or resided. 

s. for son. 

sa. for aable. 

s. p. for without issue. 

Ter. for territory. 

unm. for unmarried. 

w. for wife. 

wid. for widow. 

yr. for year. 

An interrogation mark (?) implies 
doubt or want of absolute cer- 

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As earlj as the year 1845, the compiler of this yolnme com- 
xnenced the collection of dates and facts respecting his ancestor, 
Thomas Noble of Westfield, Massachusetts. His investigations at 
that time were confined to his own direct line. In the year 1851, 
with the purpose of tracing the genealogy and history of the Noble 
fsmily more folly, he began the careful examination of family, 
church, town, county, and state records, and opened a wide cor- 
respondence with sll persons by the name of Noble, whose poet- 
oiBce address he could obtain. Material accumulated rapidly upon 
his hands, and ^ his manuscript was so nearly completed that in 
December, 1859, he issued proposals to publish the work, should a 
sulBcient number of subscribers be obtained to pay the printer's 
bills. Such encouragement not being given, the manuscript was 
carefully laid away until the fall of 1875. 

Unwilling that the facts which he had so carefully collected, 
many of them from aged persons long since deceased, should be 
lost, he then resolved to make one more effort to obtain subscrip- 
tions enough to pay the expense of printing. Accordingly, circu- 
lars were widely sent through the country, asking for subscriptions, 
and soliciting additional facts and dates necessary to bring the 
work down to the present time. Answers to his drculars came in 
slowly, but in December, 1877, the number of subscribers was 
such that he ventured to send his manuscript to the press. In his 
circular, he promisad his subscribers an octavo volume of from four 
hundred to five hundred pages^ and based the expense of printing 
on a book of that size. Much to bis surprise, the material has so 
increased that a book of eight hundred and seventy pages is now 
presented to the family. While asking nothing for his great 
expenditure of time and money in obtaining and publishing the 
information here embodied, he trusts that the family will see the 
justice of providing, by the purchase of the book, that the unlooked- 
for expense of printing so large a volume, shall not fall upon him 

The dates and facts here given were mostly collected by the 
compiler. So far as hii knowledge extends^ no one before him 
had ever attempted to trace either of the Noble families early in 
the country, except the late Curtis Noble of UnadiUai N. T;, who 
confined himself to his own direct line of descent from John Noble , 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


of New Milford, Conn., the eldest son of Thomas Noble of West- 
field, Maes. From all the family histories which he has oonsolted, 
he doabts whether he has obtained the records of more than twenty 
Noble families, and many of the dates in these have required yeri- 
flcation. Those who have had experience in such matters will 
understand the difficulties attendant upon a work of this kind. Of 
course it has been impracticable to consult personally the individual 
members of a &mily as wide-spread as this. It has been, therefore, 
necessary to ask them to send him their records by mail The 
names and dates thus obtained have not always been distinctly 
written, and in some instances both dates and names have been 
differently given in the same letter or in^ subsequent letters. Again, 
the dates given on church and town records and on tombstones, are 
frequently found to differ from each other, and from those which 
appear in the family Bible. In such cases the compiler has endeav- 
ored by correspondence to reconcile conflicting dates, and where 
this has been impossible, has published the different dates. With 
all the care which he has used, he is aware that errors may have 
occurred which have thus far escaped his notice, and will be thank- 
ful to any reader who will correct even the slightest of them. The 
compiler regrets that many of the family to whom he has applied 
for information which they could readily have fumishedf have 
either wholly n^lected to answer his often-repeated inquiries, or 
have forgotten their promises to send him the desired facts and 
dates. Their own imperfect records remain in evidence of their 
silence and neglect But let no one despair of finding what he 
may wish without consulting the Addenda and Errata, pages 776 \ 
and 806, which are mainly made up of facts recently obtained. [ 

The family whose history is here recorded, though it. has fur- I 
nished some men distinguished as scientists and in the learned [ 
professions, and others who have represented their states and dis- | 
iricts in both houses of congress, and filled gubernatorial chairs, ( 
has been for the most part composed of mechanics and farmers, \ 
who have well been said to oonstitute "the bone and sinew of the 

The descendants of Thomas Noble have been very numerous. 
This work, which is far from being complete, records the names of 
about eight thousand of his descendants, a large number when it 
18 considered that he could not have been bom until after the set- 
tlement of Massachusetts, and was therefore of a generation later 
than the first American ancestor of most of those families whose 
genealogies have been printed. It is a fact worthy of notice in this 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


oonnection, th&t while oar New England families nsnallydiBajypear 
from a particular locality, in one hundred yean, the voters' list of 
Westfield, Maasachnsetts, at the end of two -^nndred yean from 
the settlement of the town, shows a larger number of persons by 
the name of Noble, all descendants of Thomas, than of any name 
except that of Smith, whose origin may be traced to perhaps a 
dozen different ancestors of different nationalities. 

In the New World, the Nobles have been conspicuons on acconnt 
of their enterprise as pioneer settlers. The same spirit which led 
Thomas Noble, senior, to brave the dangers of the ocean and the 
wilderness, inspired his eldest son to become the first white settler 
in the rich valley of the Honsatonic at New Milford, Ck>nnecticiit, 
and a yonnger son to become the first settler higher np the same 
beantifal river at Sheffield, Massachusetts. At later periods we 
find the descendants of this man among the early settlers of Ver- 
mont^ northern, central, and western New York, western Pennsyl- 
vania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and 
passing westward across the Mississippi through Kansas, Minne- 
sota, Utah, and Montana, until their feet have touched the shores 
of Oregon, and the golden sands of California. 

At all periods of our country's history, the Nobles have been 
noted also for their patriotism. When danger has threatened, they 
have been among the first to take up arms to resist foreign invasion 
and suppress domestic treason. Although the record is far frcMn 
being complete, this volume gives the names of seventeen who took 
part in the French and Indian wars, fifty-one in the war of the 
American revolution, thirteen in the war of 1812, and eighty who 
fought and bled in our late CivU conflict 

The arrangement of this book is one which commends itself by 
its simplicity. The descendants of each of the six sons of 
Thomas Noble are separately traced by generations. The same 
number is given to each individual whether found at the left 
hand or carried forward to the centre of a page. From the num- 
ber at the side one must look f onrard to the number in the centre 
of a page for a foil account of a person, as in the former case 
only the date of birth, and name of husband and wife are given. 
Suppose for example that one desires to trace the line of descent 
of Nathan Noble, centre number 109, whose family appears near 
the top of page 61. Look back to page 45, where side-number 
109 is found. It is there shown that Nathan, bom Feb. 20, 1761, 
was the son of Nathan, central number 30. By referring to side- 
number 30, on page 36, it appears that Nathan was the son of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


John, No. 13. On looking farther at No. 13 on page 35, it is seen 
that John was the eldest son of John Noble, No. 2, who accord- 
ing to entry on page 27, was the son of Thomas Noble, the early 
settler of Westfield. In a similar manner a name is traced for- 
ward from generation to generation. 

In some of the early dates, a difference may be discovered 
which can only be explained by the fact, that prior to the introduc- 
tion of new style in the place of old style in 1752, the year com- 
menced with the 25th of March, and the practice of doable 
dating thus: 1676-7, or 167f, between January 1st and March 
25th, was common. In such cases the compiler has called the 
year 1677, rather than 1676, which so far as the year is concerned 
changes old style into new style. He has not added to dates, the 
ten days between 1582 and 1699, inclusive, nor the eleven days 
alter 1699, necessary fully to reduce the dates to new style. 

He regrets that so few persons have responded to the invitation 
to furnish portraits of themselves and their immediate relatives, 
for this work. A photo-engraving of the house still standing in 
Westfield, Massachusetts, built about 1725 by Thomas Noble, (No. 
1355) a grandson of the first settler, will give the reader a correct 
idea of the better class of New England farm-houses near the 
commencement of the eighteenth century. 

To a large number of persons, some of Noble name and descent, 
and some of different origin, the compiler returns his warmest 
thanks for their continued favors in supplying information. Of 
those who have been most liberal in their aid, among the deceased, 
he mentions the names of Rev. Samuel B. Noble of Pontiac, 
Michigan, and Ezra Noble, Ssq., of New Milford, Coxmecticut, and 
among the living, those of Hon. David Noble of Johnsburgh, 
New York, Mr. John Noble of West Suffield, and Mr. Russell B. 
Noble of New Milford, both in the state of Connecticut, Dr. 
Wilham M. Beach of -London, Ohio, and Mrs. Martin Tinker of 
Westfield, Massachusetts. 

The compiler not without regret draws his labors to a close, 
thankful that he has been able to gather from the crumbling 
records of the past and leave in an enduring form for the benefit 
of succeeding generations, so much respecting the genealogy and 
history of families, whose ancestors were honest, enterprising, 
Ood-fearing men, with virtues worthy the imitation of their 

Habtfobd, Coxm., 
Dec 2, 1878. 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


Nobles in Obzat Bbitain. 

Snniaines, mys Camden, "west fint taken np in England a 
little before the Norman Conquest^ under King Edward the Oon- 
feasor" (I e., 1060); but adds, ''the/ were never folly established 
among the common people till the time* of Edward 11" (L e., 

The name of Noble is one of great antiquity in Great Britain. 
Lower, in his '' Surnames,^ refers its origin <« either to the physical 
stnictare, or to the rank of the primitiye bearer." 

In the rolls and records of the court held before the king's 
justices, at the dose of the reign of King Richard I (1199), 
^ypear the names of Roger Nobil and Robert NobiL 

William Nobil was, in 1207, a dtisen of Winton. 

Oalfridius le Noble was, in 1270, a resident of the county of 

Roger le NoUe was, in 1277, of the manor of Hathfeud and 
county of Hertford. 

Gilbert k Noble was, in 1278, manucaptor of Andreas de 
Soukeville of the county of Sussex, distrained to receiTe knight- 

WiDiam le Noble was, in 1302, summoned from the county of 
Wihs to perform military service in person against the Scots, and 
to muster at Berwick-upon-Tweed on the 24th of June, the nativ- 
ity of St. John the Baptist 

Thomas k Noble was, in 1802, manucaptor of Robert k 
Pahnere, burgess returned for Bedwynd* 

John k Nobk was, in 1311, msaucaptor of Thomas le Tyglere, 
bmge si returned for FanhaoL 

Hugh k Nobk was, in 1313, one of the sheriffs summoners in 
the county of Northampton. 

William k Noble was, in 1313, manucaptor of Ralph de Chas- 
tillon, knight of the dure returned for Oxford. 

Digitized by 



Balph da Nobk was institated, Maieh 5, 1313, aa Tioar of the 
bhnrch at Whaddon with Naah, CottaUton hnndied, oountj of 
Buddngham, and died prior to July 10, 1349. 

William le Noble waa, in 1314, brngeaB returned for parliament 
at York on Monday, Sept 9th, the morrow of the natiyity of the 

Thomaa le NoUe waa, in 1320, one of the baililb of the liber^ 
of Wallingford. 

Balph Noble waa, in 1321, manncaptor of John Gregcny, bar- 
geaB returned for Lyme. 

Bichard Noble waa, in 1827, manncaptor of John le Flemyng, 
borgeea returned for Southampton. 

William NoUe married, in or before 1392, Matilda, daughter of 
John Blome. 

Maud Noble, wife of William Noble, died in 1409, aeiaed of 
landa in KingBey» Aahendon hundred, Buckingham, which ahe is 
preaumed to have inherited from her father, John Blome of Oreat 
"Kimball, who died in 1397, and by an inquiaition held at her 
death, John Hampden was found to be her next heir. 

In a oonvocation held in Saliabury, in March, 1417, before the 
nxayor and aeyeral members of the council, and John Harleaon, 
ulnator of Wilts, John GorMombe waa accused by John Noble, 
deputy ulnator of Saliabury, of having in hia possession twenty- 
one striped cloths sealed witii a oountnf eit aeal, both of the king 
and the city. 

Stephen Noble was instituted, September 13, 1421, aa rector of 
the pariah of Therfield, hundred of Odaey, county of Hertford. 
. Nicholas Noble waa, in 1476 and 1477, nxayor of Saliabury. 

John NoUe waa, March 20, 1556, priest of Salisbury, aa appears 
by the following Tote: ''But forasmuch aa the priest's gown was 
not according to the account thereof^ made of four broad yards, it 
is therefore agreed that the ssid priest, called Sir John NoUe, 
ahall have of the chamberlain, for the lack of the said gown, 
6t. Bd. out of the sum due to the mayor.'' 

In the thirty-first year of Queen Blinbeth (1389), Thomaa Noble 
was plaintiff, and Bichard Greenfield defendant^ the premises and 
' matters in dispute being a house and garden in Lancaster, in the 
county of Lancaahire. 

The same year, Thomaa Noble, periiapa the asme peison, in 
right of Alice Helm, waa plaintifE, and Henry Blessdale, Bobert 
Lowde, and Thomas Page, defendants, the premises and matters 

Digitized by 



in dispute being meesiuige and lands in Jackling Orene in Bollani 
Forett and Qederow Oastle in the county of Lancadiire. 

In the ealendan of the proceedings in Chancery, in the reign 
of Queen Elisabeth (1558-1603), is found the name of Emma 
Trustowe as pUuntifF and Thomas Noble defendant The object 
of the suit was to protect a lease of two tenements or cottages in 
HoUyweU street, in the parish of Saint Leonard Shoreditdi in 
Middlesex, demised by the prioress of the house or monastery of 
8t John the Baptist of Hallywdl, to Morrys Enyret, afterwards 
assigned to the plaintiirs late husband, Gkddeston. 

Thomas Noble, who had been vicar of All Saints church in 
Hertford, hundred of Hertford, and county of Hertford, died 
probably about 1631, as John Archer, upon his death, was installed 
his successor, May 3, 1631. 

Bicfaard Noble was, in 1673, a contributor of books to the Free 
school in Oildf ord, county of Surrey. 

Thomas Noble of Hertford, county of Hertford, by will dated 
Aug. 14, 14 Charles 11 (1674), gave his messuage at Bailly Hall 
StQe, in the parish of All Saints, Hertford, to John Downs, gentle- 
man, for life; then to William Mills, Robert Lawson, and Joseph 
Browne, and their heirs in trusty out of the rents to repair the 
same yearly, then to pay the residue of the rents to the poor of 
the parish of All Saints, for the time being, the trustees to consist 
of four persons, the mayor of Hertford to be one. 

Mark Noble was, in 1690, master of the Free school in Buck- 
inf^iam, county of Buckingham, founded by Dame Isabel DenUm, 
in the year 1540. 

On the floor of the nave of East Bamet church, hunted of 
Gashio, county of Hertford, are to be found monuments to the 
memory of Francis NoUe, Esquire^ who died July 8, 1789, a. 86, 
and of Betty his wife, who died September 7, 1787, m. 62. 

In Oieat AmweU church, hundred of Hertford, and county of 
Hertford, is a monument to the memory of Da^id NoUe, Esq., 
who d. May 6, 1807, a. 59. 

In Scotland, the name of Noble is found at an early period. 

Thomas Nobill, with two knights, in 1364, acted as the escort of 
certain Scottish priests who visited England for the purpose of 
pursuing their studies. The following year, Thomas Nobill, per^ 
haps the same person with the above, together with four knights, 
acted as escort for certain Scots^ on their travels into foreign 

Digitized by 

Google _ 


Alexander Noble wtm, in 1627, heir of Alexander Noble, a 
merchant and burgees of EdinbnrglL 

Thomas Noble was, in 1632, heir of John Noble, merchant and 
boigess of Bdinborgh. 

James Noble, merchant, was, in 1640, son of Archibald Noble 
of BdinbnrglL 

Adam Noble was, in 1642, a merchant of Bdinborgh. 

William Noble of Kipperminchoch, was, in 1676, heir of Maj. 
George Noble of the same town, and in 1697 probably had a son 
named Hnmphiey Noble. 

CoLLses Obaduatbs. 

The general catalogue of the University of Oxford, gives the 

names of the following graduates by the name of ] 

^^oble, with the 

year of their graduation: 

William Noble, 

Merton GoUege, 


Mark Noble, 

St. Alban Hall, 


Thomas Noble, 

Queen's College, 


William Noble, 

Queen's College, 


William Noble, 

Queen's College, 


John Noble, 

Queen's College, 


William Noble, 

Queen's CoU^ 


Thomas Noble, 

Queen's College, 


Henry Noble, 

Queen's College, 


Henry Lovell Noble, 

All Soul's College, 


Bobert Noble, 

Brasenose College, 


At the University of Cambridge, the following 

persons of the 

name have graduated: 

Henry Lovell Noble, 

St John's College, 


Samuel Oeorge Noble, 

Sidney College, 


Samuel Lambert Noble, 

Queen's College, 


John Noble^ 

Sidney College, 


William Noble^ 

St. John's College, 


Bobert Turlington Noble, Sidney College, 1834 

In a general Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by 
John Burke, London, 1842, mention is made of the following 
Nobles^ via.: 

Noble (Cornwall; Belson and Bishc^'s Tentor, Co. Devon; and 

Digitized by 


nraiODnonoir. 17 

fiinniog, near Maidttonei Co. Kent). Or. two lions paaB. guard. 
in pak as. between aa many flannches of the last; over all a fesse 
go. charged with three besants. Crest A lion pass. az. 

Noble (Berwick). Brm. three leopards* heads sa. ducally 
crowned go. 

Noble (Edinburgh). Ar. three burdock leaves vert. Crest A 
dexter hand holding a dagger. Motto. Virtnte et yalore. 

Noble (Reresbie, Co. Leicester). Ar. on a chief gu. a lion pass, 
or. Crest An eagle disp. or. Motto. Fide et fortitudine. 

Noble (Staffordshire). Ar. on a fesse go. between two lions pass, 
guard sa. three bezants. 

Noble (Ireland). Or. a galley, saQs furled, and oars in action gu. 
flags aa. Crest A lion's paw sa. holding up a cross pattee fitchee or. 

Noble. Brm. three leopard's heads sa. ducally crowned or. 

Noble. Or. on a fesse gu. between two lions pass. sa. three 


Although but few of the name of Noble have appeared as 
authors in Oreat Britain, yet Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica gives 
the following, with the titles of their works: 

Noble, (Charles.) Answer to queries against the government of 
this nation, by a Idng. London, 1659. 

Noble, (Edward.) Elements of Tilnnaian perspective demon. 
strated by geometrical 'principles, and applied to the most general ' 
and concise modes of pnetioe. 8^ London, 1772. 

Noble, (Edward More or Moore.) nir^eon. Treatiseon ophthalmia, 
with new methods of cure. Two parts. 8^ Birmingham, 1800-1. 

Noble, (Mark.) JUehro/Bofmingin Kent, d.U21. 

Two dissertations on the mints and coins of the Episcopal pala- 
tines of Durham. Birmingham, 1780. 

Genealogical history of the present royal families of Europe, 
the statholders of the United States, and the succession of the 
popes from the 16th century to the present time. London, 1781. 

MemoirB of the protectorate house of CromwelL 2 vols. Bir- 
mingham, 1784-87. 

Historical genealogy of the royal house of Stuart London, 

Memoirs of the illustrious house of MedicL 8^ London, 1797. 

Lives of the English regicides and other commissioners of the 
pretended high court of jottioe appointed to set in judgment 
iqpon King Charles L 2 v. London, 1798. 

Digitized by 



Histoiy of the college of anna and the lives of the king's her- 
alds and porsaiyants from the reign of Bichard III. 4*^. London, 

Biographical history of England from the revolution to the 
end of George let's reign. 8 vob. London, 1806. 

Noble^ (Thomas.) The dawn of peace, an ode; and Amphion; 
or, the force of concord. 1801. 

Blackheath, a poem. London, 1809. 

Persian hnnter; or, the rose of Georgestan, an opera, 1817. 

Noble, (Samuel,) an mgraper and Bw^denborgian minisUr^ h, m 
London in 1779, and d. ts 1853. 

Appeal on bdialf of the eternal world. 8*^. London, 1838. 

Plenary inspiration of the Scriptures asserted. 8^ 1839. 

Important doctrines of the Christian religion. 8*^. 1846. 

Divine law of the ten commandments. 8*^. 1848. 

Book of Judges. 8^ 1856. 

Nobles nr otrsb pabts or Eubofb. 

The name of Noble is also found in France, Italy, and Holland. 

Eustache de Noble, one of the most indefatigable writers of his 
time, was bom in Troyes in 1643, and died in 1711. 

Leopoldo Nobili, an Italian botanist^ was bom in 1784, and 
died in 1834. 

Boberto Nobili, a celebrated Italian Jesuit and missionary, and 
nephew of Cardinal Bellarmino, was bom in Monte-Pidciano 
in 1577, and died in 1656. He resided for many years in Southern 
India, where he converted great numbers to Christianity. He 
wrote several religious treatises in different Indian dialects. 

Constantin Nobd, or Noble^ a Dutch navigator, was bom abt 
1616, obtained a high rank in the service of the Dutch Eaat India 
Company, and died after 1674. In company with Van Hoom, he 
went, in 1665, on a minion to Peking. 

No relationship has as yet been discovered between any of the 
Nobles mentioned in the preceding pages and those who emigra- 
ted to America. It cannot, however, be doubted but that such 
relationship existed, and their names, with such incidents as could 
be gleaned respecting their history, have been here introduced, in 
the hope that future investigations will show some of them to 
have been the ancestors of those who had the courage to follow 
the star of empire to this westem continent 

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THOMAS NOBLE was the emigrant anoettor of the largest 
famifyin the United States^ beazing the name of Noble. He was 
born as early as 1632, probably in some part of England, and died in 
Weatfield, Mass^ Jan. 20, 1704, m. at least 72 yrs. His exact oxigin 
and early history axe inyolved in obscnrity, {he place of his birth, the 
names of his parents, and the year in which he oame to this country, 
being alike unknown. He was» without doubt^ here in 1 653, and was 
the man mentioned by Drake, (History of Boston, p. 331,) as admit- 
ted, on the 6th of January of that year, an inhabitant of Boston. 
The same year, he removed to Springfield, Mass., and opened an 
acooont at the store of John Pynehon. Though not one of the 
founders, he nxay he considered as one of the early settlers of that 
ancient town, the first settlement having been made in 1636, only 
seventeen years before. A few years after removing to Spring- 
field, he visited England, as appears from an account-book of Mr. 
Pynehon. On the Ist of September, 1657, he was indebted to 
Pynehon totheamountof £32 3«. 6<f., in whkh account is this item: 
<< To what I pd.for yo^ passage to and fro. Eng^d., and for yo^ charges 
(beside what I give you) as in my pocket booke, £16 00. 00." 

In 1664, in connection with aeveral of his townsmen, he had 
Uberfy granted him to erect a saw-mill, on the west side of the Con- 
necticut^ as i^ypears from the following vote: 

''Decemb'y 8th, 1664. There is Grannted liberty unto fismuel Msrah- 
fidd^ThomasNoble, Thomas Miller and XUzurHolyoke upon their desires, 
for y* setting up of a saw Mill on a biodk below Ensigne Oooper's farms 
over Agawam River; also there is grsunted them about Forty acres of 
land where they shall chuse It, neere the place where the Mill shall stand, 
not prjudidng any of y* Inhabitants PMpriety, or the high way: Also 
there is grsunted them thirty acres of Meddow within 2 or 8 mile of y* 

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30 MaoEKDAgm or ihoicas moblb. 

place where Hiey shall fynd H most oonTenient for their use, iii*gii»i<tig at 
one end of their Keddow and soe proceeding tUl 80 acree be made up. 
These grants are on condition that the7 cause a aaw mill to be sett up in 
the place above mentioned A sett to work in Sawing by the first day of 
Apiill w«k shal be in y« yeere 1606. And in case that the said Undertak- 
ers, when fhey have sett up such work, shall see cause to desert the work, 
wth in three yeeres from the^said tyme, th^ shall yield up the place and lands 
hereby graunted, into the hands of y* Town, or such in the town as shall 
carry on y* work, provided these undtakera be paid w* charges they shall 
be at about the Work. Also, they are not restrayned of the liberty of the 
Ccnnons, for all sorts of tymber for their use for Sawing or otherwise." 

At a meeting of the selectmen of Springfield, Jan. 1, 1665 0. e. 1666), 
it is recorded, " This day according to Towne order we considered about 
(making Rates A) takdng a list of y« estate of jT Plantation. And for 
Prizing y* Living Stock of y* Towne we choose Tho. Noble A James 

Mr. Noble, though a maB of activity and industry, ieems to have 
eiarly fallen into a habit (which it is to be hoped that his descend- 
ants will carefully avoid) of living " beyond his means," and as a 
natural result, soon found himself in debt To secure the sums due 
to Henry Smith and John Pynchon, he was obliged, in 1667, to 
make over to Fynchon his house in Springfield, and all his lands, 
except a grant towards Windsor. In the hope of improving his 
condition, and providing tor the wants of a large and growing 
family, he was therefore ready to join those who were beginning 
a settlement at Westfield. The precise time of his removal to 
that place is not known. The lands there granted to him, JuJ^, 
1666, on condition that he settled upon them before the last 
of May, 1667, having been forfeited by non-settlement^ the grant 
was renewed, Jan. 9, 1668, and the time of settlement extended to 
Nov. 10, 1668. At all events, he was there as early as Jan. 21, 
1669, for at a meeting at "Warronoco, (Westfield,) at that date, it 

" Voted, That Ja. ComiBh, Geo. Phelps, Thomas Dewey and Thomas 
Noble shall go to Springfield the first Tuesday in February next, at a 
Towne meeting, to propound to the Towne for the settlement of our place 
and aflayres, in particular to determine where the lyne shall run betwixt 
Springfield and us, and to appoynt persons to lay out the bounds granted 
us by the honored Gen" Court, and to allow us to be a Township by o'selves 
and signify the same to the honored Qeaf^ Court" 

In his historical sketch of Westfield, Bev. Dr. Emerson Davis- 
states, that Mr. Noble's residence in Westfield was about two and 
a half miles east of the present centre of the town, on the farm 

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DSSonTDAim or thomas hoblb. 21 

where his eon, Dea. Thomas Noble, atterwarde resided, and 
which renudned in the family ontQ after the death, in 1791, of 
his great-grandson, Lieut Stephen Noble, when it passed into the 
possession of Ambrose Day. There, he doubtless lived in peace 
and quiet^ until the commencement of *' Eing Philip's " war, in 
1675. In this war, says Bev. Br. Davis, 

" Mr. Noble was much exposed. One night during fsmily prayers. 
Gray Lock* (an old Indian), stepped up and pulled the string and let the 
door swing open, and as soon as all was quiet, be would pull the string 
again. Mr. Noble was persuaded by his friends to move into town. Gray 
Lock said he had several opportunities of killing most of his children at a 
shot, but did not want scalps as much as captives." 

Having been chosen constable of Westfield, the records of the 
Hampshire county court show, that on the 7th April, 1674, he 
'< was swome to discharge y* s* office,'* which in those days was one 
of honor and trust He took the oath of allegiance to his Majesty, 
Jan. 23, 1678; joined "Westfield church, Feb. 20, 1681; was made 
a freeman, Oct 12, 1681, and at the Hampshire county court, Sept 
26, 1682, took the freeman*s oath. 

The Hampshire county records show that about this tame he 
suffered the penalty of the law for travelling on Fast day: 

"At a County Oorte held at Nortliampton, March 87th, 1688. Thomas 
Noble of Westfield being p'sented by the Grand jury for Travelling on a 
day of Humiliation, publiquely appointed by the Gen" Oorte, which he 
owned, pleading his necessity for Comeing home, and yet this Oo^^ Con- 
sidering said affense, being a growing evil amongst us, many Persons too 
much disregarding such eztraordinaiy Dutys, & Seasons, have adjudged 
sd. Noble to pay as a fine to the County treasurer five shilUngs. " 

In 1684, his name is with the most influential of his townsmen, 
upon the jury of inquest on the body of Elieser "Wellerf of West- 

•If this wss the chieftain of the Waranokes, Rev. Dr. Davis is ob- 
viously in error in calling him "an 0U Indian/' King Philip's war 
terminated in July, 1676. Temple and Sheldon, in their History of North- 
Held, state, that Gray Lock, the chief of the Waranokes, so called from the 
tfAoT of his hair, was the most prominent chief in Father Ralle's war, 
which raged fifty years later, 1723-M. They say: "He was now well 
advanced in age, but retained all the daring, and tact, and energy of bis 
youth. In 1788, he was living on the shore of Misslquoi bay, at the 
northerly end of Lake Champlain." The only way of reconciling the 
ststement of Rev. Dr. Davis with that of Temple and Sbeldon, is by sup- 
posing, that in 1676, he was prematurely gray, and was at that time really 
young, although from the color of his hair, appearing to be an old man. 

t Sliezer Weller was doubtless s. of Richard and Ann (Wilson) Weller, 
and b. in Windsor, Conn., Kov. 90, 1650. 

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field, M appears by the following record of the Hampshire comity 

^'Att the Gountie Court held at Springfield, Sept 80, 1684. 
"Nathaniel Wellere p'eented to this <V«« the Inventory of the Estate of 
Sliezer Wellere of Westfeild late decessed, & made oath to the truth of 
the Inventory, & that if more estate shall appeare, he wil discover it to 
the Ckmntie Ckxrie, & he tbe sd. deceased dying intesUte, in his own selfe 
Knrther, power of administration is granted to ad. Nathaniel Wellere apon 
said estate: And the Inquest made upon sd. £lieser WeUeres death, was 
p^sented to this Co^S & is as followes: 
" Westfeild: 17 Aug. 1684. 

" We whose Names are und' written being desired by the Constable as a 
Jury according to Law, to give or Judgmt on the awful, amazing, and 
untimely death of £liezer Wellere, after due notice taken, we al unani- 
mously agree, that through the strength of temptation he became his own 
Execution', by hanging himself, al signes & circumstances fully concur- 
ring therein, & nothing appearing to the Contrary, to the best of or 
Judgm**, we suppose he might be dead twenty four houres before it was 

John llaudsley, John Root, Samuel Root, 

Samuel LoomiB, Sen., John Sacket, Jacob Phelps, 

Isaac Phelps, John Ponder, John Williams, 

Thomas Noble, Josiah Dewey, Thomas Dewey. 

"The sevTall psons above subscribed, Sam^ Root excepted, who was 
from home, made oath to what is above written this 10th of Sept, 1684. 
Before me, 


The town of Weetfield, on the 6th of Sept, 1685, granted to 
him, in connection with Isaac Phelps, Nathaniel Weller, and 
David Ashley, liberty to erect a saw-mill <<on the brook, on the 
northeast side of the river; " and at the same date, together with 
George Sexton, he was chosen "to join with the Selectmen to 
prize buildings." At a town meeting held Sept 22, 1691, he was 
appointed with Ideut Phelps and John Sacket, << to atend the 
Court upon the town account with respect to the difference 
between our town and SulBeld, and do what they can in the towne* 
behalf settling our bounds between us and SuiBeld.*' 

''At a town meeting, Mch. 4, 169(, . . . there was 
Granted unto Tho. Noble, Sen**, upon the. plaine knowne by the 
name of tower miles plaine, the contents of halfe a mile Square, 
that is to say the Liberty of the Pines one this pice of Land 
for Boysume, w* is to continue for three years ensuing the date 

The records of Westfield show, that on the 2d of March, 1696, 
he was chosen county surveyor. 

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Agriculture, neoeBsaiily the main pursuit of every one in tbe 
early history of a country, was his principal employment^ although 
while at Springfield, during the winter, he worked a portion of 
the time as a tailor. 

At Westfield, he was so much prospered in his labors, as not 
only to bring up a large family of children well, but also to leave 
them at his death a respectable estate. 

A copy of the will of Thomas Noble, executed almost seven 
years before, and proved about seven months after his death, 
recorded in the office of the Hampshire Probate court [Vol. Ill, 
pp. 119-20], together with the inventory, is given below : 

"Tbe last will and testament of Tbomas Koble of Westflcld, in y« 
County of Hampshire, in y Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England, being weak in body, but of perfect understanding. 

" Impr, 1 commend my soul into the hands of Christ my blessed Lord 
sad Saviour, and my body to a christian burial, in full faith of a blessed 
resurrection, through the rich grace of God in Christ my Saviour. 

" Item, I ipve unto my son Thomas, that parcel of land lying in the farm 
purchased from Mr. Jn^. Pynchon, from the gate beyond the house entr- 
ing into the field bounded by the plowing land, the way to Springfield, 
J<dm Noble's land and the drain all along to the swamp. 

"Item, to my son Matthew, a tract of land in the same farm, lying by 
a ditch esstaly, and bounded at both ends by tbe river. 

"Item, I give unto my sons Mark and Luke, my little meadow, lying 
against the orchard of Noah Cooke, and that homelot that I have bought, 
and they have raisd frames upon. 

"Item, I give the lot that the town gave me on the top of the hill ag* 
my house on tbe same fann, to all my six sons for a pasture. 

" Item, to my son James, a parcel of land and house upon it, on that 
fann that is fenced in, being six or seven acres more or less. . 

" Item, I bequeath the rest of this my farm lying bounded upon James 
Borth'ly, Thomas on the east, Matthew on the south'ly, y* river on the. 
wcstly sides, to all my sons, i. e, to my sons John, Thomas, Matthew, 
Mark, Luke, and James, equally to be divided amongst them by my 
brother James Warriner, and John Hitchcock of Springfield, and by Capt. 
Isaac Phelps of Westfield. 

"Item, I give to my son James, all my land in the plain, on this side 
the hundred acres, and the lot by the way to Pochastuck. 

"Item, I give to my son John, the rest of my lot in y fort meadow. 

" Item, I give unto my beloved wife, Hannah Noble, an acre of land 
ressrved out of my son John's homelot; also half my dwelling house, 
that is to say, that end next the street, and halfe the land and orchard and 
ham we dwell on, and the other halfe of the house lot and bam to my son 
James, as also the thirds of all that I here wiU to my sons, and after her 
decease, I give my son James the whole of the house, houselot, and bam, 
and the acre re s e rved out of my son John's homelot. 
_ "Item, 1 five unto my four daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth, Maiy, and 

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Rebecca, £90 apiece, to be paid tbem by my aons (viz.), Tbomaa, Mat- 
thew, Kai^, Luke, and James, to Mar}' and to Rebeccah aboat half a year 
after their marriage, and a cow apiece at their marriage. And in case 
any of my children should dye, not leaving any issue behind them, then 
my will is that the legacies that I here give them, be equally divided 
among the surviving, and also, I order these my sons to And my wife 
fewel wood, and two load of hay ev«ry year, so long as she shall remain 

" Item, I give unto my wife also a cow and an heifer, also all my house- 
hold goods, which household goods I would have her at her pleasure dis- 
pose of to my two youngest daughters. 

"Item, my team (one yoak of oxen excepted), I give unto my three 
youngest sons, MariL, Luke, and James. And for the well and faithful 
execution of this my last will, I ordain and make my beloved wife Han- 
nah Noble and my son Thomas Noble Joynt executors, to defray all my 
lawfull debts, and for that end leave one yoak of working cattle, a yoak 
of fatt oxen, and the money in the Bay due to me, and all other dues, the 
which, when my debts are defray^, the remainder I would have to go to 
pay my daughter's portions. But in case the same should be too little to 
clear my due debts, that then they are to raise what is sufficient out of the 
legacies I have here given to my children, to do the same. In witness 
whereof I set to my hand and seal this eleventh day of May, An« Dom., 

THOMAS NOBLE and a [Bbal]." 
" Signed A sealed in the pvesence off 
Sdwabd Tatlob, 


jAioa Wabbirbb.'' 

In Springfield, Sept: 5th, 1704. 
' Mr. Edward Taylor and Victory Sikee, two of the witnesses to this 
inatrument, appeared before the Judge of Probates in Hampshire, viz., 
Samuel Partridge, Esq., and made oath that they saw Thomas Noble, 
deoeas^, sign and seal the s< instrument, as his last will and testament, 
and that he was of a sound mind and memory, when he did it, according 
to there Judgment, and that th^ with James Warriner signd as witnesses 
to the same, in the testaturs' presence. Which b4 will (the executors 
therein named having accepted s* trust), was by the s' Judge approved 
and allowed of. 

Attest, JOHN PTNGHON, Regt. 

An inventory of the estate of Thomas Noble, Sen' of Westfield, de- 
ceased, taken Febru>y y 18th, 170|. 

Imp^. £ s. d. 

To a house and bam and homestead in the town plott, . 085 00 00 

To a lot in the plain by estimation eleven acres, . 086 00 00 

To four acres of land in the fort meadow, . . 006 00 00 

To six acres of upland or pastureing, . Old 00 00 

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£ t. If. 

To an acre of homelot land in the town plait, . 018 00 00 

To ninety acres of land in the fann, . . 270 00 00 

To fifty acres of upland or thereabouts called the pasture, 

lying against the farm 005 00 00 

To the old buildings upon the farm, . . 002 00 00 

To two aad one halfe acres of land with a frame upon it 

ca]« Mark's homstead, . 010 00 00 

To two acres ot homelot land near the Wid« Dewey's, . 005 00 00 
To a yoak of three yearcs old steers at £5, . . 005 00 00 

To two cows, and one calfe at £5; and a heifer and 2 steers 

at£815t. 008 15 00 

To a horse at £2 10«. and dx swine at £2, . . 004 10 00 

To a cart at £1 12f., and plow and plow chain at £1 5«., to- 
gether with half other implements belonging to the team 

£1 14f.; and y« halfe of a Umber chain at 18d., . . 004 14 00 

To axes, hatchels, howes, and forks at 18tf., and hay knife 

• and pease hooks 4d., 001 02 00 

To wareing apparel £8; and armes, and ammunition £1 15«. ; 

and bed, bolster, and 2 pillows at £2 Ids., and a rugg 

and bknketts £1101., 007 11 00 

To 4 toe ruggs £1 4f., an^ a blankett 4f. ; 2 down beds and 

2 bolsters at £12i., 002 10 00 

To two pillows 7«., and curiaines and valiants 15«., and 4 * 

bedsteads and cords £18f., . 002 06 00 

To 1 dosa of napkins, and 2 table doathes, and 8 towels, 

£18t.; and 5 pillow beers 8«., . 001 16 00 

To nine aheeU £1 16«., and 8 large pewter platters £1 4f., 

and 6 plates a 16s., - . 008 16 00 

To old pewter 18f. and a tankerd, and 2 porringers and aalt 

cellars*., 001 01 00 

To brass kittles and skilleU and wanning pann, . 001 16 00 

To an iron pot and kitUes £1 2f., and tin and earthen ware 

6t. i)01 06 00 

To pott hooks, trammels and Are irons and chafen dish 18f.', 000 18 00 
To barrels, tubbs, chaires, and wheels, and aome other small 

things, £1 16«., 001 16 00 

Topailes, bowls, diahea, trenchers, q>oons, and cannl8f., . 000 18 00 
Towheat, peas, lye, Indian com; and oates £7 Of. 6d., . 007 00 06 
To wool, flax, and sacks, £1 6s. ; and chests, boxes, hookes, 

and halchels £1 16«., 008 00 00 

To a ahorel, fiying pann, and bridle, and aadle 18f. ; and 

provision in y« house £1 10s., . 002 08 00 

To sdeths, sickles, and sdeth tackling 6t., . . 000 06 00 

To beetle rings, and wedges, and other small things, 6«., and 

2 bb of tnipentine at £1 lOd,, and linnen, and woolen 

yam, 8a., 002 08 00 

Totall, £448 06*. 06d. 

p^ Isaac Phelps, Nath^ WeUar, Joa. Bexton. 

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" Hampsh* 68. Bpbikgfield Sbftbm* 5tb 1704. 

" Hannah Noble wid* and Thomas Noble, executors of the hwt will 
and testament of Thomas Noble (l^te of Westileld deceas«) made oath 
before Sami Partridge, Esqr., Judge of the Probate of wills &c fors* 
County, thai the within is a true inventory of the estate ot s* decease, lo 
far as they know of, and if more appear, they will readily make disooveiy 
thereof from time to time, to s* Judge, or his successors. 

Attest, JOHN PYNCHON, ile^." 

"April 8th 1704. A division of a oerUin tract of land among the six 
sons of the decease Thomas Noble of Westfleld, who dyed the 21st of 
Janury 170|, the land lyes about the middle of the farm, that the dec« 
Thomas Noble bought of Mr. Pynchon, the quantity is about sixty-seven I 

acres. It lyes by the river southeast, and norwest by a ditch which parts .^ 

James Noble's pasture land from this dividing line, the northeast end 
buts upon the old cartway that goes through or that went through the 
S4 farm to Springfield, the southeast end buts on the old ditch or the 
land of Matthew Noble. It is divided in two divisions. The first divis- 
ion begins two foot to the norwest side of the first rowe of apple trees. 

The first lot in that division was laid out for Thomas, which was 13 
rod broad. 

The 2 for James, four rods and 7 foots, 4 broad. 

The 8 for Matthew, twelve rod, 12 broad. 

The 4 for Luke, nineteen rod, 19 broad. 

The 5 for John, fourteen rod, 14 broad. 

The 6 for Mark, that is all from John's lot to the river south, east and 
Doreast to a smaU brook of water that runs between John's land, and the 
dividing land. The second division runs from the upper rowe of apple 
trees to the ditch norwest 

The first lot was laid for Thomas, and it is three rod broad. 

2. John was four, 8 rod and almost half e. 

8. Mark six, 6 rod. 

4. James eighteen, 18 rod. 

5. Matthew thirteen, 18 rod or fourteen. 

We who are the sons of the deceased Thomas Noble, do all of .us agree 
to take up satisfied with the above division, (with good likeing,) of Isaac 
Phelps, James Warriner, John Hitchcock, who are the distributors. 

as witness our hands, MATTHEW NOBLE, 

ItiLAC Phblpb, mare NOBLE, 

Jameb Wabrihsr, LUKE NOBLE, 


He m. Nov. 1, 1660, Hannah Wabrinzb, b. in Springfield, 
Mass., Aug. 17, 1643, only dau. of William and Joanna (Scant) 
Warriner. She joined the Weatfield church, Nov. 1 1, I6S0. She 

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m. (2) Jan. 24, 1705, Deft. Hedad Pomeroy of Nortbampton, 
Mass., bapt in Windaor, Conn., Aug. 19, 1638, s. of Eltweed 
Pomeroy. The Weatfield church records show, that "Sister 
Noble, widow of brother Thomas Noble, being married again 
to Mr. Hedad Pomeroy of Northampton, and settled with him 
there, was dismissed to Northampton, about the end of April, 
1705.*' Medad Pomeroy was a blacksmith, and town clerk for 
many years, deacon, and representative 1677, '83, '84, '86, '90, '92, 
a man of large wealth for the times, and much influence. [He 
m. (!) Nov. 21, 1661, Experience Woodward, dau. of 
Henry Woodward of Dorchester and Northampton. She d. 
June 8, 1686; (2) Sept 8, 1686, Mrs. Abigail Chauncy, dau. 
of Jolm and Abigail (Ford) Strong of Northampton, Mass., and 
wid. of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy of Hatfield. She d. April 
15, 1704.] Medad Pomeroy d. in Northampton, Dec. 30, 1716, 
m, 78. ^e survived Dea. Pomeroy, who, in his will dated Jan. 4, 
1709, and proved Jan. 5; 1717, makes the not very liberal pro- 
vision, that at his decease, she ''shall have liberty to choose what 
oow shoe will out of y« cows w«^ I shall then have, to be her own, 
and alsoe to have returned to her all such things as she brought" 
The date of her death is not recorded, and it is only known that 
it occurred prior to May 12, 1721. 


8. John;. . b. March 6, 1662; m. (1) A. Backet; (2) M. Goodman. 

a :Hannah, b. Feb. 24, 1664; m. (1) J- Goodman; (2) N. Edwards; 

(8) a Partridge. 

4. Tkamoi, b. Jan. 14, 1666; m. Elizabeth Dewey. 

6. Matthew, b. .; m. Hannah Dewey. - 

6. Marfc, b. ; m; Maiy Marshall. 

7. EUtaMh, b. Feb. 9, 1678; m. (1) R Church; (2) S. Loomia. 
a Luke, b. July 16, 1676; m. Hannah Stebbins. ^ 

9. Jamee, b. Oct. 1. 1677; m. (1) Ruth ; (2) C. Higley. 

10. ifofy. b. June 89, 1680; m. Ephraim Colton. 

11. Rebeeea, b. Jan. 4, 1688; m. Samuel Loomis. 

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JoHV NoBLEy 8. of Thomas, was b. in Springfield, HasB., 
JlATcb 6, 1662, and d. in New Milford, Conn., Aug. 17, 1714, m. 
62. He removed in childhood with his father to Westfield. In her 
will, ezeeated at Deerfield, Maae., Feb. 25, 1692, and proved on the 
29th of the succeeding March, Mary, widow of Richard Goodman, 
formerly of Hadley, names her son-in-law, John Noble, her execator, 
and dedares: <<My will is, that my son Noble shall possess, im- 
prove, b injoy my house. Bam & all my Lands in Hadley, till y* 
term of his foure years be fully accomplidied k Compleated." It 
is probable that he was at that time a resident of Hadley, and an 
occupant of the above-named house. Certain it is, that he was of 
Hadley, November, 1694, and at that date purchased of John 
Pynchon, skins to the value of nearly £6. Possibly he was then a 
furrier, though it may be that he bought these skins to sell again, 
for in 1702 he is styled " trader.'* On the 12th of February, 1695, 
he was still at Hadley, and then, for £10, bought of Stephen Lee 
of Westfield, five and three-quarter acres of land in Westfield. ^ He 
returned to Westfield as early as March 2, 1696, at which date he 
was chosen constable, and on the 20th April, 1702, is called 
'<trader,"andonthe 1st September, 1703, "innholder,"and con- 
tinued, doubtless, to make that the place of his residence until 
1707. In the last-named year, as is supposed, he was the pioneer 
settler of New Milford, Conn. 

CoL Robert Treaty and other inhatttants of Milford, Conn., hav- 
ing purchased, for £60 in money, and £30 in goods, '<a certain 
tract of land, formerly called Weantenuck, now New Milford," of 
the Indians, the same was confirmed to them by the General Court, 
Oct 22, 1703. On the 22d June, 1706, John Noble, then of West- 
field, purchased land at New Milford, Conn., of John Woodruffe of 
Milford, an original proprietor. 

Rev. Stanley Oriswold, pastor of the Congregational church at 
New Milford, in a century sermon preached January, 1801, full 
extracts from which are entered on the town recoidS) has the 
following in relation to John Noble: 


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" The lint white tetUer, who came to this town, was John Noble from 
Weetfleld, Mass., who came here in the year 1707. He brought with him 
at first one of hie daughters, then about eight years old. He first built a 
hut under what is called Fort Hill, but afterwards moved, and pitched 
here in the centre of the town. His house here was for some time the last 
house on this side of Albany, and General Nicholson once lodged in it, 
' during the reign of Queen Anne. It deserves to be mentioned to the credit 
of the natives, that Mr. Noble once left his little daughter, then eight 
years old, w\th them for the space of three m four weeks, while he was 
necessarily absent from the town, and on his return found she had been 
well treated and taken exceedingly good care of. Another daughter of 
his, the late Mrs. Margaret Hine, who died here in the 08d year of her age, 
was then three years old, and the fact was fresh in her memoiy, as she had 
heard it while young, though she herself was not then broui^t hither." 

No one who has seen New Milford in the summer, will call in 
question the good taste of Mr. Noble, in selecting that town as his 
future home, for in the whole valley of the Housatonic, no place, 
aurpassing it in the beauty of its natural scenery, can be found. 

" At a meeting of y* Proprietors of New Milford, held at Milford, Dec 
y*27th 1710. Voted, That there be a Comittee chosen for ordering y« 
settlement of New Milford, and dividing y lands according to y* several 
limitations, here after agreed upon by y Proprietors. Comittee chosen 
are MaJ' 6am^ Eells, Capt Joseph Treat, Lieut. Joseph Peck, Sergi 
Sam^ Clark, Jonathan*Law, Jn* Nobles, Jn* Bostick, Berg* Zachariah 

Voted, that any five shall be a sufilcient number or Quorum for doing 
any matter proper for y* Comittee to do. 

Voted, Tliat y Comittee consider how many families may be accom- 
modated, in and ab* y place where y Town platt is already pitched, with a 
sufficiency of land, taking care that they do not exceed their Proportion of 
y whole tract of land and fall short of it according to their best Judge- 
ment, and when those accommodations are filled or taken up with Inhabi- 
tants, to pitch upon some other convenient place and there lay out another 
number of accommodations as y adjacent land will admitt of, taking y 
same care as before specifyd and so to proceed as there shall be occasion, 
untill y whole is laid out leaving suitable Comons, Highways, &c." 

On the 10th January, 1710, several years previous to the organ- 
isation of the church in New Milford, Mr. Noble joined the First 
Congregfttional church in Woodbury, Conn. Shortly after this 
date, the inhabitantB of New Milford, though few in numbers, feel- 
ing their need of religious privileges, petitioned the (General Court of 
Connecticut for liberty to lay a tax upon all their lands, for the 
Bupport of the gospel A copy of the original petition, preserved 
in the Secretary's office, is here inserted : 

Digitized by 



'*2btke han^ gen* (hurt or AmnMff n&w Ming in New Hat$n : 

The Inhabitsnto of New Milford, being twelve families and about 70 
souls, haTing since y* time of our first setlement, which is about three 
years, been without y* aduantages of y* ministrey of y* gospell and of 
themselues as able to giue neaesary Encourigement there unto, humbley 
i^ply themselues to your honours for relief therein, and for that End your 
humble petitioners put into a Capacity to Levy y* same, or that your hon- 
ors would contriye som other way for y* helth of our souls, as In your 
wisdoms shall be thought meet, and your humble petitioners shall euer pray 
for your honors' prosperity. 
Dated in New Milford, Octob^ 17*^, 1711. 

John Noble, sen', Samuel Grindel, 

John Bostwick, sen', John Bostwick, jun', 

Benjamin Bostwick, Zachariah Ferris, 

John Noble, jun', Roger Brunson, 

Isaiah Bartlet, John Weller, 

Samuel Brunson. Thomas Weller." 

" Upon the petition of the Inhabitants of New Milford, this Assembly do 
order that a tax of seren shillings each pr. annum, for the space of four 
years, shall be laid upon the proprietors of Lands within s* town (viz.,) 
so much on whole share, and proportionable upon lesser shares, or rights 
there, and the s* inhabitants have hereby liberty to choose a collector to 
gather the s* Rates or taxes, always provided the Money gathered as above 
S*, shall be emproved for promoting the Ministiy in s* Town.'* 

" New Milford, May 29th, 1712. Pursuant to y* Act or agreement of y* 
Proprietors of New Milford December 27th, 1710, authorizing a Comittee 
for ordering y* settlement of New Milford af ores' and dividing y lands. 
The Comittee whose names are hereunto subscribed, did meet and take a 
view of y* lands, and situation of y* same. 

Whereupon they have considered and ordered as foUoweth: .... 
That in y* first forty acre Division, the Liberty of Choice shall be first to 
those who have already settled or built here in such order as they agree or 
otherwayes, as they came here fbrst to settle here, but with this Limitation 
that they shall not make y* pitch further Southward than an East and West 
line across y* fishing f aUs nor farther Northward than an East and West 
line half a mile above y* mouth of Aspatuck river, excepting only Mr. 
John Nobles, who has already improved land att Hockey river, who has 
Liberty to take hiB pitch in that place. .... 

Ordered that twenty acres on a square be left on Aspatiftk hill to sett a 
Meetin^ouse on, Ac. .... 

Signed by SAM^* EELLS, 







The town records of New Milford show, that "May y« 11th, 1718, at a 

OmdUee qf 

y* Proprietor 

qf New Maford.** 

Digitized by 



Iflgall meting John Koble senyr was choft ts an aturnej to serre y* peti- 
tion to 7* gineraU cort bolden at hartford, may 14th, 1718.*' 

" At a town meeting November y* 80, 1718, agreed y* John Noble aen', 
John Weller, or 8am^ bionaon ahould go to Milford, to discorB y* comity 
about y* settlement of a minester." 

"March y* 4th 171f at a leagall town meeting y* was agreed by a vot y* 
8am> bronson, John Weller A John Noble sen' ahonld lay out y* minesters 
land y* is to say one home lot with y ten aoer division for a pastor lot & 
a forty aoer lot, it is y* that y proprietors did agree to give Mr. Daniel 
boaidman if he becomes a settled minister at New Milford.'* 

passed in the Lower House. 

Test, R BTJ8HNSLL, Clerk,'' 

New Milford became a town, Oct 9, 1712, by act of the legisla- 
tore. Its growth, howevar, waa alow. Permission was granted to 
gather a church in May, 1715, the church was organized Nov. 21, 
1716, and a meeting-bouee commenced in the spring of 1719. 
In May, 1719, the number of familiee in the town was twenty- 
three. In October, 1727, the inhabitants asked the General Court 
for their county rate, to aid their school, and help finish the meeting- 
house, and their request was granted for two years. They again 
asked, May, 1730, for tbeir country rate, to be used in 'finishing 
their meetiiig-house, and the Legislature granted their petition. 

But in midsummer of 1714, before the plans which he had so 
fondly cherished had been carried out, even before the establish- 
ment of a churchf John Noble, the enterprising founder of this 
new town, was, in the full strength of manhood, suddenly removed 
by death. 

The proceedings in the settlement of his estate, from the New 
Haven probate records, are as follows: 

*'At a Oonrt of Ptobates held at Newhaven Nov* 8d, 1714. 

"Administration of the estate of John Noble, late of New Milford, 
dec*, is granted unto 8tq;>hen Noble, son of y« dec*, on his bond and 
surety. [V6L 4, p. 899.] 

"Att a Court of Ptobates held at Newhaven, Monday, Jan>T 8«. 171}. 

"Stephen Noble, ad' of the Estate of John Noble, late of New Mil- 
iotdt dee*, eihibited an inventory of the said dec** estate, which was 
approved forieoord. 

"New Milford, December 9d, 1714. An Inventoiy of the estate of 
John Noble, Sei^, lately deceased is ss f oUoweth :» 

£ $. d. 
"First, the house and homestead y* is all the Land from y 

^ highway at y« East end to the highway at y« west end, 80 00 

40 acres over Bocky River, . . 06 00 

all y« out land not taken up yett, . 04 00 

Digitized by 



£ i. d. 

"Secondly, y Stock, 1 Cam £210$., one diUo £2 S«.,2 yoang 

mein 2 y old £4 lOf., 09 05 

a heUFer 2 y* old iMt spring £2: one bona £4, one ditto 

£1 St. 07 05 

el^t amall swine, . 02 15 

"9^. by Iron Tackling by boop and boxes 15«., . 00 15 

byaLinspinand wasber It: by bona chain 5«., . . 00 06 

by a plow chain St. by Double hooks and single books 

2t.8tf, 00 10 8 

a stabing boe 5t. and two broad hoes (U., . ^ . 00 11 

a cart [ . ] and pin 8t. and one ring 2«., . 00 05 

a staple and ring 2t. 6d. faUng ax 4f., . 00 06 6 

old btmSd. one bottle ring and wedge 2«. 6(2., . 00 08 2 

2 p^ fork tinee and sn old spade, . 00 08 

old sytbs and tackling, 00 06 

1 old Coulter 8t. 6d. : plough and part of two harrows, . 00 06 6 

1 shoyell Scf. flesh fork U, 00 01 8 

1 old plow share and bolt 4f., . 00 04 

i share in a wolf pitt, 00 04 

part of a Grin stone, 00 08 6 

6 bushells Rye, 00 18 4 

15ibudiels wheat, 08 06 

60 bushk Indian at U 8d. p. busbi, . .» . 04 08 4^ 

8bushelsoates8t. 6d. hay lOt. flat £12«. Off., . 01 16 6 

"4*^, by wearing cloths, a loose coat, . 00 04 

a flaneUyestTt. a broadcloth vest 6t., . 00 12 

ahat2«. 6d. twopairstockens2t.2d, . 00 04 8 

a p' of shoes 8i. a flaneU coat 16t., . . 00 19 

a neckcloth Is. bed stead and cord 7«. 6d., . . 00 08 6 

a bolon shirt 12«. two linen shirts 7s., . 00 19 

afeatherbed£2 8s. Oil. and bolster 2t., . 02 10 

two piUows 6s. 8d. 8 old coYerUds lU, . 00 17 

a trundle bed stead 6s., 00 05 

a bed stead and cord 10«. a trundle bedstead and cord 6s., . 00 16 

a feather bed £1 15t. Od. two feather bolsters, . 02 08 

another bolster 8t. 4 coyerlids 2s., . 00 05 

2 old beds and a Quilt lOt., 00 10 

a set of Curtains 20s. another set of curtains, . 01 05 

nine sheets £1 5s. Od. 5 napkins, a table cloth. . 01 09 8 

2 table cloths Is., a chest ft Drawers, . 00 16 

a linen wbeeU Is. 6d. a woollen wbeall, . 00 04 

2tubs2s. 6d.8cnshens2s. 9d. 00 06 8 

ahalfbushiU half peck. 00 01 8 

a cow hide 8s. 5* f linen yem, . 00 17 7 

7* tow yem 8s. 9d. 12> blankett yem lis., . . 00 19 9 

6* woolen yem course 4s. 6d. flne linen yem 6* 10s., . 00 14 6 

a p^amall sheets 00 08 

twotrameIls5s. apairtongs2s. OJ., . . 00 07 6 

Digitized by 




m PaA U. Iron pot and hooka 6b,, 

an IroD ketle (U. a brass ketle ISi., . 

a table U. a mashing tub and cheesepress, . 

8 brass pans 2$. one skillet It. a skimer U. 6d., 

6 pewter platen 9i. nine plates (U., . 

2 bassons 8t. 6<2. Are poringers 2t. 6d., 

8 spoons It. a half pint and jill caps, 

a dram cop and salt cellar It. a flagen St., . 

an earthen pott 8d. two small cask 8t.6<2., . 

a tab and beef 14$. an old cupboard and tubs, 

a frying pan St. 6d. a wanning pan St., 

a mortar and pestle 8t. a TreTitt 16d., 

a shreding knife It. a salt box and desk It., 

a looking glass 8t. two pails St. 6d., . 

atable St. 6<2., one old side 6d. wooden dishes St., 

loldladleSt. a pr. bridle bits id., . 

an old coulter It. 8d. a knife 8d., . r 

a trowell It. a smoothing iron and heaters, . 

a hatchell St. books one bible 7t. Sd., 

books Sf. a pr. spectides It. and case, 

soap Sd tallow It. (id. a brush Sd., . 

8 glass botles St. id. four chairs if. 6d., 

part of three wohres £5 lOf. Od. ten pound woll, 

S^ooarsewooUU. apilionSt. 6d., . 

a grid iron Sd. lins^ woolsey St. Sd. , 

1* and f tow yem, .... 

a bee tree and half St. a yerd and part of a yx^ cotten 

it. id., 

old iron St., ..... 

"Tttken l^ Samuel Brownson, 
Roger Brownson." 

£ t. 

00 OS 

01 04 
00 08 
00 04 
00 16 
00 06 
00 01 
00 08 
00 08 
00 16 
00 06 
00 OS 
00 OS 
00 10 
00 08 
00 OS 
00 01 
00 OS 
00 16 
00 05 
00 03 
00 OS 
OS 00 
00 08 
00 04 
00 03 











00 10 10 
. 00 OS 

£107 OSt, OSd. 
[Vol 4, p. 811.] 

Jan. 8, 171(. 8tq;>hen Noble, ad' of the estate of Jdm Noble, late 
of New Milford dect., exhibited an accO* of charge of Ooort and admin- 
istration to this time, and costs of his sickness & funerall expences and 
some small debts due from said estate all already paid amounting to 
£18 ISt, Sd. [Vol 4, p. 88S.] 

Karch 8, 1716. Stephen Noble, ad' of the estate of John Noble hite of 
New IQlf ord dect, exhibited a further acco^ of chaxge of adm^^ and pay- 
ment of debU allowed to be . £6 18t. Od. 
and Mr. Olark's execution, . . £8 Si. Od. 
and is also set by for the widdow pursuant to law for her use dureing life 
sondiy perticulars in a paper on file amouqting to £8 ISt. lOd., and also 
exhibited to be added to the inTentoiy, (Tid): 

Digitized by 



one Bilver cup apprized at, 
one piece of gold, 
two quarten of beef, 

£ «. 


, , 

. 8 6 

, , 

. 12 

. 1 7 

£5 4t.0tf. 

[Vol 4, 



•March 0, 171|. Stephen Noble adm' of the esUte of John Noble 
late of New Milford dec'd., exhibited a farthur aoco^ of debts dne from 
laid estate and charge of administration past unto this day of £72 17«. . 
Sd, which, with the allowance made formerly makes £114 lOf. 8(2. in the 
whole. The said adm' is allowed nntiU the first Monday of March next 
to finish his said administration. [Vol. 4, p. 888.] 

Bept 8, 1718. Thomas Pickett in behalf of Stephen Noble adm' of the 
estate of John Noble late of New Milford deceased, exhibited in Court 
an act of the GenerBll Assembly held at Hartford May 10th 1716, author- 
izing the said Adm* to make sale of all the Reall estate of the said 
deceased, in order to the paying the debts due from the said deceased's 
estate, so far as it will answer them, provided the morgage and rate or 
tax laid on the land by this assembly be first paid, always observing the 
direction of the Court of Probates in the County of Newhayen therein. 
Whereupon this Court direct the said adm' to make sale of all the real 
estate of the dec* in order to the paying of the debts, according to the 
regulation as aboye, and make return of his doings to this Court 

[Vol. 4, p. 417.] 

March 16, 171f Stephen Noble, administrater of y« estate of John 
Noble, late of New Milford dec*, exhibited to be added to y« inventory 
for advance of price in sale of the land £10 1«. Od., which makes y whole 
inventory £122 8«. 8d. The s* administrator exhibited acco* of charge of 
administration and paid Sherriif Hotchkiss for interest since y« last allow- 
ance £4 7s. 4d., which makes the whole sum of debts and charge, £118 
17a Id., hj which remains in y« ad" hands £8 lis. Id, which sum y« said 
administrator is hereby ordered to make good payment of to y« s* cred", 
after y* death of y« wid* who is now in possession of one &> of y* said 
house and hmd. [Vol. 4, p. 464.] 

He m. (1) Sept. 13, 1682, Abigail Sacut, b. Dec. 1, 1663, dau. 
of John and Abigail Sacket of Northampton and Westfield, Mass. 
She d. at 'Westfield, July 3, 1683, ss. 19, four days after the birth 
of her first and only chUd. 

The late Thomas Bridgman of Northampton, Maaa., in his 

Digitized by 



«< InBcriptioDB on grave gtones in Northampton, and valley of the 
Connecticut,*' published in 1850, gives that of Mrs. Noble, stating 
her stone to be the oldest in the Westfield burying ground. The 
inscription upon it is as follows: 


1688 in: y« 90 TEAR 


He m. (2) 1684, Mabt Goodman, b. Nov. 5, 1665, dau. of Rich- 
ard and Mary (Terry) Goodman of Hadley, Mass. She entered 
into full communion with the church at Westfield, Mch. 25, 1688. 
She was dismissed thence to Derby, Conn., in 1713, and wa^ne 
of the original members of the dhurch at New Milford, at its 
organisation, Nov. 21, 1716. She was living, March 15, 1717. 


18. Jbiffoa, b. June 90, 1688. 


18. John, h. Feb. 15, 1685; m. (1) H. Picket; (2) A. Buck; (8) a 

14. StepUti, b. Aug. 15, 1686; m. Abigafl Morgan. 
Vi. Mtabeth, b. June 28, 1689. 

16. Marff, bapt. Oct 16, 1690; m. Andrew Hinman. 

17. Doetf, b. Jan. 25, 1696; m. Lydia Forward, 
la Enuinah, b. Nov. 2, 1697; m. Solomon Johnson. 

19. Sarah, b. Mch. 22, 1699; m. Titus Hinman. 

20. Wmam, b. Oct 25,1702; d. June 80, 1703. 

21. Margar0l, b. Apr. 8, 1704; m. James Hine. 

22. Mabd, b. Feb. 28, 1706; m. Matthew Benedict 



JoHV NoBLB, B. of Johu, wss b. in Westfield, Mass., Feb. 15, 
1685, and d. in New Milford, Conn., in the summer of 1773, ». 88. 

He joined the Cong, church at New Milford, Aug., 1720. He 
was captain of the train-band in the same town in 1732. In 1743, 
he was a signer of a memorial to the General Assembly, for lib- 
erty to establish a church in the south part of New Milford and 

Digitized by 



the adjacent towns of Danbory and Newtown, the memorialiaU 
all living from four to seven miles from church. He built the 
house next south of OaUows Hill, about six or seven miles below 
the centre of New Milford, on the road to Danbury, and there 
lived and died. His remains sleep in the old burying ground, 
nearly opposite his house. By his will, dated April 2, 1759, and 
proved Sept 7, 1773, he gives his property to his wife Sarah; son 
Thomas; the heirs of son John deceased; son Nathan; the heirs 
of his dau. Sarah deceased; daughters Rachel, Mercy, and Han- 
nah. To Rachel in addition to the eighth part of his estate, he 
gives his ** Negro man Robbin," after the decease of his wife. 

He m. (1) Haivnah Picket, per. dau. of Thomas and Abi- 
gail (Seymour) Picket, and if so, b. May 20, 1680. She d. March 
1, 1716. 

He m. (2) Abigail Buck, per. b. in Wethersfield, Ck>nn., Jan., 
1692, dau. of Bzeldel and Rachel Buck. She joined the Cong, 
church at New Milford, Aug., 1720. 

He m. (3) March 23, 1733, Mrs. Sabah Slauohteb of Ridge- 
field, Conn., b. abt 1690, dau. of Drake. She d. Dec. 30, 

1792, m. 102. 


28. Tkamat, b. Jan. 16, 1712; m. Mary Curtis. 
24. Chad, )h. ; d. Dec., 1715. 

85. Chad, ) b. ; d. Dec., 1715. 


86. John, b. Sept 81, 1717; m. Anna Peet 

87. Qraee, b. Jan. 82, 1719; d. Feb. 1, 1719. 

8a WaUam, b. March 8, 1720; d. May 8, 1780, m. 8 mos. 
89. Abia, b. May 19, 1721; m. Benjamin Bennet. 

80. Nathan, b. Feb. 4, 1722; m. Mary Qray. 

81. Sarah, bapt. Aug., 1724; m. Caleb Stephens of Danbury, Conn., and 

d. before 1759, leaving children. 

88. Baehd, b. July 8, 1726; m. WOliam Spooner. 
88. Aaron, bapt Dec. 8, 1787; prob. d. young. 

84. Mer^, bapt June 89, 1729; m. James Benedict 

85. Hannah, bapt July 5, 1780; m. 1758, John Gray of Kent, Conn.. 

and remoyed, as is thought, to Bennington, V t She had at least 
one son, John, who was a captiye for two and one-half yean, among 
the Indians. 


Capt Stsphbn Noblx, b. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Aug. 15, 1686, and d. in New Milford, Conn., Dec. 10, 1755, m. 69. 
By trade, he was a blacksmith. He was of Westfield, Apr. 16, 
1709, and at that date, bought of Abigail Morgan of Enfield, Conn., 

Digitized by 



besideB 170 acres in the 2d divimon, bounded south by Scantic 
River, "all her Messuage and Tenement in the Township of En- 
field," consisting of "a house, bam, and homestead, containing 
twelve acres in the town plot," " bounded northerly by the land of 
Jonathan Bush, Sen', and south by Capt Isaac Meacham, easterly 
upon the town street, or highway, k westerly upon the great 
river." On the 2d Nov., 1713, being then of Enfield, he sold his 
homestead to Isaac Eibbe of Enfield. He probably removed to 
New Milford, as early as Jan. 24, 1714, for the records of that 
town show, that at that date twenty acres of land for a half right 
of upland were measured for Stephen Noble. 

Stephen Noble was a man of great influence in the town of New 
Milford, and held almost every office of honor and trust in the 
gift of its dtisens. 

"At a town Meeting held November 29, 1714, there was chosen San^uel 
Bronson and Stephen Noble to make up accounts for the collictor and 
see that the money be brought in so that it may be disposed of in order to 
the maintanance of the ministiy amongst us." 

"At a town meeting held Oct. 22d, 1716, Stephen Noble was appointed 
to represent the town in such matter as shaU be nedf ull at the time of the 
ordination of Mr. Daniel Boardman." 

" At a town meeting held Dec. 14, 1716, it was agreed that John Weller 
and Stephen Noble should have ten shillings for beating the Drum upon 
publike meetings & other nesesary times the year insuing." 

Dec. 16, 1717, " Att the same meeting there was chosen John Bostwick, 
Ben', Zachariah Ferries, William Gaylord, Stephen Noble, John Bostwick, 
Ju', for a oommitty to agree with Mr. Bordman for his ssleiy." 

"March 17, 171{, at a town meeting held in New Milford, Stephen 
Noble and Daniel Griswold were chosen a commity to proportion and set 
out to eveiy man his part of the fence which was formerly agreed upon 
to be made for Mr. Boardman about his homelot." 

"Mar. 16, 172}, at a town meeting, it was voted in the ailrmative 
that in taking up of land or a forty acre pitch, that we will draw a lot for 
a choice an in this manner proceed, at the same meeting there was chosen 
for a oommitty to draw lot for the choice are Stephen Noble, Zachariah 
Fteriss and William Oaylord." 

"At a meeting held Sept 28, 1728, Capt Stephen Noble was chosen to 
agree with Doct Warner to mannag our petition at the Genarall Court in 
October next" 

Stephen Noble was, for fifteen years, a selectman of New Mil- 
faid,via., in 1714; 1716-21; 1724; 1727-28; 1730; 1735; 1738; 

Prior to the year 1744, there was in New Milford but one mili- 
tary company, and of this Stephen Noble was, at its organization 

Digitized by 

Google — 


between 1715 and 1720, choeen captain, and continued in office 
for twenty yean. 

Although New Milford became a town, in 1712, thirteen yean 
elapsed before any depatiee were sent thence to the legialature of 
Gonnecticnt. John Bostwick and Stephen Noble were chosen for 
the October session of 1725, being the first r o p ro s on tatives of the 
town. Capt Noble held this office of tmst for sixteen later ses- 
■ions, Tiz., May 1726; Mch. 1727; Sept 1727; Oct 1727; May 
1732; Oct 1732; May 1733; Oct 1733; May 1734; Oct 1734; 
May 1735; May 1737; Oct 1737; May 1738; Oct 1738; May 1739. 

From the Colonial records of Conn., [VoL yiL 60,] the f dlowing 
vote, relating to Stephen Noble, is extracted : 

"At a Geni Assembly holden at New Hayen, on the 18th day of Octo- 
ber, 1796. 

Upon the intelligence of the Indian enemy coming toward oar frontiers: 

Se9oUed £y thu AmenMy, That twenty effecttre men be forthwith raised 
in the town of Milford, with a sergeant, and march forthwith to New 
Milford, to be nnder the command of Capt Stephen Noble, to be im- 
proTed for the defence of said town; and that the major of the regiment 
of New HaTen forthwith make out the neoessaiy orders therefor. 

BmiiMd £y ihiU AnmJtKy, That Capt. John Marsh and Capt Stephen 
Noble forthwith send each of them a small scout at their discretion into 
the woods, and in the name of this Assembly to command all our friend 
Indians to retire to the respective towns or places where they belong, and 
that they may not be seen in the woods except in company with the 

In connection with Messrs. Edmund Lewis and William Gkiy- 
lord, he was appointed, May 11, 1732, by the ''Gk)vemor and 
Company of Connecticut," to lay out a township at the north part 
of the <' country lands on the west aide of Ousatunnuck river." 

He was a justice of the peace in 1754. He joined the Cong. 
Church at New Milford, Feb. 26, 1727. Administration on his 
estate was granted Jan. 16, 1756, to his only surviving sons, Gid- 
eon and Stephen. 

He m. Abigail Moboan, b. Feb. 16, 1683, dau. of Isaac Mor- 
gan of Bnfield, Conn. She joined the New Milford church Aug., 
1720. She d. abt 1758, m. abt. 75, and her aon Gideon Noble 
was appointed her adnmustrator, Jan. 2, 1759. 

86. »!P*«a, b. Mch. 27, 1710; m Barah Peirta. 

87. JltiQoiit, b. m. Matthew Hawley. 

8a -BMwftstt. b. Dec 18, 1715; m. (1) L DeForest; (2) C. Mallory. 

Digitized by 



89. JSmmOm, b. Mch. 14, 1718; m. Muy Bddwin. 

40. Pmdenee, b. May 8, 1721; m. Amoe Coliina 

41. Maar^, b. June 27, 1728; m. David Merwin. 
48. Qid&on, b. Mch. 10, 1726; m. Martha Prime. 


Mabt Nobl^ dan. of John, was bapt in Weatfield, Mass., Oct. 
16, 1692. Boyd, in his Hiatory of Windieater, Conn., aaya ahe 
d. in Winchester, at the age of 92. 

She m. Aug. 29, 1711, Ambbkw Hikman, bapt April 1690, a. of 
CapL Titos and Hannih (Coe) Hinman. He d. in Woodbury, 
Conn., Sept, 1750, m. 60. 


4B. AnOrem, b. Aug. 14, 1712; m. Feb. 28, Vm, Mabel Stiles. 

44. Hannah, b. Dec. 6, 1714; m. Mch. 20, 1740, Oapt Josiah Averid, 

or Ererett, of Bethlehem, Conn., and d. in Winchester, Conn., May, , 

1808, s. 88. They were the parents of Bey. Noble Everett, b. 

Mch. 8, 1747, Yale CoL 1775, who d. in Wareham, Mass., Dec 80, 

1819, m, 72. 
46. Ooe, b. Apr. 82, 1718; m., and removed to the state of New 


46. ifofy, b. Mch. 8» 1721; m. Dec, 1751, Garwood Cnnningham 

47. Mairgwrtt, b. Aug. 2, 1728; d. nnm. 

48. Aaron, b. Oct, 1726; d. young. 
4B. Nalhan, b. Dec 7, 1729. 

60. mUha, b. Mch. 9, 1784; m. Mch. 1, 1777, Abigail Dolebeare. 
He resided in 2Yew London, Conn. In the Bevolutionaiy war he 
was a yeiy successful c^>tain in the navy, and afterwards was for 
a time engaged in mercantile pursuits. He d. Dec, 1816, s. 82. 

51. NotU,* b.Apr. 25, 1786; m. and had a family in Man. or Yt 


Bna. Datid Nobl^ a. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Jan. 
25, 1696, and d. in New Milford, Conn., abt 1760, ». abt 64. 

He joined the Cong, church in New Milford, in 1720, and was 
chosen, Oct 11, 1743, ensign of ihe North military company in the 
same place, from which ofBce he retired May 4, 1747, '< having 
airiTsd at the age of fifty years and upwarls." He was selectman, 
1786-37, and representative to the General Assembly for six 
ioSBions, via., Oct 1745, May 1746, June 1746, Oct 1746, Jan. 
1747, and May 1747. His sons, Lieut Zadock Noble and Asahel 
NoUe were appointed, Feb. 5, 1760, administrators on his estate. 

He m. (1) June 15, 1720, Ltdia Fobwarb, dau. of Joseph For- 
ward of Danbuty, Conn. She joined the New Milford (Cong.) 
charch abt 1720, and probably d. in 1721. 

Digitized by 



He m. (2) June 1, 1722, Susaxna Shbbican, b. Not. 1, 1693, dan. 
of Hon. John and Elizabeth Shennan of Woodbury, Conn., who d. 
Apr. 2, 1750, in 57th year. [Orave stone says in Slet year.] 

He m. (3) Mrs. Jbbusha Bobtwick. Her maiden name was 
Jemaha Beeeher, and the m. (1) June 5, 1722, according to 
town reca, bat July 5, according to chh. recs., Theophilns Baldwin 
of New llilfofd, who d. May 1, 1745, m. 51 ; (2) Nathaniel Boetwick 
of New Milf ord. Over her remains is erected a monument bear- 
ing the following inscription: <'In memory of Jemaha Noble, 
who departed this life, Aug. 28, 1790, aged 85 years: the first 
wife of Capt. Theophilns Baldwin, k second of Nathaniel Boetwick, 
Esq., 1^ hst of David Noble.'* 


08. Danid, b. July 92, 1721 ; m. Mary Gaylord. 


68. Zadoek, b. Sept. 17, 1728; m. Freeloye Dibble. 

04. AmoM, b. Oct. 1, 1725; m. Catharine Peet 

65. JBuniee, b. Jan. 18, 1728; m. (1) H. Koble; (2) T. Baldwin. 

66. SuMnnah, b. July 19, 1780; m. Dr. John Carrington. 


Habvah Nobl^ dan. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Nov. 
2, 1697, and d. 1753, in that part of Woodbury, Conn., which is 
now Sonthbnry, Conn. 

She m. Jnne 30, 1736, Sergt Solomon Johnsok, b. Jan. 5, 
1696, s. of Moses and Mary (Rose) Johnson of Woodbury, Conn. 
He d. in Southbury, Conn., July 30, 1778, m. 84. 


67. Bannah, bapt Sept 6, 1786; m. 1768, Justus Pesrce, and d. of the 

messles. May, 1769. Child. Johnson, b. May, 1769; a member of 
Yale College, when the British came during the American reyohi- 
tion to New Haven, he was enticed away by them and d. soon after, 
at the age of 17, in one of the West India islands. 

Sa Abigail, b. Mch. 28, 1789; m (1) Oct., 1766, David Hickok of 
Sonthbuiy, Conn., who d. Aug., 1784. She m. (2) Dec, 1786, 
Sleaxer Mitchell, who d. Feb. , 1819. She d. at Glastonbuiy, Conn. , 
Feb. 11, 1881, m. 91. Child. Hannah, b. Aug. 7, 1767; m. Rey. 
Zephaniah HoUister Smith, who grsd. at Yale College, 1782, was a 
clergyman and physician at Glastonbuiy, Conn., snd d 1886. She 
d. Dec. 27, 1850, s. 88. 

Saba^ Noblx, dau. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Mch. 

22, 1699. 

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Shem. (1) "about June 8, 1721/*Tit08 Hinman, bapt June, 
1694, s. of Capt. Titus and Hannah (Coe) Hinman of Woodbury, 
Oonn., who d. Mch. 8, 1747. 

She perhaps m. (2) Calbb Martin of "Woodbury, Conn., b. Mch. 
26, 1698, s. of WiUiam and Abigail Martin. Her niece, Mrs. Abi- 
gail Mitchell of Glastonbury, Conn., used frequently to speak of 
Sarah Martin of Woodbury, as one of her mother's sisters. Caleb 
Martin d. Sept 14, 1776, m. 78. 


09. FMienee, b. July 17, 1722. 

60. TUm, b. Apr. 27, 1725; d. June 2, 1727. 

61. Ifykraim, b. Feb., 1727; m. Aug. 20, 1750, Rebecca Lee. 

62. Saroh, bapt Not., 1728; m. David Hinman. 
68. BaeM, b. Oct. 2 [8 ?], 1781. 

64. litui, bapt Oct 25, 1788; m. Nov., 1757, Joanna Huid/ 

65. Ann, bapt Feb. 15, 1786. ^ 

66. Pttidenee, bapt Sept. 8, 1788; m. Nor. 16, 1757, David Hurlbut 

67. XtMy, bapt Mch. 25, 1740; m., and removed to Vermont 

68. JBno$, bapt July 25, 1742. 


Maboabst Noblb, dau. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 3, 1704, and d. in New Milford, Conn., Sept 2, 1796, m, 92. 

She m. Dec. 23, 17426, Janis Hinb, who was b. in Milford, Conn., 
Oct 16, 1696. He d. in New Milford, Conn., Apr. 1, 1774, m. 77. 


69. JMte, b. Bept 26, 1727; d. Mch. 29, 1781. 

70. Anne, b. Mch. 14, 1729; m. Jan. 18, 1748, Inael Camp, and d. 

Dec 80, 1797, s. 68. 

71. AM, b. Mch. 4, 1781; m. (1) July 7, 1768, Rebecca Beebe; (2) 

Mrs. Bose; (8) Mrs. Comstock. 

72. SaeM, b. Feb. 12, 1784; m. Clements of Litchfield. 

78. Maba, b. Dec 7 pi?], 1740; d. Aug. 88, 1767. 

74. JMle, b. Aug. 12, 1744; m Feb. 2, 1768, Patience Hubbell. 


Mabsl Noblx, dau. of John, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Feb. 
28, 1706, and prob. d. prior to March 27, 1782. 

Shem. May 21, 1729, Matthew BcNBDicrof Danbury, Conn., b. 
abt 1707, B. of Daniel Benedict He was one of the sufferers by 
the burning of Danbury by the British troops under Oen. Tryon, 
Apr. 27, 1777, and his heirs were allowed, May, 1792, by the state 
of Connecticut, £205 As. 8(f., for damages done to his property. 
He d. Sept 28, 1781, m. abt 74. Distribution of his estate took 

Digitized by 



place March 27, 1782. No widow is mentioned. Heirs of son 
Matthew, deceased, received £317 4«. 4(f., Noble, Zadock, heirs of 
Thankful, wife of John Hopkins, deceased, Jonah and Abijah 
each received £158 I2s. 4d.; total, £1,164 125. lOcL 

76. MaUhew, b. abt 1788; m. Abigail . He was taken prisoner in 

the British expedition to Danbury, carried to New York, and d. 
there, in the sugar-house, a Yictim to British cruelty. He was a 

76. IMk, b. Jan. 85, 1785; m July 6, 1768, Eunice Gregory. He was a 

captain in the Revolutionary war, and was taken prisoner in the Brit- 
ish expedition to Danbury, and carried to New York. He was a 
fanner, and represented Danbury in the General Assembly of Con- 
necticut He d. May 19, 1809, se. 74 

77. Zadoek, b. 1787; m. (1) Jerusha Russell; (2) Betsey Frost. 

He was a farmer in Danbury, and in 1790, founded the hatting trade 
of the town. In 1790, he was representative in the General Assem- 
bly of Connecticut. He d. Aug. 17, 1798, se. abt. 61. 

78. Thaniiiful, b. ; m. John Hopkins, and d. prior to March 

27, 1782. 

79. Jimah, b. , 1741 ; m Jan. 6, 1781, Elizabeth Inglis. He was a 

farmer, served in the Revolutionary war, and d. in South Balem, 
N. Y., March 28, 1811, sb. 70. 

80. Abifah, b. ; m. May 10, 1785, Betsey Stuart He was 

a farmer, and served in the Revolutionary war. As early as 1795, he 
removed to Greenville, N. Y., and June 9, 1797, to Coxsackie, 
N. Y. He d. in Canada, 1828. 



Thom48 Noble, b. of John, was b. in New Milford, Conn., Jan. 
16, 1712, and there d. Nov. 4, 1783, ». 71, and not 72, as stated 
on his monument. He erected the first house north of GallowB 
TTill, in New Milford, near his father's, where lie lived until his 
death. He was an active business man, and for numy years the 
owner of the iron works near his residence, which were managed 
with success. He had also considerable landed property, upon 
which he fanned. On the 8th May, 1772, he, together with 
twenty-five other proprietors of 1,800 or 2,000 acres of meadow on 
Wood Crecxk in Danbury and New Fairfield, Conn., applied to the 
legislature to remove obstructions in the river, and was himself 

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appointed with five others, by the legislature, June 3, 1772, to see 
that said obstructions were remoyed. He was selectman, 1771 and 

1773, and representative to the General Assembly for five sessions, 
viz., Oct 1750, Nov. 1750, May 1771, May. 1772, and May 

1774. He was probably one of the persons referred to in the 
following order of the Litchfield Co. Court: '* Litchfield Co. ss., 
Mch. term, 1777. The personal estate of Daniel Smith, Justin 
Sherman, Nathan Daton, and Thomas Noble, all of New Milf ord, 
in the County of Litchfield, they being inimical, was ordered to be 
disposed of for the use of the state." He joined the Cong, church 
in New Milford, Dec. 3, 1727; and was afterwards one of the 
principal supporters of the Episcopal church. A man of unblem; 
ished character, he was universally esteemed by all who knew him. 
His remains are deposited in the public burying ground, some sev- 
enty or eighty rods distant from his residence, on the opposite side < 
of the road. A marble table marks the spot» bearing the follow- 
ing inscription: 

This Life is short Eternity long. 
M' Thomas Noble who died 
Nov» 4«> 1788, Aged 72 years. 

And Mary his amisble 

Consort who died Jan^ 17^ 1795 

Aged 78 years. 

The strokes of fate 

are death to earthly views. 

The Soul surmounts the tomb, 

& in her state secure, 
devoid of hope or fear or faith. 
Enjoys her Qod. 

His sons Klnathan Noble and Jesse Noble, were appointed, Nov. 
18, 1783, administrators on his estate. His property was dis- 
tributed between his widow Mary, and his children, Elnathan, 
Jeae, Sylvaaus, Isband, heirs of Hannah Noble Palmer, deceased, 
Chloe, wife of Zadock Hard of Arlington, Vt., Mary, and Flavia. 

He m. June 29, 1737, Mart Cubtis, b. abt 1717, dau. of Capt 
Thomas Curtis of Kensington, now Berlin, Conn. She d. Jan. 17, 
1795, m, 78. 


81. Bemnah, b. Aug. 28, 1788; m. Ichabod B. Palmer. 

88. OMoe, b. Feb. 11, 1740; m. Zadock Hard. 

88. BtptOah, b. March 81, 1742; d. e. 12. 

84. PMe, b. May 11, 1744; d. unm. 

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85. Ma/ry, b. Jan. 8, 1746; d. unm., Aug. 6 [10?], 1810, e. 64. 

86. ThamoM, b. Sept 28, 1748; m. Eunice Noble [156], cIau. of Gideon 

and Martha (Prime) Noble. He lived in New Milford. Mass., was 
out in the American ReTolution, and died (according to his nephew 
Ammi Palmer) on Long Idand, of an iUnees occcanoned bj a cold. 
He had no children. 

87. SlneUhan, b. Mch. 16, 1750; m. Johannah Boetwick. 

88. Flavia, b. d. unm. in New Milford, April 5, 1802. 
88. Jem, b. Sept. 23, 1754; m. Mary Davia. 

90. Sifloanui, b. July 11, 1756; m. Betaey GloTer. 

91. hband, b. Dec. 26, 1759; m. Amy TutUe. 


John Noblb, a. of John, waa b. in New Milford, Oonn., Sept. 
21, 1717, and there d. abt. 1757. He probably lived near hia 
father, for be was a petitioner with bim and other inliabitanta of 
tbe aoatb part of the town, to be «et off, with aome Danbury and 
Newtown people, as a new zeligioaB society, they all living from 
four to seven miles from chtircb. He d. abt. 1757, for, Jan. 4, 
1758, Thomas Noble and Widow Anna Noble were appointed 
administrators on his estate, and at the same date, Anna Noble was 
appointed guardian of ber only eon, Abraham Noble. 

He m. Aug. 23, 1743, Anna Peet, in Unity Parish, Stratford, 
Conn. After Mr. Noble's death, she is supposed to have m. May 
7, 1766, Israel Holmes of Bast Greenwich, now Warren, Oonn. 


92. ea/rdh, b. July 28, 1744. 
98. AUffoU, b. May 12, 1746. 

94. Ahraham, b. Bept 28, 1748. 

95. John, b. June 81, 1751 ; must have died young. 

Asia Noble, dau. of John, was b. in New Milford, Conn«, May 
19, 1721. She d. abt. 1757. 

She m. Dec. 4, 1740, Dea. Benjamin Bennbt. He resided in 
New Milford until after 1745, when he removed to New Fairfield, 
Ck>nn. After her death, he m. Mrs. Maiy Noble of New Fairfield, 
b. Nov. 22, 1725, widow of Dea. Daniel Noble, and dau. of Wil- 
liam and Johanna Ghylord of New Milford, and had children, 
Mary and Daniel Benjamin Bennett, d. abt. 1790. 

96. AbiffoU. b. Mch. 26, 1742, in New Milford; m. Hon. David Noble 
of WOliamstown, Mass., and d. Bept 16, 1822, e. 80. 

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07. Mdri^, b. Oct. 96, 1743, in New Ifilford; m. Dr. Ebenezer 

Beardftlej of New Haven, Conn. 
9a Abia, b. Oct 95, 1745. in New Milford; m. John Day, and d. 

of apoplexy, in Williamstown, Mass., Sept. 92, 1800, m. 63. 
09. 8ar^h, b. ; m. Dr. Towner, and is supposed 

to bATe resided in New FaSrileld, Conn. 

100. Ruik, b. ; m. William Foeter, and remoTod to 

GranTUle, N. Y. 

101. Bei^min, b. ; m. BrowneU, and removed to 

Butternuts, N. Y. 
109. John NMe, b. ' ; m. and removed to Bridport, Vt. 

Nathan Noble, b. of John, was b. in New Milford, Conn., Feb. 
4, 1722, and d. in Saratoga, N. Y., Oct 7, 1777, m. 55. He was 
admitted to church fellowahip in New Milford, Nov. 13, 1748. 
When a young man, he served for aome time in the French war, 
and was at Louiaburg, Oct. 9, 1745. At this time his health 
became much impaired by fever and ague. About 1756, he 
removed to Cape Elizabeth, Me., in 1757, to Stroutwater, Me., and 
abt 1767, to Gray, Me., and purchased a farm, one mile from the 
village, DOW caUed Oray Comer. He there lived in comfortable 
drcumstances, until the American Revolutian, when he enlisted 
for three years' service in the army. lie was in a number of 
engagements, among others in the memorable battle of Stillwater. 
At the battle of Saratoga, he was killed by a musket ball from 
the enemy, just as he was entering the breastwork. He never 
spoke after receiving the wound. He seems to have had a pre- 
sentiment of his fate, having observed on the morning of his 
death, that he should not live out the day. 

He m. May 2, 1748, Mabt Oeat, b. Jan. 13, 1726, dau. of John 
and Fhebe Oray of Provincetown, Mass. She was adm. to church 
idlowship in New Milford, Conn., Nov. 13, 1748. She d. Oct 29, 
1785, m, 59. 


108. PhAe, b. May 15, 1749; m. Benjamin Goold. 
101 MUhad, b. Jan. 8. 1751; d. July 8, 1762, e. 6 mos. 

105. Am, ) b. May 25, 1758; d. May 25, 1753. 

106. Am, S b. May 25, 1758; d. June 2, 1758. 

107. Etuhen, b. Feb. 15, 1755; m. Hannah Merrill. 
108l Eannah, b. AprD 9, 1757; m. Elisha Hayden. 

109. Naihan, b. Feb. 20, 1761; m. Hannah Hobbs. 

110. Jfory, b. June 24, 1764; m. Malachi BarUett. 
HI. Anna, • b. July 9, 1769; m. Nathaniel FuUer. 


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Baohxl Noblb, dan. of Joha, was b. in New Milfozd, Conn., 
Julys, 1726. 

She m. Not. 8, 1750, Wiluam SroomEB, b. Jan. 29, 1720, in 
Dartmonth, Mass., ■. of Wm. and Alioe (Black) E^Kxmer. He 
resided in Wamn, Conn. 


112. WiOiam, b. May 10, 1782; m. Sept 8. 1778, Hannah Robinson, and 

d. near Monkton, Yt, Feb. 8, 1829, m, 77. He was a soldier in the 
American reyolation. 

118. Bebeeea, b Oct 20, 1758; m. April 24, 1774. Ebeneier Bpooner, a 

fanner of Kent, Conn. 
114 Sarah, b. Feb 27, 1755; m. Feb 27, 1777, Nathaniel Johnson, 
who removed from Conn, to Cazenovia, N. Y. He was a soldier in 
the American reyolution. Bhe d. Bept 28, 1827, e. 72. 

115. AUoe, b. ; m. David Phelps, who rem. from Conn. 

toN. Y. 

116. Baehel, b. ; m. June 5, 1788, Truman Beeman, re- 

sided in Conn., Yt, and N. Y., and d. June 12, 1792. 

117. AbigaU, b ; m. Samuel Sanford. who removed 

from Conn, to near Rennselaenrille, N. Y., where he located on 
land, under a " Patroon lease." Bhe d. Dec, 1844. 
lia NaOiafM, b * ; m. July 16, 1794, Ruth Curtis. He was 

a soldier in the American reroluUon. His final place of residence 
was Peterboro, N. Y. 
It is said that there were six other children in the above family, who 
died in infancy. 


Mbbot Noblb, dau. of John, waa bapt. in New Milfoid, Conn., 
June 29, 1729. 

She m. Sept 17, 1750, Jamks Bxnkdict, s. of James Benedict 
He removed, subsequent to the American revolution, to Ballston, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., and thence, in 1 793, to Auburn, N. Y. He m. 
(2) Polly Billings, and d. in Auburn, N. Y., 1794. 

119. J^Um, b Nov. 1, 1752; m. 1788, Rebecca Ambler, resided in 

German Flatte, N. Y., and d. March 12, 1821, ft. 68. 

120. Amm, b Nov. 80, 1756; m. (X) Oct 10, 1779, Tabitha Ferry; (2) 

Harch 15, 1790, Haiy Munn, and d. in Fabius, N. Y., Jan. 14, 
1846, m. 91. 

121. Mcoiah, b Nov. 2, 1762; m. June 14, 1788, Deiadama Austin, of 

SheflSdd, Mass. He was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner. 
In May, 1805, he removed to Auburn, N. Y., aud d. Dec. 8, 1830, 

e. 77. 

122. Peter, b. ; resided in Lockport, N. Y., but d. 1847. 

in New Marlboro, Mass. 

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138. Ormn, b. ; m. Polly Billings, his stepsister, removed, 

in 1807, to Auburn, N. Y., and there d, 1847. 

124. jMper, b. ; m. Ruth Fosgate, removed, 1804, to Au- 

burn, K. Y., and there d., March 8, 1818. 

Stbpbsn NoBLKy a. of Stephen, was b. prob. in Enfield, Conn., 
March 27, 1710, and d. in Kent, Conn., Dec. 5, 1797, ». 87. He 
removed from New Milford to Kent» after 1739, and lived on the 
same farm where hia great-grandson, David Noble, lived in 1852. 
He was a very early riser, and quite simple in his habits, for many 
years before his death, eating nothing but rusk and milk for 

He m. July 18, 1733, according to town record, or June 3^ 1733, 
according to ftoiily record, Sabab Fbbbts, b. in New Milford, 
Nov. 10, 1710, dau. of Zechariah and Sarah Ferris. This Zecha- 
riah Ferris, an early settler of New Milford. came from Milford, 
Conn. She d. March 9, 1802, m. 91. 


Id5. Lw^, b. Feb. 6, 1784; m. Jedediah Hubbell. 
196. Itraa, b. March 25, 1785; m. Lucy Benedict 

127. Zeehariafi, b. April 10, 1787; m. March 4, 170li Kezia Kinney, b. abt, 

1742. He d. in Kent, Conn., May 10, 1770, s. 88. She m. Deu. 
Isaac Dayton, alld d. May 24, 1809, e. 67. Child. Clam, b. Feb. 
15, 1767; m. Sept. 26, 1782, Ashur Ross, and removed to the Wesi. 

128. Mmrgan, b. Jan. 10, 1789; m. Patience Averill. 

129. Abigail, b. Nov. 18, 1740; m. (1) S. Osbom; (2) J. Day. 

180. Barak, b. Dec. 18, 1742; d. unm., March 5, 1801. ». 58. 

181. MehiUMe,h, June 2, 1745; d. Aug. 7 [15?], 1752, (c 7. 

182. AnnU, b. March 18, 1748; d. Aug. 22, 1752, » 4. 
188. Bonnnah,h, July 12, 1762; m. N. Averill. 

184. JMi, b. May 18, 1755; m. Joseph Badger. 

AmoliL NoBLS, dau. of Stephen, was prob. b. in Enfield, Conn., 
and d. in New Milford, Conn., Oct. 30, 1738. 

She m. Dec. 21, 1737, Capt. Matthsw Hawlby, b. prob. in 
Newtown, Conn., and bapt. in Durham, Conn., Feb. 14, 1713, 
8. of Bphraim and Phebe (Curtis) Hawley. [He m. (2) Dec. 3, 
1740, Hannah Buck, and had Daniel, b. Sept. 4, 1741; Abigail, b. 
Feb. 3, 1744; Asahel, b. Oct 28, 1748.] He d. in Canaan, N. Y., 
Dec. 12, 1800, m. 87. 


184a. Matlhew, bapt Oct. 27, 178a 

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Elizabeth Noble, dau. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Dec. 13, 1715, and d. between 1752 and 1755. She m. (1) 
Ang. 1 7, 1 732, Isaac Db Fobbst of New Milford, Conn. She m. (2) 
Dec. 3, 1734, Caleb Mallobt of Soathbary, Conn. AU that is 
known of him is, that he suiriyed his wife, and piob. m. Sept 12, 
1755, Jane Waller. 


185. Isaae, b. ; m. Jan. 11, 1708, Rachel Bostwick. 

188. L0i8, b. 

187. EUidbeOi,h, 

188. EufUee, b. 

188. Caleb, b. prob. m. March 17, 1788, Mary Teny. 

140. JonaOum, b. Jan. 82, 1752. 

Jonathan Noble, a. of Stephen, was b. in New Milfozd, Conn., 
March 14, 1718, and there d. abt. 1746, ». abt 32. By his will, 
which was dated April 1, 1745, and proved July 7, 1748, he be- 
qaeathed his property, in case he should have no heirs of his body, 
to his wife, Mary, to Israel Noble, son of his brother Stephen, 
and to his brother, Gideon Noble. These reoeiyed his property, 
as he d. prob. in 1746, without other heirs. 

He m. Oct. 15, 1744, Mabt Baldwin. She prob. m. (2) Nov. 2, 
1748, TheophiluB Baldwin. He was perhaps s. of Theophilus and 
Jerusha (Beecher) Baldwin, b. in New Milford, Jan« 16, 1728, who 
there d. March 10, 1804, m, 76. That she was contemplating mar- 
riage, March 31, 1747, is evident, from a deed recorded at New 
Milford, [Vol. 5: 506,] in which Mary Noble of New Milfoid, 
conveys to her brother, Gideon Noble, land in New Milford, which 
her husband, Jonathan Noble^ gave her the use of, so long as ahe 
should remain his widow, and which right she now quit-claims 
unto the said Gideon. The above Theophilus Baldwin is supposed 
to be the same person who m. Dec. 30, 1762, Mrs. Eunice Noble, 
b. Jan. 13, 1728, widow of Hezekiah Noble, and dau. of David 
and Susanna (Sherman) Noble of New Milford, Conn. 


Peddenoe Noble, dau. of Stephen, was b. May 3, 1721, in New 
Milford, Conm, and there d. Jan. 23, 1804, aa. 82. 

She m. May 10, 1741, Amos Collivb of New Milford, Conn., b. 
abt. 1717. He d. May 30, 1778, according to town records, but 
May 28, in his 61st year, according to his grave-stone. 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 



141. Jonathan, bapt Bept 90, 1741. 

142. Hannah, b. March 11, 1748; prob. m. Dec. 15, 1766, Aaael Hitch- 

148. Ama$, b. Nov. 1, 1745; unm. and blind, fell from the belfry of 
the Cong, church inKew Milford, and was killed July 11, 1702, m. 46. 

144. Prudence, bapt. Aug. 11, 1751. 

145. Stephen, b. Not. 1, 1754; prob. m. June 18, 1781, Dolly Olmsted. 


Mabt Noble, dau. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
June 27, 1723, and there d. Sept. 30, 1794, m. 71 (graye-atone). 

She m. Dec. 23, 1742, Dayid Mkbwin of New Milford, Conn. 
He d. April 19, 1792. ^ 


140. David, b. March 7, 1748; d. May 7, 1764, s. 11. 

147. John, b. Aug. 24, 1744; m. (I) Not. 6, 1760, Mercy Warner; (2) 

Dec. 81, 1777, Mrs. Ruth Welch, nU Oaylord; (8) March 2, 1818, 
Mrs. Barah Dibble. He resided in New Milford, and d. May 2, 1820, 

148. Mary, b. April 21, 1748; d. May 18, 1754, as. 6. 

140. Abel, b. Sept. 18, 1760; m. (1) June 15, 1774, Rebecca Noble, 

dau. of Zadock Noble of New Milford; (2) Mrs. Oaylord, 

widow of Peter Gaylord, and dau. of Hartwell. He resided 

in New Milford, and d. March 80, 1828, se. 78. 

150. Mary, b. April 5, 1755. 

151. DaM, b. July 8, 1757; m. (1) May 29, 1788, Mary Durkee; (2) 

Mrs. — of Salisbury, Conn., and d. at Palmyra, O. 

152. Hannah, \ b. Not. 14, 1760; m. March 21, 1785, Benedict Davis, and 

( d. March 1,1809,0. 4a 
158. Jonathan, ) b. Not. 14, 1760; d. Oct, 1777, ». 16. 
154. Abigaa, b. Aug. 22, 1764. 


OiDBON Noble, b. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
March 10, 1726, and d. in Cairo, Greene Co., N. T. In the 
American Beyolution he was a sergeant in the company of Capt. 
Isaac Bostwick of New Milford, waa stationed about Boston, and 
was in the aervice from July 12 to Dec. 10, 1776. Accompanied 
by his wife and most of hia children, with their families, he 
remoTod between 1785 and 1790, from New Milford, Conn., to 
Freehold (now Cairo), Greene Co., N. Y., where he died. 

He m. March 22, 1747, Mabtha Pnin of New Milford, Conn., 
aappoeed to have been dan. of James and Anna Prime, and if so 
b. July 19, 1719. She surriTod her husband, and spent her last 
days, it is beheved, with her son Goodman, in Cairo, N. Y. 

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155. JmuUKan, h. Jan. 9, 1749. 

156. Eunice, b. Nov. ^1%, 1760; m. (1) T. Noble; (8) R. Olmsted. 

157. Mariha, b. Aug. 16, 1762; m. Joeeph Nickeraon, and bad at 

leait one cbild, Almcdia, or Annedia. 
168. EUtabeih, b. Sept. 15, 1754; m. Abner Judd. 

159. Goodman, b. July 8, 1756; m. Sarah T}ier. 

160. L^man, b. Marcb 5, 1758; m. Elizabeth Roioe. 

161. Anna, bapt Sept. , 1761 ; m. (1) O. Trowbridge ; 0t) Mason. 

162. Prudence, b. abt 1762; m. Jonathan Mygatt. 

168. miena, bapt. Feb. 26, 1764; m. Jonathan Nickenon, a farmer, 
whod. in Cairo, N. T., 1840. Children. 1. Martha; 2. Anna; 8. 
SaUj, who m. David Johnson of Cairo; 4. Hannon. 


Dea. Daniel Noble, a. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
July 22, 1721, and d. in New Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 6 1757, m. 36. 
He joined the Cong, chnich in New Milford, March 7, 1742. 
Thence he removed to that part of New Fairfield, Conn., which is 
now, 1877, Sherman, Conn., and was in May, 1753, confirmed by 
the Conn, legislature, ''as Captain of the north company or 
trainband, in the town of New Fairfield." In 1757 he was chosen 
a deacon in the Cong, church. He was, in the French and Indian 
war, captain of a company in Col. Ebenesser Marsh's regiment, 
which marched in 1757, and was in service from Aug. 8th to Aug. 
24th of that year. 

He m. Nov. 8, 1743, Mart GATLOBn, b. Nov. 22, 1725, dau. of 
William and Johannah Gaylord of New Milford. After the 
death of Daniel Noble, she m. (2) Dea. Benjamin Bennet, and 

had Mary, who m. (1) Stillson; (2) Jairus Green; and 

Daniel, who removed to New Haven, Vt 


164. David, b. Dec. 9, 1744; m. Abigail Bennet. 

165. Lifdia, b. Dec. 11, 1746; m. WUllam Oiddings. 

166. Anna, b. Jan. 20, 1749; m. Eleazer Hubbell. 

167. Johanna, b. 1752; m. Nathan Sherwood. 

168. Mabel, b. ; m. fibeneser Btratton. 


Zabock Noble, s. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Sept 17, 1723, and there d. Jan. 13, 1786, m, 62. He resided in 
New Milford, and was selectman in 1761. Hie records of that 
town ahow, under date of March 31, 1777, that it was 

"Voted 2d, That a Committee be appointed according to the 
advise of his Hon' the Govenor kc, for the purpose of fumisb- 

Digitized by 



ing the Qaota of Soldiers in the GontiseDtal Bervioe tor s* New 
Milford.*" Lieat Zadock Noble was ehosen first on a committee 
of seven. 

lieat. Zadock Noble was chosen Dec. 8, 1777, one of the New 
Milford committee of inspection and correspondence. 

In his win dated Jan. 10, 1786, and proved Feb. 16, 1786, he 
names his children, Rebecca, Sosanna^ Diana [Diame], Zadock, 
Daniel, Wakefield, Bzr% and David. 

He m. Oct 27, 1747, Fbsxlovx Dibblb of Danbnry, Conn., b. 
abt 1728, who d. May 6, 1791, m. 63. 


160. OnFaDMU, b. Jan. 8, 1740; m. (1) E. Bostwick; (2) A. Gregory^ 

170. lehabod, b. Jnly 6, 1750; d. July 28, 1758, as. 8. 

171. Martin, b. Feb. 6, 1752; d. July 20, 1758, m. 1. 

172. EOwea, b. Feb. 24, 1756; m. Abel Mcrwin. 

178. Suitannah, b. Jan. 25, 1758; m. (1) A. Gunn; (2) N. Taylor. 

174 David, b. Dec 26, 1750; m. Jeruaha Bull. 

175. Dania, b. Jan. 11, 1762; m. Lucy Burrell. 

176. Eunice, b. May 17, 1764; probably d. young. 

177. Wak^fidd, b. Jan. 14, 1766; m. Rachel Starr of Danbury, Conn., b. 

Oct. 12, 1766, dau. of Jonathan Starr. He d. in New Mi]ford, 
March 7, 1826, e. 60. She d. in New Milford, March 11, 1858, ». 01. 
They had no children. 

17a Diame, b. March 5, 1768; m. William Doan. 

170. Zadock, b. Dec. 20, 1772; m. SaUy Stillson. 


AsAHKL Noble, a. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., Oct. 
7, 1725, and there d. Mch. 8, 1706, iB. 70, according to the town 
recs., but Mch. 0, according to the church recs. 

He waa a selectman, 1760, 1775, and 1776; was chosen, Dec 0, 
1776, one of the New Milford committee of inspection and cor- 
respondence; and Dec 14, 1778, one of the committee to provide 
clothing for soldiers in the continental army. 

He nL Jan. 3, 1750, Cathabins Pxxt. She d. in New Milford, 
Oct 10, 1700. Administration on her estate was granted, Oct 24, 
1790, to her brother Ehiaihan Peet 


180. EUtiha, b. Oct 25, 1750; m. Bally Crane. 

181. Sherman, b. Sept 14. 1752; m. Sarah Davis. 

182. Bvithen, b. Oct 5, 1756; unm., "killed when about twenty years 

of age, by a cart runnhig over him," says Hon. David S. Boanlman 
of New Milford. 
188. Annii, bq>t If ch. 9, 1766. 

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EuKicB NoBLB, daiL of David, was b. in New Milford, Cono., 
Jan. 13, 1728. 

She m. (1) Hbzbkiah Noble, b. Feb. 29, 1732, s. of Solomon 
and Hepzibah (Betts) Noble. He d. withoat issae, in New Milford, 
Conn., Aug. 17, 1758, m. 26. 

She m. (2) Dec. 30, 1762, Theophilus Baldwin, perhaps s. of 
Theophilus and Jerusha (Beecher) Baldwin, b. in New Milford, 
Jan. 16, 1728, who there d. March 10, 1804, ». 76. He is sup- 
posed to have married Nov. 2. 1748, Mrs. Mary Noble, wid. of 
Jonathan Nobk and dau. of Baldwin. 


Susannah Noblb, dau. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
July 19, 1730, and there d. June 3, 1808, le. 77. 

She m. June 16, 1756, Dr. John Carrinoton of New Milford, 
Conn. He d. Sept. 3, 1771, ». 41. 


184. Mm, b. Apr. 14, 1757; d. Nov. 18, 1757. 

185. Daniel Xoble, b. Mch. 8, 1759; m. (1) Oct. 4, 1781. Mabel Warner; 

(2) July 0, 1802, Mrs. Tryphuim Mygatt, nAe Wnrocr. He wii« n 
physician in Danbury, Conn., and d. June 5. 18«t5, le. 74. 

186. Polephtina, b. Nov. 14, 1760; m. Dec 16, 1781, Stephen Couch, and 

removed to Lee, Mass. 

187. Bunice, b. abt. 1762; m. Jan. 1, 1781, Col. Reuben Warner, and d. 

Feb. 6, 1889, e. 76. 

188. Sumnna, bapL July, 1764; m. Dr. Lemuel Thomas, and d. Oct. 1, 

1706, ee. 82. 
180. Sluabeth, b. d. unm. 

100. Morton, bapt. May 18, 1770; removed to Stillwater, N. Y. 

Abkl Hink, b. of James and Margaret (Noble) Hine, was b. in 
New Milford, Ck>nn., Mch. 4, 1731, and there d. May 9, 1820, ». 
89. He was a member of the Oeneral Assembly of Connecticut 
for twelve sessions between 1769 and 1798. He was a fanner 
and merchant For a time during the Revolutionary war he was 
a commissary, being associated with Hon. Roger Sherman in fur- 
nishing supplies for the army. 

He m. (1) July 7, 1763, Rcbboca Bekbb, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Bethia (Osbom) Beebe of Litchfield. She d. in New Milford. 
Conn., Apr. 2, 1786, m. 47. 

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He m. (2) Mrs. Rose, widow of Josiah Rose of Hebron, 

He m. (3) Mrs. Comstock of Kent, Conn. 


191. A\fnd, b. June 25, 1765; d. Apr. 25, 1788, ae. 22. 

192. ThMaL. b. Oct. 29, 1766; d. Oct 8, or 28, 1776, «. 9. 

198. Buhe, b. Jan. 27, 1770; m. (1) L. Northrop; 0) H. Claik. 


Noble Hike, s. of James and Margaret (Noble^ Hine, was b. in 
New Milford, Conn., Aug. 12, 1744, and d. Oct. 15, 1796, ». 52. 
He was a member of the General Assembly of Connecticut for 
seven sessions between 1 780 and 1796. He was a fanner. ^ 

He m. Feb. 2, 1768, Patience Hubbbll, who d. in New Milford, 
Conn., Mch. 5, 1829. 


191 JfoM, b. Not. 11, 1709; m. abt. 1790, FHend Grant Northrop, 
and d. Sept 24, 1882. (e. 62. 

195. Vrania, b. Feb. 11, 1772; m. Jhd. 18, 1802, Deliverance L. Painter 

of Rozbury, Conn., snd d. Feb. 23, 1829, ae. 57. 

196. BSOad, b. Mch. 18, 1774; m. Jan. 18, 1797, Loig Bostwick, removed 

to Ohio, and d. Sept. 12, 1830, ic. 65. 

197. Bomer, b. July 25, 1776; m. Mary Skinner. He graduated at 

Yale College in 1797, became a lawyer, removed to Toungstown, 
O., and there d. 1856. 
19a AM. b. Jan. 80, 1779; m. (1) May 6, 1804, Fanny Cook; (2) 

Apr. 80, 1808, Maria A. Booth, and lived and died in New Milford, 
Apr. 29, 1856, as. 77. He was a member of the Qeneral Assembly 
of Connecticut. He was a farmer and hatter. 

199. ThMn. b. Aug. 12, 1781; m. Dobson W. McMahon, and d. July 

18, 1807, ae. 25. He was a merchant in New Milford. 

200. BMk MouUm, b. June 11, 1788; m. (1) May 22, 1805, Orrin Mallor}' 

Armstrong of Washington, Conn. ; (2) Feb., 1884, C}tus Northrop 
of New Milford, Conn., and d. in New Milford, Sept. 11. 1867, s. 84. 

201. iW^. b. Sept 19, 1785; m. Abijah S. Hatch of Woodbuiy, 

Conn., and d. in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May, 1866, ae. 80. 

202. Sopftia, b. Dec. 2, 1787; m. Mch. 7, 1811, Rev. Charles A. Board- 

man, and d. in Toungstown, O., Aug. 4, ia51, ae. 63. 
208. Aany, b. Oct 15, 1790; m. Nov. 28. 1822. Constantine McMahon 
of Washington, Conn., and removed to New Haven, Conn. She d. 
in New Milford, Conn., May 20, 1866. ». 75. 

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' Hankah Noblb, dau. of ThomaB, was b. in New Milf ord, Conn., 
Aug. 23, 1738, and d. there, according to one account, Sept, 1774, 
but according to another, Oct 4, 1775. 

She m. Sept 23, 1759, Ichabod Bbtts Palmes, b. abt 1737 in 
Branford, Conn., son of Rev. Solomon Palmer, an EpiBoopal 
clergyman. [After the death of his first wife he m. (2) May 9, 
1776, Mary Wakelee, who d. Jan. I, 1817, m, 66. By her he had 
Rufus, b. Apr. 1, 1777; Amos, b. June 13, 1779; Hannah, b. Jan. 
18, 1781; Noble, b. Mch. 30, 1783; ApphiaMary, b. May 21, 1793; 
and AnnJB, b. Jan. 4, 1796.] He removed in 1787 to Butternuts, 
Otsego Co., N. T., and there in connection with his brother-in-law, 
Klnathan Noble, founded Zion Church (Episcopal), of which he 
was for many years a warden. He d. Nov. 12, 1807, ». 70. 


904. Chkfe, b. Not. 1, 1760; d. Jan. 14. 1762. 

905. mtfHa, b. Apr. 80, 1762; d. Not. 24, 1772. 

906. Ammi, b. Aug. 4, 1764; m. (1) Leah Gray; and resided, 1853, in 

Mansfield, Richmond Co., Ohio. 

907. Tamar, b. May 12, 1767; m. June 9, 1785, laaac Hawley, and d. 

1808, in Brookfield, Conn. 

908. MaiOda, b. Aug. 1, 1769; m. Wolcott Dunning, and lesided, 1852, 

in New Lisbon, N. Y. 

909. Bdnnah, b. July 18, 1772; d. Sept., 1772. 

210. Thomas Noble, b. Oct. 16, .1778; d. Sept. 80, 1775, e. 28 moe. 

Chlox Noble, dau. of Thomas, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 11, 1740, and d. in Arlington, Vt, Oct 27, 1806, ». 66. 

She m. Dec. 5, 1762, ZADOCKHABn, b. in Newtown, supposed to 
have been son of James Hard. He resided in Newtown, Conn., until 

about ^,*when he removed to Arlington, Vt, and there d. 

Sept 24, 1828, sb. 91. HIb children attained to an average age of 
eighty-two years. All his sons and sons-in-law were farmers. 


911. Hannah, b. May 28, 1768; m. Joseph Buck, resided in Cansda Esst, 

and d. June 16, 1865, s. 92. 

912. Lmnira, b. Oct 18, 1764; m. Benajah Leonard of Constable, N. Y., 

and there d. abt 1842, s. abt 78. 

918. Bdiu, b. May 16, 1766; m. . resided in Ariington. 

and d. Apr. 7, 1858, e. 86. 

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S14. Oktoe, b. Jan. 18, 1768; m. BjlveBter Demii^, and d. Jan. 10, 
1880, m. 61. 

215. iMCif, b. Not. 22, 1760; m. George Buck, resided in Fairfax, 

Yt, and d. July 5, 1850, s. 80. 

216. JMU, b. June 25, 1771; m. , resided in Arlington, 

and d. Aug. 28, 1866, ». 85. 

217. MoUff, b. Sept 25, 1778; m. Reuben Barney of Arlington, and d. 

Jan. 28, 1845, m. 71. 
2ia Zadoek, b. July 27, 1775; m. Oct 0, 1802, resided in Arlington, 

and d. Mch. 7, 1864, s. 88. 
210. /MM, b. Feb. 18, 1778; m. April 28, 1802, , resided 

in Mandiester, Vt, and d. July 12, 1850, e. 81. 

220. ^kamu, b. June 18. 1781; m. Oct 2, 1808, . resided 

in Arlington, and d. Mch. 11, 1865, s. 88. s 

221. tiarai, b. Feb. 27, 1785; resided in Arlington, and d. unm., Not. 

1, 1871, s. 86. 


Elnatram Nobls, 8. of Thomasy was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Melt 16, 1750, and d. of apoplexy in Battemuts, Otsego Co., N. T., 
Jan. 11, 1824, m. 74. He signed a petition May 2. 1772, to the 
General Assembly of Connecticat in aid of one from Ralph Eeeler, 
who asked that a ferry five miles below Falls Bridge, on the way 
from Brookfield to Woodbury, might be settled on him. 

Soon after the birth of his son Cyrenus, which occurred in 1776, 
be removed to that part of New Milford which, together with parts 
of Danbory and Newtown, formed the Society of Newbury. This 
was incoiporated in 1788, as the town of Brookfield, Conn. 

About 1789, in company with his brothers Sylvanus and Jesse 
Noble, and Joseph Tomlinson, he built a forge and engaged in the 
manufacture of bar iron. The charcoal there used was burned 
whoUy by himsell 

Soon, glowing accounts of the richness of the soil west of the 
Hudson, in New York, reached his neighborhood, and in 1793 he 
sold his £arm in Brookfield, and early the ensuing year, for $750, 
bought one hundred acres of land on Butternut Creek, Otsego Co., 
N. T., in the township of Burlington, since called Pittsfield, and 
now New Lisbon. The only buildings upon it were a log-house 
and a log*bam; the former ten feet by twelve, covered with elm- 
bark, with a chimney of sticks and day, and containing but two 
rooms. An aoconnt of the jonmey thither, written by his son 
Cyienns^ has fortuna.tely been preserved: 

"On the 17th of April, 1794, at about 10 o'clock in the morning, we 
started for our new home, in a cart covered with tow-cloth, drawn by two 
stoatyokeof oien. Ourfamlly consisted of my father, mother, my sister 

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Sally, brothers Sylvanui, Nathaniel, Bostwick, Ehiatban, and myself. 
The first day, the weather being warm and pleasant, the ground well set- 
tled, and the roads good, we made twelve miles, and in twelve days passed 
Canagoharie, fifty miles west of Albany. We reached our destination on 
the first of May. The land was heavily timbered; the settlers few, aiitl 
principally Dutch. We lived happtly in our log-cabin." 

By occupation a farmer, he was an induatrioos and worthy man, 
poflsesdng a cheerful spirit and courteous manner, which seemed 
to win for him the friendship of all. He was for many years a 
magistrate of the town, and one of the founders and active sup- 
porters of Zion church, at "the Butternuts." His remains 
were deposited in the church burying-ground, near the site of the 
old Episcopal church, now gone to decay. In accordance with his 
previously expressed wishes, his funeral was attended by Rev. 
Daniel Nash, with whom he had long been a co-laborer, in his 
efforts to build up the Episcopal church in that place. 

He m. Feb. 10, 1774, Jobankah Bostwick, b. Nov. 29, 1752, 
dau. of Nathaniel Bostwick and Jerusha Baldwin, tUe Beecher, 
oi New Milford, Conn. Nathaniel Bostwick was a son of John 
Bostwick of Stratford, Conn., an early settler of New Milford. 
She was an active and industrious woman, greatly devoted to her 
husband, particularly during the last two or three years of his life, 
while lie was suffering from the effects of paralytic or apoplectic 
■hocks. She d. May 31, 1833, sb. 81. 


822. OurtiB, b. Nov. 10, 1774; m. Anna Hayes. 
228. (^e?ii/^, b. Sept. 27, 1776; m. Hannah Weston. 

224. Slnatftan, b. July 15, 1770; m. (1) M. Weston; 0t) A. GUbert; (8) 

B. Woodhouse. 

225. Thomas, b. July 18, 1781; d. Oct. 14, 1781, e. 2 mos. 

226. SaU^, b. April 12, 1788; m. Willis Edson. 

227. S^Mnwf, b. April 17, 1785; m. Sally TutUe. 

228. BoiMek, b. Dec. 80, 1788; m. Thirza Hitchcock. 
228. IMhatM, b. March 10, 1702; ol Harriet L. StiUson. 
280. Qaradus, b. July 5, 1705; m. Sophia Utley. 
281 Harriet, b. Nov. 26, 1708; m. Lyman Oruttenden. 

Jbssb Noblb, 8. of Thomas, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Sept. 23, 1754, and d. in New Lisbon, Otsego Co., N. Y., April 
22, 1833, m. 78. He signed a petition to the General Assembly of 
Connecticut^ May 2, 1772, in aid of one from Ralph Eeeler, who 
asked that a ferry five miles below Falls Bridge, on the way from 

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Brookfield to Woodbury, might be settled on him. The following 
do<mment8, f oand in the office of the secretary of state in Connec- 
ticut, show, that daring the Revolution he was suspected of being 
inimical to the American cause, yet without reason, if we credit 
the statements made by him in his petition to the General Assem- 
bly, that he had been ever *< attached to the American cause,'* and 
was ''ready at any time to take the oath of fidelity." 

"Bute of New York. 

"I Egbert Dumont, Sheriff of Ulrter Counly, do hereby ci-rtify that 
David Ives, and Jesse Noble late of the State of C-onneciicut (hk w said) 
were committed to mc, as prisonerb taken on their way to Joyn Uie enemy 
towards Crown Point. 

'* Dated this fifth day of Auf^st, 1777." 

"To either of the Constables of Sharon in Litchfield County, greeting. 

"In the name* of the Gov and Company of the State of Connecticut, 
you are hereby commanded, to take the within named David Ives and 
Jesse Noble, they being deemed inimical to the United States of America, 
and taken, as is said, on their way to Join the enemy, and commit them 
to the Keeper of the Goal in Litchfield in said county, who is likewise 
commanded to receive the said Ives and Noble, and them safely keep in 
said prison, untill they be brot. to a proper trial, or are delivered by order 
of law. 

"Dated at Sharon the 7ih day of August, A. D. 1777. 

DANIEL GRISWOLD, Justice of the peace." 

"Litchfield, August y* Sth day 1777, then by virtue of the above mitte- 
mus, I delivered the above named David Ives and Jesse Noble to the 
keeper of the Goal in Litchfield, test, 

SILAS S. JOHN, ConsUble of Sharon. 


£ $. d. 

Justice fees, 


Oflicers' fees, 


Expenoes, . 




Horses for Pris»', 


Ezpences more. 


£8 IfU. Od." 

" To the Honourable General Assembly of the Sute of Connecticut, now 
sitting in Hartford in sd. State, the Petition of Jesse Noble, now confined 
in litchfleld Goal humbly sheweth, that your Petitioner lately removed 
from New Ifilf ord In this Sute to Arlington in the State of New York, 
and last winter was going to view a tract of Und which he had purchased 
near Crown Point, when he was apprehended under a suspicion of going 

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58 DBSCBNDAirrB or tbokab wobls. 

off to tbe enemies of tbe American States, and carried to Ticonderoga, 
and from there was sent under guard to Albany and from there to Kings- 
ton and from thence to Sharon and is now confined in Litchfield goal, by 
▼ertue of a mittimus from Daniel Griswold, Esq. Ko proof has at any 
time been brought to prove an inimical disposition in your petitioner to 
the American States, neither can any be brought, for he has been ever 
attached to the American cause, and is now confined in Goal with tbe 
prospect of an endless imprisonment, without being brought to trial. 
Your Petitioner would therefore pray your Honours, that he may be 
brought to trial as soon as conveniently msy be, and in the mean time 
released from goal, upon putting in sufficient bail for his appearance at 
time of trial. Or if your Honours should Judge a trial in this State im- 
practicable, that he may be released from goal, upon potting in sufficient 
bail to return to goal when called for. Or, that he may be released from 
goi\l and suffered to enjoy all the privileges of an American, upon taking 
the Oath of fidelity presented by this 8ute» which he is ready to do at 
an}' time. 

" dated at Litchfield, August 17^, 1777. 

[Conn. Archives, " RevdIuUonary War" YUI: docs. 90S-dlO.] 

Jesse Noble removed from New Milf ord to New Lisbon, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., in 1808, and there resided about four miles north of 
Zion church, until his death. 

He m. May 28, 1780, Mabt Davi% b. Dec. 15, 1761, dau. of 
Daniel Davis of New Milford, Ck>nn. She d. April 21, 1830, ». 68. 

childben bobn ih new milford. 
282. Eeppy, b. April 5, 1781; m. RusseU Wheeler. 

288. TkomoB, b. Feb. • 5, 1785; m. Eliza A. Beach. 

284. Jem Davis, b. June 22, 1789; m. Haiy A. Irby. 

285. PMff Maria, b. June 6, 1798; m. Joseph Peck. 

286. Sarah EUaa, b. Sept 2, 1802; m. John Hanford. 

Stlvakus Noble, s. of Thomas, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
July 11, 1756, and there d. March 26, 1837, e. 80. He resided 
about six miles south of New Milford, on the road to Danbury, 
on the same farm where his father and grandfather had lived 
before him. 

He m. July 11, 1790, Bloabeth Qloveb, b. Feb. 9, 1767, dan. 
of John and Betsey (Curtis) Olover of Newtown, Conn. She d. 
Jan. 27, 1825, m. 58. 


287. Birdtey Ohwr, b. April 26, 1791; m. Charlotte Banford. 

288. John OUner, b. Jan. 14, 1798; m. Abigail 6. Mygatt 

289. FhebeUariata, b. Nov. 1, 1795; m. David A. Poster. 

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IsBANB Noble, b. of Thomas, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Dec. 2€, 1759, and d. in Chatham, C. W., Feb. 5, 1841, e. 82. 
He was a farmer, was of New Milford, Jan. 21, 1788; of Kings- 
boxy, Chittenden Co., Vt, Feb. 22, 1790; afterwards of St. 
Armands, Bedford Co., C. Vf., and of Chatham, April 26, 1827. 

He m. 1782, Amy Tuttle, b. Nov. 17, 1762, dau. of Stephen 
Tnttle of Woodbniy, Conn. She d. Feb., 1834, e. 72. 


840. Lodema, b. May 8, 1784; m. Jairus Campbell. 

841. J4)hn, b. March 20, 1786; m Grace Schagel. 

842. lAand, b. Aug. 80, 1788; m. Sarah Brooks. 
848. Boooana, b. Aug. 81, 1790; m. James Campbell. 

844. Mary, b. Jan. 86, 1798; m Jacob Bchagel. 


Phebe Noble, dau. of Nathan, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
May 15, 1749, and d. in Windham, Me., Feb. 19, 1817, ss. 67. 
'*I recollect her,'* writes her grandson William Groold, <<as a smart 
old lady in a Quaker dress, whose meeting she belonged to, and 
r^;nlarly attended Sunday and Thursday mornings. She always 
rode a pacing horse, familiarly called < Knitting Work.' " She d. 
in a lethargy, after sleeping four days. 

She m. Benjamin dboLD, b. abt. 1748, s. of Benjamin and Bet- 
sey (Ferguson) Ooold of Eittery, Me. He d. in Windham, Me., 

Nov. 12, 1807, SB. 59. 


845. Simeon, b. July 4, 1776; m. Bethia Osgood, and d. in Portland, 

Me., Dec. 88, 1885, s. 59. He was a shipowner and surveyor of 

846. Nathan, b. April 10, 1778; m. (1) March 18, 1808, Miriam Swett; 

(8) Dec. 87, 1807, Betsey Gowen, and d. in Windham, Me.. April 
6, 1888, s. 44. He was a fanner. 

847. Danid, b. July 10, 1780; d. in Windham, March 88, 1798. c. 17. 

848. Bettey, b. Nov. 8, 1788; m Ephrahn Hodsdon, and died in 

Windham, abt. 1848. He was a tailor and fanner. 

849. Jfaiy, b. Dec. 81, 1784; m April, 1814. WllUam P. Freese, 

who was kOled by lightning in Sandwich, N. H., July, 1829. She 
d. in Sandwich, N. H., April 16, 1889, s. 54. 

850. JBkra, b. May 7, 1787; d. Jan. 6^ 1788, s. 7 mos. 

851. &n», b. March 16, 1789; m Betsey Shane, and d. in Windham, 

Me., Sept 88, 1818, m. 89. He was a farmer and deputy sheriff. 
858. OhOd, I b. July 81, 1791; d. Aug. 1, 1791. 
868. OhUd,) b.July 81. 1791 ; d. Aug. 8, 1791. 
854. Ahner, b. Aug. 81, 1798; went to sea, and was last heard from 

In 1886, at New Orleans, La. 

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RxuBBN Noble, b. of Nathan, was b. in New Milfoid, Conn., 
Feb. 15, 1755, and d. in Mount Desert, Me., Oct 20, 1818, e. 63. 
After his marriage, he resided successively in Gray, Me., Great 
Chebeagae, Me., North Yarmouth, Me., and Mt Desert, Me., 
removing to the latter place about 1782. He was a seafaring 
man and formerly sailed from Salem, Mass. 

He m. Feb. 20, 1775, Hannah Merbill, b. Dec. 16, 1755, at 
Portland, Me., dau. of Stephen Merrill of Gray, Me. She d. in 
Sullivan, Me., May 1, 1838, e. 82. 

266. Pri$oma, b. Dec. 20, 1777; m. Joseph Remick. 

266. Sarah, b. Feb 15, 1779; m. Philip Hodgkins. 

267. Suion, b. Dec. 19. 1781; m. Joseph Sinclair. 
26a NaOan, b. Feb. 14, 1788; m. Haiy Bowen. 
289. Mary, b. Nov. 15, 1786; m. Michael Dehiittre. 

2(K). Beuben, b. 8ept. 26, 1790, In Mt. Desert; d. Oct. 2, 1796, s. 6. 

261. Mimnah, b. July 28, 1793; m. Lewis Delaittie. 

262. PhOe, b. March 26, 1796; m. George Hodgkins. 

268. FamOa, h. Nov. 24, 1799, in Mt. Desert; m. 1860. Philo M. Ellis, 

removed to Virginia, where her husband d. 1862; and thence to 
Philadelphia, Peun. 

Hannah Noble, dau. of Nathan, was b. in Cape Elijsabeth, Me., 
April 9, 1767, and d. at Bernardstown, Me., June 11, 1801, e. 34. 
She m. Elisha Hatden, b. Oct. 25, 1762, in Braantree, Mass., 8. 
of Richard Hayden of Braintree, Mass., and Gray, Me. He lived 
for a time after marriage, in Hebron. Me., and removed thenoe to 
Bemardstown (now Madison), Me., where he remained until after 
the death of hia wife Hannah. He then m. (2) Ruth Cobum of 
Buckfield, Me., and abt 1813 removed with her and some of the 
children by his first wife, to the state of New York, and thenoe to 
Michigan, where she d. without children. 


964. Samuel, b. Bept 7, 1788; resided, 1866, in Woodstock, K. B. 
966. Mary, ' b. 8ept 4, 1786; m. Baker, d. in Woodstock, N. B. 

266. Lucy, b. Feb. 34, 1788; m. March 16, 1810, William DeUno, and 

d. in Madison, abt. Jan., 1813, le. abt. 24. 

267. Nathan, b. Nov. 24, 1790; d. unm. in Michigan, abt. 1886. 

268. Hannah, b. Oct. 18, 1792; m. June 19, 1818, Wm. Delano, and d. in 

New York, abt. 1886. 

269. Anna, b. Dec. 9, 1704; m. Feb. 21, 1813. Thomas Eliot of New 

Portland, Me., and removed to Levasset, Me. 

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S70. SaUp, b. Dec 4, 179G; m. John M. Granger of BoduB, N. Y. 

871. SUAtt, b. May 24, 1801 ; m. Amanda Rundlet, and removed lo 

Vienna, Monroe Co., Michigan. 

Nathan Noblie^ b. of Nathan, was b. in Stroutwater, Me., Feb. 
20y 1761, and d. in Norway, Me., Jan. 13, 1827, ». 65. After his 
mairiage, he lived for a few years in Gray, Me., and thence, about 
1790, removed to Norway, Me. Hia two eldest children were 
bom in Oray, the others in Norway. He was a farmer. 

He m. Sq>t. 15, 1785, Hannah Hobbs, b, July 23, 1764, dau. 
of Jeremiah Hobbs of Oray, Me. She d. March 26, 1825, e. 60. 


872. Amo$, b. Aug. 1, 1786; m. Betsey Whitmarsh. 
278. Jeremiah, b. July 8, 1787; m. Ahnira GuYney. 

274. Naihan, b. Aug. 8, 1790; d. Sept 26, 1722. 

275. Simeon, b. Jan. 15, 1702; m. Betsey Flint. 

276. Damd, b. March 8. 1728; m. (1) H. Knight; (2) A Knight 

277. Katkan, b. April 12, 1704; m. Mary Jourdan. 

278. IktiM, b. Feb. 4, 1796; m. (1) S. Flint; 0t) C. K. French. 

279. Bimmi, b. June 12, 1797; m. (1) L. C. Ayer; (2) M. KimbalL 

28a Amy, b. April 18, 1799; m. (1) 6. Bumham; (2) M. Haskell; (8) 

261. BUomm, b. Bept 28, 1800; m. March 27, 1827, Anne Shaw, b. May 

16, 1804, raided in Norway, and d. June 80, 1870, e. 76. He had 

282. Hammah, b. July 24, 1802; m. John Dennett 
288. Osrtea, b. Sept 17, 1804; m. Not. 21, 1841, Moses Ames, b. June 

20, 1799, and resides, 1877, in Norway. No issue. 
281 Beuhm, b. Oct 1, 1806; m. Eliza A Kimball. 

285. Jfaiy, b. Feb. 27, 1809; m. Nov. 8, 1884, her brotherin-Uw, John 

Demiett, and resides, 1877, with her niece, Mrs. Barbour, In Port- 
land, Me. 


Mart Noblb, dan. of Nathan, was b. in Strontwater, Me., June 
24, 1764, and at the age of 88 yrs., was living, March, 1853, 
in Dead River, Me. She d. . 

She m. June 17, 1790, Malachi Babtlbtt, b. in Plymouth, 
MaM., June 19, 1758, son of Robert Bartlett He resided for a 
time in Hartford, Me., removed thence to Dead River, Me., and 
after a few years, to Vassalborough, Me., where he d. Feb. 28, 
1830, e. 71. 


286. Beuhen, b. June 15, 1791, hi Freeport, Me. ; m. Oct 19, 1817. Rizpah 

ChurchiU, and resided, 1858, in Presque Isle, Aroostook Co., Me. 

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287. Jfmph, b. Sept 26, 1792, in Freeport; m. 1827, Phe1)e Winslow, and 

d. in New Vineyard, Me., in the Bummer of 1880. 

288. Elmira, b. May 1, 1795, in Hartford, Me. ; m. Dec. 16, 1810. Isaac 

Proctor, and d. in HI., Aj^ril 11, 1852, s. 56. 

289. Mary, b. Oct. 9, 1799, in Hartford, Me.; m. Feb. 26, 1826, John 

Lamaon, and removed to Augusta, Me. 

290. Hannah, b. Oct 16, 1805, in Hartford, Me. ; m. Feb. 7, 1825, Samuel 

Fulsom, and d. in Vassalboro, Me., Dec. 8, 1829, s. 24. 


Anna Noble, dan. of Nathan, was b. in Gray, Me., July 9, 1769, 
and d. in Oxford, Me., Aug. 24, 1861, e. 92. 

She m. April 11, 1797, Nathaniel Fulleb, b. Dec 27, 1772, 
son of Nathaniel Fuller of Plimpton, Mass. He removed in 1787, 
with his father, to that part of Hebron which is now Oxford, Me., 
where he d. Feb. 18, 1860, e. 87. He was a shoemaker and 


291. Ara Stuart, b. Oct 20, 1798; m. (1) Jan. 6, 1822, Charlotte Mer- 

rill; 9) April 15, 1841, Mrs. Jerusha Marston. He was a shoemaker 
and farmer in Hebron, Me., and there d. Aug. 7, 1870, s. 77. 

292. Oren Koble, b. Jan. 10, 1800; a wheelwright and sailor, prob. d. 

unm., in 1822. His last letter home was written from Eimeo, one 
of the Friendly Islands. 
298. ifaiy, b. Oct. 22, 1801; nL Dec. 8, 1827, Bartlett Hohnes 

Cushman, a farmer of Oxford, Me., where she d. Dec. 8, 1859, m. 58. 

294. Son, b. Aug. 1808; d. Aug., 1803. 

295. Eira OoM, b. July 12, 1804; m. March 20, 1828, Maria Gush- 

man. He is, 1877, a farmer in South Abington, Mass. 

296. SulUvan, b. June 12, 1800; m. Dec 28, 1888, Abigail Trott. 

He is, 1877, a farmer in Oxford, Me. 
287. Bef^amin OoM, b. May 6, 1808; m. June 10, 1834, Myra Cushman. 

He is, 1877, a farmer in Oxford, Me. 
298. Efbridge Qerry, b. May 12, 1811; m. Oct. 29, 1889, Sarah Deming. 

He is, 1877, a carpenter in Boston, Mass. 

Lucy Noblk, dau. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 6, 1734, and d. in Newburgh (now Cleveland), Cayuga Co., 
Ohio, May 26, 1813, ss. 79. 

She m. Dec. 25, 1754, Jsdbdiah Hubbbll, b. July 16, 1731, in 
Fairfield, Conn., bod of Ephraim and Abi|^ Hubbell of Fair- 
field and Kent, Conn. He removed abt 1797, from Kent, Conn., 
to Monkton, Vt., and abt. 1810, to Newburgh (now Cleveland), 
Ohio, where he d. June 11, 1813, sb. 79. He was a justice of the 
peace in Conn., and a famous surveyor in Vermont. 

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999. Dau., b. March 26, 1756; d. in infancy. 

900. Anni8, b. Jan. 81, 1758; m. Ichabod Bates, and d. in Monkton, 

Vt, abt. 1837. 

901. Samiia, b. Aug. 12, 1760; m. May 20, 1785. Mabel Hatch, and 

removed to Monlcton, Vt 
903. JSarah, b. July 14, 1762; m. Ebenezer Peck. 

908. Alngatl, b. June 26, 1764; m. March 24, 1785, David Grennell, 

and d. Feb. 12, 1803, a>. 88. 
804. Ephrtiim, b. April 27, 1767; m. Oct. 15, 1789, Aniils Cnrter. and d. 
in Ncwburgh, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1885, s. 68. He wm a millwright. 

905. Lucy, b. March 10, 1770; d. March 19, 1771. ir. 1. 

906. JeaedMh, b. Dec. 8, 1778; m. 1797, Hannah Turner. He removed 

in 1811, from Monkton, Vt., to Newburgh, now Clevehind, O., was 
a millwright, and d. in Bedford, O., Oct. 19, 1858, m. 79. • 


Israel Noble, b. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
March 25, 1735, aad d. in Kent^ Conn., June 18, 1819, sb. 84. 
He m. Jan. 2, 1761, Lucr Be2!KDIct, who d. Jan. 1, 1809, ». 67. 


907. .4i«m b. Jan. 21, 1762; d. unm. April 7, 1818, s. 51. 

90a AmttriBa, b. Sept. 18, 1764; m. Nov. 25. 1788, Doct Aaron Coleman 
of Warren. Conn., who d. abt. 1847, «. 87. She d. Feb. 26, 1854, 
s. 89. Children. 1. Augustus, m. Minerva Carter and removed to 
Wis.'; 2. Julia, who d. young; 8. Amarilla. 

909. Jonathan, b. July 1, 1767; m. Laura Meeker. 

810. IkKid, b. April 18, 1769; d. Dec. 7, 1769, c. 7 mos. 

811. Z^ckarhh, b. Sept 22, 1770; d. July 20, 1775, s. 4. 

812. DaM, b. Sept. 80, 1772; m. Rachel Turrell. 
818. Luqf, b. June 17, 1775; m. Samuel Swan. 

814. Zechmriak, b. July 28, 1776; d. young. 

815. Sarah, j. July 18, 1777; m. (1) Gershom Bennett, s. of Caleb 

Bennett, who d. in New Milford, Conn., Jan. 27, 1815, s. 49; 
(2) July 8, 1816, John Rolierts, b. in New Milford, Conn., March 
80, 1762, B. of Benjamin and Ann (Bostwick) Roberts. She d. 
without issue, in New Milford, Conn., June 7, 1862, s. 85. 

816. Eluiha, b. Aug. 26, 1784; resided unm., 1852, in Warren, ConxL 


Morgan Noble, s. of Stephen, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Jan. 10, 1739, and d. in Essex, Vt., Sept. 18, 1827, ». 88. In 
the French and Indian war, he marched, in 1757, as a private 
in the company of John Hitchcock of New Milford, in Ebenezer 
Marsh's regiment, for the relief of Fort William Henry, and was 
in Chat sarvioe from Aug. 7 to Aug. 22. He removed before 1790 

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4- fSt:^il>^AA^'^-^Sy^^ 


from Kent, Conn., to Essex, Vt., having been one of the first 
settlers of the latter town. 

1760, Fatienob Avbsill, b. abt. 1744, dau. of 
Averilirof New Preston, Conn. She d. in Essex, Vt., 
Feb. 18, 1814, m. 70. 


617. Stephen, b. Oct 84, 1760; m. Abigail Crosher, and d. Sept 24, 1806. 
0. 48. Children. 1. Philema, who m. Curtis Holgate, and d. June 
1, 1807, m. 24; 2. Levi, m. Betsey Yeomans of Essex, Yt, and per- 
haps d. 1847, in Whitehall, K. Y. , leaving a dau. Betsey. After the 
death of Stephen Koble, his widow married again, in Whitehall, 
and d. 1848. 

817a. MMtable, b. Feb. 2, 1764. 

|n& AmHU, b. Apr. 2, 1766; m. Rachel Buck. 

810. Jeaac, b. Apr. 26, 1760; d. in Essex, Vt , May 2, 1790, s. 21. His 
was the first death in Essex. 

820. Lodma, b. Nov. 8, 1771; d. Jan. 12, 1798, s. 19. 

821. MaWda, b. Dec. 5, 1774; m. Levi Case, and d. in Essex, Vt, 

June 22, 1812, s. 88. Children. 1. Noble, settled in Essex; 2. 

Lucy, m. Slater; and d. ; 8. Calvin, removed to Chatfleld, 

Minn. ; 4. Lyman, removed to Chatfleld, Minn. 

822. CaMn, b. Jan. 9, 1778; m. Sophia L. Thompson. 
828. L^man, b. abt 1781; d. May 11, 1807, m. 26. 

Abigail Noble, dau. of Stephen, was b. Nov. 18, 1740, and d. 
Jime 1, 1810, e. 69. 

She m. (1) June 2, 1760, Rev. Sylvanus Obbobn. He was b. abt 
1730, graduated in 1754 at the College of New Jersey, wasinstaUed 
June 29, 1757, as first pastor of the Cong, church in Warren, 
OoniL, and there d. May 7, 1771, in 4Ist yr. The monument to 
his memory bears the foUowing inscription: 

" In Memory of the | Be^ 8YLVANUS OSBOliN | who died May 7«^, 
1771, In the | 41*« Year of his age & the 14*^ | of his Ministry. | They that 
are wise shall ahine | as the brightness of the flima | ment, and they that 
turn many | to righteousness as the stars | forever and ever." 

She m. (2) Oct. 7, 1772, Rev. Jeeemiah Day, b. in Colchester, 
Conn., Jan. 25, 1737, s. of Thomas and Mary (Wells) Day. He 
grad. at Yale College, in 1756. Having pursued the study of 
divinity, for one year, with Rev. Dr. Joseph Bellamy of Bethlehem, 
Conn., he was for the two subsequent years a teacher, and then for 
nine years a farmer in Sharon, Conn. In Oct, 1766, and May, 
1767, he represented Sharon in the General Assembly of Connecti- 
cut Having completed his theological studies under Rev. Cotton 

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BRAiroH or jomr. 65 

Mather Smith of Sharon, Conn., he was ordained, Jan. 31, 1770, as 
pastor of the Cong, church in New Preston, Conn., and remained 
in that connection nntil his death, which took place Sept 12, 1806, 
at the age of 67. He was about six feet in height, and had a large 
frame, although never corpulent. He had mild blue eyes, and his 
countenance was open and expressive of the benignity of his dispo- 
sition. He excelled as a pastor, and though not a fervent and 
animated orator, was a solemn and impressive preacher. In ecclesi- 
astical difficulties his advice was often sought. 

While psstor of the New Preston church, he resided in that part 
of New Hilford, Conn., which about 1782 was annexed to the town 
of Washington, Conn. [He m. (1) Sarah Mills of Kent, Conn., who 
A Aug. 25, 1767; (2) 177», Lucy Wood of Danbury, Conn., who 
d. Aug. 16, 1771. Child by first nuuriage; Mills, b. Aug. 1 3, 1 767, 
who was killed by the kick of a horse, Nov. 9, 1770, m. 3.] 


884 Jeremiah, b. Aug. 8, 1778; m. (1) M. Sherman; (2) O. Jones. 

885. TkomoB, b. July 6, 1777; m. Sarah Colt 

886. IMle, b. May 80. 1779; m. EUzabeth Jones. 

887. Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1781; d. Dec. 81, 1788, s. 1. 

888. MOU, b. Sept. 80, 1788; graduated at Tale CoUege in 1808, and 

d. while a tutor there, June 90, 1812, m. 8a 


BosAMMAH NoBLK, dau. of Stephen, was b. July 12, 1752, and d. 
in Plattoburg, Clinton Co., N. Y., Dec. 5, 1812, m. 60. 

She m. March 3, 1768, Nathan Avsbill, b. Dec. 15, 1745, s. of 
Daniel AverilL He removed, about 1786, to Flattsburg, N. Y., 
and d. Apr. 11, 1820, e. 74. . 


889. Irvine, b. Oct 85, 1709; m. Benjamin Vaughn. 

880. 2fvUe, b. Feb. 80, 1772; m. PoUy McCarter, resided in Kendall, 

Orleans Co., N. Y., and d. July 15, 1857, s. 85. 

881. J^aikan, b. Apr. 10, 1774; m. Nov. 8, 1799, PoUy Ketchum, and set- 

tled at Flattobuig, N. Y. He had a daughter Maria, who m. Jan. 16, 

1818, Hon. Reuben Hyde Walworth of Saratoga, K. Y., chancellor 

of the state of New York. 
881a. Urania, b. Mch. 88, 1776; d. Apr. 16, 1776. 
888. 8tephenN.,h. abt. 1777; m. Susan Moore, and resided in Wisconsin. 
888. CUMn, b. abt 1778; m. Cynthia Reynolds, and resided in Copley, 

Summit Co., O. 
884. Clarima, b. Apr. 15, 1781; m. Nov. 8, 1799, Nathan Ferris of Peru, 

886. mumah. b. 

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886. Prudence, b. Apr. 25, 1787; m. William Young» resided in Philadel- 

phia, Penn., and d. there. 

887. Loviea, b. abt. 1790; m. Elisha Button, and removed to Peru, 

888'. Lvi^, b. abt. 1793; m. Charles D. Backus of Belmont, Franklin 
Ck>., N. Y. 

LoiB Noble, dau. of Stephen, was b. May 18, 1755, and d. in 
Ashtabula, O., Aug. 4, 1818, ». 63. 

She m. Oct., 1784, Rev. Joseph Badoeb, b. Feb. 28, 1757, in 
TVilbraham, Mass., son of Henry and Mary Badger. Henry Badger 
was son of Nathaniel, who was son of John, who was son of Giles, 
who came from England, and settled in Newbury, Mass., abt. 1 635. 
Joseph Badger for two years was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
war, and in 1785 graduated at Yale College. Having pursued his 
theological studies with Rev. Mark Leavenworth of Waterbury, 
Conn., he was licensed to preach, Oct., 1786; and ordained pastor 
of the church in Blandford, Mass., Oct 24, 1787. Having been 
dismissed from his charge in that place Oct. 24, 1800, after a min- 
istry of thirteen years, he went the same year to the Western 
Reserve in Ohio, being the first missionary who arrived there. 
After laboring there for something more tlian a year, he returned 
to New En?;land for his family. At that time there were no stage- 
coaches daily plying between the eastern and now western cities — 
no packets, steamboats, or railroads, to facilitate his progress. He 
drove his own wagon over roads that were never before made, cut- 
ting his own path from Buffalo, N. Y., to Erie, Fenn., and reached 
the Reserve in safety, in 1801 or 1802. He spent three or four of 
the following years as a missionary among the whites, preaching 
and laboring in the settlements, which were then few and far 
remote from each other. The next four years he labored among 
the Wyandotte Indians, who then resided at Sandusky and vicinity. 
After this he resumed his missionary work among the whites in 
the eastern part of the Reserve. In this capacity he continued 
(except a season in the war of 1812, when he served as chaplain in 
the anny, and two or three yean which he spent as stated supply of 
three or four churches), until Oct. 19, 1825, when he was installed 
over the church in Oustavus, O. He terminated a long and 
laborious life, in Penysbnrg, O., Apr. 5, 1846, e. 89. 


889. Henry Langdon, h. Aug. 12, 1780, in Waterbury; m. Jan. 19, 1814, 
Lucy Crary, and d. in Middleton, Wood Co., 0., Oct. 9, 1886, m. 50. 

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MO. JuUana, b. July 28, 1788. in Blandford; m. Sept 1807, Hall 

Smith, aod d. Ma}-, 1800, m. 90. 

841. LiuiuM, b. Feb. 88, 1700, in Blandford; m. Sept. 1812, IIul- 

dMh Prindle, and rauded, 185C, in Manball, Clark Co.. 111. 

842. Sarah, b. Mch. 20, 1702, in Blandford; d. Oct. 27. 1705. 
848. Lwiit, b. Jan. 10, 1704, in Blandford; m. Sept. 17, 1822. 

Bev. laaac Van Tassel, who d. in Plain, Wood Co., O., March 2, 
1840. She was, 1856, a bomceopathic physician in Memphis. Tenn. 

844. Sarah, b. Jan. 10, 1706, in Blandford; ni. Sept. 1. 1813, 

Rev. John Hall, and d. May 6, 1820, s. 83. 

845. Jmpft, b. Sept. 6. 1700, in Blaudfoid; d. in AshUbula. 0., 

Apr. 7, 1813, K. 13. 


EuNicK NoBLiy dau. of Gideon, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Not. 12, 1750, and d., as is guppoeed, in Cairo, Oreene Co., N. Y. 

She m. (1) Thomas Noblk, b. Sept. 28, 1748, s. of Thomas and 
Mary Noble of New Milford. He served in the Revolutionary 
wftT, and d. on Long Island, according to one account, but accord- 
ing to another, at Kings Bridge, N. Y^ shortly after his marriage. 
of an illness occasioned by his exposure. He had no children. 

She m. (2) Richabd Olmsted, and removed with him to Cairo, 



Stephen R,h. 




84a mkabM, 














; m. Woodbridge. 

SuzABBTH NoBLB, dau. of Oideon, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Sept. 15, 1754, and d. in Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1847, m, 92. 

She m. Aug. 23, 1783, Abkxb Jvdd, b. July 14, 1758, s. of 
Thomas and — »— (Oray) Judd of Danbury, Conn. He resided 
in Danbury until abt 1793, when he removed to Cairo, N. Y., 
where he d. Sept 10, 1814, e. 56. He was a farmer. 


858. Qide<mlMU, b. July 1, 1788; m. May 18, 1818, Catlmrine Freling 
huysen, dau. of Gen. Frederick Frelinghuy»cn, and sister of 
Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen. He grad. at Union Col., 1814; 
studied theology at Princeton. N. J. ; labored two and a half yearii 
as miasionaiy in Pttmsylvania; was pastor about 14 years of a Presb. 
church in Bloomfleld, N. J. ; from 1834 to 1830, agent of Home 

Digitized by 



MiHionaiy lociety; from Feb., 1840, to Dec., 1848, peitor of the 
Preeb. church in CatakOl, K. T. ; and from 8ept 4, 1860, until his 
death, pastor of the Presb. church in Montgomery, N. Y. He 
receiTed, in 1848, the degree of D. D., from hia Alma Hater. He 
d. Mch. 8, 1860, s. 71. 
854. Jenuha, b. Bept 17, 1790; m. June 8, 1816, Gharlea J. HoweU 

of Oaiio, K. T. 

OooDMAN NoBLB, 8. of Gideon, was b. in New Milford, Conn , 
July 3, 1756, and d. in Cairo, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1834. He aerved 
for fiye'^years in the Revolutionary war. In 1775 he inarched with 
Col. Ethan Allen, in his expedition to Montreal, and, in company 
with John Tnrrdl, had the good fortune by fast numing to eecape 
captivity. He is said to have been in the battle of Monmouth, 
with Washington when he crossed the Delaware, at Valley Forge, 
and at the battle of Oermantown. He was placed on the pension 
roll Aug. 13, 1832, and his pension commenced Mch. 4, 1831. For 
some years he resided in New Milford, but about 1790 removed 
to Cairo. He was a farmer. 

He m. Bamam Ttlbb, who d. Dec 29, 1837, m. 80. 



WaUam Waasm-, b. 

; d. in New Milford, s. 1. 



m. Fharis Wright. 




, m. Daniel Lennon. 

85a NaihaiUel, b. 

; m. a) S. Marks; (2) M. Kelson. 





m. Rebecca Hawes. 



b. June 15, 1792; 

m. Mercy P. Crossman. 




, unm., resided in Binghamton, N. T. 

868. JtfSfMrea, 


m. John Sayles. 

868. Jamet, 


; m. Eliza White, andd. inCahro, Oct 27, 

1887, e. 


Children. 1. Caroline, b. Aug., 1821 ; 2. George Walker, 



; a James, b. Jan., 182a 

Ltm AM NoBLi, s. of Oideon, was b. in New Milford, Conn., Mch. 
5, 1758, and d. in Warsaw, N. Y., Oct 12, 1840, e. 82. He was 
in the Revolutionary war, and afterwards a pensioner. He re- 
moved about 1804, to Greene, Chenango Co., N. T., and in 1818 
to Warsaw, N. T. 

He m. Jan. 6, 1789, Euzabxtb Roice, b. Sept 20, 1773, dau. of 
Joaiah Roioe. She resided, 1852, in Warsaw, with her dau. Ann. 

864. Ourti* Thorp, b. Nov. 12,1792; unm., wentabt 1817, to Mt Ster- 
ling, Montgomeiy Co., Ky., and is supposed to have been murdered 
on his return. 

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865. Boyw Wms, b. July 15, 1705; m. Marilla Wickwire. 

866. Jabez Barnum, b. Sept. 19, 1797; m. (1) £. Scoville; (2) B. Buck; 

(8) a £. Mazson. 

867. Thina, b. Aug. 6, 1798; d. Sept. 11, 1803, &. 5. 

868. Bebeeea, b. May 31, 1802; m. Timothy Sbipman. 

869. Ann, . b. June 18, 1805; m. Edmund Buck. 

870. Min, b. June 18, 1807; d. in infancy. 

871. JTaiy, b. July 28, 1808; m. (1) J. 0. Vandorycnter; (2) 


872. Lyman, b. Dec. 18, 1811; m. Elizabeth Webster. 
878. Miranda Narrany,'b, May 15, 1814; m. John F. Mansfield. 


Anna Noblb, dau. of Oideon, was bapt. in New Milford, Conn., 
Sept, 1761, and d. in Oreat Bend, Susquehanna Co., Penn. 
She m. (1) Jan. 11, 1780, Ouvkb Tbowbbidqe. 
She m. (2) Mason. 


874. Nctte, b. 

875. Lifman, b. 

876. AuyuituB, b. 

877. Harry, b. 

878. Bettey, b. ; m. Jacob Hayes. 

879. 8aUy, b. 

880. Orra, b. 

881. PfaUna, b. 


Pbubbnob Nobub, dau. of Oideon, b. in New Milford, Conn., 
abt. 1762, and there d. Jan. 15, 1840, s. 78. 

She m. Dec. 5, 1782, Jonathan Mtoatt, b. July 23, 1759, son 
of Austin and Lament (Blinn) Mygatt of Berlin, Conn. He was 
in the battle of Bunker Hill, and lived in New Milford, Conn., 
where he d. Sept. 18, 1822, m. 61. 


882. BeUey, b. ; bl Bamuel Hull of Derby, Conn., 

and d. June 4, 1852. 
888. AnUnia, b. Jan. 27, 17a'>; m. May 8, 1805, George Loveland 

of Berlin, Conn., and d. Feb., 1850, m, 65. 

884. Harriet, b. abU 1787; m. James McMahon of New Mil- 

ford, and d. April 1, 1815, m, 28. . 

885. MMUMe, b. abt. 1794; m. Anson Porter, and resided, 1848, 

inMeriden, Conn. 

886. H<mUio, b. July 8, 1796; d. unm., in New Milford, 8ept 86, 

1861, s. 65. 

887. WQUamNMe, b. Jan. 4,1798; m. Dea 7, 1840, Mrs. Mehitable 

Tniiell Allen, Nsided in New Milford, and d. Sept. 5, 1861, e. 68. 

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Datid Noble, b. of Daniel, was b. Dec 9, 1744, and d. in Wil- 
liamstown, Mass., March 4, 1803, e. 58. He graduated at Yale 
College in 1764, read law with Woodbridge Little of Pittsfield, 
Mass., removed between 1766 and 1770, to Williamstown, Mass., 
and established himself in the practice of his profession. He was 
afterward, for a time, engaged in mercantile pursuits. 

He settled at first on the banks of the Hoosick, in a house which 
stood where the new factory company have since erected their 
store. Soon he removed thence, and built, at the east end of 
Main street, half a mile from the old Congregational church, a 
double brick mansion, two stories in height, with dormer win- 
dows. To it from the street led a grand avenue of Lombardy 

He was a man of activity and enterprise, of probity and intelli- 
gence. An early friend and earnest patron of Williams College, 
he was one of its trustees from 1 793 until his death. The college 
bell, and the land on which the old presidential house stands, were 
his gifts. In 1795, he was chosen judge of the court of Common 
Pleas for Berkshire county, and retained the ofiBce while he lived. 
His estate was appraised at $11,735.97. A portrait taken near 
the dose of the American revolution, and now, 1876, in the pos- 
session of his great-grandson, Charles W. Noble of Detroit, Mich., 
shows him, with his powdered hair, silk coat and waistcoat, and 
general bearing, to have been *< a gentleman of the olden school." 
A copy of this, made by a Detroit artist, was presented by his 
grandson, Hon. Charles Noble, to Williams College, and placed in 
Alumni HalL 

His monument bears the following inscription: 

In memory of 
David Noble, Esq., 
lately one of the Judged 
of the Court of Comm- 
on Fleas for the County 
of Berkshire, who died 
Maich^h, 1808:inthe 
59th year of his age. 
The dust shall return to the earth 
as it was, and the Spirit shall 
return to Qod who gave it * 

He m. his second cousin, Abigail Bennett b. in New Milford, 
March 22, 1742, dau. of Benjamin and Abia (Noble) Bennet. She 

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d. Sept. 16, 1822, m. 80. Her grave-stone has the following 

" This monument Erected | in memoiy of | Widow Abigail Koble, | who 

died Bep. 16, 1 1822, | Aet 80 yean. | She lived greatly beloved A respected 

I & exhibited during her life an | uncommon example of Christian meek- 

I ness, humility, and unaffected piety. Bhe left | this world of trial with 

entire resig | nation to her heavenly father's will A |.in the triumphs of a 

ChrisUan faith." 


88a Deodatut, i b. July 29, 1766; m. Betsey Bulkley. 

888. J)eodamv$, f b. July 29, 1766; m. (1) D. Clark; (2) B. Skinner. 

890. Salome, b. July 6, 1768; m. Joshua Danforth. 

891. Matia, b. Oct. 7, 1770; m. Daniel Dewey. 

892. Damd Addmm, b. Aug. 6, 1772; m. Mary Day. 

898. AbiffOiX b. Sept. 20, 1774; d. Oct, 1774. 

894. DafM, b. July 7, 1776; m. Esther B. Wolcott. 


Ltdia Noble, dau. of David, was b. Dec 11, 1746, and d. Feb. 
18, 1838. e. 87. 

She m. June 2, 1763, William Oiddinos of New Fairfield, 
Conn., b. March 24, 1737. 


895. Ludnda, b. April 10, 1764; m. 1786, Abraham Seaman, and d. 

in Dover, K. Y., Hay 7, 1888, e. 74. 

896. Sarah, b. July 9, 1766; m. Jan. 6, 1800, Bennett Picket 

of (German, Conn., and d. Aug. 8, 1851, m. 85. He was b. Id 
Sherman, Conn., July, 1764, and was living, Sept, 1858, at the 
age of 89. Dr. Koble B. Picket of Great Barrington, Mass., is her 

897. Ihna$, b. July 80, 1768; m. Amos Leach, and d. prob. in 

Wilson, Niagara Co., N. T., in 1859. 
89a Gearffe, b. June 2, 1771; m. Jan. 4, 1808, Phebe Hunger- 

ford, resided in Sherman, Conn., and d. abt. 1858, m, abt. 87. 

899. Noble, b. Feb. 6, 1774; d. Oct 11. 1795, n. 21. 

400. WHUam, b. Oct. 17, 1776; m. Desire Hawley, and d. in Shcr- 

man. Conn., Jan. 16, 1850, se. 74 

401. DaM, b. March 9, 1779; ul Jan. 24, 1821, Betsey Salmon, 

and resided, 1868, in Shennan, Conn. 

402. Bud, b. Sept 29, 1781; m. Dec. 15, 1807, Sarah Reasoncr, 

and resided, 1858, in Dover, N. Y. 
408. I4fdia, b. May 10, 1784; m. Samuel Giddings, and d. in 

Sherman, Conn., July 12, 1829, e. 45. 
401 DatMNMe, b. Aug., 1788; m. 1814, Betsey Qorham, and d. in 

Havana, N. T., July 25, 1850, se. 61. 
406. Ann, b. Sept 27, 1792; m. Oct 28, 1812, John Seelye, and 

d. in Sherman, Conn., April 22, 1828, c. 80. 

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Anna Noble, dan. of Daniel, b. Jan. 29, 1749, d. in Jericho, 
Vt, June 8 or 9, 1818, e. 69. 

She m. Jan. 30, 1765, Elbazer Hubbbll, b. in Newtown, Conn., 
Feb. 14, 1740, 8. of Eleazar and Abigail (Burr) Hubbell of New 
Fairfield, Conn. He was a farmer, and about 1797 removed to 
Jericho, Vt, where he d. April 14, 1810, e. 70. 


406. Alngaa, b. Aug. 6, 1766; m. Feb. 28, 1785, Pownal Deming 

of Wetherafield, Conn., who went Into the mercantile business in 
New Torli, with his brotber-in-law, Lyman Hubbell, and d. of 
yellow fever. 

407. Lyman, b. Sept 9, 1768; m. Lois Roaseter. 

406. Mary, b. June 12, 1770; m. (1) Jan. 10, 1788, Hubbard Bar- 

low, a merchant; (2)BuBhne]l B. Downes; (8) Feb. 11, 1828, Col. 
Jofibua Danforth of Pittsfleld.Mass., and d. in Shelby, K. T., July 
4, 1850, s. 80. She had no children. 

409. Mercy, b. March 28, 1772; d. Nov. 28, 1772. 

410. Merey, b. Not. 8, 1778; m. Dec. 9, 1790, James Addison 

Potter, a merchant, prominent politician, and secretary of state, 
in Vt He d. 1816, in Jericho, Vt 

411. Nancy Anna, b. June 16, 1776; m. July 2 [16?], 1794, William 

Cicero Potter, a farmer, and d. in Shelby, N. Y., June 7, 1854, tt. 77. 

412. Lucretia, b. March 5, 1779; d. in Pittsford, N. T., Oct 28, 

1796, se. 17. 
418. EUagar Burr, b. Sept 8, 1781 ; m. Ruth Brown, was a farmer, and 
d. in Worthington, 0., Oct or Nov., 1819, tt. 88. 

414. Brattu9lknUng,h. Nov. 80, 1784; m. Rachel Camp, removed from 

Jericho to Qrand Detour, 111., where he d. Sept, 1840, m. 55. He 
was a lawyer. 

415. Dau., b. March 18, 1790; d. March 18, 1790. 

416. Laura Ahby, b. Jan. 4, 1798; m. March 18, 1817, Joseph Water- 

man, a fanner of Johnson, Vt, where she d. March 81, 1858, se. 65. 


JoHAKNA Noblb, dau. of Daniel, b. 1762, d. in Shelby, Orleans 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 18, 1838, sb. 86. 

She UL [pub. April 11, 1768], Nathan Sherwood of New Fair- 
field, Conn., b. in Fairfield, Conn., 1740, who removed early to 
Fairfield, Vt, and thence abt 1814 to Shelby, N. Y., where he d. 
Feb. 18, 1824, e. 84. 


417. Oahrid, b. abt 1775; d. 1810, ». 85. 

418. WOUam, b. ; m. Jane Johnston, and d. in 

Shelby, N. T., Nov. 1. 1846, ». 72. 

419. Nathan Deming, b. ; resided in West Chester Co. , N. T. 

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490. John, b. March 19, 1782; m. Jan. 14, 1806, Lucy Barber, 

and resided in Shelby, N. T. 

421. MaM, b. abt 1784; m. Walter Hohnes, and d. in 

Barre, it. T., 1844, ». 60. 

422. ffenry, b. Aug. 1703; i^eided in Shelby, N. T., and d. 

unm. Sept 10, 1857, «. 64. 

423. Bemer, b. ; d. in Oeneseo, K. T., m. 35. 

424. Harriet, b. ; m. Henry Jones, and resided in 

Castleton, K. T. 


Mabel Noble, dan. of Daniel, d. in Williamstown, abt 1777. 

She UL Dea. Ebenezer Stratton, who d. in Williamstown, Mass., 
Sept 28, 1813. [After the death of his wife, Mabel, he m. (2) Mary 

. Children. 1. Mabel, b. July 19, 1779; 2. Ebenezer, b. 

Nov. 7, 1783, d. Feb. 1, 1813, e. 29; 3. Lume, b. Oct 27, 1789; 
4. Julia, Aug. 10,1793.] 


425. Sony, b. Oct. 18, 1771; d. May 8, 1772. 

426. Mary, b. Aug. 81, 1778; m. June 19, 1792, Edward Foster, and d. in 

Williamstown, abt 1815. 

427. {^TtM, b. Jan. 7, 1776; m. Rachel Smedley, remoyed to Ohio, and 

there died. 

Ezra Dibble Noble, a. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Jan. 3, 1749, and there d. March 26, 1808, n. 59. He was 
a fanner. 

He m. (1) June 24, 1772, Eunice Bostwiok, b. in New Milford, 
Aug. 21, 1744, dau. of Nathaniel and Esther (Hitchcoek) Host- 
wick. She d. Feb. 24, 1804, e. 59. 

He m. (2) June 22, 1805, Mrs. Anna Greoort, b. abt 1750. 
She m. (1) Amos Barnes of New Milford, Conn., who d. prior to 
July 12, 1785; (2) Jan. 4, 1797, Samuel Gr^;ory, who d. prior to 
Apr. 16, 1800. She d. in New Milford, Conn., Aug. 22, 1815,* 
». 65. 


42a lekabod, b. March 20, 1778; m. Luclnda Botsford. 
429. Martin, b. June 18, 1774; m. Abigail Lane. 

480. Blifah, b. Feb. 6, 1776; d. Oct. 17, 1777. He was first named 

Benedict Arnold, but after the latter became a traitor to his countiy, 
his name was changed to Elijah. 

481. Philo, b. Feb. 6, 1778; m. Anna Lockwood. 
488. &ra, b. July 9, 1779; m. Amelia Hickok. 
488. Bdnnah, b. Jan. 1, 1781; m. Benajah Fairchild. 
481 JSither, b. May 27, 1788; d. Sept 10, 1784, m. 1. 
485. Mtther, b. Feb. 1, 1787; m. David Wylie. 

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Rbbboga Noblb, dATL of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 24, 1756, and there d. Sept 7, 1800, n. 44. 

She m. June 15, 1774, Abel Mkbwin, b. Sept. 18, 1760, in New 
Milford, B. of David and Mary (Noble) Merwin. He d. March 
20, 1823, e. 73. 


486. NoUe, b. March 81, 1775; d. unm. June 14, 1801, m. 96. 

487. AhigaU, b. March 18, 1777; d. Feb. 10, 1779, fle. 1. 

488. Hemum, b. Dec. 18, 1779; m. Feb. 6, 1802, Lucy Beardaley, and d. 

hi New Milfoid, March 7, 1857, ». 77. 

489. Daniel, b. June 8, 1784; m. (1) Laura Manh; (2) July 4, 1827, 

Lorana Merwin, and d. Jan. 29, 1849, fle. 64. 

440. Lm^ny, b. Feb. 18» 1788; m. Abel Wright. 


SuBANKAH Noble, dau. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Jan. 25, 1758, and there d. March 22, 1843, n. 85. She 
was a large woman, not fleahy, but tall and well proportioned, and 
had a atrong face. 

She m. (1) July 1, 1779, Capt. Abnsr Gunn, b. of Abner and 
Mary Ounn, b. prob. in Milford, Conn., abt. 1754. He d. March 12, 
1812, n. 58. 

She m. (2) Dec. 7, 1812, Nathaniel Taylor, b. in New Milford, 
April 7, 1753, a. of Rev. Nathaniel and Tamar (Boardman) Tay- 
lor, and father of Rev. Nathaniel William Taylor, D. D., of New 
Haven, Conn. He was a druggist and merchant in New Milford, 
and theie d. Feb. 12, 1818, n. 64. 

CHILDREN— none. 


David Noble, b. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
^Dec. 26, 1759, and there d. Jan. 29, 1813, n. 53. 

He m. June 22, 1784, Jbrubha Bull, of Milford, Conn., b. abt. 
1760. She d. May 7, 1829, n. 69. 

children born DC NEW MILFORD. 

441. lAusy BuU, b. July 6, 1785; m. Sept 86, 1810, William Gaylord, 

Jr., and d. without iBsne, May 81, 1884, «. 48. He d. in New Mil- 
foid, 1850. 

442. Frederiek, b. March 8, 1788; d. in infancy. 

443. aiarhtte, b. Feb. 90, 1789; d. unm. July 25, 1844, m. 66. 

444. Sumnna, b. May 22, 1791; m. Jan. 9, 1816, Wm. Hatch of Hol- 

ley, N. T., and d. Dec, 1836. Children. 1. William; 2. Frederick, 
res. In HoIIey; 8. Nelson, m. Ellen Lee, and res. in Holley, K. Y. 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 


445. Bdher, b. AprO 7, 1708; m. CharlcB F. Pottor. 

446. Cfhauneeif, b. July 16, 1705; m. (1) C. Boardman; (2) S. Blackman. 

447. Benfy BuU, b. Oct. 11, 1708; m. Polly Denton. 
44& BOfeeca, b. Jan. 7, 1800; d. Dec. 6, 1824, tt. 24. 

440. CaroUm, b. July 21, 1808; m. (1) June 28, 1841, 8umner Ham- 
ilton of Bangor, He. ; (2) April 17, 1844, her brotber-in-law, Cliarlcs 
Frederick Potter, and d. without issue, April 12, 1804, s. 60. 

450. l>aoid DOMe, b. Aug. 25, 1807*; m. Abby Merwin. 


D^NiKL NoBLB, B. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Jan. 11, 1762, and d. in York, Livingston Co., N. Y., July 19, 
1842, SB. 60. He removed soon after marriage to Ballston, N. Y., 
and thence to York. By trade, he was a silversmith, though 
a farmer most of his days. 

He m. (1) 1787, Lucr Bubrbll, b. Feb. 28, 1763, dau. of 
Stephen Burrell of New Milford. She d. in Ballston, N. Y., Aug. 
25, 1823, SB. 60. 

He m. (2) May 24, 1823, Mart West, b. Dec. 21, 1773, dau. 
of Moses West She was living in May, 1856. 


451. WaUam Henry, b. Sept 22, 1788; m. (1) F. Stillwcll; (2) L. Jud- 


452. Harriet, b. Jan. 10, 1791; m. William H. Bridges. 

458. Sufuee Maria, b. ; m. Thomas Smith, and d. in 

Ballston, N. Y., July 81, 184a ChUdren, 1. Thomas Daniel, b. 
1822; 2. James Paddock, b. 1824. 

454. BUfhen Burrea, b. Aug. 9, 1798; m July 20, 1823, Sarah Dun- 

shee, and d. in York, N. Y., Oct 0, 1848. She d. July 8, 1830. 
ChHd. Daniel Burwell, b. July 80, 1824, m., and d. in Rochester, 
N. Y., Jan. 28, 1856, as. 81. He was a lawyer. 

455. DaniA Carrington, b. May 29, 1801; a physician, d. unm. in Circle- 

ville, Pickaway Co., O., Feb. 24, 1883, ». 81. 


DiAXS NoBUE^ dan. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 28, or March 5, 1768, and there d. Oct 12, 1828, n. 60. 

She m. 1787, Wiluam Doah, b. April 11, 1759, in Saybrook, 
Conn^ t. of Prince and — — (Wise) Doan. He was a farmer 
in New Milford, Conn., and there d. Feb. 13, 1812, m. 52. 


456. Quy WOUam, b. Aug. 7, 1788; m Feb. 14, 1821, Charlotte ThndL 

He graduated, in 1818, at Union College, studied law with the 
Measrs. Yates, of Schenectady, N. Y, and at the Litchfield law 
school, and in 1816 rnmnirTinii irajtjrMn Ckcleville, O. In 1826 

)igitized by 



and 1827, he was a member of the l^dature of Ohio. Through a 
paralysis of the optic nerve, in 1844, he lost his sight He d. in 
Ciieleville, C, Feb. 4, 1802, ». 78. 

457. JMle, b. Nov. 6, 1702; m. May 10, 1810, Samantha Mallory, 

and in 1834, removed from New Milford to Circleville, O.. where 
hed. HaySl, 1800, se. 67. 
45& Bebeoca, b. abt 1801 ; d. June 10, 1804, ». abt. 8. 


Zadock NoBLBy 8. of Zftdock, was b. in New Milford, Ck>nn., 
Dec. 20, 1772, according to the town record, but Nov. 21, 1773, 
according to the family record, and d. in Franklin, Delaware Co., 
N. Y., March 30, 1826, e. 52 or 53. He was a shoemaker, and 
removed from New Milford, Conn., to Franklin, N. Y., in 1796. 

He m. Sally Stilson, b. April 15, 1776, in New Milford, Conn , 
dan. of Nathan and Elizabeth (Stewart) Stilson. Mrs. Sally 
Noble d. April 8, 1841, n. 64. 


458. FMUriek, b. Aug. 17, 1794; m. (1) 8. St John; (2) H. DeFor- 

est; (8) R MUes. 

460. ffenrp, b. Feb. 19, 1798; m. Agnes Pease. 

461. EUMtOteih, b. April 1, 1800; m. Harry Taylor. 

462. SdUif, b. Aug. 15, 1802; m. Demas Hine. 

463. WUUam StOaan, b. Oct. 16, 1805; m. Mary Hurd. 

464. Sumn, b. April 1, 1810; m. David 8. Hurd. 

465. Charie; b. July 21, 1814; m. Marcia Roberts 

466. Albert, b. Aug. 2, 1817; m. Maria Roberts. 


Elisha Nobls, s. of Aaahel Noble, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Oct. 25, 1750, and d. at the house of his daughter Annls, in Essex, 
Essex Co., N. T., in the "summer of 1 803." He owned the church 
covenant at New Milford, Nov. 6, 1774. He resided in New Mil- 
ford for some years after his marriage, but removed abt. 1796 to 
Skeenesborough, now Whitehall, N. Y., and thence to Essex, N. Y. 

He m. Sally Crane, dan. of Elijah Crane. She is said, at the 
time of her marriage, to have been residing in New Milford with 
her sister Abigail, wife of Paul Welch. She d. in Whitehall, 
N. Y., abt. 1798. 


466a. Antm, b. Nov. 28, 1778; m. Daniel Warner. 

467. Bdden, bapt. Mch. 0, 1777; m. Mar>' Skinner. 

468. BanBom, b. Aug. 16, 1778; m. (1) A. McNeil; (2) E. Toby. 

469. Atahd, b. ; m. Philomela Skinner. 

470. DatUd. b. Dec. 21, 1792; m. Mary McNeil. 

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Shsrmak Noble, b. of Asahel, was b. in New Milford, Ck>nn., 
Sept 14, 1752, and d. in Charlton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Dec, 
1828, SB. 76. He removed, about 1791, from New Milford to 

He m. May 3, 1775, Sarah Davib, dau. of Daniel and Sarah 
DaviB of New Milford. She d. Jan., 1825, in Charlton, N. Y. 


4700. Reuben, b. in New Milford; d.uiun.,in Charlton, N. Y., 

abt. 1808. 

4706. PMjf. b. in New Milfoid; d. wim., in Charllon, N. Y., 

abt. 1707. 

470e. DftvU, b. abt. 1781, hi New Milford; m. abt. 1804, 

Maria Ketchum, dau. of Daniel Eetchum, and d. in Watcrford, 
N. Y, Feb. 8, 1807, ». abt. 20. She d,- in New York, N. Y., abt. 

1820. Child, Caroline, b. 1806; m. (1) Lawrence; (2) 

Randall, who d. in Charlton, N. Y. She was supposed, in 1^58, to 
be a resident of New York, N. Y. By her first husband, she hod 
a dau., Maria, who m. Wright H. Olmsted, a lawyer in New York, 
N. Y. 

470ff. Mdrcui, b. abt 1785, in New Milfoid ; m. in Delhi, N. Y. , 

Betsey Beers, who d. there abt. 1888. He is supposed to have 
been drowned while going down the Delaware river on a raft. Ho 
had one daughter. 

4700. Benedict, b. Feb. 10, 1780; m. Hannah Clark. 

47Qf. Morton Carnngton, b. abt 1793, in Charlton, N. Y. ; m. abt 1817, 
Rosette Ayres, in Scotch Plains, N. Y., and d. between 1833 and 
1828. He had two daughters and two sons, one named Ayrcs, b. 1818. 

iliig. Laura, b. Jan. 28, 1707; m. Major Millard. 

Bbsbx Hinb, a. of Abel and Rebecca (Beebe) Hine, was b. in 
New Milford, Conn., Jan. 27, 1770, and d. in New Haven, Conn., 
May 19, 1856, ss. 86. He was a member of the Gleneral Aaaembly 
of Connecticat 

Hem. (l)abt 1789, Lois Northrop, b. Dec. 25, 1771, dau. of 
Solomon and Loia (Mallory) Northrop. She d. in New Milford, 
Conn., Oct 5, 1812, sa. 40. 

He m. (2) Apr. 18, 18 J 3, Hbnristta Clark, b. in New Milford, 
July 5, 1786, dau. of William and Ajme (Boetwick) Clark. She 
still, Not., 1877, at the age of 91, reddea in New Haven, Conn. 


471. Bebeeea Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1780; m. Oct 15, 1810, Rev. Nathaniel 
William Taylor, D.D., and d. in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 26, 1868, m. 


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7H. He was b. in New Milford, June 28, 1780, 8. of Natlinniel and 
Anna (Northrop) Taylor; pursued his preparatory studies with liev. 
Azd Backus of Bethlehem, Conn.; grad. at Yale College, 1807; 
was pastor of the First Cong, church in New Haven from Apr. 8, 
1812, to Dec., 1822; and Dwight professor of theology in Yale Col- 
lege, from 1822 until his death. He d. in New Haven, Mch. 10, 
1858, tt. 71. Their dau. Mary, b. in New Milford, Mch. 15, 1818, m. 
Apr. 18, 1886, Rev. Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D. He was b. in 
Fannington, Conn., Doc. 14, 1811, grad. at Yale Col. 1831, was 
pastor of Cong, church in New Milford, Conn., 188G-1842, pastor 
of Bouth Cong, church in Bpringfteld, Mass., 184a-1847; and was 
appointed, in 1840, professor of ethics and metaphysics in Yale 
College, and in 1871, president of the same institution, both of 
which offices he still, 1877, retains. 

472. Alfred Abd, b. Oct. 6, 1701 ; m. Mrs. Maria Johnson, and d. in 
New Haven, Apr. 0, 1849, se. 57. 

478. ffenrjf TT., b. Sept. 27, 1708; d. in New Milford, Nov. 16, 1807, 

SB. 14, having been killed by a fall from a horse. 

474 Harriet LotiiM, b. Aug. 14, 1806; d. in New Milford, Dec. 1, 1807, 
se. 15 mos. 


, Curtis Noble, b. of Elnathan, was b. in New Milford^ Conn., 
Nov. 19, 1774, and d. in UnadiDa, Otsego, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1835, 
n. 60. He was bred a merchant, in the store of Hon. Elijah 
Boardman of New Milford. Habitually a business man, ceaseless 
employment was his pleasure. He removed from New Milford to 
Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y., and settled at or near the place then 
called Wattles Ferry, on the Susquehannah. For more than thirty 
years he there carried on the mercantile business, near the Tillage, 
in company with Isaac Hayes, under the firm of Noble k Hayes. 
A man of strong natural ability, with clear views on all subjects, 
he was unambitious of public notice or political life, and univer- 
sally declined, when offered political or military preferment. He 
admired unpretending merit, and was himself in all respects unos- 
tentatious. Though economical from early habits, and though not 
having himself had the advantages of early education, he bestowed 
his property freely upon the education of his children, and liberaUy 
advanced funds, with litUe hope of their return, to his brothers 
and other relatives. Always evincing a stem integrity and strict 
honesty himself, he could brook in others no pallying with either. 
He died of a disease in the head, by some deem^ scrofulous, but 

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iAo«t probably an inflammation arising from a cold and some 
catarrhal prediapodtion. He made no will, having often before 
and during hi8 illness expressed his approbation of the disposition 
of property which tbe statute laws of the state made in cases of 
intestacy. To his widow and children he left property, real and 
personal, to the amount of thirty or thirty-five thousand dollars, 
which he had accumulated by industry and economy. 

At a meeting of the vestry of St. Matthew's church, Unadilla, 
held on Monday, Feb. 23, 1835, two days after his death, the fol- 
lowing resolutions were unanimously adopted: 

Whereas, In the dispensations of on all-wise Providence it hath pleaHcd 
the great Head of the Church to remove from the Church ^lilitant our 
much-esteemed and beloved brother and companion, Curtis Koble, one of 
the earliest settlers of our vfllage, and one of the founders of our church, 
and who has been from the first organization of the same, a distin- 
guished and efRcient member of her vestiy, and for a long time one of her 
most exemplary, pious, and devoted conununicants; and whereas, we arc 
desirous of expressing our feelings on this mournful event; therefore, 

ReiKdttd, That in the death of Curtis Noble we are called upon to 
lament the loss of one whose sterling integrity and unostentatious and 
well-directed charities have not only endeared him to a large circle of 
friends and relatives, but have left us a bright example worthy of our 
admiration and esteem. 

Be$olTed, That as a vestry, we will ever cherish the liveliest recollections 
of his piety and virtue, and sincerely sympathize with his family and rela- 
tives in this most afflicting bereavement, which has deprived them of nn 
alTectiottate husband and indulgent father, and an undcviating friend, antl 
the Church of Ood of one of her wisest, most exemplary, and dcvoti*d 

Eenolted, That in this great bereavement we cannot but acknowledge tlie 
goodness and mercy of God, In that He has not left us comfortless, but 
that in view of the bright example, of the calm and peaceful departure of 
our companion and brother, we are led to exclaim: " Let us die the death 
of the righteous, and let our last end be like his.'* 

Bemdvcd, That as a tribute of respect to the memory of the deceased, 
the members of the vestry will wear the customar}' badge of mourning fur 
the space of thirty days. 

Rttntted, That the foregoing resolutions be entered on the book of tlie 
vestry, and thai a copy of the same be sent to the widow of the deceased. 

DAVID WALKER,* Seeretarg pro tnn. 

He m. Nov. 18, 1800, Anna Hayes, b. in New Milford, Oct 1, 
1780, dau. of Thomas Hayes, who came from Elminster, Somer- 
setshire, England,, and Anna Carrington of New Milford. She d. 
in Unadilla, N. Y., March 2, 1865, n. 84. 

•TiM dscjMtd hftTlng titod Um ottM of Sacretaiy. 

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475. Qeorge Hayes, b. Dec. 16, 1808; m. Elizabeth B. Page. 

476. C/iartoi Curtis, b. Jan. 10, 1806; m. Abigail W. Camp. 

477. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 17, 1808; m. Peter J. Beits. 

477a. Henry Carringtan, b. Aug. 6, 1810; d. unm., of a fever, In Una- 
dilla, May 1ft, 1883, tt. 28. He was a young man of great promise, 
and had Just commenced the mercantile business with Frederic I. 
Hayes nt the old stand of Noble & Hayes. 

478. Harriet Amelia, b. Oct. 12, 1812; m. Henry H. Howard. 

479. CaroUm Jaftanna, b. Not. 24, 1816; m. June 12, 1845, John Mince 
Donnelly, b. in Cat«kil], N. T., Aug. 27, 1797, s. of Terrance and 
Sarah (Ham1>lin) Donnelly. He has been a merchant in Catskill, 
N. T., where he resided, June 21, 1876. She d., without issue, in 
Catskill, Mch. 17, 1847, ». 80. 

480. CurHs, b. Feb. 25, 1821; m. Charlotte M. Day. 

481. JuUa Sophia, b. July 5, 1824; d. Mch. 11, 1836, ». 6. 


Cyrenus Noble, b. of Elnathan, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Sept. 27, 1776, and d. in Buffalo, N. Y., March 16, 1857, e. 81. 
In his fifth year, he first attended school, walking two miles to 
reach the school-house. At that time, the people, being greatly 
straitened in their circumstances, in consequence of the Revolu- 
tionary struggle, were unable to employ competent teachers, even 
for three months in the winter. His father, in connection with 
others, having erected a forge for the manufacture of bar iron, and 
agreed to furnish charcoal for the manufacture of the same, in his 
thirteenth year, under the direction of Eber Ruggles, he learned 
to build and bum coal pits. In his fourteenth year, he took the 
entire management of the same. The farmers* market was then 
Bridgeport and Norwalk, on the sea-ooast, thirty-five miles distant. 
Their mode of conveyance was ox-teams ; carts in summer, and 
sleighs in winter. There were then but few horse teams in the 
country. A trip to Norwalk and back required foor days. The 
mail came but once a week, and was carried on horseback from 
Hartford to New York. The (hnnectieut Courani^ published 
weekly at Hartford, furnished the family with the news of the 

In 1794, he removed with his father to Burlington, since called 
Pittsfield, and now New Lisbon, Otsego Ck>., N. Y. He received 
in 1804, the appointment of postmaster of Pittsfield. In 1806, he 
built a shop in New Lisbon, N. Y., and in- company with his 
brother Elnathan, made and sold tinware. He established, in 
1808, a shop in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., for the manufacture and sale 

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of htABy and continiied in basineas there nntil 1812, although 
never removing to that place. In 1816, he was elected a member 
of the General Aflsembly of New York, for the county of Ots^o. 
From 1817 to 1827, he was engaged in the manufacture and sale 
of hats, and in farming. 

Having sold his farm, in 1827, he removed to the adjoining 
farm, formerly owned and occupied by his father, and there 
remained until the same was divided in 1834. In May, 1835, he 
removed from New Lisbon to Eortright, Delaware Co., N. Y., and 
there engaged in mercantile business. The succeeding year he 
removed to Hamden, Delaware Co., N. Y., and there followed 
the same pursuit In December, 1838, he removed to Oneonta, 
Ots^^ Co., N. Y., and there, in company with Samuel B. Beach, 
conunenced the manufacture of shavinff and fancy soaps. He 
removed thence to Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y., and continued 
the same business, until May, 1848. 

His children having now removed to Detroit, Mich., he with his 
wife followed them thither, in June, 1848. That city was his 
home through the remainder of his life. He died at the house of 
his son Charles £., in Buffalo, N. Y^ but his remains were removed 
to Detroit, and there interred. 

He m. Dec. 1, 1804, Hannah Weston, b. in Wethersfield, 
Conn., Dec 15, 1783, dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Woodhouse) 
Weston. Her father and mother both died in her house, the 
former. May 7, 1818, n. 75; the latter, Nov. 17, 1842, e. 92. 
Mrs. Hannah Noble d. in Detroit^ Mich., Nov. 5, 1851, e. 67. 


488. ThomoiBotiMek, b. Oct. 8, 1806; m. Caroline Lee. 
488. JjmiM, b. Jan. 18, 1800; d. July 16, 1829, fle. 20. 

484. Mary Wutm, b. Mch. 24, 1611; d. Oct 80, 1817, ». 6. 

485. John Qyrentu, b. Feb. 11, 1814; m. Delia Petrie. 

486. Qarra Bet^amin, b. Aug. 12, 1816; m. Eliza Crosman. 

487. Marif, b. June 16, 1819; d. unm. in Detroit, Dec. 22, lail, 


488. OhoHei Bdwa/rd, b. Jan. 19, 1824; m. Jenisha P. Crosman. 

489. .PWiiMiii Wmkm, b. Feb. 12.1826; m. Sarah Martin. 

Hon. Elvathak Noble, a. of EInathan, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn.f July 15, 1779, and d. in Unadilla, Livingston Co., Mich., 
April 2, 1841, n. 61. He removed in 1794, vdth his father, from 
New Milford, Conn., to Butternuts, N. Y. In 1806, he com- 
menced the tin business in New Lisbon, N. T. From 1808 to 

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1812, with his brother CyreniiB Noble, and Sylvester Gilbert, he 
dealt at Ogdensborg, N. Y., in general merchandise, hats, furs, 
and lumber. The embargo caused the failure of Noble & Gil- 
bert for a large amount About 1812, he removed from New 
Lisbon to Geneva, N. Y., in the spring of 1832, to Dexter, Mich., 
and thence, in 1833, to Unadilla, Livingston Co., Mich. He was 
a hatter in Geneva, and a farmer in Michigan. In Unadilla, 
Mich., he kept a hotel, was the first justice of the peace, and an 
associate judge of the county court. He gave the name to the 
town of Unadilla, and also to the county of Livingston. 

He m. (1) 1802, Mart Wbston, b. May 22, 1776, dau. of Benja- 
min and Mary (Woodhouse) Weston, and sister of the wife of 
his brother Cyrenus. She d. in New Lisbon, Jan. 9, 1809, e. 32. 

He m. (2) abt. 1810, Asbnatb Gilbert, b. in New Lebanon, 
N. Y., 1785, dau. of Butler Gilbert, and cousin to the first wife 
of her husband. She d. in Geneva, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1822, e. 37. 

He m. (3) Sallt "Woodhouse, b. Sept. 23, 1788, dau. of 
Lemuel Woodhouse, and cousin of the first and second wives of 
her husband. She d. in Unadilla, Mich., March 5, 1842, m. 53. 


490. WaUam, b. May 9, 1808; m. Amelia 6. Denio. 

491. Otorffe Wetton, b. June 15, 1805, in New Lisbon, N. Y., a far- 

mer, resided in Unadilla, Mich., where he d., unm., July 28, 1877 

». 72. 
491a. Am, [ b. Jan. 9, 1809; d. Jan. 9, 1800. 

4916. Dau., S b. Jan. 9, 1809; d. Jan. 9, 1809. 


492. Butler OiJbert, b. Sept. 27, 1815; m. Maxy Spencer. 

498. ^Ituter OUberi, b. Mch. 12, 1819; m. Charlotte £. Montague. 
4S^ Herman Cyrenu9, b. Sept 22, 1821; m. Maria C. Shattuck. 


496. Frederick Woodhoune, b. Oct 80, 1826; m. Mary J. Patterson. 
496. Albert UUey, b. June 6, 1831 ; m. Lucy £. Blakslee. 

Sallt Noble, dau. of Ehiathan, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
April 12, 1783, and d. in UnadiUa, N. T., Sept 21, 1858, e. 75. 

She m. 1808, Doct Wilus Edson, b. in Pittsfield,. Mass., April 
28, 1783, s. of Obed and Prudence (Fisk) Edson. He studied 
medidne with Dr. White of Cherry Valley, N. Y., commenced 
practice about 1807, in New Lisbon, N. Y., and removed, about 
1816, to Unadilla^ N. Y., where he d. Aug. 24, 1823, m. 40. 

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407. Darwin NoUe, b. llch. 96, 1800, in New Lisbon; m. June 18, 

1888, Hannah Bliss; in, 1876, a manufacturer of leather in Duwns- 
▼ille, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

408. AdMt, b. Hdi. 81, 1811, in New Lisbon; m. Sept. 12, 

1883, Thomas Trowbridge Hayes, who was engaged in life insur- 
ance business in New York, and there d., Jon. 0, 1876. She residen, 
1876, in aifton Springs, N. Y. 
400. WilliB Fi$k, b. Hay 0, 1818, in New Lisbon; m. Aug. 28, 1840. 

Hannah Sc}'mour North. He was a carriage manufacturer in Una- 
dilla, N. Y., where he d. May 2, 1871, s. 57. 

500. &tUy Maria, b. April 22, 1815, in New Lisbon; m. Dec. 16. 

1845, Col. Robert Savage Hughston, a fanner, who d. in Sidnry. 
Delaware Co., N. Y., June 10, 1878. She resides, 1876, in Sidney. 

501. 6VK& Plntt, b. Jan. 8, 1810, in Unadilla. He was a merchant, 

and d. unm., in Stockton, CaL, Mch. 12, 1878, ae. 54. 

502. y^iUinm Batttciek, b. April 7, 1824, in Unadilla; m. Jan. ;M), laiO, 

IsalK'lla Tumbull Miiulc. He fitted for college at Oxfonl nctiulcmy, 
graduated in 1848, at Harvard College; in 1854, at General Theo- 
logical Seminary of Protestant Episcopal Church in New York. 
He has preached six years in Dunkirk, N. Y., six years in Brock- 
port, N. Y., and up to the present time, 1876, nine years in Clifton 
Springs, Ontario'Co., N. Y. 

Stlvands Noblb, b. of EbiathAn, was b. in New MUford, Conn., 
April 17, 1785, and d. in Dexter, Mich., May 20, 1820, as. 44. He 
resided sucoessiTely in Waterloo, Palmyra, and Rochester, N. Y., 
and Ann Ajbor and Dexter, Mich. He removed, in 1824, to Ann 
Arbor, Mich., and the following year to Dexter, Mich. He was 
by trade a hatter, but early relinquished that employment for 

He m. July 3, 1810, Sallt Tuttlb, b. in Woodbridge, Conn., 
Oct. 11, 1787, dau. of Jeremiah Tuttla She m. (2) Feb. 14, 1843, 
Nathaniel Daniels, who d. Sept 18, 1850. She subsequently re- 
sided with her children, and d. in Dexter, Mich., Feb. 27, 1871, 


508. Lauii Le Grand, b. Sept 26, 1811 ; m. Sarah Hayes. 

504. SaUy Jeneiie, b. May 88, 1818; m. Amos Gray. 

505. Claudius Henry, b. Aug. 16, 1816, in New Lisbon, N. Y. ; d. in 

Dexter, Mich., Dec. 16, 1881, m, 15. 

506. Atnbra$e BosMek, b. Not. 4; 1817; d. unm. in Scioto, O., Aug. 0, 

1840, m. 22, while engaged in building a bridge. 

507. EtnUy Maria, b. Dec. 15, 1819; m. (1) C. Swift; (2) W. Stevens, 

508. F^ndi Jfugene, b. July 1, 1824; m, Cornelia £. Peck, 

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BoBTwicK NoBLBy B. of fflfiathan, was b. probably in Brookfidd, 
Conn., Dec. 30, 1788, and d. in Geneva^ N. Y., Maidi 24, 1843, m. 
5 i. He was a cabinet-maker. 

He m. Jane 25, 1810, Thibza Hitchcock, b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Feb. 10, 1791, dau. of Nathaniel and Rachel (Ketchum) 
Hitchcock. She d. in Detroit, Mich., March 17, 1851, m. 60. 


500. JSlnaihan Ourtu, b. Oct. 16, 1818; m. Eliza Carpenter. 

510. Maiy Morrii, b. Apr. 9, 1817, in Genera, N. T. ; d. nnm. in 

Detroit, Mich., Oct. 6, 1866, fle. 49. 

511. Sarah Ketehum, b. Mch. 81, 1822, in New Lisbon, N. T. ; unm. re- 

sides, 1876, in Detroit, Mich. 

512. Samua Borrome, b. Mch. 15, 1828, in Geneva, N. Y.; m. (1) H. O. 

MerriU; (2) F. Merrill; (8) £. C. Hutchinson; (4) O. K. Lormon. 

513. Charkt Bo$tmek, b Feb. 21, 1881, in Geneva, N. Y. ; unm., 1876, is 

a brewer, of the firm of Bhoemaker & Noble, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Nathaniel Noble, a of Elnathan, was b. March 10, 1792, prob- 
ably in Brookfield, Conn., and d. in Dexter, Mich., May 11, 1858, 
m. 66. He remained with his father until 1814, and then removed 
to Geneva, N. Y., and engaged in mercantile business. In 1824, 
he removed to Dexter, Washtenaw Co., Mich. 

He m. May 13, 1818, Harbist Lucretia Stilson, b. in Sandgate, 
Vt, July 28, 1797, dau. of Abel and Lois (Booth) Stilson. She 
d. in Elk Rapidi^ Mich., Nov. 11, 1873, sb. 76. 


514. Btkn EUga, b. 8ept 5, 1821 ; m. John £. Cooper. 

515. Benrjf HobaH, b. Aug. 25, 1823; m. (1) C. C. Sears; (2) M. Ewing. 

516. (hoar LeGrand, b. Apr. 25, 1880; m. Alice Wbaley. 

517. BdtDin StOson, b. July 21, 1888; m. Emmeline L. Hurlbut. 


Oaradus Noble, b. of Elnathan, was b. in New Lisbon, N. Y., 
July 5, 1795, and d. in Detroit^ Mich., Oct. 25, 1850, n. 55. He 
removed to Geneva, N. Y., thence abt 1822 to Rochester, N. Y., 
July 4, 1829, to Dexter, Mich., and in 1846 to Detroit, Mich. He 
was a hatter. 

He m. March 18, 1821, Sofhla Utlet, b. in Springfield, Mass., 
Dec. 16, 1798, dau. of Ebenezer and Huldah (Woodhouse) Utley. 
She d. in Wayland, Mich., May 3, 1872, ». 73. 

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BBAHCH or JOHK. . 85 


518. Fmander, b. July 5, 1828; d. in Rochester, Sept. 28, 1828. 

519. Anioinstk, b. Oct. 17. 1824; m. Titus Doan. 

520. Jane, b. Sept. 28, 1826; d. in Rochester, Dec. 15, 1826. 


Harriet Noble, dau. of Elnathan, was b. in New Lisbon, N. Y., 
Nov. 26, 1798, and d. of apoplexy, in Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., 
July 29, 1874, e. 75. 

She m. March 18, 1821, Ltman Cruttenden, b. in Butternuts, 
N. Y., July 13, 1793, s. of Jeremiah and Mary (Brooks) Crutten- 
deiL By trade a blacksmith, he abandoned the same for fanning, 
after middle life. In 1840, he removed from Butternuts to Ox- 
ford, Chenango Co., N. Y., and thence, about 1855, to Bath, N. Y., 
where he d. Dec. 5, 1872, le. 79. 


521. A!^Jte$ Henry. b. Feb. 22. 1822; m. Sept. 1. 1858. Julia Matilda 

Stephenson. He studied medicine in Morris, N. Y., with Dr. Wil- 
liam Bsssit. and graduated in 1850, at the College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, in New York. He was in the drug business, and 
general practice in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1850-56, and then removed to 
Bath, N. Y., where he still, 1876, resides. During the Civil war 
be went to the front, for a few weeks, as a volunteer surgeon, after 
the second battle of Bull Run. 

522. BdragNMe, b. Nov. 27, 1828; graduated in 1848, at Geneva 

(now Hobart Free) College, and d. in Oxford, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1848, 
528. Mary Johanna, b. Sept 8, 1825; m Aug. 19, 1850, Oliver W. 
Himrod, and resides, 1876, in San Francisco, Cal. 

524. San, b. July 24, 1827; d. July 24, 1827. 

525. FOyAgnei, b. June 29, 1828; m. Aug. 19, 1850, DeWitt Clin- 

ton Clapp, a merchant, and resides, 1876, in Iowa City, Iowa 
586. Barriet JensU, b. Oct 18, 1880; d. July 6, 1884, se. 8. 
527. Sarah Sophia, b. Feb. 21, 1888; unm., resides, 1876. in San Fran* 

dsco, Cal. 
52a l^man Oaradtu, b. June 8, 1885; unm., resides, 1876, in New 

York, an importer and Jobber In kid gloves. 

Heppt Noble, dau. of Jesse, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
April 5, 1781, and d. in Morris, N. Y., June 1, 1850, as. 69. 

She m. Dec. 16, 1804, Bev. Russell Wheeleb, b. in Brookfield, 

Conn., May 2, 1783, a. of Amoa and Sarah (Hawley) Wheeler. 

He graduated at Williains College, in 1803. For a time be read law, 

and then studied divinity with Bishop Hobart He was first 


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rector of an Episcopal church Id Watertown, Conn. On the first 
of Biay, 1814, he took charge of St. Matthew's church, Unadilla, 
N. Y. In August, 1814, he began ministerial work in Zion church, 
Morris, and for several years officiated half the time there and 
half at Unadilla. He was instituted as rector of the church in 
Morris, Nov. 23, 1818. In 1820, he resigned his parish at Una- 
dilla. From 1820-27, he officiated as often as once a month, in 
St. Andrew's church, New Berlin, N. Y. From 1827 to 1836, his 
labors were wholly given to the church in Morris. From 1836 to 
1838, he was rector of Christ church in Ix)ckport, N. Y. In 1843, 
he retired from the ministry, and continued to reside in Morris, 
formerly Butternuts, about one mile north of Zion church, where 
he d. Feb. 18, 1861, sb. 77, being at that time the oldest Episcopal 
clergyman in the state of New York. 


520. Amot NofiU, b. May 27, 1800. in Watertown, Conn. ; m. Eliza 
North, and is, 1870, a hardware mci-cbant in Hancock, N. Y. 

580. Mary CarnMi, b. Nov. 2, 1808. in Watcrtown; unm., resides, 1870, 

in Morris, N. Y. 

581. BuMeU Ridley, b. May 20, 1811, in Watertown: d. unm. in Morris, 

N. Y., Nov. 22, 1887, ». 20. 

582. Hejmy Ann, b. Feb. 18, 1818, in Waterlown; d. unm. in Morris, 

N. Y., March 11, 1844, a;. 81. 
538. SnUy AugtuUi, b. Jan. 19. 1817, in Unadilla; uom., resides. 1870. in 
Morris, N. Y. 


Thomar Noble, s. of Jesse, was b. in New Milford, Conn., Feb. 
5, 1785, and settled in Unadilla, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

He m. Nov. 9, 1818, Euza Ann Beach, b. Feb. 26, 1797, dau. 
of Abijah H. Beach of UnadiUa, N. Y. 


534. WhUney Bet^inin, b. Oct. 14, 1819; removed to New York city. 

585. George Davit, b. Mch. 1, 1821 ; removed io New York city. 

586. Edward Beach, b. Dec. 20, 1822; d. in Chicago, 111., Oct.. 1852, 

e. 29. 

587. Thamat Hdmilton, b. Apr. 7, 1825; m. Sireue Hitchcock, and re- 

moved to Chicago, Dl. 

588. Ca/rrington Taylor, b. Dec. 28, 1828; was agent of American Ex- 

press Co., between Chicago, 111., and St. Louis, Mo. 

589. John Henry, b. July 1, 1880; les. in Unadilla, N. Y. 

540. Clark Wheeler, b. Jan. 27, 1838; removed to California. 

541. Firederic, b. Oct 29, 1884; d. in Walton, Del. Co., N. Y., 

Nov. 10, 1885, e. 1. 

542. Eenry Beach, b. Aug. 16, 1887. 

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JttBS Davis Noble, b. of Jesse, was b. in New Milford, Ck)nn., 
Jane 22, 1789, and d. in Montgomery, Ala., March 10, 1832, e. 
42. He removed, about 1818, to Hunts ville, Ala., and engaged 
in mercantile business, and thence in 1826, to Montgomery, Ala. 

He m. Oct 10, 1820, Mabt Aj)BLaiob Ibby, b. in Tenn., June 
24, 1804, dau. of John and Christiana (Tyler) Irby. Christiana 
Tyler was cousin of John Tyler, president of the United States. 
[She m. (2) April 12, 1835, Mosely Hooker, a merchant of Mont- 
gomery, s. of Ira Hooker of Bristol, Conn. Children. 1. Tyler 
Irby Mosely; 2. Maria Adelaide Mosely; 3. Evelyn Mosely, all of 
whom died in infancy.] She resided, in 1857, with her son John 
Irby Noble, in New Orleans, La. 


548. John Irby, b. Feb. 14, 1822; m. Oct. 20, 1847. Martha Ann 

Summerville, b. near Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1827, dau. of John 
and Evelyn (Hewet) Summerville. He resided in Montgomery until 
1857, the Inst two yean being cashier of the Centnil bank. He 
removed the same year to New Orietins, La., and was of the firm 
of Reeves, Battle & Noble, commission merchants. Children. 
1. Alice Maria, b. Aug. 25, 1848: 2. Evelyn Hewet, b. Jan. 14. 
1850; 8. Adelaide Irby, b. July 26. 1851; 4. Lucy John. b. Mch. 6, 
1858; 5. Mattie Summerville. b. Jan. 9, 1855: 0. Jessie D.. b. Aug. 

644. Maria, b. Dec. 1. 1824; d. Oct. 20. 1831. k. 6. 

Polly Mabia Noblb, dau. of Jesse, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., June 6, 1793, and d. in New Lisbon, N. Y., Sept 21, 1868, 
ft. 75. 

She m. April 16, 1818, Joseph Pbck, b. in Stratford, Conn., 
May 9, 1789, son of Job and Hannah (Wells) Peck of Strat- 
ford, Conn. He resided in Nobleeville, New Lisbon, N. Y., and 
then d. May I, 1871, m. 81. 


545. Qmrife IHnf, b. Oct. 20, 1821 ; m. Aug. 20, 1846, Mary Maria Smith. 

resides, 1875, In New Lisbon, N. Y., where he has been a merchant. 

546. (hmelia EUta, b. Feb. 10, 1826; m. May 29. 1800, Dr. Francis Eugene 

Noble, b. in Rochester, N. Y., July 1, 1834. s. of Bylvanus and 
Sally (Tuttle) Noble. He resides in Jersey City, N. J. 

547. iforfA/iir/irM.b..^pr.29.18S0; unm. 1875. 

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Sasah Euza Noblb, dau. of JeeBe, was b. in Mew Milford, 
Conn., Sept 2, 1802. 

She m. June 12, 1824, John Hanfobd, b. in Unadilla, N. Y., 
Aug. 16, 1792, 8. of Uriah Hanford. He lived, after marriage, 
for two years in Hudson, O., for twenty years in Middlebury, 
Portage Co., C, for three years in Akron, Summit Co., C, and in 
1856, had resided five years in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., O. 


549. AmeUa Maria, b. Oct 1, 1825, in Hudson, O. ; m. Nov. 8, 1845. 

Cslvin Josephus Ck>mstock, and removed to Cleveland, O. 

550. NM$ UHdfi, b. Aug. 5, 1827, in Hiddlebur>% 0.; and there d. 

May 12, 1828, se. 9 mos. 

551. Baymond Wheeler, h, June 24, 1829, in Middlebury; graduated at 

Kenyon Col., 1855, resided, 1856, in Ashtabula, C, and was editor 

of the AAtabula TOegraph, 
562. MinHenrp, b. Sept 25, 1882, in Middlebur}'; removed to 

558. Sarah Heten, b. May 12, 1885, in Middlebur>'; d. in Middlebury, 

C, Aug. 10, 1842, s. 7. 


Rev. BiBDSBT Glover Noble, s. of Sylvanus, was b. in New 

Milford, Conn., April 26, 1791, and d. in Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 

16, 1848, m. 57. He pursued his preparatory studies with Hon. 

Asa Chapman of Newtown, Conn., graduated at Tale College in 

1810, and studied divinity at the Oeneral Theological Seminary of 

the Episcopal church in New York. He was ordained deacon in 

1812, and priest in 1815. On the 18th of April, 1814, he was 

invited to officiate at Christ church, Middletown, Conn., and on 

the 17th of April, 1816, was settled as rector, and retained his 

connection with the parish until August, 1828. He was called, 

March 8, 1829, to St John's church, in Elizabeth, N. J., and there 

remained until Oct 15, 1833. From 1833 to 1836, he taught a 

private school in Bridgeport, Conn.; from 1836 to 1845, remained 

upon his farm in East Bridgeport, preaching occasionally in vacant 

parishes in the vicinity. Within the last-mentioned year% he 

built across the Housatonic river, a bridge, still, 1876, known as 

** Noble's bridge," to connect his property with the town. In 

1845, he became assistant rector of the church of the Holy 

Trinity, Brooklyn, N. Y., of which his wife's cousin, Rev. William 

B. Lewis, was then rector. During the summer of 1848, he 

returned in feeble health to Connecticut, and soon after died, at 

the house of his son, William H. Noble, in Bridgeport Mr. 

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Noble is represented m <<a man of fine presence, and mild and 
dignified manners, much beloved by the congregations to which 
he ministered. He possessed a cultivated voice, and fine elocu- 
tion, and read very impressively the service of his church.'* His 
remains rest with kindred dust, in the cemetery at the south part 
of New Hilfoid. 

He m. Jan. 17, 1813, Chablottb Sanfobd, b. in Newtown, 
Conn., April 16, 1792, dau. of John and Amy (Northrop) Sanford. 
She d. May 11, 1843, m. 51, and was interred in New Milford. 


654. WUUamEenrif, b. Aug. 18, 1818; m. Harriet J. Brooks. 

555. John Sanford, b. Mch. 11, 1815, in Middletown, Conn. ; has 

resided in Alton, lU., Goshen, K. Y., New York city, snd since 
1847, in Easton, Penn., where he has been a hardware dealer. 

556. CharhtU BluabM, b. Apr. 5, 1818; m. Sept. 19, 1849, Rev. Charles 

H. Force, a of David H. and Eunice Force of Horristown, N. J. 
He graduated in 1846 at New York University, and, in 1849, at 
Union Theological Seminaiy in New York; was ordained in Nov., 
1849, by the Brook]}^! Presbytery, and installed. Feb. 20, 1851, over 
the Presbyterian church in Unadilla, N. Y. He has since preached 
in OtUwa, III., where he now, 1876, resides, without charge. No 

657. Frederick WaJdo, b. May 15, 1821; m. Anna Lebring. 

558. Bdftard ^Itanui, b. Oct. 29, 1826; d. in Middletown, Conn., Jan. 
17, 1827, s. 2 mos. 


John Olovib Noble, s. of Sylvanus Noble, was b. in New Mil- 
ford, Conn., Jan. 14, 1793, and d. in the same town, Dec. 9, 1870, 
IS. 77. He was a member of the General Assembly of Gomu, from 
New Milford, in 1853 and 1854. 

He m. Feb. 4, 1821, Abigail Stabb Myqatt, b. July 22, 1796, 
dau. of Noadiah Mygatt. She d. in New Milford, Conn., Dec. 24, 
1874, ft. 78. 


Phbbb Mabibtta Noble, dau. of Sylvanus, was b. in New 
Milford, Conn., Nov. 1, 1795, and a. in Brookfield, Conn., Oct 1, 
1873, IS. 77. 

She m. Dec. 2, 1820, David Adams Fosteb, b. in Danbury, 
Conn., April 26, 1791, s. of Timothy and Dorothy (Adams) Fos- 
ter of Danbury and Brookfield, Conn. He resided in Brookfield, 
Conn., which town he, in 1852, represented in the General Assem- 
bly of Conn. He d. July 23, 1866, e. 75. 

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559. John Oiowr, b. Dec. 16, 1823; m. May 81, 1840, Harriet Francis 

Burr, and resides, 1876, in New Milford, Conn. 

660. J^hanvs Kobie, b. Sept. 96, 1824; is, 1876, a carpet-dealer in New 

Haven, Conn. 

661. 8u$an Eiiiobeth, b. Aug. 8, 1826; d. unm., in New York city, 

]fay22, 1871,0.44. 
562. Frederick AdafM, b. July 27, 1828; unm., a farmer, resides, 1876. in 

Brookiield, Conn. 
568. MaryBUKL, b. Noy. 28, 1880; unm., resides, 1870, in Broolc- 

fleld, Conn. 

564. CanMfuMarieUa^h. J>ec, 4.1882; unm., resides, 1876, in Brook- 

field, Conn. 

565. Henry WtOiam, b. Noy. 7, 1885; m. June 9, 1860, Ellen Hoadley 

Foote, and is, 1876, associated with his brother Bylvanus in the 
carpet business In New Haven, Conn. 

LoDBMA NoBLB, dau. of laband, was b. May 3, 1784, and re- 
sided, after her husband's death, in Port Huron, Mich. 

She m. May 3, 1784, Jaibus Campbell, s. of David Campbell. 
He d. in Canada West, Oct. 18, 1836. 


566. DaM, b. Aug. 24, 1801; d. Nov. 10, 1828, se. 22. 

567. Amy, b. June 16, 1804; m. Sept., 1821, John Farrien, and 

settled in Cumberland, C. W. 
fm, AuriUa, b. Aug. 28, 1807; m. Nov. 10, 1828, William Far 

rien, and settled in Buckingham, C. £. 

571. Sar^, b. July 4, 1809; m. 1882, Thomas Ames, and set- 

Ued in Orfoid, N. H. 

572. Mary, b. Oct 2, 1811; m. Mch. 5, 1880, Patrick Ryou, 

resided in Plantagenet, C. W., and d. Jan. 16, 1840, se. 28. 
578. leband, b. Jan. 1, 1818; m. Feb. 26, 1841, fiarah Campbell, 

and settled in Osgood, C. W. 

574. John, b. Apr. 8, 1815; m. July 5, 1846. MaUlda Parks. 

and settled in Plantagenet, C. W. 

575. HiMahLodema, b. May 4, 1817. 

576. Chariei Jairui, b. May 18,1820. 

577. CyrwifM, b. May 18, 1820; d. Aug. 1, 1828, e. 8. 

578. Jamee, b. July 4, 1822. 

579. GM^tfe, b. Oct 19, 1884. 


Josh Noblb, s. of laband, was b. March 26, 1786, and d. in 
Chatham, C. W., March 20, 1826, m. 34. 

He m. June 13, 1817, Gbaok Sghaqbl, b. Oct. 1, 1795, dan. of 
Jacob Schagel of Newbury, Vt. [She m. (2) Oct 1, 1834, Wil- 

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liam Wait, who d. Jan. 7, 1847. By him she had one boh, Syl- 
vanns Wait] 


580. i^lveMter, b. May 2», 1819; m. Sept 0, 1852, Julia Ann Holconil), 

who d. ia57. He aettled in Detroit, Mich. 

581. John, b. Oct. 24, 1822; unm., res. in Ureka, Winnebago Co., WIk. 

IsBAND Noble, 8. of Isband, was b. Aug. 20, 1788, and resided, 
in 1853, in Yarmouth, C. W. 

He m. Sabah Brooks, who d. 1832. 


582. Huntna, b. Jan., 1821; m. 1851, John Lawton, and settled in 

588. An^, b. 1828; m. Sept. 7, 1845, George Carr, and re- 

moved to Bouthold. 

584. Jtihn, b. Jan., 1825; removed to Benton Ck)., Iowa. 

585. luband, b. Apr., 1827; m. Oct. 27, 1852, Hannah Geddes, and re- 

moved to Benton Co., Iowa. 

586. EltuiOian, b. Apr., 1829; settled in Yarmouth. 
687. Tht^Hos, b. 1881; d. 


RoxANA Noble, dau. of Isband, was b. Aug. 21, 1790. 
She m. May 6, 1812, Jambs Campbell, b. Jan. 29, 1781. He 
settled in Clyde, St. Clair Co., Mich. 

588. Clariam, b. May 8, 1818; d. in Chatham, C. £., June 17, 

1814, B. 1. 
588. Lurtna, b. May 1, 1816; settled in Clyde, Mich. 

580. Jatnet, b. July 12, 1818; m. Sept. 7, 1845, Mary Jane 

Schagel, and settled hi Clyde, Mich. 

581. BmMine MaiOdti, b. Sept. 10, 1820; m. Mch. 1, 1842, James Thomp- 

son, and d. in Toledo, O., Apr. 7, 1851, ». 80. 

592. JuUa Ann, b. Aug. 21, 1828; m. Apr. 18, 1848, Thomas Rob- 

inson, and settled in Chatham, C. E. 

598. OUte, b. Nov. 25, 1825; res. in ayde. Mich. 

594. ArMbaVL, b. June 9, 1828; res. in ayde, Mich. 

805. XMfte, b. Oct. 88, 1881 ; ras. in Clyde, Mich. 


Mabt Noble, dau. of Isband, was b. Jan. 26, 1793. 

She m. Aprilt 2, 1809. Jacob Schagel, b. April 14, 1786, s. of 
Jacob Schagel Be resided for a time in Chatham, C. W., whence 
be remoyed to Carillon, C. W. 

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596. Lurena, h. Jan. d6, 1810; d. Mch. 4, 1810. 

097. CfharMe, b. Apr. 1, 1811; m. Aug. 24. 1831, Cynu Lis- 

comb, and settled in FajRton, Vt. 

598. WaUam Nobk, b. Feb. 15, 1813; d. Mch. 20, 1814. 

599. Boasana, b. Mch. 25, 1815; m. Sept. 21.1845. Robert Brown, 

and settled in Berlin. Vt 

eOO. FbUy MaUndit, b. Apr. 10. 1817; m. Feb. 2. 1840, John Bixby, 
and settled in Waitsfield, Vt. 

601. Oknnah Marietta, b. Mch. 28. 18111; m. Oct. 12. 1842. Ivory Fuller, 
and settled in Chatham, C. £. 

002. Harriet Maria, b. June 23, 1831 ; m. Erastus Hulberl. 

608. Jacob DoUon, ' b. Oct. 4, 1823; nt Dec. 17, 1850, Grace Mount- 
Stephens, and settled in Chatham. C. £. 

604. Elm Amu b. Dec. 8, 1825; d. Oct. 3, 1826. 

605. John Noble, b. Oct 18, 1827; d. May 18, 1881, k. 3. 

606. JuUa Alvira, b. May 5. 1830. 

607. JBbi%, b. July 80. 1882; m. Sept 4, 1848, Royal Fuller. 

and settled in Waitsfield, Vt 

608. Marjf EUtabeth, b. Aug. 27. 1834. 

609. CordeUa, b. Sept. 10, 1839. 

Pbiscilla Noble, dau. of Reuben, was b. in North Tannonth, 
Me., Dec. 20, 1777, and now, 1856, resides in Ellsworth, Me. 

She m. June 1, 1804, Jobbpa Rbmick, b. abt. 1775. After mar- 
riage he resided about twenty years in Mt Desert, Me., re- 
moved thence to Ellsworth, Me., and afterwards to Boston, Mass., 
where he <L Feb. 11, 1833, sb. 58. 


610. Reuben IMie, b. June 9, 1806; m. Bept 9, 1827, Maiy Ann 

Finney, and settled in Ellsworth, Me. 

611. Ndithan Noble, b. Jan. 17, 1808; was drowned on the passage 

from Boston to Mt Desert, June 8, 1828, m, 90. 

612. PhOip Bodgkine, b. May 6, 1810; m. Mch. 9, 1887, Maria Mil- 

liken, and settled in Ellsworth, M& 
618. Hannah Noble, b. Apr. 18, 1812; d. in EUsworth, Mch. 13, 

1844, m, 81. 

614. OaifhaHne Maekenue, b. Bept 14, 1814; m. Apr. 9, 1886, Oeoige Lo- 

ring, and settled in Ellsworth, Me. 

615. PkebeNobU, b. Not. 29. 1815; m. (1) ^^- 1» 1883, James 

Btoart of Boston; (2) Oct, 1849, Dr. John Foster Williams Lane 
of Boston. 

616. Judith, b. Mch. 7, 1816(1); d. in Ellsworth, Me., Not. 


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617. Lmrit MaU, b. May 90, 1820; m. (1) Sept. 28, 1842, Eliz- 

abeth Milliken; (2) Aug. 24, 1852, Harriet Jordan, and settled in 
Sllsworth, Me. 

618. Margaret Stapki, b. Oct. 14, 1824; m. Mch. 18, 1849, Gardiner 

MiUiken, and settled in Ellsworth, Me. 


Sasah Noble, dao. of Reuben, was b. in North Yannonih, 
Me., Feb. 15, 1779. 

She m. Feb. 5, 1806, Phiup Hodokins, b. of Shemael Hodgkins, 
of Hancock, Me. 


619. Maria, b. June 14, 1809; m. Sumner Jenkins, and removed 
. to Kentucky. 

620. AlvUra, b. Jan. 17, 1811 ; m. John M. Angler, and removed 

to Boston, Mass. 

621. BnUly, b. June 1. 1818; m. Kendall B. Wait, and removed 

to Chapel Hill, N. C. 

622. MaryJ,, b. Apr. 29, 1815; OL John Welch. 

628. NaUian K, b. Aug. 15, 1817; d. June 15, 1840, se. 22. 

624. Nahvm MerHU, b. Feb. 27, 1820; m. Jan. 28, 1845, Diemma G. 

Whittaker, and removed to Trenton Point, Me. 

625. Eannah, b. May 1, 1828; m. July 7, 1844, Andrew Whit- 



Su&uf Noble, dau. of Reuben, was b. in North Yarmouth, Me., 
Dec 19, 1781. 

She m. Jan., 1807, Joseph Sinclair, b. April 15, 1783, s. of 
David Sinclair. He resided in Mt Desert, Me., until 1829, when 
he removed to Ellsworth, Me., where he d. Sept. 28, 1848, m. 65. 


626. John Merrm, b. Nov. 18, 1808; d. in Mt. Desert, Nov., 1809. 

627. Mkn Merrtn, b. Oct, 1810; d. se. 11 days. 

62a Sbenaer Baton, b. Dec. 9, 1812; m. 1887, Julia Ann Smith, and 
removed to Surry, Me. 

629. WtUiam NutUr, b. Aug. 6, 1815; res. in Ellsworth. 

680. Jchh Dodge, b. Aug. 8, 1818; d. in Mt. Desert, Aug. 18, 

1881, e. 18. 

681. BobeHHaekeU, b. Mch. 12, 1821; m. abt. June, 1841, Lorinda 

McFarland, and removed to Hancock, Me. 

682. PamOia Ann NMe, b. Nov. 18, 1825; m. Sept. 12, 1847, Osgood N. 

Russell, an earthenware manufacturer in Pottersville, N. H. 
688. Oaver Higgim, b. Dec. 18, 1828; drowned in Ellsworth, Aug. 

8, 1887, SB. 8. 

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Nathan Noble, b. of Reuben, was b. in Isle au Haut> Me., Feb. 
14,1783, and d. in Salem, Mass., March 17, 1858, m. 76. He 
removed, in 1812, to Salem, and was for many years captain of a 

He m. Jan. 8, 1811, Mabt Bowen, b. Sept. 23, 1791, dan. of 
Michael and Sarah (Carr) Bowen of New Haven, Me. 

684. JSmeUne 71, b. May 12, 1812; m. June 24, 1882, RobertO. Lee, 

and d. Nov. 6, 1887, se. 25. 
686. Barah B(nt0n, b. June 2, 1814; m. June 84, 1834, Luther Kerar. 

and settled in Salem. Mass. 

686. Gearffe Freeman, b. July 25, 1816; d. Nov. 1, 1821, m, 6. 

687. mUhan, b. Sept. 24, 1818; d. Nov. 6,* 1821. s. 8. 

688. WUUam Bwen, b. Jan. 8, 1821; d. Nov. 2, 1821, fle. 10 mos. 

689. Samwl WoreeiUr, b. Nov. 24, 1828; d. Aug. 80, 1825, se. 1. 

640. Ifar^ C, b. May 28, 1827; m. William H. Pitman, and set- 

tled in Salem 

Mart Noble, dau. of Reuben, was b. in Mt Desert^ Me., Nov. 
15, 1786. 

She m. Jan. 4, 1818, Michael Delatttbe, b. in New York, 
June 5, 1791, s. of Lewis Delaittre, who was b. in Paris, France, 
and came to America in 1790. Michael Delaittre resided, July, 
1866, in Sebec, Me., but was intending to remove in October 
of the ^ame year, to Belvidere, IlL 


641. Miehaa Dayes, b. Sept. 15, 1816, in Ellsworth, Me. ; m. June 10, 

1845, Nancy Cross, and d. Dec. 28, 1845, m. 29. 

642. Leonard L, b. Apr. 8, 1818, in Ellsworth; m. Sept 7, 1846. 

Hannah Dealing. 
648. Bef^amin, b. Sept 28, 1820, in Foxcroft, Me. ; d. Oct 7, 1820. 

644. Gearife WaMngtan, b. Nov. 4, 1821. in Foxcroft; m. Apr. 18, 1847, 

Emeline Cutter, and settled in Belvidere, Dl. 

645. CharUi, b. Aug. 25, 1828, in Foxcroft; d. Sept 4, 1828. 

646. Marp Jane, b. June 16, 1824, in Foxcroft 

647. Barriet, b. May 24, 1826, in Foxcroft 

648. ZdnUea Hodghifu, b. May 24, 1828, in Foxcroft 

649. Marinda Emma, b. Mch. 5, 1880, in Sebec, Me. 

650. BopMa, b. Feb. 15, 1882, in Sebec. 
WkL.WmamD,, b. July 16, 1884; m. Oct 20. 1854, Mary HaU, 

and perh^M removed to Nora, Dl. 

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Hannah Noble, dau. of Renben, was b. in Mount Desert, Me.. 
July 28. 1793, and d. in Monticello, Me., Jan. 10, 1840, e. 46. 

She m. Mch. 17, 1817, Lewis Dslaittbe, Jr., b. in Ellsworth, Me., 
Feb. 15, 1793. He resided* in Fozcroft, Me., 1817-32, in Monti- 
cello, Me., 1832-40, and then removed to Williams College Planta- 
tion (now Littleton), Me., his post-ofBce address being Houlton, Me. 


851. JoKn, b. July 36, 1819; m. July 4, 1853, Rachel Bacon. 

652. Ztftffw, b. June 22, 1821; m. Apr. 10, 1851, Amanda M. 


653. FamOin AnnIiMe,\i. Aug. 25, 1823; m. May 10, 1847, George W. 

Merrill, and removed to OreeDbush, Me. 

654. Rtuhcn IkMc, b. Aug. 27, 1827; m. Jan. 10, 1850, Busan Kinney, 

and remoTed to Maple Grove, Me. 

655. Hannah Jane, b. Apr. 10, 1820; m. May 27, 1849, Bradford A. 

Hill, and removed to Littleton, Me. 

656. Samud Peirce, b. Apr. 20, 1881; m Jan. 18, i854, Nancy Ames, 

and removed to Houlton, Me. | 

657. Harriet Mary, b. June 1. 1888, in MonUcellj), Me. ; m. Dec. 18, 

1856, Moses Tarbox, and removed to HoUis, Me. 

658. Wmam Franeii, b. Nov. 11, 1885, in MontioeUo^ removed to Min- 


Phbbb Noble, dan. of Reuben, was b. in Mt. Desert^ Me., Mch. 
26, 1796. 

She m. Apr. 19, 1821, Gbobob Hodokins, b. Jan. 17, 1795, son 
of Moses Hodgldns of Sullivan, Me. He settled in Sullivan, Me.. 


659. Maria Lomm, b. Jan. 1, 1822; m. Dec 28, 1848, John Ashley, Jr. 

660. CoinfUne a, b. Feb. 17, 1826. 

661. OaMn B„ b. Dec 28, 1827; m. June 80, 1852, fiaiah Maria 


662. Ann Merria P., b. June 20, 1880; m Dec 25, 1849, SUllman Ashley. 
668. Mary Jane D.. b. Aug. 7, 1882. 

664. EOenE, &, b. Feb. 5, 1841. 


Amos Noblb, s. of Nathan, was b. in Gray, Me., Aug. 1, 1786, 
and removed to "Waterford, Me. 
He m. Dec 15, 1819, Bbtsxt "Whithabsh, b. Apr. 13, 1789. 

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665. WaUam, h. .JoI> 20, 1811; m. May 4, 1889, Martha Ano 
Bailey, b. July A, 1818. and d. in Watcrford, Nov. 80, 1845, le. 84. 
Children. 1. Her1)ert A., b. July 80, 1840; 2. Sarah £., b. Mch. 16, 

666. mtira, b. Oct 22. 1812; in. Oct. 22. 1889. James M. Shaw. 

b. Oct. 20. 1817. ChUdren. 1. Ophelia M., b. Sept. 5. 1840; 2. 
LoeUaA..b. Dec. 5. 1841. 

667. Caroline, b. June 10, 1814; m. Dec. 81, 1840, Josiah M. 

WiUard, b. June 17, 1815, and settled in Waterford. Me. Child. 
Roscoe, b. July 1, 1844. 

668. LatUM, b. Nov. 2. 1816; d. Jan. 10. 1851, ». 84. 
660. Mary, b. Dec. 20. 1818; d. Mdi. 8, 1810, le. 2 mos. 

670. Marg W., b. Mch. 5. 1820; m. Nov. 18, 1840, Isaac Monroe. 

b. June 20, 1822, and settled in Roxlmr}', Mass. Children. I.Charles 
W., b. April 28, 1840; 2. Ellen F., b. July 20, 1850. 

671. Miriwn, b. Oct. 25, 1822; d. Sept. 15, 1825, s. 2. 

672. DatM W„ b. Nov. 28. 1825; m. June 5, 1858, Emily Nelson; 

settled in Waterford, Me. 
678. Miriam O., b. Aug. 25. 1827; m. May 0,1850.AsahelM. Wade, 

b. Feb. 12, 1824, and removed to Lawrence, Mass. Children. 1. 

Edward A., b. May 18, 1&51 ; 2. Francis £., b. July 20, 1858. 
674 Lifdia K, b. Sept 22. 1820. * 

675. Roxana D„ b. Aug. 20, 1882. 

^6. amfrffeR, b. Oct 4.1885. 


Jbebmiab Noble, s. of Nathan, wasb. in Gray, Me., July 8, 1787, 
and d. June 20, 1860, m. 62. 

He m. Mch. 5, 1815, Almiba Gurnet, b. Feb. 8, 1704, who now, 
1855, resides in Oxford, Me. 


677. Biuan B., b. Nov. 80, 1815; m. Apr. 16, 1888, Cyrus Brown. 

and settled in Oxford, Me. 

678. Hannah P., b. Sept 17, 1817; m. July 10, 1848, John Spur, 

and removed to Btoneham, Mass. Children. 1 . Almira A., b. June 
14, 1844; 2. Saiah M., b. Nov. 80, 1840; 8. Leonah G., b. Dec. 22, 

670. Jimaihan 0„ b. Oct 5, 1810; m. July 25, 1846, Sarah Love- 

Joy, and removed to South Boston, Mass. Children. 1. Ella, b. 
Apr. 10, 1848; d. Aug. 12, 1861 ; 2. Charles, b. Feb. 15, 1852, d. 1858. 

1180. OlarimaA., b. Oct 15, 1821; m. May 25, 1847, Ira Morton, 

and removed to Cambridge, Mass. Children. 1. Martha S.,b. Apr. 
10, 1848, d. May 6, 1850; 2. George, b. Apr. 18, 1850. 

681. Maria M., b. July 10, 1826; m. July 22, 1846, Abner Pollard, 

and removed to Cambridge, Mass. Children. 1. Eugene R , b. June 
12, 1848; 2. Susan R, b. Dec. 10, 1840. 

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682. LeonahR, b. Dec. 8, 1880; d. Apr. 5, 1881, m. 4 mo6. 

688. Btbetea 2>.. b. Apr. 18, 1882; res. in Cambridge, Mass. 

684. lAondk R, b. Feb. 26. 1837; res. in Cambridge, Mass. 


SiicsoK Noble, b. of NathftQ, was b. in Norway, Me., Jan. 1 5, 
1792, and there resided. 
He m. Oot 29, 1818, Bktsky Flint, b. Feb. 1, 1795. 


685. mnrjf FUnl, b. Sepl. 11. 1819; d. in Norway, Oct 9, 1828, se. 4. 

686. EtneUtu, b. July 9, 1824. 

687. OUte, b. Apr. 26, 1827; m. June 29, 1848, James L. 

Paine of Norway. C*hi)d. Theresa, b. Jan. 24, 1854. 
W7a.Be/0fnunK, b. June 10, 1883, m. Sept. 15, 1854, Fanny S. 

Frost, and settled in Norway. 

Daniel Noble, s. of Nathan, was b. in Norway, Me., Mch. 8, 1793, 
and d. in Monticello, Wis., March, 1862, sb. 69. About 1814, he 
remoyed to Paris, Me., thence, in 1831, to Norway, Me., and thence, 
in 1853, to Monticello, town of Mount Pleasant, Green Co., Wis. 
He was by trade a cabinet-maker, and for a time postmaster in 
North Norway, Me. 

Hem. (1) Nov. 16, 1815, Hannah Kniobt, b. Mch. 6, 1790, 
dau. of Daniel and Dolly Knight of Norway. She d. June 11, 
1830, m. 40. 

Hem. (2) abt. Nov., 1830, Asenath Knioht, b. July 22, 1809, dau. 
of Daniei Jr., and Julia (Tubbe) Knight She resides, 1876, in 
Monroe, Wis. 

children by FIBST marriage, born in PARIS. 

68a Nathan Knight, b. Bept 17, 1816; m. Hannah B. Crockett. 

689. Lorengo HM$, b. Dec. 15, 1818; m. Ann A. Hogue. 

690. AniUa, b. Dec. 22, 1821; m. Mch. 21, 1844, John Henry 

Crocker, resides, 1876, in Maplcwood, Mass. Children. 1. Clara 
Angclia, b. Feb. 22, 1845; 2. George FrankUn, b. Dec. 16, 1846, d. 
Aug. 12, 1848. SB. 1; 8. Ada Auguste, b. Jan. 29, 1848; 4. Lizzie 
Alberta, b. Oct 2, 1851, d. Jan. 4, 1858» e. 2. 


691. Hannah Auguita, b. Not. 12, 1881; m. Mch. 4, 1855, Addison Gar 

land, and resides, 1876, in 8ante Barbara, Cal. Child. Arthur 
Addison, b. Aug. 22. 1857. 

692. J)a/nid OUnUm, b. Not. 25, 1884. 

698. WiUiam Edwin, b. Dec. 6, 1886; m. Charlotte Sears. 

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OM. EUnJane, b. Oct. 16, 1841; m. Dr. H. M. Bndshaw, and 

residte, 1876, in Monroe, WU. 
605. ABm AietuUh, b. Aug. 16, 1849; m. Clarendon Adams, and re- 

aides, 1876, in Monroe, Wis. 


Nathak Noble, s. of Nathan, was b. in Norway, Me., Apr. 12, 
1794, and there resided. 
He m. Mch. 31, 1823, Mart Jourdan, b. June 4, 1803. 


696. liannah C.,b. June 16, 1824; m. June 1^1, 1848, Uriah H. Upton, b. 
May 81, 1818, and settled in Norway. Children. 1. EUa A., b. Nov. 
27, 1844, d. Aug. 10, 1846; 2. Ella A., b. April 24, 1847; 3. Wayland 
&, b. Mch. 4, 1849; 4. Emma J., b. Apr. 8, 1851; 5. Olin B., b. 
Dec. 11, 1852; 6. Florence E., b. Oct. 20, 1854. 

607. ChrdeliaD.,h. Mch. 16, 1825; dl Oct., 1848, Simon Huckins, and re- 
moved to Freedom, N. H. Children. 1. Mehitable, b. Aug. 22, 
1849; 2. Gilbert, b. Apr. 18, 1851. 

698. AdeUne E„ b. Oct. 15, 1826; m. Feb., 1847, Moses M. Harmon, 

and removed to Effingham, N. H. Children. 1. Ivory Leroy, b. 
Apr. 28, 1847; 2. Gilbert N., b. Mch., 1849, d. June, 1854; 8. Gil- 
bert N., b. Aug., 1854. 

699. Nathan G., b. Apr. 18, 1828; d. Bept. 6, 1849. 

700. AurtUu» C, b. Oct. 31, 1830. 

701. WaiiamK, b. June 30, 1832. 

702. OaPoUnea, b. Mch. 16, 1835. 
708. Martha J., b. June 15, 1837. 
704. MarifR, b. May 29, 1841. 
706. FratwUM,, b. Mch. 31, 1845. 


David Noble, s. of Nathan, was b. in Norway, Me., Feb. 4, . 

1796, and there resided. 

He m. (1) March 29, 1826, Sallt Flint, b. Jan. 1, 1807, who 
d. March II, 1837, e. 30. 
He m. (2) June 10, 1838, Clarissa N. French, b. June 7, 1805. 


706. SophnmaK, b. Dec. 28, 1826. 

707. Sarah K, b. Aug. 7, 1829. 


708. WUUamK, b. Oct 26, 1841. 

Simon Noble, s. of Nadum, was b. in Norway, Me., June 12, 

1797, and there d. Dec., 1859, e. 62. He was a fanner. 

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He m. (1) Oct 2, 1826, Ltdta C. Atkr, b. March 17, 1805, 
who d. Hay 19, 1827, n. 22. 
He m. (2) Feb. 19, 1828, Maria Kimball, b. in North Andover, 
I., Jan. 18, 1803, dau. of llxomas Kimball. She d. 1861, m. 68. 


700. L^Oia Maria, b. May 96, 1829; m. (I) H. B. Upton; (2) £. P. 

710. Thomas KimbaU, b. Jan. 19, 1882; m. (1) A. J. Bewail; (2) C. £. 


711. ChaiHei Ikxier, b. Dec. 81, 1842; m. Anna M. Brown. 

Hbnrt Noblb, 8. of Nathan, was b. in Norway, Me., April 18, 
1799, and d. . He resided in Norway, Me. 

He m. (1) Jan. 1, 1828, Sabrina Burnham, b. Jan. 3, 1811. 
She d. Dec. 16, 1845, n. 34. 

He m. (2) April 20, 1846, Kbzul D. Hill» b. Feb. 13, 1815. 

childbbn bt first marriage. 
712. Aafwi C, b. Not. 17. 1828; m. June 19, 1853, Hannah Oorbam, 

and resided, 1876, in Norway, Me. 
7ia litdia ii., b. Oct 80, 1881. 

714. Harriet B„ b. June 24, 1834. 

715. AEMna J., .b. Teh, 28, 1841. 


716. MeroyE,, b. Not. 80, 1845. 

717. Oetavia A., b Feb 8, 1849. . 

HamiAH Noble, dan. of Nathan, was b. in Paris, Me., July 24, 
1802, and d. in Paris, Me., Oct 2, 1833, m. 31. 

She m. March 28, 1824, John Dennett, b. in Kittery, Me., Aug. 
3, 1795. He was a merchant, postmaster, and justice of the peace 
in South Paris^ Me. He m. (2) Nov. 3, 1834, her sister, Mary 
Noble. He d. . 


7ia Ciementine Parker, b. Jan. 28, 1827; m. Dec. 21,1845, Charles Joshua 
Barbour, and is, 1877, an assistant appraiser in the custom house in 
Portland, Me. 

719. MarySlaweU, b. Oct 10, 1829; d. unm., in South Paris, Oct 

4, 1852, s. 22. 

720. WmamEewry, b. Aug. 16,1882; m. Bept 11, 1865, Maiy Delina 

Oard. He resides, 1877, in Portland, Me. , and is a teacher of tocsI 

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BsuBEN Noble, b. of Nathan, was b. in Norway, Me., Oct 1, 
1806, where he resided. 
He UL Dec. 2, 1833, Eliza A. Edcaall, b. Sept. 20, 1810. 

721. Jmidb 0„ b. July 25, 1885; d. Oct 24, 1842, s. 7. 

722. CkariuK, b. Feb. 29, 1840; d. Oct 28, 1842, fle. 2. 
728. Mary K, b. Oct 10. 1842; d. Feb. 20. 1880, m. 7. 
724. (kgood J., b. Aug. 81, 1845; d. June 80, 1852, e. 6. 

JovATHAK Noble, s. of Israel, was b. July 1, 1767, and resided 
in Kent, Conn., where he d. June 1, 1830, m. 63. 

Hem. 1811, Laura Meeker, b. Feb. 22, 1792, dau. of Chauncey 
Meeker. She m. (2) Feb. 7, 1849, Eli Chamberlain, of Warren, 


725. I9rad, b. Feb. 14, 1812; m. (1) Nov. 25, 1884, Charlsns Fterris. 

b. May 25, 1810, dau. of Garadus Ferris of New Milford, Conn. 
She d. Aug. 20, 1870, s. 00; (2) Apr. 20, 1878, Mn. Elizabeth 

Croity, b. abt 1838, in Ireland, dau. of Cruse, and is, 1870, 

a farmer in New Milford. Childreu. 1. Henry, b. Mcfa. 9, 1841. a 
fanner, res. in New Milford, m. May 20, 1874, Lfuira A. Irwin; 
2. Delia Bridget, b. Feb. 10, 1874, d. May 1, 1876, ae. 2. 

726. Lucy, b. July 25, 1814; unm., res. in Kent 

727. DaM, b. Aug. 26, 1816; m. Mch. 13, 1849, Eliza Cole, b. Jau. 

12, 1826, and settled in Kent Children. 1. Chloe Almira, b. Apr. 
80, 1850; 2. Howard Cole, b. Oct 18, 1851 ; a KaUe Eliza, b. Mch. 
26, 1870. 

728. Laura, b. July 5, 1821 ; m. Oct 29, 1840, Sherman Benedict, 

of Kent, b. Aug. 9, 1819. Children. 1. Andrew Hobart, b. Mch. 
28, 1842; 2. Ellen Albina, b. May 29, 1844. 

729. /arm, b. Apr. 15, 1826; m. July 4, 1848, Maria Youngs, b. Oct 

4, 1881. Child. Barah, b. Feb. 7, 1840; m Jan. 6, 1868, Geoige 
A Tomlinson, s. of Rev. Qeo. Tomlinson, and resides, 1876, in Mar- 
bledale. Conn. 
780. Almira, b. Mch. 28, 1829; m. Nov. 6, 1850, Charles Henry Rich- 
ards of Kent, b. Aug. 17, 1827. Children. 1. Martha Meroa, b. Nov. 
18, 1851; 2. James Hiram, b. Sept. 9, 1858. 


Dayib Noble, s. of Israel, was b. Sept 30, 1772, removed in 
July, 1805, to Boardman, 0., where he d. Feb. 24, 1816, m. 43. 

He SL Kaohsl Ttbbll, b. in New Milford, abt. 1780, dan. of 
James TyxeU. She d. April 21, 1837, m. 57. 

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781. Boxoelanjf, b. Apr. 19, 1801; m. Jan. 17. 1819, Orlando David- 

•on, ton of John Davidson. Children^ 1. William, b. Aug. 20, 
1880; 2. Charles, b. Nov. 25, 1828; 8. Annis, b. Julj 28, 1828. 

782. AuHin Badger, b. Feb. 16, 1808; m. Dec. 7, 1806, Achaah King, b. 

in IVederick Co., Hd., Bept 1, 1806, dau. of Edward King, and 
removed to Boardman, Mahoning Co. , Ohio. Children. 1. Homer, 
b. Oct. 81, 1828. d. Oct 14, 1888; 2. Perry, b. Mch. 28. 1884; 8. 
Theododa, b. Nov. 80. 1889, d. July 26, 1841; 4. Homer, b. Dec. 
28, 1841. 
78& Jnd»n Ba^, b. Mch. 17, 1805; m. (1) Mary Ann Bobbins; (2) Elis- 
abeth Price. Children by first mairiage. 1. Calvin; 2. Sabrina. 
By his second marriage, daughter, name imknown. 

784. Jmiamya$(m,h. Mch. 16, 1808; m. Sylva Bushnell, and removed 

to Tniliams Centre. Williams Co., O. Children. 1. Emoiy. who 
d. ; 2. Levi; 8. William; 4. Bachel. 

785. Ckdvin Lee, b. Oct 21, 1812; m. Anm Maria Bnibacher, and re- 

moved to Defiance, Defiance Co. , O. Children. 1. Henry Duval, b. 

July 20. 1844, d. Apr. 4, 1851, m. 6; 2. Ann Eliza, b. Sept 19, 1846. 

780. IktHd TurreU, b. Aug. 12, 1816; m. .Christiana Ealer, and removed 

to Pittsburgh, O. Children. 1. Perry Corwin ; 2. Albert; 8. Annis. 


Lucy Noblb, dau. of Israel, was b. June 17, 1775, and d. in 
Boardmaa, 0., Sept 13, 1841, m. 66. 

She m. Samuel Swan, b. Jan. 4, 1780, who removed in 1805, 
to Boaidman, 0., and d. May 11, 1839, m. 69. 

787. Sahrina, b. Dec 11. 1805; d. Jan. 14, 1880, m. 24. 

78a Lu^ Ann, b. Mch. 80. 1808; ol Nov. 1, 1825, James Douglass, and 

d. in Boardman, O., Feb. 7, 1886, s. 28. 
782. ArmiUa, b. Feb. 17, 1818; m. Apr. 17. 1884, Menander Cook, and 

Ksided, 1855, in Toledo, O. 


AvxBiLL Noble, a. of Morgan, was b. Apr. 2, 1766, and d. while 
on a journey, in Westford, Vt, April 24, 1830, m. 64. He was 
interred in Baaez, Vt, where he had been a farmer. 

He UL Feb. 17, 1794, Rachsl Buck, who d. Jan. 25, 1829. 'f^ ^ 

anLDBEH BORH Of B8BBZ. . \ ]p^V^ (v^ 

740. JSphraim, b. abt 1797; d. Apr. 2, 1801, m. 8. ^^"^^ P^iM^ 

741. BevOo, b. Apr. 80, 1798; m. Sophia Day. <MM^ Q^^^ 

742. SemanOka, b. ; m. Amasa Bellows, and d. in Essex, Vt, 

Dec. 9, 1846. ae. 48. Children. 1. Norman; 2. Charlotte. 

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748. Alantan, b. ; m. (1) ; (8) Kancj Coffin. 

He remoTed to West Buffalo, Iowa. Children. 1. Adelia, m. Lewis 
Dyer; 2. Sylvia, m. Charles Hammond; 8. Korman; 4. Jane; 5. 
James; 6. Orrin, df; 7. Stephen; 8. Rufns; 9. Harriet. 

Rev. Caltih Noblk. a. of Morgan, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Jan. 9, 1778, and d. in Chelaea, Vt., April 20, 1834, e. 56. Hav- 
ing worked upon a farm until he was twenty-two yetn of age, 
after a year*8 study with Rev. Dr. Alvan Hyde of Lee, Mass., he 
entered the Sophomore class in Middlebury College, and graduated 
in 1806. He studied theology with Rev. Dr. Asa Burton of Thet- 
ford, Vt, was ordained, Sept. 30, 1807, pastor of the Cong, church 
in Chelsea, Vt., and there remained until his death. During his 
ministry of twenty-six years, the church was much blessed, having 
enjoyed three general revivals of religion. 

He m. Dec 30, 1807, Sophia Luct Thomfsok, b. Aug. 24, 1791, 
dau. of Rev. Lathrop Thompson of Catchoque, N. Y., and Chelsea, 
Vt, who d. in Chelsea, Vt, July 19, 1843, e. 83. Mrs. Noble d. 
in Chelsea,* Vt, July 10, 1858, e. 66. 


744. Averm Thamjmm, b. Dec. 24, 1806; d. in Chelsea, Vt, Nov. 12, 


745. 1ai4^ Maria, b. Aug. 7, 1810 ; d. in Chelsea, Vt , Sept 8, 1810. 

746. CaitinDay, b. Sept 12, 1811 ; m. Emeline Jewett 

747. AmOia LuereUa, b. June 14, 1814; m. William Gallup Page. 

748. Laihrop Thompttm, b. July 18, 1817; a merchant, d. unm. in ChelBea, 

Vt, Apr. 4, 1849, «. 81. 

749. CaroUfu Sophia, b. Nov. 12, 1820; d. in Chelsea, Vt. Apr. 1, 

1828, e. 2. 

750. OaroUne, b. Sept 28, 1822; d. in Cfaelaea, Vt, Nov. 18, 

1888, s. 16. 

751. Sopkia CharMte, b. July 8, 1827; d. in Chelaea, Vt, Feb. 26, 

1848. s. 15. 
752. WtOiamEenty, 

758. Mary BtiMoheth, 

b. Sept 18. 1881; m. (1) E. J. Reynolds; (2) J. 

Richardson. ' 
b. Sept 18, 1881; d. in Chelsea, Vt, June 14, 

1858, s. 21. 


Rev. Jbbkmiab Day, D.D., LL.D., s. of Rev. Jeremiaih and 
Abigail (Noble) Day, was b. in that part of New Milford, Conn., 
which is now Washington, Conn., Aug. 3, 1773, and d. in New 
Haven, Conn., Aug. 22, 1867, e. 94. His studies preparatory for 
college were pursued with David Hale, in New Preston, Conn., 

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VRAXOB or JOHN. 103 

and Joseph Badger and John Eingsbory, in Waterbury, Conn. 
He graduated at Yale College in 1795; waa a tutor in Williams 
College, 1796-98; professor of mathematics, natural philosophy, 
and astronomy in if ale College, 1803-17; and president of Yale 
College, 1817-46. 

Daring Dr. Day's professorship, he published an Introduetton 
to aigebra, and also a Course of mathematies, embracing princi- 
ples of plane trigonometry, mensuration, navigation, and survey- 
ing, all of which had a wide circulation. "While president, he 
published an Enquiry respecting contingent volition; and an Exam- 
ination of Edward* s enquiry as to the freedom of the will. 

In 1817, Middlebnry College conferred on him the degree of 
doctor of laws, and Union College, in 1818, and Harvard College, 
in 1831, the degree of doctor of divinity. . 

Although Yale College had been very fortunate in its presi- 
dents, it had never been more prosperous than imder President 
Day. His learning and talent united to great kindness of heart, 
secured alike the respect and love of the thousands of pupils 
committed to his charge. For twenty years after his resignation 
he continued to serve the college as a member of the corporation, 
retiring from the board only the year before his death. 

In early life he was threatened with consumption. But by con- 
8tant» persistent, and self-denying attention to the laws of health, 
he attained a more advanced age than most of his contemporaries, 
and was at his death the oldest resident of New Haven. 

"I suppose," sayB President Woolaey, in the address at his funeral com- 
memorative of his life and services, " that if the nearl}* 8,600 graduates of 
Tale College who were educated here under President Day, were asked, 
who was the best man they knew, they would, with a very general agree- 
ment, assign him that high place.*' " We bury him not knowing whether 
so good a man shall ever appear among us, or in the times of our children 
again. We bury him, a man of a dear intellect, who lived in harmony 
with all political, morel, religious truth, without a grain of party spirit, 
bigotry* ^ uncharitableness in his temper, who had a full-orbed charac- 
ter, in which calmness, self-control, meekness, tenderness, unselfishness, 
sH the virtues found their radiance. We bury him above all, aservantof 
Christ, eminsntly like the Master, thankful tluit we have known such a 
man, and that the remembrance of him may be a guide and a help to 
us in the remainder of this earthly life." 

. HeuL (1) Jan., 1805, BIabtba Shsbman, dau. of Hon. Roger 
and Martha (Presoott) Sherman of New Haven, Conn. She d. 
April 4, 180e, m. 26. 
He m. (2) Sept 24, 1811, Olivia Jonss, dau. of Daniel and 

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Olive (Tinker) Jonee of Hartford, Conn. She d. Jan. 11, 1850, 
e. 61. 


754. /S^^rman, b. Feb. 18, 1806; m. Sept. 6. 1882, Elizabeth Ann King. 

He grad. Id 1826, at Tale €k>llege, and is, 1876, a ciyll and mining 
engineer and surveyor in Oakland, Gal. 


755. Martha, b. Feb. 15. 1818; d. unm., in New Haven, Conn., Dec. 2. 

1888, «. 20, having attained great proficiency in mathematics and 
the languages, and written poetry of uncommon merit. 

756. Jeremiah, b. July 1, 1815; d. in New Haven. Dec. 4, 1816, «. 1. 

757. Henry, b. Nov. 4, 1817; d. in New Haven. Feb. 17, 1840, «. 22. 

788. EKtabe^, b. Dec 24, 1820; m. Sept. 16, 1846. Prof. Thomas An- 
thony Thacher, and d. in New Haven. May 18, 1858, «. 27. He 
grad. at Yale College In 1885, and has been professor of the Latin 
language and literature in Yale College, from 1842 up to the present 
time, 1877. 

758. ffarjf, b. Nov. 5, 1828; d. Id New Haven, Mch. 28, 1820, m. 5. 
760. OUma, b. Sept. 24, 1826; m., 1852, Rev. Thomas King Beecher, 

and d. in WiUiamsburgh, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1858, e. 26. He grad. in 
1848 at niinois College, and is now, 1877, pastor of a Cong, church 
in Oswego, N. Y. 

Hon. Thomab Day, LL.D., b. of Rev. Jeremiah, and Abigail 
(Noble) Day, was b. in that part of New Milford which is now 
Washington, Conn., July 6, 1777, and d. in Hartford, Conn., 
March 1, 1855, m. 77. He pursued his preparatory studies with 
his father, his brother Jeremiah, Barzillai Slosson of Kent, Conn., 
and at New Milford academy, and graduated at Yale College in 
1797. He commenced immediately his legal studies under Judge 
Reeve of Litchfield, Conn. He was, from Sept., 1798, to Sept., 
1799, a tutor in Williams College, continuing at the same time the 
study of the law with Hon. Daniel Dewey of Williamstown, 
Mass. After three months* study at Hartford, Conn., under Theo- 
dore Dwight, in December, 1799, he was admitted to the bar. 
He immediately commenced practice in Hartford, where he con- 
tinued to reside until his death. In 1810, he was elected by the 
people of Connecticut^ secretary of state, and was continaed 
in office by twenty -five successive elections, until May, 1835. He 
was appointed in May, 1815, associate judge for the county of 
Hartford, and annually afterwards, with the exception of one 
year, until May, 1825, when he was made chief judge of that 
court, and retained the office until June, 1833. From March, 1818, 
untQ March, 1831, he was one of the judges of the city court of 

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BBAXCH or JOHN. 105 

Hartford. Mr. Day was one of the committee who prepared the 
edition of the Statutes of Connecticut, published in 1808. He 
himself compiled the notes, made the index, and wrote the intro- 
duction. He was one of the committee, who in 1821, revised the 
Statutes of the State, and also one of the committee appointed to 
prepare and superintend a new edition in 1824. In 1805, he 
began to report the decisions of the Supreme Court of Errors in 
Connecticut) and when provision was made by law, in 1814, for 
the appointment of a reporter, received that office, and retained it 
until his resignation in 1853. The report of the decisions from 
1802 to 1813, published by him, makes five octavo volumes, and 
those from 1814-53, inclusive, twenty-one octavo volumes. He 
also edited, with copious notes, about forty volumes on English 
law. As a deserved recognition of these services, his Alma Mater, 
in 1847, conferred upon him the degree of doctor of laws. 

Mr. Day's name stands connected, as vice-president or trustee, 
with most of the benevolent and literary institutions of Hartford, 
as the Hartford Grammar school, Hartford Female seminary, 
American Asylum for the education of the deaf and dumb, and 
Retreat for the Insane, He was also an original member of the 
Connecticut Historical society, and its first recording secretary. 
On the revival of the institution, in 1839, he became its presi- 
dent, and retained that position for more than fifteen years. 

A man of dignified presence, uncommon courtliness of man- 
ner, and great kindness of heart, he secured alike the love, 
respect, and veneration of his fellow citizens. A life-like portrait 
of him, taken towards the close of life, by Emmons of Norwich, 
Conn., adorns the wall of the rooms of the Connecticut Histori- 
cal society in Hartford. 

He m. March 18, 1813, Sarah Coit, b. in that part of Preston 
which is now Oriswold, Conn., Sept 27, 1786, dau. of Wheeler 
and Sibyl (Tracy) Coit. She d. in Hartford, July 21, 1865, m, 78. 


761. Sarah OaU, b. Sept. 28, 1814; m. Nov. 11, la'M, Hod. Alex- 

ander Hamilton HoUey, a mefchant and iron manufacturer of 
Lakeville, in Baliibury, Conn. He was, 1857-^, governor of Con- 
necticut He now, 1877, resides in Lakeville. 

76a. mkabeth, b. Feb. 16, 1816; m. Sept 7, 1841, Prof. Nathan 

Perkins Seymour, LL.D. He grad. at Yale College. 1884, and from 
1840-1870, was professor of the Greek and Latin languages in 
Western Reserve College, and now, 1877, resides in Hudson, O. 

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708. Thama%Mm. b. Nov. 21, 1817; lu. Dec. '6, I^jI, (1) Ann Jones 

Dunn; (2) Dec. 2, 1862. Ellen Chnnniug Pooaeroy. He grad. at Yale 
College, 18J7, read law, was. 18-VMi5. editor and proprietor of the 
Hartford Courant, and is now. 1877. a reddent of Hartford, Conn. 

764. Catharine Augusta, b. Aug. 6, 1810; m. Apr. 15, 1850, Rev. Samuel 

James Andrews. He grad. 1839, at Williams College, was. from 
Oct., 1848, to May, ia5o, pa.stor of the Cong, cburcb in Scantic 
parish. East Windsor, Conn., and is now, 1877, pastor of the 
Catholic Apostolic congregation in Hartford. Conn. 

765. Harriet, b. Nov. 20, 1821; m. Sept. 21, 1842, Hon. John 

Phelps Putnam. He grad., 1837, at Yale College, and has been 
since 1859 a Judge of the Superior court of Mass. He resides, 
1877, in Boston, 3Ias5. 

766. Robert, b. Feb. 28, 1824; d. June 22, 1824, s. 8 mos. 

767. Mary Franees, b. 3Iay 7, 1820; m. May 20, 1850, Heman Ely, 

who resides, 1877, in Elyria, O. 

768. Ellen, b. Sept. 7, 1829; d. unra.. in New York city, 

Apr. 2, 1850, se. 20. 


NoBLX Day, s. of Rev. Jeremiali and Abigail (Noble) Day, was 
b. in that part of New Milford, which is now Washington, Conn., 
May 20, 1779. He was a merchant in Hartford, Conn., and New 
Preston, Conn. In 1848, he removed to Hudson, O., and there d. 
Feb. 13, 1854, m. 74. 

He m. May 7, 1805, Eu^abetu Jones, b. in Hartford, Conn., 
Jan. 12, 1784, dau. of Daniil and Olive (Tinker) Jones. She d. 
in CatskiU, N. Y., March 29, 1872, se. 88. 


769. Daniel Jone$, b. July 15, 1806; m. Oct. 80, 1850, Emily Ellsworth 

Jones, is a merchant, and resides, 1876, at 44 Fifth Avenue. New 
York city. 

770. Henry NoUe, b. Aug. 4, 1808; m. Apr. 27, 1830, Jane Louisa Marble. 

He graduated at Yale College, in 1828, was tutor there, 1831-34, 
was ordained Nov. 9, 1836, as pastor of the First Cong, church in 
Waterbur}', Conn., and resigned his charge, Oct. 1, 1840; was pro- 
fessor of homiletics and pastoral theology in Western Reserve Col- 
lege, 1840-58; president of Ohio Female College, 1858-64. He 
resides, 1876, in New Haven, Conn. In 1861, he received the de- 
gree of D.D., from Farmery College, and LL.D., from Ingham 
University. He is the author of sixteen volumes, the earliest, Art ef 
elocution, published in 1844, and the latest, Sdenee of ethies, pub- 
lished in 1876. 

771. Jeremiah, b. Oct. 4, 1810; nL Nov. 10, 1846, EmUy Cordelia 

Day. He is a merchant, 1876, in Catskill, N. Y. 

772. MUls, b. Apr. 15, 1813; was a clerk in a Jobbhig house \n 

Philadelphia, Penn., and there d. March 29, 1834, se. 21. 

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BEAKCH or JOHN. 107 

778. Thifmas, b. June 18, 1816; gradunUfd at Tnle College, in 1889, 

was a lawyer in Cleveland, O., and d. unm. in Hamilton, Nevada, 
Oct. 17, 1870. ae. 54. 

774. CharUs, b. Aug. 18. 1818; m. Dec.. 1805, Mrs. Minnie Upham. 

He graduated at Yale College in 1840, and is now. 187G. a railway 
manager in New York city. 

775. EUxabeth, b. Nov. 18, 1821; m. Aug. 25, 1846. Rev. Samuel Tay- 

lor Seelye. D.D.. of Wolcotville. Conn., and there d. Nov. 26. 1840. 
a;. 25. He was b. in Bethel, Conn., Oct. 24, 1822, graduated at West- 
em Resen'o College, in 1843, and has been pastor of the Cong, 
church in AVolcottvillc, Conn., for nine years; of the Fourth Presb. 
churcli in Albany, N. Y., for eight years; and of the Pa^'son church 
in Easihampton, Mass.. from 1803 to the present time, 1870. 

776. SaraJi, b. Apr. 16, 1828; d. May 23, 1824, se. 1. 


Cathabike Noblk, dau. of Goodman, New York city, 8b. 51. 
She m. Phabib Wbiqbt, who, 1852, resided in Cairo, N. Y. 


777. Editard T,, b. In Cairo, N. Y., d. in Windham. Greene Co., N. Y. 

778. Adaliiie, b. in Cairo. 

779. M^iUi'am, b. in Cairo, and there died. 

780. Lymindtr, b. in New York city, and there d. , le. 8 mos. 

781. OaihnriM, b. in New York city, and there d., «. 4 mos. 


EuzABETB 'KoBLx, dau. of GoodmaD. 
She m. Dakixl Lxnnon of Cairo, N. Y. 


782. BaUy Ann, b. *^m. Truman Lewis of Cairo. 

788. Catharine, b. ; m. William Lewis of Cairo, and re- 

moved to Durham, N. Y. 

784. Minerva, b. ; m. (1) Nathaniel Northrop; (2) John 

Thomas, and settled in Cairo, N. Y. 

; m. Oliver Minor of Cairo. 

; m. Mai^' Byington of Cairo. 

785. Eliza, 


786. Fatty, 

787. Lyeander, 

788. Daniel, 

789. Jamet, 

790. Walk^, 


; retldea, 1876, in Saugerties, N. Y. 


Nathanixl NoBLB, 8. of Gk)odman, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
and d. in Ind., abt. 1860. He was in the service through the War 
of 1812. In 1837, he removed from Dutchess Co., N. Y., to 
Indiana, and purchased the farm on which he continued to reside 

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until hiB death. He wae a man of indnstiy and great eneigy, 
and one of the beet and most suoceesfal fanners in his coonty. 

He m. (1) Susan Marks of Cairo, N. Y., who d. in Washing 
ton. N. Y. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Mart Nelson of Washington, N. Y. 


791. Goodman T,,h, ; m. Greene, and resided, 1876, 

in Esopus, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

792. Mary, b. ; m. DaTid Moshier of Washington, 

K. Y., and d. lesTing one child. 
788. Eluabeth, b. ; married, resided in Fort Wayne, Ind., 

and d. leaving one child. 

794. Sarah, h, ; m. John M. Miller, a furniture dealer, 

of Fort Wayne, Ind., and there resided, in 1875. 

795. Eleanor, b. ; d. in Fort Wayne. 

796. Jane, b. ; married and resided in Fort Wayne. 

797. Lyman, \\ ; a farmer, resided, 1875, in Fort Wayne. 


On>BON Noble, s. of Goodman, was b. in Cairo, N. Y., 1790. 
He redded for some years after his marriage, in Cairo, N. Y., but 
removed thence abt 1822, to New York city, where he d. Feb. 12, 
1827, e. 36 yrs. 

He m. Rebecca Hues, dau. of and Abigail (T^ler) Hues 

of Durham, N. Y. She d. in Wis., June 14, 1869: 

798. OairoUnt, b. in Cairo, N. Y. ; d. in New Yoi^ city. 

799. FtSM^m IT. ,b. July, 1816, in Cairo; m. Eliza Denton of Durham, 

N. Y., and removed to Roxbui^^, Delaware Co., N. Y., where he 
still, 1877, resides. Children. 1. Sarah; 2. Clarissa; 8. Child, who 
d. young; 4. Son, name unknown. 

800. NaiUiaiM, b. , in Cairo; m. Serrens of Durham, and 

resides. 1877, in Cairo, N. Y. 

801. Ira Huei, b. Apr. 11, 1821; m. Fanny M. Hervey. 

802. Alexander, b. in New York; d. in Hobsrt, Delaware Co., 

N. Y. 
808. Orrin, b. in New York; married and settled in New 

York dty. He d. . 

804. Fharie, b. in New York; and there d. young. 


Walseb Noble, s. of Goodman, was b. in Cairo, N. Y., June 15, 
1792, and settled in Cairo, N. Y. 
He m. Dec. 9, 1813, Mebct Pbatt Cbossman, in Hudson, N. Y. 

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805. AdeUw, b. Apr. 8. 1815, in Hudson, N. Y.; m. Bept. 8. 1836, 

Austin Paleu, and d. in Fallsburgb, N. T., Oct 25, 1887, s. 22. 

806. Jamet, b. Mcb. 28. 1817, in Hudson; m. Dec. 28, 1814, Cornelia 

Reed of Claverack, Columbia Co., N. T., and removed to Hobart. 
Delaware Co., N. Y. Children. 1. Adeline £., b. Mch., 1848; 2. 
Walker, b. Oct., 1847, d. 1848, e. 8 mos. ; 8. Mar}% b. Oct., 1849; 4. 
Walker, b. July, 1851. 

807. Walker, b. Feb. 6, 1819. in Hudson; d. Jan. 28, 1820. 

808. Charlett K, b. Nov. 1^. 1^, in Hudson; m. June 8, 1848, Elizabetb 

May, and removed to Brookl^-n, N. Y. Child. Charles Walker, b. 
May 24, 1849. 

809. Edward W., b. Jan. 17, 1828, in Hudson; unm., removed to Pleas- 

ant Hill, Dallas Co., Ala. 

810. 8Ha$ a, b. Nov. 21, 1824; m. Sept. 20, 1847, Elizabeth Wotter, 

and removed to Hobart, Delaware Co., K Y. Child. William, b 
Bept. 24, 1848. 

811. Mary R, b. Feb. 16, 1826; m. Horatio L. Day. 

812. Oearge IT., b. Dec. 12, 1828; a physician in Cairo, N. Y., received. 

in 1852, the degree of M.D. from Albany Medical College. 

MiNBBVA NoBLK, dati. of Ooodman, was b. in Cairo, N. Y. 
She m. John Satlbs of New York city, who removed to Bing- 
hamton, N. Y. 


818. WaUam, b. ; m. 

814. John, b. in New York; settled in Binghamton, N. Y. 

815. Sarah, b. in Cairo; d. in Athens, Greene Co., N. Y. 

816. Daniel, b. in Catskill, N. Y. ; married and died. 

817. Ann, b. ; m. Poucher, and removed to 

8ia Edward, b. ; settled in Binghamton. 

819. Catharine, b. 

820. AraMla, b. 

BoTOB WiLUB NoBLBy 8. of Lyman, was b. in Shingle Creek, 
St Lawrence Co., N. Y., July 15, 1795, and removed to Ham- 
Imigh, Meroer Co., Penn., hia post-office address being Delaware 
Orove, Penn. 

He m*. Nov. 12, 1826, Bstbet Mabilla Wickwibe, b. in Lee, 
Mass., Sept. 24, 1807, dau. of Giles Wickwire. 


821. Lifman Thend&re, b. Sept. 5, 1828. 

822. Benrjf, b. Jan. 6, 1881; d. Nov. 21, 1889, k. 8. 
828. OiUi Sharp, b. Nov. 28, 1882. 


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824 Goodman, b. Apr. 19, 1886. 

825. Mary SUiobeth, b. June 8, 1837. 

826. Beusl Donaldson, b. Oct 8» 1840. 

827. Froderiek Auguihi$, b. July 12, 1848. 

828. Miranda LuereUa, b. Oct. 14, 1840. 

Jabkz Babkum Noble, b. of Lyman, was b. in Shoreham, Vt., 
Sept. 19, 1797. He was a shoe manufacturer for two years, a 
blacksmith for two years, afterwards a merchant^ and at last ac- 
counts was again a shoe manufacturer in Alb&ny, Greene Co., Wis. 

He m. (1) Mch. 21, 1824, Estheb Sooyillb, b. in Orwell, Vt, 
Dec. 9, 1799, who d. in Warsaw, N. Y^ July 21, 1832, e. 32. 

He m. (2) Sept. 9, 1836, Betset Buck, whod. Nov. 25, 1845. 

He m. (3) Aug. 30, 1846, Semahtha Emilt Maxson, b. in 
Lincklaen, Chenango Co., N. Y. 


829. AdeUne, b. Jan. 18, 1825, in Warsaw, N. Y. ; bl Jan. 22, 

1846, Yates Taylor Lacy, b. in Watertown, N. Y, Jan. 14, 1825. 
Children. 1. Clarence Eugene, b. Sept. 14, 1847, in Bradford, Penn. ; 
2. Ann Maria, b. Aug. 21, 1849, in Bradford, d. Mch. 28, 1850; 8. 
Yates Dualdo, b. Apr. 19, 1851, in <Btrattonyille, Penn. 

880. Bidtuy Delano, b. Dec. 21, 1826, in Warsaw. 

881. Edmund B,, b. Sept. 10, 1828,' in Warsaw; m. Sept 18, 1851, 

Nancy Throop, b. in Warsaw, N. Y. , Mch. 20, 1882. He is a tanner, 
and has one child. 

882. Edwin Eugene, b. June 29, 1832, in Warsaw. 


88a Either Eluabeth, b. Feb. 26, 1885; m. Sept 19, 1850, Jacob Graves 
Shoemaker, b. Sept 21, 1827. 


884. Florence Adelbert, b. July 21, 1847, in Bradford, Penn. 

885. darenee AdMert, b. July 14, 1851, in Decatur, Wis.; d. Aug. 19, 



Rebeoca Noble, dau. of Lyman, was b. May 81, 1802, and d. 
Aug. 26, 1842, e. 30. 

She m. Mch. 8, 1823, Timotht BbowvShipican, of Fond du Lac, 
Wis., b. Jan. 26, 1801. 


886. ChirtiB fhmkUn, b. July 11, 1828. 

887. Mary, b. Mch. 80, 1880. 

888. WaUam Lyman, b. Dec. 18, 1888; d. Aug. 26, 1849, se. 6. 

889. DOoi, b. May 2, 1886. 

840. EUot D., b. Apr. 14, 1889. 

841. Mercy Elisabeth, b. July 10, 1841. 

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Ann Noble, dau. of Lyman, was b. June 18, 1805. 
She m. Dec 26, 1828, Edmund Buck, b. in Arlington, Vt., Feb. 
7, 1804, 8. of Robert Buck. He settled in Warsaw, N. Y. 


842. Mary, b. Aug. 16, 1820; m. Nov. 4, 1852, John Cane, Jr. 

848. Ban»(m, b. June 16, 1881. 

844. Mary, b. July 21, 1885. 

845. SoOin, b. Nov. 22, 1887. 
B46. CaroUne, b Sept. 8, 1848. 


Mart Noblk, dau. of Lyman, was b. July 28, 1808. 
She m. (1) Aug., 1827, Jambs C. Vandsbybnticb, b. 1800. 
She m. (2) BsNJAkiN Datis of Warsaw, N. T. 

children by first marriage. 

847. Samud CUnion, b. Oct. 15, 1882. 

848. DeWiU CUnian, b. Feb. 28. ; d. m. 2 yrs. 

849. EliioMh, b. Mch. 5, 1887; d. 1888, ». 1. 

850. Mary EUxaheOi, b. Mch. 5, 1889. 

' 873. 

Ltman Noble, s. of Lyman, was b. Dec 18, 1811, and d. in 
Manchester, 111., Dec. 9, 1839, e. 37. 

He m. Mch. 18, 1835, Elizabeth Webster, dau. of Jonathan 
and Martha Webster. She m. (2) *— — » Lambert 


851. George WaUing, b. April 12, 1887, in Wyoming Co., 111.; d. in 

Manchester, lU., Feb 2, 1840, e. 2. 

852. CytUhia AdeUne, b. Mch. 9, 1889, in Wyomhig Co., 111. 

Miranda Narrant Noble, dau. of Lyman, wash. May 15, 1814. 

She m. Feb. 9, 1833, John Frederic Mansfield, b. in London, 
England, Oct. 10, 1812, s. of John T. Mansfield, who was b. Apr. 
22, 1780. 


858. John, b. Mch. 16, 1885. 
864. Ma/ry jBUfoMA, b June 28, 1887. 

855. Lyman, b July 9, 1889. 

856. George. b. Mch. 9, 1844. 

857. Jamee, b. Oct. 8, 1846. 
868. Henry, b. Mch. 9, 1848. 

859. FreAeric, b. Apr. 26, 1851; d. July 26, 1851. 

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Dbodatub Noble, s. . of Hon. David, was b. in New Fairfield, 
Conn., July 29, 1766, and d. in Monroe, Mich., Jan. 27, 1853, m. 86. 
He was chosen, May 18, 1814, a deacon of the Cong, church in 
Williamstown, Mass. It was in a grove upon his farm that Gordon 
Hall and his associates formed their plan for foreign missions. He 
occupied there, the house of his father. In 1833, he removed to 
Monroe, Mich. He was ever a useful citizen, an upright magis- 
trate, and a faithful officer of the church. ** His children all knew, 
and deeply felt," as one of them has lately said, " that he was a 
holy man, living not for this, but for a better world, and that what 
lie most desired for them was not wealth or position, but character 
and usefulness.'* His grandson, Charles W. Noble of Detroit, 
Mich., has miniatures of Dea. Noble and his wife, painted on 

He m. Feb. 27, 1794, Betset Bulklet, b. in Colchester, Conn., 
Feb. 22, 1772, dau. of Charles and Betsey (Taintor) Buckley of 
Colchester, Conn., and Williamstown. She d. in Monroe, Mich., 
Oct. 9, 1847, m. 75. 


860. David AddUon, b. Dec. 5. 1794; d. Sept 6, 1796. s. 1. 

861. ChafU%, b. July 4, 1797; m. Eliza 8. Wing. 

862. Eluabeth Ahby. b. Dec. 21, 1800; m. George Langdon. 
868. David Addison, b. Nov. 9. 1802; m. Sarah Shaw. 

864. Dania, b. Apr. 15, 1807; m. Julia Beach. 

865. Jia$on, b. Mch. 18, 1809; m. Ann C. Pleasants. 

866. WiUiam, b. Dec. 10, 1810; d. Aug. 25, 1816, «. 6. 

867. Wmiam Addison, b. Feb. 16, 1819; m. Martha Beach. 


Dbobamus Noble, dau. of Hon. David, was b. in New Fairfield, 
Conn., July 29, 1766, and d. in Williamstown, Mass., Feb. 7, 1861, 
m, 95 yrs. and 6 mos. She resided for many years in Ypsilanti^ 
Mich., with her son, (George N. Skinner, and after his death returned 
to Williamstown, and resided with her niece, Mrs. Eliza N. Brews- 
ter. She retained all her mental faculties to a very advanced age. 

She m. (1) Jan. 17, 1788, Daniel Clabk. 

She m. (2) Nov. 8, 1803, Dea. Bekjamik Skikker, b. June 11, 
1754, a. of Rev. Thomas Skinner of Colchester, Conn. He was a 
gentleman farmer of great intelligence, uncommon piety, and much 
usefulness. While in Williamstown, he occupied the first house 
west of the West -college, which was consumed by fire soon after 

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BRANCH or JOHN. 113 

his death. He d., while on a visit, in Monroe, Mich., Dec. 4, 1828, 
SB. 74. 


868. George NiMe, b. Jan. 7, 1800, in WiHiamstown; m. Oct. 22, 1888, 
Angelinc Champion. He gniduated in 1827, at Williams College, 
read law with his half-brother, Samuel Skinner, in LeRoy, N. Y., was 
a law}'er in LeRoy, K. Y., and Yi>silanti, Mich., and d. in the lat- 
ter place, Apr. 8, 1850, e. 41. 

Salome Noble, dau. of Hon. David, was b. July 6, 1768, and d. 
in Pittsfield, Mass^ May 30, 1814, e. 45. 

She m. Jan. 15, 1786, Col. Joshua Dakforth, b. in Western 
(now Warren), Mass., Nov. 26, 1759, s. of Jonathan Danforth, an 
officer in the Revolutionary war, who acted a conspicuous part as 
commander of a battalion at the battle of Bennington. His father 
having designed to give him a liberal education, he was preparing 
for college when the revolutionary struggle commenced. Aban- 
doning his plans of study, at the age of fifteen years, he entered 
the army, in the capacity of derk in his f ather s company. At the 
age of sixteen he received an ensign's commission, and in 1778 
was raised to the rank of first lieutenant, in which office he con- 
tinued until 1781, when he was appointed paymaster, with the 
rank of captain. He was at the surrender of Burgoyne in 1777, 
in the battle of Monmouth in 1778, spent the principal part of the 
year 1780 at West Point and its vicinity, and in 1781 had for some 
months command of a post a few miles from the Hudson, near 
Tappan's Bay, where he was engaged in several skirmishes with the 
enemy. When the army was disbanded in 1783, CoL Danforth 
was continued in the service as paymaster to assist in the settle- 
ment of the accounts with the soldiers, and was not discharged 
till the year following. In May 1784, he removed to Pittsfield, 
and engaged in the mercantile business in company with Col. Simon 
Lamed. In 1 787 he was appointed aide-de-camp to Major-Oeneral 
Patterson, and the same year received his first commission as jus- 
tice of the peace from John Bancock. In 1794 the post-office was 
established in Pittsfield, and he was appointed postmaster, and 
retained the office until his death, a period of twenty-three years. 
From about 1794 to 1823, he held successively the offices of town 
derk, treasurer, selectman, and assessor. In 1801, 1802, 1803, 
1806, and 1808, he was representative to the General Court In 
1807 he was appointed associate justice of the court of sessions of 

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Berkshire county, and in 1 808 chief JnBtioe of the same court He 
receiyed from Mr. Madison the appointment of United States 
marshal for his district^ and also that of principal asBessor, and col- 
lector of the revenue, for the 18 th district in Massachusetts. In 
1827 and 1828 he was elected a member of the (Governor's council. 
He m. (2) May 11, 1823, Mrs. Mary Downes, lUe Hubbell, cousin 
of his first wife, and d. in Pittsfleld, greatly lamented, Jan. 30, 
1837, m. 78. She d. in Shelby, N. T., July 4, 1850, e. 80. 


800. Maria, b. Apr. 6, 1702; m. May d5, 1820, Gamaliel 

Pomeroy, a farmer of Southampton, Mass., and there d. Feb. 24, 
1860, «. 67. 

870. Henrietta, b. Oct. 20. 1708; d. unm., in Pittsfleld, Oct 18, 

1872, «. 78. ' 

871. Harriet Dewey, b. Dec. 8, 1709; m. Nov. 5, 1817, Rev. Jonathan 

Lee, and d. in Otis, Mass., Nov. 14, 1826, s. :^0. He grad. at Yale 
College in 1800, and was pastor of Cong, churches, in Otis, Mass., 
and Weybridge, Vt 

872. Joehua NMe, b. Apr. 1, 1708; m. Aug. 6, 1828, Mrs. Jane 

Janvier Whilden, and d. in New Castle, Del., Nov. 14, 1861, ». 68. 
He grad. at Williams College, 1818, studied theology at Princeton 
Theo. Sem., was ordained, in 1825, as pastor of the Presb. church 
in New Castle, Del. ; was next settled over the Fourth Presb. church 
in Washington, D. C. ; was installed, June 18» 1884, over the Cong, 
church in Lee, Mass., and dismissed in 1888; was next an agent of 
the American Colonization society; then pastor of the Second 
Presb. church in Alexandria, Va. ; and then resumed the agency of 
the American Colonization society, which he retained until his 
death. As a preacher, he was dignified and solemn in his delivery, 
and chaste in his style. He received, in 1852, the degree of D.D. 
from Delaware CoUege. 

873. BalofM, b. Apr. 1, 1708; d. Apr. 15, 1708, e. 14 days. 

874. AmeUa, b. July 4, 1801; m. Titus M. Roberts, a mer- 

chant of Pittsfleld, and there d. Nov. 15, 1874, se. 78. 

875. George Washington, b. May 5, 1804; m. Sept 5, 1858, Sarah F. 

Riggs. He has been a teacher and merchant, also postmaster and 
Justice of the peace. Be resides, 1876, in Neosha, Newton Co., Mo. 

876. Samua Adams, b. May 5, 1804; m. May 10, 1842, Cordelia Ros- 

aline Oragg, and d. in Aubumdale, Mass., June 24, 1866, m, 62. 
He was for twenty-five years in the office of the A. B. C. F. Mis- 
sions, in Boston. 

877. Salome Abigail, b. Apr. 28, 1808; m. Geofge W. Stevens, an En- 

glish merchant in Smyrna, and there resides, in 1876. 

878. Frances Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 1810; m. (1) July 16, 1828, Dr. Piatt 

Theodore Burr of Watertown, N. T. ; (8) June 28, 1862, David 
Goodrich, a lumber dealer in Brooklyn, N. Y., where they reside, 

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Mabia Noble, dan. of Hon. David, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Oct \, 1770, and d. in Williamstown, Mass, Mch. 13, 1813, 
m. 43. Her monument bears the following inscription. ''In 
memory of | Mrs. Maria Dewey | the wife of Daniel Dewey, Esq. | 
On the 13th March A.D. | 1813, in the 43 year | of her age, she 
I departed this life, in full | faith and hope of a | blessed immor- 
tality. I Let those who revere her memory, | follow her eiuimpli* 
of patience, | humility, and unaffected piety." 

She JSL May 6, 1792, Hon.* Daniel J)e^^x b. Jan. 29, 1766, in 
Sheffield, Mass., s. of Daniel and Ab^^^^SigginsJi Dewey. He 
was for two years a member of Yale College, and received from 
that institution, in 1792, the degree of A. M. He resided in Wil- 
liamstown, Mass., and built a house about eighty rods east of the 
old College chapel, now, 1876, owned and occupied by Hon. Jo- 
seph White. He was a member of the Governor's council in 
1809 and 1812; treasurer of Williams College, 1798-1814; mem- 
ber of Congress 1813-15; and judge of the Supreme judicial 
court from Feb., 1814, until his death. He was happy in all the 
social and domestic relations of life, and though he lived at a time 
of violent party animosities, detraction never meddled with his 
name. '<He is almost the only man," says Chief Justice Parker, 
"in an elevated rank and of unalterable political opinions, and 
who was never remiss in enforcing those opinions, that has been 
at no time calunmiated." He d. in Williamstown, May 26, 1815, 
m. 49, and over his remains has been erected a monument with 
this inscription: «In memory of the | Hon. Daniel Dewey, | who 
departed this life | on the 26th day of May | A. D. 1815 in the 
50th j.year of his age. | He had held several | important offices, 
and at | the time of his death was | one of the Justices of the | 
Supreme Judicial Court | of this Commonwealth." 

879. Cfharlet Augufhu, b. Mch. 18, 1798; m. (1) May 16, 1830, Frances 

Aurelia Henshaw; 0) July 28, 1824, Caiolhie Hannah Clinton, a 
sister of Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York, and d. in Korth- 
ampton, Mass., Aug. 22, 1866, m. 78. He grad. at Williams Col- 
l^;e, 1811; pursued his legal studies under the direction of his 
father; prscticed Ids profession, 1814-26, in Williamstown, and, 
1826-87, in Northampton, Mass. ; was district attorney for the west- 
em district of Mass., 1830-87; and was, from 1887, until his death, 
one of the Justices of the Supreme judicial court of Mass. 

880. Dania, b. Juue 20, 1795; d. Nov. 6, 1797, «. 2. 

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881. Oar^ne AUga£l, b. Apr. 8, 1796; m. Nov. 4, 1810, Hon. Samuel 

RoMeter BetU, b. in Richmond, Mass., June 8, 1787, b. of Uriah 
and Susan (Roeaeter) Betta. He fitted for college at Lenox acad- 
emy, under Levi Olezen, grad. at Williams College, in 1806, read 
law with Grosi^ior and Williams, in Hudson, N. Y. ; practiced in 
Monticello, N. Y., and Bloomington, N. Y. ; in 1816, was elected a 
member of Congress; in 18SS8, was appointed one of the New York 
State circuit Judges; and in 1826, Judge of the district court of the 
United States for the Southern district of New York, which office 
he retained for forty-one years. He d. in New Haven, Conn., Nov. 
2, 1868, fie. 81. His widow, 1876, resides in New Haven. 

882. Daniel Kdbk, b. Apr. 4, 1800; nL May 9, 1827, Eliza Hannah 

Hubbell. He grad. at WUIiams CoL, 1820, read Ulw with Hon. 
Elijah H. Mills of Northampton, Mass., and established himself in 
practice in Williamstown. He was a representative in the legisla- 
ture, member of the executive council, and Judge of probate for 
the county of Berkshire, from 1848, until his death. He was also 
from 1886 to 1859, treasurer of Williams College. He d. Jan. 14, 
1859, ». 58. 
888. 'Bdward, b. Oct 8, 1805; pursued his preparatory studies 

at Lenox Academy, was for three years a member of Harvard Col- 
l^;e, read law with his brother-in-kw, Hon. 6. R Betts, and was 
admitted to the bar. He d. in Newburgh, N. Y. , May 7, 1828, e. 22. 

David Addison Noble, s. of Hon. David, was b. in Williams- 
town, Maas., Aug. 5, 1772, and there d. Nov. 1, 1793, sb. 21. He 
was a merchant. His gravestone bears the following inscription: 
« Sacred | To the Memory of | David Addison Noble | Son of Da- 
vid Noble, Esq. | And Abigail Noble | who died Nov. the 1st | 
A.D. 1793 in the 22nd | year of hia age." 

He m. March 29, 1792, Mabt Day, b. March 19, 1774, dau. of 
Daniel and Martha (leham) Day of Williamstown. After his 
death, she m. (2) Nov. 4, 1798, Oershom Bulkley of Williams- 
town, b. Oct 3, 1763, a. of John and Judith (Worthington) Bulk- 
ley. She d. in Pittafield, Mass., Apr. 19, 1864, sb. 90. 

881 SUm, b. Apr. 15, 1798; m. Joseph M. Brewster. 


Hon. DAinsL Noble, a. of Hon. David, was b. in Williamstown, 
Mass., July 7, 1776, and d. in Portland, Me., Nov. 22, 1830, sb. 54. 
He grad. at Williams College, in 1796. He practiced law in 
Adams, Maas., and Williamstown, Mass. He was a State senator, 
1817-18, and member of the executive cooncil, 1821-22. He 

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was a trustee of Williams College, 1809-30, and its treasarer, 
1814-30. When a powerful and concentrated effort was made to 
remove Williams College to Xortliampton, Mass., Mr. Noble threw 
the whole weight of his influence against the measure, and thus 
defeated the designs of the president and a large majority of the 
trustees. He died in Portland, Me., while absent from home on 
business connected with the college. His remains were brought 
to Williamstown, and over them was erected a monument bearing 
the following inscription: "In memory of | the Hon. Daniel 
Noble, I who died Nov. 22, | 1830, | aged 54 years. | Sorrow not, 
even as those who have | no hope, for if we believe that Jesus | 
•died and rose again, even so them | which aleep in Jesus will 
Gk>d I bring with him.'* 

He m. Feb. 28, 1802, Esthkr Beldsn Wolcott, b. in Colches- 
ter, Conn., Oct. 6, 1777, dau. of Solomon and Abigail (Hastings) 
Wolcott She d. in Williamstown, Mass., Nov. 21, 1857, m. 80. 
The inscription on her monument reads as follows: ** In memory 
of I Mrs. ESTHER B. | Widow of the | Hon. DANIEL NOBLE, 
I Who died Nov. 21, | 1857, | Aged 80 Years." 


885. ifoyy AbiffoQ, b. Dec. 22. 1808; m. (1) W. A. Porter; (2) 0. Stod- 


886. JvUette Maria, b. Apr. 16, 1806, in Adams, Mass; unm., resides, 

1877, in Chelsea, Mass. 

887. SobeH Addi$on, b. Feb. 17, 1800, in Adams, Mass.; fitted for col- 

lege, with Levi Qlezen, at the academy in Lenox, Mass., graduated 
at Williams College, in 1827, read law with Jiis father, and is sup- 
posed to have died at the West 

888. Eiward Weleatt, b. Feb. 14, 1812, in Adams, Mass. ; m. Nov. 25, 1851, 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Blake. He grad. at Williams College, in 1881, 
and was ord., ]>ec. 20, 1849, pastor of the Cong, church in Truro, 
Mass., where he still, 1877, remains. 
888. l>atM Dewey, b. Apr. 4, 1818, in Williamstown, Mass. ; m. Dec. 
2, 1887, Sarah B. Waterbury. He was a farmer, and d. in Rock- 
ton, ID., 1842. Child. Charles, b. 1888. 

800. Henry Eaetingi, b. July 81, 1815, in Williamstown, Mass., and d. 

F^b. 16, 1816, m, 6 mos. 

801. WaUam Henry, b. May 28, 1817; m. Jane Orr. 

802. aoiaman Bdden, b. May 22, 1810; m. (1) J. Ferris; (2) A Nicholson. 
806. /hsfMM EUta, b. Dec. 5, 1821; m. Sept 0, 1840, Arthur Francis 

Stoddard, b. in Northampton, Mass., Nov. 80, 1810, s. of Solomon 
and Sally (Tappan) Stoddard. He is, 1877, a mercbaut in Glasgow, 
ScotUmd. Children. 1. Rose Porter, b. Jan. 2, 1842, in New York 
city, d. Jan. 10, 1842; 2. Frances Porter, b. Feb. 2, 1843, in New 
16 . 

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York; 8. Alice Noble, b. Oct. 28, 1844, in Qlaagow; 4 Aithor 
Frank, b. Mch. 21, 1846, in OlaBgow. d. 1860; 5. Frederick Wol- 
cott, b. July 24, 1848, in Glasgow; 6. Mary Homes, b. Kot., 1852, 
in Glasgow. 


Ltman Hubbsll, b. of Eieazar and Anna (Noble) HubbeU, was 
b. in New Fairfield, Conn., Sept. 9, 1768, and d. in Williamstown, 
Mass., Feb. 19, 1859, m. 90. He was a merchant in South Wil- 
liaznstown, where he acquired a large estate. He subsequently 
removed to the centre of the town, and there resided until his 
death. His house was directly opposite the ^< Mansion house," now, 
1875, known as the <' Kellogg house." 

He m. Jan. 5, 1804, Louisa Rossiteb, b. in Richmond, Mass., 
Jan. 27, 1788, dau. of Nathan and Hannah (Tuttle) Rossiter. 
She d. in Williamstown, July 20, 1857, m. 69. 


894 Blua Mannah, b. May 28, 1806; m. May 9, 1827, Hon. Daniel 
Noble Dewey of Williamstown, and resides, 1876, in Newton, 

895. Benry SotaUer, b. Apr. 4, 1808; m. Jan. 8, 1885, Caroline Chi- 

chester, and is, 1876, a merchant in Sing Sing, N. Y. 

896. Naihan, b. Jan. 4, 1811; m. (1) Sept 19, 1888, Elisabeth 

Adams; (2) Mch. 16, 1851, Caroline F. Scott, and is, 1876, a mer- 
chant in Buffalo, N. Y. 

897. Marif, b. Aug. 12, 1818 ; m. Dec. 25, 18S2, Rev. Mark 

Hopkins, D.D., LL.D. He was b. in Stockbridge, Mass., Feb. 4, 
1802, fitted for college, partly with his uncle. Rev. Jared Curtis, 
and partly at the academies of Lenox, Mass., and of Clinton, N. Y. 
He grad. at Williams College with the valedictory in 1824, was 
there tutor, 1825-27; professor of moral philosophy and rhetoric, 
1880-^; president, 188(^72; and professor of Moral philosophy 
and metaphysics from 1872 until the present time, 1876. He 
has been, since 1857, president of the A. B. C. F. M. He re- 
ceived the degree of D.D., from Dartmouth College, in 1887, and 
Harvard College, in 1841, and that of LL.D. in 1857, from the 
Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. 
89a Oatharins Lauua, b. Apr. 29, 1821; d. in Williamstown, July 81, 
1822, SB. 1. 

899. Okariei Lyman, b. Sept 16, 1827; m. Sept 20, 1852, JuUette £. 

Bulkley. He graduated at Williams College in 1846. He com- 
menced, in 1848, the practice of medicine in Williamstown. and 
abt 1852 removed to Troy, N. Y., where he now, 1876, re- 
sides. During the Civil war, in the spring of 1862, he served as 
surgeon of the Seventh New York Cavalry, and the Twelfth New 
York Volunteers. 

900. B&iMTd, b. Apr. 17, 1880; m., 1863, Emma Broadbent of 

Huddersfleld, Eng. He resides, 1876, in Eng. 

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IcHABOD Noble, b. of Ezra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
March 20, 1773. He was a farmer, resided in New Milford on the 
homestead, and d. Feb. 27, 1S53, m. 79. 

He m. Sept. 14, 1796, Lucinda Botsfobd, b. Jan. 17, 1776, dan. 
of Clement and Mary (Bennett) Botsford of Newtown, Conn. 
Shed. June 23, 1850, ao. 74. 


901. EiOnh Botrford, b. Aug. 7, 1797: m. Eleanor A. Thcull. 

902. Mary Ann, b. July 8, 1709; m., as his second wife, Aug. 22, 

1888, Fitch Ferris, b. Jan. 9. 1787, son of Amasa Ferris. She 
resided in Canaan, Conn., and d. Dec. 7, 1875, se. 76. Fitch Ferris 
d. Sept 18, 1862, s. 75. No issue. 

903. Lvcia, b. Feb. 24, 1802; m. Th^pbilus Nichols. 

901. Harriet, b. Aug. 11, 1804; m. Mch. 15, 1858, Ransom Thom- 

as, a fanner of Sweden, N. Y., and there d. Dec. 11, 1878, as. 00. 

905. BuiUee Maria, b. Jan. 11, 1807; d. unm., in Sweden, N. Y., Oct 

9, 1872, ae. 65. 

906. Mareui, ) b. Dec. 11, 1808; m. (1) A. Bulklej; (2) A. Sher- 

V wood. 

907. Mareia, ) b. Dec. 11, 1806; m. Dec. 81, 1828, Stephen Smith. 

908. Charlu Clement, b. Dec. 18, 1811; m. (1)H. Curtis; (2)£. Curtis. 


Mabtin Noble, b. of Ezra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Jan. 18, 1774, and d. in New Lisbon, Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 29, 
1838, e. 63. He removed from New Milford to Pittsfield, now 
New Lisbon, N. Y., and was by trade a carpenter and joiner. He 
was a major in the militia, and for twenty-nine years a warden 
in 2iion church. Butternuts, now, 1876, Morxis, N. T. 

He m. Nov. 13, 1797, Abigail Lane, b. in Killingwortb, Conn., 
July 29, 1772, who d. at the house of her son, Lay Noble, in 
Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., Aug. 22, 1857, e. 85. Her father, 
Stephen Lane, b. Aug. 31, 1719, m. Dec. 22, 1769, PhoBbe Hall, 
and d. May 28, 1809, ». 90. Mrs. PhoBbe Lane, b. Feb. 17, 1741, 
d. Sept 21, 1816, sb. 75. 


909. Henry L^ne, b. Dec. 81, 1798; m.'Hopey Johnson. 

910. Lay, b. Sept 17, 1800; m. Lucinda Brooks. 

911. CaroUne, b. Oct. 18, 1804; d. unm., in Morris, N. Y., Mch. 19, 

1865, ae. 60. 

912. Ewiyn, b. Oct. 18, 1804; m. June 18, 1828. Giles Doane. b. 

in Plainfleld, Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept., 1709, s. of Robert 
Doane, and d. without issue, in New Lisbon, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1829, 

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m, 24. He was a fanner, and d. in New LUbon, K. Y., May 25, 
1866, m. 66. 

213. (kmandana, b. Dec. 2. 1812; m. Hopeatill Cnittenden. 


Philo Noble, b. of Ezra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 6, 1778, and d. in Paineaville, O., Feb. 4, 1842, m. 63. He 
was a cabinet-maker, and removed, in 1834, from New Milford, 
Conn., to Painesville, O. 

He m. Feb. 13, 1816, Anna Maria Lockwood, b. in New Mil- 
ford, Conn., July 6, 1791, dau. of Jonathan or Joeiah Lockwood. 
She d. Jan. 20, 1840, e. 48. 


214. Jenneii, b. Oct. 24, 1816; m. George W. Allen. 

215. 8laniey LoektMfd, b. Dec 28. 1818; m. Lydia Phelps. 

216. WiOiamD., b. Jan. 31, 1826, in New Milford; d. Aug. 28, 

1826, IB. 6 moe. 

217. Ann Maria, b. Aug. 1, 1887; m. Cheater G. Stone. 


EzBA Noble, b. of Enra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
July 9, 1779, and there d. June 1, 1855, m. 75. He was a man 
simple in his habits, of great modesty, and sterling integrity. He 
resided in the village of New Milford, and was selectman, 1815- 
17, and justice of the peace from 1825-1849. He died very 
suddenly, probably of heart disease, while sitting in his chair. 

He m. March 10 1810, Ameua Hickok, b. in Danbury, Conn., 
Nov. 15, 1782, dau. of Benjamin and Rachel Hickok. She d. in 
New Milford, March 25, 1842, m. 59. 


918. Biram Bef^atnin, b. Apr. 10, 1811 ; m. Lucia Holman. 

919. Marjf lAueUa, b. Aug. 15, 1812; m. Austin B. Trowbridge. 

920. Oeortfe Benry, b. Mch. 12, 1814; m. Henrietta Burritt. 

921. Maria Amelia, b. Feb. 10, 1816; m. 0) John M. Thompson; (2) 

Raymond French. 

922. BaeMAnn, b. Jan. 26, 1818; m. Thomas Bigelow Lacey. 
928. JuUa CkUharine, b. June 12, 1820; m. Sheldon Blackman. 


Hannah Noble, dau« of Ezra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Jan. 1, 1781, and d. in New Lisbon, Conn., Jan. 13, 1863, 
m. 82. 

She m. Jan. 29, 1806, Benajah Faibchild, b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Dec. 10, 1776, s. of Abraham and ELannah (Stone) Fair- 

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child. He was a fanner, in New Lisbon, N. Y., and there d. June 
26, 1858, e. 81. He was from 1838-42 a warden of Zion churcL 


024. Son, \ b. Dec. 22, 180G: d. in infancy. 

925. Daughter, [ b. Dec. 22, 180C; d. in infancy. 

926. Son, ) b. Dec. 22. 1806; d. in infancy. 
Wt^BiraNMe, b. Hch. 21, 1808; m. Sept. 28, 1837, Elizabeth 

Durfee. He was a fanner, and d. in Marion, Mich., Apr. 28, 1875, 

IB. 67. 
928. Stanley Bottvtiek, b. Jan, 10, 1810; m. Feb. 23, 1836, Maria Smith. 

He resides in Hammondsport, N. Y. ; was formerly a cabinet-maker, 

bat is now, 1877, engaged in fruit culture. 
920. Ohariei Stone, b. Apr. 15, 1812; m. Oct. 22, 1835, Lucy Ann 

Btarkey. He is, 1877, a fanner in New Li8lK)n, N. Y. 

980. Eunice Hannah, b. Jan. 0, 1810; m. April 28, 1836, Horace El- 

more Myrick. He is, 1877, a fanner in Ouaquaga, X. Y. 

981. EithsrAdaia, b. Apr. 10, 1822; m. Sept. 7, 1842, Walter Lull 

Moore, and was killed at the railroad disaster in Ashtabula, O., 
Dec 80, 1876, ae. 54. He is, 1877, a farmer and fruit-grower in 
Hammondsport, K T. 


EsTHXR NoBLB, daiL of Ezra Dibble, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Feb. 1, 1787, and d. in Covington. N. Y., Dec. 13, 1865, 
e. 78. 

She m. Jan. 20, 1814, Datid Wtlie, b. in Hancock, Mass., Mch. 
0, 1784, B. of Peter and Mary (Hand) Wylie. He resided in Eden, 
Vt, 1806; in New Lisbon, N. Y., 1812-14; in Westmoreland, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., 1814-16; and in Perry, Oenesee Co. (now 
Covington, Wyoming Co.), N. Y., from 1816 nntil his death. He 
d. Ang. 15, 1873, m. 89. He was a farmer. 


982. Ifumce Mar^, b. Oct. 9, 1814; m. Sept. 28, 1887, Joseph Potter, 

a fanner. They reside, 1877, in FarmersviUe, Cattaraugus Co., 

N. Y. 
988. SamuaSdnd, b. Feb. 88, 1816; d. in Covington, N. Y., Aug., 

984. Lorenao, b. June 10, 1817; is, 1877, a fanner in Covington, 

N. Y. 
986. Farrand, b. Aug. 90, 1810; is, 1877, a physician in Bath, 

Steuben Co., N. Y. 

986. SaO^ Auffutta, b. July 18, 1821 ; d. in Bath, N. Y, May 22, 1870, 

SB. 47. 

987. Eannah Lacantha, b. Apr. 18, 1823;' m. Oct., 1847, Samuel Parks, 

and d. in Covington, N. Y, Feb. 1, 1864, m. 40. He is, 1877, a 
fsnner in Covington OP. 0., Pearl Creek), N. Y 

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96a Mareia Maria, b. Not. 88, 1835. 

089. Jbther FlauUna, b. Sept 8, 1889; d. Hay 86, 1845, e. 15. 

4M. . 

Ebthkb Noble, daiL of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Apr. 7, 1793, and d. in Shelby, N. T., July 21, 1843, ». 50. 

She m. Mch. 20, 1816, Charles Frederick Potter, b. Mch. 8, 
1795, s. of William Cicero Potter and Nancy Anna Habbell. He 
m. (2) Apr. 17, 1844, Mrs. Caroline Hamilton, sister of his first 
wife, and dau. of David Noble. She d. without issue, in Shelby, 
Apr. 12, 1864, m. 60. He removed abt 1825, to Ferry, N. T., 
and the next year, to Shelby, Orleans Co. (P. C, Medina), N. Y., 
where he sdll, Mch., 1876, resides. 


940. CaroUns AdeUa, b. Feb. 87, 1817, in Sherman, Conn. ; d. unm., in 

Bhelby, Aug. 88, 1840, a^. 88. 

941. Sophia Aurdia, b. Oct 18, 1818, in Bhennan; and there d. Sept 

5, 1880, e. 88 moe. 
948. John Jay, b. Dec. 19, 1880, in Shennan; m. Sept. 85, 1851, 

Edna Rosina Abell, and is, 1876, a farmer in Shelby (P. O., Medina), 

N. Y. 
948. Sophia AunUa, b. Nov. 8, 1888, in Shennan; d. unm., Apr. 18, 

1845, e. 81. 

944. DaMNdUe, b. Dec. 19, 1884, in Shennan; m. Oct. 80, 1856, 

Laura Jane Baker, and Ib, 1876, a fanner in Shelby (P. O., Medina), 
N. Y. 

945. WaUam Sidtyty, b. Feb. 6, 1887, in Shelby, N. Y. He pursued his 

preparatory studies, principally with French A. Spring, at Albion, 
K. Y. ; graduated, in 1858, at Williams College; was a teacher and 
missionary among the Choctaw Indians, and d. unm., in Goodland 
Station, Indian Territory, Aug. 81, 1854, s. 87. 

946. ChofrUMe, b. Nov. 81, 1889, in Shelby; m. Aug. 81, 1861, 

William C. Potter, and d. in Iowa. Dec. 84, 1866, se. 87. 

947. ChofHM Carrol, b. Feb. 84, 1881, in Shelby; and there d. Jan. 9, 

1888, SB. 10 mos. 
94& OomOia Maria, b. Nov. 9, 1888, in Shelby; and there d. May 87, 
1841,0. a 


Chauhckt Noble, s. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
July 16, 1795, and d. in the place of his residence, Newtown, 
Conn., Oct 24, 1857, ft. 62. 

He m. (1) Nov. 9, 1819, Cabounb Boabdxak. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Sallt Blackman, dau. of Baldwin of 

Newtown, Conn. 

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f mrt itvttwit 

M9. Edward Mark, b. Aug. 22, 1820; m. Oct. 9, 1848, Polly Ann 
Beardsley, dao. of Amos Beardelej, and d. in New Milf ord, his place 
of residence, Mch. 81, 1858, e. 82. Child. Caroline Minerva, b. 
Aug. 28, 1849; d. June 25, 1851, m. 22 mos. 

950. Andrew Baldwin, b. Jan. 14, 1828; m. Sarah D. Blackman. 

961. Earry, b. Apr. 22, 1825; d. 1883. 

952. Sarah, b. Nov. 2, 1826; d. May 8, 1881, e. 4. 


HsNBT Bull Noble, b. of David, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Oct 11, 1798. He removed to Beekman, DatcheBs Co., N. Y., 
where he now, 1875, rendea. 

He m. Jan. 15, 1825, Pollt Dkkton, dau. of Amos Denton of 
Beekman, N. Y. 


958. CaroUne, b. Feb. 28, 1826. 

954. Maria BuU, b. Mch. 26, 1883; m. 1857, Middleton, of 

New York city. Child. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 23. 1858. 


David Dibble Noblb, s. of David, was b. in New Milford, Aug. 
25, 1807, and there d. Dec. 5, 1852, e. 45. He was a fanner. He 
retired at ten o*clock on Saturday evening, apparently in perfect 
health, and when at six o^dock the next morning his wife attempted 
to awaken him, she found that he was dead, and, to all appearance, 
had been dead several hours. 

He m. April 10, 1839, Abbt Mabli Mxbwin, b. March 25, 1817, 
dau. of Daniel Merwin. 


955. FSxinei$ DarM, b. Jan. 24, 1840; d. Jan. 21, 1843, m. 2. 

956. Eenry Clark, b. June 10, 1848. 

957. Laura Sophia, b. Dec. 13, 1845; m. Sept. 11, 1866, George D. Cop- 

ley. He is, 1876, a book-keeper in New Britain, Conn. Children 
b. in New Milford. 1. Carrie, b. Dec. 19, 1867; 2. Annie L., b. 
Apr. 8, 1872. 

- Hon. William Hknbt Noblb, s. of Daniel, was b. Sept 22, 
1788, and d. in Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1850, m. 61. He was a 
tanner by trade, but during the latter part of his life, devoted a 
part of his time to agriculture. He was a man of medium stature, 
and had a very sharp and piercing black eye. Col. Noble was 
identified, politically^ with the Buoktail party, with those called 
Democrats or Locofoco supporters of Jackson's and Van Buren's 

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Administrations. He was a member of the New York assembly, 
1827-29; and a member of Congress, 1836-37. He lived succes- 
sively in New Milford, Conn., and in Ballston Springs, Cato, and 
Rochester, N. Y. His three eldest children were b. in Ballston 
Springs, and the others in Cato. In an Auburn paper, published 
soon after his death, appears the following sketch of his character: 

" Died at bis residence in Rochester, Tuesday morning, Feb. 5th, Col. 
Wm. H. Noble, formerly of Cayuga County, in this State, in the e2d 
year of his age. Col. Noble had been a resident of the County of Cayuga 
more than thirty years, when a few months since he removed to Rochester. 
He has been called suddenly from among us, but his many good qualities 
as a man and a citizen, will cause his memoiy to be long cherished by a 
large circle of friends. His intelligence, his energy in business, his kind 
and social manners, made him in early life popular and influential, and 
the recipient of the confidence and honors of the people of the county. 
He has repeatedly represented them in the Legislature of this State, and 
was their representative in Congress during the administration of Presi- 
dent Van Buren. The bereaved family are left to mourn the loss of a 
husband and father, who, in all the relations of private life, commanded 
their love and esteem by his devotion to their welfare. His funeral was 
attended on Thursday last, at Cato, his. late residence, and the large 
assembly present, furnished a strong testimonial of the high respect in 
which he was held in the community that knew him best." 

He m. (1) Jan. 25, 1810, Fankt Stillwell, b. in Galway, 
N. Y., Jan. 22, 1792, dau. of Barnet and Lydia (Fay) Stillwell. 
She d. May U, 1837, ». 44. 

He m. (2) Oct. 9, 1844, Mi-s. Lavina JunsoN, dau. of 

Cromer. She resided, 1852, in New York city. 


958. WHUam BurweU, h. June 7, 1811; m (1) Jan. 24, 1883, Amelia 
Allen, b. in Auburn. N. Y., Nov. 7, 1812, dau. of Edward Allen. 
She d. in Ira, N. Y., March 7, 1853; (2) Dec. 20. 1853, Harriet 
Van Nearing, b. Aug. 81, 1821, dau. of Alson and Eliza (Hul- 
hurt) Nearing of Pompey, N. Y. He has been a farmer and 
merchant, and has resided, 1817-36, in Cato, N. Y. ; 1836-89, 
in Marengo, Mich; 1889^54, in Cato, N. Y; 1854^68, in Pom- 
pey, N. Y. ; 1863-78, in Syracuse, N. Y. Children. 1. Asenath 
Maria, b. June 5, 1834, in Ira, N. Y, m. Dec 19, 1858, Charles D. 
Benton, s. of Dr. Allen Benton. He is a farmer in Ira, and has a 
son and daughter; 2. Theresa Antoinette, b. Aug. 6, 1836, hi Ira, 
d. there Sept 9, 1837, se. 1; 8. Edward Allen, b. Nov. 6, 1838, in 
Marengo, Mich., m. Nancy Wheelock, dau. of Luther Wheelock. 
He resides, 1878, in Auburn, N. Y, and has had six children; 
4. Elizabeth Amanda, b. Aug. 29, 1842, in Montezuma, N. Y; 5. 
William Alpheus, b. Nov. 17. 1851, in Auburn, N. Y, m. Oct, 

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BRANCH 07 JOHK. 125 

1874, Rhoda Goodrich, is. 1878. a farmer in Pompey. N. Y.» and 
has one son; 6. Hulburt Nearing. b. Oct. 10, 1854. in Ira, N. Y.. 
m. Dec. 28, 1876, Hattie Olds of Syracuse, N. Y., is a fireman on 
the N. Y. Centr. and Hudson River R. R., and has one son: 7. 
Fannie M.. b. Aug. 27, 18o9. in Pompey, N. Y. ; 8. Mary Eliza, h. 
Aug. 27, ia59 (twin), in Pompey. N. Y. 
059. Chatiei Henry, b. Oct. 2, 1818: m. Jim. 21, 1828, Caroline Leon 
ard, b. Sept. 5, 1815, dau. of C-oI. Reuben Leonard. He is n 
merchant and resides, 1877, in Riverside, Cook Co., 111. Children. 
1. Oscar H., b. Aug. 27, 1838; 2. Algemin S., b. Aug., 184j. d. Nov. 
11, 1846; 8. Charles H., b. April 11, 1847. 

960. Mary Jane, b. Aug. 18,1815; m. Mch. 1. 1837, David Simpson 

KeUogg, b. Jan. 27, 1818, s. of Silas Kellogg, and d. in Cato, N. Y.. 
Feb. 8, 1875, ». 59. He resides in Cato. N. Y. Children. 1. Fanny 
Maria, b. Feb. 7, 1840, d. July 6. 1840; 2. Oscar Silas, b. Feb.*. 
1842; 8. Charles Hervey. b. May 16. 1840; 4. Martha Maria, b. 
Dec. 81, 1848; 5. Mar}* Frances, b. Dec'. 81. 1848. 

961. AlfiheuM QHbert, b. July 19, 1818; m. Jan. 23, 1889, Eliza Jane 

Lewis, b. Sept. 20, 1818, dau. of Col. Levi Lewis of Auburn. Ho 
was a merchant in Ira. and d. Jan. 28. 1851, «. 32. His widow 
resided, in 1852, in Rochester. Child. Caroline Leona. b. Nov. 6, 
1839, m. David W. Sutlieriand of Chicago, 111. 

962. DafM, b. Sept. 10, 1821: d. in Cato, N. Y., Oct 6. 1823. 

K. 2. 

963. Maria Lydia, b. Apr. 14, 1824; m. Oct. 23, 1845, John Doane 

Fay, b. in Northampton, N. Y., Apr. 20, 1815, s. of John Fay. 
who was b. in Hardwick, Mass., Feb. 10. 1773, and d. in North- 
ampton, N. Y., June 1, 1855, e. 82. and Sarah Westcott He is 
a civil engineer and resides, 1877, in Rochester, N. Y. Children. 
1. Fanny Maria, b. Aug. 6, 1846, in Rochester, N. Y., and there 
d. Mch. 24, 1849. s. 2; 2. Melville Noble, b. Aug. 25, 1848, in 
Rochester, N. Y., and there d. Jan. 28, 1875, s. 26; 3. Mary Eliza, 
b. Jan. 15, 1851, in Rivas, Nicaragua, and d. in Avon Springs. 
N. Y., July 31, 1876, e. 25; 4 Caroline Fhmces, b. Dec. 1, 1854, 
in Rochester; 5. John Henry, b. Mch. 21, 1857, in Rochester, and 
there d. Dec. 23, 1857. se. 9 mos. ; 6. Sarah Westcott, b. Jan. 24. 
1860, in Rochester, and there d. Sept. 14, 1861, ». 1; 7. Diadamn 
Sumner, b. Sept. 6, 1862. in Rochester, and there d. Dec. 23, 1863. 
0. 1; 8. Stephen Clark Fay. b. July 5, 1805, in Rochester. 

964. Alanetm Fay, b. Sept. 19, 1H26; a civil engineer, now, 1877, resides 

in Lawn Dale, Chicago, 111. 
966. Omar FUtdOan, b. Feb. 20, 1829; d. in Cato, N. Y., Feb. 7, 18S8, 
ae. 8. 


Hasbist Noblk, dau. of Daniel, was b. Jan. 10, 179), and 
redded, 1852, in BaUaton Springs, N. Y. 

She m. Dec. 19, 1812, William Heath Bbidobs, b. Jan. 8, 1785. 
Bed. Sept. 17,^ 1827, ft. 42. 

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966. Zifcy Ann, b. Sept 10. 1818; m. Oct. 6. 1883, Williimi Allen, 

and resided, 1852. Id Auburn. K. Y. 

067. Amanda Maria, b. Aug. 22. 1815. 

068. Thsodore Bodney, b. Dec. 8. 1817. 

060. Wmiam Henry, b. Apr. 25. 1820; m. Apr. 8. 1851, SideliaBuel and 
realded. 1852. in Saratoga Springs. K. Y. 

070. Harriet Maltina, b. Apr. 6, 18^; m. Justus Harrison Lewis, and 

resided. 1852. in Flourfield. St. Joseph Co., Mich. 

071. Sarah Eluabeth, b. May 18, 1825; d. Jan. 18. 1880. 

Fbsdbbick Noblb, 8. of Zadock, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Aug. 17, 1794, and d. in Croton, N. Y., March 5, 1861, ». 66. 
He was a fanner, and resided for many years in New Canaan, 
Ck)nn., but in 1836, removed to Croton, N. Y. 

He m. (1) Oct. 6, 1819, Sallt St. John, dau. of Hezekiah and 
Phebe (Keelor) St. John of New Canaan, Conn. She d. Oct. 24, 

He m. (2) Jan. 27, 1833, Harbut De Forest, b. in New Canaan, 
Conn., dau. of Eli and Isabella De Forest. She d. in Croton, 
N. Y., July 8, 1842. 

He nL (3) Oct 29, 1842, Rebecca Miles, dau. of Levi Miles. 
She d. in Croton, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1875, e. 81. 


072. WaUam Henry, .b. July 7» 1820, In New Canaan, Conn.; m. May 

85, 1841, Mary Annis Cunningham, b. in Otego, N. Y., Sept. 28, 
1822, dau. of Andrew, Jr., and Charlotte (Hunt) Cunningham. He 
resided in New Canaan, Conn. , until June 1, 1858, when he removed 
to Franklin, N. Y., where he d., Nov. 21, 1874, se. 54. He was a 
merchant. Child. Charlotte Sally, b. Sept. 11, 1846, in New 
Canaan, Conn., m. Sept. 1, 1870, Elmer Augustine Holden of Barre, 
Mass., a. of James and Eveline (Stone) Holden. 
078. Maary Ann, b. July 22. 1822, in New Canaan; m. Dec. 0. 1843 

or 1844, Abel H. Saunders, b. Oct. 14, 1820, a. of Reuben and 
Hepzibah (Hinckley) Saunders. She d. in Croton, N. Y., Aug. 20, 
1852, s. 80. He m. (2) Sarah Bedient. He is. 1877, a fanner in 
Croton, N. Y. Children. 1. Samuel St. John, b. Oct. 28, 1845. d. 
in Croton, N. Y, Oct. 11, 1868, se. 17; 2. George Noble, b. Nov. 
2, 1847, d. in Croton. Dec. 6, 1862, s. 15; 8. Marcia Ann. b. Dec. 
10, 1851, d. in Croton. July 20, 1858, «. 10 mos. 

074. Bamuel, b Oct. 20, 1824, in New Canaan. 

075. Leteii Hetekfafi, b. Nov. 18, 1826, in New Canaan; m. June 18, 

1851, Lucy Ann Gibbons, b. in Franklin, N. Y. He was a fanner, 
and d. in Rochester, N. Y, Sept. 16, 1870, s. 44. She resides. 
1877, in Rochester. Child. Ida, Nov. 6, 1857, m. Feb. 20. 1876, 

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Fnuk L. Hewitt. He is a druggist, and resides, 1877, in Rochester, 
N, Y. 

976. Elm, b. Sept. 14. 1828, in New Canaan; m. Dec. 11, 

1855, Almon H. Prime, b. in Croton, N. Y. 8be d. in Croton, 
Apr. 18, 1857, se. 28. He m. (2) Mch. 14, 1801. Josephine Merrill 
of Oxford. N. Y., and d. in Croton. N. Y., Sept. 80, 1870. 


977. 6aUy, b. Oct. 2. 1835, in New Canaan; m. Oct. 28, 1857, 

Sheldon W. Crawford, b. in Meredith, Delaware Co.. N. Y., s. of 
James and Maria Crawford. She d. in Croton, N. Y., Mch. 26, 
1861, e. 25. He is, 1877,' a farmer in Meredith. Child. Frederick, 
b. Oct. 10, 1850. 

978. Samud, b. Feb. 9, 1887, in Franklin; m. Feb. 6, 1861, Sally 

A. Patterson, b. in Hobari, Delaware Co.. N.' Y.,dau. of William 
and Hira (Cobert) Patterson. He resides, 1877, in Croton. Chil- 
dren born in Croton. 1. Frederick, b. Nov. 1, 1862; 2. Harriet 
Eliza, b. Oct. 18, 1867. 


HsNRT NoBLS, 8. of 2Mock, wftB b. Feb. 17, 1798, and d. in 
Meredith, N. Y., Sept 11, 1850, m. 52. He was a farmer. 

He m. AoNBs Psask, dau. of Gad and Polly (Griawold) Pease. 
She d. Dec. 19, 1850 or 1851. 


979. Frederick, b. Aug., 1827; d. 1880. 


Elizabeth Noblx, dau. of Zadock, waa b. in Franklin, N. T., 
Apr. 1, 1800. and d. Apr. 13, 1856, sb. 56. 

She m. Nov. 16, 1820, Habrt Tatlob, b. in West Stockbridge, 
Maaa., April 26, 1794, a. of Tahan and Aseneth (Deverauz) Taylor. 
He m. (2) June, 1857, Mrs. Christina Babcock. He was a farmer 
in Franklin, N. T., and there d. May 17, 1876, eb. 82. He was 
in the habit of writing his name Henry. 


980. Miranda, . b. Apr. 7, 1822; resides, 1877, unm., in Franklin. 

981. Eenry, b. May 21, 1827, in Franklin; m. Nov. 19, 1850, Amy 

Oreen, and d. in or near Mormon Island, Sacramento Co., Califor- 
nia, Mch. 21, 1859, e. 81. He was a miner. 

982. Bumin Taylor, b. Mch. 1, 1882, in Franklin; m. Oct. 18, 1859. 

George Benedict They reside, 1877, in Franklin, N. Y. He is a 
988. CharieB, b. Oct. 5, 1884, in Franklin; m. Apr. 15, 1862, Eliz- 

abeth Hone3rwell. In the Civil war, he was mustered into Co. D, 
144th N. T. Reg., Bept., 1862, and mustered out, June 22, 1865. 
He is, 1877, a farmer in Croton, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

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Sallt Noble, dau. of 2iadock, wae b. in Franklin, N. Y., Aug. 
Idj 1802. and resides, 1877, in Cannon (Ansterlitz P. 0.), Kent Co., 

She m. April 1 1, 1827, Dr. Dbmas Hnnc, b. in Waterbury, Conn., 
March 9, 1804, s. of Silas and Betsey (TyrreU) Hine. He re- 
sided in Meredith and Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y., and San- 
ford, Broome Co., N. Y., until the spring of 1845, when he re- 
moved to Cannon, Mich., where he d. Apr. 25, 1872, e. 68. He 
was a farmer, until 1840, and a physician from that time until his 


984. MOion Boitttiek, b. Feb. 2, 1828, in Meredith, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 8, 

1860, Polly Ann Hartwell. He is. 1877. a farmer in Cannon (Aus- 
terliu P. O.), Kent Co., Mich. 

985. MarUnNoUe, b. Nov. 15, 1829, in Meredith; m. Oct. 21. 1855, 

Lucy Jane Tilton. He has been a dry goods merchant, and resides, 
1877, hi Lowell, Kent Co., Mich. 

986. Chark9 Botvea, b. Nov. 19, 1882, in Sanfonl, N. Y. ; m. Nov. 14, 

1855, Emeline Whitney. He is, 1877, a hardware dealer, in Lowell, 



William Stilson Noble, s. of Zadock, was b. in Franklin, 
N. Y., Oct. 16, 1805, and there d. June 1, 1875, e. 69. He was 
a merchant. 

He m. (1) Oct. 30, 1833, Mabt Hubd, b. in Boxbury, Conn., 
Apr. 7, 1812, dau. of Nathan Squire and Polly (Roe) Hurd. She 
d. in Franklin, N. Y., July 20, 1862, ae. 50. 

He m. (2) Dec. 9, 1863, Harbiet Newxll Hurd, b. in Otego, 
N. Y., March 5, 1822, dau. of Nathan Squire and Polly (Roe) 
Hurd. She resides, 1877, in Franklin, N. Y. 


987. 8uMn Maria, b. Sept. 27. 1884; m. June 96, 1855, Asahel Surr 

Rockwell, b. in Butternuts. Otsego Co., K. Y., Sept. 15, 1829, s. of 
Ashbel and Cata (Shaw) Rockwell. He resided in Franklin, N. Y., 
until May 1869, when he removed to Lansing, Iowa, where he is, 
1877, in the groceiy business. Children. 1. Catharine Augusta, 
b. Aug. 14, 1858, in Franklin; 2. William Noble, b. July 28, 1866, 
in Franklin; 8. Mary Laura, b. May 80, 1871. in Lansing. Iowa; 4. 
Florence, b. May 18. 1876, in Lansing. 

988. Adelaide Auguita, b. Sept. 25, 1888; m. Nov. 1, 1866, James Ruth 

of Lansing, Iowa. s. of Edward and EUen (Welchmau) Ruth; re- 
moved in 1854, from Waltham, Mass., to Lansing, Iowa, and is, 
1877, postmaster there. Children bom in Lansing. 1. Walter Noble, 
b Feb. 26, 1868; 2. James Edward, b. Aug. 80, 1878. 

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BBAKCH or JOHK. 129 

909. Marian Bowena, b. Mch. 21, 1848; m. Charles £&m Halbert. He 
U, 1877, a merchant in Morris, 111. Children. 1. Mary Noble, b. 
June 8, 1865. in Franklin, N. Y. ; 2. Fannie Beecher, b. Feb. 28, 
1888, in Lansing, Iowa; 8. Hattie Noble, b. Sept 10. 1868, in Frank- 
lin; 4. Charles Henry, b. Not. 9, 1872, in Morris, 111. 

990. WiUkun Evrd, b. Mch. 19. 1849; d. Sept. 9, 1849, ae. 6 mos. 

SusAK Noble, d&u. of Zadock, waa b. in Franklin, N. Y., Apr. 
1, 1810, and d. Nov. 1, 1857, m 47. 

She m. Sept. 29, 1836, David Sakfobd Hubd, b. Dec. 8, 1809. 
He ia a merchant in GilbertaviUe, N. Y. He m. (2) April 8, 1859, 
Helen Louiae Short 


991. Marjf Adaitiide, b. July 9, 1837; d. Jan. 26, 1840, «. 6 mbs. 

992. Sarah Ann, b. May 20, 1888; d. Feb. 22, 1840. e. 21 mos. 
998. J/aiy Ann, b. Dec. 14, 1889; m. Aug. 5, 1868, Henry Rock- 
well Hurlbutt. He is, 1877, a merchant in GilbertsviUe, N. Y. 

994. I>arid 3VMr, b. Apr. 17, 1841; m. Sept. 22, 1869. Harriet Col 

lins Seward. He is, 1877, a merchant. 

995. Sarah SUiaheOi, b. Sept. 24, 1844; m. Aug. 28, 1860, John Rock- 

well Brewer of GiiberUville, N. Y. He is, 1877, a merchant. 

996. Amaritta Enstman, b. Nov. 9, 1847; m. May 5, 1869, James Thorp. 

He is, 1877, a farmer in Oilbertsville, N. Y. 

997. Marda Maria, b. July 20, 1849; m. Jan. 16, 1878, Rev. William 

A. Dunning, who is, 1877, pastor of the First Fresb. church in 
Franklin, N. Y. 


Chables Noble, b. of Zadock, was b. in Franklin, N. Y., July 
21, 1814. He waa a merchant from 1839-59, and aince Dec., 1863, 
has been a banker. He ia now, 1877, caahier of the First National 
bank of Franklin. He has always resided in Franklin, N. Y. 

He m. Sept. 28, 1 842, Mabcia Euzabeth Robebts, b. in Frank- 
lin, N. Y., June 14, 1822, dau. of Aaahel Boatwick and Cynthia 
(McCall) Roberta. 


998. Fannie Maria, b. June 17,. 1848; m. Sept 28, 1869, Edward Rives 

Beecher, b. in Coventr}-, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1884, a of Julius P. and 
Elizabeth (Payne) Beecher. He is, 1877, a merchant in Franklin. 
N. Y. Children bom in Franklin. 1. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 1872, 
d. Oct. 10, 1872, SB. 8 moa. ; 2. Bertha, b. Dec. 20, 1878. 
989. BotMek RoberU, b. Aug. 81, 1848; m. May 21, 1878, Lucy Seward, 
b. in Fayetteville, N. Y., July 17, 1858, dau. of Nathan and Har* 
riet (Collins) Seward. He was, 1867-75, a merchant in Lowell, 
Mich. ; a banker, 1875-76, in Vassar, Tuscola Co., Mich. ; and a 
banker, 1876-77, in Lexington, Sanilac Ca, Mich. Children. 1. 

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Anna Seward, b. June 15, 1874, in Lowel), Mich. ; 2. Charles Noble, 
b. Aug. 10, 1876, in Vassar, Mich. 


Albert Noble, s. of Zadock, waa b. in Franklin, N. Y., Aug. 
2, 1817. He was formerly a tailor, but is now, 1877, a dealer in 
butter. He resides in Franklin. 

He m. Nov. 19, 1846, Maria Hubbell Roberts, b. in Franklin, 
N. Y., June 14, 1822, dau. of Asahel Bostwick and Cynthia 
(McCaU) Roberts. She d. in Franklin, N. Y., July 23, 1877, e. 55. 


1000. Jennie Laura, b. Mch. 21, 1860. 


Annis Noble, dau. of Elisha, wasb. in New Milford, Conn., Nov. 
23, 1773, and d. in Pike, Bradford Co., Penn., May 7, 1848, m. 74. 

She m. abt. 1793, Daniel Warner, b. in New Milfoil, Conn., 
Jan. 7, 1768, a. of Orange and Abigail (Prindle) Warner. He 
was a fanner, and also occasionally made weavers* reeds. He is 
known to have resided in New Milford, Brookfield, and New 
Fairfield, Conn., Essex, N. Y., a second time in New Milford, 
Conn., and in Pike, Penn., where he d. Jan. 25, 1846, e. 78. 


1001. Earriet, b. Dec. 26. 1705: m. abt. 1815, Asa Fairchild, a 
fanner; resided in New Milford, Conn. ; Pike, Bradford Co., Penn. ; 
JesBup, Buaquehanna Co., Penn.; and d. in the latter place, May, 
1808, «. 62. 

1008. Sattif, b. Sept. 17, 1797, in Ferrisburgh, Yt. ; m. Oct. 

82, 1817, Jonathan Nlchole, a cabinet-maker. She resides, 1876, in 
Camptown, Wyalusing township, Bradford Co., Penn. 

1008. Belden NdUe, b. Dec. 88, 1805, in Essex, N. Y.; m. May 20, 
1882, PoUy Ann Pulford, b. in New Mllfoid, May 4, 1808. He is a 
farmer, and resides, 1876, in Brushville, town of Pike, Bradford Co. , 


BsLDCN NoBLB, s. of Elisha, was bapt in New Milford, Conn., 
Mch. 9, 1777, and d. in Essex, N. Y., Sept 8, 1808, ». abt 31. 

He m. Mart Skinner, dau. of Adonijah and Judith (Raleigh) 
Skinner. She m. (2) Samuel Ajidrews, and d. in Easton, N. Y., 
Apr. 20. 1838. 


1004. Sarah, b. Feb. 7, 1800; m. Jacob V. Becker. 

1005. Eiram BaMgh, b. June 1, 1801; m. Lydia LoTett 

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BRANCH or JOHN. . 131 

1006. Maria, b. Hay 8.1804; m. Oct., 1828, George 
M. Bkellie, 8. of Alexander Skellie, and d. without issue in Cam- 
bridge .N. Y., Sept. 11. 1875. ae. 71. He d. in Cambridge, K. Y.. 
May 28, 1824, se. 28. 

1007. PhiUnMia, d. unm., in Cambridge, K Y. 

1008. Ad(miiah Skinner JMden, b. Mcb. 20, 1808 ; m. (1) A. 8. Loomis; 
(2) A. E. Hay. 


GzN. Ranbom Noble, a. of Elisha^ was b. in New Milf ord, Conn., 
Aug. 16, 1778, and d. in Eaaez, Eaaex Co., N. Y., June 5, 1863, sb. 
84. In 1799, with but $150 in hia posaeBsion, he left home to aeek 
hia fortune in the world. He became a merchant, lumberman, and 
manufacturer, in Easez, N. Y., where he acquired a large eatate. 
In the War of 1812, he waa with the militia, as major. He alao, 
for abt. three months, had command of a battalion, and was out 
with a regiment, several times, as colonel. . 

He m. (1) Oct 10, 1800, Anna McNiel, b. July 25, 1780, dau. 
of Charles McNiel of Charlotte, Vt She d. in Essex, N. Y., Mch. 
29, 1831, SB. 50. 

He m. (2) Aug. 21, 1831, Eliza Tobt, b. abt 1780, dau. of Hon. 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Gilliland) Ross of Essex, N. Y. She was 
lost at the burning of the steamer Empire, on the passage from 
New York to Albany, May 17, 1849, e. abt 69. 


1000. CharUi, b. Dec. 25, 1801 ; m. (1) 8. J. Ross; (2) £. Burritt. 

1010. Harmon, b. Nor. 1, 1808; m. Laura A. Welsh. 

1011. Eenr^ Banmm, b. Dec. 17, 1807; m. Cornelia Qould. 

1012. Bdden, b. Jan. 11, 1810; m, Adeline M. Ferris. 
1018. David, b. Oct 10, 1818; d. Dec. 28, 1818. 


Abahel Noble, a. of Elisha, was b. in New Milford, Conn., and 
d. in Weatem N. Y., abt 1814. 

He m. Philomela Skinneb, dau. of Adonijah and Judith 

(Baleigh) Skinner. She m. (2) Hawes of Shaftesbury, 

Vt, and d. near Rochester, N. Y. 


1014. Oarry Skinner, b. Feb. 27, 1807; m. (1) 6. Fowler; (2) £. Freeman. 

Daniel Noble, a. of Elisha, waa b. in New Milford, Conn., Dec. 
21, 1792, and d. in Fort Coyington, N. Y., Apr. 9, 1871, e. 78. 
He resided in Whitehall, Plattaburgh, and Fort Covington, N. Y. 

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He also, from about 1853-57, did bosiness in connection with his 
nephew, Henry R. Noble, in Elizabethtown, N. Y. He was a 
tanner and currier, shoe and leather dealer, and also a wholesale 
and retail dry goods dealer. 

He m. Nov. 4, 1817, Mary McNiel, b. in Charlotte, Vt, Dec 13, 
1792, dau. of Charles and Mercy (Wooster) McNiel She d. in 
Port Covington, N. Y., 1863, ». 70. 


1015. Charlotte, b. May 29, 1819, in PlatUburgh; d. unm., in Cambria, 
N. Y., Nov. 14. 1849, «. 30. 

1016. Sarah, b. May 16, 1823, in Fort CoviDgton, and there d. Nov. 4. 
1824. 86. 1. 

1017. Sarah, b. Dec. 14, 1824, in Fort Covington; m. William C. Peck. 

1018. Banmnn, b. July 10, 1827, in Fort Covington, and there d. unni., 
June 28, 1848, se. 20. 


Benedict Noble, s. of Sherman, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 10, 1789, and d. in New York dty, Aug. 8, 1867, sb. 70. He 
was for many years a carpenter in New York city. 

He m. May 10, 1814, Hannah Clark, b. in Lansingburgh, N. Y., 
Mch. 17, 1793, dau. of John and Abigail (Manin) Clark. She d. 
in Greenpoint, N. Y., July 18, 1872, e. 79. 


1019. AloMo, b. Feb. 12, 1815, in Waterford, N. Y. ; d. Mcb. 
1, 1815. 

1020. Charles, b. May 81, 1816. in Waterford, N. Y. ; and there 
d. July 7, 1816. 

1021. lUbeeca Maria, b. June 13, 1817, in New York; m. Apr. 28, 
1884, Samuel Lescom Arment, b. in New York city, s. of William 
Henry Arment. He resides, 1877, in Jersey City, N. J. She d. in 
New York city, July 16, 1860, a*. 43. Children. 1. Elizabeth Ann, 
b. Nov. 17, 1885; 2. Caroline Amelia, b. Oct. 12, 1887, d. Aug. 12, 
1888, «. lOmos.; 8. Samuel Lescom, b. June 1, 1839, d. Jan. 9, 
1848; 4. Martha Almenia, b. Jan. 9, 1842; 5. Samuel Henr}% b. 
Mch. 21, 1844, served in the Civil war, and d. in Mobile, 1864; 
6. Benedict, b. Jan. 17, 1846, d. Apr., 1848, ae. 2; 7. Sarah Lucia, 
b. July 25, 1850; 8. Alfred Augustus, b. Nov. 13, 1852. 

1022. Henry l>avU (twhi), b. June 18, 1817, in New York; m. (1) Nov. 27, 
1887, Maiy Nelson, b. in Sweden, dau. of Swan Nelson. She d. Aug. 
21, 1848. He m. (2) June 15, 1850, Martha McEinzie, b. in Soot- 
land, dau. of Nixon McEinzie. He d. in New York city, Mch., 
1874, se. 56. Children. 1. Henty Clay, b. Jan. 26, 1839; 2. Maria 
Louisa, b. Aug. 81, 1841; 8. Mary, b. May 18, 1844; 4 Benedict, b. 
Apr. 16, 1851; 5. Davis, b. Nov. 2, 1852; 6. Walter C, b 1854. in 
Williamsburg. N. Y., d. Aug. 1870; 7. George W.. b Feb. 22. 
1860; 8. Elizabeth A., b. 1861. 

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1088. John Clark, b. July 19, 1819, in New York ; m. Dec. 29, 1847, 

Hai^u^ HulU, dau. ot Jacob Hulu of Hempstead, N. Y. He wm 
a bookbinder, and d. in Greenpoint, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1878, s. 63. 
Child. Frederick Edgar, b. Not. 21, 1848, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1024. Barah Ann, b. Mch. 2. 1821, in New York; m. (1) Jan. 16, 

1843, Jacob Woodward, Jr. ; (2) July 6, 1850, John Wessells. s. of 
Lawrence Wessellfl. He d. inNaahyiUe, Tcnn., Nov. 28, 1869;(3)Apr. 
16, 1874, Robert Allen. He is, 1877, a carpent«r and Joiner. Child 
by first marriage. 1. John Clark, b. Mch. 24, 1844, d. in Sherman, 
Conn., May 2, 1868, m, 9. Children by second marriage. 2. Sam- 
uel Lescom, b. Mch. 23, 1861, in New York; 3. William H., b. Apr. 
28, 1866; 4. Hannah M., b. July 9, 1867, d. Jan. 16, 1864, s. 6. 

1026. CaroUne AmsUa, b. Jan. 11, 1823, in New York; m. Aug. 23, 
1840. Moses Edwin Crssto, b. in New York, s. of Abraham Crasto. 
He was, ii\ 1864, warden of Randall's island; afterward in sunrey- 
or*s department of N. Y. custom-house; from 1870-78, U. S. assist- 
ant assessor of internal revenue; and is now, 1877. associated with 
his son, Franklin P., under the firm of M. E. Crasto & Son, as 
real estate and insurance brokers. Children bom in New York. 

1. Caroline Amelia, b. July 26, 1841, m. Feb. 0, 1861, Augustus 
Purdy Williams. He graduated, 1860, at the Medical department of 
Columbia College, and during the Civil war was a surgeon in the 
army and navy. He is, 1877, a physician in Rutherford, N. J. ; 

2. Emma Lucia, b. Mch. 24, 1843, m. Jan. 8, 1874. Rev. Samuel 
Parker Hammond, Wesleyan University, 1870, and is, 1877, pastor 
of the Methodist Epis. church in Hackensack, N. J. ; 3. Rebecca 
L., b. May 12, 1845; 4. Hannah, b. Aug. 80, 1847. d. Mch. 22, 184- ; 
5. Adelaide A., b. Dec. 14, 1848; m. June 22. 1872. Thomas L. P. 
Dalby . During the Civil war he served in the U. S. navy ; 6. Edwin 
Noble, b. Dec. 17, 1860, m. Feb. 2, 1876, Emma M. Fuller. He 
graduated at Drew Theological Seminafy* and is, 1877, pastor of the 
Methodist Episcopal church in Whitehall, N. J. ; 7. Franklin Purdy, 
b. Feb. 10, 1853; 8. Isabella Maria, b. July 31. 1865; 9. William M., 
b. Feb. 24, 1868, d. June 9, 1858, s. 3 mos. 

1026. AhigaHJane, b. Aug. 7, 1825. in New York; and there d. 
Nov. 6, 1820, s. 14 mos. 

1027. Benediei, b. Oct. 2. 1826. in New York; and there d. Oct. 
8. 1826. s. 6 daya 


Lauea Noblk, dau. of Sherman, was b. Jan. 23, 1797, and d. 
m Charkon, N. Y., Apr. 7, 1873, m, 76. 

She m. Oct 22, 1817, Majob Millabd, b. in PittsBeld, Mass., 
Dec. 5, 1795, a. of Jaaon and Anna Millard. He d. in Charlton, 
N. Y., Oct. 21, 1871, SB. 75. He was a shoemaker. 


1028. Harriet, b. Aug. 12, 1818; m. Feb. 11, 1840, William Henry 
Clark. He is, 1877, a hotel-keeper in Schenectady, N. Y. 


Digitized by 



1029. Mareut NoUe, b. June 26, 1820; m. (1) Oct. 20, 1842, Mary Jane 
Smith; (2) July 20. 1867, Maria Campbell. He is, 1877, a grocer in 
Schenectady, K. Y. 

1080. WaUam, b. Aug. 18, 1822; d. in Chariton, June 18, 1824. 

1081. Ba/rah Anii, b. Sept 80, 1824; m. Feb. 20, 1843, William Ca- 
rert, and d. in SchenecUdy, N. T.. Sept. 28, 1852, s. 27. He is, 
1877, a farmer in BalUton. N. T. 

1062. CathoHne Maria, b. Oct. 80, 1826; m. Dec. 28. 1845, James Davis 
Hayes, and d. in Ckdway, K. T., Jan. 0, 1877, n. 50. He is. 1877. 
a tinsmith in Qalway, N. T. 

1088. Almeda, b. Jan. 1, 1829; m. Dec. 2%, 1852, Richard Mar- 

vin. He is, 1877, a carpenter in Charlton, N. Y. 

1084. John Woodbridffe, b. Dec. 16, 1880; m. June 8, 1861, Henrietta Bur- 
hight. He was a merchant in Schenectady, N. Y. , and there d. 
Apr. 18, 1866, s. 85. 

1085. DatiB WiUum, b. Not. 1, 1884; m. Mch. 21, 1806, Frank Beach. 
He is, 1877, a fanner in Charlton, N. Y. 

1086. JKn«%, b. Apr. 27, 1887; m. Nov. 16. 1862, Norman 
Smith. He is, 1877, a farmer and tinsmith in Charlton, N. Y. 



Col. George Hateb Noble, b. of Curtis, was b. in Unadilla, 
N. Y., Dec 15, 1803, and there d. July 27, 1847, m. 42. He was 
a mercliant. The Albany Argus thus notices his death: 

" We are pained to announce the death of this estimable and much 
respected gentleman, who expired at his residence in Unadilla, Otsego 
County, on the morning of the 27th inst., of a disease of the kidneys, of 
some months* standing. In his native village, and wherever he was 
known, the withdrawal of one so favorably and honorably connected 
with the affairs of his times, in the freshness <A life, and the meridian of 
his usefulness, will be felt as an event deeply to be deplored, and to his 
family and friends, irreparable. A mutual friend and correspondent, in 
communicating his death, writes us as follows, not for publication, but 
which we take the liberty to transcribe: 

" ' CoL Noble has occupied no inconsiderable place in the public mind 
here, as a man of high intellectual powen, and extensive reading and 
intelligence. You knew him personally, and were not, I am sure, insen- 
sible to his worth. His fine qualities of mind and heart were devoted to 
the service of his friends, and to all who came within the sphere of his 
association, in his native village. His pen also has been often employed 
for their gratification and instruction. Politically he enjoyed a personal 
popularity beyond his party friends and associates, all confiding in his 
integrity and manliness of character. He was, when he died, postmaster 
at this place, and supervisor of the town. He has always been a pro- 

Digitized by 



f«ned belieyer in Chrigtianity, and was much attached to the Episcopal 
church, of which he was a sincere, but unostentatious member. 

" 'He was in the 44th year of his age, and died in the possession of his 
mental faculties, having scanned his books, and perused your paper yes- 
terday as usual, although too feeble to sit up. He passed the day com- 
fortably, and slept last night until two o'clock in the morning, when he 
awoke to undergo the pains of dissolution, and expired in one of the 
paroxysms of his disease, at half -past three.' 

" We sympathize with the surviving relatives, who so recently called to 
the death-bed of a beloved sister, Mrs. Donnelly of Catskill, now bow to 
this added stroke of affliction.'* 

He m. Oct. 22, 1833, Elizabeth Butler Page, b. in UnadiUa, 
N. Y., Mch. 2, 1812, dau. of Sherman and Maria (Crocker) Page. 
They had no children. She m. (2) Nov. 20, 1856, Hon. Arthur 
Tatee, b. in Otaego Co., N. Y., Feb. 7, 1807, a. of William Yates, 
b. in Derbyshire, England, Nov., 1767, who m. Apr. 25, 1802, 
Hannah Palmer, b. in Brookfield, Conn., Jan. 18, 1781. Hon. 
Arthur Yates, and Elizabeth hia wife reside, 1876, in Waverly, 
Tioga Co., N. Y. From 1836-46, he was one of the judges of the 
Tioga Co. court 


Hon. Chablss Cubtib Noble, b. of Curtis, was b. in Unadilla, 
N. Y., Jan. 10, 1806, and d. in Owego, N. Y., June 13, 1851, sb. 
45. The foUowing article, copied from the Dreeman's Journal, 
giTes a truthful sketch of his life and character: 

"A correspondent at Unadilla, the residence of the late Judge Noble, 
fmiahes us," says the AXbany Argui, '* with some particulars of the cir- 
cumstances attending his death, together with some incidents of his life, 
which cannot but be interesting to our readers, many of whom knew him 
well, and appreciated his sterling worth both in public and private life: 

" ' Charles Curtis Noble was the second son of Curtis Noble, one of 
the earliest settlers of the town of Unadilla, a successful and enterprising 
merchant, extensively and favorably known for many years throughout 
that section of the State. He died some years ago, leaving a family of 
two aons, and daughters, and large c6nnections, an ample fortune, and an 
unsullied name. The deceased was the oldest [second] son, and was in 
his 46th year at the time of his death. He was a graduate of Union Col- 
lie. He commenced his professional studies with Ezekiel Bacon of 
Utica, and completed them under James Clapp of Oxford. Upon his 
admission to the supreme court, in 1842, he formed a partnership in the 
practice of the law with the Hon. Stephen Strong of Owego, and con- 
tinued this association for several years, and until the death of his father, 
when be returned to Unadilla, where he resided at the time of his death. 
The general esteem and confidence which he earned at Owego, and in all 
that section of the country* awaited him on his return to Unadilla. The 
olBce of supreme court commissioner he held for several years, and was 

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sabsequently the successor of the Hon. Jabez D. Hammond, as first Judge 
of Otsego County. This last office he held in 1847, when the new consti. 
totion took eifeot. He was elected in 1849, to the Assembly from Otsego, 
and in that station distinguished himself as a safe and able legislator. 

Judge Noble was attacked by the disease which terminated bis life, in 
March last, and about four weeks ago, seeking relief from a change of 
residence, he became a welcome guest in the family of Judge Strong 
(with whom he was connected by marriage), and there, surrounded by 
kind and attentiye friends, he breathed his last on the 18th inst , in the 
full possession of his mental faculties, and in the faith and with the hopes 
of a Christian. His remains were accompanied to the railway depot by a 
large procession, and conyeyed to Deposit, whence they were taken to 
Unadilla by way of Bainbridge. There the remains were reoeiTed by the 
friends and fellow-townsmen of the deceased, flUing some thirty carriages, 
and accompanied about ten miles to Unadilla, where the funeral aervices 
were held in the Episcopal church, of which the deceased had long been 
a communicant, and an appropriate sermon was delivered by Rev. N. H. 
Adams. The scene was highly impressive, and the unusual circumstances 
attending it, evinced how deeply and generally the loss of the deceased is 
felt and deplored by all classes of society.* 

" We cannot better express our own high appreciation of the character 
of the deceased, than by giving place to the following eloquent and Just 
tribute to his memory, from the pen of the Hon. Jabez D. Hammond, an 
intimate and warm personal friend: 

'Chk&rt Vallet, June 21, 1851. 

No case of mortality could have occurred in this county, which would 
have produced more general lamentation and heart-felt grief, than the 
death of Judge Noble. He has been taken from us in the vigor of life, 
and in the midst of his usefulness. He was for many years engaged in 
extensive practice as a lawyer, in this and adjoining counties. He has 
held the office of Supreme Court Commissioner, first Judge of Otsego 
County, and member of the legislature. All these high trusts he has dis- 
vbarged with distinguished ability and scrupulous integrity. I was for 
five years associated with him as one of the members of the Court of 
Common Pleas of this county, and therefore can speak from my own per- 
sonal knowledge, of the purity and independence of his official conduct 
He was a sound and well-read lawyer. But that for which he was most 
distinguished, was his amiability of temper and kindness of heart In 
his political and professional collisions, be never afforded evidence of the 
least unkind feeling or illiberality to his opponents. His appearance was 
highly prepossessing, and his address was so frank and friendly, as in- 
stantly to enlist your feelings in his favor. A more purely virtuous man 
never lived. He was universally respected— he was more than respected, 
he was beloved by alL There may have been those who envied him, but 
I do not believe the human being now lives, who was an enemy to 
Charles C. Noble. His wife, a most amiable and excellent lady, and seve- 
ral young but highly promising children survive him. Kay the God of 
the widow and fatherless protect and comfort thent' " 

Digitized by 


BBANCH OP jonc. 137 

He prepared for coUege at Oenevai N. Y., as is thought, under 
Dr. McDonald, and graduated at Union College, in 1828. 

He m. Oct 28, 1834, Abioail Whittlbbxt Gamp, b. in Owego, 
N. Y., Oct 15, 1808, dau. of William and Abigail (WhitUeeey) 
Camp of Owego, N. Y. She resides, 1876, in Owego. 


1088. JuUa AuguMUi, b. July 7, 1887; d. in Owego, Oct d8, 1880, 
as. 2. 

1089. George OurU$, b. July 20, 1840; a dentist in Owego, d. unm., in 
UnadUla, N. Y., June 16, 1864, m. 23. 

1010. Henry Strong, b. Dec 10, 1841; a dentist in Owego, d. unm., in 

Paris, France, Sept 25, 1868, m. 26. 
1041. FretUrie AuiUn, b. June 28, 1844; d. Sept 14, 1848, m. 4. 
1012. LeOa, b. Mch. 10, 1846; d. in Unadilla, Dec. 25. 1861, 

s. 15. 
1048. Imogen, b. Jan. 5, 1848; d. in UnsdilU, Jan. 2, 1865, 

m, 17. 


Maby Ann Noblk, dau. of Curtis, was b. in Unadilla, N. Y., 
Jan. 17, 1808. She resides, 1876, in Plainfield, N. J. 

She m. Sept 23, 1829, Pbter Jabkz Betts, b. in Bainbridge, 
Chenango Co., N. Y., Aug. 2, 1805, s. of Peter and Eliza (Fitch) 
Betts. He was a merchant and resided most of his days in Bain- 
bridge, Chenango Co., N. Y., but d. in Marshall, Mich., May 7, 
1856, A. 50. 


1044. Charles AWe, b. May 28, 1882; d. unm., in UnsdUla, N. Y., Feb. 
8, 1866, m, 28. 

1045. Feier Henry, b. July 9, 1885; unm., is a produce commission mer- 
chant of the firm of Douglass, BetU db Co., 88 Broad street, New 
York, but resides, 1876, in PUinfleld, N. J. 

1046. JuUaAnna, b. Aug. 11, 1888; m. May 11, 1864, WiUiam Henry 
Betts, a merchant, 1876, at 96 Chambers street, New York city, who 
resides in Elainfleld, N. J. 8he d. In Elisabeth, N. J., July 11, 
1872, as. 82. 


Habbibt Ambua Noble, dau. of Curtis, was b. in Unadilla, 
N. T., Oct 12, 1812. 

She m. Aug. 1, 1837, Hbnbt Housb Howabb, b. in Madison, 
Madison Co., N. Y., Oct 6, 1808, s. of Samuel Howard, who was 
b. in Bridgewater, Mass., March 11, 1780, d. in Madison, N. Y., 
Aug. 12, 1821, and Maiy House, b. Oct. 6, 1787, d. in Madison, 
N. Y., Oct 7, 1808. H. H. Howard is a manufacturer, and since 
his marriage has resided, up to the present time, 1876, in Una- 
dilla, N. Y. 

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1047. JuUa AUfx, b. June 2, 1841; d. in Unadilla, Sept 96, 1878, 
s. 82. 

1048. Frederick Bamufl b. July 2, 1843; d. in Unadilla, July 22, 1844^ 
K. 1. 

1049. Frederick Samuel, b. Nov. 6, 1844; m. Apr. 21, 1874, Donna Mar- 
eUa Watson, is a dentist, and resides. 1876, at 242 West 45tb street, 
New York city. 


Curtis Noble, a. of Cnrtis, was b. in Unadilla, Ots^o Co. 
N. Y., Feb. 25, 1821, and d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1877, m. 
55. In April, 1840, he went to reside in New York city, as a clerk 
with L. P. Stafford, in the produce commission business. On the 
21st of Sept, 1842, he entered into copartnership with Isaac L. 
Condit, under the firm of Condit k Noble, produce commission 
merchants, 16 Water St., New York, and continued in successful 
business under that name, and also the following, Curds Noble, 
Curds Noble k Co., Noble k Douglass, until 1866. The two sub- 
sequent years he spent with his family in Europe. On his return, 
in 1868, he entered into the produce commission business, under 
the firm of Noble k Betts, but retired in 1870. From that date 
until his death, he was engaged in real estate and insurance busi- 
ness. To the latter, much of his time had been preTiously devoted. 
He was one of the original incorporators and directors of the 
Home Insurance Co. of New York, and retained the oiBce of 
director until his death. He resided after May 1852, at No. 80 
Montague St, Brooklyn, N. T. 

He m. Jan. 5,. 1848, Chablotte Mabia Dat, b. in Catskill, 
N. Y., Aug. 30, 1818, dau. of Orrin and Mary (Hull) Day. 


1050. Clara, b. Jan. 8, 1848, in New York; m. Apr. 84, 1878, 
Edward Earle, b. in Boston, Kasa, Apr. 1, 1848, a of John and 
Caroline (Smith) Earle. He resides, 1876, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
is engaged in the cloth business at Nos. 77 and 79 Thomas St., a 
member of the firm of Earle, Eggleston & Co. Children b. in Brook- 
lyn. 1. Curtis Noble, b. Nov. 9, 1874; 2. Edith, b. Apr. 22, 1876. 

1051. Anna 8harw>od, b. Not. 7, 1851, in Bioc^yn, N. Y.; and there d. 
May81, 1859. s. 7. 

1052. Charles Ourtie, b. Aug. 9, 1857, in Brooklyn. 
1068. Mary Burr, b. Mch. 7, 1862, in Brooklyn. 


Thomas Bostwiok Noble, a of Cyrenus, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. Y., Oct 8, 1806, and d. in Huron, 0., April 23, 1839, ». 32. 
He was a dry goods salesman. 

Digitized by 



He m. Oct. 12, 1828, Caroline Lee, b. July 3, 1810, dau. of 
Col. Nathaniel Lee, of Port Tan, N. Y. After Mr. Noble's death, 
ahe m. (2) Dec. 25, 1841, David Augustus Adams Ensworth, a 
lawyer of Dexter, Mich. 


1064. Edwin C, b. Oct. 14, 1829; d. Nov. 26, 1829, se. 1 mo. 

1055. L&uim, b. June 21, 1881; m. (1) Apr. 2, 1851, William Mar- 
tin, b. in Romulus, N. T., Sept. 12, 1828, s. of James and Letitia 
(Depuy) Martin. He was a merchant in Ypsilanti, Mich. ; (2) May 
4, 1858, Frank H. Page. • 

1056. LleweUifnJ., b. Apr. 10, 1888; d. Oct. 14. 1888, se. 6 mos. 

1057. Alida liobella, b Nov. 26, 1885; m. (1) Jan. 22, 1854, Edward J. 
Wyman of Memphis, Tenn. ; (2) Charles Brush, who is, 1877, a 
capitalist and real estate owner in New York city. 

John Ctrenvs Noble, s. of Cyrenus, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. T., Feb. 11, 1814, and d. in Detroit^ Mich., Nov. 18, 1871, as. 
57. He resided for a time in Niles, MicL, removed thence to 
Detroit, Mich., where he was in btisiness with William Phelps, 
was next agent of an express company, then sailed upon the lakes 
in the employ of Capt. E. B. Ward, and was subsequently a book* 
keeper of the Mich. Central R. R. company. 

He m. Nov. 29, 1851, Delia. Petric, b. in Livingston, Columbia 

Co., N. Y., May 10, 1812, dau. of Jacob I. and Jenisha (Lane) 


cmLDBEN,— none. 


Oabbt Benjamin Noble, s. of Cyrenus, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. Y!, Aug. 12, 1816. He has resided in Dexter, Mich., and 
Waukegan, III, but now, 1876, lives in Detroit, Mich. 

He m. March 2, 1848, Eliza Crossman, dau. of Rufus and 
Lucy Crossman. 


1058. Edward Ortmman, b. Nov. 20, 1848; d. in Waukegan, 111., Sept. 

1000. Q^oTffe Wright, b. Feb. 24, 1856, in Detroit. 

Charles Edward Noble, s. of Cyrenus, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. Y., Jan. 19, 1824, and d. in New York city, Dec. 27, 1873, se. 
49. For more than two years subsequent to his marriage, he re- 
sided in Detroit, Mich., and was derk of one of Capt. E. B. Ward's 
steamers on Lake Erie. HiMng been, in 1854, appointed manag- 

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ing Agent of the line of steamen belonging to the Michigan Cen- 
tral R. R. company, running between Buffalo and Detroit, he re- 
moved to BufiEalo, N. Y. Two or three years after, he was 
appointed general agent of the Mich. Central R. R. Co., and when, 
about 1865, the oiBce was removed to New York, he went with 
it, and continued to reside, until within six weeks of his death, 
in Jersey Qity, N. J. In that important position he commanded 
the respect and confidence of the business community, and the 
various railroad and transportation companies throughout the 

He m. Feb. 8, 1850, Jebdbha Phelps Crossmak, b. in St. Johns- 
bury, Vt, July 18, 1824, dau. of Alanson and Evelina Bailey (Ewen) 
Croesman of Dexter, Mich. She resides, 1877. with her daugh- 
ters, in Ann Arbor, Mich. 


1000. Ida EoaUna, b. Dec. 22, 1851, in Detroit, Mich. 
1061. Marif Louim, b. Oct 14, 1858, in Dexter, Mich. 


Fbamois Wiluam Noble, s. of Cyrenus, was b. in New Lis- 
bon, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1826. He left Unadilla, N. Y., May 4, 1848, 
for Detroit^ Mich., hoping to secure a clerkship on the lake steam- 
ers, in which business two of his brothers were then engaged. 
'* I landed in Detroit^*' he writes, <' not penniless, for I had one 
penny, a gift, which I have still, Feb. 7, 1876, in my possession." 
He immediately applied to Titus Doane, the husband of his cousin, 
Antoinette Noble, who employed him in shovelling gravel on the 
Michigan Central railroad. On the morning of the second day, 
he was promoted from a common laborer to time-keeper, and his 
wages increased from 6/ to 8/ per day. He soon after obtained 
a clerkship in the drug store of his brother, Garra B. Noble, and 
there remained until the following year, when he entered into 
the employ of Capt. E. B. Ward, as clerk of the steamer Cham- 
pion, running from Orand Haven to Milwaukee and Sheboygan, 
and continued on the same for five years. For the two subsequent 
yean, he was a merchant in Ypsilanti, Mich., and then removed 
to Detroit^ and entered into partnership with his brother, Garra B. 
Noble, under the firm name of G. B. k F. W. Noble, in the grain, 
flour, feed, and commission business. His brother retiring after 
a year, he conducted the business alone for about two years. For 
the ensuing two years, he was street commissioner. In July, 
1859, he again entered Capt. E. B. Ward*s employment, first in 

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the dnfting-room with William F. Puffer, where he was engaged on 
.machinery for rolling-mills, blast furnace, anxl steel work. For 
many years, down to the time of Capt Ward^s death, he was em- 
ployed to look after the mineral department of his business. He 
held the position of mining engineer and mineral expert, and 
explored a vast amount of territory in various parts of the 
country, turning his attention particularly to iron and coaL He 
is now, 1876, senior partner of the firm of Noble & Brady, min- 
ing engineers and mineral experts, and also secretary of the Mich- 
igan State board of managers of the Centennial exhibition. 
Detroit has been his home for twenty years. 

He m. Jan. 13, 1852, Sarah McQubbn Mabtin, b. in YpsOanti. 
Mich., May 8, 1829, only dau. of James and Letitia (Depue) 


1083. Davghier, b. Apr. fUi, 1854, in Ypsilanti, and there d. Apr. 

1068. FYaneeB LcUtia, b. Apr. 27. 1855. in Tpsilanti. Mich. 
1064. Mar^Ltewayn, b. Sept. 80. 1857. in Detroit 

Dr. WiLUAM Noble, s. of Hon. Elnathan, was b. in Wethers- 
field, Ck>nn., May 9, 1803. He commenced his medical studies, in 
• 1822, under Gavin L. Root of Geneva, N. Y., and continued them 
under Henry L. Mitchell, M. D., of Norwich, N. Y., attended a 
course of medical lectures at the University of New York, and 
received in Nov., 1836, the honorary degree of M. D., from the 
Termont Academy of Medicine at Castleton, Yt He has prac- 
ticed his profession, 1825-27, in Frankfort, N. Y., and Newport, 
N. Y.; 1827-31, in Albany, N. Y.; 1831-40, in Hudson, O.; and 
1840-76, in Albion, Orleans Co., N. Y. He has attained a high 
reputation as a physician. 

He na. Jan. 2, 1829, Amsua Stiles Denio, b. in Greenfield, 
Mass., Jan. 5, 1806, daiL of John and Harriet (Stiles) Denio. 
Harriet Stiles was the dau. of Ezra Stiles, Jr., who was the son of 
Bnm Stilsst prssident of Yale College. 


1065. WaHam Ora^, b. May 80. 1882. in Hudson. O., and there d. Feb. 
m, 1885. m. 8. 

1066. ifofy WinUm, b. Dec 11. 1888; m. Edwin West. 

1067. BdrrUt SlOet, b. Sept 15. 1885. in Hudson; m. Jan. 80. 1865. 
Dr. Heniy Beaumont Watson, s. of Charles and Lausanoc (Kilbum) 


Digitized by 



Watson of London, Eng. They mlde, 1876, in New York city. 
Children. 1. Mary Allen, b. Dec. 21, 18G5; 2 WUliam Noble, b. 
Sept. 29, 1867. 

1068. Fhin4ie$ AfMUa, b. Jan. 17, 1889, in Albion; m. Not. 29, 1864, Dr. 

WiUiam H. OraTes. He d. . They had no children. Mrs. 

Grayea resides, 1876, a part ot the time with her father, and a part 
of the tinie in New York city, with her sister, Ifrs. West 

1069. EOa, b. June 8, 1842, in Albion, and d. Sept 21, 1845, 
ae. 8. 

1070. Annette LueOU, b. July 12, 1844, in Albion; unm., 1876. 


Hon. BuTLBB OiLBSRT NoBLB, B. of HoD. Elnathaii, was b. in 
Oenev% N. Y., Sept. 27, 1815. He was for two years a mem- 
ber of the daas of 1835 in Qeneva (now Hobart) College^ at 
Geneva, N. Y., read law with Lane k Wilson, in Cnwfordsville, 
Ind., was admitted to the bar, and practiced law in Crawfordsville, 
1843-44. Abandoning then the law, he was for nine yean a 
dmggist in Westfield, N. Y., except for a portion of the years 
1849-50, when a clerk of the drag examiner in the costom^honse 
in New York city. In the spring of 1855, he removed to White- 
water, Wis. He was elected, in the fall of 1857, a member of the 
Wisconsin Assembly, and in the faU of 1859, lieutenant-governor 
of Wisconsin, on the Republican ticket with Alexander W. Randall, 
governor. During the second year of the term (two years), Gk>v. . 
Randall was appointed minister to Rome, and Lieut -Gov. Noble 
discharged during several months the executive duties. In 1862, 
he removed to New York city, in 1865, to Brooklyn, N. Y., 
and has there resided from that time up to the present year, 1877. 
Since 1862, he has served as harbor-maater of New York, and 
weigher in the United States custom-house. He has gained con- 
siderable reputation as a political iQ>eaker, formerly on the Whig 
and more recently on the Republican side. 

He m. Apr. 29, 1856, Mabt Spencer, b. in Westfield, N. Y., 

March 25, 1826, dau. of Dr. Silas and Harriet (Goodrich) ^)encer 

of Westfield, N. Y. 


1071. Borah JQUe, b. Aug. 11, 1859, in Whitewater, Wis. 

1072. Limii Bpmoer, b. Oct 8, 1864, in Westfield, N. Y. 

Stlvxstxb Gilbbbt Noble, s. of Hon. Mnathan, was b. in Geneva, 
N. Y., March 12, 1819. 
He left home, on the 10th of March, 1849, for California, by the 

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overlftnd route, being one of the company known as the <* Wolver- 
ine rangers," numbering sixty-seven men, with eighteen wagons, 
fifty-four yoke of oxen, and many cows and horses. Soon after 
leaving the frontier, thinking to outstrip the train, Noble, with one 
companion, took ponies and provisions, and started on in advance. 
The first night, the Indians stole their ponies, leaving them with 
their heavy packs to pursue their way on foot. After a weary 
march of five hundred miles, on the 10th of October the eyes of 
the starving travelers were gladdened with the sight of the 
Sacramento valley. We have not space to tell the marvelous 
story of the sicknesses, hardships, and privations, which he 
endured from the time of leaving home, until he was once more 
safe in Unadilla. In that place he has since resided, engaged a 
part of the time in mercantile business, and a part in farming. 

He m. Oct 14, 1841, Ghablottx Eleanor Montague, b. in 
Catskill, N. Y., March 28, 1820, dau. of Luke and Eunice (Sals- 
bury) Montague. 


1078. Henrietta Asenath, b. Jan. 12, 1844, in Unadilla; d. July 22» 1845. 
1074 WaUam Luke, b. Jan. 22, 1846, in UnadiUa; d. Aug. 6, 1847. 


Hebxan Ctbenus Noble, b. of Hon. Ehmthan, was b. in Geneva, 
N. Y., Sept. 22, 1821, and d. in Lsnsing, Mich., Jan. 7, 1849, as. 
27. He was a merchant in Byron, Shiawassee Co., Mich., and died 
while attending the legislature, as representative from Shiawassee 
county. He was a ready debater, and gifted with more than 
ordinary intellectual powers. 

He m. Aug. 16, 1847, Mabia C. Shattdcx, b. Oct. 21, 1827, dau. 
of Lyman Shattuck of Gommeree, Mich. After his death Mrs. 
Noble m. (2) Feb. 14, 1852, Thaddeus Smith, a merchant of Com- 


1075. F^nk, b. July 15, [24?] 1848; d. July 12, or Sept., 1851, «. 8. 


Fbxdbbick Woodhouse Noble, s. of Hon. Elnathan, was b. in 
Geneva, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1826. He resided in Lapeer, Mich., 1848- 
52; in Flint, Mich., 1854-56; in Laporte, Ind., 1856-65; in Cape 
Oirardeau, Mo., 1865-70; and since the latter date, up to the 
present time, 1876, in St. Louis, Mo. He resides at 2105 N. 12th 
street, and is by trade a saddler. 

He m. Jan. 31, 1850, Mabt Jane Pattebson, b. in Ladd's Cor- 

Digitized by 



nera, town of Clarkson, Monroe Co., N. Y., May 10, 1827, dau. of 
Robert and Ann (Edie) Patterson. 


1076. COia Emma, b. Feb. 8, 1851. in Lapeer; m. Oct. 15, 1873, Wil- 
liam Surrcll, b. in Cape Girardeau, Mo., a. of Frederick William 
and Mary Jane (Wilkinson) Burrell. He is, 1876, a tinner in Cape 
Girardeau. She d. in that place, May 21, 1876, ae. 25. Child. 
Frederick William, b. Oct, 21, 1874, in Tolono, m. 

1077. Clara Ann, b. Feb. 19, 1858, in Lapeer. 

1078. Joiephine Lomira, b. Dec. 22, 1859, in Laporte. 


Albebt Utlet Noble, a. of Hon. Einathan, was b. in Geneva, 
N. T., June 6, 1831. 

After the death of hia father, from 1843-45, he resided with bis 
brother. Dr. William Noble, in Albion, N. Y., next in Unadilla^ 
MicL, ontQ 1850, when he went to Lapeer, Mich., and learned the 
trade of a aaddler with hia brother Frederick W. Noble. From 
1852 until 1862, he worked at vatioua places in Michigan and 
Indiana. In the Civil war he enlisted, Aug. 19, 1862, for three 
years, in Co. L, 5th MicL Cav., was captured June 11, 1864, 
and confined for six months in Andersonville prison. When 
exchanged, he was brought to New York city to the New England 
Relief rooms, and having regained his health, the war being over, 
was honorably discharged. He resided in Kalamazoo, Mich., 
1866-67; in Schoolcraft, Mich., Oct., 1867-Aug., 1870; in Detroit, 
Mich., Aug., 1870-April, 1871; in Grand Rapids, Mich., May, 
1871-Oct., 1871; and then returned to Kalamazoo, Mich., where 
he still, 1876, resides. 

He m. May 6, 1866, Lucr Evelina Blaxslke, b. July 26, 1834, 
in New Lisbon, N. Y., dau. of Col. Edward Solomon and Lucy 
(Weston) Blakslee. 


1079. Jenny Woodhotuc, b. June 8, 1867, in Kalamazoo. 

1080. Edward Blakdee, b. March 14, I860, in Schoolcraft 


Rev. Louis Lb Gkand Noble, a. of Sylvanus, was b. in New 
Lisbon, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1811. At the age of thirteen, he re- 
moved with his &ther, to Dexter, Mich. His studies preparatory 
to college were at a school in Wilmington, Del, under Rev. John 
B. Clemsen, at an academy in Delhi, N. Y., under Rev. Thomas 
Judd, and at the preparatory department of Bxjatol academy, in 

Digitized by 



Bristol, Penn. In 1834, he entered the Freshman class in Bristol 
College, and in 1835, by extra study, was able to join the Junior 
class, and graduated in 1837. The same year he became a mem- 
ber of the General Protestant Episcopal Seminary in New York 
city, and graduated in 1840. Having been ordained as a deacon, 
in St. Peter's church, New York, he was during the summer an 
assistant of Rev. Dr. A. Potter, of St. Peter's church, Albany, 
N. Y. In the fall of the same year, he went to Perquimons Co., 
N. C, and was a planter's chaplain, preaching for the whites in 
the morning, and the blacks- in the afternoon. Soon after, he had 
in connection, a charge in Hertford, the county seat, and thence 
extending his labors to Elizabeth City, N. C, became rector of 
Christ church, and there remained until 1844. In the summer of 
the last-named year, he accepted a call to St Luke's church in 
Catekill, N. Y., and after a ministry of ten years, in the summer 
of 1854 became rector of Grace church in Chicago, IlL, where he 
remained until the iall of 1855. Having for a time perfoi-med 
missionary labor in Glens Falls and Lake Geoi^ge, N. Y., on the 
4th of July, 1857, he took charge of Trinity church in Fredonia, 
N. Y. In Sept. 1858, he accepted a call to the church of the 
Holy Trinity, in Hudson City, a suburb of Jersey City, N. J., and 
thtre remained until the spring of 1872. He then became pro- 
fessor of English literature, in St. Stephen's Episcopal College; 
Annandale, N. Y., where he still, 1877, remains. Mr. Noble is a 
man of genius, and a ripe scholar, honored by Griswold with a 
place among American poeto. While at Catskill, he formed the 
acquaintance of the artist, Thomas Cole, and after the death of 
the latter, became his literary executor, wrote his life and edited 
his papers. In 1856, he published a duodecimo volume, embrac- 
ing his Lady Angdinty and other poems. In 1857, he pronounced 
a poem at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., which has been printed. 
He sttbaequently made a voyage with Church, the painter, to the 
Northern seas, and on his return, published, in 1862, After tee- 
hergs with a painter; a summer voyage to Labrador^ and around New- 

He m. Oct 30, 1844, Sabah Aim Hatxs, b. in Unadilla, N. Y., 
Aug. 22, 1815, dau. of Isaac and Sally (Mygatt) Hayes. 


1080a. Louis Steir^ort, b. July dl. 1845; and d. in C, Feb. 18, 1851, se. 5. 
1081. Mary Augusta, b. June 18, 1848; and d. in Jersey City, N. J., May 
80, 1871, as. 22. 

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Sallt Jenitte Noble, dau. of SylvanuB, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. Y., May 28, 1813, and d. in Dexter, Mich., Sept 25, 1874, m, 61. 

She m. Dec. 11, 1833, Dr. Amos Orat, b. in Townsend, Vt, 
Feb. 2, 1804, s. of Amos and Betsey (Tyler) Gray. He stadied 
medicine with Dr. Ransom of Glens Falls, N. Y*., and attended 
lectures at Castleton, Vt., and Pittsfield, Mass., in 1829. He com- 
menced practice in Dexter, Mich., Aug. 13, 1832, and has contin- 
ued there up to the present time, May, 1876. 


1082. Charles QaUn, b. Not. 18. 1884; m. June 10, 1861, Elizabeth Roch- 
ester Bruce, and is a tinner and hardware dealer in 6t Clair, Mich. 

1088. Avir^a yobU, b. May 22, 1888; d. Mch. 4, 1880, «. 9 mos. 

1064. BOen NMe, b. Oct. 15, 1840; m. Sept 80, 1868, James B. Far- 
rand of the United States navy, who was in active service during 
the Civil war, but is now, 1876, a manufacturer of boots and shoes 
in Port Hudson, Mich. 

1085. BOlejfAyinutw, b. Jan. 2, 1848; d. Aug. 9, 1844, m, 1. 

1086. BmajfSuift, b. Feb. 10, 1846; m. Nov. 2, 1870, Samuel Clem- 
ence Cook of St. Paul, Minn., the purchasing agent for the St. 
Paul Harvester works, and general agent for the same for Mich., 

1086a. Oora Etdifn, b. Aug. 2, 1855; resides, 1876, with her father. 

Emilt Mabia Noble, dau. of Sylvanus Noble, was b. in New 
Lisbon, N. Y., Dec 15, 1819, and resides, 1876, in Dexter, Mich. 
She has been divorced from her second husband, and has as- 
sumed the name of Swift 

She m. (1) Aug. 23, 1838, Cabsius Swift, b. in Kent^ Conn., 
May 15, 1815, s. of Homer and Electa (Swift) Swift. He was a 
merchant in Dexter, Mich., from the time of his marriage until 
his death, which occurred Dec. 25, 1849, at the age of 34 yrs. 

She m. (2) Not. 17, 1856, Wiluam Stbphens, b. in Ireland. 
He resided in Dexter, Mich., and was a shoemaker, and merchant. 


1087. Jam09 (kuriui, b. Aug. 15. 1889; and d. in Vincent Cross Road, 
Miss., Nov. 8, 1868, s. 84. He was a machinist in Elk Rapids, 
Mich. In the Civil war he enlisted March 15, 1861, in Capt. Ford's 
independent company attached to 58d 111. Cavaliy. During his 
service, be was transferred to several different regiments, and at 
the time be was wounded, Oct. 28, 1868, at Vincents Cross Rood, 
Miss., was Ist Lieut of Co. B. 1st Alabama (Loyal) Cavalry. Pre- 
vious to his death, the Union army had retreated forty miles. A 

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BoQthem womAn took bim to her house and nursed him like a 
mother, during his week of suffering, and after his death, with her 
two little children as her only companions, carried his remains, in 
a cart drawn by a yoke of young steers, within the Union lines, to 
the camp of his regiment. To those expressing surprise at her 
courage and humane feelings toward an enemy and a stranger, her 
answer was, "In the Bouthem army I have two sons, and for this 
wounded man I have only done what I should wish some Northeni 
mother might do for them in similar circumstances." Surely such 
Ghristian charity will not go unrewarded. 

10S8. Lewis BaOn/, b. Jan. 19, 1841; d. in Dexter, Apr. 18, 1842, as. 1. 

1069. Ifary Electa, b. Jan. 4, 1848; d. in Dexter, May 4, 1848, se. 4 mo«. 

1000. Frank, b. Apr. 6, 1844; d. in Dexter, Sept. 12, 1844, se. 


1091. Jane, b. May 15, 1847; unm. , resides, 1876, with her mother 

in Dexter. 

1002. Lamnia, b. June 12, 1840; d. hi Dexter, Dec. 6, 1849, a. 5 mos. 

Dr. Fbakcis Euoens Noble, s. of Sylvanus, was b. in Roches- 
ter, N. Y., July 1, 1824. He attended one course of medical lec- 
tures, 1847-48, at the Albany Medical College in Albany, N. Y.; 
and two 1849-51, at the Medical Department of Western Reserve 
College, located at develand, 0., obtaining Feb. 26, 1851, the 
degree of M. D. He at once commenced the practice of medicine 
in Dexter, Mich., and there remained until October, 1852, when he 
remoyed to Sacramento, Cal., and after remaining for three 
years near that dty, established himself in Michigan Bluff, Placer 
Co., CaL Having returned to the Bast he located on the 6th 
Nov., I860, in Jersey City, N. J., where he, 1876, resides. 

He m. May 29, 1860, Cobnsua Eliza Peck, b. in Noblesville, 
(New Lisbon,) N. Y., Feb. 10, 1826, dao. of Joseph and Polly 
Maria (Noble) Peck. 


1098. Maria Louiie, b. Feb. 8, 1861. 
1091 Ja9^k Ptek, b. June 18, 1862. 

1095. Louit Ambnm, b. Aug. 11, 1868. 

1096. BOm Ora^, b. Nov. 14, 1865. 

Slhathav Cusns Noblb, s. of Bostwick, was b. in Geneva, 
N. Y., Oct. 16, 1813. He is a dry goods salesman, and since 
leaving home in 1832, has resided in UnadiUa, N. Y., 1832-35; 
Cleveland, O., 1835-37; Detroit, Mich., 1837-42; Marshall, Micb., 
1842-45; Detroit^ Mich«, 1845-66; Saint Joseph, Mich., 1866-69; 

Digitized by 



and since the latter date up to the present time, 1876, in Detroit, 


He m. Aug. 21, 1844, Euza Cabpektbb, b. in New Lisbon, 

N. Y., Apr. 15, 1823, dau. of Nathan Brown and Betsey (Davis) 


CHiLDBBK, — none. 


Samuel Bobbomk Noble, a. of Bostwick, was b. in Geneva, 
N. T., Mch. 16, 1828. By profession a dentist, he has resided in 
Orand Rapids, Mich., Peoria, HI., and now, 1876, lives in Chicago, 

He m. (1) Apr. 22, 1851, Habbiettb Obinda Msbbill, b. May 4, 
1829, datL of Calvin and Cordelia Amelia (Leonard) Merrill. 
She d. in Grand Rapids, Mich., 1853, s. abt 24. 

He m. (2) Mch. 1.^. 1854, Frances J. Mebruj:^ b. in Amherst, 
Mass., Apr., 1831, a sistor of his former wife. She d. in EHkhom, 
"Wis., Sept 26, 1854, ae. 23 years. 

He m. (3) May 15, 1858, Elizabeth C. Hutchinson, b. in Mays 
Lick, Ey., Feb. 23, 1836, dau. of William C. and Sarah (Ashton) 
Hutchinson. She d. Feb. 19, 1862, n. 25. 

He m. (4) Sept, 1864, Ophelia SL Labmon, b. in Clarksville, 
Tenn., Aug. 29, 1844, dau. of Philip and Eittie M. (Knight) Lar- 


1097. Boitmek K, b. Jan. 4, 1860, in 8t Joseph. Mo. ; d. in Chicago, HI.. 
Mch. 12, 1868, e. 8. 


Helen Eliza Noble, dau. of Nathaniel, was b. in Geneva, N. Y., 
Sept 6, 1821. 

She m. Jan. 17, 1849, John EdwabdCoopeb, b. in London, Eng., 
May 10, 1823, s. of Dr. John Cooper. He was brought by his 
father, at the age of ten years, to the United States, and became a 
carriage-maker. He d. in Elk Rapids, Mich., Feb. 14, 1874, s. 50. 


1098. Ciara, b. July 16, 185l/in Brimfield, HI. 

1099. Sarriet iMcreHa, b. Sept. 8, 1858, in Dexter, Mich.; m. Nov. 18, 
1872, Kelson Rnshmore, b. in Catakill, N. T., May 4, 1844. who is. 
1876, a salesman in the store of Dexter & Noble, in Elk Rapids, Mich. 

1100. ffenrg Nobie, b. May 2, 1861, in Balem, lU. 

1101. Jchn Bdwin, b. Jan. 18, 1864, In Salem, Dl. 

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Hknbt Hobabt Noble, b. of Nathaniel, was b. in Palmyra^ N. Y., 
Aug. 26, 1823. After redding for a time in Dexter, Mich., he 
xemoyed abt. 1856 to Elk Bapids, Blicfa., where he stiU, 1876, 
resides. He is a member of the firm of Dexter ft Noble, and has 
been very successful as a manufacturer of charcoal, pig-iron, and 
dealer in general merchandise. 

He m. (1) Dec. 27, 1847, Clarissa Cecelia SEAsSydau. of 
Dr. Thomas Sears of Lima, Mich. She d. in Elk Rapids, Mich., 
Feb. 4, 1868. 

He m. (2) June 9, 1870, Magoie Ewino, b. in Brantford, C. W., 
Apr. 29, 1842, dau. of William Ewing. 


1102. Agnes Clara, b. Oct. 1, 1848, In Dexter, Mich. ; and there d. 
Apr. 20, 1854, 8B. 6. 

1108. Thamoi Henry, b. Sept 5, 1858, in Dexter, Mich. 
1101 Mary a, b. July 27, 1855, in Dexter, Mich. 
1105. HOen miaabeOi, b. Feb. 28, 1861, in Elk Rapids. Mich. 


HOG. Edwin 8ear$, b. Dec 7, 1874, in Elk Rapids, Mich. 

OscAB LeOrakd Noble, & of Nathaniel, was b. in Dexter, Mich., 
Apr. 25, 1830. He has resided in various places in Michigan and 
California, as well as in Chicago, HI. The home of his fajnily is 
now, 1 876, Chelsea^ Mich. Hei has been principally engaged in the 
lumber business, and in locating and speculating in state and gov- 
ernment lands. At present he has charge of a manufactory of 
shoe machineiy in Boston, Mass. 

He m. June 4, 1857, Auoe Whalby, b. in Coventiy, Conn., Jan. 
ly 1828. She was datL of Erastus Whaley, b. in Coventry, Conn., 
Jan. 25, 1798, who d. in Lima, Mich., Mcb. 7. 1876, ae. 78, and 
Fanny Congdon, b. in Norwich, Conn., Apr. 23, 1798. 


1107. Mark Whaley, b. May 20, 1858, in Dexter, Mich. ; d. in Lima, 

Mich., Jan. 5, 1861, e. 8. 
llOa Frank LeQrand, b. Oct 11, 1801, In Albion, Mich. 

1109. Lewii Eratiui, b. July 18, 1864, in Albion, Micb. 


Bdwin Stilson Noble, s. of Nathaniel, was b. in Dexter, Mich., 
July 21, 1838. After leaving his father's house, he resided in 

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Dexter, Mich., Detroit^ MicL, Chicago, IlL, KAlamAsoo, Blich., 
Albion, Mich., and in 1855 removed to Elk Rapida, Mich., his 
home in 1876. He ia a manu&cturer of charcoal, pig-iron, and 
lumber, and general merchant, of the firm of Dexter k Noble, and 
has been yeiy aucceaaful in buaineea. 

He m. Apr. 9, 1862, Emmsuks LoBXin>A Hurisut, b. in Char- 
lotte, Yt, July 28, 1844, dau. of James Wentworth and Lnra 
(Landon) Hurlbut. 


1110. Henry HurOmt, b. Dec. 16, 1860. 
nil. Ptrcy Oharki, b. Aug. d6. 1874. 

Antoinsttx Noble, dan. of Oaradns, was b. in Rochester, N. Y., 
Oct 17, 1824. 

*She m. Oct 14, 1841, Titus Doak, b. in Simeo, C. W., June 4, 
1815, s. of John and Katharine (Smith) Doan. He is a carpenter, 
and railroad and plank-road contractor, and resided in Detroit^ 
Mich., 1835-40 ; Dexter, Mich., 1840-41; Jackson, Mich., June- 
Nov., 1841; Dexter, Mich., 1841-46; Detroit, Mich., 1846-50; Flint 
Mich., 1850-52; Kalamazoo, Mich., 1852-55; Wayland, Mich., 
1855-72; and Grand Rapids, Mich., from the latter date, up to the 
present time^ 1876. 


1112. BfHander Walworth, b. Feb. 28, 1846, in Dexter; and there d. March 

4, 1846. 
1118. George Leander, b. Jan. 28,1848, in Detroit; m. Apr. 26, 1873, 

' ClimeDa Rebecca Bassett 
1114 Frank IfMe, b. Nov. 28, 1862, hi Kalamasoo. 

1116. OharlM Vaa, b. Aug. 18, 1857, hi Wayland. 

1116. John Qaradue, b. Oct 1, 1809, hi Wayland. 

1117. KitUe Maria, b. Apr. 6, 1866, hi Wayland. 


Gen. WiLUAM Hbnbt Noblb, s. of Rev. Birdsey Glover, was b. 
in Newtown, Conn., Aug. 18, 1813. 

He prepared for college 1824-28, at Capt Alden Partridge's 
famous '< American literary, scientific and military academy,'' in 
Middletown, Conn., entered Washington (now Trinity) College at 
Hartford, Conn., m 1828, removed in 1830 his connection to Tale 
College, and there graduated in 1832. He taught school for Bev. 
Ambrose Todd, D. D., in Stamford, Conn., 1832-34; read law with 
Joseph Wood, in Bridgeport, Conn., 1834-36, and was admitted to 
the bar in 1836. For eight years, he was clerk of the courts for 

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Fairfield county, for two or three yeans State's attorney, and at 
one time the nnBuccefiaful candidate of the Democratic party for 
Congress. In connection with Phineas T. Bamnm, he planned 
and laid out that part of Bridgeport, Conn., known as East Bridge- 
port» a large portion of which came to him by inheritance from his 
father. Building lots, streets, and a park were laid out; two 
bridges built across the Housatonic River, and large manufacturing 
companies, the Wheeler k Wilson and Howe Sewing machine and 
others, were induced to locate there, so that what was formerly a 
mere cow-pasture, has become a thriving city. 

In the Civil war he was mustered into the service Aug. 28, 1 862, 
at Bridgeport, Conn., as colonel of the 17th Reg. Conn. Vols. He 
was ordered first to the defense of Baltimore and Washington, 
thence to Sigel's llth Corps, reserve to Bumside's army of the 
Potomac. In the battle of Chancellorsville, in 1 1th Corps under 
Howard, he was wounded, a ball cutting off the main artery of his 
left arm, above the elbow. Having recovered from his wound, he 
reached his regiment in time for the last day's fight (July 3, 1863) 
at Gettysburg, Penn., went in and through the town, capturing 
rebel stragglers, and with the army followed Lee into Virginia. 
Thence he was sent with his brigade to South Carolina, under 
Gen. Ames (subsequently governor of Mississippi), was in the 
trenches at the siege of Wagner, and on Folly and Morris Islands 
until Wagner fell, and Sumter (on which he saw the first gun 
fired) was battered to a sand-heap. He was sent thence to Florida, 
^ first to Jacksonville, in command of a brigade, thence, Dec. 
22, 1864, to headquarters at St. Augustine, in command of 
seven regiments and batteries, and all the country east of the St 
John's River, a district larger than Connecticut. He was captured 
by the confederates Dec. 25, 1864, and taken to Macon, Ga., and 
thence to Andersonville, Ga., and was there in the oflScers* prison, 
in sight of the << great pen," for six weeks. Being released in 
March, 1865, with one thousand prisoners imder his charge, he went 
by foot and rail to Vicksburg, thence to St Louis, thence in com* 
mand of one thousand paroled prisoners to Annapolis, Md. He 
was mustered out of the service at Port Royal, S. C, in July 1865. 
During the same month or the next^ on the recommendation of 
U. S. Grant, he was breveted brigadier general. 

Bridgeport has been his home since 1834. He is a good public 
speaker, and a man of culture and broad views. Horticulture is 
his hobby, and he has introduced more new and rare shrubs and 

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plants than any other man not a nuiseryman. His portrait may be 
found in a group facing page 354, of Groffut and Morris* IliUiary 
and civil history of Hit War of 1861-^. Hartford, 1865.. 

He m. Oct. 16, 1839, Habbiet Jokes Bbooks, b. in Bridgeport, 
Conn., July 26, 1818, dau. of Benjamin and Hannah (Jones) 


1118. Henrietta MatiUUi,\}, Nov. 1, 1840; unm., 1870. 

1119. John Frederick, b. June 7, 1844; unm., resides, 1876, Id Bridge- 
port, and is a real estate and insurance agent. 

1120. Clarence Meigs, b. Mch. 8, 1850; m, Oct. 29, 1878, Juliet Sanford, 
b. in Brooklyn. N. Y., Dec. 8, 1852, dau. of Edmund Trowbridge 
and Elizabeth Charlotte (Gibson) Hastings. In the spring of 1878, 
he engaged in the commission business in New York city, in com- 
pany with Henry S. Sterling, but on the 1st of Jan. 1874, became a 
fire and marine insurance broker at 149 Broadway, his residence 
being in Brooklyn, N. Y. Child b. in Brooklyn. D^^sirdc Clair, b. 
Sept. 15, 1875, d. Sept. 16, 1875. 

1121. Mdhion Offden, b. June 17, 1856; d. Sept. 11, 1857, se. 1. 

1122. Fann^ Sheldon, b. Aug. 1, 1858. 


Fbioiriok Waldo Noble, s. of Rev. Birdsey Glover, was b. 
in Middletown, Conn., May 15, 1821. In 1846, he engaged at 
Easton, Penn., in the hardware business, but in 1868, sold out his 
interest in the same, and in connection with his brother and 
others, under the firm of Noble, KeUogg k Co., built the Ottawa, 
(Geneva & Fox River Valley railroad. He still, 1876, continues 
to reside in Easton. 

He m. Sept. 20, 1849, Anna Lsbbino, b. in Easton, Penn., Sept 
10, 1829, dau. of Hon. William and Elizabeth (Davis) Lebring. 


1128. John Saitford, b. Apr. 27, 1851; resides, 1876, in Easton, and is 
In the hardware business. 

1124. EliMabethJMnng, b. Apr. 27, 1858; d. unm., Dec. 21, 1875, ae. 22. 

1125. ITina, b. Nov. 26, 1854; d. July 4, 1871, c. 16. 

1126. JBdith, b. Mch. 12, 1857. 


Nathan Knight Noble, s. of Daniel, was b. in Paris, Me., 
Sept. 17, 1816. In 1831, he removed with his parents to Norway, 
Me. He was master of the Otis grammar school in East Cam- 
bridge, Mass., from March, 1848, to Dec, 1857, representative 
from Cambridge in Massachusetts legislature, 1858-60, and post- 
master in East Cambridge, 1861-69. In June, 1869, he removed 

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to Montioello, town of Mount Pleasant, Green Co., Wis., and in 
March, 1870, to Austin, Minn., where he has up to the present 
time, 1876, been engaged in the grocery business. 

He m. Not. 15, 1838, Hannah Babb Crockett, b. in Norway, 
Ma, Apr. 30 1819, dau. of James and Martlia (Pike) Crockett. 


1127. Mary Hannah, b. July 6, 1841, in Norway, and d. July 11. 1841. 
1127a. Ada Awenath, b. June 18, 1847, in Norway. 

\VSnb. Jame$ Bevel, b. July 16, 1831, in Cambrid|;c; m. March 27, 
1878, Charlotte Eltzalicth Piper, b. in Rock Grove, 111., May 8, 
1852, dau. of Llewellen and Busan Ellen (Denniy) Piper. He is, 
1876, a clerk in bis father's store in Austin. Child. Blanche 
Asenatb. b. Sept. 23, 1876. 

1128. Laura Frances, b. Bcpt 7, 185S, in Cambridge; m. Apr. 16, 1873, 
Matthew Frank McWhorter, b. in Bclvidere, 111.. Jan. 28, 1849, s. 
of Milo and Jennettc Stetson (Riddell) McWhorter. Bbe d. in 
Austin, Apr. 9, 1874, c. 20. He is now, 1876, in company wltb his 
father in-law, in the grocery trade, in Austin, Minn., and is also in 
the hardware business in New Lisbon, Wis., where he resides. 
Child b. in Austm. Lou Francis, b. Apr. 5, 1874. 

LoBEMZo HoBBs NoBLB, s. of Daniel, was b. in Paris, Mc., Dec. 
15, 1818. In 1841, he commenced the study of law in Maysville, 
Ky., with Hon. Richard H. Stanton, and in 1847, graduated at 
Harvard CoUege law school. He removed to St. Louis, Mo., 
where he was burned out in the great fire of 1848. Thence he 
removed to Lebanon, Ky., and kept a drug store for about a year. 
Being a second time burned out, he returned to the study and 
practice of law, which he there continued until 1872, when he 
removed to Louisville, Ey., and is, 1876, a practicing attorney, of 
the firm of Burnett & Noble. He was for three years prosecuting 
attorney for Marion Co., Ey. 

He m. Oct 21, 1845, Ann Alice Hogue, b. in Harrodsburg, 
Mercer Co., Ey., Jan. 8, 1823, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Mc 
Myrtie) Hogue. 


1199. Mary CkriMa, b. July 12, 1847, in New Haven, Ey.; m. 1866, 
Col. Thomas £. Bums. She d. 1870. Cliild. Walter Noble. 

1180. WmiamPfftta, b. Feb. 10, 1850, in New Haven, Ey.; m. 1872, 
Ella DuvalL He was a banker, and d. of consumption, in 1874. 
No children. 

1181. ChaHn Bogue, b. June 10, 1852, in Lebanon, Ey.; m. Oct 7, 
1875, Fanny Buler of New Haven, Ey. He was formerly a drug- 
gist, but is now, 1876, a XJ. 6. collector of internal revenue, and 
resides in New Haven, Ey. 

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Ild2. Daniel Addison, b. Aug. 27, 1857, in Lebanon, Ey., and is now, 
1876, a student at law in the office of bis father. 

Ltdia Mabia Noble, dau. of Simon, was b. May 26, 1829. 

She m. (1) Nov. 27, 1850, Henby B. Upton, b. Sept, 1821. 

She m. (2) 1866, Edward Paybon Bakee, b. in Phillipston, 
Mass., Nov. 3, 1830, s. of Levi and Mary (Converse) Baker. He 
fitted for college at Worcester (Mass.) Academy, Eli Thayer 
principal, and Westminster (Msfis.) academy, Joseph R. Gaut, 
principal, graduated at Amherst College, in 1853, and at Bangor 
Theological Seminary, in 1837. He was settled over a Congre- 
gational church in Dennysville, Me., 1857, and dismissed, 1860; 
in East Machias, Me., 1863, and dismissed, 1865; in Winthrop, 
Me^ 1865, and dismissed, 1872; and over the third Congrega- 
tional church in San Francisco, Cal., 1872, where he still, 1876, 


1188. Suffene ProeU>r, b. Oct, 1852. 

1184. Caroline Maria, b. June 6, 1856; m. Sept. 14, 1876, Foster P. Cole 
of San Francisco, Cal. 


Rev. Thomas Kimball Noble, s. of Simon, was b. in Norway, 
Me., Jan. 19, 1832. He pursued his studies preparatory to col- 
lege at the Norway Liberal Institute, and the Oxford Normal 
Institute, and was for nearly two years a member of the class of 
1857, in Bowdoin College. From Jan., 1856, to Jan., 1860, he 
had charge of the high school in Augusta, Me. In 1863, he 
graduated^ at Bangor Theological Seminary. He was ordained, 
Oct 13, 1863, as pastor of the Cong, church in Winthrop, Ma, 
and left the same in Sept., 1864. In the spring of 1865, he 
entered the U. S. Army as chaplain, and was mustered out^ May, 
t869, having most of the time performed staff duty. He was 
settled over a Cong, church in Cleveland, 0., May 12, 1869, and 
dismissed Sept. 16, 1872. He was installed, Dec. 4, 1872, as 
pastor of the Taylor street, now Plymouth church, in San Fran- 
cisco, CaL, a position which he still, 1876, retains. 

He m. (1) 1855, Akna Jaxv Sbwall, b. 1840, dau* of Bev. 
Daniel and Angelina (Brown) SewalL She d. in Beaufort, S. C, 
Feb. 16, 1866. 

He VL (2) Oct 30, 1875, Cabolinb E. Bbadbubt, b. June 24, 
1839, dau. of William Saimders and Elisabeth (Emerson) Brad- 
bury of Westminster, Mass. 

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1186. H^nn^VMl iral^«,b. May 0, 1856; m. May 9, 1875, Harry Fay 
Whitman, a of Ezra and Hannah (Sinchdr) Whitman, a book- 
keeper in San Francisco, Cal. 

1186. Mae SnoaU, b. Aug. 6, 1857. 


Chablbs Dexter Noble, s. of Simon, was b. in Norway, Me., 
Dec 31, 1842. He began in January, 1865, the study of medicine, 
with Dr. A. P. Snow of Winthrop, Me., attended, in the spring 
of 1865, medical lectures at Bowdoin CoQege, Ma, graduated with 
the degree of M. D., in March, 1868, at the University of Louis- 
ville, Ky., was R. A. surgeon, U. S. A., from March, 1868, to Jan., 
1869, was in private practice in Louisville, Ky., from Jan. to Oct., 
1869, when he removed to Oberlin, O.,. where he now, 1876, 

He UL Aug. 25, 1868, Ajvna Mabia Bbowk, b. July 12, 1844, 
datL of Silas Olcutt and Nancy (Curtis) Brown. 


1187. Jennie, b. June 4, 1869, in Louisville. 
Uaa BUen Maria, b. July 15, 1871. in Oberlin. 
1189. JoHn OkuU, b. Feb. 9, 1875, in Oberlin. 


Revilo Noble, s. of Averill, was b. in Essex, Vt., Apr. 20, 
1798. In the autumn of 1838, he left Essex, with two wagons 
and four horses, on the 27th of November, crossed the Mississippi 
river at the mouth of Rock river, and settled about two miles 
from the Misnasippi, in Iowa, where he contmued to reside, until 
1855, when he removed to Chatfield, Minn. 

He VL Dec. 5, 1823, Sophia Dat, b. in Essex, Vt., Aug. 10, 
1796, dau. of David 2d and Asenath (Childs) Day. 

1140. Irad Day, b. Oct. 6, 1824; m. Lydia Myers. 

1141. mm CkOde, b. Feb. 99, 1896; d. in West Buffalo, Iowa, Jan., 
1848, e. 19. 

1148. OmroUne Baehd, b. Jan. 94, 1898; m. William M. Taylor. 
1148. aepkiaMaiMa, b. Aug. 10, 1880; m. James M. Mitchell. 

1144. Maria mUna, b. Sept 9, 1889; m. James Alexander Btuifis of 
Chatlleld, Minn. Q^ 

1145. George Fb^^. b. Feb. 18,1885. dr^^j^juj^l^ (U-VUU. \tK.X^- 

1146. J5bniuiAAi«tt0,b. May 6, 1887. ^Tw^ ^^^^^^^^^^-^ ^ 

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Bev. Calvin Day Noble, b. of Bey. Calvin, was b. in Chelaea, 
Vt, Sept. 12, 1811, and d. in Springfield, Vt., Ang. 23, 1844, s. 
32. He graduated, in 1834, at Middlebury College; studied the- 
ology with Rev. Dr. Willard Child of Pittsfield, Vt., and Bev. David 
Buckham of Chelsea, Vt He was licensed to preach, in August, 
1835, was ordained June 8, 1836, over the Cong, church in Boch- 
ester, Vt.; installed, Nov. 25, 1840, over the Cong, church in 
Springfield, Vt., and remained in that connection until his death. 
He preached on Thanksgiving day, in 1841, a sermon, which was 
afterwards published, on the death of President Harrison, entitled, 
Our country f its glory, and its shame. 

He m. Sept 1, 1835, Emklins Jbwstt, b. in Middlebury, Vt, 
Dec. 13, 1810, dau. of James and Sylvia (Nasb) Jewett She d. 
in ^ringfield, Vt, Sept 19, 1846, ae. 35. 


1147. WaUam Oyrus, b. Oct 22» 1886; m. Jennie Lombard. 

1146. Frances BfmOtne, b. July 28, 1888, in Bochester, Vt ; m. June 15, 
1859, Foster ElUott Swift, b. in Chester, Vt, Nov. 11, 1886. a of 
Elliott J. and Melinda (House) Swift He is, 1875, a hotel-keeper, 
in North Adams, Mass. They have no children. 

1149. Calmn Day, b. Aug. 18, 1840; m. Hannab O. Phinney. 

1150. AmeUa Sophia, b. June 28, 1848, in Springfield, Vt ; m. Mch. 11, 
1868, Henry Martyn Streeter, b. in Heath, Mass., Mch. 18, 1839. s. 
of Charles and Rhoda (Rice) Wheeler. He is a farmer in lUverside, 
San Bernardino, Cal. They have no children. 


Ajccua LuoBKTLiL NoBLB, dau. of Rev. Calvin, was b. in Chel- 
sea^ Vt, June 14, 1814, and d. in Pontiac, Mich., June 4, 1842, 
0. 28. 

She m. Oct. 11, 1832, Wtluam Gallup Page, b. in Hartland, 
Vt, March 26, 1797, s. of Benjamin and Nancy (Gallup) Page. 
He was a merchant in Chelsea, Vt, 1820-27; in Mt Clemens, 
Mich., 1837-40; and afterwards in Pontiac, Mich., where he d. 
Feb. 15, 1845, ». 48. 


1151. William 2MU, b. Apr. 4, 1887, in Chelsea, Vt; pursued his pre- 
paratory studies without assistance, in Bloomiield, N. T., graduated 
in 1803, at Hamilton College, N. Y., and in 1866, at Auburn Theo- 
logical Seminary. He was ordained and installed, June 14, 1866, 
as pastor of the Pint Presb. church in Trumansburgh, N. T., and 
resigned that position, Jan. 1, 1869; was stated supply of the First 
Presb. church in Jacksonville, Fla., from Feb. 1, 1869, to Sept. 1, 

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1870; was stated supply of the Presb. church Id Amenia, K. T., 
from Sept. 1, 1870. to Nov. 1, 1873; and was installed, Dec 8, 1878, 
as pastor of the First Presb. church in Lenyenworth, Kan., and 
has there remained up to the present time, March, 1870. He m. 
Sept. 27, 1802, Jenette Nancy Peck. 

William Henrt Noble, b. of Rev. Calvin, was b. in Chelsea, 
Vt, Sept 13, 1831. He is a farmer, and resided in Chelsea, 
Yt, until April 1, 1872, when he removed to Tunbridge, Vt, 
where he now, 1876, lives. * He has no children. 

He m. (1) June 13, 1859, Elxanob Janb Retmolds, b. in Tun- 
bridge, Vt., Feb. 21, 1834, dau. of Andrew Hooper and Mary 
(Famham) Reynolds. She d. in Tunbridge, Vt., Oct 19, 1872, 

He m. (2) Sept 20, 1874, Juua RichIbdson, b. in Plattsburgh, 
N. Y^ Nov. 19, 1836, dau. of Salter Theron and Caroline (Fam- 
ham) Richardson. 


Ira Hues Noble, b. of Gideon, was b. in Acra, town of Cairo, 
N. Y., April 11, 1821. He removed, 1845, to Racine Co., Wis., 
and resides there at the present time, 1877, in Ives* Orove. He is 
a farmer and stock-raiser. 

He m. Oct 10, 1843, Fanny Marl^ Hsrvet, b. in Durham, 
N. Y., July 26, 1818, dau. of Herman and Hannah (Tyler) Hervey. 


1162. Orlando AUneron, b. Dec.' 18, 1845; d. Bept 11, 1846, e. 8 mos. 

1158. PmnOia BmeUne, b. Aug. 29, 1847; m. Oct 2. 1866, Theodore 
Dwight Weld Manchestor, b. in Cayuga Co., N. Y., Oct. 18, 1840, 
s. of James T. and Lucy Ann (Thornton) Manchester. He is, 1877, 
a lawyer and fanner in Saline Co., Kan. Children. 1. Charles 
Noble, b: July 9, 1868, in Wis.; 8. Lucy Estelle, b. Jan. 5, 1872. 
in Wis. 

Mabt K Noble, dan. of Walker, was b. Feb. 16, 1826. 
She m. May 28, 1844, Hoeatio L. Day of Cairo, N. Y. 

1154. Mary DOia, b. July 5, 1846. 

1155. Sherwood,, b. June, 1848; d. 1849, e. 11 weeks. 

1156. Ohariet, b. Sept 4, 1851. 

§61. ' 

Hon. Charles Noble, s. of Deodatus, was b. in Williamstown, 
Mass., July 4, 1797, and d. in Detroit, Mich., Dec. 26, 1874, m. 77. 

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158 BiaonrDAMTS of thomas voblb. 

HaviDg gradoated at Williama CoUege, in 1815, he read law in 
WiUiamatown, with his nnde, Hon. Daniel Noble, and in Pittefield, 
Mass. He started for the West^ in 1818, and after a short resi- 
. dence in Cleveland, 0., removed in 1820 to Frenchtown, now 
Monroe, Mich. That place continued to be his home, except from 
1850-53, and 1867-74, when he resided in Detroit, Mich. He 
held many public offices, as register of deeds, district-attorney, 
postmaster, Indian agent^ member of the general assembly, mem- 
ber of the legislative oouncD, 1828-29, president judge of the 
county court, 1846-50, and surveyor general of the district em- 
bracing Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, 1849-53. In the obituary 
record of the graduates of Williams College, for the year 1874-75, 
appears the following estimate of the chaxacter of Mr. Noble: 

" Older citizens remember Mr. Noble as one of quite a large number of 
earnest and well educated men, who half a century ago planted them- 
selves in Monroe, and thence influenced, and to a large extent controlled 
the politics, and what were then regarded as the esrly enterprises of the 
State. The results of Mr. Noble's active life are now seen and enjoyed 
through a wide extent of country, by a large and appreciative population. 
He has left a bright and spotless reputation, and a memory which will be 
fondly cherished for many long years to come. Mr. Noble was a man of 
deep convictions and decided opinions in all religious matters. In the 
year 1881, he first connected himself with the Presbyterian church, and 
for a number of years was a ruling elder in the church of that denomina- 
tion at Monroe. Shortly after his removal to Detroit, he became a ruling 
elder in the First Presbyterian church there, and so remained until his 
death. Both in Monroe and in Detroit, Mr. Noble had, by his genial 
manners, his sterling integrity, his inflexible uprightness of life, gathered 
around him a wide circle of friends, who will Isment sincerely that he is 
no longer their fellow citizen snd friend. As the good mariner, when he 
draws near the home port, furls his sails and enters its gates softly, so 
did this good man with sll dignity of expression snd oonfldence of faith, 
turn his face towards Heaven in his last days, snd enter into Ids rest. 
' The memory of the Just is blessed.* '* 

He m. May 16, 1823, Euza Stmmbs Winq, b. in Marietta, O., 
May 2, 1802, dau. of Enoch and Mary (Oliver) Wing of Marietta, 
O., and Phelps, N. Y. 


1157. Franca Ltmiia, b. Aug. 20, 1824; d. Apr. 20, 1827, m. 2. 
lisa EliMdbeth Abb^, b. July 15, 1826; m Hannibsl L. Stanley. 
1160. Chofki Wifiif, b. Feb. 18, 1828; m. (1) J. F. Mygatt; (d) C. G. 
Van Buren; ^) F. Martina. 

1160. Jfary Auguita, b. Aug. 26, 1880; d. Oct 2, 1881, c. 1. 

1161. BUen EUetra, b. Aug. 7, 1882; m. George 8. Frost 

1162. Ma»n Enoch, b. Sept 28, 1884; d. Nov. 16, 1886, s. 1. 
1168. Qmway Whittier, b. Oct. 7, 1842. 

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Elizabkth Abbt Noble, dao. of DeodatuB, was b. in Williams' 
town, Mass., Dec. 21, 1800, and d. of cholera^ in Monroe, Mich., 
Aug. 16, 1834. ». 33. 

She m. Feb. 16, 1825, Dr. Gkobob LAin>ON, b. 1794. He re- 
sided in Monroe. Mich., married a second wife, and died in 1874. 


1164. Franca SUuMh, b. Feb. 16, 1887; m. Nov. 12, 1847, Lewis A. HaU 

of Clereland, O. 
1166. Sarah Ablnf, b. Feb. 27, 1884. 


HoK. David Addison Noble, s. of Deodatus, was b. in Williams- 
town, Mass., Nov. 9, 1802, and d. in Monroe, Mich., Oct. 13, 1876, 
». 73. He graduated in 1825, at Williams College, was admitted, 
Aug., 1829, to practice in the Supreme court of the state of New 
York; represented Monroe, in 1845 and 1846, in the legislature of 
Michigan, and was elected representative in Congress for the 
session of 1853-54. 

The following extract from the Detroit Free Press, gives the prin- 
cipal facts in the history of his life: 

"David Addison Noble . . . was fitted for college in the school of 
PftTsoD [Moses] Hallock, In Plainfleld, Mass., and entered Williams Col- 
lege in 1821, from which institution he graduated with honors, in 1826. In 
college he was a good scholar, distinguished for accuracy and soundness 
rather than for fluent recitations and showy acquisitions. .... In 
September, 1826, he entered the law office of Hermanus Bleeker, in Albany, 
N. T., remaining there until the winter of 1826, when he went to Hudson, 
N. T., where he entered upon his literaiy work as assistant editor of the 
CMuffibiad, In the following year he moved to New York city, entering 
the law office of Benjamin Clark,' on Franklin Square, at the same time 
giving lessons in French in Banoell's academy. He was a fine Greek and 
Latin scholar, and during the winter was engaged to correct for the pub- 
lishers the proof-sheets for a Greek work. Subsequently he opened a law 
office with David Logan, at Ko. 4 Pine street. He was in the practice of 
his profession about two yean in New York, and for a short time was in 
partnership with Hon. Charles O'Conor. 

" In 1881 Mr. Noble removed to Monroe, Michigan, where he has since 
continued to reside. He here opened a law office with Warner Wing. He 
was an accomplished French scholar, and here it was of the greatest ad- 
vantage among the French population, so numerous at that time, enabling 
him to do an extensive business for them, pleading their cases in that 

"He always devoted himself assiduously to the practice of his profession, 
sad as a consequence, with his sterling abilities and good attainments, was 

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•Qcoeasful, establishing an enviable reputation. It was as a oounseior tliat 
Mr. Noble was chiefly distinguished, his thoroughly-disciplined mind» his 
habits of patient research, and his superior Judgment peculiarly qualifying 
him to arriye at correct legal conclusions. The bar of which he w^as a 
member numbered in its ranks such lawyers as Robert McClclUmd, Alpheus 
Felch, and that well-known jurist, the late Judge Warner Wing. 

" He was not only active in his profession, but entered with the same 
▼Igor into public life. He was elected Recorder in 1888, and while acting 
in this capacity, drew up the city charter. He was twice elected Alder- 
man, and in 1842 was elected Mayor. In 1845, Mr. Noble was chosen to 
represent his county in the Legislature, which he did with ability, and to 
the satisfaction of the people of the county. On Nov. l<Mh, 1840, Mr. 
Noble secured the charter of the Michigan Southern Railroad. He 
opposed the sale of the public roads, the Michigan Central, etc, and then 
fought the House on the bill and prevented its passage. In 1847, Mr. Noble 
was appointed a member of the Harbor and River convention at Chicago. 
Subsequently he was appointed one of the committee of five to cany out 
the wishes of the convention, at which time he wrote a full statistical 
report of the commerce of the lakes. In 1852, Mr. Noble was elected to 
Congress from the Second District In 1858, he was appointed manager of 
the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago raOroad, which position he held 
four years." 

He m. July 19, 1832, Sabah Shaw, dau. of Hon. Henry Shaw 
of Laaesboro^ Mass. 


1166. Henry Shaft, b. Dec. 19, 1888; m. Delia Yroman. 

1167. Laura Wheeler, b. July 14, 1841; m. Herbert Lee Stoddard, s. of 
Oscar and Delia (Lee) Stoddard. They reside, 1877, in Monroe, 
Mich. No children. 

1168. John 8a/tage, b. Nov. 5, 1848. 


Dakibl Noblx, s. of Deodatus, was b. in Williamstown, Mass., 
Apr. 15, 1807, and d. in Monroe, Mich., May 16, 1875, m. 68. He 
entered "Williams College, but was compelled by weak eyes to leave 
at the dose of the Sophomore year. After his removal to Monroe, 
Mich., until 1837 or 1838, he engaged in mercantile pursuits. 
From that time until 1849, he was a farmer, next for four years a 
derk in the office of his brother, the surveyor-general, and subse- 
quently again a merchant 

He m. Dec 10, 1834, Julia Bkagb, b. in East Bloomfield, N. T,, 
Nov. 6, 181 5, dau. of Elisha and Lucretia (Norton) Beadi of East 
Bloomfidd, N. Y., and afterwards of Oberlin, 0. 

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llflO. nekn Maria, b. Mch. 5, 1837; d. Dec. 18. 1840, (P. 3. 

1170. Ihnry Jfnwn, b. Feb. 20, 1880; m. Adelaide Morton. 

1171. Nathaniel Korlon, b. Sept 80, 1841; d. in New York city, June 15, 
1842, s. 8 mos. 

1172. Mary Lvcretia, b. May 8, 1848; m. Orrcn D. Fibber. 

1178. Wmam Norton, b. Apr. 5, 1845; d. in Detroit. Mich., Kov. 10, 
1851, «. 0. 

1174. JuUa Abby, b. Sept 22, 1847; d. in Monroe, Feb. 7, 1840, s. 1. 

1175. Edward Stanley, b. Nov. 20, 1840. 

1176. Additan BuUdey, b. Bept 10, 1856. 

Bev. Mason Noble, D. D., b. of Deodatus, was b. in Williams- 
town, Mass., Mch. 18, 1809. He fitted for coUege, partly at Stock- 
bridge, Mass., under Bev. Jared CortiS) and partly at the academy 
in 'Williamstown, and graduated at Williatkis College, in 1 827. His 
theological studies were pursued at Princeton Theological Seminary, 
1828-29, and also for a time with Rev. Dr. Nathan S. S. Beman 
of Troy, N. T« He wss a tutor in Williams Ck)llege, 1829-31; 
was ordained, as an evangelist, Feb. 15, 1832, at Williamstown. 
He was installed, Dea 17, 1832, as pastor of the Fourth Presb. 
church in Washington, D. C, and was dismissed July 21, 1839; 
was installed, Oct 14, 1839, as pastor of the Eleventh Presb. church 
in New York dty, and dismissed, June 9, 1850. In June 1850, he 
commenced his labors in the Associated Reformed church in Balti- 
more, Md., as assistant pastor with Bev. Pr. Duncan, who had 
become entirely disabled by paralysis, and continued there about 
(«e year. He opened, in 1851, a young ladies' school in Washing- 
ten, D. C, but retired from that position in Mch., 1852, to accept a 
chaplaincy in the United States navy. While teaching in Wash- 
ington, he organized a new Presbyterian church on 6th street, and 
continued his labors in that field, while performing his duties as 
chaplain in the Navy Yard. 

While chaplain of the navy, he made at least one cruise to the 
Mediterranean, and during the late Civil war was chaplain of the 
Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. At the latter place, writes Dr. 
Noble, '* I preached to five hundred young naval officers every Sab- 
bath, and read the Bible to them, and prayed every morning, as 
they stood before me^ in militaiy array. I felt that this was prob- 
ably the most responsible, if not the most useful portion of my 
ministerial life.'* 

He was retired from active duties as chaplain in 1871, at the age 

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of sixty-two, as the law lequiras, but is still a chaplain od half -pay . 
He is now, 1876, in strong health, preaching every Sabbath, as 
pastor elect, to the Sixth Presb. church in Washington, which is 
free from debt, and numbers about one hundred and thirty fam- 
ilies, and two hundred communicants. 

Mr. Noble received, in 1866, the degree of D. D. from his Alma 
Mater. He has published, 1. A Thanksgiving discourse occasioned 
by the departure of the Asiatic cholera from the city of "Washing- 
ton, preached in 1832; 2. An introduction to the life of Mrs. Elisa- 
beth 6. Dwight of Constantinople, in 1838; 3. Sermon on the 
death of President Harrison, preached and published in New York 
in 1841; 4. Speech on home nusdons, delivered in the Broadway 
Tabemade, in New York, in 1845; 5. A series of letters from 
Canada, published in 1846; 6. A series of letters from foreign 
lands, extending through the years 1855-57; 7. Essay on the ex- 
traordinary usefulness of David M. Wilson of Washington, 1858; 
8. Tribute to the character of Rev. Joshua N. Danforth, D. D., 
1862; 9. Memorial discourse, occasioned by the death of President 
Linooln, preached before the United States Naval Academy, 1865 ; 
10. Centennial discourse at Williamstown, Mass., 1865; 11. Speech 
before the Seaman's Friend society, on the claims of the American 
navy upon the sympathy of American Christians. 

Portraits of Rev. Dr. Noble and his wife, painted at Wash- 
ington, in 1838 or 1839, by Charles 6. King, an eminent artist, are, 
1876, in possession of their son. Rev. Joseph F. Noble of Hemp- 
stead, L. L 

He m. Aug. 31, 1836, Amn Cathabink Plkasants, b. in Harrods- 
burg, Ky., May 28, 1820, dau. of Benjamin Franklin and Isabella 
McAuly (Adair) Pleasants of Washington, D. C. 

1177. Jcmjph FranOin, b Aug. 95, 1887; m. Bonioe M. Prime. . 

1178. M(uon, b. Bept 12, 1842; m. Mary Adam. 

1179. Oeofffe PleoMnU, b. Jan. 4, 1845; m. Frances T. Ketcbam. 

1180. Ohariet, b. Dec. 4, 1847; m. Alice Thomas. 


William Addisoh Noblb, s. of Deodatus, was b. in Williams- 
town, Mass., Feb. 16, 1819. He has resided, since 1840, in Mon- 
roe, Mich., and has been a merchant and millman. He is now, 
1876, postmaster. 

He m. Oct 28, 1844, Mabtha Bxaob, b. July 16, 1820, dau. of 
Elisha Beach|[of Oberlin, 0. 

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muAMOB or JOHN. 163 


1181. Am, b. Aug. 18, 1845; d. Aug. 14, 1845. 

1182. Henrietta Gardner, h. May 10, 1848; unm., 1876. 

1188. Mason Addison, b. Not. 14, 1852; unm., resides, 1876, in Monroe, 
ftnd is a lumber dealer. 

1184. LuereUa BeU, b. June 9, 1857. 


BuzA NoBLB, dau. of David Addison, b. Apr. 15, 1793, d. in 
Williamstown, Mass., Sept 9, 1863, ». 70. 

She m. Oct 2, 1827, Bev.' Jobeph Mabsh Brkwbter, Nov. 5, 
1797. He vas settled, Dec. 29, 1824, over the Cong, church in 
Peru, Mass., and dismissed Sept 10, 1833. He d. of consumption, 
in Peru, Dec 29, 1833, e. 36. 


1185. Jcsefh Addison, b. Nov. 17,1828; m. Oct 1, 1855. Mary Rogers, 
and removed to Cincinnati, O. 

1186. CaroUnt Mary, b. Dec. 8, 1881. 


Mabt Abigail Noble, dau. of Hon. Daniel, was b. in Adams, 
Mass., Dec. 22, 1803, and resides, May, 1876, at 122 Beacon street, 
Boston, Mass. 

She m. (1) Aug. 15, 1826, Rev. William Augustus Pobtbb, b. 
in Spenoertown, N. Y., Oct 3, 1798, s. of Rev. Dr. David and 
Sarah (Collins) Porter. He graduated with the valedictory, at 
Williams College, in 1818. The next year he studied theology, 
meet of the time under his father's instruction. From 1819-21, he 
was a tutor in Williams CoUege. In 1825, having passed nearly 
two years at Princeton Theological Seminary, he was invited to 
preach in Burlington, V t, as a candidate for settlement over the 
Congregational church. He was, 1825-27, professor of the Latin 
and Oreek languages in the University of Vt; and from 1827 
until his death, professor of rhetoric and moral philosophy in Wil- 
liams College. He was "greatly respected for his brilliant talents 
and varied aooomidishments. He was about the medium sise, but 
of unconunonly fine personal appearance. He was a warm friend, 
a diligent student^ and a devoted Christian.'* He d. in Williams- 
town, Apr. 2, 1830, n. 81. 

She m. (2) Aug. 16, 1832, Chablbs Stoddabd, b. in Northampton, 
Mass., June 27, 1802, s. of Solomon and Sally (Tappan) Stoddard. 
For more than fifty years he was engaged in mercantile pursuits in 
Boston, and during that long period received the respect and con- 

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fidence of the community. In 1840, he was elected a deacon of the 
Old South church. In 1832, he was elected a member of the pru- 
dential committee of the American Board of CommissionerB for 
Foreign Missions, and became chairman of that committee in 1859. 
From 1839 until his death, he was a trustee of "Williams College. 
He d. in Boston, Apr. 20, 1873, m. 70. 


1187. EUen, b. If ay 4, 1829, in Williamstown ; m. Not. 19, 
1851, George Frederick Betto. He was b. in Newbuigh, N. T. , June 
14, 1827, 8. of Hon. Samuel Rosseter and Caroline Abigail (Noble) 
Belts. He graduated at Williams College, 1844; was for a time a 
practicing attorney in New York, but has been, 1876. for many 
years clerk of the United Btates District court for the Southern dis 
trictof New York. 


1188. CharUi Avguthu, b. May 28, 1833, in Boston. He pursued his pre- 
. paratory studies at Boston Latin School, 1842-49; graduated at Wil- 
liams College in 1854, at Union Theological Seminary in New York, 
in 1859, and in September 1859, was settled as pastor of the Wash- 
ington Heights Presbyterian church in New York. With his pas- 
toral he combines editorial labor on the 2fett York Obiener, He 
received, in 1871, from his Alma Mater, the degree of D. D. He m. 
Nov. 16, 1869, Maiy £. Prime. 

1189. Marif, b. July 9, 1885, in Boston ; m. March, 1859, Samuel 
Johnson of Boston. 


William Hknbt Noble, a. of Hon. Daniel, waa b. in Williams- 
town, Mass., May 23, 1817, and d. May 13, 1867, ss. 50. He fitted 
for college in the Pittsfield gymnasium, under Chester Dewey. 
After his graduation, at Williams CoUege, in 1837, he was for sev- 
eral years engaged in teaching. Subeequently he followed the 
profession of civil engineering, and was employed in the construc- 
tion of the Boston Cochituate water-works, and in building rail- 
roads in the states of Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 
At the time of his death he was connected with a newspaper called 
the NaUanal Merchant, pubhahed at Burlington, Iowa. His death 
was occasioned by injuries received by the explosion of the steamer 
Lansing, at Hampton, on the Mississippi river, above Bock island. 
He was buried in Kenosha, Wis. Childbbn, none. 

He m. Jan., 18i8, Jakx Obb, dau. of Hon. Benjamin Orr of 
Brunswick, Me. 

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BRAKCB or JOHN. 165 

Solomon Bblden Noble, b. of Hon. Daniel, vas b. in Williams- 
town, MasB., May 22, 1819. He fitted for college at the Pittsfield 
gjmnasiam, under Chester Dewey: graduated at Williams College, 
in 1837, and read law in New York city, with Daniel Lord and Hon. 
Samuel R. Betts. He has been a member of the General Assembly 
of New York. He has practiced his profession in New York dty, 
and Lotfg Island dty, N. Y., in the latter of which places he now, 
1875, residea 

He m. (I) Dec. 4, 1844, Juua Fbsris. 

He m. (2) Mch. 8, 1854, Aonbs Nioolson. She d. abt 1874. 


1190. Omxt Bdden, b. Oct. 22, 1845. 


Elijah Botsford Noblb, s. of Ichabod, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Aug. 7, 1797, and d. in Danbury, Conn., July 10, 1847, e. 
49. He was a clothier, and resided in New Canaan, Conn., 1824- 
32; in South East, N. Y., 1832-40; and in Danbury, Conn., from 
1840 until his death. 

He m. Mdi. 3, 1824, Eleanor Ann Thrall, b. in North Salem, 
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1808, dau. of Haciliah and Huldah (Hopkins) 
Thrall. She resides, 1877, in Bridgeport^ Conn. 


1191. George Thaoher, b. Mch. 16, 1827, in New Canaan; m. Dec. 81, 
1861, Lucretia Hand Harris, b. in Greenport, L. L, Jan. 4, 1881, 
dau. of Daniel and Elnora Ann (Siason) Harris. He removed, 
1861, to Bridgeport, Conn., and has there resided up to the present 
time, being now, 1877, a member of the Arm of Bticknej & Noble, 
dealers in garden seeds, flour, feed, and fertilizers. Children. 
1. George Hopkins, b. Aug. 4, 1864, in Bridgeport ; 2. Joseph Harris, 
b. Jan. 14, 1866, in Bridgeport; 8. ICarcus Corey, b. Aug. 18, 1874, 
in Fairfield, Conn. 

1192. LtmiM Maria, b. If ch. 86, 1881, in New Haven, Conn. ; m. Nov. 
4, 1847, Jesse Bylvester Duncomb, b. in Easton, Conn., Sept. 17, 
1884, s. of -Isaac and Ann (Ferry) Duncomb. He is, 1877, a station- 
ary engineer in a factoiy in Bridgeport, Conn. Children. 1. Emma 
Noble, b. May 8, 1849, in Danbury, Conn., m. Nov. 82, 1869, Lewis 
Hoyt of Danbury; 8. Augusta Maria, b. Apr. 88, 1851, in Bridge- 
port; 8. Mary Louisa, b. Aug. 17, 1855, in Bridgeport. 

1198. MaryBlMbeai, b. Feb. 85, 1884. in South East, N. Y.; resides 
unm., 1877, in Bridgeport, Conn. 

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ItVciA NoBLS, dau. of Ichabod, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Feb. 24, 1802. She resides, 1877, in Newtown, Conn. 

She m. May 22, 1822, Hon. Thbophilus Nichols, b. Jan. 19, 
1796, s. of Lemuel and Alice Nichols. He was a tailor. He held 
the offices of deputy sheriff, justice of the peace, and judge of pro- 
bate. He d. in Newtown, Conn., Nov. 18, 1870, m, 74. 


1194. Charlotte Bluabeth, b. Jan. 18, 1824; unm., resides, 1877. in New- 

1195. Wmam 2MU, b. May 29, 1827; m. (1) Apr. 9, 1862, Isabella 
McMillan Blackman; (2) Feb. 18, 1868, Fanny Deborah Dodge. He 
resides, 1877, in Cincinnati, O., and is a buyer and salesmao in a 
hat, cap, and fur house. 

1196. Ann Maria, b. Mch. 25, 1829: d. in Newtown, June 28, 
1849, e. 20. 

1197. Mary Francei, b. Oct 8, 1832; m. Apr. 9, 1856, Rev. Oeorge 
Hall Rumney. He graduated at Hamilton College, in 1849, at 
the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Va., in 1852, 
and is, 1877, rector of the Episcopal churcb io East Haddam, Conn. 

1198. Henrif TJuophUiu, b. Not. 7, 1889; m. May 18, 1868, Abigail 
Louise Bkidmore. He resides, 1877, in Newtown, Conn., and is 
treasurer of the Savings bank, and also an insurance agent. 

Mabcus Noble, s. of Ichabod, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Dec. 11, 1808. He resided in Bethel, Conn., 1829-39; in South 
East, Putnam Co., N. Y., 1839-40; and in 1840 removed to West 
Somerset, Niagara Co., N. Y., where he has continued to reside 
op to the present time, March, 1877. He was a shoemaker pre- 
vious to 1-840, and has been a fanner since. 

He m. (1) Oct., 1831, Amelia Bulxlbt, dau. of Peter and Sarah 
(Turney) Bulkley. Shed, in Bethel, Conn^ Sept. 9, 1832, as. 31. 

He m. (2) Oct. 3, 1833, Abigail Shbbwood; b. in New Fairfield, 
Conn., Oct. 6, 1810, dau. of Thomas Wayne and Jerusha (Bene- 
dict) Sherwood of South East^ N. Y. 


1199. Mareui, b. ; d. s. 7 weeka 


1800. Bomyne Waifne, b. Aug. 10, 1841, in Somerset, N. Y. ; m. Oct 17, 
1866, Ellen Btewart, b. in Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., Jau. 26, 
1841, dau. of Zadoc Bufflngton and Abigail (Marsh) Btewart. No 
children. He is, 1877. a fanner in West Somerset, N. Y. 

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Mabcia N0BI4B1 dau. of Ichabod; was b. in New MilfonL Conn., 
Dec 11, 1808. 

Shem. Dec 31, 1828, Stephen Smith, b. Aug. 1, 1804, b. of 
Amoe and Sarah (Keeler) Smith. Since marriage, he has resided 
three years in New Haven, Conn., seven years in New Milford, 
Conn., three years in Ridgefield, Conn., and from June 1, 1853, to 
the present time, Oct, 1875, in Pittsfield. Washtenaw Co., Mich., 
his P. O. address being Saline, Mich. He is a farmer. 


1201. Sarah Luanda, b. Jan. 14, 1880, in New Milford; and there d. 
Apr. 16, 1880, s. 8 mos. 

1202. Harria Elizabeth, b. Apr. 29, 1881, in New Milford; unm., resides, 
1875, in Pittofield, Mich. 

1208. FrarUOin Whiting, b. May 28, 1885, in New Haven; m. (1) Oct. 15, 
1861, Harriet ElecU Hurd, who d. Jan. 28, 1860; (2) May 80, 1872, 
Barah Rosaline Finch. He is, 1876, a farmer in Orleans, Ionia Co., 

1204. Bet^amin NMt, b. Sept 24, 1841, in Ridgefleld; m. Martha Maria 
Phelps. He is, 1876, a farmer in Pittsfleld, Mich., his P. O. address 
being Saline, Mich. 

1205. OomOia FrawM, b. July 8,1846, in Ridgefleld; unm., resides, 
1875, in Pittsfleld, Mich. 

Charles Clehent Noble, s. of Ichabod, was b. in New Mil- 
ford, Conn., Dec 18, 1811. He is a merchant-tailor, and resides 
in New MUf ord. Conn. He was town clerk of New Milford, from 
Oct, 1865, to Oct, 1867. 

He m. (1) May 12, 1835, Harbibt Cubtib, b. in Bridgeport, 
Conn., Dec 7, 1815, dan. of Matthew and Polly (Lacy) Curtis. 
She d. in New Milford, May 13, 1856, ». 40. 

He m. (2) May 26, 1864, Mrs. Elizabeth Cubtis, b. in Bridge- 
port, Conn., Oct 18, 1818, dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Mallett) 
Knapp. She m. (1) Sept. 20, 1837, Frederic Lacy Curtis, a tailor, 
silversmith, and grocer, who d. in Bridgeport^ Conn., Aug. 8, 1860, 


1206. Bu9M B&ttfoTd, b. June 22, 1886, in Newtown, Conn. ; unm., re- 
sides, 1878, in New Milford, and is of the Arm of C. C. Noble & 
Son, merchant-tailors. He has been town clerk of New Milford, 
Aug.. 1864-Oct., 1865; and Oct., 1867-1878. 

1207. Auguita Maria, b. Dec. 20, 1888, in Newtown, Conn. 

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1906. OarvUne CurUi, b. Oct 25, 1840, in Kew Milford; m. June 21, 
1865, George Nelson Canfleld, b. in New Hilfonl, July 24, 1888, a. 
of William Nelson and Martha Ann (Piatt) Canfield. Children 
bom in New Milford. 1. Harriet Augusta, b. June 6, 1866; 2. Caro- 
line Noble, b. June 80, 1870, d. in New Milfoid, Dec. 81, 1876, «. 
6; 8. Elizabeth Curtis, b. Sept 20, 1872. 

1209. Chariei Henry, b. Dec. 18, 1842, in New Milford; is, 1875, assist- 
ant cashier of First National banlL of New Milford. 

1210. Bmma CbmeUa, b. Nov. 11, 1845, in New MUford; resides, 1875, 
unm., in New Milford. 

1211. WiOiam NiehoU, b. Apr. 10, 1848, in New Milford; resides, 1877, 
unm., in New Milford, and is a druggist. 

1212. Harriet Ludnda,}). Aug. 8, 1850, in New Milford; resides, 1875, 
num., in New Milford. 

1218. SOa France; b. July 80, 1858, in New Milford; resides, 1875, 
num., in New Milford. 

Hknbt Lanb NoBLKy 8. of Martin, was b. in New Lisbon, N. Y., 
Dec 31, 1798, and d. in Cleveland, 0., Oct. 10, 1852, as. 53. He 
left home, in 1820, worked for one year in Boardman, O., and 
then remoyed to Cleveland, 0., where h«^ resided until bis death. 
He was by trade a carpenter and joiner, and held the office of 
warden in Trinity cburdi, Cleveland. 

He m. May 13, 1826, Hopkt Johnbon, b. in Bethany, Conn., 
June 19, 1800, dau. of Gideon and Sally (Cruttenden) Johnson. 
She d. in Cleveland, C, March 15, 1871, as. 69. 


1214 BUaa, b. Jan. /M), 1828; d. in Cleveland, from the effect of 

bums, Jan. 26, 1884, «. 6. 

1215. Henry MarUn, b. Jan. 10, 1881; is, 1875, an engineer, in Marquette, 

1216. BwMneElmk, b. Oct 17, 1888; m. May 15, 1861, William Ousta- 
vus Tates, s. of Francis and Calsaina (Eddy) Tales, agent of 
United States express company, in Cleveland, O. He resides, 1877, 
at 272 Prospect street, Cleveland. Children. 1. Henry Noble, b. 
Mch. 17, 1868; 2. Charles Tates, b. Feb. 2, 1865; 8. Clara EvaUne, 
b. Feb. 16, 1872, d. in Cleveland, July 15, 1872, s. 4 mos. ; 4. Ida 
Noble, b. June 7, 1878. 


Lay Noblb, b. of Martin, was b. in New Liabon, N. T., Sept 
17, 1800. In 1816, he removed to Geneva, N. Y., and having 
learned the trade of a cabinet-maker, remained there most of the 
time until Nov., 1824. He then removed to Bath, N. Y., and fol- 
lowed his trade until April, 1832, when he abandoned the aame 
for farming. He atill, 1877, resides in Bath, N. Y. 

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He m. Oct. 22, 1826, LrciNDA Bbooeb, b. in North Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 27, 1803, dao. of Lemuel Brooks, who d. in Morris, 
N. T., Nov. 26, 1856, ». 98, and Amelia Blakesley, who d. in 
Morris, N. Y., Apr. 13, 1831, e. 66. Mrs. Lucinda Noble d. in 
Bath, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1867, m. 63. 


1217. Martin WWiam, b. Aug. 22, 1828; m. Mcb. 0, 1854, LuciDda Janv 
Hunter, b. in Bath, N. Y., June 20, 1880, dau. of Peter and Lu- 
cinda Asenath (Dimmick) Hunter. Children born in Batb. 1. 
Mary Lucinda, b. May 16, 1856; 2. Albert Lay, b. Jan. 26, 1860; 
a. Clarence Hunter, b. June 5, 1868; 4. Adelia Lydia, b. Apr. 18, 
1869, d. Mch. 5, 1872, s. 2. He is a fanner, and resides, 1877, in 

12ia Edward, b. June 6, 1881; m. Aug. 12, 1858, Louisa Fair- 

child, dau. of Charles Btone and Lucy Ann (Starkey) Fairchild, is 
a fanner, and resides, 1875, in Bath, N. Y. Children. 1. Anna 
Louisa, b Mcb. 19, 1860; 2. Charles Lay, b. Sept. 26, 1866; 8. 
Henry Martin, b. Oct 2, 1868. He is a fanner, and resides, 1877, 
in Bath, N. Y. 

1219. Adelia, b. July 10, 1882; m. Dr. Jacob Wilbcr Velic, b. 
Feb. 12, 182», in Amsterdam, N. Y., s. of Philip and Betsey (Wil- 
ber) Velic. He is a dentist, and resides, 1877, at No. 86 £gan 
avenue, Chicago, HI. 


GAflSANDANa NoBLB, dau. of Martin, was b. in New Lisbon, 
N. Y., Dec. 2, 1812, and resides, 1877, in Chippewa Falls, Chippe- 
wa Co., Wis. 

She m. Oct. 22, 1835, Hopestill Ceuttenden, b. in Butternuts 
(now Morris), N. Y., May 20, 1811, s. of Jeremiah and Mary 
(Brooks) Cruttenden. He was a farmer in Morris^ and there d. 
Sept 15, 1874, m, 63. 


1220. AnneUe Bliaa, b. Aug. 81, 1886; m. (X) Nov. 25, 1860, Lyman Hal- 
sey Brooks, a merchant, who d. in Chippewa Falls, Wis., Nov. 
10, 1867, K. 88; (2) Feb. 8, 1869, James Comcrford, b. in Castle 
Comer, Kilkenny Co., Ireland, a merchant of Chippewa Falls., 
Wia In the Civil war he enlisted Sept 28, 1861, in Co., £, 2d 
N. Y. Artillery, served three years and eleven months in the Union 
army, and was engaged in seven battles in Virginia. " For nine 
months of 'the time," writes Mr. Comerford, "I was a prisoner in 
the Southern rebel prisons, in Libby, Castle Thunder, Belle 
Island, Danville, Greenboro', Salisbury, Camp York, Salisbury, and 
Richmond, where I was exchanged. I laid in Richmond hospital 
six weeks, under the care of the ' Sisters of Mercy,' and at Annap- 
olis hospital, Md., for five weeks, and was then sent to New York 

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and mustered put. At Libby, Belle Islaod, and GatUe Thunder, 
our rations were four or five ounces of wheat bread and two ounces 
of pork» in twenty-four hours; in the other prisons, one pint of 
com meal in twenty-four, or often in forty-eight hours, without any 
salt, and frequently without any water or fire with which to 
cook it. None of the prisons were covered except Libby and 
Castle Thunder. We were exposed to all kinds of weather, were 
naked and covered with Termin, and suffered from cold, hunger, 
and thirst. Our sufferings were beyond description. When I was 
taken prisoner, I weighed one hundred and seycnty-six pounds, 
and when released, but eighty-six pounds, was covered with sores, 
and in Salisbury prison lost the use of my limbs, so that when 
released, I had to be carried about on a stretcher. I shall never 
recover from the effects of my imprisonment." 

1221. men AmeUa, b. Apr. 4, 1888; m. Sept. 26, 1864, Henry Hotch- 
kiss Todd, now, 1875, a merchant and warden of Zion church in 
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

1222. AlbeHlfobU. b. Feb. 2, 1840; m. Apr. 7, 1809. Emma Amelia 
Hall, is, 1875, a carpenter and Joiner in Morris, N.. T. 

1222a. Atf^rn. b. Dec. 29, 1842; m. Kov. 12, 1868, Qeoige Henry 

Skiff, a blacksmith in New Lisbon, N. T. During the avil war, he 
served for two years and ten months in the Union army, Co. 1, 114 
Reg., N. T. Vol. His corps commander was, at first. Gen. Banks, 
and afterwards Gen. Sheridan. He was engaged in eight battles in 
Louisiana, one in Texas, three in Yiiginla, besides several hard 
skirmishes, and yet never received a wound. 

lfS2S, Mar^ Jbigaa, b. Feb. 20, 1845; d. in Morris, Sept 28, 1840. 
SB. 4. 

1224. Le Barron, b. Jan. 14, 1848; m. Sept 2, 1872, £11a Bowne. 
He is, 1875, a merchant of Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

1225. SdteylMU, b. Feb. 14, 1850; d. in Morris, N. T., Aug. 9, 
1868, ». 18. 

1226. Mary Gertrude, b. Dec. 7, 1858; unm., res. in Morris, N. T. 

1227. Henrjf Louie, b. Apr. 20, 1856; res. in Morris, N. T. 


Jkmnstt NoblB) daa. of Fhilo, was b. in New Milford, Conn., 
Dec 24, 1816, and d. in Grand Rapids, Mich., May 28, 1859, ss. 42. 

She m. June 8, 1837, Gbobob Wabhinqton Allen, b. in Enfield, 
Conn., Sept. 17, 1813, a. of Moaes and Nancy (Kingsbury) Allen. 
He resided in Painesrille, 0., 1816-53, and then removed (o Grand 
Rapids, Mich., hia home in 1877. He has been a merchant, and 
was, 1866-69, a pension agent of the United States. In 1859, and 
1865, he was a representative in the Michigan legislature. He m. 
(2) Jan. 6, 1864, Mrs. Elizabeth Bradford Church, widow of Ben- 
jamin Bradford Church, and dau. of Charles Fales of Bristol, R. L 

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BRAVOH or JOHN. 171 


1228. JennettNoUe, b. Jan. 11, 18d9; m. Oct 20, 1868, David Luke 
Eeeler of Qrand Rapids. He is, 1877, a confectioner. 

1229. EUher Chapin, b. Oct. 20, 1842; d. in Grand Rapids, Apr. 24, 
1862, K. 19. 

1280. Georffe Boderiek, b. Nov. 1, 1844; m. June 8, 1875, Viola Mar- 
garet Miller. He is, 1877, cashier of the Grand Rapids savings 

1281. BtanleyNcbU, b. Apr. 18, 1847; m. Nov. 2, 1876, Ada Ringe. 
He is, 1877, a merchant in Madison, Lake Co., O. 

1292, Arthur King9burjf,h.J!loY. 6, 1849; m. Nov. 14, 1876, CaroliDe 
Elizabeth Kingsbury. He resides, 1877, in Grand Rapids, and is 
a clerk for the Grand Rapids and Indiana R. R. Co. 

1233. Henry Otlbert, b. July 12, 18S2; is, 1877, a bdokseUer in Grand 

Stanley Noblk, 8. of Fhilo, was b. in New Mflford, Conn., 
Bee. 28, 1818, and d. in Painesrille, 0., July 17, 1873, m. 54. He 
redded in PainesviUe, from 1833, until his death. For some 
years he was a bookkeeper, and for about fifteen years a railway 

He m. June 7, 1843, Lydia Phelps, b. in Painesville, dau. of 
Samuel W. and Lydia (Paine) Phelps. She resides, 1877, in 


1284. Frederick Soardman, b. May 22, 1844; d. in PainesviUe, July 1, 1844. 


Ann Mabia Noble, dau. of Philo, was b. in Painesville, 0., 
Aug. I, 1837. 

She m. Dec. 18, 1856, Chester Gaylord Stone, b. in Canton, 
St Lawrence Co., N. Y., Dec. 25, 1830, s. of Henry and Mary 
Ann (Campbell) Stone. He removed in April, 1866, from Orand 
Rapids, Mich., to Lowell, Mich., where he still, 1877, resides. He 
is a merchant 


1286. Frederick Qa^lard, b. Kov. 1, 1857. 

1286. ArOiur Cheeier, b. Apr. 15, 1850. 

1287. Jemie ChmeUa, b. Sept 21, 1868. 
128a Henry NMe, b. Jan. 26, 1866. 


Hiram Bbn/amin Noble, s. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Apr. 10, 1811. He has been a boot manufacturer, but is 
now, 1877, in the retail boot and shoe trade, in New Milford. 

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He m. Jan. 23, 1839, Luoia Houcak, b. in &Auai, Sandwich 
Islands, March 2, 1821, dau. of Dr. Thomas and Lucy (Rugglss) 
Holman. Dr. T. Holman went oat as a missionary physician, in 
company with the first missionaries from the United States to the 
Sandwich Islands. 


1289. Henrietta Maria, b. June 8, 1840; m. Aug. 28, 1870. William Qam- 
well Brown, b. in Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 7, 1848, a of Charles 
Henry Augustus and Mary Morse (Oamwell) Brown. He resides, 
1877, in Savannah, Ga., and is engaged in the shipping businera 
(steamers between New York, Pliiladelphia, and Savannah). Chil- 
dren. 1. Mary Oamwell, b. Sept. 18, 1872, in New Milford, Conn. ; 
2. Arthur Noble, b. May 17. 1875, In Savannah, Ga. 


Mabt Lucbtta Noblb, dan. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Aug. 15, 1812, and d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1871, 
SB. 58. 

She m. June 11, 1831, Austin Bbnoni Tbowbbidob, b. in Bethel, 
Conn., March, 1805, s. of Benjamin and Rachel (Hecock) Trow- 
bridge. He has lived in New York dty, but now, 1877, resides 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1940. Jfory Jane, b. June 9, 1882; m. Oct 18, 1854, Thomas Spencer Hol- 
man. He has resided since 1878, in Chicago, engaged in the iron- 
ore business. 

Obobob Hbnbt Noblb, s. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., March 12, 1814, and there d. Dec. 10, 1872, e. 58. He 
resided in New Haven, Conn., 1828-38; in New York city, and 
Augusta, Ga., tor a short time; and in 1842, returned to New 
Milford, Conn., where he was associated with his brother, Hiram 
B., in the manufacture of boots. He was postmaster of New Mil- 
ford, 1853-^6; State bank commissioner, 1857-59; and assistant 
IT. S. revenue assessor, 1862-71. 

He m. Jan. 6, 1835, Hbhbibtta Bttbbitt, b. in New Haven, 
Conn., June 25, 1816, dau. of Abel and Henrietta (McCracken) 
Bnxritt, of New York dty. 


1241. FtZZiafii Henry, b. Oct 8, 1885, in New Haven, Conn. ; and there 
d. Aug. 8, 1886, s. 10 mos. 

1242. Edward Avguitui, b. June 25, 1887, in New Haven; d. in New Mil- 
ford, Mch. 16, 1851, ae. 18. 

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1248. Qwrge Burfitt, b. Apr. 8, 1889, in AugUBU, Oa. ; d. in New 
Milford, Mch. 8, 1848, m. 8. 

1244. Alfred Henry, b. June 8, 1841, in New York; m. Oct. 27, 1864, 
Eleanor Dacy Acly, b. in Seneca Falls, N. T., Feb. 28, 1841, dan. 
of Rev. Charles Gardner and Elizabeth Cornelia (Elting) Acly of 
New Milford. He resides in New Milford, has been a druggist, but 
is now, 1877, engaged with his brother in the manufacture of but- 
tons. Children bom in New Milford. 1. HenrietU Elizabeth, b. 
8ept. 8, 1865; 2. Edward Elting, b. Aug. 15, 1875. 

1245. Oeorge Bdden, b. Oct 25, 1848, in New Milford; has resided in 
Chicago, but returned, Jan. 1877, to New Milford, and is engaged 
with his brother in the manufacture of buttons. He is unm. 

1246. EUtabeih Bftrritt, b. Dec. 4, 1858, in New Milford; and there d. 
Sept. 16, 1855, e. 21 mos. 


Maria Amelia Noble, dau. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Feb. 10, 1816. 

She m. (1) Oct. 14, 1840, John Miles Thompson, b. in Strat- 
ford, Conn., 1799, s. of John and Alice (Benjamin) Thompson. 
He was a merchant in Bridgeport^ Conn., and there d. Jan. 10, 

She m. (2) March 26, 1857, Raymond French, b. in Derby, 
Conn., Jan. 7, 1805, s. of Charles and Ann (Woodcock) French. 
He m. (1) Dec. 11, 1833, Olive Curtis of Middlebury, Conn., who 
d. Oct 11, 1855. He is, 1877, a mannfactoier of augers and edge- 
tools, in Seymour, Conn. 


1247. JuUaHutbett, b. Sept. 28, 1842; m. Apr. 29, 1863, Carlos 
French. He is, 1877, a manufacturer in Seymour, Conn. 

1248. Chfuwmeur Morris, b. Feb. 4, 1844; unm., is, 1877, a lawyer in 
New York city. 

1249. mienAmOia, b Sept 1,1845; m. Mch. 28. 1876, Frank H. 
Beecher, a manufacturer of augers, in Sejrmour, Conn. 


Rachel Ann Noble, dau. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Jan. 26, 1818. 

She m. Sept 11, 1838, Dr. Thomas Bioelow LaCet, b. in Brook- 
field, Conn., Jan., 1815, s. of Dr. Noah Anson and Betsey (Hins- 
dale) Lacey. He studied medicine with his father, and afterwards 
attended a medical school in New York dty, where he graduated, 
about 1836. He practiced his profession, 1836-56, in New Mil- 
ford, Conn.- Having abandoned practice, he removed in 1856, to 

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Radne, Wis., and about 1862, to Chicago, HL, and waa a general 
agent for the j£tna life insarance company of Hartford, Conn. 
He d. in Chieago, HI., Feb. 9, 1865, «. 50. 


1250. Kathleen Maria, b. July 29, 1889; m. Nov. 19. 1868, Henry Aug:uB 
tu8 Bkinner. They reside, 1877, in New York city, where be is in 
a book and music store. 

1251. Arthur Tkomae, b. Oct. 25. 1840; m. 1865, Mary A. Thompson. 
He studied law, and d. in Chicago, Dl., Dec. 5, 1866, «. 26. 

1252. Frederick you, b. June 9. 1842; m. abt 1866, Alice Tslmadge. 
He resides, 1877, in Los Angeles, Cal. 

1253. Edward Anson, b. July 81, 1847; d. Jan. 11, 1864, as. 16. 

1254. ThomaeBigeU^r, b. Dec. 0, 1853; pursued his medical studies at 
Chicago Medical College, received the degree of M. D., Mch., 
1875, and is, 1877, a physician in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is un- 

Julia Cathabins Noble, dau. of Ezra, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., June 12, 1820. 

She m. June 9, 1845, Shbldon Blackman, b. in Newtown, Conn., 
Nov. 27, 1810, 8. of Reuben and Charity (Clark) Blackman. He 
is, 1877, a jeweler in New Milford. 


1255. JameeKiMe, b. Aug. 27, 1846; unm., resides, 1877, in New Mil- 
ford. He is associated with his father, as a Jeweler. 

1256. WHUam, b. Feb. 12, 1849; d. in New Milford, Mch. 19, 1853. 
s. 4. 

1257. EmOy AmeUa, b. Not. 3, 1852; unm., 1877. 

AiTDBBw Baldwin Noblk, a. of Chauncey, was b. in New Milford, 
Conn., Jan. 14, 1823. In the Civil war, he enlisted Aug. 25, 1862, 
tor nine months in Co. D, 28th Reg. Conn, volunteers, and was 
honorably discharged, Aug. 28, 1863. He is now, 1876, a farmer 
in New Milford, Conn. 

He m. Oct. 10, 1842, Sabah Delia Blackman, b. in Newtown, 
Conn., Dec. 10, 1823, dau. of John Touoey and SaUy (Baldwin) 


1258. Sarah EUtabeth, b. Mch. 10, 1848, in Newtown, Conn. ; m. Mch. 
29, 1860, Francis Dawson Marsh, b. in New Milford, Nov. 22, 1887, 
a of Orman and Amy Maria (HUl) Bradley. He is, 1877, a black- 
smith in New Milford. ChUdreD. 1. Amy Marie, b. June 1, 1861 ; 
2. Fi!ederic Blackman, b. Nov. 25, 1864. 

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BRAMCH or JOHN. 175 

1200. Sopkia Jane, b. Apr. 14, 1847. in Newtown; m. (1) July 1, 1863, 

Henry Edward Bennett, b. in New Milford. Dec. 29, 1845, s. of 
Noble Sonford and Sarah Maria (Morebousc) Bennett. He was a 
fanner, and d. in New Milford, 8ept. 17, 1860, a;. 20; (2) Dec. 15, 
1868, Charles William Roraback, b. in Kent, Conn., Apr. 8, 1847,8. 
of Geoi^ B. and Polly Ann (Hunter) Roraback. He is, 1877, a 
fanner in Kent. Children by first marriage bom in New Milford. 
1. Andrew Noble, b. July 1, 1868, d. July 17. 1865, se. 2; 2. Alice 
Augusta, b. July 5, 1860. Children by second marriage bom in 
Kent, Conn. 8. Frank William, b. Jan. 14, 1870; 4. Flora Harriet, 
b. Feb. 21, 1872. 

1260. CaroUne Efua, b. Mch. 2, 1858, in New Milford; m. Oct. 10, 1874, 
Bamuel Vincent, b. in Sherman, Conn., Jan. 7, 1854, s. of Egliert 
and Rhoda (Green) Vincent He is, 1877, a school-teacher in Strat- 
ford, Conn. Has no children. 

Sabah Noblb, dau. of Belden, was b. Feb. 7, 1800, and d. in 
North Easton, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1847, m. 47. 

She m. Dec. 12, 1820, Jaoob Van Sohatx Bbcesr, b. Jan. 9, 
1798. He is a fanner, and resides, 1875, in North Easton, N. Y. 


1261. Mary Chrdelia, b. Apr. 8, 1828; m. Oct. 2, 1845, David Briggs, 
a painter, who d. Sept. 19, 1846. 

1262. JaM Maria, b. Jan. 17, 1826; m. Jan. 26, 1848, Haveland Oif- 
ford, a farmer, of Easton, N. Y. 

1268. Oarok'ne, b. June 17, 1828; m. May, 1849, James Wallace 

Cundall, who has been warden of the prison at Clinton, N. Y. 

1264. AramifUa, b. Mch. 17, 1832; m. Sept. 22. ia57, Joseph Parry. 

1265. Bdden NiMe, b. Aug. 19, 1884. 


HiBAM Raleioh Noblb, s. of Belden, was b. in Essex, N. Y., 
June 1, 1801, and d. in Troy, N. Y., June 1, 1870, e. 69. He was 
an accountant. 

He m. Feb. 20, 1828* Lydia Lovbtt, b. in Pownal, Vt, Feb. 17, 


1266. Harriet Whilney, b. Jan. 22, 1829, in Cambridge, N. Y. ; m. James 
F. Dakin. Children. 1. Adelaide; 8. Nettie; 8. Le Grand; 4. Har. 
riet; 5. Oeoige. 

1267. Banmm, b. Feb. 8, 1881, in Shaftesbur}*, Vt ; m. July 1, 
1851, Elizabeth Tolhurat No children. He resides, 1877, in Troy, 
N. Y. , and is ticket agent for Hudson River and New York Central 

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17a mmxhuamis isf^ tbohas mwlb. 

ABomjAH SumnEB Belbeh Noblb, a. of BekJen, wae In in 1 
N. Y^ lIcL 20, 1808, and d. in Cambridge, N. T^ June 8, 1865, 
tt. 67. He was a merchant, and with the exception of one year 
qwnt in Troy, N. T., reaided after hia marriage, in Cambridge, 
N. Y. In writing hia name, he nanally left oat the Bellen. 

He m. (1) Feb. 8, 1832, Abigail SASAHLooMia, b. in Cambridge, 
N. Y., 8epL 23, or 29, 1809, dan. of Jednthan and Abigail (Adama) 
Loomia. She d. June 17, 1834, m. 24. 

He m. (2) Dec 2, 1835, Atklixs Euza Hat, b. in Cambridge, 
N. Y^ Apr. 22, 181 1, dan. of Henry and Sarah (Hay) Hay. She 
d. in Cambridge, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1877, m. 66. 


ISea Abiffoa Sarah, b. Mch. 9. 1883; m. Bqoiie W. AUen. 


1989. Henr^, h. Dec. 81, 1888; m. 8anh L Barton. 

1970. CkaHe$, b. Jan. 11, 1840; d. in Ounbridge. Oct 98, 1857, 

1971. Ann Maria, b. Bept. 90, 1841 ; nnm., 1875. 

1972. Marg B., b. Mch. 95, 1848; m. Charles J. 6. HalL 

Chablxs Noblb, a. of Qen. Ranaom, was b. in Bssez, N. Y., 
Dec 25, 1801, and d. in New Milfoid, Conn.. Oct 20, 1867, sb. 65. 
He reaided in Elizabethtown, Essex Co^ N. Y., ontU 1834, whoi 
he removed to New York city, and did bnaineas at No. 76 Broad 
street^ under the firm name of Smith & Noble, iron commisaion 
merchants. On retiring from bosineas^ he removed to New Mil- 
ford, Conn. 

He m (I) Oct 15, 1832, Sasah Jabx Roes, b. in Essex, N. Y., 
Feb. 9, 1804, dan. of Daniel and Elizabeth (GiUiland) Boss. She 
d. in Elizabethtown, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1834, m. 30. 

He m. (2) June 10, 1845, Euzabbth Bubbitt, b. in New Haven. 
Conn., Feb. 23, 1822, dan. of Abel and Nancy (Hotchkias) Bnnitt 
She xesides, 1877, in New York dty. 


1978. Oomdia, b. Jan. 97. 1847. 

1974. Jviia Strong, b. Nov. 6, 1849. 

1975. Henrietta Burritt, b. Mch. 94, 1851. 

1976. mUz, b. May 80, 1858. 

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BRAHOH or JOHK. 177 


Habkon Nobls, s. of Oen. Ransom, was b. in Essex, N. Y., 
Nov. 1, 1803, and there cL May 24, 1864, ». 60. He resided in 
Essex, N. Y., and was a general merchant and lumberman.* 

He m. Oct. 16, 1855, Laura Ann Welsh, b. in Vergennes. Vt., 
dau. of Peter and Martha (Frazer) Welsh. She resides, 1876, in 
Essex, N. Y. 


1277. SUtabeth, b. Aug. 20, 1856; m. Oct. 18. 1876, Charles Bur- 

ritt Waite» b. in New Haven, Conn., Mch. 81, 1851. s. of Charles 0. 
and Julia Stacey (Burritt) Waite. He was a passenger on board the 
Vnie du Havre when it collided with the Loch Earn, Nov., 1873. 
and sank on the Atlantic. Most of the passengers were lost, but he 
was saved, having been picked up sfter being in the water three- 
quarters of an hour. He resides, 1878^ in New York cit}*, and is 
one of the proprietors of the Windsor hotel. Child b. in New York. 
Julia Noble, b. Aug. 14, 1877. 

127a Anna Laura, b. Jan. 26, 1858. 

1279. Jennie, b. Aug. 29, 1859. 

1280. Henry Homer, b. May 9, 1861. 

1281. Martha Fraeer, ) b. May 5, 1863; d. Aug.. 1863. 

1282. Mary McNeil, ) b. May 6, 1868; d. Aug., 1863. 


Hknbt Ransom Noblb, s. of Gen. Ransom, was b. in Essex, 
N. Y., Dec. 17, 1807, and d. in Elizabethtown, N. Y., Sept. 13, 
1863, m. 55. He removed, abt. 1827, to Elizabethtown, N. Y., 
where he was an ironmaster and lumberman. 

He m. Feb. 6, 1837, Cobnxlia Gould, b. in Essex, N. Y., Apr. 9, 
1815, dan. of John and Theodocia (Nichols) Gould. 


1283. CharUe Henry, b. Jan. 15, 1888; m. Aug. 18, 1868, Lavhiia Feli- 
cia de Has8, b. Sept 29, 1850, dau. of Dr. Wills and LavinU 
(Hoblltzel]) de Hsas of MoundsviUe, Va. He is a merchant and 
manufacturer in Elizabethtown, N. Y. Child. Lavinia de Hass, b. 
NoV. 27, 1871. 

1284. Mary SUtabeth, b. Sept 25, 1841 ; m. July 29, 1868, Richard Lock- 
hart Hand, b. in EUzabethtown, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1839, s. of Hon. 
Augustus Cincinnatus and Marcia (Northrop) Hand. • He graduated 
at Union College, in 1858, read law with his father, and now, 1877, 
prsctices his profession, in Elizabethtown, N. Y. Children. 
1. Augustus Noble, b. July 26, 1869; 2. Cornelia Ellen, b. Mch. 21, 
1872; 8. Marcia Elizabeth, b. Sept 29, 1875. 

1285. John Q<mtd, b. May 25, 1847; unm., graduated, in 1868, at 
Union College, continued his studies at Carolina College, Braun- 

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■chweig, Germany, 1809-72, took the degree of H. D., at the CoUege 
of PhyaiciaiiB and Surgeons, in New York city, in 1875, and now, 
1877, practices his profession at 265 West 25tb street, New York. 


BsLDBN Noble, a. of Gen. RaDsom, was b. in Bsaez, N. Y., 
Jan. lly 1810. He resided formerly in Essex, N. Y., but now, 
1 877, lives in Washington, D. C. He has been an ironmaster and 

He m. Aug. 28, 1856, Adslinb M. Fbrbis, dau. of Charles 


1286. Iiant(m Ftrru, b. May 28, 1858; d. Aug. 13, 1859, ae. 1. 

1287. Wmiam Belden, b. Oct. 17, 1860. 

1288. Clara Lcmm, b. Feb. 28, 1863; d. Sept. 6, 1863, s. 6 mos. 

1289. Mary Maude, b June 1, 1867. 

1290. I$abel BUsabeth, b. July 10, 1868; d. Nov. 14, 1868, ». 4 mos. 


Garrt Skiknsr Noble, s. of Asahel, was b. Feb. 27, 1807, 
and d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 23, 1864, ». 57. He removed 
from Spencerport, N. Y., as early as 1834, to Brockport in Sweden, 
N. Y., and in 1857, to Kalamazoo. He was a machinist. 

He m. (1) May 15, 1829, Sabah Fowler, b. in Brockport, N. Y., 
Aug. 15, 1809, dau. of Samuel Fowler of Watts Comers, Rens- 
selaer Co., N. Y. She d. of small-pox in Brockport, N. Y., Dec. 
26, 1842, ». 33. 

He m. (2) 1847. Mrs. Eunice Freeman, b. in Grovelaiid, Liv- 
ingston Co., N. Y., July 8, 1815, dau. of Russell and Marcia 
(Lewis) Taylor. She m. (1) March 17, 1833, Lewis Freeman of 
Brockpiorty N. Y., b. March 7, 1810, the captain imd owner of a 
packet boat on the Erie canal. She d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 
18, 1858, e. 43. 

childben bt first marriage. 

1291. Q^irge AmM, b. June 29, 1881, hi Spenceiport, N. Y. ; m. Sept. 
16, 1860, Lucy Piatt, b. in Manchester, Vt., Feb. 26, 1826, dau. of 
Jabez and Lydia Ann (Hitchcock) Pratt. He was a sailor, 1848-56. 
In the Qlvil war. he enlisted Apr. 15, 1861, in Co. K, 18 Reg. N. Y. 
Vols., and was discharged May 18, 1868. The following June, he 
re-enlisted hi Co. 1, 21st Griswold Cavalry, but was soon transferred 
to the naTy, and serred through the war. He worked at his trade 
as a machinist in Brockport, N. Y., 1865-74, and then removed to 
Washhigton, Gratiot Co.. Mich., his P. O. address being Eureka, 
Clinton Co., Mich. He is now, 1877, a farmer. 

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1298. Laura Ann, b. Oct. 87, 1884. in Brockport; m. Walter J. 

Perry, and d. in Brockport, N. Y., May 4, 1868, «. 88. He resides, 
1877, in Rochester, N. Y., and is keeper of the House of Refuge. 

1298. Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1886, in Brockport; m. John Dor- 


1294. Fr4nee$, b. Mch. 88, 1888, in Brockport; m. Sept. 16, 18^8, 
Charles Welton, b. in Rochester, N. Y., Apr. 15. 1888. s. of Hezc- 
kiah and Caroline (Goodrich) Welton. He is, 1877, superintendent 
of the furniture contract in the Michigan states* prison, in Jackson, 
Mich. Children. 1. Nellie, b. July 84, 1859, in Kalamazoo, Mich., d. 
May 20, 1867, c 7; 8. Charles L., b. Nov. 9, 1860, in Kalamazoo; 
8. Carrie, b. Aug. 1, 1862. in Battle Creek, Mich., d. 1864; 4 Bessie 
Lyster. b. Nov. 20, 1864, in Jackson, Mich. 

1295. Charleti, b. Oct. 7, 184^ in Brockport; m. Aug. 20, 
1868, Mary Phylindia Barnard, b. in Rochester. N. Y., July 14, 
1841, dau. of William and Mary PhylindU (Warren) Barnard. In 
the Civil war, he enlisted, Aug. 6, 1862, for three years, in Co. M, 
8d N. Y. Cavalry, and was discharged from the service at Norfolk, 
Va., June 7, 1865. He resided in West Bloomfield, N. Y., 1865-72; 
in £a8t Mendon, N. Y., 1872-76; and on the 1st of Nov., 1870, re- 
moved to Bpencerport, Monroe Co., N. Y. He is a farmer. Child. 
Bertram Garry, b. Sept. 8, 1868, in West Bloomfleld, N. Y. 


1290. Frederick Eugene, b. Aug. 15, 1856, in Leroy. N. Y. He is, 1877, 
a farmer in Hanover, Jackson Co., Mich. 


Sarah Noble, dan. of Daniel, was b. in Fort Clovington, N. Y., 
Dec. 14, 1824, and resides, 1876, in Washington, D. C. 

She m. Sept 1, 1845, William Cart Peck, b. in Lawrence, 
N. Y., May 30, 1823, s of Myron Graves and Electa (Royce) 
Peck. Prior to his marriage, he practiced dentistry, in New 
York, Philadelphia, and through the southern states. He also 
for a time read law. Subsequent to his marriage, he practiced 
dentistry in Rarenna, O., and Canal Dover, O., until 1847, when he 
removed to Nicholville, N. Y., and practiced law and dentistry. 
In 1849, he removed to Fort Covington, N. Y., and worked as a 
dentist in that and the adjoining towns, and in Montreal, Canada. 
In 1864, he removed to Washington, D. C, but d. in Philadelphia, 
Penn., April 20, 1864, e. 40. 


1207. William XMe, b. Nov. 0, 1846, in Canal Dover, O. ; m. Bept 10, 
1867, Mary Elizabeth Greer. He resides. 1876, in Washington, 
D. C, and has been since Feb. 25, 1864, a clerk in the adjutant-gen- 
eral's office, hi the War Department 

128a Sarah Franof, b. July 80, 1854, in Fort Covington, N. Y. 

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Mabt Weston Noble, dau. of Dr. William Noble, was b. in 
Hndflon, 0., Dec. 11, 1833. 

She m. Oct. 6, 1857, Edwin West, b. Sept., 1826, s. of Royal 
and Rozanna (Hamlin) West. He studied medicine with Durfee 
Chase, M. D., of Palmyra, N. Y., Alfred Freeman, M. D., of New 
York, and at the New York University Medical College, where 
he received the degree of M. D., in 1849. He has practiced his 
profession in Honesdale, Fenn., Wilkesbarre, Penn., and in New 
York city, first in company with Lewis Hallock, M. D., afterwards 
with Hudson Kinsley, M. D., and since 1861, by himself. 


1289. MwinlMle, b. Nov. 1, 1809; d. March. 1861. 

11 4T. 

William Ctbus Noble, s. of Rev. Calvin, was b. in Rochester, 
Vt, Oct. 21, 1836. Since 1864, he has been in the employ of the 
American Express Co., and now, 1875, resides in Cleveland, O. 

He m. Jan. 25, 1860, Jennie Lombabd, b. in Ascutneyville, Vt., 
Aug. 9, 1840, dau. of Nahum and Elizabeth (Tuell) Lombard. 


1800. AVMl L., b. Oct. 81, 1861. 

1801. Mauds B.. b. May 11^1867. 


Rev. Calvin Day Noble, s. of Rev. Calvin, was b. in Roches- 
ter, Vt, Aug. 23, 1 840. He prepared for college, at Burr Sem- 
laary, Ifanchester, Vt, 1858-59, and graduated at Middlebury 
College, in 1864, with the philosophical oration, the second honor 
of his class. While in college, he boarded in the family of his 
maternal grandfather, James Jewett and through his influence 
became a convert to the doctrines of Swedenboig. He entered 
the ministry of the New Jerusalem church, in 1867, and preached 
in Clevdand, O., from Oct., 1867, to Oct, 1870, and in Chicago, Dl, 
from Oct, 1870, until 1874. During his stay in the latter place, 
he was for two years assistant to another clergyman, and after- 
wards pastor of a seconcl^ new society which emanated from the 
old society. His health at that time filing, he removed to River- 
side, San Bernardino, CaL, where he still, 1876, resides. 

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He m. Dec 25, 1870, Hannah Gk>BHAM Phinnet, b. in Barnsta- 
ble, MasB., Aug. 30, 1845, daiL of George and Cordelia (Gorham) 
Phinney of Waltham, Maas. 


1802. VteUyr Dawn, h. Oct 4, 1871, in Chicago. 
1808. Beatrice, b. Dec. 90, 1872, in Chicago. 
1804. Mvriam, b. Aug. 27, 1874, in Waltham, Mass. 


EuzABSTH Abbt Noblb, dau. of Hon. Charles, was b. in Mon- 
roe, Mich., July 15, 1826, and d. in Leroy, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1849, 
m. 23. 

She m. Oct 25, 1848, Rev. Hannibal Lows Stanlst, b. in 
Rogersville, East Tennessee, March 13, 1824, s. of Rufus and 
Mary (Stanley) Clark. He prepared foi: college, under James 
Park, in Erie, Penn., and in Monroe, Mich., under Rev. Samuel 
Senter, and grad. at Yale College, 1844. He spent two years at 
Lane Theo. Seminary, and graduated at Yale Divinity School, in 
1848. He is a Presb. clergyman, and was stated supp^.v at Leroy, 
N. Y., 184ft-49 ; Churchville, N. Y., 1848-50; Jones liUe, Mich., 
1850-55, and pastor of same church, Jan. 10, 1855, to April 18, 
1861 ; stated supply at Adams, N. Y., 1861-62, and at Lyons, Iowa, 
1862-67; agent for Lyons College, 1867-70; stated supply at- 
Wheatland, Iowa, 1870-72, and pastor of same church July 
16, 1872, in which relation he still continues, March, 1876. 
[He m. (2) Oct. 14, 1856, Cornelia C. Minor, b. in Camden, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., Sept. 19, 1831, dau. of Hiram J. and Adaline 
M. (Hungerford) Minor. Children. 1. Hiram Minor, b Aug. 1, 
1857, in Jonesville, Mich.; 2. Charles Noble, b. Aug. 5, 1858, in 
Jonesville, Mick, and there d Jan. 18, 1860; 3. Rufus Clark, b. 
Oct 14, 1859, in Jonesville, Mick; 4. Adaline Hungerford, b. 
June 17, 1861, in Dunkirk, N. Y., and there d. Oct. 16, 1861; 5. 
Mary Emmeline, b. Jan. 16, 1863, in Lyons, Iowa; 6. Theodore 
Dwight, (twin) b. Jan. 16, 1863, in Lyons, Iowa; 7. Cornelia 
Groevenor, b. Dec. 4, 1864, in Lyons, Iowa, and there d. Sept. 13, 
1865; 8. Mabel Huntington, b. Jan. 30, 1866, in Lyons, Iowa, 
and there d. Aug. 16, 1866; 9. Grace AthleiBU, b. Nov. 5, 1867, 
in Lyons, Iowa; 10. Hannibal Wing, b. June 29, 1869, in Lyons, 
Iowa, and there d. Dec. 29, 1869.] 

1805. EUaaheih Ncbk, b. Aug. 7, 1849, in Leroy, N. Y., and d. in Monroe. 
Mick, March 81, 1855, m, 6. 


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CHABLB8 WiNo NoBLE, B. of Hon. Charles, was b. in Monroe, 
Mich., Feb. 13, 1828. He graduated at Michigan University, 1846, 
read law with Noble k Grosvenor of Monroe, Mich., and Hitch- 
cock, Wilson k Wade of Cleveland, O., and immediately entered 
into partnership with H. E. Paine of Cleveland, and in Oct., 1850, 
with Wade k Backus of the same place. He removed Jan. 1, 
1866, to Pithole, Penn., thence March 12, 1866, to Savannah, Ga., 
thence Sept., 1866, to New York city, and thence July, 1867, to 
Detroit, Mich., and is now, Dec., 1875, a dealer in lands in copart- 
nership with his brother-in-law, George Smith Frost, under the 
firm name of George S. Frost k Co. 

He m. (1) Sept 19, 1850, Julia Fitch Mtgatt, b. in Warren, 
O., Apr. 12, 1830, dau. of George and Eliza (Freeman) Mygatt of 
Cleveland, 0. She d. Apr. 25, 1852, m. 22. 

He m. (2) May 31, 1854, Cabolinx Gsoroiamna Van Bubbn, b. 
in Penn Tan, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1831, dau. of Hon. Evart and Cath- 
arine (Smith) Van Buren. She d. in Detroit, Mich.,. Oct 1, 1867, 
». 36. 

He m. (3) July 21, 1870, Fbancxs Mabtine, b. in Tarrytown, 
N. Y., March 24, 1841, dau. of Stephen Alexander and Sarah 
Agnes (Dusenburg) Martine. 


1806. JuUa JBIuabeth, b. Oct. 28. 1851, in Cleveland, O.; d. in Troy, 
N. Y., June 17, 1867, m. 15, while a member of Mrs. Willard's sem- 


1807. Stephen Martine, b. Aug. \ 1871. 
1806. I^neee, b. Oct. 6, 1878. 
1800. JSUea Win^, b. Jan. 14, 1874 

1810. Barak Agnee, b. Mch. 11, 1876. 


Ellen Elbotba Noble, dau. of Hon. Charles, was b. in Monroe, 
Mich., Aug. 17, 1832. 

She m. Oct 12, 1852, Gboboe Smith Fbobt, b. in Marcellus, 
N. Y., June 14, 1824, s. of Joseph, Jr., and Hannah Morgan 
(Smith) Frost He is, 1 876, a land dealer in Detroit^ in copartner, 
ship with his brother-in-law, Charles Wing Noble. 

obzldben bobh xh dbtboit. 

1811. Lemie Can, b. Aug. 24, 1858; d. in Detroit, Jan. 27, 1864. 

1812. (HuvHMNMe, b. Mch. 1, 1855; gnuL, 1875, at the College of 
Kew Jersey. 

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1818. CbnUne NchU, b. May 11, 1859. 

1814. Gearffe Ca$kfUd, b. Oct 80, 1860. 

1815. JBUmq Wing, b. July 28, 1862; d in Detroit, Mich., March 25, 
1871, ae. 8. 

1816. Otmwt^ Alaruo, b. May 9, 1867. 

1817. EOen SUaabeth, b. Jan. 89, 1878; d. in Detroit, May 9, 1874, s. 1. 


CoNWAT Whittisb Nobls, 8. of Hon. Charles, waF b. in Monroe, 
Mich., Oct 7, 1842. He completed bia studies for college with 
Edwin 'Willets of Monroe, Mich., and graduated, 1863, at Michigan 
University; read law with Ranney, Backus k Noble of Cleveland, 
0., and in 1865 graduated at the Ohio State and Union Law Col- 
lege of Cleveland. He is now, 1876, a lawyer in Cleveland, of the 
firm of Mix, Noble, and White, and has beeu since the fall of 1867, 
professor of legal medicine in the Medical department of the Woos- 
ter University, in Cleveland. He is unmarried. 


Hbkbt Shaw Noble, s. of Hon. David Addison, was b. in Mon- 
roe, Mich., Dec. 19, 1838. He is, 1876, an attorney in Monroe, 

He m. Nov. 5, 1858, Delia Vboman, dau. of John Vroman. 


1818. Outkman i>., b. Feb. 28, 1859; d. in Monroe, Apr. 14, 1862, «. 8. 

1819. Anna &, b. Jan. 16, 1860. 

1820. Lauita X., b. Dec. 21, 1862; d. in Monroe, Mch. 25, 1871, «. 8. 


Henbt Mason Noble, s. of Daniel, was b. Feb. 20, 1839. He 
has resided for six years in Detroit, Mich., but now, 1876, lives in 
Monroe, Mich., a member of the firm of Bruckner k Noble, 
dealers in hardware and agricultural implements. 

He m. Nov. 26, 1863, Adelaide Mobton, b. in Monroe, Dec. 30, 
1838, dau. of Hon. Edward and Desire (Harvey) Morton. 


1821. Borah MvrUm, b. Aug. 80, 1864 

1822. JvUa Addie, b. Apr. 22, 1866. 

1828. Daughter, b. Oct 24, 1868; d. Oct 26, 1868, «. 2 days. 

1824. Carrie Morton, b. Dec. 14, 1872. 

1825. Morton, b. May 8, 1875. 

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Mabt Lucrktia Noble, dau. of Daniel, was b. May 3, 1843. 

She m. June 19, 1875, Bey. Oben Dennis Fibheb, b. in Brighton, 
Lorain Co., O., July 6, 1847, s. of Danforth and Lacinda (Wilcox) 
Fisher. He pursued his preparatory studies at Olivet preparatory 
school, Olivet, Mich., graduated at Olivet College, 1872, and at Yale 
Divinity school, 1875. He was ordained pastor of Madison avenue 
Cong, church, in Cleveland, 0. 


18d6. Carl Bertram, b. Oct 6, 1876. 


Bev. Joseph Fbanxlin Noble, s. of Bev. Mason, was b. in Wash- 
ington, D. C, Aug. 25, 1837. He pursued his studies preparatory 
to college at Washington, mainly under the instruction of his 
father, entered the Sophomore class in Williams College, and 
graduated in 1 856. He graduated at Union Theological Seminary, 
in New York, in 1861, and was pastor of the Presb. church in 
Sandusky, 0., from Apr. 30, 1862, to July 1, 1864, and of the Cong, 
church in Torringford, Conn., from Jtme 7, 1865, to Nov. 30, 1866. 
He became pastor of the <* Atlantic Avenue Mission," Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Dec. 1, 1866, and organized in the mission, the *' Church of 
the Covenant'* (Congregational), March 10, 1868, the pastorate of 
which he resigned June 15, 1874, and was installed, Apr. 29, 1875, 
over Christ'a First church in Hempstead. L. I. He has been one 
of the editorial staff of Appleton's American Cyclopedia. For 
many years, in writing his name, he has dropped the Joseph. 

He m. Jtme 4, 1862, Eunice Matilda Pbime, b. in New York, 
Jan. 11, 1837, dau. of Edward Youngs and Emma (Cotrel) Prime 
of Huntington, N. Y. 

1827. Mary, b. Sept 22, 1868, in Sandusky, O. 

182a MbeOa PleamtUt, b. Dec. 22, 1864, in Newport, R I. 
1820. Eaie PiauUna, b. July 5, 1872, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1880. Bmrjf Prime, b. May 27, 1874, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Bev. Mason Noble, Jr., s. of Rev. Mason, was b. in New York 
city, 'Sept 12, 1842. His parents, soon after his birth, removing 
to Washington, D. C, he was there prepared for college, at Bitten- 
house academy. In 1858, he entered the Freshman class of 
Columbian College, in Washington, but the next year removed his 

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connection to WiUiams CoU^ge, where he graduated in 1862. 
While a member of Union Theological Seminary, in New York, 
where he graduated in 1865, he was connected with the United 
States Sanitary commission, and was for some time with the army 
in Virginia. After about a year spent as a resident licentiate at 
Andoyer Theological Seminary, in May, 1866, he became acting 
pastor of the Cong, church in North Canaan, Conn., and continued 
there about two years. In January, 1869, he removed to SheflBeld, 
Mass., to supply the First church of Christ (Cong.), in that town, 
and was ordained pastor of the same, Dec. 29, 1869. On this occa- 
sion his brother Charles conducted the opening exercises, his 
brother Franklin preached the sermon, his father made the ordain- 
ing prayer, and his brother Qeorge gave the charge. He still, Dec., 
1877, remains pastor of the above church.. 

He m. Sept. 12, 1867, Mabt Adam, b. in Canaan, Conn., Aug. 
31, 1847, dau. and only child of Dr. George and Rosannah Wilcot 
(Mills) Adam. 

1381. George Adam, b. June 28, 1868, hi Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1882. Katharine FUaMfUe, b. Feb. 2, 1870, in ShefBeld. 

1883. Boie, b Bept. 6, 1872, in Sheffield. 

1884. Moion, b. Oct 16, 1874, in Sheffield. 

Rev. Geobob Pleasants Noble, s. of Rev. Mason, was b. in 
New York city, Jan. 4, 1845. He was prepared for college at the 
Rittenhouse academy, T^ashington, D. C., 1858-61, Otis C. Wright, 
principal. He graduated, 1865, at Williams College, and was for 
eight months after, librarian of the United States Naval Academy, 
at Annapolis^ Md. In 1868, he graduated at Union Theological 
Seminaiy. He was stated supply of the Myrtle Avenue Mission 
(connected with the Reformed diurch), Brooklyn, N. Y., July, 1868, 
to July, 1869; pastor of the Weehawken, N. J., Presb. church, 
Nov. 7, 1869-Mch., 1871; became pastor of the Presb. church in 
Maiden, Ulster Co., N. Y., Mch. 17, 1871, and has there remained 
up to the present time, Feb., 1876. 

He m. Sept. 15, 1868, Fbakces Tatlob Ebtcham, b. in Hunt- 
ington, L. L, Sept. 19, 1848, dau. of Ebenezer Prime and Frances 
(Taylor) Eetcham. 


1885. ffenrif Herbert Taylor, b. Jan. 27, 1870, in Weehawken, N. J. 

1886. Franklin PUaeanU, b. Mch. 25, 1872, in Maiden. 

1887. Fann^ Keteham, b. Oct 10, 1878, in Maiden. 

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Bey. Ohabues Noblb, s. of Rev. Mmoii, wu b. in New York 
city, Dec. 3, 1847. He punned his preparatoiy ttadiee, 1855-62, 
with Otis C. Wright, in Washington, D. C, graduated ftt Williams 
CoUege, 1866, and at Union Theological Seminary, 1871. HsTing 
pursued still farther his theological studies, 1871-3, in Berlin^ 
Prussia, he was ordained, Dec. 17, 1873, as pastor of the Cong, 
church in Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y., but was dismissed on ac- 
count of ill health, in 1877. 

He m. Jan. 21, 1874, Alice Thomas, b. in New Orleans, La., 
Aug. 20, 1849, dAU. of Henry and Mary S. (Oriawold) Thomas. 


Abigail Sarah Noblb, dau. of Adonijah Skinner Belden, was 
b. in Cambridge, N. Y., Mch. 9, 1833. 

She m. May 17, 1860, Squibk WnmsLD Allen, b. in Grafton, 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y., June 11, 1829, s. of Jeremiah and Marths 
(Jones) Allen. Since the age of twenty-one, with the exception 
of two years spent in Troy, N. Y., he has resided in New York 
city. His residence, 1875, is at 256 W. 37th street By trade he 
is a carpenter and joiner. 

childben bobk nv hew tobk. 

1888. Sguire Wir^flOd, b. May 6, 1861. 

1889. Barter WinfiM, b. Feb. 18, 1868; d. Nov. 11, 1868. ae. 8 mos. 

Hbkbt Noble, s. of Adonijah Skinner Belden, was b. in Cam- 
bridge, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1836. He resides, 1876, in Cambridge, 
N. Y., and is business manager of the Wathin^ton County Pdst, 
being associated with Hon. J. S. Smart, under the firm name of 
J. S. Smart k Co. He has resided in Cambridge since April 10, 
1854, and has been constantly engaged in the printing business. 

He m. Sept. 20, 1859, Sarah Ibbnb Babton, b. in Cambridge, 
N. Y., Aug. 4, 1841, dau. of Hichard and Charlotte (Monroe) 
Barton. She d. Apr. 28, 1873, e. 31. 


1840. Chafisi Bakner, b. Aug. 4, 1860; d. in Cambridge, Apr. 98. 1868, 

1841. AfUoiruUe, b. Jan. 16, 1864. 

Mabt E. Noblb, dau. of Adonijah Skinner Belden, was b. in 
Cambridge, N. Y., McL 25, 1843. 

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She m. Sept. 4, 1872, Chablbs Jobsph Oouldino Hall, b. in 
Stockholm, St. Lawrence Ck)., N. T., Aug. 14, 1848, s. of William 
Smith and Harriet (Ooalding) Hall. He read law with Taylor k 
Hobbs in Malone, N. Y., and practiced the same from Oct. 4, 
1869, to June, 1871, with Hon. P. E. Havens, in Essex, N. Y.; 
commenced practice in New York city, Not. 1, 1871, and there 
remains in company with his brother, E. Stanley Hall, at 24 Park 


1842. ffarr^ NoUe, b. May 25, 1878. 

Mabt Noblb, dau. of Gkurry Skinner, was b. in Brockport, 
N. Y., Feb. 8, 1836. 

She m. John Dobmandt, b. in Troy, N; Y., Nov. 22, 1834, dau. 
of Daniel and Amanda (EiUdns) Dormandy. 

He is a carpenter by trade, but now, 1877, a farmer in Lansing- 
burgh, N. Y. ^ 


1848. OarryJ., b. Oct 22, 1859. 

1844 Harry B., b. Mch. 28,1862; d. in Lanslngburgb, Apr. 9, 1869, 

1845. CharU$ JIT., b. July 15, 1865. 

1846. George W., b. Aug. 81, 1868. 

1847. Minnie A., b. Sept 2, 1870. 
184a BOa &, b. Feb. 15, 1872. 

1849. mram &, b. June 20, 1875. 

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Hannah Nobue, dau. of Thomas, was b. in Springfield, Mass., 
Feb. 24, 1664, and d. prob. in Hadley, Mass., abt. 1741, ». abt. 
77. Her will dated Oct. 4, 1729, was proved Oct. 13, 1741. 

She m. (1) abt. 1685, John Ooodman, b. in Hadley, Mass., Oct. 
13, 1661, s. of Richard and Mary (Terry) Gk>odman. He resided 
in Hadley, and d. Jan. 17, 1724, ». 63. 

She m. (2) Oct. 12, 1728, Nathaniel Edwabds, b. in North- 
ampton, Mass., June 25, 1657, s. of Alexander and Sarah (Searle) 
Edwards. He m. (1) May 17, 1687, Hepsibab Janes; (2) Eliza- 
beth ; (3) lliankful ; resided in Northampton, and 

d. Oct. 3, 1731, ». 74. 

She m. (3) Dec. 28, 1731, Hon. Samuel Pahtbidoi; b. in Hart- 
ford, Conn., Oct. 15, 1645, s. of William and Mary (Smith) Par- 
tridge. He m. (1) Sept. 24, 1 668, Mehitable Crow, b. abt 1 652, dau. 
of John and Elizabeth (Gk)odwin) Crow of Hartford, Conn. She d. 
'in Hatfield, Dec. 8, 1730, e. 78. He was a merchant; deputy to 
General Court from Hadley, 1685-86; register of probate, 1692- 
1703; one of his Majesty's council for twenty-one years, 1700-14, 
and 1718-23; judge of the court of Common Pleas, for forty-five 
years, 1692-1737, and, according to Rev. B. W. Dwight, for thirty 
years, 1706-36, its chief justice; judge of probate for twenty-six 
years, 1703-29; and colonel of the r^ment; '*the most important 
man," says Savage, *< after the death of Col. John Pynchon, 1703, 
in all the western part of the province.'* He removed, about 
1687, from Hadley to Hatfield, and there d. Dec. 25, 1740, ». 95. 

children bt first xarbiage born in hadlbt. 
1860. John, b. Bept 20, 1686; m. Hary . 

1851. Hannah, b. May 29, 1689; d. Mch., 1690. ae. 9 mos. 

1852. ffannah, b. Jan. 15, 1697; d. Feb. 4, 1720, ae. 28. 
1868. Stephen, b. Aug. 17, 1699; d. Feb. 4, 1720, «. 20. 

1854. Jamee, b. Feb. 7, 1707; m. (1) 1786, Anna Phelps; (2) Sept. 22, 
1748, Ssrah Sikes, resided in Hadley, and d. Sept 8, 1744, «. 87. 

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Dea. Thomab Noble, b. of Thomas, was b. in Springfield, Mass., 
Jan. 14, 1666, and d. in Westfield, Mass., July 29, 1750, ». 84. 
He put himself under the watch of Westfield church, Oct. 11, 
1696, " entered into state of church fellowship," June 4, 1699, and 
was ordained as deacon, May 25, 1712. 

In town business he was much employed, having been chosen 
selectman in 1716, 1720, and 1722, and moderator of most of the 
town meetings, from 1717 to 1726. The following extracts from 
the town records will show how often he was called by his fellow 
citizens to act upon important committees: 

"At a legoal Town meeting Oct 81, 1718 those assembled at said meet- 
ing made choice of Deacon Noble, Capt. Ashley, lieutenant Dewey, 
Danil Bagg, A Ensine Gun, to go and treat with John Gud senier, and 
with y widow Noble concerning a place to set a new meeting house A 
the Terms their of and to bring report their at, unto the Town at the 
next meeting. 

"May 1, 1719, their was Chosen Cap. John Ashley, Deacon Thomas 
Noble, and Samuel Root to run and setle the line between Northampton 
and Westfield, to Joyn with Northampton men to carey on said work, 
either where it was formerly run, reviveing the old marks and monu- 
ments, or by a new running by the needle, which the aforesaid 8 men 
with one of the selectmen have full power to Joyn with Hamton men in, 
and to make a flnall settlement of said bounds." 

Difficulties respecting the location of the new meeting house 
having arisen, and the Westfield people being unable themselves 
to decide the matter, on the 17th Nov., 1719, the town appointed 
Dea. Nathaniel Munn, Lieut. John Merrick, and Benjamin Leonard 
of Springfield, to locate said house, and <<at the same meeting the 
Town mad Choice of Deacon Thomas Noble, Deacon David Ash- 
ley, and John Shepard, to accompany the Oomitey above chosen, to 
enform and to enlighten them in respect to the surcomstances of 
the Town." Having howeyer at length fixed upon a site, the town 
voted, June 6th, 1720, "that they would begin to raise the meeting 
house on wendens Day morning, at 2 hours by sun in the morning, 
the 8^ day of this instant, attending sd. work at the beat of drum 

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every mornings until it is over.** Every man, from seventeen 
years and upwards, was to assist duly in raising, under penalty of 
three shillings per day for absence, unless excuse should be ren- 
dered, for whose refreshment the committee had " liberty to prepare 
four or five barils of bier at the Town's charge." 

"At the same meeting it was voted, tluit CapUin Phelps, Deacon 
Noble, and Deacon Ashley should go and desier Mr. Taylor to come to 
the place of raising the meeting howse, then and their at the time 
appointed, to seek to God for his guide and protexion in the work of 

At a meeting held Oct. 11, 1721, the town made choice of " Cap" 
Phelps, Deacon Noble, Cap<" Ashley, and Deacon Ashley to go and treat 
with Mr. Taylor conseming his removeing to the new meeting house, to 
atttend the worship of God their. At the same meeting, it was voted 
that if Mr. Taylor will go to y* new meeting hoose to carey on the public 
worship, the comitey hath libertey to remove sum of the timber A 
carey from the old meeting house & use it towards finishing the new 
meeting house." 

At a town meeting held Jan. 9, 1722, "Capt. Ashley was made Choice 
of to go A; discours with Mr. Taylor concerning giving a minister a call. 
At the same meetfaig Deacon Noble was Chosen also to go & discours with 
Mr. Taylor upon the same account. At the same meeting it was voated 
that the town will send for Mr. Brown at New Haven to come up & 
carey on the work of the ministrey with us, three or four months in order 
to a settlement. At the same meeting it was voated to give Mr. Brown 
reasonable reward for his labors amongst us, for the time be shall con- 
tineer with us. At the same meeting, Deacon Thomas Noble was chosen 
as a messenger, to go in the Town's behalf to give Mr. Brown a call, & 
also voated to give Thomas Ashley five or six shillings to encourage him 
to go & accompany Deacon Noble in his Jomey." 

At a town meeting held Jan. 18. 1728, " DeMX>n Noble and John Root 
were chosen a Comitey, to go and treat with Mr. Stiles concerning keep- 
ing school for the year ensuing, & to hier him, if his ienns exceed not 
forty pounds pr year." 

At a town meeting Aug. 20, 1728, "it was voted to give Mr. Btiles a 
call In tothe ministry to help Mr. Tsylor. At the same meeting, it' wss 
voated to give Mr. Btiles fifty pounds to preach one halfe the time for the 
year ensuing. At the same meeting Deacon Noble, Cap*" Ashley, 
Deacon Ashley, Ensine Gun and Thomas Ingersole were chosen a com- 
itey to go and agree with Mr. Stiles as aboue 8*, and to make report to 
the town of what they have done." 

At a town meeting, Mch 9, 1725, "it was voated to hier Mr. BuU to 
help Mr. Taylor cany on the work of the ministrey for the space of 
half a year from the time of his finishing the school service now in, and 
to give him for his labour Twenty five pounds for half a year hi money. 
At the same meeting it was voted that Deacon Noble, John Root, and 
Jonathan Ashley shall be a comitey, to go and agree with Mr. Bull 

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aoccnrdingly A [provided that] Mr. Bull excepts and agrees or complys 
with the proposals above mentioned." 

May 86, 1726, "At a Leguall Town meeting, Deacon Thomas Noble, 
Deacon Ashley & Cap. Dewey were chosen a comitey to go to Mr. Taylor 
and discoTs with him to see whether or no he be willing to lay down 

Dea. Thomab Nobub was a farmer, Mid resided about two and 
one-half miles east of the present centre of Westfield, upon the 
farm afterwards occupied by his son Thomas and grandson Ste- 
phen. After the death of the latter, it passed into the hands of 
Ambrose Day, and is now, 1877, owned by his son, Rev. Ambrose 

He m. Dec. 19, 1695, Elizabeth Dkwbt, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 10, 1677, dau. of Thomas and Constant (Hawes) Dewey. 
She d. in Westfield, Oct. 2, 1757, ». 80. 


1855. Thomas, b. 8ept 10, 1606; m. (1) 8. Root; (2) 8. Beldhig. 

1856. Job, b. Jan. 98, 1699; d. June 85, 1699, ». 5 mos. 
1&57. Janaihan, b. May 1, 1700; d. Nov., 1719, «. 19. 

1858. 8eVi, b. Oct 80, 1702; d. Dec. 4, 1702, s. 1 mo. 

1859. lirael, b. Bept. 20, 1708; m. (1) M. Weller; (2) £. Miller. 

1860. Elkabeth, b. Jan. 8, 1706; m. John 8hepard. 

1861. Laii, b. July 4, 1706; m. Josiah Keep. 

1862. Bbeneaer, b. Oct 11, 1711; m. AbigaU Palmer. 
1868. Thanififid, b. May 81, 1714 

1864. Anna, b. Oct 80, 1716; nL John Leonard. 

1865. Jonathan, b. May 28, 1721; nL Elizabeth Andrus. 



Thomas Noblb, s. of Dea. Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Sept. 10, 1696, and there d. Feb. 18, 1775, e. 78. He was a 
fanner and resided on his father's homestead in Westfield. He 
was chosen as a fence-viewer in 1739 and 1744; in 1761, was on 
the committee to build pews in the meeting-house, and tlie same 
year was moderator of the town-meeting. A monument to his 
memory bears the following inscription: <<Febn^ 18*^, 1775 | Tho* 
Noble died I in his 79*^ year." 

He m. (1) Sept. 1, 1722, Saxljlr Root, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
March 9, 1702, dau. of John and Sarah (Stebbins) Root. She d. 
in Westfield, July 19, 1760, according to her gravestone, but Nov. 

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26, 1760, according to the town records. Her monument bean 
this inBcription: <<In memory of | M". SARAH | Wife of | Mr. 
THOMAS NOBLE | who died Jnlj | 19, 1760 in her | 59 year." 
He m. (2), prob. in 1761, Mrs. Sarah Bbldino of Hatfield, 
Mass., to whom he was pub. April 11, 1761. She was b. abt. 
1701, dau. of John and Sarah (Coleman) Field of HatMd, and 
m. (1) Dec. 1, 1725, Joshua Belding of the Whately part of Hat- 
field. She was recommended by Hatfield church to Westfield 
church, June 26, 1763. She d. in Westfield, Aug. 17, 1763, in 
her 62d year. The inscription upon her monument is as follows: 
"Heif Lies y | Body of M~- | Sarah y* wife | of M' Thomas | 
Noble who | died August | y 17«>» 1763, in y* \ 62 Year of her | 


1866. Sarah, b. Aug. 11, 1728; m. Aaron Dewey. 

1867. Thomai, b. Feb. 6, 1725; m. Susanna Cole. 

1868. Btephen, b. Apr. 16, 1727; m. Ruth Church. 

1868. JEBuniee, b. Mch. 9, 1729; m. Feb. 7, 1750, Dr. Samuel Smith of 
Westfield. and d. Sept 19, 1750, m. 21. He d. Aug. 6. 1794, e. 69. 
ChUd. Eunice, b. Aug. 20, 1750. 

1870. John, b. Sept. 7, 1781; m. Lois Sexton. 

1871. aOai, b Aug. 28, 1788; m. (1) B. Dewey; (2) M. Taylor. 

1872. Aarm, b. Dec. 24, 1785; went into senrice in the French and 
Indian war, and d. unm., in Westfield, Not. 26, 1760, ae. 24. Bev. 
John Ballantine of Westfield, in bis Diary, under date of Nov. 27, 
1760, makes the following entry: "Attended the funeral of Aaron 
Koble, who died of the small-pox, aged 25. He had served his 
countiy in four campaigns, had Just returned from Quebec in good 
heslth, began to be sick in about one hour after his arriyal, and 
died in a week." 

1878. Eluabeih, b. Feb 2, 1788; m. (1) M. Dewey; 0^) J. C. MiDer; (8) 

B. Saxton. 
1874 (kM, b. Apr. 1, 1741; m. Mercy KeUogg. 
1875. 8eth, b. Apr. 15, 1748; m. (1) H. Bsrker; (2) R Bmoiy; (8) 

M. Riddle. 


T»ttAi>f. Noble, a. of Dea. Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Sept. 20, 1703, and there d. "suddenly," according to the Diary 
of Rev. J. Ballantine, June 6, 1759, m. 65. He resided in West- 
field, abt. one half a mile from Morley's bridge, on a farm adjoin- 
ing his brother Thomas, his house being about twenty rods west 
of the latter's. By his wiU dated Feb. 2, 1759, and proved July 
10, 1759, he gave to his wife Elizabeth, in addition to her thirds, 
£10 for her disposal forever, to son Shadrack, £100, to son 
Roger, £20, and directed "also that he be put out to learn a 

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nriLT ABOUT 1T«5. 

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suitable trsde," to daaghters Hannah, Margaret, and Anna, £20 
apiece, to be paid them at eighteen years of age. His wife Eliz. 
abeth was appointed his sole executrix. 

He m. (1) Jan. 25, 1732, Maboabxt Wblleb, per. dan. of 
Eleazar Weller of Springfield, Mass., and if so, b. Sept. 26, 1709. 
She d. May 16, 1733, in lees than one month after the birth of her 
only child. 

He m. (2) May 10, 1739, Elizabeth Millxb, b. in Springfield, 
Mass., March 12, 1707, dau. of Ebenezer and Hannah (Keep) 
Miller. After the death of her husband, she remained in West- 
field, until abt. 1794, when at the age of 87, she went to reside 
with her son Roger in New Haven, Vt., but subsequently removed 
to her son Shadrack's in Hartford, Vt, where she d. June 17, 
1799, ». 92. 


1876a. Israel, b. Apr. %i, 1788; "drowned getting logs in y* g* river/' 
May 96, 1758, 0. 86. 


1876. Margaret, b. May 11, 1740; d. Sept. 14. 1746, ae. 6. 

1877. Shadrack, b. Aug. 9, 1741 ; m. Lucy Taylor. 

1878. Thankful, b July 17, 1748; d. Sept. 8, 1746, e. 8. 

1879. Hannah, b. Feb. 6, 1746; m. Moses Dewey. 

1880. Margaret, b. Oct. 21, 1746; m. (1) £. Granger; (2) Z. Noble. 

1881. Roger, b. Aug. 8, 1748; m. Martha Dewey. 
1888. TkanJtfut, b Mch. 81, 1762; d. Nov. 86, 1764, e. 2. 
1888. Anne, b. Juue 18, 1764; m. Thsddeus Dewey. 

EuzABBTH Noble, dau. of Dea. Thomas, was b. in Westfield, 
Mass., Jan. 8, 1706, and there d. Nov. 12, 1798, ». 87. The num- 
ber of her descendants at her death was 180, of ^hom 27 died 
before her.* 

She m. May 20, 1731, Dea. John Sbxpabd, b. in Westfield, 
Mass., Nov. 18, 1706, s. of Dea. John and Elizabeth (Woodruff) 
Shepard. He resided in Westfield, and there d. Aug. 8, 1783, 
m. 76. 


1884. EUtabetk, b. Apr. 84. 1788; m. May 2, 1761, Col. Azariah Root of 
Sheffield, Msss., and d. Feb. 16, 1786, se. 68. He was a farmer and 
' leather dealer, and d. whUe in service during the American revolu- 
tion, July 8, 1777, e. 48. 

1886. Jchn, b Nov. 8, 1788; m. Mch. 6, 1786, Elizabeth Sscket, 

and removed to Hebron, K. T. 

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1886. Jbperienee, b. Jan. 90, 1786; m. Aug. 8, 1754, Abner Bice, tnd re- 
moved to the " BUck river country." 

1887. WiOiam, b. Nov. 90, 1787; m. Sarah Dewey. 

1888. SOoi, b. Oct 98, 1789; d. Aug. 18, 1747, e. 7. 
1888. Enoch, b. July 81, 1741; d. Sept. 18, 1741, e. 6 weeks. 

1890. Bnoeh, b. Oct 98, 1742; m. (l)Hch. 15, 1762, Either Dewey; 
(2) Nov., 1800, Margaret Goes, and d. in Marietta, O., Sept, 1821, 

1891. Ikivid, b. Oct 98, 1744; m. (1) Dec. 8, 1767, Margaret Clap; 
(2) Lucinda Mather. He grad. at Tale Col., in 1766, and was a 
physician first in Chester, Mass., and afterwards in Amsterdam, 
K. T., where he d. in 1819. 

1892. Gideon, b. Jan. 6, 1747; m. Nov. 18, 1766, SOence Noble, b. 
July 98, 1747, dan. of Samuel and Catharine (Fowler) Noble, and 
d. in Westfleld, Dec. 98, 1790, e. 48. 

LoiB Noble, dan. of Dea. Thomas, was b. in Weetfield, Mass., 
July 4, 1708. 

She m. prob. in 1737, Jobiah Eekp of Brimfield, Mass., to 
whom she waa pub., April 30, 1737. He was prob. aon of Sam- 
uel and Sarah Keep of Springfield, and if so, b. Noy. 13, 1713. 
He is supposed to have resided in the Monson part of Brimfield, 
Mass., and to have been one of the original members of the Mon- 
son church, June 23, 1762. 


1898. Loii, b. Apr. 91, 1788. 

1894. Jemima, b. Feb. 98, 1740. 

1895. Ruth, b. Jan. 17, 1748. 

1896. Jamah, b. July 80, 1746. 

1897. Meeee, b. Sept 25, 1747; m. Dec. 2, 1778, Hannah Woodbury, 
and removed to Leverett, Mass. 

Ebxnczkb Noble, b. of Dea. Tbomas, was b. in Weatfield, Mass., 
Oct. 11, 1711, and d. in Suffield, Conn., July, 1775, m. 64. He 
removed, as early as 1735, to Suffield, Conn., as appears from the 
fact that he and his wife joined the Suffield Cong, church by half- 
way covenant, May 18, 1735. 

He m. Abigail Palmer, prob. dau. of Timothy and Abigail 
(Allen) Palmer, and if so, b. in Suffield, Conn., Feb. 9, 1711. 
She d. in Lanesboro', Mass., abt 1784, sb. abt 73. 

ohildbsn bork m suffield. 

1898. Ahiffaa, b. Apr. 15, 1786; m. Elijah Easton. 

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1899. Ann, b. Jan. 8, 1788; m. Not. 4, 1788, Benjamin Kent, b. in 
Buffleld, Conn., Not. 19, 1740, a. of Benjamin and Apphia (Ruggles) 
Kent He d. in BufBeld, Aug. 7, 1775. Children. 1. Anna, b. 
July 98, 1770, d. unm., Oct. 18, 1881, s. 61; 2. Benjamin, b. July 
19, 1779, m. Smith, and d. Jan., 1885. m. 82. 

1400. Menster, b. Dec. 23, 1789; in the American revolution marched 
from SutBeld, Apr., 1775, a private under Capt. Elihu Kent, in the 
*' Lesdngton alarm," and was at that time in the aervice for twelve 
days. He spent most of his life in Lanesbdro', Mass., in the family 
of his brother Timothy, with whom he owned property in common. 
He possessed much benevolence and kindness of heart. He d. unm. , 
Apr., 1817. SB. 77. 

1401. Jod, b. Jan. 16, 1742; d. unm., after many years' Ulness, of 
dropsy, in Lanesboro', Mass., Oct. 5, 1789, ae. 47. 

1402. Baehel, b. Dec. 81, 1748; m. Feb. 12, 1777, Lieut. Nathaniel 
Remmington of SuiBeld, Conn., b. in Suffleld, Aug. 17, 1780, s. of 
Jonathan and Thankful (Warner) Remmington. He d. in SuiBeld, 
Oct. 27, 1816, e. 80. She d. in Suffleld, Aug. 10, 1810, ae. 75. 
Child. Jonathan, b. Nov. 12, 1777, m. Mar}' Leonard. He grad., 
in 1798, at Tale College, and d. in Agawam, Mass., Aug. 18, 1851, 
0. 78. He was a fanner. 

1408. Etther, b. Oct. 6, 1745; d. unm., in Laneaboro', Mass., Oct. 17, 
1829, e. 84. 

1404. Kathan, b. Nov. 20, 1747; m. 0) P- Austin; (2) M. Thompson. 

1405. TUnat^, b. Apr. 15, 1752; m. Sarah BhM^kman. 


AmiA NoBLS, dan. of Dea. Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Oct 30, 1716. She was admitted to Westfield church, May 9, 
1742. She probably d. between 1787 and 1800. 

She m. Jan. 13, 1743, John Lsonabd, b. Sept. 5, 1710, s. of 
John and Sarah (Dickinson) Leonard. He resided in West Spring- 
field, Mass., and d. abt 1800. 


1406. Ann, b. Apr. 11, 1744; d. Bept 28, 1747, e. a 

1407. Sarah, b. Oct 20, 1745; d. Oct 11, 1747, s. 28 moe. 

1408. Anne, b. Apr. 16, 1748; m. Aug. 4, 1766, Thomas Baker. 

1409. Jchn, b. Mch. 8, 1749; m. Sept 5, 1771, Maiy Selden. 

1410. Sarah, b. Apr. 27, 1752; m. Apr. 8, 1775, Joseph White of West 
Springfield, Mass., and d. Not. 27, 1788, 0. 86. 

1411. AbiffoU, b. Ang. 8, 1755; m. Aug. 20, 1778, Jacob Day of West 
Springfield, and Chester, Mass., and d. in Chester, Mch. 5, 1814, 

1412. BUwabeth, b. Dec. 96, 1768; m. Aribert Leonard. 

1418. JtuUn, b. May 16, 1768; m. 1789, Theodosia Leonard. 

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196 vnataxnAXTB of thomab voblx. 


Dea. JoHATHAn Noblb, s. of Bea. Thomas, was b. in Westfield, 
Mass., May 23, 1721, and d. in Simsbury, Conn., .Apr. 11, 1781, e. 
59. He resided from 1748 until 1752, or later, in Hartford, 
Conn. On the 6th of Jnly, 1752, being then of Hartford, he 
bought of Jonathan Pettibone of Simsbuiy, '< a certain fulling mill, 
with the Damm k all priyiledges of ponding, for using said mill 
as it is standing on a small River or Streame in said Simsbury, k 
hath Lately been in the Improvement of Israel Boardman, and also 
the press & shears Lately bought of Israel Boardman k Samuel 
Buck.'* [Simsbury Deeds, vii: 628.] He removed, prior to March 
24, 1755, to Simsbury, where he is thought to have been a fuller 
during the remainder of his life. EUs house and mill were about 
half a mile south of Simsbury centre. He was a deacon of the 
Cong, church in Simsbuiy. 

He m. Mrs. Elizabeth Ambbus, b. in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 8, 
1714, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Cole. She d. in 
Simsbury, Conn., 1791, m. 77. 

1414 Jonathan, bapt Aug. U, 1748, in Hartford, Oonn. ; d. 6ept 15. 1770, 

1415. WiOiam, bapt Feb. 11, 1750, in Hartford; m. (1) P. Wilcox; (2) 
IL Stedman; (jS) Gilbert. 

1416. PkineoB, bapt Nov. 10, 1751, in Hsrtford; m. (1) IL Humphrey; 
(2) 6. Humphrey. 

1417. EiHah, b. ; m. liaria Humphrey. 

14ia Mary, b. ; m. Theophilus Woodbridge, b. in 

Bimsbury, Mch. 28, 1754, a of Haynes snd Elizabeth Woodbridge. 
He d. in Simsbuiy, Noy. 8, 1815, «. 61. She d. in Bimsbuiy, Sept 
5, 1814, 0. 56. Child. Haynes Noble, m. Bozana Bernard, and d. 
in Simsbuiy, abt 1825. 

1419. AmhmB, b. ; m. a) a Tnller; (2) A. Tnnch. 



Sabah Noblb, dau. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
11, 1723, and there d. May 25, 1796, n. 72. 

She m. June 12, 1746, Aabon Dbwxt, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 8, 1721, a of Israel and Sarsh Dewey. He d. in Westfield, 
June 11, 1768, n. 47. 

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1420. Aawn^ ) b. June 38, 1748; d. Nov. 15, 1748. ft. 4 mos. 

1421. BuToh, ) b. June 28, 1748; m. Feb. 2, 1775, Ithamar Remington of 
Suffield, Conn., and there d. May 24, 1800. ae. 51. 

1422. Acknm, b. Jan 20, 1750; d. Jan. 29, 1750, ae. 9 days. 

1428. Aanm, b. Jan. 15, 1751; m. Mch. 12. 1777, Sibyl Cadwell, and 
removed to Franklin, N. Y., where he d. Feb. 17, 1824, m. 78. He 
was a fanner. 

1424. JoAn, b. Jan. 20, 1754; prob. sl. Sept. 15, 1780, Achsah Clapp 
of Northampton. Mass., removed in 1802, to Leyden, Lewis Co.. 
N. Y., and d. abt. 1828. ' He was a clothier. 

1425. SOm, b. Mch. 22, 1756; d. Oct. 6, 1757, e. 1. 

1426. Eumct, b. Mch. 22, 1758; d. in Westfidd. Dec. 22, 1772. se. 14. 

1427. BOm, b. Jan. 9.1761; m. Jan. 18, 1791, Elizabeth Spencer, 
and resided in SufBeld, Conn. 

142a Xem, b. Jan. 28, 1764; m. , and removed, in 1819, to 

MeadviUe, Penn. He was a blacksmith. 


Thomas Noble, s. of Thomas, was b. in 'Weetfield, Mass., Feb. 6, 
1725, and there d. May 21, 1801, sb. 76. He was a resident of 
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 10, 1750, whence he removed, after Mch. 
24, 1755, to Blandford, Mass., and soon after to Westfield, Mass. 
He was admitted, May 9, 1762, to bring his children to baptism at 
Westfield, and Mch. 11, 1764, became a member of Westfield 
chorch. He was a tanner and shoemaker. He resided in West- 
field, on Ehn street, at the head of Franklin street. 

He m. Susanna Cole, b. in Hartford, Conn., abt. 1726, dau. of 
John and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Cole, and sister of the wife of his 
nnde Jonathan Noble. She d. in Westfield, Oct 15, 1806, ». 80. 

1429. BuMomma, b. Aug. 11, 1749; m. Moses Root 

1480. ThowM. b. Dec. 22, 1751; d. Apr. 4. 1766, 0. 4. 

1481. J^mee, b. Apr. 6, 1754; m. Aug. 7, 1814, Noah Loomis, b. Apr. 
11, 1754, a of Noah and Rhoda (Clark) Loomis, and d. without 
children, Mch. 9, 1848, e. 91 Noah Loomis d. July 2, 1819, s. 55. 

1482. BaJain, b. Jan. 16, 1756; m. Ebeneser Fowler. 
1488. JmuAa, b. Sept. 17, 1757; d. Jan. 15, 1759, s. 1. 

1484. J^nuiha, b. Dec 6, 1759; d. Sept 17, 1768, e. 8. 

1485. DotMi^. b. May 26, 1762; m. Feb. 10, 1790, John B. Berry, and 
remored to Chautauqua Co., N. T. Children. 1. Thomas; 2. 
Sophia; and others. 

1486. OaMn, b. Dec. 29, 1765; m. Oct. 22, 1792, Charlotte Morgan, b. 
abt 1766, dau. of Reuben and Edith (Chapin) Morgan of Northfield, 
Mass. He was a tanner and shoemaker in Westfield, resided on his 


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father's homestead, and d. without issue. Not. 21, 1821, m. 65. His 
widow m. (2) Not. 24, 1825, Stephen Taylor of Longmeadow, and 
d. at the house of the widow of her nephew Thomas Noble, in 
Durham, Ck>nn., Oct 5, 1850, se. 98. 

1487. Luther, b. Feb. 10, 1767; m. (1) C. Gray; (2) A. Williams. 

1488. Mcf^, b. Bept 1, 1788; m. Enoch Stiles. 

1489. JTancy, b. Dec. 8, 1770; m. Mch. 80, 1802, Jacob Loomis, b. 
Apr. 27, 1780, s. of Jacob and Thankful (Hubbard) Loomis. She 
d. near Pinckney, Mich. , Sept , 1846, m. 75. Children. 1. Hannah, 
b. Bept 25, 1808, m. Oct, 1821. Caleb Stanley; 2. Thomas Noble, 
b. July 8, 1807; 8. CalisU, b. Mch. 22, 1810. 


Lieut Stbphxn Nobue, b. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 16, 1727, and there d. Apr. 2, 1791, m. 63. He owned and 
occupied his father's farm in Westfield, Mass., and was a farmer 
and innkeeper. In stature be was a little below the medium height. 
During the war of the American revolution, he served for at least 
eight months^ in 1777. He joined Westfield church, June 8, 1778. 
He was buried, apart from his kindred in the grave dug the pre- 
vious fail for the remains of his daughter, Mrs. Ruth Root^ which 
were to have been brought from Montgomery, Mass., for inter 
ment His monument bears the following inscription: 

In Memoiyof 


Who died April 2, 1791, 

In y« 64 Tear of his 

My flesh shaU slumber 

in the Ground, 
till the kst trumpet's 

Joyfull Sound, 

then burst the Chains 

with sweet Surprise, 

A in my Saviour's 

Image rise. 

Power of administration on his estate was granted to Stephen 
Noble and Martin Root of Westfield, April 21, 1791. 

He m. March 7, 1753, Ruth Chubce, b. in Springfield, Mass., 
July 11, 1733, dau. of Dea. Jonathan and Ruth (Hitchcock) 
Chuich. She joined the Westfield church by recommendation 
from the First church in Springfield, 1754. She is remembered 
as a woman tall in stature. After the death of her husband, she 
removed to Hadley, Mass., and resided, until her death, with her 
daughter, Mrs. Lovisa Smith. She d. July 4, 1794, m. 61. Over 

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her remains in the Hsdley graveyard, a stone was erected, with 
the following inscription: 

" In memoiy of | widow Ruth Nob | le consort | of Mr. Stephen | 
Noble of Westfleld | who | died July ^ 1 1794, in the 61<» | year of her 


1440. Lo9iia, b. June 5» 1754; m. Perez Smith. 

1441. Buih, b. July 1. 1756; m. Martin Root, Jr. 

1442. BOdad, b. May 18, 1759; m. Esther Qarfleld. 

1443. Aaron, b. Mch. 19, 1761; m Kate Green. 

1444. Stephen, b. Apr. 7, 1765; m. Esther Smith. 

1445. Loii, b. June 1, 1767; m. Israel Bridgman, s. of Noah Bridg- 
man. He m. (1) Dec 28, 1790, Sarah Burt, dau. of Joseph and 
Sarah (Enight) Burt He was a fanner in Westhampton, Mass., 
and d. Not. 16, 1885. m, 71. She was woman of devoted piety, 
and had the same affection for the children of her husband, as if 
they had been her own. She d. without issue, in Westhampton, 
Not. 12, 1847, m. 80. 

1446. Buniee, b. Apr. 80, 1770; m. WUliam Boltwood. 

1447. Ludnda, b. Jan. 27, 1774; m. Elisha Hubbard. 

laro. ^ 

JoBH NoBLi, s. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Sept. 7, 
1731, and d. in Blandford, Mass., Sept 15, 1807, >b. 76. In the 
French and Indian war, he was a soldier in Col. Dwight's regi- 
ment, in 1756, and the same year a sergeant in Capt John Mose- 
ly*s company at Fort iSdward. He rssided in Blandford, Mass., 
on the farm afterwards occupied by his son, John Noble. He was 
below the medium height. His monument bears the following 
inscription: "There is rest | In Memory | of M' John Noble | who 
departed this | Life Sep^ 15 | 1807 aged | 76 years.'* 

He m. Sept 21, 1773, Lois Skxton, b. in Somers, Conn., Nov« 
28, 1745, dan. of Daniel and Mary (Douglas) Sezton. She d. 
Apr. 1, 1828, m. 82. Her monument bears the following inscrip- 
tion: "In I memory of | MRS. LOIS NOBLE | wife of | Mr. John 
Noble I who died Apnl l^ \ 1828, aged 82." 


1448. Lod, b. July 6. 1774; d. Feb. 1, 1786, m. 11. 
1448. Bohan, b. June 9, 1776; d. Jan. 80, 1786,0. 9. 

1450. Sdnnah, b. May 1, 1778; m. Reuben Blair. 

1451. Bhoda, b. July 28, 1780; d. Feb. 2, 1786, 0. 5. 

1452. John, b. July 18, 1782; m. Irene Robinson. 

1458. Sophia, b. May 22, 1784; unm., resided, 1852, in Deposit, N. T., 
and at that time wrote as follows: "I commeDced teaching 
school fai April, 1807, and have followed thai occupation most, and 

Digitized by 


200 DiflCBHDAirrs or thohas noble. 

perbaps I might 9§j, all tbe time since, until within the last three 
jean. Indeed I taught a echool aa late as the •ommer of 1851. 
In that time I have had a little OTer 2,000 echolan, feveral hundred 
for not less than two years, and many of them for more than three 
years." She d. in Deposit, X. T., Not. 17, 1864, m. 80. 

1454. JuUa, b. Not. 28, 1786; m. Hecekiah Treadwell. 

1455. OUve, b. Dec. 8, 1788; m. Oren Robinson. 

1456. Alva, b. July 16, 1791; m. (1) M. A. Buell; (2) J. Sterling. 


SiLAB Noble, a. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
28, 1733, and d. in Roxbuiy, Mass., probably of camp distemper, 
July 11, 1775, SB. 42. He joined the Westfield church, Mcb. 12, 
1758. Soon after his marriage he removed to Blandford, Mass., 
and there resided about two miles from the centre of the town, 
nearly opposite his brother John. He served in tbe French and 
Indian war, in 1755, in the company of Capt Simon Davis. Dur- 
ing the first year of the American revolution, he went as a soldier 
to Rozbury, Mass., and there died. 

He m. (1) Nov. 25, 1756, Bethia Dbwet, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Sept. 22, 1739, Adijah and Mercy (Ashley) Dewey. She 
d. in Blandford, Mass., May 5, 1763, ». 23. 

He m. (2) Aug. 28, 1764, Mabt Tatlob. 

She m. (2) Hines, and d. Oct 17, 1830, m. abt 88. 

childbsh bt fibst mabbiaoe. 

1457. mhu, b. Dec 28, 1757; m. Hannah Stewart 

1458. 8008, b. Mch. 9, 1760; m. Lucy Granger. 

1459. Medad, b. Oct. 98, 1762; m. Lydia Frary. 

cbildbbv bt sboobi) mabbiaoe. 

1460. B$th4a, b. Apr. 11, 1765; m. Asa Merritt 

1461. Soiofmrn, b. Sept 5, 1768; m. Lois Thomas. 

1462. Jfoiy. b. Jan. 11, 1771; m. Jonas Whitney. 


Eueabetb Noble, dau. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Feb. 2, 1738, and there d. March 7, 1803, ss. 65, on the farm, about 
one and a half miles south of Westfield centre, owned in 1851, by 
Charles Dewey. 

She m. (1) Dec. 8, 1757, Medad Dbwet, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Nov. 18, 1736, 8. of Adijah and Mercy (Ashley) Dewey. He d. 
Dec. 31, 1760, sb. 24. 

She m. (2) John Chbistian Milleb of Simsbury, Conn. He was 
s. of John Christian Miller of Simsbury. He prob. d. 1769, his 

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inyentory having been presented to the Court of probate, Sept. 5, 

She m. (3) Benjamin Saxton of Westfield, Mass., to whom she 
was pub. March 1, 1778. He was prob. s. of Benjamin and Mary 
(Pixley fUe Strong) Saxton, and if so b. in Weetfield, Feb. 25, 
1720. [He m. (1) Abigail Marshall, to whom he was pub. Aug. 
19, 1749. By this marriage, he had in Westfield, 1. Abigail, b. 
Aug. 13, 1760; 2. Abner, b. Dec 27, 1751; 3. PMneas, b. Nov. 
6, 1753; 4. Lucy, b. May 3, 1755; 5. Asenath, b. Aug. 7, 1757.] 
He d. in Westfield, Jan. 12, 1785, m. 64, from the effect of in- 
juries received by the upsetting of a load of wood. 


1463. Solimon, b. Nov. 7, 1758; m. Nov. d8. 1786, Esther Dewey, dau. 
of Israel and Joanna (Noble) Dewey of .Westfield. and d. in West- 
field. May 6. 1804, m. 46. 

1464. Medad, b. Dec 20, 1760; m. Sept 95, 1788. Tryphena Bobbins. 
He removed, fai February, 1800, to Leyden, N. T. 


1465. SUzabelh, b. Apr. 8, 1764; m. Pavid?] Leonard of Springfield. 
Mass., and removed to the West 

1466. OUver, b. June 28, 1766. 

1467. Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1769; m. Tucker of Suflleld, Conn.. 

where she died. 

1468. GUver, b. 


1409. Bef^amin,h, July 29, 1781; m. Dec. 12. 1804. Abigail Qraham, and 

resided in Westfield. 
1470. PhineM, b. Sept 25. 1782; m. a) 1^08. Persis Parsons; (2) Pbelie 

Thompson, and resided in Northampton, and Belchertown. Mass. 


Calbb Noble, s. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Apr. 
1, 1741, and d. prob. in Ashtabula, 0., in 1804, le. 63. He was a 
blacksmith. There is much uncertainty resting upon the history 
of this man, and his places of residence. He was, Nov. 2, 1762, 
a resident of Springfield, Mass. He may have been the person 
named in Temple k Sheldon's *' History of Northfield, Mass.," p. 
507, as taxed there in 1762. If so, it must have been his son and 
not himself, who there died March 7, 1765. He is named on the 
rate bills of Sheffield, Mass., Dec. 14, 1771, Dec. 26, 1772, Dec. 30, 
1775, Jan. 19, 1780, and Jan. 25, 1782; was as early as Feb. 6, 
1779, a lieutenant in Col. James Wesson's Reg. of Mass. Bay, and 
was also in the service of his country, as lieutenant in Capt. Jere- 

Digitized by 



miah Hickock's company in Lient Col. Sear's Reg., from the county 
of Berkshire, from Aug. 6, 1781, to Nov., 1781. He is thought 
to have resided for a time in Fort Ann, N. Y. The date of his 
removal to Ashtabula, 0., is unknown. 

He m. MsBcr Ejellooo, who is said to have been a native of 
Sheffield, Mass. She d. in Elisabethtown, N. Y., Sept 6, 1819. 


1471. Caleb, b. ; m. Lucy Higgins. 

1472. Aeh9a7i, b. June 18, 1771; m. Ithsi Judd. 

1478. Mm$, b. Aug. 18. 1774; m. (i) ; (8) ; 

(8) Fanny Phelps. 
1474 Aaron, b. ; m. , and had a family. He 

removed to the vicinity of Haumee, O., and there died. 
1476. PhOo, b. ; m. . 

1476. Betiey, b. Nov. 24, 1778; m Isaac Ormsby. 

1477. Boxana, b. ; m. Edward Trssk. 

1478. Seth, b. 

147ir. OU'tia, b. ; m. , and d. about one year 

sfter her msrrisge, probably in Erie, Penn. 

1480. Soj^ia, b. ; d. s. abt. 8. 

1481. Child, b. ; d. unnamed, in infsncy. 


Rev. Sbtb Noble, s. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 15, 1743, and d. in Franklinton, now Columbus, O., Sept. 15, 
1807, e. 64. Though a good Latin scholar, he does not appear to 
have been a college graduate. Two of his grandchildren insist 
that he was for a time connected either with Dartmouth or Yale 
College. He joined the Cong, church at Westfield, Mass.. May 5, 
1770. The Maugerville people say that he was ordained at New- 
buiyport, Mass. His letters show that he was well acquainted in 
that place. His first settlement in the ministry was on the 15tb 
June, 1774, over the Cong, church in Maugerville, Nova Scotia. 
The first settlers of this town came from Rowley, Mass., and its 
immediate vicinity, about the year 1764. Maugerville is situated 
seventy miles up the river St Johns, and belongs now to New 
Brunswick, which, in 1784, was separated from Nova Scotia. 
The New England settlers immediately established divine worship, 
and speedily erected a meeting-house. " From all that I can learn, " 
writes Rev. Henry Wilkes, D. D., of Montreal, Oct. 12, 1842, 
after a personal visit, ''this spot was the nucleus whence proceeded 
most of the intelligence and piety to be found in this part of New 
Brunswick." The first religious teacher, who came out with the 

Digitized by 



Bettlen, was a Mr. Wellman, who soon returned to New England. 
Then came Mr. Briggs^ and after him, Mr. Webster. Mr. Noble, 
the first pastor, was settled June 15, 1774. Little is known respect- 
ing him at MaugerviUe, except that he actively sided with the 
American colonies in their conflict with Great Britain. The fol- 
lowing letter to a nephew in Westfield, who had spent some time in 
MaugerviUe, shows us this, as well as his early ministerial success: 

"Dear Kinsman: 

" I receiyed yours of the 7th and lOtb, with joy. Had you been more 
particular respecting the national ditBculties, it would have been an addi- 
tion to my joy. I have enjoyed a usual state of health I took a bosom 
companion the last of November. She has been pressed down under a 
weight and burden of her sins, almost ever since we entered into that near 
relation, but I trust, within a few days past, has hsppily taken sanctuary 
in Christ, the only ark of safety. 

" There is at present a considerable shaking of the dry bones among us, 
and several have happily put on Christ, which is life eternal. Simeon Towns 
is daily rejoicing in the rock of his salvation. Asa Kimball and wife are 
brought out into marvellous light. John Wasson was greatly troubled in 
mind during his absence. It was pressed upon him to return to this place, 
which he did with Capt. Lovet, and is now almost incessantly praising and 
adoring the lowly Jesus. Andrew Tibbetts and wife, Mr. Gellison's wife, 
Thomas Saimders, Sarah Coy, and Alice Potter seem under the prepara- 
tory work of the Spirit My wife with myself desires to be 

remembered to yon, to Mr. Granger, to your mother, and aU my kindred 
and acquaintance. 

** From your friend and humble servant, 

"Seth Noble. 

"Mauokbville, 7th Feb^. 1776. 

" P. a I send this letter by Capt Row. tho' it is uncertain whether he 
' goes farther than Machias. I shall expect you in the spring, if there is 
any passing. I should be glad to take Medad Noble till he is 21, except he 
should be greatly bent on learning a trade, and if he is, I will endeavor to 
get him a good place at Newbury Port. Pray advise with his mother and 
my brethren about it, and especially with him. If he and they think it best, 
pray bring him down with you— I will do as well by him as I would by my 
own. Mr. Saunders has done considerable labor on your land. We have 
had something of a cold season of late, though not colder than it is many 
times at Westfleld. We have about eighteen inches of snow. Mr. Makin 
died soon after you went away, but nobody since. Jeremiah Howland 
and Polly Baber were published last Sabbath, and Israel Esty and Salome 
Burpe. Josiah Whitney is married. 

" It seems to be still as to political affairs. If you could bring a Suffield 
dishtumer, it might be a benefit to the person and to this place. A saddler 
is much wanted, for there have been near a dozen horses purchased hei-e 
since you left us. There were sundry opportunities to get a passage from 
New England here last fall We have a number of vessels lately come in 

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from over the Bay. We have unanimously signed a paper, to Join New 
England in the national struggle, and are making all possible preparationB 
for war. The fleet and army that went from Boston to Halifax have sailed, 
we suppose, for England, though they pretended they were going to 

"Mat 20, 1776. 
'* To Mr. Aijunf Dewbt, 

"County of Hampshire, 
" Massachusetu Bay.*' 

Rev. Seth Noble's ministry at Maugenrille continued until 1777,* 
when upon the arriyal of an armed British achooner, he, to avoid 
taking the oath of allegiance to the British crown, which it came 
to enforce, fied. narrowly escaping with his life. It is the tradi- 
tion in New Brunswick, that Mr. Noble eluded his pursuers, by 
fleeing to the house of a Mrs. Wasson, who concealed him under a 
bed upon which lay her daughter, apparently tuileiing from a 
severe malady. 

Hardly had he reached New England, before we find him 
shouldering his musket in defense of the rights of America against 
the British crown. On the Massachusetts muster rolls, [Vol. 35: 
286,] his name appears as a private in the roll ol non-commissioned 
officers and soldiers in the companies of Capte. Dyer and West, who 
marched to St. John in Nova Scotia, in May, 1777, his time of 
service being two months and five days. He is known to have 
been at Machias, Me., May 29, 1777; at Aukpaye, above Mauger- 
ville, on St John^s river, June 11, and June 29, 1777; and again 
at MachiaS) Aug. 14-15, when the British fleet under Sir George 
Collier attacked that town. Two days later, at that place, " Sun- 
day, Aug. 17, Parson Noble preached a sermon on the late event," 
f. e., the repulse of the British fleet. 

Where he was, and how engaged during most of the time 
between 1777 and 1786, is unknown. In 1779 he wasin Wobum, 
Mass., and declines an order for a mission to the eastern parts of 
Maine, which he had received from the Oen.eral Court of. Massa- 
chusetts, in the following characteristic letter: 

* In 1789, the meeting-house in which Mr. Noble had preached, was 
removed to that part of the town which is now Bhetfield, and over this 
society, which amid various trials and discouragements has always re- 
mained steadfast to Congregational principles, on the 18th July, 1876, Rev. 
Joseph Barker, a grandnephew of Mrs. Noble, was settled. 

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WoBURK. June 7, 1779. 
HoK» Gentlemen: 

" I reed, an order for a mission to the eastern settlements, yesterday, by 
the hands of Col. Baldwin, but find[ing] its contents so much different 
from what I had expected, must decline the undertaking. I was informed 
the mission was to be on the river Penobscot only, but find I was misin- 
formed. There are such a variety of islands, and other inhabitants con- 
tiguous to the water^those seas are so much frequented by their cruisers, 
that I think it too dangerous for a proscribed person to accept of. I sup- 
pose you are not unacquainted with the amazing scarcity of the necessaries 
of life, in those parts. Add to this, the reward offered me, when laid out 
in provision or clothings will not purchase more than one dollar would in 

" From a friend to those liberties which God and nature has bestowed on 


"Beth Noble. 
" To the whole Court " 

Rev. Mr. Noble*B son Joseph is known to have been bom in 
New Market^ N. H., Jnne 13, 1783. A letter from Humphrey 
Pickard of Maugerville, to Mr. Noble, dated Jnne 14, 1784, in 
reply to letters which he bad written, asking for a dismission from 
that church, is also directed to New Market His brother Thomas 
writes him there, May 21, 1785. To the same place he directs, 
Feb. 6, 1786, a letter to his wife from Hallowell, Me. Daring 
these years he could not have been preaching there, for Rev. 
Nathaniel Ewers was then their pastor. According to Minutes of 
the ministry and churches of New Hampshire (in Cong. Quarterly, 
zviii: 283), Rev. Seth Noble for three years ministered to a now 
extinct I^b. church in Seabrook, N. H. de may have been 
preaching at the latter place, while a resident of New Market. 

For several Sabbaths prior to Sept 6, 1785, Mr. Noble had 
preached in that part of Hallowell which is now Augusta., Me., and 
at a town meeting held on that day, the committee raised to pro- • 
core preaching was directed to hire him '< to continue his services 
nntil the middle of the ensuing March/' The efforts of the com- 
mittee were successful, and Mr. Noble preached sixteen Sabbaths, 
for which the town paid him £26 lOs. Notwithstanding th^ 
engagement with Mr. Noble, when the Rev. William Hazlitt 
iqppeared, with a letter of recommendation from Samuel Vaughan 
of Boston, a committee consisting of Joseph North, Henry Sewall, 
and Daniel Cony were chosen to return the thanks of the town to 
Mr. Vaughan, and request Mr. Hazlitt to continue his services for 
two months. But the people judged best to settle neither of the 
above gentlemen, for at a town meeting held Apr. 1, 1786, the 

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names of Rev. Seth Noble and Rev. William Hazlitt were pre- 
sented to the town, as candidates for settlement in the work of the 
ministry, and were both rejected. 

Rev. Mr. Noble shortly after makes his appearance at Kendus- 
keag (now Bangor). He was probably drawn thither by the influ- 
ence of his friend, Col. Jonathan Eddy, who had settled in town- 
ship No. 10, Penobscot river (Eddington), npon a grant made Jnne 
24, 1785, by the state of Massachusetts to the Nova Scotia exiles. 
At this place Mr. Noble himself received three hundred acres of 
land. When he came, in 1786, Kenduskeag had no organised 
church* and on the 7th of June, 1 786, he was engaged as a settled 
religious teacher and preacher, at an annual salary of £70. He 
was inducted into office, Sept. 10, 1786, under some andent oaks, 
that stood on the square bounded by Oak, Ash, York, and Han- 
cock streets, Bangor. Rev. Daniel Little of Wells, Me., gave him 
the right hand of fellowship. Mr. Noble preached the sermon on 
the occasion. 

To Mr. Noble, Bangor is said to have been indebted for its pres- 
ent name. Entrusted in 1790, with an agency to procure the 
incorporation of the town, he was directed by a vote of the plan* 
tation, to have Sunbury inserted in the act, either because appro- 
priate to its pleasant appearance, or because the name of a precinct 
where Mr. Noble had once resided. Being an excellent singer 
and passionately fond of the solid old minor tune, Bangor, when 
the legislative committee asked what the town should be called, he 
requested them to' insert Bangor instead of Sunbury. 

The broad parish to which Mr. Noble ministered, embraced 
what is now Bangor, Brewer, Eddington, Hampden, Holden, and 
Orrington. No church edifice seems to have been erected, but 
during his continuance there, "the meetings were generally held 
during the summer, in a bam south of Penjejewalk stream, and in 
such other places as would accommodate the worshippers." His 
field of labor was a hard one, the country being new, and the 
morals of the people having suffered from the long war through 
which they had passed. According to the custom prevailing in 
many places, he was compelled to collect his own salary, a task 
attended with no little difficulty, as the following letter plainly 

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B&ANOH OF TH01CA8. 207 

" To CoL Jonathan Eddy, IfaJ. Robert Treat, Capt. John Croeby, Mr. 
EliBha Nerers, and the reat of the committee chosen to make propoeals to 
settle the gospel on Pttiobscot river, June 7, 1786. 

Pehobscot lUYEB, Aog. 81, 1790. 

" Bundiy attempts have been made for a settlement between the people 
and myself; but all to no effect When I settled here, I consented to 
accept 20 pounds less than what was really necessary to support my fam- 
ily, because the people said they were poor. Btill, to relieve them of the 
burden, I have been at the expense to collect a great part of what has 
been collected. Yeiy little thanks have I had for the trouble I have been 
to. I was desired to draw a bond for the people to sign for my support, 
which was rejected, and another drawn, (unbeknown to me,) which hath 
deprived me of one-half of the sum proposed. I am willing to do in this 
and all cases, as I would be done by; but necessity compels me to say, I 
muH have my pay. 

" I must farther tell you I shall look to no other persons for a settlement, 
but that conmiittee which covenanted with me on June 7, 1786, to give 
me 70 pounds annual salaiy. What you then did, is as binding as a note 
of hand. I am sorry to take any coercive measures; but I tell you again, 
I mu9l have my pay immediately. 

'* I am, gentlemen, with due respect. 

Tour most obedient, 

Humble servant, 

To the Committee. BETH NOBLE." 

To eke out a scanty support for a growing family, he was obliged 
to resort to the cultivation of hia farm, and the instruction of 
youth in English branches, and also in singing. *<He was a good 
singer,*' says Dea. William Boyd of Bangor, <'and had a clear 
and pleasant tenor voice. He taught those who were natural 
vocalists to ling by note, and waa the first teacher of sacred music 
in the place.'* 

Those who knew Mr. Noble personally, at Bangor, have long 
since passed away. Mrs. Thomas Howard of Bangor, now de- 
ceased, who knew him intimately, aays: "Mr. Noble was a gifted 
man, and preached well with notes, was a good neighbor, a moral 
man, industrious, and excellent in times of sickness. In 1708 
[1797], the sums subscribed for his support^ were not paid. Some 
of the subscribers were dead, and some had moved Away. His 
living being reduced, he returned to New Market, and never came 
back to Bangor." The late Rev. George Shepard, D.D., for many 
years a professor in Bangor Theological Seminary, who was person- 
ally acquainted with many of his parishioners in that vicinity, says of 
him: "He was evangelical in his doctrine, and faithful in his 

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208 DBSGENDJorra oy thomab mobls. 

preaching, an one remarked of him, 'he unsheathed the sword of 
the Spirit and turned the point upon the hearer.' '* 

Having resigned his charge, on account of insufficient support, 
on the 10th of Nov., 1797, he left Bangor, and returned to New 
Market, N. H., aniving there on the 14th of November. His 
family joined him on the 17th of the same month, and they soon 
commenced housekeeping. While a resident there, he supplied 
vacant pulpits in that and neighboring towns, most of the time. 
On the 21st of May, 1798, he agreed to preach for six months at 
New Market. He is also believed to have supplied for a time the 
churches in East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Pittsfield, Rye, 
Salisbury, and Stratham, all in New Hampshire. He is known to 
have commenced singing-schools, Dec. 25. 1797, in Newfield, Me., 
and Jan. 5, 1798, in Lamper River, N. H. 

While at New Market, he suffered a heavy afSiction in the death 
of his first-bom child, Seth, a promising young man of twenty- 
one years. Late in October, 1 798, a vessel having on board, among 
others^ Mr. Noble's eldest son, and Major Treat's son, Robert, 
both of Bangor, and Silvia Knapp of Eddington, bound from 
Bangor to Boston, in the midst of a thick and cold snow-storm, 
becoming unmanageable by the breaking of her boom, was 
wrecked on Boon Island, and all the passengers and crew lost. 
In Mr. Noble's Diary are found the following entries: 

"Oct 90, 1798. O deathi my son Seth lost at sea; and all who were 
with him; sapposed to be at Boon Island. All in number who were lost 
was 96." " Nov. 5. Cool. Went to Ipswich, on my way to Sandy Bay 
[Rockport, Mass.].'* "Nov. 6. Pleasant, went to sd. bay; and got my 
poor son's dothes. " " Nov. 7. Returned home with a heayy heart " 

On the succeeding Sabbath, Nov. 11th, Mr. Noble preached to his 
people a most pathetic discourse, expressive of Christian sorrow 
and Christian resignation, from 2 Kings, iv: 26, the words of Elisha 
to his servant Gehasi, when he saw the Shunamite riding in haste 
toward Mt Garmel: '<Run now, I pray thee, to meet her, and 
say imto her, Is it well with thee ? is it well with thy husband ? 
is it well with the child ? And she answered, It is well." 

Having resided in New Market for two years, he left that place 
on the 29th of November, 1799, and with his family started for 
Westfield, Mass. On the 6th of December he reached his desti- 
nation. For the next sixteen months he continued to dwell in 
the midst of his kindred, from whom he had been so long sepa- 
rated, and found constant employment in the supply of pulpits in 

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Becket, Blandford, Feeding Hills, Ireland, (the last two being then 
parishes in West Springfield,) Montgomery, Rosaell, and Spring- 
field. On the 13th of April, 1801, he removed to Montgomery, 
Mass., and ministered regularly to the church established there, 
January 30, 1797, until the succeeding 4th of November, when 
he was installed their first pastor. Bev. Noah Atwater of West- 
field preached his installation sermon from 2 Tim. 4: 7. The Rev. 
Eliflha D. Barrett of Assumption, HI., bom Jan. 16, 1790, one of 
the oldest Presbyterian clergymen in the United States, and his 
sister, Mrs. Joanna Allyn of Holyoke, Mass., bom Dec. 19, 1791, 
both natives of Montgomery, remember the Bev. Seth Noble 

" I can say," writes the former, under date of May 8, 1876, "that I well 
remember Bev. Seth Noble. He was tall, and dim, but very active and 
energetic. His step was quick and firm and his gait graceful. He wore 
a white wig, which he used to powder. He was of a lively, social dispo- 
sition, snd agreeable in his manners. As a mau, he was much respected 
and esteemed. I was too young at that time to be a competent Judge of 
his scholarship, but to my youthful mind, he was a student As a 
preacher, he was sound apd able. His sermons, I recollect, were well 
prepared, unique, systematic, and evangelical. I do not remember any 
diiBculty between him and his people, as the cause of his removal. The 
society, I know, was weak, and the salary must have been small, and 
raised with difficulty. A claim which he had upon land in Ohio, was, I 
think, his inducement to remove to that state. " 

Mrs. Allyn, in letters dated May 5, and May 12, 1876, confirms 
in every respect the testimony of her brother, as to the character 
of Mr. Noble, and the esteem in which he was held at home and 
abroad, both as a man, a pastor, and a preacher. She also adds 
that he was an excellent singer, and taught singing-schools in 
Montgomeiy, and also generally sang in church. ** I can even 
now,*^ she writes,^' hear his sweet voice." 

The only printed productions, known, from the pen of Mr. Noble, 
are two sermons preached at Westhampton, Mass., June 26, 1802, 
from 2 Cor. 1: 22, which were published at Northampton, by T. 
M. Pomeroy, in 1804, making a pamphlet of nineteen pages. 

In his letter dated Sept 22, 1801, accepting the call of the 
Montgomery church, Mr. Noble confidently predicted that the 
salary which they offered him, would be insufficient for the sup- 
port even of «a small family." Partly perhaps on that account, 
he expressly provided, on the one hand, that if at any time, two- 
thirds of the church and congregation should wish the pastoral. 
relation dissolved, they were to ''part in peace; " and on the other. 

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'< after suitable notioe," he was to have liberty to leave them. 
OongresB, in oonsequenoe of his Nova Scotia lossesi had granted 
him 320 acres of land on the Scioto river, where Colnmbns now 
stands. In Montgomery, the parish gave him, in addition to his 
salary, the use of a small farm. Is it strange that he should have 
reasoned, that the virgin soil of Ohio would, in addition to his 
ministerial labors, yield him a better and easier support than the 
hard acres of Montgomery ? 

Though not formally dismissed from the latter place until Sept* 
16, 1806, he removed early in that year to Ohio. He is known to 
have preached, Apr. 9, 1806, at J. Andrus's, near Worthington, 
Ohio. He at once built a cabin in Columbus, where High street 
now runs, and south of Mound. Fields for ministerial labor 
immediately offered themselves. During the ensuing fifteen 
months he preached in the following settlements, viz.: Berkshire, 
Bigsby's, Derby, Franklinton, Granville, and Worthington. No 
Congregational or Presbyterian clergjrman is believed to have pre- 
viously held regular services nearer than Marietta, in that part of 
Ohio. The last sermon he is known to have presehed, was on the 
9th of August, 1807, at Franklinton, from*Matthew 11 : 28, "Come 
unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you 
rest." On tiie 15th of the following month, after a life laboriously 
spent in the Master^s service, he himself entered upon this promised 
rest, whose glories he had, as with his latest breath, so vividly 
depicted, snd was buried in the old graveyard at Franklinton. 
Yet the "march of empire," passing over and beyond, has left no 
sign or token of the place of his sepulchre. 

The farm of Mr. Noble, at Columbus, had it been advanta- 
geously sold, would have enriched his family. But half of it was 
given by him, before his death, to his son-in-law. Martin Bartholo- 
mew, and soon passed from his hands without an equivalent The 
other half was divided between his widow and children. The 
shares of his sons Joseph and Benjamin were unsold, as late as 
1829, and probably forfeited. His daughter, Mrs. Phillips, sold 
her share of twenty-three acres for the paltry sum of $37 1 The 
whole tract may not have netted the family more than one dollar 
per acre. 

He m. (1) Nov. 30, 1775, Hannah Babkxb, b. in Rowley, Mass., 
Feb. 19, 1759, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Palmer) Barker of 
Rowley, Mass., and MaugerviUe, Nova Scotia. She dL in Bangor, 
Me., June 16, 1790. Of her personal appearance nothing is 

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known, bat that her eyes were blue. From a few of her letters 
and other writings which have been preserved, it is evident that 
she was a woman of good education, superior intelligence, and 
rare Christian virtues. Her husband, who had been for several 
weeks absent in Boston, probably as agent of the town for procur- 
ing an act of incorporation, did not start for home until the day 
of her death, nor arrive there untO the day after her funeral. 
The first sermon which he preached after his return, had reference 
to his departed wife, and was from Hebrews xi: 13. "These all 
died in faith, not having received the promises, but having 
seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced 
them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the 

He m. (2) Apr. 11, 1793, Mrs. RuhamapEmebt of Bangor, Me., 

dau. of Rich. She d. in Montgomery, Mass., probably in 

Oct. or Nov., 1805. Very little has been ascertained respecting her 
early history. She is thought to ha\e been a native of Nantucket, 
Mass., and her father, a sea-captain, to have gone down with his ship, 
on the ocean. She m. (1) Dec. 5, 1790, James Emery, by whom she 
is said to have had one child, who died in infancy. She is remem- 
bered as being <' lady-like " in her appearance. Over her remains 
stones were erected, bearing her initials, *' R. N.,** and the year of 
her death, 1805. 

He m. (3) June, 1807, Mrs. Mabt Ridols, who had married for 

her first husband, Magill. In the vicinity of Franklinton, 

0., were many, in 1807, who had previously resided in and about 
MaugervOle, Nova Scotia. She is thought by some of the grand- 
children of Rev. Seth Noble, to have been one of these. Miss 
Sophia Riddle, who d. of consumption, in Franklinton^ O., a short 
time prior to Sept 3, 1807, was probably her daughter. The date 
and place of Mrs. Noble's death have not been ascertained, but it 
is thought that she survived her husband but a few months. 


1482. Seth, b. Aug. 5, 1777, in Bheffleld, Nova Scotia; unm., 

while shipping lumber from Bangor to Borton, was lost at sea off 
Boon Island, Oct 90, 1798, as. 91. 

1488. Jo$eph, b. June 18, 1788; m. Mary Ackerson. 

1484. Sarah, b. June 1, 1785; m. Martin Bsrtbolomew. 

1485. Bn^amin, b. June 96, 1787; m. (1) B. Currier; (2) C. Buber. 

1486. Hannah, b. Sept 11, 1780; m. (1) N. Gorham; (2) U. Beach; (8) 

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1487. BeU^, b. Nov. 28, 1798; m. James PhiUips. 

1488. Th&nuu, b. July 28, 1795; d. Jiilj 81, 1795, m, 8 dayi. 

1489. BoUy, b. Bept. 26, 1796; m. Elisha Atkins. 

1490. John Adanu, b. Apr. 18, 1799, in New Market, N. H. Money 
being scarce in the neighborhood of his residence, he started with a 
party of young men for Sandusky, O., where labor was in demand 
and money abundant. They all, thirty in number, took the typhoid 
fever, and but one recovered. Young Noble was able to reach his 
friends, and d. universally beloved, unm., near Worthington, O., 
Aug. 21, 1819, m. 20. 


Shadrack Noblk, 8. of Israel, was bom in Westfield, Mass., 
Aug. 9, 1741, and d. in Hartford, Vt., Apr. '5« 1823, bb. 81. In 
1776, he served four months in the war of the American revolu- 
tion. His house in Westfieid was about thirty rods west of his 
brother Roger's, and about a hundred rods back from the road. 
About 1785, he removed to Hartford, Vt., where he resided until 
his death. * 

He m. Nov. 19, 1767, Loot Tatlob, b. abt. 1747, dan. of 

Samuel Taylor of Springfield. She was recommended, Oct 9, 

1768, to the church in Westfieid, by the 2d church in Springfield, 

now West Springfield. She d. in Hartford, Vt, Apr. '27, 1837, 

SB. 90. 


1491. I9raa, b. July 14, 1768; m. Eunice Carpenter. 

1492. Clara, b. Apr. 19, 1770; m. Thomas Savage. 

1493. Lucretia, b. Jan. 18, 1772; m. Reuben Hazen. 

1494. Lett, b. Feb. 17, 1774, in Westfieid; m. Sophia Stone, and d. 
abt 1828, ae. abt 49. Child. Harvey, b. Feb. 20, 1795, m. Jan. 
16, 1823, Charity Pease, b. Jan. 6, 1801. He settled in West Hart- 
ford, Yt He had no children. 

1495. BoUy, b. Mch. 24, 1776, in Westfieid; m. abt 1798, John Hop- 
son. He resided in Norwich, Vt, where he d. May 28, 1825. She 
d. Nov. 18, 1858, as. 77. Children. 1. Amelia, b. July 81, 1795, d. 
July 81, 1828, «. 28; 2. John De Forest, b. Feb. 27, 1799, a lieuten- 
ant in the U. S. army, d. Feb. 17, 1829, as. 29; 8. Sarah, b. Sept 
11, 1801, d. Apr. 19, 1808, SB. 1. 

1496. Simeon, b. Apr. 19, 1778; m. Mary Coats. 

1497. SaUif, b. Oct 11, 1781; d. unm., in Hartford, Yt, Aug. 15, 
1829, m. 47. 

149a XtMy, b. 

1499. Jimaihan, b. Aug. 20, 1784; m. (1) P. Savage; (2) J. H. Powers. 

1500. Jamsi, b. Feb. 29, 1788; m. (1) S. Walker; (2) Mrs. P. Matlock. 

1501. Charles, b. Oct 16, 1790; m. May 15, 1886, Olivia Hoyt, b. abt 
1805. She d. without issue, at the Insane hospital in Brattleboro', 
Yt, Apr. 16, 1858, «. 48. He settled in Pomfret, Yt 

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Hannah Noblb, dan. of Israel, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Feb. 
5, 1745, and there prob. d. May 9, 1813, m. 68. 

She m. Dec. 22, 1762, Moeis Dswbt, b. in Westfield, March 31, 
1739, & of Moses and Sarah (Dewey) Dewey. He prob. d. in 
Westfield, Oct. 11, 1820, sb. 82. 


1SQ3. OUver, b. Aug. 12, 1768; m. Hannah Morley. 

1008. BotweU, b. Aug. 15, 1767. 

1504. JM^, b. Sept. 8, 1770; d. of consumption, as. abt. 16. 

1505. Hannah, b. Oct. 11, 1772; m. Lewis. 

1506. Ad^ah, b. Mch. 6, 1776; m. and remoTsd to Soprus, N. T. 

1507. Sarah, b. Not. 5, 1778. 
150a OhaHotU, i). Bept. 5, 1784. 


Maboabst Noblb, dau. of Israel, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Oct. 21, 1746, and d. in Huron, Wayne Co., N. Y., May 25, 1838, 
m. 91. 

She m. (1) June 27, 1771, Eu Obanger, b abt 1745, s. of 
George Granger. He resided in Westfield, and there d. Apr. 26, 
1787, 8B. 42. 

She m. (2) prob. in 1791, Zxnas Noble, to whom she was pub- 
lished, Oct 9, 1791. He was b. in Westfield, Nov. 30, 1743, s. 
of Noah and Sarah (Barber) Noble, rssided in Washington, Mass., 
and d. March 31, 1813, m. 69. 


1509. Ltndna, b. Not. 82, 1771; m. Feb. 88, 1798, Gad Noble, Jr.. and 
d. in Turin. N. Y.. Oct 6. 1887, as. 65. 

1510. EU, b. Apr. 1, 1774; m. (I) Anna Fnrrough; (d) Not. 6, 1808, 
Martha Atkins, and d. in Westfield, Mch. 2, 1887, m, 62. 

1511. 8hem, b. Mch. 18, 1776; d. unsi. in Pittsfleld, Mass., abt 1850, 
SB. abt 74. 

1512. Enoch, b. Jan. 88, 1778; m. Smith, d. in Huron, O., abt 

Dec., 1844, sb. abt 66. 

1518. Ahiffoa, b. Jan. 84, 1780; m. Michael Miller, and d. in Phelps, 
N. T., May 18, 1805, se. 85. 

1514. MoTffaret, b. Jan. 80, 1788; m. John Dawson, and d. in Huron. 
N. T., abt Feb., 1845, se. abt 68. 

1515. NMe, b. Feb. 4, 1784; m. Apr. 88. 1806, ElecU Gnmger. and 
settled in Boprus, N. T. 

1516. i\%, b. abt 1785; d. Apr. 81, 1787. sb. 8. 

1517. OhOd, b. 1787; d. 1787. 


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BooxB Noble, s. of Israel, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 3, 
1748, and d. in New Haven, Yt, McL 7, 1813, bb. 64. In the 
American revolution he went out as corporal in Oct., 1776, for four 
months* service. While a resident of Westfield he occupied the 
house of his father. He joined Westfield church, Jan. 6, 1793, 
and was dismissed Jan. 13, 1799, to the church in New Haven, Vt., 
whither he had removed in Feb., 1793. 

He m. May 20, 1779, Mrs. Mabtha Dewxt, b. in Simsbury, 
Ck>nn., June 10, 1754, dau. of Daniel and Martha (StQlman) Foote. 
[She m. (1) Aug. 14, 1772, Enoch Dewey of Westfield, Mass., b. 
in Westfield, Oct 15, 1745, s. of Israel and Joanna (Noble) Dewey. 
He d. Feb. 16, 1778, m. 42. Children. 1. Stillman, b. July I, 

1773, m. May 26, 1793, Laurana Noble, b. in Westfield, Feb. 19, 

1774, dau. of Samuel and Lovisa (Kellogg) Noble, and d. in Mid- 
dlebury, Vt, Apr. 27, 1854, sb. 80; 2. Patty, b. May, 1777, m. 
1797, Jacob Fuller of New Haven, Vt, and d. June, 1821, n. 44.] 
She d. in Middlebury, Vt, Jan. 30, 1831, n. 76. 


1518. BUeta, b. Aug. 14, 1780; m. (1) R. Foote; (2) M. Everts. 

1519. WaUam, b. Oct. 21, 1782; m. (1) B. Picket; (d) R Picket 
1620. Roger, b. Sept 6, 1784; m. Lucy Fitch. 

1521. Anne, b. Aug. 26, 1787; d. unm., in New Haven, Vt, Feb. 16, 
1813, m. 25. 

1522. JTary, b. Apr. 19, 1790; m. (1) D. Brooks; (2) J. Noble. 
1628. lerael, b. Dec. 17, 1792; m. Bslly Halsey. 


Anxb Noblb, dau. of Israel, was b. in Westfield, Mass., June 
13, 1754. 

She m. Dec. 13, 1781, Thabdbus Dbwst, b. July 5, 1752, s. of 
Thomas and SarrJi (Martindale) Dewey. Hem. (2) Mch. 12, 1795, 
Mary Salisbury. He was a farmer in .Lee, Mass., and Fort Ann, 
N. Y., and died in the latter place, Apr. 7, 1833, m, 80. 

1624 OttM, b. Oct 19, 1788, in Lee; m. Erastos Day, a clothier of 

Warsaw, N. T. She d. in Springfield, Mass., Dec. 11, 1856, m. 78. 
1626. OheOer, b. Mch. 7, 1786; m. Sept 18, 1818, Msxy T. Bush. He 

was a fanner, resided in Fort Ann, N. Y., and wss there killed by 

the kick of a horse, Jan. 26, 1853, c. 66. 
1626. 8aUy, b. ; m. Matthias Whitney, Jr., a fsrmer of 

Fort Ann, N. Y, and there d. abt 1848. 
1527. Biecta, b. ; m. Henry Msson, a fsrmer, end d. abt 


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llEBa Anna, b. ; d. «. abt 1& 

1589. ThadOmu, Ik ; d. in Infancy. 


Gen. William Shxpabb, s. of Dea. John and EUzabetL (Noble) 
Shepard, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Nov. 20, 1737, and there d. 
NoY. 16, 1817, n. 79. In the last French and Indian war, he 
enlisted at the age of seventeen, probably in 1754, was a lieutenant 
at the age of twenty-one, and at the age of twenty two, had received 
a captain's commission tmder Oen. Amherst. He was in the war 
six years, was in the battles at Fort William Henry, Ticonderoga, 
Crown Point Isle an Noiz, St John's, and Montreal, and at the 
close of the war returned to his family, with whom he remained 
nntQ the commencement of the revolutionary stmggla Soon after 
the afUr at Concord, in April, 1775, he joined the troops at Cam- 
bridge, for the defence of the province. He received, May 19, 
1775, a commission as lieutenant-colonel, in the regiment com- 
manded by Col. Timothy Danielson, and in Dec., 1776, was ap- 
pointed a colonel in the continental army. He aided in bringing 
our troops from Long Island. In 1780, he had a general's com- 
mission under Lafayette, and continued in that station until Ihe 
dose of the war. He fought in twenty-two battles, establishing a 
high character for bravery, sound judgment, and humanity. On 
the restoration of peace, Oen. Shepard returned to his farm, and, 
like the other military patriots of ^t period, after devoting seven 
or eight years to the service of his country, with very little pecu- 
niary reward, became an industrious and peaceful citizen. When 
the insurrection occurred under Shays, in 1786, on account of the 
great taxes then imposed to pay the debt of the Revolutionary war, 
QesL Shepard being then a brigadier-general of the militia in Hamp- 
shire County, was ordered out to suppress the unlawful movement. 
He had particular orders to guard the military arsenal at Spring- 
field, which it was believed the insurgents would attack and seize. 
On this trying occasion, he conducted with equal firmness and for- 
bearance. He stationed the men under his command* near the 
arsenal, and when the insurgents approached, ordered them to 
retire. But they continued to advance. He ordered them a sec- 
ond time to retire, assuring them that he should certainly fire upon 
them, if they persisted. At last it became apparent to Oen. Shepard 
that blood must be shed, but even then his humanity did not for- 
sake him. He directed a discharge of cannon to their right and 
left, and then over their heads. But the insurgents still advanced 

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with an unbroken front They had arriYed within fifty rods of 
Sh^pard*8 battery, when he ordered his cannon to be diacharged 
npon the centre of the coliunn. The smoke rolled up, and exhibited 
to the goYemment troops a most pitiable scene of cowardice and 
confusion. Three of the Insurgents lay dead upon the field, and a 
fourth was mortally wounded. Breaking up with the cry of 
« murder," the cowsjilly host turned in retreat, and an attempt of 
Shays to display his column was entirely abortive. They had been 
told by their desperate leaders, who mistook the man, that Shepard 
would not dare to give the command to fire; or would not be 
obeyed by his men, if he gave such orders. He refrained from 
this alternative until it became his imperious duty to take the 
decisive measure, and save the commonwealth from anarchy and 

Gten. Shepard was a presidential elector, 1789 and 1792; a mem- 
ber of the executive council of Massachusetts, 1792-96; and rep- 
resentative in Oongress, 1797-1803. In 1796, he was appointed by 
the governor of Massachusetts, to treat with the Penobscot Indians, 
and subsequently by the national government, to treat with the Six 
Nations. He was not only a brave military officer, but possessed 
traits of character which rendered him respected as a citizen, and 
beloved as a relative and friend. Like many of his companions in 
arms, who jeoparded their lives for their country, he was quite 
poor and destitute in his old age. Of him and of them, when 
tempted, in 1783, to retain arms, and to force Congress to pay them 
for their services, an occasion of great excitement and danger. 
Gen. Washington said ''that the crowning glory of their character 
as patriots would have been wanting, but for their disinterestedness, 
their love of order, and their submission to the civil authority.*^ 
The prominent traits in the character of Oen. Shepard were sound 
judgment, undaunted courage, and unbending integrity. Not only 
was he a lover of his country, but also a devoted Christian. He 
was chosen, April 29, 1789, a deacon of the Cong, church in West- 
field, and retained the office for twenty-eight years, until his death. 
His plain, unpainted two-story house on the right hand side of 
Shepard lane (now Franklin street), about half a mile from Elm 
street, was taken down, a few years since, and on its site a modem 
house erected, now, 1877, occupied by Chauncey Allen. A plain 
stone erected to his memory in the old burying yard of Westfield, 
bears the following inscription: 

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BRAMOE 09 IBOlUa. 211 

HoH. William Bbspabd 


Not. 16, 1817 

aged 80. 

He fought the battles of oar Oonntry, 

Aided in the councils of our Nation, 

and Bzemplifled the character of the Christian. 

" The righteous shall be in 

Everlasting remembrance." 

He m. Jan. 31, 1760. Sarah Dewit, b. in Westfield Apr. 13, 
1741, dau. of Moses and Sarah (Dewey) Dewey. She d. Jan. 23, 
1829, SB. 87. 


1580. WaUam, b. Mch. 19, 1760; m. (1) Feb. 8, 1785, Margaret Mosely; 

(2) Frances Mosely, and d. July 18, 1898, as. 69. 
1881. Turner, b. 6eptl6, 1769; m. Ly<Ua Barber, and d. July 8. 1798. 

e. 85. 
1689. OhoHet, b. 84>t.97, 1764; m. Sept 96, 17J8, Bally Taylor, and d. 

May 11, 1818, e. 48. 
1588. Sarah, b. Feb. 17, 1767; m. (1) Nov. 91. 1799, Lysander Curtis; 

(9) Maj 17, 1809, William Eastman of Granby, Mass.. and d. Apr. 

8, 1847, «. 80. 
1684. Ncah, b. Feb. 90, 1769; m. (1) Feb. 99, 1799, Dolly Watson; 0^) 

May 8, 1889, Sophia Dewey, and d. Aug. 80, 1845, m, 76. 

1585. JTafu^, b. Oct 95, 1771; m. Hon. Beth Wetmore, and d. in St 
Albans, Vt, Feb. 17, 1809, as. 80. He was a lawyer, sheriff of 
Franklin Co., Yt, for many years a member of the governor's 
council, and Judge of probate. 

1586. Warham,h. Dec 99, 1778; m. (1) Lucy Marsh; (9) Jan. 95, 1815, 
Jerusha Eastman, and d. in Westfield, July 8, 1858, as. 79. 

1587. Lu^, b. Dec. 15, 1778; m. Dec 95, 1806, Bphraim Hastings, and 
4. Mch. 5, 1888, SB. 54. 

1588. Bmr^, b. June 94, 1789; m. (1) Huldah Shepard; (9) EUiabeth 


Abigail Noblb, d&u. of Ebenezer, was b. in SufBeld, Conn., 
April 15, 1736, and d. in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. T., 1830, 
SB. abt 94. 

She m. Sept 12, 1757, Eujah Eabtoh, b. in SofBeld, Conn., July 
14, 1735, a. of Elijah Easton. He removed, according to one 
account^ near the cloee of the American revolution, to the state 
of New York, but according to his niece, Mrs. B. Humiston, he 
d. in Vermont 


1589. meah, b. Jan. 16, 1758; d. abt 1815. 

1540. Ahigaa, b. Maj 16, 1759; m. Sept 80, 1788, John Grant. 

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1541. IHt, b. July 29, 1700; m. John TynH, femoTed to Manchester, 
Vt, and d. abt 1811. 

1542. Anna, b. Aug. 15, 1762; m. Jan. 2, 17B8, Bimeon Crane. 
1648. OlMwr, b. Not. 20, 1765. 

1544. Joel, b. Dec. 8, 1767. 

1545. FkfOif, b. Ifay 7, 1778; m. Winalow, and remored to Wil- 
mington, y t 


Capt. Nathan Noblb, a. of Ebeneser, was b. in Snffield, Conn., 
Not. 20, 1747, and d. in Coieaville, Broome Co., N. Y., Not. 11, 
1820, BB. 72. In the American revolution he marched, April, 1775, 
as sergeant in Capt. Elihu Kent's company, in the <' Lexington 
alarm, '^ and was out eighteen days. He was subsequently for five 
years engaged in the war, was present at^ but not in the battle of 
Bunker Hill, crossed the Delaware with Washington, was in the 
battles of Long Island, White Plain, Mud Island, Brandywine, 
Trenton, and Gtermantown. During the war, he was a captain for 
three years. At one time while bearing an express, he traveUed 
on foot three hundred and fifty miles in seven days. In 1781, he 
removed from SufBeld, to Norwich, Mass., in 1791, to Cambridge, 
Washington Co., N. Y., and abt 1805, to ColesviUe, Broome Co., 
N. T. 

He m. (1) May 16, 1775, Phvbb Austik, b. in Suffield, Sept 4, 
1752, dau. of Caleb and Phebe (King) Austin. She d. in Unadilla, 
N. T., June 6, 1810, m. 57. 

He m. (2) May, 1813, Mrs. Mart Thompson, b. in Boston, Mass., 

Aug., 1754, dau. of Godbold, a sea captain. She d. in 

Oasenovia^ N. Y., Aug., 1827, bb. abt 73. 


1546. BUioUth, b. Feb. 11, 1778; m. Eliaha Humiston. 

1547. Sheneur, b. Oct. 24, 1779; m. Rozcy Chyle. 

1548. Nathan, b. Sept. 20, 1781, in Norwich; unm., was by 
trade a hatter, and d. in Unadilla, N. T., May 22, 1811, ». 29. 

1548. Fk$be, b. Feb. 27, 1782; m. OtiaB Marsh. 

1550. Ofutavui Adoiphtu, b. Mch. 8, 1784; m. Maxy Freeman. 

1551. ApoOoi AuiUn, b. Oct. 22, 1787; m. Eunice Dickson. 

1552. Joel King, b. Oct 14, 1789; m. SaraL Freeman. 

Tdiotht Noblb, s. of Ebeneaer, was b. in Suffield, Conn., April 
15, 1752, removed thence about 1786, to Lanesboro', Mass., where 
he d. Aug. 16, 1818, bb. 66. He was a farmer. 

He m. Nov. 9, 1773, Sabah BLACUCAif, dau. of Jonathan Black- 
man, who lived the latter part of his life in Lee, Mass., and d. 

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there over 90 yrs. of age. She d. in Cheshire, Mass., Aug. 10, 
1845, m, 91, and was buried in Lanesboro\ Mass. 


1564. Fnderiek, bi Feb. 19, 1774; m. Harriet Hart. 

1555. Wiwihrcp, b. June 16. 1776; m. Ruth Powel. 

1556. 8aay, b. ; m. (1) 8. Brooks; (2) 8. Bond. 

1557. Ba/cha, b. Aug. 28, 1786, in Lanesboro'; unm., resided in Belozi, 

1558. Jod, b Mch. 11, 1789, in Lanesboro'; d there 8ept 17, 1794, 
c. 5. 


WnxiAM NoBLB, s. of Dea. Jonathan, was bapt. in Hartford, 
Conn., Feb. 11, 1750, and d. in Whitehall, N. T., Jan. 16, 1828, 
SB. 77. He resided for a time in New Hartford, Conn., whence 
he removed to Whitehall, N. Y. He was a fanner. 

He m. (1) Phxbv Wilcox, b. abt 1756, dau. of Ezra and Mary 
(Humphrey) Wilcox. She d. June 16, 1794, sb. abt. 38. 

He m. (2) abt. 1797, Mabt Stxdman of New Hartford, Conn., 
who d. in Whitehall between 1813 and 1818. 

He m. (3) Mrs. Oilbsbt, who d. in Whitehall. 


1550. Betmy, b. Not. 28, 1776; m. Isaac Johnson. 

1560. nAe, b. May 0, 1778; m. John Humeston of WhitebaU, 
N. T., and there d. abt 1842, ». abt. 64. Childien. 1. William, 
who removed to California; 2. Darius, settled in West Haven, Yt ; 
8. Edwin RuthTen, settled in Randolph, Penn. 

1561. Mary, b. Aug. 1, 1780; d. June 22, 1798. «. 12. 

1662. WaUam, b. Oct 22. 1782; m. 8usan G. Williams [or Susan 

1568. Aknira, b. Oct 7, 1785; m. (1) a Uttiefleld; (2) J. [or E.] 

1564 EmM. b. Mch. 19, 1788; m Laura Morrison. 

1565. Adna WScobb, b. Oct. 7. 1790; m (1) £• R- Smith; (2) H. Newton. 

1566. Salmant b. Feb. 17, 1794; m. a) B. Delsmstter; 9) B. Lock- 

ofmiDiiinff BT BBcoxn xabbuox. 

1567. Jfoy, b. 

1568. Matada, b. 

1569. Lemra, b. 

1570. Amy, b. Jsn. 6, 1802; m. Daniel Hathaway. 

PEXXKiLS NoBLB, s. of DsA. Jonathan, was bapt in Hartford, 
Conn., Not. 10, 1751, and d. in Harwinton, Conn. He resided 
in Simsbury, Conn., until 1794, when he removed to Harwinton. 

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He m. (1) Mabt Humfrret, b. May 9, 1756, dau. of Charles 
Hmnphrey of Simflbury. She d. July 18, 1779, e. abt. 23. 

He m. (2) June, 1781, Sabah Humphbst, daa. of Diniel Humph- 
rey of Simsbiuy. 


1570a. Sarah, b. Bept 8, 1776; m. Uriah Case, b. July 2, 1771, s. of Uriah 
and Susanua (Lawrence) Case of Canton, Conn. She d. 1807, m. 
81, her death being occasioned by injuries receiTed in Jumping 
from a wagon. She was the first person interred in the burying 
ground in Buifrage Village. Children. 1. Chester, who settled in 
Rye, N. T. ; 8. Uriah F., removed to Anderson, Texas. 


1571. Pkinsat Warrm, b. Dec. 1, 1782; m. (1) H. B. Catlin; (2) C. Owen. 
1578. Jfory, b. June, 1787; unm, lemoTed to Verona, Onei- 

da Co., N. T., and d. 
1578. Amdia, h. June, 1791; m Sheldon Bcorille. 

1574 Ifdncif, b. June, 1794; m James T>ler. 

1575. Anny, h. Dec. 88, 1796; m. Harvey Tuller. 

1576. BaeM, b. Aug. 14, 1799; m Apr. 86, 1885, Horace Wil- 
son, b. in Harwinton, Conn., Apr. 11, 1802, s. of Eli and Huldah 
Wilson. He resided in Harwinton. Children. 1. Lydia Lucretia, 
b Aug. 1, 1886; 8. Charles Noble, b May 12, 1888. 

1577. Huldah, b. June, 1802; m. John Wilson Frisbie. 

1578. PhOander, b. Oct, 1806; d. unm. in Westmoreland, Onei- 
da Co., K. T., KoT. 8, 1848, s. 42. 


Elijah Noblb, a. of Dea. Jonathan, was b. in Simsbuiy, Conn., 
and there d. prob. in 1827. AdminlBtration on his estate was 
granted, Dec. 21, 1827, to William Mather, Jr. His house was 
about three-fourths of a mile west of the centre of the town. 

He m. abt. 1775, Mabia Humpebbt, b. May 5, 1758, dau. of 
Lieut Nathaniel Humphrey of Simsbury. She d. abt. Sept, 


1579. Jtmathan, b Feb 8, 1776; m. (1) M. Barber; (8) H. BueU. 

1580. L^man, b. Kov. 87, 1778; m Sophia Russell. 

1581. Maria, b Apr. 81, 1788; m Russell Vosburg. 
1588. FSriMd, b. S^t 88, 1788; m. Penis Holiday. 

1688. lUUnda, b. July 81, 1787; m. William Combs, resided in East 
Oranby, Conn., and d. abt 1815. Children. 1. William, who has 
been in Australia, but at last accounts resided in Kittanning, Penn. ; 
8. Haiy Ann, m Obadiah Willis Wilcox, a merchant in Springfield, 

1584. Miranda, b. Dec. 4, 1790; d. umn. in Simsbury, Aug. 8, 1886, s. 85. 

1585. Ai»fif , b. Dec. 88, 1794; d. unm. in Windsor Locks, Conn., Aug. 
1, 1864, m. 59. 

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BEAirCH or THOMAB. 221 

1586. Hatfy, b. ; d. unin. in Bimsbuiy. abt 18d0, «. abt 


1«7. EUMa, b. Aug. 19, 1800; m. Oct 8, 1880, Royia Pmity. b. in 
Spencer, Maae., Kot. 27, 1805, s. of Nathan and Patience (Con 
▼ene) Prouty. She d. in Rainbow, (Windsor,) Ck>nn. , Not. 88, 1888, 
c. 88. Child. Caroline Miranda, b. May 80, 1881, in Simsbury, 
Conn., m. Not. 12, 1851, Thomas O. Nock of Windsor Locks. 
Conn. Mr. Pronty remored to Windsor Locks, in 1886, and en 
gaged in the manuifacture of wire. 

BoswsLL Noble, a. of Dea. Jonathan, was b. in Sixnsbuiy, Conn., 
abt 1758, aad there d. Sept 9, 1841, e. 83. He served in the 
American revolution, and was afterwards a pensioner. He resided 
on his father*s homestead in Simsbury. 

He m. (1) Aug., 1785, Bveaxvab TuuiEb, b. abt 1753, dau. of 
Joseph Tulier of Simsbury, Conn. She d. Nov. 10, 1815, e. 62. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Auna Frahoib, b. abt 1772, widow of RosweU 

Francis, and dau. of Wadsworth of West Hartford, Conn. 

She d. Oct 16, 1847, «. 75. 


1688. BtmM FUher. b. Apr. 4, 1782; m. Bets^ Case. 
1680. aiflte9kr, b. July 80, 1798; m. Maryette Holcomb. 



SuBAMKAH Noble, dau. ol Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Aug. 11, 1749, and d. in Southwick, Mass., April 3, 1838, «. 88. 

She m. (1) Dee. 3, 1778, Mosis Root, b. Sept 1, 1740, s. of 
Elisha and Mary (Soott) Root He d. in Southwick, Mass. 

She m. (2) Rboomfvnsb Mxllbb. 

She m. (8) Abuab Phelps, b. abt 1738, who d. Sept 9, 1838, 
m. 100. 

1600. Mcm9, b. Oct 94. 1788; d. young. 
1691. XrUs. b. June 94. 1788; m. Chester Holcomb. 
1609. Mem, b. Feb. 16, 1786. 
1698. Oharim, b. July 18, 1788. 
1694. McrrU, b. Not. 80, 1791. 

1696. iVOir, b. Feb. 99, 1794; m. Samuel Austin of Snffield, Conn. 

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Sallt Noble, daa. of Thomaa, was b. in Westfield, Mmb., Jan. 
16, 1756, and then d. Mch. 13, 1837, e. 81. 

She m. Dec. 7, 1780, Bea. Ebbnbzbb Fowlbr, b. in Weatfield, 
Feb. 19, 1756, t. of Ebeneser and Catharine (Root) Fowler. He 
d. in Weatfield, Dec. 3, 1824, m. 68. 

1096. miioeui, b. Aug. 8, 1782; m. July, 1807, Sarah Knox. 

1507. SaO^. b. June 5, 1784; m. Mch. 0, 1800, Heniy Noble. 

1608. /«niMa. b. Hay 6, 1786; m. Jan. 18, 1810, Daniel MunM>n, and d. 

Mch. 11, 1802, m, 66. 
1500. Lueretia, b. Mch 0, 1788; dertnged for forty years, d. unm., Oct 

28, 1848, a. 60. 

1600. Bbeneaer, b. Ang. 80, 1790; m. Sunice Montsgae, and d. in Brans- 
wick, 0., 8ept 17, 1819, a. 59. 

1601. Zebina, b. Nov. 8, 1792; m. Feb. 8, 1881. Lora Eldridge, and d. 
Not. 12. 1841, a. 40. 

1608. Naneg, b. Dec. 25, 1795; m. Bept 26, 1882, Daniel Smith, and re- 
dded, 1852, in Westiield. 


Luthbb Noblb, a of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Feb. 10, 
1767, and removed, abt. 1810, to Martinabnrg, N. Y., where he d. 
Mch., 1841, a. 74. 

He m. (I) Nov. 2, 1794, Cbablottb G&4T, b. abt 1773, dan. of 
Capt John Gray, who removed from Russell, Mass., to Westfield. 
She d. of oonsomption, in Westfield, Jan. 6, 1801, a. 28. 

He UL (2) Jan. 28, 1810, Mrs. Anna Williams, dau. of [Nimocks?] 
Sachet She married (1) Thomas Williams, who d. in Hartford, 
Conn. She d. in St Vincent, N. Y., lich^ 1843. 


1608. WaUer, b. May, 1795; m. Frances Backet 

1604. Tkomat, b. Apr. 27. 1797; m. Mazy P. Merwin. 

1605. Laura, b. Feb. 22, 1799; m. RiuseU Shepard. 


MoLLT Noblb, dan. of Thomas, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Sept 
1, 1768, and d. in Westfield, Medina Co., 0., July 25, 1830, a. 61. 

She m. Mch. 13, 1794, Ehooh Shlbs, b. Sept 19, 1763, s. of 
Simeon and Experience (Root) Stiles. After residing for many 
years in BusseU, Mass., he removed to Westfield, O. 


1606. SojMi, b. Feb. 8, 1795; d. onm., in Westfield, O., Bept 9, 
1880. m. 85. 

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1607. NMe, b. Oct 6, 17W; m. Jan., 1824. Cynthia Todd, and d. 

in Oallfonila, Not. 15, 1850, s. 51. 
160a Snoek, b. Dec. 25, 1801; d. in RusseU, Oct. 1, 1804, a. 2. 

leOO. A%, b. Mc1l21, 1807; m. Jan. 1, 1882, Zenas Crane, and 

remored to Canaan, Wayne Co., O. 
1610. Bumnna (Me, b. Jan. 16, 1812; m. Hay 28, 1881, CalTin Chapin, 

and resided in Weetfield, O., his P. O. being Guilford, O. Calvin 

Chapin d. in SeTiUe, O., Mch. 21, 1878. She resides, 1875, in 

Seville, O. 


LoTiBA NoBLB, dftu. of Ideut Stephen, was b. in Westfield, 
Maaa., June 5, 1754, and d. in Hadley, Mass., June 8, or 18, 182^, 

She m. Sept 15, 1786, Psrbz Smith, b. in Hadley, Mass., Sept. 
20, 1754, 8. of Jonathan and Mehitable (Cook) Smith. He was a 
tanner in Hadley, and there d. Nov. 1, 1824, e. 70. 

1611. Anna, b. Dec 12. 1786; m. Dea. Ashley Williams, a farmer of Had- 
ley, and there d. Oct 11, 1828, se. 42. 

1612. Lauua, b. Oct 12, 1700; m. David Smith, a farmer of Hadley, and 
there d. Mch. 81, 1842, n. 51. 


RuTB NoBLX, dau. of Ideut Stephen, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
June 1, 1756, and d. in Montgomery, Mass., Nov. 16, 1790, sb. 34. * 

She m. 1779, Mastim Boot of Westfield; s. of Martin and Eunice 
(Lamb) Boot He was b. Feb. 20, 1 753, accd. to the family record, 
but Mch. 11, 1753, accd. to the record of the town of Westfield. 
He was a shoemaker and farmer, and resided in Westfield until 
about 1780, when he removed to Montgomery, Mass., where he 
remained until after his wife's death. He removed abt Sept, 1815, 
to Buchanan Settlement^ Harrison Ck>., West Va., where he d. sud- 
denly, probably in a fit» Aug. 9, 1822, e. 67. [He m. (2) Jan. 29, 
1793, Lois Smith of Westfield. Children. 1. Edmund, b. Nov., 
1795; 2. LinuB, b. Sept, 1797.] 


1618. JifMe, b. Mch. 10, 1779; m. (1) D. Barrett; (2) H. Bushnell. 
1614 MairUn, b. Oct 9, 1781 ; m. (1) M. Barrett; C^) D. Sheldon. 

1615. Ruih, b. June 1, 1784; m. Samuel Falley. 

1616. OharhtU, b. Oct 12, 1786; m. Theodore Steama. 

1617. CSboflM, b. Jan. 26, 1788; m Mary Jackaon. 
16ia Suniee, b. Kov. 8, 1790; m. Eliaha D. Barrett 

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Hildas Noble, 8. of Lieut. Stephen, was b. in Weetfield, Mmb., 
May 13, 1759, and d. in Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Apr. 23, 
1799, e. 39. Daring the Amerioan Revolution, he marched May 
10, 17 1 7, to Tioonderoga, and remained two montha. He removed 
abt 1794, to Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He was a farmer. 

He m. 1787, (pub. Feb. 11,) Esthbb Garfield, b. Jan. 13, or 
May 10, 1759, dau. of Isaac Garfield of Tyringham, Mass., b. Feb. 1 9, 
1717, who d. Jan. 21, 1792, m. 75, and Mary Brewer, b. Mch. 25, 
1722, who d. Dec. 18, 1799, m. 77. Mrs. E. Noble d. in Warren, 
K. Y., Nov. 1, 1836, e. 77. 

1619. I^fgtra, b. Jan. 12, 1788; m. Sarah Van Hoesen. 

1690. Amanda, b. Bept 5, 1792; m. £11 Leonanl 

1691. ArMy, b. Apr. 1, 1795; m. Phebe Wilkerson. 
1699. Mfnar OutUb, b. Feb. 24, 1797; m. Antte R Bturdefant 

1698. Dau., b Dec 94, 1799, in Wamn, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 2, 1800, 
a. 8 days. 

Aabok Noble, s. of lieut Stephen, was b. in Weatfield, Mass., 
Mch. 19, 1761. He removed to Lanaingburgh, N. Y., where he d. 
July 11, 1829, m. 68. 

He m. Feb. 15, 1791, Kate Gbbbn, b. Apr. 17, 1773, dau. of 
John Oreen of Newport, B. I., and Lanaingburgh, N. Y. She d. 
Aug. 23, 1804, m. 31. * 


1694. Buih, b. Feb. 96, 1799; m. Samuel Bhaw. 

1695. Aq^Adfi (hrr, b. Aug. 9, 1798; d. Feb. 8, 1794, m. 6 moe. 

1696. Biphen Carr, b. Nov. 1, 1795; m. Barah Rodgen. 

1697. OhofMte, b. Mch. 94. 1797; m. Daniel Ooodale. 

1628. Sarrui, b Feb 8 or 99, 1801; d. in Albany, N. Y, Feb. 9 

or 91, 1899, a. 97. 

1699. Aofim, b. Dec 98, 1809 6r 1808; d. in Mobile, Ala., June 1, 


Stbthsn Noblb, a. of Lieut Stephen, was b. in Weetfield, Maaa., 
Apr. 7, 1765, and d. at the Bay of QuLita, Aug. 28, 1823, m. 58. 
He removed abt 1796, to Wazren, Herkimer Ck>*, N. Y., and thence 
abt 1810, to Markham, C. W. 

He m. Apr. 7, 1790, Ebthxb Smith, b. abt 1772, dau. of 
Tbomaa Smith of Weat Springfield, Maaa. She d. in Markham, 
C. W., Oct 27, 1814, m. 42. 

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1680. Sl^ahm, b. Jan. 18, 1791 ; m. Elizabeth Morton. 

1681. AutUn, b. Not. 8 or 8, 1792; m. Mary Lighty. 

1682. Ambrom, b. Feb. 27, 1785; m. Hannah Badgerow. 

1688. O^nMa, b. Jan. 16, 1787; m. James Osbum. 

1684. Eunice, b. ; d. s. abt. 1. 

1685. T/unnoi Smith, b. Not. ; m. Lydia Shofelt. 

1686. Eunice, b. ; m. Moees Wiamer. 

1687. Ckrittiana, b. ; m. John WUaon. 
168a Btther, b. Apr. 28, 1604; m. John Marr. 

1689. Aehioh, b. ; m. John Burke and removed to 
Pickering, C. W. No children. 

1640. Suionna, b. ; m. Martin Ramer. 


Eunice Noblb, dau. of Lient. Stepb^n, was b. in Weatfield, 
Maaa., April 30, 1770, and d. in Amherst, Mass., Jane 6, 1807, e. 
37. She was brought up in the family of her maternal aunt, Mrs. 
Eunice Ck>leman, wife of Dr. Seth Coleman of Amherst, Mass. 
She was a woman of rare sweetness of disposition, and died greatly 
lamented, only five days after the birth of her youngest child. 
Her last words were, '* Lord Jesus, into thy hands I commit my 
spirit" A marble slab to her memory bean the following 
inscription: ''This | monum | ent is er | ected to | the memory 
of I Mrs. Eunice, wife | of Lieut. Wm. | BOLTWOOD, | who died 
June I 6, 1807, | aged 37 | years. 

How loT'd, how valued once, avails thee not. 
To whom related, or by whom begot, 
A heap of dust above remains of thee, 
Tis all thou art, & all y* proud shall be. 

Life, how short; Btemi^, bow long." 

She m. Aug. 2, 1789, William Boltwood, b. in Amherst, Mass., 
May 4, 1766, s. of Lieut. William and Mary (Sheldon) Boltwood. 
He learned the trade of a blacksmith in Northampton, Mass., with 
his brother-in-lawy Stephen Hubbard, but never worked at the 
same, as he preferred agricultural pursuits. He possessed a re- 
markable memory, great firmness and decision of character, good 
judgment, and sterling common sense. He resided on the home- 
stead about three-quarters of a mile south of Amherst College, 
where he d. Aug. 13, 1835, e. 69, and over his remains is erected 
a monument, with the simple inscription: "William Boltwood, | 
died I Aug. 15, 1835, | aged 69 years." 

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226 ssaonrDAim ov thomab vobul 


1641. Sarah, b. Hay 19, 1790; m. Jan., 1809, Jonathaii Umh, 

b. Dec. 5, , 1. of Jonathan and Hannah (Boloom) ICanh, and 

d. without iMue, in Richmond, Va., Oct 19, 1817» m. 27. 

1642. Ludut, ' b. Mch. 16, 1792; m. Fanny H. Shepard. 
1648. Mary Bhddon, b. Feb. 20, 1794; m. Rufiu Greene. 

1644. EmOif, b. May 8, 1797; d. unm., in Amhent, Ffeb. 2, 1884, 
a. 86. 

1645. Hdrriei, b. Jan. 24, 1800; m. (1) G. Newhall; (2) J. Manh. 

1646. WaUam, b. July 8, 1802; dl ElecU Stetson. 

1647. SutUce Church, b. Sept 19, 1604; d. in Amhent, May 27, 1808, s. 8. 

1648. GUwr NMt, b. June 1, 1807; m. Nancy Smith. 


LuomDA Noble, dau. of Lieut Stephen, was b. in Westfield, 
Mass., Jan. 27, 1774, and d. in Hadley, Maaa., Oct 29, 1857, e. 83. 

She m. Feb. 9, 1797, Elisha Hubbabd, b. in Hadley, June 6, 
1768, a. of Edmund and Margaret (Oaylord) Hubbard. He d. in 
Hadley, Mass., Feb. 24, 1827, «. 58. He was a farmer in Hadley, 
except during the years 1810-19, which he spent in Worthington, 
Mass., and 1819-20, in Cummington, Mass. His children were 
all bom in Hadley, except the youngest, who was bom in Worth- 


1648a. Maria, b. Feb. 7, 1798; resides unm., 1876. in North- 

ampton, Masa 

1649. mtrriet, b. June 7, 1799; resides unm., 1876. in North- 
ampton, Mass. 

1650. lAtdnda, b. Apr. 4, 1801; m. Aug. 15, 1886, Lyman Shel- 
by, and resides, 1876, in West Andover, O. He was a farmer, and 
d. in West Andorer, O., Apr. 12, 1864, c. 6a 

1651. Margaret QayUyrd, b. June 18, 1804; m. July 6, 1886, Seth Barlow, 
and d. in Hadley, Apr. 12, 1870, «. 66. He was a farmer, and d. 
in Hadley, June 15, 1870. 

1652. Efitaheih, b. Kot. 24, 1807; m. Nov., 1884, Erastus Ck>llinB 
Hall, a fanner, and d. in Northampton, Mass., Mch. 25, 1874, c. 66. 

1668. SuwiuNMe, b. Oct. 80, 1809; m. Apr. 18, 1881, Theodore 
Bartlett, and resides, 1877, in Northampton, Mass. 

1654. BuMn, b. Dec. 19, 1812; m. Apr. 9, 1848, Ersstus Nash, 

Jr., a farmer of Hadley, and there d. Apr. 12, 1870, s. 57. 


Hahnab Noblb, dau. of John, was b. in Blaadford, Mass., May 
1, 1778, and there d. Sept 8, 1863, sb. 85. 

She m. Jan. 21, 1808, Rkubbk Blaib, b. in Blandford, Mass., 
Feb. 12, 1763, s. of Jacob and Martlia (Oilmore) Blair, being his 

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•econd wife. [He m. (1) Tryphena Moses, dau. of Timothy Moees 
of Simsbury, Conn. She d. Dec.' 15, 1806, e. 37. Children. 1. 
Orrin, b. Murch 1, 1793; 2. Polly, b. Sept. 14, 1796; 3. Heman, 
b. May 2, 1799; 4. Harvey, b. Dec. 25, 1801; 5. Samuel 0., b. 
July 22, 1804; 6. Betsey, b. Nov. 28, 1806.] He was a farmer in 
Blandford, and there d. Jnly 16, 1856, a. 93. 


1655. Truman, b. Dec. 20. 1808; m. Oct. 14, 1885, Esther Merrill Cham, 
hers. b. in HsrperBfleld, N. T., July 8, 1818, dau. of Joseph and 
Chloe (Merrill) Chambers. He is a farmer, and resides, 1878, in 
Blandford. Childrsn b. in Blsndford. 1. Cornelia Maria, b. July 
27, 1886, m. Elisha Warrsn Bhepard of Blandford; 2. Joseph Har- 
▼ey» b. Feb. 88, 1888; m. (1) Sept 9, 1866, Nellie C. Shaw; (2) Oct. 
18, 1875, Mrs. Mary EUzabeth Smith, and is, 1878, a lawyer in 
St Louis, Mo. ; 8. Mary Sophia, b. Nov. 20, 1889, unm. 1878; 4. 
William Henry Harrison, b. June 9, 1842; m. (1) Dec. 20, 1871, Hen- 
rietu Read; (2) Nov. 5, 1874, Elisabeth Gorham. He resides, 1878, 
in Springfield, Mass., and is a deputy sheriif. 

1656. JuUa, b. Jan. 26, 1811; m. Jan. 28, 1884, Eli Osbom, a farmer, 
who d. in Blandford, July 17, 1872. She resides, 1876, in Bland- 

1657. Martha, b. Sept 18, 1812; m. (1) Sept 21, 1885, Jesse Crane, who 
d. in Joliet, DL; (2) Jan., 1854, John Ward, a farmer, who d. in 
Channahon, HI. ; (8) William McKee, a farmer, and resides, 1876, 
in Clinton, Henry <k>., Mo. 

1658. MaHa, b. Oct. 19, 1815; m. Mch. 6, 1889, EU Seward Camp, a 
farmer in Durham, Conn., where both reside in 1876. 

1659. Vin»n, b. Mch. 4, 1818; unm., a surveyor, was drowned in Little 
Platte river, Mo., Apr. 21, or 22, 1888. c. 20. 

John Noblb, a. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., July 13, 
1782, and there d. Jan. 11, 1856, a. 73. He was a Uxm%T and 
resided on the homestead. He had been feeble for many years, 
yet died at an advanced age, from injuries received by a faU two 
weeka previous to his death. 

He BDL Jan. 26, 1815, Ibbnb Bobikson, b. in OranviUe, Mass., 
Dec. 17, 1789, dau. of Jphn and Naomi (Bliss) Robinson. She d. 
April 6, 1858, a. 68. 

atn.i»Miff BOBM ni slahdford. 

1660. Hanrriti, b. Nov. 8, 1815; m. Hsrv^ Merritt 

1661. Arsty AMmmi, b. Oct 27, 1817; m Mary A. Bliss. 

1662. LMter, b. Kov. 11, 1819; m. Mary W. Burbank. 
1668. MUa, b. Jan. 6, 1892; m. Noah Bliss. 

1664. Aarr BKm, b. May 20, 1882; m. (l)M. R Bliss; (2)a Clitch. 

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JuuA NoBLB, dan. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mmb., Nov. 
28, 1786, and d. in Bast Franklin, (now Croton,) Delaware Ck>., 
N. Y., Feb. 7, 1833, e. 46. 

She m. Nov. 28, 1811, Hbekiah Tbbadweu*, b. in New Mil- 
ford, Ck>nn., Jan. 19, 1786, s. of Hesekiah and Abiah (Stilson) 
Tread well He resided in New Milford, 1810-17, where he was 
a merchant; in Deposit, Delaware Co., N. Y., 1818-32, where he 
was a noted bnilder; and in East Franklin, N. Y., from 1832, 
until his death. He was a teacher of vocal music, both in Con- 
necticat and New York. He d. in East Franklin, N. Y., March 
17, 1830, a. 44. 

1666. NMe JSMmm, b. Aug. 22, 1812, in New Milford ; drowned in the 
Delaware river at Deposit, N. Y, Oct. 9, 1827, m. 15. 

1666. Sophia, b. Apr. 28, 1816, in New Milford; drowned in 
the Delaware river at Deposit, Jnlj 9, 1822. m, 7. 

1667. CharUiffamer. b. Mch. 26, 1817, in New Mflford; m. Oct. 10, 
1848, Jane Hamilton, and is, 1876, a farmer in Conklin, N. T., his 
P. O. address being Binghsmton, N. Y. 

1668. ffmekiah Dwight, b. Aug. 10. 1819, in Deposit, N. Y. ; m. (i) Feb. 
7, 1856, Rboda Pratt; (2) Oct 9, 1872. Mrs. Amanda B. Storges, 
from whom he was divorced, Mch., 1876. He is, 1876, a boot and 
■hoe desler in Wellsville. Allegany Co., N. Y. 

1669. CkmradBdiek, b. Feb. 14,1828, in Deposit, N. Y; nnm., is, 
1876, a merchant's clerk, In Minneapolis, Minn. 

1670. Samusl mair, b. June 7, 1825, in Deposit, N. Y. ; m Sept. 19. 
1850, Csroline Beebe. He was formeriy a carriage-maker, but is 
now, 1876, a farmer in Friendsville, Busquehannah Co., Penn. 

1671. JohnlfMe, b. Nov. 20, 1828, in Deposit, N. Y.; m. Nov. 18. 
1868, Jane Anna Picket He is, 1876, a book-keeper and merchant 
in Bt Paul, Minn. He was a member of the Minnesota House of 
Representatives, 1874 and 1875. 


Guvs NoBLB, dau. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Dec. 8, 
1788, and d. Mch. 24, 1866, sb. 77. 

She m. Nov. 8, 1818, Obbn Robinson^ b. May 20, 1786, s. of 
Charles and Rhoda Robinson of Oranville, Mass. He resided in 
West Oranville, Bfass., and there d. March 3, 1859, e. 73. 

1672. John NMe, b. Aug. 16. 1822; m abt Feb., 1854, Catharine But- 

ler. and setUed in Westiield, Msss. 
1678. Loii Lueinda, b. June 8, 1824; m. May 2, 1848, David A Bodur- 

tha of West OranviUe, Mass., and d. Sept 24. 1865. «. 41. 

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Alva Noble, a. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., July 16, 
1791, resided for a time in Blandford, but removed, in 1821, to 
Damascus, Wayne Co., Penn., where he d. Nov. 18, 1873, s. 82. 

He m. (1) Aug. 17, 1814,' Mabia Amelia Buell, b. in New 
Milford, Conn., Aug. 4, 1795, dau. of David and Chloe (Fisher) 
BuelL She d. Aug. 27, 1842, s. 47. 

He m. (2) July 4, 1843, Mrs. Jane Stijilino, b. in Tompkins, 
N. Y., Dec. 25, 1812, dau. of Alexander and Phebe (Leonard) 
Baron. She resides, 1876, with her son in Damascus, Penn. 


1674 Marietta, b. Oct. 4, 1815; m. (1) £. Fox; (2) A. Allen. 

1675. EmOiM, b. Feb. 11, 1818; m. JamcB Lovelass. 

1676. Chariu BiUU, b. Mch. 19, 1820; m. Nov. 10, 1844, Eliza A. 

1677. Soian, b. May 11, 1822; m. June 8, 1848, David Egan, 
b. in Scotland, June 1, 1812. He came in 1880 with .his father to 
America, and is, 1876. a farmer in Oregon, Wayne Co., Penn. 
Children. 1. James, b. June 16, 1840, in Oregon, d. June 29, 1874, 
s. 25; 2. Henry, b. Oct 24, 1850. 

1678. WaUam Choley, b. Mch. 2, 1824; m Eunice Garrett. 
1670. Sextan, b. Mch. 8, 1825; m. Lavina Fish. 

1680. Ornn Treadwea, b. Feb. [Sept.?] 20, 1827; m. May 6, 1851, Julia 
Challaoomb, b. on the passage from Liverpool, Eng., May 4, 1882. 
He is, 1876. a carriage-maker in Wellington, Loroine Co., O. Chil- 
dren. 1. Josephine Lilian, b. Apr. 16, 1852; m. Myron Colver; 2. 
Cecelia, m. Thomas, who is in the marble business. 

1681. AOfert, b. Mch. 28, 1829; d. July 10, 1829, «. 8 mos. 

1682. Samuel, b. Sept. 8, 1881; d. Mch. 10, 1883, s. 1. 
1688. Eocea Maria, b. Jan. 10» 1886; m. Charles Melville James, 

and resides, 1876, in Pawtucket, R L Child. Luella Emeline, b. 
Feb. 16, 1865, in Damascus. 

1684. Henry, (twin) b. Jan. 10, 1886; d. Jan. 18, 1886, c. 8 days. 


1685. Ber^nUn FrankUn, b. Sept. 21, 1844; d. Sept. 29, 1848, e. 4. 
1086. Silas Oregcry, b. Sept 14, 1846; d. Sept. 16, 1848, se. 2. 

1687. AhM Jafnee, b. Oct 11, 1848; m. Mch. 28, 1878, AUcc Stein- 
berg, b. in Damascus^ Penn., dau. of Ira and Polly C. (Steams) 
Stetnliach. He is a farmer, and resides, 1876, on his father's home- 
stead, in Damascus (Children b. in Damascua 1. Franklin Tracy, 

b. Feb. 28, 1874 ; 2. Peny Leroy, b. Jan. 11, 1877. 

1688. Sophia Jane, b. Sept 27, 1850; m. Oct 81, 1870, Chauncey 
SUge, b. in Highland, N. T., Feb. 7, 1844, s. of Jacob and Martha 
(Carmichael) Stage. He is, 1876, a farmer m Damascus. Children. 
1. Jessie, b. Jan. 11, 1878, in Binghamton, N. Y. ; 2. Ella May, b. 
May 22, 1875, in Highland, K. T. 

1680. Mbd, b. Dec. 8, 1864; d. Jan. 7, 1858. c. 8. 


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230 DncBmAim ov tbomas voblb. 

BuHu NoBLB, 8. of SOm, was b. in Weetfield, Mms., Dee. 23, 
1757, and resided in Blandfoid, Mmb., wheie he d. July 30, 1837, 
m. 79. 

He m. Jan. 1, 1784, Haknab Stewart, b. in Blandfofd, Maas., 
Jan. ], 1764, dan. of Solomon Stewart. She d. in Blandford, 
Jan. 13, 1836, e. 73. 


1600. JSraOus, b. Mch. 90, 1785; d. in Blandford, Dec. 8. 1797. m. 12. 

1691. RosDolana, b. Aug. 20, 1788; m. Aaa Beymoor, Jr. 

1692. Salhf, b Oct. 80, 1790; m. Ely Brockett 
1698. A%, b Aug. 81, 1798; m. Loren Boies. 

1694. Lamta, b Oct 14, 1797; m. Alexander Black. 

1695. MOa, b June 88. 1799; m. Linus Btrickland. 

1696. Chad, b Feb 20, 1801; d. Feb. 22, 1801, a. 2 days. 

1697. Bannah, b Mch. 81, 1802; m. Ahnon Peebles. 

1698. Shada, . b June 26, 1804; d. in Blandford. Aug. 21, 1822. a. la 

1699. EUhu, b Oct 10, 1806; m. [BaUy?] Smith. 


. SiLAB NoBLB, a. of Silaa, was b. in Blandford, Mass., March 9, 
1760, and was a fanner in Bnssell, Maaa., where he d. Jan. 23, 
1837, m. 76. 

He m. Jan. 5, 1786, Lror Grahobb, b. in Sonthwick, Maaa., 
Jan. 29, 1767, dan. of Dea. Oeorge and Lucy (Campbell) Oranger.^ 
She d. in Bnasell, Mass., Aug. 23, 1851, ». 84. 


1700. BMia, b Feb. 24, 1787; m. Alexander Gowdy. 

1701. BOoi, b Jan. 19, 1789; m. Huldah Keep. 

1702. Boland, b Mch. 5. 1791; m. (L) K Ftoat; (2) E. Granger. 
1708. Beuben, b Feb 26, 1798; m. Cynthia Oowdy. 

1704. l^tMy, b Mch. 27, 1795; m. WflliamHalL 

1705. Albert, b Not. 24, 1797; m. (1) L. Floyd; (2) in.Riggs. 

1706. OkarMe, b Mch. 17, 1800; m. Samuel Knox. 

1707. Mh, b Jan. 20. 1802; m. 0) M. McInUre; (2) M. M(»e. 
ITOa MarfAnn, b Jan. 7, 1809; m. Benjamin Bennet 


Mbdab Noblb, a. of Silas, was b. Oct 23, 1762, and d. in Rich- 
mond, Ontario Ck>., N. T., Dec. 29, 1817, s; 55. In the American 
xeroliition, he waa hired to aerre in the continental army, by the 
town of Hadley in 1779, which voted on the 12ih of July of that 
yea#, to give him $100, aa advanced pay. He removed from 
Bkndford, Mass., in Feb., 1799, to Pompey, N. Y., and in Feb., 
1804, to Pittatown, now Bichmond, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

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He m. 1783, Ltdia Fbabt of Middletown, Conn., b. June 15, 
1765, dan. of Jonathan Frary. After her hnaband's death, she 
continued to reside in Richmond, N. Y., until abt. 1846, when she 
removed to Mendon, Monroe Ck>., N. Y., where she d. Apr. 28, 
1848, 8B. 82. Her remains were taken for interment, to Richmond. 


1708a. Merey, b. Not. 24, 1785; m. Joseph Olney. 

1708&. Earri€t, b. Mch. 28, 1788; m. 1804, De Lanson Foster, and 
d. in 1880. He removed, abt 1807, to Camillus, N. Y. Children. 
1. Lydla, m. Abrams; 2. Olive, m. Quinby; 8. Aman- 
da; 4 De Lanson; 6. Harriet There were other children whose 
names are unknown. 

1709. PamOia, b. Apr. 8, 1790; m. 1804, Nathan Frisket, and d. 
Sept 14, 1814, «. 24. He married a second wife, and removed to 
the vicinity of Sandusky, O. Children^ 1. Irene; 2. Joseph; 8. 

1710. 2>m, b. June 22, 1792; m. 0) A. Steel; (2) A. Frink. 

1711. Clariua, b. Jan. 1, 1795; m. Jan. or Feb., 1815, Luman 
Gilbert, b. In New Hartford, Conn., Jan. 9, 1789. He d. in Rich- 
mond, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1845, m. 55. She d. June 4, 1815, m, 90. 
She had a child, who d. m. 1 day. 

1712. Bohan, b. Mch. 80, 1797; m. (1) £. Goodsell; (2) C. Al|cer. 
1718. Phinetu Frary, b. July 81, 1799; m. Alma Stevens. 

1714. lAmn, b. May 18, 1802; m. Fanny Boardman. 

1715. JtmaOuin, b. Nov. 28, 1804; m Martha Gray. 


BiTHiA Noble, dau. of Silas, was b. Apr. 11, 1765, and d. in 
Blandford, Mass., Jan. 5, 1806, «. 40. 

She UL prob. in 1785, Asa Mksbitt, to whom she was pub. 
Apr. 7, 1785. He was b. in Fahner, Mass., May 11, 1759, and 
removed thence to Blandford, Mass. [He m. (2) Dec. 25, 1806, 
Eunice Langdon of Wilbraham, Mass. Children. 1. Eunice, b. 
Nov. 12, 1812; 2. Harmony, b. Dec. 16, 1815.] 

1716. 8aa$ Noble, b. Nov. 12, 1786; m. Sophia Walton. He was a black- 
smith, removed to Yohiey, N. T., and d. abt 1862, s. abt 76. 

1717. Aw, b. July 25, 1788; m. Clarissa Blair, and d. Oct, 1821» 
ft. 88. 

1718. jUmon, b. Mch. 27, 1791; at the age of sixteen went to sea, and 
has never since been heard from. 

1719. m, b. abt 1798; d. Mch. 11, 1795, c. 2. 

1720. Arima; b. Apr. 27, 1797; m. Jan., 1880, Maria Bradner. He 
was a blacksmith end merchant in Delphi, Carroll Co., Ind., where 
bed. May 28, 1864, c. 67. 

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1721. BOirf, b. May 8, 1801; m. Jan. 80, 1822, John Ricfaaids, and 
d. in Blandford, Mass., Dec 29, 1870, «. 69. He was a Joiner. 

1722. Harfi>ey, b. Mch. 20, 1804; m. Dec. 10, 1856, Harriet Noble, dau. 
of John and Irene (Robinson) Noble of Blandf ord, Mass. He was a 
farmer in Blandford, and there d. Mch. 18, 1876, ». 71. 

1728. Child, b. ; d. Jan. 6, 1806. 


Solomon Noble, b. of Silas, was b. Sept. 5, 1768, and d. in 
Homer, N. Y., Mch. 12, 1837, sb. 68. He was a blacksmith and 
skillful manufacturer of edged tools. In 1813, he represented 
Blandford in the legisUture of Massachusetts. He removed, in 
July, 1815, to Homer, N. T., and there continued to reside until 
his death. He possessed an unusually retentive memory. 

He m. Sept 21, 1788, Lois Thomas, 1). in Williamstown, Mass., 
Feb. 26, 1773, dau. of Elijah and Margery (Williams) Thomas. 
She d. in Cortland, N. Y., Sept. J8, 1832, ». 59. Her children 
were all, with the exception of the youngest, bom in Blandford, 


1724. (iuartus, b. Nov. 17, 1790; m. Peninah Todd. 

1725. Minerva, b. Oct. 28, 1792; m. (1) £. B. Hamilton; (2) H. 

1726. Solomon, b. Mch. 12, 1795; m. Ann Bradley. 

1727. LoU, b. Feb. 25, 1797; m. Oilmore Eenney. 

1728. BU, b. June 27, 1799; d. unm., in Cortlandville, N. Y.. 
Dec. 6; 1856, s. 57. 

1729. Charles Ihomat, b. July 18, 1801; m. Elizabeth L. Herring. 

1780. Avery Otu, b. Nov. 8, 1808; m. Ann Woodbury. 

1781. Bethia,^ b. Dec. 17, 1805; m. (1) J»Hunt; (2)1. Whitehead. 

1782. Chester' Clark, b. Sept 16, 1807; m. Laura A. Pulsifer. 
1788. Joe^Denniieon,h, May 17, 1810; m. Ann Booth. 

1784. Maria Prudence, b. Aug. 20, 1818; m. Prosper Cravath. 

1785. MeUeea Ann, b. Aug. 8, 1816; m. Walter B. Wetberell. 


Mabt Noblb, dau. of Silas, was b. Jan. 11, 1771. 
She UL prob. in 1790, Jonas Whitnkt of Otis, Mass., to whom 
she was pub. Nov. 25, 1790. 


1780. Bamaboi, b. 

1787. Son, b. 

1788. Mary, b. ; m. Gibbe of Blandford, Mass. 

1789. ElUs, b. ; m. Pay of Otis, Mass. 

1740. Braettui Marvin, b. ; m. , and probably resided in Otis, Mass. 

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Caleb Noble, b. of Cftleb, d, in Henrietta, N. Y., abt 1812. 
During the American revolution, lie is believed to have served in 
Capt Adam CasBon*s Ck>. in 3d Beg. of Mass. Bay militia, from 
Oct. 25, 1779, to Nov. 29, 1779. He was also probably in Capt. 
Jeremiah Hickok*s Co., Lieut. Col. Sears' Reg., from Aug. 6 to 
Nov. 8, 1781. In his youth, according to his cousin, Mrs. Lucinda 
Hubbard, he resided for a time in Westfield, Mass., with his uncle, 
Stephen Noble. Subsequent to his marriage, he removed to 
Steuben, Oneida Co., N. Y., where he was a farmer, and kept 
a public-house. About the year 1812, he removed to Henrietta, 
N. Y. In the War of 1812, he entered the service of his country, 
was taken sick with camp distemper, and d. a few days after reach- 
ing home. 

He m. LucT Hiooins, b. abt. 1767, supposed to have been a 

native of Haddam, or East Haddam, Conn., dau. of Capt. 

Higgins, a seafaring man, who was lost at sea. She d. in Plain- 
well, Allegan Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1851, e. abt. 84. 


1741. TinaJi, b. Bept. 19, 1790; m. (1) B. I>uiiham; (2) W. Frank- 

1742. BofMa, b. Aug. 92. 1792, in Floyd. N. Y. ; d. young. 
1748. BylneiUr, b. Oct. 16, 1794; d. young. 

1744. BiflfieiUr, b. Nov. 25. 1796; m. (1) K PierBon; (2) F. A. Ash- 

1746. Bophia, b. Jan. 9, 1799, in Bteuben, N. Y. ; m. Lebbeu» 

1746. Mary, b. Feb. 22, 1801: m. Lucius Waitc. • 

1747. Jamei, b. Feb. 18, 1808; m. Margaret Daniels. 

1748. SemanaM, b. Jan. 29, 1806; m. Tracy Scott 

1749. Bditard Tnuk, b. Feb. 11, 1809; m. Jane £. Hodge. 

1750. Blfdra, b. Apr. 25, 1811; m. William Still. 


AoBBAH Noble, dau. of Caleb, was b. in Mass., June 13, 1771, 
and d. in Deansville, a village in Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 
14, 1855, «. 84. She had black hair and blue eyes. 

She m. 1795, Ithai Judd, b. in Conn., Feb. 28, 1765, s. of 
Thomas and Mary, (Adams) Judd. He taught for twenty years a 
select school in Oneida Co., N. Y., and in 1805, removed to Eliza- 
bethtown, Essex Co., N. Y.,* where he was a farmer until his death 
in 1831. 

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1751. Mary, ) b. 1796, in Bangeiiield, N. T., and there d. the nmeyear. 

1752. Merey, ) b. 1796, in Sftngerfleld, N. Y., and there d. the Moneyear. 

1753. David, b. 1796, in Utica, N. Y. (an adopted aon); m. (1) 1880, Rath 

Sheldon ; (2) Harriet Sheldon ; (8) Betsey . He was a teacher 

and farmer in Elizabethtown, N. Y., and a Justice of the peace for 
forty years. He d. in Elizabethtown, May 1, 1868. 

1754. OUve, b. Not. 16. 1800, in Elizabethtown ; d. 1828, c. 14 

1755. Aeluah, b. July 16, 1811, in Elizabethtown; m. Nov. 8, 1888, 
Thomas Bishopp, a farmer. They reside. 1877. in Deansrille, a 
Tillage in Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y. 


Mosxs NoBLB, 8. of Caleb, was b. Aug. 18, 1774, and d. Apr., 
1862, m. 87. 


He m.' (2) . 

He m. (3) Fannt Phelps, b. in Vt., 1788. She d. in Eureka, 
Wia,, Jan. 23, 1873. e. abt. 85. 


1756. 8e(h, ; m. Polly Judd, and d. in Ohio, abt 1880. 
Child. Alexander, who resides, 1877, in kauston, Juneau Co., Wis. 


1757. Aaron, ; m. Fanny Judd» sister of the wife of his 
brother Seth. He d. in St. Louis, Mo. Children. 1, Heman, re- 
sides, 1877, in [San Francisco?] CaL; 2. Lydia Ann; 8. Maryette, 
rem. to Manistee, Manistee Co., Mich. ; 4 Aaron, resides, 1877, in 
Cal. ; 6. Frances Emma; 6. John. 


1758. PhOo, ' ; d. unm., in Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
Aug., 1886. 

1759. Edward, b. Apr. 8, 1828; m. Flavia Bostwick. 

1760. Bichard, b. June 5, 1825; m. Apr., 1849, , Heieddes, 1877. 

in Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa. Children. 1. Eleonore; 8. Frederick; 
8^ Ira; 4 Phebe; 5. Warren; 6. Albert; 7. Estelle. 

1761. Imuc 0., b. Apr. 8, 1828; m. (1) July 8, 1856, Mariette Cummings, 
b. in Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y., Sept. 18, 1889, dau. of Jeremiah 
and Caroline Cununings; (2) Not. 27, 1867, Ann Jane Mosher, b. in 
Bennington, Vt., Dec. 14, 1848, dau. of Alpheus A. and Susan 
(Willis) Mosher. He is a carpenter, and resides, 1877, in Manitowoc, 
Wis. Children by first marriage. 1. Charles Edwin, b. June 1, 
1857, in Eureka, Wis. ; 2. Franklin E., b. May 22, 1859, in GraTes- 
Tille, WU., and there d. May 25, 1859, s. 8 days; 8. Ida EsteUa, b. 
July 28, 1860, in OraTesriUe, and there d. Aug. 18, 1860, s. 16 
days. Children by second marriage. 4. Frederick M., b. Feb. 21, 

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18e9, in GraTesTille, d. in Manitowoc, Wis., Apr. 7. 1878, s. 4; 
5. Cora Loretta, b. Hch. 28, 1870, in GraTesTille; 6. Lyman Ana, b. 
Dec. 28, 1872, in Manitowoc; 7. Fanny Hay, b. Feb. 2, 18t4, in 
Manitowoc; 8. Frank Willis, b. Oct 26, 1875, in Manitowoc. 

Philo Noble, s. of Caleb, d. in Havana, 111., abt. 1867. 

He w«8 for a time a teacher in Canada, whence he removed to 

Havana, HI., where he was for a time postmaster. 

He m. . 


1762. BinardP., b. : m. Mary Elizabeth Cromeling, b. in 

Scotland, dau. of James Cromeling. Four of their children were 

living, 1877, in Havana, HL 
1768. Hannah, b. ; m. Francis Low of Havana, 111. He 

was, 1877, president of Havana National bank. Children. 1. 

Thomas F. ; 2. ^, 

Bbtset Nobls, dau. of Caleb, was b. Nov. 24, 1778, and d. in 
Cincinnati, 0., Dec. 22, 1854, sb. 76. She was small in size, and had 
black hair and black eyes. 

She m. Oct. 15, 1799, Isaac Ormsbt, b. in Windham, Conn., Apr. 
20, 1772, [s. of John Ormsby, b. Feb. 22, 1732, who d. in Windham, 
Conn., 1823, and Deborah Crane, b. Nov. 28, 1729, who d. in Wind- 
ham, Conn., Sept., 1810.] He removed to Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y.; 
about. 1807, to Elbridge, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; and in 1830, to 
Adrian, Mich., where he d. Oct 2, 1848, sb. 76. He was an archi- 
tect and builder. 

1765. CMb NoUe, b. Aug. 19, 1801, in Puis, N. Y. ; m. (l)8ept. 14, 1825, 
Amelia Ann WUcozon; (2) Jan. 20, 1886, Mrs. Desire Brown. He 
studied medicine with Dr. Elijah Kendrick, graduated at Fairfield 
Med. College, and was a physician in Tecumseh, Mich., and Adrian, 
Mich. In quest of health, he subsequently visited California, and on 
his return went down on the steamer " Central America," Sept. 12, 
1858, SB. 67. 

1766. Bmna, b. Nov. 10. 1804, in Pferis, N. Y. ; m. (1) Dec. 7, 1824, 
Benjamin Increase Mather; (2) AUen Hutchins, a lawyer in Adrian, 
Mich. ; (8) Aug. 27, 1848, Ezekiel Ross. He was formerly a lumber 
merchant, but is now, 1877, an insurance agent in Cincinnati, O. 


BozAMA NoBLK, dau. of Caleb, was b. abt 1781. She d. in 
Tooleeboro*, Louisa Co., Iowa, abt 1848, ». 67. She was slim in 
form, and had black hair and blue eyes. 

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She m. Edwabd Trask, b. in Salem, Maas., s. of John and 

(Mctirier) Trask. He was a farmer, for a time in WaterviUe, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., and afterwards in Toolesboro*, Louisa Co., Iowa, 
and d. in Toolesboro', Iowa, abt. 1855. He was a farmer. 


1707. MdU»a, b. 1801; m. Oct 18, 1822, Hod. George 
Lyman Coe. He was, 1842-49, Judge of probate for Louisa Co., 
Iowa, and is now, 1877, a farmer in Geneseo, 111. 

1708. hmd, b. 1804; m. (1) Emily Bligh; (2) Sophia Hal- 
lory, and d. in Iowa, Aug., 1844. He was a farmer. 

1709. Jared Hooker, b. 1807; m. Frances Hill. He is, 1877, a 
tailor in Kew Boston, Mercer Co., 111. 

1770. Proctor Pierce, h. 1811; m. Loretta Bearlc, and is, 1877, a 
fanner in Muscatine, Iowa. 

1771. CalMi, b. 1814; m. Apr. 27. 1830, Thomas Murray, 
a farmer of Concord, Lake Co., O., and d. in Oreenfield, Highland 
Co., O., Dec. 11, 1838. He resides, 1877, in Concord, Lake Co., O. 

1772. ChrncUa, b. 1817; m. Albert O.Stickney. He resides, 
1877, in Columbus Junction, Louisa Co., Iowa. 


Joseph Noble, s. of Rev. Seth, was b. in New Market, N. H., 
June 13, 1783, and d. abt 1809, 8B. abt. 80. He waa carried in 
youth by his father to Sheffield, New Brunswick, whence, in 1811, 
he removed to Wakefield, York Co., N. B., and later to Brighton, 
Sunbury Co., N. B. 

He m. June 9, 1812, Mabt Aoksbson, b. in Sheffield, Sunbury 
Co., N. B., Sept 23, 1794. 


1778. Jane, b. Feb. 9, 1814; m. Allen C. EsUbrooks. 
1774. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 8, 1815; m. Levi H. Estabrooks. 

1776. Sah, b. Dec. 14, 1817; d. Oct. 11, 1850, ae. 82. 
1770. Sarah, b. July 10, 1820; m. Charles Bubar. 

1777. Elifah, b. Aug. 28, 1822; m. Julia A. Albright 
177a Lettia, b. July 22, 1824. 

1779. Jod, b. July 29, 1820. 

1780. Bef^amn, b. June 23, 1828. 

1781. Eannah, b. Hay 22, 1881. 


Sabah Noblb, daiL of Rev. Seth, was b. June 1, 1785, and d. in 
Montgomery, Mass., Nov. 15, 1830, ». 51. 

She m. Nov. 1, 1804, Mabtik Babtholombw, b. in Harwinton, 
Conn., Aug. 18, 1770, s. of Andrew and Sarah (Wier) Barthole- 
mew of Harwinton, Conn., and Montgomery, Mass. He was a 

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fftrmer, and lemored, in 1807, from Montgomery, to Cblumbns, 0., 
but returned in 1818, to Montgomery. He d. Mch. 13, 1842, ». 
65, in Washington, D. C, while there on boaineee, and was there 

1782. AU^ert Martin, b. Feb. 8, 1806, in Montgomery; m. (1) Jan. 1, 
1880, Maiy MiUer Boyd; (2) Oct 81, 1847, Mrs. Amanda Minerra 
Cortis. He was formerly a hardware merchant, and resides, 1876, 
in Detroit, Mich. 

1788. MariOa, b. July 80, 1806, in Montgomery; m (1) Apr. 29, 

1886, Samuel Chapman; (2) Jan. 4, 1865, Col. Silas Root, a fanner 
in Westileld, Mass. She d. in Westfleld, Oct 16, 1874, sb. 68. 

1784. Andrew, b. Not. 18, 1808, in Columbus, O. ; was a farmer, 

and d. unm., in St Louis, Mo., Feb. 6, 1852, sb. 48. 

1786. Matia, b. Nov. 27, 1810, in Columbus, O. ; m. (1) Sept 

^, 1881, Elkanah Baker, a merchant; (2) Jan. 28, 1884, William 
Oraves, a merchant, and resides, 1876f in Fell River, Mass. 

1786. Blka Ann, b. Oct. 7, 1818, in Columbus, O. ; m. Sept 27, 
1888, Silas Bush, a hotel keeper, resided in Granville, C, but d. 
May 1, 1875, m. 61, in Fall River, Mass., while there on a visit to 
her sister, Mrs. Graves. 

1787. Mary, b. June 18, 1817, in Montgomery; m May 8, 1839, 
Rofus Fosdick Graves, and d. in Waverley, O., Feb. 2, 1859,.sb. 41. 
He m. (2) Nov. 26, 1868, her cousin, Mrs. Hannah Hemmenway, and 
is, 1876, a bookkeeper in Granville, Licking Co., O. 

178a OtuvUnsEUtabeth,}}. June 12, 1819, in Montgomery; m Sept. 20, 
1849, James Willard Fosdick, and resides, 1876, in Granville, Lick- 
ing Co., O. He d. June 24, 1876, a. 66. 


Benjamin Nobls, b. of Rev. Beth, was b. June 25, 1787, and d. 
Apr. 12, 1860, m. 78. He removed, abt. 1818, from ShelBeld, 
N. B., where he was brought up in the family of his unde, Benja- 
min Barker, to Brighton, Carlton Co., N. B. He was a fanner and 
blackemith, a Justice of the peace for about twenty, and postmaster 
for about fifteen years. 

He DL (1) Mch. 29, 1810, Susanna Cubbikb, dau. of David and 
Rebecca (Morrill) Currier. She d. in Brighton, N. B., Feb., 1841. 

He m. (2) Hch. 15, 1845, Mrs. Chbibtina Bubbb, dau. of 

McMullen. She d. in Brighton, Jan. 25, 1860. 


1788. Bannah Barker, b. Dec 80, 1810; m. John Ackerson. 
1780. George Beth, b. Jan. 16, 1812; m. Ann McEenney. 
1791. Jeeeph Barker, b. Aug. 4, 1816; m. Florine HcGraw. 
1782. Enoch Barker, b. Aug. 17, 1818; m. Margaret HcGraw. 


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288 DxaosiiDAim of thomas noble. 

1708. 7%eodoreBairdinff,h, Sept. 85, 1880; m. ICartha McOnw. 
1794. Sebeoca, b. May 18, 1888; m. Reaben J. Robimon. 

1785. Atttchar Currier, b. Dec. 85, 1885; m. CAroline Thosiu. 

1786. David Ihtncan, b. Feb. 1, 1888; m. Busamia McEenney. 
1797. JSiua Ann, b. Aug. 7, 1881; m. Richard HcEennej. 


Hanvah Nobls, d*iL of Rev. Seth, was b. Sept. 11, 1789, and 
d. in Amity, town of Canaan, Madison Co., 0., Nov. 17, 1854, 
». 65. 

She m. (1) June 1, 1807, Nathan Oobham, b. June 9, 1785, s. 
of Joseph and Haonab Gorham of Montgomery, Mass. He re- 
moved in 1812, to Columbus, 0., and in 1814, to Worthington, 0. 
While engaged in running a saw-mill, alone and at night on the 
Alentansy or Whetstone river, about two miles south of Worth- 
ington, he accidentally fell into the flume and was drowned, April 
2, 1814, 8B. 28. 

She m. (2) Sept. 1, 1816, Ubi Bbach, b. in New Haven, Vt, 
Dec. 7, 1789, s. of Obil and Elizabeth (Eilboume) Beach. About 
the year 1817, he settled on the Darby Plains, 0., laid out the town 
of Amity, and built a saw-mill, and a woolen manufactory. While 
in the full tide of hope and expectancy, he d. in Amity, Madison 
Co., O., Jan. 11, 1832, ». 42. 

She m. (3) Dec. 7, 1837, Clbmxnt Twiiobd, b. in Delaware, 

March, 1783, s. of and Mary (Brown) Twiford. He was 

a farmer and school teacher, and a licensed preacher in the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church. [He m. (1) 1806, Milcah Hicks, who d. 
in Yankee Town, Fayette Co., 0., Sept 17, 1827. Children. 
1. Rebecca^ b. 1807; 2. Mary, b. 1809; 8. Thomas B., b. 1811; 4. 
Nancy C, b. 1814; 5. Pamdia, b. 1816; 6. Elixabeth, b. 1819; 7. 
Willis Hiz, b. May 12, 1821; 8. WiUiam H., b. May 8, 1823, d. 
1829; 9. Stephen H., b. May 10, 1825, d. 1847; 10. Theophilus L., 
b. Aug., 1827.] He d. in Pike Co., DL, June, 1847, 8b. 62. 


178a JBUubeth, b. Hch. 89, 1808; m. Silas Converse. 

1799. BeUnda, b. Oct 85. 1811; m. a) 0. 8. OonverM; (8)B. Pat- 


1800. MtoMh, b. Hay 85, 1817; m. Alvin Harrington. 

1801. Marif, b. Apr. 19, 1819; m. Henderson Crabbe. 

1808. Eannah Kcble, b. Feb. 6, 1881; m. (1) D. R Hemenway; QS) K 

0. Fosdick. 
1808. Mdhna Oa§e, b. Apr. 17, 1688; m. John Qllgore. 

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1801 Uri, b. Jan. 18, 1886; m. Eleanor Downing. 

1805. JchnlMde, b. Jan. 87» 1889; m. Eliza J. Snyder. 

1806. WaUam Marrow, b. Hay 10, 1881; m. Lucy £. Wilson. 


BsTSST NoBLK, daiL of Rev. Seth, was b. in Bangor, Me., 
Nov. 23, 1793, and d., as is supposed, in Clear Creek, Alexander 
Co., HL, Sept 2, 1850, 8B. 56. 

She m. Jan. 10, 1808, James Pbxlups, b. in Penn., Aug. 22, 1776. 
He removed in 1809, to Cape Girardeau, Mo., and thence, as is 
supposed, to Alexander Co., HI., and d. Aug. 4, 1823, ». 46. He 
was for ft time a schoohnaster, and afterwards a farmer. 


1807. Tkamoi NMe, b. July 8, 1809; d. Hch. Sl», 1899. 

1808. Samuti, b. Sept 7. 1811; d Oct 80, 1811, ab. 1 mo. 

1809. Martha, b. Hay 9, 1813; m. Feb. 8, 1882, William C. McMU- 
len, and d. Mch. 90, 1842, ab. 28. 

1810. Amo9 Qarra. b. Mch. 7, 1816; m. Apr. 16, 1846, Mary R Brown, 
settled in Clear Creek Landing, BL, and d Jan. 81, 1868, ab. 61. 

1811. Baimua MUUr, b. Aug. 8, 1818; m. Jan. 16, 188[9?], Susan Wright, 
and d Mch. 28, [1842?]. 

1812. Mar^, b. Feb. 6, 1821; d Sept 8, 1822, s. 1. 

1818. Jamsi, b. Jan. 8, 1824; m. Feb. 9, 1847, Martha Bankstone, 

and d July 28, 1868, s. 29. 


PoLLT NoBLi, dau. of Rev. Seth, was b. Sept 26, 1796, and d. 
in Pleasant Valley, Porter Co., 0. 

She m. Not. 25, 1816, Eusha Atkiks, b. in Southington, Conn., 
Oct 18, 1792, s. of Luther and Azubah (Barnes) Atkins. He is 
ft carpenter and joiner, and has resided successively in Westfield, 
Mass., Southampton, Mass., Westfield, Mass., Pierpont, Ashtabula 
Co., 0., Morgan, Porter Co., Ind., Cato, Manitowoc Co., Wis., and 
DOW, 1876, lives in New Bradford, Ind. 


1814 Amibah Barnsi, b. Apr. 17. 1818, in Westfleld, and there d. 

Feb. 16, 1821, a. 2. 

1816. Zpnan, b. Aug. 26, 1819, in Westfleld; m. Feb. 27, 

1845, CMharine Boyd Van Dalsem, and is, 1876, a physician in New 
Bradford, White Co., Ind. He is an elder in the Christian church. 

1816. 88th NMe, b. July 8, 1821. in M(»tgomery, and there d 
Jan. 14, 1828. a. 1. 

1817. Mairtin BarthOanme, b. Aug. 11. 1828, in Westfleld, and d in South- 
ampton. Mass., Aug. 18, 1826. s. 8. 

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240 DsaoEKBAim or noiiAs hobls. 

1818. Laura Ann, b. Hch. 88, 1826, in Weitfleld; m. Dec., 1846, 
Andrew Jtckson Wright, a farmer, and d. in Morgan towuhip. 
Porter Co., Ind., July 17, 1849, m. 88. 

1819. AuffuttuB, h, Oct. 89, 1887, in WeMfleld; m. Not. 8, 
1858, Cornelia T. Bunnell, is a carpenter, and reeidee, 1876, in Green- 
leaf , Wia. 

1880. F^ankUn, b. June 6, 1888, in WeMfleld; m. Sept., 1851, 
Elouiaa Van Daleem, and is, 1876, a clerk in Valparaiso, Ind. 

1881. E&nry MoUin, b. Jan. 16, 1880, in Pierpont, O., and there d. 
Aug. 16, 1841, SB. 11. 

1888. CUnUm OmUd, b. Aug. 18, 1886, in Pierpont, O. He was a 

farmer in Morgan, Porter Co., Ind., and in the Civil war enlisted 
in 9th Reg. of 111. Cavalry, and d. unm., in Ark., 1868, of quick 
consumption, following the measles. 


IsBABL Noble, s. of Shadrack, was b. in Weatfield, Mass., July 
14, 1768, and d. in Moretown, Vt, Aug. 21, 1852, n. 84. He 
removed, in 1788, to Hartford, Vt, in 1799, to Sharon, Vt, and 
in April, 1822, to Horetown, Vt 

He m. Jan. 10, 1793, Bumicb Cabfbntbb, b. Sept. 14, 1774, 
dau. of James Carpenter of ToUand, Conn., and Sharon, Vt. 
She d. in Moretown, Vt, Feb. 8, 1846, ». 72. 


1888. Ira, b. Feb. 9, 1794; d. Feb. 9, 1794 

1884. IMana Briggi, b. Feb. 84, 1795; m. John Chambers. 

1885. Famdia CarpenUr, b. Jan. 18, 1797; m. Amos Hatch. 

1886. AUfhtui Cwrpenier, b. Dec 17, 1799; m. Lydia Bowman. 


Clara Noble, dau. of Shadrack, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 19, 1770, and d. in Hartford, Vt, Sept 24 or 28, 1841, ». 71. 

She m. Thoicab Savage, b. Feb. 5, 1759, s. of Thomas Savage, 
being his third wife. He m. (1) Lavinia Chipman; (2) Molly 
PowelL He d. in Hartford, Vt, Oct. 29, 1841, sb. 82. 

1887. Ihman, b. Sept 88, 1806; m. Jan. 1, 1847, Sarah Ann 
Egerton, and settled in Hartford, Vt 

1888. OHnda, b. Mch. 16, 1807; d. Feb. 11, 1808, sb. 10 mos. 

1889. AmiMdaMamna, b. May 14, 1809; d. umn. Nov. 81 or 89, 1846, 
a. 87. 

1880. Aumra, b. June 81, 1811; m. July 86, 1885, Dr. Joseph 

Nathan StUes of New York city. 

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LucBSTiA NoBLs, daiL of Shitdrack, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 18, 1772, and d. Dec 1, 1823, ». 51. 

She m. Apr. 15, 1790, Reuben Hazbn, b. in Washington, Conn., 
Apr. 17, 1 768, s. of Thomas Hazen. He resided in Hartford, Vt, 
and d. June 18, 1852, e. 81. 


1881. Simeon, b. Jan. 1, 1791; d. Jan. 8, 1791, s. 7 days. 

1883. SHUman, b. Aug. 8, 1792; m. Oct 1, 1815, Ferona Fenno. 
and removed to Hiram (Garretsrille P. O.), O. 

1888. Luna, b. Oct 10, 1794; d. Oct. 1, 1796. ab. 28 moa 

1884. Anna, b. Dec. 81, 1797; d. Oct, 1798, s. 10 mos. 

1885. LuereUa, b. Oct 24, 1799; d. Sept 24, 1802, s. 2. 

1886. Xficy, b. July 27, 1807; d. Mch. 20, 1808, ae. 7 moe. 

1887. BeubenNcbk, b. Mch. 24, 1809; m. 1881, Isabella Hoit, resided in 
Windsor, Yt, and d. Jan., 1850, a. 48, on the Paciflc ocean, while 
on his way to California. 


SiMBON Noble, s. of Shadrack, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Apr. 
19, 1778. A fanner, he removed, in 1811, to Hyde Park, Vt 

He m. Jan. 9, 1802, Mabt Coatbs, b. Feb. 27, 1783, dau. of 
Thomas Coates of Stonington, Conn. 


1888. Su$$a, b. Sept 21 or 25, 1808; d. unm., in PlatUburgh. 
N. T., Aug. 14, 1828, ». 24. 

1889. Luna, b. Not. 16, 1806; m. Jan., 1829, John Oay, who 
d. Oct 18, 1846, m, 40. Children. 1. Russel, b. Jan., 1880, m. 
Maiy Hutchins, and settled in Morristown, Yt ; 2. Electa, b. Apr., 
1882; 8. BmeUne, b. 1885, d. Jan., 1856; 4 Milo Simeon, b. 1889; 
5. llaiy. b. 1841. 

1840. BarHst, b. Not. 11, 1807; m. Apr, 1851, Thomas Dut- 
ton, b. in Stowe, Yt, a of Dea. Thomas Dutton. He settled in 
Hyde Park, Yt 

1841. mecta, b. Jan. 29, 1810; m. Apr. 25, 1886, James Ken- 
nedy, b. prob. in New Ipswich, N. H., Feb. 2 or 22, 1814. Between 
1886 and 1856, he resided successiTely in the following towns and 
states, Tiz.: Lowell, Hasa, Somersworth, N. H., New Ipswich, 
N. H., Lowell, Mass., Mexico, Nashua, N. H, Dllnois, and Santa 
Rosa, CaL, the latter place being his home in Jan., 1856. He was, 
until 1862, a machinist Children. 1. George H, b. Sept 8, 1887; 
2. Charles W., b. Jan. 29, 1840. 

1848. Levi, b. Mch. 25, 1812; m. Jan. 1, 1887, Fhilena Par- 

ish, and d. July 27, 1887, m. 25. Child. LeTi, b. Sept 28, 1887. 
She m. (2) John McGragg, and d. Dec., 1845. 

1848. LuereUa, b. July 11, 1814; m. Jan. 1, 1889, Charles 0. 

Isham. Chfld. Charles Henry, b. Apr. 7, 1840. 

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242 DiaaBMXkAjm ov thomas mobls. • 

1844. Quartus, b. May SO, 1816; m. Not. 87, 1846, Ooraelk 
Kennon, b. in Calais, Yt, dau. of R B. Kennon, and istUed in 
Hyde Park, Yt Children. 1. Orson Hurray, b. Aug. 16. 1848; 8. 
Luke Kossuth, b. Aug. 15. 1841; 8. Carrie Harriet, b. June 8. 1858; 
4 Mina Frances, b. Jan. 85, 1856. 

1845. Matt Maria, b. Aug. 12. 1818; m. Jan. 8, 1864, Alfnd Mason 
of Craftesbury, Yt Child. Daughter, b. Sept 85, 1855. 

1846. PhOo, b. Apr. 85, 1881; m. Dec. 89, 1845, Lucy Keyes 
Perkins, b. Aug. 88, 1888, dau. of Thomas H. Perkins of Cambridge, 
Yt 8he d. in Waukegan, Dl., July 8, 1856, a. 88. He was, 1856. 
superintendent of a planing-miU in Waukegan. Children. 1. 
Lucy Lucinda, b. Dec. 19, 1846, in Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; 2. Hsrlow 
Perkins, b. July 10, 1854, in Bridgeton, Hich. ; 8. Jamc»(Y), b. Mch. 
19. 1856, in Waukegan. 

1847. OaroUne FtZu, b. July 8, 1688; m. Jan. 1. 1851, Hiram D. 
Smith of Windsor, Yt Child. Louis Clarence, b. Aug. 10, 1852. 

1848. Gtarge WaMn^yton, b. Oct 7, 1887; m. June 17, 1849, llaiy C. 
DaTiB, b. in Lyman, N. H., Aug. 7, 1884, dau. of Moses Dayis. 
A railway conductor, he removed to Warren, O. Child. Acasta 
GencTieye, b. May 87, 1850. 


JoMATHAK Noble, b. of Shadrack, was b. in WeetAeld, Mass., 
Aug. 20, 1784. After residing for a time in OranviUe, Vt, he 
rem., abt 1821, to Stowe, Yt 

He m. (1) Feb., 1810, Pattt Sataob. 

He m. (2) Oct 19, 1849, Mrs. Jbbubha H. Powbbs, d*u. of 

1849. Xvcy B., b. Sept 14, 1811, in Granyille; m. Jan., 1888, Solon 
Whitney, and rem. to Ind. 

1850. Francii &, b. Oct 5, 1818, in OrauTlUe; m. Jan. 1, 1887, Orilla 
Barrett He rem. in Mch., 1849, from Stowe, to Waterbuiy, Yt 

1851. Bkoda &, b. Sept 88, 1817, in Granville; m. Nov. 8, 1846, James 
Gregg of Waterbuiy, Yt Children. 1. Lucy M., b. Jan. 15, 
1889; 8. Sarah L.. b. May 17, 1848; 8. Ahna M., b. May 18, 1847; 4- 
Martha, b. July 14, 1852. 

1858. Minerva, b. Apr. 8, 1880, in Granville; d. Sept, 1888, a. 5. 

1858. OofvUne JT., b. May 8, 1882, in Stowe. Yt; m. Mch. 80, 1848, 
Gihnan M. Sherwin of Hyde Park, Yt Children. 1. Martha L., 
b. Nov. 8, 1844, in Hyde Park; 2. Lyman F., b. Apr. 84, 1846; 8. 
Jonathan W., b. Oct 15, 1858. 

Jambb Noble, s. of Shadrack, was b. Feb. 29, 1788, removed, 
in 1836, from Vermont to Illinois, and redded, 1856, in Piano, 
Kendall Co., 111. 

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He m. (1) Dec 22, 1814, Sabah Wauler, b. in Langdon, 
N. H., Feb. 19, 1788, dau. of Asa and Sarah Walker. She d. in 
Hartfoid, Vt., Jan. 24, 1827, 8B. 38. 

He m. (2) June 13, 1848, Mrs. Pollt Matlock, dau. of William 
Thurber of Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 


1854. Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 18, 1816; m. June9, 1840, ErastusW. Hedges. 
8. of Horace Hedges of Fairies, Yt. They removed abt. 1800, to 
111. Children. 1. HoVaoe, b. Aug. 15, 1841; 2. Sarah, b. June 29, 
1848; 8. George, b. Jan. 6, 1846; 4. Clara, b. June 26, 1848; 5. Rosa- 
mond, b. Oct. 29, 1850. 

1865. Jamei JT., b. Jime 17, 1817; d. in Hartford, Vt., Dec. 28, 1817. 

1856. Jamei IT, b. Dec. 14, 1818; d. in Whitesides Co., DL, Apr. 26, 
1847, a. 28. 

1857. CharUiR, b Mch. 20, 1821 ; d. in Kendall Co., Dl., Jan. 80, 
1847, ». 25. 

1858. Mavin C, b. June 20, 1828; d. in Hartford, Feb 25, 1827, s. 8. 

1859. mram &, b. July 80, 1825; d. in Hartford, Oct. 4. 1827. le. 2. 


Elbcta Noblb^ dau. of Roger, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
14, 1780, and d. in Middlebury, Vt, Aug. 16, 1871, 8B. 91. 

She m. (1) Jan., 1799, Russbll Foots, b. Feb. 22, 1777, s. of 
Elijah and Mary (Latimer) Foote of Simsbury, Conn. He was a 
Bailor, and d. in Plattsburg^ N. Y., Apr. 20, 1817, m. 40. 

She m. (2) Dec. 13, 1818, Mabtik Etbbts, b. in Salisbury, Conn., 
Oct 7, 1765, s. of Gilbert and Rebecca (Chapin) Everts. He d. 
in Middlebury, Vt, Sept 3, 1842, ». 76. 

cbxldbbh bt pibbt kabbiaob. 

1860. JforlAa, b Feb 26, 1800; d. Apr., 1809, s. 9. 

1861. Zerviah, b. Dec. 6, 1801, hi Fairfield, Yt ; m. Aug. 28, 
1825, Eber Lamb, a fanner of Qranyille, Yt She d. in Laporte, 
Ind.Dec. 16, 1868, e.67. 

1862. iroN0, b Feb 16, 1804, in 6t Albans, Yt; m. Decv 81, 
1829, Emily B. Smith. He was a fanner in Middlebury, Yt, and 
d. Dec. 28, 1878, a. 68. • 

1868. JOeeta, b. Mch. 16, 1806, in St Albans, Yt ; m. Jan. 1, 

1829, Wairen T. Thompson, a fanner and merchant of Florida, 
Hillsdale Co., Mich. 

1864. BumU, b June 1, 1808; d. Sept, 1808, s. 8 mos. 

1865. mifah, b. May 28, 1810, in Mslone, K. Y. ; m. Jan. 1, 1884, 
OliTia Luoe. He was a saddler and harness-maker, and d. in Grand 
Rapids, Mich.. July 8, 1868, a. 58. 

1866. Martha, b. Nov. 26. 1812, in Canton. N. Y. ; resides, unm., 
1876. in Middlebury. Yt 

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1867. Bmry WWam, b. Hay 90. 1816, in ParishTille. N. T., m. (1) Hay 
IS, 1842, Almira Johnson Goodrich; (2) Mn. Rebecca Hiller; (8) 
Hn. Leonora Hawley. He is, 1876, a farmer in BrooksTiUe, Yt 


1868. XiMy Ann, b. Oct 11. 1819; d. Hch. 16, 1880, a. 6 moa. 

1869. George Martin, b. July 4, 18S1, in Hiddlebniy, Yt ; m. June 18, 
1842, Eliza Ann Hyde Seeslons. He is, 1876, a farmer and broker 
in Battle Creek, Hich. 

1870. BUea Lawent, b. Sept 28. 1824, in Hiddlebury; m. Hch. 6, 1844. 
CharieB Gardner Cady, and ia, 1876, a fanner in Hiddlebuiy, Yt 
He writes his name, Gardner C. Cady. 

. Dr. WiLUAM NoBLS, a. of Roger, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Oct. 21, 1782, and d. in Canton, N. Y.,.F6b. 18, 1871, sb. 88. He 
itadjed medicine with Dr. William Bass of Middlebury, Vt, and 
commenced practice, Feb., 1806, in Canton, N. T. 

He m. (1) Feb. 1, 1807, Sallt Piokbtt, b. in Sandisfield, Mass., 
Feb. 1, ] 785, dan. of John and Ruth (Boardman) Pickett She d. 
in Canton, Sept 2, 1811, ». 26. 

He m. (2) Mch. 1, 1812, Ruth Pickett, b. in Sandisfield, Mass., 
Feb. 16, 1789, dau. of John and Ruth (Boardman) Pickett She 
d. in Canton, Mch. 7, 1873, 8b. 84. 


1871. JchnPiehett, b. Dec. 7, 1807; m. July 9, 1886. Maiy Ann 
Bmith, b. in Genesee Co., N. Y., dau. of Amoe Bmith. He settled 
in Jackson, Porter Co., Ind. Children bom in Jackson. 1. Amer- 
icus y espucius, b. June 18, 1887; 8. Martha Glacena, b. Oct 7, 
1888; 8. Celia Medira Loaada, b. Jan. 81,1844; 4. Julia Barah Jane, 
b. Not. 10, 1846; 6. Emma Harriet Maria, b. May 9, 1849. 

1878. WaUam,. b. Jan. 81, 1810; m. (L) Mch. 5, 1844, Harriet 

KeweU Tale, b. in Martinsburg, Lewis Co., N. T., Dec. 35, 1818, 
dau. of Barnabas and Clarissa (SteTena) Tale. She d. at the birth 
of her second child, July 18, 1848, ab. 89. He m. 9) Oct 94, 1854, 
Phebe Grant, b. Mch. 1, 1822, dau. of Julius Grant He resided, 
1858, in RusseU, 6t Lawrence Co., N. T. Children. 1. Clarissa 
Ruth, b. July 80, 1846; 2. Lloyd Barnabas, b. July 18, 1848, d. 
Oct 8, 1851, c. 8; 8. John Edward, b. Aug. 6, 1856; 4 Joseph 
Boardman, b. July 18, 1858. 


187a Sarah Ann, b. Dec 80, 1812; bl Oct 6, 1885, Rer. Robinson 

Smiley Lockwood, a of Nathan and Phebe (Place) Lockwood, and 
d. in MeadTiUe, Pa, Not. 7, 1848, m. 89. He grad. at Middlebury 
College, in 1888, was pastor of a Presb. church in Girard, Pa., and 
remoTed thence to Meadville, Pa. He is bow, 1876, reddiog in 

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\ . 


Fort Brown, Texas. Children. 1. Eliza, b. July 7, 1641, m. Capt. 
J. B. Brown of Fort Brown, Texas; 2. William B., b. Sept. 80, 

1874. Eliza, b. Feb. 10, 1815; d. Feb. 28, 1815, le. 18 days. 

1875. Jane, b. Sept. 80. 1816; m. Oct. 6, 1885, Ziba N. Ellis, 
a. of Ziba and Rlioda (Nickerson) EUis. He d. Not. 20. 1847. She 
resided, 1858, in Canton, N. Y. Children. 1. Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 
28, 1889, d. May 18, 1849, fl>. 9; 2. Clara Ruth, b. Apr. 24, 1842, m. 
Feb. 16. 1861, Dr. Edwin A. Monroe of Carthage, N. Y. ; 8. Wil- 
liam, b. July 80, 1845. 

1876. Jaeob FuUer, b. Apr. 80, 1818, in Canton, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 25, 
1848, Melissa Abigail Hosly, b. in Canton, Feb. 16, 1824, dau. of 
Ira and Lucy (Davenport) Hosly, and d. May 20, 1868, s. 50. Chil- 
dren bom in Canton. 1. Jacob Arthur, b. Dec. 4, 1845, d. Feb. 20, 
1848, ae. 2; 2. Emeline Melissa, b. Sept. 11, 1847, m. Feb. 16, 1863. 
Martin Luther StUes of Hermon. N. Y.. who d. July 18, 1874. ^ ^ ' ^ 
They had Edith Enmia, b. July 6, 1874'; 8. Ida Ruth, b. July 20, ;^^/> > 
1850; 4. James Pickett, b. Sept 25, 1858, d. Feb. 27, 1861, s. 7; > . 
5. Mary Eliza, b. Sept. 80, 1858. " ' ' 

1877. Jo$eph, b. Apr. 1, 1820; d. Sept 2, 1821, ab. 1. / ; 

1878. Jcmph Boardman, b. June 27, 1822; m. Mrs. Laura Fowler, and re- ^ 
sides, 1876, in Canton. 

1879. Elua Ruth, b. July 20, 1824; m. May 25, 1875, Delevan De- 
lance, a farmer of Canton. 

1880. Martha Maria, b. Apr. 20, 1828; resides, unm., 1876, in Canton. 


RooEB NoBLB, 8. of Roger, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Sept. 6, 
1784, and d. while on a visit in Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept 29, 1829, . 
SB. 45. He resided in Bristol, Vt., 1815-25.; in Middlebury, Vt., 
1825-27; in Detroit, Mich., 1828, and in Dixboro', Mich., 1829. 
Be was boried in the last named place. He was a fanner and iron 

At the time of Gen. Provost^s invasion of the United States 
from Canada, which ended in his defeat ftt Flattsburg, and his 
hasty return to Montreal, Boger Noble was a volunteer, with the 
rank of sergeant, but was not in the battle, being absent on some 
oiBdAl duty. For some political reason, Gk>v. Chittenden of Ver- 
mont would not call out the militia, but the Oreen Mountain boys 
would go, notwithstanding, to repel the invaders of their country. 
Boger Noble subsequently obtained the title of captain, probably 
under the peace establishment. 

He m. 1810, Luor Fitch, b. in Windham, Conn., dau. of 
Thomas and Lydia (Bipley) Pitch. After her husband's death 
she removed to Weybridge, Yt, where she d. abt 1830, as. 
abt. 45. 


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1681. Daughter, b. prob. in Kew HaTen, Yt. ; d. in infancy. 
1882. Henry, b. Bept 1, 1813; m. Lucy F. Emanuel. 

1888. Maria, b, Aug. 12, 1814, m. John 8. Fellowes. 

1884. Oeorge FUch, b. Aug. 8, 1818; m. Angeline £. Cornwall. 

1885. CharUi, b. June 20, 1820, in Bristol. Yt ; wan by trade atailor, 
was last seen in Brandon, Yt., in 1840, and is beliered to have died 
in Canada, during the ciTil war there. He was unmarried. 

1886. 8(m, b. prob. in Bristol, Yt ; d. in infancy. 

Mart Noble, dait of Roger, was b. in Westfield, Maas., Apr. 
19, 1790, and d. in Benson, Vt, Sept 4, 1874, 8B. 84. 

She m. (1) Apr. 16, 1818, Daniel Bbookb, b. in New Marlboro*, 
Mass., July 23, 1789, s. of Daniel and Elizabeth (Farmer) Brooks. 
He resided for some years in New Haven, Vt, but removed to 
Middlebury, Vt, where he d. Sept 14, 1848, ». 59. 

She m. (2) Mch. 23, 1853, Dea. James Noble, b. Jan. 24, 1784, 
B. of James and Elizabeth (Stevens) Noble, being his second wife. 
He resided in Benson, Vt, and there d. Apr. 25, 1865, 8b. 81. 


1887. 6arah Ann, b. Mch. 18, 1819, in New HsTen, Yt ; m. June 12, 
1889, Dr. Smith Thomas Rowley, who d. Sept 4, 1876. She re- 
sides, 1876, in Middlebuiy, Yt. 

1888. Samuel Ncble, b. Mch. 12, 1821, in New Haven; m. Apr. 80, 
1848, Susan Charlotte Battles, and is, 1876, a farmer in Middle- 
buiy, Yt 

1889. Martha Fbate, b. Mch. 10, 1828, in New Haven; d. in Middle- 
bury, Yt., Oct. 14, 1840, s. 17. 

1890. WokaU Turner, b. Oct 6, 1826, in New Haven; m. May 81, 1858, 
Gertrude Sanderson, and is, 1876, a farmer in Waupun, Wis. 

1891. Mary EluabeOi, b. June 6, 1882, in Middlebury; m. Jan. 18, 1853, 
Lorsn Stephen Noble, b. in Benson, Yt, Dec. 9, 1821, s. of James 
and Bethia (Noble) Noble. He resides, 1877, in Benson. 


IsBAEL Noble, s. of Roger, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Dec. 17, 
1792, and d. in Monroe, Mich., Aug. 19, 1875, se. 83. In 1816, he 
removed to Canton, N. Y.; in 1819, to Clarence, N. Y.; in 1820, 
to Mt. Clemenoe, Mich.; in 1821, to Detroit, Mich.; in 1849, to 
Ecorce, Mich.; and in 1853, to Monroe, Mich. He was by trade a 

He m. Jan. 29, 1815, Sabah Halsey, b. in Paterson, N. J., 
Dec. 19, 1794) dau. of John Halsey of Paterson, N. J., and Wey- 
bridge, Vt 

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l»tt. Sarah, b. May 10, 1816, in Middlebuiy, Yt ; and there d. the 

tame day. 
1808. Elua Ann, b. Kay 29, 1817, in Canton, N. T. ; d. in Mt. Clemens, 

Mich., Oct 17, 1828, ». 8. 
1804. Bim, b. Dec. 26, 1819, in Clarence, N. Y. ; d. in Detroit, 

Mich., Mch. 7, 1822, le. 2. 
1895. WaUam, b. Oct. 8. 1825, in Detroit; resided, 1858, in Monroe, 


1806. Amelia Ann, b. July 4, 1828, in Detroit; m. Aug. 20, 1840, Abijah 
Eldridge Eetchum, b. in PlatUburgh, N. Y., Apr. 24, 1820, 8. of 
JustaR Eetchum. He removed, in 1851, to Detroit, and in 1852 to 
Monroe, Mich. Children. 1. Florence, b. June 21, 1850, in Keno- 
fiha; 2. Alice Isadore, b. July 6, 1858, in Monroe. 

EuzABBTH NoBLK, dau. of Capt. Nathan, was b. in Suffield, Conn., 
Feb. 11, 1778, and after her husband's death, removed in 1853, to 
Paw Paw Orove, Lee Co., HI., and thence in 1856, to Waupaca^ Wau- 
paca Co^ Wis. 

She m. Sept^ 28, 1809, Elisha Humiston, b. in Litchfield, Conn., 
Nov. 6, 177G, son of Titus and Beulah Humiston. He resided after 
maTriafi:e, until 1836, in Colesville, N. Y., and then removed to 
Cherry Grove, Enoz Co., DL, where he d. Nov. 28, 1851, ». 75. 


1807. SUwabeih Hartmm, b.* Nov. 10, 1810; d. unm. in ColeavHle, May 80, 
1881, e. 20. 

1808. PhA$ AiuUn, b. Mch. 22, 1818; d. unm. in Cheny Qrove, Dl., 
Nov. 25, 1842, ». 20. 

1800. EmryHobaH, b. Sept 21, 1815; m. (1) July 8, 1848, LavinU 
Mason; (K) Feb. 18. 1856, Lydia Minerva Belden. and settled in 
Waupaca, Wis. 

1000. Ddia Oonani, b. May 0, 1820; snd d. in Cherry Orove, HI., 
June 17, 1848. 


Sbbnszsr Noblb, s. of Capt. Nathan, was b. in SufBeld, Conn., 
Oct 24, 1770, and d. in Centre Village, Broome Co., N. Y., Apr. 
11, 1853, a. 78. 

He m. July 10, 1810, Boxot Chtlb, who d. July 3, 1837. 


1001. Blbon, b. Oct 2, 1821; m. Mch. 10, 1858, Betsey Haynes, dau. 
of Hiram Haynes, and settled in Colesville, Broome Co., N. Y. 

1008. L^dia, b. July 8, 1828; m. May 20, 1844, Stanley Wason of 
Centre Village, N. Y. Children. 1. Milton, b. abt 1845; 2. Helen, 
b. abt 1851. 

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248 DUCKNDAim or thomab noblb. 

1908. Jfaiy, b. Dec. 2, 1825. 

1904. Jamsi, b. Mch. 24, 1827. 

1905. Amhertt, b. Hay 4. 1829. 

1906. Julius, b. Jan. 8. 1881 ; d. Sept 20, 1888. 

1907. JiarUmer, b. June, 1884. 


Phbbk Noblb^ daa« of Capt Nathan, was b. Feb. 27, 1782. 
She in. July, 1817, Ozias Mabah, b. in Litchfield, Conn., Oct. 24, 
1778, Bon of Elijah Manh. 


1908. Guttatms AMphui, b. Apr. 15, 1818; vl Aug., 1840, Fidelia Fox. 
and residefi, 1876, in Oalesburgh, 111. 

1900. Ozian Je$$y, b. 1828; m. May, la'M), Orra Hurd, and 

settled in Eewanee, Henry Co., 111. 

1910. Phebe Bophrmua, b. Oct. 15, 1827; m. 8ept..l848.Edaon Huggins, 
and settled in KnozTille, Dl. 


GuBTAvus Adolphus Noble, b. of Capt Nathan, was b. in Nor- 
wich, MaBs., Mch. 8, 1784, and d. in Litchfield, Medina Co., 0., 
Apr. 7, 1873, 8B. 89. He was a farmer, and resided in Windsor, 
now ColeBville, Broome Co., N. Y., from 1807 to 1835, when he 
removed to Litchfield, 0. 

He m. July 9, 1807, Mabt Fbebman, b. July 4, 1783, dan. of 
Ananias Freeman. She d. Sept 29, 1865, 8B. 82. 


1911. Hiram King, b. Apr. 18, 1808; m. Mary A. Loveland. 

1912. Urmia Ann, b. Feb. 19, 1809; m. Sept. 10, 1885, WiUiam A. 
Smith, B. of AmoB Smith, and d. Feb. 2, 1844, ab. 88. She left four 
children, who now, 1876, reside in Mich. 

1918. Nathan AuiUn, b. Not. 28, 1810; m. (1) F. DickinBon; (2) B. A. 

1914. Jaa OrnOe, b. Nor. 28, 1812; m. Maiy Wheeler. 

1916. Ovsiamii Frteman, b. Feb. 17, 1815; m. Harriet Fancher. 

1916. PhaJbe Maria, b. Dec 18, 1816; m. Giles £. Palmer. 

1917. Susan Jane, b. Sept 20, 1818; m. Noble B. Algyre. 

1918. BeUey AngeUne, b. Feb. 25, 1820; m. Anthony T. Stranahan. 

1919. Gwrge WathingUm, b. Sept 26, 1628; m. a) A. R PhiUipB; 9) A. 
£. Walker. 


. Aj>ollo8 Austin Noblb, b. of Capt Nathan, was b. Oct 22, 
1786, [1787?] and d. in Litchfield, O., Apr. 12, 1853. He was a 
He mi. Aug. 14, 1821, Eoktcb Dickbon, b. in Brattleboro\ Vt, 

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Aag. 14, 1784, daiL of G^rge and Eunice (Oreenleaf) Dickson. 
She d. in litcbfield, O., Feb. 6, 1853, ». 68. 


1090. Orpka, b. Aug. 10, 1823; m. Jan. 1, 1846, John Hallory, 

b. Id Warren, Conn., July 11, 1811. He d. Hay 12, 1880, ab. 47, in 
Litchfield, O. Bbe resides, 1876, in Wellington, O. Children. 1. 
Lucius Austin, b. Aug. 26, 1846, m. May 20, 1860, Addie Phelps: 
2. Eugene Noble, b. Dec. 10, 1832, d. Aug. 21, 18S8; 8. Hary Emma, 
b July 81, 1855; 4. Edwin Eugene Noble, b. Nov. 12, 1857. 

1021. Buni/u Oreenle(tf, b. Oct 4, 1824; was educated at Oberlin College, 
and has been a teacher until within two years. She resides, 1876, 
in Wellington, O., with her sister Orpha. 

1022. ApnUo9 AvMtfti, b. May 2, 1826, and d. in Litchfield, O., while a 
member of Oberlin College, Nov. 18, 1847, ab. 21. 

1028. BmeUne, b. July 4, 1820; m. July 12, 1852, Everett Cur- 

ran Chapman, b. in Newburgh, O., March 80, 1820, s. of Arvis Sea- 
grave and Lucina (Burr) Chapman. He has long been a hardware 
dealer, firm of A. 8. A S. C. Chapman, having resided in Princeton. 
Ill, 1852-March, 1860; Kankakee, 111., firm Ripley & Chapman. 
March, 1860-June, 1875; and since the latter date in Chicago. 111. 
Children b. in Princeton, 111. 1. Emma, b. July 2, 1858, d. in 
Princeton, IlL, Oct. 8, 1858; 2. William Everett, b. Sept. 16, 1854, 
d. in Princeton, 111., Dec 16, 1855; 8. Frank Noble, b. Feb. 8, 1857; 
4. Nellie Ida, b. March 20, 1850; 5. Hubert Dickson, b. July 16, 

Joel Eiko Noble, a. of Oapt Nathan, was b. Oct. 14, 1789, 
resided in Coleeville, N. T., until about 1850, when he removed 
to Litchfield, 0. 

He m. Dec. 5, 1822, Sarah Freeman, dau« of Ananias T. Free- 


1024. Derwin Joel, b. Oct 28, 1828; m. Mch. 10, 1851, Betsey Maria 
McClure, and settled in Colesville, N. Y. Children. 1. Emma Jane, 
b. Sept. 28. 1858; 2. Hubert Eugene, b. Aug. 20, 1855. 

1025. Bmmt^ Jane, b. Dec. 12, 1825. 

1026. BoeUne Mary, b. May 81, 1828; m. May 2. 1858, John B. Darling 
of Hsrtland Centre, Huron Co., O. 

1027. Bigar A., b Sept 21, 1880. 

1028. Aa/ron Freeman, b. Apr. 6, 1888. 
1020. Byr<fn B„ b. July 11, 1885. 

1080. ChrOand^., b. Sept 8, 1888. 

1081. Albert D., b Dec. 2, 1840. 


Frederick Noble, a. of Timothy, was b. in SnfBeld, Conn., Feb. 
10, 1774, and d. abt 1840, ». abt 75. He is nid to have for a 

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time redded in Northampton, MasB., and to have removed tbence 
to Elbridge, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
He m. Habribt Habt, dau. of John Hart of Chedure, ICaaa. 

1083. Fnderiek, b. ; m. Abigail Robinion. and. in 1854, re- 
sided in Van Buren Centre. Onondaga Co., K. Y. 

1988. HeaOusat, b. ; m. . 

1084. Ha/rrigt, b. ; m. George Beckley, and resides, 1870, 
in HoUey. Orleans Co., K. T. He d. in Elba, Qenesee Co., K. Y. 

10&5. BheHmme^h. 

1088. Borah 5., b. ; m. Alanson Hinds, and settled in Hinds- 

burgh. Orleans Cq., N. Y. 

WnvTHBOP Noble, a. of Timothy, wash, in SuiBeld, Conn., June 
16, 1776, and d. in Dayton, O., Jnly 5, 1825, e. 49. He was a 
farmer, and resided in Lanesboro', Mass.: Cheshire, Mass., 1802*3; 
Lanesboro', Mass., 1803-12; Cheshire, Mass., 1812-15; Lanesboro', 
Mass., 1815-17; Leroy, N. Y., 1817-20; Batavia, N. Y., 1820-22; 
and in Dayton, 0., from 1822 nntil his death. 

He m. June 29, 1799, RtTTR Powbl, b. in Lanesboro', Mass., Oct. 
24, 1778, dau. of Col. Miles and Jemima (Adkins) Powel of Mid- 
dletown, Conn., and Lanesboro', Mass. She d. in Pembroke, N. Y., 
Feb. 4, 1842, m. 63. 


1987. Jod F&u>a, b. July 27, 1800: m. Mary A. Droiy. 

198a JuUa Fyankiitt, b. Feb. 17, 1802; m. Ethan Angel. 

1989. JvUuM Auguttui, b. Jan. 28, 1804; m. (1) A. Pope; (2) E. Noble. 

1940. Bophrania Ann, b. Jan. 11, 1806; m. (i) E. Hubbard; (2) W. Wal- 

1941. Dania Winihrop, b. Feb. 14, 1808; m. U) A. Brown; (2) H. Blood. 

1942. Bojtana LoreUe, b. Feb. 24, 1818; m. John W. Brown. 
1948. Bevrah CaroUne, b. Feb. 22, 1828; m. John R Johnson. 

Sallt Noblb, dau. of Timothy, was b. in Lanesboro-, Mass., and 
d. in Saline, Mich. 

She m. (1) Shxldok Bbooks, who d. in Lanesboro*, abt 1812. 

She m. (2) abt. 1817, Samxtsl Bond. Soon after marriage, he 
removed to Elbridge^ N. T., and thenoe to Saline, Mich., where he 


1944. Lmeetier, b. abt 1802; m. and now, 1876, resides in Auburn, N. Y. 
He is a Mormon preacher. 

1945. Bophia, b. ; m. Nonnan Butler, and removed to Ballne, 

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19«6. OartfUne, b. ; d. 1»8. 


1947. Aiti^uiHu, h. 

1948. Maty, b. 
1948. Sarah, b. 

1950. Amif, b. ; m. Thomas Brooks, snd remoyed to East 
Baginaw, Mich.^ 


BxTBET NoBLB, dftu. of William, was b. Nov. 28, 1776. 
She m. Isaac Johnson, who removed to Whitehall, N. Y., and 
thence, abt 1808, to Bennington, Yt. 

1951. JuUa, b. 

1952. Phebe, b. 

And others. 


William Noblb, s. of William, wasb. Oct 22.. 1782, and removed 
to Scio, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

He m. Susan Oilbert, or Susan Oilbeet Williams, dau. of the 
third wife of his father. 


1958. Elua, b. 
1954 Bdrriet, b. 

1955. Oeorffe WaMngton, b. ; a lumber dealer m Chicago, BL 


Almiba Noble, dan. of William, was b. Oct 7, 1785. 
Shem. (1) Samuel Littlvfield of Whitehall, N. Y. 
She m. (2) Ebenezeb or Joseph Fabnbwobth of Fort Ann, N. Y. 

afn.i>REw BT piBsr m abriagb. 

1956. $^, b. 

1957. Aknira, [r] b. 
195a GwTffe Woihinffkm, b. 


1959. Ihink, b. j hl Wyman, and d. in 

Fort Ann, N. Y., abt 1848, «. abt 88. 

BoswBLL Noble, s. of WiUiam, was b. Apr. Ifi, 1 788, and removed 
to North Granville, N. Y. 

He m. (1) 1821, Lauba Mobbison of Kingsbuiy, Washington 
Co., N. Y., b. Nov. 29, 1795. She d. abt 1850. 

He m. (2) Celesta Dotet, or Celestia Thobnton, of Granville, 
N. Y. 

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1060. OomOia, b. Feb. 17. 1628; d. Dec 6, 1840, s. 17. 

lOei. OeuroUfie, b. Hay dS, 1824; d. Jan. 15, 1685, B. 10. 

1052. Bmith, b. Not. 29. 1825; d. Mch. 21, 1628, «. 2. 

1068. George Barney, b. Jan. 8, 1827; removed to Saginaw City, Hkh., 
and was, 1857, engaged in the lumber budness. 

1064. Jceepk Hartey, b. Aug. 12, 1881; a lumber agent, in 1857, in St. 
Clair, Mick 

1065. BoiwU Henry, b. Aug. 17, 1888; resided, 1857, in North OranvUle, 
N. Y. 


Adna "Wilooz Noble, b. of WiUiam, was b. Oct. 7, 1790, resided 
for about eight years in Poultney, Vt ; thence removed to Granville, 
N. Y., where he remained two years; thence to Camillus, Onon- 
daga Co., N. Y., where he remained untD July, 1825; thence to 
Meadville, Penn., where he remained until Apr., 1826; and thence 
to Erie, Penn., where he now, 1858, resides. He learned the trade 
of a carpenter and joiner, in Castleton, Vt. 

He m. (1) abt 1820, Elxcta Ruhamah Smith, b. Mch. 24, 1794, 
dau. of Ebeneser Smith. He parted from her, owing to difficulties 
over which he could have no control She d. Nov. 18, 1831, e 37. 

He m. (2) Dec 29, 1828, Hannah Newton, b. abt. 1807. 


1966. Maria Louiea. b. Hay 20, 1821 ; m. Nov. 18, 1846, David Lewis, 

b. in Poultney, Vt, Mch. 5, 1812, and settled in Poultney. Child. 
Egbert, b. June 20, 1849. 

im, MyraAdOaide, b. Oct 14, 1822; m. Hay 5, 1840, Heman 
Ghaifee, b. June 16, 1816, son of Simeon Chaffee, and removed to 
Troy, N. T. Children. 1. Mira Adelaide, b. June [25?] 1848, in 
Poultney, Vt ; 2. Emmet [?], b. Mch. 18, 1845, in Poultney, d. July 
28, 1851; 8. Annette, b. Nov. 2, 1847, in Troy. N. Y. 


1968. harah, b. June 16, 1882; d. Jan. 7, 1884, s. 18 mos. 

1969. Ctarvm, b. July 7,1886. 

1970. Be9^aimnF)rankUn,h,yL€li. 1,1888. 

1971. Hannah Jane, b. July 25, 1840. 

1972. AdnaJamet, b. Nov. 1, 1844. 
1978. AndretD Jackeim, b. Hch. 22, 1846. 
1974. George WaMngUm, b. June 28, 1849. 

Salmon Noblb^ s. of William, wash. Feb. 17, 1794. He resided 
in Whitehall, N. Y., until the spring of 1853, when he removed to 
Randolph, C^wford Ck>., Penn. He was a farmer. 

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He m. (1) Apr. 7, 1816, Bbtbet Dblamattbb, b. May 22, 1801, 
dau. of Benjamin Belamatter. 

He m. (2) Jan. 30, 1855, Mra. Bslora Lockwood, widow of Justin 

1975. Orange, b. Apr. 27, 1817; m. Jan. 1, 1840, Minerva lieed, 
b. Sept. 5, 1819, dau. of Dea. Abram Reed. He resided in White- 
hall, N. T., until Apr., 1852, when he removed to Randolph (P. O. 
Eingsley), Crawford Co. , Penn. He has been a farmer and merchant 
Children. 1. Royal Ward, b June 16, 1844, d. Feb. 5. 1846, b. 19 
mo6.; 2. Theodore Frelon, b. Oct. 6, 1846; 8. Betsey Kezia, b. Oct. 
24, 1848, d. Nov. 1, 1851; 4. Frederick C, b June 8, 1850; 5. Helen 
Janetie, b. Oct 5, 1859; 6. George Heniy, b Sept 24, 1856. 

1976. Laura, b Nov. 22, 1819; m. Mch. 6, 1889. Ralph Utley, b. 
June 6, 1817, a of Ralph Utley. He was, at the last report, a farmer 
in Whitehall, N. T. Children. 1. Mary, b July 81, 1841; 2. Eliza 
M, b. June 14, 1848; 8. Helen A., b. Nov. 22. 1848, d. Apr. 4, 1849. 

1977. Harau WiiUam, b. Sept 6, 1825; m. Oct 6, 1854, Sarah Elizabeth 
Wood of Monroe, N. T. Child. AdeUa Theresa, b June 7, 1855. 
He was, 1857, a fanner in Randolph, Penn. 

197a Mary Ann, b. Apr. 8, 1828; m. Feb 6, 1851, William Henry 
Falkenburgh of Whitehall, N. T., a of Samuel Falkenburgh, and 
d. Sept 8, 1858, m, 25. 

1979. EOen CMUUa, b Mch. 22, 1882; m. Nov. 20, 1855, James Hall of 
Randolph, Penn., s. of Dea. Nusel Hall, and d. Nov. 26, 1857, b. 
25. Child. Helen Lorancy, b Nov. 25, 1857. 

1980. AfnaiaOaroIins,h. Feb. 4, 1888; m. May 9, 1855, James Leslie 
Reed, a of Rev. Leonard Reed of Randolph, Penn. He was, 1857, 
a farmer in Randolph. Child. Dennie Clayton, b May 11, 1857. 

1981. Ckuiita jr., b Aug. 14, 1841. 


Amt Noble, dau. of William, was b. Jan. 6, 1802. 
She m. Mch. 31, 1822, Danixl Hathawat, b. Feb. 28, 1800. 
He removed, abt 1801, to Erie, Penn. 

1962. Edfoard BueUey, b. Jan. 24, 1826. 

1988. Mary MaUUa, b Mch. 15» 1827; m. July 14, 1842, Samuel Cum- 

19S9a. Amy Jane, b. July 4, 1898; m. Sept 4, 1845, William Tager. 

1964. WWam Hmry, b Apr. 19, 1881. 

1985. OharUi NMe, b. Sept 18, 1884. 

1986. Laura, b Oct 24. 1887. 

1987. Ba/rah M., b Mch. 17, 1889. 

1988. Ba/rah B„ b Mch. 19, 1841. 


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PHiNBAfl Wabbbn Noblk, b. of PhiDeftB, was b. in Simsbury, 
Conn., Dec. 1, 1782, and d. Aug., 1866, m. 83. He was a merchant 
in Harwinton, Conn., and represented that town in the (General As- 
sembly of Conn., in 1827, 1828, 1844, 1845, and 1850. 

He m. (1) Mch. 12, 1815, Honor B. Catltn, dan. of Daniel and 
Honor (Gatlin) Catlin. She d. Mch. 26, 1826, m. 42. 

He m. (2) Dec. 10, 1829, Chloe Owen, b. Aug. 15, 1795, dau. of 
G^rge and Chloe Owen of Windsor, Conn. She d. in Harwinton, 
Conn., Aug. 15, 1872, m. 77. 


1989. 8arah Amelia, b. Dec. 26, 1815; d. Feb. 16, 1816, m, 1 mo. 

1990. Sarah AnMa, b. Apr. 17, 1817; m. Luman Pratt Biasell, s. of 
Peter M. and Sarah Biasell. He is, 1878, a fanner in Kent, Conn. 
Child. Saiah Jane, b. June S9, 1848. 

1991. Lionaird Hum^rey, b. Sept. 4, 1818; d. Jan. 7, 1819, «. 4 mos. 

1992. Honor OaOin, b. Feb. 11, 1820; m. Anson Candee, Jr., and d. 
in Harwinton, Conn., July 1, 1851, «. 81. He was a merchant, and 
removed to Moline, HI. Child. MariUa, b. Apr. 10, 1851. 

1998. Danid Humphrey, b Apr. 16, 1822; d. May 82, 1822, s. 1 mo. 


1994 Jans Own, b. Aug. 22, 1832; ul her cousin, Warren N. 

BcoTille, of Orsngeburgh, 8. C. 


A MET J A NoBLB, dau. of Phineas, was b. June, 1791, and d. in 
Vernon, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1847, m. 56. 

She m. Apr. 7, 1816, Shildon Sootills, b. of Daniel Scoville of 
Harwinton, Conn. In the spring of 1825, he removed from Har- 
winton to Vernon, N. T. He m. (2) Oct 25, 1848, Anna R. 
Bradley of Whitesboro', N. Y. 

1995. BMt9rH., b. Apr. 99, 1817. 

1996. AmdiaH, b. July 5, 1825. 

1997. OkaHatU J., b. June 96, 1826; d. Oct 18, 1827, s. 1. 

1996. Warren N,, b. Jan. 1, 1880; m. his cousin, Jane Owen Koble, and 

is, 1877, a merchant in Orangeburgh, 8. C. 
1999. Cftofte P., b. Dec. 88, 1882. 


Na290T Noblb, daxL of Phineas, was b. June, 1794. 

She UL July 5, 1820, Jambs Ttler, s. of David Tyler of Harwin- 
ton, Conn. In the spxing of 1822, he removed from Harwinton to 
Vernon, N. Y. 

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MOO. nier N., b. May 9, 1821; d. Mch. 8, 1824, m. 2. 

Fannt Noblb, dau. of Fhineas, was b. in Harwinton, Conn., 
Bee. 28, 1796, and reaidea, 1878, in Simabory, Conn. 

She m. Nov. 28, 1818, Habvet Tullbb, b. Sept 22, 1795, s. of 
Amos Toiler of Simsbnry, Conn. He was a miller in Simsboiy, 
and there d. Feb. 10, 1851, e. 55. 


2001. Sarah EUtabeOi, b. Nov. 15, 1819; m. May 24, 1848, Ebeneser Hart 
Eno of Simsbnry. They reside, 1878, in Blmsbaiy, where he is a 

2002. James Harvey, b. July 26, 1821; m. , and resides, 1878, in 

North Boston, N. Y., where he is a fanner. 

2006. Georffe Warrtn, b. Aug. 11, 1828; m Feb. 28, 1847, Abby Loveland 
James, and is, 1878, a merchant tailor in Hartford, Conn. 

2004. AmoiBurt, b. Aug. 8, 1881; m , and is, 1878, a mer- 
chant in Galveston, Texas. 


HuLDAH Noble, dau. of Phineaa, was b. June, 1802. 
She m. Nov., 1825, John Wilson Fbisbib of Verona, N. Y. 
He d. Oct 15, 1847, ». 49. 


2006. KcbU W., b. Dec. 7, 1826. 

2006. BUta B., b. July 11, 182a 

2007. CharUiR, b. Oct 18,1880. 

2008. IfarjfA,, b. Aug. 25, 1881. 

2009. Gean^ W., b. Apr. 8, 188a 

2010. Bm, b. Dec. 8, 1884. 

2011. JmettK, b. Dec. 18, 1886. 

2012. Benry, b. Apr. 4, 188a 

20ia John, b. Mch. 17, 1841; d. Mch. 25, 1841, «. 8 days. 

2014. OttnfUneA.,h.JuDe 4,1842. 

Jonathan Noblb, b. of Elijah, was b. in Simsbury, Conn., Feb. 
22, 1776, and d. in Blendon, Franklin Co., O., Mch. 28, 1832, m. 
56. He removed, in November, 1815, from Simsbury to Harrison, 
now Blendon, 0. He was a farmer. 

He m. (1) abt 1798, Mabt Babbeb, dau. of Beuben and Betty 
Barber. She d. in Simsbury, abt 1804. 

He UL (2) Apr. 14, 1805, Hannah Bukll, daxL of Solomon 
and Lydia Buell of Simsbnry. She d. in Blendon, 0., Apr. 17, 

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9015. Orrin, b. Dec. 14, 1800; m. Apr. U, 1825, Catharine 

Pneoott, b. Mch. 6, 1800, dau. of James and Lucretia Pneoott of 
Litchfield, Conn. He was a shoemaker and fanner, and d. in Blen- 
don, 0., Aug. 11, 1844, s. 44. Children. 1. Edward C, b. Apr. 
1, 1837, m. Jan., 1857, Sarah Shrock, dau. of George and Rachel 
fihrock; 2. Henry T., b. Sept 22, 1829; 8. John O., b. June 22, 
1880, m. Feb. 16. 1854, Elizabeth Brinkerhoof, dau. of Stephen 
Brinkerhoof of Blendon; 4. Marj £., b. Aug. 21, 1882, d. Aug. 2. 
1858, tt. 20; 5. Lucretia A., b. Dec. 15, 1885, m. Koy. 6, 1850, 
Isaac Peny of Van Buren, Iowa; 6. Lester, b. Dec. 25, 1887; 7. 
Emily £., b. Jan. 4, 1840; 8. Luther B., b. Feb. 27, 1842; 9. Oriann 
C, b. Oct. 27, 1844. 

2016. LuUr, b. Jan. 19, 1802; m. Oct. 20, 1828, Emily Humph- 
rey, b. Oct. 5, 1806, dau. of Rachel and Haiy Humphr^ of Can- 
ton, Conn. He removed with his father to Ohio, but after coming 
of age, returned to Connecticut, whence, in 1829, he removed to 
Tioga Co., K. Y., and in May, 1846, to Juneau, Dodge Co., Wis., 
where he d. Dec. 16, 1850, se. 4A, He was a farmer and shoemaker. 
Children. 1. Elisa Jane, b. Jan. 13, 1882, nL Apr. 22, 1850, Ed- 
ward Grant of Wisconsin, and d. Mch. 15, 1852, ae. 20; 2. William 
Jonathan, b. July 81, 1888; 8. Henry Lester, b. May 5, 1887; 4. 
Susan Delphine, b. July 5, 1889; 5. Emily A., b. Dec. 26, 1848. 


2017. Salmon, b. Jan. 25, 1806; m. May 22, 1845. Harriet Sco- 
▼ell, b. in Galena, Delaware Co., O., Aug. 20, 1828, dau. of Hurl- 
but and Mary ScoyelL He was a farmer, and removed, in Aug., 
1851, to Summit, Ind. Children. 1. De Witt Clinton, b. July 28, 
1848; 2. Cicero Milton, b. Jan. 17, 1850; 8. Cordelia AugusU, b. 
June 21, 1854 

20ia Zefuu TiOitm, b. Sept. 1, 1807; m. May 19, 1886, Catharine 
Tumey, b. Feb. 7, 1816, dau. of Daniel and Susannah Tumey of 
Mifflin, Franklin Co., O. A farmer, he removed, in Apr., 1852, to 
Summit, Ind. Children. 1. Martin, b. Feb. 25, 1887, m. 1856, 
Zechariah Barnes of Indiana; 2. PrudentU. b. Mch. 5, 1888; 8. 
Maiyette, b. Sept 24, 1840; 4. Sherman G., b. Aug. 18, 1842; 5, 
Charles, b. July 29, 1846; 6. Rhoda, b. July 24. 1844; 7. John, b. 
Sept 5, 1847; 8. Francis, b. June 25, 1849; 9. Phebe, b. Apr. 20, 
1851; la Susan, b. Aug. 18, 1858. 

2019. Lftnan, b. May 19, 1809; m. Apr. 12, 1886, AmelU Slack 
of Blendon, O., and removed, in May, 1848, to Summit, Ind., where 
he d. Dec. 12, 1858, s. 44. He was a fanner. Children. 1. Lester 
Buell, b. Jan. 17, 1887; 2. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 6, 1840; 8. Eliza Jane, 
b. Aug. 17, 1842; 4. Amy L., b. Sept 18, 1844; 5. Harriet M., b. 
July 14. 1847; 6. Chloe A., b. Feb. 14, 1850. 

2020. Almyron, b. Feb. 18, 1811 ; d. July 28, 1815, «. 4. 

2021. Lydia Maria, b. Aug. 21, 1812; m. Apr. 13, 1837, Henry Slack 
2d, b. in Lycoming Co., Penn., Dec. 28, 1808, s. of Ezekiel and 

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Jane (Smith) Black. A blacksmith, he rem., in June, 1887, to 
Galena. O., in Oct, 1888, to Blendon, O., in Aug., 1841, to Genoa. 
Delaware Co., O.. and in 1848, to Oxford (Ashley P. O.). Delaware 
Ck>., O. Children. 1. John, b. Dec. 12, 1888, in Blendon. d. Dec. 
12, 1888; 2. George, b. Dec. 24, 1840, in Blendon, worked on the 
farm until May 27, 1861, when he enlisted in Co. C, 26 Ohio Vol. 
Infantry. His regiment left for West Virginia, Aug. 1, 1861, landed, 
Feb., 1862, at Louisrille, Ky., marched to Nashville, Tenn., and 
thence to the battle-field of Shiloh, was at the capture of Corinth, 
Miss., had an engagement at HcMinville, Tenn., was with Buell's 
army on the retreat to Louisville, and in the advance south had en- 
gagements at Bardstown and Penyville, Ey. In Dec., 1862, the 
army met the enemy at Lavergne, Tenn., and two days later was at 
Btone river, where his regiment lost over one hundred men! In 
June, 1868, the army marched to Chattanooga, Tenn., and on Sept 
19th and 20th the battle of Chickamauga was fought On the evening 
of Sept liHh, George Slack received four wounds and had his right 
arm amputated on the battle-field. He was discharged at Cincin- 
nati, O., July 1, 1864. He was ^pointed, Jan. 1, 1866, messenger 
in the Ohio House of RepresenUtives, and July 2. 1866, superin- 
tendent of the Ohio flag and relic rooms at the state house in Co- 
lumbus, and retains the office, Oct, 1875; 8. Hannah, b. Apr. 28, 
1848, in Genoa, O. ; 4. William, b. Aug. 18, 1852, in Oxford, O. ; 
6. Adelia, b. Dec. 18, 1858, in Oxford. 

2022. Myron Jonathan, b. Mch. 19, 1815; m. June 27. 1848, Catharine 
Scovell, b. in Galena, O., Dec 8, 1829, dau. of Hurlbut and Mar}' 
BcovelL A fanner, he removed, in 1850, to Summit, Ind. Chil 
dreh. 1. Almira, b. Apr. 5, 1849; 2. Mary, b. Aug. 28, 1858. 

2028. Henry MiUi, b. Sept 1, 1817; a farmer, removed, in Nov, 
1858, to Marshall. la., at which date he was unmarried. 

2024. BHQah S^terman, b. Mch. 9, 1820; m. Dec. 80, 1847, Phebe Tur 
ney, b. Mch. 28, 1821, dau. of Daniel and Susannah Tumey of 
Mifflin. Franklin Co., O. He removed, Oct., 1858, to Marshall 
Henry Co., Iowa. Children. 1. Laura Ellen, b. Dec. 27, 1848; 2. 
Clayton George, b. Feb. 14, 1852. 

2025. Baraee Jarmi, b. Dec. 9, 1821 ; d. Sept 14, 1844, m. 22. 

2026. JSUiaJane, b. June 6, 1828; m. Oct 7, 1848, Stephen Cook, 
b. July 3, 1819, a blacksmith of Galena, O. Child. Myron N., b. 
Aug. 14, 1844. 

Ltmak Noblb, b. of Elijah, resided in Simsbory, Conn., and d. 
abt. 1815. He was out in the War of 1812, snd soon after his 
return home sickened and died. Mrs. Sophia Noble was appointed 
his administratrix, June 4, 1816. 

He m. Mrs. Sophia Russell. She m. (2) Elisha Lewis, who d. 
in Canton, Conn., in 1852. 

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9027. Lyman Watttm, b. June, 1801 ; m. (1) Stella Jones, who d. 1880, m. 

24; (2) Mn. Amanda Case of Canton, Conn. [She m. (1) Horatio 

K. Case of Simsbtuy, Conn.] Children. 1. Laura Stella, b. Jan. 

25, 1826, m. Aug. 7, 1848, George Hueston of Hartford, Conn., s. 

of Alexander Hueston, and d. without issue, Apr. 0, 1856, s. 80; 

2. LavinU Diadama. b. Feb. 25, 1880, m. Sept. 5 or 9, 1854, Sej- 

mour C. Brown of Hartford, Conn. ; 8. Sophia, d. «. 1; 4. Warren 

C. ; 5. Helen. 
2028. Laura Maria, b. abt 1806; m. William Brown, s. of John 

Brown of Canton, Conn. He d. in Simsbury, Conn., Hay, 1855. 

Children. 1. Henry Lyman, b. Aug. 12, 1824, m. Feb. 28, 1851, 
• Annis Humphrey, and removed to Hartford, Conn. ; 2. Jeremiah 

Williams, b. Oct. 28, 1827, m. Dec. 17, 1840, Margarette Coggesbel 

Bartholomew, and removed to Hartford, Conn. 
9029. JotpU, b. abt 1808; d. in St. Louis, Mo., abt. 1827. 

2080. Sophia, b. ; d. young. 

2081. Sophia, b. ; d. young. 


Habia Noble, dao. of Elijah, d. in New Preiton, Conn., M^y 
1. 1852. 

She m. Russell Vosbubq of Sheffield, Mass. In the War of 
1812, he enlisted in the U. S. army, went to French Mills, N. T., 
and there d. in the sammer of 1814. 


2082. Sobert, b. abt. 1804; m. Maiy Utley, and removed to 
Barkhamst^, Conn. 

2088. Maria, b. Dec. 9, 1806; m. abt 1824, Jared Sperry Wheaton. 

2084. Shoda Saxton, b. Apr. 28, 1809; m. Sept 6, 1841, Hart Ephraun 

Buckingham, a fanner of Northville, Conn., and d. June 12, 1855, 

«. 46. 
2086. lirad, b. abt 1811 ; is supposed to have gone to Texas. 

at the time of the revolution, 1886, and has never been hesid from 



Fbienb Noble, s. of Elijah, was b. Sept 23, 1783.' He resided 
subsequent to marriage, first in Enfield, Conn., next in Snffield, 
Conn., in 1829, removed to Ithaca, N. Y., abt 1831, to Wayne, 
Steuben Co., N. T., and abt 1856, to Weston in the township of 
Tyrone, Schuyler Co., N. Y. He was a farmer. 

He m. Aug. 26, 1810, Pebsis Houbat, b. in Suffield, Conn., 
May 22, 1789, daxL of Aaron Holliday. 

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806Sa. Walter Holiday, b. Apr. 21, 1811, in East Windsor, Ck>nn., m. liar- 
garet Reynolds. A dentist, he removed to Mt Morris, N. T. He 
bad three children. 

S0606. Oa/roUfu, b. July 18, 1841, in Enfield, Conn. ; m. Apr. 18, 

1887, Bactman QrifRth, b. in Warren, N. T., Dec. 6, 1809, s. of 
Stephen Griffith. He was a fanner, and d. of consamption in 
Wayne, N. T., May 6, 1854, se. 44. She nibsequently removed to 
Tyrone, K. T. Children b. in Hamburgh, K. T. 1. Stephen, b. 
Mch. 21, 1888: 2. Persls Fidelia, b. Nov. 20, 1841. 

2085e. Lifman Friend, b. July 18, 1816, in Enfldd, Conn. ; m. Dec. 6, 
1841, Hannah Jane Sweezey, and d. of consumption, in Wayne, 
N. T., Apr. 4, 1858, m. 86. [She m. (2) James Hulse of Middle- 
town, N. T.] Children. 1. Mary Persia, b. Mch. 12, 1848; 2. 
Gilbert Lyman, b. Jan., 1847. 

2086d. P^reU FUMa, b. Dec. 28, 1818, in Enfield ; m. Oct. 28, 1842, Alvin 
Chase Hause, and settled in Tyrone, K. T. Children. 1. Caroline 
Alida, b. May 25, 1845; 2. Joseph, b. July 12, 1850. 

2086. Bifam Eenry, b. Oct 21, 1821; m. Feb. 12, 1840, Betsey Chap- 
man, b. June 4, 1828, dau. of Rev. John S. and Sally (Davy) Chap- 
man of Aluy, Steuben Co., K. T. A blacksmith, in Jan., 1858, he 
went to California. Children. 1. Adaline, b. June, 1844; 2. 
Fidelia, b. Nov. 19, 1846; 8. Sally Jane, b. Nov. 80, 1850. 

Roswxxx FiSBXB NoBLB, B. of BoBwell, was b. in Simsbury, 
Conn., Apr. 4, 1792, A&d there d. Aug. 30, 1843, m. 61. He 
resided a little aouth of the centre of Simsbuiy, opporite the 
boose of his grandfather, and was a fanner. 

He m. Mch. 4, 1818, Bxtsst Case, b. Aug. 29, 1796, dau. of 
Abel Case of Simsbuiy. She d. in Simsbuiy, Oct 23, 1876, m, 80. 


2087. EenrffJohn, b. Oct 20, 1819; m. Feb. 4, 1862. Susan Baboock. 
He is, 1878, a fanner in Simsbury. No children. 

2088. Laura Baeanna, b. Oct 80, 1821; d. unm., in Simsbuiy, Mch. 7, 
1875, ». 68. 

2089. Oheeler TvOer, b. Jan. 15, 1824; m. Sarah Burr, dau. of James 
and Nancy (HiUs) Burr. Children. 1. Charlotte EmUy, b. Mch. 25, 
1848;' 2. Alice Betsey, b. Sept 18, 1850; 8. Warren Chester, b. 
Dec 5, 1858; 4. George Henry, b. Sept 27, 1864; 5. James Burton, 
b. Nov. 7, 1865. He is, 1878, a farmer in Simsbuiy. 

2040. MoeiMtt Jay, b. Sept 16, 1827; m. Hay, 1868, BUen Holcomb. 
Children. 1. Ellen Louise, b. Feb. 8, 1865; 2. Julia Holcomb, b. 
Nov. 27, 1870. He is, 1878, a fanner in Simsbuiy. 

2041. Aterett, b. Feb. 1, 1886; unm., is, 1878^ a farmer in Sims- 

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Stlysstib Noble, b. of Rocwell, was b. in Simsbury, Conn., 
July 30, 1798, and there d. Not. 30, 1827, e. 29. 

He m. June 27, 1821, Mabtette HoLCOicB,b. in Oranby, Conn., 
Jan. 26, 1801, dau. of Increase and Mary (Reed) Holcomb. She 
m. (2) Apr. 5, 1851, Ebenezer Brown Wetmore, b. June 2, 1798, 
s. ot John and Ann (Hamlin) Wetmore, and removed to New 
Britain, Conn., where both still, Feb., 1877, reside. 


2042. Suianno Maria, b. July 1, 1828; unm. , resides, 1877, in New 

2048. Barah Ann, b. Dec. 20, 1825; m. Jan. 1, 1866, Oirin Austin 

North, b. in Qoshen, Conn., Oct. 22, 1818, s. of Reuben and 
Amanda (Austin) North, a druggist, 1877, in New Britain, Conn. 
She is an artist, and excels in landscape painting. No children. 

2044. Sifkie9terWad»warth,h, Jan. 26, 1827; m. May 4, 1871, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth B. Bherman, dau. of David H. and Jane M. (Lines) Carr. He 
resides, 1876, in New Haven, Conn.» and has been a carriage-maker. 
No children. 




Walteb Noble, b. of Luther, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
May, 1795, and d. Oct., 1853, se. 58. He was brought up by 
Perez Smith of Hadley, Mass., who married Lovisa Noble, a 
cousin of his father. He removed, soon after marriage, from 
Westfield, Mass., to Cape Vincent, N. Y., and d. perhaps in De- 
troit, Mich., while on his way alone, to visit his son in Eagle River, 
Mich. .He wasby tradeadioemaker. 

He nL Jan. 7, 1819, Fbakoes Sackst, b. in Westfield, June 27, 
1798, daxL of Menardus Sacket She d. of consumption in New- 
ark, 0., Sept. 7, 1858, m. 60. 


9045. Xmmm, b. Oct 17, 1819; m. Horace A Fancher. 

9046. WaUer, b Oct. 29, 1828; ul (1) ; (2) Mrs. M. 

E. Root 

2047. Laura Ann, b. Oct 29, 1825; m. Gilbert Cross. 

2048. Wmam BumU, b. Aug. 20, 1884; m. AnnaM. Van Queslin. 

Thomas Noble, a of Luther, was b. Apr. 27, 1797, and d. in 
Cromwell, Conn., Jan. 20, 1854, e. 56. He was brought up by 

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his uncle, Calvin Noble, and removed in 1841, from Westfield to 
Granville, Mass., and thence, aboiit 1843, to Cromwell, Conn. 

He m. Apr. 27, 1824, Mart Parmelee Merwik, b. Nov. 11, 
1801, dau. of Miles and Phebe (Camp) Merwin of Durham, -Conn. 
After her husband's death, she removed to Durham, Conn., and 
there continued to reside, until Sept., 1873, when she was taken, 
in a feeble state of health, to Cromwell, Conn., and there d. Nov. 
8, 1873, SB. 72. 


d049. WilUam Merwin, b. Feb. 2, 1825; m. Ahnira P. Mildrum. 

2050. Mary Amelia, b. May 20, 1827; m. Henry B. Arnold. 

2051. Thomas, b. May 28, 1881; m. Elizabeth Belden. 

2052. Merwin Lee, b. Sept. 2, 1884; is supposed to have been drowned 
in Madison, Conn., Aug., 1858, «. 1& 

2058. CharUfUeEOen, b. Dec. 28, 1840; d. in Durham, Conn., Feb. 8, 
1865, m, la 


Laura Shepard, dau. of Luther, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Feb. 22, 1799. In her infancy, her mother being very feeble, she 
was adopted as his own, by her uncle, Calvin Noble. She resides, 
1877, with her son TVilliam W., in Westfield. 

She m. Dec. 20, 1820, Capt. Russell Shepard, b. in Hebron, 
N. Y., Aug. 3, 1792, s. of Turner and Lydia (Derby) Shepard. 
After the death of his &ther, he came, in his youth, to live with 
his grandfather, Oen. William Shepard, in Westfield, and there 
continued to reside until his death. His house was about one- 
third of a mile northwest of the railway station. He was a shoe- 
maker and shoe-dealer. He d. Dec. 16, 1863, ». 71. 


2054. 8tm, b. Dec. 26. 1821; d. Dec. 26, 1821. 

2055. OkarhUe Gray, b. July 6, 1828; m. Aug. 15, 1850, Gharles 
Hutchins, formerly master of one of the public schools in Boston, 
but now, 1877, business manager of the Miuionary Herald, in Bos- 
ton. She d. in Boston, May 6, 1871, «. 47. 

2056. Franeet SUtabeth, b. Apr. 27, 1825; m. Dec. 1, 1858, her cousin. 
Turner Sbepsrd Cleveland. He is, 1877, a fanner in Salem, K. Y. 

2057. Edward, b. Dec. 6, 1826; m. Feb. 15, 1854, Mary Jsnette 
Cook. He WIS a mason, and d. in Westfield, Mch. 6, 1860, «. 88. 

2058. Laura, b. Oct 26, 1828; m. Nov. 2, 1854, Leonard Hen- 
dee Peiidna He resides, 1877, in New Haven, Conn., his business 
being that of dock-master. 

2059. Margaret MeUeea, b. June 24, 1882; m. Slisha Tobey, and d. in 
Westfield, May 11, 1868, «. 80. He resides, 1877, in Westfield. 


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9060. OaroUnsBUtabeih, h, Dec. 86. 1884; d. in Wettfleld, Feb. 20. 1840. 

2061. WaUam Wetmare, b. May 28. 1886; m. (1) Nov. 22. 1860. Caroline 
Elizabeth Brown; (2) Feb. 1. 1870. Mary Jane Bement. He is a 
dupenter. and resides. 1877. in Westfleld. 

2062. Cl&9eland, b. Aug. 14. 1848; m. Nov. 9. 1875. Agnes M. 
Ormsbee. and d. in Depere. Brown Co.. Wis.. Nov. 11. 1875. m. 92. 
He was a book-keeper, and superintendent of the wooden-ware 


NoBLB Boot, b. of Martin and Ruth (Noble) JEloot, was b. in 
Westfield, Mass., March 10, 1779. He was a farmer, and resided 
in Montgomery, Mass., until 1807, when he removed to Granville, 
Licking Co., Ohio, where he d. May 5, 1831, sb. 52. 

He m. (1) Feb. 24, 1803, Damjjus Babbett, b. in Montgomery, 
Mass., Apr. 23, 1783, d»a. of Daniel and Rebecca (Bosworth) Bar- 
rett She d. in Granville, Ohio, June 18, 1820, e. 37. 

He m. (2) Feb. 22, 1821, Habbiet Bushkell, b. in Norwich, 
Ck>nn., Oct 8, 1790. dau. of ICbeneser and Susan (Hubbard) Bush- 
nelL [She m. (2) Sept. 25, 1834, Joshua Linnell of Granville, O. 
He was a farmer, and d. abt 1870.] She is living, Dee., 1876, in 
excellent health, at the age of 86 yrs., in Lancaster, 0. 


2068. AlanMi, b. Nov. 17. 1808. in Montgomeiy; m. Mcb. 28. 1827. 

Fhebe Williams. He was a fanner in Granville. C. and d. in Har- 
rison. 0.. July 19. 1866. «. 62. 

2064. BeUnda, b. Apr. 18. 1805. in Montgomery; m. May 11. 1826. 
Anthony Wayne CarroU. a fanner, now. 1876. of Olathe. Johnson 
Co.. Kan. She d. in Granville. O.. May 7. 1865. ae. 60. 

2065. Cynthia, b. 1807. in Granville; d. 1808. 

2066. Jr<MM Barrett, b. 1800. in Granville; d. 1811. 

2067. Q^nikia, b. Feb. 28. 1810. in GianvUle; m. Oct. i, 1829. Hiram 
Woodward, a fanner. They reside. 1876. in Osco. Henry Co.. HI. 

206a Btbeeea, b. Nov. 22. 1811. in Granville; m. Sept. 18. 1884. 

Columbia Bailey Csrmichael. a fanner. Bhe d. in Rock Island Co. . 

DL. June 28. 1867. «. 55. 
2060. MMe§, b. 1814. hi GranviUe; d. 1814. b. 8 days. 

2070. Lawrinda, b. Oct 6. 1814. in GranviUe; m. Jan. 18. 1887. 
George Clinton Chadwick. a merchant of Camden. Preble Co.. O.. 
and then d. Feb. 24. 1887. «. 22. 

2071. OHUana, b. 1816. in Granville; m. Oct. 1887. George Clinton 
Chadwick. and d. in Camden. Preble Co.. 0.. Dec 81. 1845. 

2072. Amanda, b. Sept. 28. 1818. hi Granville; m. Hay 17. 1888. 
Rev. John Middleton Crabbe. and d. in Lima, Alton Co.. 0.. Jan. 

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2078. Hwrriet, b. Dec. 25, 1821, in GranTUle; m. June 9, 1840. 

Emanael Geisy, a lawyer, who reddeB, 1870, in Lancaster, Fairfield 

2074 BUiabeth, b. Sept. 28, 1824, in Oranville; m. Apr. 11, 1847, 

George Clinton Chadwick, and d. in Camden, Preble Co.,' O., Jan. 

4, 1851, s. 26. 
2075. Sumn Hubbard, b. May 6, 1827, in Granville; m. Dec. 28, 1847, Rev. 

Jeremiah Haak Good, a clergyman of the German Reformed church, 

DOW, 1876, a professor of theology in Heidelberg College, Tiffin, 

Seneca Co., O. 


Mabtin Root, b. of Martin and Ruth (Noble) Root, was b. Oct. 
9, 1 781 . He was a fanner. He removed, 1 807, from Montgomery, 
Mass., to Granville, Licking Co., O., where he d. March 17, 1838, 
as. 56. 

He m. (1) Aug. 21, 1807, Mabt Babbett, b. in Montgomery, 
Mass., Feb. 15, 1786, dau. of Daniel and Rebecca (Bosworth) Bar- 
rett She d. March 16, 1825, Dec., 1825, or Dec. 29, 1826. 

He m. (2) Feb. 7, 1827, Mrs. Dbbobah Sheldon, b. in Montgomery, 
Mass., dan. of Zadoc and Deborah (Bundy) Bosworth. She m. 
(1) Paul Warner Sheldon of Southampton, Mass. She d. in Oran- 
viUe, 0., Nov. 27, 1866. 


2070. Ma/rcu$ AurtUus, b. Aug. 15, 1808, in Granville, O. ; m. Lauretta 
Kennedy, and resides, 1877, at 128 South 15th St., Philadelphia, 

2077. Linui, b. Oct. 10, 1811, in Granvflle, O.; m. Nov. 20, 
1888, Sarah Acam of McLean, Licking Co., O. 

2078. Jfory , b. July 28, 1818, in Granville, O. ; m. May 5, 1846, 
Charles Barrett 

2079. MMe$, b. May 25, 1815, in Montgomery; m. 1842, Ann 

2080. Martha, b. Oct. 9, 1817, in GranvOle; m. Dec. 15, 1840, 
James Cornelius Dilley. 

2081. Samusl, b. July 24, 1820, in Granville; m. Oct 5, 1845, 
Orpha Graves, and resides, 1876, in Dubuque, Iowa. 

2062. L^tander, b. July 17, 1822, in Granville, O. ; m. 1847, Fanny 

2088. Jkunarii, b. Dec. 7, 1828, in GranviUe, O. ; d. Apr. 28, 1824. 


Run Boor, dau. of Martin and Ruth (Noble) Boot, was b. June 
1, 1784, and d. in Granville, 0., Nov. 29, 1862, as. 78. 

She m. July 19, 1810, Samuel Fallxt, b. in Westfield, Oct 9, 
1780, a of Richard and Margaret Falley. From the age of sev- 

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enteen to twenty-two he followed the eeft, croesing the Atkntic 
ooesn several times, yisiting different psrts of Europe, Africa, snd 
the West India islands, and rising from a cabin boy to be second 
mate of a yessel. He then became a clerk in his father's store 
in Montgomery, Mass., and subsequently became the manager of 
two stores which his &ther had established in Franklinton and 
Worthington, O. At the expiration of three years, he returned to 
Massachusetts, and there resided until 1614, when he removed with 
his faxmlj to Granville, 0., purchased a farm, and there continued 
to reside, until his death. He was among the early advocates of 
the temperance reform, and a pioneer in the anti-slavery cause. 
For more than forty years he was a consistent member of the 
Presbyterian church. Blest with a robust constitution, he enjoyed 
ezoeUent health until within a few years of his death. He retained 
his mental faculties imimpaired until the last, and continued to 
take a deep interest in all the social, political, and religious news of 
the day. He d. in Granville, 0., Feb. 2, 1871, m. 90 years and 4 

M64. LoitlfatOda, b. Jan. 28, 1811, in HontgOTiery; resides, 1876, 

unm., in Orsnville, O. 
M85. Otariaa, b. July 88, 1818, inMontgomeiy; m. Oct 80, 

1889, John Havens Btair, a farmer, snd d. in Tipton, Iowa, Apr. 4, 

1875, m. 82. 
8088. Biekard, b. Oct 81, 1818, in Mootgomeiy; m. (1) Feb. 8, 

^848, Fanny Louisa Scranton, and now, 1870, is a hotel-keeper in 

MsrshsU, Clark Co., UL 

8087. CJkarisi Frtdtrkk, b. Apr. 4, 1815, in Granville, O. ; m. (1) Dec 9, 
1889, Caroline C. Richardion; (8) Oct, 1848, Ann Clark Brackett 
He received the degree of M. D.. in 1888, from Willoughby Univer- 
sity, and is a physician in Lancaster, Giant Ca, Wis. 

8088. BamudLewU, b. Oct. 86, 1816, in Gnmville, O.; m. Hay 1, 
1840, Abigail Damon, was by trade a csbinet-msker, and d. in 
Manhall, Clark Co.. Dl., July 9, 1850, m, 88. 

8089. FroMeU Ckaveland, b. Hay 8, 1818, in GianvOk; unm., 1878, is a 
farmer in Bible Grove, Clay Co., UL 

808a Butk Miranda, b. Nov. 9, 1819, in Gianvflle; m. Oct 8, 1848, 
Charies James Webster, a tescher in Lancsster, O., and Columbus, 
O., but now, 1876, a Justice of the peace in Granville. O. 

8081. Mmund Boat, b. Apr. 15, 1821, in Granville; m. Apr. 11, 1847, 

EUsa Montgomeiy. By trade a hsmnss msker, he Is now, 1876, a 
farmer in Eden Prairie, HcPherson Co., Kan. 

8088. Idftui Alexander, b. Dec. 8, 1888, in GranvOk; m. Apr. 15, 1868, 
Sizabeth Houpt and is, 1876, a fanner In Alexandria, Licking 
Co.. O. 

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9003. Eunice Laurifida, b. Apr. 18, 1834, in OituiTille; m. Apr. 16, 1689, 
John Reynolds Leemon Seegur. a physician in Ck>]umbu8, O. 

9004. CFiarlone Oyrena, b. Aug. 4» 1628, in Onnyille; resides unm., 1876, 

in Qranville. O. 


Charlotte Root, dau. of Martin and Ruth (Noble) Root, was b. 
in Montgomery, Mass., Oct. 12, 1786, and d. of consumption in 
East Hampton, Mass., March 2, 1863, sb. 76. «<She was one who 
worked willingly with her hands." 

She m. Feb. 16, 1815, Dea. Thxodors Stearns, b. in North- 
ampton, Mass., Apr. 20, 1784, s. of Jonathan and Elizabeth 
(Edwards) Stearns. He was a fanner, and resided in South- 
ampton, Mass., until 1856, when he removed to East Hampton, 
Mass., where he d. Jan. 7, 1860, sb. 84. He was, from about 1835 
to 1856, a deacon of the Cong, church in Southampton. 


2005. Daniel KingOey, b. Dec. 7, 1815; m. May 2, 1844, Elizabeth Kel- 
logg, was a farmer, and removed to La Fayette, Walworth Co., Wis., 
where he d. Oct. 80, 1856, e. 40. 

2006. MaryEdwardi, b. May 2, 1817; m. Apr. 2, 1861, Lauren Dwight 
Lyman of Easthampton, Mass. He is a farmer, and has been select- 
man, assessor, member of school committee, and deacon of the First 
Cong, church. 

2007. Henry XMe, b. Mch. 28, 1810; m. Mrs. Mary Goodell Malone, 
resides, 1876, in Cbehalis, Lewis Co., Wash. Ter., and is a farmer 
and surveyor. He is also a Justice of the peace. 

b. May 18, 1828; m. Nov. 20, 1840, Lauren 
Dwight Lyman of Easthampton, Mass. , and 
d. Feb. 6, 1861, m. 88. 

b. May 18, 1828: m. (1) July 8, 1840, Olive Nor- 
ton Blafter; (2) Bept. 15, 1864, Emaline 
Parmalee. By. trade a carpenter, he has 
also been in the book business. He resides, 
1876, in Hamilton, N. Y.^ 


Charles Root, s. of Martin and Ruth {Noble) Root^ was b. 
Jan. 26, 1780. He was a fanner, removed, 1814, to Granyille, 0., 
and thence to Edwards Co., Dl., and d. Nov. 3, 1847, sb. 58. 

He m. May 31, 1816, Mart Jaokson, b. in Westford, Otsego 

Co., N. T., 16, 1706, dau. of John and Jemima (Denison) 

Jackson. She d. in Oshkosh, Wis., Sept. 28, 1876, sb. 80. 


2100. Jemima, b. Bept 28, 1817; d. in Dl. 

2101. Chartee Jaekeon, b. Apr. 11, 1810; was a fanner, and d. in Wis. 

2008. CKafiatU Soot, 
2000. Theodore OboMah, 

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MOS. EUMobeth, b. Dec. 5, 1820; d. in Granville, Dec 7, 1825. 

2108. WiOMim, b. June 6, 1828; d. in Oranyille, July 24, 1824. 

2104. Wmiam &, b. Oct 11, 1825; d. in Gnuiville, Dec. 80, 1828. 

2105. OarUon Bdt, b. Aug. 28, 1827. 

2106. Hetyry E„ b. May 1, 1829; was a farmer, and d. in HL 

2107. ChartatU BlMbeOi, b. May 11, 1882; d. in Alton, Dl., May 16, 1887. 

2108. Truman A„ b. Feb. 27, 1886; m. Charlotte CoiBn. He ia a 
fanner, and resides, 1876, in North Taycheediui, Fond-du-Lac Ck>., 


BuKicE Root, dau. of Martin and Ruth (Noble) Root, was b. 
Nov. 8, 1790, and d. in Stebbensville, Randolph Co., "Weal Ya., 
June 29, 1822, m. 31. 

She m. Jan. 27, 1816, Rev. Eusha Dow Barbbtt, b. in Mont- 
gomery, Mass., Jan 19, 1790, s. of Daniel and Rebecca (Dosworth) 
Barrett. He prepared for college, under the instruction of Rev. 
Vinson Gould of Southampton, Mass., in 1809-10. Within that 
one year, he, together with Justin Wright Clark of Southampton, 
and Theodore Clapp, afterwards the distinguished Ftesbyterian 
and Unitarian dergyman of New Orleans, La., went through all 
that was required for entering the Sophomore class in Williams 
College, and entered it in 1810. After graduation, in 1813, he 
studied medicine with Dr.* William Atwater of Westfield, Mass, 
1814-15, and taught a high school, during the year 1816, in Hut- 
ton8ville,.Tygart's Valley, Randolph Co., West Va. In 1817, he 
removed to Beverly, Randolph Co., West Va., and commenced 
the practice of medicine. After a short time, he removed to 
Buchanan settlement, Harrison Co., and thence to Stebbensville, 
Buchanan Co., West Va. In 1822, he removed to Fairmount^ 
Monongahela Co., Va., and there continued practice, until 1829. 
In 1825 and 1826, he studied divinity with Rev. Ashbel Green 
Fairchild, D.D., of New Geneva, Penn., was licensed, April 10, 

1827, to preach^the gospel, and after a missionary tour in Coshoc- 
ton Co., in the winter and spring of 1828, was installed, Dec. 9, 

1828, over the united* Presbyterian churches of Glade Run and 
Plumb Creek, Penn. He removed his family, at this time, to 
Glade Run. He preached his farewell sermon at Glade Run, Nov. 
29, 1840. From 1841-48, he was pastor of the Presb. church in 
Leatherwood, Clarion Co., Penn., but still continued to reside in 
Glade Rtm. In 1848, his health compelling him to suspend min- 
isterial labor, he removed to Granville, 0., and there resided for 
about five years. He then removed to Eittanning, Armstrong 
Co., Penn., and had charge of an academy, until 1861. He re- 

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ceived, that year, the appointment of physician to the Indians in 
the Yankton agency, Bakotah Territory, and continued there for 
two years, his family remaining in Eittanning. He then removed 
to Assumption, HL, where he has resided until the present time, 
Apr., 1877, in the enjoyment of a <* green old age." [He m. (2) 
Aug. 15, 1822, Sarah Peebles, b. in Charlemont, Mass., July 25, 
1803, dau. of Patrick and Jane (Gray) Peebles. She d. in Glade 
Run, Penn., March 22, 1829, m. 25. He m. (3) Dec. 2, 1829, 
Margaret Bowser, b. in Eittanning, Penn., March 19, 1806, dau. 
of Matthias and Christian (Ley) Bowser. She d. in Assumption, 
111., Oct 5, 1864, m. 58.] He is supposed to be the oldest living 
alumnus of Williams College. 


2100. Louiia, b. Nov. 25, 1816, In HuttoBsville; m. abt. 1850, Amos 

Hontounya, a blacksmith of Granville, O., and there d. Apr. 19, 
1856, s. 89. 

2110. Eunice JMte, b. May 6, 1818; d. in Btebbensville, Oct. 21, 1820. 

8111. Lavinia, b. June 21, 1820, in Btebbensville; resides unm., 1870, 

with her father, in Assumption, HI. 


Ltstba Nobub, s. of Bildad, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Jan. 
12, 1788, and d. in Memphis, Onondaga Co., N. T., April 12, 
1875, SB. 87. 

His father dying when he was but eleven years of age, he was 
from that time the main dependence of his mother, in the family 
and on the farm. Having been hopefully converted at the age of 
forty-seven, he was soon after chosen deacon of the Baptist church 
in Jordanville ("Warren), Herkimer Co., N. Y., and retained the 
o£Sce for twenty years, nntU his removal in March, 1856, to New 
Hartford, Oneida Co., N. T. In Nov., 1864, he removed once 
more to Memphis, N. Y., where he continued to reside until his 

He was an early advocate of the temperance cause, and in 1840, 
cast the first and only anti-slavery vote in Warren. To the extent 
of his ability, he was ever ready to respond to the calls of Chris- 
tian benevolence. 

Although infirm for many year% he was not thereby prevented 
from frequently visiting his neighbors, and occasionally his friends 
in New ELartford, Utica, and Warren. To the very last, he re- 
tained, to a remarkable degree, his youthful feelings, and was 
greatly beloved by all who knew him. The cause of Christ con- 

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tinued ever near his heart, and he was intereeted in evetything 
which tended to its prosperity. His last days were peaca He 
welcomed the messenger of death, and was happy in the thought 
that he was going home. 

He m. Feb. 11, 1816, Mrs. Sabah Van Hobsbk, b. in Tyring- 
ham, Mass., Nov. 28, 1785, dan. of Amasa Curtis, b. in Walling- 
ford. Conn., July 19, 1743, who d. Nov. 17, 1822, sb. 79, and 
Lucy Garfield, b. in Tyringham, Mass., Nov. 29, 1749, who d. 
March 28, 1831, m. 81. [She m. (1) Jacob I. Van Hoesen, b. in 
Einderhook, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1782, s. of John and Elizabeth 
(Conklin) Van Hoesen. He d. July 3, 1811, leaving, 1. Elizabeth 
Van Hoesen, b. Oct 2, 1809, in Tyringham, Mass., m. Jan. 1, 
1829, Jesse Holt^ and resides in Utica, N. Y.; 2. Jacob Amasa 

Van Hoesen, b. Dec. 2, 1810, in Boonville, m. . He 

grad. at Union College 1836, and was professor of mathematics in 
Jefferson CoUege. He d. in Natchez, Miss., Oct 31, 1848, m. 37.] 
« For more than thirty years she professed faith in Christ, and as 
the sun of her life declined, the glorious Sun of righteousness 
beamed upon her soul, and with a sweet trust she entered into 
that rest which remaineth for the people of Ood." She d. in 
Memphis, N. Y., March 20, 1866, m. 80. 


9112. Otear Cfurtii, b. Nov. 16, 1816; d. unm. in Warren, N. Y., 

Feb. 15, 1842, e. 30. 
9118. CMb Thomoi Spencer, b. Hay 89, 1818; m. Charlotte Frecmiui. 
2114. Harriet CaUeta, b. Not. 20, 1819; m. William A. Wells. 

8115. Mariett Amanda, b. Bept 19, 1888; d. in Albany, N. Y., while 

a teacher in the Wilbeif oroe school, Mch. 10, 1848, e. 19. 


Amahda Noblb, dau. of Bildad, was b. Sept 5, 1792. She 
resides, 1876, in JordanviUe (Warren), Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

She m. Jan. 28, 1819, Eu Lxonabd, b. Sept. 12, 1790, a. of 
Moses and Fanny (Leonard) Leonard of West Springfield, Mass 

8116. BOdad Noble, b. Not. 14, 1819; m. Jan. 28, 1850, Margaret H. Sny- 
der, a merchant, d. in Mich. 

8117. Lueien, b. Apr. 10, 1888; resides, 1876, unm., in Warren. 
81ia Dmght, b. Feb. 84, 1888; m. Mch. 11, 1857, Helen Beebe, is. 

1876, a f^umer, and resides in Warren. 

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HsBTST NoBLS, ft. of Bild»d, was b. in Warren, N. Y., Apr. 1, 
1795, and d. in La Orange, Lorain Co., O., June 16, 1871, sb. 76. 
He removed, in 1819, to Wilna, Jefferson Co., N. Y., and thence, 
in June, 1827, to La Grange, 0., where he continued to reside 
until his death. He was a fanner. 

He VL Dec. 15, 1816, Phebe Wilkxbsok, b. in Warren, N. Y., 
Jane 17, 1800, dau. of George and Elizabeth (Wilkerson) Wil- 
keraon. She d. in La Grange, 0., Apr. 23, 1870, sb. 67. 

9119. Bet$ey» b. May U, 1818, in Warren; d. in Wilna, Dec. 

11, 1819, ae. 18 mos. 

2120. Btthsr Gar/idd, b. Dec 29, 1819; m. David T. Paraom. 

2121. Oearife WOkermm, b. Aug. 10, 1821 ; m. Jane £. Osrrett 

2122. Amanda OardOia, b. Dec. 22, 1826, in Wilna; d. hi La Grange, O., 
Apr. 1, 1844, m. 17. 

2128. BmnyAnMt, b. Jan. 10, 1882; m. Chester C. Manyille. 

2124. Bdinda Minerva, b. Oct. 28, 1884; m. Sidney J. Garrett 

2125. Henry De Ltm, b. Jan. 2, 1887, in La Grange, O. ; and there d. 
Oct. 27, 1861, s. 24, while studying medicine with Dr. George C. 
Undertiill of La Grange. 

2126. JftfUMo, b. Jan. 2, 1889, in La Grange ; and there d. Apr. 
12, 1848, e. 4. 

MiKOB Cunns Noble, s. of Bildad, was b. Feb. 24, 1797. He 
removed, about 1818, from Warren, N. T., to Brokenstraw, War- 
ren Co., Penn., and in Oct, 1834, to La Grange, Lorain Co., 0. 
He was by trade a carpenter, but from 1831 to 1871, preferred to 
work upon the farm. He resides^ 1876, in La Grange, 0. 

He m. Aug. 9, 1825, Anns Boss Stubdefant, b. in Bolton, 
Warren Co., N. T., March 27, 1808, dau. of William and Pru- 
dence (Herrington) Sturdefant 


2127. WOiam, WaUaee, b. July 28, 1826; m. (i) L. Teamans; (2) L. Miller. 

2128. Si^er Biantha, b. May 80, 1828; m. Balsaman Parsons. 

2129. Bobert Bruee, b. Aug. 18, 1880; m. Emma Parish. 

2180. Mortimer Buifgne, b..Feb. 6, 1888; m. Helen Ohnsted. 

2181. BmOy Adeline, b. Kov. 6, 1885; m. (1) C. W. Canfleld; (2) G. 

2182. BianaAIphaneine,l>, Aug. 10, 1888; m. R W. Hart. 


Ruth Noble, dau. of Aaron, was b. Feb. 25, 1792, and d. Aug. 
23, 1870, SB. 78. 

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She m. Jan. 5, 1810, Samuxl Shaw, b. in Milton, Mmb., Sept 
14, 1782, B. of James Shaw. Soon after marriage, he removed 
from Lansingbnigh, N. T., to Albany, N. T., where he resided 
for about twenty years. He subsequently resided in New York 
dty, Oswego, N. T., Rahway, N. J., and in March, 1855, removed 
to Middletown, Orange Co., N. Y. He ii supposed to be living, 
Dec, 1877, at the age of 95, either in Yonkers, or Tarrytown, 
N. Y. He is by trade a hatter, though much of his life has been 
devoted to agriculture. 


8188. JamM Orden, b. Oct 10, 1810; m. Adelaide , and removed 

to New York. 

2184. Henrjf, b. Mch. 6, 1818; unm., res. in Kew York city. 

2185. Gsorffe, b. Oct 20, 1814; m. 1848, Maiy Ann Duvall, re- 
sided in Brooklyn, N. Y.. snd d. July 20, 1854, m. 89. 

2186. Oharki, b. Dec. 17, 1818; m. 1842, Thema PMk, and re- 
moved to Kew York city. 

2187. AmsUa L,, b. May 28, 1819; m. 1840, John W. Smith of Oe- 
wego, N. Y. 

218& Aim Jf., b. Oct 10, 1881; m. J. Meyette, and d. in Brooklyn, 

N.Y., July 12, 1862. 

2189. Aaron, b. Dec. 18, 1828; d. in Albany, K. Y., Aug. 28, 

1824, m. 8 moe. 

2140. Amran WtOkm, b. Oct 10, 1826; m. 1849, and removed to Kew 
York dty. 

2141. Edrriet N„ b. Dec. 10, 1828. 

2142. John Boatt, b. Dec. 17, 1881. 
2148. Ifoyy Bmma, b. Feb. 24, 1885. 


Stbphbn Cabb Noblb, s. of Aaron, was b. Nov. 1, 1795, and d. 
He redded in Lansingbuigh, N. Y., and was by trade a hatter. 

He m. Nov. 16, 1822, Sahah RonoKSS, dau. of Daniel Bodgers 
of Stillwater, N. Y. 


2144. Hewry, b. Dec. 1, 1828. 

2145. Harriti, b. Jply 18, 1885. 

2146. CaAa/nne, b. Jan. 20, 1827. 

2147. Ann, b. Oct 18, 1828. 

2148. ^ofvm, b. Feb. 2, 1881. 

2149. auphmi, b. Hcb. 18, 1888. 

2150. Borah, b. Apr. 22, 1885 ; m Daniel £. Whitf ord of Schuyler 
N. Y. 

2151. DanUlBodger$,h. July 24, 1887 

2152. Jane Ftrrii, b. Apr. 21, 1840. 

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Chablottx Noble, dau. of Aaron, was b. in Laniingburgh, 
N. Y., March 24, 1797, and d. in Hadlej, Mass., Aug. 2, 1865, m. 
68. She was brought up in Hadley, Mass., in the family of her 
aunt, Mr& Lovisa Smith. 

She nL Jan. 1, 1820, Dajvixl Ooodalb, b. Apr. 3, 1795, s. of 
Andrew and Martha (Haskell) Gk>odaIe of Amherst, Mass. He 
was a blacksmith, and d. in Hadley, Mass., March 25, 1865, sb. 69. 

2158. Aaron NMe, b. Feb. 27» 1821, In Dalton, Mass.; d. Apr. 6, 

1821, n. 1 mo. 

215i. Henry (hrr, b. Aug. 15, 1822, hi Hadley; m. Jan. 24, 1852, 

Frances Dunn Warwick. He is, 1876, a railway conductor In 

2155. Catharine Oreen, b. Mch. 27, 1824. In Hadley; d. Aug. 29, 1827, 

2156. CharhUe NeNe, b. June 26, 1826, in Lanslngburgh, N. T.; d. 
Sept., 1827, e. 1. 

2157. Andrew Smith, b. Oct. 16, 1828. hi LansingbuTgh; m. Mch. 16, 
1866, Jane Dickinson, and resides, 1876, In Northampton, Mass. 

2158. Aartm NMe,{twin)h, Oct 16, 1828; m. Oct. 12, 1851, Laura Ann 
Collins, and Is, 1876, a grocer In Bpringfleld, Mass. 

2159. Geerffe Shaw, b. Mch. 9, 1880, hi Hadley; m. Oct. [16?], 1854, 
Maiy Warren, and Is, 1876, a dmgglst In Brooklyn, N. T. . 

2160. Mharine Maria, b. May 17, 1882, hi Hadley; m. Dec. 81, 1858, 
Jonah Newton Humphry, and Is, 1876, In the employ of the 
Florence Sewing Machine company, In Florence (Northampton), 

2161. CfharMe NcNe, b. Mch. 12, 1885, In Westhampton, Msss. ; unm., 
resides, 1876, In Northampton, Mass. 

2162. CharieiDiekinetm, b. Aug. 27, 1886, hi Hadley; m Mch 25. 1871, 
Eulalla Sexton Hyde, and Is, 1876, a machinist in Chlcopee, Msss. 

2168. Martha LMea, b. Apr. 27, 1889, hi Hadl^; d. Apr. 6, 1842, 


Stkpbxn Noble, s. of Stephen, was b. prob. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 18, 1791. He was a farmer in Markham, C. W., until abt. 
1847, when he removed to Maripossa, C. W. 

He OL, abt 1816, Euzabxth Nobtor, dau. of Abraham Norton. 


2164. WBiiam, b. ; m. -— ^* Van Zand! A farmer, he 
settled hi Marlpossa. 

2165. Abraham, b. ; went to the West, abt 1845, and has 
nerer since been heard from. 

2166. Fhnnif, hi ; m. William Cltak of Markham, C. W. 
Ohfldren. 1. John; 2. Bllsabeth; 8. Anna. 

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21d6a. Stephen, b. ; m. Martha Quance, and letUed in Mark- 

ham. Child. Geoige. 

dl67. Lu^, b. ; m. George Ramaay of Maripoaaa, C. W. 

Children. 1. William Henry; 2. John. 

2168. MMnda, b. ; m. WnUam Wallace of Manilla, C. W. 


AuBTiK NoBLs, a. of Stephen, wae b. in Newfaae, Vt, Nov. 8 
or 9, ] 792, and settled in Maripossa, G. W. 

He m. Mabt LiohtlT; dan. of Philip Lightly of Markham, 
C. W. She d. abt. 1838. 

2189. XManne, b. ; d. 

2170. Truman, b. ; m. Lucinda Humphrey of Brock, C.W. 
He resided hi Maripoesa, and d. abt. Oct, 1858. Children. 1. 
Maiy; 2. Margaret; Levi; Truman. 

2171. Mary, b. ; nL Matthew Humphrey of MariposBa. 

2172. Almira, b. ; ul Philip McLaughlin of Markham. 
Child. John. 

2178. Buldah, b. ; ul John Delong, and removed to 

Michigan. They have children. 


Ambboss Noble, b. of Stephen, was b. in West Springfield, 
Mass., Feb. 27, 1795. In 1816, he removed to Markham, C. W., 
and has there resided up to the present time, 1876. He is a 

He m. May 14, 1822, Haknab Baobbow, b. in Bristol, N. T., 
Oct 27, 1805, dau. of Justin Bagerow. 


2174. AifML, b. May 27, 1824; m. May 5, 1847, Margaret Var- 
don, b. Jan. 19, 1829, dau. of Thomas Yardon. He is, 1876, a fanner 
and miller in Monticello, Iowa. Children. 1. Hannah, b. Dec. 18, 
1848; 2. Emma Jane, b. Mch. 1, 1852; 8. Ehnore Jeise, b. Aug. 2, 

2175. Jem, b. Aug. 5, 1826; m. Feb., 1860, Susanna Button. 
GhOd. William Alfred, b. Nov. 15, 1860. 

2176. Buram, b. Oct 21, 1828; m. Jane A. Thompson. 

8177. Ohofiet Tkampeon,h. Feb. 5, 1881; a physician hi Sutton, Oeor- 

ghia, C. W. 
217& JBrnHy, b. Mch. 19, 1888; m. June 7, 1858, William A. 

IGller, a house-builder hi Markham She d. Mch. 10, 1855, e. 21. 

Child. Kelson, b. Mch. 21, 1854, d. Apr. 5, 1856, s. 1. 

2180. Larinda, b. Apr. 28, 1886. 

2181. Nancy, b. June 21, 1887; m. Alexander T. Whaley. 

2182. Harwey, b. May 18, 1840; resides, 1875, in i;gTemont, 
county of Gray, C. W. 

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2188. AJiM, b. July 8, 1842; m. Donald McKay. 

2184. MarUn, b. July 4, 1845. 

2185. MaHha, b. Jane 8, 1848; m. Oct. 25, 1871, Alexander 
Campbell, who d. July 4, 1875, s. 81. Child. Ambrose Alexander, 
b. Apr. 16, 1874. 


Cynthia Nobub, daiu of Stsphen, was b. Jan. 16, 1797. 
She m. Jamks Osbubn, s. of James Osbnin. He d. in Mark- 
ham, C. W., abt. Oct., 1854. 

2186. Jame9, b. 

2187. Eiiher, b. ; m. Uriah Young of Markham. 
218a Chanty, b. ; m. William Winsor of Markham. 

2189. Jffeph, b. ; m. [Margaret?] Locke of Markham. 

2190. Eliiobeth, b. ; m. John Press of Markham. 

2192. MeUnda, b. ; m. Benjamin Locke of PickeriDg, C. W. 

2198. Ludnda, b. ; m. Levi Wismer of Markham. 


Thomas Smith Nobls, b. of Stephen, d. July, 1840. He was a 
fanner, and was drowned while fifdiing in Lake Ontario. 
He m. LrniA Shofxlt, who, in 1855, resided in Uzbridge, C. W. 

2194. Frter, b. ; m. Mary Humphrey, and settled in Ux- 
bridge, C. W. Children. 1. Ludnda; 2. Achsah; 8. Thomas; 4. 
Emeline; 5. Samuel; 6. Ambrose. 

2195. Hmekiah, b. ; m. Julia Ann Moore, and settled in 
Manilla, C. W. Children. 1. Alzina; 2. Thomas Henry. 

2196. Jfory, b. ; m. John Johnson, and died. Children. 
1. Jesse; 2. Lovina. 

2197. Stther, b. ; m. John Smith of Brock, C. W. 
219a Bmeon, b. 

2199. Ihomoi, b. 
8200. MoMda, b. 

2201. Daniel, b. 

EuHicB Noble, dan. of Stephen. 

She m. Moais WnMXSy s. of David "Wismer* He d. abt May, 


2202. J>aM, b. ; m. Maigaiet Quance, and settled in 
Msnposaa, C. W. 

220a AnJmm, b. ; m. Ann Watson, setUedinEing, C. W., 

and d. sbL 1848. 

2204. John, b. ; resided in Markham, C. W., and d. abu 


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«M5. JMOah, b. 

; m. Joeeph Ayhart of llarkham. 

dd06. Zeehariah, b. 

; m. EatherinePipherof Maripoc8a,C.W. 

2907. Hannah, b. 

; m. Chrirtopher Ayhart of Haripoiaa. 

2908. Soioman, b. 

; raided hi llarkham, and d. abt 18S1. 

9909. Mm$, b. 

9910. .^ofvn, b. 

9911. ffennf, b. 

9919. iliM<i»» b. 


of Stephen, d. in Brock, C. W., Aug., 


She m. John Wilson, who after her death removed to Colling- 

wood, a W., and married 


9918. mtabeth, b. 

; m. NelsoD Curer, and removed to the 


- 9914. Esiher, b. 

; m. John Sbofelt of Eincarden, C. W. 

9915. Wmam, b. 

; m. John Wrightman, and prob. resided 

in Brock, C. W. 

9910. Harvey, b. 

9917. i8M^> h. 

9918. Hannah, b. 

; m. Daniel Sweetaer. 

9919. AnU^nm, b. 

9990. AuiUn, b. 

9921. AhiQoa, b. 

9929. Thomat, b. 

9928. Jchn, b. 

9924. TVuimm, b. Jmie, 1841. 


Ebthkb Noblb, dau. of Stephen, was b. Apr. 23, 1804. 

She BL Dec. 31, 1822, John Mabr, b. in Penn. Sept. 24, 1800. 
[Hia father, John Marr, b. in New Jeraey, d. June, 1808. His mother 
was b. in Penn., and after her husband's death, m. John Warts, 
who d. abt. 1864. She now, 1856, resides in Markham, C. W. 
His grandfather was William Marr.] He removed, in Nov., 1830, 
from Markham, G. W., to Brock, C. W. Having taken part in the 
Rebellion, he was imprisoned Dec. 17, 1837, and kept in confine- 
ment until June 3, 1838, when he was removed to Fort Henrj, well 
ironed, for the pur{>ose of being taken to Van Diemen*s land. On 
the night of July 29, 1838, in company with four other prisoners, 
he escaped from the fort, and June 7, 1839, was joined by his 
family in Howell, Livingston Co., Mich., where they, 1856, reside. 

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8225. Jem, b. Not. 18. 1828; m. Feb. 4, 1847, Lydia Hilder- 

brand, and settled in Howell. 

2226. Cfjfrus, b. Sept. 29, 1825; m. Apr. 28, 1853, Olive Maria 
Chase, and settled in Howell, MicL. 

2227. Di44Um, b. Noy. 22, 1827. He mided, 1850, in ainton 
Co., Micb. He was in the Mexican war. 

2228. EfMlif, b. Feb. 8. 1880; d. of a brain fever. Apr. 12, 1848. 
». 18. 

2229. Earkfn, b. July 29, 1882. 

2280. Eroitui, b. Aug. 81, 1884; m. July 4. 1855, Polly Hilder- 

2281. Ka<mt, b. Feb. 17, 1887. 

2282. SandaU, b. Aug. 5, 1840. 
2238. TkamoM Jeffermn, b. Apr. 2, 1848. 
2284. Enoi, b. July 16, 1847. 


Susanna Noble, dan. of Stephen. 

She m. Martin Rambb, b. of John Ramer, and settled in Mark- 
ham, C. W. 


2285. /a/in, b. 

2286. A(A^, b. 

2287. MaiMa, b. 

2288. Jhnny, b. 


2289. iim^roM, b. 


2240. Hannah, b. 

8241. F^Ur, b. 

2242. EiMaMOi, b. 

2248. Mary, b. 

2244 Martin, b. 

2245. Butanna, b. 

2246. Anna, b. 


Sasah Boltwood, dau. of William and Eunice (Noble) Bolt- 
wood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., May 19, 1790, and d. in Rich- 
mond, Va., Oct 19, 1817, m. 27. 

She m. 1809, Jonathan Marsh, b. Dec. 5, ^— » s. of Jonathan 
and Hannah (Bolcom) Marsh. He resided for several years sub- 
sequent to his marriage, in North Amherst, Mass., whence he re- 
moved to Richmond, Va. He was a carpenter. Hem. (2) 

— — , and d. in ^ Penn. 

chtTiPRKN,— none. 

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LnoiUB BoLTwooD, B. of WiUUm and Eumoe (Noble) Boltwood, 
was b. in Amherst, Mass., Mch. 16, 1792, and there d. July 10, 
1 872, m, 80. Inheriting from his paternal anceaton great mnacnlar 
Btiength, he was in his youth diatinguiahed for his skill in all ath- 
• letic exercises, particulsj*ly as a wrestler. His early education was 
obtained in the district schools of his native town, but his advantages 
could not have been great, as the annual appropriation for the 
six schools, was only $333.33. His first nude teachers were 
Martin Field, then of LeTerett, afterwards an able lawyer of New- 
fane, Yt, and Bela KeUogg, then of Amherst, subsequently the 
beloved pastor of the Cong, church in Avon, Conn. Though 
appreciating the advantages of the district school, he still had long- 
ings for a better education than it could furnish. His father, a 
farmer in moderate circumstances, with a family of eight children 
dependent on him for their support^ felt that he could illy spare the 
labors of the only son who could aid him on the farm, and who 
was then able to do the work of a man, and was obliged to tell him 
that he could render him no assistance, beyond giving him his time 
until he should come of age. But a liberal education (he youug 
man was determined to have. He accordingly commenced, in 
1807, in the district school, the study of Latin, under William D. 
Williamson, afterward an eminent lawyer of Bangor, Me. Three 
months were devoted to study, and the remaining nine to farm labor. 
The next winter, he pursued his classical studies for three months 
more, and the year after, attended for about twelve weeks, the Had- 
ley grammar school, of which a Mr. Lyman was then master. 
With such a preparation as this, nine months of disconnected study, 
in the fall of 1810, he entered the Freshman class in Williams^ 
College. And now commenced the struggle, as his preparation for 
college was poor, and he wab obliged to support himself by teach- 
ing. The winter before entering college, he had established so good 
a reputation as teacher in B^chertown, Mass., that when it was 
known that he desired still farther «<to exercise his gift," in that 
direction, the centre school of Amherst was at once tendered him. 
Here he taught with success, during the winters of his Frsshman, 
Sophomore, and Senior years. The attendance on his schools was 
large, averaging at least one hundred scholars, of ages varying from 
four to twenty years. Steel penis and books with printed copies 
were then unknown, and in order to prepare pens and copies for 
more than one half of his pupils, he was obliged to spend one hour 

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Digitized by 


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BftAMca OF THOICAB. 211 

before And the same length of time after echooL Seventeen dollars 
per month, exclusive of board, for the first two years, and twenty 
dollars for the last year, was the pittance for which he was thank- 
ful to labor. 

His college class was one of the largest, as well as one of the best, 
which his Alma Mater sent forth during the first quarter century of 
her existence. It contained an unusual number of young men who 
afterward attained to eminence, among whom were the Hon. Austin 
E. Wing of Detroit, Mich., for several years delegate in Congress; 
the Hon. Samuel F. Vinton of Gallipolis, 0., for twenty-two years 
a member of Congress, at one time the unsuccessful Whig 
candidate for governor of Ohio, and an eminent lawyer; and 
Rev. Orville Dewey, D. D., a distinguished Unitarian divine, the 
last survivor of the class, now spending th.e evening of a useful life 
on his paternal acres in Sheffield, Mass. With the same class, the 
Hon. Nathaniel P. Tallmadge, early a member of the United States 
Senate from New York, and subsequently governor of Wisconsin, 
was for a time connected. The first and second of these were Mr. 
Boltwood's most intimate college friends, and the latter, before his 
removal to Union College, was for a time his room-mate. Among 
such young men, he at once took high rank as a scholar, and not- 
withstanding his necessary absence during three winters, main- 
tained his standing, until the end of his course. In assigning the 
appointments for commencement, the faculty of the college after 
deliberating long whether to give the valedictory to Lucius Bolt- 
wood or Orville Dewey, finally compromised the matter by giving 
the valedictory to Dewey, and then deciding, contrary to the usual 
custom, that Boltwood should deliver the master's oration, at the 
end of three years. 

He was distinguished in college, not only for his scholarship, 
but also for an ease and affability of manners eminently calculated 
to gain him friends. It is the united testimony, not only of his 
own classmates^ but also of the members of other classes, that no 
one in his class was more popular than he. He stood high as a 
writer, was a fair debater, and in consequence was chosen the first 
president of his literary society, the Philotechnian. May not any 
college graduate well envy the estimate of his character drawn, 
more than forty years after his graduation, by his revered and 
venerated teacher. Professor Chester Dewey? '* Lucius Boltwood, 
a good scholar, of good character, and of good influence. His 

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claflsmates loved bim, and will tell more good of bim tban I need 
to write.*' 

He read law with Hon. Samuel Fowler Dickinson, an eminent 
attorney of Amber^t, was admitted to the bar in August, 1817, and 
entered immediately into company witb bis instructor. In 1820, 
he opened an office of bis own in Amherst, and continued in active 
practice until 1836. About that time, he made large purchases of 
land in Michigan, the care of which compelled him gradually to 
abandon the law. He, however, continued to discharge the duties 
of a civil magistrate, until within a few years of his death. He was, 
from 1 828-64, secretary of the corporation of Amherst College ; from 
1833-66, commissioner of the Charity fund of the same institu- 
tion; and from November, 1833, to October, 1836, president of 
the Amherst bank. Amherst was always his home, his house, 
just north of the colleges, having been built by him, in 1835. At 
the time of his death, he was the senior member of the Hampshire 
county bar, and the eldest native male resident within the limits 
of the West parish of Amherst. 

Mr. Boltwood was a man of medium height, with a dark blue 
eye, and an exceedingly earnest expression. He was a man of com- 
manding presence, /<a gentleman of the old school," having worn 
from early manhood a rufiSed shirt, and until within a few years 
of his death, a blue dress coat with gilt buttons. Even down to 
old age, he retained an erect form, elastic step, and dignified 

. He was a well-read lawyer, a wise counseUor, and an excellent 
magistrate. A diligent and thoughtful student of the law, with a 
wonderfully retentive memory, he had at command whatever he 
had read. Though npt a fluent speaker, he had a faculty of con- 
veying his ideas intelligently and in a remarkably concise manner. 
Those who consulted him in relation to legal questions, always 
found his opinions conservative and judicious. During the fifty 
years that he ofSciated as a magistrate, his decisions evinced a wide 
knowledge of the law, and a remarkable clearness of judgment. 

He was also a vigorous writer. Some of the keenest articles 
which have ever appeared in the newspapers of the county, were 
the productions of his pen, published almost always anonymously, 
as he was the last man thus to seek notoriety. 

He had quite a taste for genealogical and historical research. 
No dtizen of Amherst knew so much of its early and later history, 
or was so often consulted for historical information. 

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He WIS no politician or office-seeker. Politics, as a trade, lie 
abhorred. To sacoeed in sach a field, leqnired traits of character 
which he neither possessed nor eoTeted. In his composition there 
was nothing sly, crafty, or deceitful; on the contrary, eveiything 
was fair and open. It is not known that he ever allowed his name 
to be used in connection with any political office, to which he had 
the least expectation of being elected. 

He was, moreover, characterized by great benevolence, ever a 
cheerful contributor to the charities of the day, and always ready 
to lend his aid for the relief of the poor and suffering. At no 
period of his life did he tun a deaf ear to the poor, but was as 
ready to listen patiently, and give gratuitous advice to them, as to 
those from whom he expected a reward. In cases of sorrow and 
affliction, he was prompt in rendering efficient sympathy. 

He was also noted for his public spirit At all times, he took a 
deep interest in every measure, which he thought was calculated 
to benefit the town or its inhabitants. He was a warm friend of 
the academy and female seminary, a trustee of both, and for many 
years, secretary of the former. When Amherst College was pro- 
jected, connected as he was with Hon. Samuel F. Dickinson, one 
of the leaders in the enterprise, he threw himself with all his youth- 
ful ardor, into the work of helping forward the institution. He 
counted it a great honor that he had enjoyed the friendship of its 
early trustees, and in sympathy for the cause, cheerfully performed 
the duties of secretazy of the corporation, without compensation, 
for thirty-six years. 

He also favored the establishment of the Agricultural College, 
though, in his dread of debt, municipal as well as personal, doubt- 
ing the policy of iiApoaing upon those who should come after him, 
the payment of the money necessary to secure its location at 

He always followed strictly his conscientious ideas of right. 
He was one of the earliest and most earnest advocates of the cause 
of temperance. His heart was touched with sympathy for the 
suffering dave, and he was one of the originators of the Liberty 
party, and in 1841, its first candidate for governor of Massachu- 
setts. Educated in the Whig party, it was no easy thing for him 
to cut loose from an organisation which embraced most of his 
intimate friends. Though party ties were then stronger than now, 
BO fear of losing popular favor for a moment deterred him from a 
step^hich he believed to be ri^t Oreat as was his desire for 

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emandpatioD, his political efforts were to this end alone — to check 
the extension of slavery by erery oonstitational method. Of its 
ultimate downfall, he had no reasonable doubt Though he dared 
not hope that the blessing he so earnestly craved would come in 
his day, it was not the less a source of the deepest thanksgiving to 
Ood, that he was spared to behold it, in all its fullness. 

He may be said to have been a successful business man. In the 
settlement of many large estates, and as guardian of minors, he 
always performed every trust with fidelity. For thirty-three years 
he managed the Charity fund of Amherst GoUege, without the loss 
of a single dollar. Drawn, unwisely as many thought, in 1835, 
from professional duties into real estate operations at the West, 
undismayed by the high taxes and large rates of interest which he 
was obliged to pay, he kept up good courage, until the tide turned. 
From the sales which he subsequently made, he was able to sup- 
port his family respectably, give his sons the best educational 
advantages, and leave at his death a comfortable estate. 

From early manhood, he was distinguished for religious principle. 
This might be inferred from the fact that his chosen companions 
and intimate friends were always the best men in the community. 
But beyond this, the golden rule seemed ever to have been his 
governing principle. Though for almost sixty years a consistent 
member of the Congregational church, he was no sectarian. Good 
men of every name and creed he loved, and was ever ready to 
aid liberally all the religious denominations of the town. 

In confixmation of the character as above drawn, the testimony 
of a few persons, most of whom had a life-long acquaintance with 
Mr. Boltwood, may not be inappropriately introduced here. 

Bev. Orville Dewey, D.D., of Sheffield, Mass., his only surviving 
dassmate, who never met him after graduation, in acknowledging 
the receipt of a copy of a daguereotype of Mr. Boltwood, taken 
in 1859, writes^ in 1872, as foUows: 

"It astonishes me, that the face so much resembles what I remember in 
the youth of nearly sixty years ago. Only there is a fine manliness in the 
mature countenance, and a benlgnty, too, not to be looked for in the face 
of a boy, and also a calmness; for the predominating expression then was 
earnestness. I think I never saw a boy-face that was more earnest His 
mouth was a very mobile feature, and his lips often quivered with emotion. 
You see that I have a very distinct recollection of his person, and yet 
beyond this, and his scholarship, in which I feared him more than any of 
oar number, I do not know that I can recall anything which would help 
you in a biographical sketch." 

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Hon. Abner Hftseltine of Junestown, N. Y., for some years a 
member of CongresB, and aubeequently a judge of Chautanqua 
Co., the sole sarvivor of the class of 1815 in Williams College, 
bears this testimony to the character and position of Mr. Boltwoodi 
when in college: 

"The penual of your letter revived the memories of my youtli. the 
scenes, the pleasures, the toils, the anxieties of college life. I seemed U) 
be surrounded for the moment with the companions of tliose days, and to 
be witnessing the athletic sports on the spacious lawn in front of the old 
East college. Conspicuous among them was young Boltwood, an acl^uow]- 
edged leader, and a very model of manly beauty. There were Rice and 
Wing, both a little resembling Saul of Gilboa, in their fair proportions, 
and in towering somewhat above their fellowa There, too, was the lame 
Chapin, primus, moving around with the aid of his staff, and amusing the 
beholders with his keen remarks, his drollery and fun. 

"This, perhaps, answers one of your inquiries; but I will say more 
directly, Mr. Boltwood was particularly distinguished for his personal 
activity and skill in all athletic exercises. Perhaps his passion for these 
sports and amusements generally, especially in the latter part of his course, 
detracted too much from his lessons, and contributed in some degree to the 
success of the very studious Dewey, in obtaining the coveted valedictory. 
That it was the expectation not only of his class, but also of the students 
generally, that Boltwood would win the prize, is certainly the fact He 
was undoubtedly the most popular individual in the class. His scholar- 
ship was of the first order, and his social qualities were eminently calcu- 
lated to gain him friends. He was a great favorite hi his class, and in the 
coUege. He stood high as a writer, and was a fair speaker." 

Mrs. Henry Jones of Bridgeport^ Conn., the only surviving child 
of Noah Webster, LL.D., the lezioographer, for a time a resident 
of Amherst, thus writes respecting him: 

*'l thank you for the picture of Mr. Boltwood. It is a strikhig like- 
ness, and tells the story of his life, revealing in ito expression, that he 
had caught the spirit of the angels, who sang, ' on earth peace, good will 
toward men.' My early recollections of him are all pleasant. From his 
graduation, he was a familiar friend of my father's, calling often at our 
house on the village green. I remember how entirely my father trusted 
him, and always spoke of him with respect, showing his high regard for 
his character and abilities. And in later years, he was glad to watch his 
p r ogres s in lif e« and to know that he was placed in positions of honor 
and trust" 

Hon. Edward Dickinson of Amherst^ a member of Congress, 
for thirty-eight years treasurer of Amherst College, a pupil, neigh* 
bor, brother lawyer, and for fifty years an intimate friend^ says of 
Mr. Boltwood: 

" He was an able teacher, a thoroughly read lawyer, a man of sound 

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Judgment and of great insight into the character of those with whom he 
became acquainted. He officiated as a magistrate for many yearSp in the 
trial of civil and criminal cases, and in that capacity evinced great dis- 
crimination, legal acumen, and clearness and independence of Judgment, 
which enabled him to arriye at right results. I remember only one case, 
in which his Judgment was reversed, on appeal to a higher court" 

His college classmate, the Hon. Caleb Rice of Springfield, Mass., 
long sherifi of the county of Hampden, the first mayor of Spring- 
field, and for more than twenty years the president of the Maes. 
Mutual Life Insurance company, bears his testimony in the fol- 
lowing words: 

"Mr. Boltwood established a character above suspicion, being a man 
of sound and discriminating mind, endowed with a good share of common 
sense, and the strictest integrity. Of such characters we need more." 

Profoflsor Charles U. Shepard, of Amherst CoUege, who has 
spent yean beneath his roof, thus writes respecting him: 

"He was a good example of 'a gentleman of the old school,' as the 
designation is understood in the larger interior towns of New England. 
A little precise in expression, he was nevertheless an animated and pleas- 
ant talker, remarkably alert in comprehending whatever was advanced, 
and yielding a courteous opportunity for replies. His language was 
always forcible, and clear, while it was remarkably free from words or 
phrases having any approach to modem slang. A ready wit enlivened 
his conversation, while in the aptness of his anecdotes, and the felicity 
of their recital, he was rarely surpassed. In early life, he had been a dili- 
gent reader of the standard English writers in prose and verse, and hav- 
ing a retentive memory, always had at command an unusual store of 
material for increasing the interest of his discourse." 

Hon. Samuel F. Lyman of Northampton, Mass., for many 
years judge of probate for Hampshire county, remarks respecting 
Mr. Boltwood: 

"He was universally and Justly respected in this county, for his high 
moral principle, his sterling integrity, his unflinching and fearless advo- 
cacy of a holy but unpopular cause, his pure and spotless life, and the 
distinguished courtesy of his manners." 

Hon. Emory Washburn of Cambridge, Mass., judge of the 
Court of common pleas, governor of Maasachusetts, and for many 
years professor of law in Harvard College, gives his estimate of 
him in the following words: 

" When at the beginning of Junior year, I Joined the class of 1817 in 
Williams College, the name of Lucius Boltwood had not ceased being 
spoken of, as one of the distinguished men of his class. I do not recall 
the name of any one, whom I so often heard spoken of, as his. I am veiy 
happy in saying, that the opinion I formed of him by hearsay, before I 

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had the pleasure of meeting him penomdly, was confirmed and strength- 
ened, the longer and more fully I knew him. I was proud to reckon him 
as an alumnus of our college. I never met him, that I was not reminded 
of his courtesy as a gentlenum, and of the ease and affability which 
marked his intercourse with others. The last time I had the pleasure of 
meeting him, was at Williamstown, in 1867, at the conmiencement of our 
Alma Mater. The scenes and the associations seemed to rerive in him 
the vigor as well as the sensibilities of his college dsys, and we both for- 
got for the time being, that half a century had been working changes in 
us, as in the world around us, since we had gone out from that sequestered 
spot, to take our chances on the stage of active life." 

Dr. Oardlner Domnce, a graduate of Williams CoUege in the 
class of 1820, for muiy years a practicing physician in Amherst, 
and in Sunderland, an adjoining town, and afterwards of Attica, 
N. T., says of Mr. Boltwood: 

"He was a patriotic and an enterprising citizen, and to his dying day 
retained the warmest interest in whatever concerned the prosperity of the 
town or countiy. He wss an early and active member of the Liberty 
party, and through his wise counsels, and Judicious proceeding, it owed 
much of its subsequent success. After a long and intimate acquaintance 
with Mr. Boltwood, I can say with sincerity and truthfulness, that few 
men have ever lived, whose example, in every department of life, has 
been more faultless than his. '* 

BeT. Samuel P. Parker, D.D., now of Stockbridge, Mass., but 
formerly of Amherst, gives these impresdons of faim, after he had 
passed his threescore yean and ten: 

"I met Mr. Boltwood for the first time, in the fall of 1864, on the occa- 
sion of my first visit to Amherst In December, of the same year, I re- 
moved to that town, to take charge of the new parish of Grace church. 
Mr. Boltwood attended frequently the services of the Episcopal church, 
and aided the movement liberally, by contributing to the building of the 
church and its support I was a frequent visitor at his house, and may 
venture to say» became weU acquainted with his habitual thoughto, feel- 
ings, and life. The impression on my mind made by these four yesrs of 
intercourse, is the picture of a man of great natural sagacity, improved 
by labor, and experience as a lawyer, and by large contact with mankind. 
His conversation was replete with good sense, and with the evidence of 
wide reading, and great sprightliness of mind, commended by liveliness 
of manner, and a prevailing courtliness and urbanity, which made all in 
his socie^ feel that he was their friend. None can f oiget his radiant 
smile, can^t so to the life in his photograph. The consequence was, that 
he was a general favorite, and his house a delightful place of resort I 
always went to it with anticipations of great enjoyment, and left it en- 
livened, invigorated, and warmed. His dear wife, with her strong and 
oniversal sympathy, and her great brightness, ever reinforced his smile 
snd kind words. The conversation used to take a broad range fh>m 
grave to gay, and wit and kindness flowed in equal and abundant measure. 

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284 DiaoKNDAKTa or trouab noblc 

" Ab a ChrittUm, Mr. Boltwood'8 purity, directnesB, simplicity, wAnnth, 
and abaenoe of cant, made a deep impression on me, as did his qualities 
as a man, a friend, and a companion. I never left his company without 
feeling that he was a good num. ' Bound in the faith which was once 
deliTered unto the sainto,* his was a heart religion, binding him fast to the 
SaTlour, God, and clasping closely all men of eveiy complexion, creed, 
and condition. I believe that his Christianity was a personal law of life, 
intelligently held, firmly grasping the truth, breathing ever sweet charity, 
and in the sympathy of the Master, embracing the world. Ood bless the 
memoiy of my dear friend! God raise up many like him— the true, the 
intelligent, the bold, the courteous, the loving, gentle, humble follower 
of Jesus Christ!" 

•• Why weep ye then for him, who, having won 
The bound of num's appointed years, at last. 

Life's blessings all enjoyed, life's labors done, 
Serenely to his final rest has passed; 

While the soft memory of his virtues, yet. 
Lingers like twilight hues, when the bright sun is set. 

His youth was innocent, his riper age 
Marked with some act of goodness every day; 

And watched by eyes that loved him, calm and sage, 
Faded his late declining years away. 

Meekly he gave his being up, and went 
To share the holy rest that waits a life well spent" 

He xn. Aug. 30, 1824, Fankt Habkinb Shxpabd, b. in Little 
Compton, R. I., March 23, 1807, dan. of Rev. Mass and Deborah 
(Haakina) Shepard. Her father, Rev. Maae Shepard, b. in Norton, 
Maaa., May 28, 1759, grad. at Dartmouth College in 1785, and 
waa from Sept. 19, 1787, until hia death, Feb. 14, 1821, the be- 
loved and aucoeasful pastor of the Congregational church in Little 
Compton, R I. He was the son of Thomas, the grandaon of 
Jacob, and the great-grandson of Thomas Shepard, who m. Nov. 
19, 1658, Hannah Ensign of Sdtoate, Maaa., and d. in Milton, 
Maaa., Sept 26, 1719, according to the town record, but Sept. 29, 
1719, according to hia gravestone, m. 87. Mrs. Boltwood resides, 
Jan., 1878, on the homestead in Amherst. 


8847. Ludui ManUui, b. June 8, 1825; m. Clarinda B. Williams. 
284a Oeoffe Shepard, b. Apr. 29, 1827; d. in Amherst, Mass., July 19, 

1888, m. 6. His memoir by Professor William 8. Tyler, of Amherst 
College, was published by the Mass. Sabbath School society. 

8848. Fhnnif Skepard, b. May 81, 1889; d. in Amherst, May 19, 1881, s. 
88 mos. 

88S0. ChaHe$ Shepard, b. July 16, 1888; d. July 88, 1888, s. 1. 

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2251. Gearffe Slutpard, b. July 27, 1884; d. in Aiken, 8. C, Apr. 14. 
1856. «. 21. 

2252. Cfharki Upham, b. Mch. 28. 1887; d. July 23. 1871. «. 84. 
2258. Edward, b. Sept 4. 1880; m. Barah £. Plunkett. 

2254. TTummKoKt, b. Feb. 15. 1844; m. Margarette M. Van Hoesen. 

2255. Samua, b. Dec. 20. 1840; resides. 1878. in Amberst. 


Mabt Sbsldon Boltwood, dau. of WiUiam and Eunice (Noble) 
Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Feb. 20, 1794. She resides, 
Aug., 1877, with her dau. Mrs. L. B. Sampson, in Concord, Erie 
Co., N. Y., her P. O. address being Springville. 

She m. Jan. 7, 1813, Rufds Gbeene, b. in Amherst, Mass., 
Sept. 8, 1790, s. of Timothy and Sybil (Peck) Green. He resided 
in Amherst until May, 1817, when he serooved to Wilmington, 
Yt., and thence in June, 1827, to Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 
In 1841, he removed to Hanover, in the same county, but returned, 
in 1845, to Carroll, where he d. Jan. 26, 1868, ». 77. He was an 
intelligent farmer, of great firmness and decision of character, 
and exerted a controlling influence in the communities where he 


2256. BunUeNMe, b. Nov. 10. 1818; m. Horatio N. Thornton. 

2257. Mary SheUUm, b. Jan. 10. 1816; m. Albert M. Thornton. 

2258. Sarah JTarift. b. Oct '6. 1818; m. William Corkins. 
2250. Luihera Barbara, b. Mch. 20. 1821; m. Penin Samson. 

2260. BmUy BcUwood, b. Apr. 21. 1827; m. Henry W. Samson. 

2261. Birfus, b. June 4, 1880; m. Kate L. Oould. 

Habbist Boltwood, dau. of William and Eunice (Noble) Bolt- 
wood, was h. in Amherst, Mass., Jan. 24, 1800, and d. in Hadley, 
Mass., Aug. 23, 1865, ». 65. 

She m. (1) Nov. 7, 1838, Osoboe Nsweaul, b. McL 6, 1792. 
[He m. (I) Oct 2, 1823, Mary Woods, b. Feb. 12, 1792, who d. 
March 10, 1835, ». 43. Children bom in AthoL 1. George 
HanJson, b. Nov. 15,' 1825, m. Sept 16, 1851, Harriet Frances 
Linsley. He pursued his preparatory studies at Amherst academy, 
graduated at Amherst College, 1845, at Andover Theological 
Seminary, 1848, was ordained as pastor of a Cong, church in 
Walpole, Mass., Sept 18, 1850, and there d. Aug. 24, 1853, m. 27; 
2. Mary Jane, b. Mch. 8, 1832, m. Aug. 3, 1854, Washburn Wil- 
lard Gnivea, and d. in Lancaster, 0., March 13, 1871, ». 39.] He 

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WM a farmer in Athol, MasB., and Amherst^ and d. in the latter 
place, March 31, 1842, ». 50. 

She m. (2) Apr. 7, 1844, Joseph Mab8H, b. Feb. 16, 1786, 8. of 
Dr. Job and Elizabeth (Smith) Marsh. [He m. (I) Jan. 26, 1814, 
Roxa Johnson, dau. of Stephen Johnson. She d. Nov. 20, 1828; 
(2) Oct 13, 1829, Rozana Wright^ b. March 20, 1798. She d. 
Apr. 29, 1836, ». 38; (3) Feb. 13, 1839, Catharine Cooledge, dau. 
of Nathaniel Cooledge. She d. Aug. 20, 1842. Children by first 
marriage. 1. Elvira Minerva, b. Sept 5, 1814, m. 1834, Willard 
M. Kellogg of Amherst, Mass.; 2. Mary Lyman, b. Feb. 18, 1818, 
DQL. 1840, William Watson Dickinson of Amherst; 3. Margaret, 
b. July 28, 1820, m. May« 1844, Lucius Nash of Hadley, and d. 
May, 1846; 4. Henry Martyn, b. Dec 21, 1827, m. May 10, 
1854, Almira Sophronia Morton, and is, 1878, a farmer in Hadley.] 
He was first a wagon-maker, and subsequently a farmer; a man of 
much intelligence, and excellent judgment Until the close of 
life, he retained all his faculties unimpaired, except that of hearing. 
He d. in Hadley, Jan. 26, 1871, m. 84. 


2d62. Daughter, b. Aug. 89, 1842; d. Aug. 29, 1842. 


2868. Chariei Oooiedge, b. Not. 24, 1845; m. Mary A. Foster. 


William BoltwooI), s. of William and Eunice (Noble) Bolt- 
wood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., July 3, 1802, and there d. Nov. 
5, 1875, ». 73. He was a fanner, and resided on a part of his 
father*s homestead. He possessed a very retentive memory, and 
was largely acquainted with the history of the inhabitants of his 
native town. He was social in his feelings, warm in his attach- 
ment to his relatives and friends, a good neighbor and an upright 

He m. June 1, 1826, Elbcta Stbtson, b. in Abington, Ifass., 
Apr. 7, 1808, dau. of Jacob and Rizpah (Bisbee) Stetson of 
Abington and Amherst, Mass. She resides, 1878, in Amherst. 


8264. Borah, b. Feb. 7, 1827; m. SilaB D. Clark. 

2965. CkKHvUne, b. Apr. 4, 1829; d. in Amherst, Aug. 15, 1880, 

0. 16 mos. 

2866. Henrtf LeanitUu, b. Jsn. 17, 1881; m. Helen E. Field. 

2267. Sotaman, b. Jan. 20, 1888; d. in Amhent, June 1, 1888, m. 


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CaroUne Amelia, b. Mch. 28, 1885; m. Charles A. Seeley. 
WaUam FraneU, b. Apr. 16, 1887; hl Atalanta A. Crisp. 

2270. Edmund, b. Sept 5, 1889; m. Kate W. Powers. 

2271. Bitpah, b. Feb. 20, 1842; m. Beth W. Maltbie. 

2272. John Bmermn, b. Mch. 24, 1844; m. Emma £. Hobart. 
2278. Harriet NewhaU, b. June 20, 1847; m. Stephen H. Lamed. 

2274. Robert, b. Feb. 12, 1852. 


OuvBR Noble Boltwood, b. of William and Eunice (Noble) 
Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, MaBS., June 1, 1807, and d. in 
Hastings, Mich., June 5. 1871, sb. 64. He removed in Aug., 1830, 
to Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; in March, 1836, to Panama, 
(Harmony,) Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; in Oct. 1850, to Hastings, 
Mich.; in 1862, to JEonia, Mich.; and in Aug., 1868, returned to 
Hastings, and there continued to reside until his death. 

He learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, but worked at it 
very little, after 1830. While a resident of the state of New 
York, he worked on his farm in summer, and was a clerk in a 
store in winter. * From 1845-49, he was postmaster of Panama. 
At Hastings, Miclu, he was from 1850-62, engaged in the flouring 
business^ and for a part of the time, was also in the dry goods and 
grocery trade. In Ionia, he was successiyely in the flouring, 
stOTe^ and hardware, and grocery business, until compelled by ill 
health to retire. After his return to Hastings, he was a grocer, 
for a short time jxrevious to his death. 

He was endowed with a cheerful disposition, and was beloved 
and respected in all the places of his residence. 

He m. Nov. 13, 1833, Nanct Smith, b. in Bridgewater, N. H., 
Oct 31, 1814, dan. of Nathaniel Scribner Smith, b. in Andover, 
N. H., June I, 1792, who d. in Hamilton, O., Aug. 17, 1855, sa. 
63, and Nancy Fellows, b. in Andover, N. H., Aug. 11, 1794, who 
d. in Panama, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1843, m. 49. Mrs. N. S. Boltwood 
resides^ 1878, in Hastings. 


2275. BmiOy Maria, b. Sept. 24, 1884, in Carroll. K. Y.; m. James A. 

2276. Bdiomon, b. July 10, 1887» in Panama, N. T. ; d. in Jamestown, 
N. Y., Jan. 4, 1856, s. la 


Habbixt Noblk, dau. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., N6v. 
8, 1815. She resides, 1877, in Longmeadow, Mass. 
She m. Bee. 10, 1856, Habyey Mbrritt,!). in Blandford, Mass., 

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Google _ 

288 DxacxKDANTs or thomab noblk. 

March 20, 1804, b. of Asa and Bethia (Noble) Merritt He was 
a fanner in Blandford, and there d. March 13, 1876, «. VI. 


2277. Hartey Le$Ur, b. Sept 6, 1858. in Blandfoid. 

^ABVET Robinson Noble, s. of John, was b. in Blandford, 
Mass., Oct. 27, 1817, and there d. Sept. 10, 1875, ae. 58. He was 
a fanner in Blandford, and a deacon in the Congregational church. 

He m. Feb. 3, 1858, Maby Ann Buss, b. Dec. 24, 1825, in 
Longmeadow, Mass., daiL of Walter and Harriet (Golton) Bliss. 
She d. in Longmeadow, Feb. 12, 1877, m. 51. 

2278. Oarrie, b. Mch. 9, 1859, in Blandford; and there d. Sept. 8, 
1875, n. 16. 

2279. KaU SlUott, b. Mch. 27, 1868, hi Blandfoid. 


Dr. Lbsteb Noble, s. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Nov. 
11, 1819. He commenced the study of dentistry, Sept. 17, 1846, 
with Dr. Nathan Keep of Boston, and remained with him nearly 
three years. He then stadied analytical chemistry, for five or 
six months, with Prof. E. N. Horsford, in the Lawrence Scientific 
School, Cambridge, Mass., attending at the same time the chemi- 
cal lectures of Prof. John W. Webster of Harvard College. He 
joined the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, in Oct., 1849, 
and received in June, 1850, the degree of D.D.S. During the 
sessions of 1851-52, he was demonstrator of mechanical dentistry, 
giving most of the instruction in the making of artificial teeth. 
While in the office of Dr. Keep, he assosted that gentleman in 
making a set of artificial teeth, for Dr, George Parkman of 
Boston. After the murder of Dr. Parkman, Drs. Keep and Noble 
had the disagreeable duty of identifying the artificial teeth, found 
with a burned head in Prof. Webster^s stove. Their testimony 
was the only reliable proof th^t the burned head was that of Dr. 

Dr. Noble practised his profession, 1852-60, in Washington, 
D. C. His health having become impaired, he removed to Long- 
meadow, Mass., and in May, 1869, opened a dental office in Spring- 
field. He continues, Jan., 1878, to reside in Longmeadow. 

He m. July 23, 1852, Mabt Woolwobth Bubbank, b. in Long 
meadow, Apr. 28, 1823, dau. of Daniel and Latira (Colton) Bur- 

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2280. AUu LauiM, b. McIl 18, 1855. 


JvLLk NoBLB, dau. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Jan. 6, 

She m. Apr. 15, 1846, Noah Bliss, b. in Longmeadow, Mass., 
March 3, 1822, s. of Walter and Harriet (Colton) Bliss: He is a 
farmer, 1875, in Longmeadow, Mass. 


2281. Oelia MeUiw, b. Mch. 11, 1848; m. Sept 14, I860, Spencer H. 
Wood, a Jeweler formerly of New Britain, Ck>nn., but now, 1875, of 
Litchfield, Ck>nn. Early in the Civil war, 8. H. Wood Joined the 
87th Mass. Reg., in which he served through the war. He was in 
many hard-f ought battles, but escaped with no serious injury. By 
reason of fatigue and exposure, he was for a time laid aside with 
inflammatory rheumatism, and will probably always be a sufferer. 

2282. Irena Robinson, b. Apr. 8, 1858; d. Dec. 18, 1865, a. 12. 
2288. Harriet CoUan, b. Feb. 22, 1859. 


Dr. Heitrt Bliss Noble, s. of John, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
May 20, 1832. He studied dentistry with Drs. Ma}7iard k Noble 
of Washin^n, D. C, graduated at the Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, March 3, 1857, and has practiced his profession in 
Washington, D. C, first with his brodier Lester, and since by him- 
self. His place of business, 1878, is 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

He m. (1) Feb. 16, 1859, Mabia Robinson Bliss, dan. of James 
and Eunice (Chandler) Bliss, of Longmeadow, Mass. She d. Dec. 
I, 1861, ». 29. 

He m. (2) Sept 20, 1864, Henbistta Clitch, b. in Washington, 
D. C. Feb. 17, 1843, dau. of Frederick and Henrietta (Schwarg- 
kopf) Clitch. Both F. Clitch and his wife were natives of Bremen, 


8384 Bmma Louise, b. Jan. 4, 1860, in Washington, D C. 
8885. Henry BUee, b. Oct 18, 1861, in Longmeadow, Mass. 


8286. Irene Henrietta, b. Oct. 80, 1868, in Washington, D. C. 
8887. Meta Dora, b. Oct 84, 1878, in Washington, D. C. 


Mabietta Noble, dau. of Alva^ was b. Oct. 4, 1815. 
She m. (1) Apr., 1832, Bu Fox, a. of Eli Fox. He was a farmer, 
and d. Apr. 1, 1835. 

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She m. (2) Apr. 21, 1843, Auoubtub Allkk, b. of JostuB Allen, 
of Ck>lebxook. Conn. He wm a fftrmer, and d in DftmaacuB^ Penn. 


2388. Sknar, b. Jan. 4, 1885; m. Jan. 1, 1856, Lacy May. 


2289. Maria, b. Mch. 8, 1844; m. James Oannichael, a blackunith of 
Binghamion, N. Y. 

2290. Juitu4, b. Dec. 15. 1845; d. Aug. 4, 1848, m. 2. 

2291. Louim, b Mch. 11, 1848; d. Oct 5, 1852, a. 4 

2292. Augfutu9, b. Oct 24, 1849. 
2298. Bifhia, b July 4, 1851. 

2294. Alva, b. Feb 26, 1854. 

2295. Chauneeif, b Feb. 18, 1856. 

2296. MnM, b. July 8, 1858. 


BxEUNE Noble, dau. of Alva^ was b. in Blandford, Mass., Feb. 
11, 1818. 

She m. Nov. 25, 1841, James Lotelass, b. in Bridport, Dorcet- 
shire, Eng., Nov. 10, 1815, s. of William and Sarah (Wooley) 
Lovelass. He came to the United States when about 16 years of 
age and learned the trade of shoemaker, in Philadelphia, Penn. 
He has redded in Damascus (P. O. Bldred), Penn., since about 1829. 


2297. TTtSum, b Aug. 9, 1843; m. Mch. 16, 1872, Fanny Gham- 
bers, and is, 1876, a fanner in Wanen Co., Penn. 

2298. AUee ROeeea, b. Sept 18, 1845; m. Mch. 25, 1863, Benjamin 
Franklin Kimble of Damascus, Penn. 

2299. Maria AmOia, b. Aug. 18, 1847; m. Christopher Tenant Tegeler, 
and d. in Damascus, Penn., Aug. 80, 1871, sb. 24. He is, 1878, a 
farmer in Damascus. 

9800. EUiobeth, b. Aug. 24, 1849; m. Nov. 9, 1876, James Francis 

Nesmith. He is, 1878, a truckman in Wanen, Penn. 

3801. mfrtfiee, b. Dec. 28, 1851; m. Mch. 26, 1874, Fiederick Wfl- 

liam Tegeler. He is, 1878, a farmer in Damascus. 

2802. Jamet Letter, b. Oct 8, 1858. 


Chablbs Bubll Noble, b. of Alva, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
March 19, 1820, was taken the next year by his parents to 
Damascus, Wayne Co., Pa., where he still, 1878, resides. 

He m. Oct 30, 1844, Euza Ann Bebient, b. in Butternuts, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., Sept 11, 1826, dau. of James and Fanny (Barsley) 

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2803. Fnnn^ Amelia, b. May 8 or 29, 1846; m. June 11, 1872, Christopher 
Tenant Tegler of Eldred, Wayne Co., Penn. He is a farmer. 
Children bom in Damascus. 1. Harriet, b. July 27, 1854; 2. Flora 
Louise, b. June 12, 1862. 

2804. Martin JamM, b. Apr. 26, 1848: m. June 15, 1875, Ella Maria Van 
Cleef, b. in Seneca Falls, N. Y., July 9, 1850, dau. of George Anson 
and Maria (Rust) Van Cleef of Wellington, O., who d. Nov. 28, 
1875. He commenced, Sept 1, 1871, the study of dentistry in 
Honesdale, Penn., and the following year went to Wellington, O., 
where he studied and practiced until Sept. 18, 1875. He af terwanl 
studied for a time in the Philadelphia Dental College, and d. in 
Eldred, Penn., May 21, 1877, le. 29. He had no children. 

2805. Leiter, b. Mch. 2, 1851 ; d. in Damascus, July 1, 1851. 

2806. Homer CharU$, b. Aug. 1, 1852. In 1874-75 he attended a course 
of medical lectures at the Wooster Uniyersity, Cleveland, O., and 
in the spring of 1^75, attended a course at the Medical College, Cin- 
cinnati, O., where he received, in 1875, the degree of M. D., and is 
now. Dec., 1875, practising his profession, in Salem, Wa3iie Co., 

2807. Harriet, b. July 27. 1854; d. in Damascus, Apr. 15, 1862, 

280a WaUngUm, b. July 24, 1858; d. in Damascus, March 20, 1862, 
SB. 8. 

2809. FUmk I/miea, b. June 12, 1862. 

2810. Mervin Qenung, b. Jan. 18, 1866. 

WiLUAM CooLBT NoBLB, s. of Alva, wss b. in DamascoSy Penn., 
Mch. 2, 1824. He is, 1878, a farmer in Damascus) Penn. 

He m. July i, 1849, Buniob Oabrbtt, b. in Berlin, Penn., Aug. 
29, 1831, dau. of John and Patience (Albro) Qarrett 


2811. WiOiam Wetton, b. June 4, 1851, in Damascus; and there d. June 
4, 1852, SB. 1. 

2812. Am^ JkOa, b. Aug. 5, 1858, in Damascus; and there d. Feb. 
26, 1862, 0. 8. 

2818. Smenim OwrUe, b. Oct 14, 1855. 

2814. JS&nnr MOee, b. Jan. 26, 1859. 

8816. BOae Demkig, b. June 25, 1861. 

8816. Auguila ButUee, b. Mch. 11, 1864. 

8817. JimphAI^, b. Mch. 89, 1868. 

SszTOM NoBLK, s. of Alvs, wfts b. in Damascus, Penn., Mch. 8, 
1825. He is, 1878, a farmer in Eldred, Wayne Co., Penn. 

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He iiL Oct. 4, 1854, Layinia Fmh, b. in Liberty, N. Y., Dec. 25, 
1836, dan. of Daniel and Nancy (Maffitt) Fiah. Daniel Fish, b. in 
Haibbiz, Vt, June 26, 1789, a aoldier in the War of 1812, still, 
Jan., 1878, resides in Damascns, Penn. 


8818. Howard Beach, b. Sept. 4, 1855. 

2319. Laura Eoelyn, b. Dec 28. 1856. 

8S80. Mary Lamnia, b. Nov. 14, 1858. 

2821. BaftfordArihyr,h, June 20, 1860. 

2322. Bdmund Fish, b. Oct. 7, 1866. 

2323. Omn IV0adiMU,b. July 24,1868. 
2824. Kaneif, b. Feb. 7, 1872. 
2895. Irens Steams, b. Dec. 1, 1878. 

RozALANA Noble, dan. of Elibn, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
Aug. 20, 1788, and d. in Oranville, Mass., Apr. 1, 1838, m, 49. 

She m. Oct. 28, 1806, Asa Seticoub. b. in Oranville, Mass., 
Dec 23, 1782, s. of Asa Seymour. He d. in Guilford, Conn., 
June 4, 1826, m. 43. 


2826. AmOa, b. May 22, 1807, in Granby, Conn. ; m. May 11, 1852, 

Silas Rose, a flour merchant in Spriugfleld, Msss. 
9827. Sliia, b. Dec. 17, 1809, in Granby, Conn. ; m. Not. 16, 1858, 

Eieszar W. Bliss, a fanner of Brimfleld, Mass. 
282a A^fired, b. Sept. 6, 1814, in Bootstown, O.; m. Jan. 1, 1838, 

Achssh King, and settled, as a fanner, in GrsnYlUe, Msss. 
2829. Am NoUe, b. Nov. 28, 1824, in GranTille, Mass. ; m. Apr. 18, 1658, 

Ludna D. Myres, and removed to Maze Manie, Dane Co. , Wis. 


Sallt Noble, dau. of Blihu, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Oct. 
80, 1790, and there d. March 2, 1843, SB. 52. 
She m. Feb. 27, 1810, Blt Bbooutt of Blandford, Mass. 

288a Luanda, 




Borah Bkaira, 


fold, Msss. 


Chester, Conn. 



fold. Msss. 


; m. Rodney Thorp of Northampton, 
; DLJEliP. Hayden,andsettledinBland; 
; m. James Lloyd, and removed to Msn- 
; m. Henry Msrshsll Smith of Blsod- 

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PoLLT NoBLK, dau. of Elihii, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Aug. 
31, 1793, and d. in Columbus, 0., Dec. 13, 1858, e. 65. She re- 
moved, after the death of her husband, to Golimibus, 0. 

She m. Nov. 24, 1812, Lobek Boiks, b. March 1, 1790, s. of 
Samuel Boies of Blandford, Mass. He resided in Homer, N. Y., 
1812-17; in Blandford, Mass., 1817-37; in Dayton, O., from 1837, 
untQ his death. He d. in Mich., 1852. 


8384. Room, b. Oct 17, 1818; m. May 6, 1885» George L. Houghton of 

Columbus, O. 
2385. BeUe^, b. July 88. 1816; d. in Homer, N. Y., 1817. 

8886. Truman, b. June 29, 1819; d. in Blandford, Iklass., 1825, ae. 6. 

8887. outer, b. Jan. 15, 1822; m. ,. and d. in Dayton, O., 

Oct. 18, 1846, ». 24. 

8888. Eleeta, b. Mch. 8, 1885; d. 1838, e. 18. 


LoviBA NoBLX, dau. of Elihu, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Oct. 
14, 1797, and d. in Fort Ann, N. Y., Sept 20, 1840, e. 42. 

She m. abt 1814, Alexakber Black, to whom she was pub. 
Dec. 11, 1814. He was s. of Archibald Black. 

8889. Marif Ann, b. 1816; m. Isaac Ives, and removed to Ohio. 

8840. Leverett, b. ; d 

8841. Alflred, b. 

8848. Sarah Jane, b. ; d. 

8848. WiUMm, b. 


MiLA NoBLB, dau. of Elihu, was b. in Blandford, Mass., June 
28, 1799, and at last report, resided in Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

She m. March 7, 1819, Lmus Stbickland, b. Aug. 12, 1794, s. 
of Elijah and Betsey (Gray) Strickland. He d. in North Adams, 
u, Feb. 12, 1841, m. 46. 

8844. Chad, b. Feb.. 88, 1820, in Oill, Mass. ; d same day. 

8845. mihu Gray, b. Apr. 84, 1821, in Gill; d Oct 1, 1842, s. 21. 

8846. Harriet KefoeU, b. Sept 15, 1828, in Gill; m. Sept 8, 1844, James 
Bly, and removed to Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

8847. Ja^ FranJeUn, b. July 17, 1825, in GUI; resided for a time in 
Westfield, Mass. 

8848. Linui AueHn, b. Sept 8, 1827, in GUI; rasided in Brandon, Yt, 
andd. — 


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d348. SaraJi, Bmdine, b. Dec. 80, 1880, in Gill; d. in North Adams, 

MasB., Sept. 18, 1884, e. 8. 
8890. Ef^ BrcekeU, b. Dec. 28, 1887, in North Adams; and there d. 

May 88, 1841, «. 8. 


Hamnah Noblk, dau. of Elihu, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
March 31, 1802. 

She m. Sept. 27, 1827, Almon Pbeblbs, b. June 20, 1801, a. of 
John Peebles of West Granville, Maas. 

8851. Ndton Lorin, b. Sept. 9, 1828; d. July 25, 1881, m. 2. 
2862. Henr^ Martin, b. Oct 29, 1880; m. May 5, 1858, Mary Jane Par- 
sons. He settled in Blandf ord, Mass. , as a fanner. 

2858. Chad, b. June 18, 1888; d. July 15, 1834, s. 18 mos. 

2854. Hmrietta, b. May 29, 1885; d. Sept. 24, 1888, e. 8. 

2855. Bmay AfUoineUe, b. Sept 24, 1887; m. Mch. 10, 1858. Henry Dayid 
Tinker of Blandf ord, Mass. 

2856. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 7, 1840; d. July 16, 1842, m. 2. 

2857. EUhu KMe, b. June 12, 1842. 


Blxhu Noblk, 8. of Elihu, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Oct 10, 
1806, and d. in Columbia, Wayne Co., 0., Oct 14, 1839, ». 33. 

He m. [Sallt?] Eliza Smith, b. May, 1816, dau. of William 
Smith of Blandford, Maas. She m. (2) Daniel Webster of Ridge- 
field, Lorain Co., 0. 


2868. mnerva, b. Aug. 8, 1884; d. in Ohio, Not., 1858, m. 19. 

2859. CkiMn BndOi, b. July 4, 1886. 

2860. JarmEHhu, b. Dec. 25, 188a 


Bbthu Noblk, dau. of SUaa, was b. in Russell, Maaa., Feb. 24, 
1787, and d. in Chicopee, Mass., Oct. 11, 1867, m. 80. 

She m. Feb. 16, 1809, Alsxakdbb Oowbt, b. Aug. 9, 1786. 
He was a fanner in East OranviUe, Mass., and was killed by the 
fall of a tree, May 2, 1823, m. 36. 


2861. MUe CMUm, b. Jan. 9, 1810; m. Oct 22, 1882, Lydia GraTes. 
He was a fanner, clothier, and axe-maker, and d. in CoUinsrille, 
Conn., Oct 11, 1848, m, 88. ' 

2862. JOannah Sophia, b. Aug. 10, 1811; m. Feb., 1887, Vastus Parks, a 
fanner. She d. in RusseU, Mass., May 11, 1862, ». 50. 

2868. JamM Harper, b. Oct. 1, 1818; m. Jan., 1887, Abigail LeisweU. 
He was a grocer in Hartford, Conn., but d. in Feeding Hills, Mass., 
July 6, 1840, m. 26. 

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2864. MarUn Strtmg, b. Sept 1, 1815; m. Mch. 11, 1847, Mary A. Hall. 

2865. P&rUr SU, b. Dec. 6, 1817; m. Jan. 1, 1846, Julia Bates. 

2866. StOmne Belhia, b. May 18. 1820; m. 1840, Lucius B. Chapin, and 
d. in Chicopee, Mass., Jan. 8, 1876. 

2867. Amanda, b. Apr. 27, 1822; m. 0) Not. 8, 1842, Lucius 
Pbelps Bishop, a fanner and mechanic in Russell, Mass., until 
Jan. 1, 1854, when he removed to Hartford, Conn., and d. Jan. 15, 
1854, e. 84; (2) Thorp, and resides, 1876, in Holyoke, Mass. 


Silas Nobli, s. of Silas, was b. Jan. 19, 1789, and d. in Bland- 
ford, Mass., Nov. 12, 1841, b. 53. 

He m. HuLDAH Ebbp, b. in West Oranville, Mass., dau. of Syl- 
▼anus Keep. She d. in West OianviUe. 


2868. Malafitha, b. Dec. 28, 1817; m. Dec. 8, 1841, Frederic A. Klpley, 
8. of John Ripley of Blandford. Children. 1. Lucinda A., b. 
Not. 80, 1844; 2. Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1849. 

2860. Abiffaa, b. July 26, 1820; m. Apr. 17, 1847, James D. Ripley, s. 
of John Ripley of Blandford. Child. Bilas Lorenzo, b. Sept. 25, 

2870. Minena, b. Mch. 7, 1826; d. Oct. 27, 1829, m, 8. 

2871. Lorenao, b. Nov. 22, 1880; is, 1877, a farmer in East Gnnville, 


RoLAHD NoBLK, s. of Silas, WES b. March 5, 1791. 
He m. (I) Oct 2, 1817, Roxa Fbost, b. Feb. 17, 1796, dan. of 
David Frost 
He m. (2) Dec 16, 1845, EnmcB Orakobb of Southwick, 


2872. WeaUhy Frctt, b. July 7, 1818; m. William J. Ripley, s. of 
John Ripley. She d. without issue, Apr. 17, 1842, e. 28. 

2878. Luanda ArdOia, b. July 14, 1820; d. July 17, 1841, e. 21. 

2874. Edwin Chatiet, b. Oct 14, 1828; m. , an adopted 

dau. of Mr. King, and resides, 1877, in East Granville, Mass. He 
prob. had son, Charl^, who d. Aug. 11, 1855, «. a 

Rbubvn Noble, s. of Silas, was b. Feb. 26, 1793, and resided 
in Oranville, Mass., where he d. Apr. 24, 1855, ». 62. 

He m. Jan. 27, 1820, Ctkthia Oowdt, b. in Russell, Mass., Apr. 
18, 1800, dau. of Alexander Oowdy, b. in Enfield, Conn., Jan. 19, 
1762, who d. in Russell, Mass., May 12, 1826, and Hannah McOreg- 
ory, b. in Somers, Conn., Feb. 3, 1760, who d in Enficld, Conn., 
Sept 3, 1837. 

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d875. OrvOs, b. Jan. 2, 1821. in RiumU, Mms.; bl Kot. 26, 

1846, Caroline Amelia Bates, dan. of ChaileB iVederic Bates of 
Oianyille, and resides, 1876, in Urbana, O. 

2876. Mdma, b. Sept. 28, 1822, in Somers, Conn. ; m. Feb. 8, 1864, 
Dayton Loomis, a farmer of Westfleld, Mass. 

2877. SOm, b. Dec. 2, 1824, in Bomers; m. Charlotte A. Gib- 

2878. Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 1, 1828, in GranTille, Mass. ; m. 0) O. L. 
Oibi>on8; (2) D. Loomis. 

2879. EOen Clarista, b. July 9, 1845, in Granville, Mass.; m. Jan. 27. 
1875, Frank Seymour Henry, b. in Springfield. Mass., Jan. 9, 18^, 
s. of Simon Nelson and Mary Harriet (Seymour) Heniy. He is a 
mechanic in Granville Comers. Mass. 


LuoT NoBLi, dau. of Silas, was b. March 27, 1795, and d. at 
the birth of her only child, Aug. 21, 1821, e. 26. 
She m. June, 1818, William Hall. 


2880. lAiey, b. Aug. 21, 1821; m. May, 1844, Samuel Bates, and settied in 
Russell, Mass. 


Albbbt Nobli, b. of Silas, was b. Nov. 20, 1797, resided in 
Bnssell, MasB., and d. • He was a farmer. 9m$. Vl-tab* 

He m. (1) Jan. 27, 1820, Ltjgt Flotd, b. Jan., 1800, dau. of 
Robert Floyd. She d. May 8, 1842, m. 42. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Mabvillx Rioos, b. Oct 2, 1802, dan. of En- 
sign litcbfield. She m. (1) Feb. 7, 1821, Amasa Biggs, b. Oct 
7, 1797. 


2881. B»uhenB„ b. Nov. 

2882. Baay X., b. July 8. 1824; m. Kov. 10, 1841, Benajah S. Brock- 
ett, and d. Feb. 28, 1848, m, 18. 

2888. LoTinda M., b. Mch. 14, 1827; m. Nov. 28 or 29, 1844, Alva Bishop, 
and d. Mch. 27, 1849, «. 22. Child. Loiinda M., b. Mch. 27. 

2884. AlbeH W„ b. July 27, 1820; m. Apr. 20, 1850, Maria . 

2885. Lw^ Beihia, b. May 1. 1881 ; m. May 19, 1860. James Blakeslee of 
Russell, b. abt 1826, s. of Manning Blakeslee. 


Chablottx Noble, dau. of Silas, was b. Mch. 17, 1800, in Rus- 
sell, Mass., and d. Aug. 5, 1850, f. 50. 

She m. Oct, 1819, Samuel Ekoz of Blandford, Mass., b. Aug. 
7, 1796. He was a blacksmith. 

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2886. Harriet Minerta, b. 15, 1820; m. Michael Craft of Leicester, 


2887. Bophronia Luey, b. July 17, 1823; m. Jan. 20, 1841, William Whit- 
ney of South Boeton, Mass. 

2888. BmOine, b. Apr. 16, 1826; m. May 24, 1846, Zicl Riggs. 

2889. JameB Hooper, b. Nov. 4, 1828. 
2390. Henrjf Martyrs, b. Aug. 17, 1888. 

2891. Beteey Trpphena, b. Oct. 17, 1886; d. Oct 18, 1888, ae. 1. 

2892. WaUam Samuel, b. Jan. 27, 1841. 


8sTH Noble, s. of Silas, was b. in Russell, Mass., Jan. 20, 1802, 
and resided after his marriage, in West Springfield, Mass... until 
Sept, 1833, when he removed to Eaton, Lorain Co., C, and in 
July, 1836, to Marion (P. 0. Byron), Ogle Go., LL, where he, 1877, 
resides. He was by trade a wagon-maker, but became a farmer, 
on his removal to Ohio. 

He m. (1) Nov. 16, 1826, Mabt McIntiiue, b. in Delhi, N. Y., 
Aug. 16, 1804, dau. of Ely and Diana (Robinson) Mclntire. She 
d. in Marion, HI., July 6, 1845, e. 40. 

He m. (2) Dec. 6, 1853, Mrs. Mabia More, b. in Amsterdam, 
N. Y., Jan. 20, 1816, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca (Fairchilds) 
Leper. She m. (1) J>ec. 29, 1842, John More, a farmer, who 
resided in Amsterdam, N. Y., and there d. Dec. 17, 1850. 


fSm, Ornner, b. 17ov. 8, 1827, in West Springfield ;m. Sarah A. 

2894. Luejf, b. Jan. 16, 1880, in West Springfield; m. Samuel 

K Morley. 
2896. Lorinda, b. Mch. 22, 1882, in West Springfield; d. in Ma- 

rion, Jan. 8, 1889, n. 6. 

2896. Lorain, b. Dec. 28, 1884, in Eaton; m. Horace H. Drake. 

2897. 8iUu, b. Aug. 28, 1887, in Marion; m. Amanda A. 

2898. Fiancee Augtuta, b. May 18, 1840, in Marion; m. S. M. Benedict. 

2899. JuUa Ann, b. Aug. 14, 1842, in Marion; m. Dec. 2, 1860, 
Hugh BagsB, and d. Oct 2, 1861, m. 19. She bad no children. 


Mabt Am Noblb, dau. of Silas, was b. Jan. 7, 1809, and d. 
July 26, 1842, m, 33. 

She m. Dec. 25, 1828, Bbnjaion Bbnmxt, b. Aug. 31, 1801, 
who settled in Russell, Mass. 

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MX). Hannah Minerva, b. Jan. 15, 1881; m. Stanton S. Clark. 
8401. SeOi Noble, b. July 15. 1886. 

2402. NeUon WWiam, b. Feb. 1. 1889. 


Hkrct Nobls, daiL of Medad, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Nov. 
24, 1785, and removed to East Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

She m. July 11, 1813, Joseph Olnet, b. in North Scitoate, 
R. L, Aug. 16, 1787, a. of Emer and Elisabeth Olney. 


9408. Jonathan Frary, b. Feb. 16, 1815, in Columbus, N. T. ; m. Oct 17, 
1888, Jane Woolston, and resides, 1876, in Penfield, Monroe Co., 
N. Y. 

9404. Fra^Min, b. May 14, 1817, in Columbus, N. Y. ; m. (1) Nov. 
15, 1848, Eliza J. Benson; (9) Sept. 98, 1848, Anstis Boot He re- 
sides, 1876, in Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

9405. Cyru%, b. Sept 28, 1819, in Victor, N. Y. ; m. (1) ; 

(9) Jan. 7, 1850, Mary P. Ohiey, and resides, 1876, in Pittsford, 
Monroe Co., N. Y. 

9406. HarriMi, b. Jan. 9, 1899, in Tictor; resides, 1876, in PitU- 
ford, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

9407. Jifhn, b. Apr. 14, 1894, in Mendon, N. Y.; m. Oct. 5, 
1848, Lydia W. Olney, and resides, 1876, in Bushnell's Basin, N. Y. 

9408. Merq/Awn, b. Oct 94, 1896, in Mendon; m. Oct 8, 1845, 
William H. Armstrong, and settled in Pittsford, N. Y. 

9409. Sarah, b. Oct 98, 1880, in Mendon; m. May 1, 1851, 
Lorton Gibson, and settled in East Mendon, N. Y. 


Levi Noble, s. of Medad, was b. in Blandford, Mass., June 22, 
1792, was a fanner, and settled in Richmond (Honeoye P. C), 
Ontario Co.. N. Y. 

He m. (1) Dec. 80, 1818, Aubeua SrEEi^b. Oct 8, 1800, dan. 
of Roderick Steel. She d. in Richmond, Oct 9, 1838, e. 38. 

He m. (2) May 28, 1839, Asbnath Fbink, b. July 18, 1804, dau. 
of Samuel Fxink. 


9410. Horace, b. Feb. 8, 1890; m. June 90, 1844, Martha RoberU, 
b. Mcb. - 96, 1897, dau. of Hezekiah and Hannah Roberts. He re- 
moved to Canadice, Ontario Co., N. Y. Children. 1. Harriet G., 
b. June 17, 1846; 9. Levi G., b. Feb. 17, 1850; 8. Joseph C, b. 
Dec. 99, 1851. 

9411. Lifdia, b. Oct 19, 1821 ; m. July 19, 1888, Decker Hop- 
pough, b. in Frankfort, K Y., s. of Peter and Margera Hoppougb, 

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and removed to CanadicCp N. Y. Cbndrcn. 1. Harriet AurcHa, b. 
Jul 10, 1842; 2. Mary Bmeline, b. Nov. 19, 1843; 8. Caroline, b. 
Feb. 18, 1848; 4. George Peter, b. Dec. 18, 1845; 5. Frances Levi, 
b. Apr. 80, 1850. 
2412. Jchn, b. June 15, 1824; m. June 19, 1852, Sophia RoberU, 

b. in Naples, N. T., Dec 81, 1880, dau. of Hezekiah Roberts, and 
settled in Richmond, N. T. 

2418. MaryBmeUfu, b. Bept. 19, 1826; m. Apr. 22, 1844, Alexander Hew- 
ett, b. in Edinburgh, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Mch. 25, 1818, s. of Asa 
Hewett, and settled in Allen, Hillsdale Co., Mich. Children bom 
in Allen. 1. Aurelia, b. B^t. 22, 1845; 2. William Eugene, b. 
Sept. 20, 1848; 8. Mary, b. Jan. 80, 1851. 

2414. Levi, b. Apr. 17, 1828; res. in Richmond, N. Y. 

2415. Oeorge, b. Dec 8, 1880; m. Bept. 20, 1851, Eliza Carr, b. 
in Springport, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1882, dau. of Samuel and Rachel 
Carr. She d. Mch. 22, 1852. Child. Eliza, b. Mch. 9, 1852. 

2416. Harriet, b. Apr. 27, 1884. 


BoHAK NoBLi, B. of Modad, was b. in Blandford, Mass., March 
30, 1797. He resided in Richmond, N. Y., and West Bloomfield, 
N. Y^ until Aug., 1845, when he removed to Yankee Settlement, 
Delaware Co., Iowa, of which place, prior to 1856, he was post- 
master for several years. He is a farmer, as are all his sons. 
His P. 0. address, 1875, is Edgewood, Iowa, the name of his 
P. 0. having been changed. 

He m. (1) March 30, 1819, BmncE Ooodssll, b. in Wells, Vt. 
May 3, 1795, dau. of Daniel H. GoodselL She d. without issue, 
1820, ». abt 25. 

He OL (2) Jan. 21, 1821, Mrs. Cththia Aloxb, b, in Canaan, 
Columbia Co., N. Y., Dec. 19, 1787, dau. of Daniel H. Gk>odsell, 
and sister of his former wife. Shad, in Honey Creek, Delaware 
Co., Iowa, Jan. 16, 1860, e. 72. 


2417. DofM Bohan, b. Mch. 18, 1822; m. Minerva FM. 

24ia Albert Ooodedl, b. Apr. H 1824; m. (i) h. C. Richards; (2) 

2419. IMraeiui JanaOan, b. Mch. 29, 1826; m. EUsa J. Reese. 

2420. Orren Bmmant, b. Feb. 5, 1828; m. Hannah J. EeUooL 


TmsEAB Feabt Noble, b. of Medad, was b. in Blandf ord, Mass.^ 
July 31, 1799. He resided, subsequent to his marriage, (except 
from 1843-46, when he lived in Richmond, N. Y.,) up to 1866, in 
Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., where he was a deacon in the 

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Congregational church. He then removed to Dutch Creek, Wash- 
ington Co., Iowa, where he still, Feb., 1876, resides. 

He m. July 16, 1817, Alma SteybnSi b. in Amherst, N. H. 
Aug. 22, 1801, dau. of Jesse and Molly (Spaulding) Stevens. 
She d. in Dutch Creek, Sept. 22, 1872, m. 71. 

8421. OlaruM, b. Kov. 2. 1817, in Richmond, K. T.; d. in 

Kapoli, K. T., July 4, 1885, m. 17. 
2422. AmeUa, b Apr. 28, 1820, in Richmond; d. Aug. 80, 

1887, m, 17. 
2428. Broitui Phineas. b. Mch. 28, 1822, in KapoU, K. T. ; m. Sarah 


2424. Truman JBiMtddinff, b. Feb. 18, 1828, in Kapoli; m. Orinda Ran- 

2425. Elvira, b. Feb. 14, 1880, in KapoU; m. Solomon F. 

2426. Alma, b. Feb. 28, 1888, in Kapoli; and there d. July 
16. 1886, m. 2. 

2427. Benr^ Mart^, b. Sept. 18, 1886, in Kapoli; d. Sept 14. 1887, 
«. 11 mos. 

2428. AMn 8t€wart, b. Mch. 12, 1840, in Kapoli. 


LoBiN Noble, s. of Medad, was b. in Pompey, N. Y., May 18| 
1802. He resided in Richmond, N. Y., from 1804 to 1820, and 
then removed to Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., and again in 
Sept, 1853, to York (Plum Springs P. 0.), Delaware Co., Iowa. 
His P. 0. address, 1875, is Edgewood, Iowa. 

He m. Apr. 6, 1825, Faknt Boabdman, b. Mch. 29, 1806, dau. 

of Timothy Boardman. 


2429. ffarriet, b. Dec. 27, 1826; d. Mch. 8, 1828, «. 1. 

2480. Harriion, b. Aug. 7, 1829; m. Dec. 81, 1857, Roeannah £. Holt, b. 
in Rutland, Meigs Co., O., Sept 20, 1888, dau. of Aaron Holt, and 
removed to York, Iowa. 

2481. TmoOiy, b. May 80, 1881; m. July 2, 1856, Susanna Jones, b. in 
Rutiand, O., June 25, 1888, dau. of William Jones, and removed to 
Ck>ld Water, Iowa. Child. Son, b. Jan. 14, 1858. 

2482. Dmght, b. Mch. 14, 1888. 

2488. BmUy, b. Kov. 16, 1884; m Oct 28, 1854, Martin B. Richaids, 
and removed to Lodomillo, Iowa. Chfld. Harriet, b. Aug. 15, 1855. 

2484. Hoffiet, b. Feb 16, 1886. 

2485. Bmuoe, b. Nov. 9, 1844. 

JoHATHAN Noblb, s. of Msdad, was b. in Richmond, N. Y., Nov. 
23, 1804, resided in Yankee Springs, Iowa, and d. abt 1865^ 

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He m. Feb. 28, 1828, Martha Obay, b. in Lima, N. Y., Apr. 
30, 1802, dau. of Simeon Gray. She resides, 1876, in Lodomillo, 
Iowa, her P. 0. address being Strawberry Point, Iowa. 


2486. Ltd Richardton, b. Doc. 29, 1880; m. Mcb. 9, 1854, Lucinda Asena 
Haskell, b. in Busti, N. T., Noy. 19, 1882. He remoTcd, in 1675, 
from Lodomillo, Iowa, to Strawbeny Point, Clayton Co., Iowa. 
He is a farmer. Children bom. in Lodomillo. 1. Clarence Franklin, 
b. May 25, 1855, d. Dec. 9, 1868, m. 18; 2. Leonard Orcutt, b. Sept 
1, 1856, d. KoY. 8, 1868, ffi. 13; 8. Elmina Martha, b. Dec. 21, 1862, 
in Lodomillo. 

2487. L^ieim Lonn, b. July 15, 1882; m. Dec. 19, 1858, Eliziibeth Elviza 
Eidner, b. in Homer, Licking Co., O., Oct 19, 1841, dau. of Amos 
and Malinda (McLane) Eidner. He is a farmer, and resides, 1876, 
In Lodomillo, Iowa, his P. O. address being Strawberry Point, Iowa. 
Children bom in Lodomillo. 1. Cora Amy, b. Sept 12, 1860; 2. Enmia 
Dell, b. Jan. 14, 1864. 

2488. Franklin Oray, b. May 8, 1843. He resides, 1876, unm., in Lodo- 
millo, Iowa, his P. O. address being Strawberr}- Point, Iowa, and is 
a farmer. 


QuABTUB NoBLi, 8. of SolomoB, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Nov. 
17, 1790, and d. in Cortknd, N. Y., Apr. 11, 1846, 89. 55. He was 
a blacksmith. 

He m. (1) Apr. 18, 1816, Pknikah Todd, b. Mch. 4, 1799, dan. 
of Dan Todd of Homer, N. Y. She d. in Homer, N. Y., Joly 5, 
1827, 89. 28. 

He m. (2) Nov. 11, 1827, MimBVA Stebbhtb of Cortlandville, 
N. Y., b. Apr. 1, . She d. Apr. 25, 1830. 

He m. (3) Jnly 17, 1833, Cabolins WiLUAKB,b. Sept 10, 1815, 
the adopted dau. of Mrs. Lydia Bates of Cortlandville. 


2489. Datid Wade, b. ; removed to the South. 

2440. CharUi Emermm, \. Apr. 18, 1880; m. June 28, 1850, Maiy 
Johnson. Chfld. Charles Otis, bw Mch. 15, 1851. 


2441. Laii SUtabeth, b. Apr. 7, 1884; d. July 29, 1887, «. 8. 
24^. Auguita Goodyear, b. Kov. 22, 1885; d. Mch. 20, 1837. 
2448. Jooeph Oixm, b. Kov. 8, 1888. 

%i/iL Thereta Ann, b. Feb. 6,1841. 

2445. Tfi€odffre FreUnghuy$en, b. Apr. 18, 1844. 

2446. Mary Maria, b. Mch. 81, 1846. 


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Mdvxbva Noblb, cLaq. of Solomon, was b. in Bkndford, Haas., 
Oct 23, 1792. After the death of her second husband, she went 
West, and resided with ber daughter in Jacksonyille, HL, and 
Terre Haute, Ind., and d. in Jacksonville, Apr. 17, 1854, m, 61. 

She m. (1) Nov. 6, 1811, Eli Boisb Haiclton, b. in Blandford, 
Mass., June 27, 1790, s. of John Hamilton. He removed, prior to 
1820, to Westfield, Mass., and there practiced law. He d. in West- 
field, Aug. 25, 1833, tt. 40. 

Slie m. (2) HeBekdah Robinson, who d., as is supposed, in West 
Granville, Mass., in the autumn of 1842. 


B447. Abiffoa BmUnia, b. Feb. 22, 1812, in Blandford; m. Oct 8, 1888, 
Joseph Walker King, a jeweler, and reddes, 1876, in JackaonviUe, 


9448. WOiNMi, b. Aug. 17, 1815, In Blandford; m. CaroUne 
Wright. He read law with his uncle, C. T. Noble, in Terre Haute, 
Ind., was admitted to the bar in Nov., 1843, resided in Terre Haute, 
and d., greatly lamented, Aug. 21, 18S2, e. 87. 

9449. AJlimira MeUua, b. Sept 18, 1890, in Westfield; d. in JacksonvlUe, 
July 8, 1848, m, 12. 


Solomon Noble, b. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, Mass., March 
12, 1795, and d. in Watertown, Conn., Dec. 6, 1868, m. 73. He 
was by trade a stone-mason, and resided in Warren, Newtown, 
and WatertowD, Conn. 

He m. Apr., 1826, or Apr. 8, 1827, Sarah Ann Bbablet, b. in 
Litchfield, Conn., Nov. 12, 1808, dau. of Joseph and Elisabeth 
(Swan) Bradley. She d. Feb. 24, 1843, b. 84. 


24B0. Q^i^rge BOen, b. Feb. 29, 1889; m. Mary O. Hicks. 

2451. CAofte (Hi$, b. July 26, 1881; bl Margaret Collins. 

2452. LoU OanUUa, b. Oct 27, 1888; m. William B. Benham. 
2458. MeUita Maria, b. June 10, 1886; m (1) €^- B- Carley; 9) K 


2454. Muisrva Bdhia, b. July 8, 1888; m. Heniy B. Parmelee. 

2455. Aiwy AymMir, b. Nov. 12, 1840; m. (1) M Hicks; (2) L. J. 


Loo NoBL^ dau. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, Mass., Feb. 
25, 1797, and resides, 1876, in McOrawville, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

She m. Feb. 23, 1819, Oilmou Kimnet, b. in Preston, Conn., 
July 22, 1796, s. of Moses Kinney of Preston, Conn., and Cortland- 
viUe, N. Y. He d. Dec. 15, 1856, ». 60. 

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3456. Lorin Augustus, b. Jan. 10, 1820; d. May 17, 1886, m. 16. 

2457. OnanAkmao, b. Oct 81, 1821; m. Feb. 25, 1846, Julia Freeman, 
and resides, 1876, in McGrawviDe, N. Y. 

2458. MiftenaAlnura^h. Jan. 9, 1828; d. May 7, 1828, s. 8 mos. 
8450. SOina, b. Feb. 1, 1824. 

2460. Cflariaaa Maria, b. Apr. 28, 1827; m. Junel8,1850,Luciu8Babcock, 
and resides, 1676, in McGrawville, N. Y. 

2461. Sdwin RMten, b. Jan. 18, 1881; m. Jan. 14, 1852, Eleanor Deeker, 
and d. of consumption, June 4, 1857, e. 26. 


Chablbs Thomas Noblb, a. of Solomon, was b. in Blandfoid, 
Mass., July 18, 1801. He removed with his father to Homer, 
Cortland Co., N. Y., and was one of the earliest pupils at Cort- 
land academy in that town. He subsequently was a successful 
teacher in New York and Indiana. In 1824 he removed to Terre 
Haute, Yigo Co., Ind., and has since resided there. It was then a 
village of 200 inhabitants, but has now, 1876, a population of at 
least 21,000. The house raised for him Apr. 28, 1834, has been 
his home ever since. Although admitted to the bar many years 
since, he has practiced but little. He was for several years first 
assessor, afterwards collector of taxes for Vigo Co., and subse- 
quently, for fourteei^ years, derk of the circuit court, probate 
court) and board of county comoiissioners. 

He m. Apr. 29, 1834, Elizabsth Lucbstia Hebbiko, b. in Rising 
Sun, Ohio County, Ind., Aug. 9, 1819, dau. of William and Dorcas 
(Taylor) Herring. 


2462. JuUa, b. Apr. 22, 1889; d. Sept 80, 1841, s. 2. 

2463. OharUi Thomoi, b. Kov. 2, 1842; left the Sophomore dass in 
Indiana Sute CoUege, to enter the service of the United States as 
private in the Civil war, and came out as first lieutenant. He is 
now, 1876, a derk in the employ of the Indianapolis, Terre Haute, 
Vandalia & St. Louis Railroad Co. 

2464. Eluaifeth LucreUa, b. Aug. 21, 1851; d. July 19, 1858. 

2465. WOi BanUUon, b. June 25/ 1854; is, 1876, a derk in the office 
of the Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Vandalia & St Louis R R Co. 

2466. Mary WhUnejf, b. May 16, 1857. 


AVxBT Otib Noblb, 8. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
Nov. 3, 1803. He resided for many years in Ravenna, Portage 
Co., 0., but now, 1876, resides in Whiteford, Monroe Co.. Mich. 
He is a farmer, and it is said that at the age of fifty, he could chop 
seven cords of wood in a day. 

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He m. Oct 19, 1834, Ann Woodbury, b. in Orwell, Vt, Jan. 
16, 1815, dau. of Daniel and Speedey (Darky) Woodbury. 


UMa.Lai$ Elita, b. Apr. 28, 1888; ± in RaTenna, Oct. 15. 1888. 
d467. Bef\famin Franklin, b. Sept. 4, 1889. 

2468. Sarah AdeUne, b. June 14. 1841. 

2469. Ohloe Julia, b. July 4, 1848. 

2470. Maria Eliza, b. Oct 8. 1845. 

2471. Laura EUzabeOt, b. June 24, 1848. 

2472. Ann AfigeneUe, b. Feb. 4, 1850. 


Bbthia Noble, dau. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, Mass., 
Dec. 17; 1805. She resided for a few years prior to her second 
marriage in Terre Haute, Ind., whence she removed to Lyme, 
Huron Co., 0., and thence, after about four years, to Bloomington, 
McLean Co., HI. She resides, 1876, in Riverside, Washington 
Co., Iowa. 

She m. (1) Nov. 2, 1825, Jabed Hunt, who d. June 13, 1831. 

She m. (2) Isaac Whitehead. 


2478. Harriet Maria, b. ; m. Thomas Hook of Terre Haute, 
Ind., and d. «. abt 20. 

2474. OhaHM Jwred, b. ; d. e. 6. 

2475. FrancM Alby, b. ; m. Horsce Bancroft of Jacksonville, 

2476. Jwred, b. ; d. in Westfleld, Mass., «. 8. 

child bt second mabbiaoe. 

2477. Mary, b. ; m. Druf . 

Chbsteb Clabk Noble, s. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, 
Mass., Sept. 16, 1807. He removed, in Dec., 1832, to Skaneateles, 
N. T., and thence, in Dec., 1833, to Charlestown, Portage Co., 0., 
where he has continued to reside until the present time, 1876, 
except during six months of the year 1835, which he spent in 
Amherst, Lorain Co., 0. His P. 0. address is Freedom Station, 0. 

He m. Dec. 27, 1840, Lauba Amell^ Pulsifeb, b. in Wind- 
ham, 0., Apr. 16, 1819, dau. of Stephen Bean and Anna (Lyman) 


ohudben bobh nr chaklbctowr. 

247a Newi Newkm, b. Nov. 6, 1841; m. Oct. 29, 1868, Aldorette Jeru- 
iha Osmun, b. in Euclid, O., Sept. 14, 1852, dau. of Israel and Mary 
Ann (Springer) Osmun. He resided in Weldon, Benzie Co., Mich., 

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1866-1872, and from the latter date, to the prescDt time, 187tf, haa 
resided in Shalcrsville, O., where he is a carpenter and Joiner. In 
the CiTll war, he enlisted in Co. I, 28d Reg. of O. Infantry, at the 
first call for ninety days* men, and at the expiration of that time, 
enlisted for three years, May 22. 1861, in the same company and 
regiment. He was discharged, Sept. 29, 1861, on account of sick- 
ness. Children. 1. Charlotte Amelia, b. Aug. 11, 1870, in Weldon ; 
2. Mar}' Eliza, b. Sept 9, 1873, in Shalersrille. 

2479. Julia Btua, b. Feb. 20, 1844; m. Oct. 25, 1805, Homer Anson 
Curtis, b. March 12, 1848, s. of Samuel and Harriet (Newel) Curtis. 
He is, 1876, a fanner in Charlestown (P. O. Freedom Station), O. 
No children. 

2480. DaugJitcr, ) b. Kay 26, 1849; d. May 26, 1849. 

2481. Davghter, ) b. May 26, 1849; d. May 26, 1849. 

2482. Laura Amelia, b. Dec. 9, 1850; m. Feb. 12, 1871, Joseph Henry 
Shoemaker, b. in Palmyta, Genesee Co., N. Y.. March 7, 1848, s. 
of Joseph and Bethia (Wright) Shoemaker. He resides, 1670, in 
Paris, Portage Co., O., his P. O. address being Freedom Station, 
O. Children. 1. Jay Tompson, b. Sept. 18. 1878, in Ravenna, O. ; 
2. Flora Era, b. Feb. 1, 1876. 

2488. Oheiter GUn, b. Aug. 14, 1858; m. Dec 27, 1674, Ellen Maria 
Porter, b. in Atwater, Portage Co., C, Apr. 7, 1859, dau. of Horace 
and Sarah (Wilder) Porter. He is, 1676, a farmer in Charlestown, 
O. Child. PersU Rosa* b. Apr. 28, 1876. 


Joseph Denibon Noble, b. of Solomon, was b. in Blandford, 
Mass., May 17, 1810. He removed, about 1833, to Charlestown, 
0., and Uienoe, in 1845, to Eaton Rapids, Jackson Co., Mick, 
where he has oontinned to reside up to the present time, 1876, 
except for two years, about 1854-56, when he resided in Spring- 
port, Jackson Co., Mich. He worked in the shop as a blacksmith, 
until he became of age, and then became a fanner. 

He m. Nov. 9, 1833, Anh Booth, b. in Tompkins Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 13, 1813, dau. of John Matthew and Susan (Lantennan) 


2484. Marjf Hden, ' b. Ang. 7, 1884, in Charlestown; m. (1) 
Apr. 14, 1858, Henry Schoonmaker, b. Feb. 15, 1886, a of Daniel 
and ICartha Ann (Stillman) Schoonmaker. He was a carpenter, 
and d. Harch 4, 1861; (2) Nov. 26, 1868, Abel Geer Stoddard, b. 
Sept. 22, 1818, a of Isaac and Catharine (Hazlitt) Stoddard. He 
was a fanner. He d. Sept. 25, 1876. Ko children. She resides, 
1876, in Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

2485. Adelaide 8akme, b. Sept 5, 1886, in Clutrlestown, O. ; m. (1) 
Nov. 80, 1851, Isaac Comelins Smith, b. Oct. 14, 1828, a of Isaac 
and Frances (Walpole) Smith. He was a farmer, and resided in 

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Eaton Bifida, Mich. He d. Much 4. 1809, «. 40; (2) July 17, 1870, 
Hyman Manly Chit Knowlton, b. in Oakland, Mich., Dec. 87» 1842, 
B. of Charles Ames and Hannah Melinda (Wilder) Knowlton. He 
is, 1876, a fanner in Eaton Rapids, Mich. Children by first marriage. 
1. Francis Denison, b. Jan. 18, 1854, m. March 5, 1876, Busan Hizer, 
and is, 1876, a fanner in Eaton Rapids, Mich. ; 2. Charles Isaac, b. 
Jan. 6, 1866, resides in Eaton Rapids; 8. Maiy Frances Amelia, b. 
Dec. 17, 1858, m. March 26, 1876, Franklin John Rank, a fanner 
in Eaton Rapids; 4. Emma Ann, b. Jan. 21, 1865. 

2486. Wa$ Henry HamiUan, b. Sept. 10, 1888; d. «. 9. 

2487. Bugen/B Cflark, b. Sept 24, 1840, in Charlestown, O. In the 
CiTil war, he was, Sept. 14, 1861, mastered into Co. A, First 
Mechanics' and Engineers' Reg. of Mich., was wounded in the bat- 
Ue of PerryrUle, Ey., in Oct., 1862. and d. Not. 6, 1862, n. 22. 
He was nnm., and a farmer in Eaton Rapids, before the war. 

2488. LunaAmeUa, b. Sept 22, 1842, in Charlestown; m May 
15, 1862, David J. Bradford, b. in Mich., March 11, 1886, s. of David 
B. and Lydia (Hall) Bradford. Children b. in Eaton Rapids. 1. 
Wells Eugene, b. Mch. 16, 1865; 2. David Don, b. Sept 1, 1869; 
8. Minnie Harriet, b. Jan. 28, 1871; 4. Hyman Milton, b. Jan. 8, 

2489. John Alf&rd, b. Jan. 80, 1844, in Charlestown, O. ; a 
farmer in Eaton Rapids, Mich. In the Civil war he enUsted in 8th 
Mich. Cavalry, and was mustered into the service, Aug. 18, 1864. 
Having been taken prisoner, Nov. 27, 1864, and confined in Hakon- 
bft, Ala., he lost his life, having been blown up, when on board 
the Confederate Sultana, Apr. 27, 1865, m, 21. 

2490. OMT^e BoM, b. Dec. 9, 1846, in Tyler, Mich. ; m. June 
80, 1867, Mary Bradford, b. in Eaton Rapids, March 24, 1844, dau. 
of David B. and Lydia (Hall) Bradford. He is, 1875, a farmer, in 
Eaton Rapids. Ko children. In the Civil war he was mustered 
into the United Sutes service, in 8th Mich. Cavalry, Aug. 18, 1864, 
and mustered out, June, 1865. 

2491. Hairtiei ISmma, b. Apr. 8, 1850, in Eaton Rapids, Mich. 


Mabia Psudbmck Noblb, dau. of Solomon, was b. Atig. 20, 
1813. She lemored from Homer, N. Y., in 1835, to Lyme, 
Huron Co., O., and atarted thence, Feb. 13, 1839, for Whitewater, 
Walworth Co., Wis., where she baa since resided. 

She m. March 27, 1834, Pbospeb Cbavath, b. in Cortland, N. Y., 
May 28, 1809, a. of Dea. Prosper and Miriam (Kinney) CravadL 
He ia a lawyer, jnatice of the peace, and, 1875, poatmaater. 


2492. Emma FranaUa, b. Not. 80, 1884, in CortlandTille, N. Y. ; m. Not. 
6, 1862, Dr. Willard Rice, and resides in Whitewater, Wis. 

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S«»8. Pitt NMe, b. Aug. 1, 1844; graduated at the Uniyenity of 

WiMonain, 1868; enlisted Hay 25, 1864, in 40th R^. Wia. Volun- 
teers, and seired until the dose of the CItII war; was a member of 
the Class of 1866 in Albany Law School, and is now a lawyer in 
Algona, Kossuth Co., Iowa. He m. Oct. dO, 1867, Marcia Dowd. 

Mbubba Ank Nobli, dau. of Solomon, was b. in Homer, N. T., 
Aug. 3, 1816, and resides, 1876, in Freedom Centre, Portage Co., O. 

She m. Apr. 8, 1840, Waltbb Bonkzt Wbthxriu^ b. in Ches- 
terfield, Mass., Nov. 5, 1812, s. of John and Hannali (Sprague) 
WetberelL He was a manufacturer of stone pumps, in Newton 
Falls, Trumbull Co., 0., and d. Jan. 13, 1857, 89. 45. 


841^ Am, b. Feb. 19, 1842; d. Feb. 90, 1842, m. 1 day. 

2496. Chatiu (koar, b. June 21, 1848, in Oharlestown, O.; and there 
d. Sept 0, 1848, «. 2 mos. 

2426. Maria JSleeta, b. Oct 22, 1844, in Charlestown, O.; and there 
d. Sept 25, 1846, SB. 11 mos. 

%m, Ckatiu Henry, b. Apr. 15, 1846, in Gharlestown, O. He is, 1876, 
a fanner, in Mantua, O. 

2488. WaUNMe. b. Aug. 20, 1848, in Paris, O. He is, 1876, a far- 
mer, in Mantua, O. 

2409. FiZ^ur GotrtwMt^, b. June 15,1860, in Gharlestown, O.; nk Sept 
28, 1874, Kancy Walter, and is, 1876, a fanner in Eaton Bapids, 
Baton Co., Mich. 

2500. Chuter Clark, b. June 28, 1852, in Gharlestown, O. ; m. Aug. 11, 
1876, Lodicy Berry, and is, 1876, a fanner, in Mantua, O. 

2501. (koar Walker, b. May 29, 1856, in Kewton, O. 


TiBZAH NoBLiB, dau. of Caleb, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Sept 
19, 1790, and d. in Allegan, Allegan Co^ Mich., Oct 6, 1873, 
m. 83. 

She nt (1) Jan. 1, 1814, Silas Dujihjjc, b. in Norihmnberland, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., June 27, 1781, s. of Edward Dunham. He 
was a fanner, in Henrietta and Bochester, N. Y., and Cooper, 
Mich., and d. in Cooper, Feb. 13, 1839, m, 57. 

She m. (2) Feb., 1840, Wait Fbanklin, b. in New Haren, 
Conn., Apr. 8, 1773, s. of David and Sarah (Hubbard) Franklin. 
He came, in 1838, from Watertown, N. Y., to Otsego, Mich., 
resided in Oun Plain and Ealamasoo, Mich., but d. in Otsego, 
Allegan Co., May 13, 1868, m. 95. He was a tanner. 

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8602. 3au>ard iToMtf, b. Oct 1, 1814, in Henrietta, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 14 
1842, Jane Wlieeler. He was a bookkeeper, and d. in 8t Louis, 
Mo., Hay 15, 1850, m, 85. 

2508. AffndDwight, b. Apr. 1, 1816, in Henrietta; m. Dec. 25, 1844, 
Helen May Howard. He resides, 1877, in Clinton, Iowa. 

2504. SOoi Edwin, b. Feb. 22, 1819, in Henrietta; m. June 8, 1841, 
Adelia Rood. He graduated in 1846, at Michigan UniTeraity, and 
in 1861, at Kalamazoo Theological Seminary. He is a Baptist 
clergyman, and has preached in Ann Arbor, Niles, Galesburg, 
Laurens, Ceresco, and Lawton, Mich. He now, 1877, resides in the 
latter place, but owing to the failure of his health, is unable to 

2505. WeOey Higgim, b. Sept. 6, 1820. in Henrietta; m. June 6, 1841. 
Cella Ann Clapp. He is, 1877, a fanper in Teed*8 Grove, Clinton 
Co., Iowa. 

2506. TiT9ah Maria, b. Sept 12, 1820, in Rochester, N. Y. ; and there d. 
Aug. 10, 1826, SB. 22 mos. 

2507. Tinah Maria, b. June 8, 1829, in Henrietta, N. Y. ; m. (1) I>«c. 
25, 1849, Henry Moore, a ma£ufacturer of saleratus, in Kalamazoo, 
Mich; (2) Not. 8, 1858, Duncan Arthur McMartin. He resides, 
1877, in 'Allegan, Mich., and is treasurer of AU^gan Co. 

2606. Albert Cyprian, b. Oct 1, 1881, in Rochester, N. Y. ; and there d. 
Aug. 28, 1888, SB. 22 mos. 


Stltebtbb Noble, b. of Caleb, was b. in Steuben, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 26, 1796, and d. in Shelby, Orleans Co., N. Y., Nov. 
23, 1869, a. 73. About the year 1812, he removed withhis father^s 
family from Steuben, N. Y., to Henrietta^ Monroe Co., N. Y.; 
about the year 1818, to Barre, Orleans Co., N. Y.; and in 1852, to 
Shelby, Orleans Co., N. Y. He was a farmer. 

He m. (1) Dec. 26, 1827, Elvira Pibbbon, b. prob. in Henrietta, 
N. Y., Sept, 1809, dau. of Sheldon Pierson. She d. in Bane, 
N. Y., Feb. 12, 1833, ». 23. 

He m. (2) Aug. 4, 1833, Flavilla Ajcaiida Abhlbt, b. in Clare- 
mont^ N. H., Sept 11, 1807, dau. of Robert Anthony and Fanny 
(Petty) Ashley. She d., in Johnson's Creek, Niagara Co., N. Y., 
Oct 14, 1877, ». 70. 


2509. Luey Ludna, b. Nov. 6, 1828; m. Sept 9, 1849, George Grinnell, 
a farmer, who resides, 1876, in Hammond, Bt. Croix Co., Wis. 
Children. 1. Berton Eugene, b. in Bane, N. Y. ; 2. Eva Lorette, d. 
SB. 19; & Noah Leslie, b. hi Barre, N. Y.; 4. Ida May, d. m. 2; 5. 
Addle Estelle, b. in Hammond, Wis. ; 6. Esla A 

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9510. SkMan Pientm, b. Oct 15, 1880; m. Feb., 1858. Ellen Ryan. He 

is a fanner, and reaides, 1876, in Mount Carroll, Carroll Ca, DL 

Children. 1. Ida; 8. Frederick. 
8511. John J^hantu, b. Jaly 82, 1832; m. Feb. 22, 1858, Martha Crane. 

He is a farmer, and resides, 1876, in Hammond, 8t Croix Co., Wis. 

Children bom in Bane, K.Y. 1. Julia,d. inBhelby, n.2; 2. Fred< 

crick; 8. Imogene. 


8618. QKTaifuM^$9$a,h. Mch. 80, 1885; m. Sept 27, 1868, Morris Brad- 
ley, a farmer, who resides, 1876, in Johnson's Creek, town of Hart- 
land, Niagara Co., K. T. Children. 1. Burt, b. June 1, 1870, in 
Hartland; 2. May, b. July 17, 1872; a Edith Amanda, b. Jan. 18, 

8518. F)rance$mvira, b. Not. 7, 1886; m. May 15, 1866, Joel Linsley, b. 
in Cornwall, Vt, Nor. 88, 1827, a. of Horace And Betsey (Samson) 
Linsley, being his second wife. He finished, in 1856, a four years' 
course of study at Amherst College, although he did not take his 
degree; graduated, in 1859, at Union Theological Seminary in New 
York city; was ordained as a Cong, minister, Apr. 1, 1860; was 
stated supply in HUlsborough. IlL, 1860-61, and in Manlius, N. Y., 
1861-62. He has since devoted his attention to agriculture, in 
Shelby, N. Y., 1868-78, and from 1878 to the present time. 1877, in 
Cnilpeper, Va. Children. 1. Howard Koble, b. in Shelby, K. Y., 
Feb. 4, 1867; 2. Helen Addic. b. June 22, 1869, in 8helby,and there 
d. Sept 1, 1870,. SB. 1; 8. Grace, b. Oct 11, 1871, in Shelby; 4. 
Horace, b. Sept. 28, 1878, in Culpeper, Va. ; 5. Clajrton, b. Feb. 8, 
1876, in Culpeper, and there d. Apr. 27, 1876, m. 2 mos. ; 6. Royal 
DeForest, b. May 80, 1877, in Culpeper. 

2514. AlmrdAddai(U,\}, Aug. 28, 1888; m. Oct 14, 1860, Myron Judson 
Benson, b. in Lockport, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1881, s. of Judson and Roz- 
cenia (Lothridge) Benson, being his second wife. She d. in Brook- 
lyn, K. Y.. Dec. 10, 1874, m, 87. He is, 1877, a commission dealer 
at 470 Broadway, New York city, his residence being at 190 Madison 
St , Brooklyn, N. Y. [He m. (1) Sarah Jane Letto, who d. in Shelby, 
N. Y., Jan. 8, 1858; (8) Apr. 22. 1876, Elizabeth Ross, b. in Royalton, 
N. Y., July 5, 1848.] Child. Bertha Rozcenia, b. Oct 26, 1868, in 
Medina, N. Y. 

8615. AnnElim, b. July 15, 1840; m. May 14, 1862, John Griffith 
Crapsey Liddle, b. in Shelby, N. Y., Apr. 20, 1885, s. of Adamand 
Linda Mirah Crapsey. She d. in Shelby Centre, N. Y., Apr. 14, 
1868, SB. 27. AfUr her death, Mr. Liddle m. (2) 1870, Elizabeth M. 
Miller. He resided in Moscow, Mich., Philo, Sidney, and Homer, 
m., and d. in the latter place. Sept 12, 1875, sb. 40. He was a 
achod-teacher. Children bom in Shelby. 1. Florence, b. Mch. 18, 
1868, d. Sept 4, 1866. sb. 2; 2. Charles Ashley, b. May 27, 1866; 8. 
AnnaElisa, b. June 88, 186a 

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310 tWBoattAMTu or thoiub itobls. 

B516. BOen Amanda, b. Dec. 19, 1841; m. Nor. $, ises, EdwudPoiKm, 
b. in Wright, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Aug. 2, 1841, s. of ConieUus 
yen Dyke and Aitemieia (SimpkioB) Possod. Bhe d. without iesoe, 
in Shelby. N. Y., Oct. 29, 1868, b. 21. He m. (2) Kov. 8, 1864, 
Bamkntha Almeda Williame. He was a fanner and school-teacher 
np to Apr. 1, 1878, when he commenced the stady of the law, with 
Henry A. Childs of Medina, and was admitted to the bar, Apr. 8, 

1876. He was elected, Kot., 1876, school commissioner for Orleans 
Co., an office which he still, 1877, retains. He resides in Medina. 

8617. Martha Jans, b. June 1, 1846; d. in Shelby, K. Y., Jan. 11, 1864, 

26ia IkUa Qsrtrude, b. Dec. 19, 1848; m. Mch. 11. 1869, Franklin MU- 
ton Bcny, a farmer, who resides, 1876, in Hammond, St Croix Ca, 
Wis. Children. 1. Addie, b. Mch. 18, 1870, in Shelby, K. Y., d. 
in Hammond, Wis., 1872; 2. Ida Amanda, b. July 4, 1878, in Wis. ; 
a Myron Ashlqr, b. May 29, 1874. 

Sophia Noble, dan. of Caleb, was b. in Steuben, Oneida Ca, 
N. Y., Jan. 9, 1799, and d. McL 2, 1856, m. 57. 

She m. Oct 30, 1816, Lkbbsus Sribwood. He was a farmer, 
and removed, Sept, 1833, to Otsego, Allegan Co., Mich. He d. in 
Otsego, Mich., Feb., 1835. 


8519. GiUi, b. Kot. 20, 1810, in Brighton, N. Y.; m. Dec 26, 

1848, Elizabeth Atanira Adams, and is, 1877, a farmer in Plainwell, 

2520. Jamsi KoUe, b. Feb. 18, 1820, in Brighton. K. Y. ; m. Lurette 

Phetteplace. He is. 1877, a farmer in PUinwell, Mich. 
2621. Bulbert, b. Feb. 11, 1822. in Brighton; m. (1) Filena Drew; 

(2) Spencer ; (8) Ann Crawford. He is a farmer, and resides, 

1877, in Cooper, Mich. 

2522. Sophda Ann, b. June 15, 1824, in Brighton; m. 1889, Nathaniel 
Seeley. He is. 1877, a farmer in Plainwell. Mich. 

2524. Tinah Maria, b. June 25, 1826, in Brighton; m. Ralph Richmond, 
and d. in Otsego, Mich., abt 1849. 

2525. Albert, b. Nov. 28, 1880, in Brighton; d. num., in Yiiginia 
City, Ner., May, 1862, n. 81. 

2526. George, b. July 12. 1882, in Brighton; m. Apr. 11, 1857, Kate 
MelTina^Hng. He d. Apr. 12, 1874, e. 41. 

2527. Lu^, b. Aug. 8. 1885, in Otsego, Mich. ; m. Oct 26, 1858, 
Henry Elijah Blackman. They reside, 1877, in Trowbridge, Allegan 
Co., Mich., where he is a farmer. 

Mabt Noblb, dan. of Caleb, was h. in Steuben, N. Y., Feb. 22, 
1801, and d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept 10, 1856, ss. 55. 

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She m. Ltjoua Wait, b. in Hatfield, Meas., Feb. 6, [family 
record aaya Feb. 8,] 1799, a. of Lncioa Wait He waa a carpen- 
ter, and d. in OrangeviUe, Barry Co., MicL» Feb. 11, 1876, n. 77. 


ease. MaTjfLuey, b. Oct 22, 1822. in Henrietta. N. Y.; m. Mch. 

87, 18S9, Oirin Orton, and resides, 1877, in Wayland, Mich. Her 
hnsband, a fanner, d. in Wayland, Not. 18, 1875. 
2529. WaiMn W., b. Dec. 8. 1825, in Barry, N. T.; m. Mch. 4, 

1847, . He is, 1877, a farmer in Orangeville, Barry 

Ck>., Mich. 
2580. Jotephine, b. May 6, 1828, in Barry; m. 1846, John P. 

McCormick. He is, 1877, a fanner in Tiner, Marshall Co., 111. 

' b. Oct 9, 1880, in Bany; m. Oeorge McCor< 
mick. He resides, 1877, in Decatur, Mich. 

b. Oct 9, 1880, in Barry; m. Oriswold. He 

is, 1877, a farmer, in Eenesaw, Adams Co. ,Keb. 
2588. Efm Ann, b. Mch. 4, 1885, in Bany ; d. in Plainwell, Mich., 

Jan. 27, 1868, «. 17. 

2584. Jans Fanny, b. Not. 4, 1840, in Plainwell; d. in Kalamazoo, 
Mich., May 20, 1855, m, 14. 

2585. SUwyrButh, b. Sept 10, 1844, in Plainwell; m. Oris- 
wold. Thqr reside, 1877, in Whitney Station, Allegan Co., Mich. 


Jahu Nobls, a. of Caleb, was b. Feb. 18, 1803, and d. June 9, 
1872, SB. 66. He waa by trade a aboemaker, but devoted hia 
attention to agriculture, after hia removal, about 1853, to Mich- 

He m. Aug. 25, 1829, Maboabxt DAinsL8,b. July 9, 1805, dau. 
of John and Hannah (De Witt) Daniela. She reaideB, 1877, in 
Cooper, Mich. 

2581. CaliiUiFidaia, 

2582. MeUma OorMia, 

«m. JuUaAnm. b. in Henrietta. N. T.; m. Dec. 25, 1846, William 
O. Close, a shoemaker of Albion, K T., and d. in Albion, Aug. 

2587. JamM Marrii, b. Dec 14. 1888; m. Sept 22, 1861, Harriet MaUlda 
Hardin. He is, 1877, a farmer, in Cooper, Mich. Children, two, 
one of wbom has deceased. 

258a Albert Henry, b. Aug. 12, 1847, m. Sept 28, 1866, Ann Eliza Hutch- 
ins. He i^ 1877, a fanner in Cooper, Mich. Has had three 

SxMAKTHA NoBLB, dau. of Caleb, waa b. in Steuben, Oneida Co., 

N. Y., Jan. 29, 1806, and reaides, 1877, in Ulyaaea, Potter Co., 


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She OL Sept 15, 1827, Bev. Tmact Soon, b. m NerthfieU, 
Conn^ JttL 1, 1800, e. of Celeb end Phebe (Webb) Soott He le 
e Beptiet mipiwter, end wis oideaned in Alden, I^e Co., N. T., 
where he preeehed two yean. In 1839, he removed to UljMce> 
Potter Co., Penn. Since this date, he has, nntil the failnre of his 
health, in 1872, continned to labor prindpallj in Potter Co^ some- 
times travelling as a colporteur, and sometimes sa^^dying feeUe 
ehnrehes. He supplied for nine yeais, the church in Ulysaes, and 
also for a time, the churches in Bingham, Harrison, and Allegheny, 
Penn. He resides, 1876, in Ulysses, Penn. 

1688. ButitumM, b. June 18, 1828, fai Bocheeter. N. Y.; m. 

June 14. 1850, Sophia Whipple, wie a farmer, and d. in Port Alls- 
ijtMDj, HcKean Oa, Penn., Jan. 18, 1881, e. 88. 

t54a 0$plka$2hUe, b. Oct. 80, 1880, in BcottviDe, Hosroe Ca, 

N. Y.; d. In Bochester, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1881, n. 8 mos. 

8841. A^^uMtaSmtkonOka, b. Oct. 11,1888, inPikcAllegaDyCa.K. Y.; 
m. Not. 6, 1851, Dewey Whipple, Jr., and d. in Ulyieee, Fens., 
Oct 87, 1874, n. 42. He wae a farmer. In the CiTll war. be en- 
Uated as a private in Co. K, 98Ui Penn. Beg., and d. In Wsshhistan, 
D. C, June, 1881 

8642. EmOine T&ummnd, b. Apr. 80, 1888, In Alden; m. Apr. 8, 1867, 
Ira Hack Horton. He worin npon the railroad, and reridet In 
BloesbUTg, Tioga Co., Penn. 

8548. WaUer, b. Aug. 5, 1848, fai Ulymes; m. Oct 18, 1885. 

Hannah Looim Howe. He Is a fumer, and reiides, 1878. In Fair- 
bug, Jeffenon Ca, Nebraska. 


Bnw.4Bn TBAax Noblb, a. of Caleb, waa k in Steuben, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 11, 1809. He removed in 1835, to Albion, 
N. Y.; in I860, to Kalamaaoo, Mich.; in 1870, to Middleville, 
Mich.; and in 1876, to Wayland, Allegan Ca, Mich. He is a 

He UL Sept 19, 1833, J^n EuiABBTa Hodgs, b. in MaroeIhi% 
N. Y^ Ang. 28, 1806, dau. of John and Eliiaheth Hodge. She 
d. in Wayland, MicL, Got 23, 1877, •. 71. 


8641 MubtaH., b. Nov. 17, 1884. In East Bkmnlleld. N. Y. ; d. Apr. 

87, 1887, ft. 8. 
8645. BUta. b. Nov. 88, 1885. in Albion, N. Y.; d. fiept < 

1844, ft. 8. 
85I& Bme$ CaUb, b. Oct 14, 1887, fai Albion. K. Y.;m. Apr. 6, 1878, 

Abble Stewail He hss redded In Ealimafoo end PlainweU. 

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Mich., Clinton, Wis., LaPorte, Ind., and now, 1877, retides in 
Chicago, HI. ^e is a tailor. 
3547. Martha Larira,h. If ov. 9,1839. in Albion. N. Y.; m. Oct. 11. 

1876, John Beach, b. in Thornapple, Barry Co., Mich., Jan. lA. 
1841, B. of Ashbel and Betsey OVood) Beach. He is a fanner in 
Thornapple, Mich. 

Elviba LtJCT Noble, dan. of Caleb, was b. in Steuben, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., Apr. 28, 1811, and resides, 1877, in Plain well, Mich. 

She m. Nov. 22, 1832, Wiluam Still, b. in Am well, Hunter- 
don Co., N. J., Aug. 16, 1805, a of Friedrich and Sophia (Dates) 
StilL He removed, in Sept., 1833, to Plain well, Mich., where he 
d. Dec. 21, 1877, sb. 72. 


8548. Voiruy WUUam, b. Nov. 22, 1882, in Rochester, N. Y. ; m. Sept. 
21. 1859, Ann Pierson. He is, 1877, a fanner in Sacramento Co., 

2549. Jame$ Pmy, b. Dec. 28, 1838, in Pkinwell, Mich. ; resides, 

1877, unm., in Almeda Co., Cal. 

2550. Phebe Elvira, b. Sept. 24. 1840; m. Sept. 25, 1860, Benjamin 
Conrad. He is, 1877, a carpenter in Washington Ter. 

2551. WOber Eugene, b. Aug. 26, 1848, in Plainwell; m. Anna Webb. 
He resides, 1877, in Livermore, Almeda Co., Cal. 

2552. JuUa, b. June 16. 1852, in Plainwell; m. Apr. 9, 1878, 
Jerome Winchell. He is a printer, and now, Sept., 1877, is about 
removing to Detroit, Mich. 


EnwABo NoBLX, 8. of Moaes, was b. in Elizabethtown, N. Y., 
Apr. 3, 1823. He resides, 1877, in Eureka, Wis. 
He m. Apr. 14, 1842, Flavu Bostwick. 


2558. Arta J. , b. Mch. 14, 1848. He served in the Civil war. 

and d. in Chattanooga, of a wound received in the battle of Chick- 

amauga, a ball having passed through his body Just above the hips. 

He survived but a week, and d. Sept 27, 1868, «. 20. 
2554. L^dia Annette, b. Aug. 18. 1845; m. J. W. Roberto of Osli- 

kosh. Wis. Th^ reside, 1877, in Michigamme, MarquetU Co., 

Mich. Child. William, b. abt 1869. 
8555. Bichard P., b. June 5, 1847; m. Oct 10, 1869, Rebecca 

Comstock. Chfldren. 1. Aiza; 2. Lilian Florence; 8. Letty laora. 

2556. Uttia hora Alexander, b. Aug. 7, 1849; d. Apr. 26, 1851, m. 20mos. 

2557. Aeheah, b. Nov. 29, 1851; m. Aug. 17, 1872, Sylves- 
ter Kelley. Child. Escal,b. July 28, 1878. 

d55a BmUy Florence, b. Mch. 2, 1855; m. Aug. 17, 1872, Herbert 

Atkins of Eureka, Wis. 

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W». OkmrtmBmUm, b. Mcfa. 16, 1857. 

SMK). Bi, b. Sept 10, 1859. 

8581. Segmmr, h. Jan. 8, 1888. 

8582. BfoH, t. Mch. 15, 1887. 
858a OrpkaMa^, t. Apr. 88,187a 


J.AJIX NoBLB, dAu. of Joseph, wM b. in Bric^ton, N. B., Fob. 9, 
1814. Her P. 0. address, 1875, is Bocklaad, Carlton Co., N. & 

She m. Apr. 30, 1835, Albin Colb Ebtabbooks, b. in SheiBeld, 
N. B., May 12, 18: 1, s. of Samuel EsUbrooks of Brighton, N. B. 
He d May 12, 1847, a. 36, having been killed by a log rolling or 
falling upon him. 


8661 SamuMjmU, b. Mch. 5, 1886. • , 

8565. Shepard Han^, b. Dec. 8, ISSa 

8566. LuereUaAnn, b. Oct. 4, 1840. 

8567. Aibi9i WaUaee, b. Oct. 15. 18i2. 
856a Biwk Barker, b. Feb. 8, 1845. 


Maxt Ahh Noblb, dan. of Joseph, was b. in Brighton, N. B^ 
Sept 3, 1815. 

She m. May 11, 1837, Lsn Hahdt Bstabbookb, b. in SheiBeld, 
N. B., B. of Samuel Eetabrooks. 

chudbbr bobx xk bbxiqiitoh. 
8588. mmira Amn, b. Aug. 8. 1888; d. Apr. 86, 1842. 
8570. Jbmph ffan49. b. May 10. 1842. 
8671. aifv<iJM^flMlki,b. Dec 16,1845. 
8572. Aktkia Jans. b. Mch. 17, 184a 
967a LMimLMeia, b. Kot. 17, 1851. 


Sabab Moblb, dau. of Joseph, was b. in Bri^too, N. B^ July 
18, 1820. 

She m. Mch. 2, 1844, Chablbs Bubab, b. in Maugervillei N. B., 
1813. He removed to Brighton, N. B. 


8674 CMMifft, b. Dec, 11, 1845. 

8575. Oearge Afford. b. Ko^i 12, 184a 
867a OkaHm WMm^tui. b. Ma/ 18, 1848. 


Elxjab Noblb, a of Joseph, was b. in Brighton, N. B., Aug. 
28, 1822. He removed to the parish of Wickham, Queens Co., 

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He m. Ji2L 27, 1848, Jvua Amr Albbioht, b. Apr. 1, 1825, a. 
of Henry Albright 

2S77. F^tmem MeMna, b. Aug. 26, 180a 

2678. Maf^MaHBa. b. Oct 80, 186t 

2679. JSrth (kbam, b. Jan. 9, 1868. 


Haxnah Babksb Nqblx, dau. of Benjamin, was b. in Sheffield, 
N. B., Dee. 80, 1810, and resides, May, 1876, in Bridgewater, Me. 

She m. Jan. 25, 1827, John AoubsoN, b. in Sheffield, New 
Brunswick, Oct 20, 1800, s. of Jacob and Catherine (Mills) Acker- 
son. He was a farmer. At the age of twelve he removed from 
Sheffield, N. B., to Brighton, N. B., where he resided until abt 
1832; thence to Wakefield, where he resided until about 1851; 
and thence to Bridgewater, Me., where he remuned until his death. 
He d. Nov. 18, 1859, •. 59. 

2680. CaOurine AnMa, b. Dec 6. 1827, in Brighton; m. Nov. 28, 1844, 
Elijah Gallup, a fanner of Wakefield. She d. Oct 14, 1866, ». 87. 

2681. Bu9anna WieUaw, b. Oct 11, 1829, in Brighton; m. Apr. 8, 1862, 
Daniel Brown, a fanner in Brighton, who d. Feb. 19, 1870. Bbe 
resides, 1876, in Brighton. 

2682. Jacob, b. Dec. 17, 1881, in Brighton; m. Sept 21, 1864, 
Hannah Lloyd. He was a fanner in Bridgewater, where he d. Jan. 
4, 1864, e. 22. 

2688. Bn^amin Notk, b. Dec 16, 1888, in Wakefield; and there d. Oct 

18, 1849, SB. 16. 
2584. Oeorge Affinxl, b. Mch. 28, 1886, in Wakefield; m. Oct. 11, 1847, 

Anna Lloyd, and is, 1876, a fanner in Wicklow. 

2685. Thamoi DOane^, b. June 17, 1888, in Wakefield, and there d. Hch. 
6. 1861, «. 12. 

2686. TheoimHa/rding, b. Feb. 1, 1841, in Wakefield; m. June 4. 1872, 
Angelina Williams. He is, 1876, a fanner in Bridgewater. 

2687. John Lormuo. b. June 80, 1848, in Wakefield: m. Jan. 8. 1866, 
Caroline Amelia Hartley. He is, 1876, a farmer in Bridgewater. 

2688. Jotpk El^ah, b. June 16, 1849, in Wakefield; m. Oct 11. 1871, 
Leonora DUlon. He is, 1876, a fanner in Han HUl, He. 

2689. Donu Byron, b. Feb. 8, 1882, in Bridgewater; m. July 1, 1876, 
Maigaret Ann Williams. He is, 1876, a farmer in Bridgewater. 

2690. Bannah Barker, b. July 11, 1864, fai Bridgewater; m. Aug. 11, 
1876, Oeorge Lemuel Williams, a fanner in Bridgewater. 

2691. Oharioi, b. Aug. 81, 1867, in Bridgewater; is a farmer, 
1876, in Bridgewater. 

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OsoBOB ScTH NoBLB, 8. of Benjamin, was b. in ShefBeld, N. B^ 
Jan. 15, 1812, and is now, 1876, afarmer in Lower Brighton, N. B. 
He m. Aug. 4, 1835, Auk McEumT. 


S60S. Sutannak, b. Hay 84. 1886. 

90M. Bef^anUnK, b. May 29, 1888; d. lCay6. 1840. 

9884. Jchn Akxan^br, b. June 18. 1840. 

9095. Gsorgt Albert, b. Dec. 14, 1848. 

8696. Jfory SUtaheth, b. June 16. 1844. 

8697. Ataehar Currier, b Oct 86, 1846; d. 
869a DaM Duncan, b. Jan. 80, 184a 


JoBSPB Babxxb Noblb, 8. of Benjamin, waa b. in Brighton, 
N. B., Aug. 4, 1815.* He ia now, 1876, a Free Ghxiatian Baptist 
deigyman, and resides in Tracy's Mills, N. B. 

He m. Oct«24, 1836, Flobixx MoObaw. 


8099. WWamArberi, b Oct. 6, 1887; m. McKlni^. Glill- 

dren. 1. Ransom Grant; 8. Merta Elizabeth; 8. Etta Florence. 

8600. Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 18, 1889; m. Veyiqr, and d. 

1868. Child. Henry Htcklen. 

8601. Geerge A, Barker, b. Sept 18, 1841; m. Churchill. Chil- 

dren. 1. Ida May; 8. Ells Cornell; 8. Geofge Wilbur. 

8608. AanAsMfta, b. Dec. 1, 1848; m. CoUen Wood Resooe. 
Child. Faring Augusta. 

860a Ber^amin HMen, b Apr. 82, 1846; d. Oct. 1846, m. 18 mos. 
8604. Joeeph Nehemiah, b May 81, 1848; m. Brown. 

8606. Be^aminAddinift<m,\i. July 4. 1850; m. ConneU. Child. 


860a Kmia Imdore, b. Aug. 18, 1808; m. Curry. Children. 

1. Charles Hscklen; %, George Wilbur. 

8607. Ida Fhrtnoe, b. Apr. 18. 1806; d. 


BvooH BABun Noblb, s. of Benjamin, wash, in Brighton, N. B^ 
Aug. 17, 1818, and is now, 1876, a farmer in Blaine, Me. 
He m. June 25, 1840, Maboabbt MoGraw. 


860a Frederic Herding, b. July 1, 1841. 

8609. BueannaAnn, b. Feb. 8, 1848. 

8610. Mofrgaret J. Biehardeim, b Kor. 18, 1841 

8611. Jeeepk Albert, b. Bept 18, 1846. 
8618. OkmriatteAmeUa, b. Nor. 18» 184a 

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M18. FhHns JMOa, b. Sept 18, 1850. 

9814. EafianJ^, t. Dec 85, 1858. 


Thxodobs Habdikg Nobls, 8. of Benjamin, wm b. in Brighton, 
N. B., Sept. 25, 1820, nd is, 1876, a blacksmith, in Grafton, N. B. 
He m. Mch. 16, 1848, Mabtba MoOsb. 

8815. OairoiinsS,, b. Aug. 88, 1848; m. ■■' Brown, and d. ioon 
after her marriage. 

8616. Joteph Wa^mar, b. Not. 16, 1850; m. Hart 

8617. MOittm A., b. Sept 16, 1858. 

86ia Sarah, b. ; m. fibay. 

8619. AdsUa, bi ; m. ■' ■ Birmingham 

8680. Shoda, bi 

8691. Tk6odar§, bi 

8688. Fhrmoe, b. 

' 17M. 

Bbbboga Noble, dau. of Benjamin, waa b. in Brighton, N. B., 
Haj 18, 1828. 

She m. Oct 17, 1844, Rsitbbn J. Robinbon. He residea, 1876, 
in Lower Brighton, N. B., and is a farmer. 

968a I>uncan AJbeH. b. Mch. 19, 184a 
8684. Biuanna MeUaa, b. Sept 89, 1850. 
K2S. Martha Jans, b. Dec. 85,1858. 

8686. AtcAm, bi 

8687. lantta, bi 


TanAOHAB CvBBiBB NoBLB, 8. of Benjamin, waa b. in Brighton, 
N. B., Dec 25, 1825, and d. in Hodgdon, Me., Sept 80, 1872, 

He m. Not. 18^ 1851, Caboubb TsoiCAa 

868a Moinlormm, h. Jan. 1, 185a 


DATxn DmrcAir Noblb, a of Benjamin, waa b. in Brighton, N. B., 
Feb. 1, 1828. 
He m. Aug. 12, 1851, SoaAmiA MgEbnhbt. 

8689. mtaAnn, b. Oct 84, 1858; m. Bnbar. 

8680. Butanna, b. ^ 

8681. Jans, b. 


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BuzA Amv NoBLB, dsu. of Benjaxnin, wm b. m Brighton, N. B., 
Aug. 7, 1831. 

She m. Dec. 25, IS49, Riohabd McKknkkt, a farmer, justice of 
the peace, and poetmeeter, in Newbuigh, N. B. 

M83. John Liprenwo, b. May 24. 1861. 

VSta. &wrg€ AHhuT WMv^fkm, b. May 6, 1868. 


Eldabkth Gorham. dan. of Nathan and Hannah (Noble) Oor- 
ham, was b. in Montgomery, Mass., March 29, 1808, and d. in 
Darby Flsins, 0., Feb. 16, 1837, m, 28. 

She m. Apr. 20, 1826, Silas Coitysbss, b. in Windsor, Conn., 
Nov. 29, 1792, s. of Rev. Jeremiah and Rhoda (Converse) Con- 
verse. He m. (4) Mrs. Diadama Bowers, nit Phinney. He is, 
1878, a farmer in Darby Plains (P. O. Plain City), Madison Co., O. 

rimiPimr bobh oi dabbt. 

9684. Hannah Beaek, b. Feb 8, 1827; d. Aug. 86, 1829, m. 2. 

2636. BUa9, b Apr. 22, 1829 ; m. 0) Apr. 1, 1851 , Msrgaret EUxa- 

beth Clemens ; (2) 8c^t 27, 1860, Julia Sophia Janes, and is a farmer 

fai Victory. Hardin Co., O. 
2686. JyUaEUxabelh, b July 10, 1831; m. Aug. 1, 1850, Samuel Hawn, a 

farmer, and rerides, 1878, in Ottrander, O. 


Bbukpa <3obbam, dau. of Nathan and Hannah (Noble) Oor- 
ham, was b. in Worthington, 0., Oct 25, 181 1. She resides, 1875, 
in Springfield, 0. 

She m. (1) Apr. 29, 1829, Obson Smith Convbbsb, b. in Brid- 
port, Vt, July 24, 1808, a of Perley and Arphy (Hemenway) 
Converse. He was a farmer, and a local preacher in the Methodist 
Episcopal church, and d. in Canaanv Madison Co., C, pet 14, 
1838, m. 80. 

She m. (2) June 17, 1839, Babnabas Pattbbson, b. in Va., Jan. 
11, 1807, s. of Robert and Elizabeth (Porter) Patterson. He was 
a fanner, and d. in Delaware, C, Feb. 8, 1872, ». 65. 


9687. IhinM Hemenwd^, b. May 90, 1882, in Canaan, 0. ; aerved in an 
Ohio regiment during the Civil war. 

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MBS. Robert, b. Apr. 0. 1840; m. Dec. 2, 1861, Catbarine 

Dominy* and d. in Canaan, Feb. 16, 1888, b. 32. He was a soldier 

in tbe CiTil war, and d. wbile on a f urlougb. 
2889. John, b. Jan. 1, 1843; in the Civil war, was a soldier in 

40 Reg. O. V. Inf., and d. in a hospital in Louisa, Ky., Dec. 26, 1862, 

SB. 19. 

2640. SUgabeth, b. Feb. 12, 1846; m. Sept 17, 1861. George 
Bymmes, a fanner in Delaware, O. 

2641. Hannah, b. Feb. 28, 1847; m. Hch. 12, 1868, Jacob Tay- 
lor Edgar, a fanner in Delaware, O. 

2642. Xottua, b. Mch. 20, 1860; m. Oct. 24, 1867, Albert T. 
Brecbt, a machinist in Springfield, O. 

Elizabeth Bkace, dau. of Uri and Hannah (Oorham) Beach, 
was b. in Amity, Canaan township, 0., Match 25, 1817. 

She m. July 4, 1833, Altin Habbinoton, b. in Eden, Vt., 1805, 
6. of Ephraim and Abigail (Hunt) Harrington. He is a fanner, 
and resides, 1875, in Plain City, O. 


2648. Mary Ann, b. Apr. 2, 1884; m. Jan. 6, 1867, James Thomas 
Black, a merchant in Plain City, O. 

2644. George tbrreet, b. Feb. 4, 1886; read law with Hon. B. 8. Cox. of 
Columbus, O., was admitted to the bar in 1867, and practised his 
profession in Rolla. Mo., Memphis, Tenn., and Mobile, Ala. He 
was, for one year, a member of the Alabama House of Represen- 
tatiTes, and unanimously elected speaker. He was subsequently 
mayor of Mobile. He m. June 22, 1868, Cornelia Olive Pratt. He 
d. at "Bay View," near Mobile, July 18, 1876, s. 40. 

2646. Jane Amanda, b. Mch. 16, 1837; m. July 4, 1854, Lawson Bidwell 
of Amity, O. In the Civil war, he enlisted in the spring of 1862, 
in the 96th Reg. 0. V. Inf., and d. greatly lamented, June 29, 1863, 
SB. 86, on board a hospital boat, at Chickasaw Bluifs. Tacoo river, 
near Vicksbuig, Miss. She is the author of a novel, entitled, 
"There is nothing in it." 

2646. Ellen, b. Apr. 9, 1844; d. Nov. 8. 1846, se. 1. 

2647. Wmam Leeter, b. Feb. 26, 1847; m. 1870, MaUlda Kelsor, and is, 
1876, a farmer in Lisbon, la. 


Maxt Bkace, dau. of Uri and Hannah (Oorham) Beach, was b. 
in Aniity, 0., Apr. 19, 1819. 

She m. May 15, 1834, Hendehsok Crabb, b. in Jefferson, Madi- 
son Co., 0., July 10, 1813, 8. of Henderson and Jemima (Downing) 
Crabb. He is a farmer, and has resided auccessively in Amity, 

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8110 DiaosNDAim or thomas moblb. 

Jefferson and West Jefferson, Amity, Plain City, 0., Indian OroVe, 
HL, ttnd lola^ Allen Co., Kan,, his home in 1876. 


9M8. UriB$«uik, b. Dec. 7, 1885; d. Dec. tl, 1885. 

8848. Oharki, b. Dec. 86, 1886; pormied, for a time, the study 

of medlchie, bat was obliged to abandon the same, on account 
of ill bealth. In the CItU war, he enlisted in Co. £, 129 Reg. HL 
Vol. Inf., but after three months' service, was discharged on ac- 
pount of disability. He is, 1878, a permanent invalid, and residos 
with his father. 

8650. Orrin, b. Dec. 1, 1888; was killed in a horse-power 
machine, in Amity, O., Kov. 18, 1845, m. 6. 

8651. Hannah Jemima, b. Feb. 8, 1841, in Amity, O. ; m. Peb. 27, 

1867, Joel Perry Hayes, a farmer, now, 1875, of lola, Ean. 

8658. B&ftfamdn FhnnkUn, b. Jan. 4, 1848,. in Amity, O.; m. Dec. 81, 

1868, Maxy Jane Kent. In the Civil war, be served three years as a 
musician, in Co. E, 129 Reg. of 111. YoL Inf. He is now, 1875, a 
merchant in Oakdale, San Joaquin Co., CaL 

2658. JMeph Dtmming, b. Feb. 28, 1845, in Amity, O.; m Dec. 25, 
1866, Sylvia A Alvord. In the Civil war, he served three months 
in an IlL State Reg. He is now, 1875, a farmer in lola, Ean. 

8654. WiBiam Darwin, b. Sept 5, 1847, in Amity, O. ; m. June, 1874, 
Harriet Alvira Decker. In the Civil war, he was for eleven months 
a member of an 111. State Reg. He graduated. 1871, at the Ohio 
Wesleyan University, Delaware, O. He is the author of " Poems of 
the Plains," and "Silver Shimmer," both of which were well re- 
ceived. He resides, 1875, in Oakdale, San Joaquin Co., Cal. 

8665. Ana Noble, b. Apr. 15, 1850, in Amity, O. ; and U a mem- 

ber of the chMS of 1878, in the Ohio Wesleyan University at Dela- 
ware, O. 

2656. Laura Malana, b. Apr. 18, or 15, 1858; a teacher, 1875, in lola, 

2657. Leeier, b. Apr. 25, 1854, in Plain City, O. ; d. Sept 6, 

2658. Bmma, b. Apr. 5, 1857, in Cropsey, McLean Co., HI. 

2659. Annexe, b. Feb. 5, 1860, in Cropsey, 111. 
866a Albert MniUen, b. Aug. 18, 1864, in Crops^, DL 


Hahkab Nobub Bbaoh, dau. of Uri and Hannah (NoUe) 
Beach, was b. in Amity, 0., Feb. 5, 1821. 

She m. (1) Daniel Band Hxmxnwat, b. in Bridport, Yt, Apr. 
7, 1818, a. of Farmery and Mehitable (Band) Hemenway. He 
was a farmer and merchant, and d. in West Jefferson, 0., March 
1, 1844, a. 26. 

She m. (2) Nov« 26, 1868, Burus Okavxb Fosbiok, b. in Ouil- 

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ford, Yt, 1814, 8. of James and Achsah (Oravee) Fosdick. He 
resides, 1876, in Oranville, 0., where he is in the livery business, 
and also an accountant and town clerk. 


8661. CharUi Lywndn, b. Hay 16, 1840, in Jerome, 0. He gradnated, 
1862, at the Ohio Wesl^an UniTeraity, was for a time superintend- 
ent of public schools in Cardington, O., but d. in West Jefferson, 
0.» Apr. 27, 1868,. s. 22. " In physical proportion," writes a cor- 
respondent, " Christian gentleness, urbanity, suavity, and all the 
nameless graces and attractions which draw one to another, he ez- 
oeUed all persons of either sex, I ever knew." 
2662. EOwofrd C, b. Aug. 19» 1842, in Jerome, O. ; after his father's 

death, was adopted by his uncle, Jasper R Converse. In the Civil 
war he enlisted, J862, as a private in Co. D, 46 Reg. 0. Vol Inf., 
and d. in Hospital No. 0, in Nashville, Tenn., Hch. 81, 1868, m, 20. 
2668. EarrUt BUubeth, b. July 81, 1844, in Canaan, O. ; and d. in Darby, 
O., Dec. 8, 1858, s. 14. 

Malona Cass Bbacb, dan. of Uri and Hannah (Oorham) Beach, 
was b. in Amity, 0., Apr. 17, 1823. 

She m. Jan. 13, 1839, John EIiloobb, b. in Canaan, 0., Oct. 80, 
1816, 8. of Thomas and Jane (Patterson) Eilgore. He is a fanner 
in Brown, Franklin Co., 0., his P. 0. address being West Jeffer- 
son, Madison Co., 0. 


2664. Thamoi Beach, b. Hch. 28, 1840; m. Apr. 11. 1867, Mary Ellen Bat- 
terton. In the Civil war, he enlisted in Co. E, Ist Ohio Cavalry. 
He was a sergeant in his company, and served three years. He was 
at Bhilob, PerryviUe, Btone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Dal- 
ton, Kenesaw, and Atlanta. He was with Kilpatrick for two days, in 
his raid around Atlanta, and had his horse shot from under him at 
Chickamauga. He is now, 1875, a stock dealer and farmer, in Lex- 
ington, McLean Co., 111. 

2666. Sarah Ann, b. Apr. 26, 1845; m. Dec. 14, 1869, Samuel Btauffer, 
of Lexington, McLean Co., HI. In the Civil war. he was a member 
of Co. E, 91 Reg. Penn. Vol Inf. 

2666. Albert, b. Mch. 22, 1849; d. in Brown, Aug. 1, 1860, «. 11. 

2667. Jchn, b. Nov. 12, 1809. 


XTbi Bbach, a. of Uri and Hannah (Oorham) Beach, was b. Jan. 
13, 1826. He resides in Brown, Franklin Co., 0. He is a farmer, 
and shipper of live stock to eastern markets. 

He m. March 6, 1845, Elxakob Downikg, b. in Canaan, 0., Noy. 
22, 1825, dau. of Timothy and Elizabeih (Hayden) Downing. 

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M66. TtmoHhy Dawning, b. Jan. 17, 184a He left during the Junior yeer, 

the Ohio Wesleyan Univertity, to enter upon the study of medicine. 

He took, in 1872, the degree of M. D. tt Starling Medical College. 

Columbus, C, and also in 1874, at Belleyue Medical College, in 

New York, and has practised his profession in Alton and Catawba, 

C, residing at present, 1876, in the latter place. 
26e0. Jkaac, b. July 21, 1800; m. Feb. 25. 1874, Ruth Slygfa, 

and is, 1876, a farmer in West Jefferson, O. 
9670. Bta Mbk, b. Dec. 8, 1854; was amemberof the Ohio Wes- 

leyan Female CoUege, of the class of 1876. 

2671. Ekiaheth Harden, b. Apr. 25, 1857; m. Sept 16, 1875, Henry B. 
ConTerse, a farmer and stock-raiser in West Canaan, Madison 
Co., O. ^ 

2672. Jckn, b. Jan. 5, 1861; d. Feb. 4, 1861. 
2678. MairyEttU, b. May 28, 1864. 

2674. UH, b. Nov. 27, 1868. 


Dr. John Noblb Bbaoh, a. of Uri and Hannah (Oorluim) Beach, 
was b. in OaaaAn, 0., Jan. 27, 1 829. He studied medicine with 
Dr. ChArlea McCloud of Amity, 0., graduated at Starling Medical 
CoU^e, Colombua, 0., Feb., 1850, and has practised his prof esiion 
in Unionyille Centre, C, 1850-53; in Pleasant Valley (now Plain 
City), 0., 1853-58 ; and in West Jeffereon, 0., 1858-78. During the 
Ciidl war, in April, 1862, he entered the service as surgeon of 
40th Ohio Vol. Inf., during 1863-64, was brigade-eurgeon of his 
regiment, known after the battle of Chickamauga as 1st Brig. 1st 
Div. 4th Army Corps, and was mustered out Dec. 7 or 9, 1864. 
He was, in 1875, appointed professor of general pathology in the 
Columbus Medical College, Columbus, 0., and the same year, was 
ehoien a member of the lower house of the Oeneral Assembly of 

He m. June 1, 1858, Sluba Jare Sntdeb. 

2675. AttM, b. Feb. 16, 1860, in West Jefferson, O. 

2676. Anma, b. July 26, 1865, in West Jefferson, 0. 


Dr. William Mobbow Bbaoh, a of Uri and Hannah (Qorham) 
Beaoh, was b. in Canaan, 0., May 10, 1831. He graduated, in 
1858, at Starling Medical College, Columbus, 0., and entered 
immediately upon the practice of his profession, in La Fayette, Mad- 
iaon Co., 0. During the Ciyil war, he entered, Apr. 9, 1862, the 
Union amy aaa volunteer aurgeon, was appointed, Apr. 19, 1862, 

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09 noMAt. S23 

aaristant surgeon of Uie 78ih R^. 0. V. Inf., and at die same d&te, 
waa promoted to be surgeon of HSth Reg. 0. V. Inl, and 
there served, until its mustering out at Salisbury, N. C, at the dose 
of the war. He was in all the principal battles fought by Orant*s 
old army, excepting Belmont, Fort Donelson, and Shiloh. From 
1869-71, he was a member of the lower house of the General 
Assembly of Ohio, from 1871-73, a member of the State senate, 
and in the State Republican convention of the latter year, received 
forty-six votes for the ofBce of lieutenant-governor. He resides. 
1878, in London, Madison Co., O., practising his profession and 
managing his farm of 800 acres. He has 240 acres in com, 120 
acres in meadow, and the remainder devoted to grazing. He fats 
yearly about 150 head of cattle. He has also 280 acres of com 
land, at Fairburg, Livingston Ck>., 111. 

He m. May 12, 1860, Lucr Eleanor T^ilson, b. in Sommerford, 
O , March 28, 1844, dau. of James and Eleanor (Smith) Wilson. 


2677. iforr WOrnn, b. July 9, 1862. 


Dklaka Bbigos Noble, dau. of Israel, was b. Feb. 24, 1795. 

She m. Oct. 12, 1815, John Ceambeks, b. Aug. 22, 1788, s. of 
William Chambers. He removed, in the autumn of 1851, to Ckx>ks- 
ville. Bock Co., Wis. 


2678. GeoTffe 6., b. July 2, 1816; was klDed by being thrown from a 
hone, July 9, 1880, m, 14. 

2679. Sarah, b. July 6, 1818; d. Aug. 11, 1818, m. 8 weeks. 

2680. John D., b. Jan. 81, 1820; m. Aug. 8, 1847, , and 

removed to Wis. 

2681. Jatcm, b. Jan. 8, 1822; m. July, 1850, , and 

removed to Lowell, Mass. 

2682. jmiam, b. Mch. 16, 1824; d. May 18, 1824, e. 2 mos. 

2688. Oaltdn, b. Mch. 2, 1825; m. Sept., 1850, , and 

removed to Boston, Mass. 

2684. 8t^>h$n WM, b. Nov. 9. 1827; m. Dec., 1851, , and 

removed to Manchester, K. H. 

2685. Jamsi C, b. Mch. 25, 1880. 

2686. Afiiy, b. Nov. 4, 1882. 
2667. Laura, b. Jan. 26, 1888. 


Pamblia Caispekter Noble, dau. of Israel, was b. Jan. 12, 1797. 
She m. Mch. 4,1819, Alios Hatch, b. July 81, 1785, s. of Adrian 
Hatch of Norwich, V t. He resided in Norwich. 

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MA DBionjuim or mmAi 

M88. CkarUi, b. Oct 15. 1819; m. Mch. 81. 185S. EmUj He- 

baid, uid ramoyed lo Norwich, Vl 
M89. iVaiuy. b. May 8. 1821; d. Hay 4. 1864, «. 82. 

2890. Famdia, b. June 19, 1828; m. Jan. 10, 1848, Edwin H. 

Howe, and ramored to Cookitrille, Wis. 
9891. Barak, b. Aug. 14, 1825; m. Sept 16, 1851, Jobn F. 

English, and removed to Clinton, Rock Co., Wia. 
2692. Ann, b. Dec. 6, 1827; m. Feb. 28, 1858, Franklin 

Hoyt. and removed to Hanover, N. fi. 

9698. Eanke, b. May 15, 1880. 
2694 AMR, ) b. July 25, 1888. 
2695. Al^ P.. \ b. July 25, 1888. 

9696. Jme, b. July 6, 1886. 

9697. Bet^ndn Harriion, b. Mch. 8, 1889. 
969a JuUa Sown, b. June 16, 184d. 


Alphsus Cabpbkteb Noblk, a. of Israel, waa b. Dec. 17, 1799, 
and d. in Moretown, Vt, Feb. 24, 1847, «. 46. He removed, in 
1822, to Moretown. 

He m. Ltoia Bowman of Boyalton, V t 


9699. Jforr ^nn, b. Sept. 15. 1822; m. Feb. 24, 1842, Loxenxo D. 
HillB of Moretown. Children. 1. Alfred Jerome, b. Apr. 18, 1846, 
d. Aug. 17, 1849, m. 8; 2. AlpheuB Zerah, b. Not. 22. 1849. 

2700. Carviine PamtHa, b. July 8, 1825; m. Feb. 29, 1847, Auadn C. 

Winship. ChUdren. 1. £Uh Rebecca, b. Sept 7, 1849; 2. Maiy 

Annette, b. Nor. 6, 1851. 
9701. BAaoea Bowman, b. July 18, 1827; d. Sept 10, 1849, «. 22. 


HsNBT Noble, a. of Roger, was b. in New Haven, Vt| Sept 1, 
1812. Having received a common achool education, in 1829, he 
learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, and waa aubaeqnently 
a tailor, for one year in Troy, N. Y., aix months in Buffalo^ N. T., 
and one year in Batavia^ N. Y. Being burned out in the latter 
place, in 1886, he removed to Memphia, Tenn., and at the end of 
aix montha, to Holly fringe, Miaa., where he worked a little aa a 
tailor, and commenced the study of medicine. In 1838, he removed 
to Commerce, Tunica Co., Misa., where the Northern Missiasippiana 
were attempting to build a dty to rival Memphis. The enterprise 
failing, in 1840, he went to New Orleans, La., as a salesman in the 
boot and clothing establishment of Theodore Lacroin L Brother, 
and while with them, learned to apeak French, ihoy being able 

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to speftk only a few English words. After their failure, in 1842, 
be engaged, in company with William Terry, a Virginian, in a mis- 
cellaneoQS trade in dry goods and groceries, on the Mississippi 
river. In 1846, he became a partner in a wholesale and retail 
bouse in New Orleans, under the firm of Joseph F. Hildreth k 
Co., but from inability to make collections, the firm were, in 1848, 
obliged to suspend payment. With Yankee perseverance, be 
removed once more, in March, 1850, to Chagree, New Granada, now 
United Stales of Colombia, where be became partner in a hotel 
called the Falcon house. In 1852, he went to Colon, sometimes 
called Aspinwall, and devoted himself ezdusively lo conunerce, 
purchasing his goods in London, Paris, Prussia, and G^ermany. 
Selling his stock of goods there, in April, 1867, he left for Europe, 
and after stopping for a few months in Paris, went in August, 
1867, to Genoa, Italy, and on the 1st of March, 1868, to Turin, 
Italy. He was appointed, Dec. 10, 1872, consular agent of the 
United States of America at Turin, Italy, an office which he still, 
1876, retains. He writes English elegantly, and also writes and 
speaks the French, Italian, and Spanish languages. 

He m. March 9, 1868, Luor Fobtunata Emanusl, b. in Cavaller- 
maggioie, in the province of Cuneo, Italy, Mch. 21, 1844, dau. of 
Francis Saverio and Oiovanna Maria (Finelli) Emanuel 


8702. Henrit Roger Xamer, b. Apr. 11, 1868. 
8708. CamOla Maria PioUmira^h, Just. 16,1871. 
8704. Lueg Vidaria, b. Aug. 8, 1875. 


Mabia Nobue, dau. of Roger, was b. in New Haven, Vt, Aug. 
12, 1814, and xemdes, 1876, in Montville, Conn. 

She m. June 17, 1838, John Smith Fbllowss, b. in Montville, 
Conn., Nov. 12, 1806, s. of Dr. Ephraim Fellowes, who was b. in 
Stonington, Conn., resided in Montville, practiced medicine about 
60 yrs., and d. July 18, 1851, m. 84, and Dorothy Chester. J. S. 
Fellowes was a farmer in Montville, and there d. Apr. 22, 1870, 


8706. Jehn BmM, b. July 16, 1889; d. May 10, 1852, m. 18. 

8706. AdeUne Maria, b. July 29, 1841; unm., 1876. 

8707. Marion, b. Aug. 18, 1848; m. Jan. 80, 1867, Daniel Augus- 
tus Herrick, a merchant in Bozrah, Conn. 

8706. BhadaEeUn, b. July 11, 1845; m. Nov. 4. 1868, Charles Otis 
Tlilany, a stage proprietor in Colchester, Conn. 

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8709. Waiam Henry, b. Dec. 88, 1848; d. Oct. 4, 1858, «. 8. 

8710. Fiknny, b. Jan. 13, 1857; d. July 86. 1857, m. 6 mos. 

8711. John Ohetter, b. Apr. 5, 1869. 


Oboboi Fitch Noblb, b. of Roger, was b. in Bristol, Vt., Aug. 
8, 1818, and reddes, 1876, in Eilboom City, Wis. He is by trade 
a carpenter and joiner, and was for several years a produce dealer. 
He has been, since 1857, a justice of the peace. 

He m. Oct 14, 1843, Anoblinx Esthxb Cobnwall, b. in Roches- 
ter, N. T., Dec. 17, 1818, dau. of Richard and Laura (Frink) 


8718. ChmOia Maria, b. Oct. 18, 1844, in Mukwonago, Wis. : m. July 
80, 1870, Oliver H. Borrenson, a Norwegian. He has been sheriff 
of Columbia Co., and is now, 1876, treasurer of Columbia Co., 
Wis. 8be d. Dec. 17, 1875, in Portage City, Wis. Child. Lillea 
May, b. Apr. 87, 1878. 

8718. Andmc Edu>ard, b. Mch. 81, 1846, in Troy, Wis.; m. May 19, 
1872. Lizzie Sparks of Lynnville, Poweihiek Co.. Iowa. He now, 
1876, resides in Casey, Guthrie Co., Iowa, and is engaged in the 
grain trade. Child. Frank Heniy, b. Nov. 10, 1878. 

2714. Frank Henry, b. Oct. 17, 1848, in Troy, Wis. He resides, onm., 
1876, in Troy, Walworth Co., Wis., and is a okerchant and dealer in 

HiBAM King Noblb, s. of Gnstavus Adolphus, was b. in Coles- 
ville, N. Y., Apr. 18, 1808, and d. in Litchfield, Medina Co., 0., 
July 11, 1865, m. 57. He removed, about 1835, from Colesville, 
N. Y., to Rochester, Lorain Co., 0., and thence, after a residence 
of about ten years, to Litchfield, O. He was a farmer. 

He m. Sept 20, 1831, Mabt Ann Lovblaio). She reaideSy 1876, 
in Watertown, Conn. 

8715. Bet^anUn DeFbreet, b. Jan. 18, 1888; m. Apr. 80, 1856, )fary Ann 
Kimmell, b. in Canaan, O., Jan. 8, 1885, dau. of John and Susannah 
(Bell) Kimmdl. He has resided, since 1868, in Willington, Lorsin 
Co., O., where he is now, 1876, a merchant. Children. 1. Mary 
Braline, b. Aug. 10, 1857, in Canaan, O. ; 8. William DeForest, b. 
Sept 14, 1866, in Wellington, O. 

8716. Mary Boeannah, b. Nov. 88, 1884, in Colesville, K. Y. ; m. Apr. 
10, 1855, Charles H. Stone of Litchfield, O. Child. Florence 
Melchasia, b. July 14, 1860. 

8717. JUmund BeofMey, b. Aug. 10, 1841, in Rochester, O. ; m. Mch. 6, 
1878, Adaline A. French. He is, 1876, a farmer in Litchfield, O. 
Child. Bertha Edna, b. Aug. 4, 1875. 

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2718. WmamWedey, b. Jan. 25, 1846; m. Not. 7, 1866, Mary Henry. 
He is, 1876, a druggist in Berea, Cuyahoga Co., O. He has one 
adopted child, Mabel EUa, b. Mch. 10. 1872. 


Nathan Austin Noble, a. of Oustavus Adolphoa, was b. in 
Coleaville, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1810. He is a fanner, aad resides, 
1876, in Litchfield, Medina Co., 0. 

He m. (1) May 23, 1833, Fbancbb Dickinson, dau. of Bateman 
Diddnaon. She d. Oct. 17, 1863. 

He m. (2) Mch. 8, 1866, Mrs. Sarah Ann Caswell. 


2719. Danford FOiland, b. June 11, 1884; m. Dec. 80, 1868, Josephine 
Hartman. He senred in the Civil war, and was for nearly one year 
a prisoner in Andersonville. He is, 1^6, a fanner in Bowling 
Green, Wood Co., O. Children. 1. Edith; 2. Letta. 

2720. MaryMeUwjL, b. July 6, 1886; m. Dec. 11, 1859, Jerome B. 
Thomas. He is, 1876, a farmer, in Haskins, Wood Co., O. Chil- 
dren. 1. Virginia; 2. Delia; 8. Carrie. 

2721. IrtinffAUmto, b. May 20, 1889; m. Nov. 15, 1865, Ada Fenn, 
who d. Oct. 8, 1875. In the Civil war, he served about four years, 
and was for nine months a prisoner in Libby prison and New Orleans. 
He is, 1876, a carpenter and Joiner in Cleveland, O. No children. 

2722. Martha Anna, b. Feb. 17, 1848; m. (1) Sept. 18, 1866, Lyman 
Walk*er. He d. Oct 18, 1867; (2) Sept. 10. 1872, Capt Harrison 
Terry. He is a farmer, and resides, 1876, in Bowling Oreen, Wood 
Co., O. ChUd by first marriage. 1. Ettie. Child by second mar- 
riage. 2. Bertha. 

2728. Looma Marian, b. Jan. 9, 1847; m. Sept. 14. 1868, Lindworth 
P. Thomas. He is, 1876, a farmer in Bowling Oreen, O. They 
have one dau^ter. 




Joel Orville Noble, s. of Oustavus Adolphus, was b. in Coles- 
ville, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1812. He was a farmer in Rochester, C, 
and d. in Whitehouse, Lucas Co., 0., Nov. 26, 1868, «. 66. 

.He m. June 11, 1840, Mart Wheeler. She m. (2) C. A. 


2724. Zmsm. b. Mch. 16, 1841, in Rochester, O.; and d. March, 

2725. 0rtaUHu4$an, b. Oct 16, 184^; d. while a student of medicine, in 
Wauseon, Fulton Co., O., Apr. 19, 1874, «. 28. 

2726. Mary BwtUne, b. Oct. 15, 1846; m. Aug. 20, 1869, Dr. PhUo Jones 
of Wauseon; O. They have had four children, two of whom now, 
1876, survive. 

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OuBTAvus Fbebican Nobli, b. of GnstaTos AdolphuB, was b. in 
ColesviUe, N. Y., F«b. 27, 1816, and d. in Rochester, Lonin Co., 
O., Dec. 14, 1848, «. 33. He was a fanner. 

He m. Aug. 15, 1839, Habsixt Fanchxe. She m. (2) Degrass 
Tliomas, and resides, 1878, in Rochester Depots 0. 


8797. Barriei AdaUne, b. Mch. 18, 1841 ; d. Apr. 7. 1848, m. 1. 

878a Sarah AUrina, h. Not. 1, 1848; m. Jan. 1, 1889, George Chad- 
wick. He is, 1876, a fanner in Bowling Oreen, Wood Co., O. 
Child. Frank Rea, b. Dec. 18, 1809. 

9788. KUta lOmarette, b. May 84, 1844; m. Not.. 1867, Homer Ehner 
Barrett He is, 1876, a farmer in Clarksfield, Huron Co., O. 
Child. Earl Augostus, b. Nov. 15, 186a 

8780. Any Adalvan, b. Jan. 84, 1846; m. Dec. 80, 1878, Ella Josephine 
Mann. He is, 1876, a farmer, in Rochester Depot, O. Child. 
Grace Caroline, b. Mch. 17, 1875. 

8781. iforr AdaUne, b. Not. 9, 1847; m. Sept 7, 1870, Wilber Wesley 
Hall. He is, 1876, a dealer in stock, in Wellington^ O. Child. 
Ckjton Gustavos, b. Oct 15, 1871. 

Pbiebb Mabia Noblx, dau. of Onstavus Adolphosy.was b. in 
Colearille, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1816, and d. in Freeport, Wood Co., 0., 
Jan. 26, 1870, «. 63. 

She m. May 20, 1841, as his second wife, Oilbs EnwARn Palmbb, 
b. in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., Sept 26, 1807, s. of Edward 
Palmer, b. in Stonington, Conn., Sept 13, 1783, and Lncretia 
Babcock, b. in Stonington, Conn., Jan. 18, 1784. He ia a farmer, 
and removed, in 1835, to Penfield, Lorain Co., C; in 1841, to 
Rochester, Lorain Co., C; in 1844, to Penfield, C; in 1852, to 
La Orange, 0., and in 1857, to Freeport (P. 0. Prairie Depot), 0. 


8788. QudamiAddbeH, b. Jnne 18, 18«i, in Penfield; d. in Rochester, 0., 

Mch. 81, 1844, «. 1. 
878a Maria EtkabeOi, b. Mch. 19, 1844, in Rochester; m. July 8, 1868, 

Henry Hsrrison Powers, a fanner of Freeport 

8784. Frank BOward, b. Aug. 7, 1847, in Rochester; m. Oct 8, 1878, 
Mary Elizabeth Lausdale, and is a pbyridan in Freeport. 

8785. OrsOe Adc^u$, b. Mch. 10, 1858, in La Grange; and there d. 
Aug. 8, 1854, «. 1 yr. 

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BRANCH or TB01CA& 329 


SusAK Jams Noble, dau. of Onstavtus Adolphus, was b. in 
Goleaville, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1818, and d. in Freeport, O., Dec. 31, 
1860, ». 42. 

She m. Jan. 26, 1837, Nobls Baaus Alotbb. 



2785a. Levi Cam, and three sons who have deceased, 1876. 


Betbet Anoeline Noble, dau. of Ouatavoa Adolphus, was b. in 
Coleaville, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1820. 

She m. Jane 3, 1841, Anthony Ttleb Stranahan, a farmer of 
Litchfield, O. They have had three children, two of whom have 
deceaMd, 1876. 

George Washinoton Noble, b. of Oustavns Adolphus, was b. 
in Coleeville, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1823. 

He graduated June 10. 1854, at the Eclectic Medical College in 
Cincinnati, C, and commenced practice at Bradford, McKean Co., 
Penn. In 1858, he went to California, but returned in 1859, and 
■ettled in Fitch ville, Huron Co., O. In April, 1866, he removed 
to Litchfield, O., where he remained until Aug., 1874, when he 
removed to Lodi, Medina Co., 0., and opened a drug store, and 
thence to Republic, 0., where he resides, Jan., 1878. 

He m. (1) Jan. 16, 1851, Ann Rexporb Phillips. She d. 

He m. (2) Apr. 25, 1861, Ann Eliza Walker, b. in Champion, 
N. Y., Dec. 11, 1831, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Wilson) 


t7856.JfonrZfdia, b. Apr. 8^1854. 


me. Urtula Ann, b. Oct. 5, 1862, in Fitchville, O. ; and there d. 

Sept. 5, 1864, m. 88 moa. 

2787. GwTffe WdMngion, b. June 27, 1864, in FitchviUe. 
8788. JObtm WiUiam, b. Sept. 80. 1866, in Litchfield. 

2788. Sa^, b. Aug. 1, 1871, in Litchfield. 
8740. Ada Ma§, b. Sept. 14, 1874, in Lodi. 

Joel Powel Noble, s. of Winthrop, was b. in Lanesboro*, Mass., 
July 27, 1800. He is by trade a moulder, and has resided since 
about 1854, up to the preeent time, 1876, in Hastings, Barry Co., 

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330 DncBHDAiiTB or taumAM mobul 

He m. July 5, 1825, Mabt Am Dbukt, b. in Litchfield, Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1808, dftu. of JonAlhan and Sevieh 
(Cole) Dniiy. She d in Heetingi, May 14, 1873, «. 65. 


3741. BtUkEBUn, b. Hch. 90, 1837, in Wadsworth. O.^ ul Darid 

8743. Laura Ann, b. Oct. 10, 1830, in haoy, O. ; m. Akmso 

Brookt. He waa a moulder, and d in BoiKalo, N. T. Children. 

1. Juliette Haria: 3. Alonso, d — ; a Ella Marion; 4. Laura AdeUe. 
874a Maria LoTttU, b. Nov. 3, 1882, in Madiaon, O.; m. Dudley 

Newton, a. of Eber Kewton, and reiidea, 1870, in Yankee Springs, 

3741 Mary Bniah, b. Not. 9, 1885, in Carliale, O. ; m. Stephen 

Travene, and reaidea, 1870, in Haatfaiga, Mich. 
8745. JmUus Augtuhu, b. Sept 5, 1840, hi Cariiale, 0.; m. Dec. 4, 

1802, Loniaa Croaa, b. July 13, 1848. dau. of EUoy C. and EmcUna 

(Hendxy) Croea. He ia a grooeiyman. and reddea, 1870, in Haatinga* 

Mich. ChOdren. 1. Frank Joel, b. Bept 14, 1800; 3. CtfrieAdeUe, 

b. Mch. 4, 1870. 
3745a. AiMief Winihrcp, b. Mch. 18, 1843, hi Cariide. O. ; d Aug. 10« 

1842, c 5 moe. 
3740. Miriam GcodeU, b. Aug. 18, 1844, hi Carliale, O.; m. Jan. 14, 

1800, Stephen Potter, b. hi Whitehall, N. Y, Feb. 7, 1819. He 

rerides, 1870, in Yankee Springs. Mich. Children. 1. Florence, b. 

June 32, 1807, hi Middlerille, Mich.; 2. Harry, b. Mch. 12, 1870, 

hi Rutknd, Mich. ; 8. Frederick, b. Sept 2, 1878, io Yankee Springs. 

3747. Harriet SopkrmUa, b. Aug. 33, 1848, hi Carlisle, 0.; m. May 19, 
1809, Jesse Stall, b. in Washington, Star Co.. 0., a. of Heniy Pot- 
ter and Maiy Ann (Edgar) Stall. He is, 1870. a bhickamith hi Haa- 
thigs, Mich. Children. 1. Era NeU, b. Mch. 32, 1870; 2. Myrtie 
Isabell. b. Dec. 8. 1875. 

3748. JaaPbwd, b. Jan. 0or30, 1858, hi Cariiale, O.; d in Haa- 
tfaiga. Mich., Apr. 10, 1801, m, 9. 


Julia Fbakkun Nobue, dau. of Winihrop^ was b. in Lanesboro', 
Maaa., Feb. 17, 1802, and reaideB, 1870, in Londonderry, Vt She 
baa had no children. 

She m. Jan. 17, 1833, Ethan Amobl, b. in Pownal, Vt, Jane 
1, 1798, a. of Baek and Naomi (Biyan) AngeL He was a farmer, 
and removed, abt 1819, to HanoFer, N. T., and there d. June, 
1870, A. 72. 

Jnuua AuousTua Noblk, a. of Winthrop, waa b. in Lanesboro*, 
Maaa., Jan. 23, 1804, and d. in Van Bnren, Ark., Feb. 22, 1874, 
A. 70. He waa for a few yeara a bookaeUer and aoctioneer in 

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Boston, Mass., but removed thence, as early as 1841, to New 
Orleans, La. In 1853, he resided in Bilozi, Miss., and was an 
assistant storekeeper in the custom-house in New Orleans, La. 
Li tlie Civil war, he was a Union man, and in 1871, removed to 
Van Buren, ArL, where he was postmaster. 

He m. ^1) May 15, 1834, Adeune Pope, b. Apr. 0, 1810, dau. 
of Col. William and Sarah (Pierce) Pope, of Dorchester, Mass. 
She d of consumption, in New Orleans, La., Apr. 29, 1844, e. 34. 

He m. (2) Jan. 1, 1848, Emilt Noble. She resides, 1877, at 
178 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

childben by fibst If abbiage. 

2749. WaUam P&pe, b. Dec. 80, 1835, in Boston, Mass. In the Civil 
war, he sided with the Confederates. After the war, he was for 
several years a Democratic leader in the legislature, and a news- 
paper correspondent He d. . He was married. 

2750. SdwardAuffUiHu, b. May 1, 1888, in Boston; d. in Silver Creek, 
N. Y., Aug. 80, 1889, s. 1. 

2761. Lueif AdeUne, b. Mch. 15, 1841, in New Orleans, La. ; m. Oliver 
A Pierce of New Orleans, La., and d. 1876, leaving several chil- 

2752. Sarah Ann, b. Nov. 17, 1842, in New Orleans, La. ; and there 

d. Aug. 7, 1848. m. 5. 


2758. Sarah Emi^, b. Feb. 26, 1849; d. in Lafayette, La., Aug. 9, 
1851, «. 2. 


SoPHBONiA Amn Noble, dau. of Timothy, was b. in Lanesboro*, 
Mass., Jan. 11, 1806, and d. 1874, m. abt 68. 
She m. (1) Jan. 1, 1826, Eu Hubbabd. 
She m. (2) Wxluam Wallace. 


2754. SOen SophnnUa, b. ; m. Beneca Hurd of Vanceboroo^, HI. 

8755. John, b. 

2756. Daniel, b. 


2757. O^fTusA,, b. ; resides, 1877, in Pecatonica, Winne- 
bago Co., ni. 

2758. WaUam, b. ; resides, 1876, in Vanceborough, HI. 
miSa,LoveU, b. 

2759. Harriet, b. ; d. young. 

2760. Bthnn, h. ; d. young. 

2761. AnguetuB, b. ; d. young. 

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Danibl Wimthrop Noblb, b. of Winthrop, wts'b. in Lanet- 
boro'« Mass., Feb. 14, 1808. 

In 1834, he left his father*s house in Batavia, Oenesee Co., 
N. Y., and removed to Whiteford, Monroe Co., Mich. He resided 
in Boston, Mass., 1836-37; in Cincinnati, 0., 1837-40; in Dayton, * 
0., 1840-48; and in 1848, removed to Perry (P. O. Indianapolis), 
Ind., where he has continued to reside up to the present time, 
March, 1877. 

In Dayton, he kept a bookstore, and continued the same busi- 
ness for two years, in Indianapolis. He then bought an interest 
in a planing mill, but since Dec., 1854, hss been a farmer. 

He m. (I) Feb. 1, 1835, Abigail Wright Brown, b. in Jeffrey, 
N. H., dau. of Cyrus and Milla (Lawrence) Brown. She d. in 
Whiteford, Mich., Jan. 4, 1836. 

He m. (2) Sept. 8, 1840, Harribt Mabia Blood, b. in New 
Ipswich, N. H., June 25, 1814, dau. of John Blood. 


9702. Sdofin WitUhrop, b. Jan. 10, 1842, in Dayton, O.; m. Aug., 1870, 
Ethel A Hathaway. In the CitII war, he enlisted, Aug. 80, 1861, 
in Co. D, 26th Ind. Reg., was in the battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., 
at the siege of Vicksburg, and after a aeyere illness in a hospital in 
New Orleans, was discharged, Mch. 12, 1864, on account of disabil- 
ity. He was a farmer until 1869, when he became connected with 
his uncle, Julius A. Noble, in the mercantile business, in Van 
Buren, Ark. He d. in New Orleans, La., Jan. 1, 1871, m. 28. 

2768. ChaHe9 Henry, b. May 10, 1848, in Dayton, O. In the Oiyil war, 
he enlisted, June 10, 1861, in the Bracken rangers, an independent 
company of cavalry. This company was afterwards united with 
Co. K, Ist Ind. Cav. He was discharged at Petersburg, Va., June 
19, 1864. Although in many engagements in Western Va., and on 
the Rapidan, and at second Bull Run, Gettysburg, ChanceUonrille, 
Fredericksburg, and Petersburg, he received no wound. In 1866, he 
entered the regular service, as second lieutenant 

8764. Oyrui Brawn, b. Jan. 21, 1846, in Dayton, O. ; m. Mch. 8, 1800, 
Harriet Matthews, b. in Cambridgeshire, Eng. He is a fanner, 
and resides, 1877, in Perry, Ind. Children. 1. Harriet Maria, b. 
Mch. 8, 1872, in Perry; 2. Maiy Wilme, b. Mch. 2, 1874 

2766. Frank WaUer, b. Aug. 1, 1866, in Perry, Ind.; resides, 1877, in 
Perry, Ind. 

2766. Daniel WtOie, b. Apr. 29, 1868, in Perry, Ind.; is, 1877, a mem- 
ber of the class of 1878, in Pardue AgriciUtural College. 


RorANA LoBBTTB NoBilB, dau. of Winihrop, was b. in Leroy, 
N. Y., Febu 24, 1818. 

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She m. Jan. 1, 1838, John Woods Bbottn, b. in Sharon, N. H., 
May 7, 1817, s. of Cyrus and MDla (Lawrence) Brown. He is a 
farmer, and resides, 1876, in Pembroke, Genesee Co., N. Y., his 
P. 0. address being West BaUvia, N. T. In 1865 and 1866, he 
was a member of the New -York Assembly. 


8767. JuUa Maria, b. Nov. 7, 1888; m. Kov. 9, 1859, Charles H. 
Wells, andd. July 28, 1860, m. dl. 

8768. Ikinia Webster, b. Aug. 20, 1840; d. May 5, 1841. 

Vm. AdaUne EutJi, b. Mch. 6, 1842; m. 8ept 10, 1868, John D. 
Schiller. He is, 1876, a teacher in Jackson, Mich. 

2770. <^frue Winthrap, b. July 20, 1844; m. Dec. 25. 1872, Ada Robin- 
son, and is, 1876, a lawyer in Joliet, lU. 

2771. ThereM Caroline, b. Mch. 26, 1847; a teacher, 1876, in Jackson, 

2772. Arthur Herman, b. Feb. 7, 1849; m. Aug. 17, 1870, Maria Yedder. 
He is, 1876, a fanner. 

2778. Del\»re8t, b. Jan. 24, 1861; d. June 16, 1851, «. 4 mos. 
2774 EeUOa Larette, b. Aug. 4, 1852. 

2775. Edrian Jaekeon, b. Oct 2, 1854; is a teacher, 1876. 
fmt. Sarah muabeOi, b. Nov. 5,1856. 

Sarah Cabolins Noble, dau. of Winthrop, was b. in Batavia, 
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1823. 

She m. Apr. 14, 1847, John R. Johnson, b. in Manchester, Vt, 
Apr. 8, 1822, & of Thomas Johnson. He resided, until 1837, in 
Manchester, Vt, when he removed to Hanover, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y., and thence, in 1866, to Londonderry, Vt, where he d. Jan. 
10, 1871, m. 48. He was a fanner. 


2777. Laura Agnee, b. Mch. 24, 1848; m. Sept, 1878, George F. 

Bailey, a mechanic, who resides, 1876, in Putney, Yt 
277a JuUa Fkrenoe, b. May 14, 1849; d. in Hanover, N. Y., June 25, 

1857, «. 8. 

2779. NOitmNMe, b. July 19, 1850. 

2780. EarU NarwOe, b. Apr. 14, 1862; d. in Hanover, N. Y., July 8, 
1857, m, 6. 

2781. Baton, b. Oct 14, 1858; d. in Hanover, K. Y., June 80, 
1867, 0. 8. 

2782. OameL,, b. Aug. 0, 1855; m. Feb. 22, 1875, Samuel R 
Pierce. He is, 1876, a real estate broker in Orecaifleld, Mass. 

2788. Jehn Ejgffert, b. Feb. 19, 1857. 

2784. Frederic AdOb&rt, b. May 14, 1859. 

2785. JiiUan Bnnen, b. Nov. 24, 1862. 


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LouiBA NoBUE, d&u. of T? alter, was b. in C^pe Vincent, N. Y., 
Oct. 17, 1819. 

She m. abt 1836, Horack Andbxw Fanchsr. He resided, in 
1859, in Ithaca, N. T., and in 1876, in KnozviUe, N. Y. 


8786. Martha EUtabeth, b. Apr. 17, 1888. 

8787. Jjnii9a, h. Feb. 8. 1840, in Coxsackie, K Y.; m. Aug. 
6, 1855, John Lewis Southard. She d. in Post Creek (Hornby), 
N. Y., June 9, 1874, s. 84. 

878a .^aman, b. June 80, 1848. in Ithaca, N. Y.; m. July 4, 

1870, Lydia H. Mead, and resides, 1875, in Rathbonerille, Steuben 
Co., N. Y. He served through the Civil war. 

8789. WaUer, b. Oct. 9, 1844, in Deep Well (Owego), N. Y. ; 
d. in SpeedsviUe, Tompkins Co., N. Y., in 1846. 

8790. WaUam Henry, b. Feb. 15, 1847, in RicevUle, N. Y; m. Oct 
14, 1866, Thirza Jane Perry, is a blacksmith, and resides, 1875, in 
Post Creek (Hornby), N. Y. In the Civil war, he entered the army, 
Jan. 4, 1864. 

8791. IMlMf, b. June 15, 1849, in Jackson MiUs (Ithaca). K. 
Y. ; m. Aug. 14, 1870, Tamer Lee. He is, 1875. a blacksmith, and 
resides in Coming, N. Y. 

8798. BnuM Andrew, b. Oct. 11, 1851, in Slatersville, Tompkins Co., 

N. Y; d. Oct 9, 1855, m. 8. 
8798. Anny JvUa, b. Jan. 8, 1858; d. Kov. 8, 1855, «. 8. 

8794. am, b. 1856; d. 1856. 

8795. Daieid Oiibert, b. Oct 9, 1858. in Post Creek (Hornby), N. Y. 

8796. CkarhtU Amanda, b. July 8, 1868, in Coming, K. Y. 

Walter Noble, & of Walter, was b. in Cape Vincent^ Oct 9, 
1823. In 1859, he resided in Newark, 0., and now, 1875, in 
Hornby, N. Y., (doming being his P. 0. address. He aerved as 
corporal in the CiTil war, from June 13," 1861, to June 21, 1864, 
and as color-sergeant, from Aug. 24, 1864, to June 20, 1865. 

He m. (1) June 8, 1850, . She d. Aug. 10, 


He m. (2) March 5, 1865, Mrs. Mabtha Elbath Boot. 


8797. Harriet Louisa, b. Aug. 27, 1866. 

8798. Laura Luretta, b. Apr. 18, 1869. 

8799. Jtdia SaekeU, b. Aug. 9, 1871. 

8800. Ddou Edward, b. Apr. 17, 1874. 

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Lauba Ann Noblb, dau. of Walter, was b. Oct. 29, 1825. 

She m. June 9, 1846, Oilbbbt Cboss, b. in Brownsville, N. Y., 
Not. 17, 1817, a. of John Cross. He is, 1875, a baker, and res. 
in Newark, Licking Co., Ohio. 


2801. Mary Frances, b. July 14, 1847; d. Feb. 25, 1852, ic. 4. 

2802. OeargeLevi, b. Apr. 27, 1849; m. . 

8806. Mary Ida BomUa, b. June %, 1853. 

2801 WaUam Wright, b. Aug. 20, 1858; d. Dec. 21, 1858. 

2805. Albert, b. abt. 1861. 

2806. Fanny, b. 1868. 


WiLUAM RuBSBLL NoBLB, 8. of Walter, was b. in Martinsburg, 
Lewis Co., N. Y., Aug. 20, 1834. When one year old, he was 
taken by his father to Cape Vincent, N. Y., where he remained 
until May, 1853. He resided in Copper Harbor, Mich., from May 
14, 1853, to June, 1854; in Eagle River, Mich., from June, 1854, 
to Aug., 1856 ; and since the latter date, in Houghton and Hancock, 
Mich., except for one year spent as derk of the Silver islet mines, 
on the north shore of Lake Superior. He was for a number of 
yeaxB) accountant and cashier of several large mining companies. 
He is now, Sept., 1875, a merchant in Hancock, Mich., of the firm 
of Noble k Ellis. 

He m. July 23, 1857, Anna Mabia Van Oubsuno, b. in Sche- 
nectady, N. Y., Mch. 2, 1836, dau. of Jacob and Catharine (Ander- 
son) Van Ouesling. 


2807. Fanfiy LOian, b. May 20, 1858, in Houghton, Mich. ; and there 
d. Mch. 26, 1859, m. 10 mos. 

2808. Arthur LOian, b. Apr. 21, 1860, in Hancock, Mich. 

2809. Byron Bldred, b. Oct 25,. 1868. in Van Alta, O. 

2810. Clara, b. Nov. 25, 1865, in Houghton, Mich. ; and there 
d. Sept 1, 1866, m. 9 mos. 

2811. &earye Auguelut, b. Bept 16, 1867, in Houghton. 

2812. Kitty Maria, b. Oct 29, 1870, in Houghton. 

William Mebwin Noblv, s. of Thomas, was b. Feb. 2, 1825. 
He resides, 1876, in Cromwell, Conn. 

He m. Mch. 8, 1850, Almiba Pabmbleb Mildbum, dau. of Orrin 

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2818. ArOiUT, b. May 30, 1851. 

2814. Clara AdeUa, \ b. Mcb. 10, 1858; m. Oct. 20. 1874. Dantcl Webster 

V of Berlin, Conn. 

2815. Bnrna AmOia, ) b. Mch. 10. 1858. 
2810. Edward Shepard, b. Apr. 29, 1858. 

2817. Bobert IfOdrum, b. Mch. 16, 1800. 

2818. W%UiamCleateland,h. Oct. 2, 1800. 

Maby Ambua Noble, dau. of Thomas, was b. May 29, 1827. 
She m. March 8. 1848, Henbt B. Arnold, b. of Joseph Arnold. 


2819. Editard Clark, b. June 6, 1856, in Cal. 

2820. Frank Hubbard, b. Jan. 18, 1858, hi CaL 

2821. C?iarle$ Henry, b. Jnly 10, 1860, in Cal. ; and ^ere d. June 7, 1861, 
«. 10 mo8. 

2822. Harry, b. hi Haddam, Conn. 

2828. Mary EUen, b. in Haddam, Conn. ; and there d. 


Thomas Noble, b. of Thomas, was b. May 23, 1831. 
He m. Apr. 13, 1870, Elizabeth Belden. 


2824. Sarah EUen, b. May 27, 1871. 

2825. 2%ofiuM Anry, b. KoT. 20, 1875. 


Caleb Thomas Spenoeb Noble, s. of Lystra, was b. May 29, 
1818. He has been a teacher, cazi>enter, and farmer. He removed 
to Hebron, McHenry Co., 111., and thence, in 1868, to Bedford, 
Taylo-. Co., la., where he resides, 1876. 

He m. June 1, 1887, Charlotte Freeman, b. in Warren, N. Y., 
Oct 9, 1818, dau. of Thomas and Nancy (Brown) Freeman. 

2826. Thomoi Spencer, b. Feb. 22, 1840, hi Warren, K. T. ; re- 
ddes, unm., 1876, in Bedford, Iowa, and ii a saddler and harness- 

Nancy Addaide Julianna, b. Oct. 4, 1842, hi Warren, N. T. ; m. 
Aug. 1, 1860, George W. Dean, b. hn Crawford Co., Penn., Feb. 25, 
1880, a of Nelson and Sarah (Walker) Dean. During the Ciyil war, 
he was a priyate in the 10th Beg., during the three months' service, 
and from the autumn of 1862, until the close of the war, was in 
the 115th m. Reg., and promoted to the otBce of lieutenant. He 
resides, 1876, in Grant, Taylor Co., Iowa. Children bom in Grant 

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BRANCH or THOMA8. 337 

1. Charles Nelson, b. Aug. 80, 1870; 2. Frederick Noble, b. Not. 
80, 1871; 8. Merle Hugh, b. Hay 25, 1874; 4. Roj Spencer, b. Oct. 
7, 1875. 

2828. Mariett Amanda, b. Mch. 28, 1848, in Hebron, 111.; d. in 
Bedford, Iowa, Bept. 20, 1889, e. 26. 

2829. Barah AdeUne, b. July 7, 1852, in Warren, N. Y.; d. 
in Hebron. 111., Sept., 1858, s. 1. 

2880. Frederick Arthvr, b. Mcb. 28,1856, in Hebron. 111.; was 
there drowned, by falling into a tub of water, July 8, 1857, ee. 1. 


Habbixt Causta NoBLSy dau. of Lystra, was b. in Warren, 
N. y., Nov. 20, 1819. 

She m. Oct. 13, 1849, Rev. Wiluam Alphonso Wells, b. in 
New Lebanon, N. Y*, Nov. 16, 1814, s. of Harvey and Martha 
(Doty) Wells. He pursued his preparatory studies under the in- 
struction of Stephen W. Taylor of Hamilton, N. Y., and entered the 
class of , in Madison University, but was obliged to leave, on 

account of ill health, daring Sophomore year. He was ordained, 
Sept 31, 1837, to the work of the Christian ministry, in Frankfort, 
N. Y. For two years, from April, 1838-40, he was pastor of the 
Baptist church in De Ruyter, N. Y.; from 1840-47, in Bemsen, 
N.Y.; and from 1847-49, in Trenton, N. Y. In Nov., 1849, 
he was sent by the Home Missionary society, to Iowa, and 
labored there in Danville, Denmark, and Muscatine. Poor 
health requiring him to return to the east, in Aug., 1853, he was 
was from Jan., 1854, to March 1, 1855, pastor of the church in 
Trenton, N. Y., and from 1855-63, pastor of the church in New 
Hartford, N. Y. While continuing to reside at the latter place, he 
supplied from April, 1863, to Oct, 1864, thechurchin Clinton, N. Y. 
He removed, Oct. 17, 1864, to Memphis, Onondaga Co., N. Y., 
taking charge of the Baptist church there, until Jan., 1871, when 
the state of his health compelled him to abandon ministerial labor. 
He has continued up to the present time, 1876, to reside in 

2881. JMle Howard, b. Aug. 18, 1861, in Warren, N. Y. ; d. in Muscatine, 
Iowa, Bept 25, 1852. 

2882. Jfoiy Franou, b. Jan. 22, 1858, in Muscatine, Iowa; m. Nov. 26» 
1878, Frank Alfred Oilley. then of Syracuse, N. Y., but now, 1876, 
of Memphis, N. Y. He is a hardware dealer. 

2838. OurtU NMe, b. Dec 18, 1865, in Memphis, N. Y. ; and there d. 
May 17, 1866, «. 5 mos. 

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Ebthbb Oabtield Nobls, daa. of Hervey, was b. in Wilna, 
N. Y., Dec. 29, 1819. 

She m. Jan. 2, 1843, David Thomas Parsons, b. in East Wind- 
sor, Conn., June 29, 1816, s. of David and Harriet (Fish) Parsons. 
He is a farmer, and resided, in Manchester, Ontario Co., N. 7., 
1829--35; in La Grange, O., 1835^3; in Carlisle, Lorain Co., O., 
1843-52; in La Orange, C, 1852-73; and in Akron, Summit Co., 
0., 1873-76. 

8888a. M€lM$a Amanda, b. Feb. 26, 1844, in Carlisle; m. Nov. 28, 1868, 

Julian A. Baldwin, a fanner, 1876, in Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., 

88886. Harriet Almira, b. Oct 16, 1845, in Carlisle; m. Jan. 8, 1867, 

Orson Humphrey, a merchant, 1876, in La Grange, O. 
88S8e. AdeUa Malvina, b. Aug. 18, 1847, in Carlisle; d. Dec. 88, 1862, 

888ad. Lorewo Chutawt, b. Mch. 88, 1850, in Carlisle; m. June 80, 1872. 

Ann Eliza Adams, and is, 1876, a cheese manufacturer in Carlisle. 
88880. Dora EiteUa, b. Dec. 80, 1868, in La Grange. 


OsoBOB WiuLEBSON NoBLE, s. of Hervey, was b. in Wilna, 
Jefferson Co., N. Y., Aug. 10, 1821. In February, 1862, he 
removed from La Grange, 0., to Liverpool, Medina Co., Ohio, where 
he has continued to reside up to the present time, 1876. He is the 
proprietor of a foundry and machine shop. 

He m. Nov. 19, 1845, Jane Euza Oabrett, b. in Ballston, Sara- 
toga Co., N. Y., Jan. 15, 1829, dau. of Benjamin and Charlotte 
(BoweC) Garrett 

8884. Atnanda BOen, b. Dec. 17, 1846, in La Qrsnge, O. ; m. Jan. 1, 
1864, Eurotas Merriam Dixon, b. in La Grange, Feb. 18, 1842, s. of 
William Boardman and Fhebe (Merriam) Dixon at La Grange, 0. 
In the Civil war, he enlisted, Apr. 18, 1861, for three months, in Co. 
I, 8U1 Ohio Vol. Inf., and was mustered out, Aug. 8, 1861. He 
enlisted, Aug. 6, 1861, in Co. 1, 8d Ohio Vol Inf., and was mustered 
out, Feb. 17, 1863. He removed in 1865, to Sweetland, 0., and hi 
1866, to Cleveland, O., where he is a machinist No children. 

8885. Mdiaa BOen, b. Oct 19, 1850» in La Grange, O. ; m. July 4, 1871, 
WOliam Edgar Parmelee, b. in Liverpool, O., Aug. 89, 1848, s. of 
Asahel Sanf ord and Fanny (Bates) Parmelee. He is, 1876, a woolen 
manufacturer in Liverpool, O. Child. Ella, b. Nov. 11, 1878, in 

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BBANGH or TH0MA8. 339 

2886. OkarUftte Phebe, b. Oct. 26, 1852, in LaGnnge, O.; m. March 16, 
1872, Rufiu Valentine Gamble, H. D., b. in Chatham, Medina Co., 
O., June 28, 1847, s. of William and Sarah (Benton) Gamble. He 
graduated, in 1872, at CleTeland Medical College, and the same year 
commenced the practice of medicine in LiTcrpool, O., where he 
still, 1876, resides. Child. Grace, b. Jan. 10, 1878, in Liverpool. 


ExiLT Ajtnst Nobls, dan. of Hervey, was b. in LaGrange, O., 
Jan. 16, 1832. 

She m. Nov. 23, 1854, Chsstbb Colvin Manville, b. in Cham- 
pion, N. Y., Nov. 10, 183*2, s. of Harvey and Matilda (Waite) 
Manvilla He resides, 1876, in LaOrange, O., and is a dealer in 
clothing, hats, and caps. 

cbUjDbek,— none. • 

Belinda Minbbva Noble, dau. of Hervey, wash, in La Orange, 
0., Oct 23, 1834. 

She m. Nov. 23, 1854, Sidney Jokes Oabbett, b. in Ballston, 
N. Y., Aug. 10, 1830, s. of Benjamin and Charlotte Oarrett. He 
is, 1876, a merchant in Laporte, Lorain Co., 0. 


8886a. Frank, b. Jan. 81, 1856. 

8886». ChraBea, b. Dec. 16,1858. 

8886e. Oharlei Henry, b. Jan. 85, 1866. 


William Wallace Noble, b. of Minor Curtis, was b. in Broken- 
straw, Warren Co., Penn., July 28, 1826, and is, 1876, a fanner 
inLaOiange, 0. 

He m. (1) Mch. 13, 1850, Lubanct Vbamans, b. Feb. 28, 1828, 
dan. of Bli^ and Almira (Davis) Yeamans. She d. in Carlisle, 
Lorain Co., 0., Mch. 3, 1855, m. 27. 

He in. (2) Oct 3, 1855, Luoihda Milleb, b. in Warren, 0., 
June 4, 1836, dau. of Samuel and Susannah (Smith) Miller of 
LaOnmge, 0. 


8887. Aifnet Leonora, b. Feb. 81, 1868. 
888a Q0rdan WaOaee, b. July 4, 1868. 

8888. Bib^ert WilUam, b. Apr. 4, 1866. 


EsTHEB BiANTHA NoBLE, dau. of Biiuor Curtis, was b. in Broken, 
straw, Penn., May 30, 1828. 

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Google ^ 


She m. July 4, 1852, Raleaman Pabboms, b. in E$Bt Windeor, 
Ck>nD., Sept. 18, 1818, b. of David and Harriet (Fiah) Panona. 
He ia a farmer, and formerly redded in Manchester, Ontario Co., 
N. T., and La Grange, 0., but now, 1876, residea in Oberlin, 0. 


2840. Babaman ZawUah, b. May 19. 1858. 

S841. JuiHtia Axatia, b. Apr. 28, 1850.. 

2842. VUeUe IdeOe, b. Dec. 6» ia57. 

2843. JTetta Oarhen, b. Feb. 6, 1860. 


BoBBBT Bbucb Noble, s. of Minor Curtis, was b. in Broken- 
straw, Penn., Aug. 18, 1830. He is a farmer, and has resided in 
Carlisle, p., 1857-58; La Orange, 0., 1858-68; Eaton Rapids, 
Mich., 1868-69; La Orange, 0., 1869-71; La Grange, Marshall 
Co., Kan., 1871-76. 

He m. Feb. 22, 1856, Emma Pabibh, b. in Eagle, N. Y., July 
20, 1830, dau. of Lewis and Eda (Gk^ylord) Parish. 


2844. Emav Alphcnsine, b. Jan. 16, 1856; m. Feb. 16, 1876, J. North Wil- 
son, b. in 0., June 2, 1854. 

2845. Ina OUora, b. Mch. 80. 1860. 


MoBTiMEB EuoEKB NoBLB, B. of Miuor Curtis, was b. in Broken- 
atraw, Penn., Feb. 5, 1833. He is, 1876, a farmer in La 
Orange, 0. 

He m. Sept 8, 1859, Helen Olmsted, b. in Hamilton, N. Y., 
June 5, 1841, dau. of Jonathan and Hannah (Sheldon) Olmsted. 


2846. Harriet AnUs, b. Sept. 8, 1868. 

2847. Oearge Henry, b. Feb. 15, 1869. 

2848. Otnu Ndl, b. June 10, 1871. 


Emilt Adbunb Noble, dau. of Minor Curtis, Was b. in La 
Orange, 0., Nov. 5, 1835. 

She m. (1) Oct. 24, 1857, Dr. Chables Wbslet CANnELD, & of 
Job W. and Sarah R. Canfield. He d. March 21, 1861. 

She m. (2) Jan. 28, 1864, John Shaw. He resides, 1876, in 
Penfield, Lorain Co., 0. 

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2849. IHana Qtorgiand, b. Hay d6, 1859, in Pittsfield, O. ; m. Oct. 14, 
1874, Clarence Merriam, b. in La Grange, O., June 28, 1854. She 
d. Apr. 8, 1875, «. 15. He Ib a carpenter. 

2850. Sarah Aniu, b. July 18, 1861, in La Grange, O. 


Diana Alphonune Noble, dau. of Minor CurtiB, was b. in La 
Orange, O., Aug. 10, 1838. 

She m. May 25, 1859, Ralph Waldo Hart, b. in Colebrook, 
Ck>nn., Apr. 11, 1834, a. of Lewis and Persia (Swift) Hart He 
is, 1876, a farmer in La Orange, O. 


2851. Che$ter, b. Apr. 8, 1868. 


Dr. Hiram Noble, s. of Ambrose, was b. Aug. 5, 1826. He 
redded, 1850-52, in Pickering, Province of Ontario; spent two 
years at McGill College, Montreal, C. E., and two at Victoria College, 
Toronto. ProTince of Ontario, where he graduated, 1857, and is 
a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. 
He resided in Brougham, C. TV., 1857; in Sutton, C. W., 1858-59; 
in Sharon, C. W., 1859-71; and in Onawa, Iowa, 1871-76. 

He m. Nov. 5, 1850, Jane Ann Thomson, b. in Markham, 
Province of Ontario, datL of Col. Alexander Stewart and Betsey 
(McCoy) Thomson. 


2862. Mary sua, b. Bept 14, 1851, in Pickering; d. Hch. 12, 

2868. BdidardStnitheHand, b. Nov. 1, 1858, in Markham, C. W. 

2854. Theodore Parker, b. Hch. 6, 1856, in Toronto, C. W. 

2855. Ambnm Stewart, b. Mch. 16, 1868, in Sutton. 

2866. Herbert Thomemi, b. Bept. 21, 1860, in Sharon. 

2867. Frederick Henry, b. July 2, 1868, in Sharon. 
286a Anna Oatharine, b. Nov. 29, 1865, in Sharon. 


Nanot NoblE) dau. of Ambrose, was b. June 21, 1837. 
She m. July 14, 1863, Alexander T. Whalet. 

2859. Harwy F^ranJdin. b. Feb. 10, 1866. 

2860. Minnie, b. Aug. 10, 1868. 

2861. AUee, b. Nov. 12, 1870. 

2862. Hannah, b. Jan. 1, 1878. 


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AucB NoBLB, cbo. of AmbroBe, was b. July 8, 1S42. 
She m. May I, 1862» Donald McEat. 

8888. JBtMa Msud, b. May 17, 1888. 
8861 Am^rom NaUe, b. May 18, 1866. 

8865. JbffiM2>0iBa&2, b. Aug., 1868. 

8866. John Bake, b. Jan. 6. 1871. 

8867. BmiOif AUce, b. Oct 6, 1874. 


Hon. Lncros Minuds Boltwood, a. of Lucius and Fanny Has- 
kina (Shepard) Boltwood, was b. in Amberst, Mass., in the house 
of his grandmother, Mrs. Deborah Shepard, June 8, 1825. His 
studies preparatory to college, were from 1834-^9, at Amherst 
academy, Rev. GkK>rge Cotton Partridge (Amherst CoL 1883), 
Hon. Rodolphus Baker Hubbard (Union CoL 1829), Rev. Fred- 
erick Buel (Yale Col. 1836), and Rev. Nahum Gale, D.D., (Am- 
herst CoL 1837), preceptors. He graduated at Amherst College, 
in 1843, and at Andover Theological Seminary, in 1847, but was 
never ordained as a clergyman. From 1852 to 1863, he was 
librarian of Amherst College; from June, 1861, to July, 1865, 
postmaster of Amherst; from Apr., 1867, to Apr., 1868, assistant 
librarian in the Congressional library at Washington, D. C; and 
from Apr., 1868, to Aug., 1875, librarian of the Young Men's 
Institute at Hartford, Conn. In 1859-60, he was a member of 
the Massachusetts senate, from the Hampshire and Franklin dis- 
trict Since Aug., 1875, he has continued to reside in Hartford, 

He was chosen, Oct 7, 1846, a corresponding member of the 
New England Historic Oenealogical society; Nov. 2, 1852, a cor- 
responding member of the New York Historical society; March, 
1856, a corresponding member of the Connecticut Historical 
society; May 5, 1868, a resident member of the same society (of 
which, from May 19, 1868, to May 21, 1872, he was recording sec- 
retary); Oct, 1858, an honorary member of the Vermont Histori- 
cal society; June 15, 1859, an honorary member of the New 
Hampshire Historical society; and was invited, 1876, to become 
a fellow of the Royal Historical society of Great Britain. 

In 1863, he prepared and published the genealogical portion of 
<< Judd's History of Hadley, Mass." 

He m. June* 6, 1860, Clarinda Boabdhan Williams, b. in 

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GofiheD, Mm8., Aug. 31, 1836, daa. of Hinckley ud Elvira Ar- 
menius (Wright) Williams. 


8868. Qwrge Skepard, b. Hch. 2, 1861, in Amh«nt, Mass. ; member of 
Hartford public high school, of the dass of 1878. 

2869. Luchu, b. July 27,1862, in Amherst; member of Hartford 
public high school, of the class of 1879. 

2870. CharU$ Wright, b. Dec 6, 1867, in Washington, D. C. 

2871. Fannif HdMnt, b. Feb. 27, 1870, in Hsrtford, Conn. 

2872. EMra WHght, b. July 9, 1872, in Hartford, Conn. 


Chablxb Upham Boltwood, 8. of Lucius and Fanny Haskins 
(Shepard) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Mch. 28, 1837, 
and there d. unm., July 23, 1871, m. 34. He was for a time a derk 
in a dry goods store in ELartford, Conn., Keokuk, lowa^ and 
Middletown, Conn. He was next, a clerk in a glass-ware store in 
New York city, and subsequently a member of the firm of Heniy 
Russell & Co., dealers in table glass-ware, lamps, and looking- 
glasses, at 60 Vesey street, in the same city. During the last two 
years of his life, he resided at Amherst, superintending the 
business of his father. His character and reputation were 
excellent, and he was faithful in the discharge of every trust 
He had a sunny smile, and possessed a rare sweetness of disposi- 
tion, making him a great favorite, in every circle in which he 
moved. His health was usually firm, and his last iUness was of 
but ten days* duration. 

" Oreen be the turf above thee, friend of my better dayst 
None knew thee but to love thee, nor named thee but to prsise, ^y 

Tears fell when thou wer^ dying, from eyes unused to weep, X 

And long, where thou art lying, will tears the cold turf steep. / 

When hearts, whose truth was proven, like thine, are laid in earth, 
There should a wreath be woven to tell the world their worth." 


Hon. Bdwahd Boltwood, b. of Lucius and Fanny Haikinw 
(Shepard) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Sept. 4, 1839. He 
fitted for college, at Milford, Mass., under the instruction of Syl- 
vester John Sawyer (Amherst College, 1850), and at Phillips 
academy, Andover, Mass., and grad. at Yale College, in 1860. 
He pursued his legal studies with Pingree & Colt of Pittsfield, 
Mass., at the Cambridge law school, and with Hon. Oeoige Van 
Ness Lothrop^ in Detroit, *Mioh., where he was admitted to the 

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bar, in the Bpring of 1863. He has resided in Detroit^ Mich., 
1863-66; in Bothwell, C. W., 1866-67: in Grand Haven, Mich., 
1867-70; and in Pittsfield, Mass., from May, 1870, until the pres- 
ent time, 1878. While at Grand Haven, in addition to his profes- 
sional daties, he held the office of judge of probate for Ottawa 
Co., having been elected, Nov., 1868, for a term of four years. 
Having been appointed, in May, 1870, treasurer of the Berkshire 
Mutual Life Insurance company, he removed to Pittafield, Mass., 
and in Jan., 1873, was chosen vice-president and treasurer, and in 
Jan., 1876, president and treasurer of the same company, offices 
which he still retains. 

He m. Oct. 26, 1865, Sarah Eliza Plunkett, b. in Chester, 
Mass., Apr. 25, 1836, dau. of Hon. Thomas Fitzpatrick and Han- 
nah Stevens (Taylor) Plunkett of Chester and PitUfield, Mass. 
She d. in Pittsfield, Mass., June 18, 1873, m. 37. 


2878. Thotna$ I^unkett, b. Oct. 19, 1866, in Bothwell, C. W.; and d. m 

Pittiifleld, Aug. 8, 1867, le. 9 mos. 
9874. Bditard, b. Mch. 25, 1870, in Pittsfield. 


Thomas East Boltwood, s. of Lucius and Fanny Hasldns 
(Shepard) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Feb. 15, 1844, 
and d. in Hartford, Conn., Dec. 25, 1872, m. 28. He pursued his 
studies, preparatory tc college, at PhiUips academy, Andover, 
Mass., graduating in 1859, in one of its largest classes, with the 
third ^jpointment, the Greek oration. He graduated at Yale 
College, in the dass of 1864, at the Albany Law school in 1866, 
and practised his profession in Toledo, 0., until compelled to 
abandon it, by the failure of his health. He subsequently resided 
in Castleton, N. Y. 

He m. June 5, 1867, Maboabbtte Mathilda Van Hobsek, b. 
in Castleton, a village of Schodack, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Sept. 
25, 1842, dau. of Jeremiah Wall and Margarette (Ostrander) Van 

2875. OftofiM Fm AMMfi, b.May28,1868,inOssaeton; and there d. May 
26, 1868, e. 2 days. 

2876. Bertram Borden, b. July 27, 1870, in Amherst, Mass. 

Suhiob Noblb Gbbbnb, dan. of Rufus and Mary Sheldon (Bolt- 
wood) Greene, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Nov. 10, 1813. 

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She m. Oct. 29^ 1831, Hobatio Nslsok Thobkton, b. in Butter- 
nuts, Otsego Co., N. Y., Sept. 10, 1808, s. of Joseph Thornton, b. 
in Burlington, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1785, who d. in Berrien, Mich., June 
16, 1839, e. 73, and Rebecca Foster, b. in Eeene, N. H., Oct. 7, 
1787, who d. in Carroll, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1870, m. 82. 

He is, 1876, a fanner in Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 


2877. Helen Bowmond, b. Mch. 12, 1888; m. Joeeph Bamselall. 

2878. Harriet BoUutood,h. June 6, 1885; m. (1) £. Slocumb; (2) J. B. 

2879. HbraHo KeUon, b. Aug. 14, 1888; d. Jan. 9, 1880, m. 4 mo6. 

2880. Ritfui Greene, b. Not. 11, 1889; a teacher, d. unm., in Carroll, 
June 17» 1868, m. 28. 

2881. Horatio King, b. July 22, 1866. 

* Mabt Sheldon Greene, dftu. of Rufus and Mary Sheldon (Bolt- 
wood) Greene, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Jan. 19, 1816. 

She m. Aug. 12, 1836, Albebt Mobtiicbr Thobnton, b. in 
Butternuts, N. Y., May 6, 1810, s. of Joseph and Rebecca (Foster) 

He resided in Carroll, N. Y., engaged in lumbering and farm- 
ing from Feb., 1828, until Nov., 1868, when he removed to 
Fort Dodge, Iowa, at which place and vicinity he continued to 
reside, until March 17, 1873, when he removed to Newell, Buena 
Vista Co., Iowa. In the spring of 1876, he removed to Otho, Web- 
ster Co., Iowa. 


2882. Alonto LuMue, b. Nov. 26, 1888; m. Emily R. Comstock. 
2888. Mary Bebeeea, b. May 4, 1885; m. Philip White, Jr. 

2884. Maria Louiea, b. Hch. 9, 1887; m. Lucius C. Saunders. 
2864a. JMeina Irene, b. Nov. 28, 1888; d. Oct. 14, 1841, e. 2. 

2885. Bmay Greene, b. June 14, 1841; m. William F. Tinckom. 

2886. Irefi£ Malvina, b. Mch. 28, 1848; m. Louis D. Button. 

2887. Fiorina MeUna, b. Aug. 26, 1847; m. Silas W. Swift 

2888. nnny BoUieood, b. July 15, 1848; unm., 1876, a teacher of Eng- 
lish branches, and vocal and insdumental music, in Buena Vista 
Co., Iowa. ' 

2880. I^iink Greene, b. Feb. 11, 1864; m. Naomi K Herrick. 

Sabah Marsh Orxbnb, dftu. of Rufus and Mary Sheldon (Bolt- 
wood) Oreene, was b. in Wilmington, Vt., Oct. 6, 1818, and d. in 
Carroll, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1866, n. 48. 

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She m. Not. 23, 1834, Wiluam Coski]i% b. ia Amhenl^ Mam, 
Not. 10, 1812, a. of Jabez and JeniahA (BiUingB) Gorkiiia. He is, 
1878, » fumer in CSuTon, N. Y. 

Ab^aO, h. Hay 80. 1896; m. Howud CbK. 

8881. MMuXOem, b. Hay 22, 1888; m. Joseph W. Hooldridge. 
2882. LmOsru Gnene, b. Jul 17, 1842; m. William H. Bean. 
9888. Sarak Ifeweamb, b Apr. 27, 1845; d. iB CtemD, June 17, 1863*. 


2884. FhUma NMO/Ba, In July 81, 1848; m. RiMaeD F. BCembiiis. 

2885. AsXOmi^ b Oct 10, 1852; d. in GanoQ. Sept 28, 1858, c 

JAry White, In Joly 22. 1856 ; bl Jofy 22. 1877. RmkU GsiMd 
of GamD. 

LmiSA Babbaba Obbbkc, dan. of Rnfos and Mary Sheldon 
(Boltwood) Greene, wbs b. in Wilmington, Vt, March 20, 1821. 

She m. Feb. 10, 1845, Pebbdv Sampson, b. in Goncord, Erie Go., 
N. Y., Dec 15, 1818, a. of Emery Sampson, b. in Concord, Erie 
Co., N. Y., who d. in BeerBeld, Wis., Sept 20, 1852, n. 60, and 
Hannah Herrick, b. in Northnmberland, N. H., Oct 16, 1792, 
who d. in Deerfield, Wis., Jnly 18, 1859, ». 66. Fenrin Sampson 
is a dry-goods dealer in Concord, Erie Co., N. Y., vfaere he has 
resided since hic marriage. He was a justice of the peace, Jan., 
1868, to Jan., 1872, and postmaster of Springrille, N. Y., Juty, 
1861, to Jsn., 1867. His P. O. address is SpringriDe, Erie Co., 
N. Y. 

Smilt Boltwood Gbbbmb, dso. of Rnfos and Mary Sheldon 
(Boltwood) Greene, was b. in Wihnington, Vt, Apr. 21, 1827. 

She bl Oct 12, 1851, Hkbbt Watbob SAMPWoar, b. in Concord, 
N. Y., Apr. 21, 1827« s. of Emery and Hannah (Henick) Samp* 
son. He is a lomberman, and resided in Oarndl, N. Y., nntil 
1870, when be remoTed to Sooth Valley (P. O. OnoriDe), Catta- 
iBogoa Co, N. Y. 


2887. iWrw Ofmme, In Apr. 14. 1862; d. ia OsmD. 8ept IS, 1884, m, %. 
MmwQrmme, b. Oct 8,1888. 


BiTPUs Gbbekb, s. of Bofns snd Mary Sbddon (Boltwood) 
Greene, was bi in Camdl, N. Y., Jnne 4, 1830. He is a 

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and resided in Carroll, until Aug., 1871, when he removed to 
Dover, Pocshontss Co., Iowa. His P. 0. address is Newell, 

He m. Oct 15, 1857, Eatb Lois Oould, b. Nov. 15, 1830, in 
Colden, Erie Co., N. T., dan. of John Berth Gould, b. in Bethel, 
Vt, March 11, 1794, who d. Nov. 14, 1864, s. 70, and Hannah 

BuSum, b. in , R. L, July 25, 1801, who d. in Colden, Brie 

Co., N. Y., May 18, 1855, m. 53. 


S809. m^uiBrwin, b. July 7. 1865. 
8900. Mar^ Hannah, b. July 9, 1867. 


Chablbs Coolcdob Mabsh, s. of Joseph and Harriet (Boltwood) 
Marsh, was b. in Hadley, Mass., Nov. 24, 1845. He has been, since 
Oct., 1869, a druggist and apothecary, in Bowensburgh, Hancock 
Co., ni. 

He m. Sept. 10, 1870, Mabt Aim Fostbb, b. in Burton, West- 
moreland Co., England, Jan. 28, 1848, dau. of Thomas and Hsnnah 
(Cragg) Foster, who removed about 1856, to the United States. 

8801. IBdvard Qra^ei, b. Feb. 16, 1878. 
8908. Harrutm BoUwood, b. June 7, 1876. 

Sabah Boltwood, dau. of William and Electa (Stetson) Bolt- 
wood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Feb. 7, 1827. 

She m. Dec. 30, 1847, Silas Dbztbb Clabk, b. in Amherst. Apr. 
5, 1824, s. of Silas and Almira (Forbush) Clark. By tzade a 
machinist, for nine months after his marriage, he resided in Boston, 
in the employ of Hinckley & Drury , locomotive builders. He after- 
ward resided two years in Portland, Me., in charge of the locomotive 
building and repsar shop; two years in Springfield, Mass.; two years 
in Norwalk, 0., having charge of the shops of the Cleveland ft 
Toledo R. R. Co.; six years in Keokuk, Iowa, the first master- 
mechanic, as is believed, of the Keokuk, Ft Des Moines & Minn. 
R R., since caUed the Des Moines Valley R R; one year in Hart- 
ford, Conn. ; two years in Chillicothe, 0. ; six years in Kansas City, 
as superintendent of machine works; and now, Dec., 1877, Uves in 
Ottawa, Kan., where he is the proprietor of the Franklin Co. 
foundry and machine shop. 

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3908. WaUam, b. Jan. 4, 1850, in Springfield. Mtm.; d. in 

Amhent, Mtm„ Aug. 14, 1891, m. 1. 
9001 Bdward LMmieUu, b. Jan. 80. 1802, in Springfield, MaM. 
8905. CharUi Shspard, b. Feb. 17,1865, in Norwalk, O.; and d. in 

Keokuk, Iowa, Sept 27, 1808, e. 8. 

2906. AUoe, b. Dec. 81, 1857, in Keokuk, Iowa; and there d. 
Aug. 16, 1868, m. 7 mos. 

2907. Arthur Seaim, b. Nov. 8, 1869, in Keokuk, Iowa; and there d. 
Aug. 2, 1800, s. 8 mos. 

Bev. HiNBT LsoNiDAB BoLTwooD, B. of Williun and Electa 
(Stetflon) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Jan. 17, 1831.^ He 
graduated at Amherst College, in 1853. He then taught for six 
months, the academy in limerick, Me.; for one year, 1854-55, the 
high school in Palmer, Mass. ; for two years, 1855-57, the academy 
in Pembroke, N. H.; for four years, 1857-^t, Pinkerton academy 
in Derry, N. H.; and for eighteen months, 1861-63, the high 
school in Lawrence, Mass. During the year 1863-64, he was a 
manufacturing chemist, in New York city. In the spring of 1864, 
he entered the service of the United States Sanitary Crommission, 
and was ordained as chaplain in New Orleans, La., Dec. 5, 1864, 
but nerer served with the regiment (67th U. S. CoL Inf.). He 
was superintendent of schools in Griggsville, Pike Co., 111., two 
years, from Sept, 1865-July, 1867, and in August, 1867, took 
charge of the high school in Princeton, DL, where he still, Dec., 
1877, remains. He is the author of an English grammar. He 
has been greatly interested in the cause of education, and has 
attained to eminence in his profession. 

He nL July 31, 1855, Hjblsn EnoBNiA Fixld, b. in Charlemont, 
Mass., June 18, 1830, dau. of Bugeneand Abigail Smith (Hawkee) 


SI008. Cfkarlei Bdward, b. Apr. 88, 1866; ii, 1878, a member of the daasof 
1881, in Amherrt Gollege. 

Caboldib AmuA Boltwood, dau. of William and Electa (Stet- 
son) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., March 23, 1836. 

She m. Feb. 12, 1863, Prof. Chablvs Augustus Sbblbt, b. in Ball- 
ston, N. T., Nov. 28, 1825, a of Augustus Seeley, b. in Ballston, 
N. T., July 25, 1798, who d. in FUiport, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1862, ». 64, 
and Charlotte Millard, b. in Ballston, N. T., Aug. 2, 1802, who was 
drowned an Bocheeter, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1852, ». 49. He was pre- 

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pared for college at the high school in Rochester, N. Y., Rev. Dr. 
Chester Dewey principal, graduated at Union College, 1847, was 
principal of the Genoa, N. Y., academy, 1848, of the Predonia, 
N. Y., academy, 1849, editor of the Scientific American, 1853, of 
the American Journal of Photography ^ 1856, professor of chemistry 
and toxolology in the N. Y. Medical college, 1859, and professor 
of chemistry and metallurgy in the N. Y. college of dentistry, 1 867. 
He has been, since 1865, a consulting chemist and expert in patent 
He resides, 1875, at 125 E. 40th St., New York city. 


2900. EdwxTd Franklin, b. Jan. 18, 1864. 
2910. Cftarlei BoUwood, b. Jan. 2, 1806. 
2»11, Mabel Sartofi, b. Dec. 2,1871. 


William Fbangis Boltwood, s. of William and Electa (Stetson) 
Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., April 16, 1837. His occupa- 
tion, since 1856, has been that of a locomotive engineer. He re- 
sided in Brookfield, Mo., until Dec., 1860; in Keokuk, Iowa, until 
Apr., 1861 ; in Bedford, lowa^ until Sept., 1861; and in St. Joseph, 
Mo., until Dec., 1863. While a resident of the last named place, 
during the Civil war, he ran as engineer on the railroad, while the 
rebels were burning bridges, tearing up tracks, and firing into 
trains, and yet escaped unharmed. From Dec., 1 863, to July, 1 866, 
he resided in St. Chsrles, Mo., from the last named date to June, 
1869, in Jefferson City, Mo., and since, up to Dec, 1875, in Kansas 
City, Mo. He has met with but two accidents, during his nineteen 
years of railroad service. He was blown up in Nov., 1866, while 
running a locomotive, nine miles west of Jefferson City, and dis- 
abled two weeks, and was badly scalded on the 27th June, 1869. 
He had the honor of running the first engine across the Missouri, 
on the first bridge ever built over that river. 

He m. Sept 18, 1860, Atalanta Arathusa Cbisp, b. in Phila- 
delphia, Penn., Nov. 1, 1842, dau. of William Raynor and Mary 
Agnes (Langhome) Crisp. 


2912. Mary Agnee, b. Oct. 19. 1862, in St. Joseph, Mo. 

2918. WSOiam Bayn&r, b. Jan. 7, 1866, hi Yersailles, Mo. ; snd d. in 
Eansss City, Feb. 7, 1872, b. 6. 

2914. FranoU Langhome, b. Apr. 8, 1868, in Jefferson City, Mo. 

2915. Baberi Staling, b. July 20, 1871, in Jefferson City, Mo. ; d. in 
Kansas City, June 21, 1878, e. 28 mos. 

2916. Samuel Beter^f, b. June 16, 1876, in Kansas City. 


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Edmund Boltwood, a. of Williun »nd ElecU (Stetaon) Boltwood, 
WIS b. in Amherst, Mass., Sept 5, 1839. He entered the United 
States service, in the Civil war, as a private in 27th Reg. Mass. 
YoL Inf., 'Sept 20, 1861, and was appointed, Dec 7, 1863, second 
lientenant 1st XT. S. Col. Cavalry, in which he served until mnatered 
oat, Feb. 4, 1865. He was in engagements at Roanoke Island, 
Feb. 6, 1862; at Newbem, N. C, March 14, 1862; at Kingston, 
N. C; Whitehall, N. C; Ooldsborough, N. C, in Jan., 1863; 
in a skirmish at Wise Cross Roads, near Kingston, N. C, where 
he was wonnded in May, 1863; at the battle of Halfway House, 
on Richmond and Petersburg turnpike, May 10, 1864; and at the 
battle of Drury Bluff (Fay fight), July 2, 1864. After the dose of 
the war, he worked for a time on a farm in Amherst, and then 
became an agent for fire and life insurance companies. In May, 
1870, he was appointed assistant-marshal for taking the U. S. 
census. He wasappointed, Jan. 1, 1872, deputy-sheriff, and retained 
the office until his removal from Amherst, in Mch., 1873. He 
resided from Mch., 1873, to Mch., 1874, in Schenevus, Otsego Co., 
N. T., from Mch., 1874, to Aug., 1875, in Brooklyn, N. IT., and 
then removed to Ottawa, Kan. 

He m. Nov. 14, 1866, Eatb Weston Powzbs. 


8917. KaU WeHan, b. Aug. 81. 1867, in Amherst. 

881& JSdmund, b. Kov. 18, 1868, in Amherst 

8819. WaUam, \ b. Apr. 18, 1870, in Amherst; and there d. Aug. 8, 

I 1870, m. 3 mos. 

9980. Luehu, ) b. Apr. 12, 1870, in Amherst. 

9921. Gertrude, b. Sq[>t 20, 1871, in Amherst 

9928. JOiMabeth Amet, b. Aug. 8, 1878, in Bchenevus, N. T. 

9999a.AtfM, b. Jan. 21, 1878, in Ottawa, Kan. 


RiSPAH BoLTwooD, dau. of William and Electa (Stetson) Bolt- 
wood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., Feb. 20, 1842. 

She m. Aug. 15, 1867| Seth Waldo Maltbii^ b. in Southington, 
Conn., May 19, 1840, s. of Dea. Daniel and Esther Gilbert (Tappan) 
Maltbie. He graduated at Amherst College, 1847, spent one year 
at Cheshire, Conn., as disciplinarian of the Military academy, was 
for one year superintendent of public schools in Princeton, UL, for 
two years principal of the high school in Gtoeseo, UL, for two 
years principal of the high school in Oshkosh, Wis., and is 

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now, Dec., 1875, special agent of the Equitable Life Insurance com- 
pany of Dee Moines, Iowa» in Montour, Iowa. 


2828. Balph WMo, b. July 1» 1868. in Saybrook. O. 

2924. Bmi Braiftan, b. Oct 15, 1871. in GeneBeo, HI. 

9925. Gertrude BoUwood, b. Jan. 22, 1878, in Oeneseo, 111. ; and d. in 

Newton, Iowa, July 15, 1878, 8b. 5 mos. 
2926. Guy BwOiwrth, b. Hch. 80. 1875. in Oshkosh. Wis.; and d. in 

Chester, la., Aug. 28. 1875, e. 4 mos. 


JoHK Emxbsok Boltwood, b. of William and Electa (Stetson) 
Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., March 24, 1844, and there 
resides, 1878, on his father's homestead. 

He m. Apr. 29, 1868, Emma ElizabvthHobabt, b. in Leverett, 
Mass., May 22. 1847, daughter of Charles Dickinson Hobart, b. in 
Leverett, July 14, 1817, and Elizabeth Maria Howard, b. in 
Leverett, Sept. 16, 1817. 


9927. HOen JEhtgmUa, b. Mcb. 9, 1871. 

2928. Wmiam, b. Dec 15, 1872. 

2929. Barrietmka, b. Dec 99, 1875. 


Habbibt Newhall Boltwood, dau. of William and Electa 
(Stetson) Boltwood, was b. in Amherst, Mass., June 26, 1847, and 
d. in Worcester, Mass., May 27, 1872, m. 25. 

She m. July 20, 1871, Stbphxn Holmes Labkeu, b. in Dudley, 
Mass., July 10, 1847, dau. of Thomas Morris and Lucy (Holmes) 
Lamed. He fitted for college at Nichols academy, in Dudley, 
under the instruction of John T. Clark and Stephen W. Clark, 
and graduated at Amherst College, in 1869. He m. (2) Jan. 5, 
1876, Susan Maria Everett, b. in Constantinople, Turkey, Feb. 18, 
1853, dau. of Bey. Joel Sumner and Seraphina (Haynes) Everett. 
He is, 1877, an accountant in Worcester, Mass. 

9880. San, b. May 91, 1872, in Worcester; and there d. same day. 

EiiiLT Mabia BoLTWoon, dau. of Oliver Noble and Nancy 
(Smith) Boltwood, was b. in OarroU, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1834, and d. 
in Hastings, Mich., July 2, 1874, m. 89. 

She m. Apr. 26, 1853, James Albebt Sweezet, b. in Brook 

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Haven, Suffolk Co., L. I., Sept 19, 1828, ». of William and Hetty 
(Weeks) Sweezey. He read law with Bradley F. Granger of 
Mancheeter, Mich., was admitted to the bar, Oct 17, 1850, at 
Grand Rapids, Mich., and immediately commenced practice at 
Hastings, Micb., where he has resided up to the present time, 
Dec, 1876. He was prosecuting attorney of Barry Co., 1856, 1860, 
and 1869; representative in the state legislature, 1862-64, and 1866- 
68; and regent of the University of Michigan, 1864-71. 


9981. Emma Maria, b. Apr. 25, 1854; d. Bept. 14, 1869, e. 15. 

8982. WSiium BdUwood, b. Aug. 24, 1855; pursued his preparatory studies 
in the Hastings union school, and was for a few months a member 
of the class of 1879, in the University of Michigan. He Is now, 
Nov., 1876. a student at law in his father's office. 

2988. Biffie BugenU, b. Sept 28, 1861; d. Aug. 80, 1862. 

2984. Mary Beatrice, b. Sept. 9, 1866. 


EnwiN Charlbs Noble, s. of Roland, was b. in GranviUe, Mass., 
Oct 14, 1828, and there resides, 1878. He is a drum maker. 

He m. May 22, 1850, Eliza Smith, b. in Hartford, Conn., dan. 
of Samuel and Charlotte Rozana (Morse) Smith. 


2984a. Charkt Boiand, b. Sept. 10, 1852; d. in Granville, Aug. 18,1855, ae. 2. 
2»S^.Lueinda Enaly, b. July 4, 1655; m. July 8^ 1874, William Lewis 

Marvin, b. in Granville, Feb. 26, 1848, s. of William Elizur and 

Elizabeth (Fowler) Marvin. He is a farmer. 
2984«. WaUe Bdmn, b. July 16, 1860. 
ftOS4d.Luey Elua, b. Apr. 22, 1868. 
2984e. Jfary BeaUns, b. Feb. 9, 1868. 
298V-50M AWMnm, b. Apr. 20, 1870. 


Obvillb Noblx, s. of Reuben, was b. in Russell, Mass., Jan. 2, 
1821. He removed, in Apr., 1855, from GranviUe, Mass., to 
Urbana, 0. For several years he was engaged in raising garden 
seed, but is now, 1878, a broker. 

He m. Nov. 25, 1846, Cabolinx Amxua Batbs, dau. of Charles 
Frederic Bates of Granville, Mass., and XJrban% O. 


2964^. Mary Bat$$, b. May, 1860. 

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S1JLA8 Noble, s. of Reuben, was b. in Russell, Mass., Dec. 2, 
1824, and is, 1878, a manufacturer of toys in Granville Comers, 
Mass. In 1871, be was a member of the Mass. House of Repre- 

He m. Jan. 1, 1855, Chablotts Aivoeline Gibbons, b. in Gran- 
ville, Mass., June 26, 1829, dau. of Carlos and Almira (Tinker) 



2035. Chra Almira, b. Aug. 88» 1857. 

2036. IMiie OywOUa, b. Mch. 16, 1859. 

2987. OrvOU Rtuben, b. Nov. 28. 1861. 

2988. May CharMe, h, Apr. 24, 1868. 

2939. Raymond SOoB, b. Aug. 14, 1875. 


Sarah Ank Noble, dau. of Reuben, was b. in Granville, Mass., 
Feb. 1, 1828, and d. in Westfield, Mass., May 11, 1863, se. 35. 

She m. (1) May 21, 1848, Orraicus Lucius Gibbons, b. July. 
1828, s. of LuciuB and Damaris Gibbons. He d. Mch. 8, 1851, 
e. 22. He was a farmer. 

She m. (2) Oct 30, 1853, Datton Loomis, b. July 4, 1817, s. 
of Joshua and Sarah (Noble) Loomis. He is, 1876, a farmer in, 
Westfield, Mass. 


2940. Or$amu$yobU, b. Nov. 19, 1851; a farmer, resides unm.. 1876. in 
Urbana, O. 


2941. BmOy Oynthia, b. June 12. 1855. 

Obmsb Noble, b. of Seth, was b. in West Springfield, Mass., 
Nov. 8, 1827. He is a farmer, and resides, 1877, in Marion, Ogle 
Co., 111., his P. 0. being Byron, HI. 

He m. Oct. 28, 1855, Sabah Anns Dwiobt, b. in Cattaraugus 
Co., N. Y., Apr. 19, 1832, dan. of Reuben and Melinda (Jackson) 


2942. May, b. May 1, 1858. 
2948. 6ith, b. Jan. 19, 1861. 
2944. Ohariei, b. Dec. 18, 1864. 

LucT Noble, dau. of Seth, was b. in West Springfield, Mass., 
Jan. 15, 1830, and d. in Marion, 111., Sept. 2, 1859, e. 29. 

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She m. Apr. 11, 1830, Saxuxl Exllooo Moslbt, b. in West 
SpiJDgfield, Mass, Jan. 17, 1820, s. of Matthew Morley. Hem. 
(2) 1860, Helen B«ad. He was a fanner, and d. in Putnam, 
Iow% Sept, 1870, m. 50. 

2045. F¥aneit8gth, b. Oct 9, 1850, in Marion, lU. ; m. Oct 19, 1876. 

Abby Morley, and is, 1877, a farmer, in Putnam, Iowa. 
SM6. F\in^ BaU, b May 18, 1858, in Marion; resides, 1877, in Shasta 

Co., Csl. 

2947. (kear Marian, ^ b. Jan. 20, 1858, iD Putnam, Iowa; and there re- 

I sides, 1877. 

2948. Om^Nctie, [ b. Jan. 20, 1858, in Putnam, Iowa; and there re- 

I sides, 1877. 

Lorain Noblb, dan. of Seth, was b. in West Springfield, Mass., 
Dec. 23, 1834. 

She m. Sept, 1856, Horaos Mklakcthon Dakb, b. in Nunda, 
N. Y., s. of Benjamin and Sally (Moeher) Dake. He graduated, 
1858, at Union College, and is, 1877, a lawyer in Nunda, N. T. 


2949. JvUaAnn, b. Apr., 1859. in Marion, HI. 

2950. JemUe £., b. Aug., 1861, in Nunda, N. T. 

Silas Nobis, s. of Seth, was b. in Byron, HL, Aug. 28, 1837. 
He is, 1877, a farmer in Byron, lU. 

He m. Sept. 9, 1860, Amanda Axmira Pbeston, b. in Camden, 
N. T., July 27, 1843, dau. of John Stiles and Ahnira Matilda 
(Barnes) Preston. 


2961. OniMr, b. Feb. 22, 1864. 

2952. Qwrgia, b. Not. 9, 1865. 

2958. AJbert, b. Sept 5, 1867. 

2954. Frank, b. Aug. 22, 1869. 

Francbb Auoubta Nobli, dan. of Seth, was b. in Marion, HI, 
May 18, 1840, and d. in IdnTille, Ogle Co., DL, June 17, 1860, 

She m. June 6, 1858, Samuxl Miller Benedict, b. Not. 13, 
1820, a. of Levi and Duvens (Mosher) Benedict He m. (1) 
Mary M. Miller; (3) Mch. 6, 1862, Olive Miller Johnson, and 
is, 1877, a farmer in Nebraska. In the Civil war, he enlisted, Ang. 

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11, 1862, in Co. E, 92d HI Vols., and was dischaiged for physical 
disabiUty, May 12, 1863. 


8955. ifofy EOa, b. Feb. 90, 1880; d. Hay 2. I860, «. 8 mos. 

Julia Ann Noblb, dau. of Seth, was b. in Marion, 111., Aug. 
U, 1842, and d. in Macomb, 111., Sept, 1861, e. 19. 

She m. Nov., 1860, Hugh Baoos. He is, 1877, a fanner in 
Macomb, HI. 

Danisl Bohan Noblx, s. of Bohan, was b. March 13, 1822. 
In 1860, he removed from Yankee Settlement^ Iowa» to Colorado 
City, Colorado; in 1864, to Montana Territory; and rwides, 1876, 
in Sheridan, Madison Co., Montana Ter., where he is engaged in 
gold miniog. 

He m. Apr. 27, 1846, Mikbbva Pest, b. in Farmersville, Cat- 
tarangus Co., N. Y., dau. of Levi and Eunice (Carpenter) Peet. 


8856. Eunice Ann, b. Mch. 8» 1847; m. Dec. 81, 1874, James Lehwag. 
He is, 1876, a stock-raiser in Watson, Beaverhead Co., Montana 
Ter. Child. Herbert Boban. 

8857. Qr^ihia Elua, b. Mch. 6, 1848; m. 1866, James Madison Robin- 
son. He is a farmer, and resides, 1876, in Yankee Settlement, 
Iowa. Has bad three sons and one dau. , of whom one son has died. 

8858. MinenaJane, b. Mch. 4,1848; m. 1868, Sherwood Blakeman 
Robinson. He is, 1876, a fanner in Yankee Settlement, Iowa. 
Child. EdaCora. 

8858. WarOUniftan, b. Nov. 11, 1850. 

8860. Mary DOooia, b. Apr. 10, 1852; m. 1878, Theophilus Begrlner 
Craver. He is, 1876, a druggist in Grlnnell, Iowa. Child. Flora 

8861. IkaM Herbert, b. Aug. 85, 1855; resides, 1876, with his father. 
8868. Flora AngeUna, b. Dec. 81, 1860; d. in Yankee SetUement, Feb. 

18, 1867, «. 6. 


Albert Ooodskll Noble, b. of Bohan, was b. in West Bloom- 
field, N. Y., April 14, 1824, and was slain by Indians, on the 
Yellowstone river in Montana Ter., Jan. 5, 1865, e. 41. Having 
resided in Yankee Settlement, Iowa» 1848-60, he then removed to 
Pike's Peak, Colorado, and in September, 1863, to Montana Terri- 
tory. He was killed while prospecting for gold. 

He m. (1) May 6, 1845, Lois Cobdbua Richards, b. in Orange- 
viOe, Wyoming Co., N. Y., March 22, 1824, dan. of William H. 

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and Sally (BramUey) Richards. She d. in West Bloomfield, 
N. T., June 22, 1845, m. 21. 

He m. (2) Oct 15, 1847, Lucy Lucbstia Ruff, b. in Dearborn- 
ville, Wayne Co., Mich., Dec. 22, 1828, dau. of Francis and Mary 
(Chamberlin) Rufi. From her, he obtained a bill of divorce. 
She resides, 1876, in Detroit, Mich. 


2968. Smrif Bohan, b. Sept. 10, 1848, in Yankee Settlement. He waa a 
lumberman, 1868-74; resided in Montana Territory, 1874-76; and 
removed, 1877, to Denver, Col., where be is engaged in mining. 

" He is unmarried. 

2964. Albert GoodieU,h, Sept. 26, 1850, in Janesville, Wis. He is, 1877, 
unm., and a teacher. 

2965. Lod Luentia, b. Feb. 6, 1858, hi Yankee Settlement; m. Dec. 80, 
1878, Joseph Snyder, b. in Redwood, Jefferwn Co., N. Y., Oct. 
81, 1850, s. of Nicholas and Margaret (Crauer) Snyder. Children 
bom in Elk, Iowa. 1. Laisle, b. Nov. 17, 1874; 2. Josie Hannah, 
b. May 16, 1876 

2966. Sarah Bmdin€,h, Mch. 11, 1855, in Yankee Settlement; m. May 20, 
1874, Abraham A. Yanderpoel of Detroit, Mich., b. in Yates, 
Orleans Co., N. Y., Apr. 25, 1842, s. of Abrsm and Barbara Maria 
(Hayner) Yanderpoel' He is a brakemon on the Mich. Centr. 
R H., and resides, 1877, in Detroit, Mich. Children bom in De- 
troit. 1. Henry Ellsworth, b. Dec. 2, 1874, d. Sept. 8, 1875, c. 
9 mos.; 2. Edwsid, b. Sept. 25, 1876. 

2967. ifoiy Cbftielui, b. Sept 8, 1856, in Yankee Settlement; resides, 
1877, in Detroit, Mich. 

Dbrabtub Jonathan Noble, s. of Bohan, was b. in West Bloom- 
field, N. Y., March 29, 1826. He resided in California, from 
1852*55, and has since resided in Yankee Springs, now Edge- 
wood, Iowa. 

He niL Jnly 20, 1851, Eliza J. Rsss, b. in Stroudsburgh, Penn., 
dan. of Strand and Christiana (Butts) Bees. 


296a L^dia SUta, b. Apr. 8, 1852, in Yankee Settlement. 

2969. Lcia Maria, b. Dec. 4, 1855, in Yankee SetUement; m. Dec. 6, 
1874, Henry Mosbey McOarrey, b. Apr. 6, 1850, s. of Alexsnder 
and Eliza (DeWoodey) McOarrey. Child. Thomas Arthur, b. 
Aug. 26, 1876, in Edgewood, Iowa. 

2970. J$mU BaeM, b Feb. 14, 1857. 

2971. ffattie Laura, b. Feb. 26, 1862. 

2972. Oarmufe D., ) b July 28, 1869; d. Oct 22, 1869, e. 2 mos. 
2978. ClaHma K, S b July 28, 1869; d. Sept. 27, 1869, ae. 2 mos. 
2974. Mary Jans, b. Aug. 2, 1874. 

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Orbkn Emxonb Noble, s. of Bohan, was b. in West Bloomfield, 
N. Y., Feb. 5, 1828. 

He has been, since Oct. 14, 1873, survejor of Delaware Co., 
Iow% and resides, 1876, in Edgewood, Iowa. 

He m. Hannah Jenettb Ejbllom, b. in Springwater, Ldvingston 
Co., N. Y., daiL of Josiah and Amy Eellom. 


2975. Ben F., b. Jan. 10, 1861. 

2976. Charles Arthur, b. Apr. 28, 1863; d. June 25, 1864. e. 1. 

2977. Bertie Bmmom, b. Apr. 20, 1865; d. June 5, 1866, ». 1. 

2978. Sherdie Jamee, b. Apr. 28, 1868. 
2970. Carrie Map, b. Jan. 8,1872. 


EuROTus PfliNEAS NoBLE, B. of Phiness Frary, was b. in Napoli, 
N. Y., March 29. 1822. He removed, in 1852, from Napoli, 
N. Y., to Morgan, Ashtabula Co., O., where he has continued to re- 
side up to the present time, 1875. He is a farmer, and also owns 
a steam saw-milL ^ 

He tn. Sept. 28, 1843, Sarah Randall, b. in Norwich, N. Y., 
Aug. 29, 1826, dau. of Abraham and Betsey (Merrihew) Randall. 


2980. B$tella.Franeina,h. June 1,1846, in Napoli; m. Sept. 27, 1864, 
James William Merrihew, b. in Coridon, Penn., Apr. 1, 1845, 8. of 
James Wright and Angelina (Salisbuiy) Merrihew. He is, 1875, a 
sswyer and telegraph operator, in Morgan, O. Children. 1. Al- 

' bert DsTid, b. Sept. 19, 1870; 2. Electa, b. Aug. 23. 1875. 

2981. Henry Burohu, b. Dec. 11, 1849, in Napoli; m. Mch. 16, 1874. 
Lucy Clarissa Champion of Morgan, C, dau. of Ichabod and Lu- 
cretia (Coffin) Champion. He resides, 1875, in Morgan, C, and is 
a farmer, and interested with his father, in a steam-mill. Child. 
Olenadore Lucretia, b. Feb. 15, 1875. 

2982. Bobwt Crane, b. July 28, 1860. in Morgan. 
2968. Bdwin Quy, b. Apr. 20, 1872, in Morgan. 

• 194. 

Truman Spauldino Noble, s. of Phineas Frary, was b. Feb. 18, 
1828, and d. in Plum Spring, now Oreeley, Iowa, abt. Aug., 1862, 
m. abt 34. 

He m. Orinda Randall, dau. of Abraham Randall, and sister 
of the wife of his brother Burotus Phineas. She m. (2) Samuel 
May, and probably resides, 1875, in Edgewood, Iowa. 
• 4G 

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8861 Jhelifn, b. abt 1868, in KapoU, N. T.; m. and resides, 1875, in 
Greel^, Iowa. 

8885. Ira, b. abt 1856. 

Elvira Noblb, dan. of Phineas Frary, was b. Feb. 14, 1830, 
and resides, 1876, with her father, in Dutch Creek, Iowa. 

She m. (1) Sept. 22, 1852, Soloxox Faibchild Nichols, 
Napoli, N. T., April 21, 1830, s. of Daniel Franklin and Lydia 
(Bishop) Nichols. He was drowned in Skunk river, June 19, 
1867, m. 37. He was a fanner* 

She m. (2) — ^~ , from whom she soon obtained a 



8886. Albro, b. Sept 10, 1858. 
9067. Barace Frmmmt, b.'May 1, 185a 
2088. BoUmumFiUrchM, b. Mcb. 84, 1862. 
8080. George Truman, b. Aug. 18, 1868. 


Alvin Stbwabt Noblb, s. of Phineas Frary, was b. Mch. 12, 
1840, and d. in Napoli, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1866, m. 25. He was a 

He m. May 15, 1861, Bbulah J. Bdol She resides, 1876, with 
her parents, in FiedoniA, Chautauqua Co., N. T* 


8000. WaUam Altin, b. Jun^, 1865. . 

Obobob Bilbt Noblb, s. of Solomon, was b. in Warren, Conn., 
Feb. 20, 1820. He resided for five years subsequent to his 
mftrriage, in McOrawviUe, Cortland Co., N. Y., and then removed 
to Washington, Conn., his home, in 1876. He served for eight 
months, in the Civil war. He is a carpenter and joiner. 

He m. Aug. 16, 1852, Mabt Olpoa Hicks^ dsu. of Danforth 
and Polly (Russell) Hicks, of CortUmd, N. Y. 


8001. Anna Maria, b. Hob. lO, 1855, in HcGrawviUe; m. Hay 4, 1870, 
Andrew Jackson Marvin. Child. Nellie May, b. Nov. 10, 1878, 
in Washington, Conn. 

2002. 3dwin Ja/y, b. June 20, 1857, in McGrawville, N. Y. 
8008. JiSmiy OknyUm, b. Mch. 7, 1860, in Washington. 
8004. Qtarge BOey, b. Feb. 86, 1864, in Washington. 

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BRANCH or THOXAft. 359 

8995. J>Mtmiek WUmm,\}, Not. 5, 1866, In Washington. 

8996. Mary Etta, b. Feb. 17» 1869, in Washington. 
9997. Sattie, b. May 8, 1871, in Washington. 

8998. Walter BoUmon, b. Sept. 81, 1878, in Washington. 



Chablbs Otib Noblb, b. of Solomon, was b. in Warren, Conn., 
July 26, 1831. He has resided in Washington, Conn., but is now, 
1876, B fanner, in Morris, Conn. 

He m^ 3b3i. 27, 1853, Maboabbt Collins, dau. of John and 
Margaret Collins. 


8999. NMeldeOa, b. Dec. 16, 1854; m. Not. 7, 1878, John Barnes 
Frost, s. of Albert and Maiy Ann (Barnes) Frost. He is an annealer 
of metal in a rolling mill, in Thomaston, Conn. 

8000. Mary Jane, b. June 1, 1856; m. July 4, 1876, Henry Esty, s. 
of Amos and Ann (Packard) Esty. He is a farmer. 

8001. OhaHse WiUiam, b. Oct 18, 1860. 
WXi. Maggie Ann, b. July 7,1868. 
8008. George Henry, b. May 18, 1864. 


Lois Cobnelia Noblb, dau. of Solomon, was b. in Warren, 
Conn., Oct. 27, 1833. 

She m. Feb. 12, 1854, Wiluax Sahubl Bbnhaii, b. in Water- 
town, Conn., Dec. 18, 1831, s. of Wm. Alcony and Caroline Eliza- 
beth (Morris) Benham. He ia, 1876, a fanner in Watertown, 


80CM. George WOiam, b. Mch. 84, 1866. 
90GS. SeteOa Maria, b. July 8,1858. 
8006. MartkaEUeabeth, b. Not. 18, 1860. 

MxLiaaA Mabia Noblx, dau. of Solomon, was b. in Warren, 
Conn., June 10, 1836* 

She m. (I) Feb. 2, 1856, Obobob Hbnbt Cablet, b. in Canajo- 
harie, Montgomery Co., N. Y., Feb. 9, 1829, a. of Harry and Sally 
Ann (Carr) Carley. He seryed for eight months in the Civil war, 
enlisting Aug. 18, 1862, in Co. K, 149th N. Y. Reg. He was 
kQled in the battle of Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, e. 34. 

She m. (2) March 14, 1866, Richabd Mobgan Mobbow, b. in 
Waterbuiy, Conn., 1841, s. of Richard and Lucy Jane (Smith) 
Morrow. He is by trade a pocket-cutter, and in the Civil war, 
served two years, in the army. 

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Google — 

360 DcaccNDAim of tbouab xoble. 


8007. Bt^ Smry, b. Kot. 1, 1886, in Mich. 

8008. LoU, b. Nov. 19, 1857, in SyracuM, N. T.; d. Dec. 4, 

8000. Ludia, b. July 2, 1809, in Synunue, N. T. ; d. Sept. 6, 


8010. Eewry B$ymour, b. May 16, 1861, in SyracuM, N. T. ; d. Aug. 19, 

8011. ChoTlM Monit, b. June 18, 1882, in Sully, N. T. 

Minerva Bbthia Noble, dau. of Solomon, was b. in Warren, 
Conn., July 3, 1838. 

She m. Oct. 22, 1854, Henrt S. Pabvslsb, b. of William 
and Elizabeth Parmelee. He resided prior to 1866, in Warren, 
Ck>nn., when he removed to Plymouth, Conn., and in 1876, to Bris- 
tol, Conn. He is, 1876, a farmer in Bristol, Conn. 

8012. JRZen Augugia, b. May 12, 1857, in Wairen, Conn. 
8018. Okarlei Henry, b. Mch. 28, 1809, in Wairen, Conn. 

8014. Bairah EMra, b. Jan. 28, 1861, in Wairen, Conn. 

8015. WaUam Solaman, b. June 8, 1878, in Plymouth; d. Sept 12, 1878. 

Hbnbt Sbticoub Noble, s. of Solomon, wasb. in Warren, Conn., 
Nov. 12, 1840. He served for eight months in the army, during 
the Civil war. He is a carpenter and joiner, and has^ 1876, resided 
for ten years in Watertown, Conn. 

He m. (1) June 14, 1859, Mibanda Hioks, b. Dec^ 1837, dan. of 
Ihmforih and Polly (Russell) Hicks, of McOrawville, N. Y. 
She d. in Waterbury, Conn., Sept 21, 1865, m. 27. 

He m. (2) Dec. 23, 1865, Luot Javb KmoKLiFFB, dau. of Bod- 
ney and Harriet (Hill) Smith. 


8016. WaUam Eenry, b. Sept 18, 1882, in Washington, Conn. 

8017. Ada Jane, b. Oct 8, 1861 


Bute Helen Noble, dau. of Joel Powel, was b. in Wadsworth, 
0., March 29, 1827. 

She m. Feb. 18, 1845, Davib Stabb Bussell^ b. in Champion, 
N. Y., Oct 16, 1824, s. of (Tharles Hopkins and Susan Jane (Starr) 
Bussell. He is, 1876, a farmer in Haselton, Shiawassee Co., Mich. 

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80ia IMm Maria, b. Nor. 16, 1847, in Carlisle, O. ; and there d. Feb. 
14, 1848, e. 2 moe. 

8019. Jad Byron, b. May 1. 1849, in Carlisle, O.; m. Oct. 14, 1868, 
Sarah Ann Wilson, and is, 1876, a fanner in Hazelton, Shiawassee 
Co., Hicb. 

8090. AdaUne Biuan, b. July 14, 1851, In Carlisle, C; m. May 9, .1869, 
Ralph Williams, a farmer, who resides, 1876, in New Haven, Shia- 
wassee Co., Mich. 

8021. Eva StteOa, b. Oct 16, 1854, in Caledonia, Mich. ; and there d. 
Feb. 14, 1859, e. 4. 

8022. Frank, b. Oct. 21, 1856, in Caledonia, Mich. ; is a farmer, 
and resides, 1876, with his father. 

8022a. DaM, b. Feb. 27, 1859, In Cal^onia; and there d. March 

10, 1859. 

8023. Ida EtUOa, b. Mch. 16, 1860, in Caledonia, Mich. 
8034. Fredtrie NMe, b. Sept. 6, 1866, in Hazelton, Mich. 
8025. Bmma Irena, b. Mch. 29, 1872, in Hazelton, Mich. 


Helen RoaAMONB Thobnton,^il of Horatio Nelson and Etmioe 
Noble (Qreene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., March 12, 

She m. Nov. 6, 1868, Joseph^ b. in Biggleswade, 
Bedfordshire, England, Feb. 22, 1812, a. of John Bamselall, b. in 
Orantham, Nottinghamshire, England, Apr. 15. 1779, who d. in 
Rome, Crawford Co., Penn., Nov. 11, 1835, m. 56, and Vashti 
Walter, b. in Ipswich, Suffolk Co., England, Jan. 23, who d. in 
New York city, Jan. 26, 1848, m. 67. He is, 1876, a dealerin real 
estate in TitusriUe, Peon. 


8026. Jerry Tkomtan, b. Aug. 8, 1870, In TltasTflle. 


Habbiet Boltwood TBOBiiTON, dau. of Horatio Nelson and 
Konice Noble (Oreene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., June 
5, 1835. 

She m. (1) Oct 17, 1850, Bleazab Slooum, b. Nov. 28, 1828, s.- 
of Bleasar and Sally Slocum. He was a shoemaker. She obtained 
a divorce from hisd, Nov. 24, 1857. 

She m. (2) March 26, 1861, Joseph BEiiJAinN Follbtt, b. in 

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Wanen, Penn., Oct 12, 1829, b. of jMaea^ Jr., and Rachel (Doane) 
FoUett. He has resided, fifteen moDih% in Yellow Springs, 0.; 
seven years, 1863-69, in Indianapolis, Ind.; and 1869-75, in Kan- 
sas Citj, Mo. He is now special agent and correspondent of the 
JELonsiu nrms, 


8027. 'JBva Budcra, b. Oct 19, 1852, in Eiantone, Chautauqua Co., 

N. T. ; m. Byron S. Francisco. 


8028. LeUUa Mwry, b. Feb. 15, 1867, in Indianapolis. 


Alonzo Lucros Thobkton, s. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Greene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1833. 
He was educated at the Western Liberal Institute in Marietta^ 0., 
has been a diril engineer, but is now, 1875, a lithographer in Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

He m. Sept. 8, 1853, Ehilt Rsbxoca Coxstook, b. in Carroll, 
N. T., Dec. 5, 1833, dau. of Asa and Eliza (Chrisman) Comstock. 

8029. Lumiu9 OomtMk, b. July 22, 1857, in Carroll, N. Y.; ii a graduate 
of Iowa Agricultural College. 

8080. Mary EUaa, b. Mch. 18, 1865, in St Paul, Minn. 

8081. Bi^ AUnm, b. Apr. 2, 1870, in Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

MS3. * 

Mart Bsbioca Thobkton, dau. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Greene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., May 4, 1835, 
and there d. Oct 28, 1855, m. 20. 

She m. Aug. 22, 1850, Philip Whitb, Jr., b. in Perrysburg, 
N. Y., June 5, 1828, s. of Philip and Mary (Gorton) White. He 
m. (2) June 4, 1857, Harriet Tinkcom, dau. of Waterman and 
Harriet (Thayer) Tinkcom. He resides, 1875, in Titusrille, Penn., 
and is a master-mechanic in a carpenter's shop. 


8082. imu, b. Aug. 18, 1856; was adopted by his greatmnt, Mrs. Lu- 

thera B. Sampson, and d. in BprlngviUe, N. 'Y., Dec. 15, 1858, 

«. 8. 


Mabia Louisa Thobntok, dau. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 

Sheldon (Greene) Thornton, wash, in Carroll, N. Y., March 9, 1837. 

She has resided, July, 1858-June, 1 863, in Boonsboro', Iowa; June, 

1863-June^ 1867, in Carroll, N. Y.; and June, 1867-JaiL, 1876, in 

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Fort Dodge, Iowa. For five jears, ahe was derk in the poat-olfice 
at Fort Dodge. 

She HL July 22, 1858, Lucius Clabk Saundbbs, b. in Paris, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., s. of William and Amy (Stanbro') Saunders. 
He d. in Carroll, N. Y., June 10, 1863. 


8068. Caroline 8oule, b. Sept. 17, 1860, in Boonsboro'. 

8084. Mary Thornton, b. Apr. 86, 1862, in Boonsboro'. 

8085. Lueia Bomeray, b. Oct. 80, 1868, in CarroU. 


Emilt Obeekb Thoenton, dau. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Qreene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., June 14, 

She m. Sept. 10, 1857, William FbanklIn Tikckom, b. of Water- 
man and Harriet (Thayer) Tinckom. He is a blacksmith, and 
resided in Frewsburg, town of Carroll, N. Y., until March, 1868, 
when he removed to Fort Dodge, Iowa. 


8086. Mnnie EBen, b. Nov. 27, 1859, in Frewsburg. 

8087. DaUai Albert, b. Oct. 5, 1865, in Frewsburg. 

8088. VMa ErteOe, b. Aug. 18, 1868, in Fort Dodge. 

8089. BarULynn, b. Jan. 18, 1878, in Fort Dodge. 


. Ibkne Maltika Thobnton, dau. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Greene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., March 28, 
1843, and d: in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Sept 10, 1869, e. 26. She 
graduated at the Female Liberal Institute at Clinton, N. Y., and 
was a teacher of English branches, including vocal and instrumental 

She nL July 11, 1863, Louis Dxyillo Button, b. in Edmeston, 
Otsego Co., M. Y., Nov. 20, 1840, s. of Elias Louis and Caroline 
(Potter) Button. He enlisted at die tim J of Lincohi^s first call for 
75,000 TOlunteers, in the Civil war, in Co. I, 27th N. Y. Reg. 
Subsequently, he enlisted for three years, in the 72d N. Y. Beg. 
He was wounded in the first battle of Bull R\m. During the latter 
part of his service, he was detailed to raise a compsny at Elmira, 
N. Y., of which he was captain. Before this company was fully 
organized and equipped, the war closed. He removed, in 1864, 
from Caneadea, Allegany Co., N. Y., to Carroll, N. Y., and thence, 
Aug. 20, 1865, to Fort Dodge, lows^ where he was associated with 

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his wife as a teacher in the citj school. Subsequently, for six 
years, he was U. 8. postal clerk on the Illinois Central R. R. from 
Dnbaqne to Fort Dodge. He is now, 1875, employed in a tobacco 
store in Fort Dodge. 


8040. Gerimde, b. Apr. 85, 1854, In Caneadea. 

8041. Loui$ Thorwkm, b. Sept, 1868, in Fort Dodge. 


Florina Melina Thobkton, dan. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Oreene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., Ang. 25, 

She m. Dec. 22, 1866, Sicas Wright Swttt, s. of Gordon and 
Hannah (Wiltsie) Swift. He resides, 1875, in Yankton, Dacqtah 
Territory, where he is a bookkeeper and salesman in a lumber yard. 

.1042. Nsanar Fanny, b. Jan. 25, 1867, in Greenville, Penn. 
J048. R^ih JBuphina,, b. Jmie 5, 1869, in Greedde, Iowa. 

8044. Irene Mary. b. Not. 85, 1870, in Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Fbaiix Orbskv Thornton, s. of Albert Mortimer and Mary 
Sheldon (Oreene) Thornton, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1854. 
He is a farmer, 1876^ in Otho, Iowa. 

He m. Jan. 4, 1878, Naomi Boupha HERmcK, dan. of Alpha 
and Ruth (Ck>mstock) Henick. 


8045. Albert Herrkk, b. Hcb. 16, 1874, in Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

Abigail Calkins, dan. of William and Sarah Marsh (Oreene) 
Calkins, was b. in CarroU, N. Y., May 20, 1836. 

She nu Dec. 27, 1870, Howard Case, b. in Carroll, N. Y., Feb. 
12, 1828, s. of Laban and Sally (Aiken) Case. [He m. (1) Sept. 
18, 1848, Mary Ann Bacon, b. in Eiantone, Chantauqna Co., N. Y., 
1826, dan. of Horace and Anna (Qarfield) Bacon. She d.*in Sogar 
Grove, Penn., May, 1^68. ChOdren. 1. Joseph, b. March 27, 1852, 
in Eiantone, N. Y.; 2. Ida, b. Jnly 28, 1856, in Bnsti, N. Y., and 
there d. Dec. 14, 1861, m. 5; 8. Frederic Laban, b. Dec. 14, 1862, 
in Bosti, N. Y.] He was a farmer in Kiantone and Bnsti, N. Y., 
nntil 1863, when he became a merchant in Sngar prove, Warren 
Co., Penn. In 1869, he removed to Columbus, Penn., and bnilt a 
steam saw-mill, and ran it for a year. In 1870, he removed to 

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Kahbu, ftnd ib now, 1876, a fanner in MnscoUh, Atchison Co., in 


Mklibsa Bllbn Calkins, dau. of William and Sarah Marsh 
(Greene) Calkins, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., May 22, 1838. 

She m. Maj 14, 1863, Joseph Warben Houldridoe, b. in Basti, 
Chautauqua Co., N. T., Jan. 10, 1835, s. of Hilton and Amy (Case) 
Houldridge. He is, 1876, a farmer in Busti, N. Y. 


8046. CharleiLinwoad.h. Not. 20» 1865. 

8047. Bumee Mabd, b. Feb. 88, 1868. 

8048. Bemiee P^vUihe. b. Jan. 82, 1878. 

LuTHZRA Orbenb Calkins^ dau. of William and Sarah Marsh 
(Greene) Calkins, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1842. 

She m. Dea 25, 1866, Wiluan Henrt Sears, b. in Carroll, 
N. Y., Apr. 23, 1843, s. of Eli and Minerva (Gardner) Sean. He 
was a Yolunteer in the Ciyil war, serving three years in Co. A, 
112th N. Y. Beg. At the battle of Chapin's Farm, Sept. 29, 1864, 
he was taken prisoner, and confined for five months at Salisbury,' 
N. C, without shelter, except a hole dug with a table knife and 
spike naiL He now, 1875, resides in Carroll, N. Y. 


8049. Fnderiek Wmiam, b. July 18, 1868, in Carroll, N. Y. 
8060. AUee Gertrude, b. Apr. 4, 1878, in Eiantone, N. Y.; d. in Car- 
roll, Aug. 18, 1874, e. 1. 

Feucia Nautilla Calkins, dan. of William and Sarah Marsh 
(Greene) Calkins, was b. in Carroll, N. Y., July 31, 1848. 

She m. Feb. 28, 1867, Russbll Fbsw Stbbnburo, b. in Carroll, 
N. Y., Sept. 29, 1843, s. of Jacob and Elizabeth (Myers) Stem- 
burg. He has been a lumber merchant^ but is now, 1875, a fanner 
in Carroll, N. Y. 

8061. WUttam JoMb, b. Apr. 81, 1871, in Petroleum Centre, Penn. ; and 

there d. Apr. 82, 1871. 
8058. Ma/ud LOUan, b. Aug. 7, 1878, in Petroleum Centre. 
8058. Brwin Jfym, b. June 8, 1874, in Carroll, N. Y. 
8054. Sdtph Warren, b. Hch. 89, 1876. 

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S66 vtmoKmAwrs or thomas noble. 



Eva Enix>BA Slooum, dau. of Eleftcar and Harriet Boltwood 
(Thornton) Slocum, was b. in Kiantone, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1852. 

She m. Aug. 13, 1874, Btbom S. Fbaxcibco, b. in Milwaukee, 
Wis., March 20, 1843, s. of Nelson and Esther Ann (Havens) 
Francisco. He enlisted Aug. 7, 1862, in Co. m 1 1th N. Y. Vols., 
was taken prisoner at Harper's Ferry, Va., Sept. 16, 1862, and 
again Dec. 2, 1863; was confined in Bichmond, Va., from Dec. 6, 
1863, to May 6, 1864, in BeUe bland, for nearly one month, 
and the remainder of the time in a prison on Navy Hill. He was 
discharged from the army at Elmira, N. Y., July 7, 1865, at the 
dose of the war. He is, 1875, a bookkeeper in Kansas City, Mo. 

CEZZiDBXN,— 4006. 

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Matthew (Noble, b. of Thomas, was b. abt. 1668, and d. in 
Sheffield, Mass., abt. 1744, ee. abt. 76. He put himself mider the 
watc{i of the TVestfield church, Aug. 19, 1694, and together with 
his wife, joined the same, Nov. 3, 1728, after their removal to 
Sheffield, the church at the latter place not being then organized. 
The precise date of his removal to Sheffield has not been ascer- 
tained. It is known, however, that the. land in that township, 
which, in 1725, had been divided into lots bj John Ashley and 
Ebenezer Pomeroy, was very soon occupied by settlers, who came 
in, and planted themselves upon the river bank. 

In a "History of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, by gentlemen 
in the county, clergymen and laymen," 12^, PittsOeld, 1829, is a 
carefully prepared dcetch of Sheffield, by Rev. James Bradford, 
who on the 13th of Ckstober, 1813, was settled over the Congrega- 
tional church in that place. In this sketch, appears the f oUowing 
statement, respecting the first settler of Sheffield: 

" Mr. Obadiah Noble was the first white man who came to reside in 
Sheffield. He was from Westfield, and came and spent the first winter 
here with no other human associates than the Indians. In the spring, he 
went back to Westfield, and in June, his daughter, afterwards the wife of 
Dea. Daniel Kellogg, returned here with him. She was the first white 
woman that came into the town. She travelled from Westfield, when 
about sixteen years of age, on horseback, bringing a bed with her, and * 
lodged one night in the wilderness, in what is now the east part of Tyring- 

The above statement has been quoted with more or less fullness, 
by J. W. Barber, in "Massachusetts Historical Collections'*; by J. 
O. Holland, in his << History of Western Massachusetts," and more 
recently by J. O. Barnard, and 6. A. Hoadley, in their addresses 
at the Centennial celebration of the town of Sheffield, on the 19th 
of June, 1876. 

Mr. George D. Noble, an intelligent citizen of Sheffield, bom 
there on the 23d of August, 1813, the great grandson of Obadiah 
Noble, informed me, in 1876, that his grandfather Nathaniel Noble, 
whom he well remembers, and who died, May 28, 1824, ». 87, used 

Digitized by 



to say, <' My father, Obadiah Noble, was the first white settler of 
Sheffield; he came from Westfield to Sheffield in the fall of the 
year, lived the first winter in a wigwam, and the next spring went 
for his wife, and soon brought her, a bride, to Sheffield.*' 

To Mr. Bradford's statement, the objections are these: In the 
first place, there is no evidence that Obadiah Noble ever had a 
daughter, his family consisting of five sons, whose births are 
recorded on the town record of Sheffield. In the second place, 
Hannah Noble, who subsequently became the wife of Dea. Daniel 
Kellogg, is known to have been the daughter of Matthew^ and not 
the daughter of Obadiah Noble. 

To the statement of Mr. George D. Noble, we have this objection 
to make, that in 1724, when Hannah Noble, afterward the wife of 
Dea. Daniel Kellogg, was sixteen years of age, Obadiah Noble, her 
brother, was but eighteen, quite too young to have been the pioneer 
settler of the town. Again, the eldest child of Obadiah Noble 
having been bom May 22, 1734, it is not probable that he was 
married much before the year 1733, whereas, the first settler would, 
according to O. D. Noble, have been married as early as 1725. 

We incline, therefore, to the opinion, that if any person by the 
name of Noble was the first settler of Sheffield, it was Matthew, and 
not his son Obadiah. Matthew is -known to have been there on 
the 8d of February, 1727, for at that date, as appears by Hampshire 
Deeds, E. p. 61, << Matthew Noble, of Housatunnuck, husbandman, 
in consideration of a certain sum paid by Capt. John Ashley of 
Westfield, gentleman," makes over to him '<two certain tracts or 
'Paicells of lands, with a house, bam and ortchard or ortcharding 
upon it, which Parcells of lands Containing in quantity by Estima- 
tion about two hundred acres, lying and being partly within the 
Bounderies and precincts of y* township of Springfield, and partly 
within y* boundaries of the township of Westfield, in the afores* 
County, it being a tract of land, which the s' Mathew Noble for- 
merly Dwelt upon, and lyeth Easterdly of y* mountaine, which 
rangeth between the s' Westfield and Springfield, and alsoe lyeth 
Southerlie of Westfield river." 

If Matthew Noble was in Sheffield, in Feb., 1727, he could not 
have removed during the winter, but must certainly have removed 
as early as the previous year. How much earlier he fixed his abode 
there, we have no means of determining. 

In 1733, Matthew Noble issued the following warrant for the 
first town meeting in Sheffield: 

Digitized by 



"Hampshibb m. Bbefrbld, Jan. 11. 1788. 

"To tbe Constable or Constables of tbe Town of Sheffield, or Either of 
them Greeting. In His Majesty's Name, you are Required forthwith to 
warn the free Holders, or Proprietors that are approbated settlers in the 
said Town of Sheffield, that they meet at the House of Mr. Obadiah 
Noble, on Wensday the sixteenth Day of January Currant, at ten of the 
Clock In the Morning; and signifie unto them that they are then and their 
Required to Chuse Town Officers to serve the Town Respectively from 
the Date of said Meeting, untill the time of annually Chusing Town Offi- 
cers, which is in March Next. 

"This warrant is Given under my Hand Persuant to the Power and 
authority Directed to me by the General. Assembly at Boston, to Call s' 
meeting to Chuse Town Officers &c., and you are Hereby Directed to 
make a Return of s* warrant unto myself at or before s* time to me. 
Given under my Hand the day above said. 


In puTsaance with this wamuit^ a meeting was held, of which 
the foUowing is a record: 

"Att Leagal Meeting, Jan' 16, 1788, in Sheffield, voted, matthew Noble 
Chosen moderator. 

voted at the Same meeting Hezekiah Noble Chosen Town Clerk, and 

voted at the Same meeting John Smith, Philip Calender, and Daniel 
KeUogg was chosen Selectmen. 

voted at the meeting, A Daniel Kellogg was chosen Town Treasurer 
. and Sworn. , 

voted at the Same meeting, and Joseph Taylor and Elisha Noble was 
Chosen Constables, and Sworn. 

voted at the Same meeting Thomas Lee, Anthony Austin, and Samuel 
Dewey was chosen Tithingmen and Sworn. 

voted at the Same meeting Nathaniel Austinn, and obadiah Noble was' 
Chosen fenceviewers and Sworn. 

voted at the Same meeting, and Jonathan Root was Chosen Sirveyer 
and Sworn." 

The first minister called by the Sheffield dinrch, was doubtless 
Mr. Ebeneser Devotion.* The church records are not to be 
found, but on the town records, appear the following votes, under 
date of June 7, 1734: 

"Voted to Give m' Ebeneser Devotion A call to the work of the min- 
istria In this Town. 

"Mathew Noble, Esekiel Ashley and Philip Calender ware Chosen a 
Committee to Treate with m' Devotion In order for Settling In the work 
of the Ministrie." 

* Ebeneser Devotion, s. of Rev. Ebeneser and Hannah (Brack) De- 
votion, was b. in Suffield, Conn.. May 8, 1714; graduated at Tale College, 
in 1782; was settled 1785, as first pastor of the Cong, church in Scotland 
parish in the town of Windhsm, Conn., and d. 1771. 

Digitized by 



Matthew Noble died intestate. The proceedings of the court 
of probate, in the settlement of his estate, are as foUows: 

" Hampshire Prob. Rec. Ill: 248. At a Court of Probates holden at 
Korthampton within & for the County of Hampshire for the Probate of 
Wills A grauting Adm* in s* County on the Second Tuesday of FeVr, 
being the \^ Day of 8< month Anno Dom. 1744, p' John Stoddard Esq. 
Jud. Cur. Diet. 

" Power of administration on all & Singular the Goods, Chattels, rights 
& Credits of Matthew Noble, late of Sheffield, in the County of Hamp- 
shire Dec< , is granted unto Elisha Noble of s* Sheffield, & Bond is taken 
for his performance of s* Trust, Febr 15«* 1744. 

" At a Court of Probates holden at Northampton Tiithin & for the County 
of Hampshire for the Probate of Wills & granting Letters of Adminis- 
tration within Said County, on the Second Tuesday of July being the 
0^ Day of said Month, Anno Domini 1745, p^ John Stoddard, Judge of 
said Court. 

Sheffield March y« 5* 1744r^. 

An luTcntory of the Goods of Mr. Matthew Noble, in s* Sheffield, 

lately Dec<. 

N«w T«Bor. 
It a Flow Share @ 8/6 Drag teeth @ 10/7ip' & 11 Harrow 

Teeth (g8/i> - £0 17 lOi 

8 Cart Bands & 8 Cart Boxes 6/10 & 2 Iron wedges @ 8/ a 

Cart Clevis 1/ 9 10 

a Feather Bed, Pillows & Bolsters e £1 10/ a Bed CoTering 

® 4/6 with a Blanket ® 6/ 2 6 

It. One old bed Covering and 1 with a bed Blanket @ 1/6 

two bedsteads ® 4/ 1 Bedstead w^" beds 8/6 10 

It a Bed Cord ® 2/ a Chist ® 2/6 one Iron Hook ® 4< a 

Brass Kettle ® 22/6 an Iron pot 9/B - 1 17 6 

It one Iron Kettle ® 2/10 w*^ one Pewter Basin e ^ one 

Do ® 1/ 8 Pewter Platters % 7/ each - 1 18 10 

It one brass Skillet ® \f% Pewter Platters ® 8/6 2 Do ® 2/ 

each 2 do® 1/6 one Cup® 1/6 • 18 

It oneQt pewter Cup® 8/ one pp^ Cup® 6/ 4 Spoons ®1/ 

one Chamberpot 1/6 ..... 6 

It 2 lb Old Pewter ® 2/ a wanning pan ® fi/ a fraithin pan 

®2/6aTramil®6A 10 

It esrthen Waro ® 1/ a p* Shears® 1/2 knives w^ one fork 


It 8 Wooden Trenchers 8^ 4 Chairs ® 2/ a Bath or Tub t, 

big Cask 2/6 To Haylerss tf 8/ - 7 9 

It . a Troma]]®2/6aflro Shovel and spade® 9^ aPltchfork 

® 1/6 & Tongs 1/8 6 • 

It a Great Wheel & reel ® 4/ w*^ peck measure ® 8* one 

Sieve® 8* 4 11 

It a Bail for a Pail ® 4' a Tub ® 4 pence y« i of a p^ 

Hatchells 8/9 a Chest 2/6 6 11 

Digitized by 



New Teoor. 
It s Chest ® 1/ w«^ 2 under Beds ® 1/ etch a Barrll @> 1/ a 

Box ® 1/ a Set of old Cartons 1/ - - £ 6 

It one Wooden Bowl % 2/ with Drawing knife ® 2/ A a 

Broad Aje,®!/ 6 

£10 18 U 
The above is a tme Inventory of- the Estate of s* Mr. Noble. 

Haxpshibs m. April lO'^^ 1745, Japheth Bush, Josiah Westover, ft 
James Robb, personally appeared & noake Oath that in Apprizing 
the personal Estate of M' . Matthew Noble of SheflSeld contained in this 
Inventory, they acted honestly & Impartially according to their best 
Skill A Judgment 

Coram £PH>< WILLIAMS, JiuL Pae. 

At a Court of Probate, aholden at Northampton within ft for the 
County of Hampshire, on the Second Tuesday of July being the 9^ Day 
of 8* month Anno Dom. 1745, p' John Stoddard Esq. Judge of s* Court, 
Elisha Noble Adm' on the EsUte of Matthew Noble, late of Sheffield in 
s* County Dec' presenting the foregoing Inventory made Oath that it is a 
true ft perfect Inventoiy of the Estate of s* Dec*, as far as has come to 
his Ejiowledge ft that, if more of s* Dec* Estate afterwards Appear he 
will readily make Discoveiy of the same to the s* Judge or his Successor 
in 8* office from Time to Time. 

Eliaha Noble Adm' on the estate of Matthew Noble, late of Sheffield, 
Dec* charges the s* Estate to as follows (viz.) 

To Cash paid for the Coffin 12 

To five Pinte of Rhum - -£16 

To p* for Power of Adm'ion ftc. - - 1 1 

To p* for giving the Apprisor's oath 15/ - - - 15 

To p* to the Apprisers .-28 

To 8 Days Spent to Court ft taking Adm'ion ® 10/ p^ - 1 10 

To one Day to Stockbridge, to get the Appraisers sworn 10/ 10 

To 4 days travel to present the Inventory 10/ p* • 2 

£9 10 
New Tenor "2 7 6 

Haxpshibb m, July 9, 1746. 
The above Acco is allowed 


Judge of Probate. 
To Twenty Pounds due to the Widow Aime Noble relict of 

s*I>ec*,byanAgreementmadeNov. 8, 1788 • - £20 

To twenty Pounds due to me the Adm' for so much paid my Sister 
Rhoda Noble, by my father's Order in his Life, as appears by a Bill of Sale 
under my father's Hand ft my sister's rec* of s* Sum. 

[Hamp. Pzob. Rec. V : 266.] ELISHA NOBLE, Admrr 

He XXL Dec. 10, 1690, Hannah D«w»t, b. Feb. 21, 1672, dau. 

Digitized by 



of Thomas and Constant (Hawes) Dewey. The time of her death 
has not been ascertained, though she was alive, July 9, 1745. 


8065. JompK, b. Oct 8, 1091 ; m. Abigail Dewey. 

8056. AmUoA, b. May 14. 1694; m. Ann Roberts. 

8057. MaXthw, b Sept. 19, 1698; m. (1) J. Stebbins; (2) H. Ashley. 

8058. SoUmum, b. Dec. 38, 1700; m. (1) H. Betts; (2) Z. Dewey. 

8059. mtha, b. Feb 9, 1708; m. Abigail Warner. 

8060. Obadiah, b Oct 19, 1705; m. Mary Bosworth. 

8061. Bdnnah, b. Oct 11. 17t)7; m. Daniel KeUogg. 

8062. HetUr, b. June 6, 1710; m. Moses King, to whom she was pub. 
Nov. 12, 1780, per. son of David and Abigail King, and b. in West- 
field, Msss.^ Nov. 20, 1706. 

8068. Rhoda, b. Apr. 21, 1716; [recorded hi Springfield, Msss.] 
8064. Bhoda, b. Apr. 17, 1717; m. Ebenezer Smith of Sheffield, Msss., 
and d. Sept 4, 1787. «. 20. Child. Noble, b Aug. 22, 1787, m. 
Oct 16, [1760?] MehiUble Callender. [Ebenezer Smith, m. (B) 
Sept 10, 1789, Sarah Hawley. Children. 1. John, b. Sept 8, 
1740; 2. Rhoda, b. Sept. 8, 1748; 8. Ebeneser, b. June 22, 1746, d. 
June 80, 1746; 4. Sarah, b May 2, 1747; 6. Ebenezer, b. Feb 27, 
1748; 6. Miriam, b May 6, 1751; 7. EUzabeth, b Aug. 17, 1758.] 

: 1 


Joseph Noblb, s. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Oct 
8, 1691, and d. in Great Harrington, Mass., Feb. 12, 1758, ». 66. 
He removed to that part of Sheffield, which is now Great Barring- 
ton, Mass., prolMtbly as early as 1727, and is supposed to have lived, 
about one and one-fourth miles south of the centre of the village, 
cm land where his son Eli afterward resided, and now, 1875, owned 
by Ebeneser Chadwick. This then, as now, was the most southerly 
location of any house in Great Barrington, on the meadow road to 
Sheffield, the land south, for a mile or more, being low and unfit 
for building lots. Joseph Noble was one of the building com- 
mittee, appointed Mch. 8, 1742, for erecting the first meeting-house 
in Cheat Harrington. He joined the Great Barrington Cong, 
church, Mch. 3, 1745. He d. intestate, leaving the following chil- 
dren, viz.: Joseph, Preserved, Eli, Mary [Baldwin], Margaret 
[Culver], Abigail [Root], and Lydia. Administration on his estate 
was granted, Mch. 24, 1758, to his eldest son, Joseph, the widow 
declining the trust His inventory, taken May 1 8, 1 758, by Stephen 
Dewey, Jonathan Nash, and Aaron Boot, amounted to £490 9^. Sd, 

^ Digitized by CjOOQIC 


He m. Abigail Dewst, b. Not. 17, 1694, dan. of Jedediah and 
Sarali (Orion) Dewey. She joined Weetfield chorcli, in 171 6, and 
tlie Ck>ng. church in Great Barrington, Dec. 1, 1745. She d. after 
Mch. 24, 1758. 


8066. JompK, b. Jan. 89, 1717; d. Feb. 16, 1717, «. 18 days. 

8066. Jo9^, b. Sept. 82, 1718; m. Thankful Dodd. 

8067. EU. bapt. Feb. 24, 1721; m. July 28, 1760, Hannah MiUer- 
He d. in Great Banington, Mass., abt. 1798. Administration on his 
estate was granted May 1, 1798. He left a widow, but no children. 
His estate went to his widow and to his brothers and sisters or their 
heirs. Child. Joseph, b. Aug. 22, 1768, supposed to have been 
killed in battle, at Stone Arabia. K. Y., Oct. 19,. 1780, «. 17. 

8068. Pre$ened, bapt. Apr. 20, 1728; m. Elizabeth Highstead. 

8069. MaJTf, bapt. 1725; zn. Ebeneser Baldwin, prob. of 
Egremont, Mass., and was prob. alive in 1799. She per. had son, 
James, for James Baldwin of Egremont/ Mass., was, in 1798, ad- 
ministTator on the estate of Eli Noble. 

8070. Marf^rei, b. Oct 8, 1727; zn. Samuel Culver. 

8071. Ahigaa, b. Bept. 14, 1781 ; m. Israel Root 

8072. Xfttttf, b. abt 1740; m. Warham Lee. 


Hezckiah Noble, a. of Matthew, was b. in Weetfield, Mass., 
May 14, 1694. He removed, after Aug. 27, 1728, and prior to 
Mch. 2, 1731, to Sheffield, Mass., was chosen clerk of that town 
at its organization, in 1733, and continued in the same olfioe 
up to 1770. He was a hatter by trade. The last mention made of 
him, is on the 13th of May, 1 772, at which date he granted the land 
in Sheffield on which he dwelt» near the new meeting-house, with 
the buildings thereon, to his son-in-law, Dan Raymond of Sheffield. 

He m. Nov. 5, 1740, Aim Robebts of Canaan. 


8078. Anns, b. Jan. 24, 1748; m. Dan Raymond. 

8074. Hmdeiah, b. Not. 18, 1746; m. , He prob. redded in 

Sheffield, Mass., and was the assessor of 1779, and a grantor, June 
11, 1808. Ghildien. 1. Sarah, b. Mch. 1, 1779, in Sheffield ; 2. Maiy ; 
and two sons whose names are unknown. 

8075. lifdia, b. Oct 20, 1747; m. Boardman of Poughkeepaie, 

N. Y. Child. Qodfr^. 

Bns. Matthew Noble, s. of Matthew, was b. inWestfield, Mass., 

Sept 9, 1698, according to his gravestone, but Sept 19, 1698, 

according to the town record. The latter date cannot be correct^ 

if be was baptized, as the church records of Westfield show, on 


Digitized by 



the I8tli of September. He d. in Weetfield, Aug. 8, 1771, m. 72. 
HiB rendenoe was about half a mile east of Westfield green, on 
the fkrm owned and occupied, in 1852, by his grandson, Charles 
Noble. He joined the Westfield ehurdi, Nov. 3; 1728. He was 
chosen selectman, 1738, '40, *41, '44,* '51, '60, and '61, and moderator 
of town meeting, in 1740. On the 6th of llardi, 1741, he was 
appointed, in connection with others, to inform Mr. John Ballantine 
that the town had invited him to be their minister, and to receive his 
answer. In 1757 he was representative to the Oeneral Court. In 
deeds, he is styled, in 1745, tanner; in 1754, saddler; and in 1759, 
oordwainer. In his will, dated Dec. 20, 1770, and proved Sept 3, 
1771, he names his wife Mercy, sons Constant, Oideon, Matthew, 
and Paul, and daughters, Bethia, wife of Aaa Noble, Joanna, wife 
of Israel Dewey, and Rhoda, wife of Abner Dewey. The monu- 
meni erected to his memory bears the following inscription: 
« Ensign | Matthew | Noble | Was bom | Sept 9, 1698 | k 

died I Aug. 8, 1771. 

Remember me 
as you are now 
So once was I; 
SB I am Now 
So you must be. 
Prepare for death 
A follow me.*' 

He m. (1) May 31, 1720, Joanna Stuuns, b. in Springfield, 
Mass., Mcb. 4, 1697, dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Brooks) Steb- 
bins. She joined tbe Westfield church May 5, 1728. She d. in 
Westfield, Nov. 1, 1763, ». 62. Rev. John Ballantine makes the 
following entry in his Diary, under date of <' 1763, Nov. 3. Ens. 
Noble's wife buried. She liked the Separates, but did not regu- 
larly attend their meeting." Her monument bears this inscription : 
<<In memory of | M". Joanna | Wife of Ens. | Matthew Noble | 
who died Nov. | l-" 1763 in her | 67^ Tear. 

Death is a Debt 
to Nature Due, 
which I have paid, 
& so must you." 

He m. (2) July 24, 1766, Mrs. Meect Ashlet. She was prob. 
dau. of Ebenezer and Mercy (Hitchcock) Day of West Springfield, 
and if so, b. Nov. 4, 1703, and m. Dec. 30, 1725, James Ashley 
of Westfield, who d. May 24, 1753. 

Digitized by 




8076. BMia, b. Apr. 20. 1721; m. Abe Noble. ^ 

8077. Joanna, b. Dec. 8, 1722; m. Israel Dewey. 

8078. Omutaniinf, b. Oct. 8, 1725; m. Elizabeth Hogabooni. 

8079. Oidean, b. Hch. 0, 1728; m. ChrisUan Cadwell. 

8080. Bhoda, b. Aug. 28» 178^; d. Sept., 1781, ffi. 1. 

8081. RMUi, b. Aug. 28, 1782; m. Oct 18, 1760. Abner Dewey, b. in 
Weatfleld, Aug. 10, 1726, a. of Jedediab and Rebecca (Williams) 
Dewey. He prob. resided in Pittsfield, Mass., in 1770; in Wash- 
ington, Mass., in 1772; and in Bennington, Yt. lie was a tanner, 
and d., in 1777, of amall-pox caught from hides, which he had 
bought in the Stale of New York. She d., of small-pox, Mch. , 1777, 
». 44. Children. 1. Abner, resided in Stockbridge, and d. abt. 1802; 
2. Bohan, m. Mary Bradley, removed to Hubbardton, Yt., and d. 
before 1791; 8. Diadama, b. Jan. 6, 1766, m. Apr. 18, 1786, Benja- 
min Harwood of Bennington, Yt, and d. in Bennington, June 19, 

1854, K. 88; 4. Jared; 6. Dau., m. — Hopkins of Hopkinton, 

N. Y.; 6. Dau., m. Taylor of Stockbridge, Mass. ; 7. Dau., 

m. Clark; 8. Dau. m. — — Stone; 9. Dau., d. unm.; 10. 

Son, whose name is unknown. The order of births in the above 
family has not been ascertained. 

8082. MaHJiew, b. July 27, 1786; m. Lydia Eager. 
8088. Paul b. Jan. 14, 1740; m. Hannah Weller. 


Solomon Noble, a of Matthew, was b. in Weetfield, Maas., Dec. 
23, 1700, and d. in New Milford, Conn., Dec. 17, 1757, ». 56. He 
ramoved from Weatfield to Norwalk, Conn., probably Wilton par- 
iah, prior to June 17, 1730. He was of the latter place. May 17, 
1748, and was then styled << cordwainer.'* The precise date of bis 
vemoTal to New Milford is not known, though he was there Nov. 
26, 1756. HesEekiah Noble was appointed Feb. 8, 1758, adminis- 
trator on the estate of his father, Solomon Noble. The heirs were 
his widow, Zurviah Noble, his sons Hezekiah and Thaddeus, and 
his daughter Mary, wife of Nathaniel Oriffin of Fairfield, Conn. 

He m. (1) Hkpzibah Betts, b. Oct 29, 1703. She was dau. of 
Samuel and Judith (Beynolds) Betts of Norwalk, as appears from 
a deed recorded at Norwalk [Vol 1729-35: p. 72], by which said 
Betts, Mch. 5, 1731, '<for and in consideration of paternal lo^e and 
affection towards my son-in-law, Solomon Noble, and his wife 
Hepmbah, my daughter," grants them certain property. Shed, in 
Norwalk, Conn., Sept 4, 1745, ». 41. 

He m« (2) prob. in 1747, Zebtiah Dewbt of Westfield, having 
been publiahed May 17, 1747. She was prob. b. Mch. 1, 1708, 
dau. of Jedediah and Rebeoea (Williams) Dewey. She survived 
him, and m. (2) Jan. 8, 1766, Dea. Joseph Fuller of Kent, Conn. 

Digitized by 



8064. Mary, b. Nov. H 1780; m, Nathaniel Oriffln of Fairfield, Conn., 
and d., aaya her nieoe, Hepzibah Allia, prior to 1771. He was alive, 
in 1708. 

8065. BhMah. b. Feb. 89, 1782; m. Eonioe Noble, b. Jan. 18, 1728, dau. 
of David and Bnaanna (Sherman) Noble of New Milford, Conn. 
He d. without iasue, in New Milford, Aug. 17, 1788, ae. 26, leaving 
by will dated Aug. 12, 1788, hia property to his wife Eunice and 
brother Thaddeua. Mrs. Eunice Noble prob. m. (^) Dec. 80, 1762, 
Theophilus Baldwin of New Milford, Conn., b. Jan. 16, 1728. 

8066. Thaddeui, b. Jan. 9, 1784; zn. Sarah Peet 

8067. SoUmon, b. Oct 20, 1788; d. Nov. 14, 1788, e. 25 days. 

8068. Bepnbah, b. Jan. 20, 1789; d. July 27, 1745, •. 6. 
8089. Sotomofi, b. Aug. 15, 1741; d. Aug. 9, 1746, «. 8. 

Capt BusHA Noble, a. of Matthew, was b. in Weatfield, Maaa., 
Feb. 9, 1703, and d. in Sheffield, Maaa., Aug. 27, 1771, ». 68. 
[O. Whiting'a private record.] He entered into full fellowahip 
with Weatfield church, Dec. 8, 1728. Soon after this, he muat 
have removed to Sheffield, for he is known to have been there, 
June 17, 1730, and at the organization of the town, in 1733, was 
chosen constable. In 1745, hia house was "forted," and Bev. 
Samuel Hopkins, D.D., of Qreat Barrington, Mass., records in his 
Diary, under date of Nov. 22, 1745, that alarmed by the reports 
that the Indians had taken Stockbridge, he went down and lodged 
in Eliaha Noble's fort, but ''had a very poor lodging,** as "the 
house was crowded with women and children." In 1755, he had 
command of a company of men, who enlisted for reinforcing the 
anny destined for Crown Point In his will, dated Aug. 8, 1771; 
and proved the 6th of Sept. following, he namee wife, Abigail, 
son Bnoch, dau. Abigail, wife of Oliver Ashley, children of dau., 
Sarah Saxton, late wife of James Saxton, and dau., Hannah, wife 
of William Sheldon of Sheffield. He appoints wife, Abigail, 
executrix, and givee for a family burying-ground, a piece of land 
in Sheffield, "where my daughter, Sarah Saxton, liee buried.'* 
His estate was mventoried at £1,243 10. 3. 2. 

He m. prob. in 1727, Abigail Wasnib, b. Feb. 6, 1704, dau. of 
Mark and Lydia (Phelps) Warner of Northampton, to whom he 
was pub. March 18, 1727. Her name appears on Sheffield rate, 
in 1775, *79, '80, and '82. 

Digitized by 


asAHOB OP MATnmr. 377 


8000. Affigaa, b. Aug. 84, 1788; m. OliTer Aihley of Pittifield, to whom 
•he was pub. Hay 18, 1748. She perhaps had children. 1. Bte- 
phen, b. Bept 4, 1761, in Westfleldrd. Lydia, b. Dec. 7, 176-, in 
Sheffield; 8. Mary, b. Oct. 15, 1754, in Sheffield; 4. Mercy, b. Apr. 
19, 1757, in Sheffield; 5. Daniel, b. Aug. 84, 1759, in Sheffield. 

8091. 8a/rah, b. Oct. 4, 1780; m. James Saxton. 

8092. E^uha^ b. Jan. 88, 1784; prob. d. before 1771, as he is not named 
in hlB father's wilL 

8098. Eannah,V Apr. 1, 1785; m. William Sheldon. 
8094. Bnoeh, b. May 18, 1788; m. Tabitha Bush. 

Qba2>iah Noblb, s. of Matthew, was b. in Weatfield, Mais., Oct. 
19, 1705, and d. in Sheffield, Mass., prob. in 1786, m, 81. He was 
early at Sheffield, the first town meeting having been held, in 1733, 
at his house. He resided about three^uarters of a mile north of 
the Congregational church, near the aoidemy, on the place where 
Mrs. Jay Shears, now, 1876, lives. 

The Sheffield town records show that, on the 88d of May, 1785, " three 
Barrels of Good Beare, and twenty Gallons of Rumb," were voted, by 
the town, for the use of those who should aid in raising the first meeting- 
house. ' Such was the confidence reposed in the character of Obadiah 
Noble, that, " at the same meeting, Obadiah Noble, and Ensign Ashley were 
made Choice of, to Dool out Drink to the laborers, when it is convenient, 
and Likewias, to Sell Drink to Strangers or town's People, and also to 
Receive the money." 

In his will dated Oct. 14, 1785, and proved June 6, 1786, he 
names his sons, Peter, Nathaniel, Zechariah, Obadiah, Eaekiel, and 
daughter-in-law, Susannah Faizchild, wife of Moses Fairchild of 

He m. Mrs. Mabt Boswobtb, dau. of [per. Philip] Callender of 

Sheffield. [She m. (1) Boeworth, by whom she had a dau. 

Susanna^ who m. Dec. 2, 1745, Moses Fairchild of Sheffield. 
Moses and Susanna Fairchild had the f oUowing children, recorded 
in Sheffield. 1. Sarah, b. May 8, 1746; 2. Zechariah, b. Nov. 4, 
1748; 3. Mary, b. Apr. 1, 1751, prob. m. Aug. 26, 1772, Daniel 
Lewis; 4. Ellis (dau.), b. Oct 20, 1753; 5. Moses, b. Dec. 1, 
1766; 6. Aaron, b. Aug. 11, 1769; 7. Daniel, b. May 9, 1762; 8. 
John, b. March 4, 1766; 9. David, b. Dec. 20, 1767.] She d. 
before her husband. 

cbudben bobr nr shxwibld. 
8096. Fitter, b. May 98, 1784; m. 0) AblgaU Eggleston; (9) Martha 

Digitized by 



8096. Nathaniel b. Oct. 23, 1786; m. (1) R. Root; (2) M. A. Oallender. 

8097. Gbadiah, b. Sept. 6, 1789; m. Rebecca White. 
8096. Z$ehMiah, b. Apr. 16. 1742; m. Phebe Nichols. 

8099. &ekiel, b. June 8, 1745; m. Sunioe Tuner. 


Hakkah Noble, dsu. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Oct 11, 1707. 

She m. May 13, 1731, Dea. Dantel Kellogg, b. Dec. 16, 1704, 
s. of Stephen and Lydia (Belding) Kellogg of Westfield. He 
was one of the first settlers of Sheffield, Mass., being a resident 
there at the date of his marriage, but d. in Westfield, Jan. 11, 
1756, ». 52, as is supposed, while on his return from some military 
expedition. He is thought td have been a deacon of the Sheffield 
Cong, church. 


8100. Hannah, b. May 15, 1782; d. May 26, 1782. 

8101. Hannah, b. June 25, 1784; d. Sept. 10, 1788. •. 4. 

8102. AhigaU, b. Oct. 29, 1786; d. Nov. 8, 1786. 
8108. Daniel, b. Nov. 11, 1787; d. Oct. 15, 1788. 

8104. Mercy, b. Apr. 22, 1740; m. June 21, 1759, Joseph Gsllender of 
Sheffield, and d. Oct. 11, 1797, m. 57. 

8105. Stephen, b. June 26, 1742; m. Jan. 28, 1768, Maiy Austin.* 

8106. Hannah, b. Aug. 10, 1744; altve in 1764. 

8107. Danid, b. Nov. 5, 1746; m. Rhoda Callender. In 1775, he sc- 
companied Oen. Arnold to Quebec, as bis orderly, and there died. 

8106. Oide(m, b. July 6, 1751; m. Electa Wait, and d. in Sheffield, 
abt. 1887. He was a deaf mute. 


Hesteb Noble, dau. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
June 6, 1710. She prob. was the Esther King 2d, admitted Feb. 
5, 1744, to the Great Barrington church. 

She m. prob. in 1730, Moses Kino, to whom she was pub. Nov. 
12, 1730. He was prob. b. in Westfield, Nov. 20, 1706, s. of 
David and Abigail King. He was apparently a resident of 
Oreat Barrington, Mass., as early as 1731. In 1733, he purchased 
land there, and had his residence about sixty rods south of the 
upper burial ground, on the east side of the river. This land 
soon passed into the hands of Beuben, (George, and Asahel Sling, 
sons of William King, and about 1742, he moved across the river . 
into the village, and died about 1751 or 1752. 


8100. Bhoda, b. Mch. 18, 1781; m. per. Sept 8, 1748, OoL Aaron Root 
of Sheffield, and d. between July 24, 1758, and 1764. 

Digitized by GO(i)gle 


8110. NMe, b. Apr. 27, 1783; and d. Nov. 18, 1786, •. 8. 

8111. Etther, b. Nov. 12, 1786. 

8112. rilanJ^.b. Hay 7,1742. 
8118. Hannah, b. Aug. 21, 1744. 


JofiEPH NoBLX, 8. of Josoph, was b. in Weatfield, Mass., Sept. 22, 
1718, and d. in Sheffield, Mass., March 10, 1771, m. 52. He resided 
in Sheffield. He is said to have served in the French and Indian 
war. He died at the house of his son Roger. The monument 
erected over his remains, in the Noble family grave-yard in Shef- 
field, about three-quarters of a mile north of the Gong, church, 
on the west side of the street, bears the following inscription: 
WHO I DIED MARCH | THE 10, 1771 | IN THE 53D | YEAR 

He m. Thankful Dodd. 


8114. Shoda, b. June 23, 1789; m. Henry Amsden of Sheffield. Chil- 
dren. 1. Rhoda, b. Oct. 16. 1781; 2. Henry, b. Apr. 1, 1788. 
8116. Jame$, b. May 19, 1741; d. Hay. 1741. 

8116. Bifger, b. Apr. 2, 1742; m. Olive Hunt. 

8117. ComOiui, b. Jan. 26, 1746; d. Dec 12, 1762, s. 7. 

8118. BiOmiU, ) b. Sept. 9, 1746; d. Sept. 18, 1746, s. 4 days. 

8119. aSUfUie. U. Sept. 9, 1746; d. Sept. 9, 1746. 

8120. Anne, b. Jan. 21, 1748; m. Stackbouse, resided at Fort 

Ann, K. Y., and had children. 

8121. Stephen, b. May 18, 1760; d. Oct. 21, 1769, m. 9. 

8122. Cknmdiue, b. Oct 7, 1768; m. Jane Wilson. 


PanEBYXD Noble, s. of Joseph, was bapt. Apr. 30, 1723, in 
Westfield, Mass., and d. in Great Harrington, Mass. He resided in 
1766, in Sheffield, Mass., perhaps in the Great Harrington part of 
the town, for he had at that time, a daughter recorded to him in said 
town. His name is on Egremont valuation, 1771, and he was of 
the latter place Aug. 23, 1773, but of Great Harrington Sept 14, 
1774. The time of his death has not been ascertained. His chil- 
dren, Lucy, Abigail, David, Jonathan, and Joeiah, were prob. alive 
May 8, 1799. One of his daughters m. Heebe, removed to 

Digitized by 



Black river country, N. Y., and had at least the following children, 
▼is.: Betsey, Asa, and William. 
He m. Aug. 23, 1754, Elizabeth Hiorstbad. 

8128. ifary, b. Feb. 12, 1765. 

8124. jDiMy, b. ; m. Othniel Strong. He wasof Great 
Harrington, Kan., in 17iX). 

8125. EUaabeth, b. 

8126. Jimaithan, \ b. abt 1771; d. unm., in Great Banington, Jane 

V 24. 1817. 

8127. Damd, ) b. abt 1771; m. Patience Noble. 

8128. AbiffoH, b. ; m. Biyant Eddy, prior to Hay 8, 

8129. Jomah, b. ; m. Jessie [perhaps Johnion]. They 
were of Great Barrington, July 16, 1804, and at that date, quit- 
claimed "all right which we have in the estate of Jacob Johnson, 
late of Great Barrington, deceased." 


Maboabkt Noblb, dau. of Joseph, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Oct 
8, 1727, and is supposed to have died prior to Apr. 26, 1777. 

She m. Apr.. 6, 1749, Samuel Culvbb, who resided, certainly 
until 1759, in Sheffield. In 1765, Samuel Culver, supposed to be 
the same with the above, resided in Egremont, Mass. 


8180. Daniel, b. July 17, 1790; prob. served in the Revolutionary war 
from Great Barrington, m. Oct 28. 1768, Abigail Kellogg, and, in 
1800, was a resident of Urilley, Tioga Co., N. T. 

8131. Samua, b. July 8, 1752. 

8182. John, b. June 5, 1754; probably chosen chorister of St James 
church, Great Barrington, Apr. 17, 1775. 

8188. Sarah, b. Jan. 16, 1758; prob. d. prior to Hay 8, 1799. 

8184. Marjf, b. Hch. 4, 1759; m. Isaac Root 

8185. Jc§eph, baptOct4,1761. 

8186. L^dia, b. 

8187. Oidsan, bapt Apr. 12. 1764. 


Abigail Noble, dau. of Joseph, was b. in Sheffield, ICass., Sept 
14, 1781. 

She m. IsRAXL Boor, b. Oct 9, 1728, s. of Joshua and Margaret 
Boot of Great Barrington, Mass. He and his wife, Abigail, joined 
Great Barrington church, June 19, 1757. The births of his three 
eldest children are recorded in Sheffield. His children, Israel, 
Hannah, Anne, Joel, and Rhode, were probably alive, in 1799. He 

Digitized by 



m. (2) abt 1808, Thankful , and d. Oct. 7, 1809, ». 78. 

His second wife farviyed him. 


8188. Urael, b. Jan. 28, 1757; prob. m. Huldab ,and removed to 

the Tidnity of Auburn, N. Y. 

8189. Eannah, b. Oct. 5, 1758; m. July 29, 1784, Ebeneser Pease of 
Canaan. N. Y. 

8140. SUpken, b. May 5, 1761 ;. in the American reyolution, was killed in 
battle, Oct., 1780, prob. at Stone Arabia, N. Y. 

8141. Anne, bapt. Apr. 27, 1765; m. (1) Ephraim Porter of Great Bar- 
rington, who was killed in a fight in Bhays' rebellion, at Sheffield, 
Mass., Feb. 27, 1787, s. 25; (2) Ichabod Squire of Richmond, Mass. 

8142. Joel, bapt. Sept. 6, 1767; removed to Oxford, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. 

8148. Ekoda, b. ; m. Thomas Burrall of Great Bar- 



Lydia Noble, dau. of Joseph, was b. abt 1 740, and is supposed to 

hayed, in Great Harrington, Mass., Oct. 11, 1797, in her 57th year. 

She m. Oct 2, 1771, Wabbam Lex, b. in Westfield, Mass., Mch. 

23, 1739, a of Samuel Lee. He d. in Great Barrington, May 8, 
1798, 8S. 69. Power of administration on his estate was granted 
Oct 2, 1798, at which time his five sons were all alive. 


8144. WoihingUm, b. ; d. Sept., 1779, se. 4. 

8145. Henry, b. ; rem. to Vt 

8146. Bohmon Nobie, b. ; m. Jan. 21, 1798, Hannah King of 
Great Barrington. 

8147. ArchibM, b. 

8148. Alanmm, b. ; m. Apr. 7, 1812, Fanny Hamlin of 
Gi'eat Barrington. 

8149. WUUam, b. ; m. Mch. 19, 1807, Polly Church of 
Great Bdnrington. 


Ajute Noblx, dau. of Hezekiah, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Jan. 

24, 1744, and there d. Jan. 22, 1826, ». 81. 

She m. July 19, 1763, Dan RATMoim of Norwalk, Conn., who 
d. in Sheffield, Oct 10, 1809, ». 73. He was for a time a wealthy 
merchant, and on the Sheffield rate of Apr. 18, 1779, but three 
persons paid a higher tax than he. 

According to the statement of Rev. OrviUe Dewey, D. D., in his 

sermon at the centennial celebration at Sheffield, June 18, 1876, 

Dan Raymond was a noted tory, and upon him suspicion at onoe 

rested, on the 5th of July. 1776, when the liberty-tree on Sheffield 


Digitized by 



green, erected the previoos day, was found level with the ground. 
When charged with the outrage, he did not deny that it had been 
committed at hia instigation. As the law did not reach his case, a 
meeting of the citizens was held, to decide what should be done to 
avenge the insulted honor of the town. Their decision was, that 
tbe people should stand in two rows down through the broad street, 
and that between them the offender should pass, and taking off his 
hat to every individual as he passed, diould say, ** I ask your par- 
don.** Having subsequently ascertained who was the person Ray- 
mond had procured to cut down the liberty-tree, they dressed him 
in a coat of tar and feathers, put him upon a bareboned horse, and 
compelled him to ride through the whole street, stop at every 
house, and ask pardon for what he had done. In a note to Dr. 
Dewey's discourse, referring to Dan Ra3rmond, Rev. Mason Noble, 
Jr., of Sheffield, says: " From the record, one is compelled to con- 
clude, that the < Sheffield Tory ' met with a change of heart, for, in 
1780, he was chosen assessor, and a member of the 'committee to 
adjust town debts,' and * overseer of the work-house,* and ekairman 
of a committee to engage recruits for the Continental army. 
Moreover, his third son, bom November 1, 1783, was named 
George Washington Raymond." 

At the breaking out of the Revolutionary war, Raymond may 
have stood aloof from the popular movement, yet, if so, he doubt- 
lees '*met with a change of heart," earlier than 1780, or even July 
5, 1776, for his name appears as a private on the roll of Lieut 
Enoch Noble's militia company, in CoL Mark Hopkins* regiment of 
foot, being the first regiment in the county of Berkshire, dated 
Sheffield, June 13, 1776, which may be found on page 67 of the 
** Proceedings at the Centennial celebration of the town of Sheffield, 
June 18, and 19, 1876." In relation to this matter, there seems to 
be so great a discrepancy of dates, that the conclusion is irresistible, 
either that the events related must have transpired at an eaxiier 
date than July, 1776, or that some other person than Raymond 
must have been the principal actor. 


8150. BAeeca, b. Sept. 87, 1764; prob. m. John Baxter of Bos- 

ton, and d. in Suffleld, Conn., in 1827. 

8161. HukUth, b. Sept 10, 1766; m. Faasett, and d. in 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

8152. Waiiam, b. Feb. 1, 1760; prob. d. young. 

815S. EMUi, b. Aug. 81, 1771; m. July 10, 1789, Amos T. 

Goodrich. Ho was a shoemaker. She d. in Sheffield, Feb. 28, 
1851, m. 70. 

Digitized by 



3154. Loutm, b. Apr. 10, 1773; d. unm. in Canada. 

8155. Cfari9$a, b. Oct. 16, 1775; m. Rufus Eddy, and d. in 
lUcbmond, Ya. 

8156. Henry William, b. Mch. 16, 1778; was a lawyer, and d. iu 
Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 

8157. CUariei Jhoight, b. Nov. 2, 1780; m. , wii« a 

shei-iff in Ogdcnsburgh, N. Y., and there died. 

8158. Oeorffe WwJiingfm, b. Nov. 1, 1788; prob. d. young. 


JoAKKA Noble, dau. of Mattbew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Dec. 3, 1722, and there d. Nov. 18, 1809, e. 86. As she had 
absented herself from the Westfield church, and become a constant 
attendant upon the meetings of the Separates, a committee of the 
Westfield church was chosen, Oct, 1754, *'to discourse" with her 
and other like offending members, " & endeavor to show y" y* unrea- 
sonableness of y' Separation." 

She m. Mch. 4, 1742, Israel Dewet, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 27, 1719, s. of Israel and Sarah Dewey. He was a deacon in 
the Baptist church in Westfield, and there d. June 24, 1806, ». 87. 


8159. Joanna, b. Aug. 2, 1748; m. John Morse. 

8160. EMch, b. Oct. 15, 1745; m. Aug. 14, 1772, Martha Foote. and d.. 
of small-pox, Feb. 16, 1778, m, 82. 

8161. Shoda, b. Oct 31, 1747; m. Oct 80, 1774, Abner Fowler, who d. 
in Fowler, Trumbull Co., O., Feb. 18, 1806, m. 69. 

8162. SUphen, b. Oct 25, 1749; m. Feb. 8, 1775, Naomi Bagg, and re- 
moved to Sidney, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

8168. 2Mle, b.' June 15, 1752; m. Aug. 20, 1772, Eleanor Pomeroy, and 
d. Dec. 28, 1888, ae. 79. 

8164. ISukiel, b. July 1,. 1754; m. per. Foote of Pittsfield. 

8165. J$ra€l, b. Jan. 0, 1757; m. Nov. 28, 1786, Lydia Wdler, and 
removed to the "Black river country,*' in N. Y. 

8166. Elenor, b. Apr. 5, 1759; m. Nov. 25, 1784, Rev. Adam HamOton, 
who was for a time pastor of the Baptist church in Westfield, but 
d. in Chesterfield, Mass., in 1826. 

8167. Eman, b. Oct 18, 1761; m. Sarah Noble, b. Sept 5, 1761, dau. of 
Rev. Gideon and Christian (Cadwell) Noble. 

8168. EUlter, b. Nov. 15, 1768; m, Nov. 28, 1786, Solomon Dewey. 


C0NBTA19TIKS NoBLE, 8. of Mstthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Oct. 8, 1725, and d. in Sheffield, Mass. He resided in the first 
house north of the Ashley place, in the latter town. 

He m. EuzABETH Hooaboom, dau. of Bartholomew and Hendrica 
Hogaboom of Canaan, Conn. She d. in Sheffield. . 

Digitized by 



Sie9. BariMamew, b. Bept 21, 1751; d. May 24. 1754, «. 2. 

5170. Matth$w, b. July 20, 1758; m. Elisabetb BiidgiL 

5171. BartMamew, b. June 14, 1756; m. Gnoe Noble. 

8172. Jeremiah, b. Noy. 15, 1756; m. Dec. 27. 1788, ElittbeUi Ounn 
per. dau. of Alexander and EUxabeth Qunn of SbefBeld, and if ao 
b. July 1. 1758. He redded in Sheffield, and d. without ieme, prob 
in 1802, aa adminiBtration on hia estate was granted, Mch. 2, 1802, 
to William Ashley and Joshua Adams. 

8178. WSUam, b. ; m. Layinia Gunn, was a bloomer in 

New Marlboro*, Mass., where he d. after 1802. His widow m. (2) 
— ^ Hunt of Canaan, Conn. Child. Jeremiah, m. Amanda 
WUcox, dau. of Joseph WUcox of Canaan, Conn., and remoTed to 
the West. 

8174. CbMn, b. ; m. Lorania Ashley. 

8175. Elkdbeth, b. ; m. William Fellows, who per. d. in 
Utica, N. Y., prior to Aug. 18, 1810. 

8176. Jbffir, 


; m. Thomas Dickinson. 

8177. moda, 


; m. John Griswold. 

817a Hannah, 


; m. June 80, 1785, Asa Hamlin. 

8179. Sarah, 


; m. Lyman Jerome. 

8180. LuereHa, 


; m. Nathaniel Dunham. 

Bev. OmvoH Noblx^ s. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Maaa., 
Mardi 6, 1728, and d. in Willington, Conn., according to die date 
on his gnyeatone, Nov. 6, 1792, m. 64; but Noy. 18, 1792, accord- 
ing to the town record. 

He graduated at Yale College, in 1755, joined Weatfield church, 
May 9, 1756; and atudiad theology with Rev. Daniel Welch, of 
Mansfield, Conn., a niece of whose wife he subsequently married. 
He was ordained, Nov. 28, 1759, aa pastor, of the Congregational 
church in Willington, Conn., and dismissed, according to the state- 
ment in 1851, of one of his successors in the pastorate at Wil- 
lington, Bev. David Bancroft, '< between Nov. 18, and Nov. 30, 
1790." He is remembered as a man, spare in flesh, a little over 
five feet in height^ courteous, affable, without' affectation or oaten- 
tatious show. In a history of the Willington church, Dea. O. 0. 
Southwick says of him, " He was a man of lively disposition, 
aound learning, and a good preacher, often moving the con- 
gregation to tears, by his solemn admonitions." His children 
were all rather below the medium height, and are said to have 
been quite distinguished for their personal beauty. The family 
likeness was striking. He resided near the church on Willington 
hilL Over his remains was erected a stone bearing the following 

Digitized by 



inacription: <'This monument is erected | to the memory of the 
Rev. I Gideon Noble who departed | this life Nov. the 6th 1792 | 
in the 66^ year of his age. | He labored intheOospel | ministry, 
as Pastor of the | church in Willington 31 years. | Mark the per- 
fect man, | and behold the upright | for the end of that man | is 

He m. Dec. 4, 1760, Chbibtuln Cadwsll, b. in Hartford, 
Conn., dau. of Hesekiah Cadwell. [She m. (2) abt. 1801, Zeba- 
diah Marcy of Willington. He is said to have been "a fine look- 
ing man of a little more than medium stature.'* He d. in Willing- 
ton, abt. 1806.] She d. in Willington, Nov. 24, 1809, according 
to the family record, but Noy. 26, 1809, in 66th yr., according to 
the inscription on her grayestone, whidi is as follows: "Christian 
the widow of Rev' Gideon | Noble, died- Nov. 26, 1809, in the 
66^ I year of her age. | The sweet remembrance | of the Just | 
Shall flourish when they | sleep in death." 


9i90a,8arah, b. Sept. 0, 1761; m. 1785 (pub. Jan. 80), her coualn, 
Heman Dewey, b. Oct 18, 1761, b. of Israel and Joanna (Noble) 
Dewey. He removed to Rozbuiy, Delaware Co., N. Y., where for 
more than twenty yean he kept a tavern. Children. 1. Joanna; 
8. Rowland, who in 1815, resided in Manheim, Herkimer Co., N. Y. ; 
8. Jared; 4. Heniy; 5. Electa. 

818i: Gideon, b. Aug. 8, 1768; m. Lucy Wells. 

8188. Boloman, b. July 1, 1765; m. Huldah CorUns. 

8188. Ohtittian, b. Oct 24, 1767; m. Amoe James. 

8184. Joanna, b. Oct 8, 1769; ul Thomas Merrick. 

8185. CkarMe, b. Aug. 19, 1771; m. Caleb Merrick. 

8186. Maiihefe, b. Nov. 21, 1778; m. Hadaaaah Tucker. 

8187. Mark, b. Bept ' 2. 1775; m. Dice, dau. of a British offi- 
cer, and removed to Kingston, or Fredericksburg, C. W., where he 
d. abt 1840, m. abt 65. He was a surveyor. Children. Matthew 
Dice, and six others. 

818a Horatio, b. Nov. 20, 1777; m. MatUda BisseU. 

8189. SUeta, b. Dec. 28, 1780; d. Dec. 22, 1786, m, 6. 

8190. SleOa, b. May 15, 1787; m. Stephen Johnson. 

Matthew Nobub, b. of Matthew, was b. in ^estfield, Mass., 
July 27, 1736, and there d. of apoplexy, Aug. 30, 1804, sb. 68. 
He resided on hie father's homestead in Westfield, and was a 
tanner and saddler. The monument erected to the memory of 
himaelf and wife, bears the following inscription: "Sacred to the 
Memory of | Lieut. Matthew Noble | who died August 30^ | A. D. 

Digitized by 



1804. Aged 67 years. | His wife Lydia Noble | died SepL 28* 
A. D. 1811 I Aged 71 years. 

our gltn it nm« 

our work is done, 

our bodies mouldering lie." 
He m. Sept. 23, 1758, Ltdia Eager, b. Jan. 20, 1740, dau. of 
Capt. Benjamin and Abigail (Johnson) Eager of Shrewsbury, 
Mass. Capt. Benjamin Eager, b. May 17, 1716, was s. of Capt. 
Abraham Eager, who was s. of William Eager of Shrewsbury. 
Mrs. Lydia Noble d. of consumption, in Westfield, Sept 28, 1811, 
e. 71. 


8101. Eager, b. May 15, 1760; m. Mary Phelpa. 

8103. 8aUy, b. Apr. 20, 1762; m. Bilas King. 
8108. l4/dia, b. Aug. 16, 1764; m. William Mosely. 

8104. WaUam, b. Dec. 6, 1766; d. in infancy. 

8105. WaUam, b. Mch. 28, 1768; m. Philena Sacket. 

8106. Dorothy, b. Mch. 10, 1770; m. Jared Weller. 

8107. Clarina, b. Bept. 18, 1778; m. (1) £. Dewey; (8) 8. Ashley. 

8108. John, b. Aug. 10, 1776; m. Lucretia Fowler. 
8100. Charles, b. Aug. 17, 1778 or 1770; m. Sophia Fowler. 

8200. Eenrjf, b. Dec. 17, 1781; m. (1) B. Dewey; (2) 6. Fowler. 

8201. Famela, b. Jan. 5, 1784; m. Charles Bush. 

Paul Noblb» s. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Jan. 
14, 1740, and there d. of dropsy, May 23, 1706, s. 56. During 
the French and Indian war, he was a soldier under Capt EUsha 
Pomeroy of Northampton, Mass., in the campaign of 1750. In 
the American revolution, he was among the drafted men who 
marched Sept, 1776, to New York city, for two months' service. 
He was again drafted. May 13, 1778, and served for nine months. 
In his will dated March 20, 1706, and proved July 5, 1706, he 
named his wife Hannah; his daughters, Esther Shepard, Electa 
Norton, and Rhoda; and his sons Jared and Paul. 

fie m. Dec. 3, 1767, Hamkah Wblleb, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Sept 12, 1743, dau. of David and Lydia Weller. She was for 
many.years a pensioner of the United States, and d. in Westfield, 
Sept 7, 1842, m. 08 years and eleven months. 


8202. Bether, h. Nov. 6, 1768; m. Jared Shepard. 

8208. Jarsd, b. Sept. 8, 1770; d. unm.. in Westfield, Oct 22, 1880, m, 60. 

8204. F\a/ul, b. Aug. 8, 1772; m. Zurviah Suiter, to whom he was pub. 
Oct 17, 1825. He resided in Westfield, and d. without issue, Bept 
14 or 15, 1841, m, 60. fihed. Nov. 4, 1886, m, 48. 

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8805. m&ia, b. Oct 9, 1774; m. Nov. 14, 1798, Nofth Norton of Wesl- 

fleld. Children. 1. Lyman, b. abt. 1799, m. Julia Sacket, and d. 

in Wastfield, Jan. 29, 1851, ». 02; 2. Naomi, m. Backman. 

8206. Bhoda, b. May 10, 1778; m. Dec. 81. 1806, JusUn Aahley of Ire- 

land parish (West Springfield), Mass. Child. Francis, m. Lydia 

Ely, and died. 

Capt. Thaddeus Noble, s. of Solomon, was b. in Norwalk, 
Conn., ^an. 9, 1734, and d. in Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 
June 14, 1809, e. 75. He was ''about five feet and ten inches in 
height^ and rather stout built." He resided in New Canaan, 
Conn., New Milford, Conn., West Stockbridge, Mass., and Hoosick, 
N. Y., removing to the latter place about 1792. He was in 1756, 
armorer in Col. Wooster's regiment of Connecticut troops. During 
the war of the American revolution, he raised a volunteer com- 
pany, and received a captain's commission. He was a gunsmith, 
and a skillful workman, as the following documents from '* Ameri- 
can archives," 4th series, voL V: 1465-70, show: 

" New York Com. of Safety, Die Jovis 10 ho. A. M., Apr. 25, 1776. 

A Letter and Recommendation from the Committee of King's District, 
in the County of Albany, recommending Thaddeus Noble as a Gunsmith, 
was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit: 

' EiKO*s District, April 18, A. D. 1776. 

GxHTLEMEK: Thaddeus Noble, gunsmith, of this District, has made 
application to us, the Committee of the said District, for our recommend- 
ation in his behalf to your Committee, as an able workman at his trade or 
occupation of gunmalcing. Being willing to lend said Noble our assist- 
ance in such a necessary and laudable business, at such a time as this, 
when muskets are so much needed to defend our natural rights and liber- 
ties against the potent ^wer of Great Britain, we do accordingly hereby 
recommend said Noble as a workman at said business, so far as we are 
acquainted therein, and can inform that we have often seen of his said 
work, and that it has been generally to the acceptance of the pubUck. 
And as said Noble may not be able to procure all such materials as may 
be necessary for carrying on said business. If you, gentlemen should con- 
tract with said Noble for making musketa, &c., if he should want money 
for any part of the business, we desire you to furnish him therewith to 
the amount of thirty pounds, if he requires that sum; and any order that 
you shall have occasion to give from time to time in the premises, we 
shall readily obey. If you grant said request, please to let this Conunittee 
know, and the terms, &c 

Gentlemen, we are your very obedient servants, in the name and behalf 
of said Committee. 


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To the Ck>mmitt«e of Safety of the Province of New Torii.' 

The said Thaddetu Noble was called in to the Committee. They con- 
vened with him on the subject of the said Letter, and he was desired to 
attend again at flye of the clock in the afternoon. 

The Committee adjourned to four o'clock in the afternoon." 

'<Die Jovis 4to ho. P. M.. Apr. 25, 1776. 

Ordered that Mr. Van Zandt advance to Thaddcus Noble thirty 
Pounds, and take his obligation for that sum; and that he contract with 
Mr. Noble for thirty Muskets at eight Dollars each, without BayoneU; 
and to be allowed a reasonable price for fixing Bayonets to thftn, if he 
shall have to put Bayonets to them." 

"Die Veneris, 10 ho. A. M., Apr. 26, 1776. 

Mr. Van Zandt delivered in a Contract by him made with Thaddeus 
Noble, for the making of Muskets, which was read and filed. 

The said Noble has hereby agr^ to deliver to Mr. Van Zandt, on ac- 
count of the Provincial Congress, thirty good Muskets, well finished, and 
with Steel Ramrods, on or before the 10th day of June next, at the price 
of eight Dollars each; and if he should deliver Bayonets fitted to the said 
Muskets out of some of the old Bayonets brought from Crown Point, 
Noble is to be allowed a reasonable reward for the same. 

Mr. Van Zant also delivered the obligation of Noble, by him taken for 
the payment of thirty Pounds advanced to Noble, agreeable to the order 
of this Committee, made yesterday, and the same was read and filed. 

Ordered, that Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of the 
Provincial Congress of the Colony, pay to Mr. Jacobus Van Zandt, thirty 
Pounds, to repay him the money advanced (by order of the Committee 
made yesterday), on a contract with Thaddeus Noble, for the making of 

A draft of an Answer to the Letter of the Conunittee of King's Dis- 
trict, was read and approved, and is as follows, to wit: 

'Sir: Your letter by Mr. Noble was received, read, and immediately 
taken into consideration. In consequence of your recommendation, we 
have contracted with Mr. Noble, and advanced him thirty pounds. We 
think the Committee of King's District have merited the applause of 
their coimtiy, by interesting themselves in the promoting a manufactory 
so necessary for the defence of the rights and liberties of America. 

We are ^. 

To Matthew Adgate, Esq., Chairman, and the Members of the Com- 
mittee of King's District.' " 

He m. Sa&ah Psbt, b. March 27, 1733, who d. in Hoodck, 
N. T., Apr. 5, 1812, sb. 79. She may have been a descendant either 
of Samuel, John, or Thaddeus Peet of Stratford, Conn., who were 
among the early settlers of New Milford, Conn. 


8207. BiAimyan, b. ; d. in infancy. 

8906. EmMah, b. Apr. 1, 1760; joined the Shakers in New Canaan, 
N. T., and d. unm., June, 1792, m, 82. 

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Saoe. DatM, b. Mch. 18, 1708; m. Lncinda Drake. 

8210. S^lvest€r, b. Jan. 4, 1766; m. Betsey Eibbee. 

8211. Sarah, b. Apr. 8, 1709; d. unm., in Chili, N. T., Feb. 21, 1850, 
m. 81. 

8212. Esptibah, b. Dec. 6, 1771; m. (i) J. Lansing; (2) J. AUis. 


Sabah Noble, dau. of Capt. Elisha, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 
4, 1730, and there d. Oct. 18, 1769, as. 39. 

Her grave-stone, in the Noble burjing-yard in Sheffield, bears 
the following inscription, viz.: "IN | MEMORY OF THE 

She m. James Saxton of Sheffield, Mass., b. Sept. 5, 1729, s. of 
James and Abelena Sazton. 


8218. Alanttm, b. Jan. 10, 1752. 

8214. Ebeneter, b. Jan. 1, 1756. 

8215. WaUam, b. Dec. 25, 1755. 

8216. James, b. Nov. 26, 1758. 

8217. Abelena, b. June 26, 1761. 

8218. Jfcble, b. Sept. 17, 1768. 

8219. Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 1765; m. Clark. 

8220. Amy, b. Oct 26, 1767. 


Hannah Noble, dan. of Capt. Elisha^ was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Apr. 1, 1735, and d. 1810, e. 55. 

She m. June 28, 1753, William Sheldon, b. in Springfield, 
Mass., July 16, 1731, a. of Benjamin and Abigail (Kellogg) Shel- 
don. He d. in 1816. 


8221. Jjbtgaa, b.'Jan. 2, 1754; d. Sept 9, 1756. 

8222. Sarah, b. Oct 29, 1755. 

8228. Abigaa, b. 1757; m. Moses Hubbard of Sheffield. 

8224 WhUing, b. 1759; m. Sarah WUliams, and d. 1889. 

8225. Sarah, b. 1761 ; m. Sept 26, 1786, Thaddeus Root 

8226. Hannah, b. 1768; m. Jan. 81, 1791, Dea. Stephen CaUen- 
der of Sheffield, Mass.. and d. Mch. 80, 1882, m, 68. 

8227. Wmam, b. 1765; m. Apr. 29, 1784, Diadama Sazton. 

8228. Beviamin, b. 1767; m. Mch. 5, 1789, Sarah Shears, and d. 

8229. Bhoda, b. 1769; m. Jeremiah Shears of Sheffield, Mass., 
to whom she was pub. June 21, 1798. The widow of his son, 


Digitized by 



Jay Shears, occapies, 1876, the old house, in which Obadiah Noble, 
b. Oct 19, 170S, formerly liyed. 

8280. Mary, b. 1771; d. «. 17. 

8281. BiUka, b. 1774; m. Dennis Collord, or CulTer, and d. 

8282. Bukia, b. 1776; killed at the age of nine yean, by the 
orertuming of a cart 

Enoch Noble, s. of Capt. Eliaha, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
May 13, 1738. He zesided in Sheffield, certainly until 1773, but 
had removed to Pownal, Vt, July 24, 1784, at which date, in 
consideration of £400, paid by Moses Hubbard of Sheffield, he 
deeds to him all the land which had been given him by his father, 
except a piece of land deeded to Anthony Austin of Sheffield. 
He removed from PownaL as early as 1790, to Oeneseo, Ontario 
Co., N. T., and there d. prior to Aug. 26, 1803. 

He m. July 7, 1759, Tabitha Bush, dau. of Wlnat.han Bush of 
Sheffield, Mass. She is said to have died in Geneseo, N. Y., in 
the fall of 1807. 


8288. Bother, b. Jan. 24, 1760; m. before 1785, GUbert Olds of Ballston, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

8284. lAusy, b. Jan. 8, 1762; m. Elisha Dunham. 

8285. Jmnima, b. Jan. 12, 1768; d. unm. 

8286. EfiUha, b. Dec. 12, 1765; m. Candace Beach. 

8287. Buma, b. Apr.' 7, 1768; m. AbigaU DunhauL 

8288. BeUey, b. ; m. Elias Eeyes. 

8289. Clara, b. ; m. Smith. 

8240. Bfyock, b. ; m. Tracy. 

8241. Mc^. b. May 2, 1780; m. Wells. 

PsTBB NoBLB, s. of Obadiah, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., May 22, 
1784, and d. in Whitehall, N. Y., Sept or Oct, 1806, sb. 72. He 
removed to Tinmouth, Vt, and thence, about 1783, to Whitehall, 
N. Y. In the French and Indian war, he enlisted in 1755, in the 
company formed by Capt Elisha Noble, to reenforce the army, 
destined for Crown Point 

He m. (1) March 30, 1757, Abigail Eoolbston, who is said to 
have been of Irish or Welsh descent She was per. b. in West- 
field, Mass., March 22, 1741, dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Ashley) 

He m. (2) Maboabbt Wbbstsb, who survived him several 

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«M2. Jfary, b. Jan. 18, 1758; m. Hesekiah Wadswortli. 

8248. Sohmon, b. June 7, 1759; m. (1) L. Holcomb; (2) D. Tuttlc. 

8844. Obadiah, b. Feb. 88, 1761; m. Susanna White. 

8845. Clark, b. Feb. 14. 1768; m. (1) H. Hill; (2) 8. Catlin. 

8246. Henrif, b. Nov., 1764; d. 1766. 

8247. HuJdah, b. Oct. 14, 1766; m. Amos Austin, and d. in Whitehall. 
N. Y., abt 1818 or 1819. Children. 1. Henry; 2. Amos; 8. Daniel ; 
4. Edmimd. who removed to Black Rock, N. Y. ; 5. Chauncey ; 6. 
Ashley, settled in Whitehall, N. Y.; 7. Noble; 8. Niah, or Nehc- 

824a Benrjf, b. Mch. 12, 1768; d. 1778. 

8249. TTtZUam, b. Dec. 19, 1769; m. Sarah Higbee, and d. in Lorraine, 
Jefferson Co., N. Y., Dec. 28, 1818, ». 44, leaving no children. His 
widow m. (2) Abel Oeagg, and was living in May, 1855. 

8250. Abigail, b. Oct. 14, 1771; m. Elijah 6imock. a shoemaker, re- 
moved to Tioga Co., Penn., and d. She had a son in Tioga Point, 

* Penn. She had a son, David, whether the one above referred to or 
another, we cannot learn, who lost his under lip at the battle of 
Queenston, in the War of 1812. 

8251. JSleeta, b. Aug. 24, 1778; m. (1) her cousin, John Eggleston of 
Chateaugay, N. Y. ; (2) Warren Botsford, and d. Jan. 25, 1852, m, 
78. By her first numriage, she had nine children, one of whom, 
Joseph Eggleston, settled in North Lawrence, N. Y. By her second 
marriage, she had one child. 

8252. PM&r, b. Sept 15, 1775; m. (1) J. Crookshank; (2) A. Searl. 
8258. XtfWMi, b. Apr. 9, 1777; m. per. Benjamin Conant, and is said to 

have died in Schenectady, N. Y. 
8264. Bmry, b. Dec 18, 1778; d. young. 

8255. F^wl, b. Feb. 7. 1779 [or 1780]; d. Dec. 28, 1800. 

8256. Miranda, b. ; m. Eber Griswold, a stone-mason, re- 
dded in Middlebuiy. Yt, Lockport, N. Y., and d. abt 1830. Chil- 
dren. 1. Lemir (dau.); 2. Harmon; 8. William Henry Harrison; 
4. Benjamin Conant 

Nathamisl Noblb, 8. of Obadiali, was b. in ShelBeld, Mass., 
Oct 23, 1736, and there d. May 28, 1824, e. 87. He was a far- 
mer, and Joined the Sheffield Cong, church, on profession of his 
faith, Noy. 4, 1821, when 85 years of age. 

He m. (1) July 7, 1757, Ruth Boot, b. in Westfield, abt 1738, 
dan. of Samuel and Sarah Root She d. Oct. 9, 1767, ». abt 29. 

He m. (2) Dec 3, 1768, Mabt Ann Callsndsr, b. in Sheffield, 
Oct 18, 1750, dau. of Philip, Jr., and Margaret Callender. She 
d. in Sheffield, March 19, 1838, m. 87. 

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8867. Borah, b. Aug. 18, 1758; m. (1) £. Eveiu; (2) M. Gilbert. 

8858. outer, b. June 80. 1760; d. Jan. 10, 1761, ». 6 mo«. 

8850. BMer, b. Dec. 18, 1761; m. (1) Paul Hubbard, who is said 

to have d. in Pittsfleld, Mass. ; (2) Oliver Boot, b. Oct. 80, 1767, b. 
of Col. Oliver and Hannah (Aahlej) Root, and d. without issue, in 
Benson, Yt, June 1, 1818, m, 51. He m. (2) Sarah Burbank of 
Williamstown, Mass., and d. in Castleton, Yt, abt 1852. 

8260. outer, b. Sept. 27, 1763; m. (1) 8. Button; (2) B. Callender. 

8261. JfathatM, b. Bept 25, 1765; m. AbigaU Rue. 

8262. Buih, b. Aug. 29, 1767; m. Joshua Lynch. 


8268. Tnnmn, b. Bept 4, 1769; m. John Hollenbeck. 

8264. aiUu, b. Mch. 9, 1771; m. Leah HoUenbeck. 

8265. Latorenee, b. June 2, 1778; m. Lucy Beach. 

8266. DiHid, b. Nov. 25, 1775; d. unm., in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 
11, 1882, m, 56. 

8267. OUte, b. Dec 25, 1777; m, William BetU. 

8268. FaUenee, b. Feb. 14, 1780; m. David Noble. 

8269. Fiona HiObard, b. Nov. 1, 1786; m. Prudence Lee. 


Rev. Obadiah Noble, b. of Obadiah, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Sept 6, 1789, and d. in Tinmouth, Bfass., Feb. 19, 1829, e. 89. 
He graduated, in 1763, at the College of New Jersey, in the same 
class with Gov. William Patterson of New Jersey, and Chief Jus- 
tice T^ppan Reeve of Connecticut. He was ordained, Nov. 5, 
1771, as pastor of the Cong, churcb in Orford, N. H., and owing 
to the inability of the people to continue his salary, was dismissed 
Dec 31, 1777. During the American revolution, hewasfor atime 
a chaplain of New Hampshire troops, and was present at the sur- 
render, after the battle of Saratoga. Soon after 1777, he removed 
to Tinmouth, Vt., and after the organization of the courts, was for 
eight or ten years clerk of Rutland county, Biid for nineteen 
years subsequent to 1786, a justice of the peace. He was a man 
of great benevolence. In the words of one who remembers him 
well, " He was of medium size, with broad shoulders, full, deep 
breast^ muscular frame, atout neck, full face, dark eyes, and dark 
hair, slightly silvered with gray." For six years^ he was the sole 
survivor of his coUege dass. He retained all his faculties, until 
within a few years of his death. 

He m. Aug. 11, 1774, Mrs. Rbbkoca White, b. in Leominster, 

Mass., about 1743, dau. of Rogers. By her first husband, 

Jonathan White of Leominster, Mass., she had no children. She d. 
in Tinmouth, Vt., Nov. 23, 1833, ». 90. 

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8270. Jtmaihan WhUe, b. July 18, 1776; d. In Williamstown, Mass.. while 
a member of the claw of 1790, in Williamg College, Apr. 10, 1794, 
m, 18. When in college, he roomed with his classmate, David 
Mason, whose sister Nancy became the second wife of his brother 
Obadiah. His monument in the Williamstown burjring ground. - 
bears the foUom'ing inscription: ''Jonathan W. Noble | Son of 
Obadiah Noble | Esq', & Mrs. Rebecca | NobleofTinmouthin | Ver- 
mont; a student of | WUliams College, di | ed April 10^1794 in | the 
19*^ Year of his | age; and here his Re | mains are interred. 

Stay Passenger this stone demands 

thy tear; 
Here rest the hopes of many a 

tender year." 

8271. Obadiah, b. Feb. 12, 1777; m. (1) L. Harris; (2) N. Mason. 

8272. Bebeeea, b. Mch. 9, 1779; m. NflCthan Bumham. 
827a Daughter, b. Jan. 24. 1781; d. in infancy. 

8274. Biuanna, b. July 22, ^782; m. (1) C. Willard; (2) £. Merrill. 

8275. Bamua, b. May 18, 1784; m. Mary Ballard. 

8276. BeUtf, b. Aug. 19, 1786; m. Samuel Harris. 

Zbchabiah Noble, s. of Obadiah, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Apr. 16, 1742, and d. in West Bloomfield, N. Y., Mch. 12, 1819, 
SB. 76. He removed from Sheffield to Dalton, Mass., and thence 
back to Sheffield. In 1803, he removed to Bloomfield, N. Y., and 
there lived, about one and a half miles northeast of the meeting- 
house. He was a farmer. 

He m. Phbbb Niohols, b. Sept 17, 1745, dau. of David Nichols. 
She d. in Hinsdale, N. T., Apr. 12, 1830, sb. 84. 

8277. Joanna, b. abt 1768; m. Benjamin Wilson. 

8278. Stephen, b. ; m. Abigail Randall. 

8279. HcTooe, b. ; m. Sarah Poet 

8280. Phebe, b. ; m. James Patterson, and settled in west- 
em Ohio. Children. James, who, 1859, resided near Bhelbyville, 
Shelby Co., Ind., and another son, whose name is unknown. 

8281. FaUy, b. ; m. John Howe, resided in the western 
part of Yt, and had six children. 

8282. Ehcda, b. ; m. Archibald Orcutt 
8288. aaSOiy, b. ; d. in Sheffield, «. 18. 

8284. Zechariah, b. Mch. 9, 1784; m. Eunice Foote. 

8285. Beymcur, b. ; m. Lydia Osgood, and d. in a town 
north of Readhig, abt 15 miles from CMncinnati, 0., abt, 1825. He 
had a dau. Phebe. 

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394 junGPTOAVTs ov noiuft vobli. 

EzBKisL NoBLC, 8. of Obftdiah, was b. in Sheffield, Mmb., June 
B, 1745, and d. in Egremont, Maas., Oct 20, 1816, a. 71. He 
rtaided in Sheffield, oertaiuly untO Jan. 21, 1794, at which date we 
find him baying land of Abraham Sent and Nathan Scribner, in 
Alvoid, Mass., to which place he removed as early as November of 
the same year. He xetomed, however, as is supposed, to Sheffield, 
whence he removed again to Egremont, the place of his death. 

He m. Emnci TuBim, b. Aug. 1, 1758. She d. in Sheffield, 
abt. 1800. 

8280. Buth, b. Dec. 7, 1777; m. Charles Boardman. 

8287. Silvia, b. Nov. 27, 1779; m. Amos Boardman, and removed abt 
1821, to Indiana, and both had, in 1856, been dead twelve or fifteen 
years. Children. 1. David, who removed to Iowa; 2. Smith, settled 
in Indiana; 8. Dau., who m. Fuller, and removed to lUinoiB. 

8288. Eannah, b. Oct 19, 1781; m. (1) Hezekiah Lambert; (2) 

Peterrion, and removed to Oneida, N. Y. Children by first marriage. 
1. Harvey; 8. Frances; 8. Delia. 

8289. Btther, b. Dec. 1, 1788; m. Lemuel Tupper. 

8290. Bhoda, b. Oct. 28, 17te; m. Plin Earner. 

8291. Askta, b. Aug. 24, 1787; m. Theododa Bates. 

8292. Liffnan, b. Bept 80, 1789; m. Diadama Austin. 

8298. Liuy, b. ; m, Daniel Shearer, and d. without issue, 

in Albany, N. T., abt 1826. He d. abt 1872, hi Salt Lake City, 
Utah Ter. He was a harness-maker, and elder in the Mormon 
church. • 

8294. Ba/rvey, b. abt 1794; d. unm., in Victor, N. T., abt 1816, 



RooBB NoBLB, 8. of Joscph, wss b. in Sheffield, Mass., Apr. 2, 
1742, and d. in Pownal, Vt, Sept 15, 1810, ». 68. During one of 
the French and Indian wars, his father having been drafted to march 
from Sheffield to the Canada line, and finding it inconvenient to leave 
his family, Roger volunteered to go in his place. Having been 
fully equipped for the march,, he tore himself away from his anx- 
ious mother, who had a strong impression that die diduld never 
again see his face» and took his departure through the wilderness 
for Canada. While not on duty, he used to mend the shoes of 
the soldiers, whose feet would bleed as they marched over the 
frosen ground. At length, having obtained leave of absence to 

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visit his frienda, in company with six whites and two friendly 
Indians^ he started for home. ^ hile the whites were asleep on the 
second night of their Jonmey, the Indians stole all their provisions 
and fled. For six days, Noble and his companions marched on 
without food, and were on the point of laying down to die« through 
complete exhaustion, when they came in sight of a house. There 
they were refreshed by food, and resuming their journey, reached 
their homes in safety. 

At the time of Wolfe's death, 1759, Roger Noble is said to have 
been on the Plains of Abraham, in the capacity of an officer's waiter. 
In the American revolution, he was in the battle of Bunker Hill, 
and used afterward to say, that as he heard the bullets whistling 
over his head, while marching up the hill, he felt some fear, which 
vanished, however, the moment he came into action. He served 
during most of the war, and was a man of great courage. He 
marched in Lieut. J. Hickock's Co., and Col. John Ashley's Reg., to 
Kingsbury, and was out twenty-two days, from July 6-July 27, 
1777. In the time of Shays' rebellion, he took sides with the gov- 
ernment against the insurgents. 

By trade a shoemaker, he abandoned that employment for the 
mercantile business, in which he engaged first at Sheffield, and 
afterwards at Hudson, N. Y. He also owned at Great Barrington,- 
Mass., in company with Capt Bacon, a store, which was supposed 
to have been burned by the Shajrs' mm. Rose and Bly, just before 
their execution, confessed that they plundered and burned the 

His residence in Sheffield was at first about a quarter of a mile 
from the village, but after the death of his father, he purchased, in 
the village, the place of Rev. John Keep. He removed about 1791, 
to Hudson, N. Y., and thence, about 1794, to Pownal, Vt, residing 
at the south village in the latter town, on the place where the widow 
of his son James resided, in 1856. 

SHe m. abt. 1772, Ouvs Hxtkt, b. June 4, 1753, dau. of Daniel 
Hunt, who removed from Lebanon, Conn., to Sharon, Conn., in 
the early settlement of the town, and lived first on the mountain 
in what is known as the Randall house, subsequently on the Tanner 
place, and before his death, removed to Vermont She was brought 
up in Northampton, by her unde, Jonathan Hunt She d. in 
Pownal, Vt, Sept. 9, 1816, m. 62. 


8895. Orm^n, b. Feb. 1, 1778; d. unm., in Pownal, June 17, 184S, 

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396 i>M0Ein)AMT8 or teomab koblx. 

8896. Jam«9, b. Aug. 2, 1774; m. Tamien Evens. 

8297. OUve, b. Oct. 1, 1776; m. Peter Blackington. 

8898. Brathu, b. Oct. 6, 1778; m. Ruth Kinney. 

8999. JBrther. b. Aug. 16, 1780; m. (1) N. BUnn; (8) D. Bites. 

8801. W3Uam, b. Jan. 17, 1788; m. Betsey Sbennan. 

8808. (ifiUhia, b. abt 1784; d. in Sheffield, m. 6 mos. 

8808. C^nthm. b. Kot. 6, 1786; m. WiUiun Danforth. 

8804. JuUa, b. Oct 6, 1788; m. Heman Bcranton. 

8805. Robert, b. Oct., 1791; d. unm., Dec. 6, 1810, «. 19. He was 
the mate of a ship, and was buried in Charleston, 8. C. 

8806. iV%, b. Apr. 4, 1793, in Hudson; m. Martin Albro, b. Apr. 
19, 1786, s. of Martin Albro. Bhe resided in Pownal, Vt. and d. 
without children, Oct. 21, 1858, m, 60. He d. Apr. 12, 1849, «. 62. 
Bhe was the foster-mother of James Fisk, Jr., of New York city, 
who erected a monument to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Albro, " in 
loving remembrance of long-continued kindness." 

8807. Beteeif, b. July 11, 1796, in Pownal; d. unm., in Pownal, Vt, 
June 8, 1867, se. 70. 

CoBNEUUB NoBLB, (L of JoMph, waB b. in Sheffield, Maas., Oct 
7, 1763. 
He m. Jaks Wilson of Albany, N. Y. 

8808. Sarah, bapt Feb. 6, 1774, in Stone Arabia; m. (1) Hough- 
ton; ^) John Goodrich. She had no issue; resided in Albany, N. Y. 

8809. Q60Tgt, b. ; m. and resided in New York dty. Chil- 
dren. 1. George Washington; 8. James; 8. Sarah; and others. 

David Noblb, b. of Preserved, was b. abt 1771, and.d. in West 
Otis, Mass., Oct. 29, 1842, e. 71. He resided, successiTely, in Great 
Harrington, Mass., Towanda, Bradford Co., Penn., and West Otis, 

He m. Patixngx Noblx, b. in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 14, 1780, 
dan. of Nathaniel and Mary Ann (Callender) Noble. She d. in 
Great Barrington, Feb. 10, 1835, ss. 54. 

8810. Bmry, b. Oct 87, 1804; m. Maty Ann Hnbbard. 

8811. BOm, b. Feb. 19. 1808; m. a) N. S. Keeler; 0^) E. E. Abbot 


Matthew Noble, b. of Constantine, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
July 20, 1753, and there d. Oct, 1806, ». 53. He probably occa- 
pied the house where his father had lived before him, for his 
grandfather, Matthew Noble, granted him, Dec., 1770, '<land in 

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Sheffield, with a manBion-houBe upon it» whereon his father, Con- 
Btantine Noble, now dwells.'* His house was about three miles 
southeast of Sheffield village. 

He m. Elizabeth Ensign of West Hartford, Conn., b. May 19, 
1756. She was admitted to the First church in Canaan, Conn., June 
30, [1827 ?] by letter from the church in Bridport, Vt, and d. in 
South Canaan, Conn., Apr. 1, 1849, e. 92. 


8812. Amanda, b. June 8, 1778; m. Charles MerrelL 
8818. iSZt; b. abt 1779; m. Sarah Ann Freeman. 

8814. MaWkeu, b. June 19, 1782; m. 0) C. DeCamp; (2) R Smedley. 

8815. Almira, b. Feb. 4, 1798; m. Apr. 28, 1804, Benjamin Fuller, b. 
Jan. 2, 1779, s. of Ellezer Fuller of Salisbury, Conn. She resided, 
1856, without issue, in Southwold, C. W. 

8816. Wealthy, b. Feb. 7, 1794; m. Simeon Higiey. 

8817. JOuabeth, b. ; d unm., in Sheffield, m. 24. 

8818. Horace, b. ; d. m. abt 6. 

8819. Harriet, b. ; d e. ^t 8. 


Babtbolomew Noble, s. of Constantine, was b. in Sheffield^ 
Mass., June 14, 1755, and d. of a fever, in Westfield, Mass., Jan. 
1, 1820; m. 62. He resided for a time in Dalton, Mass., but his 
children were probably bom in Westfield. 

He m. 1777, Oraoe Noble, b. in Westfield, Aug. 9, 1755, dau. 
of Samuel and Catharine (Fowler) Noble, to whom he was pub- 
lished Aug. 24, 1777. She d. Dec. 1, 1819, m. 64. 

8820. Ctaritea, b. Not. 18, 1777; m. Nathan Hsll of Dslton, Hsss., and 

d abt. 1840, m. abt 68. Children. 1. Oelestia, m. Brown; 

2. Onslo, m. Eate Gallup, snd settled in Dslton; 8. Jane, m. Wil- 
liam Fuller of Fittsfleld, lisss. 

8821. Ihnnif, b. Sept 12, 1780; m. Oroye Pesse. 

8822. Solomon, b. ; prob. d Oct 80, 1797. 

8828. Grace, b. ; m. Amos Smith of ChurchTille, O. 

Children. 1. Clsrissa; 2. Lonson; snd others. 
8824. CharMe, b. ; m Amos Smith of ChurchYiUe, O., 

where she d abt 1881. Child Willism Noble, who settled in 

882B. Wmm, b. Oct 18, 1797; m. Bsthsbeba Knowles. 

Caltik Noble, s. of Constantino, b. prob. in Sheffield, Mass., 
was a farmer, and redded, in 1802, in Canasn, Conn., where he 


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He m. LoRANiA Abhlbt, per. b. May 2, 1774, dan. of Williim 
Aihley of Sheffield, Conn. She d. in CaDutn, Conn. 

8896. Ckarki, b. July 4, 1798; m. Maria Graves. 

8887. Adaniram, b. ; m. Lucy Hodge of Glastonbury, Conn. 
He was a forgeman, and resided in Boutfa Canaan and Glastonbuiy, 
Conn. His widow m. Gamon of East Glastonbury. 

8828. Eroitu*, b. ; m. (1) Lucy Briggs; (2) Frances . 

ZKK^.DavghUr^ b. ; d. young. 


Dr. On>BON Noble, s. of Rev. Oideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., Aug. 3, 1763, and d. in Glastonbury, Conn., July, 1807, e. 
43. Early in the Revolutionary war, a company of aoldiers was 
raiaed in Willington, to march to New York. Being deatitute of 
a fifer, they penmaded Rev. Mr. Noble to allow his son Oideon, 
then thirteen years of age, to accompany them in that capacity. 
He was at that early age, a good musician, and many a time did 
the soldiers, with whom he was a universal favorite, carry him on 
their phoulders over difficult places, while he played *' march away.* 
He was considered the mere child of the army. He however 
took cold, while on his way home, after having been inoculated 
for ih^ smallpox, and had a long and distressing illness, for aid 
in defraying the expenses of which, his father presented the fol- 
lowing petition to the General Assembly of Connecticut: 

"To the Honourable, the general Assembly of the State of Connecticut, 
bolden at Hartford, the 10*^ of Jan. 1782. The memorial of Gideon 
Noble of Willington Clerk humbly sheweth, that your Memorialist's Son, 
Gideon Noble yet continuing a Minor, enlisted into the continental Ser- 
vice, during the war, in the Spring of 1777, in Capt Jonathan Parker's 
Company, Col. Charles Webb's Reg*- &> soon after was inoculated by 
Order at Pomfret, on his return Home supposed to take Cold, was 
affected with a Disorder in bis Knee & thigh which was soon attended 
with Tumifaction, Inflamation &, extreme Pain; whereby he was con- 
fined to Bed for mote than two months, the far greater Part of the Time; 
4k required constant attendance both Day ft Night The Case was so 
eztiaordinary that his Physician, Doct. Cobb, desired 4k bad Council. 
As he was, ft still is, the pnblicks servant, your Memorialist humbly thinks 
it reasonable that the necessary Expence of his Sickness, should be allow'd 
by some publick Bord: Doct Cobb charged his Bill directly to your 
Memorialist, upon my Desire drew it of, which with one for y* Memo^ 
rialist's Expence for Tendence, ft other necessaries, your Memorialist's sent 
divers Times to the Hospital Directors at Danbury, but the proper person 
to lay it before, could not be found there, ft neither of them have been 
allowd by any publick Board, or pay Table to this Day; and your Memo- 

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rialiit is call'd upon by the Heirs of Doct. Cobb, who was his principal 
Physician, for the pay which is £0 8* 0, charged agreeable to the then 
regulating Price: yo^ Memorialist is likewise accountable to Doct. Rose, 
who was the Council Doct. Cobb desired, for four Journeys of ten Miles 
each all which with my own Bill for necessary attendance &c, which 
upon the Price of articles at ye Time, is £14 18 0, make a large sum 
for y Memorialist to pay & which it is impossible for him to pay with- 
out deducting so much out of the necessary £zpe[nce] of his Family which 

is [narrow] & small ft already reduced to great [stra]its. Tour 

Memorialist therefore Prays your Honours to take his unhappy Case under 
your wiflc Consideration, & enable the pay Table to adjust the accounts 
A give Orders for such 8um as shall be found due, & reasonable, or in 
some other way grant Relief asy' honour shall think Just& equitable; 
as yr. memorialist in duty bound shall ever Pray. 


Dated at Willington Jan. 10. 1783." 

Upon the above petition the Gen' Assembly " Resolved by thin Assem- 
bly that the foregoing Memorial he granted, and that the Committee of 
Pay Table lie authorized and direct cd. and they arc hereby authoriz(Hl & 
directed, to draw an Onlcr in favour of the Memorialist upon the Trea!»- 
urer of this State for the sum of eleven Pounds, thirteen shillings and 
sixpence payable out of the Tax of two shilling and sixpence, Exclusive 
of such Part of ad. Tax as is Payable in this States money & charge y* 
•ame to acct of the united States." 

[Passed Jan., 1782.] 

[Conn. Archives, Rev. War. zzii: Doc. 148. 

OideoD Noble studied medicine with Dr. Hart, and surgery 
with Dr. Alcott, both of Wetherstield, Conn., and practised his 
profession, for about ten years, in Middletown Upper Houses 
(Ciomweil), Conn., and in 1802, removed to Glastonbury, Conn. 
He stood high in. his profession, was a man of pleasing manners, 
and is said to have had some poetical talent. 

He m. Feb. 18, 1787, Lucy Wells, b. Sept. 16, 1768, dau. of 
James and Prudence (Wright) Wells of Wethersfield. who m. (2) 
1812, Amos HoUister, b. Mch. 25, 17G3. He was a farmer and 
vessel-builder in South Glastonbury, and d. Jan. 9, 1 835, sb. 7 1 . She 
d in So. Glastonbury, Conn., Jan. 23, 1864, sb. 95. Her physical 
system was little impaired, but her mind, wearied with the burden 
of years. los( its interest in present events, and for several months 
previous to her death, she was constantly wishing to go to the 
home of her imagination. 

8829. Jvliu, b. Mch. 14, 1788; m. John Mather. 
8880. Harriet, b. Jan. 10, 1791; m. Wadsworth Hollister, and d. Feb. 
1, 1811, •. 90. 

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8881. Amanda, b. Not. 10, 1792; d. Apr. 91, 1798, m. 6 mos. 
8888. LtmiM, b. D6c. 11, 1794; d. m. 4 
8888. Slka, b. Itch. 1, 1799; m. Qeorge Kellogg. 
8884. JBmeline, b. Jan. 7, 1802; m. Chester Hollister. 


Solomon Noblb, s. of Rev. Oideon, wss b. in Willington, Codil 
July 1, 1765, and there d. Apr. 18, 1847, m. 81. He was a 

He m. Feb. 10, 1788, Huldah Calkins, dau. of Junes Calkins 
of Mansfield, Conn. She d. Jan. 20, 1850, m. 80. 

8885. Jamei, b. Mch. 11, 1789; m. 0) R. Woodward; (2) & 
Thomas; (8) 8. Johnson. 

8886. Phebe, b. Mch. 26, 1791 ; d. Sept. 11, 1792, m. 1. 

8887. Bdomon, b. July 11, 1798; m. (1) D. Yintoo; (2) S. Chsm- 

8888. Salph, b. Feb. 29, 1796; m. Harriet Whittemore. 

8889. 8ophr&nia, b. July 10, 1801; m. Roderick Fenton. 

8840. Boderiek OadweU, b. Oct 21, 1804; m. Hopee Carpenter. 

8841. OkritUan, b. Apr. 26, 1806; m. Isaac Farwell. 


Cbbistlin Noblb, dau. of Rev. Oideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., Oct 24, 1767, and there d. Jan. 7, 1808, m. 40. 

She m. March 14, 1787, Amos James of Willington. He was 
a fanner, and occupied the farm of his. father-in-law, where he for 
a time kept a hotel He was several times a member of the state 
legislature. He d. in Willington, June 22, 1818, ». 52. 


8848. 8aBv, b. Sept 25, 1787; m. Daniel Moore of Rhode Island. 

8848. Haraiio, b. Sept. 4, 1789; m. Dorothy Bissell of East Windsor, 

8844. (Vra, b. Sept 21, 1791; m. (i) Anna Merrick of Willington; 

(8) , and resided, 1882, in Canada. 

8846. Amanda, b. Jan. 11, 1794; d. m. abt 14. 

8846. Minena, b. Jan. 24, 1796; m. William Storrs. 

8847. Freeman, b. Apr. 9, 1796; m. Emily Stebbins of WUlingUyi. 

8848. Lucif Maria, b. June 24, 1800; m. Barzilla Stom of Willington, 
and d. in Canada, abt. 1881. 

8849. Hannah, b. Feb. 28, 1808. 

8850. John, b. Mch. 29, 1805; resided, 1882, in Canada. 

8851. ffarvey, b. Aug. 24, 1807. 

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Joanna Noblb, dan. of Rev. Oideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., Oct. 8, 1769, and there d. Apr. 28, 1860, m. 90. A corres- 
pondent in Willington, wrote under date of Dec, 1851, <<Mr8. M. 
is still tiving, at the age of 82 years, a noble specimen of a woman, 
rather small and active; you would hardly take her to be more 
than sixty.'* She had dark eyes and dark hair. 

She m. Jan. 10, 1790, Thomas Mbbrick, b. in Willington, Jan. 
6, 1769, s. of Joseph and Anna (Holt) Merrick. He d. Sept. 9. 
1840, 8B. 76. He was a fanner, thin in flesh, of about medium 
height^ with brown hair and blue eyes. 


8862. Ltnfua. b. Mch. 82, 1791; m. Nov.. 14, 1827, Eleaxer Root, 

and d. in Willington, Conn., May 14, 1868, e. 72. He was a fanner. 
8858. Gidetm 2MU, b. Jan. 20. 1793; m. Apr. 16, 1820, Polly Niles. He 

was a merchant in Willington, Conn., where he d. Jan. 24, 1862, 

m. 69. 
8864. Harriet, b. Jan. 24, 1795; m. Sept. 22. 1881, Jonathan Case 

Walker, and d. in Willington, Conn., May 9, 1800. e. 65. He was 

a carpenter and Joiner. 

8855. MarOda, b. Mch., 1801 ; m. June 15. 1821, Ralph Rodolphus 
Griggs, and d. in Willington, Conn., July 26, 1872, e. 71. He was 
a fanner. 

8856. Harvejf, b. May 2, 1806; m. Sept 22, 1881, Esther Bumham. 
He is a merchant, and resides, 1876, in Bristol, Conn. 


Chablottb Noblb, dau. of Rev. Oideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., Auff. 19, 1771, and d. in Franklin, Conn., Oct., 1804, e. 33. 

She m. Sept. 15, 1791, Dr. Caleb Msbbick, b. May, 1767, s. 
of Joseph and Ann (Holt) Merrick. He was a physician in Wil- 
lington, and Franklin, Conn., but d. in Vernon, Conn., July 1, 
1822, m. 55. 

8857. Weamy, b. Dec. 20, 1792, in Willington; m. John Buel Kye of 

Ellington, Conn. 
885a Mark, b. Koy. 14, 1794; m. Hannah Bparits. He wss a tailor 

in Hartford, Conn., where he d. abt 1844, m. abt. 50. 

8859. Sophrvfda, b. Apr. 1, 1797; m. Spoiford Brigham, a fanner of 
Willington, and d. abt 1842, m, abt. 45. 

8860. Leander, b. May 89, 1799; m. (1) Dec. 2, 1824, Harriet Hodge; (2) 
Not. 27, 1827, Hannah EWira Morton. He was a merchant-tailor 
in Amherst, Mass., where he d. May 24, 1856, m, 56. 

8861. Charhtte, b. Jan. 29, 1802; d. fii Willin£:ton, e. 16. 

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Matthew Noble, b. of Rev. Gideon, was b. in WiUington, 
Conn., Not. 21, 1773, and d. in Harvard, Mass., Aug. 29, 1861, 
m. 87. He resided in Roxbury, N. Y., from the time of his mar- 
riage until 1803, when he removed to Norfolk, Conn., and thence 
in 1809, to Shutesbury, Mass. He subsequently resided in Had- 
ley, Leverett, and Harvard, Mass. He was a wood-turner, and a 
manufacturer of << Yankee notions." In 1813, he joined the 
church in Shutesbury, and so good a reader was he, that in the 
absence of the minister, he was for many years, called upon to 
read the sermon on the Sabbath. 

He m. Oct 31, 1799, Hadassah Ttckeb, b. in Chesterfield, 
Mass., May 15, 1774, dau. of Jedediah and Tamar (LiUy) Tucker. 
<' You must live together, till you both pe dead,*' was the injunc- 
tion of the Dutch justice, who performed their marriage cere- 
mony. Mrs. Noble d. in Hadley, Mass., Aug. 3, 1851, e. 77. 


8888. I^dMa, b. Oct. 81, 1800; m. Ass ComiDs. 

8868. Oidsan OadweU, b. June 6, 1808; m. Nancy Perkins. 

9m(L Harriet, b. Mch. 7, 1808, in Norfolk, Conn.; d. June 18, 

1818, 8B. 6. 

8884. ChriiUan Bleeta, b. Jan. 84, 1810, in Shutesbury; m. Sept. 18. 1881. 
Appleton King, b. Oct. 90, 1800, s. of Peter and Abigail (Ingram) 
King. She d. June 86. 1882, e. 28. [He m. (2) Feb. 4, 1884. Oriisa 
Khnball.] He is, 1876, a farmer in Amherst, Muss. Child. Abby 

Electa, m. (1) Yining; (2) Edwin Towne. who is. 1876, a 

fanner in Pelham, Mass. 

8865. Leander, b. Apr. 7, 1812, in Shutesbury; m. (1) Nov., 1832. 
Christiana Moore, dau. of Daniel and Sally (James) Moore. Hav- 
ing parted from her, from a want of congeniality of disposition. 

be m. (2) . He has resided in Prattsville, Greene Co. , 

N. Y., and in Decatur. Mich., whence abt. 1871. he remoTed to 
Independence, Kan. He is by trade a cabinet-maker. Children 
by flrrt marriage. 1. Yeriett, who d. m. abt. 2; and two others 
who d. in infancy. 

8866. Boderick, b. May 14, 1816; m. (1) M. Hawley; (2) H. Seals; 
(8) J. Graves. 


Horatio Noble, s. of Rev. Oideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., Not. 20, 1777, and d. in East Windsor, Conn., Nov. 6, 
1837, m. 59. He was a carpenter and farmer, and removed from 
Willington to Scantic parish. East Windsor, in 1800. 

He m. Mch. 11, 1802, Matilda Bisssll, b. in East Windsor, 
Conn., Mch. 26, 1783, dau. of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Bartlett) 
Bissell. She d. in East Windsor, Jan. 27, 1839, ». 55. 

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8867. Aimm, b. Mcb. 12, 1803; m. (i) M. A. Bftrtlett.' (2) £. R. 

8888. CharMe, b. Mcb. 18, 1806; m. Edward Dexter. 

8868. EluabethBartkU, b. Feb. 14, 1809; m. Samuel W. Baitlett. 

8870. Ruth BmeU, b. Sept. 26. 1812; m. Cbarles Bartlett. 

8871. Onekiah, b. May 4, 1815; m. Jane M. BrowD. 

8872. Mm BimU, b. Sept. 80. 1810; m. Susan F. Boal. 


Electa Noble, dau. of Rev. Gideon, was b. in Willington, 
Conn., May 15, 1787, and resides, March, 1877, in Vernon Depot. 

She m. Nov. 10, 1809, Lieut. Stephen Johnson, b. in Willing- 
ton, Conn., Nov. 28, 1786, s. of Abel Johnson. He was a farmer 
in Willington, Conn., and d. Apr. 5, 1853, e. 65. 


8878. Luuiia, b. Feb. 23, 1811 ; m. May 11. 1884, Sabnon Allen. 
Tbey. reside, 1877, in Vernon Depot, Conn. 

8874. HarrieU b. Oct. 29. 1812; m. Jan. 24. 1888, Lebbeus Bis- 
eell, and d. in Vernon, Conn.. Dec. 24, 1847, e. 85. He was for- 
merly a merchant, but is now, 1876, a real estate broker and insur- 
ance ag?nt, in Rockville, Conn. 

8875. ChriaUan Cadwdl, b. July 10. 1814; m. Jan. 15, 1849, Lebbeus Bis- 
sell, and d. in RockvUle, Conn.. Feb. 25. 1854. m. 89. 

8876. JaiM$, b. Jan. 8, 1817; d. unm.. in Norwich, Conn.. 
July 19, 1848, e. 81. 

8877. 2km Fernando, b. Feb. 12, 1819; m. Feb. 24. 1844. Sarah C. 
Crane. He is a house-builder, and resides, 1876, in WUlimantic, 


Eager Noble, b. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., May 
15, 1760, and there d. Apr. 29, 1839, sb. 78. The town record of 
Westfield gives his name as Benjamin Eager, but he early dropped 
the Benjamin. During the American revolution, he served for five 
months, in 1776, under Capt Gray. Having taken part in Shays' 
rebellion, he took the oath of allegiance to the government, Mcb. 
26, 1787. He was a farmer. 

He m. May 24, 1781, Mabt Phelps, b. Dec. 9, 1763, dau. of 
Aanm and Mary (Noble) Fhelpa. She d. Feb. 5, 1850, m. 86. 

887a FMtf, b. Aug. 28, 1781; m William Carter. 

8879. Cifnihia, b. Nov. 4, 1788; m. Eleazar C. Wilcox. 

8880. SaUjf, b. Dec. 10, 1785; m. Joshua Loomis, Jr. 

8881. ChUrMe, b. June 22, 1787; m. diaries Loomis. 

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8882. Jame; b. Jan. 19, 1791 ; hl a) J. 6«eket; (9) L. Backet 

8888. Clarma, b. Oct. 10, 1798; d. unm., in Westfield, Apr. 9, 1874, 
«. 80. 

8884. I^dia, b. Mch. 8, 1801; m. Lucas Cowls. 

8885. George, b. May 1, 1808; m. Hannah Backet 


Sally Noble, dan. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Apr. 
29, 1762, and there d. abt 1820, m. abt 58. 

She m. Nov. 23, 1780, Silas Kino, b. Maj 5, 1758, s. of Aaron 
King. He d. in Westfield, Apr. 28, 1813, m, 54. 


8886. Chester, b. Mch. 2, 1781; m. Naomi Noble, dau. of Gad Noble, 
and d. in Westfield, Sept. 0, 1824, e. 43. 

8887. Aaron, b. ; m. Not. 1, 1810, Sophia Noble, dan. of 
Bamuel and Lovlsa (Kellogg) Noble, and removed to Canada. 

8888. Oeorge, b. ; m. (1) Lucy Groevenor; (2) , 

8889. Olnruta, b. ; m. (1) Mch. 25, 1804, Roland Lee; (2) 
Prof. Frederick Hall, and removed to Washington, D. C. 

8890. Efuabeth, b. ; m. Roland Dewey. 

Ltdia Noblk, dau. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
16, 1764, and there d. Apr. 8, 1845, se. 80. 

She m. Jan. 2, 1785, Wiluam Mosblt, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Apr. 26, 1764, s. of David and Lydia (Gay) Moeely. He d. in 
Westfield, Apr. 30, 1839, m, 75. He was a fanner. 


8891. Sophia, b. May 24. 1785; m. Jan. 1, 1811, Heniy Cbapin. and 
d. in Canandaigua, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1822, e. 86. 

8892. Boland, b. Aug. 20, 1787; m. a) Feb. 16, 1818, Achsah Clark 
Pomeroy; (2) June 10, 1840, Caroline Harriet Cobum, and d. in 
West Princeton, Dl., Sept. 19, 1855, e. 68. 

8898. Jamet, b. Jan. 19, 1790; m. Not. 7, 1818, Sophia Phelps. 

He was a tanner in Westfield, and there d. Sept 6, 1862, e. 72. 

8894. WMam Gay, b. Jan. 27, 1792; m. Barban CUrk. He resided in 
Grand Rapids, Mich., and there d. Dec. 27, 1870, se. 78. 

8895. OharUB, b. Oct 80, 1798; m. (1) Ann Swan; (2) ; (8) 

— »— and removed to Aurora, Dl. 

8896. FraneU, b. Jan. 1, 1796; m. Sophia Wheeler. 

8897. Damd, b. Mch. 6, 1798; m. Jan. 24, 1828, SUenoe Champion. 
He was a farmer in Westfield; in 1841, a representative to the Gen- 
ersl Court ; and, in 1851, a member of the State senate. He d. Aug. 
26, 1878, SB. 75. 

8898. L^dia, b. Mch. 8, 1800; m. July 11, 1821, Augustus ikiwaid 
Jessup, a paper-manufacturer. She retained to the last a lively 

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interest in the social, secular, political, and religious questions of 
the day» and d. in Wilmington, Del, Mch. 29, 1870. ae. 70. 
8899. 8M, b. Jin. 8, 1802; d. Aug. 10, 1808, e. 1. 

8400. 8$th, b. Oct 25, 1804; m. Mch. 18, 1827, Naomi Noble, 
dau. of Horace and Naomi (Smith) Noble. He graduated, in 1820, 
at Union CoUege, and is a civil engineer. They reside, 1870, in San 
Gabriel, Cal. 


William Noblb, b. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Mch. 
28, 1768, and there d. Mch. 18, 1858, m, 89. He was a fanner, 
and resided abt one-half a mile east of Westfield green, on a part 
of his father's homestead. 

He m. Sept 3, 1795, Fhileka Sackxt, b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 23, 1771, dau. of Moses and Eunice (CadweU) Sacket. She 
d. McL 8 or 20, 1851, m. 80. 


8401. Dwight, b. Mch. 1, 1790; m. OUye Haryey. 

8402. WUUam, b. Not. 10, 1800; d. Aug. 28. 1808, m, 2. 

8408. WSOiam, b. Mch. 81, 1805; m. Eunice Sacket. 

8404. 8eth, b. Not. 1, 1800; m. Eliza Wheeler. 


Dobotht Noble, dan. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Mch. 10, 1770, and there d. Apr. 6, 1857, m, 87. 

She m. Nov. 15, 1791, Jabed Welleb, b. Oct 14, 1767, s. of 
Oliver and Mercy (Sacket) Wdler. He d. Sept 18, 1840, se. 72. 


8405. Luey, b. Mch. 14, 1792; d. Jan. 4, 1794, n. 21 mos. 

8406. Luey, b. Dec. 1, 1798; m. Orrin Fenton, and resides, 
1670, in Watson, N. Y. 

8407. Julia, ' b. Aug. 24, 1795; dunrn., in West Springfield. Mass., 
Oct 9, 1871, SB. 70. 

8406. Maria, b. Aug. 9, 1797; m. Roland Dewey of Westfield. 

8409. DoUy Ann, b. June 10, 1799; m. William Geer of Galena, 111. 

8410. Athba Eager, b. Feb. 8, 1801; d. unm., in Westfield, May 4, 1871, 
m, 70. , 

8411. 8$th, b. Mch. 14, 1808; m. (1) Angeline Hammond; (2) 
Julia Higgins, and removed to Rushford, Wis. 

8412. SaSyKing, b. Dec. 29. 18a'S; m. Orrin Root of West Spring- 
field, Mass. 

8418. miMabethIirMe,h. Mch. 25, 1807; m. Jan. 28, 1888, Nathan Waters, 
and lemored to LawriUe, N. Y. 

8414. Oha/rtet, b. July 80, 1809; m. Susan Cbrk, and removed to 
Troy, N. Y. 

8415. FranoU, b. Jan. 17, 1818; m. Fimny Trumbull, removed to 
and d. in Warehouse Point (East Windsor), Conn. 


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Google _ 



Clabissa Noble, dan. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Sept 13, 1773, and there d. May 6, 1832, ». 58. 

She m. (1) Dec. 6, 1793, Euab Dewet, b. in Westfield, Masa., 
Dec. 25, 1769, B. of Eliab and Loviaa (Day) Dewej. He was a 
fanner, resided on Silver street in Westfield, and there d. Nov. 12, 
1801, SB. 31. 

S>ie m. (2) Mch., 1810, Stephen Ashley, per. s. of Joseph and 
Rhoda (Sacket) Ashley, and if so, b. Apr. 12, 1769. He was a 
shoemaker, and d. Feb. 1 or 2, 1811. 


8416. Eenry, b. Feb. 8, 1795; a farmer, d. unm., in Worcester, Mass. 

8417. Pduh b. Oct. 27, 1797; m. Mrs. Betsey Marshall, and d. in Phila- 
delpbia, Penn. He was a Bhoemaker. 

8418. F^aneii, b. Not. 18, 1798; a farmer, unm., when last heard from 
was in South America. 

8419. Cflarisia, b. Apr. 1, 1801 ; m. Dec. 12, 1824, Asher Parsons of West- 
field, and there d. Dec 8, 1878, m. 72. 


8420. Bmelins, b. Jan. 10, 1811; m. Charles Dewey, and d. in Westfield, 
Jnne 12. 1841, «. 80. 


John Noble, s. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
10, 1776, and d. in Chicopee, Mass., July 24, 1849, sb. 72. 

He m. Nov. 9, 1802, Lucretia Fowler, b. in Westfield, Feb. 
19, 1782, dau. of John and Lucretia (IngersoU) Fowler. She d. 
in Borne, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1867, sb. 84. 


8421. ZiftUa, b. Apr. 1, 1808; m. Ely Mclntiie, Jr. 

8422. OaroUne, b. July 6, 1806; m. Edmund Halladay. 
8428. John, b. Oct. 8, 1808; m. Harriet A. Peckham. 

8424. Theodore, b. July 8, 1811 ; m. (1) Ano Field ; (2) Field. 

8425. Bdtoard, b. May 10, 1814; m. Maria L. LiUle. 

8426. Bhwn, b. June 10, 1817; m. Lucinda M. House. 

Gkablbb Noble, b. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Aug. 
17, 1778, according to his own family record, but Aug. 17, 1779, 
according to Westfield town record, and there d. Mch. 9, 1862, 
». 82 or 83. He was a farm er, and resided on his father's home- 
stead, about one-half a mile east of the green, a few rods north of 
his brother William Noble's. 

He m. Jan. 7, 1804, Sophul Fowler, b. in Westfield, Apr. 14, 

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1782, according to the family record, but Apr. U, 1783, accoi-ding 
to the town record. She was dau. of Blackleach and Mary (Smith) 
Fowler, and d. in Westfield, Mch. 29, 1862, e. 79 or 80. 


8437. Charles, b. Sept. 4, 1805; m. Lois Hairison. 

8428. Jatnes, b. Oct. 20, 1807; m. Jane Farmer. 

8429. Mary Ann, b. Mch. 2, 1810; was drowned in Westfield. Mch. 10, 
1818, s. 8. 

8480. Luey, b. July 8, 1812; m. Ira Yeamans. 

8481. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 6, 1615; m. Gay Mosely. 

8482. WcUm, b. Jan. 28, 1818; m. Maiy Dewey. 
8488. Beuben, b. Oct. 20. 1820; m. Eliza C. Foote. 

Henbt Noble, b. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Dec. 
17, 1780, according to his family record, bat Dec. 17, 1781, 
according to the town record. He d. May 23 or 24, 1850, m. 
68 or 69. 

He m. (I) Dec. 5, 1802, Betsey Dewet, b. Oct. 25, 1781, dau. 
of Benjamin and Rhoda (Loomis) Dewey. She d. Mch. 7, 1807, 
8B. 25. 

He m. (2) Mch. 9, 1809, Sally Fowleb, b. in Westfield, Jane 
5, 1784, dau. of Dea. Ebeneoer and SaUy (Noble) Fowler of West- 
field. She d. in Westfield, Nov. 27, 18^3, ». 79. 

child by fibst mabbiaos bobk IB westfield. 

8484. SUta, b. Jaly 20, 1804; d. in Westfield, Sept 28, 180G, e. 2. 


8485. Eenry, b. Jaly 19, 1809; m. (1) £. A. Gaines; (2) £. Herrick. 

8486. Leonard, b. Jane 15, 1818; m. Anna W. Loomis. 

8487. J^athan, b. Nov. 9, 1815; m. (1) R. Backet; (2) A. Backet. 

8488. Oodad, b. Dec. 18, 1821; drowned in Westfield, May 15, 1827, 
«. 5. 

Pamela Noble, dan. of Matthew, was b. in Westfield, Mass., 
Jan. 5, 1784, and removed in 1802, to Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y., 
where she died. 

She m. Dec. 31, 1804, Chables Bush, b. Sept 9, 1779, s. of 
Zechariah and Mary (FaUey) Bosh. He d. Feb. 21, 1852, ». 72. 


8489. Baljf^Eaffer, b. Jaly 20, 1804; unm., remoyed to New York 
city, and died. 

8440. Lauita Loomii, b. Mch. 25, 1806; m. Aag. 11, 1822, PahnerTown- 


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8441. Mary FaOey, b. Dec. 11, 1808; m. Mch. A, 1888, Sylvester G. 

8442. Pamela NMe, b. Apr. 27, 1811; d. June 8, 1815, ae. 4. 
8448. Charles ZeehariaJi, b. July 21, 1814; d.. June 8, 1815, m. 10 mot. 
8444 Sarah King, b. June 1, 1816; unm., resides in Orange, N. J. 

8445. C1ari$$a Lu, b. June 27, 1818. 

8446. Lifdia Mate^, b. July 2, 1820. 

8447. JSdufardK, b. Koy. 1, 1827; is, 1877, cashier of a bank in 
Lowville, N. Y. 


EsTHXB NoBLK, dau. of Paul, was b. in Westfield, Mass., Nov. 
6, 1768, and there d. Mch. 3, 1855, m, 86. 

She m. Nov. 24, 1790, Jabxd Shxpard, b. in Westfield, Mch. 10, 
1768, 8. of Ezekiel and Sarah (Porter) Shepard. He d. Apr. 26, 
1835, as. 67. 


8448. Theodore, b. Nov. 10, 1791; m. Dec. 2, 1819, Lucia Ensign, and d. 
in Westfield, Feb. 10, 1855, se. 68. 

8449. Sarah, b. Aug. 81. 1794; m. Mch. 12, 1815. Braddick Dart, and 
settled in Westfield. 

8450. Julia, b. Aug. 19, 1796; m. Apr. 80, 1818, Thomas Loomis of 
Westfield. He d. Feb. 8, 1854, e. 68. 

8451. Pavl, b. Dec. 7, 1797; d. of dysentery, Oct. 4, 1798, e. 10 

8452. Mary, b. Feb. 7, 1799; d. unm., Aug. 15. 1887, SB. 88. 
8468. PavV, b. June 9, 1800; d. unm., Sept. 28, 1888, «. 88. 

8454. Jamee, b. Dec. 14, 1802; m. Lucy Bush. He was a Methodist 
clerg3rman, and d. in Charlestown, Mass., 1853, e. 52. 

8455. George, b. Sept 28, 1805; d. unm., Aug. 8, 1841, se. 85. 

8456. Edmund, b. May 8, 1807; m. Sophia Ensign, and settled in West- 

8457. Amanda, b. Feb. 9, 1809; m. Quartus Black, and removed to 
Southwick, Mass. 

Danibl Noblb, s. of Capt Thaddeus, was b. Mch. 16, 1763, 
and d. in Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 22, 1837, se. 73. By trade a 
braas-amith, after his removal to Hoosick, N. Y., he. for some 
years, kept a store and tavern. For about fifteen years, he was a 
justice of the peace. He removed, in 1812,toCazenovia, Madison 
Co., N. T.; in' 1814, to Tully, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; in 1836, to 
Volney, Otsego Co., N. Y.; and in 1836, to Ann Arbor, Mich. 

He m. Oct. 15, 1792, LnciKnA Deake, b. July 21, 1765, dau. of 
Rev. Aaron and Chloe (Gillet) Drake. She d. Jan. 18, 1829, se. 
63. [Rev. A. Drake, b. in Windsor, Conn., Aug. 30, 1735, m. (1) 
July 21, 1757, Clotilda Gillet, who d. Mch. 21, 1813; (2) 1815, 

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. He was a Baptist clergyman, resided in Conn., Pitts- 
field, Mass., New Lebanon, N. Y., preached when over eighty 
years of age, and about the same time, rode alone on horseback 
from New Lebanon to Tully, N. T., a distance of one hundred 
and fifty miles, to visit his daughter, Lucinda Noble. He d. July 
27, 1825,0.89.] 


8458. Sylte^er Drake, b. Mch.24, 1794; m. (1) P. A. Wood; (2) £. A. 
Goodrich; (8) M. Whitmore. 

8459. Ahnzo En^, b. Jan. 22, 1796; m. (1) A. Brown; (2) M. Fish. 

8460. SamudBurreU, b. July 22, 1708; m. Emily Belding. 

8461. Sopkronia Maria, b. Jan. 18, 1800; d. June 18, 1800, s. 5 mos. 

8462. Linnaui Patehin, b. Nov. 1, 1802; m. Harriet Edwards. 


Stltesteb Noble,' b. of Capt. Thaddeus, was b. Jan. 4, 1766, 
and d. in Hoosick, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1813, e. 47. He was by trade 
a brass-smith, and was in partnership with his brother Daniel, most 
of the time from 1792 to 1806. He was a major in the militia, and 
also a justice of the peace. 

He m. Jan. 2, 1792, Bbtbet Kibbxe, b. Feb. 29, 1773, dau. of 
Thomas and Mary (Sexton) Eibbee. She m. (2) Mch., 1817, 
Ephraim Smith, who d. in Mendon, N. T., July 4, 1835. She d. 
in Dansville, Livingston Co., N. Y., May 8, 1847, m. 74. 


8468. DatMKMee, b. Sept 11, 1795; m. (1) P. Teetrick; (2) 8. A. 

8464. ffdroHo Nttton, b. May 5, 1798; unm., a carpenter, removed to 
Ptoma,N. Y. 

8465. Minerta Addia, b. May 27, 1800; m. Mch. 18,* 1819. Ansel Frost, 
b. in Conway, Mass., Mch. 26, 1797, a of Joseph and Submit Frost, 
and resides, 1876, in Rochester, N. Y. No issue. 

8466. Heraee Levim, b. Oct 27, 1802; m. Amanda £. Haskins. 

8467. JuUa Mma, b. Aug. 28, 1805; m. Lyman Norton. 

8468. $^k>e§ier Brooke, b. May 8, 1810; m. Helen £. Stoddard. 

HxpziBAH Noble, dau. of Capt. Thaddeus, was b. Dec. 6, 1771, 
and d. May 21, 1863, m. 91. 

She m. (1) Sept. 3, 1793, Jacob Lansing, b. in Albany, N. Y., 
Dec. 26, 1769, s. of Isaac Lansing. He resided in Hoosick, N. Y., 
and Cazenovia, N. Y., and d. in the latter place, Feb. 9, 1813, 
8B. 43. 

She m. (2) Nov. 5, 1822, Joel Allis, b. Feb. 12, 1769, s. of 

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Julias Allifl. He resided is Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., and there d. 
Sept 21, 185], m, 82. 


8469. 8aUy, b. Sept. 29, 1794, in Hoosick; m. June 6, 1820, 
George Eager, a lawyer of Manlius, N. Y., and d. in Auburn, N. Y., 
June 6, 1842, s. 47. 

8470. iMoe Noble, b. Nov. 8, 1796, in Hoosick; m. Lucretia Wilcox, 
and removed to Palermo, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

8471. PhiUtta, b. Dec. 21, 1798; m. Oct. 15, 1815, 8mitli Elliot, 
and d. in Rome, Mich., Feb. 20, 1851, e. 52. 

8472. Earry, b. Oct 8, 1»02, in Hoosick; m. Minenra Bond, 
and removed to New Haven, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

8478. Jacob 8,, b. May 81, 1808, in Hoosick; m. Nancy Douglass, 
and settled in CanastoU, N. Y. 

8474. JuUa Minerva, b. Jan. 8, 1818, in Cazenovia; m. Jan. 1,4889, Ben- 
jamin H. Willett, and resides, 1875. in Canastotu, N. Y. 


Esther Noble, dau. of Enoch, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Jan. 
24, 1760, and d. in Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y. 
She m. EusHA Gilbert Olds, or Gilbert Eusha Olds. 


8475. JSMta, b. 

8476. FayetU, b. 

8477. Bdnnah, b. 
847& Harriet, b. 


LucT Noble, dau. of Enochj was b. in ShefSeld, Mass., Jan. 3, 
1762, and d. July 10, 1822, ». 60. 
She m. Elisha Dunham. He d. Apr. 27, 1832. 

• childrek. 

8479. WUUam, b. Aug. 8, 1789. 

8480. AdaUne, b. Apr. 25, 1794; m. Adams, and settled in Buffalo, 

N. Y. 

8481. Lucim, b. Jan. 1, 1800; d. Nov.ll, 1854, s. 54. 

8482. Oranffe, b. Oct. 18. 1802. 


Elisha Noble, s. of Enoch, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Dec. 12, 
1765, and d. in Darien, Genesee Co., N. Y. He is called, Apr. 16, 
1787, of Susquehannah, N. Y. Subsequently he was of Geneseo, 
N. Y., where he was a '' free and accepted mason," and for a time 
held the office of tiler to the lodge. *' He used to wear a pair of 
long*legged boots, and with sword in hand, guarded the entrance 
to the lodge-room." 

He m. Candace Beach. 

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8488. Av^in, b. ; res., 1878, in Lnddington, Mich. 

8484. Janua, b. 

8485. Maty, b. ; m. Robinson, and res. in Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

8486. Henry, b. 

RuBSXix Noble, a. of Enoch, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Apr. 
7, 1768, removed prior to Aug. 26, 1803, to Gteneseo, N. Y., and 
d. in Detroit, Mich., abt. 1853, ». abt. 85. W. E. Lauderdale of 
Oeneseo, N. Y., writes, under date of July 31. 1856: « Russell 
Noble was known at an early period, in this country. He was a 
fiddler by profession, and was always seen at parties, balls, &c., 
with his fiddle encased in an old green bag. One peculiarity is 
mentioned, he was left-handed, and held the bow in his left hand." 
O. Turner, on page 468 of ''Pioneer History of the Holland Pur- 
chase of Western New York," published in 1849, notices him as 

" And here 'in the reminiscences of this primitiye period, occurs the 
name of one who, if he did not follow as useful an employment as the 
keeping of a house of public entertainment, made himself as well known. 
Russell Noble! At the bare mention of his name,* there are surriring 
pioneers, who will be reminded of their younger days and their enjoy- 
ments, and if there is ' music in their souls '—as there was wont to be with 
most of them— they will almost fancy they hear the notes of his old Tiolin ! 
A fiddler was no obscure person in those early days; and Noble had no com- 
petitor—for he was the pioneer fiddler; he and his old Tiolin mark the 
advent of music on the Holland Purchase. Compared with his, ' Italian 
trills were tame.' In those primitive times, in sleigh, or ox-sled rides, at 
recreations that followed log-house raisings, logging-bees, road-cuttings, 
at Christmas and New Years' frolics; far and wide in the early sparse set- 
tlements. Noble and his fiddle formed an accustomed and necessary part. 
It was to be hoped that his reputation as a fiddler would have remained 
unquestioned; but recently a facetious gatherer-up of reminiscences has 
ventured to dur it, by intimating that he used to have no more regard for 
time than he had for etemiiif. The old fiddler still lives, and it was only 
last winter that he was an occasiona] guest at the houses of surviving 
pioneers— stripping the same old green bag from the same old fiddle, and 
reminding his anditorB of early days." 

He removed from Oeneseo to Batavia, N. Y. 
He m. AuoAiL Duhham. 


8487. Akmra, b. 

8488. mMa, b. 
8488. Laura, b. 

8480. (kUvin, b. ; resides, 1876, in C^ryvUle. Genesee Co., N. Y. 

8481. Clara, b. ; m. David Markhaim. 
8488. AdaUne, b. 

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Bbtset Noblk, dan. of Enoch, d. in Ohio. 

She m. her oousfn, Elias Eetss. He d. in Ohio. 


8498. Truman, b. 
84M. ElMa, b. 
8495. Cflara, b. 

8486. Bnntha, b. 

8487. TabOha, b. 

8488. Datid, b. 

8499. EU(u, b. 
8600. Sobert, b. 

Clara Noble, dau. of Enoch. 

She m. Smith in Sheffield, Mass., where she resided. 


8001. IBUiha, b. 
8502. Ithamar, b. 
8508. John, b. 


Enoch Noble, s. of Enoch, d. in Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y. 
He was by trade a wagon-maker. 
He m. Tbact. 

8504. WtOiam Thteif, b. 

8505. Oiifte, b. 


Majob Noble, s. of Enoch, wash. May 2, 1780. He resided, in 
1806, in Batayia, N. Y. 

8506. Aurdiui, 


8507. Borah, 


8508. Elita, 



8510. Samud, 


8511. Lurinda, 




851d. AUaLucina, b. 

Mabt Noble, dau. of Peter, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Jan. 13, 
1758, and d. in Amity, Alleghany Co., Penn., Sept. 19, 1830, 
SB. 72. 

She m. Hezektah Wadswobth, b. in Hartford, Conn. He 
resided for many years in Middlebury, Vt, bat removed in 1803, 
to Middlesex, N. Y.; in 1820, to Amity, N. Y.; and thence to 

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; d. Feb. 1, 1868. 

; d. in Harbor Creek, Penn. 

; d. in Auburn, 0. 

; removed to Wisconsin. 

; d. in Hudson, Mich. 

; m. Foster, and resides. 


Harbor Creek, Penn., where he d. Oct. 23, 1845, sb. 88. He held 
a commissioii in the aimy during the American revolution. He 
was a farmer and cooper. 


8518. Oifnihia, 

8514. ffetekiah, 

8515. Horace, 

8516. Xeteman, 

8517. Jirad Seytnour, 

8518. Samuel, 

8519. MiUieent, 
1877, fai Clifton Springs, N. T. 

8520. AlfiffoU, b. ; removed to Canandaigua, N. T. 

8521. ffenry, b. Apr. 11, 1796, in Ontario, N. T.; m. (1) Nov. 
20, 1820, Laura Thompson; (2) Sept. 7, 1886, his cousin, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Allen, dau. of Peter Noble. He was a cabinet-maker and 
farmer, and d. in Harbor Creek, Penn., Apr. 15, 1848, sb. 47. 

8522. Marif, b. ; d. in Harbor Creek, Penn. 
8528. Truman CalUn, b. 1803, in Hiddlebur>'; m. Nov. 12, 1829, 

Laura Clark, and resides, 1878, in Wattsburg, Erie Co., Penn. 

Solomon Noble, a of Peter, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., June 7, 
1759, and d. in Cornwall, Canada East, abt Apr., 1831, sb. abt. 71.' 
He redded with his first wife, in Lansingburg, N. Y., and Ferris- 
burgh, Vt, but after her divorce from him, removed, abt. 1803, to 
Cornwall, C. S. He was a farmer. 

He m. (1) June ^, 1783, Lucr Holooxb, b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
June 20 or 22, 1766, dau. of Jonathan and Abigail (Hilliard) 
Holcomb. She d. at the house of her dau. Mira, in Bockford, IlL, 
Mch. 16, 1848, SB. 81. 

He m. (2) Mrs. Dobotht Tuttlx, who d. abt 1853. 


8524. SaUme, b. Jan. 25, 1786; m. William M. Gage. 

8625. Henry, b. Oct. 80, 1788; m. Clarissa Hi^bee. 

8620. JuUa, b. 1792; d. in Bt Albans, Vt , July 22, 1818, s. 21. 

8627. Mira, b. Sept. 12, 1798; m. Ira W. Baker. 


8528. Jaech, b. ; m. Catharine Farlinger. Soon after the 

death of his father, he removed probably to Brasher, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y., and thence, abt 1858, to the West 

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Obabtah Noble, a. of Peter, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 28, 
1761, and cL in Watertown, Jefferson Co., N. T., July 8, 1813, ». 
62. He removed from Whitehall, N. Y., to Litchfield, N. Y., 
and thence to Watertown, N. Y. 

He m. Apr. 20, 1785, Susanna White, b. in Washington, N. H., 
Apr. 5, 1764, dan. of Archibald White of Windsor, Vt, and 
Litchfield, N. Y. She d. July 2, 1849, sb. 85. 


WSt^cLMOuUMe, b. July 8, 1786; m. Oct 14, 1804. Caleb Bumam. b. in 
Greenfield, N. H., Nov. 28, 1776, s. of Nathaniel Bumam. She 
d. without issue, In Watertown, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1842, «. 66. He 
d. Not. 9, 1858, e. 76. 

8639. 8u9an, b. June 26, 1788; m. Nathaniel Bumam. 

8680. EUeta, b. Nov. 6, 1792; m. Stephen Bumam. 

Clabk Noble, s. of Peter, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Feb. 14, 
1763, and d. in Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Oct, 1830, sb. 67. 
He removed, in 1794, to Winfield, N. Y.; in 1809, to Tioga Point 
(now Athens), Penn., and in 1813, back to Winfield, N. Y. He 
was a tanner and currier, and also cultivated a farm, and for a 
time kept a tavern. 

He m. (1) HuLBAH Hnx^ b. Aug., 1767, dau. of Beriah and 
Mercy Hill, of Torrington, Conn. She d. in Tioga Pointy Penn., 
Oct. 19, 1812, SB. 45. 

He m. (2) Sept, 1814, Mrs. Sabab Cjltun, Cornwall, Conn., 

dau. of Clark. She m. (1) Roger Catlin, b. in Cornwall, 

Conn., abt 1765, a farmer, who d. in Winfield, N. Y., abt 1812. 
She d. in Winfield, N. Y., June 5, 1851, sb. 74. 


8681. CZofina, b. Feb. 11, 1798; m. Heniy Rising. 

8682. BOm, b. Dec. 8, 1794; m. Ahnira Catlin. 

8688. AmiM, b. ; m. abt. 1821, Mrs. 

Kellogg. He removed, in 1820, to " the West," resided in Potosi, 
Mo., and Rock Island, Dl., and d. in the latter place. He had four 

8584 Ohaun^nm, b. Apr. 18, 1802; m. 0) N. Carpenter; 9) 

M. Johnson. 

8585. WaUam Lifiu$, b. Oct 11, 1806; m. Hannah Hitchcock. 

8586. Bmma, b. ; m. Zilm Corbit. 

8587. Mary, b. Kov. 21, 1808; m. Albert J. Hanison. 

8588. ChaiHsi EggUikm Eno, b. Apr. 27, 1812; m. Cyntbia G. Hills. 

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8689. Barak, b. Bept 8, 1815; m. A. Holoomb of Sherburne, N. Y., and 
d. Not., 1848, e. 2a Child. Sarah N.^m. Chapin. 

Pbtkb Noblb, 8. of Peter, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Sept. 15, 
1775, and d. in Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., June 20, 
1851, e. 75. He removed in 1827, from Whitehall N. Y., to 
Franklinville, N. Y. He was a fanner. 

He m. Jake Cbookseakk, b. in Marbletown, Ulster Co., N. Y., 
Aug. 18, 1778, dau. of Alexander and Catharine (McKinley) 
Crookshank. She d. in Whitehall, N. Y., March 6, 1803, ». 24. 

He m. (2) Apr., 1805, Abi Skabl, b. in WhitehaU, N. Y., Dec 
8, 1784, dau. of Gideon and Cynthia (Sweetland) SearL She d. 
Feb. 3, 1854, n. 69. 


8540. CathaHne, b. Aug. 18, 1799; d. unm., in FrankliuTille, 
N. Y., June 7, 1870, e. 70. 

8541. Fond, b. Jan. 84, 1808; m. Maiy If. Sterens. 


8542. miMobeth, b. Sept. 17, 1807; m. (1) S. J. Allen; (2) H. 
Wadsworth; (8) L. Clark. 

8648. Wmam BioeeOand, b. July 14, 1814; m. Sarah F. Ball. 

8544. HtOdah Jane, b. Kot. 5, 1817; m. Nathan B. KUe&» 

8545. MaryetU, b. Nov. 28, 1823; m. George H. Tubbs, and d. 
in Rochester, MhuL, Apr. 8, 1868, e. 89. He is, 1876, a farmer in 
Rochester, Minn. 

Sabah Noble, dau. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Aug. 18, 1758, and d. in Mentz, Cayuga Co.; N. Y., Feb. 17, 
1833. e. 64. 

She UL (1) Bbekszbb Etens, b. in Sheffield, who d. in Rotter- 
dam, N. Y. 

She m. (2) Moses Oilbebt, b. May [13?], 1757, in Conn., who 
d. in Aurelius, N. Y., Apr. 16, 1823, ». 65 yrs., 11 mos., and 3 
days. He had previously m. White. 


8546. John, b. ; m. 

8547. NaOianid, b. ; m. 

8548. Barak, b. ; m. Joseph Rumsey, of Victoiy, N. Y., 
and d. abt. 1847. 

8549. LovUa, b. ; m. Joel Baker, and d. in Ments, N. Y., 
abt 1850. 

8650. OaMn, b. ; settled in Eiransyille, Rock Co., Wis. 

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8S51. Bamud a, b. Oct.. 1800; d. in Aureliiu, K. Y.. May d4. 1887, m. 
87 yn., 7 moe., and 7 days. 


OuYBR NoBLEy 8. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Sept. 
27, 1760, and d. in Gates, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1839, e. 66. He pe- 
aided in Sheffield, until 1812, when he removed to East Bloom- 
field, N. Y. 

He m. (1) prob. 1789, Sarah Dutton, of Egremont^ Mass., to 
whom he was pub. Oct. 18, 1789. She d. in Sheffield, abt. 1792. 

He m. (2) Bbtsbt Callenoeb, dau. of CTomfort Callender. She 
d. in Unadilla, Mich., Oct. 24, 1850. 


86S2. Maria, b. Kot. 19, 1797; d. young. 

8608. Jane, b. 1799; m. (1) Warren Mteinger, of 

Brighton, N. Y. ; (2) , of Oakland Co., Mich. 

8564. Albert, b. ; d. e. 1. 

8666. Albert, h. Not. 22, 1805; m. Harriet A. Woodworth. 
8656. Bdrriet EUaabeOi, b. ; m. Henry Tioney. 

8667. EUeha EcmMT, b. ; m. Alice Ray. 

8668. BoMwABoeit, b. 1811, in Sheffield; d. in Brighton, 
K. Y., 1820, ». 9. 

8669. jRuA Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1814; m. Almon D. Origgs. 

8660. AOtfT, b. Sept 22. 1817, in Mendon, N. Y. ; d. in Gates. 
K.Y.. July 6, 1889, as. 21. 

8661. (Mew, b. Nor. 15, 1820, in Brighton, N. Y.; d. young. 

Nathaihel Noble, b. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass. 
Sept. 25, 1765, and d. in Cicero, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1820, sb. 55. 

£fe m. prob. 1788, Abigail Rue, to whom he was published, 
Maich 29, 1788. 


8662. John OaMn, b. ; m. Sally Park. 

8668. EUteMh, b. ; unm. res. hi Syracuse. N. Y. 

8564. Emry, b. May 22, 1794; m. (1) 8. Tripp; (2) I. Sedgwick. 

8666. AWnf Bophia, h. ; m. Ashur Smith. 

8666. WiOiam, b. ; m. Irene Tripp. 

8667. FameUa, b. ; m. Hiram Sloason. 


Ruth Noble, dau. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Aug. 29, 
1767, and d. prob. in Auburn, N. Y., Feb., 1847, ». 79. 

She m. Jan. 22, 1784, Joshua Ltnch, who resided in Stock- 

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8568. John, b. ; d. young in Rotterdam, N. Y. 

8569. Foltty, b. ; d. young in Cicero, N. Y. 

8570. GUtoer, b. ; m. Amy Pitcher and removed to Micb. 

8571. Lawrence, b. ; m. Matiida Leslie, and d. in Auburn, N. Y. 

8572. Henry, b. ; removed to Hockford, HI. 
8578. Nancy, b. ; d. in Cicero^ N. Y. 

8574 NathafM,h, ; m. (1) Elsey Hoffman; (2) M. Belcher of 

Auburn, N. Y. 

8575. BeO^, b. ; m. Dr. Allen of Cold Water, Mich. 

8570. John, b. 

Tamztk Noble, dau. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Sept. 4, 1769, and d. in Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., May 16, 
1807, m. 37. 

She m. Oct. 16. 1791, John Hollenbbck, b. abt. Jan. 27, 1770, 
8. of Derrick and Mary HoUenbeck of Egremont, Mass. He m. 
(2) Mrs. Peck, and d. in Lisle, N. Y., May 12, 1855, ». 85. His 
children were all bom in Greene, except Silas Noble, who was 
bom in Sheffield. 


8577. BOaelMle, b. abt. 1792; m. abt. 1817, Ann Cobum, 
and remoTed to Arcadia, Wayne Co.. N. Y. 

8578. OHeBpowr, b. Oct. 27,1794; m. 0) Jan., 18U, aarissa 
Cowdra; (2) M. £. Bamea of Ellisburg, Potter Co., Penn. 

8579. Dortu OaUender, b. Oct. 27, 1794; m. abt. 1818, Amanda Cut- 
ler, and removed to Arcadia, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

8580. Urioi Gay, b. Feb., 1798; m. Huldah Crawford, and re- 
sided, 1858, in BelTidere, Boone Co., HI. 

8581. Sophronia AVmra, b. ; m. abt 1844, Abram Cornell, 
and removed to Van Buren, K. Y. 

8582. Hannah Maria, b. Oct 10, 1804; m. (1) J^n- IB, 1826, Dr. Ttiom- 
ts King Harrington; (2) Lewis Matthews, and removed to Valpa- 
raiso, Porter Co., Ind. 

8588. Bomiad Sheldan, b. ; m. Lydia Weaver, and d. [in 

Mich.?] abt 1880. 

' Silas Noblx, b. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Mch. 
9, 1771, and d. in East Bloomfield, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1814, s. 42. 
His farm in East Bloomfield was within half a mile of ^Bristol, 
N. Y., where he need to attend meeting, and where he was buried. 
His death was the result of a cold taken while in the service of 
his country, during the War of 1812. He had an adopted dau«, 
Lydia S., b. Nov. 6. 1798, who m. Joseph Andrus. 
He m. prob. 1798, Lkah Hollenbeck, to whom he was pub- 

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lisbed June 9, 1798. She was b. Mch. 3, 1776, dan. of Derrick 
and Mary HoUenbeck of Egremont, Mass. She m. (2) Mch., 1823, 
Nathaniel Wilcox, b. Feb. 6, 1763, s. of Elnathan Wilcox of 
Bloomfield, K. Y., and removed to Salem, Mich., where he d. in 
the spring of 1824. She d. Aug. 19, 1850, sb. 74. 


8684. Bappy Luna, b. Aug. 17, 1800. in Sheffield; m. Feb. 5. 1838, David 
Cudworth, b. in Freetown, Mass., July 29, 1799, s. of David snd 
Maiy Cudworth. They removed to Livonis, Wayne Co., Mich. 
Chad. Mary, b. in Richmond. N. Y., Nov. 15, 1828. m. Feb. 2. 
1852, Benjamin Homer Fairchild, b. in Kisgara Co., N. Y, Apr. 
0, 1828, and settled in Livonia. 

8585. CameUa, b. Aug. 27, 1808, in Sheffield; m. (1) Oct 8, 1828, 
Horace Hamlin, s. of William and Clarissa Hamlin, who d. without 
issue, in Bloomileld, K. Y, June 8, 1829; (2) Daniel Cummings of 
Rochester, N. Y. ; (8) Richard Dascomb, who d. on the Journey to 
Bait Lake City, Utah Ter. She resided in Salt Lake City, Utah, 
and d. Jan. 4, 1858, m. 49. Child by second husband. Elizabeth, 
d. in Livonia, Mich., in 1887. 

8586. MarjfAnn, b. Jan. 18, 1806, hi East Bloomlield; m. Ida Ham. 
s. of Robert and Betsey Ham, and settled in Salem, Washtenaw 
Co., Mich. ChUdren. 1. Carlisle, b. Oct. 1, 1880, m. Jan. 20, 
1858. Mary Ann Lewis; 2. Lawrence, b. May 15. 1885; 8. Isadore, 
b. Mch. 25, 1887. 

8587. Ludan, b. Nov. 27. 1807, in East Bloomliel^; m. Emily Wn- 
cox. Having embraced the Mormon faith, he removed in Feb., 
1846, from Livonia, Mich., to Nauvoo, 01., and the following May, 
went on with the Mormons to their winter quarters, near Council 
Bluffs, Iowa. In 1850, he removed to Salt Lake City, Utah Ter., 
where he still, 1876, resides. Children. 1. Oardarus, d. ; 2. Theo- 
dore, d.; 8. Angeline; 4. Adelaide; 5. Emma. 

8588. SOoi, b. June 18, 1810, in East Bloomfleld; m. Aug. 26, 
1885, Maiy Evarts, b. Mch. 19, 1811, dau. of Branch and Rozana 
Evarts, and settled in Salem, Mich. Children. 1. Theda Munson, 
b. Sept. 25, 1887, m. John Lewis of Salem, and has Henry Herbert, 
b. Feb. 22, 1860; 2. Octavius, b. Jan. 25, 1845; 8. Cornelia, b. Nov. 
16, 1849. 

8589. Lawrenee, b. Mch. 27, 1812, in East Bloomfleld; m. Apr. 8, 
1888, Jane Walker, b. Jan. 7, 1821, dau. of Eliakim and Rhoda 
(Horton) Walker of Tbunton, Mass. He was a farmer and settled 
in'Salem, Mich. No issue. 

8590. (hrdeUa, b. May 29, 1814, in East Bloomfleld; m. Kov. 8, 
1841, Richard Lee, b. in West Bloomfleld, N. Y, Mch. 8, 1808 
[1814?], s. of William and Mary Lee. He settled in Livonia, Mich. 
Children. 1. Richard Henry, b. Aug. 17, 1842; 2. Rollin Harvey, 
b. Aug. 8, 1844; 8. Lucian Noble, b. Jan. 15, 1847; 4. Ossian Je- 
rome, b. Aug. 10, 1849; 5. Theodore Tasso, b. July 18, 1857. 

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Lawbsncb Noblb, 8. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
June 2, 1773, and removed, after marriage, to Bloomfield, Ontario 
Co., K. T., where he d. Apr. 23, 1811, ». 37. He was a miller. 

He m. Nov. 17, 1804, Lucr Beach, b. Oct. 6, 1778, dau. of 
Channcey Beach, a miller, who removed from Gk)6hen, Conn., into 
the << Genesee country,'* and d. 1825, n. 76, and Hannah Whipple, 
who d. n. 97. Mrs. Lucy Noble m. (2) J>ec. 1, 1824, Hooker 
Sawyer, a farmer, who d.- in Akron, 0., Apr. 25, 1842, sb. 70. 
She d. in New Philadelphia, Penn., Apr. 22, 1855, sb. 76. 

8501. Therm Auguttui, b. July 26, 1805; m. Lydia D. Acer. 
8892. Onm Jay, b. May 2, 1807; m. Angeline Coy. 

8608. Tktodfff, b. July 26, 1810; m. Susan Curtis. 


OuvB Noble, dau. of Nathaniel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Pec. 
25, 1777, and d. in Lisle, N. T., Apr. 21 or 25, 1813, a. 35. 

She m. June 10, 1797, Wiluam Betts, b. in Kent or Sharon, 
Conn., Mch. 10, 1774, s. of Zopher Betts. He resided in Greene 
and Oxford, Chenango Co., N. T., and d. in Sheshequin, Bradford 
Co., Penn., Aug. 28, 1839, sb. 65. 


8594. NaO^nid NobU, b. Mch. 80, 1799, in Greene, K. Y. ; m. (1) July 11 
1827, Eliza Means; (2) Aug. 18, 1829, Eliza Warner, and settled in 
Towauda. Bradford Co., Penn. He baa been a merchant, post 
master, and Justice of the peace. 

a;95. AJimira, b. June 2, 1802, in Oxford, N. Y.; m. abt 1820, 

Ira Dodd, and d. in Albany, Bradford Co., Penn., Aug. [1?], 1842, 
e. 40. He removed to Iowa 

8596. PavX EvJtbard. b. Feb. 12, 1807, in Oxford, K. Y.; m. abt. 1880. 

8597. Tamdn, b. May 11, 1810, in Oieene, K. Y. ; m. July, 1880, 
Charles R Brown, and remored to Pike, Bradford Co., Penn. 

Paul Hubbjjid Noble, s. of Nathaniel, was b. in SheflBeld, 
Mass., Not. 1, 1786, and there d. June 13, 1863, ». 76. He was a 
farmer, and resided in Sheffield, about two and a half miles west 
of the village. 

He m. Jan. 27, 1812, PBunxNCS Lek, b. July 30, 1789, dau. of 
William and Prudence (Acley) Lee of Mount Washington. Mass. 
She d. J>ec. 7, 1866, m, 77. 

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8698. George David, b. Aug. 28, 1818; m. HenrietU Mclntire. 
8509. Nam^Jane, b. Feb. 14, 1810; m. Cbarles H. Andiewt. 

Hon. Obadiah Nobls, s. of Rev. Obadiah, was b. in Orford, 
N. H., Feb. 12, 1777, and d. in Tinmouth, Vt, March 6, 1864, ». 
87. He resided in Tinmouth, Vt. ** You are right,** says Judge 
Noble, in a letter dated March 22, 1852, **in supposing me a self- 
made man. What little there is of me, was so made. I never had 
any education, but what I obtained at a common district school, 
such as we had seventy years ago. I worked on a farm, until I 
was twenty-three years old. I then went into the office of Smith 
& Prentice of Rutland, Vt.| read law there a part of three years, 
and after being admitted to the bar as an attorney, returned to 
Tinmouth, and commenced practice." 

He whs register of probate, in 1 799, admitted to the bar in April, 
1803; chosen representative to the General Court, 1811-12, 1815-16, 
1820, and 1830; State senator, 1838 and 1839; member of the 
council of censors, 1827; member of the constitutional convention, 
1828, and 1836; justice of the peace, 1807-1848; judge of probate, 
1813-1830; judge of the county court, 1839-1842. << These sev- 
eral appointments," writes Judge Noble, in 1852, << called me thir- 
teen times to our seat of government, a distance of seventy miles. 
I live ten miles from where our courts are held, and when I held 
my Probate court once in each month, and oftener by special 
appointment, I have ever been phyeicaUy able to perform and did 
perform every duty incumbent upon me by these several appoint- 
ments. I have never been confined to the house a day in my life 
by sickness or lameness." 

The EuUand Herald of March 8, 1864, contains the following 
notice of Judge Nobles death, and estimate of his character: 

"Hon. Obadiah Noble of Tinmouth died suddenly on Sunday morning 
last, at the age of 87 yeazs. Not coming to his breakfast as usual on that 
morning, his chamber was entered, and he was found dead upon the floor, 
partially dressed. 

" Judge Noble was a man of eminent good sense and practical judgment, 
of retentive memoty, of genial and kindly feelings, and spotless character. 
He pofii»e8scd a rich fund of anecdote and information regarding events 
which transpired in the time of his youth and vigorous manhood, which 
will make his loss all the more seriously felt by those interested in the 
early history of the State, and especially of Rutland County." 

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He m. (1) Sept. 11, 1803, Lois Habbis, b. in Rutland, Vt., Jan. 
25, 1782, dau. of Bea. Israel* and Sarah (Morse) Harris. She d. 
Jan. 20, 1809, m, 26. 

Hem. (2) Not. 9, 1809, Nanot Mason, b. in Norwich, Conn., 
May 4, 1780. dao. of David and Snsanna (West) Mason. David 
Mason was an nncle of Hon. Jeremiah Mason, a distinguished 
lawyer of Boston, Mass. She d. Jan. 20, 1850, ». 70. 


8600. Janaihan Moion, b. Oct. 8, 1804; m. (1)0. Porter; (2)C. H. Cham- 


8601. George Ma&(m, b. Sept. 12,1810; unm., a physician, studied lAedi- 
cine with Dr. Theodore Clark, and attended medical lectures in 
Castleton, Vt., and New York city. He'resided in Tinmouth until 

, when he removed to Wallingford, Vt, where he now, 1876, 

resides. ^ 

8602. Jams8 Soger$, b. Dec. 4, 1811 ; m. Cynthia Hall. 

8608. Charks West, b. Sept. 8, 1818; d. June 8, 1882, «. 18. 
8601 Jay We$t, b. Feb. 16, 1816; m. Rath Clark. 

8605. Eenrjf David, b. Feb. 10, 1820; unm., 1877, a farmer hi Tin- 
mouth. Vt 


Rebecca Noble, dau. of Rev. Obadiah, wash. in Tinmouth, Vt., 
Mch. 9, 1779, and d. in Henderson, N. Y., 1849, m. 70. 

She m. Aug. 20, 1797, Nathan Bubnham, b. in Shaftsbury, Vt, 
July 26, 1772, s. of John and Abigail (Clark) Bumham. He 
resided in Middletown, Vt., 1786-1812; WoodviUe, N. Y., 1812- 
35; and afterwards in Gnilford, Medina Co., 0., where he d. 1862, 
m. abt 90. 


8606. Emay, b. Oct 10, 1798, in Middletown; d. May 7, 1790, 
s. 7 mos. 

8607. BmHtf, b. Feb. 24, 1800, in Middletown; m. Nov. 17, 1816, 
Dr. Natban Eastman. She resides, 1875, in Guilford, O. 

8606. Suean, b. May 21, 1802, in Middletown; m. Jan. 2, 1820, 

Augustus Victor Wood, a fanner in WoodviUe, N. Y. 

8609. Bdwin, b. Oct. 20, 1804, in Middletown; m. May 81, 1882, 
Elizabeth E. Weeks. He was a merchant, and d. in Chicago, IIL, 
Sept 29, 1874, m. 69. 

* Israel Harris, at the time of the American revolution, resided in Wil- 
Uamstown, Mass. His grandson. Rev. Jonathan M. Noble, D.D., has 
heard him say, that he was the second mau behind Ethan Allen, when he 
went up the stairs, at the taking of Ticonderoga, and demanded the sur- 
render of the fortress, "in the name of the Great Jehovah, and the Con- 
tinental Congress." 

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8610. DfftrNobie, b. May 3. 1807, in Middletown; m. (1) Aug. 81, 
1881, Sophia Elizabeth Goodell; (2) Aug. 14, 1840, Bylm Ellis 
Fifleld. He grad. in 1881, at Union College, and is, 1875, a lawyer 
In Chicago, 111. 

8611. Beeea AngeUne, b. June 85, 1810, in Middletown; m. 6cpt 1, 1880, 
Samuel Hall. She resides, 1875, in Chicago. Ul. 

8612. Natkan Clark, b. Jan. 11, 1818, in Woodville, N. T. ; m. Oct. 25, 
1842, Mar}' Pancoast. He is, 1875, a clergyman, in Lancaster. Penn. 

8618. Lytnan SatterUe, b. June 28, 1816, in Woodville, N. Y. ; m. Apr. 18, 
1847, Emma MoUineaux. He \^, 1875, a merchant at 120 Atlantic 
St, Brooklyn, K. Y., of the firm of Journeay & Bumham. 


SuBAiTNA Noble, dau. of Rev. Obadiah, was. b. in Tinmouth, Vt., 
July 22, 1782, and d. in West Milton, Yt., May 3, 1864, e. 81. 

She m. (1) Feb. 24, 1800, Chables Willabd, b. May 13, 1779, 
8. of Elias Willard. He d. 1813, •». 34. 

She m. (2) Dec. 5, 1823. Dea. Enos Merrill, b. in West Hart- 
ford, Ck>nn., Nov. 1, 1768, s. of Timothy and Mary (Griswold) 
MenilL He d. in Milton, Vt., Aug., 1858, e. 89. 


8914. Orra» b. Feb. 28, 1801; m. June 25, 1819, Lyman Hurd, 

and d. Sept., 1825, «. 24. 

8615. JvUa, b. Mch. 8, 1808; m. 0) Apr., 1821, Daniel Smith, 
who d. Feb. 9, 1841 ; (2) Israel Smith. She resides, 1875, in Colum- 
bus, WIb. 

8616. ChaHu, b. Feb. 25, 1805; m. May 12, 1831. Harriet Benja- 
min; was a farmer, and d. in Fond du Lac, Wis., Feb., 1858, as. 53. 

8616a. BOitf, b. Feb 16, 1807; d. May 15, 1823, ft. 16. 


8617. Timothy Noble, b. Feb 1, 1825; m. Oct. 14, 1847, Harriet Hunting, 
and is now, Sept., 1875, a farmer in Eeesville, Charlotte Co., Va. 

Saxuxl Noblx, s. of Rev. Obadiah, was b. in Tinmouth, Vt, 
May 13, 1784, and there died Jan., 1873, sb. 88. He was a fanner, 
■ad a deacon in the Cong, church in Tinmouth. 

He m. Feb. 26, 1815, Mart Ballabd, b. Dec. 20, 1791, dau. of 
TiUy Ballard. She d. 1873. 

ghildbbn bobh or tuimouth. 

8618. AhMiom, b. July 24, 1816; m, Oct. 6, 1842, Eliza Clark, b. May 11, 
1817, dau. of Theophilus Clark. He is a farmer in Tinmouth. 
Children. 1. Samuel, b. July 5, 1848; 2. Theophilus Clark, b. Mch. 

8619. Mary, b. Aug. 80, 1822; d. Jan. 10, 1881. «. 8. 

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Relief Noble, dau. of Rev. Obftdiah, was b. in Tininouth, Vt, 
Aug. 19, 1786, and on the 2l8t Aug., 1877, was living at the age 
of 91, in Hartford, N. Y. 

She m. Feb. 26, 1809, Samuel Harris, b. in Rutland, Vt., Feb. 
17. 1778, s. of Israel and Sarah (Morse) Harris. He was a mer- 
chant in Hartford, N. Y., and there d. June 11, 1871, ». 93. 


8020. LoiB NoUe, b. Jan. 16, 1811; resides unm., 1876, in Hartford. 

8621. Samuel NfMe, b. Dec. 10, 1812; m. Apr. 26, 1886, Abigail Maria 
Btrow. He is a fanner, and resides, 187o, in Rolfe, Pocahontas Co., 

8622. SuMLti Wmard, b. Mch. 1, 1818; m. (1) Jan. 7, 1837, George Coul- 
ter; (2) Jan. 81, 1869, Henrj J. Day, a merchant in Whitehall, 
N. Y.,and d. May 1, 1872, s. 54. 

8628. Laxira EUza, b. Oct 1, 18^; m. Mch. 6, 1850, Manuel Korthrop 
McDonald, a merchant in Hartford, N. Y. ' 

JoAimA Noble, daxu of Zechariah, was b. abt. 1763, resided in 
West Bloomfield, N. Y., and there d. Mch., 1847, sb. 84. 
She m. Benjamin Wilson, who d. 1813. 


8624. OrandUorit b. ; d. young. 

8625. FoUy, b. ; m. Wanton Joslin of West Bloom- 

8626. ifoKf, b. ; prob. removed to Ohio. 

8627. Grandiear^, b. ; m. Fanny Gilbert, and resided in 
Bloomfield, K. Y. 

8628. Jane, b. ; m. 

8629. Sarah Ann, b. ; m. . 

8680. Ph^, b. ; m. her cousin, Nathan Noble, a of 
Stephen and Abigail (Randall) Noble, and d. in Bloomfield. 

8681. Sergiui, b. ; m. Mary Ann Fitch, and removed to 
West Mendon, Munroe Co., N. Y. 

8632. OUvia, b. 

8688. EUiha, b. 

8684. SHeanor, b. ; m. Thomas Smith of Bristol, Ontario 

Co., N. Y. 


Stephen Noble, s. of Zechariah, removed 'from Bloomfield, 
N. Y., to Ohio, returned again to Bloomfield, and d. in California^ 
Branch Co., Mich., July, 1843. 

He m. Abigail Randall, who d. in East Bloomfield, N. Y., 
March 15, 1831. 

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8085. LoHng X, b. ; m. Polly Thompson, and d. in West 

Stockbridge, Mass., abt, 1887. Commissionen to appraise bis 
estate were appointed Bept. 21, 1837. He was probably a black- 
smith. He Idft two children whose names arc unknown. 

8686. JoMiQian^ b. ; prob. d. unm., in Kew Orleans, La. 

8687. NaO^n, b. ; m. his cousin, Phebe Wilson, and 
settled in West Bloomfield, N. T. Two of his chUdren have died. 

8688. Sofrah, b. ; m. Ingersoll. Children. 1. 

ICaiy; 2. Joanna. 

8689. Mwry, b. ; m. Jacob Backenstow. Children. 1. 
John Henry; 2. Elizabeth. 

8640. (JhawMt^, b. ; d. e. 9. 

8641. Stephen, b. ; m. — — > Minor, and removed to 
California, Branch Co., Mich. Children. 1. Jonathan; 2. Albert 

8642. Edmund, b. ; m. Catharine Hicks, and d. hi Quin- 
Cy, Branch Co.. Mich. Childr|en. 1. Abigail; 2. Byron; 8. Emily; 
4. Heniy. 

8648. CharhUe, b. ; m. Heman Doolittle of Bloomileld, 

remoTcd to Ohio, and d. without issue. 

HoBACi NoBLi, a of Zechariab, d. Feb. 20, 1854, sb. 82. He 
wma a farmer, and removed, in 1797, from SbefBeld, Mass., to 
Ontario Co., N. T.; thence in 1806, to Olean, N. Y.; and thence 
in 1810, to Cindmiati, 0., in which place and vicinity, he resided 
nntil his deatL 

He m. 1795, Sabae Post, dau. of James Poet of SbefBeld. 
She d. in College Hill, 0., May 10, 1840, sb. 64. 


8644. JuUa, b. ; m. Bartholomew Fowler of Wal- 
nut Hills. Hamilton Co., O. Children. 1. Caroline; 2. William 
P.; 8. Hannah Ann; 4 Martha; 5. JohnB. 

8645. EdxDQ/rd, b. Feb. 4, 1798; m. 0) a Ross; (2) C. Mills. 

8646. Ltmea, b. ; m. Alexander McClintock of 
Btockton, Minn., and has had eight children. 

8647. Mary, b. Mch. 6, 1808; m. Thomas Jay McCorkle. 

8648. iforoM WOiam, b. ; d. in Miami Co., O., se. abt 20. 

8649. Clarina, b. ; unnL, resided, 1859, in Cindn- 
nati, O. 

8660. AlnUra, b. ; m. (1) L. M. Wood of Hamilton 

Co., O. ; (2) Jesse Pierson of Hamilton Co., O. She had one child 
by her first, and four by her second husband. She d. — — . 

8651. Borah Ann, b. ; bl Israel Toy of Cincinnati, O. 

8652. Harriet, b. ; bl John M. Williams of Burling- 
ton, Iowa, a farmer and carpenter. She has had four children. 

8658. AmeUaJane, b. June 8, 1818; m. Azel S. Lyman. 

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Rhoda Noble, dau. of Zechamb, d. June 18, 1846. 
She m. March 4, 1802, Abghibald Obcutt. 


8654. Bfdmon, b. Jan. 81, 1808, in Richmond, N. Y.; m. Altba Leete. 
and remoTed to Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

8655. Almira, b. Maj 19, 1806, in Richmond, N. Y. ; m. A. B. Gay, and 
removed to GainesTille, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

8656. PioUy, b. Sept. 17, 1808^ in Richmond, N. Y.; m. Alvin Adams, 
and d in East Bloomfleld, N. Y. 

8657. Eoxana, b. Sept. 10, 1800; m. Joseph Paul, and removed to Bristol, 
N. Y. 

8658. Cke^er, b. Jan. 18, 1824; m. (1) Delia Ham; (2) Eiuebia Ham, and 
settled in West Bloomfield, N. Y. 


Zbobabiah Noble, s. of 2iecfiariah, was b. in Sheffield, Maas.^ 
March 9, 1784, and d. is Olean, N. Y., 1864. He removed abt 
1804, to Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., where he continued to 
reside until April, 1855, when he removed to Olean, N. Y. He 
was a &rmer. 

He m. April 7. 1819, Eunice Footb, b. Nov. 26, 1794, dau. of 
Charles, Jr., and Sarah (Day) Foote of Bloomfield. She d. of a 
cancer, Oct 25, 1855, n. 60. 

CHIIJ> BOBK IK bloomfield. 

8659. Seynumr Joiper, b. Mch. 81, 1821; m. Jan. 8, 1845, Mana Cecilia 
Mills, b. in Olean, N. Y., Apr. 28, 1826, dau. of Samuel Mills, of 
Cherry Valley, N. Y. He resided in Hinsdale, N. Y., untU the 
spring of 1855, when he removed to Olean, N. Y., where he was a 
farmer. Thence he removed to Williamsport, Penn., where he 
now, 1875, resides. Children. 1. Charles Seymour, b. Apr. 4, 
1849; 2. Edward Francis, b. Dec. 8, 1858. 


Ruth Noble, dan. of BEekiel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Dec. 
7, 1877, removed, in 1835, to Indiana, but returned abt. 1853, to 
Sheffield, where she d. abt 1863. 

She m. Chablbs Boaboman, who d. abt 1850. 


8660. Baehd, b. ; m. Comwell Dailey of Egremont, Mass., 
and d. in Winsted, Conn. 

8660a. Laura, b. ; m. Milo Winchell of Hillsdale, N. Y., is 

blind and resides in Green River, N. Y. 

8661. Edmund, b. Mch. 5, 1800; m. Caroline Hubbard, and d. in Shef- 
field, May, 18^4, a;. 64. 

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8662. Bunice, b. ; m. Sept. 10, 1822, Pbileda Loomis, and 

settled in Sheffield. 
8668. Ham^, b. abt 1809; m. Newbuiy Olds, and d. in Stockbiidge, 

Mass., May 80, 1882, te. 28. 

8664. Bebeeea, b. 

8665. Sarah, b. abt. 1810; d. Oct. 28. 1880, e. 20. 

8666. ChaHei, b. abt. 1813; d. Apr. 8, 1880, e. 17. 

8667. Lucy, b. ; m. William Hinman, and d. in Sheffield. 

8668. Amos, b. ; d. in Delaware, Ripley Co., Ind., abt. 

8669. Ezra, b. ; d. unm., in Delaware, Ind., abt. 1852. 

EsTHEB Noble, dau. of Ezekiel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Sept. 
or Dec. 1, 1783, and d. in BrockviUe, C. W., July 29, 1875, m. 91. 

She m. Lemuel Tuppeb, b. in Swansea, R. I., March 28, 1778, 
B. of Eldad Tapper. He resided during most of his life in Troy, 
N. T., and was captain of a vessel running between Troy and New 
York city. He d. Aug. 4, 1834, ». 56. 


8670. Lemuel Harvey, b. Sept. 8, 1808, in Lansingburgh, N. Y. ; m. (1) 
8ept 18. 1828, Julia Ann Turner; (2) Not. 16, 1888, Jane Eliza 
Stone; (8) Nov. 8, 1864, Lavinia Smith Olmsted. From 1882-52, 
he was managing agent and treasurer of the Troy and New York 
stesmboat company; in 1858, agent of the United States mail 
steam-ship company from New York to Aspinwall; from 1854r-65, 
superintendent of the Rensellaer &, Saratoga R R , and managing 
director of the Troy Union R R. He resides, 1876, in Troy, N. Y. 

8671. Jane Maria, b. Oct. 7. 1805, in Lansingburgh, N. Y. ; m. (1) 
Sept 18, 1822, Isaac Manchester; (2) Nov. 12, 1848, Thomas Sher- 
wood, and resides, 1876, in Brockville, C. W. 

8672. CItarleB Henry, b. Dec. 20, 1807; m. Apr. 25, 1830, Nancy Ogden, 
and d. in Harlaem, N. Y., abt. Jan. 6, 1865, e. abt. 57. Ue wns 
agent in New York, of the Troy line of steamers, and afterward 
proprietor of the Atlantic forge. New York. 

8678. George Oakley, b. May 1, 1811, in Troy, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 8, 1888, 
Mary Ann Perry. He has been captain of the steamers James 
MadiBon, Alida, Commodore, and Fnmcis Skiddy, running between 
New York and Troy. He resides, 1876, in Troy, N. Y. 

8674. Vmiam Warren, b. June 19, 1812, in Troy, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 7, 1886, 
Eliza Perry. He has been captain of steamboats Jonas C. Hart, 
Empire, Columbia, on the Hudson; and during one winter, ran the 
steamer Eureka, between New York and Bridgeport, Conn. He 
resides, 1876, at 206 West street. New York city. 

Rboda Noble, dau. of Eeekiel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 
23, 1785, and d. in Bgremont. Mass., Feb. U, 1852, sb. 66. 

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She m. Oct. 25, 1801, Pliny Earkeb, b. in Egremont, Mass., 
July 31, 1781, 8. of Jacob Earner. He was a fanner, and d. in 
Bgremont, July 20, 1853, ». 71. 


8676. PtmeUa, b. Aug. 81, 1802; m. Dec. 16, 1824, Egbert Rea- 

soner, and resides, 1870, in Princeton, HI. 

8676. PUny, b. Dec. 15, 1804; m. Oct 8, 1827, Eliza Bacon, and 
resides, 1876, in Egremont. 

8677. Banaom, b. Dec. 24, 1806; m. Adeline Bumham. 

8678. Bhcda, b. Dec. 28, 1809; d. unm. 

8679. WUUam Henry, b. June 2, 1812; m. Maiy Ann Hall, and d. Aug. 
27, 1843, m. 81. 

8680. Sartford NMe, b. Feb. 11, 1815; m.Bept.29, 1886, Lucy L. Truman. 

8681. JuUa, b. Sept. 22, 1817; d. Apr. 18, 1888, te. 15. 

8682. Jam Eliza, b. May 81, 1819; m. Nathan Watson, a tanner, and 
d. in Canaan, Conn., Oct. 10, 1871, m, 52. 

8688. Wealthy Ann, b. Apr. 29. 1828; m. July 81, 1842, William O'Con- 
nell, and d. in Egremont, Jan. 2, 1859, m. 85. He resides, 1875, at 
29 North Oay 6t.» Baltimore, Hd. 

8684. Lu^ Auguita, b. July 29, 1825; m. Ransom H. Brown, and d. in 
aeveland, O., Bept 6, 1857, e. 22. He d. in Louisville, Ey., 
Dec., 1875. 


EziKiEL NoBLX, s. of Ezeldel, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Aug. 
24, 1787, and d. in Warsaw, N. T., June 23, 1856, m, 68. He 
removed, in 1815, from Egremont, Mass., to Penfield, Monroe Co., 
N. T., next to Sheldon, N. Y., and thence, abt 1830, to Warsaw, 
N. T. He subsequently resided for two years in Sheldon, N. Y., 
but returned again to Warsaw. He was a fanner. 

He m. June, 1808, Thiodocia Bates» b. in Egremont, Mass., 
Aug. 7, 1789, dau. of Joseph and Sarah Ann (Deming) Bates. 
She d. in Fayette, Fayette Co., lowa^ Dec 4, 1869, m. 80. 

8685. Sarah Ann Deminff,h. Bept 22, 1808, inEgremont;m. David Oravcs. 

8686. Jaeeph Bates, b. Jan. 14, 1810, in Egremont; m. (1) M. A. Be- 
man; (2)L. B. Meacbam. 

8687. Eunice, b. July 22, 1818, in Elgremont; m. Albert Wil- 

8688. Rhoda, b. Apr. 17, 1816, in Penileld, N. Y. ; m. Levi V. 

8689. menara BereeUa, ] b. May 4, 1818, in Penfleld; m. Freenum 

I Backet. 

8690. Leonora CordeUa, | b. May 4, 1818, in Penfleld; m. (1) Z. Cobb; 

J (2) E. White, 

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M81. Mary Sophia, ^ b. Aug. 7, 1820, in Penfldd; m. Wflliun R 

8092. BdMoa Maria, b. Aog. 7, 1820, in Penfleld; m. BarziU Bar- 

8008. John Bkekiel, b. Apr. 27, 1823, in Penfleld; m. Sanih Rainer. 

8004. Hardey ayheUer, b. Oct. 27,1825, in Penfleld; m. Lydia M. 

8885. BabeH Delano, b. Aug. 0, 1828, in Penfleld; m. Laun Briggs. 
8000. Bamin (adopted), b. July 25. 1882, in Sheldon, K. Y. ; m. (1) Jed- 
. ediab M. Grant; (2) G. D. Grant. 


Ltxan Noblb, 8. of Ezekiel» was b. in SheflBeld, Mass., Sept 
30, 1789. He removed to Barrington, N. Y., and thence, abt. 
1846, to Wisconsin. He resided, 1852, in Emmett, Dodge Co., 

He m. Oct 16, 1810, Diadama Austin, b. Apr. 15, 1792, dau. 
of Axnos Austin of Sheffield. She d. in Reading, N. Y., June 
17, 1843, ». 51. 

8007. JoruAa Maria, b. Mob. 0, 1814; m. Aug. 7, 1881, John Crandall, 
b. May 8. 1810, s. of Ethan CrandalL Children. 1. Geoige Or- 
lando, b. Sept 5, 1882; 2. Marinda Maria, b. May 10, 1884, m. Nov. 
0, 1851. William Collar; 8. Charles Wakeman, b. June 11, 1836; 4. 
Perry Austin, b. Apr. 17, 1889; 5. Lyman Noble, b. June 21, 1841 ; 0. 
Rebecca Jane, b. June 20, 1843; 7. Ruth Emma, b. Oct. 80, 1845. 

8008. Hartey Austin, b. Aug. 10, 1817; m. Nov. 8, 1844, Nancy Jane 
ClawBon, b. Jan. 22, 1825, dau. of Abraham Clawson. 

8000. Lucy Ann, b. Dec. 2, 1819; removed to Watortown, N. Y. 

8700. Ruth Boardman, b. Jan. 1, 1622; m. Bept 10, 1848, Derastna 
King, a. of Robert King of Windsor Co., Yt Child. Leonard 
Farwell, b. Aug. 80, 1840. 

8701. SiflHa Turner, b. Mch. 10. 1825; m. Dec. 12. 1844, WiUard Cie^t- 
land Partridge, b. June 5, 1824, & of Ozias Partridge. 

8702. Either Locisa, b. Apr. 29, 1828; m. Jan. 0, 1849, John 8pear, b. 
May 18, 1819, a. of Elijah Spear. Children. 1. Julia Elisabeth, 
b. Mch. 29, 1850, d. Mch. 31, 1850, te. 2 days; 2. HoUis Eugene, b. 
Apr. 20, 1851. 

8708. Amos Eoraitio, b. Sept 2, 1880. 

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James Noblx, b. of Roger, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Aug. 2, 
1774, and d. in Pownal, Vt, Apr. 18. 1833, m. 58. 

He m. Taxzkn Evens, b. July 16, 1796, dau. of Daniel Evens 
of Pownal, Vt. She d. Jan. 20, 1876, ». 78. 


8704. James, b. June 21, 1828; m. Delia Mason. 

8705. Jo?in AUen, b. Dec. 11, 1824; m. Fanny W. Stall. 

8706. Catlutrine, b. Mch. 81, 1829; d. May 8, 1880, e. 1. 

8707. Kat?ianne Betuy, b. Feb. 6, 1881 ; m. John M. Barber. 

8708. Thomas, b. Mch. 20, 1888; d. Feb. 8, 1888, e. 4. 


OuvE Noble, dau. of Roger, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 1, 
1776, and d. in Roscoe, 111., Dec. 30, 1855, s. 79. While reading 
a paper in her room alone, her clothes took fire, and she was so 
badly burned, as to survive but a few days. 

She m. Mch. 17, 1796, Jesse Blackintok, a farmer, b. Sept. 12, 

1765, B. of Peter Blackinton of Attleboro*, Mass. He d. Nov. 20, 

1850, ». 85. 


8709. Jesse NMe, b. June 12, 1797, in Pownal; m. (1) Mahala Jinks; 
(2) Dec. 20, 1821, Polly Montgomery, and settled in Pownal, Yt. 

8710. Foster, b. Dec. 20, 1799, hi Pownal; m. Mch. 15. 1828, 
Mary Angel, and settle in Pownal, Vt. 

8711. Harriet, b. Aug. 18. 1801, in Pownal; d. Sept. 9, 1801, m. 
22 days. 

8712. John MiUon, b. Oct 6, 1805, in Pownal; m. Oct 8, 1844, Lydla 
Smith, and removed to Roscoe, III. 

8718. Edrrtet, b. Aug. 22, 1807, in Pownal; d. Mch. 1, 1889, e. 81. 

8714. Cynthia, b. Aug. 18, 1811, in Pownal; d. Mch. 2, 1889, m. 26. 

8715. Marcus Robert, b. May 28, 1814; m. Dec. 18, 1848, Ann Trumble. 

8716. WiUiam, b. Sept 18, 1815; m. 0) Nov. 21, 1841, Lucy B. 
Seelye; (2) m. . He was a fanner in North Adams, Mass. 

8717. Henry Hunt, b. Nov. 9, 1822, in Baybrook, O. 

• Bbastus Noble, b. of Roger, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Oct. 6, 
1778, and d. in Williamstown, Mass., Aug. 6, 1823, ». 44. He 
was by trade a blacksmitii, and resided in Pownal, Vt, until abt. 
1807, when he removed to WilliamBtown, Mass. 

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He m. Ruth Ejxnbt, b. in Williamstown, July 14, 1782, dan. 
of Jethro Slinney. She d. in Williamatown, Sept 11, 1870, ». 88. 


8718. James, b. Bept 12, 17d9, in Pownal; a blacksmith in Wil- 
liamstowD, Mass., and there d. unm., Apr. 14, 1877, e. 78. 

8719. Sarah Kinney, b. Dec. 28, 1801. in Pownnl; m. Benjamin Sanford. 

8720. Charles Wright, b. May 12, 1804. in Pownal, Yt. ; a machinist, and 
d. unm. in Williamstown, Nov. 1, 1885, te. 81. 

8721. Robert, b. Jan. 28, 1806; m. Elizabeth B. Chamberlain. 

8722. AdaUne, b. Mch. 28, 1808: m. Emerson Orcutt. 
8722a.^arri«^ b. Jan. 9, 1811; unm. 

8728. Marietta, b. Mch. 25, 1812; m. Henry J. Orennell. 

8724. Suth Ann, b. Jan. 19, 1814; m. Samuel 6. Haskins. 

8725. BUtabeth Jane, b. Feb. 24, 1816, in Williamstown,; m. Edwin El- 

BsTHXR Noble, dau. of Roger, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., Aug. 
16, 1780, and d. in Pownal, Vt, Feb. 20, 1858, m. 77. 

She m. (1) Mch., 1799, Nathan Blikn, b. in Great Barrington, 
8. of Elisha Blinn. He d. in OrweU, Vt., Dec., 1805. 

She m. (2) Not., 1814, Daniel Bates, b. Dec. 22, 1766, s. of 

Francis Bates of Pownal, Vt. He d. in Pownal, Aug. 8, 1842, 

SB. 75. 

ghildben bt fibst icabbiaoe. 

8726. Ormand 2^„ b. Hay 14, 1800; m. Not. 14, 1826, AlmediaEmer- 
son, resided in Pittsfleld, Mass., and d. Haj 19, 1868, te. 60. 

8727. George, b. Sept. 80, 1802; m., and removed to Essex, Vt 

8728. Sarah, b. June 19, 1804; m.. 1826, M3Ton Selick, end re- 
moved to Middlebury, Vt. 

8729. Nathan, b. Feb. 8, 1806; m. (1) Sarah Hall; (2) Mrs. Oipha 
Hodges, and d. in Adams, Mass., July, 1885, te. 29. 

childben bt second m abbiage. 

8780. Esther, b. Sept. 10, 1816: m. William Oatman, and resided, 
1876, in Richland, Mich. 

8781. WSOard Robert, b. Feb. 22, 1820; m. Caroline Elizabeth Parker, 
and resides, 1878, in Pownal, Vt 


"Wiluam Noble, s. of Roger, was b. in Bheffield, Mass., Jan. 17, 
1782, and d. in Sodus, N. T., Aug. 22, 1848, sb. 66. He was car- 
ried in childhood to Pownal, Vt., whence, in June, 1813, he removed 
to Sodus, N. Y. 

He HL Apr. 19, 1820, Betsey Shebman, b. in Washington Co. 
N. Y., Apr. 7, 1804. She removed with her family, in the spring 

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of 1857, to Lapeer, Mich.» and thence, abt. 1862, to Muskegon, 
Mich., hut d. while on a visit in Lapeer, Aug. 9, 1863, sb. 59. 


8782. ElUi, b. Oct 81. 1820; d. July 14, 1824. n. 8. 

8788. Loi9, b. Feb. 18. 1822; d. July 14. 1824, «. 2. 

8734. Boger, b. Jan. 5. 1824; in the Civil war was killed while 

crossing the Kappahannoc, Dec. 22, 1862. m, 88. 

8785. LaU, b. Sept. 29. 1825; m. Feb. 19. 1845, Henry Famom 
Bterling. b. in Virgil. Courtland Co.. N. Y., 1820. s. of Henry Ster- 
ling. He was a marble-dealer in Binghamton and Canandaigua. 
N. Y. She d. July 20, 1868. se. 87. Children. 1. Helen Frances, 
b. Dec. 29. 1845; 2. Mary Alice, b. May 29, 1848; 8. William Heniy, 
b. Mch. 18, 1852. 

8786. Ormrni, b. Mch. 29, 1827; m. Dec. 11, 1850, his cousin, Harriet 
Maria Danfortb. b. June 13. 1825, daii. of William and Cynthia 
(Noble) Danfonh. He removed, in 1856, from Bodus, N. Y., to 
Camp Point, 111. 

8787. Wmiam, b. Feb. 20, 1829. 

8788. AWiind, b. Mch. 14, 1881; m. Jan. 8, 1852, Philip Polhamus, 
b. Apr. 5, 1819, s. of Theodore Polhamus. A farmer, he has resided 
in Newark, Wayne Co. , and Muskegon, Mich. Children. 1. Geoige 
Henry, b. Nov. 4, 1852; 2. John Noble, b. Feb. 21, 1854; 8. Harriet, 
b. Mch. 11, 1856; 4. Bessie, b. July 1, 1868. 

8789. JvUa, b. Jan. 10, 1888; m. Jan. 8, 1852, Benjamin Franklin 
Polhamus, b. 1881, a of Theodore Polhamus. A shoemaker, he 
has resided in Bodus, N. Y., and Muskegon, Mich. Children. 1. 
Anna Kate, b. May 16, 1858; 2. Dora, b. Sept. 5, 1855; 8. Ormon 
Noble, b. Aug. 19, 1859. 

8740. BeUeyAnn, b. Oct. 18. 1884; m. Apr. 9, 1851. Sylvester Palmer, b. 
in Hornby, Steuben Co., N. Y., May 18, 1888, a of Rowland Palmer. 
A dealer in harvest tools, he removed, in Aug., 1862. from Lapeer, 
Mich., to Lowell, Mich. Children. 1. Mary Jane, b. June 8, 1852; 
2. Charles DeForest, b. Feb. 17, 1854; 8. WUliam Noble, b. Jan. 14, 
1856; 4. Adelbert, b. Jan. 14. 1858; 6. George Noble, b. Aug. 7. 

8741. Owrge, b. May 15, 1836 ; d. in Pike*8 Peak, MonUna Ter. , June, 
1869, e. 88. 

8748. J(ary, b. Apr. 7, 1889. 

8748. Jame9, b. Sept. 7, 1842. 

8741 AUee, b. June 85, 1848. 

8745. Frank, b. 

Ctvtbik Noble, dau. of Roger, was b. in SheflBeld, Mass., Nov. , 
6, 1786, and d. Jan. 18, 1854, sb. 67. 

She m. Feb. 6, 1811, Wiujam Danforte, b. abt. 1787, a. of 
Jonathan Danforth. He removed to Sodua, N. Y. 

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8746. Broiiui IMU, b. Nov. 6. 1811. 

8747. Homer, b. Oct. 10, 1818; m. May, 1848. Barah A. West- 

8748. Julia Ann, b. May 23, 1815; m. Jan., 1830. David Leighton. 
8740. mOiam Bodert, b. Dec. 24, 1816; d. Aug., 1823, m. 6. 

8750. Maria, b. July 20, 1818; d. Sept., 1823, n. 5. 

8751. George Whitney, b. Sept. 6, 1821; d. Sept. 6, 1823, e. 2. 

8752. Fannp, b. July 8, 1828; ul Dec. 28. 1842, Jonathan L 

8758. Edrria Maria, b. June 18, 1825; m. Dec. 11, 1850, her cousin, 

Ormon Noble. 
8754. SmOif BeUey, b. Mch. 16. 1820. 


Julia Noblb, dau. of Roger, was b. in SheflSeld, Mass., Oct 6, 
1788. After the death of her husband, she removed to Brooklyn, 

She m. May, 1814, Heman Scbanton, b. Apr. 15, 1790, 8. of 
Joshua Scranton of Pownal, Yt. He resided in Pownal, Vt, and 
there d. July 23, 1843, sb. 53. 


8766. OUve NMe, b. Aug. 12, 1815; m. Hiram H. Chase, and resides, 
1876, in Shiloh, Ala. 

8756. mka &, b. Hay 6, 1817; m. Dec. 25, 1844, James Wash- 
bum of Vergennes, Y t. 

8757. EveUnaJane, b. Hch. 4,1810; m. Feb. 10, 1887, William P. 
Barker, and d. in Pownal, Hay 17, 1846, e. 27. 

8758. Bman Martin, b. Dec. 13, 1820; d. unm., in Brooklyn, N. T., Feb. 
26, 1848, e. 27. 

8750. JuUaAnn, b. Oct 17, 1823; m. Apr. 12, 1840, 6. B. Davis, 
and resided, at last account, in Brooklyn, N. Y., her husband being 
master of the bark Denham, sailing between New York and Hobile. 

8760. Fbeier Kuteeoph, b. Hch. 11, 1826; d. Sept. 13, 1827, m. 1. 

8761. EdtnnKutes^i,h, June 1, 1828; m. Jan. 17, 1855, Jane Y. H. 
Johnson, and is, 1876, a wholesale grocer in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

8762. ybbie Knight, b. Apr. 18, 1831; remoyed to California. 


HsNBT Noble, b. of David, was b. in Great Barring^n, Mass., 
Oct 27, 1804, and d. in Dixon, Ill.,*Feb. 24, 1854. He was a far- 
mer, and redded suocessiYely in Sandisfield, X)tis, Blandf ord, 8«ndis- 
field. West Otis, Mass., and Dixon, 111. 

He m. Oct 5, 1825, Mart Ann Hubbabd, b. in Sandisfield, 
Mass., July 4, 1806, dau. of 'fheophilus Hubbard. She m. (2) 
Sept, 1850, John W. King of Dixon, 111. 

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8768. ClarisM LueeUa, b. Feb. 28, 1827, in SaDdisfleld; m. July 6, 1841. 
' James Webb, b. Mch. 81, 1822. n. of Jonathan Webb of Otis; 
resided in New Marlboro*, Mass., and Dixon, lU., dying at the latter 
place, Sept., 1854, e. 27. Children. 1. Oscar Adelbert, b. July 4, 
1845, m. 18C8, Ella Trowbridge, and resides in Dixon. Dl. ; 2. Anne 
Jennet, b. July 18, 1848, d. in Dixon, 1855; 8. James Almon, b. 
Feb. 8, 1850, d. 1855. 

87^. Henry Theophtlui, b. May 8, 1820; m. (1) J. A. Herrick; (2) M. A. 

8705. Mary Jam, b. Dec. 26, 1834, in Blandford; d. Not. 10, 1837, 

n. 2. 

8766. Mary Ann, b. Apr. 27, 1889, in Otis; m. Apr., 1858, Henry 
Yroom of Dixon, lU., and d. Oct., 1878, m. 84. 

8767. CharUi Harvey, b. Mch. 19, 1844, in Otis; m. July 4, 1869, Helen 
Benjamin, b. in Dixon, dau. of James and Caroline (Davis) Benja- 
min. He is a commercial agent. Child. Henry T., b. 1871. 


Hon. SiuLS NoBLs, 8. of David, was b. in Great Barrington, 
Mass., Feb. 19, 1808, and d. of pneumonia, in Dixon, lU., Feb. 3, 
1 867, 8B. 58. He read law with Hon. Increase Sumner of Great Bar- 
rington, removed, in 1834, to Towanda, Penn., and in Dec, 1841. 
to Dixon, 111. He was a member of the senate of Illinois, 1846-47. 

He m. (1) 1834, Nanct Euzabbth kssLEB, b. McL 16, 1816, 
in Towanda^ Penn., dau. of William Eeeler. She d. Dec. 25, 1853, 
IS. 37. 

He m. (2) May, 1854, Eukstia Emilt Abbot of Columbus, 0. 
She reaideS) 1876, in Columbus. 


8768. Edward, b. 1835, in Towanda, Penn. ; d. 1844. 

8769. Franeei, b. Oct. 21, 1838; m. Jerome HoUenbeck, and d. in Ran- 
dolph Co., Mo., 1871. 

8770. Orace, b. 1848; d. 1848. 

8771. Mary Ann, b. 1849; d. 1850. 


Amamba Nobls, dau. of Matthew, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
June 3, 1778, and d. in Great Barrington, Mass., Oct 26, 1867, 
SB. 89. 

She m. 1803, Chabues Mbbbvll, b. 1769, s. of Elihu Merrell of 
New Hartford, Conn. He was a shoemaker. He resided subse- 
quent to his marriage in Salisbury, Conn., until abt. 1823, when he 
removed to Great Barringrton, Mass., where he d. Aug. 12, 1850, 
ae. 81. 





8772. Maria, b. ; d. in Canaan, Conn., «. 19. 

8778. Eiram, b. Feb. 2, 1806; d. unm., in Canaan, Conn., Dec. 5, 1858, 
te. 50. 

8774. Harriet, b. May 8, 1809; m. Feb. 22, 1835, Jobn Burget, a leather 
dealer, and resided, 1877, In Great Barrington, Mass. 

8775. Trutnan, b. Oct. 15, 1816; m. Sept., 1887, Lucy Moreau, and d. in 
Lee, 21ass., Aug. 13, 1846, ab. 29. 

8776. William, b. ; d. in Salisbury, Conn., n. 4. 

8777. William, b. ; d. in Salisbury, Conn.. «. 9. ' 


Eu Noble, b. of Matthew, was b. in ShelBeld, Mass., abt. 1779, 
and d. in Sharon, Conn., March 12, 1847, ». 68. 

He m. Sarah Akk Fbsbhan, prob. dau. of Stephen Freeman. 
She d. Jan. 5, 1844, ». 62. 


8778. Sarah, b. abt 1800; m. Samuel S. Bates, s. of Benjamin 
Bates, beinff his second wife, and d. without issue in New Hartford. 
Conn., Feb. 19, 1872, e. 72. He was a furnace-man, and d. in New 
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 14, 1854, «. 58. 

8779. Boxana, b. * abt. 1803; m. Feb., 1845, William Bissell of Sharon, 
Conn., 8. of John Bissell, being his second wife, and d. in Sharon, 
Conn., Mch. 17, 1858, e. 51. He was a farmer. Child. Franklin, 
b. Dec. 24, 1845, d. Oct 2, 1854, m. 8. 

8780. JVary, b. Mch. 4, 1818; m. Mch. 14, 1849, Homer Hitchcock, 
being his second wife, and d. without issue, In South Amenia, 
N. Y., Mch. 81, 1874, se. 61. He was b. in Sharon, Conn., Apr. 24, 
1805, s. of Stephen Hitchcock, was a fanner in South Amenia, 
Dutchess Co., N. T., and there d. Mch. 7, 1875, s. 69. 

8781. Eliia, b. abt 1815; d. in Sharon, Conn., Apr. 16, 1888. 

8782. Almira, b. June 16, 1818; d. unm., in South Amenia, N. T., Apr. 
9. 1861, oe. 43. • 


Matthew Noble, a. of Matthew, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., June 
19, 1782, and d. in HI., March, 1866, ». 83. He removed, abt 
1803, to Vt, and in 1841, to HI. He was by trade a tanner and 

He m. (1) CiNDSBSLLA De Camp. 

He m. (2) abt 1814, Ebthbb Smsdlet, b. 1792. She d. abt 


8783. Edward T., h. ; was, in 1856, a leather-dealer, 
of the firm of Moses Hunt & Co., 55 Feny street. N. Y., and at 
last account was a resident of Saratoga, N. Y. 

8784. CindereUa, b.' 

8785. Albert, b. 

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8786. Albert Henry, b. 1815; res. 1870, in MaryrUle. Nodn- 
way Co., Mo. 

8787. Baruam BmedUy, b. • ; d. in Milwaukee, Wis. 

8788. Jcthua Kabaum, b. ; d. in Yt. 

8789. MatthetD Douglau, b. 1821 ; res. 1876, in Robinson, Brown 
Co., Kan. 

8790. Calvin Froet, b. 1828; d. in Dl. 

8791. McTTie De Camp, b. 1826; res. 1876, in MaryriUe, Noda- 
way Co., Mo. 

8792. Mary Rtbeeea, b. Aug. 7, 1827; m. John Eilboum Jones, a 
fanner, 1876, in Logan, Edgar Co., Dl. 

8798. Sarah Either, b. 1882 ; m. 1872, Adams, b. in Ind. , 

1822. He was a miner in California, whence he removed to Ore- 
gon, and thence to Delta, Walla Walla Co., Washington Ter. , where 
he is, 1876, a farmer. No children. 

8794. Jcehm EObawm, b. 1884; res. 1876, in Oregon City, 


Wealthy Noble, dau. of Matthew, was b. in Sheffield, Mass., 
Feb. 7, 1794, and residee, 1876, in Canaan, Conn. 

She m. Feb. 20, 1822, Simeon Higlet, b. in Simsbury, Conn., 
Oct 17, 1786, 8. of' Simeon and Margaret (Phelps) Higley of 
Simsbury, and Canaan, Conn. Mrs. Margaret Higley d. in Ca- 
naan, March 11, 1850, ft. 102. He was a farmer, and d. in 
Canaan, Dec. 1, 1871, sb. 85. 


8794a. EUMheOi, b. Dec. 14, 1828; m. May 22, 1848, Dr. Charles Benja- 
min Maltbie, and resides, 1877, in Falls Village (Canaan), Conn. 

87946. Mary, b. July 20, 1826; m. May 18, 1847, Chester Holcomb, 
and resides, 1876, in Canaan, Conn. 

FAimr Noble, dau. of Bartholomew, was b. Sept. 10 or 12, 
1780, and d. Oct. 24, 1831, ». 51. 

She m. Aug. 25, 1803, Obotb Peabe of Westfield, Mass., b. in 
Snffield, Conn., Dec. 12, 1780, a. of Warham and Jemsha (Kent) 
Pease. He d. Jan. 13,. 1820, sb. 39. 

8795. Maria, b. Jan. 16, 1804; d. Mch. 12, 1804. m, 1 mo. 

8796. Maria, b. May 15, 1805. 

8797. Ormn, b. Mch. 28, 1807; d. Aug. 25, 1812, m. 5. 

8798. Naivry, b. July 12, 1810; m. iBphmim Cran^ of Buffield, Conn., 
andd. Sept.. 1850, se. 40. 

8799. Lawton, b. July 29, 1818; d. Dec. 19, 1818, se. 5. 

8800. Jam, b. Sept 6, 1818; d. Aug. 11, 1820, sb. 1. 

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William Noble, s. of BartJiolomew, was b. prob. in Westfield, 
Mass., Oct 18, 1797, and there d. March 21, 1862, ae. 64. He 
was a carpenter, and resided on Franklin St, in that town. 

He m. Dec. 1 or 5, 1822, Bathsbsba EIkowles, b. Oct 16, 1795, 
dan. of Richard Enowles of Haddam, Conn. She d. in West- 
field, Aug. 15, 1859, ». 63: 


8801. WUUam Harriaan, b. Jan.