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1721 to 1878. 

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MAY 9 1901 

Copyrighted 1879, ~ 

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This work was originally designed by Amos 
Borneman, who devoted a great deal of time and 
attention to the history of the Borneman family. 
The death of the author in November, 1879, left the 
work unfinished and in a troublesome condition to 
compile. Yet, after so much labor and time hav- 
ing been spent, it seemed rather ungenerous to the 
memory of the dead to let the object of his life be 
consigned to oblivion. 

After considerable hesitancy and thought on 

my part, I finally determined to put into shape what 

had been collected, and get what new material I 

could, and so present the book to our numerous 






Since the First Settlers, 1721 to 1878. 

In the spring of 1721, Daniel Borneman, son of 
Mr. Borneman, who was a soldier, during life, in the 
Swiss army, left his native home in Switzerland, on 
the left branch of the river Rhine, came to the nearest 
seaport, and took passage on an English merchant 
ship, to be landed at Philadelphia, in the province 
of Pennsylvania, under the existing emigration laws, 
viz. : that all persons, male or female, wishing to 
come to America, and had no means to defray 
expenses, the captain of the ship had the right to 
bind them out for two years, at twelve pounds and ten 
shillings per year, making twenty-five pounds for the 
passage, and an outfit at the expiration of the term, 
with certain tools specified in said Emigration Act. 
All such persons arriving in America were called 
" redemptioners." 

It was customary that every ship should re- 

port at the harbor of her country, and pay the 
duty upon her cargo, as fixed by existing laws. 
The captain in charge of the vessel failed to 
comply with the above laws, sailed directly for 
America, and when he had crossed the ocean, 
he suggested to land them at Jamestown, Virginia, 
the climate being milder, and it would be far better 
for poor people to gain a livelihood. At that time, 
the right to sell as slaves, both white and black, ex- 
isted in the province of Virginia, of which the pas- 
sengers on board were aware. The passengers refused 
to accept the change. He then steered up the Bay, 
so that land was seen by evening, but by morning they 
would be out at sea again. He again renewed his 
efforts to land them at Virginia. He said he 
could not make the port of Philadelphia. He went 
up and down Delaware Bay for about a week, 
coming up by evening so that land could be seen, 
and by morning they were at sea again. Now the 
passengers resolved that they would not be im- 
posed upon, and threatened to put the captain in 
chains if he would not land them at Philadelphia 
according to agreement ; and when he found that 
he could not prevail upon them, then seeing his 
danger, he ran up Delaware Bay until it was 
necessary to signal for a pilot; the pilot came, and 
the captain ordered him to wreck the vessel on a 
shoal, because he was frustrated in his plans. He 

had intended to sell the passengers in Virginia for 
slaves. He and his crew intended to become pirates 
upon American waters. Finally, they came up the 
Bay until it was but twelve miles wide, and one 
hundred miles below Philadelphia, and within three 
miles of the New Jersey side. The vessel was run 
on a shoal, sprung a leak, and sunk. 

The signal of distress was hoisted, and the cit- 
izens of New Jersey, seeing it, hastened to their 
rescue. In the meantime, the captain and pilot took 
the long boat and ran out to sea. How many were 
on board, I am unable to say ; but by evening they 
were all brought safely on shore, losing everything 
they had. They encamped on the shore during the 
night, and when all was quiet the captain and pilot 
returned and set the vessel on fire and burned it 
What became of the captain is unknown. 

The news spread rapidly through the thinly 
settled province of New Jersey, that a ship with Ger- 
man emigrants had been wrecked one hundred miles 
from Philadelphia, and had lost everything. When 
they proceeded up the country, they were met by 
the good citizens, who brought them provisions and 
such necessaries of which they were in need, until 
they had reached Philadelphia. As the captain had 
failed to land them at Philadelphia, they were all 


Daniel Borneman, the history of whose descend- 
ants I am about to write, travelled through the 
country to the vicinity where Doylestown, in Bucks 
County, now stands, where he obtained work to 
grub new ground at two shillings per acre. How 
long he worked at that place, and at what age he 
arrived in this country, is not exactly known, but 
tradition tells us that he left his native home before 
he was old enough to serve in the army. He settled 
on a tract of land in Upper Hanover Township, county 
of Philadelphia, about three miles from what is now 
the village of Pennsburg. Before the year 1730, as 
we will endeavor to prove, he worked three years 
during summer, clearing and getting the land 
ready for a permanent home. In the fall, he would 
go East, where it was more thickly settled, procuring 
work wherever he could. On one occasion, on his 
way home, he stopped at a farmer's house, and 
got a job to thresh. The day was cloudy, and 
by the distance he had travelled he judged the time 
about three o'clock. After threshing some time, 
he was called to dinner, and by the time dinner 
was over it was about dark. The farm-hands went 
to feed, and the women were spinning and doing the 
work about the house. About nine P. M. they 
prepared supper, and then retired. In the morning, 
they were up early, and having done the morning 
work, they commenced to thresh again, and threshed 


until breakfast, about eleven o'clock; they had 
dinner about four P. M., and supper about nine. 
Here he worked for some time, but the time of 
meals did not suit him. He told his employer one 
morning that he would leave. He received his pay, 
and then was asked why he would not stay to finish 
the job ; he thought he treated his hands well, but 
no one would stay any length of time. Daniel 
Borneman replied : " There is everything good and 
plenty ; but there is one objection — that is the 
irregular time of eating." To which the farmer 
replied it was the custom of his father, and said he 
would not change the hours of meals to accommodate 
a day-laborer. So much for habit. 

In the spring, he would return to his log-cabin 
and continue his toils. He was married to Miss 
Gehman, and settled on the foregoing tract. He 
died in 1768. I will now describe a winter scene 
in 1739-40, as described by the original settler to 
his family, and by them to their descendants. In 
that winter snow fell to the depth of seven feet ; 
it reached to the eaves of the log-houses, and the 
tips of the stakes in worm fences could only be seen 
in some places. The snow continued to fall 
three days and three nights without intermission, and 
wound up with rain, so that the snow got a crust that 
bore a man. The people assembled in log-houses 
were deprived of the conveniences and comforts of 


life, and their log barns afforded but little more shel- 
ter than a worm fence, except that it was covered 
with a clapboard roof to keep off the rain. 

The stable was far from the house and no other 
water was to be had than from a spring, one 
hundred feet from the house. It was very difficult, 
on account of the snow, to get water to save the 
lives of his family and stock. He had an iron 
kettle and water-trough, which was near the house ; 
his first object was to reach the barn and give his 
stock some hay ; then to shovel a path to get water 
for his stock. It took him several days until he had 
made a path to the barn ; he then built a fire under 
the kettle, filled it with snow and melted it until he 
had a kejttle full of boiling water, which he put in the 
trough and put snow in it as long as it melted ; then 
he let the cattle out to drink. Having overcome the 
difficulty of watering the cattle, a new one presented 
itself in the shape of fuel; the wood on hand was 
diminishing rapidly by the extra demand. He 
shovelled a path to the northwest corner of the house, 
where he had girdled a monster white oak at the 
commencement of the settlement. He feared lest a 
severe storm would come from the west, it might blow 
the decayed tree upon the house and demolish it. 
So he labored steadily, cleared away the same for the 
tree to fall. He felled it, and it furnished fuel for 
some time, and the snow disappeared very slowly, the 


fuel became scarce again. Now a new supply had to 
be procured. He fastened boards about a foot square 
to his shoes and got on the snow and went to the 
nearest tree and cut it, then with a hand-sled he con- 
veyed it to the house. In this way he kept his family 
from suffering from cold, and his stock from perish- 
ing for want of water, while the stock of many farmers 
perished. Such was the situation of Daniel Borneman. 
I think I have proved beyond a doubt, that the settle- 
ment was begun at or before the time mentioned, 
as it will take from ten to fifteen years for a white 
oak tree to become so rotten that it might blow over 
with the wind. To prove still further, we find that 
Daniel Borneman had children born to him, viz. : 
Barbara, married to Michael Deiterly ; Susanna, married 
to Herman Zimmerman ; Christian Borneman, born 
}^ 1735 J* Henry Borneman, born in 1740; and 
Elizabeth, married to Kaup. She became a widow, 
and afterwards married David Reis, of Oley, Pa. 

Now I will follow the brief of title from the time 
Daniel Borneman got title back to the time of the 
warrantee, are as follows : The title from William Par- 
sons, John Ross and Robert Greenway to Daniel Borne- 
man is dated November 12th, 1751, for one hundred 
and fifty-nine acres and one hundred and twenty 
perches of land in Upper Hanover Township, Phila- 
delphia County, and in the province of Pennsylvania ; 
the recitals of the property are as follows : One part 


thereof being the first mentioned line adjoining Deiler 
Welker's land is part of three thousand, four hundred 
and nine-two acres, which Stephen Robinson, Esq., 
late High Sheriff of the city and county of Phila- 
delphia, by deed roll of the fifth day of March, 1738, 
did bargain and sell to James Murgatroys, in fee, who 
granted the same to the said William Parsons, John 
Ross, Robert Greenway, in fee, by indenture of the 
seventh of August, 1746; and the other part thereof 
adjoining Nicholas Young and Jacob Wannamaker, 
is part of the two thousand, six hundred and eighty 
acres which the said sheriff, by his deed roll of the 
second of June, 1746, bargained and sold to Synfiford 
Sardner, in fee, who granted the same to William Par- 
son, John Ross and Robert Greenway, in fee, by inden- 
ture of the sixth of August, 1746, which said three 
thousand, four hundred and ninety-two acres, are parts of 
seven thousand acres which John Henry Sprogell, by 
indenture of the second of June, 1710, granted to Thomas 
Fresse, the elder, in fee, and the said two thousand, six 
hundred and eighty acres are part of six thousand 
which the said Henry Sprogell, by indenture of the 
eighth of November, 171 2, did also grant in fee to the 
said Thomas Fresse, the elder ; after his death, the 
seven thousand and six hundred acres of land were 
taken in execution for payment of his debts, and sold 
in four parcels by the said Sheriff Robinson ; and the 
Christian Borneman, Herman Zimmerman, and 


Susanna his wife, Michael Deiterly, and Barbara, his 
wife, and Elizabeth Borneinan, by their indenture of 
the twentieth of January, 1769, granted unto Henry 
Borneman, the elder, their brother, in fee, the above- 
mentioned one hundred and fifty-nine acres and one 
hundred and twenty perches; and by indenture of 
the twenty-fourth day March, 1830, Henry Borneman, 
the younger, one of the executors of the last will and 
testament of Henry Borneman, the elder, did grant 
unto his brother, Daniel Borneman, in fee, the above 
mentioned tract of land, and by indenture in 
1834, the above mentioned Henry Borneman, 
the younger, and John Schwenk, administrators of 
Daniel Borneman, deceased, did grant and convey 
unto John Schwenk, the present owner. His wife 
was a sister to Daniel Borneman, the younger ; thus 
the property is to-day in possession of the descend- 
ants of the Borneman family. 

Transcript from the last will and testament of 
Henry Borneman, the elder, bearing date the second of 
July, 1823. Amongst other things, he made provision 
in said will, that the purchaser or purchasers of the above- 
mentioned and described tract or place of ground, 
their heirs or assigns, be required to keep the burial 
ground that was begun by his father on the premises, 
and contains the remains of the Borneman family and 
their descendants, inclosed with a good and substan- 
tial fence. It contains in all about twenty-five graves. 

among which were Daniel Bornemann, wife, and two 
children who died in infancy ; Henry Borneman, wife 
and eight children. The last interment made on the 
premises was Daniel Borneman, a grandson of the 
founder, in August, 1833. 

To-day, January 30th, 1878, Amos Borneman, the 
author, paid the sacred spot a visit ; the day was fine 
and the ground bare from snow ; the marks of five 
graves is all that could be seen ; there are spaces be- 
tween the graves that have sunken down that contain 
the remains of some of the family. It is inclosed at 
present with a post and rail fence along the road, 
three rails to the panel, three panels in length along 
the road, and two panels wide. 


Christian Borneman, son of Daniel Borneman, was 
born in the year 1735 and died in January, 1809, in 
his seventy-fourth year. After he had grown to 
manhood, he worked at the carpenter trade (Zimmer- 
man) ; he entered into the bonds of matrimony with 
Mary Hiestand, in which union they were blessed with 
seven children, — five sons and two daughters, two being 
twins ; two of the boys died under twenty-one years of 
age, and Daniel, the eldest, died without a family. Chris- 
tian Borneman settled about three miles north of his 
father's place, or home, on the Perkiomen Creek, about 


the year 1772. Here he resided till the year 1794, 
when he moved to Limerick Township, Montgomery 
County, Pa. (now owned by Henry H. Bornemann) ; 
here he lived the remainder of his days. During the 
winter while he lived with his father, he wagoned to 
Philadelphia, hauling bar-iron for Maberry's Forge on 
Perkiomen Creek, and in return would bring such goods 
as were needed by his hands employed. I will relate 
an incident that occurred on his way home from one 
of those trips, — I think it was in the month of May. 
This was at a time when railroads and stage coaches with 
springs were unknown. His younger brother was with 
him, who was of delicate health ; and, duri ng the afternoon, 
when they were about to leave the city, a lady came to 
the hotel and inquired of the landlady if there was any 
person there with whom she could go to Flourtown. 
The arrangements were made that she could go along. 
They were delayed till sunset before they started. 
Christian Borneman walked and in turn rode the near- 
wheel horse, while his brother and lady were on the 
uncovered wagon ; this occurred on a bright moonlight 
evening. They proceeded quietly along. The lady 
and brother were engaged in conversation until he was 
overcome with sleep, and the conversation ceased, when 
all of a sudden the horses wheeled round and ran back 
forty rods before they could be stopped. At this time» 
he was walking by the side of his horse ; when he had 
them stopped, he expressed his astonishment at the 


strange conduct of his team. The lady said, " Why, at 
such a place/' pointing to it, "a white dog as large as 
a yearling calf came through the hedge fence and 
walked by the side of him till they came to the place 
where the horses took fright, then it passed on, and, 
crossing in front of the horses, they ran back." His 
brother was not awakened until the dog had passed 
through the fence on the other side of the road. He 
got his team headed the other way again and started. 
When he arrived at the place where the horses took 
fright, it was with difficulty that he could urge the 
horses to pass, and he said in years after, as long as he 
had one of the horses in the team which he had that 
night, he could not pass that place either by day or 
night, except with difficulty. One more word and I am 
done. Was it so ordained that this lady should take 
passage, and the younger brother should fall asleep, 
that there was none but the lady to see the object ? 
Yet it was enough to satisfy Mr. Borneman what the 
cause of the strange action of his team was. 

In later years, he became feeble and almost blind. 
He made his will, directing that his real and personal 
property should be sold, shortly after his death, among 
his five surviving children, and that the purchaser 
should keep his widow, and, for so doing, should pay 
no interest of the purchase-money to the other heirs ; 
and that Daniel's share, — the eldest son's, — not beinp 
of sound mind, should remain on the premises or prop- 


erty during life, and, for the interest, should be kept. 
After his death, it should be equally divided amongst 
the surviving heirs. 

Barbara Tyson, the eldest of the family, hved to 
be the oldest, and was in her seventy-seventh year 
when she died ; raised a family of five children, — three 
sons and two daughters; the four oldest are living. 
She was a widow over thirty years. The eldest son, 
Isaac B. Tyson, has a family of ten children, — five 
sons and five daughters ; four are dead, the rest have 
families, which can be seen in the index. Henry B. 
Tyson, the second son, has a family of fourteen chil- 
dren, — nine sons and five daughters ; this is the largest 
family I met, except one ; all are living and have fam- 
ilies, except three boys. 

Lydia Kulp has four children, — three sons and one 
daughter, — two being twins. They are all living, and 
two of the sons are married. 

John B. Tyson had seven children, — three sons 
and four daughters ; six are living, and all have families 
but one. All the descendants of Barbara Tyson live 
near home, all except one of Isaac B. Tyson's daughters, 
who lives in Canada. 

Henry Borneman had a family of eight children, 
— six sons and two daughters ; four sons died before 
arriving. at the age of manhood. 

Lydia Brook had nine children, — five sons and 
four daughters, — two boys being twins. Her children 


are all married. One son lives in Clearfield, Pennsyl- 
vania. Two are dead. 

Henry Borneman, who resides on the old farm in 
Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylva- 
nia, had nine children, — five sons and four daughters; 
three are dead ; three have families, and three are 
single. He taught school during his younger years, 
but is now a retired farmer. 

Elizabeth Miller had four children, — three sons 
and one daughter; one is dead, and the others are 
living and have families. 

Amos Borneman had three children, — a boy and 
girl by his first marriage, and a daughter by his sec- 
ond marriage ; two are dead. He followed teaching 
for a long time, during winter ; was also a practical 
surveyor, and at one time he was engaged in the lum- 
ber business, in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Fry had four children, — one son and three 
daughters ; three are dead ; the daughters have fami- 
lies. Mary Alderfer, — the oldest of her children, had 
six children, one son and five daughters. The second 
daughter had seventeen children. She became a 
widow, and in two years married her second husband. 
Her descendants live in Ohio and Illinois. Anna 
Buckwalter had nine children, — five sons and four 
daughters; four are dead, and the rest have families. 
Esther Kook had seven children, — two sons and five 
daughters ; four are dead ; the rest have families. 


John Borneman had eleven children by two mar- 
riages, — seven sons and two daughters, two - pair 
being twins, a son and a daughter each time; three 
are dead. John H. Borneman had a family of four; 
one is dead, and one has a family. He is a mason 
and bricklayer by trade. Catharine Tyson has five 
children, — three sons and two daughters ; one is 
dead ; the rest have families. Isaac H. Borneman 
had eight children, — ^three sons and five daughters ; 
three are dead ; the rest have families, but one ; one of 
the sons was a teacher for some time, and is now 
a notary public of the Souderton Bank, and the 
other, J. S. Borneman, taught school six years 
in Montgomery County, Pa. He abandoned teach- 
ing, and began the study of medicine. In the 
spring of 1878, he graduated at the University of 

Barbara Bower had six children, — three sons 
and three daughters. One is dead, but had a 
family, the rest have families. Her two sons 
are dentists. One son, Joel B. Bower, graduated 
in the spring of 1866 in the Philadelphia Den- 
tal College. 

Henry H. Borneman had seven children^ — 
two ' sons and five daughters ; three are dead, two 
have families. He is a clock and watchmaker by 
trade, and lives at Boyertown, Pa. 


Christian Bornemati had four children, — two sons and 
two daughters ; one is dead, the son is married. Eliz- 
, abeth Berlotett had five children, — four sons and two 
daughters, — two being twin sons ; both are dead. 

Sarah Yoder had three children, — one son and two 
daughters, — two being twins ; both are dead. 

Joseph H. Borneman had six children, one still-born, 
— five sons and one daughter ; the daughter is married, 
the others are single ; he learned clock and watch mak- 
ing ; did not agree with him ; he studied dentistry ; in the 
spring of 1865, graduated in the Philadelphia Dental 
Collge. He was afterwards engaged in the drug 
business in the city of AUentown, but has a drug 
store now near Clayton, Berks County, Pa., where he 
lives. There were born in Christian Borneman's family 
up to July 4th, 1878, when the history closes, four hun- 
dred and nine — two hundred and thirteen males and one 
hundred and ninety-nine females ; ten pairs being twins, 
— a pair of twins to every forty-one. Sixty-four males 
and thirty-seven females died ; living at date : one hun- 
dred and forty-nine males and one hundred and sixty- 
two females. 

Recapitulation of families. — Barbara Tyson^s 
family : sixty-five males and fifty-five females ; deaths in 
family : nine males and five females, two being twins. 
Henry Borneman's family : forty males and thirty- 
five females — three pairs being twins ; deaths : eigh- 
teen males and three females, living : twenty-two males 
and thirty females. 


Mary Fry's family : fifty males and fifty-one fe- 
males ; deaths : sixteen males and twelve females, two 
pairs being twins. Elizabeth Kintner, a granddaughter 
living in Sharswood, Ohio, had seventeen children ; 
this is the largest family heard from. 

John Borneman's family : forty-two males and 
forty-seven females ; deaths : thirteen males and ten 
females ; four pairs of twins were born in this family . 


Henry Borneman, son of Daniel Borneman, was 
born in 1740, and died in March, 1828, in his eighty- 
eighth year. He was of delicate health when young ; 
but when time and circumstances admitted he took 
to himself a companion, — Miss Margaretta Seasholtz, 
— by which union they were blessed with fourteen 
children, — four sons and ten daughters. Two sons 
and five daughters died in infancy. The other sons 
and daughters had families, except Daniel Borneman, 
who never married. 

Henry Borneman, after the death of his father, 
bought the homestead, by deed of release, from the 
rest of the heirs, — namely, Barbara Deiterly, Susanna 
Zimmerman, Christian Borneman and Elizabeth Borne- 
man, — bearing date 20th of January, 1769. 

He resided on the property until the time of his 
death, July 2d, 1823. The said Henry Borneman 


made his last will and testament, and, amongst other 
things, provided in said will that the executor 
should provide in the title that the purchaser or 
purchasers thereof, their heirs or assigns, must forever 
keep the burial ground, begun by his father, on the 
farm, and in which he had buried seven chiL 
dren, and expected to be buried there also, in 
good enclosure, with a substantial fence. After his 
death, Daniel Borneman, his son, in 1830, became 
the owner of the property. He died in 1833, with- 
out issue, and was the last one that was buried on said 
burial ground. After his death it was sold by the 
heirs to John Schwenk, who was married to Elizabeth 
Borneman, the youngest daughter of Henry Borneman, 
who lived on it till the time of her death, which 
occurred in April, 1869, bringing her age to seventy- 
eight years, and John Schwenk, her husband, still re- 
mains on the premises July 4th, 1878, when our history 
closes. Thus the property had but four different owners 
since it was occupied by the Borneman Family. 
Daniel Borneman lived there from about 1725 to 1769, 
Henry Borneman from 1769 to 1828, Daniel Borneman 
from 1828 to 1833, and John Schwenk from that time 
to the present, and is now in his eighty-seventh 

Barbarba Dieterly, the eldest of Henry Borneman's 
children, married her first cousin and had three chil- 
dren ; two are dead and the eldest had no family. 


Catherine Auderholt had seven children, three 
sons and four daughters ; two are dead and the rest 
have famiHes. 

Margaretta Heildabitel had four children, two sons 
and two daughters ; the sons are dead. 

Mary CroU had four children, two sons and two 
daughters, two being twins ; one son and one daughter 
are dead, and one of the girls has a family and the boy 
is single. Her father made his last will and testament 
giving his daughter Mary a farm of one hundred 
acres, on which she lives, and the interest of ;^2ioo, 
and provided in said will, if the income of the farm 
and the interest of the ;?2ioo would not keep her, she 
could use as much of the principal as would keep her. 

Elizabeth Kulp had eight children, three sons 
and five daughters ; one son and four daughters have 
families. She is a sister of Mary Croll, and received 
by will from her father two tracts of land, the income 
of which she shall have during her life-time, and after 
her death it is to be legally divided among her legal 
heirs and representatives. There has been trouble 
in the family and the will was taken into court 
and decided in favor of her husband, and the decision 
was taken to the Supreme Court and sustained ; hence 
he has control of the entire estate and manages it 

Henry Borneman had five children, — three sons 
and two daughters; two sons are dead, and a daughter 


is single ; the rest of the three have families ; 
one son lives in Northumberland County, Pa. 

Catharine Berkey moved to Butler County, Pa., 
in 1830, and died two years after; she had ten chil- 
dren, two being twins ; eight of the family are dead ; 
all left families. 

Susanna Hiestand had ten children, — two sons 
and eight daughters; five are dead; one son and 
four daughters are living and have families ; one is 
a preacher in the Evangelical Mennonite Church. 
Catharine Geisinger had ten children, — six sons and 
four daughters ; seven are dead ; three died in in- 
fancy ; the rest had families. Mary Borneman had 
seven children, — two sons and five daughters ; three 
are dead ; two have families, and two are single. 

Abraham Hiestand had but one child, a daughter, 
sixteen years old. Margaretta Hiestand-Borneman has 
but one child, a daughter ten years old. Anna Tagert 
had five children, — four sons and a daughter; three 
are dead. 

Elizabeth Schwenk was first married to Mr. 
Sechler, with whom she had two children, and with 
Schwenk one; one by the first marriage is dead, 
the other two have families. 

Conclusion. There had descended from Henry Bor- 
neman to the 4lh of July, 1878, three hundred and five, 
— one hundred and forty males and one hundred and 
sixty-four females. Deaths in the family : one hundred 


and four, — fifty males and fifty-four females. Living : 
ninety-one males and one hundred and fourteen 
females ; there were seven pair of twins, a pair of twins 
to every 43 4-7 of the population. 

Recapitulation of families. — Barbara Dieterly's 
family : sixteen males and seventeen females ; deaths : 
seven males and three females ; living : nine males and 
fourteen females. Margaretta Heildabital's family : 
thirty-seven males and thirty-six females; deaths: 
thirteen males and eight females ; living : twenty-four 
males and twenty-eight females. In this family 
were born five pairs of twins, a boy and a girl each 

Henry Borneman's family : twenty males and thir- 
teen females ; deaths : four males and two females ; living : 
sixteen males and eleven females, Catharine Barkey's 
family : thirty-three males and forty-two females; deaths : 
eleven males and sixteen females ; living : twenty-two 
males and twenty-six females ; one pair of twins in the 
family, a boy and girl. Susanna Hiestand's family : 
twenty-six males and thirty-five females ; deaths : 
eleven males and twelve females ; living : fifteen males 
and twenty-three females ; one pair of twins in this 
family, a boy and a girl. 

Elizabeth Schwenk's family : six males and eleven 
females ; deaths : one male and two females ; living : 
five males and nine females. 



Barbara Borneman, the oldest of Daniel Borne- 
man's children, was born about the year 1725 ; and in 
later years married Michael Dieterly and settled in 
the upper end of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and 
during their wedded life were blessed with ten chil- 
dren, three sons and seven daughters, — all of whom 
raised families. Michael Dieterly, the eldest son of 
the family, following the example of Jacob of old 
when he wanted a companion, went home to his own 
kindred, and married his mother's brother's daughter 
by whom he had three daughters, one of which is liv- 
ing, at the present time ; the oldest of the family had 
no family ; the second, Barbara Ettinger, had a family 
of three daughters, of which I have no definite account. 
The third, Catharine Wimmer, had four sons and three 
daughters ; three had no families ; one of the daugh- 
ters moved to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania ; and of 
one of the sons I have no account. 

John Dieterly had eleven children, — five boys and 
six girls ; six were living when my history closes. 
The greater part of them live in Bucks County, 
Pennsylvania, and follow farming in general as an 
occupation for a living. Mary Kilmer had three c hil- 
dren ; two raised families with the sixth generation 
following them. Fourth, Sarah Grover had five chil- 
dren ; all living and have small families. Fifth, 


Susanna Whitman had six children, all living at this 
time ; all had families. 

Sixth. John Dieterly had seven children, five liv- 
ing at the present time ; three have small families. 

Seventh. Catharine Krauthammel had four chil- 
dren ; three have small families. 

Eighth. Tobias Dieterly had six children ; four 
are living, and two have small families. 

Ninth. Lydia Kraut had five children ; four 
are living, and two have families. 

Tenth. Isaac Dieterly, of Bedminster, Bucks County, 
to whom I am indebted for the history of John Die- 
terly*s family, I paid a visit in May, 1878, had three 
children, and one has a family, Elizabeth Schock. 
John Schock, the fifth of Barbara Dieterly's children, 
married in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and in 1782 
moved to Mt. Bethel, and died at the age of seventy- 
five years, and had thirteen children ; one died, a 
daughter, at twelve years of age, and during her life 
time planted an apple tree that at this time, 1878, has 
borne every other year a crop of apples. I will now 
give you a short history of this family, which has eight- 
teen pair of twins, two ministers, one doctor, and one 
lawyer, and three children have reached the eighth 

First. John Schock has two children living ; both 
have families, but one I did not get. 

Second. Philip Schock eleven children ; eight liv- 
ing and have families and one pair of twins, and his 


descendants number two hundred and twenty-two, and 
reached the seventh generation, and Pleasant Philip the 
eighth generation. 

Third. Barbara Oyer had seven children ; four are 
living and six have families reaching the seventh gen- 
eration, and Clarence Beck, the eighth generation ; 
scattered over Northampton and Bucks Counties; some 


in the State of New Jersey, etc. 

Fourth. Mary Magdalena Hartzel ; nine children, 
eight living and eight have families, and reached the 
seventh generation. 

Fifth. Henry Schock; six children, all living, 
and five have families ; and a grand-son, — Francis H. 
Layer, — is an attorney at Easton, Pa. 

Sixth. Susanna Correll; twelve children, eight 
living. Nine have families, and one pair of twins ; 
Samuel Gruber, — a grand-son, — is a physician ; 
J, H. Correll is a missionary to Japan ; Blanche 
Engler is of the eighth generation ; Rev. William H. 
Dunbar is also a grandson, and is located in Easton. 

Seventh. Michael Schock ; nine children, seven 
living, and eight have families, and a couple of them 
have reached the seventh generation. 

Eighth. Elizabeth Beck ; ten children, nine living, 
and one family, in part, is all I got. I called at the 
residence of John Beck, Belvidere, and he managed to 
give his mother's family and two children of his sister. 
He could not tell me where they lived, or if they had 


faiDilies or not, but directed me to his brother, Abra- 
ham Beck, on the New Jersey side of the Delaware 
River ; he could give me the desired information. I 
• called at the house, and he was out fishing at the Del- 
aware. I was received by Mrs. Beck, an intelligent 
and lady-like woman. I explained my business to her, 
and left instructions, and afterwards wrote to him, but 
received no answer ; and I applied to others of the 
family, but with no better success. 

Ninth. Doratha Dutt ; seven children, five living, 
and three have families. 

Tenth. Catharine Miller, living, eighty-five years ; 
five children, three living, are all that I did get. She 
was living a year ago ; and Jacob B. Miller, Belvidere, 
had the family in charge, but he never gave it any at- 
tention, and, hence, the reason that it is not repre- 

Eleventh. David Schock, eighty-three years. 
This gentleman I paid a visit September 2, 1878. 
He had eight children, six living, and six have families, 
and had reached the seventh generation. Harrison 
Schock, son of David Schock, having volunteered his 
services in my cause, by letter dated July i, 1878, and 
in five weeks from the date of the letter he was called 
out of time into eternity, to enjoy a better life, freed 
from the cares of this world, and by his death my work 
was delayed. 1 had to hunt up new auxiliaries. As 
described above, some of them were of no account* 


Twelfth. Sarah Weaver, Uving, eighty-one years ; 
three children, two living, and all have families, and 
have reached the seventh generation. 

Elizabeth's family foots up eight hundred and five 
souls of the thirteen hundred and ninety-five of the 
mother's family collected. 

Henry Dieterly had six children, five of whom 
are living, and all have families settled in Bucks 

First. Daniel Dieterly, eight children, one pair 
of twins and six living. 

Second. Charles Dieterly, four children, all living 
and have families. 

Third. George Dieterly, three children, all living 
and no account of their families. 

Fourth. Jacob Dieterly, six children, all living, 
three have families. 

Fifth. Henry Dieterly, no family. 

Sixth. Mary Deily, seven children, all living and 

Susanna Smith, eleven children, three living and 
nine had families. 

First. Joseph Smith, three children and ten grand- 

Mary Swartly, nine children, seven living and 
have families. 

Third. Sarah Sancks, ten children, six living have 
children, several have reached the seventh generation. 


Fourth. Henry Smith, six children, five living, 
and two have families. 

Fifth. Elizabeth Fox, four children and three have 

Sixth. John D. Smith, eight children, one pair of 

twins, seven living and but two of his children have 


Seventh. Susanna Frick, two sons, one has a 

family of five children. 

Eighth. Mary Ruth, two girls, both married but 
no children. 

Mary Stonebach, ten children, one pair twins, six 
living and eight have families. 

First. John Stonebach, eleven children, nine living 
and six have families. 

Second. Catharine Beitler, two children, and they 
have families. 

Third. David Stonebach, four children living and 
have families. 

Fourth. Mary Deily, four children and have fam- 

Fifth. Baltzer Stonebach, seven children, three 
living, three have families. 

I called at his house in person in May, 1878, when 
he was prostrated on his death-bed with consumption, 
and died in the fall following. 

Sixth. Henry Stonebach, seven children, six living 
and three have families. 


Seventh. Magrata Miller, two children; one living 
and has a family. 

Sarah Snyder, the youngest of the Dieterly's 
family, married and moved to Virginia, at what date I 
could not find out, neither to what part ; the only 
account we have of her I obtained from Daniel Schock, 
the man I visited in September last; he stated that she 
and her husband had been on a visit to his father 
when he was a boy ten years of age, making it seventy- 
five years ago. 

I have now given you a short sketch of Bar- 
bara Dieterly's family. In this family are repre- 
sented all the stages and conditions of the human 
family ; we find in it the aged fathers and moth- 
ers living that have passed their four score years, 
the full time allotted to man. We also find the farmer, 
the mechanic, the day laborer, and the pauper, who 
does exist upon the generosity of a more fortunate 
brother, the minister of the Gospel, the missionary 
that has taken upon himself the work of spreading 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the heathen, 
where the human family worship images made by 
their own hands in a foreign country, where the light 
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been first proclaimed, 
and has been changed into a worship of idols. Again, 
we have the doctor, the lawyer and the school teacher, 
the man of means and the professor of science and 


art, in short, a people that could almost exist by them- 
selves were they cut off from the rest of mankind. 


Susanna Borneman, the second of Daniel Borne- 
man's children, was . born about 1730, and married 
Herman Zimmerman, who was the son of Henry 
Zimmerman, was born in Dellenburg, Holland, — 
whence the ;?8o,ooo,ooo legacy was to revert from 
if a certain John Zimmerman, a bachelor, and 
brother to Henry Zimmerman above mentioned, and 
all the lineal descendants of the Zimmerman family in 
the mother country, should have died out. There 
was application made in America to trace up the 
family, as I will show in its proper place, with whom 
she had nine children, — Herman, Henry, Christian, 
Daniel, Jacob, Abraham, Catharine Rupert, Barbara 
Rupert and Susanna Fece. Herman Zimmerman, ju- 
nior, did not marry young. He lived with his widowed 
mother for many years, and was active in person, and 
a great favorite with the fair sex ; and as it was cus- 
tomary at that time when a wedding was to take place, 
the old folks and the young on both sides of the bride- 
groom and the bride were invited to attend, a feast 
was prepared, and among the invited guests Herman 
Zimmerman was one of the number to entertain the 
invited guests. A violinist was occasionally called in, 


and all participated in the pastime. In 1791 he mar- 
ried Elizabeth Young, and with het* he had four chil- 
dren, — John Zimmerman, aged eighty-six years, and 
living ; Susanna Smith, eighty-six, if living ; Jacob 
Zimmerman, eighty-two, living; and David Zimmer- 
man, died in 1864, in Upper Hanover Township, Mont- 
gomery County, Pa., aged sixty-six years. In 1801 
he left his wife and went to Huntingdon County, Pa., 
to his brother, Henry Zimmerman, the great black- 
smith, and worked there for some time, when he left 
that place for Canada, British America, at which time 
his history ceases. 

John Zimmerman, the eldest of his children, 
moved to Clinton County, Pa., in 1830, if memory 
serves me right, and has a family of eight children, all 
living. His Post-Office address is Carroll, Clinton 
County, Pa. 

Susanna Smith has a family of three sons and one 
daughter, — Anna Geiger, — who have families; but 
where they live I cannot tell. I am indebted to John 
O. Zimmerman, — a nephew of Mrs. Susanna Smith, — 
for the information, and he gave no residence. Jacob 
Zimmerman (address, Oakland Mills, Juniata County, 
Pa.,) was eighty-two years old in December, 1878, and 
quite smart. He moved to Juniata County in 1838, 
and had to contend with pioneer life for some time, 
till the Pennsylvania Railroad was built, which brought 
new life into the county. He married Jane Peatt Irvin, 


since deceased, and during his wedded life they had 
four sons and one daughter added to their family. 
One son died at the age of three months ; the others 
are living and have families, and their addresses will 
come in the family-list which will be hereunto ap- 

Oliver Perry Zimmerman was a soldier in the 
Union army for a period of eighteen months. He lay 
at Petersburg at the time of the surrender of the Con- 
federate army, and was regularly mustered out of ser- 
vice without having received a wound. 

Jacob Zimmerman in 1852 took an active part in 
tracing up the Zimmerman family in America in order 
to draw the ;^8o,ooo,C)00 dollars that were awaiting 
the identity of the legal heirs of a certain John Zim- 
merman of Holland, whose legal heirs and representa- 
tives in the mother country were all dead ; there was 
notice given through newspapers, and he happening 
to be in Reading, Berks County Pa., at the time, came 
in possession of one of those papers. He began to search 
the country over to get at the first Zimmerman that 
came over, and soon found that his grandfather, — Her- 
man Zimmerman, (married to Susanna Borneman,) — 
with his mother and another brother, had come to Amer- 
ica from Holland. He traced up the time of their depar- 
ture, obtained the past port (Daufshine), the clergy 
that performed the rites at the funeral. He then started 
out, calling at my father's, Henry Borneman, in Lim- 


erick Township, Montgomery County, Pa., in August, 
1852. Henry Borneman was a nephew of Susanna 
Zimmerman. After having obtained full information, he 
started on his mission, visiting all the Zimmermans 
in Montgomery County, Pa. And noting the branch in 
their order, he next went to Berks County, Pa., and 
traced up his fathers, sisters, and brothers, making a 
regular inventory as he travelled. He found both the 
Rupert families, and also the Susanna Feece of which 
I cannot get any information. He next visited the 
Zimmermans in Huntingdon and Blair Counties, they 
being full brothers to his father and the most of them 
living at that time, and made note of his observations ; 
and then he visited his brother in Clinton County, and 
when the papers and searches there were complete, he 
had everything that was necessary except the mar- 
riage certificate between Herman Zimmerman and 
Susanna Borneman, which was amongst the missing. 
The question is, had they ever had a certificate of 
marriage, or was it lost ? It is not doubted in the least 
that they were legally married, but the certificate may 
have been a secondary matter with them ; but my ad- 
vice is to all, if it is worth the trouble to get married, 
by all means, see that you get a certificate to save dis- 
putes in the future. ;^8o,ooo,C)00 depended upon 
such a small document. Yet it was the only thing 
that prevented the parties herein represented to pre- 
sent their claims at the Courts of Holland, in 1852, 


eighty years after the death of the testator, as set forth 
in said notice, and as no claim upon said legacy was 
presented, according to the statutes of Holland in such 
cases made and provided, it reverted to the Govern- 
ment. The said statistics had been nicely preserved 
by the said Jacob Zimmerman in a valise until 1873, 
when he changed residence, and while moving two 
naughty boys got the valise, examined its contents, 
and tore the documents to shreds and destroyed it in 
toto. Could I have gotten possession of said papers, 
as they had been gathered by him, they would have 
formed an important chapter in our history. David 
Zimmerman was but six months old when his father 
left the country with his mother to struggle through 
the world with four small children, without a protec- 
tor. He was father often children; eight of them are 
living, and are settled in Montgomery and adjoining 
counties. John A. Zimmerman, one of the sons, is 
in Philadelphia, and is a professional music teacher. 
Several years ago he met with a painful accident ; 
he was in the country where a threshing machine was 
in operation, and his right hand was caught by the 
cylinder, and was lacerated so badly that it had to be 
amputated. His father was a cordwainer by occupa- 
tion, and in later years he studied the farrier business 
and was one of the best farriers in the neighborhood 
in which he lived. 


Henry Zimmerman, the great blacksmith, was 
married to Elizabeth Hiestand. He learned the black- 
smith trade with his father, and when but seven- 
teen years of age he made a steelyard for his uncle, 
Christian Borneman, with the date of 1783 upon it, 
and it is in possession of Henry H. Borneman, Lim- 
erick. He moved to Huntingdon County in May, 1800, 
but before he moved to Huntingdon, he put a welded tire 
on a wagon wheel (or, as at present is expressed, hooped 
a wheel) ; before that time all wheels on wagons were 
hooped with lap hoop ; the tire was cut in length, the 
same as the felloe, and the ends were flattened to lap 
evenly and a hole punched through both ends, so when 
put on the rim of the wheel, the lap to meet in the 
middle of the felloe, through which hole, as well as on 
the spokes, there were nails put in with holes an inch 
square and half an inch thick ; in this way all wagons 
were hooped prior to that time, and the writer saw a 
front carriage hooped that way at Hiltner's tavern, 
ten miles from Philadelphia, in May, 1834. It was 
brought from the old country. How long before he 
moved to the West that he put the welded tire on the 
wheel, I am not prepared to say, but it was not ten 
years, for it was on a wagon of his own that he made 
the experiment and proved a success, hence the privi- 
lege that our gentry boast in their skeleton-like car- 
riage. He had a family of one son and two daughters, 
and each of his grand-children boasts of having a steel- 


yard that was made by their grandfather. His son 
Abraham Zimmerman had no children, and his widow 
is now married to John H. Wright, and is near eighty 
years of age, and has the use of all her faculties. His 
daughter Elizabeth married Henry Hess, and had 
but one child. Henry Hess, Jr., has his sec- 
ond wife, is sixty-nine years old, and has had twenty- 
one children with both marriages, twelve with the 
first woman and nine with the second, and the youngest 
is four years old. John Hess had enlisted in the war, 
and was shot at the battle of Antietam. Abraham 
Hess was in the army three years, was shot in the right 
shoulder and recovered, and is now living in Colorado. 
Elizabeth Hess is in Illinois, and Samuel Hess in Iowa. 
Barbara married Jacob Stauffer, with whom she had 
two sons and three daughters, and whilst on a visit to 
her sister Elizabeth, in company with her husband 
and one of her daughters, a thunder-shower rose sud- 
denly and overtook them on their way, and they took 
refuge with John H. Wright above mentioned, but 
at the time his first wife was living. The storm was 
severe, and she felt anxious for her children at home, 
and three times did she go to the door to see if all 
was well, and when she had seated herself the third 
time, her daughter leaning over her knee, a flash of 
lightning entered the room and killed her instantly, 
and set the child's clothes on fire, but did no other 
injury, and she is living at this time and has a family. In 


later years, Jacob Stauffer and his son Abraham moved 
to Stock County, Ohio, (address Louisville Post-office,) 
where he married Margaret Croft, from Blair County, 
Pennsylvania, with whom he had six children, all liv- 
ing ; he died sixteen years ago ; and his widow, son 
Jacob, and daughter Elizabeth, were at the family 
reunion on the fourth day of September, 1879, on the 
Borneman homestead in Upper Hanover Township, 
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Christian Zim- 
merman, afore mentioned, we have very little to say, as 
the only information that can be obtained is through 
Nancy Wright (widow of Abraham Zimmerman, 
a nephew of the said Christian Zimmerman. After the 
death of her husband (Abraham Zimmermam,) she 
lived with her father-in-law, Henry Zimmerman, the 
great blacksmith, and during that time one of Chris- 
tian Zimmerman's sons paid his Uncle Henry a visit, 
and the impression is that his father had moved to a 
village called Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania, 
long before that time ; how many children he had, and 
what became of them, I cannot say. I made diligent 
inquiry of persons living there, but received no answer. 

Daniel Zimmerman lived in Huntingdon County, 
Pa., and died when his children were small. 

Frederick and Daniel died without families, 
Henry Zimmerman, the Justice of Peace, was small 
when his father died. His uncle, Henry Zimmerman, 
the great blacksmith, took him under his charge. 


and raised him ; he married and moved to La Grange, 
Indiana, where his son Benjamin Zimmerman resides, 
unto whom I am indebted for a considerable part of the 
history of Daniel Zimmerman. Isaac Zimmer- 
man, a brother to Benjamin Zimmerman, has a 
family at La Grange, Indiana, and Henry Zim- 
merman, also a brother and an attorney-at-law, 
address Albion, Noble County, Indiana. Of Jacob Zim- 
merman's family we have no account. Margaretta 
Wright has two daughters. Elizabeth married — Lar- 
kins and Barlow married — Wise — Elizabeth South- 
worth had one daughter. Barbara Wright, the first 
wife of John H. Wright, had ten children; six died 
without issue ; four daughters have issue ; and Susanna 
Creamer is dead, leaving two sons and two daughters 
to mourn the early loss of a mother. Abraham Zim- 
merman's family consisted of a daughter named Su- 
sanna, who was married to John Michael Brode ; had 
eleven children ; some are dead. His son, John Wil- 
helm Brode, enlisted in the late war against the Re- 
bellion, and was taken prisoner, dragged through the 
tobacco-houses to Andersonville, where he was starved 
to death. Samuel Brode also enlisted March 5th, 
1865, at the call for 500,000 men for one year or dur- 
ing the war ; was discharged at the close of the war. 
Daniel Brode was drafted and paid commutation. 
Abraham Brode enlisted in the Union army about the 
first of August, 1862, for nine months, served ten 


months ; was in the battle of Antietam ; was in the 
reserve corps during the Bull Run fight, and at the 
expiration of his enlistment returned home, and has a 
family. His address is Calmont, Huntingdon County, 

Daniel Zimmerman, a wheelwright, lived, at last 
accounts, near Altoona, Blair County, Pa., and has a 
large family. His son Abraham went to Pilot Knob, 
Missouri, about twenty years ago, and what became of 
him my informant does not say.. Catherine married 
Frederick Briney ; lived near Williamsburg, Blair 
County, Pa., but moved to Sangammon County, Illinois, 
and has four or five children. 

Of Jacob Zimmerman we have very little to say. 
We have it stated that he had five children, — namely, 
John, Jacob, David, Mary and Sarah. Our best author- 
ity as to his family is Mary White, aforementioned. 
That Jacob Zimmerman and his brother Christian 
moved to Harmony, Butler County, Pa., at what date, 
we cannot say ; and if any of his children are dead, or 
have families, could not be ascertained, as I have 
written to persons at Harmony, describing the family 
in search, but could get no information. The col- 
lection of facts by Jacob Zimmerman, of Juniata County, 
in 1852, in relation to the Zimmerman family, being 
lost, all was lost, and cannot be gathered again, as 
many of the valuable papers were stowed away with 
them that can never be replaced. 


Catherine Rupert, daughter of Susanna Zimmer- 
man, had nine children ; all were dead but Catherine 
Hosier in March, 1878. Abraham Rupert, the eldest 
of the family, had eleven children, and one pair of 
twins. His son, Eli Rupert, lives in Camfield Town- 
ship, Mahoning County, Illinois, and had a family of 
seven children. 

Sarah Ludwig had three children, and one is liv- 
ing. Two have families. All the rest have families, 
except Jeremiah and John Rupert. John Rupert has 
a family of four children, of which I can give no defi- 
nite account. 

Jacob Rupert, the third son, married Rebecca 
Oyster, of Oley, Berks County, Pa., February 21, 1 813. 
In later years, he moved to Mahoning County, Ohio, 
— address, East Lewistown, — where they were blessed 
with fourteen children, seven of whom raised families. 
Elias Rupert had nine children, who live in the West. 
William Rupert died, and left three children. Daniel 
Rupert is living, and has eight children. Benjamin 
Rupert, whose address is Roanoke, Huntingdon County, 
Indiana, has his fourth wife, and had twenty-one chil- 
dren ; eighteen are living. Andrew Rupert — address, 
Marshall, Clark County, Illinois — is living, and has 
eleven children, and his third, if not his fourth wife. 
Gideon Rupert — address, Danville, Vermilion County, 
Illinois — died a few months ago, and had twelve chil- 
dren ; and my informant says he had his fourth wife. 


Leah Fox — address, East Lewistown, Mahoning 
County. Ohio — is living, and has five children. Jacob 
Rupert, son of Jacob Rupert, senior, is living, and has 
six children living, and the fourth wife. His address 
I have' not received. Catharine Hosier, the fourth of 
the family, was born about 1782. I paid her a visit in 
March, 1878, and at that time she retained all her fac- 
ulties, and gave me a detailed account of her mother's 
family and of her own. She had eight children, with 
children's children, one of the girls living in Indiana. 
Magdalene Minder is reported as having one son, — 
William Minder, — giving no residence, and no family. 
Mary Derolf had two children, — son and daughter; 
but no residence and no family given. Esther Beiber 
was born July 4, 1788, and died October 8, 1869, aged 
eighty-five years, five months and four days, and had 
two sons, — Enoch Beiber, born October 30, 181 2, and 
Elias Beiber, born November 30, 181 8. In November 
1823, John Beiber and Esther and their two sons 
moved from Berks County, Pa., to Mahoning County, 
Ohio, where they lived until called away by death at 
a good old age ; they saw their great-grandchildren 
gather around them. Enoch Beiber — address, East 
Lewistown, Mahoning County, Ohio, — has his second 
wife, and has had thirteen children and thirty-three 
grandchildren. Elias Beiber — address, East Lewis- 
town, Mahoning County, Ohio, — has seven children, 
all living, and three grandchildren, and one pair of 


twins. This information I received almost accidentally, 
and it came in at the eleventh hour, but in time to fill 
its place on the family tree and to occupy its proper 
place in the family history ; and the donor hereof has 
my heart-felt thanks for the same. Many mOre could 
have done likewise, and our history would have been 
more complete. Of M. Wolles, I have no more than 
that we know that she was a daughter of Casper Ru- 
pert and his wife Catharine Zimmerman. Barbara 
Rupert, daughter of Herman Zimmerman and Susanna 
Borneman, I have no account of after her marriage. 
Susanna Fece is the same way. All the information 
that I could get from the different branches of the 
family referred to the above names as being the chil- 
dren of Susanna Zimmerman. 

Thus closes the history of Susanna Borneman, 
second daughter of Daniel Borneman, as handed in by 
the family descendants ; list of the names, and their 
ages and addresses, will be hereunto annexed as they 
can be ascertained, and also the names of those of the 
family that attended the reunion. 

Family list of Susanna Borneman*s descendants 
down to July, 1878, as near as could be collected, with 
ages and post-office addresses : 

2d. Susanna Zimmerman, 1730. Address, Caroll, Clinton County, Pa. 
3d. Herman Zimmerman, 4th. David Zimmerman, aged 65. 

3d. Henry Zimmerman John Zimmerman's family, 

3d. Christian Zimmerman. 5th. Jacob Zimmerman, 181 8. 
3d. Daniel Zimmerman. 5th. John Zimmerman, 1820. 


3d. Jacob Zimmerman. 5th. David Zimmerman, 1821. 

3d. Abraham Zimmerman. 5th. Charles Zimmerman, 1826. 

3d. Catharine Rupert. 5th. Elizabeth Brungard, 1823. 

3d. Barbara Rupert. 5th. Mary Zimmerman, 1830. 

3d. Susanna Fece. 5th. Hannah Dougherty, 1832. 

Herman Zimmerman's family. 5th. Sarah McCormic, 1834. 
4th. John Zimmerman, aged 86. David Zimmerman's family. 

Address, Oakland Mills, Pa. 6th. Elizabeth Zimmerman, 1845-51. 

4th. Susanna Smith, 84. 6th. Samuel Zimmerman, 1847-51. 

4th. Jacob Zimmerman, 82. 6th. Sarah Zimmerman, 1849- 1849. 


Elizabeth Borneman, the youngest of Daniel Borne- 
man's children, was born about the year 1742, and 
married Kaup of Oley Township, Berks County, Pa., 
with whom she had two sons, Daniel Kaup and Jacob 
Kaup. Mr. Kaup died, and the widow married her 
second husband, David Reis, with whom she had three 
sons, Valentine Reis, George Reis and Abraham Reis. 
Daniel Kaup, son of Elizabeth Kaup, (born Borne- 
man,) had seven children, of which I will give you a 
brief sketch in the order of the family, as handed in by 
a member of the family. The readers as well as the 
family will pardon the writer and author for the 
errors and the disconnections that will occur for want 
of information that has been lobt in the space of time 
that has elapsed and cannot be recalled. Elizabeth 
Marks, the oldest of the family, arriving at the proper 
age, learned the milliner trade, and about the year 


1834 she left her native home, Berks County, Pa., and 
located in the city of Lancaster, Pa., following her 
trade and meeting with success. A few years later 
she married Mr. Marks, and, like the rest of her 
brothers and sisters, they turned their faces Westward. 
And as education was a part of family duty that was 
entirely neglected in the rural districts to the female 
part of the family, she had a limited education, but 
not enough to understand an ordinary letter, in address 
and contents, as will be shown hereafter. She did not 
write often to her father and mother, brothers and sis- 
ters, and what she did write was never received by 
them, for want of proper direction, or being mis-sent 
by the postmasters, as has been the case in years gone 
by. Twelve or thirteen years passed before her broth- 
ers and sisters heard of her whereabouts, and arriving 
at Pittsburg, they took passage on board a steamboat 
that was going down the Ohio River, and as there 
were rivals on the river, each boat wished to have the 
most passengers. A race was the next thing in order. 
The steam was raised so high that they did not know 
what minute they might be blown to eternity ; finally 
their boat struck a sand bar, where they were detained 
two days and two nights before they got loose, expect- 
ing every minute that the boat would go to pieces. They 
started off again, and soon came in sight of their rival. 
Both parties fired up again at a fearful rate, the boat 
quivering at every puff of the engine, and every joint 


in it creaking, and in danger of being shattered to 
pieces ; finally, however, after a long journey, suspense, 
anxiety, dread and fear, they landed safely at the town 
of Louisville, in the State of Kentucky, where they re- 
sided for a while and prospered nicely; but not satisfied 
with the success to remain there, they went further 
down the river to Troy, in the State of Indiana, where 
business flourished for a while, and everthing went on 
nicely. But times changed, business got dull. They 
once more took up their wanderings, and came to Mt. 
Carmel, in the State of Illinois, intending to settle in 
St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Marks left his family, con- 
sisting of his wife and son, an infant, at Mt. Carmel, 
and started for St. Louis, with all the money he had, 
to purchase a home there ; but on his way down the 
river the boiler exploded and he was blown up in the 
air, came down upon the roof of a house in some town, 
mangled up in a mass of human flesh. His money and 
everything he had with him was lost. The sad news 
soon reached his wife, and she being a stranger in a 
strange land, without money and without friends, in 
a new country where work for a woman was scarce, 
and for a stranger not to be had. Death by starva- 
4:ion stared her in the face, as she was not used to suffer 
for want of daily bread ; she a descendant from a 
family of good standing ; to beg for bread for herself 
and child was something she would not do. How 
many days they were without bread, my informant 


does not say ; but her son, George Andrew Marks, 
was on the point of starvation. She sat in the street 
with him in Mt. Carmel during the night, intending 
diligently to watch over him till he should be relieved 
from his sufferings by death. Meanwhile, she was 
overcome by sleep (she thought she slept but a mo- 
ment). When she awoke, she had a dime in her hand, 
and as soon as morning came she ran to a bakery and 
purchased the dime's worth of bread, and saved the 
young man's life. " Thus did the Lord send a Pharaoh's 
daughter to the mother of the young man, the same 
as he did of old, when she came to the sea to bathe 
and saw the ark of buUrushes containing the child 
Moses, who was to deliver his brethren from Egyptian 
bondage. May he in time be a deliverer for his 
kindred and family from the bondage of sin in this life 
and in the life to come." 

The Almighty Ruler of every good and perfect 
gift at that moment, moved a good Samaritan in 
that direction, in shape of a family that was travelling 
to Terre Haute, in the State of Indiana, who took 
compassion upon her and her son, and gave her pro- 
tection. After her arrival, she found employment and 
was able to support herself and child ; and by patience 
and perseverance she saved enough to go back to 
Louisville, Kentucky. But when at Terre Haute, she 
was only fifty or sixty miles from her brother, George 
Kaup ; but at that time the United States mail was not 


brought to every county and village every day, nor 
were there weekly and daily papers strewn broadcast 
over the land ; if a mail arrived once a week, and a 
post-office at every ten or twenty miles, it was con- 
sidered quite a treat. She knew nothing of his where- 
abouts, as before stated, being a poor scholar, &c. 

She moved back to Louisville, Kentucky, followed 
her trade, millinery, and her old friends took pity on 
her, and she started anew life's stormy path, and met 
with success. She stayed there till the year 1849, 
when she found out that her father and mother lived 
at Rossville, Indiana ; she resolved to come there and 
set a day when her brother, Daniel Kaup, should meet 
her at Indianapolis. But, by being informed that her 
father was sick, she started at once, and not being 
scholar enough to give the name of the town its proper 
pronunciation at Indianapolis, she was directed to 
Roseville, in quite a different part of the State. She 
travelled several days out of the way, to her disappoint- 
ment of finding her friends ; but this was not the worst 
disappointment she was destined to meet, but on her 
arrival at Rossville she was doomed to hear the sor- 
rowful news that she came too late to meet her father 
and sister, who had gone to their graves but a few 
days before, and within twenty-four hours of each 
other. She then settled at Lafayette, in the State of 
Indiana, procured herself a home of her own, where 
she expects to spend the remainder of her days. 


Thus ends the checkered life of one whose parallel is 
not equalled in history. 

George Andrew Marks, her son, lives at Lafayette, 
Indiana, and had four children ; those are living ; this 
is the child spoken of whose life was saved by an un- 
known hand through Divine providence. 

John Kaup, son of Daniel Kaup, was born and died 
in Berks County. In riper years he took unto himself 
a companion, with whom he had two sons, Augustus 
and Washington ; the one is single and the other has 
a wife, but no children ; they live in Philadelphia (retired 
from business). 

I paid John Kaup a visit on the 28th of February, 
1 878, when he was prostrated on his death-bed with 
consumption and typhoid fever. His memory was good, 
but, being too weak, he could not control his feelings; 
he started out several times to give me a detailed his- 
tory of the Kaup family, but was soon overcome by 
weakness ; he had to stop. I told him he should not 
worry himself about it, as his son was present ; he could 
give all the desired information. I had a long talk 
with his son on the subject. John Kaup during his 
lifetime had traced up his grandfather's descendants 
down to the year 1859, when he visited the West 
and made a full inventory of the Kaup family up to 
that time ; whether he kept it up to the time of his 
death, I cannot say, as I left instructions with his son 
that he should inform me of the fact, after the death 


of his father, which happened about the 20th of March, 
1878. I wrote to him afterwards, but received no re- 
ply, and later I made a search for him in the city, but 
could not find him. From the time he quit business, 
his name is not in the directory ; hence, for want of 
interest taken in the cause by August Kaup, an import- 
ant part of the history of the Kaup family was lost. 

David Kaup left Berks County in 183 3 or 1834, my 
informant is not certain which. He had one son with 
his first wife, who did not go with him, but in later 
years moved West in company with his uncles, 
aunts and grandfathers. He moved to Jefferson County, 
Illinois ; from there he moved to Newtown, Putnam 
County, Missouri ; in 1861 he moved to Lynn County, 
where he left his family to go to the gold regions of 
the Western mountains to dig gold ; but, like thousands 
of others, he found no gold, but he found his grave in 
that far off country. His family are now scattered 
over Putnam, Lynn and Sullivan Counties, in the State 
of Missouri. 

Sarah Kaup married Samuel Kline, of Reading, Pa.; 
had ten children; seven are living; and was a widow 
the time the history closes ; her children are all married 
and to give the destination of each would be too 
lengthy a task ; some have moved to the West ; several 
live in Reading. 

George Kaup moved from Berks County, Pa., to 
Rossville. Clinton County, in the State of Indiana, in 


the year 1838 ; the journey was made with wagon and 
horses, and occupied some five or six weeks ; he was a 
cabinetmaker by trade, and after several years of hard 
labor, scanty subsistence, in a new country, beset with 
trial and temptations, he surmounted the difficulties 
set before him, and by following his occupation he has 
acquired enough of this world's goods that he can spend 
the remainder of his days in ease. He had a family of 
nine children ; seven are living and one pair of twins ; 
they have settled around him. It is with pleasure in 
the evening of his life that he can look back on a life 
well spent that has rewarded him for his labors. 
In 1842, Daniel Kaup, (the older,) his wife and 
daughter, Susanna Patrick, and her husband, (John 
Kaup Davids, Senior,) and Daniel Kaup, Junior, (my 
informant,) took up their long and tedious march 
from their native home, Berks County, Pa., to 
Rossville, Indiana, where they settled, with horses and 
wagon. Upwards of five hundred miles, they had turn- 
pike road, and all went well, but the moment they left 
the turnpike, they got into the mud and soon sank 
down in the mire ; timbers had to be procured 
and scaffolds made to get the wagon out; heavy 
rains and high waters, with no bridges across the 
streams ; the further they went, the worse it got, 
so that it was with difficulty that they made ten 
miles a day. When thirty miles from their des- 
tination, the wagons were left with a half-brother 


of Mrs. Patrick's husband, and the women staid 
there also. The men started, some on the horses, others 
on foot, John Kaup, Daniel Kaup, Jr., and another 
young man, made it through that day without any- 
thing to eat (as the people along the road were 
out of breadstuflf). It is not proper here to say 
flour, for at that time, as a general thing, in that 
country, they had wheat flour, rye meal, buck- 
wheat meal and corn meal to subsist upon. I my- 
self have had some little experience in pioneer 
life. Meat is something unknown in many fami- 
lies during the summer, unless they chance to get 
something by gunning. On account of high water, they 
could not go to mill. They made the trip of about 
seven hundred miles in five weeks, and landed 
safe at Rossville, Indiana, the place of destination, 
which was then a new country, with log huts and 
small farms, produce, labor and money extremely 
scarce. The new arrivals, having spent all they 
had, and in a new country, saw hard times 
for several years. Land was very cheap, yet 
without money it could not be had ; and by the 
arrival of new settlers, land rose so fast, that my 
informant says it kept out of his reach, as he could 
save but very little, having his father and mother to 
support. After residing in Indiana fifteen years, he 
once more turned his face Westward. He started 
from Lafayette, Indiana, in the month of June, 


l857> ^or Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri, not, 
however, with any intention of making that place 
his home, but it seemed as though fate so de- 
creed it that he should remain in that county. 
When starting from his former place of residence, 
he was misinformed in regard to the completion 
of a certain railroad. He travelled on the cars to 
Naples, Illinois, where the road ended, and he had 
to make the rest of his journey on foot through 
the wide prairie between the Illinois and the Mis- 
sissippi Rivers, where there were long distances be- 
tween houses and between water and shade, under 
a burning sun, with the thermometer above loo^, 
so that one day he came very near suffocating. 
On arriving at his journey's end, he resided about 
Unionville and vicinity one year, when he heard 
of a big job of work in Mercer County, some 
thirty miles west of Unionville, and about four miles 
from his present residence. He succeeded in get- 
ting the job, and there formed the acquaintance 
of an amiable and virtuous young lady, who be- 
came his wife. This branch almost proved to be 
a novel, but let it be said that with his wedded 
life came trials and temptations almost impossible 
to be endured, and finally ended in the death of his 
wife. He survived his trials and lives at present in New- 
town, Putnam County, Missouri ; and if I understand his 
instructions to me, he has one son, Augustus Alex- 


ander Kaup, born 1859. Susanna Patrick (born Ka up,) 
has had two children ; one is dead ; Amelia Kaup 
is still living, and as her mother moved to the West 
with her father and uncles, and settled at Lafayette, 
Indiana, and had her trials and troubles of a pioneer life. 
Jacob Kaup, son of Elizabeth Kaup, (born Borne- 
man,) had six children, of which four are living, 
and have families, which will be detailed as elabo- 
rately as can be from the faint information 
given by members of the family; and as to their 
whereabouts, the author is not prepared to say, as 
so many were written to, and they failed to answer, 
and others were met in person, yet they could not 
give definite answers. Catharine Good had a family 
of ten children, and at the time of collecting the 
history, she was living, and nine of her children; 
where they are living, I am not prepared to say. 
Susanna Rhoads is living, and has a family of nine 
children ; seven are living, but can give no ac- 
count of them. Lydia Cummins had one son, who 
had a family, but cannot say where they live. Sally 
Flicker has a daughter and she has a family, son 
and daughter ; and here I must make a remark that 
when I was putting my tree together and was filling 
out the Jacob Kaup branch, the last twig of the 
branch, (except a still-born daughter,) the place was 
open, but the branch to occupy the place was not 
to be found until two hours afterwards; it had fallen 


off the table on the floor. That was the only 
mishap that happened in putting the family tree to- 


Reunion of the descendants of an old settler of 
Montgomery County, Pa. 

Three thousand to four thousand persons present. 
Interesting programme of proceedings. Grand suc- 
cess of the whole affair. 

The reunion of the Borneman family took place 
on Thursday, September 4, 1879, on the old Borne- 
man farm, in Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery 
County, about two miles south of Pennsburg, near 
the Perkiomen Creek. The weather, although some- 
what lowering in the morning, proved to be ex- 
ceedingly fine, the rain of Wednesday having 
laid the dust, freshed up the verdure of the 
fields and woods, and cooled the previously hot and 
sultry atmosphere. The grove in which the stand and 
seats had been erected was a large one, studded with 
giant white oaks, with here and there an overhanging 
hickory or maple, — a place admirably suited for such 
a meeting. The descendants of Daniel Borneman as- 
sembled at the old mansion-house, in the morning, 
at ten o'clock, and thence proceeded to a private cem- 
etery, a short distance from the house, on the farm, 


where a marble monument has just been erected in 
memory of the founder of the family. At this place 
are interred seventeen members of the family, although 
but seven graves are distinctly marked, — those of 
Daniel Borneman, his wife, who died before him, his 
sons, and others of his people. On the front of the 
newly erected monument is the following inscription : 
"Tribute of respect from the descendants of Daniel 
Borneman, assembled around the sacred spot Septem- 
ber 4, 1879, — one hundred and fifty-eight years after 
his arrival in America, — composed of the fourth, fifth, 
sixth, seventh and eighth generations." On the other 
side of the monument are the words, " Keep me in- 
closed forever, as provided in Henry Borneman's 
will." It appears that Henry Borneman, son of Dan- 
iel Borneman, who is also interred here, had inserted 
in his will a provision that this burial ground should 
forever be kept enclosed in fence by the owner of the 

After the visit to the burial ground, the descend- 
ants and visitors sojourned to the grove, where an 
organization was effected, as follows : President, Amos 
Borneman, of Boyertown; Vice-President, Abraham 
Hiestand, of Shimersville ; and Isaac S. Borneman, of 
Souderton, Secretary ; Dr. John S. Borneman, Sassa- 
man's Church, and Dr. Joseph H. Borneman, of 
Clayton, Assistant Secretaries. The meeting then, 
with slight variations, went through the following 


Programme of Exercises : 

1. Singing. " Schlunimern alle Sanft im Grabe" etc. J. L. Leim- 

bach, of Gilbertsville, Pa. 

2. Address and Prayer, German. Rev. Jonas Musselman, Quaker- 

town, Pa. 

3. Singing. CXXXIII. Psalm, first part J. L. Leimbach. 

4. Prayer, English, by Rev. A. S. Dechart, of Pennsburg, Pa. 

5. Explanation of Family Tree, in German, by Amos Bomeman. 

6. " Blest be the tie that binds." Chorus. 

7. Prayer, German. Jonas Musselman, Quakertown, Pa. 


8. " We shall meet bye-and-bye." Chorus. 

9. Prayer, English, by Rev. A. S. Dechart. 

10. General Address, by Amos Bomeman. 
II." What shall the harvest be ? " Chorus. 

12. Address, English, by Rev. H. A. Hunsicker. 

13. Address, German. Rev. Jacob Mechter. 

14. Prayer, German. Rev. Moses Godshall. 

15. Singing, German. Chorus. 

16. Doxology. " Lobe den Herren was in mir ist^ lobe den Namen^^ etc: 

The family tree prepared by Amos Borneman, 
Esq., of Boyertown, was exhibited on the speaker's 
stand in a glass case. It attracted great attention 
from all present, and especially the descendants of the 
Borneman family. It consisted of a tree cut on the 
Borneman farm, the trunk of the tree representing the 
original ancestor, the limbs his sons and daughters, 
the branches of these limbs his grandchildren, and 
other branches and twigs attached to these the great- 
grandchildren and descendants down to the eighth 



generation. The trunk is three or four feet high, and 
the spreading of the tree contains a little forest of 
branches and twigs to the astonishing number of 2925, 
dark limbs made of walnut, representing the male 
descendants, and light-colored branches made of pine 
the female. Here and there are double branches repre- 
senting twins, of whom forty-three appear on the tree. 


Amos Borneman, Esq., in his address and ex- 
planation of the family tree, did not give a full history 
of the Bornemans. A complete history, to include 
the proceedings at the re-union, is in course of prepar- 
ation by Mr. Borneman, which it is designed to pub- 
lish in book form ; but he gave many interesting par- 
ticulars and statistics of the family. He said that 
Daniel Borneman, the ancestor of the family, was born 
in Switzerland, on the left branch of the Rhine, in 
1699, and came to America in 1721 ; that he settled 
on the farm in Hanover Township, Philadelphia 
County, Pa., now Upper Hanover Township, Mont- 
gomery County, in which the re-union is now taking 
place, in 1725. He was married to Mary Geighman; 
the farm was one hundred and fifty-nine acres, more or 
less, the same as now, and he paid for the property, at 
sheriff's sale, seventy-five cents per acre. He did not 
obtain the title to the property till 1767. Daniel 


Borneman died in 1768, and in 1769 the property was 
sold to his son, Henry Borneman, who held it until 
1828, when he died, at the venerable age of eighty- 
eight years. In January, 1830, it was sold by his 
executors to Daniel Borneman, his son, for twenty-five 
cents per acre. The owner died in 1833, when it was 
sold to John Schwenk, whose wife, Elizabeth Borne- 
man, was a sister to the last-mentioned Daniel 
Borneman, and a grand-daughter of the original settler. 
Mrs. Schwenk, who was about ten years older than 
her husband, died in 1869, at the age of about seven- 
ty-eight years. She was the last representative of the 
third generation of the Borneman family, though her 
husband, John Schwenk, still lives, at the age of about 
seventy-eight, and owns and occupies the old home- 
stead. The seven children of Daniel Borneman were 
as follows: The first, Barbara Borneman, married 
Michael Dieterly, and settled in the upper end of Bucks 
County. She had ten children, — three boys and seven 
girls ; the second one was a son, David Borneman, who 
died at the age of sixteen years; the third was 
Susanna Borneman, who married Herman Zimmerman 
and had eight children, — five boys and three girls ; 
they settled in the upper end of Montgomery County ; 
the fourth was Christian Borneman, who had seven 
children, — five sons and two daughters ; the fifth was 
Anna Borneman, who died at the age of eleven years ; 
the sixth was Henry Borneman, who had fourteen 


children, — four boys and ten girls ; the seventh, Eliza- 
beth Borneman, who married Daniel Kaup, and had 
by him two sons, then married Daniel Reis, and had 
by him three sons. The number of the eighth gener- 
ation of lineal Borneman descendants, living and dead, 
as I was able to trace them, Amos Borneman, are as 
follows : 

First generation, one ; second, seven ; third, forty- 
three; fourth, one hundred and ninety-six; fifth, six 
hundred and seventy-eight ; sixth, one thousand three 
hundred and forty ; seventh, five hundred and eighteen ; 
eighth, three. Of these, Mr. Borneman ascertained 
were living in July, 1878, when he began his family 
tree, the following : Of the first, second and third gen- 
erations, none ; of the fourth, ninety-four; of the fifth, 
five hundred ; of the sixth, one thousand one hundred 
and six ; of the seventh, four hundred and sixty-three ; 
and of the eighth, three. This calculation, we believe, 
does not include over one hundred names recently 
received and added to the family tree. Amos Borne- 
man thinks that there are a few hundred descendants 
scattered through the West, whose names and number 
he was unable to ascertain. The total number of 
descendants living, as traced by him, is about three 
thousand. There are only twenty-nine male descend- 
ants by the name of Borneman now living; of these, 
ten descendants descended from Henry Borneman and 
nineteen from Christian Borneman. The tribe descend- 


ing from Barbara Borneman, who married Michael 
Dieterly, is very large, numbering fourteen to fifteen 
hundred, or nearly half of the family tree. Amos 
Borneman, the president of the meeting and historian 
of the family, was a descendant of the fourth genera- 
tion, a great-grandson of Daniel Borneman and a de- 
scendant of Christian Borneman. There were present 
at the reunion three hundred of the Borneman family 
or descendants, of whom one hundred and thirty-three 
registered their names as coming from Quakertown, 
Skippackville, Norristown, Limerick, Boyertown, 
Shimersville, Clayton, Souderton, Sassaman's Church, 
Schwenksville, Philadelphia, and other places. Some 
from the far West. Had it not been for the rain of the 
previous day, more of the relatives, who had a distance 
to travel, would have been present. Among the prom- 
inent descendants in attendance were Dr. Joseph H. 
Borneman, of Clayton ; Amos Borneman, of Boyer- 
town; Rev. Jonas Musselman, of Quakertown; Dr. 
John S. Borneman, of Sassaman's Chnrch ; Henry 
Borneman, of Limerick ; Isaac S. Borneman, of Sou- 
derton ; Abraham H. Hiestand, of Shimersville, and 

There were no representatives of the eighth gen- 
eration present; there are but three, and they are 
young children living in Northampton County. Four 
persons were present from Ohio. Mr. Amos Borne- 
man's explanation of the family tree and his address 


contained many incidents, anecdotes and important 
points. He said that there were two families of twenty- 
one children : Benjamin Rupert, of Lewistown, Ohio, of 
whom there were eighteen living ; and that of Henry 
Hess, of Huntingdon, Pa., of whom there were eleven 
living. He had spent nearly eighteen months in 
hunting up data and preparing the family tree, and 
had written over five hundred letters in the course of 
the work. He certainly deserves credit for his patience 
and perseverance, and the success which has crowned 
his efforts. He is still busily engaged at the family 
history, which will be published some time in the 
future. A brief address in English was delivered by 
Rev. Henry A. Hunsicker, of Freeland, which con- 
tained a number of fine thoughts. Rev. Jacob 
Mechter, of Palm Station, Montgomery County, spoke 
in German. The music, by Mr. J. L. Leimbach and 
his choir of ladies and gentlemen, was excellent. The 
whole programme was well arranged and well gone 
through with Amos Borneman. The number of per- 
sons present was about three thousand five hundred, — 
probably correct ; the woods were full of people and a 
solid mass stood for some distance around the stand ; 
the crowd was very orderly and paid close attention 
to the exercises of the day. Every thing passed off 
successfully, and not the slightest thing happened to 
mar the pleasure and good feeling manifested by all 


Among the prominent people present at the re- 
union, we may mention the folio wmg : Rev. Christian 
Clemmer, Rev. A. S. Dechant, Rev. J. Mechter, Rev. 
J. Musselman, Rev. O. F. *Wage, Rev. H. A. Hun- 
sicker, Hon. J. F. Yost, A.Kneule,E.N.Beyshid,J. Lin- 
derman, Gen. J. H Geary, E. M. Benner, D. B. Boyer, 
W. Weand, S. G. Grimley, R. Brook Evans, Andrew 
B. Bower, N. Frank, Dr. M. E. Knipe, D. K. Graber, 
and others. The Borneman reunion was certainly a 
capitaraffair. It brought together aud made acquainted 
many relations and friends. 


2 a. Barbara Borneraan, Deiterly, 


3 a. Michael Deiterly. 
3 a. Barbara Ettinger. 

3 a. Catharine Wimmer. 

3 a. John Deiterly, Bedminster. 

3 a. Elizabeth Schock, Mount 

3 a. Margarette Schwartz Hay- 

3 a. Henry Deiterly, Bedminster. 

3 a. Susanna Smith, Plumstead. 

3 a. Mary Stinebach. 

3 a. Sarah Snyder, Virginia. 

3 Michael Deiterly, family. 

4 a. Elizabeth Deiterly, no fam. 
4 a. Catharine Auderholt. 

4 Susanna Gerhart. 
Catharine Auderholt, family. 
Mary Fluck. 
Anna Auderholt 
Elizabeth Borlan. 
Catharine Frankinfield. 
Aaron Auderholt. 

5 a. Wilson Auderholt. 
5 a. Titus Auderholt. 

5 Mary Fluck, family. 

6 Son. 

5 Elizabeth Borlan, family. 

6 Boy. 
6 Girl. 

4 Samuel Wimmer, no family. 
4 Jos. Wimmer, Richland, Pa. 
4 Catharine Wimmer, no fam. 


6 a. Boy. 
6 Girl. 

5 Catharine Frankinfield, fam. 

6 Girl, i8. 
6 Boy, 1 6. 

5 Aaron Auderholt, family. 

6 Girl. 
6 Girl. 
6 Boy. 

4 Susanna Gerhart, family. 

5 a. Infant Daughter. 

5 a. Abraham Gerhart, 32 

5 Sarah Keller. 

5 Susanna Aplebach. 

5 Abraham Gerhart, family. 

6 Girl. 
6 a. Boy. 
6 a. Boy. 
6 Boy. 
6 Boy. 
6 Boy. 

5 Sarah Keller, family. 

6 Boy, 6. 

5 Susanna Aplebach, family. 

6 Boy, 7. 
6 Girl, I. 

3 Catharine Wimmer, Flatland . 

4 a. John Wimmer. 

4 Jacob Wimmer, no family. 
4 Sarah Keply. 
4 Elizabeth Weaber, Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 

6 Emma Fulman, family. 

7 p. Girl, 2. 


4 Sarah Keply» family. 

5 Sarah Busch 

5 Elizabeth Wiaber, family, 

6 a. Boy. 

4 Joseph Wimmer. Family 
I did not get — can't tell 
how many. 

3 a. John Deiterly, family. 

4 a. Samuel Deiterly. 
4 a. Elizabeth Fulman. 

4 a. Mary Kilmer, Bedminster. 

4 Sarah Groover. 

4 a. Susanna Mitman. 

4 John Deiterly. 

4 Catharine Krauthammel. 

4 a. Joseph Deiterly, ii. 

4 Tobias Deiterly. 

4 Lydia Krout. 

4 Isaac Deiterly, Bedminster. 

4 Elizabeth Fulman, fam. 

5 Aaron Fulman. 

5 a. Mary Wildonger. 
5 Catharine Lear. 
5 Lovina Lear. 
5 Jonas Fulman. 
5 Sarah Ruth. 
5 Elizabeth Kilmer. 
5 Eli Fulman. 
5 Frederick Fulman. 
5 a. Angelina Groover. 
5 Reuben Fulman. 

5 Aaron Fulman, family. 

6 Milton Fulman. 
6 Abel Fulman. 

6 Emma Fulman. 
6 a. George Fulman, twin. 
6 Mary Fulman, twin. 
6 Harry Fulman. 
6 Joseph Fulman, 6. 
5 Frederick Fulman. 

7 a. Girl, I. 

5 Mary Wildonger, family. 

6 Samuel Wildonger. 
6 Mary Wildonger. 

6 John Wildonger. 

6 Catharine Wildonger. 

6 Emma Wildonger. 

6 Samuel Wildonger, family. 

7 Louisa Wildonger. 

6 Mary Wildonger, family. 

7 Samuel. 

7 Elizabeth. 

6 John Wildonger, family, 

7 Peter Wildonger. 

7 Daniel Wildonger. 

6 Catharine Wildonger, fam, 

7 James. 
7 Oliver. 

5 Catharine Lear, family. 

6 a. Daniel Lear, no family. 

5 Lovina Lear, family. 

6 James Lear. 

6 Elizabeth Lear, single. 

5 Jonas Fulman, family. 

6 Henry Fulman, 15. 

5 Sarah Ruth, family. 

6 a. Jacob Ruth, 2. 

5 Elizabeth Kilmer, family. 

6 Reuben Kilmer, 21. 
6 Samuel Kilmer, 19. 

6 Elamanda Kilmer, 18. 

6 Wilson Kilmer, 16. 

6 Jacob Kilmer, 14. 

6 Frederick Kilmer, 12. 

6 William Kilmer, 10. 

6 Thomas Kilmer, 8. 

6 Elizabeth Kilmer, 6. 

5 Eli Fulman, family. 

6 David Swope. 

5 Mary Detterer, family. 


6 Mary Fulman, 4. 

5 Angelina Groover, family. 

6 David Groover. 
6 Sarah Groover. 

5 Reuben Fulman, has a family, 
but not known. 

4 Mary Kilmer, family. 

5 Jacob Kilmer, 

5 a. John Kilmer, 21. 

5 Mary Kilmer. 

5 Jacob Kilmer, family. 

6 Reuben Kilmer, 21. 
6 Samuel Kilmer, 19. 

6 Elamanda Kilmer, 17. 

6 Wilson Kilmer, 15. 

6 Jacob Kilmer, 13. 

6 Frederick Kilmer, 12. 

6 William Kilmer, 10. 

6 Thomas Kilmer, 8. 

6 Elizabeth Kilmer, 6. 

6 John Kilmer, by 2n wife, 2. 

5 Mary Kilmer, family. 

6 Thomas. 
6 Wilson. 

6 a. Elizabeth. 

6 George. 
6 a. Samuel. 

6 Aaron. 

4 Sarah Groover, family. 

5 Fanny Swope, 
5 Mary Detterer. 
5 John Groover. 
5 Sarah Schull. 

5 Lydia Ann Groover. 

5 Fanny Swope, family. 

6 John Swope. 
6 Sarah Swope. 
6 Louisa Swope. 

5 Noah Mitman, family. 

6 Elizabeth Mitman. 

6 Sarah Detterer. 

6 Anna Detterer. 

5 John Groover, family. 

6 James Groover. 
6 Mary Groover. 

6 Angelina Groover. 

6 Wilson Groover. 

6 Abraham Groover. 

5 Sarah Schull, family. 

6 Mary Schull. 

6 Catharine Schull. 

6 John Schull. 

6 Aaron Schull. 

6 Matilda Schull. 

5 Lydia Ann Groover. 

6 Harrison. 

4 Susanna Mitman, family. 

5 Tobias Mitman. 

5 Lydia Ann Fulman. 

5 Eliza Deiterly. 

5 Jacob Mitman. 

5 Levi Mitman. 

5 Noah Mitman. 

5 Tobias Mitman, family. 

6 Charles Mitman. 
6 Henry Mitman. 
6 Mary Mitman. 

5 Lydia Ann Fulman. 

6 John Fulman. 

6 a. Catharine Fulman. 

5 Eliza Deiterly, family. 

6 a. Catharine Deiterly. 

5 Jacob Mitman, family. 

6 Jonas Mitman. 
6 Mary Mitman. 

5 Levi Mitman. 

6 a. Carolina Mitman. 
6 Daniel Mitman. 

6 Elizabeth KrauthammeL 

6 a. Aurelia KrauthammeL 


4 John Deiterly, family. 

5 Aaron Deiterly. 

5 Mary Deiterly, single. 

5 a. Samuel Deiterly. 

5 a. Sarah Deiterly. 

5 John Deiterly. 

5 Levi Deiterly. 

5 Catharine Cassel. 

5 Aaron Deiterly, family. 

6 Levi Deiterly. 
6 Mary Deiterly. 

6 Caroline Deiterly. 

5 Levi Deiterly, family. 

6 Michael Deiterly. 

5 Catharine Cassel, family. 

6 Louisa Cassel. 

4 Catharine Krauthammel,fam. 

5 Mary A. Deiterly. 
5 Sarah Yerger. 

5 Jeremiah Krauthammel. 

5 Caroline Krauthammel, 


5 Mary A. Deiterly, family. 

6 Jane Deiterly. 
6 Mary Deiterly. 

6 a. Wilson Deiterly, 2. 

6 Anna Deiterly. 

6 Caroline Deiterly. 

6 John Deiterly. 

5 Sarah Yerger, family. 

6 Alfred Yerger. 
6 Mary Yerger. 

6 Caroline Yerger. 

5 Jev. Krauthammel, family. 

6 Mary Krauthammel. 

6 Catharine Krauthammel. 

6 a. Caroline Krauthammel. 

6 Jaue Krauthammel. 

3 Elizabeth Schock, family, Mt. 
Bethel, Northampton Pa. 

6 Lucy Krauthammel. 

4 Tobias Deiterly, family. 

5 Mary A. Frichman. 
5 John Deiterly. 

5 a. Tobias Deiterly. 
5 a. Sarah Deiterly. 
5 Isaac Deiterly, single. 
5 Eliza Deiterly, single. 

5 Mary A. Frichman, family. 

6 a. Anna Frichman. 

6 a. Catharine Frichman. 
6 a. Eliza Frichman. 
6 a. Mary Frichman. 
6 a. Jane Frichman. 

5 John Deiterly, family. 

6 Wilson Deiierly. 
6 Anna Deiterly. 
6 James Deiterly. 

6 William Deiterly. 

4 Lydia Krout, family. 

5 Isaac Krout. 
5 Mary Krout. 

5 Levi Krout. 

6 a. Lydia Kulp. 

5 Frances Kraut, 17. 

5 Mary Kraut, family. 

6 James. 
6 Sarah. 

5 Levi Kraut, family. 

6 William Kraut. 

4 Isaac Deiterly. 

5 Emaline Stout. 

5 a. Anna Elizabeth Deiterly. 26 
5 Amanda Deiterly, 1 5. 
3 Elizabeth Schock. 

5 Emaline Stout, family. 

6 Catharine Stout, 15. 

5 Lydia A. Wagoner, 50. 

5 Sally Dutt, family. 

6 Philip Dutt. 



4 a. John Schock. 

4 a. Philip Schock. 

4 a. Barbara Oyer. 

4 a. Magdalene Aartzel. 

4 a. Margarette Schock, 12. 

4 a. Henry Schock. 

4 a. Susanna Coryell. 

4 a. Michael Schock. 

4 a. Elizabeth Beck. 

4 a. Doratha Dutt. 

4 Catharine Miller. 

4 Daniel Schock. 

4 Sarah Weaver. 

4 John Schock, family. 

5 Elizabeth Emery. 

5 Christianna Frederick. 
5 Elizabeth Emery, family. 

5 Daniel Emery. 

6 Joseph Emery. 
6 a. Reuben Emery. 

6 Catharine Emery. 

6 Sarah Emery. 

6 a. Charles Emery. 

6 Charles Emery, family. 

4 a. Philip Schock, 75. 

5 a. Sally Dutt. Frutchey, 62. 
5 Elizabeth Kouts, 67. 

5 John Schock, 66. 

5 Catharine Kline, 64. 

5 Mary Ettinger, 62. 

5 Jacob Schock, 59. 

5 Philip Schock, 56. 

5 Malinda Keeper, 53. 

5 a. Susanna Schock, twins, 6 m. 

5 a. Julian A. Schock, twins, 6 m. 

6 Ephraim Dutt. 

7 Emory Miller, Twins, 10. 

6 Reuben Dutt, family. 

7 Eleanor Dutt, 17. 
7 Martha Dutt, 12. 

6 Samuel Dutt. 

6 Maria J. Miller. 

6 Reuben Dutt. 

6 George Dutt, 2d marriage. 

6 a. Samaria Bartholemew. 

6 a. Ervin P. Frutchey. 

6 a. Paulina Frutchey. 

6 Samaria Bartholemew. 

Hebron P. Bartholemew. 
a. Charles Bartholemew. 

Philip Dutt, family. 

Emma Phillips, 26. 

Ivor S. Dutt, 21. 

Andrew Dutt, 19. 

George Dutt, 16. 

Frederick Dutt, 4. 

Emma Phillips, family. 

Pleasant Phillips. 

Ephraim Dutt, family. 

Leanor K. Dutt. 
a. Florence Dutt, 7. 

Matilda Dutt, 18. 

John E. Dutt, 3. 

Samuel Dutt, 
a. Alice Dutt, 18. 

Sarah Dutt, 21. 
a. Mary Dutt, twins, i. 
a. Luther Dutt, twins, i. 

Cora Dutt, 7. 

Maria J. Miller, family, 
a. Thomas Y. Miller, 9 months. 

Laura Miller, 18 months. 

Sally Miller, 16. 
a. Andrew Miller, 18 months. 

Marshall Miller, 1 1. 

Henry Miller, twins, 10. 

George Godshalk,8. 

Herbe Godshalk, 6. 

Ceorre Godshalk, 4. 

Lilla Godshalk, 2. 


7 Matta Dutt, lo. 

7 Elma Dutt, 8. 

7 Reuben A. Dutt, 4. 

6 George Dutt, family. 

7 Emory Dutt, 16. 
7 Reuben Dutt, 15. 
7 Sarah M. Dutt, 12. 

7 Calmon D. Dutt, 10. 

7 Ida M. Dutt, 8. 

7 a. Maorma T. Dutt, 4 months. 

7 Emma T. Dutt, 6. 

7 Efrealla Dutt, 4. 

7 Daisy Dutt, 2. 

5 Elizabeth Kouts. 

6 Philip Kouts. 
6 John Kouts. 

6 Mary Pearson. 

6 William V. Kouts. 

6 Mary Pearson, family. 

7 Elizabeth Pearson, 2. 

6 William V. Kouts, family. 

7 Clinton Kouts. 

5 John Schock, family. 

6 Marietta Gottshalk, 38. 
6 Hiram Schock, 36. 

6 a. Siccahain Schock. 
6 a. Nerva Schock. 

6 Paulina Mack, 30. 
6 a. Susanna Schock. 

6 Philip Schock, 26. 
6 a. Emma C. Schock. 

6 Ella Riogle, 21. 

6 Clara Rascly, 19. 

6 Sarah Schock, 17. 

6 Marietta Gottshalk. 

7 Luther Godshalk, 12. 
7 Berdie God?halk, 10. 
7 George Kline, 8. 

7 John Kline, 2. 

6 Sarah A. Buccard, family. 

6 Hiram Schock. 

7 William Schock. 
7 Nella Schock. 

7 Lulo R. Schock. 

6 . Paulina Mack. 

7 Forma Mack, 9. 

7 William Mack, 7. 
7 Auster Mack, 5, 
7 Elva Mack, 3. 
7 John H. Mack, i. 

6 Philip Y. Schock, family. 

7 Cora Schock, i. 

5 Catharine Kline, family. 

6 William Kline, 42. 
6 Matilda Mires, 40. 
6 Henry Kline, 38. 
6 Jacob Kline, 36. 

6 Sarah A. Buccard, 34. 
6 Leonora Miller, 32. 
6 Jeremiah Kline, 27. 
6 a. Ervin Kline, i. 
6 Josephine Reimer, 25. 
6 Elmira Shuman, 23. 
6 Alice Hartsel, 21. 
6 William Kline, family. 

Emma F. Kline, 18. 

Flora Kline, 10. 

Elma Kline, 12. 

Matilda Mires, family. 

Eugene Mires, 12. 

Alvin Mires, 8. 

Jacob Kline, family, 
a. Mary Kline, I. 

Herby Kline, 12. 

Rosa Kline, 11. 
a. Sarah Kline, i. 

Lilly Kline, 7. 

Loucay Ackerman, 9. 

William Ackerman, 7. 

Amos Ackerman, 5. 


Asher Buccard, 12. 

Allis C. Buccard, 10. 

Lenora Miller, family. 

Lizzie Miller, 4. 

Tilden Miller, 2. 

Sarah C. Miller, i. 

Josephine Reimer. 

Elve Reimer, 5. 

Allis Reimer, 2. 

Elmira Shuman, family. 

Floid W. W. Shuman. 

Melvin Shuman. 

Henry Kline, family. 

Clinton Kline, 16. 

Elizabeth Kline, 15. 

Ida Kline, 13. 

Michael A. Kline, 10. 

Wilson Kline, 4. 

Edmund Kline, 2. 

Mary Ettinger, family. 
6 Mary A. Ackerman. 
6 Alfred Ettinger. 
6 Jacob Ettinger. 
6 a. Chester Ettinger. 
6 Alexander Ettinger. 
6 Elmira Stackhouse. 
6 Lydia Frutchey. 
6 a. Reuben Ettinger. 
6 Emma Shug. 
6 John Ettinger. 
6 Amelia Ettinger. 
6 Amos Ettinger. 
6 William Ettinger. 

6 Mary A. Ackerman, family. 

7 Emma Ackerman, 17. 
7 Mary Ackerman, 15. 
7 Ervin Ackerman, 13. 

7 Steward Ackerman, II. 
7 Sada Schock, 10. 
Clara Schock, 8. 

Alfred Ettinger, family. 

Mary Ettinger, 15. 
a. Laury Ettinger, 5. 

Lille Ettinger, 8. 

Daniel Ettinger, 3. 

Luther Ettinger, 2. 

Jacob Ettinger, family. 

Stewart Ettinger, 6. 

Stahly Ettinger, 4. 

Minnie Ettinger, 2. 

Alexander Ettinger, family. 

Mary Ettinger, 6. 

Edward Ettinger, 4. 

Luther Ettinger, 2. 

Elmira Stackhouse, family. 

Steward Stackhouse, 8. 

Ira Stackhouse, 3. 

Mary Stackhouse, 2. 

Lydia Frutchy, family. 

Emma A. Frutchy, 7. 

Joseph Frutchy, 5. 

Herby Frutchy, 3. 

Emma Shug, family. 

James. P Shug. 

Jacob Schock, family. 
6 Lorenzo Schock, 36. 
6 Christian Schock, 34. 
6 David Schock, 32. 
6 Eliza Y. Miller, 30. 
6 a. Ervin Schock. 
6 Alice A. Collins, 24. 
6 Isaac Schock, 22. 

6 Lorenzo Schock, family. 

7 Henry Schock, 16. 
7 Luther Schock, 12. 

7 Elizabelh Schock, 10. 
7 Ida Schock, 4. 
6 Christian Schock, family. 
6 Stahly Wagoner, 19. 
6 Frances Wagoner, 15. 



7 Clinton Schock, i. 

6 Elizabeth Y. Miller, family. 

7 Elmer Miller, 1 2. 

7 Luther Miller, lo. 
7 Berdie Miller, 8. 
7 Elizabeth Miller, 3. 

6 Allis A. Collier, family. 

7 Frank Collier, 5. 
7 a. George Collier, I. 

5 Philip Schock, family. 

6 Emanuel Schock, 32. 
6 Sarah A. Schock, 18. 

6 Emanuel .Schock. 

7 Mary C. Schock, 8. 

5 Malinda Keiper, family. 

6 Ervin Keiper, 32. 
6 Calvin Keiper, 30. 

6 Leonora Keiper, 28. 
6 Sarah Morris, 26. 
6 Marshal Keiper, 24. 
6 George Keiper, 22. 
6 Wesley Keiper, 20. 
6 Allis Keiper, 18. 
6 Albert Keiper, 16. 
6 Ida B. Keiper, 14. 
6 Mary C. Keiper, 12. 
6 Stahly Keiper, 9. 
6 Ervin Keiper, family, 
a. Elmer Keiper, 2 months. 

Herby Keiper, 6. 

George A. Keiper, 4, 

Flora Keiper, 2. 

Sarah Morris, family. 

Elizabeth Morris, 4. 

John Y. Morris, 2. 

Lydia A. Wagoner, family. 
6 Josephine Ettinger, 28. 
•6 John Wagoner, 26. 

6 Sarah Horn, 24. 

7 Emily Frutchey, 20. 

6 Lilla Wagoner, 1 2. 

6 Josephine Ettinger, family. 

7 Anna Ettinger, 8. 

4 Barbara Oyer, family, 1 74, 87. 

5 Elizabeth Richards, 71. 
5 a. Catharine Delp, 66. 

5 Samuel A. Oyer, 67. 
5 a. Sarah A. Richards, 37. 
5 a. Margaretta Oyer, 4 weeks. 
5 John A. Oyer, 60. 
5 Hannah Krout, 57. 

5 Elizabeth Richards, family. 

6 Henriette Hahn, 50. 

6 a. Catharine Hayerman, 22. 
6 Jesse Richards, 45, 
6 Maria Frutchy, 41. 
6 Susanna Pasely, 39. 
6 Barbara Reimel, 31. 
6 Sarah Hartzel, 30. 

6 Henriette Hahn, family, 50. 

7 Sarah Hahn, 24. 
7 a. Mira C. Hahn, 3. 

7 Jeremiah Hahn, 2'. 
7 Mina Hahn, 6. 

6 Catharine Hayerman, 22. 

7 Joseph Hayerman, 26. 
6 Maria Frutchy, 41. 

5 Catharine Delp, family, 66. 

6 Abraham Delp, 48. 
6 a. Reuben Delp, i. 

6 Hiram Delp, 44. 

6 Henrietta Delp, single, 42. 

6 a. Sally A. Wilhelm, 29. 

6 Elizabeth Hartzel, 36. 

6 Samuel E. Delp, twins, 34. 

6 Catharine Owens, twins, 34. 

6 John H. Delp, 29. 

6 Joseph F. Delp, 24. 

7 Franklin Frutchey, 21. 
7 a« Gira S. Delp, 2 months. 


Oscar A. Frutchey, 19. 

Elmer C. Frutchey, 14. 

Levena C. Frutchey, 12. 

Abraham Delp, family, 48. 

Sarah C. Delp, 22. 

D. Luther Delp, 20. 

Eleanor E. Delp, 17. 

Henry O. Delp, 12. 

WiUie Delp, 9. 

George W. Delp, 5. 

Hiram Delp, family, 44. 

Charles Delp, 20. 

Jacob S. Delp, 18. 

Susanna J. Delp, 16. 

William H. Delp, 12. 

Sallie May Delp, 10. 

Anna C. Delp, 4 

Sally A. Wilhelm, 29. 

Susanna C. Weidman, 17. 

Franklin Wilhelm. 

Elizabeth Hartzell, family. 

Elmer D. Hartzell, 17. 

Imelda Hartzell, 14. 

Samuel Hartzell, 1 1. 

Catharine Hartzell, 9. 

Reuben F. Hartzell, 11. 

Eliza Ann Hartzell, I. 

Samuel E Delp, family, 
a. Alice Delp, 2. 

Laura May Delp, 10. 

John S. Delp, 7. 

Willie J. Delp, 4. 
a. Grace L. Delp, i. 

Rose Maud Delp, 2 months. 

Catharine Owens, family. 

Willie Owens, 8. 

Maya Owens, i. 

John H. Delp, family, 29, 

Carrie Delp, 7. 

Lottie Delp, 2. 

6 Joseph F. Delp, family, 24* 

7 Dasa May Delp, 2. 
7 Anna Delp, i. 

5 Samuel A. Oyer, family, 67. 

6 Absalom H. Oyer, 41. . 
6 Sarah A. Pipher, 39. 

6 Abraham Oyer, 37. 
6 John H. Oyer, 31. 
6 Jesse E. Oyer, 29. 
6 a. Franklin Oyer, 3 days. 

6 Abraham H. Oyer, 41. 

7 Margarette Oyer, 13. 
7 Samuel P. Oyer, 10. 
7 Stewart Oyer, 7. 

7 Absalom Oyer, 4. 
7 Joseph Oyer, 2. 

6 Sarah A. Pipher, family, 39. 

7 Mary E. Beck, 18. 
7 John Pipher, 12. 

7 Clara Pipher, 10. 

7 Samuel Pipher, 10 months. 

7 Mary E. Beck, 18. 

8 Clarence Beck, 6 months. 

6 Absalom Oyer, family, 37. 

7 Anna Morey, 20. 
7 a. Mary E. Oyer, 2. 
7 Walter C. Oyer, 3. 

5 a. Sarah A. Richards, fam., 37. 

6 Absalom Richards, 42. 
6 Harrison Richards, 40. 
6 Catharine Reinier, 38. 
6 Theodore Richards, 36, 
6 Louisa Messinger, 34. 

6 Francis A. Reichard , 32. 
6 Absalom Reichards, fam. 42. 
a. Anjenetta Reichards, 5. 

Anna Albert, 20. 

Arilla Reichards, 18. 

Frances Reichards, 16. 

Harriette Reichards, 14. 


"Alice Keichards, 12. 

Elizabeth Reichards, 10. 

Joseph Reichards, 6. 

John Reichards, 3. 

Jesse Reichards, i. 

Harrison Reichards, family. 

Clara C. Reichards, 13. 
a. Charles W. Reichards, 6 mos. 

Jesse A. Reichards, i. 

Theodore Reichards, family. 

Fanny Reichards, 4. 

Emma L. Reichards, 3. 

Francis A. Reichards, 2. 

Francis Reichards, fam., 32. 

Elder Reichards, 12. 
a. Jane Reichards, i. 

William H. Reichards, 7. 

Francis H. Reichards, i mo. 

Catharine Reimer, 38. 

Fanny Reimer, 16. 

Harry Reimer, 14. 
a. Mina Reimer, 2. 

Ervin F. Reimer, 5. 

Grace Reimer, 6 months. 

Lx>uisa Messinger, family, 34. 

Birdy Messinger, 7. 

Arthur E. Messinger, 5. 

Edith Messinger, i. 

John A. Oyer, family. 
6 Sarah A. Morey, 25. 
6 Franklin Oyer, 24. 
6 Joseph Oyer, 21. 
6 Caroline Oyer, 18. 
6 William Oyer, 15. 
6 Rose Oyer, 12. 
6 Samuel Oyer, 9. 

5 Hannah Krout, family. 

6 Theodore Krout, 38. 
6 Mary A. Hess, 34. 

6 Henrietta Miller, 29. 

6 Franklin Krout, 25. 
6 Susanna Pasely, family. 

Clarence Pasely, 19. « 

Sylvester O. Pasely, 18- 
a. Berhee I. Pasely, i. 

John E. Pasely, 14. 

Edwin R. Pasely, 11. 

Laura May Pasely, 4. 

Barbara Reimel, family. 

John Reimel, 11. 

Lloyd Reimel, 10. 

Astor Reimel, 8. 

Thomas Reimel, 6. 

Mary Reimel, 3. 

Mertie Reimel, i. 

Sarah Hartzell. 

Bertha Hartzell, 12. 

Laura Hartzell, 8. 

Mary Magdalen Hartzell, 

John Hartzell. 

Sarah Shaler. 
a. Elizabeth Aueracher. 

Joseph Hartzell, no family, 

Jacob Hartzell, no family. 

Louisa Hauck. 

Sophia Mattz. 

Samuel Hartzell. 

Levi Hartzell. 

John Hartzell, family. 
6 Lorenzo Hartzell. 
6 Sarah Donbar. 
6 Reuben J. Hartzell. 
6 a. Infant daughter. 
6 Minerva Olt. 
6 Theodore Hartzell. 
6 Mary Jane Miller. 

6 Lorenzo Hartzell, family. 

7 Infant boy. 

7 John H. Hartzell, 15. 


6 a. Caroline Krout, 4 months. 

7 Laura I. Hartzell, 12. 

7 Edwin M. Hartzell, 10. 

7 Reuben M. Hartzell, 8. 

7 Byron M. Hartzell, 6 

7 Anna M. Hartzell, 4. 

I Irvin M. Hartzell, 2. 

6 Sarah Donbar, family. 

7 Jasper H. Donbar, 5. 

6 Reuben Hartzell, family. 

7 Rena Grace Hartzell, 2. 

6 Minerva Ott, family. 

7 a. Infant daughter, o. 

6 Theodore T. Hartzell, family. 

7 Jacob B. Hartzell, 4. 
7 Carrie Hartzell, 2. 

5 Sarah Shaler, family. 

6 a. Infant daughter. 
6 Henry A. Shaler. 
6 Mary Treible. 

6 Louisa Houser. 

6 Josephene Yeisly. 

6 Wesley Shaler. 

6 a. Infant son, o. 

6 Emma Shaler. 

6 Henry Shaler, family. 

7 Anna Low Shaler, 10. 
7 George Shaler, 3. 

6 Mary Trieble, family. 

7 Edward Trieble, 14. 
7 Emma Trieble, 12. 
7 Delia Trieble, 10. 

7 Hannah Trieble, twins, 8. 

7 a. Girl, twins, o. 

7 John Trieble, 6. 

7 Harry Trieble, 4. 

7 George Trieble, 2. 

6 Louisa Houser, family. 

7 a. Infant Daughter, o. 

7 Mabel Delia Houser, I. 

7 Emma A. Hartzell, 14. 

7 Eddie Yeisely, 4. 

7 Walter D. Yeisely, i. 

6 Wesley Shaler, family. 

7 Wilbur Shaler, 4. 
7 Bessie Shaler, 2. 
7 Harry Shaler, i. 

5 Elizabeth Aueracker, family. 

6 John Aueracher. 
6 Louisa Wenner. 
6 a. Infant Son, o. 

6 John Aueracher, samily. 

7 Desil Aueracher, 10. 

6 Louisa Wenner, family. 

John A. Wenner, 8. 

Joseph K. Wenner. 

Eve Amy Wenner, 4. 

Minerva Catharine Wenner,3. 

Mary Elizabeth Wenner, I. 

Louisa Hauck, family. 
6 Henry Hauck, no family. 
6 Elizabeth Lockard. 
6 a. Jacob Hauck, 5. 

6 Elizabeth Loekard, family. 

7 a. Harry Oscar Lockard, 5 mos. 
7 a. Ella Mary Lockard, 10 mos. 
7 Sarah Alice Lockard, i. 

5 Samuel Hartzell, family. 

6 Cordelia Hartzell, no family. 

5 Levi Hartzell, family. 

6 a. Mary Hartzell. 
6 Ida Stocker. 

6 a. Homan Hartzell. 
6 Henry Hartzell. 
6 a. Laura Hartzell. 
6 a. Joseph Hartzell. 

6 Ida Stocker, family. 

7 Eda Stocker, i. 

4 a. Henry Schock, family, 45. 

5 Elizabeth Loehr, 66. 


6 Josephine Yeisely, family. 

William Yeisely, 6. 

John H . Schock, 51. 

Sarah Uhler, 54. 

Caroline Kahler, 43. 

Elizabeth Loehr, 66. 

6 William Loehr, 45. 

6 Francis . H Loeherr, lawy , 3 1 . 

6 Milton Loehr, 20. 

6 Sherman Loehr, 13. 

6 a. Mary Elizabeth Loehr, I. 

6 a. Emma Loehr, 8. 

6 Emma Loehr, 29. 

6 Francis H. Loehr, sawyer. 

Horace Loehr, 10. 

Walter Loehr, 7. 

Elizabeth Loehr, twins, 3. 
a. Caroline Loehr, twins, i. 

John Loehr, 3 months. 

Philip H. Schock, 64. 
6 William H. Schock, 32. 
6 Howard Schock, 19. 
6 Louisa F. Schock, 16. 
6 Josephine Marston; 35. 

6 Josephine Marston, family. 

7 Philip Marston, 8. 
7 Ralph Marston, 5. 
7 Charles Marston, 3. 

5 Peter B. Schock, fam., 6, 40. 

6 Etna L. Schock, 23. 
6 a. Anna C. Schock, 18. 

6 William E. Schock, 14. 

6 Emma M. Schock, 2. 

6 Henry W. Schock, 3 months. 

5 Sarah A. Uhler, 54. 

6 a. Emaline Uhler, 3. 
6 a. Ephraim Uhler, 3. 

Madison Uhler, twins, 24. 
6 Clarissa Uhler, twins, 24. 
6 Erwin Uhler, 21. 

5 Philip H. Schock, 64. 

5 Peter Schock, 62. 

5 Caroline Kahler, family, 43. 

6 Allis J. Kahler, 20. 

6 J. Arthur Kahler, 14. 

4 Susanna Correll, family. 
6 Sarah Gruver, 65. 

5 a. Catharine Gruver. 

5 Philip Correll, 62. 

5 Joseph Correll, 62. 
5 Mary Snyder, 58. 

5 a. Samuel Correll, 2. 

5 George Correll, 54. 

5 a. Infant Boy, twins, o. 

5 a. Infant Daughter, twins, o. 

5 Margarette Dorhoue, 50. 

5 Susanna Dunbar, 48. 

5 Henry Correll, 40. 

5 Sarah Gruver, family. 

6 Susanna Bisher, 37. 
6 Levi Gruver, 35. 

6 Samuel Gruver,Doctor,twins, 

6 Daniel Groover, twins, 30. 

6 Robert Groover, 28. 

6 Susanna Pysher, family. 

Sarah Pysher, 14. 

Minerva Pysher, 12. 

Rosa Pysher, 10. 
a. Minnie Pysher, 8. 

Clara Pysher, 6. 

William Pysher, 4. 
a. Eda Pysher, 2. 

Levi Gruver, family. 

William Gruver, 14. 

Robert Gruver, 1 1. 

George Gruver, 8. 

Minerva Gruver, 3. 

6 Samuel Groover, M. D., fam. 

7 a. Joel Gruver, i. 


6 Orantus Uhler, 19. 

6 Etna M. Uhler, 15. 

6 Emmans Uhler, 8. 

7 Minnie Gruver, 6. 
7 George Gruver, 3. 

6 Robert Gruver, family. 

7 Charles Gruver, i. 

5 a. Catharine Gruver, family. 

6 Matilda Ackerman, 42. 
6 a. Eliza Hunsberger. 

6 a. Ephraim Gruver, 2. 

6 Matilda Ackerman, family. 

7 Ella Engler* 23. 

7 Emma Ackerman, 20. 

7 Minerva Ackerman, 13. 

7 Bessie Ackerman, 9. 

7 William Ackerman, 5. 

7 Ella Engler, family. 

8 Blanch Engler, 3. 

6 Eliza Hunsberger, family. 

7 Emma Hunsberger, 14. 
7 Edwin Hunsberger, 13. 

5 Philip Correll, family. 

6 Minerva Ross, 34. 

6 Edwin E. Correll, 32. 

6 James W. Correll, 23. 

6 J. H. Correll, missionary to 

Japan, 27. 

6 a. George D. Correll, 2. 

6 Minervu Ross, 34. 

7 Henry Ross, 9. 
7 Nettie Ross, 6. 

7 Mary Gertrude Ross, i. 

6 Edwin E. Correll, 32. 

7 Minnie E. Correll, 8. 
7 George E. Correll, 7. 
7 Stewart Correll, 5. 

7 William E. Correll, 3. 

7 Charles A. Correll, i. 

7 William Correll, 5. 

7 a. Charlotte Gruver, i. 
7 Charlotte Gruver, i. 
6 Daniel Gruver, family. 

5 Joseph Correll, family. 

6 Austin Correll, 34. 
6 Alles Jane Blue, 32. 
6 Susanna Correll, 30. 
6 Maranda Koons, 26. 
6 Majy E. Maus, 22. 

6 Austin Correll, family, 34. 

Benjamin Correll, 10. 

Sarah Correll, 7. 

Joseph Correll, 3. 

Alles Jane Blue, family. 

Irene Blue, 4. 

Stella Blue, 2. 

Maranda Koons, family. 

Joseph Koons, 4. 

Hannah Koons, 2. 

Mary E. Maus, family. 

Clauda Maus, 3. 

Mary Snyder, family. 
6 Minerva Baker, 34. 
6 Caroline Spanaberger, 30. 

6 Minerva Baker, family. 

7 George Baker, 13. 
7 Jacob Baker, 10. 

7 Union Baker, 7. 
7 Mary Baker, 2. 

6 Caroline Spanaberger. 

7 a. Infant Girl, o. 
7 a. Infant Girl, o. 

7 Luther Spanaberger, i, 

5 George W. Correll, family. 

6 William J. Correll, 31. 

6 George William Correll, 29, 
6 Mary E. Casper, 27. 
6 a. Infant Daughter, o. 
6 a. John Wesly Correll, 7. 
6 Isabella Correll, 19. 


6 Rev. J. H. Correll, Mission- 

ary to Japan. 

7 Grace Correll, 3.* 
7 Edith Correll, i. 

6 William J. Correll, family. 

7 Emma Correll, 5. 

7 Loretta May Correll, 4. 
7 Franklin P. Correll, 3. 

6 Howard L. Correll, 2. 

7 Mary E. Casper, family. 
7 Lucy M. Casper, 5. 

5 George C. Casper, 2. 

6 Margarette Dorrhones, fam. 
6 Emma Dorrhones, single, 24. 

5 Susanna Dunbar, family. 

6 Rev. William H. Dunbar, 

minister, 26. 

5 Henry Correll, family. 

6 Henrietta Correll, 16. 
6 William Correll, 12. 

6 a. Hannah Correll, 3. 
6 a. Henry Correll, 2. 
6 a. John Correll, i. 
6 Amanda Correll, 5. 
6 Harry Correll, i. 

4 Michael Schock, family. 

5 Sarah Rutt, 59. 

5 Elizabeth Witeman, 57. 
5 a. Catharine Schock, 2. 
5 a. Jonas Schock, 34. 
5 Jesse Schock, 52. 
5 Maria Reimel, 50. 
5 Enos Schock, 47. 
5 Plena Ackerman, 45. 
5 Hannah Prieshoflf, 43. 

5 Sarah Rutt, family. 

6 Adaline Shook, 31. 

6 Paulena Buzzard, 29. 
6 Henrietta Rutt, 27. 
6 Franklin Rutt, 26. 

6 a. Joseph H. Correll, 4. 

6 a. Emma Correll, 2. 

6 Albert H. Correll, 17. 

6 Edwin Correll, 13. 

7 Charles Shook, 2. 

5 Elizabeth Witeman, family. 

6 Henrietta Stout, 59. 
6 Tillie Witeman, 37. 

6 Sarah A. Witeman, 34. 

6 Aria Witeman, 21. 

6 Henrietta Stout. 

7 Mary E. Stout, 20. 

7 Amanda J. Stout, 17. 

7 a. William H. Stout, 9. 

7 Asher Stout, 13. 

7 Calvin Stout, 1 1. 

7 Emma C. Stout, 7. 

7 Rosa Ellen Stout, 4. 

7 Alma Stella Stout, i. 

5 Jonas Schock, family. 

6 Mary Catharine Rosen- 

bach, 27. 

6 Jane Schock, 20. 

6 Mary Catharine Rosenbach, 


7 Carrie Rosenbach, 7. 

5 Jesse Schock, family. 

6 Erwin Schock, 27. 

6 Ansanetta Bennett, 25. 

6 Allie Schock, 22. 

5 Maria Reimel, family. 

6 Sarah Ackerman, 29. 
6 Nora Houck, 25. 

6 William G. Reirr.el, twins, 22. 

6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22. 

6 Sarah Ackerman, family. 

6 Norah Houck, 25. 

6 Wm. G. Reimel, twins, 22. 

6 Michael Reimel, twins, 22, 

6 Sarah Ackerman family. 


6 Jonas Rutt, 22. 

6 Adaline Shook, family. 

7 George F, Shook, 10. 
7 William H. Shook, 8. 
7 Sarah A. Shook, 6. 

6 Violetta Schock, 3. 

6 Eli Schock, 21. 

6 Phares Schock, 19. 

6 Annie Schock, 16. 

6 a. Abraham Schock, 6. 

6 Mary A. Schock, 12. 

6 a. Enos Schock, 3. 

6 William J. Schock, 7. 

6 Erwin Schock, 5. 

6 Charles H. Schock, 3. 

6 Plena Ackerman, family. 

6 Sabina Rutt, 22. ' 

6 Nettie Ackerman, 17. 

6 a. John H. Ackerman, 2. 

6 Sarah Akcerman, 12. 

6 Phares Ackerman, 7. 

5 Hannah Prieshoff, family. 

6 Carrie Prieshoff, 2. 

4 Elizabeth Beck, in part. 

5 Charles Dutt. 

5 a. Thomas Dutt, single, 1556. 

5 Josiah Dutt, family. 

6 Hibbard Dutt, 15. 
6 Thomas Dutt, 13. 
6 David Dutt, 11. 

6 Levi Dutt, 9. 

6 Hannah Dutt, 9. 

6 a. fulia Dutt, 18 months. 

6 Doraehy Dutt, 2 

6 Julian Heller, family. 

6 Quintus Heller, II. 

6 Benjamin Heller, 9. 

6 Amanda Heller, 7. 

5 Lydia Beck, 

5 Sarah A. Miller. 

7 William Ackerman, 6. 

7 Franklin Ackerman, 3. 

6 Norah Houck, family. 

7 Caroline Houck, 3. 

5 Enos Schock, family. 

5 a. Mary Hilliard. 

5 Lydia Hess. 

5 John Beck. 

5 Joseph Beck. 

5 Susanna Cressman. 

5 .Abraham Beck. 

5 Catharine Loehr. 

5 Caroline Oyer. 

5 Christianna Ink. 

5 Ludwig Beck. 

5 Mary Hilliard, infant. 

6 Eliza Hilliard. 

6 Joseph Hilliard. 

4 a. Doratha Dutt, family. 

5 Josiah Dutt. 

5 a. David Dutt, single, 1858. 

5 George Dutt. 

5 Julian Hetter. 

5 Elizabeth Heller. 

6 Doratha Heller, 5. 

5 Elizabeth Heller, family. 

6 Charles Heller, 3. 

4 Catharine Miller, in part. 

5 Sovina Engler. 

5 Elizabeth Merris. 

5 a. Samuel Miller. 

5 a. Anna Miller. 

5 Phily Miller. 

4 Daniel Schock, 82. 

5 a. Reuben Schock. 
5 Sophia Nichols. 
5 Joseph Schock. 

5 Margarette Young, 

5 a. Harrison Schock, 

6 Catharine Ripler. 


5 Reuben Schock, family. 

6 Margarette Brettain. 

6 Marshall Schock, single. 

6 Alvares Schock. 

6 Charlotte Schock. 

6 Sarah Schock. 

6 Susanna Engler. 

6 a. Westly Schock, I2. 

6 Frances Schock, 1 8. 

6 Henry Schock, 17. 

6 Anna Schock, 15. 

6 Margarette Brittain, family. 

7 Mary Brittain, 2. 

6 Alvanus Schock, family. 

7 a. David Schock, 3. 
7 a. Mary Schock, i. 

6 Susanna Engler, family. 

7 Peter Engler, 2. 

5 Sophia Nicholas, family. 

6 Sirvetus Nicholas. 
6 Levi Nicholas. 

6 Joseph Henry Nicholas. 

6 Mary Ann Nicholas. 

6 Sarah Jane Nicholas, 18. 

6 Levi Nicholas, family. 

7 Angelina Nicholas, 47. 

5 Joseph Schock, family. 

6 Ophelia Ivory. 

6 Elanor Bartholemew. 

6 Almon Schock. 

6 Isaac Schock, twins. 

6 a. Infant girl, twins, o. 

6 Rose Schock, no family. 

6 Sarah Schock. 

6 Vary Schock, girl, 18. 

6 Anna Schock, 16. 

6 John Schock, 14. 

6 Lucy Schock, 12. 

6 Daniel Schock, 10. 

6 Elanor Bartholemew, family. 

7 James Bartholemew, 7. 

7 Catharine Bartholemew. 

6 Almon Schock, family. 

7 Peter Schock, 2. 

5 Margarette Ycung^, family. 

6 William Young. 
6 Marcus Young. 

6 Joseph Daniel Young. 

6 Sarah Eliz. Young. 

6 William Young, (Loyal Oak, 


7 James Young, 7. 
7 Mary Young, 5. 

7 Daniel Young, 3. 

6 Marcus Young, family. 

7 Alace Young, 5. 

7 Debora Young, 2. 

6 Joseph Young, family. 

7 Orelia Young, i. 

5 Lydia Beck, family. 

6 Aria Elanor Hess. 
6 Levi Beck. 

6 Sarah Cath. Emery. 

6 Rebecca Ringler. 

6 Ariea Elanor Hess, family. 

7 Sarah Hess, 10. 
7 David Hess. 2. 

6 Rebecca Ringler, family. 

7 James Ringler, 3. 

5 a. Harrison Schock, family. 

6 Milo Schock. 

5 Sarah Ann Miller, family. 

6 a. Infant, girl, Boston, o. 
6 a. Catharine Miller, 6. 

6 Anna Miller, 11. 

5 Catharine Uhler, family. 

6 Alvin Uhler. 

6 Margarette Miller. 

6 Laura Uhler, 14. 

6 George Uhler, 8. 


6 Sarah Weaver, family, 78. 
5 a. Reuben Weaver, 39. 

5 Maria Hauck, 51. 

5 Absalom Weaver, 48. 

5 Reuben Weaver, family. 

6 George H. Weaver, 29. 
6 a. Edward Weaver, 13. 

6 a. Irvin Frank Weaver, 9. 

6 Sylvanus Weaver, 22. 

6 a. Orantas Weaver, 3. 

6 Reuben Weaver, 14. 

6 George II. Weaver, family. 

7 Franklin Floyd Weaver^ 3. 
7 Cora Aravesta Weaver, 2. 

7 Olive May Weaver, 6 months. 

5 Maria Hauck, family. 

6 a. Henry James Hauck, 3. 
6 a. Sarah Eliz. Hauck, 2. 

6 Eleanor Bartholemew, 21. 

6 Isaac Hauck, 16. 

6 George Wash. Hauck, 9. 

6 Elanor Bartholemew, family. 

7 Joseph Bartholemew. 

5 Absalom Weaver, family. 

6 Emeline Wolf, 25. 
6 Henry Weaver, 23. 
6 Alice Bartron, 22. 

6 Etna Ayres, 20. 

6 William Weaver, 16. 

6 Lillie Weaver, 14. 

6 Rosa Weaver, 12. 

6 Emaline Wolf, family. 

7 Eva May Wolf, 6 months. 

6 Etna Ayers, family. 

7 Lucy Ayers, 6 months. 

3 Henry Deiterly, family. 

4 Daniel Deiterly. 
4 Charles Deiterly. 
4 a. George Deiterly. 
4 Jacob Deiterly. 

4 Henry Deiterly, no family. 

4 Mary Deiterly, married 

4 Daniel Deiterly, family. 

5 Caroline Deiterly. 

5 Mary Cramer, no children. 

5 Silas Deiterly. 

5 a. Catharine Deiterly, single. 

5 Hannah Deiterly, single. 

5 Jacob Deiterly. 

5 Susanna Miller, twins, dead. 

5 a. Sarah Mitman, twins, dead, 

5 Silas Deiterly, family. 

6 Louisa Stever. 
6 Mary Gable. 

6 Savilla Deiterly, 13. 

6 Amanda Deiterly, II. 

5 Jacob Deiterly, family. 

6 Albert Deiterly. 

5 Susanna Miller, family. 

6 Edwin Miller, 16. 
6 Louisa Miller, 11. 
6 Mary Miller, 8. 

6 Anna Miller, 4. 

6 Savilla Miller, 2. 

5 Sarah Mitman, family. 

6 Leva Mitman, 14. 

4 Charles Deiterly, family. 

5 Amanda Fluck. 
5 Lewis Deiterly. 
5 Mary Alum. 

5 Elizabeth Afflebach. 

5 Amanda Fluck, family. 

6 Edwin Fluck. 

5 Lewis Deiterly, family. 

6 Sarah Deiterly, 18. 

6 Catharine Deiterly, 6. 

5 Mary Allum, family. 

6 James Alum, 14. 
6 Jane Alum, 12. 



6 Peter Alum. 9. 

5 Elizabeth Afflebach. 

6 Clarra Afflebach, 7. 

4 George Deiterly, family. 

5 Lavina Rupe. 

5 Charles Deiterly. 

5 Elizabeth Trauger. 

4 Jacob Deiterly, family. 

5 Matilda Hockman. 
5 Eliza Mickley. 

5 Charles Deiterly. 

5 Mary Deiterly, single. 

5 Sarah Deiterly, single. 

5 Henry Deiterly. 

^ Matilda Hockman. 

6 Levi Hockman. 
6 Leidy Hockman. 

6 Malinda Hockman. 

5 Elizabeth Mickley, family. 

6 Reed Mickley, 2J. 

6 Willamina Mickley, 15. 

5 Charles Deiterly, family, 

6 Sarah Deiterly, 9. 
6 Emma Deiterly, 7. 

4 Henry Deiterly, family. 

5 Amanda Deiterly, 6. 

5 Elizabeth Deiterly, twins, 4. 

5 Anna Deiterly, twins. 

4 Mary Deiterly, family. 

5 Lucinda Deiterly, 21. 
5 William Deiterly, 20. 
5 Savilla Deiterly, 19. 

5 Sarah Deiterly, 16. 

5 Jane Deiterly, 14 

5 Elizabeth Deiterly, 12. 

5 Francis Deiterly, 10. 

3 Susanna Smith, family. 

4 a. Joseph Smith. 
4 a. Mary Swartly. 
4 a. Sarah Laux. 

4 a. Henry Smith. 

4 a. Catharine Freisbach, no fam. 

4 a. Elizabeth Fox. 

4 John D. Smith. 

4 a. Susanna Frick. 

4 George D. Smith, no 

4 a. Nancy Ruth. 

4 a. Lydia Smith. 

4' Joseph Smith, family. 

5 Sarah Ann Myers. 

5 a. Susanna Meyers. 

6 a. Abraham Smith, 16. 

5 Sarah Ann Myers, family. 

6 Abraham Myers, 24. 

6 Catharine O. V. Liet, no fam. 
6 Mary Ann Mann, no family. 
6 Joseph Meyers. 
6 Henry 'Meyers. 
6 William Meyers. 
6 Elizabeth Meyers, 9. 

5 Susanna Meyers, family. 

6 Catharine Meyers, 19. 
6 a. Joseph Myers, 16. 

6 Lincoln Meyers, 12. 

4 Mary Swartly, family. 

5 George Swartly. 
5 Henry Swartly. 
5 a. Levi Swartly. 

5 Philip Swartly, no 

5 Susanna Alderfer. 
5 Sarah Alderfer. 
5 a. Mary A. Rosenberger. 
5 Eliza Slifer. 
5 Aaron^Swartly. 

5 George Swartly, tamily. 

6 a. Oliver Swartly, '8. 
6 Mary Shipe. 

6 Jacob Swartly, no family. 

6 Mary Shipe, family. 

7 Elma Shipe, 4. 


7 Arthur Shipe, i. 

5 Henry Swartly, family. 

6 Lovina Funk, no family. 
6 Abraham Swartly. 

6 Eliza S warily. 

6 Sarah Swartly. 

c Levi Swartly, family. 

6 a. Daniel Swartly, 3. 

6 Emaliiie Frederick. 

6 Philip Swartly, no family. 

6 Mary Moyer. 

6 Emaline Frederick, family, 7. 

7 Milton Frederick, 7. 
7 Harvey Frederick, 3. 

5 Amanda Clemmens, family. 

6 Mary Moyer, family. 
- Elmira Moyer, 2. 

5 Susanna Alderfer, family. 

6 Levi Alderfer. 

6 Mary A. Burger. 
6 Lovina Clemmens. 
6 Anna Clemmens. 
6 Susanna Price. 
6 Jacob Alderfer. 
6 Lewis Alderfer. 
6 a. Amanda Alderfer, 10. 
6 Philip Alderfer. 
6 Eliza Alderfer, 10. 
6 Levi Alderfer, family. 

Amanda Alderfer, 8. 

Mary Alderfer, 5. 

Sarah Alderfer, i. 

Mary Ann Burger, family. 

Henry Burger, to. 

Susanna Burger, 7 months. 

Lovina Clemmens, family. 

Jacob Clemmens, 5. 

Anna Clemmens, 3. 

Anna Clemmens, family. 

Eliza Clemmens, 4. 

Jared Clemmens, 2. 

6 Susanna Price, family. 

7 Alfred Price, 2. 

5 Sarah Alderfer, family. 

6 Amanda Clemmens. 

6 a. Catharine Alderfer, 4. 
6 Frank Alderfer, twins, 
6 Philip Alderfer, twins. 
6 John Alderfer. 
6 Reuben Alderfer. 
6 a. Emaline Alderfer, !. 
6 Jacob Alderfer. 
6 a. Henry Alderfer, 2. 
6 Sarah Clemmens, 10. 
6 Elizabeth Clemmens, 6. 
6 Allen Clemmens, 2. 

5 Frank Alderfer, family. 

6 Caleb Alderfer, 3. 

6 Miranda Alderfer, i. 

5 Mary A. Rosenberger, family. 

6 a. Josiah Rosenberger. 
6 Simon Rosenberger. 

6 Jonathan Rosenberger, 9 m. 

6 Jemima Rosenberger* 

6 a. Monrow Rosenberger, 9 m. 

6 Simon Rosenberger, family. 

7 Sarah Rosenberger, 4. 

7 Wellington Rosenberger, i, 

5 Eliza Slifer, family. 

6 Eliza Slifer, 18. 
6 John Slifer, 12. 
6 Lewis Slifer. 9. 

5 Aaron Swartly, family. 

6 a. Oscar Swartly, 13. 
6 William Swartly 

6 Rosa Swartly. 
6 Anna Swartly, 2. 

4 Sarah Loucks, family. 

5 Anna Maria Allen. 
5 a. Levi Loucks. 

5 a. Susanna Morris, 
5 a. Henry Loucks, 16. 


5 Eliza Brink. 
5 Catharine Kratz. 
5 Lovina Stover. 

5 Anna Maria Allen, family. 

6 a. Amandas H. Allen, 14. 
6 Emma Keachline. 

6 Ida Allen. 

6 a. Abby Allen, i. 

6 Emma Keachline, family. 

7 a. Rosa Keachline, i. 

7 Edward Keachline, 6. 
7 Ida May Keachline, 4. 

5 Levi Loucks, family. 

6 a. Abraham Loucks, 7. 
6 a. Oliver Loucks, 5. 

6 a. Albert Loucks, twins, hour 

apart, dead one, 5. 
6 a. William Loucks, 3. 
6 a. Edwin Loucks, 2. 

5 Susanna Morris, family. 

6 Wilson Morris, 19. 

5 Eliza Brink, family. 

6 Sarah Black, 22. 
6 Rachael Brink. 

6 John Brink. 
6 Ellen Brink. 
6 William Brink. 
6 Maggie Brink. 
6 George Brink, 3. 

6 Sarah Black, family. 

7 Fanny Black, 3. 

7 Eliza Black, 9 months. 

5 Catharine Kratz, family. 

6 Isaac Kratz, 12. 
6 Lizzy Kratz, 9. 

5 Lovina Stover, family. 

6 Amanda Stover, II. 
6 Mary Etta Stover. 
6 Emma Stover. 

5 Jonas Loucks. 

5 Ephraim Loucks. 

5 a. Lucinda Deturler. 

6 John Stover, 7 weeks. 

5 Jonas Loucks, family. 

6 Harry Loucks, 15. 
6 Ezra Loucl<s. 

6 Eve Anna Loucks, 6. 

5 Ephraim Loucks, family. 

6 Clarra Loucks, 12. 
6 George Loucks, 6. 

5 Lucinda Detwiler, family. 

6 Wilson Detwiler, 14. 

4 Henry Smith, family. 

5 Levi Smith, no family. 
5 Susanna Swartly. 

5 George Smith. 

5 Henry Smith, no family. 

5 a. Emma Smith, 18. 

5 Adda Smith. 

5 Susanna Swartly, family. 

6 George Swartly, 19. 
6 a. Ida Swartly, 3. 

5 George Smith, family. 

6 Henry Smith, 5. 
6 Edgar Smiih,3. 

4 Elizabeth Fox, family. 

5 Jefferson S. Fox. 
5 Catharine Franze. 
5 Henry Fox. 

5 Oliver Fox, no family. 

5 Jefferson Fox, family. 

6 Edwin Fox, 4. 

6 a. Edgar P^ox, 18 months. 

5 Catharine Franze, family. 

6 I^aura Franze, i. 

5 Henry Fox, frmily. 

6 Elizabeth Fox, 8. 
6 Catharine Fox. 6. 


6 Abby Stover. 

6 a. Allen Stover, i. 

5 Francis Smith. 

5 Mary A. Kile, no family. 

5 Oliver Smith, twins. 

5 a. Ephraim Smith, twins i8. 

5 Susanna Smith. 

5 George Smith. 

5 Rude Smith. 

5 Francis Smith, family. 

6 Martha Smith, 1 1. 
6 Catharine Smith, 9. 
6 Hellen Smith, 6. 

6 Amanda Smith, 4. 

6 Clarra Smith, 2. 

5 Oliver Smith, family. 

6 Emily Smith, 8. 

4 Susanna Frick, family. 

5 Oliver Frick. 

5 George Frick, no family. 

5 Oliver Frick, family. 

6 William Frick, 19. 
6 a. Horace Frick, 6. 
6 Peter Frick, 14. 

6 Elizabeth Frick, 10. 

6 Susanna Frick, 8. 

4 Nancy Ruth, family. 

5 Susanna Detwiler. 

5 Sarah Schroy, family. 

6 a. Lewis Schroy, 6. 

6 a. Anna Maria Schroy, 4. 

6 Henry Schroy. 

6 Elizabeth Schroy. 

6 Amanda Schroy. 

6 Charles Schroy. 

6 John Sbhroy. 

5 John Stoneback. 

6 Ida Harwick. 

6 a. Amelia Stoneback, 3. 

5 Matilda Stoneback, family. 

4 John D. Smith, family. 

5 Martain Smith, no family. 
5 Mary Yoder, no family. 

3 Mary Stoneback, family. 

4 John Stoneback. 
4 Catharine Beidler. 
4 David Stoneback. 
4 a. Mary Deily. 

4 a. Peter Stoneback, 12. 

4 a. Baltzer Stoneback. 

4 Elizabeth.Stoneback, no family. 

4 a. Michael Stoneback. 

4 Henry Stoneback, twin.^ 

4 Margarette Miller, twin. 

5 John Stoneback, family. 
5 a. Mary Barthoemew. 

5 Sarah Schroy. 
5 John Stoneback. 
5 Matilda Stoneback. 
5 William Stoneback. 
5 a Henry Stoneback. 
5 Surris Stoneback. 
5 Charles Stoneback. 
5 Elias Stoneback. 
5 Abby Seiple. 
5 Milton Stoneback. 

5 Mary Bartholemew, family. 

6 a. John Bartholemew, 6 months. 
6 George Bartholemew. 

5 Mary Beideler. 

4 David Stoneback, family. 

5 Anteletta Martin. 
5 Lovina Smith. 

5 Hannah Finnamae. 
5 Michael Stoneback. 

5 Anteletta Marten, family. 

6 William Maitin. 

6 Hannah Woolford. 
6 Ephraim Maitin. 
6 Lovina Smith. 


6 Sarah Ann Sleifer, no family. 

5 William Stoneback, femily. 

6 Vestus Stoneback. 
6 Elias Stoneback. 

6 Amanda Stoneback. 

6 Oschar Stoneback. 

6 Amelia Stoneback. 

6 Emma Stoneback. 

5 a. Henry Stoneback, family. 

6 Catharine Stoneback, 4. 
6 Isabella Stoneback, 13. 
6 Amanda Stoneback, 10. 

5 Lewis Stoneback, family. 

6 Julian Stoneback, 13. 
6 Clarra Stoneback, 9. 

5 Charles Stoneback, fictmily. 

6 David vStoneback, 3. 
6 Mary Stoneback, i. 

5 Elias Stoneback, family. 

6 Linda Stoneback, 14. 
6 a. Frank Stoneback, i. 
6 Clarra Stoneback. 9 

6 Catharine Stoneback, 7 

6 Harry Stoneback, 3 

6 Matdda Stoneback, i. 

5 Abby Seiple, family. 

6 EUie Doin Seiple, 15 
6 Edward Seiple, 12. 

5 Milton Stoneback. 

6 Emma Stoneback, 10. 
6 John Stoneback, 6. 

6 Harry Stoneback, 4. 

4 Catharine Beideler, family. 

5 David Beideler. 

5 a. Matilda Stoneback, 21. 

5 Peter Stoneback. 

5 Daniel Stoneback, family. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Edwarde Stoneback. 

6 Anna Stoneback. 

6 a. Charles Maiten. 
6 Willimina 

6 Ephraim Maiten, family. 

7 2 children, names not known. 

6 Willamina, name not known. 

7 I daughter. 

6 Lovina Smith, family. 
6 3 boys, names not given. 
6 2 girls, names not given. 

5 Hannah Finnamse, family. 

6 a. William Finnamore, 3. 
6 Charles Finnemore. 

6 Mary Artman. 
6 Louis Finnemore. 

6 Charles Finnemore, family. 

7 a. 2 children, i dead, names 

not given. 

6 Mary Artman, family. 

7 l>aughter, name not given. 
7 a. 2 boys, i dead. 

5 Michael Stoneback, family. 

6 a. 2 boys, one dead, names not 

6 I girl, name not given. 

4 Mary Deily, family. 

5 4 daughters, names not given. 

6 9 and have children and 
a. 2 are dead. 

4 Baltzer Stoneback, family. 

5 a. Boy dead, 6 months. 
5 Daniel Stoneback. 

5 Jacob Stoneback. 

5 a. Mary Stoneback, 21. 

5 a. Emma Stoneback Frank, 15. 

3 Males dead, 3. 

3 Females dead, 7. 

4 Males, 30. 

4 Females, 34. 

4 Males, living, 16. 

4 Females living, 13. 























5 Jacob Stoneback, family. 

6 Boy, 1 6. 

5 a. Emma Frank, family. 

6 a. Daughter dead, i. 

6 2 boys, names not given. 
6 I Daughter, lo. 

4 Henry Sloneback, family. 

5 a. Amanda Sloneback, lo 
5 Mary Trumbour. 

Andrew Sloneback. 
Elizabeth Arnold. 
Amandus Sloneback. 
Catharine Sloneback, no 

Henry Stoneback. 
Mary Trumbour, family. 
Daughter, i 
Son, Trumbour, 5. 
Andrew Sloneback, family. 
Son, 6. 
Daughter, 4. 

Amandus Stoneback, family. 
2 boys. 

Margaretle Miller, family. 
Amanda Hudrick. 
Infant Daughter, o. 
Amanda Heidrick, family. 
Charles Hiederick, 8. 
Aaron Heiderick, 6. 
Barbara Deiterly, 
Males, 3. 
Females, 7. 
Males living, o. . 
Females living, o. 
Males, o. 
Females, i. 
Females, 7. 
Females, 34. 
Females, 141. 
Females, 329. 


Males dead, 14. 


Females dead, 21. 


Males, 116. 


Females, 141. 


Males living, 95. 


Females living, 107. 


Males dead, 21. 


Females dead, 34. 


Males, 323. 


Females, 329. 


Males living, 266. 


Females living, 288. 


Males dead, 57. 


Females dead, 41. 

Males, 200. 

Females, 204. 

Males living, 187. 

Females living, 177. 

Males dead, 13. 

Females dead, 27. 


Females, 3. 

All living. 


Twins, pairs. 

Males, 17. 

Females, 19. 

Males living, ii. 

Females living, 9. 

Males dead, 6. 

Females dead, 10. 


Males, 3. 


Males, 30. 


Males, 116. 


Males, 323. 


Males, 200. 

Males, 672. 


George Dutt, family. 


Emma Wallers. 


I'lorie Dull, 13. 


Emma Wallers, family 


Elsie M. Walters, 3. 


7 Females, 204. 

2 Elizabeth Kaub, family. 

3 a. Daniel I^aub. 
3 a. Jacob Kaub. 

Second marriage, David Reis. 
3 a. Valentine Reis. 
3 George Reis. 
3 a. Abraham Reis. 

3 a. Daniel Kaub, family. 

4 a. Elizabeth Marks. 
4 a. John Kaub. 

4 a. David Kaub. 
4 Sarah Kline, Reading. 
4 George Kaub, Indiana. 
4 Daniel Kaub, Missouri. 
4 a. Susanna Patrick. 

4 Elizabeth Marks, family. 

5 George A. Marks. 

5 George A. Marks, family. 

6 Elizabeth Marks. 
6 Amelia Marks. 

6 Justena Marks. 
6 a. Son, still-born. 

4 a. John Kaup, family. 

5 Augustus Kaub, no family. 

5 Washington Kaub, no family. 

4 David Kaup, Newtown Post- 

Office, Putnam County, 

5 John Kaup, 1830. 

5 Daniel B. Kaup, 1830. 
5 James P. Kaup, 1837. 
5 Sarah Jane Good, 1839. 
5 h'usanna Spencer, 1841. 
5 a. Henrietta E. Kaub, 1843. 
5 Louis Hulbert, 1845. 
5 a. Rachael E. Kaub, 1847, twins. 
5 Margarette C. Johnson, 1847, " 
5 a. George Wash. Kaub, 

7 Claud F. Walters, son, i. 
6 Syntha Alice Kaup, 

6 Edward Kaup, 1858. 
6 Sarah Mary Kaup, 1866. 

5 Daniel B. Kaup, 


6 Jesse Kaup, 1855. 
6 David Kaup, 1857. 

6 Nancy Jane Kaup, 1859. 
6 Jacob Kaup, 1861. 
6 William Kaup, 1863. 
6 Flora Kaup, 1865. 
6 a. Mary Kaup, 1867. 
6 a. John Kaup, 1869. 
6 a. George Kaup, 1871. 
6 Levi Kaup, 1873. 
6 Samuel Kaup, 1875. 
6 James Kaup, 1877. 

5 James P/ Kaup, family. 

6 Ella Kansaida Kaup, 1859. 
6 Epsa Arsula Kaup, 1862. 

6 Willis Kaup, 1867. 
6 Franklin Kaup, 1874. 
6 Edward Kaup, 1876. 

5 Sarah Jane Good, family. 
6 Margarette Good, 1862. 

6 Henrielte Amy Good, 1863. 

6 David Good, 1867. 
6 Samuel Good, 1873. 
6 Mary Good, 1875. 

6 Eflfa Good, 1877. 

5 Susanna Spencer, family. 

6 a. Infant daughter, 1859. 
6 John Spencer, 1862. 

6 David Spencer, 1864. 
6 a. George Spencer, 1866. 
6 Mary Marian Spencer, 1868. 
6 Junatta Spencer, 1870. 
6 Franklin Spencer, 1876. 


5 Mary Sam. Kaup, 1858. 

5 John Kaup, family. 

6 Wm. Alfred Kaup, 1853. 
6 Alice Hulbert, 1875. 

6 Anna Hulbert, 1877. 

5 Mary C. Johnson, family. 

6 Mary Jane Johnson, 1870. 
6 Albert Johnson, 1872. 

6 Merion Johnson, 1874. 

6 Ida Johnson, 1875. 

6 Bdella Johnson, 1877. 

4 Daniel Kaup, Missouri. 

5 Augustus Alx. Kaup, 1859. 

4 Sarah Kline, Reading. 

5 a. Franklin Kline, 21. 
5 Daniel Kline, 

5 a. Adam Kline, 16. 

5 a. David Kline, 3 weeks. 

5 Amelia Kline Dartric. 

5 Martha Kline Wentzell. 

5 Samuel Kline. 

5 Derias Kline. 

5 Aaron Kline. 

5 Susanna Hoofmaster. 

5 Daniel Kline, family. 

6 Samuel Kline, 21. 
6 Franklin Kline, 18. 
6 Cornelia Kline, 15. 

5 Amelia Dautric, family. 

6 a. Samuel Dautric, 9 months. 
6 James Dautric, 13. 

6 Ugenus Dautric, (boy) 


6 Aaron Dautric, 7. 

6 David A. Dautric, 5. 

5 Martha Wentzell. 

6 James Wentzell, 18. 
6 Alice Wentzell, 15. 

6 Laura Wentzell, 12. 

6 Emma Wentzell, 10. 

5 Lois Hulbert, family. 

6 a. Amy Hulbert, 1870. 
6 Ira Hulbert, 1872. 

6 a. Ada Kline, 2. 

6 Henry Kline. 

6 Susanna Kline. 

6 Daniel Kline. 

6 James Kline, 6 months. 

5 Derias Kline, family. 

6 Charles Kline. 
6 George Kline. 

5 Aaron Kline, family. 

6 Franklin Kline. 

6 a. Urias Kline, 9 months. 

6 a. Charles Kline, i . 

6 Sarah Kline. 

6 a. Mary Kline, i . 

6 Aaron Kline. 

6 Amelia Kline, 6 months. 

5 Susanna Hoofmaster. 

6 Howard Hoofmaster, 8. 

6 a. Sarah Hoofmaster, 9 months. 

6 Ida Hoofmaster, 3. 

6 Lilly Hoofmaster, i year, 

4 George Kaup, Rossville 

Post-Office, State of In- 

5 William Kaup. 
5 Edith Stetter. 

5 a. Son, 4 weeks. 

5 Martha Kaup. 

5 a. Jane Kaup, 8 years. 

5 Elizabeth Kaup, two sons. 

5 Sarah Kaup. 

5 George Wash. Kaup. 

5 Mary Kaup. 

4 Susanna Patrick. 

5 Amelia Patrick. 

5 a. Infant daughter, o. 
3 Jacob Kaup, family. 


6 Howard Wentzell, 7. 

5 Samuel Kline, family. 

6 a. Catharine Kline, 4. 
4 Lydia Cummins. 

4 Sally Flicker. 
4 a. Infant daughter. 

4 Catharine Good, family. 

5 a. Mary Good, i year. 
5 Amos Good. 

5 William Good. 
5 Catharine Good. 
5 a. Jacob Good, 22 years. 
5 Susanna Good. 
5 David Good. 
5 Elizabeth Good. 
5 Anna Good. 
5 Peter Good. 

4 Susanna Khoads, family. 

5 William Rhoads. 
5 Regina Rhoads. 

5 Catharine Rhoads. 
5 Daniel Rhoads. 
5 a. Sarah Rhoads. 
5 Alice Rhoads. 
5 a. Jacob Rhoads. 
5 Deborah Rhoads. 
5 Amelia Rhoads. 

4 Lydia Commins, family. 

5 a. Son, and he has a family. 

4 Sally Flicker, family. 

5 Mary Flicker, married. 

6 a. Daughter and a son. 

7 Son living. 

5 Amos Good, family. 

6 3 children. 

5 William Good, family. 

6 Son living. 

5 Catharine Good, family, 

6 3 daughters. 

3 Valentine Reis, family. 

4 a, Daniel Kaup, 22. 
4 Catharine Good. 
4 Susanna Rhoads. 
4 a. Samuel Reis, 5. 
4 a. David Reis, 4. 
4 a. George Reis, 21. 
4 a. Elizabeth Reis, 5. 
4 a. Susanna Reis, 21. 
4 Catharine Paffs, family, not 

3 George Reis, family. 

4 a. David Reis. 

4 Catharme Reis. 
4 Justena Reis. 
4 Henrietta Reis. 
4 Jeremiah Reis. 
4 Levi Reis. 
4 Matilda Reis. 
4 Eliza Reis. 

4 David Reis, family. 

5 George Reis. 
5 David Reis. 

5 Augustus Reis. 
5 Henry Reis. 
5 Amelia Reis. 
5 Catharine Reis. 

4 Levi Reis, family. 

5 a. Mary A. Reis, 17. 
5 William Reis. 

5 a. Jeremiah Reis, 19. 
5 a. Elmira Reis, 15. 
5 a. Elizabeth Reis, 13. 
5 a. Susanna Reis, 11. 

Catharine Reis, 20. 
5 Mary Reis, twins, 14. 
5 Catharine Reis, twins, 

5 Justena Reis. 10. 

5 Henry Reis, 6. 

3 Abraham Reis, family. 


4 Catharine Paflf. 
4 a. John Reis, 2i years. 
4 a. Mary Reis. 
4 Catharine Wean. 
4 a. James Reis. 
4 Mary Reis single. 
4 Abram J. Reis. 
4 Susanna Reis, Faber, 

4 Sarah Reis. 

5 a. Son, 24 hours. . 

4 David Reis, family. 

5 a. Peter Reis, 3 years. 

4 Catharine Wean, family. 

5 a. Infant son, o. 

5 Anna M. Pottiger. 
' 5 Gideon Wean. 
5 Reuben Wean, single. 
5 a. Sarah Wean, 5 years. 
5 a. David Wean, 2. 
5 Augustus Wean. 

5 Anna M. Pottiger, family. 

6 Clayton Pottiger, 12. 
6 Emma Pottiger, 8. 

6 Howard Pottiger, 5. 

5 Gideon Wean, family. 

6 David Wean, 6 months. 
5 Abraham J. Reis, family. 
5 a. Anna M. Reis, 20. 

5 Jeremiah B. Reis, single. 

4 Abram B. Reis. 

5 Charles B. Reis. 
5 David B. Reis. 

5 James B. Reis. 
5 Sarah B. Reis. 
5 Henry B. Reis. 
5 Catharine B. Reis. 
5 Mary E. B. Reis. 

5 Abraham B. Reis, Jr. 

6 William Reis. 

4 a. Gideon Reis, 22. 

4 Sarah Reis. 
4 a, David Reis. 

4 Susanna Faber, family. 

5 Gideon Faber. 
5 John Faber. 

5 Emaline Faber. 

5 Abraham Faber. 

5 Margarette Faber. 

5 Catharine Faber. 

5 Oliver Faber. 

5 Jerida Ann Faber. 

5 Jane Faber. 

5 Daniel Faber. 

5 Sarah Faber. 

5 George Faber. 

2 Males, o. 

2 Females, i. 

2 Males living, o. 

2 Females living, o. 

2 Males dead, o. 

2 Females dead, i. 

3 Males, 5. 

3 Females, o. 

3 Males living, o. 

3 Females living, o. 

3 Males living, 5. 

3 Females dead, o. 

4 Males, 16. 

4 Females, 20. 

4 Males living, 5. 

4 Females living, 14. 

4 Males dead, 11. 

4 Females dead, 6. 

5 Males, 53. 

5 Females, 52. 

5 Males living, 41. 

5 Females living, 41. 

5 Males dead, 12. 

5 Females dead, 11. 


6 Amanda Reis. 

5 James B. Reis, family. 

6 a. Charles Reis, 3 years. 
6 Sally Reis. 

6 Males dead, 7. 

6 Females dead, 8. 

7 Males living, i. 
3 pairs twins, girls, 6. 
Whole number of males, 128. 
Whole number of females, 1 15. 
Total, 243. 

2 Zimmerman's family. 

3 a. Herman Zimmerman. 
3 £^. Henry Zimmerman. 

3 a. Christian Zimmerman. 
3 a. Daniel Zimmerman. 
3 a. Jacob Zimmerman. 
3 a. Abraham Zimmerman. 
3 a. Catharine Rupert. 
3 a. Barbara Rupert. 
3 a. Susanna Feece. 

3 Herman Zimmerman. 

4 John Zimmerman, family, 

4 a. Susanna Smith, 84. 
4 Jacob Zimmerman, 82. 
4 a. David Zimmerman, 65. 

4 John Zimmerman, family. 

5 Jacob Zimmerman, 1818. 
5 a. John Zimmerman, 1820. 
5 David Zimmerman, 1821. 

5 Charles Zimmennan, 1826. 
5 Elizabeth Brungard, 1823. 
5 a. Mary A. Zimmerman, 1830. 
5 Hannah Daugherty, 1832. 
5 Sarah McCormick, 1834. 

5 David Zimmerman, family. 

6 a. Elizabeth Zimmerman, 1845- 


6 Males, 53. 

6 Females, 42. 

6 Males living, 46. 

6 Females living, 34. 

6 a. Henry Zimmerman, 1850- 

6 Jacob W. Zimmerman, 1853. 

6 a. John A. Zimmerman, 1856- 


6 Susanna Zimmerman, 1859. 

6 Amanda Zimmerman, 1862. 

6 Sophia Zimmerman, 1865. 

6 a. Kate Zimmerman, 1871- 


5 Charles Zimmerman, family. 

6 Henrietta Mitch, 1850. 

6 Jerome Zimmerman, 1855. 

6 a. Hannah Zmimerman. 

6 Nathaniel Zimmerman, 1856. 

6 a. John Zimmerman. 

6 Henrietta Mitch, family. 

I. H. Linton Mitch, 1868. 

George W. Mitch, 1871. 

Claud G. Mitch, 1873. 

Mary C. Mitch, 1875. 

Susanna E. Mitch, 1878. 

Amanda E. Mitch, 1878. 

Lester Grant Zimmerman, i. 
6 Jerome W. Zimmerman. 

5 Elizabeth Brungard. 

6 David Brungard, 1849. 

6 a. Rachael Brungard, 1850. 
6 Sophia Wren, 1851. 

6 David Brungard, family. 

7 Talmadge Brungard. 
7 Edwin Brungard. 

6 Sophia Wren, family. 

7 Susanna Wren, 1869. 
7 Clara A. Wren, 1871. 

7 Phoebe Jane Wren, 1873. 


6 a. Samuel Zimmerman, 1847- 

6 a. Sarah Zimmerman, 1844- 

6 Alma Eva Daugherty, 1861. 
6 Mary A. Daugherty, 1 863. 
6 Thos. H. Daugherty, 1866. 
6 Eliza B. Daugherty, 1868. 
6 Samuel C. Daugherty, 1871. 
6 Sarah R. Daugherty, 1873. 
6 Timothy James Daugherty, 


5 Sarah McCormic, family. 

6 Hannah C. White, 1854. 

6 Thos. F. McCormick, 1855. 
6 a. Henry Jas. McCormic, 1858. 

6 Elizabeth E. McCormic, 1861, 

6 Eliza Ann McCormic, 1864. 

6 Hannah C. White, family. 

7 Eliza Ann White. 
7 Edna White. 

7 Thos. F. White. 

7 William W. White. 

6 Thos. McCormic, family. 

7 Clara McCormic, 1877. 
7 Emma McCormic, 1878. 

3 a. Henry Zimmerman. 

4 a. Abraham Zimmerman. 
4 a. Elizabeth Hess. 

4 a. Barbara Stauffer. 

4 Elizabeth Hess, family. 

5 Henry Hess. 

6 Elizabeth (Hess) Crum, 48 

6 a. Sarah Hess. 
6 Jacob Hess, 45. 
6 a. Nancy Hess. 
6 Henry Hess, 41. 
6 Abraham Hess, 39. 
6 a. John Hess, died Anderson- 

ville, 20. 

7 Lucinda E. Wren, 1875. 
7 Kate Eleanor Wren, 1877. 

5 Hannah Daugherty, family. 

6 a. John Daughter, i860. 
6 a. Margarette Hess, 4. 

second marriage. 
6 a. Daniel Hess, 7. 
6 a. Catharine Hess, 6. 
6 a. James Hess, 2. 
6 a. Susanna Hess, 4. 
6 a. Winfield Hess, 2. 
6 Thos. Jack. Hess, 13. 
6 Mary A. Hess, 10. 
6 Benjamin Hess, 7. 
6 Anthony Hess, 4. 

6 Jacob Hess. 

7 Ester Hess, 20. 
7 James Hess, 18. 
7 Nancy Hess, 10. 

6 Nancy Hess, family. 

7 a. Mary Hess. 

7 a. Charles Hess. 

7 I. H. Singleton Hess. 

6 Henry Hess, family. 

7 Anna Mary Hess, 1863. 
7 Irwin Hess, 1864. 

7 Hannah Alice Hess, 1866. 

7 Martha Jane Hess, 1867. 

7 Emma Hess, 1869. 

7 William Grant Hess, 187 1. 

7 Clara Hess, 1873, 

7 Adaline Hess, 1877. 

7 Samuel Ellsworth Hess, 1878. 

6 William Hess, family. 

7 James Irwin, 1868. 

7 Thos. Milton Hess, 1870. 
7 Rachael Elanor Hess, 1872. 

7 Mary Gertrude Hess, 1873. 
7 Lotty Blanch Hess, 1876. 
6 Samuel Hess. 


6 William Hess, 35. 

6 Samuel Hess, 34. 

6 Joseph Hess, 31. 

6 Adam Hess, 29. 

6. Margarette Stauffer. 

7 Marshall Sam. Hess. 
7 a. Mary Alice Hess. 

7 Orleason Hess, 3. 

7 Eddy Foster Hess, i. 

4 Barbara Stauffer, family. 

5 a. Abraham Stauffer, family. 
5 Elizabeth Lynn Nichols. 
5 Nancy Lynn Solomon. 

5 John Stauffer. 

5 Rachel Stone. 

5 Abraham Stauffer, family. 

6 Nancy A. Stauffer, 28. 
6 Mary Jane Stauffer, 25. 
6 Margarette Stauffer, 24. 
6 Elizabeth Stauffer, 22. 

6 Jacob H. Stauffer, 19. 

6 Elmira Stauffer, 16. 

6 Nancy A. Hartman, family. 

7 Mary Jane Hartman, 10. 
7 William Hartman, 8. 

7 Amelia Hartman, 6. 

7 Charles Hartman, 3 years. 

5 Elizabeth Lynn- Address. 

6 Abraham Lynn, Nicholas 


6 Benjamin Lynn, Coffee Run. 

6 Elizabeth Lynn, Huntingdon, 


6 Davolt Lynn. 

6 Nancy Lynn. 

6 Samuel Lynn. 

6 Mary Lynn. 

5 Nancy Lynn-Solomon. 

6 Elizabeth Lynn. 
6 Margarette Lynn. 

7 Licy May Hess. 
7 a. Infant Daughter, a 

6 Joseph Hess, fam- 


7 W. V. B. Hess, 9. 
6 Annie Stauffer. 

6 Lovina Stauffer. 

6 Rosa Stauffer. 

6 George Stauffer. 

6 John Stauffer. 

6 Lydia Stauffer. 

5 Rachel Stone, family. 

6 Jacob Stone. 
6 Sarah Stone. 

6 Michael Stone. 

6 William Stone. 

6 Saltilla Stone. 

6 Catharine Stone. 

6 Margarette Stone. 

6 George Stone. 

4 Jacob Zimmerman, son of 

Herman the elder. 

5 Nathan H. Zimmerman, 57. 
5 Oliver Perry Zimmerman, 


5 Eliza Rodgers, 54. 

5 a. Austin Lucian Zimmerman, 

3 months. 
5 Westly Kincaid Zimmerman, 


5 Nathan H. Zimmerman. 

6 a. Alfred Dyson Zimmerman, 2 

months, second marriage. 
6 Robert Bruce Zimmerman, 

6 Thos. Irwin Zimmerman, 25. 
6 Rebecca Jane Zimmerman, 

6 Rachel Eliz Zimmerman, 



6 David Lynn. 
6 Nancy Lynn. 
6 Stephen Lynn. 
6 William Lynn. 
6 Emaline Lynn. 

5 John Stauffer. 

6 Mary A. Stauffer. 

7 Banks Arnold Zimmer- 

man, I. 

5 Oliver Perry Zimmerman, 


6 C. Montgomery Zimmerman, 


6 Lucian Cal. Zimmerman, 29. 

6 a. Jane Zimmerman, 12. 
6 John Black Zimmern:ian, 25. 
6 a. Anna Bta. Zimmerman, 20. 
6 Mary Alice Zimmerman, 21. 
6 Sarah Ellen Zimmerman, 19. 
6 Laura Emma Zimmerman, 

6 Clar Minerva Zimmerman, 
6 Mira Matilda Zimmerman, 

6 Thos. Jeff. Zimmerman, 7. 

6 C. Montgomery Zimmerman, 


7 Elise Jane Zimmerman, 8. 

7 Carrie Susanna Zimmerman, 

7 John Irwin Zimmerman, 6. 
7 William Perry Zimmerman, 


6 Lucian Cal. Zimmerman, 


7 Franklin Zimmerman, 3. 

6 John Black Zimmerman, 


7 Henry Zimmerman, 20 mo. 
5 Eliza Rodgers, family. 

6 Lydia-Ann Zimmer- 
man, 17. 
6 Sarah Cath. Zimmerman, 13. 

6 Robert Bruce Zimmer- 

man, Jr. 

7 a. William Franc Zimmerman, 

18, second marriage. 
6 Mary Adams Rodgers, 13. 

6 Hanna M. Burns, family. 

7 Anna Laura Burns, i. 

5 Westly Kincar Zimmerman, 


6 Martha June Long, 26. 
6 a, Alice Zimmerman, 10. 

6 George Zimmerman, 18. 

6 Mary Zimmerman, 14. 

6 Matthew Hale Zimmerman, 





Miles Westly Zimmerman, 8. 

Martha Jane Long. 

Charles Milton Long, 5. 

Elsie Dora Long, 3. 

Bertha Viola Long, i. 

David Zimmerman, family. 

Susanna Hauck. 

5 a. Elizabeth Wenhold. 

5 John O. Zimmerman. 

Mary Hauck Riff. 

Leah Keyser. 

Kate Frederick. 

Sarah Fenstermacher. 

David O. Zimmerman. 

Jacob O. Zimmerman. 
5 a. Regina Zimmerman. 

5 Susanna Hauck, family. 

6 Rebecca Smith. 
6 a. Mary A. Hauck. 
6 a. Daniel Z. Hauck. 
6 a. Hanah Z. Hauck. 
6 John Z. Hauck. 



6 a. Jane Eliza Rodgers, lo. 
6 a. Junatta Japhune Rodgers. lo. 
6 Hannah Minerva Burns, 24. 
6 a. Samuel Rogers, o. 
6 Arabella Rodgers, 21. 
6 Irwin Hall Rodgers, 19. 
6 a. Joseph Austin Rodgers, 3. 
6 a. Marg Ellen Rodgers, none. 

6 a. Julian Rodgers, none. 

7 Susanna H. Bray, 1873. 

6 David Z. Hauck, family. 

7 Lizzie K. Hauck, 1876. 

7 Elizabeth Winhold, family. 

6 Elizza Hallman. 

6 a. Catharine Wenhold. 

6 Michael Wenhold. 

6 a. John Wenhold. 

6 Dianna Baltzell. 

6 Elizabeth Wenhold. 

6 a. Mary Wenhold. 

6 Henry Wenhold 

6 Michael Wenhold, family. 

7 Lizzie Wenhold. 
7 Alice Wenhold. 

6 Diana Balzel, family. 

7 Abraham Batzel. 
7 Anna Batzel. 

7 Maggie Batzel. 

5 John O. Zimmerman, family. 

6 Henry K. Zimme^-man, 1848. 
6 Franklin R. Zimmerman, 

1852, second marriage. 
6 Mason W. Zimmerman, i860. 
6 a. Mary Jane Zimmerman, 

6 Edwin W. Zimmerman, 1866. 
6 Mary Lizzie Zimmerman, 


5 Mary Riff Hauck, family. 

6 Emaline Kline. 

6 a. Catharine Bray. 
6 David Z. Hauck. 
6 Franklin Z. Hauck. 
6 Rebecca Smith, family. 

6 John H. Smith, 1861. 

7 Francis H. Smith, 1870. 
7 Irwin H. Smith, 1975. 

7 Catharine Bray, family. 
6 Mary H. Bray, 1869. 
6 Mary Hauck, 1865. 
6 Henry Hauck, 1867. 

6 Emaline Kline, family. 

7 Ella Kline, 1871. 
7 John Kline, 1874. 

6 David Riff, family. 

7 Ella Riff, 1877. 

5 Kate Frederick, family. 

6 Benjamin Frederick, 1856. 
6 Magdaline Frederick, i860. 
6 Jaeob Frederick, 1861. 

6 Sarah Frederick, 1863. 
6 Catharine Frederick, 1868. 

5 Sarah Fenstermacher, family. 

6 William Henry Fenstermacher, 

6 a. Amanda Fenstermacher, i860. 
6 a. Mary Eliz Fenstermacher, 

Sally Emma Fenstermacher. 

5 David Zimmerman, family. 

6 Magdalene Zimmerman, 1859. 
6 Susanna Zimmerman, 1861. 

6 Franklin Zimmerman, 1863. 
6 El wood Zimmerman, 1866. 
6 Elanor Zimmerman, 1868. 

5 Jacob O. Zimmerman, fam. 

6 Ambrose W. Zimmerman, 

6 Irene S. Zimmerman, 1867. 
6 Bouris D. Zimmerman. 


6 David Riff. 

6 Jacob Riff. 

6 Magdaline Riff. 

6 Joseph Riff, second marriage. 

4 a. Henry Zimmerman, Justice 

of the Peace. 
4 a. Jacob Zimmerman. 
4 Margaretta Right. 
4 a. EHzabeth Soursworth. 
4 Barbara Wright. 

4 Henry Zimmerman, Justice 

of the Peace. 

5 a. Daniel Zimmerman, 2. 
5 John Zimmerman, 49. 

5 Benjamin Zimmerman, 47. 
5 Isaac Zimmerman, 40. 
5 a. Abraham Zimmerman, 37. 
5 a. EHzabeth Zimmerman, 3. 
5 a. Christian Zimmerman, 8. 
5 Henry Zimmerman, 36. 
5 a. Margaretta Zimmer- 
man, 9. 
5 a. Jacob Zimmerman, o. 

5 Benjamin Zimmerman, 


6 a. Henry Zimmerman, 6. 

6 Margaretta Zimmerman, 24. 
6 a. Morrison Zimmerman, 6. 
6 Howard Zimmerman, 20. 
6 a. Emma Zimfnerman, 3. 
6 John Zimmerman, o, 5 mos. 
2 a. Mary Zimmerman, o, 7. 
6 Anna Zimmerman, 13. 
6 a. Haman Zimmerman, o, 10 m. 
6 Edward Zimmerman, 9. 
6 William Zimmerman, 5. 
4 Jacob Zimmerman, no ac- 
count at present. 

4 Margaretta Reight, family. 

5 Elizabeth Larkins. 

3 Daniel Zimmerman. 

4 a. Fred. Zimmerman, no lam. 

4 a. Daniel Zimmerman, no 


5 Catharine Purdy. 
5 a. Susanna Creamer. 
5 Minerva Laverty. 
5 Nancy Horton. 

5 Catharine Purdy, family. 

6 3 sons living,names not giv'n. 
6 2 daughters, names not giv'ri. 

5 Susanna Cramer, family. 

6 2 sons, names not given. 

6 2 daughters, names not giv*n. 

5 Minerva Laverty, family. 

6 2 daughters, names not giv'n. 

5 Nancy Horton, family. 

6 4 sons, names not given. 

3 Abraham Zimmerman, fam. 

4 Daniel Zimmerman. 

4 Elizabeth Zimmerman. 

4 Susanna Brode. 

4 Susanna Brode, family. 

4 Catharine Zimmerman. 

5 Christian Brode. 
5 Charlotte Brode. 
5 Susanna Brode. 
5 Daniel Brode. 

5 David Brode. 

5 Samuel Brode. 

5 Sarah Brode. 

5 Leah Brode. 

5 Abraham Brode. 

5 Henry Brode. 

5 John Wilkinson Brode ; the 

rest are not reported. 

6 Barbara Wise, family. 
6 Elizabeth Wise. 

6 John Wise. 

6 Sarah Wise. 





Barbara "Wise. 

Elizabeth Soursworth, fam. 

Mary Soursworth. 

Barbara Wright, family. 

Six sons dead. 

John Zimmerman. 

Jacob Zimmerman. 

David Zimmerman. 

Mary Zimmerman. 

Sarah Zimmerman. 

Catharine Rupert, family. 
4 a, Abraham Rupert. 
4 a. John Rupert. 
4 a. Jacob Rupert, Ohio. 
4 Catharine Hosier, 1782. 
4 a. Magdalene Minder, 1784. 
4 a. Mary Derolf, 1786. 
4 a. Esther Beiber, Ohio, 1788. 

Susanna Dilcom. 

John Rupert, family. 

Catherine Rupert. 

Daniel Rupert. 
5 a. Judith Rupert. 

3 Sarah Rupert. 

4 Jacob Rupert, Ohio, has a 

family of 10 children but 
could not get them. See 
Catharine Hasler, family. 
Sarah Hoppes, 4 
Benneville Hasler, 6 
Mary Hasler Murry, 3 chil- 
Rachael Hasler Marks. 
Catharine Hasler Gehist, 2 
Elizabeth Hasler Wentzel, 3 
Jeremiah Hasler, no family. 
Susanna Hasler Deyshers, 

girl, 1 2 years. 
Magdaline Minder, family. 

4 a. 






5 a. 


6 Margarette Wise. 
6 Jonah Wise. 
6 Henry Albert Wise. 
6 Samuel Wise. 

3 Jacob Zimmerman, family, 

but no residence. 

4 a. M. WoUes. 

4 a. Abraham Rupert, family. 

6 a. Eli Rupert. 

6 a. Reuben Rupert. 

6 a. Sarah Ludwick. 

6 Rachael Haus. 

6 Andrew Rupert. 

6 a. Jeremian Rupert. 

6 Joel Rupert, twins, i. 

6 Israel Rupert, twins, I. 

6 Jonathan Rupert. 

6 Abraham Rupert. 

6 Catharine A. Anthony. 

5 Sarah Ludwig, family. 

6 Albert Ludwig. 
6 a. Henry Ludwig. 

6 a. Sarah Cah. Ludwig, 5. 

6 Albert Ludwig, family. 

7 Henry S. Ludwig. 
7 Mary Ludwig. 

7 Btanche Ludwig. 
7 Willie Ludwig. 
7 Ida Ludwig. 

6 Henry Ludwig, family. 

7 a. Harry Ludwig. 

7 Catharine Ludwig. 
7 George Ludwig. 
7 Albin Ludwig. 
7 Franklin Ludwig. 
7 Nora Ludwig. 
7 a. Harry Ludwig. 

5 Rachael Haus, family. 

6 Emma Haus. 
6 Mary Haus. 


5 William Minder. 

4 Mary Dearolph, family. 

5 a. Joel Derolph, lo. 
5 Susanna Derolph. 

4 Mrs. J. Berver, Ohio, family. 

5 David Beaver, no account. 
5 Susanna Dilcom, family. 

5 Joel Dilcom. 

5 Benjamin Dilcom, has family. 
^ David Dilcom. 

^ Eli Rupert, Mahony Co., 111. 

camp held. 

'6 Sarah Rupert. 

6 Catharine Rupert. 
6 Son 

6 Son, names not given. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Daughter, 

6 Son, names not given. 

6 Sarah Rupert. 

7 Son. 

7 Daughters, names not given. 

7 Daughter. 

5 Joel Rupert, family. 

6 Edward Rupert, 20. 
6 Son. 

6 Violetta Rupert. 

6 Son. 

6 Daughter. 

5 Jonathan Rupert. 

6 Catharine Rupert, 17. 
6 Albert Rupert. 

6 Cyrus Rupert, 

6 Clara Rupert. 

6 Jonathan Rupert. 

6 a. Ella Rupert, 6. 

6 Charles Rupert. 

6 Daughter. 

5 Abraham Rupert, Jr., family. 

6 William Rupert. 

6 Amanda Haus. 

6 Susanna Haus. 

6 Abraham Haus. 

6 Hattie Haus. 

6 Emma Haus, family. 

7 Son, 8. 

7 a. Daughter, 4. 

6 Mary Haus, family. 

7 Daughter, 4. 

6 Amanda Haus, family. 

7 Son. 

5 Andrew Rupert, Rockland. 

6 Sarah Rupert. 
6 Henry Rupert. 
6 Joel Rupert. 

6 Lucitta Rupert. 

6 Fianna Rupert. 

6 Louisa Rupert. 

6 Matilda Rupert. 

4 Males, dead, 15. 

4 Females, 17. 

4 Males, living, 4. 

4 Females, living, 8. 

4 Males, dead, 11. 

4 Females, dead, 9. 

5 Males, 54 

5 Females, 38. 

5 Males living, 37. 

5 Females living, 33. 

5 Males dead, 17. 

5 Females dead, 5. 

6 Males, 109. 

6 Females, 129. 

6 Males living, 87. 

6 Females living, 95. 

6 Males dead, 22. 

6 Females dead, 34. 

7 Males, 49. 

7 Females, 54. 

7 Males living, 43. 




6 Catharine Rupert. 

6 John Rupert. 

6 Mary Rupert. 

6 Clara Rupert. 

5 Catharine Anthony, family. 

7 a. 7 Sons, fifth dead, 6 years. 

5 Susanna Dearolth, family. 

6 Son. 
6 Son. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Son. 

2 females, dead, i. 

3 Males, 7. 

3 Females, 3. 

3 Males, living, o. 

3 Females, living, o. 

3 Males, dead, 7. 

3 Females, dead, 3 

6 Harrison Geiger. 

6 Mary Weirman, family. 

7 a. Richard Weirman. 
7 Michael Weirman. 
7 Frank Weirman. 

7 Kate Weirman. 

7 Mary Weirman. 

7 Allen Weirman. 

7 Lizzie Weirman. 

7 Harry Weirman. 

7 Annie Wierman. 

6 Susanna Bucher, family. 

7 Ida Bucher. 

6 Lizzie Esbenship, family. 

7 Minerva Esbenship. 
7 Mary Esbenship. 

5 Charles Smith, family. 

6 William H. Smith. 
6 Mary A. Smith. 

6 Lizzie H. Smith. 

6 Charles H. Smith. 

7 Females living, 45 
7 Males dead, 6. 
7 Females dead, 9. 

2 pair of twins, 22. 
Whole number of males, 234 
« « " 241 

Total 475 

4 Susanna Smith. 

5 Anna Geiger. 
5 Charles Smith. 
5 Samuel Smith. 
5 Jesse Smith. 

5 Anna Geiger, family. 

6 Mary Weirman. 
6 a. Sarah Geiger. 

6 Susanna Bucher. 

6 Lizzie Esbenship. 

6 Charles Geiger. 

6 Mahlon Geiger. 

6 William H. Smith. 

5 Samuel Smith, family. 
Mary Chain Howard. 

6 Henry Smith. 
6 Sarah Faust. 

Lizzie Smith. 
6 Savilla Smith. 

6 Mary Chain Howard, family. 

7 Wilson Howard. 
7 Lizzie Howard. 

7 Sarah Chain Howard, 

7 Sarah Faust, family. 

7 John C. Faust. 

7 Mary Faust. 

5 Jesse Smith, family. 

6 Andora Schrieb. 
6 a. Joseph Smith. 

6 Ella Mary Markley. 

6 Elizabeth (Hess) Crum, 


7 John Crum. 


6 George H. Smith. 
6 Caroline H. Smith. 
6 Lydia H. Smith. 
6 Benjamin H. Smith. 

2 a. Henry Borneman, the elder, 

88 years. 

3 a. Girl, 2. 
3 a. Girl, 2. 

3 a. Barbara Deiterly.' 

3 a. Boy, 3. 

3 a. Margarette Hittebitet. 

3 a. Girl, 16. 

3 a. Henry Borneman. 

3 a. Boy, 5. 

3 a. Girl, i. 

3 a. Daniel Borneman. 

3 a. Girl, 2. 

3 a. Catharine Bergy, 46. 

3 a. Susanna Hiestant, 73. 

3 a. Elizabeth Schwenk, 76. 

3 a. Barbara Deiterly, family. 

4 a. EHzabeth Deiterly, single. 
4 a. Catharine Auderholt. 

4 Susanna Gerhart. 

4 a. Catharine Auderholt. 

5 Mary Fluck. 

5 Anna Auderholt. 
5 Elizabeth Borlan. 
5 Cath. Frankinfield. 
5 Aaron Auderholt. 
5 a. Wilson Auderholt. 
5 a. Titus Auderholt. 

5 Elizabeth Bordan, family. 

6 Boy. 
6 a. Boy. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Daughter. 

6 Cath. Frankinfield, family. 

6 Daughter, iS. 

6 Son, 16. 

7 Brooks Crura. 

7 Sarah Crum. 

6 Abraham Hess, Golden City, 

5 a. Daughter. 
5 a. Abraham Gerhart, 32. 
5 Sarah Keller. 
5 Susanna Afflebach. 

5 Abraham Gerhart, family. 

6 Daughter. 
6 a. Son. 

6 a. Son. 
6 Son. 
6 Son. 
6 Son. 

5 Sarah Keller, family. 

6 Son, 5. 

5 Susanna Afflebach, family. 

6 Son, 7. 

6 Daughter, i. 

3 Margarette Hittebitet, family 

4 Mary Crull. 
4 a. Son, 7. 

4 a. Son, 4. 

4 Elizabeth Kulp. 

4 Mary Crull, family. 

5 a. Son. 

5 Abraham Crull. twins. 
5 a. Elizal)eth Crull, twins. 
5 Rebecca Long. 

5 Rebecca Long, family. 

6 Son. 
6 Son. 

6 a. Son, 3. 
6 Daughter. 
6 Son. 
6 a. Daughter, 3. 
6 Son. 

4 Elizabeth Kulp, family. 

5 Rebecca Roshon. 


5 Aaron Auderholt, family. 

6 Daughter. 
6 Daughter. 
6 Son. 

4 Susanna Gerhart, family. 

5 Benneville Kulp. 
5 a. Sarah Kulp, 7. 

5 Rebecca Roshon, family. 

6 Henry Roshon. 
6 a. John Roshon, 8. 

6 Catharine Roshon. 
6 Charles Roshon. 
6 a. Elizabeth Roshon, 10. 
6 Benneville Roshon. 
6 a. James Roshon, 5. 
6 Mary Roshon. 
6 Sarah Roshon. 

6 Henry Roshon, family. 

7 Daughter, 4. 

5 Hannah Kemmerer, family. 

6 John Kemmerer. 
6 Sarah Kemmerer. 

6 Charles Kemmerer. 
6 Henry Kemmerer. 
6 Elizabeth Kemmerer. 
6 Isaac Kemmerer. 
6 David Kemmerer. 
6 Peter Kemmerer. 
6 a. Rachael Kemmerer, 3. 
6 Samuel Kemmerer. 
6 Mary Kemmerer. 

5 Mary Grimly, family 

Schwenksville, Pa. 

6 a. Isaac Henry Grimly, twins. 

6 a. Mary Elizabeth Grimly, 


7 Kate Cook. 

6. Ross K. Grimly. 
6 Olivia K. Grimly. 
6 Clinton K., Grimly. 

5 Hannah Kemmerer. 
5 Mary Grimly. 
5 a. Abraham Kulp, 12. 
5 N Elizabeth Grimly. 

5 a. Henry Kulp, 5. 

6 Ellen Grimly, twins. 
6 a. Frederick Grimly. 

6 Elizabeth Grimly. 
6 a. Henry Grimly, twins, 

6 a. Sarah Grimly, twins, 

6 a. Charles Grimly, twins, 

6 Mary Grimly, twins. 
6 Hannah Grimly. 
6 a. Rebecca Grimly, 16. 
6 Benneville Grimly, twins. 
6 Margarette Grimly, twins. 
6 Daniel Grimly. 
6 a. Susanna Grimly, twins, 3. 
6 a. David Grimly, twins, 3. 
6. John Grimly. 

6 Elizabeth Grimly, family. 

7 Daughter. 

6 John Kemmerer, family. 

7 Charles Kemmerer. 
7 Sarah Kemmerer. 

7 Peter Kemmerer. 

6 Sarah Kemmerer. 

7 Jane Kemmerer. 

5 Elizabeth Grimly, family. 

6 Sarah Grimly. 
6 John Grimly. 

6 Henry Grimly. 
6 Mary Grimly. 
6 a. Isaac Grimly, 3. 
6 a. Hannah^Grimly, 3. 
6 a. Abraham Grimly, 2. 
6 Rebecca Grimly. 


6 Hannah Grimly. 

6 Solomon H. Grimly, Jr. 

6 a. Jacob Grimly, twins. 

6 a. Clara Grimly, twins. 

6 a. Elmira Grimly, twins. 

4 a. John Borneman. 

4 Catharine Slottery. 

4 Henry Borneman. 

4 a. Abraham Borneman. 

4 Mary Borneman. 

4 John Borneman, family. 

5 Catharine Pool. 

5 Daniel Borneman. 

5 Catharine Fool, family. 

6 John Pool, 
6 Amos Pool. 

6 Henriette Pool. 

5 Daniel Borneman, family. 

6 Franklin Borneman. 
6 John Borneman. 

6 William Borneman. 

6 Charles Borneman. 

4 Catharine Slottery, family. 
6 Harvey Borneman. 

5 Henry Slottery. 

5 Hannah Slotterer. 

5 Catharine Slotterer. 

5 Hannah Slotterer family. 

6 James. 
6 Mary. 

5 Catharine Slotterer, family. 

6 James. 
6 Sarah. 

6 "William. 

6 Mary. 

4 Henry Borneman, North- 


5 a. John Borneman, 7. 
5 Henry Borneman. 

5 a. Abraham Borneman, 5. 

5 Bennerville Kulp, family. 

6 Henry Kulp, 5. 
6 William Kulp, 3. 
6 Emm^ Kulp, 2. 

3 Henry Borneman, family. 

6 a. Sarah Borneman, i. 

6 Emma Borneman. 

3 Daniel Borneman, no family. 

3 Catharme Barkey, family. 

4 a. Elizabeth Barkey, i. 
4 Henry Barkey. 

4 a. Daniel Barkey. 

4 a. Mary Bear. 

4 Enos Barkey. 

4 a. Catharine Barkey, 16. 

4 a. Infant girl, o. 

4 a. Infant Son, o. 

4 a. Infant Daughter, twins. 

4 a. John Barkey, 45. 

4 Henry Barkey, Barkeville 


5 Catharine A. Hunsber-ger 

only child. 

6 Elizabeth Allen. 

6 a. Mary Barbara Hunsber- 
ger, 19. 
6 a. Julian Hunsberger, i. 
6 Nancy Hunsberger. 
6 Sadie Hunsberger. 
6 Henriette Hunsberger. 
6 W. Henry Hunsberger. 
6 Charles Hunsberger. 
6 Minnie Minerva Hunsber- 
6 Catharine P. Hunsberger 

6 Elizabeth Allen. 

7 Ollie May. 

4 Mary Bear, family, 

5 a. Susanna Bear, 3. 

5 a. Abraham Bear, 18 months. 



Abraham Borneman, family. 


Elizabeth Weaver. 


John Borneman. 

5 a. 

Catharine Bear, 12. 


Abraham Borneman. 

5 a 

, Jacob Bear, 18 months. 


Mary Borneman.. 


Mary Weaver. 


Abraham Borneman family. 

5 a: 

, Jonas Bear, 3 months. 

6 a, 

. Clara Borneman, 2. 


Elizabeth Weaver, family. 


John Weaver. 


John Barkey, Breakneck 


Mary Weaver. 

P. 0. Butler County, Pa.. 


Susanna Weaver. 

5 a 

. Maria Barkey, 13. 


Elizabeth Weaver, i8. 

5 a. 

Isaac Barkey, 1 1. 

6 a. 

, Sarah Weaver, 4. 


Henry Barkey. 


Lydia Weaver, 14. 


Elizabeth Allen. 


Reuben Weaver, 9, 

5 a. 

Matilda Barkey. 

6 a. 

, Abraham Weaver, 7 months. 


John Barkey. 

6 a. 

, Infant Daughter, 2 days. 


Susanna Reheiser. 


Leah Weaver, 3. 


Sarah Barkey. 


Menno Weaver, i. 


Emma Barkey, 5. 


Mary Weaver, family. 


Enos Barkey, 12. 


Samuel Weaver, 8. 

4 a. 

Lewis Alvin Barkey, 3. 


Nathaniel Weaver, 3. 


Henry Barkey, family. 


Enos Barkey, Post-Office. 


F. G. Barkey. 

Barkeys, Gage County, 


Susunna Hiestant, I. 


4 a. 

Barbara Hiestant, I. 

5 a. 

Daniel Berkey. 


Sarah Musselman. 


Susanna Buckwatler. 

4 a. 

Henry Hiestant, i. 

5 a. 

Mary Berkey, 6. 

4 a. 

, Catharine Geisinger. 


Judith McGirr. 


Mary Borneman. 


Ziegler Barkey. 

4 a. 

Elizabeth Hiestant, 5. 


John H. Barkey. 

4 a. 

Susanna Hiestant, 3 years. 


Enos Barkey. 


Abraham Hiestant, 54 years 


Susanna Bookwatler. 


Anna Tagert, 45 years. 


Emma Bookwatler. 


Sarah Musselman, family. 


Abraham Bookwalter 5. 


Abraham Musselman, 43 

6 a. 

Infant Daughter. 0. 



Judith McGirr, family. 


Jonas Musselman, 38 years. 


Edward McGirr. 


Abraham Musselman, family 


Frederiek McGirr. 


David Musselman, i6. 


John McGirr. 


Ella Masselman, 14. 


Enos McGirr, 3. 

6 a. 

Henry Musselman, 2. 


Ziegler Barkey, family. 


Sarah Musselman, 10. 


6 Hattie Eve Barkey. 

6 a. Infant Son. 

6 Burton Barkey, 2. 

5 John H. Barkey. 

6 Susanna E. Barkey. 

6 Hattie Aletta Berkey. 

6 Lottie May Barkey. 

6 David Musselman. 

6 Clara Musselman. 

6 Charles Musselman. 

6 Sarah Musselman. 

6 Catharine Gissinger, family. 

5 a. Joseph Geisenger, 2. 

5 Abraham Geisenger. 

5 a. Henry Geisinger, i6. 

5 a. Mary Geisinger. 

5 Susanna Geisinger. 

5 Elizabeth Geisinger. 

5 a. John Geisinger. 

5 a. Sarah Geisinger, 28. 

5 a. Daniel Geisinger. 

5 a. Peter Geisinger, i. 

5 Abraham Geisinger, family. 

6 Ella Geisinger. 

6 Emma Geiisnger. 
6 Charles Geisinger. 
6 Boy, Geisinger. 

5 Mary Moyer, family. 

6 a. Catharine Moyer, i. 

5 Susanna Moyer, family. 

6 Sarah Ellen Moyer. 

6 Wilson Francis Moyer. 

6 Elizabeth Deily, family. 

6 Mary Deily. 

6 Levi Dealy. 

6 a. Alace Deily, 5. 

6 a. Sarah Eliza Dealy, 8 months. 

6 a. Infant Son, i. 

5 John Geisinger, family. 

6 Mary Geisinger, 6. 

6 Edward Musselman, twins, 

8 years. 
6 Anna Musselman, twins, 8 


5 Jonas Musselman, family. 

6 William Musselman. 
6 Emma Mussleman. 

5 a. Mary Borneman, 2. 

4 Rebecca Porneman. 

5 Catharine Borneman. 

4 Abraham Hiestant, family. 

5 Mary Hiestant. 

4 Margarette Borneman, 


5 Hannah Borneman, 10. 

4 Anna Tagert, family. 

5 William Tagert 

5 a. Catharine Tagert, 2. 
5 James Tagert. 
5 a. Boy, Tagert. o. 
5 a. Boy, Tagert. o. 

3 Elizabeth Sechler Schwenk. 

4 a. Mary Sechler, 15 . 
4 Catharine Maberry. 
4 Nathan Schwenk. 

4 Catharine Maberry, family. 

5 Mary Young, no family. 

6 Matthias Maberry. 
5 a. Infant Daughter. 

5 Matthias Maberry, family. 

6 a. Son. i. 

6 Mary Maberry. 

6 Catharine Maberry. 

6 Nathan Schwenk, family. 

5 Daughter. 

5 Daughter. 

5 Son. 

5 Daughter. 

5 Son. 

5 Daughter. 


5 Daniel Geisinger, family. 

6 Alice Geisinger. 

4 Mary Borneman, family. 

5 a. Susanna Borneman, 2. 
5 Hannah Clemmen. 

5 a. Harrison Borneman. 
5 Henry Borneman. 
3 Males, living, o. 
3 P^males living, o. 
3 Males dead, \. 

3 Females dead, lo. 

4 Males, I2. 

4 Females, 23. 
4 Males living, 5. 
4 Females living, 10. 
4 Males dead, 7. 

4 Females dead, 13. 

5 Males, 45. 

5 Females, 49. 
5 Males living, 23. 
5 Females living. 34. 
5 Males dead, 22. 
5 Females dead, 15 

Total 295. 

2 a. Christian Borneman. 

3 a. Daniel Borneman, 45. 
3 a. Jacob Borneman, 20. 

3 a. Barbara Tyson, twins, 75. 
3 a. Christian Borneman, 

twins, 15. 
3 a. Henry Borneman, 73. 
3 a. Mary Fry. 
3 a. John Borneman, 69. 

3 a. Barbara Tyson, 75. 

4 Isaac B. Tyson, 1806. 
4 Henry B. Tyson, 1806. 
4 Lydia B. Kulp, 1808. 

4 John B. Tyson, 18 10. 
4 a. Barbara Tyson, 18 14. 
4 a. Isaac B. Tyson, family. 

5 Daughter. 
5 Son. 

5 Son, 3 months. 
2 Males, I. 

2 Males dead, i. 

3 Males, 4. 

3 Females. 10. 

6 Males, 77. 

6 Females," 7 1. 
6 Males living, 46, 
6 Females living, 47. 
6 Males dead, i8. 
6 Females dead, 14. 

Males, 2. 

Females, 4. 

Males Living, 2. 

Females living, 4. 

Males dead, o. 

Females dead, o. 

Pairs of twins, 7 7. 
Living, 3 3. 
Whole amount males, 158. 

females, 157. 
6 Henry. 
6 Emma, i. 

5 Reuben W. Tyson, family. 

6 Elwood Tyson. 

6 Anna Eliza Tyson. 
6 Ida Tyson. 
6 Sarah Tyson. 

5 Emahne Tyson, family. 

6 Emma. 
6 Samuel. 

6 Eve Anna. 

5 Mary W. Tyson, family. 

6 a. Enos, 6 months, 
6 Cyrus* 

6 Ezra, Boy. 

6 Isaac. 

5 Henriette Tyson, family. 


5 a. B. F. Tyson, 19. 

5 Enos Tyson. 

5 a. Isaac W. Tyson, 16. 

5 a. Barbara W. Tyson, 

II m. 

5 Lydia W. Tyson. 

5 Reuben W. Tyson. 

5 Emaline Tyson. 

5 Mary Tyson. 

5 a. John W. Tyson, 16. 

5 Henriette Tyson. 

6 Enos Tyson, family. 
6 John Tyson. 

6 Isaac Tyson. 

6 Samuel Tyson. 

5 a. Enos Tyson, 4. 

6 Abraham Tyson. 
6 Henry Tyson. 

6 Matilda Tyson, 2. 

5 Lydia Tyson, family. 

6 Anna. 

6 Reuben. 

6 Isaac. 

6 Noah. 

6 Daniel. 

6 Lydia Tyson. 

6 John Tyson. 

6 Isaac Tyson, 2. 

6 Daughter. 

5 Mary Wissimer, family. 

6 Saloma Wissimer. 
6 David Wissimer. 
6 Joseph Wissimer. 
6 Barbara Wissimer. 
6 Amos Wissimer, 2. 

5 Jacob Tyson, family. 

6 Daniel Tyson. 

6 Elizabeth Tyson. 

6 Ella Tyson. 

5 John Tyson, family. 

6 Emma. 

6 Tyson, Boy. 

6 Henriette, 2. 

4 Henry B. Tyson, family. 

5 George Tyson. 
5 Mary Wissimer. 
5 Jacob Tyson. 

5 John Tyson. 

5 Daniel Tyson. 

5 Joseph Tyson. 

5 Susanna Hunsicker. 

5 James Tyson, single. 

5 Amos Tyson, single. 

5. Sarah Tyson. 

5 Henry Tyson. 

5 Lydia Tyson. 

5 Barbara Tyson. 

5 Isaac Tyson, single, 

5 George Tyson, family. 

6 Garrett Tyson, 21. 
6 Anna Tyson. 

6 Amanda Tyson, twins. 

6 Henry Tyson, twins. 

6 Mary Tyson. 

6 Sarah Tyson. 

6 Barbara Hunsicker, 

6 Henry Hunsicker. 

6 Susanna Hunsicker. 

5 Sarah Tyson, family. 

6 Martha Tyson, 5. 
6 Isaiah. 

5 Henry Tyson, family. 

6 Catharine Tyson, 3. 
6 Monrow Tyson. 

5 Lydia Tyson, family. 

6 Maggy, 6. 
6 Sally. 

6 a. Elizabeth. 

6 John. 

6 Catharine. 


6 Abner Tyson. 
6 Franklin Tyson. 
6 a. Joseph Tyson, 5, 
6 a. John Tyson, 5. 
6 a. Catharine Tyson, 2. 
6 Henry Tyson. 
6 Berry Tyson, Boy, 
6 Susanna Tyson. 
6 Catharine Tyson. 
6 Mary Tyson. 

5 David Tyson. 

6 Sylvanus Tyson. 
6 Stephen Tyson. 
6 a. Boy, dead, o. 

6 Elizabeth Tyson. 
6 Catharine Tyson. 
6 Henry Tyson. 

5 Joseph Tyson, family. 

6 a. Laura Tyson, 9. 
6 George Tyson. 

6 Elizabeth Tyson. 
6 Anna Tyson. 

5 Susanna II unsicker, family. 

6 Elanor Hunsicker, 10. 
6 Elizabeth Hunsicker. 
6 a. Catharine Hunsicker. 

5 Isaac Tyson, family. 

6 Fanny Tyson, 6. 
6 Abraham Tyson. 
6 a. Girl, o. 

5 Susanna Tyson, family. 

6 Charles Tyson. 
6 Fanny. 

3 a. Henry Borneman, 73. 

4 Lydia Brooke, 68. 
4 a. Isaac Borneman, 3 . 

4 Henry H. Borneman, 65. 
4 a. Nathan Borneman, family 

4 a. Elizabeth Miller, 58. 

4 Lydia Kulp, family. 

5 Isaac Kulp, twins. 

5 Margarette Kulp, twins. 

5 John Kulp. 

5 Abraham Kulp. 

5 Isaac Kulp, family. 

6 a. Jacob Kulp. 
6 a. John Kulp. 
6 Mary Kulp. 

5 Abraham Kulp, family. 

6 Maggy Kulp, 12. 

4 John B. Tyson, family. 

5 Jacob H. Tyson. 

5 Barbara H. Tyson. 

5 Mary H. Tyson. 

5 Isaac Tyson. 
5 a. Sarah Tyson, i. 

5 Abel Tyson, single. 

5 Susanna Tyson. 

5 Jacob H. Tyson, family. 

6 a. Boy, o. 

5 Mary Tyson, family. 

6 James. 
6 Isaac. 
6 John. 

6 Abraham. 

5 Amos Brooke, 34. 

5 Emma R. Brooke, 29. 

5 Mary E. Reifsnyder, family. 

6 Catharine Reifsnyder, 


5 Rachel R. Schwenk, 


6 Henry Sin Schwenk. 
6 Rachel R. Schwenk. 

5 J. Franklin Brooke, family. 

6 a. Mary A. Brooke, 3. 
6 Lydia Brooke. 

6 a. William H. Brooke, 2. 

6 George F. Brooke. 


4 Amos Borneman, 58. 
4 a. James Bomeman, 5. 
4 a. Jesse Bomeman, 17. 

4 Lydia Brooke, family. 

5 Mary E. Reifsnyder, 44. 
5 Rachel R. Schwenk, 43 
5 a. John H. Brooke, 26 twins. 
5 James F, Brooke, 40 twins. 
5 a. Boy, o. 

5 Evan i'>rooke, 38. 

5 Lydia Scatchard, 36. 

6 a. Wm. B. Scatchard, 2. 
6 a. Boy, dead. 

6 a. Boy, dead. 
6 a. Elanor Scatchard. 
6 Hiram Scatchard. 
6 Edwin Scatchard. 
6 Michael Scatchard. 
6 Elizabeth Scatchard, 2. 

5 Amos Brooke, family. 

6 Lydia Brooke. 

6 William Brooke. 
6 Catharine Brooke. 

5 Emma Lessig, family. 

6 Rose Lessig. 
6 Lillie Lessig. 
6 Joshua Lessig. 
6 Jennie Lessig. 
6 a, George Lessig. 
6 Louis Lessig. 

6 William Lessig. 

4 Henry H. Borneman, family. 

5 Jesse R. Borneman, 30. 
5 Danl. R. Borneman, 28. 
5 Mary A. Yost, 26. 

5 Elizabeth Borneman, 24. 
5 a. Henry R. Borneman, 2. 
5 a. Amanda Borneman, i week. 
5 Emma Borneman, 18. 
5 Fremont Borneman, 16. 

6 John Brooke. 
6 Lillie Brooke. 
6 Emma Brooke. 

5 Evan Brooke, family. 

6 a. Isaac W. Brooke, twins, 4 m. 
6 a. John H. Brooke, twins, 6 m. 
6 Sarah Brooke. 

6 William Brooke. 
6 a. Amos Brooke. 

5 Lydia Scatchard, family. 

6 Joseph B. Scatchard. 
6 Laura Esling, 9. 

6 Emma Esling, 8. 

6 d. Catharine Esling, 6. 

6 Mary Esling, 4. 

6 d. Nicholas- Esling, 6 months. 

4 Amos Borneman, family. 

5 a. Daughter. 

5 a. Montgomery Borneman, 8 mos. 
5 Hannah Borneman, 10 mos. 

3 Mary Fry, family. 

4 a. Mary Alderfer. 

4 Anna Buckwalter. 
4 a. Jacob Fry, 2. 
4 a. Esther Kook. 

4 Mary Alderfer, family. 

5 Fanny Kintner, 47. 

5 Elizabeth Kintner (Traxler), 


5 Mary Heistant, 42. 
5 Anna Traxler, 37. 
5 Magdalena Behm, 34. 
5 a. Jacob Alderfer, 6. 

5 Fanny Kintner, family, Sher- 

wood's P. O., Ohio. 

6 Elizabeth Kintner (3 grand 

children), 27. 
6 Jacob F. Kintner, 26. 
6 a. William Kintner, i month. 
6 David Kintner, 24. 


5 a. Girl, 6 months. 

5 Jesse R. Borneman, family. 

5 Irene Borneman, 4. 

5 Mary Ida Borneman, 2. 

5 Mary A. Yost, family. 

6 Sally Yost, 4. 

6 a. Elizabeth Miller. 

5 Sarah Esling, 28. 

6 Theodore Miller, 26. 

4 a. Warren Miller, 3. 

5 Horace Miller, 23. 

5 Sarah Esling, family. 

6 a. Mary Kintner. 

6 a. Benjamin Kintner. 

6 Sarah A. Kitner. 

6 a. Henry Kintner. 

6 Frances M. Kintner. 

6 Susanna E. Kintner. 

6 John A. Kintner. 

6 Henry D. Kintner, 

6 a. Mary L. Kintner. 

6 a. Samuel Kintner, twin. 

6 a. Simon Kintner, twin. 

6 a. Eli Kintner. 

6 a. Mary Elt Kintner. 

6 a. Westley Isaiah Kintner. 

6 a. Samuel Jno. Kintner. 

6 a. Priscilla R. Kintner. 

6 a. Levi W. Kintner. 

5 Mary Hiestant, family, 42 

Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 

6 Delilah Spencer,*26. 
6 Isaiah Hiestant, 22. 

6 a. Mary E. Hiestant, 6 

6 Sophia Hiestant, 18. 
6 Amanda Hiestant, 15. 
6 Sarah A. Hiestant, 13. 
6 Joanna Hiestant, 8. 
6 Delilah Spencer. 

6 a. Sarah Kintner, 18 months. 
6 Peter E. Kintner, 19. 
6 Samuel H. Kintner, 17. 
d Mary E. Kintner, twin, 

6 Susanna Kintner, twin, 

6 George H. Kintner, 12. 
6 Benjamin F. Kintner, 10. 
6 Michael J. Kintner, 8. 
5 Elizabeth Kintner (Traxler), 
Sherwood's P. O., Ohio. 

5 Magdalene Behm, Bloomville 

Seneca County, Ohio. 

6 a. David Behm, 1 2. 

6 a. Sarah A. Behm, 2. 
6 Mary Maria Behm, 10. 

5 a. Elijah Behm, 6. 

6 Eli Behm, 8. 

4 Anna Buckwalter, Evansburg.. 

5 Elizabeth Buckwalter. 
5 Jacob Buckwalter. 

5 Abraham Buckwalter. 
5 a. John Buckwalter, 2. 
5 a. Samuel Buckwalter, 3. 
5 a. Mary Buckwalter, 15. 
5 Sarah Buckwalter. 
5 Emma Buckwalter. 

5 a. T, N. Buckwalter, 6. 

6 Elizabeth Buckwalter. 
6 Anna. 

5 William. 

5 Jacob Buckwalter. 

6 5 boys living, oldest 15. 
6 Abraham Buckwalter. 
6 William Buckwalter, 6. 
6 Anna Buckwalter, 5. 

4 Mary Buckwalter, 3, 

6 Martha Buckwalter, i. 

5 a. Esther Kook. 


7 Henry Ellsworth Spencer, 5 

3 Anna Traxler, La Place, 111. 
6 Franklin E. Traxler, 18. 
6 a. Louis J. Traxler, 4. 
6 Mary M. Traxler, 15. 
6 Fred. W. Traxler, 13. 
•6 George W. Traxler, 10. 
6 Joseph W. Traxler, 8. 
6 Anna M. E. Traxler, 6. 
6 David I. Traxler, 4. 
6 Lydia H. Traxler, i 


5 Theodore Kook. 

6 Girl, I. 

3 John Borneman. 

.4 a. Jacob Borneman, 5. 

4 John H. Borneman, 66. 
.4 Catharine Tyson, 64. 

4 Isaac H. Borneman, 62. 
4 a. Abraham Borneman, twin, 

4 Barbara Bower, twin, 57. 

4 Henry H. Borneman, 55, 

4 Christian Borneman, twin, 


4 Elizabeth Bertolette, twin, 

4 Sarah Yoder, 49. 

4 Joseph H. Borneman, 46. 

4 John H. Borneman, Boyer- 

town, Penn. 

5 a. Jacob Borneman, 3. 
5 Mary Ludy. 

5 Normanda Borneman. 
5 Sarah Borneman. 

5 Mary Ludy. 

6 Robert Ludy, 9. 
6 a. Amanda Ludy, 3. 
-6 Cora Ludy, 4. 

5 a. Mary Kook, i. 
5 a. John Kook, 25. 
5 Rebecca Kook. 
5 Sarah Kook. 
5 a. Emma Kook, 12. 
5 Theodore Kook. 
5 Esther Kook, 18. 
5 John Kook. 

5 Boy, 3. 

6 Rebecca Kook. 

5 Two boys, 5 and 3. 

6 vSarah Kook. 
Two girls, 5 and 3. 

6 Girl, 5, 
6 Boy, 3. 

5 Aaron B. Tyson. 

6 a. Boy, 2. 
6 Girl, I. 

5 Sarah Trumbour. 

6 Girl, 4. 

6 Boy, I month. 

4 Isaac H. Borneman. 

5 a. Samuel Borneman, i. 

5 Isaac S. Borneman, 31. 

5 a. Mary Borneman, 2. 

5 Elizabeth Heimback. 

5 John S. Borneman, M. D. 

5 Sarah Weil. 

5 Esther Renninger. 

5 a. Rebecca Borneman, 6 mos. 

5 Elizabeth Heimback. 

6 Isaac Heimback, 3 months. 

5 Sarah Weil. 

6 a. Mary Rebecca Weil, i year. 
6 Esther Weil, 2. 

6 Son Weil, 2 months, 

5 Esther Renninger. 

6 Henry Renninger, 3. 

6 Mary Alice Renninger, i. 
4 Barbara Bower. 


4 Catharine Tyson, Limerick, 

Montgomery, Penn. 

5 John B. Tyson. 

5 a. Elizabeth Tyson. 
5 Moses Tyson. 
5 Aaron Tyson. 
5 Sarah Trumbour. 

5 John B. Tyson. 

6 Catharine Tyson. 
6 Isaiah Tyson. 

6 Emma Tyson. 

5 Moses Tyson. 

6 a. Boy, o. 
6 a. Girl, o. 

6 Henry Bower, 5. 

5 Precilla Ehst. 

6 Boy, Ehst, 5. 

5 Daniel B. Bower. 

6 Boy, Bower, 3 months. 

4 Henry H. Borneman, watch- 

maker, Boyertown, Penn. 
6 a. Susanna Borneman, 2. 

5 Hannah Borneman, 28. 
5 a. Harrison Borneman, 2. 
5 Henry Borneman, 25. 

5 a. Mary Borneman, i. 
5 Rebecca Borneman, 20. 
5 Catharine Borneman, 17. 

5 Hannah Clemmer. 

6 Agnes Clemmer, 6. 

6 Edward Clemmer, 5. 

6 Sevilla Clemmer, 3. 

6 Olivia Clemmer, 6 months. 

5 Henry Borneman. 

6 Laura Borneman, 18 months. 

4 Christian Borneman. 

5 William Borneman, 23 
5 a. Boy, Borneman, 2. 

5 Catharine Borneman, .19. 
5 William Borneman. 

5 Joel B. Bower, D. D. Surg'y. 

5 a. John B. Bower. 

5 Precilla Ehst. 

5 Joanna Rittenhouse. 

5 Daniel B. Bower, D. Doctor. 

5 Elizabeth Bechtel. 

5 Joel B. Bower. 

6 a. Giri, first marriage. 
6 Boy, Bower, 7. 

6 a. Boy, Bower, 5. 

6 Girl, Bower, 2. 

6 John B. Bower. 

6 Ida Bower, 10. 

6 Joanna Bower, 7. 

5 Amanda Borneman, 23 yrs. 

5 Noah Borneman, 21 years. 

5 Sidney Borneman, 18 years. 

5 Horace Borneman, 16 


5 Boy. o. 

5 Henry Borneman, 9. 

2 a. Christian Borneman, i. 

3 Males, 5. 

3 Females, 2. 

3 Males, living o. 

3 Females, living, o. 

3 Males dead, 5. 

3 Females dead, 2. 

4 Males, 17. 

4 Females, 12. 

4 Males living, 10. 

4 Females living, 7. 

4 Males dead, 7. 

4 Females dead, 5. 

5 Males, 65. 

5 Females, 65. 

5 Males living, 43. 

5 Females living, 51. 

5 Males dead, 22. 

5 Females dead, 14. 



5 Mary Borneman, I2. 


Males, 116 

b Son, Borneman, i month. 


Females, 102. 

4 Elizabeth Bertolette. 


Males living, 90. 

5 a. Boy, twin, I. 


Females living, 85. 

5 a. Boy, twin, 2. 


Males dead, 20. 

5 Fanny Bertolette, 20. 


Females dead, 17. 

5 Amos Bertolette, 18. 


Males, Females, 3, i. 

5 John Bertolette, 16. 

Pairs twins, Males, 16. 

4 Sarah Yoder. 


Females, 8. 

5 a. Barbara Yoder, twin. 

I mo. 

Males living, 5. 

5 a. Jacob Yoder, twin, 18 


Females living, 6. 

5 Elizabeth Yoder, 12. 

Males dead, 1 1. 

4 Joseph H. Borneman, 


Females dead, 2. 














- i