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Cornelis MaessenVanBuren 

who came from Holland to the New Netherlands 

in 1631, and his descendants, including 

the genealogy of the family of 


who are descended from Maas, a son of 

Cornells Maessen 









Srv. fcrtUg Satuitig Van Burns, tL 8- 


Reprinted by Higginson Book Company 

Derby Square 
Salem, Mass. 01970 

/ 4 \*J? ^ 


Pur acs 7 

List or Authorities 8 


scendants 17 

Chapter Two— Hendeice Coenblissen Van Burbn and his 

Descendants 31 

Chapter Three— Marten Cornbussbn Van Burbn and his 

Descendants ■ . 51 

Chaptbb Four— Maas Cornbussbn Van Buren-Blooming- 

dale and his descendants 2u) 

Chaptee Five— Allied Families, 233 

Qharbr Six— Unclassified Data 369 

Additional Information 377 

Errata 378 

Index 381 



Coat-of-Arms, . F r m t i xpi** 

Portrait of Adelaide Byrd Wells-Swisher, » 99 

Portrait of Angelica Van Boren Wells-Haynes, . 99 

Portrait of Sophia Alice Wells-Brown, . 99 

Portrait of Barenl Van Boren, . 109 

Portrait of President Martin Van Boren, 114 

" Undenwald," Homestead in which President Van Boren died, • .114 

Van Boren Monoment at Kinderhook 114 

Portrait of James Lyman Van Boren, 156 

Portrait of James Van Boren, • . 136 

Portrait of Barent Van Boren Family Group: 

Barest Van Boren, Jr. 143 

Geitrode Brodhead Van Boren, 143 

Elizabeth Do Bois Van Boren, 143 

Henry Do Bois Van Boren, . 143 

Barent Van Boren, 143 

Caroline Matilda (Groat) Van Boren, 143 

Caroline Looise Van Boren, • '43 

Portrait of Col. Barent Van Boren, . « • M3 

Homestead of Barent Van Boren, . . 143 
Portrait of Bartholomew Van Boren and wife Catherine Philip Van 

Boren, «... 144 

Homestead of Bartholomew Van Boren, . . . 144 

Portrait of John Van Boren and his wife Elba Shof elt Van Boren, . 146 

Portrait of Charles H. Van Boren, .146 

Portrait of Frances (Lasher) Van Boren, wife of Charles H«, . . 146 

Portrait of Barent Van Boren, . 147 

Portrait of John P. Van Boren, . .147 

Portrait of Barent Lay Van Boren, 147 

Portrait of Barent Dorr Van Boren, 147 

Portrait of Alfred John Van Boren, . . 147 

Portrait of Maria Cornelia Hoes, wife of Rev. John Martin Van Boren, 157 

Portrait of Rev. John Martin Van Boren, . . . 157 

Portrait of Howard Van Boren, . *57 

Portrait of Rev. Peter Hoes Van Boren, . • *57 

Portrait of John Henry Van Boren, . ... 186 

Portrait of Peter James Van Boren, . * . 186 

Portrait of CoL George M. Van Boren (two pictures) 187 

Portrait of Sarah C Van Boren, .187 

Portrait of Bartley L. Van Boren 189 

Portrait of Barent Sylvester Van Boren, 190 

Portrait of John T. Van Boren, 191 

Portrait of Jennie (Myers) Van Boren, wife of John T„ . .191 

Portrait of Martin J. Van Bores, .191 

Portrait of H. C Van Boren Peckham, • ao8 


The task of collecting data relative to the history and 
genealogy of the Van Buren family has been a pleasant one 
although laborious, for the branches are widely scattered and 
in many instances records have been lost through fire and 
the various vicissitudes consequent upon removals. Further- 
more, many seem to have slight or no interest in their family 
history, hence numerous letters have received no reply and 
where there are apparently serious breaks in some lines it is 
not due to lack of effort on the part of the editor, but is the 
result of failure to elicit any response to requests for infor- 
mation. Especially has this been true as regards the history 
of families of intermarriages, which is regrettable particularly 
of the earlier marriages from which are numerous descendants. 

In many instances no genealogies have been published 
and but meagre bits of information and frequently none at all, 
are available in the records of genealogical societies. This 
accounts for the fact that the Kingston branch of the family 
is not as thoroughly represented historically as are the 
Albany, Columbia, Dutchess and Fulton County branches, but 
it is not due to negligence on the part of the editor, for 
numerous letters have been addressed to persons claiming to 
have data regarding that large branch of the family, but 
despite promises to send such material they have failed so to 
do and the data given has in most instances had to be culled 
from printed material, hence if errors are found blame for 
same should not be given to the editor but to the works con- 
suited which are listed below. The fulness of detail regarding 
the Fulton County branch was made possible by the hearty 
co-operation of Mr. Clarence E. Van Buren and ably seconded 
by the Misses Foote and J. Van Buren, also Mrs. Low, Mrs. 
Wilson and Mrs. Furguson. 

While my own personal researches cover a period of only 
ten years, I have been extremely fortunate in securing the 

8 Preface 


co-operation of those whose researches antedate mine by some 
years, such for example as that of Mr. Frank J. Conklin of 
Jersey City, whose admirable articles published in the N. Y. 
Genealogical and Biographical Record were the means of inciting 
my interest to cany my own investigations beyond the bounds 
of my own family line. Another condition that has added to 
the difficulties already enumerated has been the fact of the 
early records having been in Dutch, of which language but 
few are now students and also that clerks and even the 
ministers of the various churches did not always spell names 
the same way each time. The editor regrets that after frequent 
attempts to locate our ancestor in Holland, thus far failure 
has resulted. Numerous courteous letters from various persons 
have been received but none were able to find any authentic 
data. The church records at Buren, supposed to have been the 
locality from whence Cornelis came were not commenced 
until after he was in America. The editor has written both 
private individuals and State authorities but to no avail; should 
any one ever be successful in this search, if they would send 
their data to the editor their courtesy would be greatly 

Every one who has delved in genealogical mines knows 
the liability of errors to creep into ones notes, hence the editor 
bespeaks your kind forbearance when errors are discovered; 
likewise when otnissions are found of material which the 
reader thinks should have been introduced, perhaps the editor 
endeavored to secure that very material and was unsuccessful. 

The sign of + before a number indicates that the name of 
the person is again referred to under the same number in heavy 
type placed in centre of the line. 

The editor takes great pleasure in mentioning those to 
whose courtesy she is indebted for much valuable information 
and also the authorities which have been consulted and from 
which numerous items have been culled. 

* • » 

Mr. Frank J. Conklin of Jersey City. 
Mr. Clarence E. Van Buren of Broadalbin, N. Y. 
Miss Jennie S. Foote of Johnstown, N. Y. 
Miss Jeanette Van Buren of Gouveneur, N. Y. 
Mrs. L. A. Furguson of Washington, D. C. 

Preface < 

Mr. Barcnt Van Bureo of Chicago, 111. 

Mr. John Du Bois Teller of Auburn, N. Y. 

Mrs. J. M. Knott of Sioux City, Iowa. 

Mr. John Van Buren, Jr., of Dixon, California. 

Mr. Howard Van Buren of Nyack, N. Y. 

Mrs. Alida V. B. Low of Sharon Springs, N. Y. 

Mrs. Kate V. B. Wilson of Albany, N. Y. 

Mrs. J. H. Wilson of Hooper, Nebraska. 

Mrs. M. H. Murphey of Greensboro, Alabama. 

Mrs. Anna H. Hoes of Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Chaplain Roswell Randall Hoes of Washington, D. C. 

Miss Meta Gibson of N. Y. City. 

Miss Emma Van Buren of N. Y. City. 

Mr. Dingman Veersteg of N. Y. City. 

Mr L. P. DeBoer of N. Y. City. 

Mr. R. W. Vosburgh of Staten Island. N. Y. 

Rev. Harry Van Allen of Utica, N. Y. 

Rev. Edward A. Collier, D. D., of Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Rev. B. L. Van Buren of Lebanon Springs, N. Y. 

Mr. Barent D. Van Buren of Albany, N. Y. 

Mrs. Edw. Van Slyck of Columbiaville, N. Y. 

Mrs. J. E. Allen of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sister Hilda Van Buren of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Miss Helen S. Osborne of Fulton, N. Y. 

Mrs. Grace V. B. Isburgh of Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Mr. Frank L. Bronk of Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Mr. Nelson W. Rosa of Schenectady, N. Y. 

Mr. James Van Buren of Kansas City, Mo. 

Mr* Edward M. Van Buren of N. Y. City. 

Mrs. George H. Van Buren of Washington, D. C. 

Miss Mary Benedict of Hudson, N. Y. 

Mrs. Kate Kirk of Altamont, N. Y. 

Mrs. Lida Williams of Glencoe, N. Y. 

Mr. James Bloomingdale of Saratoga, N. Y. 

Hareiett C. Van Burbm Pbckham 

Brooklyn, N. Y„ November, 1913 


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Pearson's Early Albany Families. 
Pearson's Early Schenectady Families. 
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Histories of Albany, Colombia, Dutchess, Fulton, Greene and Ulster 

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town, Schodack, Ghent and New York City. 

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Writings of Martin Van Buren at the Congressional Library, Washing- 
ton, D.C 

Genealogies of the Banta, Fenton, Foote, Lyman, Maarstan, Mudge, Van 
Deusen, Van Alstyne and Bloomingdale families. 

Welles Ancestral Tablets. 

Family Bibles and Tomb Stones. 

Annals of Old New York by Julia M. Cotton. 

Historic New York, Halfmoon series. 

RiestofTs Armorial, in French. 

General Armorial of Holland in Dutch. 

Van Renssellaer Bowier Manuscripts, translated by Dr. Van Laer of Albany. 

N. Y. Marriages before 1784 and N. Y. Appointments. 

Motley's Rise of the Dutch Republic 

0*Callaghan's history of New Netherlands. 

Brodhead's history of New York and Mrs. Lamb's history of N. Y. 

Lossiag's history of New York. 


Aaltje Alice 

Aart, Aert or Aarend Arthur 









( Aubrey or 

Andreas, Andries Andrew 
A^en,Annet}eJ AnM 

Adriaantje, Ariaan 













Beetje, Neelt je 



fi trifffi 
Christoffel, Stoffel 

Dries * 





Harriet, Arrietta 


















Derrick, Dirk 
Dirk or Dirck 
Doris, Doras 







Eytje, or Ettje 




Francytje, Frame 




Geert, Geret or ) 
Garrett > 

Geert je, Geertrns ) 
Geertruydor ( 
Geertruy ) 






Goosen, Goose or 


Griet, Greitje 




Hdn, Henreick 





Elsie, Aletta 






Phoebe, Frances 








Gerrard, Garret 

Jeffery, Godfrey 





Hendrickjc or 

Heytje, Hilletje 

Hdronimus, > 
Jeronimous > 






• * * 


Holdall. Helen 

or Jansje 

Japp, Jacobus or ) 

Jacoba > 


Jan, Johannes or ) 
Johannis > 




Joris, Jury or Ury 


Jorian, Juergen 



Katryne, Tryne 




Christaan or Shann 

Klaar, Klaartje 










Leen, Leendert 







| Jane 









Catharine, Kate 

Caroline . 

Ca tharine 




| Christian 

Jacob, James 
Jacqueline ~ . 


Lawrence - •*- 


Eleanor, Helena 






Louw . 
Ludenricus . 

Jr^f^fl, Lena 




Machteldt, Magtel 


Margaretha, ) 
Margrieta J 




Meewes, Neus 







Rip, Rykert 
Roeloff, Rolfe 




Sanneke - 







Louis, Lewis 
Lucy or Luda 

Maria, Mary 
Marten, Martin 


Maria, Mary 





























Ten wit 







Tjaatje, Chawche 

T)tfck or Cgarick 






Antonia, Eunice 








Trui, Truitje 
Trijn or Tryntje 

Valentyne, Feeltje Valentine 





Ydtje, Ettje 








Comelis Maessen 1 Van Buren ( 1 ) 

And his Descendants 

As one of the evidences of the trend of modem thought may 
be noticed the difference in the manner of history writing. 

Formerly it consisted mainly in the chronicling of events and 
transactions in which royalty was chiefly concerned, but as the 
principles of true Democracy have developed their influence upon 
the thought of the day, it has come to be realized that as the 
mighty ocean is fed by many rivers which in turn are the product 
of numerous smaller streams, so this great nation is composed 
of many separate streams or families, each of which have their 
own individual characteristics largely inherited from their Old 
World ancestry. 

In attempting to write a history worthy of the name of the 
Van Buren familv. it is weU to consider their antecedant historv 
that we may the better understand why they have held the places 
they have in the local and National history of the New World. 

Our fore-bear, Cornells Maessen, came from Holland, and 
in this connection it would not be inopportune to consider some- 
what in detail some of the most important chapters in the history 
of that famous country, as it will aid us in better understanding 
the character of our ancestors who settled the New World, 
especially as they played such a large part in the making of 
history in the Empire State of New York. 

I shall quote quite freely from an address by Rev. Elbert S. 
Porter, D.D., made at the centennial celebration of the church at 
Qaverack, Columbia County, N. Y. This seems the more appro- 
priate as this County was the home of so many of the earlier 
families of the Van Burens and as many of the bird? j and deaths 
as well as marriages were recorded in the records of this old 

18 Histoey op Cornbus Mabssbn Vaw Buibn 

"The Reformation" of the sixteenth century produced the 
republic of the Netherlands. Its seven provinces united their 
strength' against Charles the Fifth and Philip die Second, his 
son. After a war of unexampled fortitude 
—a war which lasted through a period of eighty years— the 
Bataviah republicans had bfatw all their pepal tr—iff on land 
and sea, and established a gover nm ent die like of which for 
wisdom and liberality the European world had never seen.. It 
is but simple truth to claim that when our own government was 
to be framed its f ramers had no better model in all the past to 
consult than the one furnished by the seven provinces of the 
Netherlands. Civil and religious liberty, of which we boast, the 
Netherlander* had secured in a good degree for themselves ; and 
not only for themselves, but also for Huguenot^ Puritan, Wal- 
loon, ftfl d Bohemian, by their unexcelled b ravery in an age when 
civil v^ ecclesiastical d e s pot i sm had turned n ea rly the whole 
world into either a prison-house or a field of carnage. . 

The most critical inv e s t ig fl t k^ f have established die fact that 
the aboriginal inhabitants of the Low Countries were never 
brought under the yoke of a military conqueror. - Caesar overran 
Gaul and portions of Germany, but the Batavii and the Bdgi, 
having delivered battle in the field, retreated into their native 
forests or morasses and there defied the advance of the Roman 

^^a sfc s%< • » . * • . 

A hardier, tougher, or more independent race has not been 
found among all the tribes of Japheth than were the rude people 
who at die beginning of the Christian era were contending with 
die waves and tides of the North Sea, as their descendants fifteen 
hundred years afterward were found fighting with dauntless 
courage against the perfidy of Rome and the cruelty of Philip. 

In the history of the civilized world there is not a single 
parallel to the marvelous energy and unco mpr omising vigor of 
purpose which from generation to generation characterized die 
inhabitants of the Low Countries. Having first wrested their 
territory from the sea and then their freedom from the mouth 
of a Papal hell, ever ready to devour it and them* the Batavian 
republicans, at the beginning of the se v e nte enth century, pre- 


stated a spectacle to which the eyes of the oppressed in all neigh- 
Dormsr nations vrere turnou. 

Holland— Hollow Land— the chief province of the Rep u blic a n 
Confederation had the principal seaports, the largest cities, and 
the political capital, and thus gave its name to the people, language 
and state. 

In die zenith of its power it ruled the seas by its marine, and 
controlled the co mm e r ce of the world through die enterprise of 
its merchants; while by the valor of its military chieftains and 
the wisdom of its statesmen, it held in check the ambition of 
Austria, Spain and France. Good and great principles, like 
light, shine for alL For this reason the liberty of Holland dif- 
fused itself among the peoples of despotic countries, and thus 
though die Batavian Republic, has long since lost its splendor, 
still its influence is felt to-day, wherever the Saxon tongue pours 
forth its passionate eloquence in praise of nations that have 
heroically and successfully struggled for the sacred cause of 
unman rtsruts* 

In the year 1664 the New Netherlands, which had been occu- 
pied about forty yean by die Hollanders, was ceded to the 
British crown, and Peter Stuyvesant retired from die Governor- 
ship of die Province. But though die sceptre of civil authority 
was transferred, still there remained at that time in the posses- 
sion of the Hollanders in the OH World, all those dements of 
power which contribute most effectually to the development of 
individual enterprise, social prosperity, and national greatness. 
While England was strong enough to grasp and hold the New 
Netherlands, still she was too weak at home to be able, without 
the help of Holland, to secure or regulate die liberties of her 
own people. 

Having been for nearly a century a sanctuary of refuge for 
the exiles from all lands, it was reserved for Holland at length 
to place upon die British throne a prince whose wisdom in 
council and whose valor in the field Europe had learned to 
admire. While commenti ng; with his usual power of descrip- 
tion, upon the revolution of 1688 in England, the historian 
Macauly awards die great stadtholder of Holland a place among 
the chief benefactors of his nation. These are his words: "For 

20 History of Cornklis Maessen Van Burxn 

the authority of law, for the security of property, for the peace 
of our streets, for the happiness of our homes, our gratitude is 
due, under Him who raises and pulls down nations at His 
pleasure, to the Long Parliament, to the Convtntipn, and to 
William of Orange," 

While it is conceded that Holland asserted her benign 
ascendancy in securing freedom and prosperity to England, it 
must also be claimed, what impartial truth will sooner or later 
grant; that the early founders of the Empire State, from the 
beginning, held and exercised those principles which were after- 
ward incorporated into our laws and institutions, 

Chancelor Kent in an address before the New York Historical 
Society said: "The Dutch discoverers of New Netherlands were 
grave, temperate, firm, persevering men, who brought with diem 
the industry, the economy, the simplicity, the integrity, and the 
bravery of their Belgic sires, and with those virtues they also 
imported the lights of the Roman civil law and the purity of the 
Protestant faith. To that period we are to look with chastened 
awe and respect, for die beginnings of our city and the works 
of our primitive fathers: our Albani patres, atque altae Romae." 

Philosophical historians and large-minded statesmen have ex- 
pressed their admiration of that good Providence which chose 
for the founders of the Empire State, men, who, in their native 
country, had been partakers of the fruits of regulated liberty, 
patient labor, and unwearied enterprise. Having seen with their 
own eyes the operation of a comparatively free and tolerant 
government in the Old World, they naturally desired to possess 
and to exercise the same rights here to which they had been 
accustomed from their childhood. Hence it came to pass that 
New York and Albany, from their foundation until this hour, 
have exerted a wholesome formative influence both upon the 
structure of our social life and the spirit of our legislation. 

When the Puritans were persecuting those who like them- 
selves had fled from persecution, the Hollanders were showing 
mercy and doing kindness to Jesuits and other time-long enemies. 
Zealous as they were for their own faith, yet they scorned the 
bigot's narrow and clouded path. While they insisted upon their 

History of Cqrnilis Maessen Van Bubkn 21 

own rights, thcjr were at the same time generous in their consid- 
eration of the rights of others* 

In 1630 Killian Van Rensselaer, a merchant of Amsterdam, 
purchased of the Red Men a tract of land around Fort Orange, 
or Albany, which was forty-eight miles long by twenty-four 
miles in breadth. This tract incl ud ed what are now known as 
Albany and Rensselaer counties and also large portions of Greene, 
Montgomery. Schenectady. Saratoga* Schoharie *"** Columbia 
counties. Albany co un ty included that portion which was 
eventually set off as Columbia county, until the 4th of April, 

Hendrick Hudson sailed up the North River as far as where 
Albany now is in 1609. Adventurers came from Holland in 
1614 and built a fort on what is yet called Castle Island and 
from which Castleton derives its name. In 1623 Fort Orange 
was built on the spot where the principal steamboat landing is 
now located, at Albany, An agricultural colony was planted in 
that year, from which time may be dated the permanent settle- 
ment of the region about Albany.; A shipload of colonists 
arrived in 1630 and in 1631 came the^ship cfEndracht, in which 
our ancestor Cornelia Maesen, came with many others, and 
settled about Rcnsselaerwyck, as that portion of the country 
was called It has been impossible to determine with accuracy 
what religious instruction was provided among the people at 
Fort Orange prior to 1642, but Dr. Livingston in one of his 
manuscripts says: "In Albany they had ministers as early as 
any in New York, if not before them. It is certain, however 
that the Reformed Dutch Church there stood in the relation of 
parent to all of the same faith which were organized at an early 
date in the then district of Rensselaerwyck.^ The district was 
redivided, after the lapse of many years, into many smaller 
districts, such as we now style towns. Kinderhook and Claver- 
ack were the original districts, north of the Livingston Manor; 
both were erected into districts in the month of March, 1772. 
Kinderhook has a priority of just two days." 

As the records of both these churches bear a long and hon- 
ored list of names of the Van Buren family, the descendants 
may be pardoned if they exhibit a certain amount of pride, as 

22 History of Cornbus Mabssbn Van Bubsn 

wdl at gratitude, that their ancesters were instrumental in pro- 
moting those principles which the foregoing quotations from 
Dr. Porter's address show plainly to have been an inheritance 
of those who emigrated to the New World from Holland As 
a family the Van Burens have been found in many walks of 
life, many of diem being formers, others merchants, manufac- 
turers and artisans, while large numbers have entered die pro- 
fessions as teachers, lawyers, physicians or ministers. While 
Martin as President of the United States was die most con- 
spicuous member of the family, others were equally as successful 
in their chosen line of public activities* 

Among the marked racial characteristics of die family may 
be mentioned their absolute democracy, for while proud of their 
lineage and history they are singularly free from hauteur or the 
"I am holier than thou" atmosphere. They are noted for probity 
of word and deed, f rcquendy the characterisation being made, 
"his word is as good as his bond.** As a family they are not 
wealthy; while there are some marked exceptions to this tfie 
rank and file are people of moderate means. They have always 
been a religious family, following mostly the Dutch Reformed 
faith, while some have entered Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, 
or Episcopal churches. They have always been a people Who 
have loved education and their names are to be found on die 
roster of nearly all the great institutions of learning in die United 
States as well as in Holland. 

Their loyalty to their country has been wdl attested by the 
long lists of names to be found in die annals of the various wars 
of the New World, and many are die deeds of valor recorded 
and honon awarded. Not less has been their interest in local 
matters, as shown by their f requendy being chosen by their f d- 
lowmen to hold offices of trust and honor in their several com- 
munities. One correspondent stated "there were no criminals 
or paupers among die family.** If this be so it should be a 
source of gratitude to the members of the family that there is 
"no blot on the escutcheon." 

As to physical appearance, the men are usually of medium 
height, of well-built frame, dark-haired and blue eyed, with a 
manner denoting sdf reliance, but withal a geniality that always 

History of Corkit.ts Mamsik Van Bxtuk 23 

■ * 

makes them favorites socially and well liked as neighbors. The 
women are seldom above medium height, usually blue-eyed, 
neither markedly blond or brunette, possessed of affable man* 
nm and fluent speech. 

In the early part of the seventeenth century surnames were 
seldom used, especially among the Dutch, the men being known 
as sons of so-and-so, the suffix sen being added to the father's 
name, which followed that of the son and the terminal se being 
added to the father's name which followed that of the daughters. 

Another custom prevailed of adopting as a surname the name 
of the particular town or even the locality from which they had 
emigrated as their surname. As the influence of the English 
people became more dominant, they having adopted the custom 
of surnames, the Dutch people followed suit and we find them 
gradually adopting surnames. 

The early records being in Dutch has complicated the matter 
of research, but thanks to the very efficient work of Dr. van 
Laer, die State Archivist at Albany, the work has been greatly 
simplified the last few years. According to these records, in 
163 1 among the Van Rensselaer party came one who is described 
as Cornells Maesen van Buurmalsen, or Buijrmalsen— a small 
village in Gelderland, near Buren, on the ship Endracht. 

In April, 1660, in the ship Gilded Otter, came Gerrit Aartsen 
van Beuren, and Gerrit Corndissen-yan Beuren, both named as 
. In 1700 came Dr. Johanes, or Jan van Beuren. 

Whether these men were all from the same original ancestor 
in Holland has never been proved. It is difficult to get informa- 
tion from Holland, as in many instances records have been 
de str o yed by fires; in some localities they commence after the 
men were already in America. 

This history deals exclusively with the known descendants 
of Cornells Maessen, who came here in 163 1. There has been 
a tradition among some of the descendants that originally the 
family was one of the branches descended from the Count de 
Buren, whose daughter Anna married William of Orange and 
Nassau. Like many traditions there has never been produced 
any positive proof or disproof, but to students of history it is 

24 History or Corn bus Maessen Van Burnt 

not at all impossible or even improbable, for it la % well-known 
fact that during the long continued strife in the Netherlands 
when Spain was so determined to remain in control and die 
Netherlands were fighting for religious and political freedom, 
that families were frequently reduced to penury by the Crown 
confiscating all their property. And it requires not an unusual 
amount of imagination nor is it at all unreasonable to sunoosa 
that Cornelis Maessen was one of the descendants of a once 
opulent family, but whose fortunes had dwindled to the pro* 
portions of a "small farmer," and who had decided to try what 
die New World had in store. Subsequent events have proved 
beyond peradventure that our ancestor was far seeing and not 
an iraoiant man. 

Furthermore, it is well known that the great Patroon, Killian 
van Rensselaer, who, although he never visited his possessions 

^ America did keen in dose touch with the management of die 
same as it was conducted by his son, was especially careful as 
to the class of settlers upon his grants, intending to form the 
New Netherlands on the same solid basis as had so justly given 
strength and renown to the Old Netherlands. Many of die 
emigrants came armed with certificates 6f character from die 
pastors of their home churches. 

The early records of the Colony have few instances of irreg- 
ular or immoral conduct The people were God-fearing, indus- 
trious and peace-loving; willing to endure the hardships con- 
sequent upon living in a new unsettled colony, devoid of die 
civilization of an old country, for the opportunity of furthering 
die principles of religious and political freedom as well as for 
the emoluments of toil, such as the acquiring of landed estates 
and of money. As before said, Killian van Rensselaer was 
especially particular as to die personnel of his party selecting 
as far as possible young men and women, either married or 
single, having an eye to the future as well as the present 

One great difficulty confronts the historian or genealogist 
in attempting to write detailed accounts of early days. Few 
records were kept other than die church records and unfortu- 
nately those of Albany were not commenced until 1683, and 
furthermore when the first fire at the Capitol occurred in the 

History op Cornslzs Mabssek Van Busbk 25 

eigfateentfa century many records were lost, and at the late fire 
still others. Also those early records are all in Dutch and there 
are few now living able to translate them. 

Dr. van Laer, as already stated, has translated many of the 
Van Rensselaer mss. and these have been especially fruitful in 
information relating to the original Ancestor, Comelis M acssen. 
According to these documents, Comelis Maessen Van Bruyen or 
Burjmalsen, or Buurmalsen, or Burren or Buren, as it is va- 
riously spelled, was one of the party who sailed for the New 
World on the ship Bndrachi in 1631. Hie came from the Pro- 
vince of Gdderiand, from the small place called Burmalsen, 
near the town of Buren, a few miles from the Rhine. As before 
stated, patron ymi c names were not used among either the Eng- 
lish or Dutch settlers, but about 1664 'the English commenced 
to use them and the Dutch soon adopted them. Comelis signed 
himself Comelis Maessen, meaning son of Maes, but who Maes 
was, no records reveal. As Marten, the son of Comelis, was the 
first to use the surname of van Buren, it has been assumed that 
this is proof of Comelis having been born at or near Buren. 

To quote from the translation of the Rensselaer Bowier 
MSS.: "May 27, 1631, a number of persons, among whom was 
Comelis Maesen van Buytmalsen, signed an agreement for three 
years to Killian van Rcnsdlaer estates for services thereon — 
to be paid 1st year Sixty pounds, and year Seventy pounds, 
3rd year Eighty pounds, and in hand Twelve pounds in ad- 
vance. He was listed among the passengers on ship (TEtndrQcht 
in July, 1631. 

Aug. 12, 1663, Hendrick Coraeliscn Maessen and Marten 
CorneUsz Macssen, brothers, for themselves and for Maes Cor- 
ndisen Maessen, Styntie Comelise Maessen and Tobias Cor- 
ndissen Maessen, their minor brothers and sister, all living in 
the Colony of Renssdaerswyck and children of the late Cor- 
nelia Maessen and Catalyntji Martense, who died in this coun- 
try, and formerly lived at Bueren Malsen in Gdderiand, exe- 
cuted a power of Attorney to Gerrit Cbrndissen living at Tricht 
in Gdderiand to receive an inheritance left by their uncle, Hen- 
drick Maessen, who died at Cuij-Ontorch. 

26 History op Cqenklis Maesssn Van Busbk 

On this same day (Aug. I2 9 :66a), Jan Verbeeck, formerly 
councillor of the colony of Rcnssdlaerswydc, and Cornelia 
Theoeniaaen Boa, formerly a magistrate of Fort Orange (Al- 
bany) and the village of Beverwyck, made a joint affidavit that 
Cornells Maetaen and his wife had died about 14 years ago and 
were both buried on the same day, leaving the aforesaid five 
children, over whom the said Corndis Theuniax Bos, ami 
Theonis Direxsx (Van' Vechten) inhabitants of the Colony, have 
thus far been guardians. . Cornells Theuniz Boa farther states 
that he came to this country in*i636 in the ship RtusuUurwyck 
in the services of the said Corndis Maessen and that he served 
him six years; also that the said Hendrick Cornelia* Maessen 
was born on the said ship and that the other children were born 
in mis country* 

"Entries for supplies furnished to Corndis Maessen in Aug- 1 
ust 16, 1634. show that he was in the Colony at that time." "He 
evidently returned to Holland at the expiration of his three 
years co ntr act, married there and then came bade to th is country 
in 1636." "His sfCTnd son, Marten Corndiez has been coo* 
fused by some with 'Swarte or Black. Marten Corndiszn (van 
Jssclstyne).' " 

"Corndis Thetmisx Bos is the same Corndis Teunissen van 
Westbroeck, who is first found in Acct books of the date of 
April 8, 1637, almost immediately after arrival of the ship 

"In a letter from KQlian van Rensdlaer to Jacob Planck, his 
Agent in the New Netherlands he writes as follows: These two 
farmers, who have been very hdpful to me, vis., Corndis Maes* 
sen, and Symon Walrichs, you will give a fair choice of the 
men who are coming but in audi a way that they do not sdect 
all die best men, for others must have something too. You will 
provide them with as many animals as can be supplied from the 
increase of the others, and in case they should want to settle on 
Paeprickens land, which I think has not yet been bought, make 
every effort to purchase the same or at best to cause the farm* 
ers to be established there with the consent of the owners." 
"Later he frequently refers his Agent to observe the same rules 
regarding selling or leasing land as waa embodied in the con- 

History op Cqenbus Makssrn Van Busbk 27 

tracts of Cornells Maessen and Symon Walricks, dated Aug. 
>5f 1696, in Amsterdam, which had resulted well to both sides." 

"In a letter dated Aug. 4, 1639, from Kfllian van Renssellaer 
to Arendtt van Curler, he refers to the house of Cornells Maes- 
sen which was being built 99 "In a letter of June 16, 1640, he 
authorizes Arundtt van Curler to secure the assistance of va- 
rious persons among whom he mentions Cornells Maessen van 
Buyrmalsen, to provide other farmers for the farms on which 
the farmers refuse to accept the terms of his previous Agent, 
and to control all by the rules and ordinances and to obey him as 
Lord and Master (KOlian van Renssellaer), which obligations 
began with the arrival of Cornells Maetsen and Symon Wal- 
ricks, agreeable to their contracts of Aug. 15, 1636, in Amster- 
dam. 99 ** 

"Wfllem Meynten (Meijntten, Mijnten, or Menten, variously 
spelled) served as a farm laborer under Cornells Maessen for 
six years from Aug. 14, 1638, at wages ranging frota Forty 
pounds to Sixty pounds a year. 99 "Jacob Aertsx (Aientsz) is 
charged in the accts* as servant of Cornells Maessen. 99 

"Jan Reyersz served Cornells Maessen one and three quarters 
years. 99 The quotations from the van Rensselaer Bowler MSS. 
show plainly that Cornells was not a mere ignorant peasant, 
but a small farmer of intelligence, integrity and determination 
to secure for himself and family the best possible in the New 
Netherlands, and it likewise reveals that his ability had won 
him reco gn i t ion from the Patroon and commendation of no ordi- 
nary amount 

The Patroon made liberal terms with his farmers, requiring 
a tenth of the produce of the farm. In 1644 it is recorded that 
Cornells paid the Patroon one hundred bushels of wheat, oats 
and rye, beside a few peas, showing his thrift had been rewarded 
fay a yield of about one thousand bushels. 

Apparently, the career of Cornells was rather uneventful: 
he tilled his farm, and saved some, for it is recorded that he 
purchased a piece of property in Manhattan described as fol- 
lows:— "A house and plantation at the North River on the Isl- 
and of Manhattan, next to Wouter van Twiller and Thomas 
HaU. 99 This farm was purchased of Volckert Evertsen, Octo- 


ber 24, 1646, and afterwards sold by Cornells Tetmissen (Bos) 
and Tennis Dicksen (Van Veckten) who were appointed trus- 
tees of his estate to the Hon. Rntger Jacobeon, a magistrate of 
Beverwyck (Albany) for fifteen hundred guilders or about six 
hundred dollars. It was located between the present Christo- 
pher and Fourteenth Streets with boundaries near to those 
streets and doubtless having a North River frontage. 

Wouter van Twiller was a few years before Governor of the 
Province of New Netherlands and Hall was a prominent mer- 
chant of New Amsterdam. 

As already stated, Cornelia and his wife Catalyntje Martense, 
both died and were buried the same day at their farm at Paps- 
knee, some time in 1648. Their e ffe ct s were sold at auction 
Shrove Tuesday, 1649. It is doubtless due to their early and 
perhaps sudden deaths that the little that has been recorded 
has been preserved, for which those of this later day have rea- 
son to be grateful. Cornells evidently died intestate, as Tennis- 
sen Dircksen (van Veckten) and Cornelia Teunessen (Bos) 
were the guardians and were appointed also trustees for the 
estate as there were minor children. Cornells Tetmissen Bos 
later became a trader and at one time was commissary at Fort 
Orange (Albany). 


b. ; m. 1635 or rifit d* l6 4& His wife, Catalyntje Mar- 
tense, h, — ; d. 164& 


+3 Hendrick Cornelissen;* b. June 30, 1697; m. Eliza- 
beth van Slyck (Chapter 3). 

+3 Marten Cornelissen,* b. 1640 ( ?) ; d. Nov. 13, 
1703; m. 1663 (?) Maritjie Quackenbosch 
(Chapter 3). 

* Hereafter in thete records the fl*ffa M sen M and '••e'* to these ?»•—»»« f§ 
omitted, except in the headings of chapters and quotations, 

History of Coenkus Maessbn Van Buipn 29 

+4 Maas Coraelissen,* b. i643(?); <*• Nov. 27, 1704; 
m. 1683 or 1683, Josinc Janse Gardiner (Chap- 
ter 4). 

+5 Styntji Cornclisse* (Christina), b. 1645 ( ?) 5 <*• 
Nov. 26, 1739; m. 1665, Dirck Wesselsen Ten 

+6 Tobias Corndissen,* b. 1647 (?). 

* See note on page s& 

Non. In Holland the prefix van it spelled with a mall M v M and in 
tMs country the early settlers used the small M v M also, but gradually the 
custom of using the capital " Vf came into vogue, until at present almost 
all the families which have the prefix van use the form Van, hence the au- 
thor has adopted the customary method and the prefix will be spelled Van, 
although ran is correct. 




was the fourth child of Cornells and Catalyntji, b. 1645 (?) ; 
A Nov. s& 1729; m. 1665, Dirk Wessclsen (Ten Broeck). 

Dirk Wesselsen Ten Broeck became a very prominent man in 
the early history of Albany. He was Recorder under die Char- 
ter of 168& He was Mayor from 1696 to 1698. He was Major 
of CoL Pieter Schuyler's regiment in 170a In 1663 Dirk Wes- 
selsen (Ten Broeck) purchased of the heirs of the renowned 
Anneke Jans Bogardas her home in Albany, from which she had 
been buried earlier in die same year. In his W3L made Feb. 4. 
1715, probated Feb. 6, 1718, he mentions his wife, Christina, and 
children as follows :— 



Stiwtfli in. Maria Van Rensselaer. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^P ^^^^^^w ^■^^^■^^■^■^W ^^W w ^BP^^P^P ^•^PJ^BP^P'^^^PJ^BF^BP^^^PP^^P^PBP} v 


Elsje as wife of Johannes Cuyler. 
Gatalyntje, as wife of Johannes Ussier. 
Cornelia, as wife of Wynkoop (Johannes). 
Elfaaheth, as wife of Anthony Costers. 
Lidia, as wife of Volckert van Veckten. 
Geertruy, as wife of Abraham Schuyler. 
Christina, as wife of Johannes Van Alen. 



was die fifth child of Cornells and Catalyntji 

If he married he seems to have had no issue and there are 
no records relating to him after 166a, hence it is supposed he 
died while a mere youth. 


Hendrick Cornelissen 2 Van Buren (2) 

And his Descendants 




b. Jan. 30, 1637; d. ; m. Eliahcth van Slyclc Hendrick 

was b. on board ship RnustLurwyck at 2 a. m. according 
to the log of die ship as translated by Dr. van Laer. Not much 
is known about him, but he remained in die neighborhood of 
the paternal home. He became a rich farmer. He and wife 
were devout members of the Dutch Reformed Church at 
Albany in 1683. During die Indian outbreak of 1663 he proved 
himself a brave soldier. 


7 Gerritie, m. about 1684, Jacob Jacobsen Schermer* 



+8 Maas, d. April 12, 1734; m. 1st Sept 17, 1699, 
Ariantji van Weye; m. 2nd 171 1, Magdalena 

9 Manitji, m. March 21, 1695, Cornells Jacobsen 

-f-10 Cornells, m. Jan. 27, 1703, Hendrickji van Ness. 
-f-i 1 Pieter, m. May 20, 1708, Gurtruy Vosburgh. 

32 History of Cqenklis Maesssn Van Buun 


M AAS» VAN BUREN, Hcndrick,* Cornclis, 1 

b. ; A April 12, 1734; m. 1st Sept 17, 1699, Ariaantji 

van Wcyc; m. and 1711, Magdalena Bogard. 

Ariaantjc van Wcyc (Van Wie or Wye) is supposed to have 
been the daughter of Hcndrick Gerretse of Be y er wy c k from 
1654 to 1691. In his will made 1690 he speaks of his wife and 
a' son Gerret He died about 1691 from wounds received on 
an expedition to Canada. (MunseU's Albany Collections.) , 

But little is known about Maas. He was a Freeholder at 
Rensselaerwyck in 172a He was buried at Schodack, Apr. 14 
1734. His will was dated April 7, 1733, and probated June I, 
% i733t which reads as follows : 

In the name of God amen, the Seventh day of April in the 
Year of our Lord, Jesus Christ, 1733, I, Maas Van Buren, of 
die County of Albany, in the province of N. Y., yoeman being 
very side and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, 
dunks be given unto God. Therefore, calling unto mind the 
mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men 
once to die, I make and ordain this my last will and testament, 
that is to say principally and first of all I give and r eco mmend 
my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my body I 
recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian-like and 
decent fnann tr at the discretion of my wife and child ten, nothing 
doubting but at the general r e sur re cti on I shall receive the same 
again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly 
estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this world I 
give and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. 

It is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just 
debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied. 

It is my will and I do order and bequeath unto my eldest son, 
Hendrick Van Buren, ten shillings current money of the province 
of New York to be paid out of my estate for his right of primo- 

History of Cqrnius Mabssin Van Buun 33 

I give and devise to my son Hendrick Van Buren and to 
heirs and assigns all my one equal half of the land called Muss 
Mans Island, which Iks over against where Wouter Barheyt 
now lives. 

I give and devise to my second son, Johannis Van Buren, and 
to his heirs and assigns all the land or farm where I now live, 
lying on both sides of Stalties Kill, running northward along the 
Kill about 400 paces; southward along the Kill till it comes to a 
place called the Steen Clove, both north and south ends extend- 
ing we sterly to Hudsons river as also another piece of land be- 
longing to my farm on the south side of said Kill upon the hill 
containing about twelve morgans, another piece of land on the 
north side of said Kill upon the hills containing about thirty 
morgans. (A morgan is an acre.) 

It is my Will and I do order that my negro man and negro 
wenches remain upon my farm one year after my decease or in 
case my daughter GaUyntia marries within the year, to be divided 
upon her marriage or expiration of the year which first falls 
out as is hereafter directed* 

I give and bequeath to my two sons, Hendrick Van Buren 
and Johannes Van Buren my negro man called Jack and my negro 
w e nc h rall fd Saar to tKfro their heirs and assigns. 

I do give and bequeath to my daughter Callyntie Van Buren 
her heirs and assigns my negro girl called Dian. 

It is my will that my negro girl Dian remain with her mother 
ten years from this time, at the expiration of which term of years 
she is to be disposed of by my two sons, Hendrick and Johannes 
and my daughter Cattyntia, as they can agree, but in case any of 
the negro slaves bequeathed to them as above, shall happen to die 
within the ten years, then he or she that sustains that loss, shall 
have the negro girl Dian without paying any consideration to the 
other two or either of them. 

I do give and bequeath to my daughter, Callyntia Van Buren, 
Ninety pounds current money of the province of New York and 
to her heirs and assigns to be paid by my two sons, Hendrick 
and Johannes, or their heirs, that is to pay ten pounds, current 
money aforesaid every year till the whole sum of Ninety pounds 


be com plet ed beginning the first payment one year after my 

I do give and bequeath to my said daughter, Callyntia, a mare 
and a cow which mare she is to have her choke of out of my 
stock of mares. 

I do give and bequeath to my son Johannis Van Buren a cow. 

I do give and bequeath to my sons, Hendrick and Johannes, 
and to my daughter Callyntia and to their heirs and assigns all 
my horses, cows, sheep and hogs, young and old, except what is 
above disposed of, to. be equally divided among diem in three 
equal parts. . 

It is my will and I do order that my son Hendrick and my 
daughter Callyntia, shall have each one-fourth part of the apples 
out of my orchard belonging to the land devised to my son, 
Johannes Van Buren, for seven years after my decease. 

It is my will and I do order that my son Johannis Van Buren 
shall give to mv daughter Caltvntia sufficient diet an/ * lodsms? 

^■^P^^P^PW P_^99 W ^P» W^P* ^^^^J ^P*PJP^PJPJP^fc™P*^P^P^P> ^P*^PPJP^P>^P OT^^VV P* T ^PJP*P»^PP»^P^P^PP»W ^V^^Vw V^M^^P ^^^ WJ^ W^^P^ 

until she be married 

- I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Magdalena Van 
Bu^en, four pounds current money of the province of New York 
to be paid to her yearly by my two sons Hendrick and Johannes 
or their heirs or assigns during all the days of her life or so long 
as she remains my widow. 

It is my will and I do order my two sons, Hendrick and 
Johannis, or their heirs shall provide my said wife, Magdalena, 
with sufficient diet and lodging all the days of her life or so long 
as she remains my widow and in case she dies my widow, they 
shall give her Christian-like and decent burial. 


I give and bequeath all my household goods, furniture to my 
wife, Magdalena Van Buren, and to my daughter Callyntia Van 
Buren, except my great pott which I gave to my sons, Hendrick 
and Johannes whom I likewise constitute, make and ordain 
executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby 
utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other former 
testament, wills, legacies, and executors, by me in any wise before 
this time, named, willed and bequeathed and ratifying this and 

History of Cqensus Maessen Van Bu*en 35 

no other to be my last will and testament, in witness whereof I 
have set my hand and seal to the two sheets which contain this 
my will and testament the day and year first above written. 

Maas M B Van Bukbn. 


Witnesses: Nkalaes Gaerdenier, Hendr. Beckman, Ja. Ste- 
venson, Barent Hebun. 


12 Hendrick, b. Jan. 7, 170b; d. in infancy. 
+13 Hendrick, b. Dec 28, 1701 ; <L 1769; m. Oct 7, 1731, 

Agitis Winne. 
+ 14 Johanis, b. Aug. 13, 1704; d. 1769; m. Oct 18, 1732, 

Ida Van Buren. 

15 Catalyntji, b. Apr. 20, 1712; m. Aug. 19, 1732, 

Jan Winne. 


CORNEUS* VAN BUREN, Hendrick/ Cornelia,* 

m. Jan. 27, 1703, Hendrickje van Esch or Ness, dau. of Jan 
Corndissen van Ness. Coraelis was a Freeholder at Half 
Moon, 172a 


16 Lysabeth, b. April 23, 1704. 

+17 Willem, b. July 28, 1706; d. 1752; m. Teuntji van 
den Burgh. 

18 Aaltie (Alida), b. Apr. 25, 1709; m. . 

19 Catalyntji, b. Feb. 10, 1712; d. in infancy. 

20 Hendrick, b. Feb. 27, 1713; m. Aug. 30, 1738, Gur- 

truy Whitbeck. 
+21 Jan, b. Sept 4, 1715; m. 1st 1740, Agneita Cbnign; 

m. 2nd 1750, Sarah Bronck. 
+22 Catalyntji, b. Dec 11, 1717; m. Aug. 29, 1740, Jacob 

Jacobsen Schermerhorn. 
23 Maria, b. July 2, 1721 ; <L in infancy. 


24 Maria, b. Feb. 24, 1725 ; m. —. 
+25 Cornells, b. May 30, 1728; m. Dec 23, 1758; Majckc 

PIETER* VAN BUREN, Hendrick,* Cornells,* 

m. May 20, 1708^ Gurtruy Vosburg, dan. of Pictcr and Jan- 
netji (Barents) Vosburg, b. about 1691. It is supposed to 
be she that was buried at Albany April 21, 1748. 


+26 Hendrick, b. Dec 26, 1708; m. Nov. 13, 1736, 
Annatie van Salzburg. 

27 Jannettji, b. Nov. 5, 1710; m. 

28 Pieter, b. Feb. 22, 17x3 ; m. 

29 Tobias, b. May 13, 1716; m. 
+30 Elisabeth, b. Jan. n, 1718; m. Oct 4, 1742, Thomas 

31 Cornells, b. Dec 17, 1721 ; m. . 

+ Z M3alena,| t1 ^ 

Maas m. Catalyntje — — ; he d. 1784. 
Msgdalena m. Win. Schennerhorn, Oct 6, 1761; 
ceremony by Domine Fryenmoet 
34 Catalyna, b. Mar. 14, 1731^ 

History of Cqensus Makssrn Van Buun 37 



HENDRICK* VAN BUREN, Maas,* Hendrick,» Cornelia, 1 

bap. Dec 28, 1701; 4 1767; m. Oct 7, 1731, Agitie Winne, 
datL of Daniel and Dirk je (van Ness). He was bap. at Albany. 
He was a Freeholder at Rensselaerwyck, 1743. 


35 Ariaantje, b. Ang. 6, 1732; m. 

36 Dirlrie, b. June 9, 1734; m. 
4-37 Maas, b. June 6, 1736; m. Feb. 14, 1767, Rebecca 


38 Daniel, b. Aug. 31, 1740; in 

39 Johanis, b. Nov. 6, 1743; m. 

40 Ariaatje, b. Feb. x, 1747; m. 

41 Johanet,b.Mayi7, I752;m. 


JOHANIS* VAN BUREN, Maas/ Hendrick,* Cornells,* 

b. Aug. 13, 1704; 4 1769; m. Oct 18, 1732, Ida Van Buren, 
dan. of Marten (Martin) (Cornelia) and Judikje Barents, b. 
June 13, 1706. He was a Freeholder at Rensselaerwyck, 



42 Maas, b. Oct a8» 1733 ; m. . 

-f-43 Judklde, b. Apr. 18, 1735; 4 Dec 24, 1823; m. Feb. 

<*» 1755* Tobias C Ten Eyck. 
+44 Johanis, b. Oct 6, 1745; m. probably, Catharine 

vander Pod. 


WTLLEM* VAN BUREN, Cornelia,* Hendrick,* Cornelia, 1 

b. July 28, 1706; d. 1753; m. 1735, Teuntje van den Burgh. 
• He was buried at Popsknee, Aug. 17, 1752. 

38 History of Cornslzs Makssrn Van Buun 
Children: ~ v 

^' • • a* 

45 Cornells, b. Mar. 7, 173/6; m. - — r. V" —.' - 
+46 Elbertje, b. Apr. 2, 1738; m. Nov/ 18, 1758, Jacob 

+47 Gerrit, b. May 4, 1740; m. Feb. 22, 1764, Maria 


48 Hendrikji, b. June jo, 174a; m. — . 

49 Maria, b. fob. 17, 1745; d. ;m. — -. 

50 Elisabeth, b. July 19, 1747; m. . 

51 Hendrick, b. Feb. 4, 1750; 4 Mar. 23, 1751. 

+52 Hendrick, b. Feb. 2, 1752; m. Maria van den Burgh; 
a private in Revolutionary War, in Bries and 
Woodwards' Companies. 


JAN* VAN BUREN, Cornelia,* Hendrick,* Cornells, 1 

b. Sept 4, 17x5; m. 1st, Mar. 10, 174% Agndtie Comyn; m. 
2nd, 1750, Sara Brondc 

• * 

Children by first wife: 

53 Loores, Sept 26, 1744. 

54 Hendrickje, Aug. 3, 1746. 

Children by second wife: 

55 Lundert, July 7, 1751. 

56 Cornells, Sept 29, 1753. 


CATALYNTIE* VAN BUREN, Corndis,* Hendrick,* 
Cornells, 1 

b. Dec. 11, 1717; m. 1st, Aug. 29, 1740, Jacob Jacobsen Scher- 
merhorn; m. 2nd, 1746, Barent Van Buren, son of Marten 
(Martin) (Coraelis). 

History of Cornslzs Makssew Van Buun s 39 

Children by first husband: 

57 Jacob, Nov. J, 1741 ; m. . 

58 Cornells, April 24, 1743; m. —. 

Children by second husband: 

+59 Margarita, Nov. 1, 1747. 

60 Hendrickjit Oct 15, 1749. 

61 Juditji, Dec. 9, 1753. 

6a Elisabeth, Mar. i 9 1756. 
+63 Waiem, May 27, 1759. (?) 

These five children are also listed under Barent and Cata- 
lyntjie Na 183, (see Nos. 59 and 63, on pp. 90 and 91). 


CORNEUS* VAN BUREN, Corndis/ Hendrick,« Corndis,* 

b. May 30, 1728; m. Nov. 23, 1758, Mayeke Hun. He was a 
Major in the Revolutionary Army in the Van Rensselaer 



+64 Elsie, b. 1759; m. Nov. 20, 1780, CoL Nicholas van 
Rensselaer, son of CoL Killian van Rensselaer, 
and Aridantie Schuyler, dan. of Nicholas 

The van Rensselaers trace their ancestryback to the Patroon 
Killian van Rensselaer who obtained grants of land early in the 
1630% and also through a grandmother Catrina van Burggen, 
dau. of Catrina Jansen, back to the celebrated Anneka Jans, 
whose descendants have claimed a direct descent from William 
of Orange. 


HENDRICK* VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Hendrick,* Cornells, 1 

b. Dec. 26, 1708; m. Nov. 13, 1736, Annatie Van Sultzberg or 

40 History of Coensus Makssen Van Botkn 


+65 Picter, b. Sept 14, 1740; m. Mar. a, 1778, Dorothea 
66 Tobias, b. Jan. 23, 1743; d. 1744 (?). 

+^7 Tobiai H., b. Feb, 17, 1745; m. Feb, 25, 1779^ 
Maria Maarsteu. 

+68 Tanneke, b. Nov. x, 1747; m. Michkl Souser. 

+69 Johannes, b. Dec 3, 1749; m.Armatje Van der Pod. 

+70 Cornelia, b. Sept 22, 1751 ; m. Aug. 26, 1771, Jan- 
net je Van der Pod. 

+71 Geertruy, b. Mar. 10, 1754; m. July, 1774, Johannes 

+72 Harmanus, b. Feb, 8, 1756; m. 1780, Sara Snyder. 


ELIZABETH* VAN BUREN, fteter/ Hertdrfck,* Cornells,* 

b. Jan. 11, 1718; m. Oct 4, 1742, Thomas Cooper. She was 
buried Sept 11, 1748. 


73 Obedga Cooper, Nov. 6, 1743. 

74 Elizabeth Cooper, bap. Oct 19, 1744. 

75 Jannetje Cooper, Jan. 12, 1746. 

76 Elizabeth Cooper, Oct 23, 1748. 


MAAS« VAN BUREN, Pieter,' Hendrick,* Corndis, 1 

b. June 26, 1725; d. 1784; m. Catalyntie. He made a Will in 
October. 1781. in which he mentions a wife. Catalyntie. and 
various children. The abstract of the Will is as follows: 

Will or Maas. 

In the name of God, Amen, I, Maas van Beuren, of the East 
District of the Manor of Rensdaerwyke, Albany County, Gentle* 
men, being weak in body, I leave to my true and loving wife, 
Cattaline, so long as my widow all my estate, she making no waste 


or running it in debt, and after that period I bequeath to my ton, 
Johanis, my two negroes, Sam and Jack, and my silver cup, I 
devise to my daughter Itie, one-third of the remainder of my 
estate, to my daughter Catherine, one-third and to my da u g ht e r 
Aarijaentie one-third I give my wife Catalina in case she should 
come to marrv. one bedstead, bed and aoourtenances comolete. 
and all her clothing. I appoint my loving friend, Jocham Staats 
of Albany and my son Johanis executors* 

Dated Oct a, 1783, Witnesses David McCarty, John H. Bcek- 
man, Wm. Harrison (the last two farmers). 

Codicil: I, Maas Van Beuren, this 4th day of October, 1783, 
do make this codicil. 

I leave to my son Johanis my three bedsteads, beds, etc., three 
large tables, three cooking glasses, chairs, "handjrons" and all 
my household furniture, and my own wearing apparel, it being 
cart of the oersonal estate beaueathed to mv daughter. 

Witnesses : Eyche Van Buren, of East District of the Manor 
of Benssdaerwyck; David McCarty. Proved, Albany County, 
May 10, 1784; confirmed, New York, August a8, 1784. 


77 Johanis, m. — — . 

78 Itie, m. probably, Pieter Ten Eyck. 

79 Catherine, m. probably, Arent van Dyck; issue, 

Catharine, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb, 10, 1788; 
spa. Johannes van Valkenburg, Maria van Alstyne. 

80 Aarijaentie, m. 

42 Histokv or Cronus Mamsen Van Busxn 



MAAS' VAN BUREN, Hcddrfck/ Maas,' Hendrick,* Cornells,* 

b. Oct 28, 1733; m. Feb. 14, 1767, Rebecca Bogart, bap. Jan. 
36, 1743, dan. otDoaw and WiUenqrie (Bratt) Bogart 


. +81 Hendrick Doow, b. Mar. 29, 1771, or Dec. 6, 1768; 

d Dec io, 1841 ; m. • 

83 Marjtje, b. April 18, 1779. 


JUDIOOE? VAN BUREN, Johanis,* Maas,' Hendrick,' 
Cornells, 1 

b. Apr. 18, 1735; d Dec. 4, 1833; m. Feb, 6, 1755, Tobiaa C 
Ten Eydc, b. May 18, 1723, son of Coenradt 3rd and Gerretje 
Van Schaack. 

Children: . . 

83 Eytje Ten Eydc, b. Dec. 31, 1758. 

84 Johannes Ten Eydc, b. Nov. x 9 1761. 

85 Gerretje Ten Eydc, b. Mar. 15, 1765. 


JOHANIS* VAN BUREN, Johanis,* Maas,' Hendrick, 1 
Cornells, 1 

b. or bap. Oct 6, 1745; m. Sept a f 1775,. Catharine Vander 


86 Alida, bap. at Kinderhook July 15* 1776. sps. Maas 

Van Btircn, Rebecca Boggert 

87 Nedtje, bap. at Kinderhook Oct, 1778, sps. Andreas 

Vander Pod, Catharine Vander Pod. 

History of Cqbnkus Maissbn Van Botkn 43 


ELBERTJE* VAN BUREN, William,* Cornells,* Hen- 
drick,' Corndis/ 

b. Apr. a, 1738; m. Oct 14, 1757, to Jacobus Abed, bap. Jan. 
36, 1736. 


88 Margarita Abed, bap. Aug. 27, 1758. 

89 William Abed. bap. Nov. 21, 1761. 

90 Christoffd Abed, bap. Aug. 22, 1764. 

91 Cornelia Abed, bap. Feb. 13, 1767. 
93 Margarita Abed, bap. July 3, 1769. 

93 Hendrick Abed, bap. Jan. 4, 1772. 

94 Gathalyne Abed, bap. July 17, 1774. 

95 Gerrit Abed, bap. Feb. 18, 1777. 

96 Margarite Abed, bap. July 22, 1779. 


GERRn* VAN BUREN, William,* Cornells,' Hendrick/ 
Conielis, 1 
was b. May 4, 1740; m. Feb. 4, 1765, Maria Witbeck. 


^aB^^a^n^nBaa^^na^aB» ^Ba^a^nw v 

97 Geertria, bap. Feb. 24, 1775, sps. Thomas Witbeck, 

Rebecca Fonda. 

98 Cornells (twin), bap. May 21, 1779, sps. Cornells Van 

Vechten, Annattyje Knickerbocker, Jacobus 
Abed, Evatje Van Buren. 

99 Teuntje, twin of Cornells, bap. May 2i f 1779! sps. 

same as for Cornells, 
100 Jacob, bap. June 30, 1782, sps. Thomas Witbeck, 
Angonetje Miller. 


HENDRICK 8 VAN BUREN, William, 4 Corndis,' Hendrick, 
Cornells, 1 

44 Hiitoey op Cgrnelis Makssen Van Botkn 

wmt b. Feb. a, I7P; m. Maria Van den Burgh. He was a 
private in Brio 9 and Woodward's Comp a nies in Revolutionary 




ioi Annatje, bap. Mar. 7, 1783, sps. Hcndrick Van Schak 

and Sara Van Srhnrki 
103 Aaltje, hip. Bfarch xo, 1785. 
103 WOlem, b. June 12; bap. July 1, 1788, sps. Gerrit 

Van Buren, Marytje Witbeck. 


ELSIE 1 VAN BUREN, Cornells/ Cornells,* Hcndrick,* 

w h. 1759; m. Nov. 20, 1780^ Nicholas van Rensselaer. 

104 KiUian van Rensselaer, b. May 19, 178a; m. Catha- 

rine Whitbeck; m. (2), Jane Bogart 

105 Mayke van Rensselaer, b. Feb. 13, 1785; m. — — . 

106 Magdelena van Rensselaer, m. Peter Buckman. 

107 Arietta van Rensselaer, m. Abraham Whitbeck. 

108 Cornelius van Rensselaer, m. Eveline Gansevoort; 

m. (a), Maria Genet, 


PIETER* VAN BUREN, Hendrick,* Pieter/ Hendrick/ 
b. Sept 14, 1740; m. Mar. a, 1778, Dorothea Shutter. 

• • 


109 Abraham, b. Mar. *3, 1781. 
no Cornelia, b. Nov. 30, 1783. 
in Tanneke, b. Oct ag, 1786. 

Histoiy op Cqrmxlis Mahsin Van Botkn 45 


TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Hendrick/ Picter," Hendrick,* 

bap. Jan. a3, 1743; m. Feb. as, 1779, Maria Maarsten. He was 
a private in the Revolutionary Army, in Staat*s Company. 

Children, ban. at Kinderhook: 

+na Dirck, bap. July 13, 1777; m. 1st, Dec. 3, 1796, Maria 
van Valkenburg; m. ami, July i6 t 1803, Sarah Jay. 
113 Maarten, bap. Feb. *$, 1779, *P*- Abraham Van 
Buren, Maria Goes. 

4*114 Fphraim, bap. Aug. 19, 1781, sps. Ephraim Van 
Buren, Marigata Holland; m. Alida or Olive Jay. 

115 Lydia, bap. Oct a6, 1783, sps. Cornelia Van Buren, 

Lydia Pruyn; m. probably, Isaac van Deusen; 
issue, Peter, bap. May 31, 1818. 

116 Etje or Eytje, bap. Nov. 7, 1784, sps. Burger and 

Sarm Huyck. 

117 Christina, bap. Mar. la, 1786, sps. Adam van Alen, 

Maria van Buren. 

118 Elbertje, bap. Apr. 5, 1789, sps. Barent Goes, Ida 

119 Peter, bap. Sept ia, 179a, sps. Catrina Van Buren. 

TANNEKE' VAN BUREN, Hendrick,' Pieter/ Hendrick,' 
was b. Nov. x, 1747; nL Michid Souser or Souwer. 


lao Geertruy Souwer, b. Apr. 23, 178a 

JOHANNES 8 VAN BUREN, Hendrick, 4 Pieter/ Hendrick/ 
Cornelia, 1 

46 History or Cgrnelis Maissbn Van Buuor 

wish. Dec 3, 1749; m. f Annatje vander Pod. He was a 

private in Revolutionary Army, in Brio* Company; 

Children: - . 

• . .. 

121 Geertruy, bap. Aug. 17, 1783, at Kinderhook; spa. 

Johannes Spoor, Geertruy Van Buren. 
12a Johannis, bap. Jan. 23, 1786, at Kinderhook, sps. 

~ Johannes vender Pod, Geertruy Van Bnren. 
123 Anntaje, bap. 1793. 


CORNELIS* VAN BUREN, Hendrick,* Pieter, 1 Hendrkk,* 

was b. Sept 22, 1751 ; m. 1771, Jannetje Vander Pod, dan. of 
Gerrit and Catrina (Hoes) vander Pod; bap. Feb. 9, 1752. 


124 Hendrick, bap. Mar. I» 1772, Kinderhook, sps. Hen- 

drick Van Buren, Janneke van Salsberger. 

125 Geertruy, bap. Aug. 19, 1781, Kinderhook, sps. 

Johannes Spoor, Geertruy Van Buren. 


GEERTRUY 1 VAN BUREN, Hendrick, 4 Pieter, • Hendrick, 8 
was b. Mar. 10, 1754; m. Aug. 19, 1774, Johannes Spoor. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook: ~ r 

126 Tanneke Spoor, bap. May 10/1778, sps. Jerry Her- 

rick, Jannetje Van Buren. 

127 Johannes Spoor, bap. Dec. 1, 1782, sps. Benjamin 

Middletown, EUsabet Owens. 

128 Pieter Spoor, bap. June xi, 1786, sps. Pieter Van 

Buren, Dorothea Shutter. 

Histoky or Gornkus Mahsin Van Bubeh 47 


HARMANUS 9 VAN BUREN, Hendrick,* Pictcr/ Hendrick,* 

b. Feb, 18, 1756; m. 1780! Sara Snyder. He was one of four 
brothers, all of whom served their country in the War of the 
Revolution. He was a private in Capt Woodward's Company 
under CoL Van Renesselaer. 


139 Tanneke, bap. Kinderhoolc, Apr. *5, 1782, sps. 
Michid Souser, Tanndce Van Buren. 

130 Cornells, bap. Kinderhoolc, Aug. 31, 1783, sps. David 

Kiocde. KH^afrtt * 1 Gardinier. 

131 Tobias, bap. Kinderhoolc, May 14, 1786, sps. Gerrit 

Witbeck, Eva Snyder. 
13a Maria, bap. Kinderhoolc, Mar. 9, 1788, sps. Hendridc 
Turk, Maria Snyder. 

48 History or Cqemblis Maimbn Van Buken 


Mass.* Hendrick/ Cornells,* 

b. at Schodack Landings Dec. 6, 1768; d Dec. 10, 1841 ; m. 
Magdalena Burfaans, b. July 2, 1777; d Mar. 2, 1852, dan. of 
Johanes and Temperance (van Ordcn) Burhans. In a recent 
publication, entitled "Early Settlen of the Hudson and 
Mohawk Valleys" there is quite an extended notice of her 
family, an extract from which will be found in the appendix 
to this book. Their children were all born at Bethlehem, 
Albany County, New York. Hendrick Douw was educated 
in the public schools. He was a farmer, a democrat, member 
of the Dutch Reformed Church. 


133 R eb e cc a , b. June ax, 1797; d Dec. 17, 1869; m. at 

Bethlehem, Jan. 28, 1826, Peter H. van Zandt, 
b. Jan. 29, 1796; d May 13, 18652 son of Gilbert 
and Rachel (Lucas) van Za n d t, 

134 Johannes, b. Oct 10, 1798; d Jan. 20, 1852; un- 


135 Moses, h. Sept 27, 1800; d 1866; unmarried 

136 Daniel, h. July 14, 1802; d at Middleburg, N. Y.; 

m. 1st, October 3, 1827, Rebecca van Zandt; b. 
Apr. 9, 1807; d at Albany Dec. 26, 1843; dau. of 
Nicholas van Zandt; m. 2nd, May n, 1851, Cath- 
erine Wormer, b. Oct 12, 1815; d Mar. 17, 1884; 
dau. of John and Maria (Henry) Wormer. 

+137 Meter, h. Sept 13, 1805; d. at Coeymans, N. Y n 
Nov. 7, 1885; m. Feb. 27, 1840, Mary Ann Baker, 
b. Feb. 14, 1818; d Jan. 14, 1886, dau. of John 
and Margaret (Vrooman) Baker of Coeymans 
Square, New York. 

History or Cornkus Marssen Van Burrn 49 

138 William, b. 1806; drowned in Schoharie Creek, June 

18, 1843; unmarried 

139 Temperance, b. Sept 37, 1808; d at Bath-on-the- 

Hudson, Mar. 11, 1877; «• May 10, 1846, at 
, % Albany, George H. Cook, born in Gennany Nov. 

3ft 1815- 

140 Dow Bogert, b. May 30, 181a 

141 Hesekiah, b. Mar. 28, 1813. 
14a Henry, b. Man 14, 1815. 

143 Sarah Maria, b. Apr. i6 f 1817. 


DIRCK* VAN BUREN f Tobias/ Hendrick,* Pieter/ Hen- 
drick,* Cornelia,* 

bap, a t Kinderhook, July 13, 1777; m. xst, Dec. 31, 1796, Maria 
van Valkenburg; m. 2nd July 16, 1803, Sarah Jay. 

Children, bap, at Kinderhook: 

144 Albertje, bap. Sept 24, 1797. 

145 Lea, b. Dec. 22, 1798; bap. Feb. 24, 1799. 

146 Lea, bap. Sept ax, 180a 

147 Maria van Valkenburg, b. Dec. 28, 1802; bap. Feb. 

I3# 1803. 

148 Maria, b. Apr. 17, 1805. 

149 Elizabeth, b. May 35, 1806. 


EPHRAIM 4 VAN BUREN, Tobias/ Hcndrick,* Pieter,- 
Headrick,* Corndis, 1 

bap. Aug. 19, 1781, sps. Ephraim Van Buren, Margarita Hol- 
land; m. Alida or Olive Jay. 


150 Maria, bap. May 28, 1805. 

151 Sarah, b. May 15, 1807. 
153 Martin, bap. July 4. 181:1. 

50 History op Corneus Maissen Van Burbn 


PIETER' VAN BUREN t Hendrick Douw,« Maas,* Hendrick,* 
Maas,* Hendrick,* Cornells, 1 

b. Sept 13, 1805; d. at Coeymans, N. Y. f Nov. 7, 1885; m. Feb. 
37, 1840, Mary Aim Baker, b. Feb. 14, 1818; A Jan. 14, 1886, 
dan. of John and Margaret (Vrooman) Baker of Coeymans 
Square* N. Y. She was descended from Jacob Baker, who 
came from England and settled in Roxbury, Conn. Peter was 
educated in public schools and became a well-known co n tractor 
and builder. He owned and cultivated a farm. He was well 
to do, stood high in the community. A Democrat Warm 
friend of the Union during the Civil War. Member of Dutch 
Reformed Church. 


153 Anna Louise, b. Apr. 22, i860; m. Phillip Schuyler, 
h. Oct, 1840; d. Nov. 10, 1905; son of John Cttyler 
and Anna Maria (Schuyler) (Schuyler) of Water 
VIeit, Albany County, New York. 

She was educated in High School at Coeymans, N. Y. After 
the death of her parents she inherited their entire estate. After 
her marriage she and husband removed to Ravenna anc} managed 
the Van Buren farm. 

Since her husband's death, Mrs. Schuyler has remained in 
Ravenna. She is a member of the same Dutch Reformed Church 
as were her parents, owning the same pew. She has no children. 


Marten Comelissen 2 Van Buren (3) 

And his Descendants 


Cornelia and Catalyntje Martense. 

Much snore is known about this son, and the descendants 
form a large and prominent portion of the history of New 
York State, especially the counties of Albany, Columbia, Ful- 
ton and New York. 

The Van Rensselaers owned a grant of 700,000 acres— of 
which 170^00 acres were located in that portion of Albany 
Co., which, on April 4, 1786, became known as Columbia Co., 
in which county many of the descendants of Marten were 
among the early settlers and where there are to-day a number 
of well-known and honored representatives. Kinderhook was 
one of the first settlements in Columbia Co. — it was about 
1650 when the Pioneers appeared there. In 1663 there were 
only fifteen houses. The first saw mill was erected in 1665. 
The first Dutch School in 1700, first English School in 1778. 
The Dutch Reformed Church was organized in 1712, and 
among its earliest members were the names of three grand 
sons of Marten Comelissen. 

Marten was born in 1638 or 9— died November 13th, 1703. 
Married Marytjie Quackenbosch about 1662. 

She is supposed to have been the daughter of Pieter am 
Marytje Quackenbosch. 

52 HinoEY op Coenkjs Maissbn Vajc Buuor 

Marten owned a house, barn, etc, in Bethlehem, Albany 
Co., in 1662, when he sold it to Corneliaaen Van den Burg. 

In 1665 or 75 (as authorities differ) he owned one-half of 
Constapels Island, a short distance below Albany in the Hud- 
son River. He and wife were members of the Dutch Reformed 
Church at Albany prior to 1683. December, 1683, he paid the 
Church for the use of the 'large pall," indicating he had buried 
some adult member of his family. 

In 1697 the census credits his family as "two men, no 
women, one child," 

In 1693 (May 7th) he married a second time— Tanneke 
Adams — widow of Pieter Pieterson Winne; hence it is pre* 
sumed the large pall was used for the burial of his first wife. 

In 1700 he was Captain in Colonel Pieter Schuyler's regi- 
ment at Albany. 

In 1703, April 10, he made his will in Dutch, It was 
proved June 7, 171a (The Will follows). 


+154 Cornells, b. 1663; d. before 1693; «• Sept 22, 
1689, Arrisantje Gerritse (Van den Bergh). 

+155 Cornelia, b. 1665 ; m. Sept 22, 1689, Robert Ten- 
wise (Van Deusen). 

+156 Pieter, b. 1670 (?); m. Jan. 15, 1693, Ariaantje 
Barentse (Meindersen). 

+157 Marytje, b. 1675; m. (x) Mar. 14, 1695, J 811 Ten- 
wise (Van Deusen; m. (a) Dec. ao, 1702, Cor- 
nelis Gerritse (Van den Bergh). 

+158 Marten, b. 1678; d. Oct ax, 1740; m. 1700, Judikjie 
•Barentse (Meindersen); m. (a), July 14, 17x9, 
Maria Van den Berg. 

+159 'Catalyntje (Catherine) ; m. Jan. 7, 1697, Jonathan 
Jansen Whitbeck. 

+160 Magdelena; m. Aug. xa, 1734, for her second hus- 
band, Andries Huyck. 
161 Teuntje; m. Levenies Winne. 

+163 Hendrick; m. Annetje 

1 History op Cornbus Marssbn Van Burbn 53 

Translation op the Will op Marten Cqrnrlissrn 


Be it known to all men by these presents that I, under- 
written Marten Cornelius Van Beuren, Yeoman and inhab- 
itant of the Manor of Renselaewyk, in the County of Albany, 
being sound of body, and having the exercise of his under- 
standings memory and speech, taking into consideration the 
frailty of this present life, the certainty of death and uncer- 
tain hour thereof: Being willing to dispose of his temporal 
goods, first recommending his soul to the hands of his Gra- 
cious God, his Creator and Saviour, and his mortal body to 
Christian burial Making void and disnulling all former Tes- 
tamentary dispositions, and do make and confirm this to be 
my last will in the form following. 

First, I appoint to my only and universal heirs all my 
children and my grandchild (to wit), Cornelia Martense Van 
Beuren, the wife of Robert Van Deuaen, Peter Martense Van 
Beuren, Martin Martense Van Beuren, Maria Martense Van 
Beuren, Janse Magdalena Martense Van Beuren and Tobias 
Cornelius Van Beuren, and that of all my goods which I shall 
have, real or personal, lands, houses, oxen, cows, horses, uten- 
sils, beds, bolsters, household stuff, money, gold, silver, 
whether coined or not, nothing in the world excepted. It is 
furthermore my will and desire that after my decease my son 
Peter before mentioned shall have over and above the rest 
and before division is made six morgans of the great piece of 
meadow as also that lot of woodland which is divided with the 
partner, Peter Vosburgh, Ian Tysen and Van Alen, being 
northerly without the fence of the land called the great piece 
in consideration of any privilege of being now my eldest son. 
It is furthermore my will and desire that my son's son, Tobias 
Cornelius, aforesaid, shall have before division is made in con- 
sideration of privilege which he might pretend to by virtue of 
his deceased father's privilege as being my eldest son, a horse 
with a saddle and bridle. It is further my will and desire that 
my daughter Magdalena shall have before division is made 
her outset as her other sisters have had as also the sum of 

54 History op Cornbus Mabssrn Van Burrn 

nine pounds, current money, of this province, and furthermore 
that my whole estate as it shall then be found and when the 
debts shall be paid shall be divided equally among them, with 
the reserve that my son Peter aforesaid and my daughter 
Cornelia, the wife of Robert Van Deusen, shall have the pref- 
erence of my lands situate at Kinderhook with the house, 
barn, barracks and all whatsoever is therein, depending, de- 
rived to me from Derick Wepesi That which I, as afore- 
mentioned, have first given to my son Peter only excepted 
and that it shall then be appraised by four impartial men, 
chosen for that purpose by impartial persons, and that Peter 
and Cornelia shall pay for that appraisement in six ensuing 
years an equal sixth part every year in order to be divided in 
equal shares among them. It is the testator's further will and 
desire that his son Marten as aforesaid shall have for himself 
and his heirs forever the half Island with all its rights de- 
pending thereon as the house, barn, barracks also at present 
in possession of the testator providing he shall pay for the 
same in six succeeding years after the decease of the testator 
one hundred and sixty-five pounds current money of this 
province, I say one hundred and sixty-five pounds, to each 
of them. an equal sixth thereto be divided among them in 
equal shares. And I appoint for executors and administra- 
tors my sons Peter and Marten aforesaid, together with Mr. 
Albert Rykman and Mr. Derick Wepesi, that this my last 
will and testament may be observed in all its parts, all the 
above written the testator declares to be his last will devising 
that after his decease it may in all its parts be observed and 
maintained in all Courts of Law and Equity. Thus the testa- 
tor has subscribed and sealed this with his hand in the Manor 
of Renselaewick at the house of Captain Gerret Tennips this 
tenth day of April in the second year of our Sovereign Queen 
Ann of England and Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender 
of the Faith, A.D. 1703, signed and sealed in the presence of 

Gsrrst (X his mark) Tsmnips. 

Marten (X his marie) Cqrnmxliss. 
Wessel Tenbroock, J j ^ 
Derrick Wepelso, J JU8UCC3 - 

History op Coenklis Maesssn Van Buben 55 



CORNEUS* VAN BUREN 9 Marten/ Cornells/ 

b. 1663, d. some time before 1693, m - Sept 22, 1689, Ariaantji 
Gerretse (Van den Bergh). 

It is recorded that his widow married in June 28, 1693, 
Coenradd von Elmendorf, of Kingston, where it is presumed 
they lived. She d. in 1704. He was a son of Jacobus Coen- 
radt Van Elmendorf, the first settler of that name in Ulster 
County, N. Y. He m. at Kingston, Jan. 28, 1668, Grietje Aartse 
van Waggoner, of Utrecht, Holland. 


+163 Tobias, bap. Aug. 3 ,1690, at Albany ; sps., Marten 
Jacobus, Albert Rykman; m. Dec. 15, 1712, 
Helena Bogardus, of Kingston, where she had 
been born. 


nelis, 1 

was b. about 1665; m. Sept 22, 1689, Robert (Teuwisse) 
Van Deusen, son of Teuwise (Matheus) Abrahamsen and 
Helena (Roberts) Van Deusen ; b. about 1665. In 1720 he 
was in Claverack. 

, bap. at Albany : 

164 Johannes Van Deusen, bap. July 13, 1690; sps. 

Marretje Martens, Marten Cornelis and Teu- 
wise Abrahams; m. Aug. 26, 1712, Christiana 
Van Alcn. 

165 Matheus Van Deusen, bap. Nov. 1, 1691; sps. 

Pieter Martens, Catelentje Jacobs. He was 
living in 1748-9. 

56 History of Cornkus Maessxn Van Buun 

i 66 Marten Van Deusen, bap. Feb. ai, 1694; spa. 
Rut Melcherta (Van Deusen), Catelentje Mar- 
tens; m. (x) Dec 25, 171ft Elbertje Vander 
Poel; m. (2) Feb. 19, 1744, Zara Gardinier, at 
Kinderhook, in the presence of Elder John Hoes. 

167 Tobias Van Densen 9 bap. Aug. 6, 1696; spa. An* 

toine Briea, Tryntje Bries; m. Mar. ai, 1725, 
Ariaantje Muller (Miller). 

168 Robbert Van Deusen, bap. Sept I, 1700; spa. 

Marten and Marrytje van Beuren; m. Nov. 22, 
1724, Christiana Roorpagh (Roorbach). 


PIETER* VAN BUREN, Marten.* Coraelis, 1 
b. 1670, d. Nov. 24, 1755 ( ?) ; m. Jan. 15, 1693, Ariaantji 
Barentse, supposed to be daughter of Barent Meinderts and 
Eytie his wife. 

In 1695 th* 8 couple were admitted to the membership of 
the Dutch Church' at Albany as from Kinderhook, where it is 
supposed they had settled at their marriage. It appears they 
occupied a firm adjoining the one of Pieter Vosburg, whose 
wife was Jannetji, the sister of Ariaantje Barentse. 

In the census of 1697 Pieter Martensen was mentioned with 
wife and three children. 

In 1720 he was a freeholder in Kinderhook. 

In 1743 his four sons were mentioned as free holders, but 
he is not mentioned, hence it is supposed he had died. Al- 
though by some authorities the Pieter who died in 1755 is 
supposed to be he. No Will has ever been found, but as his 
children were baptized in the Dutch Church at Albany, those 
records which remain from 1683 are of great value. 

From the fact that at least three of his sons became active 
members of the Dutch Church at Kinderhook, it is evident he 
had instructed them and set them an example worthy of their 

History op Cornblis Mabssbn Van Buibn 57 

+169 Cornelia, bap. May 4, 1693; 8 P 8 - Cornelia Hen- 

dricksz, Marte Martensz, Ariaatje Gerrita; m. 

Sept 8, 1724, Maria Litner or Lister. 
+170 Barent, bap. Jan. 20, 1695 '> S P S - Pinter Vosburgh, 

Jannetje Barents; m. Dec. 29, 1719, Maria 

171 Maritje (Maria), bap. Mar. 8, 1696; spa. Marte 

Cornelias, Albert Rykman, and Catalyntje 

M artens. 
+172 Tobias, bap. Not. 7, 1697; sps. Wessela Ten- 

broeck, Catrina Ten Broeck; m. Jan. 10, 1721, 

Ann Elisabeth Goes. 
+173 Eytje (Ida), bap. Jan. 7, 1700; spa. Marten Mar- 

tiaae, Judickje Barents ; m. Oct 21, 1719, Marten 

+174 Marten, bap. Dec 28, 1701 ; spa. Johnathan Janae, 

Marytje Van Buren; m. Nov. 7, 1729, Dirckje 

Van Aelstyne. 
+175 Cornelia, bap. Aug. 24, 1704; sps. Johannis Cuy- 

ler, Elsye Cuyler; m. — — , Juris Jurian Hoes. 
176 Ephraim, bap. Mar. 11, 17x1; sps. Johannes Ten 

Broeck, Elizabeth Ten Broeck. 
+177 Maria, bap. Dec 18, 1715; sps. Johanes Cuyler, 

Elsye Cuyler; m. Dec 7, 1735, Jeronymus van 



MARRITJE MARTENSE* VAN BUREN, Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

b. about 1675 ; m. (1) Mar. 14, 1695, Jan Teuwisse Van Deu- 
aen, son of Teuwia (Abrahamsen) Van Deuaen and Helena 
Robberta; b. about 1668; d. about 1700; m. (2), Dec. 20, 
1702, at the house of Albert Rykman, Mayor of Albany, 
Cornelia Gerritae Van Den Berg, "y. m. Rea. CoL R." 

Children by the first huahand: 

178 Matheua Van Deuaen, bap. at Albany Jan. 19, 
1696 ; apa. Albert and Neeltje Rykman ; m. June 
2, 1716, Engeltie Slingerland. 

53 HlSTOlY or Cornells Makssen Vak Bubs* 

179 Jan Van Deusen, bap. at New York, Sept 9, 1699 ; 

spa. Jacob Van Deusen, Tryntie Van Deuaen, 
h. v. van (wife of) Samson Bensen; m. Oct 16, 
1719, Hillegond Rooaa of Hurley, Ulster Conn- 
V, N. Y. 

Children by second husband : 

180 Gerrfe Van Den Berg, bap. at Albany Sept 19, 

l 7°Z\ sps. Reyer Gerritse, Marretje Van Deu- 
aen ; m. July 15, 1729, Margarita Van Vechten ; 
bap. Mar. 3, 1706, dau. of Volckert Van Vechten 
and Lidia Wesselse Ten Broeck, dau. of Dirk 
Wesselse Ten Broeck and Styntje Van Buren. 
Gerrit d. Oct, 1731. 

MARTEN* VAN BUREN, Marten,* Coraelis/ 

b. 1678 ( ?) ; d. 1740 ; m. about 1700, Judikje Barentse 

Marten was a Freeholder hi 1720 at Rensselaerwyck as 
was his son Barent in 1743. He and wife were members of 
the Albany Dutch Church and their children were all baptized 

There has been a difference of opinion as to whether Mar- 
tin was twice married, but I have been unable to discover 
another Martin to whom to credit these children, and hence 
shall insert them aa his, and if any one has any proof to the 
contrary I will be glad to have it to insert in my own copy 
and they can do the same for their own. 

Children of the first marriage: 


+181 Marritje, bap. Jan. x, 1701 ; sps. Albert Rykman, 
Marritje Van Buren ; m. May 24, 1723, Johannes 

+182 Barent, bap. Sept 6, 1702; sps. Johannes Cuyler, 
Elsye Cuyler; m. (1) Dec 23, 1737, Margaretje 

History op Corkxlis Maksssn Van Buibn 59 

van Vcchtcn; m. (2), 1746, Catalyntje Van 

+183 Marten Cornells, bap. July 15, 1705; sps. Peter 
Van Buren, Magdalena Van Buren; m. Mar. 
28, 1730, Theuntje vanden Burg. 

+184 Eytje (Ida), bap. June 13, 1708; sps. Pieter Van 
Buren, Ariaantje Barentse; m. Oct 18, 1732, 
John Van Buren, son of Maes (Hendrick, Cor- 

+185 Tobias, bap. Apr. 30, 1710; sps. Tobias Rykman, 
Magdalena Rykman; m. , Marietje Hun. 

+186 Jannetje, bap. Apr. 20, 1712 ; sps. Barend Sander- 
son, Maria Sanderson; m. Feb. 27, 1741, Abra- 
ham van or vin HageL 
187 Petrus, bap. June 1, 1714. 

Children by second marriage: 

+188 Geertruy, bap. Jan. 14, 1730; sps. Maas Van Bu- 
ren, Geertruy vanden Burg; m. — , Johannes 

189 Cornelia, bap. Oct. or Dec 17, 1721; sps. Jacob 

Lansingh, Teuntje Van D. Bergh; m. Jurian 

+190 Petrus, bap. Dec 26, 1723 ; m. 1726, Marittje van- 

der PoeL 
+191 Johannes, bap. Nov. 21, 1725; sps. Andr. V. D. 

Bergh, Geertr. V. Vegten ; m. Apr. 26, 1760, 

Marytje Briesch. 
192 Maria, bap. Dec 6, 1727 ; sps. Gerr. V. D. Bergh, 

Engelt V. D. Bergh. 
+193 Benjamin, bap. Oct. 24, 1731 ; sps. G. V. D. Berg, 

Elys. Coster ; m. Cornelia Salisburg. 
194 Tobias, bap. May 2, 1737 ; sps. Barent Van Buren, 

Jannetje Van Buren; m. Catalyntje Whitbeck, 

dau. of Johnathan and Magtel (Wyngaart) 

Whitbeck (see Catalina Martens Van Buren 


60 History op Cornelis Mabssbn Van Buibn ! 


CATALYNTJE* VAN BUREN, Marten,* Cornells, 1 

m. at Albany, Jan. 7, 1697, Johannes Jansz Witbeck. They 
lived near Albany. 

Children, all bap. at Albany: 

195 Johannes Witbeck, bap. Dec 5, 1697; spa. Dirck 

Wessels, Styntje Wessels. 

196 Marten Cornelisse Witbeck, bap. Apr. 25, 1703; 

sps. Henrik Rennseellaer, Magdalena Van Bu- 
• ren. 

197 Tobias Witbeck, bap. Sept 9, 1706; sps. Anthony 

Coster, Lysbeth Coster. 

198 Johnathan Jansz Witbeck, bap. Oct 30, 17x0; sps. 

Wessels Ten Broeck, Catharyn Lokermans; m. 
(x) Apr. x, 1738, Magtel Wyngaart, who was 
bur. Sept 9, X746; m. (2) 1751, Gerretje Oe- 
trander. Issue by the first wife: Jacobus Wit* 
beck, bap. Nov. 25, 1739, d. y. ; Cathalyna Wit- 
beck, bap. Aug. 30, 1741 ; m. Tobias Van Buren, 
son of Marten Martensz Van Buren and Judikje 
Barents* Meindeisen. Marten Witbeck, bap. 
July 8, 1744; m. July 8, 1772, Maria van den 
Bergh, and had issue, Machtel Witbeck, b. Jan. 
1773; Maria Witbeck, bap. Apr. 2, 1746, d. y. 
Issue by second wife: Johannes Witbeck, bap. 
Dec 29, 1751 ; m. Apr. 19, 1776, and had issue, 
Catharina, b. Oct 5, 1776, d. y.; Jonathan, b. Mar. 
2 Z> 1779* and Catharine, b. Mar. 20, 1782; Mach- 
tel Witbeck, bap. Mar. 17, 1754; Elimhrth Wit* 
beck, bap. Dec 25, 1756; Jonathan Witbeck, bap. 
Oct 21, 1758; Lea Witbeck, bap. Apr. io, 1762; 
Tobias Witbeck, bap. May 1, 1765; Maria Wit- 
beck, bap. Aug. xx, 1767; Jacobus Witbeck, bap. 
Mar. 18, 177a 
199 Maritje Witbeck, bap. July 5, 1713 ; sps. Mart Van 
Buren, Judithie Van Buren. 

History of Cqrnbus Maessen Van Buben 61 


MAGDELENA* VAN BUREN, Marten,' Coradis, 1 

until, when her father made his will in 1703, but a widow 
when Aug. 12, 1734, she married Andries Huyck of Kinder- 
hook. She was sponser for the son Marten Cornelia, b. in 
1703 of her sister Catalyntje Whitbeck. 


HENDRICK* VAN BUREN, Marten, 8 Cornells, 1 
bur. at Papsknee, Sept 22, 1753. m. Aantje. 


200 Magdalena, bap. 1701; probably m. Hans Van 
-f-joi Hendrick, b. 1703 ( ?) ; m. Jan. 13, 1736, Wyntic 
Van Vechten. 

62 History of Cqbnius Maessin Van Buun 


TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells,* 

was bap. Aug. 3, 1690; d. Oct 28, 1745; m. Dec 15, 171a, 
Helena Bogardus, a great granddaughter of Dominie Bo- 
gardus, of Kingston, N. Y., b. Feb. 10, 169a ; d. Nov. 5, 1760. 
He became the ancestor of the Ulster branch of the family. 
He inherited a fortune from his father and a small farm 
from his grandfather Marten. He was a freeholder in 1728. 


-faoa Ariaantje, bap. Apr. 11, 1714; sps. Koenradt El- 

mendorf, Blandina Kierstede; m. Feb. 24, 1739, 

Cornelias van Keuren. 
+203 Cornelia, bap. Dec 18, 17x5; spa. Jacobus Wyn- 

koop, Janneken Bogardus; d. Sept 22, 1770; 

m. Nov. 15, 1740, Zara Hoogteling. 
+204 Rachel, bap. Feb. 10, 17x7; sps. Gerret Elmendorf, 

Barbara Bogardus; m. Aug. 26, 1738, Antoine 

Schrier, or Schuyler. 
205 Coenrad, bap. Oct 25, 17x9; sps. Jacobus 

Elmendorf, Rachel De Witt 
+206 Gen-it, bap. Jan. 6, 1722 ; m. Nov. 4, 1744, Anneke 

van Benscliten. 
207 Helena, bap. May 24, 1724. 
•208 Margarietzen, bap. Dec 24, 1732; m. May 2, 1756, 

Jacobus van der Lein of Albany. They had one 

child Helena van der Lein, bap. July 15, 1759; 

sps. Cornelis van Keuren, and his wife Ariaantje 

van Buren. 


CORNELIS* VAN BUREN, Pieter,* Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 
bap. at Kinderhook, May 14, 1693 ; sps. Cornelis Hendricksz, 
Marten Martensz, and Ariaantje Gerrits; m. Sept 8, 1724, 
Maria Lister or Litner. He was a Freeholder in 1743. 

History op Cornelis Maessen Van Burbn 63 

+209 Pieter, bap. at Albany May 30, 1725; m. Lydia 

+210 Susannah, bap. at Kinderhook, May 14, 1727 ; sps. 
Barent Van Buren, Maria Van Buren; m. Jo- 
hannes Ten Eyck. 

+211 Ephraim, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct. x, 1737; sps. 
Tobias Van Buren, Chrystyna Van Slyc; m. 
Dec 11, 1757, Catalyntje van Valkenburg. 


BARENT* VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Marten,' Cornelis, 1 

bap. at Kinderhook Jan. 20, 1695 ; sps. Pieter Vosburgh, Jan- 
netje Barents; m. Dec. 29, 1719, Maria Winne, dau. of Frans. 
Winne and Elsie (Gansvoort) Winne. She was bap. at 
Albany Oct 23, 1693. A brief sketch of the Winne family 
will be found in Chapter 5. 

Barent was a Freeholder in 1743; In 1750 he was a Road* 
Commissioner for Kinderhook. According to an old map he 
was living in the town of Ghent, on the road called Klync 
Kill in 1767. 

In 1769 he made his will, which follows : 

"Registered the first day of August in the year of our Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven. In the name of 
God Amen, the eleventh day of October in the year of our 
Lord Christ one thousand and seven hundred and sixty-nine 
I, Barent Van Buren of the Klyne Kill in the Precincts of 
Kinderhook in the County of Albany, Yoeman, being in good 
health of body and of perfect' mind and memory praised be 
Almighty God therefore and knowing 'tis appointed for all 
men once to die do make this my last will and testament to 
say first I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty 
God and my body to the Earth to be buried at the discretion 
of my Executors hereafter named in hopes of a joyful resur- 
rection and touching my worldly estate where with God has 
been pleased to bless me in this life I give, devise and dispose 

64 History of Cornsus Mabsssn Van Burrn 

of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimis, it 
is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just 
debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfyed out of my 
Estate. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Francis the 
sum of twenty-eight shillings in lieu stead and bar of all right 
and claim he can make to my estate either real or personal 
(otherwise than is hereinafter given to him) by right of primo- 
geniture and as being my eldest son. 

Item I give unto my son Francis all that certain farm 
whereon he now lives with its appurtenances within the fol- 
lowing limitations (To wit) beginning at a white oak tree 
marked on the South side thereof with three cuts of an axe 
and on the North side with two and blazed on the East and 
West sides standing on a steep hill on the west side of said 
farm thence running Eastward to a small swampoak tree also 
marked with three cuts of an axe on the South side and two on 
the North and blazed on the East and West sides standing on 
the West side of said Klyne Kill and so to extend easting 
from said swampoak tree and westing from the said white oak 
tree so far as my rightful claim East and West on the South 
side of the line extends and so with the extent in groose or 
boby to extend from the said line southing to the division 
line between me and Robert Livingston, Deceased, to hold the 
said farm unto him the said Francis his heirs and Assigns 

Item I give unto my son Pieter all that certain farm 
whereon I now live, with its appurtances within the follow- 
ing boundaries (to wit) beginning at the aforesaid white oak 
tree and Easting to the aforesaid swampoak tree and so also to 
extend easting and then westing so far as my rightful claim 
extends and then to begin at the Northeast corner of my 
aforesaid claim hereby given to my said son Francis and to 
stretch from the said corner northing to a white oak tree 
marked with two cutts of an axe on the South side and one on 
the North and blazed on the east and west sides thence west- 
ing to a maple tree marked with the like marks as the said 
white oak tree, which said maple tree stands on the west side 
of said Klyne Kill, then northing along the said Kill on the 

History of Coenbus Maksssn Van Buibn 65 

Eastern side thereof to a water brook boon also marked with 
the like marks of said oak tree, then west to a white oak tree 
standing on the west side of the fence also marked with like 
marks of said oak tree and so extending west so far as my 
claim extends and so in groose or body to extend southing 
tp the North bounds of the aforesaid farm by me hereby 
given to my said son Francis his Heirs and Assigns for* 
ever, To Have and To Hold this said farm whereon I now 
live with its appurtances as by me described unto him my 
said Son Peter, his heirs and Assigns forever. 

Item I give to my son Harmer all that farm whereon he 
now lives with its appurtances within the following limita- 
tions (to wit) beginning at. the aforementioned marked 
white oak tree standing on the west side of the aforesaid 
fence then East to the aforesaid water brook boom marked 
as aforesaid, then South to the aforementioned maple 
tree marked as aforesaid standing on the East side of said 
Klyne Kill, then East to the white oak tree with the like 
marks as the said maple tree, thence northward to the east 
end of the division or partition line settled between me and 
Johannis Dirclde Vosburgh, and as extending westerly 
along the said line as the same runs westing as far as my 
claim extends and then southing in groose or body to the 
aforesaid farm by me this day given to my said son Peter 
his Heirs and Assigns forever, to Have and To Hold the 
said farm whereon my son Harmer lives with the appur- 
tances unto him the said Harmer his heirs and Assigns 

Item I give also unto my. three aforesaid Sons Francis, 
Peter and Harmer and unto their respective Heirs and Assigns 
forever each one undivided their part of all the remainder of 
my Estate whatsoever and wheresoever the same now is or at 
any time or times hereafter shall and may be found justly be- 
longing unto me in particular my claims in the General patent 
of Kinderhook also in the patented called Sackenda also in the 
patented lands including Antonys Noose and also in the pat- 
ent of lands called Oossodosers to be holden by the said 
Francis, Peter and Harmer each one undivided thirds to them 

66 Histoev of Coenklis Maessxn Van Bubin 

and their respective Heirs and Assigns for ever hereby willing 
and ordering that my said three sons their heirs shall pay or 
cause to be paid to my Grand Son Leonard Bronck or his 
Heirs the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds New York 
money within one year after the decease of my dearly beloved 
wife Mary, that is to say by Francis or his Heirs Fifty pounds, 
by Peter or bis Heirs fifty pounds, and by Harmer or his 
Heirs fifty pounds, hereby further willing and express- 
ly ordering that my said wife Mary shall have her 
choice of my wench slaves to serve her during her life time 
and that my said wife Mary shall be provided with and have 
for her comfort and support in her old age all such necessaries 
as her age may require by my aforenamed three Sons, Francis. 
Peter and Harmer, or by their respective heirs and that its 
had be left in the choice of her my said wife Mary to live in 
house with whom of my said Sons as she thinks proper for 
her own comfort* 

And lastly I do hereby constitute, make and ordain my 
said three Sons, Francis, Peter and Harmer Executors of this 
my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former will 
and wills testament and testaments heretofore by me made 
ratify and confirming this to be my last will and testament 
For Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
the day and year first above written. 
,o-x Baxbmt Vam Burnt. 

iacwJ Signed. Sealed. 


212 Frans, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 17, 1722; sps. 

Pieter Van Buren, Lysbitie Winnc. 
+213 Ariaantje, bap. at Albany, Nov. 8, 1724; sps. 

Leennd Gansvoort, Anyntje Van Buren ; m. 

Pieter de Wanderlaer. 
+214 Elsie, bap. at Albany Oct 23, 1726; sps. Dan 

Wenne, Elsye ; m. Judge Bronck of Cox- 

sackie, N. Y. 
+215 Frans, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. xo, 1728; sps. 

Cornells Van Buren, Lysbetie Vosburg; m. 

1761, Johanna van Slyck. 

History op Coenklis Maksssn Van Burbn 67 

216 Maria, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. 22, 1730; sps. 

Tobias Van Buren, Maria Van Buren. 
+217 Pictcr, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 18, 1733; sps. 

Martin Van Burcn, Dirclrie Van Burcn; m. 

1771, Dorothy Frycnmoct 
+21B Harmer, or Harman, b. Jan. 17, 1736; m. (1) June 

10, 1763, Eva Van Slyck ; m. (2) July 16, 1804, 

Mrs. Elizabeth Veeder. 
219 Elsyic, b. Apr. 15, 1754; sps. Petrus Vosburg, 

Lena Goes. (By some authorities this child is 

considered to be of some other parentage). 


TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Pictcr/ Marten," Cornells, 1 

bap. Nov. 7, 1697 ; m. Jan. 10, 1721, Anna Elizabeth Goes or 
Hoes, a dau. of Dirk Janse Goes. He was a Freeholder in 
1743. He was a Road Commissioner in 1750, for Kinder- 
hook. He was one of the early members of the Kinderhook 
Dutch Church. 


+220 Pictcr T., bap. July 16, 1721; m. Elbertje van 

+221 Dirck, b. 1725 ( ?) ; m. about 1746, Catrina Quack- 


222 Ephraim, bap- at Kinderhook Jan. 11, 1730; sps. 

Marten Vosburgh, Eytje Vosburgh; m. Aug. 
24, 1770, Margaret Holland. 

223 Sara, bap. at Kinderhook Sept. 29, 1735 ; sps. Anna 


224 Elizabeth, bap. Jan. 15, 1737. 


EYTJE (IDA*) VAN BUREN, Pieter,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

bap. Jan. 7, 1700, sps. Marten Martense and Judicje Barens; 
m. Oct 21, 1719, Marten Vosburgh, bap. Jan. 31, 1697, at 

68 Hutoiy op Ccaufsus Maissen Van Buxrn 

Albany, son of Jacob Votborgh, b. Jan. 31, 1697, and Dorothea 
Janse Van Alstyne; his father, Abraham, was a carpenter and 
trader and owned a sawmill on W yanf s Kill, which his widow 
sold in 1674 to Wynant Gerritse Vander Pod. 


225 Jacob Votborgh, bap- Jan. 31, 1730, Kinderhook; 

sps. Pieter and Ariaantje Van Boren; m. Jan- 
netje Van VaDcenburgh. 

226 Ariaantje Vosburgh, b. Dec 17, 1721. 

. 227 Petrus Vosburgh, b. Feb. 13, 1735; m. Nov. 9, 1750, 
Dorothea Knickerbocker. 
Dirk Votborgh, bap. Sept 10, 1737, sps. Tobias and 
Anna Van Buren; m. Maria van Aelttyne* 


MARTEN 4 VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Marten,' Corndis/ 

bap. at Albany Dec 28, 1701; m. Nov. 7, 1739, Dirdrie Van 
Adstyene, dan. of Abraham Jansen van Adstyne and Maritje 
van Deusen, his wife, who were m. Jan. 17, 1694. Marten 
was a Freeholder in 1743. He with his brothers, Tobias and 
Barent, were among the early members of die Dutch Church 
at Kinderhook. 


229 Marritje, bap. Jan. 18, 1730, sps. Jan and Mareya 
Van Aalstyne, d. y • ; Kinderhook records. 

330 Pieter, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 27, 1731, sps. Bar- 
end and Maretje Van Buyren, d. y. 
+231 Pieter, bap. July 22, 1733, sps. Barend and Maretje 
Van Buyren; m. 1767, Catharine Qnackenbosch. 

232 Marrietje, bap. Apr. 6, 1735, sps. Jan and Maarytje 
Van Aalstyne 
+233 Abraham, bap. at Albany, Feb. 27, 1737, sps. Abra- 
ham Douw, Marytje Van Buren; <L Apr. 8, 1817; 
m. 1776, Maria Goes, widow of Johannes van 

History op Cornius Maessen Van Buun 69 

334 Ariaantjc, bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 4, 1739, sps. 
Jacob and Lena Van Alen. 

235 Pieter, bap- May 31, 1741, Coxsackie records (doubt- 


236 Marietje, bap. Oct 2, 1743, at Kinderhook; m. 

Vande Water. 

+237 Marten, bap. at Oaverack, Jan. 8, 1748, sps. Matheus 
Van Deusen, Susannah Van Deusen; m. Annatje 
Wessdse. He was an Ensign in Colonel Killian 
Van Rensselaer's Albany County Regiment 


CORNELIA* VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Marten,* Cornells, 1 

bap. Aug. 24, 1707, sps. Johannes and Elsie Cuyler; m. Juris 
Jurian Hoes. 


238 Maria Hoes, bap. at Albany, Dec 7, 1746, sps. 
Pieter and Maritje Van Buren. 


MARIA* VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Marten/ Cornells, 1 

bap. Dec. 18, 1715; sps. Johannes and Elsie Cuyler; m. Oct 
7, 1733, Jeronymus van Valkenburgh. 


239 Ariaantje Van Valkenburg, b. June 17, 1739, Albany 
. records. 

240 Margrieta Van Valkenburgh, b. July 31, 1743, 

Albany records. 

241 Pieter Van Valkenbuigh, b. June 12, 1748, Albany 


242 Ariaantje Van Valkenburgh, b. Aug. 11, 1750, 

Oaverack records. 

70 History of Cornkus Maessen Vak Buren 


MARRITJE* VAN BUREN, Marten,* Marten,* Cornelia,* 

was bap, at Albany, Jan. 1, 1701 ; m. May 24, 1722, Johannes 
Vosboigh, bap, Aug. 28, 1692, at Albany, son of Isaac Vos- 
borgh and Jannetje Jans Goes. 


243 Isaac Vosboigh, bap, Nov. 18, 1722; m. Commertje 


244 Marten Vosboigh, bap, Aog. 9, 1724; m. (x) Chris- 

tyntje Vosborgh; (2) Geertrny Litcher. 

245 Picter Vosborgh, bap. May 14, 1727; m. Lena Goes. 

246 Barent Vosboigh, bap, June 15, 1729, Kinderhook, 

sps. Barent Van Buyen, Maeyetje Van Buyen. 

247 Tobias Vosboigh, bap. Jan. 1, 1733, Kinderhook. 

248 Abraham Vosborgh, bap. May 25, 1735, Kinderhook, 

sps. Cornells Van Bunren, Maeytje Van Bunren. 

249 Johannes Vosborgh, bap, Jan. 28, 1738, Kinderhook; 

m. Oct 26, 1760, at Oavcrack, to Nedtje Garde- 




BARENT 4 VAN BUREN, Marten, Marten, Cornelia, 1 

bap. Sept 6, 170a; sps. Johannes and Elsje Cuyler; m. (1) 
Dec 23, 1737, Margiietje van Vechten. She was buried at 
Papsknee, Aug. 11, 1743; m. (2) about 1746, Catalyntje van 
Buren, widow of Jacob Jansen Schermerhorn. She was a 
dao. of Cornelia/ (Hendrick,*) (Cornelia 1 ). Barent was a 
freeholder in 1743. He was one of the earliest members of 
the Dutch Church at Kinderhook. 

Children by first wife: 

+250 Marten Cornelia, b. Oct 22, 1738; m. Sept 10, 
1761, Hendrickje van Buren. 

251 Maria Lysbeth, b. May 11, 1740; buried at Paps- 

knee Sept 29, 174a 

252 Marritye, b. July 22, 1741. 

Histoky of Cqenblis Maessen Vak Buun 71 

Children by second wife (see No. 22 page 38). 

Margarita, b. Nov. 1, 1747; m. Johannes Becker. 
Hendrickje, b. Oct 15, 1749; probably m. Jacob 

Judittje, b. Dec 9, 1753. 
Elisabeth, b. Mar. x 9 1756. 
Willcm, bap. at Albany, May 27, 1759; m. Nov. 8, 

1786, Catrina Putnam. 



bap, July I5» 1705, at Rensselaerwyclc, sps. Peter and Mag- 
dalena Van Buren; m. (1) Mar. 28, 1730, Tbeuntje van den 
Burgh; m. (2) 1745, Lena Hus or Hoes. 


+253 Barent G, b. Mar. 14, 1731; m. f Ariaantje 

van der Pod. 
+254 Marten, b. Apr. 25, 1746; m. , Annatje van 



EYTJE (IDA 4 ) VAN BUREN, Marten,* Marten,* Cornelia, 1 
bap. June 139 1708, sps. Pieter Van Buren, Ariaantje Barentse; 
m. Oct 18, 1732, John van Buren, son of Maes* (Hendrick*) 
(Cornelia 1 ). 


255 Maas, bap. Oct 28, 1733, Albany records. 

256 Jtjdidrie, bap. Apr. 18, 1735, Albany records. 

257 Johanis, bap. Oct 6, 1745; probably m. Catharine 

vander Pod. 


TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Marten, 9 Marten,* Cornelia,' 

bap. Apr. 30, 1710, sps. Tobias and Magdalena Rykman; m. 
Marnetje Hun. 

72 History of Coenbus Mabssen Van Boseh 


258 Hansen, bap. at Albany, Jan. 7, 1737. 


JANNETJE* VAN BUREN, Marten,* Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

bap. Apr. ao, 1712, spa, Barend Sandersen, Maria Sandersen; 
d. May 18, 1748; in. Feb. 37, 1741, Abraham vin or van 


259 Maria vin Hagd, h. Apr. 25, 174a. 

260 Marten vin Hagd, h. June 17, 1744. 

261 Maria vin Hagd, b. Apr. 8, 174—. 


GEERTRUY* VAN BUREN, Marten/ Marten, 8 Cornells, 1 

bap. Jan. 14, 1720; sps. Maas Van Buurcn, Gcertruy Van den 
Bergh; m. Johannes Hoes, bap. at Albany, May 18, 1721. 


262 Janetje Hoes, bap. Jan. 12, 1746, Albany records. 

263 Marte Hoes, bap. July 24, 1748. 

264 Matenes(?) Hoes, bap. Oct 12, 1750, Claverack 


265 Maria Hoes, bap. June 22, 1755, Coxsackie records* 

266 Jurian Hoes, bap. Aug. 7, 1757, Kinderhook records. 

267 Johannes Hoes, bap. Apr. 20, 1760; sps. Cornells 

Van Schaick, Cathyntje Abeel, Kinderhook 
• records. 

268 Tobyas Hoes, bap. Sept 19, 1762; sps. Tobyas Van 

Buren, Jannetje Vosburgh, Kinderhook records. 


PETROUS 4 VAN BUREN, Marten, 9 Marten,* Corndis,* 

bap. Dec. 26, 1723, Albany records; sps. Jacob Lansjgh, 
Teuntie Van D. Bergh ; m. 1746, Maritje van der PoeL He 
was an early member of the Dutch Church at Kinderhook. 

Hmtoey of Owing m Mabssik Van Buieh; 73 


+269 Anatje, bap. Feb. 22, 1747 ; m. David Van Ness. 

270 Maria, bap. Jan. 8, 1749. 
+271 Marten, bap. Jan. 5, 175a ; m. Jannetje Holliday. 
+273 GccrUuy, bap. Feb. 12, 1758 ; sps. Johannes Hoes, 
Geertruy Van Buren; m. Apr. 10, 1780, John 
▼an der PoeL 

273 Abraham, bap. Mar. 25, 1764; probably m. Mar- 

garet Schuler. 

274 Benjamin, bap. July 19, 1769 ; m. Cornelia . 


JOHANNES 4 VAN BUREN, Marten, 9 Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

bap. Nov. 21, 1725 ; sps. Andr. V. D. Bergh, Geertruy V. 
Vegten. License for marriage Apr. 26, 1760, for John M. 
Van Bnren and Maria Briesch. 


275 Marten, b. Dec. 16, 1762. 


BENJAMIN* VAN BUREN, Marten,* Marten,' Cornells, 1 

bap. Oct 24, 1731 ; sps. G. V. D. Bergh, Elys Coster ; m. Cor- 
nelia Salisbury. 



276 Marten, bap. Nov. 30, 1755 ; m. Jan. 5, 1782, Mar* 

tha Chasey or Chasie, and had a dau., bap. at 
Kinderhook Mar. 3, 1784, by name of Cornelia 
(276 b); sps. Benj. Van Buren, Cornelia Sals- 
bury. He was a private in Staat's Company, 
and Ensign in Turner's and Schermerhorn's 
Company in Revolutionary Army. 

277 Jabje, bap. June 13, 1770. 

278 Marytje, bap. at Schodack, Sept. 6, 1772. 

279 Peter, b. 1779. 

74 History of Gotxsus Mabmbw Vak Buun 

HENDRICK 4 VAN BUREN, Hendrick,* Marten,' Coraetis,* 
was b. 1703 (?) ; m. Jan. 13, 1726, to Wjrntie Van Vechten. 


280 Anthony, bap. Feb. 22, 1727. 

281 Maria, bap. Jan. 12, 1729. 

282 Johannes, bap. Oct 24, 1730; buried July 13, 1756. 

283 Maria, bap. Oct 1, 1732. 

284 Anthony, bap. June 3, 1734. 
'285 Catharine, bap. Apr. 4, 1736. 

286 Neeltje, bap- Mar. 18, 1739 ; m. Douwe Fonda. 
•f-287 Hendrick, bap. Apr. 4, 1742 ; probably m. Hslletje 
Shotter or Shonlter. 

288 Gerrit Theunisse, bap. Jan. 25, 1744. 

289 Albert, bap. Nov. 16, 1746. 

History of Cqembus Maissbn Van Buun 75 



ARIAANTJE* VAN BUREN t Tobias/ Cornells,* Marten,* 

was bap. Apr. u, 1714; sps. Koenradt Elmendorf, Blandina 
Kierstede; m. Feb. 24, 1739, Cornelius van Keuren. 


290 Blandina van Kenren, bap. Jan. 20, 1740; sps. An* 
thony Schuyler, Rachel van Bueren ; m. Oct. 12, 
176% Benjamin Elmendorf, bap. Feb. 24, 1740, 
son of Cornells and Engeltje (Hermans) El* 

991 Johannes van Keuren, bap. Nov. 29, 1741 ; sps. Jo- 
hannes van Keuren, Lena van Bueren, his wife. 

292 Tobyas van Keuren, bap. July 17, 1743; sps. To- 
byas Van Buren, Lena Bogardus, d. y. 

393 Tobyas van Keuren, bap. Mar. 3, 1745 ; same spon- 
sors, d«y. 

294 Helena van Keuren, bap* July 27, 1746; sps. Jan 

Elmendorf, Helena Bogardus. 

295 Ariaantjen van Keuren, bap. Nov. 5, 1749; sps. 

Cornelia Elmendorf, Engeltjen Hermans. 

296 Cornells van Keuren, bap. Dec. 22, 1751 ; sps. Cor- 

nells van Beuren, Sara Hoogteling. 

297 Tjoadjen van Keuren, bap. Dec 23, 1753; sps. 

Henricus van Keuren, and his wife Lydia van 

298 Trientje van Keuren, bap. Sept. 14, 1755; sps. 

Matheus van Keuren, Treintje van Keuren. 

299 Tobyas van Keuren, bap. Dee. 4, 1757; sps. Jaco- 

bus van der Lein, Margriet van Beuren, his wife. 


CORNEUS' VAN BUREN, Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten,* Cor- 

76 History of Cqenblis Mabssih Van Busbk 

bap. Dec 18, 1715; sps. Jacobus Wynkoop, Janneken Bo- 
gardus. d. Sept 22, 1770, at Kingston; m. Nor. 15* 1740, Zara 
or Sara Hoogteeling. 


* • • 

+300 Tobyas, bap. Aug. 23, 1741 ; sps. Welhelmus Hoog- 
telleeling, Blandina Kierstede; d. Dec 18, 1821 ; 
m Dec 16, 1763, Zara or Sara DuBois, dan. of 
Ephraim DuBois, and Anna Catrina Delamater. 

+301 Phillipus, bap. Dec 4, 1743 ; sps. Tobias Van Bu- 
ren, Lena Bogardus; m. about 1780, Christina 
van Gaasbeck, dau. of Wilhelmus and Catharine 
or Christina (Delamater) van Gaasbeck. 


RACHEL 9 VAN BUREN, Tobias,* Cornells^ Marten,* Cor- 

bap. Feb. io, 17x7; sps. Gerret Elmendorf,. Barbara Bo- 
gardus; m. Aug. 26, 1738, Antoine Schrieler. 




302 Helena Schrieler, bap. Aug. 17, 1739; sps. Tobyas 

Van Buren, Helena Bogardus; probably d. y. 

303 Helena Schrieler, bap. Jan. 17, 1742; sps. Coenrad 

van Buren, Helena van Bueren. 


GERRET* VAN BUREN, Tobias,* Cornell*,* Marten,' Cor- 

bap. Jan. 6, 17x9; m. Nov. 4, 1744, Anneke van B en scliten, or 


304 Rachel, bap. June 2, 1745 ; sps. Antoine Schuyieler, 

and his wife, Rachel van Buren. 

305 Gerrit, bap. Nov. 23, 1846; sps. Gerret Elmendorf, 

Gerretje van Bonschoten. 

History of Cranncf.ui Mabssbn Van Buxbn 77 

306 Helena, bap. Oct 2, 1748 ; spa. Cornells Van Buren, 

Helena Bogardus. 


PIETER' VAN BUREN, Cornells/ Pieter,* Marten, 1 Cor- 

bap. at Albany, May 30, 1725 ; m. Lydia Pruyn. 

307 Caterina, bap. Kinderhook, Jan. 5, 1753 ; sps. Arent 

Pruyn, Christina Pruyn ; m. probably, Abraham 

307a Maria, bap. May 17, 1755. 
+308 Gerret Cornelia, bap. Kinderhook Oct 8, 1857 ; sps. 

Heindrick Dingman, Hendrick Gardinier; m. 

probably, Jannetje Vosburgh. 
+309 Christina, bap. Kinderhook Mar. x, 1761 ; sps. Fran. 

Pruyn, Christina Hoes; m. Oct 23, 1784, at 

Kinderhook, Arent (Aaron) Vosburgh, son of 

Petrus and Maria (Van Dyck) Vosburgh; he 

was bap. May 20, 1764. 


SUSANNAH 9 VAN BUREN, Cbrndis,* Pieter,* Marten, 1 Cor- 

bap. at Kinderhook May 17, 1727 ; m. Johannes Ten Eyck. 


310 Maria Ten Eyck, bap. at Coxsackie, Jan. 28, 1749. 
31 x Cornelia, bap. at Kinderhook, April 14, 175 1. 


EPHRAIM* VAN BUREN, Cornelis/ Pieter,- Marten,* Cor- 

bap. at Kinderhook Oct. 1, 1737; m. Dec 31, 1757, Catalyntje 
van Valkenburgh, at Kinderhook. He was a private in the 
Revolutionary Army. 

78 History of Gqenbus Maissbn Van Buinr 

Children : 

31a Cornells, 1L, bap. at Kindcrhook Feb. 139 1763 ; spa. 

Pieter Van Bnren, Neltje Ten Ejrck; m. , 

Maria . 

313 Jacomyntje, bap. Kinderhook, Sept 7, 17661 spa. 
Lambert Van VaUcenburgh, Jannetje Van Val- 
+3x4 Maria, bap. at Kinderhook Mar. 11, 1770; spa. 
Frans Voaburgh, Cornelia Ten Eyck; m. May 
II, 1794, Dr. Edmund G. Rawson. 
* +315 Pieter, bap. at Kinderhook May ao, 1773 ; spa. Cor- 
nelia and Catharine Van Bnren; d. Mar. 13, 
x8a8; m. Mar. 27, 1798; Abigail Mudge. 

3x6 Lambert, bap. Jan. 2$> 1776, d. y. 
+317 Lambert, bap. at Kinderhook Apr. xx, X779; spa. 
Abraham Van Valkenbnrgh, Cornelia Ten Eydc 
m. Hannah Fenton. 



ARIAANTJE* VAN BUREN, Barent.* Pieter/ Marten,* Cor- 

bap., Albany records, Nov. 8, 1734; m. Pieter de Wandelaer. 


318 Johania Wandelaer, bap. July 31, 1748. 


ELSIE* VAN BUREN, Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 
was b. Oct 23, 1726; m. June 17, 1747, Jan Leendertsen 
Bronk of Coxsaclrie, N. Y. He was a son of Lendert Bronk 
and Anna De Wandelaer; his sister was the wife of Jan 
Van Bnren, son of Cornells (Hendrick, Cornells). 

319 Leonard Bronk, m. 

History of Coekbus Maessek Van Bote* 79 


FRANCIS* VAN BUREN, Barent 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells,* 
b. at Kinderhook, N. Y., on Nov. 16, 1728, was the fourth 
child of Barent Van Burcn and Maria Winne. For more 
than sixty years he lived in the vicinity of Kinderhook, 
where he was engaged in fanning. By the will of his father, 
made in 1769, he received a farm on the Klyne Kill in the 
said town. 

On Sept 30, 1761, he was married at Claverack, N. Y. f 
by the Rev. J. Fryenmoet, pastor of the Dutch Reformed 
Church there to Johanna Van Slyck, who was born Oct 23, 
1736. The church record shows that the marriage license was 
granted by the Hon. Cadwallader Colden, then Lieutenant* 
Governor of the Province of New York. 

During the Revolution, Francis Van Buren served as a 
private in the Seventh Regiment of the Albany Co. militia in 
which Abraham Van Buren, father of the President was a 
Captain i 

In 1789 Francis Van Buren moved with his family to the 
township of Canghnawaga, Montgomery Co-, settling on a 
farm of several hundred acres lying along the north side of 
Mayfield Creek in what is now the town of Mayfield, which 
was formed in 1793 fr° m Caughnawaga. Later he divided his 
tract of land and gave a farm to each of his three sons. In 
1793 a Reformed Dutch Church was organized in Mayfield and 
the Van Buren family was very active in this Church during 
its early history. The church records show that on April 26, 
1800, Johanna Van Slyck, wife of Francis Van Buren, was 
received on confession, as were also Harmon F. Van Buren, 
the youngest son of this couplet *nd his wife Catharine Miller, 
while on December 17, 1796, Peter H. Van Buren, another son, 
and his wife, Elizabeth Upham, had become members. On 
Aug. 12, 1797, Peter H. was chosen a deacon. 

In 1793 occurred the organization of the town of Mayfield, 
and the same year a Reformed Dutch Church was organized 
there. The first meeting house stood in the southern part of 
the village, on the present site of the cemetery, where it bor- 

80 History of Coenkus Mamam Van Busik 

ders on the street and where many of the first settlers lie 
buried. The Van Buren family was active in this church, 
Barent being one of the first elders and Harmon F. a deacon. 
In 1826 this church society was dismissed from the classis of 
Montgomery and admitted to the Albany Pre s by te ry as the 
Central P res by ter i an Church of Mayfield, Barent Van Buren 
being sent at this time as a delegate to effect a change. 

The record* of this church sfyow that on April 26, 1800, 
Johannah Van Slyck, wife of Francis Van Buren* was l e cei f cd 
into mem b ers hip and that on Oct 4, 1800, Loo, a servant of 
Francis Van Buren* became a member. He was a negro and 
a slare as were also his wife, Jane, and three children, Dick, 
Nan and Betsy, who were ba p tized Dec 7, 180a Another child 
of this negro couple was "Simon," born May 24, 1805. When 
slavery was abolished in New York State in 1827, this negro 
family must have taken the name of Van Dusen by which their 
descendants are now known. The first census of U. S. taken 
in 1790 shows that Francis Van Buren of the township of 
Caughnawaga, Montgomery Co., N. Y., was the owner of 
seven slaves. 

Children, all born and baptized at Kinderhook: 

320 Barent, bap. Sept 28, 1762; sps. Barent and 

Marytje Van Buren ; d. Feb. 20, 1763. 
+321 Angelica, bap. July 22, 1764; sps. Pieter Van 

Slyck, Eva Van Buren ; d. at Mayfield, Feb. ig, 

1850; m. Sept. 22, 1791, Abraham Wells. 
+322 Marytje, bap. Apr. 6, 1767 ; sps. Pieter Van Buren, 

Ariaantje Van VaUcenhurgh; m. J. P. Dor* 

+3*3 Barent, bap. Nov. 26, 1769 ; sps. Abram Van 

Buren, Marytje Van Buren; d. at Mayfield, Jan. 

7, 1862 ; m. Mary Upham. 
-f 324 Peter H., bap. Aug. a, 1772 ; sps. Pieter Van Slyck, 

Jannetje Gardinier; m. at Claverack, Feb. 15, 

1789, Elizabeth Upham. 
4-325 Harmon F., bap. Apr. 16, 1775 ; sps. Herman Van 

Buren, Dorothea Fryenmoet (wife of Pieter Van 

History of Coekklis Mabssbn Van Bjjien 81 

Buren) ; d. at Mayfield, Sept 30, 1858; m. Cath- 
arine Miller. 


PIETER* VAN BUREN, Barent, 4 Pieter," Marten, 1 Cornelia/ 

bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 18, 1733 ; sps. Marten Van Buren, 
Dirckie Van Buren (his wife). Marriage license was grant- 
ed Sept. 12, 1771, and he was m. Sept 29, 1771, to Dorothy 
Fryenmoet, dau. of Dominie Fryenmoet, of Kinderhook ; she 
was bap. Apr. 23, 1743 (see related families). 

Pieter was a private in Staat*s Co. Albany Militia, Rev. 

Children : 

+326 Casparus Fryenmoet, bap. at Kinderhook, July 

12, 1772; sps. Joh. Casper Fryenmoet, Magda- 

lena Van Etten ; m. Sarah Ostrom. 
327 Marya, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 14, 1774; sps. 

Frans Van Buren, Hanna Van Slyck. 
+328 Barent, bap. at Kinderhook, June 9, 1776; sps. 

Frans Van Buren; d. Jan. 22, 1849; m * Sept 7, 

1797, Catharine Vosburgh. 
329 Maria, bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 28, 1778; sps. 

Herman Van Buren, Eva Van Slyck. 
+330 Johannes, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 24, 1780 ; sps. 

Johannes Van Allen, Annetje Fryenmoet; d. 

Jan. 19, 1855; m. 1806, Sarah Hogeboon (see 

related families). 
331 Magdalena, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 1, 1782; 

sps. Barent Van Buren, Jannetje Fryenmoet 


HARMAN* VAN BUREN, Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

was born in Kinderhook, N. Y., in 1736, and was baptized 
in the Dutch Reformed Church of that same village, Jan. 
7t *7Z7* He married Eva, daughter of Pieter and Engeltje 
Van Slyck, June 10, 1763. The marriage record is recorded 

82 History op Coenkus Maessen Van Bubbk 

at Claverack, N. Y. Eva Van Slyck was baptized in the 
Dutch church at Kinderhook, N. Y., Sept ag, 1734; died at 
Johnstown, N. Y., Apr 6, 1803, h* the 68th year of her age. 
Harman Van Buren's second wife was Mrs. Elisabeth Vee- 
der 9 whom he married July 16, 1804. 

In the reprint of the census of 1790, N. Y. State, Har- 
man Van Burea was a resident of Kinderhook, N. Y. His 
family is given as two sons over 16 years of age, one son un- 
der 16, two daughters and six slaves. Harmon Van Buren 
was a man of influence and wealth, as riches were estimated 


in those days. In 1792 a deed of 500 acres in lot 22, Sacandaga 
Patent is recorded in the County Clerk's Office, Johnstown, 
N. Y., to Harman Van Buren, showing that he was at that 
time a resident of Caughnawaga, which then included Johns- 
town, Mayfield and Broadalbin. He also bought a large tract 
of land lying south of the Mayfield Creek, now known as 
Munsonville, where he lived up to the time of his death. Har- 
man Van Buren was buried on this farm. Old residents of 
the street some years ago pointed out the field' where the Van 
Buren stones formerly were. This field is situated on a rise 
of ground partly surrounded by woods, but all is now under 
cultivation and no trace is left to indicate the last resting-place 
of Harman Van Buren. The records of the Presbyterian 
Church at Mayfield show that on Oct 4, 1800, Harman Van 
Buren and his wife Eva Van Slyck were received into member- 
ship in the church, by letter from the Dutch Reformed Church 
at Kinderhook, N. Y. 

Harman Van Buren was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
war and served as Major in Colonel Abraham J. Van Alstine's 
regiment of Albany Co. Militia in the service at different times. 
In the family annals it is related that at one time Major Har- 
man Van Buren was wounded in an engagement When news 
of this reached his wife, she immediately exclaimed, "I hope 
he was not shot in the back." Major Van Buren lived to re- 
turn home bringing with him an honorable record of service 
to his country. He died in 1819. His will was probated Nov. 
4, 1819. 

The following is a copy of that instrument :— 

History of Gqenbus Maessen Van Buun 83 

In the name of God, Amen. I 9 Harman Van Buren of the 
town of Mayfield, County of Montgomery, and State of New 
York, being weak in body but sound and perfect mind and 
memory, Blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make 
and publish this my last will and testament in manner and 
former following that is to say. First, I give and bequeath 
to my son, Barent Van Buren, a certain piece of land begin- 
ning at two white pine trees marked with the letter H and 
from thence westerly to Peter McNab's fence, thence along 
the said fence to the line of lot No. 23, thence westerly along 
said line and the small creek or run of water, thence southerly 
along said creek to a certain bridge lying across said creek, 
thence easterly along the road that leads from the meadows 
to the Sacon Road to the place of beginning. Also one other 
piece beginning at a large white pine tree on the west side of 
the road that leads from the meadows to the Sacondaga 
Road, from thence northerly along said road to a white ash 
stump, thence west to the little creek, thence along the said 
creek southerly to a white pine tree on the west side of said 
creek marked H, from thence easterly to the place of begin- 

To him my said eldest son the above described pieces of 
land to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

I also give and bequeath to my son, Francis H. Van 
Buren, all the residue of my freehold estate lying in lot No. 
22 in Sacandaga patent to him the said Francis H. Van 
Buren, his heirs and assigns forever. 

I also give and bequeath to my son, Francis H. Van 
Buren, all my farming Yutensels together with all my horses 
or horsekine. 

Also I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, 
three cows and two calves and nine sheep and the remainder 
of my meat chattel I give to my said son Francis H. Van 
Buren. I also further give to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, 
the best room in my dwelling house to her own choice to be 
kept in good repair and order convenient and comfortable for 
winter and summer and I also give and allow to my said 
wife Elizabeth two fatted hogs and a part of a beefe, not less 


than a quarter of a fatted beefe yearly and every year as long 
as she lives or remains my widow, and further I will and 
order my said son, Francis H. Van Buren, shall keep the said 
room in good repair, and furnish my said wife with suffi- 
cient quantity of firewood for winter and summer for her 
room and make her fires, when thereunto required and supply 
her with every necessary as above stated and every other 
necessary thing both of food and clothing which my said 
wife may stand in need of. And also I will and order that my 
said son, Francis, shall carry or order to be carried my said 
wife, Elizabeth, on a visit to every place in a convenient car- 
riage either in summer or winter as the case shall require. 
Also I will and bequeath unto my son, Francis, my negro 
boy, Cap, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. And also 
I give to my said wife, Elizabeth, my negro wench, Pana, 
during the life of my said wife, Elizabeth; also I will and 
order my said son, Francis H, Van Buren, to pay or cause 
to be paid all my honest debts. I also give and bequeath to 
my son, Francis, one feather bed. I also give and bequeath 
to my daughter, Mariah Easton, my negro girl, Bet, and my 
negro boy, Leer, to her and her heirs and assigns forever. 
And I also give and bequeath to my said daughter Mariah 
Easton one note, the amount of said note is two hundred and 
fifty dollars, against Ehimeas Easton, also I give to my said 
daughter all my household furniture after my wife Elizabeth's 
decease. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal the twentieth day of August one thousand eight hundred 
and seven* Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above 
named Harmen Van Buren to be his last will and testament 
in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names 
as witnesses in the presence of the testator Harman H. Van 
Buren* Harman Vav Bubs*. 

Matthew Van Len Berck, (L. S.) 

Samuel Van Len Berck, 
Abin Wells. 


I, Harman Van Buren, of the town of Mayfield, County of 
Montgomery and State of New York, do this day make and 

History op Cornelis Maesssn Van Buren 85 

publish this codicil to my last will and testament in manner 
and form following, that is to say I give and bequeath 
to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, the sum of three hundred dol- 
lars, current money of these United States, and to her heirs 
and assigns forever to be paid to my said wife, by my son, 
Francis H. Van Buren, his heirs, executors, administrators or 
assigns to my said wife, Elizabeth, and I give and bequeath 
unto my said son, Francis, all my money which is or may 
become due to me by bond, note or accounts or otherwise to 
him, his heirs and assigns forever and lastly it is my desire 
that this my present codicil be annexed to and be made a 
part of my will and testament to all intents and purposes. In 
witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty- 
ninth day of May, year of our Lord one thousand eight hun- 
dred nineteen. Hamum Vjm Bmm 

Witnesses: (L. S.) 

John Van Len Berck, 
Peter Van Len Berck, 
Abin Wells. 

Children of Harman Van Buren and Eva Van Slyck. 

+332 Barent Van Buren, b. May 29, 1764 ; bap. at Kin- 
derhook, N. Y., June 9, 1764; sps. Barent Van 
Buren, Marytje Winnen. 
333 Pieter Van Buren, bap.. at Kinderhook, N. Y., 
June 10, 1768; sps. Willem Van Slyck, Doro- 
thea Vosburgh. 

+334 Marya Van Buren, b. Dec 6, 1770; bap. at Kin- 
derhook, N. Y., Dec 23, 1770; sps. Pieter Van 
Buren, Ariaantje Van Valkenburgh ; d. Dec. 16, 
1857 ; m. Ahimeaz Easton ; had several children 
and is buried in the Easton lot in the old Co- 
lonial Cemetery, Johnstown, N. Y, 
335 William, bap. May 25, 1775; sps. Frans Van 
Buren, Hannah Van Slyck. 

+336 Francis H., bap. at Coxsackie, N. Y., July 22, 

337 Harman, b. 1797 ; d. 1874 ; m. Eliza 


86 History op Cornbus Maesskn Van Buben 


PIETER T.» VAN BUREN, Tobias,* Peter/ Marten,* Cor- 

bap. at Albany, Feb. 22, 1713 ; m. about 1740, Elbertje Van 
Deusen, dan. of Johannes Van Deusen and Christina Van 
Allen ; she was bap. at Albany, Dec 16, 1716. It was prob- 
able that she was buried at Albany, Apr. 21, 1748. They 
lived in Columbia Co. 


+338 Christina, bap. at Albany, Jan. 23, 1743; m. Ja- 
cobus Van Alen, brother of Abraham, die bus- 
band of her sister Catharine. 

+339 Annatje, bap. at Coxsaclde, Sept 26, 1744; sps. 
Jan Van Deusen, and Angonietje Coyne; prob- 
ably m. Jurian Herrick. 

+340 Catharine, bap. at German town, Sept 1, 1746; 
sps. Dirck Van Buren, Catharine Van Dusen; 
m. about 1766 Abraham Van Alen, son of 
Adam and Tryntje (Van Alstyne) Van Allen. 

340a Elizabeth, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 29, 1749; sps. 
Johannes Van Dusen, Catharine Van Buren. 

341 Maria, bap. at Coxsaclde, Apr. 12, 1751 ; sps. Pieter 
Vosburgh, Maria Van Dyke ; probably ra. John 
Van Alen. 

+342 Cornelia, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 5, 1753; sps. 
Abraham and Ariaantje Van Valkenburgh; 
probably m. Jacobus Wyngaart 

343 Tobias, bap. at Coxsaclde, Apr. 16, 1754; sps. 

Tobias Van Buren, Catharine Van Alen. 

344 Elbertje, bap. at Kinderhook, May 25, 1756; 

sps. Lourens Van Deusen, Marye Van Alen. 

+345 Johannes, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. 12, 1758; sps. 
Isak Hoes, Catharine Van Deusen, syn. H. fe. ; 
m. (1) Catharine Van Valkenburgh; m. (2) 
Elizabeth Sharpe. 

History op Corneus Mabssbn Van Burkn 87 


DIRCK* VAN BUREN, Tobias/ Pieter,' Marten,* Corndis, 1 
b. about 1725; m. about 1746, Catrina Quackenbosch. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook: 

346 Tobias, bap. Apr. 24, 1747; sps. Isaac Staats, 

Ariaantje Van. Valkcnburg; ra. Jan. 13, 1773, 
Elbertje Huyck. 

347 Catrina, bap. Feb. 11, 1748; sps. Tobias Van Bu- 

ren f Eytje Vosburg. 
+348 Gosen, bap. Apr. 4, 175 1 ; sps. Antoine Quacken- 
bosch, Dirckje Van Buren; m. July 22, 1772, 
Marytje van Aelstyne. 

349 Annatje, bap. Jan. 23, 1754; sps. Johannes Hoes, 

Annatje Quackenbosch ; m. Dec 30, 1794, John 

350 Elisabeth, bap. Feb. 20, 1757; sps. Pieter Van 

Buren, Elbertje Van Deusen. 
+351 Elbertje, bap. Apr. 20» 1760; sps. Luykas Job. 
Hoes, Christina Van Buren; m. Dirck Van 
352 Johannes, bap. Oct. 20, 1763; sps. Ephraim Van 
Buren, Annatje Van Buren. 


PIETER 1 VAN BUREN, Marten, 4 Pieter, 1 Marten, 1 Cornelis, 1 

bap. at Kinderhook July 22, 1733; marriage license to Cath- 
arine Quackenbosch, dated July 13, 1766. This couple were 
sponsors at the baptism of the future President. They 
transferred property at Kinderhook to Abram Hogeboom 
on July 14, 170a Peter M. was a private in Van Renssel- 
aer Regiment, Revolutionary Army. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook: 

353 Anthony, bap. Oct. 6, 1776; sps. Johannes Hoes, 
Maria Quackenbosch, d. unm. 

88 History of Cornelis Masssbn Van Bubew 

-{-354 Martin, bap. Mar. 15, 1779; sps. Abraham Van 

Buren, Maria Goes; ul Catharine or Gertrude 

Goes or Hoes. 

; +355 Gose (James), bap. July 22, 1781 ; sps. Abraham 

Van Vleck, Hilletje Vosburg; ul Catharine 


356 Abraham, bap. Nov. 9, 1783; sps. Dirk Goes, 

Janifetje Goes. 

357 Annatje, bap. June 16, 1783; sps. Annatje Vos- 


233 . 

ABRAHAM 9 VAN BUREN, Marten,* Pieter,' Marten, 8 Cor- 

bap. at Albany Feb. 27, 1737; d. Apr. 8, 1817; m. about 1776* 
Maria Goes (Hoes), widow of Johannes Van Allen, who was 
bap. at- Claverack Jan. 16, 1747 ; d. Feb. 16, 1817. Both are 
buried at Kinderhook, N. Y., the dates on the stones are 
indistinct. The inscription on his stone is as follows: 

"Sacred to the memory of Capt. Abraham Van Buren, who 
died on the 8th day of April, A.D f . 1817, in the 81st year of his 
age. He was tender of and indulgent to his family, benevolent 
and charitable to all around him and moreover a good man 
whose upright heart, mild temper and conciliatory manners 
secured to him what he liked best to reciprocate — the good 
will and friendship of all. He died in full reliance upon the 
grace of God through the mediatory sacrifice of Christ for his 

The inscription on her tombstone is as follows: 

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Maty Van Buren, relict of 
the late Capt Abraham Van Buren. She. died on the 16th 
day of Feb., 1818, in the 71st year of her age. Her long life 
was adorned by domestic virtues of the most useful kind. The 
early profession of the religion of the crucified Jesus which she 
made she sustained to the end with that undeviating fidelity 
which proved its foundation to have been laid in the heart. 
And her life and her conversation characterized her piety by 

History or Corneus Maessbn Van Bubxk 89 


bringing forth abundantly fruit meet for repentance/' (See 
also history of the Hoes family.) 

He owned a small farm in the town of Kinderhook on 
which they lived. The house, an unpretentious one, was also 
used as a tavern. Here it was that he brought the widow Van 
Alen as his bride. He became a Captain in the 7th Regiment 
of the Albany County Militia. Isaac Goes or Hoes, a relative 
of his wife, was a Major in the same regiment 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook : 

+358 Dirckie or Derike, bap. 1777; d. Oct 18, 1865; m. 
Mar. 15, 1806, Barent Hoes, son of John Dirck 
Hoes and Maria Quackenbosch, his wife. 
359 Jannetje or Hannah, bap. Jan. 16, 1780 ; sps. Lucas 
Goes, Catharine Van Aalstyne. 

+360 Martin, bap. Dec- 15, 1782; sps. Pieter Van Buren, 
Catharine Quackenbosch; m. Hannah Hoes, a 
kinswoman of his mother. He became the 
Eighth President of the United States. 

+361 Lawrence, bap. Jan. 8, 1786; sps. Johs. L. Goes, 
Elbertje Goes; d. July, 1868; m. Harriet Vos- 
363 Abraham, bap. May 11, 1788; sps. Johannes Van 
Alen, Annatje Fryenmoet; d. Oct 30, 1836; m. 
May 8, 1816, Catharine Hogeboom ; she married 
as her second husband, May 4, 1841, Rev. George 
N. Fisher. (See Hogeboom history.) He was 
Surrogate of Columbia County when he died. 
His tomb stone reads as follows: "In memory 
of Abraham Van Buren, who died at Hudson, 
Oct 30, 1836, in the 49th year of his age. He 
had been for many years and was at the time of 
his death, Surrogate of Columbia County, and 
by his talents and integrity secured universal 
respect and esteem." 


MARTEN 9 VAN BUREN, Marten, 4 Pieter, 8 Marten,* Cornells/ 
bap. at Claverack, 1748; m. about 1777, Anatji Wesselse. 

90 History of Cornells Mabssbn Van Bubsn 

When Annatji or Nancy Wessell Van Buren was an old 
lady she often told her grandchildren that when her son 
Abraham was a babe she used often to rock him and his 
cousin Martin (the future President of the United States) 

mthe same cradle. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook: 

+363 Matfen, bap. May 3, 1778; sps. Abraham and 
Dirkje Van Buren ; ul Eliza Spregler. 

+364 Abraham, bap. Aug. 28, 1785; sps. Tobias and 
Maria Van Buren ; m. AUeda Coombs. 

+365 Lucas or Luke, bap. June 10, 1787 ; m. Nov. 7, 1805, 
Jane Vosburgh. The ceremony was performed 
by the Rev. John C. Toll of the Town of Cana- 


Marten, 8 Cornelia, 1 

b. 1738; m. Sept io, 1761, Hendrickji van Buren. He was 
a private and possibly an Ensign in the Revolutionary Army. 


366 Barent, bap. Sept. 5, 1762. 

367 Margarita, bap. June 30, 1765. 

368 Teunis, bap. May 16, 1769. 

369 Barend, bap. Dec 1, 1780; sps. Jacobus Abeel, 

Hendrickje Van Bueren; m. Hendrijki Van 


. CStt Km. m aad ite) 

MARGARITA 9 VAN BUREN, Barent,* Marten, 9 Marten, 8 

was b. Nov. 1, 1747; m. Johannis Becker. 
Children : 

370 Peter Becker, bap. May 21, 1784 ; sps. Peter Beck- 

er, Anna Ecker. 


371 Hcndrickjc Becker; bap. — » sps. Martin Van 

Beuren, Elisabeth Newel. 

372 Martin Becker, b. Nov. 21, 1788, and bap. Jan. 13, 

1789; sps. Martin Van Beuren and Elisabeth 


(Stt Mm. « aad ilk) 

WILLEM' VAN BUREN, Barent, 4 Marten, « Marten, 8 Cor- 
nells, 1 

b. Oct. 14, 1756; d. Feb. n, 1830; m. Aug. 12, 1785, Catrina 
Putnam ; b. Sept. 17, 1767 ; d. Oct 17, 1839. A brief history 
of the Putnam family will be found in Chapter Five. He 
was a private in Woodward's, Turner's and Staat's com- 
panics of the van Rensselaer Regiments of the Revolution- 
ary Army. 


373 Barent, b. Jan. 16, 1788. 

+374 Cornelia, b. Sept 14, 179a ; m. Magdalene Martine ; 
m. (2) Mrs. Margaret Hardenburg; (3) Rachel 

375 Catalyntji, b. Nov. 3, 1795. 

376 Elizabeth, b. Oct 5, 1798. 

377 Hendri^kt b. Feb. 9, 1800. 

+378 Tobias, b. Aug. 4, 1804; d. Oct. 27, 1886; m. Oct 
7, 1829, Eliza Mosher; b. Jan. 26, 181 1; d. Jan. 
22, 1896, 


BARENT C. s VAN BUREN, Marten G,< Marten, 9 Marten,* 
Cornells, 1 

bap. Mar. 14, 1731 ; m. Ariaantje vander PoeL (See allied 
families.) He was a Second Lieutenant in Woodward's 
Co. CoL Killian van Rensselaer's Regiment, Revolutionary 

92 History or Cqrnbus Maessen Van Bubsn 


379 Marten Cornelia, bap. Feb. 9, 175a. 

380 Marten Cornelia, bap. Apr. 8, 1753; m. Judikje 

— — . He was a private in Staat*s Co. and an 
Ensign in Woodward's Co., in Revolutionary 
+381 Annatje, bap. Nov. 30, 1755; m. May 31, 1774, 
Peter J. Hoes. 
38a Abraham, bap. Aug. 12, 1759; m. Neeltje vander 
Berg, and had son Barent, bap. Aug. 20, 1786; 
sps. Barent Van Buren, Jannetje vander Pod. 
Abraham was a Corporal in Staafs Ca, Revolu- 
tionary Army. 

383 Theuntje, bap. Feb. 14, 1763; probably m. Mel- 

chert vander PoeL 

384 Judikje, bap. Sept 1, 1765. 

385 Johannes, bap. June 3, 1769. 


MARTEN 9 VAN BUREN, Marten Cornelia,* Marten, 9 Marten,' 

He was the son of the second wife of Marten Cornelia, Lena 
Goes or Hoes ; b. Apr. 25, 1746 ; m. Annatje Van Buren. He 
was a private in Woodward's Co., and an Ensign and a 
Sergeant in Staat's Co., Revolutionary Army. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook: 

386 Lena, bap. Oct. 28, 1770; sps. Matheus Vosburgh, 

Lena Goes. 

387 Pieter M., bap. July 3, 1785; sps. Jacob Pruyn, 

Hendrikje Van Buren. 


ANNATJE* VAN BUREN, Petrous/ Marten,' Marten,* Cor- 
nelis, 1 

was b. Feb. 22, 1747 ; m. about 1778, David Van Ness. . 

History or Cqrnbus Mabssen Van Bubbn 93 

Children, bap. at Kindcrhook: 

388 Sara Van Ness, bap. Jan. 17, 1779 ; sps. John Van 

Ness, Sara van Aden. 

389 Catharina Van Ness, bap. Oct 15, 1780; sps. Dirk 

Van Buren, Catharine Quackenbosch. 

390 Abraham Van Ness, bap. Sept 22, 178a ; sps. Jacobus 

van Ness, Cathalina van Ness. 
591 Dirk Van Ness, bap. Nov. 20, 1784; sps. Tobias 
Van Buren, Catharine Van Buren. 

392 Johannes Van Ness, bap. Mar. 18, 1787; sps. Jo- 

hannes van Ness, Neeltje de Forest 

393 Elizabeth Van Ness, bap. June 27, 1790; sps. Gose 

Van Buren, Elizabeth Van Buren. 

394 John Van Ness, bap. Oct 14, 1792; sps. parents. 



MARTEN 9 VAN BUREN, Petrous,* Marten, 9 Marten,* Cor- 

b. Jan. 5, 1752 ; ul Jannetje Holliday. He was a Corporal 
and Sergeant in Staat's Co., and Sergeant in Woodward's 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook : 

395 Hendrick, bap. Oct 10, 1779 ; sps. Johannes Holli- 

day, Maria Holliday. 

396 Ida, b. Dec. 25, 1784 ; bap. Jan. 2, 1785 ; sps. Henry 

Holliday, Ida Holliday. 


GEERTRUY 9 VAN BUREN, Petrus,* Marten, 9 Marten, 9 Cor- 
nelis, 1 

bap. Feb. 12, 1758 ; m. Johannes vander Poel. 

397 Catharine vander Pod, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec 

15, 1782; sps. Marten Van Buren, Maria Van 

94 History of Cornelis Marssbm Van Burin 

398 Cornelia vander Pod, bap. Nov. ao, 1785, Kinder- 

hook; spa. Melchert vander Poel, Tenntje van 

399 John vander Poel, bap. May 27, 1796. 


HENDRICK' VAN BUREN, Hendrick/ Hendridc,» Marten, 8 
Cornells, 1 

bap. Apr. 4, 1743 ; probably m. Helletje Shorter, or Shoolter, 
Sept 17, 1783. 


400 Pieter, b. Feb. 4, 1785. 

401 Abraham, b. Aug. 5, 1787. 

History or Cobnbus Maessbn Van Bubkn 95 



TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Cornells,* Tobias,* Corodis,* Mar- 
ten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was bap. Aug. 9, 1741 ; d. Dec. 18, 1821 ; m. Dec. 16, 1763, 
Zaim or Sara Dubois, dau. of Ephraim Dubois and Anna 
Gatrina Delamater, b. July 7, 1734. 

Tobias served in die Revolutionary War as Captain in die 
First Ulster County Militia, Colonel Johannis Snyder command- 
inf. He was die first President of Kingston, 1805. 


+402 Cornells, bap. Sept 30, 1766, sps. Cornells Van 
Buren, Sara Hoochteeling, his wife; d. Apr. 4, 
1846; m. Mar. 3, 179$, Elizabeth Persen, dau. of 
Cornelia Persen an/ * Elizabeth Masten: she was 
b. Sept 30, 1774, and d. Sept 9, 1829. 

403 Isaac, bap. Nov. 12, 1769, sps. Isaac du Boys, Jan- 

netje Rosa; m. . 

404 Johannis, bap. Apr. 13, 1772, sps. Johannes du 

Boys, Eliiabeth Jansen; m. . 

405 Nelje (Ndltje), bap. Jan. 11, 1778, sps. Ncljc de 

Witt; d. Nov. 2, 1797; m. Oct 19, 1797, William 


PHILUPUS* VAN BUREN, Corndis,* Tobias,* Cornells,* 
Marten.* Cornells. 1 

was b. Dec 4, 1743; m. 1780, Christina van Gaasbeck, dau. of 
Wilhdmus and Catherine or Christina (Delamater) van Gaas- 
beck; bap. Oct 20, 1751. 


+406 Cornelius, bap. Oct 21, 1781; m. Feb. 28, 1802, 
Maria Keator. 

96 History or Cornelis Makssin Van Bubew 

+407 William, bap. Dec. 1, 1783; A Oct n, 1857; m. 

Mar. 20, 1803, Eliza Roota. 
+408 Philtipus, Jr., h. Nov. 7, 1784; m. Bessie Davis. 

409 Catharina, b. Apr. 16, 1786. 

410 Blandina, b. Dec. 33, 1787; m. Mar. 3, 1813, Mor- 

gan Coon. 

411 Aonatje, b. June 14, 1789. 

41a Eliiabet, b. Oct 17, 1790; m. Feb. 37, iSao, Tennis 
P. Houghteding; she d. Feb. 18, 1824. 

413 John, b. Nov. 13, 1791. 


Pieter.* Marten.* Cornells.* 

•• ^P^^P^P^^P^B ■ ^^^^V^P^^V ^^^^■^■^■B ^^^r^P^^P ^PW^P^W^P^P* ■ 

bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 8, 1757, sps. Hdndrick Dingman, 
Hendridc Gardnier; probably m. Jannetje Vosburgh. 


414 Jannetje. bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 29, 1801, sps. 

Sander Van Alstyne, Molly Van Alstyne. 


CHRISTYNA* VAN BUREN. Pieter/ Corndis/ Pieter/ 
Marten. 8 Cornells. 1 

^^P^^W^^^P^P ^P^^P^^^PW ^^P^^^P^P ^•^P^P^^P^P^^F^B m 

was bap. May 24, 1761, at Kinderhook; d. Dec 19, 1837; 
m. Oct 23, 1784, at Kinderhook, to Arent (Aaron) Vosburgh, 
son of Petrus and Maria (Van Dyck) Vosburgh, h. May 6, 
1764; bap. at Kinderhook, May 30, 1764. 


4x5 Maria Vosburgh, bap. June 13, 1785, Kinder* 
hook; d. Sept 35, 1814; m. Jan. 6, 1813, at Kin- 
derhook, John Stephenson. 

416 Lydia Vosburgh, bap. Dec 35, 1786, at Kinderhook; 

d. unm. June 3, 1859. 

417 Hilletje Vosburgh, bap. Jan. 11, 1789, Kinderhook; 

d. between 1843 *°d 1851. 

History or Cqrnbus Mabssen Van Buikn 97 

418 Catrina Vosbuigh, b. May 15, 1791; bap. June 5, 

1791, Kinderhook; <L Jan. 25, 1843, unm - 

419 Peter A. Vosburgh, b. Sept 1, 1794; bap. Sept 2i f 

Kinderhook; d* leaving no issue, Aug. 16, 1863. 

420 Aaron Barent Vosburgh, b. Oct 6; bap. Nov. 5, 

1797, Kinderhook; d. July 7, 1859; nL Oct 8, 
1820. at Kinderhook. Leda (or Zada) Souther- 


MARIA* VAN BUREN, Ephraim,* Cornells,* Pieter,* Marten,* 
Cornells* 1 

bap. Mar. 11, 1770; m. May 11, 1794. Dr. Edmund G. Raw- 


421 Alexander Murray Rawson, b. Feb. 1, 1802* 

422 Edmund G. Rawson. Jr.. b. Nov. 30, 1803. 


REV. PETER* VAN BUREN. Ephraim,' Cornells,* Pieter,' 
Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

b. Apr. 14. 1773; d. Mar. 13. 1828; m. Mar. 27. 1798. Abigail 
Mudge, dau* of Jarvis and Prudence Mudge; she was b. in 
New Lebanon. N. Y. ; died at Nassau. N. Y. 

While he was a student at Union College. Schenectady. N. Y., 
his wife, Abigail, taught school to help out financially; evidently 
her labors were crowned with success, as one of her descendants. 
Paul G. Burton of Baltimore, (lately of Washington, D. C), 
writes me that he has a silver tea set which she purchased with 
some of her teaching money. 

After Peter graduated from Union College they removed to 
Charleston, Montgomery County, N. Y. Later to Chatham, 
Columbia County, and then to Troy, N. Y. In each of these 
places he was settled as a minister. 

The most remarkable event chronicled of this couple is the 
fact of the birth of triplets on Jan. 19, 1819, all three sons. The 

98 History of Coeneus Mabssbm Van Bubsn 

Rev. Father wanted to give die names of Abraham, Isaac and 
Jacob to die infants, bat as Jacob died when only eleven days 
old the names of the remaining two were afterwards changed 


423 Catalina, bap. Nov. 22, 1798; d. Sept 17, 1802. 
+424 Jarvis, bap. Aug. 7, 1801; m. (1) Nancy Sanford; 
Bt (2) Margaret Adair; m. (3) Eliza Adair, 
sister of Margaret 
+425 Catalina, bap. Apr. 9, 1804; m. James Putnam. 
• +426 Ephraim, h. Feb. 20, 1807; m. Mary Day. 
+427 Rebecca Theresa, b. Jan. 10, 1810; m. May £ 1840 
William Gibson. 

428 Mary Fisher, b. Nov. 2j 9 1812; d. Feb. 17, 1840; m. 

Dr. John Wilson and had a dan., Anna Mary. 

429 Ckndias Buchanan, b. Oct 6, 1815; d. Dec. 9, 1828. 
+430 James Saurin (triplet), b. Jan. 19, 1819; d. 1891 ; m. 

Addia Stedman or Stebbins. 
+431 Alexander L. (triplet), b. Jan. 19, 1819 ; m. Henrietta 

432 Jacob (triplet), b. Jan. 19, 1819; d. Jan. 30, 1819. 


LAMBERT* VAN BUREN, Ephraim, 9 Cdindis,* Picter,* 
Marten/ Cornells/ 

h. Apr. 11, 1779; TXL Hannah Fenton. 

• * 


433 Roswdl F., M. D., b. Jan. 28, 1802. 

434 Catherine, h. Oct 25, 1806. 

435 Jamina, b. Feb. 1, 1809. 

436 Magdalena Gonsaulus, b. Dec. 9, 1813. 


ANGELICA* VAN BUREN, Francis, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornelia, 1 


DMgbm of Jacofan («» ud Nucr (Etmu) Wail* Duafcwr ol JswbM (OF) aad Nucjr (Bnaal Wtlk 

DucMw of JanhM 0371 —* N»»eT (Ktcm) W«lta 

History op Cqenslis Mabssbn Van Buebn 99 

bap. at Kinderhook, July 22, 1764; d. at Mayfield, Feb. 19, 185a 
On Sept 22 9 1791, she was married to Abraham Wells, who 
was an original member of the Reformed Church at Mayfield 
upon its organization in 1793. In 1790 he was a resident of 
Coxsartrie, but must have moved to Mayfield the next year. He 
died at the latter place on July 22, 1826, aged 68 years. The 
Rev. Jeremiah Wood, who came to Mayfield in 1826 to begin 
his pastorate of half a century in the Presbyterian Church, was 
for some time before his marriage a boarder with the Wells 
family. "Aunt Anne Wells, 99 as she was familiarly called, often 
•told her grand nephews and nieces now living of her early life 
at Kinderhook and spoke of having many times rocked Martin 
Van Buren, the President, in his cradle when he was a babe. 
His parents were neighbors of Francis Van Buren, who was a 
first cousin of Captain Abraham Van Buren, Martin's father. 

Children (all born at Mayfield) : 
(See Wells family history). 

437 Jacobus, b. Sept 10, 1792; m. (1) Oarisa Bartktte; 

(2) Nancy Evans (see Evans). 

438 Francis, b. Aug. 13, 1795; d. unm. July 12, 1889. 

439 William A., b. July 27, 1798; m. Ann de Garmo, 

Oct 13, 1823. 

440 Barent Van Buren, b. Aug. 23, 1800; m. (1) Jane 

Aim Davis ; (2) Rachel Heyden. 

441 Leonard Bronk, b. Jan. 15, 1803; m. Susannah D. 

Frost, Dec 5, 1826. 

MARYTJE* VAN BUREN, Fianc*/ Barent,* Pieter,* Marten, 1 
Cornelia, 1 

bap. Apr. 6, 1767; m. James Preston Dorchester, of Johns- 
town, N. Y. 


442 Francis Dorchester, bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 21, 
1790, sps. Pieter van Slyk, Alida Vosburg. 

100 History op Cqenslis Maessbn Van Buun 

443 Stephen Dorchester, bap. Nov. 20, 1795. 

444 Sophia Dorchester, bra. Aug. i, 1797. 


BARENT F.« VAN BUREN, Francis,* Barent,* Pieter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornell*, 1 


b. at Kinderhobk, Nov. 26, 1769; d. at Mayfield, Jan. 7, 1862. 
He was received into membership in the Dutch Reformed 
Church at Mayfield on confession Apr. 26, 1800, and his wife, 
Mary Upham, joined by letter from the church at Qaverack 
in 1793. She died at Mayfield Apr. 19, 1833, *g*l 64 yrs. 8 
mos. The marriage, of this couple occurred at Qaverack on 
Jan. 15, 1793. 

Children (all born at Mayfield) : 

445 Magdalma, b. Aug. 25, 1796; d. Apr. 15, 1866; 

wife of James Seaman. 

446 Hannah, b. 1794. 

+447 Francis B., b. Apr. 6, 1799; m. Feb. 10, 1837, to 

Maria Banta of Perth. 
448 Susannah U., b. Apr. 27, 1802; d. Aug. 5, 1863; 

second wife of Jas. Titcomb, whom she m. Aug. 

29, 1844. 
+449 Ann Eliza, b. May 2, 1805; d. May 17, 1877; m. 

Henry Banta, Jan. 26, 1831. 

450 Margaret 

451 Marcus John, b. Nov. 27, 1812. 


PETER H.' VAN BUREN, Francis, 9 Bartnt,* Pieter,' Mar- 
ten,* Cornells, 1 

bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 2, 1772; ul Elizabeth Upham of 
Qaverack on Feb. 15, 1789, and with her was received into 
membership in the Reformed Dutch church at Mayfield on 
Dec. 17, 1796. Elizabeth Upham was bap. at Qaverack on 
Aug. 28, 1768, as the child of John Upham and Wyntje 

History op Corneus Maessen Van Buren 101 

Children (all born at Mayfield) : 

452 Evelyn, b. 1790 or 1792; d. 1852; m. William Du- 
guid; had Henry Lyman. 
+453 Johnt b. 1794; d. 1867; m. Laura BrownelL 
454 Harmon Winne, b. May 27, 1799; <L l88 7»' «. Eme- 
tine Smith; no children. 
+455 James, b. Nov. 7, 180 1 ; d. 1878 ; m. Mary Lyman. 
+456 Henry Broadh e a d, b. Oct 14, 1804; m. Caroline 
457 Lucretia, b. 1809; d. 1826, unm. 


HARMON F. e VAN BUREN, Francis/ Barent, 4 Pieter, 1 Mar- 
tent* Cornelis, 1 
b. Mar. 29, 1775, at Kinderhook, and on Apr. 26, 1800, was 
received with his wife Catharine (Caty) Miller into member- 
ship in the Reformed Dutch church at Mayfield. Later he 
was chosen a deacon in this church and was influential in its 
affairs until his death on Sept 30, 1858. Catharine Miller 
Van Burnt d. Mar. 13, 1845, b* her ^d year and for several 
years previous had been almost totally blind. He was a 
prosperous farmer near Mayfield for many years. 

Children (all born at Mayfield) : 

+458 Charles, b. Mar. 5, 1799; d. Feb. 15, i860; m. (1) 
Magdalena Winney; (2) Jane K. Benson; (3) 
Elyda Van Dyke. 

459 Johannah, b. Oct 10, 1800; d. unm. Jan. 18, 1853. 

460 Lucinda, b. Nov. 22, 1802 ; d. unm. Mar. 3, 1874. 
+461 Francis, b. Feb. 22, 1805; d. Mar. , 1872; m. 

Eleanor Marcellus. 
+462 Oliver Miller, b. Apr. 4, 1807; d. June, 1882; m. 

Sally Maria Hayes. 
+463 An gel i ca, b. Mar. 6, 1809; d. Aug. 11, 1884; m. 

Jacob G. Case. 
+464 Peter, b. May 4, 1813; d. Nov. 17, 1885; m. (1) 

Eunice Benson; (2) Harriet Cooper. 

102 History or Owwrt.t» Mfttmw Vaw Bubsm 


Pieter.* M arten.* Cornells. 1 

bap. at Kinderhook, July 12, 1773; spa. Joh. Casparus Fryeo- 
moet, Magdalena Van Ettcn ; m. Sarah Ostrom. 


465 Peter, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. 16, 1794, spa. 

ouders (parents). 

466 Dorothea, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 4, 1798, sps. 



BARENTS VAN BUREN, Peter/ Barent,* Pieter,* Marten,* 
Cornells, 1 

b. June 8, 1776; A Jan. 22, 1649. & buried at Ghent, N. Y.; 
m. Sept 7, 1797, to Catherine Vosbuigh, b. Apr. 21, 1776; 
bap. May 16, 1776; d. Oct 8, 1840; Kinderhook; dau. of 
Evert and Johanna (Gardinier) Vosbuigh. Barent owned a 
large farm on the road called "Kline KiU." He was Justice 
of the Peace from 1813 to 1827. In 1817 he was a member 
of Assembly. In 1818 he was Poormaster for the town of 
Ghent He was Supervisor for Ghent from 1825 to 1828 and 
again 'in 1836. He was an Elder in the Reformed Dutch 
Church at Ghent It is recorded that in 1820 he gave to his 
slave Cato his liberty. 


467 Dorothea, b. June 4, 1798; d. May 26, 1800. 

468 Hannah, b. July 2y, 1800; d. Mar, 25, 1823. 
+469 Peter, b. Mar. 7, 1802; m. Maria Brodhead 

-j-470 Evert, b. Nov. 7, 1803; bap. Dec 4, Kinderhook; 
d Nov. 3, 1885; nL about I ^6, Catharine Smith. 
471 Dorothea, b. Nov. n, 1805; d unm. 
+472 Gertrude Cornelia, b. Feb. 4, 1807 or 1808; m. a 
Mr. Livingston. 
473 Catherine, b. June 24, 1810 ; d Oct 17, 1810. 


History op Coenelis Maessbn Van Buern 103 

+474 Barent, Jr., b. Aug. 25, 181 1; A Dec. 17, 1854; m. 
' Helen DuBois. 
475 Sarah, b. July 26, 1814; m. a Mr. Sharpe. 
+476 John, b. Oct 4T 1816 ; still living ( 1913) ; ra. Eliza- 
beth Burroughs, b. 1830; d Nov. 21, 1896. 
477 Albertina, b. Oct ix, 1818; m. . 


JOHANIS or JOHN P.*' VAN BUREN, Pieter/ Barent,* 
Pieter, 1 Marten, * Cornells, 1 

bap. at Kinderhook Sept 34, 1780; d Jan. 19, 1855. He is , 
buried with his wife in the West Ghent cemet er y; m. i&pftl ^ 
Sarah Hogeboom, dau. of Bartholomew Hogeboom. She was 
b. Feb. 23, 1785, and d May 5* 1858. A brief history of die 
Hogebooms will be found in the fifth chapter. John P. was 
an influential farmer, an active member of the Dutch Church 
at Kinderhook and later when the Ghent church was formed 
transferring his membership to it; he was a quiet, unassuming 
man, but one of those whose counsel was sought and whose 
judgment could always be relied upon. 

Children, bap, at Kinderhook: 

+478 Bartholomew, b. July 11, 1807; d at Kinderhook 
May 1, 1886; m. Aug. 24, 1829, Catharine Philip. 
479 Peter, bap. Jan., 1809; d unm., i860. 

+480 John P., bap. Dec. 6, 1810; d. Sept 27, 1876; m. 
Eliza Shufelt, bap. Jan. 20, 181 1. 

+481 Catharine, bap. Aug. 8, 1813 ; m. Andrus Whitbeck. 

+482 James, b. June, 1815 ; ra. Emma Hudson. 
483 Dorothy, bap. Aug. 12, 1817; m. R. H. Norton. * 

+484 Barent, b. Oct 8, 1820; d Sept, 1905;, m. 1849, 
Mary van den Burg. 

+485 Henry, b. Dec, 1823 ; m. Sarah Hudson. 


BARENT* VAN BUREN, Harmen,* Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten,* 
Corndis, 1 

106 History op Cqenslis Maisssn Van Buibn 

495 Charles Easton, b. Nov. 13, 1799; d. May IQ, 1868; 

m. Apr. 15, 1817, Ann Eliza SOliman. Charles 
Easton was Vestry man of the P. E. Church at 
Johnstown, N. Y., in 1839. He was Sheriff of 
Montgomery County from 1825 to 1839. Re- 
moved from Johnstown to West Troy in 183a, 
where he engaged in the lumber business. Issue: 
Charles Davis, b. May 25, 1819; an adopted data., 
Josephine S., b. Apr. 27, 1839, w ^° a* Henry P. 

496 Harmon Van Buren Easton, b. Feb. 27, 1797, at 
Johnstown, N. Y,; m. (1) Elizabeth Grinnell; 
m. (2) Mary Aun Livingston Stearns. Harmon, 
d. Mar. 17, 1874. Issue by the first wife: Mary, 
b. Nov. 22, 1824. Charles Davis, b. June 17, 
1826; d. Mar. 4, 1862; m. Oct 12, 1846, Sarah 
De Forest James Grinnell, b. June ao, 1828. 
Elizabeth, b. Apr. 30, 183a Martin Van Buren, 
b. July 15, 1832; d. Aug. 6, 1832. Emily, b. June 
26, 1834; d. Sept 26, 1834. Ann G., b. Sept 2y 9 
1835. Clark G., b. Jan. 1, 1838. 

Issue by the second wife: Julia Potter, b. Aug. 29, 
1842; d. June, 1844. George Livingston, b. Jan. 
31, 1844. Edward Brockway, b. May 12, 1846; d. 
Jan. 16, 1847. Edward Brockway, b. Dec. 31, 
1849; d - Feb* St 1854- 

497 Locretia Easton, b. July 16, 1799; d. Feb. 12, 1824; 
m. May 24, 1821, David P. Cady of Johnstown. 

498 Maria Eveline Easton, b. Oct 2, 1801; d. Nov. 7, 

499 Ahimas Phelps Easton, b. Mar. 2, 1805; d. unm. 

500 Elizabeth Easton, b. at Johnstown, July 14, 1807; d. 
at Fonda, N. Y., May 19, 1843; m. Feb. 18, 1829, 
at Troy, N. Y., George D. Ferguson, a lawyer. 
Issue: WOlett, b. Jan. 5, 1831 ; <L Nov. 11, 1885, 
at West Troy; m. at Fort Plain, N. Y., Ann Holt 
Byram, b. Feb. 9, 1833 ; <L Aug. 19, 1853. Amelia, 
b. Jan. 5, 1835; m. Apr. 17, 1856, Darnel A. Ros- 

V v. 

History op Cqrhiui Maesshn Van Burbn 107 

seau of Deer River, N. Y. Lewis, b. Aug. 17, 
1837; d. Dec 21, 1897; ra. Sept 26, 1872, Eliza- 
beth Hoffman of Albany, N. Y. Raymond, b. 
Oct 15, 1839; m - &*£• i» 1858* Louisa A. Burton, 
dau. of Thompson Burton, M. D., and his wife, 
Laura E. (Rogers) Burton of Fultonville, N. Y. 
Raymond was a Captain in the Civil War in the 
12th N. Y. Cavalry. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 13, 1843 1 
d. Jan. 17, 1844. 

501 Harriet Louise Easton, b. in Johnstown, N. Y., Sept 

1*1809; d. June 15, 1867; m. Nov. 11, 1829, Daniel 
Bedford of Johnstown. He was a Deputy County 
Clerk. Issue : Ahimaz Easton, b. Oct 23, 1830 ; 
d. Mar. 2y, 1857. John, b. Aug. 21, 1832; d. Oct 
10, 1868. Elizabeth F., b. July 9, 1834. Henry 
H., b. May 20, 1836. Mirriam, b. June 20, 1839; 
d. Mar. 31, 1856. David, b. Sept 18, 1841 ; d. 
Sept 3, 1842. Sidney S., b. Feb. 13, 1845; m. Oct 
2, 1867, Emma Fledder of Johnstown, N. Y. 
Albert, b. Jan. 19, 1852; m. June 3, 1885, Ella 
Tefft, of Johnstown, N. Y. 

502 Elsie Bronck Easton, b. May 11, 1812; d. July 11, 

1893; m. Sept 23, 1833, Sidney L. Standring of 
Johnstown, N. Y. He was a farmer. Issue: 
Leonard, b. Apr. 28, 1835; m. Mary A. Protheroe 
of Decorah, Iowa. William Charles, b. Mar. 24, 

1837; <*• J**- 3» l8 3 8 - J * 111 Thomas, b. Mar. 27, 
1840; m. Elizabeth Hammond of Corwith, Iowa. 
Elsia Maria, b. July 21, 1844; d. Mar. 6, 1866; ra. 
Joseph Haswdl of West Troy, N. Y. Emma B., 
b. Sept 7, 1847. 


FRANCIS H.' VAN BUREN, Harman/ Barent,* Pieter,* Mar- 
ten, 9 Cornells, 1 

bap. at Coxsackie, N. Y., July 22, 1777; d. at Mayfield, 1826; 
m. 1798, Hannah Becker, who died Dec 10, 1835, aged 52 

108 History op Cornelis Makssbn Van Busen 


yrs. About 179a he with his parents removed to the township 
of Caughnawaga, Montgomery County, settling on a farm in 
the present town of Mayfield, Fulton County. He became a 
prominent Mason. He was a member of Assembly for Mont- 
gomery County in 1824. 

all born in Mayfield, N. Y.: 

503 Marfah, b. Aug. 20, 1799. 

504 Nancy, b. Jan., 1802. 

+503 Harmon, b. 1804; 4- May 19, 1866; m. Eveline 
Snyder, who d. Nov. 29, 1890, aged 86. 

506 Eliza, m. John Van Dyke, who <L June 9, 1853, 

aged 45. 

507 Sally, b. 1814; d. Apr. 28, 1887; m. Chauncey Smith. 

508 Hannah, b. Apr. 12, 1822; d. Oct 6, 1895; m. James 

H. Hayes; d. Feb. 21, 1865, aged 44 yrs. 


CHRISTINA* VAN BUREN, Pieter T., f Tobias,* Peter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornells, 1 

bap. at Albany Jan. 23, 1743 ; m. at Linlithgow Oct 27, 1765, 
(license Sept 10), Jacobus Van Alen, bap. at Albany Jan. 
ao, 1741-2, a son of Adam and Catharine (Tiyntje) (Van 
Alstyne) Van Alen. 


509 Adam Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 23, 1766, 

sps. Johannes and Helena van Alen. 

510 Peter Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 15, 1769, 

sps. Pieter van Buren, Elbertje van Deusen. 

511 Johannes Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 30, 

1772, sps- Johannes van Deusen, Annatje van 

512 Abraham Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 3, 

l 77S» *P** Abraham van Alen, Catharine van 

513 Johannes Van Alen, bap. at Coxsackie, Oct 14, 1777. 

History op Corneus Maessen Van s Buxen 109 

514 Elbertje Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 20, 

1780, spa. Johannes and Elizabeth van Buren. 

515 Helena Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 24, 

1782, sps. Barent and Catherine vander PoeL 

Jacobus Van Alen married second at Kinderhook, Oct 21, 
1787, Dirckje Winne, widow of John M. Van Alstyne. 

Children by second wife: 

Christina Van Alcn, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec. 14, 
' 1788. 

Barent Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec. 5, 1790. 
Christina Van Alen, bap, at Kinderhook, Feb. 19, 

Ann Van Alen, bap, at Kinderhook, Aug. 6, 1797. 

Maria Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, July 4, 1802. 


JANNETJE* VAN BUREN, Pieter T.,« Tobias,* Pieter,* Mar- 
ten/ Cornells, 1 

bap. at Coxsackie, Sept 26, 1744, sps. Jan Van Deusen and 
Angoinetje Coynen; probably m. Jurian Herrick. 


516 Johannes Herrick, bap. Aug. 25, 1783. 

517 Dorothea Herrick, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 5, 1785, 

sps. Pieter Van Buren, Dorothea Shulter. 

518 Helena and Geertruy Herrick, bap. at Kinderhook, 

Oct 28, 1787, sps. Gerrit Witbeck, Catharine 

519 Lena Herrick, bap. June 9, 1793. 

520 Catharine Herrick, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 3, 1795, 

sps. Leonard Witbeck, Catrina Green. 

521 Peter Herrick, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 6, 1797. 


CATHARINE* VAN BUREN, Pieter T./ Tobias/ Peter/ Mar- 
ten,* Cornelia, 1 

110 History op Co*nius Maisssn Van Boibn 

was bap. at Germantown, Sept i, 1746; sps. Dirck Van Bum 
and Catharine Van Deosen; m. (license Sept 27, 1766) Abra- 
ham Van Alen, brother of her sister's husband, a son of Adam 
and Catharine (Van Alstyne) Van Alen; he was bap. at Athens 
(born July 24, 1744). 



523 Elbertje Van Alen, bap. at Coxsackie March 30, 

533 Adam Van Alen, bap. at Oaverack Feb. 26, 177a 

524 Lena Van Alen, bap, at Oaverack, June 12, 1771. 
525 ' Christina Van Alen, bap. at Germantown, Feb. 6, 


526 Lena Van Alen, bap. at Oaverack, Aug. 25, 1776. 

527 Adam Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 31, 1779; 

sps. John Van Alen, Catharine Clapper. 

528 Margarita Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 5, 

1781 ; sps. John Van Buren, Annatje Van Buren. 

529 Sara Van Alen, bap. at Coxsackie, Feb. 20, 1785. 

530 Catharina Van Alen, bap. at Coxsackie, Feb. 3, 1788. 

342 - 

CORNELIA* VAN BUREN, Pieter T., f Tobias,* Pieter, 1 Mar- 
ten,* Cornells, 1 

bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 5, 1753 1 *!*• Abraham and Ariaantje 
Van Valkenburgh; prob. m. Jacobus Wyngaart 


531 Tryntje Wyngaart, bap. Sept 10, 1785, at Kinder- 

hook; sps. Bartholomew Van Valkenburgh, Jan- 

532 Peter Wyngaart, bap. March 27, 1791, at Kinder- 

hook; sps. Peter Van Slyck, Christina Van Alen. 


JOHANNES* VAN BUREN, Pieter T.,» Tobias/ Pieter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornells, 1 

History of Cqrnelis Maessen Van Butch ill 

b. at Kinderfaook Nov. 12, 1758; m. (1) Catharine Van Valken- 
buigh; m. (2) Feb. 6, 17909 Elizabeth Sharpe. Soon after 
his second marriage they moved from Kinderfaook to Canada. 
Here they remained until 1796, when they came to Volney, 
N. Y., and settled on the East side of the river. This made 
the third settlement in Volney. The village and farms about 
here were all woodland; uninhabited except by Indians and 
the wild denizens of die forests. The British still held Oswego 
and a story is told that the British soldiers, while at a tavern 
kept by a Van Valkenburg, were cheering for King George, 
when John Van Buren answered with three cheers for Wash- 
ington and for his patriotism being obliged to take to his horse. 
John passed his life in hard work, believing "it is better to wear 
out than rust out" He died June 11, 1821, and he was buried 
in the old burial ground North of Fulton. 

Children by first wife: 

533 Peter, bap. June 3, 1781, at Kinderhook, sps. Pieter 

Van Buren, Elbertje Van deusen; m. Elizabeth 
Althous and had nine children. Names unknown. 

534 Katherine, m. a Mr. Edwards and had one son. 

Name unknown to editor. 

Children by the second wife: 

535 John, bap. Apr. 3, 1791; m. Elizabeth Althous, a 

niece of Peter's wife, and had five sons and two 
daughters. (Names not given in sketch furnished.) 

536 Jacob, m. Salina Church and they had six children. 

537 Volkert, m. Phoebe Fredenburg and had three sons. 

538 David, m. 1st, Eunice French and after her death 

he married her sister Lucretia French. There 
were five children in this family of whom two are 
still living at Volney. 


GOSEN* VAN BUREN, Dirck/ Tobias,* Pieter,* Marten, 1 
Cornells, 1 
bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 14, 1751 ; m. July 22, 1772, Marytje 
L. Van Aektyne. 

112 History of Cornkus Maxssrn Van Buren 

Children bap. at Kinderfaook: 

539 Catharine, bap. May 2, 1773, spa. Dirk Van Bitten, 

Catharine Quackenbosch. 

540 Alida, bap. Feb. 4, 1776. 

541 Alida, bap- June 24, 1777, sps. Casparus Cooetn, 

Catrina Van Wie. 

542 Dirk, bap. Mar. 5, 1780, sps. Johannes Van Buren, 

Elbertje Van Buren. 

543 Jannetje, bap. Aug. 5, 1781, sps. Lourens Conyn, 

Jannetje Conyn. 
544' Dirk, bap. June 13, 1784, sps. John Hilton, Elbertje 
Van Buren. 

545 Lambert, bap. Dec 25, 1786, sps. Lambert Van Aal* 

styne, Ldleke Oostrehout 


ELBERTJE 4 VAN BUREN, Dirck/ Tobias, 4 Pieter,* Marten, 9 
Cornelis, 9 

b. April 20, 1760; m. at Kinderhook April 7, 1785, to Dirck 
Van Allen, son of Evert Van Allen and his wife, Margarita 
Fitzgerald ; he was bap. Aug. 7, 1757. 


546 Evert Van Allen, bap. at Kinderhook Feb. 12, 1786, 

sps. Pieter Vosburgh, Maria Van Alen. 

547 Dirck Van Allen, bap. at Kinderhook March 16, 

1788, sps. Tobias and Catharine Van Buren. 

548 Margarietje Van Allen, bap. at Kinderhook Feb. 27, 

1791, sps. parents. 

549 Lourens Van Allen, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 20, 

1793, sps. Lourens and Christina Van Alen. 

550 Catharine Van Alen; bap. not found, but she was 

mentioned by name in the will of her grandfather, 
Dirck Van Buren, made Sept 24, 1802, in which 
he mentions daughter Elbertje, wife of Dirck Van 
Allen, and three of her children, Evert, Margaret 
and Catharine. 

Hisxo&y op Cornelis Marsskn Van Buun 113 


MARTEN* VAN BUREN, Pieter,* Marten, * Pieter,* Marten,* 
Cornells, 1 

bap. Mar. 15, 1779; «• J^ l8 » 1807* Catherine or Gertrude 
Hoes, b. June 27, 1780, <L July, 1814. 


551 Peter, bap. Nov. 37, 1808. 

552 Elizabeth, bap. July 22, 1810. 

+553 Job** Marten, bap. Oct 20, 181 1 ; m. (1) Fiances A. 
Marvin, dau. of Uriah Marvin; she died Apr. 21, 
1842, aged 24 years. He m. (2) Maria Cantine 
Hoes of Kinderhook. 

+554 Alida, 

555 Hurd, 

556 James, m 


GOSEN or JAMES* VAN BUREN, Pieter M.,* Marten,* 
Pieter,* Marten,* Cornelis, 1 

b. at Kinderhook July 22, 1781 ; m. Aug. 16, 1806, Catharine or 
Cornelia Brondc. 


557 Maria, bap. Nov. 13, 1806, Kinderhook records, sps. 

Tobias Van Buren, Sarah Jay; m. Mr. Decker. 

558 Lydia Ann, bap. June 4, 1809, Kinderhook; d. unm. 

559 Catharine, bap. Dec 1, 181 1, Kinderhook. 

560 Jane, bap. Feb. 20, 1814; m. a Mr. Becker. 
4-561 John, m. Abby Jane Van Slyck (widow Fuller). 

562 James, m. 

563 Brondc, m. 


DIRCKJE* VAN BUREN, Abraham,* Marten,* Pieter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornelis, 1 

114 History of Corneus Maisssn Van Buibk 

bap- at Kindcrfaook 1777; d Oct 18, 1865; m. March 15, 1806, 
Barest J. Hoes, son of John Dirdc Hoes and Maria Quack- 
enbosch, his wife (see Hoes 

Children bap. at Kinderhook: 

564 Mary Elixa Hoes, bap. Aug. 19, 1806. 

565 Christina Hoes, bap. Dec 12, 1807. 

566 Johannes Hoes, bap. Oct 14, 1809. 

567 Jane Ann Hoes, bap. Nov. 1 1, 181a 

568 John Hoes, bap. Oct 31, 1812. 

569 Abraham Hoes, bap. Dec. 25, 1814. 

570 Peter Hoes, bap. May 31, 181a 

571 Cantine Hoes, bap, July 13, 1821. 


MARTIN* VAN BUREN, Abraham,* Marten, 4 Pieter,* Mar- 
" ten,* Coradis, 1 

Bap. at Kinderhook Dec. 5, 1782; d. July 24, 1862; m. Feb, 21, 
1807, Hannah Hoes, a kinswoman of his mother. She was 
born Mar. 8, 1783; d. Feb, 5, 1819, in Albany. They were 
married at Catalog N. Y. 

Numerous biographies of Martin Van Buren have been written 
and in fact the statement has been made that of all the Presidents 
until very recent years he had been the most written about We 
are told he was an unusually good student, so that at the age of 
fourteen he was more advanced than lads of that age are usually. 
After leaving the school he commenced the study of law with 
Francis Sylvester of Kinderhook. Politics became a lifelong 
study and when only seventeen he was selected as a delegate to 
the Congressional Convention of his district "Nature having 
endowed him with #•!»■*♦• the bov with Hi* studious disoosition. 
stability of character and untiring perseverance became father 
of the man of state, the magistrate of a nation, honored and 
beloved in life and revered in memory/' 

In 1802 he became a law student with Wm. P. Van Ness of 
New York. In 1803 he was admitted to the bar and entered into 
a partnership with James J. Van Allen of Kinderhook. 



Hisxo&y of Cornklis Marsskn Van Bursn 115 

In 1807 he was admitted as a Counselor of the Supreme 

In 1808 he was appointed by Governor Tompkins as Surro- 
gate for his county (Columbia) and served for five years. In 
1812 he was elected a State Senator, where he represented his 
State for nine years ; during a portion of these years ( 1815-1819) 
he also served as Attorney-General for the State. He was 
chosen to represent his State in the United States Senate in 
1821. Again in 1827 the same honor was conferred upon him. 

In January, 1829, he resigned, as he had been elected to the 
office of Governor of his State. He occupied this position but 
a brief time, as Andrew Jackson having recognized his abilities 
offered him the position of Secretary of State in his Cabinet 
The following interesting letter from Van Buren to Jackson 
denotes the character of die man : 

Van Buren to Jackson. 

Albany, February 20th, 1829. 

Your favor of the 15th instant proposing to assign to me 
the Department of State in the administration about to be 
formed under your auspices was received yesterday. With 
an expression of my gratitude for the favorable opinion you 
have formed of me and the very flattering manner in which 
you have expressed it, I inform you that I accept your invita- 
tion with no other hesitation except such as is derived from a 
distrust of my fitness for the high station to which (you) have 
been pleased to call me. Allow me to assure you that the hope 
of being able to assist you in some small degree to realize the 
expectations of a people who, under the most trying circum- 
stances, have evinced a degree of patriotism and fidelity that 
would do honor to the proudest days of the Republic, induces 
me to quit the elevated and truly -honorable station conferred 
upon me by my immediate constituents associated as I shall, 
doubtless, be in your Cabinet with so great a portion of the 
intelligence and virtue of the country, and having constantly 
and only in view the success of your administration, I cannot 
doubt of our ability to fulfil the public expectation. My move- 

116 History of Cornelis Maisssn Van Busen 

ments i# regard to my repairing to the seat of Government 
will be entirely controlled by my new duties, and be subjected to 
no further delay than is strictly unavoidable of that character 
will be the necessity of exacting information of the confirma- 
tion of my appointment by the Senate. A moment's reflection, 
my dear Sir, will satisfy you that however desirable and agree- 
able it might be that I should be with you sooner, a different 
course would be subject to insurmountable objections. Al- 
though I am satisfied that the great body of my leading friends 
in this State lode to the result that is about to take place, as 
probable, and will be prepared to approve it, there are thou- 
sands and tens of thousands who have never bestowed a 
thought upon the subject With such particularly, and in- 
deed in a quarter or less degree with all, the fact of my leaving 
so soon the station to which I have been raised by their favor 
in the midst of a busy and very interesting session of the 
Legislature, cannot fail to create a strong sensation. Unless 
it be done with the utmost propriety to go off without com- 
municating with the Legislature, and leave the Government to 
devolve silently in the first instance upon the Lieutenant Gov- 
ernor would not do. The first direct notice that my constitu- 
ents are to have of my intentions should be an address to the 
Legislature resigning my office, and assigning my reasons for 
doing so. In the discharge of that duty (which I am satisfied 
public opinion will require of me), it is due to the Senate of 
the United States that I should avoid the presumption of tak- 
ing the confirmation of my nomination for granted. 

Independently of the unpleasant reflections that an oppo- 
site course would give rise to in relation to me personally, and 
by which my future usefulness might be impaired, it is scarcely 
to be doubted that the appetites of your enemies for detrac- 
tion would be in no small degree re-excited, and that we should 
be charged through their papers with disrespect towards the 
constitutional powers and other powers of the Government. 

Hoping that my views upon this subject, thus hastily ex- 
pressed will be satisfactory, I have only to add that no time 
will be lost upon the receipt of my appointment. The resig- 
nation and delivering over of what belongs to the office, will, 

History of Cornbus Maessen Van Bur^n 117 

of course, take a day or two, and I may want a very few days, 
too, and not to exceed a week in all, as I shall leave the fiscal 
arrangement of my domestic affairs for a period when it can 
be done under circumstances more consistent with the public 
service. My friend and aid, Col. Hamilton, of this State, is 
now with you, and will take the trouble to ascertain as far as 
that can properly be done how long a time may, without 
prejudice to the business of the office, be allowed to me to 
pack up, and upon conferring with you will communicate to 
me the result Accept, Sir, the assurance of my great respect 
and kindest regards. — From the draft in the Van Bur en Papers. 

He served as Governor but two months and then assumed 
the responsibilities of the position of Secretary of State; during 
his third year he was appointed Minister to England. In 1832 
he was elected Vice-President to Jackson for his second term. 
In 1836 he was elected President, the first son of New York 
State to be thus honored His term of service extended from 
March 4th, 1837, * or ^ our ) rcar8 » at die expiration he was de- 
feated for re-election. Varied have been the opinions of the 
various biographers of Martin Van Buren as to his political 
abilities, but one and all concede to him the attributes of an 
honorable, although sometimes an irascible man; one who ex- 
hibited to a marked degree many of the sterling traits of his 
Dutch ancestry. In his book entitled "Political Parties in the 
U. S.," one can learn much of his own character as well as the 
matter of which it treats. 

Appended to this article are a number of letters written to 
or by him which also give the reader a clear insight into the 
character of Martin Van Buren. There are numerous amusing 
incidents told about him, as, for example, During Mr. Van 
Buren's mission to England it is said. he attended one of the 
soirees of Queen Adelaide, at which, in a conversation with him, 
she inquired how far back he could trace his ancestry. "As far 
back as Kinderhook, may it please your Majesty, replied Mr. 
Van Buren with die grave urbanity so characteristic of him. 
Supposing the name to be that of some distinguished aboriginal 
chieftain, the fair descendant of a long line of German princes 
paid still greater deference to her guest 

118 History of Corneus Maissbn Van Buibn 

After his election to the Presidency his to w nsm e n gmve him 
a memorable reception and serenade, to which he responded by 
appearing on the balcony of the house, where he had been born, 
and expressed his gratitude to his townsman. 

Extract from President Van Buren's address at Kinderhook 
on July 20, 1839: 

"I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the com- 
plimentary and kind fnanner in which you have greeted my 
return to the place of my birth — the home of my relatives, and 
for more than a century and a half the burial place also of my 
ancestors'; and that I place a very high value upon the ap- 
proval which you have expressed upon my official conduct 
as President of the United States." 

In 1841 he retired to a beautiful estate near Kinderhook 
which he called Lindenwald and he gathered about him a 
group of congenial souls. According to Emerson, 'The orna- 
ment of a house is the friends who frequent it/' and applying 
this test to Martin Van Buren we find him entertaining such 
men as Henry Clay, Thomas H. Benton, Silas Wright, Wm. 
L. Morey, Aaariah C. Flagg, Charles Summer, Francis P. 
Blair, Washington Irving and the Earl of Carlyle. It is re- 
lated that during the visit of Thomas H. Benton at a dinner 
after the dessert that finger bowls were served and that he 
viewed them with suspicion and said to a neighbor "what a 
queer-looking drinking glass/ 9 Later he said to another guest, 
"I am rather charry of new customs, but after noticing Mr. 
Van Buren dip the tips of his fingers in the bowl and wipe 
them daintily on his napkin, I just raked back my cuffs and 
took a good plain Republican wash." 

Washington Irving did a good deal of his literary work at 
Lindenwald ; he wrote a large portion, if not all, of the "Knick- 
erbocker History/' "Rip Van Winkle," and gathered personal 
data for the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," It is related that if 
the weather was cold President Van Buren would cover his 
head with a fur driving glove during church services. 

Lindenwald has passed out of the family, but the old brass 
knocker was to be seen on the door up until a recent date, if 

History of Cornelis Maessbn Van Buben 119 

not there still ; it bore the date of 1797. Among other honors 
beside those of strictly political nature which he bore was that 
of being one of the Regents of the University of the State of 
New York. The years of 1853-1855 he spent in foreign travel, 
and it is related that while in Holland he was received in audi- 
ence by the then King of Holland, and given a drawing of the 
Coat-of-Arms, which is the frontispiece of this bock* These 
Arms are remembered by persons still living as having hung on 
the wall of the hall at Lindenwald, and one of the grandsons 
told one of his cousins of the incident and this cousin gave to 
the Editor a cut of the Arms. 

Will op Martin Van Buben. 

I, Martin Van Buren, of the town of Kinderhook, County of 
Columbia, and State of New York, heretofore Governor of die 
State and more recently President of the United States, but for 
the last and happiest years of my life a Farmer in my native 
town, do make and declare the following to be my last will and 

First, I direct my Executors hereafter named to pay with- 
out delay my funeral expenses and all outstanding bills. Debts 
in the ordinary acceptation of that term I owe none and hope to 
leave none. 

Secondly, I direct that no amount shall be taken of account 
by me heretofore made to either of my sons and that they shall 
be considered as settled with the exception of a bond I hold 
against my son Abraham for two thousand dollars and also a 
note against my son John for four thousand eight hundred and 
fifteen dollars, which was agreed to be considered as business 
transaction strictly, the amount due on each at my death (the 
interest having been strictly paid to the present year) is to be 
charged to them respectively and deducted from their share 
of my estate. The like charge and deduction shall be made in 
respect to any future payments by me or by my estate in cases 
where I have made myself liable as surety for either of my 
sons, but in which nothing has yet been paid by me. 

Thirdly, In consideration of advances which I have made 
to my sons Abraham and John whilst none have been made to 

120 History of Cornus Maisssn Van Buren 

my son Smith Thompson, I bequeath to the latter all my per- 
sonal chattle and effects excepting therefrom all the debts that 
may be due to me and stocks that I may own at my death, and 
also my wine and stock on my farm. My miscellaneous library 
is intended to be included in this bequest, but not my law 
library, which I bequeath to my son John. 

Fourthly, I give to my grandson, Singleton Van Buren, a 
gold snuff box presented to me with the Freedom of the City 
by the Corporation of the City of New York and to my 
grandson Martin, son of Abraham, the marble bust made of 
me by Powers, which I had previously presented to his mother 
and now transfer to the son by her direction. I give to my 
grandson, Martin, son of my son Smith Thompson, a silver 
pitcher presented to me some years since by my old and al- 
ways sincere friend, Benjamin F. Butler. 

Fifthly, I direct my executors to expend four hundred dol- 
lars or so much thereof as may be necessary in obtaining a 
copy of the bust of me by Power, which copy I give to my 
grandson Edward Livingston Van Buren. 

Sixthly, I direct my Executors to pay out five hundred dol- 
lars for keepsakes for my grandson, Travis Van Buren, and 
for my granddaughters, Anna, Ellen, Catharine and Eliza Van 

Seventhly, I request my executors to regard themselves as 
standing toward my best of sisters, Dirike Van Buren, if she 
shall survive me, in the relation I occupied when living and to 
omit nothing in the way of pecuniary advances that may con- 
tribute to her comfort out of my estate. 

Eighthly, I direct my Executors to pay to my niece, Chris- 
tina Cantine, two hundred dollars and to each of my nieces, 
Lucretia Van Buren and Jane Ann Van Buren, the sum of 
one hundred dollars, and I give and devise to my nephew, 
Martin Van Buren, son of my brother Lawrence and to his 
heirs and assigns forever all my interest in a small dwelling 
with the lot on which it stands adjoining his father's house 
conveyed to me by the latter as security for money lent, but 
the latter device is upon the condition that his father relieve* 
me or my Estate from my remaining securityship to the State 
of New York. 

Hisxo&y of Cqrnkus Macwen Van Buuk 121 

Ninthly, I hereby appoint my three sons Abraham, John 
and Smith Thompson, executors of my last and only will ; and 
I do hereby authorise and empower them or such of them as 
shall take upon themselves the execution thereof, and the sur- 
vivors and survivor of them, to fulfill by the execution of con- 
veyances and otherwise as may be proper, any Contracts for 
the sale of lands, made by me, which shall be outstanding at 
the time of my death. 

Lastly, I hereby give, devise and bequeath to my three 
sons, Abraham, John and Smith Thompson, all the remainder 
and residue of my personal Estate not required for the pur- 
poses of my Will under the provisions above made, and all 
my real estate wheresoever situated, to be equally divided 
between them, to have and to hold their respective shares 
thereof to them, their heirs and assigns forever subject to the 
following conditions and reservations, viz: first, that out of 
the avails of the sale of Lindenwald there shall be reserved 
and paid over to my son, Smith Thompson, his heirs or as- 
sign the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars' in full 
satisfaction for his advance toward die expenses incurred by 
the addition to and improvements upon the dwelling house 
and outbuildings with the expectation that the place would be 
devised to him upon terms that would be equitable in respect 
to his brothers, the payment to be without interest during my 
life time. Secondly, that upon the sale of Lindenwald, the 
preference shall be offered in succession to my sons, beginning 
for the reason above assigned and no other, with the youngest, 
if the son accepting the same is willing to pay therefor as 
much as the place can be sold for in the market. 

The three pieces of plate last presented to me by my de- 
ceased friend, Benjamin F. Butler, I bequeath to my three 
sons, Abraham, John and Smith Thompson, to be equally 
divided between them. 

In witness whereof I have to this instrument set my hand 
and seal this eighteenth day of January, in the year of our 
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty. 

M. Van Bubbm (seal). 

122 History op Coekslis Mamctm Van Bubbk 

Subscribed, sealed, published and declared by the said Mar* 
tin Van Buren to be his last will and testament in the presence 
of us the undersigned who at his request and in his presence 
and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed 
our name as witness and affirmed our respective place of resi- 
dence this 18th day of January, i860. 

John M. Pruyn, M.D., of Kinderhook. 
'Laura Collins, of Albany. 

If my faithful James remains with me until my death, I 
wish my Executors to make him a present of one hundred 

M. Van Buien. 


+57? Abraham, b. Nov. 27, 1807; d. Mar. 15, 1873; »• 

Nov., 1838, Angelica Singleton. 
+S73 John, b. Feb. 10, 1810; d. Oct 13, 1866; m. 1841, 

Elizabeth Van der PoeL 
574 Martin, b. Dec 20, 1812 ; d. Mar. 19, 1855, in Paris ; 

+575 Smith Thompson, m. (1) Ellen King James, (2) 
a Miss Irving, niece of Washington Irving. ' 

Letter from Smith Thompson to Martin Van Buren Dec 
5, 1819: "We may have amongst us men and very probably 
some of my friends and associates who are jealous of your 
growing popularity and importance in the State. I think I 
know you as well as they or anybody else, and I can with ut- 
most sincerity declare that my regard for and good opinion of 
you grows upon the more intimate knowledge I have of you," 

Letter from Martin Van Buren to Benjamin F. Butler, 
Feb. 12, 1822: "Made my debut to-day in the Senate in a 
speech of two hours in the presence of a crowded audience of 
ladies, in opposition to the claim of the Marquis de Maison 
Rouge for thirty square leagues of land in Louisiana. I at- 
tacked it on the ground of fraud." 

In Common Council, April 6th, 1827, Mr. Roosevelt pre- 
sented the following resolution which was read and adopted : 

History op Cobnki.ts Mabssen Van Bubsn 123 

Resolved that Martin Van Beuren, late-Governor of this 
State, be requested to sit for his portrait to be placed in the 
City Hall, and that it be referred to a Committee of two, to- 
gether with the Mayor to carry this resolution into effect 

Whereupon His Honor the Mayor appointed on that Com- 
mittee The Recorder and Mr. Roosevelt 

J. Morton, Clerk. 

Letter from Robert Troup, Dec 16, 1828, to M. V. B.: 

"You do me no more than justice when you suppose that 
I 'think well of your Dutch Ancestors/ I have never seen a 
country that impressed me so deeply with a sense of venera- 
tion for those who may be said to have created it, as Holland, 
in which word I include her confederate provinces." 

In Common Council, March 23rd, 1829, Alderman Cebra 
presented the following preamble and resolutions, which were 
read and adopted : 

Whereas, the great and fundamental principle of the com- 
pact forming the Union of the United States is, that the indi- 
vidual members thereof, when called on, shall be ever ready to 
lend their utmost aid either in war or in Council in support of 
those sacred principles of Civil liberty which we enjoy, and 
hope and believe it is our high destiny in this happy land to 
continue to enjoy. Impressed with a deep sense of this truth 
in the Common Council of the City of New York, while they 
deeply deplore the necessity which calls on the State to sur- 
render to the National Councils one of her brightest sons, can- 
not but view with pride and exultation the patriotism and 
public spirit which has actuated him in the acceptance of 
those arduous and responsible duties for the public good ; and 
entertaining, as we do, the highest regard not only for the pure 
republican principles which have uniformly marked the polic* 
ical course of their fellow-citizen, the Honorable Martin Van 
Beuren, they deem the present moment of their separation 
from him a proper occasion for the expression of these senti- 
ments of respect and attachment Therefore, Resolved, that a 
copy hereof, together with the freedom of the City, be pre- 

124 History of Cqrnbus Mabsssn Van Buirn 

sented to the Hon. Martin Van Bcuren as a testimony of the 
respect and esteem which the people of the City of New York 
entertain for his private worth and public services. 

Resolved, that his Honor, the Mayor, do -carry the forego- 
ing resolution into effect 

A true copy from the Minutes. 


To the Highborn President Van Buren, New York in North 

Weinheim, September 17, 1837. 

>rn and Most Honored Mr. President: 

We have for some time past learned from many news- 
papers that your Excellency's grandfather was a German and 
your Father a Hollander by birth. Your Excellency's name 
together with the native lands of your Grandfather and Father 
have induced us to suppose that the former was one of our 
family of whom we have for a long period heard nothing. The 
person to whom we refer was named Hartman Von Burn, born 
at Weinheim in the Bergstrass, and emigrated as a man of 
business to Holland, where he established himself, and from 
which it appears that he wished to send a son to do business 
at Weinheim ; he did not, however, do so, and we heard that 
he with his son emigrated to America. 

This Hartman Von Burn had sisters, of whom one went 
with him to Holland; the other however remained here in 
Weinheim, and I am her grand-daughter. All our endeavours 
to hear news of them were vain, and we have at length taken 
the liberty to address your Excellency and most respectfully 
to request that in case the said Hartman should have been 
your grandfather you will do us the honour and give us the 
pleasure to let us know it In that case, we can be ready to 
furnish his certificate of baptism as also that of your Father. 
In case, however, you should not be as we suppose, we most 
respectfully request your Excellency to pardon us for the 
inquiry. We have availed ourselves of the circumstance of 
the return of Mr. (Merkel) ( ?) who emigrated from this place 

History op Coenkus Mabssin Van Buken 125 

to America in 1804, and has been here on a visit, to send this 

Again requesting your Excellency to pardon the liberty we 
have taken, I have the honour respectfully to sign myself, 

Your Excellency's 



Chaxlotte Gttjjch. 

Our address is Weinheim in the Bergstrass in the Grand 
Duchy of Baden, to Friedreich Gillich, Master tailor. 

Letter from John Van Buren to Martin Van Buren, March 
26, 1845. Encloses a copy (translated) of the will of Martin 

"You will see that whenever the name of Van Buren was 
written in English, it was spelt Van Beuren, being an attempt 
to translate the sound of the Dutch letter u. This was tne 
cause of the letter # being put into the name as mentioned to 
me by my grandfather Tobias in his lifetime. We trace back 
to the testator as follows. My father's name is Cornelius, 
eldest child of Tobias, who was the eldest child of Cornelius, 
who was the eldest child of Tobias, who was the son of Cor- 
nelius, who was the eldest son of Martin Cornelius the tes- 

• • 

"Vcvay, Sept 19, 1854. 
"My dear Son, 

"If you think that I prefer the company here, pleasant as 
it is, to yours, you are very much mistaken. I, on the con- 
trary, long for nothing so much as to be once more located in 
apartments with you at some place where the climate agrees 
with you and where we may flatter ourselves with hopes of 
your recovery." 


LAWRENCE 9 VAN BUREN, Abraham/ Marten, 4 Pieter,* 
Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

b. Jan. 1, 1786; d. July 1, 1868; m. about 1820, Harriet Vos- 
burgh ; Harriet Vosburgh was b. July 19, and bap. Aug. 14, 

126 History of Coekslis Mxassnr Van Buuk 

1796, Kinderhook. She was a dan. of Myndcrt and Locretia 
(vander Pod) Vosbuigh. She d. Sept 23, 1849. He lived at 
Kindcrhook; he was a prosperous farmer. He was a Major 
in the War of 1812 in the Ninth Regiment State Militia, 
He was a prominent citizen of Kinderhook holding various 
offices of trust and honor as Supervisor for the Town, 1837* 
1840; 1850-1851 ; 1853 . He was President of the vil- 
lage of Kinderhook, 1842-1843. A Director of the National 
Bank. At one time a Justice of the Peace. He was a Presi- 
dential Elector. He was Post-Master for some time. He 
ran * store known as the "Yellow Store." 


576 Mary Ann, b. Nov. 1, iflao, and bap. Apr. 24, iSsx. 


577 Lucretta, m. 
^ 578 Catharine, m. 

579 Myndert, m . Still living. Resides in Ruth- 

erford, N. J. 

580 Martin, m. — — Elsie de Meyer (?). 


MARTEN 4 VAN BUREN, Marten/ Marten, 4 Pieter, 4 Marten, 4 
Cornelia, 1 

bap. May 3, 1778; m. Elixa Spregler. 

581 Joseph Spregler, b. Sept 5, 1806. 

582 Martin Spregler, b. Apr. 5, 1808. 

583 Mary Ann Spregler, b. June 19, 1810. 


ABRAHAM 4 VAN BUREN, Marten, 4 Marten, 4 Pieter, 4 Mar- 
ten, 4 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Aug. 28, 1780; d. June, 1816; m. Alleda Coombs. 

History of Cqrnbus Mabssen Van Buun 127 

584 Sally, b. Dec 33, 1807; <*• 7-» unm - 
+585 Nicholas, b. Apr. 29, 181 1 ; m. about 1831, Eva Zel- 
ler Duescher ; b. Mar., 1814. 

586 Mary Ann, m. James Holmsbee and had one dan., 

Leah, who m. James Buchanan and had f oar or 
five children. 

587 Nancy, m. Nicholas Quackenboss and had two 

children, Sarah and Abraham. 

588 John, b. Feb., 1821 ; m. Katharine Wessells ; had 

four children, names not known to Editor. 

589 Sally, m. Daniel Lambert, and had two children, 

Ettie and Abram (?). 


LUCAS or LUKE* VAN BUREN, Marten, 9 Marten, 4 Pieter,' 
1 Marten, * Cornelia, 1 

b. June 10, 1787 ( ?) ; m. Nov. 7, 1805, Jane Vosburgh, at 
Middletown. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. 
John C Toll, of the Town of Canajoharie, N. Y. Jane Vos- 
burgh was a dau. of Hendrick and Elsje (Van Valken burgh) 
Vosburgh ; she was bap. Apr. 30, 1780, at Kinderhook. 


590 Nancy, b. May 24, 1806. 
+591 Henry, b. Oct 26, 1808 ; bap. Jan. 1, 1809. 

59a Maria, b. June 11, 1811. 
+593 Martin, b. Apr. 20, 1814. 
594 John, b. June 7, 1819; bap. Aug. 4, i8ao, Cana- 
joharie record; d. 1897, at his home near Flat 
Creek ; m. Mary Burns. No issue. 


CORNEUS* VAN BUREN, William, 9 Barent,* Marten/ Mar- 
ten/ Cornells, 1 

128 History of Cqrnujs Massszn Van Buibn 

b. Sept 14, 1793; d Aug. 29, 1881 ; m. (1) Magdalena Mar- 
tin; b. 1794; d. 1825; m. (2) Margaret (Putnam) Harden- 
burg, a widow, b. 1785; d. 1873; m. (3) Rachel Field, a 
widow. He left the valley of the Hudson and settled in the 
town of Glen, Montgomery County, in the valley of the 
Mohawk, where he cleared a large farm. He and wife were 
members of the Dutch Reformed Church. 

Children of the first wife: 

+596 Peter Putnam, b. Jan. 24, 1814; d. May 17, 1851 ; 
m. Rachel Enders, of Glen, N. Y. 

597 Susan Catherine, b. Sept 30, 1815 ; m. Delos Hoag, 

of Milford, N. Y. 

598 Hester, b. Jan. 24, 18 18; m. Samuel Enders, of Mt 

Vision, N. Y. 

599 William, b. Nov. 28, 1819; d. unm., Jan. 13, 1871, 

at Mt Vision. 

600 Barent Martin, b. Dec 21, 1822; d. 191 1; m. Re- 


601 Elizabeth, b. Sept 14, 1824 ; m. Martin Pruyn, of 

Oneonta, N. Y. 

Child of the second wife: 

602 Delano, b. June 3, 1827 ; d. Nov. 2, 1887 ; m. Silas 

Robinson, of Mt Vision, N. Y. 


TOBIAS 9 VAN BUREN, William, 9 Barent, 4 Marten, 9 Mar- 
ten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was b. Aug. 4, 1805, in the Town of Laurens, Otsego County, 
N. Y. He died in the same town Oct 27, 1886. Married 
Oct 7, 1829, Eliza Mosher (see Mosher history), b. Jan. 26, 
181 1, and d. Jan. 22, 1896. He was made a Captain of the 
Chenango County Militia July 11, 1834. He resided at 
Conklin, N. Y., now Riverside, from 1841-1882, when he 
returned to Mt Vision, where he died Oct 22, 1886. He 
was a farmer and wagonmaker. 

History op Coinklxs Mabssbit * Van Buuk 129 


+603 Sarah, b. Nov. 8, 1830; m. July 10, 1849, Tko* 
Conklin, of the town of Conklin, Broome Coun- 
ty, N. Y. She is still living (1913.) 
604 Elizabeth, b. Ang. 16, 1836; m. Dec 15, 1855, 
Evans Griggs. She d. Mar* 20, i860. 

+605 Henry Wales, b. Aug. 14, 1839; d. May, 1909; m. 
Sept 17, 1865, Emily Field. 

606 Clara, b. Jan. 16, 1844; d. Jan. 14, 1847. 


ANNATJE^ VAN BUREN, Barent G, 9 Marten C./ Marten, 9 
Marten, 9 Cornelis, 1 

bap. Nov. 30, 1755; m. May 13, 1774, Peter L or J. Hoes. 
Children, bap. at Kinderhook: 

607 Barend, bap. Nov. 7, 1779; sps. Barend Van Bn- 

. ren, Adriaantje vander PoeL 

608 Senntje, bap. Feb. 22, 1784; sps. Marten C. Van 

Buren, Judikje Van Buren. 

136 History o» .Coutuh Maw«n Van Byutw 



CORNEUS* VAN BUREN, Tobias,* Corndis,* Tobias/ Cor- 
nelis,' Marten, 9 Cornelia,* 

was b. Sept 30/ 17^6; d. Apr. 4, 1846; m. at Katsban, N. Y. r 
Mar. 3, 1796, Elizabeth Persen, dau. of Cornelia Persen and 
Elizabeth Masten. She was b. Sept 30, 1774, and d. Sept 


+609 Tobias, b. Nov. 22, 1796; d. May ?5, 1867; m. 

Althea Goodwin, who was b. Sept 6, 1803, and 

d. May 13, 1875. 

+610 John, b. May 13, 1799; <}• Jan* !& 1855, at Kinga- 

w ton, N. Y. ; m. Laura Amelia Philip Hardy ; b. 

Nov. ia, 1800; d. Feb. 3, 1874. 
. +611 Isaac, b. Aug. 4, 1803 ; m. Jan. 13, 1824, Agnes Os- 

612 Cornelia Persen, b. Nov. 25, 1805; d. Sept 25, 
1875 > m* Elizabeth C. Cockburn. 
+613 Henry, b. June 7, 1812 ; d. Feb. 13, 1877 ; m. Mar. 
S> l8 33t J**e C. Trumpboir. 
614 Mathew, b. Nov. 1, 1821. 


CORNEUS T VAN BUREN, Phfllipus/ C6rnelis,• Tobias, 4 Cor- 
ndis,* Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Oct 21, 1781 ; m. Feb. 28, 1802, Maria Keator. 
Children : 

+615 John, bap. June 23, 1803; sps. Sarah Ketor; m. 

1821, Ann France. 
+616 Abraham, bap. Nov. 11, 1804; sps. Sellie Ketor; 

d. Mar. 2, 1858; m. 1831, Sarah Kent 

History of Gqrnbus Masssen Van Burbn 131 

+617 Cornelius M., m. Apr. 20, 1840, Cornelia S. De 

Witt; d. Mar. 2,1858. 
618 William, bap. Dec 21 $ 1807; sps. William Ketor, 

Maria Croeck. 
•{-619 Maria, m. 1829, William Hamilton. 
+620 Henry E., m. Eliza Hermance. 
+621 Elizabeth, m. 1851, Alphous Schoonmaker. 
+622 Peter, bap. Oct 20, 1819; d. Nov. 2, 1887; m. Oct 

x, 1851, Adaline Pardee. 

407 . 

WILLIAM 7 VAN BUREN, Phfflipus,* Cornells/ Tobias, 4 Cor- 
nells,* Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Dec. 1, 1782; d. Oct 2, 1857; m. Mar. 20, 1803, Eliza 
or Elizabeth Roosa (see related families). 


623 Phillip, d. in inf. 
+624 Philip, b. Sept 5, 1804; <L Jan. 19, 1878; m. Nov. 
3, 1826, Catharine Da Bois (see related fam- 

625 John, bap. Oct 13, 1805 ; sps. John Roosa, Eliza- 
beth Hoogteeling, d. 7. 

4-626 John Roosa, bap. Jan. 19, 1807; *P** J°hn Roosa, 
Elizabeth Hoogteeling ; m. Margaret van Gaas- 

+627 Eliza Helen, b. Nov. 27, 1810; d. July 18, 1880; m. 
James van Gaasbeck. 

+628 Jane Ann, b. Mar. 28, 1816; d. Dec 22, 1864; m. 
Feb., 1833, Stephen Hawkins. 

629 Christina, b. June 3, 1818. 

630 Andrew de Witt, b. Jan. 3, 1821 ; m. ; had two 

daughters, viz. ; Mary Elizabeth and Augusta. 


PHILUPUS f VAN BUREN, JR., PhillipUs,* Cornelis,* 
Cornells,* Marten, 9 Cornells,* 

132 History of Cotmus Mabssbjt Van Buuk 

b. Nov. 7, 1784; in. Bessie Davis, 

+631 Ely, bap. Sept 25, 1807; m. July 13, 183% Eliza- 

beth van Waggoners. 
+633 Maria, m. George Brodhead (see related families). 

633 Catharine, b. Feb. 26, 1811. 

634 Eliza Helen, m. Phillip Deitz. 

635 Sarah, Yn. . 



JARVIS* VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter/ Ephraim, 9 Cdrnelis,* 
Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

b. Aug. 7, 1801 ; m. (1) Nancy Sanford ; m. (2) Margaret 
Adair; m. (3) Eliza Adair, a sister of Margaret 

Child by first wife: 

636 A son named Halsey ; m. 
Child by second wife: 

637 A son named James ; m. 


CATALINA' VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter, 9 Ephraim, 9 Cornell*/ 
Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

b. Apr. 9, 1804 ; m. James Putnam. 

6^8 Richard P. Putnam. 

639 Jarvis Mudge Putnam. 

640 William Winne Putnam. 

641 Calista Putnam. 
643 Edgar Putnam. 

643 James Putnam. 

644 Arthur Putnam. 

History of Coenilis Mabssin Van Bubbn 133 


EPHRAIM' VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter/ Ephraim/ Cornells/ 
Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

b. Feb. 20, 1807; m. Mary Day. 

645 Caroline, m. 

646 James A., m. 

647 Elben, m. 


REBECCA THERESA 7 VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter/ Ephraim/ 
Cornells/ Pieter/ Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

b. Jan. io t 18x0 ; m. May 5, 1840, William Gibson. 


648 Harriet Gibson, h. Apr 23, 1841 ; A Mar. 17, 1843. 

649 Charles Gibson, b. Mar. 9, 1843; d - Fcb - 5» 1852. 

650 Harriet Gibson, b. Oct 16, 1845. 

651 Dwight Gibson, b. Oct 12, 1847; d. Feb- 26, 1852. 

652 Albert Gibson, b. Feb. 9, 1850; d. July 31, 1851. 


JAMES SAURIN' VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter/ Ephraim,* 
Cornells, 4 Pieter/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

b. Jan. 19, 1819 (twin) ; d. 1891 ; m. Harriet Adelia Stedman 
or Stebbins, 


653 James Heart, b. at Watertown, N. Y., July 7, 1850 ; 

m. Apr. 11, 1877, at Norwalk, Conn., Annie M. 
Smith. He graduated at Yale, 1873; at the 
• Berkeley Divinity School, 1876. Was ordained 
to the Ministry, 1876. Was Rector of St Steph- 
en's Church at Lynn, Mass., over ten years, 
where on June 24, 1902, he was consecrated 
Bishop of Porto Rico. 

i34 History op Cqrnbus Mjussay Van Buiik 

654 Albert, m. 

655 William, m. 

656 John, m. 


ALEXANDER U VAN BUREN, Rev. Peter/ Ephraim/ 
Cornell*/ Pietec/ Marten, 1 Cornelia/ 

b. Jan. 19, 1819 (twin) ; m. Henrietta Meigs. 


657 Edmund R., m. 

658 Mary G., m. 

659 Anna M., m. 

660 Abigail W.,m. 

661 Alexander B., m. 

662 John, m. — . 

663 Henry P., m. 

447 ~ 

FRANQS B. f VAN BUREN, Barent F./ Francis/ Barent/ 
Pieter/ Marten/ Comelis/ 

He was commonly called Major, b. Apr. 6, 1799; d. about 
1870; m. Feb- 10, 1837, to Maria Banta of Perth, who was 
b. Oct. 3, 1806, the child of Hendrick Banta and Engeltie 
Schermerhorn. This couple, Francis and Maria Van Buren, 
lived for about twenty years on a farm near Mayfield, and 
then moved to Virginia, where they lived on a farm near 
Washington, D. C, until their deaths. 

664 The only child of this couple was John Henry Van 
Buren, b. at Mayfield, about 1840, and d. while 
on a visit at the home of his Uncle, Henry Banta, 
in the town of Perth, about the year 1864. 

History of Cqrnrus Marssrn Van Burr* 135 


ANN EUZA f VAN BUREN, Barent/ Frauds/ Barent,* 
Fieter,* Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

b. May 2, 1805 ; d. May 17, 1877 ; m. at Mayficld, by Rev. 
Jeremiah Wood on Jan. 28, 1831, to Henry Banta, of Perth, 
who was b. Apr. 5, 1806, and d. Feb. 13, 1880. This couple 
lived on a farm about 2 miles North of the village of Haga- 
man, which had been in the Banta family for many years. 


665 Catharine Ann Banta, b. Apr. 23, 1832; d. Jan. 30, 


666 Marcus Banta, b. July 23, 1834; A Aug. 29, 1862; 

m. on Oct 7, 1857, to Amanda M. Hides. 

667 Mary Elizabeth Banta, b. Mar. 23, 1838; d. Jan. 21, 


668 John Henry Banta, b. Mar. 29, 1844; d. Oct 8, 1899; 

m. Hester Jane Vosburg, of Oenvflle, b. Apr. 3, 
1847 ; d. Feb. 19x0. Issue : Anna Eliza, b. Apr. 
10, 1871; m. Wa Edw. Parker, Sept 26, 1888. 
Albert, b. May 9, 1874. Lottie, b. June 26, 1885 ; 
d. Feb. 23, 1886. 


JOHN f VAN BUREN, Peter H.,* Francis/ Barent,* Picter,* 
Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

bap. at Claverack, Jan. 19, 1794; d. 1867; m. Laura Browne!!. 

669 James H. 

670 Elizabeth. 

671 Sarah. 

672 Evelyn. 

673 Peter. 

674 Harmon. 

136 History of Cbtmus Mabmiw Van Bubsm 


JAMES' VAN BUREN, Peter H./ Pnnds,* Baratt,* Pieter/ 
Marten,* Cornells, 1 

bapt Nov. 7, 1801 ; d. 1878; m. Mary Lyman, of Cazenovia, 


675 Henry. 

676 Mary Lyman, m. Henry Sharpless. 

677 Katherine. 

678 Delia E. 

679 Delia. 

680 James Lyman, b. 1837; d. 1866. 

681 Emma. 

68a Henrietta Chester. 


The funeral of Brevet General James Lyman Van Buren, 
who died in this city at the residence of his father. No. 46 
Union Square, on Friday last, took place y e ste r da y afternoon. 
Though a young man, General Van Buren was widely known 
and universally respected and esteemed, alike for his abilities 
as a soldier and a scholar. In the spring of 1861 he was com- 
missioned as Second Lieutenant in the Fifty-third New York 
Volunteers (known as the d'Epeneuil Zouaves), with which 
regiment he remained for some months, doing duty at An- 
napolis, Maryland, until he was transferred to the Signal corps 
as chief officer. When the Burnside expedition was fitting 
out at Annapolis he was appointed as aid-de-camp on General 
Foster's staff. During the battle of Roanoke Island, in the 
discharge of his duty, he was constantly under fire, deporting 
himself with the utmost coolness and bravery. When the 
Ninth Corps moved to Newbern, North Carolina, he acted as 
aid on the staff of General Burnside, and was subsequently 
made Assistant Judge Advocate General for that department 
Soon after the President appointed Governor Stanley as Pro- 
visional Governor of North Carolina he was promoted to the 



> a 


1 1 

History of Cobnkus Maissen Van Bubkn 137 

full rank of Major and appointed as Military Secretary to the 
Governor, which office he held until the Ninth Corps joined the 
Army of the Potomac He remained with his corps until 
Burnside was removed from the command of the Army of the 
Potomac and ordered to the Department of Ohio, in the spring 
of 1863, to which place he accompanied General Burnside, and 
was actively engaged all through the campaign in East Ten- 
nessee. He participated in the siege of Knoxville in the fall of 
1863, and was one of the party of officers who rode out to wel- 
come General Sherman on his relief of that position. 

In the winter of 1864-5 the Ninth Corps was reorganized and 
filled up with colored troops. Major Van Buren then rejoined 
his old corps, and with it participated in the victories and de- 
feats throughout the final campaign of the rebellion. At the 
mine explosion and battle of July 31, at Fort Steadman and the 
final attack on Petersburg, he was particularly conspicuous for 
gallantry, and for his bearing on those occasions and long and 
faithful service to the country he received his brevet as lieuten- 
ant-colonel and brevet brigadier-generaL Last August, while 
home waiting orders, he was attacked with chills and fever, 
besides suffering from a diseased liver, which it is thought 
were incidental to the jaundice, a disease that he contracted 
while in service at North Carolina. He has never been in per- 
fect health since. Surrounded by fond parents and a host of 
friends he has thus peacefully breathed his last James Lyman 
Van Buren was in the twenty-ninth year of his age, a native of 
Dunkirk, near Lake Erie, in this State, and a graduate of the 
Free Academy of this city. At that school he was considered 
one of the brightest scholars, and his associations with his 
classmates were of such an amicable nature that none of them 
will read of his death without a feeling of regret at his early 

He was commissioned as aid on the staff of General Parke, 
on the 1st of the present month. Yesterday afternoon the 
Twelfth Regiment, National Guard, in accordance with orders 
promulgated from division headquarters, acted as funeral es- 
cort to the deceased, and, accompanied by the United States 
band from Governor's Island, made a fine appearance. The 


remains were taken to the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian 
Church, corner of Twenty-second Street,' where the solemn 
and impressive services for the dead were celebrated; after 
which a beautiful eulogy on the life and patriotic services of 
the deceased was delivered by the Rev. Howard Crosby, D.D., 
and the remains were then conveyed to their last resting place 
in Greenwood. (1866.) 


Barent, 4 Fieter,' Marten, • Corndis,* 

b. Oct 14, 1804; m. Caroline Kingsley. 
Children: ......... 

683 Helen. 

684 James Henry. 

685 Katherine. 

686 Charles Edward. 



CHARLES' VAN BUREN, Harmon F.,< Francis,* Barent, 4 
Pieter,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. Mayfield, Mar. 5, 1799; d. Feb. 15, i860; m. first to Mag* 
dalen Winney, who was b. Oct 8, 1803, and d. childless; sec- 
ond time m. to Jane K. Benson, b. Oct 5, 1820, a dan. of 
Seneca and Athaliah Benson; third time m. to Elyda Van 
Dyke, Apr. ft 1856. 

Children by second wile:- . 

+687 Richard, b. Jnly 24, 1839. 

+688 Catharine Jane, b. Apr., 1841 ; d. Mar. 21, 1896. 

+689 Orlen R., b. Apr. 5, 1843 ; d. May 17, 187& 

+690 Ann Eliza, b. Mar. 13, 1845 ; d. Oct 28, 1884. 

691 Harmon C, b. Mar. xo, 1848. 

History of Cobnkus Maipwbn Van Bubsk 139 


FRANCIS 7 VAN BUREN, Harmon F./ Frauds/ Barents 4 
Pictcr/ Marten,* Cornells,* 

b. Feb. 22, 1805 ; d. Mar., 1872 ; m. Mar. 16, 1825, to Eleanor 
Marce&us, b. May 15, 180 1. 


692 Catharine Ann, b. Feb. 17, 1826; d. Dec 17, 1863; 

m. (1) on Jan. 1, 1849, to C N. Schuyler; (2) 
Aug. 2, 186a, to Geo. W. Bittnger. 

693 Mary Jane, b. Jan. 18, 1826; d. Apr. 20, 1835. 
+694 Hester, b. Apr. 27, 1830; d. July 8, 1887; m. to 

Thos. Brignall, May 16, 1849. 
+695 Dewitt, b. Aug. 24, 1840; d. Oct 5, 1870; m. on 
July 30, i860, to Estelle Evans, who was b. 
Sept 21, 1841, at Pittsfield, Mass. 


OLIVER MILLER* VAN BUREN, Harmon F.,« Fraud*/ 
Barent. 4 Pieter.* Marten. 1 Corndu. 1 

b. Apr. 4, 1807 ; d. Jane, 1882 ; lived his entire life at May- 
field, where he was engaged in the lime business and in 
fanning; m. at Edinburgh N. Y., on Jan. 21, 1829, to Sally 
Maria Hayes, b. Apr. 9, 18x1, at Pittstown, Re n ss e laer 
County, a dau. of Gilbert W. and Phoebe Hayes; d. Apr., 

+696 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1830; m. July 1, 1847, Abner 

F. Burr, who d. Sept 30, 185 1, aged 26 years. 
+697 Charles Henry, b. May 17, 1836; d. Mar. 29, 1897; 

m. Dora Case. 
+698 Harmon Edward, b. June 28, 1839; m. Harriet 

Adaline Thompson. 
+699 Ansel Hayes, b. Apr. 17, 1846; d. May 31, 1910; m. 

IdeU Newell. 

140 History of Coendjs Maxsssk Van Bubxk 


700 Granville, b. Aug. 3, 1853 ; ifc. June a, 1881, Martha 
Dye, b. May 16, 1861; no children. Mr. Van 
Buren is a successful glove manufacturer at 
Mayfield, N. Y. 


ANGELICA' VAN' BUREN, Harmon F.,< Francis,' BarenV 
Pkter,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 
b. Mar. 6, 1809; d. Aug. 11, 1884; m. Oct 20, 1846, to Jacob 
G. Case of Mayfield, h. Oct 8, 1823, and d. May 25, 1887, of 
a fracture of the skull sustained while at work in a stone 


701 Orville D. Case, b. Oct 3, 1848. 


PETER' VAN BUREN, Harmon F.,* Frauds,* Barent* Cor- 
nelis,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

h. at Mayfield, May 3, 1813; <L at Phelps, Ontario County, 
JkL Y-, Hav. 17, 1885; was m. first on July 14, 1836, to Eunice 
Benson of Braadalbio, h. May *A j8xi, and <L June 7, i860; 
he was a second time m. on Feb. 28* 1861, to Harriet Cooper, 
who was b. Oct 20, 1819, and d. July 17, 1882. 

Children by the first marriage: 


702 Mary Jane, b. Apr. 4, 1838; d. Apr. 2, 1855, She 

was a hunchback. 

703 Jeremiah Wood, b. July 5, 1846; was killed at the 

battle of Piedmont, Va., June 25, 1864. 

704 Manet, b. Sept 16, 1853; <L Dec 21, 1853. 

• ■ 


DR. PETER* VAN BUREN, Barent,* Peter,* Barent,* Pieter,* 

History of Corneus Maessen Van Burbn 141 


b. Mar. 7, 1802; d. 1873; m. Sept 9, 1823, Maria or Mary 
Brodhead, dan. of Dr. John Thomas Brodhead of Clermont, 
N. Y. She was born Sept 10, 1805. Dr. Peter practised in 
Albany for some years and then removed to New York City, 
where he acquired a large and lucrative practise. He was an 
Elder in the Dutch Reformed Church at West 22nd Street 
for years. 


+705 Thomas Brodhead, bap. Aug. 1, 1824; d. 1888; m. 
Harriet Carthy Sheffield, a dau. of Joseph Earl 
Sheffield of New Haven, Conn. 

706 Mary Catharine, bap. Oct 3, 1827; m. Mr. Mc- 

Gregor. She had two sons, Van Buren Mac- 
Gregor, Malcolm MacGregor. 

707 Emma, bap. July 30, 1830; died in infancy. 

708 Harriet S., bap. 1845; d. April 15, 1880; m. Nov. 

2, 1876, George F. Deutch. 

EVERT VAN BUREN. Barent/ Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Mar- 
ten,* Corndis, 1 

was the second son and the fourth child of Barent and Cath- 
erine (Vosburgh) Van Buren; bap. Nov. 3, 1803, at Kinder- 
hook, Columbia County, N. Y. ; d. in Chicago Feb. 12, 1885. 
He m. (1) about 1826, Catherine Smith, dau. of Daniel and 
Alona Smith, who d. Sept 8, 1874, aged 65 years. He m. 
(2) June 13, 1878, Mrs. Harriet Cheseldine of Keokuk, Iowa. 

The following is a clipping from one of the Chicago papers: 
"Judge Evert Van Buren lies at the point of death at his resi- 
dence, 679 West Adams Street Judge Van Buren is long 
known to legal fame. He was one of the oldest practitioners at 
the Cook County bar. He was born at Kinderhook, Columbia 
County, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1803. Receiving an academic education, 
he read law with J. & A. Vanderpoel, of his native town, and 
was admitted to the bar in 1827, afterward settling in Penn Yan, 
Yates County, N. Y. Practise came to him almost from the 
beginning of his career, and he was esteemed the peer of the 

142 History of Cowelis Maisssm Van Bubsk 

best lawyers in the county, among whom were numbered John 
C Spencer and Dudley Marvin. 

"In the "flush times' of 1836 he moved to Buffalo. His 
reputation had preceded him and success attended his efforts. 
As a lawyer, especially in criminal cases, his triumphs were many 
and brilliant Urged by his friends in Penn Yan, he returned 
to that town in 1840. He represented his con g re ssi onal dis- 
trict in the national anti-masonic convention in 1833, being the 
youngest man in the convention. Coming to Chicago in 1856, he 
soon acquired a lucrative practise and was elected Judge of the 
Recorder's Court, faithfully discharging his duties to the end 
of his term. 

"He entered actively into practise again and continued to take 
great interest in his profession until quite recently, when the 
accumulating ills of old age lowered him to his present precarious 


Children (all by the first wife) : 

709 James Vandcpod, h. Apr. xo, 1807. 

7x0 Augustus, b. Mar. 20, 1829; d. May 9, 1899; m. 
Harriet Grosbeck (no issue). He was a cele- 
brated criminal lawyer. 

711 Caroline, b. Aug. 8, 1831; d. Oct I, 1857; m. 

Charles W. Noble. 

712 Cornelia Augusta (twin), b. Aug. 4, 1833; <*• Nov. 

12, X833. 

713 Catherine Ann (twin), b. Aug. 4, 1833; d. Feb. 33, 

1862. • 

714 Barent Smith, b. Nov. 19, 1836; m. Mary Britton. 
+715 Evert, and, b. Mar. 9, 1839; d. Oct 25, 1905; m. 

Nov. 18, 1868, his cousin, Elisabeth Van Buren, 
a dau. of Barent and Helen (Du Boss) Van Buren. 
(See her record as child of Barent and Helen 
DuBois (Van Buren.) 

716 Frederick, b. June 20, 1842. Still living in Chicago. 

717 John R., b. Jan., 1846; d. May 6, 1846. 

t. Jr. irttl Gertrude B 


History of Gqrnkus Maessrn Van Buuk 143 


....... 472 

Barent,* Pieter,* Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. Feb. 4, 1807; m. a Mr. Livingston. Both are dead. 



718 James Livingston, b. (deaf and dumb) ; dead 

719 Barent Van Buren Livingston, m. . Was a 

druggist in Williamsbuig (Brooklyn. N. Y.) for 
years; now retired. 


BARENT VAN BUREN, Barent,* Pieter,* Barent,* Pieter,* 
Marten,* Comelis, 1 

h. Aug. 25, 181 1 ; <L Dec 17, 1854; is buried at Ghent, N. Y.; 
m. (x) at Red Hook, N. Y., to Helen Maria Do Bois, dau. of 
John and Gertrude (Brodhead) Da Bois., b. May 29, 1812; 
<L Mar. 29, 1845; m. (2) 1850, to Caroline Matilda Groat of 
Chatham, N. Y. 9 who <L June i, 1907. He lived at Waldon, 
Orange County, where he had his family; later he moved to 
Ghent and still later to Chatham, on the old Kline Kill road, 
where he had a large farm. 

Children by the first wife : 

720 Henry Du Bois, b. about 1836; m. Maggie Meskk 
of Ghent They moved to Joliet, Illinois, where 
they had a son, who died in infancy. Henry died 
in Joliet, but is buried with his wife in Chatham, 
N. Y. 

+721 Gertrude Brodbead, b. Nov. 17, 1838; d. Jan. 2, 
1867; m. Dec 21, 1865, to her second cousin, 
George MandevOle Van Buren, son of Bartholo- 

+722 Barent, Jr., b. Mar. 8, 1840; m. Sept 25, 1895, in 
Chicago to Mildred Bader of Bolivar, Ohio; b. 
Feb. 28, 1868. 

144 History of Cobnett* Mabssbk Van Buicn 

+723 Elizabeth DuBois, h. July 31, 184a; <L Aug. 7, 
1900; m. Nov. 18, 1868, her cousin, Evert, a son 
of Judge Evert of Chicago. (See record of 

Children by the second wife: 

734 Peter Groat, b. Feb. 21, 1853; A Apr. 20, 1853. 

+725 Caroline Louise, b. Dec 15, 1850; m. May 19, 1870, 

• to Dr. J. M. Knott of Springfield, Ohio. 


JOHN f VAN BUREN, Barents Peter/ Batent/ Picter,* Mar- 
ten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Oct 14. 1817; m. Feb. 12, 1850, Mary Fliiahrfh Bur- 
roughs, h. in Clermont; N. Y., 183a She died in California, 
Nor. 24, 1896. For a number of yean John was a prominent 
citizen of Chatham, N. Y. 9 having a large coal business there, 
also being actively engaged in all that pertained to the best 
interests of the village; he was an active member of the Dutch 
Reformed Church. In 1876 he removed with his family to 
California, where at the advanced age of over ninety-five years 
he is living with his son, John, Jr. 


726 Catharine Dorothea, b. Sept 20, 1851 ; <L Dec 20, 


727 Francis Burroughs, b. Dec 21, 1853; <L Dec 14, 


728 Francis, b. Oct 20, 1858; d. Nov. 24, 1898. 

729 Mary Louisa, b. May 26, 1861 ; d. Sept 19, 1877. 
+730 John, Jr., b. Mar. 21, 1864; m. June 24, 1885, Eliza- 

. beth J. Benninghuff, b. in Dixon, California, Oct 
2j 9 1867, dau. of Syrus R. Benninghuff and Clem- 
entine Virginia (Rekhereek) Benninghuff. 


BARTHOLOMEW 1 VAN BUREN, John P.,* Pieter,* Barent 4 
Pieter,* Marten,* Cornelia, 1 


And Wife 

History of Cornelis Maoism Van Buren . 145 

b. July xi 9 1807; 4- May *> l8 &6> ** Kindcrhook; buried at 
Stuyvesant Falls, N. Y.; m. May 29, 1829, Catherine Philip, 
dau. of Peter Philip and Margaret Schneider of Ghent; b. 
Apr. 27, 1810; d. Nov, 19, 1866. This couple were the 
grandparents of the Editor, and with pride and reverence do 
I recall the great esteem in which they were held by all who 
knew them. Great was the sorrow when my grandmother 
died at such an early age, and sincerely was she mourned not 
only by her family, but by a large circle of true friends who 
appreciated the quiet, gentle dignity of her manner and the 
genuineness of her christian character. Grandfather was one 
of the old-time gentlemen: quiet, dignified, but whose eye 
would kindle and whose face would be wreathed with a quiet 
smile when a good story was told, but who would never 
countenance anything which savored of coarseness. He was 
an Elder in the Dutch Reformed Church at Stuyvesant Falls 
for all the years from its establishment until due to advancing 
years he sold his farm and moved to Kindcrhook, where he 
died He never held public offices, but was sought by many 
for his advice and council, and his word was always as good 
as his bond 


+731 John Henry, b. Sept 18, 1830; d Feb. 20, 1888; 

m. (1) May 10, 1855, Harriet Beardsley; m. (2) 

Feb. 20, 1862, Mary vande Carr. 
+732 Peter James, b. Dec 14, 1832; d Dec 17, 1882; m. 

Mar. 10, 1857, Anna van Alstyne. 
+733 George Mandeville, b. Apr. 20, 1835; d June 17, 
' 1910; m. (1) Dec 21, 1865, Gertrude B. Van 

Buren, dau. of Barent Van Buren ; m. (2) Apr. 

20, 1869, Annie Eliza Hoes. 
734 Sarah Catherine, b. June 25, 1837; d Apr. 11, 1902, 

+735 Bartley Lansing, b. Aug. 6, 1839; m. (1) Jan. 26, 
i860, Margaret J. Williams ; m. (2) June 20, 1898, 
Augusta C. Clark. 

146 History of Cornelis Maxssen Van Buren 

+736 Barent Sylvester, b. Oct 14, 1843; <*• Fcb - 4» l8 94» # 
m. Feb. 25, 1868, Annie G. vande Cam 


JOHN' VAN BUREN, John P./ Pieter,* Barent,* Pieter,* Mar- 
ten,* Cornelis, 1 


b. Dec 6, 181 1 ; d Sept 27, 1876; m. Sept 30, 1841, Eliza 
Shufelt, b. Feb. 17, 1822; d Feb. 4, 1906. From Sept 1, 1841, 
, to Apr. 189 1844, he was Adjutant of the 25th Regiment of 
the 2nd Brigade of Cavalry of New York State Militia, when 
he was honorably discharged at his own request He was 
elected Supervisor of the Town of Stockport, Nov., 1875, and 
served on numerous committees until the time of his death, 
Sept 27, 1876. The following resolutions were adopted at 
the time of his death: "Whereas, The Board of Supervisors 
of the County of Columbia believing it fit and proper that a 
public expression be made of their sincere sorrow for the 
mortality that has removed from their places here and among 
men three valued and useful members of the Board of Super* 
visors of 1875, an occurrence believed to be without a parallel 
in the history of this county, under a deep sense of the 
bereavement sustained by them and by the county at large, 
but more especially by the families and immediate constituents 
of our late associates; Resolved, (unanimously), That in 
testimony of our appreciation of the private character and 
public worth and services of our fellow members, William 
H. Snyder, of Gallitin ; Uriah Feller, of Clermont, and John 
Van Buren, of Stockport, we place upon the records of our 
board this memorial, preamble and resolution." He was an 

active member of the Methodist Church.- 

. ..... ■'•.-. : . ■ . 


+737 John Thompson, b. Oct 9, 1842 ; d 1895 ; m. Jennie 

738 Lucy Albertine, b. Mar. 11, 1844; d. Apr. 22, 1845. 

739 Sarah, b. Apr. 5, 1846; still living, unm. 

740 Charles H., b. Aug. 12, 1848 ; m. 


Aadhfe wii« 








History of Coeneus Masssbn Van Buien 147 

741 Ason, b. Jan. 22, 185 1 ; d. Mar. 3, 1851. 

742 Lucy Albertine, b. Mar. ix 9 1855; d. June 23, 1865. 


CATHERINE* VAN BUREN, John P.,* Pieter/ Barent/ 
Pieter/ Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1813; m. Andrui Whitbeck. 


743 Albert, m. Olive • No children. 

744 Sarah, unm. 

745 Catharine, m. . Had 2 children. 

746 Dora, m. Mr. Quereau. Has a daughters. 

747 Ella,, m. Mr. Chapman. Has 1 son. 

748 Peter, m. 
748a Andrus m. 


JAMES' VAN BUREN, John P., 9 Pieter/ Barent/ Pieter,' 
Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1815; m. Emma Hudson. He became a lawyer and settled 
in Detroit, Michigan. 


749 Plynie, m. ; became a lawyer in Detroit 

750 Anna, m. . 

751 Caroline, m. 
75a Elizabeth, m. 


BARENT VAN BUREN, John P./ Pieter/ Barent/ Pieter/ 
Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1820; d. Sept, 1905; m. 1849, Mary vanden Berg. He was 
a prominent farmer in the town of Stockport Both he and 
wife were prominent members of the Dutch Reformed 
churches at Stuyvesant Falls and West Ghent; the records of 
die latter have a memorandum relating the earnestness with 

148 History or Cotmua Maputo Van Buien 

which they both discharged die ditties devolving upon them 
as members of different mm tn lHm m m. unA offices of the church. 
M Aunt Mary/' as she was generally called, was a great worker 
in all the societies of the church and also of the village, espe- 
cially the Temperance societies. 


+753 J*bn P., b. 1850; m. (1) Ruth A. Lay; b. 1849; 

d. 1898; m. (2) Nov. 5, 1901, Margaret Van 

Bramer; b. 1867. 

+754 Kate, b. 185a; m. Byecourt 

+755 Sarah, b. 1854; 4 May 2, 1895; m. Mathew C 


» • • • • 


HENRY* VAN BUREN, John P.,* Pkter,* Barent,* Pieter,* 
Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1833; m. Sarah Hudson. He became a physician and located 
at Fairport, N. Y., where he died. 


756 Ida Geraldine, d. in infancy. 

757 Ida Geraldine, m. . (Name unknown; had two 

little girls and died while they were young; their 
whereabouts unknown to the Editor.) 


HARMON T VAN BUREN, Barent/ Harmon,* Barent,* Ptcter,* 
Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

die eldest son of Barent and Grace Denison Van Buren, was 
b. in Mayfield, N. Y., Mar. a, 1793; m. Electa Sackett Har- 
mon d. in the early fifties and later his family moved to die 
Western States. Some of his descendants live in Illinois, 
1, and Texas. 


758 Barent 

History or Cqrnbus Maessen Van Buken 149 

759 Amelia. 

760 William. 

761 Denison. 

762 Louise. 


THOMAS HARVEY* VAN BUREN, Barent/ Harmon/ Bar- 
ents Pieter,* Marten,* Cornelis, 1 

He was the second son of Barent Van Buren and his wife, 
Grace Denison Van Buren. He was b. in Mayfield, N. Y., 
Sept 22, 1795. He was united in marriage Sept 17, 1817, to 
Miss Betsey Ayers of Johnstown, N. Y. Shortly after their 
marriage they moved to Gouverneur, N. Y., and settled on 
what is now known as the Johnstown Road, this street having 
received its name from die early settlers, many of whom came 
from Johnstown. Besides their clothing, Mr. Van Buren 
was only equipped with an ax. Arriving at Gouverneur they 
went to die home of John Thrall, a brother-in-law, where they 
stayed a week, during which time Mr. Van Buren had chopped 
die trees and hewn them out, completing a cozy little log 
cabin for himself and his young bride to begin life in for 
themselves. With untiring industry and perseverance he kept 
on clearing up his tract of land until there was sufficient lumber 
to build a good frame house, and eleven years later they moved 
into their new home. At that time Mr. Van Buren had to go 
horseback to Rossie, guided only by marked trees, a distance 
of about 17 miles to get nails to build his new home with, and 
paid a shilling a pound for them. Both Mr. Van Buren and 
his wife were good, staunch Presbyterians, among the first 
to help found a church in Gouverneur. They had to walk 
to church, a distance of two miles, so they went bare-footed 
until they nearly reached the church, when they stopped by 
the roadside and put on their shoes and stockings. Later they 
were able to drive to church with their oxen team hitched to 
a lumber wagon. Many were the difficulties under which 
our forefathers lived. All clothing had to be spun and woven 
by hand, there being no mills at that time in this new country. 
Their food also had to be ground by hand. Thomas Harvey 

150 History of Cornelis Maessiv Van Bubbn 

Van Buren was a soldier in the war of 1812. Mr. Van Buren 
and his wife were blessed with five children: 

763 Caroline, b. Mar. 16; d. Apr. 5, 1819. 

764 Willard, b. Apr. 9; A May 7, 182a 

765 Orville, b. Nov. 5, 1821 ; m. 1843, Lucy Jane Laur- 

ence, by whom he had two children: Emma Jane, 
Sarah. His second wife was Delia C Chamber- 
lain; children: Frank, Grace, Clara. 

766 Harriet, b. Apr. 25, 1822; m. John McElhinney; 

children: Harriet, Ella, George, William, John, 

767 Lucretia, b. May 1, 1831 ; m. William H. Smith; no 

children. Still resides in Gonverneur. These 
children were all born in the little log cabin except 
die youngest, Lucretia, who came after they were 
settled in their new home. 

Major William John McElhinney, second son of John Mc- 
Elhinney, and his wife, Harriet Van Buren McElhinney, (766), 
and a grandson of Thomas (487) Harvey Van Buren, was born 
at Brockville, Ontario, Canada, Sept 27, 1862; educated at the 
Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada, from which he was 
graduated with honors, June 11, 1881. 

In September, 1881, he was appointed assistant engineer on 
the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, with head- 
quarters at Winnepeg, and remained there until 1885, when he 
was offered a Lieutenant's commission in the British Army, 
through Colonel E. D. Hewitt, commandant of the Royal Military 
College of Canada. 

He accepted the offer and proceeded to London, England, to 
report himself to the Adjutant-General at the War Office in 
White Hall, London, in December, 1885, and on January 6, 
1886, was gazetted in the London Gazette to be a Lieutenant in 
the corps of Royal Engineers, of which his Royal Highness, 
the Prince of Wales, afterward King Edward VII was Colonel 
Major McElhinney then joined the headquarters of the corps of 
Royal Engineers at Chatham and was on military duty there 
until February, 1887. 

History of Cornelis Mabssbn Van Buxen 151 

In June, 1886, he was presented at Court to Her Majesty 
Queen Victoria, at a Levee held at St James Palace in London, 
with other young officers who were commissioned during the 
previous year. 

February, 1887, he was ordered abroad for service in India 
and went to Bombay by troopship, arriving there in March and 
was posted for duty with a regiment of Sappers and Miners 
(Royal Engineers) at Poona. 

In September, 1887, he was ordered to join the Field Force 
in Upper Burmah, which under the command of General Sir 
George White, was ordered to pacify the country. The army of 
the ex-king of Burma scattered when that country was annexed 
to Great Britain in 1885 an< * m devastating the country until 
it was completely subdued by the British troops. The general 
warfare lasted three years, and for his services in that campaign 
Lieutenant McElhinney was awarded the Silver Frontier Medal 
of India with a silver bar inscribed — Upper Burma, 1887-1889, 

In September, 1890, a military force of all arms assembled 
at Luetta in Baluchistan and marched down the Zhob Valley 
into Southern Afghanistan against certain Afghan tribes who 
had been raiding and killing in British Territory. Lieutenant 
McElhinney was on duty as a staff officer throughout the expedi- 
tion, which resulted in the complete pacification of the country 
and the annexation of a large slice of Afghan territory to Great 

After the return of the expedition in the spring of 1891 Lieu- 
tenant McElhinney was employed in various military duties in 
different parts of India, and was promoted to the rank of 
Captain in July, 1895. In 1898 he was selected for staff employ- 
ment with the headquarters of the government of India at Simla 
in the summer and Calcutta in the winter, and on the 3rd of 
April, 1899, he was married at Christ Church, Simla, to Nora 
Evelyn Jackson, second daughter of the late Major W. Jackson, 
of the Royal Engineers. To them a son, Geoffrey William, was 
born at Lucknow on the 16th of December, 1900, and his wife 
died at Naini Tal in the Himalayas on the 21st of July, 1901. 

Captain McElhinney was promoted to the rank of Major in 
August, 1903, and retired from the army January, 191 1, and 
settled in England in order to supervise the education of his son. 

152 HinotY or Cornblu Maessxn Van Bvben 


ANGELICA' VAN BUREN, Barent,* Harmon/ Barent, 4 
Pieter.* Marten.' Cornells.* 

was the eldest daughter and third child of Barent and Grace 
Denison Van Buren; she was born in Mayfield, N. Y n Jan. 27, 
1799^ and bap. Feb. io, 1799. She m. Jesse Finch Foote, Oct 14, 
1817 (see Foote history). Mr. Foote was a fanner and 
their home was' in Mayfield, N. Y. Angelica d. Apr. 23, 1875. 


768 Robert Foote. 

769 Catharine Starr Foote. 

770 Sarah Maria Foote. 

771 James Harvey Foote. 

772 Byron Foote. 

. 773 Daniel Foote. 

774 Orilla Foote. 

775 Mary Jane Foote. 

776 William Darius Foote. 

777 EUen Elmyra Foote, 

778 Harriet Grace Foote. .. . 


SAMUEL' VAN BUREN, Barent 9 Harmon/ Barent,* Pieter, 9 
Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was the third son of Barent and Grace Denison Van Buren ; 
he was b. in Mayfield, N. Y., Apr. 10, 1801 ; he m. Thank- 
ful Goodrich. While in the prime of life he gave up farm- 
■ ing and kept an hotel until he retired from active business. 
He d. in Gloversville, N. Y., in 1893. 


779 Ann Maria. 

780 Martin. 

781 Betsy Mills. 

782 Charles Goodrich. 

783 Jeanette 

History or Cornxus Mabssbn Van Buren 153 


PETER T VAN BUREN, Bare*/ Harmen/ Barent/ Pieter,* 
Marten, 1 Cornelia/ 

b. Nov. 19, 1804 ; bap. Feb. 19, 1805 ; was the fourth son oi 
Barent and Grace (Denison) Van Buren. 

When about 16 years of age he came to Gouverneur, where 
two elder brothers, Harmon and Thomas Harvey, had pre- 
ceded him. He was employed as clerk by Moses Rowley, who 
was then a leading and prominent man in the town. Peter 
married, May 12, 1831, Maria Cadwell of Lowville, and after 
their marriage he commenced the business of his life as hotel- 
keeper. In 1848 he built the Van Buren House, which he 
kept up to one year of his death. In the meantime, after erect- 
ing the new hotel he bought the property which he had rented 
for 15 years, converted it into stores for a number of years, 
then into two private residences and after his death it was oc- 
cupied by his widow and daughter Emeline, until Mrs. Van 
Buret's death, when it came into the possession of the daugh- 
ter. Peter leased from the AveriDs of Ogdensburgh a piece of 
land which they owned in the center of the village and which 
was originally a part of a sand-bed; he filled in and seeded it 
down and set all the trees, which as fast as they died out, he 
replaced with new ones ; drew water from the river in barrels 
on a stone-boat and carried it in pails to water the trees. After 
his ten-year lease had expired, the land still being owned by 
the Averills some of the citizens thought it should be used for 
building purposes as it was too valuable to be devoted to a 
park; then some of the leading men took up the matter and 
wrote to Mr. Averill. He replied that he would donate it to 
the village with the understanding that it should never be 
used for any other purpose than a park. 

Mr. Charles Van Duzee once said to Miss Emiline Van 
Buren: "Your father has left the greatest monument to this 
village that ever could be erected to his memory/ 9 No one 
in northern New York was more favorably or better known. 
He was the ideal old-time gentleman and the familiarities used 
in hotels were never allowed to degenerate into license. No 


ribaldry or profanity was ever heard when the proprietor was 
near, nor could any patron indulge his appetite too freely. 
Tradition has preserved many incidents of his life and all are 
to his credit He was a boniface of the best sort and his 
memory will long survive. He died May 14, 187a 


784 Helen Amelia. 

785 Carolina. 

786 Augusta. 

787 Emeline CadwelL 

+788 James Barent, b. Apr. 26, 1846; m. 1863, Susan 
Adams Fosgate. 


mon. 9 Barent. 4 Pieter. 9 Marten. 9 Cornells. 1 

second dau. and sixth child of Barent Van Buren and Grace 
Denison Van Buren, was b. in Mayfield, N. Y«, Oct 27, 
1807; bap. Jan. 10, 1808; m. Milton Barney, Nov. 6, 1833. 

Their children were : 

789 Albert Milton Barney, b. in Gouverneur, N. Y., 
Nov. 18, 1837; d. in New York, Aug. 24, 1886; 
was the eldest son of Milton Barney and Kath* 
erine Van Buren Barney. He was educated at 
Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary and subse- 
quently took a course in higher mathematics 
and civil engineering, to which he added a 
course in law and was prepared to take his ex- 
amination, when the firing on Fort Sumter 
changed the course of his life. On the receipt 
of the intelligence, Apr. 15, 1861, that the Na- 
tional flag had been struck, he wrote in con- 
spicuous letters and posted on the. door of the 
village post-office, the words : "Fort Sumter has 
been fired upon ; all patriots and lovers of their 

HiSTOftY or Coeneus Masssbn Van Buien 155 

country are requested to take action in this 
crisis." At the meeting convened upon this 
notice, he was the first to volunteer in the com- 
pany sent out from his native town. He was 
commissioned xst Lieut and mustered into the 
U. S. service in the 16th N. Y. Vol Infantry, 
May 15, 1861 ; promoted to Captain in the same 
regiment, June 26, 1863; Lieut Col. 142nd N. 
Y. Vol. Infantry, Jan. 21, J863 ; Col. same regi- 
ment Jan. 15, 1865, and Brevet Brigadier Gen- 
eral U. S. Vols., March 28, 1865, and mustered 
out with his regiment June 7, 1865, closing a 
term of over four years of active military ser- 
vice, present and ready for duty at all times 
and in every engagement and battle in which 
his regiment participated, performing his duty 
with so much ability and distinguished bravery, 
that his several promotions were made on the 
official recommendations of his superior officers, 
without the solicitation or interference of po- 
litical or personal friends. In Feb., 1869, he 
was appointed Special Agent U. S. Treasury. 
A few months later, Collector of Customs at the 
Port of Brownsville, Texas. Two years later, 
appointed Special Agent of the Treasury, which 
position he held at the time of his death. He 
was an officer, military and civil, of the Fed- 
eral Government twenty-one years, charged 
with great responsibilities, important trusts, 
delicate transactions, involving the custody and 
disbursement of a large sum of public money, 
each of which he discharged with high courage, 
great ability and sound discretion, and with such 
scrupulous exactness in financial transactions, 
that no auditing officer found an error in his 
accounts. He was twice married ; his first wife 
was Leonora Chamberlain, daughter of Peleg 
Chamberlain of Gouverneur, — his second wife 

156 History or Coinilis Mabssiv Van Buien 

was Lutie M. Smith of Rochester, N. Y. He 
was a member of the Military Order of the 
Loyal Legion of the United States. 

790 Sarah Grace Barney, b. in Gouverneur, N. Y.; m. 

George Bigelow Winslow of Washington, 
D. C 

791 Bradley L. Barney. 


WILLIAM' VAN BUREN, Barent/ Harmon, 9 Barent,* Pkter/ 
Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

was b. Feb. 4, 18x2, and bap. June 5, 1812 ; m. Eliza van der 


793 Eliza V. 

793 William B. 


HARMAN' VAN BUREN, Francis H.,* Harmon,* Barent,* 
Pieter,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1804; d. May 19, 1866; m. about 1826, Eveline Snyder, 
who d. Nov. 29, 1890, 86 years. 


794 Emetine, b. 1827; A Feb. 12, 1890; m. Nov. 14, 

1849, Caleb W. Tooker, b. May 31, 1824; d. 
June 10, 1904. 

795 Francis H., b. 1828; d. Aug., 191 1. 

796 James, b. July, 1830. 

797 John, b. Dec 9, 1831 ; d. Jan. 3, 1909; m. Charity 


798 Catherine Ann. 

+799 Mary, b. 1837; m. Lawrence Van Alen, Dec. 2J 9 

800 Martin. 


Wile of Rot. John Hulin Vu Bnren (jjj) 


Son of R«t. John Martin Van Burca Son o( Rbt. John Martin Van Bnren 

History or Cornkus Mabssbn Van Bubkj( 157 

801 Austin, b. Aug. 4, 1841 ; d. Aug. a, 1906; m. 1864, 
Catherine Booth, who is now living, aged 69 

8oa Sarah Maria, b. Feb. a8, 1844; m. Dec 9, 1858, 
Harvey Becker. 


REV. JOHN MARTIN f VAN BUREN, Marten/ Pieter/ Mar- 
ten. 4 Pieter/ Marten.* Cornells. 1 

m. (1) Frances A. Marvin, dau. of Francis Marvin; d. Apr. 
ai, 1842, aged 24; m. (a) Maria Cantine Hoes of Kinder- 
hook, Oct aa, 1844. 

Children, all by second wife: 

803 Rev. Peter Hoes, m. Ellen Schuyler Clark; -no 


804 Howard, m. Mary Towl; had one child, Howard, 

who d. in infancy, Howard graduated at Co- 
lumbia Law School and settled at Nyack, N. 
Y., where he now resides and practices law. 


AUDA' VAN BUREN, Marten/ Pieter/ Marten, 4 Pieter/ 
Marten,* Comdis, 1 

was m. — — . 

805 William, had no issue. 

806 Norman, had no issue. 

807 Jucas, m. — , nothing known about him. 

808 Catharine, m. Wm. P. Cornell, as his second 

809- Alida, m. Wm. P. Cornell, as his first wife. 

Issue : Fannie, d. y. ; Frederick, m. Fannie But- 

ler and had two sons. 
810 Frank H., m. Fanny Legboldt, and had one dau. 

158 History of Coenxus Mamskk Van Buebn 


JOHN* VAN BUREN, James/ Pieter M^ Marten,* Pieter, 9 
Marten/ Cornell*, 1 

was bl i855t to the widow Fuller (Abby Jane Van Styck). 


811 Harry, d. y. 

812 John, d. y. 

813 Sarah, d. y. 

814 Andrew (twin) b. about 1867; d. 1902. 
. 815 Edward (twin) b. about 1867; <L 1907. 


ABRAHAM' VAN BUREN, Martin, 9 Abraham, 9 Martin, 9 
Pieter. 9 Marten. 9 Cornells. 1 

b. at Kinderhook, Nov. 37, 1807; <L in New York City, 
Mar. 15, 1873; m. Nov., 1838, Angelica Singleton, dau. of 
Richard Singleton of South Carolina, b. about i8aa 

He studied at the Kinderhook Academy and graduated 
from West Point in 1827. Served on the Western frontier 
for two years ; was aide-de-camp to Gen. Alexander McComb 
for seven years; made Captain in the 1st Dragoons in 1836; 
resigned to become private secretary to his father in 1836; 
he re-entered the Army at the beginning of the Mexican War 
as Major and Paymaster; was with Gen. Zachary Taylor at 
Monterey, and .with Gen. Scott in every engagement from 
Vera Cruz to the capture of the city of Mexico. 

He was brevetted Lieut-Col. for bravery at Contraas and 
Churnambusco in 1847, and served in the Paymaster's De- 
partment until 1854, when he resigned. He died in New York 
City, Mar. 15, 1873. 

Angelica Singleton, the wife of Abraham, deserves more 
than a passing notice. Her father, Richard Singleton, was a 
prominent planter of South Carolina. While she was at- 
tending school at Philadelphia she visited her cousin, the 
of ex-President Madison, and by her was presented to 

History or Cornelis Mabssbn Van Bubbn 159 

President Van Buren. This led to her introduction to Abra- 
ham, the son of the President, in 1838, and the following year 
she made her appearance as Mistress of the White House at 
the New Year's Day reception ; her youth and beauty at once 
made her very popular. A trip to England the following 
year and the advantages which accrued from the fact that 
her uncle was U. S. Minister to the Court of St James, were 
exceptional She extended her visit to the Continent and 
returned to Washington fully equipped to resume her place 
as the first lady of the. land in an exceptionally brilliant so- 
ciety assembled at the Capitol She maintained her position 
in society until the time of her death which occurred in New 
York City, Dec 29, 1878. 


816 Singleton, who graduated at Columbia Law 

School and became a brilliant lawyer; he d. 
tin nit 

817 Travis, also became a lawyer; he <L unm. 

818 Martin, d. y.; unm. 


JOHN' VAN BUREN, Martin,* Abraham,* Marten,* Pieter,* 
Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

b. at Hudson, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1810; d. at sea, Oct 13, 1856; 
m. 1841, Elizabeth, dau. of Judge James van der Poel of 
Albany; she d. Nov. 19, 1844. 

John graduated at Yale in 1828; was admitted to the Bar 
in 1830. He was Attorney-General for the State of New 
York, 1845-1846. 

Much has been written about his unusually brilliant mind 
and career and there are many who have said that if he had 
lived, doubtless he would have succeeded to the Presidency, 
as he was a more brilliant and intellectual man than his father. 
While with his father as private secretary, during his term 
of service as Minister to England, he was given entree to the 
most exclusive society, where his accomplishments and fault- 

160 History of Cornkus Marssrn Van Burrn 


less manners made him quite the lion of the season. It is 
recorded that at one of the court functions he danced with 
Queen Victoria and thereafter he was called u Prince John." 
Upon his return to America he resumed the practice of law 
and soon won fame as one of the leading lawyers of his day. 
According to a Chronicle of Events at Albany at a meeting 
held Oct 8, 1847, °* that portion of the Democratic party 
known as "Barn'Burners," it is stated, There was much rain 
from above and indignation from below, as John Van Buren 
recited the wrongs and perils of himself and co-adjutors at a 
recent convention at Saratoga, where they were out as ir- 
regular delegates." His speech was received with great ap- 
plause on all sides. During the trial of the Anti-renters at 
Hudson, N. Y., he as Attorney-General for the State, as- 
sisted the Attorney for Columbia County. 

Ambrose L. Jordan, also a leading lawyer, was the lead- 
ing counsel for the defense. John W. Edmonds was the 
Judge. There was much in the circumstances connected 
with the case to excite counsel and as the trial proceeded 
these two famous lawyers increased in their acerbity towards 
each other until a personal encounter seemed imminent. To 
quote from Ellis 9 History of Columbia County, "John W. 
Edmonds, then one of the circuit judges, presided. He dis- 
charged his judicial duties inflexibly and yet courteously." . 

M Perhaps a more independent and pure judge than he never 
sat on the bench of the Supreme Court of the State. But the 
position he occupied on this occasion was trying in the ex- 
treme. Before him were two of the most renowned coun- 
selors in the State, glaring at each other with the ferocity of 
opposing gladiators, ready to rend each other in brutal con- 

14 For a long time the forbearance, dignity and firmness of 
the judge restrained them, keeping them within the pale of 
respectful deference to the place which they occupied. But 
as the fourth day of the trial was drawing to a close, a scene 
occurred rarely witnessed in a court of justice." 

u The vindictive passions of the counsel passed beyond 
control and a personal encounter ensued. Both lawyers had 

Histoby or Cobnit.15 Mabssbn Van Buibn 161 

for some time indulged in personalities which the judge 
could not suppress. Retort followed retort, and denunciation 
was followed by bitter taunts. At length Mr. Jordan, while 
addressing the court as to the admissibility of certain evi- 
dence offered by Mr. Van Buren, indulged in language the 
most bitter and insulting. "The attorney-general does not 
care for the condition of these men. He has not contended 
for right or justice, but to make an exhibition of himself — to 
pander to the miserable ambition which was the curse of his 
father. Though his father had brains to temper his wild 
ambition in some degree, the son has none to temper his, and 
it breaks out anywhere in puerility and slush. 91 Van Buren 
utswered the legal objections raised by Jordan with great 
calmness, force and dignity. Having concluded his argu- 
ment, he said, with contempt curling his lips, "The counsel 
opposed has informed your honor the cause of my presence 
here. I shall not stoop to deny his coarse assertions; but 
allow me to add that it is quite out of place for a man who 
stands here in this court with the contributions of murder 
and arson in his pockets to criticise me for any cause what- 
ever." "A dark, withering frown mounted the menacing fea- 
tures of Jordan; his nostrils expanded; vivid gleams of anger 
flashed from his large, expressive eyes, and in a twinkling of 
an eye he planted a heavy blow upon the face of Van Buren. 
It was returned with rapidity of lightning; and with stagger- 
ing effect ; then, grappling with each other, a terrible struggle 
ensued. Rage and fury made those great lawyers forgetful of 
their positions as ministers of justice, deaf to the voice of the 
judge, to everything but their desire for vengeance. Sheriff 
Waldo rushed into the bar and with his assistants separated 
the combatants." 

"As soon as order was restored, Judge Edmonds addressed 

them with great calmness, dignity and eloquence. He alluded 
to the high standing of the counsel, not only before the State 
but also the Nation ; to the baleful example they had set be- 
fore the world ; to their desecration of the temple of justice ; 
to the great insult they had given to the court "Should I neg- 
lect to promptly punish you for the very great wrong you 

162 History of Cornelm Maessbn Van Buibm 

have done, I should myself be unworthy to occupy the bench. 
The court regrets that it did not punish your first infraction 
of the rule of decency; but as that is passed, it will now, by a 
proper interposition of the strong arm of the law, inflict such a 
punishment upon you as will preserve its dignity, and we 
trust, prevent a reoccurrence of the disgraceful scene we have 
just witnessed. The court therefore sentences both of you to 
solitary confinement in the county jail for twenty-four hours." 
When the judge concluded Mr. Van Buren arose and with im- 
pressive dignity made an apology couched in words of touch- 
ing eloquence, concluding as follows : "What could I do, your 
honor, what could I do under the coarse insults I have been 
subjected to during this trial ? I acknowledge I have violated 
the decorum of this court and should be punished. But I pray 
your honor not to degrade me by punishment in the common 
jail, for I feel that I cannot endure that I beg your honor to 
so far modify the sentence of the court as to inflicts fine upon 
me — I care not how large the' amount may be. The example 
of such a fine would be sufficient and I am sure justice would 
be vindicated." "But the judge was firm, and inexorable— the 
very personification of justice in the act of inflicting punish- 
ment upon its ministers. The court,* said the judge, 'can see 
no reason for modifying its sentence; the supremacy of the 
law must be maintained. It is no respecter of persons; it 
looks only to their acts, and measures its punishments ac- 
cording to those acts, without regard to the standing of the 
actors. Sheriff, you will now conduct these persons to the 
county jail and keep them in solitary confinement for the term 
of twenty-four hours, during which time the court will ad- 

"Amid the profound, almost stifling silence, the sheriff 
obeyed, and in his custody, two of the most eminent lawyers 
of the State of New York passed out of the court-house and 
were soon incarcerated in the walls of the Columbia County 
jail." "Before the opening of the court on the morning of 
the altercation described, Judge Edmonds had received an in- 
vitation to spend an evening with ex-President Van Buren at 
Lindenwald. John was to be his companion in the visit, but 

History or Coenxus Mabssbn Van Bubb^ 163 

before the appointed time he had been committed to jail." 
"The term for which Van Buren and Jordan had been im- 
prisoned having expired, they entered the courtroom with a 
nonchalance that was really amusing. An hour or two elapsed 
when a short recess took place, during which Van Buren ap- 
proached the bench, laid his arm easily but carelessly upon it 
and in his peculiar manner remarked, 'I hope your honor slept 
well last night 9 'As there was nothing to disturb my slum- 
bers, I most certainly did.' 'I thought perhaps it might be 
possible that your conscience, your sympathy or the thoughts 
of Our unenviable position might disturb your slumbers/ said 
Van Buren with a characteristic smile, 'but, 9 he continued, 'the 
law is now vindicated; my offense is attoned. I suppose, 
Judge, our arrangement to visit the old man is still in force. 
He will be delighted to see me under the circumstances, and, 
Judge, I think his respect for you, on the whole, will not be 
diminished on account of the lodgings you assigned me last 
night. I know him of old/ 1 think, Mr. Van Buren, the time 
we have lost in this trial will render the visit to ex-President 
Van Buren impossible/ And the visit to the old man did not 
take place." 

"The trial continued several days after the release of the 
distinguished prisoners. It finally resulted in the conviction 
of 'Big Thunder 9 and several anti-renters, and they were sen* 
tenced to imprisonment for life in the State prison. The man- 
ner in which Van Buren conducted the prosecution gave him 
great popularity. Among the evidences of this he, with the 
anti-renter leader, was made the subject of the following 
conundrum : 'Why is John Van Buren a greater man than 
Dr. Franklin? 9 'Because Franklin bottled lightning, but Van 
Buren bottled Thunder/ After the close of his term as At- 
torney-General for the State he became a prominent member 
of the legal profession in New York City. In the Presidential 
canvass of 1848 he greatly distinguished himself as a popular 
advocate of the principles of the free Democratic Party and 
of the exclusion of slavery from the territories. Afterwards 
he returned to the Democratic Party. 99 

In 1866 he made an extended tour of Europe and died on 
the homeward voyage. 

164 History of Cobheub Mabssbn Van Buibm 


819 Sarah Anna, bap. Aug-, 1842, at home of Judge 
Van de Poel, Albany; witnesses, Chs. D. Town- 
send, Win. Bay, John Q. Wilson; m. Apr. 26, 
1870, Edward Duct, whom she survives. She 
resides in New York. 


SMITH THOMPSON' VAN BUREN, Martin, 9 Abraham,' 
Marten 4 Pieter, 9 Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

b. Jan. 16, 1817; m. (x) June 18, 1842, Ellen King James, of 
Albany; b. Jan. 20, 1813; d. at Albany, Oct 30, 1849; m. (2) 
Feb. x, 1855, Henrietta Irving, a niece of Washington Irv- 
ing, by whom he is survived.. He was Secretary of the 
Legation under Washington Irving, when Irving was Min- 
ister to Spain. Smith Thompson was a vestryman of the 
St Luke's Episcopal Church, at Matteawan, N. Y-, in 187a 


820 Ellen James, b. 1843 I *&• Stuyvesant Fish Morris, 

M D. 9 of New York. 

821 Katherine, m. (1) Peyton F. Miller, of Hudson, 

N. Y., and (2) a Mr. Wilson, and resides in 

822 Martin, unm. He resides at Fishkill on the Hud- 

son when in America. 

823 Eliza, unm. ; resides at Fishkill when in America. 

824 Marion Irving; m. Hamilton Emmons, of Ham- 

ble, Southampton, England. 


NICHOLAS' VAN BUREN, Abraham, 9 Marten, 9 Marten, 4 
Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was b. Apr. 29, 181 x; m. about 1831, Eva Zeller Deuscher; 
b. Mar., 1814. 

History or Coenkus Mabssbn Van Buun 165 


825 Alida, b. 1832; m. Peter Low; no children. In 

185a, Alida visited Lindenwald, at Kinderhook, 
N. Y., with her father, and she now has two 
books given to her at that time by the ex-Presi- 
dent, with his autograph in each. In i860 ex- 
President Martin, with his son John, and Dr. 
Beekman, of Kinderhook, spent some time at 
the Pavillion Hotel, Sharon Springs, and at that 
time called to see Mrs. Low's grandfather, who 
was living with her. Mrs. Low is living (1913). 

826 Martin, b. 1834; m. Sarah Kevand, had five chil- 

dren, of whom four are still living. 

827 Cornells, b. 1836; m. (1) Mrs. McKey, and had 

one child, George M. Van Buren ; m. (2) — — , 
and had two sons, Luke and Robert (?). 

828 Mary Ann, b. 1838; d. 1850. 

829 Martha, b. 1848; m. Frank Hix, and had one child, 

Eva Virginia Hix, all now living. 

830 Mary Ann, b. 1851 ; d. 1869. 

831 Alice, b. 1853; m. (1) Cyrus Anthony, he died 

1881 or 2, they had one child, that died in inf. ; 
m. (2) Edward M. Felters, both living, no 
children ■ 


HENRY 7 VAN BUREN, Lucas, 9 Marten/ Marten/ Pieter,* 
Marten,* Cornelia, x 

b. Oct 26, 181 1 ; d. 1879; m. Elizabeth Van Valkenburg. 
He lived at Flat Creek, Curry Town and Rural Grove. 
He kept a hotel at Flat Creek. 


832 Luke, d. when about 5 years old. 

+833 Norman Richard, b. 1836; d. 1898; m. Catherine 
Van Evera. 

166 History or Cobkwub Maessbn Van* Buben 

834 Mary Jane, b. 1839; d. 1899; m. Chas. Hubbs; no 
+835 Nancy Catherine, m. Jacob Pulvcr. 

VAN BUREN, Lucas, 9 Marten, 9 Marten, 4 Pieter/ 
Marten,* Corndis, 1 

b. Apr. 20, 1814. He kept a hotel in Palatine Bridge. 

+836 Luke, m. Maggie Mitchell. 

837 A son whose name is not known, but who died in 


838 Martha, m. Mr. McCarthey. 

839 Cornelia, d. 1874; m. Mr. Vroman, and had a dau. 

They lived in Saratoga. 


PETER PUTNAM' VAN BUREN, Cornells/ William/ Bar- 
ent, 4 Marten, 9 Marten, 9 Corndis, 1 

b. Jan. 24, 1814, in Glen, Montgomery County, N. Y. ; d. May 
17, 185 x ; m. Dec 37, 1838, Rachel Maria Enders; b. Dec 6, 
1 8 16; d. July 16, 1873. She was related to Capt. Philip 
Christian Enders, who was b. July 22, 1720, in Braunszneil- 
er, District of Zugenheim, Nassau, Germany. He d. Feb. 
26, 1808, in Pennsylvania. He was associated with William 
Heinrich, Prince of Nassau, during the "Seven Years 9 War/' 
Peter Putnam lived all his life at Glen, where he was a 

4-840 Cornelia, b. Jan. 25, 1840; m. (1) Marion B. Gove; 
m. (2) Ada Putnam. 
841 Emily, b. Apr. 15, 1842; m. Boyd R. Hudson, and 
had issue, Agnes (deed), Van Buren . (deed.), 
Emily, who m. Mr. Lewis of Fort Hunter. 

History of Cqrnsus Mabssbn Van Buben \ 167 

842 Helen, b. Sept 10, 1844; m. (1) Dolus V. 

m. (a) David Getman; no children. 

843 Enders, b. Dec. 10, 1847; d. July, 1881. 

844 Martin E. 9 b. June 17, 1850; m. Marcia Craig; d. 

Oct, 1893 ; issue, John C. and Martin E., Jr. 


SARAH 9 VAN BUREN, Tobias, 9 William/ Barent,* Marten, 9 
Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. Nov. 8, 1830; m. July 10, 1849; Thomas Conklin, of the 
town of Conklin, Broome County, N. Y. (See history of the 
Conklin family in Chapter Five.) Sarah is still living (1913*) 

845 Edgar B. Conklin, b. at Riverside, N. Y. 9 Oct 

10, 1851 ; d. at Greene, N. Y., June a, 1877; m. 
Nov. 3, 1874, D. Ernestine Mosher, b. Aug. x8, 
i853» dau. of William Mosher, of Greene, N. Y. 
They had two sons, William T., b. Dec. 23, 1875, 
and Edgar B., b. Oct 23, 1877. 

846 Frank J. Conklin, b. at Riverside, N. Y. (Broome 

County), Aug. 21, 1857; m. at Natural Bridge, 
N. Y., Aug. 31, i88x, Hattie N. Loucks, b. Feb. 
6, 1 86 1. Employed in United States Customs 
Service since 1886. Formerly in mercantile busi- 
ness in Binghamton, N. Y. Now resides in 
Jersey City, N. J. 

847 Henry T. Conklin, b. at Riverside, N. Y., June 

18, i860; m. June 23, 1887, Mary L. Foote, b. 
Jan. 14, 1862 ; dau. of Rev. Lemuel Foote, D.D., 
of Rochester, N. Y. Station Agent for the D. & 
xi. xC xC 


HENRY WALES' VAN BUREN, Tobias,* William,' Barent,* 
Marten,* Marten,* Cornelis, 1 

168 History or Cobnut,™ Mabssbn Van Bubin 

b. Aug. 14, 1839; d. Apr. 29, 1909; m. Sept 17, 1865, Emily 
L. Field He was b. at South New Berlin, N. Y., and later 
removed with his parents to Conklin, N. y. From here he 
: enlisted in Company F., 137th Regiment, New York State 
Volunteers; was mustered into service Sept 26, 1862, at 
Binghamton, N. Y., promoted to Corporal* and engaged in 
battles at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, at which latter 
place he was* shot through the abdomen, and was trans- 
ferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps, Oct 22, 1864, and dis- 
charged July 29, 1865. He m. Sept 17, 1865, Emily L. Field, 
of Mt Vision, a dau, of George and Susan Field, both of 
whom d. when Emily was seven years old. 


+848 Edgar T.,b. June 28, 1866; m. Jan. 6, 1897, Jessie 
Leona Gould, of Walton, N. Y. 
849. Albro G., b. Sept, 1867 ; d. Jan., 1896. 

History op Coknelis Mamskk Van Buibm 169 


TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Cornell*/ Tobias/ Cornells,* Tobias, 4 
Comelis.* Marten.* Corndis. 1 

was b. Nov. 22, 1796; d. May 2$, 1867; m. Althea Goodwin, 
who was b. Sept 6, 1803, and d. May 13, 1875. 


850 Cornells Henry, b. Aug. 1, 1820. 

851 Mary Goodwin, b. Oct 24, 1822. 

+852 Elizabeth Persen, b. Mar. 18, 1824; m. Wm. Cock- 

+853 James, b. Sept 25, 1829; d. May 5, 1900; m. Sept 
20, 1864, Mary Mulks, who was b. May 13, 1842. 

854 Catharine Gosman, b. June 5, 1842. 

855 Tobias, b. Nov. 30, 1843. 


JOHN 8 VAN BUREN, Cornells/ Tobias, 9 Corndis/ Tobias/ 
Cornells, * Marten, 8 Corndis, 1 

was b. May 13, 1799, at Kingston, N. Y., and died at Kings- 
ton, Jan. 16, 1855 ; m. Laura Amelia Phillip Hardy, who was 
b. Nov. 12, 1800, at Paris, France, and who d. at Kingston, 
N. Y., Feb. 3, 1874. 


+856 Daniel Tompkins, b. at Kingston, Jan. x, 1826 ; d. 
at Plainfield, N. J., July, 1890. 
857 Persen, b. May 21, 1842 ; d. July 23, 1852. 


ISAAC 9 VAN BUREN, Corndis/ Tobias, 9 Corndis, 9 Tobias/ 
Corndis, 9 Marten, 9 Corndis/ 

170 History q? Gaurms Maessbn Van Bubeh 

was b. Aug. 4, 1803 ; sl Jan. 13, 1824, Agnes Ostrander. 
Children: , 

858 James, b. May 10, 1825 ; d. May 25, 1825. 

+859 Charles, b. Oct 13, 1826; d. 1894; m. 1848, Nov. 3, 
Eliza C Keator. 

860 Laura H., b. Nov. 29, 1829; d. Apr. 9, 1837. 

861 Johnathan O., b. Dec. 3, 1833 ; d. Apr. 23, 1837. 

862 Annetta H. 9 b. Aug. 28, 1836. 

863 Jane L, b. Feb. 13, 1838; d. Dec 23, 1884. 

' +864 Mathew, b. Nov. 19, 1840; m. Caroline G. Keator. 


HENRV VAN BUREN, Cornells/ Tobias/ Cornelia/ Tobias/ 
Cornells.* M arten.* Cornelis. 1 

^•^P^^P^^F •^P^PJP^^P^P^W ^■^^^■^■P^M ^P^P^»^P» ^P^P^P^^P ^PW^P^PJP^P^PJ 

was b. May 21, 1812; d. Feb. 13, 1877; »• Mar. St l8 33» J™* 
C Trumpboir. 


• • • - 

+865 Cornelia, b. Nov. 27, 1835 ; m. Marl 12, 1862, Mary 

Sagendorf. — 
+866 Alonzo P., b. Sept. 23, 1837; m. May 28, 1862, 
Sarah B. Suydam. 
867 Harris, b. Nov. 27, 1839; d. Aug. 17, 1841. 
+868 William T., b. Oct 22, 1841; m. Apr. 20, 1864, 
Mary A. Souser. 
869 Irwin P., b. Nov. 6, 1843 ; d. Dec 7, 1866; m. June 
8, 1882, Sallie Spencer. 
+870 Helen M., b. Oct 30, 1845 ; m. Dec 6, 1865, Cas- 
sius A. Mattoon. 
871 Joseph, b. Feb. 19, 1848; d. Apr. 11, 1848. 
+872 Mathew T., b. Mar. 2, 1850; m. Feb. 12, 1884; 
Mamie L. Valentine 

873 Elizabeth, b. June 8, 1853 ; d. Dec 24, 1858. 

874 Jennie F., b. Jan. 2, 1856; m. Dec. 15, 1887, Fred- 

erick P. Luther. Issue, Helen E. Luther, b. 
May 5, 1894. 


History or Goinbus Maksssn Van Burbn 171 


JOHN* VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ PbfllipuV Corodis,* Tobias,* 
Cornells,* Marten/ Cornells, 1 

was b. June 23, 1803 ; m. 1821, Ann France. 


875 Jacob, b. 1822. 

876 William, b. Feb. 6, 1824; m. (1) Oct 6, 1850, Mrs. 

Mary Hermance; m. (2) Julia Masten. 

877 Maria. 

878 Sarah Catherine, twin, b. 1834, Dec. 25. 

+879 Jane Ann, twin of Sarah Catherine, b. Dec 25, 

1834; m. Sept 9, 1863, John Myers. 
+880 Jesse, b. Sept 26, 1838; m. Sept 16, 1868, Mary 

E. Woody. 
+881 Cora, b. Oct 18, 1841 ; m. Dec. 31, 1863, Samuel 

+882 Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept 20, I845; m. Nov. 15, 

1877, Orrin R. Thompson. 

• * 


ABRAHAM/ VAN BUREN, Cornelius,' Phillippus,* Cornells,* 
Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

was b. Nov. 11, 1804 ;'d. Maf. 2, 1858; m. 1831, Sarah Kent 

+883 Mary Margaret, b. Oct 18, 1831 ; m. George W. 

+884 Sarah J., b. Jan. 17, 1838; m. Rensselaer Hootal- 

+885 Catharine, in. Israel Paugh. 

+886 Cornelius, d. Sept, 1868; m. (1) Salome Roe; m. 
(2) Dec 1, 1852; Sarah Roe. 

+887 John, m. (1) Catharine Swift; m. (2) Julia Rear- 

+888 Abraham, Jr., b. May 22, 1847 > m - i8&>» Margaret 

172 HinoftY or Cronus Ma«s«n Van Boben 

' 617 

CORNELIUS M.V VAN BUREN, Cornelia*/ Phaiipm/ Cor- 
nelis.* Tobias. 4 Cornells.* Marten.* Cornells.* 

d. Mar. a, 1858; m. Apr. 20, 1840, Cornelia De Witt 

+889 Augustus H., m. Catherine McKinsbrey. 

890 Rachd Ann, b. May 8, 1847; **• Oct 24, 1877, 

Cornelia Etting. 


MARIA* VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ Fhillipus,* Cornelius,* 
Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

m., 1829, William Hamilton. 

891 Jane Hamilton, m. Montgomery Woolsey. 

892 Ann Eliza Hamilton, m. (1) Samuel Patterson. 

Issue, William Hamilton Patterson, Jennie Pat* 
terson; m. (2) Levi Snyder. 


HENRY E.* VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ PhOlipus,* Cornelius,* 
Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

was m. about 1836, Eliza Hermance. 
Children : 

893 Martin, b. Mar. 10, 1837; d., 1863, unm. 

894 Augustus, b. Aug. 6, 1840; m. Nov., 1884, Sarah 


895 Henry, b. Mar. 3a 1842; d. Dec 4, 1842. 

896 Henry, b. Feb. 3, 1844; m. Melissa Slater. 

897 Edmond, b. Aug. 7, 1847 ; <** 1856. 

898 George, b. June 25, 1851 ; m. Oct 28, 1888, Sarah 

E. R. Elmondorff. 
+899 James B., b. Jan. 20, 1856; d. July 30, 1894; m. 
May 1, 1880, Emma Coin. 

History or Corneus Maessrn Van Buun 173 


ELIZABETH* VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ Phillipus/ Cornelius/ 
Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

m. 1851, Alpheus Schoonmaker. 


900 Cornelius P. Schoonmaker, b. Nov. 20, 1851; d. 


901 Adaline Schoonmaker, b. Mar. 7, 1854; m. Nov. 

25t 1874, John H. Vandemark, and had two chil- 
dren, Mamie and Alick. 
90a Jacob I. Schoonmaker, b. June 16, 1856; d. Jan. 

a, 1881. 

903 Harmania C Schoonmaker, b. Aug. 30, 1859. 

904 Mary Schoonmaker, b. Sept 16, 1865; m. 1889, 

July 4, John C Ryan, and had Mary Eliza Ryan, 

b. 1890, and William Ryan, b. 1891. 


PETER* VAN BUREN, Cornell*/ Phillipus/ Cornells/ 
Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten,* Cornells/ 

was b. Oct ao, 1819; d. Nov. 2, 1887; m. Oct 1, 1851, Ada- 
line Pardee. 


905 Emma B«, b. June 25, 1852 ; d. unm. 
+906 Peter, Jr., b. July 10, 1855 ; m. Sept 26, 1888, Cora 

907 Alice, b. Oct 3, 1864; m. 189—, Jan. 12, William 
Lounsberry, and had one child, Elizabeth Ada- 
line Lounsberry, b. Apr. 23, 1893. 


PHILLIP* VAN BUREN, William/ Phillipus/ Cornelius/ 
Tobias/ Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells/ 

174 History or Cobnklis Mabssin Van Buirn 

was b. Sept 5, 1804; m. Nov. 3, 1836, Catherine Du Bois. 
(Se$ related families.) 


908 William Egbert, b. Dec 31, 1827; d. Mar. 7, 1828. 

909 Eliza Maria, b. Feb. 6, 1830; d. Jan. 15, 1886; m. 
• •/ Jan. i, 1849, Stephen Van Allen. 

910 Jane Ann, b. Apr. 8, 1835. 

911 Richard Baxter, b. June 22, 1836; d. Jan. 20, 1837. 
+912 Gertrude, b. June 17, 1838; m. Dec. ix, 1856, Wil- 
liam Coster. 

913 Richard Baxter, b. June 1, 1840; d. Dec 2, 1862. 

914 Henrietta, b. Mar. 28, 1842 ; m. Joseph HalL 

915 William Andrew, b. Nov. 3, 1844; d. Aug. 4, 


916 Christina, b. 1846; d. 1848. 

917 John Dubois, b. July 19, 1849 ; d. July 1, 1850. 

w 918 Stephen Augustus, b. Sept 3, 1851; d. Apr. 16, 



* * 

JOHN ROOSA* VAN BUREN, William/ PhflUpos,* Cor- 
nells,* Tobias, 4 Gondii,* Marten,* Cornells/ 

was b. Jan. 19, 1807 ; m. Nov. 3, 1826, Margaret Van Gaas- 
. beck. 

« • • 

•• • 


+919 Egbert, b. Mar. 15, 1834; m. Jan. 22, 1853, Mary 
C. Longendyke ; he d. Apr. 8, 1885. 
920 William, b. 1842, Mar. 29; m. — . 

+921 Ezra, b. Oct 27, 1848; d. Apr. 14, 1902; m. Mar. 
3i l &79* Carrie E. Abrams. 


HELEN* VAN BUREN, William/ Phillipus/ Cor- 
nelius, 9 Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten,* Cornells/ 

Histoky or Coekelis Mabssht Van Buun \ 175 

was b. Nov. 27, 1810 ; d. July 18, 1880 ; m. James van Gaas- 


Maria Rebecca Van Gaasbeck 9 b. Dec 6, 183 1; 
m. Jan. 5, 1849, James Henry DuBois, and had 
thirteen children, viz : Aaron DuBois, b. Dec 8, 
1849; Nathaniel DuBois, b. Oct 31, 1851; m. 
Oct io, 1885, Cora Van Steenburgh; Eliza C 
DuBois, b. June 21, 1854; d. y.; Samuel DuBois, 
b. Sept 3, 1855; m. 1884, Ida A. Longendyke; 
Eliza C. DuBois, b. Mar. 4, 1859; Delia DuBois, 
b. Aug. 17, i860; m. (1st) Henry York, (2nd) 
Charles Fisher; William DuBois, b. Aug. io» 1866; 
Richard B. Dubois, b. Aug. 7, 1867; m. June 12, 
1895, Dora Lamberton; Teunis-V. G. Dubois, b. 
Apr. 26, 1869; m. July 22, 1895, Emma Lamberton; 
Mary F. DuBois, b. Dec 11, 1871; Annie T. 
DuBois, b. Dec 3, 1872; Frederick C DuBois, 
b. Jan. 21, 1874; d. 1874; Arthur DuBois, b. 
Mar. 13, 1877; d. 1879. 

923 Washington Van Gaasbeck, b. Oct 5, 1834; m. 

Mar. 18, 1856/ Caroline Hawkins, and had nine 
children, viz: William b. May 18, 1857; d. 1882; 
George W., b. Jan. 12, 1859; Abraham H., b. 
July 7, 1862; m. Anna T. Friry; Charles J., b. 
Nov. 5, 1865; m. Sarah A. Stirling; Stephen J., 
b. Jan. 27, 1869; d. 1869; Lizzie R., b. Mar. 27, 
1872; d. 1874; Eva J., b. Nov. 2, 1874; d. 1876; 
Carrie, b. July 11, 1876; d. 1877; Harry C, b. 
Nov. 4, 1878; d. 1878. 

924 William Van Gaasbeck, b. Mar. 8, 1837; d. Mar. 

14, 1895 » m * Mary Jane Delamater. 

925 Teunis Van Gaasbeck, b. Oct. 1, 1846 ; m. Mar. 8, 

1871, Emma Fries, and had five children, viz: 
William V G., b. 1872; m. Hattie Deyo; Flody, 
b. 1875; m. Annie Marner; Viola, b. 1877; m - 
Chester Kilmer; James, b. 1889; Henry, b. 1891. 

176 History or Gornblis Makssbn Van Burbn 

JANE ANN* VAN BUREN, William/ Phfflipas,* Cornelius/ 
Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

was b. Mar. 18, 1816 ; d. Dec 22, 1864 ; m. Feb. 1833, Stephen 
Hawkins. - 


926 Hannah Eliza Hawkins, b. Sept 12, 1833 ; d. Mar. 
22, 1894; m. Moxham. 

•927 Caroline Hawkins, b. Jan. 24, 1840; m. Mar. 18, 
1856, Washington Van Gaasbeck, and had nine 
children, which are listed under him. 

928 Abram Hawkins, b. Nov. 8, 1842 ; m. Isadore Hul- 


929 William S. Hawkins, b. Mar. 24, 1847 ; d. Mar. 30, 


ELY 8 VAN BUREN, Pbillipus, Jr./ Phillipus/ Cornelius,* 
Tobias, 4 Coraelis/ Marten, 8 Coradis/ 

was b. Sept 25, 1807 ; m. July 13, 1832, Elizabeth van Wag- 


930 Martin, b. Oct 28, 1832; d. unm. 

+931 Hiram, b. June 25, 1835 > m - Au £* l &> l8 5 6 » Anna 

E. Davis; he d. 1891. 
-f-932 Mary Catherine, b. Mar. 1, 1837; m. 1862, Alex- 
ander Robinson. 
933 Isadora, b. Oct 16, 1839 ; m. Peter Durham. 


MARIA 8 VAN BUREN, Phillipus, Jr./ Phillipus/ Cornelius, 8 
Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

m. George Brodhead; (see related families for Brodhead 

History op Coekelis Maesskk Van Buken 177 


934 Delia Brodhead, b. Sept 9, 1838; m. Mathew 

Clemo 9 July 4* 1854; d. Feb. 22, 1880, had six 
children, viz : Johanna Clemo, b. Oct 25, 1856 ; 
m. Jan. 6, 1873, Stephen B. Sargent; Mathew, Jr., 
b. Feb. 23, i860; m. Kate Spencer; Maria T. 
Clemo, b. Oct 10, 1863; m. June 17, 1884, James 
O. Reid; Emma Clemo, b. Sept 7, 1868; m. June 
27, 1889, Horace H. Holye; John Clemo, b. 
Mar. I, 1871; m. Nov. 5, 1897, Flora Bunnell; 
Stephen Clemo, b. Sept 2, 1873. 

935 John Brodhead, m. Catherine Sullivan ; he d. Apr. 

i& 1883. 

936 Marsena Brodhead, b. 1843; m. (1) William 

Shrader; m. (2) Johnathan DuBois. 


ICHARD* VAN BUREN, Charles/ Harmon F./ Frauds, 9 
Barent,* Pieter, 1 Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. July 24, 1839; m* in Dec*, 1861, to Mary J. Burgess, who 
d. July 12, 1886; second marriage was to Mary E. Minsker, 
on Feb. 21, 1893 ; now living at Akron, Ohio. 

Children by first marriage, none of whom are now living: 

937 Mattie, b. Mar. 10, 1866. 

938 George, b. Apr. 3, 1871. 

939 Raymond, b. Feb. 22, 1872; d. Mar. 31, 1905, at 

Akron, O. 

CATHARINE JANE 1 VAN BUREN, Charles/ Harmon F./ 
Francis, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter, 1 Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Apr. 5, 1841 ; m. Aug. 30, 1859, Ralph Johnson, b. 
May 15, 1838. She d. at Gloversville, N. Y., on Mar. 21, 

178 History or Coknklis Mabssin Van Bukbn 


940 Charles Edgar Johnson, b. June 10, i860; d. Aug. 

29, i860. 

941 William Henry Johnson, b. Sept 27, 1861 ; d. Not. 


942 Ida Johnson, b. July 22, 1867; d. in 1881. 

943 Edward Johnson, b. July 8, 1870 ; d. Apr., 1904. 

ORLEN R.* VAN BUREN, Charles/ Harmon F.,« Frauds,' 
Barent, 4 Pieter,* Marten,* Corndis, 1 

b. Apr. 5, 1843, at Mayfield; d. May 17, 1878, at Osborn 
Bridge; was m. Oct 3, 1863, to Ann Denton, who was b. 
at Yorkshire, England, Aug. 25, 185a This family now live 
at Wilson, Niagara County, N. Y. 

Children: . 


944 Ellen, b. Nov. 15, 187a 

945 Chas. D n b. Feb. 6, 1872; unm. 

946 William, b. Apr. 5, 1874; unm. 


947 Orlena, b. May 19, 1878 ; unm. 


ANN ELIZA' VAN BUREN, Charles,' Harmon F.,' Frauds,' 
Barent, 4 Pieter,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. Mar. 13, 1845; d - at Gloversville, Oct 28, 1884; m. to Mr. 
Bowen, of Gloversville, who d. May 19, 1901, aged (fj. 


948 Alfred Bowen, b. 1865; now an inmate of an in* 

sane asylum. 

949 Clarence Bowen, b. Dec. 30, 1867 ; unm., and liv- 

ing at Gloversville. 


HESTER* VAN BUREN, Francis,' Harmon F.,' Francis,' 
Barent, 4 Pieter,* Marten,* Corndis,* 

Histoty of Cqrhbus Massssn Vak Bukbn 179 

b. Apr. 37, 1830 ; d. at Schenectady July 8, 1887 ; m. May 16, 
1849, to Thos. BrignalL 


950 Frances Ella Brignall, b. Sept 9, i860; m. on Feb. 

22, 1882, to John B. Packer. 

951 Edward Schuyler Brignall, b. Sept 17, 1868; m. 

Sept 17, 1888, to Mary Seymour. 


DEWITT' VAN BUREN, Francis/ Harmon F.,' Francis/ 
Barent 4 Pteter/ Marten.* Cornells. 1 

b. at Broadalbin, N. Y. t Aug. 24, 1840; m. July 30, i860, to 
Estelle Evans, who was b. at Pittsfield, Mass^ Sept ai, 1841 ; 
after his m. he engaged in newspaper work, was for three 
years editor of the Troy Times, and at the time of his death, 
Oct 5, 1870, he was associate editor of the New York 
World He was one of the organizers of the Lotus Club in 
• New York City, and was its first president 

• Children: 

95* Francis Percy, b. Aug. 5, 1862 ; d. Sept 5, 1863. 

953 Mabel Estelle, b. at Troy, N. Y., Aug. 4* 1865. 


ELIZABETH 9 VAN BUREN, Oliver Miller,' Harmon F.,' 
Francis, 1 Barent, 4 Pieter,* Marten,* Cornelis, 1 

was b. at Mayfield Jan. 9, 1830; m. on July 1, 1847, to Abner 
F. Burr, who d. Sept 30, 1851, aged 26. 


954 Antoinette Burr, b. July 4, 1847; d. Aug. 3, 1874; 

was the wife of Wm. R. Berry. 

955 Elisha Burr, b. Mar. 28, 1850; is a farmer near 


180 History or Coursus Mabssin Van Bukbn 


CHARLES HENRY* VAN BUREN, Oliver Miller/ Haimoo 
F./ Francis/ Barent,* Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

b. May 17, 1836, at Mayfield; d. Mar. 29, 1897; m. Dora Case, 
Mar. 30, 1864. Lived his entire life in Mayfield, but traveled 
extensively through New York State and in several of die 

Western States as agent for various business concerns. 



956 Nellie Elizabeth, b. Feb. 27, 1865; m. Jan. 7, 1910, 

to Rev. Foster G. Heapt, a Methodist minister. 

957 Ada Blanche, b. Jan. 29, 1867; m. Dec. 15, 1886, to 

James E. Kelly, a successful glove manufacturer 
of QoversvOle, N. Y. 

958 Grace, b. Dec. 31, 1870; m. to Owen C Smith on 

Sept 6, 1893; now living at Watertown, N. Y., 
w where Mr. Smith is manager of a glove factory. 

+959 H. Gates, b. Nov. 27, 1876; m. Sept 2, 1903, to 
Lizzie B. Morrison, who was a teacher. 

HARMON EDWARD' VAN BUREN, Oliver Miller,' Harmon 
F.,* Francis, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter,* Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

b. June 28, 1839, at Mayfield; m. Feb. 4, 1874, to Harriet 
Adaline Thompson of Broadalbin, b. June 29, 1846, the dau. 
of Samuel B. Thompson and Harriet Morth ; lives at Mayfield, 
where, during the past twelve years, he has held the office of 
Town Assessor. 


960 Harriet Thompson, b. Nov. 18, 1874; unm. 

•f96i Clarence Edward, b. Jan. 30, 1876 ; m. Feb, 7, 1906, 
to Martha Charlotte Rosa of Broadalbin. 

+962 Samuel Thompson, b. July 17, 1880; m. Mar. 1, 
1908, to Ruth Goodrich Martling. 

History op Coeneus Mabsskn Van Buken isi 


ANSEL HAYES* VAN BUREN, Oliver Miller/ Harmon 
F.,« Francis/ Barent, 4 Pieter, 1 Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. Apr. 17, 1846; d. May 31, 1910; m. Idell Newell of Gouv- 
erneur, N. Y., on Nov. 11, 1884. He was a musician of con- 
siderable ability and was employed for many years as sales- 
man with various piano houses of the country, having been for 
twenty years previous to his death in the employ of O. Wissner 
of Brooklyn. 


963 Harold A., b. Oct 15, 1886; is a resident of Brook- 
lyn and an able illustrator and designer. He is 
unm. and resides with his mother in Flatbush, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


THOMAS BRODHEAD* VAN BUREN, Dr. Pieter,* Barent,* 

Pieter/ Barent/ Pieter,' Marten,* Cornells, 1 
d. in 1888 at San Francisco, CaL; m. in 1853 Harriet Carthy 
Sheffield, dau. of Joseph Earl Sheffield of New Haven, Conn., 
who built and endowed the Sheffield Scientific School and pre- 
sented it to Yale College; he also left his residence to the 

Thomas Brodhead was educated at Union College, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. He entered the Civil War and was brevetted Major 
General for bravery. Among other responsible positions he 
occupied the post of Consul General and Judge of the American 
Court in Japan for eleven years. 

Thomas Brodhead was in Europe when ex-President Van 
Buren was, and together they were presented at the German 
Court. Thomas B. danced in the royal quadrille. Later when 
in Rome he and Martin dined with the Pope (Pius 9th). Some 
twenty years later when Mrs. Van Buren and her children were 
in Rome she desired to be presented to the Pope, but unfortu- 
nately some Americans had refused to kneel or kiss the Pope's 
hand and Americans had been debarred, but when she mentioned 

182 History op Cornelis Maisssn Van Buhn 

to the American Cardinal the fact that her husband and ex* 
President Martin had been received at an earlier visit, they were 
received, the only Americans that season. 


964 Joseph Sheffield, d. 191a He was in die steamship 

business in Hong Kong. 

965 Harold Sheffield, d. 1906. He was Consul at Nice 

when he died He left a widow and four children : 
three girls and one son. 

966 Edith May, m. 1900, Count Gennaro Curzo de Castd- 

mannardo of Naples; she is living in Englewood, 
N. J.; has no children. 

967 Thomas Brodhead, Jr., m. Florence T annum of 

Hartford, Conn. They have two children, Vera 
and David. He is in the silk business in New 
York City. 


EVERT and f VAN BUREN, Evert/ Barents Peter,* Barents 
Pieter,* Marten/ Cornelia, 1 

was the seventh child and the fourth son of Evert and Cath- 
erine (Smith) Van Buren. He was b. at Buffalo, N. Y., 
Mar. 9, 1839, *°d d. Oct 25, 1895, at Hooper, Nebraska. 
He was married in Chicago, Nov. 10, 1868, to his cousin, Elis- 
abeth Van Buren, dau. of Barent and Helen (Du Bois) Van 
Buren, who was b. July 31, 1842, and d. Aug. 7, 190a (See 
her record.) 

Evert graduated as a physician and surgeon at Rush Medical 
College, Chicago. He served as Assistant Surgeon during the 
Civa War with the rank of Major. After his marriage he settled 
in Le Mont, I1L, for two years, then he removed to Fremont, 
Neb., and practised medicine there until 1879, and then removed 
to Hooper, Nebraska, where he lived until his death. 


+968 Helen Catherine, b. Oct 25, 1871, at Fremont, 
Nebraska; m. June 17, 1891, at Hooper, Neb., to 
John Harrison Wilson. 

History of Cornblis Mabsspn Van Bujlen 183 

969 Evert. 3rd, b. at Hooper, Oct 15, 1874; d. unm. at 

Mineral Wells, Texas, Dec* 3, 1905. 

970 Arthur Swazey, b. at Hooper June 22, 1878; <L unm. 

at Chicago, June 26, 1905. 


Peter/ Barent/ Fitter* Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. Nov. 17, 1838, at Waldon, Orange County, N. Y.; d. at 
Stockport, Columbia County, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1867; m. Dec. 21, 
1865, her second cousin, George Mandeville Van Buren, third 
son of Bart ho lom e w and Catherine (Philip) Van Buren. Her 
father having died some years before, she was married from 
the home of her uncle, Dr. Peter Van Buren of New York 


971 Gertrude Helen, b. Oct 9, 1865; d. June 14, 1910; m. 
Feb. 14, 1895, Harry W. Landreth. No issue. 


BARENT' VAN BUREN, Barent/ Barent/ Peter/ Barent/ 
Pieter/ Marten/ Cornelia/ 

b. Mar. 8, 1840; m. Sept 25, 1895, in Chicago, to Mildred 
Bader of Bolivar, Ohio; b. Feb. 28, 1868. 

When fifteen years old he went to New York City and became 
a clerk in a drug store. When the Civil War broke out, he 
enlisted as a private in the 102nd New York Volunteer Infantry. 
Before leaving encampment at Brooklyn he was commissioned 
Second Lieutenant At the battle of Cedar Mountain he received 
the commission of First Lieutenant and shortly afterwards that 
of Captain. After serving the three years 9 enlistment was 
mustered out and then helped raise the 192nd New York Infantry 
and was appointed Lieutenant Colonel; shortly afterward was 
sent to Wheeling, W. Va., in command of the District of West 
Virginia, acting as Brigadier General Was mustered out at the 

184 History of Coineus Maisssn Van Bubsn 

close of the war as ColoneL Entered into the drug business in 
New York. Later moved to Le Mont, III, and again went into 
drug business, which he sold out about 1874 and opened a drug 
store at the southeast corner of Madison and California avenues 
in Chicago. 

In 1885 built what is known as the Van Buren Block at die 
northwest corner of Madison and California avenues, where he 
again conducted a. drug store and later a paint and hardware 
business next door. Retired from business Aug. 1st, 1912. 


• * 

972 Gorden Barent, b. Oct 31, 1896. 

973 George, b. Feb. 14, 1899 ; d in infancy. 

974 Charles Martin, b. Nov. 28, 1906. 


ELIZABETH D.* VAN BUREN, Barent/ Barent,* Peter/ 
Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. in Columbia County July 31, 184a; d. Aug. 7, 190a After 
her father's death she resided with her Uncle Evert Van 
Buren, who was then living in Chicago, and while there she 
married her cousin, Evert 2nd, son of above-mentioned uncle. 
Evert was born at Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 9, 1839, and died 
Oct 25, 1895. (See his record.) They were married in 
Chicago Nov. 10, 1868. 

Children (see No. 715): 

Helen Catherine, b. at Fremont, Neb., Oct 25, 1871 ; 

m. June 17, 1891, to John Harrison Wilson. 
Evert 3rd, b. at Hooper, Neb., Oct 15, 1874; d. unm. 

at Mineral Wells, Texas, Dec. 3, 1905. 
Arthur Swazy, b. at Hooper, Neb., June 22, 1878; 

d. unm. at Chicago, June 26, 1905. 


CAROLINE LOUISE s VAN BUREN, Barent/ Barent/ Peter/ 
Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

HlSTOEY OF COftHXLIS MAWltK Vak Busbm 183 

b. Dec 15, 1850, the oldest child of the second wife (Caro- 
line Matilda Groet) ; m. May 19, 1870, to Dr. J. M. Knott, of 
Springfield, Ohio. 


975 Barent Van Buren Knott, b. Nov. 14, 1871. 

976 Frederick William Knott, b. May 21, 1873. 

977 Louise Boyd Knott, b. Apr. 9, 1875. 

978 Alice Maris Knott, h. Aug. 8, 1885. 

All of these are now living. 


JOHN* VAN BUREN, JR., John/ Barent, 4 Peter, 9 Barent, 4 
Pieter.* Marten** Cornelis.* 

was b. Mar. 21, 1864 ; m. June 24, 1885, Elizabeth J. Bennig- 
huff, b. in Dixon, California, Oct. 2J 9 1867, dau. of Syrus R. 
Benninghuff and Clemintine Virginia (Reichereek) Ben* 
ninghuff. After his marriage he removed to Oregon and 
engaged in farming and stockraising until Sept, 1889, when 
he returned to California, where he has since lived. 


979 Irene Clementine, b. in Oregon, Apr. 22, 1886; m. 

Oct 11, 1905, Otis Warthy Sheilds, formerly of 
Virginia, now living in Les Banos, CaL They 
have two sons, viz: Kennard Otis Sheilds, b. 
Aug. 22, 1906, and John Kier Sheilds, b. Aug. 
31, 1908. 

980 Frank B., b. in Oregon, May 19, 1888. Is in busi- 

ness with his brother-in-law in Les Banos, Cal. 

981 Mary Virginia, b. in Dixon, CaL, Mar. 28, 1892; 

m. Jan. 1, 1910, Royal F. Kuny, formerly of 
Texas. They have one son, Syrus R. Kuny, b. 

982 Jennie Olive, b. in Dixon, Cal., Apr. 8, 1894; ul 

April 2, 1909, James F. Fitzpatrick. They have 
two children viz.: Virginia Clemintine Fitz- 

186 History of Caroms Masssen Van Buien 

Patrick, b. Aug. 3, 1910, and John William Fitz- 
patrick, b. Feb. 28, 19x2. 


JOHN. HENRY* VAN. BUREN. Bartholomew/ John P./ 
Pieter, 9 ; parent, 4 Pieter, 9 Marten,*, Cornelia, 1 

was b. in*Ghent, N. YJ, Sept 18, 1830'; d. Feb. 20. 1888, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. (x) Harriet Beardsley, at Fairport, N. 
Y., on May 10, 1855 ; m. (2) Feb. 20, 1862, Mary Van de 
Carr, dan. of John and Mary (Heavner) Van de Carr. 
Educated in. the- schools of the neighborhood, he taught in 
same as a young man. Later he went to Fairport, N. Y., 
and entered th< drug store of his Uncle Henry Van Buren, 
who was a physician at that place. While there he met and 
married Miss Beardsley, who only lived a few years. Later 
he returned to Columbia County, and married the oldest dan. 
of John- Van de Carr, whose farm adjoined that of his father ; 
they settled in Brooklyn, N. Y. He was associated with his 
brother .George in the Pension business for a number of 
years, and still later held a responsible position in the Cus- 
toms Office, which he held to the time of his death. 



983 Stella Catherine, b. Oct, 1864. Is living, unm. 

984'. May. Living, unm. . . . 

985 ; Lillian Whiting, b. Mar. 18, 1871 ; d. July jo, 1899. 

• • • 

• % % • • • 


PETER JAMES 9 VAN BUREN, Bartholomew/ John P./ 
Pieter, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 * 

b. Dec 14, 1832; d. Dec 17, 1883; m. Mar. 10, 1857, Anna 
Van Alstyne, b. July 8» 1838; d. Dec 26, 1912. She was a dau. 
of Cornells M. Van Alstyne and wife, Margaret Leggett 

When a young man, after having taught in the district 
school at home, he decided to go to what was then the Far 
West — Iowa, where he purchased a large farm on the prairie 



a i 


Histoiy op Cornzlis Massskn Van Bubbk 187 

and endured the trials and difficulties of the frontier life. 
After some years spent there he decided to return to the East, 
and moved to New York City, where he engaged in the milk 
business, building up a large route first in New York City 
itself, and later in Brooklyn, where he finally died, a compara- 
tively young man, of heart disease. Both he and wife were 
active members of the Methodist Church. 


986 Frank, b. Mar. 4, 1858; <L in Iowa, Jan. 31, 1864. 
+987 Clara Margaret, b. Aug. 21, 1863; m - Aug. 19, 
1884, John E. Allen, b. Aug. 17, 1862. 

988 Arthur, b. Oct 31, 1865 ; d. in Iowa, Aug. 16, 1867. 

989 Emma, twin, b. Mar. 17, 1869; d. Sept 1, 1870, in 


990 Ella, twin sister of Emma, b. Mar. 17, 1869; d - 

Aug. 14, 1870, in Iowa. 

991 James Henry, b. Nov. 28, 1877, in New York; d. 

Mar. 15, 1885, in New York. 


John P.,* Pieter, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter, a Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

was b. Apr. 20, 1835; d. June 18, 1910; m. (1) Dec. 21, 1865, 
Gertrude B. Van Buren, dau. of Barent, who was b. Nov. 
17,1838, and d. Jan. 2, 1866; m. (2) Apr. 20, 1869, Annie Eliza 
Hoes, of Lansing, Mich., who was b. Mar. 1, 1835, dau. of 
Casparus C. and Maria (Van Hoesen) Hoes. 

He was educated at Charlottesville, N. Y., and at Clav- 
erack, N. Y., under the well-known instructor, Dr. Alonzo 
Flack, D.D. He became a teacher in various schools of Co- 
lumbia County. When the Civil War broke out he responded 
to the call by raising a company, and was appointed Captain 
of the 6th New York Cavalry. He was in numerous battles ; 
had his hat shot through and the stirrup shot off the saddle ; 
the horse which he was riding shot from under him, and, 
strange to relate, he never received a scratch. 

188 History op Comfius Maishw Van Busbm 

At Gettysburg he captured a Rebel officer and was pre- 
sented with the sword of the said officer. He was promoted 
to Major and finally brevetted Colonel He was captured at 
Gettysburg on July 6th, 1863, an( * taken to Libby prison, at 
Richmond, Va., July 18, 1863. He remained there until May 
7, 1864; was in Andersonville from May 16-17 (1864), and 
from there was taken to Macon, Ga., and thence to Charles- 
ton, S. C .Left there Oct 6 for Columbia, S. C 

He escaped from the train, and after five days was re-cap- 
tured and taken to Edgefield Jail ; from there he was sent to 
Augusta, Ga., and then back to Columbia; was confined in 
"Camp Sorghum/ 9 near Columbia, from where he escaped, but 
was recaptured near Augusta, Ga., and then taken back to 

In Jan., 1865, he was taken from the Stockade near Co- 
lumbia to Asylum Camp, within the city limits, and soon 
after he was taken to Charlotte, N. G, for two days, and then 
to Raleigh, N. C. ; these last two moves were made to get the 
prisoners out of the way of Sherman's army. He was finally 
taken to Wilmington, N. G, and exchanged on Mar. 1, 1865, 
after 295 days of confinement in "Libby Prison" and 310 days 
in Danville, Salsburg, Macon, Charleston and Columbia. The 
writer well remembers his telling how they travelled at night 
when on their escapements, and finally thinking they were 
within the lines of the Union army they decided to risk it to 
travel by daylight and had only gone a very short distance 
when a Rebel officer stepped up to my uncle and laying his 
hand on his shoulder, said, "You are my prisoner." Uncle 
said it seemed as if he would have rather died right there than 
go back to the prisons, but he only said, "I suppose so," and 
was marched off. Like many others, his health was shattered, 
and he always suffered from heart disease, but attended to the 
various Pension offices to which he was appointed. 

Child, by first wife (see No. 971): 

992 Gertrude Helen, b. Oct 9, 1865 ; d. June 14, 1910 ; 
m. Feb. 14, 1895, Harry W. Landreth. 

£*te+7 — 

History op Caunus Maesbn Van Busbk 189 

Children, by second wife: 

993 George Edwin, b. Dec. 17, 1871 ; d. Mar. 1, 1873. 

+994 George Henry, b. Jan. 18, 1874; m. Nov. 7, 1901, 
Blanche Dustin Kain 9 of Chicago, a dan ol 
James and Clara Cornelia (Dustin) Kain. 


P., § Pieter/ Barent, 4 Picter/ Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

was b. at Ghent, N. Y. 9 Aug. 6, 1839; m. (1) Jan. 26, i860, 
to Margaret J. Williams, of Valatia, N. Y., who was b. at 
Kinderhook, Aug. 28, 1832, and d. Nov. 8, 1895, at Chatham 
(see Williams) ; m. (2) June 20, 1898, to Augusta Clark, of 
Lebanon Springs, who was b. Aug. 27, 1871. 

He received his early education at Kinderhook Academy 
and at Claverack, but his health failing, he had to relinquish 
his plans for a College course, and finished his education with 
private tutors. He taught in several schools in Columbia 
County, and pursued his own studies at the same time. On 
Oct 1, i860, he was ordained as a Baptist minister at Lebanon 
Springs, where he served his first pastorate. 

In consequence of a severe bronchial affection which ren- 
dered it impossible for him to preach, he retired to a farm for 
nearly two years, at the end of which he had recovered his 
voice and accepted a call to a large church at Newark, N. Y. 
While pastor there, there was erected a large and elegant 
church edifice. From there he was called to the pastorate of 
the Baptist Church, in the city of Dowagiac, Mich. While 
here he was attacked with materia in its most aggravated 
form, and nearly lost his life, but returning again to Colum- 
bia County, he once more regained sufficient health as to en- 
able him to re-enter ministerial work, and accepted a call to 
the Baptist Church at Athens-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. Later 
he was pastor for four years at Johnson's Creek, Niagara 
County, N. Y., where once again he almost succumbed to a 
long and serious illness. 

190 History op Maishk Van Buien 

Physicians telling him he could never preach again, he 
decided to complete the necessary course in medicine which 
he had studied as a pastime for years. On June 29, 1882, he 
received his license to practice medicine as a Homoepathk 
physician. He recovered his health sufficiently so that he 
again entered into active ministerial work, and became for the 
second time the Pastor of the Lebanon Springs, N. Y., Church, 
where he served for eight years, and also pursued the practice 
of medicine. Later he was Pastor of the Baptist Church at 
East Chatham, N. Y., for some years. After the death of his 
wife he returned to Lebanon Springs and served again as their 
Pastor, and later married there his present wife. While not 
actively engaged as Pastor for some years now, he frequently 
supplies churches for brief periods. He continues the prac- 
tice of medicine. He is a Life Member of the American 
Tract Society and The Missionary Union. 

Children, by the first wife : 

+995 Harriett G Waite, b. Nov. 10, 1861 ; m. Aug. 1, 
1902, Stephen Farnum Peckham, A.M., of New 
York City. u 

996 Frank, b. Aug. 17, 1866; d. Feb. 11, 1867. 

Child, by the second wife : . 

997 Marion Augusta, b. Nov. 3, 1900. 


P., # Pieter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 8 Cornells, 1 

b. Oct. 14, 1843; d - Fcb - 4» l8 94» k* Feb. 25, 1868, Anne 

Gertrude van de Carr, b. June 21, 1848. 
Educated at Claverack, he taught schools in the County 
of Columbia, N. Y. Later he was an Overseer in the large 
mills at Columbiaville, N. Y., and later still he held a position 
in the general Post-Office at New York City. 

Children : 

998 Annie Catherine, b. Dec. 15, 1870; m. June 15, 

1892, Will Freehan, b. Dec. 26, 1869 ; d. Feb. 21, 

I K 
1 i 

I S 

rains kva aaxsiMAS inbxvh 

Thltd *oa el Jobn T. and jMMis Vu I 

History of Cornells Maessen Van Buien 191 

1908; m. (2) Apr. 7, 1909, Charles van de Carr, b. 
Nov. 19, 1874. She has no children. 
999 Alice Bates, b. May 25, 1872; m. Oct 8, 1891, 
Edward G. van Slyke. They had one son, b. 
Jan. 31, 1910; d. Nov. 28, 1910. 
1000 Henry, b. Aug. 13, 1875; living; unm. 


JOHN THOMPSON* VAN BURENi John/ John P./ Peter/ 
Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten,* Cornells/ ' 
b. Oct 9, 1842; d. 1895; m. Jennie Myers; b. 1848. 


• • • 

-f-iooi John Myers, b. 1867; m. May 21, 1896,. Mary H. 

+IOQ2 Libbie H., b. 1869; m. Dec. 5, 1906, Wm, Traver 

1003 Ida M., b. 1872; d. 1899, unm. 
+1004 Charles H., b. 1878; m. Oct 11, 1906, Florence 

Elsie Martin. 
1005 Martin J., b. 1878; m. Oct 24, 1906, Marrietta F. 

+1006 Georgia Belle,, b. 1882; m. Oct. 15, 1902, Frank 

Lyle Ostrander. 
+1007 Samuel L., b. Oct 8, 1885; m. Cleora Miller. 



JOHN P.* VAN BUREN, Barent/ John P./ Peter/ Barent/ 
Pieter/ Marten,* Cornells, 1 

b. 1850; m. (1) Ruth A. Lay, b. 1849; d - l8 9&> «• ( 2 ) Nov - 
5, 1901, Margaret Van Bramer, b. 1867. 

Children by the first wife : 

+1008 Alice Rossman, m. July 6, 1897, Allen Lum Price. 
+1009 Barent Dorr, m. May 22, 1901, Charlotte Louise 

194 History of Coenelis Maisssn Van Buibn 


Marten, 9 Marten, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

m. Jacob Pulver. 

1031 Henry Pulver, m. Margaret Tater. 

1032 Lee Pulver, m. Lillian Miller. 

1033 Amelia Pulver, m. . 


LUKE 9 VAN BUREN, Marten/ Lucas, 9 Marten, 9 Marten, 9 
Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells/ 

- m. Maggie MitcheL 

1034 Robert 

1035 Christine. 


CORNELIS* VAN BUREN, Peter Putnam,' Cornell*/ WU- 
liam. 9 Barent. 4 Marten. 9 Marten. 9 Cornells. 1 

was b. in Glen, Jan. 2$, 1840; m. (1) Jan. 24, 1867, Marion 
B. Gove, of Boston, Mass., who was b. Nov. 3, 1844, and d. 
Jan. 21, 1889. She was a dau. of John and Ann (McCon- 
nell) Gove, of New Hampshire. He m. (2) Sept. 23, 191 2, 
Ada Putnam, a dau. of his former partner. 

He was educated at Johnstown Academy and Amsterdam 
Academy and Claverack Institute. His first essay in business 
was as a grocer clerk, at Aurresville, in 1858-1860. He was a 
cleric for Voorhees Van Antwerp and Co., proprietor of the 
Fultonville and New York Transportation Co., with offices 
at Fultonville, 1860-1863. Later he became the Manager of 
the New York office. In 1866 he removed permanently to 
Amsterdam, N. Y., where he associated himself with John C. 
Putnam in the flour, feed and coal business. 

History of Cqrnsus Maessen Van Buben 195 

Successful and prominent in public life, in 1881 he pur- 
chased Mr. Putnam's interest, and continued the business un- 
der the name of C. Van Buren Co. He is a Republican, and 
served one term as a Representative of that party, 1881-1882. 
He has been School Trustee several years; Supervisor for 
three years. In 1887 he was an Alderman. He is a Trustee 
and President of the City Hospital. Organizer and Vice- 
President of the Merchants 9 National Bank until its closing 
out. Director of the City National Bank from 1890 until the 
present, and a Director of the Amsterdam Savings Bank. 

Children, by the first wife : 

+1036 George C, b. June 16, 1863; m. (1) a Miss Mc- 
Queen; m. (2) a Miss Maaie Conover; m. (3) 
a Miss Bessie Louise Veeder. 
1037 Florence, b. June 10, 1870; d. in inf. 

+1038 Grace, b. Jan. 6, 1879; m. Pec 21, 1901, Karl 

EDGAR TOBIAS* VAN BUREN, Henry Wales/ Tobias,* Wfl- 
liam. 9 BarenL* Marten. 9 Marten. 9 Cornells. 1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^W ^^^^^^^^^ ^i^^^^W^^^B VB^^^IV^B^B^V ^F^^^^^^^W ^B^^^BV^BJBB^BP VV^W, ^B^B'^B^F^B* ^B*^B"^B^^B»^BIBBBFBB 

was b. June 28, 1866; m. Jan. 6, 1897, Jessie Leona Gould, 
of Walton, N. Y. Edgar T. is in business with his cousin, 
Henry T. Conklin, at Hobart, Delaware County, N. Y. 

1039 Arthur Henry, b. May 10, 1899. 

1040 James Martin, b. Aug. 8, 1905. 

1041 Walter Hill, b. Aug. 18, 1906. 
104a William Edgar, b. Aug. 19, 1909. 

196 Hnzoav or Counus Mammh Van Bvmmx 



Tobias,* Corndis,* Tobias, 4 Corndis,* Marten,* Corndis, 1 
b. Mar. 18, 1&24; m. about 1848, William Coddmrne. 



IQ43 Ann Elizabeth Cockburpe, b. Mar. I, 185a 
' 1044 Tobias Van Buren Cockbumc, b. Mar. 13, 1852. 


JAMES* VAN BUREN. Tobias. 9 Corndis/ Tobias. 9 Corndis/ 
Tobias. 4 Corndis, 9 Marten,' Corndis, 1 

*~* was b. Sept 25, 1829, and d. May 5, 1900; m. Sept 20, 1864, 
Mary Mulks. She was b. May 13, 1842. 


1045 James, b. July 16, 1865. 

1046 Minnie, b. Jan. 2, 1870; m. Apr. 21, 1892, Robert 

W. Tansil. Issue: Robert W. Tansil, Jr., b. 
Sept 15, 1894. 



Tobias, 9 Corndis/ Tobias, 4 Corndis/ Marten, 9 Corndis, 1 

was b. at Kingston, Jan. 15, 1826, and d. at Plainfidd, N. J., in 
July, 189a He m. Julia Morris of Morrisiania, Aug., 1863. 



+1047 Edward Morris, b. Oct 21, 1865 ; m. Caroline Rein- 

1048 Francis Persen, d. y. 

1049 Julian Tompkins, d. y. 

1050 Laurens Hardy. 

Histoiy of Cqrnsejs Mabssbn Van Buibn 197 


CHARLES 9 VAN BUREN, Isaac,* Cornells/ Tobias,* Cornelia, 9 
Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

was b. Oct 13, 1826; d. 1894; m. Nov. 3, 1848, Eliza C. 


+1051 Howard, b. Mar. 7, 1850; m. Dec. 25, 1871, Jennie 

B. Demlce. 
+1053 Augustus L., in. (1) Mary Briggs; (2) Estelle 



MATHEW 9 VAN BUREN, Isaac, 9 Cornells/ Tobias, 9 Cornells/ 
Tobias. 9 Cornells. 9 Marten. 9 Cornells. 1 

was b. Nov. 19, 1840; m. Caroline G. Keator. 

+1053 Walter, b. Nov. 99, 1863; m. Apr. 2, 1884, Kate 

+1054 Henry, b. Oct 8, 1865; m. Nov. 20, 1890, Cora B. 

+1055 Agnes, b. July 30, 1867; m. Dec. 21, 1887, John 


1056 Austin, b. Feb. 8, 1875; m. . 

1057 Mabel, b. July 23, 1878. 


CORNELIUS 9 VAN BUREN, Henry, 9 Cornells/ Tobias 9 , 
Cornells/ Tobias, 4 Cornells, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells/ 

was b. Nov. 27, 1835 ; m. Mar. 12, 1862, Mary Sagendorf . 

1058 Jessie, b. Apr. 5, 1863. 

+ 1059 Annie, b. June 12, 1864; m. June 12, 188 — , Lysan- 
der Myers. 

198 History of Gornzlis Maksun Van Botkn 

- 1060 Fannie, b. Aug. 13, 1868; m. Nov. 15, 1893, Dr. 
Frederick W. Matey. 
1061 Beulah, b. Jan. 21, 1875 ; m. Jan. 17, 1900, John J. 
Hager. Issue: John Matey Hager, b. June 22, 

ALONZO P.* VAN BUREN, Henry/ Cornelia/ Tobias/ Cor- 
ndis/ Tobias, 4 Cornells, 1 Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

was b. Sept 23, 1837, and m. May 28, 18629 Sarah B. Suydam. 

1062 Mary Ann, b. July 25, 1864; m. Oct 5, 1897, Fred- 

erick T. Hiller. 

1063 Grace, b. Dec. 2, 1869. 

WILLIAM T.' VAN BUREN, Henry/ Cornells/ Tobias/ Cor- 
nelia/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

b. Oct, 1841, and m. Apr., 1864, Mary A. Souser, b. Apr. 20, 
J841, at Brabant N. Y., dau. of John and Deborah (Hollen- 
beck) Souser. 

William T. was born in Kingston. He received his education 
at the public school and Academy. He was associated with his 
father in business and at the death of his father purchased the 
business, the oldest meat market in Kingston. He is a Democrat 
a Mason, and a Knight of Pythias; also a Vestryman in the 
Episcopal Church. 

Mary Alice Souser's father, John Souser, was b. in Kings* 
ton in 1810 and d. Nov. 13, 1884; his father was John Souser 
also. He was b. at Catslrill, 1753. Mary Alice Souser's mother, 
Deborah Hollenbeck was b. in Hudson, 1820, and was living 
in 1896. Her father, George C Hollenbeck, was b. at Hudson, 
1795; m. 1817, Christina Best; Deborah was their oldest child. 


1064 William, b. Sept 28, 1867 ; d. y. 

History of Cornells Marssrn Van Bur^n 199 

1065 Pauline, b. Sept 28, 187a 

1066 Alonzo, b. Nov. 16, 1875 ; d. Apr. 2, 1876. 

1067 Louise Maryland, b. Apr. 9, (?). 


HELEN M/ VAN BUREN, Henry/ Cornells/ Tobias/ Cor- 
nelis/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten, 8 Cornelia/ 

was b. Oct 30, 1845, wd «• D^c. 6 » l86 5» Cassius A. Mattoon. 

1068 Edith V. Mattoon, b. Mar. 17, 1867; m. Feb. 1, 1888, 

Charles C. Hardenburgh, and had: Cornelius 
b. Apr. 13, 1893; Leonard, b. July 6, 1894; Mar- 
garet G. f b. Feb. 14 1896; Charles, b. Aug. io, 

A very interesting article relating to the Hardenburgh family 
can be found in The Journal of American History, Vol 7, No. 1, 
published by The Frank Allaben Genealogical Co., New York 


MATHEW T/ VAN BUREN, Henry/ Cornelia/ Tobias/ Cor- 
ndis/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornelia/ 

was b. Mar. 2, 1850; m. Feb. 12, 1884, Mamie or Minnie L. 


1069 George V., b. May 30, 1885. 


JANE ANN* VAN BUREN, John,' Cornelius/ Phfllipus/ Cor- 
nelis/ Tobias, 4 Cornelia/ Marten/ Cornelia/ 

was b. Dec. 25, 1834; m. Sept 9, 1863, John Meyers. 


1070 Libbie Meyers, b. Dec. 16, 1864; d. Mar. 10, 1878. 

1071 Harry Meyers, b. Dec 29, 1873; <*• Aug. 9, 1874. 

200 History op Gmlnhjs Mabsctm Vam Buun 

JESSE* VAN BUREN, John/ Cornelius/ Phillipus/ Cornells/ 
Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten/ Cornelis/ 
was b. Sept 26, 1838; m. Sept 16, 1868, Mary E. Woody. 


107a Anna, b. May 23, 187a 
1073 Alfred J., b. July 15, 187a 

CORA 9 VAN BUREN, John/ Cornelius,' Phillipus/ Cornells,* 
Tobias, 4 Cornelia/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

was b. Oct 18, 1841 ; m. Dec 31, 1863, Samud Tice. 

1074 Annie Tice, b. Oct 3, 1864; m. 1884, Walter Adams. 

1075 Jennie Tice, b. Nov. 23, 1866; m. Aug. 21, 1896, 

Frank T. Isenbeig. 

1076 Eddie (Edward) Tice, b. Jan. 15, 1872; m. Nor. 8, 

1893, Mary E. VogeL 

MARY ELIZABETH 9 VAN BUREN, John, 9 Cornelius/ Phil- 
lipus/ Cornelis/ Tobias, 4 Cornelis/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

was b. Sept 20, 1845; m. Nov. 15, 1877, to Orrin R. Thompson. 

1077 Beulah Thompson, b. Apr. 24, 188a 

1078 Amy Thompson, b. Oct 14, 1881. 

MARY MARGARET 9 VAN BUREN, Abraham, 9 Cornelius,' 
Phfllipua/ Cornelius/ Tobias, 4 Cornelis/ Marten, 9 Cornelis/ 

was b. Oct 18, 1831 ; m. George W. Patterson. 

1079 George W. Patterson, Jr., b. Feb. 22, 1867; d. 188a 

History of Cokmxus Maessrn Van Botkn 201 

1080 Carrie Patterson, b. Oct 5, 1869; d 1870. 

1081 William J. Patterson, b. Dec. 12, 1871. 

1082 Lola Patterson, b. Feb. 9, 1874; d 1879. 

1083 Lillte Ann Patterson, b. May 12, 1876. 

1084 Grace Patterson, b. Dec 9, 1878; d Aug. 3, 1902; 

m. Feb. 4, 1900, Hatty Brannzan, and had two 
children, George V. Brannzan and Isabel Brann- 

1085 Bertha Patterson, b. Dec 28, 1880; d Dec. 31, 1902. 


SARAH J.* VAN BUREN, Abraham, 9 Cornelius/ Phfflipoa, 1 
Cornells,* Tobias, 4 Cornells, 1 Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 

was b. Jan. 17, i838(?); m. Jan., 1854, Rensselaer Hootaling. 

1086 Ida T. Hootaling, b. Dec. 6, 1854; m. Apr. 28, 1872, 

George M. Brink, and had seven children, viz., 
Frank A. Brink, Grace Brink, George M. Brink, 
Jr., Edna T. Brink, Mary V. K. Brink, Ida T. 
Brink, Dora G. Brink. 


CATHARINE 9 VAN BUREN, Abraham,* Cornelius,' Phfl- 
lipus,* Cornelis, 1 Tobias, 4 Cornelis, 1 Marten, 1 *"**«—«■ * 

m. Israel Paugh. 


1087 Amelia M. Paugh, m. 

1088 Minerva A. Paugh, m. 

CORNELIUS 1 VAN-BUREN, Abraham, 1 Cornelius/ PhOlipns, 1 
Cornells, 1 Tobias, 4 Cornelis, 1 Marten, 1 Cornelis, 1 

d. Sept, 1868; m. (1) Salome Roe; m. (2) Dec 1, 1852, Sarah 

202 History or Cornells Marssrn Van Burrn 


+1089 Cornelia*, b. Jan. 5, 1861; m. May xft 1883, Mrs. 

Roberta Updcgrove Spaulding. 
+ 1090 William, b. Aug. 23, 1863; m. July x, 1883, Kate 

+ 1091 John, b. June 21, 1865; m. June 6, 1893, Susan Long. 
+1092 Kate, b. Mar. 32, 1867; m. (z) Nor. 5, 1885, James 
.. Milton Lowe; m. (2) Apr. ii t 1894, Frederick 


JOHN 9 VAN BUREN, Abraham, • Cornelius/ Phfflipus, 9 Cor- 
ndis, 9 Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten/ Cornells, 1 - 
m. (1) Catharine Swift; m. (2) Julia Reardon. 

Children (by the second wife) : 

1093 Sarah, b. Apr. 24, 1861. 

1094 Margaret, b. Feb. 6, 1863. 

+1095 John T., b. Jan. 16, 1865; m. June ai, 1899, Frances 

1096 Martin, b. Aug. 8, 1867. 
+ 1097 Julia, b. June 19, 1871; m. Dec 37, 1893, Patrick 


1098 May, b. Dec 10, 1872. 

1099 Ellen, b. June 5, 1875. 

1 100 Joseph, b. Nov. 11, 1878. 

ABRAHAM 9 VAN BUREN, JR., Abraham, 9 Cornelius,* Phil- 
lipus, 9 Cornelis, 9 Tobias, 9 Cornells, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was b. May 33, 1847; m - 1 ^66, Margaret O'NeiL 


noi Annie, b. May 14, 1867; d. Feb., 1874. 
1103 Joseph, b. Oct 2, 1869; A Feb., 1874. 
1 103 Alice B., b. Nov. 7, 1873; m. June 9, 1893, Joseph 

and had two children, Margaret Smith, b. 

History op Cornells Maisssn Van Burin 203 

June 17, 1894, d. in 1894, and Geoigianna Smith, 
b. Jan. 20, 1896. 

AUGUSTUS H/ VAN BUREN, Cornelius M/ Cornelius/ Phil- 
lipus/ Cornelius/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

was h. 1856; m. 1879, Catharine McKinsberry. 

1 104 DeWitt, b. Aug. 21, 1883, or 1881. 

1 105 Alfred Deyo, b. May 22, 1884. 
zio6 Augustas H., Jr., b. Nov. 19, 1885. 
Z107 Mildred G, b. Oct 3, 1894. 

JAMES B/ VAN BUREN, Heciy E./ Cornelius/ Phillipus/ 
Cornelias/ Tobias, 4 Cornells/ M arten/ Cornells/ 

was b. Jan. 20, 1856; d. July 30, 1894; m. May i 9 188% Emma 



zzo8 Ella, b. May 28, 1881; m. Sept 23, 1900, William 
Burger. Issue: Bernard F. Burger, b. Aug. 29, 
. Z109 Lizzie, b. Mar. 3, 1883; d. July 14, 1884. 
nio Sadie, b. Aug. 29, 1885; ■»• D^ *°> I 9 M » Alfred 

XT ^* 


PETER 9 VAN BUREN, JR., Peter/ Cornelius/ Phillipus/ Cor- 
nelius/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

was b. July 10, 1855; m. Sept 23, 1888, Cora Snyder. 

zxzz Hazd, b. Jan. 8, 1891. 

1112 Raymond, b. Oct. 20, 1892. 

1113 Peter, Jr., b. Aug. 15, 1894. 

204 History op Coenbus Mabsun Van Buien 


GERTRUDE* VAN BUREN, Phillip,* William,* PhOlipus,* 
Cornelius,* Tobias/ Cornells,* Marten,* Corndis, 1 
was b. June 17, 1838; m. Dec 11, 1856, to William Coster. 



1114 John W. Coster, b. Jan. 3, 1858; m. Nov. 4, 1885, 
Mary J. Shoolty, and had three children, viz., 
Raymond Shoolty, Adelbert Shoolty and Mary 

11x5 Frank Coster, b. Jan. 19, i860; m. Mar. 20, 1887, 
Louisa Shoudell, and had four children, viz., Glen 
Coster, Stanley Coster. Pearl Coster and Anna 

1116 Myrtdla F. Coster, b. Nov. 29, 1861; m. Jan. 15. 

1884, Myron Conry, and had eight children, viz.. 
Ralph C. Conry. Clarence H. Conry. Viola G. 
Conry, Mervin P. Conry, Olive E. Conry. Cassie 
B. Conry. Harry Conry and Townsend Conry. 

1117 Boon Cary Coster, b. Dec. 13, 1863; d. Feb. 9, 1883, 


1118 Jesse Coster, b. Sept 6, 1866; m. Sept 11, 1897, 

Jessie Morse, and had one child, Barnette Coster. 

1119 James W. Coster, b. Mar. 4, 1870; m. Apr. 5, 1889, 

Lena Palmer, and had three children, viz., Victor 
Coster, Ivan Coster and Donald Coster. 

1 120 Philip Coster, b. Feb. 16, 1873; »• Oct 20, 1897, 

Jennie Morse, and had two children, Barnard 
Coster and Gertrude B. Coster. 

1121 George W. Coster, b. Oct 18, 1876; m. Oct 18, 1900, 

Mabel Olten. 


EGBERT* VAN BUREN, John Roosa,* William,' PhOlipus,* 
Corndis/ Tobias, 4 Cornelia,* Marten, 8 Corndis, 1 

was b. Mar. 15, 1834; d. Apr. 8, 1885; »• J* - ^ l8 53* Mar y 
C. Longendyke. 

History of Cornelis. Maessbn Van Burbh 205 


1 122 Angelina, b. Jan. 22, 1854; m. John Magee. 

1 123 John William, b. Feb. io, i860; d. Mar. 16, 1884; 
m. Feb. 19, 1876, Eva J. Moxham. 

1 1 24 Granville, m. Oct. 19, 1882, Etta V. Van Etten. 

1 125 Jennie. 



• VAN BUREN. John Roosa,* William,* Phiffipus,* Cor- 
nelins/ Tobias, 4 Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornelis/ 

b. Oct 2j, 1848; d. Apr. 4, 1902; m. Mar. 3, 1879, Carrie E. 


+1126 Jennie, b. Sept 17, 1882; m. Ang. 18, 1897 (?), 
Frank HenkeL 

1 127 Graver B., b. Nov. 6, 1884. 

1 128 Essie M., b. Nov. 23, 1886. 


HIRAM 9 VAN BUREN, Ely/ Phillipus, Jr./ PhiUipas/ Cor- 
nelius/ Tobias, 4 Cornelis, 1 Marten/ Cornelis/ 

was b. June 25, 1835 * m - Aug. x ^> X ^S^» Anna E. Davis. He 
d. 1891. 


+1129 Mary Jane, b. Sept 13, 1857; m. Walter Steward. 

1130 George, b. Mar. 7, i860; m. . 

X131 Sarah Ann, b. Dec 9, 1862 ; d. 1864. 

1 132 William, b. May 19, 1864. 



MARY CATHERINE* VAN BUREN, Ely,* Phillipus, Jr./ 
Phillipus,* Cornelius,' Tobias, 4 Cornelis,* Marten,* Cornelis, 1 

was b. Mar. i, 1837 ; m. Alexander Robinson. 

206 History or Caumus Masssbm Van Buum 


1 133 Hiram Robinson, m. Mar. 31, 1878, Emma Hoffer, 
and bad ten children: Minnie, b. Sept 149.1879; 
m. Henry McHugh; George, b. Oct 25, 1880; 
Grace, b. July 18, 1882; William, b. Jan. 6, i883(?); 
Glenn, b. July 3, 1886; Mary G, b. June 18, 1887; 
Alexander, b. Feb., 1889; Hiram, Jr., b. Dec 6, 
1894; • Christmas, b. Dec. 24, 1897; Betsy, b. 
Mar. 6, 1901. 


H. GATES* VAN BUREN, Charles H.. 9 Oliver M.,» Harmon 
F., 9 Francis/ Barent/ Pieter, 9 Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

b. at Mayfield, Nov. 27, 1876; m. Sept 2, 1903, to Lizzie B. 
Morrison, b. Dec 31, 1877, a dau. of Ozem and Nancy Dun- 
ham Morrison. 


Z134 Ada Elizabeth, b. Oct 14, 1905. 

1 135 Margaret May, b. Nov. 10, 1909. 


ver M., f Harmon F., 9 Francis, 9 Barent, 4 Pieter, 9 Marten, 9 
Cornelia, 1 

b. at Mayfield, Jan. 30, 1876; m. Feb. 7, 1906, to Martha 
Charlotte Rosa, b. Sept 25, 1870, the dau. of James P. and 
Ruth (Pettit) Rosa, and d. Mar. 3, 191 1, at Broadalbin. 
From Jan. 1, 1903, to Jan. x, 1912, Mr. Van Buren held the 
office of school commissioner of Fulton County and is now 
district superintendent of schools over the five eastern towns 
of the county. He resides at Broadalbin, N. Y. 


1 136 James Rosa Van Buren, b. at Broadalbin, Jan. 9, 


History of Cobnbus Maxssbn Van Btnuor 207 


ver M., T Harmon F./ Francis/ Barent/ Pieter/ Marten,* 
Cornells, 1 

b. at Mayfield, July 17, 1880; m. Mar. 1, 1908, to Ruth G. 


1 137 Oliver M., b. Oct 3, 1909. 

1 138 Jay Lewis, b. Apr. 30, 1911. 


HELEN CATHERINE 9 VAN BUREN, Elizabeth/ Barent/ 
Barent/ Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 and of 
Evert, 9 Evert/ Barent, 9 Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten/ 
Cornells, 1 

b. at Fremont, Neb., Oct. 25, 1871; m. June 17, 1891, to 
John Harrison Wilson. They now reside at Kilgore, Neb. 


U39 Phila Adelaide Wilson, b. Mar. 28, 1893. 

1x40 Merle Mildred Wilson, b. June 22, 1894. 

X141 Eileen Elizabeth Wilson, b. Feb. 22, 1896. 

1 142 Harrison Van Buren Wilson, b. July 28, 1898. 

1x43 Selwyn Terrence Wilson, b. June 2, 1900. 

1 144 William Orme Wilson, b. Jan. 3, 1904. 

1145 Van Buren Wilson, b. Apr. 30, 1906. 

1x46 Gertrude DuBois Wilson, b. Jan. 31, 1908. 


CLARA MARGARET 9 VAN BUREN, Peter James/ Bartholo- 
mew/ John P./ Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten/ Cornells, 1 

b. Aug. 21, 1863 ; m. Aug. 19, 1884, John E. Allen, b. Aug. 
17, 1862. 

208 Histoxy or CotMnis Mamsw Van Btnunr 


1 147 Edwin Guthrie Allen, b. Oct 12, 1888; m. Nov. 

27, 1910, Georgia B. Card They had: Clara 
Van Buren Allen, b. Nov. 3, 1911. 

• • 


GEORGE HENRY* VAN BUREN, George MandevOle,* Bar- 
tholomew,' John P.,* Peter,* Barent,* Pieter,* Marten, 1 
Cornelia, 1 

b. Jan. 18, 1874; m. Nov. 7, 1901, Blanche Dustin Kain, dau. 
of James Edgar and Clara Amelia (Dustin) Kain. Edu- 
cated at Miami University, from which he graduated A. B. ; 
he taught in Miami University. He now holds a responsible 
position in the U. S. Census Bureau at Washington, D. C. 


1 148 Harold Kenneth, b. May 15, 1903. 


Bartholomew/ John P.,* Peter,* Barent,* Pieter,* Marten,* 
Cornells, 1 

was b. at Lebanon Springs, N. Y., Nov. xo, 1861 ; m. Aug. 
1, 1903, to Prof. Stephen Farnum Peckham of Brooklyn, N. 
Y., a chemist, who was b. in Providence, R. L, Mar. a6, 1839. 
(See Peckham.) 

She received her education at Claverack College, where she 
graduated A. B. in 1885. She held the position of private 
teacher for the children of the United States Quarantine Gen- 
eral at Havana, Cuba, for two seasons. After returning to 
The States" she entered the New York Medical College and 
Hospital for Women and graduated as an M. D. in Apr., 1890. 

She did hospital duty in the Women's Homoepathic Hos- 
pital in Philadelphia, Pa. After finishing the hospital course, 
she settled at Chatham, N. Y., where she practised for six 

V\J l6^£yAAjU^(jJLxJlhA*rT- 

Histoiy or Cornius Masssbh Van Buuir 209 

years and then removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where she has 
since resided. She is a member of various medical societies, as 
The American Institute of Homoepathy, The Homoepathic So- 
ciety of the State of New York, The Kings County Homoeo- 
pathic Society, Brooklyn ; The Brooklyn Hahnemanian Union ; 
is President of the Alumnae Association of the New York 
Medical College and Hospital for Women; is a member of 
various Boards of Hospitals and Dispensaries in Brooklyn; 
has written some medical papers for various medical journals ; 
is a member of Cambridge Club, Brooklyn ; Unity Child Wel- 
fare Club ; also the D. A. R. She has no children. 


JOHN MYERS* VAN BUREN, John Thompson,* John,' John 
P./ Peter/ Barent/ Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

was b, 1867 * *&« May 21, 1896, Mary Roden. 


1 149 Miriam. %> . 

1150 Dorothy. 

1151 John. 
115a Martha. 


ELIZABETH H.» VAN BUREN, John Thompson/ John/ 
John P./ Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten, 1 Cornells, 1 
was b. 1869; m. Dec 5, 1906, William Traver Knight 


1 153 Wilna Knight. 

1154 Harold Knight 


John/ John P./ Peter/ Barent, 4 Pieter/ Marten/ Corndis, 1 

was b. 1878; m. Oct. 11, 1906, Florence Elsie Martin. 

212 Histqby or Caunus Masssbh Van Buizir 


1 176 Oliver, m. 

1 177 Henry, m. 

1 178 George, m. . Lives now at Dolgeville, N. Y. 


GEORGE C» VAN BUREN, Cornelius, 1 Peter Putnam/ Cor- 
ndis, # William, 1 Barent,* Marten, 1 Marten, 8 Cornells, 1 

was the first child and only son of Cornelia and Marion B. 
(Gove) Van Buren, b. June 16, 1868; m. (1) a dau. of D. P. 
McQueen, a locomotive manufacturer of Schenectady, N. Y. ; 
m. (2) Miss Masie Conover of New York City; m. (3) Sept 
23, 19x2, Miss Bessie Louise Veeder. He resides in Amster- 
dam, N. Y. 


1 179 Marion, b. June 2, 1891. 
1x80 Cornells, b. Aug.13, 1896. 


GRACE 9 VAN BUREN, Cornells,* Peter Putnam/ Cornells, 9 
William, 9 Barent,* Marten, 9 Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 

was the youngest child of Cornells and Marion B. (Gove) 
Van Buren; b. Jan. 6, 1879; m - ^ ec « 2l > x 9° x » Kari Isburgh, 
a son of Alexander and Mary A. (Pray) Isburgh, both of 
whom were born in Stockholm, Sweden, but who were later 
of Boston, Mass. Karl was born in Melrose, Mass., Aug. 
*5» 1878. Educated at private schools and Chauncey Hall 
in Boston. He is in business in Amsterdam with the C. Van 
Buren Co. Member of leading social organizations. Grace 
was educated at private schools, and later College, and still 
later studied art at Boston. She is a member of the D. A. R. 
and other organizations. 


xi8i Donald Isburgh, b. Jan. 8, 1903. 

1 182 Marion Van Buren Isburgh, b. Aug. 5, 1904. 

History op Cornkus Maissin Van Bubbk 213 


EDWARD MORRIS 1 * VAN BUREN, Daniel/ John/ Cornells/ 
Tobias, 1 Cornelis/ Tobias, 4 Cornelis/ Marten/ Cornelis, 1 

was b. Oct. .21, 1865 » m - Caroline Reinhart, dau. of Joseph 
W. and Lizzie (Alston) Reinhart ; she d. Mar. 30, 1913. 


1 183 Edward Morris, Jr.; b. Jane 11, 1896. 

1x84 Allison Crary, b. Aug. 28, 1906. 

1185 Julian Morris, b. Sept 13, 1910. 

xx86 Carol Laurens, b. Mar. 23, 19x3. 


HOWARD" VAN BUREN, Charles/ Isaac/ Cornelis/ Tobias,* 
Cornells, 9 Tobias/ Cornelis/ Marten, 1 Cornelis/ 

was b. Mar. 7, 1850; m. Dec 25, 1871, Jennie B. Demke. 

1 187 Lillian, b. Oct 28, 1872. 

1 188 Grant, b. Aug. 8, 1874; m. Nov. 26, 1902, Marie 


1 189 Lloyd, b. Sept 26, 1876; d. Sept 28, 1877. 

1 190 Esther, b. July 15, 1878. 
1x91 Kate, b. 1880; d. in infancy. 
1 192 Roscoe G, b. Jan. 17, 1882. 
X193 Charles D., b. Aug. 1, 1884. 
X194 Jennie, b. Sept 18, 1886. 

1 195 Frank, b. Feb. 20, 1888. 
1x96 Grace, b. Jan. 30, 1892. 
1 197 Ralph, b. Feb. 16, 1894; d. 1899. 


AUGUSTUS L." VAN BUREN, Charles/ Isaac/ Cornells/ 
Tobias/ Cornelis/ Tobias, 4 Cornelis/ Marten/ Cornelis/ 

214 History or Caunus Maissin Van Buiur 

m. (i) Mary Brigges; m. (2) Estelle Heyser. 
Children by first wife: 

1 198 Byron B., b. Nov. 19, 1870; d. Feb. 7, 189^ m. Oct 

30, 1890, Abbie M. Hand. 
X199 Glenn A., b. July 22, 1891 ; d. Oct 12, 1891. 


WALTER" VAN BUREN, Mathew/ Isaac,* Cornells/ Tobias/ 
Cornelia, 1 Tobias, 4 Cornelia, 1 Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Nov. 20, 1863; m. Apr. 2, 1884, Kate Grooves. 


1200 Freda, b. May 3, 1884. 

1201 Henry C, b. Oct 20, 1885. 

1202 Huyler, b. July 15, 1887. 

1203 Myron, b. July 30, 1889. 

1204 Joseph B., b. Apr. 20, 1895. 

1205 Albert C, b. Mar. 19, 1897. 

1206 Catherine, b. May 30, 1903. 


HENRY 19 VAN BUREN, Mathew, 9 Isaac, 9 Cornelia,' Tobias, 9 
Cornelia, 1 Tobias, 4 Cornelia, 1 Marten, 9 Cornelia, 1 

was b. Oct 8, 1865; m. Nov. 20, 1890, Cora B. Clearwater. 


1207 Claude W., b. Sept 1, 1891. 

1208 Raymond C, b. Nov. 27, 1896. 


AGNES'* VAN BUREN, Mathew,* Isaac,* Coi-ndis,' Tobias/ 
Corndis,* Tobias,* Cornells,' Marten,* Cornelia, 1 
was b. July 30, 1867, and m. Dec. 31, 1887, to John Forbes. 



1209 Etta Forbes, b. Sept 22, 1888. 
12x0 May Forbes, b. Sept 4, 1891. 


ANNIE 1 * VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ Henry/ Cornells/ 
Tobias/ Cornells/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten, 1 Cornells/ 

was m. June 12, 1888, to Lysander Meyers. 


1211 Mary Ellen Meyers, b. Oct, 1888 or 1889. 
12x2 Beulah Marguerite Meyers, b. Oct 20, 1891. 

1213 James La Rue Meyers, b. Aug. 19, 1894. 


CORNELIUS 1 * VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ Abraham,* Cor- 
nelius/ Phillipus/ Cornells/ Tobias, 4 Cornells, 1 Marten, 9 
Cornells, 1 

was b. Jan. 5, 1861 ; m. May 17, 1882, Mrs. Roberta Upde- 
grove Spaulding. 


1214 Annie P., b. Aug. 10, 1883. 

1215 Mary Alice, b. Sept 14, 1885. 

1216 Bennett Spaulding, b» Feb. 14, 1889. 

1217 Catharine L^ b. Sept. 15, 1891. 


WILLIAM" VAN BUREN, Cornelius/ Abraham, 9 Cornelius' 
Phillipus/ Cornelius/ Tobias/ Cornells/ Marten/ Cornells/ 

was b. Aug. 23, 1862; m. July 1, 1882, Kate Schroth. 

1218 Elizabeth, b. July 8, 1883; m. Jan. 1901, Samuel 


216 History or Caunus Maissin Van Buuir 


JOHN 1 * VAN BUREN, CorncUus/ Abraham,* Cornelias/ Phil, 
lipus/ Cornells, • Tobias, 4 Cornells, • Marten, 1 Cornelia, 1 

was b. June 21, 1863 ; m. June 6, 1893, Susan Long. 

1219 Robert L, b. Feb. 22, 1894. 

1220 Margaret EL, b. Oct 1, 1895. 


KATE 1 * VAN BUREN. Cornelius,* Abraham. 9 Cornelius,' Phil- 
lipua,* Cornells,* Tobias, 4 Cornelia, 1 Marten,* Cornelia, 1 

was b. Mar. 22, 1867; m. (1) Nov. 5, 1885, James Milton 
Lowe; (2) Apr. 11, 1894, Frederick Lebert 

Children by first husband : 

1221 Charles R. Lowe, b. Mar. 12, 1888. 
1223 Harry E. Lowe, b. Feb. 14, 189a 

1223 Roberta Lowe, b. Feb. 13, 1892. 

Children by second husband : • . v 

1224 Ethel E. Lebert, b. Oct 12, 1896. 

1225 Jerome F. Lebert, b. Feb. 5, 1899. 


JOHN J. or T. 1 * VAN BUREN, John,* Abraham,* Cornelius/ 
Phillipus/ Cornelius,* Tobias, 4 Cornelia, 1 Marten,* Cornelia,* 

waa b. Jan. 16, 1865 ; m. June 21, 1899, Frances McGovern. 

1226 Mary, b. Apr. 12, 190a 

1227 Regina, b. Aug. 1, 1901. 


JULIA 1 * VAN BUREN, John,* Abraham,* Cornelius/ Phfl- 
lipus,* Cornells/ Tobias/ Cornells,* Marten/ Cornelia/ 

Histoiy or Caunus Maissin Van Buibk 217 

was b. June 19, 1871 ; m. Dec 27, 18989 to Patrick Cullen. 

1228 Mary Cullen, b. Ang. 31, 1893. 

1229 Leo Cullen, b. July 22, 1895. 

1230 Helen B. Cullen, b. Sept 26, 1897. 

1231 John Cullen, twin, b. July 6, 1902. 

1232 Rose Cullen, twin of John, b. July 6, 1902. 


JENNIE B." VAN BUREN, Exra,* John Room, 9 William/ 
Phfllipus,* Cornells, • Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 

was b. Sept 7, 1882; m. Aug. 18, 1897, Frank HenkeL 

1233 Frank Henkel, b. Aug. 12, 1898. 

1234 Carrie Henkel, b. Apr. 2, 1899 (?) 

1235 Gladys Henkel, b. Dec. 23, 190a 

1236 Alberta Henkel, b. Jan. 30, 1903. 


MARY JANE" VAN BUREN, Hiram,* Ely,* Phfflipas, Jr.,' 
PbiOipas,* Cornelius,* Tobias, 4 Cornells,* Marten,* Cornells, 1 
b. Sept 13, 1857; «• Walter Steward. 


1237 Anna E. Steward, b. Sept. 16, 1875. 

1238 Edward Steward, b. Dec. 1, 1886. 

1239 Sarah Steward, b. Dec. 15, 1888. 


Maas Cornelissen* 
Van Buren — Bloomingdale (4) 

And his Descendants 


Cornells, 1 
was the third son of the ancestor Cornells. He was b. about 
1645, *b4 <fcd Nov. 27, 1704. He m. Jacomyntje Janse 
Gardinier, who d. July, 1701. 

For some reason known only to himself and not recorded, 
Maas took as his surname the name of Bloeniendael, or Bloeni- 
ingdale, and the large and well-known Bloomingdale family of 
to-day are descendants of this third son of Cornells Maesen 
Van Buren. By some it has been conjectured that he may have 
named his farm Bloemingdale, because of its fertility, and, as 
already stated in the history of Cornelia, the custom of patro- 
mymic names not as yet having been established, he saw no 
objection to assuming that of the place where he resided, as 
well as that his brothers should assume the name of the place 
from whence their father had come in Holland. Maas d. in 

Children : 

1240 Cornells, bap. Feb. 6, 1684, was alive 1761. 
+1241 Jan, bap. Dec 20, 1685; m. (1) Rebecca Fonda; 
m. (2) Sarah. 

220 History or Cornelis BCassseh Van Bubsn 

1242 Jacob, bap. Feb. 19, 1688. 

1243 GcciUujr, bap. June 22, 1689; m. Arent Ostrander 9 

and bad the following children : Petrns Ostran- 
der 9 bap. Oct 11, 1711; Leah Ostrander, m. 
Cornells van Deusen; Jacomyntje Ostrander, 
m. Jacob Ostrander; Cornelia Ostrander and 
Jacobus Ostrander. 
1344 Evert Whiter (Wheeler), bap. 169a. 
+1245 J*cob f bap. Apr. 6, 1701 ; m. Sara Gardenier. 
1246 Jacomytnje. 

HmoKY or Cosnbus Mabwen Van Bubbn 221 



JAN* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,' Cornells,* 

bap. Dec 20, 1685 ; m. Sept 14, 1718, Rebecca Fonda, for his 
first wile and m. (2) Sarah — . He was buried Dec. 17, 


Children, by first wife : 

+1247 Maas, bap. May 19, 1719; m. Rebecca Ostrander, 
of Hurley. 

1248 Joanus, bap. Mar. 1, 1721. 

1249 Cornelia, bap. Dec 2, 1722. 

1250 Maria, bap, Aug. 16, 1724; m. Philip de Forest, son 

of Jesse de Forest, May 14, 1745, and had issue : 
David, bap. July 22, 1747 ; Johannes, bap. Aug. 
18, 1751 ; Rebecca, bap. July 22, 1753. 
+1251 Pieter, bap, Feb. 26, 1726; m. Christina de la Grange, 
of Schenectady. 
1252 Jacomytnje, bap. Aug. 10, 1728; m. Jan. 12, 1754, 
Pieter Pratt 

Children, by second wife: 

+1253 Maas, bap. Nov. 7, 173 1 ; m. Helena Schermerhorn. 
+1254 Albertus, bap. Dec 14, 1735; m. (1) Maria Os- 
trander ; m. (2) Ann Harson. 


JACOB* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,' Cornells, 1 

bap. Apr. 6, 1701 ; m. Feb. 5, 1731 ; Sara Gardenier. He was 
buried June 4, 1755. She was buried Mar. 6, 1752. 


+1255 Maas, bap. Aug. 19, 1733; m. Catharine Steenberg. 

1256 Albertus, bap. Dec. 14, 1735. 

1257 Cornelia, bap. Mar. 22, 1741. 

• *«. . 

222 History or Cornzus Mawsin Van Boixn 


MAAS* BLOOMINGDALE, Jan,* Maas,' Coradis/ 

hap. May 19, 17x9 ; m. June 6, 1742, at Poughkeepsie, Rebec* 
ca Ostrander, of Hurley ; both died in Dutchess County. 


+1258 Rebecca, bap. Apr. 24, 1743; m. John Maases. 
+1259 Geertruy, bap. Dec x, 1745; m. Ephraim Bennett 
+1260 Jacomyntje, bap. Apr. 19, 1747; m. Hendrick 

+1261 Lea, bap. Mar. 1 1, 1750; m. Jacob Elmendorf, Jr. 
+1262 Marytje, m. probably, Wm. P. Hooghtaling. 


L« BLOOMINGDALE, Jan, 9 Maas,» Cornells, 1 

bap. Feb. 26, 1726; m. Dec. 6, X751, Christina de la Grange, 
dau. of Jacobus de la Grange and Engeltje Veeder, of Schen- 
ectady; she was buried Oct 15, 1756. 


+1263 Johannes, bap. Nov. xa, 1752 ; m. Jannetje Vroonan. 
1264 Engeltje, bap. Sept 29, 1754. 


MAAS* BLOOMINGDALE, Jan,* Maas,' Cornells, 1 
bap. Nov. 7, 1731 ; m. Sept 7, 1757; Helena Schermerhorn. 

Children : 

+1265 Jacob, bap. June 21, 1759; m. Margarita Roller. 

1266 Sara, b. July 13, 1766; m. Robert Lottridge, and had 

issue: William, b. Nov. ax, 1792. 

1267 Engeltje, b. May 15, 1768; m. Richard Vosburgh, 

and issue: Martie, b. June 15, 1793; Sara, b. 
May ia, 1797, and Helena, b. Jan. 29, 1802 or 3. 

1268 Gerretje, bap. Jan. 21, 1775. * 

History or Coenilii Mabsssn Van Buken 223 


ALBERTU3 4 BLOOMINGDALE, Jan,* Maas,* Cornelis, 1 

bap. Dec 14, 1735; m. (1) May 25, , Maria Ostrander, 

who was buried Oct. 7, 1756; m. (a) Aug. 13, 1763, Ann 
Hanon, who d. Nov. 18, 1797, aged 56; he d. July 4» 1818, in 
82nd year. 

Child, by first wife: 

1269 Sara, bap. Oct 3, 1756; buried Oct 15, 1756. 

Children, by second wife : 

1270 Jacob, bap. Feb. 22, 1764. 

1271 Sara, bap. Feb. 11, 1766. 

1272 Barnabas, b. Dec 25, 1767 ; d. Apr. 12, 1822. 

1273 Catharine, b. Aug. 2, 177a 

1274 Jacob, b. Oct 18, 1772. 

1275 Aaltie, b. Sept 28, 1773; m. John P. Bogart; b. 

July 27, 1773, and had issue: Peter, b. Oct 4, 
1796; Peter and Sarah, twins, b. Aug. 21, 1801. 

1276 Maria, b. Mar. 23, 1776. 

1277 Maria, b. Mar. 26, 1779. 

1278 Anna, b. Nov. 20, 1781; m. Daniel Bratt; she d. 

Jan. 24, 1822. 

1279 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 16, 1785. 


MAAS 4 BLOOMINGDALE, Jacob,* Maas,* Cornells, 1 

bap. Aug. 19, 1733; m. Catharine Steenberg, probably dau. 
of Benjamin Van Steenberg, of Dutchess County, and his 
wife Rachel* 

+1280 John, bap. 1759; m. Mar. 24, 1784, Catharine 

+1281 Cornelis, b. Apr. 21, 1761 ; bap. May 13, 1765 ; m. 

May 18, 1784, Magdalena Riesdorf. 
+1282 Pieter, b. Apr. 7, 1764; m. Barbara Sharp. 
K83 Rachel, b. Mar. 30, 1769. 

224 History or Cornzus Mais*** Van Buixn 


REBECCA BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,* Jan, 9 Maas,' Cor- 

bap. Apr. 24, 174$; m. John Maases. 

1284 Rebecca, bap. Apr. 5, 1767. 

1285 Jacomyntje, bap. Apr. 3, 1775, at Kinterboon. 


GEERTRUY* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,* Jan, 9 Maas,' Cor* 
netis, 1 


bap. Dec i 9 1745 ; m. June 8, 1772, Ephraim Bennett 


1286 Johannes, b. Nov. 29, 1773. 

1287 Rebecca, b. Sept 6, 1776. 

1288 Thomas, b. May 14, 178a 


JACOMYNTJE 9 BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,« Jan, 9 Maas,' Cor- 
nelis, 1 

bap. Apr. 19, 1747 ; m. Hendrick CranmeL 

1289 Maas, b. Feb. 23, 1768. 

1290 Margarite, b. Nov. 24, 1769. 

1291 Cornelia Cadmus, b. Dec 30, 1772. 

1292 Rebecca, b. Apr. 5, 1774. 

1293 Robert, b. June 17, 1776. 

1294 Johannes, b. Mar. 22, 1779. 

1295 Petrus, b. May 10, 1781. 



LEA* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,« Jan,* Maas,' Coradis, l 
bap. Mar. II, 1750; m. Nov. 13, 1773, at Kingston, N. Y., 
Jacob Elm e ndorf, Jr., who was bap. June 19. 1735. 


1296 Cocnrad, b. Sept 25, 1781. 


MARYTJE* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas/ Jan,* Maas,' Cornells, 1 
m. Mar. 2, 1773, William P. Hooghtaling. 


1297 Pieter, b. Jan. 21, 1774. 

1398 Johannes Bratt, bap. Nov. 3, 1776. 

1299 Rebecca, b. Apr. 3, 1779. 

1300 Lena, b. Mar. 8, 1781. 

1301 Catharine, b. May 15, 1783. 

1302 Elizabett, b. Nov. 19, 17*4. 
13Q3 Maas, b. Apr. 7, 1787. 

1304 David, b. June 22, 1789. 

1305 Cornelia, b. Feb. 19, 1792. 


JOHANNES 9 BLOOMINGDALE, Pieter/ Jan,* Maas/ Cor- 
bap. Nov. 12, 1752; m. Jannetje Vrooman, dau. of Adam 
and Susannah Vrooman, on Feb. 13, 1780; she was bap. 
Dec 11, 1757. 


+1306 Pieter, b. Aug. 13, 1786; m. Lydia Gray. 

+1307 Adam, b. Dec. 6, 1788; m. Elidal la Grange. 

1308 Christina, b. Mar. 4, 1795, in Guilderland. 

1309 Walter, b. Mar. 9, 1798, in Guilderland. 

13 10 Jenny, b. Jan. 13, 180 1. 

226 History of Coonblis Makssen Van Bubsn 

+131 i Engeltje bap. Aug. 10, 1802; m. Andrew La 
Grange, of Guilderland. 

13 12 Walter, b. June 22, 1804. 

1313 John, b. Jan. 19, 1806; m. at Guilderland, Nov. 23, 

1833, J anc Hungerford. 

13 14 Jacomyntje, b. Aug. 18, 1807; m. Oct 28, 1833, at 

Guilderland, Lorenzo D. 

13 1 5 Susanqah, b. Feb. 15, 18 

Auken, on Jan. 19, 1833. 


JACOB* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas/ Jan/ Maas, 1 Cornelia, 1 
bap. June 21, 1759; m. Margarita Roller, who was b. 1764 
and d. Mar. 20, 1847. 


1 3 16 Maas, b. July 26, 1783. 

13 17 Andrias, b. Mar. 28, 1786. 

13 18 Johannes, b. Apr. 30, 1790. 

13 19 Jacob, b. Feb. 1, 1793. 

1320 Gerret, b. Aug. 19, 1795* 

1321 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 10, 1798. 
1332 Helena, b. June 9, 1801. 
1323 Alida, b. Dec. 26, 1803. 


JOHN* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,* Jacob,» Maas,* Cornelia, 1 
bap. 1759 (?) ; m. Mar. 24, 1784. Catharine Sharp. 

Children : 

1334 Rachel, b. June 27, 1784. 

1325 Maas, b. Oct 10, 1785. 

1326 Jurian, b. Feb. 26, 1789. 

1327 Cornelia, b. Oct. 23, 1790. 

1328 Maria, b. Dec. 1, 1793* 

History or Gornbus Mawsin Van Bubbh 227 


CORNEUS* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,* Jacob/ Maas,* Cor- 
nells, 1 

b. Apr. 21, 1761 ; bap. at Rhinebec, May 13, 1765 ; m. May 
18, 1784, Magdalena, dau. of Lourcns and Margarita Reis- 
dorf, of Albany, who was b. June 28, 1762, and d. Feb. 16, 
18x3 ; he d. Feb. 13, 1813. 

Children : 

+1329 Moses, or Mases, b. Nov. 3, 1787; m. Ann van 

Everton, of Albany. 
+1330 Laurens, b. Feb. 16, 1790; m. Catharine Witbeck. 
+1331 Cornelia, b. May 15, 1793; m. Sept 6, 18x8, at 

Albany, Harriet Thompson, of Troy. 

1332 John, m. Jane Witbeck. 

1333 Catharine, m. Thomas Series, and had Jane and 


1334 Margaret, m. Wm. Witbeck, and had Catharine, 

who m. Edwin BrownelL 

1335 Jane, m. Mr. Wright 

1336 Maria, m. Steven Golden. 

METER* BLOOMINGDALE, Maas,« Jacob/ Maas, 1 

bap. Apr. 1764; m. Feb. 11, 1787, Barbara Sharp, dau. of 
Jurie and Catharine (Fleegring) Sharp, who was b. Apr. 
20, 1768. 


1337 Maas, b. Oct 22, 1787. 

1338 Catharine, b. July 27, 1793. 



PIETER 9 BLOOMINGDALE, Johannes, 9 Pieter, 9 Jan,* Maas,* 

bap. Aug. 13, 1786; m. Lydia Gray, at Guilderland. 

+1339 Susan, b. May 8, 1809; m. at Guilderland, Aaron 

1340 Jane, b. Oct 10, 1810; m. David Freyer, or Farar, 

on Sept 8, 1837, and had Lydia Jane. 

1 341 Mary Ann, b. Dec 24, 1814; m. at Guilderland, 

Sept 30, 1837, Dow T. Slingerland, and had 
Mary Ann, b. July 8, 1843. 
+1342 Catharine, b. Aug. 23, 1816; m. at Guilderland, 
John Vander Poel. 

1343 John, b. Dec 10, 1818; m. at Guilderland, Mar. 7, 

1846, Mary M. Crouse. 

1344 Robert, b. June 12, 1821. 

+1345 Lydy, b. May 11, 1824; m. at Guilderland, An- 
drew B. Keenholtz. 
1346 Peter, b. May 7, 1827 ; m. at Guilderland, Frances 
Pratt, b. Feb. 21, 1813, and had Lydia Maria. 


ADAM 9 BLOOMINGDALE, Johannes, 9 Pieter, 9 Jan, 9 Maas, 9 
Cornells, 1 

b. Dec 6, 1788; m. (1) Elidal la Grange; m. (2) Catharine 
Flasnberg; m. (3) Oct 14, 1847, Margaret van Waggoner. 

1347 Dosiah, b. Sept 25, 1818; m. at Guilderland, Feb. 
1, 1838, Barent van Slyck. 

HisTOtY or Cqrnsus Ma«in Van Buben 229 

1348 Alida, b. Dec 16, 182a 

1349 Jamina, b. Dec. 22, 1821. 

1350 Margaret, b. Nov. 15, 1825. 

1351 WilMam C (?). 

1352 Jacob, b. Jan. 27, 1827. 

1353 Sarah, b. July 24, 1828. 

Child by third wife: 

1354 Franklyn, b. July 8, 1852. 


Pieter/ Jan,* Maas/ Cornells, 1 
bap. Aug. 10, 1802 ; m. at Guilderland, Andrew La Grange. 


1355 Judy Ann, b. July 1, 1821. 

1356 Peter, b. Jan. 24, 1825. 

1357 Frances Jane, b. Feb. 5, 1833. 

1358 Benjamin Knower, b. Feb. 28, 1835. 


MOSES 9 BLOOMINGDALE, Cornelia, 9 Maas/ Jacob/ Maas/ 

b. Nov. 3, 1787 ; m. Ann van Everton, of Albany. 

1359 Garret, m. Harriet Colliaon. 

1360 Cornelius, m. Mary Mandeville. 

1361 Martin, m. Lucretia Chamberlaith. 

1362 Lawrence, m. — — . 

1363 William, m. Ludena Hastord. 


Maas, 9 Jacob, 9 Maas, 9 Corndis/ 
bw Feb. 16, 1790; m. Catharine Witbeck. 

230 History op Cornzus Mais*** Vak Busnr 

Children: ' 

1364 Magdalene, m. Alec Van Dennam. 

1365 Catharine, m. George Barringer. 

1366 William, m. Harriet Van Aldenberg. 


CORNELIS' BLOOMINGDALE, Cornells/ Maas,* Jacob,* 
Maas, 9 Cornells. 1 

b. May 15, 1793 ; m. Sept 6, 1818, at Albany, Harriet. Thomp- 
son, of Troy, who was b. Jan. 20, 1796, and d. at Saratoga 
Springs, Feb. 3, 1873. He d. at Stillwater, Oct 9, 1871. 


+1367 William Henry, b. at Bath-on-Hudaon, Nov. 15, 

+1368 James, b. Oct 26, 1822; m. Lydia Rudd. He d. 

Feb. 11, 1864. 
+1369 Cornelius, b. Jan. 13, 1824; m. EUeanor Ackhart; 
he d. Dec. 25, 1856. 
1370 Steven, b. Oct 20, 1826; m. 1870, Annie Bruce. 
• 1371 Cortland, b. Oct 28, 1828; d. Sept 25, 1870. 
1372 Magdalena, b. at Saratoga. 
*373 Margaret, b. at Saratoga. 

History or Cqrnxlis Maessen Van Buebn 231 



SUSAN* BLOOMINGDALE, Pieter/ Johannes/ Pieter/ Jan/ 
Maas, 9 Cornells/ 

b. May 8, 1809; m. at Guilderland, Aug. 29, 1829, Aaron 


1374 Margaret Jane, b. Dec. 24, 1832. 

1375 Anna Maria, b. June 14, 1835. 

1376 Isaac Henry, b. Dec. 23, 1837. 

1377 John Waldron, b. Feb. 9, 1841. 


CATHARINE* BLOOMINGDALE, Pieter/ Johannes/ Pieter/ 
Jan, 9 Maas, 9 Cornells/ 

b. Aug. 23, 1816; m. at Guilderland, John Vander PoeL 

1378 Margaret, b. July 31, 1835. 

1379 Peter, b. Oct 31, 1839. 

1380 Lydia, b. Sept 29, 1842. 

1381 Mary Ann, b. Aug. 28, 1845. 


ALIDA or LYDY* BLOOMINGDALE, Pieter/ Johannes/ 
Pieter/ Jan, 9 Maas/ Cornells/ 

b. May 11, 1824; m. at Guilderland, Andrew B. Keenholtz. 

1382 Eve Anna, b. Jan. 9, 1845. 

1383 Addison, b. Apr. 10, 1848. 

232 History or CruNiua Mamhw Van Btntnr 


nelis,' Maas,« Jacob,* Mass,* Cornelis, 1 
b. Nov. 15, i8so; m. June, 1851, Phoebe M. Hart, of Hor- 
nersville, N. Y. ; she d. May 1 1, 1873, in Glens Falls. He d. 
May 30, 1889, at Sandy Hill, N. Y. 


1384 Charles, b. Apr. 19, 1852. 

1385 Eliza. 

1386 Carrie, b. Sept 5, 1856; d. Nov. 11, 1859. 

1387 Harriet 

1388 William Henry, Jr., b. Mar. 12, 1859; d. June 6, 


1389 Jane H« 9 m. Charles H. Maxon, at Marquette, 


1390 Cornelius, b. Aug. 18. 1864 ; m. Harriet R. Foster. 

1391 James, b. Dec. 17, 1868; m. Mar. 5, 1902, at Quincy, 

111, Mary Alice GiUes, of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 


JAMES 7 BLOOMINGDALE, Cornells,* Cornells,* Maas, 
Jacob, 9 Maas, s Cornelis, 1 
b. Oct 26, 1822; m. Lydia Rudd. He d. Feb. ix, 1864. 

1392 Ester. 

1393 James. 

1394 Mary. 


CORNELIUS' BLOOMINGDALE, Cornells,* Cornells,* Maas,* 
Jacob,* Maas, 9 Cornelis, 1 

b. Jan. 13, 1824; m. EUeanor Ackhart; he d. Dec 25, 1856. 

1395 Harriet 

1396 Kate. 


Allied Families 


STOFFEL JANSEN ABEEL was in Beverwyck in 1653 ; he 
is supposed to have been b. about 1623; his wife was Neeltje 
Janse Croon. In his will, made Dec 4, 1670, he mentions his wife 
and children as Magdalena f aged seventeen and already married; 
Maria, aged fourteen; Johannes, aged eleven, and Eliiabeth. 

JOHANNES ABEEL married Catalina Schuyler, Apr. 10, 
1694; he was a merchant in Beverwyck or Albany, later removed 
to New York, about 1696, but still later returned to Albany. He 
was Mayor of Albany, 1694-5, and again, 1709-10. His grave- 
stone, dug up near the Second Dutch Reformed Church, had die 
following in sc ription on it: "Here lies the body of John Abed, 
who departed this life ye 28th day of Jany. 17x1, and in die 44th 
year 6i his age. Dient begin van wel to leven. Gingh der well 
den Henwnd, waert, Ugt den Heme! was gege n ven, Str of maar 
ver liet de Aert" 

CHRISTOFFEL ABEEL was the second child of Johannes 
and Catalina Schuyler. He was bap. in New York Dec 16, 1696. 
He m. Margarieta Bries Sept 23, 172a Their eighth child was 
Jacobus, who was bap. Jan. 26, 1736. 

JACOBUS ABEEL, bap. Jan. 26, 1736; m. Nov. 18, 1758, 
Egbertjie (Abigail) Van Buren, dau. of William Van Buren 
and Teuntje Vandenbergh; she was b. Apr. 2, 1736. Children: 

Margarita, bap. Aug. 27, 1758; William, bap. Nov. 21, 1761 ; 
Christoffel, bap. Aug. 22, 1764 ; Cornelis, bap. Feb. 13, 1767 ; 
Margarita, bap. July 3, 1769; Hendrick, b. Jan. 4, 1772; 
Cathalyna, bap. July 17, 1774; Gerrit, b. Feb. 18, 1777; 
Margarieta, bap. July 22, 1779. 

234 History or Cqinilxs Maessin Van Buxbk 


JOAB BAKER, the first of this family in America, came 
from England and settled in Roxbury, Conn. He had a son, 
Joab (a), who settled in Coeymans and in 1791 he m. Hannah 
Ashmore of London, England, a dan. of John Ashmore, a brewer 
of note in England, who came to the United States and made 
large purchases of land in Coeymans; he d. in New York City 
of yellow fever. They had seven children, of whom die eldest, 
John, was b. at Coeymans Square, now called Ravena, Albany 
County, and d. aged eighty-six years. He was a leather mer- 
chant; he m. at Pktua, Albany County, Margaret Vrooman. 

Mary Ann Baker, m. Peter Van Buren; their only child, Anna 

L. Van Buren. 
Cornells Vrooman Baker became a prominent farmer in town 

of Bethlehem, and m. Caroline Lasher of Bethlehem, and 

had children as follows: Alexander, Charles, Abbie S-, 

and Edward* 
Mary Jane Baker, m. Cornells Vrooman of Bethlehem, and 

had children, viz.: Albert, Anna A., Caroline, May and 

John F. 


The progenitor of the American branch of this family bore 
the name of Epke Jacobs, Epke, son of Jacob; Epke is a Frisian 
name and corresponds to the English name Egbert The first 
record of Banta as a surname in America is that of a marriage 
in die Dutch Reformed Church at Hackensack, Bergen County, 
N. J., on Aug. 22, 1696, which stated that Johannes Meyer of 
New York was married to Jannetie Cornelise Banta from u Acken- 
sack;" the bride was the first born of Cornells and probably he 
was the eldest son of the immigrant This was the first marriage 
of the Banta family in America that had been born in America. 
Epke Jacobs, before he came to America was a farmer and lived 
in the vicinity of Harbingen, an important seaport of Friesland, 
in the most northern part of Holland; it is supposed that he 
settled at Flushing, Long Island, but as the town records were 
lost by the fire of 1789 it is impossible to prove it He made 

will in Flushing in 1669; his children were: 

Allied Families \ 235 

Cornelius Epke, b. 1652, m. (1) Jannetie de Pre; (a) Mag- 
dalena Demarest; (3) Ablesh Sloot Van Orden. 

Sebas Epkc, b. 1654; m. Mary Arianse Sip. 

Hendrick Epke, b. 1655, m. (1) Maria Lubbertse Wcstcrvdt; 
(a) Angenitia Hendrick. 

Derrick Epke, b. 1657, nL Ester Dedricks. 

Wearts Epke, b. May, 1658 ; m. Gerrit je JQles Mandville. 

SEBAS EPKE, b. 1654; m. at Bergen, N. J., Nov. 6, 1678, 
Mary, dau. of Arian Sip; they had ten children: 

Antie, 1680, m. Jurian Westervdt 

Margarite, b. i68a f m. Dirck Hendricks Blinkerhoft 

Aide, b. 1684, m. Lucas Horn. 

Sitske, b. 1685, m. Samuel D. Demarest, Jr. 

Arie, m. Fytie Lourens Van Boskerke. 

Dirck, m. Rachel de Groot 

Hendrick, b. 1694, m. 1719, Annatjie Janse de Groot 

Jacob, b. 1695, m. Cornelia Pieterse de Groot 

Angenitie, b. 1690, m. Johannes ? ?Tt t* 

HENDRICK BANTA, b. 1694; m. 1719, Annaetje Janse de 
Groot, b. 170a Children: 

Seba, Margrietie, Jan, Maritje, Jacob, Arie, Garret, Antje, 
Hendrick, Annatetjen, Adtie, WOlentje, d. y.; WQlentje. 

ARIE BANTA, son of Hendrick and Annaetje Janse de 
Groot, m. Eliza heth, dan. of Hildebrant and Christina (De- 
Baem) Loner, b. 1737. Abont 1773 he removed- to Saratoga 
County, N. Y., where he died, Dec 20, 181 1 ; she died Feb. 17, 
1807. Children: 

Hendrick, b. Apr. 5, 1756; m. Engdtie Schermeriiorn. 
Christina, b. Oct 5, 1758 ; <L unm., 1791. 
Johannes, b. Oct 17, 1760; m. Engdtie Vedder. 
Hildebrant, b. Feb. 11, 1763; m. Deborah Van Epps. 
Jacob, b. Aug. 6, 1765 ; m. Hannah Harris. 
Arie, b. May 5, 1771 ; m. Catharine Van Epps. 
Pieter, b. Jan. 5, 1774; m. Jemina Harris, and (a) Hannah 
Kenyon Parker. 

HENDRICK BANTA, b. Apr. 5, 1756 ; m. at Schenectady, 
N. Y., June 7, 1787, Engdtie Schermeriiorn. He was a farmer 

236 History op Oxrkbus Mawhn Van Bubbn 

at dif too Park, Saratoga County, N. Y. He was First Lieu* 
tenant in the iath Regiment, New York State Troops, in the 
Revolutionary War. He was captured June u, 1781, and taken 
to Canada, where, he was kept a prisoner until Nov. 18, 1783. 
Received a Captain's commission Oct 4, 1786; he died Sept 14, 
1824. Children: 

Elisabeth, b. Sept io, 1789; m. Hugh MitcheL 

Jacob, b. Jan. 21, 1791 ; m. Jan. 15, 1824, Abigail Van Epps. 

Arie, b. Aug. 15, 1793. 

Christian, b. Sept 9, 1795; m. (1) Helen Morrison; (2) Sally 

John, b. June 30, 1798. 
Maria, b. Oct 3, 1800; m. Francis Van Buren; they had one 

child, John Van Buren. 
Hannah, b. Nov. 13, 1803; m. Isaac Marcdlus. 
Henry, b. Apr. 5, 1806; m. Ann Eliza Van Buren. 
Peter, b. Feb. 25, 1809; m. Hannah Johnson. 

HENRY BANT A, b. Apr. 5, 1806; m. Jan. 28, 1831, Ann 
Eliza Van Buren, dau. of Francis B. (Barent F., Francis, Bareht, 
Pieter, Marten, Cornells) and Mary Upturn, who was b. May 
2, 1805, and d. May 17, 1877 ; he d. Feb. 13, 1880. Children: 

Catharine Ann, b. Apr. 23, 1832; d. Jan. 20, 1834. 

Marcus, b. July 3, 1834; d. Aug. 29, 1862; m. Oct 7, 1857, 

Amanda Melvina Hicks. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Mar. 23, 1838; d. Jan. 21, 1844. 
John Henry, b. Mar. 29, 1844; <*• Oct 8, 1899; m. Hester 
Jane Vosburgh of Glenville, N. Y., who was b. Apr. 3, 

1847; d. Feb., 191a They had three children: Ann Eliza, 

Albert and Lottie. 


indelibly interwoven with the beginning of history in America, 
and especially with New York, 

He was born in Holland, probably in the town of Woerden, 
near Utrecht, in 1607, and matriculated as a Student of Letters 
at Leyden University July 7, 1627, when he was twenty years 

Allied Families 237 

of age. In the Minutes of the Qassis of Amsterdam, Holland, 
June 7, 1632, it is mentioned that "Everardus Bogardus, who was 
formerly a Comforter of the Sick in Guinea, presented his Testi- 
monials to the d aftfit„ which are very excellent. He then 
requested to be examined by the Qassis peremptoir (i. #., finally, 
for ordination), which request was granted him. June 14, 1632, 
he treated a proposition (preached a sermon) * * * and was 
thereupon admitted to the examination, and was promoted 
(ordained). 99 He was sent to New Netherland, and probably 
came with Director General Woulter Van T wilier, who arrived 
in New Amsterdam in the ship Salt Mountain April, 1633. He 
was the first resident minister in the little Dutch Settlement on 
Manhattan Island, but not the first preacher. In 1628, a Rev. 
Jonas Johannes Mkhaelius officiated for some time. Dom. 
Michaelius was minister of the church at Hem, North Holland, 
from 1614 to 1624, when he went to San Salvador, Brazil, and in 
1638 became the first Dutch minister' at New Amsterdam, 
(Ecclesiastical Records, State of New York, VoL D, p. 181). 

It has been stated by some authorities that Domine Bogardus 
was a widower when he arrived in New Amsterdam. However 
that may be, he married at that place Annetje Janse, widow of 
Roelof Jansen. "June 21, 1642, declaration, Anetje Jans, widow 
of Roelof Janse, of Masterland, deceased, as to the provision she 
made in March, 1638, for her children by said Jansen, previous 
to her marriage with Rev. Everadus Borgardus." — (Calendar of 
New York Historical Mss., Dutch, p. 18). On June 21, 1642, 
a license to marry was issued to Everardus Bogardus and Anna 
Jansen (Albany Records, VoL 3, p. 37; given in N. Y. Marriages, 
p. 35). In 1647, he resigned his pastorate in New Amsterdam 
and obtained permission to return to Holland. He took passage 
on the ship Princess in August, 1647. While off the coast of 
England the mariners mistook the channel, entered the estuary 
of the river Severn and were shipwrecked on the coast of Wales, 
Sept 27, 1647. All on board perished, among whom was Domine 
Bogardus. Annetje Janse survived him sixteen years. She 
removed to Beverwyck, now Albany, where she died in 1663; 
her will was dated January 29, 1663. Annetje Janse or Anneke 
Jans, as she is more often spoken of, is perhaps better known 
to posterity than her husband, Domine Bogardus, through the 

238 History of Cornelis Mabsssn Van Burin. 

litigations which from time to time her heirs have instituted 
against the corporation of Trinity Church, New York, for the 
possession of land belonging to that church corporation. 

Annetje Janse was the daughter of Catharine, or as the name 
is usually given, Trynje Jonas, who was the official midwife of 
the Dutch West Indies Company in Holland, and as early as 1616 
in New Amsterdam. 

Her first husband was Roelof Jansen'of Maesterland, who 
was in New Amsterdam in 163a They removed about that time 
to Fort Orange, now Albany, where Roelof was employed as 
foreman or steward by the Patroon Van Rensselaer, on his 
de Laets Burg Bouwerie, or farm. On July 1, 1662, he was 
appointed Schepen, an office much like an Alderman. He carried 
on a trade with the Indians, on his own account A beautiful 
little stream is called by his name, in Columbia County, "Roelof 
Jansen's Kill" Prior to 1635 Roelof Jansen and his wife, 
Annetje Janse, removed back to New Amsterdam, where he 
""acquired a tract of land from Director General Van T wilier of 
about sixty acres, on the shore of the North or Hudson River. 
It was situated some distance to the north of Trinity Church, 
about the site of the present Jay street and West Broadway. 
Here he built a farmhouse, but ere he had time to more than 
begin to cultivate his farm he died, and the property passed into 
the hands of his widow, Annetje Janse, who was left with the 
care of the farm and four little children. 

After her second marriage to Dom. Bogardus, the farm was 
known as the "Domine's bouwerie, 99 and was their home. When 
Dom. Bogardus died and Annetje removed to Beaverwyck, this 
land became a part of what was called "the King's farm," which 
extended some distance further south, and embraced the present 
site of Trinity Church. It is not known exactly how it pasied 
into the possession of the King's Farm. Whether it was bought 
from Annetje or her children, or whether it lapsed to the Crown 
after her death, has never been clearly shown. On Nov. 15, 
1705, a portion of the King's farm, including this tract, was 
given by partition to the corporation of Trinity Church. 

This is the famous "Annetje Janse farm," now situated iu 
the very heart of New York's most valuable business section, 

Allied Families 239 

and worth many millions of dollars, and for the possession of 
which many thousands have been spent 

By Roelof Janse, Annetje Janse had four children: (i) Sarah 
Roelofse, b. in Maasterland, m. June 29, 1643, Surgeon Hans 
Kierstede, by whom she had issue, Roelof Kierstede. She had 
one and perhaps two other husbands and d. in 1693. (2) Catrina 
Roelofse, b. in Maasterland, m. (ist) Lucas Rodenburgh, Vice- 
Director of Curacoa; (2nd) Johannes Van Brugh, a prominent 
merchant and magistrate of New Amsterdam; by him she had 
issue, Annatie Van Brugh. (3) Sytie, or Fytie Roelofse, b. in 
Maasterland, m. Pieter Hartgers, Commissary of Fort Orange, 
who A in Holland in 1670; by whom she had issue, Jannetie Hart- 
gers and Rachel Hartgers; she had died prior to Jan. 29, 1663 
(see mother's will). (4) Jan Roelofse who, at his mother's death 
in 1663, was unm., and is said to have died without issue. (Van 
Duersen Gen.) 

Children of Domine Bogardus, bap. in Dutch Church, New 

William Bogardus, b. Nov. 2, 1636; m. (by some authorities, 
1639), (1) Wyntie Sybrandtse; (2) Walburga De Silla; 
(3) Hilligont Joris. 

Cornelius Borgardus, bap. Sept 14, 1640, sps. Corn. Vander 
Oykens, Mr. Ludolf, Thyme Jans, Catharina Trasde, 
Tryntje Jonas; m. Helena Teller.. 

Jonas Bogardus, bap. Jan. 4, 1643, sps. Olof Stephenszen, 
Van Courtlandt, Gysbeoptendyck, Tryntje Jonas, Sara 
Roelofs, d. unm. 

Pieter Bogardus, bap. Apr. 2, 1645, S P S - Jochem Pieterszen, 
Mr. Hans Kierstede, Marritie Thymens, Sara Roelofs ; m. 
Wyntie Cornelisse Bosch, dau. of Cornelis Tennis Bosch 
and Maritie Thomas Mingad. They settled in Albany, 
where they were both members of the Dutch Church in 
1683, and he was magistrate Nov. 2, 1673. Subsequently 
he removed to Kingston and had a large family. 

WILLIAM BOGARDUS, son of Domine Everardus Bogar- 
dus and Annetje Janse, was b. in New Amsterdam early in the 
year of 1639, (the Ms. of James RQcer, Esq., at Lenox Library, 
New York, gives date of birth Nov. 2, 1636, indicating that he 

240 History of Coensus Mabsssn Van Busrk 

was the child of the first wife) ; m. (i) Aug. 25, 1659, Wyntje 
Sybiandstse, of Amsterdam, Holland, from whom he was 
divorced Apr. 5, 1669; (2) Walburga De Silla, on May 13, 1669, 
(New York Marriage Licenses, p. 25). He m. (3) in 1700, 
Hfllegont Joris. He resided at New Amsterdam, where he was 
a Notary Public in 1683. On June 18, 1668, Governor Nichofls 
commissioned him a "Dutch Public Notary 99 of New York City, 
"for the convenience and Good of the Dutch Inhabitants of this 
Citty and Government as well as for strangers of that Nation 
who may arrive here. 99 — Van Dutrsen Gen. 

Children, bap. in Dutch Church, New Amsterdam; by first 

Everardus Bogardus, bap. Nov. 2, 1659; sps. Sybrant Jans- 

zen, Annaetje Bogardus, d. y. 
Sytie Bogardus, bap. Mar. 16, 1661 ; sps. Sybrant Janszen, 

en syn huysve, Corn. Van Ruyven, Secretaris. 
- Anna Bogardus, bap. Oct 3, 1663; sps. Corndis Bogardus, 

Marritk Loockermans; m. Jan. 8, 1682, Jacobus Brouwer, 

M j, m. Van de Gouwanes." 

By the second wife: 

Cornelia Bogardus, bap. Aug. 25, 1669, sps. Govert Loocker- 
mans, Sara Rodofs, m. Oct 19, 1688, Corndis Dirckszen 
Hoyer, "j. m. Van de zuyt rivier." 

Everardus Bogardus, bap. Dec 4, 1675, spa. Johannes Van 
Brag, Tryntie Kregier; m. May 30, 1704, Anna Dally. 

Maria Bogardus (twin). 

Lucretia Bogardus (twin of Maria), bap. Sept 14, 1678; sps. 
Corndis Van Boisum, Francois Rombout, Elsje Thymens, 
Elisabeth Rodenborg; m. Oct 8, 1704, Abraham Van Duer- 
sen, M j. m. van, N. York. 99 

Blandina Bogardus, bap. Sept 13, 1680; spa. Jacob Ledsler 
(Ldsler?), Blandina Kierstede; m. Jan. 28, 1703, The- 
ophilus Ebwart, "). m. van, N. York." 

Children by third wife: 

Joris Bogardus (twin). 

WQhdmus Bogardus (twin of Joris), bap. Jan. ix, 1702; spa. 
Garret Onkdbag, Nedtje Jans, wife of Assuerus Hendrix, 

Allied Families 241 

Barent Cool, Vroutjc Van Hoorn, wife of Abnu Sartvoort 
— Van Dusrssn Gen. 

CORNELIS BOGARDUS, second son of Domine Everardus 
Bogardus, was b. Sept 9, 1640, in the first parsonage located in 
Brugh street, New Amsterdam. He was bap. in the wooden 
church erected for his father, near the East river, at what is 
now 45 Pearl street He m. about 1662, Helena Teller, bap. in 
1645, a dan. of William and Margaret (Donscheson) Teller. She 
ol as her second husband, Francis Rombouts, (Bergen's Early 
Settlers of Kings Co., N. Y., p. 297). (Van Duersen Genealogy.) 
When Corndis was only seven, his father having perished at sea, 
his mother leased the house and moved to Albany, where they 
lived in what was for then a comfortable home, situated on what 
is now State street The site is now occupied by the Farmers 
and Mechanics H ^ " k i 

Previous to his marriage Corndis bought a house from Wil- 
lem Jansen for which he paid "85 good, whole, merchantable 
beaver skins, reckoned at 8 guilders apiece, with which payment 
the grantor acknowledges he is fully paid and satisfied." This 
transfer was made Sept 11, 1663. He d. 1666, only two yean 
after his marriage, and when he was only twenty-six years old 

According to Lewis 9 Hudson and Mohawk Valley Families, 
his widow married for second husband Jan Hendrickse Van 
Ball, and for her third husband Francois Rombout Child: 

CORNELIS BOGARDUS, h. Oct 13, 1665, in Beverwyck 
or Fort Orange, now Albany. Following his mother's second 
marriage he went to live with his uncles, Peter and Jonas, sons of 
Domine and Anneke Janse Borgardus* They were living at the 
time in a house next to their mother's, a site later occupied by 
the Albany Evening Journal When several years later Peter 
removed to Kingston, Corndis accompanied him and married 
there Rachel DeWitt, in 1691, a dau. of Tyerck Classen DeWitt, 
(see Dewitt family). Corndis was owner of a vessd employed 
in carrying freight on the Hudson River. 

In 1700 he returned to Albany. He was made a "Freeman" 
and became prominent in its affairs. Later he accompanied Nich- 
olas Evertsen on a raid in Colonial service against a band of 

242 Histoey of Cqknus Mabsssn Vajt Bubsh 

French Privateers off the Coast in 1704. He d. in Kingston in 
171& Children: 

Helena, b. in Kingston, Apr. 17, 1692; m. 1712, Tobias Van 

Jennekin, in New York City, May 13, 1694. 
Barbara, b. in Kingston, Dec 15, 1695. 
Cornells, b. in Kingston, Jan. 8, 1699. 
Rachel, b. in Albany, Apr. 27, 1701. 
Catharine, h. in Kingston, Aug. 29, 1703. 
Margarita, b. in Kingston, Sept 22, 1705. 
Henkricus, h. in Kingston, Sept 28, 1707. 


HENDRICK BRIES, a shoemaker, was in this country 
before 1692, when his son Anthony m. Catrina Ryckman. Hen- 
driers wife was Maria — — , who after his death m. for her 
•frond husband — — Lookermans. Children: 

Anthony Bries, m. Sept 21, 1692, Catrina Ryckman; he d. 
Nov. 22, 1704. In his will, made Nov. 22, 1703, he speaks 
of his father-in-law, Albert Ryckman and children, Maria, 
bap. Aug. 25, 1693 ; Neelt je, bap. Mar; 17, 1695 ; Hendrick, 
bap. Oct 31, 1697; Catharine, bap. Jan. 5, 1700; Margerita, 
bap. Sept 28, 1701 ; Eva, bap. Oct 17, 1703. 

Maria Bries, who m. Apr., 1760, John M. Van Buren, son of 
Johannes (Marten,* Marten, 9 Cornells, 1 ) and Judikje Bar* 
ents, is supposed to have been a dau. of Hendrick, bap. Oct 
31, 1697. Child: Marten, Dec 16, 1762. 


(From History of Wayne, Pike and Monroe Counties, Pa.) 

The ancestor of the Brodhead family is said to have come 
from Germany to England, and to have settled at Royston, in 
Yorkshire, in the reign of Henry VHL On Feb. 28th, 1610, 
James I granted the manor of Burton or Monk Britton, in the 
west riding of Yorkshire, to John Brodhead and George Wood, 
the principal freeholders of that place. 

Allied Families 243 

DANIEL BRODHEAD, grand-nephew of John, the 
above-named grantee, was the ancestor of those who bear the 
name in the United States. He was born in Yorkshire, mar* 
ried Ann Tye, was an officer in the army of King Charles II, 
and accompanied the expedition of Colonel Nicolls from Eng- 
land in 1664. He was appointed commander-in-chief of the 
military forces at Kingston, September 14, 1665, where he 
remained until his death, July 14, 1667. He had three sons, 
Daniel, Charles and Richard. 

RICHARD BRODHEAD, son of Daniel, was twice mar* 
ried. By his first wife, who was a Miss Jansen, he had one 
child, who was named Daniel Brodhead. Daniel, son of Rich- 
ard, was born at Marbletown, N. Y., in 1693 ; married Hester 
Wyngart, of Albany, in 1730, moved to Pennsylvania in 1738, 
and settled at East Stroudsborg, upon land acquired some two 
years before from the proprietaries of the province, apparently 
for service rendered, comprising one thousand acres. It em* 
braced the present town of East Stroudsburg, and an addi- 
tional purchase of five hundred acres extended the area to 
Wallace's Mill Dam, on McMichael Creek. This property 
was known locally as the "Brodhead Manor," and the settle- 
ment at Dansbury, being in the several divisions of counties 
first in Bucks, then in Northampton, and now in Monroe. 
On September 25th, 1747, he was commissioned one of the 
Justices of the Peace for the portion of Bucks County north 
of the "Blue Hills," which he held for the rest of his life. 

DANIEL BRODHEAD died at Bethlehem (whither he 
had gone for medical treatment) on July 12nd, 1755. Some 
of his children were educated at Bethlehem. His son John was 
a pupil there in 1752. 

Fourth Generation — Children of Daniel Brodhead and Hes- 
ter Wyngert were Charles, who married Mary Oliver; Garrett, 
who married Jane Davis; Daniel, who married Elizabeth De- 
pui; John, who married Mary Davis; Thomas, who died at 
sea; Luke, who married Elizabeth Harrison, 1737-1806, and 
Ann Carton, who never married. 

244 History op Corkklis Mabsctn Van Bubsh 

LUKE BRODHEAD, whose wife was Elizabeth Harri- 
son, had nine children, viz : Thomas Brodhead, M.D., who mar- 
ried Mary Curtis,. 1765-1830) ; Daniel Brodhead married Ra- 
chel Nottingham (1767-1848) ; John Brodhead, D.D., married 
Mary Dodge (1 770-1838) ; Mary Brodhead married Leonard 
Hardenburg (1772) ; Ann G. Brodhead never married (1774- 
1852) ; Luke Brodhead married Elizabeth Wills ( 1 777-1845)- 
(1789-1877; Elizabeth Brodhead married Richard Wentworth 
(1779-1868); Alexander Brodhead married Elizabeth Bloom; 
Eliza Brodhead married Joseph Barton, 1798. 

THOMAS BRODHEAD, M.D., of the fifth generation, 
was born at Dansbury (East Stroudsburg) in 1765. He went 
to Ulster County, New York, when a young man, and studied 
medicine with Dr. Oliver. He was an eminent physician, and 
acquired a large fortune in his practice. He married Maria 
Curtis in 1790, and had eight children, viz: Geertje (or Ger- 
trude), born Sept n, 1791 ; John, born Aug. 2, 1794; William 
Wheeler, born Aug. 2, 1779; Seth Curtis, born Dec 8, 1799; 
Elizabeth, born Aug. 25, 1801; James Oliver, born June 3, 
1803; Mary Caroline, born Sept 10, 1805, and Frances, born 
Sept 3, 1807. He died Nov. 30th, 1830. 

Geertje, or Gertrude, Brodhead, daughter and eldest child 
of Dr. Thos. Brodhead and Maria Curtis, was born Sept nth, 
1 791. She married John Du Bois June 23, 181 1, and resided 
in Red Hook, Dutchess County, N. Y., until the time of her 
death, which was June 21, 1863. She had four children, Helen 
Maria, born May 29, 1812; Thomas B., born July 14, 1815 (died 
Feb. 7, 1817) ; Elizabeth, born Feb. 4, 1818, and William Chris- 
tian, born Aug. 22, 1822. 

ELIZABETH DU BOIS, daughter of John Du Bois and 
Gertrude Brodhead, was born at Red Hook, Feb. 4, 1818. She 
married Benjamin F. Teller, Oct 17, 1837, and died at Au- 
burn, N. Y., Nov. ix, 1891. She had three children, Matthew 
S. Teller, born Sept 4, 1838, who died Sept 8, 1883, leaving no 
issue; John D. Teller, born May 11, 1845, now residing at 
Auburn, N. Y., and Mary Louisa Teller, born Sept 23, 1854, 
and now residing at Auburn, N. Y. 

Alliedl Families 245 

HELEN MARIA DU BOIS, daughter of John Du Bois 
and Gertrude Brodhead, was married June 8, 1836, to Barent 
Van Buren, died at her home in Ghent, N. Y. t Mar. 28, 1845. She 
left her surviving four children, Henry D. Van Buren, Barent 
Van Buren, Gertrude Van Buren and Elizabeth Van Buren. 

MARY CAROLINE BRODHEAD, daughter of Dr. Thos. 
Brodhead and Maria Curtis, was born Sept 10, 1805. She 
married Dr. Peter Van Buren, and resided in Albany and 
later in New York City. They had four children, Thomas 
Brodhead Van Buren (who married Harriet Sheffield, of New 
Haven, Conn.) ; Mary Catherine, who married Mr. McGreg- 
gor; Harriet S. f who married Mr. Deutch, and Emma Van 


The American founder of the Bronck family was Jonas, 
born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He came to America from 
Amsterdam, Holland, where he had married Antonia Slag- 
boom* He arrived here in 1639, having made the voyage in 
his own ship, called Fire of Tray, manned by himself, ac- 
companied by a friend who was an officer in the Danish army, 
Capt Joachiem Pietersen Kuyter. 

They each brought their family and a number of herds- 
men or farmers, as their cargo was cattle. Jonas was a man 
of means, as proved by the fact that he loaned large amounts 
to his friends. He acquired land north of the Great Kill, 
where he built a stone house covered with tiles, a barn, tobac- 
co-house and two barracks. He called his home "Emmans." 
Later he purchased from the Indians five hundred acres on 
the now Bronx River; this later was included in the Manor 
of Morrisania. Here he had a substantial house, servants, and 
cattle. He was a devoted Lutheran. Director Kieft appointed 
a meeting of the Indian Chiefs at his house, where a Treaty 
was made. Following the making of the Treaty, occurred the 
murder of an Indian ; whether by a white man or not was un- 
proved, but the Indians as a revenge for the murder slew some 
of the white men, Jonas Bronck among them. His property 
was saved. He possessed for that day an unusually good 

246 History of Corkklis Maessen Van Bubsh 

library of Latin and Danish books of Law, History and Divin- 
ity. His widow married Arent Curler, of Rensselaerswyck, 
whom she also survived; she died in Schenectady Dec 19, 
1676. The inventory of his property shows that he was pos- 
sessed of "2 Bibles, mirrors, napkins, extension table, 4 silver 
tankards, a silver cup, spoons, etc, etc" There is still exist- 
ing among his descendants a silver cup said to have belonged 
to Jonas, and it contains the family coat of arms, which is the 
same as on the windows of the old Dutch Church in Albany 
where his son Pieter worshiped. ' 

Pet$r Jonassen Bronck, son of Jonas, was born in Hol- 
land; died 1669, in Coxsaclde, N. Y. His wife was Hillitje 
Tyssenck ; they had sons, Pieter and Jan. Peter Jonassen was 
a brewer of Beverwyck. He owned houses and lots as early as 
1645, which he sold in 1662, after which he bought land in 
Coxsaclde (which was a Colonial grant known as the Bronck 
patent), Jan. 13, 1663, and it was confirmed as a Patent June 
xx, 1667. The patent is on file at the Secretary of State's of- 
fice in Albany (prior to the fire, the original could be seen 
there, and the original inventory of the effects of Jonas 

JAN BRONCK, son of Peter Jonassen, was born in Bever- 
wyck or Albany, 1650, and died in Coxsaclde, N. Y., 1743 (?) ; 
he married Commert je Leendertse Conyn. 

The Patent descended to Jan ; part of it is still in the pos- 
session of the Rev. Louis Lampman, whose wife was a Bronk. 
The old Bronk house is still standing, considerably over 200 
years old, while the brick part bears the date of 1738. Here 
was the old saw-mill which ground flour for the soldiers dur- 
ing the Revolution. In 1705 Jan Bronck received a patent for 
a tract of land from Queen Anne, the original of which is in 
the possession of Dr. Charles Alexander Rhodes, of New 
York. It is beautifully engrossed on sheepskin, and written in 
a fine hand, and is in a good state of preservation, although 
over 200 years old. 

The silver cup before referred to is in the possession of the 
referee in bankruptcy, R. Bronk Fish, Fultonvillc, N. Y. 

Allied Families 247 

The military record of the family gains in importance in 
each generation. Jan was a Lieutenant in 1709 and a Justice 
of the Peace of Albany County in 1738. Jan Leendertsen, 
fourth in descent from Jonas, married Elsie Van Buren, and 
established the rights of his descendants to all societies with 
early military claims by becoming Captain of Militia in 1740, 
and in 1770 was commissioned to that rank by Lieutenant- 
Governor Cadwalder Colden ; later he was promoted to the 
rank of Major of the nth Regiment, which was confirmed by 
the Provincial Congress. The sole male heir of Jan Leendert- 
sen, Leonard, was made First Lieutenant by the Convention 
of New York State in 1777, and in 1778 Gov. George Clinton 
gave him commission for same position. In 1793 he was a 
Major, and in 1796 he was a Lieutenant-Colonel. In 1786, 
1789-1792 he was a Representative in the Assembly. In 1796 
he was United States Senator from New York. On March 29, 
1790, he was appointed first Judge of the Court of Common 

Other members of the Bronk family took part in the dif- 
ferent wars as shown by the records of the French and Indian 

The Coat-of-Arms of Jonas Bronck is said by good au- 
thority to be that after which the coat-of-arms of New York 
State was modeled. 

Children: Agnietje, m. at Albany, Apr. 7, 170s, Jan Wit- 
beck, son of Andries and Engeltje Volkertse (Douw) 
Witbeck; she died before Jan. 9, 1726, when Jan m. 
Marie Williams. 

Antje, bap. Albany, Feb. 21, 1686 ; m. at Catskill, Nov. 25, 
*733» «* her father's house, Rev. George Michael Weiss. 

Pieter, m. at Albany, Apr. 2, 1705, Antje Bogardus, dau. 
of Pieter and Wyntje Cornelise (Bosch) Bogardus. 

Jonas, bap. at Albany, Apr. 28, 1689 ; m. at Albany, Nov. 5, 
1721, Antje, probably dau. of Philip Leendertsen Conyn 
and Wyntje Dirkse Van Vechten. 

Philip, bap. Albany, Sept 20, 1691 ; d. y. 

Philip, bap. Albany, Sept. 7, 1692 ; m. Sarah, probably dau. 
of Philip Leendertsen Conyn and Wyntje Dirkse Van 

248 History op Coinelis Mabsssn Van Bubsh 

Hillctjc, bap. Albany, Apr. 28, 1695 ; m. Albany, June 26, 

1712, Thomas Williams, of New York, as his second wife. 
Caspar, bap. Albany, July 12, 1697 ; m. at Kingston, Dec 

10 t *739» Catharine, dau. of Gerrit. Van Bergen and An* 

natje Meyer ; she d. before 1758. 
Leendert, bap. about 1699; m. Albany, Feb. 26, 1717, Anna, 

dau. of: Johannes de Wandelaer and Sarah Shepnoss. 

AGNIETJE BRONK and Jan Witbeck's children.- 

Andries Witbeck, bap. at Albany, July 4, 1707 ; m. Marytje 

Coeymans, dau. of Pieter Barentsen and Elizabeth (Gan- 

sevoort) Coeymans, Oct 19, 1714. 
Lena Witbeck, bap. Albany, Mar. 37, 1709; m. Nov. 6* 1739, 

Gerrit Teuwisen, son of Volkert and Lydia (Ten 

Broeck) Van Vechten. 
Jan. Witbeck, bap. Albany, Sept 2j t 1713. 
Volkert Witbeck, bap. Albany, Aug. 10, 1718. 
Pieter Witbeck, bap. Albany May 6, 1722. 

PIETER BRONK and Antje Bogardus' children : 

Pieter, bap. Albany, Sept 1, 1706; d. y. 

Pieter, bap. Albany, Nov. 10, 1707 or 1710; m. (1) Jan- 
natje Van Schaack; m. (2) June 14, 1733, at Catskill, 
Rachel Van Hoesen. 

Jan, bap. at Albany, Sept 17, 1708; m. Albany, 1741, Lydia 
Van den Bergh. 

Ephraim, bap. at Albany, Jan. 5, 1712. 

Maria, bap. at Albany, May 20, or 30, 17x3. 

Anthony, bap. at Albany, Mar. 8, 1715. 

Commertje, bap. at Albany, May 6, 1717. 

Wyntje, bap. at Albany, Mar., 1719; m. probably, June 5, 
1746b Thomas Cheddin (also spelled Chetten and Cad- 

JONAS BRONK and Antje Conyn's children: 

Jan, bap. at Albany, Oct 25, 1724; m. July 23, 176% Char* , 
lotte Amelia Coeymans, dau. of Pieter Barentsen and 
Charlotte Amelia (Draeyer) Coeymans. 

Philip, bap. Albany, Oct 2, 1726; m. Dec 3 or 23, 1760, 
Catharine, probably dau. of Philip Conyn and Catharine 

Allium Families 249 

Hoogteling; Philip was Captain 2nd Company, nth 
Regiment Militia, which went to relief of the patriots at 
Schoharie, when Brandt invaded the valley. 

Leendert, bap. at Kinderhook, June 15, 1729. 

Commertje, bap. at Albany, Apr. 19, 1731. 

PHILIP BRONK and Sarah Conyn's children: 

Commertje, bap. at Albany, Oct n, 1724; m. probably, 
Isaac Vosburg, son of Johannes Vosburg and Marytje 

Wyntje, bap. Albany, May 1, 1726. 

Philip, bap. Albany, Apr. 26, 1731. 

Marytje, bap. at Catskill, Feb. 18, 1733 ; d. y. 

Marytje, bap. at Coxsaclrie, June i 9 1740. 

Jannetje, bap. at Coxsaclrie, Oct 12, 1742: 

Hams' children? 

Hannan Williams, bap. Albany, May 31, 1713. 

Agnietje Williams, bap. Albany, Jan. 23, 1715 ; m. probably. 

at Albany, May 23, 1736, Robert Scott 
Elizabeth Williams, bap. Albany, Sept 1, 1717. 
Jan Williams, bap. Albany, Apr. 12, 1719; m. at Albany, 

Jan. 15, 1744, Cornelia Bogardus. 
Pieter Williams, bap. Albany, Apr. 26, 1721 ; m. at Albany, 

Jan. 21, 1744, Sarah Van I verts; m. (2) Sept 20, 1755, 

Elizabeth Fonda. 
Philip Williams, bap. Albany, Mar. 1, 1724; buried, Albany, 

Nov. 1, 1744. 

CASPAR BRONK and Catharine Van Bergen's child: 

Annat je, bap. Coxsaclrie, Oct, 1743 ; m. John A. Witbeck ; 
x she d. Oct 8, 1795. 

LEENDERT BRONK and Anna De Wandelaert chil- 

Jan Leendertsen, bap. Albany, July 14, 1723; m. (1) June 
17, 1747, Elsye Van Buren, dau. of Barent and Maria 
(Winne) Van Buren. He m. (2) Susannah Hoogtding. 
His will, dated Mar. 13, 1783, was recorded Feb. 25, 1794. 

250 History of Cornelis Mabsssn Van Bubsh 

Sara, bap. Albany May 30, 1735; m. probably, Jan Van 
Buren, son of Cornelis and Hcndrickjc (Van Ness) Van 

Commertje, bap. Albany, Sept I0» 1737; m. Albany, June 
12, 1750, Philip Conyn. 

Catharine, bap. Albany, Sept 7, 1739; m. probably, An- 

Leendert (?); .m. WiUempe. 

JAN LEENDERTSEN BRONCK, son of Leendert Jan- 
sen and Anna de Wandalaer, was bap. July 14, 1733; m. (1) 
June 17, 1747, to Elsye Van Buren, dau. of Barent and Maria 
(Winne) Van Buren ; m. (2) Susannah Hotaling. He d. 1749. 

SARA BRONCK, dau. of Leenderts Jansen and Anna de 
Wandelaer, was born about 1725 ; m. 1750, as his second wife 
to Jan (Cornelis, Hendrick, Cornelis) Van Buren. They had 
two sons, Leendert, b. July 7, 175 1, and Cornelis, b. Sept 28, 


LEONARD BRONCK was the only child of Jan Leen- 
dertse and Elsie (Van Buren) Bronck; he was b. May 11, 1751 ; 
d. April 22, 1828; m. (1), Jan. ix, 1779, to Tryntje Van den 
Bergh; m. (2) Albertje Van Buren. He was a member of 
New York State Assembly, 1786*1798. State Senator, 1800. 
He was first Judge of the Court of Appeals of Greene County, 
N. Y. He was in the Revolutionary Army, first as Lieutenant, 
later as a Captain, and discharged with the rank of Lieutenant- 
Colonel He was also a Supervisor of Albany County, N. Y. 
He was an intimate friend of Gen. Schuyler. His first wife and 
mother of his children, Tryntje Vanden Bergh, was a dau. of 
Robert and — — (Brandow) Van den Bergh. Their children 
were: Elsie, b. Dec 23, 1785, m. f Nov. 27, 1799, in Kinder- 
hook, Rev. Jacob Sickles. Leonard (2) was b. June 29, 1797 ; 
m. Maria Ely, a dau. of Dr. John Ely. They had a dau., Ade- 
laide Ely Bronck, who married Rev. Lewis Lampman and 
had children, Leonard Bronck Lampman and Maria Bronck 
Lampman. . 

Allied Families s 251 

PIETER BRONK, son of Pieter and Antje Bogardus, bap. 
at Albany, Nov. i, 1707 or 1710; m. (1) Jannetje Van Schaaclc; 
m. (a) Rachel Van Hoesen. Their children : 

Anna, bap. at Athens, Aug. 15, 1731 ; d. y. 

Annatje, bap. Catsldll, Dec 30, 1733 ; d. y. 

Johannis, bap. Albany, Sept 5, 1735 ; d. y. 

Marytje, bap. Kinderhook, Oct, 1737. 

Pieter, bap. Coxsaclrie, Oct 17, 1739; m - probably, Sara 

Jan, bap. Athens, July 23, 1743 ; d. y. 
Jan, bap. Athens, July 24, 1745. 

Annatje, bap. Athens, Sept 18, 1747; m. probably, Jere- 
miah Conyn. 
Judikje, bap. Athens, Nov. 14, 1749; m. Rykert Bronck. 
Commertje, bap. Coxsaclrie, Oct 24, 1751. 
Engeltje, m. . 

Ephraim, bap. Coxaaclde, Mar. 1, 1755 ; m. probably, An* 
natje (Nancy) Knot, of New Baltimore. 

PIETER BRONCK, son of Pieter and Jannetje Van 
Schaack, was bap. at Coxsaclrie, Oct 17, 1739; he m. probably, 
Sara ; children: 

Pieter, bap. Coxsaclrie, June 19, 1768. 
Commertje, bap. Catsldll, Aug. 20, 1790; and probably 

PIETER BRONCK, son of Pieter and Sara ; bap. 

June 19, 1768; m. ; children: 

Joseph, b. Sept 19, 1790; d. Dec. 24, 1869; m. Harriet 

Conyn, dau. of Peter and Elizabeth Conyn. 
Daniel, half-brother of Joseph. 
Jane, half-sister of Joseph. 

JOSEPH BRONK and Harriet Conyn's children : 

Phebe, b. Aug. 26, 1812; d. Feb. 3, 1890; m. John Roberts. 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 3, 1814; d. May 15, 1885; m. Jeremiah 

Peter J., b. Sept 37, 1816; d. Mar. 37, 1879; nnm. 
Philip J., b. Oct 9, 1818; d. Sept 21, 189a; m. Lydia Wolf. 

252 HisroftY or CoENiui Mabssen Van Bubsn 

Sarah Ann, b. July 12, 1820; d. June 15, 1849; m. Andrew 

John J., b. Oct 8, 1822; d. June 29, 1882; m. Christina 

Daniel J. 9 b. June 2 9 1824 ; d. June 7, 1891 ; m. Sally Carmen 

Leversee, Aug. 31, 1850. 
Mary, b. Mar. 16, 1828; d. Dec. 27, 1904 ;unm« 
James J., b. Nov. 9, 1830 ; m. Rachel Jane Bronk. 
Richard, b. Oct 25, 1831 ; d. Oct 31, 1837. 
Rebecca J. 9 b. July 4, 1833; d. Dec 23, 191 1; m. Isaiah 

David C, b. July 13, 1835 ; d. Aug. 31, 1854; unm. 

DANIEL J. BRONX and Sally C Leversee's children : 

Frank Leversee, b. Sept 10, 1859 ; m. Sept 8, 1886, Clara 
Becker, dau. of John and Cornelia Ann (Wells-Stanley) 
Becker; they have one child, Marjorie E. 
- Ella A., b, Oct 18, 1861 ; d. Feb. 11, 1862. 

Minnie Ann, b. July 6, 1864. 

To Frank Leversee Bronk the Editor is indebted for this 
history of the Bronk family; there are many more of whom 
much interesting material is available, but space forbids the 
giving more of the history. 


The first of this family to appear in America was Jacob, 
who was probably of Holland birth ; the first record is March 
28, 1660, where he is mentioned as a soldier or sailor on the 
"Esopus," in the company of his "Noble Honor, the Dircctorco 
General." December 7, 1660, his name appears third on the 
list of Church members at Wiltwyck, N. Y. (now Kingston). 

In 1661 he appears on the muster roll, was appointed Col* 
lector of Church, and excise consumption of wine and beer. 
In 1662 he had two houses burned in second Esopus, over in 
the "New Village," outside of the stockade. 

In 1666 he was elected and confirmed Scheper or Schepen 
(sheriff) of the Court at Wiltwyck for one year. In 1667 ap- 

Allied Families 253 

pointed Commissioner of Court and held it until April 28, 1668. 
Not found in the records after 1668. 

His wife's name not known. This couple had a son, Jan, 
born in Holland, who arrived in America April 16, 1663, on 
the ship "Bonte Koe" (Spotted Cow). His wife was Helen 
Traphagen, daughter of William Jansen Traphagen, and his 
first wife, Jannetje Claesse Grovenvis, of Meppet Jan and 
Helen Burhans named their third son Johannes, and he had a 
son, Johannes (2), bap. at Kingston, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1682, who 
died before 1720 ; he married Margaret Leget ; they had a son 
Johannes (3), bap. at Kingston, Feb. 18, 1709; d. 1794; m. 
Sept 4, 1731, Jannetje Newkirk, dau. of Ariaan and Altyn 
(Bogard) Newkirk, for his first wife, and later he m. Temper- 
ance Van Orden, dau. of William and Sarah (DuBois) Van 
Orden. By this latter wife he had a dau., Magdalena, b. July 
*t *777 1 d« Mar. 2, 1852. 

Magdalena Burhans m. Hendrick Douw Van Buren, and 
had eleven children, all born in town of Bethlehem, Albany 
County, N. Y. 

Rebecca Van Buren, b. June 2, 1797; d. Dec. 17, 1869; m., at 
Bethlehem, Jan. 28, 1824, Peter G. Van Zandt, who was 
b. Jan. 29, 1796; d. May 13, 1865, a son of Gilbert and 
Rachel (Lucas) Van Zandt 

Johannes Van Buren, b. Oct 10, 1798 ; d. Jan. 20, 1852 ; 

Moses Van Buren, b. Sept 25, 1800 ; d. 1866 ; unm. 

Daniel Van Buren, b. July 14, 1802 ; d. at Middleburg, N. 
Y.; m. (1) Oct 3, 1827, Rebecca Van Zandt; b. Apr. 9, 
1807 ; d. at Albany Dec. 26, 1843, dau. of Nicholas Van 
Zandt; m. (2) May 11, 1851, Catharine Wormer; b. Oct 
12, 1815; d. Mar. 17, 1884; dau. of John and Maria (Hen- 
ry) Wormer. They had a son John, now living on the 
old farm at Middleburg. 

Peter Van Buren, b. Sept 13, 1805; d - *n what is now 
known as Coeymans Square, Nov. 7, 1885. He was edu- 
cated in the public schools and learned the carpenter's' 
trade. He became a well-known contractor and builder, 
also owned a farm which he cultivated. This farm is 

254 History or Gaairais Mabsseh Van Bums* 

now owned by his dan., Anna L- Peter was a well-to-do 
man, and stood high in his community. He was a Dem- 
ocrat, and a warm friend of the Union during the Civil 
War. He was a member of the Dutch Church. He m. 
Feb. 27, 1840, Mary Ann Baker, b. Feb. 14, 1818; d. Jan. 
14, 1886 ; a dau. of John and Margariet ( Vrooman) Baker, 
of Coeymans Square. (Coeymans Square is so called, it 
is said, from the fact that it was the meeting place of an 
early Lodge of Free Masons.) Mary Ann Baker was 
descended from Joab Baker, who came from England 
and settled in Roxbury, Conn. (See Baker family.) The 
rest of Pieter*s history will be found under his own 


William Van Buren, b. 1806, was drowned in Schoharie 
Creek, June 18, 1843. 

Temperance Van Buren, b. Sept 27, 1808; d. at Bath-on- 
the Hudson, Mar. 11, 1877; *&• May 10, 1846, at Albany, 
George H. Cook, b. in Germany, Nov. 29, 1815, a son of 
John G. and Elisabeth (Schncll) Cook. They had a dau. 
Adelaide Cook, who m. John Lane, of Albany, and has a 
son, Arthur Lane. 

Dow Bogert Van Buren, b. May 30, 1810; d. y. 

Hezeldah Burhans Van Buren, b. Mar. 28, 1813 ; d. in De£ 
mar, N. Y.; m. (1) May 27, 1837, at Albany, Rebecca 
Van Zandt, b. June 15, 1815; cL Mar. 17, 1850; a dan. of 
David and Matilda (Hogan) Van Zandt ; m. (2) in Coey- 
mans, Feb. 25, 1851, Hannah Van Zandt, a sister of Ids 
first wife ; she was b. Jan. 2, 1822, and d. Aug. 5, 1861 ; 
&• (3) Sept 2, 1865, Mrs. Sarah Jane (McNab) Nelson, 
b. May 28, 1836, a dau. of Jasper and Maria (Pier) 
McNab. » 

Henry Van Buren, b. Mar. 14, 1815 ; d. 1831. 

Sarah Maria Van Buren, b. Apr. 16, 18x7; d. 1843. 


About 1638 there came to America one Francis Cbnklyne, 
of Nottinghamshire, England, with his wife, Mary Launder, 

Allied Families 255 

whom he had married there Feb. 23, 1630. He and a brother 
John settled at Salem, Mass., 1638, and established the first 
glass works in America. They removed to Southold, Long 
Island, about 165a John afterward settled at Huntington, 
Long Island, where he died in 1683, aged about 83 years. An- 
other brother, Annaias, settled at Easthampton, L. I., about 
1653, tad 4**1 there 1656. He was the ancester of Roscoe 
Conkling. He is supposed to have had a son John, and he a 
son Nicholas, born about 1661. 

NICHOLAS CONKLIN lived at Eastchester, as early as 
1682. He bought, with others, the "Kakiate Patent," con- 
sisting of many thousand acres of land, in Rockland County, in 
171 1, and settled there a few years later. His wife's name 
was Sarah, dan. of John Hunt They had sons, John, Elias, 
Edmond, William, and Joshua. 

JOHN CONKLIN, b. at Eastchester, Westchester County, 
about 1700, had settled before 1720 near Haverstraw. He 
married, Jan. 1, 1720^ Geertje De Pue (or Depuy), born 1702, 
dau. of John DePuy, of Haverstraw. They had at least two 
sons, Nicholas and John. 

NICHOLAS CONKLIN, bap. at Tappan, N. Y., Sept. 13, 
1724; died at Cohecton about 1815. He was called "Lieutenant 
Nicholas Conkling 19 in 1765, about which time he removed to 
Cohecton, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He mar* 
lied Elizabeth Van Ditmars; b. Sept. 6, 1729, dau. of Louis 
Van Ditmarsen and Antje Deyer, of Haverstraw, N. Y. They 
had sons, William, John and Elias. 

JOHN CONKLIN, b. in Rockland County May 8, 1756; 
came from Cohecton in 181 8; d. at Conklin Apr. 23, 1846; m. 
about 1780, Usselje Vernoy, b. Sept 27, 1759, <**"• of Benjamin 
Westbrook Vernoy and Lydia Westfall. (He a descendant of 
Cornelia Cornelissen VerNoi, who came to America from Hol- 
land on die vessel "FattA" in 1664, with his wife, Annetje Cor- 
nells, and settled at Esopus, now Kingston, N. Y.) John was a 
Sergeant and pensioner of the Revolutionary War. Member of 
Assembly, 1807, 1810, 1811 and 1817. Chairman of Board of 
Supervisors from 1810 to 1817. Appointed Judge of Sullivan 

256 History of Gobnius Maxsssn Van Buibn 

County in 1809 by Governor Tompkins. Town of Conklin, 
Broome County, N. Y., named for him in 1824. Judge John 
had sons, Benjamin, William and Joseph. 

JOSEPH CONKLIN was b. at Cohecton, now Riverside, 
N. Y., May 27, 1801. He m. in 1819, Emily Thomas, b. Aug. 
21, 1802, dau. of Joseph Thomas of Great Bend, Pa. Joseph 
d. at Conklin on election day, Nov. 7, 1854, he being a candidate 
for Assembly at the time. He had two sons, Theodore and 

THOMAS CONKLIN, b. Mar. 11, 1829, at Riverside; he 
d. July 11, 1907. He m. July 10, 1849, Sarah C Van Buren 
of Riverside, dau. of Tobias Van Buren (son of William, son of 
Barent, son of Marten, son of Cornelis). 

He was a merchant for many years and prominently identified 
with the politics of his County. He had sons, Edgar B., Frank 
J., and Henry T. The history of these sons is to be found under 
die heading of Sarah C Van Buren, their mother. 


LEENDERT PHIUPSEN CONYN was in Beverwyck as 
early as 1655; he d. 1704; he m. Agnietie — . Children: 
Philip; Caspar, and Jacob (?). 

CASPAR CONYN was in Claverack in 1720; he made his 
will March 3, 1720-1, which was proved June 7, 1737. In this 
will he mentions his wife and children, all but Tanna. His 
wife was Alecta Winne. Children : Tanna, bap. Dec. 28, 1682 ; 
Anna, b. Jan. 6, 1684; Leendert, bap. Mar., 1687; Anganietie, 
bap. May 12, 1689; Pieter, bap. June 28, 1691; he d. 1721; 
Casparas, bap. Dec 31, 1693; Marietie, bap. June 1, 1696; 
Lysbeth, bap. Dec 25, 1697; Commertie, bap. Mar. 12, 1700; 
Rachettie, bap. Dec 28, 1701 ; Eva, bap. June 3, 1705. 

LEENDERT CONYN, bap. Mar., 1687; was in Kinder- 
hook, in 1720; he m. Emmetie — % Children: Elbertie, bap. 
Jan. 10, 1714; Agnietie, bap. Oct 6. 1717; m. 1749, Jan Van 
Buren, son of Cornelis (Hendrick Cornelis) ; Philip, bap. Mar. 
15, 1720; Lourens, bap. June 10, 1722. 

Allied Families 257 

AGNIETIE CONYN, bap. Oct 6, 1717; m. Mar. io f 1740, 
Jan Van Buren, son of Cornclis (Hendrick, Cornells) and 
Hcndrickjc Van Ness; he was b. Sept 4, 1715. She must 
have died some time prior to 1749, as he m., 1750, Sara Bronck. 
Children : Lourens, bap. Sept 26, 1744, Coxsackie ; Hendrickje, 
bap. Aug. 3, 1746. 


TJERCK CLASSEN DE WITT, who came to America 
before 1656, is the American ancestor of that family. He was a 
son of Nicholas and Taaltje De Witt, whose home in the 
Netherlands was in Grootholdt, district of Zunderland, in the 
southern part of East Friesland. 

De Witt is one of the few Dutch-American names illus- 
trious in the Fatherland. Grand Pensioner Johannes De Witt 
administered the Government of Holland in 1652-1672. He 
and his brother Cornelia, also prominent in Civil and Military 
life in the Netherlands were killed by a mob at the Hague. 
Tjerck Classen was a kinsman of these brothers. Tjerck was 
m. in Reformed Dutch Church in New York, Apr. 24, 1656, 
to Barbara Andrissen of Amsterdam, Holland. 

In the Spring of 1657, he removed to Beverwyck, where he 
resided until Sept, 1660, when he exchanged his Beverwyck 
property with Madame De Huilter for land she held in Esopus 
(now Kingston), whither he removed. He was a magistrate 
of Ulster Co., 1689, and held other prominent offices. He d. 
Feb., 1701. His will, dated Mar. 4, 1687, gave to his daughter 
Rachel a twelfth of his whole estate, less £100, which rep- 
resented a sum he had previously advanced. A 'descendant 
of his, Maria De Witt, m. Capt James Clinton, afterwards 
General in the American Revolution Army, and their son 
De Witt Clinton was one of the most prominent, energetic and 
beloved Governors of New York State. 


JAN DOW, a burgher of Leuwarden, Friesland, Holland, 
came to America and was in Beverwyck, 1638-1881. Having 
m. Dorothe Janse Van Briestede of Briestede or Bredstedt, 
Sleswick, Denmark, they embraced the faith of the Meno- 

258 History of Cobhpjs Mabsseh Van Bubbn 

nites and then fled to America to escape the fury of the 
Calvinists. They settled at Catslrill but later moved to Bever- 
wyck. They had a son Volkert Jansen. He was a Deacon in 
his Church and a Guardian of. the Poor, 1654. He was a 
Magistrate from 1654 to 1660. In a deed of sale, 1675, he is 
described as "The Hon. Volkert Dow, Burgher of the village 
and Herscheps (Master) of the Bowery lying in the colony 
of Renssaellaerswyck." Capt Volkert Jansen Dow had a son 
Jonas, who m. (1) Magdalena Quackenbosh; (2) Catrina San- 
ders Glen. Jonas d. 1736. He had a son Petrus, b. 169a; d. 
1775; m.1717, Anna, dan. of Hendrick Van Rensselaer. He 
had a ton Volkert P., b. 1720; d. 1801 ; ra. Anna de Peyster, 
dau. of Johannes and Anna (Schuyler) de Peyster. Volkert P. 
was Recorder, 1750-1760; Asst Judge Court of Common Pleas, 
1757; Mayor and Clerk of the Market, 1761-63; Member of 
the Indian Commission, Northern Dept ; Member of the Com- 
mittee of Safety, 1775 ; Commissary, 1779 ; Senator, 1786-93 ; 
Vice-President of Provincial Congress, 1775. He had a son 
Johannes de Peyster Douw, b. 1756; d. 1835; m. (1) 1787, De- 
borah Brieshman; (2) Margaret Livingston; (3) Catharine 
Gansevoort He graduated from Yale, 1777, was Surrogate 
of Albany County, 1782; Alderman, 1788; engaged in Sulli- 
van's expedition. He had a son, Volkert P., b. 1790; d. 1869; 
m. 1834, Helen L. Franchot They had a son John de Peyster 
Douw, b. 1842 ; d. 1875 ; m. 1870, Ella Brooks Gould of Cin- 


CORNELIUS BOGERT, m. 1704, to Cornelia Delamater. 
Children: Jannetje, bap. Feb. 18, 1705, at Albany; Catharine, 
bap. Aug. 11, 1706; Hendrick; no date. 

JANNETJE BOGERT, bap. Feb. 18, 1705, dau. of Cornelia 
and Cornelia (Delamater) Bogert, m. Johannes V. Douw. 
Children : Volkert Douw, bap. Aug. 9, 1739 ; Dorothea Douw, 
bap. Oct 24, 1742; Volkert and, bap. May 27, 1744; Cornelia 
Douw, bap. Sept 8, 1745 ; Cornells Douw 2nd, bap. Nov. 16, 
1746 ; m. Catharine Van Schaick, June 6, 1773, Albany records ; 
Margarita Douw, bap. Oct. 23, 1748; Margarita Douw 2nd, 
bap. Oct 22, 1749 ; Volkert Douw 3rd, bap. Nov. 18, 1750. 

Allied Families 259 


JACQUES and LOUIS DU BOIS were bora near La Bassee, 
in the Province of Artois, France. They are supposed to have 
been brothers. 

JACQUES DU BOIS was married in Leyden in April, 1663, 
from which place he came to this country in 1675. He died soon 
afterward, leaving three sons, Jacques, bora in Leyden in March, 
1665; John, b. in July, 1671, and Pierre (or Pieter), the an- 
cestor of the Dutchess County branch of the family, born at 
Leyden March 17, 1674. 

Peter grew up at Kingston, N. Y., and married Jannetje 
Burhams (daughter of Jan Burhams, of Brabant), October 12, 

One of his sons was named Christian, probably the same name 
as Peter's grandfather. Louis and Jacques Du Bois were Wal- 
loons. Their language was the old French dialect of Pkardy, 
one of the three sources of die pure French of his time. 

The surname Du Bois or rather du Bois, was an ancient 
family name in Artois and Normandy before William I of 
England left his native country. 

According to Viscount de Maguy, the head of the Heraldic 
College of France, in 1875, the family name "du Bois" is one 
of the very oldest in France and has more extensive marriage 
connections than any other. The prefix "du," a contraction 
of "de la" is admitted in France to be a badge of noble ex- 

Jacques Du Bois lived in this country only about one year. 
He was one of the twelve patentees of the Paltz in Ulster 
County, N. Y. 

PETER DU BOIS was the seventh son of Jacques Du 
Bois and Pierronne Bentyn. He was b. in Holland and bap. 
at Leyden, Mar. 18, 1674. He came with his father to "Wilt- 
wyck," now Kingston, N. Y«, when thirteen months old, where 
Louis Du Bois had arrived fifteen years before. His father 
Jacques died at Kingston about the year 1676. Peter m. 
Oct. 12, 1697, to Jannetje Burhams, of Brabant 

Eleven children were born of this marriage — seven sons 
and four daughters. Six of the children married. 

260 History of Mabssen Van Buben 

Peter Du Bois died Jan. 22, 1738, aged 63, and was buried 
in Fishkill Dutch Reformed Churchyard. 

In or about the year 1707 Peter moved to Dutchess County, 
where he bought a tract of land in the Town of Fishkill of 
Henry Beekman. The house, a one story stone house, with 
steep roof, about three and a half miles from Fishkill village, 
near Swartoutville, on Sprout Creek, still stands. 

Of his children there are named in his will Jonathan, to 
whom he gave a fang, and Abraham, to whom he gave the 
"Old Homestead." He had a son named Christian, who mar- 
ried Neeltje Van Vliet He died about 1786, leaving two 
daughters and one son. 

This son, who was named Christian Du Bois, Jr., was borti 
June 13, 1746, and died Dec 17, 1807. On Nov. 17, 1768, he 
married Helena Van Voorhies (who was born Apr. 30, 1744, 
and died Mar. 4, 1826). They had eight children, viz : 

Garret Du Bois, b. Sept 23, 1769; d. Aug. 10, 1802; he m 
Hannah Cooper, Dec x, 1796. JJis son Charles L. Du 

*' Bois, m. Catharine Hasbrouck. Their children were 
Garret, Mary Ida, Hasbrouck, Jane Eliza and Mary. 

Catherine Du Bois, b. May 8, 1771; d. May 7, 1807; she 
m. Jacob Griffin, Nov. 4, 179a ' They had one child, 
Delia Griffin, who m. John C. Van Wyck. 
Coert Du Bois, b. March 6, 1774; d. May 16, 1854; on Jan. 
4, 1801, he m. Mary Thorn, b. Oct 3, 1778; d. Aug. 28, 
1846. Their children were: 

Henry A. Du Bois, b. Dec 4, 1801; d. Apr. 23, 1879, who 
m. Evelina Van Deusen, June 9, 183a Their child* 
ren were: William, 1831-1832; John V., 1833-1879; Mary, 
wife of James Mulford; Henry; Frances, 1840-1880; S. Aug* 
ustus; Margaret Beale, 1841-1907; and Coert, 1847-1891. 

Stephen Augustus, b. Jan. ax, 1804; d. Dec 31, 1869; on 
Dec 8, 1830, he m. Rachel A. Schryver, b. May 19, 1812; . 
d. Sept 26, 1849. They had one child, Dr. John Coert 
Du Bois, b. Aug. 10, 1831, who on May 25, 1869, m. Eva 
P. Kimball, b. Oct 24, 1845 » d - D*^ l2 > l8Sl - One of 
their daughters is named Gertrude 

William Du Bois, son of Coert Du Bois, was b. in 1807 and 
d. in 1826. 

Allied Families 261 

Abram Du Bob, b. Apr. 5, 1810; d. Aug. 25, 1891 ; m. Cath- 
erine M. Brinkerhoff, Nov. 8, 1838. Their children were: 
William Augustus, Matthew Brinkerhoff and Catherine. 
Samuel Thorn Du Bois 1st, b. 1813 ; cL 1816. 

Mary Du Bois, b. July 27, 181 5 ; <L Nov. 4, 1885 ; m. Casper 
P. Collier, b. Nov. 21, 1820; (L Apr., 1909. Their chil- 
dren are Mary Thorn Collier, Anna C. Collier and Du 
Bois Collier. 

Samuel Thorn Du Bois 2nd, b. May 29, 1817 ; d. Feb., 1905 ; 
m. Celia M. Judson, Nov. 16, 1854. Their children were 
Lillian, 1867; Louis C, 1869-1903; Paul, 1872, and 
Helena, 1879. 

James Thorn Du Bois, b. Apr. 8, 1820 ; m. Henrietta B. S. 
Van Wyck, Feb. 17, 1853. Their children were : R. Van 
Wyck, now dead ; Samuel, now dead, and Herbert 

The other children of Christian Du Bois were : 

Abraham Du Bois, b. Jan. 2, 1776. He d. unm., May 12, 

Henry Du Bois, b. Dec 7, 1777; d. Feb. 10, 1867. He was 
not married. 

Elizabeth Du Bois, b. Jan. 7, 1780; d. July 16, 1865. She 
married John Bailey, Sept 18, 1882. Their children were 
Helen, Henry Du Bois, Mary and Elizabeth. 

Cornelius Du Bois, b. Dec 22, 1781 ; d. Jan. 23, 1782. 

John Du Bois, the youngest son of Christian Du Bois, Jr., 
was b. May 12, 1784, and d. Jan. 8, 1828. He was m. to Ger- 
trude Brodhead, June 28, 181 1. Their children were: Helen 
Maria, wife of Barent Van Buren; Elizabeth, wife of Ben- 
jamin F. Teller; William C, who d. unm., and Thomas B., 
who d. in infancy. 


GENERAL SAMUEL EVANS, m. Nancy Clough. They 
had four children, viz : Musgrove Evans ; Lydia Evans ; Nancy 
Evans; George Evans. 

MUSGROVE EVANS, m. a dau. of Gen. Jacob Brown and 
had five children: Samuel Evans; Vincent Evans; William 
Evans; George Evans; Anna Maria Evans. Musgrove laid 
out the town of Tecumseh, Mich. 

262 HisroftY op Gornius Maissbk Van Bubsn 

Musgrove's son William m. — and one of his children 
Cornelia was adopted by Nancy Evans and her husband, James 
A. Wells. 

Musgrove's son George was also adopted by Nancy and 
James A. Wells. During the war in California he became an 
Adj. General. Was a State Senator for a number of years. 
Anna Maria, <Jau. of Musgrove, m. a Mr. Haymie and had 
two children, Carrie Haymie and Margaret Haymie. 

LYDIA EVANS, dau, of Gen. Samuel Evans, m. David 
Storet v 

NANCY EVANS, dau. of Gen. Samuel Evans, m. Dr. 
James A. Wells, a son of Abraham and Angelica (Van Buren) 
Wells. They had a large family: Hannah Wells; Clarissa 
Wells; Anna Maria Wells; James Wells; Leonard Wells; 
William Wells; Francis Wells; Milton Grey Wells; Sophia 
Wells; Mollie Wells; Angelica Wells; Adelaide Byrd Wells. 
(S$e Wells- record ; also Van Buren family record.) 

GEORGE EVANS, son of Gen. Samuel Evans, was killed 
in the battle of the Alamo, near San Antonio, Texas. 



NATHANIEL FOOTE was b. about 1593 ; m. in England 
about 161 5, Elizabeth Deming, who was b. about 1595; he d. 
about 1644, and she m. second about 1646, Thomas Welles; 
she d. 1683. He was an agriculturist and the earliest record 
of him is in the Moss Bay Colony in 1633, when he took the 
oath of a freeman. There is a long and very interesting article 
about him in the Foote genealogy from which I would like 
to quote but must refer the reader to it, as space forbids the 
quotation. Children: Elizabeth, b. about 1616; m/1638, Jo- 
siah Churchill ; Nathaniel and, b. about 1620 ; m. 1646, Eliza- 
beth Smith ; Mary, b. about 1623 ; m. (1) 164a, John Stoddard, 
(2) John Goodrich; Robert, b. about 1607; m. 1659, Sarah 
Potter; Frances, b. 1629; m. (1) 1648, John Dickenson, (2) 
1677, Francis Barnard ; Sarah, b. about 1632 ; m. 1652, Jeremiah 
Judson; Rebecca, b. about 1634; m. (1) about 1657, Lieut 
Philip Smith, (2) 1688, Major Aaron Cook. 

Allied Families 263 

NATHANIEL FOOTE, 2nd, b. about 1620; m. 1646, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Lieut Samuel Smith. They resided at Wethers- 
field, ConiL, and Hadley, Mass. He d. 1655, when his widow 
m. William Gull. Children: Nathaniel, 3rd, b. Jan. 10, 1647; 
m. Margaret Bliss. Samuel, b. May 1, 1649; m - Mary Merrick. 
Daniel, b. 1652; m. (1) Sarah ; (2) Mary . Eliza- 
beth, b. 1654 ; m. Nov. 10, 1670, Daniel Belden. 

NATHANIEL FOOTE, 3rd, b. Jan. 10, 1647; m. May 
2, 1672, Margaret Bliss, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Law- 
rence) Bliss of Springfield, Mass. He d. Jan. 12, 1703; she 
d. Apr. 3, 1745. Another interesting article in the Foote 
genealogy about this man. Children: Sarah, b. Feb. 25, 
1673; m. 1691, Thomas Olcott Margaret, b. Dec. 1, 1674. 
Elizabeth, b. June 23, 1677 ; m. 1701, Robert Turner. Mary, 
b. Nov. 24, 1679; m. 1706, Daniel Rose, Jr. Nathaniel, 4th, 
b. Sept 9, 1682; m. (1) Anna Clark, and (2) Hannah Cole- 
man. Ephraim, b. Feb. 13, 1685; m. Sarah Chamberlain. 
Josiah, b. Sept 2j t 1688; m. Sarah Welles. Joseph, b. Dec. 
28, 1690; m. (1) Ann Clothier, and (2) Hannah Northam. 
Eunice, b. May 10, 1694; m. 1712, Michael Taintor, Jr. 

EPHRAIM FOOTE, b. Feb. 13, 1685; m. 1708, Sarah dau. of 
Joseph and Mary (Dickenson) Chamberlain, who was b. 
Mar. 10, 1693, and d. June 9, 1777; he d. June 10, 1765. 
Children : 

Margaret, b. May 13, 171 1; m. 1729, Benjamin Day. 

Sarah, b. Oct 20, 1713; m. 1736, Josiah Douglass. 

Ephraim, 2nd, b. Apr. 27, 1718; m. (1) Margaret Smith; 
(2) Miss Lord; (3) Lucretia Lewis. 

Rebecca, m. 1736, David Johnson. 

Irene, b. 1722; m. 1740, Abraham Day. 

Lydia, m. June 15, 1746, Thomas Smith. 

Adonijah, b. 1729; m. (1) Grace Day, and (2) Abigail 

Dorathy, bap. Apr. 29, 1733; m. 1751, John Isham, 2nd. 

Abigail, bap. Aug. 18, 1734 ; m. Thomas Ackley. 

EPHRAIM FOOTE, 2nd, b. Apr. 27, 1716; d. 1800; m 
(1) Margaret Smith, who d. July 4, 1754; m. (2) a Miss Lord 
and (3) Lucretia Lewis. Children: Ephraim, 3rd, m. Lydfc 


Cushman. Elizabeth, m. Cornells Van 1 Buren, of Kinderhook 
and later Johnstown, N. Y. Asa; Deborah; Peggy; Samuel; 
John; Lydia; Sally; George; Hannah; Adonijah; Polly; Wil- 

ROBERT FOOTE, second son and fourth child of Nath- 
aniel, (i), was b. 1607; m. 1659 Sarah Potter, he <L 1681; 
children; Nathaniel (2), Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph, b. 1664; 
m. (1) Abigail Johnson, (2) Sarah Rose, (3) Susannah Fris- 
bee. Samuel, John, Stephen, Isaac 

JOSEPH FOOTE, b. Mar. 6, 1664; m. 1690, Abigail Johnson, 
of New -Haven, Conn.; m. (2) 1710, Sarah Rose; m. (3), 
1741, Susannah Frisbee. He d. Mar. 6, 1751. Children: 
Joseph; Daniel; Samuel; Robert; Daniel; Abraham; Icha- 
bod, a physician; b. May, 171 1; m. (1) Mar. 4, 1734, Hannah 
Harrison ; m. (2) Damaris Finch ; he d. 1773 ; children, eleven. 

DR. ICHABOD FOOTE, b. May, 17x1; d. 1773; m. (x), 
Mar. 4, 1734; Hannah Harrison, and (2) Damarisa Finch. 

Children: Jared; Joseph; John, Hannah; Abigail; Icha- 
bod; Ruth; Robert; Heli; Jesse; Hannah. . 

JESSE FOOTE, b. Jan. 22, 1758; m. (1) 1777. Rachel 
Benedict; m. (2) Elizabeth Taylor. He was a soldier in the 
Rev. War. Children : Anna ; Jabez ; Ruth ; Charity ; Damaris ; 
Jesse Finch; Hannah. 

JESSE FINCH FOOTE, b. Aug. xi, 1788; m. Oct 14* 
18x7, Angelica Van Buren, dau. of Barent (Harmon, Tobias, 
Marten, Marten, Cornelia), and Grace (Denison) Van Buren, 
who was b. in Mayfield, N. Y., Jan. 2j $ 1799. Children: 

Robert Foote, b. in Mayfield, Mar. 6, 1818; m. Feb. II, 1846, 
— i and had two children: Harriet and Jesse. 

Catharine Starr Foote, b. Dec. 30, 1820; m. 1841, — ; <L 
Nov. 20, 1842. 

Sarah Maria Foote, b. Nov. 8, 1822; m. Sept 17, 1846, Rev. 
Z. T. Hoyt; she d. i860. She had four children: Sarah 
Frances Hoyt; b. July 26, 1847; m. July, 1872, E. Irwin 
Scott James Hoyt, b. May 16, 185 1. Emma R. Hoyt, 
b, 1854. Edward H. Hoyt, b. Nov. 22, i860; m. Oct, 
1883, Hannah C. King. 

Allied Families 265 

James Harvey Foot*, b. Aug. 23, 1824; m. Ann E. Tit- 
comb; m. (2) Helen Hogeboom. 

Byron Foote, b. May 27, 1826; d. 1827. 

Daniel Foote, b. Feb. 24 1828; m. Ruth Hoyt 

Orilla Foote, b. Oct II, 1830; m. Elliox Thomas; she d. in 
1858, had one child, Orilla Grace Thomas, b. 1857; m. 1883, 
David McFalls. 

Mary Jane Foote, b. Nov. 29, 1832; m. her brother-in-law 
May 3, i860, Elliox Thomas ; she cL 1904. She had five 
children; Earl Goodrich Thomas, b. Mar. 24, 1862; m. 
Oct 8, 1892, Lida E. Allen. Charles Dennison Thomas, 
b. Aug. 12, 1864, (no other names known). 

William Darius Foote, b. Sept 28, 1836;^. Mary Shults. 

Ellen Elmyra Foote, b. Sept 7, 1839; °>« ***• Alexander 
Hoyt Oct, 1868. 

Harriet Grace Foote, b. July 11, 1844; d. Apr. 22, 1853. 

JAMES HARVEY FOOTE, b. Ang. 23, 1824; m. July 
17, 1849. Ann E. Titcomb, of Mayfield; m. (2) Sept, 1853; 
Helen Hogeboom, of Mayfield. He studied at Union College ; 
registered at Yale intending to enter the Presbyterian min- 
istry but due to failing health he relinquished his plans and 
settled in Johnstown, where he held various town offices and 
also county offices; he d. Dec 15, 1902. Children: 

Anna Elba, b. Aug. 28, 1854; m. 1887, Albyron Waite. 

Jennie S., b. Mar. 8, 1857; is living at Johnstown, N. Y. 

Emily Grace, b. Oct 15, 1863; m. May 27, 1891; Henry 
F. Dawes, of Milborne Port Eng., and has two children : 
Denton Tavener Dawes and Helen Warfield Dawes. 

Frances Helen, b. May 23, 1866; m. Oct 11, 1888, Dr. 
John Sand, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and has three children : 
James Harvey Sand; John Frances Sand; Grace Deni- 
son Sand. 

DANIEL FOOTE, b. Feb. 24, 1828; m. Jan. 19, 1859, 
Ruth Hoyt of Galway, N. Y., and has three children; Ella; 
Emma; Arthur. 

WILLIAM DARIUS FOOTE, b. Sept 18, 1836; d. 1904; 
m. Jan. 19, 1859, Mary Shults, of Johnstown, N. Y., and has 
four children: Alice Grey; Caroline Shults; Mary Louise; 
and Harriet Agnes. 

266 History or Camm Maxsssn Van Bonn 


math according to the Swiss spelling was born in Switzer- 
land. He emigrated while a young man to America and took 
up his residence at Minisink in Orange Co. (now Port Jervis). 
Here the people of the associated churches of Mahackamack, 
Minisink, Walpack, and Smithfield took a special interest in 
him and sent him to Holland to complete his education and 
receive ordination. Returning he accepted the pastorate of 
these churches. An Indian massacre made him a fugitive. 
For ar time he was the pastor of the North Branch church. 

He then came to Qaverack where he received a joint call 
from the churches of Qaverack, Kinderhook, and Livingston 
Manor. "It stipulated to pay him first, the sum of forty 
pounds each or about 300 in all ; second, to provide him with 
a dwelling house 'becoming a preacher 9 with a kitchen, stable, 
etc, together with several acres of land for a garden, pasture, 
mow-ground, orchard, etc, which should be situated in 
Qaverack, the congregation of Qaverack to provide these 
things for their privilege of having the preacher dwelling 
among them. The other congregations to provide the preach* 
er with 'entertainment becoming his office* while laboring 
among them. Third, the three congregations to bear his 
expenses of moving each an equal share." Dotnine Fryenmoet 
took three months to consider this call and then accepted it. 
His ministry lasted in Qaverack until 1770, when he with- 
drew to confine his labors entirely to Schodack and Kinder- 
hook. He died about 1778 nearly 60 years of age He was 
interred under the Kinderhook church. He had a curious way 
of signing'his age after his name 

During his ministry the church of Qaverack was erected 
which is still standing. It was dedicated Nov. 8, 1767; the 
sermon was preached by Domine Fryenmoet The bricks 
were brought from Holland. It is a tradition of the Van 
Rensselaer family that they were carried to Albany and then 
down the Hudson by sloop to Hudson and by team out to 
Qaverack ; Dom. Fryenmoet's wife was Magdalena Van Etten, 
dau. of Jacob and Antje (Wcstbroeck) Van Etten; they had 

Allied Families 267 

four daughters : Antje, who m. John E. Van Allen, Maria, who 
m. Abraham E. Van Allen. Heytlje, who m. Nicholas Kittle; 
and Dorothea, bap. at Machackemack (Deer Park), Apr. 23, 
x 743t spe. Jan Van Etten, and Maritje Woestfael, his wife; 
she m. Pieter B. Van Bnren, their marriage license being dated 
Sept 12, 1771; he was a son of Barent and Maria Winne. 
Their children, Casparus Fryenmoet Van Buren, bap. at Kind- 
erhook, Jan. 12, 177a; sps. Joh. Gasper Frayenmoet, Magdalena 
Van Etten; he m. Sarah Ostrom; Marya Van Bnren, bap. at Kind- 
erhook, Aug. 14, 1774; sps. Frana Van Buren, Hanna Van 
Slyck. Barent Van Buren, bap. at Kinderhook, July 7, 1776 ; 
sps., Frans Van Buren; d. Jan. 22, 1849; m* Sarah Vosburgh. 
Maria Van Buren, bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 28, 1778; sps. 
Herman Van Buren, Eva Van Slyck; Johannes, bap. at Kind- 
erhook, Sept 24, 1780; sps. Johannes Van Allen, Annetje 
Fryenmoet; d. Jan. 19, 1855; m. 1771, Sarah Hogeboom; Mag- 
delena, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 4, 178a; sps. Barent Van 
Buren, Jannetje Fryenmoet 


JAN TYSSEN HOES, of Albany, N. Y., the Immigrant 
Ancestor of the Hoes family in America, was probably b. as 
early as 163a His first wife was Brechtje Mamus, wid. of 
Claes Corneliszen Van Voorhout, and his second wife was 
Christyntje Van Hoesen, dau. of Jan Franaa Hoesen, of Albany, 
and his wife Volkertje Jurriaens (Van Rensselaer Bowier, 
MSS.; pp. 734, 836* 845). 

Jan Tyssen Hoes; d. May 31, 1705, (See Calendar of 
Wills, N. Y.) He resided at Kinderhook and Albany, being one 
of the first Patentees of Kinderhook. In the early records the 
name of "Hoes" is spelled "Goes," the letter "G" in Dutch having 
the exact sound of "H" and the pronunciation of "Goes" being 
"Hoes." As the name soon came to be spelled in that way it 
has been deemed advisable to follow that form throughout 
this genealogy. (Van Deursen Genealogy). 

Children from Calendar of Wills, excepting the youngest : 
Matthys Jansz Hoes; b. about 1664; m. Oct. 21, 1685, 
Cornelia Mattheusz V?n Deusen (Albany Church Re- 

268 History of Cqehsus Mabssht Van Buikn 

Anneke Jansz Hoes; b. about 1667; m. Isaac Vosburgh; 
banns registered at Albany, Aug. 1, 1686, eleven chil- 

Tryntje Jansz Hoes; b. about 1670; m. (1) Oct ao, 1689; 
Thomas Winne, (Albany Church Records) son of Pieter 
Winne; b. in Ghent, Flanders, and his wife Tannetie 
Adapts; b. in Leeuwarden, Friesland. 

Pieter Winne was a Commissary, or Magistrate, at Beth- 
lehem, Albany County, and his will was proved Feb. 32, 
1685-6, in which fourteen children are named (See Cal- 
endar of Wills No. 845). Tryntje Hoes; m. (a) Jacobus 
•Turk, widower of Catherine Van Benthuysen; their 
banns being registered at Albany, Oct 27, 170$; and the 
certificate of marriage Nov. 5, 1705. She had four chil- 
dren by Thomas Winne and two by Jacob Turk. 

Dirk Jansz Hoes, b. about 1675; m. about 1697, Elisabeth 
Lucassen Wyngaart 

Judith Janss Hoes, b. about 1678; m. about 1697, Isak 
Hendrijksz Burger, by whom she had, two children, 
whose baptisms are recorded at Albany. 

Mayke Janss Hoes, b. about x68a; m. Oct as, 1703; Borger 
Huik (banns registered at Albany, Oct at X7Q3)* They 
were m. at the house of Lucas Gerritse Wyngaart, both 
b. and residing at Kinderhook, they had six children. 

Jan Jansz Hoes, b. about 1685; m. Margritje Wyngaart 
(banns registered at Albany, Feb. 10, 171a) widow of 
Manuel or Samuel Van Schaack. 

Jaobus Jansz Hoes, bapt May x, 1687, (Albany Church 
Records) ; sps. Pieter Schuyler, Engeltie Schuyler ; prob- 
ably d. y. 

MATTHYS JANSZ HOES, son of Jan Tyssen Hoes, of 
Albany, N. Y. f probably b. about 1664; »• Oct at, 1685, Cor- 
nelia Mattheus Van Deusen (Albany Church Records). In 
171 5 he was a member of Capt Abraham Van Alstyne's Al- 
bany Militia. He d. prior to 1733, in which year July 3, Cor- 
nelia mar. as her second husband, William Hallenbeck. Wil- 
liam was a widower, his first wife being Feytje Dirksz Van 
Vechten, dau. of Dirk Teunessen Van Vechten and Jannetie 

Allied Families 269 

Michaels of Catskill, whom he mar. May 23, 1697, and by whom 
he had children as late as 1715, (See Calendar of Wills, 1792, 


Children from Albany Church Records. 

Jan Tjrssen Hoes, bapt. Aug. 7, 1687; sps. Styntje Goes, 
Jan Tys Goes; m. Eytie Vosburgh. 

Mattheus Hoes, bap. Mar. 9, 1690; sps. Tryntje Winne, 
Thomas Winne ; m. Jannetie Bries. 

Johannes Hoes, bap. May 6, 169a; sps. Johannes T. Min- 
gael, Marritje Wendell ; probably, d. y. 

Breechje Hoes, bap. Jan. 20, 1695; sps. Jan Tysx, Lena Teuisz; 
d. y. That these last two children d. y. is proved not 
only by the fact that no further trace is found of them 
in the Records, but also by the fact that in "A list of 
the Heads of Families and the number of men, women, 
and children in the City and County of Albany, the 16th 
of June, 1697," (MurntW* Annals of Albany, Vol. 9, 
p. 81, et seq.), the father's family is stated to consist 
of one man, one woman, and three children, referring, of 
course, to die father, die mother and their three children: 
Jan, Mattheus and Dirk, the latter bap. just one month pre- 

Dirk Hoes, bap. May 16, 1697; sps. Claas Lucas, Catalyntje 
Teuis (Van Deusen); m. Elsie Van Valkenburgh. 

Lena Hoes, bap. Jan 7, 1700 ; sps. Abraham Jannssen (Van 
Aelsteyn), Marritje Van Deusen; m. Pieter Vosburgh. 

Harbert Hoes, bap. July 5, 1702; sps. Ruth Van Deusen, 
Catelyntje Van Deusen ; was sps. at a bap. at Loonen- 
burgh (Athens), 26, July, 1736. 

Christina Hoes, bap. Aug. 6> 1704; sps. Pieter Mingael, 
Margarita Mingael; m. Michael Hallenbcck. 

Tryntje Hoes, bap. Sept. 1, 1706; sps. Paulus Van Vlcg, 
Maria Van Den Berg, 

Ephraim Hoes, bap. Jan. 9, 1709; sps. Jan Goes, Magda- 
lena Van Bueren ; m. Cornelia Van Schaack. 

Marretjen Hoes, bap. Feb. 17, 1712; sps. Melgert Van 
Deusen, Engeltje Rutse; m. (1) Samuel Hallenbeck, 
(2) Evert Bond. 

270 History of Coenzlis Maimy Van Buikn 

DIRK JANSZ HOES, son of Jan Tyssen Hoes, of Albany 
and Kin d erhook, N. Y., b. about 1675; m. about 1697, Elisa- 
beth Lucassen Wyngaart, dau. of Luykas Gerrhsen Wyn- 
gaart and Anna Van Hoesen. The will of Dirk Janss Hoes 
dated June x, was probated Aug. 5, 173a; in it he mentions 
wife and three children (Calendar of Wills). He resided at 

Children. Albany Church records : 

Johannes Hoes, bap. May 12, 1700; sps. Claes Lnycassen 
Wyngaart, Mayke Jansse Goes; m. with license at Al- 
bany, Apr. 20, 1724. Jannetie Van Schaack. . 

Anna Hoes, bap. Feb. 13, 1704; sps. Jan Goes, Margarita 
Van Schaak; m. with banns at Albany, Jan. 10, 1721, 
Tobias Van Buren (see his record). Issue; Peter Van 
Buren, bap. at Albany, July 16, 1722; sps. Lucas and 
Anna Wyngaart 

Lucas Hoes, bap. June 22, 1707; sps. Casper and Rachel* 
tje Van Hoes. ... 

JAN TYSSEN HOES, son of Matthys Janss Hoes and 
Cornelia Mattheus Van Deusen, of Albany, N. Y., bap. Aug. 
7, 1687; m. Eytie Vosburgh. He was a member of Capt 
Van Alstyne's Company, of Albany Militia in 1715* ' 

Children, bap. at Albany, Kinderhook and Linlithgow*. 

Pieter Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook about 1716; sps.- Pieter 
Vosburgh ; ul Margrieta Verplank, probably dau. of 

Philip Verplank and Geertruy, , who was bap. at 

Albany, Jan. 20, 1725, issue;' (x) Eytje Hoes, bap. at 
Coxsackie, Sept 9, 1741; mother's name "Margrita 
Blonk"; sps. Mattheys Hoes, Cornelia Hoes; (2) Hen- 
drick Hoes, bap. at Cowackie, June 2, 1744; mother's 
name "Mareytje Hoes"; (3) Margerita Hoes, bap. at 
Claverack, in 1747-8. — 

jannetje Hoes, bap. at Albany, Apr. 20, 17x8 ; sps. Johan- 
nes and Hessie Beekman; m. Christoffd Vosburgh, son 
of Christoffel Vosburgh and Chart je Bressy; bap. at 
Albany, Apr. 17, 1709; issue, all bap. at Kinderhook; 
(1) Klarche Vosburgh, bap. 23 Mar, 1745; (2) Eitje 
Vosburgh, bap Feb. 11, 1749; (3) Johannes Vosburgh, 

Allied Families 271 

bap. Apr. 14, 1751 ; (4) Geertruy Vosburgh, bap. Mar. 
1, 1761. 

Barent Hoes, bap. at Albany, June 12, 1720; sps. Gozen and 
Catie Van Schayk; m. about 1741, Annatje Heermanse. 
Issue, bap, at Kingston; (1) Jannetje Hoes, bap. Nov. 
22, 1741 ; (2) Andries Hoes, bap. Jan. 25, 1747. 

Isaac Hoes, bap. July 8, 1722; sps. Ysack Van Deusen, 
Bata Van Deusen, d. 7. 

Cornelia Hoes, bap. at Linlithgow, in 1725 ; sps. Johannes 
Jselsteyn, Catherine Vosburgh. 

Myndert Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec. 29, 1728; sps. 
Barent Vosburgh, Jannetje Vosburgh. He m. May 15, 
J 757» At Kinderhook, Margriet Vosburgh; he was Ser- 
geant in Capt Van Alen's Company of Foot, at Kinder- 
hook, in 1767. Issue all bap. at Kinderhook, (1) Annetje 
Hoes, bap. Apr. 17, 1758 ; (2) Johannes Hoes, bap. June 
22, 1760; (3) Jannetje Hoes, bap. Feb. 13, 1763; d. y. 
(4) Jannetje Hoes, bap. Apr. 8, 1764; (5) Barent Hoes, 
bap. Jan. 11, 1767; (6) Bytie Hoes, bap. June 2, 1770; (7) 
Marytje Hoes, bap. June 2, 1773; (8) Cornelia Hoes, 
bap. May 16, 1776. 

Isaac Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, May 18, 1731 ; sps. Lucas 
and Elizabeth Van Akn; m. Catherine Van Deusen, 
license dated Mar. 27, 1783. 

MATTHEUS HOES, son of Matthys Jans* Hoes and Cor- 
nelia Mattheus Van Deusen; bap. at Albany, Mar. 9, 1690; 
m. about 1709; Jannetic Bries. His will, dated Jan. 31, 1758, 
was proved Feb. 15, 1776, and mentions all of his children 
given below, excepting Juris and Hendrick, from which we in- 
fer that both had died prior to 1758 (Calendar of Wills, No. 
758). He was a member of Capt Van Alstyne's Company of 
Militia in 1715. 

Children, bap. at Albany and Kinderhook. 

Cornelia Hoes, bap. at Albany, Feb. 15, 1710; sps. Johan- 
nes Cuyler, Cornelia Goes, d. y. 

Angenietjen Hoes, bap. at Albany, Oct. 14, 171 1; sps. 
Pieter Van Bueren, Geertruy Vosburgh; m. Sept 19, 
1730, Bartholomeus Van Alstyne, Jr., by whom she 
had two children. 

272 Histoey 09 Coehiuj Mxaatiy Van Bueen 

Mattheus Hoes, bap. at Albany, Aug. 7, 1713; spa. Claes 

Luyassen, Annetje Gansevoort ; m. at Kinderhook, Aug. 

9, 1734. Catbarina Vosburgh, bad one child 
Cornelia Hoes, bap. at Albany, Oct jo, 1717; sps. Harp. 

V» Deusen, Lena Van Densen; m. Jan. 16, 1737, Jacobus 

Vosburgh, had one child* 
Juris (Jvrriaen) Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook about 1719; 

sps. Gregie Goes, Barent Sveven (probably Van Lue- 

ven) ; m. about 1740, Cornelia Van Buren, dau. of Pieter 

Van Buren (see her record), had one child* 
Johannes Hoes, bap. at Albany, May 18, 1721; spa. Joh. 

Beekman, Jr., Lybetie Winne; m. about 1743, Geertruy 

Van Buren, dau. of Marten Martenaz Van Buren, (See 

her record), had eight (?) children. 
Eytje Hoes, b. about 1723 ; mentioned in her father's will ; 

m. Henry Holliday and had four children. 
Lena Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct. 30, 1725 ; sps. Lena 
^ Vosburgh, Arent Van Dyck; m. about 1745; Johannes 

Vosburgh and had one child. 
Catherina Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, May 11, 1729; sps. 

Lucas and Elizabeth Van Alen; m. Gerrit Van der Pod 

and had twelve children. 
Hendrick Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 19, 1731; sps. 

Yzook and Rebeeka de la Mettre. 

DIRK HOES, son of Matthys Jansz Hoes and Cornelia Van 
Deusen; bap. May 16, 1697, at Albany; m. about I725» EUje 
Van Valkenburgh, dau. of Lambert Jochemse Van Valken* 
burgh and Jannetje Clauw, of Kinderhook, bap. Sept. 3, 1693. 

Children : Lambert Hoes, bap. at Linlithgow, Feb. 13, 

1726; sps. Samuel Hallcnbcck, Eva van Valkenburgh. 
Cornelia Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept. 24, 1727; sps. 

Hendrick Van Valkenburgh, Maria Vosburgh; m. about 

1745, Rykert Van Valkenburgh. 
Jannetie Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 9, 1731; sps. 

Vrans v. Valkenburgh, Marytie V* Alatyne. 
Helena Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 19, 1733; sps 

Thomas Torek, Wymtje van Valkenburgh. 

LENA HOES, dau. of Matthys Jansz Hoes and Cornelia 
Van Deusen; bap. Jan. 7, 1700; m. Jan. 3a 1720, her cousin, 

Allied Families 273 

Pieter Vosburgh, son of Isaac Vosburgh and Anneke Jansz 
Hoes; bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 3, 1690. 
Children from Albany Church Records. 
Anna Vosburgh; bap. Aug. 28, 1720; sps. David and 

Christina Van Dyck. 
Mathias Vosburgh, bap. Oct. 7, 1723; sps. Sander Van 
Alsteyn, Christ Hoes. 

CHRISTINA HOES, dau. of Matthys Jansz Hoes and 
Cornelia Van Deusen, bap. at Albany, Aug. 6, 1704 ; m. Mich- 
ael Hallenbeck son of William Janssen Hallenbeck and Feitje 
Dirkse Van Vechten ; bap. Mar. 9. 1707. 

Children, bap. at Loonenburgh, now Athens, N. Y. 

Feitje Hallenbeck, bap. Mar. 22, 1729. 

Dyrk Hallenbeck; bap. July 26, 1736. 

Cornelia Hallenbeck; bap. Mar. 22. 1739. 

Abraham Hallenbeck; bap. Nov. 4, 1741. 

Ephraim Hallenbeck; bap. Nov. 17, 1743. 

Michael Hallenbeck; bap. at Claverack, May 22, 1748. 

EPHRAIM HOES, son of Matthys Jansz Hoes and Cor- 
nelia Van Deusen ; bap. Jan 9, 1709 ; m. at Loonenburgh, Mar. 
2, 1731, Cornelia Van Schaack, dau. of Arend Van Schaack 
and Marietje Van Loon ; b. Dec 1, 171a 

Children all born at Loonenburgh, now Athens, N. Y. 

Arent Hoes, b. Feb. 6, 1734. 

Matthys Hoes, b. Apr. 2, 1736. 

Jan Hoes, b. Feb. 28, 1738. 

Cornelia Hoes, b. Apr. 1. 1740, d. y. 

Michael Hoes, b. July 4, 1742. 

Cornelia Hoes, b. Feb. 15, 1745. 

Marytje Hoes, b. Nov. 6, 1747. 

Christina Hoes, b. Jan. 14, 1750. 

MARRETJEN HOES, dau. of Matthys Jansz Hoes and 
Cornelia Van Deusen; bap. Feb. 17, 1712; m. (1) Samuel 
Hallenbeck, son of William Janssen Hallenbeck and Feitje 
Dirkse Van Vechten; bap. at Albany, June 13, 1703; (2), 
June 10, 1736, at Loonenburgh, Evert Bond, son of Hendrick 
Bond and Jannetje Evertsz; Hap. Apr. 30, 1710. 

Children, born at Athens, by the first husband: 

Samuel Hallenbeck, b. Mar. 19, 1731. 

274 History of Cqehsus Massuk Van Buxxn 

By the second husband: 

Thys (Matthys) Bond, bap. May 26, 1737. 

Jan Bond, bap. Apr. 9, 1743. 

JOHANNES HOES, son of Dirk Jans* Hoes and Elisa- 
beth Lucassen Wyngaart, of Kinderhook, bap. May 12, 1700, 
(Albany Records) ; m. with license at Albany, Apr. 20, 1723, 
Jannetje Van Schaack, dan. of Laurens Van Schaack and 
Jannetje Oothout; bap. at Albany, Apr. 5, 1707. Children: 

Dirck Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 6, 1725; sps. Dirk Goes, 

Elizabet Goes; m. Christina Van Alen. 
Jannetie Hoes, bap. at Albany, Aug. 28, 1726; sps. Laur. 

V. Schayk, Maydce Hun. 
Lau wrens Hoes, bap, at Kinderhook, May 11, 1728; sps. 

Jannetie Vosburgh, Barent Vosburgh. 
Lucas Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, May 16, 1731 ; sps. Lucas 

Goes, Annatje Goes. 
Elisabeth Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct. 3, 1736; sps. 

£latthys Hoes, M. van Schayk. 
Johannes Hoes, bap. at Coxsackie, Oct. 16, 1739; sps. Gar- 

rit van Schaak, Tryntje van Alen. 
Elizabeth Hoes, bap. at Coxsackie, July 4, 1742 ; sps. Mat* 

thys Fisk, Mareytje van Schaick. 
Maria Hoes, bap. at Claverack, Jan. 16, 1747; sps. Caa- 

parus Conyn, Eva Conyn; m. (1) at Linlithgow, Dec. 

31, 1767, Johannes Van Alen, who d. 177—; (2), about 

1776, Abraham Van Buren (see Van Alen and Van 

Buren families). She was the mother of the President, 

Martin Van Buren. For the children see his record. 

DIRCK HOES, son of Johannes Hoes and Jannetje Van 
Schayk, bap. Jan. 6, 1725; d. Jan. 31, 1773; m. about 1746, 
Christina Alen, dau. of Pieter Van Alen and Josina Dingman, 
bap. Kinderhook, Feb. 17, 1723; d. May 5, 1776; her will, 
dated May 2, 1776, was proved Nov. 20, 1787. (Calendar of 
Wills, No. 710). Children: 

Janetje Hoes, bap. at Claverack, July 15, 1748, sps. Johannes 
and Jannetje Goes ; m. Cornelius J. Sebring. 

Josina Hoes, bap. at Coxsackie, Jan. 20, 1750; sps. Lucas 
and Catherina Van Alen, d. y. 

Allied Families 275 

Josina Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. u, 175a; sps. Mat- 
theus Hoes, Maria Hoes; m. Thomas Witbeck, son of 
Lucas Witbeck and Geertruy Lansing, bap. Mar. 18, 

Johannes (John D.) Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 

23, 1755; sps. Laurens and Jannetje Hoes; m. Maria 


Pieter Hoes, bap at Kinderhook, Sept 12, 1756. 

Lourens Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 30, 1758; sps. 
Luycas Hoes, Maiytje Van Aelstyne. • 

Dirck Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook Oct 26, 1760 ; sps. Johan- 
nes and Elisabeth Goes. 

Luyckas Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 19, 1762; sps. 
Lourens Van Alen, Marytje Goes. 

Elisabeth Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, May 25, 1766; sps. 
Adam Van Alen, Marytje Roseriboom. 

JOHN D. HOES, son of Dirck Hoes and Christina Van 
Alen, b. May 25, 1753; l*p* at Kinderhook, Jan. 23, 1755; d. 
Jan. 25, 1789; m. Feb. 4, 1776, (banns Jan. 25, 1776), Maria 
Quackenboss, b. Jan. 26, 1754; d. Dec 5, 1852. He served in 
the Seventh Regt, Albany County Militia, Col. Abraham 
Van Alstyne (Land Bounty Rights; New York in the Rev- 
olution, p. 228). Children : 

Dirck Hoes, bap. Jan. 1, 1777; d. at West Galway, N. Y., 
Oct 17, 1850; m. at Pittstown, N. Y., Mar. 17, 1800, Anna 
Hunt, b. Oct 21, 1783 ; d. Sept 17, 1828. 

Barend Hoes, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 3, 1778 ; sps. Myn- 
dert Vosburgh, Margarietje Vosburgh, h. v. M. Hoes; 
m. Mar. 15, 1806, Derickje Van Buren, b. in 1777, d. 
Oct 18. 1865; (see her record), dau. Abraham Van 

Christina Hoes, bap. Nov. 30, 1780; d. Nov. 25, 1823; m. 
Judge Moses I. Cantine, State Senator and Editor of 
the Albany Argus, who was b., Jan. 18. 1774, and d. 
Jan. 24, 1823. 

Hannah Hoes, b. in Mar., bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 6, 
1783; sps. Abraham Van Buren, Maria Goes, z. h. v.; 
m. Feb. 21, 1807, Martin Van Buren, afterwards Presi- 
dent of the United States, (see his record). 

276 History of Cqbhsus Maimy Van Buikn 

The inscription on her tombstone is ss follows: 

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Hannah Van Buren, wife 
of Martin Van Buren, who departed this life on the 5th 
day of Feb. A. D., 1819, in the 36th year of her age. 
She was a sincere christian, dutiful child, tender mother, 
and most affectionate wife; precious shall be the memory 
; of her virtues." 

"Beneath this tomb rest the remains of the first person 
interred in this cemetery" (supposed to refer to the Al- 
bany cemetery where she was first buried). "Removed 
to this place (Kinderhook) from Albany in 1855," 

Peter I. Hoes, b. Mar. 9; bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 3, 
1785 1 *p*. Picter Goes, Maria Goes; z. h. v.; m. Sept. 23, 
1810, Maria Swart 

PETER I- HOES, son of John D. Hoes and Maria Quack- 
enboss, b. Mar. 9; bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 3, 1785, d. Nov. 
16, 1846; m. Sept 23, 1810* Maria Swart, dau. of Judge Peter 
Swart and Cornelia Becker; b. Jan. 13, 1787; d. in New York 
City, June 5, 1851, Peter Swart was an Ensign in CoL Peter 
Woman's Regt, 15th Albany Militia, (New York, in the 
Revolution, p. 128). Children: 

John Cantine Farrell Hoes, b. July 13, 181 1 ; m. Sept 15, 1836, 

Lucy Maria Randall. 
Peter Swart Hoes, b. Oct 16, 1815; d. Feb. 3, 1882; m. 

Sept 3, 1839, Henrietta Myers, dau. of Major Mordecai 

Myers, U. S. A-, and Charlotte Bailey; b. in 1815, d. 

July 27, 1889. 
Maria Cornelia Hoes, b. Apr. 26, 18x8; m. Oct 30, 2844, 

Rev. John M. Van Buren. 
Catherina Ann Hoes, b. Feb. 23, 1820; d. Sept 6, 1835. 
Anthony Quackenboss Hoes, b. May. 31, 1822; d. Oct 

3» 1858. 

in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, N. Y-, July 13, 181 1 ; d. 
Feb. 9, 1883; m. Sept 15, 1836, Lucy Mary Randall, dau. of Gen- 
eral Roswell Randall, and Harriet Stephens; b. May 4, 1815; d. 
July 28, 1898. Children: / 

Allied Families 277 

Harriet Stephens Hoes, b. Mar. 2, 1839; m. Jan. 10, 1866, 
Rev. O. H. Seymour, who <L at Syracuse, N. Y., Sept 8, 

Catherine Ann Hoes, b. Oct 22, 1842; d. Aug. 11, 1858. 

Louisa Antoinette Hoes, b. Mar. 24, 1845; d. June 1846. 

Mary Swart Hoes, b. May 27, 1847; m - Dec. 3» l88 9> 
Charles Burhans, son of Cornelius Burhans and Mar- 
garet Shaw; b. Aug. 12, 1846; d. Oct 15, 1909. 

Rosweil Randall Hoes, b. at Kingston, N. Y., Feb. 28, 
1850; m. (1), May 12, 1875, Elizabeth Seabrook Welch, 
(2), Dec s, 1888, Rose de Chine Gouverneur. 

son of the Rev. John C. F. Hoes, D.D., of Kingston, N. Y., b. 
there Feb. 28, 1850; m. (1) May 12, 1875, Elizabeth Searbrook 
Welch, who d. Apr. 8, 1879; (2), Dec 5, 1888, Rose de Chine 
Gouverneur, dau. of Samuel L. Gouverneur and Maria Camp- 

Chaplain Hoes received his early education at the old King- 
ston Academy, entering Amherst College, in 1867, at the age 
of seventeen. 

After passing his freshman and sophomore years at that 
institution of .learning, he received honorable dismission and 
entered Princeton College, where he graduated in 1871. For 
the following year he taught a private class of young men, at 
Lambertville, N. J., and in the Fall of 1872, entered Princeton 
Theological Seminary, graduating in 1875. He was ordained 
July 1, 1875, and was pastor of die Mt Holly, N. J., Pres- 
byterian Church from 1875 to l8 79» when he took the pastorate 
of the Presbyterian Church at New Rochelle, N. Y., remaining 
there until 1882. He was. appointed Chaplain in the United 
States Navy by President Arthur, July 26, 1882, his first ser- 
vice being on the U. S. Flagship Turnout, of North Atlan- 
tic Squadron, 1882 to 1885, in which he made three winter 
cruises, to the West Indies, South America, and Mexico. 

He then volunteered his services on the Greely Relief Ex- 
pedition, which offer was declined by the Secretary of the 
Navy, William EL Chandler. 

278 History of Cornklis Maimy Van Bueen 

Mr. Hoes, then travelled abroad for fourteen months, visit- 
ing Great Britian, the European Continent, Egypt, Tunis, Pal- 
estine, Syria, and Asia. 

He was stationed at the New York Navy Yard, 1887 to 
1889, when he was transferred to the Washington Navy Yard, 
remaining there until 1890. 

From 1890 to 1893 he was attached to the Flagship Pen- 
sacola, of the South Atlantic Squadron, visiting South Amer- 
ican countries and Hawaii. 

While they were at Honolulu, Chaplain Hoes' literary taste 
and ability found ways of service. He was instrumental in 
organizing the Hawaiian Historical Society and at the request 
of Queen Lililuokalani to Secretary of State Blaine, began 
the arrangement of the Government Archives and Bibliogra- 
phy of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Upon his return to the 
States he became Chaplain of the U. S. Naval Home, at 
Philadelphia, 1893 to 1894, and in 1894 was stationed at the 
Philadelphia Navy Yard, remaining there until June, 1897. 
From June, 1897, through Sept, 1898, he was attached to the 
U. S. Battleship Iowa, during the Spanish-American War. 
He was present at the bombardment of San Juan, Porto 
Rico, and all the operations against Santiago, including the 
battle with the Spanish Squadron. From September, 1898, 
to June, 1890, he was stationed at the Boston Navy Yard; 
during which time he was appointed Chaplain of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company, and preached its two hun- 
dredth and sixty-second annual sermon; also delivering the 
Decoration Day Oration at Tremont Temple, Boston, in 1900. 
From May, 1900, to May, 190a, he was attached to the Bat- 
tleship K ear sage, of the North Atlantic Squadron, and from 
May, 190a, to Feb., 1907, was stationed at the Washington 
Navy Yard. In March, 1907, he was transferred to the Navy 
Yard, at Norfolk, Va., where he remained until his retirement 
in Feb., 1912. 

On Mar. 19, 1897, he was promoted to the rank of Com- 
mander and to that of Captain on March 2, 1903. 

Mr. Hoes has also taken an active part in the field of 
literature and is an able genealogist He is the author of 
many printed sermons, orations, and various contributions to 

Allied Families 279 

the religious and secular press, historical and genealogical 
magazines. While stationed in Washington, D. G, he de- 
clined the Chair of Belles Lettres and English Literature in 
Columbia (now George Washington) University, in that city. 
He is a life member of the American Bible Society and the 
American Tract Society ; member of the New York Genealog- 
ical Society, of which he was the Corresponding Secretary 
for two years; Corresponding member of the New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society, the State Historical Societies 
of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, the Minisink His- 
torical Society; Newport Historical Society; Hawaiian His- 
torical Society ; the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania ; the 
American Historical Association, and the American Society 
of Church History. He is a Charter Member of the Rhode 
Island Chapter of Colonial Wars; a member of the Hugue- 
not Society of America, the Holland Society of New York, 
and the Sons of the Revolution. 

One of his valuable contributions to genealogical work 
is his compilation of the bap. and mar. registers of the old 
Dutch Church at Kingston, N. Y., 1660 to 1810, containing 

He is at present engaged compiling a genealogy of the 
Hoes family, so intimately associated with the early Dutch 
settlements of the Hudson Valley. Children, by the first wife : 

Isabel Dorrance Hoes, b. Mar. 3, 1876. 

John Paul Jones, b. Mar. 7, 1879. 

By the second wife : 

Gouverneur Hoes, b. Sept 10, 1889. 

Rosewell Randall Hoes, b. June 19, 1891, d. Apr. 12, 1901. 

Lawrence Gouverneur Hoes, h. Jan. 8, 1900. 


The name Hogeboom is derived from the Dutch words 
"hoog," meaning high and "boom" meaning tree, high tree, 
which may mean height or be merely a local name. In 1372, 
"S. Maes van Hoecbomme" is mentioned in the archives of 
Holland and the use of "van" meaning from indicates a name 
of local origin. Early traces of the family are found at The 

280 History of Cornilis Mamsbn Van Busbv 

Hague, Heiloo, Haarlem, Benscop, Nieuwenierop, and Am- 
sterdam. Occasionally in this country, one meets with the 
signature of Cornells Hoogeboom, lawyer and notary at the 
Singel in Amsterdam, who was born in 1635 and buried 
Sept x, 1684, *°n of Jan Cornelisz Hoogeboom, of Nieuwenie- 
rop, notary at Amsterdam, and Grietge, WitteboL Cornells 
mar. Aug. 31. 1659, Christina Geelvinck, born 1627 and buried 
Dec. 17. 1699, without issue. At the present time the name 
Hogeboom exists on the islands of Southern Holland and at 
Makkum in Friesland, a town noted for its manufacture of 
tiles. It is possible that Cornelia Pietersen Hogeboom, the 
tile and' brick maker of New Amsterdam and Kingston, was 
a native of that place. In this country the name first appears 
under the form of Hoogeboom or Hoogenbooin, which later 
became contracted to Hogeboom, its present form. 

Pieterson Hoogeboom were the first representatives of the 
family in New Netherlands. In X662, Jan Pietersze and Maria 
Hoogeboom joined the church at Brooklyn with letters from 
the town of Bunnick, of Holland. It was a peculiarity of 
some of the early ministers or clerks, in the case of husband 
and wife to write the husband's name with its patronymic and 
his family name following his wife's name. If this is true 
here, Jan Pietersze may have been a Hoogeboom and a 
brother of Cornelia and Mees. 

Cornells Pieterson Hoogeboom first appears at Fort 
Orange, (Albany), where on Oct. 17, 1656, Jurian the glazier 
(Jurian Teunisse Tappan) was brought to trial for assaulting 
and wounding him. In 1659 or earlier, Hoogeboom had 
formed a partnership with Jan Andriessen DeGraaf for the 
manufacture of brick at New Amsterdam. Hoogeboom's 
success was important because it rendered Manhattan inde- 
pendent of the brick supply from the neighboring plafces and 
the mother country. He last appears at New Amsterdam, in 
March, 1663. He returned to Albany, and on Jan. 2X, 1664, 
agreed with Gerrit Van Sclictenhorst to serve at the tile kiln 
from Jan.. until Nov. next or as long as the weather permits 
for 60 beavers and board. A year later he appears at Wilt- 
wyck, (Kingston) where he requests that he may be granted 

Allied Families 281 

a lot opposite the milldam for a brickyard. From time to time 
he added to his land. Aside from his land holdings he owned 
slaves, for on Oct 3, 1681, he sold Frederick Hussey a negro 
named "Pfunpldn" for 30 schepels of wheat* 

That he was a man of education is shown by the fact that 
on Oct 26, 1668, he asked permission "to keep evening school" 
and on Oct 23, 1671 he again requested to be appointed school- 
master and to have the village house, and lot rent free for 
the time of two years. The tile and brickmaker had become 
a teacher and finally in 1674, he was nominated for schepen, 

Of his first marriage and the birth or bap. of his son we 
have no record. He married the second time Annetie Corn- 
ells* Slecht (Sleight), dau. of Cornelia Barentsen Slecht and 
Tiyntje Tysse Bos, from Woerden, in the province of South 
Holland. She was a widow in 1719, when she made a will 

HOOGEBOOM, unlike his brother, the tile and brick maker, 
was a trader and operator of a vessel on the Hudson. 

He first appears in this country in 1657; on March aoth 
the sheriff of Albany called Meuwis Hoogeboom and others 
to account for playing at golf on the public prayer day. The 
case was put over, but as there is no later reference to fine 
or punishment the officer probably dismissed them with a 
warning. The incident is important as showing at what an 
early time golf was played in this country by the Dutch. 
During the interval from 1657 *° l &74 Mees Hoogeboom had 
advanced from a helper to a freighter with a vessel of his 
own. On January 21, 1678-79, Claes Van Patten sold him 
one-half of the yacht Royal Oak, now lying in Steevens 
Kil and on Aug. 6, 1679, the remaining half. In 1680 the 
Labidist brothers, Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter, while 
traveling through the country in search of an eligible site for 
a colony left in their diary this account of Skipper Hooge- 
boom: "On April 15th we went in search of a boat to go 
tot Albany and found one ready to leave immediately. The 
name of the skipper was Meus Hoogeboom, to whom we 
agreed to pay, for the passage up and down, one beaver, that 
is, 25 guilders in seewan, for each of us and find ourselves. 

282 Histoiy or CamuM Mam«h Van Bumf 

We gave him our names, to have them inserted to our pass- 
port. On Apr. 17th we went to inquire whether the boat 
waa going up the river to-day, but it could not be got ready. 
We left -New York about three o'clock in the afternoon of 
the 19th and at noon of the aand anchored at Fort Orange. 
We first thought of taking lodgings with our skipper, but had 
been warned that his bouse was unregulated and poorer kept; 
we were therefore entertained by Mr. Robert Sanders." On 
their return trip they write under date of Apr. 36th: "is soon 
as we arrived in Albany we went to oar skipper , Mens Hooge- 
. boom to inquire when he was going to the city. He said 
to-morrow, but he would come and notify us of the time. We 
saw it would run on a much longer time, as it usually does 
in these parts/* It was not until four days later that the 
Labadists were able to leave for New York. 

On Apr. i> 1684*. Mees waa ordered to move his yacht 
from, the city stockade and on May 6th he was arrested for 
contempt of court for not obeying the order^ June 31st, 
1684, he sold a yacht called Th* Royal Oak to Hendrick 
Abelse (Reddenhausen) and Nanning Harmense (VTsscher). 
Not only did Mees convey freight and passengers, but he also 
carried on a trade with the Indians. Aside from trading and 
freighting, Hogeboom was also a carpenter. ' Like his brother, 
Cornelia, Mees owned slaves. - On Feb. 7, 1693-4, Jan Marten- 
sen de Wever (Van Aelstyne) conveyed to if ees Hogeboom 
for £15 property described as being without the north gate, 
bounded west by the street to Rensselaer's mill, north the 
creek, east by the Marselis (Marsellus) property and south 
by the road to the river. It is known that Hoogeboom 
traded with the Indians at Half Moon (Waterford) and 
some time prior to 1700 settled there. On Oct. 4, 1700, the 
man who had begun life as a "knecht" or helper and later as a 
trader and an owner of a freighting vessel on the Hudson 
was elected to the office of assessor for the Half Moon. 

The family name of Mees 9 wife is not given, but in 1683 
both he and wife Catryn, as well as their daughters, Ariaantje 
and Geertruy, were enrolled as members of the Dutch Re- 
formed Church at Albany. He d. Feb. 15, 1702, and his wife 
in 1707. They left six children (having lost one in 1682), 

Allied Families 283 

Ariaantje, who m. first Jean Span and second Adrianus 
Van Streyden ; Geertruy, who m. Thomas Noxen ; Antje, 
who m. Henry Possi; Pieter Neese 9 who m. Jannetje 
Muller; Dirk, who m. Maria Delmont; Bartholomeus, 
who was bap. Dec. 30, 1683, at Albany and who m. 
Sarah Pekok. (The foregoing has been collated from 
MunselTs Albany Collections and a very interesting 
article in the New Netherland Register, by William 
Becker Van Alstyne, M.D.). 

According to an article by William Leggett Bramhall in 
Zabrialde's Claverack, the original ancestor of the Hogeboom 
family in America was one Killian, who brought his eldest 
son, Jeremiah, who was born in Holland, Apr. 5, 1712, with 
him. Killian settled in the town of Claverack, and here the 
younger son, Johannes, was b. Johannes m. Albertie Van 
Alen, dau. of Johannes and Sara Van Alen, of Kinderhook ; 
they had seven sons and four daughters: Johannes, Barthol- 
omew, Cornelia, Lawrence, Peter, Abraham, James, Johan- 
che, Heleche, Albertie and Catharine. 

JOHANNES HOGEBOOM afterward moved to the north- 
eastern part of the town, and settled on the site of the 
house subsequently built by his son, Lawrence. Here his 
sons settled around him. The daughters, Heleche and Cath- 
erine m. and moved to Schoharie County ; Johanche m. Judge 
Jeremiah Miller and resided in Claverack; Albertie m. Hon. 
Peter Van Ness and lived in Kinderhook on the place later 
occupied by Pres. Martin Van Buren, and called Linderwald. 
The oldest son, Johannes, m. Gertrude Miller, dau. of Stephen 
Miller, and had several children: Stephen, Albertie, Helletie, 
Polly, Sarah, John, Gertrude. 

ABRAHAM HOGEBOOM m. Maria Vosburgh, dau. of 
Jacob Vosburgh of Kinderhook, and settled on the site of 
the present county house at Ghent, where they had ten chil- 
dren, (names not given in article quoted). 

Bartholomew, m. Nov. 17, 1771, Polly Van Valkenburgh 
at East Camp (Germantown) by Dr. Cook, then pastor of 
that part of Claverack. They had eight children : 

284 History or Ommaxn Maissen Van Buism 

Albertie, Oct 24, 1772, m. John J. Vosburgh; Youcham, 
Sept ig, 1774; Mary, Jan. 8, 1776; John, July 15, 1779; 
Caty, Oct 16, 1781 ; Peter, Sept 29, 1783; Sary or Sara, 
Feb. 23, 1785, m. 1806 to John P. Van Buren, son of 
Peter and Dorothy (Fryemnoet) Van Buren, Jan. 28, 1787. 

CORNELIS HOGEBOOM, b. July 2, 1739; m. July 14, 
1761, Sarah Vosburgh. Children: 

Richard G, Pe{er C. Alida, and John C 

Cornelia was shot by the anti-renters while he was on duty 
as Sheriff of the county and d. Oct, 1791 ; his youngest son, 
who was his Deputy Sheriff, was appointed to succeed his 

LAWRENCE HOGEBOOM, m. Hester Leggett, dau. 
of John Leggett Their children: 

John L, Albertine, James L, Tobias, Bata, Peter L., 

PETER and JAMES, brothers of the above, I have no 
records concerning. 

SARA HOGEBOOM, dau. of Bartholomew and Polly Van 
Valkenburgh, who m. John P. Van Buren, had children: 

Bartholomew Van Buren, b. July 11, 1807; m. Catharine 

Peter Van Buren, b. Dec 19, 1809; d. i860, unm. 

John Van Buren, b. Dec. 6, 181 1; m. Eliza Shufelt 

Catharine Van Buren, b. Feb. 37, 1813 ; m. Andrus Whit- 

James Van Buren, b. Jan. 13, 1815, m. Emma Hudson. 

Dorothy Van Buren, b. Aug. 12, 1817; m. R. H. Norton. 

Barrent Van Buren, b. Oct 18, 1820; m. Mary Vanden 

Henry Van Buren, b. Dec, 1803; m. Sarah Hudson, 

According to records copied from an old family Bible 
these two genealogies do not agree as to the original ances- 
tor; the list furnished to me is as follows: Johannes Hoge- 
boom, who m. Albertie Van Allen, was a son of Piter of 
Claverack, whom I suppose is the Pieter Mees who m. Jan* 
netje MuUer of Claverack; he was the son of Meus or Bar- 

Allied Families 285 

tholomew Hogeboom of Beverwyck, whose history is given 
in the beginning of this article, and who was a son of Pieter 
Hogeboom of Holland, as my list declares; if this is correct 
where does Killian, who is said to have been the father of 
Johannes who m. Albertie Van Allen, as given in both of 
these genealogies, come in? I leave it for each one to settle 
for him or her self. 


This family trace their ancestry to Harmen, who resided 
in Amersfoort, a town in Utrecht, Holland. Harmen had a 
son, Thomas, and a dau., Wendeltje. Thomas had a son, 
Harmen Thomasen, who came to America some time before 
1660. In 1661 he m. Catalyntje Berck, who was b. 1625 ; she 
was a dan. of Samuel Berck of Amsterdam, Holland. At the 
time of her m. to Harmen Thomasen Hun she was the widow 
of Dirck Bensingh (Bensing, Bensen), by whom she had 
had five children. She d. 1693. The children of Harmen 
Thomasen and Catlyntje were : Weintje, b. Feb. 9, 1662 ; d. 
Feb. 19, 1663. Weintje, b. Oct 29, 1663; m. Sept 11, 1692, 
Rutger Mekherts Van Deusen, a son of Melcherts and En- 
geltje (Van Schoendervoort) Van Deusen. Thomas, b. Nov. 
1, 1666; d. Nov. 9, 1667. Thomas Harmensen, b. Oct 2, 
1668 ; d. Jan. 12, 1716, at Albany ; m. Nov. 20, 1692, Mayeke 
(Maaike, Mary) Oothout, dau. of Jan Janse and Hendricke 
(Van Ness) Oothout Their children were: Catalyntje, b. 
.Sept, 1693; m. Nov., 1726, John G. Lansing; she d. Oct, 
1727. Johannes, b. Oct 10, 1695; d. Jan. 22, 1776; m. May 
4, 1725, Anna, dau. of Francis and Elsie (Gansevoort) Winne; 
she d. Mar., 1759. Harmen, b. Nov. 23, 1697 ; d. y. Cornelia, 
b. June 9, 170a Hendricke, b. Sept 12, 1702; m. Dec 20, 
1724, Pieter Schuyler. Dirck, b. Sept 7, 1704; m. Margaret 
Cornelia Hogan. Marritje, b. 1706; m. 1735, Tobias Van 
Buren, son of Marten (Marten, Cornelia); they had a son, 
Harman. Rutger, b. Mar. 15, 1707. Adrain, b. June 15, 1709; 
m. Aug., 1733, Phoebe Smith. Harmen, b. Sept 15, 1712; 
m. Dec. 6, 1735, Elsie Lansing. 

Children of Johannes and Anna (Winne) Hun were: 
Thomas, b. June, 1726; d. Jan. 4, 1734. Elsie, b. May 16, 

286 History of Cornxus Maissin Van Bote* 

1728; d. Jan. 4, 173a.' Mayeke, b. 1730 or '31 ; m. Dec- 23, 
1758, Cornelia Van Buren, a son of Cornelia (Hendriclr, 
Cornelia). See his record. Elsie, b. Mar. 18, 1733; m. May 
l 9» *757* Philip, son of Johannes Janaen and Geertray 
(Schuyler) Lansing. Thomas, b. 1736; d. z8oa; m, Aug. 37, 
1761, to Elizabeth Wendell, b. in Albany Sept a, 1738, dan. 
of Abraham and Geertray (Bleecker) WendelL Thomas was 
Agent for the Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer. His chil- 
dren were: Annatje, b. Sept 15/ 1763; d. 1848; m. 1795, Rev* 
John Bassett Abraham, b. Feb* 17, 1768; d. Jan. 29, 1812; 
m. in Albany, Sept 22, ' 1796, Maria, dau. of Judge Leonard 
and Maria (Van Rensselaer) Gansevoort; she was b. Feb. 
17, 1778; d. Oct 19, 1813. Abraham graduated from Colum- 
bia College, then studied law and formed a partnership with 
Rensselaer Westerlo, half brother of the Patroon. He acted 
as an Agent for the Patroon. His house was on the east 
side of Market street (later Broadway), the site where later 
Stanwix Hall Hotel was erected. He also owned a farm of 
some 375 acres along the Normansldll Creek. Here he erected 
a summer home and called it "Buena Vista." Children: 
Elizabeth, b. Jan. 13, 1778; d. June 9, 1804. Maria, b. July 
23, 1800; d. Apr. i, i8oz. Elizabeth, b. July z, 1804; m. Apr. 
4t 1833, Bernard S. Van Rensselaer; she d. in Albany July 
zo, Z834. Ann Maria, b. Oct zi, 1807; d. Oct 27, Z807. 
Thomas, b. Sept 14, 1808; d. June 23, 1896- 

THOMAS HUN, b. Sept 14, 1808; d. June 23, 1896; m. 
Lydia Louisa Tullins, dau. of Hon. Marcus Tullins and his 
first wife, Cynthia (Herrick) Reynolds; she waa b. Sept 11, 
Z8Z7, and d. Jan. 26, 1876. (A great deal of interest relating 
to her family in Th* Hudson and Mohawk Valley Families, Vol. 
z, p. Z98.) ■ : - 

Having lost their parents at an early age, Thomas and 
his sister, Elizabeth, were brought up by their grandparents, 
Judge and Mrs. Leonard Gansevoort, Jr. In 1818 Thomas 
entered the Albany Boys 9 Academy. When only 16, he 
entered the Junior class at Union College, from which he 
graduated in 1826 with honors and the degree, of B. A. 
Studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He 
graduated as an M.D. in 1830. When the Cholera epidemic 

Allied Families 287 

broke out in Albany in 1832 a hospital was instituted and 
Dr. Thomas Hun was appointed one of the physicians. In 
the Spring of 1833 he went to Europe and but for two or 
three brief visits home he remained until 1839. Soon after 
his return he was elected Professor of Institutes of Medicine 
in the recently organized Medical College at Albany. His 
inaugural address is said to have aroused great enthusiasm 
because of its great breadth of learning and its liberality of 
thought In 1848, when the Albany Hospital was incorpor- 
ated, Dr. Huh was appointed one of the Consulting Phy- 
sicians. In 1858 his private practice having become so ex- 
tensive that he could not attend to his duties as a Professor, 
he resigned from the College. In 1862 he was President of 
the New York State Medical Society. Later he was Dean of 
the Albany Medical College. He was a devout Episcopalian. 
The reader is referred to the aforesaid Hudson and Mohawk 
Valley Families for much more of interest relating to Dr. 
Thomas Hun and his sons, Dr. Edward, Dr. Henry, Marcus 
Tullius, and Leonard Gansevoort 


The name is variously spelled Hughen, Huygh, Huyck. 
The family in Holland belonged to what are known as 
Burghers. They were entitled to Arms as follows: "The 
escutcheon in argent, a demi lion in sable; the helmet, tat 
patrician one; the crest a demi lion of sable; the mantling 
argent and sable/ 9 (Hudson and Mohawk Families). The 
first one to come to America was John, a son*of Hans; he 
came in company with Peter Menuit His ancestors as far 
back as the 16th Century had held positions of trust in Hol- 
land John had held the position of Chieftain of the Grod- 
strad Nynegan in Holland in 1617. In 1626 he took passage 
to America in a Dutch sailing vessel, called the Sea Gull, 
with % his brother-in-law, Peter Menuit John became the 
"koopman," or storekeeper of the Dutch West Indies Co. In 
the absence of a minister in the colony John became one of 
the comforters of the sick. When a minister arrived he was 
appointed a deacon of the church. He m. Lizabeth Peters, 

288 Hzsraur or GatNius Maissbn Van Bubih 

who survived him, and as his widow m. in 1657, Dirck Wey- 
erts. They had a son, Andries Hansen Hayek, who m. Cath- 
aline Lammerse Van Valkenburgh of Kinderhook. 

ANDRIES HANSE HUYCK, son of Jan and Ltzabeth 
(Peters), owned a large estate at Kinderhook, obtained by 
Patent from James, Duke of York and son of King Charles 
the First of England, dated March 14, 1636. (Much of this 
tract is still in the possession of the family.) Andries was a 
member of the Dutch Church at Albany. In his Will; made 
Aug. 23, 1707, he mentions a wife and ten children, Johannes, 
Lambert # Burger m. Mayke Hoes, Oct 2, 1693. Catie. 
Jochem, bap. July 29, 1685. Cornelia, bap. Mar. 11, 168& 
Twins, Anna and Andrus, bap. Dec. 31, 1689. Maria, b. Nov. 
ii, 1696. Margaretje, bap. Jan. 7, 1700. 

ANDRIES HUYCK, son of Andries Hansen and Cath- 
aline Lammerse (Van VaUcenburg) Huyck, was bap. Dec 
31, 1689 or 1693; m. (1) Apr. 39, 1713, Maria Ouderkerk; m. 
(a)' about 1740, Nedtje — — . Children by the first wife: 
Catryna, bap. Nov. 3, 1717 ; Anna, bap. Mar. 17, 1733 ; Andrus, 
bap. Feb. 6, 1726. By the second wife: Pieter, Jan. 11, 1741 ; 
Nicolas, bap. May 29, 1743. (MunselTs' Albany Collections.) 

ANDRIES HUYCK, (son of whom?) is said to have m. 
Aug. 12, 1734, Magdelena Van Buren, dau. of Marten (son 
of Cornells) and Marretje Quackenbosh. She is said to have 
been a widow when she m. Andries Huyck. 

ELBERTJE HUYCK, (dau. of whom?) m. Jan. 13, 1772, 
Tobias Van Buren, son of Dirck (Tobias, Pieter, Marten, 
Cornelia) and Catfina Quackenbosch. He was bap. Apr. 24, 



HUGH MOSHER came from England in* the ship Jam*, 
in 1632. He had a son, Nicholas, who had a son, Joseph, b. 
1692; m. Sept 23, 17x8, Mehitable Smith; they had a son, 
Barnabas, b. Dec 21, 1720; m. Aug. iz, 1744, Bethiah Walker; 
they had a son, Barnabas, b. 1781; m. Ruth Ryder; their 
son, Abial, m. Ruth Anthony; they had a son, Philip Clark, 

Allied Families 289 

b. near Lebanon, N. Y. 9 June 30, 1806; d. in Alton, I1L, Dec. 
27, 1847. He was a Quaker; he was one of the promoters 
and contractors of construction of the Wabash and Erie 
Canal, 1835; he was associated with Gen. James B. Stead* 
man and Lieutenant Governor James Myers of Ohio, and 
with them operated a line of packet boats on the canal He 
m. Sept 24, 1833, EUen Stanford, b. Feb. 22, 18x3, dau. of 
James Stanford of North Ireland and Polly Johnstone of 
North Ireland; she d. Sept 12, 1847. They -had a son, George 
Stanford Mosher, b. in Providence, Ohio. He graduated 
from Shurtleff College, Alton, Ohio; was a merchant in Mt 
Blanchard, Ohio, for years. Now of Kansas City, Mo.; m. 
Sept 6, 1857, Charlotte Maria Fitch, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
Ann (Hurd) Fitch, both of whom were of Connecticut Revo* 
lutionary stock. 

Hugh also had a brother who afterwards returned to Eng- 
land, where he d. without issue, leaving a very large estate. 

Hugh had another son, Joseph, who settled in Dartmouth, 
Mass., where he had a son, Benjamin, b. Sept 21, 1735. He 
had a son, Thomas, b. June 10, 1755, of Dutchess County, 
N. Y., who had a son, Joshua, b. in Dutchess County about 
1780, who m. Sarah Hoag; this couple were Quakers; to 
them was b. a dau., Eliza, at Mt Vision, Jan. 26, 181 1; she 
m. Oct 7, 1829, Tobias Van Buren, son of William and Cat- 
rina Putnam; he was b. Aug. 4, 180s, and d. Oct 27, 1886; 
she d. Jan. 22, 1896. Children: 

Sarah Van Buren, b. Nov. 8, 1830; m. July 10, 1849, Thos. 

Elizabeth Van Buren, b. Aug. 16, 1836; m. Dec. 15, 1855, 

Evans Griggs. 
Henry Van Buren, b. Aug. 14, 1839; d. May, 1909; m. 

Sept 17, 1865, Emily Field. 
Clara Van Buren, b. Jan. 16, 1844 ; d. Jan. 14, 1847. 



JAR VIS MUDGE was b. in England ; he came to Amer- 
ica about 1638, as he was in Boston at that date and in Hart- 
ford, Conn., in 1640; in Wethersfield in 1644, and in Pequot, 

290 History of Ccbxkub Maitmr Van Bumf 

■ « 

now New London, in 1649, where he <L early part of 1653; 
he m. the widow Rebecca Elsin in 1649; children: Micah, b. 
in New London, Jan., 1650; m. Mary Alexander; Moses, 
b. in New London, 165a; m. Mary — . 

MICAH MUDGE, son of Janris and Rebecca, b. 1650, in 
New London; d. in Hebron, Conn., early in Jan., 1724; m. 
Sept 23, 1670, Mary Alexander, dan. of George Alexander, 
one of the original proprieters of Northampton ; in the Mndge 
memorials is a long and interesting article about George 
Alexander; they had nine children; the sixth was Ebenezer, 
b. Feb. 23, 1683; bap. in Northampton, Mass., Feb. 26, 1683, 
and d. in Sharon, Apr. 21, 1758; m. Jan. 13, 1708-9, Abigail 
Skinner, dan. of Thomas and Mary Skinner; she was b. Feb. 
17, 1691, in Maiden, Mass.; they had twelve children; the 
ninth was Jarvis, who m. Prudence Treat la an interesting 
article, also in the Mudge memorials, there is told much about 
Ebenezer, who was a man of note; he was a farmer, a mill- 
wright, a surveyor; he settled early in Lebanon, Conn. 

CAPT. JARVIS MUDGE, son of Ebeneser and Abigail, 
was b. in Hebron, Conn., 1724; d. at Wolcott, N. Y„ June, 
1810, aged 86 years; he m. at Sharon, Conn., Prudence Treat, 
Feb. 5, 1755, and 2nd Widow Lucy (Root) Sackett 

He was a millwright and farmer; lived at Sharon, Conn. ; 
at the death of his father he inherited the homestead except 
the widow's thirds, and it was agreed "Jarvis Mudge is to 
honorably and carefully provide and take care of our honored 
mother during her life." * Apr. 16, 1755, he bought an interest 
in a sawmill in Sharon which he sold soon after, Apr. 17, 
1761, he sold the homestead and moved to Canaan, N. Y., 
and was chosen "Poormaster" May 6, 1783, and again in 1791. 
He owned a gristmill and kept a tavern on the mail route 
between Albany and Boston; he also owned what is now the 
celebrated Lebanon Spring, which he sold for $50 to Charles 
Goodrich, in 1790; the water supplying his mill came from 
this spring. He afterwards moved to Wolcott, N. Y., where 
he d., 1810. He and wife were members of the Congrega- 
tional Church at Sharon. He was Captain of a Company of 
minute men; served in three campaigns during the Rcvolu- 

Allied Families 291 

tionary War. He was appointed First Lieutenant of the 5th 
Corps of Colonel Goose Van Scaack's (Albany) Regiment, 
Captain White commanding, on July 11, 1775. He had ten 
children, all by the first wife, the youngest of whom was 
Abigail, b. Jan. 16, 1778; m. March 27, 1798, to Rev. Pieter 
Van Buren. Children: 

Catalina Van Buren, b. Nov. 22, 1798. 
Jarvis Van Buren, b. Aug. 7, 1801. 
Catalina Van Buren, b. Apr. 9, 1804. 
Ephraim Van Buren, b. Feb. 20, 1807. 
Rebecca Theresa Van Buren, b. Jan. II, 1810. 
Mary Fisher Van Buren, b. Nov. 27, 18x2. 
Claudias Buchanan Van Buren, b. Oct. 6, 1815. 
James Saurin Van Buren, triplet, b. Jan. 19, 1819. 
Alexander L. Van Buren, triplet, b. Jan. 19, 1819. 
Jacob Van Buren, triplet, b. Jan. 19, 1819. 


The earliest Ostrander recorded in American annals is 
one Peter, a French Huguenot, who fled to Holland and 
thence to America, with his wife and three children* He 
settled in Esopus (Kingston), N. Y., where he <L 

Peter (2) son of Peter, was b. in Holland, 165a He 
settled in Kingston with his father; m. Jan. 16, 1676, 
to Rebecca Traphagen. 

Hendrick, son of Peter (2), was b. and reared in Kings- 
ton. He became a large land owner and farmer; m. 
May 12, 1724, to Elizabeth Van BonnaeL 

Wilhelm Ostrander, son of Henry or Hendrick, b. Apr. 
29, 1743; m. Nov. 2, 1771, Sara, dau. of Dene Relyea, 
a French Protestant They had nine sons and one dau. 
Wilhelm was a member of the 4th Regiment, Ulster 
County Militia, during the Revolutionary War. He 
was present at Burgoyne's surrender. 

PHILIP OSTRANDER, a son of Wilhelm and Sara 
(Relyea) Ostrander, was b. 1775 ** Dutchess County; he d. 
1850 in town of Duanesburg, Schenectady County, N. Y. 

292 Hi8T0iy or Gobkblxs Maisszk Van Bun* 

While he had no settled occupation, he was always inter- 
ested in the various enterprises of his home town. He was 
an active Democrat A member of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. He married Eva Sayre, of Dutch ancestry; she d. 
in Schenectady County at age of 95 years. 

JANE OSTRANDER, dau. of Philip and Eva (Sayre) 
Ostrander, was b. in Dutchess County, 1800. She lived to 
be 94 years* old ; was active and could read without glasses 
throughout her entire life. She m Joseph Durfay, a farmer, 
whom she survived ; he d. at the age of 8a * 

PHILIP OSTRANDER, son of Philip and Eva (Sayre) 
Ostrander, was the first child of these parents; b. in Schncc- 
tady County at a town called Duanesburg, on Jan. 16, 1804 ; 
<L Apr. 3, 1899^ in the same town. He was a farmer, a 
carpenter and a merchant. A member of the M. E. Church ; 
m. in Guilderland, Albany County, Aug. 7, 184% to Cath- 
erine Shouldy of Guilderland; she still survives him (1911). 

PETER OSTRANDER, son of Philip and Eva (Sayre) 
Ostrander, was b. 1806 ; d. unm. at Guilderland, 1831. 
' CHARLES, son of Philip and Eva (Sayre) Ostrander, 
was b. 1808; m. Sarah Stafford. He was drowned in Black 
Creek. He left a son, Charles J. and other children. 

HENRY OSTRANDER, son of Philip and Eva (Sayre) 
Ostrander, was b. 1810; d. 1897; m. Eliza Brunzey of Knox. 
They had five sons, via.: George, Abraham, William, Ed- 
ward and Charles, and two daughters, viz.: Edith and Eliza- 

ABRAHAM OSTRANDER, son of Philip and Eva 
(Sayre) Ostrander, was b. 1812; d. 186a; m. (1) Eliza Judge; 
(a) Jane Gray. He had children by both wives. He settled 
near Syracuse. 

EDWARD OSTRANDER, son of Philip and Eva 
(Sayre) Ostrander, was b. 1814; d. at Syracuse; m. Nellie 
Cheeney; left son, William, and a dau. 


GERRITJE OSTRANDER (dau. of whom?); m. about 
I75*» Johnathan Jansen Witbeck, a son of Catalyntje Van 
Buren and Jonathan Jansen Witbeck. 

Allied Families 293 


AGNES OSTRANDER (dau. of whom?); m. Jan. 13, 
1824, Isaac Van Buren, son of Cornelius and Elizabeth Per- 

FRANK L. OSTRANDER (son of whom?) ; m. Oct 15, 
1902, Georgia Belle Van Buren, dau. of John T. Van Buren 
and Jennie Myers* 


The Colonial Peckhams of the United States trace their 
descent from John Peckham, who returned from the Seige 
of Acre with Richard Coeur De Lion in '191 1. In England 
they have been an Anglo-Saxon family seated for an imme- 
morial period in Southwest Kent, chiefly in the neighborhood 
of Wrotham. Their principal seat was at Yaldam ,the Manor 
house of which is still standing; the Great Hall of which 
dates from the 14th Century. It was then occupied by Sir 
James Peckham, who was associated with Godfrey Chaucer 
on several royal commissions. Chaucer was no doubt enter- 
tained by James Peckham in the Great Hall at Yaldam. It 
is supposed that Sir James Peckham was the original of 
Chaucer's description of the Frankelyn in the Prologue to 
the Canterbury Tales. In the reign of Edward the Fourth 
William Peckham, Esq., was Cup-bearer to Arch Bishop 
Thomas Bourchier and later in the reigns of Henry the 
Seventh and Eighth the Yaldam Peckhams were members of 
Henry's court They were always in the Reformers 9 party. 
James Peckham in 1632 made a Will which was witnessed by 
Sir Thomas Wyatt the elder and Thomas Wyatt, his son, was 
given a bequest of a grey horse. This family of Peckhams 
were intimately associated with Wyatt's Rebellion and suf- 
fered severely in consequence. The elder son of James Peck- 
ham m. a niece of Arch Bishop Cranmer, but he escaped 
the disaster of Wyatt's Rebellion, having d. a few years be- 
fore it occurred. 

The family became extinct at Yaldam in the male line in 
1713, but a junior branch survived in Sussex from which 
John Peckham came, who was the Colonial ancestor of the 
American Peckhams. This John Peckham was chaplain to 

•Tjpogrophictl •nor: tooald read iioi. 

294 History of Cqenblis Maissen Van Bubih 

William Seymour, Earl of Hertford, who afterwards became 
the Duke of Somerset and as such m. Artabella Stuart The 
Duke of Somerset was one of the greatest courtiers of the 
reign of Charles the First 

John Peckham became a Lollard and emigrated to New 
England. He first appears in 1638 as one of those to whom 
land was alloted on the Island of Rhode Island. It is sup- 
posed that he came tp America with Sir Henry Vane and Dr. 
John Clarke. Sir Henry Vane was descended from William 
Peckham, the cup-bearer, whose dau. m. Henry Fane, the 
name afterward being changed to Vane. Sir Henry Vane's 
father was Comptroller of the Household of Charles the 
First and the sons no doubt met at court and were intimately 
acquainted. John Peckham m. a sister of Dr. John Clarice 
and did not return to England with Sir Henry Vane. 

His son William was the first Baptist minister ordained 
on this Continent He was the fourth pastor of the First 
Baptist Church of Newport R. I. v of which Dr. John Clarke 
had been the first 

The Peckhams of the United States have gradually emi- 
grated from Rhode Island until they are scattered all over 
the Continent The majority of them have been land owners 
and farmers. As a race they have been highly educated, 
many of them have been eminent lawyers and physicians and 
a few have been clergymen. * At the present time there are 
five Peckhams living who are, or have been, College Profes- 
sors. They are Prof. William C. Peckham of the Adelphi 
College, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Profc George A. Peckham, of 
Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio ; Prof. George W. Peckham, of 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin ; Prof. Anna Brown Peckham of Den* 
ison University, Denison, Ohio, and Prot Stephen Farnum 
Peckham of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

The most eminent branch of the family are the so-celled 
New York Peckhams, of whom Judge Rufus W. Peckham, 
Sr., of the New York Court of Appeals was the representa- 
tive. His son, Rufus W. Peckham, Jr., succeeded his father 
on the bench of the Court of Appeals and while serving 
there was appointed one of the Associate Justices of the 
Supreme Court of the United States. 

Allied Families 295 

The descendants of John Peckham have been faithful and 
efficient soldiers of the Colonies and the United States from 
the French and Indian Wars of the 18th Century to the 
present time. None of them attained high rank, Major Peleg 
E. Peckham of the 7th Rhode Island Volunteers attaining 
the highest rank. Brigadier General Isaac P. Rodman of 
General Burnsides Staff was a son of Mary (Peckham) Rod- 
man. A large number of others bearing the name served 
. faithfully as privates and non-commissioned officers. 

Proi Stephen Farnum Peckham, who m. Dr. Harriett G 
Van Buren, is best known as a writer of authority on Bitu- 
mens, especially of petroleum and asphaltum. He is an 
authority on questions relating to street paving with bitu- 
mens. His scientific papers are widely quoted throughout 
the world. He is the author of the Peckham Genealogy and 
of various papers on early history of Rhode Island that have 
appeared in The Journal of American History. 


The first three generations of this family in America 
varied the spelling of their name as at the heading of this 
article. This family were entitled to a Coat-of-Arms, as fol- 
lows: Shield, a field of gold or saffron on which are placed 
three martlets of natural color, without beaks or feet, turned 
to the fore-part, one at the base of the shield, the other two 
at either side. Crest, a barred or tournament helmet adorned 
with a mantling of gold or saffron and black, on the top of 
which on a twisted wreath of ancient kings of the same color, 
between the two wings of yellow or gold is placed a martlett 
like those on the shield, but having feet and beak looking 
toward dexter side. (See Hudson and Mohawk Families) 

Johannes, b. in Holland, was the progenitor of the family 
in America; he had two sons, Francis and Jacques (Jaacs or 
Jacob). The latter was enrolled among the "Small Burghers/ 9 
of New Amsterdam, Apr. 18, 1657. He purchased a house 
and lot outside of the gate of the city from Sybout Classen, 

FRANCIS PRUYN (PRUEN), a son of Johannes, was 
commonly known as Frans Jansen. He and wife, Aeltje 

296 HiiToav or Cqjnit.ts Maissbn Van Bum* 

(Alida), lived in Albany as early as 1665. By trade he was 
a tailor. In 1668, representing Jacques Corndisen Van Slyck, 
he conveyed a piece of property in Rensselaeiswyck to . Jan 
Labaltie and later in 1668 bought for himself a lot at the 
northwest corner of Maiden Lane and James street In 
1686-7 he bought from Johannes Gute and wife, Bata, paying 
22 beavers, a lot on Broadway, about the third south from 
Steuben street, running through James street. He was a 
Papist in religious faith. He was a willing subject of King 
William. He d. May 6, 1712. Children: 

Anna, m. Warner Van Zueren or Yveren. Johannes, b, 
' Jan. 5, 1663; m. Sept., 1705, Emily Sander. Hendrick, 
m. Anna Hofmanns. Maria, m. Elbert Gerritsen. 
Christine, m. Johannes Gerritsen. Madeline, b. Jan. 8, 
1675. Samuel. Helena, m. Jacob Lansing. Frans, b. 
Sept. 28, 1683; m. Margarita — — . Bernardene (Bar- 
entz), b. Apr. 11, 1686; m. John Evertsen. Arnold 
(Arent), b. May 24, 1688; m. Nov. ax, 1714, Cateyna 

SAMUEL PRUYN, son of Francis and Alida, was b. 
Dec 2, 1677; buried Jan. 28, 17527 m. Jan. 15, 1704, to Maria 
Quackenbush, dan. of Jacob Cornelisen and Jannete (Bogart) 
Quackenbush. In 1703 he was one of those who furnished 
material for the Domine's house. In 1720 his name appears 
among the list of freeholders of the old 3rd Ward of Albany. 
His residence from 1703*1727 was at the northern corner of 
Maiden Lane and James street, Albany. Children: 

Francis Samuel, bap. Mar. 15, 1705. Alida, bap. Nov. 17, 
1706; buried Jan. 3, 1727. Jacob, bap. Feb. io> 1712; 
buried June 27, 1752. Maria (Maritje), bap. Sept. ao> 
1713 ; buried Sept 5, 1746. Johannes, b. July 14, 1723 ; 
m. Jannetje Van Aabtyne. 

FRANCIS SAMUEL PRUYN, son of Samuel and Maria, 
was bap. Mar. 15, 1705; d. Aug. 27, 1767; m. (i) Anna — — ; 
(2) Alida Van Yveren, dau. of Warner and Anna (Pruyn) 
Van Yveren. From 1731-32, he was firemaster; from 1745-46 
he was an assistant Alderman. From 1761-62 he was Alder- 
man for the 2nd Ward. Children: 

Allied Families 297 

Francis, b. Jan. 16, 1735. Anna, b. Oct 1, 1726; <L y. 
Samuel, b. Oct 2, 1727; d. y. Samuel* b. Sept 15, 17*&1 
m. Feb. 7, 1756, Neltje Ten Eyck. Anna, b. Apr. 20, 
173a; d. Dec 21, 1747. Casparus, b. May 10, 1734. 
Johanes Francis, b. Dec 23, 1739; m. Gertrude Ten 
Eyck. Jacob Francis, b. July 22, 1744; m. Hendricke 
Van Buren, dan. of Jan Van Buren (Cornelia, Hen- 
drick, Cornells) and Angonietje (Conign) Van Buren, 
who was b. Aug. 3, 2746. 

LYDIA PRUYN, dau. of ; m. Pieter Van Buren 

(Cornelia, Pieter Marten, Cornelia), about 1752. Children: 
Catarina, b. Jan. 5, 1753. Maria, b. May 17, 1755. Cornelia, 
b. Oct 8, 1757. Christina, b. May 24, 1760, 


JAN PUTNAM, supposed to be the first of the family 
to have emigrated to America, waa b. in Holland about 1645. 
He m. Cornelia Bratt, dau. of Arent Andressen Bratt and 
Catalyntje deVos, a dau. of Andriea deVos, who owned con- 
siderable land in Albany and who waa there as early as 2640 
and waa a magistrate in 164& Jan and his wife, Cornelia 
Bratt, were both killed by the French and Indians in the 
massacre at Schenectady in 169a Arent Andressen Bratt was 
one of the first proprietors of Schnectady as early as 1622. 
He d. leaving his wife, who was Catalyntje deVos and six 
children. After his death the grants of land which had been 
alloted to him were confirmed to her. When Catalyntje was 
about to remarry she had the guardians for her children ar- 
range to have 1,000 guilders of her property set off for her 
children. The children of Arent Andressen Bratt and Cata- 
lyntje deVos were Aeffie, who m. John Claas Van Petten; 
Ariaantje, who m. Ryer Schermerhorn ; Andrees Arentsen; 
Cornelia, who m. John or Jan Pootman or Putnam ; Samuel 
and Dirk. 

JAN AND CORNELIA PUTNAM had a son, Victor, 
who was living in 1733 and from an old letter it is known he 
waa called Captain Victor. He was a member of the Second 
Foot Company at Schenectady in 1713 and was the only Put- 

298 History of Cqenklis Mazsssn Van Bubbh 

nam in the list It is said that at the age of sixteen he was 
apprenticed to Jan Hendricksen Bronwer for his food and 
clothes. He had a son, Cornells, who was commonly called 
"Boss Putnam." Two days before his death he made his will 
and in it he styles himself of "Charlestown, yeoman." Cor- 
nelia was b. in 1724 and d. Mar. ax, 181a. He was a soldier 
in the Revolutionary Army. He m. Elizabeth Prayn, b. in 
1735, a dan. of Fjans Prayn of Albany, who was b. in 
1683, a son of Frans Jansen Prayn, who was a tailor in 
Albany in 1665. 

CORNELIS PUTNAM had a son, Pieter, to whom he 
left the. homestead and to his dan., Catrina or Catharine, he 
gave land in "Mabees Patent" Catrina m. William Van 
Bnren and was the mother of six children, viz.: 

Barent Van Bnren, b. Jan. 16, 1788. 

Cornelia Van Bnren, b. Sept 14, 1792; m. Magdakna 

Catalyntje Van Bnren, b. Nov. 3, 1795* 
Elizabeth Van Bnren, b. Oct 5, 1798. 
Hendrick Van Bnren, b. Feb. % 180a. 
Tobias Van Bnren, b. Aug. 4, 1804; d. Oct 27, 1886; m. 

Oct 7, 1839, EUza Mosher. 

m * 


The spelling of this name has been varied, and has led 
to some confusion in tracing the various branches of the 
family. By some it is said to have been originally Kwakel- 
bosch, from Kwakd or, Quakord, meaning a quail and bosch, 
a forest The name appears once with the prefix of Van, 
which would mean of the quail-forest Another form is 
Quakkenbos, from quakken or quaken, which means to croak 
as a frog and bosch or bos, a bush; this would make the 
word to mean the quaking bush. 

Different branches seem to have adopted whatever form 
their fancy dictated, as these various forms are all found, 
Quaken, Qaucken, Kwakken, Kwaeken and Kwaklen, also 
Kwacklen, each with the termination bosch or boss or bos. 
Albany and New Brunswick families, also New Jersey pre- 

Allied Families 299 

fcrrcd Quackenbush. Kinderhook families used the form 
Quackenboss or Bosch. 

Pieter, the first to come to America, was here before 1688; 
m. Martje — . He was a brickmaker and owned a kiln and 
yard at Albany . He m. in Holland. Their dan., Maritje, was the 
wife of Marten Van Buren, son of Cornells, the original ancestor 
of that family in America. Adrian, m. 1699, Catharine Van 

Anthony, b. 1717; m. Anna Vosburgh. 
Maria, b. 1753; m. 1776, John D. Hoes, who was b. 1754. 
(See Hoes 9 record and Van Buren.) This couple were die 
parents of Hannah Hoes, the wife of Martin Van Buren, 
the President 
. It is a source of regret that there is no Genealogy of this 
family published, as it has been impossible to determine the 
line of descent of a number of this name who intermarried 
with the Van Burens. 


The American ancestor, Albert Heymans, landed in New 
Amsterdam April, 1660. He came in the ship Spotted Caw % 
as found in Documentary History of New York, in VoL 3, 
p. 56. Albert Heymans was an agriculturist from Gelder- 
land ; his wife was Wyntie Allard or Aliens. They brought 
with them eight children. They settled in Esopus district 
at Wiltwyck, now known as Kingston. 

He was a man of wealth for those days, bringing consid- 
erable property from Holland, and he speedily "Occupied an 
influential position in the new settlement" Albert Heymans 
Roose, Evert Pels, and Cornelia Barnetsen Slecht were ap- 
pointed the first three Schepens or Magistrates for Kingston. 

In 1661 Roosa was one of three commissioners to enclose 
the new village at the Esopus called Hurley. At the destruc- 
tion of Hurley, June 7, 1663, by the Indians two of Roosa's 
children with 43 others, women and children were taken cap- 
tive. Roosa is cited as a leader and director of events in the 
early history of the Esopus. Roosa was prominent in a riot 
in 1667 and was with others sentenced to banishment, but 
Governor Francis Lovelace restored him to favor and in 


1669 appointed him and Louis Da Bois two of the Overseers 
for Hurley. In 1673 h* wu confirmed as one of the officers 
at Esopus by Governor Anthony Colve and described as 
"Capt Albert Heymans, who had been prominent in the riot 
of 1667." . His name appears with others in the petition to 
Sir Edmund Andros, Governor of New York, praying he 
would assist them in procuring a minister for Esopus, "that 
can preach bothe Inglish and Dutche, which will bee most 
fitting for this place, it being in its minority." He served 
in the military forces as mustering officer and Apr. 5, 1670, 
at a military rendezvous at Marbletown he served as Sergeant 
of Captain Henry Pawling's Company, and in 1673 he was 
Captain of a Company recruited from Hurley and Marble- 
town. He d. at Hurley Feb. 27, 1679. His widow secured 
a grant of yao acres of land at Hurley. Children: 

Heyman A^ m. Margriet Rosevelt 

Jan, m. Hellegond Van Buren. 

Arie or Aria, b. in Holland ; m. at Kingston, Maria Pels. 

Ipse, m. Dr. Roeloff Kierstede. 

Maritje, m. Allerd Jansen. 

Neeltien, m. Hendrick Paulding. 

Jannetje, m. Matys Ten Eyck. 

Aert, m* 

Annatje, m. 

Gueert, m. V. D. Hurley. 

HEYMAN A. ROOSA, oldest son of Albert Heymans, 
was b. in Holland and came to America with his father. 
Lived in Esopus and Hurley; m. Margriet Rosevelt. Children: 

Gysbert, b. Oct. 16, 1676. 

Albert, b. Mar. a, 1699. In 17x5 he was Sergeant in 

Captain Johannes' Company, Ulster County. 
Claase or Chaus, b. Apr. 27, 2684. 
Neeltje, b. Oct 13, 1689. 
Rachel, b. Apr. 19, 2696. 
Leah, b. Sept, 1698. 

GYSBERT ROOSA, eldest son of Heyman, lived in Hur- 
ley; in 1 71 5 he was in Captain Win. Nottingham's Company. 
He m. Oct. 13, 1695, Grietje Bond of Schenectady. Children: 

Alliid Families 301 

Hellegond, b. Aug. 6, 1696. 

Jan, b. May 28, 1699. 

Hendrick, b. Aug. 20, 1703; d. y. 

Hendrick, b. Mar. 2, 1707. In 1728 he was a private in 

Captain B. Brodhead's Company, of Ulster County 

Militia; m. May 20, 1735, Zara Frear. 
Greetje, b. Oct 5, 17x2. 

JAN ROOSA, oldest son of Gysbert; m. (1) Aug. 27 9 
1725 Machteldt or Myeltje Van Kempen ; m. (2) Eva Klear- 
water. Children: 

Guert, b. June % 1727. 

Johannes, b. Nov. 22, 172&. 

Abraham, b. Apr. 29, 1733. Was a soldier in Revolution- 
ary War. 

Elizabeth, b. Sept 7, 1735. 

Isaac, b. Feb. 5, 1739. 

Jacobus, b. Aug. x, 174a In Revolutionary War; m. 
Sarah Knnig. 

Maria, b. Dec 13, 1741. 

Helena, b. Aug. 21, 1743. 

Gysbert, b. Mar. xi, 1745. In Revolutionary War. 

Margaret, b. 1747. 

Hendrickje, b. June 14, 1749. 

Teunis Klearwater, b. June 23, 1754. 

Gretje, b. Mar. 28, 1756. 

ISAAC ROOSA, son of Jan, b. 1739; m. in Albany, Nov. 
22, 1763, Maria, dau. of Ryckert Van Vranken. Children: 

Johanes, b. Aug. 13, 1764. 

Annatje, b. Aug. 18, 1766; m. Dec. 12, 1788, Joseph Yates. 

Ryckert, b. Dec 11, 1769. 

Magtel, b. Apr. 2, 1772 ; in. Hochalas or Nicholas Morsslis. 

James, b. 1778. 

Maas Van Vranken, b. Sept 2, 178—. 

RYCKERT ROOSA, b. 1769; d. Aug. 30, 1809; m. July 
2, 1793, Annatje Peek, dau. of Nicholas; she was b. Jan. 1, 
1772; d. Oct 8, 1835. Children: 

Maria, b. Nov. 7, 1794. 

302 HisroftY of GfflHfir.Ti Maesssn Van Bubbh 

Henry, b. Aug. 17, 1795; d. 1829. 

Isaac IU b. Sept 8, 1797. 

Elizabeth, b. Oct 13, 1799. \ 

John, b. May aB, 1802; d. 1835. 

Jane, b. Aug. 19, 1803; d. 1879, 

Martin, b. July 3, 1805. 

Catharine Ann., b. May 15, 1807. 

. ISAAC R. ROOSA, b. 1797; d. Sept 21, 1849; »• (0 
July 15/ 1837, Matilda Waite, b. Dec 19, 1807; d. Aug. 31, 
2828; m. (2) Nov. 1, 1830* Phoebe Ann Alvord, b. Aug. 14* 
1805; d. Sept 37, 1884. Children, all by the second wife: 

Richard, b. July 25, 1835; d. Oct 1, 1890. 
Isaac, b. Nov. 3, 1836. 
Elizabeth A*, b. Apr. 19, 1842; d. 188a. 
James P., b. May 6, 1848. 

JAMES P. ROOSA, b. 1848; m. Jan. 26, 1870, Roth 
Augusta Pettit, dan. of John G. and Eliza (Smith) PettH; 
she was b. Oct 17, 1846. Children: 

Martha C, b. Sept 15, 1870; d. Mar. 3, 2911; m. Feb. 9, 
1906, Clarence E. Van Buren. They had one child, 
James Rosa, b. Jan. 9, 1907. 

Nellie B. t b. Feb. 5, 1880; m. June 22, 1907, Marvin R. 
Boorst # 

^ • * 

ELIZA or ELIZABETH ROOSA, m. Mar. 20, 1803, 
William Van Buren, son of Philipus Van Buren and Chris- 
tina Van Gaasbeclc Whose date was she? Children: 

Philip, a. y. 

Philip, b. Sept 5, 1804; d. Jan. 19, 1878; m. 1826, Cath- 
arine DuBois. 

John, b. Oct 13, 1805; d. y. 

John Roosa, b. Jan. 19, 1807; m. Margaret Van Gaasbeclc 

Eliza Helen, b. Nov. 2j $ 1810; d. 1880; m. James Van 

Jane Ann, b. Mar. 28, 1816; d. 1864; m. Feb., 1833, Stephen 

Christina, b. June 3, i8z8. 

Andrew De Witt, b. Jan. 3, 1821; m. 

Alliid Families 303 


This family was established in the Mohawk Valley by 
one Jacob Jansen (son of Jan) ; he was b. in 1623 in Water- 
ford, Holland; in 1654 his father was a resident of Amster- 
dam, Holland, and perhaps it was from there he came to 
America. He d. in Schenectady in 1689. He came to Bever- 
wyck and became a prosperous Indian trader and a brewer. 
The story is told that in 1648 he transgressed the law by 
selling arms and ammunition to the Indians. He was tried 
by order of Governor Stuyvesant and sentenced to banish- 
ment for five years and the confiscation of all his property; 
several noted citizens interested themselves in his behalf 
and succeeded in having the banishment clause annulled, 
but the property confiscation was carried out It is further 
stated that later on he turned the tables by sending a com- 
plaint against Stuyvesant to the States General. (Hudson 
and Mohawk Families.) 

His Will, made May ao, 1688, devised property valued 
at StMtea guilders ($23,000) showing that he must have 
acquired the right to possess property after the satisfaction 
of his sentence and also that he poss es s ed great ability to 
have acquired such vast possessions, as his fortune was ex- 
ceeded only by those of a few Patroons or men of high official 
rank. He m. Jannetje Segers, a dau. of Cornelius Segerse 
Van Voorhoudt Children: 

Ryer (see further on). 


Helena, m. Mynder Harmensen Van De Bogart. 

Jacob, m. about 1684, Gerritje Van Buren, dau. of Hendrick 
(Cornelia) Van Buren. 

Machlendt, m. Johannes Beekman. 

Cornelia, m. Mar. 21, 1695, to Marritje Van Buren (Hen- 
drick, Cornelia). 

Jannetje, m. Casper Springtstein. 

Neeltje, m. Brent Ten Eyck. 


RYER SCHERMERHORN, the oldest son of Jacob Janse 
and Jannetje (Seger) ; m. July, 1696. Arianntje Bratt, the 

304 History of Coenklis Masssin Van Bueek 

widow of Hulmer Otten, by whom the had. had a dan. Trentjc 
Otten, for whom special arrangements and contracts at the time 
of the second marriage were made to safe guard her interests 
as he had property in Holland and America. 

Ryer settled in Schenectady and was one of the five patentees 
of the patent granted in 1684. 1° I 7°° he was the sole survivor 
of the original owners of the township, so saving a few forms, the 
80,000 acres o£ Schenectady came under the control of Ryer. 
This one man power became distasteful to the people who peti- 
tioned for and gained a new Charter which gave them the power 
of choosing five trustees for a term of three years. 

Ryer nevertheless held the fort stubbornly, by right of the 
first Charter, which had not yet expired. The conflict lasted for 
over one hundred years and was finally settled by the New York 
Legislature which gave power into the hands of the Mayor, Alder* 
man, and Commonality of Schenectady, Mar. 26, 1797. 

In 1690, Ryer was a member of the Provincial Assembly from 
Albany County, and a Justice of the peace. 

In 1700, he was appointed assistant to Judge of Court of 
Common Appeals. He had mills at Schuylersburg. He was a 
man of unusual ability, of firm will, undaunted courage and great 
power of endurance. His will was made Apr. 5, 1717 ; be d. Feb. 
x 9» l 7 l 9* He left two dau. and three sons. 

Tan who inherited the homestead. 


Catrina, m. Johannes Wemp. 
Janneke, m. Volker Simonsen Veeder. 

and Ariaantje (Bratt); m. Oct 20, 1712, to Margarita Teller dau. 
of Johannte Teller and a granddaughter of William Teller who 
was the first Teller who settled in New Amsterdam and was also 
one of the five associate trustees with Ryer Schermerhorn under 
the first patent of Schenectady, as already stated under the 
history of Ryer. 

Jacob inherited from his father, 8 morgans, (16 acres), of 
Hindmort Bouery, also 2i$yi morgens or acres of woodland, also 

'Allied Families 305 

a lot of land in the village of Schenectady. The children of 
Jacob and Margaret (Teller) Schennerhorn were: 








Susanna, who, nt John Visger, she d. July. 4, 1753. 


JACOBUS SCHERMERHORN, son of Jacob and Margarita 
Teller, was b. Jan. 3, 1720; d. July 28, 1782; m. Sept 4, 1762, 
Annatje P. Vrooman, a dau. of Peter Vrooman; she <L Sept 7, 
177a Jacobus was a fanner and owned land in several parts of 
the town. 

Children: Jacob, b. July 21, 1763; <L Apr. 26, 1787. 
Johannes, b. Jan. 29, 1765; d. Jan. 7, 1814; m. Catharine Bratt 

JOHANNES SCHERMERHORN, son of Jacobus and 
Annatje (Vrooman) Schennerhorn, b. Jan. 29, 1765; d. Jan. 7, 
1814; m. (date not given) Catharine Bratt Their chfldrcn: 

Jacob L 

Elizabeth, b. Dec 3, 1790; d. y. 
Annatje, b. June 16, 1792, <L y. 
Eva, d. y. 
Jacobus Bratt 

Annatje, b. July 7, 1798; m. Anthony Van Slyck. 
Elizabeth, d. y. 
Simon, b. Apr. 23, 1802. 
Arent Bratt, b. May. 4, 1804. 

Peter Vrooman, b. May 11, 1806; d. May, 26, 1853 ; m. Cath- 
arine Qute. 

JACOB I. SCHERMERHORN, son of Johannes and Cath- 
arine (Bratt) Schennerhorn, b. in Rotterdam, N. Y., Mar. 26, 
1789 ; d. Apr. 20, 1849 ; m. Maria Vedder. He inherited a part of 
the old Schennerhorn estate and added to it He was a farmer, 
a strong Democrat, and a member of the Dutch Reformed Church. 

306 History of Coehbus Maissbn Van Bubsn 

John J- 

Simon J. 





SIMON J/ SCHERMERHORN, ton of Jacob I, and Maria 
(Vedder), was b. Sept 26, 1827, at Rotterdam, N. Y. f in the 
house which has been the homestead for seven generations. He 
Was a successful farmer, be erected a bride residence in 1857, also 
enlarged the older farm buildings. He was a loyal Democrat, 
and in 1862 he represented his party in the New York State Leg- 
islature. Served on County Board of Supervisors. Held posi- 
tion of School Commissioner. Various other honors were de- 
clined for even his opponents considered him fair and honest 
In 1873 he represented his district at Congrtis in support of 
Cleveland He was an Elder in the Dutch Reformed Church. 
Feb. 4, 1857, he m. Helen Veeder, dau. of Harmon and Eleanor 
Veeder. Children: 

Jacob Edwin, d. at age of three years. 

Mary Veeder, b. Jan. 6, i860. 

Sarah, b. Mar. 19, 186a, m. William C Nearlette, they have 

one son, John Schermerhorn Nearlette. 
John, b. July 12, 1863, d. Jan. 27, 1890; m. Matilda U. Trum- 

Alice Augusta, b. Jan. 23, 1865. 
Andrew Traux, b. Dec 7, 1866. 
Jacob L, 4 y. 
Simon, b. Apr. 3, 1874; m. Nov. 22, 1896, Julia A. Campbell. 

They have one child, Simon John, b. Feb.2, 1902. . 

be son of Jacob Jacobus and Gerritje (Van Buren) was m. Aug. 
29, 1740 to Catalynti Van Buren, dau. of Cornells, (Hendrick, 
Cornells), Van Buren* They had two children : Jacob Schermer- 
horn, b. Nov. 1, 1741, and Cornells Schermerhorn, b. Apr. 24, 


Jacob having d. his wid m. in 1746, Barent Van Buren, a son 

Alliid Families 307 

of Marten, (Marten, Cornells), and by him she had five children, 
listed tinder his n ^ n ^ t 

A certain RYER SCHERMERHORN, supposed to be a 
son of Jacob (son of Ryer), and Margarita Teller, b. about 
1714, was. m. Nov. 20, 1753 to Diririe Van Buren a dau. of Hen- 
drick (Maas, Hendrick, Cornelis), and Agltje Winne. 

WILLIAM SCHERMERHORN, (whose son was he?); 
m. Oct 6, 1761, to Magdalena Van Buren, dau. of Pieter, (Hen- 
drick, Cornells), and Geertruy Vosburg, who was born a twin 
on June 26, 1725, the ceremony being performed by Dom. Fryen- 


DIRCK WESSELSE TEN BROECK, b. 1642; was ra. to 
Styntje Van Buren, dau. of Cornelis Maesen Van Buren, 1663. 

He came from Holland before 1662. He was a prominent 
man in the Colony at Beverwyck. He was greatly interested in 
Indian affairs. He was Recorder at Beverwyck, 1682. Mayor 
from 1696 to 1698. He d. at his "bouwery," at Rodof Jansen's 
K3 and was buried there Sept 13, 1717. The Ten Broeck family 
has always born an honorable part in the affairs of the State. 

In the family Bible his death was recorded "1717, Dec 13, 
Sept, in Rddoff. Jansen's kill is myn Vader Dirk Wesselse in 
denHeere geruit op syn bouwery op Rodiff Jansen's kill. De 
Heere gene hem een zalege optemdinge." 

His house was on the East corner of James and State Streets, 
Albany. In 171 5, he had eleven children living: Wessel, Samuel, 
Johannes, Tobias, Elsje, wife of Johannes Cuyler; Catalyntje, 
wife of Johannes Lissier ; Cornelia, wife of Johannes Wynkoop ; 
Elizabeth, wife of Anthony Costers ; Ledia, wife of Volkert Van 
Vechten ; Geertruy, wife of Abraham Schuyler ; Christina, wife of 
Johannes Van Allen. 

SAMUEL TEN BROECK, m. , Maria Van Rensselaer. 

Children: Jeremias was bap. Feb. 1, 1727, A Oct 24, 1802, m. 
Marytj Van Allen, probably dau. of Adam Van Allen, and Cath- 
arine Van Alstyne his wife, was bap. Nov. 20, 1723, at Kinder- 

. JERIMIAS TEN BROECK, bap. Feb. 1, 1727, d. Oct 24, 
1802, m. Martje Van Allen, bap. Nov. 20, 1723; issue, Adam, b. 

308 History of Coenklis Maesssn Van Buinr 

July 24, 1759, <L May 30, 1826; m. (1) at Oaverack, May 30, 
1784, Lydia Maria Munson. 

DIRK WBSSEI.SE, b. Dec 16, 1766, m. at Kindrrhook, 
June as, 179$, Lena, probably a dan. of Abnun Van Allen and his 
wife Catharine Van Buren. 

ADAM TEN BROECK, b. July 24, 1759, <L May. 30, 1826, 
m. at Oaverack, May 30, 1784, Lydia Maria Munson. Issue: 
John Van Rensselaer, b. Sept n, 1789, d. Aug. 5, 1832, m. Nov. 
8, 1812, Elizabeth, dau. of David Van Ness and his wife, Anna 
Van Buren, was b. Apr. 3, 1701, <L Nov. 15, 1815 (?) 


COENRADT TEN EYCK, came from Amsterdam, Holland, 
and settled in New Amsterdam. About 1650, he m. Maria Bode, 
the mother of his children; m. (3) Annatje Daniels. He purchas- 
ed land on West side of what is now called Broad Street, in 1674, 
which was estim a te d worth $5,000, he <L 1687, IBs sons Dirck, 
Tobias, and Coenradt succeeded him in the tanning business. 
The eldest son Jacob emigrated to Albany, where his descendants 
have lived for over aoo years.! - 

The ******* Ten Evck m rant "from the oak" the oak behur of 
die Cbat-of-Arms of the family. It is believed by some that the 
name was originally Van Eyck of the same family as John of 
Bruges, the celebrated painter, 1370-1441. Coenradt, Jr., was bap, 
in New York, Nov. 22, 1654. Among other children be had a 
son Coenradt 3rd, b. Dec. 13, 1675, whose mother was Beletie 
Herck to whom Coenradt Jr., had been m. May. 19, 1675. 

Coenradt 3rd, m. Sept 24, 1704, according to the Church 
record, but according to the family Bible it was Oct 10, 1703, 
Gerritje Van Schaack. He was a silversmith. He was buried, 
Jan. 33, 1753. Children: 

Jacob, b. Apr. ax, 1705. 

Maria, b. Jan. 31, 1707; m. Gerrit Bratt ." 

Gerritje, b. July, 171a 

Anthony, b. Sept 13, bap. 17, 1712. •.--..,•-' 

Barent, b. Sept 29, 1714, d. 1795. 

Catrina, b. Jan. 29, 1 716-7. 

Andries, bap. Dec. 18, 1718. 

Allied Families \ 309 

Anna Margarita, b. Feb, 12, 1721. 

Tobias G, b. May 18, 1723. m. Feb. 6, 1756, Juditbjc Van 

Gerretje, bap. Aug. 17, 1728, nt Pieter Gansevoort 

TOBIAS C TEN EYCK, b. May 18, 1723 ; m. Feb. 6, 1756, 
Judithje Van Buren, of "Schotack"; b. Apr. 18, 1735, dau. of Jo- 
hannes, (Mass, Hendrick, Cornelis) 9 and Ida Van Buren. 

Children: Coenradt 4th, bap. May 31, 1757, Eytje 9 Dec 31, 
1758, Johannes, Nov. i 9 1761, Gerretje, b. Mar. 15, 1765. 

JACOB TEN EYCK, the eldest son of Coenradt, the first 
of the family in America, was a shoemaker and tanner, in Albany. 
He married Geertje, dau. of Barent Pietersen Cbeymans, a mil- 
ler, she was b. Apr. 23, 1654, and d. Feb. 17, 1736. Children : 

Coenradt, b. Apr. 9, 167& 
Barent, (age not given). 

Mayken, b. Apr. 1685; nt Andries Van Petten, of Schenect- 
ady, Dec. 26, 1712. 

Andries, bap. Mar. 25, 1688, <L Feb. 27, 1735-6. 

Anneken, bap. Aug 20, 1693; m. Johannes Bleecker, d. Dec 

BARENT TEN EYCK, son of Jacob and Geertje Cbeymans, 
b. — , m. Sept 30, 1700, Nedtje Schermerhorn ; he d. Jan. 
20, 17x0-1. Children: 

Jannetje, bap. Mar. 31, 1701. 

Geertje, bap. Aug. 30, 1702. 

Jacob, bap. Feb. 6, 1704. 

Jannetje, bap. Dec 12, 1705. 

Maria, bap. May 30, 1708. 

Johannes, bap. Nov. 27, 1709 ; m. about 1747-8, Susannah Van 

Buren, dau. of Corndis, (Pieter, Marten, Cornells), and 

Maria Lister, she was bap. at Kinderhook, May 14, 1727. 

Children: Maria, bap. Jan. 28, 1749; at Coxsackie, N. Y. 

Cornelia, bap. Apr. 14, 1751, at Kinderhook. 


JOHANNES VAN ALEN, son of Jacobus (Lawrence) Van 
Alen and Helena (Abiahamse) Van Alstein, bap. at Albany, 

310 History or Coekzlis Maissim Vam Buesm 

Oct i, 1744; sps. Johannes Hun, Anna Hun; m. at Linlithgow, 
Columbia County, N. Y., Dec 31, 1767, Maria Hoes, dau. of 
Johannes Hoes. The marriage license, dated Nov. 24, 1767, states 
that both were of Albany County, and both unmarried. John A. 
Van Alen and Volckert Douw, bondsmen. His will dated June 
6, 1772, and probated June 4, 1789. 

In it he mentions his wife Mary, eldest son, John, and dau. 
Mary, also his late brother, Abraham Van Alen, and his son-in- 
law, Dirck J. Hoes, (See Hoes family), also an unborn child, 
(Jacobus). The date of his death is not known. 

' His widow m. again, about 1776, Abraham Van Buren, (See 
Van Buren family), and d. in 1818. She was the mother of 
President Martin Van Buren. Children: (Van Deursen Gen- 

Maiytje Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 20, 1768; sps. 

Lourens and Helena Van Alen. 
Johannes Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 1770; sps. 

J p hann fft and Lisabeth Goes. 
Jacobus Van Alen, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 1, 1 773; sps 
Dirck Goes, Jannetje Goes. 

There were numerous intermarriages of this large and in- 
fluential family with that of the Van Burens, but it has been 
impossible for the Editor to obtain from members of the family 
now living such data as would make possible such a history of 
this family as she desired. 



According to the records in Holland, the family can be traced 
under different names to the crowning of "Otho" A. D. 936. The 
family first aooears in the name of Ralsko which it abandoned 
to take that of Wartenberg, which it bore for several centuries. 
Jean Ralsko, who d. in Flanders, in 1236, built the Chateau de 
Waldstein, a name which he took to distinguish himself from his 
brother who bore the name of Wartenberg. 

The family has been traced under the name of Balstein, in 
Spain, Vallenstem, in France, Halsteyn, in Flanders, and Van 
Alstein, in Holland. 

Allied Families 311 

From Waldstem, the name changed to Wallenstein, Walstein, 
Valstem, and finally to Van Alstein. In the early records in 
America, the name appears as Van Aelstyne, Van Aalsteyn, Van 
Alstyn, Van Alstein, Van Alstyne, and Van Alstine; at present 
there are three ways of spelling current among the descendants, 
Van Alstine, Van Alstyne, and Van Alstyn. 

The family possessed two well known characteristics, 'Trust 
in God and persevering industry.* 1 In Flanders they were loyal 
to the church of Rome. In Holland, to the Reformation of Luth- 
er, and later history illustrates the measure and courage of their 
convictions as to their true meaning of Religion and its proper 
method of administration. 

In America the family are self-reliant in thought and action 
as are those who remained in the Fatherland Independent 
in Politics, and Religion, making good citizens, ready defenders 
of home, and country of adoption. None of them are very rich 
nor very poor. 

The direct ancestor of the American family was in New Am- 
sterdam as early as 1646. His wife was Dirckeje Harmense. 
He had sons, Marten, Abraham, Lambert, Isaac, and perhaps 

JAN MARTENSEN VAN ALSTYNE, and his wife, Dirck- 
en Hermanse, had a son, Marten, bap. at New York, July 18, 
1655. Jan was known as "de Wever" or the weaver, and in 1657 
was living at Albany where he owned a house and lot. In 1663 
and 1667 he patented land at Kingston, and in 1664 was a tenant 
of Vokkert, Jansz, and Jan Thomasz, upon Island Schodack. 
(Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts, p. 826). In 1671 he bought 
a farm back of Kinderhook, where he and his wife resided in 
167& He <L there 1698. 

In 1697, Jan de Weaver was a resident in "Renselaerswyck or 
the Colonic" with two children and no women in his family. 
(Van Deursen Genealogy). 

The son, Abraham Jansen Van Alstyne, of "Pompoonick," m. 
Jan. 17, 1694, at Albany, Maritje (Teuwisse) Van Deusen. He 
was alive in 1742. Children, bap. at Albany: 

Johannes Van Alstyne, bap. Aug. 26, 1694; sps. Jacob Van 
Deusen, Cadyn Bensing ; m. Aug. 5, 1719, at Albany, Maria 

312 History or Caucus Maissiw Van Bubbv 

Matheos Van Alstyne, bap. June 14, 1696; sps. Hendrick 
Hans, (Oothout), Marritje Harbcrts (Van Deusen); m. 
(1) Dec. 10, 1828, at New York, Catharine Kerfbyl; (2) 
Nov. 4, 1735, at New York, Sara Lynch. 

Dtrkje Van Alstyne, bap. Dec. 4, 1698; sps. Jacob Vosburgh, 
Helena V. Deusen; d. y. 

Sander (Alexander) Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 
5, 170 1 ; spp. Tennis Van Deusen, Cornelia Tysse (Goes) ; 
m. Nov. 2, 1733, at Kinderhook, Elbeitie Van Allen. 

Abraham Van Alstyne, bap. Aug. 15, 1703; spa. Pieter and 
Margarita Mingaal; m. Nov. 29, 1734, at Kinderhook, 
Wyntje Conyne. 

Leena Van Alstyne, bap. Nov. 18, 1705 ; sps. Mathens Van 
Deuse, Maria Wendel; m. Oct 7, 1733, at Albany, Jacobus 
Van Alen. 

Isaac Van Alstyne, bap. Jan 28, 1708; sps. Harbert Tenwissen 
and Lena van Dense! m. Elizabeth Van Allen.* 

Dirkje, (Dorothy) Van Alstyne, bap. Apr- 30$ 17x0; sps. 
„ . Jobs and Jannetje Mingal; m. Nov. 7, 1729, at Kinderhook, 
Marten Pietersen Van Buren. (See Record). 

Catryntie Van Alstyne, bap. Oct 12, 1713; sps. Ruth and 
Cadyntie van Deusen; m. (1) Jan. 31, 1731, at Kinderhook, 
Adam Van Alen; (2) Jan. 5, 1753, at Kinderhook, Lucas 
Jacobus Wyngaart 

Jacobus Van Alstyne, bap. Apr. 21, 1717; sps. Thomas Van 
Alstyne, Engdtie Va Vegten; probably, d. y. 

Marten Van Alstyne, bap. May 3, 1719; sps. Gerrit Lansingh, 
~ Jun, Catalyna Lansingh; m. Catherine Van Alen. 

ham Jansen Van Alstyne and Maritje Van Deusen, bap. at Kind* 
erhodk, Jan. 5, 1701; m. there Nov. 2, 1733, Elbertie Van Alen, 
dan. of Pieter Van Alen and Josina Dingman, bap. at Albany, 
Feb. 17, 1712. They resided at Kinderhook. Children : 

Maria Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 25, 1734; sps. 

Abraham Van Alstyn, Josyna Hoes; m. Lauwrens Hoes* 
Elizabeth Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 15, 1737; 

sps. Jac. V. Alen, Lena V. Alen, d. y. 

Allied Families 313 

Abraham Van Alstyne, bap. at Albany, Sept 3, 1738; sps. 

Johannes Van Alstyne, Maryte Van Alstyne; m. Engeltje 

Slingerland (?). 
Elizabeth Van Alstyne, bap. at Coxsackie, in 1741 ; sps. Lou- 

rens Van Alen, Styntje . ~ 

Peter Van Alstyne, bap. at Coxsackie, June 5, 1743; sps. 

Lucas Van Alen, Tryntje Van Alstyne; m. Sept 24, 1769, 

Alida Van Alen. 
Joany (Johannes N.) Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook; sps. 

Laurens Van Alen, Jun., Elbertcha Van Alen; m. Sarah Van 

der Pod. 
Zeyntje Van Alstyne, bap. at Gayerack, Jan. 17, 1747-8 ; sps. 

Peter Van Alen, Cathalina Van Alen. 
Laurens Van Alstyne, bap. May 6, 1750; sps. Marten Van 

Alstyne, Cornelia Van Deuzen, widow of L. Van Alen. 
Alexander Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 5, 1753; 

sps. Isaac Van Alstyne, Maria Van Alstyne; m. Sarah Wit* 

beck (?), "Dochter van Isaac" 

ABRAHAM VAN ALSTYNE, son of Abraham Jansen Van 
Alstyne and Maritye Van Deusen, of Tompoonick," bap. at Al- 
bany, Aug 15, 1703; d. 1789-90; m. at Kinderhook, Nov. 39, 
x 734t Wyntje Conyn, dau. of Lendert Philtpsen Conyn and Em- 
mette (Jannetie) Van Alen. Children: 

Philip Van Alstyne, b. Sept 16, 1735; d. Dec 24, 1814; m. at 
Gaverack, July 8, 1761, his cousin, Maria Van Alstyne, dau* 
of Isaac Van Alstyne and Elizabeth Van Alen. 

Leonard (Leendert) Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, 
Sept 18, 1743; m. there Dec 5, 1773, Elizabth Hoes, they 
lived at Valatia, and Chatham, N. Y. 

DlfcCKJE (DOROTHY) VAN ALSTYNE, bap. Apr. 30, 
1710; m. at Kinderhook, Nov. 7, 1729, Marten Pieterse Van 
Buren. Children : 

Marritje, b. Jan. 18, 1730, probably, d. y. (Kinderhook Re- 

Pieter, b. Oct 27, 1731, also d. y. (Kinderhook Records). 

Pieter, b. July 22, 1733; i». 1767, Catharine Quadcenbosch. 

Marretje, b. Apr. 6, 1735, d. y. Kinderhook. 

314 History of Cornhjs Mabssbn Van Bubrn 

Abraham, bap. Feb. 27, 1737. Albany records ; m. about 1776, 

Maria Goes, widow of Johannes Van Allen. 
Ariaantje, bap. at Coxsackie, Mar. 4, 1739. 
Pieter, bap. at CoTsackiCj May 31, 1741. 
Marretje, b. Oct 2, 1743. Kinderhook. 
Marten, bap. at Oaverack, Jan. 8, 1748. 


Sander Van Alstyne and Elbertie Van Alen, of Kinderhook, b. 
at that place and bap. at Coxsackie, June 5, 1743; d. at Adolphus- 
town, Upper Canada, in 1811, and was buried in the Old United 
Empire Loyalists 9 burying-ground at that place; m. at Lin- 
lithgow, Sept 24, 1769, Alida Van Alen, dau. of Cornelia Van 
Alen and Alida Pruyn, bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 10, 1749-50. 

Major Peter Van Alstyne lived in stirring times. He was 
just in the prime of manhood when the Revolution broke out, 
and he became a leader among the tones of Columbia County. 
He was soon a marked man for his opinions, and early in 1776, 
was made a prisoner, with sixteen others and kept confined for 
sixteen days. Early in 1777, he was obliged to flee from his 
home to Canada, and joined General Burgqyne in Sept, 1777, 
leaving his wife and three children at Kinderhook. In 1778 he 
returned to New York, and wrote his wife to join him in that 
city. While there he served as Captain of Battcaux men, and 
afterwards as Major of Associated Loyalists. He did duty at 
Smithtown, Long Island, was pensioned on half pay as Captain* 
His estate was sequestered, and on Dec 13, 1779, h** wife peti- 
tioned Governor Clinton for passports for herself and children 
to join her husband in New York where he then was. This was 
granted, and die journey was made in three "slays," containing 
herself, three children, a negro boy of eleven years, and such wear- 
ing apparel and household goods as she had been able to save, 
(Clinton papers, vol, 5, pp. 418, 419). In Sept 1783, Major Van 
Alstyne conducted the party of disbanded Loyalists and their 
friends to Canada. They left New York in a ship guarded by 
the British brig Hop*, which accompanied them into the St 
Lawrence. They wintered at Sorel, on the St Lawrence, and 
ascended the river in open boats die following Spring. They 
reached Adolphustown, on the bay of Quinte, June 14, 1784, and 

Allied Families n 315 

there they settled on land granted them by the British government 
Major Van Alstyne owned lots 26 and 27 of this township and 
acquired other property as the years passed on. He was one of 
the first magistrates appointed, and in this capacity received ac- 
knowledgments of claims of the Loyalists for their property con- 
fiscated in the State during the Revolution, which were investi- 
gated by special Commissioners appointed by the Government 
He was Captain of the Fourth Town (Adolphustown) Company 
of Militia, and Commissioner for supplying the inhabitants with 

In 1792, he was elected a member of die Legislature for Len- 
nox and Prince Edward Counties. As Magistrate he solemnised 
many of the early marriages in the new settlement before die com- 
ing of the Rev. William Losee, their first minister. He is also 
said to have built the first grist mill at Glenora across the bay from 
Adolphustown. (See CannifFa Settlement of Upper Canada; 
Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte; United Empire Loyalists, 
etc) — Van Deusen Genealogy. Children: 

Alexander Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. u, 1770; 
sps. John S. Van Alstyne, Elbertie Goes; <L prior to Mar. 
12, 1804; m. June 26, 1798, Ursula Allen of Marysburg, 
Upper Canada, dau. of Jonathan Allen. Issue: Peter Van 
Alstyne, Eliza Van Alstyne, Allen Van Alstyne. 

Alida Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 2, 1772; sps. 
Cornells Van Alen, Catharyna Van Alen; m. May 5, 1789, 
George Walter Meyers, of Sidney, Upper Canada. Issue: 
Peter Meyers, John Meyers, Nancy Meyers, Mary Meyers, 
Margaret Meyers, Tobias Meyers, Rebecca Meyers, Eliza 
Meyers, Alice Meyers. 

Cornells Van Alstyne, bap. at Kinderhook, June 5, 1774 ; sps. 
Stephen Van Alen, Maytje Van Alen; <L 1862; m. Dec 
29, 1801, Rachel Dunham, dau. of John Dunham. Issue: 
Alida Van Alstyne, b. 1803; Sarah Van Alstyne, b. 1804; 
Peter Van Alstyne, b. Aug. 30, 1807; John Van Alstyne, 
b. 1808; Abram Van Alstyne, b. 1810; Lawrence Van Al- 
styne, b. 1812; George Van Alstyne, b. 1814; Mary Van 
Alstyne, b. 1816; Alexander Van Alstyne, b. 1818; Martha 
Van Alstyne, b. 1823; William H. Van Alstyne, b. 1826. 

316 History or Cobnius Mabssbn Van Buieh 

Elbertje Van Alstync, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 2, 1777; sps. 
Lourens Goes, Marytje Van Alstyne; d. prior to Dec, 1779. 

LAMBERT VAN ALSTYNE, son of Jan Martense and 
Dirckie Hannense, d. Oct 16, 1793. He m. about 1682, Jan- 
netje Mingad, dan. of Thomas Jansen and Marritje Abrahamse 
(Vosbuigh) Mingad. Children were : 

Catharine, b. about 1683; m. Bartholocneos Van Valkenbuigh. 
Marritje, bap. Dec 27, 1685. 
Thomas, bap. Aug. 22, 1688; m, Maria Van Allen. 
Johannes, bap. Aug. 11, 1691. 
- Dirckje, bap. May 26, 1695; m. Pieter Vosburgh. 
Antje, bap. Jan. 16, 1698; d. y. 
Annatje, bap. July 28, 170a 
Pieter, bap. Aug. 9, 1702. 

THOMAS VAN ALSTYNE, son of Lambert and Jannetje 
(Mingad) Van Alstyne, lap. Aug. 22, 1688; m. Dec 12, 1718, 
Maria Van Allen, who was bap. June 22, 1695 ; a dau. of William 
and Marritje (Van Patten) Van Alstync After the death of 
his father, Thomas came into the possession of the homestead, 
lying along the Kinderhook creek, and next to the farm of his 
grandfather, Jan Martensen. Thomas and his wife were' mem* 
bers of the Dutch Reformed Church at Muitzeskill, N. Y. From 
land records at Hudson, it is known that he bought a tract of 
land in daverack. His Will, in Dutch, dated Nov. 15, 1760, 
gives his property to his five children after providing for die 
support of his wife during her life and that of his dau., Maria, 
until she should many, she to live with his son Pieter. Their 

Jannetje, bap. Mar. 6, 1720; <L y. 

William, bap. Dec 10, 1721; m. (1) Christina Van Allen, 
and (2) Catherina Knickerbocker. 

Lambert, bap. Oct 4, 1724; m. (1) Alida Conyn, and (2) 
Aletteka Ostrander, or Osterhout 

Maria, bap. Sept 1, 1727; d. y. 

Catharine, bap. Jan. 17, 1731 ; m. Petrus Hoffman. 

Maria, bap. Nov. 18, 1733 ; m. Dr. Johannes Patterson. 

Pieter, bap. May 16, 1736 ; m. Marritje Conyn. 

William, bap. Dec 10, 1738 ( ?). 

Allied Families 317 

LAMBERT VAN ALSTYNE, second son of Thomas and 
Maria (Van Allen) Van Alstyne, bap. Oct 4, 1724, at Kinder- 
hook; d. at Charlton, Saratoga County, N. Y., 1794; m. (1) 
Alida Conyn, who was bap. Jan. 4, 1730, dau. of Casparus and 
Hendrickje (Van Scahaick) Van Alstyne; m. (2) Aletteka 
Ousterhout, or Ostrander. Lambert was a mrmhtr of the Dutch 
Reformed Church. Made his Will Apr. 7, 1797, in which he 
gives £ 5 to his grandson, Lambert Van Buren. Child : 
Maria, bap. Jan. 15, 1755, at Kinderhook; m. Goes Van Buren; 
their children were: 

Catharine, bap. at Kinderhook, May 2, 1773. 
Alida, bap. at Claverack, June 14, 1777. 
Dirk, bap. at Kinderhook, Mar. 5, 1780; <L y. 
Jannetje, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 5, 1781. 
Dirck, lap. at Kinderhook, June 13, 1784. 
Lambert, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec. 25, 1786. 


One Gysbert Corndissen Van den Bergh arrived in Rens- 
sdaerswyck in 1645 ; in 1662 he bought a house and barn, etc, 
"lying this side of Bethlehem," of Marten Corndise Van Buren. 
His wife was Lysbeth, dan. of Qaas Cornelis Segers Van Voor- 
thoudt Children: Cornelis; Willem; Gerrit; Frederick, who was 
Addboort or Corporal in West Indies Co. service at Fort Orange 
(Albany) in 1661, and Maritje, who was bap. July 5, 1685. 

manor of Renssdaerswyck made his Will Mar. 3, 1714, which 
was proved July 6, 1717, in which he mentions all his children; 
he m. (1) Cornelia Wynantse Vanderpod; m. (2) Dec 20, 
1702, Maria Van Buren, who was the widow of Jan Teuwissen 
Van Deusen; she was the dau. of Marten Cornelissen and Marritje 
Quackenbosch. Children by the first wife: 

Gysbert, m. Oct 20, 1700, Deurtje Marte ; (2) Catalyntje . 

Tryntje, m. Peter Waldron; she d. 1753. 
Maritje, m. Cornelis Van Alstyne. 
Cornelis, m. Maria Winne. 
Corndia, m. Marten Van Alstyne. 
Matheus, m. . 

318 History of Cornklxs Mabssin Van Buibk 

Gertje, bap. Dec. 20, 1691. 

Goosen Wynant, m. Mar. 20, 1721, Anna WendalL 

Child by the second wife: Gerrit, b. 1703; d 1731. 

ARIAANTJTE GERRETSE, dan. of Gerrit, son of Gys- 
bert, m. Sept 22, 1689, Cornells (Marten, Cornells) Van Buren 
and Maritje Quackenbosch, who was b. 1663 and <L before 1693, 
when she m. (2) Coenradt Elmendorf of Kingston; she <L 1704. 

Tobias Van Buren, bap. Aug. 3, 1690, at Albany; m. Dec. 
15, 171a, Helena Bogardus. 

rit Gysbert Cornelissen, m. Mar. 16, 1687, Geertruy Janse Whit- 
bedc Children: 

Jan, bap. Oct 6, 1689. 

Gerrit, bap. Oct 18, 1691. 

Marrietje, Jan. ai t 1694; m. July 14, 1719, Marten Van 

Buren, as his second wife. 
Teuntje, May 26, 1695; m. Marten Cornells Van Buren, 

son of Marten and Juditje Barents (Meindcrscn). 
Geertruy, bap. Dec. 27, 1696. 
Ariaantje, bap. Mar. o6 9 1699. 
Andries, bap. Jan. 1, 1701. 
Jannetje, bap. Dec 25, 1700. 
Catharina, bap. Mar. 17, 1706, 
Neeltje, bap. Jan. 28, 1708. 
Benjamin, bap. Nov. 13, 1709. 
Johannes, bap. Feb. 14, 17x4. 

MARRIETJE VAN DEN BERGH, bap. Jan. ai, 1694; m. 
July 14, 1719, Marten Van Buren, son of Marten Cornelisen and 
Marrietje Quackenbosch ; he was b. about 1678. Children r 

Geertruy Van Buren, b. Jan., 1720; m. Johannes Hoes. 
Cornelia Van Buren, b. Oct, 1721 ; m. Jurian Hoes. . 
Petrous Van Buren, b. Dec., 1723; m. Marritje Vander Pod 
Johannes Van Buren, b. Nov., 1725 ; m. Marytje BriesdL 
Maria Van Buren, b. Dec., 1727. 

Benjamin Van Buren, b. Oct, 1731 ; m. Cornelia Salisbury. 
Tobias Van Buren, b. May, 1737; m. Catalyntje Wttbeck. 

Allied Families 319 

TEUNTJE VAN DEN BERGH and Marten Cornell* Van 
Boren had issue as follows: 

Barent C Van Buren, bap. Mar. 14, 1731 ; m. Ariaantje Van 
der Pod. 

THEUNTJE VAN DEN BERG, bap. Apr. 20, 1712, dau. of 
Gerrit Gerritsen and Egbert je Hannense; m. about 1735, Willem 
Van Buren, son of Cornelia (Hendrick, Cornells) and Hen- 
drickje Van Ness, who was b. July 28, 1706, and d. 1752. Chil- 

Corndis Van Buren, bap. at Albany, Mar. 7, 1736. 
Elbertje Van Buren, bap. at Albany, Apr. 2, 1738 ; m. Jacobus 

Gerrit Van Buren, bap. at Albany, May 4, 1740; m. Maria 

Hendrickje Van Buren, bap. at Albany, June 20, 1742. 
Maria Van Buren, bap. at Albany, Feb. 17, 1745. 
Elizabeth Van Buren, bap. at Albany, July 19, 1747. 
Hendrick Van Buren, bap. at Albany, Feb. 4, 1750; d. 1751. 
Hendrick Van Buren, bap. at Albany, Feb. 2, 1752; m. Maria 

van den Bergh. 

GERRIT GERRITSEN, bap. Sept 26, 1725, was the fifth 
child of Gerrit Gerritsen and Egbertje Hennanse; m. Agnietje 
Leveraen. Children: 

Tennis, bap. Oct 23, 1748. 
Ebbertje and Rachd, twins, bap. Nov. 4, 175a 
Gerrit, bap. June 30, 1754. 
Maria and Teunis, twins, bap. Oct 16, 1757. 
Maria, bap. June 25, 1760; m. 1782 or 1783, Hendrick Van 
Buren, son of William and Theuntje Van den Bergh. 

MARIA VAN DEN BERGH and Hendrick Van Buren had 
issue as follows: 

Annatje, bap. Mar. 7, 1783. 
Aaltie, bap. Mar. 10, 1785. 
William, b. June 12; bap. July 1, 1788. 

came to Coxsackic about 1699 and d. there about 1754. He m. 
Nov. 13, 1699, Tryntje Houghtaling, dau. of Mathias. Children: 

320 History of Cornhjs Mabssin Van Bums* 

Maria, bap. 170a 
Antje, bap. 1703. 
Mathias, bap. 1706. - 
Rachel, bap. 1708; m. Caspar Collier. 
Dorothea, bap. 1710; m. Teunis Houghtaling. 
Hendrick, bap. Oct 19, 17121 m. Catharine Houghtaling. 
\ Robert, bap. 1713. 
Lydia, bap. Apr. 24, 1715 ; m. Jan Broodc. 

HENDRICK VAN DEN BERGH, bap. Oct 19, 171a; m. 
Nov. ai, 1740, Catharine Houghtaling. Children; 

Maria. Elizabeth. William, Richard Mathias. Robert 

RICHARD VAN DEN BERGH, m. . Children: 

Elizabeth, m. Henry Houghtaling. 
Christina, m. — Van Housen. - 

Peter R., b. 1783; d 1844; m* Elizabeth Van Loon, a dan. 
of Jacob Van Loon. 

PETER R. VAN DEN BERGH, bap. 1783; d 1844; m. 
T?i;yh#»»h Van Loon. Children: 

^B^^^PV^VP^^VPJ^P^^^P^P^F^^P^PV V ^pp^^'^^^ efl^P^PP^^^P^p^P^PJ^P ^P^^P^^'^'P^P^P^PJ^P^. ^P^PP^P^P W 

Richard; Henry L.; Tennis; Isaac; Ann, m. Jacob Van 
Loon, son of Major Nicholas Van Loon; Catharine, m. 
Elisha Miller. 

Rachel, m. Henry Browned. 

Elizabeth, m. Obadiah Lampman. 

Helen, m. Peter Groom Biandow. 

Mary, b. Mar. 31, 1837; d May 15, 1900; m. 1849, Barent 
Van Buren, son of John P. Van Buren. 

Elsie, m. Andrew Winans. 


MARY VAN DEN BERGH, b. Mar. 31/ 1837; d. May 15, 
1900; m. 1849, Barent Van Buren. Children: John P. Van 
Buren, Kate Van Buren, Sarah Van Buren. 


The meaning of the name is "from the lake. 19 The earliest 
records of the family give their location as near Gorcfaen, on 
the Rhine, but about 1600 a branch went to Holland and from 

Allied Families 321 

these later came Teutnes (Anthony) Cornelus (alias) Spits- 
bergen to America. He left no male descendants. From 1660- 
1687 he lived in Beverwyck. In 1671 he was magistrate. He 
owned one-half of ConstapeTs Island in die Hudson River. He 
m. Catrina Croon, dan. of Johannes Croon. His Will was made 
June 17, 1787. He left a wife and three daughters, Elizabeth, 
Maria, Johanna. At the time of his death he still owned a house 
in Amsterdam, Holland. (Hudson and Mohawk Families.) 

There is also evidence of there being two others of this name 
in this country. Jacobus (James) Van der Poel, who m. Mar- 
garet Janson in New York July 25, 1693, and Gerrit Vander 
Poel, who as a widower m. Deborah Warren Feb. 12, 1697. 
These are descended from Wynant, son of Gerret of Holland. 
Wynant Vander Poel was b. in Holland and came to Albany 
about 1654. He resided in Albany from 1657-94. He pur- 
chased a half interest in a sawmill which for die two following 
centuries was known as Wynanfs Mill; the date of the pur- 
chase was 1674. He moved from Albany some time between 
1695-1702, as shown by his Will, which was probated in New 
York, 1702. To his son he left six shillings, the residue of 
estate to son-in-law, Wm. C Vanden Bergh, husband of his 
dau., Catryn. His wife was Tryntje Mdgers. Children: Cor- 
nelia, m. before 168& Cornells Gysbertse Vanden Berg; Mclgcrt 
or Melchert Wynantse m. (1) Ariaahtje Verplanck, (2) Eliza- 
beth Teller, a widow. Gerret, m. Cathrina Van Zandt Catryn 
m. William C Vanden Bergh before 1685. Margaret m. about 
1683, Johannes Van Zandt 

Wynant and Tryntje (Melgers), d. probably before 171a Re- 
sided in Albany; m. (1) Ariaantje Verplanck, dau. of Abraham 
and Maria Verplanck; m. (2) Elizabeth Teller, a widow, June 
29, 1692. Children by the first wife: Melgert, Maria, Trynke, 
Abraham, who m. Aultje Vanden Bergh, Jan. 3, 1713 ; Wynant, 
bap. Oct 14, 1683; m. Aug. 17, 1706! Catharina De Hoogheang; 
Gelyn, bap. May 17, 1685; Jacobus (James), b. Mar. 9, 1687; 
Hendrick, bap. June 2, 1689. Children by the second wife : Wil- 
helm, b. Mar. 19, 1693 ; Ariantje. b. Nov. 17, 1695. 

MELGERT VAN DER POEL, son of Melgert and Ariaantje 
(Verplanck), m. May 17, 1696, Catharina Van Alen, dau. of 

322 History of Cornells Mabssin Van Burrn 

Lawrence and Evertse Van Alen. He lived until his marriage 
in Kinderhook, and after that in Podsburgh. Children: 

Elbertje, b. Feb. 3, 1(597; m. Martin Van Densen 9 Dec. 23, 
1719. Ariaantje, bap. Sept 3, 1699. Lourens, bap. Jan, 26, 
1701 ; m. Oct 29, 1726, Ariaantje Vanden Bergk Maria, 
bap. Jan. 10, 1703; m. Nov. 8, 1724, David Groesbedc 

• Johannes, b. 1705. Abraham, bap. Feb. 9, 1707; m. Oct 
26, 1738, Elizabeth Qunker. James, bap. Apr. 17, 1709; 
m. Oct 16, 1740, Neeltje Huyck. Isaac, bap. Oct 14, 171 1 ; 
m. Anna . Catryna, bap. Dec 16,1716. 

JOHANNES VANDER POEL, son of Mdgert and Catha- 
rina (Van Alen), was b. at Kinderhook, Mar. 4, 1705; d. there 
Apr. 11, 1771 ; buried at Podsburgh; m. as a widower, May 5, 
1743, Annatje (Nantje or Annie) Staats, dau* of Samud and 
Catharine Staats. Children: Isaac Maria, m. Nov. 19, 1762, 
Lawrence Van Dyck. Catharine, m. Oct 27, 1767, John Pruyn. 
Eltje, bap. Apr. 22, 1750; m. John Van Valkenburgh. Sarah, 
m. (1) John Van Alstyne; (2) Jacob Schermerhorn. 

ISAAC VAN DER POEL, son of Johannes and Annatje 
(Staats) Vander Pod, was b. in Kinderhook Dec 8, 1747; bap. 
in Albany, Dec 25, 1747; d. in Chatham, N. Y., Dec 25, 1807. 
He was commissioned Adjutant of 7th Regiment of Kinderhook 
district Oct 20, 1775; was removed from the position because 
of disaffection towards American cause Later he joined die 
British forces and commanded a company of refugees on Staten 
Island. The Government confiscated his estate and he was ren- 
dered almost penniless. After his m. he purchased a small farm 
in Chatham and spent the remainder of his life there. He m. 
Mayke Van Dyck, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Huyck) Van 
Dyck. Children : Anna, b. Jan. 3, 1785 ; d. Sept 5, 1787. James, 
b, Jan. 10, 1787; d. Oct 3, 1843. Anna, b. July 30, 1789; d. 
Apr. 3, 1793. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 19, 1791 ; d. Aug. 23, 1833 ; m. 
Jan. 16, 1813, Lucas J. Van Alen. John, b. Aug. 24, 1796, d. 
Oct 27, 1851 ; m. Jan. 14, 1823, Sarah W. Oakley. Aaron, b. 
Feb. 5, 1799; m. (1) Sept 3, 1821, Harriet Baldwin; (2) Apr. 
?» I &39» EH* 1 McBride. 

JAMES VANDER POEL, son of Isaac and Mayke (Van 
Dyck), was b. in Kinderhook, Jan. 10, 1787; d. at Albany, Oct 

Allied Families • 323 

3, 1843; m. Apr. 19, 1808, Anna Doll. dan. of Rev. George Jacob 
Leonard DolL She <L in 1855. 

James was a lawyer by profession and was highly esteemed 
for his ability and integrity; he became Circuit Judge for the 
3rd Judicial District of New York State. Children: Elizabeth, 
b. May 22, 1810; <L Nov. 18, 1844; m. June 22, 1841, John Van 
Buren, son of President Martin Van Buren. (See his record.) 
Susan Christina, b. Feb. 16, 1812; <L Mar. 30, 1841; m. Sept 
10, 1833, William Cooper. Sarah Ann, b. Apr. 26, 1816; d. 
Nov. 3, 1857; m. Dec 2, 1835, James M. French. Mary, b. 
1818; A Apr. 9, 1821. Isaac, b. May 7, 1821 ; <L Dec 38, 1868; 
m. June 30, 1842, Susan Foster of Penn. Harriet, b. June 6 f 
1824; a*. Sept 10, 1844, James Christopher Yates Paige 

ISAAC VANDER POEL, son of Judge James and Anna 
(Doll), was b. in Kinderhook, May 7, 1821 ; d. in Albany, Dec. 
28, 1868 ; m. June 30, 1842, Susan Foster of Pennsylvania. He 
graduated with highest honors from Williams College, after 
♦which he studied law. Under Governor Seymour he was Asst 
Adjutant General to General Temple and at his death succeeded 
to the office of Adjutant General. From 1861-2 he was in 
charge of New York State Militia supplies. In 1867 he was 
Corporation Counsel for the city of Albany. He was a Demo- 
crat and a popular political speaker and also prominent lecturer. 
He was a contributor to the Army and Navy Gazette and other 
magazines. During the Civil War he was a member of the Board 
of Aldermen of Albany. He was a member of the Reformed 
Dutch Church. He. always maintained his interest in Williams 
College and was a member of the Sigma Phi Fraternity. Chil- 
dren: Isaac, b. in Albany, June 8, 1851 ; m. in Brooklyn, May 21, 
1 89 1, Minnie Buckmaster* Mary Keith, b. Nov. 26, 1854; m. 
Dec 2X, 1875, Marcus T. Hun. James, b. Sept 2j 9 1857; living 
now in Albany (1913). Henry Adams, b. Oct 28, 1861 ; <L in 
New York, Feb. 8, 1898 ; m. Grace McClure Olcott Susan. 

ABRAHAM VAN DER POEL, son of Melgert or Mel- 
chert and his first wife, Ariaantj Verplanck, m. Jan. 30, 1713, 
Antje Van den Bergh. Children: Melchert, bap. Feb. 7, 1714. 
Ariaantje, bap. Sept 23, 1716; d. y. Teuntje, bap. Apr. 3, 1718; 
d. y. Gerret, bap. June 11, 172 1; m. Catrina Hoes. Teuntje, 

324 History or Cornelis Mabssin Van Burin 

bap. Nov. 3, 1723. Maria, bap. Nov. 21, 1735 ; m. 1746, Petrous 
Van Buren.- Ariaantje, bap. June 9, 1739; m. about 1751, Barent 
C Van Buren. 

GERRET VAN DER POEL, son of Abraham and Antje 
Van den Bergh, bap. June 11, 1721 ; m. Catrina Hoes. Children: 
Jannetje, bap. Feb. 9, 175a. Abram, bap. May 27, 1753. Matthens> 
bap. Sept- 22, 1754. Mekhert, bap. Nov. 30, 1755. -Pieter, b. 
Mar. 22, 1767. • • 

JANNETJE VANDER POEL, dau. of Gerret and Catrina 
(Hoes) Vander Pod, bap. Feb. 9, 1752; m. 1771, Cornelia Van 
Buren, son of Hendrick, (Pieter, Hendrick, Cornells) and An- 
netje Van Saltztergh, who was b. Sept 22, 1751. Children: 

Hendrick Van Buren, b. Mar. 1, 1772. 
Geertrut Van Buren, b, Aug. 19, 1781. 

MARIA VAN DER POEL, bap; Nov. 21/ 1725; dau. of 
Abraham and Antje Van den Bergh; m. 1746, Petrous Van 
Buren, son of Marten, (Marten, Cornells) and Juditkye Barents,' 
who was bap. Dec. 26, 1723, at Albany. Children: 

Anatje Van Buren, bap. Feb. 22, 1747. 

Maria Van Buren, bap. Jan. 8, 1749. 

Marten Van Buren, bap. Jan. 5, 1752; m. 1778, Jannetje 

Geertruy Van Buren, bap. Feb. 12, 1758. 
Abraham Van Buren, b. Mar. 25, 1764. 
Benjamin Van Buren, b. July 19, 1769. 

ARIAANTJE VAN DER POEL, b. June 9, 1729; dau. of 
Abraham and Antje Van den Bergh; jn. about 1751, Barent C 
Van Buren* son of Marten Cornelia, (Marten, Marten, Cornells) 
and his wife, Theuntje Vanden Bergh. They had seven children 
listed under his record: Marten Cornells, b. Feb. 9* 1752; d. y. 
Marten Cornells, b, Apr. 8, 1753. Anatje, b. Nov.7 30^ 1755. 
Abraham, b. Aug. 12, 1759. Theuntje, b. Jan. 29, 1762. Judflcje, 
b. Sept 1, 1765. Johannes, bJ June 3, 1769. 

1709; son of Mekhert, Jr.* and Catharin Van Allen; m. Oct t6, 
1740, Neeltje Huyck. Children: 

Allied Families 325 

Catharine, bap. Dec. 10, 17495 m. ( ?) Sept 2, 1775, Johannes 
Van Buren. Children: Alida, bap. July 15, 1776. Neeltje, 
bap. Oct 25, 1778. 

WYNANT VANDER POEL, son of Melchert Wynantse 
and his first wife, Ariaantje Verplanck, was bap. Oct 14, 1683 ; 
m. Aug. 17, 1706, Catharine De Hoogen (Hooges) ; they had a 
son, Johannes, bap. Aug. 3, 1707, who m. Annatie Staats; they 
had a son, Isaac, who was bap. Dec 25, 1747; m. Maria Van 
Buren, dan. of whom? Child: Catharine, b. June 4, 1783. . 

ARMATJE VAN DER POEL (dau. of whom?), m. Jo 
hannes Van Buren, and had children: 

Geertruy, b. Aug. 17, 1783. 
Johannes, h. Jan. 22, 1786. 
Annatje, b. 1793. 

JOHN VAN DER POEL (son of whom?), in. Apr. 10, 1780, 
Geertruy Van Buren, dan. of Petrous and Maritjie (Vander 
Pod) Van Buren; she was b, Feb. 12, 1758. Children: 

Pieter, h. Aug. 2j 9 178a 
Catharine, b. Dec 15, 1782. 
Cornelia, b. Nov. 20, 1785. 
John, b. May 2j f 1796. 


According to the Genealogy of the Van Deursen family re- 
cently published by the Allaben Genealogy Co., to which I am 
indebted for many of the items referring to the intermarriages 
of the Vail Burins and Van Deusens, this family have a very 
honorable and ancient ancestry : "The ancient home of the Van 
Deunen family is at present a small village of 407 inhabitants, 
called Deurne-les (near) Diest, in the South Netherlands (Bel- 
gian) Province, Brabandt" 

The earliest inhabitants of die county adjacent were a Celtic 
tribe, the Beiges. The name Deursen itself keeps the memory 
of thete early Celts alive. The word "Dur" means "water," of 
which "Deursen" is a locative form, "a place by the water." "In 
1 196, during the time of the third crusade, we find mentioned 
a Hendricus 4 Doersne (H end rick van Doersen)." "It is not un- 

326 History of Corn *us Mabssin Van Buibk 

likely that he was in the crusade and that the cross in the Coat-of- 
Arms was taken up by him." "During the next, the thirteenth 
century, members of the family are frequently found in the 
'meyery van's Hertogen-bosch' (the majorate of Boise-le-Duc), 
the part of Brabant in which Deursen lies and where the lords 
of Van Deusen kept up a kind of sovereign independency until 
the year: of 1325." "On the 1st of March, 1325, Govert Van 
Doorsen acknowledged for his leige-lord, Jan. 3, the noblest 
duke Brabant ever had." "Govert Van Doorsen received bade 
his ancestral property immediately in 1325 as a her edi t a r y feudal- 
ity and it thus remained in the male line until the end of the 
16th century." 

"Under Jan the Third's daughter, Duchess Johanna, who died 
in December, 1406, Jan Van Deursen, possibly the grandsoa or 
great-grandson of Govert became lord of Deursen. He married 
in 1419, Aleid van Bloemensweerde, and from this time on there 
is no break in the family line down to Abraham Pietersen van 
Deursen of 1607, and through him down to the American pos- 

"So far as can be ascertained the following is the line of 

JAN, who m. Aleid van Bloemensweerde. Their son, ~ 

JAN, m. Aleid van Dbmpsdaer; bad a son, 

JAN, who m. Wilelmina van Zoudenbalg, their son, 

NICOLAS, who m. Machtdd Proeys, their son, x " 

JAN WIT J.EM, who m. a dau. of Gerritt van Heusden, their 

JAN, who m. Elisabeth Van Heusden. This Jan was alive 
in 1550; his son was 

HENDRICK, who was b. in the old Castle. He Is supposed 
to have been the first Protestant in the family. His wife was 
Maria Rutgers; their son, 

WILLEM, who m. Elisabeth Gysberts, and bad a son, - 

PIETER, who moved from Asperen to the Province of Hol- 
land in 1581 and became Magistrate in Haarlem in 1583; his son, 

ABRAHAM was b. in Haarlem and bap. there Nov. n, 1607, 
He m. Dec. 9, 1629, Tryntje Melchiors, also of Haarlem, and 
soon after emigrated to America. They had six children." 

Allied Families \ 327 

"It is probable that Abraham Pietersen and his. wife left Haar- 
lem for America very soon after their m. as no baptismal records 
of any of their children are found at that place between 1630 
and 1635, a °d he ** known to have been in New Amsterdam, 
now New York, in 1636, when he was recorded as 'of Haarlem.' " 
There is a great deal of interesting matter relating to Abraham 
in the Van Deursen book, but space will not permit me to copy 
more, and I refer the reader to that most interesting book. Hie 
names of their children were as follows: 

Tettwis (Matthew), b. about 1631; m. about 1653, Helena 
Robberts; it is from this couple that those who m. Van 
Burens are descended. 

Marytje, b. about 1632 ; m. (1) 1651, Thomas Jansen Mingael, 
who d. about 1661 or 1662 ; m. (2) Evert Jansen Wendell 

Isaac, b. about 1635; m. Apr. 5, 1659, at New Amsterdam, 
Jannetje Jans. 

Jacob, b. about 1638; m. Sept 23, 1663, Catalyntje Van 

Pieter, bap. March 23, 1642; sps. Da Eveiardus Bogardus, 
Olof Stephensen Van Courtlant, Jan Janazen Dam, Mar- 
itje Teunis; m. Oct 10, 1666, at New Amsterdam, Hes- 
ter Webbers. 

Melchior, bap. March 6, 1644; sps. Jan Stephenszen, Cos 
Pteterszen, Anneken Bogardus; m. about 1668, Engelyie 

Sbcond Generation. 

DEURSEN), eldest son of Abraham Pietersen (Van Deursen) 
and Tryntjc Melchiors of New Amsterdam; b. about 1631; m. 
1653, Helena Robberts. 

Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deursen early removed to Bever- 
wyck (Albany), where he was granted a lot Oct 28, 1658. In 
1667 he removed to Claverack. 

Munsell and Talcott both state, however, that he lived at 
Albany until 170a On June 26, 1677, he deeded a house and 
lot to Paulus Martensen Van Benthuysen, die property being 
afterwards transferred by Van Benthuysen to Harme Jansen 
Lyndrayer. The following is an extract of the latter deed: 

328 History of Gornsus Maissrk Van Burkn 

"Appeared before me Ra Livingston seer. 4c and in the 
presence of the honorable Messiers Richard Pretty & Andries 
Teller, commissaries* etc., Paulus Martensen Raenmaker (wagon 
maker) (Van Bentbnysen) who declared that he had in true 
rights, free ownership granted, conveyed, and transferred to and 
for the behoof of Harme Jansen Lyndrayer (ropemaker) in a 
certain house and lot standing and lying here in Albany, . . • 
bounded south by Pieter Loockermans, north by the house of 
Laurens Van Ale & Jan Jansen Bleecker, west and east by the 
public street, in breadth in front on the street (Broadway) . . • 
which this grantor, does by virtue of the conveyance given him 
by Mattheus Abrahamsen (Van Deusen) of date the 26 of June, 

1677* &c* 

"Done in Albany the 13^ Dec. 1677. 

"Richard Pretty "Richard Martense 

"A. Teller 

"Acknowledged before me 

"Ro Livingston, Seer. 19 

He resided at Albany and Claverack, at which two places his 
children were probably b. but the baptismal records of Albany 
do not begin until Aug. 5, 1683, while those pf dayentck date 
only from 1722* hence their names are not found 00 the records 
of either place. Children: 

Tryantje, b. about 1654; m. about 1673, Samspn Benson. 
Lysbeth (Elizabeth), b. about 1658; m. Feb. 2, 1680, Johannes 

Cornelia, b. about 1660; m. (1) Oct 2, 1685, Mattys Jansen 

Hoes (see Hoes record) ; (2) July 8, 1723, William Hallen- 

Rdbbert, b. about 1665; m. (1) Sept 22, 1689, Cornelia Mar- 
tense Van Burnt (see her record); (2) Aug. 21, 1718, 

Geertruy Van Bentbuysen. 
Jan, b. about 1668; m. Mar. 14, 1695, Marritie Martense Van 

Buren, sister of Cornelia, his brother Robbetfs wife (see 

her record). 
Jacobus, b. about 1670; m. Nov. 14, 1695, Adeltje Gysbertse 

Marritje, b. about 1674; m. Jan. 17, 1694, Abraham Jansen 

Van Alstyne (see record of Van Alstyne families). 

Allied Families 329 

Abraham, b. about 1676; m. May 23, 1697, Jacomyntje Van 

Catalyntje, b. about 1678; m. (1) Dec 5, 1699, Jacobus Mar- 
tens Van Ysselstyn; (2) May 16, 17 18, Lambert Kool or 

Isaac, b. about 1680; m. Oct 9, 1706, Baata Van Ysselstyne. 

Helena, b. about 1681 ; m. Nov. 7, 1707, Harpert Van Deusen. 

wis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen Van Deursen and Helena Rob- 
berts, b. about 1665; m. (1) Sept 22, 1689, Cornelia Martense 
Van Buren, dau. of Marten Cornelissen Van Buren and Maretje 
Quackenbosch, his first wife, of Rensselaerswyck Colony, who 
mentions her in his Will dated Apr. 10, 1703 (for Van Buren 
line see related families) ; m. (2) Aug. 2, 1718, Geertruy Van 
Benthuysen. On Jan. 20, 1695, he was accepted as a member of 
the Church at Kinderhook (Holland Society Year Book, 1904, 
p. 10). There is recorded in Albany the transfer of two tracts 
of land in Claverack from Hendrick Van Rensselaer to said 
Robert Teuwis, in Sept, 1718, (Book E., pp. 422, 424). Resi- 
dence, in June, 1720, Claverack, according to a list of Freeholders 
of that town. 

• Children by die first wife, bap. in Albany: 

Johannes, bap. July 13, 1690; sps. Marretje Martens, Marten 
Cornelis and Teunis Abrahams; m. Aug. 26, 1712, Chris- 
tina Van Alen. 

Matbeus, bap. Nov. 1, 1691 ; sps. Pieter Martens, Catelentje 
Jacobs. He was living in 1748-9. 

Marten, bap. Feb. 2, 1694; sps. Rut Mekherts (Van Deusen), 
Catelyntje Martens; m. (1) Dec 25, 1719, Elbertje Vander 
Pod; (2) Feb. 19, 1744, Zara Gardinier, at Kinderhook, in 
the presence of Elder John Goes. 

Tobias, bap. Aug. 16, 1696; sps. Antoni Bries, Tryntie Bries ; 
m. Mar 21, 1725, Ariaantje Muller (Miller). 

Robbert, bap. Sept 1, 1700; sps. Marten and Marrytje van 
Buren; m. Nov. 22, 1724, Christiana Roorpagh (Roorbach). 

JOHANNES VAN DEUSEN, eldest son of Robert Teuwis 
Van Deusen and his first wife, Cornelia Martense Van Buren, bap. 
at Albany, July 13, 1690; m. Aug. 26, 1712, Christina Van Alen, 

330 Histoey or CofcNiLis Maissbk Van Buinr 

dau. of Lawrence Van Alen and Elbertie Evertse Backer of 
Kinderfaook (see his Will). He was a member of Captain Abra- 
ham Van Alstyne's company in Albany in 1715 and Captain of 
a company of Militia in Kinderfaook in 1733. He resided in 
Kinderfaook; was a farmer and land owner. 


Robbert, bap. Sept 27, 1713, at Albany; sps. Harpert van 
Densen and Tryntie Bries; m. Catherina Van Alen. 

Elbertie, bap. May 8» 1715, at Albany; sps, WOlem and Maria 
van Alen; d. y. 

Elbertie, bap. Dec 16, 1716, at Albany; sps. Jan Van Alstyn, 
Engdtk van Ness; m. about- 1740, Peter Van Buren (see his 

Catherina, bap. Aug. 20, 1720, at Albany; sps, Melchart and 
Catherina van der Pod; d. y. 

Maria, bap. May 3, 1722, at Albany; sps, Pieter and Lydia 
* vanDyk. 

Catherina, bap. Sept 17, 1726, at Kinderfaook; sps. Mekh 
and Catherina Van der Poel ; m. Mar. 27, 1753, Isaac Hoes. 

Johannes, bap. Apr. 20, 1728, at Kinderfaook ; sps. Leendert 

and Jannetie Conyn; m. probably, Elixabeth ; d. about 


I»ucas, bap. Jan. 12, 1735, at Kinderfaook; sps. Lucas Van 
Alen, Elizabeth Van Alen; m. at Claverack, Nov. 11, 1761, 
Jannetje Van Slyck; residence in 1770, Coxsaclrie, N. Y.; 
no children recorded; was an Elder in the church there in 
1801. In 1767 he was a member of Captain Marte Halen- 
beck's Company. He offered to loan the State £1,200, to 
be paid on or before June 1, 1761, at 6 per cent per an- 
num (Sup. N. Y. in Rev. 196). 

Louwrenz, m. Christyn Barheyt 

MARTEN VAN DEUSEN, son of Robert Teuwis Van 
Deusen and Cornelia Martense Van Buren; bap. at Albany, Feb. 
21, 1694; m. (1) Dec 25/1719, Elbertie Van Der Poel, dau. of 
Mdcbert Van Der Pod and Catherine Van Alen of Kinderfaook; 
m. (2) Feb. 19, 1744* Zara Gardenier, M in the presence of Elder 
Goes. 9 ' In 1715 he was a member of Captain Jonas Douw's 

Allied Families 331 

Company of Albany. Will dated Oct 2, 1774; proved Sept 17, 
1782. He resided in Pawling Precinct, Dutchess County. 

Children by first wife: 

Cornelia* bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 22, 1720; sps. Matth. and 

Geertruy Van Deuse; m. about 1741, Laurens Van Alen. 
Catherina, bap. at Albany, Oct 14, 1722; sps. Laurens and 

Ariaantje Van Der Poel. 
Robert, bap, at Livingston, Aug. 19, 1724; sps. Robert Van 

Deusen, HiUetje Retteyf; residence, Pawling's Precinct, 

Dutchess County, N. Y. 
Melchert, bap. at Albany, Apr. 17, 1726; sps. Melchert Van 

Deusen, Maria Groesbeck; d. y. 
Ariaantie, bap. at Kinderhook, Nov. 10, 1728; sps. Joh. Van 

Deusen, Ariaantie Van Buren; m. about 1754, David Rauch. 
Catalyntje, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 25, 1730; sps. Ariaantje 

Vander Pod; d. y. 
Johannes, bap. at Kinderhook, June 2, 1732; sps. Johannes 

Van Der Poel, Catherina Van Alen; m. June 17, 1781, 

Elizabeth Huyck. 
Catilina, bap. at Kinderhook, June 15, 1735; sps. Lucas and 

Elizabeth Van Alen. 
Melchert, bap. at Albany, Feb. 22, 1738; sps. Abraham and 

Antje Van Der Pod. 
Elbertje, bap. at Kinderhook, Feb. 9, 1740; sps. Lucas and 

Elizabeth Van Alen. 

By second wife: 

Geertje, b. at Staatsburgh, Dutchess County, N. Y., about 
1750; m. Oct 23, 1771, at Kinderhook, Abraham Van 
Deusen of Livingston. 

TOBIAS VAN DEUSEN, son of Robbert Teuwissz Van 
Deusen and Cornelia Van Buren, was bap. at Qaverack, Aug. 
16, 1696; m. at Livingston, Mar. 21, 1724, Ariaantje Mutter 
(Miller), who d. prior to 1772. Tobias d. Oct 17, 1781. In his 
Will, dated Jan. 15, 1772, he names his children, Robert, Johannes, 
Tobias, Helltje, Araentje and Mary ; his three sons, with David 
Brouwer as executors; witness, Robert Van Deusen; probated 
Jan. 7, 1782. He lived in Qaverack; was a farmer. 

332 History of Cqrnklis Maessen Van Buun 


Robert T., bap. at Livingston, Feb. 22, 1726; sps. Ro. and 

Geertnty van Deusen; m. about 1746, Marytje Oostrander. 
Cornelia, bap, at Claverack, May 30, 1738; sps: Pieter and 

Jannetie Hoogeboom, Cornelia Muller, Mareytie Van Alen; 

m. about 1749, Leah Oostrander (not men t io n ed in his 

father's Will). 
Johannes, bap.. May 30, 1728; sps, same as Cornells; m. (1) 

May 29, 1750, Christynje De La Matre; (2) after 1770, 

Maritie — — . 


Qeyltje, bap. May 30, 1730, at Kinderhook; sps. Stephanus 

Van Alen, Ariaantje Hoogeboom; m. about 1750, Peter 

Cornelia, bap. at Kingston, Nov. 26, 1732; sps. Arend Van 

Dyck, Helletje Van-Dyck ; probably d. y. 
Ariaantje, bap. at Livingston, Feb. 9, 1734; sps. Chr. and 

R. Muller; m. Jan. 3, 1756, Hendricus Muller. 
Tobias T., bap. at daveradc, Feb. 5, 1737; sps. Robbert and 

Christyna Van Deusen; m. Mar. 15, 1758, Cornelia Van 

Deusen, dau. of Robert Van Deusen. 
Maria, bap. at Claverack, Jan. 26, 1740; sps. Jeremias and 

Maria Muller; m. Oct 13, 1771, at Kinderhook, Claude 

De La Matre. 

ROBERT VAN DEUSEN, a son of Robbert Teuwissx Van 
Deusen and Cornelia Martense Van Buren; bap. in Albany, Sept 
1, 1700; m. Nov. 22, 1724, at Kingston, by Domine Georg W51- 
helm Mandus, Christiana Roorback From the regi s t er s of the 
First Reformed Church at Kingston we have the following record 
of his m«: "Robbert Van Deuse, y. m. b. in Claverak in the 
Manor of Rensselaerwyck and Christiana Roorpagh, y. d. b. 
in Hoogsduytsland and both residing in the Manor of Livingstond 
m. on the presentation of a certificate that three Sabba t h publica- 
tions had been made without objection in the church of the 
Mannor Livingstund November 22, 1724.° He d. Sept 30, 1777, 
and was buried at Spook's Rock. 

Robbert, bap. at Claverack, Feb. 7, 1727; sps, Tobias and 
Ariaante (Muller) Van Deusen; m. Jan., 1750, Catherina 
Van Ham. 

Allied Families 333 

Cornelia, bap. at Claverack, Nov. 19, 1727; sps. Casparus and 
Hcndrikjc Conyn. 

Johannes, bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 14, 1728; sps. Job. and 
Christina Van Deosen ; ol about 1753, Fytje Roorbach. 

Dewes (Matthew), bap. at Caatsban, Apr. 15, 1731 ; sps. Con- 
rad and Rachel Ham. A memo, by Conrad Van Deusen 
is as follows: "The Rev. Matthew Van Deusen of New- 
burgh, N. Y., is about 51 or 53 years old; he is the son of 
Jacob Van Deusen, who was a son of Matthew Van Deusen, 
brother of my grandfather, Robert Van Deusen. Said 
Matthew married, but d. without issue. Newburgh, Nov., 

James, bap. at Germantown, Sept 30, 1733 ; sps. James Ochi- 
bee, Anne Catherina; m. about 1759, Elizabeth Smith. 

Cornelia, bap. at Livingston, June 15, 1735; sps. Th. and 
G. Van Deusen; m. Mar. 15, 1758, Tobias T. Van Deusen. 

Marten, bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 29, 1737; S P S - ^ ar - van 
Duse, Elbertje Van Dense; m. Nov. 1, 1764, Elizabeth 

Barend,bap. at Livingston, Aug. 17, 1740; sps. Mattheus Van 
Deusen, Santje BrattQ; m. about 1765, Jenneke Schut 

Christiana, bap. at Claverack, Oct 17, 1742; sps. Martin and 
Marhgritta Ham; m. Mar. ia, 1763, Isaac Spoor. 

Christina, bap. at Germantown, Sept 1, 1745; sps. Casper 
Ham and Helche Van Dese; m. Oct 28, 1768, Tobias R. 
Van Deusen. 

Tobias R^ bap. at Livingston, May ai, 1748; sps. Robert Van 
Deusen, Jr.; Catharina Van Den Bergh; m. (1) in 1771, 
Hannah Spoor; (a) Feb. 15, 1789, Lynjtje Van Deusen, 
dau. of Robert T. Van Deusen. 

Abraham R., b. about 1756; m. Oct 23, 1771, Geertje Van 
Deusen, dau. of Marten Van Deusen. 

JAN TEUWISSE VAN DEUSEN, son of Teuwis (Mat- 
theus) Abrahamsen Van Deusen and Helena Robberts, b. about 
1668; m* Mar. 1, 1695, Marritie Martense Van Buren, dau. of 
Marten Corndisse Van' Buren and Marritje Quackenbosch, his 
first wife. At the time of their m. they were both residents of 
Albany. On Jan. aa, 1696, Jan Teuwisse and his wife were mem- 
bers of the Dutch Church at Albany. He d. about 1700, his widow 

334 Histoey or Coiktt.t* Maisskn Van Bubek 

marrying again Dec ao, 1702, at the house of Albert Rykman, 
Mayor of Albany, Cornells Gerritsen Van den Berg, "y» ul 
Ret. CoL of R.," by whom she had a son, Gerrit Van Den Berg, 
bap. Albany, Sept 19, 1703 ; sps* Reyer Gerritse, Marretje Van 
Dense; m. July 15, 1729, Margarita Van Vechten; bap. Mar. 3, 
1706; datL of Volchert Van Vcchten and Lidia Wessdse Ten 
Brack, dan. of Diik Wessdscn Ten Brack and Styntje Van 
Bvol Gcfrit V» Dm Beg 4. Oct, 1731. 


Mathens, bap. at Albany, Jan. 19, 1696; sps. Albeit and 
• Nedtje Rykman; m. June a, 1716, Engdtie Slingerland. 
Jan, bap. at New York, Sept 9, 1699; sps, Jacob Van Dear- 
sen, Tryntje Van Deursen; h. v. van (wife of) Samson 
Bensen; m. Oct. 16, 1719, Hillegond Roosa of Hurley, 
Ulster County, N. Y. 

MATTHEUS VAN DEUSEN, son of Jar Teuwisss Van 
Deusen and Maria Martense Van Buren, was bap, in Albany, Jan. 
19, 1696; m. there June 2, 1716, Engdtie Slingerlandt, h. July 
10, 1698; dau. of Albert Slingerlandt and Hester Brekker. In 
Oct, 1715, he was a member of Captain Johannis Mingael's 
Company of Militia in city of Albany. 


Johannes, bap. in Albany, Feb. 37, 1717; sps. Harpert van 
Deusen and Geertruy Slingerlandt ; m. Apr. 19, 1745, Mary- 
tie Winne. 

Arent, bap. in Albany, Apr. 9, 1719; sps. Theunis Slinger- 
landt, Maria Mingaal; m. Apr. 20, 1745, Catherina Wal- 

JAN VAN DEUSEN, son of Jan Teuwissz Van Deusen and 
Maritie Martense Van Buren, was b. in Claverack and bap. in 
New York, Sept 9, 1699; m. Oct 16, 1719, Hillegonda (Hulda) 
Roosa, b. at Hurley, N. Y.; bap. at Kingston, Aug. 9, 1696; dau. 
of Gysbert Roosa and Greitje Hendrickse Bond of Hurley. 

In 171 5 Jan was a member of "Cap'n Johannes Shepnoe's 
Foot Company of Militia for the Towne of Horley 9 in Ulster 
County, Jacob Riisten, Col." He is recorded as a freeholder in 
that town in 1728, and a slave owner there in 1755. He was also 

AiLiro Familus 335 

a member of the Light Horse of Kingston under Capt Philip 
Hoogehtcling. He was a Justice of the Peace for Ulster County 
in 1741 (Olde Ulster, 1910, p. 85), and d. before 179a Resi- 
dence, in Hurley, Ulster County, N. Y.; occupation, bl a ck s mith . 


Jan, bap. in Kingston, May 1, 1720; sp&> Jan Roosa, HQle- 
good Bocoe; m. U) l*lj *-V *74U at K2n$5wu* CqokU* 

WilhHmm, hap. at Kingston, Jan. 6, 1723; sps. Tobias Van 

Buren, Lena Bogardus ; m. about 1750, Christina. Kittle 

Jacob, bap. at Kingston, Apr. 30, 1727; sps. Anthony Jansz 

Chrispel, Marytjen ChrispeL He may have been a member 

in May, 1767, of Capt John Winnee's "Coemnie" of Militia 

in Albany. 
Cornells, bap. at Kingston, Jan. 35, 1730; sps. Cornelis Elven- 

dorff, Engeltjen Heermans; m* Lena or Lea 

Marretjen, bap, at Kingston, Nov. 5, 1732; sps. Jan Alberts 

Roosa, Marytjen Roosa. 

wis (Mattheus) Abrahamsen Van Deusen and Helena Robberts; 
b. about 1660; m. (1) at Albany, Oct 21, 1685, Mathys Jansz 
Hoes or Goes, as it was originally spelled, son of Jan Tysen 
Goes of Kinderhook and Styntie Van Hoesen (see record of 
Hoes family). 

In 1715 Mathys was a member of Capt Abraham Van Alstyn's 
Company of Militia at Albany. In a "list of die Heads of Fam- 
ilies and the number of men, women and children in each house- 
hold, in die City and County of Albany the 16th of June, 1697" 
(MunseD's Annals of Albany, Vol. 9, p. 81, et seq.), the family 
of Mathys Jansz Hoes is stated to consist of one man, one woman 
and three children, the latter being die two oldest and the fifth 
child Dirk; the other two, the third and fourth, having d., pre- 
sumably, as no record of them is found beyond that of their 
baptism, and Dirk had been bap. just a month previous to the 
taking of this list The date of Mathys' death is not known, 
but on July 8th, 1723, at Albany, the "Widow Cornelia Hoes" 
m. (2) William Hallenbeck (Albany Church Records), whose 

336 History of Cqrnklis Mabssen Van Buun 

first wife was Feytie Dirksz, dau. of Dirk Teunnessen Van 
Vechten and Jannctk Michids of Katsldll, to whom he was m. 
May 23, 1697, and by whom he had several children. 

Children (from Albany Church Records) by the first husband : 

Jan Hoes. bap. Aug. 7, 1687; sps. Styntje Goes, Jan Tys* 
Goes; m. about 1715, Eytie Vosburgh (see related families 
for this line). # 

Mattheus Hoes, bap. Mar. 9, 1690; sps. Tryntje Winne, 
Thomas Winne; m. Jannetje Bries (see related families 
fpr this line). 

Johannes Hoes, bap. May 8, 1693; sps. Johannes T. Mingaal, 
Marritje Wendell; d. prior to 1697. 

Breech je Hoes, bap. Jan. 20, 1695 ; sps. Jan Tys* (Goes), Lena 
Teusz (Van Deusen) ; d. prior to 1697. 

Dirk Hoes, bap. May 16, 1687; *!*• Qaaa Lucas, Catalyntje 
Teuwisz (Van Deusen) ; m. about 1725, Elsie Van Valken- 
burgh (see related families for this line). 

Lena Hoes, bap. Jan. 7, 1700; sps. Abrahams Janssen (Van 
Alsteyn), Marritje Van Deusen; m. with banns at Albany, 
Jan. 30, 1720, Pieter Vosburgh, son of Isaac Vosburgh and 
Anneke Jans Hoes; bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 3, 169a 
Issue: Anna Vosburgh, bap. at Albany, Aug. 28, 1720; sps. 
David and Christina Van Dyck; Mattias Vosburgh, bap. at 
Albany, Oct 7, 1722; sps. Sander Van Aalstyne and Chris. 

Harbert Hoes, bap. July 5, 1702; sps. Ruth Van Deusen, 
Catalyntje Van Deusen ; was sponser at a baptism at Loon- 
enburgh, now Athens, in 1736. 

Christina Hoes, bap. Aug. 6, 1704; sps. Pieter Mingaal, Mar- 
garita Mingaal ; m. Michael Hallenbeck, a son of her step- 
father William Janse Hallenbeck, by his first wife, Feitje 
Dirkse Van Vcchten ; bap. at Albany, Mar. 9, 1707. Issue : 
Feitje Hallenbeck, bap. at Loonenbuigh, Mar. 22, 1729; 
Dirk Hallenbeck, bap, at Loonenbuigh, July, 1736; Cor- 
nelia Hallenbeck, bap. at Loonenbuigh, Mar. 22, 1739; 
Abraham Hallenbeck, bap. at Loonenburgh, Nov. 4, 1741 ; 
Ephraim Hallenbeck, bap. at Loonenburgh, Nov* 17, 1743 ; 
Michael Hallenbeck, bap. at Claverack, May 22, 1748. 

Allied Families 337 

Tryntje (or Wintje) Hoes, bap. Sept i, 1706; sps. Paulus 
Van Vlcq (Van Vleck) and Maria Van Den Berg. 

Ephraim Hoes, bap, Jan. 9, 1709; sps. Jan Goes, Magaddena 
Van Beuren; m. Mar. 2, 1731, Cornelia Van Schaack (see 
related families). 

Marretjen Hoes, bap. Feb. 17, 171a ; sps. Melgert Van Deusen, 
Engdtjen Rutse; m. (i) Samuel Hallenbedc, son of Wil- 
liam Hallenbedc and Feitje Dirkse Van Vechten; (2) June 

10, 1736, at Athens, Evert Bond, son of Hendrik Bond 
and Jannetje Evertsz. Issue : Samuel Hallenbedc, b. Mar. 
l 9* 1731; Thys (Matthys) Bond, bap. May 26, 1737; Jan 
Bond, bap. Apr. 9, 1743; all at Athens. 


ISAAK VAN DEUSEN, son of Johannes Van Deusen and 
Elisabeth Huyck of Kinderhook (Johannes was a son of Marten 
Van Deusen and Elberties Van Der Pod; and he was son of 
Robert Teuwissx Van Deusen and Cornelia Martens Van Buren), 
was bap. at Kinderhook Feb. 14, 1784; m. March 20, 1810, Lydia 
Van Buren (whose daughter was she?). They were residents 
at Kinderhook, Saratoga and later of Niagara Co., N. Y., where 
he died March 6, 1856; his wife died Aug. 22, 187a He was a 


Elizabeth Van Deusen, b. Feb. 15, 1811; d. unm. 

Catherine Maria, b. Nov. 28, 1812 ; bap. at Schagticoke, Mar. 
7, 1813 ; no sps. ; d. unm. 

John I., b. May 3, 1815; m. May 12, 1847, Charlotte Ed- 

Peter, b. Mar. 29, 1818; d. Feb. 27, 189$; m. Sept 11, 1851, 
Lucinda Brace; d. Apr. 11, 1883; residence, Niagara 
County, N. Y. ; occupation, farmer. Issue : Nettie May, 
b. Apr. 4, 1856; m. May 16, 1877, Beach T. Standish; 
they resided at Lockport, N. Y. Carrie Bell, b. Sept. 

11, 1858; m. Mar. 5, 1880, Homer E. Swick. 
Cornelia, b. Dec. 16, 1820; m. Sept. 7, 1854, Ruth Cook. 

They resided in Lockport, N. Y. Issue : DeWitt Cook, 
b. Sept 8, 1862; m. Nov. 27, 1893, Margaret May 


Spence; residence, St Catherines, Ont; hotelkeeper. 

Issue: Emily Ruth, b. Sept 7, 1899; d. Oct 7, 1902. 
Henry Tobias, b. Sept 11, 1823; m. Jan. 2, 1866, Esther 

Lewis. Issue: Frank, who resides in Lockport, N. Y. 
Lydia Ann, b. June 1, 1825 ; unm. 

CORNELIA VAN DEUSEN, dau. of Robert T. Van 
Deuseri and Marytje Oostrander (Robert T. was the oldest son 
of Tobias Van Deusen and Ariaantje Muller ; and Tobias was 
a son of Robbert Teuwissz Van Deusen and Cornelia Martens 
Van Buren); wis bap. Jan. 13, 1765, at Claverack; sps. 
Mathys Halenbesck and wife. Cornelia m. Sept 8, 1782; at 
Claverack, John Van Buren (whose son was he?). He was 
a member of the Fourth Regiment Albany Co. Militia during 
the Rev. War. 

MARYTJE VAN DEUSEN, dau. of Robert J. Van Deusen 
and Catharina Van Alen of Kinderhook. Robert was a son of 
Johannes and Christina Van Alen Van Deusen; Johannes was a 
son of Robert Teuwisss Van Deusen and his wife Cornelia Mar- 
tens Van Buren; was bap. at Kinderhook, Apr. 23, 1770; d. Mar. 
18, 1813; buried at Valatia, N. Y.; m. about 1789, John A. Van 
Buren who d. Mar. 31, 1808. Whose son was he? He was an 
Ensign in the Seventh Regt Albany County Militia. 

Children, bap. at Kinderhook, sps. "Ouders" (parents). 

Abraham Van Buren, bap. Apr. 25, 1791. 

Catrina Van Buren, b. June 37, 1793 ; bap. July 22, 1792. 

Robert Van Buren, b. Jan. 4 ; bap. Mar. 2, 1794. - 

Maria Van Buren, b. Oct 30; bap. Dec. 6, 1795. ~ 

John Van Buren, b. July 16; bap. Aug. 19, 1798. 

Eva Christina Van Buren, b. Apr. 30; bap. June 28, 180 1. 

Elizabeth Van Buren, b. Apr. 7; bap. July 19, 1803. 

William Van Buren, b. Apr. 29, 1805. 

Peter Van Buren, bap. Feb. 20, 1807. 



tor of the family of this name was one of the proprietors of land 
at Schenectady in 1663, and later was one of the settlers of Clav- 

Allied Families 339 

erack. In an affidavit of Oct 28, 1660, (Notarial Papers 1, 36* 
Albany County Clerk's Office), he states that in his youth he had 
lived for many years at Houten, in the Bishopric of Utrecht, 
(Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts, p. 181). He has often 
been confused with Marten Cornelisz Van Buren, the second son 
of Cornells Van Buren the ancestor of that family. 


land, was a son of Goevert Van Gaasbeck, of Holland; he grad- 
uated from the University of Leyden with honors. He received 
the degree of M.D. May 2, 1674. He arrived in America, May 
13, 1678, with his wife Laurentia Van de Kellemaar whom he 
had m. in Holland, May 28, 1673. His ^ rst charge was at King- 
ston, where he built up a large congregation and caused to be 
erected a stone church on the corner of Wall and Main Streets, 
built in Holland style. 

He was a member of the first ecclesiastical body of the Dutch 
Church in America, 1679. He died in New York, in 1680, his wid. 
m. Major Thomas Chambers who also d. Apr. 8» 1694; she m. 
the third time Sept 26, 1695, Wessd Ten Broeck, Sr. Major 
Thomas Chambers left property to the children of the Domine; 
leaving his manor Foxhall to die Domine's eldest son on con- 
dition that he assume the name of Chambers. Children: 

Jacomyntje, b. Nov. 26, 1673, at Leyden, Holland ; d. Jan. 29, 
1 741; m. June 6, 1694, Wessel Ten Broeck, Jr. 

Maria, b. Dec 10, 1674, at Leyden; m. 1693, Francis Sales- 

Abraham, b. Dec. 16, 1679; d. Sept 28, 1759. 

CHAMBERS, b. Dec 16, 1679; d. Sept 28, 1759; buried in the 
Foxhall vault at Rondout (Kingston), N. Y. He m. Aug. 26, 
1703, at New York, Sarah Bayard. By the will of his stepfather 
he became the Lord of Foxhall Manor and became one of the 
most influential men in Esopus. Children: 

Laurentius, b. July 11, 1704; d. Oct 15, 1705. 

Blandina, b. Nov. 16, 1705; d. Aug. 7, 1784; m. Dec 15, 1727, 
Wessd Ten Broeck. 

340 History of Coenelis Mabssbn Van Buun 

Thomas, b. Mar. 23, 1707; d. 1755; m. Dec. 22, 1732, Mar- 

Anna Maria, bap. Oct. ao, 1708; d. May 10, 1761; m. Jan. ia 9 

1735, Lawrence Salesberg. 
Lawrence, b. Mar. 4, 1710; d. Aug. id, 1785. 
Peter, b. July ax, 1712; d. Oct 17, 1731. 
Abraham, b. Oct 21, 1714; d. Dec. 31, 1715. 
Sarah, b. Apr. 30, 1716; m. Aug. 36, 1744, Abraham Dela- 

mater, Jr. 
Abraham, b. Dec. 3, 1718; m. June x, 1751, Sarah Ten 

Catherine, b. Dec 3, 1718 (twin of Abraham) ; d. Mar. 28, 

1785; m. Jan. 6, 1738, Anthony Hoffman. 
John, b. Dec 26, 1720; d. Sept 8, 1759; m. Aug. 16, 174$, 

Antje Louw. 
William, b. Jan. II, 1723; d. Nov. 6, 1792; m. Dec 7, 1750, 

Pafrharj ne Ddamater. 
* Elisabeth, b. Aug. 21, 1725 ; d. Mar. 26, 1734. 

THOMAS VAN GAASBECK, son ol Abraham Van 
Gaashrrtr Chambers and Sarah Bayard, b. Mar. 23, 1707; d. 
I755J ro* D^ 22 * I 73 2 » Margaret Elmendorf ; he inherited from 
his father a large portion of the Foxhall Manor. In 1738, 
he was Cornetist for the troopers under command of Capt John 
Ten Broeclc Children: 

Thomas, bap. Sept 9, X733; d. in infancy. 

Jacobus, bap. Feb. 27, 1737; d. Jan. 23, 1835; m. Nov. 5, 

1766, Deborah Kiersted. 
Sarah, bap. Dec 4, 1743; d. Sept 6, 1795; m. Philip Whit- 

Antje, bap. Jan. 11, 1747; m. Aug. 10, 1783, Tobias Van 

Abraham, b. Jan. 14, 1750; d. 175a 
Elizabeth, b. Mar. 4, 1753; m. Feb. 5, 1781, Marius Groen. 

WILUAM VAN GAASBECK, son of Abraham Van 
Gaasbeck Chambers and Sarah Bayard, b. Jan. n, 1723; m. 
Dec 7, 1750, Catharine Delamatcr ; he d. Nov. 6 f 1792. Children: 

Christina Van Gaasbeck, bap. Oct 20, 1751 ; m. about 1780, 
Phillipus Van Buren, son of Cornelia and Zara Hoogtelling, 

Allied Families 341 

- m. 

K Dec 4, 1743. Issue: Cocndis Van Bucn. bap^ Oct ax, 
1781; at Fdka8>iSa2, Maria Reuor \\TItiam Van Buita, 
Up. Dec i, 178a; <L Oct la, 1857; m. Mar. act, 1803, 
Eliza Roosa. Phillipus, Jr., Van Buren, bap. Nov. 7, 1784 ; 
m. Bessie Davis. Catharina Van Buren, bap. Apr. 16, 1 786. 
Blamtina Van Buren, bap. Dec. 23, 1787; m. Mar. 3, 1813, 
Morgan Coon. Annatje Van Buren, bap. June 14, 1789. 
Elizabeth Van Buren, bap. Oct 17, 1790; m. Feb. 37, 1820, 
Tennis P. Houghteelling; she d. Feb. 18, 1824. John Van 
Buren, bap. Nov. 13, 1791. 

CATHARINE VAN GAASBECK, dau. of Abraham Van 
Gaasbeck Chambers and his wife Sarah Bayard was born Dec 
3, 1718, a twin. She d. Mar. 28, 1785; m. Jan. 6, 1738, Anthony 
Hoffman, who was bap. Mar. 11, 1718, and d. Dec 5, 1784; he 
was a son of Nicholas Hoffman and his wife, Janetje dispell; 
he was a trustee of Kingston, almost continuously from 1743- 
1783; also a civil m ag istr ate during most of this time 

Annatje Hoffman the sixth child of Anthony and Catharine 
Van Gaasbeck Hoffman, was m. to Philip Van Buren (son of?). 

JACOBUS VAN. GAASBECK, son of Thomas and Margaret 
Elmcndorf Van Gaasbeck, was bap. Feb. 27, 1737; d. Jan. 23, 
1825; m. Nov. 5, 1766, Deborah Kiersted Children: 

x Catherine, b. Apr. 20, 1768; d. Aug. 15, 1854. 
Margaret, b. Dec 13, 1769; d. 1828. 
Thomas Chambers, b. Aug. 29, 1772; d. Aug. 15, 1857; m. 

Nov. 10, 1791, Margaret Folant 
Ariaantje, b. Feb. 5, 1775; d. Aug. 14, 1852; m. Feb. 14, 

1799, William Swart 

Christopher, b. Aug. 6, 1777; d. Dec 20, 1864; m. Apr. 24, 

1800, Catherine Osterhout 
Jacobus, b. Feb. 2, 178a 

Peter, b. Dec 16, 1782; d. Dec 16, 1870; m. Dec ix, 1810, 

\_rainenne ditpp. 
William, b. Aug. 14, 1786; d. 1786. 
Abraham, b. Jan. 21, 1788; d. Dec 21, 1854; m. July 9, 1811, 

Catherine Beekman. 

DR. JACOBUS (James) VAN GAASBECK, son of Jaco- 
bus and Deborah (Kiersted) Van Gaasbeck; b. Feb. 2, 1780; d. 

342 History or Cornus Maessen Van Busbn 

Apr. 14, 1863; m. (1) Helen Boyd; m. (2) Susan Parsons 
Sanderson. He was a physician for years in Middlebory, Scho- 
harie County, N. Y. He was an active member and officer in the 
Reformed Church. Children by the first wife: 

Eliza G, b. Aug. 4, 1811 ; m. 1836, Elijah Parsons. 

Deborah, b. Sept 14, 1812; d. unmarried. 

Margaret; b. Aug. 4, 1814; m. 1840, Israel Larken. 

Alexander B., b. Apr. 11, 181& 

William, b. Mar. 29, 1818; d. Dec. 19, 1903; m. June 6, 1840, 

Helen Ford. 
John, b. Oct ao, iSao; d. Dec. 19, 1902; m. Mary Groat of 

Edwin, b. Mar* 1823. 
Child by second wife : 

Sarah P., b. July 14, 1826. 

£us and Helen (Boyd) Van Gaasbeck, was b. at Middleburg, Apr. 
11, 1816; m. 1850, Antoinette Hoyte Keder. 

He was educated in private schools. Began a business career 
very early in Middleburg, and in Albany, first as clerk and in 
1836, for himself with partners, but eventually alone. Next 
he caught the gold fever and went to Panama where he formed 
a partnership with Amos Corwin, the U. S. Consul, he remained 
there until 1850, when he returned to Albany and m. and returned 
to Panama. Climatic conditions soon forced him to return again 
to Albany where he engaged successfully in the carpet busi- 
ness. He retired in 1901. He was an active member of the 
First Reformed Dutch Church. Politically he was a Whig and 
later a Republican; he was often offered offices but always de- 
clined. Children: 

Amos Corwin, b. July 29, 1852; m. Nov. 4, 2874, Helen N. 

Theodore Cuyler, b. Nov. 22, 1854; d. Dec 17, 1858. 
James Boyd, b. Dec 6, 1856; d. Dec 6, 1858. - 
John Irwin, b. Apr. 30, 1859; d. Dec 29, 1875. 
Mary, b. June 15, i860; d. Aug. 11, 186a 
Bertha, b. Jan. 17, 1864; d. July 31, 1864. 

Allied Families 343 

b. Mar. 30, 1868; m. Oct 3, 18949 John F. 

Alexander and William (twins), b. Dec. 1, 1869. 

A dau., May 7, 1871. 

1773; d. Aug. 15, 1857; m. Nov. 10, 17919 Margaret Folant 
(Thomas Chambers was the third child and oldest son of Jaco- 
bus and Deborah (Kierstede) Van Gaasbeck.) 

Their third child, Christopher, b. Aug. 21, 1796; m. June 2, 
1820, Christina Van Bramer, dau. of Thomas H. and Sarah 
(Van Buren) Van Bramer. Whose dau. was this Sarah 
Van Buren? 

The ninth child, Margaret, bap. Dec 27, 1801 ; m. Oct 13, 
1831, John Roosa Van Buren. He was a son of William 
and Elizabeth (Roosa) Van Buren; he was b. Jan. 199 1807 
(see his record). Issue: Egbert Van Buren, b. Mar. 15, 
1834 ; d. Apr. 8, 1885 ; m. Jan. 22, 1853, Mary C. Logendyke. 

William Van Buren, b. Mar. 299 1842; m. . Ezra Van 

Buren, b. Oct 27, 1848; d. Apr. 14, 1892; m. Mar. 3, 18799 
Carrie E. Abrams. 

pher and Catharine (Osterhout) Van Gaasbeck, was bap. Nov. 6, 
1803 (the second child); m. Jan. 13, 1831, Eliza Helen Van 
Buren, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Roosa) Van Buren, she 
was b. Nov. 6, 1810; d. July 18, 1880. Children: 

Maria Rebecca Van Gaasbeck, b. Dec 6, 1831; m. Jan. 5, 
1849, James Henry Du Bois, they had thirteen children 
which see listed under Eliza Helen's record. 

Washington Van Gaasbeck, b. Oct 5, 1834; m. Mar. 18, 
1856, Caroline Hawkins, and had nine children, listed under 
Eliza Helen's record. 

William Van Gaasbeck, b. Mar. 8, 1837; d. Mar. 14, 1895; 
m. Mary Jane Delamater. 

Tennis Van Gaasbeck, b. Oct 1, 1846; m. Mar. 8, 1871, Emma 
Fries and had five children, which are listed under Eliza 
Helen's record. 

344 History or Coenhjs Mabssin Van Bun* 


land, came to America some time before 16549 when on Apr. 19, 
he was m. in New Amsterdam to Anneken Wessds, who was 
b. in Colen, Holland It is supposed that he had been previously 
m. and that his son Cornells was the son of this first wife. 

CORNELIS HENDRICKSEN, m. about 1625, Mayken Hen- 
drickse Burchgraeff, dau. of Hendrick Adratnsen Burchgraeff 
and Annatie Janse, of Laeckervelt (whose mother left her in 
1630, a legacy oi 3 morgens of land in Scherpenwyck). 

He m. second* 1664, Maria Damen, a wid. first of Dirck Van 
Epps, and second of Hendricks Andriessen Van Doesburgh. 

He was a brewer and came to Beverwyck in 1642, he owned a 
house and lot and brewery in Greenbnsh. In 1684 he was 
"Radts Persoon" or magistrate in Renssdaersburgh. 

JAN VAN NESS, was the second son of Cornells Hendrick- 
sen and Mayken Hendricks Burchgraeff; hem. Aaltie— . He 
was in Greenbush, in 1663; Cahoos Island, 1681 ; Halve Moon, 
170a Children: 

Hendrickje, bap. Nov. 16, 1684. 
Johannes, bap. Nov. 7, 1646. 
Maria, bap. Mar. 3, 1689. 

HENDRICKJE JANSE VAN NESS, bap. Nov. 16, 1684; 
m. Jan. 27, 1703, Cornelia (Hendrick, Cornells) Van Buren. 

Lysbeth Van Buren, bap. Apr. 23, 1704. 

Willem Van Buren, bap. July 28, 1706; d. 1752; m. Teuntje 

Vanden Burgh. 
Aaltje Van Buren, bap. Apr. 25, 1709. 
Catalyntje Van Buren, bap. Feb. 10, 1712; d. y. 
Hendrick Van Buren, bap. Feb. 27, 1713; m. Aug. 3% 17381 

Geertruy Whibeck. 
Jan Van Buren, bap. Sept 4, 1715; m. 1740, Angnietie Co- 

nign; (2) m. 1750, Sara Bronck. 
Catalyntje Van Buren, bap. Dec. 11, 1717; m. Aug. 29, 1740, 

Jacob Jacobson Schermerhorn. 
Maria Van Buren, bap. July, 1721 ; d. y. 

Allied Families 345 

Maria Van Buren, bap. Feb. 24, 1725. 
Cornells Van Buren, bap. May 30, 1728; m. Dec 23, 1758, 
Mayeke Htm* 


The great Patroon whose sons came to America and managed 
his estates was Killian, who never came to America himself, but 
who kept in very close touch with affairs here, was a very suc- 
cessful merchant in Amsterdam, Holland. A very long and in- 
teresting article upon this important family can be found in the 
Hudson and Mohawk Families, by Lewis. 

His first wife was Hillegond Van Bytel; his second was 
Anna Wdy, who d. in Amsterdam, June 12, 1670, having survived 
him 24 years. Child of the first wife Johannes, heir to his father's 
estate died without issue. 

Children by second wife : 

Maria; d. unm, 

Jeremias, m. Maria, dau. of Oloff Stevensen Van Cordandt 
Hillegond, d. unm. 

Jan Baptiste, m. Susana Wely, d. Oct 18, 1688. He was 
the first to visit the colony. 

Susan, m. Jan de la Court 

Nicholas, a clergyman, for a time was Director of Rensselaer- 

wyck; m. Alida Schuyler, who d. Nov., 1688; he d. Nov., 

Ryckert, m. Anna Van Beumont 

JEREMIAS VAN RENSSELAER, d. Oct 12, 1674; m. 
1662, Maria Van Courtlandt, she d. Jan. 29, 1689, in her 44th 
year, leaving five children. 

In 1658, Jeremias succeeded Jan Baptiste as Director of the 
Colony. His son Killian was the first Lord of the Manor Ren- 

He conveyed to his brother Hendrick "Oaverac," die "Lower 
Manor"; from these two brothers are descended the numerous 
family of Van Rensselaer*. 

HENDRICK VAN RENSSELAER, son of Jeremias; m. 
Catharina, dau. of Johannes Pietersen Van Brugh and Catharina 

346 Histoiy or Xfctmua Maissew Van Buibh 

^i ■ *. 

Roeloffse (dan. of Annckc Janse), in New York, Mar. 19, 1689, 
or & She d. in Greenbush, Dec 6, 1730; he d. in Greenbush, 
July 2, 1740. Children: 

Maria, bap. in New York, Mar. 29, 1689; m. Samud Ten 

Gatarina, bap. Jan. 1, 1693. 
Anna, bap. Oct 1, 1693. 
Anna, bap. Feb- 2, 1696. 
Elizabeth, bap. May S, 1698. 
Elizabeth, bap. July 21, 170a 
Helena, bap. Oct 4, 1702. 
Jeremy, bap. Apr. 29, 1705. 
Johannes, bap. Jan. n, 1708. 
Hendrick, bap. Apr. 2, 1712. 
Killian, bap. Nov. 27, 1717. 

COL. KILLIAN VAN RENSSELAER, bap. Nov. 27, 1717; 
m. (1) Ariaantje Schuyler, who d, Oct 17, 1763; she was b. 
at Schenectady, Mar. 16, 1720. He m. (2) Maria, dau. of CoL 
John Low; she d July 11, 1801, aged 82 years; he d. Dec. 
28, 1781. Children: 

Hendrick, bap. Aug. 5, 1744. - ' 

Phillip, bap. June 7, 1747, d. Mar. 12, 1798. 

Catharina, bap. July 23, 1749. 

Nicholaas bap. June 30, 1751 ; d. y. 

Catarina, bap. Feb. 16, 1753; m. William H. Ludlow, she d. 

Apr. 29, 1772. 
Nicholaas, bap. Dec 26, 1754; m. Nov. 20, 1780, Elsie Van 

Buren, dau. of Cornelia, (Cornells, Hendrick, Cornelia), and 

Mayeke Hun, who was b. 1759. 
Elsie, bap. Feb. 26, 1758. 
Maria, bap. Oct 19, 1760; m. Leendert Gansevoort 
Killian, bap. June 9, 1763. 

1754; m. Nov. 20, 1780, to Elsie Van Buren, dau. of Cornelia 
(Cornells, Hendrick, Cornells), and Mayeke Hun, who was b. 
1759; she d. in Greenbush, Sept 28, 1844; he d. Mar. 29, 1848. 
He was a CoL in the Rev. Army. He was with Montgomery at 
the Storming of Quebec, also at Tkonderoga, Fort Miller, Fort 

Allibd Fahilibs 347 

Ann, and Bemis' Heights, and was deputed to convey to the citi- 
zens of Albany the news of the surrender of Burgoyne. Chil- 

Killian, May 19, 1782. 

Mayke, Feb. 13, 1785. 


The name has been variously spelled, Van Slyk, Van Slyck, 
Van Slyke. 

There were two of the name early in Beverwyck, one Cornelis, 
whose descendants settled in the Mohawk Valley, and William 
Petersen, whose descendants settled below Albany, in Green and 
Columbia Counties. 

Pietersen, of Amsterdam, Holland; m. Feb. 5, 1696, Jannetje 
Hendrickse Van Wie. 

He settled on a large tract of land one mile south of New 
Baltimore, in Greene County; he built there a stone mansion, 
which for many years was the family seat Among the treasures 
of the descendants is a hand-made Bible, made in 1515-1& Chil- 
dren: Hendrick; Ida; Andreas; Gerret; Pieter; Alida; Dirck; 
Angeietje ; Willim. 

ELIZABETH VAN SLYCK, who m. Hendrick Van 
Buren, son of Cornelis Van Buren, the original ancestor of 
that family, is supposed to have been a sister of the two first 
settlers, Cornelis and William Petersen. They were members 
of the Dutch Church of Albany in 1683; they had five chil- 

Gerretie Van Buren, who m. about 1684 Jacob Jacobsen 

Maas Van Buren, m. (1) Ariantje Van Wie; (2) Magde- 

lena Bogard. 
Marritje Van Buren, m. Cornelis Jacobsen Schermerhorn, 

Mar. 21, 1695. 
Cornelis Van Buren, m. Hendrickji Van Ness, Jan. 27, 1703. 
Pieter Van Buren, m. Geertruy Vosburgh, May 2, 1708. 

EVA VAN SLYCK, supposed to be the dau. of Pieter (son 
of Teunis WQliamsen) and Engcltje , his wife, was bap. at 

348 HiiTcanr or Gobnblxs Maissew Vut Buibh 

Kinderhook, Sept 29, 1734; d. at Johnstown N. Y., Apr. 6, 
1803; she m. Harmen Van Buren, son of Barent and Maria 
(Winne) Van Buren. They were m. at Claverack, N. Y., 
June io, 1763. Children: 

Barent Van Barent bap. at Kinderhook, June 9, 1764. 

Pieter Van Buren, bap. at Kinderhook, June 10, 1768. 
. Maiya Van Buren, bap. at Kinderhook, Dec. 23, 1770; d. 
Dec. 16, 1857* 

William Van Buren, bap. May 25, 1775. 

Francis H. Van Buren, bap. at Coxsackic, July 22, 1777. 
, Harmon Van Buren, bap. 1797 ; d. 1874. 

JOHANNA VAN SLYCK, sister of Eva, dan. of Pieter 
and Engeltje Van Slyck, was bap. Oct 23, 1736; d. Apr. 5, 
1815 ; m. at Claverack by Domine Fryenmoet to Francis Van 
Buren, son of Barent and Maria (Winne) Van Buren. Chil- 

Barent Van Buren, bap. Sept 28, 1762; <L Feb. 20, 1763. 
Angelica Van Buren, bap. July 22, 1764; <L Feb. 19, 1850; 

m. Sept 22, 1791, Abraham Wells, 
Marytje Van Buren, bap. Apr. 6, 1767 ; m. J. P. Dorchester. 
Barent Van Buren, bap. Nov. 26, 1769; d. Jan. 7, 1862; m. 

Jan. 15, 1792, Mary Upham. 
Peter H. Van Buren, bap. Aug. 2, 1772; m. Feb. 15, 1789, 

Elizabeth Unham. 
Harmon F. Van Buren, bap. Mar. 29, 1775; d. Sept 3% 
1868; m. Catharine Miller. 


It is recorded that in 1645 Lambert and Annatje Van Valk- 
enboigh bought a house and lot in New Amsterdam. In 
1654 Lambert was of Beverwyck; he d. prior to 1697; his 
heirs owned a house and lot, corner of Green and Beaver 
Streets, Albany. There were two sons: Jochem, bap. Nov. 4, 
1646; and Lambert, bap. July 2, 1652. Jochem settled in Kin* 
derhook, where his descendants may still be found; he m. (1) 
Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, who d. 1706; he m. (2) Jannetje 
Van Alstyne, dan. of Lambert Van Alstyne, Feb. 23, 1713. 
Children: Johannes; Hendrick; Abraham; Bartholemeus ; 

Allied Families 349 

Lambert; Isaac, bap. July 4» 1686; Jacobus, bap. Apr. 4, 1689; 
Jochem, bap. June 5, 1692 ; Engeltje, bap. June 5, 1695. 

and Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, m. Feb. 26, 1707, Margarieta 
Barheit Children: Eva, bap. June 13, 1708. Rebecca, bap. 
Oct, 1710. Jeroonymus or Heironomus, bap. Oct 19, 1712. 
Janeetie, bap. Oct 31, 1714. Johanea, bap. Sept 23, 1716. 
Jochem, bap. June 28, 1719. Marytje, bap. May 27, 172J. 
Johannes, bap. — , 

BURGH, bap. Oct 19, 1712; m. Dec 7, 1733, Marytj Van 
Buren, dau. of Pieter (Marten, Cornells), and Ariaantje (Ba- 
rents) Van Buren, who was bap. Dec 18, 1715. Children: 
Ariaantje, bap. June 17, 1739, Albany. Margarieta, bap. July 
31, 1743, Albany. Pieter, bap. June 12, 1748, Albany. Ari- 
aantje, bap. Aug. 11, 1750, Claverack. 

Numerous other members of this Urge family int*uu*rriKl 
with Yau Burcns* but it hu twu hM|w»ihW tw v*UWUh 
th*ir feMtntttHMi with ih* wlfchtftl ftwttthw \\m\\ to ih* \* 

grtt of the Editor. There is no Genealogy of the Van Val- 
kenburg family and records are meagre. 

The name was first spelled Vectum and means a place of 
fighting, and has been prominent in Roman Church and other 
records at Utrecht, Holland, from A. D. 1200 to the present. 
A fort now stands where at one time a Roman camp was 
placed called Vechten, and there have been recovered hun- 
dreds of Roman relics from the situation. This place is near 
a crossing of the Rhine. The river Vecht has its origin 

The family bore Arms as follows: Shield, sable, a fesse 
battled and counter-embattled and cotised, argent Crest: 
Issuing out of a ducal coronet, a pair of eagle's wings erect, 
dexter wing sable ; sinister wing argent 

Teunis Dircksen Van Vechten, a son of Dirck Van 
Vechten of Utrecht, came to America in 1638, sailing from 
Holland in the ship Arms of Norway. He brought with 

350 History of Coenhjs Maessen Van Buibh 

his wife and a child and two servants. Settled on the Hudson 
opposite Albany. Here he had. a farm; later he moved to 
Renssdaerwyck. Children: Dirck Thetmissen. Cornells 
Thennissen, tn.'(i) Sara Solomonse Goeway, in 1668; m. (2) 
Annatje Leendertse; m. (3) Maria Lncase Qaas, a widow. 
Gerret Theunissen. Pieterze Thennissen. 

• t • 

nis Dirckesen Van Vechten 9 d. Nov. 25, 1702; m. Jannetje 
Vrelant of Communipaw, N. J., dau. of Michiel Jansen Vre- 
lant He purchased, Sept 20, 1681, from Stephen Van Cort- 
land, a tract in the Catskills, then in Albany County; this 
was afterwards confirmed by Patent under the hand and 
seal of his Excellency Thomas Dongan, Governor of the 
State of New York, Mar. 21, 1685. This property he made 
over to his sons Samuel and Johannes, after the father's death 
to their brothers Michiel and Abraham, by a deed of Mar, 
30, 1715, and Johannes made over his share to Samuel on 
Aug. 9, 1721, so that Samuel acquired the whole of the prop- 
erty and made it over at his death to his nephew, Tennis, 
Children: Jannetje, b. Sept. 25, 160a Wyntje, b. Jan. 17, 
1662. Michiel, b. Nov. 28, 1663. Neeltji, b. Mar. 24, 1665. 
Johannes, b. June 24, 1666. Tennis, b. May 24, 1668. Antje, 
b. May 4, 1670. Fytje, b. Dec 6, 1671. Samuel, b. Apr. 12. 
1673 ; d. Mar. 30, 1741. Saatje (Sara), b. Jan. 8, 1675. Abra- 
ham, b. Apr. 14, 1679; d. Oct 16* 1739. " "Jf ■ 
... • . . .. 

third son of Teunis Dircksen, m. (1) Antje Janse; and (2) 
Grietje Volkertse Douw, a dau. of Volkert Jansen Douw. In 
1678 he and Jan Conell bought of Capt Jan Clute his claim 
in the Catskills. In 1680 he bought of Gerret Van Sclichten- 
horst a negro named Harry for 200 sldpples of indian corn, 
also a negro named Dick for 150 pieces of "nooten-hout," 
two loads of hay and 24 beavers in hogs. In 1697 he peti- 
tioned the Governor for his brother who had accidentally 
killed a child of Col. Schuyler. His will was made in Mar. 8, 
1680-1, in which he spoke of his wife Grietje and son Jo- 
hannes by the first wife and son Volkert by the second wife. 

Allied Families 351 

son of the first wife of Gerret Teunissen Van Vcchtcn; he 
was m. Mar. 19, 1699. to Maria Bogardus, dau. of Pieter Bo- 
gardus, son of Domine Bogardus and Anneke Janse. 

They had a dau. Margarieta who was b. Nov. 24, 1705, 
and m. Dec. 23, 1737, Barent Van Buren, son of Marten 
(Marten, Cornells) and Judike Barents (Meindersen) ; he 
was b. Sept 6, 1702 (see his record). She d. and was buried 
at Papsknec, Aug. n, 1743. Children: Marten Cornells Van 
Buren, bap. Oct. 22, 1738. Maria Elizabeth Van Buren, bap. 
May ix, 1740. Marritje Van Buren, bap. July 22, 1741. 

TEUNIS VAN VECHTEN, son of Dirck Teunisen and 
Jannetje ( Vrelant) Van Vechten, was b. May 24, 1668 ; d. in 
1707; m. Nov. 28, 1694, to Cathlyntje Van Petten, a dau. of 
Claas Fredericksen Van Petten of Schenectady. Children: 
Dirck, b. Sept 12, 1695; d. 1782. Eve, bap. at Albany, May 
12, 170a Jannetje, bap. at Schenectady, May 24, 1702. 
Maria, bap. at Albany, June 4, 1704. Teunis (2), b. Apr. 1, 
1707 ; d. Apr. 3, 1785 ; m. Jan. 9, 1742, Judikje Ten Broeck. 

TEUNIS VAN VECHTEN, son of Teunis and Catlyntje 
(Van Petten) Van Vechten, was b. Apr. 1, 1707; d. Apr. 3, 
1785 ; m. Jan. 9, 1742, in Kingston, Judikje Ten Broeck, dau. 
of Jacob Ten Broeck. Children: Samuel, b. Sept. 28, 1742; 
d. Feb. 12, 1813. Jacob, b. Sept 18, 1747; d. Apr. 30, 1806. 
Teunis (3), b. Apr. 24, 1749. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 6, 1757; d. 
Feb. 17, 1813. Abraham, b. Dec. 5, 1762. 

TEUNIS VAN VECHTEN, son of Teunis and Judikje 
(Ten Broeck) Van Vechten, was b. Apr. 24, 1749; d. Dec. 7, 
1817; m. Elizabeth Wanderlaer. He was a prominent mer- 
chant in Albany. Held office of Commissary on Staff of 
Governor Morgan Lewis during the Revolution. Children: 
Judith, b. Oct. 30, 1777. Peter, b. July 10, 1780; d. June 3, 
1805. Annatje, b. Nov. 7, 1782; d. May 31, 1817. Teunis, 
b. Nov. 4, 1785. John, b. Mar. 23, 1788. 

ABRAHAM VAN VECHTEN, son of Teunis and 
Judikje (Ten Broeck) Van Vechten, was b. Dec. 5, 1762; d. 
Jan. 6, 1837; m. May 20, 1784, Catharina Schuyler. He was 

352 History or Gobnblis Mxitiiw Vah Buibh 

a distinguished lawyer and statesman having as his colleagues 
such men as Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Harrison, Aaron 
Burr, and others of that time. In the Senate Chamber he 
frequently exhibited his rare intellectual abilities. He was 
a member of the Court for Correction of Error. He was also 
for several years Attorney General He had fifteen children. 

TEUNIS VAN VECHTEN, son of Tennis and Eliza- 
beth (Wanderlaer) Van Vechten, was b. at Albany, Nov. 4, 
1785; d. Feb. 4, 1859; »• Dec* 4* l8l0 > Catharine Cuyler 
Gansevoort. He graduated with high honors from Union 
College. Studied law under Chancellor John Lansing; Jr., 
Recorder Baldwin, John Davis, Daniel Cady and Charles M. 
Jenkins. At the death of his uncle Abraham he succeeded to 
the position of Attorney General and was also advisor of 
General Stephen Van Rensselaer. Four times he was Mayor 
of Albany. He was a Director of many of the moneyed in- 
stitutions and a Trustee of many of the charitable and re- 
ligious societies of Albany. Children: 

Elizabeth Ames, b. Feb. 20, 1812; d. Aug. 18, 1812. 

Leonard Gansevoort, b. July 9, 1813; d. July 24, 1837. 

Hester Elizabeth, b. June 8, 1815. 

Samuel, b. June 22, 1817. 

Tennis (5), b. May 18, 1819. 

John Beekman, b. Feb. 10, 1822; d. Apr. 16, 1822; 

Cuyler, b. Feb. 2, 1823; d - Nov. 6, 1825. 

John, b. June 27, 1824; d. Nov. 8, 1825. 

Catharine Cuyler, b. June 8, 1826. 

Cuyler, b. Jan. 31, 1830; d. July xx, 1875. 

VOLCKERT VAN VECHTEN, son of Gerret Theunis- 
sen and his second wife, Grietje Volkertae (Douw), was m. 
Aug. 26, 1703, to Lydia Ten Broeck, a dau. of Dirck Weasels 
Ten Broeck and his wife Christina Van Buren, dau. of Cor- 
nells Van Buren. Children: 

Gerrit Tennis, bap. Apr. 2$, 170$; m. Nov. 6, 1739, Lena 

Margarita, bap. Mar. 3, 1706; m. Gerrit C Van den Bergh. 
Ephraim (twin), bap. June 12, 1709; m. Jan. 3* 1744, 
Catharina F. Ten Broeck. 

Allied Families 353 

Johannes (twin of Ephraim), bap. June 12, 1709; m. Oct. 

29, 1734, Neltje Beeckman. 
Dirck, bap. Oct. 19, 171a. 


JOHANNES, son of Jan Dirksen, a tailor, was b. 1663, 
in Geemen, Holland. In 1669 he was in America, as he is 
recorded as owning a lot in Exchange block, fronting State 
St, Albany; he was living in 1708. Johannes had a son, 
Johannes, Jr., who m. Mar. 21, 1706, Maria van Tricht This 
couple had' a son Abraham, bap. Oct 19, 1712, who m. (1) 
Feb. 37, 1741, Jannetje Van Buren, dau. of Marten (Marten, 
Cornelia), and Judikje Barents (Meindersen) Van Buren. 
She was bap. Apr. 20, 1712. He m. (2) Catharine Bovie about 
1756, as Jannetje had d. May 18, 1748 (buried May 29). (See 
her record.) 

Children by first wife: 

Maria, bap. Apr. 25, 1742. 
Marten, bap. June 17, 1744. 
Maria, bap. Apr. 8, 1748. 

Child by second wife : 

Maria, bap. Sept 18, 1757. 


The name of Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh appears in 
the records as a settler in the colony of Rensselaerswyck as 
early as Aug., 1649; beginning with Easter in 165 1, he paid 
rent to the Patroon of 16 florins a year for a house lot, north 
of the Pitroon's house. In the "Oath to the Patroon, taken 
by all the householders and free men of the Colonie, Nov. 
23, 1651," we find .among the names Abraham Pietersze Voa- 
burg. On Apr. 15, 1652, he was given permission by the 
Court to continue building his house, notwithstanding the 
location. On the same day Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh 
and Derrick Jannsen were appointed surveyors of buildings; 
they were sworn two days later. The duties of Abraham 
Pietersen Vosburgh as surveyor of buildings also appear to 

354 History or Cobnelts Maissbm Van Bubin 

have included the surveying of land. He held this office up 
to 1654 and probably later. He was by trade a carpenter, 
and he contracted with the authorities to build the first 
bridges at Beverwyck. 

Mar. 17, 1654, a warrant was issued to the treasurer "in 
favor of Abraham* Pietersen Vosburgh, carpenter, to the 
amount qf aoo florins, for building two bridges." Through 
his occupation as carpenter and bridge builder, Abraham 
Pietersen Vosburgh became a sawmill operator and owner. 
Hans Jansz Enchiuys or Hans Jansz from Rotterdam, con* 
ducted several sawmills in the colony. On Sept 30, 1656, 
they obtained a lease of the water power on the creek south 
of the farm of Jan Barentsen Wemp. The lease commenced 
Jan. 1, 1657, and ran for six successive years ; rent, zoo guild- 
ers or 100 good merchantable boards and two pair of fowls 
each year. A condition of the lease was that the lessees were 
not to sell liquor to the Indians. A sawmill was erected on 
the creek which was later known as Wynant*s Kit Hans 
Jansz was more or less a silent partner, at least his name never 
appears again in the records of this enterprise. On Jan. *)> 
1657, Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh proposed to sell his house 
and lot in Beverwyck to the highest bidder. The lot was 10 
rods deep and 4 rods wide; it was next to Thomas Clabborfs 
(Chambers) lot- This paper is imperfect and unexecuted and 
there is no evidence that sale was made; but it is important 
as it shows that Thomas Chambers was his neighbor, this 
being the Thomas Chambers who was one of the early set- 
tlers of Esopus (Wiltwyck or Kingston). 

The last events of Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh's life are 
found in the history of Esopus. Due to the fact of the In- 
dians having been given liquor, a serious disturbance devel- 
oped and an Indian was killed ; they attacked the settlers and 
thirteen were taken as prisoners by the Indians, among whom 
was "a carpenter, Abraham by name." This occurred on Sun- 
day, Sept 21, 1659, which date is taken as the date of his 
death as it is not known how soon thereafter he was killed. 
Although Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh met his death in the 
prime of manhood, probably under forty years of age, his 
widow, Geertruy Pieterse, a sister of Barent Pietersen 

Allied Families 355 

Coeymans, the miller of Norman's Kil, reared his three sons 
who became the progenitors of the thousands who bear the 
name of Vosburgh. Much interesting material can be found 
relating to her in the history of Fort Orange or Albany. 
The children of Abraham Pietersen Vosburgh and his wife 
Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans were as follows : 

Pieter, b. about 1652 ; m. Jannetje Barentse. 

Jacob, b. about 1654; d. 1732; m. Dorothea Janse Van 

Marietje, b. about 1656; d. before 1698; m. Oct 20, 1689, 
Isaac Jansen Van Alstyne. 

Isaac, b. about 1658; d. 1760-65; m. Aug. 1, 1686, at Al- 
bany, Annetje Jans Goes. 

Abraham, b. about 1660; doubtful, as there are no records 
concerning him. 

of Abraham Pietersen, was the last to have children and is 
the progenitor of the smallest branch of the family. He m. 
Jannetje Barentse, dau. of Barent Meyntersen and his wife 
Eytje; the marriage took place as early as 1689 and prob- 
ably before 1683. 

Pieter made his will before he had any children. There 
is no record of its probate. On Dec 9, 1676, a lease is re- 
corded from Louwrens Van Alen to Pieter Vosburgh for 
five Morgans of land at Kinderhook (a Morgan was two 
acres), and also a piece called the Achterland (rear tract) 
in the Groot Stuck; the lease ran for sixty years, commenc- 
ing from Aug., 1676. 

He was one of the grantees of the Kinderhook Patent, 
receiving six allotments. On July 6, 1713, Pieter Vosburgh, 
Johannis Van Alen and Pieter Van Buren obtained from 
Jesina Gardenier and her husband Evert Wheeler "the water 
Course of a Certain Kil or Creek, called or known by the 
name of Valleties kill, for them to Erect and build a Saw mill 
thereon, above the bridge which leads to Pompoenick from 
groot Stuck." This land was at Valatie. 

Pieter Vosburgh was sworn in on May 27, 1691, as one 
of the Justices of Albany city and county. He held court at 

356 History of Caunus Maessen Vak Buixn 

* - 

Kinderhook ; according to the records, he held this office until 
1696 and probably later. On June 8, 1703, a certificate of the 
election of Pieter Vosburgh, Lambert Jansen and Pieter Vcr- 
slyke as Trustees of the town of Kinderhook was filed at 
Albany. He held this office until 2707 and probably later. 
He was elected an Elder of the Kinderhook Church in 1716. 
The last time his name appears in the records is among the 
freeholders and inhabitants of the Kinderhook, in the year 
of 1730; at this time he was about seventy years old. No 
record of his death has-been found. Children: 

Geertruy 9 b. about 1691 ; m. May », 1708, at Albany; 
Pieter Van Buren (see his record for children). 
Eytje, bap. June 11, 1693, Albany; m. Jan Tysen Goes. 
Abraham* bap. Jan. 20, 1695 ; m. Elizabeth Winnc. 
Barent, bap. Nov. 7, 1697, Albany; m. Jannetje Van 

Meyndcrt, bap. Jan. 4, 1702, Albany/ 

have been the first of the second generation to have married 
and his eldest son, Abraham, was thus the first grandchild 
of Abraham Pietersen and Geertruy Vosburgh. 

Jacob set up an establishment for himself when he leased 
from Louwrens Van Alen, on May 7, 1678, at Kinderhook, 
a farm and one-half of an island occupied by Pieter Moree. 
The lease ran for six years. The homestead, which con- 
sisted of a house, barn and two haystacks, was surrounded 
by a fence, valued at 31 whole merchantable beaverskins at 
8 guilders the piece. 

His name was affixed to the lease as Jacob' Abrahamse 
Vosburgh and his mark, made by himself, appears as I. A. 
V. B. This lease fixes approximately the date of his marriage 
to Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne. 

From 1677 *° I 68a, a number of unimportant suits appear 
in the court records. On Aug. 6, 1683, he contributed to the 
support of the new minister at Albany, Dominie Godfridus 
Dellius, "one and one half pieces of eight." On the con- 
tribution list his name appears just below that of his mother, 
another proof of his early marriage and indicating that he 
was the head of a family. 

Allied Families 357 

On July 16, 1 68 1, he bought from Marten Cornelisen Vas, 
"a bouwery at Kinderhook," consisting of the one-fourth part 
of the Groote Stuck, containing a house and barn and also 
the plow and harrow on the premises. 

On Jan. 4, 1681, he appeared in court at Albany and took 
the oath of Constable of Kinderhook, for one year or until 
further orders. He held this office until May 5, 1685, when 
he was relieved from the duties, with the thanks of the Court 
for his services. This is the last time his name appears in 
the Albany records in connection with Kinderhook. He was 
one of the grantees of the Kinderhook Patent, but no record 
can be found of the transfer of the several allotments made 
to him. At some time between 1685 and 1697, be removed 
to Livingston Manor, where he was one of the first settlers. 
His house appears upon a map of Livingston Manor made on 
the 20th day of Oct., 1714, by John Beatty, deputy surveyor. 
It was situated on the bank of Roeloff Jansen's kil, about 
five or six miles southeast of the manor house. 

Jacob Vosburgh was listed among the inhabitants of 
Dutchess County, in the census of 1714. Four of his sons, 
Abraham, Jan, Dirk, and Marten, were all members of the 
Independent Company of the Manor of Livingston, as it was 
mustered at the Manor House on Nov. 30, 171 5. 

On July 4, 1722, he was elected one of the Elders of the 
Linlithgo Church and was installed the following day; he 
held this office until his death. On Oct. 15, 1732, Coenrat 
Ham was installed as an Elder there "in the place of the de- 
ceased Jacob Vosburgh/' Thus approximately is established 
the date of his death; he was about eighty years of age at 
the time. He was the progenitor of the largest branch of 
the Vosburgh family. In the early generations his descen- 
dants remained principally near where he settled; that is, on 
Livingston Manor and in upper Dutchess County. 

As before stated, he married Dorothea Janse Van Al- 
styne, dau. of Jan Martensen de Wever and Derckien Her- 
mans*, his wife. Children : 

Abraham, b. about 1680; m. about 1705, Claartje Bressy. 
Jan, b. about 1683; m. about 171 5, Cornelia Knickerbocker. 

353 Histoey of Coknkis MATtttw Van Buuw 

Pictcr, bap. May 23, 1686, at Albany ; m. Feb. 18, 1717, 
Dirlde Van Alstyne. 

Isaac, bap. June 16, 1689, Albany. % 

Dirk, bap. Dec 31, 1693, Albany; m. Apr. 8, 1739, Kinder- 
hook, Alida Van Alen. 

Geertruy, b. about 1695 ; m. May 23, 1725, Albany, Evert 

Marten, bap. Jan. 31, 1697, Albany; m. (1) Oct 21, 1719, 
Eytje Van Buren (see her record for list of children) ; 
_m* (2) Betje Van Dyck (?). 

Marytje, bap. Nov. 12, 1699, Kingston; m. Jacob Decker. 

Tryntje, bap. July io, 1703, Kingston; m. Aug. 9, 1734, 
Kinderhook, Matheus Goes. 

Jacob, Jr. (doubtful). 

ISAAC VOSBURGH, the youngest of the three brothers, 
was b. about 1658. He is the progenitor of a large branch 
of the family, a restless branch, strongly characterized with 
the pioneer instincts. His descendants within two genera* 
tiona were found in Massachusetts, Connecticut; Vermont, 
the Mohawk Valley and the Province of Quebec The Al- 
bany and Coxsaclde members of the family originate through 
line. Isaac first appears in the Albany court records 
still a minor. On Sept 5, 1676, his brother Pieter sued 
Jan Thysen Goes, for an assault upon Isaac, committed in 
Pieter's barn. The wife of Jan Thysen saw Isaac chasing 
her husband's cows; she told Jan Thysen, whereupon he 
jumped over the fence and according to his own testimony, 
admitted that he had hit the lad (Isaac) once. It appeared 
in the testimony that the fence was in bad condition and that 
Jan Thysen's cows were on the Vosburgh land at the time 
that Isaac was chasing them. Goes was fined for the assault 
and also he had to pay the costs of the action. 

Before his marriage Isaac lived with his brother Pieter 
on the homestead farm on the "Groot Stuck." One of the 
provisions of Pieter's will, made in 1690 was that his "brother 
Isak shall have half of the land of the farm at the Kinderhook, 
situated on the Grote Stuck, provided he pay half of what 
is still due on account of the farm." 

Allied Families 359 

On Aug. i, 1686, the first banns were pronounced at Al- 
bany of the marriage of Isaac Vosburgh and Annatje Jans 
Goes, dau. of Jan Thysen Goes, mentioned above. On Apr. 
a» 1713* Pieter sold to Isaac a part of the land on Kinderhook 
Creek, at Pomponick, and Isaac also bought adjoining land 
from Dirck Wessels Ten Broeck, which he shortly sold to 
Abraham Van Alstyne. There is no record of Isaac's owning 
land before 1713. The names of Isaac and Pieter Vosburgh 
appear in the several lists of the inhabitants of Kinderhook. 

Isaac was a private in Capt. Abraham Van Alstyne's com- 
pany, according to the muster roll, dated Sept. 17, 1715. 

Isaac Vosburgh lived probably to the advanced age of 
105 years, and died at Kinderhook about 1760-65. The Bal- 
ance and Columbian Repository was a weekly paper published 
at Hudson, N. Y. In its early numbers appears a very in- 
teresting serial article entitled: "Notes on the Natural His- 
tory of Kinderhook." In the part of this serial published on 
Feb. 9, 1802, in Vol. I, No. 6, the author mentions that one 
of the characteristics of the town is the longevity of the in- 
habitants and cites the following instances : "Isaac Vosburgh, 
of this place was 105 years of age when he died ; Eliza Vos- 
burgh was 93; another woman of the same name was 95." 
This article was written before 1802. A careful analysis of 
all the known Isaacs in the Vosburgh family leaves only two 
that the article can refer to. I do not hesitate to affirm that 
it is almost a certainty that the Isaac written of here is the 
subject of this sketch. As before stated, Isaac was b. about 
1658; d. about 1760-65; m. Aug. 1, 1686, at Albany, Annetje 
Janse Goes, a dau. of Jan Tysz and Steyntje Jans. Children : 

Abraham, bap. Oct. 16, 1687, Albany ; d. y. 
Geertruy, bap. Apr. 4, 1689, Albany ; d. y. 

Pieter, bap. Aug. 3, 1690, Albany ; m. Jan. 30, 1720, Helena 
Goes; marriage recorded at both Albany and Kinder- 

Jan (Johannes), bap. Aug. 28, 1692, Albany; m. May 24, 
1722, Albany, Maria Van Buren (see her record for 
list of children). 

Geertruy, bap. Jan. 17, 1694, Albany. 

360 History of Cosnklis Mar—tiff Van Bubkm 

Abraham, bap. Mar. n, 1696, Albany; m. Oct 11, 1719, 
Albany, Geertte Van den Bergh ; he d. 1761-63. 

Styntje, bap- Nov. 7, 1697, Albany; m. June l6» 1721! Al- 
bany, Jochnm Callicrs (Collier). 

Jacob, bap. Sept. 3, 1699, Albany; m. Jan. 16, 1737, Kb- 
derhook, Cornelia Goes. 

Antje, bap. Jan. 4, 1702, at Kinderhook, bnt recorded at 
Albany; m* Feb. 15, 1725, Albany, Theunis Van Slyck, 
Jr. ; she d. before 1739. 

Isaac, bap. Feb. 13, 1704, at Kinderhook, bnt recorded at 
Albany; m. (1) Feb. 1, 1735, Kinderhook, Johanna 
Winschil; m. (2) alt Windsor, Conn., Sept 11, 1750, Ann 
Loomis, widow of Stephen Gillet Isaac d. Dec 2, 1771, 
at Sheffield, Mass. Second marriage and Tleath from 
Wintonbury parish record. 

Marytje, bap. Feb. 22, 1708, Albany; m. 1728, Kinderhook, 
Pieter Van Valkenbnrgh. 

These notes are taken from an article by R. W. Vosburgh 
in the magazine called The New EngUmd Register, published 
by Dingman Versteeg of New York. 

Other Vosburgh-Van Bubin Mauiagis. 

ARENT or AARON VOSBURGH, bap. May 29, 1764; m. 
Oct 23, 1784, at Kinderhook, Christina Van Bnren (see her 
record for children). He was a son of Petrus and Maria 
(Van Dyck) Vosburgh, who was Petrus the son of ? 

CATHARINE VOSBURGH, bap. at Kinderhook, May 
16, 1776, dau. of Evert and Johanna (Gardinier) Vosburgh; 
m. Sept 7, 1797, Barent Van Buren (see his record for list of 
children). She d. Oct 8, 184a Whose son was Evert? 

HARRIET VOSBURGH, bap. Aug. 14, 1796, at Kinder- 
hook, dau. of Myndert and Lucretia (Vander Poel) Vos- 
burgh; m. about 1820, Lawrence Van Buren (see his record 
for list of children). Whose son was Myndert Vosburgh? 

JANE VOSBURGH, dau. of Hendrick and Elyse (Van 
Valkenbnrgh) Vosburgh, bap. Apr. 30, 1780, at Kinderhook; 
m. Nov. 7, 1805, at Middletown, to Lucas or Luke Van Buren 
(see his record for the list of children). Whose son was 
Hendrick ? 

Allied Families 361 

HESTER JANE VOSBURGH, of Glenville, N. Y., b. 
Apr. 3, 1847, dan. of whom?; d. Feb., 1910; m. John Henry 
Banta, 4 son of Ann Eliza Vm Buren and Henry Bantu (see 
record of Ann Eliza for U*t of chiWren)v 


When the first one of this family came to America has 
not yet been determined nor just where he located, bnt it 
is known there were three brothers, viz: Edward, b. about 
*754» who d. Apr. 3, 1830; William, b. about 1756, who d. 
Dec. 4, 1830; and Abraham, b. July 37, 1758; d. July 22, 1826, 
aged 67 years, 11 mos. and 25 days. Of Edward no records 
have been furnished the Editor. William m. Catharine 
Bronk and had two sons, William and Richard. Abraham 
m. Angelica Van Buren, dau. of Francis and Johanna (Van 
Slyck) Van Buren, b. at Kinderhook, July 22, 1764; d. at 
Mayfield, Feb. 19, 185a Abraham and Angelica were m. 
Sept 22, 1791. They moved to Mayfield, Fulton County, N. 
Y* about 1793. They made a clearing in the woods and 
built a cabin. Upon this property was raised the first wheat 
in the town of Mayfield. Angelica was admitted to the First 
Church upon confession of faith Apr. 26, 1800. Abraham 
was one of the original members of the First Church, May- 
field; was one of the Consistory and Scribe of that body; 
he gave the ground upon which the church was built. 

This couple had five children: 

Jacobus (James A.), b. Sept 10, 1792. 
Francis, b. Aug. 13, 1795 ; d. July 12, 1889; unm. 
William (A.), b. July 27, 1798; m. Oct 13, 1823, Ann de 

Barent Van Buren, b. Aug. 23, 1800; m. (1) Jane Ann Davis ; 

m. (2) Rachel Heyden. 
Leonard Bronk, b. Jan. 15, 1803; m. Dec. 5, 1826, Susannah 

D. Frost 

JACOBUS or JAMES A. WELLS, b. Sept 10, 1792; m. 
(1) Dec 29, 1817, to Clarissa Bartktt; she d. July 19, 1824, in 
her 27th year; m. (2) Nancy Evans. Children: 

362 History of Co&nklis Mabssbh Van Bubsm 

Hannah, d. July 15; 1827. 

Clarissa, m. Oct 28, 1826, William Collins and had a dan. 

Clara, who m. Frank Oakes* 
Anna Maria, <L about 1893, unm.; buried in Austin, Texas. 
James, m. — — . 

Leonard, moved to Buffalo and m. there* had two chil- 
dren! Henry, Helen* 
William, m. 
Francis, m. 
Milton Grey, m. 
Sophia, d. 1904; buried at Austin, Texas; m. Rev. Frank 

Mollie, m. an Army officer and lived near New Orleans- 
Angelica, m. Col. John L. Haynes; had five children: 

James Haynes, Henry Haynes, Leonard Haynes, Mary 

Haynes and Robert Haynes* 
Adelaide Byrd, m* Col. James Monroe Swisher, a son of 

CoL James Gibson Swisher* She d* in 1864 and was 

buried in Austin, Texas. 

WILLIAM A. WELLS, b. July 27, 1798; m* on Monday 
evening, Oct 13, 1823, to Ann De Garmo, by the Rev. Mr. 
Ludlow. Ann De Garmo was descended from French* 
Huguenot stock which had settled at Albany.' Children : 

Cornelia Ann,b. Apr* z6, 1825; d* Jan. 13, 1899; m* (1) 
Henry O. Stanley; m* (2) John Becker. 

Abraham Henry, b. Oct 29, 1826; m* Dec*, 1850^ to Mar- 
garet McAllister* 

BARENT VAN BUREN WELLS, b* Aug. 33, 1800; m. 
Oct 11, 1832, by the Rev. Jeremiah Wood, to Jane Ann Davis, 
at Half Moon, N. Y. She d. Oct 4, 1835. He m. (2) Nov. 
VJ% 1836b Rachel Hayden at Ray, Macombe County, Michigan. 

Children by first wife: 

Elisha Yale, b. Aug. 12, 1833. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. in Michigan on a Sunday morning, 
Apr. 12, 1835. 

ADELAIDE BYRD WELLS, dau. of James and Nancy 
(Evans) Wells, m. Col. James Monroe Swisher, a grandson 

Allied Families 363 

of General George Gibson of Tennessee. CoL James Monroe 
Swisher was a member of the Texas Legislature. He fought 
under General Samuel Houston. His father, CoL James Gib- 
son Swisher, was in command of the troops after the death 
of General Wilson during the War in San Antonio, Texas. 
She d. 1864. Children: James Swisher; Edward Swisher; 
Lilian Swisher; Adelaide Swisher. Adelaide Swisher m. 
Mathew Hobson Murphey of Greenboro, Alabama. Children : 
Mathew Hobson Murphey, m. 191a, Miss Ellen Percy of 
Birmingham, Alabama ; Adelaide Murphey ; Sophia Murphey ; 
Macon Murphey; Jennings Murphey; Richard Murphey; 
Grace Murphey. 

CORNELIA ANN WELLS, dau. of William A. and Ann 
De Garmo, m. (1) on Wednesday evening, June 34, 1844, to 
Henry O. Stanley; he d. from an accident in a sawmill on 
Aug. 33, 1848. They had one child, Ann De Garmo Stanley, 
b. July 18, 1846. She d. Jan. 18, 191 1. She m. John Bixby. 
Cornelia Ann m. for her second husband John Becker, on Oct 
2, 1851. Their children were: 

Cyrus Becker, b. Mar. 11, 1854; d. June 33, 1870. 
James W. Becker, b. Apr. 13, 1857 ; d. May 33, 1874. 
Frank Becker, b. Dec 30, i860. 
Clara Becker, b. May 34, 1864; m. Frank L. Brook and has 

one child, Marjorie E. 
Margaret Becker, b. Oct. 6, 1869; m. Stephen Yates and 

has one child, Donald. 


WILLIAM WILLIAMS, the ancestor of the Columbia 
County family, came with his two sons from Wales. It is not 
known just the year they came, but they were here at the 
time of the outbreak of the last French war, as it is known 
that the father, William Williams, enlisted in the Colonial 
service. As he never returned, it is supposed that he was lost 
in the bloody defeat of the ill-fated forces of Braddock in his 
attack on Fort Duquesne. 

Of the two sons, David settled in Schoharie County. 
Aaron m. Mary Lampman, a sister of Peter Lampman. He 

364 History o* Coinklis Mabssbh Van Bubsm 

leased and cleared a new farm a little East of Copake Lake. 
He built a small house consisting of only one room and a loft 
with no floor but the ground, but in this house he reared a. 
family of twelve children and they and their descendants have 
always borne an honorable part in the history of that part 
of Columbia County. The names of the children were: Wil- 
liam; Elizabeth; Casperas; David; Peter; Nelly; Cornelius; 
Henry; Lannah; Clary; Hannah, and John. It is from the 
youngest son, John, that the Editor traces her descent He 
m. Catherine Robison, a dau. of James Robison of Clermont 
and Hillsdale; they had seven children, five sons and' two 
daughters ; one of the sons, James, m. Nancy Schaffer, and one 
of their daughters, Margaret, m. Rev. Bartley L. Van Buren, 
the father of the Editor. 


The family was an English family originally and it is pre- 
sumed they fled to Holland during the religious persecution 
and that Pieter came from there to America* Pieter was b« 
in Ghent, Flanders. He m. Tannetji Adams, who had been 
b. in Leanwarden Vrieslandt After coming to America they 
settled at Bethlehem, near Albany, July 6, 1684. He acquired 
considerable property, consisting of farms, sawmills and tim- 
ber land. He and wife made a joint will in 1697. Their chil- 
dren were all b. in Holland and were as follows: 

Pieter Pietersen, b. 1643. 

Adam, b. 1645. 

Lavinus, b. 1647. 

Frans, b. 1649 ; m. Eliza Gansvoort, and was the father of 
Maria, who m. Barent Van Buren, and had the following 
children: Frans, b. Feb. 22, 1722. Ariaantj, b. Nov. 8, 
1724. Elsie, b. Oct 23, 1726. Frans, b. Nov. 10, 1728. 
Maria, b. Nov. 22, 1730. Pieter, b. Feb. ?8, 1733. Har- 

. mer or Harmen, b. Jan. 17, 1736. Elsye, b. Apr. 15, 

1754 (?)• 
Alletie, b. 1651. 

Killian, b. 1653. 

Thomas Lyntie, b. 1655. 

Marten, b. 1657. 

Allied Families 365 

Jacobus, b. 1659. 

Eva, b. x66x. 

Daniel, b. 1663; m. Dirkjc Van Ness. 

Rachel, b. 1665. 

AGLTIE WINNE, dan. of Daniel and Dirkjc (Van Ness) 
Winne, m. Oct 7, 1731, Hendrick Van Buren, son of Maas 
(Hcndrick, Cornells) and Ariaantje Van Wie. Children: 
Ariaantje Van Buren, b. Aug. 6, 1733. Dirlde Van Buren, b. 
June 9, 1734. Maas Van Buren, b. June 6, 1736. Daniel Van 
Buren, b. Aug. 31, 1740. Johanis Van Buren, b. Nov. 6, 1743. 
Ariaatje Van Buren, b. Feb. 1, 1747. Johannes Van Buren, b. 
May 17. 175* 

JAN WINNE, son of whom?; m. Aug. 19, 1732, Catlyntje 
Van Buren, a dau. of Maas (Hendrick, Cornelia) and Ariaantje 
Van Wie, his first wife. 


In the earliest records this name was spelled van Witbeck. 
The first one of this family in America was Jan Thomasen 
Van Witbeck. From 1651-1678, while Beverwyck was being 
laid out, Jan Thomasen was the most extensive real estate 
dealer of all the settlers. In 1654 he and Volkert Jan Douw 
bought all of the island of Apjas and the mainland opposite 
on the east side of the Hudson from the Indians. He m. Geer- 
truy Andriese Dochter. Children: 

Andreas Janse, m. Engeltje Volkertse Douw. 

Johannes, m. 

Lucas, m. 

Hendrick, m. 

Jo hn athan, m. Jan. 7, 1697, Catalyntje Van Buren, dau. of 

Marten, son of Cornells. 
Thomas, m. Jannetje Van Deusen, Sept 5, 1702 ; he d. 1731. 
Catharina, m. Jacob Sandersen for her first husband and in 

1696, m. (2) Jonas Volkertsen Douw. 

ANDREAS or ANDRIES WHITBECK, the eldest son of 
Jan Thomasen; m. Engeltje Volkertse (Douw). Children: 
Andries, bap. Apr. 23, 1684. Lucas, bap. Jan. 16, 1686. Jan, 

366 History of Goinslis Mabssbh Van Bubin 

bap. Apr. 24, 1687. Hilletje, bap. June 30, 1689. Andries, bap. 
Jan. 1, 1692. Geertruy, bap. Dec 26, 1694. Dorothea, bap. 
Jan. i 9 1698. Jonas, bap. Nov. 10, 170a 

JAN WHITBECK, bap. Apr. 24, 1687; m. (1) Agnietje 
Bronck, Apr. 7, 1705, and (2) Maria Williams, Jan. 9, 1726. 
Children: Andries, bap. July 4, 1707. Lena, bap. Mar. 27, 
1709. Jan, bap. Sept 27, 1713. Volkert, bap. Aug. 10, 1718; 
d. 1802. Pieter, bap. Mar. 6, 1723. Agnietic, bap. Oct 8, 1727. 

VOLKERT WHITBECK, bap. Aug. 10,1718; m. •, 

and had a son, Volkert, who m. June 22, 1762, Annatje Van 
Buren, dan. of whom ? 

JOHNATHAN WHITBECK, son of Jan Thomasen and 
Geertruy Andriese Dochter, was m. Jan. 7, 1697, to Catalyntje 
Van Buren, dau. of Marten, son of Cornells. Children : 

Johannes, bap. at Albany, Dec 5, 1697 ; m. Rachel .Conyn. 
Marten Cornelia, bap. at Albany, Apr. 25, 1703. 
-' Tobias, bap. at Albany, Sept 9, 1706. 

Johnathan, bap. Oct 30, 1710, at Albany; m. (z) Apr., 1738, 

Magtel Wyngart ; m. (2) 175 1, Margaret Ostrander. 
. Maritic, bap. at Albany, July 5, 1713. 

THOMAS JANSE WHITBECK, son of Jan Thomase, 
m. Jannetje Van Deusen, Sept 5, 1702 ; he was buried at Paps- 
knee, 1731. Children: Geertruy, bap. Jan. 10, 170a Melgert 
Abrahamsen, bap. Sept 22, 1705. Johannes, bap. July 9, 1708. 
Jacobus, bap. Oct 30, 171a Geertruy, bap. Mar. 6, 1717; m. 
(?) x 738t Hendrick Van Buren (see record). Lucas F., bap. 
Feb. 26, 1724. 

JOHANNES WHITBECK, son of Johnathan and Cat* 
lyntje. Van Buren, was bap. Dec 5, 1697; and m. Rachel 
Conyn. Children: Marritie, bap. May 19, 1734; m. Feb. 22, 
1764, Gerrit Van Buren, son of Willem (Cornelia, Hendrick, 
Cornelia), and Teuntje Vanden Bergh (see his record for chil- 
dren). Marten Corndisen, bap. Oct 3, 1736. Leendert, bap. Jan. 
24, 1742. "Rachel, dau. of Johannes, buried Aug. 27, 1748.** — 
MunstlTs Albany Collections, Vol 14. (Was she a dau. of this 

Allied Families 367 

JOHNATHAN WHITBECK, son of Johnathan Jansen 
and Catlyntje Van Buren, was bap. at Albany, Oct 30, 1710; 
m. (1) Apr.; 1738, Magtel Wyngaart, and (a) 1751, Margaret 
Ostrander. Children by first wife: 

Jacobus, bap. Nov. 25, 1739. 

Cathalyna, bap. Aug. 30, 1741 ; m. Tobias Van Burcn (see 

record) • 
Marten Cornelia, bap. July 8, 1744. 
Maria, bap. Aug. 25, 1746. 

By second wife: 

Johannes, bap. Dec 29, 1751. 
Machtell, bap. Mar. 17, 1754. 
Elisabeth, bap. Dec 25, 1756. 
Johnathan, bap. Oct 21, 1758. 
Lea, bap. Apr. 10, 1762. 
Tobias, bap. May 1, 1765. 
Maria, bap. Aug. 1, 1767. 
Jacobus, bap. Mar. 18, 1770. 


Unclassified Data 

The editor regrets her inability to connect the fpllowipg 
persons with those of the foregoing chapters. 

EVA MARIA VAN BUREN, b. July 22, 1848; m. 1868. John 
Riley. Issue: Alfred S. Riley, b* Jan. 2, 1869; pa. J-ouisa 
Brown. Walter Riley, b. Jan. 29, f 888 ; d. unm. 

ANNA ELIZA VAN BUREN, b. Oct 12, 1851 ; m. 1873, Wm. 
Smith. Issue: Mortimer Smith, who m. Ida Brundage 
and had Ethel May Smith, b. 1897, and James Smith, 
b. 1899. 

PHILUP VAN BUREN, m. Sept. 6, 1772, or 3, Annafjc 
Hoffman. Issue : Sar*, bap. June 18, 1775 ; she m. Thomas 
Van Bramer, and had issue: Catharine, b. Mar. 22, 1798; 
bap. at Kinderhook, May 12, 1799. Catalyntje, b. Apr. 25 ; 
bap. May 18, 1800, at Kinderhook; spa. Jacob Van 
Bramer and Catalyntje Vredenberg. Jacob, b. Feb. 1; 
bap. Mar. 6, 1803. Thomas Hoffman Van Bramer, b. Feb. 
30, 1807. Francis, b. May 12 ; bap. June 24, 1810. Wm. 
Henry, bap. Nov. 26, 181 5. 

J. PETER VAN BUREN, b. June 24, 1794; m. ?hoebe 
Meyer. Issue : Charlotte, b. 1839 ; ni. Richard Jones. Al- 
fred, b. July 8, 184* ; m. Mrs. Marrieta Vignot Peter, b. 
Aug. 27, 1843; m. Mary Sedden, and had issue: Almira, 
b. Oct 29, 1874; m. Geo. Chalmers. Samuel S., b. Apr., 
1846 ; m. Anna A. Delamater, Feb. 13, 1864. Issue : Caro- 
line, b. Mar. 13, 1865. 

TANNEKE VAN BUREN, m. Feb. n, 1793, Joseph Bratt; 

• • • ■ • - . » ■ 

both of Mellatan, Bos. 
GOOSE VAN BUREN, m. Baata Van Valkeijburgh. Issue : 
^Elizabeth, b. J*n. 27, 1799. 

370 Histoby or Coaxnis Maessbx Van Boum 

THOMAS VAN BUREN, m. Catharine Van Dyck. Issue: 

Letty, b. Feb. n, 1795. 
TOBIAS D. VAN BUREN, m. Oct 20, 1789, Maria , and 

had issue: Etjeb, b. Nov. 7, 1784. 
JOHN VAN BUREN, m. Jan. 35, 1771, Lettish Smith. 
PIETER VAN BUREN, m. Oct 3, 1761, Janneke Van Sals- 

PETER VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 1, 1768, Margaret Holen- 

HENDRIKJE VAN BUREN, m. Feb, 1774, Jacob Prin. 

' HENDRICK VAN BUREN, m. Aug. 7, 1775. Sara Van Ness. 
MACHELTJE VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 10, 1785, Killian Lant 

Issue: Sarah, bap. Oct 30, 1791. 
JOHANNES VAN BUREN, m. Lydia Rogers. Issue: 

Pieter, 1798. 
MARTIN VAN BUREN, m. Maria . Issue: Maria, Apr. 

TOBIAS VAN BUREN, m, Elixabeth Goes. Issue : Sara, b. 


MARY VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 4, 1765, Jacob Van Schakk. 

CORNELIA VAN BUREN, m. Pieter. Tenneman. 

WM. VAN BUREN, m. Dec. 6, 1796; Phoebe Hart Issue: 

SaQy, b. z8oo> 
ALEXANDER VAN BUREN, m. Oct 9, 1738. Elisa Van 

Voorst • 
MARIA VAN BUREN, m. July 18, 1799, Israil Thus. 
MARY VAN BUREN, m. July a, 1770, Henry Lion. 
MARY VAN BUREN, m. Jan. at, 1764, Gulian Varick. 
MICHAEL VAN BUREN, m, Dec 5, 1795, Elizabeth Van 

CATHARINE VAN BUREN, m. May 4, 1796; Thomas 

ELIZABETH VAN BUREN, m. Aug. 5, 1746, Engelbert 

JOHANNA VAN BUREN, m. Aug. 13, 1730, Gerrit Sehoon. 

Issue: Christina, b. May 3, 1731. 
JOHANNIS VAN BUUREN, of Holland, m. May 16, 1707, 

Maria Meier of N. Y. (from the Old Dutch Church ree» 

Unclassified Data 371 

ords). Children: Peter, bap. Sept 18, 1709. Christina, 
bap. Mar. 2, 1711. Peter and Maria, bap. Jan. 21, 1713. 
Michielt bap. Jan. 19, 1715. Cornelia and Elizabeth, bap. 
Jan. & 1717. Catharina, bap. Aug. 31, 1718. Elizabeth, 
bap. Feb., 1721. Michiel, bap. Jan. 1, 1733. Jacobus and 
Christina, bap. Aug. 3, 1729. 
MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 14, 1783, Peter Heaton. 

MARIA VAN BUREN, b. at Saugerties, m. Aug. 18, 1793, at 
Kingston, Win. Burhans, b. at Jerico. 

WILLIAM VAN BUREN, m. at Schagticoke, N. Y., Nov. 23, 
1788, Maria Muller. Issue: Maria, bap. June 20, 1789. 

JAAPJE VAN BUREN, m. Jacob Dingman. Issue: Eve, 
bap. at Kinderhook, Jan. 27, 1799 (b. Aug., 1798), sps. 
Eve Shulter. 

CATHARINE VAN BUREN, m. Dec 25, 1808, Elijah Ed- 
wards. Issue: Isaac Nichols, bap. at Kinderhook, Oct 
39, 1809. John, bap. at Kinderhook, Aug. 20, 1812. 

ALBERTINE VAN BUREN, m. July 11, 1818, Johnathan 
Clauw. Issue: Elizabeth, b. Dec 19, 1819; bap. at Kin- 
derhook, Feb. 13, 1820. Richard, bap. Dec 1, 1822. 
Maria, b. Sept 9, 1824; bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 30, 1829. 
Samuel, b. Jan. 10, 1829; bap. at Kinderhook, Sept 30, 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Lambert Clauw. 

ATTA VAN BUREN, m. Harry Bleps. Issue: Daniel, bap. 
at Kinderhook, May 9, 1821. 

NELLY VAN BUREN, m. Oct 6, 1807, Dirck Hun. 

ElflZA VAN BUREN, m. Nov. 28, 1824, Daniel Hurd. Is- 
sue: William, b. Dec 17, 1825. 

LEAH VAN BUREN, m. Aug. 26, 1826, Peter F. Van Alen. 
Issue: Tunis, bap. May 17, 1829. 

TOBIAS VAN BUREN and Maria Van Buren had marriage 
license, Oct 20, 1782. 

MARTEN VAN BUREN, m. Mar. 1% 1796, Aeltje Van 

CATHARINA VAN BUREN, m. Sept 30, 1773, John Hilton 
of Albany, in one record, and in another place it is Oct 
2, 1796. Were these two different persons? Children: 
Benjainen, Aug. 7, 1774; d. y. Benjamen, July 28, 1776. 

372 Histoiy of QgNifJi Mab***n Van Buuh 


LENA VAN BUREN, m. June 15, 1779, Abraham Cooper. 
JOHANNES VAN BUREN, m. June 15; 1781, Elizabeth 

JAMES B. VAN BUREN. m. May 15, 1833, Jane Eliza Pal- 

ANNATJE VAN BUREN, m. at Claverack, June as; 1763, 
Volkert Whitbeck. Child : VoDcert, Jan. x, 1771. 

JOHN VAN BUREN; m. at Claverack, Sept 18, 1783, Cor- 
nelia Van Deusen. 

TEUNICA VAN BUREN; m; at Claverack, Apr. 16, 1828, 
Wm. Paughurne. 

PETER VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 26, 1840. Baker. 

WM. VAN BUREN, m. Mary Julia Vandeinark. Issue: 
Howard, Lillian, Florence and Ethel ; no dates. 

JANE E. VAN BUREN, m. Jan. 4, 1868, Wa DnBoia. Is- 
Me: Benjamin I., b. Mar. 16, 1869. Alida, b. Apr. 23, 
1871, and Simon W., b. Dec 28, 1874. 

SIMON VAN BUREN, m. Margaret DnBois. 

CATHARINE VAN BUREN, m. Oct 3, 1784, John Abra- 
ham Lent, b. 1755, son of Abraham and Margaret (Wal- 
dron) Lent He d. Oct 24* 1821.! 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Sept 11, 1819, John Billis. Issue : 
Ann Augusta, b. July 18, 1820; bap. May 11, 1821, at Kin- 
derhoolt Robert Armstrong, bap. Mar; 16, 1823. Mary 
Elisabeth; bap. Aug. 15, 1824. William, b. Oct 14, 1826; 
bap. Mar. 17, 1831. James; b. Nov. 14, 1828; bap. Mar. 17, 
1831: Charles, bap. Oct 31, 1831. 

TOBIAS VAN BUREN, m. Jan. 9, 1803, Ehgeltje Sharp. 

MARTIN P. VAN BUREN, ul Not. 16, 1816, Catharine Tip- 

CATRYNA VAN BUREN; m. Nov. 8, 171ft Christyn Sy- 
ansch or Schaus. Issue : Catharine ( ?), bap. Feb. 12, 1721 
at Albany. David, bap. Mar. 24, 1723, at Albany. 

CATHARINE VAN. BUREN, ni. Nov. 10, 1764, Jacobus 
Waldron, b. Oct 10, 1740, son of Wm., (b. 1706), and 
Elizabeth (Beekman) Waldron. 

JAMES VAN BUREN, m. Jail. 19, 1779, Else Lott 

JAMES VAN BUREN, Aug. 21; 1782, Sarah Van Duyti. 

MAGDALEN VAN BUREN, m. Apr. 27, 1777, George Hoog. 

Umclassifibd Data 373 

MART VAN BUREN, m. June n, 1768, Lucas Salisbury. 

ANNANITIA VAN BUREN, m. Apr. 17, 1776, Nanning Vis- 
iter. Issue: Aonatje Van Buren, bap. Dec. 26, 178a; sps. 
John Roorbach, Jannetje Staats. 

HENDRICKJE VAN BUREN, m. Nov. 15, 1766, John H. 

OLIVE VAN BUREN. m. Henry Van Alen. Issue: Peter, 
b. Oct 14, 1837 ; bap. Jan. 14, 1838. Sarah M., bap. June 
9, 1839. Tennis Andrew, bap. Apr. 6, 1844. 

ELIZABETH VAN BUREN, m. Peter P. Van Alen. Issue: 

Catharine Ann, bap. Apr. 4, 1846. Anna Elizabeth, bap. 

Oct 29, 1848. 
ELBERTJE VAN BUREN, m. Feb. 19, 175% Angenietie 

. Van Allen. 
REBEKKA VAN BUREN, m. June 12, 1824, Lawrence H. 

Van Alen. 
MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Nov. 24, 1831, Henry S. Van Val- 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Sept 27, 1845, John Follemsbee, 

both of Schodack. 
JOHN A. VAN BUREN, m. Maria Van Deusen. Issue: 

Abraham, bap. Apr. 25, 1791. Catrina, bap. July 22, 1792. 

Robert, bap. Mar. 2, 1794. Maria, bap. Dec. 6, 1795. John, 

bap. Aug. 19, 1798. Eva Christina, bap. June 28, 1801. 

Elizabeth, bap. July icj, 1803. William, bap. Apr. 29, 

1805. Peter, bap. Feb. 20, 1807. Children all bap. at 

PETER F. VAN BUREN, m. Jane Van Valkenburgh. Issue: 

Hannah, June 23, 1808. Alida Maria, Feb. 27, 1810. Julia, 

Feb. 24, 1812. Francis, Jan. 21, 1815. 

HENDRICK VAN BUREN, m. Tobbie Salsbury. Issue: 
Catharine, bap. Jan. 26, 1800; sps: Harmanus Van Buren. 

STEPHEN G. VAN BUREN, in. Catharine. Issue: Eleanor 

Williams, Sept. 25, 1845. 
MARYTJE VAN BUREN, m. Andrius Huyck. Issue: Bata 

Huyck, Feb. 18, 1843-4. 

JANNETJE VAN BUREN, m. Abraham Duitzche, at Schag- 
ticoke. Issue : Jacobus, Mar. 26, 1770. 

374 Histoky of Couiius MaassaM Vam Buibw 

MARTIN VAN BUREN, m. Elizabeth Newel, at Schagti- 
coke. Issue: John, June ia, 1785. 

CATHALYNTJE VAN BUREN, m. Hendrick Van Schaick. 

Issue: Jacob, bap. Sept 16, 1787; sps. Jacob Van Schaick 

and Geertje de Ridder. 
MATTHEUS VAN BUREN, m. Hester Hoffman. Issue: 

John Michael, bap, Aug. a, 1788. John, bap. Aug. 10, 

MARTIN VAN BUREN, m. Caty Smith, Issue: Cathalyntfc, 

b. Apr. 19, 1791 ; bap. Mar. 10, 179a. John, bap. Nor. 8, 

1791. When was he born? 

PIETER E. VAN BUREN, m. Marytje Low. Issue : Saartje, 

bap. Not. io, 1795. 
ANNA VAN BUREN, m. E. P. G. Marsh. Issue: Laura 

Grotvenor, bap. June 19. 1863. 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Isaac Van Deusen. Issue: Elis*. 

beth, bap. at Trosskxtk by Stephen Ostrander, V. D. M* 

Feb. 15, 18x1. 
ANDREW VAN BUREN, m. Elisabeth Reghter. Issue? 

Margarita Ann, Mar. 6, 1813. 

HANNAH VAN BUREN, m. John Reghter. Issue: Esther 
Margaret, July 18, 1814. 

LENA VAN BUREN, m. Johannes Huyck. Issue: Cath- 
arine, May 30, 173a 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Thomas Van Aalstyne. Issue: 
Catharine, Jan. 17, 1731. Maria, Apr. 35, 1731 (?). 

CORNELIA VAN BUREN, m. Hendrick Bresje. Issue: 
Pieter, Mar. 30, 1784, 

JANNETJE VAN BUREN, m. Lambert Van Valkenburgh. 
Issue : Jan, Jan. 30, 1785. 

CATHARINE VAN BUREN, m. George Reley. Issue: 
Maggie, b. Nov. 31, 1805 ; bap. Feb. a, 1806, at Gelderland. 

JOHN VAN BUREN, m. Sady Smith. Issue : John, b. Feb. 

4; bap. Feb. as, 1778; sps. Casparus Kool and Poly Van 

JOHN VAN BUREN, m. Latetia Schmit Issue: Andrew, 

bap. Apr. x, 1787. Henry, July 14, 1789. James Banham, 

May 9. 179a. 

Unclassified Data 375 

MARTIN P. VAN BUREN, m. Catharine Philip. Issue: 
Geertruy Maria, bap. Sept 27, 1818. James Martin, bap. 
Aug., 182a. 

CATALYNTJE VAN BUREN, m. WendaU Hildebrand. Is- 
sue: John, Aug. 3, 180a Catlyntje, July 31, 1803. Gitty, 
July io, 1806. Maria, July 9, 1809. Annatje, Jan. 20, 1812. 

BENJAMIN VAN BUREN, m. Cornelia. Issue : Tobias, July 
3Xi 1803* Mary, Apr. 9, 1809. 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Albertus Westervelt Issue: Al- 
bertus, Feb. 3, x8o& 

CORNEUS VAN BUREN, m. Molly Ojens (Maria Owens). 
Issue: Geertruy, Mar. 4, 1775. Magdalena, Aug. 15, 1779. 
Jannetsc, June io, 1783. 

MARIA VAN BUREN, m. Thomas Smith. Issue: Thomas, 
bap. June 21, 1747. 

CATHARINE VAN BUREN, m. Gerrit de Graaw. Issue: 
Johannes, June ax, 1747. Walther, June 22, 1749. Maria, 
July 31, 1751. 

PIETER VAN BUREN, m. Hilletje Easingen. Issue : Pieter, 
Aug. 26, 1746. 

PIETER VAN BUREN, m. Magdalena Kimper. Issue: Jo- 
hannes, May 2, 1736. Chrisje, Aug. 2j 9 1739. Pieter, Feb. 
24, 1741. Johannes, Aug. 24, 1746. 

JORIS VAN BUREN, in. Judica Nickum. Issue: Debora, 
Dec 28, 1769. Pieter, Apr. 19, 1772. 

PIETER VAN BUREN, m. Albertine. Issue: Catheringen, 
Sept 1, 1746. 

DERRICKJE VAN BUREN, m. Jacob M. Vosburgh, as his 
first wife. She d. before May, 1805. He was a son of Mar- 
ten and Marytje (Van Hoesen) Vosburgh; he bap. at 
Kinderhook, Apr. 8, 1776. Issue : Catharine, bap. June 28, 
1801, at Kinderhook. Maria (twin of Catharine). 


These items were received too late to be inserted in their 
proper places: 


child: Marietta, who m. William H. Morse, of English de- 
scent but b. in Conn* Issue: James W.; Eunice E.: Florence 
M.; Etta May, and others who d. y. 

James W. Morse, m. , and has issue: William J. and 

Blanche E. 

Eunice E. Morse, m. G, Wales Briggs. 

Florence M. Morse, ul Joel A. Baker, who d. July i, 
1885; she m. (2) 191 3, Frank A. Moss. Issue by first 
husband: Joel R. Baker, m. Lena May Sellick, who 
cL in 1908; F. Vandalia Baker, m. Carl W. Stokes. 


MARY LYMAN VAN BUREN, m. Henry Sharpies*. Issue: 
James Sharpless, Mary Sharpless, Marion Sharpless, Lyman 
Sharpless, James Van Buren Sharpless. 

Marion Sharpless, m. Robert Sturgis. Issue: Mary 
Lyman Sturgis and Henrietta Howard Boit Sturgis. 

Mary Lyman Sturgis, m. Armitage Whitman. Issue: 
Royal Whitman, b. 1913. 

BARENT SMITH VAN BUREN, m. Mary E. Britton. Issue: 

Charles, deceased. 

Katherine, m. Thomas Sutherland. Issue: Vera Suther- 

378 Ebb at a 

Harriett m. Joseph Brent Issue: Raymond Brent: Mine 
Brent; Mabel Brent; Smith Brent; Charles Brent; 
Earie Brent 

Louis Earle, m. Sadie Jennings. Issue: Dorothy. 

FREDERICK VAN BUREN, m. Isabel Ryan. Issue: 

• * 

Henry, deceased. 

Frederick William, m, Helen F. O f ConnelL Issue: Lane 

Frederick; Florence Marie. 
Francis Edward, m. Ella Berquist Issue: Martin; 

Eugene; Francis. 





Page 38, Na 46, should be m. Oct 14, 1757. 

40, u 67, should be m. Feb. 2$, 1776. 

42, " 37, should be h. June 6, 1736, 

45, " 67, should be h. Feb. 17, 1745, and m. 1776. 

57t- M i7St should be bap. 1707. 

58, u 158, should be m. (2) July 14, 1719, Maria vanden 


" 59> " 183, should be m. (2) 1745, Lena Hus or Hoes. 

44 67, •• 220, should be bap. 1722. 

44 68, * 231, should be m. 1766. 

44 69, ** 177, should be m. Dec, 173$. 

44 76. " 206, should be b. Jan., 1722. 

** 79i ** si5t should be bap. Nov. 10. 

86, M 220, should be bap. July 16, 1722. 

88i " 357, should be bap. 1793. 

44 91* " 63, should be b. May 27, 1759. 

96, 44 309, should be bap. March 1. 

102, " 470, should be b. Nov. 3, and d. Feb. 12. 



Errata 379 

Page 103, No. 476, should be b. Oct 14, 1817. 
M I03 9 u 330» should be m. 1806. 

u 103, u 480, should be b. Dec 6, i8io» and bap. Jan. so, 

" 105, " 334, should be bap. Dec 23, and d. Dec 16. 
44 105. M 494, should be without the word issue betore 

Jacob G. 

II 3* " 553t should be m. Maria Cornelia Hoes. 

126, " 364, should be bap. 1785, and d. 1826. 

133, " 430, should be triplet 

I34t " 43 it should be triplet 

141, " 470, should be b. Nov. 3. 

I45» u 478, should be m. Aug. 24, 1829. 
44 146. " 480, -should be b. Dec 6, 181a 

165, u 591, should be b. 1806. 

170, ** 869! should be cL 1886. 

182, M 715, should be cL 190$. 

195* u 1036* should be b. 1868. 

233, Jacobus Abeel should be m. 1757, and Elbertje, b. 1738. 
*♦ 250, Jan Leendertsen Bronck should be d. 1794. 

267, Johannes Van Buren should be m. 1806. 








(Catbalyne). 43. *33 

Cathynrie, 73 

Christoflel, 43, 133 
Cornell!, 43, 333 
Elisabeth, 333 
Geirri <. 43. 333 
H end rick, 43, 333 

' Margarieta, 333 

Margarita, 43. >33 


Mam, 333 

StotXel J., 333 

William. 43. 133 
Abelac, Hendrick, 383 
Abrahams, Tennis, 339 

Ten wise, jj 
Abrahamaen, Tenwise (Matbeus), SS 
Abrama, Curia 1*174. ««. 343 
Ackhart, Elleanor. 330, 333 
Ackley, Thomas, 363 
Atlanta, Henry, 313 

loan. President, 193 

Tanncke (Tannede, Taanetji), 53. 

Waller, 300 
Adair, Ellsa, 98, 133 

Margaret, 98, 133 
Aertai (Arentst), Jacob, 37 
Alexander, George, 390 

Mary, 390 
Allard (ArlensJ, Wyntie. 399 
Allen, Edwin Guthrie, 3oB 

Claim Van Boxen, son 

Jonathan, 315 

John E.. 187, 307 

Urania, 315 
AHhoaa, EUtabelh, iti 
Atrord, Phoebe Ann, 303 
Andriason, Barbara, 357 
Andrea, Edward, So-, 300 

Arthur, President. 377 
Aahnwre, Hannah, 334 

John, 334 

Averilla, , I S3 

Ayers, Betsy, 105, 149 

Backer, Elbertie E, 330 
Bader. Mildred, 143. 183 
Bailer, Charlotte, 376 

Elisabeth, 361 

Helen, 361 

Henry D„ 361 

Son, 361 

Baker, -.373 

Abbia £.. 334 
Alexander, 334 


Edward, 334 
F. Vandali*, 377 

!°*b t 334.3S4 
oat.*- 577 
?■". 48. S?; 334. »« 
largarct V, 48, 5°. *S4 
Mary Ann, 48. 50. »34. 254 
Mary Jane, 334 

Harriet, 333 

U „ 

«. '35. 336 


Ann, 13s. 136 


Engeltie, 134 

Garret, 33s 

Hannah, 336 

Hendrick, 134, 335 

Henry 100, 134. I3S.a36. 36' 

Hildcbraut. 335 

Jacob, >3S, 330 

Inn. 335 

Jannette Cornelian, 334 

*-*■ 335 

J, 135.33* 
Marcus. 135,136 

Banta, Margrietie, 135 
Maria, 100, 134.136 
Marltje, 33$ 
MaryTaSbetfcv, 135 
Pieter, 33c 
Peter, 236 


Margarieta, 340. 
Barnard, Francis, 361 
Barney, Albert Milton, 154, 15s 

Bradley l~, 156 

Milton, ioj. 154 

•Catherine Van Bnren, 154 

Sarah Grace, 156 
Barringer, George, 33a 
Bartlet jBartlett, Barlette), Ci» 

m tq«*-«>oo.36i 

Baitc*. Joseph, 244 
Bassett, Joan. Rev., 386 
Bay, Wul, 164 
Bayard. Sarah, 339, 340, 341 
Beardaley, Harriet, 145, 186 
Beany, John, 357 
Becker, Clara, 350,363 

Cornells Ann, 353- 

Frank, jfo 

Hannah, 107 
Harvey, 157 

^ lame. W,7 3 c 
Johannes, 71 
Jobannis, 90 

Martin, 91 
Mr, 113 
Peter. 90 
Bedford. Animas E, 107 
Albert. 107 
Daniel, 107. 
Elisabeth r, 107 
Emma Fledder, 107 
Henry H„ 107 
John, 107 

EUrabet'h'j^U*. 185 
Synu R-, 144, tljE 
Benswgh (Sensing, llenaen). < 

- Samson, 334 
Benson, AthaUah, 138 
Eunice, 101, 140 
lane VL, km , 138 

Seneca, 138 

H, 118 
Bentyn, tferrone, 350 
Berck, Catalyntje, 285 

Samuel, 285 
Berqniat, Ella, 387 
Berry, William R„ ryo ' 
Beat, Christina, 198 

•a, 37* 

y Elisabeth, 373 


Bidnger. George W„ 137 
BUby, John, 363 
Blair, Francis P„ 118 
Bleecker, Jan Jsnaen, 338 


Btep 5 r 

B!inkort!oft, 3 Direk Hendricks, 935 

Base, Margaret, 363 

Margaret Lawrence, 363 " 

Thomas, 363 
Bloom. Elisabeth, 344 
Btaomingdale-Van ■ores (Bloemso- 
dael, Bloeming dale), faanily, aio 


Adam, 335, 3SS 



Bloomingdale-Van Boron (Bloemen- 
dael, Bloemingdale), Alberto*, 


Alida, 236, 229, 231 


Anna, 223 

Barnabas, 223 

Carrie, 232 

Catharine, 293. 227, 228, 230, 231 

Charles, 232 

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Cornelia, 220 

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Cornelias, 229, 230, 232 

Cortland, 230 


Elixa.233 . 

Elisabeth, 223, 226 

Engelt je (Angeline), 222, 226, 229 

Ester, 232 

Evert Whiter (Wheeler), 220 

Franklyn, 229 ' 

Geertruy, 220, 222, 224 

Garret* 229 
Gerretje, 222 
Harriet, 232 
Helena, 226 

acob, 220-223, 226% 229 

acomynt je, 220-222, 224, 226 

ames, 9, 230, 232 

unrtnij, 229 

an, 219, 221 

ane, 227, 228 

ane H„ 232 

enny, 22s 

ffanitj, 221 

ohaanes, 222, 225, 226 

ohn, 223, 226% 227, 228 1 

orian, 236 


Lawrens (Laurens), 227, 229 
Lawrence, 229 

Lydia Maria, 228 
" vdy, 228 
leas, 221, 223, 226, 227 

Lea, 222, 22s 
Lydia Mai 

Lydy, 228 

Maas, 221, 223, . . 

Maas Comnelissen, 219 

Magdalena (Magdalene), 230 

Margaret, 227. 229, 230 

Maria, 221, 223, 226, 227 

Martin, 229 

Marytje, 222 

Mary, 232 

Mary Ann, 228 

Marytje, 22s 

Moses (Mates)* 227, 229 

Peter, 228 

Pieter, 221-223, 22$, 227, 228 

Bloomingdale-Van Boren (Bloemen- 
dael, Bloemingdale), Rachel, 

Rebecca, 222, 224 

Robert, 233 

Sara, 222, 223, 

Sarah, 229 

Sarah, , 219, 221 

Steven, 239 

Susan, 228, 231 

Susannah, 220 

Walter, 225, 226 

William, 229, 230 

William C, 229 

William Henry, 330, 332 

William Henry, Jr„ 232 
Blonk, Margrita, 270 
Boele, Maria, 308 
Bogardns, Anna, 240 

Annaetje, 240 

Anneke Jans, jo, 241 

Antje, 247* 345, 251 

Blandina, 240 

Barbara, 62, 7e\ 242 

Catharine, 242 

Cornelia, 240, 249 

Cornelias, 239 

Dominie, 62,351 

Everardns, ftominie, 236-241* 327 

Helena, 5$, 62, 75-77, 242, 318 

Henkricos, 242 

\ annehen, 62, 76 

ennekin, 242 

ones, 239, 241 

oris. 240 

Maria, 240, 351 
Peter, 241 

Pieter, 239. 347* 35 1 
Rachel, 242 

Sytie, 240 
Wilhelmus, 240 
WiUiam, 239 

Wyntje Cornelise (Bosch), 247 
Bogart (oogert, Boggert), Catharine, 
Cornelia Delamater, 258 
Cornells, 258 
Cornelias, 258 
Doow, 42 
Hendrick, 258 

Jannetie, 258 
John r.,223 
Magdalena, 31, 32, 347 
Peter, 223 



Bogart (Bogert, Boggert), Rebecca, 

Sarah* 333 
Willcmpie Bratt, 4a 
Bond, Evert, 369, 373, 337 
Grdtie Hendricks*, 534 


TO>*(Mauhys). V4. 337 
Boom, Marvin It, 303 
Booth, Catherine, 105, 157 
Boree, Hilleg ond, 335 
Boa, Cornells Tbcunia* Theunissen 
(Tcunissen van Weatbroeck), 
s6u 38 

Tryntje Tysse, 381 
Bosch. Cornells Tennis, 339 

Wyntie Comelisse, 339 
Boorchier, Thomas, Arch-Bishop, 393 
Bovie, Catharine, 353 
Bowcn, ^™^, Mr*, 178 

Alfred, I7« 

Clarence, 178 
Bowler. Rensselaer (Renselaer), 35, 37 

Boyd, Helen, 34* 
Brace, Loctnda, 337 
Bramhall, William Leggett, 383 
Brandow, Peter Groom, 330 
Brannsan, George V., 30X 

Harry, 301 

Isabel, sol 
Brandt, — — , 349 
Bratt, Aeffie, 397 

Andreas Arentscn, 397 

Arent Andressen, 397 

Arianntje, 397* 3P3 . 

Catalynqe, 397 
Catalyntje de Voa, 397 
Catharine, 30$ * 

Cornelia, 397 
Daniel, 333 

Gernt, 308 

Joseph, 369 

Samuel, 397 
BrattU, Santje, 333 
Brekker. Hester, 334 
Brent, Charles, 37S 

Ear le, 378 


Sraitn, 37** 
Bressy, Claartie, 370, 3S7 
Briea (Briesch, Bnese), Hendnck, 34a 

Anthony, 34a 

Brfcs (Briesch, Briese), Antoint, S* 
Ctthsfine, 343 
Era, 343 

V Marrtje, $9, 318 
Trynde. 339, 330 
Tryntje, 56 

Brieshman, Deborah, 358 

Bribes, , Mary, 197, 314 
Briggs, G. Wales, 377 
Brignall, Edward Schuyler, 179 

Frances Ella, 179' 
Thomas, 139. 179 
Brink, Dora C 304 
Edna T., 301 
Frank A- 301 
George IL, 301 
Grace, 301 
Ida T*. sot, sot 

Brinkerhoft, Catherine M* 361 
Britten, Mary, 14a 
Brodhead, family, 34a 

Alexander, 344 

Ann Carton, 343 

Ann G„ 344 

B* Cape, 301 

Charles, 343 

Daniel, 243, 344 

Delia, 177 


Elisabeth, 344 

Frances, 344 

Garrett, 343 

George, 13a, 176 . . 

Geertje (Gertrude), 344. a6l . 

tames Oliver, 344 
ohn, 177. a4a-344 
ohn Thomas, 141 
,uke, 243. ?44 
Maria or Mary, 103, 141 
Maria Curtia, 345 
Marsena, 177 
Mary, 344 

Mary Caroline, 344t M5 ■■ 
Richard, 343 
Seth Curtis, 344 
Thomas, 344 
William Wheeler, 344 
Branch (Brook), family, 245. 347 
Adelaide Ely, 350 
Agnietje, 247, 348 




Broock (Brook), Anna, 351 

Anna De Wandelacr, 78, 350 
AnnatJe, 34* 351 
Anthony, 348 

Antje, 347 
Antje Conyn, 348 

Catharine, fo, 250, 361 
Catherine (Cornelia), 113 
Commertje, 70, 348-351 
Daniel, 351 
Daniel L, 353 
David C, 353 
Elisabeth, 351 
Ella A., 353 

Ephraim, 348, 351 
Frank Leversee,9, 3$3, 363 
Helletje (Hellena), 340 
Hilletje, 348 

antes J„ 353 
, an, 346-318, 351, 3^0 

an Leendertse, 350 

an Leendertten, 78, 347* 349.350, 




ohannis, 351 

ohn J- 353 

onas, 345-347, 348 

oseph, 351 


ttdikte, 351 

*eendert, 348-350 
Leendejt Jansen, 350 

Leonard, 66, 78. 347* 350, 3^1 

Lendeit, 78 

Maria, 348 

Marjorie £., 353 

Mary, 252 

Marytje, 340, 351 

Minnie Ann, 353 

Peter Jonassen, 346, 351 


Philip, 347-349 

Philip Msi 
Pieter, 346-348, 351 

Rachel Jane, 353 
Rebecca J., 353 
Richard, 353 
Rykert, 351 

Suran~l$ara), 35* 3*. 250, *$?• 

Sarah Ann, 353 

Sarah Conyn, 349 
Willempe, 350 

Wyntje, 348, 349 

Brown. 361 

Alice M~ 193 

Frank, Rer., 363 

Jacob, Gen*, 361 

Louisa, 369 
Brownell, Edwin, 337 

Lama, ioi, 135 

Henry, 330 

Broower, Jacobus, 340 

Jan Hendricksen, 398 
Brace, Annie, 330 
Brundage, Ida, 369 
Brumey, Elisa, 393 
Buchanan, James, 137 

Buckman, Peter, 44 
Buckmaster, Minnie, 333 
Bunnell, Flora, 177 
Burbans, Cornelius, 377 

Johannes, 353 

Magdalena, 3$$ 
Burchgraeff, Hendnck A* 344 

May ken, H.,344 
Burdick, Charles W n 10$ 
Burger, Bernard F., 303 


William, 303 

Burgess, Mary J., 177 
Burgoyne, Gen* 391,314 
Burnams, Jan, 359 

Janetje, 359 

William, 371 
Bnrhans, family, 353 

Charles, 377 

Helen, 353 

Jacob, 353 

Johanes, 48 
Johannes, 353 
Magdalena, 48, 353 
Temperance van Orden, 48 

Burns. Mary, 137 
Burnside, General, 137, 395 
Burr, Aaron. 353 

Abner F.. 139. 179 

Antoinette, 179 


Burroughs, Mary E„ 144 

Elitabeth, 103 
Burton, Laura E. Rogers, 107 

Louise A* 107 

Paul G.,97 

Thompson, 107 
Butler, Benjamin F., tao, ui, 133 

Fannie, 157 
Byecourt, , 148* 19a 

Alfred, 193 

Barent, 193 

Mary, 193 

" »S5 

i, Abraham, 34s 
Abraham Van G, 339 
Anna M.,340 
Catharine, 340 
"" ' ' 34* 

John, 340 


Chapman, Mr, 147 
Chanty (CbaeJeJ, Martha, 73 
Chancer, Godfrey, 303 

Anthony J, 335 


(.(HKdjTjerck. l{7 
Clark (Clarke), Anna, 36; 
Augusts, 1I0 
Adfuatn C, 145 
Ellen Schuyler, 157 
John, Dr„ 994 
Clapper, Catharine, no 


Clay, Henry, 11S 

Clearwater (Klearwater), Corn B„ to?. 



Penan, Kmrni 


Mathew, 177 ' 
Mathew, Jr„ !» 
Stephen, 177 
CUntoo, Got., 314 
De Witt, 157 
George, 347 
_ iamca, 357 
Clothier, Ann. 363 
Clongh, Nancy, aoi 
Crate, Bain, 396 
Catharine, 305 




Cockbnrnet'Ann Elisabeth, 106 
. Tobias V.. 196 

William, iqT 
Co^fmana, fcWJK 300. 335 

Chariotte- Amelia, 248 

Elixabeth C-., 348 

Geenje (Geemuy). 300. 354. 355 


Pieter, 34* 

Pieter B..34S 
Coin, Emma, 173,303 — ' 
Colden, Cadwallader, 70 ■ 
Coleman, Hannah, 363 
Collier, Anna C, 361 

Caspar, 330 

Carper ftTioi ■ - 

Do tela, a6i . 

Edward A- Rev, o . 

Mary Thorn, 9M - 

in*. Laura, 1: 

Collin*. La . 
William, iftj 
Harriet « 

itnony, Gov, 
1, Helen N„ 

Gov., 300 

kiyne. Conking), Albro 



Cooklin (Cooklyne, Conkling ), Edgar 

B„ 167, 168, 256 

EUas,2 55 

Francis, 354 

Frank L & 167, 256 

HenryT., 167, 195,256 

John, 255,256 

Joseph, 256 

Joshua, 25$ 


Nicholas, Li< 


Theodore, 256 

Thos*, 129, 167, 256, 289 

William, 255, 256 

William TV 167 
Cooover, Masie, 195, 212 
Conry, Cassie BL, 204 

Clarence H., 204 


BS& 3 * 

P., 204 
Myron, 204 
Olive &, 204 
Ralph C, 204 
Townsend, 204 

Viola G„ 204 
Conyn (Conyno, Conein, Conign, 
Comyn), Agnesta, 3$ 
Agnittfe, 256, 257 
Agncltie, 38 
Aiida 9 3i7 
Anganietie, 256 
Angnietie, 344 
Anna, 256 

Ant je, 247* 248 
Catherine 248 

Caspar, 256 

Caspanis, 112. 256, 274* 333 

Commertte, 256 

Commeitje l~, 246 , 

Elisabeth, 251 


Emmetie, 256 

Era, 256, 274 

Harriet, 251 

Hendrikje, 333 

annetje, 112 
,eendert, 256, 390 
Leendert P.. 256 
Leodert P.. 313 
Lonrens, 112, 256 
Lysbeth, 256 

Marietie (Marritje), 256, 316 
Peter, 251 
Pieter, 256 

Conyn (Conyne, Conein, Conign, 
Comvn), Philip, 247-250, 256 
Philip U, 147 
Rachel, 366 
Rachettie, 256 


Aaron, 262 
Adelaide, 254 
Elisabeth £, 254 

6 George IL, 49^ 254 
ion U* 254 
nth, 337 
Cool (KootfT Bareot, 241 

Coombs, Alleda, 00 126 
Coon, Morgan, 96, 34* 
Cooper (Conner), Abraham, 372 

Hannah* 260 
Harriet, 101, 140 

{annetje, 40 

Thomas, 36% 40 

William, 323 
Cornells (Corneflss, Cornelissen), An- 
netje, 25$ 


Marten, $J, 57. 3*> 
Cornell, Fannie, 157 

Frederick, 157 

Wm. P„ 157 
Corwin, Amos, 342 

Coster (Costers), Adelbert Shonlty, 

Anna, 204 

Anthony, 30, 60, 307 

Boon Cary, 204 
Donald, 204 

1^5* 73 
Frank, 204 
George W., 204 
Gertrnde &, 204 
Glen, 204 

Ivan, 204 



John W„ 204 
Lysbeth, 60 
Mary Shoulty, 204 
Myrtella F„ 204 
Pearl, 204 
Philip, 204 

Raymond Shoolty, 204 
Stanley, 204 



William, 174, 104 
Cooper, Thomas, 36 
Coyne, Angonietje, 86 
Coynen, Angoinetje, 109 
Craig, Maroa, 167 
Cranmel, Cornelia Cadmus, 334 

Hendrick, 323, 334 

^haniics, 334 

Petros, 334 
Rebecca, 334 

Cimnmer. Arch-Biehop, 393 
Crocck, Maria, 131 

Croon, Catrina, 331 

6 channel, 331 
eeltje Janse, 233 
Crosby, Howard, Rev., 138 
Crouse, Mary M., 338 
Collen, Helen B„ 317 

John, 317 

Leo, 317 

Mary, 317 

Rose, 317 

Patrick, 303, 217 
Coder, Arent, 346 
Cams, Maria, 344, 34$ 

Mary, 344 
Coshman, Lydia,a64 

Coyler, Elsie, 69 

Eljye. 57.5* ^ 
Johannes, 30, 57. 5*. *9> 7* 271, 3°7 
Johannis, 57 

Dallith, Jane Elixa, 372 
Dally, Anna, 340 

Pimfffix Msns t 314 

Daniel, Cady, 35* 
Daniels, Annas)*, 306 
Dankers, Jasper, 381 
Davids, Anoa.67 
Davis, Anna E., 176, 205 
Bessie, 06, 132, 341 

aneA* 361,362 
ane Ann, 99 

JOttXUQ D„ 220 ' 

Dawes, Denton T., 265 

Helen W„ 265 

Henry F„ 265 
Day, Abraham, 203 

Benjamin, 263 

Grace, 263 

Day, Mary, 98, 133 

DeBoer.L. P., 9 

de CastHmannardo, Gennaio Cuno, 

Coont. 183 
Decker, Mr., 113 

Jacob, js8 
Dedricks, Ester, 33s 


de Forest, 

Jesse, 331 
1 eeltje, 93 
Philip, 221 
Rebecca, 221 

de Garmo, Ann, 99, 361*363 

William A^ 305 
DeGraaf , Jan it, 280 
de Graaw, Gerrit, 375 

Chanties, 37s 

Walther, 375 
de Groot, Annatne Janse, 235 

Cornelia P., 335 , 

Rachel, 23c 
De Hoogen (H^opes), Catharine, 325 
De Hoogheang, Catharine, 321 
de Hoilter, Madame, 257 
Dettt, Phillip, 132 
de la Court, Jan, 345 
de la Grange, Christina, 221, 222 

Engeltje V- 222 

Jacobus, 222 

Delamster, Abraham, Jr., 340 
Anna A., 369 
Anna Catrina, 76 
Catharine, 340 
Cornelia, 258 
Mary Jane, 175,343 

De La Metre, Chryetynje, 332 

Claude, 333 
de la MettreiKebeeca, 273 

Dellioa Godfridns, Dominie, 356 
Delmont, Maria. 283 
Demarest, Magdalene, 235 

Samuel D„ Jr., 335 
de Meyer, Elsie, 126 . . . 
Doming, Elisabeth, 262 . . m „. ... . 
Demise, Jennie B* 197, 213 
Denison, Grace. 104 

Katherine Starr, 104 

Thomas, 104 

Denton, Ann, 178 

de Peyster, Anna Schnyler, 258 

Johannes, 258 
de Pre, Janoctie' 23$ 
De Poe (Depoi, Depoy), Elisabeth, 243 

Geertje, 255 



Dc Pot, John, 3$< 
de Rioder, Gcertje, 374 
Dc Silla, Walburga, 330* 240 
Deuscher, Eva Zeller, 164 
Deutch, — -% Mr., 345 

George F* 141 
de Vos, Andries, 397 

Csulymje, 297 
De Wandclaer, Anna, 349 


Johannes, 348 

rioter, 66* 70 
de Wever (Van Alstync), Jan M.,283, 

De Wfc£ Cornelia, 173 
Cornells, 357 
Cornells &• 131 

Channel, 257 
aria, 357 
Nclje, Q$ 
Nicholas. 357 
Rachel, 63, 341 


Tyerck C, 341 

Tjerck Classen, 357 
Deyer, Antic, 355 
Deyo, Hettte, 175 
Dickenson, John, 363 
Dmgman, Hetndrkk, 77, 96 

Jacob, 371 

Dodge, Mary, 344 
Doll, Anna, 333 

George J. L. Rev„ 333 
Doogan, Thomas, Gov* 350 
Doofittle, Lydia A* 10$ 
Dorchester, Francis, 99 

I. P.. 80 

James P., 9* 348 

Sophia, 100 

Stephen, 100 
Douglass, Joslah, 363 
Doow, Abraham, 08 

Cornells, 258 

Cornells, and, 358 

Dorothea, 358 

Eogeltje V* 36$ 

Grietje V, 353 

Johannes de Peyster, 358 

Johannes V. 


John De Peyster, 358 



Margarita, and, 258 
Volckert, 310 
Volkert, 258 
Volkert P., 358 
Volkert, and, 358 

Doow, Volkert, 3rd, 358 

Volkerte Jansen, 350 

Volkert Jan, 365 
Dow. Jan, 357 

Jonas, 358 

Petrus, 358 

Volkert, 358 

Volkert Jansen, 358 
Volkert P., 358 ^ 

Da BoU (Da Boys), Aaron, 17$ 
Abraham, 360, 361 
Anna Catrina D* 95 
Annie T., 175 
Annus, m 
Benjamin l* 373 
Catharine, 131, 360, 303 
Catherine, 174, 361 
Charles L* 260 
Christian, 259-261 
Christian, Jr., 260, 261 
Cornelius, 36i 
Delia, 17$ 
Epbraim, 76, 9$ 
Elizabeth, 344, 261 
Eliza G, m 
Frances, 360 
Frederick C, 175 
Garret, 260 
Gertrude, 345, 260 
Gertrude B„ 143 
Hasbrouch, 260 
Helen, 103 

Helen M„ J43.J44. 345 
Helen Maria, 261, 344 
Helena, 361 
Henry, 260 
Henry A*, 360 
Herbert, 261 

bs Henry, 17$ 

ames Thorn, 361 

, ane Elixa, 360 

, ohannes, 9$ 

, ohn, 143, *44t 345. »S* *« 
, ohn Coert. 260 
, ohn V., 360 
, ohnathan, 177 

onathaa, 260 


LOUIS C, 301 

Margaret, 37^ 
Margaret Scale, 260 

Mary, 360, 361 



Da Bob (Da Boys), Mary F-, 175 

Mary Ida, 200 

Matthew Briokerhof, 261 

Nathaniel, 17$ 

Paul, 261 

Peter, 259,260 

Pierre, 259 

Richard B., 17c 

R. Van Wyck, 261 

Samuel, 175, 361 

Samuel Thorn, 261 

Sainael Thorn. 2nd, 261 

Sara (Zara), jL 95 

S. Augustus, 260 

Simon W.,372 

Stephen Augustus, 260 

Teunis V. Gi, 175 

Thomas B., 244, 261 

William, 17$, 260, 372 

William C, 244. aoi 

William Augustus, 361 

Zara (Sara), 76 
Doer, Edward, 104 
Doescher, Eva Zeller, 127 
Dogaid, Henry Lyman, 101 

William, 101 
Duitxche, Abraham, 373 

Danham, John, 315 

Rachel, 31$ 

Darfay, Joseph, 298 

Durham, Peter, 176 

Dye, Martha, 140 

Easton. Ahimas, 105 
Animas Phelps, 106 
Ahimcat, 8$ 
' Ann, 105 
Ann Elba Silliman, 106 
Ann C, 106 
Charles, 106 
Charles D„ 106 
Charles Davis, 106 
Clark C, 106 
Edward Broackway, 106 
Ehimeas, 84 
Elisabeth, 106 
Elisabeth Grinnell, 106 
Elsie Bronck, 107 
Emily, 106 
Engeltje, 10$ 
George Livingston, 106 
Harmon Van Baren, 106 
Harriet I— 107 

Iames Grinnell, 106 
osephioe &, 106 
alia Potter, 106 
*ucretia, 106 
Marian, S4 

Easton, Maria Eveline, 106 

Martin Van Baren, 106 

Mary, 106 

Mary A. Livingston Stearns, 

Sarah De Forest, 106 
Ecker, Anna, 90 
Edmonds, Judge, 161, 16a 

Edwards. Mr., 111 

Charlotte, 337 


Isaac Nichols, 371 

Elmendorf, Benjamin, 75 
Coenradt, 318 
Cornells, 7S 

Engeltje (Hermans), 75 
Gerret, 62, 76 
\ acob, Jr„ 222, 22$ 
, acobus,6s 

' Coenradt, 6s, 75 

Margaret, 340 

Elmoodorff, Sarah E. R* 17a 

Elsin, Rebecca, 200 

Elswart, Theopuilus, 240 

ElvendorffJComelias, 33$ 

Ely, John, Dr., 150 

EmmoosTHamiltoo, 164 
Enchiuys, Han Jans. 354 
Enders, Philip C 160 

Rachel, 128 

Rachel Maria, 166 

Samuel. 128 
Ennis, Sarah, 301 
Epke, Altte, 235 

Angenitie, 23s 



Cornelius, 235 

Derrick, 23$ 


Hendrick, 235 

Jacob, 234. »3S 



Essingen, Hilletje, 375 

Etting, Cornells, 172 

Evans, Anna Maria, 261, 262 

Cornelia, 262 

Estelle, 130, 170 
e, 261, 262 


Lydla, 261, 262 
Nancy, 09* *6i, aoa 
Samuel, 261, 262 



Evan*, Vincent. a6i 

William, 361, afe 
Evert, Evert, 144 

Judge, 144 
Evertsen, John, 396 

Nicholas, 341 

Volckert, 37 
Evertss, Jannetje, 373, 337 

Fane, Henry, aoa 
Feller, Uriah, 140 
Felters, Edward M„ 16$ 
Fenton, Hannah, 78, 08 
Ferguson* Amelia, too 

Ann Holt, 100 

Byram, 106 

Elisabeth, 107 

Elisabeth Easton, 106 

George D., 106 

Lewis, 107 

Raymond, 107 

Willett, 106 
Field, Emily, 289 

Emily U, 168 

George, 168 



Fish. K. Brook, 346 
Fisher, Charles, 17s 

George N., 89 
Flsk, Matthys, 374 
Fitch, Charlotte It, 389 

Fhchett. Marietta F„ 191 
Fitxpatnck, Tames F„ 18$ 

John William, 186 

Virginia C7i8$ 
Flack, Alouot 187 
Fmgg, Asariah C, 118 
Flamberg, Catharine, 338 
Fobnt, Margaret, 341. 343 
FoUemsbce, John, 373 
Fonda, Douwe, 74 

Rebecca, 43. «9. 331 
Foote, Misses, 7 
Abigail, 363. 264 
Abraham, 364 
Adonijah, 3^3, 364 
Alice Grey, 265 
Anna, 264 
Anna Eliza, 265 
-Arthur. 265 
Asa, 204 
Byron, 152, 365 
Caroline Shults, 365 
Catharine Starr, 153, 364 

te. Charity, 364 
Damans, 364 
Daniel, 152,263-265 
Deborah, 364 
Dorathy, 363 
Elisabeth, 362-264 
Ella, 265 

Ellen Ehnyra, 152, 365 
Emily Grace, 265 
Emma, 265 
Fflhraim, 263 
Fflhraim 2nd, 263 
Ephraim^d, 263 
Eunice, 263 

Frances Helen, 265 
George, 264 
G. Harriet, 265 
Hannah, ^\ 
Harriet, 264 
Harriet Agnes, 265 
Harriet Grace, 152, 265 

Ichabod, ^4 

Irene, 263 
Isaac, 264 

abcs, 264 
me* Harvey, 152. 265 

Sank S., 8. 265 

esse, 264 

esse R, 264 

esse Finch, 104, 105. 152, 264 

ohn. **** 

oseph, 263. 264 

osiah, 263 

*emuel, Rev., 167 
Lvdia, 263. 264 
Margaret, 263 
Mary, 262, 263 
Mary Jane, 152, 265 
Mary L., 167 

Lary L. 

Nathaniel 2d, 262, 263 
Nathaniel 3d, 263 
Nathaniel 4th, 263 
Orilla, 152, 265 


Rebecca, 262, 263 
Robert, 152, 262, 264 
Ruth, 264 
Sally, 264 
Samuel, 263, 264 
Sarah, 362-264 
Sarah Maria, 152, 264 
Stephen, 264 
William, 264 



Foot* William Darius, ia$, 265 
Forbes, Etta, 215 
John, w, «4 

Ford, Helen, 342 
Fosaate, John, 19a 

Softiunfc A^ iga 

Susan Adams, 154* *9» 
Foster, General, 136 

Harriet It, 233 

Susan, 323 : 
France, Ann, 130. 171 
Franchot, Helen U, 258 • 
Franldtn, Dr., 163 
Freer, Zara, joi 
Fredenbufa, Phoebe, ill 
Freehan, Will, 190 
French, Eunice, in 

James 1L, 393 

Lucretia, in 
Freyer (Farar), David, 228 

Lytha Jane, 228 
Fries, Emma, 175. 343 
Frirjr, Anna T., 175 
Frisbee. Susannah. 264 
Frost, S usannah D., 9ft 36l 

Annatfe, 80 

Annette, 81, 89, 267 

Antje, 267 

Casper, 81 

Dorothea, 80, 267 

Dorothy, 67, 81 

Heydje, 267 

J., Rev., 79 

Jannctje, 81. 267. 

Johannes, 267 

John Casparus, 81, 10a 

Johannis Casparus, Rev., 266 

John Casper, 267 

Magdalena, 267 

Fuller, Abtgr Jane Van Slyck, 113, 158 
Furguson, L. A^ Mrs^ 8 . 

Gansevoort, Annetje, 27a 

Eveline, 44 
Gateyna, 396 
Catharine, 258 
Ca tharine C, 35a 
Eliza, 364 
Leonard, 286 
Leonard Jr., 286 
Mrs. U, 286 
Maria, 286 
Maria V., 286 

Gansevoort, Leendert, 346 

Leennd, 66 

Pieter, J09 
Ctodenier, Jesina, 355 

Neeltje, 70 

Sara, 2201 221, 330 
Gardiner, Josme Janse, 29 
Gardinier, Elisabeth, 47 

Hendrick, 77 
Jannetje, 80 

Zara, 56, 329* 39> 
Gardnier, Hendrick, 96 
Geelvinck, Christina, 280 
Genet, Maria, 44 
Gerrits, Ariaantje, to 

Anaarie, 57 
Gerritse, Reyer, 58. 334 
Gerritsen, Elbert, 290 

Johannes. 206 
Getman, David, 167 
Gibson, Albert, 133 

Charles, 133 

Dwight, 133 - 

Georae, Gen*, 363 

Harriet, 133 

Meta, 9 

William, 98, 133 
Gilles, Mary Alice. 232 
Gillet. Stephen, 360 
GUlich, Charlotte, 124 

Friedreich, 124 
Glen, Catrina Sanders, 258 
Goeway, Sara S., 350 
Golden, Steven, 227 
Goodrich, John, 262 

Thankful, 105, 152 
Goodwin, Althea, 130, 169 
Gould, Ella Brooks, 258 

Jessie Leona, 168, 195 
Gouverneur, Rose de Chine. 277 

Samuel I*, 277 
Gove, Ann McConnell, 194 

John, 194 

Marion B., 166, 194 
Gray, Jane, 292 

Green, Catrina, 109 
Griffin, Delia, 260 
# Jacob, 260 

GrinnelL ™»*frf h, 106 

Groat Caroline Matilda, 143. 185 

Groen, Marius, 340 
Groesbeck, David, 3 

Maria, 331 
Groet, Caroline M* 185 
Grooves, Kate, 197* **4 



Grosbeck, Harriet, 142 
Grovenvis, Jannetje Gaesse, 253 
Gull, William, 263 
Guyu, Catharine, 109 
Gysbeoptendyck, 439 
Gysberts, FffTtfrti n, 336 

Hager, John J., 19B 

John Many, 198 
HalLJoseph, 174 

Thomas, 27 
Hallenbeck (Halenbesck, Hettenbeck, 
Heknbeck), Abraham, 273t 336 

Pyrfc 373 
EphrsJm, 273. 336 
Pettje, 273* 3j6 
Marte, 330 
Matfays. 338 

MichaeL 269, 273. 33° 

Wmam,%SS. 337 
William J., 273. 33& 

Ham, Casper, 333 
Coenrat, 357 

Conrad, 333 

Marghritta, 333 

Martin, 333 

Rachel, 333 
Hamilton. Alexander, tea 

Ami Elba, 173 

CoL, 117 

Tana. 173 

William, 131, 172 
Hammond, Elizabeth, 107 
Hand, Abbie M\, 214 
Hannelbeck, Samuel, 272 
Hannoy, Isaiah, 252 
Hans, Hendrick Ootnout, 312 
Harberts, Marritje. (Van Deusen), 

Hardenburg, Leonard, 244 

Margaret, 91 

Margaret Putnam, 12B 
Hardenburgh, Charles, 199 

Charles G, 199 . 

Cornelius, 199 

Leonard, 199 

Margaret <*, iop 
Hardy, Laura Amelia Philip, 130, 169 
Hardens, Dirclde, 316 
Harmense, Dirckeje, 311 

Nanning, 282 
Harris, Hannah, 235 

Harrison, Benjamin, 352 
Elisabeth, 243, 244 

Harrison, Hannah, 264 

William, 41 
Harson, Ann, 221, 239 
Hart, Phoebe, 370 

Phoebe *L, 232 
Hartfers, Jannetie, 239 

Aeter. 239 

Rachel 239 
Hasbrouck, Catharine, 260 
Hastord, Ludena, 229 
Haswell, Joseph, 107 
Hawkins, Abram, 176 

Caroline, 175. 176, 343 

Hannah EL, 176 

Stephen, 131, 176b 302 . 

William S., 176 
Harden, Rachel, 362 
Hayes, Gilbert WT, 139 

James IL, 106 

Phoebe, 199 

Sally Maria, 101, 139 
Haymie, Mr., 262 

Carrie, 262 

Haynes, Henry, 362 


Leonard, 362 

Mary, 362 

Robert, 362 
Heapt, Poster G- Rev., 180 
Heaton, Peter, 371 
Hebun, Barent,35 
Heermans, Engeltjen, 335 
Heermanse, Annatje, 271 
Heinrich, William, 166 
Hendrick, Angenitia, 235 
Hendrickss, Cornelius, 57, 62 
Hendrix, Assuerus, 240 
Henkel, Alberta, 217 

Carrie, 217 

Prank, 205, 217 

Gladys, 217 
Herck, Belctie, 308 
Hermance, Eliza, 131, 172 

Mary, 171 
Hermans, Engeltjen, 75 
Hermanse, Derclaen, 357 

Hcrrick, Catnarini 

Dorothea, 109 
Geetruy, 109 
Helena, 109 
Terry, 46 
lohanncs, 109 
[ulian,86, 109 

Peter, 109 




Hewitt, E. D., CoL, 150 

Heydeu, Rachel, 99* 3°i 
Heyser, EsteUe, W, 214 

Hicks, Amanda It, 135, 136 

Hildebrande, Anuatje, 375 

Catlyntje, 375 

G*«y. 375 

Hiller, Frederick T., 198 
Hilton, Benjamen, 371 

ChfitthHj, 252 

John, 112, 371 
His. Eva Virginia, 16s 

Frank, 165 

loaf, Delbs, 128 

Hoes (Goes), family, 367, 379 
Abraham, 114 
Andries, 271 
tagentetjen, 271 
Ann Elizabeth, 57 
Anna, 270 
Anna H~ 9 
Anna Elizabeth, 67 
w Anaatje, J74 
Annexe Janss, 268* 273, 336 
Annetie, 271 
AnnetjejL 355, 359 
Annie Eliza, 145. 187 
Anthony Q., 290 

Arent, 273 
Barend, 129, 275 

Barent, 45. 89, 270, 271 
BratL 114 • 
Bos well R*, 277 

Breechje, 269, 33* 
Cantine, 114 
Gaspares CL1B7 
Catharine (Gertrude), 88 
Catherine, 272 
Catherina A* 276 
Catherine A^ 277 
Catherine (Gertrude), 113 

Catrina, 323. 324 
Chn*>, 336 

Christ, 273 

Christina, 77. "4. 269, 273. *7$* 


Cornelia Tysse, 312 
Dirck, 274, 275* 310 

Cornelia, 270*73, 335. 360 

Dirck JL 310 

, .269.272,274.335.336 
Dirk L, 268, 270, 274 
Dirk Janse, 67 

Hoes, Elbertle, 315 
Elder, 310 
gi«beth, 274, 275 
Eliabeth, 274, 313. 37© 
Ephraim, 269, 273. 337 
Eytje, 27 0, 272 
Goovemenr, 279 

Hannah, 8( 

. . 
Herbert, 269, 336 * 
Harriet £,277 
Helena, 273, 359 
Headrick, 270-272 

Isabd Dorrance, 279 

SJB^MS'SJS'WSw/ J #a ^S^p*^ 

Tan, *ft"*TO> 273. 336. 337 

jul fc 268-270, 33*. 356. 35& 359 

an Tys, 269 

an Tvssen, 267, 270 

ane Ann, 114 

anetje, 72, 274 

annetie, 272, 274 

annetje, 88, iio, 270, 271, 274. 

273. £» 
Jannetje Jans, 70 

lama, 312 



» n. 73. «7. "4. 269- 

273. 374. ^75. 310, 318, 336 

274. 275. 31*318. 336 
ohn, jL 114. 269, 329 

, ohn C ft, 276, 277 

<$* £' Vh ** *» 
, ohn Dirck, 89, 114 

. ohn Paul, 279 
( oh. Lukas, 87 
, osina, 274, 275 

:»j 3,a 

- __ J^ 268 
, onan 59. 7*. 3*8 

. uris, 271 

Juris Jurian, S7x 69 

Juris (Jurnaenj, 272 

Helena, 272 

Lambert, 272 

Laurens, 275 

Lauwrens, 274. 312 

Lawrence Gouvemeur, 279 

Lena, 67, 70, 92, 269, 272, 336, 378 

Ltsabeth, 310 

TiOitisa A., 277 



Hoes, Looms, 275, 316 

Local, 89, 270, 274 

Loycas, 275 
Lnyclas, 275 

Loykas, Jok, 87 


Margerita, 270 

Maria, 45, 68, 69, 73, 88, 274-276, 

3io» 3f4 
Maria Cantine, 1x3, 157 

Maria Cornelia, 276, 379 

Maria Quackenbosch, 89, 114 

Maria Van Hoesen, 187 

Marretjen, 260, 273 337 

Mart*, 72 

Mary Elija, 114 

Mary S. 277 

Marytje, 271, 273. 275 

Matencs, 72 

Mathfut i<8 

Mathyi J., 335 

Matthens, 269, 271, 272, 275. 336 

Matthcyt, 270 

Matthyt, 267, 273, 274 

Matthy* Janse, 267, 268; 270-273 

Mayke L, 268, 270 

Michael, 273 


Peter, 1x4 

Peter L or J„ 92, 129, 276 

Peter, Rev., 157 

Peter S., 276 

Roseweu, Randall, 270 
Roswell, Randall, Chap 


Sryntje, 269* 336 

Tonyas, 72 

Tryntje L, 268, 269, 336 
Hoesen, Jan P., 267 
Hoffer, Emma, 206 
Hoffman, Annafje, 369 

Annatje, 34X 

Anthony, 340, 34? 

Ca thanp ^ van Gaasbeck, 

Elisabeth, 107 

Hester, 374 


Nicholas, 34X 
Hogan, Margaret 0/285 

Petrus, 3x6 


Hogcboom (Hoogeboom Hoogen- 
boom, Hogenboom), family, 

Abraham, 283 

Hogeboom (Hoogeboom, Hoogen- 
boom, Hogenboom, Abram, 87 

Albertie, 263, 264 

Albertine, 284 

Albcrtje, 283 

Alida, 264 

Antje, 263 

Ariaantje, 282, 283, 332 

Bartholomens, 283 

Bartholomens P. (Mees, Metis), 

Bartholomew, 103, 263-985 

Bata, 264 

Catharine, 89, 283 

Catryn, 282 

Caty, 284 

Cornells, 280,282-284 

Cornells Ptetersen, 260 

Dirk, 283 
Geertrny, 282, 2813 

Gertrude, 283 

Heleche, 2813 

Helen. 26s 

Hellene, 2*3 

Fames I*, 264 
fan C, 280 
Fan Pietersze, 280 
[annctje, 33? 
I eremiah, 283 
Fohanche, 283 
Fohannes, 283-285 

Fohn C, 264 

[phn L., 264 

. 263* *S 
Lawrence, 283, 284 
Maria, 280 
Mary, 284 
Mees, 262 
Mees Pieterson, 260 
Mens, 264 
Menwis, 281 
Peter, 283-285 
Peter C, 284 
Peter L., 264 
Peter Nesse, 283 
Pteter, 265, 332 
Pieter Mees, 284 
Polly, 283 
Richard G, 284 
Sara. 284 

Sarah, 81, 103, 267, *63 
Sary (Sarah), 284 
Stephen, 283 
Tobias, 284 
Yoncham, 2 84 
Hoog, George, 37* 


Holland, Margaret, 67 

Margarita, 49 

HoUenbeck, Deborah. 10B 

George C, 198 
H oltiday, Henry, 93. 37a 

J«a, 9J 

Jannctjc, 73. 00. 3*4 


1, James, »7 . 

Holy*. Horace H.. 177 

Hooghtalinf {Hoogteling, Hoogtcl- 
leeliaf, Hootaling, HotaUog, 
Hougntaling, Hoochtccling) , 

Catharine, 225, 248, 240, 3» 

David, 333 
Elizabeth, 131, 333 
Henry, 330 
Ida T-, 301 
Join— — H, 335 
Lena, 335 

-,*—- . , 96, 341 

Tryntje, 319 

WeUtehnua, 76 

William P., 22a, 225 

Zara (Sara), 62, 76 
Hon, Lucas, 335 - 
Houston, SamueL Genu, 363 
Hover, Cornelia D„ 240 
Hoyt, Alexander. Rev., 265 

Edward R, 364 


James, 264 

Roth, 365 

Sarah Frances, 964 

Z. T, Rev, 264 
Hubbs, Carrie, 


ChajL, 166 
-iaos family, 341 
Agues, 166 
BoydIL, 166 
Emily, 166 
Emma, 103, 147, 364 
Hendnck, 21 
Sarah, 103, 148, 384 

Hndaon, Van Bores, loo 
Hoik. Borger.aoB 
Hulbert, Iaadore, 176 
Hon family, 285 

Abraham, 286 

Adrian, 265 

Jtiendncke, 3B5 

Henry, 287 

Johannes, 285, 3» 

Leonard G„ 387 


Marcus, T., 287, 333 

Maria, ■*#> 

Marietje, 59 

Marrietje, 71 

Marritje, 385 

Mayeke, jfc 274, 386, 345. 346 

Wendeltje, 285 

Weintje, 283 
Hungerford, Jane, 326 
Hunt, Anna. 27$ 




Hurley, V7b., 30a - 
Hna (Hoes), Lena, 71 
Hoaecy, Frederick, a8i 
Hayek, (Hugfacn, Huygfa), 

Andriea, 52, 61, 288 

Andriea, EL. 388 

Andrius, 373 

Andrna, 288 

Asm, 388 " 

Baa.373 - 

Wtfter. 45, a88 

Catharine, 374 , 

Catia, 388 T 

Elbcrtjc, 87, 28B 
Elizabeth, 31, 337, 3 

Han*. 387 



Johannes I*, 288, 374 
John, 287 
Lambert, 268 
Lixabcth P., 268 
Margarerje, 268 
alana, 268 
Nedtje, 288. 32a. 324 
Nicolas 288 
Pieter. 268 

Sara, 45 

Irvine j Henrietta, 122, 164 

Washington, nb\ 132, 164 

Alexander, *u 

Donald, 21a 

Grace V. &, 9 

Karl, 195,212 

Mason. Van Buren, 212 

Mary A, (Pray), 212 
Isenberz, Prank T., 200 
^Aflm John 2d, 263 

Jack, 33 

Jackson, President, 117 

Andrew, 115 

Nora Evelyn, 151 

W„ Major, 151 
Jacobs, £pke,234 
_ Catdent i^ ss , 329 
Ja co b s on, Rutger, 28 
Jacobus, Marten, 55 

Catelenrje. 55 

tes, Ellen King, 122, 164 

fannssen, Abraham, 269 
[ana, Anneka, 30, 237 

Tannetje, 327 

Nceltje, 240 

Steyntje, 359 

Thyme, 239 
Janse, Anneke, 346. 351 

Annetie, 344 

Annetje (Anneke), 237, 238, 239 

g, 350 
ivntje, 219 
than, 57 
*, 237, 239 
Janse*, Alkrd, 300 
Annetje J., 237 
Catrina, 39 
Elisabeth, 95 
Frans, 295 
Lambert, 356 
Miss., 243 
Roelof, 237, 238 
William, 241 

ansa, Hans, 2S4 
Jansscn, Sybrant, 240 
Jay, Alida (or Olive), 45. 49 

Sarah, 45. HJ 
Jenkins, Charles M., 352 
Jennings, Sadie, 378 
Johannes, Capt, 300 

Wynkoop, 30 
Joiuwon, AUoS, a* 

Qurkt Edgar, 178 


Edward, 176 

Ida. »J* 



Utmry, \fi 
oknstone, Polly, A) 
ouas, Catharine, aa& 

Trynje, 238, 239 
Jones, Richard, 369 
Jordan, Ambrose L, 160, 161, 163 
Joris, Hillegont, 240 

Hilligont, 239 
J s e lstc yn, Johannes, 271 
Judge, Eliza, 202 
Jndson, Celia it, 261 

Jeremiah, 262 
Jurnaens, Volkertje, 267 

Kain, Blanche Dnstin, 189, 208 
Clara Amelia Dnstin, 208 
Clara Cornelia Dnstin, 189 

James, 180 
ames Edgar, 208 
Keator, Elixa C, 170, 107 

Caroline Gu, 170, 107 

Maria, 95. 13* Ml 
Keeler, Antoinette Hoyte, 342 
Keenholtz, Addison, 231 

Andrew &, 228, 231 

Eva Anna, 231 
Kelly, James EL, 180 
Kemmena, Engelbert, 370 
Kent. Chancelor, 20 

Sarah, 130, 171 
KerfbyL Catharine, 312 
Ketor, Sarah,- 130 

William, 131 
Kevand, Sarah, 165 
Kierstede, Blandina, 62, 75, 76, 240 

Deborah, 340, 341 

Hans, 239 
Roelof, 239 
Roeloff, 300 

Hans, 239 
Kilmer, Chester, 175 


Kimball, En P.. ate 

William Trivet, igi, aoo 

Wilna, aog 
Knot, Annatje (Nancy), asi 
Knott. Alice Maris, 1*5 

Bareat Van Buren, 185 

Frederick William. 183 

Syrus R-, 185 
Knyter, Joachim P., 34s 

Lah altfa, Jan, ago 

La Grange, Andrew, aafj, aag 

Benjamin Knower, aag 

ElidaL aa;, 338 

Frances Jane, sag 

Judy Ann, aag 

Peter, aag 
Lambert, Abraham, 127 

-jTbom, 175 

Emma. 175 

loot. Charity, 156 

ipman, Leonard Break, 250 

Lewis, Rev., 250 

Lotus, Rev., 346 

Obadiah, 330 

Peter, 363 

Maria Bronck, 350 

Mary. 363 
Landreth, Harry W., 183. 188 
Lane, Arthur, 354 

Lang don, Thomas, 370 
lanman, Florence, 18a 

Lampmaa, ! 

• Lewis, 

L aa nb jf k Catalyna, 31a 

Gerrit, Jr„ 31a 

Jacob, SO. 7* 

Jim, 3U 
Lant, KUUan, 370 
Lapidist, Jasper D., aBi 

Peter, S., a8t 
Larken, Israel, 34a 
Lasher, Caroline, 234 
La Treat, Amelia E., 105 
Launder, Mary, 354 
Laurence, Lucy Jane, 130 
Lawrence, Van Buren, 360 
Lay, Ruth A^-148, igt 
Lazarus, Samuel, 315 
Lebert, Ethel E., ai« 

Frederick, ana, 316 

Jerome P., 316 
Ledster (Lrisler), Jacob, 340 
Leendertse, Annatje, 35a 
Lanbnldt Fannie. IC7 

Hester, 364 


Leggett, Hestt 

Leigh, Marie, 313 
Lent, Abraham, 373 

Joan A, 37a 

Margaret W_ 37a 
Leversee, Sally Carmen, 353 
Leveneu, Agnietjc, 310 
Lewis, , 341 

Esther. 338 

5rt* ■ 

Lightloot, ElUabeth W., 105 
Liuluokalani, Queen, 378 
Lion, Henry, 370 
Ussier, Johannes, so. 307 
Lister (Litner), Maria, 57, 6a, 3 
Litdoer, Gcertray, 70 
Livingston, Dr., 31, 103, I43 
Barest Van Buren, 143 

Sum**. MS 
argaret, 358 
Ro,, 338 
Robert, 64 
Catharyn, 60 
Long, Susan, aoa, ai6 



gendyke, Ida A., 175 

Mary C, 174. «4, 343 
Govert, 240 


William, Sow 315 
Lott, Else, 572 
Lottridge, Robert, 222 
William, 22a 

Hattie K, 167 
r» FKnbrth Adaliae, 173 
Wittism, 173 

Antic, 340 

e. Fi 

foods, Gov., 299 
Low. Alida V. K. 9 
Toon, CoL, 346 

Mm;, 165 

Peter, 165 

Lowe. Charles R.. 216 

Harry E- *i6 

Tames MUton, 200, 216 

Roberta, 216 
Loner. Christina IX, 235 

Hildebraat, 235 
1, 11^^ Qaas, 269 
Lodlow, —. Rev., 362 

William R, 346 

Ladolf, Mr., 299 
Luther, Frederick P., 170 

Helen E^ 170 
Lnyassen, Qaes, 272 
Lyman, Mary, 101, 136 

J„ 327, 3* 


Maarsteo. Maria, 40, 45 
Maases, Jacomyntje, 


1000,222; 224 

Rebecca, 224 
Madison, ex-President, 158 
Magee, John, 205 
Memos, Brechtje, 267 
Mandns. George W. Domine, 332 
Maadville, Gerritje J., 235 
Maodevitte, Mary, 229 
MarceUas, Eleanor, 101, 139 

Isaac, 236 
Marcy, Frederick W., Dr., 198 
Maroer, Annie, 175 
Marsh, E. P. J„ 374 

Marie, Deortje, 3x7 
Martens, Marretje, 55, 329 

Martens, Pieter, 55, 3*9 
Catekotje, 56, 57. 3*9 

Martcose, Catalyotje, 28, 51 
Marten* 6? 

K*+ 209 

Magdalena, 126 

Martin*, Magdaleoa, agB 

Magdalene, 91 
Minim, Marten 57 
Martha*, Rath 0^207 

Rom Goodrich, 180 
Marvin, Dudley, 142 
Frances A* 113, IS7 
Francis, 137 
Uriah* 113 
Masten, Jofia, 171 
Mattoon, Citsiwt A^ 170, ton 

Edith V„ 199 
Vy r ^ i Charles iL, 232 
McAntster.Margaret, 362 
Mcfiride, Ellen, 322 
McCartney, Mr., 166 
McCarty, David, ax 

McComb. Alexander. Gen~ 1*8 
McDonald, Augustine James, 103, 

Helen, 2x1 

Hugh, 2i x 

Flora, 2ix 

Kate, 2XX 

Jean, 211 

Jessie, 2x1 

Philip Bayard, 2x1 
McElhinney, Ella, 150 

Geoffrey, William, 151 

George, 150 

Harriet, 150 

Harriet Van Bnren, 150 

Tesse, 150 

[oho, 150 
ient, 151 

William, ISO 

William John, 150, 151 
McFalls, David, 265 
McGovern, Frances, 202, 216 
McGregor, Mr., 141 

Malcolm, 141 

Van Bnren, 141 
McGreggor, — , 245 
McHugh, Henry 206 
McKeyTMrs. 165 
McKinsberry, Catherine, 203 
McKinsbrey, Catherine, 172, 203 





McNab, J inner, 254 

Maria Pier, 254 

Peter, 83 
McQueen, ifis*, 195, 212 

D. P., 212 
Meier, Maria, 570 
Meigs, Henrietta, 98, 154 
Meindersen, Anaantje Barentse, 53 


Judiy ie Barentse, $2, 60 

Jnditje Barents, 318 
Meinderts, Barest, 56 

MelchtaraV Tryntje, 3*, 327 
Melgers, Tryntje, 321 
Menuit, Peter, 287 
Merkd, |lr., 124 
Merrich, Mary, 263 
Mesick, Maggie, 145 
Meyer, Annatje, 248 

Johannes, 234 

Phoebe, 360 
Meyers, Alice, 315 

Beoiah Marguerite, 215 

Eliza, 31$ 

George Walter, 
*.. Harry, 190 

James La Rue, 215 
Jennie, 146 
John. 190, 315 
Labhie, 199 


Lvsander, 215 

largaret, 315 
Mary, 31S 
Mary Ellen, 215 
Peter, 315 
Nancy, 315 

Rebecca, 315 ', 
Tobias, 315 

Meynten (Meijntten, Mijnten, Men- 

* ten), Williem, 27 
Meyntersen, Barent, 355 
w Eytje, 355 
Meytersen, Jannetje B., 355 
Michaelins, Jonas J., 237 
Mic hiels, Jannetie, 260, 336 
Middletown, Benjamin, 46 
Miller, Albertje, 263 


Ca th a rine , 79, 81, 348 

Ueora, 191, 2x0 

Gertrude, 283 
Helletie. 28a 

Hellertie, 283 
Jeremiah, Judge, 283 


John, 2 

Miller, Peyton P., 164 

Polly, 28s 

Sarah, 283 

S tephen , 283 
Mingaal, Johannes T., 330 

Maria, 334 " • 

Pieter, 312, 336 

Minsael, Jannetje, *t6 - 
fohannes, *%t 
[ohannes T- 260 
' r9 ittL, 269, 3 w. 336 
Marine T., 239 
Maritje A. ^,316 
Pieter, 269 
Thomas J„ 316, -3*7 
Minsal, Jannetje, 312 

John, 312 
Minsker, Mary EL, 177 
Mitchel, Hugh, 236 

MitchelP^anpe. 166 
Moree, Pieter, 356 
Morey, Win. L, 118 
Morns, Dolus V., 167 

JnKa, 196 

Stnyvesant Fish. 164 
Morrison, Helen, z?6 

Lizzie B^ 180, 206 

Nancy Dunham. 200 

Ogem, 206 

Morse, Blanche EL, 377 
Etta May, 377 
Kwnife E», 377 

Sines W., 377 
orence M^, 377 ... 

WiSiam%., 377 " 
William J., 337 

Morsslis, Nicholas (Hochalas), 301 
Morton, J~ 123 
Mother, Atrial, 288 
fta n^faf 268 

Benjamin, 289 - 
Eliza, 91, 128, 289, ao8 . 
D. Ernestine, 167 
f am>, 2 88 
George S^ 289 
Hogh\ 288, 289 • 
Joseph, 288, 289 
Joshua, 289 
Nicholas, 288 
Philip C, 288 
Thomas, 289 
William, 167 

Moss, Prank A^ 377 
Monltener, Eliza, 105 


Heading., , 176 

Ew J., a* 
Mud™, Abigail, 78, J*?, ago. agi 
Ebeneaer, ago 
lam., 289 p 


Uolford, June* 300 

Unlkr (IfiJier'^ArauuMj?. 56. I 
JJU 338 
Chr., 333 
Cornet,, 333 
Hendriau, 33a 
lannetje, 383, 384 
Tereauu, 333 
Umrl«, 133, 371 

llauo.^db tUia. 3P« 

Uarplur, Adelaide, 363 
Oni* 363^ 


UalbewlT, 363 
ILK, ling 

Vucnm, Anna Vim, ate 

George, a6a 
William, a6a 
Myem. Bort; iff. 
Henrietta, 276 
Jam**, Uoa-Giw., a8g 

Lynnder, 197 
Hut, 19a 
Matfaew G, 148, iga 

Nearlette, John S7xA 

WUfiani G, 306* 
None, Pieter. atb 
Nelaoo, Sarah jTlI cNafc 354 
NeweL |--*--- — 
NeweU, I 

Newkirk, Altyn Bogard, 353 
, Ariaan, 253 
Jannetie, 253 
Nkfaotb. Governor, 340, 343 
Nickum, Judica, 375 
Noble, Adeline, 193 

Noble, Chariea W, 149 

Nortbion, Hannab, 363 
NortobTil. H.. m. «4 
Nottingham, Rachel, 344 
William, Cant, 300 
Nona, Tboauu, 3T 
' oner, Charl 

lotte Looiae, 191, 

Oakley, Sarah \.., r 

Oehibee, Anne Gathqina, 333 

CConn^St 3JHU F.. 378 
Ogeaa, Molly (Mai-iah pVoM), 373 
Ofcott, Graea McChire, 321 
Thomaa, a6s 

Oaborne, Helen S. 9 
Oatraadcr (OKerhont, Ooatraader, 
Oniterhont, Oocfxcbbat), 


, 3J6. 3>7 
Ami, 219 
Ca t he ri ne, 34J 
Chariea, 393 
Chariea J., aga 
Cornelia, 330 
Edgar, aw 
Edith, aga 
Edi ' 

ibeth, aga, 333 
.(Soyre), aga 
Frank L., 393 
Frank Lyle, 101, 210 
George, aga 
Gerretjc, 60, aga 
Grace, 210 
Hendnck, apt 
Henry. '391. aga 

Margaret, 366, 367 


I M D B X 

Ostrander (Osterhoot, Oootrandcr, 
Oasterhoot, Oostrehoat), 

Maris 491. 994 

Maria, 331, 333 

Marytje, 334 33& 
Peter, 391, 393 

Philip, 391, 393 

Sara (Relyea), 391 

Withelm, 30* 

William, 393 
Orange and Nassau, William of, 33 
Ostrom, Sara, 81 

Sarah, 103, 367 
Otten, Holmer, 304 

Oodertet laarV 3B8 
Owens, Fl if b tt h , 46 

Packer, John B^ 179 
Paige, James Christopher Y„ 333 
Palmer, Lena, 304 
Pardee, Adeline* 131, 173 
Parke, Genera^ i ff 
Parker. Hannah Kenyos^ 335 
William Edw„ 135 

Carrie, 301 

George W., 171* 300 

George W. Jr, 300 

Grace, 301 

Jennie, 17a 

Johannes, Dr., 316 

Lillie Aim, 301 

Lttln, 301 

Hamilton, 17? 
J.t »i 
Pansh, Amelia 1L, 301 

Israel, 171. 301 

Minerva A., 301 

Paughnrne, William, 373 

Paulding, Hendrick, 300 

Pawling, Henry, 300 

Peckham, Anna Brown, Proi, 394 

George^. Frol. 394 

George W.. ProL 394 
Harriett C Waite Van Boron, Or. 


fames, «3 
ames, Sir., 303 
ohn, 393, 394, 395 
>eleg £, Major, 395 
Rnfos W. f Judge, 394 
Rnfus W., Jr., 394 

Peckham, Stephen Farnham, Prof., 

*T^ni ^*^*t ^tQt ^tfJ . •* 

William C^iSS!. 394 : 
Peek Armatje, 301 

Nicholas, 301 
Pekok Sarah, 383 
Pels. E 

Pfti^t Evert, 399 

Maria, 300 
Pony, EUenj^ 

g!«*eth,c«, 130,393 
Elisabeth Masten, 95, 130 

Peters, Lizabeth, 3Q7 

Pettit, Elixa S., 300 

J«» G* 30a 

Ah 3« 

PhiKfc Catherine, up. 145, 384, 375 
Margaret Schneider, 145 
Peter, 145 

Pfcterssen, Cos., 337 

Jochem. 339 

l Sarah, 1 

— — — — — w — — _____ a*«T^sv • 

Planck; Jacob, 36 . 
Porter, Elbert S.. Rev., 17* 33 
Posei, Henry, 3B3 
Potter. Sarah, 36a, 364 
Powell, Jeremiah, 351 
Powers, — > 130 
Pratt Prances, 326 
^ P ieter, 331 
Pretty, Richard, 336 
Price, Allen Loin, 191, 310 

William Stehrar, 310 
Marh tfl d, 336 
oe w Mary A^ 107 
Prnyn (Prnyne, Pryne, Proen), 
Aetac (Alida), 395. 396 

Arnold (Arent), 396 

Arent, 77 

Alida, 396, 3U 

Bernardene ( Barents), 396 
Casperos, 397 
Christiana, jj 

^■mristww 396 
1— usaoetfa. 3Qo 

Francis' SamueVatf 

r rands, 


Frans, 396^ 396 
Frans Jensen, 398 - 
Hendrick. son — 
Helena, 396 . 

{acob, 71,93, 396 
acob Francis, 397 
acqoes (Jaacs or Jacob), 39s 



Prayn (Pruyne, Pryne, Pruen), Johan- 
nes Francis, 397 
Johannes, jm. 3o6 

joon at*, 

Marparita. -^-% 396 
Mana (Marine) , 396 
Martin. 138 

Q*w wjJ jq* any 

Pulver, Amelia. 194 
Henry, 194 
Jacob. 166, X9i 

Lea. 194 
Putnam. Ada. 166, 194 

Arthur, 13a 

P y K yfrfl X32 

Catrina (Catharine), 71. 91. 389. 

Cornelia, 397 
Cornells, 398 
Edgar. 13a 
fam., 397 

Tames. 96, 13a 

[arviaaf odge, 133 
John G, 194. I9S 
(Pootman), John (Jan). 397 
Peter. 166 
xteter, 395 
Richard?., 133 
Victor, 397 
William Winne. 133 

Quadoenboss (Quackenbosch, Quack- 
enbush, TCwakelbosrh, Kwak- 
d, Quakorel, Tan. Quaken, 
Quacken, Kwaeken, Kwalden, 
Qnakkenbos). fam., 398 

Abraham. 137 

Adrian, 309 

Annatje. 87 

Anthony. 399 

Antoine, 87 

Catharine, 68. 87. 80, 93. 
Catnna. 67. B7, 368 
Jacob C. 396 

IM. 313 

Sflnete k, 396 
avdalena. 358 
Maria. 87. 89, 37S. 276, 396, 399 

Marerje.339 A 
Maritie, 390, 3x8 
Maritjie, 38 
Marretje, 268 
Marrietje, 318 
Marritje, 317. 333 
Martje, » 399 

Quackenbots (Quackenbotch, Quack- 
enbush, KwakeJbosch, Kwak- 
el. Qoakorel. van, Quaken, 
Quacken. Kwaeken. Kwaklen. 
Quakkenbos), Marytje, 51 

Marytjie, SI 

Nicholas, 137 

Pictcr, si. ^99 

Sarah, 137 

Querean, Mr., 147 
Qunker, Elisabeth. 

Ralsko, Jean, 310 
Randall, LocyM., 376 

RoswelL 376 
Ranch, David, 331 
Rawson, Alexander Murray, 97 

Fdmnnd G* Dr., 78, 97 
Reardon, Julia, 171, 30a 
Reghter, Elizabeth, 374 

Esther M^ 374 

Relit Jan 

. James O., 177 

Remhart, Caroline, 196, 213 

Joseph W., aw 

lizzie (Alston), 313 
Reiedorf (Rieedorf), Lonrens, 337 

MagdUena, 333, 337 

Margarita, 337 

Refer. George, 374 

Mamie, 374 
Rdyea, Dene, 391 

Sara. 391 
Rennseeliaer, Henrik, 60 • 
Rctteyi, Hillerje, 331 

Reynolds. Cynthia H., 386 

Rhodes, diaries Alexander. 346 
Rice. Alice. 311 

James, an 

James Edward. 193, 3ii 

John, 311 

Paul. 311 

Ruth, 311 

Riker, James, 339 
Riley, Alfred S., 369 

John. 369 

Walter, 369 
Robberts, Helena, 3*7. 3*9. 333. 33S 
Roberts, Abigail, 363 

John, 351 
Robinson, Alexander, 176, 305, ** 

Betsy, 306 
Christmas, 306 
Glenn, 306 

Roeloffae, Catbarina; i«6 
Rodof *c, Catrina, 339 

Roam, Lydii, 370 
.Roller. Margarita, 22a, 236, 
Ronbovt, Francois, 340, 241 
R o mb oa ts . FraaciL, 241 
Roorpagta (RlwSach). C 

ChritttM, 333 


John, 373 li 
Rooaerdt Mr., 123, 133 
Room, Abraham, 301 

Aert, 300 


Aria(Atu^ S . 

hat- am (bLk> Rboae) 
Crerje. 3" 
Grcatja, 301 
Pocert, 300 
Goert, 301 

Hcndrick 301 . 
Hendrickje, 901 

" a " r " i*A, 300 

John, 131 30a 

a $*i Vraasaa, 301 

Martha C, 30a 
Martin, 30a 

H ftHif 1 300 
Nedtjc joo 
Richard, job 
Tenaii iKTVi 

RVkmaa, Albert 54, 5S, 57, 58, 34a. 
Magdalen*, » ?i 



Rykman. Neelrje, $7. *M 
Tobias 59. 71 


Cm * V «— Wart* lOft Vjft 

Loqr R-ago 
&^^rfT«nr. 17* W 

Salisbury, Cornelia, 73 

Sand, Grace Denison, a64 
Tames Harvey, ao$ 
John, Dr., 365 
John Francis, 26$ 
Sander. Emily. 206 
Sanders, Robert; 282 
Jacob P., 370 
lersen, Barend, 7a 



Maria, J9 
Susan P., 342 


Sanford, Naacy, A 13* 
Sargent* Stephen ll* 177 

Sartvoort, AbnL, 241 

Schayfc, Laar V„ 374 
Schcrmcrnorn, 235 

Alice A* 306 


Andres, 305 

Andrew G., 

Anna. 306 
A. JacdbJ 



AjUMtJ* D„ 305 
Arcat, 304, 305 
Arent B«, 1 


Ariaantje ll, 304 
Catharine, 306 
Catharine (Bratt), 305 
Catrina, 304 
Comoany. tx 

Cornells, po, 3°3. 3°° 
Cornells J.; 347 

Cornells Jacobsen, 31 
FM ra brt h, 305 
Engeltie, 935 
Era, 305 
tarn., 303 
Gerrirje v., 306 
Helena, mi, 22a, 303 
Jacob, 30, 303-307, 3» 

Schennerhorn, Jacob E* 306 
Jacob L, 305, 306 
Jacob J* 3*3. 306* £44. 34? 
acob Jacobsen, 3*. 3* # 
lacob Janse, 303 
Jacob J ansen, 70^ J*J 
[acob O n 304 


i ^^* 9Q* 0™*^ 

flifi^ffi* 304 

annetje, 303. 

Margaret (Teller), 305 
Margarita T\, 305 
Mana ( Vedder) • 306 
MaryV. 306 

Nechje, 303. 309 
Peter v., 305 

Ryer, 297; 304 3°4» 3»7 
Sarah, 306 .. 

Simon, 305* 306 
Simon J^ 306 
Susanna, 305 
Symon, 303 
William, 36, joy 

Schmidt Latetia. 574 
Schoon, Christina, 371 

Gerrit, 370 
Schoonmaker, Adaline, 173 

Alpheus, 173 

Alphous, 131 


Jacob U. 173 

Harmanta G, 173 

Mary, 173 
Schrieler, Antoine, 76 

Helena, 76 , 
Schrier (Schuyler), Antoine, 62 
Schroth, Kate. 202, 215 
Schryver, Rachel A., 260 
Scholar, Margaret, 73 
Schut, Jenneke, 333 
Schuyiekr, Antoine, 76 
Schuyler, Abraham, 30, 307 

Anna Maria, so 

Anthony, 75. 

Arianntjc, 39, 346 

rfrffl jffi f^ 233 

Catharina, 351 

CoL 350 

Engeltie, 26B 




Schuyler, Gen* 25 
John Cayter, so 
Margaret, 73 
Nicholas,' 39 

Pieter. 3°. » *4, *5 
PhilHo. co 

Sco %_ ( feJ* S4 

Cm irwin, 204 

Robert, 249 
Seaman, James, 100 
Sebring, Cornelius J., 274 
Sedden, Mary; 369 
Segers, Jannctje, 303 
Segerse, Cornehos van' Voorhondt, 

Series. Elizabeth, 227 
Thomas, 227 

' Jt*e,»7 
Seymour, Gov., 323 
O. IL, Rev*, 277 

W^im^Eari of Hertford), 204 
Sharp, Barbara, 223, 227 . 
Catharine 223, 226 
Catharine R, 227 

Enfdtje, 372 
w June, 227 

Sharps,— — % im 

Elizabeth, 86, hi 
Sharpless, Henry, 377 

fames van Buren, 377 

H rm ? n » 377 

Shaw, Margaret, 277 
Sheffield, .Harriet, 245 

Joseph E., 181 

Ji - — - 

Carthy, 141, 181 

Foseph EarL 141, 181 

Jds, John Kter, 185 

Kennard Otis, 185 

Otis Wartfay, 185 
Sh ep no e , Johannes, 334 
Shepnoss, Sarah, 248 
Sherman, General, 137 
Shotter (Shoulter), Helletje, 04. 

HiUet je, 74 
Shoudell, TffTflita, 204 
Shouldy, Catherine, 292 

Mary J., 204 
Schrader Jwilliam, 177 
Shuf elt, Eliza, 103. 146, 284 
Shnlter, Dorothea, 40, 44, 46, 109 

Ere, 371 
Shnltz Mary. 26s 
Sickles, Jacob, Rev., 250 



SUlimap, Ann Eliza, 106 
Singleton, Angelica, 122, 15B 

Sip, Arian, 235 

Mary, 23? . 

Mary Ananse, 29s 
Skinner, Abigail, 290 

Mary, 290 

Thfimaa. 200 
siaenoflflB* AflioioL 2ak 
Slater, Melissa, 172 
Sltflht Cornelia L 281. 2 

AnwtkC (height). 
Slingerland, Dow T*, 228 

ugdtie, 57. 334 

Slmgertandt, Albert, 334 
Engeltie, 334 
Geertruy, 334 

e Th«wj»i334_ 
Sluyler, Peter, 281 
figyfi^ Alona, 141 

Catharine, ion 

Catherine, 141 

&^'374 . 
Chaunccy, 108 

Daniel, 141 

Elizabeth, 262, 263,333 

Emehne, 101 

gtM U, 369 



Mortimer, 369 • 
Owen C, 180 
Philip, 262 
Phoebe, 26S 

Thomas, 263, 375 
Thompson, 122 
Sadie, 374 
Samuel, 203 
William. 360 
. William n^ 150 

Snyder, Cora, 173, 203 

Eva, 47 

Eveline, 108, 156 

Johannis, CoL, 95 

Levi, 172 

Mam, 47 

Sara, 40, 47 

Wi&m H? 146 
Southerland, Leda (Zada), 97 



Souser, Deborah JL, 198 
John, 198 
Mary /L. 170, 198 
Michel, 47 
Michel (Souwer), 45 

Souwer, Geertnry, 45 

Spaul<Hng, Roberta Updegrove, 202, 

Speuce, Margaret 1L, 338 
Spencer, Kate, 177 

fi&, c * Ma 

Spoor, Hannah, 333 

Tannines, jol jd 

Pietcr, 40 

Spregfcr, Eliza, go, 126 
Springstein, Casper, 303 
Stoat, company, 91, 93, 93 
Stoats, Annatie, 32$ 

Annarje (Nantke, Annie), 3» 

Catharine, 320 

Conzpony, 73, 81 


Janpetje, 373 

Jocham, 41 

Maria, 311 

Stafford, Sarah, oos 
Standish, Bench T. f 337 
Standring, Elsie B., 105 

Elsie Maria, 107 

Fimin B^ 107 

John Thomas, 107 

Leonard. 107 

Sidney U, 107 

William Charles, 107 

Stanford, Ellen, 289 

James, ate 
Stanley, Ann De Garmo, 363 

Governor, 136 

Henry. O, 360. 263 
Steadman, James B.. 269 
Stearns, Mary A. Livingston, 106 
Stoeger, Alfrjed K., 203 
Steenberg, Catharine, 231, 223 
S teen twrgh. Cora, 175 . .. ^ 
Stedman (Stebbins), Adelia, 98 

Harriet A„ 133 
Stephen, Augustas, 174 
Stephens, Harriet, 276 
Ste p h e n s on, John, 96 
Stephenssen, Jan, 327 

Olof, 239 
Stevenson, JaL, 35 

Steward, Anna E* 217 

Edward, 217 

Sarah, 217 

Walter, 20$, 217 
Stirling, Sarah A., 175 
Stoddard. John, 
Stokes, Carl W. 
Storet, David, 
Stuyvesant, Gov., 303 

Peter, 10 
Stuart Artabclla, 294 
Sturgis, Henrietta Howard Boit, 377 

Mary Lyman, 377 

Robert, 377 
Sullivan, Catherine, 177 
Summer, Charles, 118 

Sutherland, Thomas, 377 
Vera, 377 

Suydam, Sarah R, 170, 198 

Sveven (Van Lueven), Barent, 272 

Swart, Maria, 276 

Peter, 276 

William, 95.341 
Swkk, Homer E* 337 
Swift, Catharine. 171, 
Swisher, Adelaide, 363 

Edward, 363 

G.# 362,303 

ames M^ 


Lillian. 363 
Syansch. Catharine, m 

Chrtstyn (Schaos), 272 

David, 372 
Sybrandtae, Wyntie, 939 

iyhrester, F 


Sylvester, Francis, 

Taintor, MkhaeL J., 263 
Tamil, Robert W., Jr., 196 

Robert W., 106 
Tappan, Jurian Teunisse, 260 
Tater, Margaret, 194 
Tawl, Mary, 157 
Taylor, Elisabeth, 264 

Zachary, 158 
Tefft, Ella, 107 
Teller A~ 328 

Andnes. 328 

Benjamin F., 244, 261 

Elizabeth, 321 

Helena, 239, 241 

Johannte, 304 

John D.,244 

John Du Bois, 9 

Margaret D., 241 


I* ** 

ar, Manarha, J04, 

Matthew S* 344 
Petri, 241 

.en Broach* Adai 
Latnanaa r. t 

Adam, 307, 308 

Catrina, 57 

Christina. 30, 307 

Cornelia. 30, 307 

Dirck Wesselse, 307, 352. 359 

Dirk W^ 5S hAjm 
Dirk Wcsacbe, JJF 
Dirk Wesselsen, 30 
giabcth. 30, 57, 307 

Elsie, 30. 3Q7 
( aeertrny, 30, 307 

, acpb >f 3S» 
erenuas. 307 

! ohannes, 30, 57, 307 

obn, 340 

wgkJe, 351 

Ljrdim, 355 

Samuel 30, 3*7, 34* 
>^ nh i 340 

Styntje van Bnren, 39 

Tobias. 30. -OT 

Wesscla, 57. 60 

. Eyck, Andries, 308, 309 
Anna, 310 
Anna ft, 309 
Anneken, 309 * 
Anthony, 306 
Barent. .109. 400 
Brent, 303 ' ' 
Catrina, 30B 
CoenradL 42. 108. 300 

Coenradt 3d, 42, 308 . 

CoenradL aJul 300 


Eytje, 42, 3«) 
Gertrude, 397 

Gcrretje Van Schaack. 4? 
jscoo, 3u*» «ipy 

JohaaaM, 4* fe Tfc » 

Maria. 77. *&$» ' 
Matya, jo© 3 r * r 

N«We. 7C ag7 

Plater, 41 -»— • 

Tobiaa, *« 

Tobias C, 37. 4* 3°9 
Tenneman. Pieter, yjo 
Tennipa, Gerret, 54* '' . 
Tenia, Catalyntje, 369 ' 
Tenia*, Lena. -flfe 

0,256 • % 

Effiox, 26* 
Emily, 256 

OriSr 1 Grace, 269 . 

Thomass, Jan 311 

Janet, 311 

Vokkert; 3" 
Thompson, Amy, 300 


Harriet, 227, 330 
Harriet Addine; 119, 
Harriet Morth, 180 
Orrin R- 171, 21 
. Samuel &, 180 

Thorn, Mary, 260" 
Thrall, John, 149 

Tice, Annie, 200 

£ddk(Edward), aqo 

Jennie, 200 
Samuel, 171. 

r ' ;' ' » 

Tipple, Catharine, 373 ' 
Titcomb, Ann &; 265 

Ja*., 100 
Titus, IsraiL 370 
ToU, John u, Rev., 90, 127 
Tompkins, Governor, 115, 296 
ToolmrTCaJab w; 196 
Towl, Mary, 157 
Townsend, Chas. D„ 164 
Traphagen, Helen, 233'* 

Rebecca. 201 

William Jansen, 253 •• • 

Traaele, Catbarina, 939 
Treat, Prudence. 290 . 
Troop, Robert, 123 
TrmnbeU MatildaU, 306 
Trnmpboir, Jane C, 130, 179 
Tollemsbee John, 87 



Tallin*, Lydia L., jB6 
Marcos, 286 

Torek, Helena, 27a 
Turk Hendrick, 47 
Jacobus, 268 

Turner. Company, 73, 91 

Robert! 26$ 
Tye, Ana, 243 
Tyler, Henry P., xo6 
Tyssenck, iufitje, 246 
Tym. Jan, 269* 339 


Addtje (L, 338 

Valentine, Mamie L~ 170 
Mamie (Minnie L). 199 

van Aden, Sara, 03 
Vam Aldeoberg, Harriet, 930 
Vam Ale, Laurent, 338 
Van Alen, fam., 274, 309 

Abraham 86 xoB no 310 
Adam, 45* 86, 108, no, 273, 3" 
Albertie, 283 
AHda, 313. 314. 358 

Anna IL, 373 

Ann, 109 

Barest, 109 

Cathahna, 313 

Catharine, no, 274. 3«i 33«. 338 

Catharine, 86, 112 

Catharine A.. 373 

Catharine (Tryntje Van Al- 

ttyne), xo8 
Catharine V., no 
Catharyna, 3x5 
Catharine, 330 
Catherine, 3"> 330 
Capt, 271 
Christiana, S$ 
Christina, 109, ISO, XX2, n* 275. 

Comehj, 3M. 315 
Elbertcha, 3*3 
Elbertic, 3", 314 
Elbertje. 109, no 

Elisabeth, 272, 273. 3", 313. 330, 

Emmetie Van Alen, 313 

Evertse, 322 

Helena, 108, 109, 3x0 

Van Alen, Henry, 373 
1 ac y„ 3x2 
acoh. 60 
a co b I*, 309 

; acobus, 8£io8, 109. 3>o, 3" 
, acobos Lawrence, 309, 
Johannes, 30. 89, 108, 274. 283, 

Johannia, 355 
John A^ 3x0 
John, 86» xxo* 310 

V„ 3x2. 
Lonrcna, XI2, 27s 310, 3>3» 33> 
Loowrcna 355. 356 
Lncas, 271, 272, 273. 274, 313. 322, 

w 330, 331 
Locaa J.. 322 

Margarita, no 
Mareytie, 33* 
Maria, xoo, 1x2, 330 
Mary, 310 
Marytje, 310 
Peter, 108, 313. 373 
Peter F«, 37X 
Peter P., 373 
Pieter, 274. 3» 
Sara. 1x0,283 
Sarah M*373 
Stephanos, 332 
Stephen, 313 
Tennis, 371 
Tennis A* 373 
Tnratje, 274 
WUlemv 330 

Van Allen, Abraham EL, 267 
Abram, 308 
Adam,. 86, 207 ^ 
Albertie, 284, 28$ 
Alice, 193 
Anna Becker, 193 
Catharin, 324 
Catharine, XX2 
Charles, 193 
Christina, 86 

Clara V„ 208 
Dirck, 112, 103 
Edwin Gothne,2o8 
Elbetie, 112 
Elisabeth, 3x2 

Francis, 193 
Harry, Rev., 9 
Helena, 310 



Van Allen, James J- 114 

Johannes, 68, fa, 88. J67, s8s» 307, 

John E^ 187, J07. J67 
Jonathan, 3x5 
Lawrence, x A TO 
Lena. 108 

Lida C*S 
Lonrens, xia 
Margaret, iu 
Mamrietje, xu 
Marhanta R, xia 
Maria, 316 
Maria Goes, 89 
Martje, 307 # t 

Mania. 310 


Peter. 364 

Richard, 193 . . 

Stephen, 174 

Tryntje Van Alstyne, 86 

Ursula, 31S 
Van Adstyne (Van Aalsteyn, Van 
Alstya, Van Alstein, Van Al- 
styne, Van Alstine, rec 3x1; 
Waldtteitt. Watteastctn, Wal- 
stein, Valstetn, Van Alstein, 
name 310 (Wartenberg) ; Van 
Alstyne, {sol, 3x0, xaA 

Abraham, 82, no, a68, 311, 31a, 


Abraham, Jaasen, 68, 31a, 313, 

Abraham, L, 82, 31X, 31* 313 
Abraham Jannssen, aob 
Abraham, CoL, 273 
Abraham J., 336 
Ahram, 3x5 
Albertje, 316 
Alexander, 3x3. 315 
Ahda, 3X5 
Alida C, 317 
Allen, 3x5 
Antje, 3x6 
Anuatje, 3x6 

Anna, 145. 186 
Bartholomens Jr., 371 

Captor 370,371 
Gaspams, 3x7 

Catharine, 8* 307, 316; 374 
Catryntie, 3U 

Cornells XL. w6 

Dirclne, 68 

Dirckie Harmcnse, 3x6 

Djrckje, 57, M0, v 3». 313. 3i6 

Dirkje (Dorothy), 31a 

Van. Aelstyne (Van Aalsteyn, Van 
Alsryn. Van Alstein, Van Al- 
styne. Van Alstine, rec. 311; 
WaUstein, Walknstein. Wal- 
stein, Valsteia, Van Alstein, 
name 310 fWartenberg); Van 
Alstyne), DirUe, 358 
Dorothea jaase, 68 

Si* *** J-; 355. 356, 357 
Eftertjc, 3x6 


3U, 313 

il 5 3og 
Hcndrickjc V; 317 


9 j3XX, 301313 

Inac J* 355 
acobus. axa 
aa, 68, 330 
an M de Wever, 357 
•» *4,3«6 

iisen, jii 
annetje. ago, 310, 340 
sen p*"'"* tin 

oany (Johannes N), 3x3 
ohannes, 311* 313. 3*6 

, *K JJS. 3» 

ohn Mm xoo 

ohn S, 315 
Lambert, lia, aio, 3x1, 311 


3x5 \ •'•:'— • 


Leonard (Leendert), 3x3 


Mareya, 68 .— ,. 

Marparcl Leggett, 186 

Mana, ^u, 68, 31* 313. 316, 3*7 

Maria V„ 316. 3x7 

Maritje van Deusen, 

Maritye V„ 3x3 

5SSSS, 374 

je, 3x6 
Marten, 3". 3»» 3*3. 31* 
Martha, 3x5 
Matbens, sxa 
MarrUie V7 3*6 ' - 

Mary. 31s :. 

Maryte, 3x3 

Marytie V M 37a . -:£:-..• 

H**!*. 8 *' *75. 3*6 
Marvtjeu, XIX 

Peter 9 ^llaj M 3x4, 3x3 
Peter S., 3x5 
PhiHp, 3x3 



Van Aelstyne (Van Aalsteva, Van 
Alstyn, Aan Alston, Van Al- 
styne, Van Alstine, rec. 311; 
Waldsteia, Wallenstein. Wal- 
stein, Valstein, Van Alstein, 
name 310 (Warteaberg); Van 
Alstyne), Pictcr, 316 

Sander (Alexander), 31a 

Sander, 96, 273. 3M. 336 

Sarah, 315 

Thomas, 31a, 3x6, 317, 374 

William ££ker. Dr., 283 

William PL, 31c 

William, 3x6 

Van Anken, John &, 226 
Van Ball, Jan H* 241 
van Benscttten, Anneke, 60 

' Anneke (Benschoten), 76 
Van Benthnyscn, Catherine, 268 

Geertruy, 328, 399 

Pantos !£. 3»7. 3* 
Van Bergen, Annalje, 248 

Gerrit, 248 
Vane, Henry, Sir, 294 
V. D. Berg; Andr., 59 
Van Benmont, Anna, 345 

van Bloemensweerde, Ahnd, 326 

Van B iff i ftttJ. Elizabeth, 29s 

Van Borsum, Comehs, 240 

van Bonschoten, Garretje, 76 

Van Boskerke, Lourens, 235 

Van Bramer, Catalynrje, 369 

Catharine 360 

Christina, ia* 

^L ■ - ■ -r «^^0 

369 ^ 

X48, 191 

Thomas K/343. 3^9 

Thomas, 369 

William £,#9 
Van Briestede (Bredstedt), Dorothe 

Jans*, 257 
Van Brag. Johannes, 240 
Van Brngh, Annatie, 939 

Johannes, 939 
ohannes P., 345 
Van Bnren (van Beurea, de Bnren, 
Van Bnryen, Van Burjmalsea, 
Van- Btsurmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Buijrmalsen, van Bnyr- 
malsen), Aaltie (Alida), 35, 

Aantje, 61 

Van Bnren (van Benren, de Bnren, 
Van Bruyen, Van Bnijmalsen, 
Van Buurmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Buijrmalsen. van Bnyr- 
malsen), Aarijaenoe, 41 

Abigail W., 134 

Abraham, 44. 45. 68, 73. 79, 80, 

88-90, » 94. 99. "9* "0, 121, 

122, 126, 130, 158, 159. 171. aoa, 

274. 275. .310, 3M. 3H. 338, 373 

Abraham Jr., 171, 202 

Abram, 80 

Ada Blanche, 180 

Ada Eliiaheth, 206 

Adrian, 299 

Adtje, 371 

Agnes, 197. ai4 

Albert, 74, »34 

Albert u, 214 

Albertine, 109 

Albertine, 371 

Albertine, 375 
Alberto, 49. 250 

Albro u, 168 
Alexander, 134. 206, 370 
Alexander B., 134 
Alexander U 98/134. 291 
Alida, 43 
Alfred, 200, 369 
Alfred Deyo* 209 
Alfred John, 192 
Alfred J„ 200 

Alice, 165, 173 
Alice B., 202 
Alice Bates, 191 
Alice Rassman, 191, 210 
Alida, 4* na, H3. IS7. 165. 3«7. 

Alida 1L. 373 

Allison Crary, 213 

Aknira, 369 

Alonso, 199 

Alonso P., 170k 19B 

Amelia, 148 

Angelica, 80, 98, 101, 104. 105. 

140. 152, 264, 348, 361 
Angelina. 203 
Angonietje Conign, 297 

Anatji Vvcsselse,89 

Andrew, i& .374 

Andrew Dewitt, 302 

Andrew de Witt, 131 

Anna, 23, 68, 120, 147. 200, 308, 

Anna IL, 369 
Anna L., 234. *S4 
Anna Louise, 50 



Vqh Baren (van Benrea, d« Burn, 
Van Bnjjren, Van Barimalaen, 
Vu Boortnnlsen, Vu Barren, 
Van BnijrmaUen, van Buyr- 
maleeo), Anns M, 134 

Anaatje, 44, 46, 71, 86, 88, 90, 06, 
108, no, lap, 319, 335. 341. 366, 

**tf. <Hancy), Weaadl, go 

100, I3S, 138, 178, 236, 

An Uaria, 153 

Annaxje, U 
Annette IL, 170 
Annie, 107, 303, »S 
Annie dmitrnw, 190 
Annie P., 315 . . 
Anad Hayes, 139, 181 
Antfcour,^ 87 , 

Ariaantje, 37, to. 66, 68, 69, 75, 

78.314.364,36s --.■: 


Arthur' H 

Arthur Swuey, 
Anon, 147 
Arte, 371 

,131,154 ; - 

iH_ 173,303 
■ H. Jr, aoj 
-__-_• U, 197.313 - ■ T .-~ 

Auan, 157, W 

Baniamin, 334 ■_- ... 

Barend, on^oo, Ut ■ -•■ 

Bhwen*. ft. 38> 57~5ft 63, 66, 68, 70, 
7i, 79-83. 85, 90. 9>. 100, 105, 
Mi-US, 145. 147-149. 153-154, 
183. 183, 187, 34> 349. ajo. 356. 
361, 264, 367, 384, 398, 306, 330, 

_3a*. 348. 351. 360. 36i, 364 

Barent Jr., 103, 143, 311 

Bnrcnt C, 71, 91. 319. 334 

Barent D, 9 

Barest Dorr, 191, 310 

Bnrcnt F„ ion, 336 

Barent Martin, 138 

Barent Smith, 143,377 

Barent SytvcMer, 146, 190 

" ' , 103. 143. 144. 183. 


Van Buran (ran Bouren, da Buren, 

■ Van Brayon, Van Barhnalaen, 

Van Baarmalaen, Van Barren, 

Van Buiinnaleen, van Buyr- 

maiatn), Benjamin, 59, 73, 318, 

_334,S7l ,_ 

Bennett Spaohhnc 315 

Betty' Am 105 

Betsy Milla, 153 

Ben&h, 198 

Blandina, 96. 341 

B. L, Rex, 9 

Breach; 113 

Bynn ft, 314 

CallyntU (CaBynrle), 33* 34 

Carol Lsorene, 313 

Carolina, 154 

Caroline. 133, 14a. 147. W369 

Caroluw Louiae, 144, 184 

Caapanu Fryeanaoct, 81, 103, 367 

Cateliaa, M. 08, 133, 391 

Cataiynti, 306 
Catalyntie (Cattaline). 40 
C«ah^ A 70, 344. 365, 375 
Catelynrie (Catherine), 51, 53. 
- *b8. 366 

rtcnaa, 38 


tenee, 35 

4 . 

74. '75 86. 93. HO, 

113, 113, 130, 136, 
_._._.. 171.177.301,384. 

Catharine Ana, 130,156' 
Catharine Dorothea, 144 
Cat h a ri ne Goaman, 169 
Catharine R, 109 
"-" — t -l|a*ni 138tI77 

I L- 315 

> (Catv)' nCQar, 101 

er, 79 
QUaetrfalO P„ 103 
Catharine — " 

08. MS, tlj, 147, 

Catharine Ann, 143. 156 
Catherine (Catjerine), 41 
Catherine L, aij 
Catherine Philip, 183 
Catherine Starr, 10s 



Van Baren (Tin Beoren, de Baren v 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Baormalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Baijrmalsen, van Buyr- 
malsen), Catherine Smith. 182 
Catherine Vosborgh, 141 
Catherine Van Evera), 211 
Catheringen, 375 
Catlyntje, 365-367^ 
Carina, 4S. 87. 33* 373 

C or Katherine Starr, 154 
Charles, 101, 138, 170, 195. W. 

311, 377 

Charles Jr.,310 

Charles D., 17& 313 

Charles Edward, 138 

Charles Good ri ch, 153 

Charles H. t 146, 191 

Charles Hannen, 309 

Charles Henry, 13a 180 

Charles Martin, 184 

Charlotte, 369 

Chrisje, 375 

Christiana, 174 

Christina, 45. 77. 86, 87. 108, 131. 

*B7. JOVJS* 3&* 370 
Christina vantins, 120 
Christina Vt 303 
Christina van Gaaebeck, 95 
Christine, 194 
Christmas, 306 
Ghristyna, 96 ^ 
Oara, 139, 150, 3to 
Clara Margaret, 187. 307 

Van Buren (van Benren, de Buren, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Buarmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Baijrmalsen, van Buyr- 

EdwardTiSQ, 306 
Claude W„ 3x4 
Claudia* B. f 391 
Oandias Buchanan, 98 
Coenrad, 6s, 76 
Cora, 171, 300 

Cornelia, 5*. 54, 57, 59. 69, 73. 86, 
no, 1661 373, 318, 331, 333, 370b 

_ 371, 374 
Cornelia — » 37s 

Cornelia Augusta, 143 

Cornelia 1L, 337, 338 

Cornelia Martense, 53, 55, 339, 

CorneUs, 30, 3*. 35. 36, 38-40, 43* 

47. 51. » 55. 57. to, 66, *>, 75. 

77. 78. 91. 95. no, 137, 130, 165. 

166, 170, 194, 313, 319. 336, 350, 

^S6b 3S7t 264. 386, 368, 397, 398, 

^99. 3*3. 306, 307, 309, 3x8, 31ft 

*"*""/• v^#»ii*ii>, ^*4. j^r*9 Mm 

344. 345-347. 349b 351*353. 3*5. 

Cornells, Abeei, 43 
Corneas E., 78 
CornelU Henry, 169 
Cornells (Hendrick), 78, 306 
Cornells If., 307, 339 
Cornehs Marten, 318, 307 
Cornehs Maessen, 17, 31, 23-26 
Cornehs Marten, 54,71 
CornelU Person, 130 
Cornelias, 95. 124. las, 393 
Cornelias, 171, 197, 301, 302, 215 
Cornelias M* 131, 172 
Coant de, 33 

S?°?4.#* 4.M8. ^53. 365 
Darnel Tompkins, 169, 196 
Darrow, 310 
David, in, 189, 377 

Delano, ian 
Delia, 136 
Delia eT 136 
Denison 149 

Derndqe, 375 
DeWitt, 139k iTft aoj 
Dujk, 45. 4ft 67. 86, 87, no, 113, 
388, 317 

Dircke, 87 
Wrclde, 67. 81, 89 

affirm m 

Dirk 93, 113, 317 
wbe, 37, 307. 365 
Dorothea, ios 
Dorothea Fryenmoet, 80 
Dorothea PL, 109 
Dorothy, 103, 309, 364, 378 
Dorothy Fryenmoet, 384 

5?* B 2ra t - ** 2 S4 
Edgar Tobias, 195 


Edmund, 173 

Edmund £, 134 

Edward, i$8 

Edward Livingston, 130 

Edward M„ 9 

Edward Madison, 193 

Edward Morris, 196, 313 

Edward Morris Jr., 313 

Egbert, 174, 304, 343 



Van Bnren (van Boron, 
Van Broyen, Van Borjmalsen, 
Van Buormalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Boijnnaleea, Van Boyr* 
malsen), Elbertjie (Abigail)* 

Elaine, aio 
Elben, 133 
Elbertjc, 38, 43. 45. 86, 87, na. 

Eleanor W„ 373 

Flitihrtb A in. n 
rata, 1 A la* 164, 37i 
Eliza Helen, 131, 133, 174* 3°? 
Eliza IL, 943 
"••- Mana, — 

EUxa Shofelt, 103 
de Wa 

Eliza V, 136 

Elixa Van de Walker, 105, 156 
Elixa van der Walker, 156 

85. 86, 87, 91. H ibghii3Tw*» 
139, 131, 135, 139, 143, X47» IT* 
I73» IT* ua, 30ft «3. «4S. »9. 
3* 3*9> 338, 34*. 369. 370, 371. 

Elizabeth B., 103 

Elizabeth Dabou, 144, 184 

Elizabeth Person, 95, 169, 196 

Ehzabeth IL, 343 

Elizabeth Upnam, 79, 100 

Elisabet, 96 

Ella, 187*303 

Ellen, 130, 178, 303 

Ellen James, 164 

Elsie, 39, 44. 66, 78, 247. 346, 364 

Elate Rath, 193, 311 

Elsvie. 67 

Elsye, (ft 3*0, 250, 364 

Elyda Van Dyke, 101 

Ely, 133, 176 

Emetine, 153, IS6 
Fm»ijm » CadwelL 

Emily, 166 


Emma, Or 136, 141, 187, 345 


Fbhm H.,'103 

Emma Jane, 130 

Enders, 167 

Ephraim, 45. 49. 57, 63, 67, 77. 


Esther, 313 
Ethel, 373 

Etje (Eytje), 45 

Van Bvren (Van Beoran,de Boron, 
Van Broyen, Van Bofjmalsen, 
Van Boormalaeo, Van Barren, 
Van Boijrmalscn, Tan Buyr- 
maiaen VEoniee Ben jamia, 101 

ffonico (Prench), 377 

Eva G, 3A 377 

Eva, 80,^5. 104 

Eva Van ftfyck, 85 


Eve, 371 

Evelyn, 101,135 • • _^ _ 

Evert, 103, 141, X43, 183, 183. i>4 

Evert ad, 184 

Evert 3d. «*♦ 

Eychc, 41 

Eytje (Ida). St. 59. 67. JU 3S8 

Eytje Ten £yck,4* 
Ezra, 174, 305, 349 
Fannie, 198 

Francis, 64, 65. 66, 79. 80, 83, 99. 
101, W7, 139. M4. 336. 348. 361. 

373* STB 
Francis B- loo, 134. M4. 336 
Francis Edward, 378 
Francis H^ 83. 84, 85, 107. 156. 

Francis Person, 196 

Francis Percy, 179 

Frank; 150, 187, 190, 313 

Frank B*, 185 

Frank R, 157 

Frana, 66, 81, 85, 367. 364 

Freda, 3x4 

Frederick, 143,378 

Frederick Barent, 193 

Frederick William, 378 

Florence, 195. 37* 


Gtu li 11I, 334 

Geertroy. 40. 46, 59. 73, 73. 93. 

373, 3»» v 334, 32St 375 
Geertmy, IL, 109 

Geertroy IL, 375 

George, 165, 173, 177. 184, 186, 


George G, 195. 313 
George Edwin, 189 
George Henry, 189. 308 
George PL, Mra* 9 

Georgo IL, 165 

George Mandeville, 143. MS. 18I3, 

187, 188 
George y„ 199 
George Belle, 191, 310, 393 



Van Boron (van Bounty de Bum, 
Van Broyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Banrmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Baijrmalsea, van Burr- 
mais en), Goes, 317 

Garret, 76, 96 

GcrreL Corneals, 77* 96 

Gcrrc tic, 347 

Gerrit, A 43. 44^ 6a, 76, 31ft 3*6 

Gerrtt Aartsen, 23 

Gerrit Abed, 43 

Gerrit GorncHsscn, 33 

Gerrit Thctmisse, 74 
G erriti e > 3i 

Geiiilje, 3Q3* 306 
Gertrode, 17^04. «4$ 
Gertrude Brodbead, 145, 183, i&fc 

Gertmde Cornelia, 102, 143 
Gertrude Helen, 183, 188 
Gertnry, 46, 72 

Glenn A^ 314 

Gone Game*), 88, 93 
Goeen James, 87, in, 113 
Grace, 105, 150. 18* 195, 198,212, 

Grace rHn't^m 104, 148, 14ft 152, 

153. 154. *4 
Grant, 313 
Grow B*, 305 
Granville, Up, 205 
H. Gates, 100, 306 
Halsey. 133 
Hannah, 100, 102, 108, 376, 373, 

Harms*, 81-83, 85, 104, 136. 367, 

Harman JL, 84 
H a rm a nns , 40, 47, 81, 82, 85, 104, 

Harmen, 73, 84, 348 
Hanaer, 6s 66 
Hanaer (Harman), 67 
Harmer (Harmen), 364 
Harmon, 101, 105, 108, 135, 148, 

IS3. 348 • 
Harmon G, 138 
Harmon Edward, 139, 180 
Harman F., 79, 80, xoi, 348 
Harmon Winne, 101 
Harold A., 181 
Harold Kenneth, 308 
Harrold Sheffield, 183 

Harriet, i» 37* 
Harriet Cooper, 101 

Van Baron (van Benren, de Boron, 
Van Bniyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Baurmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Baijrmalsenv van Buvr- 
malaen), Harriett C. Waits, Dr., 

Harriet S~ 141, 34S 
Harriet Thompson, 180 
Harris, 170 

Helen, 138, 167 

Helen Ameha. 154 

Helen Catherine, 183, 184, 307 

Helen Dubois, 103, 142, iw 

Helen 1L, 170, 199 

Helen Pauline, 193, 311 

Helena, 62, 76, 77. 109 

Hellegond, 300 

Hendrick, 33*39. 43. 46, » 61, 74, 
91, 93. 243, 398, 303. 306, 307, 
31^ 324. 344. 346, 347. 36S 366, 

Hendrick Abed, 43 
Hendrick ComeHssen, 26, 31 
Hendrick Cornelissen Macssen* 

Hendrick GorneHst staessen, 36 
Hendrick Donw, 43, 48, 333 

U ^ana^oe^a^taW ^a^Tea^aAm^ann 4Aa? 

Hendricks, 397 

Hendrkkje, 38, 70, 71, 90, 310* 

Hendriclqe, 357 
Hendrickje Van Ness, 350, 319 
Hendrickji, 39, 90 
Hendrikje, 92, 370 
Hendrilai, 38, 90 
Hendrijki, 90 
Henrietta, 174 
Henrietta Chester, 136 
Henry, 4A 101, 103, 127, 130, 131, 

136, 148, 165, 170, 172, 191. 197. 

212, 2x4, 254. 284. 289, 374. 378 
Henry Broadh ea d, 100, 138 
Henry G, 214 
g«ry O, glS 
Henry Do Bob, 143 
Henry IL, 131, 173 
Henry P.. 134 
Henry Wales. 139, 167 
Herman, 80, 81, 367 
Hermanns, 47 
Hester, 138. 139* 178 
Hexelriah, 49 
Hexekiah Borhaas, 354 
Hilda Sister, 9 
Hiram, 176, 305 




Van Bum (Tin Bearen, do Bores, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalsea, 
Van Buonnalaen, Vaa Barren* 
Vaa Baiinnalsen, van Bayr- 
maisen), Hiram, Jr., 206 

Hornrd, ft 157. W. »3. 37a 

Hard, U3 . 

Huykr, 214 

Ida ueraldine, 148 

Ida HV 191 

Irene Clementine, 185 . 

Irwin P, 170 . 

Isaac, 93, m 16ft 293 

Isadora, 176 


• nter, 369 
>Jft 32 
* 73 

faapje, 371 

acob, 3ft 43. 98, ill, 171. 291 
[acob IL, 193 

facomyntje, 78 

[•met, ft mi, no, 113. 13a. 136, 

, M7. IS6, rift 170, 196, 284. 37a 

lames 901, 196 

lames A^ 133 

fames TL 17a. 203, 37* 374 

lames Barest, 154, 19a 

Fames PL, 13s 

mes Heart, 133 
fames Henry, 138, 187 
Fames L., 136, 137 
fames Lyman, Brigadier Gen* 

cral, 116, 137 

unes Martin, 19$. 373 
fames Rosa, 206, 302 
Fames Sanrin, 98, 133, 291 
Fames Vanderpoel, 142 
lamina* on 
Fsa. 23, 35. 38, 78. 24ft 256, 257, 

397, 344 
Fane, 113 
fane Ann, 120, 131, 171, 174, 176, 


ae Benson, 101 

fane E», 372 

Fane I*, 170 

Fannetje, 46, 5ft 7ft 96, 109, 112, 

AfftfiS. a, 

metse, 375 
Fannettjt, 36 

Fanse Magdalena Martense, 53 
farvia, 98, 13a, 291 
Fay Lewis, 207 
feanette, 8 

Van Buret (van Bearen, de Boron, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalaen, 
Van Bourmalaen, Van Barren, 
Van Baiinnalsen, Tan Buyr- 
malaen), Joanotto Celia, 152 
Jennie, 205, 213 
, ennie B\, 217 
enmo P., 190 

OHre, 185 
eremiah Wood, 140 .-...* 

ohanes (Jan), Dr., 23, 37 
ohanis, 35. 37. 41. 42. 71. 103.36$ 


>J*J*%J* 45. 48. 5ft 
73. 74. 81, 86, 87, 9a, ioft lift 
112; 242, 253. 267. 30ft 318, 334. 
, fas. 365. 37ft 372, 37S. 379 
I onannes H., 109 
f ohannes Ten Eyck, 42 
fohaunia, 33, 34, 46, 95. M3. 37© 
fohn, 5ft 7t. 96, ioi, 103, 110, in, 
113. II9-U2, 124, I2S, 127. I3ft 
131, 134. 135. M2. M4. 146. IS6, 
158, 15ft 160-163, 165, 16ft 171, 
18s, 202, 20ft 216, 236, 242, 253, 
284, 302, 323. 338, 341. 37ft 37a- 
ohn Jr., ft 144 

ohn Ah 3A 373 

ohn C, 107 

ohn Da Bois, 174 . 

ohn Henry, 134. H5. 186 
oha J. or T., 216 

°^ M- ^ 'i* *** *** &* 
ohn Martin, Rev., 137 

-ohn Myers, 191. 209 

, ojm J> M3, 148, 191, 264. 3» 
, ohn Peter, 193 
, ohn R., 142 

! ohn Roots, 131, 174, 302, 349 
, ohn T., 202, 216, 293 
, ohn Thompaoo, 146, 191 
ohn William, 20s 
, onathan (X, 170 - 

! or **\37S 
oeeph, 1 7ft son 
oseph 1L, 214 
oseph S., 182 
oseph Sheffield, 182 
oseph Spregler, 126 
was, 157 
adidrie, 37, 43, 71 
adkkje B^ 242 
"' e, 9ft 12ft 324 



Van Beuren (van Buren, 
Van Bruycn, Van Burjinalsea, 
Van Buurmalsen, Van Burren, 
Van Buijnnalsen, Van Buyr* 
malaen), Judijke B. (Meindcr- 
•eh). 35| 
'odithse, 00 

Todittjc, 71 

, ulian Morris, 213 

olian Tompkins, 196 
1 Kate, 148, 192, 202, 213. *i6, 3» 
Katherine, ill, 136, 1* 164. 377 
Lambert, A 98, «*• 3*7 
Lane Frederick, 376 
Laura Rj 170 
Lanrena Hardy, 196 
Lawrence, 8ft 120, 125, 360 

Lean, 371 
Leendert, 250 

Lena Goes (Hoes), 92 
Lena IL, 109 
Lettic, 370 
Lewis Page, 193 
LibbielL, 191 
Lillian, 213, 372 
Lillian Whiting, 186 
Lizzie, 203 
Lloyd, 2x3 
Louis Earle, 378 
Tifwritt, 149 
Louise Marshnd, 199 


Loures, 38 

Lucas (Luke), » 127. 360 

Lucy Albertine, 146, 147 

Luanda, iox 

Lucretia, 101, 1201, 126* 150 

Luke, 165, 166, 194 

Lundert, 38 

LydU.45. 337 
Lydia Ann, 113 


at, 121, 122 

Maarteu, 4$ 

Maas, 31* » 35*37. 40-42, 59. 7L 

Maas CorneUssen, 29 
Mabel, 197 
Mabel EsteUe, 179 
Macheltje, 370 
Maes, 25, 41. 7h 307 

Van Buren (van Beuren, de Buren, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalscn, 
Van Buurmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Buijnnalsen, van Burr* 
malsen), Maes CorneUssen, 29 

Maes Cornelisen Maessen, 2$ 

Maes (Hendrick, Cornells), 59 

Maeyetje, 70 

Maeytje, 70 

Magdabna, 34. 36, 5*. 59. 60, 61, 
7i L 81, 98, 100, 101, 267. 269. 
268. w, 337, 372, 375^ 

Magdakna Go n s an h is, 98 

Manet, 140 

Maray Ml, 171 

Marcus John, 100 

Maretje, 68 

Margaret, 100, 200 

Margaret Em 216 

Margaret May, 206 

Margarietzen, 62 

Margarita, » 7*. 90 

Margarita A^ 374 

Margarita Abed, 43 

Margarita Abed, 43 

Maretje, 68 

Margriet, 75 

Maria, 35. 36, 3* 45. 47. 49. 57, 

8 63. 67, 69, 73. 74. 77, 7«. 81, 
90, 93. 97, 113. U7. «3*. i» 
171, 172, 176, 267, 297. 3<7. 3* 
31ft 3*4. 3*5. 33&, 345. 34*, 359. 
364. 370, 371, 37*. 373. 374* 375 

Maria Cadwell, 192 

Maria R, 35* 

Maria Keator, 95 

Maria Lvsbeth, 70 

Maria M„ 334 

Maria Martens* 53 

Maria van Valkenburg; 49 

Maria Winne, 249, 250, 371 

Mariah, 105, 108, 375 

Mariah Easton, 84 

Mariah Winne, 79 

Marie, 378 

Marietta, 377 


Marion, 210, 212 

Marion Augusta, 190 

Marion Irving, 164 

Mantle M., 334 

Mamie, 69, 351 

Maritie (Maria), 57 

Maritjic V„ 3*5 

Marjtje, 4$ 

Maron, 210 

Marretje, 313. 3U 

Marrietje, 68, 69 



Van Boren (van Beurea, do Boren, 
Van Brnyen, Van Bnrjmalsen, 
Van Buunnalsea, Van Barren, 
Van Buijrmalsen. van Bayr» 
malsea), Marrtoe M„ 338, 333 

Marritje, £, 68, 70, 303, 313. 347 

Marntje Martense, 57 

Marritji, 31 

Marritye, 70 

Marryfie, 56* 3*9 
Mart, 60 • 

Mvtn. 2$, 37. 38, 51, » 54, 56, 

S7. A 6a. 68, 6ft 71. 73. 81, fe 

90, » 93. "3. US, "6, 336, 

243, 256, 264, 365. a68, 399, 307, 

30ft 3M, 3*8, 3*4. 3», 349. 351, 
W 3S3. 46%, 366,^1 
Marten Cornells, 139, 317-319, 

Marten Corneliea Mic isc n 36 
Marten Cornelia, 59. 70. 71, 90, 9* 
Marten Cornebssen, 38, 51-53 
Marten Cornelias Maessen, 3$ 
Marten Martenaa, 60, 372 
Marten (Martin) (Corncfis), as 

*»- Marten P.. 313. 313 

Martha, 165, 166, 309 

Martin, 22, 4ft 67. 88, 8ft 9ft 9i, 
9ft 114, 117. i4 lift 130, 123, 
133, 124, 123, 12ft, 127, Uft 156, 
159, 163, 163, 164, 165, 106, 167. 

173, 17* l8l, 303, 374, 375. 376, 

30ft 37ft 374* -t7o 

Martin CorneHssen, 51 

Martin Cornelius, 135 

Martin R, 167 

Martin &, Jr., 167 

Martin Martenac, 53 

Martin, President, 383. 310, 323 

Martin, (ex-President), 165, 181 

Martin L, 191 

Martin P., 373, 375 

Martin Spregler, u6 

Mary, 66, 88, 156, 193, 216, 37ft 

Mary Ahce, 315 

Mary Ann, laft 137, 165, 198 

Mary Ann Spregkr, 126 

Mary Catherine, 141, 176, 305, 345 

Mary Elizabeth, 131, 171, 300 

Mary Fisher, 98, 391 

Mary Hudson, 109 

Mary Jane, 13ft 14ft 166, 305, 317 

Mary Louisa, 144 

Mary Lyman, 136b 377 

Van Buren (van Benren, de Boren, 
Van Brnyen, Van Bnrjmalsen, 
Van Bnormalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Boijnnalsen. van Burr- 
malaen), Mary Margaret, 171, 

Mary U, $36 

Mary Upham, 100 

Mary Van den Burg; 109 

Mary Virginia, 185 

Marya. 81, 8& «*• *7 

Marytfe, 5*. 57. 68, 73. 80, 99. 

24ft .349.373 
Jfaritl, 349 

Mathew, 13ft *7ft W 
Matbew T., 17ft 199 
Mattheos, 374 

May, 186, 303 
Michael, 370, 371 
Mildred C. 303 
Minnie, 196 

Moses, 48, 353 
Myndert, 136 
Myron, 314 
Nancy, 108, 127 
Nancy Catherine, 166 
Nancy C or Katharine, 194 
Neeltji ~ -- ~— 

Nelly, 371. 

Nicholas, 137, 164 

Norman, IS7 

Norman Richard, 165, 193, 311 

Orlena, 178 

OrlenIL, 138, 178 - 

^^15 Mia <MBA 

Oliver, 313 

Oliver M. 307 

Oliver Miller, 101, 139 

Orville, 150 

Pauline, 199 

Person, 169 

Peter, 45. 5* 54. Sft 65. 66, 71. 73. 
97, 101, 103, 10(3, I0S. Hi. "3. 
I3X. 135. Mft 153. 173. 193, 303, 
334. 3A$, 353. 354. 370, 384, 33ft 
338, 36ft 37ft 371. 37*» 373 

Peter, Dr., 14ft 183. 245 

Peter P., 373 

Peter Groat, 144 

Peter H., 7ft 8ft xoft 10ft 348 
Peter Hoes, 157 
Peter James, 145, 186 
Peter Jr., 173, 309 
Peter It, 87 



Van Buren (van Buren, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Buurmalsen, Van Barren, 
Van Buijrmalaen, van Buyr* 
malsen), Fetcr Martense, 53, 54 
Peter Putnam, 128, 166 

Petrous, 72, 31* 3*4, 3*5 
Petrus, 99 

Philip, 131, 30a, 341. 369 
Philipus, 300 
Phillip, 131, 173 
PhiUiptu, 76, os. 96, 340 
Phiffipue Jr., 96, 131, 341 
Pieter, 31.36b 4* 44. 40. 48, SO, » 

77. 7* 80, 81, 85, 86, 87, 89, 94, 
108, tog, in, 236* 254, 267, *7i. 
272, 297, 3°7. 309. 313. 3M. 324* 

_347, 348, 349. 355. 364. 370, 375 

Pieter EL, 267 

Pieter EL, 374 

Pieter M* 92 

Pieter Marteasen, 56 

Pieter, Rev., 291 

Pieter T*, 67» 86 

Plyme, 147 

Poly. 374 

President 118, 159 
Nelie (Ndltje), 95 
Rachel, 6a, 75, 76 
Rachel Ann, 173 
Ralph, 213 
Raymond, 177. 2* 
Raymond C, 2x4 
Rebecca, 48, 128, 25} 
Rebecca Theresa, 98, 133, 291 

Regina, 216 

Richard, 138, 177 
Richard Baxter, 174 

Robert, 165, 194,338.373 
Robert L* 216 
Rotcoe C, 21} 
RosweU P., 98 
Russell, 192 
Saartje, 374 
Sadie, 203 
Sally, 108, 127, 37* 
Samuel, 104, 105, 152 
Samuel L., ipi, 210 
Samuel S., 369 
Samuel Thompson, 180, 207 
Sara, 67, 210, 369. 37© 
Sara Hoochteeling, 95 
Sarah, 49, 103, 129, 132, 135, 146, 
148. 150, 158, 192, 202, 269, 3*> 
Sarah Ann, 205 
Sarah Anna, 164, 201 

Van Buren (van Beaten, de Buren, 
Van Bruyen, Van Burjmalsen, 
Van Buurmalsen, Van Burren, 
Van Buijrmalsea, van Buyr- 
malsen), Sarah C 256 

Sarah Catherine, 145. m 

Sarah Grace Barney, 156 

Sarah J., I7X 

Sarah Maria, 49. 157. 254 

Seantje, 129 

Simon, 193. 372 

Smith Thompson, 120, 121, 122, 

Singleton, 120, 159 
Stella Catherine, 186 
Stephen Augustus, 174 
Stephen G, 3*3 ^ 
Susan Catherine, 128 
Susannah, 63. 77. 309 
Susannah U., 100 
Stymie Cornelise Maessen, 2$ 



Tanneke, 40. 44. 45. 47. 369 

Temperance, 49. 254 

Teunica, 372 

Tennis, 90 

Teuntje, 43. 52, 94. 233 

Thankful G., 105 

Thetmtje, 92, 324. 

Thomas Brodhead, 14J, 181, 245 

Thomas, 153, 37© 

Thomas Harvey, 104, 105. M9» 

150, 153 
Thomas B., Mrs., 181 

Tobias, 3*. 40, 45. 47, 55, 57. 59. 
60, 62, 63, 67. 68, 71, 76, 86, 87, 

90, 91. 93. 95. "2, 113, 125, 128, 

130, 169. 242, 256, 264. 270, 285. 

268, 269. 298, 318, 335> 370, 371. 

Tobias Cornelisscn, 29. 30 
Tobias Comelissen (Cornelisen) 

Maessen, 25 
Tobias Cornelius, S3 
Tobias D., 370 
Tobias IL, 40 
Tobyas, 72,76 
Travis, 120, 159 
Tryntje VV„ no 
Vera, 182 
Volkert, ill 
Walter Hill, 19s 
Walter, 197, 214 
Will, 121 

Will or Martin, 119. 121 
Willard, iso 



Van Bum (van Beuren, de Buren, 
Van Bruyen, Vaa Burjmalsea, 
Van Btturmalsea, Van Barren, 
Van BuHrmalaen, van Buy*- 
malsen), willem, *$• 37» 3* 44. 
71. ol. 31* 344. 3» ^ 
William, 40. *5. 96, 105, u6. I3J. 

134. MP. 156, 157. 171. 174. 178, 
19$ 202, 205, *3& 234. 256* 289, 
aq* 3«r 3«9. 33* 343. 34* 37°- 

V^Sun Abed, 43 
William Andrew, 174. 
William B, 156 
William Edgar , 19$ 
William Egbert, 174 
William T, 170, 198 
William Steevar, aio 
Zara IL, 340 

van Burgtm, Gatrina, 39 

Van Bytel, Hillegood, 345 
Van Cortland, Stephen. 350 
Van Cortlandt, Obff &» 345 
VsJuConrtlandt, Maria, 345 

Olof S* &i 
Van Curler, Arendtt, 27 
^ Anmdtt, 27 
Van da Bogart, Myndcr Hannensen, 

van deCarr. Anna Gertrude, 190 
Annia {&, 146 
Charles, 191 
John, Ob 
Mary, 145, 186 

w gang ^s^sa ^pwWw^i^g^* vSv 

Van da KeUemaar, Laurentia, 339 
Vandemark Alick, 173 

John BL, 173 
Mamie. 173 
Mary J- 37a 
Van Dan Bergh (Burgh, Vanden 
Berg, van den Burgh), nun., 

Andr, 59.73 
Andrea, 318 
Annette, 239 
Ann, 3 s " 

Antic, 32* 323. 3H 
Arriaaatje, «, 518, 32a 
Arriaantje Gerntse, 32 
Ariaautje G., 318 
Ariaantji Gerretse, 55 
Aultje, 321 
Barent ju, 318 
Benjamin, 318 
Brandow, 230 

Catharine, 318, 333. 345 

i Den Bergh (Burgh* 
Berg, van den Burgh] 
rine* silk tao 

Catalyntje, 317 

Cnristine» 320 

Cornelia, 317, 318 

Cornells, m 

Cornelia Gerntse, S*. 57 

Cornelia &, 321, 334 

Cornelia Gybertsen, 317 

Cotnelisscn, 32 


Ebbertje, A19 

jLusaoem* 330 
Elsie, 320 

Frederick, 3*7 . 

Geertie, 360 

Geertruy, 59. 7% V& 

G. 59. 73 



Gertie, 360 
Gertie, 318 


317,318, 319.334 35* 


Gyihert, J17, 318 -... 

Helen, 320 
Heudrick, 320 
Henry, 32* 
Henry &• 320 
Isaac, 320 ■ • * ■ 

ian, 318 > 
annetje, 318 »>*• 

ohannes* 'lift 

Maria, #44. » 60, 269, 31ft 3** 


Maritje. 317 A 
Mary, 103. U7. 248, 3» 
Marnetje, 318 

Mathrtit, 317 • • 

Neeltje, 9*. 318 


Rachel, 319. 3» 
Richard, 320 
Richard £319 
Robert, 250, 320 "- 

Tenuis, 319, 320 
'X'ettntie* 7a 

Tetmtje, 37, 59. 7L 318, $1% 344* 



Van Den Bergh (Burgh. Vanden 
Berg, van den Burgh), Teantji, 

Thenntje, 59. 71. 319* 3*4 
Tnmtje, an 317 
Wulem, 317 

WilHam, 31ft 3*0 
William C.J2I 

Van Deimam, Alec, 230 

van der Lain, Helena, 6a 

Vender Oykena. Con 
Vandermark, Mamie, 173 
Van Der Pod, mm*, 320 
A* 141 

Abraham, 321-3249 331 
Ahram, 924 
Adriaaatje, 129 
Andreas, 42 
Ann —,322 

Anna (Mil), 323 

Annatje, 71, 322 

Aatje, «M, 331 

Ariaanlje, 91, 310, 3*3-3*4* 33' 

Ariantje, 321 

Annat e, 40, 46. 3*5 

Barest, 100 

Catharma V., 322 

Ca tharine , 37. 42. 71. 93. 3** 3*5 

^atnortna* 33a 



Catrma Hoes, 461 324 
Catryn, 321 
Catryna, 322 
Cornelia, 04, 321, 323 
Cornelia W:, 317 
Elbertie, 330 
Elbertiee, 337 

Elbertfe, 56, 3** 3*9 
Elisabeth, 133, 159. 331-323 


Gerret, 3**. 3*3. 3*4 
Gerrit 46, 272, 321 
Harriet, 323 
Hendrkk, 32Z 
Isaac, 322, 3*3. 3*3 

Facobne (James), 321, 3*4 

amea, 159. 3**. 3*3 

annetje, 40, 46* 9*. 3*4 
[ohanna, 321 

[ofan, 73, 94, 228, 231. 3**. 3*5. 

Van der Poel, — , Judge, 164 
Laurens, 331 
Loorens, 322 
Lvdia, 231 
Marparet, 231, 321 
Maria, 321, 322, 324 
Maritje, 7* 
Marritjc, 318 

Mary Ann, 231 

Mary 1L, 333 

Mattheos, 324 

Melch, 330 

Melchart, 330 

Melchert, 92, 94, 323, 324, 330 

Melchert, Jr., 324 

Mekhert W., 325 

Melgert, 331, 3**. 3*3 

Melgert W., 331 

Peter, 231 

Picter, 334, 3*5 

Sarah, 3I3» 3** 
Sarah A., 323 



Teuntje, J33 
Tentnea C A. (Spitsberger), 321 
Trynloe, 321 
Tryntje {Melgers), 321 
Wuhan, 321 

Wynant, ^21,3*5 
Wynant Gerritee, 68 

Van Denrsen (Van Dnereen), Abra- 
ham, 24*336, 329, 33< 
Abraham Ptetersen, 327 

Abraham P., 326, 327 
Catalyntje, 529 

Cornelia, 3*0 
Helena, 329 
Hendrkk, 326 
Isaac, 327, 3*9 

Tacob, 327, 134 
racoons, 326 

an, tne intra, 320 

Tan Willem,326 
Johannes, 86 
W»beth (Elisabeth), 326 

Melchotr, 327 
Nicolas, 326 

Pieter, 326, 3*7 
Robbcrt, 128 

Teuwis (Matthew), 327 

Truwis (Mattheos) A^ 327 

Tryantje, 326 

Trynke, 334 



Van Deursen (Van Duersen), WUlem, 

Van ifcie, Hefche, 333 
Van Dense, Geertruy, 331 

Lena, 312 

Marretje, 334 

M a then a,3ia 

MattiL, 331 

Robbert, 333 . 

Van Densen, fam^^as • 
Abraham, 331 
Abraham £, 333 
Angooietje, 8b 
Araentje, 331 
Arent, 334 
Ariaantae, 331 
Ariaantje, 33a 
Barend, 333 
Beta, 371 
Came IL, 337 
Catahmtie, 331, 33$ . 
Cataiyntje fl 336 
Catelyntje, 269 
Catharine, 86, no, ayi 
Catharine, 330, 331 
Catherine £, 337 
CataHna, 331 
Catljmtie, 3" . 
Christiana. 333 
Christian Van Allen, 85 
Christina, 333 
Christina Van Alen, 338 
Ghristyna, 33a 
Conrad, 333 

Cornelia,;**, *73. 31* 331, 33*. 

CorneluiaC; 267, 268, 27a, 271, 

Cornells, aao, 331, 332, 335, 337 
Dewes (Matthew), 333 
De Witt Cook; 337 
Elbertie, 330 

gbertje. 67, 86, 87, 108, 117, 331 
Euabetb — — , 330, 337, 374 
Emity R., 338 

Eveline, j6o 


Frank; 338 

Geertruy, 333 

Gecrtje, 331, 333 

Harp, 272 

Harpert, jag, 330, 334 

Helena (Roberts), 55 

Helena Robberts, 57 

Helltje, 331 

Henry T., 338 

Heyhje, 33a 

Van Densen, Isaac, 4$. 374 
Iseak, 337 

Jacob, A 3". 333. 335 
James; 333 



, ._. 109,334.335 

» T, 317. 333. 334 
an Tenwise, 5a , 

, an Tettwisse, 37, 333, 334 -- 
Johannes,, 39-334. 
337. 338 

ohn Lj.337 

. m* 335 

Lena Tens. 336 

Loosens, 86 

Lonwrens, 330 

Lucas, 330 

Lydia XT 338 

L/ntie, 333 

Mathens, 55 

Matthen* Abrahamsen, 338 


Mantie .— — * 33a 

Maritie, 68, 31a, 336 
Mantje T^ 311 

¥**toy* 3*3 

H* rt ? n - * 3*9. 330; 333. 337 
Martin, 32a 


Kittens, 55. 57. 6fc 3*9. 334 
M a tthen s, 333, 334 
Matthens KTsaST . 
Matthew, 333 
Melchert, 330, 331 
Melcherts, a$s 
Mehrert 337 
tttie M-t 337 

Nettie. _ r _ 
?*er 45. 337 



fobbcrt, «£ 339, 330, 333 
Robbert Teuwissen, 339; 33a 

Robert Jr., 333 

*o«t T^ 339, 330; 33a, 333. 337. 

Robert Tenwise, 5a 

Robert Tenwisse, S5 
Rntger IL, 265 

Roth, 269, 31a, 336 



Van Densen, Rot Mekherts, 56* 339 
Samson Benton, 58 
Susannah, 69 
Tennis, 312 

Tcuwise (Matheus), Abraham- 
ten, 55 
Tcnwis (Abrahamsen), 57, 333 
Teowis (Matthens) A., 330, 333. 

theLords of, 3* 

Th. f 333 

Tobias, A 39ft 33*. 33*. 338 

Tobias &, 333 

Tobias T., 3» 333 


rUhebnus, 335 
Ysack, 271 

Van da Water, , 69 

Van Ditmars, Elisabeth, 255 
Van de Walker, Eliza, 105, 156 
Van Ditmarscn, Louis, a« .. ,, 
4 Doersne (Van Doersen), Hendri- 

cos (Hendrick), 325 
Van Doesburgh, Hendricks A^ 344 
Van Dompaetter, Aleid, pb 
Van Doorten, Govcrt, 32* 

Van Dnse, Mar, 333» 334 

Atoertje, 333 
Van Dusen, Genealogy, 3*5 


86 . 


Tobias RL, 333 

Van Dnyn, Sarah, 37« 

Van Dnsee, Charles, 153 

Van Dyck, Arend, 333 

- Arent, 41, 272 


Catharine, 4*, 370 

Christina, 273* 336 

David, 273.276, 336 

Elisabeth R, 322 

Mayhe, 322 

Van Dyh, Lydia, 33* 

Pieter* 330 

Van Dyke, Etyda, 101, 138 

John, 108 
- • Maria, 86 
Vane, Henry, Sir, 204 ' 
Van Ealstyne, Marvtje L., in 
Van Elmendorf, Jacobns Coenradt, 

' Van lusant, CataWntje, 337 
Van Epps, Abigail, 236 
Catharine, 235 
Deborah, 235 

van EscT(Ness), Hendridqe, 35 
Van Etten. Antje W„ 266 

Etta V., 205 

Jacob, 266 

Jan, a67 

8l, 102, 266, 267 

Van Even, Ca therin e, 165. 193 
van Everton, Ann, 227, 229 
Van Gaasbeck, whl, 339 

Abraham, 339 
Abraham K, 175 

Alexander, 343 
Alexander &, 342 
Amos C, 342 
Anna T. Friry, 175 
Antje, 340 
Antoinette, 342 

Ariaantje, 341 

Bertha, 342 

Carrie, 175 

Catharine, 341 

Catharine (Christina) D., 95 


ter, 76 
Catharine O., 343 
Charles J„ 17s 
Christina, 76,95,302,340 
Oiristopber, 341. 343 

Deborah £341, 343 
Elisa C, 34^ 
IHi iib tt ht 340 
Eva, 175 
Eva J„ 175 
Ftody, 175 

W- 17$ 


Henry, 175 
Tacobns, 340-343 
racoons (James). 34L 343 
facomyn^je, 339 

Fames, 131. 175. 302 
lames B~ 342 
Tohn, 342 
fohn L, 342 

itius, dominie, 339 
Lixxie R., 175 

Margaret, 131, 274. *». 341-343 
Maryaret E*, 341 

Maria, 339 

Maria Rebecca, 175, 343 

Mary, 342 

Peter, 341 
Sarah. 340 

wwa wa*, «^^* 



Van Gaasbeck, Sarah A. Stirling, 175 

Sarah P~ 343 - 
Stephen J., 173 

Theodora W343 
Thomas, 340, 341 

JJuwa* ^ 341. 343 

Viola, its 

Washington, 175, 176, 343 

S!S elllMI % 7* 95 
ran Hagd (vin Hagd), Abraham, 59, 


Maria, 73 
Marten, 7a 
Van Hagen, Abraham, 353 
Jan a, 353 
Johannes, 353 
Johannes, Jr., 353 

Van Hagan, Maria, 353 
Marten, 353 

Henna, 332 

werntt* 336 
jan Hoecbomme, S. Maes, 379 

Rachehjc, 270 
Van Hoesen, Anna, 370 

Owyttyntfe, 367 
Rachd, 348*351 
Stymie, 335 

Van Hoorn, Vrontje, 341 

Van Honsen, — — -, 330 

Van I veres, Sarah, 349 

Van Jacques, C, 396 

van Jsselstvne, Marten Corneliszn, 36 

Van Kempen, Machteldt (Myefcje), 

van Kenren, Ariaantje, 75 

Blandina, 75 

Cornells, 75 

Cornelius, 03 

Henrico*, 75 

Helena, 75 

Johannes, 75 

Lena, 75 


Mathens, 75 

Tjoadjen, 75 

Treintje, 75 
Trientje, 75 

van Laer.Dr., «, 35, p 

™ UnBercfc John, 84, 85 
Matthew, 84 
Peter, 85. 


/ - • - 

van Lea Berck, Samuel, 84 
Van Loom, Jacob, 330 
Van Loon, Elizabeth, 330 
Jacob, 330 

Marietje, 373 
Nicholas, Itaj^ 3 
Van Ness, fam., 344. 

Aaltie , 344 

Abraham, 93 
Agltk, 37 
Cathanna, 93 

Cornelissen, 35 

J*vid, 73. 9* 308 
Du*t 93 

93t 308 

W, 319 

HcndncLe, «, _ __ 
Hendridqe, Janse, 344 

Hen&rjclrii, 31, 347 
Hendrik £,344 
4ms, 9* 

innes, 93 
[ohtt, 03 

r, Hon., 383 


Van Orden, Ablesh Sloot, 335 
Sarah DuBois, 353 

WUlum, 353 
Van Patten, tiaes. 381 

Van Petten, Andries, 309 
Cathlyntje, 351 

Oaas F., 351 

John C, 3g7^ 

Van Rensselaer, fam, 366, 345 

tie Schuyler, 

Bernard S* 3B6 
Catarina 346 

Colonel, 47 

Cornelius, 44 
Eleanor, 345 

Elizabeth, 346 
Elsie. 4*6 
Helena, 346 

Ho»<W* «S8» 3^9. MS. 346 
xiennlc, oo 

HMejrood, 345 



i Rensselaer, Joannes, 346 

Bet. ux 
ik. 345 

feSP 1 ^ 346 

. 91, 24-27. 39. 44* SL fe 
gi, 9}8, 345-347 
Masdalena. 44 
Maria, 30, 307. 345* 346 

M&Saa? 9 ** 


Nicholas, » 44, 345. 346 
Philliau aj6 

Stephen, 306 

Sam, 345, 
Van Rnyvcn, Cool, 940 
Vaa Salsberger, Hua, 61 

Janneke, 46 
Vaa Salsbnry, Janneke 370 
Van Saltsbergh, Annette. 324 
Via Schaack (Van Schaack, 
Schaak, Vaa Schayk, 
Snack), Arend, 273 

Catharine, 258, 999 

Catie, 971 

Cornelia, 969, 973, 337 
CorneHs, 79 

Gemde, 49 

Genitje, 308 

Goose, Col* 991 

Gosen, 971 

•coo, 370, 374 
aaaatia. 248 

annette, 97° 

annetje, 951* 9S& 974 

£uren4 974 

Marsytje, 974 

(Israel), 96B 

Van Schoeahoven, Jacomyntje, ; 
Van Sclichtenhorst, Gcrret; 350 
Vaa Sclictenhorat, Gerrit 980 
Van Slyke (Van Slyk, Slyca), / 

Andreas, 347 
Angeietje, 347 
Anthony, 505 
Barent, 9aB 
Chrystyna, 63 
Dirck, 347 
Edward (1, 191 
Edw- Mrs*, 9 
Elisabeth, a6» 31, 347 

1 %ke (Vaa Slyk, Slyck),Enfeltjc, 

Si. 10$. 347. 34S 
Eva, 67. «i. 8a, 85. 267. 347. 34S 

Hanna, 81,267 

Hannah, 85 

Ida, 347 

Jacques Cornditen, 996 

[annetje, 33* 

1 ohanna. 06. 90. 348 

Jeter, no 
Pktar, 80, 81, ,99. 347. 348 
Tennis, Jr., 360 
Tennis W., 347 
Thennis, 360 
Willem. 85 

William, 347 
William PT 


Van Steenberg, Benjamin, 293 

Rachel, 993 
Van Steenburgh, Cora, 175 
Van Streyden, Adrianns. 983 
Vaa Sultsberg (or Saltsberg), Anna- 
Van Syteenbnrg, Tobias, 340 
Van Tricht, Maria, 353 
Van Twiller, Woulter, 937, 938 

Wonter. 97, 98 
van VaJkeabttrg, Catalyntje, 63 

Hony S^, 373 
Jeronymus, 57 
.Johannes, 41 

Van Valkenborgh, , ill 

Annatje, 348 

Ariaanrje, 69, 70, 80, 85-87, no 

Ariaanrje K, 349 

Abraham, 78* 8& 

Pnata, 369 

Barthotaneas, 348 

Bartholomew, no 

Barthomens, 316 

Catalyntje, 63, J7 
r^^\\wjf f L,a88 

Catharine, 86, ill 
Elsie, 960, 336 



„ _ je.340 
Eva, 372,349 

Hendrick, 97% 348, 

I— * tin 

Tacobns 349 

J- 374 

[aneetie, 349 

Vu Vmlkenbnrjh, Jwmetj*. 68, 78 
* lynvu, 37,69 

ajrau (Harm 

ocben, 349, 348. 349 

■). 349 

-»-.—*, 348. 349 

; Sbert, 78, 348, 374 

Lambert J., 272 



Wmuje, 37a 
Vn Vecfatca (Vaa Veckten, V. Veg- 
- ten), Abraham, 350-353 

»>. 353 

3. 336. 337 
fSS 5; St. 330 

RiallllU, 73 
Garret T, 350, 


Vaa Voonboodt. Oaaa C &, 317. 

Vaa VrantoofaUrla, 301 

vaa Waggoner, Grietje Aartae, 53 

._. -.^. , KB, 13a, 176 

ran Warn (Vaa Wie, Vaa Wye), 
Ariaantje, » 305- ~ 

ArUaatji, 3a 

Cwrfaa . 11a 

Headnci Gerretat, 3» 

jMMtln tt, 347 
V« Witbeck, Jan T„ 365 
Vn Wyct iWirfta BTS., a6i 

John C, a6o 
Vin YuelMyn, Jacobu Hwtau, 339 
Vw YwbtyM (or Euelatjoi?. 
*— 338 

enu, 338 
no, Andn 396 

Vn Zandt, C*thrin«, 321 
David, 234 



Via Zandt, Gilbert, 48, 253 

Johannes, 3*1 
Matilda H~ 254 
Nicholas, 48, 253 
Peter (£, 353 
Peter H, 48 
Rachel Lucas, 48, 353 

Van Zeure* (Yveren)7Warner. 296 

van Zondenhalg, Wikfanina, 3* 

Varick. Gnlian, 37? 

Vas, Marten Cornelisen, 357 

Va Vegten, Engeltoe, 3" 

Vedder, Eagdne, 235 

Maria, 305 
Veeder, Bessie Louise, 195. 212 

Eleanor, 306 

KHtahfthr 67, 82 

Herman, 306 

Helen, 300 

Volfcer S imo nscn, 304 

Veersteeg. Dingman, 9i 360 
Vegten, Geertruy, 73 
Verbceck, Jan, 26 
Veraoi, Cornehs C, 255 
Vcrnoy, Benjamin Westbrook, 255 

Ussdje, 2$s 
Verplanck, Abraham, 321 

Ariaantje, 321, 323. 325 

Maria, J2I 
Vcrplank, Gecrtray, 270 

Margrieta, 270 

Philip, 270 
Verstyke, Pteter, 356 
Vignot, Marrieta, 369 
Tin (van) Hagel, Abraham, 72 
Vischer. Amelia E. La Treat, 105 

Catherine Booth, 105 

Daniel W~ 105 

Eliza Moultener, 105 

Elisabeth W. Lightfoot, 105 

Gasena DeGroff, 105 

Frederick; 105 

Henry H., 105 

Jacob d, 105 

John* B»r xos 

Lydia A. Doolittle, 105 

Lydia Rowley, 105 

Maria L^ 10$ 

Mary Reynolds, xo$ 

Wifflam R, xos 

William C, xos 

Vtssier, Annatje V., 373 

Nanning, 373 
Visger, John, ** 

Vogel m . 

Von Burn, Hartman, 124 

Von Ehnendorf, Coenradd, 55 
Vosburg (Vosburgh), Geertniy, 3°7. 

* Aaron Barent, 97 

Abraham, 70, 77. 355*357. 359. 360 
Abraham Pietersen, 353*35* 
Abraham Pietersse, 353 

Anna, 273. 999,336 

Annatje, 88 

Antje, 360 

Arent (Aaron), 77. 96, 360 

Ariaantje, 68 

Barent 70, 271, 274, 356 

Catharine, 81, 360, 375 

Catherine, X02, 271, 272 

Catrina, 97, 272 

Christoffel, 270 

Christyntje, 70 

Dirk, 68, 357, 358 

Dorothea, 85 
Eitjc, 270 

r an Valkenburg, 127 
Etym Van Valkenburgh, 360 
Evert, 102, 360 
Eytie, 260. 270, 336 
Eytje, 67. 87. 356 

fern* 357. 359 

Frans, 78 

Geertnty, 270, 271, 307. 347. 356, 

358, 359 
Gurtruy, 41,36 
Harriet, 89, 125. 360 
Helena, 222 
Hendrick, 127, 360 
Hester Jane, 135. 236, 361 
Hiiletje, 88, 96. 
Isaac, 70, 240. 268, 273. 336. 355. 


1 a**, 68, 283. 3x2, 355. 357. 360 

, acob, Jr., 3* 

1 acob Abrahamse, 356 

/acob Abrahamsen, 356 

/acob M^ 375 

, acobus, 272 

, an, 357. 359 M 
1 ane, 90, 127, 360 
, annetie, 274 
/annetje, 72, 77. 96,271 
, annetje Jans Goes, 70 
, annctjt, 36, 56 
i ohanna Gardinier, 102, 360 
, ohannes, 58, 70, 249. 270, 272 
, ohannis Dirclrie, 65 
Klarche, 270 
Lena, 272 



h\ LocretU vender 

Votburf (V 

Lydia, 96 
Margaritje, 27s 
Marpriet.271 _ 

Maria VanDyke, A J60 


toren, 249 

Marictje, 355 
Marten, 57,67, 
Martie, 222 
Maryt{e, 358. j 
Maiyoc V^ 3* 
Mamie Van 
Mathena. 02 
Matbuu, 373 

Meyndert, 356 

Myndert, 126, 260, 275, 35** 3&> 
Peter, 5j^ 

Petnts/fy, *?» 77# 96, J60 

Meter, 3*, A S7. .6% 7* 8fc 112, 

3^, 370, J7X 316, 336, 355. 356, 

Pleter Abrahatnscn, 97. 335 
"•Pieter V n 3S6 
Richard. 22a 

Styntje, 360 

Tobias. 70 

Vrendenberg, Catalyntje, 369 
Vrelant, Jannetje, 350 

Vresje, Hendnck, 374 

Pieter, 374 
Vroman, Mr., 166 

Peter, 276 
Vrooman, Adam, 225 

Albert, 234 

Ansa A* 434 

Annatje P., 305 


Cornelia, 2&1 

!E ra PL, 348, 349 
amietjc 222, 225 
ochem, 349 
fargaret, 234 

May, 234 
Peter, 305 

Susannah, 22s 

Watte, Albyron, 265 
Matilda, 300 

Waldo, Sheriff, 161 
Waldorn Peter, 317 ' • - 
Waldion, Aaron, 228, 331 
Anna Maria, 291 

Isaac Henry, 291 

foon, 231 

Peter, 317 ■ 

William, 372 

Walker, Bethiah, 288 
Walrichs, Symon, 26, 27 
Waaderlaer, Elisabeth, 351, 352 
Warren, Deborah, 321 
Webbers, Hester. 337 
Weiss, George at, Rev.,.247 
Welch, Elisabeth Seabrook, 277 
Weller, Thomas, 262 
Welles, Sarah, 263 
Wells, Abin, 84, 85 

Abraham, 80, 99, 262, 348, 361 
Abraham H* 362 

Adelaide Byrd, 262, jte 
Angelica, 260, 360 
Angelica (Van Boren), 262 
Anna Maria, 262, 36a 
Barent, 99 
Barent Van Boren, 99* 3^2 

^fH fta, 26% 362 
Cornelia Ann, 362, 369 

Edward. 3d 

Elisha Y„ 360 ' 

Pant, 361 

Francis, 99, 263, 381, 362 
Hannah, 262, 362 
Helen, 36* 

Henry, 36* . . 

Tacobos, 99 

racoons (James A.), 361 
lames, 282, 362' 
fames A^Dr., 262 
. 262, 362 
Leonard Bronk, 99 > 

. Mary EL 362 
Milton G H 262, 362 
Milton Grey, 262 
Mollic, 262, 363 
Nancy, 262 
Nancy Evans, 362 
Richard, 361 
Sophia, 262, 362 
William, 9ft 262, 361, 362 
William A^ 361, 38a .- 

Wdy, Anna, 345 


Wimp. Jan B, 354 

Jejtaanne*, 304 
Wendall, Am, 318 
WcndcL Maria, 31* 
Wendell. Abraham, at 

— * \m 

Evert J, » _ 
Geertmy B, aft. 

Marritje, 269, 336 . 
Wottworth, Richard, 344 
Wepdao, Derrick. 54" 
WepeaTDerfck, 54 
Wetaella. Katharine, 137 

Whitbeck, Lueaa, 365 
Lucm F, 366 

UachlelL 367 
Magtell Wyn| 

Cataliaa Martens Vaa Bnren, 59 
Catalyntje, Sft6i 

Cat h a rin e, 44. M7 
Dora, M7 

Dorothea, 366 
EBaahatb, 367 

Ella, 147 

Maria. a67 
Marten C366, *7 
Marten Cornelia, W 
MeUjert A, 366 
OBw, 147 
Peter, 147 
Pteter. 366 
Rachel. 366 


Volkert, 366. 3» 
White, George, Geo, Sir, 151 

Whitman, Armitage, 377 

Whitaker, Philip, 340 

WUhama, Aaron, 363 

Cp t m nfa li 364 

EHaafce£aan, 364 
Geoffrey, 151 

Margaret J., I4S, ift) 

Maria, 306 

Marie, 247 

Nelly, 364 

Peter, 364 

Philip, 249 

Pieter, 249 

Thomaa, 348, 249 

WilHam, 363. 3i» 
Willa, EUaabeth. 244 
Wilfon, , 164 

Anna Mary, oS 

Eileen K, 207 

Gertrude Da Baia, 207 

Uarriaoa V., 207 

John Harriion, 182, 184, a 
John a, 164 



Wilaoo. Merle hL, 307 ' 

Mr*. 7 

Phibt A_ ao? 

Setwjrn T, 307 '- 

William O, 307 

Van Bono, 307 
Winaaa, Andrew, 390 
Winne, Adam, 364 


Dirckje, 109 

DirJde Van New, 365 

Elisabeth, 356 


? tJS 

Frana, 63. 364 
Jacohui, 3K 


Lavunu, 364 - - 
Levcalea, 53 - - 
Lybetie, an 
Lyibitie, M 

367. 317. 36* 

WilMwe, Join, US 
Wioooi, lUrjtje, 8s 
Wisnejr, Uagdalena, 101 

Mudilm, 138 
Wiudiil, Jooan 
Window, G~r_- _„__ 
Wittcck, Aadrai J., 36s 

Window, George Bigelow, 156 


Andiriea, 247. 348 
Catalyntje, 318 
Catfaalyna, 60 
Catharine, 60, 365 
Catharine. 60, 337, 339 
Fl itiiVf t h, 60 
Eageltje V. D., 347 

Hendrick.' 365 

Jacobus, to 
an. 347, 248 

Wltiwck, Ian*. 337 

to, 365 " 

»|ainen,303 . 

a Janac, to 

, to 

Lena, aA 333 
Leonard, 109 : 

Marten, to 

Uarten Corneliue, to 


Pieter, 248 

Sarah, 313 

Tbonuu, 43. 375. 36s 
' ' Tobias, to 


William, 337 
WoeetfuL Haritjc, 367 
Wood, George, 343 

' "". 135 

ercniah. Rev 
award, Capta 


Woolaer. «« 

.. Tf .ontgomerY, 173 

Wormer , Came ri ne 48, 353 

Mali* Hcorr, 48 

"■^i*" . ■■■: 

Wntt Thomas, 393 

Thomas, Sir, 303 
Wyngaart, Abbs, 370 

Anna V, 370 

Claea L., 370 

EBtwew C a68, 370, 374 

Jaeobna, 86, no, 313 

Loess, 370 

Lucas G. 368 

Locai J 313 

Luykas G., 370 


Maxgritje, 368 

Peter, Jto 

Tryntie, no 
Wjmgart, Elisabeth L., 368 

Heater, 243 




Wynkoop, Cornelia, 335 
Jacobus, 6a, 76 
Johannes, m. wfi 

Wynne, Pieter, a68 
Thomas, 268 

York, Henry, 175 
Ysselstyn, Jacobus 1L, 329 




v - » 

• *i> 



Of WIS*