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^r VZ-W./fT 

Jauoi. fUMo. HISTORY, p4L iOUif 


'^.(y OF THB 


WITH A ▼▲miETT or 




^eats of ^ Xo&iltts an)i tfentrs 

Of Yorkshire, 




VOL. "11. ^^ 








») .^^ft<*«a-^X-^A^-t^ 

. .( I 

C ) 



VOL. I. 


topnlatkBflf an the pcrfshetandtovn- 
thipi ia the West-Ridiog, in 
1811 and 1881. exhibiting the 
increne or diminutiaa in each 
within the lait ten yean, - - -(Index.) 
InSktieal view of the West-Ridiqg* >ii 
lirtovy and Dtxedoiy of all the 
Towns in the West-Riding, 

from page 13 to 440 

Bitory, Direetory, and Gasetteer 
of an the l^illages and Ham- 
lets of the West Riding, 

ftom page 441 to 668 

liBls of the Nobility and Gentry, 
inrhiding a complete liiat of 
the Hagistracy of the West- 
Riding, tnxa . - - - page 643 to 652 
Umbenof Parliament fur the Bo- 
roughs of the West-Riding - - 668 
Prind[«l Public Offioen of the 

West-Rl^ng, 658 

3uef Constables aud Wapentakes df 

the Weat-Riding, 653 

hmes and places of holding the ge- 

nend Quarter Sessions, - - - - 6&3 

RortliemCircuit, officers of - - • - 654 

leieet Directory of London,- - - i to hcxvi 

of Birmingham --.-•- Ixxrii 

of Bristol, .----..-- xcii 

of Coventry, xcv 

of Kidderminster, - . - - - xcvi 

of Leicester, xcvii 

[ of Liverpool, xcix 

of Macclesfield cxii 

of Manchester, ...--- cxHi 
of Nottingham, ..-••- cxxvii 
List of the London Bankers, - - • cxxxi 
of the Provindai Bankers in 

England and Wales, - - - exxxii 
of the Dublin Bankers, - - cxli 
of the Provincial Bankers In 

Ireland, -- exH 

of the Edinburgh Bankers, cxli 
of the Provincial Banks of 

Scotland, cxlii 

Last of the existing Stamp Duties, - cxUt 

iLLvanArroNS AccoiCPAMYiiro Vol* I. 

Map of the Wes^fiiding, and Ainsty of the 

County of Yodu 
Plan of the Town of Leeds, 
Bedprocal Distance TaUe of all the Towns 

of Yorksfaira. 
Lists of the Fairs of Yorkshire^ ananfad 
, chroDokvcallyandalphabfticaUy. 



PopQlation'of aD the FaridMiflid 
Townships in the City Mii 
Aiasty of York, and oT the Kaat 

and North Ridhigi. (late) 

Additions and Altoatiani* i 

Statistical view of E. & N. JUObog^ * 

History and Directory of Torii, lltolSt 
History and DfaMtoiy of die 

Ainsty, isrtoia 

History and Directory of the 
Towns and ViUa^ea of the 
East-RicBng, - - - - page 148 to 419 
History and Directory of die 
Towns and YiHaget of the 
North-Riding, • - - page 499 to 590 
Peers who have seats fai Yorkshite* MH 

Yorkshire Baronets, f93 

Seats of the Magistracy and Qanlry 
of the Ainsty, and of the East 
and North Ridfa«s, - - - - - 69i 
Members of Parliament for the Bo- 
roughs tif the E. Ar N. Ridings, 604 
Churdi Livings of the West-Ridings 
with the namcof the patron and 
incumbent of' each, as given in 
all the parishes of the North 

and East Ridings, 006 

Principal Public Officers of the East 

an<> 'orth Ridings, 600 

Renter uJioes ot the County, - - 610 
Mayors of the Wes^Rid{ng for 1888-3 610 
Population of all the Towns and Bo- 
roughs of England, Scoiland, 

and Wales, : . - - 6U 

Tiible of the principal gold & silver 

Cofns<»f 40 ooantries, .... 616 
List of the London and Provincial 

Newspapers, 681 

ComjOete List of the Members of 

the two Houses of Parliament, 684 
Offii^en of die Courts — Civil and 

Eodesiistical, ........ 638 

Abstract of Assessed Taxel, .... 634 

Several MisceUaneous Anidas of 

Commercial Information, 637 to 648 
Listof the Fairs of EoglaDd&Wkleai Oa 


Map of the' East and North Hidings, toa^ r 
platiof the Maps of Yorkshira. 

Plan of the Gky of York. ^^ 

of the Town and Port of Hull. ^^ 
of the Town of Sheffield, v^ 

Table or the Reciprocal Distaneea of tlie ^ 
pr i neipa i Towns itt England and Waiss, 
with Itinecaiiea. 

ft 9 

.. 0. 


.ApiXT*>'St Ma^y**, Vork« 40 ; ByUiid, 

492; GonrbAna* 4S8; EMby, 433; 

. >E^lwtc«, 437; Guisborough, 444; 

Jcrretux, '463; St. Martia's. 484; 

RiTaufac, fi20; Whitby, •• 571 

Africttltarid cUstreo, hom prefvenledt -•> 485 

Alnfty, tqpogra|>hy of* 137 

Alflred Sing of Nortluwberiaiid. >• 194 
Fabrication coooemiBg ocploded, 194 

Alfred*! Cave» 436 

Alam Woclu, annual produce of ... 416 

FintaXGuiaboKOughf •• 445 

Loid Mulgravefib •• 464 

. Whitby, .. .«. 574 

InttquHiaf Roman, • 17, 18» 19 

Aichbithops of Yorlt, last of, « 36 

leaidcnoeof, •• 141 
Aithur, King, of Britain* ••80 
Aake Robert, reddence of* •». ... 151 
Aakxigg, hiitoryof. 407 

AaMIMa A axCB, *«4 ••• ••• ^34 

Atmoq^eik Sbme, eiuirmou* one* ... 401 
Ayfgarth, romantic aoeoery o^ ••. 406 

Baynaid Castle, lingular oouflagntion of 169 
Battlx of Baden HUla, 90; of York, 90; 
ofStamfoKd Bridge, 21 1 of Neville's 
Crass* 26; of Mantdn Hoor* 32; 
White, 492 ; of the Standard, • • 495 
Bedale, historiF of, •. 412 

Beverley, history of* 155 

Bills of Exchange, . • 639 

Blade Amber or Jetii •. •• 464,524 

Bolton Castle, ... • 415 

Briek-maUng, nvivalof in this iEingdoin,228 

Brid^ngton, history of* ••• ,^A'JQ 

Quay* ... ^^ •• 173 

BcitalB, invaded'tay the Dane*, *.. fiO 

by the Norwegiaaf, •.* ill 

«. by the Normam* • . 21 

BxitSsh King* Marcus Aurelii^ Lucius* 

the &«t crowneid head thatem- 

bMcaAiChiiadMlty* t4 

9niBiptQB John dtt 'birth plaw of* m. 419 
Buckingham 9uke of* his dissipated 

life and misecabte death* -402 

BylandAbbey, .. 422 
Canute^sJuit.rqpMaffiobiaoonrtiaw, •• 21 
CanMsiua*A natiTe of 'Bcitafa|» causes • 
himself to beproplai—d tmpOTor of 
of the Romans at Yoik* 15 

Caseades Bisho|idale, *• 
Castle Howard, description of , 
CAaruca^^York, 64: Wrcssei, 409; 

Bolton, 415; Craike, 429; Danby, 432; 

omii^442: Hefansley,453; Homliy, 

458; Button .Sheziff,46l ; Kirklerivg- 

ton* 470; Maltoo,477; Middlebam. 

488; Mulgrave* 491 ; Fieharing, 502 ; 

RaTeoswortb, 508 ; Richmond, 511; 

Scarborough, 527; Skelton, 542; , 

61ii«sby, 544; Tanfleld»556; Thirsk, 

557; Whorlton, 585; WUton, 
Cattaractoniuro, Catterick, ., 

Cathedcal* York* •..*.. 37 

Beverley, . . 

Church Livings* 

Churches, York, . 

decayed* "• .•• 

Civil War between the fetoes uf Charley 

I. and the Padiament, • • 31 
Clilibrd's Tower> York, 
Coifi, a. Pagan priest converted, with 

his singular speech Utereon, •• 
CoinB(^ finty different oountricf. 
Constable family, antiquity of* 
Coostantine the Great, invested with 

the imperial purple at York, 
Coostantine converted to Christianity* 
Cook Captain* birth place and biQfra>- 
phy of, ••• .f. ... 

Corporation of York(66; ofBeverle^r 

159; of Uedon, 214; of HuU.iS53; 

of Richmond, 514 ; of Scarborough, 
Courts of Law, , •• - 

Coverham Abbey, ,.. 

Ciadtpot Cavern, 4$S 

Craike Castle, ... • OB 

Cumbedand Duke of* visits York after 

the battle of Cullodeu, «•• •- J3 
Curfew Bell, iu origin in Britain, ... IS 

Danby Castle, • • ' iH 

QansteDibi, in 

Dane's Graves, •• 19fl 

Danish Duelists, how treated* • . ll? 

Dinus Sinus>3f Ptoleny, • • 439 

Diseount Tables 
0ttflleld Gfcaf, hiatory Of, 

iHnMMAbe Fatk, description of, 
EaibyAbbey, .«• 



Eaangton, extenay* parish of. • . 434 

Eaaiiigwold, •• 434 

EHt-Ridiiig» Ihee of the eoiiuti7« • • 6 

Qeoktgf, 8 

History and Divectory of. 149to40> 

ftooomiceo&i, 434 

^tertoD Abbey, 437 

Emanuel, York. 58 

Fun of Engiaiid, ,• • 643 

Fhtx&z fkmily, burial pbee of. • . 141 

Ttildiioa that slew tfie Wona DngoOp 

remaricatdeeeremony with. •• •• 4S1 
Festival of Chriatmas, fint eeietanlad 

m Britam. 90 

Of llanaday Thmaday. • • S9 

FlaDboroagh Head. 904 

Floating ehapd. 949 

Frish Meek, swallowed by the Humbar. 196 
Galtres, aaeieDt foiest of , ••441 

Geta, yAxA aoTereign of Rome, murder- 
ed by his taotlier, in his mother's 

anns, 15 

fidfing Castle, 449 

Godfaridge. atfiowe*, 417 

floodmanham, antiquity of, • • • • 910 

GijLifiiA& 8CHOOI.8, York, 56; Berer- 

ley, 158: HuH, 245; Kirkby Ra- 

vensworth, 468; Kirkleatham, 469; 

Muker, 491; Richmoad, 514 ; Scor^ 

too, 538; Yaim, 588 

Greta Bridge, 448 

Groi William le, created Earl of York. 499 
GoiAorough, lustory of, •• 444 

HadmesB. description of. • • 448 

HarbouiB on the Yorkshire ooast, 7 

Haidsow Force. 407 

Hawcs, situation of. • • . . • 450 

Hedon, history of. •• •• 914 

Helmsley, extensive parish. •• 459 

Hermit of Eakedale aide. ••438 

HinderweU, the plague at. ••457 

Horaby Castle, 458 

Hotham Sir John, govemorof Uu]]i.*> 934 

Rouse of Peers. 694 

of Commons. •• •• 697 

Bowden, history of, 990 

Humane Sodety, directkms of. • • 50 
Hutdunson John, the Hebraist. •• 546 
Button Archbishop, fiunily of. • • 484 

Bypoeaust Roman, 458 

lomrrectkm— Aske's. •• •• ••28 

bterest Table, 641 

Ivdet Wate^ Fan. 463 

JcDkim Henry. eiUnordhiary instance 
ofloDgevity. ..S3 

birth plaee and moaur 
nent of, . • * * • • 437 

Jenreaux Abbey, description of, • . 463 
Jews, sanguinary maancre of. ai York, 94 

Jubilee celebration. 938 

Keaiden FMee. 401 


KUlittg Nab 8ev 
Kiikhy-Mooi^Side. •• 
Kiifcdale Chinch. Mtlqiidty of. 

Kladen Fovea. 

Kirkleatham, beperola a t ImtitatiOH of 
Knavesmirab York. 
Landed proparty. npldadvuMt faith* 

Land let to eott^en. b«MAt of. 
Landloids and Tenants. 
L«d Mines, hi Swakdale^ IM. 


Le Brun's cmdflsc. 
Leybum, natnral terrafet at^ • • 
Ubeiatkm of Europe, taleUaUoa oC 
Loodssbraugh, its antiquity. 
Londonderry, teta) aeddent a^ 
Lumley Lady, her chaiitit% 


Maltan, history of, 
Manwfaftoriea, of York, 
of Hull* 
Manke. • • 

Marthi St. Abbey, 
Marrd Andrew, his birth-place 

Masham. history of. 
Maximum on proviaions in the reign of 

Edward L 
Metcalfe Sir Chiisto|dier. moat mnB»> 

rotts fiunily in England. 
Meteorous phenomenon. 
Middkham. history of. 

CasUe. •• 
Milne Benjamin, publio spirit of. 
Ministers of State, 
Monasteries, auppression of. 


Mowbray Sir Robert, a prisoner for 

thirty years, . • • • 

Mulgrave Castle, 

fiunily, fatal disMters hi. 


Warwick, the king makov a mem* 

her of. • • iUd. 

Nevison. tiie highwayman, (note) • • 68 
Newport, increasing p ro sp e ri ty of. • • 37t 
Newspapers, London and Pnyvineial, 691 

York. 60 

Hull, 954 

Northallertott. history of, •• •.405 

North-Riding, fiuse of the eountry, • • 6 

Mines, • 

Hlstflfl7 and Directory of, 403 to 690 

Norton fiimUy, <90 

















Kvonery* York, < • 

Applefam, sii^pnlar ratesof, 
Scot ton* * • • • • • 

Old Bayle, Ywk, 

Ouse Nav^atuxi, Yoik, 
CNMhovne, church ingvdphed, • • 
^urOld, huiige and habits, •• 


• 4» 









FmI Jona», ^rm created by, • • 

Battle with, efTthe E. coast 
of Yoitehira, -.179 

Petrifactions, atM^hitby, ••574 

PhiUippa, Queen of Bhgliind, defeats the 
Scots, and takes their King pifeooer, 86 

Pickering Cafida, SA2 

Pilgrimage of Grace, 28 

Plague, violent efibcts of, • • S7 

repeated visUatioiis (rf*, •• 230 

Pocklington, history of, •• 377 

Poledela, family of, •• 298 

Papulation ofthe E. 6t N. Ridings, (index.) 

of Yorkshire, • • 10 

oif TowiKi of England, '.611 

Powell, the Pedestrian, (Nt>te) . • 63 

Price of Provisions in 1393, •• ••26 

of Workmen's wages in 1361, • • 36 

Pubiie Funds, comparative valucof, • • 620 

Transfer days, . • 623 

Bavenapum, engulphed in the sea, • • 2S7 

Bavensworth Castle, 606 

Bedear, history of, 508 

singular progress of populatkn iii,609 

Red Towter, York, 49 

3%eeth, history of, . . ^. . 610 

Revolution of 1688, celebration of, . . 289 
RlcoAll, the landing place of Htafhger, 

King of Norway, .* .. .. 381 
Richmond, history of, .. ..611 

RJvauIx Abbey, description of, . . 520 

Rlvors of the Biut ae North Ridings^ . . 7 
Road Making, M 'Adam's System, .. 472 

Robert the Scribe, I70 

RufcebyPark, £21 

Romaldkirk, 521 

Roman Roads, • • ' . 5 

Mill, Bainbrldge, ..411 

Roseberry Topping, Si2 

Soaiboroui^, history of, .. ..524 

Soorton, Free School and Nunntty, 688 
Seamer, insurrection at, '. .. 540 

Seats of the Nobility and GeAtry, . . 595 

Sedbusk, Caverns, 541 

Sepulchnl Monument' of >fhe Standaid* 

bear«r of the 9th Romifti Legion, . . 17 
Severus, Emperor of the Romans, .. 14 
Shandy Hall, Steme^s residence, . • 429 

Shaw Cuthbert, the Poet, birth plaee of, 468 

Shunnerfeil, Hill, 541 

Simmer Water, 508 

SkieltQii Castle, «. ., ..542 

^Mow, Bish«^«ff Duifian, 

SUngsby Castle, 

South Cave^ .. 

SpRiiros—Thorp-ATch, 145; Bamby- 

0n-tfie-Marsh,168t EM>ing A Flowing 

at BridlingCon, 173 1 CottiBgham 189 : 

Yipsey, 359 *, Crathome, 431 : CoM 

Keld, 437; Guisborough, 444 ; Scarbo- 

vmigh, 526 ; Soorton, 536; Welf • • 

Spurn Head, theOxedhim Pponionto> 

riuip of Ptolemy, 
Stomp Offices at York, 
St. John of Beverley, 
St. John Stanwldc Park, 
St Mary's Abbey, York, 
Stiskesley, history of, 
St. QuTBttn, ftmtly of 
Stnarts Expelled, 32; Restoration of, 

33; Etpelled flnaliy, 
Stutevilie Joanj introduces ttke custom 
of females'riding sidewdys, 

Suffii^n Biceps, 

Sunk Island, its accession of land, 
Swaledale, • • 

Swale River, the Jordan of England, 

Sweating Sickness, 

SwintonPark, .. 485, 

Tanfleld, Castle the residence of die 

Think, history of, 

Thornton Mrs. cdeforated raee, (Note) 
Thorp-Arch Waters 

Topdiife, historical events connected 
with, «• «. •• .. 

Trent Falls, 

Ulf, founder of the church at Aldbra*, 
~Waine Stones, Danish m«>ument, 
Wal^, Prince of, visits York, 
Wapentakes, kast and North Ridings, 
Watton, the ancient Vetfldun, 

Wentworth Family,' 

Westmoreland, The Earl of, wily and 

successful stratagem, 
Whitby, history of. 

White Battle, 

Whitfield FV>rce, 

WhorltoM Castle, 

William, Sumamed the Conqueror, hit 

sanguina^ deedit, <. 
William of Newburgh, 
Wilton Castle, 

Witton Bast, Jutillee charchat. 
Wool, the staple trade of, removed ftom 

Bruges in Flandersi to York, 
WydifT, the Refbrmer, his birth place, 
Ytrm, history of, 

extent'of cheese trade at, 
York City, history of, ftom 13 to 








The fint eolamii contains the Folio where eadi Flaee to to be found in thii Votumei 
the other ttuee colnmna relate to the Pcqmlatioo ; flnt, the retnn of 1891 s aeoood, the tulal 
irainben in eadi Parish acoordiiig to that return ; ami third, the returns of 1811, f^m wlildi 
the Inereeee or Decrease during the last 10 years may be aseertained. 

All the Towns, linages, and Hamlels in tiie East and Notth Ridta^ and Ainaty will 
be ftxmd alphabetically arranged in their proper plaeea, though only tndi as am 
Townships are imfrtpd in ttus Index. 


Thoae mariMd thus * are partly in the Liberty of St Peter of York. 


Parithe$ and 



AeKter Malbis, 

(ptof) Nabuxn 
•Acklam with 

fiarthorpe . 

*Leaveniqg ... 
Aldbnn;^ ..... 

Newton East 

Newton West 
*ABertharpe ... 

Waidington ... 


Atwidi, Arram, 


Cottingwith E. 

Laytham • • • • 


Bsnoston • 


Dunnington • • 





•Bttfaop Wilton 








Erapdesburton • 

Moor Town > 
firantlnghum • 



























































































Names qf 

Parishes and 


Bridlington and 


Bocktoii • . • 


Griudall • • • 
Sewerby and 




Breighton • • • 
Foggathorpa* >' 
and WiUitoft 
Spaldington . 
•BHgthorpe ••• 

Bumby • • 


SfcecUing • • • 

RyhiU and 


Burton Agnes ... 

Gransmoor •• 

Haysthorp • • 

Thomholm •• 

Burton Bishop • • 

Burton Cherry* • 

Burton Fleming, 

or North • • • • 

•Burton Pidsea 

Burythorpe • • • < 


Cattfxi Low • • • < 
High • • • ' 
Kexby • 

















































Parishes amd 


Bridge E.&W. 

with Scoretby.. 


Cave N(vth.... 

Cliff South.... 

Drewton and 

Everthotp* • • 
•Cilne South .. • 




Gottinghani. • 

Coiwlam < 

Dalton North 

If CVWldE M • 

' Daltou South.... 
*DriAdd Gtetit 
*IMlllerd Little 

Emswell with 

Kdleythotpe .. 

Soothooatta. • • 
'DunningtoQ ... 

Grlnuton • • • • 
Eaafaigton ..••".. 

Out Newton... 
EsstdngtoQ • 

Bellaftitt . 


Newport • 


Partingtoii & 




witfaBrou^^ . 
Etvington... • • • • . . 


£ttoa>' >••..... 


Fangfosg with 



Gricthorpe ... 

Lei>bentoii ... 
Folk ton 


Foston upom 




Kelk Great 
Toxholes 'with 











201 1 
















































































Names of 

Parishes and 


Butterwick ... 
FraiBthorpe with 

Anbnru • 



Fullbrd Ambo, 

or Gate 

Fulftnd WMer 

Full Sutton. 

Canton with 



Oustwick •...•• 
*GaTton upon 

GojEhiU »..«....• • 
"GrlimtoA North 

Great «.. 

[ialaham ....#.. 
Harpliam ..... 

H 8T8 wen • ^ . «. . . • 


Bielby ....#.... 


Helpetthorp ., 

'Baili^... •«.... 


witik Weodall 

Cliff with 

Luild . ..#... 

Buiield South 

Menthofp With 

Bowthofp .... 


Heslerton Eait* • 


Heriingttm .*. .. 

*ilefllingtoa St. 

Lftwnefiee ...... 

HlLstoU .....<.... 

Rollyin ......<...• 

%Vithemsea ... 




Helmpton ....... 

Hotnsts With 













Aascfby ,' 151 

















Parishi In 
Totals] 1811 







































































1 **7 


Jfamc$ Iff 
faiOua and 

TownaMpgm Page 

BAhafaae ]52 


Manh 153 

Belby I54 

Cotntfls 191 

Klpin 360 

KneiUn^ton... 361 

I'axtnii^ 362 

Ketbam 369 

Sdtduirsh 384 

^eitoa. 388 

^'*»o»pc 395 

Yt)lufleec...... 402 

iNfcate 224 

Utmibleton ..^... S57 

l>«ilhorpe *... 192 

ttaUmwick... 201 

^ifttf 204 

ftinloo .. .i .. 206 

ItHDiottlby ...... 357 

Rtfftoii Cnui*. 

♦icfc 358 

Rotea 383 


trfek 392 

ftdk Little, oc- 

ttaP. 359 

S^lam 358 

•Kai*B 358 

Kfloset, «ith . 

^puta 36^ 

*»nwfck 368 

BesiHcli ••,... 155 

Aadkaa „.. .. 168 


Ptalof...^,,,, 36S" 

fitewldt Percy 368 

KirbyGnnda]^ 361 

D*gffc*ry..... 198 

Thitkleby./.. 394 

ttUbj^ndodkile 361 

Kirkbbro • • . • . . 361 

tasfyam 200 

"Southbonii... 390 

Tibthorp 396 

Kirkhlun,ext«aP 36t 

•Lui^bft 381 

.*CofIuni 188 

l^MfgtM ....M... 3^ 

Katojihotfe 356 

herftk 362 

-flettpholm*.. 217 

Leckohlidd 368 

liockingtoo 368 

'tAikei* partly 
lo St John of 

Beverley .„... 149 
























































59 496 































LondcAoiough • 



•MapplciOD aftd 
CowdooflM . • • • 

BfAfflect ■•..•••.. 



^ShlpCon .... 





Waasf ord • • • • 
New Village, ex- 

tfa P 



WeSiau M • . 

Thorp in tlie 


Nuhkfeeling with 

Beirtudme •. • • 
Ottripgham • • • • 





Paul or Paghlll 

Pockllngton • * • • 


6wtthorpe .. • • 

Yapham • • • • 
•Preeton ...*... 

Lelley ........ 

Reighton.. ....... 


RlUiugton . .... 



RiStotLong*. •. 




Waiuldby ••.. 


Ruston Panra.... 
Sancton and 

Hotighton ' • . • 

Cliir Ntoth... 












84 I Scniyinghara • • ' 385 


























































































Name* of 

Parishes and 


Howsham ..... 
Leppiugton ... 


S^ton Ron 

Setterington ..... 


Sigglesthorne .... 


Hatfield Little 





Bonwick ...... 

DriBghoe, Up- 
ton it Brough 


DufBeld North 

*Skirpenbeck ... 

Sledmere with 
Croome Hamlet 

Sproatley..... . 

Morebjr ..•••..< 
Kelfield ....... 

St. John of Bever- 
ley, Eske 

Sunk Island, ex- 
tra P 

Sutton & Stone 

Sutton upon Der- 


and Grange ... 







Rowton ^, 

Skirlaugh & 
Thirkleby .... 
Wyton , 

Thorganby with 


Melbourne ... 
Storwood .... 

Thorp Bassett ... 




















































































Nanus of 

J^rishes and 



Thwing .......... 





Provosts Fee 



Weaverthorp .... 

*Lutton, East 

and West ...... 

Welton •••...«•.> 




Eddlethorp .... 

f irDy .......... 



Wharram Percy 

Raisthorpe & 


Thixendale ... 

Towthorpe .... 

Wheldrake ....... 

Wilber/Q3s ....... 

Newton on 



Binnin^n ... 

' Staxton 




Wold Newton 

with Foder 


Newsholme & 


Veddingham ... 

York, Cityt 
Liberty of St, 

Bamby on the 


Brafferton (part 

of) Parish Hel- 


Brotherton (part 

of) Parish Bro- 
therton w. R. 










































































t Page 62. 


Noma qf 

Pariska and 






Hedingtan, (put 


Husthwaite (P.) 


Husthwaite .- 

Kirkby Wharfe, 



iurkdale, (part 
NawtOD with 
WombletOQ ... 

Mn, Mn. 

Michael St. le 
and St Olsves, 
parishes: Cfif- 

Uinateryd. with 
Bedem, (extra 
pttochial) .. 

Newbald parish, 
Newbaid S. .. 

0«baldwi«5k (P.) 

OsbaWwick ... 
Overton, (part of) 

parish, Skelton 
Salton pariah, 



South Cave, (part 

Stiningion pariih 54d 

Streuan parish 
PWtth, Wart- 

^''^drake, (port 

rf) parish, 

Ungwith, ... 
The Ahuty qf^ 
Aeaster Malhis 


AcOmb parish, 

Acomb, • • . . 






























































Kama ^ 



P See page 159. 












Tadcaster.w^R. 411 
Thorp Arch, (p.) 145 

Walton, (p.) 148 

Wighill, (P.).... 148 
Borough qf Be^ 
verify, and lA- 

HuU, town and 
cotinty of the 

t Sec jwge 256. 

AaUuDD Bryan 
Aakhaaa Richard 
Binnvugh (p.) 
BiJtoD pariah, 
Bickcrton • • • • 
BilUn • • • • • 
Todiwitii • • . . 
BoUon Percy p*. 
riah, Appleton 
Roehuck •• •• 
Bolton Percy 



Helau^ (p.) >. 


(pirt of) pa- 

lieh, Wilstrop 

Long llanton 

pariah Angnun 


hiU, 8en.(pt.Qf) 
hill, jun. (part 
of ) Copmaa 


Holgate • • • ' 


Moor Mookton 

(P.) Hc«ay . 

Poppleton Ne- 

thor, (p.) .... 
RufRMth, (p.) . 
StiUingfleet (part 

of) pariah, 

Acaater Selby 
Tadcaster (part 

of) parish, 

Catterton ••• 

















83 1054 




































Names qf 
Parishes and 
Townships, Page 

Addara 403 

Aioderby Steepk 403 

Morton 491 

Thrlntoft ... «€« 
Wharlaby ... Wd 

AnersUm 405 

»AJae 405 

•Aldfirark ... 405 

♦Flawith 440 

♦Thorlthorp.. 664 
•ToUerton ... 566 
Youlton 590 

Amplefbrth 405 

.*Ainpleforth-' 405 
Quarter 501 

street 406 

Amotherby ... 405 
Broughton ... 420 
Hieldenley ... 456 
Swinton 556 

WUk 406 

Arkengprthdale 407 

Ameli0b Ingleby 462 

Aysgartjh 408 

Abbot side 

High 403 

Abbot side 

Low. 403 

Asfcrigg 407 

Bainbridge ... 410 
Bifhopdale ... 415 
Burton with 

Walden 421 

C«rp^by 423 

H«wes ......... 450 

Newljiggin ... 493 

Thandby 564 

Thornton Rust 565 

AytonOreat 409 

Ayton Little... 410 
Nunthorpe ... 499 

BwniDgham ... 411 

Hope 458 

ScargiU 538 

Barton St. Mary 412 
NewtonMonell 494 


Btreet 412 

Butterwick ... 422 
Coneysthorpe 427 

Bedale 412 

**>«k«w.... 404 















































. 101 


























Natfus qf 

Parishes and 


Burriil & Cow 

ling .,...,...,., 



Langthome ... 

Smeat«n Little 




Moor a...... 


Sand Hutton 


Gilm^by • • • 

Thornton • • • 


Bransby with 



Bvocapton Pa- 

Arrathome ... 





Sawdbn •••••• 

SnaiQton • • • • 

Troutsdate • • 


Kilton ...... 



Henderskelf • • 
Welbum .... 


Carthorp .... 
Exelby, Leem- 
iag, 4e NewtoD 
Gateoby .... 
Theilkstone • • 

ByhndOId •..• 



Applcton .... 



Golbouine. • • • 



















































Nftmes of 

Parishes and 


Hipswell - • • 
Sl Martin's, 
Killerby, -- 









C^aldbridge, •• 
Carlton, • • • 
Gazlton H. D. 
Melmerby, • • 


Sowton E^t, • • 


Bmtfnrth, • 


Oulstion, • • 
Thornton -• 
Yeaisley, •• 


BavtonL. W 
Whitwell ■■ 

^rathome, • ■ 


Mtulall, • • 

• ■ • • 

Fawdington, • ■ 

undall^ Leckby 
NortODle Clay 

:uthbert SL 



Danby onWiske^, 


t/wnholme, • • 
fi,l\erUm Abbey 
Sumton, • • • 
Walbuni, • • • 


• Aike, 

Brorapton • • • 
I .."cby, 













































































































Edftone Gnat, 



Felix Kirk, 





GriAhorpe, • • 

Lebberstun, • • 



Htttton Hang, 





Thornton — 
Fylingdalc*, • • • 

Cowton N. • . 

Cowton S. 


EryhOlme, • • 


Griniston« • • • • 

Glaaedale, ...... 


Melbecks, • • 

Muker, •.:... 


Guisborough, . • 


Huttan I.. C. 



Hackness » 


Harwuod dale 

with Silphoe 

Suffleld ... 

Harl«iey, E. ... 





























































































Namet of 
ParUhet and 

. Date Town ,.. 

Bilfldale M. C. 



Pockley •.•«... 



Nelouley Upper 




HoUby ..,,^... 


with Holtby .« 

*Hackforth ... 

Airyholme* • • • 



S«aek]etcm ... 

South Holme 


^Huntington ... 

*Earswick ... 

HuttOD, ex. p. 
Hutton Magna... 

Layton West 
HuUona Arabo 
Hutton Bwbell 

Ayton West ... 


Greoibow • • . . 

Hood Grange 


KilvingtonS. ... 



Broughton ... 

KirkbyCoId ,.. 


•Kirkby Knowle 



Kirkby Mlsp«rt«n 
Habton Great 
Habtoo Little 
By ton.. 

Bransdale E.S. 
^4diQoor MM** 







































































































































Names tf 

Parishes and 


Famdale L. Q- 


Langthorp ... 

•Kirkby Ravens- 





NewForest ... 

Newsbam , 


•Kirkby Wiake 
Maunby ...... 

Newby Wiske 
Newsham with 
Bracken brou^ 


Beadlam .... 
MuKoates*' • 
Nawton, . . . 
North Holme 
Skiplam, . . « 
Welbum, ... 

Kirkleatham, . 

C. Leavingtou 
PicktoD, . . . 
Worsall Low, 



Tanfield East, 

Langten Great, 
Langton Little, 

LaaUbgham, .. 
Appleton L.M 
Farndale E. ,. 


Farndale U.Q. 439 
Hutton L. H. 461 
RosedaleWest 522 
Spaunton, ... 546 

Leake, 472 

Borrowby, ... 416 

Crosby, 432 

Geldablea 442 

Knayton 470 

Landmoth 471 
Silton Nether, 542 

Levbham, 473 

Lofthouse, 474 

Lythe, 476 

B«"by. 411 







































870 I 







I 264 















Hama oj 

Parisha and 


aOStOWWff • 



Mkkleby, , 
Ugthocpt^ ... 
MaUooNew, ... 
St Lflonazds, 
St Michael,... 
MattanOU* ... ^SS 

Mansfield, 483 

Ciafe, .......... 426 

Murick, 483 

Macske, 483 

Redfiv, M8 

Manke, 484 

Maiton, 484 

Martoo 485 

•Maaham 485 

BurtoD-on-Ure 482 
tEBingatring, 438 
"Emogtons,.. 438 

Feartay, 439 

Healey 452 

Ilton with Putt 462 

Swinton- 555 

Melsonby, 487 

Middleharo,.... 488 

•Middlesbiough 489 

Lintiiorp, .... 474 

Middlecon, .... 489 

Aidaby. 404 

Caxrthonie, ... 425 
Cfopton, ... 431 

Hartoll, 450 

Lockton, 474 

RoMdale E. aide 522 

Wrdton, 587 

Mkldleton Tyaa, 490 

Moulton, 491 

Myton-oa- Swale 492 

Newton, 494 

NewtODKHk-Ouse 494 

Beningbrough, 414 

LintoiH>n-Oaae 474 

Noxmanby....... 495 


Riiebro', 565 

Northallerton,... 495 
BDompton, ... 418 
Deighton, ... 433 
Romanby, ... 592 
WonallHIgfa, 536 
Nunnington, ... 499 

^OlaveSt 62 

•Cliflaii,pttrtQf 426 
«1Uwdiabiptof> 506 
Onnttby 500 













































































































Nam€$ ^ 
Parishe$ ami J 
Ttamak^ Page 

Hofton .... 

Nommby .*. 


Oamothcrley ... 


Harleaey Weak 

Thimbleby . • 
Oiwaldkirk .... 
Otterington N. 

Thornton L.B. 

Otteiingtoo S.... 





Kiagthotpe ... 

If aniahoB • • • • 

Newtou •••••• 



Qncrahow* * • • 

Holme .....•••. 


Sinderby • • • • 

Swninby . • . • 
Ricfamood ••.•• 
RomaMkirk • * • . 

Cotheratone • . 

Holwick • • • . 


Lirtingtoa . 

Lunedale .... 

MickleCon . 
Rounctoa W. ... 


Middleton . • • • 



Sexhow ...... 


fiurniaton ... 

Cloughtoo ... 



Thraounby ... 
Scarborough ... 

Palsgrave • • • 


ScratoQ ...••.. 

AytonEaat ... 

Irton ' 




























































































Name* of 

Puris/ie* and 


Sev uy 

Hutton Seasay 

Sheriif Hutton • • 
Cornbrough • • 
Farlington • • 
Lining Ambo 
Stittenham - • 

SigsUm Kirby ■ • 



Silton over • • • • 
Kepwick • • • • 


Edstone Little 


MooiEsome- • • • 
Stangbow • • 
Slingsby P. • • 

Smeaton Great" 


Bellerby • • • • 


Herolington • • 


Maltby ••• 


Stan wickSt John 
Aldbrough • • • 
Caldwell • • • 
Layton EUist • 


*Sockbum • • • 
Dinsdale over 





Newby , 

stonegrave • • • 
Ness East • • • 
Ness West- • • 
Newton East* 

lUltouon Forest 

Panfield West • • 

Perrington and 
Ganthorpe* • • • 



*Carleton Min. 
Hutton Sand 








































































































































































Names of 

Parishes and 



Thornton Dale 
Farmanby • • • • 

KilvingtfMi N. 

Thornton Stwrd. 

Thornton Watla, 
Rookwith • • • • 



Baldersby • • • • 




£li!nyre>«.'- •• 






Melmerby, • ■ 
Middleton • • • • 





Bolton CastI , 
Leyburn, • • • • 
Preston- •.■• >• 





Hawsker with 
Stainsacre, ... 
Newholme ... 







Witton East, ... 



Witton West, ... 


Wykeham, • • • • 


Bis, of Durham. 

Craike & Castle, 








































































Partfri In 
TotaM 1811 








































In the First and Second Volumes. 


Aidiira WUtiam, ntrt. h. South Parade 
Andrews, J. & J. baecm h, batter Cacton, 

7j Geoifertreet 
Ariaistead John, Water Lodge 
Atkinson J. jun. solidtor ; h. Albion street 
Baodiiu S. J. attorney, Wellington road 
Barr Charles, banker ; h. Commerdal st. 
Bedford Cha«. bricklayer, fte. Tepnplar tt. 
Benoet James, iiorein wool, oil, ladigOy 

te. nercfaaat. Amon ttieet 
Benson iervat, gent- Park raw 
' Bcntley James, stuff and shawl numufae- 
ttuer, 5, Saddle yard, Briggate 
BenyonTboa. meiehaats h. Headingley 
Beverlejr Jcdm A Son, wrought iron « iCael 
rafrs. & merdMula, Baok of Shanbltf 
Bolland C. 4e C. attomisa* Park square 
Bowes ^ Kilham, flax s|iioners, patent 

thread, linen & canTas mrfs. Steander 
Bradley John, drapef, &c. Cress Parish 
Bndttiwaite J(An, iron nuMMer, nail mfr. 

and haet iron merebant. Market place 
Brigg^ Wm. stuff merehaat. f icar lane 
Broadbent Joseph, hatter, && 30, Briggate 
Broadhead John, linen ^aper. Bridge end 
Brown John, mert \ h. Farfleld cottMe 
Brown J. jun. 8tuffmert,Boar ln,h. Wcstst 
Brownleas George, bruf h manufaeturerj 

and salt merchant, ShnpsonVfold 
Bmoe, Dorrington, & Wttker, stuff mer- 

ehaats, Albinn street 
Brace Wm. cuercfaant ; h. WeU-cloee-pIace 
BmiaDdT. wire worker, SB, St. Janes st 
Can- John, merehant; h. 41, Park square 
Child dc Buhner, peintmrs, Are4 Briggate 
Cradock James, stuffmfr. Hill house, Bank 
Cradock Thos. stuff mfr. Trmble bridge 
Crawford Rev. Samuel, Sunny Bank 
Crosland, coach prAprietor, Brwiswlck pt.^ 
Cnm John, merehant, &c. Meadow lane 
Crossley and Robinson, woollen eletb 

prnfers. School ckwe 
Cnesland Charles, drysalter,* Meadow In. 
Bary Wm. consular oflBee, 46, Albion $t. 
Davy Jesiah h Co. merts. 45, Afbion st 
Day Wnu woolstapler, Albion street 
Dewfairst B. letter press printer. New st 
Dickinson Jonathan, brush manufaefuttr, 

and salt merchant. Water lane 
Dorrin^n Itt. stuff mert. h. Cam) tosr 
^iglaiM Thomas, eoni*faotor, Warehouae 

hill; honse. Water lane 
Feather J, H. vicC. Old /GfMTge, Briggate 


Fieldhottse Wm. iionmonger," (w 

75, Kirkgate 
Francis John, viet. Fleecy Briirgate 
Fryer Wn. jun. watch maker« Templcrft. 
Fnrbank Rev. Thomas* Upperh<lld>row 
Gdkrway l^os. painter. Bridge end 
GledhiURiehard, genC^ Old Church yard 
Greenwood Henry, Esq. banker ; h.boailB 
Greenwood J. mvsie preceptor. Park row 
Hall Wm, jun. wpoHtapler, Bank street 
HaDeweU Bc^)amin, BritiA wina manu- 

ftoturer, under the Whyte Cloth Aa(l| 
Hamilton Rev. R. W. Albion-atreet 
Rndwidc and Brown Briddayerf nd 

builders, Skiunerfane 
Hai«y J*^- RMorder, LittteWoodlww^ 

clarriaoB h Tooth, oil merts, Huaslet lane 
Hatterdev Robert, grocer. Bridge end 
Heaps Jofcn, agmt to the Yorkshire milled 

nsit 2l!lll? P^*"* t'P* ^^^ Kirkgate 
Hill Bererley, merchant. Park square 

Hirst John, paper warehouse, MiU hill^kkseller, Back of Shambles 
Holrovd Joshua, gect. Clay Pit lane. 
Holt J. Wheat Sheaf, Back of ShamUea 
Houseman Mn. Wellington road 

5°''^ •&?• ^' •"'«««. «. TempUr st 
Humble Misses, gentlewmn, South parade 
lilingworth Jerm mart, house, Knoatrop 
Jaeksan Rev. Milca, Burley ^ 

Ja^snn Mrs. gentlewoman, TmfUgaratieet 
if^S!;''*?!?' heoonfiwjtor, TsriHrkgate 
Kirkbride John, cumer HI, Kirkcate 

**'^!5LJ^vr!?V* '•! ^"^»« ««Gwi and 

!»liot Wh«f, London ; Warehouse hill 

irane a s t cr John, operative chemist and 

druggist, eomer of St. Peter's square 
r*^,^" T Walker, brass founders, Mabgt. 
Lee Wm. ironmonger, 7J. Briggate ^ 
Le Rosche Mrs. lodgings, Wefi-ngton road 
Lewes John, draper, Ac. Lowerhead row 
Unlerr John, house, sign, and oroamenul 
tfflot and shield pninter. Bridge end 

"'•'SPiiS!^' *^ *■**»■» c««h mfn. 
Mill Garth 

Maddy Wm. linen draaar, Cioas Paikh 

MallMon Rev. J. P. day school. Park row 

Man>hanJohQ,merU; h. Chapiai AUerton 

Masterman R. Horse A Jockey, B<md street 

Mawsoa John, gent. Park lane 

MidgleyRobt. plumber, &c. Meadow lane 

JJ»l»ea Wm. merchant ; h. WeUington pf. 

Moma Thomas gendemaa, Soath Parade 

Necaam Jas. wholesalo lea dk. and hop 

mert. near Salem ahapel, Hanslet In. 
Nell Mrs. gantlaiMoaMa, East Parade 
Newlove Geo. wine merchant. West street 
2<*?« J««2"i •»^f»n. Top of Park sow 
North B, B. Barewood Arms, Old square 
Orange John, gent. Littlewoodhouse 
Palmer ThooMs, ironmonger, whitesmith. 

and bellhanger, 21, Briggate 

E***^*^^» VW-^^* Lowerhead inw 
Payne« R. E.sottcttar, Albion street 
Peaeeek, Richardson, and Co. merchants 

and linen mfrs. Sterne's Buildings 
Pearson Wm.ffrocer,«8, Lowerhaid row 
Poole Mrs. and Miss Paitons huHes semi. 

nanr, Woodhouse hall 


PriesthjrC. T. agent, Cobourgh street 
Trf<±Jdtak vft^ Co. drysaUersA wh. im 

■.jJfcrT".!'*?!!:'^"***'* Bwinegate 

Rteington Mii. Slnu gentlewmn. Park pl. 
Robson Mra. South parade ^ 

iS^y*? "*• ««*lieMnn. HuQsletlane, 
SiJholes and,Askey, cabinet niiAe^s »nd 

She^sbankaWoi. & John, merchants, and 
mftrs. Wew Road end Sc Sheepscar laiie 
SnerwoodWm- wipervjww, Siinipson's fold 
^mpion J. mid J. tdbaceonietii. Water In. 
Spenccar Fredertek, druggist, 82, Viear ^ 
-Sfoct Nmlot, genttovtMHAn, Paritiq 



Taylor Edward, f;ent. P»rk quare 
Thompson Mrs, La. seminary, Cobonrg st. 
Threlfdll Ja«. linen draper, 8 Market plHce 
TilBuiy C. T. k Ck>. brnnh mfre. 4r, Kirk^ate 
Tumlrall T. White Horoe Tavern, Boar In. 
Turtle Thos. vict. Bay Horse, Cross Parish 
WailesGeo. Esq. barrister, Post-oflice 
WsAnhonse £dw. A Ch. merts. Hiinslet ln» 
Walker Robert, mercht.; b. Park square 
Walker John, gent. Park place 
Walker Thos. coach builder; b. Park square 
Walker Mr. and Mrs. ladies' boarding 

school, Park square 
Ward Benj. merchant ; house, Park row 

Watson John, limber and raff raerchaat, 

(hard wood) Great Waterloo stfeet 
Watson Miss, gentlewmn. South parade 
Wells James, currier, *c. Lady lane 
Whittenbury E. W. cloth mfr. 2.'», back of 

Park row ; counting-house, Trinity lo. 
Williamson James, M. D. Park square 
Wood James, gent. St. Peter's square 
Wood Richard, merchant, Trafalgar street 
Wood Mrs. gentlewmn. Park Buildinga 
Woodcock and Han ison, machine inakeis. 

Meadow lane 
Wrigglesworth J. grocer, Lowerhewi row 
Young John and Co. w<iollen mfrs.and com* 

mu«ion merts. Albion st; h. Meadow Itt 

TreesakDyson, worsted i*pnrs 
Wftll Rd. Golden Fleece 

Broughton Jonab, clotli 

dresser and merclyint 
Coates Rev. John, master of 

grammar school 
Jones Rev. — — , curate 
Smith John, drysalter 
Walker Wm. cloth dresser 

Barraclougb Isaac, grocer 
Birket Wm. grocer 
Blakey Richard, grocer 
Bower J. Tict. Unicorn Inn 
Maltby Widow, grocer 
Mann James, ^ocer 
Sugden "^^m. vict. New Inn 
Whitelegg Wm. White Bart 

Woodhead Rt. yeomaii 

Nicbolls W. tanner. Hill top 
Wainman Wm. woollen mfr 

Lud Wm. farmer 

Repworth JoshtW4 Esq* 
fisher Rev. Joseph, curate 
Froggatt J ohn, schoolmaster 

Brown John, grocer, &c. 
Holmes and Oill, worsted 

Barnard Rev. M. •• 

Dean Henry, gent. Park In. 

Blackburn Thos. wh. grass 

seeds dealer, Old inill 
Bradley Wm. steel wire 

drawer, Sough bridge 
Naylor and. Co. flax spin 

ners, Bamsley Old mill 
Sorter J. propr. of the Hope 

calender works. Town end 
Battey CatTt 
feUisH/^mes and Son, wool-; 

led ihandfacturers 
BUiss, Smith, And Co. mil) 

owners , .,. - 

Soasnrd Abraham, cloth mfr, 
arlor James, cloth mfr. 
fimith, Elli^s.rao^ Co. car- 
pet manufa^tursrs 

Stapleton F. blanket mfr. 
Stapleton T. blanket mfr* 

BeaL or Beaghally 
Dickson William, maltster 
Tliomas Hull, Esq. MD. 

Capital Burgesses, 
John B. Arden 
Charles Ross ' 
John Jackson 
Matthew Chalmers 
Robert Stabler 
James Thompson 
Christopher Muschamp 
W. Brigham 
David pinder 
Robert Fish wick 
Thomas Ramshaw 
William Richardson 
John Myers 

Ingle James, surtreyor, tan 
ner, fellmonger, glue and 
starch mfr. Beck side 
Bierley North, 
Holdforth Jas. cotlonmfr. 
Marshall, Leigh, and Co 

Clougfa Saml. book-keeper 

Ellis James, com miller 
Longbottom Joseph, grocer 

Hnoir Thos. clock &c.maker 

Bishop MonktoHf 
Eromett Thos. flax dresser 
Wilks Jofan^ flax dresser 

BoftoHy near Brad/ordf 
Hodgson Thos. worsted mfr. 

Boltcn Ahbepj 
BensonMrs.Margt. Riddingi 
Pickup Hfehry, agent 
ScottWm, agt tdtbe Duke ofl 
Devonshirf ,Strid Cottage 
Boolh Perry, 
Wells Wro^ Vifct. Sfbip Inii 

Paley J. G/ Esq. 


AndsUy Sqiiire, oil inercbti 

Lister Robt. woollen draper 

MarshaU Thos. fan^ WiJIiam 

wortited spinners &:' mfrs. 

Wood John, jun. worsted 
spinner At mfr. Union millt 

Wood John and Son, conb 
manfrs. Bridge street 

Smyth John, Esq* 

Stead Thos. woo lien mff. 
Stead John , woollen mfr. 
Young James, woolstapler 


Taylor Rev. Jas. domestit 
chaplain toCol.Beaomonf, 
A master of grammar pcU. 

Raine Wm. agent to Coli 

Bretton, Monk, 
Hartison John, farmer 
Hirst Richard, whitesmith 
& gunsmith 

Buml Yates, 
Cockshot Wm. schnolmutsr 
Jennings M. Prince of Wale*. 

Foljambe John, Esq 
Myers Richard, maltster 

Chapel Atlerton, 
Bickerdike John, maltster 

Clayton ff^ett, 
Dalbv J. . 
Pickles John, fancy mfr« 

Diokfton M. 

Kyre Joseph, gentleman 
Eyre £. & T. woollen mfrt. 

Colne Bridge, 
Haigh Thos. cotton spianet 

Watson Emraett, grocer,dlVi 

Newman C. Esq. 


Crament Wm. gardener t« 

Hon, £. Petre 


Hall & Co. manfrg. chentisti 

OeighUm Kirk, 
Greaves Robert, yeoman 

Deigkton North, 
Hannam Robert, farmei 
Mawson Kliz. farmer 
Snowden Richard farmer 

Thackray Joseph, W9odhaU 

Witfam and Co.* worsted Atkinson Wm. Worsted mfr 
s'luiijers and afrs. •• »Kn»wles Joiith. viat. Gats 





Ogden Josepii, cobI mercht. 

aid woollen raanfr. 
Ogden Tho6. coal merchant 

Howg»teJo»eph,vict. BdU 

KBtelifle Godfrey, cooper & 

macbine ni&ker 
Giliott John, wood agent 
Bandey Mrs. H. gentlewmn. 
Hirst Oeoi^, gent. 
Mihiw Josepji, yeoman 
Rooke Danid, gent. 
Shaw dk Dent, hat manfrs. 
Wadswortk Jontb.wood agi- 

Dodmrtk Bottowu^ 
•Rooks S. <fe B. gentlemen 
Skaw 6. A J. lath BMrchants 

StorgesJohn, fieq. 
SwjreJohByBsq.SonUi panuie 
Harrop Geo. builder 

Boye SU, wooUen manfr. 
Mitchell Thoe. sixeing boiler 

ISiagworth Joseph, malt and 
flour dealer and grocer 
Raymimft John, achoolmstr. 
Bolton John, vIct. Hart 
SdmondaonChristr. butcher 
Gaunt £dw. anigeon 
Haie Saml. wvnrsUd mfr. 
Haie Thoe. worsted mfr. 
Hodgson Richard, maltster 
Thomas Isaac, fulling miller 
Tewdale Beig. worsted mfr. 

Booth George, gent. 
Haigh Geo. j^man 

Hodgson Geo. stime merebt. 
Holdsworth Jas. stone mert. 
Newton John, sent. 
Rawaon John, £sq. roiU 
Robinson Leonard, jnn. mfr. 

Wood T. I. and J. scribbling 
millers and wooUen mfrs. 
Roberts Wm. sen. woollen 
mfr. A land measurei 
Cheeaebrough Rev. Joseph 
Smith Mrs. gentlewoman 
Whitley Jonath. schoolmstr. 

Graham Joseph, bookkeeper, 
KiD|r Joseph^ surgeon 
Robinson Michael, snperin- 
lendantto Chippendale ACk>. 
Ward Thos. parish clerk 

AUisoB Richd. A Son* stone 

masons A; bridge builders 

Bears MissPenelope,gentwn. 

Birch John, Harewood Arms 

Bragg and WagstaiT, linen 

uinieheni, Aketoo 

Cass Joseph, linen mfr. 
C^riliagworth Jaa. con dlr. 
Hafteralev *Wm. and S 

Hon. Bdw. Btourton, hall 

Ortenktm HiU, 
hunter John, Miner's Arms 
Wilscm Wm. schoolmaster 

Jackson' Wm. gmt. 
Jackson John, gent. 

Dean SamL gent. Causeway 
NichoU Francis * Co. baass 

and iron founders 
Priestley Jones & Co. bomba- 
zine St Norwich crape mfn. 
Slade Captain, Aked's lane 
Thompson Mrs. Lord street 
Wi^Iesworth James, com- 
missioner for takiogaAda- 
vita in the courts in Irdand 


Vickers John, Tict. George 
Inn, posting house 
Bammtrtm Kirk, 
Thompson Wm. S»<|. 
Atkinson Thomas^ yeoman 
Stead Thomas, joiner 

Rinder John, carpenter 
SUnow 8aml. yeoman 

Preston Robt. gent. 4k »gent 
to L. R. Sargeantson, Bsq. 

Watson John, yeoman 

Moore John, grocer Ac. 

Wood ThoBUM, eom miller 
OU miU 

Blyth Thos. yeoman 
Bi^land Geo. yeoman 
BimidUg Souik, 
fianshaw Rawdon,boaxdiiig 

Hodgson R. Era. 

High Timm, 
Listi^r Wm. bookbimter, Ac. 
Lister M. druggist 4 grocer 

Ogle James, wooUen mfr. 

Bearsell Chas. cloth dresser 

BalmforthRev.Tho. academy 
Crutwell Rev. Richard, 

Boynton Kendall, brewer 

Barker Wm. woollen mfr. 

Staindift and Uinchlie» 
iTnrlOR Qrtai, 
Booth Daitiel, vtcu 4 Ashes 
Hndsoa Wm. Primroae hiU 

Baxter Jph. viot. Red Ltai 

8chofleld,CJarkson 4k Chmgh« 
bankers, on bpooner 4k Co. 

BovlaMd High, 
Wiglleld Thos. naiFnukav 

Bojfkmd Stoaitift, 
Armitage John, yeomaa 
Dyson John, yeoman 
Shaw, GUos 4k Isaac, eattin 

Swift Joseph, doth mfr. 
Waine Jesse, farmer 

Lockwnod John, merehl. * 

mfr. Cowersby 
Stocks Wm. joa. ehitf 009- 


Brook J. and B. merehaato 

AUerson John, solicitor ,deric 

of the Court of Reunesta 
Beilby W. T. 1st clerk at 

Trinity House 
Cnnningworih Wil]iam,Tk!t. 

Jolly Bailor|97,Blanketrow 
Jervas Joseph, Tict. Tark*« 

Head, 99, Myton gate 
Laidlaw Alex, tanner, fsU- 

monger, A leather dresser* 

ZTj High street; bout* 

Picard J. K. Ben,4k Co. white 

lead and paint mfn. 014 

Dock side 

Ilion, (N. R.J 
BxdbyJ. cJassieal aoademy 

Waits George, farmer 

Crabtree Elijah,scho(dmnst«t 

John Williamson, Esq. m^ 

gistrate, Hollings 
Farnell John» tailor A draper 
Nortborp Cornelin«,plumo«r 

Harland Benjamin, farmer, 

Barrowby Grange 
Kirkhy MaSmrd, 
Bulmer RiTclassical academy 
Teasdale Jaoe, gentlewmn* 

Kirkby Oterblow, 
Hon and Rev. Jacob Mar- 
sham, D. D. Rector 
Rev Geo. Webb, curate 

Bumeston Wm. vict. Kirk- 
stall Hotel 
Dickinson C. wooUen mfr., 

4wnmvn ▼* ■*»• Tw\n^aa^u «>»••• B^a«.sa a ■■«««■« m^» v^^-^i*—— ■— — - 

Hunton Paul, wooUen mfr. fiddison John, wooUen mfr 
Smith John, wooUen mfr. jFox Rev. James 


Spink James, gtat. 
WAtson JonM, fdloMiiget 
Wood John, wooUtB nur. 

Taylor 4; Oonyen, aolicitors 

Ltftfg 8. M. maltdter 

S^impton Tboma*. ooni dlr. 

Broaghton J. cloth dresser 

Groves WiUiam, fairnei 
Fattison Wm. jeomaH 

Ablev Thomas, corn dealer 
Armitase Jph. blaeksmith 
Ellis John, joiner, Ac. 
Kingston John, joiner, Ac. 

Suarmbjr Thos. blacksmith 
ashworth Wm^ ieiner, ice. 
Wadsworth Joseph, cooper 

RobsonThos. cloth merchf. 

Lotr Moor, 
Worsnop James, stuff mfr. 

• MattoH, 
J. Cumber and not J- Snow- 
ball, agent to the Atlas flie 

Armiti^e £. ft D. merchts, 
Lumb Thos. viet. Ram 
Taylor E. and J . ironfounders 

Hvdson Matthias, butler 

f hompson Joseph, yeoman, 

Sarker Jph. woollen mfr. 
Qltekley fima. woollen mfr. 
Eastwood Wm. ^pollen ipfr. 
Hirst Geo^ woollen n>fr. 

giist Joseph, schoolmaster 
olt John, woollen mfr. 
MicklethwaiteJas. maltster 
Oxley John, woollen mfrs. 
S^Qffsley John, woollen ii^fr 
iheatd John, woollen mfr. 
Stancllllb J. merchf. ft mfr. 
•ftancltffe Wm. coal owner 
Turner Wm. attorney 
Tomer Charles, coal owner 
Webster Abm. woollen mfr 
Webster Geo. woolleo mfr. 
Wheatley J. mercht. ft mfr. 
Wheatley Chas. coal owner 
Wheatley Thos. coal owner 

Holt Blias, agent 
Marshall Mrs.^A. 
Peaker Richard, corn miller 

Nan Monkion, 
Beckwith Rev, Thos. cttrate 

Ottmmithorpef - 
tittsseys and Co. coal merts 

Greaves Thos. mill owner 
Hanson Wm. cotton iy)inner 
Megson Joshua, card maker 
Mitchell Mark, card maker 

Covslms J Shonlderof Mutton 

Elmhnrst Robt. attorney 

Paielty Bridge, 
Ashworth John, linen draper 
Kirkb;r Henry, flax spinner 

Kirkby Grange and Co. flax Wilks and Co. Potters 

^Dinners Tank«r$Uyf 

Wilson Rev. John Newton, ft Co. coal 


DunhiU Thos. gent. 

Firth T. refined Ui^noiice 

dealer. Market place 
Rawson Rev. M. 

PooL ni$ar OtUv, 
Loekton T. pasteboard mffi 

Farrar John, woollen mfr. 
Hunter Thos. baUiff 
Lonsdale W. H. grocer, dra- 
per, and ironmonger 
Purston Jackling, 
Bachanap Robert, yeomaUi 

Beechefl Wm. yeoitiaii 

Sheppafd J. C. shopkeeper' 

Williamson J. Esq. Rollings 
Broadbent 8. Hare ft Hounds 
Wood G. Btar,(exci8e ofiiee) 

Farrw Wm. Esu. Mayoi. 
Bishop Wm. tallow <uiandlef 

Hardofcer John, dock BsaVvr 

Bowness Rev. Oeoi rector 

Rtmbtrrn Tottpingy 
In a part of the nrtpressioii 
of the N . ft £. Riding map 
the altitnde of Hosebern 
Tapping ie stated at 1022, 
instead of 1488 feet. 

Rodgers John, brass founder 
Sykes Thos. grocer 
WatkinsonJ.doffin i>1atemkr 

Sultmiy near Kei^hley, 
Gregson George, tailor ftc. 



Kenworrhy J. surg. Dobcrosf 

Kenworthy James, dyer, 

Grass Cioft, dough 
Shaw Joseph, guardian of 


and ironfounders 

TkomhUl Leea^ 

SandersonAbrafaam, maltster 

TkonUon, near Bradfordf 

Craven Joseph, worsted nm. 

Tltomion near Skipion, 

Cogswell J. ft Co.'s vessels 
to Liverpool, M. W. ft Ffi 
Bhaw J. iron mert. Westgate 
WalkerMiM,Iadie8' boaiJ^ 
school, St. John's 
Scaife Wm> joiner, ftc. 

Hartley ft Co. machine mkrs 

Binks Thos. yeoman 
Daniels T. ft W. tanners 

NichoUsftSkirrow, wovtid 
spinners, mfrs. and meiH. 
12, Maiden lan«, Londtdi 
ThoihpsoR ft Sou, flax spats 

fr^Mdheuee C^rr, 
WhittakerJohn.cloth dresser 

ffoodho^ee Great, 
Rawline Francis, dyer, 

3 miles W. of SbefBeld. 
Patker Hugh, Esq. luUl 
ft^rndthorpty wr fTakefMi 
Wood Rev. W. 

Moor John, Efiq. 
f^ortley Lower, nt, Leedt, 
Cliffe John, fire brick mfr. 
Stead Wm. woollen ntflr. 

the poor ,'WoodhoQse , ^^^y> 

Whitehead A. and W. coal Simpson Rev. Joha 

merchants, High moor 
Wlttterbottom J.snrg.Delpli 
Wright Jbmes, merchant ft 

mimfr. Grass croft, CleniKh 
Selbf, ^ 

Carr Wm. High pdiistaUe 
Woods Gieonte, paper mfr. 

FentoB Francis, Esq. Amch 

rican Consulal agent 
Bishi^L. nucor mfr Bmoo lit* 

Cl4rk R. Esq. Noble Tbasf 

Armstrong J. 


»8T.ftSons,naaohinemkrs|Shaw John, Esq. 


C^cskbhrn Rev. Wm. M.A* 
Dean of the Cathedral 

Baines Rev. John, M. A. vi- 
car of St. Trinity 

M^OkOaB T.linenfte, drpr Errata at Page m m- 

Chantry was bom at KerteBt 
4 miles from Sheflfeld^ &)i 
miles within the DerbysMte 
border, so that the honour ef 
having given birth to this e- 
minent sculptor, beloMS to 
Derbyshire, and not to Tptk* 
shire. Lej^git was his nw* 
ther's maiden name, hut (e 
waa baptized Francis only. 

Fontefraet Sessicma istHoB. 
after Easter Week, not 
Mod. ia Easter week. 


S«0t Ann VoTt^ %tOiitig«» 



DiTiiioas of the Ridiofi M 5 

Room Roadtf *••.............,...........• S 

Appeumce of the CoQatry, S 

Sou 6 

Wokb. 6 

Moorlands, ....^ 6 

Cotit, « 7 

RiTcn, M....... 7 

Gcokcy 7 

MbKnb, • 

Manufaetaiw, Trade, nd C ui ii w e it ie , B 
EcdcriartiedDiTWoniortlieCoaiily, f 
Pop ul a ti oo S mamegy of the Comity* 10 

THE lint volume of this putaliealioo 
«H eoBfiaed {wiiiciially to mettor lelatii^ 
to theWert-Ridiiif of Yorkahira; and the 
ftmaAroktane, iriucfa eooDpletai the Topo- 
gnpUeal Hntory and DUeetory of thk laife 
divirioB of the Unfdoin» oompiehendi the 
CiTv ▲■]> AnrsTT ow York* thb East 
RiDuro, AKD Tan NoRTH-RiBiiro of this 
COoaty. The exteat and joriidictiaQ of the 
Amaty are deacribed with predaWm at page 
136 of the praaent rolanet itiemaina. titen- 
knt only to take a feueral view of the dis- 
tiagwafaiivlieatiiraa of the Eaataod North 

The EMt-Ri<!Ui« ia divided into aeven 
-* namely— 

Ouae & Derwentt 
and the Town and 
County of UulL 

divided taito twelve 


The North -Rldfaag ia 
vapentakca, namely — 







Hang East, 
Hang West, 
Pickering Lythe^ 
Ryedale, and 
Whitby Stnad. 

The North-Riding ia hounded on the 
north by the river Teea ; on the caat by the 
Gennan ocean ; on the aouth by the Ainaty 
of York and the East and Weat-Ridmga ; 
and on the west by the county of Westmnre- 
iud. The boundaries of the East-Riding 
ue, the Derwent to the north; the Ouae 
to the west ; the Humber to the south ; 
and the Gennan oceaii to the eaat 

In tracing the Roman roads of York- 
ddre, the oouzm of the great road, caHed 
Watling-atreet, nmning from aouth to north, 
baa already been deseribed,t and shown (o 

• The wapentakes of the Weit- Riding 
■itCDtimerated at page $&3, Vol I. 

At page iii. Vol. \, 

extend ftrom Bawtry, where it fntan the 
county of York, to the Tecs, where It 
croaaaa Into the county of Durham.— 
Another miUtary road, rannhig eaat and 
west, from Hanchcater to York, hai also 
besn deaeribed. Thia road, proceeding atUl 
eastward, advanced to Malton, where it waa 
divided takto two branehcs, the fiiat called 
Wadena cauaeway, leading to Dumley Bay, 
the Duniu 8imu qf Ptokmy ; and the 
other to Scarborough and Filey. The 
atraight oourae of a Roman road may be 
traced over the high grounda of the Wolds, 
from York to Bridlington Bay, the Go^an- 
tovicorum Simut Farttonu, or SahiiarUi 
a brandi of thia road haa also been dis- 
covered, tending towards Hunmanfay.— 
Another line may also be followed ia a 
direction to Patrington, (PracUnium) and 
the Spurn point, whidi appears to be the 
OceUum Promontorhtm qf Ptolemy, and 
where was once the noted seaport of Ra- 
venspum, now engulphed in the nrtian ■ 
From Lincoln a Roman road may be traced 
to the iouth bank of the Humber, near 
Wintringham, where are still seen vestiges 
of the station ad Abum, On the north bank 
Brough indicates the position of another an- 
dent station, from which it is probable that 
a brandi of road communicated with York. 
From this sketch it will appear that the miU- 
tary roads of the Romans converged in every 
direction, from the extremities of the pro- 
vince of Eboracum to York, thdr common 
centre, which, as will be seen firom the sub- 
joined history of that andent dty, was ao 
long the head quarters of the Roman army. 
The East- Riding of Yorkshire, al- 
though it displays a great variety of aspect, 
is far less conspicuously marked with the 
bold features of nature than the other parts 
of the county ; but if it contains no scenery 
that can be called truly romantic, some 
parts of the Riding are beautifully pic- 
turesque, and aSbrd very, extensive and 

A 3 


even magnificent profpecto, enieciaUy when 
the sea or the Humber euterf into view.-— 
From its topographical appearance, this 
Riding may be oonfildcred as three diitareftt 
districtsj the Wolds forming one of them, 
and the other two lying, one to the east and 
the other to the wert, of that devated 
t^^n. The wolds consist of an asMmblage 
of chalky hills* extending from the northeni 
to the southern extremity of the Vtt^- 
Ridivg. The soil is commonly a firee and 
tathef Ught loam, with a mixture of chalky 
graveUin some parte very shalk>w ; it also oon- 
ttins fk deeper aad more kindly loam^ uid a 
light sandy mixture. On the Wolds very 
extensive improvements have taken place 
during the last forty years, and 4 district, 
which, in the middle of the last century, 
was a complete waste— fit only for the pro- 
duction and support of rabUts, by the en- 
couragement given to agriculture between 
the years 1790 and 1815, hat been brought 
into a ktate of prosperous cultivation. The 
eastern division, above referred to, extends 
from Filey to Spurn Head; in some parts 
of this ' extend ve tract, particularly be- 
tween Filey and Bri^ngton, the fkce of the 
country is much diversified, and throughout 
the vhide district clay and loam are the 
predominant soils. The improvements in 
agriculture have here a^ been very exten- 
sive, and a judicious system of drainage haa 
accomplished wonders. The third natural 
division of the EasORidhig extends fhnn the 
western f(X>t of the Wolds to the boundaries 
of the North and West-Ili<ling*; this tract 
of land is called Levels, and, as its name 

imports, it is every where flat and unjnctu- 1 lioomi«a]VDa» whlsli consiat aul^ly «f 
resque, but by no means unproductive. 

In the North-Riding the ftoe of the 
country is much more diversifled. Along 
the coast, fVora Scarborough to Cleveland, 
it is hilly and bold, the dilf being generally 
from 60 to 150 feet high, and In some 
places, as at Stoupe Brow, seven miles ttam 
Whitby, it rises to the stupendous height 
of 893 feet From the cliff the country 
rises in most places very rapidly, and a fittle 
further inland successive hills rising oae 
abo^-e another, form the elevated tract of 
the Eastern Moorlands. The cultivated daks 
situated amcMigit theee pioors are pretty 
extensive, some of tiiein containing firoi^ 
five to ten ttumsand acres, and Eskdisde and 
Biladale much more. The level lands at 
the bottom of the vaRies axe seldom more 
than two or three hundred yards in breadth, 
but the land is generally cultivated to a con- 
siderable distance up the Ade» of the htn8.-r- 
Most (^ the dales partake more or less of tiie 
fbllowtngsoils;— a blacK moor earth upon 
d«y; s takiEly loU* In nme plaeei ibtet- 

raufiA withstoQca; and a light loam uposs 
a grit loek* In some in8tanoe>» as in Unm 
neighbourhood of Haekncss, there ia on tli« 
side of the hilla a stiff loam upon liui eat on e, 
and a deep sandy loam upon a whinaton« t 
and in the bottom a light loam upon gruv^ 
or ftcost o ne . The laterior parts of 
Eastern Moorlands present a Ueak 
dreary aspect, and Uttle wood is to be 
except in the dales or mi the declivities off 
some of the more fertile of the hills. Pntnigg 
into Cleveland, tiie country is lighUy featur- 
ed with hills, and the soU is generally dnj s 
in some cases a clayey loam, and in othectf m 
fine red sandy soil. The vale of York« move 
in the interior, is not cotifltted within 
any determinate boundaries, but is rather 
marked out by Ike Auie of the eeusktry.— 
This extensive vale hae, from tK» sftvcr 
Teee, a general slope, tiMMigli iuteim i tsQ 
by some inegulariileii of sutlkcek anA 
InltA ewella, at fkr as York^ whore it 
faito a perfeet flat. The nonhetn jpmn ai 
this tract haa the Eaatarn Moo ALAines 00 1 
side, and the Western Mooni^woa en 
other. Theieil in that pact of the wal» df 
York whidk ties wHMn the NoMH^Rtdlnf to 
deseribed by Mr. Tuke, in hfi survwy, to Va 
of diflbrent d^gMee of fertility, an* «» 1b 
verydlfftrenllyeoinpeeed} gmietaily it tern 
dayey' loam, and few parts of tho ainiaHf 
ean excel tMeeelebtated vale In fkt^ity.— 
The Western Mooraakos difte gi«aasp4nai 
those In llle ea s iiim part of the Ridii^ 
They are g e hwa l l y ctlcaveone, aiad-allftioiigli 
tiieir altitude is eontidcrably Mghev^ they 
are miieh rnoro feitile tiMn liia 

stone and freestone rpek. Many vC t^A 
dales whkh tadenect tlie westeinMoeAL.ANi>a 
areextircaselyfcKtaet, of th^se W«iia|eydale 
may be ranked a* the first, both i* extent 
and fertility . On the sojuth seweni amall 
dales open into tlie dale 9S Wsnatey., The 
soil of tNa martn- 4ale. on the tap&ks of 
tlie ^v«r« ii.(gBnenUly « fi«h loamy gravel, 
and OP the si^ of the hills a clayey loai^ 
upon a substratum of limestone. Swaledals 
if littli^ inferior tq Weusley in extents 
though it feUa hoc short of it in beuity, but 
by some it ia esteemed more xomafitic^ aitf 
by all it must be ajilmired. tn fl^rtiUty It jui 
pretty mjsch upon a par with its neighbour 
The smaUoc disles, which are very numeroitfh 
9ft m general similar to th^se in appearance 
4nd productim.. £ven the mountaina her^ 
some oC which, are o( considerable altitudfl^ 
eii will be seen fiom Ute Map of the East and 
North Ridii^, seldom exhibit marks of tib* 
eonqifeesablestetlUly, tetaaesnany «f ffaem 
covered to their summits «4th ftne 
graai, bent or twAM^* 

* Takers Agricultuxal Survey. 


M«MUi4itM 9t the North- 

RMiiig fcw a jiecnBar fmiim ni tti«ooii»> 

trfy fciiilg whyUy dttach—i fMn liw dmub- 

aiMln the iMitw Soniepatetft of tkecMt 

Vmblavbs lin XMariy 9M liMtatai>v« tbe. 

Ipd «r tte CMK tat the inoel xcauKhaUe 

—ait of the article !■ R o i t h u i ii Tepping, 

teerihad «t pege flSB of tUs TeliiiiM;^*^ 

By itidetMdied patttioB aed siqioaer deva- 

tnn, It Aamnaiide ie itt dJMolieae a prefect 

nAkitanatiiE«. The hill 

I of afaiB lOik. h i t umiuii ed 

i*iih iReii<«tattB^ and iH ipiuuided sumndt 

indicataB ta the fWxoaadiBg eodnby the 

approadiiog dieiige in the weather, as cat^ 

pNned ia the ioilovhig Bietdeal pwferb ^— 

•' Wlien Roeeberry Topping weatt t Cap, 
" Let Cleveland then beware of a dap." 

AlODg the whele bagOi «f the North- 
Ridtef » from -mafk ta eatt^ the eaantrjr is 
bomdeA tor t>M ^ter Tecs. Thia river* 
^ang in the aaonataitii of Wcstmaealaad 
and Cea^wlaad* puvoes • vary dinet 



ant ial» the 
kin braadtiw-. 
The Toaa ie aaf^aljie forihipaof COtone 
kaithem vp'taStacktaiu bul thcphiaantig 
fahdclifce, aad Hia euaacnt 

ttiawcBtan manralMI ioito thamer Teeik tat 
tiM gvaat baiy ef Ae «ale« ee VeaftiAile 
few in the oppeaHe diieefitoBt and thair 
eoana^ ftom tkeir-riae to their teradnatian 
lattaHtfartN^ mdsafiribedinpacca^aad 
TiileniieftMtTcdaaiaof thiawwiu The 
riaea ia thil eaatam maoar of 
atahtmt fawraOaiftaBa 
Oeaaa, aadafiar taUag a souOiiily disee-. 
tlon ttaoiigih Ae raaMntie ytlOfffat Uack- 
■aaik Btaif to a lineataeitpaariW^iiilbtlie 
coast, ti»ift«oaMB t«1te foot of the WeMr; 
ittlkeataluas«erttttydtaati0ni aadhaviag 
leeeived theBye« ftaot H Mm a l a y » paweaby 
the taRM^ of Mpiltaa, tonhicbitiana^i- 
gAla far t^eaaia of twepty-ftTe tana bar- 
then. It Irtteboaadary. between the North 
and Bfeat-Raihigift iaam. ito >imdtioA with 
tta onail zWer HeMfiwd, till k app!DoaohM 
Stamftmh'BaMge, tdMreitantap (be Bait^ 
Ridmg^ and falla into the Ouae,. near the 
vfltogeaT Baanbyv ahoot thiraeaiita and a 
taie aiiove. HowdMi. In the aM* Moofl)> 
iuuavaaf «he Narth-miditig tiaet, Ibe Bhke. 
wMah, aftaa wataiug Hn dale tf>! whibbit 
giiBB aame^ ftuaw the tanat barboitr ef 
-«1iifhy» audr ia thare laab itt 4m» QMaiaa 
Ocean. The madk lina UallrtptveBmtha 
SMcRldbig *oni« ttottik t» Muidi, Tkitlaff 
DiiilMhlaaid.Be«eBlay ia Mb ewiiMw aad et 
jia iniiiik into, tto JfliUbw OTiltlihutti t» 

fann tto leciice haibaarof Kinf$Um» whiah, 
ftom thia river, is taaesaUy called Hatt* 

The aaa eoaat of die North and East- 
Ridings of YorkahiM is very exteniive, and 
aCbrda sevetal sacuiehaibottn^— Thehar- 
boun of HalV SeavboaoBgh, Whitby» aad 
Bndlingtai, asa d es erib ti d under their ap- 
prepiiate heads ia ^a vohiiae, to whWi 
may ha added Ihe Bay of Filey and Rottn 
Hood's Bay. 

The Minesab ef the Naitb-Ridhw can- 
aistdiieflf ef thaahMB Mines, oatheeiMst 
of Whitby* as mawitioafd at page* 41SaBd 
&74of this vohuae, aad the lead minsa in 
Swaladale» and Hut aeighboutii^ valli«, 
aadeseribedatpageiM. Ahoat tbe asiddle 
of the last eeatavy eeppes of good <|uality 
was produced near MiddloloB Tyas, tat 
the wocka have beaa iar waam yean 
eontinued* Copper waa alao 
about Ave aad tweaty yaacs ago, at 
Bxind» tat it deaa net appeav that tta dk- 
eoveryhaaevcv yet tailed to any profitable . 
rasulL The saaaeobaui >aliun appliea to the 
iion-stQBe» which naytaltand in the east 
HeowJkjr»i ttaagh U shoold saean, fravi 
aoeiant l eeoadi , that as early as the Uth 
century^ iraa was waoaght and ferged hi 
R o a e da ie t Aytsa is the oaly place in the 
North-Riding whera iaiges have been es- 
tablished; in madcw times, aad eveathaae 
have now telsBj disappeared, ftoaa the 
diffioelty of ptaearing lueU Various parts 
of thia Ridiiv produaa eoal, partiaa- 
larly the pisia between Eaaingwold aad 
Tbbcsk, aadtbewaatMoowbAanst tat the 
latter is of aaiafcrior qnaatf, and fk enlf 
Car tta baniasof iin* 6oad (kae^atoiie 
Cor bailding, aroeass ia raanp parts, of tta 
Riding; and ■teae-qaaniaa.are worked both 
ia tta aeigbbQaibeod of Saarixnougiv aad 
Whitby» ftrona whaaae are dsami the maaiive 
blocks uaadia tta ooBstraetioa of ttapiaei 
at these potts. Uiae-stoaei aad a. speota 
of marbta not infsrior to that of Dar^ 
shire, are fewndi ia tta vale of tta Gretas 
near Rokehy,- aul. Urge bkwks 9f aad 
giaaite aaa aaeoi on tta aHKCase, in. certaia 
paiti oC tta west Ifooajuuro^ 

la tta SMb>Riding dialk is. tta prii». 
oif al adueral SHbitaaee.—Near the ooastit 
extsnda faom Hassle, on tta banks of tta 
Ijlundtaw it^sottthem satcsnityK to Height 
ton, tea asita south af SeacboriMight its 
norlliemi baaadacy.. Tta ohalk loeta 
atwap, Qonlain \aa^ quaotities of watei^ 
whieh, naay ta had by btiriag oc sinking^ 
eveaiatia eoasldarabla4istano»liroai ttahilta 
Many hoga aptings break out aloag tta 
aasteoi edgaoC the stalk* gaaflsaBy in. tta 
gravel which covers it. The river Hull is 
fonned by UnrtiOtaAvitaaMf • number of 



th«te springs; and at Spring Head, fltmi 
which the town of Hull is supplied wltti 
water, 240,000 gallODB are raised daily ; 
this water contains a small portioo of carbo- 
nate of lime and iron, which is separated 
hy exposure to tiie atmosphere in a course 
of three miles. The intermitting spring 
at Ketdgait, near Cottingluun, described 
at page 189 of this^Tolume, rises upon the 
gravel, but it is not far distant from the 
ehalk. In the graTd beds on the chalk 
are fbund the remains of large animals, 
some of them in a state of great perfection ; 
vertebra, eighteen feet in length, and Ax>m 
8 to 10 indies in diameter, have been dug 
up in these beds, and teeth, measuring 8 
or 10 inches in circumference, are frequently 
discovered here. At HuU, the gravd depo- 
ntory of die animal remains is about ninety 
fieet ftom the surftce, and the workmen 
employed in b(»ing for water near the north 
bridge described thdr tools to hlive smelt as 
if they had been cutting flsh, so that it is 
probable not only the bones but also the 
fleshy part of the animal remains. The 
coast/ from Spurn to Bridlington, forms a 
section of aU the beds above the chalk, and as 
it irnot in the line of dip, two beds are ge- 
nerally seen at the same time. Abedofdwk 
red clay commences at Kilnsea, oontalnli^ 
round boulders*, mixed with pebblei^ both 
of which are composed of Granite, Gneiss, 
Mica slate. Porphyry, Gnuwacke, Quarts, 
Mountain Limestone, containing organic re- 
mains, all the sand-stones and coaI-shales« 
coal, fuUer's-earth, cha]k> and flint. In this 
bed the chalk pebbles are in tlie greatest 
quantity. On the western side of Holdemcss, 
along the edge of the dialk hillit, a very ex- 
tensive tract of rich land has been formed, in 
the course of ages, called Warp Land, which 
consists of the clay and sand deposits of 
the Hmnber. The greatest breadth of this 
tract is frcm HuU to Hedon, a distance 
of nine miles, and its length, from Hull to 
Lowthorp, a distance of twenty miles. A 
narrow piece of newly-ibrmed warp ex- 
tends tram Hedon to Spurn, including Sunk 
Island, and is called the Matrshes. How 
long this operation of' land making has 
been proceeding in this quarter, human pe- 
netration and local records are alike incft» 
pable of determining, but that its date is 
of many centuries is obvious, as Drypool, 
which stands upon the present bank of the 
Humber, is mentioned in the Domesday 
survey, and a causeway, extending from 
Beverley to the ttewly-built town of HuU, 
at nearly its present level, existed id the 
tiane of Edward I. The depth of thewarp 

• Fragmcftitt of rock. . • 

at Hull b foety-cightfiBtts beneath It is a 
bed of moor land, ooosistliig priacipnlly of 
pert earth, two feet in thiekness. Tlie waq» 
land extends beyond DrifBdd, butitictbeie 
mudi shallower than at Hull, and its width 
does Bot execed four miles. That Chisaaooi:» 
BOW oovered with warp, was foiuerly npoa 
dMsurftoe, isshowxt by dienatureof ttacun- 
posltioB, being evidently peat, iriiich oouK 
not be fimned in any other siturtion ; and 
that it is extended across the Humber inftv 
LinocAiBhire is proved by piaees of wood, ex- 
actly the same as Hiose found in ttie raosr. 
having beta wa^ed up at Hetsla 
high wind. 

The Wolds oonsist of one cxtenaive i 
of indurated chalk, the surface of wMdy is 
very curious ; bndien by a vast numbei; of 
deep dales and sudden depressions, most of 
them, if not aU, taking a direction towaris 
some general outiet to the east or the aoutli- 
east of Yorkshire. It may be ofaaervc^ 
however, as a peculiarity, that the whole of 
the extreme edge or maq{in of die Woidsb 
to the north and to the west, with 
oeption, continues in % regular imd 
state along the surfiioe, iivithout any of those 
depressions which take plaee at a very litlla- 
distanoe within. The depreasioa diat hna^ 
thnmgh the margin is at Market We^hta\ 
and a small canal, upon Foulton's plan migh^ 
at an easy cxpenae, be directed tnm hence |» 
the navigable river Hull, near Beverley, widi 
great public advantage to this part of tte 
ouuntxy. In France and in America omalaflf 
diis description are becoming very geaera^ 
and prove highly advantageous. It ia very 
probable that the Wolds have been the latt 
deposit of ail the great masses of simple and 
homogeneous matter in this part of tba 
world. There are scattered all over this 
elevated tract nodules of pyratet, of « nouiail 
form, composed of iron and sulphur, which 
the eountry people call bnUeisi there are 
also great quantities of loose fingmenta of 
sand-stones, which are perfecdy foragn to 
the calcareous matter of which the WokUsoe 
formed, and they have, doubOesa, 
brought here by the action of the see, 
the chalky stratum had been deposited end 
hardened, or they would have sunk into 
the pulp. 

All along the eastern side of the WoUla 
from Bridlington to Beverley, and Arosn 
thence to Uessle, by the Humber aide* the 
sand-stone, and the dialk which rests upon 
it, dip and vanish under an extensive bed of 
alluvial soil, whidi forms the whole of Hoi- 
demess. On the north and west the Wokls 
exhibit a bold and striking front, resemliiiiig 
a marine eliff, wfaieh is cnUrcly sunvnuided 
by an extensive plain of aliuv|al defwait. 


ipreadi^g to tbe iK»tti, the tvest, «na the 
vnAf mad Iwiiiiniiting ins dnater foraif 
with the toOemiag towat aad vfllega upoo 
lis otttskirte : Christharp, Libenton, Cayton, 
oMBcrf AytBtia Bnmptoii) Wyoomls Sneiii^ 
tOB> TliomtOBj Puskerii^ and titeoeB in a 
i%ht fine Ivwuda Hanulton HUL Stietdi- 
li^ wotwanl it tenainates at or aearKnot- 
tin^eyt Monkftyiton, Tadcaster, Wdhorliy* 
Knatedno^, Ud Aldborougb, at eadi of 
irtiicii places is found a bed of litnestane, in 
a sloping direction, dipping under the aSlu- 
vial deposit towazdaliieWQldi. Thisttme- 
stane covets In ah imootiiKMiiQahletnannet the 
extcBifVe <and«b»ie and coal s^es Of tiie 
West Ridii«. The aaad stom, Asin# ftom 
imder the ts^fitri bed of Unie> extetide to 
fiiadlbnl, at which place beaotiful iiti^res- 
nOM of Eupbofbiunl, Bamboo Cane» and 
odwr tropiomC produetidns aie to be s*n; 
aad in the naighboavheDd of Bradfocd an 
ahm siKsie ia fimad, widcfa might probaMy 
te worked vifth advantage, betii from the 
ample tnp|Ay of cbal, andth^ieady damand 
£» the alum when nMBufactared. At alit> 
de distance fJEom Knaresbro', near the river 
side, and ahnoit opposite to the mansioa of 
Sir Thoa. sahigsby, Bart is a bed of Stioiifian 
esith, Which is Very ran^ If noCtml^rue, hi tins 

The Mamifactttrca of the Norlh and 
East Ridings are upon a very eireu m aetibed 
fioskb The conuneroeof these divisioea of 
the eMmty is principally cunfiaed to the 
ports of HiOly Whifby» and Searboiougb, 
aad Ka natuia and ekttet wiU be appieeiated 
by a nierenee to the history of Mch of dlose 
ptans coutaineii in this voluxfid. 

YorkshbwisrichinAnttquities} e^ery 
dividon in the Ibllowmg pages win be found 
toabeand with them, but they aie too nu- 
meroos to be laeapitulated, except in the 
geaend iadesss to these volumes, fhmi whieh 
tiieir description in the work may be referred 
to^ Thedtyof Vorkinpartiindarisaniass 
of andquity, sad the brief but oomj^rehen- 
■ve history of that venehible city, wift its 
esdiedal and other public buildf&gs and ia- 
ttitotious, wiBbe read with a lively hlteiest, 
and BMy be fcnfdieiCly retted upon, being 
dmwto ftom flie beat aulhortties. 

It has aifeady been observed* that the 
* See Volume I. Page xii. 

Ecdesiaatleal afflurs of this County are under 
the saiMstotCBdauea of the Archbishop of 
Yoriit the PriaateiH England, and that they 
aredilelly administered by the Archdeacons. 
In Yorkshire therfe ate four Ardideaoonries. 
namely, York, East Riding, Cleveland, and 
Richmond; these are divided into sixteen 
Deaneriea, Whldi are thus arranged : — 


DeiMefyiM^^ity and Ainsty of YoriL, 

AncHDSAcoiraT or Eaot Xiniiva* 

Dto Mrjf B uduro8e< 

Arcrdsacowrt or C&tiritAirpk 




Rlpoaeum»Maaham, «pec«* 
ABCwaaAcoway or Richmovb. 
Deanffy— Buroughbrid^, 


This ardideaoonry extends mto Lahearillr^, 

Cumberland^ and Westmoreland. 
The parishes of Yorkshire amount to M9, 
and the Townships and Chapelries, etehnlve 
oftKeparishes, to no fewer than 1310. 

At the period of the pnblieatkm of the 
llTst volume of this work, the pafmlathm re- 
turns of die wheie-eouBty, up to Che 28th of 
May, 1891, were net folly completed, but 
they are now printed, and in our poasessloB. 
la the first volume were 0ven the retunis 
of all the places in the Wsat Ridmg under 
the head of ad " Indbx of PLAcaa," and 
the retunis for the Atasty, the East Ridteg, 
and the North Riding are given with theanne 
particularity in this volume, theteby com- 
pleting the populathm letoms of the whole 
county, dfstingvishlng the parishes and the 
townshipa withtai each} and to render this 
return still more fuH and eomprehensive, a 
summary of the population In aU the wapen- 
takes, liberties, and sepaiate JuriBdIetions of 
Yorkshire, Is hoe wMicHsniA ^^ 

tTHK wmsT nioiffG CBAkiTABLB soctVTY is a bencvoleDt lastitatio* of great 
utility, and has for its object the relief of the Widowsi Orphans and distressed Famt- 
ua of the der^, vrithia tbe Archdeaconry of York. For some time this Institution 
did Boi receive that support to which, by its meriU, it Is entitled, but latterly, from the 
acal of its oflloefs, public beneflcenoe has itowed more freely into this channel, and dur- 

th« lUv. Joseph Swaine, of Bi^eoton, near teeds ; and fox the Deaiketies of Doncasler and 
PoBte&aet, the Rev. flamnel Sharp, of Wakefield. 

VopuUtian of Hot&fUte, 


WUDiT Stnud ^__ 

TDai NoTtb Ridiiv. 3».73i|lia.;»7| 11. wall 


Totil of Iba County ... 





Origin of the City * 13 

fcboneom the ancient name, 13 

AitapIdeChniiiedhyEledurui «....« 13 

r e>t w <d.»» »»»»«« »»««««»« ».••■«•• IS 

VorfctaUttaytheRomam 14 

ita natinhtanee to Rome 14 

Beednea theaeat of thct Roman Emperon 14 
Adrian, the ftjunder ofthebunier wall, 

takea up his atatkni here. 14 

The Emperor Serenta xepein to Yoili... 14 

repels the Scota... 14 
ictntna hither*.... 14 

ITeridiaospleadoaror York 14 


Seatfi of Seveius , 

lAldTing admoiritioa..... 



^hnperial parple aanimed by GeU 


jBeta miud e i ed by hia brother in his mo- 

; tiler's anna..... 15 

fhehnperialficBtricideaasaasinated 15 

Jtoman improrements......... ............ 15 

Ckraoslus procbimed Emperor of the 

Romans at Yoiic 15 

toain first diaiteys her tnaritime power 

tmderhbswmy 15 

Emperor murdered and succeeded 

by Alectos. 15 

of the emperor CooatantiuA At Vdrk 1 5 

the Great bom here.. 15 

haanguratioo in tills city 16 

ilously converted to Christianity 16 

iU York for Constantinople 16 

line of the Roman empire 16 

IritainabaadooedbytheRomtas. 16 

rhe sixth Roman Legion.. 16 

lan remaiiu /ound in this dty 17 

'orii tile seat of letters 19 

occupied by the Saxons. 19 

Saxona driven from York by King 

lur SO 

idCoQToeationat York... 20 

first Christmas festival celebrated 

Britain held In this ctty^. 20 

iblishment of the Saxon Heptardty iO 

lin invaded by the Danes.;;. 20 

ir first opentions against Vork.* 20 

Sai^nary battle fonght in the cfty, 

and Yorit reduced to ntlns 19 

Battle between Etheired and Sweyn...... tO 

Canute's reproof to his courtiers fll 

InvastonoftheNorwegtam «.. SI 

Battle of StamAjcd Bridge tl 

Short^ved victory of Harold fll 

Norman invaaion fll 

The kingdom conqueiM by William 

the Norman ** fll 

York garrisoned by the Conqueror flfl 

The ganiaon expeOed by the aid of the 


*.... flt 

York besi^ed by the Conqueror.....*. 

taken and the dtydeatroyed.* flfl 

The eountry laid waateftom the Hiun- 

ber to tiM Tweed flj 

The dty of Yorit rebuilt §3 

York viaited by Henry II. ..'. sj 

First Englidi Pariiament held here. ts 

Memorable persecution of the Jews....*.. $3 

Royal Convention S5 

Another Partiament held at York sg 

Invaded by the Scots. ss 

Edward III. hiddihls court here 25 

Splendid pefkxl in York history. S5 

York viaitad by Richard II. fg 

Priceofprnvlrionainl393 sg 

Archbishop Scroop's conspiracy and fkte sy 

Visit of Richard III. to York. 27 

Insurrection of John a Chambre sg 

Suppreaikni of the Monaaleriea flg 

Pilgrimage of Grace 28 

Visit of Henry VIII. to York 28 

The sweating sickness # 29 

Conspiracy to restore the Catholic religioo 29 
York visited by James 1 99 

visited by the plague. 29 

CharlesL visits York....* 29 

assembles here his great council 30 

Breaking out of the civil wars.... 39 

Charles fixes his head quarters here 39 

Battle of MaxatonMoor ».. .11 

York besi^ed 32 

Mirrendered tit Lord Fairfax ....... 39 

visited by Oliver Cromwell 32 

I Henrv Jenkins 3.t 

1 Old Pair *.... M 




... 33 

Charles IL proclaimed htre ••••« 

York visited by the Duke of Cumber- 

Umd after the battte of CuUoden M 

MUitia riot V^VV TXl" 

Visit of the Prince of Wake andthe^^ ^ 

^"^jTchart^Vox il^d M^^^ 34 

of the Duke of Suwex |4 

The city walls • 

The four wards of York ,., ^ 

The Cathedral "V ' ^ 

destroyed and rebuilt 36 

Rate of wages in 1361 36 

Complete catatopie of the Archbishops 36 
Comparative magnitude of the Cathedral 37 
I>escriptionofthatediftoe 38 

of the exterior 


Periods of public service 

Curiosities in the cathedral 

Persons of distinction interred here .. 

Clergy of the Cathedral < 

Liberty of St. Petar's 

TheBeddem • " 

Churches of York 

Dissenting Chapels of York. «. 

The Nunnery.. • •• 

Dilapidated churches and religio'iS hqusea 48 

... eo 


■ ....a....* 













St. Mary's Abbey — — 

The Red Towcr....«.... —..-... 

The Old Bayle..... • 

Clifford's Tower — ..•.....- 

Benevolent Institutions..... ••— • 

Hospitals.. ».•••• .. ►••.•••M »• 

Asylums ..,..,••*...«. 

Free Schools.....* ^ 

Sunday Schools..— ••••••»••• *® 

York Emanuel 58 

Humane Sodety, direetions of ....... .*..i ^9 

Trade and Commerce ...... .••»•••.• ^ 

Banks •*•'- ^ 


Newspapers and Racing Calendars. . . .. 

MariietDays • 


Merchant Companies 

Stamp Offieet>M.... .....•*•*••••••****** 

Po* Office «j-J2 

Navigation. «*-^^ 

Hawkers' and Pedlars' OflloB.-.. « 

Excise Office * *J 

Manufactures ^ 

Population return.. J* 

PlMesof PuWlo Amusement ..— » 

Theatre Royal..... J 

Assembly Rooms.. ** 

Yorkshii^ Amateur Concerts 


Mrs. Thornton's match (Note)..... 

Powell the pedestrian's performance....* 
Equestrian feat of John Lupton, Esq..* 

Nevison, alias Swifi Nick, 

Public Baths 

Prisons,.... » 

York Castle 

New Gaol •— 

House of Correction 

Courts of Justice.*.... 

Corporation ** 

Mansion House.. .........••? 


Subscription Libraries 

Cavah7 Barracks , 

Eminent character^ ... 

Contrast between Ancient and Moden 


Alphabetical List of Streets < 

Directory of the CUy 73 

Mails and Post Coaches 

Water Carriers 

Land Carriers 

Poulterers and Carriers 

Classification of the Professions and 
Trades in the City of York 117 to 






or ruM 


TOnCor noKACtnt it MmmA tC 

(k flMMQiMsfece of fhc Tims Oum mm FOMf 
IK0 flK onlK of GteliC Billablf md in one 
flf Ae noM rich md csrtEUdfC Ttilici in 
ai^ML ft is the cti^ttal <ir the gnat 
fltaMyt»ifliidiitgiTesilliiiie, theseeoT an 
knWUbop, yibo Is pifjnMe md mctiopfdi- 
Ml of E^kttd, and the second eitf in rank 
fiOeldogdoin. Tliitf dty is plaoed at the 
ptut of Junction, tttoogh Independent of 
HyeA afi, of the three Ridings or dbtricts 
Uto vfaieh the shire is sabdivided. Anti- 
ifiarisng, into whose reBearches and oonjec- 
ittn it is not the tafwAiieaB of this history 
dfeeplf to enter, hold ttuA, it was bailt by 
Biiratttids, the son <rf Mempricius, a British 
Ut^, the tfeSid from Bitite, and caOled tiam 
its firaaders Kaer-^raue, or the <dty of EHv 
aneos, in the year of the world, 2963, aboat 
the 6me when David reigned in Judea, 
sUGsd, Nathan, atid Asaph prophesied in 
iBoA Of king Ebrsucus, it is recorded, 
tiiathe also built Aehtd, supposed by some 
tb be Aldbcvoogh, and by others Carlisle, 
and also Mintnt Agrua, the capital of Seot- 
liad i that he reigned uxty years, and by 
twenty wives had twenty sons and ttiirty 
dsQghtas, and dying at York, was inter- 
led* in a temple, dedicated to Diana, which 
lie had ereeted, and of whldi the aneient 
duoA of St. Helen's, at the junction of 
Blakestieet and Davygate, now fohns the 
icmains. Anottier eonjecttlte is, that a 
coiony of Gaab haviiig seated theniselyes in 
Spaia and Portugal, weit» driven from 
tiicdce by the Romans idfb mid-E^land, and 
tDQknpthehr h«aa stiifioB at Yotk, to which 
they gave Ow nane of Bboraeuth,^ (VUn 
Itori, a town in Portugal, or EbCbra, in 
Anda i n s i a-t Leyland and Camden consider 
the name as derived from the situatien of 
the city on the fiver Snte, to which the 

* Geofry of Moamottth. 
t Sir Thomas WiddzingUm'i MSS. 

Romaiis Bright MttHMtecttuitatidB cimi, or 
the Saxons vfc, m pfawe of ref^: and if 
the pofait was dear, which it is not, that the 
Ouae was anciently called Eura, ai low as 
York, it would go far toirards Rtfllrtg the 
etymology of this aneient city. Ih Domes- 
day boOk, York is called, Civltaa Ebomm, 
and Eurwle. Humphrey Lhuyd, the learned 
Welsh antiqnarian, in mentioning the Bri- 
ganttee towns that are in Ptolemy's Gto- 
graphy, says, Kboracum it well known to 
be the very same city ttiat the Britods called 
Caer-£flVoe, and is now contracted Into 
York. Drake, the historian of Yoik, in his 
Eboraoum, gives several other conjectures 
upon this subject, vrhldi serve only to show 
how ftitile is the attempt to solve a difficulty 
involvad in the obscurity of upwards of 
twenty oentuifca. After the death of Ebrau- 
Gus, little but the names of their kings is 
mentioned by BritiA Mstoriuis, ft>r thirty 
SttCcessioBS, except, that Geofly of Mon- 
mouth, says, that Elldurus having driven 
his brother Artbgal IVom his throne, met One 
day, in hunliog, his deposed sovereign in 
the wdods, and as he had long secretly re> 
p^ted of the hijustlce he had done hiM, he 
took him home secretly and concealed him 
in his bed diamber; then feigning to lie 
sick, he assembled all Ms nobles from various 
parts af the kingdom, whom he admitted 
tetohirchamber one by one, and cut off the 
headt df every one of ttiem tfiat would not 
prdhise i^gain to submit to the rule &t Ax- 
togtth The agreement Ibr his rettoration 
beihg ratified, Klidurus conducted his bztv 
tlier to York, where in the presence of thd 
asJMifihied people he took thecrown from his 
•wn head and placed it upon his brothers. 
Artx^l bdng thus restored to his klhgdom 
ictgded for ten years tai peace and «|Olty, 
when hd died, aadwaa buHed at YotH, and 
was agaisi sucoaeded by EUdurus. 

Alcikio anative of 'this cHy^ who wrote 
I ncsr » tiioMsaDd yean ago, aays, ttiat York 




vas built by the RomuHt umI he has left his 
testimony on this sutiJeet in the fbUowing 

iltfiic Romans mataumurU, ^ turrUrtu, 

Fundavit prbno^ » ' ■ 
Vtfierrt ducUnts securd potenHa tegvA: 
Rt decus imperil,ierrorque tuatUVnu arnd$. 

Tliis city« first, by Roman hand was form'd* 
With lofty towers, and high built walls 

adom'd ; 
It gare their leaiden a secure vepose t 
Honour to th' empire, terror to their foes. 

This was no doubt the traditional account in 
his day, and the resetnbiance which York 
bears to the fbrm of aneient Rome gives 
countenance to the opinion: The plan of 
Rome left by Fabius, represents it in the 
form of a bow, of which Uie Tyber was the 
string, as the Ouse may be said not unaptly 
to be the bow-string of York. Both these 
rivers rttns directly through the cities which 
they water, and have contributed to their 
ancient q>lcndour and present consequence. 
Brake is of opinion^ that York was first 
planted and fortified by Agricola, and it is 
certain that when the emperor Adrian cam^ 
Into this island, in the year 124, he took up 
his. station at York. Adrian brought into 
Britain to aid in the conquest of Caledoniat 
tjie Sixth Roman Legion, styled LegU Sexta 
rictrix ; in tlie year 150 Eboracum was the 
ino«t considerable Roman station; and Anto- 
ninus in his itinerary mentions it with the 
addition of ** Legio VI. Victrix." Bfarcus 
A ureUus Lucius,a British king, is said to have 
Ijeen the first crowned head in the world that 
embraced Christianity, and it is highly pro- 
bable that this monarch was bom in York, 
aft. it is recorded of his father, Coilus, that he 
livedt died and was buried here.* In the 
reign of Conunodus, the Caledonians, encou- 
raged by the lax discipline of the Roman sol- 
diers, made a successful irruption into Engr 
lan^, and after cutting in pieces the Roman 
array, ravaged the country, as far as York.t 
li/Iaroellus Ulpius, aided by the Ninth Legion 
drove back the Caledonians within th^r own 
borders, and thus for a short time rescued 
the country from the terrible visitaticMi of 
the northern invaders, but as the sword had 
placed the Romans in Britain, nothing but 
force could sustain them there. 

Tradition now gives place to genuine 
history.^ The Roman power began to totter 
in their widely extoided colonies. The bar 
inBhed Britons had become so bold as to ad- 

* Geofry <^ MiHimouth, and HistoriK 

t Rapin. 
' ' t Vide fivtropii hist. Romaai 

vanoe to York, and under Fulgeniua to undfli 

Ukethesicgeorthiteity. Ynins« 

Propraetor in Britain, Heeling his peiiloat il 

thation wrote to the empe ror Severus^ '* ta 

forminghimnf theinsurreetidn and iwoal 

of the Barbarians (at the native inhabitaBt 

were called) to beg that hA might hnve eitiM 

a greater foroct or diat flie emperor wocdi 

come over in person.'* Severus chose dM 

latter; attended by his two sons, Cani 

calla and Geta, and by a numerous army^ li 

arrived In Britain, In 207* and fixed bisstf 

thmatYoriE. The invadefl on hia arrM| 

retired to the north, and took up their st«i 

in their fortresaes beyond Adrian's Wait 

extending from Newcastle to Carhsle. TWi 

did not satisfy the emperor: Though suflhr 

ing under the coinbi n ed hifiuenoe of age and 

infirmity, and obliged to be carried inahoM! 

litter, he marched from York against the Cn 

ledoniansi penetrated to the extremity of tbi 

island, and subdued this hitherto fierce «4 

uneouquored nation. His next care wailf 

build a stone waU about 80 miles in len^ 

and of gnat strength, in the ^aoe ^tc** jl 

predecessor Adrian had thrown up iiimiNil 

of earth ; and thus the conquest seemed < 

plete, but according to Dion it was not i 

chased without the loss of fifty 

men. Severus having left his son Ct 

in the north, to superintend and facilitatelj 

building of the wall, returned to York, wl 

he struck cohi, on which he designated h . 

self, Britanicvs Maximvs, as conqueror of l|| 

island. For more than three years h eli^ 

and held his imperial court in the Prsetodli 

palace of this city,} frequently giving jt4|R 

ment in judicial oases ; and a rescript o f Kg 

is still preserved in the Roman code, imMl 

by the emperor, and dated from this dtyi ii 

the 3d of the nones of May, in the coasttml 

of Fustimu and Rufus, corresponding to dH 

year 211 , relatingto the recovery of the t^ 

of possession of servants, or rather of sla^M^ 

At this period York shone forth with ei^ 

dian splendour. The concourse of tributlil 

Ungs, says Drake^ of foreign ambasssdo^ 

and Roman nobles which crowned the cqa* 

of the sovereigns of the world, wlica^ 

Roman empire was in its prime, elevlil 

Eboracum to the height of sublunary ff^ 

deur. Before the time of Severus, a tesVW 

dedicated to Belluna, the goddess of «R| 

was erected at York, and it is probable Wj 

ite site, was without Bootham bar, near tp 

place on which the Abbey of St Mary's M^ 

R§ The ground on which the Iwp^ 
ilace is supposed to have stood «**■* 
om Christ's church, to Aldwark, eonipw 
bending the site of all the houses, and Q 
dens, on the east side of Goodramgate, t» 
of St. Andrewgflte. 



<and». Qd tile return of Severus'firom hb 
narthcni ooiKDaect, he aought a temple to sar 
crifioe to the guds who had crowned him with 
sttceeM, when he was led by an ignorant 
nodoayer to the temple of BeDona ; this was 
iooked upon as the presage to the emperor's 
deitht and might in that superstitious age 
bisten the event. Before the death of Seve- 
ni5, bat when his end was drawing nigh, the 
Csledonjans again took up arms and attacked 
the Roman garrisons on the borders. The 
reviTal of tiiis spirit of revolt threw the em- 
peror into a fary, and he sent out his l^ons 
to put erery man, woman, and child amongst 
the insurgents to the sword. These orders 
were given at Yoik, and their t^racter has 
been expressed in two Greek verses, which 
may be r end ete d thus — 

" Let none escape you ; spread the slaughter 

" Let not the womb the unburn infant hide 
" From slaughter's cruel hand.** 

Before this bloody purpose ^oijld be lUly 
executed, death overtoil the emperor Mia- 
i«lf. His last words to his sons whom he 
left joint emperors, displayed the policy itfli 
military tyrant, they were tbes&«-'' I leave 
> uu, Antonipea ("a term of ajg^tion) a firm 
ami steady government, if you will follow 
luy steps uid prove what you ou^ht to be; 
but weak and totterii^ if otherwise. Do 
every thing that conduces to each othen 
good ; cheiisU the soldiery ; and then you 
may despise the rest of mankind, A distur- 
bed and every where distracted republic I 
found it, but to you I leave it firm and quiet 
—even the Batons. I have been all a n d 
yet I am now no better for it," Then tuiur 
iii^ to the van which was to hpld his ashes he 
said — ** Thou shalt hold what the whole 
world could not contain t" He then breathed 
his last.* His funeral obsequies were cde- 
brated at a short distance from the city » his 
body was brought out in military array by 
tlie soldiers habited in his general's costume, 
aud laid on a magnificent pile, erected for 
the purpose. His sons applied the lighted 
torch, and his remains being reduced to 
Obhes, were placed in a porphyrite urn to be 
curried to Rome. On their arrival in the 
imperial city they were deposited in the mo- 
nument of the Antonines, and the ejctraordi- 
iiary ceremony of deification was oopfened 
u |>on the deceased emperor by the seriate and 
the people who valued military renown as 
^')e perfection of imperial virtucr That the 
memory of this great captain might survive 
:n Britain, his grateful army with infinite 
labour raised three, large hills m tumuli in 
tiie place where his funeral rites were per- 

• On tiie 3th of'Febnuury, 219. 

formed, near the city of York, and whidi to 
this day bear the name of Sever niTs HillF. 
This is the opinion of Mr. Drake, but other 
historians maintain that the hills are natural 
elevations in tlie face of the country, and 
merely received their name firom the Mineral 
obsequies having been here performed. 

On the death of Seveius his two sons 
jointly assumed the imperial purple, but Ca- 
racalla, the elder, murdered his Inrother Geta 
in his mother's arms, and put to death at 
least SO, 000 persons of both sexes, under the 
vague charge that they were " the friends of 
Geta." After disgracing Ebocacum, with 
these and other abcm^able crimes, this mon- 
ster returned to Rome, and aftorwards re- 
paired to Syria, where he was assassinated at 
the instigation of Opilius Macrinus, by Mar- 
tialis, a desperate soldier, who had been re- 
fused the rank of centurion. During the 
century of repose whidi succeeded the de- 
parture of Caracalla, the Roman soldirrx 
greatly improved the country by cutting 
down woods, draining marshes, and forming 
tihoee noble roads and streets which to this 
dfiy are eaUed Roman.f It is worthy of re- 
mark, that Ebpracum is the principal city in 
all their itinera or routes, and it is the only 
point from whence antiquaries can with cer- 
tainty fix any Romai) station in the North of 
England. In the next century carausius 
himself, a Briton, landed in this island and 
procured himself to be proclaimed emperor 
Itt York. Under his usurpation, Britain , 
destined in a future age to obtain the empire 
of the sea, already assumed its natural and 
respectable station as a maritime power. 
Oarausius f<Kll hy the hands of, and wan 
succeeded by, Aleetus, who reigned until 
die Roman emperor Constantius, suma- 
med Chlorus, landed in Britain, by whom 
Alectus was dain, and the province reduced 
to its former obedience. Of Carausius and 
Alectus it is observed, that they were both of 
plebeian ori|^n, and tiiat Alectus who had 
been a smith was slain by a sword of his own 

Constantius, who had many yeam be- 
|bre visited this island in the capacity of 
Roman Propraeter, when Aurellan was em- 
peror, had married a British princess named 
Helena, the issue of which marriage was 
. Constantine, sumamed the Great, bom at 
York, in the year 2724 Constantius after- 
wards assumed the purple, and hin last exite- 
dition into Bntidn was In the year ms. Tvm 
years after his arrival, the emperor wan seir^d 

** t For the Roman roads of Yorkshire, 
see Vol. I. West-Riding History, page iii. 
and Vol. II. East and North-Riding H>s^ 
tones, page 5. 

X Eumeniut inter Panegy. Vetcres, 

B S 



iPth » morul diiwMi and hit ton Constaa- 
tine, idio had iMeuleft at Rtme in the hands 
of hiM oqlleaguei DiocWrian and Galerius, as 
fk jiledge or bis Cithei's fidelity, abrupUy 
quitted the imperial capital and repaired to 
York* to reoeiTe the oommands of his dying 
parent The sight of his eldest and best be- 
Ipved aonao revived the emperor, that raising 
hifuadlf in bed, and embradqg him closely, 
he gave thanks to the gods fbr tbi» unex- 
peoted favour, and said he could now die in 
pepoe, as he oould leave his yet vnaocom- 
plished actioas to be performed by him. 
Then gently lypng down, he disposed of his 
»Atfs to his own mind, and taking leave of 
his obUdzenof both aezes^ who, says fluse- 
bius, like a dtoir stood nnd encompassed 
him, he expired, having previously delivered 
over to the handis of his eldest son, the im- 
perial dominion. 

Immediately upon the death qf Con- 
staatius, his son and successor Constaotine^ 
wjs invest with the purple robe in his fa- 
tbo's own plaoeb The inauguration of this 
gn«t monacch, in the dty where he dxewhis 
first bKCRth, serves to shed W additional 
lustjBB en Ebaracum, and has ptQc^red lior 
this «neient city the name of Altera Hona. 
The Ihritisb soldiers in the pay of Eome sa- 
Ivted their illustrious countryman, (mxperor 
•ft York, and presented hia^ with a^a* or 
goldep globe as a symbol of his sovereignty 
over the island qt Britain, This embliem he 
higUy-priaed, and upon his conversion to 
Christianity, he placed a cross upon it and 
had it carried before him in all his procesr 
sions* Since the time of Constantine, 0^ 
tu£s has become the usual sign of m^ettf, 
and is Qonsidereda p«rt of the royal regalia. 
AoBQrdiQg to the J^tin authors, Britain i»- 
majned in peace during the knig leign of 
Constijintipe, though (the country was by no 
xneaps free ftam the irruptions of the Picts 
s^id Scots. The emperor notonly left York, 
bu^ he afterwards quitted Italy ami re- 
moved the seat pf empire ficom Rom^ to By- 
zanUum or Constantinople. The faith of 
the emperor had undei^ne a change, and in 
the year 313, according to Eusebius, he fyf- 
suok the dark and barbarous supentitiiHis of 
Paganism and embraced the Christian fiiith; 
on the sameauthtmty it is recorded, that the 
oonvenion of Constantine, is to be ascribed 
to the miraculous sign of a cross which wis 
dtq^Iayed in the heavens, while he meditated 
and prepsied the Italian expedition. Before 
this extraordinary change took phkce he was 
a worshipper of the sun, and his filial piety 
had hicreased the council of Olympus, t^ the 
solemn apotheosis or deification ofhis Usther, 

Soon after the conquest of Itafj, m fl 
the emperor made a solemn and «n|]Mi| 
declaration of his sentiments bj the eeifll 
ted edict of Mihm, which aeatQced pmm 
the catholic diuidv and pcomnlgata^ ; 
truly oiirisUan prindple of reUgloua Uli^ 
leaving every man to fcUow that JPciy 
which his own eonsdenee dictated* and, 
signing for this universal toleratioi& tlieaal 
weighty reasons^-first, that in this ww^i 
peace and happiness of the people wkh I 
consulted ; and second^ that by aiu^ j^i 
duct, the Deity, wjioae seat is heaven, wm 
be best propitiated. Britain did not v^ 
this change, though the native impepal| 
tenute of YjDirk was the greater aetnr hi| 

From the departuas of ConsTanfiarj 41 
ancient residence of "the Lords of tfaeO 
vencT began to deefine, and thenoatexialii 
Bri^ histtvy, subsequent to that perkkU 
80 scanty, that little more is known thaoJ 
naked fact, that die Romans, after an od 
paftioB of fear hundred yean, q«ittBd| 
islaad. During the greatest part of Hwi 
laod of oeeupatton, theSlxth legiatt off 
Roman army, and sometimes tiie tiiolik, IJ 
latter of wfaieh mctged Into the fonoie&i 
aided at York. This legion coosialed of A(| 
fix to seven thousand troops, of wliich aMl4 
ooe-tBQth part was horse, wid the reroakii 
foot soMiers. The antiquities iaitteatffil 
the long fcsidenee of the Romaaa hen^i 
lasi aumerous then night have been 
posed, if we did not take into die 
tioB, that fire, sword, ignorance, aadi 
stitioa, haveall contribttted their j 
thedevourif^handof Urae, to erase Chel 
aumencs which die fmperiid power 
served to erect. It may seem stru^je, 
we have not to show any temples, 
theatres or palaces, whidi edifices must < 
have made Bboracum shine with 
guished lustre i but the wonder wfll 
when in the followiag pages of this ! 
we trace sudi horrid destruction of 
thing both sacred and profane. To 
Christian ancestors we owe mudi of this < 
truetton } their holy seal rendered dMJ 
anxious to eradicate every vesdge of psfll 
Ism, and the Roman attars and votive bmmI 
ments were naturally enough coosignei II 
destraedon under their Gothic hands. Sl^ 
however, there aro many Roman remalMlM 
be found here, and great quandtles of oaM| 
signets, fibulae, urns and sarcophagi havebMlj 
dug up and recovered through a period d| 
fifteen eenturies. The coins are allef flNi 
emperors, from Augustus to Oratianj and dM 
catalogue of them as well as many other lls> 
mail anttquitlef found in this dty« is pi» 



served in tibe Appendfacto Drakc^s Bboneum. 
The aatiquaries, Camden, Burton, Tliore»- 
by, Dnke, andothen, tutveseurdiedoutttid 
described tome of the moat remarkaMe of 
them. Neuiy tiro eenbiries ago, aMeoaor 
repository for turns of a Roman family, was 
Avg up here, bat it was so little regarded at 
Vorfc, that ra thne it found its way to Hull, 
where it served as a trough for watering 
hones at a public inn ! The inscription was 
raitiy obiiteratod, bat it amounted to this— 
That Sfareus Verecundus Diogenes, a native 
of Bury, iu Gsaomgny, overseer of the high- 
ways of the eoluiiy of York, died there ; who, 
while living, made this monument for him- 
«If. In digging Hie foundation for a house 
(Ml Bishop-hill the elder, in the year 1638, a 
smaO, but riegant urn, with figures in &w«o 
rflievo, of saccificing instruments, J^c. on the 
sides* was fixtnd, whidi was presented to 
Charles I. wfacm at York, by Sir Fcrdinando 
FairfiDc The altar bears a heathen hncrip- 
tion, whidi may be thus translated — ^Tuthe 
great and mighty Jupiter, and to all gods and 
goddesses, hooadKdd and peculiar, Publhu 
AeUu* Mnrciamu, prefect of Cohort, for the 
preservation of his own health and that of 
hu family, dedicated this altar to the great 

The raoet remarkable sepulehral monu^ 
ment that has, in tiiese latter ages, been dis- 
covered at Yiwk, is that 6S the standard 
beaxcr of the Ninth Roman Legion, dug up 
in the year 1688, in Trinity Gardens, near 
Micklegate, and described- by our northern 
antiquary, tlie venerable Tlioresby, in his 
Oucatna Leodiensis. The stone is about rix 
feet high, and two feet in breadth, ri^g to 
the top witti an angle: near ihe bottom of 
the stone is the hMcriptlon L. DVCCIVS. 
VIII. NN XXIIX. HSE. above which 
•Unds the figure of a Roman soldier, with 
the enrign of a cohort or manipulus in his 
right hand, and a com meter in his left. 
Thi| ancient relic was happily rescued by 
Bryin FaiifiOE, Esq. from dem<riition, by tile 
worloaaen who had broken it in the middle, 
and were preparing to make use of it fortwo 
ihrtmghg, as they are called, to Mnd togettier 
a stone wall whldi they were ereoting. By 
Mr. Falifox's direction it was walled upright 
«ith the inscription and effigies in front, and 
was afterwards removed to Rtbston, near 
Wetherby, by Sir Henry Goodriek, who first 
pbeed it in his own garden, and subsequently 
removed it to the more appropriate situation 
of the fduBpA yard.! 

* Dr. Martin Lister's communicatioQ to 
the Royal Society. 

\ See RibstoOf vol« 1. page iSQ. 

A part of a w^ is yet standing in York, 
whidi is undoubtedly of Roman erection, 
and whidi probably served as an intnior ffir- 
tifieaticn to the dty. It is the south wall of 
tile Mint-yard, formerly the hoqiital of St. 
Laurence. This erection consists of a mul- 
tangular tower, which leads to Bootham-taar, 
and a wall whidi ran the length of Coney or 
Cosnng-street, and Castlegate to the Fosa. 
The outride, to the river, is faced with small 
seutcm quadratumt of about four indiesthick, 
and laid in rows like our modem bric% work, 
but the length of tiie sionea is trr^ular ; fhim 
the foundation twenty eounes of these small 
stxmes are laid, and after these five courses 
ci bricks, which are succeeded by other 
twenty-two courses of stones, on which five 
more courses of Roman bricks are laid, be- 
yond whidi the wall is imperfect and oqi'd 
with modem building. The Roman bricks 
are about seventeen inches long, deren 
inches broad, and two and a half indies 
thick, and the cement is so hard as to be 
almost inyerishabie. The tower is ttie same 
on the inside as the out, and has a commu- 
nication with Itootham-bar, under the val- 
lum or rampart that hides it in that way. — 
In the year 1710» a curious and antique 
bust, fire inches high by four in breadth, 
representing the head of a beautiful female, 
was found in digging the ruins nesr St. Ma- 
ry^ Abbey, and is supposed to represent the 
ha/A at Lucretia, the Roman Matron, whose 
wrdngs expelled the Tarqnins. The last 
qiedmen of antiquity mentioned by Drake, 
under this head of the hiifcory of York, is a 
noble Roman arch of the Tuscan order, 
standing in a prindpal gate of the dty, fac- 
ing the great road to the Metropcdis, by way 
of Calcaria or Tadcatter. This arch, whicli 
is the chief in Micklegate-bar, is a trii^it, and 
supports a massy pile of Gothic turrets, lu 
Clilton-fidds out of Bootham-bar, about 
three hundred yards from the dty, several 
sarcophagi or stone coffins, and a great quan- ' 
tity of urns of diflferent colours and siaea 
have been found. Campus Martius, andeiitiy 
without the city of Rome, was the plaoe 
where the foneral piles were lighted to con- 
sume the deceased Romans, and the pre- 
sumption Is, that Clifion-fieMs formed the 
Campus Martius of Eboracum, Abnost all 
the memorials of the Ramans which hare 
presented Oiemselves in this dty, have been 
found by digging : Few of them have been 
found above ground, and it may be justiy 
said, that modem York «t|tnds upon an- 
cient Sbomcunv 

For a descrlptton of the Roman r€« 
mains found previous to the year 1700, we 
are indebted to the indefatigable and elRbo. 
1 rate histOTiao of Yorkt and for the descri- 

B 3 


mSirOftT OF 9HE 

tian of Uioie dUcoY«rM during; tbe l4»t and 
the preceding cenmry* «s weU w for miwii 
oth«r interesting informotim, i*« have to 
offer our acKnowkdgments to Mr. William 
Haigrove't laodemiaed edition of the £bo- 
nujum. From this latter source, we derive 
the foUowing informatioa relating to the 
Roman anticjiuities found in York since Mr. 
Brake's time : — In 1734, a small figure of « 
household god (Saturn) was found by a per- 
son digging a cellar in Walmgate ; the com- 
position of which the imnge is formed is a 
mixture of metal, and the workmanship ex- 
hibits all the elegance of a Roman mould. 
Into whose hands this relic has fallen is nut 
known. Six years afterwards two curious 
Roman urns were dug up near the Mount 
without Mickl^gate-bar, one of them of glaas 
ooated with aulver-coloured substance called 
efectrum, the other of lead, which falling into 
the hand of an ignorant plumber, was oon- 
signed to the melting-poL A pedestal of 
grit with a short Roman inscription, was 
iilso fOHUd the sam« year, near Mioktogate 

A Roman sepulchre* ot singular f(mn» 
was found in the year 1768, by some labour- 
ers who were preparing a pieoe of ground for 
a garden, near the city walls west of Mickle- 
gato-bar, and is described with the elaborate 
precision of an admirer of ancient Romans, 
Iff Dr. William White, in tlie tiansactioDs 
of the Antiquaxian SocMty. The sepulchre 
was fanned of Roman tiles, built up in the 
farm of a roof, and making a triangle with 
the ground below. On l^e top was a oover- 
ing of semi^rcular tiles, of small diameter, 
so dose as to prevent the least particle of 
earth fVom falling into the cavity, and eadi 
taad of the dormitory was closed with a tile 
on which was inscribed Lbg. ix. Uia. being 
doubtless the burying-plaoe of a soldier of 
the Legio noTUi HUpanioa, Two years af- 
terwards, part of the foundation of a temple 
of Roman brick-work was discovered two 
liset below the sui&oe, in Friars' Gardens, 
near Toft«green« beniBatti which was a flat 
grit stone with a Roman inscription, indioa- 
iing that this waa a tomple, sacred to the 
BIgyptian god Ssuxriu, and was erected at 
the cost nf Claudius Heronyroiaaus, lieuteo- 
ant of the Sixth Concpiering Legion, In the 
fame year i^aa found on the banks of the 
Quae, about a mile and a half east from the 
<ttty, a Dumbor of ancient remuns, oonsiatiiiig 
of pieces of paterae (goblets) and urns, a stra- 
tum of oyster shelly, with a number of bones 
of cattle strewn in various direotioni^ coUeo. 
.tively favouring the.ogpinion that a Roman 
Ipnple had stood here^ and that these wese 
Ihe nwoaius of idolatrous sacrifiods oi^Nred i|i 

brass flanan waa also tantecl vp liy 
plough, in a field near Y«rk* weighisi^ 1?^ 
4ioib »nd calculated to oentaio five 
pinta. This v«8sel stood on tbiee kspifc 
the tap of the lid exhibited « 
apparently oonncrtfd with HhfB 

A small Roman votive altaroT 
six inches high and six inehea i|i bgrartfli 
thebaae, bearing n Roman uNcripti^B 
what impaired by time, but from -prtkudi $t 
9ipfmj» tltat this relie waa dedicated Iqr m. 
soldier of the Sixth Legion, to the nootHev #f 
the Emper^ Antonius Pius, was £(nuMl im 
Micklegats, by the workmen, while digipmg 
a drain m the middle of the street, 
remaining for some years in the 
of Mr*. Mildred Bourehier, is now depaaited 
in the Minster Lihrary. Several otber R4»- 
man remains weie found with tHis siltwr* 
about eight or ten feet betow the 9ur£a 
and the workmen met with two or thi 
pavementa of pebUe* fme belaw 
beneath whieh were feveral 
beautiful red glaaed patem. a4om«l- 
figuxes of gods, birds, «nd vinea, mui one of 
them inacribed iant/i there wer» nleo 
small altarik and an earthen lamp witb 
Roman coins of Constantine the Grefst. 

Thefi^wiiigvoBiains have been found 

in the pr^Mnt omtury, and for agee yiet tp 

come the inexhaustible mintf 9f fHiti<iK««riMx 

wealdi, en whieh the eity of Y4»k wtamik'* 

wiU doubtlese, yield their eeptnlmtlMQe tf> 

the eabinels of the eurious. In Juae« 

the workman, while digging Unr the 

tionsof the New Geol* aear theait^of U» 

Old Bastile Hill, fbuud alw>ut onehnn^srt 

silver pennies of William t)he DftvaiAstoe- ifk 

good preservation^ thot^ih it ia pnpbnMe 

that tiiey have lam in the gfomtA mc«r}y 

eight eeuturies. Accordiiig to Lelamd, a 

eartle anciently ateod on tlris site. The 

most venerable sepi^ehml remaMli «vhidi 

have befm preseited to tint ap^iqimry f^^ 

many yeanu were dH«>veved m S«9^e^pher, 

1404, by tiae workmen while ftimsing « Iwne 

drain in the Mioster^avd* fineea ao^^^ «t> 

west of the eaithetealv Alter ptwing tbrqugh 

a Hiratum of humas bones under whUih 

two eottns, heUowed out of the aoUd 

the w0rkaMsi eame to eleven or tvel^ne^eoC. 

ans( eeoh (brmedof sto«e(apii4n«iitJy hfous^t 
from {^ ««arries of Malton) loosely pl«e«i 
together, without cement or Isateping. Simh 
of ;|h«ae eoilBS wiss eevened with a xmtg^gmg 
four mohes thidc, iwAer «hieh ekeleftim 
were found hiid on the hace«arlli^ timffifrfniis 
being without bottoms. The situaiion being 
wetj eeme-of tke coffins contained |i tmaatity 
of dear water, through which the skeletons 
eppeamd^giqpt liiitwhM«ie«p«lar w«a le. 



mov<4 «wl the iKMliM e^poted lo liie air, 
tteTOvnliltdiatodoflt Th^tingidarlbnn 
of Aoe eoffim, the rough mamer in wUdi 
tiMy JtcjPia n rt nm rtt wmI tiMfar dvpth m 
the iirtk, vmve tMr gnat antiiiatty, and 
oaafirai the baiicr a«t Uwy are vMtfgai 
■otveialy of Romaa oi Suum timt». but 
atit\biBfumtimmo$lm of owf AbmriciBal 
aaeolnf. Oii|«iMidB7,thcl7tliof AugiM^ 
lW7f vhitefhewiarhaacD wece piepannK ^>^ 
fouBiatHina for a building war BantofTs 
Hofpilal, toihe cBdMrtnof Voik, a Ronaa 
vBiilt ptmeutH itaetf about fiwr ftetham 
Che Kirfiieer ffhidiiiai aiglifc ftet long by im 
leet vride^ and u feet h«h, buUfiof rttii« 

fia of zag stana gri^ irihuut eeffvii iaeC kng* 
oeoifimnemlf the whole aC the vautt, and 
in the aoflbi ia a huasan akakten eatiffe« with 
the toilfa eonplete, auppoaad t» be llie ra> 
Buias of a Romwi lady* oeoMgned to Um» 
Bunaioai of the dead f anrtaeii eenteiiee agok 
Near the dcnU, whidi is wwarlriibly enafl, 
aat fopad a iMtkrimtUory, in which yeifda 
the aociealB depnaitad the taaas dief shad fer 
their deiaotad ficienda* The workmen alao 
fimad at tte aaine time, not in fiwn the 
ntiH, a large red oplowced am, in wbidi 
■ere adies, and the partially bamt hanea of a 
hmaanbedy. The whole eolleetitta ia pre> 
serad liar the inafeciiw of thecnrioiiB,aad 
«8sr beaaea in 4be plaoa where tbcy hem 
huaan^iateilledu while upwards of finrty ge- 
vcniioas of bm« have piiaad afar the stage 
of famean aBuatanmw la a ieU without 
ntnitbaiw Isu, tM>9 RoDam steae aoSaa wsee 
dug 19 ia Hareiv 1818, each emitaintog a 
skrictsaeptta, with the leeth^tiie most im- 
jMrisfaalAe pantrisf aaan whoi dead, and the 
moat Urtle t€» 4ecay when lining, entire. 
Thne eoflhM an warn dcfVMitcd ia the «a. 
thednl anpoogat ellier aepilahml antitqpiitieB, 
•setgeeliofialereiRittolheeariflHa. In Hay 
ia Ae aanne year, tvo atone coOns leiren isat 
iaknglh, and tiwQB feet wide, eutoai of a 
soM hie^ of atane which was kftaix kschcs 
thidi,wereduguiiin a gfavel|ntnearFul- 
fad rtaird)^ a» eeeb of which was a bumea 
dielsten, aiid a saaaU qumtity of a white 
nitetsaee resemUiiig liiaie satumlad witii 
gicaaa. These eeawina are now ia the pos- 
icanen ef R. StaBcnon, Ssq. of Boetham. 
SiBTaral eoqjectMies have been ftmned m to 
tikeideBlaty of ihe eeeMpanIs of these asa- 
aooiceqeaseaienlVs aed aume of 4hem had 
evidenMgr uaidariaiie dfaaplb'ttwij ^bom his 
simU having bam IdumI on the hreest, it 
was qf im n o Mt l y iiawgiaad that this was 
ATTHIiJiaf Serciopft, the anleataHferaMrcif 
the d iUCT tb ec a fa i r y, vha araa'taaaehenmsly 
«Mai k^jm Emi ef WeMmaeelafHi, ami 

M AUtawigW Oe 

site of f»*oi fF»t IsHriim* wunamia 
nana of tesaeiattd pavamaata have eUtapt 
been fiouod, but itwm net tUl the year 1814, 
that any icsnains of this kind were erer di»- 
eoyemd at Yofk. In fte month of Marsh 
in that year, a b^autifbl apedmen of tiiis 
lloaaie work was diseevered a<Uniwing the 
tampart within Micklegate ber, vhieh has 
been cleared and eudosed, and is, alongwith 
a number of other ftoaaaa iimsiai, preMsr. 
ed for the inapeotion of the evrious* 

The decUne of the Roman power ohilgbi 
ed them to abandon thdr distant eoai|uests» 
and in the mign of Theodoaius the yoangv, 
the empire aunksafitat, that Britaia, and of 
ooune York, the dty of the Bzigautiaas, ae 
it «m called, wm no lang^ a residenoa Ibf 
the " lords of the anivene." Roam and 
York both declined ti«ather, and to them 
might be applied the refleotaon of the old 
poet, on the Ibll of Carthage: 

Unhappy men! to mourn onrliTOiP short 

When dtim, realma« and ampirea shafe 

our £ite. 

During the period between the emcua- 
tion of Britabi by the Romans, and the 
conquest of this island by the Nonnena, 
the dty of York pertook hugely iu the 
▼idssifeudea to wMeh the country wm ex- 
posed. The Picta and the Soots, theSaxona 
and the Danes, each in sueoesdoa, ereoled 
thdr staadaids before Its gala, and obtained 
possession of the dty. The genend histeiy 
of Novthumbria, during them eariy ages. 
Is already sketdied In this wmk, under 
the head of YoRKaHiaat* and it wiM 
suffice hern, to remark of this epoch, that 
York, though shorn ef that sfdendour which 
imperial R6ma conferred, still maintainad a 
distinguished rank as a uMtropolitaa dty, 
and u the centre of comraerdal attractioa. 
The ceiefaFated instructor of Chariemagae, 
who wrote hi ttie nimh century, thua speaks 

'* Quo variiipopuHs et regnisundiquelecti, 
Spe lucri Tenant qu«erentes dirite terra, 
Mvitim, sedMQ sioimet lucrumque larem- 

" Hither 4sr gain from various farajga 

Come trading pe<H}le| seeking opuleneea 
And a secure abode in wealthy land. 

At this period, York wm the seat not only 
of trade, but of letters $ she wm, kuleed, 
the Afhem of that dark age, and the library 
ooReoted by Aidiblshop Egbert, said placed 
in the eathedml, mufced amongrt the fliat 
in Chitstimdem. Aleute, In one ci Ma 
le^tm^fojl;^ m*^ mv^ Cl^rlefM«iie« re- 

• S«i«al.l.pagetT. 



quests that seholan may be sent from 
Fnmce, to eopy the works deposited here, 
" that the gaxden of letters may not be 
shut up in York ; but that some of its flroits 
may be placed in the paradise of Tours.*** 
William, of Malmsbury* speaking of this 
library, says, '* it is the noblest repository 
and cabinet of arts and sdenoes in thewhole 

Among the most eelebrated of ttie Bri- 
tish monarchs before the conquest, was 
-King Arthur. This monardi expelled the 
Saxons from York, and almost firom the 
Island, in the year 520, by the sanguinary 
battle of Baden HiQs, in which 90,000 of 
the enemy were slain. Arthur, after the 
defeat of the Saxons, undertook an expedi- 
tion into Scotland, with a determination to 
destroy that ancient seat of enmity from one 
end to the other. From tliis purpose he was 
dissuaded by the Bishops. The Seots had 
just received the gospel, and it was repre- 
sented to the King, by his spiritual guides, 
in the true spirit of that religion which he 
professed, that Christians ought not to spill 
the blood of ChriBtians— « maxim* that 
has unfortunately for the w<»rld, not been 
sufficiently inculcated in modem times. 
A/thur, after his expedition to Scotland, 
returned to York, where he convened an 
assembly of the clergy and people, to heal 
die divisions, and to r^ulate the ai&irs of 
the churdu At this time, this great mo- 
narch, and his clergy, with the nobility, 
and the soldien, kept their Chriatmas in 
York. This was the first festival of the 
kind ever celebrated in Britain* and flrom 
which, all tiiose ever s'mce heU have ta- 
ken their model. ** The latter end of De- 
cember," says the historian,! '* was spent 
^n mirth, jollity, drinking, and the vices 
that are too often their consequences, so 
that the representations of the old heathaiish 
feasts, dedicated to Saturn, were here again 
revived. Gifts were sent mutually from 
one to another, frequent invitations passed 
between friends, and domestic offenders 
were not punished. All this was to oeie- 
l»rate the nativity of Christ, then, as they 
say, bOm." Arthur, after all his giory, had 
the misfortune to be slaiu in a rebellion of 
his own subjects, and by the hands of 
his own nepliew. From his death, violent 
dissentions arose among the British princes, 
and the Saxons again so completely pre- 
▼ailed, as to gain an entire conquest over 
the whole kingdom. Those Britons, who 
would not submit to pass under the Saxon 
yoke, sought abater in the Cambrian moun- 

* Epist. Alcuini ad Carolum Rwem. 
Coil. I. page 399. 

t Buffhamn. 

tains, whele their poaiirily, aoemding to 
Welsh history, have ever skice uaitkfMlMrt 

It doesnotbekmgtotMewoflK to Opmc 
the events of the Heptardiy, of wbi^ peiiDdl 
it has been observed, with some JoaCie^ 
that if <* the old wives* tales and 
dreami^ be expunged, this volume of 
tory will be reduced to a page. Bnt it li 
proper to reeord, that In the year 867 1 
Danes, who had long envied the happi 
of their ndghboun, the Saxons, in tlie 
aesriott of the greatest and the weAlfluaft 
island in Europe, fitted up a m^ty flea^ 
and entered tiie Humber in tiiewpring, witk 
a strong invading army, under the caattoamA 
of Hingttar and Hnbba. Th^r first opem^ 
tion was against York, yrhen a sangruiDary 
battle was fought in the midst of the <Mf, 
and the two Saxon kings, Osbert and Ella, 
being slain in the engagement, the eity Ml 
into the hands of die Danbh invadecs. la 
the oonfliet, York was reduced to a heap «C 
ruins, by the enraged barbirittu* who 
spared neither palace nor cottage, 9ge, or 
sex. " Matrons and vli^ghis," says Hoveden,* 
were ravished at pleasure. *nte huabaaA 
and wife either dead or dying, were toesad 
together. The infant soatxdked fkoxn ita 
mother's breast was carried to the threah<M, 
and there left butdiered at its p$xea,W door, 
to make the general cty more hideons." For 
some ages die stru^le was midnttfned ia 
England between the Saxons and the rhmon, 
but in the year 1010 the power of the for* 
mer was extinguished. The Danes, under 
Sweyn, their sovereign, advanced inhK 
Northumbrla, with a powerftil army, and 
pitched their teats on the baaka of the Ouae^ 
To this plaee, Bthehned, the Anglo-Saxon 
monarch, with an army sttengihened by a 
number of Scots, mardied to give them 
battle. The engagement, whieh to<ric plaee 
near York, was bloody and well oonteated. 
Ethebed fought to retain, and Sweyn to ob- 
tain a kingdom . Victory at length dedtted 
for the Danes, and Ethcdred, with a few of 
his fidJowers, seising a boat, passed over the 
Ouse, and fled into Normandy, leaving hia 
crown and his kingdom to the conqueror* 
The Danish viceroys, or Cmnites Ncwthnm-^ 
brise, took up their residence at York, whUe 
their sovereigns not unftequendy made 
this city the royal residence. The death of 
Sweyn, who breathed his last at Gain». 
borough* took plaee in the year 1014, and 
he was iucoeeded by his son, Canute, the 
most powof ttt monareh of his time. The 
reproof given by this King to his fawnhi^ 
oourtiem, is so just and hnpreasive, that its 
memory has survived through eight ocn- 
turieii Some of these flatteren tormklBg 

C^rY OF Y4ms. 


out m asftrnkm^^ iMtmiratina <tf hte 
ptwcr tad grtoikur, causbimed, Uut to him. 
tray thigg ^18 powtlile. Upoo vhich, 
CmiteordnHibbfliMarto be ptooadivon 
^soMhore, wiuie ttetidewHcWiig: w 
«di a voioeof.aiatlnrity tontii^ and to 
cteF the lord oCtbeoMtn. Fmraometime 
Iw^afQedtoeit^napeetttionQr thdrraj^ 
panwm, buttheceeatOl adrvioed to««i«i 
Wn, and h^gao to wwh hin with in htt- 
knts; oD«iu4i^taaMd to hii courting 
«Bd-«aid, '*Be|^|M>wteUe«iHliiii|ioleitf 
kmaok, PfrnvxnoM^teth in «ae Being atawk 
m^hoflebMidf ^ tbeeknenteeC oaliwe, 
aadiKboalioaecaa my to thir-rT?i> TOw 
>'4*ctf4A(w ga mtd mo Jnriktr J m^ «h* 
OP Jevel mtk his nod tte moittoweriag 
fiteaf pride «»i mM^aa." 

On the deeth of Cmantt, in lOSff. 
PiTDidthisse wTdto^, lOffiamedllanCBet, 
tomedcd to bie British doroJMww; this 
BMnerqh wagsooepeded hjr Hwdienuito* ft 
Ueomoos lyEnt» who died two ytwsiifter 
hiseoeenieo, «k 4hie miiitiels oTa DeniA 
kwL Edsrani, tbeConfasor, though mi 
Uw heceditery desesndttiti wMaisedtotte 
thraoeby tbe vcrioe of the people^ to the 
cKfibxABQ «f Swqra. the Danidi deimapt, 
and PM the last of the Saxon Use who riiM 
IB S^gknd. Harold, the aott of Godwin, 
iMceeeded Edward, but was onpoaed hf m 
hnthcrXasti. at whose iwtwioe, Ilsiftgwr. 
theJUi^ of Karway« «inda i too>c the imr»> 
ibBof this fcingdom, witbawmceevsaad 
WRttappouitod anay^ cnhackedoa boaid « 
kindof Morwrggian ansada. This toighty 
UTOTnwtt ^Bt BBa d the Huaaherf in the am 
tanaof 106^ and the ships sailed ip the 
Onie, asfvas Rieeall. within ton anlfli of 
Yoili; wiifintber ware moored. Ha^iiw 
landed their forces, the invaden manhed to 
YatiE» wUcb dty tbey took by stem, nAst 
adoperate oonflic^ fought at Fnlfiikd, «• 
the eve of St. Mfltfthew, wilii Umcwt, the 
fcnrsQor, and Edwin, Eaii of ChesleE. 
HanU no sooner lieard of the anival ef the 
Nvwegians, than he marched to Yoik, at 
thshead of • poweiftil army. On Ms ap- 
proach, the invadem quitted the eity, and 
took up a slMi« position to the Sast of 
Yoiii^ haffTog tte Derwcait in ftoot, the 
Ome to the rii^ aad thsir mnry oi Hfee 
lift. Harold, dianfuding the edvantoge. 
ons position of the snemy. dstormtoed to 
«DSi the wooden bridge which passed over 
tlM river, and to attaek them in their 
tanehes. Bis aaany was put to atiotiaa 
tody in themonuig, butan impeament, as 
the historians say, was iaIwpQstd by a 
*l»Bipton, i9 tbe Kervegiao army, who 
plicnighinydf onthe bridge* kept by his 

own individual pto we u the whole British 
army at bay Cor tluee houial Thishsvo 
beii« atlengthalatobyadaxt, the EoglMb 
aimy passed the lM(idge> and attacking the 
enemy to tiieir tranehes, sword in hand, vie> 
tory dedared on the side of Harold. The 
King of Norway and Tosti were both slaiai 
and their army, which comMlnd of aiaty 
thousand roen« sufltered so completo an 
overthrow, that tiMtugh finom five to tix hun- 
dred vessels were necessary to bring them to 
ITi^and, tofsnty vessels wem suifietsnt to 
airry bach the miseraUe ramainB that snr- 
vived the slaughter. This battis, 
at SMP rise, and did not 
till three o^dook in the afternoon, was 
fov«h)t at Stomfard Bridge,* on the Sldof 
Septombar, 1O0& Tbe spoU taken by the 
vieton ww immense, and it is upreasiUed, 
that the goM akme whieb the Norwegiaaa 
left b^nd them, waa as much as twelve 
men euaid eaary on their ahoulden.t Ha* 
roM'a trijmffh wes of short duration. Re- 
turning to York, on the night uf the battle* 
he gave orders far solemn feests and le- 
ioiciofi to begin the next day. 
bad these demonstmtinns of public joy 
msnoed, whema mameogar arrived ftom the 
8aMth» and awnwinned to Harold, as he tot 

that Puke William of Nosmandy, 
landed with a aalghty army, etPevcnsey, to 
Sussex. Tba leesntly aequired vietasy of 
Harold, tkoagb gsaat and tMBOotobto. 
proved m the main pr«|udioial to lUs to- 
terests, and aaay be MCWdedtotliel 
diatofauaeof hitniln. He had knt 
of his bravest oOoers and seMiets to Ik* 
aetio»» endhe had diagiMCed the apm^graei. 
by mAistog to distrilmte arooiv th«m toe 
Ntvw^ten epcdb. OnteariAPtagtkeintcMi- 
gasne <d «he nrrWal ai WiWam* the iUog 
mmcbadatthebced of his army, ihrengk 
London, to Sassea. to eader to ecpel the 
iavadsn. Here the magnbiaiy baMleof 
Hastings «M fought, only nine days aftce 
the battle of Stamford Bcidge, and ham 
HanM ket both hU kingdom and his iifo. 

Barii« the heptorcfay, York ww n- 
duoed ftom tbe capital of a kingdom, to tha 
capital «f an earldom. In this state it w- 
msined ClH theadgn of Sdmnd, the €an- 
fawor, in wkoto tiam it safltied a sttB 
gRnterMTototiont forfoeughil is the g«- 
nemlly leemtnd apinion, thai Mftod first 
divided Eag land toto oonntlM, shires, or 
skrievcaUles, towwdstheeloaaaf the ninth 
eentnry, and apfuinted a diief ottcor to 
gorem thoos, eallada 8Mr»r«nr, ar SherilC 
yet it does not appear that this chaage^^ 
• Saa Stontftod Bridge to thif^rolutot* 
t Camden. 



|>laoe in the north, earlier than the middle 
«f the eleventh century, when the andent 
kingdom of Narthumbria, which extended 
ftom the Hnmber to the Tweed, and from 
the German ocean to the Irish sea, was 
split into shires undo* the dedgnation of 

SurelDtciesctte, Itirl^muTUiesetre, 
Honnifitrrsetre, Coplanlre, einre 
talUtf t^e Btfitlopncl^ of iiurfjam, 
S2^e0tmettlonlie k Cumttelonlre, 

No sooner was William Che Comjfttekor, 
estaUidied on the English throne, than Ike 
showed that his policy was to root but the 
«M!tent nobility, and to degrade the native 
inhalritants of the hiunblo' classes, to ihe 
situation of miseralde slaves. In the NbfCh, 
where the ^irit of liberty and independence 
has always been cherished, the tyrant wai 
determined to rivet his chains. For this 
purpose, Robert, the Norman^ was sent 
down to Durham, widi a guard ctf tCOmen; 
but the inhalritants rose npOn the 'governor, 
sand exterminated both him and his gtfard. 
William oaee more drew his conquerii^ 
sword, which he was not soon inclined to 
sheathe. He maiehed into' Yorlc, at the 
head of a poweifViI army, and the city with 
its two eastles, were speediTjr garrisoned 
with Norman soldiers. The Saixod nobles 
in this taty had manifested a disposition to 
shake off the Norman yoke, and on the 
arrival of William, they fled into Scotland, 
where they were joined by Malcolm, the 
Scottish king. The Danes soon 'after 
united in tfaeoonfUeraey,. and arri)^ in 
the Humber with a powerAil urmy, unditt' 
the command of Osbem, brother' to the 
Danidi king. Their first optoratiOtt was 
against York, which they carried on the 
19th of September, 1069, sword in haud» in 
the midst of flames, eukhidfeed by the Nor- 
mans, t» prevent the suburbs ftom being 
made useful • to the besiegen. lA this fire, 
the invaluable library ot the cathedral was, 
to the irr^nralHe injury of leamin|r, totaUy 
destroyed. William no sooner heard that 
the garrison oi York had been taken by hi^ 
enemies, and that • three thousand of his 
troopt bad been put to the sword, than he 
hastened, at the head of a powerfM army, 
into the North « and on his mai«h thither 
was often heasd to swear, ** by GoeTs iplen- 
dour,* whith'was his fa^i^ourite oath, that 
he "wooiA not leave a soul of 4hem alive." 
On his arrival in Yorkshire, he had the 
address to corrupt Osbern, the Danish ge- 
neral, and to induce him to quit tlie ooontry 
with his army^ leaving his alUesto'the venh 
geance of the ruthless tyrant. For- six 
months the iei|^ of York wat proieciited J 

with all the means which the Conijueror 
could command. During tills time, Wal- 
iheof the governor, and his troops dispkyed 
pradigties of valour and constancy ; but at 
length famine began to rage in the city wifli 
dtfimttch violence that the garrison was ob- 
liged to capitulate. At first the Conqueror 
aflieeted to display some degtee ot forbear* 
ance, but it was only the better to secure 
I^ victims ; a p2«tence was soon found to 
dispatch the gaOant Waltheof, by the hand 
at the executioner; and, ft ts said, that he 
was the first nobleman ever beheaded hi 
Engtond. Upon the andciit kingdom of 
NOrthurabria, the Normah looked as the 
nest of tebelliOD. Under this impressicm, 
and in^rder to gntify his oim bfood-thin^ 
taature; he rased the city of York to tile 
ground, and with it fell iSI the principal 
nobifity and gentry in the' North, and a 
lasge portion of the inhabittnts. The gar- 
rison, which consisted of English and Scotch 
troops, notwithstanding the' articles of ca- 
pitulation, an perished, " and this tMAle 
dty," says William, of "Mflmsbury, him- 
self a Norman, " was wasted by fionine. 
fire, and sword to the very roots.** Nor 4fid 
the tyrant stop here : he laid the wholeeooa- 
try waste, from the Humber to the Tweed, 
and rendered it so complete a scene of deto- 
laiion, that for nme years neithesr the plou^ 
MV the qiade was put into the ground r Mid 
fldfth was the wretched state of fhelnhali> 
tants who escaped the sword, that'tey 
wefe fenced to eat dogs and cats, hones* wi 
even human flesh, to preserve their mxEer- 
SMe existence. Thia account is confirmed 
by Roger Hoveden, and Simeon of DuifiaBi, 
as- wen abby the concurrent testimony of lA 
the historian« ot thoee times, and firbm dtlt 
day lo*thitf, Yoirk has never regained iti 
andeilt spleodour. Before the Norman odtt< 
qoest tlie city of London was inlferior to 
York,* and the author of the PolyehronieMi 
writes, fbki beforeit was burnt by Wllliasn. 
York Mended as fair as tile dty of Romeb 
and wak justly enough, by WllUam-HaJifriseB; 
stilsd, AHera BomaJ Ac<i6rdlng to Lelahdt 
the si;rt>tirbs at this time extended to flke 
towns a mile round thr«fty. 

Conscious Of the detentaHoii in Which 
hd waifhefki, William entertained a perpetuifl 
jealoniy of tho ISngliah people. In the wwi- 
tomness of pow^ he obliged them every ikigiM 
tochctiagoishthrirflvts ahd candles, at 19ie' 
ring' 6t>^ bell, called " The CurftiW:* ffe 
also caused a su^rvey tO'bemade*6f all the 
lands in the kingdom, lAiich were-unregis- 
feared in theiDomesday bb<^, many -of- the 
estates of the nobles in Yorkshhe, a» in bthet 
"•' • * J. Hardyn^e. 



parts of the kini^dom, he wrested ffum their 
rightf al amaen aod bestuvred upm his raptr 
ckms HoUowetb 

For half a century the history of York 
B almost a blanki but in the reign of 
Stqdien, in the year 1137» it appears oooe 
more to have reared its head, when it was 
^n destroyed by an accidental fire, which 
burnt down the cathedral* the abbey of St- 
Mary'g, with thirty-nine paria|i churdies in 
the city, and Trinity church in the suburbs. 
At this awful juncture, David, king of Sootr 
land entered England, at the head of a pow- 
erful army, and ravaged and laid waste the 
country to the very gates of the city of 
York. Roused into energy by these accu- 
mulated disasters, Thurstao, the archbishop, 
who acted as Stephen's viceroy in the north, 
tummoned the neighbouring barons, and 
nhortedthem to repd the en^my. Enraged 
to see their country deaolated by the inva- 
ders, they each of them in their district col- 
lected a considerable force, which assem* 
bled at Northallerton, and totally defeated 
the Scotch in the famous Battle <if tht 

For seven centuries York had exhibited 
a series of sanguinary wars, and repeated de> 
fohtiom ; from this period it enjoyed, for 
some ages, the blessings of peace, and again 
rose to wealth and importance. In leas than 
fifty years after the terrilde conflagration in 
the reign of Stephen, Henry II. under pre- 
tence of raising money for the holy wan> 
imposed upon his subjects a contribution of 
one-tenth of their moveables, and demanded 
from the city of York, one-half of the sum 
that he required from Londoiu At that 
period York was eminent for trade, and in 
the 27th year of the reign of Edward III. the 
staple trade of wool, which had before been 
at Bruges, in Flanders, was fixed in this city. 
Many of the merchants of York were mem- 
bers of " the corporation of the staple," 
established at Calais, and the wooUoi numu- 
£acture flourished in York so late as the 
reigu of Henry VIII. In that reign an act 
was passed regarding one branch of the ma- 
nufacture, tlie preamble of which sets forth, 
that " V^liereas the city of York being one 
of the ancientest and greatest cities within 
the reahn of England, before this time hath 
maynteyned and upholden by divers and 
sondry handicrafts there used, and most 
prindpally by making and weaving coverlets 
and coverings for beds, and tliereby a great 
number of the inhabitants and people of the 
laid city and luburfae thereof» and other 
places within the city of York, have been 
dady set on work in spinning, dyingi card- 
iag» and weaving of the said oovetletS)" '&c. 
* Sec Northallerton. 

This trade eontinued toprevail fflraome «gea 
afterwards, but in the year 1736, when the 
author of the Ebmwum published bis book, 
York was no longer a manufacturing city, 
nor has the staple trade, whidk baa made the 
West-Riding its principal seat, ever returned 
to this ancient oapitd. 

In the ages following the Norman con- 
<iue8t, York was often visited by the kiuga 
of England. Henry II. held the first par- 
liament ever mentioiied in history by that 
name, in this dty, in the year 1 1€0, in which 
HaloolxB, kiog of Scotland, appeared, and 
did homage for the territories which he held 
of the English crown. Eleven years after- 
wards, the same kijog called another parlia- 
ment, or convention of the bMiopa and ba- 
rons at York, to which he summoned William 
the successor of Maloofaut to f lo homage for 
the kingdom of Seotland; on which occasion 
the Scotch king dqposited on the altar of St. 
Peterj in the cathedral church, his breast 
plate, spear* and saddle, in memorial of his 

At the commencement <^ the reign ot 
Ridiard I. York became the scene of a hor- 
rible penecution and massacre, which will 
be ever memorable in the annals of this city. 
The prejudices oi the age had stigmatised 
the lenders of money on interest with the 
odious name of luurers, and the crusades to 
the holy land to rescue Jerusalem ftom the 
hands of the Saracens, had enflamed theieal 
of the nation against every body of men not 
bearing the name of christian. The Jews 
were a people first introduced into England* 
by WilUam the Canquetor, and in York, 
Where a number of them settled soon after 
the conquest, they might be viewed with 
some portion of that horror which the bloody 
deeds of the tyrant so naturally excited. 
These accumulated causes of hostility en- 
gendered in the minds of the people an im- 
placable hatred towards them, and thedaims 
which they had upon the estates of those to 
whom they had lent money aggravated the 
public hostility. To obtain popular favour, 
the king, who was crowned with great pomp 
at Westminster, strictly enjoined and com< 
manded that no Jew whatever should appear 
at his coronation. Notwithstanding this or- 
der two of the principal Jews in York, of 
the names of Benedict and Jocenus went 
from hence to London, with a pompous 
retinue In order to meet their bretlitcn, and 
to present presents to the king, as a peace- 
offering, at his coronation^ On the day of 
the ceremonial* many of the Jews mixed in 
the crowd, and the populace, with a savage 
ferocity* commenced a general massacre upon 
them in London, plvindcred their property, 
burnt down Uiclr houses, md destroyed 


upmetmt ot t^E 

munteit^ theilr wIvm «i4 diOdKa. TUe 
king ii9u«d forthwiUi • proelanurtleiii to 
•topihese proeeedfngi, but Che cuntaple of 
theii]0tro|Krtb«|irMd into tirtoui paitr at 
tiw eouatry, and ahnilar •oenet, thounh on a 
•nalkriciie* «eic tnoiMcted at Morwidi, 
Lynn, Stamford, audY<nk; Benedict and 
Joeeuua, the Yoik JeiM, were attacked on 
their way tb the eoronatkm, and Benedict 
heing gifevtrarfy bruised and wounded, wair 
diagged into a church, where he wa» fbrced 
to renoanee Judai«a» and to auUm it to the 
eerenony of baptianh This oonvetsknif Utt 
heroic Israditfe, with the seal of a Daniel, 
aleadily diacUhned, and when bMntght the 
next day into the ii i eMin e c of the liiug^ and 
aiked whetheFhewasadiriatlan or no, he 
itafwered, no f he waa a Jew, and should die 
ih that fidth. To the honour of the king he 
#BS Restored to his ftierids, but to the re- 
proadi ofKis brutal aaniUantft he diM riiordy 
after of his bndses. Jocenus fettrmed to 
Yorkt where a still more awful fiite awaited 
him. Either by accident or derign, the city 
or IPork took fire, in the midst of a bdister- 
ou» night, and the flsfencs spread in all direc- 
tJoni. Hiis odanrity was seiied upon to 
renew the persecution i^inst the JewA, and 
#hHe the eitisens were eDgq(fed inextin- 
gkridiingthe flames, the house of Benedict 
v#as violently entered by the Ukwiess rabble, 
vfho murdered the wife and children of the 
dieoeased Jew, and applied to their oihi use 
all the property on which they could lay 
theh'tapadous hands. Jocenus, alarmed Ibr 
Ms own safety, sought refoge in the castle, 
to whirh he remored his fkmily and effects, 
and Ms example was followed by nearly all 
the other Jews in the city. The goveifnor 
of the castle having some business without 
its walls, left it for a short time in the hands' 
ct the Jews, who, under an apprehension 
tittt He might have joined in the conspiracy 
With their enemies^ refused to readmit him 
on his return. The hi(^ sheriff, a man more 
under tiie guidance of his paasidns than of his 
jndgment^^ragedby this indignity, issued 
Ifis writ Crosse comttattu to raise thecoun- 
tty to liesiege and take the castle. And now, 
sAys Hemingford, the canon of Oisburgh, 
ii»as shown the seal of a Christian populace. 
An imramerable company of armed men, as 
well from the city as from ottier parts ttf the 
cbunty, rose rimultaneonsly, and begirt the 
fbrtresB. The high sheriff began to repent 
of his inconstderate order, and the wiser and 
liettersortof the dtiiens stood aloof ftrom a 
flood that might soon overwhelm themsdves. 
A great many of the dergy, however, 
joined the bedegers, and a oertabi fimatical 
ftiar, dad in a white vesture, was every 
whefe wen oySag o«t«««*'the tncaiica of 

Christ must be destroyed." This xeidot was 
amongst die-flrst to snflbr the destruction he 
announced, for in his endeavour to £bt tHtf 
battering engines against the walla, a large 
storie fm upon Us head, and dashed out hir 
braint. Driven to extremities, the Jewif 
hdd a eouncal, and offtied, as Uovedeff 
says, amightysumof money tobeallowctf' 
to escape iHtii their lives, but this oSkr was 
nUected. Onwhtdi, as M. Paris ob^rves. 
a certain fbrdgn rabUn, or doctor of tiidr 
law, stood up amongst them and said, — 
"M^enof Isilitd, onr creator has oonmuaid- 
ed that we diOttld at any time be reaidy to 
die for our law; when he gave ua life he 
ei^ohied that with onr own hands, and of 
oor own accord, we diould devoutly restoi^ 
it to him agfthi, rather than submit to the 
crtidty of onr enemies.** This hivitatioa to 
imitate -the example of the foUowiers of Jose- 
plntf, in the eitve of Jotapata, was tambracdl 
by many of the Jews, but othcss <Aoae xa- 
ther to tiy the victors' clemency. Before tiie 
sdf-devoted victims began to execute tfie 
senterite upon eadi other, they set fire to the 
«astie, and committed all thdr property to 
the flames, to prevent it fhnn falling Into 
the hands of thdr enemies. The rabbin 
then directed that the husbands should c<it 
the thrbats of their own' wives and diildneo, 
and Jocenus began the execution first, fa(y 
a^plyir^ the knife to the throats of Anlie, 
Ms wife, and his five children I The exam- 
ple was speedily followed by the other nxas- 
ters of families, and afterwards, as a mark of 
|ieculiar honour, the Rabbin cut the throat 
of Jocienus himself ! Thelastof the victima, 
was the self-devoted adviser of the deed, 
who probably was the only actual suldde. 
At dawn the next morning, the survivors 
announced the horrid catastrophe whidi had 
beftllen their brethr^, to the bedegers, 
casting the dead bodies of the victims over 
the waB, to convince them of the reality at 
thdr story. At the same time tiiey suppli- 
cated for mercy, with an assoianee, tiiat if 
it was granted to them, Oiey would all be- 
come Christians. The merciless Barbarians 
pretending to compasdonate their suflbrings^ 
obtained admission into the castle. No 
sooner was this eflbcted, than they flew upon 
the poor Jews, and dew every one of tfien* 
though to the last they cried out for bap- 
tism. With thdr hands redcing with blood* 
the nmrdoers hastened to the catbedtd, 
where the bonds, which the Christians hstf 
^rea to the Jews, (money lenders) wew 
depodted. These documents they todkoot 
of the chests, and committed to tfie flames 
thus fkeeing thediseh^ and oCliera ftom 
thdr obHg a tiona . This massacre bappened 
at Yoik, on the 11th «f ManAi. 1189 ; and 



it is estimate^ that no ftwei tbim finim flf- 

taenhimdred to two tliouiaiid Jews ia YoiIe* 

fdl Tktinis to tbe sanguiuary penecitfiao. , pMiwad Hm ^>oH(Wfc 

ynhm the news of these deeds of likiod j Mytflv-upoP'Silritk to ^m Vi^^mthtmA of 

leai&edthekiag, wliohademt)ariudfortb«i BonHiglhbddfei whan 1m 

hxAf land, be sent orders to his chanwiUnr ! iritlliBaaa Airy Am akilU « 

and regent, the Bish<^ of Ely, to go down ^ Cerad a aifvl datat* 

iato YorksMie, and e^cecute strict juttioe j The nigB of Xdirard lU. wMdidkiBM 

upon the ofltedets : but the regent ill dis> < with ao audi liMtae in tte aaaala d Bofi 

charged the trust confided to him. for be land, anoalitutea • aplaiidid paiAad in tte 

contented himself by the impositiua of a few! hiflonrfifYodb In tiia yaai 1307* tiM am 

mulcti and fines tipon the inhabitants, and | yaarof hianigot Ihat HMMfeii mtepd Ua 

aotanqgleindiridQal was executed* though I whole many Id iiinilaawwia in ttiii ally. Im 

die ernne might have been brought home to nrdarlooivoit BobartBniae^ kingof 8«oU 

numbers, not only amongst the citisena, but laad» i^k>, with tm amy af tipty. lbn i i iB n i l 

abo amongst persons of the militaiy and horaa naa nmgiag IhaiMfttMni part of Ite 

ecdedastlcal orden. Notintlistaoding the ' Uiydon. White Bdvatd J^f at Yoili pn^ 

horrors of this sanguinary persecution, a 
aew ookrny of Jews settled in York in the 
ome reign, and remidned in this city till the 
time of Edward I. and Jubbogate and Jew- 
lierry, probably both derive their names 
torn having bem the favourite teato of their 

In Ch^reign of Kii% John, » eoRvcntian 
was hdd at York between the Eo^ish and 
ScoCdi kings and their noUes* ia which an 
eziiting dil&raoee was settled by an agree, 
nent that the two sons of the former should 
narxy'Uke two daughters of tha latter. In 
die bat year of ^1^ troublous reign of kiqg 
John, the noEthem barons laid^iege to York* 
but retreated from before its walb, on i»> 
odTing one thousand marks firom its inha> 

The marriage of the daughtar of Henry 
m. king of England, to Alexandiar, the third 
son of the king of Scotland, took place in 
tiie cathedral diuxch of this oity amidst very 
splendid festivities in the year 1330. 

In 1396, another parliament siU at 
York« when the English barons attended* and 
tfie king's eoafirmati<Ni of Magna Charta, 
smI atoo Charta do Forresta, was read to 
them. During this rdgn of Edward I . the 
cavrts of justice were removed firom London 
to York, where they nemafased for aevaml 
months, till ttie Idn^s retum after the fa- 
moos battle of Falkirk. York, then ranked 
anocgst the English ports, but Hull had at- 
nadyb^lim to ziae into fiuneaa a maritime 
town, andaoonabsoKbedalafipeshareofthe 
eaoBnerce whidi was fonneiiy confined to 
this city. 

In ttas zeign the flamebmke out, which 
for nearly a eetrtury involved England aud 
Scotland in that general conflagration, with 
the vents of wludi every reader of English 
history is CamiHar. The SooU marched into 
England m greait fotee, Mid having laid the 

paring for this asqwdiitoaw th«a caaMto Ida 
aid John Lord BaaBmanl^ of UaiuMilt, tm 
of the bnMst knights of the «g^ •saoaa- 
paniad wittk other gaUaatlalgbta aadgwtla- 
maob whObWithbiaiattnuacaaoiMaadaband 
of fivahuBdrad, oraeaordlBgtoKaigbMoa. 
of two tlMMaand man. Most of theae lb- 
rsj0ieis vera lodged ia thasnburbat but la 
Losd John himself tte kli« artgaad th* 
abbey of White Moaks in tiw dtj. The 
kiag with thaimaiB'k mother, lodgadia Iha 
monaatery balonging to the Friaaa Mhioca, 
whieh mast hava baaa aa estaasiaa and 
stately buiUinf, sfaMeaaeh of than iMpt a 
separate eomt aad that of the lUi^ waa vaqF 
nsagnifioeBt For aia w tc hi. Ediawd had hir 
court at York* withan wmy of sisly thou«- 
tend iaan» whAdi, aotwilhstendingitenaaw* 
batet vaa wall auppliad with peorisioBSf of 
which the eiHaaos frit aa lack. The «»- 
rsigaers too had leMaa to be jati«kd with 
tbctr cnterteliim«it» but Jaalousiaa arose ba- 
twaen them and the Engiiabf which ware not 
tanninatad without MoadOied* Oa Trinity 
Sundayf the king. gara a magnifinaBt enter* 
tainmeot at the monaatery. To hia usual 
retinue of five hundrad knighta* he added- 
sixty mora; nod the queen's mother had ia 
her aaite sixty ladies of the htgheataank aad 
greatest beauty in England, ikisnight waa 
given a splendid ball, bnfe while theeoutiam 
were in the midst of their amttsemeut *' a 
attange and hideovs noise inteitupted them 
and alarmed the wltole court" A eenteat 
bad arisen between the fiweiga auailiaries 
andabody of English archon* who lodged 
with them in the sobuibst and hostUities 
being onee begun abetton auaeessively came 
in cm both sides,, tail near three thousand of 
the archers were collected. Many of the 
Hainaulters were stein, and the raat wsce 
Qbtt^ to retire aad fortify thamaslves in 
their quaxten. Puiiag the QvaaaaL »^J^ 

country waste to the gates of York, retired. | the city took fire, aad. it.wes with etualdif. 
The ardOMhop fired withii^igiuaiffn, ^Mped # See Mytoo, ¥ol. U. 




fieulty thAi the king was able to lubdve the 
iamct and to netiftin tlie fiery tpiritB with 
which he had to contend. The foreigners 
breathed nothing but vengeance, and on the 
night Italkming, headed by their officers, 
they lidl upon the Linootaishire and North- 
•mptomhlre archers, and slew about three 
hundred of them* This rash act induced 
about six thousand of the English to com' 
Une, and to take the desperate reiolution to 
saerillee every wul of tlie Halnaulten to the 
of their oouncrymen. By the firm- 
and wise precautions of the king, this 
catastrophe was anested and the tranquillity 
df the dty was ultimately rectoted. During 
dicae tiansaetiotts arobasiadois arrived In 
York firom Scotland to treat (^ peace, but 
alter seme weeks the negodations broke £^, 
and the king with all his baraos mardied at 
the head of his whole army against the Scots, 
In all the martial pump of' those diivalrous 
tSmes. It is not the province of this history 
to follow Edward through his campaigns; 
aufflee Itto say^ that after a keen pursuit the 
Scotch army was at last overtaken and 
cooped up by the Euglish In Stanhope-park, 
ftom whidi they were suflbred to escape by 
tiw treac^iery of Lord Mortimer, at the mo- 
ment when they were ready to surrender 
fkom ttie cravings of fiunine. Edward, cha- 
grin^ at the luss of bis prey, when it seemed 
within his grasp, returned to York and after- 
%«rds to London, having previously dis- 
mlssed Lord John of Hainault, to the Conti- 
nent, bounteously rewarded for his services. 
The next year Lord Jobn« returned vrtth his 
niece Philippe, the most celebrated beauty 
of the age, and with a great retinue ooh- 
ducted her to York, whoe the court then 
was, in order to her marriage with the king 
in this city. On the Sunday before the eve 
^ St. Paul's conversion in the year 1329, 
the marriage was publidy solemnised In the 
cathedral; by the archbishop. Upon these 
happy nuptials, says Frolssart, the whole 
kingdom teemed with joy, and the court at 
York expreisM these feelings in a more than 
ordinary manner} for three weeks the feast- 
togs were continued without Intermission, 
fberti were nothing but juste and toumamento 
in the day time, and maskings, revels, and 
interludes with songs and dances in the 
flights The Hainault soldiery, actuated by a 
licentious and revengeful spirit, took advan- 
tage of this cttrnival to treat the inhabitanto 
with outrage and violence, and to such an 
cxeeas did they earry their misconduct, that 
they ravished several of the wives, daugh- 
ters, and maid servants of the hihaUtants, 
and set fire to the suburbs of the city, by 
which a whole parish was nearly destroyed. 
>e citiMBs tcandalized by those proeatd 

ings, challenge4 the Hahutufters to battled 
diis challenge was accepted, and the bnttle 
was fought in a street called WatUng-^at^ 
with such desperate fory that live hundred 
and twenty-seven of the fordgners were slant 
or drowned in the Ouse, and two hundred 
and forty-two fell of the Rngilah. During 
the wars in France, in which Edward voA liis 
renowned son, the Black Pdnoe, gaified the 
memorable victories of Crecy and Poictias, 
and rendered captive the French king. David 
Bruce, the compietitor of John Baliol» king 
of Scotland, undertook to invade England, 
which was then 1^ to the sole govermnent 
of the queen. Bruce penetrated to the gates 
ci York, and burnt part of the suburbs, har- 
log laid waste the country through whidi , 
he passed with fire and sword. Philippsi, ' 
the queen regent, then at York, bavii^ eoU 
leeted a powerful *rmy, repulsed the inva- 
ders, and pursued them to Neville^s croaa* 
in the county of Durham, where, on the 17th 
of October, 1347, ihe gained a signal victory* 
having shdn fifteen thousind of the Soots. 
and taken Bruce prisoner. The victorioua, 
queen having rescued her country firom the 
hands of aeie ctvuA invaders, returned \a 
York, and subsequently presented king 
David to her husband and sovereign. * 

The unfortunate rrign of Richkcd 11. 
was extremely fovouraUe to ttie ciUiena of 
York. That monarch visited the city seve-' 
ral times, and granted the dtiaens many 
charters, immunities, and privileges. On 
his visit to York, in the year 1389, to adjust 
a dispute between the archbishop and the 
dean and chapter, the king took his sword 
from his side, and gave it to be borne before 
William de Selby, who was then dignified 
with the title of Lord Mayor, which is re- 
tained to the present day by the first magis- 
trate of this city.* In this reign Ednxund 

* A sMxtmNm upon the necessariea of 
life was fixed in the reign of Edward I. 
Which continued for many years with «er- 
tain modifications, and in the year 1393. 
an ordinance for the price of vlctuala and 
drink was proclaimed in a full court,, at 
York, " by the advice and consent of our 
lord the king's judtice*'* in manner fol- 
lowing to- 
Good wheaten bread 4 loaves per i 
Strong beer per gallon ............... i 

Claret wine per gallon... wiii 

Red wine, the best ▼iii * 

A carcase of choice beef. xx iw 

A Scotch cow «..*..... X 

A carcase of mutton xx 

- . ■ of the best veal ...m.... il vl 

■ a lamb %iti 

A hog, thel)est lit iv 

A capon iw 

A hen m......... I 

A fat goose „ iw 

A fresh salmon, the largest d: best ii 
Oats per bushel i i| 

CITT or YOtK. 


huglef, tbe i^ md ofSdwanllU. 
anted the lint Dulw of Vovlu ▲ 
fkras dstemper, of the natura of a pli^M* 
nged with ^mt viotonee througfaont fiBf- 
taad, of whieb malady there dM» in tl» 
city of YoKk alone, in the yean 1980 and 
UN, twelve thoMnad aouk. In tiieniae* 
iWBtli year of tiie kinif a iciign two dieria 

erantad into a eounty 

the city of York 

The ifihtfritanla ofYorit 
mindAiI of thew beneCMtkiBa and voyal 
CHrioai* and tiiey took the fint opportsnity 
to nmifiert their gratitude to Riebanl. «ven 
•ftortiie depontionandmnnlarinPoiiteftaet 
cKlle. Henry Peicy» Ead of Northnniher- 
hoi, haTfa^r toethis brother and ion in'the 
Inttle of Shxewsbury, Riehard Scroopk 
AnhUfahop of York, vhoae hrather the 
kiiy (Henry 1 Y.) had beheaded, and Thoaun 
Movbray. Cat Manhal of Snj^and^ whoae 
fttfaer died in exile, united with Locde Fal- 
coDbeij^, BardnU; Haatingi, and odieia, in a 
aooipincy to depoaettieoeeupier of Rlcfaanft 
throne. The ardibishoii^ impatienee 
dphated the diackwttiw of the pkit. 
ftuBed Mfvenl aitidea of 
againat file King, which he eaueed to be fixed 
apoo the doors of the diurdiea in hie own 
dioeeie^ and aent ttmn in the fenn of a dr- 
eidar into other countiea in the Kingdom, in- 
titiag the people totakeuparms torefonn 
abuek To atrengtlien tliis eeU he preadied 
asecDKm to three oongr^adane anembling 
for religioua wonh^ in the cathedral, and 
nused 90^000 men gaddenly to armiv who 
ioined his staadazd at York, on whidi was 
JNdnted the five wounds of our Saviour. — 
To subdue Uiis rebeUion Henry sent an army 
Id 30,000 men into Yorkdiire, under the 
ooBUnand of the Earl of Westmoreland and 
the Piisce John, on the arrival of the king's 
ftnces at York, tiiey found the arcfaUshc^ 
encamped out of the gates of the dty, onthe 
forest of Galtaes, so advantageously, that it 
wssaotjudgedadvisable to attack them. The 
wily Earl, aflbeti^g to fiavour tiie views of the 
iasuigeota* solicited an interview with the 
I aidibishap, who took with him the Earl 
^ MsnhaL Ha.ymg got them into his toUs, 
and plied them well with wine, he arrested 
tbem on the spot for high treason, and their 
fives paid the forfeit of their predpttaney 
and misplaced eunfidenoe. In 1406 the Earl 
of Northumberland i^atn appeared in arms, 
and was defeated and slain on Bramham 
Voor, by Sir Thomas Hokesby, High-sheriff 
of Yorkshire. Henry soon after came to 
York, and completed his revenge by the 
execution of several of the insuxgept citi- 
(CDs, and the oonfiscatiaii of their estates. 


Hmuj VL, the haoof Aftoeonit, ba- 
ing cngagad dnring the p ei ne ip al paituf hia 
reign in the wars with Fianeab Biada only 

visit to York, what be and hia 

to perfoxa their devoCtonaaftlha 
ralda shrine of SI. Mm of Bevniay. 

Doriiv t^ c^*U wan IHIWMB the rival 
houam of Yoikaad LanaMler, this ekty waa 
the randeivous of annlas, and the thaataa 
on which waa^Qsplaycd the acnMrlala of 
loyal veB«eanea. Altar the battle of Wake- 
Md, In whieh Rkhaid, DiAeof Yorknat 
hia fate,* the head of that noMnnan waa 

lie bar, aaworaaliotlM 
of a noBbar of hki foUowcia. The 
of Xowlon diangad the 
ftiftuna of fte two wam,t and the viatariiwiB 
Edward lY. eauad Hut head of hia Ibthar 
and of hte adherenta to be taken fhrom Mte- 
klegata bar, and the heads of thefawaifa 
riannobka^ Devon and Kimt, totakelhdr 

Whan Edwam departed thia lUi, hia 
broChar RkhanI was at York, and had a 
ftinetal xaquiem pafdnnad in tha eatbednl 
of that dty for the repose of hia 
After Richard IIL had oaurpad the 
leign power, and had bean amwiiad in 
don, heeaana to York, where the oocanMiny 
of his coronation was petfntmad a laeond 
time, in the cethedial, by Archbishop Ilo> 
therham. Tournament^ maaquaa, and 
other divenkma, together with the most 
luxurious testing foUowad the eoronation, 
and by thdr immense ooMs errhauttetl the 
public treasury4 Richard dis t ii^ishad 
the dty of York by vaiioua marks of royal 
munificence; and the dtiaens showed thdr 
gratitude by a iteady adhamoa to hia 

After the battle of Boaworth field had 
piaeed the erown on the head of Henry VIL 
the people of Yorkshire and Durham refused 
to pay aland-tax imposed for the purpose of 
deftaying the expenees of the army. The 
Earl of Northumberland was the reputed 
adviser of this measure, whidi rradcied him 
so unpopular, that the populace assailed his 
house, and dew the Earl, with many of hia 
servants. The sword bdog thus drawn, 
they threw away the scabbard, and qhosefor 
thdr leader Sir John Egraucxit, a man 
greatly disaflbcted to the house of Lancaster, 
and John a Chambre, a man of humble birth, 
but possessed of avad share of popular in* 

« See Vol. i. pege 429. 

t See VoU i. page 411. 

± Except the treasury was very scantiW 

supplied it could not have l>««V«"dly 

exhausted by purchasing the "•S"^"*J* 

of life, fbr it appears, that aboutJgisUme 

wheat sold. for '2b. a quarter. 
Is. lOd. and oats for Is. Sd, 


HUiOEir'^r tke 

TboiMt SBtlof Suncy befng sent 
fjcaimt tti« i MD igiM i t i , Mr defstCed their 
fvtecipil bandy •nd MMde John a Chambr* 
tiMk i«v*r«l «r Ui'tdtiawen pfisoMR. The 
Ci»l of tiw SMloOBteiit* fled to Yorit, and 
afterwaidt diipMMd, while Sir John Egn- 
nttir Ibandf'tt acylufli in Aaoden, under 
•the prateallon of MMsaMt DaeheMof Bttr> 
gMkly. iohtt a* CJtemlM, lew Ibrtunate, 
waabfoii^e toiMal^ and eftMUed at York, 
«4fhggNat MkattA9f, ttponnhlf^ pSkom, 
witfi a BuadMi of his adtieMntt auipended 

Fraitt thk fMrto* tfa» «Bal» of Yoit 
eontaui acartclt mj bnpoitMW ftaniaecion, 
tiU tto yMtf 1866, tile S7th or Hetty vm. 
'irtwn flii ftfj^pnttioM of (he*nMMiaatitei and 
tilo piiigte*' of (lia- feUaarfliaaon exdted a 
greatr«&MtkMi 1» the'iiovthem eountleii*^ 
The- mftii i ia ioii of ttio t^i|;ioiift houaei; ^ 
tielfed # Mrribto blow ov th» gtantMuv of 
York. In the reign of Henry V. thif eity 
OontalHR^ beskMs tfio eatlkvdnil, 41 parish 
efa«mha« if dulp^, l« 6o«pitidb, and 9 
fldlgt4M» hoiuttt tttOMHag Che nnAilo abbey 
-of 86 K«ry,' wtthDOt Motbam Bar. • Ifii 
wouaetf ca^ DMke, iras the wonl giveih 
tfrai ddwd Ml tike mummtanaa pHoilM, 
chapea^ and he«|^itak ta tfitocityv «Mi '•'ith 
Hieni*' Ibr eoniMDy, I txtppose, I8 i«ri«h 
afattitriiMr thv mateiiali and veveaues tf all 
being eeoviircedlo-iecularineb Thebrian^ 
aiek awl oMpeoi^nwe turned oue of hoe. 
pltala» aBdiiir{e6BMiidnbnaoiitor lellgiouB 
lunweiy 10 atanw or beg their bnad; The 
natuMl ooweqiMnoe of such sweeping and 
Indisdriintaatti feftwdw was to exalte a apirit 
of rebeiliaiBi and In Yorkshite a feraaidiAble 
iaaurfeolkm mm raiaed by RtAart Aake, a 
gentleman of considerable fortune, whopes- 
■untd giett Mhiemie btttie eotiirtry. The 
•Other ebief penoni' oeikaeffaed were Sbr 
Robert CWMnblOf • S^ iebn Btrlmer, Sir 
Thomae Perey, Sit Stephen HamiNon^ 
Nicholia Tempest, and Willlam JLMmtoy, 
Ksifn. Th^ ent^priae they called '< tke 
>pUfft^mtige qf grace, anA they swore that 
«hcy wef« moved byiiootber mptitv thsa 
^beir kmrto God, their eaie of the Mag^ 
fwfaon and' issse, tfaielr desit e to p»rKy the 
BObilily* to drive baae-bom penona from 
about the king, to restoK the ehordir and 
■to suppvtflB befesy. Anured by theas fidr 
pTOtenaioaB, aiboat 40,000 men, frem the 
eounuet of York, Durham, and Lamaaia*, 
flocked to their standard, and their leal, no 
less than their numbers inspired the court 
With apprehensions. When the army was put 
in motion, a number of priesta marched at 
Ibeir head in the habita of their osder, cerry- 
ing orosaet in liheir hands ; in their banners 
— ^ woven a cruelfiy» with the tepres^ta- 

tion of a dudiee, and the five wwnnda of 
Christ :^ and tfiey wore on fliebr aleetean 
emblem of tlie five wounda witii ttift 
<i€Jtsus wrougftt hi the middle. The 
succeeded in taking both Hull and Yoirit, 
and laid siege to Pontefh^t Castle, &ft 
which the Archldshop and Lord I>srcy« At 
the head of a body of the King'a troopa 
had thrown thenndves. The castle apeedUy 
surrendered, and the prelate and tMAfemen 
joined the insurrection. TheDuke of Nor<- 
fblk, at the head of a small anmy of 6000 
men, was sent agaihgr the rdsela. Mid tte 
king issued a proclamation, in whidrUe toil 
them that they ought no more to pte i e «ld tb 
give a judgment with regard to goveraneiiiv 
than a Mind man irtth regard tocoloun>-o 
** and we," he added, *< with our whtik 
" council, think it rl^ht stiange that y« wlb 
'*" are but bruter and Inexpert foIk«, dobAe 
'* upon you to appoint us, whobemeet citMt 
** ibr oar counciK* The Duke of fHlttdk. 
eneamped near Doncaster, where he enfereS 
Hfto a negotiation^ with the rebels, wMA 
was protracted tiU the Pilgrims or QnHae, 
i^Uced ahnost ta a atate of fbrolne, add 
dnpirfted by the sudden rlshig of the Dw^ 
at twO'dSfftrent times, when dtey roeAtacsd 
an attack, b^;an, to disperse, and au Bb i t d 
their leadei^ to be Caken prisoners. Some^ 
them, vlth the abbota of Founthiats, Jbr- 
vaux, and Rlvalx, were executed at Tybati^ 
Sir Robert Cbnstable w«8 hanged fii €taim 
over Beverley gate, at Hull; Lord Dan^ 
was behcttded on Tower HRl ; and Aa1ce» tUI 
leader of the inanrrection, was auapcndbi 
ftom a tower, probabfy Cfiflbrd^ TOwer, ai 
York. In August 1641, Henry YITX. ^ 
Older to tnuiqnilcBe the minds of his sutrfccltk 
made a tonrinto the north t On Mcazrfffl 
at Bamsdale, in the Wc8t-RiAii|r of thk 
county, he was met by two hundred gpeaHtfL 
men in velvet coats and suitable aeecAitie- 
ments, with fbnr thousand tall yeomeii aad 
three hundred clergymen, who^ on thdr 
knees, made tn b miss toi to his Majesty, and 
presented hhn with £800. From theeree llle 
ktog' repaired to York,' where he spent £1 
days, and retnmed to London fry ynty dt 
Hull, crossing the Hum^)Cr, into LinecAl» 
shhre. Five years after ttiis tMt Henry dici^ 
leavfti^ behind hhn the terrible ehara^taet 
that throughout his reign he nefttier spiid 
man in his anger nor woman in hla luati ■■ 
The first printing press was ereeted in Voitt 
fak his reign b^ Hugo 6oes, the son of ana ia- 
gMotrs printer at Antwerp. Thente of tliii 
infiint establishment Vrasfai the Minatei-ytttf, 
near St lIVIIKam^ eoBege, where tlie royal 
printing press was afterwards plaeed in 164S» 
while Charles I. was at York. 
% Foy, tol« li. page 99?^ 



iB the ic^ or Kdimid VL, on the 16th 
€t April, 1651. been that terrible dietem- 
pn, called the SweaUng Sidhwta. This 
diMis^ vhidft fint aaniftited itMlf hi 
Mridm rhtihw, wai www d wi bf e vIoitBt 
raett, wbldi faioaglit on deep* aadtenBl- 
MM in deeth, epnad Ummgh out ttw kta^ 
Am, and pradnoed a great moftaBty fai 

YotkAaxe, dvriag die icign of Mary, 
flnnamied tiie bloody, enjoyed repoee* aad 
it does Bot appear, that this aMient dty 
WM the scene of any of ha penecntioiM. 

Tbe kNV and splendid ndgn of Eiia- 
beOi aSmii few aaateriali for the hirtoriaa 
ef Yak. In her reign, a rebelttan bnAe 
eat is the North, headed by Thomas Perey. 
Earl at Nosthuinberiand, and Cbarles Na- 
va. Earl of Wes tmui e lau d. the oltfeet at 
viuch was to restore flie Roman Gothoiie 
idigjk». Tha fUIiue of this enterprlae in- 
volved nany of the eoosplvatns in rain; 
■Bd on Good Friday, the 87th of If ardi, 
1570, SInion Digby, of AUtev, and John 
Fa^orpcb of laebbeek, Bsvs. wUh Robot 
of Stokoley, and ThonuM 
of PoddingtDo, pentiemen, were 
danm fkom tbe Cadle of York, to Knaves* 
Biie, and there " hanged, headed, and 
fsaztoed." To strike tenor into tfie in- 
haUtaati, tfadr heads with four of their 
qaartccs, were plaeed on the four ptin- 
cipel gates of the city, and the other 
9iarters were set up in diflhtcnt other pacti 
of the eouBtor- The Eari of Westmoreland 
foaad ineans to escape out of the eountry, 
bat Noctfiomberhuid was taken, and being 
atlafaited by Pariianent, was beheaded, 
Angost S2, lfi7S« on a leaffuld, erected in 
(he Pavement, at York, and hisheadset on 
a lUgh pole on llickkgata^iar. This was 
the last open attempt made to restore the 
Roman Ca&oUc rdigioo in this kingdom. 

James I. visfted York, in the year 
lfi03, on his way £rom Sootlmd to Londoo, 
and was received by the Lord Mayor snd 
eUiaens, with great msgnifiocnoe and splen- 
HA dfmoywtratioos of loyalty. In tlie year 
1617, this monarch, with his nobles and 
knights, both BugUdi and Seotdi, agaio pas- 
sed through York, hi his way to Scotland, and 
met with n neegt&M equally oofdiaL Dur* 
lag his residence, this tagacUnu prinoe, the 
Sdomoa of the North, ttmchtd about 70 
persons afflicted with the King's Evil.*^ 
In the second year of his reign. York 
wssooee more visited by a plague, of which 
3518 persons died. To prevent the spread 
of tbe oontsgion, stone crosMS were erected 
in various psxti of the vicinity of York, 
whoe tiie country people, wittiout ooming 
into tbe«ity, md the citiJtdn*, and sold them 

piovUions. Sevend of tfHse m e m o H a lB of 
the last plague, vdiish ever prevaOod hmm^ 
rsmain to this day. In 1697* tksffa wia n 
ftoat of sudi sevvity and eonttmiaBai^ Ihnt 
the Onto becHieahBoetasoMbodyof Ifl^ 
and a horse vaee was ran on the il«9, 
the Tower, at the end ef MaiygaUb 
the great arch of the teMf% lotheMM^ «l 

wards* there wm to htovy a Ml 

durhig a ftost of abont si^ 

when It WM dissolved by • thaw, 

of die Ouw to muA inundated Noffthetieil 

and Skaidargale, tiwt the labMlMli wom 

oHiged to quit their haUtstloaib ■ndtoaaA 

aafcty in moee sisf ats d sUnatJoafc 

The iinHists bstwsi the piiKf^gMly 
of the Crown, and the privllegto of 
ment. In the eeign ef Charlas L 
Voik to itscenlni and It is a little i 
able, that the same county wMeh aflw^ 
the Stone ef action for the battle whieh < 
ddeddiefoto of thehoneof 
the field of Towlan, dionid have 
the overthmv of tfie heum of Sinart, en 
the fleU of Mantan. Eight yean aftar 
Charles had monnlsd the British thrane, and 
before evU advlien had embroiled Mm wMi 
his Parliament and people^ he viaiaBd Iht 
dty of York, on hie way ftom Benrlend to 
Loadai, and received a loyal and cordial 
wdoomek Sbt years aft er w ai d s , enttieJOHi 
ef Mareh. 1699, the Soots hnvta« 
out into open rebellion, the King 

down to York, on an enpedition against the 
inmrgents. During the king's residento tai 
York, he kept the foitlval, called <• Ifs 

day ThunOay,'* hiaeCathadisIt when the 
Bishop of Ely washed the feat of thlrty^ibw 
poor aged men. In wama water, and dried 
them with a Uoen doth. Afterwardi, the 
Bishop of Winchester washed them over 
again in white wine, end dried, and kissed 
them. This part of the eeremony being 
over, the king gave to each of them several 
articles of apparel, a pane of money, and 
a quantity of wine and provirions. To add 
to tbe rayal condeicension, his Mi^Jcity oa 
the day foUowing, being Good Friday, 
touched two hundred penKins, in the Min^ 
ster, for the King's Evil; but with whM 
tuoeen, the hisfeorien very dlsewetty ehoosei 
not to dlsckMc. Havtog spent n month i» 
York, his Mi^esty and his noUcs, at the 
head of the army mandied towards 6eo^ 
tend. On his approodi the Sontidi laid down 
their arms, and swore aUegtancei but the 
very next year, when the khig had dis- 
banded his army, tesley, Eari of Levsn, 
snd the Marquis of Montrose* cntseed Eng* 
land, at the head of a Soutob smy* 
acnst the prbgicai of the to^Men* 

C 8 




Kin^ left Lcnddd, and came to Yor^c, 
. when he tarHKuA • great ooundl of «)I 
the Pesn of 'England, to meat and attend 
liit Mg^estf there* Thtt pcoeecdiAg natii- 
fally spMBd. tn altttn tlinnigh the country 
that tiM king intended to lay aside one of the 
ttuee eatatea of ParBaraent, and to govern 
the aatkni withont a House of Contmons*.^ 
PetitioBt pouied in upon bb Miveaty* be- 
leeihftiK hhli to can a parHanmit, and the 
. gantry of Yorkahiar fnreaicd tMs maaanle 
upon fatab with xnmli ea^ncatncsfc On the 
S4th of Sepleiiiber, 1640, thegreat aMetnUly 
•f Pacta ttietiv the Deanery, at Yoitc, the 
iMkU of winch waa iWhly hmig with tlpeatry, 
and the king^ diaia of state waa pteoed apon 
thirhalf pace of «hettairs» at the upper end 
9t the hall> Cram whenae hia Mi^>Mty de- 
livcted * sptteh, in which he announced his 
inteutloB to oaK u parlianent in the conrae 
:«f tiieprestiltyaari his an^eaty naked ooun^ 
ell» atthesama tlaie,«f th6 Ptftis in what 
way fc» taca* a petition fat a ndrtm of griev* 
anecs which he h«dTMeiv«d fhmi the Sfloleh 
loTadeitf afid how histmiy diimld be kept 
flM foot md maintained vntil the supplies 
ftom Parfiaihent tni^ht be had for thai pur* 
iMse* WhiJe ttie dttitig of the Peers oan^ 
ltaiuBd» whieh was ftom the Mtb of Sep* 
tetolM mi the 18th ef October, txAnmis- 
sidncn woe employed in ncgociatiuir a 
peace widi the Soolch, at Ripon; but these 
acgo c bii cns produocd merely a ceMattai if 
hostilities* tiU the meetmg of ParHamost 
The aocumnlatisd otiIs of thirty years cf 
mia-g»vara«nsntr1iad now brought the king- 
4om to the tci^ of a great revolution. 
The tong PatlianientassemMed on the Srd 
«f Nvmember, IMO $ atad their two ant sets 
Were to vole down the cotmcil court of 
York, and to impeach Stnffbrd and Land, 
the King's dilef advisers. The govern- 
toeati which in the hands of Charles had 
•atttmed the charaoter of an alisolute mo- 
taoiidty, soon became democn^ical, Co a de- 
gree ineonpafihle with the ainrit of the coiy 
•Htution. Lieutenanta and Deputy Lieu- 
tananta ef counties, who had exercised 
powers for the national defence, not autho- 
riaed by statute, wete dnaared deUnqtants* 
Sheriflb who had Iwen employed to assess 
aMp money, and the Jurors and QifioeRa of 
Che Cwtottis, who had been employed in 
levyt^g toimage and poundage, as w^ as 
tbeholdefsof laaaofMa by patents, were 
brought under the same vagu» «bafge, $md 
Ae latter weie expelled ftom the House of 
Comwona. The Jndgea, wlw had given 
dMir.totts igahist fSsmpdan, m the trM of 
«lp>ibin«yy were aetesed before the p«eifs, 
end ittYftifeWJWeidcasKeha mveiutien wait 
p««»dtfMl4iiflhei99v«kiiMeiAt b^ the ^ Heme 

of ComoMmfl^ seconded by ttie Pceis, thst 
the kingly power whodi had been abnoit 
omiipalaiit, was in danger of befaig isdmsd 
to ins^nifleanoiir These measures nstenS^p 
ptaced the Psrltamenfe at issue with llkt 
KhBg, and the diflbrenccs between the e8» 
flictli^ aothoiities oontinuedl to hMMait 
during the yeais 1640 aAd 1641, tiB an op«i 
rupture became unavoidable. In the eaiff 
part of 164S, die King, with his ion Ctedes, 
Prince of Wales, the D«dte of York, and 
seveml noUemcd led Loodont and en tbe 
18th of March arrived at Yoric. where It 
was received by the m>bUity and gentry of 
the Noftli, with snitabte demonstrations «f 
loyalty. His Majesty's ftrst care, on Ml 
arrival in Yorkdkire, waa to secure the vait 
magasfaws in the fortzeaof Hull, colwistiii| 
of all the arms and ammunition ef tlb 
force* levied againat the Soots; with llfr 
viewheiepaiiedtothatparein person, sM 
requhred Sir John Hotham, the gorcmiri 
who had received hia cuntinisston tnm tta 
PMrfiahaent to deliver up the posscsriob. 8b 
John, pesoeiving that matters were dmeh^ 
to « crisis, shut tte gatts, and refossd- tK 
admit the Kiag, though he requerted kaiif 
to enter with twelve persona only. ChaiiMb 
being Unia repblaed, slept that night ifc 
Beverley, and the nfeat day returned 1» 
York, bavhi^ pretioiMy deskired ilolh«l' 
atnitor. Civil waa seemed mw inevhaUM' 
Ttaearmits which had been raised for tk» 
aarvice of Irchmd were openly oriistcd tf* 
(he Parliament for thehr own ptirpoais, tit 
the oominand of them waa given to theKbl 
of Esaex. The Queen, on the dOierhait' 
departed the kingdom, and sold the crow 
jeweb; in HoUand, to purdiase a carfo of 
arms and animxmitioa. The King stUI » 
mained at York, where h* employed biti- 
sdf with great activity te vouaiog hb s^ 
herentstoarus. His unhappy pied iM i if 
for arbitrary power, Ind raised him a bod 
of enemies, wMle his meral viifaes, wMA 
adorned hfe station, had pfoeured htoa a 
great b6dy of aealoua sojiporteia. N«goda> 
timtt still prpoeeded, and Parliament ?» 
tented for his aceepttuMe, iiineteen yro]^ 
tiens« in which the prlfilceea of Puiiamol 
so far oul-wti^hed the prerogativet of tH 
Crown that they were detmed wholly ii* 
adaaissSble :-»'<* Should I grant tfiese di- 
mauds," said the King in reply, 'M aaty ^ 
waited on Imse-headed; I may haretty 
hand kisosd; the tide of Mi^Jeaty may bt 
cowehiued tome? and the Kif^9 oii«l«Hfy 
ttgn^fMt bp htfth If—*es, may stm betM 
ttylp uf yaur eornnMUids ; ' I may Wvt 
sstorda and maeer cattiedbefbie ite) <d< 
plcuae myself wtth tbe eigne ofa cMmn Mid 
aitttpmi. M M totruealM'TeidPfaMrf l> 



tlntthtoMldeb tat tte fto* 

cottoffifttK^fti U^ rapport hit uaOnutttf ttmmt he aid, ntn ttkm 

tanMm{hjiiU|if,hiiafiat| hisBOMy; 

tattten fdO Miiahiad to Mb ■ good 

•MN^aod ttehcMti of Us lojil wtjoiin, 

vhiek^withOeAMairinf, ho<lo«hCodMC 

VBoM neoim iB (he rat Hoving enaed- 

taCedtke tail of CunberiMid mfimm 

ronantnik t at hit fbPBti> md of^ p olt td Sir 

Thorns GbBlam gonnMir of Yofkt Mt 

Mejeityt, after araidaHe of ive noncfattn 

tMieity.teok Mi dcp«txire for the Sovth, 

iDd eiMed Ml royal tlniditd at NoCtiiic. 

hn, « tbc f5th or Angoit 

fir nuBiai Mrtoc, of Dental, aad 
aptaa HoOm, loa of liia gowomor of 
Bdt, at the head of a hedy of tacoi te the 
tovice of Par Ha ia at, adtanoed Itaa tlie 
W«t| M tax ixwenk YoA, •• to fbrtiiy 

York. OB tiht lidi of Apill. 

Sb Thaoai Gkohom, te 
ondlr ehleh he aaodeoB their fonet, in die 
lailMrarihfliaplaeet. Hm moeeBi of the 
piitauiailBihuii liidiieBd die toyal party to 
YeikdiBe to aoiieit aaeeour Aom the Karl 
0lVmieuae» whohadfalndaoonddenUe 
Aim ia the North. Tte BarllaaiiiedbMy 
«aRhed tolheir aaalMaioe, and no die 8Mi 
of VovMbar aithrod at YoiIe,. «Mi mm 
mnmi W pieeee of artniory. The Cul 
•fCMboInd dMD reaigiiad Uaooaamlnlon 
totheBulof RewoaiUe, wIms after tavtag 
•au aaif Qnee dayi In VoilCf torefteah Ue 
tM^ anehed oat nidi 40M eaen and 7 
or enboa, to attack dw OMray at 
MthoouBo time, the Ehrl aent 
Mi UortauDt^eBon]. die Bael of Kew- 
PM, trifh nw nea to attack Wedierby. 
bMiitheie'ezpeditiaDa, the kiyaliala wefe 
MeoHM, and die KtagH aAfao in diia 
fBrtertegan to wear a more ixomiaiag ao> . 
V«t. At the hisianing of the year 1619, 
XMfc,Wik«lleM, Skipton, and KnayeAmf. 
VMe afl ia the haadi of theloynlialvi aad 
^•Mnd, i«Mch had atood a aicge, aoiw 
mAatA to dMm after the battle of Ad- 
waHon. On the SM of J^Hmary the 
QoaeBhadfed at BtMKagtoti Qoay, with 38 
fieotaef enii0B,atid lO^OMttBiid of aman 
"m. The Lenl-generai, at thO'Eart of 
Kevcarte ma called, on reoeivlrig tot^ni- 
fn» of iier arrival, aet oat from York, aad 
cnTe^hev Majesty, wHh the mflUary 
MDici^ fhis dty, where aha wtaiincd three 
•"■tin. Fbrthbiervkohe waa ereated a 
Vartaii. fiiriy)n the Mtowtog year. Sir 
Thorns fttita, Nvring gained a contider- 
*Ue vietory %m «m royalkt Amnso Mar 
M^; '««i0hMld J»f th«9<tfl«h geMM, the 


Notthem aidoi 
of N« 

of a hrldga< 

■epa that ha might aaa diTidad ftoaa Aa 
The Carl of llanihwiai, howoi m, 

after aiiifad with bit trooga, oonalallsg 
of «0«> toot aad 3000 honob peofidod with 
19 deM piecea, tooka paaHlon 
har, towaida Ctkfton, 
tevaatad theelty. The aicge of York waa 

▼igovoaaly paoaaoated by the thme par- 

la thirty thouaaad aiaat 


with an anay of Arom twenty 

OB a 

nav pieom of 

kept up a 

on the mwir, oaatlo^ and elty, 

tnau manr amarenc 
haary An on the woika of tia 
TnO aiege wm pteaaod lut'waul 
aplilt» and wldi vailoua oncaeae, till dioMh 
of Jana, in thaevMlag of wUeh day, tha 
to dicir anrpvlee and oonatoiBa' 
iiiibimadim that Prtnee Rn- 
perl, with an anny of iwanty thouaand 
waa advaaclagtathaNAefof thaeity, 
wonld diet alght trim ug hit ^aarton at 
Kamnabrnf aaal Boroii^brldga* Tha patu 

haring called aoooncU 
; reeolvod m ralae the aiaga AoaoaA* 
faigly, on die let of Joly, they dmw ntt 
BrencnnMiuB Deioia ma OKy, 
to Heaacymoor, < milee Woat 
ofYoA. Hia Royal HlghBaaa,awaM of thia 
movemeat, caoaed only a body of hoiaata 
Ihae the enemy, at SUphrldgc, and imaiw 
poaing the Oaae b e t w e en Mm and tha ad- 
vene army, a«ftly Joined Ma foram to thom 
of tho Marqola of Nanreaadeb Ma milnl 
in YoA produeed the moat aalalgDed d» 
mooatratloaa of Joy, and a ooimell of war 
waa iauBodUtely ealM, In whiefathe Ma» 
qnia of Neweaerte, having laoOlvod iBtoitt» 
geaea that dlatoHaioaa pravallod amoagat 
the parliamencariaa gtaeniM, who were 
about to aeparate, and enpeetlBg at the 
aame time a farther reinfureewent of dOOg 
man, under Colonel Clavevlng, gave h m 
Ma decided ophdon, dwtit 
and faaaxpodieitt at the fteaent 
hazard an engagement. To thia reaaoning, 
Prince Hupert. whoae marMial ardour waa 
not auAcieoay tempered with pirudeaee. 

«Hby;w«ij«mdJ»fdie9«tftthgta«»al,the not auftcieoay tempered with V"^^' 
UA^imm^ aad dime tw» cditt wi a Mdew, lipsiated upontfaeiarofei^of animmedia^ 



attack, and strangtlMnad hit reasons by 
■ asserting, that he had positive orden from 
the Kix^ to btiag the enemy to action. 
Fairfax, and the other ■ genoals of the 
parliamentary anny, were divided in their 
opinions. *< The English,** says Fairfax, in 
hisMerooiTS, " were for fighting; the Soots 
for retreating, to gain, as they aOeyed, 
Ixith time and place of more advanta^. 
Tliis being resolved on, we mari^wd away 
for Tadcaster, which made the royalists ad- 
vanee the ftster. Lieutenant-general Crom- 
well, Lesly, and myself, were appointed Co 
bring up Uie rear. We sent word to the 
Oenerals that it was necessary to make a 
stand, or eke, the enemy having this ad- 
vantage; might put us in some disorder ; but 
by the advantage of the ground we were on, 
we hoped to make it good, till they came 
back to ut, which they did. The place was 
Maraton fields,* whidi afterwards gave name 
to this battle." " This action," says Hume, 
IcNigfat on the 2nd of July, 1644, " was 
obstinately disputed between the niost nu- 
.niennis armies that were ever engaged dur- 
ing the eouzse of these wan; nor were the 
forces on each side much diflierent in num- 
ber. Fifty thousand British troops were led 
to mutual slaughter} andthevictcnyaBemed 
long undecided between them. Prinee Ru- 
pert, who eommanded the right w^g of the 
royalists, waa oppoteA to Cromwell, who 
conducted the choice troops of the porliap 
ment, inured to danger under that deter- 
mined leader, animated by aeal, and con- 
firmed by the most rigid disdpline. After a 
short combat, the cavalry of the royalists 
gave way ; and such of the infantry as stood 
near them were likewise Ixmie down, and 
put to flight Newcastle's regiment alme, 
vesolute to conquer or to perish, obstinately 
kept their ground, and maintained by tlieir 
dead bodies the same order in which they had 
at first been ranged. In the other wing. Sir 
Thomas F^rfax and Col<mel Lambert, with 
•ome troops, broke through the royalists; 
and transported by the ardour of pursuit, 
•oon reaidied their vicUwious friends, en- 
gaged also in tlie pursuit of the many. But 
after that' tempest was passed, Lucas* who 
commanded the royalists in this wiqg, re- 
storing order to his broken forces, made a 
Axrious attack on the parliamentary cavalry, 
threw them into disorder, pushed them upon 
their own infJEOitry, and put the whole wing 
to route. IVhen ready to seise on their 
carriages and baggage, he perceived Crom- 
well, who was now returned ttam the pur* 


» Marston Moor, the scene of this me- 
morable battle is near the highway, between 
Wetherby and York, ftom each of which 
olaces it is about 7 miles distant* 

siiit of ttie other wing* Both tides w^e not 
a litde surprised to perceive thstt they rawt 
renew the combat; for that vietory wUA 
each of them thought they had already 4^ 
tained. The front of the battle 
exactly conntor-diai^^ ; and 
occupied the ground whiefa had 
sessed by the enemy at the begimiing of tfM 
day. This second battle was equally tvuitttli 
and deqierate with the firsts but after Itm 
utmost effbrts of courage by beth pacciaft 
victory wholly turned to the side of tbe gMfk 
liament. The Prince's train of. artillery w4l 
taken, and the whole loyidist anny 
off the field of battle." This battle 
the fate of the royal cause. The day 
the battle, the brave Marquis of 
resolved to quit tiie kingdom s and 
Rupert drew his anny from the <dty of Vmk 
and mardied into Lancashire. 

In this state of desertion, Sir ThoMWl 
Glemhami the governor, was reduoad to HHk 
painful necessity of surrenderhig the- eMfJii 
which he did, thirteen days after the l^^tt0 
of Marstfcm Moor, cm the most hoaoisiidli 
terms. The siege of York had eont 
nearly thirteen weeks, during whidi 
the city had sustained twenty-two aan 
and between four and five thousand of ^ttf 
enemy had perished beCue its walla. On ip 
surrender, the parliamen^ry geneiala 
tered the eity in solemn proOBsalan« 
went directly to the Cathedral, whatw # 
psafan was 8ung» and the foUowini; day ^mif 
observed as a day of general thaaksfiTl^gi 
York, bemg thus sut^ecfeed to the paiiii^ 
ment. Lord Ferdinando Fairfint was madl^ 
its governor; and he« and his son* the 0% 
neral, suniamed the hero of tiie rmiHiiimiipi 
wealth, received commissions to reduoe tM 
the garrisons in this eounty, that atiH li^S 
out for the King—- a commission whicht in« 
stiOTttime, they effiBcted. After die whttm 
kingdom was brought under sulijectiaa #» 
the parliament» York was dismantled at Hr 
garrison, with the exception of CliflbadBi 
tower, of which the Lord Mayor waa a^ 
pointed governor, and continued to hnM 
that ecKnmkidon fcnr several years. 

York has little share in the anaala «f 
the Protectorate. Ciomwdl does not ay* 
pear to have been ever in th|s city, exo^ at 
the time of its capture after the battle <iC 
Marston Moor; and another time on his way 
into Scotland, when the royal arma 
displaced to substitute those of the 
government; when he partook of the Lofd 
Mayor's hospitality at a public dinner, wid 
the day foltowhig he pursued his jouxiMy 
northward. One of the assiaesat York dn- 
ring the ComBKmwcalth, waa Teadesed 
marfcublf by the attcDdaaoe of that < 



of huMiK longvritf^ Honry 

Tiw OMiemilieMl in the jwr 

MG7,0d wwliif ulA the ^riour of Cattas 

kk mi WUlinti and Peter Mawbenk, 

vtedBtfae intoem depoeedthat theCilh» 

ofwrat, Imb^ Ace. hMlbcen psid* to hie 

■BoHi^^BreBe teindnd end twentjF yem or 

■net Jenkiae ha A ey i UMiid efcYotfc twtf 

fian hcfcn^ to ypgai (he CThteaw of aa 

neiattnNal to a mitt teeaehutMhcadanir 

("ntyyean. HenntMniband the 

tioa of the monaalafiM, «ddi 

^mtfu te tt wi «Mmade«» that «CBui0a. In 

cnlyiifrhr«ab«tierto Lend Goosrenboi 

Hoddqreaidi^ aiidm eiken at JPountaia'a 


it JO totoiMi p au -Swale, ia thi» tmaattf, hfr 
fin parish ri^iatois new iai«Mt but Mop 
iJltamaa ceianmnieiiid to the Soeiety ot 
AaAtmAmt, «■ the 11th of Deeenftber, 
17M, apepcr eofiBd fltoai aa eld iMnaeiMld 
bookoTSii Wdnad Gndiam, Batt» ef N<». 
in Coayeit, the inritkyof whMi «ya» that 
■poa his goioff to liv* at Bolton* JcBkine 
vaii>idtoheabQat<»e handnd and fifty 
ym eld» that h» had oftmeaaiaMd him 
ia Ua sirtirt klleiseo* when he came to 
b^ ibaa, and iofond fa^ aMI efanaiiclea 
■SRelahliacoDiimt. Uewutfandnehiw. 
dnd flid«ftty.«RO or one hwaiied and Btt^ 
UuaeyMrtoraBCt nodaiid thaChewnrt to 
NoitiiiBtetaB, with a hone lead oTarrowB 
te the faaitivor FloddcB field, nub ifMek a 
Unerboyiamtlbrwavdtotheanny^ under 
titt Bed of Surrey, mag Heory being at 
Atttaneat TdiirMgr, asd faebeUerod fain- 
^ tenoiewm or tnelve years old. Thie 
Win 1515, and Ibnr or five people of (he 
eaU t9 be one hundred yean 
it; deelaied Jcnkina to have been 
aevereiawtiMyknierbfan. He 
oeeaber, le/e. attheplnca of Ma 
, enehundnd and lixty-ntaieyeeit, 
vhsiea monunient keeeoied to hiememory, 
^ c^teph or whiflh waf eompoeMI by Or. 
ThonaiChapeaaa, master of Magdalen Col. 
^* Camtaiidlpe^ Jenkte wae eotempo- 
nry wifli Thonaa Fair, tho patrlavehal 
Slutipdiinaiaa, nf whom it it recorded ttud 
^ weeWnin Idas, and lived in thenlgn 
«f tea ktatgs and qaeenei that the geneni 
wiittorbieHlhweaetempetaleand frugal, 
<^ be nae abM, nvan atthe age of one lnni> 
deadend thirty to do huAendrywDrfc; and 
^atthe^geof OMhandred aad five, he 
^ peoanoehi Aldcrbury ehuKh, ilor lying 
vWiKafteiinellilton, and getdng her with 
<bad,t that hedied in 1635, i«ed ene hun- 

i ni^ BtoJPIertoi Ki pwi-g w ild. 

t Oldjfife IM. mum on f^lUer'• WnrtMae* 

old era 

dmd end fif^two yi^a and nhee monthe * 
and thet Ilia lemaana reet among the eniaeat 
deed ia WestmiiMtce Abbey. 

The oouaty of Ywk was wctt diapooed 
to promote the we to m tion, and GoMnl 
Moak, on his arrival herein 1656^ foaod the 
puUiediepoBitiQa ao isvoumble to the reyal 
cawei that he was for agsne time ia astnto ef 
suspeaa^ whether he shoald not prodaim 
the king in Ihia etly. A aeeret ooncqpon- 
denoe had for eome tiaae been niaintawed 
between the General and Lord Fairfio* who 
hadianbaiedtheeamepriTwipies, and ou the 
iltik oe May, 1660, Charlea 11. was pro* 
eiaimed with great aolraadty at York. On 
the 6th of Aaguft, 1661, thn Puke and 
Dwchem of Yerk visited this eity, and were 
iv«d with every damonstmtioa of loyalty 
fectiun; but in the year 1679, when 
theWMuf ewhisionwaabnMi^ forwaid ia 
pnrliamettt, the Duke in peniinc through 
York on his way to Bdiabmgh, we 
beeevrithauKhlesa cordiality. Thiat 
of cenaaoay drew aa the aaagistraiea the 
resentment of the eourtt they received a 
severe reprimand ftom the eeeretary of etate^ 
and the eity being aftevwarda eonsideffad dit* 
affsctedf ila charter was ia the year 1664 
sua p ea d edi This year the notorious Jdfcrys 
attended at York aa one of the Judges of 

On the death of Charlei U. his brother 
James, Duke of York, succeeded to th# 
throne; and on the petition of the efttiaeaa 
restored their charter, wbidi was moeived 
with the greateat eidemnity, and actiiing was 
omitted to display their iof on theoceaakm* 
The inhabitants of York ooatiaaed to show 
their gratatadeaad loyalty to this hifatuted 
moaardi, till the moownt of his tfidicatiesi* 
after whscb, this eity foUowed the examfde 
of therestof thekingdom» by refogafaii^ 
the Prince of Orange aa mvereiga of the 
kingdom, under the title of WiUam III. 

From this period to the rebeUlon in 
I74ff» the aunala of York are not nunkad 
by any cxtnundinBry tiantaetions; but at 
that nomentOttS erliis, the dty, m weU as 
the county, gave the most unequivocal 
proofs o£ iti loyalty and attadtment to the 
reignim dyaaity,*and to the reformed re- 
Ugton, On the sad of July, 1746. hie 
Hoyal Highness the Duke of Cumberland* 
on Ms return to London from the defeat of 
the rebeb at CnUoilen. vieited York, and 
was leoeivad with the honours due to hie 
illuBtrioue nmk and eminent aervicee. In 
17fl7t the new regulatigne for levying the 
raiKtia produeedn spirit of insutaotdinatkin 
in Yorkshire, and a vast body of lenncv^ 
laboaieta, and artisanf, lir^Nn upwards ni 
thirty pariihce, aasembled aft Votk* and de* 



moiithed two hoiuei, without Monk tar, 
in one of which the deputy-lieutenanti wete 
expected to aasemble, to leeeive the oon- 
stabk^s Tetania. Since the reign of Charles I. 
Yotk, which ww in former timet the red- 
dence of Emperori and Kings, has not been 
vidted by any English soTereign; though it 
has often been hcmoured with the prescfiee 
of diflbrent branch^ of the royal family. 

In our own times, the present sove- 
reign of these reahns, while Prince of 
Wales, visited the city of York, aoeompar 
nied by his royal brother who derives hie 
title from this aadent metropolis. On Mon- 
day, the 84th of August, 1789, in the 
race week, their Royal Highnenes anived 
on the race ground, in their carriage, and 
alighted at smne distance Aram the Grand 
Stand, whence they rode about on lunseback, 
to grati^ pubUc curiosity by a sight of their 
persons. When ihe day's sport was over, 
they repaired to the carriage of Earl Fita- 
William, whose guests they were, and en- 
tered the city amidst the eongratulttions of 
tlie pqpulaoe. The following day, the cor- 
poration presented the Hdr-apparent with 
the freedom of the city in an etegaat gold 
box; and on Thursday, in the race wedc, he 
dined at the Mansion-House, in company 
iHth a large assemblage of the nobility ahd 
gentry of the county. On the following 
6atazday, the Prince of Wales and the 
Duke of York proceeded to Castle How- 
aid, having previoasly ordered Lieutenant 
Colond St Leger to pay into the hands of 
Walter Fawkes, Esq. High-SherilT of the 
county, two hundred guineas, for the relief 
of debtors in the oastle. In 1791, Charles 
James Fox visited York at the races, a 
grand dlmier was given hinumd many noblo* 
men and gentlemen at the Mansion-House, 
and he was presoited with the fteedom of 
the dty in a gold box, accompanied by a copy 
of a resolution passed by the corporation, in 
which he was complimeotad on " the constant 
and beneficial exertions of his abilities in sup* 
port of the British Constitution, upon the true 
principles of the glorious revolution t of the 
rights of every degree of citiaens4 and oi 
the peace, liberty, and happiness of man- 
kind." In November, 1795, Prince William 
Frederick of Gloucester, on his return 
from Scarborough to the South, spent some 
time in York, and was pftsented with the 
freedom of the dty. In a gold box. In 1800, 
the Right Hon. John Earl St. Vineent, whose 
courage and talents as a naval commander 
are so well known, honoured this dty. with 
a virit, and reodved its freedom, in a box 
of "heart of oak.*' 

On the 96th of At^[Uft» 1822, while 
ksa Royal brother and Sovereign, George 

IVth, was in Scotland, his Royal Hisfe- 
ness the Duka of Sussex hoBoured tbiM 
dty with a visit, and paitonk of the 1m 
pitalities of the Corporation, at the Mi 
sion-house, where a publie dinner 
to his Royal Hii^mess, on which 
the fireedora of tiie dty was pceaented to 
hhn in a gold box, ^ceompsnied by aa ssd* 
dieas expressive of the admirstinst at that 
** sptftndid career ot uaeftil beneAeenoe 
spirited patriotism whidi gave a 
luatre to his exalted birth.* 

The dty of York, as it now atanda* m 
nearly two miles and three quartors in cir- 
cuit. Thereiare no existing reoorda to ahow 
when the walls were <bujlt. Tfaey w wu r c» 
no doubt, in exislenee in the time oC tlie 
Saaons and Danes, as wdl as daring tiie 
Rdman government; and they wciv re* 
edified, if not actnaUy re4mUt in the zcigB 
of Edward I., to fMboct the dty 
Scotch invaders, who penetrated to its i 
After thesiegeof York, in 1644, the waUa 
stood In great need of repairs, and the three 
following years were employed in dia;t ne- 
cessary duty. The eoro^ug hand o€ time 
has ever sbioe been at work* and they are 
now falling nqndly into decay. In aeveral 
places the ddightful promoude foamed 
by them is already Interrupted, and if the 
hand of reparation does not alter tat the 
better, what time dumges for the wmee, it la 
not diiBcttlt to foresee what will te the end. 

The entrance into the dty is byr fiaur 
prineqial gates or bars, and five poetem^ or 
smaUer.entranoest .the gates are, MicKi.a- 
OATS-BAR, to the South- West, adorned with 
lofty turrets, finely embattledt over the Ro- 
man ardi, already described, hanga n laige 
shield, bearing the arms of England and 
Franoet and on eadi side, one ei leaa aiae, 
deoorated with the dty arms: thia iaatttie 
entrance from Tadcaster. BoorHAic*ma.B» 
to the North-West,. on the road leading to 
Edinburgh, is an andent structure Iniilt 
almost wh<My .of grit t but though the ma- 
terials are Roman, the arnhitectuve ia 
Gothic. MoNK-BAB, to the North-Saat» on 
the entrance from Malton and ScartMNough* 
is a statdy gate, bearing the arms of F'rance 
quartered with those of England, on the 
battlements. And WAXJaoATa-BAn, on the 
South-Eaat, leading to Beverley and Hull s 
the foundations of this bar are fom^ed of 
large blocks of grit, but the anehea are mo- 
dem, having undngone a thorough repair* 
in 1648, after the gate had been atanoat de- 
molished by the si^gew 

The Posterns are, Noitti-streetiiioateRi, 
Skddeigate • postern, Castlegate • poateni* 
Fishergate^posteniji^lf^yerthovp^oslem, and 
L9ngwalk- postern... There ait alao 



the Mcfw Ome Mdge, binit imder 

tiw dinetkm of Mr Petev Addmoa, ardii- 

tect The fint fCoiie of thb bridge was laid 

witti eonndentale pomp, on tte 10th of 

Oecamber, 1810, end the work was eom- 

pleted a Mereh, 18S0; The Right Hod. 

GeofePeaoock, filling at both these periods 

the oAioe of Lord Mayor. The old bridge, 

ifter iunriqg existed for six centuries, was 

Clien renMrred, and gave place to .thU haad- 

ame modeni erection. A new bridge, over 

Hie Fon, leading into Walmgate, cotem* 

poiary with the new Ouse bridge, and bailt 

bf the same architect, at the expense of 

the eorpomtian^ serres to mark the pnbKc 

qsritof the present age» The odier bridges, 

which are all orver the Foss» at diflkient 

pnnts, daim no particular obsemttion. 

This city is divided into four districts, 
which take th^ names from the four g^ss, 
and are called Mickl«gate>ward, Bnotham- 
wud, Monkgate-ward, and Walmgate-ward. 
Micklegate-ward* m the South West part of 
the city, is incompassed on one side by the 
alj walk, and on the other, by the river 
Oose. It contains six parbhes, namely, 
Biihop-bill, the dderand younger ; Trinity ; 
St. Ifaitin's: St Johns; and All Saints, 
fiootham-waxd occupies the North West 
aqgle of thedty, and has in tti district, the 
pariaKes of Belfrey's; St. Helen's; and St. 
MaxtiB's. Monk-wsrd is the North Bast 
part, and comprises Trinity; St Cuth- 
bertrs; St. Saviour's; Christ^s; and St 
SampsonTs. Wahngate-ward is onthe North 
Eaat, and contains seven parishes, namely, 
St. MaqjBiefss St Dennis; St George; 
Crux; All HaUoWs; St Mary's; and St 
Mieharfs. These four divisions comprise 
the whole dty, within the walls, except the 
ciose of the cathedraL 

Yoiric, the ardiiepisoopal see, like most 
other ancient cities, is remarkable for the 
number of its sacred edifices, and in enu- 
meating and descrilring the churehei of 
YoriL, an which r^igious services are still 
performed, the Cathbbral, that '^ Chief 
of houses, as the rose of flowen," dairos 
the precedency. 

U has always been observed,* that on 
the introduction of Christianity into this 
Jtingdom, about the year 625, Edwin, King 
of Nortbnmliria, himsdf a convert from 
Paganism, elevated Paulinus, a Roman 
miariooary, to the dignity o^firsc archbishop 
of York. The residence of this King was 
Yorit, Iwt at so low an ebb was religion, 
that there was not found a temple within his 
metropolis tuitaUe for the performance of 
the cereroociy of baptism. A small oratory 
of woodi was in consequence ereetMl for the 
*Vdl. I. p. V. 

oecarion, on the site of the prtsent cathe- 
dral» which was dedicated, as is the pr e sen t 
edifice, to St. Peter, and on Easter Day, In 
die year 6S7> the King, with his two sons, 
Osfrid and Edirid, along irith a number of 
the nobles, were solemnly baptised in this 
primittve erection. The ceremony over, 
aays Bade, the prdate took care to acquaint 
tiie King, that iince he had become a 
Christian, he ought to build a House of 
prayer, more suitable to the divinity he now 
adored ; and by the Ushop's directieai, he 
began to buiU a m^gnlfleent irtaric of stone* 
in the midst of which was inclosed the ora- 
tory already erected. Under the influencd 
of that aeal vrtdch inspired the Royal con- 
vert, the building p roceeded with great 
qiirit; but searoely were the walls ready to 
receive the roof, when the King was slaitt in 
battle and PauUmis was obliged to <iuit the 
co un try* For some years the church lay 
nci^tectad, but in 63S, Oswald, a suoeeasor 
of Edwin, undartook to complete ttie build* 
ing, whidi he had no sooner finished, than 
he was killed by Penda, the Pagan king of 
Mereia, and tiie newly-erected structure was 
almost deBtioyed» In this ruinous oosiditioQ 
it was found by archbishop Wilfred, the 
munilloent patron of Ripott>t who, about 
the year 674, repaired the walls, fixed onr 
the roof, and restored it to its former gran* 
deur. " And now, by the hand of provi- 
denceb** says Drake, '* tiie churdh stood an 
flourished under the successive beneficence 
of its spiritual govemors, for near 400 years, 
during whidi period it received the valuable 
donaticn of ardiUshop Egbert's library; 
upon which Alcuin, the Gamaliel of his age, 
who had drank fireely at this spring of 
erudition, has bestowed so high an eulo* 
gium.4: In the year 1069, as has been al- 
ready seen, the native hihabitants* aided by 
the Danes, In their attempt to throw off the 
yoke of the conquerer, set fire to the su- 
burbs, which spreading to the dty, com- 
muaieated to the cathedral, and involved 
them all inline common ruin. William, on 
entering the dty, sdaed upon the revenues 
of the efaureh ; but he soon alter elevated 
Thomas, his diaidaln and treasurer, to the 
Ardibishf^c, and by him <he cathedral 
was restored to its former splendour. In 
1136, a casual fire again burnt down thia 
edifice, along with St Mary's Abbey, 4md 
thirty-nine parish churches. . For four and 
thirty years the cathedral lay in ruins ; but, 
in the yea^ 1171f during the episcopacy of 
Roger, archbishop of this province, the 
cHoir with its vaults were re-built, and the 

1 South part of the cross isle of the church, 
was added in the tim* of Walter Grey, 
t Vol. I. p. 247. *Vol. n. p. 13. 




Kogef't tveotsvor, la tlw Mrly pavt of -the 
naga of Edward i. Joha le fiUmuiu* fii- 
ther of Ihe arehbiataopf began aatf finlilied 
the North tiBawpts, with atoadsoiae ^tevpBe 
in the nudats and John* hi8ioB> with his 
own hapdj laid the foundation of fcha nave, 
from the weat and aastwand* on the 9tb of 
AiHTil, 139a, inrokii^ tha grant aftbaUoiy 
Ghost. The mafeeriali im tfa» pact of the 
cathedral were contrtbutad by Bobert de 
Vavaaour* fh»m hia .quarry near Tadeaain ; 
and by Robert de Perqr* Lordof BouMfn, 
from hia Wooda at that ptaae. Willtan de 
Melton waa the aaxtfoundav, iBl380, and 
with the aid of indulgenoea of idaaatioa. 
Bold to *' the duutitafale." he fiaiahed the 
weat end math theateepks, aaitiamaiBa at Hila 
day. Bii^ the great banaCactiar of the catha- 
dral was arcdd)ishiv John Thoraaby; thia 
pralate ooneeivhig that the choir, built hf 
Rc^ar, did not coereBpand with the wait end 
•Vf tbeohurch lately erected, aad that then 
waf no piaae hi thia church of York " aAere 
our Lady's masa, the glonoua motherof God, 
oould deeently he catebratad,'* himaidf con- 
tributed one ttuMiaand e^A hundred andtan 
pounds towaeda building a aewahotr, and 
conaununating thia fabeie. All ^e vomStd* 
aery for ndaiag puMieoontrihwitiow by the 
eburch waa alao put jja motian .3 bidulgeneea 
a£ ralasation were granted to the'Uberalf 
lettera mandatory were addreaaed ' to. the 
claigy» enjoining them; under pida of the 
graatar exrooununicationy .to nzflinr thnv 
QoUaotora .together the ahna of the charitRbla, 
aad the old halland chamber&of tiie arolw 
bishop^a manor of|^|)t|relmmwezedan». 
Uahed to provide atone and matetiala for the 
erection of tbs new choir, the jSrst atone of 
which was laid by thearchbbhop^ outheWWi 
of July, 1361 . The wagea of workihen about 
ttits time were three-pence a day to a maafeer 
maaon or carpenter, and three-half-penee to 
their " knavea/ aa their Journeymen were 
then caHed ;* A pouad'a worth of silver Chen 
was a pound we^^ht, whidi fa equal to four 
pounda of our praacnt money, and one penny 
then would purchase aa mu^ com as twenty- 
pence now, bris^ng the artinn^ wagea 
to the rate of 9ff. 6& a day, or 1S«. a week. 
The oontribution of thearchblahc^ was of 
course moat mtmiflcent, and amounted to 
not leaa a sum in our money than 3g,000^. ! 
Fleetwood'a Chronicon Pretiosum. 

la additkm lo the means abcady maartionad 
toK laiaing tfie aomttiea* a bidl apoatolical 
waa iaaued by Pope Urtaaa VI. aad a kind of 
incQBM tax of five per eent waa hnposed on 
eodesiaatiGal benefloea for three yeaia» £ar 
Hw-arrfiaary repairaand ae ediflpation. By 
llicaemeanaavaattumwaaoalleelads wliich 
faetaig augmented by a munificent donation 
from Archdeacon Skiilaw, the choir ana 
fiaiahed, aad the atractuae eompletad by thit 
tofcing down of Oie old lantern ateqpie^ and 
4ha erectifiii of a new one in ita stead, A. D. 
1870. ThuawithhitheapaeeofkBetfaaiiaoo 
yean^ xodLoning ftrom die period In which 
the aouth tranaept waa bagwa by Walter de 
Giay, the aupeib cadiedral ofVork was 
oompleted in the focma and dimeaiaaoaia in 
which It appeara at thia day, ezhilviting 
a aplendid monument of the piety of fbrmer 
timai^ and an htteraating eomb i na t ioa> of 
Gothic architeetura through fi«eauqeeaa^re 
agea* Of aU tfaedifRoent parts of thia mag- 
niflacqt atructuae the diapter bouaa ia the 
only one of which the date ia totally un- 
known* No reooidB now extant give any 
•ecouatoftbetimeofltscvectioa; -hutftom 
ttie style of arrititeoture, Drake eon j o atm ns 
that it te to be asaibed to Walter de Grey — 
The pavement of tbe ealhcdml is of aeeant 
date; anciently it consisled of the g^ve- 
atonea of biahqpa and other eedasiastiaa, but 
ia the year 1696, the old pavement ww te- 
aaovcd, under the direetiaQ of the £ar1 at 
Burhi^iton, when aevaral euxloua ringa of 
ruby and aapUre, set iagokt, bdoaginifto 
theae whoae mortal lenaina had miaed <with 
their parent dust, were discevereil, aad are 
now ahewB in the veatry. The stone for the 
aew pavement was given by Sit Edvnml Gaa- 
eoigncof PaiUngton, ftom his quarry at 
Huddlestone, and the mafbie waa obtained 
by mwing the old grave^atonesinto diea suit- 
able for the purpose of this mosaks work. — 
The expense of the< work ma nship, which 
amounted to {£9509, was defrayed by a aob- 
scription raised for tlie purpooe, amoag the 
nobility, clergy, and gentry of the city and 
eouaty of York. ThearchUahopa of York, 
iinoe the introduction of Chriathoiity, in th« 
time of the Heptarchy, to the ptresent period, 
amount to eighty three in number, and th^r 
names in numerical order, w^ tlie 
when each of them entered upon Oie 
aul^ned :— . 

ARCHBISHOPS OF YORK raoM 625 to 18«2. 


PauUous ,...695 

Cedda ^..664 

Wilfred 666 

Bosa...>w •.»*•. ..0/7 
St. John of 

6 Wilfred II 718 

7 Cgber 731 

8 Adelbert 767 

9 ]&anbald....M...780 

10 Eanbald II.....797 

11 Wulaius....*.,..812 

12 Wyroondus«....8ai 

13 WUforus 4»4 

14 Adelbald,...-<(90Q 

15 Rewardus 921 

16 Wulstan... S30 

17 Oskiteli ,,855 

M AthelwQid......97] 

19 Oswald ...971 

20 Adulf. .H...9fia 

21 Wulatan II...1009 

ss AfriivPaiiMk toss 
23 Kinsius 1050 


MAUnl lOSa 


» ThDma JO7O 

«k lase 



XtHna _11M 


Ac^um .-.Haoj?! ABtiii.Fn™.i6» 

biidg* ....1»», 

MChpt BliD- 

73 JohB IMbm ItBS 

» HtUTlluidKUW 

Hdi isoe 

taidg. ..-.1»D 

74Th<«. Uo- 

30 SL Wiliim-..11B3 

U WiD-daJteltanLSlS 

i7 TbM. WoJ»*y 1S14 

phvb isw 

31 RogH iW* 

43 Wu. de ll 


76 JphcShwi...l69l 


Zoacli ..-.IMO 

eg Bbt.BQlpl*-ls44 

;s sb.w.d»w»i713 

44 jQlmTlidrHibjiasa 

«0 Nicfa.HeWJ>...IUS|77 LuudotBluk- 

U Alex. NeviUe 1374 

Gl Ttut. Young liei 

bu™ 1754 

B3 Edm. GriDdsl 1^70 

UGodfOT dc 

a Ri*.WmldbJ.. IJM 

63 WwiD SMUlJi 1476179 Hlh. Huaon 1147 
M John Pien....l5asteo John Ciltart. 17W 

U Rhd. Sooope 1368 


U Ueoi; Bo.« JM7 


» John KAip...]4£fi 

K Tab.MU(b>w leufiSi W. HuUiui i777 

UJnhole Ro- 

>l Wm. Bolbe...l«« 

67 GtO-HoQUlgol^MS EiM. VhhUb 

sa Ga>.J(Hm»..l*« 


HIStOAY 6r rtt% 

In Mirveying the sxTXRion of the 
Cathedral, one of the flxst feeling* that 
forces itself upcm the nund of the Tiritor is, 
r^et that so stately an edifice should be 
inclosed within so circumscribed an area. 
Advancing from the South by (he usual ap- 
proadi, the best utuation for a general view 
<^ this structure is between the foot road, 
«lr passage into the Minster yard, and the 
Deanery, nearly opporite to the South tran- 
sept Over the dock, which is above the 
stncious flight of stone steps, is a large 
Gtothic window of painter), glass, and still 
higher, a circular window of exquisite ma* 
sfHiry and ridily variegated glass; in imita* 
Utm of the Marygold flower, sometimes 
called St Catharine^s whecL The summit is 
erowned with neat and elegant turrets. In 
this transept are seen a number of narrow 
and aoitely pelted arises, widi slender 
piUan, erowned with plain or slightly onia< 
mented c^tals. The windows are compa- 
IMively small, and their ornaments exhibit 
a marked difibience from those which are 
iefen in other parts of the building. Between 
tills part and the western tow«8 arise six 
small pinnadesy originally intended for 
Imttresses to the tower part of the nave. In 
the niches are ancient statues, supposed to 
fepresent Christ, the ftnir Evangelists, and 
Atehbishop St WiUiam. The Sobth side of 
the choir presents an appearance peculiarly 
striking I the massy columns finely deoo- 
fated with a variety of figures, and termina- 
ting in richly ornamented pinnacles, the 
Irindows large and displaying a beautiful 
tracery, a small tnnsei^ of the tower with 
Sto superb light, and the screen work .before 
the three furthest windows of the upper tier, 
all concur to render diis part of the structure 
irtrikingly beautiful and magnificent 

The Western or prindpal front, with 
its two towers or steeples, excels those parts 
already describied ; human skill could scarcely 
have produced any thing more complete in 
dUs style of architecture. This front has 
been doiiStered for statuary, but many of 
the niches are divested of the valuable pro- 
ductions with which they were formerly 
adomedi The top of eadt of the towers is 
•urmounted with eight pinuacles, and in the 
■outh tower is a peal often bells, unequalled* 
it is 8aid» by any in the kingdom. At .^this 
front there are three oitrances, the centre of 
which is by massy folding doors. Over the 
prindpal door-way is the figure of William 
de Melton, and on each side the figures of 
Vavasour and Percy, the benefactors of the 
church* The expulsion of Adam and Eve 
from Paradise is pourtrayed upon the arch 
in fine tracery, and the libendity and taste 
of the present Archbishopi and the Dean 

and Chapter, are Contributing to' repair tMT 
depredations which time and fitiiatical se^ 
have hifiicted upon the statoary and fhv 
other OMaments. 

The Bagtern or choir end, begnn bf 
Archbishd]} Thoresby, is more moKlern than 
those parts already described^ and displays a 
more florid style of architecture*- crowneit 
with hl6hes and airy pinnacles. Over one of 
the finest windows in the world is aeen tha 
statue of the venerable fotmder of the chou> 
mitred and robed, sitting in his archiepif- 
copal chair, and holding in h!s left hands 
repre8entati<ni of the church, vrhlle hip 
right seems to point at the window. A.t tli# 
basis of the window are the heads of Ctaitt 
and his apostles, with that of a Kii^, so^ 
posed to be Edward III. In the ni^es of 
the buttresses again appear the statues of 
Vavasour and Percy. The great tower, or 
lantern steeple, is suppcnted in the ioatde bf'. -< 
four large and massy ctAumns, -fonning fbiMr 
ardies, and is finished in a style veqr 
mudi superior, thoi:^h not inappropriate to ^ 
that of the towers in the western ftont 

The Northern side of the Cathedral i» 
not less superb than its Suuthem front Tkm 
transept and nave present a speetadle highly < 
interesting to the eye of curiosity suid taste 
H«e also may be observed ttie exterior focnt 
and style of architecture qf the ClmpteBb i 
House, of whidi the wonderaus bottresaes 
and other decorations seem to indicate the 
age of its completion to have been nearly 
the same as that of the building of the 
choir; such is thdr appearance by day. - By 
moon-light, the efi*ect here, as on all Iax]ge 
masses of architecture, is truly sublime ; a 
kind of qptical delusion of the most im- 
pressive kind takes place, and the towrra 
and pinnacles of the Cathedral ** acquire m 
dq;ree of lightness so superior to that whidi 
is shown under the meridian sun, that they 
no tonger appear of human construction.*** 

The iNTBRioR of the Cathedral cor- 
responds in every particular with the magni- 
ficenoe of the exterior. The cross aisle 
displays a most superb spedmen of the style 
of architecture which prevailed hi the latter 
part of the reign of Henry III. The circu- 
lar arch, that at that time was not en- 
tirely laid aside, still appears in the -upper 
part, indosing others of the pointed form. 
The pillars which support the larger arches 
are of an angal^ shape, encompassed bf 
Blender columns, a little detached ; and the 
rich leafy capitals of all the columns units 
to form a foliated wreath round the head of 
the piUar4 The windows are long, narrow, 
and pointed, consisting of one light, or di* 
vided into s^eral by unramified mullioDa 
* Dailaway. 



nvioudy d«eoatad on ttw lidH tor 
fiee-aione. or vauMe fhirfkfl. Be> 
*i»« the u^per anhei appear the quatn- 
^ieu^ aki ciB(|t«4^ui]le omamonti, aftar- 
«ank tnocfieraed ID Che viBdo^ra, and there 
fetmnv the fotste|ii toworda the beautiful 
tiwery which it di^byod in the imnjaaA 
tteir. The windows in the South ewl axe 
vanged in three tien; the uppermca* eom- 
pQMd of two cooeentrie eircka of mall 
srchet, is adsaired as a fine pieee of nia- 
aoniy.andhMaaofaleappeennee; the fint 
•Jndow of the ieeond tier exhibits a repav- 
KDtatioa of Archbaahop St. William; the 
aeoand eonaialsof two lights, one of wUeh 
is deooiated with the portrait of St. PMer. 
and the other with Oat of St. Paul, each 
with his proper instgnia. In the next win- 
dow appenaArdMhop Wilfred. Thefoor 
Jgmes of Abraham, Sokxnoa, Moses, and 
IWe^that occupy the windows on the 
lamataott tier, ave of modem workmanship, 
and form an hooooiable iir><!Tn<mal of the 
skill and liberality of Peekit^ a native ar- 
tist. Intheoomer, ontheleAof thesouth 
«>toaDce, is a smaU door, which toads by 
473 winding stone steps to the top of the 
lantem 8teq[ile. Few penoos {n health and 
tfsngth yisit the Cathedral, wkhoot at aan« 
timeei^oying the prospect which thM tqu- 
aence eommands, from which thesiNnound- 
^1 cou ntry, iyinig stretched as on a map, 
pnaents the eye with a field qf obsonratioo 
^ once rich, extexiave, and gratilyiuf. 

The North transept displays the same 
style of architecture as the South. .Tbe 
windows are here digposed in two tiers; the 
lowest of which consists of five nobto lights, 
«ach about 50 feet hi^ and 5 in braadth. 
Theae li^ts are designated by the name of 
Ibe " Five Sister*r from a tradition, not 
very weU supported, that five maiden sisters 
were at the expense of their ereetioD. The 
>icb stained glass repreMQts embroidery, 
and there is a small border of stained glMs 
found the edge^ The baptismal font of the 
Cathedral, fimned of dark shell variegated 
marblcr stands m the westmi aisle. 

Arehitecture pertiaps never produced, 
nor can iga agin a rion easily conceive n visto 
of gzeatCT magnificence and beauty, than 
that which is seen at the western entrance of. 
the Cathedral. The best point of observa- 
fion is under the central tower, or Ian* 
tera steeple. Here may at once be seen the 
atatuary screen, the several painted windows, 
and the lengthened aisles and lofty eolumnik 
The scroll whidi separates the nave from 
the dioir, risixig mily just high enough to 
form a support for the organ, does not interw 
eept the view of the eastern end of the 
iriuirdlk with its ecrfuroos, its ardtes, and its 


superb window. TTiaasry of the riebftit 
kind appeal* ia the windows^ aapedaHy In 
that whieh oec u pias a large portion of the 
wsstcm frort. and when illuminated by the 
rays of the dcdiniqg sun, cshibltB a giatt- 
deur surpassing the power of deseriptioa. 
The figures of the first eight aichUshopa 
decorate the lowefmoat eampaitmanti, aai 
above an lepreianted eight saints* The a»» 
cutcheoos of Edward II. and the Saxoa 
Prince, Ulphus, an placed under this wte> 
dow ; and the upper windows, though laii 
sumpluanaly decorated, are d^antly adomil 
with iin^gwj and cscufedieoos. Under thaw 
runaan open gallery, in which, exactly ov« 
the pointed arches, fiofmerly stood iHiiJin of 
the tutelary saints of the several natiooa of 
Christendom; but most of than have bavi 
displaced, except the flguie of St. Geoiiga^ 
and his combatant, the grim visagcd dragon. 

The screen which separates the nav^ 
fkom the serviee choir is a cnrioua and 
ftlahorate piece of workmanship, the histoif 
of which is not precisely known. The style 
of decoration ictes it to the age of Ueofy 
VI. wboae statue, tradition reportaii oncp 
filled the place next to his predcoessar. 
After his death, it is said, Heniy^ whosa 
misfortunes the peopte conunissenatcd, ba> 
came an object of adoration, and his statoa 
was therefore ordered to be removed ; but it 
is more probable, that it waa his sueocsior, 
Edward IV. who, being then the sun of the 
political firmament, became the object of 
adoration* and that to him the homage of 
9ourtIy devotion was oflhed, by rerooviag 
the statue of his rival. For some ages tha 
phux remidoed unoccupied, but on the visit 
of James I. to York, he was complimwitad 
by being placed in the empty celL Another 
ooDjecture is, that this screen ori^naUy ba- 
binged to, the Abbey of St. Maiy, at tha 
manor, and that King James I. presented it 
to the Cathedral, in Qpmpliment to whom tlia 
Dean and CtuH>ter placed his statue in the 
niche whidi was formerly occupied by tha 
unfortunirte Henry. In the course of tha 
Judicious repairs which, this screen has un- 
dergone, the statue of James has been 
tFausferred to Aipon- Mbuter, and a well 
executed figure of Henry VI. by Mr. Mi- 
chad Taylor, a sculptor of considerable 
eminence in York, is placed in the station 
originally enjoyed by that monarch. _ 

The organ is now placed over the en- 
trance into the choir, which was its original 
situation. At the instance of Charles I. who 
contributed jClOOO for the erection of an 
organ, and for other purposes, it was placed 
opposite the bishop's throne, to alford a 
I morecomplete view of the east window from 
I the body of the nave* but i» the y«M «f 



Hi8'f6&Y OF ¥BS 

« — — -• — J— 

or wAMh4cf»ifllia pdf0«ii of wetSipmte Mh 
M17. Bnfthe^MtenlwiiKloirisAe 
picM, tad pohApi Man^M imriviilUt' 
tttagniliade, beauty, and 
This window H Aeflily the ftdl ttraaddi «tt 
hei(^t of tfiemiddie cbdir, aad it jevagf^ 
five f(iet high a&d thirty-five wid& Im 
ufipef part exhibitt a pteee of smpfe All 
beautiful tKicery* Briow are onelrafidMI 
afid seTsentsen eow p ai tui ei HB oecui^ itl^ 
reprawMaCioda of the Svpfeme Bds|^ itf 
Aonanaif, prieiti, and saiatB, andoT Baailt# 
fhei^dpiileveiiCiiiifheaei^tui* i K iW ii 
"The iflasing of this window waa 
in the year 1406, at the «Mt of fhe de«k 
dk^;>ter, by Jtihn ThorntoQ, of Ctyvi 
who, hi coariderakion of hi« tupertte 
and ap^lieation, waa to lecelve the wi 
sum of four shiUIngB, wttl^ theftntMl; 
nMnC ef one hundved shilHngs a year, fiof 
h^bouv, which was batapMed in less 
thfecf yeaM ! To tiie aanth of this nUi 
cent window ia ^xhibieed in pahited glasiiW 
ataundMioir} or, the meeting of Bfaryait 
BUttbeth, fM>m the design of Sebaafian dk 
Fi(Anb08 te flgufe at large As lifie. till 
ffrftidow waa originally teoog&C ftom'i^i 
efiftotdt of St Rouen, in ^nnandy, and ^ 
pMiettdd to the dean and diopter of V< 
ifl th« 3!%air 1804, 16if the fiakl of G 
-(iMaittMBrgaMert oModei; andeveal, tf 
<fhe oAiripiurtm^nts, abov» add bdto^, 
petpeMMe the Mnkettibfaaae of thtf uMt 
donov^ ttninifieen<j& 

The pKMoM reUglocia set«ieeB perfocnMd 
ia the CSathedxtf , aft the moraing prtyA 
dasiy-dt aeven cfdtfek, hi the veatry, ia wU^ 
•Hilt ecddflastiail eourts ate hekL The ea- 
tbedfilsetviee la peifbnned in the ehoir ft 
leu c^^dbeli in Hie fbreaoon, when an anthm 
Is feung« tmiess there be a sennon or liMuy. 
The evening prayera are petlbnaed My 
day in Oie w«elc, at three o^doek in the all»> 
noon in winter, and four o^doek ia aumncr, 
io wluch an uithem is perfonned* On S«a- 
day theset^riee leammenees at ten o^cladt ia 
the oKRtiing, when a sertaon Is pteachel, 
and at four in the afternoon, tttiea an sa- 
^lemiasttng. On Wedneadays and Fridip 
in A(^ent and Lent, and dUTiair the whol« af 
F«t6ioa week, the choral serriee and ringiflg 
«t« intermitted both mom&ig and evening. 

The diapter-house is a magitifieeBt 
ttmcttfre. lit form it an octagau of shcty- 
three ftet In diameter, and, redsoning to the 
aeAttt knot In the roof, sixty^teven feet ttk 
inehes la height. Thia vast spate ia not in- 
terrupted by a single pillar, the roof being 
wholly supported by a sin^^e phi geomelkl- 
oaQypIaeed hi the centre. The ittila for t&e 
canons, forty-ftiur in number, ranged' along 
the tides; <a(t highly finished in tfiOne, aM 


the revoTiftidti it was removta badt to ift 
ancient iri'tiuifiob whidit H-now oecuidet, 
And bt itr solemn fledi^ ti#dliBg throi^h 
the lofty aiches, gives to the devout mind 
tome ntiiht conception of the cdettial du^r . 

In thfe artMttcture of the chohr a varia- 
tion ttditx tbit of the nave is perceptible. 
The roof displays more tracery; an degant 
kind of fiestobn work desdends horn the 
tt^tfAH of the pihars ftom winch the vault- 
ing spUhgjst IhroQgh eviery jMurt ia seen a 
^ftat piotxxAott ot oinamehfs; and the 
#hdl^ ethibitt A near a|(ipfuadi io the 
highlj" floAd 'ityfe whidi prevailed before 
^e eAd of itie t5th cefttory* The aodent 
#ood wdrk of the choir yet itaudns. It is 
ctifved w!th jShsiadea of dHftrant hdgfats, 
ahd ^^raeiAus, thereon, pilobably, tftixle 
wer^ hhagesdf wbod for grtater deCotvtlOtt ; 
ff to, fHey hite dlsappean^d. Behhid thete 
jlire gaOI^ries, and r^^latpews; ^d under 
fhe fttiat of them arte the ttatis fdr the. 
cah6ttt iaH other etftleshitUcal oflteegrs^ be- 
Iginfimgwith tbt JDemi's stall ia tha x^ht, 
and the Precentor's to the left. The Cttthe- 
dta, tft throhe of the a^biiiho)p, it rifuated 
at tfi» end of the preibeadal stallt, on the 
ibitth sid^, tod the pulpit it |rtaeed ot>pdrite. 
dh the left of fh6 tlttone Ae Lord Mayor 
Md Aldetnifl^n' haVe their teMf, tnd thfe 
budget Of asiiigef sit opposite th«m, near fte 
imit>it. 'In ihib middle of the atea tfativ It it 
Mnah Irfttar of brass, supported by fbmr 
kfonri, on the top of irhich is an eagle of the 
Bftihe metal, stimding iipbsr t gkihe, tfid 
Which; widi expanded wing«(, reodtet tiiei 
t^te Bible fai the lestont. 

The a86eat fhmi the nave through the 
%!loi* to ttie high altar it by a fiightof fifteen 
Ittepis. Here a stone screen of excellent 
tj^bchit} architecture, about Ibrty-nine feet 
Ibhg byt^ty-dght fefethigb, presents itself. 
tH^b scr^n Was Ibrmetly obscured by a 
Wooden ^6en imd jcfaUery, Kirhlch were 
twept away iti the ycAr 1^26, by order of 
t)toh Finch, by whose direction the screen, , 
vrhxtXi had before bed? covered with tapestry, 
#08 glased with phtte glads pro t adted by eop- 
iier bafi. tender th^ altar Is a vault, eom- 
mohiy culled the dtppi, Kith aii entxanceftom 
the hdfth and south lusles by iron grated 
doors. While exploring this audent subterra-t 
Heouschantry we survey ptat of the old min- 
ster, and are carried btlck to the time of King 
£di^iM, the first royal I^orthumbriah eonvert: 
to Chtisd&nity. The wittdowt of the dioir 
shed their richly varied hght through the 
humorous figures of khigs, prelates, and 
Vaintt^ Those of fhii smidi transiipts «re r^ 
ftiaile&ble for that hdght ahd d^anoe, 
f cabhhig almost to the roof and divided into 
ttoe hUndr^ Ahd dght compartmetats, eadi 








«ttriowly wraiight ouaopia are supported 

tof OMdl and degaat cohunna of Petwoith 

laarble. Over tlieae runa a narrow gaUery, 

whieli ettenda quite raond the tmilding. 

The ei^tala of tlie ooliimiia have a great 

wiety of enrved fancies upon them, with 

fai^cfoiM, and not always dtaste oonceits, of 

(he witty aitista of the thirteenth xwntury. 

Hk entrance from the north tiaiiaept ia in 

tbe farm of a maaon'a square. Every other 

side of the octagon is adorned %ritha window 

xidi in tnoery and figured glass, riang from 

thepait fintataoive the stalls, and reaching 

totherooH Of this edifice, particularly of 

thedttpter.-hoitae, iBneoa Sylvanos, after- 

vsids Pius II. said — ** It is fiunous all over 

the worid for its magnSfioence and workraaa- 

•hip, but especially for a fine lightsome 

efaapd, with shining walls and smaU thin- 

waisfeed pillars quite round;" and an old 

monkiBh verse, with a free translation of 

whieh thia hiatory of the Cathedral is intro- 

dneed« bestowa upon it this cnoomium ^>— 

" Ut Rosa flos florum 

" Sic eat domus ista domorum.'* 

The vestriea, whidi are situated on the 
•onth ride of the choir, contain several curi- 
osities, which are shown and explained by 
theveigens; but the most important of these 
relies ia a la%e andent hom, presented by 
Prince Ul^ua, and bearing the following 
inscription, in capital letters ^«- 

ooairn Boc,iTi«pRVfl,iif oocidkhtali pabtb 






A. n. MnCLXZT* 

By this hom, which is made of an elephant's 
tooth, curiously carved, and was originally 
noonted wiUi g€>ld, the church of York holds 
■everal landa of great value, a little to the 
eastward of the city, which are called " Terra 
Vlphi." About the time of the reformation 
ttii antique vessel disappeared, till soon 
after tite reatovation. A- large and elegant 
bowl, originally, presented by Archbishop 
Scroope, in 1396, to the company of 
Cordwainers of thia city is preserved here. 
In the middle of the bowl fs the Cordwainers' 
arms, richly emboned — it is edged wirh sil- 
ver double gilt, atid stands upon three silver 
feet; round the rim, in the old Englisli cha* 
raeter, ia the following inscription t— 

(rant unto all ^nt titat tninftia of 
d|» coye 1 14i Iraste to ysrHon. 
IMfrt ^h»m tocioye mmm 
irmt in %mt forme of orefnilie I 

WAi Hastft to 9«rteK. WMnt 

On the disadutkin of the Coidwaiaers' 
Company, in the year 1806, thia cup was 
presented by the fratemiry to Mr. Sheriff 
Hornby, of Voiic, as a mark of their esteem, 
and he soon afterwards gener ou sly presented 
it to the Cathedral to swell the number of the 
curiosities. There ia also shown here a state 
canopy of gold tissue, given by the dty In 
honour of James I. on his first visit to YqiIl 
Three silver chalices and several ancient 
rings found in the graves of the aiehbiahops 
are exhibited ; together vrith a wooden head, 
found near the grave of ArchWshop Rotller- 
ham, who, having died of the plague, was 
interred here in eAgy. There is also a an- 
perb postnral staff of silver, about seven 
feet long, with the figure of the Virgin and 
the infant placed under the crook. Thia 
staff was given by Catharine, of Portugal, 
queen dowager <tf England, toho^ eonfessor, 
when he was nominated to be eatholie arch- 
bishop of York, by James IL In 1089$ and 
it is said, that when he marched in p iti c e s ' 
sion to the minster, the Earl at Damley 
wrested it fnm him, and deposited it in the 
hands of the dean or chapter, in whose pos* 
session it has ever since remained. An 
antique chair, as old as the cathedral, and in 
which several of the kings of England have 
been crowned, is still preserved here, and 
placed within the altar raits, when the arrti* 
biahop officiates, for his use. Thes#, with 
some less important relics, form the curloM- 
ties at present exhibited in the vestries. 

Adjoining to the council room is the 
andent treasury, which, before the refbrm- 
ation, contained' wealth of inestintable 
value. At that period all its wealth waa 
seized and converted to secular uses. The 
library was formerly in a room adjoining 
the western side of the south transept, but 
it is now removed to a building which waa 
anciently a chapel belonging to the archiepts- 
cupal palace, situated at a small distanee 
from the north-west corner trf the cathedral, 
and having undergone a complete repair, 
under the Judicious direction of the very re- 
verend the Dean, exhibits a fine specimen of 
the early age of Anglo-Normanic architec- 
ture. The destruction of the ancient library 
by repeated fires left this cathedral without to 
important an appendage, till the early part 
of the seventeenth century, when Mis. 
Matthews, relict of tlie right reverend the 
archbishop of that naihe, presented her 
husband's valuable collection of boo^, oon. 
slating of upwards of three thousand volumes. 
To these has since beci\. added i( small, but 
select collection, bequeathed by the will ^ 
Mrs. Fothergill, rellet of the Revereik^ 

D 3 



MfeMMdukelNifliMgill, vAiich, trith seVena 
late purchaies. gifts, uid beqiMits, form 
together a valiuWe library. 

The number of persons of rank and 
dUtinctioo, whose mortal remains are depo- 
sited in this ancient temple, is very consider- 
: able. The head of Edwin, the first christian 
king of Northumberland, was interred in 
. the cathedral at York, and his body in the 
monastery at IVhitby. History also records, 
amongst the persons interred here, the 
names of Eadbert and ESmbald, kings of 
■ Northumberland; Swein, king of Denmark ; 
trosti, brother of king Harold; WiUiam de 
aiatfifeld* second son of Edward lit. ; Tho- 
,, mas Mowbcay« Duke of Norfolk, and Sir 
J. Lamplugh, bothbehesded for thdr loyalty 
to the house of Vork i and a very large pro- 
portion of the archlMshops, who have pr^ 
sided over this See, txom die introduction 
of Christianity into this province to the pre- 
sent day. Amongst the monuments still in 
existence to the monory of illustrious lay- 
men* is <diie4y to be ncrticed that of Charles 
Howard, Earl of Carlisle, privy councillor 
• to Charles IL The sepulchral monumoit 
of the Earl of Staflbrd, who died in 1695, 
and that of the honourable Thomas Watson 
Wentwortb. third son of Edward Lord 
Rockingham. Amongst those of modeni 
days, that which public esteem and affection 
have erected to the memory of that di»> 
tinguished f^ead of his country and of man^ 
kind. Sir George Savile, daims the r^ard 
of all those who can appreciate eattensive 
benevolence and distinguished patriotism. 

Of the Clergy of the Cathedral of St. 
Peter, at York, at present, the following 
forms a complete list:-* 
The Right Hon. and Most Rev. fidward 

Venables Vernon, D.C.L. Archbishop 

of York, Primate of Eogland, &c dK, 

palace at Bishopthorpe. 
The very Rev. William Cockbum, M.A» 

Dean of York. 


Archdeacon Markham, M.A. Wetwattg, 
Archdeaoon Eyre, M.A. Apesthorpe. 
Rev. Robert Croft, M.A. SWlinfton. 
Rev. G. Desmeih Kelly, M.A. AmpltfbrtL 
Pbscjsntor — The Hon. and Rev. £. Rice, 

D.D. Driffield. 
CSANcxLLOR of tbb Churcb.— Rev. H. 

F. Mills, M.A. "Laughtou. 
80BDXAN — ^Rev. Geo. Cuthbert, Mjl. 


WUlei, H.A« 


York^.«Rev. Robert Markham, M.A. 
Nottingham— Rev. John Eyre, M.A. 
East-Ridin^^Rev. R. D. Waddilove, D.D. 
Clevetand^ftoY. P. Wrangham,M.A. F.R,6. 


Wm. Abbottk RD. Ftide^otpe, 

Robert Afluek, M^A. ToHtcriiti^iiHt^ 

Ridiaii Cafeey, M^A. Kmmi ibiwugt ip 

Hon, A. H. Cathoatt, ILA. LaHigiq^ -- 

J. J. CMKybeaie, M.A. Wtutffdlh 

E. A. H» DramtasoBd D.D. HmgikmMt*^ • 

John Doiphin, M.A. BieeaM. 

John Ellis, B.A. Barnby Mtor, 

B. P. Ooodenongh, M.A. Feniotu 

W. R. Hay, MJL Dwmingiofb . 

Hoii. T. A, HIgrto, UJu OrfwWsrieiiv - 

Ijunphi|b Hird, M.A. BotmtutL 1 

Henry Kltshii^nMni U>iA, Ale. 

Edward <Hter> MJi. Ulkabefffi^ 

W. Preetam, M.A. BitUm. 

Houi John LunUey Savile, MaA. -emtlt 

Samwl SmWi, D.D. QrktdalL 
Wm. Y. VeAon, MiA. Natih K^wbuiA. 
Robert Daiaey Waddilove, D.D. Dteaef 

Ripoli, IVittaw. 
Henry WatUiw« M. A . -Gltcwialfe. 
James Webber, B.D.«<rnMiitf. . . 
W. S. WiDes, M.A. HoAiif. 
John Wingfield, D.D. WeighUm. 
T. B. Woodman, M.A. Bngfhprpe. 

COU.NO«.4>P VlCAHfl. 

Rtv. RWilard Foctest, 6«b43uKttcr. 
Rev. Junes RiiddudsBto, M.Al 
Rev. Wro. Buhrier, MtA. '* 

Rev. Jamea-Dallin, M^A^ 
Rev. Henry A# Backwithy M.A. 

OBi^Amst-^Ut. MMtMwGamMgfe. • 

AaiH¥Ai»»0»aAit<#f i ■ ■ Jolm Caaidgi^ 
Mwi4!i] Docion 

1 Clerk of the Vestry, t wD0ng mmmA 
8 boys, 3 Vergerfe. 

RB018TRAR— WiUiam Mills, Esq. 
OJflcers of ike Ecclesiasiical Comri, 


Venables Vtmoni fin). M«A« 
Dspmrv-RaoiBTftAit'p^etepk.BudUot fiiq. 


Mr. Wm. Mills. Mr. P. W. Sltofry. 

Mr. Wm. Askwith. Mh J. R. Hfilla. 

Mr. Geo, Lawton. Mr. ThoA. Dewatk 

Mr. Tliot. WilsmL Mr. J. R* Fryttt>. 

APPAAITOR8 — ^Messrs. Wm. & John J'kdcsQB* 
The court is held in the cathedraL (Miec^ 
Minster yard — open ftrom nine In tiJM 
morning to five in the evening. 

Formerly the Arehfaishop.had » pailstt 
close to the cathedral, on the north si^e 
tiiat edifice, erected bty Afchbiriiop 
I. but it WM dismsntied \tf Artfll.„ 
Young, wb«e cupidity wil tdlnfleri to>aiil 
this tpolltttui by the' kMi vdileh MVftvC 



Tte dsptf of St* SepnMuv ttaoMdy 
riooAnot tefinntiwiite of 0m anU«pit> 
Tins dM^ WW btfit Mid 
by H/ogBCf AvdikUMip ^ 
Y«k» Mid had, U tha veionnaiioii, anve- 
ne mwimliiig to £192. Ite fd. After 
tteflditelndcMMd to omw 
orvaidlyiniaided, ytttoTit 
idiDS|iiM* kouie, aokl firoM M opniag at 
tte end of • dnageami with nldeh tht 
dHpdWH provided. Ike pmltBcm niiniid hit 
" The Hole m «Imi WeU.* la Ike 
18M, ihepablie 

(he cBtiit -whicli ted leo doulit teea ueedL tai 
tedvk ageeof cnieity — d ew|melitiiM> ae 
• dvDgeoo, -for the pvpoae of iaanMuta^ 
fwliiiMiiMl deUiiquetfc In Hie Mkomlmg 
]ftv a indtf piece of SaMB ien l|HM » eat 
a How, whicii, it ia eonjeetniad, 
(he laie of the aich«rr«rllMdaor- 
Af Itatkng iato tfaia dwntt'Wt vaa Kawnd, 
iftteh p e ttia p • mm in the %aniea of 
by dfWWMj who ava tor* 
body, end aeiab^ hia departiiig 
ipirit This siBguhur Mile iadeporiled in the 
Mfauler iinraryk 

Not far Itann ibit^wagmm ie the priaon 
and the "UaUor Plea«,» fbr the Liberty of 
St. Mv. The friao^ hept by Theauui 
Hniioii, b vaed fat aflhodara wltiiiA the 
litety, and there ia a aBaall eoaBtaooaafai 

f Imi n^H^pv fl^^^v^ vpImmm a^i^ha iffft JMHMi^fln 

.hw a*B^ within ttda jwriadietiaD «• triad. 
The Ubcity ot St< Peter eonpiehnda 
aD ttioee petta «f Oe eity and eouatytif 
¥eriivhidibcloi« «> tteehwehof St. Pe- 
left and an eauaaentioB of whidi will be 
fiMoid in the popnlation retuma piiflxed to 
ttis Tohwie. Hemy John DIclMBa, bq. 
bairateiveMfew, ie tlie atawaid, and Chiia' 
lopter Newataed, OentleBaan, of Yorli, ia 
tbeCklkof the Peace and Under Stewaad 
far tUa ibevty, of which Mr. John BiOok 
ietfae Chief BaiHH; nd ThomM Hanlaan 
the CoMUdile. The juxtadictiaD ia aepeorate 
and ostan ve, and it hae ilt own Magietmlfi, 
Stewnd, Bailifr, Coraneia» end CamtaUin. 
Amoegit itspanhrftegM, theiahaUlaotii men, 
and (eahntB of- thia liberty, are Mampt Atom 
OepaymcBt of an meaner of billa Ihronchowt 
En^BDd, Inhmd, and W«iaB» on (he pro* 
duction of n aeitifiaate, whieh the nnder-> 
Mavaid ie elwaya vendy to aupplp. Four 
fenend qoaiter aeaaiona aie hiUi tat this 
liberty, at the seadone honee^ in the Mineter^ 
yani, en the Seturday in eaafa weeic ap- 
pointed by .etatttte «or holding the genea a l 
quaxtereeaoooB, to inquiva into " all man- 
ner of feloniai^ poiaoniive, inchantaaents^ 


a eowt ia held in the hyi enwy 
whore piees hi actiana of 4ebt, 
plevin, fte. to any amount 
within the liberty, araheeaC 
a comt leet and view of 
wholaUbert|. haldtwtaia 



There ieaho 

The Rifietar oaee,'or the 'ndiWehnpt 

Psaroi^Te Court, aa *** ml iieeaie d, 

iabcUinan oM bidldhigat thoeMtendof 
the eathedial, in which the itgh yii e n «f 
wine end the inrtlnf nf linnniie fui liu j^ 
neaaldioeeee of Yorli take piece. TheOaHi 
and Chapter hare ako a dktinet oOee. in 
whiah aaeular boeineee ia tranaaeted for the 
inhaUtantaor the Liberty of SL Petee^. 

The Deanery hooee of thia ealhedna ia 
situated te the MlnatHr-yaid, and waeaaoat- 
ed in the year 1090. At (he rtfoBBMlifln the 
yearly taniha were vahead at 901; 17a. 0|d>and 
the livings which ie in the gift of the kii^, at 
a07& 10b 7id. The pfeeeut dean la Ike 
Right BcTcrend WiDiam Oockbum, M.A. 
whowaacraated dcM in 1813. The dean- 
arp haa the raetMiaaof PocUkigtaa, Pick- 
and KilhMn, of which the dean fa 
I helikowlee pw e e ntt to 
I, Ebberaton, BUnbnrae, finrnby- 
Moor, Givendal% and Hayton Ticangea.— 
"f airpninti alentho rwiilenlafiM, butnn«t 
ehooee than out of the picbendaiica, atf 
the tot peeben d n ii he aaeaaftaravacanay, 
bee aright to daiaa the iceidentaryekip^^ 

tnta the chapter t andtkevntatof nieaida*. 

tiaryakip ia cetbnated, in Bacons Liber ftagla. 
at S09t per annua. 

Thaeaveynt oonsidenblai«naiMof ai 
ancient buildtogcaeelad hern to the honour of 
St. WiUiaai, AvchUahopof York, called ^ 8L 
WiUiam'B coUegeb" for the pe 

ttypciertof theeoaqgetoiwddein, it 
deemed contrary to the honour and • 
of the church for them to live in houaee of 
laymanandwomenkeaherelolbiek Beifteye 
cfaunh iaeituatad hi the MtaMler-yaid, but m 
it will be enumentad amongst the churokae 
wkere eervioe ia atiU pcfftmned, it ia nnne. 
eeseary to dwell upon it hew. BaeideetMe 
chnreh there ware fiirmerly twu other patMi 
ehuicbea irlthin the Gatkadnri ekne, namely. 

^ , »T '^^t '*5?' eppointed by etatute tar 
holding the Qeneral Quarter 'ieesione in 
England is^ 

Ckriitmmt—iu the let week after Epiphany. 
£4ut«T<~-in the let week after the <Aome Of 

itfidwawiitr lin the let whole wnek after at. 

Michaelmaa—in the lit whole 

i 1th of. October* 



•' 9L Maiy sd Valvas/' and " St John del 
Pike.** The flnt of theM edifices wai re- 
moved in the year 1365, and the latter in 

The Beddern wai a eoll^ge of vicar* 
ehoral, belonging to the cathedral ; and the 
ehoral was flnt ordained in 1352. Though 
•tandhig in Goodramgate, and consequently 
not \nthin the dose of SU Peter*!, it is always 
classed with that district^ on account of its 
original connexion. The vicars choral were 
formerly 36, agreeing in number with the 
prebendal stalls in the cathedral, and besides 
attending to their duty in the choir, one 
officiated for each canon, receiving for their 
services die annual sure of forty shillings 
each. The chantries and obits, firoin which 
the vicars choral derived their chief supxxirt, 
being dissolved, their number is greatly 
dimittiidied, and in the vicissitude of human 
events, the Beddern, once the seat of impe- 
rial grandeur, and subsequently of ecclerias- 
tieal pride, is now the abode of poverty, 
and a scene of dilapidation. The Beddern 
chapel, which was founded In 1348, is no 
longer used for the general services of the 
sanctuary, but Is confined to the christening 
off- children and the churching of wonien.'<— < 
These several appendages formerly surround- 
ed the cathedral, and were detached Arom the 
city by walls, dosed in by four large pair of 
gates, which were shut every night Those 
gates, of whldi there are still some remains, 
were plaeed, the first to open into Peto^te, 
<q>posite Little Blake-street; the second into 
Peteigate, opposite Stonegate ; the third at 
the end of College-street, opposite the 
Beddern ; and the fourth into Uggleford. — 
The circtimference of the Cathedral close, 
with its district, is nearly three quarters of a 
mile, and when in its meridian glory, it 
formed a little ecclesiastical world of its own. 

In adtlition to the Cathedral, there are 
in York twenty-three other dmrches, in 
which divine service is statedly performed.* 
They are — 

The Churdi of All Hallows,* com- 
monly called All Saints, a discharged rep- 
levy, in the gift of the crown, valued in the 
king's books at 5/. Ifis. 10^. § and stated in 
Bacon's Liber Regis to be of the dear yearly 
value of dfiA 3s. 9d4 The Rev. Wm. Flower 
ii the present incumbent The church stands 

* In the churches marked thus* there is 
only divine service on the Sunday morning, 
which eoromenoesat i past 10 o'clock ; thus 
t in the afternoon, at i past 3 o'clock ; thus 
I both morning and axternoon, at ^ pakt 
Id and jlpastS.' 

§ These books were made by comttission- 
«rt appointed by the erown for that pmpose, 
Sn the reign of Henry VIII. on the eve of 
tl^e reformation. 

f Published In 17M. 

partly in High Ous^ate, but principally >n 
the Pavement. It is a very ancient structofeV 
and, according to Drake, is built on tlie ruamm 
of Bbofacum. The body of the church nod 
part of the steeple exhibit a very nntiquc 
appearance; but the edifice is chiefly re- 
markable for a more modem elec tion oC 
exquisite Ctotliic woikraanship, on tbe old 
steeple. This tower is finiriied lantena-wiac^ 
and tradition 8a3rs, that anciently a Uoge 
lamp hung in it, whidi was lighted in the 
night time, as a mark for travellers to aim. 
^ in thdr way to York, over the iiiniiriMW 
forest of Galrres. There is still the book «r 
pally on whiefa the lam]^ hung in the ateegitk 
and iron bars cross the'^windows, in "whtah. 
the glass might be fixed. This knitcra* ft 
is eoi\}ectured, was built in the fifteentti < 
tury, and there are here several old 
ments cotemporary with the supposed eves; 
tion of the tower. Part of the 
burial ground was formerly used as 
and fidi market, but in 1788-3, tbe diun^ 
yard was enlarged, and the diancel bek^ 
then taken down, the ground on vrtiicb Ifc 
stood was appfied to enhurge the rnnrfcct}- 
place. At the same time the whole Catalft 
underwent a thorough repair. 

ALL-SAiNTrs, North-street; an andolt 
reetory, vahied in ' the king's hooka at 4P. Thk . 
1 Id. andin Bacon's Liber Regis at 44i. 17a. aL 
The present rector is the Rev, Wnu Ijc^ 
Pickard, M.A. and the king is tbe petx^. 
The service is on alternate Sundays, halk 
morning and afternoon* In early times this 
reetory belonged to the priory of St. Trtait^ 
in Micklegate, to which it was giranted if 
the Conqueror, and confirmed by die 1iu1l«C 
Pope Alexander II. The principal ot^eeL la 
this church worthy of the stranger^ attea- 
tion, is the ancient painted glass in tfie 
dows, and a mutilated fnece of Roman 
numental sepuldire in the south walL 

St. Cbux, or Holy Cross,f in the Sham- 
bles, is a rectory in the gift of the Viw^ 
valued in the king's books at 61. 1^ 8d. and 
in Bacon's Liber Regis 78/. 6s 9d. The R«v. 
John Overton, M.A. is the present incuxnlieat. 
The year 1424, is the supposed date of this 
church, which was given by Nigell PossBid» 
lord of Doneaster, to St. Mary's Abbey. The 
steeple is of brick, ornamented with a s|uffl 
dome, and, like the steeple at Chesterfleifi, 
seems to have lost Its perpendicular line. 

•St. Ctjthbkrt's Churchf is a rectory* 
and stands near the postern at the end of 
Peaseholm-green; the living is valued in the 
king's books at U. lOs. lOd. and in BaoQii*k 
Liber Regis at 882. Ss. 6d. ; the king U tlis 
patron, and the Rev. Thomas Henry Voite^ 
M.A. is the rector. There fat an annual <fi»> 
tribation of 2h lOi. to the poor, made at tw* 




of Yofk. but Lofrd Mayor of LondoB, ki 

iaiiy sMifllit wrarini htm been 

OMiiggm^heti, aridaaaoBg^oChaia 

MpBlAnl tas iaMribad Ljm. n. Hxap. 

St. Dmrms, In Walmgata; tluaehanii 

of «bidi Hw Rer« Jaaoei Scr- 

LA. ia the lafi»liaiit> <Bd the 

^U^fttepamB. IB tte kipgtebookait is 

^ 4/« Of. IM. and in BaMrfi 

3U 17^ DMnB leiTiav i» 

A Jbittdgbl, at 

to kave teen mhgitmBcf a 
Synagogue or Tabernacle^ bnt the 
fe icse «al no aaiBcientau- 
Ikofity. In the year 1796, in eoi»e9lande 
<tf Ml iplnxy mflfaved by the ibuadadum^ Ae 
«Mt end of tMaedxfteearaatakfladoim, OKI 
tte riae of the charcb thenbyeouMnnUy. 
lednoe^ At Ibe mam tfana» the neat and 
Wky afhm «ti^ ivas pedtaraCed by a abet 
An&m the hMt aicge of Yeik, «as takan 
dawn* aadaJfOBSBtcMeii^BOlin 
ndnHColBi. The anciani poaci 
alio n Ba n iai J » bnt the otfved door-myic- 
aninsy and 'woaid gnuse a toon enttie and 

9r« BxKcir's CbwiehiA is the SqaaM 
faeariog that name, was fbnnerly a. rectory, 
aHae|iH«bwlte the nkirmn^ of JJoieriXy, bat 
in thtiaigBOf Henry V. it via otdahiad* 
Tieangei the ^ttue ut Ada livb^ in the 
kiui^taoekaia4i. 6a.5d.; te Baooafs Ubar 
Rcgia, ltle«!ahud at 441. #. «L| ttaeHet. 
John Aeatter, €lark» iatha<vfcar. TiaditiaD 
■9s» that upon the site of this chuvehllMie 
aackmlyalood an heathantenqilededieaCcd 
to Dink b the year 1743> the ehunfli 
ysid baioBglng to Ihiai ohmoh iraa afj^repri' 
atad to the public nse^ andaplot of land In 
Davygate, appiopelated to the intamentof 
the dead incfiead of U. In lyoo, the York 
Tavern naa cMeted on- part of this faaod. 
PiiortotiMaealtBrattonib the area ben tiie 
oppidhriaua name of Coekoldrs Comer, bat 
afar the iaepeoveoleut, it beeame St; HaieoTe 
Sqnare, by whidiname it is now eaUad. 
Near the entEaBee':to Oie dninh ia « hvge 
Saxon Foot, ni wfairii it is, conjeetured that 
adtthi weve fonueily bqpttaad by auMision* 

The Chuivh of 9r. ^nm the JBvangc- 
iiit,t near Ouaeteidge, appertaias to the 
dean and ehapter of Yorlc, and though men- 
tiooed in the Liber Heg^ has norTaliie af- 
fiudtotbe Irving. The Bev. Jamet Ricb- 
lf.A. ia the euxato. In this ohuiidi 
I faiteived theieraafaisof Star RiehanI Yorke, 
of York, Knight, mayor of the stqde at 
Calais, and Lord Mayotef York« in 1409, 
nd I4n. nt itseple ma Uomrdoimbx 

» andhasnevi 
of the 


rn* Tktae of a r> high wind in IfiU. 
built. In COM 

Oase-bvidga, tke barying- 

aatetiaUy comsaqtad. and 

the street raede nMneapaolaus in ] 

The Chunh of Sr. LAwmaaca^ in 
Watangaie, «aa aasioUy a reetoiy, bat is 
aoar a vicaregB» of vhicb the dean and chap- 
tot of York are the paboBS. ItiaiNdaedtai 
theUi^ books at M. Itt^andiaBaea^ 
IiierIkgisatUM.4a. lOd. ThaReT. Wn. 
Wright LoyiV, A.B. ia tiie Tiaa^ anddhdae 
servioB, which is paKfomed enee a day on 
atannto Sandayik eotamaaoea ai half«p»t 
ten in the moroiog. At theiiegeof York 
thw dMreh was nearly dartreyad. aad it re- 
mahni in mhie till 1660, whan It aasie- 
paited paitiaily» bat in the year 1817 itwaa 
ttKMTOUghly rcpetaredand cniaiyML 

9r. lUaeiaaBT^ Chordi,* on the 
BOtlh Me of Wafangate, U anetory. In the 
giftof the king, Talued hi the books at 41, 
9c •id. aad in BaeoaraLiber Regl* «t f7A 
8B.M. The Hrkig ia en|efid by the Ear. 
f Jote Overton^ A.IL in 1679> <he steeple 
of thkehatablUldoim cBd hilme* Ike voof, 
wWoK •wh^ to the then poicrty ef the 
pariMv waa not sepaired tiU tvelveyeeM tT- 
terwaids. The poreh of St. Maxgwefk ck- 
h^rits an cxlnocdinary apeaman of Saaan 
seniptare aad asridtectaBe. and ia aald to 
hanre been beoagfat tram thedisMlved 
pitsl of St. Nicholas, widiontthel 
iag bar. le co m prises foor aatted etrcalar 
anhee ioxnaaaentad with l^gntes^ bdew aad 
witfafai each ether. Thearahasaresappcatsd 
by a Bgfat lOund oolumik The top of the 
poroh is crowned with asmall stonrciaalta. 
aad the aUbct is alfiofdher . antique aad 

'6v. Mantia'a Church,* likkkgate, is 
a ractoryv Tested ta traatecs, valoed la the 
kin^s books at U 16b. 6d. aad ta Baeoa's 
Liber Rfgla at 46i.4B.6ld. TbeEer.lioB* 
tague Jofaa Wynyard is ti» leetor. The 
patotad glaai ia the wtaidews of thiaehaieh 
ia ^«ry beautiful, aad in the wall ef the 
ehaich yanl thete are several cMiiooa pleats 
«f debced Roaaan seulptora 

The Chorch of Sv. Maevw* the 
Bishop,! in Codey*streeC, ia aa aadcBt edi- 
ilee, Botieed In DomcBday-book. The liivlag 
isaTiBHrage, valued hi the Uag's bookaat 
4/. aad esthnated hi Baoan% Liber Regie at 
the dear yearly vahie of 211. I6e. M. The 
patrons are the dean and chaptorof Yorii, 
and the Rer, WfUiam Balaier, li.A« 
ia the piesentiaettmbeat.- The 
of the exteiiorof the choreh tetanpcoved by 
atomer slaapir, and it is zendend ge asaA- 
aUa by a doA wMch pro|acUtale tho-Miett 


jiiBTomy or. 7ue 


atM> • ymfKJoattiagalS^det^ on SumUy 
monrii^r aad«t:fiTB in wamnet and 6 in wior 
ttr on ibe Tuetdty and fridsy jatMCoinffi* 
The oBwi ' dhapd is of ittt moce recent 
dirte ; it was dtadH in tibe year 1814, in Al- 
b imu i m e t. 4yMl is, ftom its situeCioB« caUed 
ABilmCbapet, ^ndtiie itrriees aieat ihalf 
past iwtn^he morning, 6in lliaataniivoB 
Sundays, at 7 o^clock on Thuaktey even- 
ings. THis toBiUUng Is about ladf thesiae 
or the oMnr Melhodisfc obupeL . lliey are 
both supplied with preadMis fiom Che con- 
ftrenoe in eoonexiasi irilh the late Reveiend 
«Min Wesley. 

The CalviAistie Chapel, in 6sape<]ane, 
is now occupied by the Ftimitave IfetfaodistBa 
their Sunday serviee is at faalf<past 10 ik 
the nxMming : ptayors at 6 in the ™«twng 
and 8 in the evening: Monday and Friday 
serriees at haW^psat 7 inthe evenings . Si^bi- 
day evening ptsyeta at 8 in the.eveidng.^ 

^Tbe Independents, Aoogh feemerly' 
seaieely known in Yprl(» have > of kte be*; 
oome a nnmeious body, and i«nU,p«Qbably, 
under tlie ministry of fthe.aaaloua and<elo- 
quent young prewflier, lately called to pre> 
sideovelr fliem* still forrtiierinoMase. Their 
dhapd, whieh ts eligiUy situated iI^Lendal, 
and thenoe oaUed **Lindal Chapel,** was- 
built in the year, 1814, a( acost of 30002.. 
ted will aoooismodate a eoi^rqiation of 
1000 ptnom. The Rev. James Pamns ia. 
the minialeri and the Sabbath sexvices, of 
whidi thsteare three, oommenoe at half 
past ten in the morning, half-past Ae 
itftemoon, and half-past 6 tf dock in the 
evening. There is also a lecture on Thurs- 
day, and a prayer meeting on Monday, each 
(ff which services commences at 7 ofdoek in 

The Sanderaanisas, « sect of seecden 
from -the Scotch churdi, fbunded by the 
Rev, J<4m Glass, have a diapdin Gaape- 
kne, with 'a email buriid ground amieKed. 
Owaig''to the sBMllaess of their xamben, 
they have no stated' pastor, but this congre- 
gation essemWes for divine service every 
Sabbath mdrnfng at haU^past 10, and again 
in the afternoon at^ o'clock. 

"^e rdigietts eommimity, eo long tiie 
lords of the ascendant, both in this dty and 
fai thfa Couatryj >biit now ranked es dissenters, 
occupy, iu plieeof the stately Cathedral, a 
neat briek<4raitt ehapd, ' of modem eieeliflB, 
in Little Blake street. The Rttv* Benedict 
Aaynient is the pastor df diiscoDgragatiea. 
The momiiHl^ services' commenees 'iUv the 
Chapd «n Siinftiys and -iioUdays, 'St 10 
oVkidk ; inthe momiltg, a&d' t^ evening ser- 
vice at 3 d'^feloCk' iii the afternoon, except in 
the t^o mM-winter months oi Deeember 
and^faauaiy, when the evening service be- [ lene, nesz the boundary stone of the city 

gins ^gL hour earlier. Every Sunday moo* 
iog a musical high mass, aieoQmpeiuedby.4^ 
sweet end full toned oi|pui, (recently buitt# 
an oqpcnselof 5002.) is celehirafeedhetei fp^ 
in Iicnt and Advetf public lectures sie ^T|i> 
in the evening, every Sunday, Tuesday, nH 
ThUEKlay, which commence at 7 o^ctodb,. , 
In the Ruboibs of the city« wHi^ 
Mii^lCgate fi^, is a lai^e and handMH 
brick building, caUed '* the Nuwur$if*^ 
which has been used once the year i68l4||^ 
a boarding ashool for ladies of the BmH^ 
Catholic posuaai^n. The assistants is d|||, 
Seminary having quitted the world, sadito' 
voted themselves entirely to the iiisrni<1ig| 
of youth, are|>0[>ularly denominated eaiMlf 
each of them constantly wears a laigcMlWli 
veil; and exhibits other tokens of mwnA 
jpeculiarity. At paresent the establishBNli 
.cgosists of sixty young ladies* some of tlr'" 
sent fiEom a oonsidemble distance^ fix 
puqKwa of education, more than 
nuns, and about twdve la>-sisters, wi 
offiriating deigyman, (the Rev. James Xf^ 
hama)and£Dnr domestic servants. Mis.^ 
Goyaey is the Rev. Mother Supetior^oC^ 
ooavoit On the premises is a small 
chapeU in whidi ti». prayers axe read^ 
morning i^t eight o'clock, and on tbe 
bath ,d^y also* at two o'clock in the 
noon. ThcseserYioe» are open to Hm pv 
Ov^r thegcne«J entrance is agallery* in ^ 
several of then^ns take their station to j 
company the organ during divine 
and the effi^ of tlie music may ao( 
inaptly a^led seraphic. 

There are ia York 30 churches andt 
pels, and ten mooasteriesand religiousl 
whieh have gone to decay. Three of j 
decayed churches have .been already 
tjooed in the history of tlie cathedral i 
appendages ; the otiiers fire.St. Bridget i 
St. Nicholas* in MickJegate ; St. 
without Skie\dergate Pqstem; St. 
nerMT MiciUc^tiei >t. Peter the 
Peter.laaei S$. ^Went's, . nearly 
MienAant's Hall; St. George, near N4 
Ume; St. Andrew, in Fish^rgate; St.. 
inthe Willows, at the upper jpart ,of. 
Close^: these ancient edifices, were all. ||i4 
ward of Walmgate. Jn Mmxk-ward*! 
di^yed ohur^es are St. Mary's* Layc 
atnl. St Mftuxice, ^Jif^onkgatie. In 
nmrd, St. Andrew, St. Stephen* «nl 
John thcBapstist, in Hungate; St Wil 
ne^r Blake-street In.the suburbs then-l 
St George's chapel, St George's close| 
Helena and .the church la£ AU.^aifUl^ 
Pisbevgate ^postern; St -Bdwaijd (Mid, 
Michael* Vf atUngate : St Giles, in' 
gate^; and the chapel of. St. Mary 



The mooaslcriet and reHgioiu taouaci* 
ventbeabtey of St Mary, situated behind 
the MoMtltoiiie: the nraaaatarj of the 
Iteming Riia, aaeieotly a Roman temple 
med to the heaOen god Senpia, situated 
iaFriai'f gaidon; the conTont of black or 
fnm, near Micklegate bar; the 
of tlw Frian Minor, on the 
hntaoftheOinp, temeriy the ocoasKnal 
KBdeneeof tliekisigBof England; the mo- 
■Mtery of the Friars Carmelites, which hi 
the diyi of id glory, occupied m principal 
pntof tegnoDd fiom WhipmawhapmaffBte 
to the liver Foa; and the monastery of the 
Cnoehed Frian, at the coiner of Barker- 
UL b Beggugata^MW stood the nun- 
Kry of St CkoMnt, fimnded by Henry i., 
is 1145, for the nam of the Benedietliie ar- 
te: in Stoae>irall-ckise, the priory of St 
Aodien, fboaded in 1902, by Hngh Mur- 
ing AitvelyeoanonB of the oidcr of Sem- 
pringlm; aie priory of St Nieholas, Wat> 
iNpt^^royy foundation, catabliahed onder 
IheiMKiwiageof the kiqgsof Englaod, for 
I ideet rnnnber of both aexcs; and the 
pEiety of St Trinity, in Trinity gardens, 

The greater part of ttwse edMces have 
Milly disappeared; but the min of St. 
Ibrfi Abbey, foimeily oae of the glories 
efYflrk, andatUl, 

'* Great m min, noble in decay,** 
Mosiniainooiiment of departed splendour. 
This ooee noble and roagrafieoit monastery, 
ii atnitcd OB the North aide of Oie dty, and 
the lend gatlysk>pcs fhxn without Bootham 
hsrtotlieOaBe. The site is a fine spot of 
gmmd, nearly square, and eomprdiends a 
eiicvit of 1S80 yards. In tiie Abbey wall 
««e two principal gates, one to the East, 
<P*BiiigiBto Bootham, near the gate of the 
<^i sad the other into Marygate. A spad- 
osi piece of zidi ground to the North of 
(Uirtraei, mnaing down to the river, was 
ved by the monks for their fiit cattle, and 
Med Ahnry^gaxth. Aceordhig to Ingulphus, 
*^ «as a m o n as t ery here before the con- 
4i»t, ia which Siward, thevaiiant Eaxi of 
Northamberland was Interred. And tradi- 
tioBhaspiaeed upon thbute, the temple of 
BHkna, from which tfie Emperor Sererus 
'*>^*ed the piesage of his death. Tliemo> 
»<ery was then dedicated to St Olave, and 
>U asBte was not changed to that of St 
M«ry. till theUmeof William Rufiis, who 
«es one of its distinguished patnms. In the 
year 1270. this Abbey waa totally destroyed 
by be. but under the direction of Shnon de 
Warwick, the then Abbot, who laid the first 
■toneof cheBewenetlon, It again raised its 
^^eid, and in two sad tweitfy yaars the iden- 
ticsl fidxic, of which wt thii day m the 


this time the mun i ficence an d piety of princaa 
and nobles, enriehed the Abbey of St Maty, 
and on the dimohitioei of the rcilgioua 
hooses, in the reign of Henry VII]. ica 
annual revenue, aeoording to Speed, amount* 
ed to Xsoes. la. 5|d. The privileges of 
thb monastery were as remarkable as its 
opuknoe. The abbot had the honour to bo 
mitred, and enjoyed a seat in parliament* 
with the tiUe of Lord Abbot Our eighth 
Henry, whose cupidity was a great deal lees 
equivocal than his love of reltormatioei, 
seiaed npoei the revenues of the diemantleil 
monastery, and ordered a palaee to be built 
out of its ruins, iriiich was called 0ie King's 
Manor. This palace, however, sunk into 
deeay, and though James I. gave orden to 
have it repaired, and rendered fit for a royal 
fcsidenee, it haa, in some degree, shared th« 
fate of the Abbey, and the whole is now fai 
the pos s es si on of the Grantham family. 
Time and deinredatioo have redueed even tha 
walls of this venerable fabric within narrow 
Ifanirs; at present, the greatest part of the 
fndosure is a pasture; the rest Is leased for 
gardens} and sudi parts of the palsoe as are 
hafaiteble, are let in humble tenemenu ; at 
which, the mitred lord abbots, in the plcni- 
tade of their power, would have cast a 
glanee of disdain. The Manor-houM Is 
occupied as a boarding school for young 
ladic^, for whidi purpose it is well adapted* 
Suffldent yet remains of the ruins of tht 
Abbey, to carry the mind back to other 
tunes, and to indicate the labours and the 
resting place of Stephen de Whitby, whose 
supposed tomb-stone, thus inscribed, is seen ^ 
in a small court, now a stable yard, at tl.e 
East end of the doiatent: HIC: JACET: 
STEPANO : AB. B : ISPN. It has long 
been a matter of surprise and regret, that a 
min. so picturesque, and in a situation so 
inviting, should be disfigured with the un« 
sightly nuisances which incumber this an« 
dent Abbey; and it is much to be wished, 
that dther die ncltAe proprietor of the ve- 
nerable domain, or the corporation of York, 
with his Lortldiip's permission, would eo far 
act the part of public bcnefadors, as lo 
render this an attractive scene, as it is so 
capable of bdng made, both to the inhabi- 
tants themselves, and to every man of taste 
and lover of antiquity that visits this ancient 

The Red Tower, another of the andent 
buildings of York, is lo called from being 
built of brick ; it is situated nut far from 
Watangato bar, on the South bank of the 
Foss, and when York was a commercial 
dty, eommsoided the Fobs island. This' 
andent edifice* tha antiquity of which cai*- 



not be pndiely ^xed, is supposed to be 
■early ooeTid with ifae period of the reri- 
dence of the Qiinums in tliitoountry. The 
■UMiafRCture- of brimstone in the tntecioi^ of 
ttiis building has aggravated the dilapida- 
tions of time» and its pratent appeftrance 
donveys but a Tery imperfect idea of the 
aCatety square itructure, through the loop 
teles of which the englilies of war wete 
pointed to protect the navy of the port of 
York ftrnn hostile attack. 

Behind Trinity Gardens, in the South 
East comer of the city, is an andent mound, 
ihe origin of which is not known* Inan- 
iKBfkt deeds und histories it is called, veins 
taflittm, biOUBayle, signifying a place of 
aecurlty, and probably fmns the platform, 
m Leland and Camden suppose, of an an- 
Ment luined castle^ The mound is orna- 
mented with a small plantation of tanees, and 
caunetty corresponds with that on whidi 
GHflbrd's tower is erected» on the opposite 
■iride of the river. This pdint oommands a 
iae view of Ymrk, and of tiie rich country 
by which it is surrounded. 

Adjoining to the wall of the Cabtle 
yard, at the South West extxetnity of Castie- 
|ate, stands ft round tower, built by Willilim 
the Conqueror, as a keep to the Castle, and 
called CliffbrcTs Tower, a name derived 
Arom the Lords, who were andently its 
wardens, and which family probably fkoin 
that circumstance, daims the right of carry- 
ing the sword before the king in York. In 
JLeland's time it was *' al in ruine," and in 
Chat state it continued till the contests between 
Charlea I* and his parliament, 'when it was 
tepaiied and streD^hened with fortiflca- 
iions and a draw-bridge, a deep moat being 
supplied from the waters of the Fobs. Af- 
ter the surrender of the city to the parlia- 
«nentary generals, Thomas Dickinson, the 
'Lord Mayor, a zealous supporter of the 
popukr cause, was madtt governor of this 
tower. But in thfe year 1«63, Sir John 
Aeiesby was appointed governor by Chailes 
41., and in the foltowing year^ <»i the festival 
d( St. Geozge, about ten o'elodi at night, 
the mafpazine took fire, and Teduced tiie 
tower to a ruin, in which state it-remalns to 
tius day<^ The cause of the fire was never 
oorrectly ascertained, but tlve destrtsKlton 
ifs supposed to have been intentionid, and 
to have proceeded trota. that Jealonsy of 
military control, which English citizens sO 
|usUy entertain, and which the presence of 
a fortress, c(»nmanding thecity, waa so well 
eaOeulated U) exdte. At that time a popular 
toast in York was, " the deinolftf«(h iff the 
iBince-pic," and tlie garrison, iippariastly 
aware of the approaching; cata^&Ophe, all 
flM»ped unhurt. At theeftiti^Miee into the 

keepisa square tower, thewailof «i1kid) ii 
ten feet tiUck; and Aear toitbachaW'^ei 
of exoelleDt water, neariy twenty yaiftl 
d^p. IIm rides 9f the gigantic taioutttdl 
which Qie building standb art plaated vMl 
trees and shrubs, and the m«)at which fl|» 
merly auntnuKbed it is new so eoamlali^t 
filled up, riiat the entire speee, amijMM MI 
about three acres, fixtnsabeantiittlguMI 
and pleasure grounds. ThCj^pertytoMk : 
with o&or famds near tiie dty, by gIMl i 
from James L to Babington and Daffldlf i 
the preaeilt owner is Samuel WillB Wai% \ 
Esq. of CamUorford, near Selby, and It k i 
occuped by Lady Grant. 

Yorkisccletarated for the number tfli 
variety af its benevolent institotiaBs, wliai|f ^ 
may be enumeriited under the fbHe«ii|^ 
heads ;-^EioapiTAL»^A8TLVii»-*acB<Mi(|.';j 
and other charities. 

The HoepUal cf ^ AnUun^ 
founded fhim ttnee to Ibur eeBtniw 
by iAx John Langton, Ki^ irfnettaneft 
of Yoric, fbr the brethren of St 
After the diisolutiMOf the religions 
it fell into the. Inuida of a irainniityi 
sistingof a master and eight keepenif 
gave a fleast every three years, probdly fii| 
of the lemaiht^ revenues of titeoH 
pital; but in 1(180, this ftast was 
tinned, and the fellowship ^Uaaolved. 
legendary story of St. Audiony, of 
and his pig, says Drake, is l e pniam t at 
one of the windows of the church of 
Saviour. The brethren ^of this 
house used to go a bi^[ii^ m tiwcity 
elsevdiere, and were geneially wril 
for St. Anthony's sake. But if they 
not relieved every time willi a ftiU 
they gmmbled, s^d their prayecs 
wards, and told the pec^ that St. Atf 
would plague them for it. Theteisan 
flammatory cutaneous dSsease, eslied 
Anthony's five : this the fciretlnenBHtde 
people bdieve the Saint wiooid intliet 
them if they disobliged Mm, or wdaU^^ 
them of it, if they merited a eure. to^ ^* 
they had sndi an ascendancy here, and tiii||i 
tron of the hebphiBl was held in such 
that vriien ahy peraon-s sow pigged, 
set apart, and fedasfatas Aeyooidd 
it, to give to the brethnnof St _ ^^ 
that .they might not be tofmentsd by w^ ^ 
ttatf disease ; and bCHce oame the proMtb^'f 
At fiSt k* an ^lahontfpig. In •1646> HI * 
whole of Che bnilding in which the M* ' 
thvcn met was ye^diiied, and it Is aNt, ^ 
appropriated 6hl#fly fbrthe«ise«f the di*i^ ' 
sriiool. I ^ 

^ga»*9 HtupHtU id situatea near <K \ 
county hospital, aad is «ecttpied by A * 
poorjigeQ ^'iAfftiSi <ea(^of whom ^tecetfV 





U. lii.4d. half yew^y towards their niainte. 

uooe, paid by the feoff^ of Mr. Alderman 

•Afv» the fiyiuader. out of laad wliich now 

finau fiart of fhA estate of Unrd Middlettm. 

Of B»r«<o«»'« HwpUtU, in the suburbs 

«f Yark. little is known with certainty* ex- 

«c|)t that it ooQsiata of six miserable co^ 

t^ps, «Mnopriatedtopex«on«of bothsexesi 

«feoeach «BQeive about fbrty sbiltioj^w-yeaf , 

Thedonttioo. it i» and* was gi^ienabouta 

hundiied yews ego, and the docpra are 

^ apposed to bAva been two maiden sisteis^ of 

the name of 9arstow. 

The SpUml^ (a cantraetion Ibr hos- 
pital of Si, Cat/uirin^, is situated near 
the MounW 4t the eotxanoe to the «aty. 
This WHS aiMncMtly a bouse of eotertaiament 
for poor tra^PtiOer^ .or pi^ims, who oould 
net afibcd tn pay fiKlodgin^ in the town» 
Bmidia^ of this kind were xisuaUy placed* 
txtramuroa, on the side qf the highwayi 
aadtfaii waa a Xenodo ohium of that kind, 
la Drake^ time it was k^t up, and rep^red 
at Oe city's e3(pense».as a habitatioii tot 
poor widows* though it was ^tb«a hardly 
daaenriogof thenameof a charity; but we 
cofleetfrom Hargrove's History, that by the 
successive donatuNis oi variooft benefiKton 
withja the last oeatury« it now aflbrds iesi> 
deocea tax four aaeiait widows, each of 
whom dcrivea a^ i^eame Uom, tJie chanty, 
amounting to itU. dts* per anmim. 

GettoB> HospUal, U situated in Tan- 
ner row» and derives ita name from the 
Cmuidem^ Dt, Golton, and Mary his wiA 
by whfom it was |M»vided, in the year 1717, 
for the ooeupatkm of ** eight poor women." 
At pceseat, the funds whieh are produeed 
from lande at Cawood and Thorp Wil- 
loughhy, yield to each of the. cifl^t in- 
matea about six pounds a>yeav. 

imgbmm*s Hospital was founded by 
Sir Arthur lagham, • senior Alderman of 
York, in the year 1640, and endowed with 
five pouiidft a-year for each of the ten poor 
womcQ, its inmates, who have also a new 
gown every two yean. The endowment also 
provides, twenl^ nobles for " an hobest 
able nan to rend pmyers in the ehapel,'' 
payable out of certain lands at Sheriif 
Huttoik The buildings formhig tliis hos- 
piCsl axe situated in OoDthara, and consist 
of ten eottagea, of two rooms eadi, with a 
dicpel in the oentrei The badge of these 
vidowB ii^ a silver eoek gUt, ibe crest of 
the Izvkk family, of Temple Newsain, of 
•hieh teuly Sir Arthur was the finmder. 
The potroni^ of this hoepital is now 
ia the Dowager Marehicmess of Hertford, 
tlie eldest daughter of the late Lord irvio, 
smA oae of the Unesi descendanU of Sir 


SU Leonard* HospUai is an 
fi«^B<lAtip^^ whieh cstisted before the eon- 
q,ue8t, and when in the m«Hdian of ita u^ 
fulue«e,, supported thirte^i brethren, four 
secular priests, eight sisters, thirty choristeta, 
twoschoolmaeters, twenty-six bfartmPB, and 
six servitors; but by the consent of tbt 
brotherhood, it was surrendered m the Slut 
year of Henry VIII. and the revenue, 
amounting to 36iL lis, lid. placed at the 
disposal of the kbig. 

The SpUal <{f SL Lay, like that of St 
Catherine* waa built for the aocommodatiaa 
of poor travellers and pilgrims, in Cathoye 
times; it stood on the East side of the Monk 
bridge, but not a vestage a€ it now remahia, 
HaUeu Difu was founded in White 
Friar's lane, Layerthorpe, by Edward IV. 
whence it is natural to infer, that there ouiat 
anciently have been here a monastery of 
White Friars a}so, from which the namehaa 
arisen. But on this subject, we can on^ 
OQEuectuie; as there aie no remains of dthar 
building,, 41^, even the name of the lane llr 
self is now no -V^nger retained. 

Ma$on'* Boipital, in Colliergate, wat 
founded by a widow of that mune, in 1739, 
for the use of six poor widows, who have «o 
annual income from the original beneflw t re s a 
of one pound e-year, and from the benoi 
volent Countess of Conyngbam* of fifty 
shillings, produdng to each of them yearly^ 
thdree pounds ten shillings, 

MidOieton't HospUai, in SkaUcEgatt^ 
isaroonuroeptof the piety and benevolenet 
of Dame Ann Middleton, who bestowed bf 
will two thousand pounds for its erection aad 
endowment. In this hospital, twenty wi« 
dows of poor freemen hi York^ have dwell* 
bi^, with an uioome of five pounds sixtaan 
shillings a-year eaqh ; three pounds lixteaq 
shillings of which is derived from the funda 
of the original benefsctress, and two pound* 
from an augmentation bequeathed bj 
Thomas Norfolk, gent. A fUll length effigy 
of Dame Middleton is placed in a nloh^i 
over the front entrance* with an inserip* 
tk>n, partly obliterated, enumeratiqg bei 

A little beyond Bootham row, and naaf* 
lyof^^iteto Marygate, is an alms-house 
that few ladies in the early part of life would 
claim as their inheritance, called " The Old 
Maids' HospitaL" The founder of this instl* 
tution was Mrs. Mary Wandesford, of the 
oity of York, spiustei, who by will dated the 
4th of Nov. 1726, bequeathed an estate at. 
Bruii4>ton-upon-Swale;|Oear Riohmond, with 
a mortgage of 120(¥. and 1200^. South-Sea 
stock in trust, " for the use aud benefit of 
ten poor gentlewomen, who were never roar.^ 
ried," members of the c»tabUslied church. 




" who shall retire from the harrj and nolle 
of tlie world into a house of protestaat retira- 
rffeiit, with lOf. per annum to a rtuift^ 
Since this time the ftinds of the Old Maids' 
Tlatfpital, have been considerably augmibted 
by other bequest^ and each of the inmates 
hbw receives 16/. 17*. 4rf. annaany, frtiidi 
Mr: Hargrt>ve, from whom we quote, and 
Who has displayed a very laudable seal in in- 
tmtgating the affairs of the charities of 
YorK« intimates should be still Airiher in- 
creased from the improved value ctf land 
within a period of nearly a hundred years. 
The Maiden Testator, does not in her will 
ti'x at what time of life ladies may become 
candidates ftjrthis diarity, but the Court of 
Chancery, by a decree of the date of 1730, 
has fixed the age at fifty years. TTie present 
steward of this establishment is Mr. John 
Mills, with a salary of 6t, a-year, and the 
Rev. W. Bulmer, with a stipend of I5i. an- 
nually, is the reader or chaplain. Every 
Wednesday and Friday morning at eleven 
(h;lock, duty is performed intfaeahapeL 

Without Micklegate bar, at the piin- 
cipal* entrance to the oity oh the left, is an 
antique stone building, called St Thomas* 
Hospital, erected for the fraterulty of Corpau 
Chrisii, Incorporated by letters patent, the 
©thof November', in the 37th of Henry YI. 
This ho«pfCal was originally instituted fbr a 
master and six priests, who wer& bound to 
keep a solemn procession every year, on the 
Friday after Corpus Christi day, and the day 
Mfter to have a soksmn mass or dirge, to pray 
for the prosperity 6f brothers and sikers 
liVing, and for the souls departed; and fur- 
ther to keep yearly ten poor frfks, having 
every of them towards theur living 3L fo. 8d. 
ft-year, with a ftirther provision that they 
ihonld find eight beds for imor people being 
strangers. In addition to this hospitality, 
the fraternity found entertainmentofanother 
kind for the citizens, and once in every year, 
uaniely, on the Thursday after Trinity Sun- 
day, they performed the play of Corpus 
Christi, in aid of which, every trade in the 
<*ity was obliged to furnish a pagetttt. At 
that time the building wasfkr more extenmve 
thart^t present; but in the time of Henry 
Vril. it felt the shock of all othersimilar in- 
stitutions, and in 1683, it was inhabited only 
by ten poor widows, to whom mendicity af- 
forded the means of subsistence. In 1787, 
the hospital underwent considerable altenn- 
fions and improvements, and the number of 
inmates were increased to twelve. In the 
year 1791, Mr. Luntley, a glover in Blake- 
street, left by will 100(M. to this institution, 
the interest of which, yields nearly four gui- 
neas per annum to each of the inhabitants, 
and I,ady Conyngham, augmented their in- 

come to ttpwaids of 6/. by leaving 85. »-y< 
to be divided in equal parti amoiig them. 

Near HerchantaT Hall, fai 
stands an ancient Spital, called Trinity Hi>»' 
pUal, founded in 1373, by John de Ilaw<diir» 
and endowed with lands worth iOL a-year for 
the sustentation of a priest or master, and fot 
the brethreit and sisters of the lameb - Tiw 
priest wastopray for the fimsder* md for 
the king, as wdl as for all christiaii aonSM, 
and to pay weekly to thiitaen poor IbOu and 
to two poor adioIarsrendeBt In die hospital; 
four-penoe in silver eadu In tiie 3cd off 
Edward VI. this hofpital waa dissolveds and 
the land wai given to the king; but tbm 
hospital and chjqid were kept standing, aai 
Ui« Mcfchants' Company of thia citjr pup i 
tnated tfaecfaarity by their liberality, andal 
presentten poor perso ns ftva at eaefa ma^ 
live in the house, and reeeive a atlpend off sL 
eaeh per annum* 

The HotpUai qf Sir Robert Watttr, 
Knight, twioe Lord Mayor of York, iadta^ 
ated in Keutgate-laaa Shr Robert, by hbi 
will proivad Jane 16, 1612, appointed that a 
hospital should be erected o«t of faia Ikrmm 
in " Nowtgate, which should be for flit 
perpetual maintenance of ten peraosia i ta 
connatof a governor, or reader widi X, per 
annum, and certain brothers and aietera, fa 
eaoh of wfMim 91, per a^um, wia to %• 
allowed outof thelordshipof Cundale. Frofli 
some cause not explained, thfli Charity liaa 
been sutbred to deteriemte » the number off 
dwellings is only sev«i, and inatead at tea 
there are only seven mmates ; the reader, v»- 
bably from the smallness of the atipend, deel 
not osisk, and CHiIy 14A is paid «» the l»* 
stitution, instead of twenty guineaa annual^ 

In St. Derinis Churoh-Iaoe, atanda aa 
aluW'house, 4bunded, as ia suppoaad, by tile 
Company of Coidwainers, and intended aa 
an asylum for poor aged utd decayed pefsMi 
of that craft This buikling had anciently 
a eupola and bell, which was tolled cm the 
death of any of itamemben, and fttmtha 
religious servloet performed in the hoapita^ 
it obtamed the name of '* Tke Maison Din 
oor the House of Ck>d. The Cordwaincn^ 
Company, after existing fbr sevcnd oentik. 
ries, certainly not kss than four, waa di»> 
solved in the year 1806, parliament hsflag 
in that year repealed the act, on whidithey 
grounded their right to regulate the markcti 
and th^r trade in geneial. On the diastdii- 
tlon of the Company, the entire patronage of 
the Maison Dieu, with die vrchierea of the 
fraternity were transferred to Mr. Hoivby, of 
Vork, one of the prineipal membera, and by 
the liberality of that gentleman, the hoepital, 
which had sunk into a state of dilapidation, 
waa taken down «ad re-built at hia own toA. 



TlUs hospital aewcamiatttfr four eomiori* 
aide iNrtfiinBi^ appfopriated feo the lue of as 
ntny dacaTCd iboe-nakorab wtiopay to thor 
bendiutor an annual admowledgment of oue 
iMany. Tlua cstabUshioent preseota a fa- 
nwnUefidd i»r the eacerdse of benevoieaee, 
tod we vflnnue to xeoommend that somecte* 
litiUe pnwm shcDoid endow it viiiia saoail 
poititm of JjBad, firom the lOots whawof the 
weeeaiTe inmates of the Maison Pieu, who 
are now aeariy dcatitute of inoome, may 
thtongh all time haeva the evening of their 
days brightened bf a humUe otisnpetency. 

The law of Ifcnlmaia has iris^ kept 
the eadawHMnt of hospitals and religious 
hoBsos within vexy moderate Umits; and in 
won modem times Ibe k^slaturef has in- 
ititBtedaaeeiuitr against death-bed «hBrita« 
hie beqoeats, hj inovidiag that no lands or 
lenments sludi be given for, or duoqged with, 
any charitable nae whannrrcr, imieni by 
deed indCBtad, cxeeHed in the preance of 
two witaoBMea twelTe oikndar months befbre 
the desA of Che donor^ and enxolled in tihc 
Court of Chancery witinn. six months alter 
ill eaeeutkn, and unless such gift be made 
to triLe eflbet immwKatrty, and bewithoot 
inwer of Tevoeatioa. 

f¥iMter9k€lf*9 Bo^nM» neatly opposite 
$L Iftngsrers Chuxch. in Walmgite^ wai 
fimded by Peroe«al Wiatenkalf , geflfman, 
eirty in the iaat oentuiy* ««d forms acoomr 
M'*'' * **'^ fat six poor aged petsoos, who 
eajoy a xerewie of ficora ti* to 8/. a year. 

The ladies of York have contribnted 
fSOTrtfaHy to swell the nundwr of tiie puUie 
of this<^, and their beneTofence 
in anvcnl iastaaees embcsoed more 
one inetitaitien. In additioa to the 
of pkmt memory atociiidy emimenicd, 
Mn. Wright, Dame Hevdey, M» Wikoo, 
and Lady ConynghamHk ramain to be men- 

Mia. Jane Wright, of the city of Loor 
don. widcm* leftbytiill, mlOTA, IQOOLln 
witfi the residue of her property, 
AfiO^marek tobedaproted 
to the purpose of piadogqittasapptentiees, 
as Bumy poor boys and giris* who ase natives 
aadmhabitants of " the pamh of €kM>dTam< 
gate, near the Minater, in the city of Vorh, 
bdogihepajiah, as sheaafs, ui which I was 
bom." as Ae minister. chuicbwakRdens, and 
v«i(try-nien of the said pari^ may think 
proper-— thar residue of the ineaade, if any, 
to he applied to the eciief of poor widows 
and IttoariBeepers is the pansh. and to tiie 
aasistaaoe of die am^realates at the eiiplra- 
tk» of their appmntaoeslilps* in commenchig 
The tmstees very judifliottfly ex« 

% By thftMt Mh.(Seaife.ll, «. m 

pended the spm whidi they raalaad, to 
puflcfaase of a house in Goodnmgate^ 
bads in Ruilbrth and Wstw 
which now together yield for the pvrpoaeor 
the charity 363/. a year, and which sum isdts* 
tributed teW-ycarly, according to the wtti of 
the tcetatxix. By a dedsiosi of the Court of 
Chancery, two^hirda of this ample ineoma la 
distribnted in the pariah of St Trinity, and 
one-third in the parish of St. John del Pykeu 

Lady Hewley*s charities iuin|ailMndi 
an hoepital and a liberal annual oontrihottai 
towards " teadiSng the diildren of the poav 
to read and write.** The hospital is a neat 
brick buikUttg, situated in Tanner itow, fas 
which ten poor women, of the Uidtariaa 
pecniaaion, find a oomftortable asj^wn-* 
Originally, the annual stipend was only fb 
each, but fWmi the anture of the 
under the provadeot management of tiM t 
tees, it is now awelM to I6<L a year, wMdi 
is paid la mootiily inatMaaents by the Rev. 
Charles WeWwtovad. In 17OS, ** Dtaw 
Sarah Hewley,* aa she is styled, paid taitn 
the Exchequer 1000/. tlMMby ipuf«Aasi*g aa 
anuiuty of ttu: 19s. for ninety-nfaie years, to 
be applied to the purpose of iwnhlng tiia 
diMveDofthepoortoreadaadwiltewf Por 
thirteen yean; namdy, be twe e n ITQt and 
1799, thepaynamaf theammitlaswassiia- 
pended for wwt of new truslaea to n Iha 
plaoesof thase wh6 warn d c e e ased 1 but, by 
the acaland puhlie tplrit of Itobert DiMaia. 
Esq. the payment of the anMdty was *». 
snmed, and tiie arrears leAinded, theaflbet 
of which baa been, fhid the capital stack la 
swelled to lOSOI. four per cents, and that 
A»d is rendered penmineat, whMi wa«U 
have exphed In the year 180T* Theaauraal 
bieomeftnmthSs stock It now develfad, ia 
ooBiptlanee with the wHl of the ttaiatrin, to 
the support of fteesshools, to Yorkaadits 
vkdnity, at the diaoretfon of the trnatsss h , 
John Rawden, Esq., the Rev. Chailaa Wdk 
beloved, and George Palmes, Esq. 

irilnmV WMpilo/, sHuafeed at Fms* 
brUge, was founded to 1717* l>y Mrs. Doiothy 
Wilson, spinster, for the leceptiea of tsk 
poor women, each of whom hu a vooaita 
hers^, and for their mrtntou anea I ft a donor 
left certato lands at Sklpwlth and Nan- 
Mookton, from iMch each of fhem reeelvea 
!£/. par annum. The «tma> lands «era alsa 


* DamaHawltv. (whose waWea wapi 
was Wolridge) when a wioster,, «at a waf4 
in chancery, and tradition saafs, we believe 
truly, that she eloped with Mr., lifterwardf 
Sir John Havley, upon aanairtnionlalaMp*. 
OitionA aha ridipg befoaeand ha hfihaid« «a 
the same horse, thinWiw.lh«reta M>fi5«M| 
her Intended husband ffom lift <»WW®W 
the Lord' ChaVwellor, by al*t?»nS' <1EL7^* 
laaasray vntUhiOQ, a^ftaat IM ^Athatrt i < 





made suUtjeet to the following payments : — | purpoMi ncerly SO,00(V. stock, to be^ diatri- 
Twenty pounds per annum to a schoolmaster I buted either hi Yotk, or by persons in 1^^ 

for teaching twenty boys, and readintf prayers 
twice a day to them, and to the hospitalers. 
The boys are also to be proTided with new 
elotbes annually, and ^. a year appropriated 
to placing three of them ottt as apprentices. 
The yearly sum of 8/. eadi is applied to 
three blind people; and the same sum to a 
schoolmistress for teaching six children in 
the parish of Dennis to read. Owing to the 
increased value of the estate, the allowance 
to the inmates of tlie hospital has advanced 
from 6/. lOs, to 152. per annum each : the 
schoolmaster's salary has advanced from 202. 
to 30f. and the schoolmistress's stipend is 
doubled. The property is vested in seven 
trustees, none of whom are to be aldermen 
pf the city I The hospital has been twice 
taken down and re-butlt, the first time in 
}76fi, and the latter in 1812, and it now forms 
a neat brick buikUng of modem appearance, 
very convenient to the inmates, and rather 
ornamental than otheiwise, to the part of the 
town in whioh it stands. 

Amongst the most munificent of the 
benefactors to the city of York, may be 
placed the Right Honourable EUen Countess 
J>owager Conyngham, who,. by will dated 
a3th of August, 1814, bequeathed the sum of 
8000L in 3 per cents, consolidated Bank An- 
nuities, for the purpose of paying certain 
^nnttities toher servants out of the dividends, 
but as the said annnitants diedj to be paid in 
annuities of SOL each, to poor indigent and 
distressed widows of poor deceased clergymen 
of, or who reude in the county of York. 
The same lady bequeathed the sum nf 66G6t. 
13s. 4d. of 3 per cent, reduced Bank Annui- 
ties the dividends therefrom to be distributed 
to ten poor clergymen, who should reqpeo* 
tively be in the possession of only one living, 
pnder the yearly value of 1(HV. which living 
is irttuated in the county of York : the 
archbishop, dean, and recorder for the time 
being, to elect both to this and the foregoing 
ehatityr . The executors toher ladyship, are 
Also ordered to transler fiOQO/. of 3 per cent, 
consolidated Bank Annuitie8,and to distribute 
the aimual dividends thereof in annuities of 
liU- eaoh, to six poor indigent widows or un- 
inarrie4 women> being fifty years of age or 
lipw^rdi, residing iii York,, and not respec- 
tively possessed of 50^. a year, to be elected 
:. . tiy the tniitew. Her ladyship also left 3000;. 
' x^ 3 per cent Old South Sett Annuities, to 
; Appropriate the dividends thus — To St. 
Thomas* hospital, near Mickl^te bar, 
twenty-five pounds; to St. Catherines', ten 
(ouDdzi oM)ddIe«an*s, forty pounds; and to 
}Affibn% fifteen pounds. Ff;pm all which it 

situations, reddent in or connected witb tihi« 

Mr. John Allen having acqiured a mo- 
derate competency by his profession mm » 
dancing-master, in this city, beqnesstlse«l by 
will, dated January 9, 1747, the fbUowing 
benefactions to its public charities t— 

To the York County Hospital 300*. 

To the Blue Coat Boys' and Grey 

Coat Girl^ School 30Or. 

To the Minister of St. Michael le 

Beifrey, for the Poor 40£. 

To light the Minster with candl« 

sooner than hitherto 

And a sum for the ereotion or 
of a hospital, which amounts to about 14Qt 
a year, ftom which fund twelve poor oW 
men receive each 19f. annually, (omorIs 
their support and hoose rent. 

The hospitals in this city, for alR>t4iqf 
medical aM to the indigent, are — ^The Coimtf 
Hospital, the Dispensary, the Lunatic A^- 
lum, and the Retreat 

The County^ Hospital is situated ia 
Monkgate, and owes its origin to the ben»* 
volent Lady Hastings, who, in the year 174^ 
bequeathed a legacy of 5001. ttx the relief of 
the diseased poor in the county of Voikt' 
whidi Amd being augmented by other 
tributions, the present edifice was 8o<m 
erected. Every person who i« a 
of 20L or a subscriber of two guineas amani* 
ally, is a governor of this hAStitutioB, and 
intitied to recommend one out or one i»> i 
patient at a time ; a subscriber of dnee 
gumeas annually may recommend one out 
and one In-patient at a- time; and an anaaal | 
subscription of aguinea intitles the suhseiflOT ! 
to recommend one ontppatient, attd no morCk , 
Since tlie oommenoement of Ais establid^ < 
ment, on the 4th of April, 1740, to Hf ay Ist* 
1822, 45,850 patients have been admitted, 
of whom 31,313 have been discharged cured, 
and 9,320 relieved. It is mu<^ to be kh 
mented, that owing to the inadequacy of ti» 
funds, one of the large wards of this excel*; 
lent Institution has been entirely elesed far 
some years, a circumstanoe the more to ka 
rq^retted, since, with the exception of. the i 
Hull Infirmary, this is the only chaxiQre'j 
the kind tor the North and East Ridinp^ 
and for the county ef the city of Yiirk.^ 
The Cow-pox inoculation is performed hers 
gratuitously every Tnesday and Satuidif 
mornings, from ten to eleven &4Aoc^t sal 
two fever wards have lately been erected ia ; 
the gardoi of the hospital, by 
fund raised for .the purpose. The. 
of the County Hospital are — WiUiaxn CtsJi 

•|>|)ean« (that this kuly«applieii to charitable I Esq. treasarW] Dr. Lawion and Dr« Vakft 

ciTT or Yoax. 


jhyiicians ; Mr. James AtkiBson and Mr. 
Geai«e ChampMy, luifeons; the Rev. 
Jam» Ruduodaoo, chapban ; Mr. Hewky 
Gxafaam. steward and iccretary ; and Mr. 
yfuA, apotiiflcary. The houae is vteited by 
two gentlemos aaMmg the eontribatun resi- 
dent m York, and, by a late regulatko, the 
Fonale mods are visited by ladies. 

The DUpauary is a small building, 
Btuated in St. Andrewgate, of the same 
oatineaa the County Hospital, though un- 
eonneeted with it Its ofeiieets are to dia> 
pence grataitoasly advice, medicine, and 
uu^cal assistance, to those who are unable 
to pay for them. Thb estabiirimient. which 
wasopened on the 28th ot March, 17B8, has 
cQDtinoed to flourish tiirough m period of 
ftfut and thirty years, and has» out of 
48,488 patients, eCfected cares upon 88,851 
of them.* The expense of this cstaUlih- 
ment last year amounted to 433L and the 
number of patients admitted and r em a inin g 
on the books was 2054, ezdiisive of 648 
children inoculated without cost for the 
Cow-pox.t The officers axe Dr. Beckwith 
Dr. Wake, and Dr. Goldie, pbysidans : Mr. 
Atkimom Mr. Drake; and Mr. E. Waltis, 
nngeons ; Mr. Allen, treasurer ; and Mr. 
Wilaon, apothecary. 

The Lunatie Asjflum, out of Bootham 
Bar, was built by general subscription, in 
1774, ftomaplan prepared by Mr. Aldennan 
Canr, and the building, as an edifice, is 
iracthy of the architect. The original ob- 
ject of this insititution was to provide an 
asylum for pauper lunatics, or sadi as be- 
losgsd to indigent families. The plan sub* 
•equently underwent a change, and it was 
then determined to admit opulent patients. 

the flamss eould be 
damage was done to ttie buiMing awl pro- 
perty amoonling to S,38& and four paftisniB 
perished in the eooflagmtloB! TMs< 
trous event took plaee o« 0» Mh of 
eendier, 1813, and served toihatontftoai 
all mortal eyes prooftof insl artiiiiiiiilisiliai. 
at whkh the imagtnartoB sbaddora. TIm 
investigation, however, eontinued to be 
proseeuled, and it taminatad hi tfaedisau^ 
sal of all the servants of the house, and the 
resignatian of Dr. Best, the 
From this time the whole sysia 
a complete renovation : tha heUmi ni of 
kindmas sucees Jed to that of eoetelon, and 
the conscqucnoe has been, that the establlsb- 
mcnt hss ever sinee been rislnig in pubtte 
eseimatio& Conaidenbia additions have 
been sinee made to the building, an exten- 
sive new ercetkm for females only was 
opened towards tha end of the year 1817.-^ 
The present oAeeis of this institution are. 
Dr. Wake, physidaa; Mr. William Allan,t 
superintMident} Mrs. Birkstt, mahon t and 
twenty keeperSi Thcia ave 4n the house an 
average of aboot 130 hmatios, eonsisting 
chiefly of those iHio neither rseeiva nor re- 
quire any aid from the ftukto of the institu- 
tion. The buikUngs and oOoes of this 
noble asylum occupy aboot three aercs of 
ground, and there are also attaehad to it 
aboot two acres of garden ground. Tha 
charge for paaper patients is 8*. per 
weA, and tiie payments of the other pa* 
tients are partly rqiulated by their drcom- 
stanees. The intentton of the founders of 
this asylum was to oooflne its benefits to tha 
county of York, but that rtgolation is now 
s(Hnetimes relaxed. 

Iipon the plea that the profiu from the pay- Thereis, at the distanoe of about amile 

menu of the rich would contribute to the I from York, near the ddightfril village €f 
support of the poor. This change led to Healington, an estabUbhrnent called the 
enormous abase, continued thr(>ugh a long 
serieaof years, and it required the benevo- 
lent interference of Mr. S. Tuke, and the 
tDtrei»d and persevering scrutiny of Godfrey 
Higgins, £«|i to dean this Augean stable, 
and to restore the institution to its ori^al 
benevolent purpose. These salutary reforms 
were comxoenced in 1813. While the in- 
vestigations were proceeding, <me wing of the 
asylum was discovered to be on fire, and 

* Medical andiPhirarRiea] attendance are 
given every Monday,Wednesda]r,and Fri- 
day, at eleven o'clock, and medicines dis- 
pensed gratis to all proper objects, re- 
commended by an annual gubscribeif of 
baif-a-gninea or upwards, or by a dona- 
toT.of ten guineas or n^pwards. Patients 
.ipeapable of attending u person are visit- 
ed at their own houses. 
• + The hour of attendance for vaccina- 
tlati is Tuesday monuDg, between nine 
•ad tea o'clock. 

** Retreat, for persons afflleted withdisor- 
" docs of the mind," founded in tiie yaar 
1796, by the Society of Friends, popubvly 
called Quakers. This establishment owes 
its origin to the severs treatment and death 
of a quaker lunatic patient in another asy- 
lum, and adds another to the multitude of 
instances, which are daily ooeurrtng, where 
good arises out of evil. The venerable 
William Tuke was the piq)eetor of *'the 
Retreat," and his efltflrts were seconded and 
essentially aided by Mr. Lindley Mnrray, the 
distinguishsd English Grammarian of the 
present agie. Th« atruoture eandsts of a 
centre and four wings, to which was added, 

t The spirit which actuates this gentle, 
man may be discovered from a work, re- . 
cently writtten by him, entitled, "/*««- 
ture* on the Temper and Spirit fiX the 
Christian Religion.'' . 




in th^ycsr I8l»j * "W tauliluig. eaWed, 
Vthe Lod«e>* for the aooomnodatKm of 
|iftU«ntt of the bigher cla« of either ««.— 
The quantity of giound apptopnated to this 
iastitution is twelve acres, and both the ex- 
terior appearaqee and the internal maoase- 
fnoot ate audi as ti» discard every appeanmee 
of gk)ora aad oM^ancholy. The coDcimrent 
testimony of aU those who have vittted this 
institution, (cr the piupose of aequainting 
themselvet with its eoononiy and manage- 
ment, conftnn the ofuonion* that it is one of 
the iMSi regulated estabUshniaiits in Europe, 
either for the recoivery of the insane^ or for 
their oosafoKt where they are in an inenrafak 
stale. ** Tha Reticat»" inchadhig '* the 
Lodge," is cf^Mfble of aooonmodafting, and 
gweraUy oonksant, about sixty psAients, of 
Vhkh about two^Uths azet mea» aad tkrce> 
fifths women. TtAt instituttoa reoeiTee all 
classes of patients, and the lowest sum paid 
fox board, wsabing* aid medioal aasiatanee, 
is4s.aweek; the next elass pay 8s. aad the 
gradation is continued aeoordlng to the chr- 
cumstances of thepatknt, tiU» in aomein. 
stanocsi, it amfWata to aevcnal guineas a week. 
Great stressis laid hem up(m the heoAi of 
the early removal of the patients to the 
asylum after the first decisive symptoms of 
insanity have appeartd, aad, as an induoe< 
ment to the ftienda of the patients to pursue 
Uita course^ an abatcmaat of 4s. a week ia 
made in the payment for thefirrt year, for 
such patients as aw sent within six months 
after the fint an^eanmee of the disorder.- — 
This institution, siuoe its first establishment, 
haa been attended with aneaqpense of 19,<HM)1 
to the religiouB oommnn&ty with whmnit ori- 
ginated. Its benefits are extended on the re- 
QUBwnenda4ion of ** a (^oavterly meeting, do- 
nor, or annuitant,'* to Quakera, and to those 
who are not strictly m embers of this aociaty, 
pr. Beloombe, a f^yisiciaa eminent in his 
profession, at York* presides over ttie me- 
dical department* and Mr. G. Jepson ia the 
superintendcmL Neither the physician, nor 
any other ofiieer or servant of this institu- 
tion reeeivea any fise, but all have fixed sala- 
ries for their serviees* The general manage- 
ment is in a Court of Directors; and viaitora, 
both male and female* are appomted to in- 
sptict the instittttioa. Some years ago there 
was a branch of this estabiishmant fdxmed in 
a building a4|oining Walmgate Bar, oatted 
'* the Appendi«e>"* in which there wen, 
during the last year* ten patients, seven of 
whqm were feHdes, 

* Persons wishing to become more in- 
timately acquaUit^ wUh theeponomy and 
mttwMfinent Af this establishment* nwyj 
consult with advantage, My. S. Tuke*V 
•• Description of the Retre{it«** pvbltil^e4 

Tile Free Schoola and Charity Wdawist 
like the liospitale of York, are nuiiii loaa s-— 
The Free Grtummar Beko^t withka Use 
Close of the Cathedral, wee eree«e«i ky 
Robert Hoigate, D. D. Aiehbiahoj^ef ViKli» 
in 1&46, and endowed with Ifll a y«vfl»s 
master, to attend daily, "toieadaotfteacli 
grammar, and other good aathon and wnekm 
generally to aM achcdara thitlwr reaoctlng to 
learn the same.** Thieisa chartevedsalMMt- 
under the designatiGn of *' the Free Sehnol 
of RobevtHolgate;'* the Arshbisbep la pm^ 
tron, and the Rev. George Grahazn, A* Bt 
ia the present mastee. 

The ftee grammar school ia tiuut port 
of the city, o^Oed, '* X.eiiiwjv«^er,* m tte 
reaehia of a large hospital, fonnded by 
Robert d« Pykering, Dean of Y«rk, i» 
1330. Qaitssttn9reasioa,tbehoapkal,wMi 
attitoposscaBk>Be, waa annexed totheDeatt 
aad Chapter of York, who^ by a grant ftan 
Philip and Mary, founded a 
aehoid, and peipetuaUy endowed the 
with the hmds; ia addition tovririch Itoh e H 
DaHiaott, Chanter of the cathedral chmek 
of Linoofai, granted to the Dean aad Chapter 
of York an awBuity of four poands, i w uhig 
out of the Burnor of Hartesholm, to ti» • 
county of Lincoln, which waa appropvteted. 
to this schooL The appofaitahent «f the 
master ii in the Dean and Chapter nf Yciifc^ 
by whom the number <tf sohokuB is r^vla* 
ted, and that number sddom evcoeda 33.-^ . 
The preset master is the Rev. J. GrayaoaC 
The dilapidated ehurch of St. Andivw^ hte 
undogone slrai^ mntatjons it has bett <- 
MOW a houseof prayer, fAraadenoirHiievcet - 
and at present port of it is used as a stable^ai^ 
the other part as the free grammar acimol. 

Three Free Schools of a n 
scription were erected and slenderly 
dowed by the late Mr. John Dodawoilh* 
an ironmonger, in York, tiie ftraC «i^ 
them near the elmrch <^ St. Lawrence,' to 
Walmgate, erected in' 1798, fbr tea«ldi^ 
twenty poor boys to reed «id write, of tiw 
parishes of St. Lawrenee with St Nirliolai, 
St. Peter-le-WUkme, St Margaret, and St. 
Dennis, to be chosen in equal ntntnbets bf 
the pari^ioners, in vestry aaaembled ; ftut 
second of Mr. Dodsworth's schools hi oh 
Bishophfll, for twenty poor^ldren, ttom. 
the six parishes on diat side of the rivwr, in 
propoortion to th&ir siae; this school vraft 
opened on the first of January, 1804; fyf 
they have each an endowmoit of \QL a. 
year, bequeaUied by the founi^. J^m 
other eokoo]» which ia in Prav Wala, it 
also for 80 cbiMten. The presient w tnitc t' a - 
of Dodsworth's Schools ar^, Walmga^b^r. 
Gf^e Broth^rton; Friar T^^Hs, Jamea, 
Stiilthies; Bishophill, JoImJFM|(b^, . . 



Amongit the DoUnk of tlw Yotfc 
dmaSa iokj be pheed the Bitte Coai Boy 
uA the Grey Coal iSMs SchooU, On the 
14thor jHoe, 170s, a acfaool WMOpened in 
St Aatfaony's HaD, for forty boye, to be 
dodnd, Mf and taught. The out-fit vat 
nude at the east of the CSorporatkait and 
Om /and fiv deSniffng Ae amiaal t'w m m 
anwoBtof vdimtaiy subacdptiooa, which 
aaounted. atthe fint opeohig of the aeikoo], 
to £190 per araiiun. That ioeome haa 
MM been hKieaaeduimoie than a ten-lbid 
d^BM^ and it appeaia, from a Joint rcpoct 
of the twoKhoola, puUiahed in 1922, that 
the cxpona of theae ctfahliahmenta, firom 
the lOth of Oetober, 18S0, to the lOtb of 
<Mober> I8SI, amocmted to i^SOOO 15a. 3d. 
vUch Mun vaa ftuniaiied tff mw»w1 aitb> 
■^rtidns, amoontiag to 476£.; pennanent 
mnid leeeipti, framinteraatof nxneyand 
MBtt of eUatea, 14UL; diiJdren'a lalxwr, 
]«L; and an amraal eoUeetion at St Belftey^ 
Avnb) 71^ The boye, which now amoant 
(oiixtf innttinber« are taught to weave at 
veil as to read,, write, and caat aecounta; 
ndftegiili, of whom there axe Ibrty-fSour, 
an taught to read, wrice, caat aeooonts, 
Qitet eash, and knit, and are, nndnr the 
oitrao'i diicetiona, qualified for good uae- 
fill lervanb. The tnereaae tai the nam- 
ter of aehoiara took plaoe in 1890, in 
cnwraenee of a nofate kgaey of 4000£. be* 
VmAeA by Thumaa WUkimoik, Eaq. of 
HvfattKXM^ late an alderman of the city. 
The ample funds of thia charity, which, 
» bai been already etaled, wae designed 
cri^uBy te boys only, induced the be- 
"^^Mton to extend the benefit of the 
hMtitation to the diildren of the other 
Kx, and their sehool hooae wm at flnt 
i> Margate, till the year 1784, a buiU- 
ioff i*M elected ftjr the purpoae, in Monk- 
SaO^ which is still oeeopied in that way. — 
CUUm are not admitted into eidier of 
<faeK adiooia tUl they have attained their 
Binft year, and when theyare of a proper 
"8^* tte boys aee put out appientioea far 
K^yeaia, to aea, husbandry, manuftMV 
tviag trades, or handicraft buataiesaca, at 
tbe diaeietion of the cammittee~.1007 boys 
Ittve been bound apprentioee rinee the ce- 
* *W«>"Pen t of the charity. The girls an 
l>laeed out to hoosriiold serrioe, under the 
<«Sidstion8 of that sehool, and 311 giria 
bare leoeiTOd the benefit of the institution 
oaee Us fiist establishment in 177A. An- 
nual subsenbeis of lOa. and benefSaeton of 
KM. beoome trustees. The gentlemen have 
thediieotianof the boys, and the tediea the 
^inetianof the girls, and by each of them, 
in their respective achools, visitors are no- 
! Vmtai to capenatead the avae. Mr« 

Robert Daviea Is tnwuiv*, 

secretary of both aehootot Mr. Tl 

Croaby and his wife are mast 

of the boys} Mra. Milaer Is matron. His. 

Catharine Collier aewii^ knitting, wrtttag, 

andieadii«mistreaBt and Mr. John PaeUtt 

secretary to the girls' achooL 

HmMghiom'* CharUkt entitle the 1 
to a distinguidied rank amoogat the 
fhetora of thia dty. Mr. WOllam Haogb- 
tqp, the fbunder of the charity achool which 
bean hia name, waa originally a d a nrii f 
master in York, but had removed to Loo- 
don, where he died in the year 1773* be> 
qucathlng 1300/. for edueating twenty poor 
dtfUren ofthe parish of St. Crux, In York, 
tn read and write Eiwliah, with an addltioB 
of 890£, payable on the demise of etrtila 
annuitants. A school house has been erect- 
ed near the church of St. Crux, and the 
Rev. John Overton Is the present maalcr, 
with a atipend of aoOU derived Item this 
inadtuUon. Mr. Haughton also left tho 
interest of 50M. to be devoted to paying the 
rents of poor widows in the pariah of 9L 
Crux} and he bequeathed for Ibrty tndce^ 
men, or other penons, ten in each waid, by 
way of kNm without interest, lOOOL but 
which sum was reduced to iSSf. 6s. in lltl- 
gatkm to establish the will of the testator. 

The SpinniMg School, at York, is an 
establishment act on foot by two exoellcBt 
tadies— the late Mrs. Cappe and Mrs. Gray, 
in 1789. In thisachool aixty girIa are taft- 
atrueted in reading, knitting, and aewiagi 
for though it was originally taitanded to em- 
ploy the Children in apionlng worsted, that 
design wasabandoned aoon after the night 
adiool was given up, and a day sdmol estab* 
lishcd hi its phuw. The school, which is 
situate in St Andrewgate, eousiats of iwo 
di visiona—ane half the children being taught 
to read and knit ittlhejunkiraehool, on the 
ground floor, and the other half taught to 
read and aew on the second atory. The 
ehddmn of this sdiool are priaelpaDy cloth- 
ed at the ooat of their benefactors, who, in 
addition to gratuitous leamtog, supply them 
with milk to breaUbst The present mis- 
tress of the sewing sehool is Mary Obiddin, 
and of the kaittfaig school Hannah Robinson. 
Connected with Oils establishment, and with 
the Girb Grey Coat Sehool, there is a FenuOe 
Society, principally consisting of honorary 
and benefitted memben, established In 1788. 
fortherdief, in sickness, of thow who have 
been educated at theseachools. There la alao 
a private fund formed by the contributions of 
the ladles, for the farther relief of the bcne- 
Atted members of the Female Friendly So. 
dety and others; and an annuity ftind, for 
I affording aanrntiesjof forty shillings a year, 



far life, ti»«uch benefitted Memtan aa have 
atUincd the age of ftfty4hre ycar^ The 
wnaAm ot maaibtn of the York Benefit 
Society aBoeunt to about 300» of which 
ahoot one-third are honoiary and two-thirds 
kenefited memtaers. Upon flie lubjeet of 
these institutions, and upon female charittea 
in genotal, both fur children and adults, Mrs. 
Cappe't "observations on Charity Schools 
and Female Benefit Societies," published in 
1806» may be consulted with much adU 

The Central Diocesan Society, at 
York* established on the 13th of March^, 
18U* under the patronage of the Andk* 
biahopi for promoting iheeducatioQ of the 
poor in the principles of the Churdi of 
Boglnnd* have two sdiools in this city* 
one in a spaoous apartment under the 
Banquetiof Room, at the Manor, cDntaining 
485 boys, and another in Meediaot Taykic's 
HaU, containing S£0 girls. It aiqpears from 
ttie htitannttal report that tiiere are at pre* 
tent, in ooonexlon witii this Dioeeaan Sor 
ciety, 131 sdiools, and that they have under 
tuition 15,377 children of both sexes, of 
whom 8911 are boys and 6469 girls. Mr. 
Samuel Danby is the master <^ the boyi^ 
sdux>l at Yorl^ for which duty he receives 
one hundred guincaa a year; and lto» Ann 
JDanby of tlie girls^ sdiool* with a stipend 
«f forty pounds a year. 

A iduxil, partly on the Lrniwuterkui 
pkn of education, was estahl ish e ii in Newt* 
gate, in 1813, and removed into St Saviour* 
fate in 1816. where 120 girls, of aU roliglr 
•us denominations, are instructed in read- 
iB|U wi^gf and accounts, at the diaige of 
one penny a week. The defldeney in tho 
ffunds is made up by annual snbscriptiens 
and donations, to which the Soeif^ of 
Friends are the pciiwipsl oantnlMtocs.~-> 
Treasuier, Mrs* Hamudb* Catton ; mlititai< 
Hannah WUkinson. 

At the CaihoUc School, ht Caitkgate* 
of whldi Mr. Thomas BoUand is noaslsr, 
sixty boys are educated gratuitously in read*- 
ing, writmg, and arithmetie} and partlealar 
rqpard is.had to instruct them in their 
gpMia and moral duties. 

The York Sundasf SehaoU, 
to the EstabUdied Church, were b^gtm ia 
the yuBf 1786, and are under the directiaa 
of a committee, consisting of the dergy and 
aeireral toymen* At pceeeat there are ia 
these sehooU between six and seven hundred 
cluldren. The schoolHroem for the boys is 
situate at the Merehantsf Hall, Fossgatet 
on BiifaophiU, and in Boollum; and those 
Cut ftrlt en BiahophiU, in CoppergaHfb 
Boothaea, Walmgate. and Beddera. Sev»- 
i:al ladies take an aetiTe part in the oooduct- 

iag of these schoola. Ninety biblM, tiM 
gilt of Lord Wharton's tnnlees, am «■» 
ally dietributad amongst the soheimt-- 
Every sefaoiar to be entltlad to one of thMi 
bibles has to say by heart the Cfanrch ca« 
chism, and Hie lit, lflth» tftfa, SSttj 
101st, 113th, aeid 14flth pakma, anA tali 
weU noquainted with the piincipldsof IM 
Christian religion. In these eohoolaAl 
Nationfd syateaa of 
lal»ly adopted with 
There is a Sunday school te boys^ ] 
ing to thepaiiah c£ AH Saints, Nodh^lMA 
under the direction of the worthy nrtoi; 
the Rev. W^ L. Piokard, but it is quilt M^ 
connected with the Sunday school ooHi 
mittea The Sunday sshool commitlee ili» 
superintend the sdinols estabKshed by *l 
late John Dodawortb, Esq. and aha lbs UW 
cans of the Chariteble Sodety. 

The MethodistSumdap Sckeob ialMl 
contain 600 sdiolan, of whom SO- «ft 
girls, and S66 are boyit of thto iiii wlfc 
820 girls and 910 boys recelvw instiwMI 
at the schoola in Fosmate, of whteh tlMI 
are two; and. 113 girla and M beys at 
tought in thachapd in AJfaiou'stoaat 1l» 
PrtTitUive- Meffiodiais ha«e a small Siiai« 
acheol in Grape-hMte^ coaeiatmg of tasM^ 
five boys and tba.saaae number of girls. > 

in the Smndap Sekooi qfLemcUOt 
jmT held iaaspadauamora tu thei 
itory of that edifice, 390 Sunday 
sdHdan receive inatmctibn from 
five tead)cr& 

The Yvrit Bmanud is an 
without any building attached to it, 
ed in the years 1781-fi, fortfae bsnefit cf i* 
nisters of aU denomteadan^ and the alMi 
widows, and chil*ite of manlsteis in m 
psrt of tlw kingdom, laboariag ondar fia 
ndiibitune of bUadncin oe idiaeys wbo^ 
pear to the goveneois to be proper ol|fscts.M 
The term bOmditet* ia eonstmed ttbnalf^ 
and sndi a deprivation of sight as diaWa 
the eandidatealffoift p es ftHUiia g the aMl 
dudes of life, renders him or her dtgihta 
idiocy isr sudi adepdvaifonof naian m ^ 
not deemed lunacy. Parsons opplyiai ^ 
relief transmit a statenieift of thd r csirlt 
writing to the secretary, (Richaed Toasai* 
Bsq.) previous to^agenauImMtiag^ ^ 
in York hal^-'jiaarly, on the soeond Than- 
day in April and Oetober^ autheatioslid tor 
one justice of the peaeeaad two Bfigkbo«^ 
ingmiatd»rn The anmsMes gnnled fli» 
tuate between fifteen and fifty pouisk-^ 
Thb insliiution oiwes its oeigm t9 tM ^ 
tressed situa^on of a dsrgymaa flf tkt 
nttneof Daniel Hall, of Leveo, in tluBa^ 
aiding, who, at the age of sixty4l«e, «« 
obliged to perfbrm the duties of dirts eai» 



cieifbr ninety pou&cb per Mmum, aod iriM» I 
ID a decRftiag state of kenlUi, had no othor 
means of MippcNrtiog a arifo. and tea diU- 
dren, Ave of wbom were UukL To provide 
an annuity of fifteen or twenty poonds a 
y«ir£Keachof diose blind tiiiklreii* awb- 
ccrititiaa was cet on foot, and the appeal 
made to tite benevolent aa thdr bdialf pro- 
duced a sum of £4000. With tlie surplus 
which this subscription afforded the York 
fimanuel or^inated, and at Gxe penod of 
the pubticackm of the last report, die fuMl 
for iu maintenance was swelled hy the ocn- 
tributkaia of the benevolent to £lO,«00 
stock in the tfai«e per tent. eoasolidatBd 

The other eharitaUe iastittttioas of 
York axe v^The Charitable Society fbr the 
relief of the distressed actually residsnt hi 
Vork ; and the Benevolent Sodety, for the 
relief of strangers in casual dislrass, both 
which societies visit thofse they relieve. TIms 
LyiniHn Society; the Bible Society; the 
Cbaich Missionary Socie^; the Religions 
Tinact Society ; the Hibemian Society ; and 
the Society for the Convecnon of the JafWik 
The Cloclxing Society ; the Faithful Female 
Servant Society ; and the Society for Hie Svp^ 
preasioB of Vice and iniKMndity* the main 
otgect of which is to oo-operate with th* 
Hidl Pei»Uentiary, andtosendunfiortanale 
females who wish to relinqaisk tfacnr -Stev- 
ens eouxses, to that asylum. There is also 
a V^nnt -Office, in Little Shambles, by wlikth 
vagrancy is chedced and the distnsacd tra* 
veller relieved. Fonnierly there was lii this 
aty a Society called the Humane Society* 
for the recovery of drowned persons, dec. on 
the pkm of the Royal Humane Society in 
LondcD. The York institution now m> 
loqger exists, bat as the dhiectioDS of those 
estebUshmenla for relieving the apparently 
dead, oannot be too generally promulgated, 
they are here sutgoined : 



On €be alarm of any penon being 
DaowNXD, SunrocJvrteD, dec., send b> the 
neaxast RvcxiViNO-Housn j atid «l80, if It 
can bexLone, send another peiwm for medteafl 

The Rncciviiro-HoD»B wttl instcHtly 
prainTe -the ooinch, light a fire hi the voom, 
and provide twDor three galions of boiltng 

TheSosT, intherae«»-time, must be 
conveyed geotly to the Receiving -H^se, 
wvaj* in a blanket, cost, or other msana 
wvenug, with the head MisOiU 

Not more than ififur or .fim person*. 
besides the lacdioal asiostants, to be allowed, 

on cnjr uecowmt, to enter the room where the 
body to placed. 

When the body is in theioein, etfip and 
dry it ; dsan tite month and nosfrih ; ky It 
on the oowh, in oold weatiiet nwr the Anew 
and cover it with a warm blaidcot; and gently 
rab it wtth warm flannels. — ^In summer, ex- 
pose the body to the rays <tf the van; and in 
hot dose weather, air shoukl be IJMSly at- 

YotnvG CHiLDMnr to be put between 
two pcssons. In a warm bed. 

If MxDicAL AsaiaTAMTB do not spoid- 
ily anrive, tiian let the body, if DROWN- 
£D, be gently rubbed with flannel sprinkled 
with apiritsor flouorof mustard, and a beated 
warming-pBB, covered, may be lightly moved 
over the back and spine. 

To RnsTonc BnsATKuro — Press or 
pin<li tbe month ornotlrib exactly doae, fmt 
tlie space of half a minute, or a minnte, then 
lettliemftoe; but if no perceptible sign of 
life appears, tfafln Introdnoe the pipe of n 
bellows (whan no appaivtia is at hand) into 
one nostra $ the other, and the mouth being 
tAmBA»hkfmhiU>wrti{flateihehmg», tOldib 
bnast be a little raised ; tlie month and nes- 
tiili mut then be let f^ee.-*R«peat thii pro- 
em till life nppeaiB. 

Tobacco-Shokb, or the -Smokii ttf 
MTnnn ov FBAMvni cnnn, is to be thrown 
gently into the fnndMnent,willh a -proper fai- 
strunwnt, or the bowl of a |ripe oovered, so 
as to dirfHMl ttie mootii of the assiMant. 

The Sababt to be foracAted with ftoC 
jpirifo— 4kot bricks or tiles, eovend, Ac. to 

be appiiiBi to the soles of the feet, and paims 
of the bands. 

If no signs of Ulb appear, the body it to 
be put into the warm batti. 

Electridty is reoommended to be early 
eaH^k>y«d by the mediod assistants, or oCbec 
judicial practitioners. 

Rab the body with snmp, icet or ceW w&lar, 
— ^setore warmth by slow degtfes; and, 
after some time, if there be no appearance of 
life, tbn nbove means for restoring the 
drowned must be employed. 

HANGING. A VKw OvveKR of Blooo 
may be taken itom die jogolar tvrn, or the 
ann;^~-Cappb:% glasses may b« a|ip1ied tolih« 
head and neck ; — Leeches also to the tem- 
ples. The other nnfthodii of treatment. Hie 
Mtne as reoommended dot the apparently 

tfottns or Ixmnmvti. Coi^oIVatisr tn be 
repeatedly thrown upon thefaoe, iflcc, dryittg 
tlvebody at itrtervnls.— Iv the Boi»Y<rKeiH 
ootiO, employ gradual warmfh, and thcabove 
process for itstocing the 'drowsed. 




INTOXICATION. The Body m to 
be laid on a bed, with the head a littte raised; 
the neek-doth, &c removed. Obtahi iinTne> 
niatdy Mkdical Assistabtcb* as the modet 
^ treatment mu$t be varied according to the 
dreuniitanoel of the patient 

SioNB or ABTVRNiNo LiFx, a tea-spoonfuI 
of warm water may be given; and, if swallow- 
ing be retnmed.wann wine or diluted brandy. 

The patients must be put into a warm 
bed, and, if disposed to sleep, they will gene- 
rally awake perfectly restored. 

The MsANS above recommended, are 
to be used for thrcb on four Hours. It is 
an absurd and vulgar opinion to suppose per- 
sons irrecoverable, beause Ltwjt does not 
SOON make its appearance. 

Bleeding aitd StUt netvr to be employed, 
wKteu by the direction qf the Medical At- 

Benevolent persons, by immediately 
pursuing and perseverii^ in the above direc- 
tions, have restxned many lives. 

At the same time, it is proper always 
to reoommend the attendance of the Faculty, 
as their professional knowledge will induce 
them to direct and vary the above means of 
restoring life, according to accidental dr- 
cumstances. i 

The commercial and trading estaUidi- 
ments of Yoiic are numerous, amongst which 
the Banks naturally take the precedency: 
There are here three banking establishments 
exclusi vepf the Savings' Bank, namdy; 

Messrs. Rapert Swann, Oough, Swann, 
Bland, and RapeTf Coney-street, who draw 
on Sh: R. C. Glyn, Bart Mills, Halifax, 
Glyn and Co. No, 12, Birehin-lane, London. 

Messrs. Wilson, Tweedy, and Wilson, 
High Ousegate, who draw on Sir William 
Cuttis, Bart Roberts, and Curtis, 15, Lom- 
bard street, London. 

Messrs. Wentworth, Chaloner, Rish- 
worth, and Co. Low Ousegate, who draw 
on Messrs. Wentworth, and Co. No. 25, 
Threadneedle street, London. 

All the York Banks open at nine, and 
close at four o'clock. 

The Savings' Bank, established in 1816, 
in New street, is in a flourishing situation, 
and has investments to the amount of 70,923/. 
Os. Id. made by 1854 depositors, consisting 
chiefly of servants and labouring persons. — 
Mr. Francis Carbutt is the secretary, and the 
hours of business are from 12 to 1 on Tuefr- 
days, and from 1 1 to 1 on Saturdays. 

There are four newspapers published 
in York t— 

The Courani, puUished in Coney 
street, on Tuesday, by Mr. Henry Cobb.— 
This is the senior paper in York, and betn 

established in 1720, is of oourae upnardt of 
a century old. Its present poJitiei fH 
fisvourable to the Whig principles. 

The Chronicle^ publislied on TfaflMr 
day, in Coppergate, by Mr. Wm. BlsadWlft 
was esUbliahed by Mr. Christopher Ethi^ 
ton, on the 18th of December, 1772. lip 
politics of this paper are Tory, but lOt iMIl 

The Herald, published in the Mi 
ment, on Saturday, by Messrs. HsrgM 
Gawthorp, and Haigrove. This paper ili 
established on the 1st of January, 1790^ jf 
Messrs. Wilson, Spenee, and Mavmsaf p 
was afterwards published by Mr. Alexaall 
Bartholoman, (who had been many flAi 
the overseer of their printing office,) wbA 
always been deddedly a Whig puUi 

The Yorkshire Gazette, pu 
the Minster yard, on Saturday, by 
Wobtenhoime and Co. This paper 
established on the 24th of April, 
and is a dedded Tory publication. 

Pick^s Racing Calendar was 
1786, and has been yearly continued 
present time. Mr. Thomas Sotheraa, 
sdkr, is the proprietor and publisher.' 
also produces annually, inMardi, tite 

A new Boeing Calendar was 
in 1821, by Mr. Robert JoIuiiod, and 
continue to be issued from his press, gi^ 
rally early in Maxdi. 

In this city there are nominally 
market days, namely, Tuesday, Thi 
and Saturday, but the prindpal maiftil 
on Saturday. There is also a market' 

The merdiants of the staple 
long since ceased to reside in York, the 
in wool in this dty was for some ages di 
tinned ; but on the 6th of May, in the 
1708, the wool market was reviTed, 
there is now a wool fair, as it is eslled, 
in Peaseholme green, every Thur8da]ri 
Lady-day to Michaelmas, which is wdl aft" 
tended, and at which the growers fiom ftt 
North and Arom the feast, meet the ooiM* 
men from the West to seU their flwM 
There is also a leather fair, hdd in 
street, on the first Wednesday in 
June, September, and December, w 
though so recently established as 181f[i 
become a mart of considerable consequenOk 

These flourishing brandies of tnAl 
serve to compensate fcr the declensioB «C 
business at the «* Butter Stand" in Mid* 
gate. Formerly great quantities of ^ 
article was brought to York, and after \»* 
ing wdghed here by officers appointed tOt 
the purpose, was purchased by contractMCi' 
and shipped to London. Thirty yean «p 
^80,000 firkins of butter were annually n- 



oeired it (his oflies; now the qmafiiyidoeB 
potcgraeedooe^zHt pait of that aBiouiil. 

The FMnhcM intfibKdcysltefiiuBerovut 
In Peasetaolme green theieis a Lhae Fair on 
Che Saturday befinre Mieharimaa Day, Mar- 
tifuoai Day, ChiirtaaiaB Day, Lady Bay, 8C 
Peter'g Day, and Lammas Day, (an old style) 
as wen as on Whit Monday. Thelineorflas 
■ brougjht fitnn the neighbomfhood liar nle, 
and thefidr, whidt oommenaes ahooC nbie 
&tiodk in the morning, isovcrhycleveB.«M. 
The three great Cattle and Hone hin of 
Toik are lield on the graonds out of BooAam 
Bar, called the Hone Fair, on Whit Mon- 
day, St. Peter's Day, and Lammas Day.— 
Berfdci fiiese, there are serenl niiiior fain, 
for hotsea, homed cattie, dns. lield is Waltt- 
gite, Fos^ate, tiKFttvement, and Pafgate. 
Tbe Mettiiant Tailonr Conq^any as* 
lonHe qoartecly in ttieir ludl. In AMmriL, 
totnaact th^ir Bushieis} hot the aowems 
of flie fkateniity not xeqolring much loou, 
fliey have yetf laodabty awatded a eoosider- 
aMe part of their pranlses to the use of chari- 
table instittttiims. The master of this guild 
is Mr. Wm. Whiteheads and (he wardens are 
lC8an& H. Stephenson, J« Wade, George 
KnowhSi, and Jolm VtaSSmi the leardiers 
are Messrs Joim NidMison and Gea Vanae. 
The M«&cHAirT8' Compaht of Tock, 
for ttieenooutaigement of trade, is of eonsi- 
denMe antlqaity, and tias outlived tlie eom- 
nence of the «Hty. Their liaU is sitoatcd in 
Fongatie ; aend the old st<ine arditway liy wliich 
it U entered is snrmonated by tlie arms of the 
Merchants at the Staple. The ottcen are 
chosen triennlally, and coniist at p r es en t of 
Mr. J. Hodgaosi, goTemori Mr. Setfa Agar, 
depDty-govemor $ Messrs. C. J. Hanson and 
K. Stead, wardens} and Mr. Thomas Ward, 
Mcretary. On the ground floor of the hail 
there is a dispel, and a lioepttal ealled "^ Tri- 
nity Uo^ital,'' endowed by the Company, hi 
ahiefa live aged men and five aged women 
Kt^ and are allowed each M. annually. 

The ollloes fbr the dtstrilmtion of stamps 
for the Weat and North Ridings are lield in 
thbdty; that for the West-IUdhig in Peteib 
gate, of which Wm. Gray, Esq. is distributor; 
and tbe Nortli-lltding office is in New street, 
of whksh Wiii«Hale, Saq. is distributor. The 
East-Riding^ atamp offloe h at Holt. 

The Poet-Ofllce is is Lmdal, near ttw 
fifaaislao-hotise and the Voit Tarem, dose 
to St. Hden's square. WSHam OldfleH, 
Esq. is the post-master; and a coin p ce h stt^ 
sive scale, eonmmnicating a oonridbrabie 
body of infcnrmation relatlng^to that esdri^ 
Ii3hment, will be found at page 107, in the 
present volume ; after which win aho ha 
found oopioos details relating to the eaciieiB 
andcoadtettoaodlkoAthi^dty. ) 

Theeoaameree and tatte eMiiad mi 

upon and-tihroagh rito aMdiaM af oa Ovaa, 

flio^^hnow amch IssstBasinirsaaalalfBaast 

ia stfHvery eoasideiabis. Bagnlar ttmlh^ 

ytmtOa between London anl Yorii, of the 

bndsB of ftmn !!• to ItD tens, na»lgB>i 

tta walsiB, and veasek of abont half that 

and (his dty, nwm wiiicn 
ed by water Into Che 
as fiv as BoRNi^bri^gB uBd 
is also a padiat toatfton 
and anther flnn Selby and 

or the 

a steam^iackeC Ikon theaKeto* 
York is amply snppBed with eoal, braiglbt 
up the Ouse m baigea#am F ludHun, Wajgh 
Moor, and SiftatoBB* aB hi ttM Wflrt4ttita« t 
and the faihabllaBiB are anppDod iriMtaniw 
by the Wator Works Cer npan y , ftain Chi 
works hi I.cirfd,flr«hkhMr.IUMlay is 
aiaik* oHtar the diiaatfan of 
On tbe Faaathaaa li anavt- 

gable oommuniaatkiB teas the Jnniilion of 
Oat river withtho Onaab tn Hw faririi of 
StiilingtdB, iatheNorth-Rldiiv^ 

The Hawkeaif and Fadlanr OOaa is si. 
tnatod in the Mha^aid, aadia kaptby Mn 
George BumdL Fnn thia oAw UasMas 
aaaiaauedyaasly, on the latof Augoat 

The EyniaeQMao is in 8p«iaiariale« 
and is open fkmn go^doak istfae ingnii^ IB 
5oKelockhkttiaaAanMKai. Thoa. Hall, Baq. 
of BiahopOiiU. is the ooHaalavt Mr. Wm. 
Simpaoo, of Fowlaifsaoiifi, SpuwiaipHo, ia 
daiki andMs,TlioB.Baahhy» of Spwria^. 

to thiseatablishnunt eight oAeen of divi* 
aion«and thxas te the diftmt ri4aa. «mI«« 
aiva of two panait wrUaat A an njjaahieanei, 
ThamamiAaCoriaaof Yoifcare neither 
mnneroas nor upon a laqpa seak i (heiw 
ai% however* soma astaWishmats of this 
aatura which daim attanllon.— The whMa 
and rad lead manufiwfeory of Meaan* Ghariaa^ 
UddeU Md Co. in NewliBfe»lM«t iaanas. 
tenalva aoneam hi Oiat Una, and the pio* 
oaas attracts a good deal of notioe in York. 
The glasa nnmrfMory of MaaRi. Prinee 
and Prest, in the Suburbanaar FishaipMa 
Bar, was eataUlahedin I7«f» andUdHsAy 
aini»lofed h» the ISriirieatkm of Flint glass, 
vcaaels and glaai pWah. The -jiirlaaato 
book conoem of Meaais. Wilson aad Sana, 
in High Ottsi^ate, ranks aaaoiv the tr»t 
eshiblishmenta of tho Und out of the ma- 
tMpolis. This dty has also manufiHtnres 
of carpets, linen, stufft, flax, eordagBw ^r»- 
ettttural implements, eombs, gloves, paper 
hangings*, aitiales In dtemiatry, wu ri^ in- 
struments, and iewdlery, and the art 
icttlptniaispnMStiiiad wHh oooaMnMe 


HtfttOJlY OF* THE 

lu thli, IS is the other principal 
i!iti« of EtfbuMi* thoe i» mv iacorpcwmtad 
GoUmrithi^ CosipMyt which is outhoriMd 
ind<lfr«fBM br Ai0t of Fvlimait to elect 
two vm^CH yea^, and to aiq^oiat an aowy 
mailer or avayer. The Anay Offloe in 
York la BituaiBii in Feaisate* and thefwty 
days ave Tueaday and Friday in every week. 
Mr. WUli^n Gieaves North is the iwvaenfc 
piiayw* The pvaans fiorming ihe Gold- 
mutbuf Campmy are those who have served 
• vsgufair ap ii eaa tice i hl p to the trade«-aie 
free of, and inhabitants of the city, and by 
them «ll«leetiOBs and appointments relating 
to their eorpotation are nifede. 

The popuhitioa of Yorfc> within the 
hutt ten yean, lias inereased about seventeen 
per ecHt upon the population of ittU; hi 
that year, the return was 19,099, it is now 
2St,6$9, m sppeais from the foUowu^ 

Or THS 9tv»tiAh rABiaHBa or thb Crrv 


THS S8TH OP May, 18S1. 

An Seims, North street >... 910 

All Saints, Pavement « 654 

AU Saints, Peasehofane 993 

AndtewSt 185 

CasHeofYorfc 159 

CruxSt. 897 

CuthbertSt 909 

BennlsSt -1098 

GllcsSti 881 

Hetota St Stoaegate 678 

Helen St. on the Walls .-•• 396 

9ohnSLDelpike- ••'••• 307 

JohnSb Evangeyst, Hickie^te 988 

liBwreneeSt «*....« • 799 

Ma^faretSt* ««a«.4*»«««**»«*»>*»«**«.».*»« 808 

Xarttai St Coney atreet.i.. » 610 

Martin St Mlck]egate*..*..«.««<..«...^;. 562 
Mery St Bishop Mil, jun. ....*.«...«.... 767 

Mary St Bishop hill, sen. i...« 681 

MarySt. Gastlegste i„,;»„t 939 

Maurloe St ..^ t...u. 796 

Michael St leBe!ftey..k...*.<* »..i343 

Mtehad St 8puTriergate.««<..ut... ...... 899 

Mint yard i 139 

ObiveSt Marygate ;.... 666 

•Peter St Liberty 994 

Peter St the LitUe 660 

Peter St. le Willows ...< 418 

Sampaon St Piitrick Pool 1041 

Saviour St 987 

Trinity, Goodramgate .* »... 597 

Trhilty KIngli CoortN < 987 

Trinity, IficUegate < i.. 845 

Wilfred St «...< 4 227 

Total..... ...i. 29,599 

* That pait. within the Ciiy or Suburbs. 

' The plac«s of public mnusemeni 
relaxation in Uiis cily are the theatre^ 
assembly rooms, the concert rooma,^ 
reoeooucse, the cock pit, and the bovj 
green; with the public baths, walk^ 
rooms, and other places of less iropoi 

The Theatre Royal is eonvenientl; 
tuated in the spacious opetuog at the 
part of Blake street. The present bui 
was erected hy Mr. Joseph fiaker« in 1 
is the early part4)f the theatrical 
Tate Wilkinson, Esq. who, in 1769, 
manager, under a patent from the Cro 
Thia edifice has just undergona very 
deiable improvements; the square for 
the interior is changed for the semii-i 
and instead of the row of boxes thcsft: 
now twa entire tiers, with very handi 
lobbies; Imt the most material of the all 
tions consists in the improved 
fonnerly it was through a narrow to] 
passage^ where the visitants to the 
pit, and gpdlery, indiscrimhiately 
together — now, on the coiUrary, the 
trance to the gallery is through the 
yard, and a spacious hall in firont r 
the frequeolen of the boxes and pit 
their first entrance into the theatre, 
they immediately sqiarate; the f< 
turning to the left, ascend two ougmaam 
flights of stone steps, and the latter proaBi| 
straight forward through the hall of e9» 
trance to the pit The whole of this psit 
of the building is fire proof. Upon attain* 
ing the summit of the first lobby on ^ 
left, an degant saloon presents itself, vhtil 
oonfectionaries and other re&eshmentt VBtL 
be had by the cOmpauy. The bouse |f 
lighted with wax, supported by handflojw 
glass duuideliers, and the embeUishmenli'll 
the pannels rouiui the theatre, which an tft 
ba»»o reiievoa reflect great credit uipon llst 
Rhodes, of Leeds, the artist, by their chsill 
and classical effect. The cost of thett.h»; 
provements has been defrayed out of a fvA 
raised for the purpose by voluntary contrifra* 
tions, towards which Mr. Mansel, the present 
spirited manager, was a large oontohutM^ 
the ourporatiOQ subscribing SOOLi and the 
city of York can now boast of as beantifld 
a tlieatre a^ any in the kingdom. The dm* 
trical season here is firom the IxgisaiDgjol 
Mardi to the latter end of May, and duiiBg 
the assiae and race weeks. The house is4ii- 
cuUtcd, at the ordinary prices of. 4s. boxe^ 
9s. pit, and Is. gaUery, to hold 200^. It it 
only justice to the York stage to add, tbst it 
has had the honour to lumish more tskat 
for. the metropolitan boards than anyoUMC 
piovineial establishment in diese islands. 

. The Asiembly Roonu are in Bisk* 
street^ near ' the theatre. The cdificf 








«tiY or Yoiiv> 


L%^ by 

this suHe of guy apirtiaeiits 
by aulKripUoo, in shant of 
.ad ML each, is the year 1730, flroma 
fay the oeletxatod Lord Bttrlingtoo. 
tyestibule, or encnnce room, ft 3S feet 
Iqr <1 wide^ and 11 feet high. The 
imaemWj room is an anUque Egyptian 
feet Ux^ 40 Aet broad, and 40 
Tbia room ooudsts of tiro order*, 
Fttwer part exhibitiBg finty-foar oolumns, 
tijdi capita]!, on whidi fhe wall abore 
up, and an degant eoruiee eom- 
&e Corinthian order; the upper part 
MCer tli» ooinpocit^ decorated with fea- 
in iaaitnlioa of acorns and oak leaves, 
wifh a beautiful oomioe, en- 
Med witii curious omamostk From the 
juB&Dg are auspended thirteen lustres of 
cmm ^bas, ^adi hfriding oi^teen wax can> 
die^i On the right is the lesser assembly 
.MOB* meamiring GS feet by S3, the ceiling 
af which ia adorned with beantlftal antique 
fteC-wurk. In the assiae and raoe wedu 
ttese rooms an open for eon cer ts and aaiem- 
JUe^ and at other times ftequently display 
an assembii^ of finhion and splendour, 
>rtith serve to reviire the teooUaction of tbe 
9tf% wben our Edwards and Henries bdd 
Aeir couzts in tttis oui andentdty. Duritq; 
fbk wilder there are five subscription oop- 
iD thes^ rooms, wbidt naually com- 

menca in January I andftnirbeaeAc< 
with a separate Bubaerirttoa fat qnadrWa 
dances and card parties, oallsd •* tba York 
Winter Assemblies.** The nuuiHcn <^ ^*>* 
concerts ar^* Dr* Ca mJ dga and Mv« P* 

The VIsHnM^ Afuttnit CaiMrni^ 
cilabHsKed at SbeflMd, in IWM* ferthegm- 
tifleation of a nasfasal tasta and tti6 |WMM^ 
tkm of soeial intereoarsa amongsc fha toveiB 
of harmony tai iMi eoonty, is helii at Voik 
tricnnially. Ttia p erfowa a nea wMiA is 
nual in soeeesrian at Sheflidd, L ea d s , i 
1 ontf o uutinn es ftir two days, i 
one of th.e richest mnaleallreatt that is tn ba 
enjoyed in any part of llie Idngdom* 

NexttoNcwMarlut, V^HrBoeasbMr 
tfie tint rank upon tita Wn§flUh tm t a nd if 
in England, than te flia woiM* In < 
time iMMse ladng was a flmmr 
ment in tfia surrwmding ftrest of Galtras* 
aadasalblden bdl, which was tied on tha 
fordiead of tlie winnii^ horse, wasthe prisa, 
hence tha phrase arosa of '* bearing away 
tiia belL* In lattertfaBcs Clillon's uis wera 
tba soene of generous strife, bvt f n tlia year 
1709> KuavesmirSk so called from being fha 
swampy pasture of the poor honsdioldait* 
caltia, has been used for tMs purpose.* In 
I713> the King's goM enp, for whldi ona 
bundled guineas has ilnea been sabstitntad. 

* Xaaea, tha Anglo-Saxan tann for n man af low aonditioB. On tha laat 
4tyof the Anraat Haatiil;, in IflM, n. four mile race was run upon this aonrsa* 
wbjeb will belong, memorable in the annals of tlie turf. The matcli was between 
Mra. Thornton, backed by the Colonel, and Mr. Flint; and the attractlre novelty 
^ the scene was so great, tbat 50gOOD «pectators were that day drawn to Knaves - 
'mire. In the early part of the contest the feir Jockey rode with great spirit and 
dexterity, but while running the third mile her horse, TiagariUo, brake dawa» 
sod she of cewte lost the race. York has long been femous for its atlacbment to 
mekig, both eqnestrian and jpedestrian. In the winter of 1773, Powell,, the pedea- 
b^aa, undertook for a considerable wager, to go from London to York and back 
again in six days. On Monday, the 29tb of Norember, be commenced his task, early 
In the morning, and at half-past two o'clock in the ailernoon of Wednesday, be 
•nived in York, attended by a vast conconrse of spectators. After an hear and n 
biAf 's repose, be aeain resumed his labour, and arrived at Hick's Hall, London, ait 
half past aiz oVilecken Saturday night, amidst the congratulations of 90O horsemen, 
and anf innumerable multitude of pedsstrians, who had gone out to Bamet to meet him- 
Puller, in lus '* Worthies," mentiens an equestrian feat of a Yofkshireman, not lesa 
extraordinary. John Lepton, Esq. of York, a gentleman in the service of James f . 
for a eon^dcrable wager, undertook to ride, on horseback, tliree times from London 
to York, and three times from York to London, in six days, being a jonmev of new^ 
|«o hundred milea each in six snceessive days. On Monday, the SOth of May, IdOo^ 
he commenced hia journey, from Aldersgate, and arrived in York before it wu darlE 
at night. The next day he tmvelled from York to London ; and this he did succes- 
sively every day In the wedc, *' to the greater praise of his strength in acting," says 
euT anther, than «• to his discretion in undertaking the task.*> William Nevfson, the 
noterious bighwaymmi, whom Charles II. used to call StB^ft Nidty after commttttaif a 
robbery near London, about sun rise, rode bis mare to York in the oourseef the day, 
and appeared upon tne Bowling Green in that city, before sun-set. From this latter 
circumstance, when brought to trial for the offence, he established anoIiM. to the 
satisAetion of the Jury, though iie was in reality guilty — and thus was in^ebtfed for 
his life nUiher to the deetneas of his horse than to the integrity of his conduct. But 
a career of flagitiona crime generally terminates ha ignominious puntsbasent. Ne* 
Tifon,tbo!igh he escaped tbi« time, wasr afterwatdii brought to trial for another robbery, 
of wBch he was found ^Ity, and executed for the oSfWfb. 

¥ 2 



WMpioaiitd iwtlMw lacM. aad bat erer 
tkatmbam nm for on ths fiat day oCthe 
▲ttgiift v m ttiug . Th« coww li st a dl»- 
ttBeaorateBtftinUaftianii Vork^to the left 
ofttia iMidoii Koadf and the aooommoda- 
tioBbolhAir the eompaay and theiacen ie 
«Cth«tetfliid«> Thaiawartiyaieinliay 
and iUifw^ in each luauflye year. Mx; 
Rohm Rliodei ia.the clerk of the eQiiiie,and 
JMx. PaiUnagii the itaiiaid at the Grand 
" The Stan^ and the " »?*Mm4 
p* mn both hnik by •nhaoriptkMW 
and amopen to MdMiibenb nndnao4HhMKi> 
■ bin we ndnitted to then *l*irir|f rach mat 
big on pafh« a fntaMB. 

The lalubrioiM wCTiattai of theBott 
aif be taken tai York at any period of the 
year. Kaar the New Walk there U n very 
oUfibly iltoated eoU Iwtib with two eonve. 

onefiNT ladiae and tibe 
; and at Lendal Towei^ 
a^fotaiing to the water woike* there !•« 
anito of bath e, hot, tepid, and ooM. 

The prlaeDe in Yodt aae the Caatla, 
the New Oeol, the new Honwof Ceenetifln, 
end St. Peters priaon. X*# Cmtik la aitini- 
«aed«tthe«ndof Cantleiata,iMnr the con- 
flaenee^iftbeFoaiandlheOuie^ Fonnerly 
tbewataraofthe Fow were drawn hi edcqp 
tooat round Am CWtteb and te the eeriy pert 
of theJert<intiwy^ thiapriBan wee bieewd 
ble, cxaept bv two draw-bridgei ; but the 
Boat it now entlieiy fiOed up, end the aeeeM 
le by Mdtag dMt, ant • ix»lei% htdge, 
Ihan rmfkpA$. AceoidiBg to Ondce, there 
wae a eaifle in york before the time of 
Wiliiaai L at the pinee iaOled " the Old 
i" hot that JbetrcM has mm diav- 
tfie peoMntCbitle wee, ae onr 
hitioiian eenQeetoiei, built on a Etonian 
towco^ by the Conqueror, end made of im- 
Hfual itrenglh to keep (he dfiaene and the 
Voitbnmhriaar inewe of their tyiaaU For 
OfmaOir the eonquegt thia una the 
lesideBoe «f «ie High (SberMb of 
'the eounty in ■n u ie mlun , ae the Haiuion- 
lumae it now the mideafie of each soooemiTe ' 
hnsd Mayor : it wae likewiee theetomhoute 
ibr the kia^ ■apringi, Md the tmeeitfy 
^breadipartofMawvenne aa waeke|>ifai 
Aie Ndith. It war flMnalbrtreis, In wldAt 
however, tiie Amiace were hdd ; but to- 
wards ihe end of the levedtaenth eentuiy, it 
.WW eo n y w ia d into • priaon, to which ihhu 
pom It bee teenjeter cinoe appraprtotad. 
.Theogh the Aiiiaee fbr the thi>ee Ridfai«i 
are heU here, the Caitle is not within any of 
them« nor is it in Che Juiisdiistlan of the 
city t it U entm paroohtoU though it is 
assessed, end bears ehe^gse with tlM parish 
Af at Maq^ Casttegaia ThecKtontofthe 
dry's liberties are within twenty-vine yaids 

of the Castle jgate^ and fbe botondaty bi 
marked by flie dty arms. Of five llosie, ent 
in stone, and placed in die waU on cndidde 
of the streets* The Caetle, with ito qppcn- 
dages, occupies about fbor acres of gioandi 
the waUs are 1100 yards round, and wlthiB 
tlie walb* in firont of the Castte, ia an 
called the Castle yard, of the siie of 
an acre» in which the comity meetli^a Ibgr 
the election of knights of fbe shire^ niHl 
other pubBc buahwas, eie ImM. 

The buildings, Which fbrm three Mm 
of a square^ eonsist c^Uie County Gaol* hi 
front, the ReoordOfllce, (he Eaat} 
and the County San, to the West of th# 
Castle yaidi the wan to the IV^orth, whkfti^ 
with the lodge* eompletea the square, ip 
built at the foot of fte mound, fbnned by 
the nihn of CIiflbrd*f tows. The Gown^ 
Qm^ occupies the site on whldi the towea 
of the Castle anciently stood. These towttk 
haviqg sunk into a ruinous state duiSog a 
l^ise of six centuries, they were taken dow» 
in the year 1701j and the present structutp 
was sslsed in their stead. The Ainds figr 
thisputdic work were obtained hy a tar of 
three-pence in the pound on all land^ 4a 
within the County { and, at the time oClj^ 
erection, it was conddered an edifice ^9Q 
noble and ixmipletc at to exceed aO oCheratf 
the kind in Britain, perhaps in Conme.* 
This building consists of two wingi, ffitlded 
by the felons' court yard. The right wing It 
« leisen im dnbtoi% atasnriad iiy « huge 
douUe aeiiei^tf steps, and 
two foems, dMeen fnt tquare, 
twelve Ifeet h%h, with apartnoents fbr tlii 
use of thegovediorj wtii^ offlce la at pro* 
sent, and lias been Cor many yean HUed; 
much to thepttbliesadsfaetieib Jyy M&Waw 
Stavdey.f lna»«nomattheentia]ioete<hli 
wing, is a large doset or rescss, -oeenpied by 
the under gaolec, Wilson, in itfhichtfaeefr 
xtodtiesof the-Cesile;,quahitlyeeI|ed "the 
Kmg's|datcw''«Bodeting of the deedly wea* 
pone, and J^pvvyefaaioe of fheaaeet moteik 
out oflftnden, mv depodted and eakMilid* 
In the left whig of this buildiiy le a dnrp^ 
uted for divine aerviO;, and aacended tf 

• Thecity awnaa epete tosaa e itf nawa^ 
with only a croas gulen The -^m £ioas 
were affeiwards added by William Oe 
Conwaeior, in honawr of iba ftvo lam 
m^^^nm, fMOofd, HouMate, IVdhat. 
UseeUes,Aad Eiriniitan, whoeo wsliaatly 
defended the aity gainst lOa arms, la 
1070, uodl oUiasd to suRSiidav thioaf 

t This is conddered a dtuatioatyf peat 
trust and respottsfUlity, andtheClotener 
has a satary <of £700. a year, besides the 
prison fees, wbleh amount to a 
aMe sum anamdlf . 



itepc oDrnsponding to those on the right. 
The Rer. Wilham Ftower, jun. is the pre- 
MDt Chaplidn. and the Rev. James Richaxd* 
sooy is the Lecturer. The felons' cells in 
the rear of the court yard, are in gene- 
csl about seven feet square, and eight 
fieeC hjgh« The building on the East 
side of the Cattle yard ocmtains apart- 
maHs'lbr Ihe Ciok of Assise, the county 
raeord, aa indietmcmt office, hospital 
loaois» (attended hf Mr. George Champ- 
ney, the suigeon,) and cells for the fe- 
male prisoners; It was erected in the 
year 1780, and oonsiderably enlarged three 
ycaxa afterwards. The whole length of this 
building is ISO fiaet* and its front is adorned 
with an degant colonnade, with four Ionic 
pOlais, corresponding to the Coimty-halL — 
The County-hall, or fiasOica, on the West 
side' of the area, was built in 1763, at the 
charge otf tlie County, John Ramsden, of 
Byrom, Esq. bemg then High Sheriflf. In 
1777« >t was refoiiilt in a more modem style 
of iUThiteetore, with a portico entrance of 
shi Ionic columns, thirty feet high, sur- 
mounted by an ekgcnt statue of Justice, and 
other emblematic devices. The length of 
t& bnOdhig is 150 ffeet, and its breadth 44 
feet. Here the business of the various 
ooorts s transacted through the year, aud 
the Lent and Lammas Assizes are held in 
the crown eouit to the left, and the nisi 
frntf'eoort to the right of the entrance. 
Near the Grand Jury room, in the rear of 
the building, with an aspect to the Ouse, 
ia the New Drop, used fbr the execution 
of crimirtals. Formeriy, the last and- most 
•wfiil seateoioe of the law was executed 
on a gaDowB, out of Micklegate bar,- at 
a place "called Tyburn, about a mile firom 
ttie dty; but, in 1803, tfie present plat- 
form miaseeted, and on the 28th of August, 
in that year, the flnt execution in this 
nto^icUL took plaoci Since that time, to 
AiigaaC 1822, sevens-three malefactors have 
been eqciecuted h^ie, making an average sa- 
crifice in this county alone, of nearly four 
lives a year to the criminal laws. The coun- 
ty of York is in that judicial division of the 
kingdom, called the Northern Circuit ; and 
the Hi^ Sheriff for the County, for the year 
1823. ia Walter Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley 

The Netr Giio2, for the City and Ainsty 
of York, is a handsome and coqcunodious 
itoae Imilding, of modem erection, begun 
in the year 1803, and completed in 1807. 
Tluji structure occupies part of the site of 
d» ancient castle, called ** the Old Bayle," 
nen Skeldeigate poatem. The outer wall, 
which is of brick, incloses about three 
qnarteis of a square mile, in the centre of 

which stands the prison, with a neat court 
yard in fhmt, adorned with a eupoia and 
vase, which are seen in various parts of the 
city and its neighbourhood. The building 
consists of three stories, part of which ia 
occupied by felons, and the second and 
third by debtors* The office of governor 
is filled by Mr. George Rylah, who haa 
a salary of 15(V. a-year, exclusive of gaol 
fees ; his apartments form an outshot 
building behind the prison, in the attie 
story of which is a chapel, in which the 
Rev. William Flower, sen. the Chaplain, 
preaches a sermon every alternate Sunday, 
and reads prayers every Thursday evenirm 
to the prisoners. Mr. George Champney 
discharges the duties of Pirgeon to this 
prison. The executions here are happily 
very rare; during the last fifteen years 
there have been no more than two, and 
when they take place, a scafTold is erect- 
ed without the waU, next to tlie Old fiayl* 

The Gaol fbr the imprisonment and 
eorrectinn of " lesser criminals," wan fbrn». 
eriy a part of St Anthony's hall, on Peaae- 
holme green; but in the year IB14, a struc- 
ture was completed on Toft-green, under the 
direction of Mr. Peter Atkinson, architect* 
and city steward, which may rank amongst 
the best constructed prisons in the kingdom. 
The expense attendant upon the erection off 
this prison, like that for the building of the 
dty gaol, was defrayed by a Joint assessment 
on the City and on the Ainsty, for the use of 
both of which it is intended, the fbrmer 
contributing three>fiflhs, and the latter two» 
fifths. The governor is Mr. John King ; 
the Rev. Wm. Flower, sen. is the Chaplain, 
and performs service once every altemale 
Sunday, and reads pr»yers every Tues<Jay 
evening. This establishment, which admin 
of the classification of prisoners, may serve 
as a model to those who may be engaged ia 
the erection or management of prisons. 

The Courts of Justice in York are the 
Castle, for the County, (as has been already 
explained) i Guild-hall for the City ; and the 
Court of Pless, for the jliberty of St. Peter's, 
The Ecclesiastical Court is held in the 
Minster-yard, and the list of its offlcers will 
be found appended to ^at of the Cathedral 

The government qf the City .of Vvk, 
like the government of the kingdom of C teat 
Britain, is in three estates — the Lord Mayor, 
as Sovereign) the Aldermen and body of 
twenty-four, as a house of Lords; and the 
Coramon-oouncil, corrcspomling \n soma 
degree to the House of Common's. Tba 
members i^id officers of the Cor^)W•^P» 
for* the year 1823, are v—» 



HI8^4>K¥ 0F .TAE 

Tlie Ri^ Hod. THOMAS SMITH, Xou> Hator^ (2d7nioe.) 
(Wtei»<MBc»«ilaqplMaatli»Mof F^knuury* ISfti) 

} John Pembeijton UeyiKMdt and W. S. NiduA, Etqts. City Couofd. 


fHiomM Witaoiij Esq. and t fOeorge Peaoock, Em}. 

fttlwroftiiaClty fRight Hon. Lord Dundv 

fWHMain HOtbanit Sai]« fliaac Spcneaty Bfq. 

fWmiam EOU, Ek|. | •WUUamDuttday, Biq. 


Thoaejnariud-Unut have teried the efiloe of Lord 'Mayor twiee. 
Thow naked thua • have lenred the office oooe. 


John Cohh» BiQp ] Chaftai LMdiA, Biq. 

Whow offices espin on the 9dof September, IMS, 

Biehaid Tovnand* Eiq. Town Clerk. 

eW. H< Hckfon, Esq* 
ejohn Dale» Eaq. 

^m« ctuoiMMf Biq> V. IP* 

^Jamei 'Stmtd.BtBf E!aq* 

Gentlemen who hare lerved Quo office of Sheriffs called llie Twcary-fimr. 

Steplien Hartley 
OMMf eDaitfyihtee 
iloiqph Itolana 

WOliam Hornby 
Jaanea Shephefd 
Robert Lakeland 
WUhaaa Cooper 
John Jaekaon 
George Cie«ey 

Joaeph Agar, gent. 
Edmund GiU 
O. W. Wentwoith 
William Oldfidd 
Gcoige WilkSnaon 
Thomat Cattley 

Robert Cattla^gtsit. 
John Hodgson 
William Blanchuxd 
Thomas Rsysen^' 
Cook Taylor 
John WonnaU 


Mr. GcotgeBeU 

CHAMBERIAINS— 'Whose offioei expire the 3d of FdlNnary, 104. 

I Mi. John Rfgg | Mr. Geoige Janniqgs 

Mr. William DaMBon 

Mr. Richard fimdddn 


Waln^aie W£HU 

Mr. Thomas Bewlayf Fore- 
man of the Commone 
Mr. Matthew Browne 
Hr. Joseph Davis 
Mr. Wm. Car^lnrighC 
■Mr. Joseph Wood 
Itlr. Thomas Fowkr 
Mr. John Ward 
Mr. Thomas Sandoson 
Mr. Frands Richardsun 
Hfr. John James Baker 
Mr. George EQis 
If r. Thomas Benson 
Mr. James Day 
Mr. Wm. Peaooelt 
^Mr. John Ickerin^ 
Mr. John SUiter 
Mr. Wm. Blanchaia 
Mr. Wm. Etvs 

Monk Ward^ 
Mr. John Hurwood 
Mr. Ri«iiard Kifaier 
Mr. James WhitweU 
' Mr. Wm. Ingram 

Mb Wm. Dalton 
Mr. Emanuel Siddall 
Mr. John Sanson 
Mr. Robert Gibson 
Mr. John Laiitoa 
Mr. Riehard Hornby 
Mr. Thomas WUkinson 
'Mr. John Fsanon 
Mr. Wm. Cowlii^r 
Mr. Henry Oohb 
Mr. Wm. Pearson 
Mr. Wm. HuUe 
Mr. Joseph Smith 

Bootham Ward, 

Mr. George Bumin 
Mr. Thomas Brewey 
Mr. Samud Knaplon 
Mr. Wm. Ju<ben 
Mr. Wm. HudaoB 
Mr. Riehard wmiamson 
Mr. John Walker 
Mr. James Barber 
Mr. Riehaxd Brown 
Mr. Wm. Cattell 
Mr. George EUis 
Mr. Joseph MardiaiU 

Ikfr. Wm. Robinson 
Mr. Robert Pullegrn 
Mr. Wm. liai;po«« 
Mr. Edward Jaskaon 
Mr. Robert Jwrnhy 
■Mr. Wm. Stony 

Mr. Wm* ENead 
Mr. Matthew Widk«r 
Mr. Wm. Coatee 
Mr. Edward So^rmve 
Mr. Wm. Fenand 
Mr. JbhnKiiiew 
Mr. Wm. Stead, Jim. 
Mr. Wm. Chapmaa 
Mr. Richard Rawdosi 
Mr. Leonard Oveieittf 
Mr. Thomas RayK»i,4itlb 
Mr. Henry C^ve 
Mr. Thomas l^aoodc 
Mr. Fnnds Cslverl 
Mr. Christopher WntaoB 
Mr. Henry Steward' 
Mr. jefan Sirni^mn 





PratbAootMy, JolmSflnMiiiit. Bi4.--Oty Stmni. Mr. FMir Alkii 
tDdw Loidlfefar-Jir. WiDiMftBAyiMiu^ My. WiUtai 
Chaphiin, Rer. mUiam Flomr. •■«. 

at Mm^ vii. Tlunui KkolHr, Fiaiicn Bun, John Sviteioi^ and Wik ML 
Chiif GoMtable tor tiMatj. Mr. WUUw Bftyn«» FUniita^ 

CowtafateiDr AkM^Mz. XliQi.B«l. Dripg HouMi, & Mr.G«o. Sc»iM«d» BiiM^ 
24adMafBr»eMbLBBd| FttlieeQilec^Wm.PndMi CUylaAnMr,. 

rf Olllhip>l,Y( 

iaAootlqrateiblttkrarwtetowi. !%«« 
we hm «4kt Tihiililt pdilnlto in wmodlmi 
pitMrratlHit ofUipNiCDCMaHtty. pPMHt. 
edbyblmtothtCorpontknt KlngWUtlam 
m.; G«ovgBn.t tliel0»Man|iiisafnoek- 
iitgham t Str Jolm Uater lUye, M. P. sad 
LotdMATor, in 17971 Lord Btivicy, M. P. 
•Ml Loid Mqror in 17S7* («lMn GMtye UiM 
Pmt. Bmi.)i 8b Wm. M. MUner, M. P. rad 
Lai4Mft7<ariBl797MMlI7f8) LoidDaadn, 
Loid Mayor ia 1811, (whoi tha Hon. Law. 
renoeDuadat. M. P.) and in 1891, whan Lord 
Dunda^ aadUiaonlyEagUah Paaravar Loid 
Mayor of York. ItisiraitliyofraaMnkvUiat 
York luui tho lionour to let tte Coiponlio* 
of London fha oaanpla of eraed^f a Man* 
lion Hooae for Chair Lord Mayoc 

■me Cuild-han ia iStiiatad Miind Iht 
Maadon-houaa, and waa built in Uia year 
1U8L In tbia llna Godiia RaD, whidi is 
nineCy-iix Itet loof, by forty-thraa teat trida^ 
theAiaiaei for tho city are beld, and It ia 
tlien formed Into two oourtiy the down 
Court at the and of the Hall, and the Kial 
Pritti Court near fb» antcaaoeb Hie dca- 
tiona for members of parHamant are alao 
lield here, and it may beproper in this place 
to manfitm, that the dty of Yaik ia at pta» 
lant rqprcaeDtad in parliament by Miurnia> 
duke Wyvin and Robert Chalooer, Siqia. 
who, like the oorpocatloD Of Oie dty thay 
represent, ve both of the whig party. Tliiea 
tiroes a week, name1y,oo Tue«day,Thur8day« 
and Saturday, flie Iiord Mayor, and at least 
one alderman, sit at the Ouild-luJl, for the 
. administration ofjustiee; and the buslueai of 
the Qoarter Sessions for Che dty is also tran- 
sacted in this place. At the end of this hall 
are several rooms for the grand and petit Ju- 
rica, one of wtiidi ia called the ln$ur Roomt 
in which the County Court, for the reoorery 
of debts in the County, not exceediiy Fiva 
Pounds, consolidated with the ShertfTs Tun 
Court, and the Court of Common Plans, te 
held weekly, usually on the Tuesday. 

The Coondi ChanAws is a building of 
modem ciaetlon, adjoining the Oulld-hali; 
When the old Coundl Chambers of the dty 
uponOttse-Bri^ge were taken down In 18t0» 
theseehamberswere buHt adjoining : the Iwmt 
Hoom, A the Lower Hauae, namely, tht Com- 

The Mayor oT Yoilt, liy andant pra- 1 
flia tiOaof Lord^whiA 
r^ as we haaa already •aan, waa 
eonfened on Qiis Chief Maglstraia. by Rldi. 
ard n. in 1389. The same aovenign. In 
ia98> piisintad Roheit Seroopa. the ttien 
Loid Mayor, wiA a la^ge gDtmace, tobe 
bone before Ida* and a eap of malntananea 
to Oe awwd-taamr. The Lord Mayor is 
the Kin^ liiiitanant ka Ida aliawira t ha 
takaa the diair fa tfaaprasmiff of the Judge 
of AaAi^whrslta OBI his right hand t atthe 
.*jfioBi he *i am wamaj vad no act or law 
brtha^ovr naaentof thedtycaa be valid 
without h'ipraaeaoBb Thiaofiioeria annu- 
aHf dMa- Ji 081 fha IMh of Janaary« and on 
the ad if February, the Lord Mayor elect, 
ashe -4 called dunilg fhe interra], enters 
apoe hia oilieeb Ifthe Lord Mayor be mar- 
tM. Ida wife ia digaifiad with the titte of 
Lriy MayoKcaiy and in addressing her, the 
f An " My Lady,* la applied. In Drake^ 
dme, thoiigfa the huabaod pasted with both 
hononrandtiaeatdietnnehe waa divested 
of oflke, yet l>y the oouytesy of York, in 
fiivoarof diefidraob her ladyship stiU en- 
joyed her title* by no other xigfatperhapa, but 
thatof anotdrbymiqgjNPOverbb whichaa; 

>" HeisaiordliDrayettr aid a day, 

BttUheii «hKfy tesnerand far ay 


Thia eo nr t e ay towaida fhe LadyMayoress 
lue, howeTer, now eeased ; and at 0ie expi- 
ration Of her husband's year of ol&ee, Che 
term My Iduty ia dropped, unleas she was 
ptevioualy entitled to it by marriage, or in 
^er own ri|pit« * 

The lesidenee of the Lord Mayor is the 
Mannock-houae, a statdy ediflksa* built in 
the year 17A6> and whidi stands at flie north 
end of Coney streel;* near Lendal, and ocen- 
jpies the^toof the andant diigpel of the Guild 
of St. Chriatopher. The revenue of the 
liOrd'MaycK- waa Ibsxnerly derived ddedy 
ftom the toll of earn comiqg to the market, 
InUtfaat ton in.1784, waallberally rellnquidi- 
ed by Oie oorporalaon, and thlamaosion is 
Ihe seene of his hoapitattties. The atate- 
>oam, whaae the chief nu^stsato ^vea his 
inHiiminiiM Bta, ia 49 featd inehes ia length, 
apd J7IbBt » indieaiB breadth, and is Mglilad 


HirfouV OP Tire 


num Council, hold tMir deliberations in one 
of them, while the Up)p^H(m«^, consisting of 
the Lord Mayor, Recorder, City Council, AI- 
demen, Sherilft, and the Gentlemen of the 
Twenty-four assemble in the Upper Chamber. 

Amongst its other public institutions 
York enjoys the advantage of an excellent 
Subseriptioii Library, oontdiBing idxHit cen 
UuNuaad volumca in th^ various bxaidies 
of scienoe and literature. This institution 
was oomipenoed in the year 1794> but it was 
not till the year. 1811, that the present Li- 
brary Room, which is very eligibly situated 
in St. Helen's Square, was built. The num- 
ber of members at present amounts to four 
hundred and seventy-seven ; the mode of 
admission is by b^lot, and the terms are 
ten guineas entrance, and an annual subscrip- 
scription of twenty-six shillings, paid in ad- 
vance. Mr. Joseph Shepherd is the Librae 
rian. There are in York some other Li- 
braries, Subscription and Circulating, the 
principal of which is, the Select Subscription 
Library, in Lady Peckett's yard. Pavement. 

On the ground floor, under the York 
Subscription Library, in St. Helen's Square, 
there is a Subscription News Room, hand- 
somely fitted up, and furnished with the Lon- 
don and country newspapers. Subscribers 
are admitted by ballot, and the members of 
the room have each the privilege of introdu- 
dng a friend, not resident in York, for one 
month, on roistering his name in a book 
kept for that purpose. The annual subscrip- 
tion is one guinea, and the admission fee ten 
shillings and sixpence. There are also two 
other Subscription News Rooms, one at the 
York Tavern, and the other, called the 
'York Clttb Room» at Etridgi^s Hotel. 

The Cavalry Barracks, erected in I796!» 
are situated at a distance of about a mile S. 
W. of the city, oii the Fulford road. The 
cost of these erections, with the twelve acres 
of ground appropriated to the purpose, has 
been little short of 30,000f. and the accom- 
.modation they afford is for three field offi- 
cers, five captains, nine subalterns, four 
quarter-masters, two hundred and forty non- 
commissioned officers and privates, and 266 
horses. The parade ground is very exten- 
sive, and in front of the range appropriated 
to the officers is a large grass plot, for the 
accommodation of the numerous and fash- 
ionable company who frequently attend to 
hear the fine martial band which plays upon 
^e parade. Mr. Anthony Lefroy is the bar- 
rack master. 

York has produced several characters 
eminent in history, and a still larger num- 
ber eminent in the ages In which they lived* 
Amopgst the former of these mayi^be men- 
tioned COKBTANTIKK THB GRSAT, the first 

Christian Emperor; Flaccvs Ax<BAiru8» 
the pnpH of Bede and tiw meotor of Charle- 
magne; and 'W'althbof, Earl of Nor- 
thumberland, and son of the gallant Sivnnd* 
Amongst the latter we find the names d 
Robert Floweh, the hermit of Knare^ 
borough, usually ealled St. Robert, bom ia 
1190; John hk ROMAimi, theliaaty'iAgfblSt 
Archbishop of York, and ibe natiiial son of 
John Romaiac, a firieit and tteasnier of 
the cathedral; John Wai^dby, and Rossbt 
his brother, two eminent scholars, vho 
flourished about the middle of the fbur- 
teenth century, the former of whom was 
the forty-seventh archbishop of this pro^ 
vince; John Erohom, a friar Eremite ; aoid 
John Bate, a friar Carmelite; both pro« 
found expositors of the holy scriptures, and 
authors of celebrity in the fifte^th century ; 
Valentine Faebs and his Wifb, rendoeit 
memorable by having, according to Fax^ 
died for religion at the stake in the yieat 
1531, and of whom Fuller says, that they 
were, according to his recollection, the ot^ 
man and his wife ever thus married together 
in martyrdom; Edward Frees, the bro- 
ther of Valentine, born also at York, who, 
for having hereticaUy pahited some passaget 
of scripture on the ix>rder8 of several pieces 
of cloth, was committed to prison by 
John Stoaksley, Lord Bishop of L<»ido9ia 
and there, according jto Fox, was ftd 
with manchei made of untfdust, and kept 
in prison tin the flesh of his wrists grew 
over his irons, his reason having in thB 
mean time so far forsaken him that wheat 
brought for examinatSon before his perse> 
cutor, he said, " My Lord to a goo< 
man T Gboroe Taiocbrpisld, another 
martyr, was bora in ' York ; Sir Ttiomaa 
WMdringtonaayshewaasooolc inLoiiAotf, 
and was, by Bishop Bonner, antichrists 
great cook, roasted and burnt to death.-* 
Thomas Morton, the son of a mercer 
in York, bom in the Pavement* in the 
year 1564, rose by his merit succeasivdy 
to the bishopricks of Chester, Lichfiek^ 
and Coventry, and lastly to Durham: 
yihen he was a parish prie^ and rector at 
Marston, the plague raged in York widi 
so much fkiry that a number of infected 
persons were sent out of the city to Hdb* 
Moor, where tents were erected for their 
accommodation, on which occasion this 
intrepid disciple of his divine master vi. 
sited them daily, and administered alike 
to their spiritual wants and to thdr tem- 
poral necessities.* Henry Swinburne^ 

* The writer of this prelate's life says, 
that he was school f)ellow, at York, with 
Giqr Faux, the ftuoaous popiA incendiary, 
who is said to have peen bom Jtt Bjahcm^ 
thorp, and ednoated in this city. 



doeliiroCeiTSllaw, WW bom al 
Y«iL about die middle of tfie dzteenth 
ccntuij, and educated at the Flee Onminar 
Scbool in thie citf . Ae hie eontemponry 
and couatrymaii, €3iapka» me celled ike 
•ftaOt 9f the nortkf ao Swfaibunie wai 
itfitAOt northern mdvoemfe the em being 
fiunowte hia teeming i9 divinitiw tad the 
nOcr m the ciTUUw. Stft TaoiiA* Ba»> 
UAT, aon of Mi. Thomae UeriMrt* mer- 
diaat andaldetmanor Yotk. vaa 
fltfadtyinieoe, and educated hora till he 
waaad«ittids eianmiaom ef JawwCeltege, 
Oxftied, hi lai. Hsvh« tem ptetad hia 
rtadiii^ he tavelled Cor aooM yean thiot^ 
Afiiee and Aaia, under the patrangq ef 
William Bail of Pembroke, hto fc»«r^" — 
Onlds Ktais home hewaiftadon tPrfftT!, 
and waa invilcd to dine wHh him Urn MHt 
day, bat ttae Ead dyh« anddenly thet very 
night hte hopea «r fmiMnwat *em «Hit 
qaarter were btaated. and he i«aia tell 
Bh^BBd to vittt ▼aiteMB pwte^ AaBpew** 
P|Mmiiitehii«hie«HM«iBheHtttadia Ui 
aetive mmrtigj aid la tlM I^m af the 
ctvil torn adhered to iha«Bn»ar the BMW 
fiaaacDt. By ♦heiawmrii af gMHp aai 
ef Peaabeohe. *a hHaaaa ew of tiM aoai* 
miauoQersto treat «jib the KiagihiAan 
fcr the iiiBMiaiii af Oafaed to tht BuHi- 
waat w y aiaay. Mteaqpaadg ha aaa pa 

vpoB the King aa oat af hie mnrialjenBahib 
ahMig wiOi o(heKa,ftatha|iMe^aeiaBrt<tf 
hfaonm aenreaiit nMte failMa litaatii he 
a eoDT«it to the lopd eaaa^ aad 
Ml mMr tin ha am 
bna^t tn Hm Ma*. Cteatea U. 
diately upon tlie aariaaMiaai iBrratdrill hia 
ftittftti eerriw^J 
yaeia ofhtelifeby 
la 1060, vhleh^ 
imede of twenty 
hi Yorit 0B<he flat ef Maedi, hnu>^ 

lehoter, etOed Hr 

at Yoak, and te b^aa tp. 


at Yark te IMI, 


lOO. Hte 
Wood, hte 

hte ckter with quaint pceaehing and nibtte 
dteputai* lie roae aucoaadvely fVom the 
Deeuery of Wcrtmioeter to the Btehopriek 
of Woroaetar. and ultimately to that of 
London} and dyhig at Oxford, fai IMS, wee 
buried aeer the high altar hi MertonColteffe 
Chnicb, in that dty. MAaaiAnoKa Fo- 
THSJioux* bora in 16Sf, In the houee 
ealtod Fe«ey% fan, hi the petldi of St. 
Dyott*!, WalmgBti^ «aa a divine of graat 
teemhig and piety, and in eeeteateitieal 
uoUkfoitj itood ahnoat vaitvnlted. By hte 
b0t wiU he Mka eaaeettBitiaa«f beaka aa 
a Ubmry to the paririi of ShlperMh, of 
which he bad bean miniilcr, on eondittes 
thai the peiiihionarB ihoald buUda |aap« 
room Ibr them at thete own eoati bat tiria 
Aa^gp thaf j e wterwrtO Bily l a fti ae d to i 
andthe Kbnqr «a> ty hte widow. 
totlM Oeaaand Chaplir of Yoik, to iweO 
tha Mtealat aattaalleik MuLXcia DnAsa, 
the Tcncrabte and teamed hiatoiiau of York, 
the «M «f tha Bar. FlOMte 
of Uemeweath and ftev af 
Thaui^ nat ham in thte eity* ha 
tettledberein eailyttfib and pnetiiadai a 
•ttfgeon with ewi^aoabte wpiitMlmi Mai 
lag married Mary, the peuagaitdai^hlv flf 
John Woodyeer^ Eiq. of Ccook4iiU, hed» 
voted bteuelf prbHBlpolly to hte Utamry paib 
raite, aad te «w yeas 17M pabUihed hte 
fitenwMM, a wMtfc whWb wiU lerve taaaaAt 
famocetality en the Miloiy and aatiigiiHianf 
that dty, and which wiH, te Mi hoa, hat 
down hte namade the teftmt ponerity. 

In thte brief bat MdiMhtefeofyer 
ancient and mod w Vaak, the 
twean the hnperlal eitywdhe 
Kmpenra aaA af lUngi, and the ileaaytd 
capital uf a northern aaMaty, fc 
•trolly upon tbamted, aad aarvei to 
hibittheTteteiitudecto which the aftim etf 
pteoei, aa weB aa 4rf pi i i e un% iWiaa^aL m 
But York— though ahora of aome «f III 
brightcit brama tlicwi^ three ttanca 
to the ground by teeadenb*lii n 

andtfaou^ depilvadof iteacnMaMMeby 
HttU, and of BinMaudMhirm by Uadi, te 
mme modem tlaaai, te dfB aa tetaaeatfag 
and Tcnenbte dty K)f atelah it amy be mftd» 
tethe lineaof SteTtooaMM Widddagten :^ 

YflriKf* aot ioiprcntai Old York wat of-fpia, 
Yet York it la, thai^h wMted to theeore : 
If 8«ot that YodK wAddi Ebrank built of old t 
Nor yet that V<vk which waa of Roman moidd t 
York WW the third tteto tninit, and what youaee 
Aa» Ygrya la^ll nahcijaC antiquity. 

* Firat'b9thaBaao«% 

die Danes, and third by theKtefnuaH. 

9itt U\vi^tiS>etUal IUi»t 




.» t 

■ --V 

Albion TOW, Notth street. Bar wi^ 
Albloii street, Skeldergste 
Aldmurk, St. AndrewgiUe 
Andenoi^s eourt, Ston^iate 
Arehbishop^s court, MookgAtc 
Artidioke yard, Mickteisate 
AtkhHoa'scout, Mickkgate 
Atkinaoii's yard, WahngaCe 
Baggeigate lane, without Walmgataliar- 
Bakebouse passage, Shamblct 
Bakev^ lone, Micklegata 
Ball yard, Skddaigate 
Barker hill, Monk bar withoBt- 
Barker lane, MicUegaCe 
Bay Hone yard, Walmgatr 
Bean's passage, Walmgate 
Bearpark's passage, Nordi street 
Beddem, Goodrau^gito 
Beedam's yard, Skeldergale 
Bell's yard, Petergate 
Bennington's passage, Walmgatft 
Bishop hill. Fetter lane 
Bishop bill lane, SkeldeigatA 
Black Bull lane, Walmgate 
Black Horse passage, Fossgate 
Blake street, St. Brien's sqnaire ■ 
Blossom street, Midd^ate bar • 
Blue Ball yard, Skeldexg«te 
Blue Bell passagef Miokl^ate 
Blue Bell passage, Walmgate 
Bootham bar, end of Petergate 
Bootham row, Bootham 
Bootham square, Boothan^ row 
Brearey's court, St. Helen's square 
Bridge street. Back lane. North street 
Brunswick place, PeaseSiolm green 
Butcher's yard, Walm^te 
Butler's yard, Walmgate 
Cade's yard, Wellington row 
Cardine low, Walmgate 

Can's Isne, Skddergale 
Castlegate, High Ousefirte 
Castlegate poetatn, Ctesilelaae 
Castle lane, Castlegate 
CasaeniliS, Castlegate postern 
Cattle's buildings, Barlser hiU 
CbsptA yaid, Gmpe lane 
Chuich lane, bottom of Shamhltn 
Chnrdt lane, Consr stMet • 
Chordi lane, Walmgate • ' - 
Church lane. North atraet 
Chrk son ' s ps ssa g ^ Wahngalft 
Clarke yard,. WelliogtoD tow • 
Clamenthorp, SkeldeigateposfeeNi 
Ceacb yard, TbundayiMtket 
Coate's yafd» limner wow 
CoatesTs bsrfldiagi» SleeMngatfr 
Coflbeyatdf Sttoflgate 
College ttresty Ckxidaasgate - - 
College yaid, College street 
ColHei^te, near the Pavement i 
Gomme^ hall lane, St. Helen's stfiiil«<* 
Ooneystreet, Spuarieigate^ * 
Cop l ey*ieaurt, Coney stwet' 
CoppecgatBi Panssnent ■- 
Cavduhas'syaid, P^esgat*. 
eouj^rttfs yaad,- GiUfgate ■ - 
Comoit pnsagew Coiey mmnA ' 
Cngg'ewaggonyard.CoppeiBirt* . . 
GsessQK'syiBd, MieUegMe . 
Cumberland row. Coney street 
Davygate, Thursday market 
Dawson's ifessage, Walmgate 
Dawson^ yard, Fossgate 
Dodffworth's yard, Walmgate 
Dougleby^ passage^ Davygate 
Dundas street. Palmer lane 
^nwyng'i yard, Fossgate 
Elliott's yndf without Walmgate bar 
ettya bttildinfi^' WatangKie 

.* ■ 

" »• 

. 1 

•. s 


V it 



M :» 



STllEBTS, &C«: 


Far Yfaiec lane, C aHtogat e 
FeM^at^ Peter l«ae 
Feotiiiiaa's panage, Noctli street 
Fetter fame^ Skeildagate 
Finkle street, Thursday market 
Pint water lane» Castlcgata 
Fisheigate, Cnittogata postern vxtiiout 
Fletcher dc Scav/s yari. North stneft 
Foot of pwrnamd, Foaagate 
Foiigatey Pavement 
FoM lane, Walingate 
Foimdry yard, Waimgate 
Fowler's ooar^ Spuixie^gale 
Fowler's yard, Aldwark 
Fnaer's passage, Davygate 
Fiiargate, Castl^Vlte 
Friar Widb, Far water lane 
Garnetfs yard, Walragste 
Gibaoi^s passage. North street 
Gibson's yard, Micklcgate 
Gill's pass^Ep, Shambles . . 
Gilly^tfe> Boothamhar 
Girdleigate, Petergate 
Globe passi^^ Shamliles 
Gkifvei's passage, Goodramgato 
Goodramgate, Petergate 
Grape Jane, Pebenrgate 
Great Stooegate, Petergate 
Green haae, Haogate 
HackettTs yard, Petergate 
Haroourt yard, Thursday BMiket. 
Harker's yard, Miekkgate 
Hazby's passage, SkeUeq^ate 
Hay market, end (tfCoUieqpite 
Heworlh moor, Mijok bar without 
Hiffk yard, Walmgata. ■ 
Hibton's buil^U^s, Marygate 
Hirstfs yard, Wahngatc 
Holgate lane, without Miekkgate bar 
Hdme^s passage, Hgymaribet 
U<Knport lane, PeteigBta 
Hospital yard, Walingate 
Hover lane, Hungate 
Howgate lane, Walrogate 
Hudson's passage, Stonegate 
Hungate, St. Saviourgate 
Jackson's passage, WaUngate 
Jewbury, Iiayerlhorp postern 
Johnson's yard, Wahaagate 
Jubbfirgate, Spunietgate 
Judged old lodgings yard, Con^ street 
King's Stattfa, E. Side New bridge 
Urby's yard* without Wafai^i^ bar 
Knowks's yard. If mint 
Lady PedLett's yard. Pavement 
Lamhertf s yard, "fanner row 
Lsyerthorp postern, Peaseholm green 
Lasenhy's paasagOt Jubbergate 
Lendal, St. Helen's square 
Lec^rd yard. Coney street 
Leopard yard. Pavement 
Little Blake ttreeti fiiake street 

Littk Stonegate, Great StosMgate . 
Littk SwincgatQ, Swincgal* 
Long dose, Walrogate 
Loid Mayor's mSk, Monk bar 
Love lane, Barka hill 
Low buildings, Hungate 
Magpie corner^ Goodiamgatt 
Manor house, BIaryg«te 
Manor shore, Marygate 
Manor yard* Bootham bar withottt 
Marygate, Bootham bar 
Masindues, St. Domis lam^ Walaogati 
Metaosei^ yard, Wahngitt 
Merchant hidl yard, Fos^gata 
MeynelL'b yard* Peteigate 
Miekkgate, Ouse bridge 
Miekkgate bar, Miekkgate 
Miekkgate bar law, out of Miekkgrte bar 
Middleton's passage, SkddogMv 
Middk water Umei ffnttlfgatr 
Mtautergatec Petsigate 
Minster yard, Petergate and CoU^ itrMi 
Mint yard, Littk Blake tlnet 
Monk bar< Goodimgate 
Monkgate, without Monk bar 
Monk street, itonk bar 
Moore's oourt, StOMgafte 
Mount Pleasant, Blossom sbeat 
Mucky Peg lane, Thursday lavkal 
Mush's yard, Goodramgato 
Naylot's yand* Aldwark 
Near Water, Castkgate 
Nessgate, High Ouscgate 
New bridge street, Ouse bridge 
Newgate, Shambles 
New raeket, Peteigate 
New street, Ckmey street 
Newtgafte, Wabngate 
New walk. Tower street, Castkgate 
NightingakTs yard, FosigMe 
North street* bottom at MiCklcgito 
Noton's yardi Stonegate 
Nunnery lane, without Mickl^ate bar 
Ogleforth, Ooodrsmgate 
Ogkforth lane, Minster yard 
Old racket, Petergate 
Old Wharf, Skeldeigate 
Otky's yard, Aldwark 
Ouse bridge, Ousegate 
OusQgate High, Pavement 
OuBQgate Low, Ouse bridge 
Pack Horse yard, Skeldeigats 
Palmer lane, Hungate 
Parapet buUdhigs, Miekkgate bar 
PanMmage house. Coney street 
Patrick Pool, Swinegate 
Pavement, High Ousegate 
Paviour lane, Walmgate 
Peasehohn green, St Saviourgate 
Petergate, Haymarket 
I Peter lane, High OusMate 
I pipe maker's yard« Oillygate 


sTKUTa, Ine. 

PottefOff MSfngiSi* 

StffwiHIww lane, PssMMMk 

Pottiid lane, Hunpte 

Stoo^gate, St Helen's sfoaro 

PowelTi yard. Tanner nm 

St(aker*s yaid, Poa^ptta 

Preoantei's coui^ MlMlnr ywd 

Swin^gatQ, Girdleigale 

Prieitman's lane. Manffirte 

Tanner vow, lioith atiaat 

Pxinee*! court, Conef atwit 

The Groves, Lord Maym^ walk 

PuUaa'a paanfei, NoMh finet 

Thomas ppasme, Sbeldaqplt 

Pampyurd, MkU^gflti 

ThompsMtepaas^ga, Walmgato 

Pump yard, Newgate 

Thief fame, Mioh^pMabarwtdMNit 

Queen's itallfc, W. fMe liwr bddfs 

Thursday nuoket, Feassgrta 

Rawdon's yard, MiektagalM 

Toft green. Tanner row 

RaysdMii IhAAdi^ North alkeit 

Tower street, Castla aCMel 

Red Lkmyard, MMdiiMe 

Trinity fame, IfisU^ate 

Roiemary lane, mtMnijilP peHam 

Troutfs passage, WaUngata 

tSampaon's aquare^ TtaoMtey iMlket 

Union court, Disbap mil 

Scawin's yard, PeCeigale 

Union oourt, St MarttaTs Imm 

Sdkool yard, OgMMh 

Unkm plane, FIslMtgate 

fififlfre r«Mt. Mlnlrlmii 

Union street PeasdMlm gioBtt 

Seller's yard* PisraMMt 

Waitifs huiUttflVB, Wafengate 

Shamblea great, PaiUMant 

Wakafldd court, MMdsffM 

Shambles Kttle, Greit «— iMiH 

WallHi^ iaaeb Tbaiaday OMikrt; 

Sbti^Mrd^eQuft, CMBjfpNK 

Waam^ yard, SkaUHgaii 

Silver street, ilM^gme 

Wahngate, Foa^gale 

Skeldergate, bottom of Miiillii|<lB 

Waln^te bar, end <i# Wriugata 

Skidderdgte poiMki^ flRiIA0r({al)e 

Ward's passage^ GiMygate 

Smith's jmtd, SluiUMfgKit 

Waterloo plaee, Cooay attaet 

Spen lane, St SeviJ^ipli 

WatsfSyaid, WahQgale 

Spurrieigate, OoaegHli 

Wataon^i court SMu^gMa 

St Andre«|{iii«, CVKwgiCe 

Wdilngton vow. North sbNMll 

St Dennis lanes, Wfltaigaile 

WeUow's yard, Walmgiia 

St George stieet, Niw^tfl, WiiWH^ 


St Helen's square, CSMf^HnA 

Whipmawhapna gaM, Pa»«aatift aotoar 

St John's yard, NdMfeitteet 

Whipfs yavd, OottHamgate 

St Margaxetfs ilMMilk hne^ Wakngate 

WhipPSoU yam, Goodtaasgaie 

St Martin's lane, M ickkgate 

White Bona yart, SkeUergate 

St Marys row. Bishop MH flie eider 

WhitwdTs entry, CollleigRte 

St Mary's square, BMkop Mll 

WUberftireePs y«aM. Wafaagate 

St Miehad's ehundi laM^ Qiunieisrti 

WiUow sliaet, Walmgala bar 

St Saviuwtgla, ObOleiiato 

Winlewmif hospltd, Wahn^rta 

St Saviour row, St 8«»idi»gMe 

Wood's yard. Tanner vow 

Staker'k yiaM, tUmtOKf mnAttt 

WrightMMi'syaid* WatagaCa 

Stareouit lane, ThuMiay narhet 


or TBB 

(63^7 (DI9 ^(DIBlfi^ 

ft wai te^teenred that AVtacerlatioDs an oeeaMaafly uaad. bat fhcy 

dueed only whei« unavmdable ; and. it is prasuiMd will ba ^alta iBtaUfglblt 
Wifhuut any paitieular ncplaiiatiini. 

The Alphabetieal List of Stnela, Ceurta, Ac «U1 ba taaaA gntUy !• 
aesich for those in retired aituarions. 

ihiiiMi dM 

Abbej Eliz. gentlewmn. North street 
Abbey Wm. ^nt. Dundns street 
Abersbaw Bfix. EUiabetb, North sU 
Acaster Rev. J. Monkgate 
Adams David, wood turner. Silver st. 
Addiiial James butter <fe bam factor, 
ciK>per, and vict. Golden Barrel, 
Addy Ado, shopkeeper. Peterji^te 
Adselts JobOy brush mkr. Tanner row 
Agar Mrs. eentlewoman, Marygate 
Agar Jaseph, ^ent. High Ousegate 
Af^Tf Seta, A Co. grocers, Stonegate 
Agar Mary, gentlewoman. Cnstlegate 
Agar Tbo:>. attorney, Little Stonegute 
Agar Edward, grocer, Micklegate 
Agar J. dk B. curriers, Higli Ousegate 
Agar Isaac, joiner, Walmgate 
Agar Tbos. hogs dlr. Peasebolme gn. 
Agar Wm. sbo|>keeper, Peter lane 
Agar Richard, victualler. Lord Nelson, 

Alderson Jacob, cooper and cheese- 
monger, Fossgate 
Alexander Wra. and Son, printers, 
booksellers, binders, stationers, A 
oi^nts to the Suffolk and General 
County fire office, Castlegate 
Alexander David, St. George street 
AUen John, law stationer, Bootham 
A Ilea Oswald, apothecary, CoUiergate 
AUen Matthew, apothecary and super- 
iotendant of the Lunatic Asylum, 
AUen Caroline, dress maker, M icklegt. 
AUen Geo. boarding school for youug 

ge&tfemen, Beddern 
AUen Wm. grocer, Girdlergate 
AUeo 4f Neltborp, bricklyrs. Aldwark 

Allen Joseph, basket Mtker, MkUle 

Water lane 
AUinson H. B. wire worker, Fosigate 
Allison John, cabinet mkr. Mint yard 
Allison Heoiy, verger, Gogdramgpte 
Almaud Tbos. cabinet mkr. Bungmte 
Almond Christr. joiner, Walmtpiie 
Ambler Abraham, wooutapler. Pease- 
holme green 
Ambler John, shopkeeper. Tanner vow 
Ambler John, joiner. College street 
Ambrose B. artificial flower "*tnwfrff- 

turer. Far Water lane 
Anderson R. H. solicitor, Sfonegate 
Anderson Rich, grocer, Low Peter gt. 
Anderson Richard, gardener, AUdii- 

sou's court, Micklegate 
Anderson Wm. butcher, Walmgate 
Anderson Wm. gardener. Walnqft. bar 
AuH Mrs. George, Micklegate 
Appleyard John, bricklayer, Flnt 

Water lane 
Aray R. tobacco pipe mkr, fieosegt. 
Arcbbell Rbt. bacon 4s batter factor, 

Ardington William, gardener, 4eo. 

Castlegate lane 
ArmaUige Abia, dress and stay m^r. 

North street 
Armistead Peter, butcher, Mickleil}^ 
Armstrong J. H. grocer, and agent to 
the I7ondoo Genuina Tea Com- 
pany, Foss bridge, Walmgate 
Amett Richard, St. Andrewgate 
Arundel Mary, city cook, Watedoo 

Arthur Thomas, flour dealer 4; brick- 
layer, Hungat/" , ^ ^ 
Ashton Tbos. joiner, Albion street 




Askwith William, proctor, Gillygate 
Aspinall Jas. straw hat mfr. Coney st. 
Aspinali Edmund, Uolffate lane 
Asqoitb Wm. painter, Danning's yard 
Astley William* Low Jubbergate 
Atkinson Peter,arcbitect; b. Micklegt. 
Atkinson and Sharp, aichUQ{;tS| fet- 
ter lane 
Atkinson James, surgeon, Lendal 
Atkinson James, woollen draper, Cop- 

Atkinson Wm. rag merchant, Middle 

Water lane r ' 
Atkinson <fe Bleokarn^ oats shelling 

mill, Walmgate 
Atkinson Sarah, vict. Malt Shovel, 

Atkinson Wm. horse hirer, Fossgate 
Aticinson Kclbert, farmer and cow- 
keeper, Layerthorp 
Atkinson Miss Jane. Little Stonegate 
Atkinson John, bookbinder, Mictuegt. 
Atkinson Thos. butcher, Fetter lane 
Atkinson Geo. shoemaker. Fetter lane 
Atkinson Susannah; dress maker, near 

. Oj^e bridge 
j^)ay Christ, exciseman, Gillygate 
Atlay Matthew, farmer, Mount 
Audaer flobert, painter and paper 

hangar, St. Andrewgate 
Audaer Geo. bouse and sign painter, 

St. Andrewgate 
Autherson Richard, fishmonger, Great 

Aveson Rd. shoemaker, Goodramgate 
Ateson Michael, bootmkr.Dundas st. 
Awmack Marj', gentwmn. Walmgate 
Awmack Joseph, grocer, Fossgate 
Ayer John, land agent and surveyor, 

Backhonse'^Jas. keeper of the Lunatic 

Asylum, Gillygate 
Backhouse Mrs. gentlwmn. Micklegt. 
Bacjcbouse Thomas & James, nursery 
" ' and seedsmen, Tanner row 
BaiubridgB <fe Wnodall, woollen dra- 
- pers, Low Ousegate 
Bainbridge Wm. bricklayer. Pavement 
Bainbridge John, miller, Walmgate 
Baines Cfeo. coal mercht. Blossom st. 
BainesMrs. cowkpr. SX.SavJour^<;row 
Baines John, vict. Odd Fellows, Hungt. 
Baines John, cut nailmaker, Hungate 
Baines Thos. shoemaker, Castle mills 
Baines Joseph, sboemkr. Goodramgt. 
Baines Henry^ poalterer, without 

Castlegate postern 
Bfliker Mrs. gentlewoman, Coney st. 
Baker J. J. chemist <& druggist, High 

Baker George, paper stainer, <& agent 

to the Norwicn .Union Fire ofiU«, 
? St*5re1en^«.^are 
Bakes John. shQcrfiaker, Marygate 

Balfour Walter, Esq. Micklegate 
Banks Timothy, shoemaker, Lord 

Mavor's walk 
Banks Robert, miniature painter, Har* 

ker^s yard, Micklegate 
Banks Catharine, straw bat manulao 

turer, Fossgate 
Banks CEiisto^ner, Fossgate 
Bannister David, mason. College st. 
Barber Mrs. Grace, gentwu. Castleet. 
Barber and Whitwell, working goM- 

smiths, jewellers, silver plate ma>* 

nufacturers, ■ -watch makers and 

engravers. Coney street 
Barber Jas. Black Swan Inn, (Clark^a 

Hotel <fe posting house) Coney st« 
Barber Thos. shoemaker, Walmgate 
BarberWm, ladies' shoemkr. Cgnejr $t* 
Barclay A. and W. bookseUers and 

stationers, 2, New Bridge $treet 
Bardon Wm. butcher, Goodramgate 
Barker David; chorister, Moalq^te 
Barker Rev. Thomas, Spen lane, SU 

Barker Geo. bookbinder, Pavement 
Barker Anne, poulterer. Little Smbbb 
Barker Edward, agent to Deaoo^ 

Harrison <fe Co. carriers, Swhl^£ 
Barker John, copper plate printer ^a 

engraver. Low Ousegate 
Barker M. R. overlooker, Bisbop MIZ> 
Barker Ralph, plane mkr. Fetter lane 
Barker Geo. Middle Water lane 
Barker Geo. joiner, St. Mary's row 
Barker Wm. cowkeeper, Holgate I9. 
Barker John, shoemaker, ChujcolilaQC^ 

Coney street 
Barlow Mrs. Marj', Bootbam 
Barmby Sanil. shoemaker, Swinegata 
Barnard :Wm. shoemaker, Petergale 
Barnby tf . <fe W. shoemkrs. Gicdli^rgt 
Barnett John, optician, glass cuuer 

and slainer. College street 
Barnett Tbos. shoemaker and, animal 

preserver. Barker In. Mlc^lesBite 
Barr Wm. army and hunting saocQLeiv 

Coney street 
Ban JanQ. dre$s maker, Gillygate^ 
Barra Gettrge, plumber and gla^sier^ 

Barra James, plumber, glaaier and 

painter. High Petergafe 
Barra James, plumber,. gta;;ier and 

painter. Low Petergate 
Barrett Richd. brick maker. Baker hill 
Bartclifife James, cowkeeper, without 

Walmgate bar 
Bartholoman Mary, gentlewomani 

Bartholoman ThomjRj&, vict. StaoliOlw 

Press, Swineaate 
Bartley Joseph, Walmgate bar 
I Barwick ajary, ffent]e^voman^ ^J09^ 
I mar}' lane, Skeldergate 



flUkfoith lobik fpfmnan ftt GitMon** 

foundry^ W alm^te 
BateaoB wm. gfaoemiiker, Fettor taw 
BiUeritfee Wm. eent. Barker hill 
Btttly Thos. vIet. WBOife and Dngon, 

Batty EUzabtftb, sift ^ masliii djwr, 

Bstt/ Edward, gaidener, wttiUKit 

walmrate bar 
Bayldon Win. Esq. BoOthan 

Bell John, tobaooo cod fBuflrdMtor, 

Bell DaviC sboemaker, FoMgate 
Bell Blis. ffentlewamaD, GlllTgate 
Bell David, hair drener, WahngaCe 
Bell Anthoby, bDtober, Gt. 9hainble» 
Bell David, wUtemiitli and (imsBritH, 

Bell Tlias. flour dealer Waltngate 
Bell Thomas, TiotuaUer, Sun Imt, 

Blossom street 

Ba^ne €too. bookkeeper, Tamier row i Bell Sarah, vk!t. Bloe Bell, Walm(^ 
Bayaes Wiliiam, viet. Bayaes' Hotel, ' Bell Johu, cabinet maker, Dnudas 

Peter^te j street, Huni^ate 

Bay nesGed. vessel owner, Blowom at. Bell Richard, grooecr and dnigiM 
Beadle and Ferfect, boiise. sign, and j Thursday market 

furalture painter, MiddeflMte Bell John, victualler, WelBivtui^ 

Beid T. €s G. upholsterers and cabinet | Goodmmi^te 

makers, Stonerate t Bell Mrs. C. centlawoman, CHUy^rte 

Beal Richaid, wool oomber Walroxit. • Bell J. g[ro<«r, Jubbersate 
Beal John, joiner. Middle water lane Bell Elia. pasUy oook. Little Blake fC 

Bean James, vict. portrait and house 

painter. Canteen, Bamck yard 
Been Riclid . butcher, Thursday market 
Bean William, vtet. Three Jolly 

Butchers, Girdlergate 
Bean Wm. gnentleman, Wabnfi^te 
Bean Samuel, joiner and carpenter, 

DavT^te ; house, Gittygate 
Biean John, wheelwrigiit, Patrick pool 
Bean William, umbrella maker and 

wholesale spirits dealer. Stonegt. 
Bean Wm. tailor. Coffee yd. Ston^. 
Beao Thos. plane maker, Waterloo pi. 
Bean Wm. currier, Jubberrate. 
Bean John, shopkeeper, Walmgate 
Bearpark B . J. 4fe G.gardeners, nursery 

and seedsmen, Boot bam 
Bearpark Miss Sally, milliner A dress 

maker. High Petergate 
Seamark William, victualler. White 

Horse, Bootbam 
Bearpark Robert, jun. gardener. Lord 

Mayor's walk 
Beck William, tanner, Walmgate 
Beckwith Stephen, M. D. Coney st. 
Beckwitb Ann, ^ntlewmn. Castlegt. 
Beckwith John, Esq. Micklegate 
Bedford David, sratoolmaster. Blos- 
som street 
Bedford John, flaxdrettser, 
Beedbam Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 

Beedbam's 3'ard, Skeldei^pite 
Beedbam John, cabmet mtiker. Fetter 

Beedbam Wm . joiner & cabinet maker, 

Beedbam'syard, Skeldergate 
Beilby Yarhij, Esq. Mount, Mickle- 

Beioombe Wm. M. D. High Petereate 
BeO Tbos. ^ntleman, Haymarket 
Bell and Rigg, boot and shoemakers, 

Ray market 
Be841eo. carrier, Marygtite 

Bell Thomas E. cutler, Gillmte 
Bell Thomas, milk dealer, Walmgoto 
Bell Thomas, joiner, Walmgate 
Bell Jane, shopkeeper, GreatShamblfli 
Bell Henry, blacksmith, Hungate 
Bell Thos. butcher, Thursday market 
Bell William, Lord Mayor^ olBoer^ 

Bell Michael, mustard dealer,Monkgt. 
Bell Tbos. tailor and clothes cleaner^ 

Little Swinegate 
Bell John, n>i)er, flax dresser, draper^ 

^c. Walmgate 
Bellerbv Thomas, joiner and cabinet 

maker. Bishop hill 
Bellerbv John, upbobrterer, cabinet 

maker A undertaker, Mickleg8t» 
Bellerby Henry, cheesemonger and 

flour dealer, Stonegate '' 
Bellerby Edw. baker.Peasebd^me gnt. 
Belltirby John, bricluayer, Pue;ip yard 
Bellerby Robert, fruiterer, Stonegate 
Bellerby Wm. cowkeeperxBisfaop bill 
Belt Thomas, victualler. Royal Oak, 

Belt Tbos. vict. Horse Shoe, Coppeigt. 
Belwood Mn. Aon, Minster yard 
Bennett Col. John, Mount, without 

Micklegate bar 
Bennett and Flintoft, soutptors and 

ma«OD8, St. Andrewgate 
Bennett Thos. sculptor, <fec. ; lioiae, 

Benningtxjn Jas. bricklayer, Walmgt. 
Berfnington James, shoemaker, Blaek 

Horse passage, Fossgate 
Bennington Francis, cowkpr.Walmgt. 
Benson Mrs. gentlwmn. Micklegate 
Benson John, wine <fe spirit raerchaat 

Hungate ; bouse, St. Saviourgate 
Benson Mrs. Johanna, gentlewomaa, 

St. Savtoiirgate 
Benson Mrs. Mariba, Moafccato 





Bemoa Tkos. obaio mfr. and saddlers 

iioDinoiigery Gnen lane, Hungate 
Benson 6eoi|^, biUiaid tabto keeper^ 

Iiow Ousegate 
Benson Jeramiali, ooach proprietor & 
livery stables Keeper, Lit.Blakeit. 
Benson Tbomas» iolner and carpenter, 

St. Savlouritate 
Benson John, GUlygate 
Benson Wm. St. Andrew's Chorch yd. 
Benson Frands, shoemkr. Blossom st. 
Berry RiObert, wliolesale confectioner, 

St. Helen's souare 
Bewlay Robert, brick manufacturer, 

Uewortb n)oor 
Bewlay Tbos. tobacco manufacturer. 

Low Ouseirate 
Bewlay A. butoier. Great Sbambles 
Bickeidike Robert, shopkeeper, High 

Bickers aud Sowerby, milliners and 

dress makers, Spurrieigate 
Bickers John, ▼ict.. and spirit dealer, 

Turk's Head, College street 
Bickers Mrs.. Little Siouegate 
Biglaiid Geo. Esq. Blake street 
Bilbrough John, tailor, North street 
Btngley Joseph, shoemkr. Girdlergafe 
Biiigley Wm. butcher, High Petercate 
Bingley Thomas,baker<fe flour dealer, 

Binning Surah, fruiterer,^ Stonegate 
Biauingtou Mrs. C. Bootbam row 
BhrbecK John, cowkeeuer, Walmgate 
Birbeok James, flour dealer, Walmgt. 
Birch Thos. boat builder, CI**menthorp 
Birch Jklary, shopkeeper, Goodramgate 
Birdsall Eichaia,. Methodist preacher, 

BirkeiMhaw Geo. fruiterer,. Feasegate 
Birkft Thomas, straw hat maker. Col- 

Birks Wm. tea dealer. SwiDegate 
BirEl Johoj ooach maicer. Grape lane 
Birkwood nt. schoolmaster, Walmgt. 
Black William, victualler. Sycamore 

Tree, Minster yard 
Blackburn John, butcher^Gt.Sbamb]es 
Blackstone Geo. linen and woollen 

draper, <& l4iilor, Low Jubbergate 
Qlake Bartholomew, gardener and 

seedsman, Tunnerrow 
Blakev John, cabinet mkr.Tannerrow 
Blancburd Mrs. H. gentlewoman, St. 

Blanohard John, solicitor, 1, New 

Bridge street 
piaochard WiUiam, hatter and hosier, 

High Ousegate 
Bl^iichard Wm. printer A publisher of 

the Chronicle, Thursdays, Copper- 
gate ; bouse, Coney street 
Bbmchard Robert, vict. Golden Slip- 

pWt Far Water Ume 

Bland Henrv^ Esq. banker; 

Bland Geo. shopkeeper, Gillygate 
Bleckly Wm. lipen draper, tea dealer, 

A general accountant^ 3, I«av 

Bleckly John, grocer and tea dealer, 

Ttiursday market 
Blenkarn Matthew, miller, Waftng«to 
Blytbe Jobn, victualler. Bay Hotse, 

Blytbe Jobn, joiner, Fossgate 
Bolland Thomas, sen. SGbooUnaste^ 

Bolland Thomas, inn. bookseller, st»> 

tioner <& booKbinder,Spurriergate, 

and agent to the liundon Geuuliia 

Tea Compan}> 23, Lndgate bill 
Bolland 6c Hall, mesdames^ loA^axg^ 

house, Little Blake street 
Bollans Robert, brasier <fe tin plat* 

worker. Great Shambles 
Bollans Francis, ioiner, cabinet maker, 

<fe furniture nrolcer, Low Peterg!l» 
Bolton Wm. stone mason, WeUingtOft* 

Bolton Manr, schoolmistress, Fossgala 
Boocock John, shoemaker. Great 

Boocock Geo. hair dresser, Walro|^fea 
Booker William, Lambert's yard^ 

Tanner row 
Bool land Matthew, shopkeeper. Low 

Bootley Wm. shopkeeper, Micklegiate 
Bore Mrs. Mary, St. Saviourgate 
Borrows Eliza be tb^ straw hat mamt* 

lacturer. High Petergate 
Botbamley Jok), plane niaker,Taiuiet 

Bott Jonal ban, stocking mfr.Colliergt* 
Botterill Maitbew, gent. Monkgate 
Botterill James, saddler. GoodranigL^ 
Botterill Joseph, bacon dlr. Feasegale 
Bottofliley Saml. sbopkpr. North sL. 
Bowes Sarah, straw hat maou£actum^ 

Bowes John <fe Son, bricklayers, Dan«^ 

Ding's yard, Fossgate 
Bowes A. dress maker, Skeldergate 
Bowman Wm. baker & flour dealer. 

Green lane, Hungate 
Bowman Jobn, shoemkr. Aldwark 
Bowman Wm. Goodnimgate 
Bowman Wm. cowkpr. Barker hill 
Bownas <fe Co. milliners and dress 

makers. Little Blake street 
Bownas Jobn, Little Blake street 
Bowser Wm . vict . Black Boy , North st. 
Bowser Ann, ladies' nurse. North' st. 
Boye« <fe Fowler, glass <fe china deik 

lers. Walmgate 
Boyes James, shopkpr. Coppergate 
Boyle JohUi confectioner^ Hun^tta 


Boynton Wm. tailor, Goodmngito 
BnMoer Tkomai, fict« Blaek Bmm, 

PeoselMilnie gieeii 
BnHey Thos. OMeh bulkier A hsniess 

maker. High Jubbergate 
Smdley LofaD^wooUeo draper, FoMfit. 
Bmdley WiD.bricklayer, Lambert's yd. 
Bradley John, joiner, Hungate 
Bradley Joiin. Walmicate bar 
Bradley SaTiiie, painter, Beddem 
Biaithwmlte Riehaid, tailor, Lofd 

Mayor's Walk 
Bniithwaite Richd. broker, Swiaegate 
Braithwaite Tbos. shoemaker, Uttle 

Blake street 
Braithwaite JohD, hair diesser, Good- 

Biaitliwaite Abntem, spirit dealer, 

Braasley Mn. Ann, SkeUergate 
Bnunley A Dent, boot A shoemakers, 

Blake street 
Bramley John, butcfapr, Ot. Shambles 
Braroley Anit>fOse, butcher, Fosscate 
Bramtey Wm. Smith's yd. Skelder^. 
Biassington Riebard, bookbinder and 

paper ruler by machine. Waterloo 

plaee ; hoose. Bishop tiill 
Braysfaaw Eleanor, grocer Ateadir. 

High PetergBte 
Breary dEr Mjen, conch builders, har- 
ness makers, dte. Little ^tonegate 

A Davygate 
BMvis J. WT linen draper <fe tea dea- 
ler, Peter lane 
Bridgewater Chpr. bri6kiayer,Nortb st. 
Brk^ewater John, O^leforth 
Bridgewater Thos. joiner, L. Shambles 
BrigKs ReT. Geo. Ogleforth 
Brigipi Geo. vict. Crown and Anchor, 

Low Jubbergate 
Briges Rd. (sexton) St. SavkHireilte 
Brioam Margaret, drawer of Mdies' 

Mea^ts. Sampson's square 
BriKomb Robert, eooper, Walnsgate 
Brittoo d; Co. grocers, <fec. Sporriergt. 
Briiton Wm. whitesmith, Aldwark 
Brandley Mrs. C. B. Mint yard 
Broedmead Richard, yict. Jiibbeigate 
Bracklebank Thomas, leather cap mfr. 

Brodell Lawrence, Bootham square 
Brodte Mrs. Mary , St. Andrew's cbm^ 

Bromley James, «oal and lime mer- 

cbaot, Fotsgate 
Brook Mrs. Ann, gentwmn. Gil^ygate 
Brook John, solicitor ; b. Pet^n;a:e 
Brook d? Biilmer, solicitors. New .«t. 
Brook Rictiard, shoemkr. WHlmgate 
Brook Thomac. mnsician, Gillygnte 
Brookbank Jobn, ironmonger, bard- 

wsre dealer, and bouse and sign 
i - ^nter, Coney stieet 

Brookbank MiM, genlwn. Gfl]s|ito 

Biotberton Geo. uathemai 

without Wahngale bar 
Bvottgbton JaBMs, tape dcnltr, B«U 

Cher's yard, Walmgate 
Brown George, surgeon, CasUegitn 
Brown Wm. conieokNier, Coney st. 
Brown A Jennings, Unen diapaw. 

Brown Matthew, gent. Blossom sC 
Brown Christopher, mustealpreoeptory 

Brown Riebard, oonlectkNier and ten 

dealer. Coney street 
Brown John, wooUen dpr. SkekJevgt. 
Brown A Hopps, grooers and inar 

dealers, Groat Shambles 
Brown Wm. gent. GiUygate 
Brown Rksbd. hair dresser, MMklegata 
Brown John ^ Co. painteis, Darygnl* 
Brown A Kiriew, coach, sign A hiuse 

painters, IMvygate 
Brown Robert, lace and fringe maker, 

Bootham sqnaro 
Brown Thos. stay maker, Thnndny 

Brown Geo. bookkm-. PeasehoUn gm. 
Brown Geo. tailor, Peter lane 
Brown Thos. broker, High Jubbeigt. 
Brown Matthew, auctioneer. CHllygt. 
Brown James, shoemkr. Ogieforth 
Brown Wm. fireman, Walmgate 
Brown Richard, witbcmt Walmgt. bac 
Brown William, joiner, Unk>n oonrty 

Trinity lane 
Brown Jane, dress mnker, Unton ot« 

Trinity lane 
Brown Hannah, keeper of feny. North 

street. Postera 
Br^wn <% Wilks Misses, M. 4; B.Iadiet' 

day school, Skeidergate 
Brown ridgO'* Robert, tea dealer afld 

perfumer. Stonegate 
Bruoe John, flax dresser, Walmgt. bar 
Brnmfitt Edward, mail guard, Panpet 

Brunton Rbd. gnnmaker, Stonegate 
Buchanan Ann. Leopard yd. Paremt. 
Buck John, Tict. Hone and Groom^ 

Mint yard 
Buckland Mrs. Mary. Custlegate 
Buckland Mioses, M. A.A B. ladtet* 

boarding school, Castlegate 
Buckle Joseph, proctor A deputy re- 
gistrar of the Archbishop's court ; 

bouse, Monlcg:tte 
Buckle Marmaduke, wooHitapler, ooaV 

merchnnt, and tea dealer, St. Sa- 
viour's row 
Buckie Wm. scbopkeeper. Micklagate 
Buckle A. dress maker. Boo fcftim row * 
Buckley Joseph, gla«8 & china dealer,^ 

4k stone roa<R>n, Copperprate 
I Buckley Lieut. Frederibk, Fishergate' 





Baeklev Tbos. chorister, Ogleforth 
Budd kUs. shopkeeper, Goodraingate 
Bullivant Isaac, cuUer, New^te 
Bnlfiier Fmijcis, sen. merchuDt, Pre* 

ceotoi's court 
Balmer Geo« solicitor ; h. Coney st. 
BiUroer Re?. Wm. M.A. Coney street 
Bulmer James, laud Hgenttfe surveyor, 

Precentor's court 
Bulmer Francis, jun. butter, bam, 

cheese «fe seed mert. Tanner row 
Bulmer J. A. g^rocer and tea dealer, 

Hay market 
Buhner Richard, tailor & habit maker, 

Bulmer Geo. cooper, Girdlemte 
Bulmer Mrs. widow, Aldwark 
Burdekin Richard, bookseller, stati- 
oner A binder, Pavement 
Burdon Wm. commercial and matbe- 

nuiUcal academy, Skeldergate 
Burdsall Wm. whitesmith, DunniQg's 

Jtard, FossjB^ate 
sail Rd. Fowler's ct. Spurrieigt. 
Bursess Mrs. Sarah, Albion street 
Bingley Mrs. gentlewoman, without 

Mickle^te bar 
Burnell Gea hop <& spirit merchant. 

Mint yard. Little Blake st. 
Bumiston John, joiner and cabinet 

maker, Walmgate 
Buiniston Hannah, widow. Lord 

Mayor's walk 
Burr Francis, broker, Peter lane 
Burrell John, Micklegate 
Burrill Hannah, butcher, Silver st 
Burritl Mar}', china, gloss i^ earthen- 
ware deator, Tnursday market 
Burton Miss Harriet, Ogleforth 
Burton Benjamin, tailor <fe furniture, 

dkc. broker, HiKh Jubhergate 
Bossey and Pearson, dealers in lime, 

coals, ^c. Mary gate 
Biissey John, draper and tailor. Low 

Bussey Thomas, shoemaker. Lord 

Marpr's walk 

Sutler wm. gentleman, Maryg^te 
uiler Edw. miller, Foss bridge 
Butler Edward, keeper of the vagrant 

office. Little Shambles 
Butler Ann, cowkeeper, without 

Walmgate bar 
Buttery Geo. tailor dr glover, Walmgt. 
Bywatier Geo. comb mkr. Micklegate 
Cahle Charles, R>tcket yd. Petergat« 
Cade Jas. oow keeper, Wellington row 
Call Thos. wooloomber, Walmgute 
Calvert Thos. wholesale confectioner, 

Calvert. JHs.Dut4:her, Little Shambles 
Calvert John, Tanner row 
Cdveri Franois, shoemkr. Mteklegote 
Qllytit Jonth* sbopkpr. For Water In. 

Calvert J. shoemaker, St. Mary Is nnr 
Camidge Jane, gentwmn. Petei^te 
Camidse John, musical doctor, and 
assistant organist at the cathedral^ 
Manor house 
Camidfle Matthew, teacher of musto 
and organist at Uia catbedral^ 
High Peteiigate 
Camidge Wm. tailor. Tanner row 
Camidge Wm. fruiterer, Castlegaie 
Camidge Len. tailor. Barker lane 
Camidge Rd. joiner, Meynell's yard 
Conney Wm. bacon, butter dr checi* 

factor, Little Shambles 
Cappe Mrs. Mary, St. SavkMirgate 
Carbutt Francis, gent« Monkgate 
Carey John, joiner, Walmgate 
Carey John, carpenter, St. Georgt rt** 
Carey Thos. joiner, St. Georjije st. 
Caris Tbos. hop bag manufacturer^ 

St. Andrewgate 
Cariss Thomas, saddler and bamett 

maker, Waimgiita 
Caries John, tailor. Bishop bill 
Cariss Mary, calendered Fossgate 
Cariss James, ooojier, Fossgate 
Carlton John, Cfibinet mkr. Pavement 
Carr Matt w. conveyancer, Sionegate 
Carr BenJ. auctioneer, Stone||rate 
Carr Rhd. shoemaker. Willow street 
Carrack Mrs. gentlewoman, Mount 
Carrall M. W. printer, bookseller, 

printing ink manufacturer ^ en- 
graver on wood, {& ciicuiatuif . 

ubrar}') Walmgate 
Carter Miss Ann, Aldwark 
Carter G. gentleman's cap maker. 

College street 
Carter Thos. coadi driver, Finkle st. 
Cartwright John, vict. Wheat Sheti;. 

Cartwright Wm. gent. Castlegate 
Cartwright Eiia. Wellington row 
Casson Thos. flax dresser, Walmgate 
Castell S. sbopkpr. St. Saviourgaie 
Castell Geo. tailor, St. Saviourxate 
Cation John, law stationer, dk clerk of 

the Spirit uiil Court, Tanner row 
Cattley Miss, Mar^pit-e 
Cattell Geo. trunk mkr. Goodrarogata 
Cattell Wm. goldsmith 4; jeweller, 

Cattell Christopher, dancing master. 

Barker bill 
Cattell l*hrisir. shoemkr. Marygate 
Catterall Henry, victualler. White 

Dog, Beddern 
Catterton John, boot and shoe maker. 

Low Jubbergate 
Cattle Robert, coach proprietor, St. 

Helen's square <fe Grove heuse 
Cattiey His. gentwmn. Manrgate 
Cattley T. £ J. H. timter. inn 

4 slate raerchaots, !ioith sUeet 




Ctttoo. Ctosby A Co. tea deiUen and 

tallow chaadleTsr. Micklegate 
CiQtley Miss J. Blake street 
Cautley Mary, chemist and druggist, 

Low Oiisegate 
Cave Willia?!, engraver and copper 

plate phnter, Stone^te 
Care Henry, artist. Mick legate 
Csfe Elimabetb, glawi^ china A eaith- 

enware dealer, Micklegaie 
Cavitt Wm. eating liOMite, ParenMmt 
Cawood Mn. Sarah, Holgate bine 
Oawood Henry ,]awstationer,Colliefgt. 
Qiwood Thou. ▼ict.Britannia,Walmgt. 
Cawtbome Samuel, gent. Swinegate 
Cbaloner Robert, Esq. M. P. alderman 

and banker, Ca^tlegiite 
Champoey Geo. surgeon, ColHorgate 
Cbampney Wm.banken' cleric,New st. 
Chaplin Wm. Intties boot, shoe A clog 

inakei^, Swinegate 
Chapman Henry, preserrer of birds ift 

quadrupeds, Boothnm 
Chapman witlliam, bricklayer A plas- 
terer. Bishop hill 
Chapman John, fiumer, Tanner row 
Chapman Anthony, baker and floor 

dealer, BlKkimte 
Chapman Wm. miilwrigfat. Fetter In. 
Chapman John,oork cutter, Foss bridge 
Chapman Geo. joiner, Goodramgate 
Charlton George and Co. tailors and 

eartheowaiv dealeni, Peter lana 
Chariton John, tailor, Peasegate 
Chicken Mrs. Elis. CasUegate 
Chippendale Elixiibeth, straw hat ma- 
ker, Peter lane 
Chlpstead Tbos. vict. Cftnnon, Lendal 
Clapham Miss Ann, Minster yard 
Clapham John, vict. Punch Bowl, 

Thursday market 
Claiicy Jas. clothes broker, Walmgate 
Clark ^. S. sur^^eon, Micklegate 
Clark Mrs. Mary, Albion street 
Clark Edward, vict. Horse A Jockey, 

Little Stonegate 
Clark J. ^ J. straw bat mfr. Tanner r. 
Ckirk Mary, straw bat mfr.Tannerrow 
Clark Wm. shoemaker, Coates' yard, 

Tanner row 
Clark John, gardener. Tanner row 
Ciark Robert-, vict. Admiral Hawke, 

Clark WillianK vict. Rose and Crown, 

without WalroiEate bur 
Clark Wm. whiter miib,4fec. College st. 
Clark Joeepb, joiner, Brunswk^ place 
Chirk John, piinter, Monk^iate 
Clark George, ouai dealer, without 

Walmgate bar 
Claric Qeo. surgeon, St. Helf«n's sqr. 
Clarke Jo<?eph, shoemaker, Ogleforth 
Claifcion Thomas, miller, Hnogate 

I. giooer, dko. WMOigate 

Clarksoo Abraham. Wellington row 
Claiksoo Wm. gardener, Ac. Walmgt. 
Clarksou Fraiios, basket maker. Great 

Clarkson Matthew, gardener, Wslmgt. 
Clayton Robert, solicitor. Stonegate 
Clayton Frs. victualler, Robin Hood, 

Clen Abrm. whitesmith, Goodramgt, 
Clifford John, derk at the pott ofior, 

CkMk James, straw and chip hat «•• 

mifacturer, Stooegate 
CkMigh J. W. Esq. banker ; hoose, 

Giton hall, near Tadoaster 
Clough A Ellis, boot makers,Colllergt. 
Clough Ann, pastry nook, Davygate 
Coalman S. flax dresser, Walmgate 
Coates Amos, surgeon, Ac. Hew 

Bridge street 
Coates William, gent. Glllygate 
Coates Mrs. gentlewoman, Micklegt 
Coates Margaret, Pavement 
Coates Robert, vict. Sir Sidney Smitb, 

ds glove leather dyer, Tanner row 
Coates John, boot and shoe maker, 

^register oflioe for servants) Low 
Coates Wni. joiner, drc. Tanner row 
Coates Wm. couch driver, Friar walls 
Coates Geo. flax dresser. Walmgt. her 
Cobb John, builder, Oaleforth 
Cobb Henry, printer arid puldisher oC 

the YorkCouraut, Tuesdays; of- 
fice, Coney street 
Cobb Mary, gentlewoman. High 

Cocker Robert, worsted manafiictanr 

and dyer, 15, New Bridge street 
Cockhill Joseph, gunsmith and cutler, 

Finkie street 
Cogbiil Richiird, gent. Coates yanly 

Ta tner row 
Cogling Thomas, broker, Swinegate 
CoJIptt Ann, gentwmn. Tanner row 
CoUev Isaac, vict. Lord Nelson, High 

Colley TboniNs, joiner, Tanner row 
Coiley Wiiliam. joiner, Walmgate 
Colley Mrs. widow, Monkgat^) 
Collier L. broker, MickieKate 
Collier Michael, whit4*smiih, Micklegt. 
Collier Joj^epb, printer, Coates' yard. 

Tanner row 
Collier Ambrose, shoemaker, Fossgate 
Collier William, bnker, Bootham 
Collins John, currier, Coiliergate 
Collins Jane, sHk stocking grafter, 

Collins Wm. flax dresser, Walmgt. bar 
Coilinson John, shoemaker, Kirby's 

yard, without Walmgate bar 
I Collyer Stephen, ladies' boot dkshoe 
I maker, Micklejpite 




Cook Geo. coast waiter, St. Maty's, 

Bisliop bill 
Cook Robert, tinner dcbrasier, Fotsgt. 
Cook John, butcher, Thursday market 
CDok James, brasier, Ac. Collieriopate 
Cook William, sen. flax dresser, with- 
out Walm^te bar 
Cook William, jnii. flax liresser, with- 
out Walmgate bar 
Cook William, comb cutter, Meyoell's 

yard, Petergate 
Cooke Joseph, straw batmaniifactiir^r 

and furrier, IT, Coney street 
Ctfoper and Beilby, wine and spirit 

merchants and agents to the Atlas 

Fire Office, Skeldergate 
Cooper Miss Sarah, bdg.schooI.GiU^gt. 
Cooper Geo. blacksmith ana farrier. 

High Jubbergate 
Cooper Thomas, printer. North street 
Cooper Ricfad. chorister, Patriek pool 
Cooper Geo. coach guard, Giliygate 
Coopland Rev. Wm. Tanner row 
Coopland Willinm, Esq. Tanner row 
Cora likes Jk Holmes, linen <fe woollen 

drapers, Haymarket 
Ooulxon John, schoolmaster, Davyg[t. 
Coulttis Jeremiah, vict. Coach and 

Horses, Micklegate 
Coult herd John, coniectioQ^.Bootfaam 
Coupland Eliz. gt* ntlewmn. North st. 
Coupland John, boot and shoe maker, 

Coupland Jas. tailor, drc. Goodraingt. 
Coupland Mason, shopkeeper, Petergt' 
Court Mattliew, gent. St. Martin's in. 
Coverdale John, Goodramgate 
Coverdale William, St. Andrewgate 
Cowgill Williiim, gardener, Monkgate 
Cowling Samnel, scriicitor and coroner 

for the Ciiy <fc Ainsty, Castiegate 
Cbwling John, solidtor, Lord Mayor's 

Cowling Mi^es R.C.A . gentlewomen, 

Lord Mayor's walk 
Cowling Wm. grocer, tea dlr. butter, 

bacon <& ham factor, Goodramgl . 
Cowling Mrs. Dorothy, St. Andrewgt. 
Cowlman Richard, Far Water lane 
• Cowper Edward, 3 eoman, Gilhgate 
Cowper Wm. sboemkr. High Fetergt. 
Cox David, broker, Feasegate 
Vox Mnry, shopkeeper, Far Water In. 
Cox John, baker, *c. Blossom street 
Coyney Mrs. Elizabeth, governess of 

the Convent 
Crabtree EH, plasterer, Lendal 
QraCroft. Robert, Esq. Bootham 
Cragcfs Mary, hair dresser, PHVfement 
Craggs Sarah, common currier ; ware- 

nouse, Coppergate 
CramptOR Joseph, shoemaker' nod dlr. 
. in.shoenmk«rs' grjndei^j '^tAUk^s 

yard, Pavemen^. ■ :-. >. I 

A \ 

, i^.t » J. 

Crathorne Wm. St. Andnsw^to 
CraWftNTd Lady, Blake street 
Creaser Tbos. watehmaker, ToftglwK 
Ct«aser Wra. sen. eowkpr. Toii 0wmk' 
Creaser William, jim. oowkeeper anil 

gardener. Micklegate •) 

Creaser Matthew, Bootham sqnoie 
Creaser Isaiah, cowkeepec, Tm % 
Creser James, grocer, tea dealer 

fruiterer, Skeldergate 
Cressey Geoi^e, sen. wine afid .^-^ .: 

merchant, Fossgate . X .- 

Cressey Geo. jun. cork miir. FoM^altf* > 
Crooe Joshua, barometer and therBMh>> 

meter manufacturer. Grape Uam f | 
Croft Miss Grace, Lendal M 1 

CrofL Mrs. Sarah, gentlewmn. Momit '. ^ 
Croft Mrs. Judith, Aldwark ' Jf i 

Creft James, plumber and gUifliM^ 

Davy-gate f^i 

Croft Edw. shoemaker. Cofn?e yiud 
Croft Miss Samh, Castiegate 
Crompton Gilbert, Esq. St.Savioiiigt. 
Crompton Joshua, Esq. Micklegate ' 
Crosbie Mrs. Mary, Bootham 
Crosby Mrs. Susannah, Mount > 

Crassley Geo. vict. Board, Focscate - 
Crowshaw Cornelius, printer d& iMiok- 

seiler, (circuhitiAg library) Pttf««- 

ment, near Coppetgnte 
Crowther George, Hungate 
Crumble Geo. tobaocont8t> Fbovale ' 
Crummack William, vict. WiuifMilL 

(posting house and commerm' 

hotel) filo>som st. Micklegate bair 
Cramp Tbos. comb maker, CienerV 

yard, Micklegate 
Cullingworth Wm. gent. Seller's yoKl^ 
Cummins Ann, shopkeeper, Beddera ' 
Cundall M. gent. Mount,Micklegt.bai 
Cundall Wuliam, cabinet maker and 

auctioueer, Ogleforth 
Cundall Peter, shoemaker, Welliiif^ 

ton row 
Cundall Richard, sbopkpr. Skeldeigt. 
Cundall John, Red Lion yd. Miekl^tr 
Cntidell Peter, shoemaker, Walmgate 
Curtis William, bailiff, Stonegale 
Cuthbert Thus, butcher, Skelderghto 
Dag^t T. W. tailor. College street 
Dalby Jph. tailor <& broker, Jubhergt. 
Dalby Ricbaixl, vict. Jacob's Well, 

Trinity lane 
Dalby Ricod. schoolmaster, Nort.h st. 
Dalby David, animal painter, vntbout 

Micklegate bar 
Dalby Robt. sbopkpr. Little Shambles 
Dale Adam, teamercht. ; b. Coney st^ 
Dale Wm. vict. Unicorn, Tanner row 
Dale John, grocer, d^i. Possjrate 
Dale Emannel, broker and liones to 

hire, Feasegate , *' •« 

Bhte JMarf, straw Iiat4nkr» UiM^fL^ 




Me TboniM, lUme auupD^Middegt. 
We Sarah, ^love finisiier, GiUvinte 
Me Geo. shoemaker, Og^eforth 
w^ S?'*^ cowkeeper, Blossom st. 
We Tfaos. boRe hirer, Goodramgate 
mie Gw). painter, Waimgaie 
wJe Tbos. clothes broker, Fensecpite 
Date Wm. hatrdre»er. Low Jubbenrt. 
Dftlrs 4fe Butterfield, wholesale drug- 

gists, Colliein^ate 
Saks John, Esq. aldennaD, the Cot- 
tage, Mount 
Dallin Rev. James, Monkgate 
DaltoD Wm. rope maker, flax drpsser 

and linen rofr. Grrsat Shambles 
DaltoD Wm. bricklayer, Goodramgate 
ualton Tfaos. biead baker, Bi>bop hill 
DaltonGeo.buteber,Tbiirsday aiarket 
Dalton Tbos. yeoman, Bootbam row 
Ualtoti Wm. tea dealer, Goodnimxate 
Daoby Samuel, master of the uatiooal 

school, AlJwark 
Daniel John, geiiUeman, without 

Walmgate bar 
^niel Wm.gmcer^teadlr.CoDiergt. 
Daaiel Simon, bacon dtr. Girdk*nnite 
Darb^ shire Robert, linea draper, High 

DarbyshifB Cbrislopber, grocer and 

tea dealer, Ousegaie 
Sarbvshire Geoige, baker and floor 

deuli'r. North street 
Darb3-9bire Jftme<>, tailor and clothes 

broker, Peter hme 
Darbysbire C'bristopber, ship owner A 

coal dcitler, Skeldergate 
Darfo^sbire Christopht>r, coul roercht. 

Lord Ma vor's walk 
Dailin* William, Little Stoiiegate 
Darling John, shciemaker, Marjgate 
Darling Robt. shopkeeper, Triuity In. 
Dareoport John, shopkeeper. Little 

Davies Peter, solicitor, Lendal 
Davies Robert, solicitor, Lendal 
Dttvies Mary, coal merchant, Lendal 
Davies Sjinouel, mariner, Bi»bop bill 
Davis Willitim, plumber, glazier and 

painter, Col.ieigate 
Daw Jo6e|»b, woollen draper, military 

and iiaval tailor, 21, Coney street 
Davis Mrs. pastry cook, Colliergate 
Davison Geo. miller, Wellin(>ton row 
Dawes John, wheelwright, Peaseholm 

Dawson Wm. and Son, hat mfrs. and 

Airriers, Fossjrate 
Dawson John, clerk of the Spiritual 

Court. 6s oomrols<(ioner for taking 

special bail, Castlegate 
Dawson Joshua, saddler and harness 

maker. Fcssgate 
Dawson Tbos. baker, Walmgate 
Dawtoo Mttry, shopkeeper. North tt. 

Dawson John, baker, Peasegale 
Dawaon William, Leopard yard, Piave* 

Day James A Bdwaid, linen drapen^ 

Hij^h Ou«egate 
Day James, lineu diapers ; house, 8t* 

Day Ann, schoolmistiess, withoot 

Micklegate bar 
Deacon Joseph, pipe manufacturer^ 

HiKh Jubbeigate 
Debnam Frederick, vict. Coifee HooM 

and UotKl, Lendal 
Delghton Tbos. printer, bookseller, 

oiuder d: stationer, (ife circulatiog 

library) Pavement 
Dernier John, bop bag dh sacking mflr. 

Demmey Tbos. joiner, Skeldergate 
Dempster Anth. watch mkr. walmgt. 
Dempster Anthony, joiner A mhinH 

maker dk undertaker, Mint yard 
Denison Tbos. rulleymen, Walmgnttf 
Denne Joseph, i^oach guard, Gillygate 
Denuison Rev. W. S. Boothnm 
Dent Richard, corn miller, Micklegat* 
Dent Tbos. coo|)er, Stooebow lane 
Dent Tbos. blacksmiib, Walmgnte 
Dent Christ, shoemkr. Boot ham row 
Devine John, suopkeeper, Walmgale 
Dewse Tbos. proctor, College street 
Dewiie Robert, clerk of the catbednU 

vestry, Manor house 
Dibb Wm. pliiite maker, Noitb street 
Dickens Henry John, Esq. barrister, 

Dickinson B. W. thespinn circulatiog 

library, High PetRrgate 
Dickinson Ht. walcbmkr. Goodramgt. 
D.ckinsoii Tbos. trinirer bread baker 4; 

. fruiterer, NortHsireet 
Dickinson Wm. horse dlr. Wnlmgafje 
Dickinson S. excise ofiicer, W<tlmKata 
Dickinson Wm. cabinet maker. High 

Dickinson Wm. joiner, Petergate 
Dickson Wm. cowkpr. Wulm^ate bar 
Dickson Robert, joiner* Triitity lane 
D.t(gs Wm. shoemaker, Bootliam row 
Dinmore Mrs. Cathn, Holjsate lane 
Diumore Richd. watch (fe clock maker^ 

and tea dealer, Cou|)erK;nte 
Dinsdale John, joiner, North street 
Dixon Stephen, vict. Uniooru Ian, 

Dixon James, bookbinder, CoIUensate 
Dixon Richard, butcher, G. Shambles 
Dixon Jane, shopkeeper, Walmgate 
Dobson John, tailor, Skeldergate 
Dobson Emanuel, erocer and tallow 

chandler. Low Petergate 
Dobson Robert, bookkpr. at the Swan 

ooach offioe,Copley'f ct.Coaey st 


DobsGu Wm. cooper and butter a«ent, 

Trloitj lii»e 
Dobson Wm. flax dresser, Walmgt. bar 
Dodffson W. F. carter & gilder, dea- 
fer in and cleaner of oil paintings, 

3, Coney street 
Dodgson Joun, Uiilor, (voodramgate 
Dodsworth Mrs. Ann, Minster yard 
Dodsworth Matthew, joiner, Grape In. 
Dodsworth John, College street 
DolbjT James, brick maker. Hob moor 
Donmson Rev. Wm. Boottiam 
Doughty Mrs. Isabella, book folder & 

sewer, Peter lane 
Doughty John, joiner, St. Andrewgt. 
Douglas Miss Mary, ladies' day 

school, Micklegate 
Douglas and Lockwood, whitesmiths, 

Douglas Henry, tailor, Aldwark 
Douglas Tbos. vict. and hair dresser. 

Bay Horse, Skeldergate 
Douglas Wm. hairdresser. Micklegate 
Douglas Richard, shoemaker <fe parish 

clerk. Bishop bill 
Douglas Wm. George Inn tap room. 

Coney stTeet 
Doogtas John, tailor, Barker hill 
Dove Sarah, gentlewoman, Monkgate 
Dovft Arthur, cabinet maker, uphoist> 

erer, <fe ironmonger. Pavement 
Dove J. hair dresser. High Petergate 
Dove Ann, butcher, G. Shambles 
Dme Richard, butcher, G. Shambles 
Ddvenor Mark, vict. Queen Caroline, 

stone mason (fe glass cutter. Good- 

Dowker Mrs. school, Spurriergate 
Dowson Robert, vict. Crown and 

Cushion, Walmgate 
Drake Mrs. Mary, Precentors* ct. 
Drew Samuel, carrier, Colllergate 
Drewrey Geo. vict.Leopard,PRvement 
Drewery John, cowkeeper, Monkgate 
Driflielci Mary, vict. Bird-ln-Hand, 

Bootham oar 
Driwa: Mrs. Ann, gentlewomarijLendal 
Drinkell Joho, plumber and glazier, 

Blue Ball yard, Skeldeigate 
Draly Mrs. N. Little Blake street 
Drummond Joseph^ vict. Dog d^ Gun, 

H ungate 
Drummond Joseph, bakw, Hnngato 
Drury Mrs. St. Andrewgate 
Duce Wm. coach painter, Grape lane 
Duck Geo. baker, Ac. Little Stonegt. 
Ducket <fe Bowes,br cklaj'ers, Walmgt. 
Dudley Miss Susan, Little Blake St. 
Duffieid John, milk dlr. Walmgt, bar 
DuffiU John. vict. Upholder's Ami«, 

Trinity lane 
Dulfiil Francis, chair maker, 8011^ 

gmv^'ft court,. Mkklegate 

Dulltn Wm» Esq. Mickksgete 
Dagen>y Robt. loiner 4ts c^Xnet mkr. 

Davygate ; bouse, Jubbergate 
Duke Micnl. schoolmaster, Fossgato 
Duke Wm. glover, Fetter lane 
Duncan Hy. whitesmith, Dundas st. 
Duucauson Geo. bookbinder^ Hij^ 

Dunn John, tailor, Stonegate 
Dunn & Robinson, wholesale tea dea- 
lers;. High Ousegate 
Dunn W. tea dealer, without Mickle- 
gate bar 
Dunn Rt. shoemaker, Goodramgttte 
Dunning Mrs. law, stationer. High 

Dunning John, vict. Malt Shovel, 

Dunning John, shoemaker, Possgate 
Dunslay Wm; Esq. Alderman ife oont- 

mon brewer. Far Water lao* 
Dunwell Richard, tailor, Copper»ate 
DuttoQ Edward, gent. Bishop btli 
Dutton Joseph, yeoman, GillTgate 
Dutton Abm. baker, Little BlaKe tft. 
Dutton Benj. butcher, Micklegate 
Dutton and Chapman, brick makers. 

Hob moor 
Dutton John, miller. Walmgnte 
Duttoni&Co. faosiersifetailors, Fossgate 
Dyer John, land surveyor, Castlegate 
Dyett Elizabetb, dress maker, without 

Castlegate postern 
Eadon Geo. broker, P^ter lane 
Eagle ^eo. solicitor, Bootham tow 
EaLmd John, gent. St. Andrewgate 
Earle Thomas, tailor, &c. Bootuiam 
Earle Wm. tailor and draper, Hi^h 

Earie John, gardener and seddsman, 

Earle Geo. gardener, AldwAric 
Earnest Wm. Pump yd. Micklegate 
Earnest Cbifs. Pump }'d. Mickl^g^ate 
Eastburn Mrs. Eliz. Monkga e 
Eastgate Robert, linen mfr. tJiiloii pi. 
Easton .Tohn, M. D. Bootham 
Eutori Mrs. Sarali, Bootham row 
Eaton Robert, gent. Coney street 
Eccles Rbt. cowkpr. Walmgate %«fr 
Edeson Wm. butcher, Walmgate 
EdsonRt. saddle tree mkr. Walmft. 
Edwards Wm. carver, gilder <fe iooMbg 

glass mfr. High Petergate 
Edwards M. gardener, Layertfadfep 
Edwards J. P. High Ousegate 
Edward Cbs. shoemaker, Ne^trglAe 
Elgie Mrs. Cicely, Lendai 
Elgie<fe Heseltine,wholes0le druggists, 

Ella Miss Eiiz. Ogteforth 
EUerbeck J. sawyer, Petergate 
Ellin Geo. Bisq Blossom street 
Btliii Mrs. Ami, Bleiiom «ti«H 




EliiDgwonbCatbarifie, ladies' boarding 

. school, Minster yard 
EUiugwortb Richard, private tescherj 

Minster yard 
EUiogworth J. maltster. Tanner row 
Elliot Geo. coach {(uard, i4endal 
EUiott John, wholesale cfe retail oon* 

fectiouer, pastry cook A Italian 

warehouse ( Christmasornamented 

game and goose pies sent to any 

partoftbe Kindom) Spnrrieraate 
Ellis Wm.Esq. alderman. Field bouse 
Ellis Geo. and Co. livery lace weavers 

d: saddler's ironmongers, Castlegt. 
Ellis Wm. Joseph, Esq. barrister at 

law, Castlegate lane 
Ellis George, wine <fe spirit merchant. 

Mint yard. Little fifiake street 
Ellis Wilt'red, vict. Beverley Arms, 

Ellis Wm. bookkeeper, Tanner row 
Ellis Francis, geut. Waterloo place 
Ellis Robert, oacon, cheese and ham 

factor, Spurriergate 
Ellis Michl. auctioneer, Swinegate 
Ellis Wm.sboerakr. St. Andrewgate 
Ellis Robert, butcher, Bootbam 
Ellison Robert, solicitor iS; coroner for 

the City and Aiosty, Davygate 
Ellison John, ironmonger and white* 

smith, Davygate 
Ellison Robert, sacking <fe wool sheet 

manufacturer, H ungate 
Ellison Robert, bricklayer <& builder 

Grape lane 
Ellison Thos. pewterer, L. Shambles 
Ellison Tbos. shoemkr. Albion street 
Ellison Robert, flnx dresser, Hungate 
ElUsoii John, plasterer. Lord Mayor's 

Ellison Lydia, gentwmn. Gillygate 
Ellison Mrs. dress maker, St. Saviour's 

£l>ton John, gent. Colliergate 
Elswortb Henry, gent. Skeldergate 
Bmnierson John, boot <&: shoemaker, 

Bmmerson Ann, dress mkr. Walmgt. 
Emmerson John, comb mkr. Walnigt. 
Eugland Thomas, bam, cheese, and 

bacon factor, Spurriergate 
English Wm-.comb mnker, Huneate 
English Robt. coffee roaster, Waimgt. 
Erskine Mrs.Mary, lodgings,Coney st. 
Etfaerington George^ fishmonger, 

Etheriugton Joho, Blassom street 
Etridge Thos. vict. Etridge^s Royal 

Hotel, (ppst chaise) Blake street 
Bttles Charles, wood turner, without 

Walmgate bar 
Etty John, wholesale gkigerhread 

'baker, Fease^pate 
Erans Bdw. engraver, Newgate 

Evers Wm. woc^en dsaf^r mkI tailor, 

Evers Richard, plane maker. Rod Lton 

yardL MlckJegate 
Exley Wm. joiner, Newgate 
Eyre Charles, Esq. MicklegaUi 
Eyre John L. Esq. Bootham 
Eyre Thos. coal merchant. Friar walls 
Esart Wm. tailor, Gillygat« 
Fall Wm. paper stainer, Hungate 
Fall John, cowkeeper. High Petergtte 
Fall ^Georve^ oonlectioBer and pastry 

cook, liigh Petergate 
Fanar Rev. Abraham, Methodist mi- 
nister. New street 
Fawbert Joseph, stay maker. High 

Fawbert Wm. wood turner, toy and 

cabinet maker, Stonegate 
Fawcett Miss,gBntwmn. Far Water In. 
Fawoett Mrs. Anne, worsted manuiir. 

and flour dealer, Walmgate 
Fawcett Charles, millwright and vict. 

Wind Mill, Walmgate 
Fawoett Charles, jun. coal dealer, 

Fawcett Robert, cattle dealer ie oat 

sheller, without Walmgate bar 
Fawcett Wm. millwright, Walmgate 
Fawcett John, coach guard, St. He* 

len's square 
Fawdington John, wheelwright, over 

Monk bridge 
Fearby Henry, miller ds flour dealer, 

Fearby John, whip maker, Dunning^f 

yard, Fossgate 
Fearnley Thos. turner, Jubbergate 
Fell John, comb maker, Hungate 
Pell Geo. dealer in china, Thursday 

Fenton Richard, jon. schoolmaster. 

Grape lane 
Ferraby Geo. flour dealer, Bootbam 
Ferraad Mrs. Mary, Bishop hill 
Ferraod Thos.carver<& gilder,Stooegt. 
Ferrand Wm. plane mkr. Micklegate 
FetberNeviUe,tailord?glover, Waimgt. 
Fettes George, pawn broker. Lady 

Peckett's yard, Pavem«»nt 
Field James, shoemaker, Aldwark 
Field Wm. miller, North street 
Firth J. schoolma<iter. Bishop hill 
Firth F.llz. shopkeeper, Peter lane 
Firth John, butclier, Hungate 
Fisher Wm. gent. High Petergate 
Fi>ber Robert, vict. Waggon Inn, 

without Walmgate bar 
Fisher Thomas, vict. Star A Garter, 

Fisher Joseph, coach mkr. Oglefortb 
Fisher Charles, sculptor and mason, 

Tanner row 
Fisher Wm. miller,* Skvldcrgate 




PItber Geo.butcber, Skeldergate 
Fisber Josepb, sail maker, Middle 

Water lane 
Fisber Robert, batdier, Walm^te 
Fletcher <fe Scarr, wholesale grocers, 
flax4fe tow spinners, linen <fe thread 
<fe sacking manufacturers 6s flax 
merchants, Nort.h street 
Fletcher Benj. basket <fe brash dealer^ 

1 1, New Bridge street 
Fletcher Geo. tailor, Hi^h Jabbergate 
FletcberRichard, corn miiler, Heworth 

moor, (fe flour dlr. G. Shambles 
Fletcher John, butcher, Thur. market 
Fletcher John, Clementhorpe 
Flint Geo. hair dresser, Castlegate 
Flint Thos. brush maker, Girdiergate 
Flower Rev. Wm. .«en. High Ousejit. 
Flower Rev. Wm. jun. High Ousegt. 
Flower Geo. vict. Elephant tfe Castle, 

(Commercial Inn) Skeldergate 
Flower Elizabeth, fashionable patent 
stay and corset maker, Stonegate 
Forrest Rev. Rd. Precentor's court 
Forrington Thos.shoemkr. Walmgate 
Forth Mrs. Eliz. Blake street 
Forth Mrs. jMargaret, Stonegate 
Fossett Joseph, brass, iron, ivory, and 

wood turner, Goodramgate 
Foster Robert, tea, coffee, and fruit 

warehouse, Coney street 
Foster Wm. tallow chandler, Fossgate 
Foster Leonard, miller, Walmgate 
Foster Thomas, tailor, Seller^s yard. 

Foster Henry, flax dresser, without 

Walmgate bar 
Foster J as. currier, Bootbam row 
Foster Z.cfeB. milliners, St. Andrewgt. 
Fo<«ter John, cooper, Micklegate 
Foster Robt. cowkeeper. North street 
Foster John, cowkeeper. Mount 
Foster , ht)okbinder. North st. 

Foster John, Precentor's court 
Foster Thos. butcher, Girdiergate 
Fountain John, oowkpr. Monkgate 
Fountain Thos. cowkpr. Tanner row 
Fountain John, comb mkr. Tanner row 
Fountain Nathan, shoemkr. Foss bge. 
Fowler Thoma<;, glover, hosier, (fe fur- 
rier, Spurriergate 
Fowler John, butcher, Mickle^te 
Fowler Wm. stone mason. North st. 
Fowler Leon, butcher, G. Shambles 
Fowler Mrs. Racbael, St. Suviourgate 
Fowler Snml. baker, <fec. H.Petergate 
Fowler Miss Elizabeth, Aldwark 
Fowler Matthew, china (fe glass ware- 
house, Walmgate 
Fowler Wm. proprietor of Selby Pro- 
vidence coach, at Robin Hood, 
Fox John, joiner. Newgate 
Fox John, day school, H. Jubbergate 

Fox Thomas tailor, FosuAte 
Fox Wm. wood tamer. Fetter 
France Rev. Wm. Metbodist 

France Robt. ooachman, StoD< _ 
Prankish Richard, joiner, HuoeatCt 
Franki8hWm.tailor,Bell's yd.Pel 
Frankland James, printer, Coi 

passage, Coney street 
Frank Miss Elizabeth, Mount 
Franks Thos. shopkeeper, Skeldi 
Franks Hanniih, shopkeeper. 

Water lane 
Franks Thomas, cowkeeper and 

keeper, Skeldergate 
Fraser Daniel, gentleman, Davyg 
Freeman Henry, batter, Coppei 
Fry«r Michael, cabinet maker^ 1 
Fryer J. R. proctor, Goodramgal 
Fryer Mrs. gentlewoman, Goodi 
Fryer Mrs. watchmaker, tf i^b < 
Fryer Richard, vict. King's AmM^l 

Waiter lane 
Fuesdaie Isaac, tailor. Little Blal 
Furnish Mrs. E.St. Saviotirg^te 
Furnish Wm. linen drainer, silk 

cer, laceman, <fe imi>orter of 

linens, (funerals completely 

Dished,) 44, Coney street 
Furnish Jane, shopkeeper, Holgal 
Furnish John, coach prot)rietor< 

llverv stables. Trinity lane 
Furnis Mthw .travelling agt. Moi_ 
Gaee Miss Margaret, MicklegHte^ 
Gallantry Peter, pain'er, St. Atidieit' 
Gamble Wm. solicitor, CastleccattfJ 
Gardener John, stone masoiiyN< 
Garforth Wm. Esq. Micklegate 
Garland Thomas, bricklayer drT 

High Jubbergate 
Garland Mrs. Elizabeth, MickU _ 
Garnett John, horse hirer, Wa^ini 
Garnett Thos. shopkeeper, Fosis| 
Garth F. A. and Co. chemists d? i 

gists. Good ramgate 
Gatrell Ellen, floor dealer, St* 

Gawthorp Matthew, printer and jl 

nroprietor of the Yoric Hei 

High Ousegate 
Gawthorp Jas. shoemaker, 
Geldard P. F. plumber and gl 

Geldart Thomas, vict. King's 

Fa«s bridge 
Gell Thos. butcher. Great Sbami 
Gell Thos. corn iinctor ; h. Skelc' 
Gell Robert-, butcher, Feasegate 
Gentle Robert, saddler, Bookbii 

lane, Miostergate 
Gibbins John, shoemkr. St. Savi 
GIbbins Wm. shoemkr. St. Savioi 
Gibson Robert, hop nod brandy 

chant, Petergate 




&mm Eiiiatetb, strsw hat naoufaa- 

tarer, Higb P«teigat0 
(rihMa TiKMnis, ntBaiialer» Noitbst 
Gibson Wm. lineik omper uid baber- 

<MKr» Thocsday nadwt 
QibHNi Joiepk. ixoxBoongcff, iron fbuv* 

der and wnitesmitb, PaweiBfliit 
GUnon J<te, bnus fouader. Hnniile 
Wibeoa Peter^ pftriour, Walmgaie 
Gibson Robert, cooper. Trinity lane 
&bBon loimt co«ch goard, PeteigatA 
Gilbert John, comer,, GiUyinte 
GOes jgis. BliMbetii, Hungate 
GM5.Wm. wWesQiitii, Copgeigate 
GiU Heniy, gent. Spen lanp 
GiU WqB. tea dtwiet dk eommistioner 

for t^lonff. special baiL for tiM 

county 4k city of Vock. CoUiergt. 
fim 54inuad» boot and shoe maker, 

ISl, Coney street 
Kllf8f7, strav bi|t maker, AUwark 
ml llarr, victualler, MasQo'a Arms, 

GiUMn, S^ Andrew's Ghoreb yard 
Gill Jobn, tnilfir and ^othee deiiner, 

GfflWilfiam, xpodener, WaUagata 
Gfll John, joiner> Wahngete 
Gp]et£d««rd, plater, ciartlegate 
Guaamt Joeepii, s^uU Skeldemte 
IrUUam Tboe. wnaiflnger. Old Wbaif, 

GimbiMr Wiifiam, Esq. Hinstecyard 
Gladden Uary. sefaool, St. Andrewgt. 

tin John, aiover. Middle Water in. 

>y Isabella jerjtvmn.BkMsom st. 
by Wm. la«MB ^boemkr.CQney st* 
Jriaisby John, l^Ifier, Davygete 
Gkttdow WiUlam, E6C[. Bootham 
Qleadorn^ Amlinise> vict. Old Geoige 

Inn, Foot of F^Tement 
Gledhill 4s Edison, miUinen and dress 

makers, St.l(elen'ss^naie 
Glenn fileaxar, house «b sign painter, 

St. Samnrgate 
Glofer John, ontler and ironmonger, 

Glover Thoa. whitesmith, L. Jnbbergt. 
Gbver John, wiiitesinitii, Goodramgt. 
Cioldie Qeoige, tf .1). Blake street 
Goodrieke J. scboolmaster, St. Sa- 

Gwwood Beoti. jgent. lattle Stouegate 
Gorwood (fe Wiggins, pewterea, tin- 

n^n «nd braraeis, Spnrriergate 
Gowland Williaai, g«it. GiUygpne 
Gflndand Thomas, not. Geldw Lion, 

Gowland Jas. fishmonger, Skeldergt. 
gewland Tims, baker, iSse. C«^ergt. 
Oowlaiid Robert, cowkeepev, I«oid 

Mayor's walk 
Giafaam Rev. Jobii» bearding scbooil, 

Gxabam Rev. Geo. master of Aid^ 

bishop Holgate'ft schoolyOgieforth 

Gabam Sewley, solkitor; bouse, 

Gniigcr Robert, victnallery Wbtte 

Dog, Stonagnte 
Grainier Joseph, wbeelwrig^ wlt^ 

out Walrogatn bar 
Grainger Thomas, cooper, Swinegaie 
Grange Bei^amin, ooal merebant aatf 

Tict. Three Cups, Fess bridge 
Omnge Joeeph, >icUiaUer,Goldea Bell, 

Fetter lane 
Grant Lady, CasUetnta 
Grant Aiesuider, painter, fttrndiniMb. 
Graves Bern. shoemaker, BkMsomM^ 
Gray Wm. Esq. distributor of stamps 

fop York and the West Ridiim^ 

Low Peteigate ; b. Minster yard" 
Gray Joirfitban, solicitor; b. Ogksfortb 
Gray John, auctioneer, NessgAi 
Gray William, gingerbread baker and 

fruiterer, Fosiunte 
Gray Robert, bricklayer. Barker lane 
Gray John, rnUeyman, North street 
Gray Robt. tinner <fe luniier, Micklegt. 
Gray Ambrose, hrleklayer, liortb £, 
Gray Geo. grocer, dko. Micklegate 
Grayson Rev. Isaac, master of the 

Royal Grammar School^ St. An* 

drewgate; house, Spenlane 
Greaves Eliz. sbopkeeoer, Mkddeeate 
Green Ralph, stewara and secretary 

to the Lunatic Asylimi 
Green Robert, tailor, Goodramgate 
Green John, snopkeeiier, Hungate 
Greensides William, viot. Jolly Sailor, 

Far Water lane 
Gregg Christopher, cabinet maker and 

shopkeeper, Midclegate 
Gregpory Thos. wbolesue tea dealer, 

High Ousegate 
Qtessfay J. and Co. royal mattin mfrt • 

carpet dc patent floor cloths and 

brush wamlionse, Low Pete^gate 
Gre^jBon Jane, dress mkr. Coffee yard 
Greive John, tailor, Goodmmgate 
Grimwood Hannah, milliner and dress 

maker, Petergate 
Grisswood Mary, £«ss mkr. Trinity In. 
Groves Cbpr. shoemaker, Skeldergate 
Gpnxves Geo. joiner, Walmgate 
Gnmwell Ao|i, shopkeeper, Blake st. 
G^andastAgue Miss de, teacher of 

drawing, Petemte 
Guy and Arundell, linen draper. Col* 

Baden William, hat mann£pcturer and 

steward of the Assembly RoomS) 
8, Coney street 
Hagiie Thoe. cabinet maker, Clark- 

sou^s passage, Walmgate 
Bainswortb BenJ. blacksmith, GofliM 




Haider Robt. joiner. Great Shambles 
Hale Wm. Esq. distributor of stamps 

for the North Riding, New street ; 

bouse, Acomb 
Hall Thos. Esq. collector of the excise ; 

h. Bishop nill ; office, Coney st. 
Hdl Wm. agent to the County Fire 

Office, and bankers' cleric. High 

Ousegti : h. without Walmgt. bar 
Hall T. F. glove manufacturer & lea- 
ther dresser, Ogleforth 
Hall David, schoolmaster, 
Hall Charles, perfumer <fe hairdresser, 

12, Coney street 
Hall Wm. shoemaker, High Petergt. 
Hall John, shoemaker, Black Horse 

passage, Fossgate 
Hall James, shoemaker, Hung^ite 
Hall John, coach guard, Coney street 
Hall Miss, gentlewoman, Blake street 
Halliday John, milk dealer, without 

Walmgate bar 
Hamilton Robert, saddler and bridle 

cutter, Bootham 
Hammerton James, Esq. Petergate 
Hammerton Wm. gent. Monkgate 
Hands Wm. hair dresser <fe perfumer, 

Blake street 
Hands Richd. bookkeeper/Trinity In. 
Hanlcy Jas. whitesmith, Walmgate 
Hans Richard, gardener and sexton, 

Smith's yard, Skeldergate 
Hansom RicBard, joiner <fe carpenter, 

Micklegate bar 
Hansom Henry, joiner and funeral fur- 
nisher, Tanner row 
Hanson Mrs.Eliz. gentwmn. Mlcklegt* 
Hanson G. C. chemist and druggist. 

Low Petergate 
Hanthwaite Wm. shoemkr. Gillygate 
Harborne Charles, yeoman, Colliergt. 
Harborue Mary, dress mkr. Colliergt. 
Hardacre Joseph, boot <fe shoemaker, 

without Walmgate bar 
Hardcastle Thomas, vict. White Swan 

Inn,(commercial hotel) Pavement 
Hardcastle Mary, furniture Uroker, 

North street 
Hardcastle Ann, baker, Skeldergate 
Hardcastle John, flax dresser, Walm- 
gate bar ,^ 
Hardcastle Saml. joiner. Waterloo pi. 
Hardcastle John, shoemkr.Bootham r. 
Hardman Edmund, Jan. chemist and 

draggist, IT, New Bridge street 
Haniman Edmund, sen. hair dresser 

and keeper of Bridge toll bar, 12, 

New Bndge street 
Hardman WttUam, musician, 12, New 

Bridge street 
Hardman John, city wait, 12, New 

Bridge street 
Hnrdy Thos. cowkpr. Parapet buildgs. 
Hardy Jas.Tict.Lord Nelson, Walmgt. 

Hardy Eliz. plane maker, Co«tei% 

yard. Tanner row 
Hardy Tnos. bouse and sign paintMi 

High Petergate .* 

Hardy Thos. breeches mkr. Stonegt*. 
Hare Matthew, tailor, Meynell's yta% 

Petergate .jk 

Hare John, comb maker, VTalmgntef^ 
Harger John, vict. Bay Horsey Bloif 

som street •* 

Harffltt Charles, music pn 

Slake street '^ 

Hargitt John, comb mkr. Bootham 1 
Hargitt Richd. comb mkr. Coffee yi 
Hargrave Thos. Middle Water lanei'. 
Hargrave Jas. bricklayer. Racket ji^ \ 
Hargreaves John, glazier, SnutiP'l 

yard, Skeldergate 
Hargrove, Gawthorp, and Haigiovw' 

publishers of the York Herald m 

General Advertiser, (Saturdaj 

Hargrove William, joint proprti 

and editor of the York Hen^l 

house, 13, Coney street 
Hargrave Joseph, joiner, Walmsft. hf^ 
Harker James, agricultural impfemel^l' 

maker, Marygate 
Harland Lady, Lendal, (country 

dense Sutton-on-'the'' Forest J 
Harland Jane, (leeches) Coii3rty 

Coney street 
Harle Thomas, attorney, Collierii^i 
Harrosou Wm. shoemkr. GoodFam; 
Harper John, carpenter, Walmgt. 
Harper Mattnew, baker, <fec. Wa" 
Harper Matthew, milk dealer,' 

out Walmgate bar 
Harris Ann, calico dyer, Stonegate 
Harris Afary. haberdasher. Pavement 
Harrison Ronert, Esq. Blake street 
Harrison John, Esg. Monkgate 
Harrison John, wme and spirit mer- 
chant. Low Ousegate 
Harrison G. E. conveyancer. Coney st» 
Harrison Hugh, shoemaker, EUiott% 

yard, witbout Walmgate bar 
Harrison Thos. cooper. High Peteiirt.' 
Harrison Francis, Dav^gate 
Harrison Wm. dealer in British wine, 

wholesale and retail, Davygate 
Harrison Richard, tailor, Skeldergate 
Harrison Wm. tea dealer, Jiibberga1» 
Harrison John, ship owner, Skelder^ 
Harrison John, stone mason, Ogleforth 
Harrison Jph. brickmaker, Bishop liill 
Harrison Wm. calico dyer, Peterarate 
Harrison Thomas, keeper of the Peter 

prison, Minster yard 
Hanrison Rich. butcher,TbursdAy mkt. 
Harrison Nathaniel, master marm^ 

Harrison, James, shoemaker, GiUvf^. 
Harrison Robert, shopkeeper, Gillygt 




Bart John, vict. Augpl, Walrosate 
Hart Wm. listing ahoeinaker,Walmgt. 
HaitThoe. mail gmid, Gillygate 
UaitieyAoo, Fossgate 
Hartley Amos, oomb maker, Mickle- 

flate bar walls 
Hartiey Rt. plmnberdrglasier, F<wsgt. 
Hartley Sarah, oowkeeper^TolVgroeo, 

Hartley Christ(^>iier, gardener, with- 
out Walffigate bar 
HartDo Thos. joiiier, Walmgate 
Harton Jobo, joiner, Walmgnte 
WffveyJIfn. nntlewoman, Bootbam 
HflrfeyJ.aiidM.miUiiiers,(fec. Mitt- 
ster vard 

Harwood John, chemist and dnunrist, 

BidaiD Wm. ahoemafcer, 4b derkto 

the Amicable SocietY, Wakefieki 
^ Cbnit, M icklegate 
Haw Robert, bricklayer, Castigate 
Haw Wm. fiomt dlr. PeaseholaBe gnu. 
Hawkes Thos. former, Hoigate lane 
Hawkeswell Blivabeth, nSUioer and 

dress maker. Willow stnet 
w^n Wm. gentleman, without 

&wkiDs Mis. H. St. Savioorgate 
^wkin Ricfad. baker, dice, t&sgate 
Ba% Jas. whitesmith, Trini^bne 
Razby Wm.whitesmith, <fec Skddergt. 
gi% John,whitesmith,<fec.Skekleigt 
fialby Wra. vict. Rose and Crowe, 
„ MIcidegate 

gay J. L. saddler, Mickl^gate 
Hay Eliz. watdiraaker, l&klegate 
naytoo Mis. gentleworoab, Micklegt. 
Head Wm. vicU Cliflbrd's TowSr, 

reasebolroe green 
Headley Hartas, flai merchant, flai <fe 

tow sranner, patent ooldured and 

£Boe thread mannfactuier, Skel- 

Headley Wm. shoemaker, Aldwark 
Headtey Geo. shopkpr. Far Water In. 
g«tey 6eo. Esq. Blossom street 
Heal^ John, gent, without Mickle- 

n«imfi <k]>ale, wholesale tea dealers, 

High Oosegate 
Hearoo Wm. Hutdrinson, Esq. alder- 

mao, High Oosegate 
Hesroo John, striidtor. High Ousegt. ; 
n^onse, Cooey street 
tfeWen, Copley 4k Hebden, wholesale 

and retail linen drapers tiud ^ilk 
» ^™«n»w, Stonegate 
HeM«B J. « w. flour dlrs. Willow st. 
nebditch John, shoemaker, bird and 

aaimalpreserver. Fetter hine 
HebditcSi Wm. shoemaker. Fetter In. 
Heeles John, patten, hist <& boot tree 

lAwer, Pavement 

Uelstrip Thomas, joiner, Chureh yavd. 

North street 
Hemawoith Grace, shopkpr. Church 

yard. North sUeet 
Henderson T. shoemkr. Goodramgatt 
Henderson W. shoemkr. Goodramgt* 
Henwoud Hy.bankers' clerk,Mkddegt. 
HeppeU James, shoemaker, Beddem 
Herbert John, painter, Swioegaie 
Heselwood Robert, ticU Red Lkw, 

HeselwoodThos. tea dlr.Boothaa row 
Hesliogton John, gent. Bootham 
Heslington John, grocer and conliBO* 

tkmer, without Bootham bar 
Heslop Elis. shopkeeper. Barker hlU 
Hessav Mb. whfow, Walmgate bar 
Hesseltine Jethro, druggi«t; hoosOy 

Hewdey Wm. bookkeeper, St. Savi- 
our's row 
Hewitt Thomas, vict. and shoemaker, 

Artkshoke, Ificklegate 
Hewson John, linen diaper, High 

Hide Matthew, vict. and whitesmith. 

Eclipse, Peteigate 
Hick Matthew, watch A dodi maker, 
^« .<u>d jeweller, ^c. Minstergate 
Hick Robert, baker. High Peteigate 
Hksk Matthew, butcher, L. Shambles 
Hickton William, victualler, loom, 

St Martin's lane 
Hiehls John, verger and vkst. Fox, 

Low Petergate 
Hields John, farmer, Monkgate 
Hildred Geo. tailor, Bootham 
HUdreth Thos. butcher, G. Shambles 
Hildreth Wm. butcher, G. Shambles 
Hill Frederick, professor of music, 

Hill Richard, gent. Hoigate lane 
HiU William, victualler. Bay Hone, 

Hill Sarah, boat builder, Marygata 
HiU John, nudener and seedsaao, 

without Walmeate bar 
HiU Ann, butcher, Walmgate 
Hill Ann, shopkeeper, Jubbergate 
Hill John, printer, Skeldergate 
Hill Ann, shopkeeper, Newgate 
Hill Wm. shipwright, Marygate 
HiU Wm. sheUing and corn miller, 

Hillyard Ellen, flour dlr. Micklegate . 
HiUyard John, miller, flour dealer and 

oaker, Skeldergate 
Hinderson Robert, keeper of hack 

horses, ^c. Aldwark 
Hhidsley Geo. butcher, G. Shambles 
Hipworih Susannah, Mount 
Hirst Wm. beast jobber, Aldwark 
Hirst Francis, tannen Walmnite 
I Hirst Sarah, clotbes nroker, Feasegt* 





Hint JofaDy t>ri delayer and paTkHv, 

Mint yard 
Jlobsed lucbard, gtmt. Stonemte 
Hobson Wm. mason, Middle Water Id. 
Hodpoii Jobii, woollen diaper, High 

Hodgson josepb. rope maker, HiieB 

mfr. <Sp flax oFesser, G. Sbambles 
Hodgson Saittb, milliner and baber- 

aasber. St. Helen's square 
Hodgson Tbomas, plumber 4e glacier, 

and patent lead pipe masafactarer, 

Hodfson Thos. miUer, Clenif^itborp 
Hodgson Blimbeth. raiQer. Fossgate 
Ho^on Setb, miller, Petorgate 
Hogartb Edward, boot d6; shoemaker. 

dealer in baraware, and musical 

Instruments, Collect street 
Holder Cbs. wfaipnikr. Middlewater In. 
Holdsworth Wm. boot <& shoemaker, 

St. Saviouifate 
Holgate Chas. butcher, Q. Shambles 
HoliatB Wm.but<^er, 6. Shambles 
Holland Tbomas, linen draper, 5, New 

Bridg« street 
Holliday James and Son, painteis, 

Hollins John, woollen draper <fe tiUlor, 

opposite George Inn^ Coney st. 
Hofanes Wn». oomb mkr. Trinity lane 
Holmes Chas. eowkeeper, Tanner row 
Holmes Wm. carver <& gilder <fe porter 

Aiercbairt, Hay market 
Holmes Ann, butter, bacon factor, <& 

cheeseniongBF, Parement 
Holmes Francis, Tamierrow 
Holmes Jos«ph, gardener. Tanner row 
Holmes Joseph, oombmkr.Tannerrow 
Hofanes Chs. Lambert yd. Tanner r&4r 
Holmes John, comb make#, 14, New 

Bridge st3«et 
Holmes Hannah,- straw bat mamiftuN 

turer, 14. New Bridge street 
Holmes Thdmfts^ lit^ry laoe )n&kelf, 

Cdflee yard, Stonegate 
Holmes Friuices, sbopkpr. Walmgate 
HoltbyWta, brewer, Thursday mkt. 
Hood Wells, spirit merchant. New st. 
Hooke Arthur, gunmkr. GoOdrameate 
Hooker and Cariss, hop bag iSe sacMng 

mflp. St, Andrew's church yard 
Hope Wm. surgeon, Oastlegate 
iiopkinson Geo. flax dresser, Aldwark 
Hopps Thomas, corn miller, Castle 

mills ; house, Union place 
Hopps Geo. surgeon, Skeldergate 
Hopps John, silk dyer^ Grape lane 
Hopton Geo. staymaker, Stonegate 
Hspwood <fe Harwood, furnishing iron- 
mongers^ brass <1^ iron founders, 

whitesmiths atad beUhangers, 

High Ousegate : house, Hungate - 
lUUm Jbbo^ mason, TauDCKyQW 

Horid»y Preston, apotbeooy^ Petecgt; 
Honiby Rd. shoemaker, Stonegatt. ^ 
Hornby Wm. shoemaker, Bla ke jj ^ 
Hornby Wm. joiner, ©oodfamgafti * 
Homer Mn. Mary, Manof yard ^ ^ t 
Hornor dk Turner, surgeon deBlM| 

Coney street . •^ 

Hermff Benjamin, Bsq.; toQae, FtriM 

Homsey Matthew, tict. Pack HMil 

Micklegate •: 

Hornsey Thomas, deputy bsoliirfar fli 

coooty, St. Andrewgate ^i 
HdisM llios. stone moon, MarynMA 
Honmaa Joseph. h«ir dresser^ vMl 

foot of the ravement ^j 

HotswvU Thos. pTitaite brewer, Hm 

ker hill _^ 

Hotinmi Georige, oochmon biu«l«|| 

Hotham Colonel Gecnie, Bk 
Hothm Miss SasaiinaE,Gt 
Hotham William^ Esq. 

Blosiom iNare«t 
Hotham B. genlwmoi* JQobdmmi^ 
Holden Chas. Middle Water li^ie . 
Honkigate Thoimwi cabiti^ wMmf 

HouMgste Saml. tmnkey, Caate v^. 
Houtt Joseph, wmated spar* WalMgK 
HOQsman John, plumber <& ^lazteTy^ 

dealerin glass, Peter fauie ^ 

Howaid Gco.^hoe mkr. Bootbam fM^ 
Howard Rd.cooper, St. Mortiii's lasi ' 
Howarth John, Walmgiite bear - 
Howcroft James, ff^xialler^ filMl 

Boy, FjtstWatef hoe 
STowlett Henry, solictor, Lendal 
Uoyland John, shoemidcer, St. A»* 

Hoyttmd Rd^ shoemaker, Hungate 
Hubie Win. joiner, <fec. Og^fortb 
Hebie John, tailor, WabnKate. 
Hudson Wm. tailor <fe umbrella mkr. 

Hodsob Miss Amik AUwark ^ '-'< 
Hudson Wm. coal ftiwt. Frye# watt* ; 
Hudson Thomasi tailor, StOBeg«l0> •• 
Hudson Wm. baker, Stonagilte 
Hudson Thomas, shbemakSr, RMifiel 

yard, Petergate 
Httdsmi Wm. proctor, Petergate, 
Hudson Wm. bair dreiser, Wabi^|atB 
Hudson John, shoeRiaker> Aldwatk 
Hudson Wm. tailor, Faasegate 
Hughes Wm. shoemaker, Marygate 
Hutl John, watchmaker. Collegia st. 
Hunt Anna, Colliergate 
Hunt Richaid, hairdresser, StonegiM) 
Hunter John, shopkeeper, Noath sc^ 
Hunter John,vict. Globe, G.Shimbim 

I Hunter Frederick, tailor, Dandasst 
Hoiiter Mai^/shookeaper Monkgata > 
Hunter Thomas^ jbleeri Wabngata 




fiiiBloa Jobn^ shoenkr. Sk«ldofgate 
Hope Carolme, straw bat mamfac- 

txset, Low Peiergate 
HontJ«s.brBMfottnder, Aldwark 
HorUey Henry, paittter, AldwariE 
Hnrwood John, geat. Monkgate 
Horworth ThQs. staynaker, MteUe- 

Horwoith David, tailor, Boothan row 
HusiNUu} Wbi. sux)f|peoo, H. Petergate 
Hust«iek6eo.coadiguard,Trioity In. 
HuttOD Heury, vict. Wheat Steaf, 

witbout Walmgate bar 
HatUm Jas. jcnoer, St. Mary's row 
Iktott Jpb. maU niard, L. Stonegate 
Ickerin^il John, hoase carpenter, Far 

Water latie 
ImooDlfary, straw hat mamifacUirer, 

If inster yard 
iBoe' Philip, painter, St. Mary'a iqiiaie 
loesoa John, jcmier, Wafangalp bar 
iighain losepfa, mfr. ot &f dk In- 

li^ts, Jiibbergate 
Iflgfaan Jones, wholesale and retail 

ynen diaper, hosier, hatter, Ae. 

Iflgbam John, derk of St. Michael le 

Belfreychnrcfa, Bootham row 
bglis Jaraef;, tailor, Patrick Pool 
t^pua Wm. bouse, sign, fiirmtoie, «fe 
- coach painter. Parsonage house, 

Coney street 
ImnanWm. boot and shoemaker, St. 

Helen's Square 
Jackman Wm. solicitor, H. Peteisate 
Jackson Edward, ephisDiith A sUver 

plate Difr. wvrang- jeweller, 14, 

Coney street 
Jackson John, spirit nierefat.Hay mkt. 
Jackfon Jas. yeoman, Walmgate bar 
Jackaon John, jim. plumber & glasier, 

Noitb street 
Jackson ffiary Ann, straw hat manfr. 

Jacbon Geo. grocer, Wellington row 
Jackson tieo. shoeniaker, Bootham 
Jackson Eliz. dress maker, Walmgaats 
Jackaon Geoige, shopkeeper, W^- 
, ,«*te 

Jadoon Tbos. milk dealer, Walmgate 
Jackson Bljz.- bat box maker. Collier- 

Jacbon John, Tict. Eagle and Child, 

Great Shambles 
JidooB Robert,victiiaUer,6reyboaQd, 

Thoisday market 
Jackson Edward, gent. Beddern 
Jackson Wm. hair dresser, Girdlergt. 
Jackson John, plumber, glacier, and 

shopkeeper, Goodramgate 
Jackson J. mttterer, Goodramgate 
Jackson Geo. tailor, Goodramgate 
JacksoQ Mary, straw hat manufincto- 

rer, Stonegate 

Jadnoo David, wifetor, Ogteforth 
Jackson Rd. sboemkr. Bishop hUl 
Jackson John, grocer, Peteraats 
Jackson John, apparitor andVeigw of 

the cathedral, Monkgate 
JakeU Joseph, gent. Moont 
Jameson Wm. solicitor, College st. 
Jameson Geo. shoemaker, Hungata 
Jameson Mary, sbopkpr. CoUego st« 
Jaqoes John> sooeniakcr, Jnbbergala 
Jebson James, millwright. Conpeigt. 
Jebson Wm. sMMnnaker,. Fhikle tt. 
Jeff John, tttinkey at the Castle 
JeflTerson Geo. iouier. Aldwark 
Jefferson T. joiner, monswtek place 
Jefferson John, ship owner, SkeUent. 
Jefferson Robert, merchant and amp 

owner and grocer, Pavement 
JelRmon Thos. ship owner, Skeldent. 
Jeflbrson John, felimonger, Walmgt. 
Jenkinson Mrs. Bridg9t,gent]evromaB9 

St. Savionigate 
Jeimings Thos. nnt.Mkiklegata 
Jennings Cteo. linen, draper; hwMg, 

Jennings Robert, Unen draper and ho- 
sier, opposite the George In% 
Coney street 
Jennings Wm.combmkr. Barker lane 
Jennings John, sboemkr. Trinity lane 
Jewitt Wm. printer, Bootham row 
Jewitt Thos. botcher. G. Shambles 
Johnson Mrs. A. oentwmn. Bootham 
Johnson Robert, rinkle street 
Johnson Richd. shoemaker, Feasegate 
Johnson John, vkst. Saraoen's Head, 

St. Andnwgate 
Johnson Joseph, saddler, baness and 

collar maker. High Petergate 
Johnson Ann, victualler. Red Lkm, 

Johnson Ann dk Son, grocers, tea dea- 
lers de seed dealers, Collwnnite 
Johnson Joseph, wheelwright, Kongt. 
Johnson Robt. racing calender <k tnrf 
companton printmg offloe, book- 
seller dt stauoner. Coney stnet 
Johnson J. vict. Souare and Compats^ 

Middle Water Jane 
JohiUHW Robert, vict. Three Cranes, 

Tburaday market 
Johnson John, cooper, Walmgate 
Johnson Joseph, Tict. Ship stoth 
Johnson Riehard, saddler, harness and 
collar maker, Great fiuambles and 
Johnson Jas. glass blower, GiUygat^i 
Johnson Jas. oowkeeper. Barker niil 
Jolliffe Wm. Bsu. Stonegate 
Jones John, leatner dyer, Layerthorp 
Jones Mary, midwife. Wabngate 
Jones John, painter, Colliernite 
Jordon John, flax dresser, Kirby'syd. 
without Walmgate bar 





Joy Tbot^ Tict^ PoMsbfilywl, SteMt. 
Joy Joaepb, Tict. Cnm Key% l^|b 

Jey Jat. sioeinkf . Bellas yd< Ptteigt. 
Joy Win. tailor^ Uid^ Water taae 
Joyce Saraky viet. ShipiJSHc^^rgii^ 
Joyce Mtfaw. ivitilout Wakni^ate bw 
Jadfon Wm. tntiLmfuQmMfy stieet 
Kay JohAy skocmikav, Baotkain mw 
Keiras Trarer^ hone bceakefy But- 

cber*s yard» Widiiigate 
Keanley Mn.^eHtinpoiKiii# Cfiulkwt^ 
Keasetoy AOn Mary, kidietf' teacdmg 

schocA, Little Bmke akr^at 
Keixbley Jokn^ doUwi, Swinegoto 
KdlFr Her. 6. D. Mimtci yan* 
KendattJoluiypaii. SkeUeigate 
KendaU Joho^ g^enL teiddcipnB 
Kendall Mrs, gieaiXememaa,. MMdeet. 
KendaU WHliafli, vkst XiAt Sfaote^, 

LitUfr Shsmbli^s . 
Kendrew Jas. booUimdci^eiilUeigate 
KennMie Hobert, travelleey HoBgate 
KaMick Rev. Joto damisal tutart^ 

the Manchester Piesbyteilaa Cfol- 

lege, MoDl^gfKtB 
KetUewell John, buteber, Haymarket 
Kibblewhite James, jpaper oaoging 

mairaiictiner, Higi Feteigate 
Kidd Wm. joiner.. Gnipe lane 
Kidd Joseph, ecak ciHtor, . Vetten lanoe 
Kilbv Joob, Bsqw aldetmaB^ Pease- 

fiokne ^een pestefti 
KUby John-Fryer, ide d?par6ar brewer, 

Kilham Thos. eoopen^ Fetter lane 
Kilner and Hick, ooonetkMiefs, Gbod- 

Kilvini^ini Thomas, irict. Coach; and 

Horsee, Low OuseetUs 
KilTington, High- Jubbergt. 
KilrinitoB Charles,, wne; workar,^ 

Cmikaon^ passes, Wafannfe 
Khnber A Bond, seoeem, dre. Nessct. 
Kimbev Thoi* and Son. out jdass m&s» 

4k portaF dealens^St. Hden's sqr. 
Kimber Wm. ooaob inspectoiy Ijendal 
King John, governpr oC the House dl 

Correction, Tofib Men 
KhBg Bicbd. ooal mecSnaiief Wiiikn)^ 
King Joseph, 2roos&<frc.\falfflgate 
Kir^ Ji»fan, shoemaker, Petermte 
Kirby Riohoird, gUrrer, Fel^r Lmet 
Hlrby Thomas, faofse deiUer, wltfaotit 

'Walmgate. bar 
Kirby Frs. pill bos maker, Sfe. Mvfy'i r. 
Ktrk Mrs. Maiy, BkRuranstiree^ 
Kirk Wm, joiner, St, Mnry'^ jow 
Kick Wm. tailor, Wabugote' 
Kltobhig Jamesi MTveyor of taset, 

Ogtetorth ; fa; CUflmL . 
Kitchingman Rev. Hetrnf, Bbotbam' 
Itoapton S. and P, nitiilc:alHl mindoti 

instrament wgreboosef Cittoy st. 


Knaptnd PMipv pniftaMir ef siMtlmi 

noase, St. Saftomrgnte 
Knerick John, leaeber, Ofl^ielofar Umf 
Knigkt WM. gent Moak^iiste 
Knowk9 Tktoii.' I*a deatery €f ^] 
Kmfwles Robeel. ^nt. »ya^ 
Knowles H. gent. Gillyjgate 
KflowfeK Wmiioi, legfiC^f MBiser fi« 

aecvaMsy Pnoentoi's ODWit 
Knowles Rdb^rt, hair diCM^ A flim^ 

keep^rr. OoodiWbffiMe - 
Knowles Hifntiarby eafibg Utmstf, SkeU 

Knowioe ^ieei sheeail0r..M e^iH^l^ fi* 
Knowtabit Riefaanlh, geot BiaclM sU 
Kyle John, rope rotucOTr Hens 4nfefier» 

sptoncTySatkifcy and t t — la 

facturer, PaTemetol' 
Lahio n Wm i^f tofmno and 

m uiMsftniui'ei ,. PavMutfUt' 
I Lakllav Jae» ileur and piOYM#aideiigKi 

Gillygate . . 

Ldk!elatt*Kob«rtt Stq. MieklesMte • 
Lakeland A PoppM>n^ klMa tff tikeatf 

manfrs. flax dresAMii ubA ^fiole- 

saie drai«rsy WiMeNT «t# top «f 

Walmgate and JfigtaOanega^s 
Lamb Mrsi. Mart^aiet, geotte^^oMMi 

Lamb Robt* loathe]; dil»ser2BMttlefii 
Lamb Richd. worm ddetoty Diuftbte st. 
Lambeit fllmpiR>B,4luiemkig ^hnusffi^ 
Lambert Wm. chorister* MtteygHtfs 
LnmbAt Rd. bvttte, Greal! sfliiMllHi 
Lambert Thos* dealer In Mhmta^ itk 

gtiicstookiBg gml(e^. SiivM 
Lambert Thos. vict. Idaamb^Tm 
Lambert Johv, InilfdiBsser^Ci 
Lambert John,, shoemaker, 

Land William, comb fliakery 


Land Geo. skinner, Dofttbis st. 
Langdate'Katfienielygfooer, Walmgl. 
LaMuwi' John, eewkttt:PaiMpetbi4^. 
&a«r Ale»^ jMge^ Oldf Lodgiog*^* 
Law Mar^, di«s0 maker, Jndg^ OM 

Lodgings yard 
LflWiFJohn, Tint. (UUiaids) Tl wOt 

' Gofifee Hdose, LItCle Blake st^ 
Lawn Wm. fishmonger, Walm||fl!te 
Lawt^ttce^Tbonias^ Keeper of CaM^ 

gate postern 
Aawveitcse JHary, shopkeeper, Waimgl 
Lawson John, M. &. Leimal 
Lawson Mr))i, r^iily ownet^ SkektMgt 
Lfliviwi^.d^. bck>k»0UeR,8taiUottce^ 

bDokbfndetti and e»|^vem, r( 

LaWBOH Thos. riatten^bODttree^lndt 

maker, SeUes's yitfd^ Pihwrncmt 
Btfwspv Thos. (doiptfndptttfen mtiwf> 






Iiaw8QaFiaiite.iiiarteff porter, Little 

^ mebitil, biioklayer, Hungate 
Iiawloii Honioti gratiewomaiiy 8t 

LBWtBB Slid Peoaon. viM, bop «id 

spirit meichantsy ttoodraiofato 
I«wtoiiOdoita»y jnoctaraail agontio 

Ibe Km limiiaao* Coflipuy, 

Hig^ Petefgato 
LawtoB Abmb. YiotBaydone, GUInt. 
LMrtm JoBth. nou Saraora's Head 

CoflFiM Home, Stooegiite 
Lttwton SainL wUp maker, Wabngt. 
lAwtdii Jebn, bieeabes onkr.Ceff6ey4« 
hmwUm ^«^y Mngeft^nad bahar, 

hmyeaek Miak Ana, Jf iddegate 
Lajoecb JoiuL joiaer, BruDSwiek pi. 
I»aydodt Jiieob, plasteitir, Nortb at. 
Layton Tbomas, MicUegate 
l i M J anii y Robetty tokaoDO pipe maauh 

^cturer, Gillygate 
LaEeidnr Qeo4 sbooBibM, Walanle 
%mai l£Oz. naUswoBaiit Petorgm 
lisaf SUb. dreii naker, Petmratri 
I<etf JeaepU, batobsr, Smitb^ yaMl^ 

Leake Jeffrey, tomer, WaLngate bar 
heatMrnm Wm. chip owner, ftkeUefjfrl. 
Ltf Brun Thonus, bail dresser 4t fisb- 

UigfiMideliaker, WelliaglOB t^ 

l&Mia^ Watoi laoe ' 

LedoMF XoaMd, seo; batctoi Lo# 

Leaser Joattte, jon^ btitekef^ Lo% 

Lee aai4 MflMte, Mdieis. aU btttteii 

iMMkei^ High Ouaegate 
Lee i^Bf (pass <fe dma dealei, b«(MI 

and bi^on fiictbr, rag merekanL 

db Ihreiy staGle bat. Coppei^Mit^ 
Lee Wm. y^mnm^ aitty|(l&te 
* r Wfli« muotartl afr. MyeAbefp 

Be^}. wUteMiMb^ eeo(lr«a(M|bte 

Wm. saddler. Tboriday itaanet 

Lee thoaam, pdnsb elfl«k d» ek<tff^, 

IfOeniaa llfi«.BlEary/lr«iterer,. Stabo^, 
lH/BUa\ Jose^ TiBU Bbwk HoifMf, 

Lefro^ AMbeuyV di%^ «dd btoMft 

masteiy Witbout M^ahii)|a!te bar 
Letbe Deborah, victaaHftr, Spotted 

DeB> WttkaOigftte ftar 

&etb& ^i»y i^mr, Wahngaite 
Letbe' Tbomas, lltery tilafle beepdf, 

Ldwto Matfy,. eatliltf boose, ilMd^M. 
IMdeli CbadB^^rgo^ wbite^ did Nid 

lead mills, witbout Walnkntfe bar 

Union Beqianiio, gent Botbam lane 
Untoa Mary, sebooMatiess, aood* 

Linton Jobn, joiner, Fetter lane 

^^^^^ifi^^f iMile beam nuAdr, 

Noctb street 
LMer Miyor, skoemaker, Ogtefortfa 
Urter Oee. skip owner, IloMiarT la. 

IMer not. gardener, Cleneiithorpe 
Ustotf Tboe. cendi guard, 8t. lfaiun*s 

I^tttte Robert, nctoaller, Black Boy, 

Ltttlewood Soknnoo, Walante 
Lloyd Mil. K. gentwmn. 8t.8arioulgt 
Ltof d Mis. Ann, gentwmn. Castlegt. 
LockbyWm. witbout Wabngate bar 
L oetoW m. law statiobef, Stooegdte 
MCkey Wm^ eheesemonger db fitoon 
iMtw. Petergate 

Leekey Oeerge, joiner and cabfaMtt 
^ maker. Possgate 
Udrty Mn, cloUi» bn^r, Peasegi 
Lockey JdniA, sboemaVer and coal 

dedler, Waterbio place 
iKKdwy Wm. coach djiver, Jnbbergt 
I«ek#ood Wm. (wiolaiale) cfae&Itt 

end droggistt Pavement 
MKdcwood Ann, dealer in grindefv. 

Ooodiaanfi^ '^ " 

I«clEWood Hem^, tBik>r, Beodramct. 
LoQkwood 6eo.€0mb tfikr. Taaner row 
Lodge MH. Jane. Goney ttieet 

^■^ff fJ?i*H ^^> ^'^ Marineit, 

Long John, sboeniake^, HOngate 
LoniftoftrO^s. mason, Taon^ xtyw 
Lotegrbte ©eo. ooac^ guard, Lendaf 
Lowe John, wb^lwrigbt, QiUyirate 
L(^ Samuel, gfbui* ftewer, #Hko 



JdMbdrt M!dif(^uet,myttBiniy L.Ptflwvyfb | 
Wm butf^er, &0W ChlMgate I 


wuviuivnnr liRnn. l DOf* aVOnXfinite 

Ludwi/p Mrs. Elix. Trinity bme 
Lum Emaniid, tailor, Walmgate 
Lund Ret. Thomas, Micklegat6 
Lund ReY. Wm. ColBergate 
L«Hd Ri«*aid, gent, St. Sotioiir^^ 
Land BensdA, bookkeeper, HudSito 
Lund Geo. sl&raCT. Donda* st, 
L«nd John, ▼ictoaller. BaCnrell. Little 

Blake stieet 
Lund G^. comb mehfr. afid porter at 

the Maiisibti house, Fet0 lahe 
Mtad Wm. y^cK^ turner; Aftidfi st. 
Lund Wm« famitfr, Moiacg^ 
Lupton John, florist, Bo^adi 
Luptoo J«fli««, g^tM^ner; Jnm&ipiS 
MftoffJbhn, ecAfbet milcer fMo up« 

&olstM^, «Ad fdftntor^ brok^, 





Lutton Geo. sent. Moukgate 
Lultoa Miss Arabella, Bootham 
Lyon Robert, glove manufacturer, 

Blake street 
Lyon Charles, stay maker, Stonegate 
Lytb John, grocer, <&c. Walmgate 
Lrth Robt. cowkeeper, Holgate lane 
Afacbin Henry, baker. Low Jubbergt. 
Machin Geo. naker. Far Water lane 
Mackerill James, vict. and lamb skin 

dresser, Bay Horse, North .«t. 
Mackrell James, hair dresser ife batter, 

M'Carty Peter, Far Water lane . 
M'Evoy Bemd. hair dres>er, Hungt. 
AI'Gedy M. milliner, <&c. Stonegate 
McLean Mary, ladies' boarding school, 

M'Larum Mrs. f entwmn. Stonegate 
McLean John, shoemaker, Micklegt. 
M'Lean John, shoemaker, Castlefft. 
M'Millan J(Mm, surgeon, ^c. Min- 

stergate, adjoining Stonegate 
McMillan Alexander, tape dealffr, 

Butchers' yard, Walmgate 
Maddocks Samuel, inspector of mail 

coaches. Blossom street 
Maddrah Margaret, coal dealer, Skel- 

Mag;^ P. French teacher, Stonegate 
Making Thos. glove mfr. Gillygate 
Malkin^ Wm. tailor, College st. 
Mallatrat Frederick, wooUen draper, 
tailor, ladies' habit (fe pelisse ma- 
ker, and agent to the Birmingham 
Fire Office, 46, Coney st. 
Maltas John, gardener, Walmgate 
Maltby U. D. clock and watch maker, 

(fe tea dealer, Pavement 
Mangham John, tailor, Aldwark 
Mangles John, surgeon. Precentor's ct. 
Mann Thos. butcher. Great Shambles 
Mann Charles, sbopkpr. Tanner row 
Marmve Mrs. Hannah, gentlewoman, 

Marsh Mary, vict. Golden SUpper, 

Marsh Joseph, fnmiture broker, joiner 

ds cabinetmaker, Feasegate 
Marshall Peter, gent. Barker hill 
Marshall G. S. cabinet maker, glass 
(fe china warehouse, Goodiamgt. 
Marshall Martha, fishing tackle, jew- 
ellery, cabinet and spinning wheel 
maituiacturer, & toy warehouse, 
tt. Coney street 
Marshall Wm. horse dealer, Gillygate 
Marshall Richd. comb mkr. Bishop hill 
Marshall John, blacksmith, Walm- 

fate bar 
Marshall Geo. joiner, Aldwark 
Marshall Franas, sbopkeeper,Aldwark 
Martin John, coal merchant, Middle 
Water laue 

Martin Jolm, tailor, Skeidei^te 
Martin W^m. comb maker, Bishop bill 
Maskali Robert, goiit. St. Savkmigate 
Masop (& Branton, tea dealers dk coffee 

roasters, Minster jrard 
Mason John, tea dealer and linen dm- 

per, Castlegate 
Mason Thomas, gent. White Hone 

Coffee House yard, Skeldeisate 
Masun John, jun. tea dealer, Petergt. 
Mason Michael, hajr dresser, SUmM, 
Mason Greorge, tobacco pipe maoune- 

turer. Lord Mayor's walk 
Mason Isaac, joiner, Brunswick place ' 
Mason Jas. jomer <fe carpenter, Hongt* 
Massar Anne, butcher, Ltl. Shamb» 
Masser jQhn,tailor<fe babitrakr.Foss^ 
Masser Thomas, shoemaker and tmC 

Square and Compass, Trinity lo. 
Masser Geo. shoemaker, Black llone 

passage, Fossgate 
Masterman Isaac, gardener, Wahn* 

gate bar 
Masterman Thomas, Fetter laae 
Masterman Geo. coach guard. Davygt. 
Matterson Wm. surgeon, Minster yd. 
Matthews Wm. cowkpr. Jubbersate ' 
Matthews John, vict. Panch Bowl, 

High Jubbergate 
Maw James, flax dresser. Church yd. 

North street 
Mawson Thos, joiner. Great Shambles 
Mawson Jonth. coal dir. Skeldeijvate 
Mawson Thomas, comb Buuuifoctme^ 

ife dealer insmall wares, Micklegt. 
Mawson Jontb. cowkpr. Blossom st. 
Mawson John, translator. Huugate 
Maxwell Mrs. Jane, Bootham row 
May Wm. farrier. First Water lane 
Meadley William, vict. Bay Hone, 

Low Petergate 
Meadley Thomas Browo, wooUen 

draper. Great Shambles . 
Mears John, jeweller, silversmitb, 

hardwareman and wy warehouse, 

Meek James, cuRier, Groodramgate 

Meek John, coal merchant, Gilmate 
Meek Richard, wheelwright, Gil^vL 
Meek Thos. house painter, Meynulli 


Meggitt William, gent. Bootham 
MeUer Samuel, vk^t. Anchor, First 

Water lane 
Mellon Joseph, First Water lane 
Melrose Jas. sen. fellmonger, Wahngt. 
Melrose Walter, ielhnonger, Walm* 

Melrose Jas. jun, butcher, Foss bridge 
Menoell George, gentleman, without 

Walmgate bar 
Mennell Thomas, woUlen draper, 

CoppeigatB . . 





Vawr Tbamm^ Mtor, Itoygate | M omn Sanb, mllUMr A dre« maker, 
" -- ' 00, CoAey itreet 

Momn MaiT, tbopkpr. Skeldernte 
Motnie Mn.L. centwttiii. DaTyiate 

Meioer Geo. slioemBker, Wafogate , I 
M enlBgtaB Robait > tlot Dcike of 

Ta#k> Aklwark 
MKcBlf Mis. Jaae^ ileiili||;ato 
Metcalfe Mirabelli^ umbfefla akid pa- 

fawl iiiaii«fo0feuiw, and dealer In 

kMff dotty SpuMaigMe 
Metolis loliD,Ma»iitf mfr JSkeldefgt. 
Metcalfe ElixaiiethTs&aw hat iiiauu- 

fectotw, Hoanta 
Metfey Cbas. doe tnteer, Vsoilitt row 
MeynaO G^o. Esq. banfeter, CofK 

ley'd eoi»t> Goney street 
MikyiiaUlit. hair df^s^r, H. Pcftefgt 
M^iell John, oomfo Mkr. BkMoiii st. 
iMdietnii ThiM, {rtooar. Goodram^te 
Ifiddleton Manr, shopkw. Goodrahifft. 
BMktoti MIM lfiay»«celdergate 
Middletoii John, trunk naker and toy 

dealer, Ke»sgate 
MUdletott JolMi, ovefkioker, Bke Ball 

vard, Skeldeigate 
MMdlatoD Wm. sloemkr. Hn&ifate 
MHril^ Jmutiian, glaai, cMna, and 

Midg:ley Fianolt, eitfdener, l^uit^rer, 

ttorsery dk seedsman. Coney st. 
MM^ Oeo. btttcber, Thursday liikl. 
Bfills W. A J. a. proetota, L. mer- 

gate ; beuae Mbister vend 
Hab if e&fy dk Son, whamngett, NaW 

Wlttp^ SkeMeiifate 
Mills Maty, flrattefer, Ac. 11, New 

jsnoge sx. 
Ifite t^hnip, ooadi goatd, 'Chindk lahe, 

Coney St. 
MflU Wfti. wofttad spiff. Walmgate 
Iffilner RfcAard* flat diesstor, rdpe, it 
^ liaeta mfir. Hlxh Oosegate 
rateft Jc^ floor dlr. Castle^^ht* 
Mnchell Barnabas, buUdar dk slater, 

MitchMl John, ftifffer, G. ShaAtbtea 
HRohell John, sh6pkpr« Stonejj^ate 
MonkhouseMrs. gebtwti. St.Saviourgt. 
Hookman Mrs. poulterer, Peter lade 
Mobkman James, vlCt. Old Band Hill, 

aocttoneer and sheriff ^s ofAobt, 

loolhiistres^, Cbl- 

MoDkinan wm. hatter, iuMer db rag 

dealer, Coppergate 
Konkiaan Jane, sdioo 

lege street 
Mmison Holi. Georee, St. Andrawet. 
Moody Samikel, hat mfr. FaTenieiit 
Moody John, currier. Pots bridge 
Moon Wm. shopkpi^. Skeldersata 
Moore Alexancusr, stone ana marble 

anson, Walniirate 
Moore Frands, UUiatd tabte keeper, 


Morley Mn, Blttabetfc, Blake st. 
Morl^ A Sob, ooaeh baiiden, Llttto 

Morley Wm. potter mart. Ooodnlnat. 
Morley John, flthmoniEer, G. Shmbu« 
Moiley John, baker, 8laitx>art laud 
Monell John, shoemkr. Monl^te 
Morris Mrs. gentwmn. Minster yard 
Monte Thomas, tlet. Pack Hon^, 

Movrlas Mary, mflHtter, Walm](ate bat 
Morris Joseph, fardener, Walmgt. bar 
MoTiHt Wm. toy tunv*r, l^easegnte 
MofHtt Tbos. oorii cutter. Castlexata 
MorHtt Wai, tee dealer. Feasegate 
Mottlmer Joseph, saddler dt oaroeii 

maker, Walmgate 
Mcftimer Isaac, comb mfr. and toy 

warehouse, IS, Coney street 
M urtiwi er John, gtove maker, Wakid- 

fteid court, Middegate 
HonoR Ann, straw hat manulhctafah» 

Waterloo pkme 

SQses Robert, tailor, Gbqdramgate 
osey John. lellmonger, wAlmgate 
Motley Beaf. cabinet mkr.Tanber ttiW 
Moss rronctf, postintf master A llreiy 

stable keeper, Bfinster yard 
Motberby John, comb mkt. WalAigL 
MottramCba*. mail guard, Gillr|tm 
Mouocer John, Calfrier, North st. 
Mountain Mrs. Sarah, L. Blake si. 
Mountain Rbt. stohe mhsOki, Let^flal 
Mounlier James cutler, Hungate 
Morerley Juhn, rope, maker, (iobper, 

iVtict. Shoulder omottoh,ttlddla 

Water lana 
Mdon John, sbopkeepet ft pffaiter, 

St. Saviour's row 
Mupklow Tbos. gent. Blohkgate 
Muirheao Mrs. tsabellii, Wamijrt. halt 
Musgrave Christopher* sbopkeepar, 

without WalmeaiC bat 
Mush John, mfr. ofpapi*!- hanging^, §t 

dlf. in carpets, (pftttertls seiit fb 

any partuf the kingdom) Monk bar. 
Mttsfaam Frederick, cabinet mak^, 

upholsterer <fe underthkenBlakenr 
Myers Christr. coach smith, Beddem ' 
MydT» Johd, Tictualier, Jolly Sailor, 

Myerb Wm. carpehteir <% tict. Sqdate 

<fe Compass, Willow street, fop of 

Hjrets Geo. shoemkr. St. Maty^s s(|. 

Nayler M. gerit. Coney street ^ ^ . 

Naylor Wig. huntsman of the AiH^ty 
Stoneeate hounds. Mount ^ . ,^ .^ 

ltoiW»M.Cfctheriiie,#ithotitWftlm* Naylor Ge». oSf*i^**^A2!2^J^ 
^ebar I Naylor Idaut, Dafld, Caflage sticet 




Naylur Rbd. shoemnker, Waterloo pi. 
Naylor Richard, shopkeeoer, Aldwark 
Nay lor Matt. Judges' old lodgings yd. 
Nay lor Miss L. A. <fe E. dress makers, 

Judges' old lodgings yard 
Nelson George, currier, Petergate 
Nelson Robert, farrier <fe blacksmitb, 

St. Martin's, Coney street 
Nelson Mrs.jcentlewoman, Boothann 
Newcombe Thomas, carrier, Fosscate 
Newlove John, clock <fe watch mwer. 

NewnFiarcb T. Wood's yd. Tanner row 
Newsam Thot. joiner. Blossom street 
Newstead and Sons, solicitors, Lendal 
Newton Robert, tailor, Beddem 
Nicholson 4k Hudson, silk mercers, 
linen drapers & hosiers. College st. 
Nicholson Geo. grocer, Goodramgate 
Nicholson and Bell, bricklayers and 

plasterers, Bootnam square 
Nicholson Jas. com merchant, Good- 
Nicholson Patience, ladies' boarding d; 

day school. Tanner row 
Nicholson James, miller. North street 
Nicholson John, tailor and draper, 

NichoIsonGeo. milkman. Barker's hill 
Nicholson George, tailor and draper, 

Nicholson John, boatbuikler, Skelder- 

gate postern 
Nicholson T. hair dresser, Thu. mkt. 
Nicholson Rd. tailor, Girdlergate 
Nicholson Charles, leather dresser, 

Green lane, Hungate 
Nicoll S. W. Esq. barrister and city 

counsellor, and recorder of Don* 

caster, Blake street and Ft/(/ort<. 
Nightingale John, saddler <& harness 

maker, Fossgate 
Nixon Joseph, victualler, Nag's Head, 

Nixon J(3in, tailor and habit maker. 

Barker's yard, Micklegate 
Noble Jane, shopkeeper, Jubbergate 
Noble John, butcher & tailor, Walmgt. 
Noble Wm. hair dresser and clotbes 

broker. College street 
Noble Geo. machine mkr. Bootham 
Noddins Rev. Wm. at Mr. Smith's, 

Noke Charles, dancing master. High 

Norman Wm. linen draper and tailor, 

Norman M. tailor, Goodramgate 
Norrison John, coal merchant <!b com* 

mon brewer. Tanner row 
North George, baker, Gillygate 
North Ann, ship owner, Skeldergate 
North WiUiam Greaves, assay master, 


Noton Thomas, plumber and glasier, 

Nutt John, comb mfr. Trinitv laoe 
Nuttbrown Rbt. gardener, Albion st. 
Nuttbrown George, city bailiff, St.' 

Mary's row 
Ogle Mrs. Martha, St. Andrewgate 
Ogram John, shoemkr. Girdlergate 
Onman Andrew, organ builder and 

violin mfr. Gillygate 
Oldfield Wm. post master aod wine 

merchant, Lendal 
Oldfield Joshua, gentleman, Parajpet 

buildings, Middegatebar 
Oldfield Richard, gardener <fe seeds- 
man, Fossgate 
Oldfield Wm. coal meicbaat, First 

Water lane 
Oliver Mary, wine& spirit meicliant, 

Onion Thos. shoemaker, Stone^gate 
Ord <fe Pearson, attornies, Oelefortii . 
.Ord John, attorney ; h. Micklegate 
; Osbiim Wm. flax dresser, WfUiDrt.iMir 
Othick Henry, blacksmith, Monkgate 
Othick Henry, coal dlr. First Water In. 
Outhard William, butcher 
Outhwaite Wra. shoemkr. Gillygate 
Overend Leonard, slate mercbatt^ 

Overton Rev. John, A .M. Bootham 
Overton James, suigeoD, Blake st. 
Overton Benj. shopkeeper,«Uui|gate 
Overton Charles, joiner, Swinegate 
Owen Henry, vict. Globe^reat Shbls. 
OwstOnThos. merchant, <fe wholesale 

linen draper j, 7, New Bridge st. 
Oxlade Wm. mail guard, Gillygate 
Palmer C. S. traveUer, GillygiKe 
Palmer Wm. currier. Church In. Sbbls. 
Palmer Alice, pawnbrkr. Patrick pod 
Pape Wi^. grocer, Micklegate 
Pape Mary, grocer', Walmgate 
Pape Wm. book-keeper, Lendal 
Pardee James, inspector of nuisances, 

<fec. Blossom street 
Pardee Wm. police officer, Lendal 
Parish Saml. shoemkr. Bootham row 
Park Wm. hair manufacturer. Great 

Parker Wm. gent. Walmgate bar 
Parker Geo. coal merchant. Union pi. 
Parker Anthony, florist, g^dener. 4e 

seedsman, without Walmgate oar 
Parker Henry, Walmgate bar 
Parker Mark, Cressers yd. Mickl^. 
Parker Wm. cowkeeper, Holgate lane 
Parker John, joiner, without Castle- 
gate postern 
Parker James, bricklaver, Barker hill 
Parkin Henry^ grocer ds tallow cband« 

ler, Goouramgate ' 
Parkinson Nathaniel, ooa(^ bouse, 
sign & furniture painter, (dealer in 




oils, psints, colours, <l:c.) Stooegt. 
Parkinson Sarab, shopkeeper <fe horses 

for hire^ High Jubbergate 
PaxrWin. haberdasher, jean <fe velvet 

warefaonse, Blake street 
Paisoos Rev. jftmes, mioister of the 

CalTinistchapelyLeodal; lodglogi. 

Blossom street 
Pusons John, perfumery warehouse A 

ornamental hair mfr. 2, Coney sL 
Partiidge Wm. shopkeeper^ Thu. rokt. 
Pattinson Thomas, fishmonger, Little 

Pattison James, whitesmith. Walmgt. 
Pavier Wm. bladumith, Walmgnte 
Peach Robert, baoon, cheese, ain ham 

dealer, Spurriergate . 
Peacock Creo.Eso. aIaemian,Mtcldegt. 
PbaoockThos. ^'Geo. timber mer- 
chants, SkeMergate 
Peacock Mrs. A nn, St. Savioiirgate 
Peacock Mrs. genttewmn.Ske]flergate 
Peecock D. J. <feG.'tfanber merchants, 

Peacock Wro. gold A silversmith, and 

watch maker, Spurriergate 
Peaker Richard, vict. Globe, Great 

Pears Ann, straw hat maker, Hungate 
Peats Elleo, shopkeeper, Micklegate 
Pcais John, oomo maker, Bishop hill 
Pears M arr, straw hat minr. Bisb«) hill 
Pcaison Matthew, com factor, Vfahn- 

Pearson Ralph, organ builder. Beddern 
Pearson Eozab^, schoolmistress, 

Minster gate 
Pearson Tbos. slioemaker, Albion-st. 
Pearson Hannah; rict. Red Lion, 

Peaison Richd. botcher, Bootham sq. 
Pearson Richard, tailor, Walmgote 
Pranon Henry, Blossom street 
Pearson Wm. attorney dr agent to the 
Sun, ^c. fire office^ Grwdramgate 
Peart Jaraes, corn miller, maltster, 

brewer, <fe seedsman. North st. 
Peekett John, schoolmaster, Walmgt. 
Peckett Christ, shopkeeper, Petergt. 
PeckittMrs. Mary, Friar walls 
Pell^G^eo. tailor, Walmgafe 
PeiD])erton John, Esq. barrister, 

Pendleton Wm. shopkpr. Trinity In. 
Penaoclc (George, vict. Barrel, Thurs- 
day market 
i Pennock Elis. school, Micklegate 
I P^nnistone Thos. bricklayer, Aldwark 
I Penrose Edw.Ezcise officer, Palmer In. 
I Penrose John, flour deder, Walmst. 
P«nty Robert, vict. Duke of York, 

Penly WilBam, writer, Lord Mayor's, 

Perfect Joseph, painter; h. Alhioost. 
Perry Beiy. Middle Water lane 
Peny John, shoemaker, WaUngate 
Perry Wm. Little Shambles 
Peters Thomas, law statk>ner. Low 

Petergate ; h. Barker hiU 
Peters Mary, broker, Gillygate 
Peters Wm. letter carrier 6e muriciaii. 

Petty Christopher, shopkeeper. North 

Pew John, vict. and coal merchant, 

King's Head, Thursday market 
Pew Thos. spice dealer, Walmgate 
Pexton Thomas, huntsman uf the dty 

harriers, Parapet buildings 
Phillips Jontht aichttect, Tanner row 
Phillips John, cabinet maker and aa« 

dertaker, Fetter hme 
Pkdc Thomas, bricklayer, Gillygate 
Pick Hannah, cowkeei^r, BagBergate 

Pidcard Geo. grocer. Ac. Nessgate 
Pkdcard Rev. Wm. L. Bootham 
Pickering James, shoemaker, Pease« 

holm green 
Pioder John, shoemaker, Stonegate 
Pinder Wm. vict. Leopard, Coppergt. 
Plowman Ann, Chapter Coffee House, 

Minster yard 
Plows Benj. A Son, stone and marble 

masons, Fo«is bridfre, Walmgate 
Plows Benj. ds Wm. glass, china, and 

earthenware dealers, and stone 

masons. Coppergate 
PloromerMiss Margaret, ]adies*boanl 

ing school, GoMramgaf e 
Pointer John, grocer, <fec. 
Pole John, comb mfr. SkeMergnle 
Pollard Catharine, painter, CoUiergt. 
Pollard Charles, boot and shoemaker. 

Low Petergate 
Pollard John, joiner, cabinet maker, 

upholstensrife shopkpr. Skeidergt. 
Pollaid James, Walmgate 
Ponifret Wm. glass and china dealer, 

and' gloss cutter, Stonegate 
Poole John, shitemaker, Skeldergate 
Poole John, Goodramgate 
Pope Jonn than, shopkeeper, Girdlergt. 
Popple M. A. dress nikr. Bootham row 
Porritt Jobtt, excise oflicer, Walmgate 
Pottage John, dyer, Fossgate 
Pottage Rd. ^raener, Wiiln)gattf bar 
Potter Wm. writer, Ojelelbrtb 
Potter Thos. currier. Goodramgate 
Putter EliK. baker, Walmgate 
Potts Joshtia, goldsmith, i^^eller. 

(miisir^il clocks and snuft boxes,) 

and wati'h maker, Spurriergate 
Powell Rd. bricklayer, Goodramgate 
Powell Tbos. whip maker, Castle^rate 
Powell Chi j^U>|»her,cowkeeper, Laui 
I bert'i y a ri, Tanner row 




Powter Af«jry» silk stocking gnttef, 

Poynton J&mes. $bo^keeper> without 

Pratt JohH, gunsmith, Stonegate 
Pratt Tbos. tatlor, Middle WkUit lane 
Prest Edw. db Soiis,wfae^esale diemlsts 
and druggi8ts> Pa?eaieiit ; hpuse, 
iKt. Savioureate 
Prest Wm. butchjBr, Petergate 
Piest John, ooal merchant, |9orthst. 
Prest John, poulterer and bapon dea- 
ler, Feasegate 
PnestoiiThos. w. attorney, Stone|;t» 
PiestoD Ann, gentlewmn. CHllyga^ 
Psestoa Jane, gentlewiji^i. Petergate 
Preston Wm. nioemkr. Goodtam(i;i(t9 
PKston Thomas, joined, Gobdramfate 
Psrioe Thomas, Esq. Clementhor^ nail, 

Skeldergate postern 
Prioe Wm. grocer, Micldegate 
Price Aaron, grooer, Great Shambles 
Prickett Thos. Esq. St. Savioorgate 
Priestley Geome, grocer andtallpw 

cbaibdler, Goodramgalie 
Pliestle\^ Joseph, Tamitwe,^..bipker, 

High Jubbeigate 
Priestman David, tanner. Maiygate 
Mooe and Prest, flint glass inanufac- 

turers) Fishergate 
Prince John, gent. Fishergate 
P^noe Wm. clerk at glass house. 

Prince's court, Coney street" 
Ptinoe<fe Gilt, dress makers, Stbnegate 
Prince Mattliieiy, bricklayer <fe phister- 

er, Tanner row 
PMnoeCfaas. Wood's yd. Tanner row 
Prince Jobp, shoemkr. First Waie,rln. 
FrinoeWm. tjailor, Petergate 
Proctor Robt. druggist. Tanner rpw 
Proctor Bavid, Dunning's yar4« Foss- 

PuUeyn Mis.Maiy, gmitwn. Bootham 
Fn&eynWm. dyer and comb maker. 

North street 
Polleyn Robert, hatter, hosier, aqd 

' glover. St. Helen's square 
Polleyn Henry, subscription billiard 

table* Blake street 
Pulleyn Jonathan, brickltr. Stonegt. 
Pulion *nios. London hat warehouse, . 

Pybus Greo. shoemaker. Tanner row 
Quarton Wm. butcher. Barker hill 
RadoUffe Charles, saddler and harness 

maker, Colliergate 
Radga Wm. vict, Wheat Sheaf, Silver 

Raiment Rev. Benedict, Blake street 
Baine Wm. shoemaker, Stonegate 
RaineMrs. Ann, milliner, Stonegate 
Randersou Wm. miller, Bootbam row 
Randerson Mai}', linen draper. Silver 

Randon MIbs> gentwmn. Mlckk^te 
Ransiey William, a^ent to the wat^ 

works, and tea dealer^ hifindal 
Jlaper, Swann, Clough, SwatuQ, Blm^ 

and Raper. bankers, CoDey street, 

draw on Sur R. C. Glyo. 4^ Q«. 

Raper John JSsa. banker : b^ T#otlieiton 

taper J.L.RsqfDanker ; q.illinster^ 
aper John, iuiner, Feasegate 
&afbmeU Tnos. vict. Ctoss Key^ 

^orth street 
Rawdon Miss, Micklegato 
^awdonChristr. sen. nrush niaiui£ae- 

turer. Barker hiU 
Rawdon Christr. jun. cabinet ipakfi% 

Barker hm 
IQlawdon Rd, brush mfy. Micklegat^ 
Rawdon and Peighton, cork cu$tei% 

88, Coney street 
Rayner Wm. victualler 
Rayneeson Joseph, Stonegate 
Rayson Thomas, sen.. gegtH^nwyty 

Tanner row 
Rayson Thos« ji)n*builder, |^ortiiMi» 
Rayson John, joiner, Hungata 
Rayson Wm. snoemaker, BootbiMn 
Read James, joineif, Maiygate 
Reaston Moses^ cowkpr. Barker IiiU 
Redforth John, battar, Dmumg^'sy^ 

Reed Suvester, vict. Bay MaltpBy 

Monk bar 
Reed James, tailor. Swinegato 
Reed Josepti, butener. Blossom st» 
Re^e Jane, vict. Leopard, Coii«»^ai^ 
Reynolds Wm. flax dresser^ FcKsagAto 
Reynolds Wm. plasterer, GiUyoata. 
Reynolds George, vict. Black-Horse^ 

Reynolds Maxy, earthenware dealer^ 

Reynolds Geo. schoQlma$ter,Fettef !«• 
Qfynoldson Thos. gardener^ Gillysato 
Rhodes Robert, tauor, draper, <fiK<&fk 

of the race course, Blake street 
Rhodes John, st|uffmanufactiiirer« Bar- 
ker hill 
Rhodes Jas. bricklayer, Walmgate 
Richardson Rev. Jan^es, Bootbam 
Richardson Jam^s, solicitor, a^nt to 

thp West of England Fire Office; 

and coroner for the iiberty of St. 

Peter, CoUierffate 
Richardson Rev. Thos. classical aad 
I commercial academy. Bishop hlU 
Richardson R. A< J. letter press pii»* 

tors, High Ousegato i h* WaterwD 

Rittbiardson John, tailojc and'icleqn^ 

man's robe maker. Minster yara 
Richardson Mrs.' Martha, Ogdewth 
Richardson Edward, g;rocer,lBo9tbam 
Richardson William, tannei:^ thread 




■Huni&ctwery and Aas spinaor, 

Skeldo&ate poiterq 
Ricbardson Jph. sfaoemkr. Skelderst. 
Ridianigon dt BiineU,taU<iv rtlmndfew 

and grooeffs. Great Shaaibles 
Riicfaaidson Hannan^D. cooper, bacon 

and butter iMstxyr, MicUeaate 
Richardson Elix. gentwasD. andkies^t. 
Eicteedsoii Ricbaid, aiotoaller, Bhie 

Ball, Fon^pite 
RU^aidson Francis. gentleaiaD, with- 
out Waimgate o«r 
RichaidsoB Frands, ooal merchant. 

Far Water lane 
Rkfaaidson Waa. jolnar, iec Siiwect. 
Itiohafrison CbristophMr, vidiialtor, 

Garrick's Head, High Petcigate 
Ricbardson John, vidaatter, Lion and 

Lamb, Blossom street 
Richardson Wm. shoemkr. IfM^rgt, 
Richardson Wm. vict* Lord Nelson, 

Litde Shambles 
Ridttrdaon Hannan, ion. oooner, St. 

If artiB*s lane 
Richardson Abm. tailor, Waimgate 
Richardson Thoa. tnnikey,.€itf gaol 
Richardaoa Mm, Mipsteyyand ' 
Richardaon Ricbd.' whip dotA 4t twine 

Bfuaner, and keeper of the work* 

hoQsc^ If aiygate 
Richardson Mrs. C.reipster oftoe for 

female aepvaiits, GoH^e s^neet 
Richardson Tfaos. oowkeeper, SkeK 

dergate postern 
Riduaond J. ooacb goard, Beddep 
RiobmoBd Joaeph, dock mkr. Fossgt. 
Rtchmcmd Saran, cowkpr. North st. 
RicfamoDd Thomas, excise oflSoer, St. I 

Andrevwate '-: 

Richnsond Joseph, tailor and habit 

maker, Hongata 
Ridcarda John, l«oker, Swiaegate *. 
Rickett Joseph, Tiotoadar, HaM Mooa, 

Blake street 
Rider Jph. Aax dresier, Walmgt. hsS 
Ridler Cuthbert, stagr maker, Loid 

Mayors walk 
Ridsdale David, plumber 4b glacier, 

without Wahngate bar 
Ridsdale Robert, gent. £|toiiegate 
Rigg Thoa. A Son, wholesale nuiiery 

and seedsmen, Fishergate 
Rigr Mrs. Ann, GillTgatte 
Ripby Hobert, cov^kpn Barker bill - 
Ri^ John, tailor. Little Stonegale -. 
Rilejr Thos. coRchsmUtb, Gglefoith ' 
Ripley Alice. Blossom street 
Ripley Matthew, sho^mkr. Noithst» 
ttipley Jas. bookbuidBr. College st. 
Rippon John, genenu aoeoontant, 

schoolmaster and piivats teaober, 

Rippon Frances^ ladies disss Coather 

«nker4aid^aaii8r,Stoiieg^.' , 

lUppQH G. C. carver, gilder aad oil 

pioture deanc^r, Stonegate 
Roberts Wm. Peaseholme ff^em 
Robinson Mn. £jEentwmn. Boothmn 
Robinson Lieut. Cnas. St. Sayiofirgt* 
Robinson Mrs. Afarjr. St. " ' 
Robinson and Gfaham^ 

Robinson Mrs. Afarjr. St. Savionigatr 
**~*Tinsoo and ^ — — --i^— -p. 



Rj9bin«)n If. A. t^Uanej^ how. 

Barker biU 
Robinson Ofaas.^ ooal dealer. Monk bar 
]Robia0OB JobP, mufic 4s musipal i|k- 

strument dealer, Stonagatis 
Roomson WiUMaa» M»t ^ ti»ffSf, 

Robinson Wm. flax and toir spiimer, 

SkeUavgate postern 
EobinsjDn Thomas, Joiner^j^ogdrsingt. 
Robinson Wro. oowkeeper, phto Ball 

yard, ^keM^rgftte 
Robinson John, basket mkr. Fpssgate 

Robinson John, oomb mkr. MIcUmI. 
Robnson Johp, comb mVr. fetter ip* 
Robinson Mis. Jesse, GesUegate 
Robionan J. aactiooeer^ Bedd^am 
Robinson Juannah, achoolmiv^jress, St. 

RohinaoQ' JoQn,stone maaon, Noith ft . 
Robinson fieoiamia,4aikNr,«^iac)E Bull 

''. .j^eyWatiagate 
Robinson Rt.taiE)r,t4oiKiMayor'| wall; 

giOblD^eo Joseph, jrenjt. Baijcer h^ 
Jas. ooonb i ' ^ 
lipson Chartotte, sirai 
iacturer, Trinity lane 

Robinson Jas. ooonb ipkr. Graoe laue 
.Robipaon Chartotte, ftraw hat ma^- 

IWibiJNKm Tho«^ coach £i|ard. GiUygt. 
Robinson James, Yictnailer, lU^maa, 

Robinaon Geo. plana nikr. Bishop bill 
Robinson Wm. cowkeeper, ,MbnKga|te 
Robson Hannah) coal dealer, wj^out 

Walmgal^ bar 
Robaoo'I^aac^ carrier, L. ShamUaa 
Rodley JosepQ, oeot. Waimgate bar 
Rod^y JohOf qmioet mkr. Fetergate 
RpgaEson W. )Et. practitioner of medi- 
' . : Pipe,. Goodraangate 
.RAmans John, bJH^ket maker.Walmgt. 
Rook Mark, corn factor, vict. Jt wme 

4b spirii dealer^ J^ew Bridge ^t^ 
Rooke Thomas, silk mercer, baber- 

4asber fk dealer i^ carpets, J^ln- 

Ropcir John 4b Sop, b»wers^ spirit 

'. .merchants, Tbiusday market 
Roscna John, arocer.'Coppergate 
Rose MiiiS £tizubatb,' ^nUewofp^, 
- vitbout>fi(^9gatei)ar 
Botherlbid Robert,. ^ep.'oQnfectiouqr, 

RoiberfordBob, jion. tinpa^j^ brax^iar, 


LiU»th.well Wm,bo9WW«P(W^Bu«rtSg> 
I yard,Fote0jyp.. 





Roomier Joseplij mfr. of powder flaski^ 

drinking' oonig, and broad horn 

sbatlngfi for ftre places, Tanr.iow 
Roandin/B; Thomas, earthenware dlr. 

Trinity lane 
Routledge Wm . shoemkr . Goodramgt. 
Jlowley H. E. mlUiDer, College st. 
Rowutree Joseph, grocer. PaTement 
Rowntr^e. Roheit, watdi and dodc 

maker, Coppergate 
Radd John, vlct. Labourer, Skeldergt. 
Ruddock John, Tict. White Swan Inn, 

Ruddock Wm. shoemaker, Gillygate 
Ruler John, eating house and white- 
smith, Fbssbridge • 
Rushy. James, gent. Hungate 
RttMeOi Thompson A Russelli sotici- 

tors) Lendal 
Russell Simeon^ Tict* Barley Com Inn, 

Russell Joseph, joiner* Marvgate 
Russell Mrs. Bluabetn, PetergRte 
Rusion Miss Mary, OiUygate 
Ryan Ellen, genUewoman, Alhton st. 
Rylah -Geoin?^, goremor of the city 

gap), near Bishop hill 
Ryland Wm. surgeon, <fec; withoiit 

Mieklegttte bar 
Rymc^r Peter, ooalinerchant;'4r<S. St. 

Savf6ur*stt>w ' 
Sainton Thomas, stone miisto, Pump 

ytod, Micklegate 
Salmond *Misses Julia kind Maria, geo- 

ilewomfen, Minster yUd 
•i^tttnitrsii Mrs. gentwran. Blake st* 
Salvin Mn, Mana, Bootham ' 
Salvin Miss Elizabeth, Mount 
Samuel Sarah, pastry oook, Hungate 
SandelwHi Tbomas» furnishing iron- 

monffer> butler, orown ghus, and 

iron bar merchant. Loir Ousegt. 
SarMersbn Saiiil. bricloayer,' North st. 
Sanderson <fe Johnson, linen drapers 

and habdMashers. Patement *'■ 

Sanderson John ,wooUen drpr. Pavemt. 

Sanderson Mr^.Anne.eeutWn.Glllygt. 

Sanderson John, Lord Mayor's oflioer, 

*' Bootham row 

Saunden James, Esq. stirgeon and 
" ' aldeiman, High Ousegate 
Savage Johnj flax dresser, rope A hair 

doth mfr. Great Shambles 
'^▼flle Wm. cowfcefper,Layertborp 
Savitle John, cowkeeper and butcher, 

'Safille J. B, painter, Beddem 
Saville John^ butcbeir. Goodramgate 
Seville RicfaRrtl;butcher> Gwdrtimgt. 

Scaddfethorp Rlchardi shoembkei', 

North street 
'i^ddWWe}^'- tnement) 
St. Mary's sqOara 


Scadhxdc John, whip noakctf, FosMpnto 
Scaife George, TkstoaUer, Black Ball^ 

Thursday market 
Scaife Chpr. billianl room. College tU 
Scaife Wro. wood turner, Swinejcate 
Scaliing John, tkoemaker, Skelclafgt* 
Scarr dk Fletcher, porter meicbants, 
' Middegate 

SoBxr John, flax and liiien mercteni^ 
flax and tow spinnery patfiiit co- 
loured and shoe thread manufiio* 
turer, Hungate ; h. Tanner vow 
Scawin wm. chemist^ dru0^st ^ tea 

dealer. Low Petergate 
Scbolefield Jobn,Esq.banker»Casttogt. 
Scholfteid Wm. TioL Golden FleeoB^ 

Scott Robeit, solicitor, Bootliam 
Scott John) Yict.r Fox and Hoands, 

Blossom street 
Soott Wm. blacksmith, Blcwsom at. 
Scott Miss Sarah, Goodramifate 
■Soott Bartholomew, Wafantfate bar 
Scott Thomas, cabinet maKer, Little 

Blake street 
Soott SBa.,miUiner, dec Ltl. Blake M. 
Soott Robert^ broker, Swinegate 
^ioott Jvnathani tailor, Beddem 
Soott Thomas, joiner, Foss bcid^ 
Soowby Francis, yeoman^ wxtbottt 
' • WaUnsate bar. 

Soowby Tnos. shoemaker, Feas^gate 
Scrntoa Wm. batcher, Gt.Sbanioles* 
Scruton Richd. baker, Ac, North st. 
Seagrave Rjohd.biaaier,j(fec. Swiiieg;t. 
Seagrar^ Bdw. net. Chrapes, Mickle|[rt» 
Sedgwick Wm. eabinetmkr. JBlake at. 
.Seller Chas. spirit mercht. Paveaient 
Sellers John. vict. Fakxm, (oommer- 
ciiU inn <fe posting house )Mi(^le|^ 
Sellers Mrs. Mary, gentwmn. Monkgt* 
Serry Elis. dress maker. Bishop liUT 
Setterhigton Jamias, linen and woolten 

draper. Pavement 
Settle Isaac, ioinerj Ogleforth :. ■ 
Settle Isaac, iHCoker^ Feosegtate 
Settle Edward, tailor, Peteinate 
Settle George, butcher, Pet^rgate 
Settle William, Peaseliolm green 
Settle Mary, briber, Feasegate 
Sevars Thomas, gent..GooQramgat0' 
Severs Joseph, grooen <kc. Ston^^ate 
Severs Elis. dress maKer, Peteiigi^e 
Stivers Wm. butcher,Thur8day market 
Sawell William, gent. Tanner row 
Seymour John, attorney and protbo- 

notary, Little Stonegate 
Sbymoor Mis. Jane, Bootham square 
Shackleton Tbs»shoemkr, Waterloo pi. 

SayerMrs. Elias. eentlewbman,LendaI rSbaekleton Wm. biacksmith, Walmgt. 

Shadwisll MirBbelIa,gentwmn.New st. 
Sbaftoe Sarah, shopkeeper, Widmgt. 
4Shaftoe Hannah; (Ape mkc« Walm&« 
Sharp Tbos. butcher,Tharsdaj market 




Stew Artbiir, ffeot Ifickleg&te 
Staw Ann, Yict Coach and Henes, 

Shaw Tbos. sbopkeeper, Mi(!lElegt.lMi 
Shepherd Samuel, rope mkr. Nwth it. 
Shepherd Tbos. rope reaker, Walnifft. 
Shepherd John, rope maker, Bfidale 

Water lane 
Shepherd Joseph, filnnriaB to the Sab- 

scriptioo uihrary, St. Helen's mr. 
Shepbera Robt. shoemaker, GiUmAe 
Sberwin Mary, itraw bat manunictii- 

ler, Cbarcn yard, North street 
Sherwood EUc. forrier, gtover, hatter 

and hosier. High Ouse/^ate 
SbiUetoe Tbos. iroDinoDeer, Pa?eiiient 
Shinton Thomas, boannng academy, 

St. Sariourgate 
Sbinton WiQIam Edward, writliig and 

drawing master, St. Savionifpate 
Shores end Steward, cabinet maken 

and npholsteren, Mickletate 
Shoolksmnh Jo9eph,pIamberdeglasfer, 

St. Mary's row. Bishop hill 
ShoQtWm. stone mason, Beddem 
Shooter J. R. master porter, Gillygt. 
Shnttleworth Mary, broker, Peter In. 
Sibbit Wm. shoemaker, Wahngate 
SMaSi Emanuel, brewer, Swinegate 
SldweD Qeo. shoemaker. Fetter lane 
Sigswortb John, grocer and tallow 

chandler, Castiimte 
^veisides Samnel, tellor, Mairgate 
Sihersides ThcmMs, baeon fector and 

bladdnr maker. Middle Water In. 
Slrertboip C. schoolmaster,CoUege st. 
Simpson Jas. spirit merohant, Iwvy- 
^ gate 
ehnpson Christopher, saddler, Ac. 

Simpson Robert^ ESsq. Bootham 
Simpson Mrs. Bettica, Mount 
Simpson Snsan, gentwmn. Trinity In. 
Simpson Jas. bookkeeper, Davy^te 
Simpson L.AJ. corn millers. North st. 
Simpson J. J. gloTe mfr. Stonegate 
Smipson Wm. vict. York TaTern, (ds 

posting bouse) St. Helenti souare 
^Shnpson Cfbristoplber, botcher. Mount 
Simpson Jonathan, broker, Peter lane 
Simpson T. excise officer. Grape lane 
Stanpson Joseph, tailor, Walmgate 
Shapson John, saddler, Walmgate 
SInpeon Andrew, gardener. Bishop bill 
StApsofi John, tanner, Walmgate 
Simpson Jas. shopkeeper, Ogfeforth 
Simpson William, collector's derk, 

SindaiT Robert, Esq. barrister and re- 
corder of tne dty, 5. Conev st. 
Singleton Gregory, oowkpr. Aldwark 
Sindeton Wm. snoemaker, Aldwark 
8)mm Wm. gent. St. Mary's row, 
Bishop hm 

SkelloB John, aphobterer, Albien st. 
Skelton Jam w, yk tualler, Wheat 

'Sheaf, Davygate 
SkeUon Robert, oowkeeper. North st. 
Skelton John, shoemaker, St. Mary's 

WW, Bishop hill 
Skiifflshaw Mtoset, fancy dms ma* 

kers^ Trini^laoe 
Slaney Lewis, ifai dreaser, Walmffatd 
Slater Mary, feUmonger, Walmgate 

Slater Wm. vessel owiier, Hukerti 

yard. Mk;kle]nt» 
Slater IVis. ganftner, Walmgate 
Sledmere Ridiard, basket rouer and 

toy wareboose, Neasgate 
Small John^ register oHoe, Coliefe st. 
Smeaton Mn. Ana, Bishop hill 
Smelt Ralph, Little Shamnles 
Smelt BHiab^th. btoker. l^eter lane 
Smelt Henry, solidtor. St. Andrewgt. 
Smith A Kirlew, mernants 4e whole- 
sale grocers, Skeldeigate 
Smith Thos»Baq. aldefman,frK«Miiriea 
Smith Richard, coal and Ume dealer, 

Smith Frances, iadiei boarding school^ 

■ Bootham 
Smith Josiah, nrarical instniment dea« 

ler and deik at poet offlce, St. 

Smith John, glass A eUna warehouse, 

Smith Wm. cabinetmaker, undertaker 

and auctioneer JLow retergate • 
Smith John, gent. Walmgate 
Smith Wm. Hnen draper, flax dresser, 

and rope maker, HaTmarket 
Smith Geo. cowkeeper, walmgt. bar 
Smith Geo. shopkeeper, Jnbbergate 
Smith Tbos. shoemaker. Trinity lane 
Smith John, gardener and seedsman, 

florist and froiterer, Spurriergate ; 

boose. Mount 
Smith Joseph, whitesmith and hard* 

wareman^ Low Petergate 
Smith John, vict. Wellington Coffee 

House, and butcher. 1%ssgate 
Smith Jane, milliner ano dress maker, 

SeagraTB court 
Smith Henry,tallowchandler, Walmgt. 
Smith Bfliss Biisabeth. Bootham 
Smith John, tailor^ Wakeileld court 
Smith Marr, gentiwmn. 19, Coney st. 
Smith Daniel, oats and shelling mill, 

Smith Geo. shoemaker, Stonegate 
Smith Thos. gardener, Castlegate In. 
Smith Elisabeth, flour dealer, without 

Walmgate bar 
Smith Mrs. Mary, Blossom street 
Smith John, gunsmith, Micklegate 
Smith Samuel, gent. Hungate 
Smith Robert^ Tiot. Shakespear Ta« 

▼em, Little Blake street 

I % 




tinith Benj., SBrdeBer, BIommhb it. 
mith Rev. Win. Gil^gate 
Smith Robt. ezds^imuiiSt. Antewgft. 
fhnitb Wm. bair dressa, Bofitbani 
9m\\h Geo. milk dealer, Wahngt; bar 
8iititb Ge6. Green hme^ Hungate 
Smkh TbonieS) boeeii and butter iiM> 

tor, St. Andrewgate , 
Smith Woi. bookbiedtor, Ladf Peek- 

et'tvaid, Pavement . . 
Smitb Tnost TtetuaUer^ Red Uod, St; 

Saviour's row 
Smith Wm. 018900, GoUe/i>:e st. 

fmith Wm. m^l guaifly Ijendal 
mith Mn. Mary, Heli^te lam 
Smith Thos. cowKeeper, Layeitboip 
Smith John, prlntefj Black Horse 

passage. Foisgate 
Smltli pavl4,.»boe«wker,StoiMsate 
Smith Gpo. jdoer. Barker hill 
SAitb Wm. horse deader, Blake st* 
Smith Robert, miller, wahqeate 

tmithies Jas.8Qboolniister, Fnar walls 
miihsoQRob^,. soliQitor <& aeent to 
the Pelican Life d? PhoeiuK Life 
pIBeesi Gollieisate . , 
Snaith John, blacksmith^ Finkle st. 
Snary Wm^ Giilyg|ttf» , 
Snow Geo.butcher, Gi«at Shambles 
Sno^ Peter, bi^idclayer, Castlegate 

fnow HanDahi ficatterer, Sk«ldeig(it0 
nowball Wm. shoemaker. Swinegate 
Snowden 7hos« taibNT) Beadeni . 
Saowden Wm. whitesmiih^ Biaek Bull 

lane, Walmgate 
Soowdea Henry, whitesmith, Davyf|[t. 
Snowdon and Buckley, stone masons 

and sculptors. If ioklmto 
Sollii Jas. mason. High Jubberfate 
S<^eran Thos. bookseller, statioaer^ 

and bind^» % Coney street 
Bouthwood Wm. brioklay«r. Butcher's 

yard, Walmgate 
Sowerby Maiy« viet« White Hone, 

Sowerby Mary, fiooer. CoUieigato 
Spenoe Jaqnes. g^t. Widmgate 
Spenoe Robert gnnt. Pavement 
Spenoe Wm. butcher A ?iet. Ham and 

FiiklD, Walmgate 
Spenoely Thos. wine botUer^ Davygt. 
Spencer Isaac, Esq* lord mayor, Maii>- 

sion house, Goney st. <fe FoppUMt 
Mefaeer Francis, broker, Jubbeiiate 
Spender Isaac and Co. manufaeturing 

chemisto^ ^ wholesale druggfeto, 

FiKt Water lane 
spencer John, dyer dt nnisher ef pa^ 

tent threads. Tanner leW 
Spetoh Jas. j^nter, CouiBBt passage^ 

Coney street 
Spetch Ann, sbopkpr. Thiirsdaymkt* 
Spfnk Jph. wfailesmitb. Lit. Shambles 
^nk JuMb •koMMhtr» QgMarth 

Spoir Mrs. Blixabeth, 

Low Jubberiate 
Spurr John, whofesale dk retail • 

* dronist. New Bridjee alt . 
Stabler RuK. livery, laoe £ innge i 

nufactorer, Monkeite 
Stabler Geo, eowkpr. FeaaeholoMli . 
Stainer Thos. oowkeeper. Walg gdg^ 
Stainfurtb Mis* Am^Kentwn. 0iiij>P| 
Stainlbrth C aptain, JDavygate 
Stansfteld Abraham, linen draper, dh%. 

Stapylton^y Mary, without Kidd^ 

gate bar ^ i* • 

Staveley Wm. governor of tbe CaitM 
Stead Mn Mary. Far Water laiie 
Stead John, solicitor. Tanner row 
JStead A Gell, com dealera, Mam Mi 

theUiBg mills, SkekleigBta -i 
Stead Henry ami Edward, ajuetfhm^ 

and wholesale grooers, t^atMrn^ 

and hop merchants, Skelderg^ \ 
Stead <fe Sooi statuairy and stone ai» 

sons, SkeUiergate <& Kerib skeeti 

house, Micklegate 
Stead Geoq^e, basket 

Mercoiuitii' hall 
Stead Jaae, coal dlir. Fint Water 
Stead Thos. eomb mfr. Oastlegaftei 
Steara Samuel^ tarabouriiie A nuUt 

druai, <lke. mauufieMiturer^ « mi 

dealer, rossgale - 

Steel Thot. brickiayeri Barker bill t^ 
Steel John, shoemaker, Fossgaie n\ 
Steel Thos. shoeipiaker^ Walmede i 
Steel Henry, DKovtoton dealer, iM^Kk 
StephensoB Miss H. Blake street ' ' 
Stephenson Richard, tallow ehaadhsr, 

Great Shambles •/ 

Stephenson Henry ceal nerehaH, 

PanoaaoB home, Conev st. . i 
Stephenson Job. fnHiiner,St.Jaary^«||j 
Slewaid G. and Sons, eombs, liiiiflMpI 

light and drinking bom manUn^ 

tiireni. Koasom street 
Steward Henry, watoh A ciodc maHftl^ \ 
^ LowOusBftte _. ^ 

Steward Wm.flas dresser^WalmgL Mr 
Stevfart AfKlrew^ boiamitraak a» 

ker, Walmgate 
Stodhart Mn. Mary, Bootham row . 
Stodhart Thos. brasier, tin ^0Q^p•^ 

smith and ironmonger, Conejf si* 
Stokes BliSk vareisher, Bootham M 
Stones Greo. upholsterer, fancy ohilr 

4g cabinegb maker, Pavemeat « 
Stones Thos^ newspaper editor, Qp 

Storry F. w. proetor and agent to tte 

Gk^ Insoranoe Co. Low Peteip* 
9^oirf Wm. printer, Low Petemtt 
Storry Jiohn,%totiiayer, Blaek Hdni^ 

Stoat John, gardener, Uaianoeait 




Stownan Thos. tailor, Akiwark 
ftnikvd TIkk. tianef AUnon stnet 
Anker Wm. Inker, Great Shambles 
Jftnker Rachael, baker, 4». Foauate 
Sliaker Tbos. miul jfuaid, Gillygaie 
Straogeways Captain Thos. Bootbam 
B^mjgsmB Robt. Uacknnitb, BeU'k 

yard, Petei;gate 
JStreeton ThoBMs, vietiiaUer, Bailey 

Con, Beddera 
ItiiddaiMi Eortaoe, Esq. banriaterat 

law. Judges' Old Lodfciiigs, Co- 
ney street 
Stricklaod W. ^ H. woollen diapen, 

Blake street 
Sturdy WiUiam, glass and china ware- 
boose, Petergate 
Mttdy Christopfaer. New street 
ftisdV Willtem, jc^ner, Snuth's yard, 

foffield Tbos. nrdemnr, WaUnnle 
ftuBfflerweU flattbew, hair oieaser^ 

Great Shambles 
ftnnaer James ^ Oliver, bocA-bUiden, 

Bmnpner John, plumber and glasier, 

Auiinan Wm. milkdlr. Walragate bar 
Saaler Robt keeper of the bar watch 

boose, Goodramgate 
Sotdille John, drogg^ aiid profes- 
sional chemisty 29, Coney sL 
Suicfiife John, shoemaker, North st. 
fcndis Robt. excise oiBcer, SkeUenrt 
Anin WiUiam, waiter at Btiidge's, 

Boothamrow ^ 

Swale John, batcher, 10, New Bridge 

Sviles John, flax and tow spinner, 

Walmgatebar; b. Heslington 
Swales Robert, baker, Micklegate 
Svaks Widow, milk dealer, Hungate 
Swan Abel, wine and spirit merchant, 

ana Vict. Three Tans, Coppeigt 
Swan M. A schoolmistress, Stooegate 
Swan John, batcher, Walmgate 
Swan Edward, gardener, without 

SwBoTbomas, Esq. banker; house. 

Blossom street 
IwsD Robot, Esq. banker i house, 

Sweeting Michael, linen draper and 

hosier, High Ousecate 
Swift Mrs. Catharine, skeldeivate 
Swift Robert, gent. Blossom soeet 
Said Mrs. Maty, hard Mayors walk 
Swift Mts. Saiah, Sfceldersnte 
Swift James, shipowner. Fetter lane 
Swift Wra. shopkeeper. Swinegate 
Swiabaok Hemy, booicDiDder,Petergt. 
Swords Ann, shopkeeper, WalmgaLe 
Taasley Bern, cooper,^ Pavyga^ ; li. 

Little Shambles 

'• A 

Tate John, grooer and lea dealer 

TateiBasB.A. boavdhig school (la- 

dies) Manor yard 
Thte Mary, book folder and binder, 

Tale Wm. bookbfaider. Barker hiU 
Tate John, honea to hire, iSilver sU 
Tatham Robt cooper, St. Andrewgt. 
TathamJas, cooper, Stooeffate 
Taykir Mrs. Jane, Albion street 
Taykir Cook 4r Co. wboUsale drnc- 

gists, and manuftiduring: cheaaw. 

oil paints^ coloors, and ainstani 

numaiactaren. works, near Ouse 

bridge ; ratail warehouse^ Spar* 

Taylor John, cabinet nrnker. npbol- 

sterer, andertaker» and uiraituro 

broker, Peter lane 
TkykMT Jaa. tea dealer. New Bfidgast. 
Taylor Joseph, victoaller. Five Lkms, 

Taylor Isaac, grocer, Ac, Pavement 
Taylor John, bricklayer, Ounning's yd. 
Taylor Jas. gardener. Foes bridge 
Tuyhir Jennh. wheelwright, Walmgt. 
TaykNT Michael, sculptor, Lendal 
TaykHT Richd. vict. Blue Bell, Thurs- 

day market 
Taylor Stephen, gardener, Walmgate 
Taykw Elia. butcher, Thursday mkt. 
Taylor Robert, tailor, Bootham row - 
IVsesdale James, shoemaker, Aldwgric 
Teesdale Christr. dealer in hosiery, 

wonted and yam, Aldwark 
Telford Isabella, floor dealer. Pease* 

Telford John, Esq. Tanner row 
Temple Newland, victualler, Boot 4: 

Slipper, Beddem 
Tennant Elia. shopkeeper, Walmgt. 
Terry Tbos. gent.Xord Mayor'tf walk 
TenyJoseph, chemist ana druggist, 

Tesseyman Robert, lineo draper and 

haberdasher, 3, New Bridge st. 
Tesseyman Thomas, grooer, 4, New 

Bridge street 
Tesseyman John, derk at post oiBce, 

and grocer, Bootbam 
Thacker John, dyer. Ston^gate 
Thackeray Robert, butcher, Thursday 

Thackmy Joseph, vict. and coal mer- 
chant. Jolly Bacchus, Micklegate 
Thackmy John, butcher. GiUygate 
Tbeakstone Richd. butcher, Peterj^t. 
Tbeakstone, Robinson <fe Co, chemists 

and dragiUsts, Micklegate 
Theak/rtgiMrP<^r» butcher. Great 

, Shambles 
Tbickett John. vjct. and spirit dealer, 

l... Blaokii9ith'»Ani9«, im»S^ " 
I 3 





" - — — 

TMMftathHrtiytb Atex. iooilftetioiiter,'ThTeapkiiidMi%.m. Aadf^^^rMife^l 
Finkle street Thniilk Wm. tullor, College m««tj 

TlidAite lidhil> iHtt bivner add ;^l- ThurgarlatMl Ret. Godfrey, I ^^ 
merchant, Tbonos (miiiige, Szel- tcbooL St. Andrewgate 
di^^te fhilhttto wVn. taimer, WHiKMit 

Thomas Richard, victiflllet, Shlto, ftrst 

Tboiliitt Mns. Eleanor, kdeper of the 

Bttth, bendal 
Thomas Wilfiam, Pt0S^ iMKse for 

serfaliU, MfB^feer yatd 
TiKMSipson M». Abu, Cttitl^ie 
TMMifMott lf«B(s Gfac^, Ctetlegate 
TiMMpMa Mrs. ' ^ 

gate bar 
IVttev John, tdaHile ttiltf stolie 

l^mms Isaae,' t^terinar^ 

without Castli^gate po^tofto^ 
Tihdell John, eowkeeper, Wif 


o^, ^W3M«.K»<» Tindell John, vessel owiiet, etti 
HiewleWoman, St. toefthant, Skeldet^te 

[Tireman Mis. Ami, "^^tit 

TkompsM wm. tolidltor, Lendal 

Thompson James, chemist A: dftlggistB 
dfttulttll Stoitb^^ 

TftofApMh h^w&, kooM * irigili poin- 
ter. Walm^te 

TiMBpMm Miss, ^Mss Inaker, Hifth 

Thompson John, sboemedcet, tli|>;h 


T1ioHi¥«db jGiba and Sott. Joiners and 

packing hot manfirs. tittle Stone* 

^^tH/b'; hm^ Marygate 

Thomjpson John, cnwkeeper, MiHikgt. 

TlMMMMeii TboB. eoal mercbaat, Lord 

Mayor's walk 
Tkomfaan J^tin, f^ittdt, Danaing's yd. 

TlMiHipson Wm. ithoeaikt. Bisheo hill 
TlKMn|MOB Mrs. Cathcitae, BootbaAi 
Tboiapioa RoberL gk>i«t, Patement 
Thompson John, snoBmak^, Peter In. 
Thfattipsaa Joho^ ^hopke^per, Petergt. 
Thompson Geo. shopkeeper, Walm^. 
ThompSbn Thos. Miaemaker,Rmi$vite 
Thampftoa Thos. Vict. Crown, Tmirs^ 

day market 
Ttompsob Wm. Ainaer^ ttankiat« 
Thompsott Wm. j^atpdeaef, ftootbam 

Thompson Matthew,miMcmaii,G4nyKt. 
TiM>m)>0on Thos. comb maker, Mickw- 

Thorntoa Mid Spiaic, |^av«ft and tea- 

ther breeches makers, Sputtterat. 
Timrotoik Philip, viM. bolden Bail, 

Bishop hi H 
Thornton Elia. vtot Flying Harse> 

Thornton Mary. dress maker^Whlrngt. 
Thornton Mrs. Anne,brol(!ei*. reasegate 
Thornton Gea. fSi^eeer^ <fea. jHohkgate 

h»bk«r, troodramgt. 

Todd John and €eoci;;a, ^.^. 

staCfonerstSs printieu^rs. Si 
Tt>dd Bnoeh, ooin dealer, liCRrd Ma 

aralk j_ 

Todd Thomas, ahbfetnaker, CoppeM 
Todd RobettdrBou, batcbefa, CM 

Todd Thomas, ftbopksepery AMvtaft 
Todd Beiy. stocking and ww s t fcd mi 

anfectairer, Litue Shaitibles 
Todd Elis. straw hat mfr. QmcOsmBg 

?odd Matthew, Aldwaik ^ 
bdd Mary, ehopkeeper. MdaieSatd 
Toes Wm. currier, G^^amnBgate 
Totoliason Thomas, preoeplor of MM 
sks, and vender ancTMaiiarj 
mmrt0allnstraments,4kc. lltoaa 
Tomlinsott Jonathan, viei;. WMj 
HoRre Coflbe House, SkftlAm0t 
Topham Miss, flentwma. MiMMT yi 
Timbon Mrs. JT P^ Gillygata 
Towler Saml. tailor, GoodraniMlB 
Towler Elia« soopkeeper, l^clrtb it. 

Tbamtoa J^isepb. brL»^., «»^^ 
^lorp Anthony, Egq. BooCham 
Tbon»e abd Gray, adlkMMis, Low 

Tbwpe Bdwaid, hoot nn^ slit)emall»r, 

and vice Crispin Arms, Church- 


Townend Richard, feoiicitdrafid tawiH 

derk, Blake-street 
TiMmend A baikkm, ^olk^ors, Laadi 
Townend Mrs. Anne, Id, €?oiieyac. 
T<iwnend John, stone mason, w«dh^ 
Townson Henry, cierk at tba Vm 

Rtdtn^ stamp office, Kew ft 
TrifetTbes. viet. Bladt Rone, Pate 

Tra^l nmbeBa, wonted tpiaiM 

Th>a%aodW1l}iallRan,bocA andihol 

makers. Low Oosegata 
Take Wm, ten* bouse, Csstlei^ate 
Tiika Samuel and Co. wbakaale U 

defers, <?avtle||;ata 
Take A Ayer, Mnd aarvafort, Skamgi 
Tuke Daniel, land aganl^filsb^ bw 
Take John, kmd asent, mbop^ w 

?umer John, deal^t, b. 4. CMiey ft 
uhier Jas. lin^n drapi^r, patHfute 
T^itaer James, Wahiigati^ 
TdiMsrldba) VWt Ctoei Ka^l, OaeA 



finer Mtof, fMstoycMlc, Leopiud 

TiifMr Ottf«r, tm^eller, WalnMoite 
Tamer Thomas, tfbopktMer. Howt. 
TwMT Joka, ioi«er, bishop hitt 
Tniiier J«nee» joiner, Boettam row 
TWner #eH Y^i^ Keck OogyFeeMit 
Toner Rev. Wm. — theiettcei tefor 

et the MancheetAr Vn^bftmiBm 

ool]ece» MoidKieele 

ner Wi 

Moer, wtthovt Wda- 

Ate bef 
turpiA Joeeph, boet butMei^ CictMii- 

tiKHp wttkofltpoelBni 
Turtoii Isaacy methodiii fmeber, 

tweedy John, Biq. banker, without 

Gastt^gnte poetem 
TwpatjaMui Seiah, malOmttp Hlg^ 

Underwood Aai^ fhst. Spotted Oaf, 

St. Saviowigiae 
Underwood Tbomaf, JekiHr, 8tonep;t 
P mfai w o o d SwBh» BMlliner 4b lepoet- 
fiw laiicj woriL Gt. StoMct. 
'n. Uaaaak, BioMaai itteet 


Wade Wm. hrtaUayar. 
Wadmaa Jin. BiCi. 

wlthoat WalmMte 
WadaMO ioba«oowkprc 
WaggiU M iehae^doek 

yard* PetaiflBto 
Waind Wm. taitorar dpr. flendrtaiet 
Wated Tboe. tatter, Ac. H. relMAe 
Watewiisht John, ehoeaMker, Utd 

WaiteJohn, attorney, tUter atltet 
Watte John, guatd of H^ 


kNj fiw Hancy woriL G 
UptoB ifn. Uaaaak. Bum 
Vattetle PaaL eoal diealer, Manrci 
Vaiey Wm. dk Sofe, baeon aad batter 

Bcton, and ooeaen. Fetter hoe 
VedMr John, mttfer, Sfnttie ftaUl, 

Heworth moor 
Vedey Maiy, irire worker and imm^ 

er, Fossgate 
VmmMkiuu^ ironmon g e r <fc iJane 

maker, 8, Hew bridge <ti e et 
Vtaghem Chen, thepkpr. Qoedranagl. 
Vaum Geo. wooUen di^erand taifer. 

John, Viet. Bla^ I^g« Low 
7anwi aiohaffd, not. Wind MiU,wlfth> 

out CasUegate Mttem 
Yaai Wm. aboemaker, Wahmte 
Veavers Frances, dressmfcr. I^tmgt. 
Vaan iehn^ tin plato worker 4t bra^ 

tier, Ooodraaigate 
VeDt^nis Thos. gardener, FarWtr. In. 
Terity Thee, t beemaker. WahngMn 
YkkprsMisa Franoeii,kiidUet' beerdlng 

semiDttc^, Coney gtnset 
Vickers M n. Sarah, Monluate 
VlaeMit Bldannei,UadwiiiUi,SB[rith*k 

l^iner Thomas, sawyer, Holigate 
ViaeyJoha, aaotioneer and mattress 

maker, Green lane, Hongnte 
Veeir Tbomaa, shopkpr. Grue lane 
VoUaos Joseph, wine mcft. Mkddegt. 
Waddkigtoii Thdmas, number Mettt, 
_ 4£K«street 
Wade Mrs. gonOew^BMn, Bf aQnste 

WnitoEicbard, Lord Mayors wtik 
Wake Baldwin, M. D. Little Bhrimst. 
Wake Hannah, dma mkr. Coney at. 
WakefteU Xchl.wheelwri|i;htkTdftg«. 
Wakelin Robt. flai diasser, Wafangt. 
Wakemaa Jfia. Mary, BkMom at. 
Wales John, ship owner^OoU^geat. 
Wales John, oosl mart. WiUow aL 
Walea Maftia,ooaohnnith, Swl wf elb 
Wales ThooMS, shoemaker. Bootiiun 
Wales BlaniLsnton of St. Olave^ 

raarch. Boot ham row 
Walker Thomas sottcitor, CoBliwt. 
Walker Wm. c^nt. Beddeni 
Walker B. tA H. ladies' boahlb^ 

school, Ooney street 
Walker Beigamhi A Oo. earthanwm 

maanfcoturewy Goodiamgata 
Walker Thos. A Wm.eanwnib giild* 

en, Blake street 
Walker llkdiael, ladies' ant gwlla. 

Hwn^ ah»f« mfr. 1 1, Coney st. 
Walker Jofis, wholemie eonfcoCieMr, 

Walker Jusepi^ taifer nBddiapflr4«# 

Walker Fnuicif, wonted mfr. North i«. 
Walker Matthew, plumber * glBrtmr, 

10, New Bridge street 
Walker Tbos.porUttitpaiater,CoaM^ 
Walker Thos. joiner and andertalmr, 

Walker John, Ihmn 4e woolleB draper, 

Walker Geo. mUk dealer. Wahngalh 
Walker John, eomb maker, Li^ev- 

thorp postern 
Walker Rt. grocer, Ae. Goodramgi 
Walker Peter, butcher, L. Jnhbef^ 
Walker John, roper, Silver street 
Walker George, joiner, Oagletoth 
Walknr Fieter, master pSter, Loid 

Mayor's walk 
WaBsar Samuel, painter^ Gtanolana 
Walker Samb, sen uuUem , Coney st 
WWher Robeit, tea dealer, M ^' 
WaBiBger John, gent. Lendal 
aMsJoi - - - 

W»daJohiw«««UaBdint«i^4fctiBMr, WaMsJohn, Bs<|. Btaka stiMC_ 
atonsplto T^ '|WallisAdw!«i^^JBihartRicnto 




WaBis Josepby baker, dec* Aldwark 
Wails Thomas, cabinet maker, under- 
taker 4; fumltore broker, Peter In. 
Walls Wm. tailor, <fec. L. Ousesate 
Walls James, ooacb guard. Coffee yd. 
Wakh^Thomas, gent. Micklegate 
Walton Mr. gent. Tanner row 
Walton John, cabinet maker, Cres- 

ser's yard, JUickle^te 
Walton John, Tict. Board, Marygate 
Walton James, shopkpr. Walm^^ 
Ward Anthony, viotoaller, Minster, 

Want Robt. sboemkr. Peaseholm gn. 
Ward Tbo8.cheml8t<fedruggist,Foss^. 
Ward John, common brewerand spirit 

merchant, Fosssate 
Ward John, organ ouilder, Micklegt. 
Ward John, Tietuailer, Turk's Head, 

Hay market 
Ward William, Rosemarv lane 
Ward Francis, whitesmith and iroo- 

monfer. Manor yard 
Ward Ralpb, shoemaker, Walmgate 
Ward Thomas, baker, ^. Walmgate 
Ward Peter, tinner, Walmgate 
Ward Jas. sboemkr. Peasefolmgreen 
Ward John, coachman. Coney street 
Ward Arthur, tape dealer, Hungate 
Ward Wm. horse dealer, Mary^^ 
Ward Samuel^ tailor, Finkle street 
Ware Mrs. Elis. irontlwmn. Gillygttte 
Ware Christ, saddler, dkc. Stonegate 
Ware John, veoman, Gillygate 
Warmeth John, dyer, Tanner row 
Warmeth Milry, diess mkr. Tanr.row 
Waraeford John, grocer, butter and 

bacon factor. Pavement 
Warren Eliz. shopkeeper, Stonegate 
Warrilow Joseph, fishmonger, Jubber- 

Wanrill Tbos. yeoman, St. Martinis In. 
Waterhouse John, wheelwright. High 

Waterhouse Samuel, net. Horse and 

Jockev, Aldwark 
Waters Jpb. sboemkr. St. George st. 
Waterworth John, hatter and furrier, 

Waterworth EUen, St. Mary's souare 
Watetworth Wm. shoemaker, Wel- 
lington row 
Waterworth Wih. farmer, Gillygate 
Waterworth John, felbnonger. Tan- 
ner row 
Watkinson Thos. timber, mahogany, 
<fe iron merchant, Walmgate ; h. 
St. Saviour's row 
Watkinson BUaabetb, gentlewoman^ 

Rosemary lane, Skeideigate 

Wataon James, musician. Castlegate 

Watson dk Moyser, com dlrs. Stbnegt. 

WatKm<fe Pritdiett. architects, Bkis. 

: scm street, MMwegate bar 


Watson Christopher, wcnrking golj£l 

smith, jeweller, watcb maker, dflT 

in cut glass, teas. <firc. L. Ottaegti^ 
Watson Mrs. Biix. Atkinson's ooinri^ 

Micklegate V 

Watson John, law stationer dE? agjeife, 

Copley's court, Coney street ^^ 
Watson George, grocer and linen dCH 

per, Walmcite '^ 

Watson Miss Eliza, ladies' boardte 

school, St. Saviour's row ^ 

Watson Sarah, pastrycook, H.Peti 
Watson G. turner, jDannin|^s yf 


Watson John, Smith*! yd. Skeldeigt. 
Watson Mary, St. Mary's row 
Watson Wm. maltster, Skeldei^gate ; 

house, Stonegate 
Watson Geo. auctioneer, Peterxate 
Watson Thos. comb maker. Coffee yd. 
Watson Chs. lace weaver, L. Ston^;t. 
Watson Rbt. confectioner, Davyga& ' 
Watson Wm. hat box maanfiustiurer, 

Watson Wm. cowkeeper, Gillygate 
Watson Wm. druggist, Mickleg'ate 
Watterworth Thos. cheese, flour, saH« 

bacon, butter, A ham factor; ana 

agent for the sale of genuine teas^ 

7. Coney street 
Wand Gteoige, bread <fe buiscuit baker. 

Low Petergate 
Wand George, corn miller and floor 

dealer, rossgate 
Waud Cbnst. hair cutter. Thu. mkt. 
Weagley T. butcher. Bell's yd. Petigt 
Wear David, solicitor, Castlegate 
Weatherill John, gent, Bootham 
Weatherill Hy. sen. farmer. Marygate 
Weatherill Hy. jun. victualler^ Brown 

Cow^ Marygate 
Weatherill Thomas, yeoman, without 

WalmflHte bar 
WeatherilfWm. hair dresser <& grocer, 

Webb Joseph, vict. Grapes, Peasegt. 
Webster Michael <fe Geo. shoemakers. 

Hay market 
Webster Thomas, brass founder, bra- 

sier<fe tinman. Pavement 
Webster Wm. ginger bread baker, 

North street 
Webster Ann, dress mkr. L. Petergt. 
Webster Tbos. confectioner^Fossgate 
Webster Ursiibi, floor dir. walmgate 
Webster Thomas, tailor, Wabngate 
Webster Michael, Hungate 
Webster John, milk dir. Walmgt. bitr 
Webster Mrs. St. Androwgata 
Wedgwood John, taitor, Beddem 
Weigbtmao Thomas, printer dk book- 
seller. Low Petergate 
WelbanktWilHam, meiceranddiapel» 

High Petergate 




^ Rev. cWwf^^SMlQgiGil 

htor of ti)« Mancliesier mmt* 

W«&H James, tinea mfr. 4 flour 411. 

WijKwt M. bniili mfir. PetefgaM 
Widi tbos. brusk «ifr« CoUiergate 
wdii George, wliitesiDitk^ Unfud, 

mi, PsTemeat 
w«lk Ceo. floiir dJr. Wainvttto 
WflJii Lea. wbiteamiti^ AMmrk 
wells Wdi. tailor, Goodmmgato 
^mjnTboam, bookMller, Uiid«ri 

^t aeiler, and depaaitoiy te the 

York anzlUary rel$|ioas traal «H 

deiy, St. Hekia's •qnaie 
Weitwort^) CiMdoaer, Rldiworth * 

Son, fta^eB, Law Ooaegate ; 

Weil Waiiam, Walaf^ata 
SfOud Joseph, paiater>^ahhergvla 
3^ Wra. <mrdeBar> H. Petergata 
WteaOeir Joba, aboa hom fnahntj 

Fetter laaa 

Anthoay, oaitla dlr. MoakfC 
ip Wm. spirit marC Wahngatc 
John, hakerv (Soodnimffata 
W»Gce. shoaoiaker, Haniala 
Jm fiUaii, ffiDttewtna. Tanner wm 
incite John, hDcae 4lr, St. Aadrew^. 
Wtete Thomai, laiaar^ Wahagata 
mte/o^tailor> Marjrgata 
wlHteliMr^ liuaaaad wocrilSft 

WMtehea^M^ISteMH Ogleferth 
wiiMMad liawraooe. Tasaal owMt, 
»..A«* Bail/atd» SkeUargate 
VkaBheodVuiiain, basket Maker, 

^ttebouseRt. U|JMilbtent,Coffeayil. 
WbitehoQse Creo. botehaiN Feeiagate 
Wt^j Geoiga^taitor, Feasefpita 
WutoWty Jobtty masoik Albion street 
Wldttefd ife BeWl^Tkiicklajeft, m. 

Iwe^ JohBy ^loiie niaaoti, Albioail. 
^irae Mn. BllBn, Tanaar row 
^ittics Nias E. geatlwma. Petergt 
NtweUMrs. Rebeoca» Taniiar nm 
WbiUattfiiidKoltaB^ porter deaten, 
,. at. Sarioitnrata 
WbitaaUWlOiam, giaoer» aredsBiaa, 

aodsalrit meiebaat, Pafediani 
WhitaeU JobB) valuer, Ac. 0avynte 
^it«eU Riohaid. baker^ Htymarkat 
IfVUraU JaflMi^ baker, Cottenmte 
Wkkhttn Miasas Abb and Harriet, 
^ fftttewoniani Iteadal 
▼Ws Wttkua/gBfit^ Aiattkgata 
wioiMrWabbakMV M. Pateqpite 

WIggiM ¥rilliaaB. braaiar * tin fllala 

worker. Monks&ta ^kSpornanL. 
Wikeiay Jfeojaoiia, joiner, 4o« §U 

WUbarforca A Cawood, atay wtktkmt^ 

Wilberioroe Walter, bricUayar 4b oaii 

abaUiag BiU« WaUDSnte 
Wilbailbroe Joba* cowk£r.JUQMaaiaW 
Wilkinaoo John, gent. Wal 

WiUdaaoa Janes, g^nt. GUljgala 
Wilkinson Henry, aolioitor, Stonegata 
WilkiaMHi Darkd, oowkaapar, P nay c t 

WiUdnMn John, rkL Shodim at 

ICiittoa, Gfaat ShambUw 
WUkiaaoB Rbt. batohar»Gt. SbamblV 
Wilkiason Ralpb,8boaaikr. Barker kU» 
WiUnaaoaJas. wbeleaaks spirit b(«»» 

abani, frooar, dealer ia ifmm\9& 

teas, opposite the Gaoqii Ins, 

wilkiason Tbos. sbopkpr* Dandaa il« 
WUkinMNS Haonah,aokooinislreiB, 01* 

WtUdoson Tbu*. ftbopkpr. lfoiil|g«l« 
WUkinaottHx. ¥iot.Star Ioa,StaMgi( 
WilkiMon J^n, tail and lopt Mikity 
Water lane 

Wilkinaon EohU gardener, Colfea yd* 
Wllkinaoa John, taUor and aMMt 

Wilkinson itarriati straw bai awar, 

WilkinaoB Thoa.feUnMHigar, WakagU 
Wilks John, ironmonger, Bootbam 
Wilka Pa J, Uaoksmith. Noitba^aM 
Wiika Mrmiam, blaoksmttbaad fiuibn^ 

Bootbam row 
WiUey Mrs. geatlewaBaan> MiokJagata 
WilliaoM Jootb. paintan Bootbiai row 
Williatna Rd. flax dies$t;r, W« 
WUltamioa Joboy sbupkar. Walmgaii 
WilkassoB Ricbd. tea dbr. Stoaegilt 
WilUaonoD J.* J Jihot mkrs.CoUiergt. 
WiiUamsoa BUaabetb, straw bat ma- 

nuibctorer, Waliagata ^ . 
WilUaaisiMi Tboa. taiior» Ogleforth 
WiUiamsoB Tbomaa, aboaaaker, 

Bootbain aqoaia 
WiUison JubnTjolner, St. Afidrewgiit 
Willison Mrs. Margaret, Swieeiata 
WlUnaotl Joaapb, comb maker, Xoifttt 
Wikon, Tweedy and Wilson, baakers. 

High Ouaegata, draw on Cuttii m 

Cok London 
WUaonaad Sons, wbolesala booksel- 
lers and printers^ High OusfgatB 
WiIaoB Tkofaaa, Bsq. aldemiaa, Higfe 

OuMgateand tw»^ ^'''A*^ 
Wiboa Tbos. Jan. ; b. St. SavtoiiV^ 
Wilaon Jaaiaa, geat« Trinity laaa 
Wilaan Tbamaa, pioatar and 

WilwD Hn. Kentbiwmn. Holnte In.t 
WlUoo Thoi. net. BlackBulllWalntgt. 
Wllion John, ■lu'Keoa (o the dtapen- 

BBir, Zft. Aiidrewgato 
WtboD OUrer, shoemaker, DsTTgate 
Wkon Geo. >ict. Turf Coffee House, 

VilioQ £^. oonbctloner, S 
Wlsoa Valentine, vict. wt 

Hfirses, Gitlygala 
Wilson Ann, commQn cairler 

Wllwin Wm. bla , 

WiL'On Jubn, bntdier, Great S 
WUsod Wm. milk dlr. Bmott>i jraid 
WlUoa John, bntdwr. Great Sbamblei 
Wlbaa John, wheelwilzht, 0)(lefiirtii 
Wlbnn Jobn, rict Onti)*. Petn lane 
Wlb(»i Mn. gentlewmD. Goodmt^J 
VUianHBDnab,lBdiea' board iug nAool, 

Coitlcgite ' 
Wlbon Jos.Tict. Le<Hiaiil,CoDe]' iL 
WUton Tbos. confectioner, L. Peleigt, 

VUnn Tbas. nideiMr.oaiKnr niu 
WUmu J<Ab, wkit«im[th,WalU^U>ar 
wikDa Beni. pmrlnoa dlr. Giape In. 
WdAIm John, ilK^iiT. TilidtT lane 
wbi|!fleU lobR, oomb mkr. Blihop hill 
Wiim Addb, QeotgelDH, (AtpoebtiK 
' ' aomt). ID, Coneritieet 
Wimkill Thoi. ooadi f(nwd,Albian st. 
Vibter John, tailor, LitUe StoDeeaU 
ViMuan Jobn, whiteimiUi, Water In. 
VklterMn. EUe. opticiui, Sparrle>t:t. 
Wtaker Hobert, toioer, Coffee ;ar<l 
WoUtenhoIme Jotan, boolueller, ste- 

tiooerftiniBtor, HiDiter sate; di 

rabllsher of tbe YoriotaireOaiette, 
' Wturdiya, In the Pavement 
widrtenfanhne Geo. gent. Palmer In. 
WoUtenhoIme Jonph, wine A spirit 

meidiaut, H. Petergt. Jc ■cIukiI- 

maater, )S, Craie; Mieet 
Wolftenbolme Fran.carver, Boolbnm 
Wolttenholaw Dean, binge A worstet! 

nMnnihctunn', Bnitham 
Woktenkolow A. Hhoolmstr.Bootham 
Votaadc lU. paitrt cook, H. Petergt. 
Wood John, solicitor, Foss|^te 
WoudtfeThontpsoD, gloven <fe leatiter 

sellers, Pavement 
Wood Mrs. Rachael, Precenter'i ct. 
Wood Joseph, cutler, gunsmllh; 

surgeons' Instri • ^ 


WoodThot. whltesmltb, BooUum*^ 
Wood Edw. plumber, St. Andrewjt;" 
Woodall Wm. Iratcher, Silver st. 
Woodhum J. brickiajer, Stooevate 
Woodcock Wm. traveller, St.HBr;>l 

Woodcock Ann, librarian to tbe Sded 
fiubMription Librarr, Lsdj Pa(^ 
el's yan, Pavemeot 
Woodburn Mnrgaret, broker, Peter ta 
Woodhall Robt. oovkpr. Holgate h^ 
Woods Edward, vlct. N8f>s Heat 

WoolloDi Thomas, fornltale bnAeTj 

iminianBi, vkt. CtoMen Llia^ 

Ti uiuiiuu lUd. sc^citor, Bbke st. 
Wi«7 Ursi Socannah, MicMeeate 
Wraj John, yeomaD, PeasebMiD gn 
Wraj' Ttaoi. msfl driver. Hint jni 

I. sbbeMkr. Thnrsdav tnkt, 
DMtby, gentwu. Skeldergt. 

I, gent. Toft. Kreen 
inces, gentwn. CastlwaW-. 
tmes, baker, L. Sbamblei 
r, FnsrwnU* ■ 


,tellor, Walmgate ' 

n ances. shopkeeper, without 

.. igate bar 

Wright Thos. floui dlr. Coppenrate 
WrightThos.milkdlr. WsUwate 
WrirfatAoni straw hat maaafactureT, 

DundHs street 
Wright RolMrt, stioemkr. Coppernte 
Wright Jobn, *boeinki. Walmeato 
Wrljtht Wm: biHiir, St. Andrew^ 

ohorch yard 
Wright John, bookbinder, Dnndas st. 
Wrleht Huffti.^rdener, Monkgnte 
Wrifrbtson Thomai, sboemkr. witbont 

WBlm^ate bu 
WrlehtsouThos. Dowkpr.Wnbnirale' 
Wiigglesworth Rd:Cbarchvd.Noithlt. 
WyoyaHl Bev. Mont. Mickli^te 
Wyrell Junes, bricklayer. Fetter lone 
Wyrell Wm.combmkr. Blossogi st. 
Wyrell Ismc, shoemaker, Aldwarli 
Wytlll Mrs. Cnthsrlne, Aldwark 
Wy»tlleGeoree,tr"~ ■'-■—-'- 

Young Isaac, whitesmith, Co Kite yd. 
Young James, hair dreiser A perta- 

mer, Hlnstei gals 
Young John, sboemoker, Petergals 
Yoan,;Wm.sboemdKr, HonntB 




5?: eS- 

S£!s sestitisse ssees scc=s« « 

jsss §33aft£ies ««$: ssssss s«sft3S=5 

II II *i hi 

%%imB%%wn tt&a sssssiisg xsbss 


SSeJiS Sf £f!SS38 S83E S££3g!«S Hi^^l 






aiui tif ^Tpool Mails anrive bete so as to pdrait ef a delivery, 1 tfae ^iwlo|^, '^ 
letters lUM newspapeis (brought ^y those mails) in the eveoiDp^, tm 
Mfsflil? a&er the dcpi«tur9 oT the mail to the North, which deliver|r c 
mitii ten o'dodc^ at which hpnr the Receiving Bos is clpsed for all 
the UogdoBi, but letters are taken in at the ^ndow until eteven, by 
of oBe pf nny ead». It is, however, necessary that all letters inten 
Jcgririiim by the fidinbib' and Shields mails, or the Qorouehbriitea — ;• -^^ 
therby posts of the same nig^t, should be put into the office before jy^i 
O'dock. The office opens every morning at eight o'clock for the deliwm||j 
UU/sn, And the letter carriers are dispatched into the city at ninp. .J 




«»• for nrats of the Mails, fee Poit'OffloeJStitement for Y^. 

• I 

Aem the Black Sitan mtd York T^Mrn, (aUmm^tbf'} 

To IiOMDOii,the Mail at 6 mg. in 25 his. 
B0ii(BUR0H, by Newcastle, the Mail 

Lrv«apoof«, by Bolton, theMaft at-t 
. *|.llmg.iiii5*howf^ 
ScABBORondH. the Man every Mon. 

Wed. Fri. and Sat. night? at W, 

in ti^ how*. , ^ • 

Shiblds, the UmSy ev«ry efvg. at i p. 

•8, in 104 hours. 
WHiTBr, the MaiJ every Sun. T%\. * 

Thu. nights at l)i, in TJ houcp. 

To London, the W^lifMrtiMI^ IfiK^ 

11 at|iight,ina3houis. J 

HoLL, the Trafalgar every iBoailpflf 

T, 4n «i tows. j 

firBwcAaTi.B, the highflyer .^tM 

In 12^ hours. \ 

Nbwcabtlb, the W^iDgioa at ^ pvl 

9 evening, in 13 hours. { 

SbLbt, the Favourite every mg. at Jj 

(ex. Sun.) in2houxBtoiaeet«l 
. St^am Packets. 

Tark Tanmm, St. ir#l«i'« Sguors, (regularly,): 

To liivBRPooL, by Manchester, the 

Mail at 12 at ngt. in 151 hours. 
Hull, the Mail at l2atnght.in5ihours 
toNDON, the Highflyer at I p. 8 mg. 

in 281 hours. 
Lbbds, the Bliicher at i p. 1 at noon, 

(during summer) in 3i hours. 
I^VBRPOOL, by MancAiester, the High- 
flyer ^1 6 mg. in 15 hours, 
ScARBBOooH, Wd B^ucher at 1 noon, 

(during summer) in 7 hours. 
^HKFPrBiiD, ^tfae Blucher at 4 past 1 

noon, (during summer) in 9 hours. 
WAKBFtBbD, the Bludiereve^Fri. 

atemg. iu4|hottrs. 
y^wliivBRpooii Maili at i6 iq|o. p. 

7 morning. 

Jrrinah ei9nHfiie4» 
EoiNBUBOH Mail, at 80 min. jmoCH 

Hdll Mail, at 80 min. past 7 evg. 
HdIiL, Trafalgar, at 8 evening. 
Liverpool Old Mail, at 30 n^. p. 

7 evening. 
Liverpool, Highflyer^ atT evgw 
London Mail, at 8 evenmg. 
London, Wellington, SOjn.p. Tev;* 
London, Highflyer, at 12 noon. 
Newcastle, Wellington, 80 nun. p 

Newcastle, Highflyer, at 9 evf. 
ScARBORODOH MaU, at l^ mid. pait 

7 evening. 
Sheitpibld, Bludwr, at 1 aftonioot 
Wai^bfibld. BlucAer. at-^^ffg. 
Wbitbt Mail, at 1^ mHi.^« T ftvg. 


P^fm i*> Bhek Smmitf C om§ i>W f| ffgiOmrtf,} 

9b CA^iiUitBJUie Eipre«B eveiy Hon. 

Wed. ^ rri. at ^ait. in 16 heun 
ftliAiooATB, tike TaUv-ho ereiyTu. 

Tbn. and Sat at i past 12 noon, 
9f Dotm 
Boll, the Ro^iBj[;;itam etery fore- 

noofraC 10, in f hoars, AtheTnA- 

FALOA R, ererr aft. at 2, in 6 Iraan 
KiiinAL, the ITnion eirei7ni|^ at a 
\ \ before 6. in I5f honn 
\ IiBos^ ttie True Btae ereiy aft at a 
, \ before fjio a# houn 
IdVKBPooL, WelHngton ererjr n^. at 

a i before 6, in I5i liaari 
LoNnov, JBipiess at 9 mornings in S8 

ScAiBOROPeit, Old True Blue every 

diay(exoept Sunda7)at ID at nooUy 

in 7 boon 
SuiFviBLo^ tbe Union erery aft. (ei. 

Sunday)- at I p. 1, in 9 boufi 


Ezpieaa^ e¥eiy DMNming^ at 9, in 

CARLiafcB^ B ro eai, ol 10 nii^ 
EniNBunos JliU> at 80 ate. nut 11 

EoivBoaen, Hidiflywy at 9 off. 
»UAaaooATB. ToUy-bOk at • avmit 
HuLtty TiaftiigBr» at I ft oMKninft 
HoMt^ RockinglMun, at 4 aftoiMOii 
KsNDAi^ Union, at 7 aveniag 
LBSoty Tnie Blue, at II mominK 
Lbbm, WelUngtMi. at T evening 
LivsapooL New Moil, at 80 mui. p« 

T mominc 
LoNDov Matt, at 8 evening 
LoNoow, Ezprett, at 80 min. pott U 

LoMDow, wellinnton, at 8 evening 
ScABBOBonGH HoU, at 15 mio* post 

7 evenli^ 
ScAOBOBoc OB, Troe Bki»»at sonlm 

post 18 noon 
Shbffibld and BibminghaMi at80 

min. pait 11 RMNviflfr 
flRSFFf BUI, Unioo, at 18 noon 
i Whitby Moil, at 16 min. port 7 GVf • 


iTo Knaresbrocgr dfe Harrooatb. 
tbeUnionCoacb from tbe Eiepbant 
and Caatle, Skeldersate, every 
Hon. Wednesday and Friday, at 
9itfteTtiooa, and returns tbe VA- 

\ lowing morning at \ pest 1 1 
RiPON (fe Boroughbridob Union 
Coacb fipom tbe Elephant and- 
Castle, Skeldergate, every Tues- 
day 4fe Thursday, at 8 aftemooK 
returns to York on Wednesday a 
Friday at I past 1 1 morning 
SiPOR, a Coadi leaves tbe Paek 
Horse, Mickleet. every Monday, 
Wed. & Pri. at £ aft. and ret. tbe 
foBowing days at U o'clock 

Sklbt, the Ptovidenoe, from tbe Ro* 
bin Hood, Castlegate, at a # be- 
fore 7 rooming, to meet tbe Steaoi 

York and LivbrpooTi WbOifdatG 
Coacb, through Wetherbv, Otley, 
Skipton, ClHberoe, BlAckbum d; 
Onasklrlb leaves tbe Eiepbant d; 
Castle, Skeldeigate, York, daily, 
(eioept Sundays) at 6 mng. and 
ret^t 10 evenmg 

Tbe DiLiOBNCB, to New Malton, 
ftom tbe Red Lion Inn, Monkbsr, 
every Mon. Wed. and Sat. mngs. 
at#|iast'7o^oloak, and lel. at 8 
in tfa« evening. 




nfcioUowiBg Yodc and London New 
CoBliiiiOt Vasseb sail from York 
«vefy weel^ and from the Gnn 6s 
Shot Whor^ l4mdon, every Sun- 

Tha Yfl£^!rWi]flpii 

-r— Jobilee— W. FloBtoff 
— MishuB^R. Clark 

The Watberby—J. Temperton 

Ellen— J. Good 

— — Knaresbro' Castle— J. SbilTetoe 

Helm^ley— J. Leetbam 

Tor*, t. MilUffe Souib, SkelA»tJp^ta 
LofOdon, Emaduel Siha, Gud d^ Shot 
Wbarf, Tooley street' 

Tk» Old Controct Buittr Sloops. 
, The fpUowiHr Vessels sail from Skel- 
] densatnNew Wharf, York, to 




Hall every iSat. evs, dk from HoU 

to York every six cfays. 
The Hopewell— John Stephenson 

Friends-— James Wilkinson 

— — Britain — James Swift 

— William <fe Sarab — Rd. James 
York Merchant— Wm< North 

— Pk>ugfhmaii— Jas. Stephenson 
yorkf Henry Mills and Sons. 
Hntlf G, Darbyshire, Blackfnargt. 

fit The Masters of the York <fe 
Hull vessels^ attend at the Black Boy, 
High street; Hull. 

Steam Packet, 

The Hamber Steam Packet, Capt. J. 
W. Jackson, leaves Yorlc for 
Gainsbro' every Mon. and Thu. 
at 6 m^. and ret. from Gainsbro' 
Tu. and Fri. at 9 mg. 
Torkf H. Mills and Sons. 
€!ain$^o^, Dean and Beaninont, 
Bridge street. 

ReguUar Gediubro* Traders, 

The Resolntion, Thomas Gemmill, <fe 
the Brothers, John Wilkinson, 
sail from York <fe Gainsbro' every 
8 or 9 days, according to flrelght. 

Market Boats, ' 

Boipu^bbridge and Ripon——* Vessels^ 

twice per week 
Cawood— The Providence, T. Bolton, 

arr. Sat. ms. ret. the same ev^. 
Nawton—- The victory, G. Thompson, 

«T, at 9 Sat. Ta%, ret. at \ alt. 


Selby— The Fnandsfaip— John Fields 
arr. on Fri. and ret. on Sat. eTg* ' 

Vessels to Leeds, Wakefield, aiul, 
Huddersfield. every three or fiMff 
days, from Tnomas Gilliam's, Cfi4 
Crane, York. 

York Old Contract Fessek <o I^omdmL 
The Andior— Thomas Steels, sen. 
Ebor — James Bevett 

— Mense— David Leach 

Ouse— Samuel Davies 

T— Spring— Henry Gale 

Vine— Thomas Steels, jun* 

— York Union — George Hornby 
fTkarJingertf York, Thomas Gilliaiiif 

Old Crane 
London, Brome Ss Oob 
Stantcm's YHiaif. 4 

Old Omtraet Fessels, from Old f>mnff 
to Hull weekly. 

The Friends, Joseph Best — Sacoesc/ 

Thomas Tootle— and The TimI^! 

William Pew. ^ 

Agents— at York, Thomas GiUiam 

Hull, G. Mells «fe Co. High 

The John ds Jane, Wm. Torr, reg^* 
larly to NevrcastXe,—fF'karfingw, 
James Dalby. 

Vessels sail regularly eveir three da«t 
to Gainsbro', Borouebbrid^e* RvTi 
, ppn. Selby. Cawood, Wakeneldy 
Ruddersfield, Manchester and Lh 
verpool, <fec. 


• ( 



from draggs* General fTaggxm PFare- 
house, Coppergate, 

Richard PiGKBR8la)Lf.'s old estab- 
lished and only North Wa^xons, 
arrive from Easingwold, Thirsk, 
Northallerton, Darlington, Dur- 
ham, Newcastle, Penrltli, Car- 
lisle, Morpeth,Berwick-on-T weed , 
Edinburfb, and Glasgow^ and all 
parts of Scutlaod, At | past i on 
Tuesday <fe Fjciday mornings, and 
ret. at 6 this same morning. 

W. <fc J. Pbttipor's Waggons arrive 
from Doncaster, Worlcsop, Mans- 
^e^^ Nottingham, Deroy, Lei- 
cester, Lichfield, Coventry, Bir- 
mingbara, Wolverbamttton, Wal- 
m11, ifec. every Monday <fe Thurs- 
day evenints at ?^, and retoms 
every Tuasday and Friday mom» 
tnj|;s at 9. 

J. Hartley's Wi^mns from Tincdy 
Bradford. Haluax. Huddersftet£ 
Wakefield. Manchester, and all 
parts of the West of EngltLoim 
arr. every Wed. at 1 1 forenoon dr 
ret. the same day at 3 aft. 

Peacock ds Moon's Waggons from 
Stokesley, Yarm, Stockton, Sedg* 
field, HartlepooK Guisbro% Red* 
cafr, Marsicb, Lofthouse, Staithes, 
dso, arr. every Wed. and Sat. nsgs. 
at 8, and returns same dayk at If 
at noon. 

J. BLAckBURN'i Waggons ftom tUHC 
roughbridge, Ripon, Masham^Be- 
dale, Catterick, Richmond, Ifid- 
dleham, Leybum, Hawes. Aide* 
rigg, Sedberigb, Kendal^ White- 
haven, Ac, aniv^at 8 in the mng^ 
every Tu. and Fri. and ret. sanfi 
days at 3 in the afternoon. 




Cl.fiDDsoM'i Waggons from Knuei- 
bro' ds Harrogate, arr. every Tu. 
Tba. <fc Sat at 8 mg. and rat. at 
2 the same aftemoou. 

Saiab Cbagos' WaggoD firom Kal- 
too, Siwiinton. Scarbro', ^te. arr. 
eveiy Tu. ana Fii. at 6 mg. ret. 
I at noon. Also a Waggon to 
Selby every Sat. mg. to Robert 
Myers' winif, at 4 and ret. the 
same evg. at 6. %* Goods deli- 
vered to Carver and Soott, Man- 
chester, are forwarded by tins Ca- 
ravan to Scarbro* in 4 days. Qooda 

f\nm Deacom, Btarriaon and Co^i, 
Wwrtkommy Swinegait. 

Daily Post Wag]gons are despatcbed 
to London, (in d days) every Mon. 
Wed. ana rri. and goods arrive 
tbenoe every Tues. Tnu. and iiiat. 
Goods and passengers are also 
oooveyed to Leeds, Wakefield, 
Doncaster, Bawtry, Retford, 
Newark, Grantham, Stamlixd, 
Huntingdon. Cambridge, Oxford, 
Norwicb, Newmarket, and all 
pots of Norfolk and Sufiblk. 

Aflw Neweomb^s Gcntrai fTaggtm 
WanhouM^y Fougale. 

Jamks Bat VES arr. from Bridlington, 
Oriffield, KUham. <fe Nafferton, 
every Wed. and Fri. mgs. ret. at 
noon the same days. 

^M. Dawson arrives from Doncaster, 
Sbeflield, Nottingham, Birming- 
ham, Walsall^ lierby, Chester- 
field, Pontefract, dkc. every Tu. 
and sSat. and returns every Wed. 
and Sunday mornings. 

.BeSBBT SiMpaoK arrives every Blon. 
4b Thu. evgs. finom Helmsley, ret. 
Tu. and Fri. mornings. 

-ioBic BoLTov's Waggons to Hull. 
Waghton, Beverley, and North 
aod ^oulh Cave, every ail. at 3. 

HiwcoMBB & Mills' Waggons to 
Knaresbro' and Uanogute every 
Moa. Thu. A Sat. niglMs, ret. the 
following evenings. 

WiLSH <fe Sojta Waggons to Man- 
cijester every mg. reU every evg. 

B. WiKQ ATB'6 Waggons arrive from 
Otley, Skipton, Settle <fe Prestoo, 
every Wed. mg. ret. at noon the 
nune day. 

J. Thompsov's Waggons arrive from 
Pocklington every Thu. and Sat. 
iporomi^, and returns at noon th^ 
same day. 

^Voai fie fFaggm fTardnmM^ fFkt»9 
Stroll jford, PatmnL 

J. BoBsox, to Samnson*s, Wade lane, 
Leeds, every Tu. Tbu. and Sai. 
whence goods are forwarded to 
Bradford, Bamsley, Huddenfleld^ 
Ualifai, Bochdale, Manchester, 
Chester, Liverpool, and all pacta 
of the West oC England. 

T. Labkin leaves York every Tu. A 
Fri. at 2 aft. for Soarboro«igh and 
MaltOB, when goods for Jialloa 
are deliveied the saoie night, and 
for Scarbro* the next morning. 

Gbo. Pbabsoh every Wed. at 2 aft. 
to Matton, Thornton, Pickering, 
Whitby, Staiths, Lofthouse, affl 
Castletoo, dkc. 

JoBN FisHEB every Fri. at 1 at uooa 
for Boroughbridg9, Bedale, and 

O.On TH WAiTB(snooessor to Twaddle) 
every Fri. at 8 aft. for Noithaller* 
ton, Darlington, Durham, SiUi- 
deriand. North <fe South ShieUs, 
Newcastle, and all parts of the 
North. JoaMf JUantom, AgMt. 


PocKLBY & Co's. yfaggpot to Drif- 
field. Bridlington, Kilham, and 
Nafferton, eveiy Wed. and Fri. 
mngs. Wagjgoiui from the above 
pUces arrive in York on the same 
days at noon. 

Wm. Wabbinoton's Waggons air. 
from Doncaster, Sheflield. Not- 
tingham, Birmingham, Walsall^ 
Dertgr, Chesterfield, Pontefract, 
d:c every Tu. and Sat. returns 
Wed. and Sunday mornings. 

Ahn Wilson's Waggons arrive from 
HuU, Market -Weighton, North 
and South Cave, and Beverley, 
every Tu. <fe Fri. ret. every Wed. 
and Sat. at noon. 

John Hartlbt's Waggons arrivt 
from Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, 
Halifax, Bochdale, Manchester, 
Warrington, Liveipool, <fec. everf 
mg. (except Sunday) and ret. as 
2 (tit. J. H.'s waggons arrive from 
Louddn every forenoon at 1 1, and 
dep. at 3 ait. 

Widow Gilbs' Waggons arrive from 
Pocklington, evei-y Wed. Os Sat. 
mgs. ret. at noon the same days. 

Anorbw Allbk arrives from MTblt^ 
and Pickering every Wed. mag. 
ret. some day at noon. 




* I 



WiKk tb0 Dojf* qf 4iiendUmce, and their Horn* of Anitai mA 

tht PottM«rwf» wbo eravei * dreuit of several miles round tjbito place* 

qI #bode, are marked thus *. 

AMmivlaamk^-MMi.diorMoadiiy) Tu. for Tuesday; Wad* for Wednaaday^ thn. 
Ttmoaday; Vri. Ibr Fdday i fi«t« for Satufday j a. for Arrival; d.lto Depaituse ; 
Hpvns ana Mpranad ia Fifufea. 

Abetdec«, see Cragi^, Ccppergpcte 
Aberford^ Leopard^ coppeii^te, Jobn 

firowiK a Sat. 11 room, d 5 aft. 
Aberford.JS/irpAattfomi Cosfte^Mickle- 

este, Jolm Seanor^a Bat. 1 1 raorii. 

d 6 afternoon 
• Acaster Malbia, Elefkeud md CasUe, 

Mcklesnte, Mary Torr, a Sat. It) 

BMHii. a 4 aitenioon 
^Aeaster Selby, Estsphanl ond Ca*lle^ 

Middegpte^ Margfaiet Hiek^ a Sat. 

10 morn. 4 4 afternoon 
Almrick, see Craffn, CoppeiiKstie 
•Annam and AsKhaoi Bryan, Pmek 

fforae, Micldegate, John Todd, a 

Sat. 10 morn, a 4 afternoon 
Appleton Roebuck. iS^epAdmf it CaHle, 

Ske id ergate, Wm. Backaonse, a 

Sat. 10 mom. d 4 aftemoon 
Appleton Roebudc, E^anl 4r CtuOe, 

Skeldergate; Kobt. SUllitoe, a 

Sat. 10 mom. d 4 aftemoon 
JukjAgg, see Bladcburii, at Cragp' 

'Barabr Moor, Kmg't Jmu, Fossgt. 

Joan Wride. a Sat. S ms. d 2 aft. 
Banaley, see Robson^ White Swan 

vara, PaTement, and Deacon, 

Harnson and Co. 
Bawtry, see Deacon, Harrison 4e Co. 
Bedale, see Blackburn, at Crag^' 

warebouse, and Fisher, White 

Swan yard 
Beiwick-on- Tweed, see Pickersgill at 

t!ragg8' warehouse 
fieveiley^see Newcombe's, Fos^ate, 

and Wilsons, Coppeisate 

d £ affcemoon 

Birmingham, see Pettifor, at Craggs' 
wwrehonse; Dawson, at Mew- 
oombe'ft Fossgate ; w. Warring- 
ton, at WUson% Coppergate 

•Bishop WUtoii,^ JTAi/a "^•*l ^^It 
peigBte. Tbomas Pratt, a SaL 10 
morn, da Aftemooii 

Bvbop Wilton, IFAMe Smmn, 
meat, A.&ogetaoo, ftFKi.< 

d Sat. aftemoon 
Bishop Wilton, fTkiie Horse, CopI 

gate, Thomas Blokey, a Stat. 

morn, d 3 afternoon 
Bishop Wilton, ^Atto BorMe, Co\ 

John DaTison. aSat.lO mg. a 
Boro'bridflre, see Blackburn, at Ci 

warehouse, and Fisher, at t 

Swan yard 
BorD^ridge,£V«)Aanl and CaMfUp\ 

dennte, Juon Richmond, tf 

& Fri. a same days 
Boston, see Thom Arcb canler at 
Bradford, see Hartley at Ci 

Bcamham 4fe Leeds, Ptick Bori 

klegate, J. BT. Ames, a 

mom. d I past 1 nocm 
Bridlington, see Bayes at Newoombe] 

Fosmte, ancf Pockley and 

at WHson's. Coppeigate 
*Bubwith, fThhe Horn. Coppeqi;atd 

JofanBrabbs, a Sat. lOmonhu 

d 2 aftemoon ' ; 

Bubwitb, see Howden 
*Bubwitb, Ro^fi AwMt, Castiegim 

R. Clegg, a Sat. mg. d evening i 
*Bufiihorpe, K4ng*9 jtrwu, FoflSgi' 

Peter Armison, a fiat. 8 ni|». d ft( 
*Bu£thorpe, iTtng't ^npsa, Fossgi 

^eo. Hodgson. a Sat. 8 mg. d^^ 
*Bulmer, Whtie Uotm, CoppeigH^ 

John North, a Sat. 10 mg. d9 aKi 
*BuUner, fThite Horse, Coppei 

Geo. Jeiflreys, a Sat. 1 rag. i' 
BurtoD-on-Trent,see W. Wj 

at Wilson^, Coppergate 
Burton, Newoombe^s. Fossgate, WMi 

Dawson, a Tu« ASaU d Wed. ft 

*Buttercnunb, fF'kite JiorM, CoppfV* 

gate, John Waud, a Sat. 10 uMfg 

d £ afternoon ' 

*Buttercrumb, King>s Arms^ Fofiflgst^ 

Henry Ciurter, a Sat. 8 mg. df aa. 
Cambridge,seeDeacon,HCirrisQu 4: Co* 




Cferfale, see PtekengUl, at CngXi' 

Ctttleton, see PeanoD, WlriCe 9wao 

jni, and A. Allen, at Wiltoa^, 

CattoficlL see Blackbnni, at Cragg*' 

^BttoD; NeitoHy Wdngate, Henry 

Rawdiffe, a Sat. S mg. d 4 aft. 
^Catton, King's Arnu, FoMgate, 
• Joseph Gate, a Fri. d $at. 
Care N. and S. see Bolton at New- 
^ mmhe*8, Fossgate ; and Wikon*!, 
- Copper^te 
^CSiester, see Robson^ White Swao 

yard, and Hartley's at WUfOD'a, 

thesterheld^ see Dawsoo. at New- 
' combe's, Fossnte, and W. War* 
; fiogton, at Wiuon'ii, Coppergate 
CbpiDantberp, Padk Hone, If icklegt. 

WiUiam Wfaincap, a Sat. 8 mg. 
i d 4 afternoon 

Bweotiy. see PetCfor, at Cmggs' 
. varehoose 

wntmgton. fTkUe Sttan, PaTement, 
. G. Outowaite,a Fri. 7 oig. d 6 all. 
PtfUngton, see Pickeisgill's, atCiaggs' 

5»by, see Pettifor, at Craggs' ware- 
boose ; Dawson, at Newcoinbe's, 

Fossgate ; and W. Wanicgton, at 
^Wilson's, Coppergate 
iPswsborj^see DeaiDon,Harriso]i A Co. 
IwDcaster, see Pettifor, at Craggs' 

varehiouse ; Deacon, Harrison A 

Co.; Dawson, at Newcombe's, 

Fossgate; and WanringtOD, at 

WikoD's, Coppergate 

IBeld Great, see Baynes, at New- 
combe's, Fossgate ; and Pockley 

ft Co. at Wilson's, Coppergate 
Parham, see PiclcerFgiU, at Craggs 

^rarefaoose, and Ontbwaite, at 

White Swan yard 
maewold, fThiU Swan, Goodramgt. 

Abm. Dotchbum, a Wed. 4b Sat. 
.» TiDg. d Wed. ASat.8aft. 
■£asiDgwold, fThiie Hotm, Coppergt. 

Tbos. Hilton, a Sat. 10 Dig. d 4 

fiasihgwold, see Craggs', Coppergate 
laslngwold.irAtteSicaii' Ooodrarogt. 

S. Salmbrougfa, a Sat. morning, d 

at noon 
SaitCottingwitb, Piv9 LUnu, Walmrt. 

Geo. Seymour, a Sat.9 mg. d 4 ml. 
Bi3tCottiii|s;witb, Ftve Lions, Walrogt. 

Geo. Williams, aSat.9mg.d2 alt. 
iMinbaigb, see Pickersgill, at Craggs' 

BUerton. Pw Limu, Walmgate, John 

Haskswood, a Sat. g n^. d 8 aft. 
wkcrick, Flying Botm, Coppergate, 

Eobart DavlMii, a Wed« * Bt ' 

nw. d same days, 12, noon 
•Bvertngharo, ITAOs Hoisa, Tbonta 

Trifitt, a Fri. S aft. d Sat 1 . aft. 
Ferrybridge, see Wandogtou, at Wtt- 

sonli, Copperaate 
Flambrough, see Pockley aad Co. at 

Wilson's Coppeigate 
Flazton, ^kUt irors*, Coppergt. Jane 

Deanham, a Fri. eveiung, d Sat. 

*FlazU>n, IFiUis 8iMM,PaTcnicnt,Joho 

Swan, a Sat. 8 mg. d 8 aft. 
Foggathorpe, Jlo6m Aoorf,CasUegate. 

llobt. Clegg, a Sat. 8 momlDg, d 

8 afternoon 
•Fridaytborpe, Mall Mortfi, Walmgt. 

Jobn Hartand,a Sat. 8 mg. d 8 aft, 
•Fridaytborpa,irftil« SKaii,Pivement» 

Tbos. Pearson, a Sat. 7 mg. d 2 aft. 
Glasgow, see PioKengill, at Ciagp* 

Grantham, see, Deacon, Harriioo aod 

Co. Swinegate 
Green Hammerton, PmekHarit,Mi6' 

klegate, Richard Howe, a Tburs« 

morning, d noon. 
Green Hammerton, Ehmkmtiif CatU; 

Skeldergate, Jobn Chadwick, a 4t 
. d Tn. Tnu. and Sat. 
Guisborougb, see Peacock and Mono, 

yard, A Deacon, Harrison ^ Co. 

Hal], near Basingwold, fFkiU Swan^ 
Goodramgate, Tbos. FormlngtoD, 
a Sat. 7 mom. d 8 alternoon 

Harrogate, La6oiiHa|r lfoN,Skeldeigt. 
Joiin Cbadwtek, a To. Tbu. aU 
Sat. JO morning, d same days, i 

Harrogate, Bhu BM, liicklagate, 

Newobmbe's. Fossgate, A Mew- 
combe's A Mills, a Tn. Tba. 4t 
Sat. mg. d same aays 8 evening. 

Harrogate, see Hudson, at Craggi' 

Hartlepool, see Peacock dt Ifoon, ^t 
Craggs' warehouse 

Haughtoo, If^Atto Bong, Coppergate. 
— Fowler, a Sat. mg. d aft. 

Hawes, see Blackburn, at Craggs' 

Helmsley, see Simpson, at Ne#^ 
combe's, Fossgate 

Helperby, Black Horta, Bootbam bar, 
J. Morrell, a Sat. morn, d noon 

Helperby, Black Horse, Bootbam bar, 
M. RiddelJL a Sat. mom. d noon 

HoTingbam, XrAttotforss, Coppergate, 
Hy.Parnaby,a Sat. 8 mg. d 1 noon 

Hovingbam, LittW Shambles, WilUapi 



Caa^y. a Mon. aiul Tbo. aioniyd 

same days 
iicn^iighain. FVmm, Pavenent, Gto. 

SafBM, a Sat. & mora, d 1 noon 
'Howdeo and Bobwitb, Ho^in H9od, 

Castlecate, Robert ClegKy a Fri. 

alt. d sat. 1£ noon 
Howden, Hotsb Shog, Coppeigate, F. 

SmithsoD, a Tbu. 9 eYg. d Sat. 4 

Haddersfield, see Hartley, at Crae^s' 

wareboose; RobsoB, at Watte 

S«ran yard, A Deacon, Haorison 

4t Co. Swinentte 
HalLsee JobnBolton, at Newoombe's, 

Fossgate ; cfe Wilson^ Coppergt. 
Jlunmanby, see Pockley 4s Cq. at 

Wilson's, Coppeigate 
Huntinedon, see Deacon, Uanison 

and Co. 
"^ICelfteld, fFlriie SiK)an,Pavement, — 

Buclde, a Sat. 10 mom. d 4 aft. , 
Xelield, frau HoTM^ Coppeigate,. 

Jph. Thorns, a Sat. 10 mg. d a aft. 
Kendal, see Blackboni, at Cjnggs' 

Kendal, FUeee^ PaTemevt, Henry 

Pisoer, a Tbu. d Sat. 8 aft. 
Kilbaro, see Baynes, at Newcombe's. 

Fossgate, Jk Pockley ds Co. at 

Wllcon's, Coppeigate 
Kirby Moor Side, FUeee, Pavement, 

J6bn WrightsoD, a Mon. A Thn. 

d Tu. A Fri. 
Kirk Hammertoxi, Ekj^atU ond CasUe, 

Skeldergate, Cooper, a Sat. 

10 mom. d 4 afternoon 
Knnesbaro', Etepkani and CoMtie, Skel- 

deigate, Geo.Hudsoa, a Tu. Thu. 

A Siit.8 mff. d Tu.Tbu.4feSat. 4 aft. 
Knaresbro^ Blue BM, Micklegate, <& 

Newoombe'ff, Fo08gt. Newoombe 

<fe Mills, a Tu. Tho. <fe Sat. 7 mg. 

d same days, 8 evening 
Knaresbio', Labowr^ man, John 

Chadwiok, a Tu. Thu. «fe Sat. 10 

mora, d same days. 4 afternoon 
Knaresbro', B^jB«/^)Micklegt. John 

Yates, a Tu. Tbu* and SA* d on 

same days 
Leeds, see Hartley, at Cra^^s^ ware* 

faouise^ife Deacon, Harrison & Co. 
Leeds, frhiie Stean, Pavement, and 

ISewoombe's, Fossgt. Isaac nob* 

shaw, a daily mom. d daily evg. 
Leeds, see rBaunluim 
Leicester, see Pettilbr> «t Craggs' 

Leveo, Flsaoe^ Pavemeflt» Leonard 

Bogg, a Sat. 8 nom, d 4 evg. 
Leyburo, see Blackburn, at Craggs' 

Lichfield, see Fj^)im% tt Craggs* 

' lehoiiie 

Liverpool, see Bobson's, Wliite S«i 

yard. Pavement, <& Deaeon, Bt 

Tisoa A Co. Svnoegate 
Lofthouse, see Peacock dk Moob, 

Craggs' warehouse, aad Peaiso 

White Swan yd. A Andrew AUe 

at Wilson's, Coppeij(Bte 
London, see Deacon, Hanrisoa^f^ 

ift Hartley's, at Wilsoii^ Cq 

Malton, see Craggs' war^ioiise, Lsrfc 

A Pearson, at White Swaoyud 
Manchester, see Hartley, at Ciagg 

warehouse; Welsh's, at me% 

combe's, <Jk Deacon, Harnsoai 

Co. Fossgate 
Mansfield, see Pettifor, at Ciagg 

Market Weighton, see Newcombe^ 

Fossgate; Wilson's, CoupeigBts 
Marske, see Peacock and Moon, I 

Craggs' warehouse 
Marston. JoUy Baeeku$t If ickkob 

WilUam Waite, a Tu. 4s SaL, I 

mora, d Tu. <fe Sat. 2^ aft. 
Masbam> see Blackbuin, at Cng|l 

*Melbeurn, Fwe Xaant, Walmgt. W« 

Harrison, a Sat. 9 mg. d 4 aft. 
Melbourn, Fm Liawiy Walrngt Wfl 

James, a Sat. 9 mora, d 8 aft. 
Middleham, see Blackburn, atCrBggi 

Middleham, Fleme, Paveipent, Be^ 

Fisher, a Thu. mora, d evg. 
^Millingtoo, iftag'^ Arms^ Foaofste 

-<— Higfaton, a Sat. ang. d aft. 
*MQor Monkton, menkamt m»d CtaXk 

Skeldergate^ Robert BaiUull,) 

Sat. 10 mora, d 4 aft. ^ 

*Moor MonktOB, ElefhatU tad Catfk 

SkeldergatA, James Fewater, I 

Sat. lomoro.dialt. ' 

Morpeth, see Pickersg^U, at Ca& 

warehouse * 
Nafferton^ee NeweoaMj 

Foesgste« 4i Pockley and Co. « 

Wilson's Coppeijgate 
Newark, see Deaoon, Harnsoa A €^ 
Newcastlij-on-Tyue. see Pidceisgi^ 

at Craggs' wareikonse^ aniO<ivt 

waite. White Swan yard 
Kew Market, see DeaooD, HaiM 

and Co. 
Newton^ion-Derwent, Rt. Wbitalctfi 

a Sat. 10 mom* d 4 alt. 
Northallerton, ^ee Pitdcersgil]. ." 

Cniggs' warehouse, <fe Owi«iii^» 

White Swan yard 
Northallerton, WMH Smmn, G&oM^ 

f&te, Geo. DutchbttfB, a WW*^ 
ri. 4 same day« 
*Vorth DtiAWld, mmiMei^, « Sat. 
mpro^da£t« . 



|l0nii0hy«ee DMooDyHarrooB A Co. 

lottiiishun. see P«ttildr, at Cnigg's 
warebottie; Dftipaoi^ at Vew- 
OHBbe^, Fotmte ; and W. War- 
migtoB^ at W&on'b, Fosufate 

Nod Monkton, Pocik Btrf, Micki«gt. 
Wb. Bfeakiiaopy aSat. 10 flMim. 
ds afieniooD 

Viiaaiiigtmi2aee Hoviiighain 

OUey, see Wia^ate, at Newoooibe'k, 

Owefaim areata Podk Hotm, Mtekle- 

gate, Richard Howe, a Tha. 10 

araniy d S adMBooii 
«Owbani, ^Mif Asoa, Pavenent, 

Tbos. Stephemou, a Sat. T Hioni. 

d I2iiooa 
OoielNifii, fTkUa Amr, PaTeneDt, 

Tbos. HansoDy a Thu. mg. d aoon 
i>m^ey, see Gieeo Haumwifftoa^ Ed. 

OTuigham, see Hovioriiani 

Oitod, see Deaooo, HanisOB A Co. 

Faaritii, see PkkengUl^ at CiasP' 

Pickeriog, see Peanoo, White Swan 

vasdraod A. AUeo, at Wikfm% 

*Po£ii^toii, fflkiU Ham^ Copaergt 

Jehu ThanpsQQ, a Tha. ana Sat. 

U) aioRi. d sBiae days. 8 aft. 
PocklinetoDy see NewooinDe's,Fessgt. 

aad Wiuon'Sy Coppeigate 
Pcolefrsct, Fletr«, F^TementyThomas 

I>awsoii, a Tu. aad Fri. 1 nooo, d 

Pwteftact, Ftfce^ Pafement, Joseph 

DawBoo, a Tu. Thu. and Sat. d 

Poatefract, see Newooinbe'k. Fossgt. 

WUliain WaniDgUw^ at Wilson's, 

hesloD, see WUig»te, at Neweombe^, 

Redctf, see Peaoook and Moon, at 

Cniyp' wanhome 
Rctfoid, see Deaeon, Ifenison <& Co. 
*Riccall, King*9 Armt, Fossgote, 

TaoiUaion* a Sat. morn, d sJt, 
"RkscBll, King's Arnu^ Fossgt. Thos. 

Csir,.a Sat. 10 morn, d S aft. 
*]liccaU, fTkiie Horte^ Cof^igate, a 

Sat. 10 nxm. d a afternoon 
*BiocBU, |»flrV^rm<» FiMsgate, 

Moschamp, a Frl. evg« dSat. aft. 
Richsiood aad RipM» EUnUni tmd 
CasU€, Skeldergate, John Rich- 

noad, a T«. and Fri. KMiorn. d 

Ta. and Fit 4 aftenoon 
M^moDd, VUec*, Paveoieiity John 

FSsber^ a Tha^ aft. d Fri. mom. 
Richmond, see Blackham. at Cnrgs' 
and rishar> Wllle 

Swan yard 

Rtpoo, sea Blaokhura, at CiHi»^ 

Ripon. PiMM, Pftvnsmit, Wm. Heath, 

a Wed. 9 mom. d 7 e?f • 
RIpon, see Blackbof% at ding's, 

Rachd«Je» see Aobaaa, White Swaa 

yd. and Deacon, Hanison dk Co. 

Rotberfaam, see W. Dawsoa^at Hew- 

combe's, Fosuraie 
Scaithness, see AUea, at WUson^ft, 

Soarbocoufh, Kkig*9 Jnm, Foswat*, 

Thos, Bumisioo, a Tu. d[ Fri. f 

nK>m. d Tu. and Fri. 3 aftemooo 
Soaiboiwigh. fTkU^Sttm ymrd, Pa«8«> 

aranty Thos. Larkin, a Tu. A Fri. 

mng. d Tu. and Fri. aftemooo. 
Soarboroogh, aee Cragc's, CoupeiaiC» 
•Seatoo lESs, IfavTA^^Tnifiam 

Craven, a Sat 8 asom. d d aft. 
♦S eat o n Ross, Fltaes, Pavement.Tboa^ 

Batty, a Sat. 8 mora, d S aft. 
Sedbergh. see BlackbuB, at Cnni' 

Sedgield, see Peacock aad Moon, «| 

CraggB' warehouse 
SelbT, Kmg>$ jtrmt, Fos^ate, a Sat. 

10 nwro. d 9 afternoon 
Selbv Dukt Hi Yvrk, Aldwark. John 

llenrin|gton, a Ta. aad Fri. 4% 

same UTS 
SelbT, see Cfrag|9i% Coppergate 
Settle, see Wingate, at KewnombaV, 

Shefiield, F(«sef, Pavement, Thomaa 

Dawson, a Ta. 1 and Sat. 18^ d 

following days 
SheiBeld, see Naweombe^, Fo«|gatis 

aad Warrington, at Wilson'^, 

•Sheriff Uutton, XTAOs fiteim, Good- 

nuQgate, Tbos. Lookwood, a Sat. 

8 morn, d 3 afternooft 
•Sheriff Huiton, Virieom^ Monk bar» 

John Lawsoa, a Wed. and Sat. 

morning, d same days 
Sblebis N. £ S. fee Qotbwaito> Wldla 

Swan yard 
Skipton in Craven, JT^ag'tf ^tfrsis, and 

Newoorobe'fe, Fossgate, Risbaid 

Wingate, a Wed. 10 mg. d 8 evg. 
Sledmere, see Pockley ds Co. at Wi^ 

son's, Coppergate 
Snainton, see Craggs' warehouse ' 
Snaith, see Warrii^ton, at WUsoaX 

SMitb, XM« Hi Yorky AMwaric, i^. 

Herrington^ a Wed. and Sat. <t 

same days. 
Staitbes, see Peaoock and lfooi|» 

Craggp' wareboufie, an4P«vson^ 
White Swan yard 




Btamford, seeDe&oou, Hanlton tfe Co. 
Stamford Bridge, fF'hite Sttan, Pa?er 

menty George Taylor, a Ta. Thu. 

and Sat. 1 1 morn, d Tu. Thu. and 

Sat. 3 afternoon 
*StiUini£:ton, ff^hite £toa«, Payement, 

Wm. Wright, a Sat. 10 mom. d 2 

Stockton, see Peacock and Moon, at 

Cnigg's, Coppergate 
Stokesley, see Peacock and Moon, at 

CragKS', Coppergate 
•Stonegrave, King's Jrmt; — Scaife, 

a ^t. 8 morn, d 2 afternoon 
Stonegrave, see Hovingbam, WilUam 

♦Strensalf, fFhim Stcan, Pavement, 

John Green, a Saturday 8 morn- 
ing, d 2 afternoon 
•Strensall, fFhite Swan, Pavement, 

Wm. Green, a Saturday 8 morn- 
ing, d 2 afternoon 
•Strensall, fTMte Horse, Coppergate, 

Hesslewood. Sat. d same day 

Smiderland, see Oathwaite, at White 

Swan yard 

gate, Tbos. Lister, a Sat. 10 mg. 

a 3 afternoon 
Sutton- on-Derwent, Fteect, Pavement, 

John Exelby. a <fe d daily 
•SuttOn-on-the-Forest, White Swan, 

Pavement, John Clark, a Sat. 10 

morn, d 5 afternoon 
Tadcaster, Elephant and Castle, Skel- 

dergate, Tbos. Sbillitoe, a Sat. 10 

morn, d 4 afternoon 
Tadcaster, Pack Horse, Mickiegpate, 

Wm. Knowles, a Tu <fe Sat. mg. 

d Ta. and Sat. noon 
Tadcaster, at Cragg's, Coppergate, 

J. E. Amos/a Tun. mg. daft. 
Tadcaster, Pack Horse, Skeldergate, 

Josepn Jagger, a Tu. tfe Sat. rog. 

d noon same days 
Tadcaster. Elephant and Castle, Skel- 
dergate. Robt. Bootland, a Sat. lO 

morn, d 4 afternoon 
Thirsk, Black Bull, Tbarsdav market, 

John Jefferson, a Sat. 6 

morn, d Tu. <fe Sat. 1 1 forenoon 
Tblrsk, see Pickersgill, at Craggs', 

Thirsk, 9rhiie Swan, Goodramgate, 

Geo. Dutchburn, a Wed. and Fri. 

d same days 
^fhorganby, Robert Hope and James 

Thompson, a Sat. 10 mg. d 3 aft. 
Thome, Duke of York, Aldwark, R. 

Merrington, a Wed. and Sat. d 

same days 
Thornton, see A. Allen, at wilsoii^;, 

Coppergate, and Pearson, White 

Swan yard 

Thornton, fFhite Swan, PaTemeoty 

John Homsey, a Sat. 10 mom. 4 

2 afternoon 
Thorp Arch, Elephant and Castle, John 

Lockhart, a Wednesday 9 mom* 

ing. d 1 noon 
Thorp Arch, Pack Horse, Skeldergate. 

Joseph Jagger, a Tuesday ana 

Saturday 10 morning, d Tuesday 

and Saturday 1 noon 
Tborp Arcb, see Pack Horse,lf ick)eg;t. 
Tickbill, see Pettifor, at Cnigg^, 

• Coppergate 
^Tockwitb, Black Boy, North street, 

Wm. Bellerby, a Fri. evg. d Sat. 

*ToI]erton, fThite StMin.GoodnHngate, 

T. Fornington, a Fri. evg. d Sat. 

Wakefield, see Hartley, at Oa^gi^ 

warehouse, and Deacon, Hamson 

and Co. 
Walsall, see Pettifor, at Craggs' ware- 
house ; Dawson, at Newoontbe's, 

Fossgate, W. Warrington, at Wil- 
son's, Coj)peigate 
*Warter, IFAife Horse, Coppei^te. 

John Jackson, a sat. S mom. 4 

1 noon 
West Cottingworth, Three Cupay Fott 

bridge, James Thompson, a Sat. 

8 mom. d 4 afternoon 
Wetherby, Pack Horse, Skelderpite, 

J. Burnley, a Tuesday and Satur- 
day, d noon 
Wetherby, Pack Horse, Skeldeq{Bte> 

John Cobper, a Ta. and Fii. mg. 

d Tn. and Fri. a afternoon 
Wetherby, Bap Horse, Slceldefgate, 

Benjamin Gawtress, a Tuesday 

and Saturday 10 morn.d Tuesday 

and Sat. 2 afternoon 
Wetherby, see Thorp Arch, Lockbart 
*Wbeldrake, Nelson, Walmnfate, Edv. 

Young-, a Sat. 8 mg. d 4 aft. 
Whitby, see Pearson, White Swan, 

yard, and A. Allen, at WUaun^ 

Whitehaven,see Blackburn, at CrsfsgL* 

Whitfield, see A. Allen, at Wilson's, 

Wbitwell, Jrhiie Horse, Coppergate, 

Rd. Wilson, a Wed. and sat. mg. 

d same days noon 
Whiiley, see Green HammertoD, Rd. 

Wolverhampton, see Peitifor, at 

Craegs^, Coppergate, dk Dawsoi]i„ 

at newcombe's, rossgate 
Worksop, see Pettifor, at Cmg|p* 

Yarm, see Peacock and Moon, at 

Craggp' warehouse 


laiplmbettod €tamiSttitim 



Frr- - -' ■ 
-lUra Geo. (J 

. . .r-raftn (Monte. 
AUra Geo. (gent*, boantz.) Bed< 



mbun Rev. J. Jan. (Hodnte, icmn- 

mnlO^afokli ^ ^ "■ 
"nipniiliii Iiiii«i.(liijiit|ifiiii) 

St Aadrewnte 
Guanduliinte Him De, iteatba ot 
„ dwrtu) PetenaU 
Ball SbvM, Wolnogate bar 
uU(t Rer. John, (diMlal tntor •! 

Kwl« Buy LtUtaltaLe ditMl 
I«itoiill«,y, tioodnnnM- 
H'Lno Mu7, (ladW fde.) Bootban 
■^ P. ( Pnncti tatoT) Sloar^tte 
■nAnui line, Calteee itteet 
"IdiohOB PritenoB, (tiiM' boudinc' 
_ aldn) Tanner nnr 

lUppoa J 

Brirate tator, Btowilila 
RnblnMui Hauuh, at ' 

Sblutoo Tboi, (bte.) „ 

Sblnton WilUaa Bdwutl, writi^ ad 

drawlaK maMer, St. Sarioosata 
SIlTenbonw C. F. CoUtga «net 
Smltb Piwicei, (la. Wr.1 VooiiHi 
Smlt^iu Jomn, Pda> walk 
Swan Mary AuDt, KtotHale 
Tboi^Uuid RcT. flodCny, (boaidug 

at Pieift t Mi lan aolWBe) MoakKt. 

Vkien MM Fnunei, (Mia*' hM>ld> 
Ing) CoDCT (tiaet 

Walker E. A H. <U. bdg. ) Coner rt. 

Wation BUia, (la. bdg.) St aattour, 

WeLbeloied ftev. Cbarlei, (tbeologl- 
cal tutaK of tbe Ibacbeiwr PtMk 

Bleckley Wm. Low OiaetaU 
Rippon Mm, StooeKala 

AUiimon * Sbarp, FettelaM 
Pbilllpi Maltbew, TaDBeTTOV 
WaUon ft PrIlcheU, Bloauun itnet 

'ifotonti I'niMe. 
Agu Hlo*. Little Stonecnte 

Andenon R. H. S* •- 

Aikwith Wm. (P. 
BlaiiclurdJotui, 1 
': * BiUmer, 
e Josenb, (proctor ana ne 
igM. to the Arctabifbop^ a 
CwrMattbew, (coBtByanoetlMat-tf, 




Clayton Robert, Stonegate 

Cowling Saml. (<fe ooronev) Casttegt* 

Cowlinr John, Lord Mayor's walk 

Davies Peter, Lendal 

Dewse Thos. (P. & N.) CoUege it. 

Bagle Geo. Bootham row 

El&on Robert, (A coroner) Davygate 

Fiyer J. R. (P. & N.) Goodramgate 

Gamble Wm.Castlegate 

Harle Tbonas, Colliergate 

Harrison G.E.(conTe3'ancer)Coney st. 

Hearon John, High Ousegvte 

Howlet Henry, Lendal 

Hudson Wm. (P. dk N.) Peterg^te 
. Jackman Wm. High Peter^ate 

Lowton Geo. (P.&N.) High Petergt. 

lAiUs W. dk J- R. (P.dfcN.jL.Petergt. 

Newstead & Son, (solicitors) Lendal 

Newstead Christ, clerk of arraigns on 
noftfaem circuit, Lendal 

Newstead C.J. derk of indictments 
ontbe northern circuit, Lendal 

Ord and Pearson, Oglefortb 
: Pearson Wm. (solicitor) Goodramgt. 
agent to Sun Fire Office 

Preston T. W. Stonegate 

Richardson James, (and coroner for 
the liberty of St Peter's) CoUiergt. 

Robinson and Graharo4 Stonegate 
. Russell, Thomi)son.<fe Russell, Lendal 
: Scott Robert, Roolnam 

Seymour John, («ud Prothonatary) 
Little Stonegate 

•9mitb Henry. St. Audrewgate 
-Smithson Rooert, Colliergate 

Stead John, Tanner row 

Siorry F. W. (P. & N.) Low Petergt. 

Thompson Wm. Lendal 

Thorp and Gray, low Petergate 

Townend Richard, (town's derk) 
Blake street 

Townend and Baildon, Iiendal 

Waite John, Silver street 

Walker Thomas, Colliergate 

Wear David, CasUegate 

Wilkinson Henry> Stonegate 

Wilson Thos. (P. <& N.) Stonegate 

Wood John, Fossgate 

Wormald Richard, Blake street 


Brown Matthew, Gillygate 
Carr Beni, Stonegate 
Cundall Wm. Oglefortb 
Ellis Michael, Swinegate 
Gray John, Nessgate 
Moiikmaii James, Colliergate 
Robinson J. 3edaern 
Smith Wm. Low Petergote 
Viney John, Green lane, Hungate 
.Watson George, Petergate 

JBacon and Ham Factum* 

Addinall James, Walmgate 
• Ambbell Robert, MickLegato 

Botterill Joseph, Feasegate 
Bulmer Franeis> sen. Petergate 
Bulmer Francis, jun. (butter, cL««^«v 
ham, <& seed mercht.) Taninenofr 
Canney Wm. Little Shambles 
Cowling Wm. Goodramgate 
JPaniel Simon, Girdlergate 
Ellis Robert, Spurriergate 
England Thomas, Spurriergate 
Holmes Ann, Pavement 
Lee John. Coppergate 
Lockey William, Peterigate 
Peach Robert, Spurriergate 
Prest John, Feasegate 
Richardson Herman,. Micklegate 
Silversides Thomas, Middle Water 
Smith Thomas, St. Andrewgate 
Varey Wm. and Son, Fetter lane 
Waterworth Thomas, T, Coney st. ;.«f; 

Bakers f Flow and Ptcmtion^ ^e, DifU 
Agar William, Peter lane 
Arthur Thomas, Hungate 
Bell Thomas, Walmgate 
Bellerby Henry, Stonegate ! . 

Bellerby Edward, Peasebolm greea 
Bingley Thomas, Swinegate 
Birbeck James, Walmgate i 

Bowman Wm. Green lane, Hm^^lif 
Bradley Thomas, Walmgate 
Brown and Hopps, Great Shambles 
Chapman Anthony, Micklegjate 
Cock John, Blossom street 
Collier WilUam, Bootham 
Dalton Thomas, Bisbojp hill 
Darbyshire George^North stieet 
Dawson Thomas, Walmgate 
Dawson John, Feasegate . 
Dniraniond Joseph, Hungate 
Duck Geo. Little Stonegate 
Dntton Abraham, Little Blake stieet 
Fawoett Mrs. Ann, Walmgate 
Fearby Henry, Fossgate 
Ferraby Geo. Bootham 
Fletcher Richard, Hewostb moor mad 

Great Shambles 
Fov^r Samuel, High Peterg^ate 
Gatiell Ellen, St. Andrewgate 
Glaisby John, Davygate 
Gowland Thomas, Coppergate 
Hardcastle Ann, Skeldergate 
Harper Matthew, Walmgate 
Harris Mary, Pavement 
Haw William, Peaseholm green 
Hawkins Richard, Nessgate 
Hebden J. <fe W. Willow st. Walingt 
Hick Robert, High Petergate 
Hillyard Ellen, Micklegate 
Hillyard John, Skeldergate 
Hudson William, Stonegate 
Laidlow Jamef, Gillygate 
Lawton M. (gingerbread) L. SbambHt 
Machin Henry, Xow Jubberffate 
Macbin Geoige, Far Water Ume 
Middleton Thomas, Goodraittfate 




MiBtoft John, Castiegste 
Iforiey Jobn, Star Court lane 
IfBttiave Cbiist. witboat WalmgUbar 
Xora George, CHUvgate 
Penrose John, Waunjjrate 
Fbinter John, Watmgate bar 
Potter Elizabeth, WiOmgato 
Scraton Richard, North street 
Sfaiw Thomas, Micklegate bar 
Smith Eiiz. without mimgate bar 
Steel Heaiy. Davreate 
Sfanker Racaael, Irossgate 
Swales Robert, Micklmte 
lUlbnl IsabelkuPeasrai^ green 
I Wild Tbomas, Wafangate 
iWatterworth Thos. 7, Coney ttraet 
I iTttBis Joseph, Aldwark 
Wvad Geor^, Low Peteigata 
fWebster Wmiais, North street 
I Webster Ursula, Walmsate 
Weller James, Walmgate 
Wells George, Waim/^te 
Whip John, CKiodram^te 
Wbitwell James, Ci»Uiejgate 
; WUitveU Richard, Hajrmarket 
WiKgiiis William, Petargate 
WiUdoson Thomas, Monicgate 
Wiisoo Berqamin, Grrape lane 
Wright Thomas, Coppergate 
Wright James, Little Shambles 

Raper, Swann,Cloogh, Swann. Bland, 

and Raper, Coney st. on Shr R. C. 

Glyn and Co. London 
Wentworth, Chaloner, Rishworth, 

Son and Co. Low Oosegate, on 

Wentworth and Co. Loaaon 
WUion, Tweedy, <fe Co. High Ousegt. 

on Cartis and Co. Lonoon 
Savings' Bank, New street, F.Carbntt, 

sec. open Tu. from 12 to 1, ana 

Sat. from 11 tol 

^anmtermnd Mirror Maken, Carven, 

GilderMt ^c. 
Ccoce Joshua, (barem. andthermo- 

meter) Grape lane 
Dodgsoo W. F. (dealer in, d; cleaner 

of oil paintiogs) 3, Coney St. 
Wwaids Wm. (carver, glider, «fe look- 

lag glass mfr.) High Petergate 
Fenand Thos. (carr.&gildOStonegt. 
Holraes Wm. (carv. & gild.) Haymkt. 
gpponG. C. (carv. Ajrild.) Stonegt. 
WiUcer Thomas and \¥illiam,(canreES 

and gilders) Blake street 
WigkerMrs. Mary, Spunriergnte 
Wolstenholme Frs. (carrer) Bootham 

^. , 0etrristers, 

EUis WiUiam Joseph, Casaegato lane 
WeyrttllGeo. Copley's ct. Coney st. 
aiQoll S. W. (dty counsellor and re- 
corder of Doncaiter) BUkQ aL 

Penberton John, Boothaai 
SthcUand Bustaoe, Judfea'Oldlod^* 

Allen Joaeph, Middle Water laas 
Clarkson Francis. Great ShambW* 
Fletcher Benj. (dlr.) New Bridgn at 
Robinson John, Fossgate 
Romans John, Walmgate 
Sledmere Ricbard, NesMpate 
Stead Geo. Merch'uit^ hall, Foa^gat* 
Whitehead Wm.Leopard yd.f^feneat 

BUUard TabUs. 
Benson George, LowOosegattf 
Lawn John, Little Blake street 
Moore Tinx>thy, Stonegate 
Pulleyn Henry, (sub.) Blake street 
Scaife Christopher, College street 

Blaekimg Maaa/nefarvrt. 
Metcalfe John, Skeldergate 
SUTenides Thoa. Middte Water lue 

BlmckamUka, Pmnimv, ^c. 
Cooper Geo. High Jnbbeigate 
Cummins JohnjGoodramgsto 
Dent Thomas, walmgate 
Hamswortb Benjamin, Coflbeyart 
May Wm. (farrier) First Water laiw 
Nelson Robt. St. Martin's, Coney ft 
PaTier William, Walmgate 
Soott William, Blossom street 
Snaith John, Finkle street 
Strangeways Robt. Bell's yd. Peteiitt« 
Timms baac, (vet. surg. i Fisheiigatv 
Vincent Emnl. Smith's yd. Skelderiu 
Wilks Wm. Bootham row 
Wilks Paul. North street 
Wilson William, Bootham row 


Atkinson John, Micklegate 
Barker George, Pavement 
Brassiogton Kicbard, (paper ruler by 
machine) Waterloo pf. Spurriergt* 
Dixon James, Collierffate 
Duucanson George, High Peteigattf 
Ripley James, College street 
Sumner J. and O. Ogleforth 
Swinbank Henry, Peter^te 

Bw>ks«llert, Stationert, Bindert^ ife* 

Alexander Wm. and Sooi Castlegate 
Barclay A. and W. 8, New Bri<^e st 
Bollaod Thomas, Spurriergate 
Bordekin Richard, Pavement 
Carrall M. W. Walmgate 
Crawshaw Cornelius. Pavement 
Deighton Thomas, Pavement 
Johnson Robert, Coney street 
Keodrew James, Colliergate 
Lawson Francis, 13, Coney street 
Sotherau Thomas, 9, Coney street 
Todd John and George, (print sellen) 

1 Weightmaa Thomas, Low Petergate 




Wemyss Ttomiis, St. Helen't a^iew 
If Hsoii dr 9QfiMs(wholsL)ttifflLOiiMsU 
WoUteidiotaiie John, Miniteigata 

Booiand S h tmma k en, 

ThoK marked thui t vt Chmnber 

Baines Thomas, Castle milk 
Baioes Joseph. Goodniingate 
Barber Wm. (ladies' shoes) Coney st> 
"IBarber Thomas, WaUngate 
Batmby Samuel, Swinegate 
Bannby R. and J. Girdlergate 

i Barnard Wm. Petergate 
araett John, Micklegate 
Bell and Rigs, Haymarket 
fBennington JameSj Fossgate 
tBinriey Joseph, Girdleigate 
Braimey and Dent. Blake street 
Calvert Fnods, Micklegate 
f Catterton John, Low Jubbeigater 
f Chaplin Willfaro, Swinegate 
Cloagh and Bllis, CoUieigato 
Coates Jobo,.Low Petergate 
Collier Ambrose, Fossgate 
CoUyer Stephen, Midu^gate 
Coapkmd John, Goodnimgate 
Cowper William. High P^igate 
CoimptoD Josepa, (<ft dlr^ in grindery) 

Seller's yara. Pavement 
Croft Edwardana Co. Coffee yard 
Dooghis Richard, Bishop hill 
Daon Robert, Goodramgate 
Dunning Johiu Fossgate 
Bmmerson Jonn, Spurriergate 
Fortinrton Thomas, Walmgate 
Gill Edmund, 1^, Coney street 
Glaisby Wm. (ladies) Coney stieet 
Groves Christopher, Skeldergate 
HaU William, High Peteigate 
Hardacre Joseph, 
Hamison William. GK>odramgate 
tHarrison Hugh, Elliott's yd. Walm- 
gate bar 
Hart Wm. nisting shoes) Walmgate 
Henderson Thomas, Goodramgate 
Henderson William, Goodramgate 
Hogarth Edward, College street 
tHoldswortfa Wm. St. Saviourgate 
Hornby Richard, Stonegate ^^ 

Hornby William, Blalee street 
tHowaid Geo. Bootham row 

} Hudson Thos. Racket's yd. Petergt. 
Hunton John, Skeldeigate 
nman Wm. St. Helen's square 
t Jacques John, Jubbergate 
Jebson William. Finkle stieet 
Joy James, Bell's yard, Petelgata 
Kirby John, Petergate 
Lazenby Geo. Walmgate 
JM'Leui John, een. (^tlegate 
McLean John, jan. Micklegate 
Masser Thomas, Trinity lane 
miiJiaUm WlUam^ Hvngite 

t Pearson Thoiiuw» Albion sUett 
Perry John, Walmgate 
Pinder John, Stonegate 
Raine William, Stoieg^ta 
fRichardson William, Jubbei^ta 
S oowbyThemas, Feasegata 
Sibbit William, Walmgate 
Smith Geo. Stonegate 
fSnowball William, Swiuegat* 
Steel John, Fossgate 
fSutdiffe John^ North street 
Thompson John, High Ouse^ate 
<Thorp William, Tanner row 
Tront dc Williamson, Low Onsegati* 
Ward Robert, Peasenolm green 
i Ward Ralph, Walmgate 
j f Waters Joseph. St. George atmct 
tWaterworthWm.Weltingtott>ro« | 
I Webster Michael A Geo. Iteymaskalf J 
! Williamson J. and J. ColUe^^pte - j 
{Wilson Oliver, Davygate . -j 

•Wilson Thomas, Peter lane 1 

i Wright Robert, Coppergate n 

, WrightsonThos. without WalrngtMl 

Booi 7VW4 Latt, and PaUen M«MJI 
and thaltn in €hnid8ry%. 'n 
Heeles John> Pavement "] 

Lawson Thomas, Pavemetut 
Lockwood Anne, (grindery) H oi ijJ 
raitogato ^ 

Brast Fomtdertf Brturiertf PewUrtnt] 

BoUans Robert. Great Shambles- 1 
Cook Robert, Fossgate I 

Cook James. Colliergato 1 

Grav Robert, Micklegate j 

Rotnerford Bob, iun. Micklegatv 1 
Seagrave Riohaid, Swinegato 
Stodhart Thomas. Coney street 
Venn John, Goodramgate 
Webster Thomas, Pavement 
Wiggins Wm. Spurriergt. <Ss Moal 
Wood James, 6, New Bridge si 

Brewer* and Malisiers, 

Thotensxked thus f ata maltsters 

Dnnsley Wm. Far Water lane 
fBllingworth Joshua, Tanner row 
Hotham Geo. Walmgate 
Kilby John Fryer, Clementbotp,i 

out Skeldergate postern 
Norrison John, Tanner row 
fPeart James, North street 
Roper John, Thursday market 
Siddall Emanuel, Swmegate' 
Ward John, Fossgate 
fWatsou William, Skeldergate 

BrickUtyen and Builders. 
See also Carpenteis. 

Allen and Nelthoro, Aldwark 
Arthur Thomas^ Hiingate 
Beuningtoii James. Walmgatft WhitAeM, Heworth m 




Bowei Joim and Soo^ Dinmiiig's ynd. 

Bndgewater ChiMophflr, North tt. 

fCobb John. Ogleforth 
tDalton WiUkm, Goodranunte 

?.?^i^ ?<'^»««» WalrogiSa 
SIlKon Robert, Grape lane 
gariaiiJ Thomas, tiigh Jubbemte 
Gray Robt. Barker hue, Middegate 
gray Ambrose, North street 
Haw Robert, CasUegate 
fflnt Joho, («fe payiour) Mint raid 
^W80n M^ael, Hwigate 
Jitebell Bamabes, StonegaUs 
Vidioison «fe BeU, Boothun square 
iPwk Thomas, GUlysate 
troweU Richard, Goodramgate 
ftiMe Matthew, Tanner row 
Igon Thomasjunr. North street 
Rhodes James, Walmgate 
fcnderson Samuel, North street 

SSSS f9^Pu^^^'^^^t* y<l- Fossgatc 
^^^ *^wlay. It. indrew^te 

llberforoe Walter, Walmgate 

Toodborn J. StoM^iate 
Wyrell James, Fetter lane 

lewtey Roberf , Hewoith moor 
PolbT James, Hob moor; residence, 

^ttoa « Chapman, Hob moor 
fnlieyn Robert, Horn fields 
iayson Thomas, North street 

Bridle Cutter. 

Bamilton Robert, Bootham 

BrwA Makers, and fTerekomm. 
tcherBenj. (dlr.) New Bridge st. 
Bt Thomas, GhKlIefSfate 
"T»y J. d: Co. Pctergate 

ion Christopher, sen. Barker hill 
iwdon Richard, Micklegate 
reUfoot Richard, Pet^gate 
FeDs Thomas, CoUieigate 


lenon WiUiam, Walmgate 
listead Peter, Middegate 
Ion Wilfiam, Goodramgate 
^-Xk Richard, Thunday market 
Ml Thomas, Tharsday market 
pwlay Anne, €keat Snambles 
^tey William, High Peteigata 
PladcbniB John, Great Shambles 
Bnunley John, Great Shambles 
gramley Ambrose, Fossgate 
BnrriU Hannah, Silver street 
^▼ert Jas. (tripe dlr.) Ltl. Shambles 
gook John, Thufsdvr market 
githbert Thomin, Slkekiergate 
Dalton Cteoige, Thursday market 
Dnon Richard, Great Shambles 

Dove Anne, Great ttaaMee 
Dove Richard, Great Shambles 
Dntton Benjamin, Mtefclentn 
Ellis RobeiCBoothaiT^*^ 
Fletcher John. Thnnday auvket 
Fowler John, Middegate 
Fowler Leonard, Great SbamUei 
Gell Thomas, Great Shambtoi 
GeU Robert, PeasMate 
Harrison Richard, Thunday aarkBt 
Uk^ Matttew, little ShaiMr^ 
Hildreth Thomas, Great ShambiM 
Hildreth WiUiamI Great ShamUes 
Hill Mn. Walm^te •'"^"^ 

Hindsley George, Great Shambln 
Holgate ^adM, Great Shamblee 
Hol^ate Wm. Great Shambles 
JewiU Thomas, Great Shambles 
Kettlewell John, Hay market 
Lambert RichanI, Great ShamUas 
Ledger James, sen. Low Jnbbenats 
ft?£I (5™w J«n. Low Jttbbei]^ 
bmmtt Wm. Low Oosento 
Mann Thomas, Great S&mbles 
Masser Ann, Little Shambles 
Melrose James, jun. Pom brk|M 

Pearson Richard, Bootham soimm 
Prest William, l^etergate ^ 
Quarton William, Goodramgate 
Reed Joseph, Blossom street 
Saville John, Goodnmgato 
Seville Richard, Goodramgate 
Scruton William, Great Shambles 
Settle George, Petergato 
Seven Wm. Thursday market 
Sharp Thomas, Thunday market 
Simpson Christopher, Monnl 
Smith John, Fongato 
f^v George, Great Shambbs 
Spence William, Walmgate 
Swale John, 16, New Bridgestnet 
Swan John, Walmgate ^^ 

Thackeray Robert. Thursday maiket 
ThackrayJohn, GiUygato ^""'■^ 
Theakstone Rtehard, Peteivate 

T^5^i5fJi*?' ^^ S&iBbles 
Todd Robert <fe Son, G. Shambles 
Walker Peter. Low Jubbeigate 
Wbitebouse Geo. Feasegate 
WUson John, Great Shmnbles 
Wilson Joho, jua. Great Shambles 

BtUter Feeton, 
See alio Bscon and Ham Fasten. 
Addinhl James, Walmgate 
ArchbeU Rob«^rt. Micklegate 
Bulmer Francis, jun. (bare, cheese 4 

seed merchant ) Tanner tow 
Canney Wm. Little Shambles 
Cowhng Wm. Goedramgato 
Dobson Wm. (agent) TCnity tone- 
Holmes Ann^ Fafement . 




Lee John, Coppeigate 
Richardson Hannan^ Micklegate 
Smith Thomas, St. AndrewKate 
Varey Wm. <fe Son, Fetter Jane 
Wameford John^ Pavement 
Watterworth Thos. 7, Coney street 

Cabinet Makert. 
C^ndall William. Ogleforth 
Dickinson Wm. Hi^b Jobbeigate 
Fawbert Wm, Stouegate 
Ingham Joseph, (sky and fan lights) 

Jobhergate ^ 

Manhall 6. S. Goodramgate 
Marshall Martha, (spinning wheels) 6, 

Coney street 
Phillips John, (A undertaker,) Fetter 

Sedgwick Wm. Blake street 
Underwood Thomas, Stoneeate 
Walls Thos. (<fe undertaker) Peter In. 

Cabinet Makers and Upholdera, 

Those marked thus * are Upholders only, 
and those f Undertakeis. 

fBeal T. <fe G. Stonegate 
Bellerby John (<fe undertaker) Mick- 
^urniston John, Walmgate 
Lupton John, Low Juboergate 
Musham Frederick, (& undertaker,) 

Blake street 
fShores <fe Steward. Micklegate 
*Skelton John, Albion street 
*Smith Witliara, (<& undertaker) Low 

Stones Geo. (fancy chairs) Pavement 
Taylor John)(<fe undertaker) Peter In. 
*Whitehouse Rbt. CofiTee yd. Stonegt. 

CarpenierM — itome Builders. 

See also Bricklayers, Builders & Wheel- 
wriffhts.— Those marked thus f are also 
Calnaet Makers. 

Agar Isaac, Walmgate 
Almand Christopher, Walmgate 
Bean Samuel, uavygate 
fBeedham John, Fetter lane 
tBeedfaam Wm. Skeldergate 
tBell John, Dundas st. Hun^te 
f Bellerby Thomas, Bishop hill 
Benson Thomas, St. Savionr;g-ate 
f Bollans Francis, Low Pet«rgate 
f Buriliston JofaOi Walmgate 
Carey John, Walmgate 
Carey John. St. George street 
Coates William, Tdnner row 
Demmey Thomas, Skeldergate 
t Dempster Anthony, (<fe undertaker) 

Mint vara 
Oimsdale John, Church yd. North st* 
Dodsworth Matthew, Grape lane . 
Dugelby Robert, Davygate 
Franldsb Riebard, Hungate 
Gill John, Wakngate 
Groves George, Walmgate | 

Hansom Richard, Micklegate bar 
tHansom Henry, (and undertaker,) 

Tanner row 
Harper John, Walmgate bar 
Hornby William, Goodramgate 
tHubie WUliam, Ogleforth 
Ickeringill John, Far Water lane 
tKirk Wm. St. Mary's row, ~ 

fLockey George, Fossgate 
t Marsh Joseph, Feasegate 
Mason Isaac, Brunswickplaoe 
Mason James, Huncate 
Mvers William, WiUow street 
f Raper John, Feasegate 
Rayson John, Hungate 
t Richardson William, Stonegate 
Robinson Thomas, Goodran^pste 
fThompson John <fe Son, (pi 

boxes) Little Stonegate 
Walker Thomas, (and undei 

fWikely Benjamin, St. Savioorgate. 
+ Wisker Robert, Coffee yd. Si 
Wood Richard, Walmgate 

Carpet Manafaetwert. 

Gregory J. <& Co. (patent floor dothlld 

<& brush warehouse), L. Peteiglli 

Mush John, (patterns sent to tfljl 

part of the kingdom) Monk bar 
Rooke Thos. (dealer) Minster gats 

Carvers and Gildere. v 

See Barometer, &e. Makers. 
CaUU, Sheep if Pig DealertyfTkoleseU 
See also Horse Dealers. ft 

Agar Thomas, Peaseholm green 
Fawoett Robert, Walmgate bar 
Hirst William, Aldwark 
Whimp Anthony, Monkgate 

Cheesemongers, X 

See also Baoon and Butter Factors. { 

Alderson Jacob, Fossgate • •,"£ 

Bellerby Henry, Stoneg^ate J 

Bulmer Francis, jun. (butter, b8iB# 
seed merchant) Tanner row i 
Canney William, Uttle Shambles '. 
Cowling William, GoodFEungate 
Ellis Robert, Spurriergate 
England Thomas, Spurriergate 
Holmes Ann, Pavement 
Lockey William, Peteigate 
Peach Robert, Spurriergate 
Watterworth Thomas, Y, Coney st 

Chemsis ManufaetvHng, 

Spencer Isaac & Co. first Water Um : 
Sutdiffe John, 29, Coney street 
Taylor C^k <fe Col (wholesale dnf- 
gists, oil, paiiit, colours and iDaf*_ 
ford manufacturers,) near Oi 
bridge and Spurriergate 





AUeD Oswald, (and apottaec&ry,) Col- 

Baker J. J. Hifh Ousegate 
Bell Richard, Thursday market 
Cautiey Marr, Low Ousegate 
Dales <fe Butterfield, (wholesale) 

Elgin d; Heseltine, (wholesale) Cd- 

Gutb F. A. <fe Co. Goodramgate 
Hamon C. J. Low Petergate 
Hanhnan Bdmond, jon; IT, New 

Bridge street 
BarwooaJohn, Petergate 
ifiwDby Prestoo (apothecary) Peter- 
Umrood William, PaTement . 
hHt Edward <fe Sons, (wholesale) 

Scawin Wiltiain, Low Petergate 
Saeaoer Isaac ^ Co. first Wnter lane 
flpur John, (wholesale and retail) 

New Bridge street 
Satdiffe John, (professioiial) 99, 

Coney street 
hyior Cbok & Co. Spuniergate 
f^ry Joseph, Walmgate 
Vheakstone, Robiiiaoii 4s Co. MicUe- 

TbomraoD Jas. comer of Stonegate 
Ward Thomas, Fossgate 
Watnm William, Micklegate 

(Sock cmifFateh Maker* if Repairen, 

See also Jewellers, &c. 
Barber dk Wbitwell, Cooey street 
I>empster Anthony, Walmgate 
Dickinson Robert, Goodramgate 
Fryer Mrs. High Oasegate 
Hay Elizabeth, Micklegate 
flick Matthew, Minster gate 
Hall John. College street 
^cksoQ Edward, 14, Coney street 
Maltby H. D. Pavement 
newlove John, Pavement 
Peacock William, Sparriergate 
Potts Joshua, (musical) Spuniergate 
Richmond Jpb. ((dock mkr.) Fossgate 
Rowntree Robert, Coppergate 
Steward Henry, Low Ousejnite 
Watson Christopber, Low Ousegate 

Clog and Paiten Makert. 
See abo Last and Patten Maken. 

CliapUn William, Swinegate 
liSwson Thomas, Hungate 

Clotke$ and Fnmitun BrfAtrt, 

Thofemaiked thus f are Clothes Broken. 
Thus I FuToitnre Broken. 

Ses abo TaUon and Woollen Drapen. 

pBoUans Francis, Low Petergate 
UBraithwaite Richard, Swinegate 
IIBrown Thomas, High Jubbergate 

IIBurr Frandt, Peter lane 

IjBurton Benjamin, Higb Jabbeigato 

4 Clancy James, Walmgate 

BCogling Thomas, Swinegate 
Cos David. Feategate 
Collier L. Mtcklesnte 
f Dale Emanuel, Feasegate 
fDalby Joseph, Jubbergate 
fDale Thomas, Feas4*gate 
fDarbTsbire James, Peter lane 
IJDuBelbT Robert, Davygate 
fEaaoo George, Peter lane 
f Hardcastle flary. North street 
Heathley John, (clothier) Swioegt. 
t Hirst Mrab, Feasegate 
HKilvington Leonard, H. Jobbeifite 
f Lockey John, Feasmte 

SLuptoa John, Low Jubbergate 
Marsh Joseph, Feasegate 
Noble Wm. College street 
f Peters Mary, Gillygate 

PriesUer Joseph, High Jubbeigate 

Rickaros John, Swinegate 

Scott Robert, Swinegate 

Settle Isaac, Feasegate 
„Settle Mary, Feasegate 
Shuttlewortn Mary, Peter lane 
y Simpson Jonathan, Palmer lane 
tSmelt Elizabeth, Peter lane 
llSpenoer Francis, Low Jiibbergate 
Stephenson John, Feasegate 
lITaylor John, Peter lane 
Thornton Joseph, (Soodramgpte 

Walls Thomas, Peter lane 

Woodbum Margaret. Peter lane 

Woollens Thomas, Walmg^ 

CoocA kmUert, 

Bradley Thomas, (A hameti maker) 

High Jubbergate 
Breaiy 4; Myers, (<fe harness makers) 

Little Stonegate is Davygate 
Fisher Joseph, O^lefortb 
Morley dk Son, Little Stonegate 

Coal Merthanit, 
Balnes George, Blossom street 
Bromley James, Fossgate 
Buckle Marmaduke, St. Saviour row 
Btissey «fe Pearson, Marygate 
Darbysbire Cbpr. Lord Mayor's walk 
Davies Mary, Lendal 
Eyre Thomas, Friar walls 
Grange Benjamin, Foss bridge 
Hanethick Henry, first Water lane 
Hudson Williaqn, Friar walls 
Kin? Richard, Walmgate 
Lockey James, Waterloo place 
Maddrab MarsHret. Skeldergate 
Martin John, Middle Water lane 
Mawson Jonathan, Skeldergate 
Meek John, Gillygate 
Norrison John, Tanner row 
Oldfield Wm. First Water lane 
I Parker George, Umon place 






Pew John, Thursday markel 
Piest John, North street 
Richardson Franeis. Far Water lane 
Robinson Charles^ Monk bar 
Robson Hannah^ without Walmgt bar 
Rymer Peter, St. Savioor row 
Smith Richanl, Moak«ate 
Stephenson Heniy, Coney street 
Tbackray Joseph, JtficUeiJiate 
Thomas John, Skeldereate 
Thompson Tboe. Lord Mayors walk 
Tindell John, Skeldergate 
Valletta Paiu, Maiygate 
Walm John, Wilaoii's street, top of 

W«od Gfeoige, Walmgate 

CkNM6 Mmmfactmtn. 

HpUnes WflBain. TVinity lane 

LundGeors;e, Fetter lue 

Jtf awson Thos. (<fe small wares dealer) 

Mortimer Isaac, 16, Coney tX. 

Natt John, Trinity lane 

Pole John, Skeldergate 

Roujj^er Joseph (powder flasks, drink- 
ing horns, <fe broad born shavings) 
Tanner row 

Stead Thomas, Casttegate lane 

Steward G. <fe Sons, Blossom street 

Walker John, Laythorp postern 

CommiuifmerM for taking Sfeciai BmL 
Dawson John, (oity 4t Ainsty ) Castile- 
Gill WUlimn, (County tfeCity of York) 

Conftetioiun tmd Pmiirf Cooki, ifc, 

Armidel Mary> (city eook) Waterloo 

Ball £)ix. (pastrycook) L. Blake st 
Berry Robol;, (wholesale)St. Helen *s 

Brown William, Coney street 
Brown Richard, Coney street 
Calvert Tbos. (wholesale) Spiirtief|^. 
Cootherd John, Bootbam 
KUiott John, (wb. <fe ret.) Spurriergt. 
Etty John, (wb. ffingerbd.) teasegate 
Fall Georfe, Higb Petergate 
Gray Wiluaro. Fossgate 
Hesungton Joui,witooiit Bootbam bar 
Kilner and Hick, Goodramgate 
Roscoe John, Bootbam row 
Rotherford Robert, sen. Micklegate 
Turner Mary, Stonegate 
Walker John, (wholesale) L. Petergt. 
Watson Sarak, High Petergate 
Wilson Blizabetfa, Stonegate 
Wilson Tbomas, Low Petergate 
Womack Richard, (pastry cook) High 


Addinell James, Walmgate 


Alderson Jacob, Fossgate 
Briscomb Robert, Walmgate 
Bulmer George, Girdlergate 
Dent ThumaSjStonebow lane 
Dobson Wm. Trinity lane 
Foster John, Middegafe 
Harrison ThomasJEiusfa Petaigate 
Kilham Thomas, Fetier lane 
Moverley John, Middle Water lane 
Richardson Herman, Jlfickl^^ta 
Tansley Benjamin. Davygate 
Tatbam Robert. St. Andreweate 
Vaie^ Wm. and Son, Fetier lane 

Cork CtUtert. 

Chapman John, Ftes bridge 
Cresisey George, jon. Fosmto 
Rawdon <fe Deighton, 28, Coney «t. 

Cbm MerchatOt and MiUen, 

Thote marked thus f are MerebanUt „ 
^ are Millers— not narked are bodi ,9 

Atktnaon 4s Blenkam, Walmgate 
Bainbridge John. Walmgate 
Dent Ridiard, Micklegale 
tFaweett Robert, Widmgiite bar 
rFearby Henry, Fossgate 
Fletcher Richard, Hewortii flMMvait 

Great Shambles 
Hill William, Wabn^ite 
Hillyard John, Skeldergate 
Hoops Thomas, Castle mills 
Hodgson Thomas, Clementborp 
Hodgson Blizabeth, Fossgate 
Hodgson Setb, Petergate 
Nicholson John, Goodramgate 
Pearson Matthew, Walmgate bar 
Peart James. North street 
Rook Mark, New bridge street 
Simpson L. db J. Noru street 
Smith Daniel, Monkgate 
Stead <fe Gell, Skekl^ate 
Todd Enoch, Lord Mayor's walk 
t Varley John, SpitUe field, Hewaitl 

Watson and Moyser, Stonegate wm 

Sutton mills 
Watson Williaai. Stonegate 
Waud George. Fossgate 
Wifberforce William, Wahagate 

Cwritn and Loaiktr CWfsrt. 

See also FeUmongers and Tamwn. 

Agar J. & B. High Ouseg^te 
Bell George, Marygate 
Meek James, Croodramflite 
Mouncer John, North slreet 
Nelson George, Petergate 
Pabner William, Church lane 
Potter Thomas, Croodiaragate 
Toes WtUiam, Geedrangate 


BulUvant Isaac, Newgate 
Cockill Joseph^ FinklS street 


Tou. 1S6 


Glofer JobOi PaTeroeot 
Jfoantier James, Hangate 
SandeTson Thomas, Low Oas«|fata 
Wood Joseph, Spurriergate 

Dancing Matien. 

Cattell Christopher, Barker hill 
Noke Charles, High Peteigate 

Horner and Tonier, Coney itreet 

Spenoer Isaac, Middle Water lane 


Batty Elis. (silk A muslio) Foasgate 
Coates Rt. (glove leatherJTannerrow 
Rocker Robert, IS, New flrid^ street 
'Hanris Aon. (calico) Stonegate 
Harrison Wm. Petergate 
flapiK John, (silk) Grape lane 
rbtuge John, Fossgate 
Pnlleyn Wm. North street 
Spencer John, (thread) Tanner row 
Tkafiker John, (silk) Stonegate 
Wanneth John, Tanner row 

Eaimg Hom$e9, 
Cttvttt William, Pavement 
Le^ Mary, Skelderaate 
fiiakit John, Fossbrki^, Walmgata 


Barber and Wbitwell, (oo gold dk sil- 
ver) Conev street 

Barker John, (copper-plate dk printer) 
Low Ooseif ate 

Canall M. W. (in wood) Walnni^ate 

Ca?e Wm. (copper- plate and pnnter) 

Avails Edward, (seal and dye sinker) 

lavson Wm. dk Francis, 13, Coney st. 

FeUmongen, Skinnera, tfe. 

See alto Currien and Tumen. 

Xelfose James, sen. Walmgate 
Melrose Walter^ Walmgate 
Mosey John, Walmgate 
Slater Mary, Walmgate 

Pin ife. Ci0U§ AgmUt, 

Atlas^ Cooper (fe Bielby, Skeldergate 
BinniDghiim,F.Mallatrat,46,Coney st. 

Mf^ie, ueo. iiawion, Miga f eiergaie 
Globe, F. W. Stornr, Low Peteigate 
Hope, H. Graham, Stonegate 
Norwich Union, George Baker, St. 

Helen's square 
Norwich Union Fire Society, Thomas 

BoUand. Sparriergate 
Pbfftiix and Pelican, Robert Smith- 
^ *«on, ColUergate 
I^raTident,Wm. HalL High Ousegate 
Royal Ezchaiige, Rd.Townend,Lendal 

SallbUc and Oenenl County. WlUtea 

Aleiander and 800, CMttanto 
Snn, Wm. Pearson, OgleiNth 
Union, Newsiaad and Soa, Leadal 
West of Englandy JaoMs RidiirdMMi, 
EngmBtr, John SutcttffBy diqggiiC, 
29, Coney stnet 

FUking nnd FtiwUnr ThckU Mmkwt^ 
Le Bron Thos. Wellington row 
Marriiall Martha, li, Coney stiett 


Autherson Richard, Great ShamUft 
Etherington Geonn, Stonegnte 
Gowland James, Skeldergtte 
Morley John, Great Shambles 
Pattinson Thos. Little Shambles 
Wanilow Joseph, Dondas street 

F^ DrsMirt. 

Bell John. Walmgate 
Daltou Wm. Great Shambles 
FUUimtds Scarr,(Amercbt.)North st 
Hedley Hartas, (lime merchant and 

spioner) Skelaergate. Albton st. 
Hodgson Joseph. Great Sbambles 
Hyle Joho, (and spinner) PaTement 
Lakeland and Popjbleton, Walmgate 
Milner Richard, High Ousegate 
Richardson Wm. (spinnerj witboot 

Skeldergate postern 
Savage John, Great Shambles 
Scarr John, (spinner and merchant) 

Smith Wm. witbont Walmgate bar 
Swales John, (and spinner) Walia* 

gate bar 

Sm alio Qardenns. 

Backhouse J. and T. Tanner row 
Bellerby Robert, Stonegate 
Birkenshaw George, Feasegaie 
Brown Wm. Coney street 
Calyert Thomas, Spurriergate 
Camidge William. Castlegate 
Cresser James, Skeldergate 
Dickinson ThomaS| North street 
Foster Robert, Coney street 
Gn<y William, Feasegate 
Hill John, without Walmgate bar 
Jackson John, Goodramgate 
Leeman Mary, Stonegate 
Midgley Francis, Coney street 
Mills Mary, 11, New Bridge street 
Piokard George, Nessgate 
Smith John, Spurriergate 
Wilson Thomas, Barker hill 

Fitmera^DealerB in Haliert* Skin^ 
.Sea also Hattefi. 
Cook Joseph. IT, Coney street 
Dawson William, Fossiate 
I Fowler Thomas, Spurnergate 

h 3 




HitcbeU John, Great Shambles 
Ifookmaa William , Coppergate 
Sherwood Bliz. High 0«isegate 
Waierwortb John, Croodnimgate 

Gardamtny Nvirtmy, and SaedttMn. 

Anderson Richard, Atkinson's court, 

Anderson Wra. Walmgate bar 
Aldington Wm. Casttejrate lane 
Backhouse Tbos. <fe Jas. Tanner row 
Batty Edw. without Walmgate bar 
Bearpark Jas. Benj. A Geo. Bootham 
Bearpurk Rt. jun. Iiord Mayor's walk 
Bomer Francis, jan. (cheese, ham, A 

butter roer&nt) Tanner row 
Camidge William, Castlegate 
Clarkson Wm. Wahngate 
Cowgitt Wm. Monkeate 
Cresser William, Micklegate 
Barle John, Haymaiket 
Hill John, without Walmgate bar 
Logan John, (seeds) Fossgate 
Liipton John, (florist) Bootham 
Lyth John, (seeds) Walmgate 
Midgley Francis, Coney street 
Mutbrown Robert, Albion street 
Oldfleld Richard, Fa^tsga^ 
Parker Anthony, (florist) without 

Walmgate bar 
Peait James, North street 
Re^noldson Thomas, GiUygate 
RigjIP John and Son. (wh.) Fishergate 
Smith John, (florist) Spurriergate 
Smith Benjamin, Blossom street 
Taylor James, Foss bridge 
Whaie William, High Petergate 
Whitwell William, (seeds) lavement 
Wright Hugh, Monkgate 

Olau, China, and Barthtnumre DtaUn, 

Boyes and Fowler, Walmgate 
Buckley Joseph, (Joppeigate 
Burrill Mary, Thursday market 
Cave Elizabeth, Micklegate 
Charlton Geo. and Co. Peter lane 
Fell George, Thursday market 
Fowler Matthew, Walmgate 
Houseman John, (dealer in window 

glass) Peterume 
Kimber Tbos. <fe Son, St. Helen's sq. 
Lee John, Coppergate 
Marshall G. S. Goodramgate 
Midgley Jonathan, High Petergate 
Plows Benjamin, (^pergate 
Pomfret William, Stonegate 
Reynolds Mary, Fossgate 
Rounding Thomas, Trinity Una 
Smith John, Colliergate 
Stumy Wifiiam, Petergate 
Walker Bei^aniiK, Geodsamgate 

Glaa9 CnUen. 
Barnett John, (& stainet) CoU^s*«Im 
Dovenor Mark, Goodramgnte 
Pom&et William, Stonegata 

GloMt jif srcibmfs. 
Sanderson Tbos. (crown) L. OusQgpto. 
Watson Christ, (cut) Low Oosegoft^ 

CrtoM Mamfaehtrers. 

Those msrlied thns * are T pntliT 
Breeehet Btakers- 

Brocklebank Thomas, (leather cifl^; 

Buttery Geerge, Wakngate 
Carter Geo. (gents, caps) College iLi 
Fether Neville, Walmgate -^ 

Fowler Thomas, Spurnergate S 

Hall T. F. (<feleatberdresser)OgleM|| 
•Hardy Thomas, Stonegate \^ 

Kirby Riohard. Fetter mne 4 

Lawton John,(Dreecbes iiiaker)CoMn 

Lvon Robert, Blake street 
Makin Thomas, Giiiygate 
Pnlleyn Robert St. Helen'i squaie 
Robinson William, Stooegate 
Sherwood Elizabeth, HighOoi^ife^ 
Simpson J. J. StonM;atB 
•Thornton and Spiidc, Spurnargate 
Walker Michael, 11, Coney street " 
Wood and Thompson, Pavement 

ChrocerM and Tea DoKlett, 
See also Tea DeaUars. 

Agar Seth and Co. Stonegafie 
Agar Edward, Middegate 
Auen William, Girdlorgate 
Anderson Richard, Low P tetergste 
Armstrong J. H. (agent to hoadm 

Grenuine Tea Co. ) Fossbridge 
Awmaek Joseph, Fossgate 
Bell Richard, TbuTsday market 
Bell J. Jubheigate 
Bleckley John, Thursday market 
Brayshaw Eleanor, High Peteigata 
Britton and Co. Spurriergate 
Brown and Hopps, Great Shamblet 
Bulmer J. A. Haymarket 
Clarkson Wm. Walangate 
Cowling Wm. Goodramgate 
Cresser James, Skeldeigate 
Dale John, Fossgate 
Daniel Wn. Coluereate 
Darbyshire Chxi8to^er,,Ouseg8te. 
Dinmore Richard. Coppergate 
Dobson Emanuel, Law Petergate 
VletcberaBdScarr,(w&.) North, iC 
Gray George, Micldegate 
He^iiegtoa Job^wKthout Beothamto 
Jackson John^ Petergate 
Jeffeisoii RoberL ( wLl Paseneei 
Johnson Ann and So% 
KiffibeMUid Bond,.Ness||Kte^ 

Prince and Pn^t, (bottle) Fishei^ale Kii^c Joieph, Waimgate 

YOKK. 1S7 


laittdale Nathaniel, Wabngate 
lodu^ Tbo6. Great Shambles 
Lyth JoiiD^ Walmfste 
KichoboD Geo. Goadraflunte 
Pvkin Henry, (xoodraBigite 
Kckard Geo. Nessgate 
Price Wm. Hicklegate 
Price Aaron, Great ShaaaUes' 
Pnestley Geo. ChMxlraoigste 
RicfaardsonEdw. Bootmun 
ftiebardsoD M. Great Sharahles 
Roscoa John, Coppeigate 
RoBotree Joseph, Pavement 
Severs Joseph, Stonegate 
Sigsworth Johuw Castleinte 
Smith <fe Kiriew, (wb.) Skddernte 
AcadflemyifeEdw. (wh.) Sk^JwKt. 
Tate John, High Oosegate 
" ' ~ ofnrei 

Taylor Isaac, foot -. 

Tesseyman Thos. 4, New Bridge st. 
Heneyman John^ Bootbam 
Waroeford John, PaTement 
Whftwell Wm. Pavement 

€hm Mmkerw ami AMOf . 
BeODaTid, Walmeate 
RnmeDQ Richartl, Stonegate 
Coekhill Joseph, Finkle street 
mke Arthur, Goodiamgate 
Pratt John, Stonegate 
Wood Joseph, Spufiieigate 

^^Bair Ctotk Mamtfaeimwi. 
ntk Wm. Crieat Shambles 
Savage John, Gveat Shambles 

Hurdwan Demist, 

Seeaho JeweUera and 

RnoUmnk Jolm, Coney street 
ftigartb Edw. College street 
HeaisJohn, Pavement 
Smith Joseph, Low Petergate 
Whisker Joho, Spurriergate 

Bat Manafacivrers and fWantumut, 
Rirks Thos. Low Oosegate 
Blaodiaid Wm. High Oosegate 
Dawson Wm. FossjBrate 
Preraian Henry, Coppeigate 
Haden Wm. 8, Coney street 
Rorsomn Joseph, foot of Pavememt 
Mackrell James, Micklegate 
Monkman Wm. Cloppergate 
Moody Somnel, Pavement 
Palkyn Robert, (and hiceman) St. 

Heieo'6 square 
PttUouThoa. Spnnieigate 
Sherwood Bliz. Hifii Oosegate 
Waterwortb John, Goodram|^ 

Bat ami PUl Be* Maken. 
Jaclw» Elk. CoUieigat» 
K)fb3F PraMiB, (piUbosea) St. Ilai3^^s 


Stewart Andrew, (b«Ms) 

WatBon Wm. Swinegate 

Bop JfarcAeaCt. 
Bomell Geo. Mint vard 
Demain John, Waungate 
Gibson Robert, Falemte 
Lawton A Pearson, Qooii&aua^ 
Stead H. dt B. SkeUeiJiate 

Bop Bag ^ SaeHng Mami{faetmwr9, 
Cariss Thos« St. Aadrewgate 
EUiaon Rbt (wool sheeU) Green km 
Hooker <lk.Caiiss, St. Andrew'O^barck 

Demier John, Walrogate 
Kyle John, Pavement 
Lawton^ Pearson, Goodnungate 

Bona Ifiglirt. 
Dickinson Wm. Wabngate 
Pawoett Rbt. withont Wabnflite bar 
Kirbv Thos. without Wabnnte bar 
MarsbaU Wm. GiUygat« ~ 
Smith Wm. Silver street 
Ward Wm. Marygate 
White John, St. Andrewgste 

Blandiard Wm. H. Oosegate 
Bott Jonathan, CoIUergate 
Dotton «fr Co. Fossgate 
Fowler Thos. Sporneivate 
Holland Thos. 5. New bridge street 
Ingham Jonas, Spunriergate 
Jennings Robert. Cooer street 
Nicholson A Haason, College street 
Pulleyn Robert, St. Helen's square 
Robinson Wm. Stonegate 
Sherwood Bbs. H. Oiuegate 
Sweeting Michael, H. Oosegate 
Teasedate Christcmher, (worsted and 
yarn) Aldwark 

BoUU^ Imu and Ti 

Aoom, Dan. Smith, St. Martini lane 
Aoom, Wm. Hickton, St. Martin's bi. 
Admiral Hawke. Rt. Clarke, Walmg^. 
Anchor, Sarol. Mellor, ftnt Water In. 
Angri, John Hart, Walmgate 
Artichoke, Thos. Hewitt, Micklcvate 
Artichoke, John Atkinson, MicUegt. 
Barleycorn, Sim. Russell, Coppeiiat* 
Barleyooro, Thos. Streeton, BeA&n 
Barrel, John Lund, L. Blake stmec 
Barrel, Geo. Pennack, Tim. market 
Barrel, Robert Smith, L. Bbdv street 
Bay Horse, Joho Blytbe, Wabnjnia 
Bay Horse, Thos. Douglas, SkeUergt. 
Bay Horse, John Agar, Bleasom st. 
'Bay Horse, Wm. Hill, Goodiamgate 
Bay Horse, Amos Lowtoo, Giilygalo 
Bay Hoi-se, Wm. Meadley, L. Petergt 
Bay Horse, James Mackerill, Tamiec 


Bmp MalftMi, SOsestec Reed^ MmH 

Baynet'tilalel, Wril. JlayMt^PalMgt;; 




Beverley Arms, John Dann, High 

Bird-in-Hand, Mary Driffield, Boo- 

tbam bar 
Black Boy, Wm. Bowser, North st. 
Black Boy, Robert Little. Lendal 
Black Bull, Geo.Scaife, 
Black Bull, Thos. Wilson, Walrngate 
Black Dog, Eliz. Spurr, L. Jubbergt. 
Black Dog, Jas. Turner, Fease^te 
Black Dog, John Vause, L. Jubbergt. 
Blaf:d£ Horse, Jph. Leetall, Bootbam 
Black Horse, Greo. Reynolds, Fossgt. 
Black Horse, John Storry, Walmgate 
Black Horse, Thos. Trimt, Pavement 
Black Horse, Geo. Wright, Monkgate 
Blacksmith's Arms, John Thickett, 

Black Swan, f Clarke's Hotel <& post- 
ing house^ Jas. Barber, Coney st. 
Black Swan, Thomas Brabiuer, Pease- 
holme green 
Blue Bell, Sarah Bell, Walmgate 
Blue Bell, Rhd. Richardson, Fossgt. 
Blue Bell, Rhd. Taytor, Thu. market 
Blue Bell, Han. Wade, Micklegate 
Board, Geo. Cressey, Fossgate 
Board, John Walton, Mary gate 
Board, Richd. Broad mead, Jubbergate 
Boot and Slipper, Newland Temple^ 

Britannia, Thos. Cawood, Walmgate 
Brown Cow. Henry Weatherill, jun. 

Cannon, Thos. Chipstead, Lendal] 
Canteen, James Bean, Barracks 
Chapter Coffee House, Ann Plowman, 

Minster yard 
CllflFord's Tower, Wm. Head, Pease- 
holme sreen 
Coach ife Horses, Jeremiah Coultas, 

Coach <fe Horses, Thomas ;Kilvington, 

Low Ousegate 
Coach (fe Horses. Ann Shaw, Swinegt. 
Coffee House, Fdk. Debnaro, Lendal 
Crispin's Arms, Ed w. Thorpe, Church 

lane. North street 
Cross Keys, Joseph Joy, H. Jubbergt.. 
Cross Keys, Thos. Rathmel, North st. 
Cross Keys, John Turner, Goodramgt. 
Crown, Thomas Thompson, Thursday 

Crown and Anchor, George Briggs, 

Low Jubbergate 
Crown and Cushion, Robert Dowson, 

Dog <fe Gun, Jph. Drummond, Hungt. 
Dule of York, Robert Merrington, 

Duke of York. Rbt. Penty , Walmgate 
^agle <fe Child, John JacKson, Great 

Eclipse, Matthew Hick, Petergate 

Elephant and Castle, George Flower* 

(Commercial Inn) Skefdergate 
Etridge's Royal Hotel. Thos. Etridge, 

(posting house) Biake street 
Falcon, John Sellers (commercial Ina 

and posting housed Micklegate 
Five Lions, Joseph Taylor, WahngsW 
Flying Horse, Ebz. Thornton, Copprgt 
Fox, John HieIds,Low Petei^te 
Garrick's Head, Christopher Ricbard- 

soD, High Petergate 
George Inn, Ann Winn, (posting 

house) 10, Coney street 
George and Dragon, Thomas Batty^ 

Globe, John Hunter, G. Shambles 
Globe, Richard Peaker, 6. Shambles' 
Golden Ball, Joseph Grange^ Fetter 

Golden Ball, Philip Thornton. Bisbop 

Golden Barrel, James Addlnal^ 

Golden Fleece, William S<dK^eldy 

Golden Lion, Thos. Gowland^jGlrd- 

Golden Lion. Thos. WooUons, Thon- 

day market 
Golden Slipper, Mary Marsh, Goad* 

Grapes, £dw. Seagraves. Middegata 
Grapes, Joseph Webb, Feasegate 
Greyhound, Robt. Jackson> Thunday 

Greyhound, John Dnffill, Trinity lane 
Greyhound, Abraham Braithwaite, 

Half Moon. Joseph Rickell, Blake st 
Ham <& Firkin, Wm. Spence, WabniU 
Horse <fe Groom, John Buck, Mintydii 
Horse <fe Jockey, Samuel Waterhcnise^ 

Horse and Jockey, Edward Claito, 

Little Stonegate 
Horse Shoe, Thos. Bell, Coppergatel 
Jacob's WeU, Rd. Dalby, Trinity lanf 
Jolly Bacchus, Joseph Thackrai 

JoUySailor, William Greenddet, 

Water lane 
Jolly Sailor, John Myers, Skeldei 
Kinf^ Arms, Richard Fryer, 

Water lane 
King's Arms, Thomas Geldart, 

King's JHead, John Pew. Thurs. w 
Labourer. John Rudd, Sxeldergate 
Lamb, Thos. Lambert, Tanner row 
Leopard, Geo. Drewrey, Pavement 
Leopard, Wm. Pinder, Coppeigato 
Leopard, Jane Reeve, Coney street 
Lion and Lamb, Johb lnchairdsoni| 
J Blossom street 




Iiord NelsoD, Rd. Agar, CkiodnnMnie 
Lord KelsQD, Imm Ct^leyrHigh 

Loid Nekofl, James Handy, Walnigt 
JfaltShoYel, Sanh AtkiosoD. Fon<t. 
Jfatt S^^l, John Bixoa, WahnKate 
MtUt Skard, John Doomng; Waungit. 
MaftSbofel, Williani Kendall, little 

Hvnds or Gnnby, John ^dion, 

KaiqiuB WelMiigliMy Joho Bdl,Qood- 

KaiiNi's Ann, Iter G&LQooinmgL 
Mtecn^ Aathouy Ward, MaiTgatii 
Nag's Head, Joseph Nixon, Fossgate 
lSiag'8 Head, Edw: Woods, MickEKt 
Hew Badge, Richard Ledger, Jffiddle 

Water lane 
Nosh's Ark, Jas. Waterhoase, SOrer 

OM PeUoiPS. JdM Batoes, Haqftt* 
01dCitmi;i»ie Imi, Amlnose Gledliow, 

Old SudhiU, Jamet MonkmaD,' Col- 

Hek H«ii8e, Matthew Hooaey, M lo- 

Pack Hfltae, Thas. Monis, SkeidMgL 
Paother, €*eo. Di ewnr, PaTameat 
PQUih Bowl, JobBChtpbam, Than* 

day saafkeC 
Pimcfa BowL Thos. Joy, Stonec^ 
Paach Bowl, Jobn itatkhewa. High 

Puadi BowL John Beott, wiUmt 

Qoeen CaiolBne, Mark Dovenor, 

Red Lion, Rt. Heselwood. Wafaagate 
Red Lion, Ann JohasoD, MicUeale 
Red Lkn, HaMiah Pearson, Good- 

Rtd Lion, Tho. Smith, St. Baviolhr row 

Rifteaian, Jas. Robinson, Grape 
Rohia Hood, FraiicisClayton,Casttegt. 
Rose 4i Crown, Wm. ClariM, without 

Wahigate bai 
Rose A Crown. Wm. HaKh>y,Mioklegt. 
Royal Oak, Tbos. Belt, Goodnungt. 
Saiaeen's Head, John Johnaon, St 
^ Andiewnte 
«moeB*s Head, Jonathan L&wton, 

Cblee house, Stonegate 
Snkcspeaie^ Tareni, Rht Snrith, 

Little Blake aticet 
|U|s Sarah Joyee, Skeldergate 
^, Richd. 'Pbomas, First Water bi. 
Ship, JoMph Johnson, Staith 
^, Robert Bkuiohard. Friargato 
SboaUerof Mutton. iJohn Moverley, 
^^ Middle Water laiae 
SMMUder of Mutton, John WilUnaon, 

Great Shambles 


Sir Sidney Smilh, Robert Coatcs, 

Tanner row 
Slipper. Rt. Blancbard, Far Water In. 
Spotted Dog, Deboiah Lethe, Walm- 
lie bar 
Doff. Thomas Tate Under* 

wood, St. Sariourmte 
Square A Compass, Thomas Maner, 

Trinity fame 
Sqoare A Cbmpam, Wilbaro MyeiSi 

WiUow street 
Stanhope Pleas, Tboa. BartholomaB, 

Star, HeurTWiikiason,StoMate 
Star^ Garter, Thos. Fisher, Nassg 
Sun, Thos. Bell, Blossom street 
Sycamore Tree, Wm. Black, Minateff 

Theatre Coffee House, John LawB> 

Little Blake street 
Three Cranes, Robt. Johnson, Thoih- 

day market 
Three Cups, Beoj. Grange, Fo« bridga 
Three Jolly Butchen, Cbpr. Bean, 

Three Tans, Abel Swan, CoppeiBain 
Turf Coffee Uooae, George Wttaatt^ 

Turk's Head, JohnBiekera, OoUegeet. 
Turk'ft Head, John Ward, HayniailDet 
Unicom, Wm. Dale, Tanner row 
Unioom, Stephen Dixon, Monkgate 
Upholsterers' Arms, John DuffieU^ 

Trinity hine 
Waggon dr Hones, Valentine Wilson^ 

Waggon Inn, Robert Fisher, Walm* 

jrate bar without 
Weuington Coffee Hoimo, Jn. Smith, 

Wheat Sheaf, John Cartwright,Cast]n- 

Wheat Sheaf; Henry Hutton, withoni 

Walmf<ate bar 
Wheat Sbeafl Jas.SkeHon, Davy gate 
Wheat Shear Wm. Radee, Grape In. 
White Dog, Hy. Catterau, Beddern 
White Dog, Rt. Grainger, Stone^te 
White Horse, Wm,Bearpark,Bootiiam 
White Hofse, Mary Sowerby, Copper- 

White Horse, Jonathan TomUnson, 

(Coffee boose) Skeldergate 
White Horse, John Blyth. Walmffate 
White Swan, Commercial Hotei,ThQS. 

Hardoattle, Pareroent 
White Swan, John Ruddock, Good- 

Windmill, Wm. Crummack, (posting 

house (fir Commercial Hotel) Blos- 
som street 
WindmiU, Chas. Fawcett, Walmnte 
Windmill, Rkdtard Vause, without 
CasUegate postern 




York Tareru, Wm. aimpsoo^ (posting 
bouse) i$. Helen's square 

Inksiand Manufacturer, 
Wbeatley John, Fetter lane 

Iron Founders, 
Gibson Joseph^ Pavement 
Uopwood and Harwood, Hungate 

Iron Merchants, 
Cattley Thos. and J. H. North street 
Sanderson Thomas, Low Ousegate 
Watkinson Thomas, Wahngate 

Ironmongers and Hardware Dealers. 
Bftines John, (cut nail mfr.) Hungate 
Benson Thos. (saddler's) Green lane, 

Brooksbank John, Coney street 
Dove Arthur, Pavement 
BlUson John, Davygate 
Gibson Joseph. Pavement 
Glover John, Pavement 
Hopwood & Harwood, High Ousegt. 
Mears John. Pavement 
SandersonThos.(bariPon)Low Ousegt. 
Shillitoe Thomas, Pavement 
Smith Joseph, Low Petergate 
Stodhart Thomas, Coney street 
VarvjU MichaeL 8, New Bridge st. 
Ward Frauds, Manor yard 
Wilks John, (merchant) Bootham 
Jeitellers, Gold and Silversmiths. 
Astley Wm, (working) Low Jubbergt. 
Barber and Whitwell, (and working) 

Coney street 
Burrell John, (silversmith) Micklegt. 
Cattell WilUam, Stonegate 
Hick Matthew, Minstergate 
Jackson £dw.( working mfr. of mourn- 

ing rings, &c.) Coney street 
Marshall Martha, 6, Coney street 
Mears John, Pavement 
Peacock Wm. (watch mkr.)Spurriergt. 
Potts Joshna, Spurriergate 
Watson Chpr. (& working) L. Ousegt. 

Lace and Fringe Manufacturers, 
Brown Robert, Bootham square 
Stabler Robert, (livery) Monkgate 
Wolstenholme Dean, Bootham 

Land Surveyors, ife. 
Agar John, (<fe land agent) Castlegate 
Bulmer James, (and tend agent) Pre- 
centor's court 
Dyer John, Castlegate 
Hare John, Castlegate 
Tuke and Ayer, Stonegate 

Law Stationers and Agents. 

Allen John, Bootham 

Cation John, (clerk of spiritual court) 
Tanner row 

Cawood Henry, Colliei^te 

Dawson John, (commissioner for spe- 
cial bail) Castlegate 

Dunning Mrs. High Petergate 

Locke William, Stonegate 
Mason Thos. Skeldergt. d: theCi|Ktte 
Peters Thomas, Low Petergate 
Watson John, Copley's ct. Coney st. ' 

Libraries, Subscription, 

York Subscription Library, St. Helena 

Libraries, Circulating"! 
CarraU M. W. Walmgate 
Crawsbaw Cornelius. Pavement 
Deighton Thomas, Pavement 
Dickinson B.W. (thespian) H. Peteigt. 

Lime Merchants, 
Bromley James, Fossgate 
Bussey and Pearson, Marygate 
Smith Richard, Monkgate 

Linen Drapers, 
Marked thus f axe also Woollen Dnpevh 
Bell John, Walmgate 
fBlackstone Geo. Low Jubbergate 
Bleckley Wm. 3, Low Ousegate 
Brewis J. W. Peter lane 
Brown <fe Jennings, ( wholsl.)Pavemnt. 
tCordukes and Holmes, Haymarket 
Darbyshire Robert, High Ousegate 
Day Jas. ife Edward, High Ousegate 
Fnmish William, 44, Coney street 
Gibson WiUiam, Thursday market 
Guv and Arundel, ColUergate 
Hebden, Copley & Hebden, Stonegt. 
Hewson John, High Ouse«ite' 
Holland Thomas, 5, New Bridge st. 
Ingham Jonas, Spurriergate 
Jennings Robert, Coney street 
Lakeland and Poppleton, (wholesale) 

High Ousegate 
Mason John, Castlegate 
Nicholson and Hudson, (and silk tner- 

cers) College street 
Norman William, Goodrani^te 
Owston Thos. ( wh.) T, New Bridge st 
Parr Wm. (haberdasher, jean <fe velvet 

warehouse) Blake street 
Rauderson Mary^ Silver street 
Rooke Thomas, (<fe dealer in carpets) 

f Sanderson and Johnson, Pavement 
Settrington James, Pavement 
Smith Wm. without Walmgate bar 
Sweeting Michael, High Ousegate 
Tesseyman Robt. 8, New Bridgv st. 
Turner James, Petergate 
f Walker John, Micklegate 
Watson Geo. Walmgate 
Weibank Wm. High Petergate 
Whitehead Wm. Fossgate 

lAnen Manufacturers. 
Daltou Wm. Great Shambles 
Bastgate Robert, Union place 
Fletcher <fe Scarr, North street 




fiodgson Joseph, Great Shambles 
Kjk John, (lUMl sacking) PaTemant 
Luelaod A Poppleton, Willow sL 
Ifiloer Richard, High Oasexaie 
foirr John, (merchaot) North stnet, 

Svales John, Walmgate bar 
Weller James, Walmgate 
Wolstenbolme Deao, (mfr. of fringe) 


Leaf Blinbetb, 8t. flaviowiple 
Llmbert MariaraL Low P«ieinto 
Lister Rfisabeth, Micklegate 
M'Gedy M. Stonmte 
Moigao Saiab|2o. Coney street 
Morris liary, Walmgate bar 
Najior Misses A. L. 4c B. Jodfes' 
lodnpgs jrard 


larianoe, Bootbam row 

Litery Stable Keepers if Horn DeaUn. 

Atkinson Wm. Foeseate 

Benson Jeremiah, (<K coach pn>|irietor) 

Littie Blake street 
Bale Emanuel, Feasegate 
Dale Thomas, Goodramgate 
Fornish Joha, Trinity lane 
Garnett John, WaUngate 
Letbe Thomas, Skeloeiigate 
Moss Francis, (and posting master) 

Minster yara 
Parkinson Sarah, Low Jubbergata 
Smith Wm. Blake street 
Tate John, Silver street 

JfocfttiM Maker. 
Noble Geo. Bootbam 

MaiireMM Makers, 
Hooker d? Cariss, St. Andrewgate, 

Vioey John, Green kne, HuQgata 

Buhner Ffancis, sen. Precentor'* ct. 
GatUey T. & J. K. (timber, iron and 

slate) North street 
Jefferson Robert, Pavement 
Owston Thomas, T, New Bridge st. 
Smith and Khrlew, Skeldergata 
Stead H. and K. Skeldergate 

MUlifure and Dreu Makers, 
See Stnw Hat Makers. 

Allen Caroline, Mickle^te 
Annatage Abia, North street 
Atkmson Susannah, near Ouse bridge 
Bearpaik Sally, High Peter^^te 
Biekers and Sowerby, Spumergate 
Bownas A Co. Little Blake street 
Btowq Jane, Union court. Trinity In. 
Bfirkle A. Bcotham row 
Oyott Eliz. without Castlegt. postern 
Foster Z. and B. St. Andrewgate 
Ellison Mrs. St. Saviour's row 
Gledhill <fe Edison, St. Helen's square 
Grei^son Jane, Coffee yd. Stonegate 
Grifflwood Hannab. Petergate 
Grisswood Mary, Trinity lane 
Ifarbome Mary, CoUiei^te 
HairisMary, (haberdasher) Pavement 
flanrey J. and M. Minster yard 
Hawkswell Eliz. Walmgate bar 
Hodgson Sarah, St. Hefen*^ square 
Jadcson Elizabeth, Walmgate 
Law Mary, Judges' old lodgings 

Popple »....»^, .,«^».,.«. . 

Prince and Gill. Stonegate 

Raine Anne, Stonegate 

Rippon Francis, (<€ feather maker 4f 

cleaner) Stonegate 
Rowley R. B. College street 
Scott Elii. Little Blake street 
Seven Bbsabetb, Peterigate 
Skrimsbaw Misses. Trinity lane 
Smith Jane, Mkskiegate 
Thornton Mary, Walmgate 
Underwood Sarah. Great Stonegate 
Veaven Flrands, walmgate 
Wake Hannah, Coney s&eet 
Warmeth Mary, Tanner row 
Webster Ann, Low Petergate 

Chapman WllUaroji^tter lane 
I Fawoett Charles, Walmgate 

Music PracaptorSf P'miders, amd Instrtt- 

meni Makers, 
Brown Christopher, Micklegate 
Camidge Mattbew. (orgamst at th» 

cathedral) High Petergate 
Camidge John, M. D. Manor bouse 
Hargett Charles, Blake street 
Herman Wm. 12, New Brklge street 
Hill Frederick, Micklegate 
Hogarth Edward, College street 
Knapton S. and P. Coney street 
Knapton Philip, (professor) St. Sa- 

Ohman Andrew, (organs and violins) 

Robinson John, Stonegate 
Smith Josiah, (instrument dealer) St. 

Stears Samuel, (tambourines and 

miUtarydrums) Fossgate 
Tomlinson Thomas, Blake street 
Ward John, (organs) Micklegate 

Mustard Mamrfaciwrers if Dealers* 

Bell Michael, (dealer) Monkgate 

Lee Wm. (mfr.) Layerthorp 

Taylor, Cook & Co. (mfrs.)Spurriergt. 
NevsvaperSf ifc. 

Tr BSD AY— York Courant, Henry 
Cobb <fe Co. Coney street, oppo- 
site the end of New street 

Thursday— York Chronicle, Wm. 
Blancbard, Coppergate 

Satitrday— York Herald, Hargrove, 
Gawthorp 4e Hargrove, Pavement 

SATrRD A^— Yorkshire Gasett^e, John 
Wolstenbolme, Pavement 




Pick's Raouiff CsieiidaT, Tbosias So- 

tberanrconey street 
Radng Calendar, R* Johmoii, book- 
seller, Coney street 

Oil and CoUmr Dealers » 
Hwisoii C. J. Low Petergate 
PariunsoD Nathaniel, (and paint) 

Stonegate „. ^„ ^ , 

Spencer Isaac <fe Co. Pi«t Water lane 
Taylor Cook A Co. Spuiriergate 

Barnett John, CoUeee street 
Wisker Widow, (glasses and instni- 
ments) Spurriergate 

PttifUers, Hutorie, PortraU Md Mi- 

Banks Robert, (min.) Barker's yawl, 

Micklejjate ^^, 

Brown John, (landscape) Walmgate 
Cave Henry, (artist) Micktegate 
Balby David, (animals) wiUioutlUGk- 

legate bar 
Walker Thomas, Coney street 

Painters, House and Sign. 
Audaer Robert, (and paper hanger) 

St. Andrewg^te 
Audaer George, St. Andrewgate 
Barra James, Low Petergate 
Beadle and Perfect, MicMegate 
Bean James, Barracks 
Bradley Savile, Beddern 
Brookbank John, Coney street 
Brown John, Walmgate 
Brown <fe Kirlew, (coach) Davygate 
Davies William, CoUlergate 
Glenn Eleazer, St. Saviourgate 
Hardy Thomas. High Petenzate 
Hollidey Jas. Barra, High Peteig^te 
Holliday James and Son, Swinegate 
Ingram William, Parsonage house, 

Coney street 
Jones John, Colliergate 
Parkinson Nathaniel (coach) Stonegt. 
Pollard Catharine, Colliergate 
Thompson Lewis, Walmgate 
Westland John, High Jiibbergate 

Peyjer Hanging Manufacturers, 
Audaer Robert, St. Andrewgate 
Baker Geo. St. Helen's square 
Kibblewaite James, High Petergate 
Mush John, (wholesale) Monk bar 

Pettes George, Lady Peckett's yard, 

Palmer Alice, Patrick pool 

Biownridge Robert, Stonegate 
Hall Charles, Coney street 
Hands William, Blake street 
Parsons John, (perfumery warehouse 
(fe ornamental hair toa. ) Coney st. 
Young Jamejt, Miostergate 

See also Stugeons and Dxugglsts. 
Beckwith Stephen, Coney street 
Beloombe William. Hi^ Peteigato 
Easton John, Bootnam 
Croldie Geo. Blake street 
Lawson John. Lendal 
Wake Baldwin, Little Blake stsreet 

Plane Makers. 
Bothamley John, Tanner row 
Dibb Wimam, North street 
Ferrand William, Micklegate 
Hardy Elia. Coates yard. Tanner wm 
VarviU Michael, 8, New Bridge «te«el 

Plasterers and Slaters. 
diapman William. Bishop hill ^ \ 

Crabtree Eli, Lendal i 

Ellison John, Lord Mayor's walk 
Layoock Jacob, Church yd. North M.- 
Nicholson <fe BelLBootJiam squase 
Prince Matthew, Tanner row 
ReynoUs William, Gillygate 
Plumbers and Glaziers, 
Baira Geo. Goodramgate 
Barra James, High Petergate 
Barra James, Low Petergate 
Croft James, Davygate 
Davies William, ColUergate 
DrinkeUJofan,BlueBallyd. Skeldogd 
Geldaid F. F. Gillygate 
Hartley Robert, Fossgate 
Hodgson Thomas, Stonegate 
Houseman John, Peter lane 
Jackson John, jun. Nortii stieet 
Jackson .lohn, Goodrarogate 
Noton Thomas, Stonegate * ^ 

Shouksmith Joseph, St. Mary's t(Hk\ 

Bishop hiU 
Snmpner John, Spurriergate | 

Walker Matthew, iO, New Bridge it! 

Porter Dealers. 
Harrison John, Low Ousesate 
Holmes William, Haymarfeet 
Kimber Thos. <fe Son, St. Helen's fQl* 
Morley William, Goodramgate 
Scarr and Fletcher, Micklegate 
Whitwell & Norton, St.SaviourgBto 

Poulterers, ^ 

See also Poulterers among the Coaadf 

Baines Hy. without Castleft. pofitnn 
Barker Aune, Little Shambles 
Monkmau Sarah, Peter lane 
Prest John, Feasegate 

Printers, Letter Press. 
Alexander Wm. and Son, Castlegid* 
Blanchard William, Coppergate 
Carroll M. W. (printing ink manatie' 

turer) Walmgate 
Cobb Henry, Coney street 
Crawshaw Cornelius. Pavement 
Deighton Thomas, Pavement 



Haimre, Gkiwthorp, ds Hargroye, 

Johnson Robert, Conef street 
Kendiew James, Collieieate 
Richardson R. <fe J. Higb Oafljesate 
Stonry Wm. Low Peter^te 
Wei^htman Tbos. Low Petergate 
WUsoo and Sous, (publisben) High 

WolstenlMlme John, Minsterisate 

See Attomies. 

Rag9 — Doulert. 
Atldiisoii Wm. Middle Water lane 
Gibson Thomas, North, street 
Mevnell Thomas, Coppe^gate 
Smith Wm. Haymarket 
Vaiey Wm. A Son, Fetter lane 
Vause G^eo. Payement 

Regutor CuffUet for Servanit, 
Coates John, Hi/^fa Peterrate 
fiorworth Thomas, Blicklegate 
Knowles Wm. Pieoeuters ooitrt 
Richardson Mrs. C. College st. 
Small John, College street 
Thomas Wm. Minster yard 

RopeSf TYouM Mamtfaeiurera. 
Bell Joan. Walmj^te 
Dalton Win. Great Shambles 
Hodgson Joseph, Great JShambles 
Kyle John, Pavement 
Bftlner Richard, High Ousegate 
Moverley Johii. Middle Water lane 
Savage John. Great Shambles 
Sbepnerd Jonn, Middle Water lane 
Shepherd Thomas, Walmgate 
Sm^ Wm. without Walmgate bar ' 
Walker John, Silver street 

Saddierw—Hmling and Miliimrjf, a»d 

Hameu Makera, 
Barr William, Coney street 
Botteiill James, Goodramgate 
Cariss Thomas, Walmgate 
Dawson Joshoa, Fossgate 
Edson Robert, (saddle tree maker) 

Gentle Robert, Minster gate 
Hamilton Robert, BootJiam 
Hay John Lepington, Micklegate 
Johnson Joseph, High Petergate 
Johnson Rhd. Gt. Shmbls. dt Falford 
Lee Wm. Thursday market 
Lee and Mason, High Ousegate 
Mortimer Joseph, Walmgate 
Nightingale John, Fossgate 
Raddiffe Charles, CoUiergate 
Simpson Christopher, Micklegate 
Simpson John, Walmgate 
Ware Christppher, Stooegate 

Sail Makers, 
Vifber Joseph. Middle Water lane 
Wilkinson Jonn, Middto Water laQd 

aaU Mmrtkmdt. 
Watterworth Tbos. 7,Coiiey st. 

Sfofsrtoad Stel« MsmAoiifo. 
Caltley and Mitchell, (meichMli^ 

North street 
Overend Leonard, Skeldergate 

Sloop aind Boat Builders, 

Biidi Tbos. without SkeldergAte Pos- 

Hill Sarah, Maryoate 

Nicholson J. Skudergate 

Turmn Joseph, Clementborp without 

Spirit amd fFims Mertkaiiis, 
Bean Wm. Stonegate 
Benson John, Huogate 
Bickers John. College street 
Braithwaite Abraham, Spurriergate 
Bumell Geosge. Mint yard 
Cooper and Bielby, Skeldergate 
Ciessey Geo. sen. Fossgate 
Ellis Geo. (St. Leonard's Vaults) 

Mint yard 
Gibson Robert, Peterrate 
Harrison John, Low Ousegate 
Harrison Wm. (British wine) Davygt. 
Jackson John, Hay Market 
Lawton and Pearson, Goodraingttte 
Oldfield Wm. Lendal 
Oliver Mary, Micklegate 
Rooke Mark, New Bridge street 
Roper John and Son, Thursday mkt. 
Seller Charles, Pavement 
Simpson James, Davy gate 
Swan Abel, Coppergate 
Vollans Jonn, Micklegate 
Ward John, Fossgate 
Webb Joset)h, Feasegata 
WhincuD Wm. Walmgate 
Whitwell Wm. Pavement 
Wilkinson James, opposite 

Inn, Coney street 
Welstenboliiie Joseph, High Peteigt. 

Siaa^ Offices, 
North Riding, WilUam Hale, Saq. 

New street 
West Riding and York, Wm. Grey, 

Esq. Low Petergate 

Stay Makers. 
Armatage Abia, North street 
Brown Thomas, Thursday market 
Dunn John, High Petergate 
Fawbert Joseph. High Petergate 
Flower ElizaMto, Stonegate 
Hopton George, Stone«ate 
Hurworth Tbos. Mickiegata 
Lyon Charles, Stonegate 
Ridley Cuthbert, Lord Mayor*swalk 
Wilbenforce and Cawood, Fc 

Stocking Mamtfaelurers. 

Sceslio Horien* 
Bott Jonathan, CoUiergate 






CoOiDf Jane, (silk stocking «rafter) 

Todd Benjamin, lattle Shambles 

Stem and Marble Matom if Seulpior». 

Bennett <fe Flintotf, St. Andrewgate 
Buckley Joseph, Cdppergate 
Dovenor Mark, Goodramgate 
Fisher Charles. Tanner row 
Moore AlexaDder, Walmsate 
Mountain Robert, Lendai 
Plows BenJ. and Son, Fossbridge, 

Shout Wm. Beddem 
Snowden 4s Buddey, (and sculptors) 

SoUitt John, High Jnbbereate 
Stead Wm« and Son, Skeldergate and 

North street 
Taylor Michael, (sculptor) Lendai 
TilneyJohn, Bootbam 

Straw Bonnet and Hat Manufaelurert, 
See Milliners. 

Aspinal) James, Coney street 

Banks Catharine. Fossgate 

Birks Tbos. CoUiergate 

Borrows Elizabeth. High Petertrate 

Chippendale Elizabeth, Peter lane 

Clark J. J. Tanner row 

Clark Mary, Tanner row 

Cloak James, Stonegate 

Cooke Joseph, IT, Coney street 

Dale Mary, Micklegate 

Gibson Elizabeth, High Peter^te 

Gill Mary. Aldwark 

Holmes Hannah, U, New Bridge si. 

Hupe Caroline, Low Petergate 

Jameson Mary, Minster yard 

Jackson Mary, Stonegate 

Kidd Wm. Grape lane 

Metcalfe Elizabeth, Hungate 

Pears Anne. Hungate 

Robinson Charlotte, Trinity bine . 

Todd Elizabeth, Goodramgate 

Williamson Harriet, Goodramoate 

Wilkinson Elizabeth, Walmgate 

Wright Anne, Dundos street 

See also PhysicUtls & Cbemiste & Druggists. 
Allen Oswald, (apotbecary) Collie^* 
Allen Matthew, (apothecary to the 

Lunatic Asylum) Bootbam 
Atkinson Jaifies, Lendai 
Brown Geo. Castlef ate 
Champney Geo. Colliergate 
Clark W. S. Micklegat* 
Clarke Geo. Davygate 
COetes Amos, New Bridge street 
Drake Richard, Precentors court 
Hope Wm. Castlegate 
Hopps George, Skeldergate 
Hiuband VTm. High Pejergnt* 

M*MiUan John, Minsteis&te, nean^ 

Mangles John, Precenters oouit 
Matterson Wm. Minster yard 
0?erton James, Blake street 
Ryland Wm. without Mickle^te btf 
Saunders James, High Ousegatd 
Stubbs Mark, Walmgate 
Wallis Edward, High Petery^ate 
Wilson John, (to the dispensary) St. 


Tailort amd Bahit Makergf Sfc. 
See also Woollen Drapers. 
Bkckstone Geo. LowJttbbergate 
Brown Goo. Peter lane 
Bulmer Richard, Aldwark 
Bussey John, Low Jubbergate 
Buttrey Geo. Walmgate 
Castell Geo. St. Savktorgate 
Coupland James, Goodramgate 
Dalby Joseph, Jubbergate 
Davis Josepn, (naval and military) 21, 

Coney street 
Dougbis Henry, Aldwark 
Dunn John, Stonegate 
Dunn John, High Petergate 
Dunwell Richard, Coppergate 
Earle Wm. High Petergate 
Evers Wm. Spurriergate 
Fether Neville, Walmgate 
Fletcher Geo. High Jubbergate 
Fox Thomas, Fossgate 
Hollins John, opposite George Iim^ 

Coney street 
Hudson Thomas, Stonegate 
Harworth David, Bootham row 
Littlewood Solomon, Walmgate 
Mallatrat Frederick, 46, Coney st# 
Masser John, Fossgate 
Nicholson John, Stonegate 
Nicholson Geo. Goodrammite 
Nixon John, Barker's yd. Micklegate 
Norman Wm. Goodramgate 
Rhodes Robert, Blake street 
Richardson John. Minster yard 
Richmond Joseph, Hunjcat^ 
Stansileld Abraham, Micktegate 
Vause Geo. Pavement 
Wade John, Stonegate 
Waind Wm. Goodramgate 
Wairn Thos. Hirfi Petergate 
Walker Joseph, Xow Pe&rgate 
Walls Wm. LowOusegate 
Webster Thos. Walmgate 
Weldhi Thos. Walmgate / 

Whiteley Geo. Feasegat* 
Wilkinson John, Feasegate 

TalUno CliandUrt, 

Catton, Crosby, and Co. MIcklegsttf 
Dobson Emanuel, Low Petergate 
Foster Wm. Fos.^gate 
Lockey Thos, Great Shambles 




PsrkiJi Henry, Goodnmgste 
Priestfer Geo. Goodnunsate 
KicbBnteoD A Bmrell, Gt. Shafflblei 
Sigswortb Joko, CastJegAte 
Smith Henry, Walmisate 
Stead Heniy <fe Edward, Skeldersate 
Stepbeosoa Richard, Great SbaniDles 

Ste also Carriers and FeUaonf ers. 

Hint FiaociS) Walmgato 
Priestmaii David, Maiygate 
Ricbardsoo Wm. Skeldergate postern 
Tburmao Wm. withont Walmgt. bar 

See also Groens. 

Bilks Wm. Swioegate 
Bleckley Wm. 5^ low Ouflegate 
BoUaod Thomas, (agent to the Lon- 
don Genmoe Tea Company, 88, 
Ludgale hill) Sporriergate 
Brown KKhard. Coney street 
Biowmidge Rooert, Stooegate 
Backle Marmaduke. St. SavkHir row 
Citton, Crosby, and C6. Mwklegate 
Dilton Wm. Goodram^ate 
Dunn and Robinson, iiigb Ousegata 
Poster Robert. Coney sueet 
em William, ColUcrxate 
Green John, Feaseg^ 
Gregory Thomas, (wholesale) High 

Bttiison Wm. High Jubbergate 
Hearon and Dole, (wholesale) High 

, Onsegnte 
HeselwoM Thomas, Bootham row 
Knowles Thomas, Copperg^te 
Maltby H. D. Pavement 
Mason dc Bianton, (A coffee roasten) 

Minster yard 
Mason John, Castlefi^te 
Mason John, jun. Petergate 
Morcitt Wm. reasegate 
Ransley Wm. Lendal 
Scawin Wm. Low Petergate 
Taytor James, 1, New Bridge street 
Tuke Samuel and Co. Castlegate 
Waller Robert, Micklegate bar 
Watson Christopher, Low Ousegate 
Watterworth Thomas, (agent for the 
sale of Genuine Teas) 7, Coney 
Wilkinson James, opposite George 

loo, Coney street 
WUliamson Ricbaid, Stonegate 

Thread Mamtfaeiimrt. 

Pletcher and Scarr, North street 
Hedley Hartas, (patent coloured and 

shoe thread) Albion street 
lAkelaod and Poppleton, Willow st. 
RichardsoA Wm. I^keldergate postern 

Scarr John, (patent eokmred and sho# 
thread) Hoqgwto 

Timhmr amd Rt^ MtrekmmU. 
Cattley Thomas and J. H. North ft. 
Peacock Thomas and Geo. Skehle^gt* 
Peacock D. J. and G. SkeMergate 
Watkinson Thomas, Walmgate 

TuAoeeo oMd Smjj^ Ufr: mtd Dm i m m , 
Any Reuben, Fiasegate 
Bell John. Stonegata 
Bewla^ Thomas, Low Ousegate 
Crombie Geo. Fossgate 
Labron Wm. Pavement 

Tb6aeee Pfas Maktn, 
Deacon Joseph, Hkh Jnbbeifatt 
Lasenby Robert. Cmlygate 
Mason Geo. Lord Mayors walk 
Shaftoe Hannah, Walmgate 

Iby Mamt/aeimr§n and ff^m tfko i u m, 

Adaau David, Silver street 
Fawbert Wm. Stonegate 
Foasett Joseph, Goooramgate 
Pox Wm. Feter lane 
Marshall Martha, 16, Coney street 
Mears John. Pavement 
Middleton John, Nessgate 
Mortimer Isaac, 6, Coney street 
Sledmere Richard, Nessgate 

IVnaik Maken, 
Cattail George. Gkiodramgete 
Judson Wm. Cfoner street 
Middleton John, nesscate 
Stewart Andrew, WauDgale 

Timun ts fTood, ivorp, ^e, 
Adams Davkl, Sliver street 
Fawbert Wm. Stonegate 
Feamley Thomas, Low Jnbbeigete 
Fossett Joseph, Goodramgate 
Fox Wm. Peter lane 
Morritt Wm. (toys) Feasegate 
Scaife Wm. Swinegate 
Stones Geo. Pavement 

UmhnUa ff Para$ol Mtuv^acturtrt, 
Bean Wm. Stonegate • 
Metcalfe Mirabella, (A lobby cloths), 

Stokes Elisabeth. Bootham row 
Taylor Cook, ana Co. (varnish mfrt.) 


fTaieh Makert. 
See Clock and Watch Makeis A Rspainn. 

Gillian Thos. Old wharf, Skeldergate 
Mills Henry and Son, New vniarf, 

See also Carpcnten. 

Bean John, Patrick pool 
Dawes John, Peaseholm green 

M ^ 




JolDuon Joseph, Hmwate 

Harker James, (nsneatturel imple- 
ments) Mfinrfsato 

Lowe John, Gillycate 

Meek Richard, GriUvgate 

Noble Geo. (thrashing machine mkr. 
and carpenter,)Bootham 

Taylor Jeremiah, Walmcite 

mterhouse John, High Jubbiergate 

fThip Maken. 
Fearby John, Dnnning's yd. Fossfate 
Lawton Samuel, Walmgue 
Powell Thomas, Castk^te 
Scadlock John, Fossgate 

fTkiU and Rmi LmA Mamfaettitrp, 

Liddell A Co. without Walmgate bar 

fTkiUsndihn if Bellhongen, ife. 

Bell David, Walmgate 

Briton Wm. Aldwark 

Burdsall Wm. Danning's yd. Fossgate 

Clark Wm. College street 

Clegg Abraham, Goodramgate 

Collier Michael, Micklegate 

Douglas (& Lockwood, Skeldeigate 

DuDcan Henry, Dundas street 

Ellison John, Davygate • 

Gibson Joseph, Pavement 

Giles Wm. Coppergate 

Glover Thomas, Low Jubbergate 

Glover Jobn^ Goodramgate 

Haxby John, Skeldergate 

Haxby Wm. Skeldergate 

Hick MaUhew, Petergate 

Lee Benjamin,;Goodramgate 

Lister Christopher, (scale beam flikr.) 

North street 
North W. G. Feasegate 
Ruler John, Fossbridge, Walmgate 
Smith Joseph, Low Petergate 
Snowdep Wm. Walmgate 
Spink Joseph, Little Sbambles 
Ward Francia^ Manor yard 
Wells Geo< Leopard yd. Pavement 
Wiidmau John, First water lane 

Allison H. B. Fossgate 
Vartey Mary, Fossgate 

fFooUen Drapen anitaiUn, 
See also Taikm* 

Atkinson James. Coppergate 
Bainbrid^e <fe WoodalL&w Oosegttte^ 
Bradley Luke, Fossgate 
Brown John, Skelder^te 
Cordukes ^ Holmes, Hay market 
Davis Joseph, 21, Coney street 
Dunn John, Stoneeate 
Barle Wm. High l^teigate 
Evers Wm. Spuiriergate 
Hodgson John, High Onsegate , ^ 
HoUinsJohn, (opposite George Im,) 

Coney street 
Hudson Thomas, Stonegate 
Knowles George. High Ousegate 
'MaUatrat Frederick, 46. Coney st. 
'Meadley T. B. Great Shambles 
Meyoell Thomas, Coppergate 
Nicholson John, Stonegate 
Rhodes Robert, (steward of the Mfll 

course) Blake street ] 

Sanderson John, Pavement' 
Stridcland W. <fe H. Blake stiectt 
Vause George, Pavement 
Wade John, Stonegate 
Waind Wm. Goodramgatie 
Walker Joseph, Low Petergate 
Walls Wm. Low Ousegate 
Whitehead Wm. Fossgate 

\ fFooUkipUru 

I Ambler Abraham, PeaMholin gieei 
Buckle Marmadoke, St. SwnomtVim 

fVorsted Mannfaeiurm*» 

Cocker Robert, 15, New bridge st« 

Fawcett Mrs. Ann, Walm gate 
.Rhodes John, (stuns) Barker bill- 

Todd Benjamin JLittle Shambles 
: Trout Isabella, Walmgate 

Walker Francis, North street 
' Wolstenholme Dean, Rootham 



CiTTorYoBK, is a district to tbeWcitof 
York, under the Jarisdictioii of the Lord 
MajwaDdMi^gistntesof that city, to which { 
it ms mnezed in 0ie twesty-nventh of 
Henry VL Prior to this time it ww « wapen- 
take or hundred of the West Riding. The 
Abutjf or Anciiy is supposed by Drake to 
tasTe been derived from theoldnortlaeni word 
nmtt dgnifyh^ a hiUMferad contignoust 
opposite or near to tb« dty. The wliole 
di^rict or wapentake was anciently a forest* 
but it was dift/oxestcd by the charters of 
Riefasrd I. snd John. The drcuit of the 
AiiBty is computed at thirty-two miles, 
Meording to the foUowing oaknlatian : — 

Pzom the sonfluenoe <^ ttie rlTcn 

Nidd and Quae, at Nun-Mookttm, 

to thit of the Wharf and 

Ouse, near Nua-Ai^leton, 18 

Fnan the junction of the Wharf and 
OuaefeoTliorp>Areh« 11 

From Thorp-Azeh to Wilsthorp, on 
theNidd, 6 

Fnim Wiisthorp, along the line at 
the Nidd, to its confluence 
with the Ouse, S 

The Ainrty oomprisea thirty-flve towns and 
villages, of which tlie folk)wing is tbt 
eBumetation ^-« 

Aeaiter Malbis, 
AeaitcT Sdhy, 

Astiuun n7an, 
Aikham Ridiard, 



Bolton Percy, 







Exdnstve tit 

Hutton Wanaley, 
Long Marston, 
Moor Monkton, 
Nether Poppleton, 

Tadcaster, to the mid- 
dle of the Ividg^ 
Upper Poppteton, 
. WilathcMcp^ 
MYeral handeti* 

In DrakiTs time the CUy Mid iUasty of 

York were neeountcd equal to 

part of Ae West>Rldti^, and 

of the whole oounty. The 

increase of population and wealth la the 

West-RJdhig within the last huidTCd yeam 

has, however, destroyed these propoitioaB* 

and it appeeia, ftem the easus of Ittl, 

that the City and Atasty of York do 

now, in point of popialitlOB, eaeeed 

twenty-filth pert of the WcetRMing, 

onethirty-filttipartof Oe whole eoonty.— 

In aU ■laneimintB by ect ef peiHaaseat the 

City of York is taxed at diree^fths, and 

the Ainsty at two-fifths. Till the year l7Sf» 

a doubt existed whether the fteelM)kien of 

the Ainsty had a right of suflEkage at the' 

election for members of parUamant for tlUe 

county, (on the ground that it fonned pert 

and parcel of a separate eouitty) andUKNigh 

their votes were received by the Sheriff, 

they were always Uken with a (|uery pteflzed 

to their names: but alter the contest between 

Sir Miles Stapletou, Bart, and Sir Rowland 

Winn, Bart, the matter was brought to Issue 

beftne the House of Commons, when Om 

House, on the iHh of March, 1735, dedded, 

** That the penons whose freeholds lie wlth- 

" in that part of the County of the City of 

"York, whidi is oommcoly eaUed the 

*• Ainsty, have a right to vote for Knighu 

** of the Shhe of the County of York.** The 

foUowiog is a brief descrtf^on of the places 

within the Ainsty,taken in alpahabetleal order 

with the directory of eadi place sub^oioed t 

AcABTBR Malbis, (p.) titiwted 
(»theOttse; imilesS. of York. Hereiaa 
good School House, endowed with the pio- 
ducts of some lands, under the patronage of 
certain trustees, who have the appointment 
of fouztean poor children, as proper ol^eets 
to receive imtruetion fkee of coat. Mr. 
George Cowper, is tiie master, and Messrs. 
William CundeU, John Kettlewell, and John 
Gates. tetOlbm. The diureh is an andent 
structure, of which the Rev. Thomas Barker, 
is perpetual curate. The town derives its 
name ftom the family of the Maltay's, whidi 
flouriahed here for aome centuries after tlw 
I conqueat. Populatioo, 2i>]. 






Farmer • if reomen, Pickering Wm. 
Condall Wm. Raines John 
Darling John Stokes John 

Dawson Richard Thompson Jonth. 
Ebworth John MiUiners, ifc, 

ELsworth Rebecca Goodall Dorothy 
EtheringtonJ. Hatfield Rosamond 
Harrison John Shoemak&r$, 

Kettlewell John Archer Richard 
Mawson Charles 3lortimer John 
Gates John 

Cooper Geo. sdioolmaster 

Cooper Wm. parish clerk 

Croft John, tailor 

Croft Mattoew, grooer, ifee. 

Dariiiig Samoel, tailor and Tictiuiller, 

Pisharman's Arms. 
Dawson Richard, constable 
Gill Charles, tailor and grocer 
Gates Wm. vict. Ship Inn 
Prestoo Plulip, gardener 
Reader Wm. blaidamith 4t ooal ittr. 
Shepherd Wm. gardener 
Torr John, impounder 

Tbe Bumber Steam Paeiei, toGains- 
hio', every Monday and Thursday, 
and to York every Tuesday A Pri. 

CWH^r— John Torr, every Saturday to 
-the Elephant A Castle, Skeldergate, 

AcASTBR Selbt, in the parish of 
SiOnngfleet i 8 ndles S. at York. This vil- 
lage is pkssantly situated on the banks of 
the Ouw« on which river the Steam Packets, 
md others, pass and repass to Selby, Gains- 
bro*. and Hull^ tending eonaiderably to en- 
liven the scene. Here is a Free School, 
witii an oidowment of 7L 7s. per annum, 
arising out of the fee-fkrm rents, aided also 
by voluntary subscriptions of the inhabitants 
of tbfe township. This place was formerly 
part of the possession ot the Abbot cf Seiby, 
and firom theaes its name is derived. Pepu- 
latkm, 188. 

Farmert, Harrap Wm. 
Cresser J.Hales hilUf iddlebroiigh Geo. 
Dawson James, Varley John, Leas- 
Hales hill h6iise 
Fawoett Geo. Wade Francis 
Harrap James WormaM Mary 

Abbey Robert, schoolmaster 
Hick Geo. ferryman 
Presten J<An, mole catcher 
StfiHul Catherine, victuaOer, Bi£)k- 

smitli^ Arms 
Stead Wm. Uacksnith 

Carr^, GM. Hiek, to York every Sat. 

ieoMV, (p.) in the liberty of St. 
yMeirk„»MikeW.ofY«vk, Tiiscinirehii 
issMllitroeteief tndbeiiic 

ona dry and elevated ritnatioD. a numb s r of 
families cbooae it for their place of mpal^ 
chre. Here is also a newly-erected Methodise 
diapel, likewise a school, built by volantnf 
subscriptious of the inhabitants, aodvendl 
in certain trustees, upon Dr. BdTs jSan mi, 
education. Popttlation« 73I* 

Anderson Robert, Esq. 
Barstow John, Esq. 
Rarstow Eli2. gentlewcmian 
Beckley Nathan, gentleman 
Britton Thomas, gentlenaa 
BulHvant Thomas, gentlemair 
Ellis Wm. sen. yeoman 
Calvert William, gentlemaii 
Fearby John, yeoman 
Fothergill John, gentleman 
Gale Conyers, Esq. 
Hale William, Esq. 
HUI William, <yeoman 
Jolly John, yeoman, Grange 
Kirkby Jonathan, gentlemaii 
Lloyd George, Esq. 
Nettle: on Edward, gentiemaik 
Peckfield JUary, gentlewcNnan 
Percival Misses 
Ramsey Misses M. and S. 
Roberts Georse* geatlemaB 
Torre Kirby, Esq. 
Wade C. gentlewoman 
WiUdnson William, comedian 
Wright Misses 

Jeylum Keapere, Benson Wro. 
Mannering Heniy Benson Goo. 
Skipwith H. and Darling MarV 

lodging house Harrison Ricaaid 
Tiiylor James, sen.Lamb Richard 




Hields Joseph 
Jebson Robert 
DaRon Robert 
Prince Joseph 
Khrk Rio lard 
Syddali George 

Ellis Wm. jun. 
Peame Jane 


LazoobyWm. i 

Machin Thomas I 

Pinder Robert i 

Richardson Geo. ■( 

Robinson Henir i 
Skilbeck Josepo 


CoulsoB John, (# 'i 

Hardy Wm. 
Hardy Mary 

Jommt. qt, 
Benson Robert 


Fieldhouse Benj. Hields John 
Forrest Wm. Holmes Geo. 

Forrest Tbos. 
Fowler Wm. 
Heslop John 
Kirk Richard 
Kirk John 

Hudson Robert 
Kirk Jamek 

Briskham Geo. 
Britton John 

Lakeland Robert Brownrigg Robert 
Prince Wm. Hields John 

Wade Dttvid 
Wright Tbos« 
Askwitb Wm. 

Scmtoii Wm. 

fihcrg'SMf , df)p. 
WhartoaWoi. * 





Ibstoiv Stead Wm. 

Batemao Wm. Swalea SampMQ 

Hotels J Inns. w»d Dhmvim. 
Siaek Swan, John Bentoii 
Brittannia, John Ward 
^mj HoKse. William Mason 
firej Hoana «fe Haie. Joseph Piinoe 
Grey Mare, John Wikeleyy oocn dealer 

Goates Robert, bnk«r 
fiwenbanlc Geo. ]^ jobber 
XettlelOD Thos. soboetsBaster 
Witteriiigtoa Jobn^ lime 4k ob^ BMit. 

Corrurf to York A Wetfaerby etery 
Tuesday, Thuisday, and Satoriay. 

ANaRAM. in the parish of Long 
Unston ; 4 mUes NNB. of Tadcaster, 
^ 7 from York. PopoJation, 06. 
iAMTbott Tbos. Vict Board 
Todd John, cowkeeper. andcanierto 

York every Saturday. 

1^ FaroMrt, Parker Sosannali 
iKckioioo Bei^. Rheam John 
pdeson John Rbeam Matthew 

BilfreeiBaD James 

Jpplelom (Nan), in the parish of 
Boltoo Percy: 6 miks SS. of Tadeaiteri 
wu fonnerly a priory, for Num of tfa« Cis- 
tereiao Order, founded in the reign of King 
Stephen, by Alice de St. Quintin ; andamoi^ 
fteb^onctions prescribed to the NuMofthis 
hoDK in the year 1489^ are the following*.. 
"Thattiie etoister doertbeahutup inwin. 
Ie> at seveii, and in aonuner at eight at night, 
aid fbe keya delivered to Oe prionaa.... 
That the prioreia and allthetiateis lodge 
aightiy in the dorter, unleaa side or diaeased. 
That none of the sistera nae the ale^houae, 
ffthewatenide^ where the coune of stran- 
fBi (iaily resort. That none of the listen 
ksvetii^ lenrioe of meatand driakto their 
Aamhers, but keep the Crater and the hall, 
sntesitiek. That no siator bnag in any 
■so, idifpons or seetdtr, into their efaam- 
ben> or any aeeret place, day or night, tofc 
natOiepiiorflaB license no sister to go a 
pHKtbnage. or Tisit their friends, without 
IKateaose, and then to hSive a companion. 
Thst the eoQvcnt grmt no corodiea or 
Bvaiasor bread, or ale, or other Ticcua]« 
t»tnTpO8Qa,wiaKratapeeiallicaD0e. That 
tlwf take fai no perhendfaiaaDeen or aojour- 
^^^ voim ehildrca, or old petaons, Ac." 
Ovttesai of Deeember, 1549. this ITonaa- 
^ was snrrendeted, and i^terwarda became 
arafai. TheensLotdFyMabaikahnMl. 
■one brick honae npenthe aile) which, wHh 
flwertals, waa sabsMpMnay paxehawd by 
Mr. AldnrmaB miner, a merehantla Uedat 

«Mi is BOW the aestof hit great gnsMlnw Sir 
^> ^« ICkMr, Bstt 

AppLnTon RoBaunn^ to the pn- 
riih of Bolton Pnwyt 8milai8W.afy«HL 
HcreiaaneBt brick-bnik cfenpa 
to the Medtodiata of the OU 
elected about ttutee yesn i^ : VSktmht a 
foodNatkmal Sehoolhonto^ for sfaily hoys 
andfiftygfark. buUtbysahsGriplfaaiialSl?, 
patroniaad by the Rev. rtwhitssaai MaA- 
ham. and sopportad by vo iuntai y eoaMbn- 
tioiia. ThesitoaltantovwyashibrleiMkaad 
these ia Uring ban at preasat an oMuM, uf 
the name of John Lamb^ igsd M yaarai 
Fopnlatioo» Mi. 

MoUett Ann, xentlewoaum 
Saunders Rev. Wm. curate 

• _,?"Si^*i Vaiwy Rlohnid 
Jowitt Edward Wbentley RiohMd 
Stead James GeriMMrt, 

Cdo/ Ar«rcAnnl»» Chambeis NnthL 
Proctor Edward Stephemon John 
Wheatley Richard Ward Thomas 
£'«]!»frt if TeoMia, Grocers, 4rc. 
Barker John Stephenson John 

Bell Wm. Wood James 

Carmck John Joinert, kc. 

Hart James Cook Johii 

Kilby Henry Rkhardson Wm. 

Laycock Wm. SlofsiaAwv, 

lAvoook Tbos. Bnekhonse Wm. 
MoUett John Barnes John 
Morley Robert Cartwrinht John 
Pickering Matthew ToJera, 

Bat Pudding g;m.Brown Fmnds 
Richardson Wm. ShiUeto Thociaa 
Stead Matthias Woodhall James 

Carrack John, perpetual conttabln 
Carrack Thomas, vict. Crown 
Cooper Tbos. cattle dealer, do. 
Denton Robert, com miller 
Denton Elisabeth, midwife 
Hewson J. master of National school 
Pickles David, weaver 
Pottage Rd. thrashing machine maker 
Rldtordson William, vict Shoulder of 

Simpson Wm. keeper of ferry 
Snare Wm. brickkiyer 
Stead Tbos. blacksmith and foirier 
Wheatley Richard, vict. Buck, brewer 

Carriers, Wm. Bacchus <fe Tfaos. Sbil- 

letoe, to York every Snt. tbe latter 

to Tadcaster every Wednesday. 

«, ^MHABiBnYAM,(p,) 4miletS. 
W. of York. The ehiuck is nn andent 
structure, the Uviiw is n vieanire, thn 
present incumbent Rev. R. S. Tnomp- 
son; hereisalsan MelhiMlM; obapel, 
and an en^wed school. Poi^.8it. 

Champlay Robert, (entieman 
Fawoett Mlnee 





Prnston Rev. J. D., A.M. 
Wright Rev. 6«o. curate eod elassical 

Btatksmitht, Jackson Wm. 
AUao John Jadcson John 

Doutbwalte John Knapton Thomas 

Butcher*, Moriey Thomas 
Browo John Pinder J. Hag fann 

DoDoington Wm. Ridsdale Samuel, 

Com MiUertf Marsh farm 
GilsoD Wm. Thompson Wm. 

Leedle Wm. Bast farm 

Farmers^ Chrocwty ifc. 

Baker G. Mill farm Firth John 
Brown William, Manstead Lake 
West farm SAoemakers, 

Carr John Beck John. 

Diinninston Thos. Stephenson \Wm. 

AUom John, vict. Red Lion 
Cooper Geo. parish derk 
Jackson Wm. schoolmaster 
Kilner Wm. joiner and wheelwright 
Smooton Sarah, vict. Bay Horse 
Vincent Wm. tailor and shoi>keeper 
Viner Mordecai, gardener 

CiBiTfer— John Todd, to York and 
Angram, eyery Saturday 

AsKHAM Richard, (p.) ; 5 miles 
SW. of York. The church here is a 
neat ancient structure, there is also a 
newly erected Methodist chapeL Po- 
pulation 849. 

Chevers Thomas, gentleman 
Fearby Jonathan, yeoman 
Russell John, gentleman 
Swann Robert, Esq. Askham hall 

Bricktayers, Jackson Wm. sen. 

Buckle Thomas Jackson Wm.jun. 

Dalton John Lightfoot John 

Farmers, Shoemakers. 

Hick William Buckle Edward 

Hudson Thomas Micklewood Thos. 
Hudson William 

Allan Benj. tanner and fiumer 
Duce Wm; vict. Black Swan 
Eropson Dealtry, gardener 
Gatherhill John, com miller 
Hopwood Miles, vict. Rose <fe Crown 
Kendrick John, blacksmith 
Nottafi^ James, butcher and farmer 
Schark John, schoolmaster 
Spence John, tailor 
Webster John, tailor and draper 
WestmorelandGeo.mill<& wheelwright 

Carrier,- John Todd to York every Sat. 

BicsBRTOv. in the parish of BU- 
ton ; 4 miles NB. of Wetherby. Po* 

Farmers f Parker Wm . 
ClarkJ. Lincroft Pow^U Robert 

Wardle Ann Webster John J 

Webster Thomas Webster Andrew 1 
Webster Anthony 

Bellerby Thos. butcher dr shopkeeper 
Burnlev John, jointoverseet o/tbe poii 
Dixon Robert, toll bar keeper 
HiU John, blacksmith and vieti 

Blacksmiths' Arms 
Potter Thos. wheeiwrv>:iit 
Potter Robert, wheelwright 
Potter Wm. tailor and shopkeeper 
Webster Anthony, tailor. Mossy ca 
Young Wm. vict. Half Moon 

BiLBRODGH, (p.) 6 miles SW. 
York. In the church here are 4ei 
; sited the remains of Thomas Lord Fi 
; fax, first Lord of Denton, and hisli^ 
; commemorating the burial jplaoe 
I this distinguished warrior. Here " 
, school endowed with £15 per ai 
j for teaching 22 poor children the . 
: mon rudiments of education . Pop. : 
I Todd Matthew, Esq. 

Thompson Rev. R. vicar of Ai .. 

Richard,<fe curate of AskhamBiyi 

Hqidsworth Roger, veoman 
Jaclcson Mary, gentlewoman 
Lambe Ellen,^entlewoman 
Lambe Rev. Toomas, curate 
Rennison Robert, yeoman 
Robson John, yeoman, Normans 

Farmers, Jackson John 

Colbeck Robert WyriU Wm. 
Dickinson Thos. Shoemakers, 

Dodgson Henry Powell Thos. 

Ingle Thomas Wilson Charles 

Dickinson John, wheelwright 
Dobson Ann, straw hat manufooti 
Jackson John, butcher 
Robinson Ricnard, schoolmaster 
Ward Richard, gamekeeper 
Waring James, shopkeeper 
Wright Robert, vict. Hare 
Wright Robert and Sons, bli 
and farriers 

Carrier—Robert Bootland, to Y< 
every Saturday 

BiLTON, (p.) in the liberty of 
Peter\s; 5 miles ENE. of Wethr' 
The church is a small edifice, of S- 
architecture, which is dedicated to; 
Helen. Here is a small school, 
dowed by the late Hall Pliimer> ' 
Population 223. 

Kearey Rev. William, vJcar 
Jessop Rev. Thomas, corate 

Farmers (f Yeomen, Fawcett Geo. 
Aoomb Quintin Greaves Wm 
Bew John Lnmley Richaid 

Cattley John Rayson £dward 






SkUbeck Thos. 
Stubbs Heniy 

Wilson Francis, 
Wharton lodge 

Wilson John, Sin- 

Bootland John, boot A shoe maker 
Fletcfaer John, sobuolmaster 
Jackson Hannah^ vlct. Chequers 
Jowitt James, mole mid rat catcher 
Milner Geo. Biltoniwrk 
Parker Geo. taUor 

Comert — Hannah Jackson and H. 
Stubbsy to Torky every Saturday 

BisHOPTHORPB^ anciently St. 
Andietr't Tborp^ (p.) ; Smiles & of York. 
The psiaoe of the Archtaidiop of York, built 
by Walter de Orey, ia the early part of the 
tUiteentii eaitaxy, is- situatfed here. Staioe 
that time Oe hooae has oadefgoaa aeveral 
reparatlona by the meeetdiag Ainti^AapB. 
Thegardens ooatiguoaa tothe palaee were 
laid out abaoat nAotty at the expeme of 
Aidibiahc»p Sharp: and the hooae received 
great attetattona ftom AiddwdKqpe Dawes 
MAGUlKEt^ but the moat oouidaiable im* 
piovcinanfei wwaaiada lyAiwhhishop Dram-* 
mend. Nor did thb paaUte ooaflae his 
munifleenoeto the palace; hetookdoiroand 
idrailt tlie paiiah ehurdi, dedieated to St. 
Andrew* in tfeayear 1766, and adorned it 
with aenrioas window, which was brooghti 
tflBelfaar vriththeatmieiawdiBbiiiidiiq^ the 
gtteway iD ftont of the pahwe* ftom the oattle 
ofCawood. TheBe:ia here a National Sshooi, 
bailt in 1815, patnmiaBd aadisopported by 
fbtt pres— f ATchbidiop and Ms f andly^ ot 
which Iff X. ThonuM Ricfaaidsoa is msitsr. 
PopolatloDf 301. 

His Grace the Arohbisbqp of York 
Vernon Rev. William V . vicar- 
Campbell Johm gentleman 
Raison RicharOy yeoman 
Rawden Bin. gentlewoman 

Cleroisbaw Thos. 
Uewison Richard 
Stead Thos. 

Harrison Jas. sen. 
Harrison Jas. jun. 
Rawlinji: Benjamin 

Norfolk Thomas, 

odd boose 
Pickering M. . 
Wade Henry 

Challenger Ann 

Wade James, butcher, fanner, viot. dk 

perpetual constable andoveneer, 

Brown Cow 
Wright Willians wheelwright 
The Humbm- Steam Poekei, to York 

and Gainsbro', weekly 
Camers^to York <& Appleton, every. 


BoLTON-PsacT, (F.) 8| mUei 
ESE. of Tadcaater. The ehweb here, 
which is one of the neatest hi the eoaaty^ 
was built by Thomas Parker, who died in 
the year 14S3, tn the windows are Uiirty* 
three coats of arms. beautiftiDy stained ois 
glass, and in a good itate of pretervatioB* 
also in the large window in the choir flva 
whole length figures. Amongst the testa* 
menUry burials in this diureh are WiUasa 
Fairfax, 1514; Sir William Fairftz, lM7t 
John Vayasouir, 1M9; Gabriel Fairfax, 1589 1 
Ferdinando Lord FSirfia:, 1648.~Pop. 838. 

The Rev. Archdeacon Markham, rector 
Clement Mrs. gentwn. Bolton lodge 

Buichm-s, Hodgson St«[»ben 
Green Wm. Houseman Henry 

Wilkinson Thoe. Kilby Thomas 

Leecfle Thomaa 
Stothard Jofao 
Yates John 

Bamhtber Wm. farmer to His Grace 
ChaUeiwer Ann, viot. Grey Mare 
Daviet Jlarv, ooal merchant 
Henley John, boose steward to His 

Hodgson Wm. gardener to the vicar 
Jackson Wm. fpordener to His Grace 
Latham William, joiner 
Leafy John, parish clerk 
Msrck James, tailor 
Richiirdson Thos. schoolmftster 
Richmond Mary, blacksmith 

Bean Richard 
Beanland John, 

AppleyaTd John, shoemaker 
Gill deorgre, parish derk 
Head Wifliam, blacksmith 
Hewson Hannah, schooboistma 
Jeff Thomas, wbeelwrigfat 
Mollett Thomas, vict. Crown^ 

CarrMr.--T. Sbilletoe. to Tadoaa* 
ter and Appleton every Wednesday. 

Boston, ' West-ridinff, parish of 
Bramham, wap. of Barkston Ash. — 
See Thorp Ar<». 

Cattbrton, in the parish of 
TadcBster, 2 miles NNE. of Tadcas- 
ter. Pop. 68. 

Fantmrti Lund Wm, 
Cass John Midlam Thomas 

Hasley Benjamin Powell Richard 
Jackson John Powell James 

CoiiTON, itt' the parish of Bolton 
Percy ; 4 miles ENB. of Tadoaster. 
Here is a small school endowed with 
£6 per annum. 

MorrittJ. B.S.Bsq. 

Farmmr^^ Ridsiril FrandB, 

Atkin Thomas Hagg bouse 

Bootland Joseph SwaleSolomon 

Copley John Swale Rob«rt, 

Crowder Richard Brecks bouse 

Dalton Richard FUut^dmlma^ 

Kilby Wm, Atkin Edward 

I Marshall John Marshall John 

I Mason Wm. 






Arthur 6t*urge^ hardware dealer 
Berry John, master of the free school 
DaltOD J. grocer 

Forth James, boot & shoe maker 
Jackson Thomas, vict. Star 
JHorley Robert, butcher 
Simpson James, grocer 
Spenoe Thomas, blacksmith 
Wheatley John, wheelwright. 

Carriers. — Dalton and Simpson to 
Toik eirery Saturday. 

CopMANTHORPS, in the parish of 
St. Mary, Bisbop-hiU the younger, 
York, and a part in the liberty of St. 
Peter's ; 4 miles SSW. of York. Here 
IS a chapel of ease, and a neat Metho- 
dist chapel, also a small school, en- 
dowed with £4 per ann. for the teach- 
ing of eight poor children. Pop. 281 . 

Bvlehert, Hobson John, Jan. 

Braham Thomas Greenland 

Harrison Richard Lazenby John, 
Parmert, Davies straits 

Bateman John Wade James 

Bateraan T. sen. Wade Thomas 
Bond hills Woodcock Wm. 

Bateman T. jun. Shoemaker*, 

Dickinson James Harrison Thos. 

Hobson Wm. Hodson Wm. 

Hobson John, sen. Webster John 

Benson John, tailor 

Dykes David, portable thrashing ma- 
chine maker and worker 

Kilner Thomas, wheelwright 

Kirkman John, gardener 

Xforley John, blacksmith and rict. 
Royal Oak 

Simpson John, bricklayer 

Smith John, schoolmaster 

Taylor John, game keeper. 

Carrt«r.— Wm. Whincup, to York 
every Saturday. 

Dring-Hodses, in the parishes 
of St. Mary, Bishop-hill the elder. 
Holy Trinity and Acomb, liberty of 
St. Peter's; U miles SSW. of York. 
A pleasant village, in which is a chapel 
Of ease, the property of A. S. Barlow, 
Esq. Pop. 156. 

Beal Thomas, Esq. and chief constable 
forthe lower division of the Ainsty 
Cooper William, gentleman 
Darbysbire George, gentleman 
Noddings Rev. Wm. 

Archer Samuel 
Ellis Wm. 
Hick Robert 
BeUerfoy Robert 

Calvert Matthew 
Johnson Nath. 
Leaberry Matthew 
Rhodes Ann 
Stead Wm. 
Wright Sarah 

-^^'less David, vict. Cross Keys Inn' 

Brown Wm. wheelwright ^^ 

Calvert Wm. tailor '"Jj 

Dalby James, brick and tile maker, 4f 

surveyor of the York and Tw* 

caster road 
Ellis Robert, butcher 
Leafe Benjamin, vict. Foi Ion 
Mountain Benjamin, shopkeeper 
Stubbs Joshua, herdsman to Kna^ 
mire and Hobmoor stray. 

Easdikb, in the_parish of W 
hill ; II mile NW. of Tadcaster. 
Thomlinson Matthew, yeoman 

Hbaladoh, (p.) 8 miles N 
Tadcaater. Here was, hi the reign of 
John, an hennitage in the wood, 
aftecwaida, in 1218, became a ooi 
vegular Uack canons, eitabliahed a 
dowed by Joirdan de St. Maria, and 
hia wife. At the time of the 
here were fouxteen canona, who had 
nuea to the value of 7SL IQi. 7<f- per 
This monastery was granted, in 151ft 
James Gage, and afterwards came liil»' 
possession of Sir Aithnr Darey, 
The church, dedicated to St. John 
Evaneelist, is a neat modeniltbruetun^ 
which the Rev. E. H. Broolcsbank is 
pleasantly ritusted upon an eminence, 
village is the j^perty of B. 
Esq. eseeptiMig one tenementand a liew 
of hmd. It is beeatifutty laid out, 
gardens in finmt of aU the liousBs 
good carriage road runs tiirough the 
which leads from Wetherhy to Yoric 
pttUtion 191. . 

Brooksbank B. Esq. Healangfh hall 
Skilbeck Matthew, gentleman 

Farmers, Jepson Richard 

Darby Edward Skilbeck Robeit 

Blackburn James, tailor 
Brown John, vict. Bav Horse 
Foster Samuel, wheelwright <fe 
Wriffht Tobias, shoemaker 

earner*— to York and Tfaoip 
three days per week. 

H ESSAY, in the parish of 
Monkton ; 6 miles WNW. of X 
This village was given to the Abbcfy 
St. Mary, at York, by Osbern de * 
chis, and continued in th^r 
till the dissolution. Pop. 161. 

Farmers if Yeomen, Kirk John 
Agar Wm. Nottingham Wm*; 

Agar Richard Nottingham Abb 

Birkiil John PowelTWm. 

Fawcett Wm. sen. Skilbeck George- '^ 
Fawcett Wm. jun. Stead Robert 
Horseley Tbas. Wilson James 

Benson Jonathan, tailor 
Bifiiitt John, shopkeeper 


IftTi a. 

Fowler Johjj, wbeelwrifht 
Hey James, blacksmith 
Hick Matthew, sfchooUnaster 
Lorrymao WiO. vict. Wheat Sheaf 
Marston John, linett weaver, ifec. 
nbitebeod Charles, shoemaker 

H0LD6ATB, in the parish of 
Acomb, & liberty of St. Peter's ; 1 m. 
S W. of York. In this rural retreat, 
so weU suited to his studying habits! 
resides the scholar and philanthropist! 
Mr. Lindiey Murray. Pop. 83. 

Bownas Mrs. Martha, ladies' boaidinir 
school ® 

Hebden Wm. farmer 
Hodgson Ralph, gardener 
HOW) Joseph, Vict. Oross Keys 
Jackson John, gentleman 
Jenkins Mary, vict.. Blue Ball 
Sharp R. Hey, architect 
ghaip Mary, gentlewoman 
Wand George, corn miller 

Bornington, in the parish of Bolton 
Percy ; 2i miles ESE. of Tadcaster. 

r.f T *J°'ri»M- WAN8i.BY,in the parish 
of Long Marston ; 6 miles N» of Ttid* 
caster. Pop. 125. 

WiUoughby Mn, Eleanor, tlutton hall 

i ^"wj*****. Sellers Thomas 
*!?™b Joseph Smith Elizabeth 
J™B«nj.. Snowden Arthur, 

tterk Benjamin, Marston lodire 
.Grange Walton Wm. 

Paver Richard Wray Wm. 

Adkin Lucy, groceif ife Vict. Grey Hound 
Allan Joseph> tanner 
Garland John, bricklayer, ifec. 

A. J^t^^JS'^.^!'* ^ the parish of Acomb, 
A Holy Trinity \ a miles W. of York! 
Population 137. 

Burton Jonathan, vict. and ^rocen 

Red Lion 
Duding Michael, shoemaker 

Farmers, Taylor John, sen. 
Burton John Taylor John, jun. 

Day Ann Thompson Thos. 

woalden Richard Triffit John 
Parker Aaron Wood George 

Marston ftoNO, (p.) T miles 
W. of York, 6 of Tadcaster, and 7 ftom 
Wetherby. N«ar this viUage is the field 
caUed ** ICarston Moor:" the tomb of the 
royalists* hopes, in the oonteit between 
Charles I. and the parliament.* The 
church, which is dedicated to All Sahits, is 
an ancient rectory, and hi the year 1400 s 
conuiuaiion was granted to the parishionen 




because their old churdi was nii&ous and 
Ux distant from their hahitations, to ttan*. 
late the same Arom that place to another 
chapel, in the same parish, and there to buiU 
Oiemsdves a new parish chinch, provided 
that they kept enclosed the cemetry where 
the old church stood. There is at Macsion 
a free school, endowed with 10& per annum. 
Pop. 388. 

Crigan Rev. Dr. Alexander^ leetor 
Walton Matthew, yeoman 

Blacktmitks, Mason James 

Brings John Paver Wm. 

Waite Wm. geller Esther 

CntiUD€aUrt, Snowden Arthor 

£?*J^ 2™* W'*K*»t Robert 
Ripley Wm. Cfroeen, 

A V*S?**» ®"1 Charles 
Acomb Thomas Jefferson Geo. 

Vevers Robert 
Wikeley Geo. 
Bootland Rhdiani 
Brown Thomas 
Dickinson Wm. 
Dickinson Robert 

* See VoL 1I» p. 32^ 

Aocmib Abbey 
Acomb Jane 
Boothmd Thomas 
Clark Benjamin 
Dawson John 
Furnlss Wm. 

Grainger John ^..^.„,„„ «„, 
HardcasOeWm. Wikeley Geo. 
Hudson Thos. Tailorg, 

Kaye Wm. Whitehead Wm. 

Lamb Joseph Whitehead James 
Briggs Joseph, vict. Three Horse Shoes 
Clayton Edward, schoolmaster 
Fryer William, whitesmith 
Mawson Thomas, saddler 
Simpson Mary, vict. Half Moon 
Steel John, vict. Board 
Stjran John, butcher 
Wakefield Eli«abeth, vict. Board 
Wakefield Thos. carpenter, <fec. 

Waite Wm. carrier to York, Tuesday 
and Saturday 

frharfdale C<*aeh, to Liverpool at 
T mg. to York at 9 evg. 

^ ^MijDDLETHORPB, in the parish 
of St. Mary, Bishophill the elder ; 8 
miles S. of York. Pop. 44. 

Bfeafey Christopher, Esq. Manor bouse 
Stourton Lady Mary, Middlethorpe hall 
HewisoQ Geo. gardener 
Sroallwood Geo. vict. Board, farmer 
and cattle dealer 

Moathouie, in the parish of Wig- 
hiU ; a miles N W. of Tadoaste*. 

Moo^ MoNKTON, (P.) 8 miles 
NW. of York, a small village, situated on 
the banks of the river Nidd, and«ntly be- 
longing to the family of the Ughtreds, but 
has for several centuries belonged to that of 
the Slingsbys. Sir Thomas Slingsby, Bart, 
is the present lord of this manor. The 





chureh Is tn indent neat Mzucture, situated 
idwut half a mile ftom the Tillage, on the 
road leading to Hessay : incumbent the Rev, 
Thomas Beckwith. Here is a good sdiool- 
hoose, founded by Sir Thomas SUngsby, 
for twelve poor children. Red Howe, buUt 
by Sir Henry Slingsby, in the reign of 
Charles I. is situated in this parish, and 
ftom the terrace is a fine view of York, its 
caOiedral, and eurrounding country. Po- 
pulatioii, 869. 

Fanurs, Kirk* John 
Cass Wm. Kirk Thomas 

Coates John, Rec- Morley Sarah 

tory honse Poifreeman Thos. 

Coupund John Reyncdds Thos. 
Deigbton Eliz. SampMHi SanmeL 


Laund house 
Haw Joseph 
Hopps Rlebaitl 
UoppsThos. Red WardWm. 

Coupland John, vict. 'Board 
Hopps Ridiard, vict. Barley Com 
Hopps Wm. com miller^ Cock hlU mill 
Kimer Francis^ brick maker 
May Francis, schoolmaster 
Pinder Wm. wheelwright, <fec. 
Shepherd Thos. black, white and ffim 
smith, manfir. of all kinds of im- 
plements of Imsbandry, thrashing 
and winnowing fnachines, ifec. 
Tesseyman Robert, parish derk 
Tesseyman Cbas. snoemkr. <fe sexton 
TioddU Richard, butcher tfe grocer 
Wilson Isaac, tailor A draper 

CofTterx— James Fewster <fe Robert 
Borkill, to York every Saturday. 

OxTON, in the parish of Tadcas- 
ter ; II mile SE. of Tadcaster. Po- 
pulation, 66, 

J. W. dough, Esq. Oxton hall 
Cuttle Lieut. Herman 
Fretwell Ann, g»ntiewoman 
Wilkinson Matthew, farmer, Oufton 
Varley John, gardener, <fec. 

PoppLETON (Nether,) (p.) ; 4 
miles NW. of York, is pleasantly situated 
on the banks of the river Ouse. The church 
. is a neat ancient structure, the living is un- 
der Uie' patronage of the AxchUshop of 
York, (he present incumbent the Rev. T. 
Gi^in. Here is a school and house for. the 
nuster, endowed with 10/. per annum, con- 
' ducted upon Dr. Beifs idan. Pop. 854> 

' Gilpin Rev. Thomas, vicar 
CkMild Thomas, gentleman 
RieboBPdson Thomas, gentleman 
Spence Isaac, Esq. Poppleton Villa 

Farmers A* Veomen, Cartwright Benj. 
Cartwrignt Thos. Poppleton moor 


Hawkins J. dt W. Whiteboose 
Ruddings Whiteboosa 

Prince Wm. Skfopketpmf 

Richardson Robt. Fairboum ndb^' 
Richardson Wjuu. Rider J( "^ 
Richardson Tfios. frk§et 
Sampson Wm. jon.Riebafdsen 
Stout John RicfaaBdaon 

Waniford Richard 

Atkinson Wm. vict. Foz 
OtOTes John, taik>r 
Hairsine Thos. schoolmacter 
Hodgson Peter, vict. Red Lkn 
Lupton John, blacksmith ds £ei 
Richardson Robt. lime <fe ooal 
Rider Joseph, shoemaker 
Taylor John, vict. Lord Keboft 
TindaU Richard, butcher 

PoppLBTOM, (Upper) 
rishes of Lower Fnppletan and 
tbe Younger^ York, in Am 
Peter's; 4 miles K W. of Yoik. 
here weie focmeriy in the 
f Ahbot of St. Mary's, at Yoikt 
Osbem de Ardiee, to that abbey, 
HsltatiBsatutioa, Sk 
too^nltes, tiurtttwrawasa Vgyot 
killed at Poppleton, in the nagt 
JUdunrd II. as he eoi^ectaras, in a 
troveisy betwixt the-monks asid dM 
Here is « anaall dupd of Saae, 
the privilege of diristenings ai 
but not marriages* and a 
This viUage is pleasantly situated 
mile of the river Ouse. Pop. $46L 

Forrest Rev. R. cmrate 
Hall Christopher, geotieaBan 
Harrison Rooert. gentleman 
Isles Mary, genUewoman 

Blacksmiths, Nelson Wm*! 
CtiUingworih Jph. Prince Joha 
Lapton Christr. Ricbardwa' 
Farmm-s if Fmmn, Jtiehaidion 
AgarWm. TaytorRt' 

BuckWm. WbitehoBse' 

Carr Robert; WUkinson h 

Dalton Wm. Grottn^i 

DofBeld Robert Cundall Ji 
Dutton Thos. Grores Ann 
Fearby John 
Hawkm Geo. 
Hill John 
Kirk Robert 
Leadley Thos. 
Nelion John 
NetooD Robert 

Edon Thos. Tict. White HoM^i 

parish clerk 
Gray Robert, bricklayer 
^ffftwkes J\ gardener 
Marston Wm. schoolmaster 
Pinder Wm. wheeiwrigbe 

Edon Thos. 
Groves Wn. 
Groves Jc 

BUF. [AmHg 1 


Scott James 

Edw. vUsLLofA CoUiiigwood 

I *"W«TH » Ragfaford, (r.) 6 
Mtt y*^(Tc^ ra ditcba^MlvMBf- 
age, of wliidi Mts. Thompeon is tba 
li^ess. FoimJatioiiwr 

|«r, ^ns TbrnoMCMK viow 
R«T. W. Ii. PickaH; H. A. penetual 

fry gjr r«oMtRy SiddalUobn 
gyMm wJoaepit TheakBtoaGeo. 
imrii Jooattiaii Tbommn Joseph 
Ooagn E. Omnse Ward wm. Chraoflw 
£S«wprth John Webrter Andrew 
Ms BlBErteth Webster Win. 
T.Giai^ acAoolMOfltrt, 
John- - Caftwiight'Waii. 
Wm. JUitcheU Wm. 

, Rbbt. carpenter ifc ffiocer 
niomas, YicU New Ian 
wai. butcher 

.Jf»,I^<4s^ bladcHiith and 

K^mtCleo. tailor 
iwibtiopBobect, ourn miller 

L^^<*"*»y«» In the parish of 
[wortfoditen ; 6 raUes NW. eJ York. 

S^mUrk, in theparish of Kirk 
Mnawcton; 7 m. NE. of Wetherby. 

^HPBSiDOEy in the parishes of 
morlfoiiktoa and Nun Monkion ; 8 
»ilBiWKW.ofTork» A small ban- 
KtpB the banks of the river Nidd, over 
Jw there is a good stone biidcv, oi 
<we niches, erected about thirty- 
^^■HiryBarB ago. 

^Atkiuon lUchardy &rmer<fc botcher, 
.„ Gowlaud 

AUfhHOD Josoih, toU bar keeper 
f^^' rawwr, Sklphri&elane 
'letdier Wm. TicLds fiurmer, New Inn 

^SraBTON, in the parish of Boltoo 
reef, s nulei ENE. of TadMstar, fbr 
MM ages hu been tbe lert of the truly 
"odeit and booooxable floDily of FUrfiuc, 
■J* k ii Bowei^oyed by a yoanger branch 
" teftanU y, ThoDDM Luddhigtoo Fairfax, 
Of NewtDB, Ski. being ttie pieaentpoiaessor. 

jf^JBtt Benl. former, Steeton hall 
■"wfisaD Thomas, farmer and cattle 
« .dealer. Bowbridge fiouse 
awindoB Geo. farmer, Steeton I«iiw 
• moor 
Todd Ckistr. £um«r, Steeton Orange 

BrnnsTaoiiaM, lo fJm parfshaa 

of BoltePwaf ni Bllbioi«li» f mUm N 

E. of T i rt ii un . This hamlet look ito 

> litem ili iriilBllj to 

York m Tadnaalar. AH 


gmnled hi the yesr IM9w,fo Sir Thoei 

pe^Kniibt TheeeobirybeibMthe* 

Intida of this ptkny. Gcofty, ANhbUiop of 
York, took the wua under Us 

daie to 

Thoap Abch and Bosrov, (p.) 
3 mllfli SE. of WeCfaerby. Though iltuated 
In diffteect dividons of the county, tbeae 

two plaoea an ao doiely eoanected as to fovm 
only one ▼iUage. The xiTwWhaif mat with 
a rapid itraun through this ddightAal plaee. 
and the oaaeade leeo through the archea of 
the bridge^ with the church and housea em- 
boMMned in wood, on the benkiof the river, 
afRxd a rich and vaiied '"nimpr that can 
aoareely be ea«cUed. In the year 1744 John 
Shirea, an inhabitant of the viOagr, white 
cutting bniah wood on thebanka of the river, 
aooidentaQy diaeovered at thia place a mine, 
ralaprii^^ which, hy ita medicinal quatttice, 
haa tended to bdng Thorp-Arch into eon- 
aideraUe repute. ThJa water, when taken 
freah from the punp, haa a limpkl, apaik- 
ling appearance, aalioe taate, and a alight 
aulphureoua smelL It ia poaaeaaed of purgar 
tive and diuretic virtuca, and contain^ a 
amall quantity ot inflammable / ir, generated 
from iron. The bite Dr. Walkkk, of 
Leeda, an eminent phyaician, (mm whom 
we quote, aubmitted thia water to a variety 
of experimenta, in the year 1784, the re^ 
ault of which ahow that it contaim inflam- 
mable alt, fixed air, and muriatic aalt, in 
Ihe proportion of one ouooe to a gallen ; 
calcareoua earth and aelentical earth, dxteen 
grains together in a gallon $ and a nnall 
quantity of iron euspended by fixed air. As 
the pxoporticn of Mit which it containa la 




ylin^*] THO. 

ooosidenbly lesc than that in the Hanog^te 
mkt»r, it is taken in larger doaes. The prin- 
dplea which oompoM Thorp- Arch water gire 
it a superiority orer Hancqgafee water in gene> 
tnl nla»tfon« hiUoUt diaordersi glandular 
otatnietiabB,andieiithosi!tai4 stamadicoBf 
plaints, ind fpontaneous Tomltingik Harro- 
gMt wnterli W bepraftncd in entaneoiia 
diiCnDfa, the fHlet, rh eutn ati fw it' worms, 
ukan, and pi6bably indie stone and grsreL 
In many other eases the medical irirtues of 
the two wateis appenr to be nearly eqnaL^ 
The chalybeate water of Thorp-Areh pretty 
much rssrmWfi that of other chalybeate 
sprii^s) Imt the idi here is of unomnmon 
purity* and many have experienced its good 
cObcti who have learoely tasted the medicinal 
waters. The acoommodatiaas at this tubr 
ionable watering place are extremely good; 
in addition to three capital hms there are a 
considerable number of lodghig houses, 
suited to the various circumstances and 
condition of the visitors. Thorp-Arch is 
supposed to derive the latter part of its 
name from the family of D'ArchiSj who 
eame in with the Conqueror, and had large 
poss^Kioiis in these parts. The church, 
which is dedicated to All Saints, was or- 
dained a vicarage lay Archbishop Sewall, in 
1268, but ill the early part of the last cen- 
tury the living Was only of the yearly value 
of £U» tiU, by the liberality of the Rev. 
Mr. Robinson, of Leeds, and Lady Elisa- 
beth Hastings, added to a dobatloil from 
Queen Ann's fund, and a contribution from 
the Rev. Mr. Wetherherd, vicar, the tythes 
were purchased as an augmentation to the 
living. The present church is a beautiful 
structure, of which the Earl of Huntingdon 
is the patron, and the Rev. Robert Hon- 
ington the incumbent. AU the houses m 
Boston are of modem erection; it is said 
that the first house built in tiiis division 
of the village was erected by the late Mr. 
Joseph Taite, in the year 1753, and that 
Mr. Samuel Taite, the gentieman who con< 
tributed the lahd Upon which the episcopal 
cliapelin that place was erected, seven years 
ago, was the first person bom in Boston. — 
There la here a charity school, founded by 
Ladv EliMbeeh Hastings, and ft neat Metho- 
dist ChapeL The population, with Clifton 
included, Is 1360, namely, Thorp-Atch 343, 
Boston (J77* and CUfton 340.t 
Po«t*0/??c«.— TiCtters are conveyed to 
Thorp Arch and Boston from We- 
therby every morning. John 
Smith, the letter carrier, arftves 
at 10 o>clock, and returns imme- 
diately afterciiculatingthe letters. 

t Erroneously stated in Vob I. at 1017. 

Those marked thus * are residents in Thfln 
Arch and those without the mark m 

Atkinson Aev. Win. M. A. Holbon 

* Atkinson Miss, gentlewoman 
Bainbridge Henry, surgeon, Moor end 
*Baker ReT, Jobn^ LX3. viear of Ai 

Banks Wm. white ami wine eooM^ 

dish tumeri aad basket mahi^ 

Moor end 
*Batesoo Joseph, dish turner 

•Beverley Charles, batdier 
Birdsall Sarah, grocer, Holbom • -ii 
Boddington Rev. Thos. genUemMi 

seminary, Holborn 
BoothhT Mrs. Mary, lodging 

Bownas Thos. gent. Clififord sow 
Broadley Mrs. gentlewoman, BfJSS 
Brown James, bUcksmith, CliBQpi 

street , _j_ 

Brown^:^ Rev.Thos. perpetualaflMf^ 

of B^ton ^.ij 

BnmeU John, brazier <fe tinuer, €01 

ford street -^ 

Burnley Jonathan, com miller, Urtt 

Mill. Holborn '^ 

Chippendale Abraham, joiner sn^ wH 

binet maker, chapel street -'^ 
Clark Thomas, boot & shoe maker 
Clark Stephen, gardener. How eal -f 
Clark John, Esq. Holborn . I 

•Clarkson Thomas, millwright a^ 
•Cullingworth Henry, fifrooer Adragg 
Dalby Wm« grocer <& draper, HoibcNn 
Dalby £liz. dress maker. Holmes i^' 
Day Wm. lodging house, HoJhom . 4 
Day John, stone mason, Holbom I 
Day Wm. stone mason. HoUwm 
Dixon Miss Mary, gentlewoman, 

Easterby Mary, lodging: house, 

ford street „ „ 

Ellis Thos. grocer <fe draper, Boibm 
Farra Thos. tailor & draper, BcjpW' 
Farrer John, vict. Red Lion Hote^^ 

Holborn , „ ,^ 
Farrer John, butdier, Holboni 
Foster John, boot & shoe maker, Cii^ 

ford street 
GatUffe Wm. gent. Holborn 
*6ibbon Stephen, farmer 
•Gibbon Thomas, farmer 
•Gossip Colonel Randal „ „ ^. 
Gossip Mrs. Joanna, ajentwn. HolWffl 
Green S. ladies' boarding school, HeJ* 

Hassalwood Wm. joiner, <fec< Cliffori 

Hawes Richard, tailor, Hoteies street 
Hawes Mary, baker and oonfeoUiuiwrf 

Holmes street* 


{Mm^.] Toc. 


Abden Mrs. amh, gentwn. Holbora 

*HorDsl|aw Joim, fiumer 

'floddMon Isaac, oom miller and 

„ tener, FlistMill 

Hiitdbiono Jin. Biisabeth, csnUewn. 

MBoaJoteph, eociseofliear 
fohiMcm Mm, gentlewomao, Holbcmi 
l^mMw, stiKw bonnet BMkflr 
umi M». Betty, lodgfng house 
SuuallMiss, genUewoman, Holbon 
^KonllKHnas, Haniier 
^ad Micfaael, flat spinning mill 
M<Keiizie George Smitli, gent. Hoi- 

MoiBitiijB Wm. joiner and carpenter, 
^ CMford street 

«p^i^ Wm. fishmonger, Holboni 
VBDoTiionms, rgentleinen'fe boanUng 

tOBOol) Holbom 
S^<!|^ioho, gent. Holbani 

HMt TbM. John, gent Hoftom 

•Pwbery Richard, former 

|€acup Rev. John, Moor end 

J'^BROD Bosamond, school mistress, 

„ CirfRttd street 

J^T. B. merchant, Briggate 

JwfectGrosTCnor, Bs^ HolbcMrB 

nckaris James, teSor and dnper, 

^ CWlstreet 

?oofe%B. gentte^somao 

^»*S^ Thos. TicU Rose and Crown, 

JwfreyRobttt, maltster, Holboni 
lUyiarTbQs. tailor, grocer <fe diaper, 

Jttd Thomas, gent. Holboni 
«^ Mn. (la^ffis' boaidinf and day 

school) Holbom ^ ' 

5gy?nd,Mark, gardener. Moor end 
Sr™ Ann, dress maimer. Spa 
WMm Mfeies, gentlewomen, Holbom 
SMnjw Richard, boot A shoe maker, 


uJ?*** y^^ «ar?eyorof Clifford 

«.^,!"8*» ways 

^#^"* EliMbeth, gisntlewmn. 

Spink &nj. shoe maker and hair dies- 

o, »5> Briggate 

Stoorton Hon. Edwaid Mannadoke, 

StockUjid Geo. Esq. Chesnut grow 
We Wm. gent. Cliffofd street 
22£l/?«pEj gent. Briffvate 
^m?y ^*»Sn *nd Homer, com 
Th^? ?^ faraiers, Thorp mills 

•t2S*'^.?*?\««'»*- Holbora*^ 
I biir weU John, stone mason 

loorlwati Stephen, stone mason 

tIqC. Adarfnl Bawka, 

Tlreman Rkshard, atftotney Holboni 
Tricket Wm. sdioolmastwr and naiWi 

Tomer John, wheelwright* #e. 

Waddington Joseph, y ^"^ " 

Waddlnston Wmim 

Walls John, 

•Wharton Matthew, 

•Wharton BUiabeth, nooer * dmpar 
Wharton Joseph, hUMfiaiiUdhJiMibr, 

Clilfoid stieet 
Willdnson Samuel, linen diaper, ho- 
sier, dec. Holbom 
Wilkinson 6eo« Bsq. Holbora 
Wilkinson Rev. fTm^. Holbora 
Williamson Nancy, linen diaper and 

dress maker, <kc. Chapel street 
•Wood and Dunwel), manolhcAureri 
of brown, coloured, and glased 
paper, miUboardfi, «c oil miUeis, 
(togwood ground, and oil cako 
Wright Mrs. Mary, gentwn. Holboni 

CWAst.— A1.BIAV0BB DUigmet, 
to Leeds, froip Mr. John Fairer's, Red 
Liw, Boston, every Tuesday and Sa- 
torday, at 7 morning, returns at T in 
the CTsning. 

e«Ti«r#.— Joseph Jagger, to York 
every Tuesday and ^uiday, to Leeds 
every Thursday. 4g Wetherby daily .^ 
John Lockart, to Tork every Wed- 
nesday, and to Leeds every Sbtuiday. 

TocKWiTH,ln the parish ofBiltoB, 

7linU«N.arTSd«Mttr. *T thtr rwnmcaw 
nMnt of the mononble bsttlB sf Msntoa 
Moor, la the yew 1644, the tnmtot theFSr- 
Uamentft snny extended ftom the North end 
or Mantoo Moor to thb village, a dittanoeoC 
neeriySmiles.* HeieisamudlneetMetho. 
dist chapel, built in the year 1798. and a Sim- 
day school for 100 ehlldxcn. Population 480; 

Farmenif Feomim, Wilks S. P. 
Fowler Joseph Wilstrop John 
Hastings Timothy Btaekamitks, 
Hopwood Joshua Sbarpney John 
Usenby Wm. Wilson Robert 
Norfolk Thos. Brwters if Maluten 
2?™"^i»™«? Abbey Richard 
'^Ifi^^L?*™®^^' Brogden Robt. 
Cowthorp moor- Butchers. 

e ***\® , u « ^^"^^^ Richard 
Spink John, Ne- ThomUnson Benj. 

ther Carr Barthenww Dirt, 

Tennant Henry, Gray Wm. 

Skew Kirk Ward Thomas 

Thomlinson Matt. 

N % 

See page 3f . 





Qroemra,&e. 1Uton,4[c. 

€«nwright Tbos. BsteiJoae^ 
LowoocK Isabella Helmsley Win. 

Ripley Jobo 
Upton Wm. 

Andrews Richard 
BeUerby Wm. 
Gill John 
KtaboliOB Wau 

Tbaokiay TImmb. 

Tbonlinson Wm. 
Wilks S. P. 

Cbapman Heaiy 
Ctaapnan J 

BittMs Tbomo, plumber, isc, 
Cofdnlces Riebara. sawecm 
Fletcher Moses, Tict« Bay Hone 
Flockton Ann, vict* Blue Bell 
Groves J. C. brick and tile maker 
Hastings IBdw. schoolmaster 
lieadwm. ^nner end brasler 
Sandehiott'Wm. cooper 
£carbroQgh Ridiard; bricklayer 

fiunmerton Bdw. vict. Boot & Shoe 
ates John, vict. Spotted Cow 
CbrriW— William Belletliy, to York 
every Saturday. John Ripley, to 
Wewrby every Thursday. 

WalI-on, (p.) 2J miles E. of 
WeCherby. This vlIlBge was long in the 
poMe^oD of the ftndly of FairHuc, but 
if now the property of 0« L. Fox. Esq. 
BTBDiham Park, who is lord of the manor. 
Through this tract of ground runs the great 
Roman road called WMlingstKet, ftomthe 
south to the wall now caned Redgaicw It 
oxMiad the Wharf at aplaoecaned str Hctan's 
rotd, noBf Waltem, whe<e foroerly itood a 
chapel, dedicated to St Hden, the mother 
cf C uarti t iae . The paihh ohanh la a 
vMyaadatttslnistuie. 9e^Ul. 
Rudd Rev.^ames, curate 

Fisher Chatles, gentleman 
GoodalL Agnes, gentlewoman 
Wright Sarauel, yeoman 

Beotley Mkteel, wbeelwxieitt 

Farrar Robert, tailor 

Farrar Wm. fHrmer 

Fletcher Jas. swine and imt|i»40uer 

HIek Wm. vkst* Black BaU 

Pawson Beoj. constable 

PoweU Jonepib. viet. RojaVOak, 

pariftb cteKk 
^milh SamieL gracer 
{Whitehead Thomas, bladBinitii 

WiOHiLL, (p.) 3 mis. Xff. ctlDfti^ 
caster. The fiunily of Stapletap posaMSik 
this sstate upwardsof £00 yean, but l^m^ 
now the property of Riduxd FuiwCajpi 
WUaQO, fiiq. lord of the mmoc. iSli. 
parish diurdi, which is dedtstllri to AB 
SatalH, andof which Mn Wtatm. j* O a p l f 
trap, a»d the Bev. T. M« Shann the 
is pleasantly situated oa a 
emtewaeek castigaMia to Ik 

» ■■ 

' Yorke Rfa;har4, Esq. Packgate 
•Sbarni Rev. T. M. vicar ..• 

Thompson Samnel, gentJemim 

Fonifra ami Fsmmm, i 

Davraon John Thomliiiacm MtAik^ 
Milbam Richard EasedBto 
Milbum MermadfclThompson 'Jolm 
Hayson Edward Warnmd Rienrft . 
Stephenson John -I<<)*dff^ .^ 

Stephenson Jaodb'Woba-Bet}}. .'Fatt.' 

Easterby Wm. blacksraitk moA «IgL. 

write Swan ^ 

Fawson Wm. and Geo.'wkeelwaMI^* 
; Prince Francis, boot and shsse mmwet 
Young JohQ* grocer, Ac. iy 

€mrim^.to Yark a«d Hhmp AHi 
three days per vreek. 

l^ade James 
Farrar Wm. 
Farrar Brjan 

Noble Henry 

Stead Wm. 
Tate Biyan 

WiLSTHORp, (or Wilstio9).iii».||i 
parish of KirkHammerton; T| MM 
WNW.ofYork. Pop. 96. \ 

FarmtTty RoystonHettfy 
Ea^by Riehanl Spink Hemry 
Gray Ambler, Spink Blisabetii 
Wilstboive vaVL Wheatley John 
Richmond -Wm . Wheatley Blis- 


»•» T» 


North Md Bat Ridlqp, wlMathcinUBfiMttan eould btted, 

IfyvhanitlieHviBgbeqioysd, who » Hit palva^ nidtowhAtMtot 

dkrtwd; aadMaoiliriafonMttoBvdatiBf tottMiMu1ihii«r 

HMJag h wuM M i n ia Hwl hf ■ tabtoAimiiliil lothto' 

AirciiAM, (P.) in the wap. of 
aai partly in the fiberty of St. 
Petei's:6|niiteS.oriIaltoii. Thaptridi 
cbarcft, of which the duuioeUar of Yotk 
Cttfaednl b the palran, end the Her. James 
Britton the viear, is dedieatod to St. John 
the Baptist. Hefe are also a Methodist cfa». 
pei, and a efaapel for tiie PrimitiTe Metho* 
dists. Pofk indoding Bartbotp, 3S9L 

SimpsoB Rev. John, curate 
Gityard Emaniiel, blaoksmitb 
Goodrick WiUiam, vksL Half Moon 

Skelton Robert 
Warde John 

Heward John 
BotteriU H. P. 
Clarkson Tbos. 

JobnsoD Edward 
Potter WiUiara 

CdtUtoD R. aodT.Aldeisoo Jooauan 
Craven Win. Foster James 

Dawson Wna. 
WXis James 
Gtbb Christopher 
Hii&MMi Robert 

Warde Wm, 
Warde John 
Fewston Wm. 
Herbert Tbos. 

Sanderson Robert, Theakston Thos. 
(and grocer) 

AooLBTHOBPE. See Bddlb- 


A 1KB, Dart in the parish of Lock- 
lo^n, and part in the parish of St. 
J«Min of Beverley, wap. of HarthiU, 
division of Bainton Beacon; 5 miles 
NN W. of Beverley. This village was 
formerly upon an island, which by 
draining is now oonnected with the 
surrooudin^ ooontty. Pop. 98. 
Farmers, Watson Geo. 
Jaekson Wm. Wbitaker Wm, 
TbnrskJohn ^ 

Nonis Robert, viet, Board 
Plowman John, bfaicksmith 

AtiDBRODOH, (p.) in the wap^ 

and liberty of HoMemns; • miles NE. oT 
Hedoo. A flourlMng and vary Hvely vUlaf* 
pleasantly situated on tiie dceUvlty of a small 
eminence^ and fnptitti of some etMsnt and 
well bailt houses. The ehureh dedicated to 
St. Bartholomew, is elaHie Golhie steuctttie* 
of whidi the King is patron, and the Rev. 
Nidiolaa Holmes the vioar. In the interioc 
k an andent circular stone flfteen indMS in 
diameter* eommemonating the building of 
the ehureh, the inscriptk» on wbidi may b» 
tianalafeqd ihus ; . U lv coMNAifOW tbm 
cquacH TO am srsctbo roa ran souiA 
or Hahcm and OuvTHAno. Ulf, her» 
men^oned. is supposed to be the ssyne who 
gave his estate to the diurdi of York, aD4 
in this gift was included Aldbrougb, where 
he had a castle, the foundatian of which ia 
now entirely levelled. The Roman road 
from Protorium to GabranticsQum Sinies* 
runs through Aldbrough. The following if 
a copy of an extract tmm an old history of 
York, which, was Utdy found here, " York» 
1391 1S9S. Ja Spear, Mayor." These yeam 
the mayoralty was in the king> hands* and 
Sir John De Halso, or Meaux, was governor 
of the city, he was a greajt warrior and tall 
In stature, as appears firam his armouiv 
whieh is now \o be seen in the diursh off 
Aldbrougb, wbere he is buried under a stone 
monument representing hhn in fuU lei^th 
lying, and aiao the figure of hia wife, ABIr« 
Towry left aquantity of land, therentavishig 
from whieh, is distributed to the <M and ii|* 
firm at the diacietion of the minister, ovec^ 
seers and churchwardens fbr the time beh^ 
about 90i, of which is appropriated to Ae 
education of poor chlldrea. Popk hudu^nig 
East and West Newton townships, 9MU 

Holmes Rev. Nlchohis, vicar 
Craven Rev.WUHaro, curate 

M 3 



[East RidinffJ] 


Cht>ve8 Edward, gentleinaii 
Grores Heory, yeoman 
Hall John, fisq. 
Moon» Peter, yeoman 
Stephenson Matthew, yeoman 
Stephenson Wm. yeoman 
WiiJBon Mrs. Ann, gentlewoman 

Blatkamiikt, trroe«r#. 

Cooper Charles Johnson Edwsid 
Tmottom Benj. Hainpiixe John 
(and fiirrier) Robinson Thoa. 

BrieiitnerSf (Seopbam Widow 
Anthony John Sekodkmuienf 

Foster John Harmory Robert 

Birtdtart. Stamfora Joseph 
CreasseHtfanhew ^ss m aisii, 
Hobson Fmnds Barritt John 

Com MilUn^ Brook John 
King John -Dunn Wm. 

liongman John Jackson John 
Fanmrtf Hanhall Mark 
Amistrong Robert Surgmmt, ifcr 
Goldtborp RIdid. Clark John 
Hardy Toos. Simons James 

Hobson Frauds TaUors^ Sfe, 

Hogg Wro. Johnson John 

Longman Robert I#amb Robert 
lionfinan Wm. Rawson John 
Smi^ Geo. Rtspin John 

gpedr Wm. frh^tlmighit. 

Wetberill Chailes Brambridffe Root. 
Wilson Geo. Fewster James 

Wright Wm, Hohnes Thomas 
Wright Francis Hnmble Geo. 
Wright Wm. £dw. 

Banrison Edward, baililT 
Hodgson Thos. riding excise officer 
Iieak Wm. vict. George Inn 
Ockleton Thos. vict. Bricklayer^ Arms 
Shields Wm. common'brewer 
Siftsons Wm. joiner and auctioneer 
Wadsworth John> hair dresser 

Cafrt«r«— >Edwaid Foster, John Main- 
nrive, James Rogerson, David 
Wright and Edward Harrison, to 
Hu^ eveiy Tuesday and Friday 

AitLanTKORPB, (if.)inthewap. 
of HarthilL and liberty of St. Peter's; 
« miles SW. of Pooklingtoii. The 
cbmrob is a very small stmotnre. Po> 
polntion with waplington, I5i. 

Addison Rev. James, vicar of Tbonii 
ton*0iMi*AlUrUiorpe, A perpetnal 
curato of Bamby flad Fongfoss 

Borton.Rohert, ^enttenan 

Halt Jc^ gentleman 

Iseland Wm. yeoman and suvi«yor of 
taxes and nighways 

Steplpnson Thomas, yeoman 
Farnms, Giles John 

Foster R«Jbicrt Jaekson Thomas 

Laveiack Geo. Siddall Charles 
Shaw John, (and Simpson Joaeph 
cattle dealer) Theaker William 

Cook James, shoemaker 
Harrison Richard, vict. Ploogh 
Whitakanlolui. .schoolmaster 
Winter Edw««d, wheelwright 

ANLAnv, in the parishes of Nortjl 

rcmoj, tranef sini TiUm xsm^ *"I'* hm 
liberty of Hullshire; A mites W. of Htib 
tt the wtHem extftmUt, 
hi which ttafrtomi issttusSsd. 

This vttlsf p ftumc i i y 
flBDOy of lihe Antaibys, nho dscftwsd 
■SAe tnm the nuoior. -In .the year INt 
thehelTCfiof that home carried It byausp* 
liege iato Uie ft—lly ^'L^gnd, vrhidi haOf 
resided here fhm the eonquest, till 9ttAt 
IhadQssofthelBstccatanr- Popwao?* 
Barkwurtb John, gentievMn 
Bodley Mrs. gentuwomas 
Bioadley J6hn, soUdtor, (9o«lb*BM' 
FieUs Baaiel, gentleman 
Smith Charles, yeoman 
Vanse WlBiuny gentleranii 

F ofiiwis , Clark John ' 

Brocklebanhffhos. Clark John 
Cavil] Joseph Wood Wv. 

Appleton Christopher, briddayer 
Bibbins Wm. com muler 
Kenip Richard, shoemaker 
MaisbaU Richard, blacksmith 4k n||» 

Red Lion 
Petfteld JMattbeWy carpenter 

Arqam, (Extra- parochial) wvp. 
of Dickering ; 4 miUts .S8E. of Bn^ 
manby. Population 3^. 

FarmmVf Jordon WilUan . 
Bell Richard Towers KnuMis 

jtrglam, in the paridi «f Hotam* 
on-SjMilding-Moor, wap. of HartUftl 
7 miles S W. of Market- Weighton. 

AaMOLD, in the parishes of Xgm 
Ristoo and Swine, wnn. and iib^-ctyct 
Holderness ; 7 mls.Bm. of Bemkj* 

Population 10). 

Fewson Edward, schoolmaster 
PAlmer Robert, vict. Board 

Farmers^ Robinaon.B«i\i* 
BiUany David Smith Geocen 
Biilanjr William Smith Tbon« 

Jackson Robert 
Riby Robert 

Taylor WilUan 
Walker Thomaa 
Westerby Christ, 

Carr^er^ThcMnas AIUsqd, ta Hull 
evei^ Tuesday. 

A« RA BT. in the pariah of Atiricfc^ 
wap. and liberty of SoMenasai i 


lEtut Hiding.] 



^ofMrr, BeUtton JokB 

Clark Robert fitogeMn Jebn 

Gny Wok Taylor-Will. 

fiobnes Wn^ Waikor Jane 

Himstey Jobs WilkkHoa 8«mb 
ItoodsbroQgb Rd. 

Thoriey JcMeph| t h ee iuatot 
Walker AienuMier, maebine maker 

CflrHir.— MattiMW WalBs^to Be- 
leiley etery Saturday. 

AvRAS, in the Bariih •f Market> 
WeiglitOD, and wap. of HarihUl; S| 
miles B. of Market- Weigbton. Po* 
pttlAtnii inoluded 

StepbeosoA Wm. ftfmer 
Webster Wm. vicL Book 

Absblb t, wJtbe aarisb of Howdan, 
and tbe rnqK. and Imerty of Mo wden « 
ibire: 2| myes W. of Howden. Po- 
tnlitioo, 254. 

Cook Tbomasy fiurmer A vict. Bond 
Leyett John, Maokimith 
Blidgi^ Fmm^Kiy mrwmter 
MoRitt Wm. com muler 
ISnj^ietan Isaac^ shopkeeper 
ISnmetiHi'Wm. yeomao 
Taylor 6eo. tamr 
Wood Wm. schoolmaster 

IkrMrt. Oreavw Joim 
Bhkatt JoM HmBDhf^ Matth. 
loMtaiUihert ^kamrnkmrt^ 

MbyEUsabeth PeamJames 
QilmJofaB UnleiwoedJohn 

AvwicKC, t^.) in the \mp. aad 

ft<rtyrflloidBWieM> >nJi.W.of Horaw. 

A and], f]K>qgh plfwnt village, sitiiated 

anrtteMS, from wMdi St M0brt gvnfly toy 

tkt iiB«qiHina«ti of ttie vatnr, fotiealaily 

^>ifeoany ^■Ertiwr i -tfie jimiil part of this 

tSiliigiiitiinrtii at the junction of three WMda, 

in th&imiwof urtiieh tlwidt an <M atone 

ana, iAicli.tetheyearl7W, traailtmted at 

ftadntaaee ctf tliixty4lirae atabn and •istj'* 

ttne ttakaftonvtha Mat fton ' tiie mdenesi 

ofttestraetaae tt an f t rt to toeof great m- 

tt q ailf , • Ihcre fatound its baie alatin inanip- 

tioDrbmnadend unlntalligltoletoyfliedtta^ 

of tiBBew Tiie ahuvtih, of nUdi 

it a plain Gotliieatitie- 

tara^ dadieatBd to 8t Lawieaee. The 

hm^' Mcau WttMm ia Hw irtoar aad aono- 

gate, fer-tiia dan and ebaptart hew is 

ako a Mcthodiit duipel. bailt.ln 1881 1 

fikewka a pnhlie sahool, enAvwad willi 

aboat 302. per amiaau paid out of ttia 

aeTcnl fiuuitiea «if tbia 

Tonrick, in-theyaar ie88>kftbydcad 

Oqaog g€ ]MMi» altiiatad Ja .Bedfoad, tbe 

lent of vWali ia to ha appUad Ifi 
a in« a atk ipg poor boya aadffaria of Atwkha, 
at the diacretioD oT the tiaalm, of wbkh 
the mioiaiar fcr the tbaa bataf ia 
yppuhitiflat 9Mb 

Bainton Thomaa, Baq. Anmi-hlB 
Allman Major, taUor 
ApptohV lUdiard, wheelvdtfht 
Booth ThoaDaa. ■GhoobBaatar 
Coatoi Robert, pariah oMc 
Lawmi Wm. coro miller 
Pool Patiiok, vicU and blacksmith 


Challand Ghaitef 
Dnnn Wm. 

Qraafftr John 

Wilson Wm. 
WrfKbt Wm. 


Gaiton John 
Teaniaoo Wm. 

Cmrri^^ — WllUam Wilno, to 
Hallon Toeadayt ; depaitail mernlag, 
ntimis 9 evening* ToBeveriey every 

AuBirav, fai the pariah ef l^raif* 
thorp, aad wap. of DwkmtBg ; ti mla. 
S. of BridKngton. PopukUon includ- 
ed with Pralitborpe. 

Harper Thomas, farmer 

AiTORTO)!, (p.) in the wap. of 

HazthlU ; 8 miles NNW. of Howden. A 
parochial Tillage andTicange, the prcaant 
iaeumhent of whidi ia the Rev. W. Dcan« 
and — — Motley the patraik This Tillage 
was the retidence of Rotart Aake» who in the 
year 1538, beaded the inaumetkm called tha 
"Pilgrinuve of Grace." Aske is lepreaeat* 
ed in hUrtory aa a man of daring sod anttui- 
tiaatie coinage, a gentlCBDaa by birtfi, aad 
of cootiderable talents. In tbe latter part 
of the reign ct Charlca 1. Star Bldiard 
Aike was matter of Iha 
one of the eoundl of the 
He appears to have bean the last of the 
family that resided at Aoghtoo. lliere ara 
no remains of the ancient mansion or castle : 
but the site is marlced by ditches or moata 
one within another, with the interior vallum 
rrised lo a great height, wliich shows it to 
haTc been a plaoe of considerable strength. 
It is situated near the eastern, banks of tha 
Derwent Pupnlatkm, 838. 

Brabbs iamea, 

Bottle Thomas 
Cottam Geoifie 

Maltby Wm. 
Steel John 
Stephen Wm. 
Webster John 
WUkinaon Robert 
Yoang Wm. 

Oowthavp Jamea Sh Mma ktn, 

LaMhert fidwmd Morb^y Rteharil 

Lawaon Emanuel Yoaog'Qewi^ 



[East Ri^ng.] 


Coney Rtehard. bkicksiiiiUi 
Dove Jobo, wpeelvriffbt 
Wilkinson Hobert, tailor 
Youog Matthew, shopkeeper 
Young Thomas, vict. Plough 

CarrMr.— Leonard Fowlelr, to 
York every Saturday. 

AughtOH Rvddingi, in the parish 
of Auffhton, and wap. of HarthiU ; 8 
miles N. of Howden. 

Babthorpb, in the parish of 
HemlDbrough, wap. of Ouse and 
Derwent, and liberty of Howden- 
shire ; 5 miles ESE. of Selby. 

Pulleine Robert, yeoman 

Baimton, (p.) in the wap. of 
HiirthiU, and liberty of Holderneas ; 6 miles 
SW. of Great Driffidd. Here it an andent 
paxuh church, dedicated to St. Andrew.— 
The living is a rectory, of the ralue of 
. 10002. per annum, in fhe patmnageof St. 
John's College, Oxford, and when VBoant 
is bestowed on the oldest B. S. of the col- 
lege. The present incumbent is the Rev. 
^ohnBeU, D. D. There are two chapels here, 
one beknging to the Wesleyan andtheother 
to the Primitive Methodists. In former 
times a Beacon was erected near this viUage, 
for the purpose of alarming the surrounding 
country on the approach of danger, and this 
circiqjiiBtance has given name to that division 
of HarthiU called Sainton Beacon. William 
le Gross, a Knight of Malta, and Earl of 
Albemarle, was buried in this church. Po- 
pulation, 300. 

Farmert. Lee Thomas, yeo- 
Angas Caleb man 

Hardy Robert Oxtoby Christopher 
Haycroft Wm. <fir yeoman 
vict. Sainton SimpsQu Robert 
New Inn Simpson Henry 

Laybarn Wm. cfe Topbam Wm. 
corn miller Skmner Wm. 

Wright Thomas 
Forge Wm. blacksmith 
Hardy Robert, shopkeeper 
Hudson Edward, tailor and victualler, 

Speed the Plough 
Usher Richard, schoolmaster 

Carrier*— Robert Wallis, to Drif- 
ileld every Thu. and Beverley every 
Sat.— Robt. Cole, to Hull, every Fri. 

Balkholme. in the parish of 
Howden, wap. ana liberty of Howden- 
shire ; 2| mis. £. of Howden. Pop. 105. 

Farmers, LevettJohn 
Andrew Wm. Martin Thos. 
Harrison John Overeod Robert 
liaverack John Wheldrake Jo^ 
Laverack Joseph 



Bar LBV, in the parish or Henine* 
hrougb, wap. of Ouse and l^erwm&f 
and liberty of Howdenshure ; li mtttf. 
N£. of Selby. Population, 349. Tr 

Bowman Rev. Thos. assistant cafaiii<{ 

Aspinall Eli^mbeth, gentlewoman ' "^ 
Brewer Thomas, yeoman 
Hubie Thomas, yeoman 
Stringer Josepo, Bartby hall 
Wedoall Mary, igfentlewoman 
Weddall Robert, land surveyor, B«ai& 

Farmers, Shoemak^s, 

Blanchard Michael Fish John .^ 

Newham John Woodall Wm. ^ 
Phillips Geo. Shopkeepers, 

SmalfwoodWm. Smith Thos. (amt 
Taylor Mrs. wheelwright) 

Wade Wm. 
BurkiU Thomas, butcher 
Davenport SamueL tailor 
Douglas Wm. brick maker 
Foster Wm. vict. Bay Hone 
Richardson Geo. blacksmith 
Smith John, vict. Plough 
Thornton John, schoolmaster 
Whitehead Matthew, wheelwright 

Barmston, (p.) in the wsp, ondl ' 
Uberty of Uoldemess ; 6 nils. & of BfidSi^>- 
ton. A pleasant village situated at the nortili* ' 
em extremity of HoklemeM; itisvery^Bctf? 
to the Ndtth Sea, and it Inueh AequeafeA^ ' 
by the people of the ueighboiaiiig' tnH$,e^' 
whooooMheieto purehase gnvtA to 
theirroadiwith, which is left in abi 

ODtheshovcs of Bermston by every 

The church is e very smdcnt tarikttng, ^MB- 
catedtoAllSataitB, of which the Rev. John. 
Gilby is reetor ; in the bitertor is a raa^bW 
monumeitf, representing in full fignie a 
Scotch Lord, in armour, wifli a giifBn ac-* 
his feet The nobleman wlxMe menwry tlda^ 
monument oammemarates was the loid of 
the manor, which was given to him fbirhte. 
vakmr and esaential services readeied to i»% 
country. There are here four almv^KHuea^ 
or hospitals, erected in 1728, by Sir Griffith 
Boynton, for the comfort of ftmr poor 
widows of this place, and endowed wilii the 
annual sum of £l5, to be divided equafly 
amongst them. There is aln a aehool and 
master's dweUing-houae^ built by Sir Franefa 
Boynton, Bart, for the aeoomznodatioii of 
the placet he ia hml of the manor, and pa* 
tron of the living. Populatiou, 808* 

Day Thos. vict. Bull and Dor 
Denis Wm. grocer and bladcsmitli 
Haider Wm. wbeelwriebt 
Pickering WUliam, taiTor 
Sawdon John, scboolmaster 
WaUon William, parish derk 

[JEoit Ridine.] 



Anderson Tttos. Hyde James 
Bfjvs Geo. PeoiMMk Jolm 

Dalbr Charles Percnr Joremiah 
Field JobB WelBuin Samuel 

CtoHan /oim 

CbM*, to BilffiiiKtBQ Mkd HaU, 

Barsbt-oh-thb-Xamh, in tte 
pvish of Hoixden, nap. Mid Utaty of 
HowdettOiiTO; 4ib9c»W. of Howden; situ- 
ated JMv «&e Denpnt, whteh Imr aok 
inloUieOiiaB. Here are two aitraoidiBary 


-St^ Foter't and St. Hctak** 


ae a Chapd of KM^t'dcdtaated III 
SL lInlBiwof*tiiBiiiiwfRcT» BalpliSptflbitliy 
rHoNMiaiit ti iaeninbcnl and patioB t 
BBidl IfelliodJst du^eli «Mn It alw a 
QTaiaawT achoof for fihayfc ThoiiN 
of thte irflk^have tbe tfi^ialar 
pMlagaof deecing tlMir own^Mlor I autho 
naia amuia iwha cOBaBcepcioii ok ponpeni 
tiia zi|^ of vodBf. Ttte pbwe ii 


trWiUlaBi llM 

[ Qzgaagf or (Iwnty aent) la ttia 

AtlriMwi J^m^centlsntti 
De La Noy^oho, jeooMUi 
Fos Aoberty^gvoUeinan 
FoKThomaa, geutienuw 
Fos WQUam, yeoman 
Holmes Henry^ genUemaa 
NoMe Robert, yeom an 
Pof^ Rev . Robet^ contB 
Smitii WUUam^ gentleman 

Andrew. JiAn 
Wilson Robert 


/Hiod ThoMB 
Spenoe Jolui 

Howdle Benjamin Chapel Wm. 
Lamb Robert Tbomjwon Jobn 
Farmtrt, Shtp Ownert, 

Attdnam Robert GUdendate Geo. 
Battle Jobn Wrirtt Jobn 

BiikittTbQS. momaktrf, 

Brooksbank Tbos* Jobnson Tbos. 
Blown Jobn Hiddtowood panl. 

Joboson Tbeaias, 

(and farmer) 
Lamb Robert 
Tboroinon Jobn 

Wood Thomas 



Ancbor» Robert Robinson 
Ball and Batcher, Jobn Swales 
Half Moon, James Norton 
«loop» Wm. PoUer, Banby kttj 

Cnxley Joba, blacksmith 
Holdsworth Samuel, b)cfc-keeper 
Herd Warson» tailor 
Noble Jobn, master murinur 
Proock John, joiner 
Thompson R. 
Watfon Thomas, sohooHnaster 

fFaitt Carr<ar«— Two Packets t« 
Selby, every Mob. at Tmg. for goods 
and passeogan. ^ 

CbrrMT— Tbos. Hodnon, to Bo 
vedey ^ Howden, every satoiday. 

Bomfty-Jfoor-Zaa, In the paiM 

of BttiiVf . and irsp. of HartHm I Ii mils W. 

of FockUi^ltaB. Tills is a 

modioiis taui( vhsfo uavvli 

modalad with port cbaltn. It 

kept by Its preNot omMr and 

Mr. TbomM Heard, Olity-rix yaan. Tba 

letter bags lOk and fton nekHagtoa, sva i«- 

oalTodanddSlhreredberab and tbe eoaebas 

ftora Yoik to Hon* mtkM it «Mlr boma 

of cdL 

BAaNBT-OV-TRB-lIOOR, (P.) ill 
tfaawap. of Haithfl], and Hbeity of St. Pa> 
tai*t; SarilisW.oCFoeUlaBteB. Rlsapsp* 
pstaaleaiaay. aadar me patnaH«e of tiM 
Dwn of York, aad Ib e pt sw ut bwaaabmt Is 
tbsReir.iaBieaAddlioe, the cbareh it dadi* 
eated to St Catharine. TUt It a pkMt 4^ 
great antiquity t It «at iwnMiiya aMifcai- 
toara, and baattiU one market^lay aanaally, 
ontbe Tbunday preoediog St. Peter's day. 
The annual featt it kept OB tha day fbUowiqg. 
Tba inhabaantt ev^ ooatidcrabie prirUegm 
and iwniinitlM» on payment of (b» to tba 
Dean and CSiapter of St Petei't, nidi m 
freedanftomtott^Ae. Pop. 44a 

Cooper Tabitbat flentlewomao 
CroM Jobn* gentleman 
Goldsbrougb lUohard, gent. 
Hornby Thomas, surgeon 
Stephenson Edward, gent. 

Fanmrt^ T^omm^ Honlden Wm. 
Berryman Wm. Honlden James 
BbinciMurd Fmnds Hudson Riohard 
Cook John Jackson Jobn 

Dennis Tbos. Kemp Robert 
Gawtry Tbos. Leadbeatar RIcbd. 
HoaldenHattbewNewby James 
HouMen Tbos. Ranson John 



[EoH Midmg:] 


doMly intcnroi^ with Uie hlHiary «f Be- 
rerhy* wai bom la that place, in the year 
640. about the time of the Moood inttodue- 
tioii of ehriatiaDity into the North of Eng- 
fauid, by St AuftUn and the Ronian iiii«ioo- 
aiiei. He was descended of a good &mily. 
And after a coune of rdigions edueatioo* 
under St Hilda, the fiunous abbess of 
Whitby, and under Thaodose^ theAthaioh- 
bishop of Cantabuiy, he became himsflU; 
In the year 687* the 6(h archbishop of York, 
under the pcyular name of St John of 
Beverley. His Hune for sanctity wae so 
greatr ttwfc the TeoeraUe Bade dsdMcs ^ 
hitommknowleelgg, tiMt the holy nanpev- 
flxmed many miracles. At length, grown 
aged and Ininn, he-resi gn e d Ma b l shopti s k 
to Wilfrid II. in 718, and retired to Beverley, 
where having lived ttaee years in sedusion, 
he died nn the 9th of Mayi 9«, awl was 
buried in tiie church peveh bataqging to that 
college which he iMd founded. 

In lI88»ihiscfau»tiwaa«gifai4aBtMiyed 
by flMb and upon opcnh^g n giwrs^^on the 
IMi Scptembsiv IM^ « vtalt wim fouaA 
in wMdk thece was n leailsii plati^ baawf^-a 
l4itin inscription* whiih asay he thua wn^ 

ley, into a state of toinoas dseqr» <Dd in 
tht year 1710, a coosidcralite turn of moMf 
was raised by a geneml brief, snd byhriM' 
dual donations, with vliich sum itwn 9* 
edified and adorned ; the chelr wm 
with marble of various coleuiss a 

" latheywtof aaiMBBiatiei»«f 
Loid,I18«» this ahunhissndestnied 
by fin, hitba night foHowiag the feast 

Sfnr 1197» nn the tth of the Idea^of 



found in theEastsra part 

of the sepuldne, and here leposilndi 

and dust mixed with mottar 

nsmdy in the yenr 1796, 
again taken up, anddep^ 
in an aniicd vault pi apa r ed tot thoir 

Catharine of Francs^ at 


in the lithesnt«iy» soon nap 
theMinelSKineU Its foimar 
t» and nashbirimpKhMitta built the 
Inthnyesff 14S1, Heaiy V« 
the rwwiaHon of Catharine of 
Wtalmlmrw^ made a pllgiimage-to 
ley, baenass^ aa the HIslotlaM of 
tiaasB aa^ n steeng report prevailed* 
the toasb of St John of Beverley, 

tM, theday that the fomous battle of 
fought; and it was imputed 
to the merits of that saint that this great 
victory was wesL 

Thedissolutianof the CoUe^te cfaurdi 
of St John, tnak phwe on the 90th of 
March, 1A44, in the 37th year of the reign 
of Henry VIII. The silent and atanost im- 
perceptible dtlaindations of time, had in 
five centuries brought the Itiuster at Sever- 

over the alter, under which 
table of fine white marUe; the kuqgt iHl 
window was deeonted with rich 
ghniy ooUectad fkom the 
anumgit which are tbe tuelve 
Shiee that time* the sonnn between jUm 
cfaofar and tfaaMPahasbesniebaUiof ftiii 
abbey stones cnrionsly cwcd in 
woifct the floor of the body of the ( 
paved with stone from the samequssry, < 
tbe gilhwips haee been re-built, and 1 
fully finished after the Doric order, 
bling those of St Albans, atRsme, 
somecausenot expfauned, the North 
end of the Mfaister had shrunk^ and 
over the foundatioir 49 IndMst to 
thisdangiBOUB deformity, Vr. 
carpenter, of York, aided by Mr. 
worfli, a stone mason* fbimed a.i 
wfalxA this part of the buHdiog, 
1739, actually icreuod up into its 
phuie» apd w Ht o i ed agamtothej 

Tl»e cletgy of the Mhister at ] 
of a curate* and twoi 
being in the Mayor, 
and capital bu rge ss es . The certified 
of the livhig Is ststed hi Baoon^ LOtfr i 
at £31. fo. ad. The curate is the 
Joseph Coltman, and tint Rev. Jametl 
and the Rev. William HiUiyard, ssft' 
assistant curates. At the South EHtl 
sept stands the fireed-stool mentiaoed^ 
Camden, made out of one entire i 
siddtohave been removed from 
On which is faiscribed 

Hoc tedet LapldeOt DMhir, i. e. i 
Cathedra, ad 9Mm Rm* FmgUnd^ 
Um Omnimodam Habet SeeurUaUwu 
In KngMsh thus*.—" This stcn 
ia celled Freed Stool, L e. TA« c*sir| 
Peoe^ to which what otimlnal soever 
hath full protection.'' 

At the upper end of ttte body of I 
church hangs an ancient tablet with the] 
tureofSt Johnaadof King Athdstsn* 
between them thbdistleh, 

'< Als Free make I The 

" Aa hert may tfiynke or E^ msy I 
Hence the buigeasesof Beverley 
pay no toil or custom in any poK or I 
England, and before they travel, (heyji 
if they choose, receive at the Mayor's i 
a certificate, setUng forth, " That 
Athelstan, of famous memory, did gimtj 

Bisv. [Ea^ SidittffA «ET. l57 

«l»i^ Kiog Hcncy I. did gnmt and oonlinn to 
f 2jf? ^a^ "^ Bewley an «- 
gpnn from an manor of impottt, tolli, 
j y|e,it aB^ge, tunnag^, Ustage, package, 
gHBf^ and of and fiom an and every the 
I gaacUom,p«yBwnt8anddutie«,tlm>ugh- 
I W ■odlnall places whatooerer, by land or 
I ^ wittan aQ tbe dominions of England 
j fff V« toi which said gxants have been 
f Wlfiniiil byan, or most of the tuoceedmg 
f •^i' «^ «a«a» of England. And these 
#»^ to ecrtify. that the bearer, (men. 
•N W» name and trade) is a burgess of 
J^dtown of Beverley, and is thereby 
«|«d of, and tnm all and every the 
««*«»» payments and duties.** Sl- 
r pmil^gies extend to the inhabitants of 
Vboty of St John of Beverley^ who 
/*J by application to the deputy stew- 
«f theeourt, obtain n oertifieateof ex- 
■**TB. This privilege, though of ge- 
■ Botof nnivenal^plicatian; Ibrit 
- that m the year 1803, an act of 
itf was obtained in fkvour of the 
m4 Driffield navigation, tot making 
•tention in Oe bridge, called HuU 
_hlij which act veaseb belooging to 
jlBg esMs of Beverley have shiee been 
**#itoaton,or tonnagcu This, how- 
ls the only toQ which csn be le^ly 
jdinmthem, when they aresuppUed 
the nqnisite certificate. The right of 
"**— fiom tolls has been granted, or 
by charter and letters patent to 
-B of Beverley, by no fewer than 
sovereigns, ctHmnendng with 
Athdstan, m 825, and ending with 
U. in 1688. Another privUege at- 
to the firee burgesses of Beverley, 
miuh more important one, is the 
;«C pasturage on the fertile and exten- 
munoos faekogiog to that borough: 

. Westwood, containing 504 acxea. 

J^™ '.. 110 

^Wh*n» - 297 

And Swine moor „ 263 

Total. 1174 

fieeman is allowed to turn three 

« Cstfle mto Westwood, six into Swine- 

r. Alice into Figfaam, and one into 

Foff this privilege only seven shil. 

fiVper ho«l la pdd for crttl. p^tured 

shillln^and aixpenee per hefd uposi Swine- 
moor, nine ihOHngs upon Flihani. and two 

-Wmiy and alxpence per head upon Hum. 
ftom May^y to the races in the beglnnimi 
of Jnnet and three shillings and sixpence 
the remainder of the yeazT^ ^^^ 

The churdi of Stl Mary, though 
peatly infiorfor to the Minster as a buildimr 

K^glsfteyawn. In the King's books thi, 

Anreh there are seven! monuments, but 
ftemort mnarkabie of them is one dated 
1«^ whiehieoonbthe&teof two Danish 
dijelhto. who are here interred, and whoS 
epitaph runs thus:-. 

Here two yooy Draiah aolten He. 
The one in ^iiami ehan«d to die t 
1^ othef. head, by their owlwr. 
sy awoid waa aennd at one bkMr. 

•Jtttinoed is held by a grant tnm 
""Mr Neville, Archbishop of York 

hS^i-lL t «™*' ^"" William 
*«B. Ardkbuhf^ of the same pro- 

r,««eis a tradition, that Westwlood 

"■wtedto thefireemen of Beverley, 

.???*!' d«ter», whose •• ▼Irgm 

.^S**" tH® ^y "* *•»« chur&», 
»»ina9 of the little South aisle, but 
»w error is wholly unsupported by 


The plaeea of worship not within the 
pole of the establishment, axe :__the Indo. 
P«dent Chapel, Laiigale, the Rev. Jamea 
Mather, minister; the Methodist ChapeL 
WjUkeigate; the Friends' Meeting.HoJS 
Wood lanei and the Baptist Chapel, Wal! 
ketgate, the Rev. John Carlton, minkter 

The Hospitals at Beverley consist oC 
Mns. Amrn Rotrrn'a Hobpitax., fai Keld- 
«»te, for ancient poor widows, in which 
there are thirty-two inmates, who ai««uih 
allowed five shillings per week, with a gown 
•nda supply of coals yearly, arising ft«m 
the rents of estate, in diifaent partTof the 
coui.ty. M«. CBAALns WABTON'a Hon. 

IJ^*"" ^ ^v*"^ mooigatet for poor 
widows, of whom fourteen are aeeommo. 
dated, and have each allowed four shillinga 
a week, with a gown each, and ooals yearlv. 
from an estate called Kiilingmves. betwe» 
Beverley and Bishop Burton » theTnisteea 
of which charity also apprentice a number 
of boyaannuaUy. with a premium of four 
pound, each. Sin Micbam. Wa»to»'. 
HoapjTAx;* in Minster mooxgate, for six 
paor widows, who are each aUowed thi«e 
■hilhngs weekly, withagown and coals n. 
nually. Fox'a HoapixAi. in Minater moor- 
gate, to four poor widow., who have each 
four shilhng. a week, a quantity of mil. 
yearly, and a new gown every two yeaxi. 
froma anaUertate and money in the funded 
T.M».BTOK's H08FITAI.. Walkcrgate, for 

hi. itf^?'* P?SS?^" contributed durin* 
Jua hfe tame £500 towards the repaSe^ 
the Minster; and bequeathed £4o8oa. a 
perpetual ftind to beautify and keep it in 



[East Ridingu'\ 


•upporting six poor penoni, men and 
women ; the funds arising firom landed pro- 
perty. There are also twenty-two Maitons 
de dieu and four Bead Houses, which aflbrd 
•coommodatioo to as numypoor families, 
with some small allowance to each. Exdu- 
Ave of these benevolent institutions, there 
are several other eharities under Che direc- 
tion of trustees, who make periodical dis- 
trtbatiflns to the poor. Formerly there were 
in. this plaee a preoeptory of Knights Hospi- 
talers of St. John of Jerusalem, and hospi- 
tals dedicated to St. Nicholas, St. GUes, and 
the Trinity; and an hospital without the 
North Baigate, with a house of Mack and 
anotiier of grey friars. 

The Free Schools of Beverley are the 
Grammar School, the National School, and 
Graves's SchooL The Grammar School, 
whidx la of audent date, is piobaUy coeval 
with the CoUegiate Society of Saint John, 
for it does not appear when or by whom it 
was founded. The patronage of this school 
is now in the corporation. The old school 
of brick stood in the Minster yard, on the 
site of the cloisters and conventual build- 
ings, but in the year 1816 it was taken 
down to improve the church, and by the 
liberality of the corporation a new school 
Was bttilt in a commodious and handsome 
style, in Kddgate, with a large and con- 
venient house attached, fbr the convenience 
of the master. The school is open to sons 
of burgesses indefinitely, on the payment of 
two pounds per annum for their instruction 
in the classics, and two gtdneas for writing 
and arithmetic. The sons of non-fteemen 
and day sciholars pay six guineas for the 
elassicc, and three pounds for writing and 
accounts. The present roaster is the Rev. 
J. P. Richards, whose stipend 'a a hundred 
pounds a year, being ten pounds fiom Dr. 
Metcalf's endowment, twenty pounds as an 
annual gift from the members of the bo- 
tough, and seventy pounds as an anmul 
donation from the corporation. There is no 
church preferment attached to the grammar 
school, but the parishioners of St. Mary's 
fometfanee give the lectureship of their 
church to the master. This school has two 
Mlowships, six scholarships, and three exhi- 
bitions to St. John's College, Cambridge. — 
Among tile eminent men who have been 
educated here may be mentioned John Al- 
oock, D.D^ Bishop of Ely; John Fisher, 
D. D. Bishop df Rochester; John Green, 
D. D. Bishop of Lincoln ; Robert Ingham, a 
worthy divine ; and Henry Revel Reynolds, 
an eminent physician. There is a select 
library of clasdcal books attadied to the 
school, eontaining several Aldine editions.^ 
Graves's Free School is situated in the 

square a4}aoeiit to Tol^vd. This 
llshment is of modem origin^ and owes iti 
institution to the munificence of the Rer. 
James Graves, late curate of the Minster, 
who bequeathed a sum of money amount< 
ing to about 3<X)0& in the public funds fin 
the education of youth in Beverley. For 
about two years a temporary school room 
was used ; but in 1814 the trustees purdiased 
the old play house, and having divided it by 
a partition, fitted it up for sdiools for boys 
and girls. Here one hundred boys ftom 
the town and ndghbourfaood receive gratui. 
tons instruction, under the tuition of Me. 
William Watson, on the Lancasterian plafts 
and one hundred girls, on the plan of Dfe 
Bell, and in the afternoon the girb an 
taught needle work by Mis. Watson. At 
the National School, which la dtnate te 
Minster mooigate, about 160 boys an 
taught by Mr. G. Blytiu ' 

The town of Beverley ia ally, wBi 
built, and extendve. The market plaoc, te 
particular, is very spadous, occupying 
acres of land ; it is ornamented by a< 
supported by eight columns, each 
of a dngle stone, and was erected at i 
expense of one of the membera ik I 
bcnough. The market, whldi is heid 
Saturday, Is w611 supplied, and 'the 
done here in the com trade ia Texy 
able. The canal, called Beverley Bedc, < 
in the year 1727» from this town to 
Hull, afibrds great fadlitiea to trader 1^ 
opening a communication with the HumlM^*; 
and coals are brought in large quaatitieill^ 
the stdths, for the supply of the intsdV 
part of the East-Riding. Here is lfkedii| 
a trade in malt and leather, add iii inntJ 
of the poorer dass find emptoyment in ^' 
extensive nurseries of Messrs. Geoige 
William Tindall, and the mint ptamtatkwij 
Messrs. Walker, Parker, and HalL 

The annual fairs are held on 
Thursday before old Valentine'a day, on i 
5th of July, on the Wednesday before the i 
of Set>tember, and on the 6th of November^ 

During the dvil wars thia place 
alternately the prey of the King's troops < 
of the troops of Parliament. At the 
mencement of the quarrel, when Charles 1 
First attempted to make himadf master^ 
Hull, and was refused admission ty 
John Hotham, the governor of that 
son, he had his quarters at Beverley, but( 
place soon fell into the hands of the 
mentary forces, and Sir John, whan he 
from Hull, on account omF his 
against tiiat cause which he had 
so much advanced, was taken prisomr^ 
the streets of Beverley, and afterwards 
ecuted on Tower HIU. 


[East Ridifig.] 



The popuIfttUm o^ this town lu«, 
wHhin the last ten yean, increued nculy 10 
per oent. over the population of 1811. In 
tte Cocmer retum the numhen wete 6036 ; 
they now aar«— 

St. Martin's Paridi.... S937 

Sfc Mary's^tto...^ ....3814 

St NichoikM^ ditto. 577 

Total. i..e728 

Thegovenimcnt of tlw BoRMyh is in 
<vrfao is always eoraner te Ae 
J twelve Aldrnnan, and thirteen 
capital Buisesaes, under a duutvgiwled by 
Queen Einaiiecfa. and renewed by Jane* IL 
iD Qte year of the nvolutlon. The wmfot 
sad capital famgeflses are deetad aanaaOy, 
on the Monday neat hefbre the S9th of Scp- 
• Byihe charter of this eorpontton 
mayor is ebosen out of the alderman by 
and the capital bn igo sie i an 
by the new mayor, and eleelad 
a «ci a m« r i«m (or thwUd in, as it is called) 
he fteemen, immediately after the elee> 
of the mayor. The power is Tested hk 
King to remofe ftom their lespecliTe 



and eommoa dark, or any of 
I in 1«88 this power was excreised. 
iar oa the 11th of June, in that year, an 
csdcr was Bent to Beferley. by the Ki^g hi 
•nmcO, ibr the leaooval of flie reeorder. 
frur aldarmen, and three buigessu. So 
laqgagoastfaeieignof SdwaidL Beveriey 
mtotBed two members to Parliament, but 
aAv die death of that monarcfa, tiiis 
horoui^ eeased to make returns tiUthe5th 
ef EUaahedi, when it was inoorpoiated. — 
The deetion is in the free bu rgesses , resi- 
dent and nonresident, of whieh there are 

* The list of the corporate body fbr 
the year 18S3 wiU be found prefixed to this 
vdvane, under the head of ** Additions 
aad Alterations." 

about MOO, and the 

John Wharton. Bsq. of SkeMon Castle, 

George Lane Fox, Esi^ of 

Tlie House of Coiraetta, or gaol of 
the East-Rldlag, which was built abont the 

1800» OB a new stta, U situalsd a Hide 
without the North bar, aad the 
Ibr the Bait.|Udta« areahPayshsU 
in the Couit-House withfai this 
Them isaisDaeourt of leeerd held in 
Guildhall, called the Pnvfostfs Coui^ hi 
whkfaaUeausmaBay be triad aririaw withta 
the HberUes of this bonN«h, eaeapt titim 
to landt andthecutpoialian Is said to pot- 
sea a power of trying capttal Monies bat 
they do not exantae it. 

TheoAee for the l e g i s t ialk n of wiBi 
anddaa^ eatahUshadin the6thyiwof tba 
leigB of Qvean Aane* caDad the Bagirtv 
OffleeoftheBast-Rldiiiff, glees ohm to Ifea 
square hi whieh it Is situalad. Of this 
ofllee H. W. Malstsr, Esq. is nglitar. aiA 
Mr. C. A. AtUasoB ta deputy. 

The Theatre is a small buUdiag si* 
taated in Laiifite, and isgeoeially well at- 
tended during the nee week, whieh alwayi 
fcUowB the week of the York spriiy meettay. 

At the Stttaeeription News Room, beU 
at Mr. Thomas Eleodi's, hi the Market- 
place, the London daily aad aome of the 
inovincial papers are regularly reeelTed. 

The Tldnity of Bereriey, towavda the 
Weat, is elevated and pleosant; the enmmnn 
pasture of Westwood ciommanili a beautiAil 
view of the town aad Minsfev, aad of the 
western parts of HoldemesB. To the East 
aad South the oountry, to the distance of 
several miles, is flat and nnloviting, but 
even here the scenery is greatly improved by 
drainage, indosure, and cultivation ; and tfiit 
extensive traet of fen lead, whidi fifty years 
ago was a solitary waste, flooded during the 
greater part of the year, now presents an 
of fbttiHty. 


Mr. John GAaoHAMy TUlgWML 

Places fh>m whence 
Letter begs are recvd. 



Arrival of Mails. 

Departure of Mails. 





Daily 5 morning. 
k past 4 evening. 

4 do. 

4 do. 

4 do. 

4 evening. 

4 do 

Sua ! 



4 do. 
4 do. 
4 do. 


jicadem^g-'Boardmg ^ Day SckooU^ 
Aldnd^ Thonms, (day) Batclier row 
Armstroni; John, (master of blue ooat 

school) Highgate 
Dean Joel, (day) Newbeggin 

Debraws Miss, (boarding) Wednesday 

ElringtonMargaret,(ladies'day) High- 

Graves's Free School, W. Watson, 
Register square 

o % 



[East Miding.} 


Hall Jane,(Iadies' seminary) St. John's 

Harrison John, (day) Flemingate 
National, G.B. Blytne, Minster moorgt 
Prescott Christopher, (day) Flemin- 
Renou Mary Ann, (boarding) North 

bar street 'Without 
llichards Rer. G. P. (grammar) Kold- 

Richter Rev. H. W. (boarding) Wed- 
nesday market 
Robinson Mary, (Indies' boarding) 

Wednesday market 
Simpson Misses, (ladies' boarding) 

Agentt—parHeular amK g«mrml,. 
Emery John, (London Genniae Tea 

Company ) North bar st. within 
Mosey Mar}^, (East India Ck>mpany's 
teas) Dog and Dnek lane 
Arthittels it SvrteyorM. 
Cliff John, Wood lane. 
Ingle James, Hengate 

Birt John, (notary public) Keldgate 
Bower Wm. Hengate 
. DawsoD Charles, North bar st. without 
Duesbery Thomas, Hengate 
Hall and Campbell, Laii^te 
Ireson Francis, Newbegln • 
Johnson Anthony. Hengate 
Myers Jofao^ Tollgavel 
NewloveWm. Buteheriow r- 
Shepherd Henry John, Esq. Lairgate 
Wilkinson Fronds, Walkergate 

■ JucHoneera and Appraisers. 
Bell Wallis, Walkergate 
CUff John, (appraiser) Wood latfe 
Jameson Riqnard, (appraiser) North 

bar street without 
Johnson Henry, Walkergate 
Lumley John, Hengate . 

Bakers and Flour Dealers, ^e. 
Baitson Joseph, Wednesday market 
EUerker Thomas, Market place 
Monkman Wm. Tollga?el 
Oi^gerby Edward, Highffate 
Pearson Saml.( flour) Minster moorgt. 
Routledse Thomas, Laundress-lane 
Roxby Wm. Flemingate 
Thompson John, sen. North bar street 

Thompson John, juii. Tollgavel 


Bower, Duesbery, Hall, and Thomp- 
son, (East-Ridiog) Lairgwte. (on 
Messrs. Curries. Raikes, and Co. 

Machell, Pease, and Lidc^ill, North 
bar street within ; on Sir Richard 
Carr Glyn and Co. 


Cooper Wm. Backside 
Duncan Peter, Eastgate 
Griffin John, sen. Ladygate 
Griffin John, jun. Ladygate 
Harrison Wm. North bar street witbin 
Harrison Thomas, Dyer lane 
Heselhurst Robert, Flemingate 
Hustwick Robert, North bar street 

Ralph Wm. Flemingate 

BookeeUerSf Staiumers, and Binden, 
Pioetor Thomas, (printer, and 

iating library) North bar 

Ranisden James, Market pl8i9& 
Stoddart Thomas, (binder) Dyer] 
Tai;ner Matthew, (and printer, 4 ' 

Iating library) Market plaoe 

B«a and Skoemakers, 

Abbott Wm. Flemingate 

Blackstone Christopher. Tollgard 

Botterill Geo. Tol^avei 

Cattle Wm. Butcher row 

Cook Wm. sen. Tollgavel 

Cook Wm. jnn^ Beckside. 

Cook John, Market plaoe 

Denton Matthew, Eastgste 

Flint Wm. LaiisatB 

Htttton John, Eastgate 

Nicholson Ji>hn, Ladygate 

Peacock John, Northlmri^ within 

Reynolds Daniel, Market^laoe 

Smelt Stephen, Do^ and I>uck lane 

SneasoD Robert, Laugate 

Taylor JameS; Tollgavel 

Tuting Jeremiah, North bar st. wltbis 

Tutiiig John, North barst. within 

Westoby John, Sowhill . 

Wilcox John, Tollgavel 

Braziers and Tinswdtka, 
Collinson John, Market place 
Eloock Thomas, Market place 
Oustoby John, Lairgate 
Rhodes Thomas, (and glazier} ToiW 

Breweries^Ale and Beer^ 
Dove John, Marketplace 
Mair Wm. Hig;hgate 
Muschamp Christ. Bntchor row 
Stephenson Robert <fe Son, -Tollgavel* 
Stephenson George, jun. Wednesday 

Blacker Robert. North bar st, withoQl 
Burton John, Keldgate 
Dalton Thomas, Walkergate 
Dalfcon Wm, North bar st. without 
Dalton James, Vicar-lane 
Duucum Tbos. <fe Christ. WaUcei^gata 
Greenhough Tbos. Eastgate 
Hewson Wm. Eastgate 


[EoH Riding.] 



Hewson Matthew, Flemingate 
Horner James, North side Itflntter 
Innis Wm. North bar street without 
Robinson James, KeMgate 
Tsjlor Wm. A James, Flemingate 

Aodtts SamneL Wednesday maiket 
fiiioes John, Laimte 
Baman Edwaid. Ladrgate 
Bieiiiy Wm. ToUffavel 
Couass Abraham, ToU|;aTel 
Dales Peter»Nortli bar st. within 
KQeriogtoQ wm. LaiiK<tte 
Rudy Thomas, Friargate lane 
Homigold Christ. Higogate 
KirJcnMo Thomas, ToUgavel 
Merritt Daniel, Batcher row 
Miller Geo. North bar street within 
Oiley Wm. Wallcergate 
Oxiey Robert, Tollgavel 
Pearson Harnett, Lairgate 
Pmdon David, Walkergate 
Reed Robert, North bar st. without 
RobinsoD James, Ladygate 
RobinsoD Franc^ Fleiningate 
Shepherd Wm. Pfenaingate 
Spdioe Robert, Walkefg^ 
WaUis Thomaa, Ladygate 
WalliR George, Hen^ue 
WOaoD Israel Maisfaall, Ladygate 

Cahimei Maken. 
Bradford John, Fiyer lane 
Cbdffirill Jbhn, North bar it without 
Lamley John, Hengate 
Padget Wm. (<fe joiiier) Highgate 
Se?er Matthew, Butcher row 
TiioiDpson Wm. Flemingate 

Cftamttft «md DruggiaU, 
Keningham Robert, Manet place 
Robiai(Qii A Stabler, Market place 
Tigar Pennock, North bar st. within 

dock mad fF^aiek Maken, 

Baitson Thomas, (and silveismith) 

Fox Hud jon, Sow hill 
Mawman George, Market phioe 
Watson Francis, Walkergate 

Clothes Broken, 
Coapland Elisabeth, Keldgate 
Yeoieman Samuel, Lairgate 

Coal MerckanUe, 

Clark Richard, Backside 
£dew Christopher, Bedcside 
HodjBonJohn. sen. Beckside 
Lee John & Thomas, Beckside 
OostoQ DaTid, (<fe lime) Ladygate 
^wmpson James, Beckside 
Webster dk Hodgson, Beckside 


Copass Wm. Silvester Ume 
Mitfchamp John, Sow biil 

Com FatHtre. 
Datton Robert. Sow hiU 
Bden Christqpber, Beckride 
Lee John dt Thomas, Bac ks ldB 
Muschamp Christopher, Butcher row 
Ottflton DaTkl, Ladygite 
Tfaomi>8on James, Beckride 

Baitaon Jowph, Wednesday nnlBet 
Cartas Thonai. Water mill 
Cawklll Wm. Flemingute 
FkhwMc RoberLWestwood 
Lowson Robert WhitinflTi Westwood 
Monkman Wm. Grove lull 
Unton MiU Society, Westwood 
Wilson Bdwud, Westwood 
Wilson John, Giove UU 

Dawson John Donoan, ToUgavel • 
Pmcktor Maouidoke, Dog^adDmsk 

DiaUUen^Mimi^ Bttkt, ^e. 
Hall Jane, (still house) FleaUngatii 
Hutchinson Wm. Beckside 
Walker John, Bastgate 
Parker James, Cherry OrehanI 

Fel fsKnif wi. 
dubley R. T. St. Join's street 
CatterM>n George, Flemingate 
Ingle James, Hengate 

and Life ineurantee OJfUea, 

Atlas, James Ramsden. Market place 
County. Francis Wardell, Lairme 
Norwicn Union, Anthony AtkinsoDt 

Phcenii, John Gaidham, Tollgnvel 
Royal Exchange, Robert Daltos, 

North bar snreet within 

Cresser Hannah, Ladygate 
Proodler Sarah, Dor £ Dock lane 
Ruddock George, Market place 

Flax Dreeeert. 
Coaks John, Market place 
Robinson M. A L. Market place 
Smith George, Market place 

Fmmihitre Broken, 
Fenteman Samuel, Lairgate 
Johnstone Sarah, North bar ft. within 
Luck Wm. Tcdlgarel 

Qardmm't oMd JVursorysMa. 
Dawson John, Beckside 
Downing John, Wood lane 
Hod(|[son Wm. Beckside 
Jenkmson John, Norwood 
Jennison George, Wilbert lane 
Lockey John, England spring 
Parker James, Cherry Orchard 
Playfortb George, Beckskle 
Ramshaw Thomas, Sow hill 
Ramshaw Robert, Eastgate 

O 8 



\Ea8i Ridififf;^ 


Stott Richard^ Minster moorgate 
Swailes Robert, Wedoesday roacket 
Swailes John, Butcher row 
Tindall James. Eastgate 
Tiodall G. & W. rnurserymen) East- 
gate, (& 25, Market plaoe, Hull 
Ward Thomas, Lairgate 

Olast, China 6f Earthanoar* Dealer*. 
Adanuon Wm. Tollgavel 
Empson Sarah, Market place 
Hobson Edward, Tollgavel 
Lee Beujamin, Tollgavel 
Watson William, Tollffavel 
Watson Wm. Goodlad, Ladygate 

Chocere aitd Tea Dealere, 

Biirkinsbaw Matthew, Market place 
Brigh»m Wm. ife John, Market place 
Brigham Thomas, Market plaoe 
CaSurh James, Butcher row 
Gardbam Thomas, ToUgavd 
Lundie Thomas, Tollgavel 
Oxtoby Roberl^ Marked place 
Pioder David, Market place 
Raleigh John, Tollgavel 
Selley John, North bar st. within 
Stephenson Lawrence, Market place 
Swann John, (<fe perfumer) North bar 

Tigar Pennock, North bar st. within 

Gun Makers and SmUhe, 
Forth Wm. (smith) Ladygate 
Taylor Wm. (maker) Mancet place 

Bat ManufacturerM and Dealer*, 

Cass Robert, Tollsavel 
Lockwood Wm. (dlr.) Market place 
iSuddaby Wm. yiemineate 
Wikou James, North bar st. within 
Wilson John, Market place 

Hair Dreeeers aad Perfismere. 
Davies Thomas. Hengate 
Innis George, sow hill 
Maun Emanuel, Tollgavel 
Meadley Thos. North side Minster 
Rickell John, Butcher row 
Stather W. G. Market place 
Stather Robert, North oar st. within 
Waite Wm. Tollgavel 
Watson Thomas, Tollgavel 

Hosieriy ifc. 
Atkinson Wm. North bar st. within 
Gotbard John, Wednesday market 
Jewitt Jonathan, Market place 
Moore Thomas, Market piaoe 
Shipstone Thos. (& stocking worsted 

mfr.) Marketplace 
Taylor George, Market place 

HoteU, Inns, and Taverns. 

Admiral Duncan, Stephen Acklam, 

Anchor, Wm. Gray, Beckside 
Angel, Robert Lwcum, Butcher row 

Beverley Arms, Nathaniel I>alby« 

(commerdai inn <fe postibg hou^ej 

North bar street witnih 
Black Bull, Rbt. Watson. Laiii^te 
Blue Boar, Wm. Ricbardsoiiy (excise 

office) Tollgavel 
Board, Henry Harrison, Grove hill 
Boot, Wm. Coombs, North bar street 

Buck, Richard Simpson, Beckade 
Carpenters' Arms, James DuttoD, 

Cock '<fe -Bottle. John Dove^ Beclcnde 
Cross Keys, Wm. Clayton. l*nirftal^ 
Dog 6c Dnck, Geo. Sberfiield, Lttdrrt. 
Duke of York, Wm. Akester, Keldgt. 
George dk Dragon, Henry Pickeriiigy 

Globe, Ance Wilson, Ladygate • 
Golden Ball, Wm. Wadsworth, Toll- 
gavel ,. 
Golden Fleece, Sarah Elstob, Bec&side 
Green Dragon, John Walker^ Mattel 

olace * 

King's Arms, William AdariU^ 17of0 

oar street within 
King's Head, Robert Witty, MnAOi 

Lion '& Lamb, Joseph Turley. Ladygt» 
Lord Nelson, Mtth. Moore, Flemfn^ . 
Old George and Dragon, John Stocks 

dale, Highgate^ 
Pack Horse, Rbt. Clark, Market pi. 
Plough, Samuel Loft, Fiemfngate 
Red Lion, Jqhn Atkinson, Toumrvel 
Rose and Crown, Jamei SKeUoo^ 

North bar street without - 
Ship, Francis Rigsall, Sow bill 
Sloop, Wm. Lowther, Beckside 
Sun, Wm. Stamford, Flemingate '^ 
Tiger, Charles Greenwood, (uostio* 

house <fe commercial hotel) Norta 

bar street within 
Valiant Soldier, John Botterill, Nor* 

wood '■ 

Wheat Sheaf, Thomas SuggityNortii 

bar street within 
White Horse, Wm. Bunell, Hengate 
White Swan, James Donaldson, M 

ket place 


CoUlnson John, Market place 
Shepherd John, Market place 
Tigar Wm. Marketplace 
Wimble Wm. Wardell, Tollgavel 

Joiners, House Builders, ifc. 
Butler Robert, Dog & Duck lane 
Cliff & Son^orth bar street within 
Cliff John, Wood lane 
Farrer Wm. jnn. Keld^te 
Montgomery Samuel, Walkergate 
Pashby Thomas, Uigbsate 
Smith Geoxge» Beckside. . 





^h|waites Joseph, North burst. vithoQt 
Tbton Bichara. North bar st. within 
WatsoD Johiiy Flemingate 

IsihrartMa — aubtcripiion Sf Cireulntimg. 

Bloock Thomas^ (8ab80ription)Harket 

Pioctor Thomas, (circulating) North 
bar street within 

Ramsden James, (free) Market place 

Tanier M attbeWy (Gin^dating) Mar- 
ket pJaoe 

Lmm Drapen, 
Amery John, (<fe agent to the gen. tea 

Co.) North bar street within 
AikiDson Wm. North bar st. within 
Campbell David, North bar st. within 

Linen Manufactmrmr*, 
Robinsidii M. A L. (canvas A thread) 
Market place 

•XtJMM and ^ooilem Draptn, 
BlaiH^iard, Stephen, Market place 
Burkensiiaw Matthew. Marketplace 
CU>Uison TbotDas, MarJt»i place 
Clifton Wm. Market place 
Richardson Wm. Laimte 
Robinson M.<fe L. Marketplace 

Livery SiabU Kmpen, Sfc, 

Brooks Jobby North bar st. without 
Topping James, ToUffavel 
Rumshaw Thomas, Im>w hill 

MackinB Makers, 

Dry Wm. (winnowing, <fec) North 

bar street without 
Wilson John, (winnowing) Lanndiess 



DaigaTeirWm. North bar st. without 
Green Thomas. St. John street 
Hartley Wm: North bar st. without 
Mair Wm. Highgate 
Moscbamp Christopher, Butcher row 
Stephenson Robert <fe Son, Tollgavel 
Stephenson Creo. Wednesday market 

Mercers and Haberdashers, 

Amerr Joto. North bar st. within 
Blantmard W. S. Market place 
Ranson John, Market place 
Richardson Wm. Lairgate 
Taylor Geo. Calyert, Marketplace 

r, Vress Mukers, Sfe, 

Bcamwell dk 'Parker, Keldgate 
Brown Ann, Ladygate 
£llis Ann and Elh^. Marketplace 
Gawan Jan^, Flemingate 
Maxwell Mary, North bar st. within 
Ranson Samh A Bhs. Market phioe 
RoblnactnMary, ToUgavel 
Stephenson Cankhne^orth bcurstieet 

Stokell Jane. Bigbcaie 

TattenaU Biteabeth, Dog 4k Duck In. 

Fletcher Wm. Walkergate*^ ^' 
Hohson Bhiabeth, ToilgaTel 
Issot Joseph, Eastgate 
Ridley Wm. Highgate 
Townley Wm. Market place 
Watson James, Market place 

J**** Brokers. 
Collinson Robert, Eastgate 
Nntchey BUs. A BUenTollgavel 

. PhjfsiHans, 
Arden John, North barst. within 
Brown James, Norwood 
Hull Thomas, Newbiggin 
Hutchinson Charles, Market place 

PUmhers and Otaxiers, 
Bmpson A Son, Sow bill 
H*fTOonHeniy, Register squaro 
Lundie Geo. Hengate 

Porter Merekmds, 
Ross Chark», Register square 
Swann John, North bar street 
^gar PennocJt, North bar st. within 
Wardell James, Lad>gate 

. ,i> *SP* ^^ '^'^^ Makers. 

Allison Cooper, Riding fields 
Coaks Joho. Market place 
RobiMonM.«kL. (twine) Market pi. 
Webster Robert, Fryer lane 

Saddlers and doUar Makers, 
Clough Tltomas, ToUgavel 

1. Northbar St. within 

Edwards Wm .. „,^ 

Empson Kugh, Market place 
Fussey Wm. North barst. within 
Porter Edward, (and bridle cutter) 
North bar street within 

Savings' Bank. 
Tomer Matthew, Marketplace 

BrighamWra. <fe John. Market ptoce 
Gardham Thomas, Tollgavel 
Oitoby Robert, Market phice 
Finder David, Marketplace 
Stephenson Laurence, Market place 
Tindall Geo. <& Wm. Eastgate 

Arab George, Flemingate 
Seal Thomas, Keldgate 
Duun John, Walkergate 
Fenteman Elizabeth, Ladygate 
Greenside^ Susannah, Keldgate 
Hardwick Mary, Lairgate 
Herdsman Henry, Fleuflngate 
Hinley John, North barst. without 
Issott Thomas, Boti^er row 
Loft Rebecca, Wednesday market 
M'Cloud Wm* Flemingate 
Mease Isabella, Eastgate 
Metcalf Sarah* ToUgavel 



[East Rt^ng,] 


Montgomery Samuel, Walkergate 
Orr Mary, Tollgarel 
PadgetWm. Highgate 
Padget Richard. Wednesday market 
Pearson Samuel, Laireate 
Sanvidge John, North oar st. without 
Shaw Thomas, Eastgate 
Sigston Marearet, Keldgate 
Smith Eliz.Lalrgate 
Southwick Thomas, Beckside 
Taylor Wm. Flemin^te 
Taylor James, Flemmgate 
Thrusk William, Sow hill 
Wadsworth John, Keldgate 

SlaU and Flag MerchatUs, and Marble 

Bennison Appleton, Lairgate 
Hayes John, HiKhgate 
Rushworth John, (marble and stone 

mason) Tollgavel 
Spiriiand fVin/B Merthauts If DBoieri, 

Arden John Barker, Hengate 

Bland Samuel, (spirit) ToUgavel 

Dalton Robert, (spirit) North bar st. 

Robinson and Stabler, (dealers) Mar- 
ket place 

Ross Charles, (wine, spirit, «fe porter) 
Register square 

Wardell James, (spirit and porter) 
Ladygate ^ ^ „ 

Wimble Wm. Wardell, (spirit) Toll- 

Stay Makert* 

Adamson Mary, Walkergate 

Ellis A. & E. Market place 

Johnson Eliz. Lairgate 

Tindall John, ToUgavel 

Stocking fTorsted Spinnttrs. 

Gothard John, Wednesday market 
Jewitt Jonathan, Marketplace 
Shipstone Thomas, Market place 

Straw Hat Manufaclurer*, 
Booth Margaret, Beckside 
Merritt Caroline, Ladvgate 
Tigar Elizabeth, Tol&avel 
Watson Hannah, Market place 

Brereton Charles. Wednesday market 
Carter Richard, R. N. Market place 
Chalmers Matthew, Norwood 
Hewitt Marmaduke, Walkergate 
Jackson John, ToUgavel 
Sandwith Thos. North bar st. within 
Williams John, Walkergate 
Tailors and Drapert, 

BlythWm. Ladygate 
Blyth John, ToUeavel 
Brown Matthew,Tolljja?el 
Cattle John, Buteher row 
Clarkson Robert, Beckside 

Dosser Rbd. Clark^North bar st.wftllift 
Duncum Joseph, Walkergate 
Harrison & Robinson, North bar st 

Harrison John, Laimte 
Harrison Henry, Tougavel 
Holiday Wm. Walkergate 
Luck Wm. Tollgavel 
Luck Richard, Tollgavel 
Mawman Wm. Sow hill 
Ransom Samuel, Lairgate 
Rennison John, Keldgate 
Robinson Samuel, Sow bill 
Southwick Thomas, BecksFde 
Stephenson Thomas, Wood lane 
Turner Robert, Lairgate 
Walker Peter, Walkergate 
Wille John, Walkergate 

Tatlmo Chandlers* 
Calder Mary, Ladygate 
Lareum Thos. Norui bar st. within 
Loft SamueL Flemingate 
Westerby wm. Maran, Ladygate 
Wilkinson John, ToU^vel 

Beaumont Thos. St. John street 
Catterson Geo. Flemiogate 
Hobson John, Lairgate 
Hodgson Wm. Flemineate 
Simpson Wm. Keldgate 

Tea DetUere, 
Bmpson Sarah, Market place 
Middle ton Eliz. North bar si. vithiii^ 
Stephenson George, sen. Wediieadl# 
market ,; 

Timber Merchants, 
Cliff^illy <fe Son, Vicar lane ; booM^ 

Wood lane 
Crump Thos. (hard wood) Keldg^ititfV 
Montgomery Samuel, Walkergfite ;i . 

Toy and Hardware Dealers* 
Mann Emanuel, Tollgavel 
Moore Thos. Marketplace » 

Stotber W. G. (toy) Market plaoe 

Tvtrners in Wood and Metal* 

Beevers Wm. Ladygate 
Cattle John, Dog Je Duck lane 
Wainman John, Lairgate 

Veterinary Surgeons, 
Lister J. North bar st* without ' 
Lytbe J. Buteher row 

Brownrigg John, Heng»te 
Davison wm. Lairgate 
Pashley Thomas, Higfagate 
Ringrose Thomas, Flemingate 
Smith George, Beckside 
Stamford Wm. Flemingate 
Tbwaites Joseph, North barst-wiilKMl 

fFhiieemitke and Belt Htmgers, 
Cooper Thomas, Vicar lane 


lEasi Ridir^.] 



ChoMkill df Sod, Batcher row 
Imibert Da vkJ. Butcberrow 
Wood John, wilbeit lane 
Wynn Joseph, Woodlaiie 

Addam Peter. Esq. North liar itieet 

Acklam Lieat. Wn. East York Mili- 
tia, Fiemingate 
Atkinson A. deputy regjMzar, Maiicet 

Betliell Misses, Hengate 
Boyes Wm. treasmer to the pocr, 

lianndiess lane 
Charlton ReT. John, Scottish Baptist 

minister. Laundress lane 
CoDett C lamp ^geviy dsc. North bar 

street within 
Cottman ReY. Joseph, North bar st. 

CoDsitt Mercy, eentlewoiiMui, North 

bar street within 
Bawson Rer. Miyor, North bar street 

Denton Stephen, gent. Flemiiigaie 
Biefceiiaoa J osepli, g^t. North oar st« 

DaesberyThos. banker ; h. Hengate 
EUisQii Henry, gent. North bar street 

Eyre ReT. James, as^stant curate of 

the Minster, and lecturer of St. 

Id ary^ Lairgste 
Feiryman Rev. Geo. Walkergate 
Gillyatt Sumner, gent. Fiemingate 
Hall Samuel, Esq. North bar street 

Haifinf Wm. gent. Wednesday mkt. 
Hart Nathan, eent. Hengate 
Hewitt MarmMuke, Esq. Walkergate 
Hewitt James, gent. North bar sueet 

HiMyard Rev. Wm. Walkergate 
Honler Misses, gentlewoman, North 

bar street witiiout 
Hattcm H. W. Esq. Walkergate 
Imstam James, surveyor of taxes. 

North bar street without 
James Henry, clerk of the Court of 

Requests, Walkergate 
Kirk Misses, gentlewoman 
Lambert G. J. professor of music, 

I«ee Mary, gentlewoman 
Ijockwood John, Esq. derk of the ge- 
neral meetines ibr the militia in 

tbe EastrRimitf^, and the town 

and county of Kiiu^ton-upon- 

fiull, and deputy clerk- of the 

peace, LainnitiB 
Haister Henry Wm. Esa. alderman <fe 
registrar hg the East-Eiding, Re- 
gister square 

Mather Rer. Joha, Independent mi* 

nister, Lairgate 
Norris Susannah, gentlewooMtt, North 

bar street witooot 
Pan Edward Jand surveyor, TbUgafel 
Rioiardson Hannah, gentlewoman^ 

Robertson Ebeneier, Esq. KeUgate 
Shaw Samuel, gent. North bar street 

Shepherd Henry John, treasurer to 

the East-Riding, Lairgate 
Sherwood Mrs. gentlewoman,Lairgate 
Sigrton Bei^. gent. Fiemingate 
Smelt Robert, high oonstoBto, Wed- 
nesday market 
Soame 8. J. gent. Lairgate 
Stephenson John, gent. Wedneiday 

Stephenson Wm. gent Ncnth bar ft. 

Stewari-4?antain of the East-Rkiing 

MilitiB, North bar St. within 
Walker James. Esq. Bererley-hall 
Weldon Wm. bleacher. Beck side 
Wardell Francis, cashier to tbe East- 
Rkiing bank, Lairgate 
Willis John, ohamber clerk and agent 
to the Corporation, treasurer and 
chief constable to the town and 
liberties, com inspector, guar- 
dian of the poor of st. Mary's, 4e 
▼estry clerk of the parishes of St. 
Mary's and St. Nicholas, Register 

Baker Isaac, stocking weaver, Keld- 

Brown Thomas, llroe burner. Lairgate 
Calverley Racbael, midwife, Fnar- 

Dawson John, waiter at Tiger Inn 
Dawson Roger, cartman, Beckside 
Day John, game keeper. North bar st« 

Duncan Joseph, parish derk, Walker- 
Duncan Philip, weaver, Keldgate 
Ellis Michael, brush manufacturer. 

Market place 
Fendlater James, cattle dealer, Nor- 
Heselhurst Robert, nail maker, Fiem- 
Hodjraon Richard, gaoler for the town. 

Register square, Wilbert lane 
Jewett Jonathan, dyer, Market place 
Johnson W. P. letter press printer, 

Kitchen John, basket maker, Silvester 



[E(Mt Riding'.'] 


Lundie Thomas, ham factor and rag 

merchant, ToUgavel 
Monkman Isaac, farmer, Batcher row 
Mookman Tbos. farmer, Eastgate 
Moses William, plasterer, W^nesday 

Newton Pierson, fruiterer, ToUgavel 
NichoUs Jonathan, breeches maker, 

(fee. North bar street within 
Padgett John, brewer, Silvester lane 
Pickering Edw. paviour, Wnlkergt. 
Richard^n John, butler at Be?erley 

hall. (Mr. Walker's) 
Ruddock Geo. bell-man. Market pi. 
Shepherd Samael, jailor for East 

Spenoeley Thot. oonfectioneer, ToU- 

Stather Wm. umbrella maker, Market 

all John, tobacco pipe maker, 
Butcher row 
Tuting Jermh. sexton to SU Mary's, 
North bar street within 


F)rom Robert CUtrk'a, Pack Horte, 
Market Place. 

The HiOHPLTBR on Tuesday, Thurs- 
day, Friday, and Sunday, to Hull, 
at 8 mng. ret. T evg. 

Accommodation firom Hull on Mon- 
day. Wednesday, Thursday, 8a- 
tttifday, and Sunday, at I past 10 
mom. ret. 6 evg. 

Prom Nathaniel Dalby's, Beeerley 
Armty North bar street within, 

British Qcbbn, to Scarborough 
daily during summer, in Winter 
three days per week, dep. i past 
7 mom. ret. at 1 afternoon 

RocEiKOHAM, from Hull to York at 
1 1 mora. ret. 3 afternoon 

Trapaloab, firom York to Hull at 
1 1 morn. ret. i past 3 aft. 

Firom C^arlea GreeuwoodU, Tiger Inn, 
North bar street ttithin. 

Royal Mail, from Hullto Ywk, at 
4 in the aft. ret. 5 mom. 

Trafalgar, from Hull daily, at 7 
morn. ret. I past 6 evg. 

Wbllinoton, to Scarbro' daily du- 
ring summer at 8 morn. ret. at 
2 titternoon, in winter three days 
a week, 


John BotteriU, Valiant Soldier, Nor- 
wood, to the Three Crowns. 
Market place, Hull, on Tu. and 
Fri. at 7 morn, ret 9 evg. 

Samwl Fentmnan, Gardham's yard, to 

the Blue Bell, Market place, Hott 

daily at 9 morn. ret. at i past • 

Jamee Sufoby, Walkergute, to Rflbi 

Deer, Market place, Hull, dally 9 

mg. ret. at I past 8 eirg. 
fFtdow fTitaon, from the Grreen Dm- 

Son, to Hull, Mondays <fe Thun- 
ays ; to Market weigliton aai 
York every Wed. and Sat. 
John Cockbum, to Hull every Mod. A 
Thur. ; to Market- Weighton and 
Pocklington every Tu. and Fri. 
Thomae Netoeombey to Hull MoD. and 
Thur.; to Market- Wei^toa and 
York every Tu. and Fn. 


Attending Beoorley. 

Arram, Matthew Wallas, Xrfba ant 

Lomft, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Atwick, Wm. Wilson, Bog ami Drntk^ 

a i past 10, d 4 Sat. 
Baintou, Rbt. Wallis, Or^en Drugm, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Bamby, Thos. Hodgson, CrrM« Drm^ 

gon, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Beeford, Robert Stephenson, XiMg*$, 

Head, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Beeford, John Witty, Cratg Keyt, ft 

JO, d 4 Sat. 
Beswick. John Drew, Pack Hont, a 

10, d 4 Sat. 
Bewhokne, Richard Southwick, Oiok§M 

a 10. d 4 Sat. 
Bishop Burton, Christopher Job, Grmd 

Dragon, a 10. d 4 Sat. 
Brandesburton, Wm. Dean, A Tlia^ 

Freer, Valiant Soldier, a 10, d « 

Bridlington, John Ward, Chreen 

gon, arr. Fri. ret. Sat. 
Catwick, Thomas Agar, King's 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Cherry Burton, Robt. Sissons, 

Head, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Cherry Burton, Wm. Cook, 

Dragon, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
CottiDgham, Wm. Wride, King*M 

H«ui, al0,d4Sat. 
Cottingham, Charles Morrod, Paek 

Horse, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Driflield. see Malton 
Etton, Robert Towers, KingU Head^ 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Etton, Thos. Wliitty, Cross Keys, Sat. 
Frodingbam, Wm, Jefferson, Pack 

Horse, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Ganton, Robert Dawsony Pack Bdrse, 

at 10, di past 3 Sat. 
Goodmaobam, William Petcfa, Orott 

Keys, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Hornsea. W. Wilson, Globe, a i past 

10, d 4 Sat. 






fiornsea, David Robinson, Crou Kmn, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Hun, James Noble, fTkiU Hort^ a 

10, d 4 Sat. 
RuU, Richard Clapham, Poc* J7orM, 

a 10. d 4 Sat. 
RuU, WiUiam Green, Pack Atm, a 

10, d 4 Sat. 
Hull, Tfaomas Atkinson, Pack Borte, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Hull, John WlHtaker, Paei Hotm, 

a 10. d 4 Sat. 
Hull and York, John Boulton, Gnem 

ihragoiu air. Mon. and Thar. ret. 

Tu. and Pri. 
Button Cranswtck, John Booth, BIm 

Bear, a. 10, d 4 Sat. 
Button Cranswick, Geo. Summenoo, 

King's Head^ a lO, d 4 Sat. 
Kilbani, John Hailand. Grem Dragoiu 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Kirkbum, Robert Stoekdale, Ormn 

Dragon, a 10, d ? Sat. 
I<even, Richard RonndhiU, Dog a$id 

Duck, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Leven, Robert Adams, Dog and Duek, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Ifeven, Sarah Downs, Dog and Dmck, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Leven, Thomas Buggs, Dog and Dtuk, 

a 10. d 1 Sat. 
Little Weighton, Marinaduke Consta- 
ble, €rrten Dragon, arrives at 10, 

departs 4 Satnrda/ 
I^Kkioj^n, Thomas nalgnte. Pack 

Horse, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
liockington; William Brow, fTkoat 

Skeaf, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Lund, John Varey, Blws Boar, a i oast 

10, d 4 Sat. 
Lund, Wm. Smith, fTheat Skoqf 
Molton <b Driffield, Philemon Ashton, 

Cfreen Dragon, arr. Mon. «fe Thur. 

ret. To. and Fri. 
Uvket-Weighton, Robert Holmes, 

Pack Horse, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Middleton, C^eoige Robson, fTkeai 

Skeqf, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Middleton, Robert Bowser, Oroon 

Dragon, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Kewbald North, Joseph Dean, Pack 

Horse, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Newbald North, Robert Smart, Crtms 

Kew,3, 10, d4Sat. 
Noith Dalton, Wm. Jackson, Wkeat 

Sheaf, North &ar, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
North Frodingham,. Henry Pickering 

King's Head, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Ristoii, John Allmon, Dog and Duck, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
RistoD, Thos. Warden,. JTinir'* Head, 

a 10, d 4 Sat. 
RistoD, William Stoekdale, Globe, a 

10, d 4 Sat. 

Routh, Joseph WiUiunaoo, y^mlmnt 

8oidi€r,B 10, d 4 Bat. 
Scarbro', Bell and Eogland. Greem 

Dr^^j arr. Mon. and Tnnr. ret. 

To. and Prf . 
Sooth Dalton, Daniel Battle, Bfw 

Boar, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
South Dalton, Geo. Bi(i:gint, Biwrlay 

Arms, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
Sooth Dalton. Robert Cariin, Btmiep 

Arms, a 10^ 4 SaL 
WalMngton. Wm. OUver, GhU, a 

Wetwang, John Holtby, Grmt Dra^ 

gon, a 10, d 4 Sat. 
York, see Hull 

BmmUf Perk, Me WoodmuMea. 

Bbwholmi, in the perish of Nun- 
keeling, wap. aod liberty of Holder- 
neis; 8 miles NW. of Hornsea ; plea- 
santly sitaated on an emineoee, and 

oommandinEamostextensive and beau- 
tiful view of the sunoundiag ouuntnr ; 
the houses are, in general, well buut, 
and chiefly inhabited by farmers. The 
soil is in a high state of coltiTatkin. 
Pop. included with Nunkeeling 248. 

HopUnsoo James, Esq. Billing's Mil 

ForsMrt, Pickering Wm. 
Addam Wm. Snary Thomas 
BaintoB John 
Cornwall Charles 
Hornby Robert 
Jordan James 

Gill George, tailor 

Plowman George, wheelwright 

Smith Jonathan, olacksmith 

C0fH«r,->Robert Southwick, to 
Beverley every Saturday 

Bkwick, in the parish of Ald- 
broogh, wap. and liberty of HoUer- 
ness ; 8| miles NB. of Hedon. 

Suddaby Matthew, tanner,Bewick hall 

BiLTON, in the parish of Swine, 
wap. and Ubnty of HoldenieM ; 4 miki N. 
E. of HuIL A imall, though i^euant vif. 
lage, hesMfaAiUy situated un the high road 
from Hull to Hedon. When most of the 
towns and villages were built of mud, this 
place bdng then the residenoe of a num<i 
her of gentry, who erected in it brick 
buildings, obtained the appellation of Built 
Town, now contracted to fiilton. The 
church, d^icated to St. Peter, is extremely 
ancient, and is thought hy most antiquarians 
to have formerly been parodhial, from its 
having bells in the tower, at the time when 
none but parochial churches were allowed 
them. On account of its vicinity to Hull, 
and being immediately in the public toed. 

Short Wm. 
Webster John 



[EoH Riding.] 


Umd oonveyaneei of every kind pus and le- 
pus daily. Population 91. 

Brigbam Richard^ Es(). 
Calvert George, carpenter, ifec. 
Watson Rev. Tliomas, curate and 

Farmert, Readall Henry 
Gibson Jonatiian Reneam Geofge 
Matchinson Jeffery 

Postman to Hedon four days per 
week, at 9 mg. ; to Hull at 1 at noon 

Two coaches to Hull on Tu., and 
one on Fri. at 9 mg.— To Hedon and 
Pattrington at 5 eyg. same days. 

BiNNiNOTON, in the parish of 
Willerby, and wap. of Dickering ; 7 
miles W. of Hunmanby. Pop. 50. 

Coates Thomas, farmer 
Waibron Wm. farmer 

BiRDSALL, (p.) wap. of Buck- 
rose; 4 miles SSE. of Malton. There is 
here a chapel dedicated to St Mary, of 
which the Rev. James Green is perpetual 
curate. Lord Henry Hiddleton has a seat 
herd, which stands not fkr fh>m the foot 
of the Wolds, in a fine sporting country. 
The mansion is spadous and oonmiodious, 
aiul tlie pleasure gmimds adorned witii ex- 
tensive {dantattoBs, oontribute to render it 
an agreeable resideuoe. Population 840. " 

The Hon. Lord Henry Hiddleton 

Jackson William, grocer 
Lazenby Isaac, shoemaker 
Wood John, tailor 

Ftarmers, Harper Wm. 

Callam Isaac Mortimer Robert, 
Carris Robert, Al- Mount Farran " 

drow house Screwton John 

Craven Thomas Smith Wm. 

Dale Thomas Watson Wm. 
J>obson Wm. 

hewadiapel, natttdtuatgt, totbevioaEflf 

Bnmtingham. Population 278. 

Ward Rev. Edward, curate, Lazton 

Cockin Geo. yeoman, Skytom "^ 

Jewitt Wm* yeoman, Clementhorpe ^ 
Jewitt Jotm, overaeer 
Lister John, coal dealer and vict. Biff., 
Hone *4- ' 

Lister Thomas, tailor 
Poppleton Joseph, constable M 

Reynolds John, blacksnntb _{ 

Reynolds Wm. shoemaker 
Scott Solomon, parish cleric 
Smith John, corn miller. Walling Fm| 
Tajrlor William, carpenta m 

Farmers f Latham John 
Jewitt William, Underwood Tlios«- 
Grange Walling Fen . j-, 

Lockwood John, and Haldenby Tfum ' 
surveyors ox highways 

BUuiek, in the parish of N«ii| 
Dalton, wap. of HarthiU; 7 vaMj 
BNE. of Pocklington. 

Bolton, in the parish of BisI 
Wilton, wap. of Harthill, and lib 
of St. Pet^r^s'; 3i miles N W. of P< 
lington. There is here no plaoe 
worship except a small Mei 
chapel. Pop. ]12. . f- 

Preston John, Esq. Bolton hall 

Leak Richard, yeoman. East Fidi' 
House t 

Mosey William, yeoman 

Farmers, Ouseley John 
Agar Daniel Watson WilliaA 

Calton John Wilson John < 

Barnes Richard, shoemaker 

Herbert Joseph, tailor _,^ 

Leak John, blacksmith 

Bo N WICK, in the parish of SUp- 
sea, wap. and liberty of Uolderness^ 
4 miles NN W. of Hornsea. Pop. M. 

Blaek Dale House, in the parish Stork John and Robert, fanners 

of Norton, and wap. of Buckrose ; ^i 
miles SSW. of Malton. 

Blacktoft> (p.) in the wap. 
and liberty of Howdeushire ; 7 miles SE. of 
Howden, situated on the North bank of the 
Ouse. Opposite the village sometimes great 
quantities of vessels anchor, being consi- 
dered a good road-stmd. The steam boats 
from Selby and Thome pass dally on their 
way to and from Hull. A bed of sand, 
wUch at low. water extends over sever^ 
acres, serves for the ballasting of small 
craft. One mile from this place, the Ouse 
and Trent form a Junction, and from tliis 
point, (Trent Falls) the Joint collection 
of waters are called Humber.— There is 

Booth, in the parish of Howd^ 
wap. and liberty of Howdensfaire l t 
miles SW. of Howden. A small feai^ 
on the opposite side of the river to 
that of Bootbferry, is kept by IfSi 
William WeUs, innkeeper 

Copley William, vict. Punch Bowl 
Eluson Richard, yeoman 

Boreas HiU^'m the parish of Paul: 
wap. and liberty of Holderness; H 
miles S. of Hedon. Its name is vei^ 
applicable to its situation, which tt 
very much exposed to the winds ; itii 
very near to the Humber, and the 
summit of Boreas Hill commands a 
fine prospect of her wide and expanded 

BOE. \Eaat tUdjmg.} sba. 


fine 4MI its 

, in the parali of Hotee- 
OB-SpnMiiic^iiKMr, aad wap. of M«t- 
UB; rnflesSW.oflfiirketWeixlitMi. 

BossHiLL, intte iMirisfa of Bnmdes- 
MotoD, wap. ami nbetty of HoMer- 
tka ; 8 mto NB. of B^eiley. 

. Fpnwriy Hall Tiioqias 

BomU ^ohn IfeiCBlf Isaao 
IjuiKleli^ Joim 

BoDun fliid BooBVB Lsts, in 
IhB pamh of Wnnle, dhritkNi of 
BolM^oMoiL aad wop. of HacthiU ; 
BtJI.of HoMta. 

(Me Vn/ WiisoB Joaepk 


. BoTHTov^ (;p.) in the w«p. of 
Bj0feniif;9isUetW.ofBxidliiigton. The 
ifoiAu pfOk^ced loSt. Andrew, and the 
ii^i|p»dladiaigetfTieinve, of which Sir 
'ti[^Stddaand*Bwt.tothe|Nitnm. On 
mLjOmtidjndgt, tp the S. of Boynton htll, 
i|«h^ |ttTiIlian« eirectedjbjr the hte Sit 
QMneStnekbndfBart. Hie upper room 
df.ddibiiMduifr which is mpported by a dr- 
mhr f<H"ii|iade, and ananded by itqii, 
<< Wma i idi a Tcry eadenriTe prospect, both 
IfMaaiiid land, porttculariy of BridlingtOD 
laja and the levdaat the Southern foot of 
IN WqUs, as weU as of the Northern edge 
of HeUkraeib Po^pulatioo, 1S3. 

StBcbkal SuWm. Bart. Boynton haU 
Smpnallev. XlKNMff^fiiwr 

BKfMtport Geo« fanaer 
fNlMA Wai. UadBMnith 

Aopkeid^rhoBias; fimnttr 
M&i«anBit, a«Biit 

BoTTHoaps, in the parish of Fox- 
«,aiidwap. of Diclcering; 10 mis. 
of Great Driffield. Fopuhitioii 
with Foxlioles, 160. 

{mxlciohn, fiinner 
Vbf George, fitrmer 

BaAcui«oAi»B, in the parish pf 
CiniiAy. aod mur ,of Di^erins^il 


BaACKVHiioi.MS| in the parish 
of HearioKbioiagh, aoa wap. of Ooto 
and Derweot : 7 milea BSB. of Mhj ; 
pieasaotty aituated near the river 
Derwent. Pop. with WeodhaB to. 

Halley Joaeph, fiumer 
Rimniqgton Heiiiy Wm. jtomuk 

BaAWOBaaiiaTOVy (r.) io the 
wap^ and hbwty of UnMara w t ataaiaaN. 
■• of BavHiey. TUa aataaaiva and pope* 
loM vIDaga ia plaoaaatly rituatad OB the h%h 
nod laadtav fkeea H«B to 
Ikon wliieh phMSB aaadiaa and 
are pairief and rsgaail^ dailr, 
greatly tsadatolhabaaaflt of tolHhplilaaH 


II. a 

ty. ThechttKh. dadieatad to St. Maity, to 
a Tory andeot atnietvr^ bat haa aoArad 
maehftomttMoomdhighaad of tiaia. al- 
tlMN^h it liaa u ader g oaa aavani lepalas 
the pateoaaie ia ia at. Johafli CaB«a, Caei. 
tei4ge. ThoBBighhoeri^ 
hem every .Thandaiyf la a 
the CraaaKayalaa, te the a^toiaiitiattoB 
ofjaitifle. Pop.Mt» 

Bradshaw Re?. John, leotor 

Dixon Thomas, yeonan 

DoIm Wm. mner 

Edmunds Henry, vict. Cross Keys 

PattiBSon Mary, straw hat mfr. 

Postett €^eorge, sdioolmafter 

Poskett Geo. jpn. bricklayer 

RusseU John, suigeon 

Thornton Walter, riot. Blaek Bwan 

Todd Wm. painter 

Welhdm PeliBr, plamber A ghnier 

Yoong Widow, wedter 

Gnifin 3Bf m. 
Wallis James 


Hoult John 
Whit|ti|^ Wm. 

Denby Robert 
Stephenson Paul 

^^^w%^^F^^^BiB^^ ^^y w B 

RaU Robert 
Hall Marmaduke 

Atkinson S. 4; J. Maxwell Jodo 

Bradshaw Wm. Phillips Wm. (dk 

Clifton John ' draper) 
ChraybornJam^s ff^Uelwrigku, 

Ckaybiitn John Ashton TlKmnas 

Hamson Richard CowpUnJohu 

Moor John Cowplin Joseph 

Ribey Thonsas RohiBBcm John 

BaACKgNs, a township in tbel 

isli of KttnwTCk, and wiap. of Hart-; 

L; tl mites 9SW. of Driffieldl This 
Whip formeiiy oootained a oonsi-^' 
tS^aHleTillageana achapelryylratnow; 
.ODBasts of only one huge form. Tbei I Carrier* 

tajalnoond^rem Wimamtfeanand'Thomas Freer, 

l^«tatiDn,aO. I to Bevejcley every Sat. departs at 8 

Baragh Richard, ferraer l^morn. and ret. 7 night. 

" ■ P • 


bHa. [EoBt Uidinff.] Bftl* 

David Thompfooand Thos. Freer, 
to Hull every Tu. departs at 3 morn, 
and ret. 9 n^t. 

BaAMTivoHAM, (p.) intbeWaM. 
of Hartbill and Howdensoire ; 3 miles 
8K. of South Cave« Tb6 church is 
dedicated to All Saints, and the Uenn 
And Chapter oi' Darham are thepa- 
laotts. The Rev. lohn Canr, A. Bit is 
the vicar. Pop. IT4. 

Kelson Captain, Ifarmadake 
8impson Itev. James, A. M. curate 

Fvnma if Titomm, Green Williem 
Atmar Georn^e Richaidsoo John 
Beaamont Joseph Shaw Samuel 
Briffaam Thos* Simpson Henry 

Thornton Edward, blackimiith 
Thornton Jonathan^ shoemaker 

Brbiohton, in the parish of 
Bubwitb. and wap. of Hartbill ; 5 
miles Nw. of Howden. Pop. 179. 

Bond Alexander, viot. Magpie 
Holmes Joseph, gentleman 
Howden Matthew, bbidcsmith 


Bond John 
Brown Mary 
Hoove Thomas 

SimpsoB John 
Steel John 
Wood WilUam 

BtliDLINGtON, or BwrUngimy 

ta dM vApentaice of Didceritg ) 8 miles 
fhrni Hunmanby, l3 ftom priffleld, 18 firotn 
Scarbaniugh, 40 ftom York, and 301 frora 
Loikdon» by way of Linooliu 'This town is 
situated on the Eastern coast, aboutamile 
ftoni the shore, in the recess of the ooin> 
tnodious and Iwautiful bay to which it 
a£(brd8 its httUfc It consists chiefly 6f one 
Vaog irregulikriy ftaibed street^ extendin^^ 
aloMg the Southern declivity c^ A small 
elevatioti, and its aitiiatirai is both plea^ 

bour. But it 

enemies, but also against their fticods, ihtf: 
theCanoMfound it neeesiary to seek pw 
tectioBf for we ftod them under the ponUt^ 
flfsate of Pope Innocent. IlL oompiaioiqg^ 
" that the archdeacon of Richmond goim 
to one of their, churches, had ttaveUed wtth • 
97 horses, 21 dogs, and 3 hawia ir9m 
avibus venatmriii, whereby he 
mote of theii' provisions in ottehoor 
would hate midntundd their house iai'lh 
ioDg time;" on which hU holines toOaid 
that wrlwlaitic sbodld. te the tine to 
corner travel with a greater retinue than Ir 
allowed by the itatutea of the eouaca si 
Utecan. which Hmita the tram of sp; 
Aichbishopto fiO hones, a Bishoptii9Q, a. 
Legate to S5. and an atchdcacon to 7. -IM^ 
prkny continued to flourfsl^ tinoq^ a mUt 
cession of «gcs> but in the time of Hen|i 
VIll. it shartd the lkt« of other 
houses,' and Willhun IfVode, the bit 
was executed fbr high treason, hi — ,^^ 
IA37, on a diarge of having engaged hi ttr 
rebellkn in the North and East nf Yo*/ 
shire, whidi su<ice6ded the Pilgrimafs # 
Grace* and aimed st the satae ot^eet Ig 
the period of th« dittolttttoH this mOnaMT 
was ehdowed with rents, of the vahie^ ir. 
cording iA DUgdale^ of fi47/. 6s. Id. M 
according to Speed, of 68tf. Ids. M. 
annunu The chufdi oi the priory 
firom its remains to haVe been oooe a 
structure. The West end yet display! 
incousidenble degree of Gothie 
oenee, and the date 1180, preserve d nl< 
stone placed eonsimraoiisly over the «BCnia#- 
is supposed to mark the year of iUfiwniH' 
titm : originaUy it had two towen, tautdMli 
are now both demolished- The Ks it nfc 
and the transepts are also entirdy datiaflH. 
and the remaining part is only a smaUli^ 
ment of the ancient buildhig. Of the valF 
and fortidoations which once indosed df 
priory, nothing tK>w remains eceept li 
arched gate>way, at the distance of sbost 
half a fiirlong tttna the West end of y 
church. Above the aidi is a terg» rM 

sant and tallibrioiis. The antiquity of 
BrldllttgtoM it it difficult, {ierhaps impos- 
sible, to ascerbun, but it Is clearly of Saxon I wM us)m1 pftrUy as a T4»Wn'k hall,> sad psi^ 
origin. Eiarly in the reign of llenry 1. 1 as a. Natiooaf School,* and beneath anfflto 
Walter de Gant» tbe son of Gilbert de 
Gant, one of the barqpis of WilUam the 
conqueror, founded here a ptiory for the 
Black Canons of Jthe Order of St Austin, 
which be dedicated to the blease^,! Virgin 
Mary. THi> priory Which stands at the East 
end of the town, is pleasantly situated, with^ 
the command of a fine sea prospect, and' 
Was, according to Burton, inclos^ with 
Walls and houses, built df stoiie and jfime, in 
1388* in ordbr to fortify it from thie enemy's 
•hips, which ftcqueiilTy entered the bat'> 

gloomy cells* called the KU-^ttet 
serve as pbuses of .oartfiaeiMnl.-ior ytdf 
delinquents. This mnoastny has ben ^ 
rissldenoe of several persons d irt i ti gfl tftt i^ 
their day and generation : amoligit ttM 
may be reckoned, Robert the Sorilie* ^ 
flourished aboiit the year llSO* lad *>^ 

, • The average number of boysinrtrt^ 
ed in this seminary rturinu thfe Isstyetf*" 
118, and a School for Girls is about ts»J 
established on ,th«fflime systMPt whica/ 
that of Dr. Bell* 

Bfti. [Easi Biding.] 



powiieil BoConff great dexterity in writing. 

It atnaewben tbat art wbm a rare aoenn* 

jiUuKBt, bat alio e om poa a d and Itft ae- 

«cnl books to posterity ; Williaaa, at Naw- 

ingh, the eeMn-aled MoBkiah Uaturiaa. 

eataaatiTeofBtidliBgtoii, but havtaif be- 

£000 a Canon of Newtunghi took hia ayr- 

aaaieftaD that place: John de Bridlingtan, 

aattiTeof thiatomi, ma dIatiBginahMl for 

^ abflities, and ha^ at hia death* in 

079. Joft tahtad him a fiuna for ptety ao 

9>at» ai to obtain for Uaudf a rank 

moapt the lauiti, and for hia ahrint the 

JRfiQtopf a [daee ofmicadeat Sir Oeoife 

M/kft a oanon of thia priory, and a die- 

^ufttiriMdaleheniiat* wfoo* after eoH^loying 

'lintttraityyfaniBtheTainendeaviMir to 

M out the philoeophec^ atone, the.giand 

iMdnUnm of an igoorant and credulooa 

^ Ml behind hian at hit death, in 1490. 

I«nily4ve booits. of which the chief «aa 

m « Coopouad of Aldieniy, in twahre 

Mti, imaibed ttt Bdward lY. and hv 

itonua Potabileb or the Univoiaal SpecSfle." 

O n the coofiaeetion qt tho monaatie 

^Matet, theaiaQoraod factory of Bridliqf< 

tetaeemeTeited in the crown. After ae- 

4«d chaagea, the manor waa at kngtti pur* 

.Anel in the year 1633, Wow 

MNtt, aad twelve othera of the Inhafai- 

A9h, ea behalf of IheoMrtirce, and aU the 

eUHr tottnti and fteehoidcEB' within the 

^K*wr. Thia manor itoea, thcRCne. tai 

Aet, belong to the hmo, and ia held by 

iBAei en their behalf, pn the aaooAd day 

y Ftebraary, jn every year, these feoObea 

cinteneof theur attmbcr aa chief lord of 

^ MMor, ia iriMMe name flie eoorta are 

•Dad, and thebuainem of the town txaoe^ 

*eM. The manor in all to changea waa 

<NN with an annaal Uf^ium wnt of 

V^ VJ%. 5|d, arhiah ia atUl paid tO the 

«P«eKBtati?es of the late H. T. Jonm, 

M* The kxiMiip oontaiM upwarda of 


The Chumh, or rather the Chapel, 
^"dieated to St Mary, atanda at the East 
n>d of the town; and the ArdibiBhop of 
York it the patron. Thia venerable 
Gotfaie pile indacatea ita origin lo be of 
}ke fourteenth century. Not more than 
QDMhiid of the buildiag U fitted up for 
f«Usioae worahip, but that portion of it 
ii calcidated to aoaommodate 1000 per- 
«»•. Thelivhig is a perpetual curacy, of 
which the Rer. Q, Smith is the incumbent, 
by the nominatioQ of Sir FraiMris Undiey 
Wood, Bart, and his Lady, and Catharine 
Esther 9uck, aince married to the Rev, 
Alexander Cooke; theae ladiea were .the 

of the 


hcrited the right of 
btethar, the Rev. Matthew Bnrk. 
The Qvakcn, the Bepliata, tha 


and the RaHeia, or Piiml- 

hamaneh their leapectlvepiaeaa of leUgfone 


•walltaw their mmiban, 

very nomcroua nor nn p uatant i 
ia. however, faa addltkn to the Na- 
ahendy m aB rton a d, a Fine 
by Wimam 
the year 1637, and 

with ¥H. whanin twenty boys, the 


WilUan Bower, hi hia Ufottmcb founded* 
aehool hoaae. and at hia death endowed it 
irith SW. per annum, in which aehool IS 
poor children are now taught to read and 
knitt «ii4 William Cowton, by will, dated 
April M, MB6, bequeathed 131. per annum 
tothaminMirof Brii|Ungtip, foraaennop 
tp be peeaalieil airery Wedneaday t 0a di. 
weakly* to be diatritanted hi bread to thn 
poor pariahJonera, and la. to tlM pariah 
dcrk for BDakii« the distributioB, to be 
paid out of the rental of certain landa da* 
mjiadfor tbe piifpoaa. and the leridoe d|^ 
tributed amnnga^ the poor of Bridttngtan» 
BrtdliwigtiTB Quay, and Hunmanby, for ever, 
landa at p i eaew t let for about ITOt. per 

» Tboqnpaon's Hiatoricall^kctch. 

The hiftory of pridttngfoo ia not In any 
material degree mi^ up with the general 
hiatory of the country, but in the time of 
the dvil ware between Chariea I. and hia 
parliament, thia tpwn aerved m the point 
of deharkation for thuea arms and nUlitary 
atocea which the Queen purohaaed in If ol- 
hmd wiOi tl)e Crown jeweb. Her Ma- 
Jecty*s debarkation took phMc on the 90th 
of February, 1643, and early in the mom- 
tag of the 94th Admiral Batten, who had 
been diaiged with the duty of intercept^ 
ing her, ooimoeoced a heavy cannonade upop 
that part of the town in whi^ a)ie waa 
known to have landed and placed her am- 
munition. According to a letter written by 
the Queen beraelf to the Kipg, " the baljs 
aung merrily over her head, and a aergeant 
waa killed at a diatance of twepty pacea 
ftom her.** After remaining at piidliogtofi 
nearly a fortnight, her MiO«sty departed for 
Yoik, which city «he readied on the 8th 
of March, with three coaches, an escort of 
eight troops of horse, and fifteen com- 
panies of foot, conveying the ammuniticii 
and arms, whidt consisted of thirty pieces 
of brass an^ twp pieces of in)^ pwi|MW»f wjt^ 





n Tm* mm 

[Eai^ AmJh^. J 


nuflt lAtai Ik* 10,M0 AMI. Anongii tiife 
BMMt i ft akwii tM iiiMimifiiiill of Clinikrt 
ttihCNBts Hit RidMted Btfflt, tiw Batf of 

iMdTedi the i^lffAtf of ttf Engliah Earl- 
dnh, under the title of Eirl ef BwHagtnik 
CaBleiBpona7 itffh the UhI E«rl 4tf Bnw 
B^gtoii vat WUBtBd Kent, t natiTe ef 
BfidBivtoii» bdm in IfiBSy Whoctf ftMUy 
name vat Cafii, the «#o fliirt- lelMnr of 
whlA fie t&t very «iif«t«bWftly ebifaged; 
flhd ef *boA Wdpole, iti hit 
p«fntfBg, tayt— <* he m a pftliit*» «ii 
ttttp tbA tbtt ftfhnr et niodtfik 
Hi the tot cfaemeler he md heknr meiib. 
cfftyt hithe«eottdhevat«'tcltin«ror the 
Mieneet end iir the tatt ini oriHtaal, and en 
i&Teiitor of tiie art fliat liaiiMi ladntfog 
and impitovct nature. Mahonet' iMagiaed 
an Elyiiuin, but Kent oMltd jnany.** 

Bridlii^^, gcnetiDy to ptaoeable and 
(Aedicnt to th^ faiws, wit rooted into a 
afafe of insuboidination bjr the ptimibg ^ 
tiie ttdliUa act hi 1757( on tfarit'*6c«iuiiiii 
t Very afaoming riot took plate heti», daring I 

iHiieh the rioten broke open leVMal grann. 

The mne nijgfat the hoililt BfHdMn i«| 
deMEied off Flamboffongh HeiAfUMlit vli 

di etow ei ed tiiat Paul Jca» .mttl i e< Mi i» 
In the night of T«adagr» t hqe 
ileet of Britiih itfacting vends liiMM 
tlielMy, and. the.harfaoiir b(teane«>«a» 
phsteiy eitawdeda tfiat a grcatmnDBer etrii 
mdy ind tetuntr h» V^ elialiMil* 
each oOierontlieontBicleoft&rf pin. .Tm 
eomptniee of the Nortindtaiarland nfflttb 
thep 4iuD«ferad Ml the M«in, mM timM 
tant bsr henkof dcvfei. after nddnf^^ a4 
the tohaMfnti^ aaaadirtth tnch 
at eoifld be mott jtadily faoamd; 
ed to nineter at the Qwqrf wfaUea 
of the nioet opiMt were 
UoM Ibr tendtef tbefr ftnllet-hite flu 1^ 
Buiintkt *^itd jMwt toiMipfctt iy iMk 

., andtheattentliteof iUiMidhMli' 
to the eqteeled invarini.: On IMnMf 
a vidntUe lleM of Bfitidt iteeitfMi 
fkom the Baltie; under the trnm^ tim 
StrapH Ctpiidtt VfiwtaAt of ftrtjM 
ipiin ; shd the CMtiine of J M aO a iwg ^ 
Captain Piercy^ ef ImMy^vra' giin^ iMie 

riee, and eonunitted other ' exeeiset^- B6- 
veria of the ting^teadeft behig apprehduMd 
wei^ brought to trial at York, add' Hobeit 
Co(d« an inhabttant of BridHfigloif* hav^ig 
oeen oonviciBo» wat lencenwti to oie iDr me 
ODenoti anc| wu anctwarat ex^einea* 

In the yeat 1^^, when the nsff of 
tigiiiiid wts IcM triaittlihttali ttntt dttHd^ 
tiierevolutiaaary wan, eeveral mgagiMicnCB 
to6lL j^Ihee in tKe Briliib Mrii» iM Ihe in- 
hibbitattitt 0^ the eoast were fi^uenOy 
^Knra faito n stOe of alantt by'Fiful ^oqeft, 
the ItttR^ Anglo Ameffean Buddiief.w. 
Thf I niioi had fimneily been in the service 
of the Earl of l?elklrk, whe^ he wat ex- 
celled wi^ disgili^; aitd, having tepalved 
tu America, he volunteered to rtake a de- 
•oent oh the British eoast Being at flfst en- 
triitted with the ootttnahd Of a privateer, 
he landed oh the coast Of Scotland, and in 
ftBeutment plundered th^ manriod of his 
old master; he also burnt several vesselt at 
Whitehaven, aiid performed a UAittbeir of 
other daring exploits. These services in- 
euxcd his promotion, and procured him the 
command of a small squadron, ooneittlng of 
the Bon Homme Richard, and the Alli- 
ance, each of 40 guns; the Pallas, of 33 
guns; and the Vengeance armed brfg.— 
With this force he made many valuable 
captures, insulted the eoast of Ireland, and 
even threatened the city of Edinburgh.— 
Qn Monday, the 20th of S^tember, 1779, 
tn Express arrived at Bridlington ^om the 
Batiifft of Scarborough, vrith intelligence 
that an enemy was cruising off the cot^^ 

hi tig)% and VMM tfUHcd by iM ciil# 
Ifhe itM cue «f- xStpikifa PtaiMn mk% 
piftce hfmietf becuMn the <eiMniy tuili 
conVoyi by which nliMMtre he etadHi 
the irtiottrdf the mefcbaaiMitt t»' (i# 
id mMjf ix)a»^t» fMit -df MaHatO a fiBA 
Mighc hist mrir >&mk 4mf^ mt Hit M^ti 

thoM «ffh«tttfMulI vnffMem*' JlboM Hf 
pkdtM^dk ^OaotL tiid th6hdiir dfdMieMli 
fluuunwnQ Caat-tne-engqjesmen nwffiF 
tatti^j «ttd thft hiBiUfhifI» dt Hat mK 

4Jn hiMniiiig «o thd 4»m, v^el« iMiAtril 
«ith «i tttbiiifffr «p«etdae «jr $mm4> 
piintmtyy mbonnifht. TitelMBitflp 
wHh maamu fury ibr uw hotttt4' whhr« 

fen|{th Ciptaih I%«woil, vpho «is aiil|il 

by tfi« iMo lal^ Of the cnMoyi him 

wtt Compelled to iurreAdcr. Ci^^ IW^ 
4j fiifide (dM a hmg. and itauk deftrife 
against a superior force, but he Ml hi # 

koi smiled to taunt to ma Faiwi. f^ 
«tieMy|»uyehM6d hif^vfetoi^att]MV>^ 
|irie«, nd^ less than 900" itoen be&g kMI 
Oif wounded hi the Bti^taMtfiMbaelU^ 
alone, v^hieit veMel leetivM to latA li> 
Jdry th«t sh^ sunk the next day, l^iOi Bdl9 
of the wounded On boetd. 

The port of Bif^ngfon, tbdafiL tUM 
ritnated for eomtoCree* has never eqJbyCl 
any very tetendve traddi Maft and A 
were formeriy considered its sb^ eadk 
niodities, and huge quantities df ead f«K 
es we leam ftom Mr. Th6nip80o*8 hhtoM 
Aetch of that pb^e, annually Aip^ i» 
London* About half a century tgo» tie 
number of malt-kilns here amounted to ap* 
w«rd9 of sixty, nearly <ill inftiU6peiiti«i*t 

ni. [E4M RidiHg.] bki, 


tot this tnte hat gmOf dsdiMd, nd 

most of the kilni htve been cSUitr takm 

db«B«ra|ipiiedlootiicr]iiirpowB, notnora 

thniixraniiaiag, aaderen Okom only in 

I«tttl emiiloymmt. The market, wlikh 

is hdd m SatmiMf, has ezHrtad Ikv up- 

m» at eoe yean, and it ii plentiftdlj 

wpplied with ali tin neceamioi, nd at 

miay of the laxurieaof life as the wmH 

orOeinhdiitints xeqiiir& The eom mar* 

ktt is weU attended both by buyenandsel- 

hn. and this ii ane ef tile fieir poets fhaa 

vUchthedstalortheaTerageTctttnisof ttie 


I' There sre here two baaktogcoa i ie fs t 
HMfi. BaHOMfttHi HcUb^, whodnwon 
Sir J. W. Lttbliodc, Bait. Foster, Clarke, 
tad Co. Uodoo; and Jtfmr*. Hafuet, 
BhkkttMi, ami Co., of die Noith-lU4ta« 
INk, f^ dnw iqiQii Barday. Tritton* 
Imm. andCow Iioodoo. The post^Oee is 
ikSity litaated on Oe Noeth aide of the 
Righfltnet, sad the inAmnatioB oonnnetod 
«ith this otaUiahmcnt will be fmuMl under 
ih proper head, iul||otaaed to thedireetory 

The vicinity of BridUofton is health- 
M lad apeeable. The Tattey which akirta 
tbetown OD the South eateads many raUes 
totbeWert. sod is adorned by iheseatsof 
SirWIHiani Strickiaiid, Bart, of Boynton ; 
ad of WilBam Bosiille, Esq. of Thorpe- 
M, bMh which maarions are delightftilly 
Anted witfafai a mile of eeeh other, in a 
Vhaaot and fertile vale, watered by a n>> 
■ffitie rivulet, and sheltend by rising 
Cwnid on thenoith snd on the BiMith. 

BiiroLiMOTow QuAT is in the 

FBidi of BridBngton, one mile to the SE. of 
tint plaoe. It la a pleasant and healthftU 
••^MtthiBK place, to which, finr Che last 
wcB^yeBB, there has been a oonaidemble 
*oot of genteel company in the aummer 
•Man. The Quay coastittttes of Iti^ a 
naU town, and has a brisk and handsome 
^PPCMwee. The houses are in geneialweU 
iRiUtaodmadeni; and the prindpel atreet, 
fliiehopaia directly to the harbour, ia re- 
>l>«kaMjrs|iaeioiis. The harbour is formed 
^ two pieca whieh extend a eonsidenble 
^ into the lea, the northemoKKt of 
^^ having a convenient ptetfonn, fur- 
""iw u agreeable promenade, eomoiandiag 
»<lelightfia view nf the lofty promontory of 
^'*°>l»nKigh Head, and the number of 
'""ting Teaels which in time of advene 
^^ Rsort to this Bay tat safety, tn- 
4»ntly impart to the aeene a peeidiar dc^ 
psofsDiBaation. The port, though aroall, 
ndeaaand Rcura. It is sheltered on three 
<if Miiidei, bytfaecoast, the town, aqdthe 

but thai 
neasof the 
The hnihour la 
pvoadi of am enamy by 
on the Noith, aad the 
aide of the town, wUoh 
tfaeentraace of the poiC» nnd tarn •< 
Are at right aovglaB. Tha tot 
ais harbour oeeuia la • maadaf of Kl^f 
Stephen, toOeBarlof Yoek. eommamlluc 
hhn "topenaitlliepitorof Brtdtti^las to 
have aad to hold. weU, and in panoe^ the 
haitowr of BridUi«ton, aa Wallv deOaal, 
and GUbert, hia anetetar, held tlM saMak" 
The pien were aadeatiy kept la rapafarbf 
theowaenof themaaor, bat ia later thaaa 
they hava been repaired, strengthened, aad 
CKtended, by eeitaia duUea on theiaHPOita 
aad exports of the plaee^ ia^Meed aadav tha 
authority of vaikmsaels of partJaaisaL On 
theexptaalioBof thalaitaet, iBl8]a»aaew 
aet was obtaiaed. Anther hMTsaaing tha 
duties, to 

empowered to lebuikl the pien with stoae* 
cither on the prerent, or oa aay other ftwa- 
datioas. la cocnpUaaee with tiaa pagviakona 
of this act, the llrat itooeof a new North 
pier was lidd la tiw sununerof 1818, on a 
ptaa by Mr. Goodikk, but the work is act 
yet completed. The harbour, which is dry 
at low water. Ins a spring tide flow of about 
dghtaon feet at the entrance, which grada- 
ally dioiinishes as it approaches to the 

The haibour p r ea eati the atrikiag phe- 
Domeaon of aa ebbing and flowing spring of 
flne fresh water. This eofdous fountain was 
discovered in 1811, by the hue BoOamfai 
Milne, Esq. collector of the customs at this' 
port. Mr. Miina* whoie pubiie spirit and 
entetpriae were moat exemplary, with a view 
to improve the harbour, bored thruuf^ tha 
alluvion, which was found to consist of a 
bed of compact day, twenty^etght foet ihiek. 
and a bed of cretaceous fliuty gnvel, fifteen 
Ibet thick, beneath which was the solid- 
chalkt on the epcrture being- ipade, afiaa 
column of fresh wster rose with the flow of 
the tide, aad at high water it gushed out in 
a copious atream { aa the tide receded tha 
newly-diacovered spring gradually fdl, aad 
at low water it d|asppeared. Thia diacovery. 
ao important to the town and port of Brid^ 
lington, waa made on the 5ih of July, 1811* 
and In order to keep open the apriqg, a 
tinned copper pipe of three incites diameter, 
was sunk from the surCace to the spring* 
through which the wat^ begins to flow at 
quuter flood, and atops at three quartere ebb 
tide ; the discharge continuing 4 or 5 houn 
each flood. h% full Ude tha spring water 

p 8 



[Edk MiMng.] 


to Ibe MPMdiMdMr toM dglit Itol 
•banr» di* Mnwl cf Um tdt wator to Oie 
liMtaur, iftd it 10 ptfmoi mft, tiMit It fe 
ttMd in lh**MMtig(trtlwflaMtUlMii, Mkl 
to 6o^ioiM thit It iMwU Mtpply the whdl» 
Mv^o^BBglaiid. A rtttnroir litt ttotebeeii 
MBttfiMtMl, i»to vllkli die witen ortMt to- 
IttMdlig tprlAg It oondactod for theuwof 

tte toim aiid the ihippiair- 

The mott eaty nd obvloilt ii»y cf 
ncamtipg tor tMt phenoniBOB, It to 
wiifpim, thit dietpriiif hit tn otttlctliito 
the tat, pffotMbly hentath taw-wattr inaA» 
^MA owOet It open «t low-vtttcr w> Ite 
it to permit the tpring to empty llMlf 
iMolhetce, but to obttradtd or ehoked up 
«y the flood tide» to that the ftreih witer 
iteuaiulatiug to Ita gmvdly letepMCte, 
tonkH Ibtth at the opening whieh hat been 
«ade ■$» Iti and eontinnlug to flow litem 
flMMt tUl the ftUlngor ttie tide peimittit 
tmeiumelti original paitagei* Thltnacnr 
ihef uMiimdfiini^t lit tpeelfle gitTlty It 
]Q01> dlttUM mter being 1000. In the 
yatr IfUd* Mr. Hnne. of Long Acn^ Loa- 
dM^ an eminent chtnitt, tubmltttd It 
to a terltt of oapettoicnlh and the leniit 
plovca that it conttint per gelkmabout i7 

• YOunC^Oeoiogleal^urfey, page S3. 

cttWe toihet oTeaibanle acid gai, aiMlIha 

fUHiMrtogtaatertals, til.:— • 
or CatbonateoT ltoiO>**^ 9,fl80 gntot 

orifttflatoontaie S,7M 

Of Silex, ando imaUpor* 
tloDofOxideofiion--" Iflft 

Mr. MItae, the diteorerciortfaeairtm 
juit deieribed. It cntUltd to 
tha pitodpil bendtatoat of 
To tot publto tplrft and aettve 
to*n It IndObted for itt *ily voit» 
pUbUe bathi» and the efectionor llM HMM^ 
house at Ftomborough. TMa 
«at a Yoi4cthlieman by birth, 
at Brodiwell^ to 8o«erby, 
on the iMi of Oelobcr, 1781 s 1* 
he wat appotofetd eOlketor of t&e 
at dili pott) and on the t9d of 
1819k he died, to the geMMfl regMt of 
whohadwitneaMd Mt oaider of aeHvoninr 
Adneti. HiHietto tot athei tevo deptHl 
the north aitle of tho ctoirch ^itkmitnn^ 
ttumcnltodo Juttice totoimeMary. midii 
ckeUn olheit to todtato hto entoiplaa IS 
that imperiont duty it p ei fl mned bytheit 
he to touch beneflltd, dielbllowtogtlmni^ 
writtcnbyagentlenianof Bridltoiton* nif 
eonlvllMto to preterrre the memory of » 
mvrti ivorfli j4M> 


" ItMiunthenfiMfgotten? Hit noifct int«i«r, Ho^. 
And their ^ratotk HkeiheiKiioeof thekwd^ouncfingdeep, 
ShaBbe heard, iHiUe Iti waten eonttone tofloir. 
And yon edifice flamet ftom the fl»>HChtM tCMp. 
Like itt halo, ditpnad through the miitt of tlie ocean. 
Hit honours, eelipPd by no euviout emotion, 
Thitough the vltto of aget thall challenge devotkm, 
IHFhen the tpot it unknown, where hit athtt ahldl tleep." 

Iftaddltlim to the ebbtogandfloirtng 
tprtog^ there It alto at Bridlington a chaly- 
beate aprii^ dtuited ibout half « mile to 
thelf W. of the ^nay. and ittutog out of » 
pteiMhl garden near the tttbieriptknMnifit, 
the midi^tnal pvopertiet of wMdh Ntemble 
the dudyiieate' tpttogt of -Beaiboiough and 
Cheitepham*' fkoa^ the tiater teemt to be 
feii piiiittl^* 

Few pfawm pitoent a mora Inviting 
bench than that whieh heM dtoetndt ftom 
the Quay to the. tea,, and the gcnfle dedi- 
vity of theturfiuse it peculiarly IkTOunble 
to «m4iathing. At low water the piome* 
nade it agreeable and etfeenrive, and the 
flon^aet tenakm of the elaitlc taiid impartt 
flrmncM and buoyancy even to the itep of 
the valetudinarian. Here many efcgant and 
valuable qieciment of mtoenlt and fomXIt 
gn ftndid, which tcrve to give totereit to 

• NI«haltoBl'^Dk!tloniit of Chettiatry. 

the ehop of tiie lapidary, and to twdl Oe 
varietlef to the museum of the odBettor.*^ 
Warm and cold batht are pio^rldcd in 
roomt replete with conv^niciifcct, buiH 
beneath the tenace, which ni|>p]y tbc^ ii»> 
VaUd of the timid wtth the advUMage «f 
tea-bathing without the neeeif ity 6r phm^ 
ing toto the opA ten. 

The soureet Of amutement Hoe ut 
tomewhat drcumacrtbed, but iSiii ttcOMIfet 
Ibr Aquatic ekcuMOtik, to tavldng to Urn 
inhabitlmtt of tolaUd dittMctt, are idltodti 
to evefy variety; and ihe nean^roOm' t^d 
Ubniry am at hand, to impart IfifMniHcid 
and amutemfent ih Che hout% berw^A the 
intervals of ^laxatidn in the <i|MM tif^ 
The neighboothood aboundt trim ^afts sU 
ridet, aflbrdihg cxteniive ^pMtpettit of 
Betstegby, Cutodiy, and ^<>jn>fc*^j^<^ 
wett{ Sewerby, Maifon, and wVwotBfvtllpt 
to tho north t and HlMerthorpe aAJIlNim** 
ton to the south: all peMM ttitUr tihM 

m. lEait IRding.] bu. 


tantiei, anddiiin in scMCMioii Hie 
tkn of the Yisiton. 

The plaoes of paMk mrthip at the 
Quay, are a eommodioiia Mdhodlit neel- 
ing-houaa, and a aewly built duqici, appco- 
piiafcly taaad the Uiaon CSftafwf. which ia 
and aitmatBly fis the raUgloiia acrviaea of 
aw TwIffriidcn ta and the Baptialfc 

Here, aa at the pannt town, ttwofam- 
tioM of eoBBmaraa ate vary liaailBd. Tte 
aqnrti eondit diiefty of eon and ottiar 
Vteoltaialpmdacaona shipped totfie poet 
of Londan, and of hones and homad 
oattie to Gemuniy and Runia. Thetmporta 
na principally eoal from Neareaitle, timber 
fiom the fiattie and Amefiaa, and gcnaial 
•eniuaidiie from liondon and HuQ.— 
Dttria^ the war aa octendve ropcfj was 
JttiUiihed aaad flonririMd atthiaport, but 
Jteesthepcaeeit hoe been greatly reduced, 
aadtheihip-yaxda bsvc alio lUt the dead- 
oiinK hiihieiioe of the atagnatloii hi the 
Mppag iaHaetL In a povt aodtuatad aa 
BialfiBgtMi, a ''^reaaaliaeMdtohttmaBity* 
h i rt iii t aa fc>'*«|f '*^ ^t »ff' aeqnirite, «m1 
iattieycar 1W8, a Bfis^oat wm puieNMad 
1>y toituitary aobee ittnlu ii from Mr. Gnat- 
head, at an expenae of three hoodrad 
fooadi, ftrthetue of thii port, thebene- 
ieialeflteti of which is cxperieDced every 
awon. Thepopulfltlanof Biidlh^^tonaiid 
die Qttxy, which in 1811, amoaatvsd to 
9741, has been awdled dnring th^soceeed- 
tagtm y«B»tD4f7>, aa appeare from the 
Mansmadeto Fteliamciit up to Oe SSth 
ofMir.lSSl. The diieelory which is nib- 
joBed win poliii out the iims, todgta^ 
homci, fte. in thia pbMse, and aflfaid a 
tokndiiy eonoplele Uat Of the tradcn and 

P0ST*MA8TBR Mt, R. Crom 

lliil aniva ertfy manang, at i past 7.— 
Utters deUvered at 8 BAoni. Thelet- 
terboK is doaedat IS, and lettera die- 
patohed at SO minutes paat 18. 
Qaay Pott OJIf, Commercial piam. 
Mis B. Thompsoh, Post-Mistross. 

I'Ctlm tte received | an hour later and are 
dispatched I aah(^ sooner than those 
for the town of Biidlingtoa. 

— "— - — — ;- — . — ■ . , 



BesvickGeo. (oatlohftl) Hic^ street 
Coiftte^ Jmet, Back street, Qudy 
Hugg James, Sptliig g^lrdeiis 

HolUdfty afid iaoki MImm, Kiiiffil. 

Hunter Janes, Qooeo^ plaee. Qmf 
KendaU R«f . Vm. Kiitcnto 
Kidd Wn. High Hieet ^^ 
Laogdale John, Higli atieet 
Uuam John, (fine gnmaiar,) Mu- 

ket pinoe 
Manbair Min, Kii« ftveet, QiMiy 

PeMeon Bohert, St. Johtt^ gmte 
PUmore Joseph. Westcato 


Stubbs Ralph, Back ftraet, (Vnutt 

and drawlDg) 
Thompson Mn. (ladies) High st. 


Dring Henry, (office in Westgate) 

resides at Quay 
Harland Brian Taykxr, Maiket nhMe 
Priokett Marmadoke, Westgate 
Smith Wm. Westgate 
StockeQ Wffl. (N!p.) High itraet 
ThykM* David, High strseT 
Warden John, New BoihUngt, Qnaj 

BnUoofc John, Market phMse 
Forth Thomas, Westnte 
Winteilngham Wm. Westgpte 

JlacOB Foelort. 
Diion Catharine, High stieet 
Johnson Elisabeth, St John's gate 
Weightman Berry, High street 
Bdlsra, Ffoer DmUmrt. f SImAm^s. 
Baron Geo. New baiuiogs, Cfuay 
Chester Wm. Market place 
Cooke Setb, High street 
Diion Catharine. High street 
Garbatt John, (fruiterer) High st. 
Garbatt Wm. (fruiterer) St. John^gt. 
Good Ann, (fraiterer) St. Johnlgato 
Hofaeon Edward, Baylef^te 
Holliday John, Mariet place 
Holmes Leonard, St. Joan's gate 
Johnson BUs. St. John^k gate 
Kidd Wm. High stieet 
Leeson John, Piinoess street, Qnay 
Long Wm. High street 
Madien John, Westgate 
MackeriU Thor. King street, Quay 
Sedman Mercy, New buildings. Quay 
Smith Robert. St. John's gate 
Snowball Ciiristopher, Market phue 
Speck John, King street, Quay 
Winteringbam John, High street 
Wise Christopher, Kirkgate 

Harding and Holtby, Market plaoe, 

draw on Lubbock de Co. Lon^n. 
North Riding, (Haggles, Strickla^ ^ 

Co.) Robert Davison, agent, High 


Billiard Ml$ ITei^f . 
Fnrfoy Geo. High street 



\East Riding,} 



Taylor Allen, Cliffe, Quay 

Bell Peter, Westnite 
Coates John, St. John's gate 
Dennis Richard, Parrot's Buildiogs, 


Holliday John, (and farrier) Market 

Ireland Wm. High street 
Tate Charles, (farrier) High street 
Tree Wm. Kirkgate 
Turner Geo. Promenade, Quay 

Block and Masi Maker. 
>Iedd Christopher, Queen st. Quay 

Bookseliert, Sfc, 
Forth Wm. High street 
Furby George, High street 

Boot and Shotmak^f, 
Barnet Robert, Shiu hill, Quay 
Beverley John, Marlcet place 
Bullock Harlaiid, King st. Quay 
CarrJohn. King street. Quay 
Coiites John, King street. Quay 
Dixon Daniel, High street 
Fletcher James, High street 
Humphrey John, St. John's gate 
Kerry Wm, Bay legate 
Kidd Thomas, High street 
Lister Mark, Kirkgate 
Redpath Robert, Queen st. Quay 
Simpson Francis, High street 
Watson Robert, Prince street, Quay 
Wilkinson Isaac, Prospect row, Quay 

Braxiers and Tinmen, 

Dale Wm. High street 
Forth Benjamin, High street 
Sedman George, High street 


Hall Samuel, King street. Quay ^ 
Hayes John Johnson, St. John's gate 
Holtby A Haggitt. High street 
Mather John, High street 
Nightingale John <fe Edw. Kirkgate 

Banr Robert, Market place 
Bishop Wm. Quay road 
Gray Francis, Grarrison st. Quay 
Gray Geo. Promenade, Quay 
Holderness Francis, High street 
Holderness Wm. Baylegate 
MatBon John, (<& stone mason) Quay 

Horsley Richard and Matthew, Sea 
Breexes, Quay 

Brambles Tha<!. King street, Quay 
Brown Geo. High street 
Cape Geo. High street 
Cape James, Market place 
Chew John, High street 
Coates John, Queen street, Quay 


. I 

Cook John, Terrace, Quay 
Frost Perceval, Prince street. Quay 
Frost John, Prince street. Quay 
Hardy John, Market place 
Harrison Geo. Hi^h street 
Hodgson Thos. King street. Quay 
Moody Richard, Kirkgate 
Pool Thos. St. John's gate 
Speck Richard, Back street, Qoay 
Taylor Geo. Queen street. Quay 
Watson John, St. John's gate 

Cabitiftt Makers and UpholsierWM, 

Biclby Matthew, High street 
Bielby Wm. St. John's gate 
Forth Thos. Westgate 
Seller Wm. Market place 
Warden John, King street, Qoay ] 
Winteringham Wm. Westgate 

Cheese and Bacon Factors. 
Fletcher Thos. High street 
Thompson Benj. St. John's gate 
Weightman Berry, HighstnMst 
Wharton Jane, High sU:eet 

Chemists and Druggists, 
Cross Ralph, (and ^Hist master) H; 

Fox John, (<& tea dealer) King sto^ 

Quav Jf 

Parrott James, Market place 
Rayner John, High street 

Cpal Merehanis, -i. 

Hall Samuel, King street, Qoay «. 
Marshall Stephen, King street^ Qwjil i 
Simpson John, Prospect row, Qu^ 4 

Leeson John, Prince street, Qtmy 
Pinkney Simon, St. John's gate 
Speck John, King street, Quay 

Allison Brown, Market place dk Quay 
Danby George, High street 
Hardy Matthew, Westgate 

Com Mercka»ts» 
Booth Wm. New buildings. Quay 
Prankish John, New buildings. Quay 
Frost John, sen. Prince street. Quay ' 
Frost Perceval, Prince street. Quay 
Gray Jane, Market place 
Hall Samuel, King street, Quay 
Jewison John, Kincgate 
Lamplugh Thos. King street. Quay 
Lnwson Richard, Garrison st. Quay • 
Marshall Stephen, King street, Qui? 
Sawdon Benjamin, King st. Quay 
Simpson John, Prospect row, Quay 
Wetwan Geo. Spring Gardens, Quay 

Corn Millers. 
Duke Moses, New mill 
Hodgson Geo. High street 
^rrot Geo. <fe Paul, Back st. Quay 
Wetwan Thomas, Kirkgate 


lEart Midmg.^ bbx. 


Wetwan Gea. Spmat Qaidens, Qmst 
mttaJBgkam KobCffigk ft. 
ViDterkigiiam Johiiy High street 

netd^Tboaias. High street 
G^Heary, High meet 

Bowland John, (i2uc) Vee^te 
Ibddey Bdwud, iroicted —imifao* 
tiller, High street 

. FarmetM. 
AKherBft^, St, lohnlfgate 
ItouDbtes TlKkmhSy Green Dike 
Cmeftdiki, Mftritei dteM 
£MMlBf niiKii^MailBet j^ 
Poi RicAanl ttdGeo. BlgE street 
Wit ^Kftid, Kiil[gite 
Umm Thos. Crreen Dike 
TvMaamJiAa^ Chven Dike 
il WmWcsUtta 
[Jeaes^ KfMetftlaee 

Inish Wm. Green Dike 
WoodoM± JoM, IttrketplM 

flMtth»B«iigter, (SitGkmirl St 
John's gate 

Harwich, Xo^fib 
*" Jolin Be 


Sbeflield; Robert Harwood, ffi^ st 

\ahM, High street 

Baitn laiiie^ High street 

£nthWin.HaAet place 

rarth AbiahaoA, Garrtsonst. Quay 

^tMM P Win. SL iohn's g^ 
oiovn Geo. (seedsman, Ac,) High 

^ John. St Jdm^ gate 
Cowton Wm. Gaay lUMd 
^ Jaoies, Hifldi street 
Mud Hugh, St I^nfk gate 
KekoaThomas^ St Saiok'B gate 
wibon Wm. Chureh green 

GhMS, Cfam, ^e. Dwakrs. 
Chaomim Joseph, King st <laay 
aields Robert, High St 

ColdmUkt, JmetUert, Ife, 
Cowton 4; Sons, Qneen st. Quay 
GaidiBer Wm. Kenmiedy , Ktog street, 

iMpln^ John. High su 
Itjron Ctaveu, Hi|^ street 

Agan Geo. High street 
tUaton John A Geo. Baylegde 

Chester Wm. MeirMt mnee 
Clarfcson Christopher, (tea) St John^ 

DafSon Robert Hl|j[ st reet ^ 
Donnii^ RiAeit, High street *« 

<liieen street, Qnay 
FoK RiGhard.H|gh street 

Fcnn Wm. Harset ^aoft 
Farrott James, MarfceC phee 
Philliskirk Geo. Prinoe A. <knhv - 
Poiter Daniel, (and hoslet) JfatM 


Weightman Beny , fRA streH 

WiseChfbtopher, Ki»gete 

Banm James, Hi^ street 
Brown Robert ASon. H^ street 
Forth Wm. Market .piaoe ' 

Forth Abraham, Garribon st iffmf 

Fleck Andrew, Market phne 
Nkbolson Riby, Chorch green 

Bro#B ibbert * Son, High ^bkt$ 
Pibrter Egbert King rtreet Qnay 
Vickerman Wm. High street 
Wrangham Geo. High rtreet 

BoktS]^ /fias, 4^c. 

Admiral Nelson, Thomas Nelson, High 

AdmM Parker, Dorothy HtitctosOo; 

Anc£r, WiQiau Stabler, Back street, 
Quay j^ 

Slack BuU, Esther AUison, Jhijh st 
la<& Lion, Ann Harrison, Ingh rt. 
Britannia Hotel, Robert Oarr. (port 

diaise) Pritioe streets Gaay 
Bock. Thomas Comns^igli street ^ 
BQU A Son, Thomas Wfllon, Churbb 

CockdbUon, Fren. AIleistoD, Prinee^ 

street Quay 
Free Mason's Arms, Wm. Bishofi, 

Qnay road 
General SUtott Thomas Moody, High 

Geom <b Dragon, Tbos. Stephenson, 

Chnrchoien ^ ^ . . ; ,^ 
George HoieL Rcdiert Bdmond, (port 

(Kaise) King street, Gtmy 
Globe, Mrs. Cf annridtt High street 



[East Riding.'] 


Green Dragon, Thos. Sawdou, (excise 
olB<«, ) Westgate _^ 

Light HonemaDy David Whiting, 
Marketplace ,. . ^ 

Nag's Head, Thomas Anlabjr, Market 

Newo^e Anns, Geo. Addy, Ganrison 

street, Quay 
New Inn, Robert Grange, King st. 

Pack Horse, J. Tate, Marketplace 
Scarbro' Castle, Matthew Sinkler, St. 

John's gate 
Ship, Thos. Coates, St. John's s^ 
Spring TaTem, William Atkinson, 

Prince's street, Quay 
Star, Benj. CoUinson, Westsate 
i^tar Rhd. Jefferson, Ship hill, Quay 
Stirling Castle, George Chambers^ 

Qaeen street. Quay 
Simderhmd Bridge, Thomas Sellers, 

Garrison st. Qoay 
Tiger, John Usher, Kinflf st. Quay 
Tiger, George Dove, Market place 
White Swan, William Foster, Market 


Ironmongert and Hardwaremmi, 

Crannnck John, High street 
Dale WiUiam, High street 
Forth Benjamin, High street 
Harewood Robert, High street 
Sedman George, High street 

Joinert- and Bnildert. 
Baron Robert, King street, Qoay 
Breckon Wm. (wheelwright) Garrison 

street, Quay 
Jarratt Robert, Promenade, Qoay 
Spedc John, St. John's ^te 
Wardell John, (tfe toy) Quay 

CowtoQ 4f Sons, High street A Queen 

street. Quay 
iSg^lestone Francis, Kingst. Quay 
Gardner William Kennedy, King 

stree^ Quay . 
Wilson Walter, Prospect row. Quay 

Libretriet — CirculaHngm 
Forth Wm. High street 
Gardner Wm. King street, Quay 
Williamson Barbara, Prince st. Quay 

Li-nen and fVooUen Drapers, 
Baron John 4t Geo. Baylegate 
Bramley Richard, King street. Quay 
Brown Roberta Son, High street 
Chapman Wm. Prince street, Quay 
Chapman Joseph, King street. Quay 
Davison Robert, Market place 
Fox Richard, Hi/fh street 
Greenaway Benjamin, High street 
Holdswortfi Wm. Commercnl place, 

Holtby Wm, 

Market place 

Johnson Wm. Market piaoe 
Knowles Gabriel, (Utiea mfr.) 


Loadman Geo. Queen st. Quay 
Porter Daniel, Market place m 

Porter Robert. Prince street, Q<^S 
Thompson (feFawoett, Higb strectT"! 
Vickerman William, (linen mam 

tutor) High streeft 
Wrangham Geo. High street 

Zrtvsry Stable Ktkpert, 

Atkinson Geo. King street. Quay 
Hobsoa John, Market place 

Lodging Hwuee at Ihe <l;uajf, 

I. L Signifies See, and Land Views, «■ 
LandViem oaly.. 

Amell Christopher, (s.l.) New 

Author Ann, King street 
Author P. (s. 1.) Prince street 
Baron Robert, (1.) King street 
Bollard John, (s. 1.) Promenade 
Booth Thos. (bathing niBGfaiiie) 

rison street 
Booth Wm. (1.) New bfiildiiigs 
Brambles Thomas, sen. (s, 1.) I 

Brambles Thomas, jun. (s. 1.) 

Bramley R. (1.) King street ^ \ 

Brandon Mr^. (1.) North Back 9M^i 
Brigg3 Mrs. (s. 1.) Queen stieet 
BriggsJobn, Kingstlreet 
Brown Mrs. (s. I. J Promenade 
Bullock H. (1.) King street 
Calom Mr. \s, 1.) Prospect place 
Champion Mrs. (s. 1.) New bi '*' 
Chapman Joseph, (s. 10 King 
Chapman Wm. (s. 1.) Prince street 
Clark Saml. (s. 1.) Queen street 
Coates Thos. (s, 1.) King street 
Cobb Francis, (s. 1.) Queen street 
Cook John, (s. 1.) Terraoe ^ \ 

Cot»Uas E, (s, 1.) Qoeen'ajikce /* ^ 
Cousens Mr. (s.l.) North Back sti^t 
Day Geo. (s. 1.) Queen street 
Dopg Mrs. (s. 1.) Terrace " j 

Dring H. (L) Prospect row "* ] 

Ellis Henrietta, (s. 1.) Prince street , j 
Ellis John, ISfaiphiU J 

Forth A . ( 1 . ) Garrison street *. 

Foxton Mrs. (1.) Prospect row j 

Prankish John, (s. 1.) New buiMii^ 
Prankish Mrs. (s. 1.) Garrison street 
Frost P. (s.l.) Prince street 
Frost J. jun. (s. 1.) North back street 
Gage Geo, (s. 1.) King street 
Grav G. (s* 1.) Promenade 
Haadon Mrs. (a, 1.) Promenade 
Heward Mrs. (s. 1.) Queen's ptece 
Holiday Alice, (s. i.) Terraoe 
Hopper Mrs. (s. 1.) Garrison street 
Hutton Francis, (s. 1.) Queeo street 




jiarritt Robert, (s. 1.) Pitoroeiiade 
itesQo JobD, (gA,) Prince street 
iXbcfce Mrs. (s. 1.) Garroon street 
Ihrtm JtshOf (s. 1.) Queen's place 
jtfatwn J. (1.) Prospect row 
Ifaaley Mis. (s.L) New buildings 
jOvston Mis. (I.) Spring gardens 
*^"Iiskirk G. (s. L) Prince street 
liiison Edward, (1.) Kiof^ street 
iason J. (s. 1.) Sea breezes 
'don Mrs. (!•) North Back street 
^_JTner T. (s. 1.) Prince street 
iMman Miss, (s. 1.) board <fe kxIgiBff, 

New buildings 
Smmon Mrs. Mary Ann, (s. L) New 

Btodair R. (s. L.) Qoeen street 
pnitii i.Ji, 1.) King street 
Rafeley Mrs. (s. 1.) King street 
Itephenson James, (s. 1.) Prince st. 
Viepbemion Jame^K, (1.) Garrison st. 
hylor Mrs. (si I.) Prospect place 
hyioi AUen, (s. 1.) Terrace 
nytor 6. (s. L) Queen street 
noinpson Mrs. (s. I.) Commercial pi. 
ITard Sarah, King street 
VaidiU J. (i.) King street 
ITetwan Geo. (1.) Spring gardens 

^wan , (s. 1.) Terrace 

IrllBBnison Mrs. (s.l.) Queen street 
mUiamson Mias, (s. L) Prince street 
V^itty Mr. D. (s. 1.) Promenade 
^itty P. (s. 1.) Garrison street 
^lipt Mrs. (s. h) GanisoA street 


foron Jobu and Geo. Baylegate 
^ Richard, High street 
nD^muel, King street. Quay 
bttb^ and Haggat, High street 
^htingale John ds Edw. Kirfcgate 
unpsoQ Robert, Baylegate 

Maittau Mnkers» 

lijan Wm. High street 
1aeria« Wro. Garrison st. Quay 

iOdfew Eliz. ICirkgate 
Hiiott Charlotte^ Hi^ street 
'aiby Mary, High street 
rfeenawKf EliZk High street 
Fell Rboda, Prospect row, Quay 
fedd Ann, Cbmmercial place. Quay 
*l)ompson and Fawcett, High street 

Perfmmer* okiHair Drttaert, 

Jlison Joseph, Hiah street 
barter Thomas, High street 
^oates John, I^ing street. Quay 
'restoa Francis, Kinjf street, Quay 
^resion Wm. Market place 


Jayo P. W. Prospect r^v. Quay t. . 

A Utson Geofge. High street 
Hopper John, High street 
Piarrott Thomas, Market plaoe 
Sedman Geo. High street 
Sedman Wm. Garrison street. Quay 
WoodaU RicMrd, King street. Quay 

Prinimrs, LHImr Prmt. 
Forth Wn. High street 
Furby Geo. High street 
Gardener Moses, Westgate 
Kemplay Robett, Chureh green 


HaU Robert, Market place 
Harwood Robert High street 
mtiflon John, King street. Quay 
South Robert, H^ street 

Addy Geom, Prince street. Quay 
ocnreiier Thomas, Prince at. Quay 

Skip BuUdsn, ^c. 
Hewani Wm. Nelson, Prince st. Qwy 
Jamtt Wm. Promenade, Quay 
Sedman and Martin, Prince sL Quay 

SUp Owntn amd Mertkami: 
Cobb Frands, Queen street. Quay 
DaTiion Ralph, High street 
Diion Thos. Garrison street. Quay 
BhridjR Wm. New buildings. Quay 
HaU Samuel, Kimriitreet, Quay 
Lamplugh Benj. Kingst. Quay 
Lamplugh Thos. King st. Quay 
Marshall Stephen, King st. Quay 
Sawdon Thos. Back street. Quay 
Simpson John, Prospect row. Quay 
Stephenson James, Prince st. Quay 
Vidcerman John, Ship bill. Quay 
Ward Thos. Prince street. Quay 
Ward Isaac, Prince street. Quay 
Witty DavM, Promenade, Quay 
Witty Peter, Garrison st. Quay 

Spirit ami fThu MerchmnU. 
Agars George, High street 
Bramley Richard, King street, Quay 
Hall Samuel, King street. Quay 
Stephenson James, Prince st. Quay 
Thompson Joho, High street 

Stone and Marble Masone. 
Gray George, Promenade, Quay 
Holderness Wm. Baylegate 
Matson John, (and bricklayer) Pros* 

pect row. Quay 
Radge Thos. St. John's gate 

Straw Hat MaHufaciurere. 
Archer Rutb, Queen street. Quay 
Coates Eliz. New buildings, Quay 
I Draper Miiry Ann, Prince street. Quay 
I Elliott Charlotte, High street , . 





Fuiby Maiy, Hiji^ street 
Hopper Ami. Gaidsou street, <luay 
Nidiolson Em. Back street, Qofty 
ThompsiNiaiid Fawoett, Higli street 
Wiatering^mm 8. Westgato 


Cerdttkes Hamptbn C. Higii street A 
Temise, Qoay 

Dawson and Skm, High street, and 
KiDg stieety ^^auy 

MoRis John; Market (daoe 

Sandwtth Humphrey, High street and 
Kteg street, Quay 

Bmitih Edraiind, Bade street. Quay 
TaUors and JDw|Mr«« 

Barker Saml. Hopper's yard, High st. 

Bamett Smith, Market place 

Coates Thomas, Hja^ street 

CowUnfrLeooard. Bt. John's gefte 

Diaper Robert, Bay]i^;ate 

Dukes Geo. High street 

BdmoDd Cloisiopher. Bt. John's gnte 

Garbutt Wm . Bt. John's gate 

Holdsworth Wm. (and draper) Com- 
mercial place, Quay 

Holmes Leonard, St. John's gate 

Hunter Wm. St. John*^ gate 

Kirhy Wm. Baylegate 

Loadman Geo. (ds diaper) Queen st. 

Pickerinfl; Wm. Garrison st. Quay 

Porter Robert. Prince street. Quay 

PostiU Wm. (and drqpei;) Prinoe st. 

Stephenson James, Gaifrison st. Quay 

Ihllow Chandltn* 
Coates Benjamin, Kirkgate 
Hopwood and Fumess, (and att4> 

boileri) High street 
jlbther John, High street 

Timber Merekanis, 
Brambles Waters, (and tile) Prome- 
nade, Quay 
Marshall Btephen, Kingst. Quay 

Waick and Clock Makers, 
Gardner Wm. K. King st. Quay 
Hunter John, Hidi street 
Laiiiplugh John, High street 
Lyon Craven, High street 

Breckon Wm. Garrison street. Quay 
Clark Samuel, Church green 
Ford^homas, Spring i^jrdens 
Furfoy John, (machine ds drill <fe bone 

' merchant) High stteet 
Hef^eltine Joseph, jMaixet place 
Warden John, King street^ Quay 

fTMiesmiiht and Bell Hangers, 
Coates Thos. (and anchorsmith) New 

.buildings. Quay 
Pool Mark. Kiikgate 
Poppleweli Beigamin, High street 

Linton Thos. Sooth Baeic lane 

Abbott Thos. B. supervisor, High st 
Agars Mrs. Ann, Market phice 
Andrew Paul, gent. Westotte 
Beauvais Joseph, gent. Kvkgate . 
Bollard John, narbonr master, Piow« 

nade. Quay ' 

Blackburn Sleighthodme, gent. QoMt 

street. Quay 
Booth MlBs Ann, Kirkgate ^ ! 
Boyes Mrs. Fiances, Hirh afaect 
Boynton Henry, Bsq. NewbmiPfi 

Brainbles Tho. gent. Promenad^4)ii 
Brown John, gent. Kirkgate ^ ]j 
Brown Mary A Suah, gentlewopMS 
HJj^strect jj 

Bum Stephen, gent. St. John's gppT ; 
Clarkson Mrs. Jane, Kirlgeate 
Clubley Thomas, gent* Westgste . 
Goverley John, sent. Westgate ' 
Coverley SamuS, jgetit. High stieet \ 
Coverley Mrs. High street ^r 
Cranswick Matthew, gent. Pni(i| 
row. Quay ■/- 

Davison Edw. cent. Garrison st (pp 
Foxton Mrs. Elk. Quay 
Frankish Mrs. Jane, High street 
Prankish Mrs. S. Nungate 
Gray Mrs. Alice, Bavlef ^ 
Gray James, gent. Mar _ . 
Greenaway Miss Mary, Prospect nv 
Haggitt John, sen. gent. Kirkgate .y 
Harding John, Esq. Field hoose 
Harness Rev. Robert, Jtoptist 

ter. Quay road ^ 

Hebblethwaite Miss Harriet. Wi 
Hobson Miss Susannah, High 
Hodgson Geo. Esq. High «&eet "^ '4 
Hopkinson John, gent. High street f 
Jackson Mrs. Ann, Khtkgste .r h 
Keith Wm. gent. Baylente 
Kelloway James, gent. Church 
Kendall Rev. Wm. P. curate of 

bro', Kirkgate 
Kingston Mrs. Bfary, Prospect 

LandtaffMrs. Ann, gent.Chmt» 
Lonsdale Mrs. Frances^ King ' 

Lowish Mrs. Elioabeth, 



Lowrey Robert, gent. Spring gff 
« . " -" " *lighs&eet 

^ ^^, _jgh street 

Major Fmnds. gent.^igh street 

Major Mrs. Dorothy^ Hi,^ 
Major Mrs. Mary, Hidi street 

Milne Mrs. Ellen, Cfough hiklin 

Moon Mrs. Esther, Westgate 
Nicholson Robt. gent. Church gieeo 
) Ombtei^ Wm. gent JCirkgi^ 


[Eart RU^.] 




Owstoa John, sent. Klilkoli Gwiea 
OwstoD Rtcii. gent. Applegttik Imm 
Flamei Cbristr. gent* a^^ stMet 
Prestoo Robt. gent. Queen it. Qwy 
Preston Ck>wton, gent. Church green 
. 'Bxkabj Charles, Esq. Piiooe it. Quay 
SsTage Wm. and James, genUenien, 

spring: gardens, Quaj 
Smith Rev. Beo. perpetonl conte oC 

Bridlingftmi, Kirkgate 
Smith Captain Geo. Proaenadey Qoay 
Smith Jaaieey eeBt. 
Sifevehsy Bfis. Anne, Kins st. Quay 
Taylor Biyan, Esq. Wes^ate 
Tfiomnoii Rolit. gent. St. John's gt 
Wade Mrs. Jane, geptwn. St. Johnli gt. 
wafanstey Mrs. ttUiaheth, Ropery, 

k Qncy 
I Waid Isaae, gent. King_st. Quay 
f White Hisses S. and J. Hirh street 
I Wilson Thomas, sent. Qtmy road 
Taihurgfa Henry G. Esq. fbrt haU, 

Hooxs of ■ttwitiiMif flmm tan to ftmr. 

' Howalrd J. B. Esq. eoUeclor 
Jfasott John, Siffveyor, 
WallKf John^Seaicher 
Waters John, Esq. oomptralIer,Clot^ 

Two Ridhig oCleeiS, tifo lUe wailen, 

Flgmbn^ P re v en tiv e ftr«lef«— Chief ofllMr 

4hc» occmloBalty, noooi 
fteight, 1 or 9 WeeUy. 

•oooidliig t^ 

MiMcdkma qf JVwUt, 4re. 
Ciari» Samuel, cattle dealer. Queen 
|r street. Quay 
0mveii Join, dancing master, Baylegt. 
iMion John, officer of excise 
BobsonBdm.bas]cetmal[er, High st. 
Furby Geo. toyman. High street 
HoUiday Wm. officer of exdke 
Kidd Geo. wearer, Kirkgate 
Iiowrey Wm. breeches maker aod 

gkufer, high street 
MaeMey Edward, wonted spimier, 

High street 
, Matthews Darid, engineer, Cloogh 
' biU^. Quay 
Rowley, Newy«er,- oatmeal dieller, 

Simwon Wm. weaver, "Kirlonte 
Stonbs Ralph, mioiatuie pakner, Badi 

street. Quay 
Thmntoson Nicbolson, toU collector, 

H^ street 
Ward John, Ueensed to let post horses, 

(be, St. John's g»te 

Co m t pam ee qf €rOoi» andJ^ ate mt g itn 4y 
tkipfiiigfnm Bridtiimgi<m Quay. 

Vessels to Iiondoh^ Leitl^ Hall, Scas- 
horoo^, Newcastle, Sunderland, 


From BrtdUmgim md 

The Wbllihvtov ftom Soaibio' 
(daily in sooBmer, and 8 days pec 
week in winter) arrives at the 
Nelson, BikUtiigtoD, and the Bri« 
tamda Hotel, at the Quay, at tf 
morning, and proceeds to HulL 
from witeh latter place it arrives 
at ISatnoon. 

The BmiTisR Qubbv from Scaibro',' 
and Hull, arrives at the Globe Inn, 
Bridlington, and the Stiriing Ctts- 
tie, at the Quay, at the nme 
hours as the WeUingtoD. 


Bmford^ Thos. Carr. every Saturday 
Bmferiejf, John Waro.dep. Fri.ret At. 
Bmeritvfi HuU, Owston A Sinkler, Tu. 

4b Fri. returns on Wed. and Sat. 
Barlon ^fact, Oliver StephenouB, to 

the Star, and Geo. Amett, to the 

Green Dragon, Sat. arr. 1 1 . dep. 6 
Drifiltld, John Leighton and Leonard 

Denton. Monday and Thursday 
llosiAro', Thomas Lamplugh, every 

WeduMday and Saturday 
FUmmhruP, General ElUoU, Thos. Beal, 

daily, arr. fl, dep. 18 
FUmln^. Bhudt Lion. High st. Johtf 

Lundie, Sat. air. it, dep. 4. 
Fm/on, Globe Inn, Joseph Hall, Sat. 

arr. 10, dep. 3 
OraiutaNoor, Black Lk>D, High street, 

SamL Wray, Sat. arr. le, dep. 4. 
Barpkttm, SUr Inn, Robt. Stonry, Sat. 

arr. 11. dep. 4 
^•'Wohn Ward, dep. To. ds Fri. ret. 

W^d. and Sat. 
Hull. Geo. Baves, from Admiral Par* 

ken Monday and Thursday 
BtUl, Wm. Jefferson from the Cock dk 

Lion, Monday and Thursday 
Bull, Thos, Lamplujrb, Mon. ^Thu. 
g q a s wm ty, Mutton, Filmfmrnl Loumm'" 

Unu Genl. Elliott « Nag's Head 
John Johnson «fe John Stephenson, 

every Tu. A Sat. a 10 rog. d 4 aft. 
KUham, Globe Inn, Thos. Hardy. Sat, 

arr. 9. dep. 8. 
N^jforton. Star Inn, F. Johnson, Sat I 

arr. 9, dep. 3. 
Notih Burloa, Nag's Head, John and 

Ells. DixoUj. Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3 
iladtlon, Geo. Redhead, to the Pack 
Horse, A Tliomas Taylor, to the 
Globe, Sat. arr. 8 dep. 3— John 
Hopper, to the Globe, same days 




-»mi. '\E^t R%d%hg.'\ joc. 

^9carAro',.Robt. OwstOD, dep. Mob. <fe 
Tha. ret. Td. & Fh.— Jobu Ward, 
Moo. 4t, Thu. ret. same davs 

A^wio, Star Inn, Robert Uolden, Sa- 
turday, arr. 0, dep. 5. 

TWntfAolfw, Star Iim, P. Boynton, 
Wed. and Sat. arr. IJ, dep. 5 

ITlirfn^ aiKf fVtU Neicton, Star Inn, 
Mark Hick, Sat # arr. 9, dep. 4 

fork, Bares, PockleyA Co. every Tu. 
and Tbu. ret, on Thu. and sat. 

Brioham, in the parish of Fos- 
ton, and wnp. of Dickering ; 6 miles 
SE. of Driffield. Pop. 103. 
Blackstone Geo. vict. Board 
Joiittson Edmund, vict. Blae Ball, 

Frodlngbani Bridge 

Farmers. JoDuson Francis 

Bateson Jeremiah Johnson Wm. 
Botterilt John Robson^Samuel 
Hudson James Walker Francis 

Brompton Pottbr, in the parish 
of Canton, and wap. of Dickering ; 9 
miles west of Hunmaoby . Population 
vithGanton, S7S. 

Fatmert, Hopper Tbos. 

Groves Thomas Robinson Geo. 

Broom FLEET in the parish of 
South Cave, wap. of Hartbill, and li- 
berty of St. Peter ; 4 miles S.W. of 
South Cave. Population, 142. 

Fmnmertt tfe. Mainprise Wm. 
Bateson John Pnrden Joseph 
Hopkiuson Geo. Purden Wm. 

Coulson Thos. vict. White Lion 

BftouoH Ferry, in the parish of 
BUoQchtOQ, wap. of Hartbill, <k liberty 
of St. Peter's ; 3 miles SSE. of South 
Cave. There is a ferry boat kept here 
to donvey passengers across the Hum- 
ber into Lincolnshire, at Ferriby 
Sluice, Pop. ifidudingEllot^htOD,383. 

Brown Geo., corn factor 
Brown Wm. corn factor <& vict. Ship 
Holland Mancklin, yeuman 
Teriy Captain John 

Bdbwith, (p.) io the Wap. of 
Hatthill, a palt in the liberty of St Peter's ; 
t miles NNW. of Howden : pleasantly situ- 
ated cm the banks of the Derweilt, over 
which it has a good stone bridge of ten 
ai^es erected hi 1703. 'the livings of this 
Aurch are vicara^, ift the patronage of 
the King and the Dean and Cluster of York. 
Here is a Methodist ■ chapel, with a good 
Sunday school attached. The ground in this 
peighbourhood is remarkably fertilised by 
Che overflowings of the Derwent, and yields 
abundance, not to be surpassed exeept on the 
banks of the Nile. Nieholas de Bidywith, 


Bishop or Bith and Wales, randed hoe. «4J 
ha was one of the Eogltsh preUtes, 
tended the council of Constance, whenic 
Huss and Jerome of Prague, were< 
to the flames. Popuhttlon, 530. 

Chaplain William, gentleman 
Blaod Thomas, ^ntleman 
Flitix Nathaniel, feutleman 
Le^ Mary, geotlewomaii 
Newstead Geo. .«urgeon 
Wilkinson Rev. John, A. B. vicar 

Brmeeries, Scott Marmadoka 
Blanchard George, Smith Tbos, 

<fe maltster 
Youne John, 
CaukiU Wm. 
Clark Edmund 
Cockshaw Mfhw. 

Grundon Edw. 
Howden Wra. 
Hunter Tl)os. 
• Farmtrs. 
Bealby Joseph 

Thomas John 
Tinner Abraham 
Whitaker Samuel I 

Ask Thomas, (i 

parish cterk) 
Sberbum Wm. 
Smith Geo. 

Gotborp Tnos. 
Riehardson Geo. 

BrowobridKe Peter TaUors, 
Day John Bramley Greo. 

Hawkin John CaukiU John, {i 
Hoove ThoSk draper) 

Morritt Thos, Ridsdale Tbos. 
Newhnm Rjchard Scholeiield Wm. 
Richardson Wm. 

Biass Daniel, grocer 
Dudding Beiy. vict. Anchor 
Heuton John j coal mert. <& vict. 
Holtby Tbos. vict. New lun 
Hord Geo. bricklayer 
Pratt James, joiner and wbeeli 
Ros^ Thos. schoolmaster 
Ross John, plumber and glacier 
Tate Thos. blacksmith 
Turner Thos. saddler 


Mountain John, packet owner 
York to Selby .takes in <fe unl 
goods at this place once a fortau 

Brabbs John, (land) to Yorkeveiy i 
dep. a. mng. ret. same day. 
Howden, on Taes.dep.9mg. 
6 evening 

BitCKTov, in the parish of Br_ 
lington, and wap. of Dickering; 3( 
miles N. of Bridliogtou. Pop. 147. 

Dowslio ^ohn, bricklayer 
Robinson Thos. blacksmitb 
Rounding Samuel, corn miller 

Farmersm Johnson Tbos. 
Allison Matthew Oliver Hannah, 
Boddy Jane Buckton hall 

Bordas^ John Res. Wm. 


[Etut Riding.} mn. 186 

BuoTHORp, (P.) ID the wap. of 
Buekrose. and iiberW of St. Peter^s ; 
7 miles >NW. of Pocklinctoo. Tbe 
pamh church at. this plaoe m a small 
huiJfUng, of which the Rer. Christo- 
(4ier Roberts is t|^ vicar and patron. 
Popalatloo, 291. 

Banks Wm. schoolmaster and vict. 
Bixoa Joseph, carpenter 
Pexton JosepB, bladcsmith 

Smith Richard 
West Wm 
WetheriU Samuel 
Wbitwell James 
Wrigglesworth W. 
WrijAt Robert 

FKot John 

Cooper Tbos. 
Cocper Geo. 
Coverdale Jaoies 
Ftiot James 
Hotham Ridiard 

HatcfainsonMark Simpson Thos. 
fM^yVnn<Ai SlUtemaktrs, 

nercyWrn. Binge Joseph 

Smith Wm. Wilkinson Robert 

BuRDALR. in the parish of Whar- 
lam Percy, ana wap. of Buckrose; )o 
miles S£. of Malton. Population with 
Raisthorpe, 47. 

Ackkim George, ftmner 

EvRLAVDy in the parish of Bas- 
triagton, wap. and liberhr of Howden- 
shire; 8 miles NE. of Howden. 

Bell John, yeoman 

BuRMBOTTs, in the parish of Wat- 
ton, and wap. of Harthill : 6 miles 
SSW. of Dnffield. 

BuRVRT, (P.) in the wap. of 
HartbiU ; 2| miles SB. of Pocklington. 

mile »E. of HoniMe. PopulaUoii i»> 
daded with Horosee. 

Fmmmn^ LawtOD PhiHp 
Baker Wm. ' Watson Wa. 

Lamplugh Christ* 

Burtom AeiiRs, (p.) to tbe wtp. 
of Dickcrtaf % 6 oiiks SW. of BridUngiaa. 
Here is a bospitsl tot four poor widovi^ 
Ibunded by tit* widow of the late WnHsaa 
Boynton, Eiq. and endowed wtlh SOT. 10s. 
per annunit snd a quarter of a diaMnm of 
eosls. Thaehurcfa is dadleatad to St. Mar- 
tin, of whieh the Rev. ThomM If ilk, is 
the vicar, and Mr. T. A. Blllls patraB.->« 
Population, atl. 

Boynton Sir Francis, Bart. BmUNihaU 

Wilson RkdMid 

Kingston John 
Kingston Wm. 
Maior Robert 
Reason James 
Sawdon John 
Sawdon James 

Topbam PhilUs 

BeweU TMt. 
Day NicksQii 

Anderson Francis, gardener 
Coupland John, shoemaker 
Gibson John, blacksmith 
Jefferson Wm. Tkst. Blue Bell 
Lawson Norwood, scbootanaster 
Lee Wm. carpenter dk wheelwright , 
Lowaon Robert, com miller 

CewcAas daily to BeTerley, Hull, Brid- 
lington, and Scarbro'. 

Corners— George AmotK Oliver 8te> 
pbenson, and Jane Day, to Brid- 
lington, Wed. and Sat. 

hiinihi>lm« i« th* rt^ft^ «ii«i th^ T^nir* «*» w. Of BevcTley. The chuTeb, d«dl- 

bumbolme is the rector, and tbe Duke 
af Devonshire is patron. Pop. 95. 

FoDsonby Mrs. B. gentlewoman 

^reea Henry 
Jackson Robert 
James John 
Kirby Robert 
Parker James 

Smith Matthew 
Stubbs Tbos. (and 

Wilkinson Ann 
Wilkinson RicbaH 
Williamson Ricbd. 

RingTOse Richard Wright Wm. 

Blytb Wm. parish derk 
Clark Richard, blacksmith 
Harrison John> schoolmaster 

Brtrsta^ in the parish of Holme, 
and wap. of Harthill ; 5 miles NE. 6f 

BnnsTwiCK : for Popnlation, Di- 
rectory, and other particulars, see 

SaSCKLINO. the parish of Hornsea, 
wap. and lib^y of Holder uess ; ll 

catod to AH Saints, Isa dlichaifsd vicanga, 
in the patronage of thaDesa and ChaptaroC 
York. Here » a small Baptist chapel* ^Ik 
a Sunday school, \n which one hoa^^ 
ehUdren receive inetruetion. Hanbo's hoa- 
pital aocommodates six poor panons, and 
there isa imall endowed eebooi for tea bofa. 
Population, 834. 

•t* Letters arrive at ) past i mg. and at SO 
minutes past 4 afternoon. 

Berrv Rev. Abraham, Baptist minister 
Holcfsworth Rev. Thos. curate 
Watt Francis. Esq. 
Watt Richard, Esq. 
Wilkinson James, gentleman 

Fammrat Orespson Thos. 
Almack Thomas, JacksunJohu 

Burton Ling^' Johnson Robert 
Dunning Robert, Marr Henry 

(& corn miller) Sample Thomas, 
Escritt ;rohn Burton Gran||;e 

JEtut Midimg.'] 


Uoudt pi 

_ _ pleuaut WUIJiig Tliani 
cSdbiiiboiir WiUieUJahn 

AtU Dion John, Wlar 




bfSfUrltb clerk 
it A sboe maker 

OmtAt, Clirt>ti>pbe( Ion, to Berer- 
ley, every Saturdaj 

BurloH Clitny, teeCbetry BurtoD. 


nsh «( SwiDB, trap, and liberty of Hoi- 
demeM ; S miles N. of Hedon. Near 
ti> tbia bamlet itandi tbe andeat and 
elegant mamkHi of Sr Tbomai S. 
Co(utable,Bart. pleasantly situated la 
tbe centre of a la^ paik, well Mocked 
with deer, aad miluul raudem, oina- 
manted intii water works. 
CUITord Oeorce, E$q. 

SuTlKUi Hewm, &miei 
odpon luceph, brnier 
Omaa WilUam, com nillCT 

BiiRfoH Flsmikb, (or Nortli 
BiirtoB) (p.) wap. of Dickering", a 
milei S. of Hiinmanby. Tbere h 
Jwte a ctauicb, oi wbirl H. Otbaldes- 
ton, £iq. ii tbe palivu, atiil tbe Rev. 
Tboinaa Gilbank lior, aod a Metbo- 
distcbapel. Pop.sss. 
Bank* a**. Jabas, coiate 
Catfmim-i, Martin Wm. 
mn JotaD Uilner Rirkard 

HeiAekl TbiK. and 
fanKT,, Wmiani 

A ppteby John Rlby Gearn 
Artiey Robert Staieley Tbomai 
L'oulson Stepben Wbarram Tbos. 
Gray Jobn Gnctrt, 

Hall Wm. Lownsborougb W. 

Major Wm, Meeke Wm. 

Beawick George, (let. Board 
Cape James, scbctol master 
Coulcon Stepben, bone dealer 
Eurd John, vIct. Volunteer 
Ireland Genrge, bUKkunltb 
Pudtey Stepben, luilor 
RohlBfon Tbomu, sbnemaker 
Smltb Hattbew, cran miller 

Carritn, Jotia and Bettj IHloil, 
' ' -idllnfton eiery Satuidoy. 


PiDisA, (r.) la Uk 

nen, and Ubnty elt^ 

B.oCHedoD. AMtt 


and pleaunt nllace, tl 
irtdcfi are waU MH, and 
tannTe pnapett or tb« 
country. Tba cbnrcb la 


wllb alofty tower appaiMiUyofL 
uUqulty. Tbeiocuubeotiatkel 
Jonatban Diioo, Ticar: bere b ■■ 
wise a Hetbodiit chapel, built ia It 
Population aTS, , 

BBmeii HeT. Joseph Ligtitlaot, ixam 
Ctaubam WUljam, yemnu * 

Hadood WilUata, yeoman 
Jones Robert, Ueul. R. N. 
Raines Isaac, tiagean, Ac. '. 

BIoetHHUf, Salmon TboBWf. 
GraibyTlUM. SpeooerWilUNM' 
Rotuy Walter Wright John f 

ParwHTt, SUttmnktrt, 

Carter John Brown John 

napbam Robert Carter Wn. -, 
Cook Samuel HaiUDgiKkMil , 
Duke John nUm, li 

Ford Wm, Biown Tbos. ! 

Fcvd Tbocoas Pool Cbarln 

HwrrtMi Walna 9'i—lwriMi, 
Haitinp Ridwrd Stamford Joha 
HopUiion Joieph Walffate Joha 
Brown Daiid, plu«Aer, Ac. ■ I 
Brown George, bricklaf er 

Ford tbos. 

iney Wm. pariah derk 
d Tbos. giiicer and acl _ 
— iter, Tict. Bbick Bull 


Camtn, Peter Draw and DM 
Taiender, to Hull eveiy Tu. tlf-t 
tog, ret. T erg. 

BtjnTTHoarB, <c.) _ 
of Buckrose; & miles S. of 
Here is a Cburcb of tbe Kslabli 
ofwblch tbe Re>. Robe ~" 

U tbe incumbent. 

J thewMi 

of uiZ 


It patron; a Uethodist cbap^ *n« 
small Sunday lobool. In tbatM 
nS8,died FraodsCoosltl, of Uii M 
who bad attained ths patriBieMip 
of 130 yean. Pop.indudiug 1M» 
tborpe, ilS. 

Coatei Hark, stone masou 
Creyke Jobn, surveyor of But-Klttl 

DoukesRobort, tailed 
Haiby Wm. rtct. Bay Hone 
HitdioD Charles, Emcer 
Wales C. Eluemaher 
Ward David, blacksmith 


iUiso^ A Ami! 


[Eatt Bidimg.] 



JenniDgs Ttios. Wales Ueo. 
Pieslofi Wn^ Wkitvell Joieph 
Taylor Wm. Wood James 

BcTTeawicR, in the parisb of 
flOKiioles, wap. of Dickering ; 7 raitn 
9. of Driffield. There is a Cfaapel of 
Base, of which the Rev. Wm. Preston 
It oorate, and the rector of Fotboiea 
If patron. Popolation 98. 

^tion Richard, blacksmith 
weod Robert, grocer and taitor 

Parmm-t, Wardell Francis 
Holtby David Wibon Matthew 
Spink John 

Carlbtoh, in the parish of Ald- 
broughy wap. and liberty of HoUter« 
ness ; 8 miles N. of Hedon. Popula- 
tion included with Aldbrought 

Vidfortb John, fanner 
Stephenson Samuel, farmer 

Cauvabi, (p.) in th« wap. of 
Pickering; 21 miles SW. of BridUng- 
ton. Here is a Church of the Bstab- 
^hHieiit, dedicated to St. John the 
Baptist, of which the Rev. T. Simpson, 
Ticar. is the incumbent, and Sir G. 
Strickland, Bart, patron. Pop. 130. 

Farmers, Robinson Geo, 
Belwood Henry Seller John 
JcHdon John Sharp Thomas 

Reastone Wm. Smith Richard 
Grange Robert, tailor 
Grime John, grocer 
Shaw John, schoolmaster 
Wilson Wm. wheelwright 
Wright Benjamin, blacksmith 

Corr Housei, in the parisb of How- 
den, wap. ^ liberty of Howdenshire ; 
4 miles ESE. of Howden. 

CtutU Hill, in the parish of Sut- 
ton, wap. and liberty or Holderness ; 
« miles nE. of HuU. Tradition says 
that a castft once stood on this bill, 
of which, however, not a fe^tige is to 
Vb seen at present. 

Cat V088 , in the parish of Sigsles- 
.th(»me, wap. and liberty of Holdev- 
liesB : 9i miics NE« of Beverley ; is a 
small hamlet situated on an emmence, 
and affbrding an extensive orospeot of 
the neighbouring countfy : this liamlet 
was formerly the se{it of the Bethels, 
and previously that of the Constables. 
Tradition says that one of the kings of 
Uerda resided here. Pop. 49. 

Farmers^ Salviilga Josepk 
Hudson Wm. 9tahl<^r James 
Ruuton James Wheatley Qeo« 

CatUe Solvuff in the. parish 

Cattom ( High tad Low), 

tiarish of Low Cattxm, A wap. of Haii* 
liU ; T| miles BNB. oT Yoik. Them 
is a Free Gnmmar Sobool al High 
Catton, ibr teaching a lUniied numhnr 
of scboian ; here & a Chiirch of tba 

Catton Hioh. it a village in th* 
parish of Cation Low ; T| nU^Sc J. 
from York. PopuhitkNi iw. 

HeaMll Wm. yeooBan 
Hoisley John, yeoman 
Kirby Thomas, yeoman 

FmwmM, Kirby Joha 
Arnoit Thomas Manhail Tbot. 
Bell Francis, Cat* Unacton Robert 
ton park Quaiton Mn. E. 

Dales John SkeHon Thomas 

Johnson Joho Smith Tbooiaa 
Kemp John, Cat- 
ton grange 

Hutchinson Thoa. vict. Woodpcckat 

Laaenby John, tailor 

ShepheidaQn Thoa. joiner A oarptoCeff 

Shepherdson Wm. wbaelwrlghi 

Cmrri§r9, Henry RaweUff and 

Joseph Gate, to York every Sat. dap. 
at 7 mg. and ret. same day, 

Cattom Low, is a pnroobial 
village and a irectory ; the Rev. F. H. 
R. Stanhope, is rector. The church, 
which is dedicated to All Saluts, is hi 
I the patronage of the Eari of Egrainont. 
The Rev. Thomas Shield master of 
the grammar school . Pop. 177. 

Bosomworth Richard, yeoman 
Caldridge John, steward to Lci4 

Bgn*mont. vatton lodge 
Longbotham Rev. Ifafk, ouraCa 

Fonafrt, Kirby RkshaM 
Flint Wm. Loag WiUlaas 

Harbott Wm. Marshall Thomaa 
Hewison George Marshall ^n^. 
Honeley Mrs. H. Spenee John^ 
Stephenson William, jiMnev 
Vause John, sbgemalCer 

CATWicg, (F.) in tha wap. and 
liberty of Holdemass; U mllas NB, 
of Beverley, Tha cbiiidi is a small 
gothio structure, dedksatad to St. MU 
chael, of vhieh the King hi patvoSs 
and the Rev. John 'foxn H i^btov^-^ 
PopiUatk)n 190. 

Gibson George, yaomi^ 
Hood WiUiam, yeonum 
Park Godfrey, yeoman 
Plewrem Jolin, oom miUar 

Fafwcrt, ColUnioa Wm. 

Lowthorpe, and wap. ot PfckerUig ; 1 BaliUoo Henry piioa R^bait 
6 mO^ £, (If DrtiAiUi, I CUrkJame% * Uacdy Wm 



[EmH Midmff.l 


CwT<ir.— TlMwias Bagnr, to Hull 
every Fri. and Bererley every Siit. 

Cavb Nomth, (p.) in the wap. 
of Htfthtti, and Uberty of St. Peter's} S 
miles NW. of Soath Cave. The kxdshipe 
of North and South Cave were given liy 
William die Conqueror, to Jordayne, who 
after the euatom of those times took the sur- 
name of CaTe. The Methams of M eduun, 
had Unrmeriey a seat here which Is now pulled 
down. Here Is a ohurdi of Ihe estahllah- 
ment, dedicated to AH Salals, of which R. 
C. BurUrn* Bki. is patron ; with a chapel 
forth* Methodists, and anodier IbrtfafeSo- 
eietjr of FiicMdi. Populatioa* 78S» 

Clarkson Abraham, yeoman 
Poster Charles, geuUeman 
Foster Elisabeth, gentlewoman 
Hilton Joho, surgeon 
HolbamOeo. yeoman 
Sissons Edwara, yeoman 
Todd Rev. Roben, ricar 
Torrington Mrs. gentlewoman 


Fetch Richard 
Stather Edward 

Corn MiUerSf 
Fallowfield Wm. 
Lee Thomas 
Blossom Richard 
^▼erinfham Saml 
Lee Thomas 
Moss Wm. 
Stather Robert 
Walker Thps. 

Blaoobard 6eo. 
Brabhs Absalom 

Batty George 
Boast Richard 
Hicks John 
Stalnton John 

CollisonJohn and 

. Hewson Wm. 
Margatrovd John 
Simpson Wm. 
Sutton James 

Pievoy Thomas 
Wai? William 

Ellison Wm. 
Wrigbt John 

Coalson Wm. surveyor of highways 
CraggK John, paper malcer 
DaltoD Richard, blaclcsmitb 
Dean Tbos. vict. Black Swan 
ICirby Richard, surveyor of taxes 
Maxsaall Robert, bridclayer 
TindaH Matthew, schoolmaster 
Walker Tbos. vict. White Hone 
Watson Robert, gardener and parish 

Wilton James, vict. White Rorte 

Carrier.— Wm, Lundyi to HnU 
every Ta. and Fri, 

91m Rodv ST ooacb Iron Roll to 
Loniw passes here about 8 morn* and 





(P.)lnflwwqpcBtaksor Haidiill, 
liberty of St. Peter's; 7 af^lea SSB 
Market Wdghtoa; 9 Arom BcTcdeyi 
Amu HttU I * M firam York; 
aholtow, ftom which prohafaly it 
its name; Is a umU market imd poBl*a>aa|k 
hi the diTislMi of Hunsiey BeMOSi* tmiM 
the wecfem fbot of the Wolds, in a uttf 
plwesint tact of eountry, 
Aom the xivw Humbcr. The pasMkia 
extensive, and oomprdiends Ifae t9< 
of South CaTC, Brooaafleet, 
Osmandyki^ and is bounded on die soatfb 
fiwra very roneidcreWe way, hy theHoashgt 
The churdi isa phna and neat edifice 
catedtoAU Saints, theRer.iLW. 
Tioar and patrao, built;, as 
taMeriptUm hi the faiside, in 
These is a Natfonal Scbaol, Robert QhMI 
aeasteci The nMrfceC is h^ every M» \ 
day, at whkA a great q;aaBtity of — ^ *^ ' 
eoU, and sent by the Humber 
ijtvt fh fs to Lccdi- Wakefield, and the 
populous towns of flie West^Rldiqg, fa 
seb, wUdi bring back eoals, Buft^ 
stone, and varioiB other artMea. 
town is Caveosstle, now ttie 
dpel residaiee of Henry 
The mansion-house is a 
strueture, omsnented wlfh a Buadwr af 
turrets, batflencBli* buttreesei^ 
give It an air of magnifieenoew 
Ushments of the interior coiiestiend wlA f|i 
grandeur of the exterior. It 
specious and eiefaatapartnents, with 
select and valuatiie ooUectkm of 
die best naslent among these is 
of the late crietarated Oeaeial George Wi 
ingtnn, the ftwrnder of the AmeiicBii 
lie, whose greetignuidflidier, John Wi 
ton, lived here and poeceseed part 
estate: butenilgBatedftomhcBeetoA: 
about the year 1067, and settled at 
€ieeK, In the county of Westmordsa^ || 
Yirginia, whceethe ftanily has ever ilncaM 
nadned. Populatkwu B88, , 

Csffht of ik§ Far ff Comtp, MatMpi^ 

Letl«|i arrive at 9, and are sent oC evMf 
attemoon, atioAelo^ 


Bonard H, O. Esq, South CaveCasO* 
Day Frands, suq^eon. Market place ' 
Kiqr Rev, John, A. M; minister of St. 

Ja» ee *s ohnroh, Leeds, 
L e eso n Tfaavill^ «efit. Weet eaif 
UfiU Jamiti feot. Jfwkei plam- 

OQBitaans UMaV 








W«i. __ 
8«»fey BliB. gwlwBao. Hariwt pL 

imVson FiBndt. Market pbce 
SliurD Robert, National School 
Winaross George 

tibinsoo John, Market plan 
^ almsieycfeLeesou^Mariwt place 

Levitt Racbael 

Moriey Darid^ Market piaoe 

fkketmg Matthew ^^ 

jBoof omC AftofMafort. 
Atkinson Wm. (and leather outtar) 

Market place 
CaAs Joatmay Market place 
WMvy Saaiuel, Market place 
Thmpson Robert, West end 
Thonibam Wm. aen. Wettgata 
Thanham Wn. |an. Waitgato' 

Ifilner JFamas. Weatgate 
Smith J(^, ifarketplaoe 

Barrett Joseph, Mtfrket place 
CMe WiB. Market place 
Bolhom John, Maorket pkMse 
]Riidall Valenthie. Mutetptooe 
W». Ifarket place 

Alton Henry. Market place 
AyieSafnne^ West end 
Barir Abrabam, Market plaoe 
BndgeRiaD Giles. Market pkrae 
Fisher ThooMB, if arket place 
Fisher Murj, Weatgate 
Kirby Ridiard, Cave comnon 
LanoBter Wm. West end 
lAvemefc Was. C^ave cummoB 
Manhall Rkshaid, West end 
Maiahatt Robert, West end 
MaishaU Thooas, (end com nUler) 

MTmk Geom, West end 
IHdieU Samuel, Castle form 
RoUason Matthew. West end 
Rolsee Thomatt, Monnt airey 
Smith George, Ohve sands 

Itmg amd Ta»tnu^ 

Say Honel Rachel Levett, West end 
Bear Iim, Rhd. Newtore, Ifericet pi. 
Foe 4r Ccnayi Bamaid Cook, (eicise 

4r post QOoe,) Market placa 
Tbiee Tana, John TtodaU, Market pL 
WiodauU, Wm. Consen, Market pl« 

AtkiMoii Wm. Market place 
X?e8t« Mrnyi MttAekplooo 

Omgf Christepher, ( ♦ mat lor H. 

G. Banmri, Bsq.) Mailmt piece 
Gelland Joseph, Market pkM ^ 

Mood V Matttiew. Market pkm 
WanOey John, (A draper) MaihetpL 
^ . trimUnrigkU. 

^udam John . Westaale 
Nkhcdson Robot, end Derid Dearth 

Market place 
Petllekl George, Westfite 

BT, Market pi» 

,, — le dealer, Marhat 


HariSson Thoa. teddler * collar mkr* 
if olbom Geoiige. gunsmith 
S^^ ^^* fdumber A: glaeier 
Jeolomn ftancis. gfooar, druggM, 

Imen A wooUbo draper, dThaid- 
^ wue dealer. Market plaoe 

Oklfteld Wm. commou hiewer 

'^^'^te:«~*** dmper,Mei. 
* Ketplaoe 

StPtWBeii). okMk db watch mkr. 
Tindall John, cooper 

Walker Tboa. baker, Maiket piece 


Aval IA« Foe awl Csaap, Jfarhsf alact. 
TbeRonKBT, from Hull to Thoraew 
at 8 mng. ret. 4 evg. 

Osrr<fr»-^Blanchard and Cooseas to 
Hull, on To. ak Fii. dep. 4 aioBt. 
ret. 9 erf. 

Smithsott Fhmk, from Howden to 
Hall, air. at | pmt IS on Moadaj 
noon, and ret. ata on Tn. aft. 

CiiTiLi.B, in the perish oT Bast- 
rington, wap. and Ubeity of Rowden. 
■hire; 8 mUesNHB. of Howden. Po* 
pulation included wMh Portingtoo. 

Blauchard Geo. yeoasan, CavlBe hall 

Ca wKiLitoin the perish of Watton. 
aodwap.of HarthlU; «i mileamW, 

Hkholson BS jah, former 

Ca vTHoapn, (High and Lew) in 
the parishes of Boynton and Rndstone. 
and wap. of Diekeriei^jei aMles WZof 
^fington. Fop.M. 

Milner Maior, former. Ijow Caythern 
Daggett Rkt^former, Hii^ Cafthoi^ 

CAtagwidff, In the parish of BasN 
rinftoB, wap. and libertyiof Howdei^ 
shire : a miles fi[om BeTorley. 





Cherry Burton, (p.) (other* 
Vfhe North BurtoD,) wap. of Huribill ; 
3 miles NW. of Beverley. Tbis is 4 
rectory, dedicated to St. "Michael, Mr. 
Robert Moxou and others are patrons^ 
Ibe Rev. R. D. Waddilove, dean of 
Ripon, rector, and the Rerv. H. W. 
Hunter, B.A. curate. Pop. 417. 

RobinsoB David, Esq. Burton hall 

Farmers^ Stephenson Ralph 
Almack Tbos. Vickers Robert 
Burgess. Richard Shoet ifc. makers, 
Johnson Wm. Battle John 
Lee John (db horse Everingtaare Benj. 

dir.) Gardham Wilson Thos. 
OibbLerJohn Tailors, 

Purdon Robert Cross Thos. 
SissoDs Wm. (<fe Horsfield Thos. 
. shopiceeper) fTkeeluHghU, tf^. 

Smith Antnouy Archer Thos. 
Stepbemon Buttle Coolc John 
StephensonLawro. Watson Stephen * 

A mot John, bricklayer 
Biiton John, jun. vict. Bay Horse 
Qriffin Wm . blacksmith 
JolipsoD Wm. shopkeeper 
Miogley Wm. schoolmaster, laud sur- 
veyor and parish clerk 
Watson John, machine maker 

CorriVt'— (Robert Sissons <fe Wm. 
Cook to Beverley eyery Saturday. 

CLiPPB-tfuipir-LuND, in the parish 
of Hemingbrougb,'and wap. of Ouse 
and Derwent \ a miles E.of Selby. The: 
sciiool at Cliffe, has an endowment 
of about -^0/. per annum bequeathed 
about a century ago by Mrs. Mary 
Waud, to teach 20 scholars ; the salary! 
allowed to the schoolmaster, Josepn 
Turton, is 30<. per aim. 16(. being re- 
served for coutiogencies. Pop . 50 1 . 

Burton Wm. gent. Turnfaan) hall 
Baxter Jonathan, yeoman 
Cankill Thomas^ yeoraaa 
Morfitt Win. yeoman 

Shepherd John, ^ 
blue aiate dhr. 

Braitfaff^ajt TlioBms, .tailor 
Brbadbent George, wheeiwrif^ 

Brovn Tbos: viot. Plough. A Ship %. 

Holrotey Wm^ shopkeeper w 

Pratt Wm. blacksmith c 
Robinson John. vict. Queen's If ead'A' 

Shaw Henry, snopkeeper T 

Twiton Joseph, schoolmaster - 
Walker Wm. corn miller 

Clippe. (North.) in the parisll; 
Sancton, and wnp. or Hartbitt ; 3 
S. of Market Wetgbton. Pop. 89. 

Farmarsy . Geldart Barney 

Appleton Tim. Leake Francis 

Appleton Wm. Leake Wm. Jan.* 
Foster David 

Appleton Simon, vict. Gate 

Clifpb, (South,) in tJie pai 
North Cave, and waiK ofHarthiU; 
.miles S. of Market Weigbton. 
lation, 131.. 

Cash James 
Gardam Robert 
Geldart Edward 

Appleby Robeit 
Buelde Henry ; 
Bussey Wm. 
Clarkson Geo, . 
Craven James 
Hulfon James 
Lono;fello\v F. 

Shepherd Wm. 

Barluw In. end 
TempleiDfin Wm. 

White moor. 
Vollans Maryj 

White moor 

Lettey John, New-Web^ttir Geo. 
land's house WilionWm. (and 

Nftvpev Mary^ , com miHer 

Gdole hall • Mhotunakm'K^ 

PliiUps John, (<& Milner Robert 

'butcher) Fiud^r Peter 


Geldart Wm. 
Knapton Wm. 
Tindale Tbos. 
Wild Geo. 

Turner John, shopkeeper 

CoNisTON, in«ihe parish of S^ 
wap. and liberty of Holdenwss 
miles NE. of Hull. Pop. lar. 

Brook Wm. bricklaver 
Hewit Joseph, blacksmith 
Lingwood Wm. scboobnaster 
Morris Edward, wheelwright 
Northgrave Jane, vict. Board 
Smith David, tailor 

Farmers, Tavender Wm.. 
Carrick Tbos. Skiteataktr*^ 

Curtis John Fairhank Wm. 

Grave M&tthew Spoffbrd Wm. 
Hobson Henry . 

CoBPS Lakdino, in the 
of Hutton CranswiCK, and wap. 
Harthiil ; 6 miles 8E. of DriflleW. 
wharf on the river Hull. 

Dalby Natl^an, farnier 

CoTHAM, in the parish 01 
toft, wap. of Pickering, and lil 
St. Peter's; 6 miles NNW. ( 
field. Here is a Cbupel of ] 
Langtoft. Pop. 16. 

Brown Rev. Wm. curate f 

Hprul)^ Thomias, gent, farmer . 

>'i COTTlKeHAM, (P.)iR th# WtkptM 
Harthtn ; |Q miles NW. ^t HulK This phm 
U^ ya^ cMcifterablc sntiquity and naM 
anoioii^thft niott pleawnt, hwHhftil, sad 
popukms yillqges pt the East Ridiiig of 
Yorkshirer Cottiiyghain was known as a 
manor at tU« tlm« whfn Domcidajf hocik 


[Eu9t Riding.^ 



msoomiiiled; aad-Hii stated liy Leiaad iD 
his CoOeetaiiea, tint WiUiun d'EitotevUte or 
SttttBfvUle, hetag OmUr of Yorksiiire, enter- 
tabid S^gJolm st fait houae in this town, 
andinlSOO, obteinedftam that monazchft 
lioenee tohold a market and fidn* heref and 
to fivtiiy hi* caatle. This manrion, under 
the deiipMtian of Baynaid Castk;, remained 
a monument of ftodal magnifloence in tiie 
fueoeHiye p oaa cn a ion of the StutevUka, the 
BigodsandtheDeWakea, until the i«ign of 
Henry VIII. when it waa deatroyed hy flff,t 
but the ramparto are atiU ▼iaible,.and the 
fosgea with whieh it waa aimoundea aie seen 
in the gaidena which now oeeupy the aite of 
the ancient eaatle and ita pradncta. The 
story of the eenflagiatiiai of Baynard caatle 
iscnioaa, and charaeteriatieof the numarch 
inwhoaereignitwaadeatroyedt Henry, who 
was tiien at HnU, hearii« that Lord Wake 
of Cottingham, had a very beautiful wife, 
sent a mesaage t» hia kvMiip infarming him 
that it waa hia intention todine with him 0M 
day foOowing. This intimation the nohle 
banm icoeiTed with feelinga resembling thoae 
hy whidi the patriarch waa moved when the 
Piinees of Egypt condescended to notice him 
on aeeoont of his wife Sarai; to say that 
Lady Wake^ waa hia sister would have been 
unavailing, her Uad therefore took a still 
move eflhctuai meana of preaerviag hia wifePa 
honour and his own head; for on the very 
night that the measage waa reoeired fimn the 
kiqg, thesCeward, byorderof hia maater, set 
file to the cMtle and burned it to the ground : 
H was of eooraei^ven out tiiat Uie fiie waa 
aBBidq< h J, bntitappeara Ikom certain £unUy 
manusenptsit ttMtitwaaaaaerifioemadeby 
ambjeet, to aivert the edBaaqnaaeea appre- 
hended iitam the eontaminating pwncnee of 
alieemkwapiinca. Henry, in diBinttnifi. 
omee of hia dbpoaitlon, «ttHed to picsant 
hit leidahip with WM. towods the n- 
huilding of Baynard caatle, but hia lordship 
was hi no faumoor to reeaim preaents fWnn a 
person whose firiendship he so much dreaded, 
and tiiis once finnooa edifice haa been iuf. 
feed to aink into utter ruia. On the death 
of Lord Wake, without male iasue, the lord- 
Alp of Cottinglham, with two thousand four 
hundred and sixty-six acres of lai^, came 
into poiKssion of the Duke of Riehnumd, 
the Eail of Westmoreland and Lord Powii, 
who had married hhi three daughters, ainoe 
whidi time tlie cstate^haa been divided into 
toffee manoiB called Cottingham RlchnHmd, 

* The market has long been diaoo*- 
tmued, and the on% fSair now in exiatmee 
M held on the flaaat of St. MartUi* 

1 In Attguat, 1541. 

% TickeU'i HuU, pagt 188. 

Cottingham Weatmoicfauid and Cottfaigham 

In the 15tfa year of the reign oT 
Edward II. Thomaa Lord Wake ftmnded 
and bnflt a muna a te iy tor the eanooa of die 
order of 9t; AnsUn, or Black Canons at 
Cottingham; bat finding Hat a perpetual 
title could not be made to the aite, Oe 
mo naa tary was removed, tai I3f4, to a 
neii^bouring hamlet, about a mile to the 
aovAward, called Attaptiaa, or Haltem* 
price, in the emmty of Hull, and dedicated 
to the nativity of oar bleased Saviour, the 
annaneiation of the Viigln Mary, and the 
exaltatkm of the Holy Croaa. This reH- 
gknia house oontfnned to flourish tiU ttie 
diaaohitioa, when "tiiere waa a prior and 
eleven canons, who were endowed, aooord* 
fa« to Dugdale, witti lOOC Or. SJA and 
aoeonfiog to Speed witii 178t 0». lO^dL 
In the dtad year of Henry VIII. the altn 
waa granted to Thomaa Culpepper, hot the 
houae aunk into ruin, and haa now totally 
disappeared. Haltempilce now bdonga to 
the ancient Ihmily of the Elleikera» ii extr»> 
pnroehial, and pays no palish rates. The 
parish ehurdi of Cottinglam la a large and 
handsome gothie structure, built in the year 
197*> Md dedicated to St Mary, the virgin, 
A statdy tower or steeple arises ham the 
eeatret the interior ia eonamodious and wett 
lighted, and the waBa are adorned with 
aeveml dagant moBuments, eapecially thoae 
of the Burtons of Hotham. In the choir la 
an old tomb-stone without date, nearly as 
ancient as the ehurdi, erected to the memory 
ofNidiohndeStuteTillethetounda'. The 
living is a vicarage, not in duuge« of tht 
certified value of W, of whidi the Rev. 
Jamea ]>caas, is the incumbent, and die 
Bishop of Chester, the patron. There are 
two meeting houses heret tiie Independent 
dhaiptit of which the Rev. Spedding Corwen, 
ia the miniater, and the Methodist diapei» 
supplied witii a diang* of ministers frosn the 
annual oonfercnoa There ia alao an en* 
dowed achool for the educatioa of ten poor 
children, the revenue of whidi is 40/. per 
annum, bequeathed by Mark Kfarby, Eaq. of 
HuU, in 1719} and a dole of lOf. a year left 
by Robert Mills, of Cotttaigham, and distrk 
bated amongst the poor at Christmas. 

There are aumeaovs apringa of exeet» 
lent water in and about the town s and in the 
eatate of Thomaa Thoaapaon, Esq. ad^oMng 
tot^aneientraadeallsd&eidfateb leading 
from Cottingham to Kpplawoath, an hitet^ 
mitting sprinp waembiir^ the Vlpaiee or 
Oipaiea, apeh^ontbewQlda. The openings 
of these springs are numerow and the quan* 
tity of water iaiuing Ikom theari'is very grea^ 
They begin to flow in the sprtngf and con« 




[East Siding] 


tiuue for two or three mootlwa when (he 
water totally subsides, and the ground coq- 
tiAues pexfectly dry for aa intanral of two, 
three, cr four yean. With su$h iotermis- 
uons the springs seem someUmes almost for- 
gotten unUl the re^ppearaaoeof the water 
brings them to the remembiance of the in- 
habitants, who in their Auniiiar language 
are aocustcnned to say, " Keldgate spiings 
.have broke out again." 

Twenty years ago Cottfngham was a 
favourite place of residence for. the more 
opulent portion of the merchants of Hull, 
and it still boasts of many handsome eountry 
houses, gardens and pleasure-grounds; but 
they have rather diminished than inoreased 
during that period. The parbh forma an 
irr^ular figure approaching to a square, and 
■is about 4 miles in extent Arom East to West, 
and team North to South. The soil is va- 
rious, and is occupied in a manner suited to 
ita quality. Immediately adjoining the town 
the land is chiefly cultivated as. garden 
ground, and produces laijge quantities of 
fruit and v^geUbles fox the Hull market 
lu Che village of Newland, in the eastern 
jpart of the parish, there i# a great extent of 
pasture and meadow land, firom which Hull 
u supplied with milk and butter ; andon the 
edge of the hills to the west are many very 
considerable farms of arable land, in an im- 
proved state of cultivation. Two; stage 
coaches run daily between Cottinghiun and 
Hull, and ftom the facility of communica- 
tion, the former may be considered in the 
aubuTbs of the latter place. The population 
of the parish of Cottingham, amounts to 

4*t A foot postman brings letters from Hull 
every day, except Tuesday. 


Deans Rev. James, A.M. Ticar 
Haworth Benjainln Blayds, E.sq. rtuil 

Bank house 
fiykes Daniel, Esq. M. P. fbr Hull, 

Ray well 

Askham Martha, gentlewoman 
Biltoo Wra. gentleman 
Carlile Jane, gentlewoman 
Carlile George, gentleman 
Carlile Robert, gentleman 
Champney Tho«. Nelson, gent. 
Codd Edward, solicitoif A town clerk 

CoHish Mary, eentiewomftn 
Carwea Rev. «.f Calvioist minkter '^ 
Ellis Pbineas, gentiemaa : 
HabbersbawAL gentleman ■ 
Hebblewbite John, gentleman 
HoUand Mankiin, yeoman 
Jackson Wm. yeoman • 

Kay Wni. gentleman 
Ker Richard, Esq. 
Leek Rebecca, gentlewomao 
Melbourn Mary, gentlewoman 
Moxon Wm. gentleman 
Rennards Mrs. gentlewooian 
Ringrose Samuel, gentleman 
Ringrose John, yeoman 
Ritson Wra. attorney, d;c. 
Simpson Ann, gentlewoman 
Swann Sarah, gentlewoman 
Travis John^, gentleman 
Watson P. w. gentleman 
Westoby John, gentleman 
White John, gentleman 
Wilkinson Wm. Watson, gent. 
Witty Wm. gent, (hind agent) 

Deans Rev. Jas. A. M. (free gram 
Green Wra. (boysdassl. <fe oomn 
Jackson EUzabetb, (la4ies' day) 
Lave rack Alice, (ladies' homiag) 
Levett John, (gent's, day) 
Stather Tbos. gent's, boarding) 

Gibson Wm. 
Ross Francis 

Green John 
Humble Wm. 
Martin John 
Wordle Thos, 
Corwen Thos. 
Spenceley Wm, 

Bricklayers, ^ 

Coverdale Henry EveriDgbttm 
Coverdaltf John Fisher John 
HiU Wm. 
Stark Wmv 
Stather Samuel 
Hutty Joseph 
LiveisedgB Wm 
North G^. 
Ross John 

BrigKs Robert 
BrigDam Wm. 
Bromlev Wm*^ 
ButtricK Mark 
Calvert Joha 
Dalby James . 
Dales Wm. 
Day Robert 
Deighton Jane 
EUerton Josiab 
Ellyard Samuel ' 
Everingham Jt^ 

GfTecJtt W. K. 
Hudson John 
Kirk Geo. 
LoQgfoone Ji 
Lund Wm. 

Cabine^mkert, Mantle Geo* . 
Carter Joseph Moore Mrs. £» 

Prescott RipbaWI 
Reader Geo. 
Ruston Thos. 
Smith Robert . 
Smith David 
Stainton Thos. . 
StephensQn John 

Ross Mary 

Datby Daniel' 

Dickinson Thos. 

Green Wm. 


Ooni'inillers, t^LciJuctuivti juu 

Allison <fe Wrigtit Thompson John 

Todd Robert 
Todd Robert 
Take Wm. 
Turner Robert 
Twkllo ftiehird 
Twidle W». 
Wallis Wm. 
Watson Wm. 

Bctf^ess Geo. 
Ahnn Jonathan 
Archbutt Thos. 
Archbutt Wm. 
Atkinson Wm. 
Bailey John 
Bell Nathaniel 


[East Bidififf.] cov. 


^Udoson John 
nUdoson Thos. 

nUy John 
Kide Elizabeth 

chbtttt Jmin 
iby Wm. 
Wm.: . 
ras Couls^n 
(leby Mthvr. 
Ibill John 
m James 
^rios Joseph 
cton walk 
im John 

Gee Stephen 
Hebblethwaite J. 
Hentig John Wm. 
Honley John 
Kay Wm. 
Lee Wm. 
Mano Samuel 
Rennards Thos. 
Smith John 
"Stephenson R6bt. 
Stocks Benj. 
Toitie Richard 
Watsoo Peter Wm. 
WUkiMon Wm. 

EUerton llei^. 
Noble Geo. 

Butler Marl in 
Hotbam John 
Ransoo Robert 
Whisker Thos. 

Cook Aon 
Dixoo Matthew 

ie Richard 
>n Robert 

>B Richard 
It John 


Grav Stephen 
Kellinfston Joseph 

Lonffbone John 

herd Matthias PhilTpson Sarah 
ler Robert WiOlls Geo. 
nson Joath. Sitrgeom, . 
Watson Samuel 
Webster Tbos. 

Agnr Thomas, sen. 
Crosier John 
Pattenon Robert 
Russell Thos. 
ifstooe Jas. Wilkinson Thos. 

/itm and Tavenu, 

n Thomas, Cross Keys 
inson Elixabetby Angel 
by Wm. Wagjron ani Horses 
my Stephen. Tiger 

Wm. Prfnoe of Wales 
ill Rhd. Dnke of Cnmberland 
Thomas, Blue Bell 
Rfitty James, Plough 

Miiceilany of Tvadet, 

n Thomas, hair dresser ' 
ton Samuel, carpet manufacturer 
rliU George, accountant 
~T Wm. H. collector of taxes 
erdale Henry, organist 
ToTerdaie Wm. sexton 
? roft John, linen weaver 
yrroves Riehard, horse dealer 
runnee Wm. druggist. 
Iff«srtin Abraham, nursery ic seedsman 
PITaliace Elizabeth, cowkeep^r 
nrilkinsuQ Thomas, parish clierk 
W iikinion William, saddler 

CoaeAM->Two Stage Coaches to Hull, 
erery mg. at 9, and ret. 5 aft, 


Robert Dookio, Charles Morrod, and 
ChrUtouber Todd, to Hull eveiy 
Tu. dk Kri.dep. 1 mg. ret. evir. 

Charles Morrod and Mn. Wrtde, to 
Beverley every Sat. dep. 8 me* 
and returns in the eveninjr. 

Charles Morrod and JohnHollbam, to 
Market Weighton every Wed. 

CoTTiNowiTH (East), in the 
parish of Aughton, and wan. of Hart- 
biU; 9 miles NE. of Selby. Here U a 
Cbafwl of Ease, of whteh the Rev . John 
Fox is incumbent; likewise a Frienda 
Meeting-house, aiid a Methodist cha- 
pel. Pop. 309. 

Lkxmp Mn. Emma, gentlewoman 
Iifottingham Wm. yeoman 
Webster Simeon, genUeman 
Wilson Wm. yeoman 

Colbert Michael, vict. Ship 

Gell John, butcher and vict. Blue Bell 

HaU Peter, blacksmith 

»aiiifaigwav Wm. wheelwright 

Seymour Geo. taikir 

Tasker John, com miller 

Williamson Geo. bricklayer 

Vt^x driUMgn, 
Amell John 
Thomlinson Edw. 

Blancbard Geo. 
Yeoman John 
Bailey Thos. 
Bell Wm. 
Cook Richard 
Gell John 

Smith Wm. 
Smith John 

Duddiog Francis 
Sherbum John 

Pieroy Wm. 
Room James 

GatfTMrt.— .George Seymour and 
Geoige Williams, to York every Sat. 
dep. at 5 mom. ret. 6 evg. 

. Corrxcas. in the parish of How- 
den, wap. and liberty of Howden- 
.shire ; 5 miles SB. of Howden. A 
vety imalLviUage near the river Ouse. 
Population, S9. 

B^th Edward, yeoman 
Goimdrel David, farmer 
Robinson Wm. farmer 

CoirftTQAaTH Walk, to the parish 
of South Dalton, and wan. of Hartbill ; 
4 niHes NE. of Market Weighton. 
Richardson John, farmer 

Cowrthmae, iu the parish of Yed- 
inffhani, and wap. of Buckrose ; 9 
mues NE. of Maltoii. Population in- 
cluded with Yedi ogham. 

Fanners, Lovell John 
Emroer&up Rbd. Smith Ssviuel 
I Gibson Geo. jun. Tindale Geo. 

lEatt Riding.] 

CowDo« ot CoLDOw, (Onatmd 
Uttle) both In the pMhh (rf MjwuIb- 

iwn, nkMnUTritoBtedDnr Id Um 


S%StT«ii«»S.«(Bo™e«. A 


the IObk !• patnu. Tb* Uriog lUli 


SSJ^ tbTdrnwh to nrrflowd hy 



Fanwn, 0<inbHi Vm. 

Aksiola Pottn ChiM. 


■rownJoto*" LSfcCoirton 


CotllMoaWm. WarcdoWm. 
DuksTboi. WhItakerTtaot. 


Oaul Wm. LlUto Cowdon 


fMdatoD B«iij. 




Hm ti a Cbmcta of tb* EitablMi- 


Sent, or whldi tba pnMut iBembeat 
ktWRer.T.F.nonl, rector. Pa- 



tron, B.F.Bow~,E.q.' Pop. 38. 


BlutOjDiiaUan, faAnar 


CaaAM, U tb« pailik ot 8M- 
mere, uid wap. of BdcIoom; H ja*- 
NW, of DrtfBaU. Populatko UKlod- 
CrortOD Boy. Rowlutd, k. M. Ttew, 

Croan baB 
Smka J<riiii, bnMt 

lam. In - 

nen : T tnil^ESE. of DrlOeU. to?- 
Indoded witli BeeCoid. 
Seren J<An, fanoBr 

', coonty * 
AUbMOB AutkoDT, Mek mi 

Kidd John, <«»«_.. . _^ _, .w^ 
White loia, iapariata>daiit of the 

tile nanuCwtoi? 

Daitob Vomtw, (r.) ta the 
was. ot UaithUli Tl aillei SV. (rf 
I^iEeU. Hera a a imaU epboopal 
chapaU dedicated to AU *^toU, pa. 
b^iJ. Bftcktelhwaitaand MfaiCbf 
tUm; aUoalleUwdirtcbiqieU<^.8«. 
BUndiard Rer. Joba, la rwmh e irt 
Buttle Woi. (entlemaii 
BIbdIdi; Tbomaa, feoman 
luad John, jeomaa 

Farmtrt, Wlltoo Wb. 

Dowkei James BluctnaUi, 

Hopiiel Gto. Banntn John 


BRi. [East Riding.^ dri. 


Fnnmers, Floater Geoi^ unggliug houim) tke main strann in the 

ColUns John Foster Eiixabetb neighbourhood, vhidi at tht Southern ex- 

Dbiohton, in the parish of Es- ti«mfyof the town, ii«il«ved into «na, 
crick, ana wap.ofOcae and Derwent; ^«**» «n^» •»<* which, with the oth« 
5 mUisSSE. of Ywk. Pop. 168. *-*"•*- *— ''"^ *' ' *"- 

tributary waters, takes the name of the 
River HuU, a little below Frodinghwn 
bridge. At Wansford, about thiae miles to 
the South of the town, there ia a large carpet 
and linen manufactory, and several laxs* 
flour mills olitain motion for their maehinery 
^ from tiie neighbouring strauns. The 90it in 
, tins nei^bourhood yields abundant crops, 
' and is in high cultivation ; it is exceeded by 
scarcely any luid in the ooonty. The fa- 
mous short homed bull Patriot, bred by 
Mr. George Coates, was fed here, and sold 
, for 600 guineas; and Mr. Coates afterwards 
fared a eow from the same stodc, for which 
he refused, unwisely periiaps, 1000 guineas. 
, The com trade at Driffield has, during the 
last half eentory, greatly increased, and this 
circumstance is accounted for pvtly from 
the central situation ot ttie ]daoe» and the 
t prolific nature of the soil ; and partly from 
i the facilities which water carriage aflbrds for 
its transit, both to the London mwket and 

Beckitt Wm. vict. Swan 
Bell Jofieph, carpenter 
Bland .John, shoemaker 
Wiley John, bricklayer 
Wilkinson Wm. gent. 
Wilson James, butcher 

Farmers, Raven Wnu 

Bentley Thomas Ricbardson Jobo 

Daniel Geor^ Rkshardson Tbos. 

Farrar Wm. Scholeiiekl Benj. 

Graves Robert Wilson Jobn 

Penrose Wm. Youof Francis 

MHightm Hill, in the parish of 
Escrick, and wap. of Case and Der- 
weut; 4i miles SSE. of York. 

Dbmmino, in the parish of Car- 
naby, and wap. of Dickerin"^ ; 4 mis. 
SS w. of BridUngton. 

Prestcod John, former 

DiMbfifOTON, in the parish of 
Eaaineton, wap. and liberty of Hol- the markets of the populous districts of the 
J ..^. _:i^_ an ^f i>-*-;««*^« _, yf^^ Riding. Thursday is the market day 

here, and the.busiuess done in the article of 
grain is frequently very considerable. The 
parish Church, which is dedicated to An 
Saints, is a veperatde pile of Gothic and of 
Saxon architecture; the precentor of York, 
as prebendary of Driffield, is the patron, 
and the Hon. and Rev. E. Rice, D.D. is the 
present Rector. The steeple is of more 
modorn date than the church ; and tradition 
relates, that this light and dcgant stracture 
was built by one of the Hotham family, to 
absolve a vow made dHriog a dangerous 
illness, to undertake a pUgiimage to the 
Holy Land ; or, as another version of the 
story has it, as the prieettf afasrtutioo fur 
the sin of incontinence. There are here 
chapels for the Baptists, the Independent*, 
the Methodists, and the Primitive Metho- 
dists. The public imtitutions are few, but 
highly beneficial $ they consist of a Dispen- 
sary, to wMcb Dr. Foif e is the physician ; 
a National School, established in 1816, in 

demen ;<» miles SE. of Patrington.— 
Pop. included with Easington. 

Siiddaby Samuel, farmer 
Wilson John, farmer 

DowTHORP, in the purish of 
Swine, wap. and liberty of Holder- 
ness ; T mi£» N W. of Hall. 
Whitaker Thomas, yeoman 

Brbwton, In the parish of North 
Cave, and wap. of Harthlll ; 1 mtle N. 
of Sooth Cave. Population, with 
Eveitbcnrpe, 17T. 
Baron Sarah, gentlewoman 

Flint George 
Metcalf John 
Usher Edward 

Usher Robert 
Wetherill Robert 
Wood Francis 


In the wapentakeof HarthUli and liberty of 
St. Peter's: 12 miles from Bridlington, 13 
from Beverley, 19 ficom Malton, 92 from | oomievan with the East Riding Society, and 
HuU, 23 firom Scarbrough, 30 from York, ; supported by voluntary subscription, where 
and 193 from London by way of Lincoln, [upwards of 100 eluldren reoeiva instruction, 
Driffield is a well-built market town, situated under the tuitu>u of Mc Nathaniel Chap, 
at the foot of the Wolds, and is the point at ' lain ; and a Book Society, held at Mr. Wtn. 
whidk the river Hull takes its rise, being | Turner'^ in the Market-place. There, is 

formed by the confluence of a number of 
fine trout streams, which run in various 
courses in the town and neighbourhood. 
The town consists chiefly of one large and 
broad street, running nearly from North to 
South, parallel to which runs (amidst 

also a penevolent Soeiety» for the relief of 
the indigent, a Rdlgious Tract Society, aud 
an auxiliary Bible Society. The neigh- 
bourhood of OriflBeld is healthful, atid 
abounds with gentlemen's seats, of whtcK 
there are no fewer than six, viz. Sic T. 




[East Riding.] 


SykM, Bait. SkdmcM ; Sir Frandt Boyn- 
Um, Bart. Buitoii Agon ; W. T. St Qidn- 
tan, Eiq. Lowthorpe: Horner Reynard, 
•Bmi. Siindeiiandwiekt John Grlmsloa, Biq. 
Ncawicki and Charles Grimtton, Esq. 
KilDWkki The population of this place is 
mpidly augmenting t in 1801« it Amounted to 
13291 in 1811» to 18S7; »oA in 18fl, to 
8303. makingan increase during each 10 years 
of about five and twenty per cent, and the 
ntioof mortality, owing to the combined 
Influence of the salubrious situation of tlie 
town* and the healthAil punuits of the inhabi- 
tmtb docs not exceed one in sixty per annum. 

tiiTTiiB Drifpiblo \» in the 
parish of Greitt Driffield, and 1 mile ftom 
it to the North West This is the burial 
fdaee of Alficcd, Or Alchftid, king of Notth- 
nmberlandt who died here in the year 708* 
smd to perpetuate whose memory a tablet, 
with the foUovring inscriptian, is placed on 
the South side of the dianeel :— 


JAKl7iLllY 18, A.D. 702, 

Siatuhtm est omnibUM setnet tntfti,* 

It is believed, that tliere was here at the 
lime of this monarch's death a royal palace, 
%rhere be died after a long illness. But it is 
also' said that he died of wounds received in 
Itettle, at fibbenton, near Scarborough. — 
That this neighbourhood has, at one time, 
been the theatre of extensive military opera- 
tions, is manifest from the numerous tumuli 
in the neighbourhoud, called, *' The Danes' 
Graves;" but we search tn vain for any 
Well authenticated historical proof, that tlie 
Saxon ihoharch fell in battle eitlier here or 
elsewhere; and William, of Maimesbury 
states distinctly^ that be died of a painful 
disease, which was regarded as a visitation 
taf Providence towards the king, for expelling 
Saint Wilfrid ftom his dignity and posses- 
aions. An idle story, -published at the in- 
stance of persons whos^ rank and educa^ 
tion out to have taught them better, has 
been propagated, and found its way into 
many publications, to the efftet— that in 
the year lVd4, the Society of Antiquarians 
in London^ sent a det>utatiun to this place, 
to search fbr the body of the king (which 
king they have converted into Alfred Uie 
Great, who died 200 yean after the North- 
umbrian moaaTch.) The deputation, it is 
added, began their lalx>urs on the 20th of 

* It is appointed for all odcc to die. 

September, and terminated them wifii 
plete success; for, after digging some 
within the chancel, they found a 
coffin, on opening whidi the entire 
of that prince presented itself, with a 
part of his steel aimour I The Anii 
who searched for tlie remains of 
consisted of a party of gentlemeq« 
Driffield, at the head of whom was a 
Baronet but the investigation 
entire disappointment— BO stone 
steel annour--4n fiset, no rdiewl 
that monandi was fbunds and the 
pointed delegation, probably n> 
edgeof ridicule to wliiefa they 
been exposed, vamped up this 
which a regard for the fideli^ of 
has induced us to explode, oo the 
of the worthy clergyman who at 
fills the office of perpetual ooiate. 
year 10O7, when the diurch of Littia 
field was taken down tad rebuilt^ the 
gentleman to whom we have just 
made another seardi, but in vain, 
remains of Alfked. When the 
were bared, it was fiinnd that tiie 
and the chancel had both been 
siae, and that if Alfred had really 
tened near the North wall, uponwhidkl 
inseripUpn waa formerly pahited, that 
mains must now lie in the chuidi 
the hisariptkm itedf the origin fei 
known i but it is known, that it 
twice renewed within the memory ef 
and that it has undergone various 
dons. The church of Little 
discharged vicarage, with Great 
dedicated to St Peter, of which the 
Richard Allen is the perpetual 
There are here four innual .Hairs, 
charter f^om king Alfred, on Easter 
day, Whit Monday, the 16th of 
and the 19th of September, tat 
homed cattle, and sheep. Pop. 75> 

PosTMASTKR, Christopher La] 
OJIieey MiddUttrmi, 
Letters ftom all parts arrive in one faagi 
Maltoa daily, at 7 mg. and are 

patched at 10 minutes past i ati 


Allen Rev. Riohard 
Barnhy Mrs. JoDe, Churdi lane 
Beaumont Rev. John, Middle i 
Biass Wm. Esq. Middle street 
BcNTton John, yvoman, Church laoe 
Boyes Bri'an, g;ent. BeverleT road 
Broadwick Geo. gent^ Middle street 
Brown Mrs. Jane, Middle street 
Brown Mrs. Judith, Burlington road 
Carter Wra. j^eoman. Back street 
Conyers Mrs. Ann, Middle street 



[East RidingJ] dei. 


> Wm. gent. Middle street 
TiMx. sent. Middle street 
)ii Mrs. Elix. Doctor lane 

3w John, ffeot. Westgate 
, FnuKis, M.D. Biirlingioo tt. 
rioTbos. i^nt. Bridge rtreet 
Jfiss Hannah, Middle street 
I Christr. Esq. Southorpe lodge 
Wm jreomaD, Burlington st 
ftev. Thomiis, Middle st. 
Ann, genfcwA. Middle street 
Rev. Thos. Middle street 
Tho. FiBDGis, Bsq. Whitehall 
^ Rev. Henry, Beverier road 
l»tdiwrenoe, jrent. Burlington st. 
t Mis. Ann, Market place 
>y Mrs. eentwn. Middle street 

Rosert, gent. Bastgate 
m Miss Margaret. Bridge st. 
i Thos. gent. Bailiiwtoo street 
Henry, gent. BurilDgtoD st, 
Mn. Alice, Mill street 
BUn Rev. Jas. Baptist minister 
Q Fras. gent. BuifiDgton st. 
Jbhn, e^t. Geonre street 
I Capt. William, Westgate 
I Robert, gent. Market ptause 
I Thomas, gent. GeoraesU 
» Rev. Wm. Ind. minister 

ITathL (national scb.) MiU st. 

B Mil. EUs. (la.hdg.) Middles!. 

John, MiU street 
Rer.John^ Bridge street 
~1 Robert, Doctor lane 

1 Thomas, Westvate 

»n Miss Jane, (ladies' bdg.) 
le street 

I John, Middle street 
^Robert, Middle street 
r John, Bortiiigton road 
ipes Richard, Middle street 
Bhhius Thos. Burlington street 

mluirh John, Bridge street 
tBsseli John, Maricef place 
Mmansey John, MMdle street 

Bahn and ConftHUmtn. 
^Qk Votty, Middle street 
(eddy Junes, Market plaoe 
^ytef John, Westgate 
Jwd Matthias, Prospect rew 
VBid John, Middle street. 


5«t Riding (branch of ) Rbt Dandy, 

^ , ajent. Middle street 

■alion North Riding Bank, (branch 
of) Hagiies, Strickland ^ AUen, 
Martet pi. draw on Barclay dk 
Co. London^ Milburn AUison, agt. 

BteeitMiilAt aad Fmriir$. 

Dk^enson Thos. ^farrier) North end 
Dondas Henry, Middle street 
Dunning Geo. (fhrrier) Bridge st. 
FoUey Mark, Middle street^ 
FoK Robert, Middle street 
Graham Wm. RiTer head 
PoolDarid, Hariand lane 
Rennison Joseph, Geoige street 

Huddlestone George, Marketplace 
Laybourne John, (dk printer) Middle st 
Turner Wm. (dk printer A agent to 
gen. tea compy.) Market plaoe 

Boefond Blemidkart. 
Calam John, Middie street 
CatUe Wm. Middle street 
Cotton Etehard, Middle street 
Cotton Thomas, Chorch lane 
Dove Matthew, Westgate 
Prankish Robert. BuiBiM^too street 
Lyon Richard. Middle street 
Ploder Jas. (dof dk patten) Middle st 
Pool Henry, Harlaiid lane 
Ransom Thomas. Middle street 
Rayner Wm. Middle street 
Robeon John, MiU street 
Spark Wm. Geoige street 
Thompson Thomas, Middle street 
Wilkinson John, Doctor lane 
Toong Wm. North end 

Brtiosrs und MuiUttrtf 
Allison Milbume( maltster only) Doo- 

tor lane 
HowdenThos. (b. dk m.) Middle st* 
Pftpe Wm. (maltster only) BuriiegUm 

Porter Wm. J. (b. dk m.) River heed 
Stephenson George, Westgate 
Whltty Wm.(inaltsterooly) Middles! 

Brieklay§ra mtd PUuimwn, 
Atkinson Wm. Middle street 
Dandy John, Middle street . 
Mytom John, Middle street 
Pickering Wm. Market plaoe 

Pidcering Wm. Market place 
W<v)din^iam A lei. Burungton street 

Blakeston John, Middle street 
Hcmper George, Middle street 
Hutchinson John, Middle street 
Jewison Robert. Market place 
Milburn Samuel, George street 
Pdhrot John, Middle street 
Parrot Harper, Burlington road 
Richardson Robert, Middle street 
Stephenson Christopher. Middle st. 
Waddiogham Thomas, Market place 

Cabmsi-makmrgf Ac. 
Etheriogton George, Middle street 
Grassam John (broker) Middle s 

B » 



[East RuBngf] ' dri. 

Hall Edward, MiU ttnet 
SbeplievdMHi Geo. Middle itreet 
White Geo. Builiiict4m street 
WilMHi Ffancii, MSdle street 

Holtby Wm. BurtiAgton street 
Piercv James, RWer bead 
ReastoD John, (builder) Middle st. 
Truslove Geo. (boilder) Middle st. 
Walker John, (builder) Middle st. 
WhHe JobOy BorlingtoD street 
Woodmantey Jobo, Middle street 

Pletcber John, Market pliioe 
NMbolion John, Middle street 

Cum ami Coal Mtrckamit. 
Dawson Tbomat, Riverbead 
Harrison James 4t Sons. Riverbead 
Lampliurb David, Rivernead 
Porter wm.juB. Riverbead 

Com MiUert, 
Dawson Tbomas, Riverbead 
Dickon Wm. King's mills 
Fidler Robert^Beh mills 
Parkin Wm. Wind mill 
Sever Jobn, Dye Garth mil) 

Sherwood Geo. (tea dbr.) Middle st. 
Ti^r Pennock, (tea dealer <& porter 

merchant) Marlcet place • 
Artley John, Wold 
Blakestone Matthew, Little Dritteld 
Bolbam Henry, Wansford road 
Boyes Thomm, Back street 
Carter Samuel, Back street 
Danby Georfe, Westgata 
Drinkrow John, Westgate 
Hotbam Thomas, Kendale bouse 
Hutchinson James, (grazier) Little 

Lamplucb George. Little Driffield 
Nipe Wmj Kendale 
Odlin James, Little Driffield 
Piercy Matthew, Borlinipton road 
Smiu Thomas, scarbro' road 
Robson John, Wold 
Tmner Reed, Danes dale 
Wbitty Mary, Middle street 

Fire amd Lifi Iniuratue OJIoot, 
Hope, Robert Dandy, Market place 
Norwicb|Wro. Turner, Market place 
Phc^uix,Wm. Porter, sen. Market pi. 

Dandy Joseph, Bridge street 
Dandy Robert, Market place 
Hall ueorge, Middle street 
Johnson Samuel, Market place 
Keddy James, Market place 
Lamplugb David, Middle street 
Nicholson John, Klverhead 
Porter Wm. jun. Riverbead 

Shepberdson Creorge, Middle st 
Stephenson Benjamin. Middle st. 
Ushaw Harriott, Middle street 
Wilson Francis, Middle street 

Qotdtnertf Nunery, md Smdtmau 
Anderson David, Riverbead 
Dawson Thos. (seedsman) Ri' 
Farthing Michael, Backstreet 
Harrison James dt Sons, ( 

Pickering John, MMdle stieet 
Pickering Wm. sen. Bastgste 
Pickering Wm. jnn. Beverley laM 

Olat9f China if Bartheawaro 
Thompson Jane, Middle street 
Woodmansey John, Middle street 

€froe§rs and Tga Dealmrg^ 
Dandy Robert, Market place 
Dandy Joseph, iun. Market plaoe 
Hall George, Middle street 
Johnson Samuel, Maricet plaoe 
Nichobcm John, Riverbead 
Otley Wm. Market place 
Porter Wm. sen. Market place 
Robinson John, Market place 
Wilson Francis. Middle street -^ 

Wrao^bam Robert, Market place ^^ 

Lamplugb Davkl. (shoe ware! 

Mioale street. 
Thompson Jane, Middle street 
Wiangbam Robert, Market plaoe 

Imu and Tavemt. 
Bhick BuU, James BeiiselL Noitfr; 
Black Swaq,M. Walker, Madket 
Blue Bell, Saml. Witty, Market ■ 
Blue Bell, Wm. Scott, Rlveibead 
Buck, John Snowball, Mkldle st 
Cross Keys, Mark GiU, Market] 
Horse and Groom, wm. Mbe 

North end 
Jolly Sailors. Tbo$. Picketing, 

Nag's Head, Geo. EiberingtOD, 

Old Buck, John Walker, Middle 
Red Lion, Mary Wbitty, (excise < 

<& post chaise) Midale street 
Rose & Crown, Thos. Wardell, iMif 

Driffield I 

Shoulder of Mutton, Cbrintiofffcrt 

Stephenson, Middle street i 

Sloop, Wm. Porter, jon. Riverbead 
Star, Geo. Piuder, Burlington st 
Wafflron ds Horses, Geoince H< 

Jiarket place 
Wheat Sheaf, John Asbton, 

White Horse, Wm. Moody, Nortili 

Ironmonger* and Hardwaro Dsalsrs,! 

Atkinscm Thomas. Market plaoe 
Smelt Thomas, Marketplace 


[E(ui Jttdif^.] 



JJUpM George, Market place 

Lamd Snrvevort. 
Jackson Thomas. Mawet place 
Reaston John, AlHldte street 
Russell John, Middle street 

Linen Matmfaeluren, 
lantett Johu, (Chapel lane 
plelsbaw Tbomas^ Market place 

Lmai and ff^wdlen Drap$n, 
ndy Robert, Market plaoe 
ady Joseph, jmi. (baberdasiierj 
Market place 
0Uey Wm. Market place 
ioiter Wm. seo. Market place 
minson John, Marketplace 
fWiaqgham Robert, Market place 
, Livery Stable Keepere. 

wnnton Nicholas, Prospect row 
igson EUsabetb, Middle street 
I Jobo, (horse dlr.) Doctor lane 
ck Creorge, Middle street 

MuekiM Makers and Miltwrigkie. 
Booth James, Buriington street 
FoUey Mark, (poruble, thraahinfr, 
, tunup<feooradrill,) Middle St. 
Johosoo John, RWerhead 
JuMienoo John, Middle street 
Trosiove George, Middle street 

I MiUmtrt, ^e. 

Dandy Hannah, Middle street 
Harland Mary «fe Bessey, Middle st. 
HoUiam Sarah, Prospect row 
Reaston Mary, Bridlington ioa4 
BeduathAnn, Marketplace 
^mvXt Mary, Maricet place 
w<^Kter Jane, Middle street 

Phtmbers, Qkmers and Paiuien. 
Dry Richard, (pi. <fe g.) Middle st. 
Dry Robert,' (pi. <fe g.) Middle st. 
LtelestoD Richard. Middle street 
Mmn John, Mjddle street 
^ider Andrew, Mill street 
Woodmausey John, Middle street 

^' Rope and Tlcine S^imure. 

garday James, Middle street 

Qellsbaw Thomas, Market place 
Saddlers, and Collar Makert, 
:Mwood Wm, Middle street 

fediDon Wm. Middle street 

»gwopd John,(collarmkr. )Middlfi st. 

^ait£ Mary, Burlington street 

Httmphiey Roger, MUdle street 
l«i«e9ster Blivibeth, Middle street 

Spirii and Wine Merckanis, 
^by ife Stainton Middle street 
Dsvfoa Thomas, Riverhead 
Harrison James <fe Sons, Riverhead 
Hodgson Elizabeth, Middle street 
Lam^ugh David, Mid41e street 

Stttn amd Me^ie Mt 
Collingwood John, Middle itnet 
Uieksoii John, Middle street 
Hodgson John, (marUe) Middle it 

8^me Oai Mmuifittmen, 

Sandenon Mercy, Market place 
UUyoU Maiy, Market place 

Clemeet Jo»ph, Middle street 
Harrison Washingtoo, Mkldle street 
Uorwood Joseph, BiMm street 
JackaoD Francis, Mkldle street 
Watson John, Middle street 

Baron Matthew. Middle street 
Bursell Jaeies, North end 
Dandy Joseph, jun. Market plaoe 
Hohnes Robert, Cbiireh lane 
Houghton John. Bridge street 
Johnson John, Borflngton street 
Meek Creoige. Middle st/eet 
Morris Wm. Doctor lane 
Oliver James, Middle street 
Sellers Wm. Market phne 
Sproxton Richard, Middle st. 
Spioxton Geo. (A dpr.) Middle st. 

Taitew Ckaitdiere, 

Harrison James 4c Uoxw^ Riverhead 
Sherwood Juhn> Burlington st, 
Timher and Raff Mercbanie, 

Barnhy <fc Stainton, Middle street 
Pienn- James, Riverhead 
Reaston John, Middle street 

Titimersand Branieri, 

Hayes Wm« Market pUce 
Smelt Tbomes, Market idaoe 
fTatek a9d Clock Mak^. 

Dobson Frank, (ash tackle mfr. and 

brass founder) Market place 
Jefferson John, Market place 
Laybourne Christopher, Middle st. 

Reaston John, Market place 

''*™*l?.'?..®*;°^se« (* wire worker) 
Middle street 

Walker John, Middle street 

fTortled Mqm{facharer^ 

Drury John, Westgate 


CarrkA Wm. Hex spinner, Bell mHIt 
Diixbury Law. paper mkr, BeU mills 
Fletcher Jph. excise offoer, Westet, 
Foi Wm. tanner, Paradise house 
Goodrich Rbt. stay mkr. Middle st, 
Hamer John, overlooker of the canal^ 




[East Riding.] 


Hobmn Geo. currier ami leaiber sel- 
ler, Middle sftreet 
Huddlftstone €leo. tiosier and glover, 

Jefferson Mary, dwas dt stay maker, 

Middle street 
Laropliwii John, sheriff's oilioer, 

Bri^ 8U«et 
Marsh wm. exciseman, Middle st. 
Mathers Jamev, basket mkr. Mill st. 
Pulman Tbos. waterman. Middle st. 
Randall Wm. vessel owner, Middle st. 
Robiuson Thomas, hair dresser, <fec. 

Robson John, letter carrier, Mill st. 
Sanderson James, nmbrella A parasol 

maker. Middle street 
Sherwood Geo. salt mert. Middle st. 
Wadditt}^am Alexander, constable 
Walker William, fellmonger, Little 


The WftLLiKOTON, to Bridlington A 
Scarbro' every m/^. in summer, ^ 
3 days per week in winter, at 10 
mi;. To Hull t bf. 13 mg. 


The Pro|rr»M,Capt. Thomas Randall. 
The Hopa, Capt. John Randall, <fe 
the Sp^y. Capt. Chas. Verity, 
reg^lartraders to Hull every other 
day for goods. 


BaintoD, James Wallis, from Crou 

ir«tft,Thtt. a 1 d^ 
Beefonf, Rt. Stephenson, from CVosc 

Ktyi^ Thur. a 1 1 d 4'. 
Beverley and Hull, Philemon Asbton, 

Beil (fe England, T. Bleukinsop, 

<fe Ji^mes Donkin, Mon. dk Thu. 

at 9evg. 
Bridlington, Leo. Denton, and John 

Leighton, Mon.Thu. <k Satui 1 d 6. 
Foston, Wm. Hall, Biw BeU, Tba. 

Fridaytborpe, Tbos. Pearson, Crott 

Keys, Thu. a 1 d 5. 
Frodiugham, Robert Jefferson ds Hy. 

Pickering, Blue BeU, Thu. a 1 d5. 
Garton, 'John Foster, Croee Key$, 

Thu. a S d 5. 
Hull, see Beverley. 
Hutton Cnmswicky Geo. Snmm^nBon, 

and Dinab Booth, Blaek Swan, 

Thu. a I d 6. 
Kilbam> John Harland, for MisM Har» 

ioHde^ Thu. a 1 d 5. 
Kirkburn, Rbt. Stockdale, fTaggon 

and uorsef, Thu. a 2 d a. 

Lanrtoft, DaviH Nightingafe 

Bell, MkU pU Thu. a 1 d 6. 
Malton, Philemon Ashtoo <fe Tlinnnjt 

Blenkinsop, every Wed. A Sat. ^I' 
Middleton,My. Robiusoo, Croas ICm^ 

Thu. aid 5^ -7 

Middleton, John Shields, fTaggmt 4hi 

Hortee, Thu. a 1 d 5. . ^ ^ 

Nafferton, Francis Johnson, 

K4y», Thu. a 1 d 5. 
Rudston, John Hopper, Croat 

Thu. a 1 d 5. 
Scarbro\ Bell dc England, and X 

Donkin, every Wed. <k Sat. 
Wetwang, John Holtby, Croa* 

Thu. a 1 d 5. 
Whitby, James Otmkin, every 

and Sat. 
York, James Baye^, (<fe the ftsli cai 

every Tu. «fe Thu. 

Dringhow, in the porfsta 
Skipsea, wap. and libertv of H ~ 
ness ; 9 miles E. of Diiflield. ] 
lation, Inoluding Skipsea, BfOQgfa« 
Upton, 164. 

Haider Emainwl 
Kendrew Same^ 
Lamplagfa Jotal 
Ronton Geo. 
Shepherd Joaepk' 
Wardill Tboe. 

Cam miUars, 
Dawson Wm. 
Milner Wm. 

Bradshaw Riobd. 
Clark John 
Dobson John 

Drypool, (p.) in the wap. and 
beirtyof Holdeniess; on fhe eastern iMn^fc] 
the river Hull, and is eonudeied a pact 
KtngitOD-upon-Hull. Its population 
to 1400. Near to Uiia place is aappatcd* 
liave stood the village of Frisnieck,! 
up by the innndatioDi of the Hui 
The diurdi Is now rebuildiQgs ttie 
dows and arches of the cdd stmctiue 
carefully preserved, and the 
worked from the same patterns and 
bigs, so as to perpetuate the style of the 
church, which is about Che year 1300. 
patron of this parochial curacy is Wfll 
Wilberibroe, Esq. and the diurch is 
cated to 8ti Pater. 

DuFPi ELD (North,) in the pariiK 
of Skipwith. wap. of Ouse and 'Daw 
went, and liberty of Howdensbiie ; • 
miles NE. of Selby. Pop. 4^8, 

Millington Wm. yeoman, DuffieM haM,'- 
Spoif(tfth Samuel, yeoman 

Bulehert, Carr Thomas 

Castle Robert Danwl John 

Riobardson Wm. Dowlas Jaroei 

FamurSf Duffing J. BImIu* 

Addison Thos. wood bosse 

Bell Geoiige Gamett Edw. (<fr 

Calvert Wm. corn miller) 




[East Riding.] 




Unesatk Tbtm, 

Ringnwe JoliM 

Soott Robert 
Thompsoo Geo. 

Klliogton Hthw. Todd WiUiam 

Bellas Tbomflfi, blacksmitb anil vict. 

King's Arms 
Dnrlel Robert, com fiu^tor 
Fowler Wm, wfaeelwri^^bt 
I flnmsiU Geo. shoemaker 
JUdiardson Add, Yict. Cart 4s Honei 
■ivp Jobo, tailor and shopkeeper 
[teoBs Robert, schoolmaster 

DcpriBLD (Soqth)» intbepflriih 
, of Hemingbrough, wap. of Ouse and 
i Serwent, and liberty oi Howdenshiie ; 
|4Bi}aiEN£.oCSe%. Pop. 181. 

I A}ih James, yeonan, Nortiitoft 
I iudlesey Wm. yeonan 
IsMnsoB John, yeooMn 
Bohinsoa Joseph, gentlemao 

Famen, Moilitt Thomas 

AtkiosoD Geo. Ripley George, 

Hoines house Dyson liouse 

flkkiiisoo Geo. blacksmith 
llarsball John, sboemaker 
Wade James, whtwlwrisht 
WeMmke Joseph, vict. Cross Keys 

DoeoLBBT, in the parish of Kirby 
firtndalytb, and wap. of Buckrose ; T 
Idles SB. of Malton. Pop. 154. 

%)iiik Francis, yeoman 

FaroMrt, Spink George 
BiowB Robert W»y Richard 
Hopper John 

Bo^ Wm. wheelwrigfat 
MoDkman Robert, blaeksmith 

Dwteoales, in the parish of How- 
den, wap. and liberty of Howdensbire. 

DuMNivoTov. in the parish of 
Beeford, wap. ana liberty or Holder- 
oess ; T miles NN W. of Hornsea. Po- 

Fonnerf, Knapton Robert 
Rairisoo Francis Moolson Thos. 
Jordan Thos. 

DovHiiieTOK, (p.) in the wap. of 
Oiue ud OerwcBt, it liberty of St. Peter^t 
4 mUei fi. ot YorlK. The high road hen 
diTidet the East fic^m the Noith Rldhig : the 
cbonb, of wfaidi the Earl of Bridgewater is 
flw patron, and the Rev. Edward Jones the 
netor» b dedicated to St Nidiotas ; here is 
ahoallethodistchapd. Pop. 551. 
Agar John, fleatleman 
Baiws H. Bf . |i;ent. Easttleld house' 
fiarkecTbooMs yeoman 

Brown Bfatthow, 
Jones Rev. Bdward, rector 
Land WiUiMB, yeoman 
Moncktoa Wm. gentleman 
Prest Wm. govt. Dtinnington kidg^ 
Shililoe Mrs. gentleworoan 
Storr Mrs. gentlewomnn 
WaneCord HeBry, yeoman 

Btaekamilka, Buckle Robeit 
Barker John PletrJier Wm. 

Creaser8arah Gibbon Wm. 

Britklaytrt, Harrison Henry 
Holmes Wm. Hudson John 
LotheringtonWm. Palfreeman John 

AildMrf, Thompson Ann 
Foster Josepli Tbom)woo Wm. Co. Ware Geo. 
Smith Thomas SekooimaHen, 

BuUtr and Baetm Bell John 

Hodgson Robert 
Bfentoft Wro. 
Wilkinson Thos. 

Mentoft Wm. 
Smith Geo. 
Thompson Fnuids, 

(dfc auctioneer) 

Consit John 

FM«art, Waterwoith H. 

Butler Frands 
Butler Jokn 

Dales Wm. 
Eaden Thos. 
Hornshaw Wm. 
Wilson Thoi. 

Agar John 
Barnard Richard 
Bell Robert 
Buckle John, sen. Nelson Wm. 
Buckle John, jun. 

Biitterfteld James, vtot. Cross Keys 
Ljnfoot Sarah, Yict. Greyhound 
Turner William^ corn miller 

" ^ ft 

DoKswBLL, in the parish of Cot- 
tingbam, db wap. of HarthiU ; 4d mis. 
NKW. of Hull. 

Barnby Wm. Tict. Waggon A Hones 
Bell Wro. vict. Coach and Horses 
Plaxton WiUiam, gardener 

Formsri, Turner Robert 

Atkinson Wm. Waslin Robert 

Bfoore BfsB. Elis. Wilkinson Jobn 
Rttston Thos. 

Basing TON, (p.) in the wap. 
and libMtr ot HoktoraaH : 6 miles SSE. oC 
Patxingtoo. The Church, dedieated loAll 
Sahita, las very snaioiC small GoIUb atras. 
tare, of which the AxshWahop ot Vork la the 
patroo, and the Rev. Gaoige Imaan, petpe* 
tual curate. Pop. 486. 

Bnlson Thomas, butcher 

Charlton Michael, schoolmaster and 

earlsh clerk 
Chm John, land surveyor 
Curtis Robert, schoolmasti^r 
Cuthbert Robert, com miller 
Fussey Wm. weaver 
JobiMon Wm. yeoman 



[East Riding J] 


Walker Francis, vict. Granby's Head 
Wilson William, yeoman 

Blacksmiihs^ Groe^rs, 

Dou{{las Thos. Mason Wm. 

Longman Robert M*Kee Wm. 

Farmers, Ricbardson Aon 

Branton Bartblw. S^oemaktrs, 

Clubley Francis Cbarlton Francis 

Dalton David Dunn Daniel 

Fewson John Quinton John 

Futty John Taiiors, 

Hail John Cockerline Tbos. 

Lawson John Cole John 

Mason Robert Johnion Thomas 

Milner Sarah Kemp George 

Ricbardson Peter H^heeUerighU, 
I'ennison Michael Bridle John 

Wilkinson John Medforth Geo. 

Thomas Kitson, to Hull Thnrs. dcp. 

10 morning, ret. Sat. 2 afternoon 
William BlenUn, to Hull every Mon. 

evening, ret. Tu. evening 

Eastborn, in the parish of Khrk- 
bum, and wap. of Harthill ; 8 miles 
SW. of Driffield. Pop. 12. 
Boyes Bethuel, yeoman 

Easton, in the parish of Bird- 
linfton, (fe \rap. of Dickering ; 1 mile 
W. of Bridlington. Pop. 21. 

Hudson John, farmer 
0\rston John, farmer 

Eastrington, (p.) in the wap. 
and liberty of Howdenshire; 4 miles ENE. 
of Howden. . Hen is an andent chureh 
dedicated to St Michael, of which the king, 
is the patron; likewise a Methodist chiqpd, 
and a free school, endowed with3(M. per 
unnM""- Population, 37fi. 
Battye John, yeoman 
Spofforth Rev. Ralph, vicar 

Carpenters. Smith Joseph 
Thompson Mthw. Towl Joshua 
ThompsonStephen Turner John 

Farmers, Watson Thomas 
Birks Wm. Shopktmers, 

Goundrell Wm. Belt Wilfiam 
Horstley Wm. Holmes John 
Norwood John 

Brownbridee James, shoemaker 
Jackson Jonn, blacksmith 
Morritt David, com miller 
Savill Thomas, schoolmaster 
Swann Thomas^ vict. Bay Horse 
Young John, tailor 

Easthorp, in the parish of 
Londesbrough, and wan. of HartbUl , 
2 miles N . (tf Market W^gfaton. Po- 
pulation included withLondesbrough. 

Botterill John, farmer 

Botterill Wm. farmer, Middlethorp 

Easiwoody in the parish of Tbom- 
ton. and wap. of HartbUl; 6 ndlit 
6W. of Pocklington. -* 

Eddlethorp, in the parish of 
Westow, and wap. of Botdorose ; ^ 
miles 2S. of Malton. Pop. 6iS. 
Field Joseph, Esq. 

Carter Thomas 

Cundale Edward, farmer : 

Otway Frederick, farmer and sqKi 
veyor of hi^ways 

Bight and Forty House, in the li^' 
rish of Eastrington, and wap. of Hafl?, 
hill ; 5 miles WS W. of South Ca:ve. 

Ella-Kirk and West, in 
parish of Kirk-Ella, and wap. of Hu 
5 miles WNW. of Hull. From the 
day book* it appears that at the lime of 
survey* the village of Kirk-Ella was a 
of the poasenkxis of Ralph de 
At present several braiudies of the 
mercantile family of Sykes possess s 
property in this parish, and are 
of the churdu Here, as well as at 
riby and Cotlingham, several of the 
thy merchants of Hull have el^ant ' 
of residence. In the church at Kirk-' 
dedicated to St Andrew, which 
be a very ancient structure, is a 
monument, erected to the memory of the 
Joseph Syk6s, Esq. who is supposed to li _^ 
had more extensive dealings with the noliiel 
and merdiaats of Sweden, than any oC^ 
person in England; he was twii» mayoir 
the town of Kingstoo-upon-Hull ; he 
in the year 1805. Population, 368. 

Bourne Wm. gentlenaan 
Dobson Mrs. gentlewoman 
Eggington Joseph, Esci. magistvate ; 
Hammond Peter, gentleman J : 

Huntington Wm. ffentlemaa ' \ 

Jones Anthony, sirversroith 
Smith John, gentleman 
Sykes Rev. Richard, magistrate, Wci^i 

Sykes Joseph, Esq. 
Sykes Mrs. Ann, gentlewoman 
•nger John, druggist 
WHkinson Rev. Wm. James, A.M.* 
Wilkinson Mrs. |i;6ntleworoan 
WiiliamsoQ Jane, gentlewom^ 

Farmers, Watson Wm. Wed 

Aoey Peter, West EUa 

Ella SSioemakere, 

Brigham John Hessev Wm, 

Foster Peter, WilberTorce Thos 

West Ella Shopkeeperm, 

Smith Wra. Aoey Tbcnnas 

I Stathev Robert 


[Easi Riding.} els. 


Critp John, wboolnaster 
MushaU £liaiaieUi» btedBmiili 
Raosom Wm. joiiier aad oarpmiter, 4t 

Jtaittte Tbwi. Tict, Anchor 
WUIdnMw Win. butcher 

^Ctrrien.— John Burn and John 
WWtby, to Hull every Td. and Fri. 
totheBoimy Boat, Trinity House In. 
0^. Terg. let T mom. 

SiLBBBT, in tbe parish of Swine, 
mp. uMl fiiwrty of Hoidemess ; 6 
■^ IJ. of Hedon. Pop. with Dow- 
taotp, Ungtborp, AOwbrougb, 238. 
brehaid Ralph, vict Board 
" Wm. blacksmith 
»U Stephen, shoemaker 
I John, yeoman 
fe Wm. wheelwright 
»r Thos. termer, Bowthcnrp 

-,^.^«w?Mr», Dunn Peter 
Wm Wm; Spetch Joseph 

vviiB John 'nninpson Wm. 

BliiBbksb, in the parish of Bran- 
wWMBi, wap. of Howdenshire; 1 
wie S. of South Cave. Pop. 249. 
Alton John, yeomaii 
CjunDpoej Ricfaard, gent. 
Hodgson Dennis, yeoman 
««0B Thomas, gent. 
wTitt J<Nm, yeoraao 
«iiiiwm Rer. James, A.M. curate 

FojNfu. Robinson Thos. 

tontooRielunNl Kudd Charles 

nshlsy Thos. Thompson Thos. 
HeedEhsabetb tToiKbwoM 

BUeifcer Sands 

Bdi Thos. corn mOler 
Dodds Wm. sliopkeeper 
HaldenMr Richatd, tailor 
Milsoa Thos. shoemaker 
Wrecsel Thos. csfpenter 

Oamer.— Thomas Nicholson, to 
wai and Wittim every Ta. 

Ellbrtom, (f.) in the wap. of 
HaitlnIl;9in]a.SW.ofPockliiigtao. Here 
VMfixmerly a Priory of Caaoui of the Sem- 
P'iitfttn Order, founded by WiUiemFita 
Pctor, befoie tiie year 1212, whkh ooo- 
l<n<Md toilouiiah until flie 11th of Decem- 
tar, Ifi36 ; when this priory was surrenderad, 
ty John Chddfaig, the prior. Here ise chapel 
^Jteed to St Mary.of wMeh John BettieU, 
Hq. ii pttron; tiiere is also a Methodist cha- 
ptli PopuktioD, 31& 

^own Robert, gentleman 
WilkiMon Rev. John, vicar 

Clark John Smith Robert 

HatlMdPetet Stephenson Wm. 
Johnson John Wate James 
Riobardson Wm. Watson John 

Brown John, cum mSler 
CaiT John, tailor 
Lee Sarah, shopkeeper 
Wilkinson Wm. schoolmaster 
Young John, sboemkr. A vkt. Board 

Corrter.— John Haslewood, to Yorli 
eveiy Sat. dep. at 4 m. ret. at 8 evg« 

BLLOoearoN, (f.) in the wan, 
of Haitbill, a pait in tlM Hberty of St. 
Peter's; 8 miles BE. at Sooth Cave. 
The church, dedtaated to St. Maiy, is 
a very ancient GoUile stnietare, of 
which the prebendary of Wetwanc , tn 
York Chatbedial, is the patron, and tbe 
Rev. John Overton, jun. the vicar ; 
here are likewise a Calvlnistand a 
Methodist ehapet PopulatioB, with 

Bioiigh, aaa. 

CarUU Mrs. Mary, gBnUAWoinaii 
CarrThomas, yeoman 
Prescott Wra. yeoman 
Thompson Rev. Joseph, curate 
Wiltdnson James, yeoman 

Jefferson Rbt. 
Jeffetson Wm. 
Ringjrose Saml. 

Haldeuby Rhd. 
Waddlngton Rbt. 

- w« aMw, Boast w^ Mf^ 
Blancbard James Brown Robert 

Mutch Wm. 

Brongh Fmucis 
DiKon Oeor^se 
Graves John 

Beaulah Thomas, blacksmith 
Dixon Geo. shoemaker 
FlemLng James* schoolmaster 
Scaife Robert, bricklarer 

Corrisr*.— Wm. Carlill. Thomas 
Basingwood, and Robt. Taylor, to 
Hull every Ta. and Fri. 

ELSTBaNWicK, in the parish of 
Humbleton, wap. and liberty of HoldemesB : 
; 5 miles NE. of Hedon. In this hsmlet there 
is a small Chapel of Eue, apparently of great 
antfquity, of whidi the Rev. John Dixon la 
incumbent; also a Free School with a small 
endowment Pop. 154. 
Bell Robert, gentleman 
Bell John, {ipeatteman 

F«niwrt, Waitlner Rhd. 
Close John Wheldale Thos. 

Hardbattle John fTkmimHghtM^ 
Marshall Wm. Norrison Peter 
Smith John Turner Charles 

England Wm. vict. Crowu <fe Anchor 
Pool Jane, teacher of the Free School 
Turner Jonn, shoemaker 
Webster Richard^ blacksmith 
Whitening Robert, foreman 

C«r7wr, Wm. Woodhouse, to Hull 
every Tuesday. 



[Eatt Riding.] 


ELviNOTOMy (p.) intbewap. of 
Ouie and Derwcnt; 7 taSin ESE. of York. 
The chureh, dedicated to tbe Holy Txinity, 
was built in the year 1801, by the Rev. A. 
Cheap, L. L. B. nttat, and is a neat build- 
ing, of whidi the king b the patron. Here 
ave likewise a Methodist diapd and a Sub- 
scription school, to the master of which 301, 
ftat aaumm is paid Car the instruction of 
twenty poor boys. Pop. 405. 

Cheap Mrs. Mary, gentlewoinaD 
Saipaoii Amaskui, Ssq. Manor hoase 
Gttunore TIkm. surgeon 4k apotbec&ry 
Green Rev. Wm. curate, (bag. schl.) 
Mather Dr. Aiez. BriakworUi 
Spenoe John, gentleman 
Spenoe Eobeit, yeoman 

Blaekmiikt, Llnfoot Thomas 
Raney Henry Morley John 
Rouued^ Tfaos. Spenoe Henry 
(A whitesmith) Ramsay 
CarpMltrs, Tate Wm. 

Smaltss Samuel 
Taylor Wm. 

Barton Matthew 
Bond George 
Bowman Mary 
Bowman Wm. 
Cooper James 
Emmerson Geo. 
(and brewer) 
Frear Richard 

Walker Wm. 
Wright Thomas 
Appleton Anthony 
Routledge Wm. 
Duckett Wm. 
Thornton Wm. 

Holmes Wm. ' 
Johnson Wm. 

Cross John, schoohnaster 

Galbress John, batcher 

Lorimab Peter, shoemaker and Tict. 

Bay Horse 
LotheriDgton Thomas, bricklayer 
Pearson James, shoemaker 

Emmotland, in the parish of 
Frodingham, wau. and lioerty of 
Uolderness; 2 miles SE. of Drimeld. 
Pop. included with N. Frodingham. 

Harrison Jonathan, fanner 
Harrison Richard, farmer 

Emswbll, in the parish of Great 
Driffield, and wap. of Harthill : 2 mis. 
W. of Driffield. Pop. with KeUey- 
tborpe, 93. 

Fiormers^ Lees Wm. Greets 
Blakestone Math. Spencer Richard 
Holtby Richard 

Enthorpb, in the parish of Lund, 
and wap. of Harthill ; 4 miles N£. of 
Marketr- Weighton. 

Wilson John, farmer 

Epplbwith, in the parish of Skid- 
by, and wap. of HarthiU; 4| miles S. 
or Beverley. 

Holland Manklin, veom an 
Jackson Thomois, farmer 

Ergkam, in the parish of Atwicke^ 
wap. and liberty of Holdemeas; S 
miles N W. of Humsea. 

Escbick, (p.) in the wap. of Ouse 
andDerwent; SmilesS. ofVorfc. Hereia 
a handsome raodon churdi dedicated to St. 
Helen, of which Henry Oale« Esq. is fhe 
patron, built about f(»ty-five yesurs ago, by 
the kte Beilby Thompson, Esq. (upon flie 
site of the <dd church). This was andendf 
the seat of Sir Thomas Knivet. one of fte 
gentlemen of the bed-chamber to K]a|^ 
James L who, on ttie 5fh of Novembers m^ 
the year 1805, was sent, along with sotSt. 
other persons, to search the vaults under Ito' 
house of Lords, where they diaeovcred 96 
barrels of gunpowder, and thereby ptzeventti. 
the perpetration of a deed not to be equaBw 
in the annals of treadiery and treason. M^ 
pulation M8. 

Thompson Beilby, Esq. HtaU ; 

Gale Rev. Henry, rector , 

Boswell William, steward 

Hustwick Greo. 
Nicholson Wm. 
Gell Joseph 
I'Anson John 
Lister Michael 
Barton George 
Eagle Wm. 
ElOs E. and Son 
Elstone John, (<fe 




Reaston Wm. 
Robinson John 
Rooke John 
Rndd Thomas 
Shepheid 'Wno. 
Smith Wm. 
Spencer Thomas 

ttephenson LeiL. 
transeway John 
Taylor JfwiiitlMn 
Thompsoo Hvmf I 
Walker Josias 


^ . , BmmerBon Johi^ '. 

FairweatherChris. (dt shopkeeper! 

(A corn dealer) Haw William r 

Gilbertson Betty Tailon, 

Gray Wm. Eagle Thomas 

Hari)er Richard Leake John 
Hield E. and G. Pearson Benj. 
Moody Robert 

Brown John, batcher <fc vict. Spotted 

Fairweather John, ootn miller A baker 
Wilkinson Richard, schoolmaster 

Carrien — Robert Davison to Tork 
every Wed. and Sat. dep. 9 mg. and 
ret. in the evening 

CoacAet— between York <fe Selby 
pass daily. 

EsKB, in the parish of St. JohB.% 
Beverley, wap. and liberty of HoUer- 
ness ; 4 miles NE. of Beverley. Fe- 

palation 18. 

Wilson John, farmer 

ETHSRDWiCKB, in tbe parish of 
I Aldbrough, wap. and liberty of Bol* 


[East Riding.] 



deroess ; 7 miles NE. of Hedon. Pop. i 
iBcladed with Aldbrougfa. 

Farmertf ' Dales Tbomas 
AdaAfl Wm. Stephenson Thos. 

Ettov, (p.) io tfae wap. of Hart* 
hill; 4 miks NW. of Beverley. Tbe 
eburcb, dedicated to 8t.Mafy, of whicb 
tbe Axchbisbopof York is the pation^ 
Bod tbe Rev. w, V. Vernon, the rec- 
tor, is an ancient strocture. Pop.a80. 

Cieylce Rev. Stepben^ M. A. 
GriiBstoik Fnnoes, genttewomao 
I«g^ Lady Jane 
8tnw WiUiam, gentleman 
Tuioer George^ ipentlemaa 

Farmtrty Ricbartlson Jobn 

Ctfling Wm. Vicfcers Jobn 

Diiesberry Jobn Wardell Jobn 

■ Dann Cayley Wbipp Jobn 

Cny Robert Wbitty Kioboias 

^ Bttraa Jobn, cnrpenier A wbeelwrigbt 
Cole James, boot and sboe maker 
Cooper Thos. vict. Ligbt Dragoon 
Goodricke Cbristopber, sobcmmaster 

and parisb derk 
Hewanl Ricbard, tailor 
Rbiuitree Geo. corn miller 

, Staiotoa Elisabetb, sbopkeaper 
Wardell Robert, shopkeeper 

Oarrtirt— Robert Towers A Tbos. 
whitbgr^ to Beverley every Sat. 

^lamiOHAM, (p.) in tbe wap. 
oTBarthiU; 6 mfles W. of Market- 
Weigiitoo. There is here a neat mo- 
dem tnalt cbiircb, dedicated to the 
Blessed Virgin llarv, tbe Rot. Wm. 
AUerson rector ana patron ; there is 
«lso a Roman Catholic diapel. Po- 

Aldexson Rey. Wm. rector 
Xaxwell Mrs. Consthble, HaU 

Farmers^ Rowe Wm. 
Braithvaite Rhd. Rudd Jobn 
Clark Ricbard Smith John 
Bean Thomas Templeton Bdw. 
Basiogwood Thos. Thomas Henry 
Kempley Henry Wbipp Wm. (and 
Kempley Tbos. famer ) 
Plant James 

Atkinson Robert, carpenter 
BeetlesoD Thos. shopkeeper 
Go^rd Wm. steward for Wm. Con- 
stable Maxwell, miher 
Johnson John, tailor and vict Ship 
Johnson Wm. schoolmaster 
Norwood Francis, shoemaker 
PexU)D Tbos. blaocsraitb & parish derk 

EvERTHORPE, in the parish of 
North Cave, and wap. of Hartbill ; 2 
miles WNW. of South Cave. Poi)U- 
ation, with Drewton, 1 17. 

Farmers, Stather John 
Harrison Wm. Thomas George 

Lee Thomas, com miller 

Peanon James, vk^. Duke of York 

FairkglwM, in the parish of Swine, 
wap. and liberty of Uoldemesa; T 
miliBS N W. of Hedon. 

Favovom*with-8pittlb, (p.) 
in tbe wap. of HarthUl ; 4 miles N W. 
of Pocklington. Here is a chapel, now 
in charge to the vicar of Barmby-opon- 
the-Moor, of which tbe Dean of York 
is the patron. Pop. IM. 

Overend Cbohnley, Esq. Fangfoes faall 
Addison Rev. James, iMipetoal oniate 

F m ' mai , ^e. Green Ralph 

AmottWm. Hodgson John 

Cattoa Thomat, Lea^ Matthew 

SpitUe Norton William 

Cation Robert QoartoD John 

Fawoett John Stephenson Jobn 

Fawoett Thos. SUUiflifleet John 

Harrison John, soboohnaster 
Harrison Wm. shopkeeper. Spittle 
KiteUngman Wm. shoemaker 
RoUnson Thos. cupenter and vict. 
Cupenter's Arms 

FAZFLBBT.iflthe parisb of South 
Cave. wap. of Hartbill, and liberty of 
St. Peter's; 6 miles SW. of South 
Cave. Pop. 163. 

Scbollleld Jobn, gent. HaU 
SchollleM Wm. tanner. North hall 

Bird Wm^ brick and tile maker 
Hairsine James, farmer 
Latham Edward, farmer, Grange 
SeatOB Jobn, yeoman 
Thompson Cornelius, yeoman, Os- 

Fbrribt Nobth, (p.) in the 
wsp. of HuIUiiret 6 mites SE. of South 
Cave* is an andenk village, and nearly op- 
posite to South Ferriby, in LhieolnshiTe.''— 
Here was a prioty of the Knight* Template, 
of the foundfUion of Lord Eustace Verey, 
which survived that order, and was occupied 
by the Canoos of St Augustine till tbe sup- 
preiiioii, when' the site was granted to 
Thomas Culpenier. This village has, in 
sttooesdon, been the patrimonial possession 
of tbe Mortiiaecs, the Poles, and the 
Bacons. The presrat cbureh, dedicated to 
All Saints, and of which the King is the 
patron, seems only to be a part of a more 
spacious structure; it contains some hand* 
some monumoits of marble, two of which 
are erected to the memory of the Lillingston 
family, and one to the memory of the 
parents of Sir Henry Etherington^ Bart — 
The vtUage is delightfully situated at the. 



[Eoit Riding.] 


foot of the hills, and not iSur ftom Hm dmci 
of the Humber, to whieb liMie is s fsade 
descent It is «lonied by sevend dcgaat 

Ayie« WiUdoiOD, yeoniaii 
Broadley HeDi;^^ Enq. 
EKginton Gardiner, ^utleman 
Hesleden Thomas, gentlemau 
Scbonswar George. Esq. 
Scott Rev. John, A.M. Ticar 
Turner Ralph, jgentleman 
Wilson Ric&ara, yeoman 

Andrew Mark, A RinuinirtDn Robert 

shopkeeper Grey Stephen 
Jenkiosott Thos. Kidd John, Dairy 
Johnson Samuel • . Cotes 

Bhrks Wm, schoolmaster and parish 

Bnvwn Thomas, ^rdener 
Carnaley William, tailor 
Dunn T'hemas, Uacksmitb 
Nicholson John, shoemaker 
SlepbeisMui Riobaid, corn miUer 
Tapp Mrs. Mary, boarding sobool 
Wilfiams Matthew, viot. Duke of 


CofTto^ff— Wm. Coates, to Hull 
eTeryTu.ifeFri.— Charles BOerington, 
to Hull eveiy Monday, Wednesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday 

FiLBY, (p.) fti the waps. of Pick- 
ering Lythe* and Diekerii^; 7ft ndks SE. 
of Scarborough, situated on the banks of a 
noUe bay* abounding with excellent fish* 
and llunouB for its lobsters; ttie sands are 
very firm, and are bounded on the north by 
a remarkable ridge of rocks, extending 
nearly half a mile into the sea, called Filey 
Bri<^ The paroddal chapel, which is 
dedicated to SU Bartbotomew, is in the 
patronage of the Osbaldeston fismily ; here 
is likewise a MetluxUst chapel. A very fine 
qpring aiiloins the <Aur(4i yard, and supplies 
the place with most escdlent water. Popu- 

Williams Rev. B. curate 
htniith William, yeoman 

Btncktmiths, Fenwick Matthew 

Chambers James Parkinson Jackson 

Chew Robert Rilev WtUiam 

Bricklayers, ^c. Rohinson Ralph 
Graise Beigamin FMtmtmgitn, 

Johnson Geo. Bulmer James 

CarpefU^tf ifc, Dunn William 

Clapham Thos. Featherstone Geo. 

Tindail John Lonrlman Wm, 

FamMTtf Pasbley Wm. 

Crawshaw Edw. Richardson Christ. 
Day Matthew 

QroetniiDrapertt Moaey James 
Ctffford Francis TiodaU Peter 
Iiorriman Ridiard filloesMlnsrf , 
Suggitt Stephen Collins Gee 
TindaU Peter, Pickerinjrl.- 
(drauer) WyviU Wm< 

Mmrimtn, Tnkn, 4Pg»- 

WilliamMm Thoa. CammissWai. 
Wilson John SkaltonCm 

SUp-oMMTs, WUlis Wm. 
Jenldnson Wm. 

Botran John, hahr dresMr 
Cook Nathaniel, schodnaster 
Goflfton Georse, bnteber 
Hewsoo WiUlui, eon raiUer 
Newton William, biead baker 
Rksfaardson John, ticL Ship 
Skelton Crumpton, vtot. Pack ^ 
Watson Thomas, vioL New Iim 

Cu tt i m s J cjin Johnson dk 
Stephenson, to Bridlington, Hi 
by and Mosion, every Si ' 
Mosevy to Scarborough, ; 
and Saturday. 

FiMBBB, in the parish of 
wane, wap. of Buckrose, and r 
of SC Peter's; 9 miles WN' 
Driffield. Here is a Chapel tif 
of which the rector of Wet 
incumbent curate. Pop. 1 04 . 

Farmers^ Horsley _ 

Anderson Thos. Taylor Ri 

Condale Wm, Welbum Ml 

Hondey John Whitty Joknr 

Cooper John, shoemaker 
Cooper Richard, tailor 
Hopper Asldo, grocer 

Finnv, in the parish of Wi 
and wap. of Buckrose ; 6 miles 
of Malton. Pop. 44. 

Harrison Rev. Thomas, Flr1»y hnBi 
Nalton John, fiarmer 
Wilson Martha, former 

FiTLiNO, a small hemleL 
parish of Uumbleton, wan. and 1 
of Holderness ; 6 miles KR. of ~ 
Pop. 119. 

Beaoock Thomas, shoemaker 

FanmrSf Fisher WillialB' 

Atkinson John Hotham TImm 

Brantley Robert Wright John 

Cannon Mrs. Wright Robetf 

Duon John Wright Robt. " 
Dunn James 

FLAMBOBoroH, (p.) in the 
of Dickering ; 4} miles NE. of Bi 
and 16 SE. of Scarborough. A very 
station, formerly of some note, batatj. 
sent merely a fishing village, situated in 
centre of the prooMmtory. The nasse 





liiii jkee ii pniiMbly denved ftom the 
*'Flane,' or light, aaeteotly piaeed on Qit 
hesd tDdirect HMurioen in th* navlBrtion of 
tteGcnwi ocan. The Denes in their 
Wfeattadu upon Engiendj in the cailf 
prions of Her hirtory, wen aeeortomcd to 
iMke this one of their pcineipel mtioot t hi 
btethonitifupaewned by Hanrid, Eaarl 
if^lhe West Sexons, and aftenranU Mng of 
Di^nid; tubaequeatly^ Wm. Le Gioa, the 
faiDder of SoarboToogh eastle was its lord ; 
ll afterwards eame into the Innda of the 
Coostebie^ whom aome derive fkom the 
itaesConstaldeft of Chester.* Thisltaiily 
ioniriied here fi>r soom cen t uries, and a 
jMtiaas saaatnnental inscription on a bam 
in the chancdof thedxurcti, reenids 
Sh Marmadoke Constable, Knc who 
^ a France under the banners of Ed- 
lY. and Henry YII. was intencd here. 
Attidi, an andent building, dedicated 
Oswald, of which the Ardibiahop of 
and Sir William Strickland, Bait, 
altematety the patronage, is a eoraey, 
fiieRer. WiOim Kndall is the hicnm- 
Some vestiges yet remain of Danish 
; an ancient ruin at the West end 
TiUi^ is called the Danes Tower, 
(he entrenchments formed round it, and 
risible, have obtained for ttie place the 
JWlgninon of " Utile Denmark.*' 

' nanbocoogh Head is a lofty promon^ 
1^ overiooking the village, and fonning 
Bft of the most magnificent ot^ects, and 
toHleat natural curiosities in tt>» kingdom. 
|be efifb, wiiich are<rflime«tone rock, white 
maaow, extend in a range fh>m five to six 
and rise in many places to the deva* 
of 300 liset perpendUcular fkom thesea. 
the base of ttas mass of mouldering 
mwinrains are several extensive carerns, 
ionaed by soaae mif^ty convulsions of na- 
IBW, OK worn by theeveriasting action of tlM 
The most remarkable of these 
atioDt, are the Dove Cote, the Kirk 
and Robin Lyth's Hole; the last of 
ha surpasses the other in its grandeur 
^Bmensions, and is thus described by the 
of Scarborough: — " It has two 
openings one commonioating with the land, 
the oOmt with tiie sea. The former is low 
aiai amow, giving solemn admission into 
Oie cavexn, whidi at the first entrance is 
nujuiiuded with a tenebrious gloom, but the 
flwfciwn gradnally dispersing, the magni> 
ieeDoe beoomcs unfolded, and excites the 
iasiiinllMw of the exploring strsnger. The 
inoc isa soHd rode, formed into taniad steps 
Nf an easy descent, and the stones at Uie 
ate curiously VKiegMed. The roof is 

* Camden, 

finely aidiod. and nearty filly Ibct high at 
theoentre. TlieBBaBypcci|ectinf Mgaaand 
fri^ments of suspended raeka. Joined Id the 
great elevation, give itannwftil, and at the 
same tine, a m^|asiir appeamneet and 
when looking np m i d a to aurrey the tally 
arch, and icfiaot npon the anpcriacmnlMat 
mass sustained by it, there ia adifllculty in 
suppnadog tlioae ideas at danger which in- 
trude upon sodi an oeeasion. OttmppnmA' 
ing the Eastcn cxtienity, • noWe viita ta 
farmed by its opening to the sea, which ap- 
pears in its highest grandeur on emerging 
from the ^oon of the eavera.'* Thelaige 
masses of insutatad rackt fiwad into eo> 
lumns and pyramidal add to the aahttmity erf 
the scene, and when viewed flmn the sea* 
seem to form the pottieoa to a nqge of 
lofty temples, whiehset at dcianee afl hn- 

In the sumaaer aaaaon tiie ridgea of 
Immensdy elevated diA, fimn the 
rendesvous of myriads of aquatic fdwto, 
wh|ph resort to the North sideof ttie pm- 
montory, from various rogkiaa, toboiU thdr 
nests, and rear their young, la themonfhs 
of May and June, the fodu seen abaohitdy 
animated, bring eovered with Inanmefable 
birds of vaiious plunuga, e x eaa d ing in nnm- 
her the inhabitants of the laffSit dty, and 
m varied hue the tlnU of tiie rainbow. At 
the report of a gun, they are in instant mo- 
tioa, more alert than the hunates of a 
dwelling that has recently burst into a flanne, 
and the eye is as mudi daasled with the 
waving of thdr innumerable wings, bright- 
ened by the rays of the sun, as tlie ear is 
stunned with the clamour of a thousand 
discordant notes all buisting forth at the 
same moment of time. Hung in air as 
their nesta seem to be, they are still not in- 
accessible to the depredations of man ! boys 
are let down the rocks by ropes festcned io 
stakes, «id bring away bushds of rggs for 
the use of the sugar house in Hull, without 
seeming to diminish thdr countless nuroher. 
For many years the want of a Light- 
house at Flamborough had been felt by the 
mariners who navigated tlmseseas, and de- 
plored by the merchants whose property was 
exposed to danger, for want of so esKntial 
a monitor. The active mind, and the bene- 
volent dispodtion of the bite Mr. Mihie, the 
cdlector of the customs at Bridlington, 
induced him to propose the erecti<m of a 
light house on the Heed, and the proposal 
was cordially reedved by tlie inemporated 
company of the Elder Brdhren, of the 
Trinity-house, Deptford Strond, London ; 
the site fixed upon was at the distance of 
nearly a mile and a half Eastward of thfc 
I town, about 400 yards within the extreme 


7I.A. [Boii BidiHg*] r66. 

potNt flf tilt pMMnaaiMory, oliMd to «m kaMl- 
iiiffOtttlMSoQtiithlotfrmiMbay, asditai 
•ItTwtfon of S80 ftcct flM encdoa was 
wpniOf 9lBBCUa, under fhe i aa p ecttoa of w 
iblo fli^iiiMMr, nd otf tfio Itt of DMttikber« 
19M, dw teroMttg Mght whidi h* tver 
rfaMilnnod Hj v*0Lt ttotk tttt Hetd, tent 
forth fbr the fint time. The vrtUity of flite 
•KctioQ mmoc toirtoiv iMklii^y ilhMnted 
thuk Iff the ftttlo#lli|f ffecf 1 cjQoled ftonk tfie 
NotBi to Coitit'c Dtaerii^e Poen» on 
BridHngloii puBf— «* From inm, 1770, to 
the aid of ttto yoiir lim» not ftiver thn 
174 sfaipi wen WMftked or loit ott Ftam- 
hoioiigh Heid and MieiifiraM« but ibm the 
dnetkm of the lighte, to Hanh^ 1819, not 
one Teael had been loBt on Chat itatioo when 
ate lighti eottkllieieen.'' Ffom what hat 
•IraadjF been laid, itwUfbeeoneluded, that 
the marine •oeneiy here Is grand and fan- 
IMsfaif, and Che mOdrr atttactione of Brid- 
Mngtonaad the Quay, wMi the fine eoimtry 
in the rear, unite the beautifBl to the sub- 
yuM. The iMipttlatkm of Flamborongfa 
■mounts to 917, ef whidi number, the 
a tiiei mKn and thcfr funlUcs constitute at 
Icisl one half. M adOMoii to the charcfi of 
SL Oswald metotfoued abwe^ there are here 
a Methodist diapel, and a chapel for ttie 
PfhnitiTe Metfmdists. 

Blacksmitht, 9ptnk James 

Spike James Stephenson G«>o. 

wiles Wm. 9tockdale James 

Bvfcher», Vitkennan Saml. 

Headlev Wm. Walmsley John 

Hofparth Anthony Grocers^ ife, 

Cmrpmt^rs^ ife. Lamplagh Ttios. 

Harrington AUison Pockley Sanih 

Tranmer Robert Light-keeperif 

Farmen, Moody Chfist. 

Acklam Geo. Stratton David 

Brambles Thos. SAoeoiai^ert, 

Crowe Thos» Edmond Briant 

Dawson Mary Hewson Wm. 

Knaggs John NicboUon Robt. 

Knag£s Wm. Robson Wm. 

LampTugh John Tailcr§t See, 

Major John Bailey Matthew 

Morris Wm. Blown Wm, 

Rilej Joseph MaltUy Tbos. 
Robinson Samuel 

Castle Thos. stone mastltt and flonr 

Johnson James, weaver 
Lamplufh Matthew, oorn miller 
Maw John, schoolmaster 
O^le Mrs. gentlewomati 
Pick Milcaby vict. Board 
Sawdon James, bacon and flowr dlr. 
Spike James. Vict. Dog and Dade 
woodhoiise ^atftoel. vict. Stoop 
Wright Elis. stra^j^ bat nauufectttreif 

Cbrftert.-^-Poekley ami CSou i 
Ran Moi>. and Thur. mgs.; U9 Tidl 
Tu. BMl Thar. 

Bayaaad Jeffeisra, to Htfi HI 
York, Mon. aail Tiur. 

John LawHe, to Black Ido«y 

Thos. Short, to BridlhigUMi 

Tbomaa Lamfdugb, to B« 
ton and HuU evary Mon. A That 

Flihton, tn the parIA of 
bteton, waa. and liberty of R 
ness 'f 6 miles NE. of Hedon. 
latkMl, \Z5, 

Ptthntr$^ RaiiMII Jobn 
Crawfortb Mary Walls Hamti 
Johnson Thos. Webster WM. 
Johnsott Mattbew 

Plixton, in tbe narisb of 
ton, and wap. of Dickeriiig ; 4 
N w. of Hnnmanby; Tbeie is 
ehapel occupied by the Prhnitffd 
tboflists. Population, 267. 

Appleby Tbomas, carpentet 
BeswicK Wm. vict. !few Inn 
Green Richard, sdioohnast^l* 
Ireland Hopper, bfaicksmitb 
PKst Wm. butch^ 

Fatmerst^ King Jobn 
BambyJobu,Wold SkoemaktfMf 

Pratt John 
Beswick Wm. 
Idle John 
Newton Wm. 


Glaves Edward 
Hudson Robert 
Ireland Maty 
Ringrose Chatfes 
Spencer Wm. 
Stttbbs Richard 
Walker Jobn 
Wood Mart 
Woodalt Geo. 

Hogg Chiwoyhor 

Cufi As s. 
John Blaekbrnn, to Hall, erer^ 
Gteo*. Mayman and Robt. Watsofl^ 
Searborougb, every Tbtor. 

Flotmanby (Sast,) ift 

rish of Folktoo^ and vi-ap. of 

ing; 1 1 mile NnW. of Huuoiaolqp. 

Tate Francis, g»ntlemaB 

FlotmakAy tyr^l ill fbei 
risk of Folktoir^and tnlp. itf Dkf 
lag; 81 miles NW. of AtiiiliMtMi^. 

Wrangham Joseph, gentleman 

Foo«ATiioit^K^ in the piiMij 
Babwitb, aHdws|b of Harthill; §1 
Of Howden. In tfds township thes) 
letting oat nradf ' fanelS' of iantt tori 
hihoarets, for ooiS^gatass hasbdsif i 
with great success, and also with a redi 
of the poor's rates» Poiihhaion, 137. 







^F«m^ Harper ThM. 
«« George XMptonCterie* 

moo Geo. c^oenaker 

■-T Pn.; to HowOam ei^ Wad. 
r^yo*^ (fA i« 019 wu). of 

I IS i^notunr Aaa vicwaire. ia 
! PfttlO{«|g!B of the^ Osbaldeston ft! 
Md ^tj>^ rector of Folktoo. of 
t tfee ReT. Eoheit PWUiiM iT th« 
;, and Uie Rev. P. Wranrbain 
jw. The churdi is dedioited to 
**fl the Evaogeiifit. Pop, 144. 
■"Td CatiiaiJM, Vict. Bell 
o Rev. Thomas, curate 

■esfield Wm. Sio^soa liana. 

!Sr^i*^.??P- ^f WckerlBg; 4 
JfS.* . • ^ Honmanbir ; a dmpelrr 
to tk vicarage of HiuuBaoby . 

Hrf-i.''*?*7' Hotehinson John 
TOgftam lohn Lowish Wm. 

PoiHAM, in the parish of AH- 
Fox John fiiym^y 

JJJB tt here a church, dedicated to 

^^\!^ ^^^^ «»• King is pa. 
^, ^ the Rev. adoey S^th rSc- 

£^«^2 •^ *^ Methodist and 

J^Rohert^^boot and shoemaker 
g^n nomas, coal dealer 
fi™fi«ne, Vict. Cross Keys 
g5^«than,bnteher ^ 

'""W Joseph and Co. com miUen 

for?fe?«*», Hobson Thos. 
SSjPfrf Seller Thos. 

^^loba Welbom Wm. 

Alknfrr?' Wright Wm. 
ffiyjfet^w Baker gW^ 

Chm««.-;'WlUiaM HaU, to HaU 
Mlloft.; to JDniftaU «ttTlMr.:aai 
Bridliegtop M gat. O «oiya Hato» 
Mriw, to ttiOl 4( GenOto evaSy Tkur . 

FexHOLM, (p.) ia the vap, «f 

£^ The^ariah ohaieh is a reotoisr, 
hepatoM^t «f tbs fiykee* f aarily ; 
lak else a MeilMdMdHpaL P^. 
vith Boythorp, im 

Hoed Rev. Reiiry, Motor 

A .A.^ *" " "* * BpedrThof. 
Baricer Wm. Groctrg. 

Brawa Rieherd FooidThos. 

lAneen Geof]|e Peafose James 

Braitfawalte Bdwardf carpeotor aad 
vfct. Ship 

ifyen John, blackmlth 

FiiAYSTHoapB, in the parish of 
Caniabyiaod wap. of Diekeriiur : $ 
miles BSW. of BildlinstOB. 

Simpson Rev. Thomas, curate 

Fonmn, Jadcsoo Rebeoea 
JadcsoD Wm. Meeke Robert 

FaiVATTHoapa, (p.) ia the vaa. 
of BuckMMe. and kherty of Bt. PeCert; 
9 miles BE. of PoeUtofton. The 
liviog is avieaiace, iutlMgiftof the 
Prebendary of Wetoraog, of wbiah 
tlie Rev. Henry Torre is the Janim 
bent. Here is also a Methodist ohapeL 
Popalatton, 276. 

Acklam James, vicL Cnws Keyv 
Biackston James, schoidmaster 
Sharp Geo. vict. Haie ± Houads 
Black»mtik», Oreosrr, 

HoTsley Wm. Harland John 
Raney Emlah Robinson Wm. 
ForoMrf, Shommkgrg^ 

Coolson Robert Acklam James 
Edmund Richard Jackson Thos. 
Linton John TaUitn^ 

Marshall Francis Lorrtman Thoe. 

Robinson Wm. 
Robson Matt. 
Sharp Geo. 
Turner Thos. 
Turner Wm. 
Vickerman Sarah 
Whamun Robt. 

GarrMTf.— Thomas Peaison, to 
Great Driffield every Thur.; to York 
e?ery Sat.— John Hariand to York 
every Sat. 

Marshall Wm. 
Sharp Mark 

Harrison Wm. 
Sellers John 
Wilson Robert 

In the wmp. sod liberty of HokterneH t < mikt 
SE.iiCDriffleld. ThenuurkethMtonfheeB 
dieoted, oaeooount of the denewhic popvu 
IstioDs aadtheaofhbovwiqK tt»iin«f Drif- 




[EoH Riding.] 


field, Iwctar situated for tnde, hav- 
iog incraMed lo mudi in wealth and num- 
bm ae to caiwe the charter of Frodingham 
to be tnnefened to it about sixty years ago. 
Thediurdi is a very andent stnietore, de- 
lUeated to St BIgiB, of whldi the Rev. F. 
I>rake, D. D. is Tioar, and Mr. John At- 
kinsoo the patioa. There are also duce 
4!hi^pde of I>iaMnlen» nnrnnly, Meihodisis* 
Independents, and Ranten, the two latter 
built in the year MSI. This town is ntoa- 
ted witfafai half a miie of the riTer Hull, 
whidi is navigable AromFrodin^iam bridge to 
KiOgstoo-upon-HulL Frodingham Greogek 
<or Great Ty the^) containing 400 acres, belong 
to niiUp Saitmarsh. Esq. and the Vicarago, 
or Less Tythe, containing 109 acres, to the 
Rev. F. Drake, D.D. the vicar. Population, 
induding Emmotland, 575* 

Grundon Mark, surgeon 

Oium Rev. Wm. Independent minister 

Stephenson Joho^ yeoman 

BUtcksmiihs, Nicholson Wm. 
Huntsman Robert Noble James 
Pickering Wm. Osborne Richard 

Bricklaym-t, Pasbley Peter 
Hebb Thomas Pashley John 
Hebb Christopher Robinson Robert 

Beckett Thomas 
Dunn Jeremiah 

Beckwith John 
Bickers William 
Burton Francis 
(!ord Richard 
Day Peter 
Pent John 
Dickinson Felix 
Dicicinson Peter 
Dobsop Wm. 
Dunn Richard 
Harrison Richard 
Jarrot William 
Keil David 

Wise Miss A. 
Wise Matthew 

Clark Thomas 
KeU David 
Medlortb John 
Whitty Wm. (and 
Dent James 
Idell Ralph 
Kilvington Paul 

Hebb John 
Peck Robert 

Fallowdown Peter 
Fetch Joseph 

MUner Richard 

AU(^p Thomas, vict. Star Inn 
Bennet James, viot. Gate 
Cook Thomas, weaver 
Dinsdale Thos. plumber and glazier 
Penby Wm. rope and twine maker 
Fidler John« vict. Red Lion 
Lidster John, schoolmaster 
Marshall John, bookkeeper 
Wilson Amelia, straw bat manfr. 

Cam'cr*— Henry Pickering <feWm. 
Jefferson, to Beverley on Sat. ; to 
Driffield every Tha.— Wm. Bellerby, 
to HttU by water once a fortnight. 

Frodingham South, a small 
hamlet, in the parish of Owthorne, 
wap. (fe liberty of Holderness ; 3| mis. 

N. of Patrin^^. The hall, 
stately mansion, with octa^ 
dows of stained glass, is now ui it 
of ruin. Population 7 1 . 

Feirmersp Smales Wm. 
BrantonThos. Wing Mary 
Hart William Wright ThomM^^ 

Carrier J Christ. Wilson, to 
HoUym. Oltrington, and Si 
every Tu. and Fn. 

FoLPORD Gatb, in the 
Fulford Ambo, wapw c£ Ooaeand 
1| mile S. of York, a pleasant vilbf* 
tabling leveral good dweUing^usei. 
diapel is dedicated to St Oswald: lir.] 
is the patron, and the Rev. Robert I 
A. B. perpetual curate. There 
deuderly eodowod sdiool fas 80 boys <r^ 
Population 183. 

Bland Henry, Esq. banker 
Boves M. gentleman 
Calvort Robert, yeoman 
Ellis William, Esq. 
Foatber John, yeoman 
Galbreath Mis. gentlewoman 
Graves Captain 
Green Ralph, gentleman 
Hamilton Jonn, gentleman 
Herbert Samuel, gentleman 
Holmes Joseph, gentleman 
Horner Benjamin, fentleman 
Johnson Wm. chief constable 
Lambert Thomas, yeoman 
Lawson William, yeoman 
Lawson Michael, yeoman 
Niooil S. W. Esq. 
Ploughman- Paul, gentleman 
Richardson Mrs. Elis. gei ' 
Robinson Mrs. gentlewoman 
Smith J. yeoman 
Taylor Cooke, manuMctoring 
Theakston Francis, dri^^gist 
Waite Thomas, gentleman 
Waite Georj^, yeoman 
Wilson Thomas, Esq. banker 
Wodson William, gentleman 
Wormald John, gentleman 

Handley Wm. . 
WiUdnsoB G«o. 

Hessel Thomas 
Hoyle Mary 
Len^ John 

Hick Wm. 
Marshall Geo. 
Cartwrigbt John 
Eshelby Ralph 

Halliday William, vict. Board 
Johnson Riebard, vict. Saddle 
Leaf William, butcher 
Ledberry William, tailor 
Nicholson Thomas, shopkeeper 

Dixon Tbonws 
Thompson Ri 

Hick Joseph 
Hick William 



[East Biding;] 

ftuBQB TiKmiis, sttkooinaster 
Matt James, viot. L^ Ho 
ftobtrrt, GCMil4e«ler 
i WiUiaiB, oora iniUer 
iliiisQii Saiafa, vict. Plough 
Ms. net B«7 Hone 

PUI.POR0 Watb«, in the paiteh 
#Viilfoni Ambo^ wap. of Case and 
PBfwent, a part in the libeity of St. 
hta>*; 21 mOm S. of York. Pofu- 

WtfWk&ams, gent. HsB 

*r ^hraiwt, Elsworth Wm. 
puiei Joseph Smith Jasper 

,&AhLY Gap, ia Uie paikb of Scny.- 
(imun, and wap. of BucdkroM ; 6 nls. 
SW.oCMaltoii. Pop. ineUided with 


tlomas Fnactt, temnr and tarresrar 

of highways 

Gavstbad, in the paiMi of 
wmae, wap. and liberty of Soider- 
mb; 44 Brika ilifW. of fiedoa.-^ 


KMi James, eorn nitller 

Fwrmgr$, Tnnier Thomas 
fcown Thomas ulliet Thomas 

SGantoh, (p.) in the wap. of 
©clserUijc ; s miles W. of Huamanby. 
nex^hoich is dedicated to St. Nicho- 
"** and the patronage is in the ajichsat 
. honourable family of Legaid, who 
wre their seat here. Population with 
Bnwipton, 278. 

i Sii Thoa. Bart. Gnim h«U 
^. [Rer. WiUiam^Ticar 
atou Key. T. curate 

1 '**rv> Mookman ioba 
mmson Robert Warwick lUdiaid 

BemflOQ Richard, maohiae 

m Chades, schooiaiastor 

vui ioIiQ, gardeaar 

"^'Uubo, shoemate 
m William, stone masoa 
iOn Stoj^eo, viot. aad bkwkimith 

. .-Jibara Wm. draffinst^ffiiA maker 

Podsey William, ta^r *^ ^^ 

•fflgrose WW. <fe Jph. oarpeoten, 4bo. 

€wiri«f»~Rofaert Daveen, to Be. 
Si^i?«^ Satw—John Fowler, to 
BnfeW every Thursday 

OAwaa Da LB Inn, in tile pn- 
?*«f<i«»toB. «fewap.of Bickerhic; 
»««itesW«W.«ffliimiaftby. *' 
^>«««s Robert, TlcL Red Lion, fpost- 

n,.®iV4*«:,i»,tbe parish ef Kirby 

mUes N. of Podcttocloa. Pap. in* 
daded with KIrby UiBerdale. 

Sir F. L. Wood, Bart. 

WeaiberiU William, fhnner 
WiiiweU John, farmer 

GAaTOH, (p.) hi the wap. aai 
liberty of Holdemen ; ^nrilae NB. oC 
UedoB. The church li a neat Chothio 
stroctare, dedicated to St. MiehaaL 
of which the King Is the patron, bm 
the incambent is the Re?. Jonathaa 
DiioB, Tkar. Pop. 100. 

Grlmston Charles, Bsq. GiimitCoa garth 

Kipling Anthony, bricklayer 
Walker Thos. viot. aod blackimttb 
Westprdale Henry, carpenter 

Fnrmtn^ Marshall TboiMt 

Coates John Bog^rsoo Wm. 

Heron Ueary Southwlck RIehd. 

Heron Samuel Wileoa Jecemhih 

Hopper Francis Wilson John 
Hopper Rhshaid, 

CwTMrt— Edward RobhisOB and 
John Foater to Hall emry Toesdaj 

6a BTOV - ON-TB B- WoLoa, (p.) 

in the wap. of Dickarii^ and liberty ot St. 
Petei*it DrUBdd. The 
dnnrdi. rtwdkatwt to Sc inehad It a d^ 
charged vlcange, of which Om Kiiif it die 
patroo, and Rev. Thomat Ibbotsoe the 
▼iear. There are heia alto a Methodlil 
dttpd and a school, the h«ler of wfaidi to 
partly nipported by the prooeedi of a ihara 
in the Driffield canal* bequeaUied by the lahl 
Mn. Jane Cook. Pop. 397. 

Dixon Thomas, geotleoMii 
Harper Robert, gentleman 
Hoiuday Robert, gentlenum 
Sever Michael, gentleman 
Wmogham Richard, gecftleman 

Abbey Henry 
Robinson Wm. 

Allison James 
Otwt Joseph 
Dickftason Geo. 
FUataff George 
Foster Riotod 
Uaaoe Wm. 
Harsley John 
Leppiogton £dw. 

Lowasboroogb S. 
Robiason Wm. 
Watson Wm. 

Grocers. Sfe, 
Garton William 

Taitarsj ire. 
LInwood JoDQ 
Miiner Wm, 

RoUason ^raomae 
Wfay TfeKKnas 

Blowmao John. vid. Three Tuns 
Daiton John, hiacksmitli 
Gray John, boot and shoe maker 
HIMaby Charles W. schcwltnaster 
Wilson John, tkt. <?hase Ibb 

s 8 



[Eiut Riding.'] 


Gem B LI NO, in the parish of Fos- 
ton, and wap. of Dickering ; 7 miles 
E. of Driffield. Pop. 67. 

Farmert^ ifc» Lamplagb Edmund 
Cook John Mainprise John 

Prinkrow Henry Peacock Geo. 
Parden Robert Simpson Geo. 
Howgate John 

Carrier, John Mainprize, to Hull 
on Thu. and Foston on Fri. 

GiLBERDiKEy IB the parish of 
Eastrington, wap. and liberty of 
Howdenshire; H miles ENE. of 
Howden. Pop. inoluding Hive and 
Sandholm, 640. 

Bell Nathaniel, com miller 
Hutchinson Joseph, vict. Cross Keys 
Lawton Wm. overseer 
Ramsey John, shoemaker 
Robinson Wm. constable, dto. 
Sharp Wm. schoolmaster 
Turner Wm. choroh warden, ^o. 

Blacktmiiht, Farmers, 

Handley John Hairsine Isaac 

Wade jciin Lee William 

ConMn/ert, Pacy John 

Oldfield Thos» Rennison John 

Ward John Waterhoiise John 

GUridding, in the parish of St. 
Dennis, York, and wap. of Ouse and 
Derwent; 4 miles SSE. of York. 

GivBMDALB Grbat. (p.) in the 
wap. of Harthill, and liberty of St. 
Peter's ; 4 miles N. of Pocklington. 
The diurch is a small aucient stmc- 
ture, of which the Dean of York is 
the palron, and the Rev. Edmund 
Holmes the vicar. Pop. 60. 

Singleton John, gentleman 

Farmere, Ellison John 
Cooper William Wilkinson Matt. 

GivBNDALB Little, in the pa« 
rish of Great Givendale, wap. of Hart- 
hill, and liberty of St.. Peter^s ; 2i 
miles NNE. of Pooklington. 

Kilby Thomas, farmer 

GooDMANHAM, a/ias Godmundia 
Gaham* is » pariih in the waf. of HarthiU» 
partly in the liberty of St. Peter's; cme mUe 
and a half NNE. of Market- Wei^itco. si- 
tuated cm th« lowest acclivity of th6 Wolds. 
This is a plac^ of gieat antiquity, and was 
prohably the D^lgo^itia of the RoHians: 
upon that point Antiquarians an not 
agreed, some of them assigning this statiao 
to Mfirket*W«ighton, pthen to I^mdea* 
tvrottgh, and ofhors again to MiUiagton i it 
is, howeyeTji agreed on all hands, iba\ Good- 
maaham was the place on which the i^iroary 
t«mple of Pa^^ao iiorthip stood. . This 

temple was the great Cathedral of NorA^ 
umhria, laid out in vurious eourta, and IH^ 
closed with several walls, containing williifh 
it many altars and idols, and attended by 1l0 
first personages, of the priesthocid.* lilpi 
site of this Temple of mystic ritea and WA 
ship is pWnly okarkcd out to this dtey, bf tm 
exten^ve duster of artificial IuUb» mH 
called the Howe HUIs. The venend^ Bjil 
in his EcQiesiastical History, (^»p. »M pi 
3. says, that the place of tiie idola wiaa sMpI 
in hii time. Tbe demoUUoaof tbem§m 
took plaoe when Edwin, king of Deisa!, ail 
converted to Christianity;! and tbem >ail^ 
son to suppose, both from the usvud psadfifl 
of the first omverts to Christianity, 
Arom the present appearanee of 
of the edifice, ttMit the present dmrdi* 
dicated to All Saints, was built 
ruins of that temple, thoui^ not en i 
site, as Drake ernmeoudy. imagines. Di; 
Stukely, in the Aiehse^ Vol. I. 
" that the Apostle Paultaius buik the 
church of Godroundbam, wbcw is Om.Hlit 
ginalfont, in whidk he baptiaeit.lfce baaftM 
high priest Coifl." The fiont here all«d«|||| 
is now in the possciion of the tUsv, id 
Stillingfleet, rector of Hotham, ^Ouh iMfe 
hoped, will restore it to the iNroper aniW 
gitimate ntui^on from which it has doaw; 
less been sacrilegiously abstncted by aoM 
Gothic chtirchwardeo. The churdi 1$ 
Goodmanham, (tf which the Rct. TTTfUl 
Blow is the patron and rector, 
▼eral fine spedmens of Saxon 
The exterior arch of the West end of 
tower, now intersected by a buttress 
aich ef die South entrance, imd the iatirtl4 
one, altering into the chancel axe ^uosn^ 
the upper part of the tower, and the 
on the South ride of the body of the cbniik 
whidi has probably beoa renewed, hav* Wf 
character of modem dmes. ' * 

The proeesa of the InbrodueCtiri 
Christianity into this part of the 
is curious, and is thus rdated by the 
Chronider8}«>*>E2dwiB, the NotttramI 
king, under <he influence «f EtfadHbniipil 
queta, ai^ the pveadiing ef Pauttttm;, '<a» 
voked a council of his priests and naliesta 
ddiberato on the expediency of i iiilwirti|[ 
the Christian Ihith. On the question My 
propounded by the King, wheCher he ahoifll 
receive the new IMtb, and be beptiaedl 
Coifi, the ehief Pagan bishop^ veU wmlm' 
standing the biasof Edward** mind, rote III 
and said, " The xeUgion we have hilhsito 
foUowed is nothiiv worth,* *< Ibv," wlM 
he, addressing himself to the lUiig, " Swi* 

* See Dedeaad Camden, 
t See Vol, I. page t. 


[Eaii RuKmg.] 



«eMDe of tliy people that liath not* ve» 
KMBtly iPordii|iped eur God* tfm I Imto 
flHK» flMd yft ttevB be meny thic lietfi 
iVRtvcd nr peeler IwneHte et tny nendt* 
iMd flienfoKf if our gode we of tuf 
p m mfhtjf woald nther Iwlp me lo high 
■Mer end dignitjr thm otlMn» IllenftNe^ 
iftttsy be ftnmd that tfaie new idigioa ie 
'flttdmoiecvailableauni our old, let 
' the eene." A giead e e 
M^hia poi w ae» t edd t e^e d the aeaembly, 
fll'Mipwd e nmsh neve digelBed end 
WHUMlfed VBBMi tbtuk had been givett hf 
'Wai^ |ffieity wt gjvii^ a nvovraMe t^ 
«peB to ChiiBikHBiey : •< Thereligkm we 
iin^* he add, " gives m no hntmetkai 
itthe aacae of the soul; irffeen It iaae- 
fMted ftODl tiie Imdy we know Bot what 
iMaM of k; but the vettgloa of the 
thfatfaae peofeaiea, at kaet, toopeatoour 
^tevtfiitiBtt scale, and la d>e>n >lng of cm 
Hpi^adiQed conrideniHoii.'' The eoncto* 
iha eai. ihat Chrislianlty ehoadd be eaa- 
toeaifaadOoUi, witti the aaal of a 
iM, BooBlHi apoA • war hone* 
alioaBdBBBirihiGahom. Iha plaae of the 
idoh^ aad eut Ma JatveUn aft the pitaei. 
|ilUai,eoaaMded Oioee ammd Mm to 
Inadvinilhe temple and the aMan. The 
BMrnl%ion «as tfMB veeaitedby thepeoptek 
adidvia Uneeir WW hapftaed br Pauttaoi the chnnb of St.Wfeei% on 
ft<er Saaday,* in t h e yna 647. nip.SM. 

fiowKer. Wm. H. A. rector 

Oark JohD, Esq. 

JjsoD Rev. John, curate 

Fonaert, Kirby Nicholas 
IppjetQiiJohn PetcbJohQ 
Stephensoo John 
Stephenson Rt. 
Stephenson Wm, 
Wade Richard 
Wilaon John 

|Mhett Geo. boot and &hoe maker 
BotmaidTbos. com miller 
aawgwoM Mary, vict. Star 
nrkioni} ManBaduke, bladcamlth A 
„ pvishclerk 

Tovie Christopher, wheelwright 
WihoB Wm. acboolmaater 
wyioQ Joha^ ahoemaker 

CarriM', Oeoitse Fetch, to Harket 
WeMoh en Tbor. and to Bereiley 

^ QowTHORPi, in the parish of 
TOBopWitton, wap. of Haraill, and 
fiberty of St. PeteA ; 4 miles NW. of 

* Sec ?al< n. page 35. 

IfpletuB Tbos. 

A|pl<!tOB Wm. 

Clark Sarah 
Poster Wm. 

PockllngtOD. FopulatkHi, (indaded 
with Tottlthorpe) 111. 

Blanchard Nicholas, jreomtn 
Dales Thomas, fanner 
HoUiday Thoarias, fanner 

GowTHoiiPB, In the parish of 
Blaoktoft, wap. and Ubertj of How« 
denshire ; 8 mUes B8B. of Howden. 

Haldenby Thomas, farmer 

GoxHiLL, (p.) hi the wap. and 
liberty of Holdeneut 3 mUcs 8W. of T 
sea. The cfawreh, wliidiiei 
antiquitsr. is situated oa aai 
emboaomed la lofty t r aee, which add mueh 
to the solemnity of the scene. Time haa 
impaired the bulkUag, but it is at psaaant 
ondergoiog a thorou|^ rqiair. Thelivtag 
in a rectory, dedicated to St Giles, the petnm 
of whidi to the Rev. C. Conerable i tie !!«▼• 
John Courtenay ia rector, and the Uev. 
Chriatopber Pomc^ cvratak Pop. 70* 

Fwrwmt, CoUinson Wm. 
Alvin Henry BllisJohn 

Boyes Thomas Ssard Richard 

Ortmgt BonBy in the parish of 
Hombleton, wap. and liberty of Hoi* 
demess ; 4 miles from Hedoo. 

Gramsmoor, in the parish of 
Barton Agnes, and wnp. of Dickering : 
7 mUes BNE. of Driffield. Pop. 85. 

ForsMrs,. Milner Richard 

Carrkk John Smith William 

Dalb y Richard TOpbam John 
Hyde Botterill 

CarrMT— Samoal Wray, to Brid- 
lington CTcry Saturday. 

Green Oak, in the parish of 
Eastriogton, wap. and liberty of How- 
denshire ; 4 miles B. of Howden. 

Blyth Robert, yeoman 

OnBBNwicn, in the parish of 
Bishop Wilton, and wap. of HartUU ; 
i miles NB. of Pocklington. 

Askwith Thomas, farmer 

Gribthorpb, or Gripthorpb, 
in the parish of Bnbwttb. and wap. of 
Harthill ; & miles N. of Howden. Po- 
pulation, (with Wiliey toft) 145. 

FarmarMy Layoock Thos. 
Ehind George Penrose Wm. 
Eland Leonard 

Grimstonb, In the parish of 
Dunnlogton. wap. of Onse and Der- 
went, and liberty of St. Peter's; 8 
miles B. of York. Pop. T9. 

Summers Robt. vict. Blackwell Ox 
Farmer*, Prince Thomas 
Lofthoose Benj. Ridsdale Ftancis 
Lofthouse Bdward 



[Ea^ Riding ] 


Grimstonb Uamoino, in the 
parish of Kirkby UDder4Ate,aQd wap. 
of fiackrose ; 8 mis. N. otPoGkUa^tuii. 

Farming, Kirby Wa. 
Arnell Wm. P^wroae John 

Ciarkspii l^iomx^ W^k^ Wm. 
GaiMSTONB HoBTH^ (p.) io the 
wap. of Buokrose, aod liberty oi' St. 
Peter's ; 4 miles SE. of Malton. The 
church is a discharged Tiearage, dedi- 
cated to St. Nicholas?, of which the 
pvebendary of Laagtoft is the patron^ 
and 1^ Rev. John BocfaaBan the vicar. 
Popslatioo, 199, 

Green Rev. James, curate 
Beilby John, blacksmith 
Shires Wm. vict. Gelder's Arms 

Farmers, Marshall Geo. 
Beilby John Wardill John 

Dale James 

Grimthorpe^ in the parish of 
Great Givendale, wap. of Harthilly 
and liberty of St. Peter's ; 4 miles N* 
of Pock!ington. Pop. 29. 

Marshall Willianp, farmer 

Grindalii, in the p^risb-ofBrid- 
lineton, wap. of Dickering, and liberty 
of St. Peter's ; 4 mUes WW. of Brid- 
lington, pop. 107. 

Kendall Rev. William, curate 

Farmersy Jorditn James 

BlOw^ Thomas Shaw Samuel 

Hartley Wm. Smith Joiiq 
Johnson Richard 

Orooe mil, in the parish of St. 
Nicholas, Beverley, and wap. of lifiTt- 
hill ; J mile E.of Beverley. 

GcKsir, In the parish qf Bubwithj 
and wap. of Hartbill ; 6 miles NNW. 
of Howden. This township was given 
¥y William tlie Conqveror to Gilbert 
Tyso&t Jiis standard-bearer, and has 
been the succeQstveiesidttBOe'Of the De 
Gunnebys, tb^ Kiui^biiUi, theP^Unaos^ 
aii4 the y ivvasourp. 

Clarkson Michael^ gpentieman 

Haothorpb, in the parish of 
Heminbroiigb, wap^ of Ouse ahd Der- 
went ; 5| miles ESE. of 'Selby. 

Jubb "William, yeoman 

ISajj&haii, (p.) in jthe wap. and 
ItbeTty of UQldeniefs j 4 oules NW. of Pat- 
riogtoa. This <idlli|gie poosiste chiefly of a 
number of raspectahte faiwiiouaa*, jMBttored 
at irregular distances from eaeh other.— 
The <l^hurch is an ancient structure, dedi- 
cated to AUSaints, of which liord Montague 
is the patron, and the I^v. ChdjUeii MAce> 

tbereotor. On a amaUcauoprae 
stately Mauvolewn* th« iKit^ 
fkcectoiMb faeedwilibpoIjsheiiwii^iiM^ 
in thA oflntre an deflant mnnvT mt- J 
vamry Af |h^ lafte Sif WiBiVB 
Bart, (Of Q^rtoftCooetahl^ «ho Um 
sHinMMu^ by tfe^ aaoestuay of Iklndt 
^^quly* Thttjesectioo of this 
tiare cost th^ fwn of ^W^QfH^ 
GonetaUQ. of K^vMiis KxiMi^ in iM4^. 
by wUliheania of S0<> ppr, 
paid outof has ea^ii^ for evpr.^ i 
if^ppNrpoMs:— jHy. £ff tfae ^i 
poorchUdrpnj $4U to fiMwahliiei 
ohil<U«n witli fatefa^fab ^^ooli 
to jlie distpibwt^d MOfxagHt «ghfc 
men, ai»d 4^ *o fiPo poor 9ld 
thehoepiytalereetedforliieiiriiae. i 

Madfiefeih Rev. iohB, curat* 

PatdnsoD Geo.' 
fiicfaardsoii Jt 
Thorpe Tbos. 

Wright Gcn r ga *' 

Hunter if 
RiohaidaMk Rem.^ 

to Hi 


Baxter Sdward 
Bryan Bedell 
Castle Wn. 
CeUinseB Thoa. 
Dtesser Thoa. 
GertoD Jeiuk 
GUea W4n. 

RIlia Joseph. MeekneMk 
Fairbaek lohn^eolioolinastev 
Fairbeak Cbertes* Mooef 
Harrison Wm. bric^yeir 
Frost Thomas, yeomai^ 
Smith Francis^ vict. $«|i. 

C«Tter— Thomas Hutton 
icvery Tnesday. 

Haltempricb, (extra f«)Jfi 
wap. of Harthill ; 4| miles NW . 
Hdh. This was /orme^rly iB 
but now a farm house. 

Elly(|vd Samuel, farmer 


Bnbwlth, and W9p. ^U^flfm^- 
miles N. of J^owden. P^p* 08. 

FammSf LmnudcThftk A^ 
Eia^ T. yeoman Maitey Wv» i 
HessellGi-ejrory Moactey Wn. 
KnapjLOB wm. «* 

Ward James, bladcsniith 
West Richard, shoemaker 

HARiPHAMy (P.) in the W9p, of 
I>Mlferiag2 .6 aiiieB JiE. of SriOildi fh»' 
former residence, and the burial plaae of ttv 
ancient faoni).y of ..^e St» .QiUatn^*. the 
founder of whidi fcwmjerly cpQie over te 
En|(1^d with Willii^.^ ^.OMWar* *«l 
received the lordships of Harpham ta Oe 
price of his iii*tit4yrfS9wiM^ ildjoiidpf to 

HAS. [Eatt MidiHg.} rat. 


te CaimrilOB Che Walteta rid*. tMlboikUi 
•r On Afflily BHusioii are yet to be 
~ MideeftahiTeMigeioftlieiUhpcmdt, 
tafldrng hat totally dteppenred. The 
ef vMeh ttie Reir. HMmas minei, 
Mr Baitoii Agttot, if faictfiQbeiiCy eon- 
feneat ptatai Mooe tower, alxrat 50 feet 
A BBTe» Tepaires and neifhteDed on 
^kmtt ride with Mdc* and a ehaneel. 
bavelnea origliially an potaited, 
«■ Ae Ndrfh ride there has been a maD 
wfaMiienow the eemettryoffheft- 
«r ft. QfdntiB. The pedlgrae of the 
finra BailKrt, in theyeat 1000, to 
8t Qttittliii, Bart who died te 
( vtwenty-c^^it aiieeeirioiM) ia repreKB^ 
!■ itaiacd glaaiy beantiAiBy excented by 
and jriaoed In the findowa of the 
, at the «xpeue of the iait baronet, 
diedabout the year ITST, bat whow 
b not yet leeorded aaoonf^liii an- 
TMe ped^ree b wniatemipted hi 
Bee thnnighaperiodof up w arda 
cauimlcs ! In ttie tnu6 burial 
ilpnee wn two naidive piahi 

[iHridi "tile grww halh eaat np again,* bat 

;%howeiwttMirlenant^ or whan tiiey were 

I^^Bried fronatiieirBanowmaMlon, thereia 

I ao laeoid to triL There are here aho a 

; dauber of mommenta and ineerf ptions, all 

I fririinf tothesamefbndly, and several of 

l^temingood puBti iatien} biittheprlneipa] 

I ligB elegant wirite martfleinoniiment, abore 

fttaMarbaae, ezhibilii^ a fWI length llgnre 

.tf grief, wiOt the wsoal embtean, hoMhtg 

^^ prafile fihencsaes, one of the late Sir 

maiam QwintiB, Bart, and theodier of his 

iMf. AflnaHtsbieteantainsanfaMeriptiaii 

la b0 neraory, and thewQcds — "Also hi 

1^ by the hnid of the painter, bntnotby 
ila band of £rie. Sir William was sue* 
«Med by Iris nephew, who never toolt the 
Mend he dying, kit a son, amlnor, who 
Ittrined his majority m 1810. The Tillage 
ItwhaOyagricaltanii] the fa rnrt Kw ie-steads 
tfegood, and fhe eottages neat and eomfort- 
Ai& OntlieiroadsidetoIIomaeais a fine 
riB8T firing of esceeltriit water, over whkdiis 
ended a dome, and on the side of this small 
bat aaeiest bniMhig, iiinseribed " St. John 
Wril," tnteaded probably as a moamnental 
tribote toSt John of Bemley, who, aceord- 
iagtothetraiffition of upwards of deren ct»- 
tarics. wMbamfaithiavinagft* Pop.lSl. 

HaQ John, linen manufactorer 
Morris Christopher, ^wheelwright 
Rossell Thomas, butcher 

* Goodwin Is of this opinion ; Stubbs 
fives Beverley tiie honour of the Saint's 


Storry Robnrt, tlct. Anchor 
WatffOD Robi^rt, MacksmiUi 
Webfter Wm. tailor 

F r iran i'f, Thompson John 
Dlion Fhuda Cfrwecre. 

JeflRMMm Robt. Pmiwni Joui 
HwriMMiBdw. WebaterWai. 
Reaatoo Wm, Skotmmkmrt^ 

Robaon Wm. Browa Robert 

Staveley Rhd, Robson Wm. 
Taylor John 

Cbrrlcr.^Robert Stom» to Brid- 
lington etery flatarday. 

HAaswBLL, (p.) in the wap. of 
Haithflf: 4nilca'WSW.of Market Weigh- 
ton. Thecimreh is a small andent stnie- 
tare, dedicated to St Peter : it Is a dieehargad 
rectory, fat tiie patraiage of the SUngsby 
tanlly, of which tile Rev. Henry Mltton la 
reetior. Populatioa, 78. 

AIderM>n Rer. Wm. A» B. cunto 
Bean Beigamin, parish olerk 

Farmer*. Patcbett Tlrotby. 
Donwell John Swales Abm. 
Marshall Thos. Topping Bdw. 

Corrtfir.— Thos.Tnfllt, to Market 
Weighton every Wednesday, 

Hasholmb. in the parish of 
Hobne-on-SpaUini^-moor, and wap. 
of Hartbill ; 7 miles N£. of Howden. 

FaroMTt, RenardJames 
Holkuid BUS. Walkington Wn. 
Marshall Geo. 

Hatpibld (Great), in the perish 
of Msppleton and Sigi^ksthoriie, wap. and 
liberty of HoldenMas ; 4 miles SW. of 
Hornsea. This village appears to have been 
a ptaoe of soaae fanportMee, ftmn an aaeleiit 
stone cross of eaqnlrite worbmaaahip, wMdi 
stands in the eentre of the plaoa. There la 
hen a baiial ptaoe, but no ptooe of wor- 
ship, theChapd which ftmneriy stood la It 
havh^ been destroffed by fire aboutaeantary 
ago. The rite of the saaatnafy la laerbad 
by alaige monumental etoDe, bearing tliia 
iMeriptlon '^^HBRE LIBTH THE BODY 
Popolatlon, 1S7* 
Fox Rev. T. vicar 

Formerly Morris Thos. 

Blenlcin James Rooklidse Jacob 

Chapman John Stabler Wm. 

Jackson Hartley White Christ. 

Lowthorp Rbt. Wright Richard 
Moor Ehsabeth 

Hastings John, grooer 
Robinson Edward, tailor 
Stephenson Wm. shoemaker 

Corrter.— John Hastings, to HuU 
every Tuesday, 



[East Mi^ng.] 

Hatfield IiITTjlb, In the pftrisb 
of Sifl^MtbonBe, wiip. aad liberty ^ 
Holderness ; 4 m^^• SW, U Hq(»«|U 
Populoiioo 25. 

Tanton Bjn^i^rd, fiurmer 

Hatbtmorp. in tbe muteh of 
BortM Affnes. ife wap.^rf Diokeriin;; 
4 mlB. SW. of Bridlingtoa. Pop. 109. 

Davison Villiani, jim. botcber 
Walker George^ sfioemaker 

« Fmmmff PisicyJam^s 
Charter Thomag Snutb Joba 
Pavilion Wm. 

HAYfV9»r, (p.) to tte wop* ef 
HaitbUl; 2i miie$ SSB. of P^pokiin«^ 
loB. HayjU)n-«iMi-Beilby» i» ^a vicar- 

gie; present injcumbeult Bmv, Charles 
yves Crrahanii it is ui)der the patron- 
age of tbe Dean of St. Peter^ Yorlc ; 
the church is dedicated to St. Martin. 
PopulatioQ 177. 

Crosier WilUam, vict. White HoKse 
Glazier Thomas, sbpemaker 
Rowntree Peter, corn miller 
Walicer WiHiam, Macksmitb 
Wilson Joseph, wheelwrlgM 

FarmerSj Leak Robert 
Binninston John Ponsonby Wm. 

Boys WUtiam 
Clark William 
Crain Rsehanl 
Cmiri Mrs. Aan 
Holtby WiUiam 

Staveley Stej)hen 
Winter John 
WitheU John 
Yeamaa Tbonas 

9* »■ 

HEDOtf, (p.) 

In Uie W9p, Hi UoldamBth «iid Mher^y ot 
Ifedott, aad St. Peter's ; 6 miles £. of 
UvSl, i«id 2 miles E. of tbe Uumter. The 
to«a ooniisti dMefly of one slceet, hi the 
middled wliieh it \he MadKt b1«oi»; ifi» 
w^ p»ved« «Bd 4}ie road in every duno- 
Ifiea is good ^u p diti o w. The yatu^ oqib» 
pneeeisnaseaof 876«evQ^ wmI the ipopuk^ 
ttoo whiiidli has hfea ia«sq«sfaH; ivoffOMPivelf 
fsr Omb last tmmtf yean, now anewBtsio 
902, though, in 1801* the awpbcM mm9 
only 592. The govemmesit of the town is 
in the corpagnUOD, . which consists of a 
Mayor, nine Aldennen, two BailifRi, the 
latter of whom are Magistrates duiing their 
term of office, and an indefinite number o/ 
Burgesses: the Mayor is annually chosen 
from the Aldermen, and :the Bitill9k from 
the Burgesses; the Coroner is one of the 
Aldermen annually chosen, and usually the 
person who has served the office of Mayor 
the jireceding year; John Taylor, Esq. is 
tfie Mayor, and Chtn^esOibson and Thomas 
Ta^kson, Esqrs. are Bailiffli for t892-3. The 

AWcw a m mm. 


T«y]«r, Timmm Bi^9g»^ HiVf 

1999-9, If ttepry VLtfrniff- itt* 
Jsnws Jvfson, is Tena ^klA* 
hierf A4i9ait«^ sfW^Nl 4bs^>4^«tas 
wUinatpd awoujKU fTftfi *am 4v 

»au, ^kmf9gi4mm^^9imm^ 
tiad th^ ^Kiecai qsMr^mim^ 
Bcvongib eiB? bfOAwk tbm-mm$ 
Tiumm p cM prtsMft Jlswp i t* -0 

is taoHBd Jby chip^ fto iWpKiflit 
town a haU and piisatf #sr ^ 
UoldciaeM. Ht^mmmo^PfO 

to iiarlivpept i tiN» ftmmt l i MinN» i 
LieuL€oAeMl iite H»n^¥ti <Kf 
niaar Pavndiah eoiieBe. laCWdUB* 

tert Fenewd* ¥^ .«! Slanftomb 
lUondfio. Thislkfcyuglilii^jfsMt 

which «a Y«lNiiiiiw«fP tnsdf t^i:^ 
Edwacd VL« .ainse which #9e4h» 
have keen xfUHtoT' Thangl^if 
in the Iwrgep^es, wlifwe piiviliwe &p 
either bydeseent* or Ivfittmfitm 
toafteeraatifimdeBt jn the B a w ng h* 
an hflBoiarv Aft et the jflfTTTfifrT 
chief effimn Cv th« 4ia»e. Ths 
amoani ie eiMO|i( Oiras hy«M. 
was aaciently a sea {kmK of 
portanoe, eonaeolad with ihe ipiisr 
by anavigiOilf eMek*l»i»jt«b^aacMI 
Humber diwt^ii^uid «s fhe 
ooi^try ^xsfune drained .and 
and wss fiaaiiy fsboiiked up. Ap 
creased H^^ndeeUne^. In 1774^ 41 
p a rliyn a n t was pjbtain^ fat rtspvpiht 
preserriagtliebsvfP* aadl fcoil g K hg 
^led 4>f entire w*eqs8s 4mr wa«^ «f » 
exclude the tidjis, the ti^^fi has 
increased, end nonaiiUBwWr et 
grain are shipped heve ISar JUsmtaag jM^ 
West AidiageOf YoiMNre^ iiHraid* 
limie, and gcnval anflwhiidiM i 
in ceturo. Camdan spseks 4if 
bwingbeen ** ftgweity s m i iidif i Ws 
by )»asap^xiif in«i;ct«nts sadatdHNWf" 
his fammentfttor adds, Ahat ^ jAe 
9Dd madcsaf :iiw9ehui!ffb«s, .biiii<i» IN^' 
t^ey now hairiv .aipi«P ita/ipMliii MifM 
ness, and 1^ ponsequenoe a 
trade." This place suffered a serat 
in the year l^, hy a dieadftil 
tion, which hoiiit down great part of 
town, -and suhRequeoLly tfV(Bial ban*'* ^ 
tlws MarlM^rf^iMie jhaiad Jte sanslMei M 
they are now rebuilt, and thovgh 

HJSA. [East EuUng.] H£0. 


Sarah Toob, Bp-poti Ojffht, 

Letten mt. frem HuU, *yery Mob. Wed. 
Thu. and Sat. at » pwt • ng. dqptti 
at i past IJ noon. 


Allen Wilbam, geotlemtiii 
BuntsU Lydia, gentlewoiDaB 
Davy Peter, gentlematt 
Day WiliiaM, akkn-oMa 
Dixon Rer. JofaD, vkKt 
Garfortb EdwmtA, m&ntiemtOi 
Howden Mrs. genrnfmoaum 
Ireson WUliam, Esq. attociMy and co- 
roner for HoIdemegM 

Mm^ th6 AppMmocte of ttt€ 
toim mm eottiflsMftly ittiproTfed by the dis- 
arter. The idittrcfr of St. JtugastiM, of 
wluGh the Adblkfiiibfl^or Yotk i« tAe patroa, 
•adflioJUal johBDoMb tm vtatt, ii m* 
ooiy cAunA ia ftiftpfaMi ; of tlwtiro iiihen« 
St. Nicholas and St. Janmi^ obif me fraees 
oCttto lbiaiMloB» MnuriMw UpM port of 
aensk acM* of jancl, a» Newloii, aeaf this 
te«fii, fivan 67 Alaa, Mnof Oohernitt, was 
built in the reigir of king John, an hda^ital, 
ifiiliuMtt tvftte tntf SeptMkhf, tot aprtar« 
aad «rci»IMthnM> ertiMMlepeM) ftut it 
no.lMgaa eaJatSL: A haNdMMM»«i*t)*l for 
Roaaaa eatlMtlfc iPonhi|riiwbailt kMe, m 
I8M9 «iM aCitfvikiat ahapi^ nw MKIa 
UOli tlicil»M aMa HethMiat Aapei»eiMMi 
miauk The datpocitiinAa w eiaia m i etght 
hooKlt, i»inm i itB tett to thettaintMaaavor 
eU li MgaB i K^ end tkitteothani^ a ii^ wop Hrtaa 
tothe vidom at hargaMHi in #hiek Ike^ 
havestmiritpamMMi, aadaa ahaaal ntppty 
of ooals. There are atao tuv idleoittf one 
te boTB, aad the other for girls, the eMidran 
ofbuifna^a, suppoiied by the -voluntary 
oaelillmtaooa of the representatives of the 
tonnigh. The weekly market, whiehie 
held on the Saturday, is weft suppUed with 
proviskMas of all sorts. The annual fairs, 
of whi^h there ixe four, are held on the 
ieeteid of August, the twenty'-second of 
September^ €he seventeenth of November, 
and the sixth of December ; and fortnight 
markete for cattfe, established in 17d6, are 
held every aUemafe Mondaf throughout the 
year, with increasing success; the number 

oi theep p«nneid in 1821, amounted to k«»^».,, *«,— « ^ 

13.7^ TlTHoldenu^sAgriculturaTs^ SSS^J^^S^- 1 SJUS^Ja^^-S 
ticty. the operations of which have been xlwe^maS jSSi SS^Rlf J^k 
highly beuefichil to this district, hold their i^^^^JSS!^''^^^ Marshall Jobit 
quarterly meetings in this place, and have 
here their annual show of prise catUer This 
society is composed of most of the gentle- 
men, and principal farmers, and breeders of 
datae in tl is fertile and highly cultivated 
district, and poeseses a valuable and select 
library of the best books, which have been 
written <m agriculture, and the sciettces 
with «iiieh it is eonkeoted. Thera are also 
sevfitai other a o d e t tes here, amongst the 
piioeipal of wMeh may be laentlaiied, the 
Fiieodly Uaioa Benefit Cocfety, irtH» 20(r 
raembecB, and a fimcl of ^1300; and the 
Bible Society* wfaMi la anteaalvelf patMn* 
iaed. There is a greet detf of sooiaUty in 
thU small but^kMetestiilg tto^m, and the 
dancing, and oard iseeittblles in the wihteiv 
to which ali thcF principal iakaWtaats of the 
town and netghtondlood resoftr impatt^ to 
the place a eamiAmkle share ef gaiety aod 

Kaok JUvy, aeBtlewooiaii 
Robson CnariesyicratleinBii 
Stephenson Rev. Wm. Calv. minister 
Swfeibarn Rev. Joeepb, CatiioUc nriest 
Thorp FrajK% centtemau 
TickeU Rer. /oin 
Webster George, gentieoMin 

Aftttwottb Richard, (boys* free school)* 
Boyce Henry , (classical ifeconmier&a) 
Dalton Msir, (httfi^s* boarding) 
MitcWiteon Jane, (girls' free Tclwol) 

.^lacktmUht, Story Ann 
Jackson Thoaaas datdentn^ 

Scatter John, sen. Clarkson Jpb.ian. 
Sputter John, jun. Marshall John 
Boot Sf Shoemakers, iPhorp Creorge 
Easart Francis Grocertf 

Hewson Geo. Baron John 
Nelthorp Tbos, Clarkson Joseph 
Ramsay Wra. Harper Geoxge 
Rawson Sam -* ^ 

Tesseyman J __„ .., 

Turner Wm. l>ears Alexander 

Vereer George Robinson Nicholas 
Wilson Robert Wilson Robert 

Brick fapert, Hair Dressert^ 

Battye Abraham Knowles Thos. 
Bumham Robert Thompson John 

Drew John 
Griee David 
Leek Samael 
Dennison Thoe. 
Wood Thos. 

Battye John 
Burn Matthew 
Hoe Thomns 
Johnson John 

Plumbert ani 

BeHoB John 

Broom John 

Robinson Wm* 

Egglestoue Thes. 

Hoe Thomas 

Rider Robert 
Surgeons and 

Campbell JamM 

Robinson Nicholas Cautley Henry 
Draper*, Sawyer Georue 
Clarkson Joseph Velvin Daniel 
Haesley Henry Tailors, 

Harper George Battye George 



[Eeut Riding.] 


Hansley Heary Scuri John 
EawcUffa John Wrigbt Wm 
Bawson Tbomas 

TaternSf HoieU, and Intu* 
Dog d? Dack. Thomfts Dennison 
Horse A Jockey, Geo. Whiterwi<dc 
King's H»a4» Jonathan Mitcfainson 
Old Sun^ Mrs. Robinson 
Old Sun, Benjamin BonseU 
Saundersou's Arms, Thos. Jackson 
Sloop, Geo. Gibson, Haven side 
Tig^r, Stoiy Broom 

MufmUmtffif Tradet, 
Batty John, perish clerk 
Brown Mary, straw hat maker 
Butler John, excise ofiioer 
Corbrake Francis, fanner 
Cowplioe James, ooal merchant 
Darling Robert, huntsman 
Ennes Thomas, grazier 
Foster John, haroour master, 4s corn, 

ooal and Ume merchant 
Gibson Cbas. corn miller, Haven mill 
Harper Elisabeth, miUiner 
Hornby John, baker A corn dealer 
Hyde Francis, stone mason and mar* 

ble cutter 
Ingleby Wm. tallow chandler 
Ingleby Wm. tanner and fellmonser 
Jarram John. auctioDeer and bailin 
Jekyll Joseph, cooiwr 
Kates Wm. mace bearer 
Maokereth Thos. spirit merchant 
Potchett Thos. watch <& clock maker 
Robinson Joseph, former ^ ooal dlr. 
Simon Edward, sexton 
Smith Wm. yeoman 
Stewart James, tinner and brasier 
Stubbins Robert, common brewer and 

spirit merchant 
Taylor John, mert^ant 
Taylor Wm. merchant 
l%ylor Thos. mercht. <fe vessel owner 
Taylor Richard, dlr. in earthenware 
Wilkinson Charles, printer, bookseller 

and stationer 


Wm. Thorpe's Coach, (from Kinr*s 
Head) to the Rein Deer, Hull, 
every Tu. at I past 8 mg. and to 
Patnngton in the evg. at 6. 

Wing's Coach, (from Kind's Head) to 
. Hull, every Tu. and Fri. at 8 mg. 
returns 6 evening. 

Wing's Caravan, (from Hull to Pat* 
nngton) arr. nt Old Sun, at k past 
9 mg. every Mon. Wed. and Sat. 
conveys letters, goods <& passen- 
gers, dep. same days at 6 evg. 


John teath's Vessel, to Three Cranes 
Wbart, LoudoD, monthly. 

Thomas Taylor's Vessels, tu I«Mfi 
and WaKelleld, onoe a (nft i Mgl% ; 
and to London oocaskMiaUy. ^ | 

John Banett's Waggon, kem ^9^ 

rington to Hull, every Tu. A M. 

retcums same days. 
Jonathan Mitchinsun's and Wi 

Rawson's Waggons, (bom 

Head) to Hull, every To. 4 

returns in the eveuii^. 

CatHmrt to Hull, Easington, 
tx>n, Ottonghana, Km 
Thorngumbolddk PanU^ 

HBLpERTiroiip, f p.) \m 
of Bvflkrose ; 9miles NW.of : 
Hero is a chapal of the 
etauich> de<ycated to St Pel 
which the DeaaaBdCfaaflter«f ; 
are the patrona; and the Rev. 
Foiresty the vioor* Pop. 16U 

Sandemon Wittkms, vietiiidler, 
smith's Arms 

Farmers, Lovell Wto. 
AUinson Wm. I^oemt 

Barmby Richard Anderson''' 

Binning John Cooper lohii'* 

Hbminobrocgh, (p.) fir] 
Southern point of flie vrap. of Owe 
Derwent; 5 miles ESE. of Selby. 
place is remarkable for its church, 
has a beautiful spire, rising forty-two; 
above the battlements. Dr. Stukdeyt 
'* that the Romans had a fort in this [ 
on each side of the great West tower of 1 
present church," and the situation of 
great wall, •vfhidtx is of a difi^nt 
from the rest of the building, ts* 
suppodtion, that the churdi has 
upon the site of the andent fort, 
fice, which is dedicated to St. Marr*^ 
made collegiate in 1426, for a provwt,^ 
prebendaries, six vicars choral, and ati 
but these privileges ceased with the i 
tion, and it is now a discharged vicsnl^' 
the gift of the King. Population, 560. 

A Foot-post to F^rrybridgo, U 
the mg. ret. at 2 in the aftexnooa* ., 

Caile Rev. WiUiamy vicar 
Robinson Wm* gentleman 

Bromitt Geotige, yeoman 
Harrison John, yeoman, Granfp 
Harrison Joseph, yeoman 
Middleton Wm. yeoman 
Nappy Wm. yeoman 

Brieklofm-s, Farmertf 

Cobb George Barton Khzal 

Cobb Thomas Barton John 

Cressey Geoi]^ 



[East Ridififf.] 



Jackson Thomas Lambert James 

LavenickJobn Newham Wm.sen. 

LoUev Thomas Pearson Thomas 

Roatn Edward Tailors, 

Taylor Esther Abbey Mark 

Skomaakers, Ward John 

Kay Thomas fTiueUtrigkit, 

Lee Joseph Pocklington Jpn. 

Skoffkeepergy WoodttlJoho 
Briggs Thomas 

BordmaD John, saddler 
Cressey William, vict. Britannia 
Dalby Richard, schoolmaster 
Didnnson J. butcher <fe vict. Half Moon 
Emmerson Margaret, schoolmistress 
Hewdle John, corn miller 
Kewham William, Jan. butcher 
Robinson William, constable 
Smallwood James, vict. Dog 
SUckney Joseph, nlaclcsmith 

Carriert — Cross and Lambert, to 
Selby, every Mon, at 8 mg. 

Steam Packet to Hull at 10 mg. 

Hbmpholme, in the parish of 
Leven, wap. A liberty of Hoiderness ; 
Si miles SB. of Driffield. Pop. 93. 

Farmtntf Keomen, Harrison John 
Atkinson Wm. Kemp Isaac 
BUton Ralph Kirk John 

Fallowdown Wm. 
Idell Francis, schoolmaster 

HbsIiErton East, in the parish 
ofWestHesleTton,andwap.of Buckrote; 10 
miles ENE. of Malton. Here is a Cbapel of 
Etfe, and a Methodist chapel. Pop. 196. 

Jadson Richard, yeoman 

Farmert, Newlove Mark 

Cross David Vickerman John 

Hoofe Thomas Woodill George 

liamb John Yates Thomas 

Cordiner Matthew, iron master 
Cordiner Richard, blacksmith 
KnBggs James, carpenter 
Spe<i[ William, shopkeeper 
Woodill James, tailor 

Hbslraton West, (p.) in the 
wtp. of Buckrose ; 9 miles ENE. of Malton. 
The parish chuxeh, dedicated to St Andrew, 
uiathepabrouageoftheKtaig. Pop. 973. 

Cumins Rev. William^ M. A. rector 
Foulis J. R. Esq. magistrate 

. Carpmterg, Marshall Jonathan 

Miloer George Piercy Thomas 

Smith Thomas Ruston John 

Farmert, Simpson Joseph 

Bointon Joseph Walker Robert 

Botterill Thos. Wilson Prancls 
G\}mm (Seorge Shoemakers, 

Goodill Robert Boy Thomas 

Uesp John Stephenson Wm. 

Blanchard Charles Dale, tailor 
Lovel John, churchwarden 
Fetch William, grocer 
Robi^son John, schoolmaster 
Wilson Francis, vict. 

Carrier^J, Boyes, to Malton daily . 
HBsLiveroN, (p.) in the wap. of 

Ouse and Dervrent ; 2 mUes SE. of Yorkt*— 
The diapel is dedicated to St. Peter and St. 
Paul, and the prebendary at Ampleforth in 
Vortc Ciitliedral is tire patron, the Rev. Francis 
Metcair is the incumbent. Here is a hospital 
for 8 poor men, and 1 poor woman, with a 
rental from ttie Castle Mills, at Yoifc, whidi 
let for SOI* per ann. and also tU, pet ann. 
from a rectory in Cleveland. Pop. 513. 

Coates General James 
Hodgson Martha, gentlewoman 
Porter Captain Henrv 
Reynolds Ann, gentlewoman 
Richardson Rev. Jame^ curate 
Yarbiir^h Henry, Esq. Hall 
Yarburgh Major Nicholas 

Hodgson Seth 
Holborn John 
Fam&rs if Yeomen, 
Ayer John 
Carr Francis 
Carr William 
Cooper William 
Dickson George 
Dickson JohndsRd. 
Dover John 
Feather Wm. 
Hick WiUiam 
Lambert John 
Lazenby Thos. 

Loekwood Robert 
Nicholson John 
Ponty Robert 
Pool Thomas 
Robinson Thos. 
Seller Tliomas 
Sigswortn Geo. 
Turner Robert 
Umpleby Wm. 
Ware William 
Wilberforoe Thos. 


Brayshaw Wm. 
Smith Richaid 

Beckett Thomas, vict. Robin Hood 

Boardman William, bleacher 

pale John, vict. Ship 

Foster Thomas, tailor 

Lambert Robert, bricklayer 

Pool John, carpenter 

Skel ton John, day school dk parish clerk 

Swales John, linen manu&cturer 

Ware Robert, blacksmith 

Hbsslb, (p.) in the wap. of Hull- 
shire i 5 miles WSW. Of UnlL Thhi Isaa 
andent parish and manor, the date of which 
may be traced to tiie conquest The manor 
of Hessle was formerly a possession of the 
Stutevilles, and Joan Stuteville carried the 
estates to Hugh de Wake. This lady was 
the first to introduce the custom of females 
riding sideways ou horseback, and the device 
on her seal exhibits a lady in that posture, 
holding the bridle in her right hand. The 
proximity of this village to the Humbec 
rendered it an advantageous situation for 




[East Riding.] hol> 

ImUdiiHC whidi untU lately wa» carried on to 
a oonridemblc ttctent. A little to the ^restward 
of Hettle, to He»lc«ood house, a handsome 
mannon belonging to Joseph lUWnsouPease, 
Esq. an eminent banker, at HulL This house 
commands a fine view of the Humber, but less 
exteosive than from the house of Mr. Cooper, 
andtfthertonthetopofthehiU. Thechurch 
is dedicated to All Saints; itiaaTicarage, m 
the dftof the crown, and the Rev. Edmund 
Garwood. A.M. vicar, is the incumbent The 
Rev. Timothy Raikes, anancertorof the pre- 
sent family of Raikes, of HuU, London, and 
Gloucester, was vicar of Hessle in the com- 
mencement of the last century. There are 
here a iroaU hospital and school, slenderly 
endowed, and several doles to the poor, un- 
der the direction of the vicar and the church- 
wardens^ The late Mr. Raikes. of Glouces- 
ter, the founder of those valuable institu- 
tions, the Sutlday Schools, was a member 
of this tUDilp Population 1021. 

Garwood Rev. Edmund, A.M. vicar 
Locke T. B. Esq. banker 
Mawhood Rev. Richard, A.M. curate 
Pease J. R. Esq. Hesslewood house 
Roe Chas. Esq. comptroller of customs 
Wilson Isaac, printer 

Appleton SimoD, maltster 
Gibson John, gardener 
Green Mark, vict. Marquis of Granoy 
Harrison Wm. tailor and draper 
Houghton W. L. book binder 
Sellars John, vict. Three Crowns. Cliff 
Smith Christ(H>her, vict. Adm. Hawwi 
Thirkell Joseph, officer of excise 
Webb Benj. schoolmaster & clerk 
Wright Tho^J. vict. Ship, Ferry 

The HwU Market Coach to HoU, 
every Tu. A Fri. dep at 8 in the mor^ 
and ret. at 6 evening— OBfTie«,S^eck 
<& WalUs, to Hull, every Tu. & Fn- 

HiLDBRTHORpE, in the paiisli 
Bridlington, and wap. of Dickerinff;-; 
II mile S. of Bridlington. Pop. 51. 
Bordass John ds Lundy Wm. fiarmecs 

Bailey Curtis 
Barkworth Eliz. 
Bean MerCy 
Burstall Samuel 
Cooper Samuel 
Didkinson Samuel 
EamshawL. B. 
Eamshaw Robert 
Hall Francis, sen. 
Hall Francis, jun. 
NeiArmarch John 
Railey Richard 
Riplin^rham Joel 
Spicer John 
Stovin Cornelias 
Todd John 
Watson J. Ki 
Wood Thomas 
Rudston William 
Wcunman Joseph 

Brocklebank Wm. 
Storey John 

Michael Jacob 

Cjrn millws, 
Marshall Wm. 
Thompson Leond 

Brigffs John 
Carull Thomas 

Escrett Thomas 
Gooddy John 
lieiehtou Thomas 
Lotheriiigton Tho. 
Thompson John 
Thrustle Aaron 

Campbell John 
CoUinson James 

Booth William 
Wasencroft Chas. 
Waudley Philip 
Pans IVhiie Mfs. 
Pease, Trigg <fe Co. 
Pinning, Ward & 

Plough maken, 
Bilton John 
Saunders John 
Bellard Samuel 
Extoby Robert 
Sissons Wm. 

HifiSTON, (p.) in the wap. -wj 
liberty of Holdemess; 9 miles ENE. M^ 
Hedon. The churdi is dedicated to Sb- 
Margaret. The Rev. ChristopherSykw.' 
of Rooss, is the incumbent and patcon.>-«^ 
Population 39. ' 

Farmers, Hutchinson Brian 
Foster Joseph Hutchinson Tho«. < 
Foster James ^ 

HivB, in the parish of Eastriqgw. 
ton, wap. and liberty of Howdenshire; 
4 miles ENE. of Howdeu. ^ 

Farmers 9 Lawton Wm. 
Craven Thomas Prince Richard 
Hall Thomas Westoby John 
Gibson Robert 

HoLLYM, (p.) in tho wap. an^ 

liberty of Holdemess; 2 miles N& of Pi^ 
rington. This village is pleasanUy ri 
on a small eminence. The . 
was built in the year 1814, by the ▼>«», 
Rev. Charles Barker, M. A. and is " '* 
to St Nicholas. Pop. 260. 

Barker Rev. Charles, M. A, vicar '*^ i 
Bassindale Hugh, corn miller l 

Dickinson Thos. schoolmaster 
Wales Mary, vict. Pk)ugh 

Anderson F. B. 
Hodgson William 

Brough Robert 
Green William 
Green Thomas 
Levitt Robert 
Robinson Daniel 

Ballany Jontb. 
Bilton Thomas 
Carr John 
Charlton Benj. 
Croft Wm. 
Futty Francis 
Gell Thomas 

HiltonJohn <& Jas*] 

Hunton Geome i 
Hutchinson RobeCL 
Major Robert ] 
Marshall Wm. 
Marshall John ■ 
Preston Richard i 
Simpson Seth 

Greensides John Stephenson Wm. 
Carrier, Wm . Greensides to HuU Tu.; 

Holmb-on*Spaldino<- Modi, 
(p.) in the wap. of HarthlU: 5 miles SW 
of Market Weighlon, and well known If 


[East JBfdtii^.] 



the name of Honp Holme, from thequaa i 
tity of hemp formerly eultiyated here.—- 
The bin or mount od wfaidi rtands tiie an- 
ciait ehuxch, is a very fine object, paiticulariy 
on the high road to Vork from Market 
WeigfatoD. From this devatad situation a 
ddigfatfld survey may be had of the sur- 
roundup cottBtry, in whidi Howdei diurdi 
and York Cathedral are prominent ot^Jects. 
Upon this mooni stands a beacon, firom 
whidi that divison of diis extendve wapen- 
take of Harthin, called Hofane Bewxn, is 
and to take its name. Here is a bed of 
gypsum, in whidi are abo found ammo- 
Bitm, or make stones. A piactioe has been 
adopted in this parish, tj some of the 
prindpal landholders, <it aBntting a certain 
9iantity of land, as a oowgste, to their la- 
bourers, which has materially tended tc^ tiie 
comfort of their families, and to the ease of 
the paiisb. A diock of an earthquake was 
felt hi this neighbourhood on the 18th of 
January, 1822, at 10 tfdoA at night. The 
^nrcfa is dedicated to AH Sainfci, and is in 
the patronage of St. John's College!, Cam- 
bridge, who let out tiie rectory to the vioar, 
by lease, for his life^ at a pepper ooni yearly 
rent There are here two chapeia, one fbr 
the Roman Catholics and the oither for the 
Metfao^sts. Pop. 1318. A tradltloii exists 
that in times long since paased, when a great 
part of this r^on was a trackless morass, a 
cen was founded, either by the Vavasours or 
the Constables, at Welham bridge, on the 
edge of Spalding moor, for two monks, one 
of whcMrn was employed in guiding traveU 
leis over the dreary wastes, and the other in 
imploring die protectian of heaven for 
tboie who wore exposed to the dangers of 
the road: and then axe persons yet living 
who can remember the time when, in foggy 
weather, it was oonudered a dangerous at- 
tempt to cross the oommon without a guide. 

Clarksou B. J. banker. Holme Hoase 
Crosskill J. steward to Lady Stoartoo 
HoUne^Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman 
Lambert Thos. gentleman 
Lan/^ale Hon. Charles, Hall 
Tbompson H. sargeoa 
Turner Re¥. John 

Farmers if Veomn, 
Atkinson Geo. 
Atkinson Robert 
Bilbroagb John 
Bnimley Thos. 
Brown Geo. 
Burton Bliz. 
Buttle John 
Coates Thomas. 
Dickinson John 
Holwes Wm. 

Jewitson Thos. 
King John 
Kirby Peter 
Loftus Robert 
Mackley John 
Quarton Sarah 
Rider George 
Simpson William 
Taylor Robert 
Thackray John 
Yaax Robert 

Wardell John 
Wild John 

Hudson John 
Mason Mark 
Pexton Thomas 

Coal mtrckamU, 
Hutchinson John 
Loftiis Wm. 

Cbm mliert^ 
Charter John 
Maltby Wm. 

Brunley Cbartet 
Massey George 
Sturdy Mam. 

Breadley Fruids 
Cade Ann 
HiU Robert 
Smith G«o. 

Cade John 
Gill Benjamin 

Brooksbank John, genti. bd|:. school 
Buck James, ornamental plasterer 
Cook John, taik>r 
Fish Thomas, butcher 
Hudson John, Tict. Blacksmiths' Amu 
Hutchinson Matthew, TkA. Sun 
Johnson Wm. joiner 
Simpson Robert, bricklayer 
Stainton Wm. parish clerk 
Stewardson John, tict. New Inn 
Whitehead Wm. Tict. Hare^Honnds 

Carrur, J. Smithy Market Weigh- 
ton Weds. ; and to Howden Sats. 

Holm B-oN-THB-WoLDi, (pJ in 
the wap. of HarthiU; 6 miles N W. of 
BeTeriey. Pop. 138. ^ 

Fonnera, Suddaby John 
Hariand Wm. Suddaby Samuel 
Suddaby Dorsey Swift John 

Hursileld John, boot and shoe maker 
Kay Robert, snopkeeper 
Teall Wm. blacksmith 

HoLMPTON, (p.) in the wap. and 
liberty of Holdemessi 4 miles K. of Pat- 
rington. A Tillage near the sea, which is 
extremely healthy ; the church Is a small 
structure, of which the King is the patron, 
and the Rev. Charles Conwiius Chambers, 
M. A. the rector. Pop. 256. 

Laoey Richard, gent. 

Paris Rev* Samuel, M.A. curate 

Stephenson Wm. 

Hastings Wm. 
Wilkinson Geo. 
Graham Joseph 
Harmon Wiluara 

Basbill Wm. 
Dennison Fred. 
Fewster John 
Green Wm. 
Mann Richard 
Richardson John 
Sowerby Thos. 

Bilton Richard, blacksmith 
Cockerline Thc«. vict. Board 
Cockerline Wm. stkiemaker 
Hildjrard Nathan, schoolmaster 
Pearson Francis, shopkeeper 
Richardson Mary, milliner 

Carrterr, Wilson & Greensides, to 
Hull, every Tu. and Fri. 

T 8 



[East RidififfJ] 


HORNSEA, (p.) 

In the wap. and liberty of Holdemess ; 19 
miles Arora Beverley, Ifi ftom Hedon, and 16 
from HulL There was formerly a market 
here weekly, but it has long been disused.^ 
The diurch is a large gothic structure, de* 
dicated to St Nicholas, of which the King 
is the iMttoD, and the Rev. Robert Croft, 
▼ioar, the iniBttmbeut; there are likevite 
Calvinist and Methodist chapels, and a 
churrh sdiool. Hornsea is much flre< 
quented, hi the bathing season. Within 
three quartets of a mile to the NE. of the 
town run the mighty streams of the German 
Ocean, and immediately to the SW. isa lake 
covering upwards of four hundred acres of 
land, and fUll of most excellent and highly 
flavoured fish. There is in this place, as hi 
many ttt the other watering places of York- 
shire, a fine dialybeate spring. Races are 
held here on a variable day, between the 
17th and 24th of July. Pop. with Burton 790. 

BallantiBe James 
HarrisoD Charles 

Tailon, ^c. 
Pool John 

Southwiek MaU 
Dawson Jona 
Southwiek Wnu 
V^allis ThornuB 

William Bum, foot post^man to Leven. 
on Mon. Wed. Thur. and Fri. dep. at 9 
morn. ret. at 1 noon- 
Corey Rer. Charles^ curate 
Foree Rev. Cbpr. curate of MappletoD 
Lay Bum Captain John ■ 
Sykes Rev. James> Calvinist minister 

Gentry 9 . Lin^ikin Stephen 
Bedell Benjamin Fanners if Veomen, 
Day Rebecca Bennet Geo. 

Eagle Mrs. 
Gibson Mrs. 
Green Geo. 
Hudson John 
Hunton John 
Smith Dorothy 
Wilson C. B. 

Smith Thos. 
Wadforth John 

Burn Thus. 
Davison Wm. 
Fisher Samuel 
Foster Ralph 
Frost Samuel 
Galloway John 
Harrison Thos. 
Heron Robert 
Jackson Richard 
Merrit Francis 

Boot if Siloeniaiir«r«,Noble James 
Ackiam Thos. Simpson Joseph 
Grantham Wm. <fe Stork Wm. 

parish clerk Warcup Isaac 
Greensides Wm. Whiten Wm. 
Harrison John Grocers if Drapers^ 
Lawson Robert Cooper Richard 
Welburn Robert Henderson Wm. 

Gale John 
Grantham Rhd. 
Russell Wm. 
Russell John 
Taylor Wm. 

Bennet John 
Bulson John 
BuLson Wm. and 
tallow chandler 

<fe druggist 
Hillaby John 
Leesom William, 
baker c& gardener 
Loundsbrougfa W. 
Walter Robert 
Woodhouse Wm, 

Brown Geo. 
Nicholson John 

Amers Wm. vict. A miller, VuoiWmkm 

BaldS. chief oonstaMecrfN.Kold^nev 

Barnard J^n, excise officer 

Byass Robert, rope and twine maker 

Capes ds Son, plumbers and Kiaxi»i 

Heskip John, vict. Old Hotel 

Maigh Thos. saddler 

MilnesWm. painter 

Pool Joseph, clock and wat(^ makei 

Stafe John, weaver 

Straker Martin, vict. Hare <& Hounds 

Tate Wm. vict. New Hotel 

Wallis John, mole catcher 

Ward Mary, hosier 

Waters Geo. lapidary 

Wells Wm./^faraener 

West Benj. hair dresser 

Coaches, Uf Hull daily except Fri, 
Carriers, D. Robinson, J . Moble., 
M. Harwood, <fe W. Wilson, to Hutt 
Tu. d: Fri.; to Beverley every SaX. 

HoTHAM, (p.) in the wap. ofi 
Harthill; 3 miles NW. of South Caveb-» 
ThechurchisdediestedtoSt. Oswald i tha 
Rev. James StUUngfleet, A. M. is the xwtaih 
and the King is the patrcm. HoCham ww 
the property of the ancient Csmily of the Ho* 
thams, now of South Daltoo. A Roman soad 
panes near this village, in a direetkn IQ 
North and South Newbald. Pop. 398. 
Gee Mrs. Hannah, gfentlewoman 
StiUingfleet Rev. James 
Farmers if Veomen, Reader Geo- Carr 
Butteriok John Rhodes Wm. 
Hopkinson John Stather John 
Ingram Thos. Statfaer Wm. 

Jackson Robert Watson Ann 
Butterick Charles, shopkeeper 
Dean Joel, shoemaker 
Denton John, bricklayer 
Eccles Thomas, blacksmith 
Hembrougb Robert, corn miller 
Postill Geo, shopkeeper 
Sargeson Geo. carpenter 
WiSon John, tailor 
Within Thos. clock mkr. <fe day sdtool 

Carrier, Robert Smart to Hiill ds 
Weighton, every Tu. and Fri. 

HOWDEN, (p.) 

In the wap. and liberty of Howdenihire : 9 
miles A-om Snaith, 10 from Selby, and 2^ 
trom York. Here is a very good market on 
Saturday. This town is of considerable 
antiquity, but it contains nothiag remar); 


[Eoit Riding.] 



lUe cxeept iti ehurah, iatmrnhf ooUcfiate. 
BdtheremainaofUieaiicientFataot of the 
bUio|»ofDiirtMn. THeJorisdioCioB, «ill0d 
Bowdeoihire, is s peeuliv, under the Demi 
nd Chapcer at Ihixliaoi» and c uuipi i i e i 
Powdm, Lnuoa Qmpd, Itanakjr Cbapd. 
iMM^gfeoB, Hc mln gi mj i ^ gh, Bnrlby Chspel 
Boltiijr. Bmtta^tmm, Skipwith, EUeker 
Onpel, BfaMkloft, Welton, and Walkisff- 
IB. The ooUegiatiekttvcfa of Howden wae 
ihohred in the iint yeur of Edward VI. and 
IM temporalities theicby became iraated Id 
pycwwn. Thewvcnueaiorsivpocll^gthe 
■MBbchy disposed at Into printe iMUidi^ 
kBduxT fell ^adually into decay, and at 
ht^b becoming totally unsafe, the pariah- 
lUtn, la the years 16S4» and 1636, fitted 
toths aaTe for the eeksbration of diWne 
Ndiiik In the year 1696, the groined-roof 
the cheneel fdl in. and from that tiaac 
iSMt-end of the church has exhibited the 
of • mi^mflcsnt and Tenerable 
Theehnrefa is buUt m the form ofa 
PM with an elegant square tower of forty- 
paynds in height, rising from the centre 
gop pointed arches, supported by clustered 
pan* Over the communion Cahle is a 
NiBQiig of the Loid*s supper, by Mr. BeU, 
If Sdbf, which fills the bows of the dosed 
[■Mafdi between the nave and the choir. 
mmon curious, and once the moa ele- 
N Pvt of this sacred edifice, is the Chap. 
Nmiae, buUt about the middle of the four- 
iMIh eabiry. Its form is octagonal, iw- 
N^ the chapter-house at York I butita 
Fonioos axe greatly inferior, its width 
PB« only eight paoea. The style of archl* 
Fjuci however le superb; it contains 
Pgesaepied seats, seperated by dusteied 
P"'"" of vaiMMis memben, very audi, 
W eitremely deUeate, havii« foliated capi- 
F^ pieroed work, ftom which if sea rich 
Hnoadewodc, ornamenting Gothic arahca. 
m whids is eonstrueted of a fine durable 
N itone, and had a bcautiAil octHonel 
{■■e tm, which feU in on St. Stephen's 
m> 17M. The tower of the church is a 
Nn bat well proportioned and statdy itruo. 
^ built of a durable kind of stone. Its 
jwfao hu by aU writers been ascribed to 
W«lter Skirtow, bishop of Durham ; but 
^H^ pnbtbly it was only heifl^tsned by that 
P"^ at the foUowhig homely couplet 

"Kahop SMrlaw indeed was good to his 

. He beilt them a sehool-house and 
*< heightened the steeple." 

The preient church appears to have been 
"WW fifom the materials of a previous 
^!^^ And it is probable, that as the 
whicityle of boUduig was recently oeme 

ed in 1S67, theehwch was finished about that 

period, exeepttng the steeple and ehapler- 

house, whldi were built by Walter Skirlaw, In 

the fourteenth century. This prelate died at 

Howden, and his bowels were buried in Hie 

diurch. The livii^ of Howden is a vicar 

age, not in diaigc, of which the king Is the 

patron, and the Rev. Ralph Spofibrth, ILA. 

the incuBsbent. |The church isdrdicalad to 

St Peter. There Is an andentpalaeehMi^ 

which tile btshope of Durham fonneriy 

made their sumaaer residence : the palace la 

supposed to have been ereeied by Waltv 

Skirlaw, whoee anns are yet sera In sanw 

parts of the ruins. His sucecsaor, biheop 

Langley, also made several additions to the 

edifleet the brick enfa, through which Ues a 

passage to the orchards, poods, A& appears 

to have been of his enctloa, ashlsaraieyst 

remain on a atone placed in the comer at 

the ardk The venerable ndne of tfiis aa- 

dent palace, bdng patefaod np with ttodem 

buiMing, are now e oo rer t ed into a form 

house. It is situated ahoott dose to the 

churdi-yard, and nearly oppodto to the 

South side of the diolr, which pr essni s to 

the eye a majestic ndn. On thesouth side 

of the palace was a park estcndlag to the 

banks of the Ouse. Howden Is ittuated 

about a mile from the Oule, where it haa a 

small harbour for boafei, and a ferry over 

the river In the Market palaoe then laa 

large building, called the Moot-hall, in 

which the courts for the Juriadictkm are 

held. There are here two meeting houeau 

one for the Methodists, and anotlier for the 

Indcpendeuts ; and a Free Sdiool, of which 

the Rev. Thomas Grey is the maBter.>M 

The population amounts to 8080. 


Ojfflet, . BHdg€gal9. 
Letters arrive at 9 morning, and are dM. 
patched at 1 noon, daily. 


JeatUmiet, Boarding and Day, 
Free School, Rey. Thomas Grey 

Nortbolmby street 
James Mrs. D. (la.bdg.) Northolmby st. 
Lee J. ife S. (ladies' bclff.) Church yd. 
Walker Joho^ (day) Hall|cate 

Earnshaw Geoige Rawdon, Brid((;ef(t0 
Harrison Huffh, Bridgesate 
Robinson Jotkn, Pinfold street 
Spoffbrtb, jiin. Peirsuns and Dyson, 
Juctianeers and Apprainrt, 

Backle John, Hailgato 

Shepherd John, (appr. only) Brldgei^, 



\Ea8t Riding J\ 


Walmsley Robert, Town end 

Bacon and Ham Factorsy 
Banks Robert, Marketplace 
Ullathorne F. (<fe cheese) Church yd. 

Bakers and Flour Dealers, 
Fish Thomas, High Bridge street 
Fitch Mrs. Church yard 
Maw Holiday, Market place 

Schofield,Coates & Co. High Bridge st. 
(on Spooner,4ttwood<feCo. London) 
Savings* BanA,W.A.Justice,Bridge st. 

Jackson Thomas, Bridgegate 
Little E. and T. Brid^gate 
Norman Robert, (Darner only) Flatgft. 
Peart John, Bridgegate 
Wood William, HaUgate 

Bookseller, SUUioner, Printer, ffe. 
Justice W. A. (circulating library, 
patent medicines, paper nangings, 
<fec. and post office) Bridgegate 

Boot and Shoemakers, 
Arnold George. Hailffate 
Clark Christopner, Market place 
Cooper GarbutvBridgegate 
Croft Richard, Bridgegate 
Goulden William, Church }'ard 
Grasby Wm. High Bridge street 
Green Robert, Hailgate 
Maskell George, Market place 
Pease John, Bridgegate 
Storey David, Bridgegate 
Vollans Edward, Hailgate 
Wilson Thomas, Pinfold street 
Young George, JBridgegate 

Braziers and Tinsmiths, 
Hutchinson Joseph, Market place 
Matthewman Wm. Market place 

Brewers — Me and Beer, 
Carter John, Hailgate 
Crow William, Hailgate 
Hutton Francis, Hailgate 

Foster Joseph, Hailgate 
Goodworth John, Hailgate 
Johnson Wm. Hailgate 

Broom Benjamin, Hailgate 
FavellJohn, Bridgegate 
Ifawcroft John, Marlcet place 
Mason JohnjJVf arket place 
Rush worth Wm. Bridgegate 
Wilson Joseph, Hailgate 

Chemists and Druggists, 

Cooper G. A. Bridgegate 
Goodall Thomas, Market place 

Clock and fVatch Makers. 
Richardson John, Market place 
Walker John, Market place 

Leaner Jane, Vicar lane 
Rusbwortb Maryf Bridgegate 

Dunn John, Market place 
Pears Thomas, Hailgate 

Cohi Millers, 
Harper Thdmas, Flat Field mill 
Leighton Thomas, Flat Field mill 
Smith George, Hale mill 

Dixon Henry, Applegate 
Fewster Robert, Hailgate 
Ostler Thomas, High Bridge street 

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,. 
County, W. A. Justice, Bridgeg ' 
Phoenix, Robert Banks, Market i 
Royal Exg. G. R.Eamsbaw, Brie 

Flax Dressers, 
Chambers William, Market place 
Fearn Wm. Pinfold street 
Sugdeu John, Pinfold street 

Bentley WiUiam, High bridge 
Mann Wm. Corn market hill 
Taylor George, Bridgegate 
Taylor WiUiam, High Bridge 

Grocers and Tea Dealers, 
Banks Robert, Market place 
Brooks Withers, Bridgegate 
Cocker Robert, Bridgegate 
Cook Ellis, Market place 
Favill Hannah, Bridgegate 
Gray Mary, Com market hill 
Leaper Jane, (agent to Ludgatei 

Tea Company) Vicar lane 
Thompson Susannah, Pinfold sL. 
Ullathorne Francis. Church yard 
Wetherell Joseph <& John, Mart 
WUkinson Joshu, (teadlr.) Bi 

Hair Dressers, 

Batty Thomas, Bridgegate 
Farrar Wm. Market place 
Nutbrown Mary, Bridgegale 
Raby Robert, Marketplace 

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Featon John, Market place 
Raby Robert, (dealer) Market 
Wetherell J^ <& J. (dbrs.) Marl 


Carr Mary, Marketplace 
Peirson £. and G. Bridgegate 

Hotels, Inns, and Totems, 

Angel, James Hewson, Bridge 
Black Bull, Moses Jewitt, BrMl| 
Black Horse, Thos. Jackson, Bri( . 
Blacksmith's Arms,J.Voase,Bridi 
Black Swan and Cross Keys, ^, 
Waterworth, Corn market hm^ 
Blue Boar, John Padgett, Bridj 

HOW. \^Eait Riding.] how. 

itapet.Joaepli Ducker, Bnilxpaale 
SittMoon, ftobt. Foster, (c^mmerdi 

- rn.J.TowBseoc!, il. 

ltd Lioi), Thnnas Natbard, te 

IcneACtown, Gea.ADly, Ch d. 

hHBSUn,Tb«. Itemd, M iI. 

V^DgtoD, Wm.Bownuui.I 4. 

iiml^beaf, Josepli TaTlor [t. 

niteHone, John Buttle, (<& '■ 
. officer) Market place 

'-■"- '- usii^) Unriwtpl. 

Uttmwmau wlli^in. Market place 
raidCabinIt Maken. 

MGeo. (« 


iBTSon Geo. (joiner) Plnlbld itreet 

)betd John, BridgegnK 

fcnMuy, Market place 
ft«tH Joseph, Market place 
pirtjonSumh, Market place 
frii»aE.*Q, (tea diis.) Biidgegate 
i Umaiid Wooiltn Drapnt. 
WwstetT.W. (ibngenltnllieTea 
1 Xompany) Market pJaoe 
gliUiome ftaocis. Church yard 
■etbtreUJ.aud J. Market pUc« 


Fmacit, Haiigite 
k AiUuHTi and Dnn Maktti, 
■Wej Marf, Market place 
gKomb Ann, Nirtbolmby street 
panou Mary, Church yard 
pinoos E. and G. Bridseeate 
■ejintson Bliiabath, Applegato 
■eouAmi, Vicar lane 
Waudbj Eliiabelh, Hailgale 
■uakin Mfljy, FLitgate 
^„ P^wnfttfr* ttad Glntiert. 
••gfittRoht. (Apainler) Market pi 
*«oen John, BiidKCgate 
Porter Dmiirt. 
«rtm TboniBs, Ma Aet place 
.wwenon Jc4n, Market place 
Tosse James, Bndgegate 

i^ewtaii Samuel, Btideeeate 
•ttmonrl Richard, Hailsate 

JohKCHi Abraham, St. Helena siiuar. 
MMeisun Gt-oige, Bridgcgato 
„ , SmUmeii, 

flinl^HDberl, Market plara 

Colter Tboanu, Harket |>bee 

ChoRiben Willian^ Market place 
EmpsoD Cbarli«, Bridi^^ate 
PsTell John, Bridgeffate 
Holdsiroitb Sarnb, Market place 
Killingbeck EUtabetb, Hatlgate 
LeigbiiMi TboiDa*, Hailgste 

SpiHt II /Tint M*rciaiU$ 4 DnUrt. 
Carter Thomu, Hniloate 
HutUm Froocu, Hailjiale 

BiQf Makert. 

':(& clothes bkr.) Bridgegt. 

'--'- Rnu« HnA 'froWD yard 

Johnsuo Uaanah, Bridaejnite 
Kejwortb EllMbeth, fiuket place 


Dlradale Rhd. {& dnqier) Chmch yd 
FlemlDgWnMife drapn) Brideenle 
HutcblOKin WiUiein, Uailnte 
Jackaon Wn. Market place 
Leaf Edw.<& draper) Market place 
Thamp«qn Jai. (A draper) PiafaU tt. 
W«lk£lohn, HailgBto 
Wstion Peter, Vicorlane 
TallaiB Cimditri. 
Banks Robert, Market place 
Cook EUlt, Market place 

Tanun in Wnad sail Jfitgr 
FleKAer John, Brido^gnte 
Goulden Jidin, Brldgegale 
Shepherd John, Brid)tegBt« 

Little E. and T. Brld^gate 
Seattm Joteph, Bridgegate 

Arden James, physldan, Bridgp(pilo 
Campbell James, eent. Pi nfiild street 
COTDwall Madam Ann Pinfold street 
Daotel Robert, gent. Bridgtwote 
Dunn Robt. ajfeiitortbe lord Biibop 

of Datbam, Market place 
Hcdlidar John, corn ftctor, Hailirate 
Robinson Jamei.j^ent. Hailgate 
Sc^nfield Wm. Esq. Sands boll 
Sohofield and Co. timber meidianti. 

High brjdjfe 
Spoffonh Rev.R.M.A.vioiir,nridge8t. 
SpolTorlb Rohifrligent. BridReffate 

Sjiofforth Robert, j 

Watiou John, [;eut. Chui 




[EiMt Riding.^ 


Webb John, stamp oflBoe, Hailgate 
Whitaker Mrs. EUen, Hailgate 
Whitaker Mrs. Bliz. Hai^to 
Wilkinson Rev. Joshua, Srid|pegate 
Worsop R. A. ^ent. Flatg^ite 
Wridffat Jobn, tanner, St. John street 

Aldhdge Wm. nail adt, Hailgate 
Bilbrough John, basket mkr. Applegt. 
Bowman John, farrier, liversr stable 

keeper, gijrg to let, <&c. Bridgeft. 
Cocker Robert, rag merchant, Hai^. 
Day Stepben,rau8ic pn)ceptor,Mkt. d1. 
Dunn John, fflass dlr. d^c. Market pi. 
Goodwortb John, plasterer, Hailgate 
Hawcroft John, shopkpr. Market pi. 
Holdswortb Eliz. sbopKpr. Market pi. 
Meggitt Ann, dlr. in paint, Market pi. 
Palmer Edw. sexton. Church vard 
Staveley Wm. wbiteanith, Bndgegate 
Tvas John, parish clerk, Hailgate 
Walker John, toy dk hardware dealer, 

'Market place 
Ward John, millwiifiht, brass founder 

and machine maker, Flatgate 
Wikelev and Peirson. linen, sail cloth, 

sacking and nail bag^ng roann- 

facturers. Pinfold str^t 
Willougbby Wm. stone mason, Hailgt. 
Witham John, swine dealer, Hailgate 


Ro ON BY— 'from the Ang€l Inn, to 
Sheffield, at | past 9 rag. and to 
Hulli at l past 1 afternoon 


Wm. Otley, to Swinefleet, every Tu. 
Taylor Joseph, Packet to Hull, Tu. A 
Fri. nearest the full and change 


Francis Sroithson, to Hull, on Mon.; 

to York, on Thu. 
George Young, post^nan to Whitgift, 

Mon. Wed. and Fri. 


Baimby, Black Smm, T.Hodg8on,Sat. 
Fogffathorp, fThUe Hotm^ RobUCiegg, 

^/ITed. arr. at Its, dep. at 2 
HoUne, Angtl inn, John Smith, Sat. 

arr. at 12, dep. at 4 
Selby, Jngel Inn, William Howcroft, 

Sat. arr. at 12, dep. at 3 
Saaith, fThiU Horsey J. Kilham, Sat. 

HowDBN DvKB, in the parish of 
Howden, wap. and liberty of How- 
denshire ; 1 mile S. of Howden. 

Eccles Richard, ferryman 
Savage John, ferryman 
Singleton Charles, vict. Steam Packi 
Singleton David, farmer 

The steam packets from Selby t 
Hull pass this Ferry, and land pasMi 
gers fox Howden ; the earliest time I 
o'clock morning to 12 noon, and n 
turns from Hull according to the tUm 
generally about three hours alter flea 
at HuU. 

Howden Prietf in the parish « 
Cottinghara, and wap. of HarthiU; * 
miles WNW. of HoU. 

HowsHAH, in the parish of Semi 
ingham, dk wap. of Buckrose ; 8 iflH 
SsWw of Maiton. Pop. 225. j 

Cbohnley Geo. Esq. Howsham hall J 
Wilson William, steward to Ditto, j 

Farmers, Hudson Robert j 
Gibb Robert Leefe Robert 3 

Horsley Wm. Paver Richard j 

Hudson W. chief constable of BodM 

Gascoign N. blacksmith and vict. ] 
Kilvington James, shoemaker 1 

Lumley John, grocer and shoemakw 
Wade Thomas, tailor H 

HuoGATE, (p.) in the wap*il 

HarthiU; 7i miles NE. of Pocklii«taiiJ^ 
The church, of which the King i 
troa, is well built, witti a good spire; 
ic alao a Methodist chapeL There is 
Tillage a well, 1 16 yards deep, whldi 
the inhabitants of this village with 
Here are races held in the latter end of 
Populatioo 413. 

Elliott Rev. Robert, A. M. rector 
Rankin Rev. Thomas, carate 
Cautley Rev. William, A. B. victfi 

Farmers if Veomen, HolUday Robevt-1 

Appleton Wm. Holtby Thomas > 

Boast Wm. HotbamJohn i 

Brigham Robert King Creorge 

Buttle John Pape Edwwd 

Cook ^wicis Tumor John ' 

Cross Thomas Wilson Amos, (A; i 

Hodgson James butcher) 

A Uison William, carpenter 
Bagley Miss E. shopkeeper 
Haggard Wm. shopkeeper 
Ire^d John, blacksmith, gonsmifl^ 

and vict. Chaise Inn 
Ruston John, tailor 
Ward Richard, shoemaker i 

Carriers, I 

John Metcalf A John Ward, to Pod^' 
lington every Saturday 






1 of the Port, 
by EdwMd L 
tted ft firee DMouglit 
I of the Holy Tnnlty, 

" S87 

• • SS7 
•• 897 

• • S>7 

• • 2S7 


linpartanoe in the ceign of Edward 
lib •• 89/ 

founded here, 988 

of fariek-maldQg leirived here, • • 988 

die b Pole Cnaily, 928 

WiUttin advaoces money to Seward 

III. 888 

advaneement of tke fJunily • • 998 

tof their poww, ' •• 228 

andextinctioo, •• •• 990 

hall •• •• 299 

ty of procuring fresh water, • • 929 

oourKs destroyed by the viUagen, 999 

Cion of the Pope 999 

built, 930 

granted to Hull, •• 930 

town divided into ^rards, •• 230 

visited by Henry VI 230 

Espouses the Lanoaiteiian cause. 230 
of the Csxnily of Henry YI. • • 230 
repeatedly visited by the Plague, 230 
Extension of its commerce, . •• 231 
JBnpiiveasion of tiie Monasteries, • • 231 
Hu& taken by the Pilgrims of Grace, 231 
re-taken, and the insm^gents ex»< 

cuted, • • • • 231 

carried by stratagem, • • 231 

agun te^taken, • * • • • • 231 

visited by Henry VIII 231 

Foitifieatinns strengthened by his order, 231 

Appointroait of Suffhigan bishops, . . 231 

i Hosintals re-formed by Edward VI. • • 232 

t Pnigrass of the Reformation, • • • • 232 

FThe town inundated by high tides, • • 939 

I' Phatesselaed and executed, '>• ••232 

Witches and players, how dealt with, ■ • 232 

Ambitious Alderwomen, feuds of, * • 239 



Enefaange erected in Higli>atraet, 
HnU pays tonnage and poundage, 
again visited by the Plagne, 
Charles I. repairs to Hull, •> 
Hull garristmed and strengthened. 
Sir John Hotham appointed governor 

by Parliament, • • 
Breaking out of the dvU war, 
Charles 1. appcan at the gates, and de- 
mands entrance, • • •• 834 
Refused by the governor, . . 9*4 
HuU besieged by Charles I. • « • • 234 

The siege raised, 230 

Sir John Hotharo betrays his tniat, '• 235 
snaed by the Mayor, 83C 
bronght to trial and 
executed,*. .. 83g 
Lord Fairfax nssuraes the oomnand of 

the Garrison, .. gjg 

The town again beti^ed, . . sag 

Operations under the Marquis of New- 
castle, « . gg^ 
The siege finally raised, .. 297 
Termination of the civil wars, . • 837 
Trinity Church made parochial, •• 837 
Suit between Hull and Leeds, • • 237 
Charles II. his exactions, . • . . 238 
Abdication of James II. . . 238 
Arrival of the Prince of Orange, •. 23Q 
Hull taken by his adherents, • • . . 238 
Amount of property in Hull, in 1689, • • 239 
Celebration of the Revolution, • • 239 
of the Jubilee, • • . . 239 
of the liberation ctf Europe, 839 
ofthetioronati(mofGeo.IV. 839 
Churches, •• .. .. 239 
the Holy Trinity, •• •. 240 
SU Mary's, . . 240 
St. John'9, •• •• 240 
pissenting Meeting-houses, • • 241 
Officiating Ministers, situation of Cha- 
pels, & hours of Divine service in each. 241 


«26 ' 


J«wrf Synagogue, 
Floating Chapel, 
Fublic Charities, 

Trinity-house and hospital. 


Other hospitals. 

Lying-in Charity 

Female Penitentiary, •• 

General Infirmary, • • 


for the eye and ear. 

Charity-hall, • • 

House of Correction, • • 


Free Grammar School, 

Vicar's School, 
Marine School, 
Cogan's Charity School, 
Subscription Schools, 
Sunday Schools, 

Religious Tract, • • 
Educational, • • 

Strangers' Friend, 
Humane, • • 

Savingif Bank, 
Commerce of Hull, 

Whaie Fisheries, •• 

Amount of Customs, 

Ships cleared, 



Banking Concerns, 
Exchange, •• •• *• 

Stamp-office, • • 
Market days, • • 



■ 242 

• 242 

. 243 

• 243 
. 243 
. 244 
. 244 
. 244 

. 244 
.• 245 
.• 245 
.. 245 
'. 245 
.. 246 
.. 246 
.. 246 
.. 246 
.. 246 
.. 246 

• • 247 
.. 247 
.. 247 
.. 247 
.. 247 
.. 247 
•• 248 

• • 248 
.. 248 
•• 249 
.. 249 
•• 249 
•• 249 
.. 249 

• • 251 

• • 251 
.. 251 
.. 251 

251 &347 

• . 251 
.. 252 
.. 252 

Com Exchange, 

Water Works and Fire Engines, 
Oil Gas-light Company, ..* 

GoTemment and Corporation, 
Royal Chanters, 

.. 251 

,.. Sfii 
... »t 

... sss 

... £53 

Parliamentary History of this Borough, 261 
Courts of Law, ... ... ...253 

Assises formerly held here, 258 

Places <d public Amusement^ ' ... 254 

Theatre, ••• ••• ••• *54 

Circus, ... •*• ... *N 

Subscription Libraries, SM 

Intended Litenu7 and Philosophiesl 

Society, »•• ... • . *•• 

Hull Newspapers, ... ... ... 

Botanic Garden, ... ... 

Masonic Lodges, 

Medical Society, ..« ... 

Public Baths, ... «.• ••. 
Vagrant-office, ... ... .*• 

Ancient and modern Hull, 

Governor of Hull, ... .«• ... 

Population, ... ..• ... ... 

Eminent Men, ... .•• .*• 

Sir John Lawaon, ... 
Andrew Marvel, M.P. 
Dr. Watson, and Hasan 
the poet, ... .M 

Rev. Joseph Milner, ... 
Living Characters, ... 

Earldom of Hull, ... 

ListctfStreets, in 1640, 

in 1822, 

Directory of Hull, ... ... 31 

Classification of Professioni & Trader, 

Coaches, Mail and Post, 

Tide Table, 

Coasting and River Traders, ... 
Steam Ships and Packets, 
Sailing-Packets, ... ... 

Market Boats, ... ... 

Land Carriage — Waggons, ... 
from the Inns^ 




HULL, one of the principal 
ports of the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain* 39 miles from York, and 170 from 
liODdon, in53d^. 45 min. N. latitude, and 
d^. 16 min. W. lon^tude, is situated at 
the point where tlie river Hull discharges its 
waters into the estuary of the Humber--i 
the common receptacle of all the eastern 
livers of England, from (he Swale to the 
Trent Hull, lilce the rival port on the op- 
posite ade of the island, has no claim to 
higii antiquity, but its rise is of a date at 
lesst three centuries before that of Uv^rpool ; 
the habitations of the shepherds and cow- 
herds of Hull having given place to the 
wharft and warehouses of the merchant in 
the reign of Edward L while the tents of 
the fishermen of Liverpool retained their sta- 
fifaD until the time of James I, When the 
Domesday surrey was taken, Myton appears 
to have beea the principal place in this 
oaghbourhood, but so diminutive were its 
buildings, that it would scarcely at this day 
have ranked amongst our villages* In .the 
Kiga of Stephen, William le Gros, Earl of 
Albemarle andLordof Holdemess, to com- 
mute avow he had made to visit Jenisalem, 
founded a monastery at Meaux, seven miks 
n<ath of Hull^ and endowed it with posses- 
skns sttffidently ample to maintain the 
otaUishment Son^e ages after, the Lords 
of Wake inhabited a mansion at Gotting- 
ham, caUed Baynaid Castle, and Edward I. 
OD his return flrom the battle of Duabar, 
where the Scottish King, John BaUol» lost 
his crown to the conqueror, honoured tius 
lonbhip with a royal visit. Duriafthia stay 
at this plao^ while he waa engaged in the 
Ideamresof fheehase* he cune to the ham- 
lets of MyUm/and Wyke, where HvU now 
stands, and waseo much inqpnssed with the 
advantages of the 8it)iation for a fwtifled 
town and eonmexeial port* that he sent for 
the Abbot of Meauz, who was lord of the 
soil, and negotiated with him an eachange 
for other lands of »mttch higher nominal 
nda& Sdwaitfa next care was to issue a 
prodamation, olftiriBgpiivilegeiaqfl immu- 
nities to all thoae who«hould fix their habU 
tatiuos in thia place; at tii« nme time lie 

built a manor house, which he oonndered as 
a royal residence, and honoured the town, 
which soon sprang up around him, with the 
appellation of Kingston, or King's town, 
adding the terms upon-HtUl to distinguish it 
f^om Kingston-upon-Thames. In theS7th 
year of his reign the harbour was finished, 
and the town, by a royal charter, dated in 
1299, was constituted a free borough. The 
advantages enjoyed by Hull gave it a decided 
preponderance over all the ports in the 
neighbourhood; and Ravenspum, Hedou, 
and Grimsby, were drained by degrees of 
the greatest part of tiieir trade and com- 
merce. Since that time Ravenspum hte 
been washed away by the incursions of the 
sea, and not a vestige of the town or its 
suburbs remains to indicate their eidstence, 
or to fix the date of their overthrow. It 
appears that in the time of Edward I. Raven, 
spiun sent members to Parliament, tliough 
it is probable that within a century from that 
time the Boroiigh ceased to exist In the 
year 1350, the bones of the dead were re- 
moved from the chapel of Ravenspum to the 
diurch-yazd of Easington ; but so tmacious 
were some of the edifices of their station that, 
not more than fifty years ago, the remains of 
the engulphed wall were visible to the fisher- 
men at low water.* The stately structure of 
the Holy Trinity was begun about the close 
of the 13th century, and Edward II. contri- 
buted liberally towards it* erection. The 
necessary consequence of the prosperity of 
HuU was, the establishment of a ferry across 
the Humber, and in the year 1316 vessels 
were established between Barton and HuU, 
for the conveyaaeeof passengers and cattle, 
which have been continued through succes- 
sive ages to Uie present day. Ten years 
afterwaxds, the town was fortified with a 
ditch «id waU, and so rapid was its progress 
that, in about sixty yean from its founda- 
tion, Hull was called upon to furnish 
Edward III. with 16 ships and 466 men, 

« Mr. Thompson, in his Ocelium Pro- 
iMfUorium, fixes the site of Ravenspum near 
the south-western extremity of the Holder- 
nesaPromontory, about a mile within the 

228 HULL. [East Ridififf.] 


toirardt an armaiiMnt, to which the quota 
of the city of London amounted only to 25 
ships and 662 men* In 1331, Gilfred de 
Hotfaani» a devout Knight* founded a iviory 
for black monks, in the street eVer since 
called Blackftiargate. Of this religious house 
a square tower, andairileof buildings lued 
as- an inn, remained, when Tickdl wrote, 
behind the old Guild-hall, at thetxyp of the 
Market place. These were removed when 
the House of Correction was built; and when, 
•ttbsequently , the hall itself was pulled down, 
tad the present range of buildings erected 
for shambles in 1806, some groined arches 
of brick were discovered under the hall, with 
which perished the last remains of this an- 
cient structure. It was built chiefly of brick, 
as was the east end of Trinity church, pre- 
viously, — and there can be no doubt that the 
art of brick-making, disused from the time 
of the Romans, was then revived here, 
though Bishop Littleton, who visited Hull, 
Aeceived by the covering of plaster on the 
diurch, fixes the date of the revival in the 
feign tk Richard II. 

Edward III. on attaining his minority, 
visited Hull, on his way to fight the Scots, 
and was entertained by William de la Pole, 
a wealthy merchant, bom at Ravenspum, 
and then the mayor of this borough.-^ 
Edward, after four campaigns against the 
Scotch, resolved to attack France, with the 
intention of wresting the crown Atom Philip 
de Valois, which Edward claimed in right of 
his mother. With this view, he sailed to 
Antwerp, where he was obliged to remain 
Inactive, (torn the Want of "the sinews of 
war." Sir William de la Pole, who was then 
at Antwerp, pursuing his mercantile adven- 
tures, lent Edward a laa^e sum of money, 
ftnd mortgaged his ample estates for the use 
of his sovereign. This act of loyal devo- 
tion the King rewarded by conferring upon 
him the hi>nour of Knight-Banneret, in 
the field. On the return of Edward from 
the contest, he made Sir William de la Pole 
gentleman of his bedchamber, and lord of 
flie Seigniory of Holdemess ; advancing him 
from time to time to places of profit and 
trust, and at length made him baron of the 
exchequer. In every stage of his progress 
Sir William remained the constant benefactor 
ftf Kingston-upon-HttU, and the De la Poles 
became to this place what the Cliffords were 
to Skipton, and the Talbots to Sheffield. — 
Before his death, which happened in 1356, 
he founded a monastery and hospital here, 
to the glory of God and the benefit of the 
poor; tTUt he Was summoned ftom this 
world before the houne was complete, and 
his soUi Sir Michael de la Pole, his suc- 
cessor, completii the work, and endowed it 

for thirteen poor men and as nuoy poit 
women. Sir Miduiel was no kn ths fti 
vourite of Richard II. than bis MmH 
been of Edward IIL and in the ninth ]M- 
of this sovereign's reign, he was msde Lai 
Chancellor, and afterwards crested Eafi^l 
SuflSrik. The Earl began to eteet ^ 
stately and superb palace called Si 
palace, which stood opposite to die «i 
of St Mary's church, in a plaeeatthk 
called Market gate. Before the great 
window was a delightful and spsdous 
garden^ and other grounds, on \iUd^ 
now erected warehouses, sheds, te, sod 
other parts are occupied as yards for 
artificers. The Emrl, Hke fhott odier 
favourites^ became obnoxious to tlie 
by whom he was stigmatised ass 
public peculator, and he was uitimstdf 
moved from his office, and died in v< 
exile in 1388. The history of tba 
Pedes is intimately connected with 
Hull. Few towns can boast of faaviiig 
rise to so celebrated a family, thus 
ing tmax obscurity to eminenoe, 
in such splendour, and experienciiy 
vicissitudes of fortune. Michsei, 
cond E^rl of Sufiblk, aocompamed 

V. in his expedition mto France, sni 
displaying signal proofii of oounge 
pacity, fell a victim to the mnlifi^u* 
temper which then ravaged fiie 
army. Michari, the third Eari, 
siddier, and was slain at the 
battle of Agincourt, fighting by the 
his^Sovereign. William de la Pohk 
fourth Earl, was distingubhed alikje 
field and in the cabinet This Eari 
twenty-four campaigns hi Franee, and 
seveuteeu yean on the ContiQeat 
ever returning to his native coiiBti]r< 
the death of the Earl of Salisbury, 
at the seige of Orleans, in 1428, th» 
command of the' besieging army 
upon the Earl of Suffolk, but the 
whicb the army had gathered 
wither in his keeping; the heroic 
that military and politi<atl prodigy, Uie 
of Orleans, turned the fortune <tf the 
and ultimately expdled the invades 
the French territory. On the ietum«f< 
Eari of Suffolk to England, the duty 
gotiating a peace with France was 
to his hands, and this ^fihir being 
proposed the marriage of the Kii^, 

VI. with Margaret of Anjou, dai 
Ren^, King of Sicily, and niece of 
Anjou, the Queen of France. The 
tiaHon of this marriage was also 
the Earl, on which he was advaoofdi 
in the peerage, and appointed by th« KiV 
when the prphmioaries were cettMr ^ 


[Ecut Ridiitg.'\ 



Mpouie the princess Margaret in hit name^ — 
TIhs espousal was ominoua, and if the 
■NBt ntmours of those days were to be 
idU npoD, Mai^garet so far forgot her mar- 
line TOWS as sometimes to oonfound the 
' Mcy with the prindpaL The Qneeo soon 
i fpeeived the weakness of her ooosort, and 
ttled him with absolute sway. By this 
ly ps the Marquis of Suflblk, the Cardinal 
yiWnehester, and the Archbidrnpof York, 
llwthdr power more firmly established. — 
% strict union was formed between them 
the Queen ; and the Duke of Glouces- 
who had opposed the Kini^B marriage, 
i^om they regarded as the common 
J, was Ouown into prison, and found 
in his bed before the time for his trial 
The people considered Soflblk as 
principal author of Gloucester's death ; 
in proportion as he sunk in public eati- 
be rose in fisvour at court, and on 
une, 1418, he was, through 
kiflnence of his royal mistress, created 
(rf Suflblk. The loss of Normandy, 
followed, was attributed to Suflblk, 
na paUidy accused of having de- 
Maine, the key of that province, to 
Tteodi ; it was ftxrther diarged upon 
that he had murdered the Duke of 
', and that he had removed Arom 
King^s presence all virtuoua counsellofs, 
iDled their place with his own creatures. 
Duke, when these diaiges were 
before Parliament, gave them a 
denial ; but the court, alarmed at his 
^^>tion, and desirous to withdraw him fkom 
i^ impending storm, undertook, without 
[y«yfag the slow formality of a trial, to 
giBdsh him for five years. The Duke en- 
^iM upon his exile widiout reluctance, but 
fyte lie was on his passage to France he 
kg* met by an English vessel, called the 
l^^iolas, bdonging to the Duke of Exeter, 
wuMAe of the tower, the Captahi of 
[ '^AAeh seized the Duke, and struck offhis 
%iiL Thns feU William de la Ptde, Duke 
\Jfi9(dBaXkf who, during the space of four 
'd twenty years had distinguished himself 
the head of the English armies in France, 
^o had ruled the cabinet of London, and 
^ been the most powerful man in tlie 
^Hagdom. The mutilated body of the Duke 
["•■•left upon the sands at Dover, and, 
**widnig to Stow, it was brought to 
1*8*0, and interred in the Charter house 
^ '^tn. Prom this nobleman was descended 
Idha de la Pole, Duke of Suflblk, wlio 
married Efizabeth Plantagenet, sister of 
Edward lY. and by her had issue John de la 
lN)le> Earl of LhHX>hi. This Earl aspired 
tothethnme; and Richard IH. aOer the 
^«i^ of his only son; declared the Bariof 

Lincoln precomiitlve heir to the 
The battle of Boswofth Field dcslioycd 
these aspiring hopes, by elevaUng the lail 
of Ridunond to the throne^ Lioeotai ta^ 
mitted to his disappointment with an Ul 
grace, and having Joined in the rtbdiicn of 
Lambert Simmd, a bakei's aon, who per> 
sonated the late Duke of Claraaee, he land- 
ed near Lancaster, with an army eoMfcstlng 
of 8000 Irish and German troops, v^mm* 
he mardied, toenoountar the King* through 
Yoikshlre, to the vUlage of Stakes in Nol> 
tinghamshire. Here an obittaMte battle waa 
fought on the 6th of June, 1467* in wMeh 
tiie rebels were routed, and ttie Earl of Ltas- 
eohi, witti the greatest part of hia anny, 
was left dead upon the Add. The bradier 
ci this brave but unfottnnate noMeman waa 
Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suflblk, the 
last of that fomily who bore this titl*^. 
The Jealoas temper of Henry VIL led him 
to cast Edmund Into prison, on a duuria 
of eonspliiiv agdnst the slate, and, aflar 
languishing for seven years In eonfinemenCf 
he was put to death by Henry VIII. with- 
out the formality of a trial. By the at- 
tainder of the kst Eari of Suflblk, aU the 
revenues and manors of tfuu nobleman were 
con fi sca t ed to the King's use^ anningBt which 
was the Manor Hall, with the bnikUngs and 
gardena a4)olning, and the fomlly biHami 
extinct In the male line by ttie death of the 
younger brother, WilHam, who fled to Italy, 
and was killed at the battleof Pavia In l«85b 
It haa been seen, that at the time when 
William de la Pole resided here as a mar- 
diant, Hull had attained a conaldeTahle rank 
in the tirt erf maritime towns, and fn the 
year 1369 tite ftatemity called the Guild 
of the Holy Trinity, was founded at this 
place, for the relief of distressed seamen 
and thefar widows. 

The inhabitants of HuU had, ever 
since the foundation of the town, laboured 
under great ineonvenicnce for want of Aresh 
water, and the neighbouring villages of 
Hessle, Anlaby, Cottingham, and otiiera, 
unmoved by tlieir distress, combined toge- 
ther, so early as the year 1376, to withhold 
ftom them a supply of this necessary of 
Me, Long, and, in some instances, fatal 
contests, existed between the town and ttie 
villages upon thissutdect for some yews, 
till at length the Sovereign Pontiff of Home 
found it necessary to interpose the autho- 
rity of the Vatican, and to issue an extraor. 
dinary writing, dated at Rome the SOth of 
July, 1413, reminding these, " who, at 
the instigation of Satan, had endeavoured 
to ruin the inhaMtants of a lai^ and 
flourishing town, by depriving them of 
water, that they must give an account of 

U 2 



[Eoii Riaing.] hull. 

their deeds at the day of Judcment; aad 
bjr exhoctinif aiwl pnying every one of 
them, by the bowels of charity, to oontri- 
bate finely to the maintenance of the water 
oouxws. by which means they would, in 
some measure, atone for their past oflen- 
oes;" and all who should be instrumental in 
promoting this puUic work, by contribut- 
ing thereto, were promised " the release of 
one hundred days in any penance that was 
already or might hereafter be enjoined 
them.? The good effiMts of this instru- 
ment were astnnisljingi all attempts to cor- 
rupt or poison the water, or to fill up the 
canals,, ceased, and the town* tiom that 
time, has been plentifully supi^ed with the 
pure b ev e ra g e of nature. DuuQg the reign 
of Richaid IL when the Scots were making 
their inroads into England, and menaring 
the country from the Tweed to the Hun>> 
bo-, the fortifications of Hull were repair- 
ed, the ditches deansed, and a strong 
castle was built at the east side of the river 
Hull, £» the better defence of -the town and 
haven. The original diarter, granted by 
Edwaad L. was renewed and enlarged by 
subsequent charters granted by Richard IL 
Henry IV. and Henry V. but it was not 
till the 18th year of Henry VI. that the cor- 
poration of Hull veoeived that fbnn which 
it still presecvest The municipal gaveror 
meat was thsn placed in the hands of a 
mayor, reoordas, sheriff, and twelve alder- 
men, who wore to be justicesof the peace; 
and at the same time the King congtituted 
die town, with its pieciacts, a county of 
itself comprising the towns and parishes of 
Hassle, North Ferriby, Swanland, West- 
Ella^^Kkk-Elk, Tranby, WiUerby, Woolfer. 
ton, Anlaby, and all the site of the priory of 
Haltemprise. That monarch also, by ano- 
ther charter, bearing date the second of July, 
in the same year, gnnted, that the Mayors 
of HuU should* for the future, have the 
sword cmnied oect befi»e them, and that 
the mayos and ald^nnen should have a cap 
of mainteoanoe. In the year 1443» the 
town was divided into six wards, eadi of 
them governed by two aldermen, and the 
mayor ptesidiag as head of the whole.— 
In the month of September, 1448, Henry 
VI. on his return to London, from the north, 
visited Hull, and was received with every 
deraqnstratioa of loyal fiflQeetian by aU 
classes of the people. At this period the 
famouft William de la Pole, fourth Earl 
of Sufblk, had the diief share of the ad^ 
ministratien of the government of the coun- 
try, aad whatever might be Us errecs as a 
minister of state, he was to^ HaU a distia- 
gttiahed be^eflselor, and thla town Beceived» 
thnMgh W .i9tiu««w< 4W9ieroiis mj^cka of 

I royal favour. Tlie inhahitsnti were not un- 
mindful of the obligatious (hey owed to their 
Sovereign; and when those intestine en^ 
tests, between the houses of York sndlmr 
caster, which shook the country to iticoi* 
tre, raged so fatally, this town oootimiallB 
the last firm and unshaken in its fiddil|tft 
Henry, In the battle of Wakefield,* fiM^ 
on the 24th of December, 1460, Ridaii 
Hanson, Esq. the brave mayor of Bd||> 
having greatly distinguished himtdf IqrlW 
valour and intrepidity, fdl oovend lift 
wounds, in the moment of victory, 
presence of his Queen. At Towtoaf 
the blood of the people of Hull, who 
volunteered in Henry's cause, flowed 
and the public oodfers of the boroa^ 
so much drained by the expeuei of 
war, that the corporation were ol 
take down a stately market croK, 
had been erected about thirty yean 
in order to raise money ftom the nk 
the materials of which it was ooi 
On the elevatioa of Edward IV. tg 
throne^ the town of HuU reluctm^f 
knowledged him as thdr sovereigB; 
no sooner had Henry VI« again na 
his royal seau by the support of Wsrsii^. 
the king-maker» than they again pEofeMi 
their cordial allegiance to the 
monarch ; and when Edwani IV. laoda^^ 
Ravenspum, in Holderaeas, with SOOO 
on the 14th of March, 1471. he b»W 
by the way of Beverley to York, withfip 
venturing to attack HulL The iei|iMi|p 
known to every reader of Eaglidibista*!^ 
Warwick was slain in . the decisive battlt.jit 
Barnet. Prince Edward, the son of Hiaq|» 
was murdered in cold blood by the D«l# 
of Clarence and Gloucester, aided by UA { 
Hastmgs and Sir Thomas Gray; Henry W | 

his Queen were thrown iiklo the tower, 
the former expired in a few days, to *' ^^ 
is the distance- between the pdson and ttr 
grave of princes;" and Margaret was suft^ 
ed afterwards to retire to A^jou, vdMxeilt 
dosed her eventful life in the year UiS. •^ 
In 147S Hull was visited by tfaepla|i| 
which swept off a great nombes of th^it* 
haUtants, and among the rest Joha VW'i 
field, Esq. its chief magistrate for M 
years the disorder seemed to have oeaiti| 
but in 1476 it broke out again with iai»a# 
fury, and John Richards, Esq. theMa^ 
was of the nmnber of its victims. Tvoyi#i 
afterwards it raged so violently that 1^ 
persons died in .a short time* and TbOiB 
Alcock, Esq. the mayor, hu wiSa, n^*^ 
duldren, died of the. fatal diatensfcr. W 
sweating aiekneaa, that sh^sulai aid M* 

• Scc¥«l.Lp.itt. „:t VoLL^iU'' 


[East Riding.'\ 



nudsdy, whidi aeemed to lie peeullarty 
Engliah, and which, if hiitoriant may be 
eredited, tcOoyred the people of this nation 
intD faniga countries, making them its 
{Kculiar victims, broke oat in Hull in the 
year 1551, and committed dxeadfiil rayages. 
In 1976 the plague was again brought into 
Ods town by some seamen, from neglect of 
^nnrntine. This fatal disorder was, how- 
erer. confined to Blackftiargate, whidi 
vas M) deeply infected that it was Judged 
necessary to wall up all the sTennes leading 
to diat street, leaving open only two doors, 
'where watdmien were placed to take in pn>- 
;*liaioQ and medidne, and to see that none 

the infected made their escape. These 

though rigorous precautions, had the 

eifect, the epidemic soon subsided, 

not more than one bandied of the in- 

itaots became its victims. 
The aflhhs of Hull glided smoothly 
'CB amidst a suoeessfol and contfaiually es- 
teodiiig commerce, tin the suppression of 
'(he religious houses in the vei^ of Henry 
VnL excited a general spirit of disooatent 
here and elsewhere. The leaser monasteries, 
fMM with a revenue under ftOOL a year 
iimg so denominated, were first lu ppow se d, 
nd tU tiwse of Hull feU under that des- 
cription. These were the White Friary, in 
Whitefriaigate; St. Austin^i Friary, oom- 
inoBly called the Black Friars; and the Car. 
flnnisD Monastery, fbunded by Michael de 
h IVrte, and dedicated to St MichaeL At the 
time of the insurrection, called tfie Pilgrim- 
tge <tf Grace, in 1537* while one division 
look Pontefract, and another entered York, 
* third, conducted by a person named 
RaOarn, tdok Hull by surprise, and re- 
fOiwiwd the ^ected Monks and Friars of 
tlMir houses. The triumph of the insur- 
lents was, however, of short duration; 
thdr main body, under Aske, who had ad- 
'VMeed into (he neighbourhood of Doncas- 
(a» bemg dispersed, the magistrates and 
Mher Inhabitants of Hull seised Hallam, 
•»d the othrt ringleaders, who were soon 
>fter tried, by a special commission, at this 
yliee, and the charge of rebellion being 
devly established against them, they were 
Voovicted and executed. The measures 
(>^ by Henry to reform the estaUished 
'^on, accompanied as they were by the 
dasoiation of the monasteries and the 
*»«'« of their property, were extremely 
vnpopalar in Yorkshire, and this year ano- 
ther insurrection broke out in the neigh- 
*'<wwhood of Scarborough and Malton, from 
whence the insu^ents made a hasty march 
towards Hull, with the intention of takhig 
the town by surprise': beiiig disappointed in 
(hii- otpeetaHon, they besieged the place; 

but findiDg t h e ms elv e s maMt lo canytha 
town by Ibree, Sir Robert CosistaMr, and 
some odwn of the ie ad sts, prqiected tiw 
stratagem of introducing thcmaelvcB into 
the fottreas dfaguiaed as market people, in 
which way they made the ms e l ve s masteia of 
the pteoe. Sir Robert then assonied tbm 
title of governor, tot having reeelved In- 
telligence tiiat his p a rtJaam fai the eonntry 
were an either UQed or taken prtaoswrs, h* 
Ml into a state of dcspnsideney, and altar 
keeping powesrion of the ganteon Ibr abont 
thirty days, s m lenJet ed it Into the handa of 
the mayor, with only a (UnC resistanea. 
These dduded people being afterwards tried 
and convicted of high treason, under a 
commission, sittfaig here, of wMdi Ihn 
Duke of Norfolk was the liead, nnmbeiB of 
them were hanged and quartered, and Sir 
Robert Constable, their leader, was haqged 
in dudns over Beveriey gate. 

These rebdliom havhig subsided, Henry 
made a visit into the north, in the year 
1541, and in ttie month of August aitivod 
in Hull, accompanied by hte Queen, Cadm- 
rine Howard, and attended by a train of 
courtiers. After partaking of the hospita- 
lities of the Corporatiun, and condescending 
to receive at their hands a present of one 
hundred pounds, tfie royal personages pro- 
eeeded to York; fkom thence his Majesty 
returned to Hull on the 90th of September, 
and after taking an accurate view of the 
town, gave orders for ereeting a castle and 
two strong block houses, with additional 
fortifications, to environ the town. He 
also ordered tfiat a new ditch should be cut 
from Newland to Hull, and that the stately 
manor house, formerly called Suffolk's pn- 
lace, should undergo a thorough repair.--* 
The King, after remaining five days In 
Hull, crossed the Humber, and returned to 
London through Lincolnshire. In the Stflh 
year of this King's reign, an act passed fof 
the appointment of twenty-six SuifVagan 
Bishops, whose duty it was, in the absence 
of the bishops, to supply their place in aU 
matters of order, though not of Jurlsdifri 
tion. Of the twenty-six towns appointed fbr 
Suffragan Sees, Hull was one, and the pre- 
late had a magnificent palace, in High street, 
principally built of freestone, adorned witfi 
painted windows, like those of churdies, 
and with spacious gateways and lofty taw- 
en.* Their office was nearly the same with 
the Chorepiscopi, or bishops of the eoufrr 
try, in the primitive church ; but this <^ce 
had been disoontimied for nine centuries, 
till it was now again revived in England* 
The institution was, however, of short dt|n 

u S 

* Tickell'B Hull, page ]ft«, 



[Eagi mdmgi^, 


ralioa» not esm nA iag, at most, sixty yemt 
and Robert PuitMglove, ocnuecrated SuA»- 
gaa of Hull, in the year 1S69, seems to baye 
becD the last of that order in this plae& 

Edward VL. on aseending the tluxme, 
endeavoured to allay the popular discontent 
ooearioned by the Indiseriminate suppression 
of charitable inetititfions> which had marked 
the coodiMt of his father, and anioog the 
first aets of his reign he ref<»nned the Hos- 
pital of the Chairter House and the Trinity 
House in this town» In the same reign, 
John Harrison, Esq* an alderman of Hull, 
built and endowed a hospital in Chapel 
lane, near the <^urch of St. Mary's, which 
still bears the name of this learned magifl- 
trate and valuable dtiaen. The reformed 
reUgion was now making considerable ad- 
vaneea: by a royal ordinance, it was directed 
that idl imfi^ and luctures should be re- 
moved out of the churdies of this kingdon^ 
and those which had hitherto been displayed 
in the church of the Holy Trinity at Hull 
were committed puUidy to the flames. In 
the same reign the King granted to ttie bur* 
gesses of Hull the entire manor of the town, 
and coofeired upon them the custody of the 
castle and Uock-houses, erected in the former 
reigtt ataa expense of 23,756/. 

The gloomy rdgu fit Philip and Mary 
passed over without making any important 
additions to the records of this place, and 
the rapid and repeated changes in religion 
under Edward, Mary, and Eliaabeth, seem 
to have eveited here no very material 

Though great pains had been taken 
about the middle of the fourteenth eentury, 
by elevating the roads and repairing the 
banks, to guard against the unusual swell of 
the tides, which prevailed for some years in 
the Humber, yet in the year 1527 the tide 
rose to such a height as to overthrow the 
banks, and to do incredible damage both to 
the town and the adjacent ooimtry. All the 
lowhmds* for many miles round, were laid 
under water I the farmers, deprived of their 
crops, were reduced to indigence and want ; 
and the merchandize, furniture^ and other 
•fitets in the town, that were lodged in low 
moms, were either destroyed or greatly da- 
niaged» In 1549 a similar viritatian befd 
this place: the waters rose higher than the 
highest point to which they had ever before 
attained, and the injury sustained* both in 
the town and in the country, was immense. 
The trade of Hull still continued to increase, 
and the wealth of her ships tempted the 
cupidity of the pirates by whidi the seas 
were then infested; till at length the Lofd 
High Admiral of England required the 
town to fit upiw»ahip»«f mr, to promt 

their own coast. These dups brang wdl 
equipped and manned, sailed in queatof At 
maritime robbers, and they hact aooa thf 
good fortune to capture several of them, 
and to Ining them into Hulk A special 
commi8si<m, at which the Earl of HHntins> 
don presided, attended by the mayor -and 
aldermen, as judges, was soon assemUai 
here, when six of the pirates were found 
guilty, and, in virtue of their sentence 
were executed and hung in chains on the 
adjacent coasts. As late as the year 1583, a 
court of jail delivery was held here, at wluch 
three persons were eonvicted of felony» and 
suffered the punishment of death; and a 
poor old woman, being tried and otavicted 
of witchcraft, was sentenced to stand in the 
pillory on four separate market days, end 
to sufito a year's imprisonmoU:. Nor lUd 
the players experience mudi mere lenient 
treatment .then the witches s the theatrical 
corps resorting to this town were, in. ftpn^ 
(damation issued by the mayor, in 1598^ 
styled '.' idle, lewd persons," " playera «v 
setters out of plays,** and seeing that theae 
pers(Hi8, from their vagabond hatntSrCDald 
not be conveniently restrained,, it was osdap. 
ed and agreed that every lnhabitant» man or 
woman, reaorting to their theatre, sbeidd 
forfeit askd pay 2s* 6d. to the mayor and 
burgesses. This very extraordinary attadc 
upon the theatre, and upon the- enterta» 
mentsof the inhabitants, did not, itshonU 
afipear, arise fifora aijjr humble or puritaaseri 
dispoeitiott, which at that time possessed 
the leading inhabitants of the plaoe, pait^ 
cularly the fairaex; for, in the sameyesa^ 
it was found necessary, in order to aUay the 
heats and animosities which .had arisen 
amongrt Uiealderwonienand others, aboot 
precedency at diurchy to institute an 
siastical commission for regidating these 
portant afikirs, in whi<^ it was directed kf 
the ArchlHshop ** that the eonunissioacni 
should place every of the said gentleworaai 
in their ^ceaaoooniing ta their wiapoaUve 
callings or dignities." The men, it i» sid^ 
were easily gov«ned, and content to ait aad 
place themsdvea where they were ord«c^ 
according to the new aRa^genoent of Ae 
pews in the church, which had rocenHy 
taken phuse; but the women» lOce 4te 
Phaziseea of old, sought the uppcnMrt 
places in the synagogua, eiul, whatevat 
might be the IServomr they diapliqped in m- 

curing for themsetves good pf^Mses iia lwav«b 
they ware not lesa soUcitoua about ttioae tef 
oocupied cm earth. The feara ot the ea» 
surea of the duirdiiMae sufllei 
All to allay the faigh^hloeded fsoda of 
aspiring damesr end wfacsi the 
mettoiwd in thtogmaliiloB. JmA.Ab- 


[Eati Midimg.] 



time diadiaised tile dtttiei of 

oraoioiiia in tho umftamrf 

temea wen •llimed to prooMd willMUt 

ftuOer Jnlenuiitioiii 

Tbereigsof JamcBLitalimMt aUiiA 
intfaehntoryof HhU. It is ooly mentiOBMl 
that this Hooaidi gnotad, or nthv mU. 
Hieoaxpantioii adiazterto diooaeiB aaria- 
taat preacher in the diuich of the Holy 
Txiiiitjr, which diarter aoat them 6WK. aad 
which waa the preciae aum that the toim tad 
lent to Queen £)iaheth, to repel tba naiM- 
cedattadcof theSpaaiabAmuidm la thia 
njgn, themewhanta ewated an awfiiame te 
tfaeHjghitieet,ataBeoqpenie<rfMOL whiefa 
it now disused; and flioae arart* waae ooBfr- 
mtaoed, and completed, by whicbtiietowa 
has ever sfaioe been abiMdnntly aiqipttad 
with pace and whtdeaoan* water. 

The disaatrooB vaign of Chnxka L 
liQi QtKwgh aU tima^ ooeupy • 
ed 1^ intbe annala of 
jpirt of the fctngdenv wnaa agitnted by 
nifhtjr ooifisiun whMi aaoae betarean the 
monarehiaL and the dwaorratiert tannehea 
of the legialature, Imt in tho oo«nky of 
Yoik, and in die town of 
Uull, the shodc vaaftlt with 
kaee than in any other oouaty er loani hi 
Giatfiritaln. It ia not within tiieprafvioee 
of thishistory to inveatigate the eauaee of 
the unha^nr difl^renoea whidi aioae be- 
tween the King and the popular hamch of 
fheiqpBlatarei^ nor to diedde whetiier piivi* 
Ufa OK pmngatiTe waa in the wiong, aiiah 
iiMpuiies^ and deaiaioiiB anpeitain nthcr to 
geoeni hialoty than to ftopogmphy. and oaw 
pnsent du^ wiU bediachaigad byn lUtb- 
ial, though brief selation, of tfaoae loeal 00- 
eorreaees and military opemftiana wMeh 
amse in the town and ncigfaboaateod of 
HaU. WheiiCharleaaaoandedtbethM»e,ia 
1625, Bogland waa menaoed by • war with 
Fnao^ and Oia three aUpareqiiiied of Hu!!, 
asthaeoBtiibatioekof thia port, lor the pro- 
Meatioft of the contest* waae very e h ee ifu lly 
gnttad, and well manned and TJctiiailfid — 
This qarit of loyal aoquiaoenee waa the 
Hit jear earned etui further, for while the 
iftre p oBt, and other plaeea* reaialcd the 
tax on afl ahipa and goods, eaBed loanafv 
eadpo«idaiv» heeanaa it waa levied byttie 
Kio^ withoat the eonaent of ParUamant, 
fiieflMPehantaof Hull paid the impoai witb- 
OBtawn&iir or ooB^^ahit. 

While the atona waa gafiiariBg by whieh 
file w4iaie kingdom waa ao apoedily to be 
cennilaed, the pl^ssat. which, for aoaoe time 
pait, hadnfodiaaoBneof thepoita of the 
ita aiipaanuMa in Ihia t0WB, 
Oe tanor it- ereated, . that 


kept oaatianally ahuU 

brought hai all 
t and 
and despair* Aa Lent 1 
and Aldermen Omm^ It ■iniisaaij lu gs 

tition the protaalant AichfaUiop of Yooli» to 

giwe tteeaeab and toleration to the 

oanta to diaas, and cat 1 

for their nowridiment nad 1 

1 To which hie 

that the miaialan* aaim 

the pbyaiciaBab mi^ giro petaalBion to 

particular penona to eat 

hdyaeawnr* This 

it waa, did not alaaa the 

of rliaiMi, tto 

for three yoBi% and 17M 

victiaaatoltiathalowB, enehiaHe ef thooa 

who fled into theeoaotoy, and dM then, 

which, aeooadteg to one authority, 

doubled the aaniber, naUag a aa 

probaUy equal to one half the popalatiflB of 

Hull at that pcftod. Aa thtednadMeon- 

me^ and the town, 

threatened with ruin, ailainadhaafew^ 

ita former pao a p eiity* 

In the year 1638^ the Kb* levied m 
aamy, to hnpoae apen the Seoteh theeple- 
oqpalform of diurdi g oa eiaai a nt , towhiA 
tiiey had inwindble objeetions, and to 
whidi, they entered into 
League and Cowenaat The 
aued, ledtotfaeaeeumidalloaof 
titiea «f aima, and mHUaiy atoraa in 
port of HuU; and hi the aame year, Iha 
King, in hUprofieaatowBida Seothiad, peid 
aviattto Hull, where he waateoaivad witt 
gnat pomp and oaicmflny, and asaaiad by 
Mr. Reoordor Thorpe^ aa the oqpm of the 
ooiporation, in one of thoae hypobolicii 
and adutetary addreact which bodice cor- 
porate are ao froae to addren tonu^eaty, 
that it waa mora dJUcult toaddicaa hhn, 
than to ad^bcaa the King ef Kii^, aad that 
they would " adhere to him againat all hia 
enemiea» with the ntraoat of their Uvea ahi 
fortuaea.'* How thia unmeaning pie^ wm 
redeemed the aequd win show. The nest 
morning, being the 89lh of 
il^eety ^■viewed the town. 

chap. y. aec. 15, it ia proeided. that any 
peraon eating flesh on a flah day shaU be 
liable to a penalty of £S. or suifrr three 
aumthalmntisonaiant— but by the fnd and 
ardSdward VI. eaa. 1