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I* {OeHQlhig the Pnblie vith • Hnttry and Topogr^hj of Deibyshite ud > Dlraetoij' of iu 
inhabitant*, Sbt Agtlioi has to ackoowledgc hia great obligationa to the liurai; mi offidil 
fsnlkmen of the Coimlj, who taafc (o frcdj fomithed him wiA Taloabls infimitatkm, and 
■1m to iLe namemi* labacriben who ban » libraall; patioiiiiad Iha woifc. Eniy Pariah, 
Townahlp, and Tillage, vitli all Iha ]^iodf *1 Buidenua and Paim Bonaiia in tbe Coontr, 
hare bean ndlad &r llw •diirMMa, and to aa(h«ntioate the ittMtttry infomiAtioD, it ii 
flientbn Itoped that Ihe gmit mk(j of labjecta comprnKd vilhin Its pag«% will be fooDd 
an aeqiuaitian eilhci to the lihw7 or the offloe. 

The PariiuMDluj Bapoila of popdatton, tiade, oomiMrae, and eharitieB, hare been 
wreftill; exantiiMd ; and the eopioni e)[tn«ta Ih>m th« Comniiuioners' Beporti of public 
^gfMa« ire trntl will be found ■ nwfnl and Tilnibln portion of the pobllntioo. nie 
ttMidud wodra of Ljton and PiUngtoo hare been fttqaeDdf nIaiTgd to In th« oon^ilatfa» 
«f the hiatorieal notices; a> alio White Walaon and the mogt popolar antbon on the itnta; 
with Taiioiu local Hiitoiiea and Owidei, ^i"'"'""j Bhodea and Adam, to the mon intereU- 
ing paitB of Ihii romantia eoontj. 

The Plan of the woik embraoeB a genenl descr^tion ofDerl^thireandof the Borough of 
I>etbT, widi a Taiietj of Agricultnral, Conuneraial, BMtiitical, Biographical, Qeogn^liiaal, 
Mid Topopaphleil Infomation ; and compnMS a anrf ejr of tbe HorieiT, Ltae, and CotWn 
Ttadea, Lead Uinst, Collieries, &on Works, Auiiqiiili«e, Itinends, Books, Caiem^ 
Mocntnins, Warn and PMri^g Springs, Hanoiial Bigbla, and Ciril and EooUsiaMioal 
Jwiadictioiiti with Usia of Uagiatrates, Pntalic OScers, and Seats of the Mobilit]i wd 

Ttie Topogr^bj of the coun^ oommenoee at page li>T, with an alpbabatioal amngraaott 
of pariihei io their itspeotiTe hundreds ; sbewlog the sitaation, extant, and pi^nlatien of 
cadi pariah, chapeliy, township. Tillage, hamlet, and extra {iwochial liber^*— the ownen of 
lbs hQ, and lordi of the manora — lha lalor of the ohurch linngs, with theli patron! and 
ifUvmbenM, each followed by the addressee of the genuj and other principal residents, with 
■ cltMiScaiioii of ttades and profeuions ; the whole followed bjr a oopioua index of [daoe«i 
and satgeelB alKirding an «aar nlerenae to tbe page at which eveiy parish, township and 
hamlet is to be Ibond, ginng the Tolnnie all the adrantage ef an alphsbetiaal Qawtteer, 
Dlnavated b; a oolonred sheet Map of the Coon^. To which i« added a Hieloi; and 
Direetai7 of Bniton-i^on-Ttent 

Af^bM, MtA lUk, 184S. SJJU* BAfJSHAW. 

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DsBBrsBlVB, wbich took its aame from the county town, wu, in the time of tbe Britoni 
part of a large diiuiet inhiUled by the Caritaiii, Daring tbe gOTcrnmeiit of the RomUB, it 
fbnsed part of Brilamiia Prima, and whsn England became diTided under tbe Saion 
mooarebt, into wted kingdoms, called the beptarehy, Derbyshire coailicuted part of Metcia, 
and RcptoD, then called RepandnDe, appear* to have been a reeideuce of the Herciui kiagi. 
It it a midland and almott central county, being situated nearly at an equal diBtaocts froDk 
the eastern and weatem teas. It is bounded un tbe north by Yorkibire, on tbe aouth and 
wntlk east by Leicestenthire, on the east by Nottinghamshire, on tbe weat by StnSordsbire, 
and on the noTib-weil by Cheshire. It lies betaeeo 32 deg. 40 min. and 53 deg. 39 min. 
norlti latitude, Bod 1 deg. 12 min. and 2 deg. 3 min. west longitude from the weridltn of 
areenwieb. The form of the county is extreowly irregular, especially on its western side, 
and then is a small isolated part of it in Leiculenbire. Its greatest length from north north- 
west to south south-east is SS miles, and its breadth from east to west is about 33 milt*. The 
eircamrereDce is SD4 miles, comprisiag an area of 663,180 acres, of which S10,nOO an arable, 
paatare, and meadow lands. At the ceasus in IBil it contained a population of 372,217 
■nbabitaots, of wbum 133,630 were males, 130,391 were females, of tbis number 61,430 
males, and 61,433 femiles were under twenty years of age, and 11,110 mates and 12,173 
leiiiAlei ■ure twenty years old and upwards. The nnmber of inhabitants born in the county 
were 238,136, and elsewhere 41,061, and the number of occupied dwelling bouses were 
S3,020, at tbe same time 3,493 were uniuhabited, and 441 were building. la 1801 the 
population was 164,143, and the annnal value of the land and bnildiug u luened to the 
county rale in 1813 was £661,639. The annuoJ value of real property assessed to tbe poor 
rates tut tbe year ending Lady-day 181 1, was lauded, £623,396; dwelling houses, £160,111, 
and all other kinds of property £60,313, making a total of real property assessed, of £866,488, 
.on wbicb £61,194 were levied. The average value ofiand per acre for the whole county is 
18s. itU., and the AimciL ViLOE of every parish or township may be seen by referring to 
(he work. Tbk Cochtt, before the passing of the Reform Bill, tent only four members to 
parliament, bat now sends six, vie., fonr for tbe coDuty at large, and two for the boroDgh of 
Derby. Tbe sin faoiidred* of which it is composed form tbe North and South divisions of 
the county, eocb of which sends two members. Tbe Northern divisioa comprises the hundreds 
of Seandale, High Peak, and part of Wirkiworthi and tbe Southern division, tbe hundreds 
of Appletree, Morleston and Litehurch, Repton and Oiestey, and part of Wirksworth. Fof 
the North division, tbe polling places ore at Bahewell, Chesterfield, Chapel. en -le- Frith, 
Alfreton, and Glossop, the place of election beiug at Bakewell. Those for the Sooth divisioa 
are Derby, Asfahonm, Melboum, Wirkswortb, and Betper, the place of electien bein; at 
Derby. The chief market towns are Alfreton, Asbbonm, Bakewell, BoUovet, Belper, Chapel- 




eii le-Fri[h, CbeM«ra<Fld, Derby, GliMsop, Ridding Tidenrell, Wimter, ud Wirknrortb. 
Ihii^yshirc ia included in the diacese of LichflEld agd province or CantvTbury, it) which it 
funns fta arclidcacoiirj, comprinng tb« deaaerioof Aibbonm, High Peaii, CbetterGdil, Disrb;, 
C&stEllar, uid Rrpiogtoo. It coutaini aboot 140 paruhet, or *hich SO are rectorJM, S9 
vicarag«i, and the remainder p«rpetnal caracies. There arc bImi 90 dtpemtent cfaa|wls within 
Ifae boundaclifi of the conntx, and npwarda of 2S0 dixenting plncet of nonbip. Part of the 
coiiuty is in the juriHiictiou of IheDDchjor Lanca(Mrcoiirt,hd<l at Tutburfiin SLaabrdihire; 
and many pamhi» within the hundreds of High Peak, Scandale, and H irksworth are in the 
JurLjdiclioD of the Peveril court, held at Radford, in NoltiDghiun>bire ; both of ihCHi coart* 
arc for the reeover; of iroall debti, paniihment of tnspassei, anaolu, Jcc The Bormote 
courts fur tbe regulation of mineral conceroi, and delermiiiing all disputes relating, to the 
working ofthe mioen, are held at Moajadi, in the Peak, and at Wirksworth. Tbeasuzee 
are held at Derby, u are tbe qoarter cesriont, except the Easter, which are held at 
Cbe«terAeld; Derbyshire and Natdiighamihini were so far connected in civil polity that they 
had but one iheriff for both counliei, till the year I3fi9. The assizes for both countiea were 
held at Nottiugham till the reigs of Ileury III. Thej were then held alternately in each 
county, till 1969, Mnce which time tbey have been UDiformly held at Derby. Judge 
Rlackslone sayi EugUnd was lirat divided into cootities, hundreds, and tiihings, by Alfred the 
Great, for the protection of property and the eiecnliun of justice. Tithings were so called 
brcsuse teo frecholden with their iamilics formed one ; ten of these tltbiugs were lopposed to 
furm a hundred. Wapentake, from an andtnt ceremony, in which the guvemor of abnudred 
met (11 the aldermen of bis district, and holding up bis tpeoT they all touched it with Ihein, 
in token of subjeclion and union to one commim intereiL Ad indifferent number of these 
wapentakes or hundreds farm a coonty or shire, for the civil govemmenl of whicfa a shire-ceeTe 
01 Sheriff is elected annnally- The kingdom was divided into parii^bes soon after (be 
introdnclion of Chriilianity, by Honorins, Archbishop of Cinlerbory, in the year 636, and 
the boundaries of them, as marked in Doomsday book, agree very nearly with the present 
division. Tbe custom which still cuntinnes of making the hundreds responsible for the 
excesses of a lawless mob, is an appendage (« the Saion (ystem of tithing. 

Historians all agree that the Aborigioes of Britain were a tribe of Gaols who emigrated 
from 'Uie contineat, probably a ihoutaod yean before the Christian era. Previous to the 
Roman uonqnesl, the ancient BHiains inhabiting the toutbara portion of tbe island had mode 
some little progress towards civllizalioo, hot those on tbe north were wild and tmcullirated, 
and subsisted chiefly by hunting, and the ipoDlaneoui productions of the earth, wearing for 
their clothing tbe skins of animals killed id the chase, and dwelling in habitations formed by 
the interwoven braucbea of the foretL Their religion was Dmidical, hut its origin is not 
known i some assert that the Dmids accompanied the Gauls in early ages, and others that 
Druidism was first introduced into England by the Pbcenicians, who were the lirst merchants 
who traded to this island, and for a considerable time monopolized a proBlable trade in tin 
and other useful metals. Their government, acuonling to Dindorus Sicnins, the ancient 
historian, (bough monarcbial, wai free, and their religion, which formed one part of tbeir 
govern meul, was Dmidical. Justice was dispensed, not nnder any written code of laws, bnt 
on equitable principles, and on diBerence of opinion in the assembled congress, appeal was 
made to tbe Arch Druid, whose dedsii-n w*s final. Tbeir religions ceremonies wcr«perfarmed 
on high places, and in deep grov;^ and coiwsted iit worshipping the God of nature, and 
rendering him praias no the jearjy occeisioD of the teaoaDS. The means by which religion 
was sup^^d was byirDlunlatjrtilbrs and offerings, and in this respect we trace a similarity 
«ith aU^V^Mion* of antiquity. Despite of the eorrnptlons ood philosophical atheism in 
which (be Diuidio«t religion becoiae involved, candour demands of us (bat tba Dmida were 
ID poweMiDo of learning as estensive and more nsefnl than some of their Christian posteri(y, 
who from (be eigfa(h century to the reformation, were almost wholly employed in scholastic 
divinity, mMiphyiical or chronological disputes, legends, miracles, and marQirologiea ; and 
Or. Kennedy informs us that in St. Patrick's time, no fewer than 300 volumes of their booki 

■.;, Google 


wtK barnt. and no doubt the lune vu pntcdied Ki !□□[ u & vulume raulil bt Tuund. Rr 
thii destruction ■ nide chum fau been made in the historical detail! of this country. Juliut 
Cnar, io hia *■ Commentarii de Bello aallico," infDrms <u tbM the Oraids iucnlcated the 
doctrine of the immortalilf and tiatumigration oftt.e loul, and discoarKd " with the youlh 
aboDl (be heaTcnlj bodies, their motton, the liie of the hesTea and the earth, the nature oF 
tbiop. and the influence and power of Ibe immortal Godt." The ml^rlot «u their chief 
Tpeciflc io medidoe, and nothing waj held *o Mcred as the mitlrtoe of the oak, vhicfa beiug 
tcarce, irsa gathered with great eeremanj' on a eertain day appointed Tor their general fetticnl. 
In the citll gotemmeni ofthii aaciant people, eapilal oflrnden were aenteiieed (n death, and 
MoiBced ia the moit aolemn manner, on the altan of their temples, while thoie convicled oF 
■liDor Crimea were eicommuDleated from all eiiil and reli gf a oi liberty. At the time of the 
Roman toTadoD, the ^itiiih Dmidi exerted tbeir otmoit xeal in opposing the aaorpatlon oF 
that Foragii power. The iaiadera, ca the other band, fired with equal reaenlmeiit, 
eodeavonnd to ealabtiib ibeir aecarity by the extermioation of the Druidio order, and it« 
prieiti were ucrificed to thi< barbarona policy ; maoy fled to the Ills of Augleaey, and 
•flerwarda perjthed in the flame*, by the orden of Saetouioi, and great nnmben oF ibem were 
ent off in ao nnraceeMfDl revolt oF the Britona, nnder Queen Buadicea, after which the power 
and apleodoar of the Dmida rapidly declined. 

Jnbua Cnaar iniaded Britain Si jean heFore the birth oF Cbritt, and after a protracted 
atmggle, nicceeded in otabliahing a ICuman goremment, bat being diitracted by domettio 
WW1, which ended in the establishment of an abaolute monarchy at Rome, the coaijaeron 
had little force to apare for tbe preservation of diitant conqueati, the Britona were tberefore 
■oon Ml to themaelaea, and for nearly a century after the Iniasion of Cnaar, enjoyed 
nnmoleirted their own civil and religious institutioni. In the interval between the finl and 
Kcond invasion of Britain by the Romeni, the Fonnder of the Chriatian religlao, bad 
aecMnpIiataed hi* diriao mission, in a province of the Roman empire, but almost vithoat 
obacrvation at Rome : and i.D. 43, Clandiua lent Over sn army to thia country, under the 
OWimand oFPIantiua, who was afterwards succeeded by Suetoniua PaoIlDusi this general 
sticceedcd, after many sanguinary struggles, in compleiing the eonqnest, and ranked gntt 
nmbenof tbe Druids to be bamt in the flres they bad prepared for their captive enemivsi 
be alsa destroyed all their consecrated groves and altara, and abolished their ritn and 
eentnonies. But the dominion of the Romans was not Bnally estaliliihed till a.o. 80, when 
Ihey were placed under tbe enmmand of Jnltua Agricola. The first care of the conqiieran 
wa* to introduce civilization and law, and by multiplying the wants of the people, to incline 
them to baMti of industry, and flnally to incorporate them with tbe Roman empire. Agricola 
endcavonred to srcnre bis conquest by erecting a cAdln of forft across the iithmns between 
the Frith of Forth and Clyde, and in tbe year Bl, he extended a chain of Stations from 
Sotway Frith to Tynemootb, which wa* afterwards connected by an eaJthfem rampart raised 
by the Emperor Adrian, as an obstraetlon to the Caledonians, who frequently descended and 
committed tbe most dreadful ravages in the Roman territories. Tn k.D. 308, this earlhem 
twrrier wis strengthened by the irrAif vail, IS Feet bigh and 8 feet thick, built by tbe Emperor 
S«veras, acroa* the island from Sotway Frith to the liver Tyne, stretching a diatapce of BD 
mile*- From thia time Yotk was made the capital oF Mailnia CtMarieOais, the great Roman 
pfOtinoa in whicb Derbyshire was comprised. He Emperor Conataotioe, son oF Constantins 
was born at Yorii, of a British princels,in tbe year 312, and was the first Imperial convert 
to flie Christian Ihitb. During the residence oF the Romans in thia island, comprehending a 
period dF 400 years, many great pnblie wnrks were accomplished, and they left behind many 
moonments oF their skiil and indttslry. The conquered country was divided into six 
provincea, each of them governed by a pmtor and qnaKtor, tbe former charged with the 
general odminiatration of tbe government, and the latter with the management oF tha 


Dervenlio, «t l.ittk CbeMxr, near Derb;, is on the gnst Roman ro*d, Rykpild itieel, vhidi 
wu examined bjr Hr. Peggc, aboDI nit; jevs ago, with k> mucb Bltvotioo, as to leave at bat 
liltle to add to bis obKrntioDs. It entan Derbyshire at ModIu' bridge, about two milei 
from BortoD-apoD-Ticpt, and extendi in a direct line orer E^ntoa Heath, to Little OTer. 
From tbii Tillage it rao in a north-eaat directioa to tbe town of Derby, where it was carried 
across Nnn's Qreen, and down Darle; Slade, to Ibe itation at Little Chester. It is generally 
allowed Ibere »aa once a bridge over the Derweat, at this place, in the same line with tha 
street; from tbr> place tbe road is very cTident in dry ac'sona, in the paataree on the north 
side of the rillage. It passes to tbe east of Breadsall Priory, acraa« Morley moor, and 
appears Tery conspicnoiv a little eait of Brackley gale, alter whicb it is visible In Horsley 
Park, it afterward! crosses tbe road Ijing between Nottingham and Wirkswortb. From 
StreM Lane it mns tbroogb the fields to tbe road which lies between Heage and Ripley, and 
passes on 10 the east aide of tbe camp on Feotrich common, and extends towards Okenborpe, 
tbroagb the Day Carrs, at Sbtrland Hall, for Higham, from which it kept the turnpike road 
to Clay cross, and thence to Chesterfield, where It is snpposed there was a station i from tbii 
place no marks of tbe road are Tisibte, but it u sapposed to hare extended on the cut side of 
tbe Rolher to the west of Kitlamanh church, and through the parish of Beigfaton into 
Yorkshire. AnoUier Roman road called Balhom gale, or Balh ^ti, was clearly traced from 
Brough to Buxton, both by Mr. Pegge and Mr. Wbitaken on leaving the atatjou at Brough, 
it is ditcoTcrable bearing to the south-west, and enters the lane leading to Smalldale, where 
the right band edge stands upon it. It wai also visible on Tideswell moor, retaining it* 
original breadth of 18 or 30 feet, iwceping in a long streak of vivid green over the puipta 
niTface of the heath, tiil it reached Fairfield common,' from which place it was found to have 
kept tbe same line to the hill above Bnzton. 

The SixoM Ahtiquitieb of this connty are numeroni and exceedingly interesting. They 
consist of tnmuti, encampmenlR, vestiges of castltn, and religions houses, as will be seen in tha 
various histories of Derby, Duffidd, Gresley, ke. 

Though we meet with few records or monuments to illustrate the history of Britain 
previous to the appeaimnce of tbe Romans j hovever, Pilkington in his View of Derbyshire, 
published in IT89, says, that from an attentive survey, we shall find that at this diiUnt 
period the ilate of tiie county Is not involipd entirely in darknen. One of the moat striking 
moDomenls of antiquity in Dcri^siiire, is situate in the parish of Youlgreave, and in the 
hamlet or township of Hiddleton, called Arbelows, or Arbor-low. It coneiils of an area 
encompassed by a broad ditch, which it bounded by a high bank. Tbe area measnrei from 
east to west 16 yards, and from north to south 32 yards( the ditch is six yards wide, and 
tbe bank about fire yards high, having openings on the north and south, and on the east 
■ide of the south opening is a barrov. In tbe area are several stones of diSerent sizes; about 
thirty large ones lie round the boarder, having the smallest end pointing to the centre, mostly 
atMut five feet long, three broad, and one thick. It is said they formerly stood obliquely 
upon one end, hating about fourteen smaller ones irregularly intermixed, and three lying In 
tbe centre, of which one is lai^r than any Other in the area. It is generally believed by 
antiquarians, that monuments of tbia kind are of civil or religions institation, and were either 
places of council, conrta of Justice, or designed for the riles of worship. It seems probable to 
suppose, from llie number and dze of the stones lying near the centre of the area, that there 
formerly stood a cromlech or altar, in this situation. One of them, which was probably 
supported by tbe other two, measures three yards in length, and two in hreadlb, aud is about 
one foot thick ; upon this broad stone it is very likely that the sacriCcei were eflered. Some 
years ago, a transverse sectioD was made of the barrow mentioned, and in it were found the 
homsof a aUg, and it seems probable the animal to which they belonged had been offered 
up in tacriSce. On Friday, the 33rd May, 164S, this barrtne wai again opened. Tbe Rev. 
Stephen Isaacson having obtained permission for that pnrpose, from his Grace the Duke of 
Ratland j accompanied by Thomas Bateman, Jan., Esq., so well known for hii sdentiBo and 
pemvering reiearebea into tbe Britiab antiquities. These gentlemen cumnwneed «ie»v«ting 



tbc barrov, determiDcd to cair; ont tbeir olyecE, and »lte (be mfller; which hu bicbcrto 
liiiDg over thoe most remarliable reliooftbe irery earlleat Bfca of out conntr;. Accordiugly, 
Kher ftnttruiiag to t, deptb of Kvea feel, and in their progress mectiug vitb totae fragnwnli 
of Uk brana Mid bl>de bonei of Ibe red deer, Ibej diKorered the top ofa Kiit, on «hicb Mr- 
S*ieiDMi U ODBC detected to am nf veij nid« tiid primitire chancier, and a man of burnt 
bona, wbicb «u with care ultimately rcKoed from iti lengtbeaed iuternieDt, and deposited 
ID the chest ipedally preparsd. Sabuquently, the rragmenls of a much larger and more 
beaotifiil am, in wbicb the depoiit bad rested, and Ibe eutire man) of bones and Ihe kist were 
remoml. Among the debrin were found a bone pio and Bint of Ibe rudest workmanship, 
prariag that tbc interment was aboat 3,300 jeara old, and eatablishing the fiwt that the 
D>m ID Dcrbyihire were erected by Ihe independent Briliah Aborigines, long before the toil 
was defiled by the foot of Ibe Saxon invader. It » much to be regretted that the Doka of 
Rutland's ageDt interposed to prevent a complete swTey. No donbt, when the matter is laid 
belbn his Grace, the anderloking will be resumed, and Hr. Itaacwu and Mr. Bateman reap 
tbeJDit reward of their ATBhawlogieal labonn. It is very remarkabte, that a fragment of 
ipherial hepatic pyrites was found in the deposit, specimens of which Mr. Balemnii had on 
two pierioDs occaiions diKovend iu iimilar positioai; tbeas wera nndoabtedly worn ai 
omameut*, or ued as annleti by oar mde forefathera. Mr. Isaacson met with sioiilar otgects 
amongst the natives of Sonlb America. 

The following observations on Ibe general character of depodts, serve to shew in a great 
measure, the dates of the iutermeots in these Lotci. If, for example, bones are found, 
eipedally burnt bones, nnaccompanied by any, even the rsdest instruments, we may safely 
affinn that time belonged to lbs aborigines, and ara of Ihe remotest antiquity. The discovery 
offlintand bone pins, of barbarous worknuoship, with occasional rude earthen vessels, with 
the boman remains, anj be called the second era in the funeral history of the early Britons, 
whilst the third epoch is ckarty defined by the brass da^er or celt of elegant proportions, 
aod probably of Phnoieian origin, wbicb are found near the head of Ihe principal Interment, 
and sometimes accompanied by a stone hammer or celt. The itun knife and spear head, 
with shields nf the same metal, are certain proofs of a Saion barrow ; whilst Roman lomuli 
are remarkabla for the beanty of Ihe pottery, and the coins universally found Ibetcin, and it 
is by no means nDtunal to Bud the primeval intennent of burnt bones beneath a secondary 
one, when the bronze iDttmment of Ibe Brilon, or iron spear, or knire, or shield, of the Saxon 
denote a mach later era. 

The EskLT Comhibcb of the BDcieDt Britons was canied on by barter without Ihe aid 
of money, but about the commencement of the Christian era, a mint master was invited over 
into Britain from the continent. A mint was erected at Colchester, and moi>cy of gold, 
■Qver and copper was ooiued in that eily, about forty diSerent specimens having reached ont 
liiDe. Mines both of silver and gold were worked in the island during the reigns of Augnstns 
and Tc^an. Cambden ataerls a gold mine was discovered in Bedford, a few yean before his 
time. Tlie Ramans drew their revenues troai various sources, commeree, mines, legacies, 
bouses, and beads, all contribnled to supply their eiaetJons, and as they bad suggested to the 
nativas the mode of making money, tbuy did not fail to supply the eihaiuted treasoi? at 
Rome, from Ibe indnsliy of Britain. A succession of ages bad almost idenliBed the Britons 
with tbeir Roman conquerors, and when the emperors pressed by difficulties at borne and 
weakened by tbeir possessions abroad, began to withdraw tbeir l^oos from this island, the 
inhalHlants importnned them to remain, to protect them from the incursioas of the Piets and 
Scots; the wall of Sevems was DO longer a barrier to these semi- barbarians. In i.D. 450, 
two years after the last Roman legion had quitted England, Hengist and Horsa, two brothers, 
the deMxndants in the fourth generation from Woden, one of the prinripal gods of the 
Saxons, embarked their army to the nnmber of 1600, on board of three vessels, and landing 
in the isle of Thanet, immediately marched to the defence of the Britons, nho bad invited 
than over to protect them against their oorttaem invaden. Having expelled Ibe enemy, the 
ftnili^ and richness of the country presented a temptation too strong to b« rtast«d by the 



ambitioa of tboc newlj ■cquind frienda who lOOn htgaa to wpire to Ihe powosion of th« 
iiUiid. Roued by Ibfi diiplsj of treacher;, the iialive inhabitants flnr to srma, and fur near 
a Centurj maiatained a cooqaeit of dubious sncdsc In A18, honerer, King Aitfaar expelled 
the SaxonialiDoM from tbe island, tiDt after the death of (hii monarch, the Suoni again 
prerailed ODder Tarioua leaden, and the iilaad was divided into seven kingdomi, DerbTthire 
beiDg indaded in that of Mercia. Of the Saxon tf item of gorernraent it may be obMrred, 
(hat it had in it the germ of freedom, if it did not alva<r> exhibit the frntL In religion tbey 
were idolaten, and their idoli, allars, and tetnplei, soon overspread the conntry ; thej bad a 
god forever; dajr in the week i 7Ai>r, the god of tbunder, represented Thuredaj: Ifarfm, the 
fod of battle, represented WedneKday ; Frifa, the god of loi-e presided over Friday : Sraltr, 
over Satnrday, nod had ioBaeace on the ftntts of the earth : Tuyu, tbe Intelar god of the 
Dutch, conferred his name on Tuesday: they alio worsbipped the sun and moon, each 
coorerriDg a name on one of tbe days of weeli: Suanan, on Sunday, and JUanan, on Hoaday. 
The merit of eradicating this baneful sapentiUoD, by tbe introduction of Christianity, *ai 
reserved for a Ronutn Pontiff, Gregoty, lamamed the Gieal, who in tbe year 097, sent 
Angnstioe, a monk, into tbe south, and Paulinua to the north of England, by whose preaching 
tbe Cbrtslian religion made sncfa rapid progress that It soon became the prevailing faith, and 
Anguitioe wai elevated to the rank of Arehbiihop of Canterbniy; and Pauiiaus, Archbishop 
of York, who was Ihe first to preach Cbristiaaily in Mercis, where he followed the Ticlorioui 
amuof Edwin, king of Northnmbria. Tbe Danes being dJssattsBed with the Sworn being 
In ponenion of tbe largest and riebeat ialand in Europe, made various incursioDS, and Sited 
ont a larga Beet, and entered the Humber in 867. Alter freqiwatly penetrating into Ihe 
iDlerior of the country, they took possessiou of tbe kingdom of Uercia, and made Repandune 
(Repton) their head qnarlen. These pagan marandera burnt and deetroyed villages and 
monaateriea, abd spared neither age nor sen, which caused the Anglo Saion mooarchs to 
confederate for their mutual dereace, and the invaders were at length anbdned. At thii 
time tbe aoverdgnty of Uercia fell into the bands of Alfred the GreaL All the kingdom a of 
the heptarchy became united in one greal state in 823, near 400 yean alter tbe arrival of the 
Saiona in Britain, and tbe crown was placed upon tbe bead of Egbert Union in the 
govemmenl gave the people hopes of settled tranquility, but these fair expectationa were 
speedily blasted by the re-appearance oftbe Danes, who lor aome ages had kept the Anglo 
Saxons in a state of perpetual alarm. Tor upwards ot forty yeaia, and throng^ five saccmive 
reigna, the Danish invaden continned the struggle, and at the death of Eiheldred, his brother 
Alfred, Ibe succesMr to the throne, was obliged to abandon tbe field, and aeek an asylum fn 
the cottage of a swineherd. Emerging afterwards from bis retreat, he expelled the iniaders, 
and contributed easentiatly to lay the foundation of those Instilutioas, on wbicb tbe glorious 
aupentruclDre of English liberty was finally erected. Alfred soon perceived that an island 
without a mariline force must ever be at the mercy of every piratical plunderer; he tberefore 
determined to store bis ports with shipping, and vessels larger than those in use in the 
Burroanding nations were built, many of which carried sixty oars. The unremitting atlentroB 
of this illustriouB prince tu the navy, contributed to iucreaw (he blessings of bis reign, and 
bas obtained for him the title of the /'ofAfl- o/tAe Brildk Navy. 

In 1013, Sweyn, king of Denmark, landed with an army in this country, to revenge a 
cruel nassacre of the Danes, wbicb bad taken place a short time before, having brought bis 
fleet up the Trent to Oaintborough, and landed bit forces, it created such terror that (be 
whole kingdom was soon brought under his yoke. He, however, did not long enjoy bia 
sncceas, for be died tbe following year, and was succeeded by bis son. Canals, between whom 
and Edmund, Ibe Saxon, several sangninary engagement* look place, and the kingdom was 
liir a abort time divided. In 1041, Edward Ihe Confenor was, by Ihe nnanimooa voice of the 
people, raised to the throne ; having reigned twenty-five years, be died, and with bim ended 
both the SaxoD and Danish role in Ibis kingdom. Harold, Ibe aon of Godwin, was Ihe next 
to take possession of (he throne, bu[ he was opposed by hii brother, Toati, who entered into 
confederacy with Harfrt^or, king of Norway) he having entered Ihe Hnmber wilh a consider- 


able force, luided hii (roapa id YurL-hifE, vhere in a dendlr couHict tfaej were completely 
ocerthrnvn hjr HaroU, who left bin brotber ■ad Harrra^or kmoDgit the xkln. Huvid having 
ntirad to Yoik to RJuice over bit victor;, rectJFed inrormaliau tbat WilUam, Dak* of 
A'anaaady had landed «ilb a unmeroDs and oatlille army, at Raieniey, in Suuei. To 
mivt tbia nucipFCted foe, Harold immediatelii' marcbed his forces to Hattinga, wbere, in aa 
uosnccEeTat battle, he lott hi! life. William the Canqueror had no lOoaer Calitn poueuion 
of the Ibronr, than ha Kt np Taiiou) claJmi to bia ne* poisetvioni, but hii principal right 
>u Ihatofconqneit, and if hia >word bad Dot been stranger than hia titles, to many English 
otatEi voold not bare been placed at his dinposal. William bronght io his iraiu a large 
body of Nonoan adventureni, and the roll of Battle Abbey given by Ralph floliothead, 
contaiua the names of 639 Normans, who alt became claimant* upon the fair lerrilory of 
Britajo, and the Saion lords were forced to resign their poatessions. The Conqueror, in 
parcelling out the lands of the kiogdom amongst bis foUuwen, gave oil the lands and 
teaementi upon them, in Derbyshire, to seventeen ditliDCt proprietors ; King William, the 
Bishop of Cbe>ter, the Abbey of Burton, Hogb the Earl, Roger of Ptncton, Henry d* Ferrien, 
William Peverel, Vf'alter de Aincourt, GeotTrey Alielia, Ralph the aoD of Hubert, Ralph de 
Bumn, UasCDit Uosurd, Gilbert de Gand. Nigel de SuOord, Robert the son of William, 
Boger de Busli, Tbanes of the Kiog. The tenants who occupied land under these difTereot 
pmprieton are also somciimes noticed, and in the coniae of (be work aome of the most 
curioai and remarli^le of the tenures will be given. 

Afl« ao migb^ an agitation u that produced by the conigaest, some jean were uecestary 
to restore a calm; a violent struggle waa made to expel the Normans, and York waa the 
raUyiog point of the patriot army. To snppren this furmidabte insorrectian, William 
repaiml in penon into the north, at the head of a powerful army, swearing by the " splendour 
of Ood,*' which was his naual oath, that not a soul of bis eneniiee should be left alive. 
Acoordiog to Williaoi of Malmsbni?, confirmed by others, the whole country was laid waste 
fnim tbs Unmber to the Tees, and for nine yean neither the spade nor the plough was pnt 
into the granad, which is the reason why vatia so often occurs in Doomsday book, iti 
Vorkshin. Knowing the detestation in which he was held, the Norman bastard, as bistoriani 
tioignatB him, entertained a constant Jealousy of the English, and ha obliged them every 
ni-ht at the hour of eight o'clock, toeitinguiih their fires and candles, at the loll of a bell, 
which obtained the Dame of (be " curfew." Having by these sanguinary atrocities reduced 
tbe eonntiy to repoee, the Conqueror in 1080, nosed a survey to be undertaken of all the 
lands in tba kingdom, on tbe model of tbe book of Winchetler, compiled hy order of tha 
Great Alfnd, Tbia survey wai registered in a national record, called Doonudov Book, in 
■hieb the extent of land in each district, the stale it waa in, whether meadow, pasture, wood, 
M- arable, tbe name of the proprietor, the tenure by which it was held, and the valua at 
which it was estimated, were all duly entered. In order to make Ibis document complete, 
and its authority popetnal, commisdonen were appointed to superintend the sorTey, and the 
returns wen made under tbe sanction of joriea of all orders of freemen in each district. 
After a labonr of liz years, the bosiness was accomplished, and this important document, Iha 
best memorial of the Conqueror, written in itoman with a mialure of Saion, ii stilt preserved 
in tbe Chapter House at Westminster. For many centuries Doomsday Book remained 
uDprinted, but in the 40tb year of the reign of George III, bit majeity, by the recommendation . 
of parlioDicot, and with a proper regard to the public interest, directed that it shootd be 
printed for tbe use of tbe memben of both Hooses of Parliament, and tbe public libraries of 
the kingdom, which order hai been duly obeyed. The counties of Northumberland, 
Cnmbeiland, Westmorland, and Dnrham, are not described in Doomsday Book,— probably 
owing to the deaolation in which they were at tMlC time invalved. Through all ages this 
" Book of Judicial Verdict," will ha held in estimation, not only for its antiquity, bat also 
for its intrinsic value. At the time when it was rompleted, it afforded the king an exact 
koowledgw of his own laud and lerenae, while the rights of his sntgects in aU disputed cases 
were settled br it ; and to the prennt day it serves to show what manor is, and what I* not 

.;, Google 


ancienl driiKiDe. The ptriah biatoritu in thia work will coutuu macb infarmatiOD from Ihl* 
ancient docaawnl, of all that ii imporUnt rclatirs tothe mauon and «Utea oF Derbfibire. 
It maj be uteeMaiy to eKplu'o the land meniarc* and olber ob»1«e feodat lermi uied at the 
time to which it refen. A ptreh, five janit and u half; an avrt, tCO iqnare perchei; au 
oxgmg, or bmiate, ai mnefa a> an on can till, or 38 acrei ; a virjate, or yard o/Uad, 41) aera; 
a earueale, rarv4, or plough Imd, gtoenHj 6 oxgaagi i an Aide u macb tt om ploagb wonld 
CQltiTate in a jrear; a lai^lWfie, fire bidn, or 200 acrea ofland ; irrneick an maoon within 
manoni tBtrchrl or maident rent, a line, ancienCI; paid bj inferior tenants, for liberty to 
diiipo<earih(4rdaaghten in nuuriase; heriot, a fine paid to the lord at tbe death of a 
landholdet; (of, a tribute for liberty to bay and lell j lAeam, a. liberty to a lord of a maoor 
forjudgiDg bondmen and TJIIaiDi in bueonrti iiffaiigtheof, a privilege of certain lonlj of 
manors to pats jnigmtnt of tbeft committed by tbeir tetrants within their diitrict; Ihelonia, 
R writ lying for one who bai the king*! demesne in fee farm, to recorer reuonable toll ; 
loc^mrfi, tenants who are held by aervile tenure^ burden, cottagers; vUlain, a metnber 
beloDging to a tnanor. After tbe conqneiit, mnch of the land in Derbyshire passed to tbe 
chnrch, aod the religious fratemiliei; bat at tbererormBtion.mastof il reverted to tbe crown, 
and wai inbaeqaeDtly granted to such penoas ai wen then in royal favoor. 

Clihite.— Tbe climate ii much colder in the northern and western parts, wbleb tennioale 
the principal middle cbaio of bills from the north, than in the soDthero, lower and more 
ibelteied regions. Dr. Aiktn Id his " DescriptiDn of the Country round Manchester," obserres, 
that the moantunoDs parts of this county is disttngiiisbed from the rest by the greater qnantity 
of rain which falls in it. At Chatsworth, which is by no meani the highest tract, about 33iD. 
of rain have been fonod to fall nnoDally at a medium. The High Peak is pecoliarly liable to 
veiy violent storms, in which the rain descends in lorrenti, bo bs frequently to causa great 
ravages in the lands; it is also subject to Tcty bigb miads. These causes, together with tbe 
elevation of tbe country, render it cold, so that Tegelatiou is backward and aukiudly. Some 
kinds of grain will not grow at all in the Fe^, and others seldom ripeu till very late in tbe 
year. Tbe atmospheir is however pure and healthfol, and tbe higher situations an generally 
free from epidemic diseases; though agues and fevers sometimes have prevailed in tbe valleys. 
One disease, bowever, is endemic in these parts, and even as far aonth as Derby; this is lbs 
broncbocele, or Derby ueck. 

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshira had bat one high sheriff till the lOtb of Elizabeth ; and 
they appear to hare been divided into eighteen hundreds; for in Domesday Book we flud that 
if the king's peace given with bis hand or seal was broken in Dertjscyre or SKoltinjkamKyre, 
it was to be amended by the eighteen hundreds, each hundred paying eight pounds ; oftbis 
amends the king bath two parts and the earl one. In the same document il is also written, 
" Ifany man according to law shall be banbihed for any guilt, none but the king can restore 
peace to him. A thane having more than sii manors, doth not give relief of his land, eieept 
to the king only eight pounds. If he have sii or less, he giveth relief three marlu of silver; 
wheresoever be remaiuelh in a borough or out. If a thane having sac and sac forfeit bis laud 
between the king aud tbe earl, they have tbe moiety of bis land and money : and his lawful 
wife, with bis legitimate beira, if there be any, have the other half." The earl here referred to 
was tbe Conqueror's legidmate son, William Peverel, who was tbe governor of Nottingham 
caille, and lord of tbe exteusive honour of Peverel, which extended largely into both oanntiea. 
The MoNtSTIc InstiTdTIOHs in this connty wen, inclndiog all kinds, fourteen, and at 
the general dissolution, wen calculated to be of the value of £738 15s. Sd. At Dtrby 
au abbey aud canons, not of long continuance, being afterwards transferred to Derleg 
Abbty ; a priory of Benedictine nuoi, a priory of Preaching or Dominican friars, and an 
hospital (ifnot two) for leprona persoDs. At Grtiley, a small priory of canons; at Calde, a 
convent of ngular canons, of the order of St. Anitin; at Rr^lso, a monastery of religious men 
and women, wbicb afterwards was a priory of Black canons; at Lotkhay, or Lecio, a 
preceptory o( tbe order of St. Lazarui; at Dole, Dale Abbey, of the PremonstratentiaD order; 
at Ynvely, an bermilage or preceptory [ at Btatuii^f, a monastery of Premoustratentians, 0( 


White euioiu; b«t«een Ibe vilUfta of Hopt and Catllttmt, an bocpital ; kt BinltoBtr, an 
tMnnitaje. 1'be pwticulara of e>cb, utd the smnts or the lanilH of these housea >t the 
dhaoJntioii of Iha monuteriet, will be recorded in each puiidi where the; were situated. 
Tbeje iiutinitioDa were moitlj founded during the two ceotQries immedialel; foUoiiiDg the 
Normui eonqnesij afterward) the people Kein to have loit their tails for luch iastituliaDl. 
The tiital reveaae of all the religjoui homes Id Edglaud, at their dinolulioD, bai bj some 
been eMimated at £140,000; whilst othen bare thought it oot len thaD £300^01)0 per aDDum. 
EHlHlKt Mem- — Speaking of penoiu of emiDence connected with Derbyshire, Mr. Kinder 
calif it "the ampbi theatre of renowned penons," and a Dumerous list ot worthies, who were 
eminent in literature, the arts and science!, in arms and in cbaritf, will be found recorded in 
the histories of the paruhei where thej went bom or resided. We will, bowerer, in Ibil place 
Dotise Mr. Flamstoul and Mr. Brindlejr. 

Mr. Ftawattai, one of the moil eminent utronomere whom England or anj other connt^ 
erer prodnced, waa bom at Derbf, in 1646, and reoeived the flnt part of his education at the 
Aec Khool, in tbat town, bnC wm ioterropted by a bad state of health in bis preparation for 
the UnlTenitj. Daring bi* tickoea, having met with an titronomiciil work, he received 
mndi entertainment from the perusal of it, and formed a taste for those studies, from the 
•UHeaful prosecntioo of which he afterwards acquired the most distinguished reputation. 
Hli But attempts in astronomy wen calculations of the places of the planets, and of an 
•drpK of the sun b; the Caroline tables. R; meana of tbe latter of these observations, he 
beeaow acquainted with Mr. Emanuel Halton, a mathematician of some eminence, who 
Raided at HingSeld manor, and supplied him with the bekt astronomical works then ettanL 
From tbh time Mr. Flamstead prosecuted his favourite study with great SDCcess. In the 
year 1669, he calculated some remarkable eclipses of the fiied stars with great precision. 
Tbii d>tpla7 procured him the thanks of the Koyal Society, and the correapoodence of some 
of it* most learned members. In tbe year I6T4, passing through Loudon on his way to tbe 
Uniteni^, he wai iDfaraiird by Sir Jonas Mooie, that a tme account of the tides would be 
highly acceptable to his m%iesty, and he embraned the opportunity of recommending himself 
to the Eavoor of tbe king by gratifying his withes. He also constructed two barometers, at 
the reqneat of Sir Jonas Hoore, who shewed them as great curiosities to the king and the 
Daka 9f Xork, and accompauiad Uiem with Mr. Flamstesd's directions, fnr judging of the 
wniher by these instruments. 

This great patton and friend, Sir Jonas, the year following, brongbt Mr. Flamstead a 
wamnt to be astronomer to the king, with a salary of £100 a-year, payable out of the 
erdnaooe. Tbi* appointment did not lessen his inclination to go to the church, and a few 
months alterwards be was ordained by the bishop of Ely. He resided at Qnenwich in the 
■jmt IS12, whilst the royal obserialory was built, and began hit observations in the charaoter 
el sstronomar to his m^etty. In the year 1684 he was presented to tbe liiing of of Buntow, 
iBSaneyi but fats attention was still principally directed to that sdeoce which had been 
the means of raising him to tbe honourable sitnation In which be waa now placed. 

Afhr having made man; important discoveries and Improvements in astronomy, ai may 
be seen from perusing the PhilotophicaJ Transactions, published at this time, he died on 
tbe lastday of December, 1719. About six years alter his decease, his great work, Bitloria 
Cieleslis Britannica, was pnblisbed and dedicated to the king. It bad been prepared and 
part printed before his death, and will be a laiting and noble monument to hb memory- 
He compowd the British Catalogue of Fised Stars, contuning about three thousand, which 
Is twice the number of those contained in the catalogue of Hevelius. To each of these stars 
he ha* anseied its longitude, latitude, right ascension, and distance from the pole-itar; 
together with the variation of right oacension, and declination, while the longitude increaaea 

The great accnrac; and eilent of Mr. Flanutead's obsetvaliona are deserving of 
admiration, nor has any age or coontry produced a more emioeut asttonomer, if we except 
the late eelebnited Dr. Harschel, whose discoveiiei have taind tbe wlonishnMnt of all Europe, 



Jama Brmdtty, tba cclebnted eD|;fiieer, «•■ antirElj aelf-tatight. Kt *u bora «t 
TuD^tew, rwar WormbillilD 1716, and from tlw time be mi >ble to do anj (liin(, vu 
empl<)red in ttw ordiliai7 doeriptioru of eonntiy labour. From lbs eztrmii povtrtf of hii 
(klher, thii gicat genina noeired little or no edimtioD, &nd to tba end of hit life he vu 
bir«l7 able to rmI, and his koowledge of the ut of nrritinit hsrdlj eitended bithn than ths 
ftceomplishiiKDt of signing hu nuns. At ibe age of wnntcen, be boond himielf kppnnlice 
to Hr. Bennett, millvrigbf, of HMdeiifield. Bdnf- Aeqaeotlr left to hinuelf for whole weeks 
together, to eiecnle woika concerning which fail mtiter bad given him no preriont 
fnstmctiofn, Ur. Bennett wu freqoenllf utoniihed at the imprOTementi introduced into the 
wheelwright bnainen. After remuoiag with hii muter lome jean, he let Dp in bnunen for 
faimnlf; hi* coimecttons became grtdn&ltj more and more extended, and at length be began 
to nndeitaiuniginecrriag in all ita bnacbes. In 1T35, it was determiued to erect a new dik 
mill, at Congleton, Bod another penon being appointed to preside over the eiecntian of the 
worh, and arrange the mora intricate combinatioDi, and Brindlej was engaged to fabricate 
the larger wbeeli^ and coareer paiti of tba apparatni. It soon became manifest, howerer, 
that the snperintendent was tmflt for olEee, BriDdlay bcin^ obliged to reniedj aerera] 
blnnden into which be had fallen, at length the entire work was conflded to him, which was 
completed in a Tety inperior manner. His ever active genius was conilaati; displajlng 
■Mlf bj the invention of the moM beantifal limpliflaalians, one of these was a method for 
ratting all hia tooth and pinion wheels b; macbinerr, which till then had been done by . 
hasd. Bnt he had not jH foand an adequate field for the display of his vast ideas and 
almost Inexhaoitible powers of execation. Bappilf, however, this was at last afforded bj 
a aeries of nndertakinga which were destined, within no long period, to ehange tbe wbole 
aspeoC of the internal eommove of the land. Tbe Dnke of Bridgswatar having an estate 
•vtremel; rich in coal mines, which had hitherto been onproductiTe, owinc to the want of 
snffioentlf economic^ means of transport} the object of nippljing this defiact bad for 
same tioK engaged tbe attention of tbe f onng Dnke, as it had indeed done that of his father, 
who, in 1733, obtained an act to enable him to cut a canal to Kandieitsr bnt had been 
deterred bj tbe immense oatlay, and the formidable natnnJ dilBcnlties. When the idea wa* 
now revived, Brindley *«i applied to, to survej the ground. Confident of his own powen^ 
he eipresaed his conviction that the gronnd presented no difficnltiet which might not 
be sutmoonted. On receiving this aasnranoe, the Dnhs at once commenced the nndertakiog. 
The canal was of onibrm level tbronghont, and oonaeqoently had to be carried aeroes the 
Irwell, in order to bring it to Uancfaester. Thinking it dne to hia noble emplojer 1p give him 
dte moM salitl^ing evidence of its practicalrilit;, he reqneatrd that anoiher engineer might 
ha odled in. This pcnon Brindley carried to tbe place where he propoaed to rear bb 
•qsedoct, and eaplained to bim how be {Mended to can; on hia works ; bnt tbe man only 
shook bia head and remarked that " be had often beard of caitlea bang hnilt in tbe air, but 
never before wai shewn where any of them wen to be erected." The Dnke, newrtfaelen, 
retained Us confidence in hia own engineer, and tbe work was begnu in September, 1 760, and 
llnisbed in (ha July following. This was the fint of a ancoeaaion of works of tbe ssme 
description, in wUeb Ibe gnatt engineer displayed the originally and fertility irfhia genius, 
and from thii may be dated the commancamentorthatextMided canal navigation which ios 
formed ao important a part of oar means of internal eomnnmieatioB. The vigour of his 
conception in regard to machinery wu bo great, that however complicated the machine, having 
once Bud ita diftreot porta in his mind, he would conttmct it without any difficulty. 
When much perpleied with any problem h« had to solve, hia practice was to take to bed, 
where he would somelimea rennun for two or three days tbua flied to his pillow. Tbe case 
aflbtdt Di a atrikiog example of what tbe Tortx of natnrri talent will sometjme* do, when 
not only all edacatioo is wanting, bnt all accem to books, firindlej's multiplied labonta and 
intenM application ra|ridly wasted hi* itrength and sbortesed hia lifia. He died at Tnmhurat, 
in Stadordshira, in 1779, in the SOth year of his age. 

Tbe birtb-plaoe of (vo eminent Itieraiy lAaractars, who are known to bavs been nativet 

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«r Dcrirririijre, we not kaowD : Dr. Winkm Ontimm, » iMnwd divioa, of the 17th etaturj, 
who vrote apoD Mcrificca, and Sunnal RidurdtoD, author of Sir Cbwle* OiaodiiOD, uid 
otlar noTcU, ubicb acqaired to much cricbritf in tbe rdgD of Goorgs II. 

AmooBtt the diuiiigiiiBbed ehanoten of the 12(h and 13th ceiitnjie*, who floariibed in 
Uiia pv^ wai Robih Hood, Um Eunom aieher and freebooter, of Sherwood Forett, 
Nottiiigha imhirei but vboae excuniom ofleu nleiidsd iato the Bigh Peak, vhan leTeral 
pUoci bear hi* name, particalBjlf a high ridge of rockiabout two oiile* from Hatbenage, a 
aliact dutance (rom the Sheffield road ; the receM, two jardi deep, aod one wide, formed In 
the rock, 'a called Robin Hood's chair, and aocotding to tradition Little John, Robin Uooil'e 
companion, lis buiad in Hatbamge church jard, (which •nh) 

LoHoBTirr. — Amongit the namerooi luitancu of longeiri^, in DerbjiLi(«, we will 
BOtior the following: in the niga of £dw«rd II., Sir Ralph Vemm, ityled the long linr of 
Sodbnrr, aged 130 jutn; HMO, TFUSam CaeU, of Bvlborongh, aged 100; 1637, Adtan 
iTaoUfy, ofAUen Hill, near Uatlock, aged lOOi 1669, Grae* Woottny, wife oftbe afoiauid, 
tigtA llOi I71B, NoTember 19lh, in Taddington chorehjard, fFUliam Htvari, aged 116; 
1780, CimMlHiiCrieiiorAtboTer, aged 101 j 1793, Maiy BaU, of Beighton, aged XQi; 
l7B3,AraT]r eroUoa, ofTaddiogton, aged I05( \fao,Sanh HtiUn, of Sonineroolei, agwl 
' 103; 1831, AUet B^kliy, of Taddington, aged 10«i 1837, Haj 3rd, Thomai WUhm, of 
Heath, dcv Cbertcrfield, aged 102 ; 1837, December 4ib, Mn. Tknur, of Hoarwood Moor, 
aged lOa The Derbyibire CArenicle, of Jone 13, IBM, notioet fifteen pcnoni liTingat 
Blackwell, whote united agei amoiuled to 1S40 yean, aTeragiog 83 jeaii each ; and in tbe 
village of Ejam, thrae penoni wfaow onited aga tunonat to 361 jean. At the oenioi of 
1831, the eoDDtj of Derby ccmtalned 1B9 penont who wele 90 yean old, and 38 penoni wbo 
wan 100 yean old and apwarde. 

BoKTica, MoDHTAiM*, DiLsi, CiVBi, bic — There are few conoliei io England, tbe 
general airface of which eihibiti ao inegnlar an appearance ai that ofDerby. Indeed the 
■pDtbem and nonbern part* of it are a itrikiDg ooDttait to each other. The ftormar i* not 
rtnmlable fnv hill* and dalei ; wheiea* tbe latter ii diitiagniihed in an eminent degree by a 
long and cootiDBed iDcnNion of bllli, romantic dale*, and beaatithl valley*. In thii part of 
the kiafdoBi, the eoniitrj begini gentlv to rlie into hllli, which, iu their progreu to tbe north, 
tatil gradaallj into moantain*. Then extend in ooe great chain, nsoaJly termed iba baeklMme 
of England, to the uotbeni extremis of Scotland. Tbey Gnt diride Yorkihire and Lancaihln, 
then, entering WeMmoreland, they cpiead over the whole face of that county, and a part of 
CtunberUnd and Northnoiberland ; after this, they contnct again in a ridge or chwn, and 
{am tbe liHtil* between Combedaiid and Northiunberiand. Contlnaing their direction 
northward, Um? enter Scotland, Then moantaioB in their ooane are diitingoiihed by many 
diShwat "f"*— I and vary eonuderably trom each other In tbeir i«spectiTe elCTationi and 
anamtavoBe. Ingleboroogh, in Yorkihira, hu been eitimatsd at 30 milet in drenmference . 
«1 It* baie, and 600 yardi in height above the neigbbonring Talley, bat 787 abore the level of 
theaea. Wbemnde and Pennigant, tbe former 3,384 feet, and the Utter 3,370 feet above tbe 
level of tbe m. Then are the most lofty height* at the north<we>tem extremity of the Wett 
Biding of Yorbhirc. Seaw Fell, RiJvellyn, and Skiddaw, in Cnmberland, rear their bead* 
3,000 fnt high. Snowden, in Wale^ ii 3,600, and Ben Nevii, in Scotland, 4,000 feet above 
tte level of tbe ocean. In respect to that part of Derbyabire wbera then high load* begin, 
Aongb the monntaioe an not eqaal in height and extent to thon mentioned, yet they approach 
aearer to tbem than may at fint sight be imagined. Tbe groand in the eoatbem extremitj of 
tbe I^ak riling gradoaUy into hilli, and then Ijing one behind another in a continoed nries, 
a common obsarver can icaraely fonn an accurate idea of their elevation above the nirronnding 
eoantrr. However, of thi* be becomes fnlly senile, when be begiaa to desctnd, in tba 
aeighboiiring western eonnties. In some particalar sitoatlans, tbe proipect* into Cheshire and 
Laneaelure an iCDwAahly distant and exteoilTe. The two higbest monntain* in tbe north-west 
partof Derbjibitesre Axe Edge and Kinderscont. The former, aboat thm miles sootii-weK 
bom Baxton, is about 3,100 feat higher than the town of Derby, liOOO feet above the valley 

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in itbich BuxtOD Hall ttaDils, ud I,7&1 fM above tba lerel of the mo. Holme Hob, tbe 
mortcoDipicnoaipoiiit of Kiddeneontjii 1,829 feet bigb. Tbne Kparete tbe buloi of tbe 
Hamber and tbe Meney. Hum Tor, or tbe Uotber or SbiTerios HoontaiD, near Cutletoa, 
and otber lidgeB, branch off in larioai directioD*. aerotii tbe High Peak, and the EaitierD 
Moor, until tb«j are Intt in tbe fniitfol plaini that embank the Trent. From oeai Aie Edge, ■ 
tract ofbigfa land rqn> soBth-eul, eeparating tbe banni of the Detvent and theDoTe. Asatber 
east of tlwDenrent, and niDDingBOiith-eait,Mparata it> bann from tbat of the Rotber and lb* 
Sbeaf. The Lot Peak, or Wirknorth bondrad, though hillj, is not u derated. Of tbe dala 
or Talleys, Dove Dale i< nadonbledlj the moit celebrated. It extcada Dearlj nortfa-vnt, froin 
Thorpe, between Derbj^biie and Staffordabire, abont five milet along the conrae of the Dore. 
There are high end elevated rock) in tbji picCnresque dale, called DoTedale Church, Thorpe 
Cland,LoTer'i Leap, Sec. TbcTallej in the High Peak, perbapi tbe most interesting, iitbat in 
■hicb tbe toan of Caalleton itandi. It li at lea*t 800 feet deep, and in man; parti nearlj two 
milesvidc; exlending adittanee offiveoriii milei. The view Irom the east, u you Mand on tbe 
ShefGeld road, a little above Hathemge, 'a exceedingly interealing. Sorronttded by tbe bleak 
and barren moors, scattered over >lth gigantic racks, thrown by some terrible commotion in tbe 
wildest confunon, tbe valley mddenly opetu to view in all lis lovelinen and beanty. Tbe steep 
■ides of the vale ore seen dotted over by a stria of well -cultivated endosnres; and tbe village 
of Hope, with its heaven- pointed gpire, standing in the distance; while thi; Derweat ii aeen 
winding its silent course, here and there darting its silvery rays Ihrongh tbe thickly interwoven 
foliage, and giving to the whole a charm of tbe most eiquiaite beauty. Another pleasing and 
romantic view it seen as yon enter tbe valley from tbe bills above Caitleton. Directing your 
eye on tbe north side of die valley, yon see the country boldly swelling into hills, and at Icogtb 
terminaltng in several high points, at a considerable distano:. At the bottom is seen the town 
or Castlelon, and to the sooth of it, tbe rutni of an ancient caitle, standing on a bold and 
abrupt eminence. Descending from [bis elevated position, fresh objncts no less striking present 
themsetvei. Mam Tor raises his loily head, nnd seems with an awfnl majesty to overlook this 
scene of beauty and grandeur. The valley does not extend westward beyond the town of 
Castleton, hut here forms a most noUe and magnificent ampbitbeatre j lis back rising in many 
parts 1,000 feet, and the diimeler of its front measuring nearly two miles. If the valley be 
pursued down the vale of the Derweot, it is of great length, extending to the distance of for^ 
miles, even below the town of Derby. In the course of tbe valley tbe views eie extremely 
diversified, and the most beautiful and romantic scenery conliDually presents itself in the moat 
delightful succession. 

The course of the Derwent fhim Hathenage, by Chatswortb, Darley, Uatlock, and 
Duffield, as far as the town of Derby, will be fnlly illnstrated in tbe course of tbe present 
workj as well as Bonsai Dale, Matlock Dale, Moasa] Dale, Uiddleton Dale, Cave Dale, and 
Latbktll Dale,fcc. Thb uoumtdn UMI8T0NB Koci on the north-west, is noted for the 
striking appearance it presents, and the singular civebhb which oRen engulf tbe streams, 
traversing them in K-ubterraoeous courses several miles io length, constitnle tbe most peculiar 
features of Derbyshire. The most remarkable of these openings are the Peak Cavern, or 
Devil's Cave, at Castleton; Poole's Hole, near Buxton; Eldon Hole, in Peak Forest i 
Bagshaw, or the Crystallzed Cavern, near Bradwell; and Merlin's Cave, a little sonlb of 
Eyam Cbnrch. These are the most interesting in the high Peak, and will be more particalaily 
described in their tespectire places. It appears by the account of the miners in Peak Forest, 
that all the bigb ground lying between Penyfoot and Cestlctoa, abounds with clefts and 
caverns, many of which All tbe miners with astonishment at their grandeur; and in one In 
Cbelmerton Dale, a miner fonod a ring, though he could discover no entrance except the one 
be had mode. Similar instances are noticed by otbei miners of human skeletous having been 
found at various depths of the earth, particularly io the neighbourhood of Monyash and 
Sheldon. There are several openiu)^ of the ground on the noRhwest side of Peak Forest, 
called " stcaJJoNf" by the country people i they derive this name fhnn the total disappearanc* 
of small streams of water which foil into ttiem. The fongolng remarks refer to tbe High 


Pc^. There are abo tcvcrftl carenu occarioniHj to be met with in the eontbeni part ot that 
district; one at BraanopoD appean at the earfoee of the groond. I'he cavemi at Matlock 
Bath are eKceediuglr nnineroDi and diTcniBed, aod will be fall; deacribed with that 
iatereitiDg place. 

Soil and Pbopdcr.— The mott eomintn urit of thii coDoly ii raddiih elajr or marl, 
vbieh pccTaili in the Miith. In the north-wot if an extendve tract of linuitone, the Mwtheni 
and middle parti of which baTs the lame nirhce toil aj the loathem diitricL In a large 
caitBii tract, eitending from StaDton-b^-Dala lo Horle; is Torfcuhiie, where the coal occur*, 
the aoil is ctsf of variom qnalltiet. On the northem eitremil; a limilar wil and peat bogt 
prerail. The loil on the banks of the liten ii parti; allevial. The aantbem and eaiteni 
parti are emplojrcd both for paatnre and tillage. Ho*t kind* of grain an there ealtlTated, 
and prodaee ■ fair retnra. Daii; fanu ate DDoenm* in the (oathero and northem parti; 
and it ii Kaid 2/100 ton* ofcheeee are aanoallj *ent to the metrapoUi, or eiporled fkom the 
M»|iiiftii Barte; b mneh gnltirated, particnlarlj near Oreeley and Reptoii, which ii pfineipally 
omiaiDed in the neighbonring town of Burton, wfaeie the cclebnted Barton ale ii brewed. 
The libole annoal prodoce of barley oonvtrled into malt thai and, hai been ealcalotcd at 
ahonl SfiOO qnaitera. Id the Donbeis paiti the land ii mottly need as paitnre for theep and 
cattle, and thoogh the climate ii raw, jtt much of the land ii eicelleat for feeding, the cattle 
becoming fat in a ibort time. The iheep on the High Peak are amaller (han thoae on the 
LeieeMer bolder. They weigh only li-OBi 14 to ITlb per quarter; thoee aa the gritatone laodi 
being about Sib lighter than othen of the eanw breed fattened on limeUona toil. The Heecei 
of Ae farmer are much lighter aDd thinner than the othen. Uerino •beep were iutroduaed In 
dM beginning of thii eentary; and Oenrge 111. hononred the patiJade endeavonn ot Hr. W. 
B. Thomaa, of Cbeiter&eld, ttw introdnoer, by preeentiog him with two Merino ewei. In 
order to aadle attentiou to the progrcM and advaali^ of breeding Merino ibeep, thii 
gentleman altcnranl* infited the agriealtnrliiti lo be annaally present at hi) ihsep-ibeariag, 
wheo be exbiUled tbe lin animals in their KTeial ilagei of growth, their wool, their mattoD, 
aad doth alio, both (br male and female attire, manufactared from the Merino wool grown 
on hi* own farm*. The hoieea in tbe northem are of a different breed from thoee of the 
!r bring (trong and bsaTy, while the former are light aod elender, and 
mjrioyed in the Peak for oanyiog limatooe and lead ore. Their agility in 
•■eesding and deeeending the *teep monntaini it remarkable. Oati are grown on the high 
land* in the northern parti, and oonititate a coiiaiderable portioo of the food of the inhabitant*. 
Tbe oatnral gram uf the** high parti ii moitly Tery rich, bat ii oecasioaally ploagbed, and 
•owed with oati, two or thre* year* in laccenloa. The gran eoon recocsn id rich herbage, 
and ii mneh impraved by the mo** to which it it nibject bring deitroyrd. Great qnentitio of 
camomile, bendca valerian and elecampane root, aie railed in Ihe connty, which though it ha* 
Betct tanked decidedly high fbr it* agricaltnre, it bl« been conudercd to be on an equality 
with the no*t hronred diwrict, mure eiperially in reapect to the dairy prodooe, cheese, which 
i* Kidgbt after in other connCie*. 

AsBiccLTcaiL In FaOTaHaiiT*. — During Ihe lait century the improrementi by eneloenra, 
drainage, aod niperior managment, have been wonderful ; but wheo with Mr. J. L. Mecbi, at 
Tn'ptree Hall, Enei, we consider that we bar* a aaperflunni capital, with a tnperabnndant 
unemployed popoladoo, threatening in it* continuance ultimate deitmetian lo the nation, and 
(hat toahip off out laboonn and onr money ii nothing le« thanniicide; — be laya, the deoaer 
cor popnlation, the greater our power and our trade, proTided we keep onr capital at home 
and at work amongit oonelires. To accomplish which be pointi to hi* awn operation* at 
Triptree Hall, and n;*, if every eapitaliti eipendi for^.ni ponnda nerling money in 
impntring each acre of poor and indiSerent land, the turn total would be many hundied 
million*. Tbe magical effect* of this eipenditure on our trade, commerce, and manufactore*, 
■eartdy need pointjog out. Mr. MecM'i letten and improrement* are worthy of the node* 
ef tbe DObUity, gentry, yeomen, and eapitaliit), and if fhund practicable it ii hoped thqr will 
cateTimr to follow tbe ■xample, to restore tbe prosperity and itkbility of tbe ft rilitb Empire. 



England ooDtaiiM 31,770,619 acm of lutd, at tbt aranfB value of l!h. 9d. per aen. It ■■ 
anerted bjr eminent wricen on the priDcipla or popnladon, that EugUnd alone eonld 
maintun 60,1100,000 toali, and lome laj more. 

Fiuis. — Id the (outheni diruiou of tbe count;, the farnu are nearlj aqnallj dirided 
between paiCure and tiUagei while thenoTlheiii part*, from tbe poratj of loil, and tbe(awD«M 
of the climate, are mainl; need a> paiture Tor iheep aad ealtle. The farma, thoDifa ooC 
etteaave, arc generally larger ia the aoathem portiDni of the conn^ than Id the north ; and 
■Iter all that hu been uid in favour of large farmi, it ii pleuaut to lee a whole count; In k 
bigh aloti of cultivation, InhAbiled bj respectable yeomdar;, althoDgh few farmi exceed £300 
per annani. That are many amall famu, particularly in tbe north, the rental of which doe* 
Dot eioeed £20 a year ; yet the occupanti maintain tbemielvea in houett mpectabili^ i whicb 
would not be the case, if (en ortwan^ of then little ipota were throwa together. 

Fabm-bod*** xmd CoTTaosa. — Tbe farm-haaiei have been coniideiably improTcd within 
the lait thirty jean. Bad in moUiustuDCnparticuUrattentioDhaabeen paid to the ooDveniencj 
of the ontboildinp and farmyardiu Id the aouth, they are priaejpally built of brick, and 
covered with tiles; while in the north, tbuy are slmoH eictoajvely bnilt of ttoiie, and coverad 
with ilatet : moit of the old hooacH, which were covered with thatch, have giiea way to more 
modern erectiont. Tbe cottage* have generally unall ploti of ground attached to tbem, and 
agricultural labounn are brtter off than in moM other countiei, from the facility of obtaining 
employment in mining, or the vaiiooi brancbea of manufaclnrei carried on in moat parti of 
the county. 

RBNTa. — Tbe renti, a* in moet other countiei, wen conddenbly advaaeed during tbe lata 
war, about thirty-five yean ago, owing to the Eatraordinaiy riie which h«d previonily taken 
place in the price of provinonl and other agricnltaral produce. However Ibeie have been 
greatly reduced lince that time, and tbe landlords haveoccaiionallyalloireddiaeonnti off their 
yearly demaadai bnt theie bare been mads witb a sparing hand, and nlyeoted to *ei7 nica 
calcnlBtioni ; Ibe average value for tbe whole comity being ISi. lOd. per acre. 

Tb>it*b( are in all tbe variety of freehold, copyhold, and leaidiold, and there b a 
conadsiable portion of ebnrch land*. Tbe £reeboldera are more nameran* than extensive, and 
the principal occupanb of the aoil are moitly tenants at will; a system which prevents those 
eitendve agricultural improTements, wfaieh would nodoubtedly take place, if lease* were more 
generally graatsd. Tbe tithes are in most iostanae commuted, and in olhen they an paid 

SraaTa a»» aioLoor. — Tbe geology of Deibyibin ii in tbe higbeat degree interesting 
•od instructive. Tbe general diipoaitkKi of tba superior itimta may be stated ai follows, vit. — 
IsL ArgiUaceotM grit, and ill MCuapaDying beds of clay, coal, irouilone, fcc, varying in 
thickness according a* the snrface is aars or less unevru, and containing a great varie^ of 
impressions, particularly the bamboo of India, American ferns, and many species of tbe 
Tegetahle kingdom not known now to exist. Snd. Coarse silidoas grit, campoied of 
grannlaled quartz pebbles of various >ize>. This stratum ii not prodactive of mioerali; 
frequently it coutaiiu crystallized fluor and baryta. 3rd. Shale or schittns of a dark 
brown or blackish oolonr, bituminous, and appearing like indoraled day. In its sparry 
leim are frequently cavities iacrustsd with a fine variety of crystalizations of calaareons qiar; 
iiupresnons of marine substances are sometiwes discovered in it. dth. LJiaettODe regularly 
stratified, and varying in thickneti, and seeming to be wholly composed of naruif enunc, in 
which is found agreatTariety of shells, eDtrochi,carroloid!<,madrepoTa, and many other species 
of enistaeeoua fi>inn«T». In it are found the prindpal veins or fisaorsi which contain galena, 
nlpbnret or native oxide orEinc,aTariety of ochres, flaots, barytas, calcareous ciystalizatlotu, 
pyrites, be. This licDestoDa Bums a vari^ of hcaatlhl marbles, laae black, otbere of a 
brown red, mneh used lor cbimneypieces and diSerent omasMmts j some mottled grey, of a 
light stone oolotlr. On the snrfsce of this stratum rottenstone is souietimes fonnd. Stli. 
Toadatone, a sobKanoe of a dark brown eoloor, with k greenish tinge,and very fnllofbolati 
■ometiiBes filled with calcareoos ^ar, and sometioies with green globulesi not l4niinited, bot 



t, Koi breaking imgo\uly in all dinctioDi. 6th. Limatooe, 
ir to that mlnadjr dcnribcd, belsw whlcb no nunen in Derbjihire bm fet penctiUed. 
a Id tbe preceding gmenllj occnpia Ibe tariace ia onj put ortfae connty, 
lb* Hfaw^Deot bedi lanriiM; foils* in ttw order tinailj ennmented. The d«w red 
•uiditoDa eztmda into Derbyihin Itota the other midland comities, and oecnpiei tbe 
•oMbara dirtricti ai (hr nortii u Aifaboam, DnBeld, and Sandiaerc. RocK are divided 
■Mo primuy, weondaiy, and temaiy. Primary connit of gmnite, gneii, mieaceoni-wbiftBa, 
honiblc nda-Kbiinii, argSlaeecna-iehlitns, kJezel-icbiitUi diloiite-icfafatni, rienlte, porphfrr, 
qnaita, ptimiti*e HmaKooc, •erpeniine end topac inak ; vbisb prodnce platins, gold, 
•flvar, mereaiy, tin, bionath, antinxniy, niokel, cobalt, anonic, moljbdona, Kbeenam, 
■fBDinm, Ice., with the preciooa Monn, accompanied nith ttvenl ont ot the mttali round in 
U» aecondarj. The Stemubiry oonfiit ot Ihnvtonei, gtiti, landitonea, coali, ininttODe*, 
alaminoai arhiitna, bSMlt, baiattia amygdaloid, kc The Imutani and CmJ Strata 
faoDd laminated in the eoneantje!! on the nrhce e( the grit ttiatam, maj bjr lome ha 
araooDted ten»ij; if lo, the laTBi compow a fourth forniatiaD; hence the baaii of a 
qnateniaiy dtriaion. The following delineation of the itrata i> Irom iSr. White Wauon'a 
work : — Orii Sloiu, a itratiim four yardi thick; the nata/n of groond where it hairfii ie 
cOT OT d wilb the fiaxments of the incumbent bedi, whoee abrept termination makee it probable 
to c on cl ud e that Umw fragmenti have been ihook off by aome conmlltTe Tioleno& Grit, ten 
(W twdre jatdi tfaidi, the ending of thii rock, ooonpia a coDddetsbtB portion of ground, and 
malm anne of tl)e bat land in the TSllcy j in thia ■trstam are nnmerooi organic remain*, 
haeioB tbe appeannce of large itiiated reedt, phytolithni, mid cnlml* and itilati enlmit. 
After wUcb a lUn bed of grit, at the tennlnalion of •hkA the Dawlee vindi ihroD^ the 
raOrj. Tlw dip of the above ilrata !■ to the eouth-eart, with a deoHnadon of not quite thr«a 
degraea. Tbe If MiHaVM atatt, ntoaled at tbe ending of thcM Btnita, wban purchaaed by tba 
Ker. Edvard Otter, in ISOT, aboonded «hh bogi, coveted witb nubea and otber aonr plante; 
bat bj bit ipirited management it irai, in 1810, a ipedmea of good hoibandiy, eflectad by 
AaimnB, irrigation, and drilBog. 

f < n nyfci» aj OrU ii of a wUte cdonr, fine grained teatnra, and ila^ etnictnre, aaaily 
decMnpoMd by die air into day. Tbe mrfue nndulalcd, in the ooncaTltiet of which aie 
(bnoid bedi of eetl and iionitone. The coiTexttiee form conioal hill*, as at Dnckmanton, 
Cabm, CbeMerfield, tui. Thii atone is hardened by torrlflcation in Ulna, whieb makei it 
a better Material for roadt. In linking tbe engine pit at Eastwood colliery, a toad was taken 
oat of tbe (tntnm, for^ yardi below tbe mrfaee, bnt died on bang exposed to tbe air. 

WhttMloiu Oril, of a light hair bniwn cohnr, fine grained tottme and conchoidal ftactnre, 
(bnninB a atratnm three ywds ^ek, mneh esteemed for whetstoiiei, tombi, paving, Ice. 

Oril, eoBunonly called Cmiblaiie Erom its hardDen, ii much noted for roads; abedofabont 
lea ioAa thick ; {nenmbent thereon is a bed of fire elay, used in tbe pottariei, &e. 

Oryeaic Orit, pTovindally ctowstone, gannister, galyard ; of a very fine gruned compact 
testate, tAoandiog with impressions of a pecniiar vegetable phytolithns ptantites, fcc. It 
forms a strtism of from lii indies to upwards of three ftet thick, and is mneh nead for roads. 
BsncaA this stratum is a thin bed of coaL 

AjflBattma or Shale OtU, of w.ttn» yellow eoloar, forming an ni>dQlatlng*arface,salyect 
to hnlta from its commenceaeDt at Cbatsworth to Its basseting at Bakewell Edge. The upper 
beds are naed as slates for covering roob, tbe lower beds for boilding; but It is neeessary 
to place Ibe (tones in the tame pontion in which they lay in the quarry, or they will separate 
and eoon perish. It contaitH petrifled plants. Bakewell ebareb is built of tbis stone, fhim 
Bakewell Edge; and die (hmts of Chatswortb, and the principal part of the CreKmt at 
Boiliin; thougb tbe same stone bassets on the spot, a circnniilence at tbat time anknown. 

S^ttnUal Batatt vtth Batattk AMyjdaMd, provincially toadstone, blackstone, dunstone, 
dmnod, ftc., is not in beds, but Is an undotating itratum of irregular tbicknetg, composed of 
Irrcfolar shaped nodotea of T«rJons dzes, ot different eoloars and textures, totally void ot 
palrfihetioiis, and eadly deoontpoalBr on eiposnre to tbe air; some being bsaalt, )>Am la 



iBdoeiitnc lamiDB, ooDtunint bmnblcsde uid ollvin, otben unyt^oM, tMrlng the mnli 
Ailed with carbooMa of lime, ealcedoo;, tod juper, of rmrioiii colonn, ia coDceDtric drclee, 
which fmjoeDllr istemipt emeh etbtr, fonniDg beautiftil lonisd t^itt; othni coDtuning 
qnwtt, coBpwt tad nulisted 1 ud othen gntn aajth, itntile, nf atone or utyiiolite, ht. 
Thii atratnm ii Kparated from the lioMMons bj bedt of blue day, railed »a]rboard, which 
abonnda plentifDllj with aulpharet of iroo, erytulaed in cube*, uid in balli compond of 
cnbe< in mm. 

Crgilalized Gnmular LintiUmi. — Tbia atntam .formi tbe niriace from Langwilb, 
(when the I'onltar riTer diridn thii smntj from NottiDgbaauhin:,} to BolwTer, where it 
huMb ODt, and h compOKd of «veti rariotu bedi. On breaking a block in BoteoTer field in 
the jcar 1795, of a ton and a half weight, a toad wai diMOTered alive in the centre, which 
died on being expoeed to tbe air. Pipe-elaj owd at the pipe mannraetohe* of BoUorer, 
npafBle nuuj of then bedi. Campatt whtU UmetleKe, rorniing an ondulatiog inrTacc from 
BaheweU lo Cheltnerton Lowe, ia eompoaed of fourteeD lamina of diSerent colonn and 
(eilDie*, all of tbem aboaoding more or len with marine petrifaetiona. Ctympatl teaif 
limttlnne fonna the inrraee from CheicMrtoa to near Sberbrook. Compact nufor luaalOM 
cooaiiti of three lamlnB, neaxl; of the same colour and tenure, which are aeparUed hj 
ineguW heda of vtrj doe porcelain clajr. 

The atralnm of the mnpaet ihtU timaloiu, whieb ia eompoaed of fourteen laminK, ia terj 
much broken and diitoealed, abonndi with flunrea, wbicb are nuin]' of tbem filled with 
tpan, dc. When Ihej contain mioaraU, and an under four iochea wide, tbe/ are termed 
aerial, and tietiu when thicker, wbicb when perpendicular am called rale veini ,- and when ibe 
dialocatioo ii Tcry eiteniiTe, and one aide of the tein aaok conaiderablj below the Dtber, they 
are termed JowJU. The minerali in theae reioa are formed alternately on their cheeki, (or 
aidei of the Tcin,) and when there wai not a niScienc; of matter to fill tbe lein, the U« 
depoeited aubataoce* ciyitalized ; hence the formation of the beaadfnt crjitali wbich adorn 
the cabinets of tbe CBriaoa, wbicb, raiding in their figure in di9erent diatricta of tbe same 
Btralnm, and peouUar minea being nnworked, occsiioaa some crystal] to be very icwce. 
CfjMal* of the same aubstance, aonietinw* vary in tbe figure in the same ipedmen, and 
fnqaeDlly asninke difierent figures in different parts of tbe same mine. Sctioa often descend 
to what is termed pipe reioi, when they arc termed leaders, where the mineials are formed 
between the beddir)g of tbe rock in concentric laminn, resenbling oblate spheroids; sometimes 
the minerala an formed in hemispheric cups, eoniisting of altemsle layers, found detached in 
mineral soils, with their monthe upwards and rereraed. Tbe oblate apheraida are often 
eoqjoined, when the places of union are called tieilehimft, and often stratiaed oTcrracb olber, 
baring thdr leaders passiog through the centre of tbe whole, when they are termed Jetdert, 
which geuCTmlly lerminate below tbe pipee in small strings. When the minerals an formed 
in horiEODlal lamian between the bads of llie rock, they an termed fiat-itwk: 

These Teina an prodoctiTC of earioni ores of lead, as the anlphnr ol leaiy camellar 
fracture, compact and spread over, which last is termed alicken aides j the carbonate, phosphate, 
muriate and brown. — The ores of zinc, a* tbe native oiide and sulphate, proviudally, " Alack 
Jack,". — Also, ores of copper, iron, manganese, ray rarely antimony. — A variety of clays and 
odiies, JCT'i acoompanied with larions earths of lime, as carbonalB, flaate, and sulphate ; 
vaiietiee of antphate of baryte, quattz, fcc Native lalpbur ia found oompael, mixed with 
■nlphnr of lead, and In a friable slate, within balli of nilpbate of barjle, accompanied with 
cryilalized lolpburet of iim. The Warm Bath vein, which ia a rake, and panea by Mandate, 
is a rich vein. Alio a rich rake, not now wt^ked, but a *ery ancient mine, and by an 
iaquiaitiDn taken Edward I., 12S8, was remarkably rich, but was overflowed by water. Hard 
rake, which containa excellent oiide of zinc (caUmine), miied with auiphur of lead. Hobber 
Dale, which is a pipe vein, ia about three feet thick in the centre, wfase basaltic amygdaloid 
forma the sole (bottom) ; aboati7S8,when tbia mine was most prodoctive, one lamp of sulphur 
of Itad was taken oot, wbicb, at four Iliads to a Ion, weighed len Ions. 

Lst» Uinc* an of great antiquity in this eonnty, and were mnoh worked by the Romans, 

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M m{ipcui bf legdnds on pieeei of iMd taken out of Uie old mine hillocki, three of irbicb 
mm dcjionted loiiie year* ago in the Britiita Maaeum. Tbe first wax fonnd on Cromrord 
Hoot, in IT76, which wu made io the reign of the Emperor Adrian ; Ihe Eecund was rooad 
aear Uatloek Bank, in ITS3, which appeart tn have been Ihe propei-t; of t.uciui Anicoaiiu 
Verecandiu, lead merchant, of London, and the third was fonud near Matlock, in 1T67, 
beloDginf to Tiborioi ClaadlDi, of Chaterfleld.TTiumTir," drawn from a ulvermine." There 
an lead minn near CaMleton, Cromlbrd, Matlock, Uonvash, Wimter, Wirkiworth, be., 
(wbMi an.) 

Ibohstohi ann Coal Stbati — Formed within concavitiei named trougha, lancomt, &c. 
imbedded in cUf, whole lami nee rreqoBDtl; abound with charcoal, carbonate oriron,ia1phnret 
of iron,cr7ita1« oftolphale orEime, Jfcc, lie Bl the battam, and are more or len aeparated b; 
da; ; tbe bottom beda of ironatone an in nadu[« rreqaently contaioiiiE regetable imprenioni 
ot teau, galiami, nnta, and a Tariety of flowen, iniecti, &c., which are sometimes accompsnied 
with puticlet of nilphor ofkad. Above these beds am nodules which contain imprestioni of 
Urget ptantc, and iDcnmbeol are compact layen of nodoln. Above these are compact beds, 
abonadiog with petjifled romele shells, incnuted with conic clay, composed of multifarioui 
cooceatrie ramified cones; and nearer the sarface are oblate spheroids, cuutainiDg septaria: of 
casfcasateof iron, soma of which septa, towards tbe centre of tbe uodule, are hollow, aud liued 
with crystal* of carbonate of iron, snlpharet at iron, sulphur oflead, sulphate of zioc, &c. 
SooM of tbete bed* have an incliastioa of aboDI eight degrees to tbe eait, others uf aboat 
eighteen, and otben ■ similar inclination (o tbe west. 

Rack Coal, abounding with nodule* of sulpburet of iron, termed basses, bats. Sec, used in 
■Daking sulphate of iron (copperas). In this sirataro, at Thalchmarsh, near Baalon, veins of 
mlpharet oflead are fbnod in liuilts, having cual attached on both sides, accompanied with 
Eulphnret of iron. 

AhimininiM Shalt or Slale— at ahrotroith black colonr,eMthytexinre, which f^ly cleaving 
•hen exposed tn tbe air, decomposes to clay, in which state it is used formakiug bricks; thin 
bed* of grit and ironitone frequently occur in this stratum. It is alio productive of alum, and 
cavMe* are frequently fonod herein, beretolbre made by the minera, in sinking tbroDgb for 
veins oflead ore in the limeslone below ; these cavities are lined with jilumose vitriul of iron, 
••d needle- like crystals of plnmnee alum ; nodale* of ironstone, called shate binds, alio occur 
Miatifieil wilb admixtures. Miner* consider this stralum to be a cover for veins of lead ores 
in the Hmestone beneath. 

Tbe moat aodent method of working the lead mines, appears to have been by making fires 
■poo the veins, la crack the checks, and loosen the vein materials; anerwards gunpowder was 
introduord, and a bole boitd into the rock seierat inches deep, end gunpowder put at tbe 
bottoni, upon it was placed a slug and ellppet ; alteraards the gun or jumper was invented ; 
(ram boUi which inethods, in the ramming, sparks ensaed, which oilen injured the workmen. 
About tbe end of the seveoteenth century, some miners were Invited from Saxony, who 
iDtr«dn(ed the ikewer and fuse, the practice itill in nse. 

When the lead ore is got tram the mine, it is separated from its miltures, termed deadt, 
by knocking widi diflkrent shaped iron hammers into three assortments, called, bing, peasy, and 
smytham; binK is the largest size, peasy is the size of peas, and nnytham small grains; they 
are washed well, in which process, tbe very minute particles are carried away into reservoirs, ' , 
and aflerward* collected by tbe name of bolland, and measured by the dish or standard 
neasnre, which was wronght iu the reign of Henry VIII., and contains fourteen pints. It is' 
placed hi the Barmote Court at Wlrksworth. This measure beiug liable to great imposition, 
by refuse being mixed with the ore, a disb has lately been iutruduced, by which tbe ore U sold 
by tbe lame time that it is meaauredi it was in trod need for tlie first time the lOth of 
September, IS03, at Gregory Mine, near Asbover, and gives general oatisfaction, botlf to (he 
buyer and seller. 

TTlt mmt ancient mrthod of obtaining lead or iron from the ore* recorded in this county, 
appeal* to have been by Bres made upon blocks of sandstone, termed boles, placed on the 


■umniUs or liigh bttU, e\pDKd lo tbc action of tfae wmtcrl; windi, u baing moit preialcot ; 
and Id man)- places are hills Bhicb go by Ibe name of Bole HiU,froia tbe&borecircniiuluicr; 
a* at nakesdl, Ashorer, NDrtan, &c.; iil\enrard< jmproied npoii by the blast rumiicc; and in 
I69S, lh« cupola wu introduced froDi Holywell, in North Walei, hood after iihieh Itaa blaht 
furuace vent out of use for tmelting Itud ore, the lasl of which wai taken doan at Rowiley, near 
Bakewell; bat they are ttill Died for ohlBiiiing lead from (he cupola ilagi, and called alag 
bearlba. la 1777, an hoiizontM chimney was placed to the cupola in Uiddlelon Dale, b> 
collect the aiibliraaled particle! of nulphor; and an improTemenl id rtspect lo the fire wai 
made iu tbe cupola at Slunnage, near Ashovur, in 1802. 

MiNRBiL CocBTi, CUSTOMS, &C. — The principal part of Ihe cnnnl]' where lead ore ii 
found in coneiderable qnanliiy, is knoiru by the name of Ibe Kiog'i Field. Nearly the whole 
hundred of VI iriiiwnrlh comes aodcr (bit denominatioo. TbJi doei not appear alway* to have 
beeo the ea«v, for in Ihe time of tbe Saiona it belonged to the abbey at Repton. Bui Mr. 
Pegge imagines that iu Ibi^ year 8T4, when thia religious boD*e waa deslmyrd by the Danm, 
it was escheated lo Ibe crown ; lince it appcan to hare been in iti poaseaaion when Domesday 
Book was compiled. As to that part of the Kiug'a Field which is utaated in the High Peak, 
il ii supposed that ever »uce the Norman conqnesl, ilhaa been the property of tbe crown, and 
in Ibe same custody with the castle. All that port of tbe county which come* under Ibe 
denomiualioQ of the Kiug'i Field, bai been from time immemorial let upon lipase. The 
present farmer of tbe minenl dudes in the High Peak, is tbe Dnke of Deroushire ; and in the 
hundred of Wirkaworlh, Peler Arkwright, Esq. They bate each a steward and barmasters in 
the different districts which they hold nnder the croon. The iteward presides as judge in their 
barmote conrlB,and with twenty-louT jurymen, chosen every hslfyear, determine all disputes 
which arise respecting the working of Ibe mines. For Ibis purpose, Ibey meet twiee in the 
year, and if requisite may, upon proper notice, be summoned still oftener. In Ihe High Peak, 
the courts are held at Mouyath, and iu Ihe hundred of Wirksworth, at that town. The office 
of barmaster cansisls of various brancfaesi but tbe most materia] are, putting minen in 
potartsioD of veins which they had discovered, and collecUng that portion of tbe ore, to which 
tbe lessee of the crovn or lord of the maaor has a claim. When the miner has found a new 
Tein of ore in the King's Field, protided it be not in an orchard, garden, or highroad, be may 
acquire an e\clnsive title to it by a proper application to tbe barmaster of the liberty. The 
method of doing which is, in (he presence of two jurymen, making out in a pipe or rake work 
two meares of ground, each containing twenty-uine yards, and in a flat work,' fourteen yards 
square. In recompence for the trouble, Ihe barmasler ia entitled to the first dish of ore which 
is gotten. If a miner neglects, beyond a certain limited time, lo avail himself of his discoveiy, 
the barmasler may then dispoM of it to any person who may wish lo try his fortune in it. The 
superintending tbe measurement of tbe ore, and laknig that proportion to which the lessee or 
lord of the manor is entitled, ii attended with some trouble and difficulty to tbe barmosteri 
for theu claims are exceedingly various in ditfereut parts. Peasy and bolland were formerly 
conudered eiempt In the year 1761, the Duke of Devonshire asserted and eslablitbed tbe 
claim of tbe crown on them in the High Peak ; and the succesi of bis Grace induced tbe other 
leoee, Hr. BoUes, a very short time al^er, to contest tbe point with tbe miners iu his division ; 
and fur this purpose, he threw the cause into Chancery, and obtained a verdict in his fannirj 
•o that all sorts of ore are now subject to a toll throaghoul tbe Peak of Derbyshire. However, 
the proportion of ore which it due, and that which is really taker), are iu very few places (be 
same. 1'he farmers of tbe mineral duties seldom insist upon Ibe full citent of their claims. 
That part of the King's Field in Wirkswortb hundred it divided into eight liberties, which, 
Ifaongh leased by the same person, and subject to the same duties, pay in very dilTereut 
proportions. In Bonsai and Bratsington, every thirteenth dish it dne, but a twenty-fiFth only 
is takeui ueiiher ii subject to tilbe. Cromfurd paya eveij thirteenth dish. The tithe, 
smylham and bolUnd excepted, is every fortieth. In Ellon, Ihe twenty.flftb dish is taken, and 
every ten lb is due us litbt to the Dijke of Rutland; at the capital mines be takes every 
ninetevulb, but at the smaller, ^nes at discretion. One-half of the bbM^ «f Uatlodi pays k 

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tbirteeuth, aad the other a twenty-flfth, but no lithe, tu Wirkswortb, which produces a larger 
tioantity of ore than an; other libertf , a twenly -firth i) taken in <oms places, and a thirteenth 
iooflieni a forlielh is due to the vicar a* tilhe. The reason oFlhis diflerence aroiw from I be 
miit>BC« made to the lessee of the ctokd, when he atwerted his right to eierj thirteenth dish 
of all hindi of ore. Thew obierrations have toMy a rereimce lo the Kii>g'9 Field i but in the 
Low Peak, there are alio minei irhicb nre private property ; in which caw it concerns ench 
parly lo CDgafe od the mort adTanlagoous lenni lo themseUea. The cuttom; and reguletions 
are Dot materially different, in Ihe High Peak, from (boae of tbe hundred of Wirkswortb. A 
meare in the King's Field ii hen anmenhat larger; it measun^s 33 yardi; two tcearet are 
giTcn to every miner who discovert a vein, and the miner can dispose of the vein as he pleawa. 
Id the King's field, etery thirteenth dish is due tc- the crawn, but a twenty-firth is commonly 
taken. The tithe is every tenth, of which a third is paid to the eiecuton of the late Philip 
Gell, Esq., of Hoplon. The Dnke of Devonshire, as iewee, generally takes every lineenth dish 
fbr hii than of lot and tithe. The executors of the late P. Gell, Esq., are entitled to Ihe above 
ptQpoTtion of tithe, ill the liberties of Bakewell, Hope, Tideswell, aud Ajibfonl. Caslteroo is a 
royal Dunor; it pays every twenty-finh tn the crown, and every tenth dish as tithe lo the vicar. 
Then arc aln Kveral private lordships in the High Peak. In Aahford, which belimgs to Ihc 
Dnke of Devonshiro, Ibe tolls are the same n» in the King's Field. Eyam and Stoney 
tfiddleton are private property; the tot taken is every thirteenth dish. The tithe due to (he 
lecfor of Eyam is a penny for every diih. Tideawell is private properly; the lot or toll is 
every thirteenth; Ibe twentieth is taken. At Littun, every twentieth is taken, but It Is not 
sabjeet to tilbe. Peak Forest is the sola property of the Duke of Devonshire, aud is under the 
same Isolations as Litton. There are a few other liberties in which lead ore is golteu; hot 
the laws and cnstoms ai« go near the same as those mentioned, that it is ueedlesa to recite 
Ihrm. Beddea the claims which have been mentioned, theie is another called cope. In the 
Wiiluworth hnndrtd it is fourpence. In the High Peak sixpence per load, and is paid by the 
bnyeroftlM ore, to the leneesofthe mineral duties Or the lord of the manor. Some yeaia 
ago, attempts were made to extract silver from the lead, hut there are now no works o f this kiud. 

Sulphur is contained in lend ore, which when smelling rises npon the Barface.and is carried 
np the chimney, where, by means of a vaoU or horizontal chimney, a (wnsidenible quantity 
nay be collected. Dr. Watioa says, that Derbyibire ore contains between ou eighth and a 
Btnth part of sulphur. 

la the year 1TS3, the mines in the hundred ofWirksworth yielded 1,306 fodderx, and those 
in the liberty of Crich abont 300. AC Ashoter, dnring the six years preceding 1782, the mines 
bad produced annually upon an Bvtrrage, 8,011 fodders; about 3,000 fodders were estimated 
as the produce of the High Peak; to that the annual produce of lead in Derbyshire was 
brtweeo five and nx thonsaud fodden or tons. 

U ha* been almost universally admitted, that the mining business has, of tale years, 
conridnably decHned, and that the produce of the mines ia not so large nov ai formerly. 
The low price of lead, no doobC, woold for some years prove a great check to speculation in 
■o bazardont an undertaking. Many valuable mines have at various periods beeii abandoned, 
(Tom Ihssr bdrig overpowered with water ; Co remedy which, many leiels lo carry off thewater 
have been driven at very great eipunse, and in many instances steam engines have been erected 
■t a eonaderKbte cort for the same purpose. The Gregory Mine, near A-'hover, by the aid of 
a steam engine a* early as IT.K, yielded lead in the tweuty-flve years following to the value of 
£109,966; lbs produoe annnally being l,)ll fodder. It is said the Portaway Mlue, near 
Wlsster, abool the sama period, produced ore to the value of £1,000 in >eveii weeks. Such 
(anmrable efaaugea support the spirits of the miners; aud whilst they continue to take place, 
Iba woridng of the lead mine* in Derbyshire will uot become totally disregarded or neglected. 

Tlie (nginal iohabitaats of this county, at the most early period, who happeued to In 
engaged in the pmsecntlon of mineral eoneems, would sood perceite the expediency of beiug 
g m et u e J by tome kind of tvgnlations. No doobi their laws and customs were superteded by 
the Roman*, and by Ibeir regulations ; slill it appears thai private adventurers were to pay a 



lentb tu the cro*a nnd a leotb to the ownen of the Uad ; ud meatioii U made b; Heineedw 
of the proamlorii metallonm^ ollitera that ei&ctlj answer to the berg-muten, or u the word 
ii DOW pronounced, bar-mulrraorUieproeDt time. For berg signiflet a mine, ai appcv* from 
tbe word rabbit borroogh Mill io dm. SiDoe the time of the Romam, the mineral lawi of 
Derbfihire have undergone aereral chaDgei. Edward I. directed the aberiff of tbe coaotj to 
call a meelJDg, at Aihboum, of uncb penona h were be*t acquainted with tbe rigbta asd 
cuitomi of tbe mines. On this occaiion, it appean the miners petilioned that these rigbtiand 
CDBtoms ihould be coDfirmed to tbem uoAet the great seal, by woj of charity, in coDsideralion 
of the danger to whieb [hej were eipoied. In the reigni of King Edward VI. and of Qoeen 
Uarj also, the mineral law< received some additions and iiapto*ementi;and oflatcjcart. new 
regulations have been proposed, approved, and passed into laws, at tbe great Bannota Cooits 
of Derbyshire. 

Tbe Carimile Acid termed sweet damp, choke or chalk damp, ■ometimei oecnn in 
mines, caveras, Jte. It eitingnisbea flame and kilttonimals; but qaieklime, by absorbing Ibis 
acid, soon renders the air pure again and fit for reipirslion. 

At SArrinwil (betwixt Chelmertou and Baiton), some great convaUion of natnre baa rent 
the strata, which after baviag basseled snccessively wettward from Botsorer C«ille to this place, 
a distance of about thirty miles, laddenly change tbeir bassets to tbe east, and tben descend 
n with a rapid westward inclinatioo to Cooms Moss, a distance only of five miles, 
n the coonty. These strata, bassctlng towards each other, but separated by a 
distaD<!e of twenty -one miles, indubitably shew that some eatraotdtnary power mast bave been 
tbe agent to effixt their separation at Sberbrook, where the bottom of the fractnic » aridently 
appears, and there can be no donbt that this shock was produced by tbe efEMi of beat in sodm 
grand convnliion of natnre, thoDgb beyond tbaaniiali of recorded lime. 

The Firif Omamenl made of Derbyshire spar, was a vaie of masnve flbrons carbonate of 
lime, commonly called Watricle (constantly forming in limestone caverns), by Mr. Henry 
Watson, statusry , of Saliewell, in the year 1743, at the request of Lord Dnncannon. from tbe 
aceidentiU eircnmstance of bis lordship's honr, when riding down Uiddlvton Dale, strihimg 
•gainst this spar lying in the road, which on bis lordsbip examining, be so ranch admired, 
that be expressed a wiib that an ornament should be made of it, and sending Mr. Watson a 
design, a vase was accordingly made; from vbence arose the maanfacturr (since established at 
Derby, CastletoD, Buxton, Matlock, &c.) of the amethystine Suate of lime, commonly called 
Bine John, of which each district produces its peenliar colour, and other fossils so universally 
admired. Gyptnm, alabaster or plaster stone, classed by geologists aotong'it the eartbs. is 
found in great purity amongst the red marl of this county ; It is also sent to tbe potteries. 
Tbe Derbiiihin Diamondi, for which see Builon. Petrositex, chert or china stone is found in 

The MiHEBit. PaoBUCTiOKi of this county embrace nearly every species ofsabterranean 
wealth ; but coat, leul, iron and marble are those which chivflj engage the indniliy and 
enterprise of tbe iiibabitants. 1'he Cihit FieU lies along the easteru border, and is from IS to 
Id miles in width, with narrow branches extending from it into Nottinghamshire and along 
(be border of Leicestersbin, southward. On tbe Vorkubire Iwrder, the Geld or rake, itself 
widens, and occupies a targe district of that uortbern county. The whole extent of tbe coal 
field in Derbyshire is about 1 90,000 acres. Tbe priudpal colleries are Alfreton, Ash gate in 
Brampton, Butterley, Coduor Pork, Ueuhy, Ilkeston, Morley Park, Piniton, Ripley, Haitshay 
In Fenlrich. Staveley, Shipley, Swanwick, Newhall, Jcc. 

IdOHSTOHE is found in tbe coal stratum, except at Chin ley bills. The iroDslona beds near 
Heanor, Alfielon, CheslerGeld, and Staveley, are the most valuable. Tbe celebrated Alfreton 
or Butterli'y iron works are very eitendte. Tbe uiasire and m^niGoent castingi eaecnled 
here bave rendered the Iron works of Derbyshire universally oelebrated. 

SpllNOi. — There are in this county calcaieuns or petrifying springs. There arc also 
numerous medicinal and tepid spring!, in the mountainous ridges and elsewhere, variously 
impregnated with call, tnlphur, or other miueral combination. (Stt Btult>ii,SalU*lm,lltaliptli, 

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QMnHJOM, ke.) Tbe sbbio; mnd Bawlbg well, Un Bftb vonder of Derbf shire, liei in a field, 
doM hf Il>e toadiide, tin milu fniin Cutletoo. lu rain)' )«u<n» this veil flowi aboul every 
qttMter of an boar, and, it i* calculated, diKbargei about twenlf bngeheada pet miaDle. 

RlTmaa. — Baiditt the Trent, vhich fbrms tbe soDlb-vett bonndu? for ft abort dulaoce 
between BaxloD and id cooflDCDca with tbe Ere*ub, tbe riren o( this coaotj are aumeniui. 
Tbe prindp^ am tbe Dennit, tbe Dois, the Wje, the Emath, tbe Ethcro*, the Oojt, and 
tbe Kotber. The Dorweat i* the Gbief, as reipecti tbii conatir. It riaet on tbe Uoor, in the 
ypine lidgei or tbe High peali, at the uorth-eut extremil; of the conntjiaad flovi uulhirard 
aboat 46 miles, during which it receives many iribntary iilreaiiu, and pane* OuMuiaTlli Park, 
a little below wbicb it nceire* tbe Wye j at Matlock it flowi in a deep cbanDd between lolly 
rocb, to Belper and Derby, where it leaves the beaatlful Menery of the bi^landu, and 
becomea paiigable, thoagfa lince the canali were cut it hai becD little nnd. In tbe ridni^ of 
Detb; it mtan the wide ralley of the Trent, and after collectiDg the waten of nearly 300,000 
acrra of land, diicbargo them into that river. The Dove hai been the tbema of poeCi, the 
(tody of paiMen, and tbe rcfort of ideotiSe patDraliibi. It rjeei near Buxton, and foruu tbe 
•ondi-weMera boondary of tbe eonnlj, till it (all* into tbe Trent, a little below Burton. As 
fat aa Aduxer, it* eonm i* in a deep lallsy in the hilly repon, and in il> conrie preaent* 
many •oena of itartling grandeur and beauty. The Wyt ri*e* uonh of BdxIou, and Bowing 
pait Bakewell joiin tbe Derwent. The Erewaah rue* near Alfrelon, fluwa touthwardly, 
bomdiDg Ibe county andjoioa tbe Trent below io conBuence with the Derwent. The Rotber 
ha* it* HHiTee in the jnuctian of several small stream! near Cbeiteifleld, which It pauM, 
and qnila Ibe oooo^ near Beigfatoo, oo the Yoikshiie border. Thos Iba drainBge of Ibe whole 
coanty beloDgi to the batin of tbe Trent, eicept a (ew inconsiderable streamf. Tbe Etbemw, 
which riMi at tbe north-east extremity, atul the Gojt, which rise* near tbe Dove bead, bound 
Ibe county on the Doith and north-west, and, uniting their stream*, become tributary to the 
Uerf^. The Sheaf and the Ueanbrook bound the Scaradale Hundred on the north, 
separating the pari^es of Norton and Sheffield, and uoitiog tbeir streams at Heeley, terminate 
tbe connty; soon after which Ibe Sheaf, at Sheffield, ha* its confluence with the Don. 

CaKiLa. — Among tbe namerou* canal* which internet thit county, the most important i* 
the Grand Trnnk, or Tient and Money canal, completed in 1777 ; It enter* the county by 
trosaing tbe Dotc near its conflnence with the Trent, and pasting Slenson, meets the louthem 
Dttbj canal near Snarkeiton, and proceeds by Shardlow to the Derwent, nea* its eonflsenee 
•itb Ibe Trent. This has hitherto formed a principal part of tbe great line of commnnicalion 
btfwfcn Lirerpool, Hull, Britlol, and London. The Erewasb, or Langley bridge canal, began 
bi 1777, proceed* from tbe Trent, between the termination of the lact and the continence of 
tbe EicwBSb and (he Trent. After successively giving off the Reeston branch to tbe east, and 
SoDlb-eaatero Derby canal and the Shipwash branch to the west, it runs northward* along tbe 
ralley of the Erewash, towards its jionrce near Alfreton j after which, it I* joined by tbe 
Nottmgbam caual to the north east of Langlej, and shortly after by tbe Cromford canal, neat 
LsDgley hill bridgv. The Cromford canal proceed* thence across tbe Erewa*h to Codoot 
Park ironworks. Shortly after it enters a tunnel S,B66 yard* in length. It then crmaei tbe 
Amber, a tributary stream of the Derwent, by an oquednct 300 yard* in length and CO (eel 
high. Hieoce it follow* the coum of the Derwent, paitea through two other short tunnel*, 
and aero** anollier aqnednct near Cromford, where it terminalss. A reservoir of AO acre* neai 
tbe great lnnnel,is tbe principal ferderof this canal, which i* about 18 mite* in length. Tlie 
CheateiGcki canal, completed in 1 776, proceeds from Cbe*terfie1d, along the east bank ef the 
Bather, throngh a country abounding in coal. Thi* canal aftrr paanng on aqueduct at 
Kilbunanb, enters Yorkibite, aud is, in it* coarse to the termination at Wot Slockwitb, )• 
Mouinghamihire, about 45 miles in length. Tbe Peak Foreat canal, proceeding fhim tba 
iibton-nnder-Lyna canal, enters tbe uortberu part of Derbyshire M Whal^ bridet^ and 
fncecd* toward* Hilton. This canal wa* flm'shed in 1800. The A*bby-de-la-Zoaeh com! 
crsae* the isolated part of tbi* csouty which i* *arTonnded by Leicc*tenhira, pMaing bj 
Ueasham and Oaktborpc, and naa completed in 1799. The two Derby conah allsdtd Io, 
■en completed io 17S4. There is a prolongation norlbnards to Utile Esl< 



RoiDi. — The peat roMi from LoodoD to Msucbeatcr enlcri tbe coun^ rrom Lejceatanliire 
by CTQuiiDg tbe Trent, near Shardlow. ItpasK* through Derby, uid thence throngb Aibbonm 
[o SlaSbrdahirv. A principkl bnneb pusei norttawardi, sod by weH, through Bmton to 
Whuley, thence to Stockport, joined at Wbalcy by aootber priodpal line froin Derby, ttanxifh 
Driffield, Wirkioorlb, Matlock, Bakewell.And Cbapel-ea- le- Frith ; whence a braad) proceeds 
by Glooop to Ash ton -under- Lyne. A principal nnd to Sheffield, panei rrom Derby tbnragb 
Cbcsterfleld and Dronfleld. Many other nnda ndiate from Derby. Tlie average of bighvay 
rentmi for three years ending Ocluber, ISM, on 637 miles of torn pike road* and pared 
(treeta, and 1696 milea of all other bighwayB UKd for wheeled carriages, a total eipenditnie 
in money and ntimated statute labonr, of £20,634. The amonnt of highway rates in IB37, 
wat £16^9. Id IS36 there were 41 tnraptke tniits in tbii connly, the total income of whidi 
«(U £44,810 13a. 7d— Total npendtlnre, £40,413 I3l 4d. 

RiiLwiTS. — This connty now enjnyi bj iu railroads pre-eminent means of faoititating 
general communication and commercial intercoane. Of these the Leicester and Derby, and 
the Derby and Leeds sections of the Great Midland, North Midland, and North of England 
lines, claim our first attention. The Derby and Ixicester section, or Midland Conntias' 
rsilway, which joina tbe pirmingbam and London railway at Rugby, is 7S miles in length. It 
enters this coaaty at tbe soatb-eanteni comer, near the conflnence of the Trent with the Soar, 
and after having been joined by a braneh trom Nottingham throogh Long Eaton, paisea 
tbiongh Sawley, Breaston, and Spondon, to Derby. This section, from Derby to its jnnctioB ' 
with tbe Nottiagbam branch, was opened to tbe publie on the 4th of June, IB39, and rrom 
the junction of these to Leicester, on the 5lh of May, 1840. The Derby and Leeds section, 
or North Midland Great Trunk railway, which coostitntes a central link between tbe other 
important railways on tbe north, centre, and •ootb of England, ii T3( milee in length, with 
npwards of 200 bridges and T tunnels, in its course, meainnng together Dearly S^ miles. The 
co»t was about £3,000,000, though the ntimale was only £1,500,000. The whole line was 
completed in little more than three years. George and Robert Stephenson, with theirassistant, 
Mr. Swanwick, were the engineers. It was opened through all Ibis county, and aa far as 
Botberham.on the llthof May, 1840; and throughout the whole line on tbe 1st of Joly, 
1840. This railway is B splendid exception to the comparatively unintemting sceneiy of 
nulways in general. Its eonrse lies along the valleys of the Derwent, tbe Rother, the Don, the 
Dearoe, the Calder, and the Aire; aflTording views of beautiful parks, seats, villages, woods and 
ruins. It ia bordered nearly all the way by lertile meadows end pastures, skirted with wooded 
bills, which constitntp, in passing them, an almost uninterrapted panoramic picture; and the 
magnificent viaducts, aqueducts and bridgea, with station houses of tsatefui architecture, 
contribute mnch to give admiration and delight to the traveller. Prom Derby the North 
Midland railway mns northward, by Duffield and other villages, and through Hilford tnnnel, 
836 yards in length, with rich and handsome arched frontinga, to Belper, throngb which it 
mns in a cutting lined with masonry ; at this place it has no less than IS bridges crossing It 
in tbe space of a mile. It then by two timber bridges, each aboot 400 feet in length, and 
containing in all 300,000 cnbic feet of timber, crosses Belper pool, where the Derwent expands 
in a broad sheet, with a wooded island In tbe midst A short Innnel, a flns viaduct acrots the 
Derwent, and another short tnnnel at Hagwood, are then passed, and the grand and interesting 
works at the principal crossiDg of the Derwent are reached. The river runs in the bottom of 
the valley, with the tnmpike road at some distance above it; the railroad passes obliquely over 
both by a roagnifieeni viaduct; and, in the same place, is itself croned b; the Cromford canal, 
in an aqueduet bnilt by the company. Bull bridge, and Lodge-hill tnnnel, 360 yards in 
length, and Sonth Wingfield station, are then passed; the column of Crich Stand, where 
mountain limestone abounds, being Been on the led OD the distant hills. After passing a deep 
•ad eitensive cutting, opened out into the romantjc valley of tbe Amber, the summit of the 
line in Derbyshire is reached at Clay Crnas tnnnel, which is one mile in length, thn entrance 
being fhmted with a Moorish gateway, having a castellated circular lower on either side, and an 
■rchoftbennoaaal figure of three parti oral, with two line rounded mnnldingt. Hcfeaiig-iag 

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coal nilnj join* tba North Midland which paues on to ChesterGeld, a dirtanct ofSJ milm. 
Variom otbef haod«alDe itktioiu an tbeo pasetd, ioclDding Eckingloa slation. Tor Worluop, 
which ttaods in Rcoishaw park id liew of ibe hall, and ii eicredingiy chute and beauCirul. 
It connsti of a drmlar tower with wingi. aod conlaini a ipBcioui and elcganl waiting room. 
The line then proceedi on the rale of the Rother to Beigbton, where it enters Yorlubire, at 34 
mile* dutance rroiD Derb;. The Uoe between NorrmoaiM and Dhkbt a diitance of IS^ 
mile* with Bie intermediate ttatioiis, wa* commenced in IB37, and opened on (he SOthofMaj 
1839. Tbe coet per mile wai £13,340, being a total ooit of £360,930, at the Long Eaton 
StatJon 9i milei from Derby this line Tomii iti junction with the North Uidland. 

The UlKMIRaHlH, OLOCCEBTEm, IHP DBKBr JCMCTION Rdilwit ii38f DiilcsiD l«Dgtb, 
and na opened thronghont on Cbe 3nil of Auguat, )S39. It pasKS from the grand central 
terminoa at Derby ; iMtween which and Willingtoo, the Heney and Trent canal ii croued by 
an oblique iron bridge. From Willington it mns parallel with thii canal until it reacbea tbe 
border! of tbe connty, and enters Staffordhhite. Tbe Act wai obtained in 1836, but the 
work! were DoleoniDieDced till 1837. Tba company waa authorized to raiw £030^00 in 
£100 iharea, and fnrtber, to borrow £SO0,UllO) and the worka did not exceed the nima thn* 

Tbb Ceohfobd oa Fbik Fokbit R«iLv<tT comnieuce« at tbe Cromford canal to the 
•oath-eaatnf Cromford, and lenninatea at ibe Peak Foreal canal at Wlialey bridge. It ia 
■hiMit 34 milet io lengtb, and in ita conrae paiaea over aome vciy high ground, ita greateat 
cleratioa being 990 feet ahore the lerel of tbe Cromford canal. Thla aacent ia accompliihed 
by meaua of aereral iuetined planea, up which the vaj^ona are drawn by atationaiy ateam 
enginea. Tbe aammit lerel ia maintaiued for 13} milea, and in ita conrae tbe railway paaaei 
Ihroogh a tunnel 638 yards long. SS bridgea and arcbwaya have been builL Contrary to the 
■aoal ptmctice, cast iron rails inilead or malleable hate been adopted. Tbev are cait in 
kagtfaa of 4 tett each, ai>d weigb 84 lbs., or 63 Iba per yard. 

Tac raoFoaBP HaxcBBaTSB ihd BiBlilNaHaii will paai throngb Ruiton, and hy tbe 
intended conaididation of thia line with the Birmingham and Londont will np doubt greatly 
bolitate the communication from tbe metropolis and tbe ■onlhi in addition to that originally 
intended ta the nortbeni and adjacent nortbem districts: — the tine ai a pleamre-ronto 
through tbe romantic districts of Derbyibire, will be greatly heneBled : — and the minerala of 
DerbyahiiB will acquire a more extended aale. 

A contract was signed in February, IB4S, by Mr. Hndton, chainnan of the Midland 
eooipany, for leaatog the Birmingham and Gloucester, and Briatol and Gloncealer linea. Tba 
terms of the agreement are, tbat the Midland ii to pay ax pereeuL per annum upon the £100 
■bans of the Birmingbam and Gloucealer, and to be allowed to purchaae the shares at £ISO 
each, any time tba Midland like to do to, Thia arrangement will be of immense importance 
to the Uidland company, for it irenres to them the whole of tbe cross traffic from Briatol to 
Hnll, and even to Edinburgh i and the benefits to he derived from it will odd greatly to the 
Stability of the company, and make Derby the great centre of railway communication, and 
probably rsnder great beaefit to the port of Briatot. Tbe Birmingham and Oloucesler shares 
wetw eighteen months ago only of ibe valne of £30. 

Tbb SBarrtBLD aHD H*ncbbbtbb Riilwit crosKs the nortb.weal verge of tbe county 
br about Ifl mile*. The line ia 40 milea in length. Tbe act was obtained in 1837, and wilt 
tc opened in October, 1845. The Sheffield end to Dunlord bridge waa opened I4tb July, and 
the Manchester end some monlba previona. Tbe original capital for tbia line.whicb preaented 
very great engineering difficulties, was £933,000. IE commences at the commodious station 
ia BridgehODsea, Sheffield, wbich baa been formed on a rapid acclivity on tbe north bank of 
tbe river Don, and adjoining Spital bill. On leaving (he station it immediately passes under 
a diort tunnel up the picturesque and romantic vale of that river, N.N.W., to Beeley and 
WhantcliSi: wooda, to Worlley and Penistone ; fhim which it runs neuly wett to tbe aummit 
near Dunford bridge, near the aonrce of Ibe river Don, and the eoalem «de of a high point 
■bich saparatea the connlies of York, Cheater, and Derby, (33 miles 26} cbaina rmn 

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Uuwbetter, and 16 mile* 40 cbdni ftom Sheffield,) ander nhieh it penn bj m tannel 3 mile* 
in liiuglh ud 16 feet wide, Ibr ooe track, wbich u nau-lf 943 feet abore tba lard of Ibe «■, 
And hu a gndiciil of SO feel per niil«, the ttsoHit occupying about 10 minalet. It ODagu 
in the toiru*bip of TiatwiMlc, iu the couDtr of Cbalvr, near [he louree of the BthniHr, 
which Kpamet IfaM couotjr rrom Derbjihire, and flnwt (□ the Menej. 

The railway puHS down tha vale oT ibe Elbanw, on the verge of Deriijihin; paaiDf 
about one mile uorth from Olonop, and bf a iwaep to ths south lo three-quarten of a mile 
wettof ilj cruuiag the Dinting Tale at a convderable eleratioD, taniiag weilerlj' OD the DOtth 
of Upper Gameiley; croMO tbe Etbemw, when die vale ii narrow, bj a Tiadnet of great 
eleiatioa into Cbeibire; alter which it cnxwf the valley of the Tune, at an etevatioD of 40 
feet, and entera Liuicaihire, mnaiDg veati lendiog oCTa branch to Aibton-uodo'-Lyiie and 
Sliley-Bridgi:, 2 mtlei 44} chaina io length, and proceedi la the Birmingham and Mancboter 
railway itatjun, Store-ttreel, Uaucheiter. An act, doriiig the Knioa of IB15. waa obtaioed 
for a coDlinuatioQ of tbb UtM from Sheffield to Oainaborough and Great Orinuby, ia 
Lincolnibire, at the mouth of Che Hamber, on the Oennan Oeean ; with wbieh, and Liverpool 
and Che Iriib Se&, it will form tbe oioat direct line of coamnnicatioii, and will eommamd an 
exteniive tralSe, not only for ibipmeDU to Ihe continent of Europe, but will be moit valnabk 
for the traniit of eora and cattle, from Uuoolnriiire and Nottlngbanuhire, into the populom 
mannfactDriag dtitiicti tbrongh which it panet. 

Varioui other railwaya are on the lapii, via. — Tbe ChurDeC Valley, Derby and Crawe, 
Teas and Dove Valley, Derby and Gainiborough, Chealerfield iod Sheffield; Derby, Uttoxcter, 
and Stafford, and Uiceater, Aabby-de-la-Zonch, Borton-opon-Trent, aud Stafford ; ■ercral of 
which, aboald tbe railway mania continue, will no doubt obtaiu acta during Ibe aeMioa of 18 1& 
Nbw and Old Poob Laws. — To gire a digeM of tbeae would require more apace than onr 
limit! wilt allow ( the former paned in 1834, tbe latter in the reign of Elizabeth. Much bai 
been laid about the mal -ad mini illation of the old law, and nicceiuve admiuiitrntiona had 
declared it an evil ; that it waa like a canker eating Into tbe heart of Ibe nation, paoperiiing 
the labourer! of whole coantiea. Many attempt! at itDprocemeDt were made, but to no eftect; 
the evil kept iteadily incrauing. Tbe iav of Elixabiti ordered tbe arttJDg to work all able 
bodied poor, and Ibe protiding for age, infirmity, and youth. 'Ilie average poor rate of the 
kingdom in 1748, 1749, and ITM, waa £T30,l3at for Ihe year 1776, it waa £1,720,316; a»d 
the average of the yean 1783, 1794, and 17BA, w&a £2,167,748; ii 1803, the amoDDt waa 
£3,348,304 ; in (817, the amount waa £9,3-JO,440. Certainly tbe timv had arnved for a full 
iaveatigalion, and an endeavour to point out Ihe tnie cauae, ai tba only anre way to ordef a, 
remedy. To do tbtt, a parliamentary eommiuion waa appointed, with certain powen, and an 
ioTeatigatioo made throogh all the kingdom ; and a masa of evidence the mint appalling waa 
prodond. Tbe domritie induiti; of the conalry bod been awept away, and the time arrived 
when the pariah officen conld by no nieani fli>d profltahle employment for Ibe poor. Tbe 
labourer gut what he could for hii labour, and received Ibe remainder in parisb pay ; a moil 
htimiliating and degrading alate, which went on iucreaaing, both iu tbe agricultural and 
manaliacturiilg dittricts. Tbe Pariionunt Iramed a law, from tbe report of tbia oommi«JOD 
of inquiry, wbicb, tbey aaid, would reilore Ibe proiperily and independrnct of tbe labonrcn 
and operaljvea, and raiae tbem from tbe degradaliau into which they bad fallen. To effect 
thi*, Ibey were thrown on their own reaoama, and refiued alt relief, eieept they reiided in Ibe 
onion bouae; Ibe power of the magiitratea to order relief waa taken away, with varioua olber 
diangea from the old law. To carry ont tbii great ohject, a Poor Law Cnmmiaimt waa 
appoiMed, having three com nuMionera, who each receive £2,000 a-year; eighteen aaliatlnt 
oommiBloDerf, who receive together £1S,GOO a year; with aecrelariea, clerka, &e., in Ihe 
whole amounting Co £A0,173 per annum ; nttdev Hbom guardiaiia of pariabea and townabipa 
are appointed, according Co the population, Co act witb and aititC tbe coa>mi»tanera in 
carrying out this great meuure. Id the le^Dn of 1844, Ibe goveniinenl, through Sir Jamea 
Grabara, paiKd a bill lo make aome improvement in chat of 1834 ; which principally conainln 
in giving to Ibe gnardiana more power to order relief, but atill mbject Co the cwilrolljng power 


•f ibc CommiuioDen. The Meraga annual unoiint ol the poofa rate for three jean pre- 
TMMU to lh< Nod Poor Law, was £0^82,904. Id the yeu 1641 it amonnled ht £4,026^7, 
b 1642 M £J,172^IB, and in 184!) to £4,406,068. 

RsHtLLioHa. — It appean that dnriog thfl nbellian of Prince Ueni; against hli father, 
Baii7 11^ the culle otDuffield vm held aguDst tlie King bj Robert, Eail Femre ; Tor il ii 
niated thai amon^gt others who came to make their aabmiuiou to the violoTioas monireb. 
In Ihc month of Jul;, 1174, was that Earl, who then deliiered into the King's hands the 
cailes o[ Tnlbnrr and DnUeld. Dnring the ciTil win in King John's rtign (in 12IS), 
WiUiam I-'ari Fenars, with an armed force, look Bolsorer and Peak Castles, which were then 
in the possession at the rsbellioas barons. 

In Ih* jeat 1284, King Qenrj III. sent his son. Prince Edward, into DsrbTshire, to wreak 
TrageanM upon Boberl Earl of Dcrb;, then one of the most aclive of tbe barons in rebellion 
against him, with Instmclioni to laj waste bU manors wiib flre and sword. The Earl haTinf 
made his peace, by the promise of a large som of money, and biTing taken fresh oaths of 
allcgiaDee, broke both his word and bis promise, and appeared in arms again in Derbyshire, 
in the jeai 1266, with Baldwin Wake (Lord of Chesterfield), John D'EgTille. and other 
barons sad kni^ts, and assembled a numeroii| force at DnSleld Frith, whence ibey marched 
to Cbe«teifleld. Here they were surprised in Ibeir quarters bj Henry, the King's nephew, 
and die greater part of them pat to Ihe sword. The Eatl of Derby vae taken prisoner, hav- 
ing been betrayed, as il ia eaid, by a woman, who pointed ont bis place of eoDQacinenl in the 
ebarch- De Ferrars had his life spared, bat was divested of the Earldom ofDciby, with it* 
targe posseaiions, which were given to Edmnod, Earl of Lancaster, and eventually formed a 
considerable part of tbe revenaei of tbe Doihy of Lancaster. Wake, D'Egville, and lh« 
other baroDS and knigbb, made Iheir escape. Some of the knights and other adfaerenia 
withdrew into the forest of Peak, whare they cDnliaued for two jeaia, leading a predatory 

Nothing of eonseqneDce seems to have ocenired till the civil war* in the icign otChsrle* L, 
(1663) when all Derbyshire declared for the King; of which Ihll accounts are given in ths 
pto|:nss of tbe work. 

MsscricTDBis, TbjIDB*, &c.— Derby ranks the foarth on the list of mannfaoloring 
eonntiea, and ita character ban for yean been rising in oaliona] estimation. It participates 
with Nottinghamshire in the loanufacUire of hosiery and laee, with Lancashire in thai of 
cotton, and with Yorbsbira in those of iron, cutlery, and woollen cloth. The latter is eanied 
on M the north extremity of the county, and baa nearly given place to the manufacture of 
eoUou, iDtTodneed into this county by Sir Richard Arkwrighl in 17T1 (see Croni/ord, page 
396). The pariah of Glossop, sitnated in Ihe monnloinons tracts of the High Pesk, baa 
witbin Ihe last half eenlnrj become by far the most imponanlsealot Ihe cotton manafacture 
in the eoUD^ (sec page 51S). The silk mannfaetore was introduced into the town of Darby 
in ITU ; and Derby, conjointly with Nottiugliam, is considered the centre of Ihe silk houery 
trade. Ribbons are also msaufactnied to a eoniiil arable exlent; cotton hosiery, Bmallwsres, 
and lace are ntensiiely mauntacluied in vsrions parts of the coonly ; ss also earthenware, 
china, hats, and spu omameuia. Collieries are worked along tbe northern and eaitem 
tide of tbe coonty ; and ths iron fncasces, and cast and bar iron mannfaeturea are noticed 
will) Bnlteriry, Codnor, Renishaw, Stavelcy, &e. The northern border ot the hundred of 
Soarsdale is iaclnded in tbe Corporation of Cullers of Hallamshirc, and partakes largely of 
ttw Sheffield trade in Ihe mannfaclure of seythee, aicklea, uid reaping hooks, &c. (St« 
Korton, Bidgway. Eckington, Mosborougb, tm.) Chesterfield, at the north-west eitremi^ 
of the Scandale hundred, is Ihe centre of an ellensivs manufacture of brown earthenware, 
■nd stoneware bottles, which are in great repute tbrougboul the kiagdom. The extensile 
lead mines and lead smelting establishments are chiefiy conflned to tbe nortbem diiiaion of 
Ike eoDHly, and will be noticed in tbeir respective places. In addition to the above may be 
sAded the ralnable mineral prodnctioni of this county, whicli contisl of alone, slsta, marble, 
(ypsuiu, lime, calamine, chert. Boor spar, eopperas, grind and millstones, and On clay. 



Tb« whole forming ■ nrj important brueh of onr nport lnid>. Cb»ta ud mail u* 
cSUDiira); mado in Tariona puta of the coaatj, and the agrlmltnral piadnoc finds a read; 
market >t SbrSeld am) Nutliugham ; except wool, ohieb is maeh aataeined al HnddersHeM 
■nd Leeda. 7^ Import Tradt, prineipallf eontiata of n« cotton and ailk, groeeri*i, vima, 
■pirita, and other fonugn produee; to theie maj be added foreign cattle. Under Bir 
Robtrt PeeFi Nnr Tariff, tbe total nnmbrr of D«n. com, calfcs, Bhesp.'lainba, aod piga 
imported in the flm six months of 1843, were 831 ; lor (be same period of IBU, 1,181 ; and 
for the Brat aeien montbs of 1 SIS, 9,786 ; ehewing an iaerease.of more than BOO per emit 
orer the preceding jear. The increase in other kinds of animal food has been eqnallj rapid. 
Ibon Trade. — In 1700, tbe qnantiQ of pig iron prodnced In England vaa only IT^OOO 
Ions, from n9 ftunaces j in ITDO.iihad increased to 32,000 lone ; In 1788, to 08,000 tons; 
in 1806, 2.'W,000 tons was prodnced ; and in 1820, the amonnt vaa 400,000 lone ; while in 
tbe year 1844, the total prodaee could Dot be leu than 800,000 lons,;«hieh wa^gread; 
a in 184». 

HoilBBT Tbadb.— In tbe three conDtiea of Nottingham, 'Leicester and Derbj, in tbe year 
1844, there were 39,143 hosier; (nunrsemplojedtand 4,998 tmemployed. In Derbyshire, 
tbe trade extends into 60 parishes and townships, sod tbe nnmber of Ikames employed were 
6,003, and 792 anemployed, making a total of 6,797 in tbe conaty (sea page 91). 

Thi Abchitccthbb of the county oill he described in tbe niions towns and patisbe* in 
the progress of tbe work. Stone is tbe common building material in the north part of tbe 
county, covered with slats or tbatcb. Bine date has in some caae* superseded the beaTy 
natiTe slate. In the aonlh part, some of the andrnt honses are covered with tbatcb, bnt 
great improTemente hue been made daring the last SO or 30 yean in the constracdon of 
cottage honses, and some very superior fannhonses, with premises on die moat apprond 
principles, have been erected. The connty conlains many el^ant mansions, with some 
interestiag specimens of the antique, particniarl; Haddon Hall sod Hardwick HalL Tit 
Eededatlicat ArdiilectMre there are some fine specintens of the Qolhic. The Saxon s^Ie 
is to be fonnd in many ot tbe ancient churebes .of Derbyabire, and tbe small desecrated 
cbnicb ot StMtlsy exhibits a Tery complete specimen of tbe later and more enriched style of 
Bazon architecture. 

CBABlTtBa.— The parochial accoimts of tbe posthnmons charities are 'given froni tb« 
Tolnminoua Reports of the Commissioner* deputed by Parliament to enquire into the state 
and appropriation of Fnblic Charide* in England. This Commission eommenced in ]61T, 
and was not Rnished dll 1839, though up to tbs year 1827 £138,630 had been pOd to the 
Cranmissionera for aalaries uid other barges. The amonnt of beoefaedons left fin chari- 
tabls uses in tbe town of Derby is nesriy t:2,000 per annnm, and Tor the whole conn^ 
£10,961 Ta. 3d. per annum ; in addition to which nearly an equal amount is anbaerlbed 
fbr charitable and beneiolent inatitntiooa. 

PaoTipBKT InsTITin'iONs. — A great relief to the pool's rale is Ihst landable desire which 
exists amotigst the labouring classes and mechanios to render ibemselTea, as far as possible, 
independent of the workhouse by proriding ftmds for their mulnal relief, is tbe eatabUsh- 
menl of Friendly Societiea, which an nnmeroos in tbe oonnlj. There an also many 
Money and Building clnbi. 

SiTTKQs' BiHis give enoonrsgement to the prorident babits ot tbe indnatrions classes, 
and aDbrd them a safe and profitable Investment for what they are enabled to lay by against 
a time of need. The amount of deporita and nnmber ot depositors are pna at the plsoes 
where established. 

EircLOsriBX OF CoMiBoxs, BtiTB o( THB PooB, && — Th« periods of the diArent enclo- 
sures are given in the pariabea in whiob they have rsspoctively taken place, bat conalderabi* 
tracts of tbs mountaiuoaa districts of tbe High Peak still remain nneoeloaed. Enelaaorei^ 
though neceasary with a rapidly inenaaing population, have had lome eft 

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Dm nwditlan of tOMaj pocn parwnu ; to nmed; thle, in aonia inMaii«e« landoinien bar* 
uda iDutll allotmeQU to the ItboariDg poor, at ■ modcnle rani, for spade eultore, * pnctice 
ve an ^ad to obsnre itrj maeh iocKaiiDg, rw it not onljr tetula to preyent poTcrtj but 
giMa enBoangament to indiisuj and sconomj. AgiicalluraB labonrere are doI m> numerous 
in Detbjihin u in moat other coantieB, from the citeuniitaiicc of it» being cbieflj a grazing 
diatrici, bat tfaej an generall; belter paid than in other plaees, owing to the increased 
demand for labour caoaed b; the Tariou* manntactarea scatleted throughout the count;. 

The paning an Aot during the aeaaian of 1841 to do awa; with impriaonment for debia 
vndn £20, wta eoneidered a great boon to the poor. An Act for the betlar aeenring th e 
pajmcnlB of email debla, alio pasaed in 18U. Under tbia Act it it iawfal for Her tlijmtj, 
with the adTiee oT her Prii; CooneiJ, to enlarge the jnriadiction of Gonrta of Beqneala or 
<:atueianee, or Inferioi CouMB of Beoord, for the BaaoTcr; of Debts. If (he debtor tail to 
attand oi make a eatiafkcloij anawer, or ^ipear to hBTo been gnillj of fraud, be maj be 
•oouninad ; which impriaonment ahall not in an; way operate aa a Uqoidalion of the 

Taa PapuuTiOHofDerhTshire in the ;«aTlB01, was 161,113; in 1911, 189,467; In ISSl, 
313,333; in le-tl, 937,170, and in 1811, it hui3T3,S17 louJa, with S3,090 inhabited bonaee, 
3yt03 uninhabited, and 111 honsea building. Bedt ta earl; Sazonnrriter informs qb that in his 
time the inhabilanta of Derbfshira and Nottinghamshire, amounted to TOOO families. Then 
■a rsaaon (o anppoae, that at the Norman sartej population was not so flourishing aa it 
bad be«D in the reign ot Edward the Confoiaor, for when Domesda; book waa compiled, the 
resident bntgeaaea of Derb; were reduced ftom 313 to 100 and 10 who were minors. At 
diia period there were 103 boueei empij, whieh paid tax to the King. Then is no certain data 
Ml which to form an estimate of the papulation till the ceneue of IBOl, preriona to wbiob it 
Itad been rapidly increasing, partieularlj einoe the accession of the Uonse of Hanover to Ihe 
throne of England. 

AnBA AMD PorcLaiiov of England, Wales and Scotland, in IBil.—Eiiglanii had a popu- 
lation of UJ)es,138 souls, and 31,770,010 acree of land. ITaki, 011,803 inbabitanla, and 
1,702,000 acres. Stotiand, 3,620,181 inhabitant*. Islands in the British eeaa— Gvenucy, 
Jemj, and Mm, 131,010 inbabitanta. Ireland, 8,175,338 inhabitants. The Army, Navy, 
Merebaot Seamen, amounted to 188,103. To the above it is supposed 1,710 peraons were 
tiaielliDg by railway and canal, during the night of June 6, 1811. Halting a grand total 
for the United Kingdom of 37,010,670 aoula. The general summaryor&e return a of ! 81 1, 
dasaiBeB tbs popnlaiion of England and Wales, and Scotland, with the Britiah lales, a* 
follova; — 10,006,396 are retnniHl aa efaildnn of all ages; 011,410 aa independent persoos ; 
1,123,638 aa naval, milltorf, profeaaional, or educated persons ; 1,100,333 aa domestic ser- 
Tanla, gamekeepera, grooma and ostlers ; 3,360,110 as agricultoriets and labourers; 1,000, 
410 as engaged in EODmerce and trade, this elaaa indndes all the handicraft trades and 
ahopliecpeia ; 1,110,960 as engaged in manufacturing; 10,090 as government civil senies; 
35,373 aa parochial, town, and church ottcera, police offleers, eoiutablss, lui. ; 100,069 aa 
■Innpeople, pensionera, paupers, and lunatics, exclueiTS of 0S7 on board ol the hulka. 

Panxwai a>D Bial PnopsaTT. — Aooording M Mr Porter, in his " Progren of the 
Nation,'' aeetion vi. chap. 3, the personal property of the county waa c^culated, in 1614, to 
amonnl to £1,300,000,000; in 1631, £1,900,000,000; in 1834, £1,600,000.000] and in 
1844, to £2,390,000,000 ; shewing that daring Ihe last tan years tbe value has increased 
fotty-fivs milUona annnally. Taking the real property of England at rather less than one- 
half, consisting of land at only twenty years' purchase, that would shew a total value, 1ft 
1810, of £903^11,060; and in 1843, of £1,616,381,080; tba accumulation between Ibt 
two period* being £617,167,130, or something more than twenty mltUoni annually during 
tlie whole period. 

CosBTB or Law. The assises are held twice a year, generally in Ibe laat wmIi* af 

■.;, Google 


FabniMj iDd Jolj, U tlM Coimlj Htll, Dttbj, where commiuioiia of " Ojer mil TvtnlMr , 

ud general gaol deUTerjr" ue opened, boih for lie coon^ gjid tbe boraugh o( Derb;. 

Qdutu Sbsbiohb.— The Epiphuij, UidiamnieT, uid Uiebaelmu nt held U Dertij, 
ud the April at CheBterfield. SrssiODB for Ihe borongh of Derby m held qaanerif. Petty 
trasione ire held weeklj, before the coont; megiatratei, in moit of the mirlut towns, tnd a 
few of the Tillagfi. 

Thi SHKe.rr'. CouKT, for the triil of MliDne for debt aitder jfiSO, win be held in 18«, 
at the following dmea and places, daring the aherieraltj of Sir Bobeit Edward Wilmot, 
Bait, Til., Wedneedayi, February 30th, Manh 30th, Hay STth, Jane Uth, Angnit SOth, 
September 30lb, NoTomber 33lh, and December SOih, at the Coant; Hall, Derby; and oit 
Wedneadaya, April 2Stb, July aQth, October aaih, and Janaary 3Ttb {16*1), at tba Town 
Hall, Chesterfield. Write mast be delirered at the Sherira Offlee, Derby, three elear dayi 
before the day appointed for the trial of caoaes in Ihe Sheriff'i Court The court will ait at 
II o'clock each day. RepUvina granud by Ihe Under Sheriff, Deibyj Mr. Wallw, Ur. 
Lncas. Mr. Bushby, and Ur. Darwin, ChealerScld ; Hr, Rickarda, sen., and Mr. Wood, 
AlbvtQD; Hi. Wiaa and Ur. Foi. Aabboum; Ur. Newbold, Matlock; Ui. Habbeisty and 
Hi. HodgkinsoD, Wirkaworth; Mr. fiarkci, Bakewell; Ur. Ingle, Belpsr; and Ur. Bennett, 
Chapel-CD-le- Frith. Cinder Shrriff, Francis Jcaaop, Esq. County Clerk, Hi. William 
YThislOD, jnn. 

Local CoDKTB or RaquasT, haee been obtainad for Alftvlon, Helper, Cheateifield, Di«ii- 
fleld, Eckinglon, Gloaaop, and Wirksworlh. The jariadiction of each eouit is given with ita 
reepectiTG pariah. 

CoDBT or TBI HoHova or Pbtbbil ia held eieiy TneEday, at Radford, in Nottingbim- 
abire, for the recovery of small debu and damages, in caaes of tieapaaa. The oonit aita in 
FebruBiy, May, Angnat and NoTember, to try caosee aa b^h as £r>0. It i* a court of pleaa, 
and eilenda ita jarisdiction over the whole of the honour of Feverel, which compriaea 170 
towns and Tillages in Nottinghamshire, 190 in Deibyaldre, and aeienJ in Leiceaterabire and 
Yorkahire. In 1930 tbe prison waa removed from Leclon to Radford, where Ibe old work- 
house was conTcrted into a gaol. Lord Uiddlelon is high ateward; John Bailer, Eaq., 
depaty atewaid ; Ueasra. Sanders and Cano, piothonaloriea ; and Mr. William Johnson, 
Gaoler and BaitiS Office, Uigh-alieet, Nottingham. This court ia now neariy obsolete. 

CoDBT OF THB HoirouB Or ToiBDBT, AMD IHB Hdnobid Or AprLiTRBB, commonly 
called the three weeks eonrt, extends to debts and daiDBgeannderlOa. Tbiahonoar belonga 
to the crown as a part of the Duchy of Lancaster, and silcnda into the neighbouring conn tiea. 
This court ia held at Tutbnty and Sudbary, and extends its jurisdiction neaily oier the 
whole county of Derby, except the hundred of Moileiton and Litchurch. Tbia court ia alao 
nearly obsolete. 

MaicoBtjiL CoDiiTa.— Coorta I.eet and Baron are held twice a year tor manymanon before 
the stewardaoftheir reapcctive lords; and by custom, the Leeta of several manoia may be 
held at oDCB in some certain place within one of the manors. 

Babmote Cddiits, for the regnlation of mineral conceins, are held every six months at 
Monyaab and Wirkawortli. John Charge, Esq., dieaterfield, steward, and Ur Ualthew 
Froat, aen. of Baslow, barmaster. A Barmote Court is also held at Cricb, according to the 
eaatom of that liberty. John Charge, Esq., ateward, and Joseph Mather, barmaster. 

An act of Parliament waa paased in I8I4, for facilitating the collection of county Tales, and 
fur relieiing the High Constable ^m certain duties. Tbe connly rales arc now cnlleeled by 
iheBoaids of Guaidiana of the Poor Law Uniona, and by them paid lo Ihe County Traaaurer. 

Poos Liw UKioMa. — Besides the eight Poor Law Daions in Derbyahire, with the Burton- 
npon-Trent Poor Low Union, in Staffoidshire, all of which ore folly noticed in the progreaa 
of the work ; there are 14 parishes or towusbipa, which belong to other Unions not in die 
eonnty of Derby, via. Norton, Dore, and Totley, on the North border of Scarsdale hundred, in 
tha Ecelesall Union, of the pariah of Sheffield, and West Riding of ToAsbin. Btribonogh, 


Cltnri], Elmbrn, ind Wbitwdl, jothg WortsopUnioa, of tbeBuMtlaw hnadnd ofNottiDg- 
kmiihiM. Cadnor, Codnor Park. Heanor, Ilkesuin, uid Shiplejr, in tbc Bubrd UoioD, of 
diaBrtntow hundred of NoUingbuaihin. Chilcole cbapclrj tonon the loalh ntramitj ot 
I>«ri>rthtrB in tL deuabed poitioD of Ihs Repton and Onalay huodrad, uid b In the Tun- 
worth UnkiD of the OSow hondred, Staffordshire. Someruil Herbert, and ttorbmr aod 
Roatoii, near tbe nortb-eaat eitrtmitj of the Appletreit baodred, are in tbe Utioieler Unioa 
«rtb« Tolniuiilov hundred, StalfordihiR. There sreilBO two placea io tbe Mnm^ wbieh 
arc not oompriicd in aoj Union, vie CaU«, uid Oriffe Qianp. 

ElTBA Paiocbiai. Pucb*. — Id additioD to the pariahea, ebapelriee, and tomahips in 
DerbTibire, aa in other conntiea, there are amral of thoee priTelsdgvd district! oalled Evn 
Pai^Mhial Liberties. These eqjojr a Tirtnal exemptiOD from puiwhial bnidens, and Iheir lithea 
•M pajahle to Ae King instead of ihe Bishop of the dioeew. They are found uaallT la 
have been rojal palaces, or the site of religioog housee, or ot anoient oaalles, the omieni of 
«hieb unr nawillliig la permit any interferraca wllh their sathorit; within tbeir own 
pTopertj; and in nide times Ihe eziilenoe of encb eiemptiaDS wu obtained from the crown 
bj porchaae or ftToor. At present the ease is widel; dillerenl, and there aeems M be no 
good reason li:^ permitting extra parochial places still to avoid sharing (he burdens home bjr 
tlte ivM at the eommnnilj. An eitra parocbisl place eiyoTS a lirtnal eiemplian from main- 
taining tbe poor, beouise Ihrre la do oTerMcr on whom a migistrale'a otder maj be serred; 
fltnn militia laws, b«canie there is no constable to nuke relamai troat repairing the high- 
«aj>,bacaaa« there is no enrrejor; besides all which the inhabitants baTe a chinca of escaping 
from taxation of everr kind. For in the language of the ancient law of England, sach 
placea were not " feldable nor thirtynmnd " and as the sheriff was the Kociier general in this 
eoontr till aboat lh« lima of the revolution, extra parochial places were neither tu&ble nor 
wilhio the ordinaiy pale of civil jnriadicLiooi and the inhabitals are still virtually exempt 
from many eitil duties and offices, served bj others far the bencBl ot the opmiDDDity at large. 
The anbject is worthy of auenlion inasmoch as the acqaisilion of new land, whether by 
ndaiming fbresta, drainage of fens, or embaokmenl from the sea, famishes frequent occa- 
aion for endeaionring even now to establish eitra.parochisl immnniUes. 

EcoLiBiatrical. Histobt.— Tbe christian religion was not propagated so early in Darby- 
ahin as in aome other part* of Britain. In the year 5M, Augustine, by tbe order of Oregoij 
&t Oiaai, came into ibis kingdom, and in tbe space of one year oouTerted 1,000 Saxons in 
Kent. Bnt the gospel wu nut preached in the kingdom of Hercia till Ibe reign ot Fenda, 
Igog after tba abolition of idolatry in all die neighbouring iIbIcb of the Saxon Heptarebyf 
At leaglh this Monarch, having sent his son Peada into Northumberland, to solicit Id 
nmiage, AlchflUa, the daughter of King Osway, he was converted to Christianity, by tha 
pcnoanre discotltses ot the venerable Bede. The object of his mission being accomplished, 
he named to his father's dominions, accompanied bj a number of celebrated divines, who 
immcdialdy began to spread tht> doctrines and precepts tit the gospel with great success 
among 6it Mereians. The aged Fenda, seems to have viewed these events with indifference ; 
be BOon after entered into a *u with Oiway, the Northumbrian Prince, and being defeated 
■od slain in battle, his dominions were seiied by the conqueror; who, in eonjuoction with 
P(ada, remained in possrsiion ot Hercia for three years, during which Christianity was de- 
dared the established religion. At the end of this period, the Mercians, weaiy of snbjecllon 
to a foreign yoke, revolted, and being soccessfol, conferred Ibe crown on Wnltere, one of the 
una of Fenda, who still embraced the Fagui idolatry, and during the early part of his reign, 
the cause of cbristiauilj was greatly injared ; Wulfcra, however, in the end, beeama a con- 
vert to Christianity himself. 

Dbbbtshibb, forms part of the diocese of Lichfield and Coventrr, and oonaists of the 
ardidcaeonry of Derby, and the deaneries of Aebboum, Ciatillar, Chesterfield, Derhj, and 
BeplngtoD. Tbe following ia an enumeration, shewing tlie parishes belongmg to eacb dean- 
rtj, in «hkh nearly all th« chapelries are omitted. 



Dbamhi or AiBBODH. — Adibonm, Baoaall, Bndboamc, BruU*;. Bnitlatpaa, Cif 
■inflon, Cromplon, EdluloD, Fenn; Beutlej, Hutisgton, HogDulon, M^ipletan, Hitlock, 
NorbOTTi Thorp«, TiMin^n, and Wirkawonfa. 

Di:tiiiBT or CtBTlLLAB. — ButoD, BojlitoD, BniUfoH, ChelluloD, Church Brongblon, 
Cable;, DidbuT?, Denbj, DoTeridgs, Eggingion, EmbU, Longlunl, Mumod, Shlilaj, 3onk«r- 
mII, Soitbnrr, SnUon-Dii'the-Hill, tnd Tnulcj. 

Deibbbt or CHBRTBBriELD.— AUnion, Aibbonm, BuibortiDgh, BeightoD, Blackwill, 
BoUover, Chcilerfleld, CIswd, Dronfleld, Eckiopon, Elmlon, Aolt Hncknall, HoBtfa, Honon, 
Korlb Wingaeld, NortoD, Onr Lrugwitb, Pinitoa, Plewltj, Scarcliff, Sbiiluid, Soolk Not- 
■DBDlDii, Sonib WingSeld, SutcIcj, Suuou-iii-tb«-I)*le, Tibihdf, Wbluingtan, Wbitmll, and 

DiiRBBT or Dbbbt.— AllestTM, AstoD, Buroa, Balpfr, BnunptoD, BmdMll, Coduot, 
Clieh, DntGdd, EItmIod, Heuor, Hartley, Ukeilon, Knllratoa, Kirk Htliuu, Kirk Ltoglej, 
Utckworth, Hanutou, Hiokle Orer, liorle]', Hogginton, Oekbrook, Fentridga, Badboonig, 
Suidiicre, SavBe;, SeropUn, Smiibj, Spandoo, Bluilej, SliA(au bj Dale, Snrkeikni, Weat 
Hallain, Waitcu, and WBlingtoa. 

DtiNEBT OF BariKOTOB.— Caike, Cbilwts, Croihall, Fonmarii, Omiij, Hartahoroa, 
Lnlllogtoi), HcasbtiD, Melboiin], Neirloa Solnej, BaTCDatous, Rcploo, Buntoo, SUpcnhill, 
SmnoD-ln-tbe-Fielda, Tickoall, WalUin.on-TrfDt, and Willealcy. 

ABC8DEU0KBT Of DiBBT.— Bakawcll, Caatlslon, Cbi^l-«ii- la-Frith, Edaaaor, Ejam, 
OloiMp, Halhanage, Hope, LongtUme, Monyaah, Sbaldon, Tatldington, Tidaiwell, WuuMr, 
and Yoalgreate. 

BiEBVILL, Hots, TIDBIWBLI,, and their cbapalries, Chapel-en-le-Frith and KinTeton, are 
In the peculiar jarisdiclianoT the Dean and Cbipler oriiohAeld. Sawleyand its abi^wlriet, 
are in the jorisdiclioD of Ibe prebenduy of that coipi, in Ihe ehnnh of LiohSald. Calka 
Dale abbey and HfrtiDgiou, with Ihe ohi^I of Siemdale and Peak Form, tun exempt (ran 
acclniaalical jonadioUoa. 

It wa> iUted, at a visitation of tha biahop of Lichfield and Corenirj, held In AH Saint* 
obnrcb, Derby, an Thursday, August 10th, 1813, that IS new chnnhes bad been conaaeiBtad 
ainee be came into the diocese, (a period of Utile mare than a year and ahalC) Tbe 
Charth Endamneot Act, be considend wonld remedy- many erils, and he referred to the 
benefits this diocese had derWed from the liberality of the Halional Cboreb Building Com- 
mittee ; the Committee of Ihe Conncil of Education ; and Ihe Chnmh Elteasion Society- 

By Ihe death of the late Dean of Lincoln, tha diurch tilings in Derbvahire, noticed io the 
progresa of the work, as being in his gift, are no* in the gift of the bishop of Lichfield, and 
the impropriate, tithes, glebes, be., have passed to tbe Eecleaiasdeal OommissioDera. 

EccLBtiuTicai CoDBTS. — The ordinary Ecclesiastical Courts are the Court of Arcbea, or 
Snprame Cottrt of Appeal, the PrcrogatiTeorTeatameDtaryCourl, and Ihe Conri of Peouliara, 
the diocesan couria, being the consistond courts of each diiweaa, eiereiiing general Jnriidio- 
diction. Tbe Arcbea Court aiereises the appellate jurisdiction fkom Ihe diocesan and molt 
of the peculiar coorta, II may also take origins] oogniianee of eanses ; and it baa jnrisdie- 
tton on aabtraction of legacy, given by wills proved in the Freragative Court of Canterbury. 
The prerogative court has jurisdiction of all wills and admiaistralioni of personal property 
left b; persons having boiia nUMIi, or effects of a certain value. A very large praportion, 
not leas than four-fifths of tbe whole conlcDtioat bnainess, and a very much larger 
part of what is termed common fbrm bnainess, ia dispatched b; ihia conrL Ila 
antborily is necessary to the administration of the effects of all peraoni dying posaeased 
of personal property to the specified amount, within Ihe province, whether leaving a will or 
dying intestate i and from the very great incraase of personal [aopertj, arising tna the 
public tania and Ihe extension of tbe aommercial ctpltsl of the oonutry, the bo^iMst of lUs 
jnrisdietion, both as deciding upon all the contested li^li, aitd aa legilleiiug all instnunaua 
•nd proofs in respect of the successiou to sacb proper^, is bmomc of mj M^ pabli* 

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kayorUnee. Ths Comt of PHulian Ukei eagiii»Dc« of ill loMWri uieing ia ctntun 
dMDoiH. The Dloooui Comt uliaa cogniunee of lauUrt uiaing loetllj wilhin Ihelr 
nspsetin limiu, with ths exeeplion of plices lalgeal to pecoliu- jariuljction. Tbe; m*j 
ittait all Dimllcra of >piiin»l dueipliiw. Thcj maj suapaad or depriie clergjnieD, ileclue 
»Mfi<<ei void, pronoimct Mut«Dca of Mpintiou, 117 lb* right of ■aeiesiiou to penoual 
propsrtT, uid idmioulcr th« otber bnncbM of eecUBiuliGal !■•■ The Arohileieoiia' Coart 
w gwwnUr >obordin*Ir, wilb mn ippcsl Id Ihs Biihopa' Caort, UioDgb ia toxat inauuioei it 
is iudependoit uid co-ordinitr. 

HaiinsBixs a>d BELiotoD* Honsaa. (we *lso p&gs 6.) — Of the Abbot (id Abbej. 
When in K Soeirtj of religions penons, whelbu mile or female, one Abbot 01 Abbeu preiideJ 
it wu Btjled tn Abbej. This goTrrnoi hid the sole pDHer over the conTent, could appoint 
•I reoraie M)j ofleei *t pleuort, and prescribe wh*l mles the monks 01 nnns should be 
oUifed 10 nbserre. The Abbots haie enjojed the power of coofertlng the lower order of 
pnntbood, bnt in the essentisl points of jnrisiiiction, tbej were eretj where solgeet to the 
dioamuk Blsbop. The coDseqneDct of the Abbots grew with the wealth otlbeirmonssteries; 
serarsl neeifed episcopsl tithes snd priTiieges; all held srsnk nsit to Ibsl ot a Bishop, snd 
had a Tots ia the eeclrsisstical copdcUs. Eqaal priTlleges and rights appertaioed to ths 
Abbesses is the saperiora of the animeries, except that thej were seldom allowed W role at 

A PaioBT. — When the chief person in the monasteij bore the nime of prior, it wis strled 
ptio>7. These kind of religiooi hoases wers of two eotia, — either thej wen nieb whost 
prior waa independent, or the; were such as depended npon some great abbey, from whieh 
diey neuTed their prior, and to which they were often obliged to paj a small pension, or 
aBBBsl acknowledgment Whenever the eonieat to which anj prior belonged wis bejond 
Am leas, then it wu stjled an alien priorj. These list iraDBmilted their teienaeB to their 
fanggB nperior, for which reaaan their estates were gecerallj selied it ourrj on the wars 
between England and Frinoc. 

A PaacBtTOBT. — Whensoever tbe Knights Templirs or Hospitillcrs, hid in; considerable 
mnors or fanns, they creeled eborchea for the service of Qod, md built 1 covenlent hoase 
far habitation, to which thej sent ont their (rMeroilj ander the eommand of a preoeplor. 

MoxKB AID HoiisTtBiis. — When the society of religions persons consisted of men, 
it was called a monuleiy. There is reison to bslierr that tbat« were monks md monisle- 
rin io Britain before the end of the 4th cenCiuy. In the coarse of the Tih eentniy miny 
moDBstcriea were founded in all paria ot England. These monasteries were desijnied, in 
naic places for the sead of the bishops snd their clergy; in others for the residence of ths 
aecnlupriesu, who preiohcdand idministered sacrotnent over the neighboniiiig coanlry; 
and in sU places diey were aeminiiies of leuiiiiig for the edncitian of yoalh. When Ihs 
society of irligioQS persons consisted of women, it was ttyted a nimneiy. 

A CsLL. — When a monastery or nunueiy was eabjecl to another it was called a cell. Tbe 
prat English Abbeys had many such cells in distant plaoea. Chanlriti, were chills 
oncted and endowed for the singing of masses for the souls of the deceased. Chsntry 
rests are stQl paid to the Crown, by tbe purchasers of these lands. SotpUaU, were small 
eoavniii, wcnpied by a few monks, and foondi^d for the entertainment of ill who went any 
pilgrimise on religions pretence. OtiiUt were societies of lay-brethren, who lived together 
liika monks, but were of no professed order. 

Ecc[.Bsii«TiOAi. BtTBNDBs.— Ths ecclesiisticil commissioners reported, in 1835, Ihu 
(be total UDOoDl of the gross innaal rsrennes of the several arcbepiacopal and episcopal sees 
loEngilind and Wales, was ^181,6fll, iffording sn avenge ot ^,717 ; and the total amoDnl ot 
ttwnel*anniln;venueBotlhesimewiSiei60^92, lifoidiiigin ivcnge of £a,93fl . The total 
^oontof (he gross annual revenues of the several cathedral and collegiate chnreh es In Enj^and 
md Wilea, was £3S1,9J1, and the total amount of the net snnuil revennea of the sime wai 
XM8,380. The total amonnt of the gross innnal lepiiite revennea of the several dignitaries 



uid Other spiritail persons, membtn of the eatbednls *Dd o&n collegiate ohnrebei in 
ED^aod (Dd Wilet, iru £7Sfi6i ; and thr told unoant of the net umDil lepanW retniDM 
of ihB Mune, wm £60,16S. Tbc toul nomber of bcnoflces with, and viibont, eoie of booU, 
tbe incumbenla wbereot faara niEide lelnniB to onr enqairiM, oinittiag thoM whicb an peima- 
neml} or uicaataniablj uuieKcd (o saperior prefennentt, was £10,540. Tbe total anniut 
of tbe gro» ammal Teveoiiei of tbue beneflccR, is £3,107,233, giving an aTrnge income of 
£303, and (he total anonnt of llie net aunnal n*enue> of the same, is £9,001.721 ; giTing 
an aTenge inooms of £3tl5. The total namber of benefices with, and irithuat, cure of souls, 
in England and Wales, iDoloding Ifaose not retnrned, but exelaaire of those annexed to other 
prefennents, (sbont 24 in Dnmber,) is 10,718 ; tbe total gross income of which. calrjiUteil 
npoD the arerage of those relamed, would be £3,331,199, and tbe total net income thcreol^ 
£3/159,491. The total number of encates retained as employed bj resident iociunbents, 
was 1,006, whose annual Blipends or psjments in monej, amount to £67,075, affording an 
aTcn^ of £66. Those emplojsd by non-reaidenl inoomb^nts, were 4,224 ; the amoont of 
their stipends, £337,630, and the aieragr, £79. And the aTerage of the whole of the oarales 
Blipendi. £81. In DonclndJDg their report, tbe ecclesiastical oommisaianera state, that the 
arcbbisbops and bishops, in addition to the pajments of fees, first ftoits, and other cbugei 
inoident to Ihrir taking posaeesion of their prefenneote, are labject to heavy eipensss, for 
the support and reparation of their honses of residence; that, on tbe archdeseons. the laper- 
tision of their archdeaconries, sometimes extending orer a large Isiriuuj, entafla, in many 
eases, so elpendilnre exceeding tbe whole emolumenta of thsir office ; and that their cost 
and charges for first thiili and fees of admission genenllj exceed the amonnt of heir 
receipt* for tbe first two or thrss years after their entering office. 

EccLBsluiicu. C01I1I1SBIOMIB9. Oreat changes are graduillj taJcing place under the 
powers of this commission, appointed under an act passed 6lh and 7th William TV., in the 
general improicmtot and equalization of the diocesep, in dividing extensire parishes and 
angmenting small livings, and the adoption of auch other measures as tnaj condues to the 
efficiency of the established Dburch. Several new parishes have already been (brmed in the 
eoont; of Derby. Tbe Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of 
London, the Biahopof Lincoln, the Bisbop of Glonoester, the Lord Bigb Chancellor, the 
Lord President of the Oonnci), the Lord High Treasurer, and tbe Chancellor of the 
Exchequer, with others, form a body politic and corporate, by the name of the " Ecdesi- 
aatical Commissioners otEngUnd," for the purposes of the said asL 

DEBBr AsBOBXTTif. (see page 80) Lsnd has been pnrcbaaed, exceeding in extent one 
half of the_Arboretum, for its enlsrgemenl. Tbe prospect of increasing the atililj of the 
Arboretum as a place of public amusement, must affurd satisfaction to every reflecting mind, 
and no doubt tbe Eeal and aetivity shown bj the Committee will be duly appreciated by 
their fellow townsmen. 

Pabibh Riqistebs. The earliest of the parish registers date from the establishment of 
Oie Church of England ; injunctions lu that effect having been issued by Cromwell, Henry's 
vicegerent in ecclesiastical jurisiticiion, in 1.138. The canons of the church now in force, 
date their aulborily from the beginning of the leign of James I., A.D. IBOS. One of these 
prescribes minutely the manner enliiea are to be made in tbe parish registers, and coaUins 
a, retroipeclive claoBe appointing that the ancient legisten as far as they eould be procured, 
shoold be copied in a parchment book. This new regulation appears to have been carried 
into full effect, so that the only parish register books now extant, am nan ally transciipti com- 
mencing with Queen Eliisbeth's reign. Tbe parish register act of 1612 obviated someortbe 
preriouB BCDurces of error, and insured the farther neefalnesa of the regialer* from tiiat 
period. Bnl a saliitactoty system of rpgislntion was not established until the year 1837, 
when the act of registering Births, Deaths, and Burials, csme into operation in England and 
Wales. The registration of Biitbs is conaiderably more complete than the old parochial 
registers of Bapdsms, and tbt register of Deaths is believed to be very eompkle. 



Qnai AairB'9 Botuitt.— Fibit Fmoit* amd Tbkihi.— From the earliest period eTerj 
Uahop and cleigrmui bu been raqoijed M paj tbe BmoUDl of Lib flrat jear'a incnmbeDcj- 
inla a food, and erery lacceadiiig r^" ODS-lealb. Thise firet ImiU and tenths were >□- 
Diullj collected, at th«ir fall Talne, ud applied to the uee of the pope, as earlj as the time 
otpopeKichoUa IT. (in 1200); for this pnrpusa a TiluotiOD «*s mule of all the ecctesiaslieal 
Uiingi in Englaad, which is sliU prtierrsd ia the ramembraucer'B office, and desl^ated 
" Valor of Pope Nicholas IV." At the time of the reformation, Henr; VIII. passed a law, 
with the aanctiait of Parliament, declaring that the fint froila and tenths ahonld be appro- 
priated to the use of the state ; and be caused an aocnnle and foil Taluation to be made of 
die eccleaiaMical lirings in England and Wales, which were accordinglj paid inlo the pnblio 
eicheqaei, till the reign of Queen Aonr, with the eiception of a abort period in the reign of 
Philip end Huy, Qoeen Anne, it is said, deploring the wretched condition in which many 
of the cIcrgT were placed, owing to the insaffieiencj of their liiings, came to tbe determina- 
tion that the fliat fraita and tenihi should be paid into a fund called " Quern Amt'i Bmnlf," 
and thai the udoddI ehonid be i^roprialed to the liiings of the poor clergj. No I^eab 
nlaation has been made since 1533, and registered in what ia called tbfl King's book, till 
dial made b; order of the ooromission, in ISSfi, ou which the pajments are now regulated. 
That the pajmeol might not operate oppreesivsly, the Urat year's income was to be paid by 
four annnal instaLmenls, and all livings of small Talue were entirely exempt, and hence called 
"discharged liiings." During the time of poper7, a large portion of the tithes bad been 
tlienaled from the parishea, Ibr tbe endowment of religious houses, or for chantreya to say 
masses for tbe dead, &0., and at Ihe refonnation, these eadowmeuta being seized by Henry 
VIII. left the greater part of the parochial church liTiugs lety poor. The goiemorE of 
Qneoa Anne's bounty, sometimaa aided by bcDefactioiia, and at others by Parliamentary 
grants, for the endowment of churches, hare been able greatly to augment many of tbe poor- 
tat lisinga, and now the mBonnies at the eommand of the Ecclesiastical Commisaicners, by 
Tarions rednetioiu in cathedral and collegiate obarobes, will cause tlMUidrch litingi in a 
fcw years to be ooneiderably equalized. 


ttrt Ljrateaanl o/the Cmmty, His Grace Ihe Duke of Deronshire 

Mnaiaa of PaBLuuxNt. {t/orih Diviiimf Tbe Hon. Ceorge Henry Cateodish, and 
WiBiam Erarts, Esq. 
BmitkDinttim, Edward HiUer Mondy, Esq., and Charles Robert Colville, Esq 
Bifh Sluriff, Sir Robert Edward Wilmot, BarL, Osmastou 
UmJtr SJttriff, Francis Jessop, Esq., Derby 
Cbnl «f a« Pmk*, John Charge, Esq., Cheaterfleld. 
rtf^f CltrkufUit Ptaet.iobn Barber, Esq., Derby 
riiwafj Tnatwrtn, Ifesers. Crompton, Newton, & Co., Derby 
CoBonCB*, Bryan Thomas Balgoy, Esq., tor the Borough of Derby 

JffUtru himdrtd, Henry Moislej, Esq., Derby 

High Piak kundred, Thomas Mander, Esq., Bakewell 

Morialim amt LUchunh hundnd, WUliam Whislon, Esq., Derby 

lUjiOK and Ontifcy Atoidnd, Joseph Sale, Esq., Derby 

Seamlalt hundred, John Hntchinaon, Esq., Cbeslerileld 
Siaxr Disnustrtok, and reeelTcr of her Uqesty's retinues for the Conn^, John Corden, 
Esq., Dwby 



anB-DtBTBlBDToa>, AlfrttoK, Ur B. Sbup 

AMmmt, Hit Thomu Hkjimaat 

BakttotU, Ur ViUiuD Lees 

BtljKT, Mr Georgs Jackson 

Cliaptitn4fFiitk, Mr WUIiun Ctniogloii 

ChtiUTfitld, UiM Muia Whit&eld 

Olottop, Ui John Bootli 

Winter, Ur H«UhooU 

Wirkiwortli, Hira Muj J«ui Br&cc 
ConKirQioi,, Derfty, Ur Joha Siina, Oooler, Bct. Qeorga Pickering, CAajiiain, and Ui 

DoQ^u Foi, Surywit 
HiQH Cohbtablb, AppUtree huadrtd, Ur George Cbavaer, Vernon's Oak, Sudbnir 

Wffh Ptak htaidrti, Ur Biebard Snibaon, BakeweU 

MorUiUM and LiUkuKh hundred, Mr Richard WiUiam Birob, Daibj 

Bepfou and Oretley hundred, Mr William Wbiilon, Jan. Derby 

Seandale humlrtd, Hr Jobn Wright, Bomrler 

irirktiBorlh hunJrtd, Mr John Manhall, Virknortfa 
SImifi Ofieer, Ur William Uodgmn, Derbj 


Tho$e mma with a • affixed an acting majatrtUtt. 

Alderoar hall, 1 miles S.E. from AlEreton ; Bei. Jobn Smith 

Alderwaalti; ball, 3 miles E. bam Wirkaworth ; • Fnuieis Hurt, Esq 

AlbeloD park, 13 milee N. &om Derbj ; • William Palmer Horewood, Esq 

Alleslree hall, 3) miles N. tram Derbj ; ■ Willism Knn», Esq 

Alton manor house, 2 miles 3. trom Wirkewortb; Jamea Milnee, Esq 

Alraston haU, 3 miles S. trom Derby; Mrs Mary Wbeeldon 

Appleby ball, 9} miles S.W. by S. ftom Asbby ; ■ Oeorge Moore, Esq. Bedory, Her. John 

U. Echalax. While Hoiae, Jobn Uoore, Esq 
Ashbonru green, 1 mile N. trom Ashboom ; Cockshatt Heatfacote, Esq 
Asbbonm hall, 13 milea N.W. from Derby; • Sir William Boottaby, Bart 
Aahboom; ■ Peler Bainbridge Le Hunt, Esq. Belte Vue, Urs Elisabeth Holler. Comptim, 

Bichard Biddleaden, Esq. Orove, (Sturston) John Greares, Esq 
Ashford ball, 1 mileN. from BakeweU; • Hon. Qeorge Heoiy CaTcndish, M.P. 
Ashgala, 3 miles W. from CbeslerDeld; John Oorrell Barnes, Esq. 
Ashoret rectory, 7 miles N.W. trom Wirkaworth ; Bct. Josepb Nodder. 
Aab>n hall, 6j miles S.E. from Derby; • Edward Anthony Holdao, Eeq. Lodge, Mn 

Conetantia Walker. Sectory, Set. Nathaniel Palmer Johnion, M.A. 
Bakewell, 10 miles W. by S. from Cbeslerflsld; The Croft, •John Henry Barker, Esq. 

Sail, Jamea Barker, Esq. Cattit Hill, ' William Underwood, Esq 
Bank hall, 1 mile W. from Chap»l.en-le-Frith ; Godfrey Webster, Esq 
Barlbonogh hall, 6 mile* E. from Chesterfield ; William Hatfield de Bodes, Esq. Bedary, 

7 milei E. from Cbeslarfleld; Ber. Martb StapUlon, MA. 
Barrow hall, miles S. from Derby ; Bight Hod. Dowager Lady Searsdale, and Bight Hon. 

Urs Uary Eliiabetb Beaumont 
BanoQ Bloant, II miles W. trom Derby ; Francis Bradsbaw, Eiq 

Beaacblef abbey, 8 miles N. from Chesterfield ; * BroDghion Benjamin Pegge Bamcll, Esq 
Btigbton vicarage, t\ miles E.3.E. from Sheffield Hod. and Ber. ThomM Etikins, UA. 


Bclper, 8 milea S. ttam HeAj. Brtdfft Uill, • Jobo StcuU, Etq. Orttn Hail, • J«didiah 

Stratt, Eaq. The Zawn, John HarrisoD, Eiq 
Benfl*; (Fanny) hUl, 3i miles N. from Aihbaan] ; • Qoadwin JohasoD, Eiq 
BUekvall, S miles 3.W. from WirJcBWoith ; ReT. CIiwIm Etuib 
BolsoTcr eutlt, 6 milm 3.E. from CbsMerfteld; Bev. John Hamillon Gnj, H.A 
BoDull ntuiTj, 3 miles N.W. from Wirkiworth ; Bar. Eden Septimiu Grerilla 
Bgnlton cotuee, 9 milps S. from Derbf; John ClutMrtoD, Esq 
Bowden hall, 9 miles N.E. from Chiqnl eu-le-Fyith; • John Sluk, Esq 
Bojlnon iHtory, 9 miles W. ttma D«rbj ; Bev. Roger BiekersUff 
BndtKnun hill, S mileBN.E. from Aahbourn; BsT. Heni? Pstraon 
Bndlej hall, 9i miles E. from Ashbonnt; SaniDel Hurood, Esq. Rtctory, ThomM 

Anhar, Esq 
BnilsfDid hoase, T miles V. W. from Derb; ; Edward S. Cox, Esq., and William Coi, Esq. 

Btttorg, Re*. Waller Shirlej 
BnUDptoD hall, S miles W. from Cbesterfleld ; John Slack, Esq 
Brastington ball, H miles W. from WirkBuortb ; William Charlton, Esq 
BnaJiall prior?, 6 milei NJl. from Detb; ; Walter James Oisbome, Esq 
Bralhy ball, 3 miles E. from Barton-npoii-Treiit; Bigbl Hon. George Angaalns Frederick, 

Eari of Cbesterfleld 
Broobfield hall, 4 miles N.E. from Caslleton ; Miss Hannah Wright 
BiDok HiU hall, 3 milas E. from Albston ; D'Ewes Coke, Eiq„ (and Totlej ball) 
BoraaBtou bonae, 5 miles S.W. by W. from Derby ; • Asbton Nicholas Etsij Hoslej, Esq 
BniTs bouse, 2 miles N.N.W. fi«m Bakenell ; * John Bariur, Esq 
Bnitaa-on-Trent ; • Robert Jobn Peel, Esq 
Bntleriey hill, 3 miles S. from Alfrelon ; • William Jessop, Esq 
Bnston, 12 miles W.N.W. ttma Bskevell ; • Philip Heaeock, Eaq 
CaldwcD ball, 3 miles 8. by E. from Bnrtau-npoQ-Trent; Hiss Bebeeea Evans 
Caike abbey, 10 miles S. from Derby ; Sir Jobn Harpor Crewe, Bart 
CanlflaM hall, 1} miles N. from Alfreton ; Thomas Badford, Esq 
Caalle Oresley parsonsge, 4 miles 8JE. by S. from Bartou-npon-Trent; Bct. Qeorge Wood 

TJoyd, D.D. 
CattoD ban, 7 milea N.W. bata Bnrtou ; Lady Wilmol Harton 
Cbaddesden hall, Sf miles E. from Derby; • Sir Henry SaobeTerel Wilmot, Bart. Moor, 

Tbomaa Osborne Bale man, Esq 
Chataworth house, 2 miles S£. from Bakewell; His Grace The Host Noble William Spencer 

Cavendieb, Dnke ot DeTonsbire 
Cbeateifield; John Gregory Coltingham, Esq. Jobn Gilbert Crompum, Esq. * Edward 

Gfllings Haynard, Esq 
Clay Cmaa, fi miles 8. from Chestertield ; Charles Binns, Esq 
Ckmbobne, Si miles N.E. &«m UUoieter ; William Webb, Gentleman 
Coibeneb ball, 4} miles N.N£. from Derby; Han. £. Kenyon 
Crieh, Smiles N. fromBelper; Thomas Travii, Esq. John SaxtDn,BBq. MaU,lSa. Haiy 

Croxhall vicarage, 6 miles S. by W. fixim Bnrbni opon-Trent; Bev. James Gisbome, H.A. 
Cabley tecstoiy, 7 miles B. from Ashbomn ; Rct. Richard William VcTers 
Dalbory rectory, Si milea W. by S. bom Derby ; Rev. Charles Evelyn Cotton, L.I_B. 
Dadey abbey, 1 mile N. of Derby; Samuel Evans, Esq 
Oarley Dale, fi miles M.W. from Mallock; John Alsop, Esq. Benjamin firoombesd. Esq. 

• Peter Walthall, Esq. Rectory, Bev. Binhard Lee, M.A. 
Dadey bonae, 8 miles N.W. from Hatlock ; The Hon. Paul Holland Knowllon 
Dttwmt ban, 7 miles N JI.W. from Haibivsage ; Jobo Read, Eaq 

Derby ; ■ Thomas Bent, Esq. M.D. • WiUiun Lookett, Esq. SI. Hekn't, Edward Strati, 
Eaq. H.P. 



Doverldge hall, 2 niilea £■ b; S. from Uttoieter; ■ fit. Hon. Henij Mtmmti Loid W>ler- 

puk. I^icamgi, Hon. and Rev. Thoniu C»eiiiliili, M.A. 
Drikelow ball, 13 milu S.W. from Derby; Henrj Williun De» Vnnt, Esq 
Dnjeoll boOBc, milca E.S.E. from Derby ; • Hogh Scotl, Esq 
DniaBeld, miles N. bj W. from Cheslerfield ; Mn Jans Catharine Cecil 
DufBeld, miles N. bf W. from Chesterfield; * John Bal^r> ^■Q- William Hetit; Wajne, 

Esq. BoJf, Col. Hanrr Coliille. £(Hit,Johii Oake Fowler, E*q. doiU f<nu>, • Fran- 
cis Hurtijnci. Esq 
Eccles boDse, 2 miles N.W. bom Chapsl-eD-Ie-Frilh ; Dafenpon Ooodman, Esq 
EckinglOQ rector;, 7 miles N.E. b j N. from Chesterfield ; Her. Edmund Backnall Eiteourt, H Ju 
Edge bill, 4 miles H.Vi. from Derb; ; Adam Wuhington, Esq 
Egginlou ball, -H mUea N.M.E. rrom Banon-an-Trent ; Sir Ueniy Everr, Bart 
Eliaslon eaatle, i miles S.B. by E. from Derby ; Ru Han. Charles, Earl of Hanington 
Etwall, miles W.3.W. from Oerbj; Ret. Joseph Boswonb, D.D., D.E., D.P. Henry Bom 

Clarke, Esq. Ijoiigi, Thomas Fonei B. fiiscoe, Esq 
Ejam hall, 4 miles E. of TideaweU ; Peter Wright, Esq, Fin, John William Wright, Esq. 

William WyalC, Esq. Rtcton/, ReT. Edward BeiOamin Bagsbawe 
Faniab halt, 6 miles N.W. from Derby ; Lord Searsdale, (and Kedleston) 
Ford halt, 3 miles N. from Chapel -en-te-Fiith ; Ber. William Bagshaws and Henij Mu- 

wood Greaies, Esq 
Ford house, 0} miles S.W. from Chesterfield ; Hn Mary Holland, gentlewoman 
Fonmsrk hall, 6^ miles 8.3. W. fi^im Derby ; Sir Robert Bnrdett, Bart 
Qaonow hoase, B miles N.E. by !4. from Chesterfield ; Jtdin Aldersoo, Esq 
Gate hoDse, Wirkanorth ; Alfred Arkwright, Esq 
Glapwell hall, T miles S.E. from Chesterfield; Thomas Hallowes, Esq 
Glossop ball, S§ miles N. from Chapel-ea-le -Frith ; Michael Ellison, Esq. (sad Sbeffletd) 
Haddon hall, 2{ miles 3. by E. from Bakeweli ; Dake of Rntlaod, (and BelToir eaatle) 
Hallifieldgate, -2 miles N.N.W. from Alfretoa; Thomas Mortimer Siddall, Esq 
Hardwick hall, S miles 3.E. from Chesterfield ; Dake of DcToashin, (and Cbauworth) 
Hartshorn, 4 miles N.W. from Aahby-de-la-Zoucb ; Nelhtr fiall, Thomas Worthioglua, Esq. 

Bfciory, Rev. William Henry Buckley 
Hassop ball, 3 miles N. by E. from Bakewelt ; The Rl Hdii. Franois Eyre, Earl Newbuigli 
Hatherssge ball, 6 miles E. by S. from Caslleton; •John Spencer Aihton SbuUlewortb, Esq 

Hasland bell, H miles S.3.E, from Chesterfield ; Lacas, Esq 

Hailewood halt, 3^ miles S.W. by S. from Belpcr; John Beighton, Esq 

Heimor hall, 9 miles N.E. from Derby; John Ray, Esq 

Higbfield 1 mile N.W, from ChesterGcld ; Bernard Maynatd Lucas, Esq 

High house, 4 miles S.E. from Chesterfield; Qeorge Goodwin, Esq 

Uilcote hall, 3 miles N.E. from Alfreton; George AdlinglOD, Esq 

Hirst, a miles N.N.E. from Alfielon ; John Chambers, Esq 

Holbrook hall, mites N.E. from Derby ; Hon. E. Kenyon 

Holme hall, t mile N. from Bakeweli ; Joseph Hadgaoo, Esq 

Hopwell hall, 7 miles E. from Derby ; • Thomaa Pares, Esq 

Hopton Hall, 3 miles W. from WirkawuMh; G. A. Barbor, Esq 

Harwich boose, 3 miles W. from Cbapcl-en-le' Frith; 'Thomas Qiabome, Esq., and 

* Thomas Quy Gisbome, Esq 
Ideridgeliay, U} uiiles S. from Wirksnorth ; Bobeil Cresawell, Esq 
iDgteby ball. miles S. from Derby; Colouel William Beresford 
Irelon Wood, miles S, from Wirksworth; Rei. Charles Etsds, H.A 
Kedleslon Hall, 4 miles N.W. from Derby ; Right Hoq. Lord Scaradaie, aud FurnoA Halt 
Kilboume ball. 0^ miles N.N.E. from Derby ; Charles Vicss Hunter, Esq 
King's Newton hall, 7 miles S.E. from Derby ; • George Vsndeleur, Esq 
King's Stflrndale Cottage, 2} miles S.E. from Builon ; Thomas Pickford, Esq 
Kirk Irelon ReMory, 2} miles S.S.W. from Wirkaworth ; Rev. Bobert Gal], UJt 



Enk Laogley, 4} milea N.N.W. from DeAj; Thomas Ooodhall CopeiUka, Esq. Old HaU, 

•Thomw Pt«cb, M.D., Eiq. Ridory, Bct. Hsnir Judcs, Fielden, H.A 
Lmglci Fmrk, !> miles N.W, bf W. fnai Derbf, OodTrey Hejmell, Esq 
L« Qrera, Sf miles S.E. from Hulock ; Joseph Wass, Esq 
L« IuH, 2} miles S.E. from Uallack ; Hra. Lydia Atsop 
Lm Hont, 2^ miles S.E. from Matlook ; • WiUiam Edwud Nightingale, Esq 
(Lnmhall, ainilea N.E. from Tideswell, • Harmaduke H. Hiddlelon, Eiq 
"Ltj hill, 4 miles 3.E. from Otioieler ; Thomas Roirbolham, gral 
LiUies (The), T miles N.W. from Detbj ; Mrs. O. Crompton 
Little LoDgMone, 3§ mil«B N.W, by N. from Bakewell; Wm Longsdon, geut 
Lotto hall, 3 miles E. from Derby, Mn Dran Lowe, gentWD 
Loog EUoD ball, 10 miles E.S.E. from Decbj ; Richard Bennett Godwin, Esq 
Longford hall, 7 miles S S.E. from Ashboum ; Hon. Edward Coke. Srctoiy, KeT. Thomas 

Oaniet, B.C.L. 
LoDStane hall. 3 miles NJf.W. from Bakewell; Miss Eliubelh Carliell 
LuDinglon, T§ milei from Burton- Dpou-Ttenl ; * Charls<< Robert Colville, Esq., M.P. 
Miciwotth, Si miles W.N.W. trom Derb; ; Thomas Wiiklos, Esq 
Uakenejhall, 2 miles S. from Belper; •Aathoaj Kadrord Slrau, Esq 
Haikealon hall, 1 mite H.W. bum Derb; ; • William Handj, Esq 
Ualtock, 2 joStt N. from Cromrord Baths; 'Charles Cluk, Esq. Tor Cottage, Ueaij 

Salkeld James CoUingirood, Esq. Rtttary. Bev. William Rjland Helville 
Ueasham hall, 3j miles 8.8. W. from Aahbj-de-la-Zoneh ; William WoottoD Abuey, Esq. 

Field Hoiat, Robert Choice, Esq 
Heersbrook hall, 1} mile 9. from Sbeffleld ; Hiss Lydia Shore 
Helbonms ball, 7 miles N.K.E. ttom Aahbj-de-la-Zouch ; Right Hon. William, Visoonnt 

Lord Melbourne 
Ifellor ball, 8 miles N.W. bj N- tttna Olupel-en-le-Frith ; Thomas Mount, sen., Esq 
UcUeDTer Rectory, t miles W. byS. from Derby; Hon. uid Bev. Frsderiek E.Cnnon, H.A 
HiddletoD ball, 1 miles S. from B&kewell ; Right Hon. Baron Denman, Lord Chief Jastioe ; 

and 38, Portland Place, London 
Hiddkton haU (by Yonlegreaie), 3j miles S. by W. ttom Bskewell ; Thomas Bateman, 

HQllbrd honae, 6 miles N. from Dnrby ; * John Bell Crompton, Esq 
Hulej ball, 4 miles N.E. bom Derby; Bobert SacheTerel Sitwell, Esq. Aedory, Bev. 

Samuel Fox 
HoTtoD Rectory, 3^ miles N. from Alfrelon ; Rer. Thomas Lnnd, B.A 
Hugginton, miles N.W. from Derby; William Bateman Uorley, Esq 
Nftbn Booth, 3 miles N.N.W. from Caslletoa ; Francis Beiesfard Champion, Esq 
NewbooU Field, 3 miles N.W. from Chesterfield ; Edward Ward Fox, Esq. (■ minor) 
Mcwton Sohuy, miles S. by W. from Derby. TAe CattU, George Msfkenais Kettle, Esq. 

TV MoaMt, Thomas Alsop, Esq. Tlie Park, William Worthington, Esq 
Norbmy Rectory, i miles S.W. from ABbbonm ; Her. Clement F. Broaghun, UA 
Norton Hall, 3 miles N. by E. from Dronfiald ; James Yates, Esq. Hoate, Thomas Beaid 

Holy, Esq 
Oakertboipe Manor, 2 milea S.W. from Alfreton; Richard Clayton Strelley, Esq 
Oaks (The),3milesN. byE. friimDroafield; • William John Bagshawe, Esq 
Oekbrook, 3} miles E. bom Derby ; Biyaa Thomas Balguy, Ksq 
Oddo (WinUer) 6 mUes N.W. bom Wirksworlh; WUliam Briillebank, Esq 
Ogsione hall, 3} miles N. by W. from Alfreton ; William Torbatt, Esq 
OamaMon haD, 2^ miles S.E. from Derby ; Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart 
Otmaiton Manor, Si miles S.E. from Ashboum ; * Francis Wright, Esq 
Oxenon ball, 7 miles N. from Wirksworth ; John Bright, Esq., MJ). 
Park Hail, 2 miles S.W. from Chesterfield ; Mr* Margaret Clay 
Puk Hall, (Baribro') 7 miles N.E. by N. from Chesterfield; Franeii Middletoa, Esq. 



Park HaU, (Hayfield) 4 J mile* N. by W. ftom Chipel-en-Ie-Frilfa; • John While, Eiq. 

PumnB The, 4 miles W. from Cheater&eld ; Sir Hugh Seymour Blaa^, Ban. 

Pig Tot, (Fairfield) 1 jmile E.N.E. tram Buxlon; George Ooodwia, E<q. 

Pleader Vale. 4i N. from Mansfield ; WUliaui HoUias, Esq. 

Qiunidon HaaBe, 3 milea N.W. from Derby; Miss Darothy Wilmot SitwdL 

Badboum Hall, 4} miles W. from Deiby; * Edward Saoheterel Cbondea Pole, Esq. Raetory, 

BcT. Beginald Cbandes Pole, U.A. 
RaTenstoDe, 1 milea S.E. from Asbtey-de-la-Zooch; • Robert Crven CresaweD, Esq, HaU, 

Leooard Foabrooli, Esq. Riclory, Rev. Qiles Pricked. 
Benisbitw Hall, T miles N.E. by N. trom Cbealerfleld; • Sir George SItwell, Bait. 
BepiOQ, 4} milM N.E. finm Bortim-oa-Treiit. Norbiaj Hayi, Charies Xaiper Cra«e, Esq. 

Park Hoatt, Edmimd Lewis Crewe, Esq. ViUa, John Boss Swiadall, Esq. 
Biddings HoDk, 3| miles S^. from Alfrelon; James Oakes Esq. 
Bipley, 3| miles 8. by W. from Alston; Babeit Wood, Esq. 
Risley Sail, Tj miles E. by 8. from Derby; Bev. John Ranoock Hill 
Bock Uoase, 2 miles N. from Wiitswonh; James Charles Arkwright, Esq. 
Sandy Brook hall, 1^ miles N. from Ashboam; * Sir Matthew Blakiaton, Bart, and 

Matthew Blakiston, Esq. 
Sfaardlow hall, T miles S.E. by 8. Ihim Derby; * Jamei Sutton, Esq 
Shipley hall, 8 milei E. trom Derby; • Edward Miller Mondy, Esq. H.P. 
Shirley vicarage, ii miles S.E. by S. from Ashboum; Ven. Anhdeacon Waltor J^sto* 

Shirley H.A. 
Slacke hall, 3i miles N.E from Chapel-en-le-Frith; • Thomas Slacks, Esq 
Smalley hall, a miles N.E. from Derby; • John Radford, Esq 
Smisby hall, 2$ N. by W. from Ashby-de-1a-Zoacb ; Joseph Lester Hassell, Esq 
Snelslon hall, 3 miles S.W. Ashbonra ; * John Harrison, Esq 
SDiUBTtOD hail, li W. by N. tmm Matlock: John Sybray, Esq 
Somersdl hill, 3 mDea R. by N. from Uttoxeter; William Fitiherbert, Esq 
Somersall hall, 2 miles S.W. from Chesterfield; Samuel Johnson, Esq 
Sontbgate house, 7 miles N.E. from Chesleifleld; John Brumw Bowdeo, Esq. and • Hetuy 

Bowden, Esq 
SpondoD, 3 miles E. from Derby; William Dmry Holden, Esq. Fitld houtt, • Cd. William, 

Legh Clowes 
Stanton hall, 4 miles S.3.E. from Bakewell; * William Pals Thomhill, Esq 
Stanton by Bridge Rectory, 6 miles S.8.E. Ihim Derby; Bct. Thomas Wright Whittaksr, M^ 
Stapenhill, 1 mile E. by S. from Bnrton-on-Trent; Ber. John Clay, UJi.. 
Stareley honse, fi miles N,E. troxa Cheslerfleld; Mrs Jane Follow. 7%t Hogg, Thomaa 

Fotbr«oke Esq 
Sionecliff hall, miles S. from Bakewell; John Heathcols, Esq 
StretloQ-in-lhe-FieM, hall, 3 miles S.W. Ihim Aahby-de-la-Zouoh; 'Sir John Oaie BiowM 

CsTs, Bart. Rectory, Est. Wm. Astley Care Browne Care 
Stubbing Court, 3} miles S.9.W. ftam Chesterfield; Jonathan Thompson, Esq 
Stubbing edge hall, 1} miles S.E. from Aahoier; • William Milnea, Esq 
Sturslon road Uesdow, 1 mile E. from Ashboum ; Richard Edenior, Esq 
Sudbory, 3 miles W.S.W. from Derby; Hod. Henrietta Louisa Boothby. Hall, Henry Clay, 

Esq. StOory, Bei. Frederick Anson, H.A. 
Satton-on-Ihs-hill, 8 miles 8. by W. trom Derby; Ber. German Baekstone 
Sntton,IIalI, 4 miles S.E. ttam Chesterfield; • Bobert Arkwrighl,Baq. £«:tory, BaT. Miebael 

H. Humble 
Swanwick Hall, 2 miles 8. from AUKton; Ber. John Wood, H.A. 
Syduope 3 miles N. t^om Matlock; ■ Sir Francis S. Darwin, Knt 
Taniley, ] } mile E. from Hallock ; * Edward Badfotd, Esq 
TaploD grove, 1} nils N.E. from Chsalerfield! • John Ueynell, Esq 
Tbom Bridge, 3 miles N.W. from Bakrwell; George Morewood, Esq 



TWntkfll hottM, If mik W. bj 3. (Km Dcrfaj; Un Dorotbj Wodlitt Trovell 
Tinrnfton hall, 4 miles N. bj E. from Aihbouni; • Sir Heni; Fiiiherbert, Bart. 
ToikT hall, 3i milci WJI.W. bom Drcnfield; D'Ewei Cok«, Esq., and Brook Hill Hill 
WungTorm, not oecapicd. 

Wmltan Lodge, 3 miles S.W. (hiin ChcsUrfleid, Bot. John B. Jebb 
WslLm-an-Tnnt Hill, 4 miles W. from Burtou-OD-TreDt; • UiUhe* Gisbome. Esq. 

RttU/Tf, Ret. Tbomu FerrotL Walton, Juuei Ridgwsj, Esq 
Wast HalUsi Beetoiy, 7 miles H.E. bj N. from Deibf; fUi Pellej PaAer 
Weston Cndccwood Lodge, D miles N.W. b; N. from Derbj; Hon. sod Ber. AUtti Canon 
WfaittiDStOD, 2i mQes N. from Chesterfield; Heiii7 DliOD.Esq., lud Oxford 
Wj^mll Orange, 1 mile E. by N.from Wirkiwortb; ■ Cnptain Francis Oreen QoodwiD 
WQlenle; CistlE, 3 milei N. from Wuksworlh ; 'Poler Arkmight, Esq 
Waiealej Hall, 3 miles S.W. b; W. from Aibbj it Is Zoueh ; Sir Chs. Abnej HsstiDgs, Bart 
WiUiDgtoii, e miUa S.S.W. from Derbj; ReT. Fronoii Wud Spilsbory 
^ingcrwanh Holt, 2t miles S.S.W. from ChesterflslJ; Sir Henr; Jobn Joseph Hnnloke, 

But BirMolme, Jsmea Hnnloke, Esq 
Wing£e]d(Nortli}, ijmilea S.Sj:. from Chesterfletd; John Wilkinson Claj, Esq 
Wingfteld (SoDlh), 3} milai W. from Alfrslon; John Pearson, Esq. litio itanor Bauie, 

BcT. Emomiel Helton 
Wiiuter, a miles M.W. from Wlrkiwartb ; Charles Caiill Worslej, Esq 
niiksworth, 18 miles K.N.W. from Derbj ; • Charies Hurt, Esq 
Wfosion Honse, 3^ miles S.3.E. from Asbboom ; Nstbsniel Need, Esq. 
Yildenlej House, Sj milts S.S.B. from Ashbonm ; Urs a Bnller 
YoolgrasTe, S miles S.W. from Bakeirell; Thomas Bsteman, Jan., Esq 


Page IBS, fonrth line, for 1835 read 1849. Third line in Tonelej, tot 9,000 read 000. 
Page 310, afteen lines from bottom, for BranuxtU read BramcoU. 
Pige %U, boundsry for Lanauhire read IjicttttrMre. 
Page 290, Unitarian Cbapel, for Stabbi read Stratlt 

Page US, Haddon Direetoij, add Mr TravU Bath, Htmu itaeard, Haidon Ball. 
Page 420, under Farmers, for Oardon resd Oarxlem Thomtu. 

Page 441, Rolme Hall is the seat and propertf of Joseph Hodgson, Esq. ; and Barre B 
dial of John Barker, Esq (see Direcloi? page 44T). 

Page 017, second line from bottom, for 341 reed 3,044. 

Pag« M3, ftrsl line, for Rrc. Jottph read Rev. JoKn Champion, M.A. 

Page OCS, serenlh line, tot Sofenun read Bama. 

Flood December 27lh and SSth, 1S40. Several streets innndated and considerable 
ianiags done at the vfaarTs and woreboniea in Derby. The river Denrent rose to a greater 
hei^t than baa been known for maor years, in conseqoenoe of the grest fall of rain in the 
High Peak. Near Matlock two timber bridges were washed down, and the Manebesler nail 
had to proceed by Willeisley. 

Piorsn LciaATic Astluh fob the Coumtt. A commiUse has been appointed, and it is 
intended to erect one in Derby. 

Oaoax, St the Wesleyan cbapel, King street, wss opened on Cbristmas day, 184.'>. Organ 
at llw CongregWiaiial chapel, London rood, opened Februarr 1 at, 1S46. 

St. ALKHtrsD'a Chdbcb. A ^fre ia now (Feb. 1940) in coarse of erection on the lower 

.y Google 


A gnat effort mada to pnTcni ihe Foot Ballpitj on Shraie Tnetdaj and Ash Wfrdnndaj 
( 1816). Fits mm were aflcrwardi broDgbt ap and foimally conunitted to tiJte theix tnala 
at &r eDiQing asnEcs. 

CHKBtBBriKi.D PiHiBH Chdbcb. This Ijrtog »ill be considrrablr augmrnled. The 
Msiatuit titbe commisEioDer has recenilj Mttled the vicarial at ueaclr £S0O per uuani. 


Barnes William, lineo and woollen diaper, and halter, 60, St. Feter'i-atmt 

Bindlej Mi» F. J. ladiei' boarding achooi, H, Giove TaiTae« ' 

Borousfa Charlei, euigeon, 26, Fiiai-gate 

Breaiej Thomai, auclioneei and Taluei, Com Hsrkel 

Bijer Jane, dniggiet, Corn Harliet 

Cbalterton John, jun., lead works and wholesale glass merchant, Moiledge 

Cort James, share broker, 102, Com Market 

Cox and Malin, (late Coslle and Falcon) wine vaults, Morledge 

Cnppleditch Joshna, bair-eutter and perfumer, 6, Vicloria-alreet 

Derbysbite Adrertizer, pabliabed as Wednesdaf, by Bobert and William James Hobton, 

39, St Huys-^ata 
Evans Samael, sargeoo at college, Fnll-streel 
lijre Samael, share broker, ti, Queen-atrtet 
Foiman, jnn. and WillismB, share brokers, Com Market 
Fox Richard, ahars broker, Vjcloria-streel 

Freake, Son and Co., share brokers, Connl; Hotel, St. Hai}'S'gat« 
Frost Mi WilliaiD, Citj Boad 

Oamble Stephen and Co., cabinet makers, 10, Iron-gale 
Hejgate James, M.D.,F.R.S., Friar-gats 
Hill Harj, painter, SL Peter's Cborehrord 

HiU George and Hills John, millwrights, (late William Frost) Citj Road 
Hilhersaj and Qarbntl, warehousemen, FnU-street 
Hobton William and Robinson Thomas, share brokers, 33, Iron-gate 
Hollinpworth and HoUis, chemists and druggists, Frior-gate 
Keeling Charles, bookseller and printer, 18, St Fetei's-etreet 
Sklasburj Jane, tobacco pipe manaTaetiiTer, Willow row 
Simpson John, baker and shopkeeper, Morledge 
Smith John, plumber and glazier, 9 Victoria-street 
Stevenson George, linen and woollen draper, 2S St Petefa bridge 
Taylor Thomas, Teterinar; surgeon and shoeing forge, Vjcluria-street 
Thompson John and SteTensoa Charles, stock, share, and silk brokers, 31 Com Market 
Wallers Fonnj and Priscilla, dress and straw bonnet makers, Hope-sbeet 
Wbeatcroft Frederick, Block and shore broker, and stone merehaiit, SI. Maiys-gale 
Wilaon James, Tictnaller, Qrapes Taiem, Qreen-lane 

lOWN CODNCn, FOB 1846, 

(See Corporate Sody,<page 47.) 

Mayor — William Eaton Monslej, Esq. 

C or RciLLOBs.— Thomas Cooper, Brook-itrvet— Francis Goodwin, Cockpit-hill— John 

Porter, Upper Frlor-gate, and William Shenrin, Queen-stnet, bate been appointed— Tbomat 

Cooper, Ticloria-atree I— George SteTcnson, Iron-gate— Tbomoa Wright and TbtMOM Oood' 

win, Devonshire-Blreet, have retired. 




Dbut i* ■ boroagh tni muket town, the capital of the conntf to which it gitat nune, in 
tbe bandred of HorieatoQ and Lilehuich, sitnaled ia a fertile plain, >iuToiinded with 
beantihil tctaerj, obieBr on the west bank of the mer Derw«Dt, 32° 00' north latitude, and 
1° 37* wen longitDde, from Greenwich; 136 milea N.W. bom London, 13 milee 8.E. from 
Aibboorn, 3i mile* 8. from Bakewell, 34 mlle« S. by W. bum CheslerSeld, 10} miles N.E. 
from Bniton on Trent, 19 milea W. bf S. from Nottingham, and 29 miles N.W. from 
LeiceMer. It is an aneieni town and toimsrlj had a castle. The streets of the old part 
are ctooked and narrow, bat the new streets are well built and aanf of the modem honaea 
an spaeioaB and bandsoma. The MarkeUon brook. Tanning throogh the town, issues into 
the Derwent at the east eitremitf ; it is crossed b; seven stone bridges, erected b; a general 
nbacription. with one of wood, and an elegant bridge of three elliptical arches over the 
Derwenl; which with the silk mills, the wears, and broad expanse of the river, forma a 
handsome entrance to the town bom Nottingham. The town is lighted with gaa, and the 
streets are icgnlarlj paved, and conaiderable improveroenta and additions have, since 1831 
been roade to the bnildinga of this baaj and flomishing borough ; which is pleoiifall; 
supplied with water bom the Dsrwenl bj means of pipes and machinery. The vale of the 
Berwent on the soath presents an extensive level district, and the walks in the vicini^ of 
du town are Tery pleasant. The borough contains, b; the eensas of IiMl, 1,660 acres of 
land, 5,386 inhabited houses, 118 houses uninhabited, and 113 building; 19,800 male, and 
Itfia* female, being a total population of 33,711 ; in 1831 the population was 19,648, and 
Id 1831 it was 33,607. The borough contains five parishes, of which three extend beyond 
llB limits, and is the chief place of election fdr the southern division of the coun^. The 
town of Derby is situated on the western bank of the Derwent, about 10 miles from Its 
amSuenee with the Trent. The soil in the neighbourhood is a rich productive red marl, 
and the pasture land in the immediate vicinity is let from £4 to £7 per acre. Tbougfa 
■iloate in a valley and watered by a considerable river, often causing very serious floods, yet 
tbe air from the neighbouring hills la considered very pure, and many of the inhabitanU 
tire (o a great age. 

The origin of the town ia not known ; by the Baxona it waa called Northworthlg. but 
when the Danes took poasession of it they gave it the name of Darwentby, or more com- 
aooly Deoraby, of whieb Derby is a sormptiau. Antiquarians hate been at considerable 
le of this ohonge ; soms suppose that the name of Derby was 
' the banks of the Derwent, bat the mora general 
is derived from two Saxon woida, Deor (Fera). and By (habitalio). This 
en n i wl iire ia nnderad probable by two oireumstanees, one is that the arms of the town aie 
a Buck couchant in a paA ; and tlie other that one of the lanes adjoining the town ia still 
•afled Lodge lane. It has been supposed that it existed as a town when the Bomans ware 
in poasession of this part of Britain. This coqjecture is founded upon its amall distance 
tnn Ltlde-Ohealer, where thie people undoubtedly had a Station. 

The firM direct mention made of Derby in history, is early in the tenth century, though 
inbuJtlT it waa » [dace of considerable importance before that period. In the year 918 
BttieMeda pnneess of the Uereians, upon its surrender look possession of tlie town with all 


iU appuitenaiicei : apon this occksisn fbar or her knights were aliin. HoweTci it loon bU 
*gun into the huidB ot (be Danea. In the jeta 912 king Edmund ioT^ed Hereia, tai 
delivered five lowne from tbe joke of the D»nea, of which Derbj wm one. Bot no deu 
idea can be Tormed of the town at these two periods. HoweTer in DooniBdaj book we meet 
with a prellj fall deseriplion of it, both in the reign of Edward the Confeseor, and at the 
Norman conqnesL " In the time of the CoDfessor, Derby was a rojal borongh, it contained 
two hundred and fortj three burgesaeB. Neai to it lay twelve plongh-gatea of taxed land, 
which eight teuna could plough. Thia land waa divided amongst forlj-one bargesBes, wha 
likewise had twelve plongh.gatei. Of the tax, of the loll and forfiturea, and of all customs 
two parts belonged to llie king, and the third to the call. In the same borough there waa 
in the kinga demesne one chnreh and aeven clerka, who held two plongh-gatea of bee land 
in Cheater. The king had likewise another chorcb, in which six olerka held nine oi-Ianda 
free in Comom and Ditlon. There were foarteen com mills then in the town. At the 
time of the Korman survey, there were an hundred burgeasea, and forty who were minora. 
There were an hundred and three dwellings waste or empty, which paid tax, the number of 
mills was reduced to ten. There belonged to the town sixteen acres of meadow land, and 
onderwood three quarentens in length, each contaiiung forty perches, and two in breadth. 
In the time of the Confeaaor the borongh paid upon the whole Iwen^-foar poonda ; and at 
the conquest with a mill and the village of Ladecetee (Ledchurch) it paid thirty pounds. 
In Derby the abbot of Burton had one mill and one manse of land, with sac and aoc, and 
two manses of laud of which tbe king bad the soc, and thirteen acres ot meadow land- 
Geofil^y Aaeliu poasessed one church. Balph, the son of Hubert had a church vrith ■ 
plough gale. Norman, of Lincol, and Edric had also each of them a chorcb. Henry de 
Ferrers was posaessed of three old decayed honiea with hod and sac. Osmar, the prieat, 
had one ox-land, with soe and aao. Godwin the priest bad likewise one oi-land. At 
the feast of St. Martin, the burgesses paid to the king twelve thraves of com, of 
which the abbot of Barton had forty sheaves. The king waa poasessed of eight 
decayed honaea, with sac and soc, in the borough. The two pennies belonging to the king, 
and the third to the earl, which arose &om the wapentake of Appletree, were in the hands 
of the sheriff, by the testimony of the two counties. In respect to Storey, the predecessor 
of Waller de Aincoorl, it was said, that vrithoot the license of any one, be might build a 
chnreh for himself, and give (he lithe to whom he pleased." On the SDnth.ea8t comer of 
the town, formerly stood a castle, but which, for more than two centuries has disappeared, 
but the site is called Cow-castle hiU. A street leading to Sl Peter's chnreh, in ancient 
deeds, bears the name of Castle~gate, and several enclosures now commonly ealled Castle 
fields, are evidences thai there was a castle in this situation. 

The Dnke of Normandy, (Hciuy I.) gTan(ed (o Ralph, earl ot Chester, the town of 
Derby, by a charter, which was signed at the Devizes. It has been coigectored that the 
fee farm rent of the town belonged to the Duchy of Lancaster, from (be time ot Hemy in. 
to the reign of Henry VII. Henry VIII., in the 33rd year of his reign, granted them to the 
Dean and Chapter of Burton. At present the Corporation pay £10 as a fee farm rent to 
(he Earl of Essex. 

Derby was incorporated by Heniy I., since which its charter has been altered and 
renewed at several different periods. It obtained various piitilegea in the reigns of Henry 
I. and n., Richard I., John, James I., and Charles L In the time of King John, the 
bui^sses were returned into (he king's exchequer as owing lii^-ail marks, for (he 
confirmation of their liberlieB. In the sixth ot the same reign, they were likewise returned 
debtors, sixty marks, and two palfreys, for holding (he town of Derby at the nsual fee fam, 
and £lO increase for all aervicea, and having such a charier as (he burgesses of Nottingham 
have ; and in the twelfth year of the same reign, the burgesses were ebaiged £40 for the 
fee farm ot the town. In the succeeding reign, the king granted to the burgesses ot Derby 
and their heirs, that no Jew should live in the town. In the fourth year of Edward III., 
(he burgesses were summoned to answer by what warrant they claimed to have toll, and 
were required to shew, why none should dye cloth within ten leagaea ot Derby, eiaept ia 
the said borough, saving the liberties of Nottingham. They were also to deelan what right 


they Ikkd to be loll free throughoal the king's dominioTis, to cbimse ■ bailiff every jeai, uiil 
to b«e ■ ftur on Thnredky uid Friday in WUtann week, and another of seTenteen days, 
•ii-. eight dayB before tlie festival of St. Junes, and on the festival, and the eight auceeeding 
days, to hare m coroner, and none to be impleaded out of the borough, and to have markela 
on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and from Thursday eve to Friday, every week. In answer 
to these requisidons. the bnrgeBses, for the pririlege of loU, produced the charter of Edward 
in., dated the 3rd of June, in the 1st year otbis reign. lu consequence of this, the king, 
on their paying a fine of forty marks, restored them their liberties, which be bad questioned 
and seiied, being satisBed that they and their ancestorsbad from lime immemorial, eiyoyed 
Ihem, and held the said borough, paying yearly ■ i^uil rent of £46. ISa. 

A charter of James I., dated at Westminster, the 7lh ot March, in the ninth year 'of his 
reign, rMiles and confirms various privileges which had been granted in former reigns. 
The particular h'benies were, Ibat the bailiffs, recorder, and town clerk, or any three ot them 
bIuI) have a power to keep a court of record upon Tuesday ip every second week, — shall be 
jaitiees of peace for the year, and the year ensuing their election to Ibe office of bailiff, — 
ahaU have the return of all writs and processes, without the interference of any foreign 
justice, — shall have power to keep a quarter sessions and two court leets yearly, and six 
yearly lUrs, — shall be loll Ave throughout the whole kingdom, uid lake toll and tailage, as 
mil throQghoDt the duchy of Laoeaster as elsewhere, only that they should but receive halt 
toll of the duchy, Sec, In 163S, mention is first made of a Mayor; Ibe corporation 
mnleeedent to that period was styled " The BailiiTa and Burgesses of the town ot Derby." 
Id 1080, the ebarter was sorrendered to Charles II. and a new one granted, by which the 
govenuuent of the borough was vested in a mayor, nine aldermen, toorleen brethren, and 
fonrteen capital burgesses; who, together, constitute Ihe common conncil ; and these 
appoint ■ recorder, town-clerk, (who is also coroner,) chamberlain, tour seij cants- at-msce, 
<one of whom is keeper of Ibe gaol.) six constables, and other inferior officers, elected 
annually the first Monday after St Luke's. The mayoris chosen ^m among the aldermen, 
by the aldermen and brethren, these last being appointed ftom the capital burgesses. The 
mayor, the late mayor, (who is always deputy-msyor with equal powers,) and the four senior 
aldennen, are josticea of Ihe peace. The mayor and aldermen must reside within the 
borough, or they can neither locally vote nor exercise any official function. The freedom 
ot the boiTingh is inherited by all Ihe sons of a freeman, bom vriibio the borough, or 
acquired by serving an apprenticeship to a resident ttaeman, or by gift ot the corporation. 
This charter continued in fbtce till the passing of the Reform bill. By letters patent of 
Ihe King, granted to the burgesses before the year 1733, they were empowered to bold two 
fairs every year at Derby; one on the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth days of 
September, and the other On the feast of Sl Paid and the day preceding and fallowing ; for 
the sale of all manner of cattle, and of all wares and merchandise commonly bought and 
tfAi at taiia. In the year 1734, the mayor, aldermen, bielhren, uid capital burgesses 
appoimed a meeting, to be held for the disposal of the latter-make cheese, on the twelfth, 
thirteenth and tborteenth of March, to which all persons dealing in the said commodity 
mj^( resort, loll free. In Ihe year 1T38, the above days were dtersd to the tweaty-Stst 
day ot March and the two tUlawing days. The election of members of parliament is vested 
in the freemen and sworn boigesses, and the mayor is the returning officer. The 
Pariiamentary Reform act passed in June, 1893, and ihe Corporation Rebmi act on the 9th 
ot September, 1639. Tbs chief pro^eions of the Coiporatian Befonn act are the following: 

1st. CoaroBiTi, after the first election of conncillora ; Ihe body corporate ot all existing 
citiea and boroagbs named la Schedule A,, are to have a commission ot the peace, and take 
and bear the name of mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the town of Derby, uid by that 
name have psrpetnal ■neceasion, and be capable in law, by their council, to do and suffer all 
•eta lawful to Qiem or their predeeeiaors, by any name of dde or incorporation. 

2iid. The Town ConncQ is to consist of the mayor, aldermen, and coimcillors to be chosen 
□D the Ist of November, in every third year following. The councillors lo fill up eitraordmary 
tacaneies amongst the aldennen, within ten days; to elect llie mayor every year i loappoint 
towa derk, treaaurer, sheriff, registrar, auditors, and assessors: to lake security fr 



officers, for the due discbx^ of tbeii dntus, and to fill up vkcBiieiei h tliej idbj occur in 
those situation!. To give ui order, signed bj three oi mor« members, for all mone; to be 
paid on account of the tovQ cooncil ; bo that no pafment Fram the treasurer can be IswfDl 
without such order. To hold qnulerl; meetings, and to have three clear days' notice of 
ersrj other intended meeting of the eooncil affixed in oi near the town hall, and left at the 
naual place of abode of each cooncillor, or at the premises he ataods registered for ; and in 
ease the mayor, npon a rcqaisitiou to that effect, ahonld refnae to call a meeting of the 
conncil, it is lawful for fire eooncillors to call the same, by gi*ing Ibe usual notice of their 
inlentious, signing their own names, and staling the nature of the business to be traneacled 
at sncb meeting. The council is empowered to qipoint conunitteea, to act as trustees where 
the body corporate are sole trustees, to ^ipoint a limited number of councillors to be joint 
trustees, to whom the powen Tested in the former trustees maj be transferred. The council 
is to appoint a watch, and ma; order parts ot their borough, not included in the local act, 
to be included in such act, and may hare the powers of inspectors, under 3 and 1 Will. IV. 
for lighting anj part of the borough not included in the local acL The council has also 
power to make bye-laws, but can impose no higher penalt; for their infringement than £5. 
The council may order ■ borough rate in case of insuffloiencj, and il has the powers of 
Justices for snch pniposes, with certain restrictions, and to levy a watch rate. It ii anlhoriied 
to nnew leases in certain eases, bat cannot grant leases for a longer term than thirty-one 
yean, or sell or alienate any corporate lands, without the approbation of the lords of the 
treasury. It is to fix the salary ot the police magistrates to be appointed bj the crown, and 
to provide a police office. To qtpoint an officer to preeide in the boroogh court of record ; 
and also a registrar, &c., and have power to remove from office every bailiff, treasurer, or 
chamberlain, or other officer, who ahall be in office at the time of the passing of this act, 
and shall direct where the charters, deeds, or records of (he borough ehaU be kept. 

3rd. The mayor is a member of the council, ei offleio ; any councillor is eligible to lliis 
office, to which he is elected on the 9th of November. The major's duties nre to provide 
polling boolha, to preside with the assessors at the election of councillors, and also with the 
assessor, to revise burgess lists, and appoint clerks for the same. The mayor to sign a 
dsclaratiaD at his acceptance of office, and ot his possession of the requisite qualification. Any 
councillor sleeted mayor, but refusing to serve, is to pay a fine not exceeding £100. Becoming 
bankrupt, insolvent, or leaving the town tor more than two months, loses office, bet is capable 
ofre-clection, nponobtainiugccrtiflcate, paying debts in full, or returning. Any person acting 
as mayor, without being quali&ed, is to forfeit £M, but bis official acts are to be valid. The 
mayor is justice ot the peace, ex officio, for the year of bis mayoral^ and the year following, 
and to have precedence within the boroogh, and to be retoming officer at elections for 
members of parliament ; be shall sign the notices for meetings of the council, and in the 
absence of the recorder is empowered to open and adjourn the court of quarter sessions. 

4th. MumciriL. — Aldermen are to be one-third in nnmber ot the councillors elected 
triennially, on the 9lh of November, or chosen t>om the town counoillon, or others having 
the same qualification; half of their number to go out of office every three years ; an not to 
vote for their successors, but an eligible for re-election. No one can be elected an alderman 
who ia not enrolled on the burgess list, nor unless possessed ot £!,000 property, or rated at 
the annus] value of £30, orwhile holding any office in (he gift of the council, otherwise than 
that of mayor, nor while sharing in any contract of employment from the council ; but this 
qualification does not extend to shareholders of water or iusorance companies holding a 
contract bvm the council. An alderman is to preside at elections, in caseofdeaA or 
inabili^ofthemsyoTi ntosingoffice, topayaSnenolexeecdingfSO; and in olherrespecta 
same as mayor. 

nth. CoDKClLLoBB are chosen in wards on the let of November, by persons whose names 
are on tbe burgess roll of such wards ; one-third of the council an to go onl of office 
annually, but are capable of re-election ; all such elections an to be held before the mayor 
and assessors ; voting to commence at niue o'clock in the morning, and finally to close at 
fotir o'clock in the afternoon of the aame day. Every burgess entitled may vote for any 
number of peiMiu not exceeding the number ot counoillon to be ebosen, by deltTeiiog to 


g p^er, nmuliiii^ ihe Christiui and (imane of Ihs penooi 
tbi whom bfl Totes, and (jgned with his own nuna aod reaidenee ; no counaillor i> eligible 
aa andilor or aaieaxn'. The banietere qipointed haie divided the (own into aix wards, via., 
Bridge Ward, Betket Ward, Castle Ward, Derwent Ward, Friargale Ward, and King*! Head 
Wud. To each of thsae waida six eooncillon an appointed ; the law with regard (o their 
prinl^ca and uemptioua ia tha lame >a with aldermen. 

6lh. ABtnon. — Two are elected annual] j by the bnrgesus of erei? corporation, and most 
h*Te the same qnalideation as conncillors, and in conjonctioD with the major, revise the 
bnrgcM liata, be pnaeni al the eleelion of councillors, and irith the major ascertain the 
result of electioiu. No treasurer, town derk, or conneillor can be elected aasessor; the 
aaaenoj* ate to be elected in wards, by the bnrgeeses of snch respective wards, and no 
bmgeas to vole for more than one u>«Mor. 

?th. Rtemitr is appointed hj the crown ; ha* pieeedence after the mayor, and is sole 
jodge M the qoarler sessions; most be a barrialar of at least five years standing, to hold 
oCos during his good behaviooT. His salary is to b« paid by the tieasurei of the borough 
ftmd 1 but he cannot be a member for the borough, an alriermui, or councillor; he is, «i 
B^fcie, » jnstiee of the peaee. 

Sib. 7W> Cltrk is elected by the coimcil, and holds office daring pleaaure ; be mnst be 
■a sttonuy ; the freemen's roll must be made out by him ; he must preserve a true copy of 
liie same for perusal withonl fee, and keep copies for sale at a reuonable price. To receive 
baa the orerseers, on the fifth of September, ■ list of burgesses, which he is forthwith to 
get ^inled fin sale, and expose a eopy on the door of the town hall ; to receive names of 
persons omitted, publioh lists of claimants and of persons objected to, and to keep a copy 
let inqwecion without fee, and for sale at Is. each. He ie ineligible u ao auditor or 
aasessor, moat snbmil his acconnts to the council when required, and a summary remedy ia 
ghvn against him tor not accounting ; he is exempt from serving on juries in the borough. 

Sth- Trtaturtr is i^ipointed by the conneil, of whom he cannot be a member, but can be 
removed at pleasure ; must give secnriQ for the due diseharge of his official duties, submit 
his acconnts when required to the council, and a eummaiy remedy is to be had against him 
for not secoDnting. Keep his sccoimts open tar inspection of aldermen or councillors, and 
■abmit them and the vouchers to the auditors, on the first of March and the first of 
Sepiember respectively, and to cause an abstract to be printed. 

lOlh. Cotutatlti are appointed by the watch committee, and have power (o act in the 
country as well as the borough. Magistrates appoint specisl constables, who have 3s. Od. 
by each day of duty. 

Iltb. Audilort. — Two are elected annaally on the first of March, in the form of and with 
the qualification of councillors ; no coimoillor is eligible. 

l-jtb. Rtfutrar of the borough court of record, appointed by the council ; he is not to 
practise as an attorney in snch court, nor his partner, nor clerk. 

13th. Sheriff. — The council name the eberiff. 

I4ili. Comer is appointed by the council, cannot be an alderman or ooimeillor ; his 
sppointment is during good behaviour; receives 20b., sud Od. every mile exceeding two, and 
makea an annual return of the inquests held by him to the secretaiy of state. 

loth. CJerl (;/'l&« Peace is appointed by the council ; the appointed clerk to justices, his 
partner, or clerk, are ineligible to the office of clerk of the peace ; the duties are to give ten 
day^ DOtiee of time and place of holding court of quarter Beseious; to summon at least seven 
days before a sufficient number of grand jnrors, and to make out a list of the namei and 
^ecrqitions of jnrors Btunmoued; the fees paid to this officer are settled by the town council 
and confirmed by the secretary of etate. 

16th. Osmem eflht Poor to make out lists of persons entiUcd to be burgesses, which 
they are to sign and deliver to the umn elerk on the fifth of September every year. 

ITth. Bvyttttt aU FretmeK. — Va one can become such of any borough by gift or 
purchase ; but all rigbta of property in common lands, or public stocks, money or chattels, 
BR reecrved to all siiatiiig freemen and burgesses, and to all such persons as might have 
becmu freemen or burgesses, bad Ihia act not passed; and to thsir wives, widows, children. 




or apprvnticH, • disehuge or exemptiou from all tolls, daei oOlj excepted. NeTerth«le>i it 
is ptoTided that tnanta, to be entitled to the beneficiid exemptkmi, ihaU have kcqnired 
Ibeir Tight prior to the fifth of June, 1839. All oeeapien of hooaea and shopa, rated for 
three i^ean for the relief of the poor, are entitled to be bnrgeaica, if resident honsehotden 
within BeTcn miles ; oceupancj ajid the payment of ratea are the onlj qaalifieatioDa. 

ISlh. Borough Puad. — The proeeeda of all eoiporate property, one moiety of all 
penalties imposed imder this aet, and all imapproprjated finea and penatliei, are to form the 
tioroiigh fond, and to be paid to the treasnrer aecordiogl;. Debts, □fficen' salarieSi election 
expenses, the expenaeB of assife prosecutiDns, maintaining and ponishing olTenden, are 
to be paid ont of the borough ftud ; and the conncil i* to order a borough rale, in ease this 
fond ia insnfflcienL 

lOlh. QiuJt/Ecafiinu. — Borgeaaea to be qualified at nmnicipat electiODB, mnsl fal&l the 
foUowing conditjona : lat. on the last day in Angost in any year, he most haTe oeenpied a 
honae, varehoaae, or other premiaea, in the borough, during that and the two preceding 
years, to the Talne of £5 or upwards. Snd. have oeenpied a bouse in Ihs borough, or 
within aeten miles of it 3rd. have been duly enrolled as a burgess. 4th. be mnat have 
been rated personally in respect of the piemiaes oeenpied In the botongb to the aaioimt irf 
£5 and upwards. Sth. have paid before the last daj of Angnat, all poor ratea and borough 
ratea, except such as become payable six calendar months before the last day of AognsL 
Suei pranita need not to bare been continuonaly the aame. 


Bsinoi Winn. — Amen alley, Bath street. Bold lane. Bridge gate, west aide of Corn 
market, part of Sl James's lane. College place, Darlef lane, Doke street, west side of Full 
alreet, Irongate, northside of King street, Market head, north aide of Market place, Nortb 
parade. Old Shambles, east side of Queen street, Botlen row, eoath aide of Sl. Marj'a gale, 
8t Alkmund's churchyard, nortb side of Victoria street, and River street. 

BiciET WuD.'-Abbey baines, Abbotfa hill, Babbington lone. Back Sitwell street. 
Baker's lane, BecketweU lane, Britania alreet, Burton road. Cannon speel, corn Market, 
Cross laaea, Cnrzon street, Drewry lane, Dunkirk, Forester street, Oreen lane, Qrove terrace, 
Orove street, Uailem street. High street, Kensington atreet, Leonard street, Hill alreet. New 
Uttoieler road, Normanton road, Osmaslon road, Osmaaton street, west side of St. Peter's 
street, Sacbeierel street, Sitwell street, St Peter's Church Yard, St. Jame^s lane, Stoefcbrook 
field, SUDunerhill, Talbot street, south side of Victoria street, west side of Wardwick, 
Waterloo street, and Wilmot atreet 

Ciem WiBD.— Albion street, Albion place. Bag lane. Borough's walk. Bloom street, 
Boome atreet, Bradshawe street, Canal street,Canal side. Caalle street. Castle place, Carrington 
atreet Cockpit hill, eaat aide of Com market, Devonshire street,Eagle street, Hill street, Hope 
street, John street, Liversage street, eaal aide of London street. Midland place, part of 
Norledge, North street, Ormaslon street Ormaston road. Park street Rivetl atreet SiddaTa 
lane, east aide of St Peter's street Thorn-tree lane, and Trafflck alreet 

DiBWBirt W*«D.— Chsddeaden hill, Cheater place, east side of Corn market Derwent 
terrace, Derwent street Derwent row, Erasmus street Eieler street Exeter place. Full street 
Mansfield road; south and east side* of Market place, Morledge, New Market Nottingham 
road. Old Meadows, Old Whart part ot Queen street Silk-mill lane, St Michael's lane. 
Tenant street uid Walker lane. 

Fbiuoatb Wuid. — Agard street Asbboum road. Bold lane. Brick street part of Bridge 
street Brook walk. Cavendish street Cheapside, Cuizon street. Dog-kennel lane. Ford street 
Fowler atreet Priar gate, George street Largess street Markealon Lane, Mill street Old 
Ottoieler road, north side of Sadlergate, Sadlergate bridge, Short street South atreet St 
Werbnrgh's churchyard, St John's terrace, part of St Mary's gale, Vernon street "«' "J" 
of Wardwick, and York alreet 

Kino's Mead W*bd,— Part of Bridge gate, part of Bridge street Brook alreet Chapel 
street Charles street, Cbsny street Goodwin atreet Oreen street, Jory street Eedlealon 



mi. King iDeet, Leapei iDcet, Lodge Uo«, Lower Brook itreet, llaaAj ttreet, Nrini' etreet, 
Oidiud itnet, Fuker street, put of Queen atreet, oortli aide of 8t iitrft gate, St. Heleai 
(Ircel, Walker lane, Willow ■treet. Willow row, tud Wright street. 

DsBBT eUima to be ■ boroogh bj preicription, and hu aent two msmbere to parliament 
erst since 1201. Od the pasaing at the Reform aet the pariiamentuy boonduieB were to 
be taken untQ altered by parliament. 

No Eliotobs had been poUed for 30 years preTions to 1892. The number of eleetors 
then registered onder the Retorm set. was 1^81; in 1B3T, 1,731, of whom 474 wars registered 
trsemen. The unmber aclnaUj polled in 1S3T, was 1,318, of whom 36S were teemsn. 

The following ii a list of the members of parliament, the corporate bodj, and the 
monieipai oAeen of the borough of Derbj, tor the ;ear 1B45 : — 



Mayor, — Josb Hoss, Esq. 
RecarJer, — Jobm BaLOint, Esq. 

Tb(»Daa Bent, Eiq., H.D. 
John Barber, Esq. 
William Barker, Esq., M.D. 
Thomaa Parker Bainbrigge, Esq. 
John Bell Crompton, Esq. 
DongUa Fox, Esq. 


Samuel Fox, Esq. 

Richard Wright Haden, Esq. 
William Leaper Newton, Esq. 
' John SandaiB, Esq. 
Sir U. Wilmot, Bart. 

(Thoit markid * an i 
■John Bell Cnnnplon 
S. O amble 
+Jalui Johnson 
f Jobn HoM 


I lie wafcA commUUf, and Ami f Mlale eommitUt.) 

William L. Newton Douglas Fox 

tJohn Sandan fFrancie Jeseop 

tJohn Bartwr •Jamei Peet 

tThomaa Bent, H.D. Edward Stratt 


WiDiam Tsflor 

John HOI 
Robert Chadwick 


George SleTenson 
Thomas Wright 

•WnUam Goodwin 
Heni7 Modej, jnn. 

Robert Forman 

^Thomas Qadabr 
John Porter 

•Stmuri Lowe 
Joseph Daienport 

tJoaeph Oaacojne 
•Thomas Harwood 

William Morlejr 
Thomas Goodwin 

•Wmiam Batton 
Henrr Oiabome 


•James Haywood 
tWilliam Eaton Moasley 

•William Sowter 
Robert Ward 

Thimu Hadelej 
John Walton 

•Robert Pere 

•Samnel Fox 

TOliam Evana, M.P. 
John Gamble 

R I no's UEID WiBD. 

tThsmu Cooper 
Thomaa Tnnaley, jun. 

Joseph Hall 
Abraham Pick 

The quaiterly meetings of the (own cooncil are appointed to be held at 11 o'do 
bnnooo, on (he first Wednesday in the months of Febnery, Hay, and Angtut 



Town Okrt, Oanmer, and OUrk of On Ptaee.—BwJAM Tboiu* Buflvr, Eh- 

Ckrk to tfie Magutrala, — BlCBiac WllLIUf BiBOH, £m. 

Tn anr tr , Ctuanberlain, and Rtceiver of Com Rdunu, — Hb. CbulIB PbiTT. 

Sigh Coiutable and BilUtl ifiaier,~Km. W. H. Hoiraii. 

Seryeant at Man, — Mb. Chiblii Kiho. 

Stiferitttendtia of Pottoe,— Mb. Jobb Abbihah Tuounot. 

TWn <Mtr,—J<nMra Bboitb. 

Williun L. Newton Jun« Pnt Hem? Cox 

Thomu Cooper John Suidan Sunnet Foi, Jim. 

John Henty Cock Junes ThompsoD Thomu Hackett 

Fraooii JeMOp W. H. Cooper Henty Moiley. 

The Amotibt o* Iboomb abd Eifihvitobi of the borough of Deihj, u ihown b; the 
Attlrael ^ AemaUt pabMtbti, for the yetr ending the Slit otAuput,1844,i« MfoUowi: — 
The tol«l receipU, £T,ee3 16*. lOd. ; of whjob £3^ei 2e. ad. wu for farms, luidi, and 
hoDKi ; £906 IlB. 4d. Croin tolli, does, and rents of shopi ; £S,000 from a baroui^ rale ; 
and £SJi36 rHeind as porchaM money and interest for the Old Boraugk Goal, with Tariona 
other smaller items. Tlie eipenditore was £0,677 13*. Od. ; of which £lft3 Ifia. 6d. was 
paid for salaries, pensions, jcc.; £1 ,S2T 10s.0d. for police and constables ; £299 Is. lOd. fbr 
rents, rates, and taxes; £114 18a. for the administration of justice; £884 ITs. Sd. for 
proaecntions; £81B lOs. Sd. for msinlenanoe in the gaol; £UT 14i. 4d. for «<aoQen' 
inquests; £8T0 Ts. 8d. for repairs and alterations ; £1,490 foi the new Town Hall 
building ; with v aiioni smaller items ; and £3,005 wis invested in the 3) per cenL annoities. 


SisaioHB for the borough are held qnarterir i>J lli« Becorder, oo daj« ^ipoinied by 

CocRT or Bboobd is held qnaiteilr before the Major, bis depniy, the Beooider, and 
the Town Cleric ; in which pless to any amoant ace eogniiable. B. T. Balgny, Esq., is 
PiDthonotaiy and fiegiltiar. 

CouBT or BiQriSTB, for the reeoreiy of debts mider 40s., established by acts of Oth 
of George lU. ; which is held eteiy thiid Toesdaj in the Town HaU. BdyaminFrear.Esq., 
Clerk of the Court ; Edwiid Swindell and John Bramwell are Sergeants. 

The AsBlzBl Ibr the Codbtt are held hare ; Ihe April Sessions is held at Cheslotfleld, 
and the alher* are held at Derby. 

The Old Towh Qul, erected by sabscriptioQ on the site of Ihs ancient Oulldball, 
abont the year 1729, though in itself a good building, was, from its isolated sitaaliDn 
in the Marketplace, ■ great obstmetioD to bnsiness. It was takeo down in 1636, and a 
aew one, neaiiy in a line wiih the south side of the Harkei-place, was erected in 1B38, at 
a cost of upwards of £7,000. It presents a noble appearance, in the Greoian style of 
arehilectore, and being built on arches, is connected with a new market erected by the 
eorporalioii. Considerable improrements, at a cost oTncariy £700, had just been completed, 
when the interior of this hall was, on tbe 31st of October, completely destroyed by fire ; 
leaving the outside and centre wails stuuling, <9parently but little injured, though the 
damage was eaUmatsd at fann £10,000 to £13,000. The interior arrangements are now 
eonaidered reiy complete. The hall or cmrt is 50 feet long, 39 ftiel wide, and 28 feet high, 
fitted up with wainscoting. A commodious gallery has becD erected at Ihe east end of the 
eonrt, and the whole is lighted with foor skylights. The spaces on each side of the lower, 
between Ihs two wings, are deooraled with bai relirfi, one having refiirenoe lo judicial, the 
other to municipal prooeedings. The ekienisl dimensions of Ihe building are 88 feet wide, 
and 64 feet deep, exolnsiTe of Ihe tower, which is 18 feet wide, and rises 112 feet from the 


poond; in which i> tn iUaminaled clock tad bell. The ucLilecta for the restoration, 
Hc&m. Lee uiil Daesbnt}. of London, were requested, after making ojl the acconimoduliou 
tor jodicial uid muoicipal puiposes, to make provisiou for an illiiiiiinuled clock and au 
alarm bell. Thia made it necessary (o take dowa tlie former portico, and tlie whole of tba 
front except the winga. The inscriptions on the two wings and tower are as follows ; — On 
the right wing, " Restitatom a.l>. 1B42." On the left wing, " Deaagralnm a.d. 1811." Uu 
the lower, " Fomm Municipale." 

The CoDSTi Hill, or Court of Jnalice, a conunodious structure of treestone, erected iu 
1060, is situated at the foot of SI. Mary's gate. Considerable alterations and additions were 
made in this boilding in IH'id. It now extends to Jurj street and Walker lane, and the total 
•mount expended in the cost of land, and the Deeessary alterations, amounted to £1B,0I>2. 
The conrts are !>OfL by 30ft. each, with galleries aroiud three sides, which are aapported 
by colomaK; similar colamns also sustain the roof, and are much admired tor their beautiftal 
proportions and enrichmenls. It is well <>'enlilated, and kept at a proper temperature by 
nteana of heated air, the interior of the building has been completely reuoTated and fitted 
up in harmony with the rest of the edifice, but no alterations have been made in the front 
of the bnildiag, a gallery foor feel wide extends along the width of the hall, which forms 
a. eonTcnient place to witness the proceedingi of pnbiic meetings. A good brick building 
•dJoiniDg, has been erected on the right, for the acconunodatioii of the judges, and on the 
left, an hoteL 

The CoiiHrr Qiol oeeupies a pleasant siloation, in the vicinity of the town, near the 
old DUoieier road. It having been delennined at the cooDly sessions, in 1S31, to erect 
a new gaol and house of correction, for the use of the county, to admit of the arrangement 
and claaaificatian required by act of pariiamant. For Ihia ptupoie, six aorae of land were 
obtained bom the Imateas of Larges' Hospital, valued at ^-^.^Oa The plana of Hr. 
Fianeia Goodwin, architect, were approved of al the aeseiona of January, 1823, who 
cadmaled the expenses of the proposed erections at £37,103, eicloajve of the money paid 
Ibr the land. These plans were afterwards submitted to the society fur the improvement 
ol friaim ditcipUnc, who suggesled vaiioua alterations and additions, which increased the 
eella ti> the number of US, some of which will bold three persons eaoh. This amended 
plan was approved of by the conn, and another estimate of the coat was given by the 
anhiiect, which anuntnled to £40,206 9s. 4d. The gaol ia capable of holding 333 
prtaoners, and the total cost of the atructure, including tomilure, kc., waa £0S,22T. 4s. (Id. 
The entrance displays a bold and commanding appearance, exhibiting the strength of 
eharaeler of which the Doric order ia capable. The boundary waUs enclose au area of 
thm acres, they are built of brick, 2!>fL high, and defended with towers, which are 
fttmished with Sre-arms. The Oovemor's house aud chapel stand in the centre, from 
which radiate seven wings of two stories high. Two small baildings apart from the rest 
■re appropriated to the females, and anotlier iletached building is asaigned to the refractory 
and those sentenced to solitajj conflnemenL The sleeping cella meaaure 8ft. by Bft, and 
iiett hi^ ; the solitary cella are lift, by Tft. and 12R high ; and there are SI yards for tba 
claasificatiDn of prisoners. The general arrangements of the building are of the most 
complete and satisfactory order, and was pronounced by the Government Inspector as one of 
the moat complete prisons in England. Mr. John Sims, as keeper of the prisoug has a 
aalar; of MHOO a-year; Mrs. Sims, as matron, £iOa-yeari Mr. James Sims, as deputy 
keeper, £200 a-year; and Hr. Douglas Fox. surgeon, £100 a-year, for attendii^ the prison 
daily, and .£90 for medicbie. The chaplain receives £190 a-year, and performs divine 
service twice on the Sunday, and afterwards attends the prisoners, who are catechised and 
hiMiitctsd. Prayers are also read every morning at o'clock, in the week days, after which 
dw ch^tloin devotes a short time to the moral and religions instruction of those oonvicled. 
There are foortsen turnkeys, who each receive 20s. a-week ; two females, 14s. each, and two 
wMehmen, 14a. each. 

Tb* boroDgfa gaol, before 1T30, waa under [he Town Hall, but when it was taken down 
a saudI addition waa mode to the connty gaol, at the fbot of St. Peter's street, to serve far 



that pupoK. Id ITU, howerar, the; were both rsmoTsd, a coonQ priwm Iming been 
erected in Nun's Qreen, ud the borough geol was temored to Willow Row. 

The prison in FrivgUe wu osad u Ih« connlj gkol till 1823, when the new one hiTiDg 
been erected, It wu bought b; the corporation tor £3.000, u a boroagh gaol, the one in 
Willow row being rtij iDconTonient. It contlnaed th« borough gaol till IBIO, when an 
arrangement wag made for the reception ot iJie borongh priaonen in the conutj gaol ; it 
wu sold and taken dawn, and some good houses erected on its ait*. 

FoLics Omca is in the Town HaU; the force wu astabliahed in 1636, and eonaisis of 
Mr. John Abiaham Thompson, the Bnperiotendent, and 34 constables. 

EiECUTioaa.— Two gallows were erected in 1934, for hanging prisoneta upon. In 1599, 
one Okey, wu hanged in ths Town Hall, bat not known how. In 1601, a woman wu 
bnmt to death, in Windmill pit, for poisoning her husband. In 1607, the wiwhes of 
Bakewell were executed. 1606, in this year Roger Hoore wu alain bj Henij Bennett, for 
which he wu eiecnted sbonl; after. 164ft, Richard Cocknun was eieculed on the gallo** 
on Nnn's green, for killing — Mills, a servant at the Angel. 1709, John Crossland and 
SOD, for borse stealing ; he and his two soiu were convicted of this olTenoe, after scntenea 
wa* passed, the bench offered to pardon one if he would hang the other two ; the offer wa« 
&nt made to the father, who declined, then the eldest son, who also declined, and then la 
John, the yonngsst, who accepted it without remorse : he wu aflenrarda hangman for (his 
and two or three of the neighbouring counties, till he wu inoapacitated through old age. 
1733, Hareh 23rd, John Hewitt and Rosamond Olerenshaw wers executed for poiioiking 
Hannah Hewitt, the wife ot John Hewitt; they were executed in their shrouds. 1736, Aug. 
ISth, John Smith, ot Noibury, for borglary. 1738, March SOth, Richard Woodward, fttr 
highway robbery ; be dressed himself in his shrood and walked to the place of eieentiaai. 
1740, April nth. Wm. Dolphin, aged 33, for highway robbelj. near Chesterfield. 1740, 
Augnst 38th, Oeorge Ashmote, tor coining ; the day after execution he wu interred at 
8attoD-on-the-hiIl, but bis body wu etolen by the restirtectionists. 1741, Ang., Robert 
Bowler, for shooting and wounding Edward Bivington, butcher, between Belper and Penlrieil. 
17M, March 39th, Mary Dilks, for murdering her illegitimate child; a new gallows was 
erected tor this oceuion. 1770, Matthew Cockayne wu hanged and afterwards gibbetted. 
for roDrdering Mrs. Mary Tickars. IBOO, Sep. atb, Thomu Knowles, tor forgery. 1801, 
Ang. 14th, Lacy Powell, aged 38, and Jonn Dtummond, aged 33, two Irishmen, far highway 
robbery ; James Gratisn, of Heage, aged 38, for housebreaking; John Evsns, of DuBeld, 
aied 33 ; and John Dent of Coleorton, ^ed 47, tot sheep stealing. 1813, April lOth, on 
the new drop, in front of the county jail, James Tomlinson, aged 37, and PerclTal Co<A, 
aged 26. for robbing Mr. Hunt's house, at Ockbrook. 1817, Ang. ISlb, John Brown, of 
Nottingham, aged 88 ; Tbos. Jackson, ot Woolley moor, aged SO ; Geo. Booth, of Chesteifleld. 
aged 31 ; and John Sing, ot Matlock, aged 24, tor arson, at Col. Helton's, South Wingfleld. 
1817, Not. 7tb, Jeremiah Brandrelh, aliat the Nottingham Captain, a naliTe ot Exeter, aged 
37 1 Wm. Turner, aced 4S ; and Isaac Ludtam, a^ed S2, both of South Wingfield, tat high 
treason; Ihey were afterwards beheaded. 1MI9, March SSnd, Bannab Booking, of Litton, 
aged 16, for poisoning Jane Grant, a young woman of the same Tillage ; she gave the poison 
in a sweet cake to her companion u they were going to fetch some cattle out of a field near 
to which stood the gibbet post of Anthony Lingard, who wu executed at Derby for murder. 
1619, April 3nd, Thomu Uopkinson, aged 30. a natire of AshoTer, for highway robbery ; 
he wu of the par^ who commitled arson, at South Wingfield, in 1817, but wu admitted 
king'e erideuce. 1839, April Sth, Oeoige Batty, aged 40, tram Norton Woodseats, for 
ravishing Miss Martha Hawksley, aged 10, in the parish of Beaucbict. 1833, April, John 
Leadham. for bestisJiQ; he was ths first criminal executed at the new coun^ prison. 1843, 
March, Samuel Bonsall, agediS; Wm. Bland, aged 39; and John Hulme, aged 24. tar 
mnrdering Miss Ooddard, at Stanley, in October. 1842. 

EcCLBSi*sTtCAL G OTB Knit BHT.— Derby is the head ot the arcbdeacoiuy, which comprises 
the whole ot Derbyshire, and wu founded preTious to the year 1140, by the bishop of 
Coventry ; its value in the king's books is £26 I3s. 4d. The Venerable and Rev. Waller 
A. Shirley, the Arohdcacon, holds an annual visitation in All Saints ohnrch, then by 


TamCLsaoT CHUtn.— This iM:iet:r tor the relict or the widoira and oiphans of 
elcrgjmen, uid tbt runilies of diilnswd elargrmen, within the deuieries of Deib;, 
Aibboiini, BeppingtoD, tni CuteUMrr, in the Brchdetconry of Derbj, wu institaud at 
Derbi, M»y lltb, 1731. 

HoxiTic iKHTinrTioM*. — The uiGient religious fonnditians of Derby, wliieh arose in 
Calholie limes, were neither nnmeroiis nor splendid. In the flnt centnriea of ChristiuiitT, 
nuDf of it! peiseented vatarisB, in order to amid ■ cniel desth, " and the beuer to gire 
themselves ap to fasting, prajer, sod conlempUtiou, retired b; themselveB into desert places," 
in alhisian to which thef were called hermits, " After the persecutions of the Christians 
were OTcr, and the chonth eiyojed peace, Iheae hennits bj degrees returned lo towns and 
citie«, and associating together, thef lived in hoasea called mooasteries, and confined 
tLemaelTea to certain roles agreed upon among ihemselTes." Bnt it wu not till the 
beginning of the seTenth century that Christianity obtained a firm footing in England. 
Honaebinn was first conuDetteeil in Asia, and atlerwarda spread all over Europe, and ila 
reiga in England was as briiliani aa in any other part of the world, till Henry VIII., ^o 
was, perhaps, a necessary scourge for the sins and bigotry of the limes in which he lired, 
■wept sway nearly all ila institutions, and threw their immense wealth into a more corrupt 
dtaanel than even that which it had pretioualj occopied ; for, instead of its reverting to the 
original parochial uses, or preserving it for the spiritual and bodily support of the poor, in 
aceordaoce with the original intention of the donors, he sold or granted most of it to private 
individnala, for the gratification of his own concupiHcence, and for the salisfacdon of those 
who connived at his lascivious errors. That the monks had become insolent and corrupt, 
and that a religions reformation was necessary all must admit; but this perversion of 
property bom ita parochial or charitable nses all must condemn. The religioua houses which 
existed in Derby were St. Helen, Derley Abbey, Priory of Benedictine nuns. Priory of Black 
Frian, Haison de Diea, and a cell of Clanisc moikks. St.StUn or St. Marti the most ancient 
religions house in Derby, was established by Robert de Ferraries, the second Earl of Derby. 
in the reign of king Stephen and Henry II. He placed an abbot and canona in it, and by 
varioiu endowments provided for their accommodation and support It is said tbat it was 
of DO long continnance, tor In the ancceeding reign, the dean of Derby gave to the master 
and eanoDS at St. Helens all his possession at Derley, for the erection of a church, and 
ptnper habitation for ihemseWea, but it does not appear certain that the house at Derby 
wu entirely deserted at this time, for in the Lincoln taxation, made in the SOth year of 
Edward L, the master of the house of St. Helen, at Derby, is mentioned as distinct ttom 
the ahbot of Deriey. 

DiBLir AsBiT. — As it haa been observed, the deaa of Derby gave to the master and 
canona of St Helen, his posseaaiona at Derley, tor the erection of a chorcb and a habitation 
for tlumietves. At the same time, he endowed this religious house with his patrimonial 
CMate at Derby, and the patronage of the chnrcb of St. Peter, with all its appurtenancea. 
This grant was sRerwarts renewed and confirmed by the charters of the burgesses of Derby, 
and of king Henry II., bat it conelitQled bat a small port ot the wealth of this religioua 
honae, for it afterwards received many valuable endowments tioui several other persons ; in 
poitieolar the chorches of St Michael, and St. Wsrbargh, and the school in Derby, and the 
(hnrehes of Cricb, Utloieter, Feutridge, Ashovcr, WingBeld, Bolsover, and Scarcliffe, 
logctfaer wilb the emolnmenta and privilegea of which they were respectiTely possessed. It 
•■a alao endowed with many tracts of land, of great extent, in varions parts of the coim^. 
Several entire manors were granted to it; ot this number were Rippley, Pentridge, Ulkerthorpe, 
Crieb, Lea, Delbick, Ibol, Tanslcy, Winslonlon, Oggcdeton, (Hoguaslon,) Snccbelhom, 
AUwoik, and SeweUedale. Lands in other places were likewise given far the support of 
this eatabliabment ; in particular, nineteen oigangs in Chilwell and five in Aneleg, 
(Anneeley) ; a moiety ot Blackwell ; a moiety of Eildolvescot ; a moiety of Nenlon, with 
ri^l oigangs in Bnlinton, snd four in Herdnvic ; one manse in Nottingham, and JOO acres 
in Bnrlef. It waa endowed with the mill at Horsley, two mills upon Odderbrnr, near 


Derby, and two mills in the umc town. It likewiK beld bjr varioai patent*, IcneHMOts in 
Derby, AlvHston, Normuiton, uid Wes>inglon; in Criph, Hulewood, and Dnffidd ; in 
lilchiiKli, Weston, HnggiDlon, NormaoloD, Spondeo, Cliaddcaden, and little Chester; in 
ThnrUsloD, AItuIoh, and Ambiston ; in Bipplej, Waring-grene, Codnoc, and Drrbf. The 
abbot also r njoyed seTeral pecniiar privileges ; all his lands in tillagv, and all bis otfaar 
propem vere eiempt froca pHying lithe. He was appointed dean ol all the chorehea in 
Derbyshire, which were given to the abbey, bnt more especially those situated in the town 
of Derby. He was empowered to hold a chapter of the eecular elergy, and in coqjanctioB 
with them to jadge of those things which appertain to the olHce of a dean, without the 
iDtert;TeDce of any person whaterer, eirept the bishop. The abbot and canons of Derley 
were also allowed as much wood as they could diaw from Chaddesden with one cart The 
total Talae of these endowments at the dissolution, waa £iiSa Us. Hi., or the elear Talii« 
£359 13s. lid. It was surrendered on the SHnd day of October, in the year lft39, bj the 
abbot and thirteen monks. The site of the abbey was granted in the 32nil year of Henry 
Vin. to Sir Williun West. In the year IMO, the tombs and whole church were sold for 
£20. the cluyster for £10, and the chapter Louse for 20a. At the same time £JS Is. lOd. 
were receired for six bells, and the whole plate weighed 133 ounces. A part of the property 
lielonging lo Derley abbey, was granted by Queen Mary to the bailiffs and borgesses of 
Derby, particularly the advawsou of the churches of St Peter and St Michael, in Derby, the 
fichool. and severs! messuages and parcels of land, tn the town and its neighbourhood. 

Pbioht or BESEniCTiMK NcMS.— In the reign of Henry II., an abbot of Deriey founded 
a small nunnery at Derby. The Bishcf> of CoTentry committed it to his csre, and granted 
him a license of consecrating the virgins who were received into it This Priory, according 
fn Speed's m^> of Derby published in the year IflGfl, stood on the north-west aide of th« 
Kun's green. Henry III., to obtain the piayers of the prior and convent for the hdu] of his 
father King John, gave five pounds, to be paid yearly by the bailiAa out of the fee fkriD of 
the town of Nottingham. Hem? IV., by charter dated the 10th of October, ia the I3lh 
year of his reign, granted to this religious house one messuage, and twelve acres of land in 
Bistallegh and Ashop (Alsop-iu-the-dale). He likewise endowed it with twenty seven acrea 
of land, with their appurtenances, in Peak forest, and with the common pasture in Fairfield, 
In the same forest This right was very eilensive. It reached, in the direction of north 
and Booth, from Smalldale lo Alport, near Youlgrave; an extent of at least ten milea. 
Besides vailouB other endowments, there was the site of the building with garden and 
cnrtelage, aud 240 acres of land. It also possessed land in Langley and Trasley, and 
■everal messnages and parcels of land in Aston-upon-Trent 

Black Fbiabs-A priory of preaching or Dominican friars, which was dedicated lo the 
blessed virgin. In the reign of Edward I., waa granted to them a meadow containing three 
roods and a half of land in Derby; and in the 12th year of Edward U. a patent waa 
obtained for pnrrbosing ten seres of land, with a view of enlarging this prioiy. There also 
belsnged it in the parish of St Werburgh nine cottager, eight acres of land, one meadow, 
and one croft The revenue of this religious house at the dtssolntion, was estimated at 
£IB Ob. 2d., or £31 IHs. 8d., per annum. It was granted lo John Hinde, in the S.^tb year 
of Henry VIII. The site of this house belongs to the family of Cromplou ; an ancestor of 
the family purchased it about 120 years ago. and erected a mansion of which the foundationa 
were laid with stone collected from the priory, and in the garden, it is said, was a place of 
worahtp and burial ground. 

Maiso.'c de Dieu, or the house of God, was founded as early as the time of Henry 11. for 
leperous persons. It was under the government of a master. It is said there wai also an 
hospital of royal foundalion,consisling of a master (whose place was in the gift of the crown) 
and several leperons brethren. It was dedicaled to ,S(. Leonard, but jl isdoubtfril whether it 
be nni tlie same institution with the last named, 

Ci,tsi*c MoKKS.— Previous lo tJie year 1110, waa a eel! of this order dedicaled to St 
.latnes. in Derby, but belonging to the Abbey of Bermondsey, in Sonthwarlt, near LondoiL 
It «ai protect d as « pnor hotjnlal, in the 14lh year of Henry HI., and in the next Rign 



nekooed among (be alien prioriea : however, it coDtiansil to Ibe genenl deaolutioii, wlian 
tti* kinf wkB ■ccounled fonuder, and the yearij' iucome Ihongbt lo be abotit £10. 

Cbahtsmies, which were endowed for the eupport of piieata to aing m&BB for the loDli 
of the foniidera in ehnrches, were u well u the monaiteriea iwept away by the broom of 
the TetonaUioD. 


There are in tlie town eight epixwpal places of wonhip, Btc of which are pancliial 
AUrein,oiie afio^o/ecw, and twoars rfitMti ekurrhf; besides which, it ii nippoced, 
u early a* the reign of Henr; II., there was one dedicated lo the bleiied Hu^, and that 
the parish belonging lo il was of large client, bat it ii nol known in what part of the lown 
it aloDd, or wliether il be (he same building with that which is aitaated upon St. HarT** 
bridge, and diitiDgiuBhed by the name of Su Mary's chapel. That there was a place of 
worship in this place, is an nnqaeitionable fact, and ia aappossd to hare been giren by 
WiUiam the Conqueror lo the abbey of Borton. In the reign of Oharlea tl., lbs 
Presbyteriana made nse of this chqiel, and aboal a century ago, it was oonTertad into small 
dwellings, bat is Dow in a atate of dUapidation. Another church or ebapel of equal if nol 
greater antiqnity, once alood near to the lane called St. James'a lane. It «aa giren by 
Wallheof to the abbey of Berroondaey, in Sonlbwark, London. Tba grant was eonflnned 1^ 
king StrpGen, in the year 1140. In digging some oellara and fonndationi of boases in Bl 
Jamea'i lane, some bnman bones of a large aiie wen met with ; and on Ibe north aide of tbs 
lane, where the cbqiel stood, was discovered a atone coSId, containing a body of oniiolmnoii 
slalnre, which npon the GrsI motion of it mouldered to dnsL 

All Suktb, anciently and still by some called All Hallows, Is a principal ornament to 
Derby. It ia menlloned in the reign of Henry HI. In Ibe aacceedli^t reign, with Ibe aeven 
fnbeadaries and other apportenances, it was made a free ob^el of Ibe king, and aumpled 
bom all ordinary jnriadtction. Tbe archdeacon of Derby was reitrained l^om asercieing 
•celeaiastical aniborily oxer it, and it was rendered immediately snlyact to the pope. It still 
noojs the privilege of being exempt from all ecclesiastical jnrisdiiilion. This ohnroh was 
eoUegiale, and the maaler or rector seems lo have been Ibe dean of Lincoln. A home lermed 
the eoUege adjoins Ihe chnrch, add was probably the residsnee of the eoUegians. To the 
college belonged two seres and a half of land, lying in Bridge-eroft, Derby; all manner of 
titfaes within the town and fields of Qaamdon; tithes Ibe same in Little Eaton; ona 
Bwsanage, with lands, meadows, and paatnres ^pertaining lo il; a bam, wilb lands, 
■Ksdows, and paatarea, landa and heredilamenta, called Ibe two small prebends; a 
measnags and tenement, and one close of land with the appurtenances, all eiRuled in Little 
Chester ; together with all manner of tithea within the liberty. In the twenly-sillh year of 
Heniy Till., the revenaee of the college amoonled to £39 12s. in lbs whole, or £38 lis. 
clear. There was also fOanded within the church of All Saints, Ibe guild of Ihe Holy 
Trinity; it was endowed wilb varioas measusges, tenements, cottages, gardens, meadows, 
■od panares, in Ibe town of Derby, which in the time of queen Hsiy were in the occupation 
of more than twenty diB^renl persone ; the church was, wiib all these endowments, gisnted 
by qoevn Mary, in Ihe Isl year of her reign, to tbe bailiRii and burgessee of Derby. This 
grant ordains, " Ibat in Ihe psrish church of All Saints, there shall be two vicarages 
perpetnal, to be inslitnled and endowed, which ma; have aocceasion perpetual." There U 
sow oikly one vicarage, bnt there is ■ Wednesday evening lectureship, for which £26 per 
snnmn is paid. Since the passing of the New Mimicipal Act, tbe corporation have sold the 
sdvowBoa of this and of St. Alkmund's chorches. 

Tbe church of All Saints bM been once, if not twice, rebnilt since the time when il Is 
first mentioned in history. The present stnictnre was erected in Ibe years 1723, 1724, and 
IT25, from a design of Oibbs, and was opened on the 3Ist of November, 1729. The living 
is a perpetnal curacy, of the certified value of £80. Simeon's trualees are tbe patrons, and 
Ihe Bev. Edward Lillingstons incumbent. It is a handsome modem ebnrch of classical 
atchilectare, with embellishments of the Bomsn Doric Order, and cost about £4^X10. Tha 
interior i> particalarij lighl, elegant, and spacious. Bui Ibe lower ia more ancient, and la 



Hid lo have been boOt in tbe nign of queen HU7, Speed useiW Ihat it wu Miied at dw 
chvge ot joDDg men and maide, H ii nnrobonted b^ the inscripdon on the north and 
aoDth eidee. This tower i> of pecoliar beanty, diaplaTing the laleat atjie of pointed 
aichilectnre, and eonaiBting ot three itagee, the lowaet ot vbicb hae a weelern door-wa;, 
wilh a niche on each ride ; the other*, omamenled windowa ; and the whole is crowned 
with rich baltleiDenlB, ctockete, high pinnaclei, and other deeorationt ; the whole being 
about 60 jarde high. Thia tower is now (Ifl43) nndergoing ■ thoroogh restoration, and 
when completed will be one of the moit epiendid towers in the kingdom. The cost will bo 
npwaida of £1,200, It coDtainB a peal of ten bells. Within the lr<rai Bcreen at the eaat end 
of the ohorch, and on the sonlh side, is a ranlt in which several of the CaTandish family 
hare been interred. Here is a monmnent to William, Etii of Demnshire, who died in 
1S38, and lo his Coontesa, irtiose Sgnres stand nnder a dome ncarlj twelre feet in helghL 
There ii alio a mj splendid nnnl monnment 10 the memory of the celebrated Coonless 
of Shrewebnrj, with a Latin Inscription, eieonled nnder her own inspeetion. This Tcrf 
esIebnUcd Elisabeth, Coonless yf Sbrewsboi?, built the honaes of Chataworth, Haidwiek, 
and Oldootea, high!; distinguished bj their magnlfloenoe, and died on the Ihirteeslh dej of 
Febmary, 1607, about the eighty-seTenth jear of her age. Here too was inleiTed John 
Lombe, who esubliahed the flnl silk mill in En^and. There is also a monument to Dr. 
Uichasl UatchinaOD, the cDrala, who obtained £3,249 by enbacription for rebuilding the 
church. So indnBtrions was the Dr., in hii ■□coeisfol ■□iieitatians, that he treated the 
vailei who fiddled at his door with ■. tankard of ale, and wheedled a guinea ont of them. 
Another monoment is oommemoratiTe of Biehaid Croaliaw, Eaq., said to be the son of s 
poor nailer of thie town, who went to London In a leathern doublet to seek wai^ wbeie hj 
Us indnitiy and euceeaa he acquired a fortune of £10,000. We leam from the iuicriptiou 
upon the monument, that he waa maater of the right wonhipful oompanj of goldsmiths, 
and deputy of Braad-atreet Ward ; Ihat in the great plague in 16S9, neglecting his own 
safety, he abode in the city to provide for the relief of the poor; and by his will left aboTo 
iG4,000 to the corporation ot Derby, tor the support of leetoree, relief of the poor, and other 
pions DHS. He died in June, 1031, and waa buried in the pariah of St. Bartholomew, by 
die Exchange, where he had lived 31 years. His eieenlors erected this monnment (o 
eneourage odiera of great estate to imiute his pisty and charily. Bev. Philip Brown, curate ; 
Hr. Oeo. Fletcher, organist; Samuel Walton, Clerk; J. Marshall, beadle, and T. Haniwin, 

Bt. Alikdnd is an ancient structure, supposed to have been founded in the 8th or early 
in the 0th cestnry. It ie said that Alkmnnd eon of Alured, king of Northumbeiland, being 
alain in a battle, in which he was flgliting tot Gthelmnnd, vioeroy of Worcester, waa for this 
action repnied a saint and martyr ; he waa fiisl buried at Littlesbnll in Shropshire, but waa 
afterwards removed to Derby, and interred in the ebnreh which now bears bia name. He 
was believed to work miracles, and the northern people, before the teformation, made 
frequent pilgrimages lo his tomb. This church is now rebulliting on the same site, of 
which the first stone wae laid the eih of Hay, 1844. It will be much larger than the old 
ehoreh, which had aoconunodation tor 000 persone. and waa conuneneed taking down in the 
previous January. It waa of various styles of anhitectnre Irom Nonnan to late Perpen- 
dioolsr, it having been enlarged or rebuilt at different peHods. The ohaneel waa Notman, 
and once had a richly moulded and earved roof of oak timber over the nave, finished in 
gOding and eolonra, which having become insecure by the decay of the principal timbeia, 
they were aeenred by the insertion of imsscd beams beneath, and beautified by flat plaisler 
ceiling. It bad for some time been considered in many parts insecure. The new ohurch, 
ftom a design of Henry John Stevens, Esq., has a nave with clerestory, north aod south 
alalc*, a handsome ehanoel, a south porch, over which is a parishoneiaT vestry, approached 
vrllhont entering any other part of the church, and a lower at the west snd lOOft in hei^t, 
upon which the committee are deslrons to creel a handsome spin, if they can prevail with 
the pnUic to pniride them auficient hrnds. It is in the decorated style, or that which 
prevailed about the 14th century. The stone for the outside Is tnm the prioiy quarry, and 
hr the inNrior from Coxbench. The carpentry is of pitch-pine, the toota being all wrought. 


nintd and Tamiabed, and Ihs body of thB charch fitMd with open Mala. It I* cxpceud to 
b« Kimpleted before Chriatrnw, 1845. The dobI will be aboul £6,000, ud it will 
•Mommodate l,!iOO peraons, of which more Ihui one hail tra onappropmlad. This 
diurcb wu grauled lo the abbe; o( Derlej. ARer the dissolutioD it reeted in the otown, 
tOl qoMii Huj gave it to the corpontjon of Derby, who have lold the presentation to 
Jedediata Stniu, Eiq., and hi« ■oa-in-lav, the BeT. Edward Hem; Abnew, is (he Inonmbmt. 
Etct nnc« the year 1TI2 (le noticed by Uutton) it bas eojoyed an eadowmem beqoealhed 
bj ■ penon of the nuue at Qoodwiu, deacended bom an ancient family in Derby. " How 
«iU yoQ diapoae of yoor fortune ?' txja iti. Cantrell, minlBler of 9t. Alkmond'a. " I am 
•t a loaa," replied Goodwin, " for I hare no near relaliona." " My church" aaya the parson, 
" atanda desolate ; (or, iuilead of being a place of regular worship, it ia only a nnner; for 
bale and owls. No act of charity can surpass that of promoting religion." " Then I will 
giTc £lO per "■""'" to St. Alkmnnd'a at mj death," tayt Ooodwin, " and the residue at the 
death of mj nephew." Which lut event hi^ipened about 1T34. This estate is situate at 
Floinley, in the parish of Eckington, and at that time piodaced £60 pet ■■i l'"1 W| but now 
about £210. RcT. Edward Henry Amiilage is Uie curate; Mr. Frond Fiitchie, organist j 
Edmund Colunbell, pariah-clerk; and Thomas Haisball, sexton and beadle. 

St. Hichail'b is a veiy anoient mnalX gothic atracture, lituate in Queen etnet, with 
nare, ehaneel, and aide-aiales, with aqnare embattled lower, and tbtee bells. The lirtng is a 
dischaised Ticange, valued in the king's booka at £i lOs. Od., now £T9. It ha* baen 
aagmenled with 4O0 benefaelioDS, £100 queen Anns's boimly, and £9,000 parliamentary 
grant, and is in the patronage o( the ciown. The Rct. John Oarton Howard is inonmbent. 
It was giren by one of the Freachevillea to the convent of Deiiey. In the 1st year of the 
reign of qneen Uary she gave this church to (he bailiffs and borgesaea of Derby. Thomas 
Jamea is parish-clerk, and Thomas Woodhonse sexton and beadle. 

St. Pxna's, is an ancient gothic atniclnre in St. Peter's street, with nave, obaneel, aide 
aislea, and haa galleriei sll lonnd, a eqnare tower embattled, with pinnacles, and a psal of 
Bve bella. The living is a discharged vicarage, valued in the kings books at £8, now £148, 
in the patfon^e of the Ber. Charles Wright, who is also iDcumbent This church was in 
Ibc reign of king Stephen given to the abbey of Derley. and at the desolntion the advowaon 
was granted to the baiim and burgesses of Derby. In this cboroh a eh^Ml was founded, 
before the 21st year of Henry Tm, by Bobert Lyversege, of Derby, in which his priest and 
loeeeseora were to celebrate divine worship and say mass every Friday. Thirteen poor meat 
or wonKD were required to be present, and were to receive a silver penny every time of their 
attendance. Also, here was a chantiy of the blessed Hary ; it was endowad with varioos 
mcsauages, cottagea, gardens, msadows, and hereditaments, which in the reign of queen 
Maiy wen in the tenure often different persone, and by her were granted to the ballifik and 
b uig e aa es of Derby. Rev. Wm. Fisher, curate; Mr. Wm. John Slenson, organist; Thomas 
Davaon. parish clerk ; Thomas Prall, seiton ; and Joseph Wslkerdine, beadle. 

St- Wmbvbob. — The ancient structure situated near the Markeaton brook, is anpposed 
to have been built before the Morman conquest; its foundation was ii^ured by occaaional 
■ooda, so that in 1801, the lower fell; and within a eentur; afterwards, the chorcb having 
bcorane minana, the present edifice was erected, at the principal charge of die parieltODeta, 
by the greM leal of the Bev. James Walker, the vicar, who died in 1700, and endowed the 
ahorob with pari of the tithes of Derby. It eonsisla at nave, chanoel, and side isles, tn lh« 
Taaoao s^le, with a fine Oothio tower, and five bells, with galleries on the north and aoalh 
BHlea. and west end, in which is an organ, erected about 1830, by Gray, of London, at a 
cost of £330. The living is a diaebaiged vicarage, valued in the king's books at £9 12s. 6d. 
now £298, in the patronage of the crown ; the Bev. Edward 0nwiu, is the incimibent. In 
iht leign of king Stephen, the church'of 81. Werbei^h waa given to the abbey at Derley. 
In (his cborch there was a chantry of Iha blessed Mary. It was endowed with vations 
Braanagea, gardens, cottages, and lands, which in the reign of qneen Hary were in the 
■cBBie of ten diffkient perwms, and by her granted to the corporation of Derby. 

St. JoBs'a Chcbch, Bridge street, is an elegant gothic stnicture in tb« lalM En^ista 
Biyle, waa commenced in the year 18^7, and opened for public worship in Ootobet 1898, bom 


a deiign bj Mr. Francis Qoadvin, of London, u a chapel of eue to St. VTeibDi^, al ■ coat 
of £7,600, of wbich nearij £),000 wm Tuaed bj toIudIut ctiiitribatioas, and the remainder 
ns from th« oommisioners for building cLurebea, It ia ligbled by 22 gothic cut iron 
windows, has a double embattl^ment, anil the six prqjecting bultreMca on each aide tlie 
DBTe are onumented with caps and consoli. Al each corner is an octagonal tower or turret 
71fL Sin. high. Tbe bod; of the cbtirah ie C9tL Sin. long, S3ft wide, with a chancel 20ft. 
Sin. by TA. 4jin. It baa a gallery on the north and south sides, and west end. and !■ 
capable ofboldiug l;2O0 persons, of which ueul; one halt are onipproprialed. The Ticar 
of St Werbnrgh is the patron, lod Be». Philip Qell ia incombent; Bct. J. W. Cobb, curate; 
Ur. John Norton, organist; Edmuud Wright, clerk; and Robert Bedgale, aeiton and beadle. 

TaiiiiT¥ Cbubch, situate an the London road, was consecrated in 1836. It is a neU 
gothic struelnre 02 feet long and 93 feet wide ; at the west end is a square tower, terminated 
bj four domed pinnactea ; the base comprises the porch and entrance, at the east end is a 
light oriel wiudow, with ground glass in large plates; bjthia and tweWe aqnsre hesded side 
windows an excellent light is thrown into trery part of the interior: it has a galleiy on the 
north and south sides and weat end. B. West, Eaq. patron ; and the Rev. Edward Wade, ia 
incombent. Mr. Botham, a bnilder, purchased 1,030 square' yards of land belonging to the 
caatle field estate, and built tbia church on speculation, at a cost of about £3,500- He 
afterwards became a bankrupt, and the church was sold for the beneBt of his creditors for 
about £2,000, which sum was raised b; subscription. 

Caaiai CHcacB, Normanton road, built on the highest point of the town, from a design 
by Mr. Habershon, of London. The first stone was laid Friday, JuljU. 1838, and was opened 
inManb, I&IO. It contains 8<IOsittingB of which 300 are tree, for a district conloiniog about 
1,000 souls, of which a great portioD are the poorer ciasses ; it cost aboot £3,200, raised by 
subscription, and £1,000 for the endowment. The length of the body iaBSfl.. the width SOft. 
with a tower embalded and terminated by a spire 60fL high. It is lighted by six lancet shaped 
windows on each side, and s large window oTer the entrance door in the tower ; on a stone 
immediately under the window is this inscription — " To the memory of Bishop Bydar." 
The patronage ia Tested in Bre InuleeB, vix., William Etans, Esq., HP., Ber. E. Unwin, 
Ticar of St. Werburgh's ; Rer. Samuel Hay, rector of Uakbrook ; Rer. Philip Gell, minister of 
St. John's, and Henry Cox, Esq. The Bar. Boseingraye Hacklin, ia the minister. 

Tbb BoMiK CtTHDLIC CvuacK OF 8i. Haries. in Bridge-gate, erected in 1638, is one 
of the most hnpoajng Btnictares in the town of Derby. It is built of very superior slooe, 
in the early decorated style, an it prevailed in the reign of Henry VI. ; the extreme length 
being I2TA., and the width Hitt. The tower is lOOfl. high, ornamented with crockets and 
other eniichnients, and beautified with pinnacles. It is also intended to raise a spin 100 
teet high, to annnount the tower, but we very much donbl whether this addition will add to 
the chaate and eiquiaiie proportions of the building. Above the doors of the tower is a 
large foliated window, and above it is a niche, in which stands the mother of onr blessed 
Lord with the infant SsTionr reclining in ber arms. A variety of singular figures ornament 
the belfry windows above, in which are the four Evangelists bearing scrolls, forming a 
beantiftal finish to the tower. The cost of the edifice was £7,000, exclusive of the ground, 
which cost about £1,100. The Bev. Thomas Sing, and the Bev. Joseph Daniel, are the 
priests. A Conutnt/ot the Sitteri afCharilii, and commodious school rooms a4joining are 
DOW bnUding on the Nottingham road. The Old Catholic Chaptl is a small gothic stractutw 
situated in Chapel street. It was sold some years ago, and is now used as the Oirii* 
Britiab School 


Methodist Chipeu.— The Wesleyan MetbodisU are a numerous and influential body, 
who dale their origin from John and Charies Wesley, who commenced their extraordinary 
labours in the year 1T2S. These eminent men derated their unwearied efforts to the good 
of mankind, emphatically fulfilling their apostolic mission by preaching to the poor and 



WmuBTAK MiTHDDiiT Chubl tD Ki&g itTMI >M rebailt in 1841, on (be slta of • 
fccmn cfaq«l which wu buill in iSOO. Il is 00ft. long ui<l Mfl. wide, with ■ portico of 
the Doric Cider, ud cost npwardB of £9,000. Il wili kceommotlale aboDi 1,(H)0 persons, 
md is lighted b; Bemi-circiOu heeded windows. It is ^eried ell roond, and contains a 
handaanie pulpit and ■ small organ. Dndernealfa are the vestr; fooihb, and a spacious 
lehool nam, which will hold about 500 ohildren ; the whole being heated bj bol wster. 
The libenl som of £713 ITs. Td. was collected at the opening, and Mr. Tomer gave the 
atnniScent anm of £1,000 towards the coat at the erection. On each side of the chapel ia 
a netl dwelling-bonse Ibr the stitionai7 roinislers. 

Wbslitui Cbipbl, Oreenhill, is a plain brick bailding-, erected at a cost of £1,100. 
It WW built bj Mr. Bealheote and othera, in 1810, and was afterwards sold to the Wesleyan 
eonnexioo (bt £700, since which the chapel has been enlarged, and a small gallerf erected. 
It is now capable of holding abont BOO hearers. A Sundaj- School was erected at the back 
of the cbapel in IB24. 

New Comviiiom Mbthodists separated from the Weslejans in 1797. The BeT. Alex. 
KilhBiD, their founder, died I>ec. 20th, 179B, and was hiterred in the Hockley Cbapel, 
Hottmgbam, and the tablet creeled to his memorj, was removed in I8I6, to their new 
clupel. Lower Pojlionienl street 

N*w CoiKKXion Cbafbl, in DeTonihire street, was built In 1834. It is a plain brick 
ttnttuir, and used bj the Sundaj scholars of St. Petet's. In 1834, thej purchased the 
New Jerusalem Temple, in London road, a good edifice with a alfloe thint and portico, in 
die Ionic order. It was built by Ur. Madeley, in 1819, and etIerwardB Bold for about 
£1,900. It will accommodate about 800, and has vestries and school-nMims uodemeatb. 

Tmm Pbihitite HttBonim hare a smoU chapel in Albion street bnilc in 1617. 

PamrttTi Mbtbodist Chitil inTntfllF atreel, is a Urge brick building erected in 1843, 
at a cott of nearif £1,000. It contains galleries and will seal about TOO, a considerable 
portion of the seata being fiee. Beneath the chapel ii a school room which wHl contain 
•boat 300 scholars. 

iKPSrsaniHT Cbifbl, Victoria street, was erected in 1783-1, near the place where St 
Thomas a Beehefs chqiel stood. It is M feet long and 18 wide, and was boUt hj Mr. 
Thomas Witaon. It is nsad; pewed and fitted up with galleries, and wiU hold about TOO 
beafera. Considerable altera^ons were made in 1836, at a cost of £1,200, when a good organ 
was erected. The Ber. James Qawthome il Ihe pastor. 

CoaoBBOiTloBtt. Cbafil, situated on Ihe London road, waa erected at a coat of £S,000. 
nba elegant struelnreis built of brick and stuccoed, Ihe portico being supported by four noble 
Mhmuu of die Corinthian Order. The interior fittings all harmonise with Ihe general 
dmacter of die building, and an organ has been erected in the gallery over the Tettry. The 
cmeBM IcDglfa is TOfU by 4Sft. wid^ and was built from design of Ur. H. J. Stsrens, of 
Derby. The bailding was commenoed in 1841, and it was opened for ditine aerrice in April, 
1843. The Ber. James Baldwin Brown is the present pastor. 

OisiBu BxPTisT Cbifil, Btook-strcet, was built in 1802, since which time ssreral 
■llerattDtis and additions ban been made, and it will now seat about TOO peiaiaiB. A veatiy 
and conuBodious school rooms ore attached to ihia ehapal. The Ber. John G. Pike, and A* 
Ber. Atno* Smith, are the pastors. 

BAPTIST Cbipbl, Sl Uary's gate, was originally a private residence, erected in 1T5I, by 
Wm. Orimnie, Eaq. Il afterwards passed to Ihe Baleman's family, fivm whom il was bou^l 
by Ifae late Tbotnaa Evans, Esq., bsnker, who resided here Ull he died. In 1841, the premises, 
indsding flie mansion, garden, Mables, &c. were purchased of Wm. Evans, Esq. M.P., for 
dw sum of £1,000, by the Baptist church ssseiDbUng in Brook street chapel, and Boon after 
the completion of die pDrcbaae, the house was converted into one of Ihe beat chapels in the 
Hidtmd conDtiea. The inside of the building was removed, and Ihe back wall ouried 
brtha out ; btn little or no alteraliong were made in its costly front, which ia of brick and 
atone in tfie Boman style of archilectnre, ornamented with Corinthian pilasters and other 
enriebmenta. The interior is handsomely fitted up with galleries all roood, and will aeat 
IJOQ ppraoiiB. Underneath are apnciona achool rooms and veauies, and a residence tor Iha 


miniater >4i'>>'i* ^' diapel. The lotil coat of tbi> beuitiftil MmcloK. ineladiDg the rite. 
wu apwuds or £afiOO. The liberal iitm of £135 wu collected at (he openiDg eeiricea io 
May, 1843. The Rer. John Oregoij Pike, uithor of eeTerol popular works, ia the putor. 

Oenebu. Baptist Chafel, Saebererel atreel, was erected in 1830, and coM alxmt £1 WO- 
It is neulT pewed, uul conuina three galleries, and will arccnnmodate about TOO beerere. 
At the DOTlh end is ■ bnrisl gronnd. 

PjiBTicDLAB or CiLTiKisTic BiFTisT CniFEL, Agsrd Street, wu erected npwards of 90 
yeare ago bj Archer Ward, Esq. Since that time i( has been enlarged, and will now hold 
aboQl TOO perwina. U contains ■ good organ, erected in 1627, and U aeatl; fitted sp with 

Tbe Ke« JeaueALEH Chipel, in King Etreel, is occupied bj the follawers ot Emannel 
Swedenberg, a Swedish nobleman, who died in London in ITT2. It was erected b; Mr- 
Robinson, in 1620, snd cost about £1,000. The boat of the building forma an octagon, and 
ii ■ small structure, built of atone. Tbe Ber. James Enigbt, of Burton -upon-Trent, is iba 

The Ukitaiiak CBiret., in Friar gate, ie a plain brick edifice, and was the fint 
Don-conformiil chapel built in Derby. It ia well pewed, and has three g^eriea and u) 
eicellenl organ. In ITBS, Hr. Abraham Ciomplon left i,'2O0 to augment the minister*! 
salsry. A sanday school, vestry, and burial-ground, are at the back of the building. The 
Ret. Noah Jones ia the minister. 

The FktBsDS' Hietimq House, in St. Helen's street, wss erected in 1808, snd has all 
the neatness and simplicity which characterise that sect Derby was tbe first pisee where 
fbtj obtained the appellation ot Quakers. Oeo^e Fox, (heir founder, in hie joumsl says — 
" Justice Bennett was tbe Grat that called us Quakers, because 1 bid him ■ tremble at (he 
word ot tbe Lord'." 

Oenebil Cehetbt is situued on the new Utioxeler road. It was opened in March 
1813, and containe about a acres of ground, which has been lasleftally laid out snd fenced, at 
a oust ot about ^,100. It is Tested in trnalees, and under the msnagement ot ■ committee 
of twelre ; the Rev. James Oswthome is (he actuary. On the west side of the entrance is 
tbe chapel, a bandsonw alone building in the gothic a^le of archilectnre. The keeper, 
(DiTid Mellor) occupies the loilge on the east side of (be entrance, 


The institnbons i^cb hare for ibeir object tbe promotion ot Christian knowledge, are M 
nomerous and as liberally supported at Derby as in any other place of the aame importance ; 
tbe members ot tbe chorch and the varions sectarian commnnides each subscribe to their 
respecdTe Bible, Missionary, and Tract societies. The depository of the Derby and Derbyshin 
Bible and Tract societies is st Messrs. TCilkins, Queen street, as is also the deporitory for the 
Auxiliary London Missionary society : and Hr. Wm. Wilkins is secretary to the Derby 
BenevoJeat lociefy, which, as well as for carrying ont the above, baa for its otgect (be relieving 
the sick and afflicted poor, in tbe town of Derby; it was eslaUished in 1814, is ondet the 
management ot a president, flre rice presidents, a committee ot twentjMjne gentlemen, > 
treasurer, secretary, wilh twenty-lhrce male, and eight female visitors. Any person eubacribing 
9b. 8d. annually, becomes a member, and hss the privilege of recommending one object for 
relief, for fts. two, &c. The (own is divided in(o eight dielricis, and two or more visitor* 
appointed to each. The committee meet the first Thursday in every month, at seven in the 
evening, at the Town Hsll. WilLam Evans, Esq., H.P., president, and Mr. William Sbaw, 

Ax AuiiLiuT Bible Societt tor (be town and county was esubltshed in 1813, 
managed by a committee, five of whom are competent to act; tbe deposilory is at Mr. Wm. 
Bowbotlom's. Tbe committee bold meetings in (he Alhensum room, on the second 
Wednesday in March, June, Seplember, and December, and a genera] meeting annually. 
Rev. E. H. Abney, Bev. J. Corbin, and Mr. Wm. Williamson, are secretaries. Church of 
EKfbmd Seripliin Beadcn and Traci Distribulots' society was esUblished in 1813, for lb* 


employmeiit of ScHpture readeis, tad protiding Tncta fbr their diabibotiou. Tb« iffiit* 
■K condactcd hj ■ canuniUee of sU the cUig; bsving offlciaJ duly in (be town, togelber with 
•ighl 1*7 membcn, uid theii mrottn^ ire belli in the AlhetuctuQ Toom ; Mr. Anaelt uid Mr. 
John ChipmiD, uv Scripture readen. 

In this cl&ss 8t«ii(la the ScxD*T Schooib, of which asefiil institntiona Derby ■tbOwI 
ilaelf as eariy u most places, and every place of worship except the Friends have sbewn an 
equal anxiety tor their proniotdon. The Sunday tcholore atleading the estublished churchea 
are 1,305 boys, and 1,33S giils, making a total of 3,541. Those HltendiDg the Catholic 
chnrrh. 180 boys, and 200 girls, being ■ tottd of 380; and those attending the diSerent 
eh^ids, 1,232 boys, and 1,133 gifle, beiug a total of HfiTi; and making t, grand loud of 
0^95, besides those attending the National, Lancasterian, uid British echools. The 
imporunce of Sunday schools is now oniversidly acknowledged. Mr. Rnikea, e respeclabla 
prrnler, of Gloacesler. is generally considered as the founder of Sunday schools, which 
Blackner. otNotdngfaam, says were first introduced about the year 1778, by John Moore, a 
tnme-work knitter, of Leicester, and Wm. Hidlam, a native of Kirton, in Nottinghamshire, 
bat dmi a schoolmaster, at Moneyaah, in the Peak of Derbyshire, both of whom uugbl 
gra^ on the Sabbsib, at least tno years before Mr. Raikes commenced his labours for the 
promotian of these nsefbl institutions, of which, though not the original inventor, he was the 
carikst and moat active patron. Since which, Ikvaht ScsaoLa, conducted on the ingeniona 
■yjtam introduced by Meeara. Wildersptn and Wilson, by which children betwixt the ages of 
rm and six yeara, under a pleasing inlerchange of exercise, amusement and instruction, 
experience a gradual deTelopemenl of their bodily and mental powers, and ore kept during 
ibe day from that danger and neglect to which so many of the young children of the poor 
arc exposed, whilst their parents are engaged in their respective avocations, have a claim aa 
well as all other Christian charily schools, to be ranked amongst religious institutions. 


Besides the numerous Sunday schools, ample provision is made by the benevalent 
inbabiMnts of Derby, for the education of those poor children who con attend during six 
dui of the week. Daring Ibe last quoiier of a century many charily day aa well as Sabbath 
athool rooms bare been erected, at which 1,716 children, including410 atthelnfantschoola 
an receiving instniction aa Oay tcholan. For these charitable and Inlellecmal uses, many 
thousand ptninda have been employed. Many now filling useful situations In society, bava 
received their education at these schools, and have great cause to be thankful. Too moch 
cannot be aaid in their recommendation \ nor should we forget the praise due to those 
iodividoala who devote their time and talents in instructing the children of their poorer 
nrighbooia. Those parents who cannot afibrd to pay for the education of their children, 
would be blameable indeed if they did not embrace the opportunities thus afforded, and 
where their children will be instructed in their duty towards God and their ueigbbour. The 
ftrilowing descriptive list vrill, we hope, give every aecesssry particular of the charily schools, 
and shew the weekly payments made at them, for wbicb the remaining expenses are 
proTidfl] by annual subscriptions and donations. 

GB.aiiMiB School.— Queen Mary by charter dated 21sl May, in Isl year of her reign, 1511, 
gave and granted to the bailifi'a and burgesses, and their successors for ever, divers messuages, 
lands. Ice., in that town and elsewhere in the eonnty of Derby, lale the possession of Derlej 
Abbey, sabject lo certain yearly payments therein mentioned ; and her MajesQ' ordained that 
henceforward there shoold be one fiee Grammar School for the instruction and education of 
boya in the said town of Derby, to be for ever supported by the bailiffa and burgesses of that 
town, and that Ihey should pay for ever to the master out of the leveDues thereby granted the 
*am of £\A ta. Sd. Until the year ISIS there was also an usher of this school, with a yearly 
•alary ot £30 paid by the corporation, bnt the person wbo held that office having died iu that 
year, and the number of boys in the school being very small (oiJy two) no snccessor was 
ofipuinied. It has been considei«d that all the payments mode by Ibem beyond the annual sum 
o( JI9 6a 8d. diietled by the charter hate been lolnntary on their parts, hovrever it appears 


ihat /(UK WailoB, bf her will, dMed Sard NoTember, 1003, give MiO to the buliffa aod 
commaa council of D«rb;, to be einp]o]red bj them to the b«et relict of tbr head master uid 
usher, w> u the slock mi^l continne Tor thu aae fOr eier. lu addition to the aboTc, an 
aimnal sum ot £S.O u paid by the muter and fellowa at Emanuel College. Cunbiidge, 
towards the eopport of this school in respeol of Fianeis Ash's cbaritj, of which the tiBst ia 
vested in that CoUe^. therefoFe does not fall under the scope of the commissioneTB. AH die 
sous of burgesses of Derbj, are considered a* being entitled to gratnitoui inetniction In Iha 
elasiics at thii achool. At the time of the investigation there were only two bojs in the 
■chool ; which appcan to have bean tormerlj in considerable npnte both for bouders and dtQ' 
scholars, and it is much to be regretted that so little advantage is derived from this 
establishmeuL However, it has of late oonsidenblj improved, there being now onl; loar 
scholars on Oie liinndalion j abant seven^ sdiolara attend the school Mr. John Uodson, is 
head master, and Mr. Jamas Clark, second master. 

Diocisaa ScBOOL, Frlargate, was opened in 1642, erected at the cost of iCI,0OO, 
toward* which the late Thianas Coi, Esq., eonnibuted £1,000 towards the buildiiig, and £100 
towards the ftmiiahing ; it is in die Eliiabelhas style from a design of Mr. H. J. Stevens ; 
the school room is OStt long, 30(1. wide, and SOIL high, wiQi entrance hall, committee rooms, 
&c.; Mr. Philq> Edward Hammond, head master; Henr; Phillips, second master; and 
Ovotge Cressey, third master. Six^ scholars attend ; the terms tor instruction is £3 per 

TBlltTT ScHooi, in Uvenage street, adjoins Trinity Church Yard. It is a nest brick 
building, and with the land and famishing coil about jC1,000. Mr. Jacob Hayer, the 
muter, has a salary of lESO per annum and Id. per week &om about 130 scholars. Hisa 
Eliza Layfleld, hu £%i per aimum tor the instruction ot the giris and Id. per week (Mm 
about 80 scholars. 

National School, in Curron street, wu established in 1813, on Dr. Bell's principles. 
In 1817, Iha school then in Bridge street, was consumed by &re and all the books burnt. 
The supporters, however, of the insdtntion purehased a mill in Bold lane, for the sum of 
£700. From this place the school was removed lo Cunon street, in 1S43, where shandsoma 
building of brick and stone in the Tudor style had been ended. The school contains a 
large room on ihe ground floor for boys, 03tt. by 30ft. widi a convenient room ad)(ungin(. 
The upper floor is of Ihe same dimensions and ^proprialed to the giris. There an now 280 
boys and 211 giris, iriio receive instruction. Samuel Evans, Esq., is the treasurer; Mr- 
Heniy Cummins, is Ihe master, with a salary of £G0 a year, and Id. per week from each of 
the scholars. Hiss Ann Warner, is Ihe mistress. 

NiTiOKAL School, TralBck street, St. Pcler'a parish, «u erected in 1839, by Ihe Rev. 
Robert Simpson, aalhor of an elaborate history of the town of Derby. The cost of the 
building was £350. The boys pay 3d. per week, for which they arp famished with all 
necessary books ot instmcdon, and the girls pay 2d. per *eek, and an taught to saw, read, 
and write ; 13S boys and 89 girls ate on the books. Mr. John Fescud, is the master; and 
Mrs. Sarah Bartlett, is the mistress. The Bcv. WiUiam Fisher, superintends all the schocd* 
in St. Peter's parish. 

Dibit Bbitibh Scsool roa Bots is sitnated in Orehard street. The system of 
inslructian taught by Mr. Joseph Lancuter, wu first inlrodnced into Derby in 1813, for 
irtiich purpose part ot a mill in Full street, was taken on a short lease, on Ihe expiration ot 
which the spacious school rooms were built in Orchard street, at a cost of £.2,1613. The 
boys room measures TSft. long by SStt. wide, and the number ot scholars are 210, who each 
p^ Id. per week. Mr. John Blake Comwell, is the muter. 

DiBBT BBiTisa ScBooi tt>\ QiBLS, iu Chspel street, is a substantial building of stone, 
formerly used as a Catholic Ctu^>el, but was porehiaed by the trustees tor £MiO, and 
appropriated for the use of the girls. There ore 110 sehotare on the books, who each pay 
Id. weekly. Hiss Mary Ann Crailon, is Ihe mistress, who has £10 per aDoam tod the 
weekly pence of Ihe rhildren. 

Dbbbt Bbiikb larAVT School, in Orchard street, is a portion of Ihe aame building M 



(be bejs occupy. There an 330 duUrea on the books. Mr. John Bosa, b the muter, 
■ud haa £70 per Kmam. 

Bbiiiih Dxt School, in the Independent Chipel, London road, woe eeltbluhed in 1844, 
■boot ITS Kholan UMv), who each ptj 3d. per veek. U>. John Thom, ii the master, willl 
■ nUijof £03 perumom. 

iKfUT School, Siddel'i lane, ue iuHnicted on Oie ijitaiD of Mr. Wild«i«pm ; *bmit 
100 childim attend, and each pay 3d. per week. 

I>Tun8cxot>L, Mill street, builtbrsubacrip^n. There are80ptipU8,whopa}r3d.per«eek. 

WiauTAK Mbtbodibt DiT School, Chapel uieet, conducted on the Claigow Normal 
training (jitem, bj Mr. George Biggi ; about 100 acholan attend. The charge ia bom 3d. 
to 6d. par week for Engl iib literature, incIndlDg a Bible tnioing lesson, and a seDulBi- leason, 
on the Elemeola of Science each day— baring alatea, pencils, pens, and ink, with a copy of 
At Wealeyao Calecbisn), Aunished to each. It is managed by a conunittee, to whom Mr. 
John Hmaphreys is the secretary. 

Amoditi or CBUiTaBLi FnitDa. — The total rerenne derired from chuitie* connected 
with this borough at the time of the CommiaaioDers' Inqniries in 1887 and 1894, was 
Dearly X2/IO0 per annum, besidea large earns lent oat ou bonds to iodnsinaiu poor, in 
ponkms acomding to the ijistraotione ot the donors. 


Cotrmss o> 8hbiwibubt'b Almb Hovn.—Ela<^lK, CvmUu Dovager of Shrtmbury, 
by indentDre bearing date IsL Blareh, 1009, granted to the warden, brethren and aiatera of an 
aim* hmar at Derby, (bunded by the said Countess under letters-patent, tot eight poor moi 
BDd torn poor women, bearing date 3rd of Mardi, in the 39th year of the reign of qoeea 
EUsabeA,) an annual rent of £100, to be isfoing out of the manor of Little Longsden, in 
tte eaanty of Derby. After i^ipropnaiing parts of the said rents to the said poor persona of 
the abiubooae she direoted that 40s. thereof ehonld be paid to the miniater or oorata of AU 
Saiata, bong a preacher ; or, in detknlt thereof, to the miniater or curate of any other of the 
dmdua in Derby, being a preacher, for his pains (o Tiait and see the eaid alms house*, and 
Ibc poor Aeie, u be kqpt In good order, according to the rules and orders. It appeared to 
Ae camniMtonen Aat the power of Tiaitation thns giren by the IQnndreea to the miniater ot 
Al Sainta, etcloded this ahne hoose bom their inTsstigation. By the same deed the said 
Conolesa also gare, out of the said rents, to fire aoote of the other poor of Derby, 12d each, 
lo be ycady distribnted on good friday, by the discretion of the bailifih or Aret magistrates, 
md of bO ministan or saraiea of the Ihiee parishes, of the said town. The Duke of 
DctvDafaire's agent pays to the mqitf £S annually, to be distributed agreeable to the donor's 
Jntenlion. The original building, whleh waa ot stone, was taken down, and the present one 
erected about tlu year 1777, by the Duke of DeTonshire. Before Ms death be gave an 
m^Mainw.t endowment of £00 per '"i"" The additional payment took place at lady-dqi, 
1811. Each of tba aim* people now reeelTes £3 13s. 4d. quarterly, and a gown and coala 

Wfufoi's Alms Houass, formerly called Black Almshodsbs. — Boberi Wiimet, the 
alder, of Cbaddeaden, by will dated July, 163B, gave to his son, Edward Wihnot, and his 
htin, aH the tithes ot com, grain and bay arising within the limits ot the manor of Deuby, 
ia the eomty of Derby ; and appoiuled thu his said son and heirs sboold, oat of the rents 
^ profits thenof; pay the aereral suns ot ISd. weekly, from bis deoease, to 10 poor people, 
six. ail poor men and four poor women, of good and honest life, by him already placed in 
10 UUte houses situate in Bridge gale, Derby, which houses be had long aiace buil^ Ac. ; 
and he an^oinled that when any of the said poor people should die, his said son and his 
heirs ahonld wilhm a month i^point others in their roan, in sncb manner that there should 
aot be more than six poor men and (our women ; and he ^ipointed that erery year at 
Chriatmas a black gown faced with red, of the like cloth and manner as the poor people 
than ia the said houses used to wear, nr otherwise 10a. to every one of them to buy such 
gewM i and also should pronds and give to such poor men at the end of enry two years 


a red cap of about 'is a-piece, Bimilu to tlie ca|)a then worn b; them ; and ghould >l>o 
proride jearl;, at Cbrutmu, 30 jards of linen cloth, at 12d. the jard, to be distribalsd 
amongst the laid 10 poor people, to mate them sbiru and smock* ; and abatdd also provide 
a dinner yearly, at Chriatmaa, for the said poor, or othenriM allow erery of them Hd. for the 
■ame; and he further appointed that his said bod and heirs should, tor eirr, ont of the 
rents and profits of the said tithes, repair the said honses as often as need be. They were 
repaired a.d. 18U, at an expense of more than £'JM, by Sir Robert Wilmol, of Chaddesden. 
Bj an aicorrf, bearing date iiSih March, 1730, onder the baods and seals of two of the 
commissioners of charitable uses, appointed under the great seal, dated 16th February, 1727, 
it appeared that some irregularities in the appointments to these alms houses bad taken 
place, bnl which were afterwards rectiDed. It also appeared that Robert Wilmot of 
Osmaslon paid £13 yeariy to the Derliy alms honses. yet was not allowed to inspect them, 
but was ordered by this award that he should be allowed to inspect the payments, that ha 
might be satisfied the money be paid was not misapplied. Each of the ten alms people 
leceiTes 6d. a week ft«m Sir Robert Wilmot of Osmaston, making £13, the annual sum 
mentioned in the above award of I72fl. The commisaionere of 1627, applied to the agenca 
of Sir Robert Wilmot of Osmaston, bat say — " We have not been able to ascertain the 
eiiBtenee of any docoment ahewinR in respect of what particular lands this payment i> 
made." The exact proportion of men and women specified by the founder baa not been 
preserved, for at this investigation ihey consisted of fbur men and six women. There is a 
garden behind the almshouses, containing about one rood, divided amongst the alma 

LiBGi's HoBFiTU.. — Edmard Lorye, at Derby, gent., by his will, dated 3rd June, 1T09, 
devised all his landi and tenements to John Curzon, son and heir-apparent of Sir Nathaniri 
Cnnon, of Eedleslon, Bart,, and two others, and their beiis, in default of issue of him the 
said Edward Large, as for and conreming his estate in and about a place called tlie Nnn'a 
green, in Derby, being of about the yearly value of £00, in trust, that they and the smriiors, 
&c.. shonld, oDt of the rents and profits thereof, upon a erott near Nun's green, erect and 
bnitd Hve small alms honaes for the habitation of five poor parsons' or viean' widows, fbr 
ever ; die same to be elected, chosen, and put in, (after the costs and charges in bnUding the 
same ihoold be discharged out of the nents and profits of the said estates,) by the choica 
and election of hii said trustees ; and that the rents and pro&ts of his said eslales should 
be equally divided amongst such five widows for their sapport and Uvelibood for ever. 

By hidenture, bearing data 27th October, ITIO, made bemeen Beryamin Parker and 
Thomaain his wife, (laie Tbomasin Large, widow of the above-named Edward I^arge,) ot 
the one part; and the said John Coraon, Robert Wilmot and Robert Holden, of the other 
part; reciting that the said Edward Large had, after his marriage, settled by indenture 
amongst other things on bis said wife, a close in or near the Nnn's green, and near M a field 
there called the White Cross Field, containing by estimation seven acres; and stating that 
the will of the said Edward Large could not be so effectually performed without the close, 
&c., ; the said Beiijamin Paiker and Thomaain, bis wife, granted and surrendered to John 
Cnnon, Robert Wilmot and Robert Holden, all their estate and interest in the said close. 

An exchange of part of the lands took place In 1833, in consequence of a site being 
required for a new gaol for the county of Derby, for which part of this land near Nnn'a 
green was well ad^ted, and it was considered advantageous to the charity to appropriate six 
acres to this purpose, the county agreeing to take the same after the rate of £100 per acre, 
making in the whole £3,400. But as the trustees had no power to sell this land, it was 
agreed that it should be eichanged, under the 1st. and 2nd. Oeo. IV., tor an estate of 
sulBcient valns to be provided for that purpose ; and an estate ac Bandiacre, belonging to 
Hr. John Thraves, was selected, and for which he fixed the priee of £2,600 ; in consequence, 
two other parcels of the charity land were disposed of, one containing 2,Ma square yards M 
HiiB Prime, after the rato of 2s. Od. per yard ; and the other, containing 162 Square yards, 
to Mr. Edward Ward, after the rau of la. fid. per yard : which, together with the six acres 
intended for the use of the Oaol, were conveyed by the deed of 1623 to Hr. Thraves in 
exchange fot his estate. It was agreed that the estate so exchanged should be let to Mr, 


ThnwB, M a rent to be Bied b; two aartjon, and vhich vu lo fixed it £90 per umum, 
ud thu £100 ahonld b« laid odI by Ihe trusteeB in repairing a bam and incloBing a Sana 
iird Itaneon, and in draining the laud and repairing Ilie feocea, and the amouul, iDcludiDg 
£5 for the expense of tfae Talnation waa paid, whereby Ihe balance in tvoar of the cbaritr 
n£ redaced to £111 la. Id., and tlial sunt waa placed in the banii of Measn. Smith and 
Co., Derbj. 

B; aimlure, bearing dale 6tfa August, 18S5, 4a. 2h. 26p. of the land near Nim'a green, 
Tolntd al £500 per acre, amounting in tbe whole lo ,£2,331 8s. Od. were comejed to WiUiam 
Tnnier, of Derby, Mercer, and his tniitce. William Shaw, and llieii heirs, for several closes 
in Sandiacre, containing together 31a. 3b. 2St., purchaeed by Mr. Turner far £2fliQ, for the 
pnrpoee of this eicbange ; b; which transaclion a balance of £1M He, Id. remained in 
IkTimr ot the chari^ ; and of which the expenses amounted to £283 Oa. Sd. which il was 
■greed should be paid in eqaal moielies ; one maiety thereof being reduced from Ihe sboTe 
balance! left an ultimate bolacce of £79 lla. Id. in favour of the charity, which was added 
lo Ihe former balance in the bank of Messrs. Smitli, and Co., the whole amoauting to £293 
18s. 3d. The land so received waa let to John Abbot, who had previously occupied il as 
yearly tenant at £06 per annum, on the valuation of a surveyor, Il has also been considered 
erpedienl to let parla ot Ihe land on bnilding leaaes, and with this view two roads leading 
over the property, intended to be nsed as streets, were made in 1B19. When these building 
lot! were set out, a small addition was made lo the garden ot ihe hospital. 

Ifary Bnom, by her will bearing dale the 0th of April 1721, devised as follows, " I leive 
to my brother Nathaniel Doubting, all my land free from debt for his lite, and after his 
deatfi to that hospital on Nun's green, where I now live in Derby, which was left by Mr. 
Edward Large, tor parson's widows, and after my brothers death, I leave my land to the oars 
of Ibe same trustees which Mr. Large left for that hospital." It appears that in 1800 the 
land-tax charged on thelands of the whole of this hospital was redeemed, and that for this 
poipoMe a house and. orchard at Alvaston, part of the properly devised by Maty Broom which 
was ooder lease to JohnSherwin, was sold to him for £160, leaving a bdanct iu favour of the 
eharityof £36 12s. 8{d., carried lo Ihe general account ot the charity by Mr. Richard Hurph;, 
who a( thai time managed the properly tor Mr. Bobert Holden, until 1817, when new nnslees 
*ere ^ipointed. The real of Ihe land at Alvaston given by Mary Broom, containing 
Ik. In. 31p. is let to a yearly tenant for £18. 

The whole rental of all the properly now belonging to the charity, except the site of the 
hospital and garden belonging lo it, amounts to £303. 16a. 6d., of which the lands near 
Knn's green, ore aubject lo a quit rent payable lo the coiporadon of Derby, of 19s. 4d. per 

The AIDS bouaes called Large'a hospital, which ia situate in Ihe Friargale. consist otflva 
dwellinga under one root, with a waah house at one end thereof, a amall court in bonl, and 
a garden behind, divided amongst the inmates. 

The etEccl of a codicQ of the will ot BolKrt Holden, the surviving original Cmslee, recited 
in the trust deed of IBIT. has been lo separate Ihe patronage of the hospital from Ihe legal 
eslale in the Irusl land; but it may be doubled whether he waa anihorized to make this 
•eparocion, ai Mr, I>arge, the founder of [he charity, althoogh he made no proviaion for Iha 
^ipoiDlmeni of new trustees, directed that the widows should be elected by bis " trustees, or 
by two of tbera,' intending, aa it appears to na, thai such election should be in the diacrelian 
of two of the trustees of tlie charily at the least. Until Michaelmas I81T, half yeariy renlala 
■ad accounts were made oat by Mr. Murphy, and in January 1618, a balance ot £62 13s. 9d. 
waa paid over by him to Mr. Robert Ilolden, the acting trustee. (1H3T,) of which aum £30 19s. 
was applied in defraying the eipenaes of the Irusl deed. From 1818 lo 1831 inclusive, Ihe 
imis were received by Mr. Holden, bailiff, who, daring that period made Ihe payments lo the 
widows in ibe hoapilal (being five in number, eicepl in 1810, when there appeara lo have 
beet) tour only) ot £19 each half yearly, and by whoae accounts il appears he superintended 
d>e making the new roads over Ihe properly, soughing, fencing, kt., by which il oppcara 
thai Mr. Holden. at Hichaehnas, 1831, bad expended £331 Is. 7d., more than he h«d 
noivtd. From 1821 to the prpsenl lime, (lf27) no accoant has been kept, for a 




inoonM bid beta miaUined hj the fulnn of ihe garden reou, tai by ■ pin of die land 
beJEg nnoccnpied, tu. ; thai he hu nuee 1B21, contmned the illowuice of £19 half rearij 
M cash oTtba widowa, ei«pt in 1822, when it waa rednced In £13, and that he had mada 
Taiioas other paymeota on aeeonnl of the charities. It would be much more eatiefactatj if 
le^lai aceoonlB bad been kept, and we atronglr recommend that in fatnre the aeoonnti 
ahoold be entered In a book, and audited amioally, by the truateea, on a day to be qipoinlcd 
Air that pnrpoK. Tbere aeema howcTer, to be no donbt, thai Mr. Bolden'a expendinin baa 
excseded hi* receipla. It is hoped that ihe before-named balance remaining in Ihe bank of 
Messrs. Smith and Co., will be inffieient to defray the expeiue of Ihe repairs of the hospital, 
which are now required. The whole of the future clear rents of the estates, snbject ta 
dedoetiona for Ihe usnal annnal ontgoings, and for future repairs. See., ought, in eonfonuitj 
widi the directiana of die founder, to be divided equally amongst the five inmates of the 

LiraBSjtSR Ai.>s HouSBs, London road, {see Bt Peter's parish,) were eiwted in 1836, 
out of lb* LiTersa|[e estate, at a cost of £S,OOQ. They eonusl of thirteen brick houses, in 
ibe Gothie style of atebiteemre, each bouse having a ftvnt room, amall kitchen, pantry, bed 
room, and oloaet, willi garden* at the baek, and a grass lawn in front, If a man and hii 
wilk oeeupT a house, the; receive Is. per week, and one Ion of ooala annually. If two 
widowa oeciqir one house, each leceivea 4a. per week and the ton of coala, and the gratui^ of 
adoakor coat or another ton of eoala. Since the eonuniaaionen' report in 1826, and from a 
petition agreed apon at a meetiDg in St. Peters, held 6tfa of July 1826, to be {Kesented lo the 
court ot Cbaneeiy for the better regulation of diis obarity an nqiencc ha* been incutmd in 
die aait which ntst £2.781 Ts. and a scheme was qiproved by the eoort which is now acted 
npon by Ihe charily eonunisaionfln. Under this scheme the renla an collected by Mr. John 
Cordon, irtio is agent lo Ibe vicar, and seorelaiy lo the estate, by him paid over to the 
aeeoimt of the vicar and churehwardens of St Peter, into Ihe bank of Mesara. Smith, who 
have now a conaiderabla balauee in their bands. The vicar and tdiorehwardens, pay die 
afana people and other expeneee, and ^^int the afans peoide when any vacancy oecora. 
There are now in die alms houses men and 8 women. The Bev. William Fisbei ot St. 
Peter's, is loctmcr, for which service he receives £30, and Mr. Hanood, surgeon, with a 
aalary of £13 a year, oat of die eharity estate. The yearly rental of du estate in 1842 waa 
£T30 12b. 4d., and as the leases expire will be further augmented. 


Sir Thamai WhiUt Cfiaritg. — The borough of Derby ia entitled to a portion of this 
eharity, ftnmded in 1S06, in respect of wbich sums are paid by the coipotaljon of Bristol, to 
variona citiea and towns, lo be employed in loans to poor nien, bat of this die conuniBsioners 
had no power of investigation. 

Hie Bev. WiiUam Sale, by will dated 14th July, 11188, gave to die town of Deiby, £20, 
to the use of fanr poor artificers diereof, £5 a piece, Ihe same poor men lo be named by the 
magistra'cB of the said town, to eiijoy the same for four years, giving good secnrity for Ihe 
repayment thereof, and so to continue for ever. 

The Bev. Jalm Wailm, by wiU dated lOth May, 1608, gave £100 lo be lent to ten poor 
bouesl tradesmen, within the borough of Derby, lo be named by the bailifl^ and common 
eouncQ ot the ssid borough, to every man £10 for four years, giatlB, every man potting in 
such security ae the bailifl^ &c. shall take for ra-payment at the four yean end, to be lent lo 
ten othen, and so bvm foor yean to four yean for ever. 

William BbUubh, by will, dated Tlh February, 1003, gave to the baOifl^ of the borough of 
Derby, and their anccessora, £100 to be put forth to Ave poor men. to every one of them £30 
10 be employed in dothing only, taking anScient sureties tor repayment of the same at Ihe 
end of the said six years, and then to be put out again in like sort, for six years, wilhont any 
consideration ID be taken for the same. 

Biehant CrotkaK, of London, Big., by dead bearing date 27di July, 1630, of the one part, 
and the bailift and burgesses of the borough of Derby on Ihe odier part, agreed that in 


tonsiieTAiioU ol £300 gma by the m^i Ricb'mnl Croshiw, roveiiiulcd lli*l tLej uii tli«ir 
fnecesgore shonld for enr knil to ten honrsl lUlif^nt poor tradeBHieu, free borfresies of the 
Vorongh, to Meiy one at [hem £30 for three je»r», withoni anj conBider«[ion for the mat, 
*o *a good Beemitj should be first gtien to the bulifiii imd bn^eases, and it the end of the 
«ud three yean, they iihodid leod the B&id eCTenl soma of £2f) to ten such other poor 
tndennen. Ice., for itiree veu^; or if itshoulJ nppeei that any of those who had £30 for the 
lasl direejean bad more need than others, Ihat the; might continue on snfficient Becnrily the 
uid loans in the handaotsuch burgesses tor three years longer. And the bailiSs and burgesses 
roTeamled to preserre the said slock of £200 to be employed as afbreaaid. 

The saia Jtii*ard Cnahatr, by hia will dated 26tb April, 109), gave to the bailiffs and 
bnrgesB^ of Derby, £1,350, to the inttttt that they and their sncceesors should psy £20 
yearly for erer, to an able and efficient pt«acher, to read a weekly lecture every Friday, in 
du forenoon, in the parish ehureb of All-hallows, in Derby ; and should pay £10 yearly fbr 
tm, lor, and towards die relief of seren poor ancient inhabitants of the said town, such as 
had lived in good fame and repn(atiaD> and had been laborions in tfaeir calling, to be dietribated 
M them weekly, every Sanday, in lbs forenoon, after divine service, in the parish ohnreh of 
AQ-ballows, via., fourpence in good household bread, twopence in good wholesome cheese, 
and tbreepence in money. And be directsd that such poor as should be partaken one 
week, dioDld not (except there should be great necessity) be partakers (he week folloiring, 
bol that the same should be distributed to other poor of (he said town, st the discretion of 
Ibe said bailidb and burgesses; and to the ftirtber intent that the said baiim and bnrgesses, 
So:., ihoald pay £38 yearly, for ever, towards the relief of eight poor ancient inhabitants of 
the towns of Harkeaton and Hackwortb, in the said county of Derby, such as had lived in 
good fame, Sx.. to be distribulsd to them weekly, every Sunday forenoon, aRer divine serrice, 
M Ibe parish church otHackworth, viz., sixpence in good honsebold bread, fourpence in 
good wboletome cheese, and sixpence in money, sneh poor to be nominated and chosen at 
(be discretion of the parsons, cburehwardens, and four or six more of the chiefest inhabitant* 
of the said parishes, and ha directed that sucb poor as sbonld tie partakers of that bis gilt, 
diould not be allowed without great nscesaity to participate thereof the week following, bat 
diBt it ibonld be distributed to other poor of the said towns. And that such remainder of 
bis said wreral gilts ahonld be given to the clerks and sextons of the said several places. 

And tbe said Sichard Crotlvxa, by his said will, gave to (be said bailiOk, &e., £100 
more, npon condition that they and their successors for the time being, should give security 
by the common seal of their cotporation, to his eiecntors, that the same money should 
remain for a stock for ever, to be lent from three years lo three years, onto six, eight, or ten 
bopesl poor hooseholden and tradesmen, of good fame and reputation, dwellers in tbe said 
towns of MarkesloD and Hackworth, upon suffloient securi^ to be given to the bailiffs, &e., 
for the repayment thereof at the end of three years, and he directed that such poor house- 
holders should yearly, from lime lo lime, pay for tbe same amongst Ihem all, 40s., yearly, 
which shoold be given and distriboled towards Ihe relief of the poorest sort of inhabitants of 
the said two towns, and that such poor honseholden and Irsdesmen 10 whom the £100 was to be 
lent, sbonld from time to time be nominated and chosen by six, eight, or more of the chief 
inbabilants of the said towns, snd that security be given for the said mooey, and that the 
aaU 4As. yearly might be distributed at the discretion of the said chief inhabitants. 

The bailiffs and burgesses of Derby surrendered their charter to King Charles I., and 
were again incorporated (103B) by the name of the mayor and burgesses of the borough of 
Derby; and it is recited that in Ihe month of March, ITth of Charles T., the said msyorond 
Inrgrases laid out £1,000, part of the said £l,2.>0, in the purchase of several closes, parcel 
of rertain gronnds called Rowdilchea, in the parish of Mackworth ; and reciting that Ihe 
said mayor and burgesses, in September, 1646, Isid out £130 more of the ssid £1,230, in 
the pnrchase of a close called Ilorse-cloie, parcel of the said Rowditcbes ; and also a close 
in tattle Chester, (called Bolham's,) from tbe income of which £03 is distributed, in 
•ceordance with Richard Croshaw, Esq's, will. 

It appears t<a a long time to have been the custom to distribute iu bread only, both at 
Derby and Uoekworth, the amount which tbe donor directed to be given partly in bread, 
and partly in cheese. Tbe loaves prorided for tlie town of Derby are sent every 9nnd«7 to 


All BainU cburcli, wbtn Ihej lie dislribaled bcbre moming serricr bj the puish-oleik, 
logvther with die weeklj tUovuicsi of laoney, lo ktch poor ptnons of one of the five 
puisbeB of Derbf, kccording lo > ratalion of 6ie «e«k( ; of which the diitribulion for two 
weeks it approprUled to the pansh of All SkiuU, ooe week to St. Alkmnnd and St. Hichkel, 
one week lo St. Peter's, tad one to Su Werba^h's; Ibg chnrobwudena of e«h of the 
puiahes (except All Saints) sending in torn to the clerk, i list of the persons to whom the 
diitributjon ia to be mule. The £IOO given b; Hr. Croshaw'B will lo be lent in lums of 
£10 each, lo poor bonsebolders of Mackworth and Markealon, at £2 per cent, interest, does 
not appear to bare been so lent, and the interesl is giien in equal moietiea lo the two 

CArufiaa, Cimnleit a/ I>eiiinu/un, by a codicil lo her will, in 10T4 gave (D the poor of 
the town of Derby £100. In an old account belonging to the pariab of All Saints, it i> 
staled that £100 was giTen, to raise £0 per annom for ever, lo be yearly dielribnted among 
the poor of the borough of Derby, on the 20cii of Jane. A Bom of £130 was given by llw 
aame Coanless's will, for the purchase of lands, the yearly proflta of which she directed to 
be disposed of in placing and binding out apprentices, poor children bom in the town of 
Derby, and the town of Edensor, in this eoonty. 

It is listed in the same book, that AnOumy Qloaop gave £20 lo raise 30b. per annum, 
for ever, tor the uae of the poor of Ihia borongh, payable on Good Friday. It is also staled 
in the same book tbuEdmard Otbonu gave 00a. yearly, issuing out of Chester green, to the 
poor of the boiougfa. The corporation are in poasesaion of lands in Ihe oei^bourfaood of 
Cbealer green. We have not found the instruments by which this and the pncading 
donations were given, bat the respective simis are paid by the corporatirai. 

Jant Wallon. whose legacy for the relief of the master and nsher of the Onunmar school, 
has already been noticed, by her will, 1605, gave £10 to the bsilib and common conneil of 
Derby, and directed that the benefit that might arise by the employment thereof, should be 
given to the poor within the borongh of Derby, on Christmas eve and Good Friday, at the 
discretion of the bailiffs and commoa council for ever. The annual sum of £3 appears (or 
a great length of tints paid by the corporation aa the intereat of this chari^. 

mJliam WaWiaU by his will, bearing dale Iflib July, 1Q08, gave lo the bailifb, 
brotherhood, and commonalty, of the town of Derby £100, to be lent lo fbur poor young 
men, from five years to Bve fears, occupiers and traders in that town, by £2D a-pieee, 
putting in two good aufeties besides the principal ; and the principal to pay 20s. every year, 
being £4 in the whole for Ihe year, to be distributed yearly to the poor of Derby for ever. 
This sum appears to have been lent by the cotporalion from 1630 to 1644, but not ainee, 
and the interest, at Ibnr per cent, is now paid by the corporation. Of the above charities. 
All Saints receives in llie proportion of two parts, 8l.Alfcmnnd and St. Michael one pan, and 
St. Peter and Su Werburgh one part each. 

By indentures, bearing dale I4th July, 1619, reciting that Sirhard Kilijl had given lo the 
bailiA and burgesses of Derby £30, lo the intent that they and their successors shonld 
yeariy, on Ihe Friday before Easier, diatribnle 30s. amon(r*I such of the poorest persons of 
the parish of All Saints as demand Ihe same, aa by the discretion of the minisler and 
rhnrch wardens should bs thought meet, kc, 

Fraacii Aih by his will, dated '0th of Jnne, 16!>T, reciting that be bad by deed, bearing 
date 6th of September, 16.^3, settled upon Sir John Wollaston, Knight, and others, as 
feoffees in trust for the Goldsmiths' company, certain messuages, &c., lying betwixt Shoe 
lane and Fetter lane, in the parish of St. Bride, London, being of Ihe clear yeariy value of 
£63 ; upon trust that they should, amongst other snms, pay to the mayor and alderman of 
the town ot Derby, or such other person as they should appoint, £20 yearly Ibr ever ; to b« 
by the said mayor and aldermen disposed of to such uses as by his said will should be 
directed 1— declared his will to be that the said mayor and aldermen should pay lo Ihe 
minisler of St. Werburgh. in tlie town of Derby, £10 yearly for ever; and to the church- 
wardens and overseers of the poor. £3 yearly for ever ; to be by the minisler, churehwaidena 
anil overseers distributed to the most needy and honeat poor of the said parish, half on Ihe 
aotb of March, and half on the 34lb ot December, or within sii days befon each of those 


dcfi ; and Uiat ihe Kmuniiig £7 of the £riO ihoald be disposed of b; Ihe eaid major mil 
Udezjoen, tar Ibe paoiiig fortli ^ipreutlce one or two childnn yearly, Ut wms honest niui 
of good emUinR, &c. He kleo directed thu if bf anf iweideiil the renta and profiU Bhoulil 
UlaboRof the aoni of £19 year);, (Ibe sum total by bim directed to be pud. Sic.} in euob 
case tbe said feoffMa should abate upon everj papnent propoitionably, aa well to the town 
of DetbT >a all others. It ^paats fhim Ihe eorporation aceounU that (or many jean 
preriooa to IKW, the annua] aom of £10 lis. Ud. only, waa received in respect of Ihia 
chaiitj. This abatement ia understood to bira been occisioaed by a loss from Sre ; bnl in 
that year, the Ber. Edwin Unwin, the vicar of SL Werbni^h, made an application to ihe 
Goldamitha' company, in consequence of which, (he tliU annnal sum of £20 boa since been 
nceJTed tarn the company by the carporatioD. Bnt it appears tbe full sums for apprentice 
feea and tor tbe poor, bad not been expended from 1806 to 1H35 ; in the former case a 
balaan of £1(M 2a. Od. ntaaJned in Ihe bonds of tbe corporation; and of the latter, only 
£1 11a. lOjd. had been annnally paid. The cammissioners suggested to the corporation 
■ha necessity that both sbonld be fOUy made up. 

EHxaieti, Cotmleu Dovagtr qf Shnuriturg, bj indenture, dated 1st March, laUS. — <8ee 
Alms hooses.) 

Oeof^ lAnaere by his will, bearing dale STth September, 1703, gave Lis messuage and 
lauds in Fiodern, in the county of Derby, after the death of Eliiabeth Cadman, to whom he 
gave a life interest tbereiu, to Samuel Goodwin and Thomas Ooodwin and their heirs, in 
truK that tfaey, and the sorvivor of them, and bis heirs and assigns, together with the 
lu^or of Ihe borough of Derby, the minister of All Saints, and the vicar of St. Werburgh's 
ibr the time being, or the greater number of them, ahould yearly dispose of Ihe rants and 
proftts of the premises, for Ihe pnlling forth of two poor boys, being the sons of some 
bcont, poor inhabitania of tbe town of Derby, being of the principles of Ihe church of 
England, apprentices to some trade; Ihe said boys to bs chosen and put forth to aocb 
maatera as Ihe said trustees and the survivor, bis heirs and assigns, the said msyor, minister 
and vicar, or the greater number of them, ehonld tbtnlt meet But be directed that (be 
(matees, and the survivor and bis heirs, should first satisl]; themselves all charges which 
ihej might be put to in reparatian of the buildings standing upon the premises, or touching 
Ihe ezeentioD of Ihe trust. 

Bf utdtHtHT* of leaae a»d reUatc, bearing date 18th and 19lh Jnly, 1622, Daniel Parker 
Coke, Esq., as tbe onlj son sod heir at Uw of Matilda Coke the wife of Thomsa Coke, Esq., 
aad the only daughter and heiress of Tbomaa Goodwin, Esq., who was the surviving trustee 
turned in the will of George Linanre, at the request of tbe Rev. Henry Lowe, major of Derby, 
tbe Bev. Cbaries Stead Hope, minister of All Saints, and tlie Dev. Edwin Unwin, vicar of St. 
Wetbn^'s, conveyed to Sir BobertWilmol, BarU, Bnche Heathcole, Esq., Francis Mundy, 
Esq., and Godfrey Hejnell, Esq., and their heirs, the trust premises at Findent, devised by 
(he wiU of the said George Linacre, by the description of a messuage, outbuildings, and two 
small gnrdena ; and the close* called tbe Old Field, in two parts, containing 6i. Is. 3dP. ; 
the Fanleborongh close, containing 3ii. Or. 18p. ; the Long Pingle, oonlaining 1a. 'iT.. Op. i 
and a ban and plot of land. No. 41) in the Plan annexed to tbe Award of tbe commissiooera 
l<ir inclosing tbe open grounds In Findem. contaiotng 8i. 3a. 3r., allotted to the trustees of 
the Baid George tinacre, &e. The messuage, oulbuiidmgs and gardens msutioned in lliat 
deed, are let on a lease of 31 years, bearing date 29lli March. K2d, at a rental of £0, with 
a covenant ttota tbe lessee, Joseph Clner, to repair the buildings. All the rest of the trust 
premises are under a similar lease, of Ihe same date and for the same term, to Thomas 
CMhe Manilbid, at a yearly rent of £31 lOs. Ud. In 1^33, a sum of £.>7 Is. Od, was laid 
•ut in (vpairing the building; and in 1624, a sum of £6 was received for timber sold tram 

Two boys are bonnd out in eseh year bom the several parishes, according to a rotation 
of 20 years, established in ITIS, of which St. Alkmnnd and Sl Miehael have four turns; 
AB Bafails joined Aemately with St. Peter and St. Werburgh. the other sixteen. Tbe boys 
■ic aeleetod by the parish ofltceni. the trustees making suitable enqniries as regards both &e 
boy and the proposed master, and Ihe father consulted for his consent. The amount of the 


premium ^ven in ITTO wu Bre guineaa ; it is now £1S. and it is eipecteJ Ui*( the presml 
income will admit ot their being nised to aa much aa £IEi each. Alter tfae tnut-deed of 
IH'i'i, an annual aalaiy of £9 3b. Od. was paid Mr. William Whialou, Bolicilor, m agent to 
tbe tmslees ; and at Hichaalmas, 1829, there waa a balance in bis hands in faTonr ot the 
charity, ot £10 1Tb. Od. 

Thoniat Byrom, of Derb;, apothecu;, bj will dated 14lh July, ITll, deriaed bUmeuaage 
or tenement, in Rotten row, to Samuel Pole, of Rubom, Esq.; Wm. Woolley, of Derby, Esq.; 
and John Giebome, ot Derby, gent, and their heire in tniat, for eyti, yearly to employ tbe 
rents and proSIs of the said premises tor teaching and instructing sacb and bo many poor 
children ot Derby, at aueh time and times as the said trustees, their heirs and assigns, or 
the m^or part ot them should (hiuk St, to read English, learn the creed, the Lord's prayer, 
and the ten commandments, and other tOndamentals ot the Protestant religion, contained 
in the charch catechism, end for buying boolu, Uc. The premises coikalst ot a honse and 
shop, and haie, since 17S1, been let for jE14 per annum, the tenant, Mr. Wm. Edwards, 
paying tbe tajieE, and doing the repairs, and he is now willing to gite £20 a-jcar for them. 
A schoolmistress, since INIO, has managed tbe school, (Bow lane) and has received 
£9 ISa. Bnnnally tor teaching S3 children to read, and a few occasional payments for boolts 
has been made. The receipts have in cunaeqaence exceeded the expenditure, and on the 
STlh March, 18»a, a balance of £113 lU JOjd. remained in the bauds ot Mr. Rd. Leaper, 
the treasurer, who succeeded Mr. Samuel Cromptoo, in JT93. 

i^DTorAy CuHdy, by will dated Ulh March. 1097, left £5 yearly on the feaat of St Michael, 
Id two of the most indigent poor people, in Derby, being freemen of the trades of afellmonger 
or glover, or tbe widows ot soch &eemen. (See St Werfaurgh's pariah.) 

II is staled on a table of beDetaetions, in All Saints church, thalPeler Boi^A, of Longley, 
gave 30s. per annum in bread, to twenty widows of the borough ot Derby, but no trace of 
the gift can now be found. 


Counteu ofDtvomhirt and olhen' eharities, (see Derby.) The portion appropriated to 
All Saints, amounts to £T 10s. per annum, which is received by the Chtinhwardena, and 
dislriboled on St. Thomas's day. 

Smtrlnam't CAarify.— By indenture dated aist September, 1653, Jelhro Thomlon, in 
in considemtion of t.26 paid by the Bep. Joieph SiceelHam, minister of tbe chnrcb of AU 
SaintB, granted to Roger Alleabrey, Gilbert Ward, Samuel Goodwin, and their heirs, a yearly 
rent charge of 309. (o be iasning out ot a bam and croft, situate in Full street, &c., in trust, 
to distribute yearly, on Good Friday, IQb. to siileeu poor widows dwelling in the parish ot 
All Sunis, to each 13d. ; and the other 10s. residue thereof, to ten poor widows dwelling io 
the parish of Sl Alkmtmd, Derby ; at the discretion of the trustees, overseers, chtunhwardcnB, 
&c., or the greater part of them. 

Etixahtlh Stone, by will dated iSlh July I'i'lT, gave to the Rev. Thomas Gilbert, and his 
heire, her house and gnrden, in Kirk Ireton, in tbe county of Derby, of ilAs. yesHy rent, in 
trust, to pay ten poor widows of the parish ot All Saints. Derby, being of the conununlan ot 
>u Easier day. The overseers receive 10s. bum Mrs. 
of a house and garden at Kirk Irelon. 

Harpui'i Cliartiji — It is staled in a book lelating to All Saints, that Joyce Harpur gave 
£10 to raise 10s. a.year for ever, for the poor of lliis parish, which £10 was ^plied lowards 
building a workhouse ; and the interest was according lo the parish order, to be yeariy 
distributed tor ever, according lo the intent of the giver, by the chnnhwardeos. Tbe annual 
sum ot 10s is now paid by tbe overseers otihe poor otAll Saints, out of the poor rales, to 
tbe cbuichwardeng, and distributed on Good Friday. 

Beamonfi Charily. — It is staled in the same book that Alice Beamant gave 10s. a-year 
in bread to be distributed in tbe church poreh, on Christmas eve and 0ctod Friday. The 
annual stun of 10s. ia now received from the tenant ot a house on the west side of Full street, 
belonging to Mr. fioger Cox, and is distributed on Good Friday. 


Benti a/' 10). atid Si. 6^.— In the bcfore-meDtioned book, relatiilg to tlis charitieE of the 
puiah, il is «lated ihkt Bepjamin Edge paid lo the chiucbwardeiu, 10s per uiuom, ont of 
MidiUekni'a Pin^e, >t NonnuitoD, uid Joshua Tathtm paid out of a hoaae, in SwUer gate, 
6«. bd., being a chief rent, The fonnei is paid by Mrs. Francis Edge, and the latter b; Mr. 
Edward Thorpe. These suma are distribnted on Good Friday. 

Wiiliam Jhiffieid, by wiU dated 29ad December, 1030, gave to the poor »f All Sainta' 
pariah, Dimety, sneh as were lame and not able lo work, aix gowns, at 16d. a yard; for 
mai n taipi n g of which, he left the rent of his honee, in Friar gate, Derby, belwesn ths 
vicange and Wm. Shaw's htnue, for ever. He also gave the rent of hie hoaae in Bag lane, 
to the poor of All SafaitB, thej maintaining it in good repair aa it wia. The property in 
Friar);ale now DOQsists of two dwellinga, let (May 1830) for £19 lOs., on leaae from the 
rhnrchwardena, bat it waa expected al Christmas to re-let them for more. The house in 
Bag lane being in a nunoos oondition was, in 1T40, leased to Itobert Simpson, for a lenn of 
TO year*, at the yearly rent of £1 lOa., the lessee corenanting to expend £00 in repairs. 
The term of TO years having expired in IHIO, the premisea were advertised 10 let, when 
fleoige Simpaon became the highest bidder, anil the chorohwardens derised the same tor 
31 years, by the description of a messuage in Bag lane, and a mesanage aiCuale down the 
yard, and another small tenement ai^oining, to the aaid Oeoigw Simpson, for a term of 91 
jears. troa 23th of March, 1813, at the yearly rent of £6 Ss., with a eoranant on the part of 
the lenec to keep the premisea in repair. The rent Is distributed on Good Friday. 

AdmwI Ward, of Derby, Maltster, by indenture dated 81st Mareh, 1673, conreyed hia 
estate >o certwn tmsteos, for the raising and making tOr ever 3b. weekly lo be bestowed in 
aix loares of bread, of the Talne at 4d. a piece, and it was declared that when eight of the 
troatees aboold die, the earriTora ahould, at the cost ot the pariah, convey the aaid landa to 
the mayor and burgesses, lo the intent that they ahould reconvey the same to the aurriTing 
trasleea ami eight others of the inhabitants of Derby. Truateee were re-q)poiDled in ITOT, 
and the last appointment was made on 33rd and 34th Nor. 18O0. The property of this 
chari^ consiata of an undivided moie^ of a parcel of land, eontaining between eleeen and 
twelve acres on the weat side of the turnpike road leading bom Derby to Allestree, (the other 
nwie^ of which belongs to Moore's charity, next mentioned) and in the occnpatlan of Geo. 
Palmer, ( 1836 ) at the yearly rent of £8T, principally oeenpied as a nursery. Thirty sixpenny 
loaves are dislribiiled every Sunday, at the church, by the pariah cleA, for which he receives 
£1 per Boninn, and Mr. Saddler (Or receiving the rents, £3. 

Itabd Moon, by indenture dated Slat March, I0T9, conveyed her estals to osrtain 
iTDBlees, for the raising £A from lbs profits of the aaid lands, lo be bestowed in Ihe putting 
forth to an apprentice in some boneat trade, of one male shild, being the son ot some poor 
person, inhabiting within the parish of All Saints. The last appointment of trustees is 
dalcd 3In October, 1T83, (for Ihe description see Ward's charity above.) £41, the yearly 
[Rocceda, i* employed in binding out apprentices with premiums ot £10 each, but it they 
•re placed with framework knitters only £3 is given. 

Frmmat Ooodititi, ot Derby, glover, by his will daled 11th November, 1S96, gave his 
house in the beast market, in Derby, to his son, Francis Ooodwin, and hia heirs, that the 
rent of Ihe said house should be bestowed yearly, for ever, fourteen days before Christmas, 
in ctolh, to be given to the pool in Derby, Sec. In Ihe before-mentioned old book relating 
lo charitiea, Ihia benefaction is staled at being a yearly simi of £1 13s. id^ for ever, out ot 
a tenement at Ihe market head, in the parish of Si. Werburgh. It appeara bom this donor's 
■in, thai the whale rent shoold be bestowed in cloth, but Hr. Robert Dowman Battelle has 
prodnoed to us an abstract of a deed made 1767, by which it waa conveyed tree from 
inenmbranee, except a certain cbali^ ot £1 8b. or thereabouts, per annum, which is laid out 
in pnichaaiDg tour gDwna for four poor widows, ot the parish ot All Saints, in Derby. 

CharUg/ar Oatetu, — Six gowns ot Ihe value of about 10s. each, have lor many years 
been gim at Chrialmas, lo six poor widows, out of properly belonging to Sir Hugh Baleman, 
Ban., imtil his death, 1834, afterwards by Richard Thomas Baleman, Esq., his ne|diew. 
Ui. Baleman's agent saya, they cannot hnd any dociunenls by whom or at what time this 



cbul^ waa given, bat n^ tint he bu been intoimed the diilribudoa is made in raepeel of 
■ boDM in St. Hut's gue, put of the propertr occnpied by Mr. Thooies Ley Greim. 


Coantta qfOevoiuhire and alhera. — The annual sum of £2 Sn. 4d. Is received from tlia 
chamberlain of the cnrporation, bj ibe chorcbirirdenB of this pari*b, aa the portion of die 
above chuitieB already described. 

Suvelritm'i Charity, (see All Saints,) IDs. whereof ia given to ten poor widows of this 
parish ; given amonf^t the others the day after Christmas ilny. 

Chriitopher Nayler, by his will d&ted 4lh Febraaiy, 1060, declared his will to be, John 
Nayler and his heira ahoold bate his house in the puish of St. Michael, on condition ifaat 
be and hia heirs should pay yearly the som of 2(>s. to the oversef rs of the parishes of Sl 
Michael and St, AUnnnnd. tor ever. lOa. ■ piece, to be by them distributed to the most 
honest and needy poor iDhabiting tberein, on the 'ifitii DcFember ; the aum of 10s. is paid by 
Mr. John Palmer, the occupier of a bonae in Queen street, Derby, opposite St. Michael's 
cburrh, belonging to Mrs. Qilbam, and the distribution made with others the day after 
Chrislmu day. 

FaruK Land. — By an indenture dated let Feb., 160T between the mayor and bnrgeasea 
of Derby, on the one pan, and ten others, pariabionera of St. Alkmund, a parcel of land 
containing 4a. •in.m\r., aitnate in High Grave Field, Chester, was conveyed to the parish of 
St. Alkmond, to llie uae and babooF of the poor, in lieu of other lands belonging to the said 
poor dispersed amongst the lands of the said mayor and burgesses, and of which part had 
been alienated to the Dean of Lincoln. The field is now let for £16 a year, received by the 
veatij clerk and carried to the overseera' account. We have not been able to discover by 
what means this parish became possessed of the parcels of land granted to the corporation 
in exchange. 


Richard Parker by will, dated ^th December, ISSO, gave to the inhabitants of Little 
Eaton £20, to be vested in land, the profits thereof to be distributed to the poor of the said 
town for ever, and made Edmund Webster, Esq.. his executor. Ice. John Webster, at a conrt 
holden for the manor of DuSeld, on Ibe 10th of March, 1 710, surrendered a Pin^ called 
Cnmberiand Pingle, paying yearly to the overseers of the poor of Little Eaton, (he sum of 
aOs. at Christmas, to be disposed of to the poor. By indenture, dated 14th Harcb, I7iO, 
this was vested in trustees, Ac. The field is now the property of John Balgny, Esq., whose 
agent pays 30a. yearly to the overseer, which is dislribated a few days after Cbriatmaa. 

Ann Party by deed, in 171S, gave to the poor of this township the som of £10, 
producing 10s. per annnm; which is now paid by Mr. John Tempest, of Bnrley, in the 
parish of Dnffield. 


Counteit nf Demmthire and cthtri tharitin. — (See Derby.) 

The annual anm of £1 3a. Sd., being the portion of these charibes appropriated to the 
poor of this parish, is received from the ehamberiain of the corporation by the cbnrehwardens, 
and distributed, shortly after Christmas, in sums of 6d. and la. each, to poor persons of the 
parish, widows uid others. 

WUIioM Setham, whose bequest of £100 to be lent to the poor of Derby ia already 
noticed, also left tOs. yeariy by his will, dated 1003, to be paid by his heirs for ever onl of 
his lands, towards the relief of d>e poor people of Deriiy. The only snms now paid from 
this charity are 2s. Sd. to St. Michatl's parish, and 8s. to the pariah of St. Werbnrgh ; Ibe 
parts belonging the other parishes are not now paid. 

Daniel Deane by hla will, dated lal April, lOST, gave to the ptior peo^ of Oia parish of 
St. Werbnrgh, in Derby, yaarly, tor ever, 15s. to be distributed by the ebnvohwanlens of that 
pari^, to i!> poor inhabitants, in fonipeiuiy loaves, on the of Virgin Hny, and to 


the poor people of the p«riBh of St. Michwl jtiij for ever, W be ilislribuled bj the 
ehnrchvaideiis in lik« mumer. B; an old book relating to cbaritjea of this puish, the 
hoDM charged with this ptjmsnt ia stated to be ntualed on ihe east side of the Market place 
of Derbf, The annaal nun of As. ia now reeeJTed ftom the Kcretair of the assemblj' raoma, 
vliich arc utnate on the east side of the market place. At the time of our invealigation, 
ihng jear^ pafment of Dean's chant; for this parish remained nndiMorbed, in consequence, 
as tfie assislant oierseer said, of his not haling been aware in respect of what donation it 

Ckrvioplter Nagler't charily,— (See 8l Alkmund's parish.) 

10b. reuly is paid to the oversells of this parish. For some years this has been 
eiTODeously carried to the general account of the chorchwardeua and oierneera of the poor, 
itoagbt however lobe distributed to (he poorin folure, on Christmas day; and the anvare 
from the time of the last distribution ought to be aceotmted for and giren in the aame 

Farixk Landt, — By indenture, dated Isl September, 163T, certain premises were vested in 
tnuteea for raising a anm for the repairs of the parish ohorch of 3t. Michael. By Isase, 
beating dsile SOth Seplcmber, 1674. the miateee in considenlion of £10, paid by Bichard 
BoothoDie towards the repairs of the church and bells of St Hicbael, and of the sntteitder 
of three former leases, deriscd to the said Richard Boothouse, his eiscutora, Jic., Ihe 
mecaiugB or tenement situate in the parish of St. Michael, for a term of 999 years, at the 
yearly rent of £1. This rent is now paid from two houses in Queen street, opposite the end 
of Full street, by the tenants under Lord Scarsdslc. A rent of 10s. per annum is paid bj 
Tfaomaa Bratiton, in lespeot of a warehouse in Wallier lane. A rant of Ds. paid bj Ihe 
cnnnlj tnasnnr, in respect of a part of Ihe buildings erected tor the Judges' lodgings, on 
the site of which formerly stood two houses, being near the lower end of Walker lane, U 
appears origiaallj intended for the poor of St. Michael and St. Alkmtmd. A rent of 4s. 
qipears to haTe been formerly receiied for a galden in St. Michael's lane, which now forms 
the site of aouM bouses belonging to the parisb ; and a teat of As. was fotmeriy receiTed for 
a piece of ground which is now the site of the parish Testry, The rents of £i, IDs., and 
9b., aie received by the assistant overseer, and carried to the general account, for Ihe repairs 
of the chanh and relief of the poor. 


GUhtrft chariig and others'.— By an inquisition taken at Derby, before the commissioners 
of charitable uses, it was bund that there was one coUage and backside, and various other 
lokds, kc., given by one Gilbert, and others, tor the repairs ot the church at Altaslon, and 
(or the discharge of Ihe yearly anm of £!t, paid by the churcbwordens ot Atvastoa lo Ihe 
vieai of St. Michael, Derby. 

By indenture, la:., dated 33rd and 34lli June, 1891), a messnage, with a garden, bam and 
eowbonie. liluale in Alvaston, was conveyed to trustees ; who declared the purcbase money 
(£120) was received by them, as tmstees ot the charity, under a fonner deed, made in 1310. 
The property ia now let for £6i, and ia divided amongst labouring men, to enable Ihem to 
keep a cow each. 

Tbebonac, purchased for £120 in 1833, is in the occupation of a schoolmaster, at Ihe rent 
ot £4 a year. The cow-house and bani was taken down, and two school rooms have bean 
eneted at an expense of £100. Tbs sum ot £3 3s. is paid lo Ihe vicar of St Michael, in 
Ken of various dnes, &c. £2 lis. is subscribed to the Derby infirmary for the beneflt of the 
paw ot the parish ; and lOd. is paid to the Ireasnret for keeping the accounts. 

There are also two small donations, smoimting to 13s. a year, supposed to be made from 
Beitrt HerherCi beqnest of Bs. a ysar, and 4s ttota that of Witlian Babmioa. 

It appeared to as desirable some more regular plan should be adopted for the qipllealiOB 
of the diaiitT, regard being hid to the pmrposes for which il is applicable. 

■.;, Google 



EaUrt lAotnagt, bf deed of teoffiuent, dM«d 2nd Anguet, 31sl Henrjr VIII, (1&2S> 
granted and eonflnned lo the vicu of Sl Fern, and Bei«n others, nrious leDementa and 
lands, lo the use of the said Robert LiTcrsage uid Alice his iritc, and the Bonrivor of them, 
to the fulfilling of bis will, M foUoirB— vii., that Ralph Ley, his priest, snd hia tncccston, 
his priests, shoold recsiTe all the rents and profit* of the s^ premises, and hate the letting 
to (snn of the same, bjr the advine of the vicar and cbucbwardens of 8L Peter's ; to the 
intent that the eud Halph, and his successors, should sa; moss dailj in a ohHpd which he 
bnilt, for Ihe-eoula of the sud Robert and AUce hie wife ; and he directed that on Friday 
veekl;, tbe said Ralph, and his succeasars, should saj mtaa In the said chqiel, and that 13 
poor men and women ahould be present, and each receive one silver peno; ; and his ^eari; 
obit should be kept, on the ■niii'ersar]' of his death, within tbe parish chareh of Su Peter, 
and certain puvments, therein specified, made lo the vicar, the priests, and others, attending 
at such obit, all the costs and charges of which he directed sbonld be paid out of the rents 
and proQn of the said premises. 

Various awards, decrees, elchsnges, and indentures, hare In regard of this property 
taken place ; and which still, in 1 636, appears to have been in an nnsatiBtactoi; elate. The 
conmiisaioneia recammended that a seheme for the future disposal thereof, under the 
Banclian nf the court of equit;, should be ftamedj tor which it was agreed, at a meeting 
holden dlh Jnlj, 1S20, that a petition should be presented, under the act 52nd George III., 
to the court of Chancery, fbr the better regulatioD of this chari^. The proeeeds of the 
proper^ anionm lo .£990 8s. 4d. 

Tbe trustees conceive that tbeir power eitends onlj to the management of the property, 
not to the applicsiion of the proeeeds, and that their doty ceases on paying over the clear 
rents to the church wardens. The present vicar (IS96) having declined to take any part in 
the admioiBtratJon, after a small payment (£4 fls. Bd,) for a weekly distributiDn of bread, 
and all necesaary repairs of the chorch, the residue is psJd to the ovetseeiB of the poor. 
In leie, s sum of jE09O was paid by the churchwardens from this charily for the ponhasfl 
of ■ new bnrial-gronnd near the chorch. 

Cotmtta of DetmiMrf'i charity, and olkeri. — Tbe annual sam of £3 8s. Od. arising 
(torn these charities, already nodced, is paid by the chamberlain of the corporation to the 
ehnrchwardens, ThiB sum, with several others following, they distribute on St. Thoma^B 
day amongst the poor of the parish, who attend tlie chorch, nsuallj in sums of Is. to each. 

Otbomt and Stabltit eliarilg—lte^. William Osborne, late vicar, left by will £iO in 
money, and three Isnds lying in Cowsley field, Derby, to the vicar and churchwardens; to 
whom and others, tiusteeB of Liverssges's charily, they were conveyed by indenture, dated 
Ist June, 1722; to distribute three two-penny loaves lo three poor persons ftequenling the 
church, and coming to prayers : and reciting that the said lauds had been sold for £0, and 
recitiag that by the wilt of Jamfi Slabkt £6 was left to the vicar and chnrebwardens for the 
payment of Is. a piece yearly on Sl Thomas' day lo five poor honse-keepets not receiving alms 
of the pariah ; and reciting that the sums of ^6, and £0, and £5, amounting lo £10, had 
been paid to the trustees of Liversages charity. Ho distribution is made in respect of the 
small donation of James Stables, but ought to be on 81. Thomas's day. 

Babiiigtm'i CharUs^The parljamenlaiy returns of 1786 state that Augustine Bsbinglon 
In IMS, gave a rent charge of 20s. per umum to the poor of this pariah; also, 
SOs. to tbe poor of the parish of Normanton. The annual sum of 20s. is received &om 
Mr. William Peach, the tensnt of a faim at Normanton, which formerly belonged to the 
Dixie family, and applied with others on St. Thomas's day. 

Eliiatttii WUcox by will, dated aOlh April, 16KI, reciting that she had by indenture, 
bearing dale lOth June, 12tfa Charles I., conveyed to certain trustees her messuage, situate in 
Derby, nigh St. Peter's biidgs. Staling that after her decease, she gave the said premises lo 
the poor ofAsbwell, in the counlyof Rutland, Elvaslon in the conn^ of Derby, and St. Peter's. 
Derby, the tents, &C., to be divided as follows, vii., one halt to the poor of the parish of 
Ashwell, and one lislf lo ihe poor of the eiad parishes of Klvaatou and Si. Peter, to be 


dblribilted bj the ptzaoaa, vicus, and ohnrehvudens at (he uid pulshei, on (be fcwt daj 
or SL Thomas, the apoatle. The proper^ condati at the Angel Inn and a messuage and 
garden ■djoining to the back bmldings of it, the toimei lei for MB and the latter £11 per 
aDmoin ; let on lease dated SBlh September, 1823, for 31 yean, with a oovenaul fiom the 
leaane to keep the piemieee in lepah-. Mr. Wm. Whislon, >oUcitor, managee the estate and 
paji die proceeds accordingly. 

Dontluf CaaJg, bj Hill dated 1687, (see 3u Werborgh) gavs s rent charge of £Q lo be 
bestowed in eight gowns or eoau of the Taloe of ISs. 6d. tour of which were to be giien on 
St Tbonu^ day, to St. Peter'a pariah. The aanaal eiun of £3 10s. a moiety of the above 
rent charge is paid from a honss in Ssdlergale to the chnrehwaidens of the pariah, who 
proTide serm gowns irtiich they distribnte lo poor widows on Sl Thomas's day. 

Otorye Jaekmm, Ml>.. by his will dated 16th May, ISSO, gave to the poor of SL Peter's 
padsh, D«rby, 90s., to be paid yeariy, for erar, on St Thomaa'a day, out of the fee him rents 
of the Chunpagne of the Peak, in the eountj of Derby. The abore is paid by the agent of 
the Dnke of DeTonabire. 

Tktodona Biwgh, by will dated in 1T23, charged her lands in the parish of Spondsn, 
cooBly of Derby, with the pajment of a rent charge of 40b. per annlun, lo pay to ten poor 
widows of the parish of St. Peter, Derby, 2e. a piece ; and to ten poor widows of the pariah 
of St. Werbntifh, Derby, St, a piece. The annual sum of aOs. is diatriboHd on Bu Thomas's 


C<mntni of ItrvorMxt and dhtri dmriliet, — The annnal snm of £3 8a. arising to this 
pariah is paid by Ihe chamberiain of (he corporation to the ehnrchwardens qf this parish, 
who also recelTe several othen, as noted beieaAer, amounting to £8 Ts. ICM., usually 
distribnted m the day after Christmas Day, UDongat Ihe poor of the parish, in aoms of about 
2a. eadi to the widowa, and Is. or Is. Od. esch to other poor persons, and of about £fi arising 
from Ibe alms collected at Ihe aaerament. Bat ihe accounts appear not kept in proper order, 
and the emumissionna {1H2S) observe, " It is very desirable Ibat in future a debtor and 
creditar account should be kept of sll ihe charities received and disposed of by the 
ehorebwardcns," Ik. 

AA't CluBity — alreadynoiiced, of which the poor of this parish ate entitled to the annual 
sntiofiS; bat the siun of £1 1 la. lOd. only haa been hitherto ^aid by the coiporabon of 

BaOtamf Chanty. — See St HiebaeTs parish. — The annnal anm of Sa. is leeelved by Ibe 
Anrdiwardens, &om John Smilh, Esq., aa the owner of a house in Derby, on Ihe Ashbonra 

Ihmad FleUher, by wiU, dated Iftlh June, IBOH, gave two acrea of land for the nte of ten 
of the poorest widows In the parish of St. Werbnr(^ for ever, and directed that Samuel 
FIeteba,hiiDephew,shouldhold the said two acres doling bis life, and'that in recompence be 
or his assigne abonld yearly, on Christmas Dsy, before divine aertice in the morning, pay to 
Ac Ticar of die said pariab, Ihe toll anm of 20a., to be equally diatribnied to ten of Ihe 
poorest widows of that parish, who sbonld on that da; be at divine service (if able to come 
tturelo). And Aal after Ihe death of the aaid Ssmnel Fletcher, it should be lawM for the 
vicar and ehurebwardens to enter upon the piemlaes, and to lake the fbll rent for Ihe uaea 
■fomaid. By a lease bearing date Sflth December, 1T39, this property was leased to WiUiam 
Tnmer, for a uam of 1,000 yean, on paying £00 as a fine, and the reserved rent otSOs., and 
rccitiiig ihu the aald WlUiam Turner Intended to incloee the land in Part Field, with olher 
of his lands, so that the bounds and descriptlan of Ihe ssme might in time become unknown. 
The reason asaigned for this transaction is, that Ihe parish wanted to raise a fUnd to build 
a woiUioaae. It ts clear trom the donor's will, that the viear and chnrcbwaidena had no 
auhort^ lo raise money by granting such a lease. 

BrtmgKi CAorify.— 9ee St. Feiei's.— Ten poor widowa receive 3s. each, amounting to CI 
pet mnnm, out of certain closes al S^ndon. 


tiaac Chrikin gne ta the poor ot this piriih 30a. pet uumm, to be diitdbutsd on lb> 
teul nr ooT SiTiour'B natiTi^. Tbis umnal Bnm is receiied b; tbe charchwudcDi out of 
■n estate M Ltagltj, JD tbe count; of Derbj, Ihe property of Robert Ueniy Cheney, Eeq. 

Donie/ will, dated 1637, (ate St. Michael'i,) gate ISi. per anoiuii, oat of hii 
home in Derbj, to be diBlribiiled lo lit poor inhabitants of Su Weibnrgb, in toni-penDT 
loaTtB. on Ihe feut of ihe Annunciation of Ihe Blesseil Vii^ Huy. Tbis ia now paid bj 
the aecretary of Ibe AaaemU; Rooms to the churchwardena, and the bread distribnted on 

Jontit Dole.— Oo the 13th Haj, and 23rd NoTsmber, annuallj, bread to the amonnt of 
Is. is given b; the church wardens. The same distribution appears to have been made as 
Ui back as ITIT, but no olher panieulais bare been obtained. 

John Bloodm/rth bj will gafe lo the chorehwardena of St Werburgb iElOO, to be laid oat 
in purchasing land in the names of (feoffees, ibe rents thereof to be jearlj disposed of as 
(bllows: — 12d. eieij Snnda; in wbeaten bread lo the poor of that parish; 2s. lo the 
ehorcbwardens. and 2s. lo the parish clerk, for their puna; andlSa.ld. lolheminiaterotlha 
oharch lo preaeh a sermon on ihe 5th Kot. jearlj, in remembrance ot the deliTerance of the 
nation from the belUsb gunpowder plot, and the residue he directed lobe laid out on that daj, 
in twopennj loaves of whealen bread, to be distributed amongst the poor ot the said parish 
bf the churchwardens and oTeraeers of the poor. B; indenture dated 3rd Sept, 1660, Ihia 
iflOO was, with the consent of the principal inhabilants, Tested with the mayor and burgesses 
of Derby, and a yearly rent charge of £6, lo be payable, issuing ODI of two closes known by 
Ihe names of the Rayles and Darley Hill, which are now not known, bnl Ifaia annual som is 
eonaidered a cha^e upon iLeit general property. 

Jifary Dag, by will dated 33lh Sep. 1669, gave £00 to imstees, lo be bestowed by them 
in the purchase of land lying in the eonnly of Derby, that out of the rents and proGia 
thereof, there might be Is. weekly raised for efei, to be by Ibe chnrehwardeos and OTerseers 
of the poor, distributed in Ihe parish church of St Werbu^h, viz., Sd. in money and Sd. in 
bMad. By indenlart, 10th April, 1674, a close ot meadow, called Ihe Old Meadow, was 
enfeoffed for the payment The annual sum of 93b. is now paid by Charles Clarke, Esq., 
Derby, fat hia (atiier, as the owner of Ihe land. 

John Oubonu the elder, of Derby, by will dated 3rd Hay, 1689, gave to his sons, John and 
Thomas Qisbotne, £200 in truat, that they, and Ihe aurvivor of them, and his heirs should 
porchase therewith land of inheritance, or a fee &rm rent, of Ihe yearly value of £10, if 
Ihej oould, the rants and proGis thereof lo be diapoaed in manner following, viz. : — ane-half 
of the yearly value of the rents and profits, above all charges, lo be yearly disposed of on ihA 
feast of St Thomas the Apostle and 8t John the Baptist, lo the poor of the pariah of 
WiUingtOD, in the county of Derby ; one moiety of soch half of the rents to bay four gowns 
or coats, for lour poor men or women of that parish, to be disposed of on St Thomaa's 
day, Ihe olber moie^ of aaid half to be given in money on Ihe feast days of St Thomas Ihe 
Apostle and St John Ihe Baptist, in eqnal portiona, to auch poor inhabitants of WiUingKm 
not having the aaid coala or gowns that year. And Ihe testator directed, Ibal the olher half 
of the yearly rents, above all charges, ahonld be diapoaed of, one maiely in gowns and coats, 
and the other in money, lo poor persons of St Wetbnrgfa, Derby, in Ihe ssaw manner as at 

By indenture, dated 3rd July, 1690, il appears that £262 lis. Bd. was paid by the two 
Ht. Qisbotne, to whom an annual fee farm rent, payable oot of the tecloiy and chntcb of 
Cbnrch Broughlon, was granted. John Oitborne, his son, by will dated 16th April, 1704, 
gave to his son, John Giabome, and his heirs, &c., a ttn tium rent issoing out of the tithea 
in Chorch Broughlon, in imsl to bay and provide font gowns or coats, each of Ihe value of 
12s., lo bs by him and his heirs disposed of on Cliristmas-day ; two of the aaid poor persona 
to be inhabitants ot St Werbargb's, Derby, one of Hillon, and one of Boylstone, in the said 
ooonly. The fee farm rent of £13 2a. Td., appears lo be now (1B26) vested in Edmond 
Henry Luabington, Esq., from whtch sum £1 19s. 5^ has alw^ been dedueied aa land tax. 

DonMhf Cmdf, by will dated llih Huob, 16BT, gave lo tnuiee* a yeariy rent charge ot 

.;, Google 


li, bniinf out of her msmugo where ihe dwelt, *iid out of the m^t room, outliouMS, jte., 
ihcnlD btloDging, Btute in the pariah of Su Werborgb, and ont of the taaemeut> tin., 
atoaU in St. Peter's, on Inut that Ihef ahonJd bestow the same jearly In eight goma or 
MMta, of the laloe of 12a. 6d. a piece, to be jearlT given on the feast of St. Tbomas the 
apoatle ; fbnr of the aaid gowna or coats to Sl Peter's parish, and four to the poor inhabitiog 
in St Werimrgh't ; she alto gare the vicar of St Werburgh and hjs sncceisors, nine acres of 
land by eitiinUion, lying in the Belds of Derbj and Normanton, provided that he and thej 
■hoold preach, or hum to b« preached, two eermons, one on the SSrd Nov., uid the other 
on the 13lh of March ; she gave to her executors £110 in trust, to purchase land, &C., of the 
dear yeartj value £1, at which £5 to be paid to two indigent glovers, &c., (see Derby) and 
40s. to be laid oat in bread, yearly to be distributed at St. Werburgh'a, on the 23rd Nov. 
tad I3th March. By exchange and enclosure several changes have been made in the 
wiginal property. Mr. Charles Howanl Whitehursl, at present, (1820) holds the property, 
wfaith WBS by him granted on lease (or 31 years, to Wm. Bromley. Mr. Whilehnrst ha* 
signified his willingness la coDvey the lands to traatees, that the whi^e rents and proBta 
mighl be employed upon the trasts mentioiied in Mr. Cuudy's will, provided the eiiatiug 
base granted by him be left undisturbed, but it was considered the property was worth £20 
per annum, whereas, for editeen yean they would only get £13 per annum. 

S^taa FomleT, out of her seal fbr the education of poor children inhabiting within St 
Werbu^h, directed in her lifetime, that her brother William Fowler, should after her decease 
bestow upon a purchase of land £116, part of her estate. By indenture dated ISib ot 
Knember, 1711, Thomas Alestny, conveyed to William Fowler and four others, a olose 
called the Moor Furlong aose, in Alvaston and Bolton, that the said William Fowler, his 
sorviving mstees and all others as should be elected trusleesr ahonld with the rents and 
proftti tlwreot, pnt to school and educate in the reading of English 14 poor children, and 
abould find them necessary books, &c. 11 is also further agreed the trustees on the 
Saturday aAer Michaelmas day, shotdd meet in the said parish church, in the preaenM of 
other inhabitants, and make a just accoont of the state of the charily, &«. The ealala 
eootaiii* aboat 7 acres, now let for £12 per annimi. 

Tkamtaa HaugUmt, by indenture dated 21tb October, 1.T2S, granted to the vicar of St. 
WeriHugb and four others and there hein, three panels of land, with a newly errecled 
misnagf thereon ealled Foulbrook closes, in the liberty of Little Over, near the Bed ditch 
kne, in the county of Derby, in trust that if they should be living at the time of his deceise, 
Oay should let the said premises for the best rent, and apply the rents &c., towards putting 
Bst apprentices, such and so many poor children of St. Werburgh to such trades and 
Imi masts >a they ehsll think fit, &c.. that as any of the trustees die othera shall be elected 
whhin three months. The property consists of a small house and 22i. 3b. fUr of grass 
bad, fet for £M 10s. per annum, which had been let previous to 1833 for £71 per annum. 
The pienuDm has been advanced to IS guineas. 

WUSmm Petter, it Is staled on a benefaction table in the church, gave 90s. per annum 
lo the poor, vdiich was paid by the parish, and in the parliamentaiy returns of 1780, this 
gift is mcQlianed as being £90 vested in the parish ofBcers,&c. We have not been able to 
ttttd »Bj trace of this charity in the parish books, nor any further information. 

Jalm BfaUman, It is also slated, in 1729, left £10 for the nse of the poor of this pariah 
km there is now no sneh sum, It may have been distribnted at the time when given. 

Pmralt lAoid. Than Is a parcel of land containing abont two acres, in the old meadows. 
Dear Derby, anhld ^ (!■* common rights of the bnrgesses after the crop of hay is taken, 
fa ultily 1« fbr £9 ■ year, and is now occupied by the parish, and the profits carried lo the 
general aocoimt of the overseers of the poor. 


Tbe Derby Oeneral Infirmary is pleasantly sitnated on the London road. It was first 
epcD Ibr tbe reception of ths sick and poor lame of any eounly or nation, in the year 1610, 
a>d WBBt then great nnmben have partaken of the healing benefits of ^ia Samarilan inatitu- 
tidn, vrhicfa rank* M the most extensive and useftil in the town of Derby. The buHdiug is a 


modem Btone iDnctnn, ipproiched bj (lepl ind * pcrtico, sapported by TotU Doric piDiM, 
the botlom stoij briiig ■ littls sank and inrronnded by an u«a. Il is ealcnlaled to aecomo- 
dHte one bandred patieDta, and ia BiUTounded b; haiteea acres of land porcbaaed to pKrmt 
the loo near approach of buildings, and coal nekrlj £16,000, which wag raJMd bf nibseriptioD, 
The middle elory is a little eleTated, and containi a apacions hall, which ia lifted by ■ dome 
OTer Ihe centre of the building, and the upper elory ia approached bj ■ itaircaae wUeh 
letminalea in a galletj stuToimding ibree sides of Ibe hall. Two spacioos daj roam*, one 
for each aex, are appropriated to the conraleacent patients, and the whole building is eSectnallj 
warmed and ventilaled. Fiie large balha are healed by steam, into whioh the water ia 
pumped by ■ steam engine, the power of i^iich ia likewise applied in performing lbs more 
laborious domestic operations of the eslabliahmenl ; a portion of the building wai 10 
construrled as to have no interna] connection with tbe Infirmary, *diicb ia naed as a ferer 
ward. All tbe internal arrangamenta are of the most complete and aatisfaoloiy order, and 
reflect Ihe lUgbest credit on ihe late Wm. Strott, Esq., who was the principal designer. 
Since its commeDcement to Sep. 2etb, IB44, 12,023 patients haTe been admitted, and 13,188 
discharged, and 1,401) oot-patiento, 730 in-patienls were admitted during Ihe jear ending 
Sep. 2Blb, lua, tbe average nnmber in the boose was 81 during the same year. Tbe 
eipeaditnre of thia noble instilution was tor Ibe eame petiod, £2,300 13s. Sd^ and Qia 
receipla £3,604 Bs. Id., Ihe annual subscriptianB amoimt to about £l,IOO, and Ihe inlemt on 
funded and other property to £900 per annum. Doling tbe year 1644, donations and 
legacies amounting ID £400 were raoeiTed, liz., £3110 from Edirard Strutt, Esq., H.P.; £aO 
from Hiss Selina SItweU ; £30 th>m B. 8. Sitwell, Esq. ; and £200 from ibe late Bd. Porealer 
Forester, Esq., HJ). ; also £630 whldi was nol entered in the abstract of that year, tIi., 
£000 tuna Edward Degge Sitwell, Esq. ; £00 (tom Ibe Bl Hon. Lord Boarsdale ; £00 ban 
Hisa If ary Ann Bingham ; £200 from the eiecnlors of the lats Sir Oeorge Crewe, Bart ; and 
£20 from the eieculors of Ihe late Mr. John Darby. Amongst fbnner benefaclora to lhl> 
Institatioii, are His Hqesty, the King of Belgium, and Her HqesQ Queen Adelaide, each 
£100. An ODliaowii friend,* £0,237 Sa. lOd. ; Isaw: Hawkins, Esq., £0,3S1 4b. 4d. ; Ae Rev. 
Francis Gisbome, £4,603, three per cenL conaola, and £2,643 three per cent, reduced 
annuities ; Dnks of Devonshire, £2^000 ; Sir Bd, Aikwrigbt, £1.000; Ibe Duke of Bulland, 
£0O0;EdwardDeggeSitwell, Esq., £000; Derby Corporation, £000; and the late T. Evana 
■od Sons, £000, with a long Ual of others. 

Sir Henry Sacheverel WDmot, Bart, ia Ihe president; the physicians are Thomas Bent, 
H.D. ; Wm. Baker, H.D. ; and James Heygale, M J>., F.B.3. ; consulting enrgeons, Edwwd 
Bennel Oodw^ and John Wright; attending surgeons, Douglas Foi and John Whitaker 
Johnson ; honse apothecary, Biohard Dii ; chaplain, Ber. Oerraae Wrl^l ; and seorebu;, 
Bamnet Wbltaker ; Ur. and Mrs. Rimington are Ihe master and mistresl. 

DcHBT 3iLr SurroBTiRa IsriBiiABT, in Bridge gate, ia a valuable instttntion, 
established in 1830, with Ihe intention of ennmraging a provident apirit amongst tha 
working classes. By paying one penny per week for persons aboie 11 years of age and one 
halfpenny for children under that age, Ihey thereby entitle ihemaelTes lo medioal assislanoe 
In all eases of aickness, and where severe illness renders Ihem nnfit to attend tf>e di^>ensar7 
medical officers of the eslabliahmenl attend at their faomea. It has also had a obari^ elasa 
but in Ihe report of 1844 it is proposed to be abolished. The affairs are managed by a 
preaident, five vice presidente, and a eommitlee of ten subscribers, and is attended by seven 
sargeoDs. Tbe annual atibscripiian in 1814 amounted lo £101 7s. 8d., to whieh a donation 
of £10 10s. had been made, and £80 14s. Id,, bad befn received from Ihe weekly 
oontribntion. leaving a balanee in the bank of £11 18b. 3d. ; but at the same time a balanea 
of £131 10a. lOd., remained ttom the preceding year against the instiution. Mr. John 
Webster, is tbe resident di^enser. 

* This nnkooBu friend also left two mma of Ibe same amount to the Sbcffleld and 
Hottiugbam Infirmaries. The money was paid by Hcasr*. Cootts, be, bankers, Londoo, and 
tbe donor ii generally belirved 10 have been that great pbilosnj^ and cbymist tbe Hon. 
Henry Catendiih, who died at Clapbun, in 181 1. 


LoBiTio AiTLDii, Graenhill, ii a prinu oUbliahmBQt, conducted bjHeiu; Bri^t(ike,M,D. 
Itoconpin k Sue aittution, sod bu aoquind great calebri^ bj iujudicioas muHLgemenL 

Pdblic Bathb may alao be elaaaed unongst the medical institulions of Ihe town. Tha 
Derbj bathing aatablubment, St. Heleo'i, ilreet, waa eommauced in 1839, and is effloieallj 
condneted b? tti. JoMph UalL It i> open from 8 in tha maming dU balf paat 9 in tlM 

PxoTiDmn SocikTtt). — Belonging to Ihia dasa then are in tiu» town a unmbcr of 
Aa{A Bodttitt, the membera of which paj small eanlribntioDB to theii respectiTe fonda, 
flxnD wluch thej an isiiaved in caae of aiokneBs, iiiSnni^, and anperanoation, and from 
■bjeh Iha friauda of decesBsd membera nceive anme of iC8 or £10, to pcoride for theii 
daemt intennenl, Ua. AmoDgaC (haae fratemiliea an seTenl eecnt orders, Tiz : lodges of 
iVemaania, OJd Fttknn, and AndeM Drmdi, whose splendid " regalia," gives an impoaing 
efleet to all public pioeessiona. The Odd Felloira asd Dniids are Terj nnmeioos in Detbjr 
and the neighbouring rillagES, 

SiTiaos Bua, Friar gale, is a prorident inetitotion, whiob affords a safe and bsneBcial 
iOTeatiDait for the aarings of (he hiunbler dasaea. It was satablisbed in 1618. A nsat 
building vaa areat*d oat of the sniplas ftand in 1830, from a design of Mr. H. J. Si«Tens, 
Willi a rsudenee for the alerk, at a eosi of about £2,800, and was evened, 23 Nov. 1840. 
It ia open on Mondaj and Fiidaf, from half paal 11 o'clock to half paat 12, and on Satnrdaf 
eraniog bom 7 to B o'clock. At the annual meeting of the tnuteet, Edward Sbntt, Esq. 
•od John Bingbam, £»q., and the managing committee, the deposits amounted to 
£132^8 13b. lid. ; the depoaitora were 4,290, being an increaae within the jrear of 418, 
Of these, 2^18 were not exceeding £30 ; 986 not eiseeding £50 ; 402 not exceeding £100 ; 
110 UM eZKcding £200 ; 20 exceeding £200. 20 were obarilable societies, and 121 biendlj 
■oeiMiea. S. Eralis, Eaq., is treaaanr; Hr. J. Walaon, secntarj; and Mr. 0. Bickards, clerk. 


Dbbbt P>iu)*orHlCAl SociBn, 8L Helen's street, has for its otgect the prontotiitg of 
tcientiflc knoiriedge, bj occaaional meetings, conTersation and lectnres, as well as bj the 
timilatiim of booka, was fomtded by Dr. Darwin, in 1783 ; it baa aboot 40 members, who 
an in poaaeasion of an extensive and valnable Ubrarj, containing 4^000 Tolomes, with 
Balbematieal and pbiloB<^>hical apparatus, ipeeimens of fosiiU, Ike., and pa; a jrearlj 
ssbaeription of 30a., and a fee of £2 Ss. ia charged for entranee. Dr. Bent is the president ; 
Mr. Hah, seentary; and Hiss Elisabeth Olivea, tnaiurer and Ubrarian. 

Toww aim Coobtt Libbibt, Amen aUej, to which situatiou it was removed at 
Udtaelmaa, 1B40. It was esUblished in Full street, in IBSIt, at which time (he Pervumaa 
LOnrj, which was eetsblished in 1811, at Hr. Wilkins'^ tranat^ired their slock la this 
fibmr, which was raised hj Bh*i«s of £5 Os., and an annual sabscription of 208., sod that 
•f iton-| m ipiielon £S. There an 180 members, and upwards of 0,000 Tolnmee. It ia i^o 
ftran 9 in tha morning to in the evening, except Sunday. John N. Khars, Esq., wcntar;, 
and Hr. Eiward Bailey, librarian. 

Town an Covwir Httsitrit, \tBm»M\m, Vicioria Mnet, wa« originally a private 
Si mil win, in Full street, established in 1830, but removed to lis present sitoatlon in October, 
1S40. Itwaa originally commenced by £1 shaiee, and an annual payment of Oa.; non- 
pnipvictcBa pay TcOd. annnally. It oonlains some intensting specimens of minarals, Ciaails, 
pnmred binU, native and foreign animals, inasots, akeletona, &e. It ia under the 
management of apreaidant, a commiRee of 13 gentlemen, and two Becietatiea; and ia open 
frosa D in the moniiag to 8 in the evening. Admission, Od. Urs. Catharine Pipaa U the 

Coos's Hqsbitm, Hsiftet place, estahlisbed in 1822, by Hi. John Cook, the proprialor, 
snd emttsina a large eoBeelioa of British and Ibreign natural eariOBitiea, including rare and 
beantifii] anunala, birda, fishes, snake*, inaeots, and many fr«aks of nature. Admittance, 
Sd. ; working people and ehildreu, 3d. each. 

HacHuiica' Ibmitdtb ud Libbabt, in Ihe Wardwick, vraa eitabliahed in 1S23; but In 
1892 note contDiodioua premises were pnrohased for Ihe inatilnlion ai a coat of £1,000: ]n 



1836, llic fir«l tlone of • leetaie hall ma laid bj JoMph Strau, E>q^ the pcMident of diU 
noble insdtutioD, which wu opened in 1S3T, and nml npwanls of £2,000, Indoditig die 
necesaaiy tbmitare. The room is Tl feel long and 10 bel wide, andlhewalli are omamenled 
with many ralualile painlingi, giien by the pnaident. £1,000 hinng bnn borrowed on 
morlga^, it was renolyed to open an exhibitian, ukd raise a fond to pay off tills sam. Fat 
this purpose, the nobility and gentry, in the town and neighbourhood, were solicited for the 
loan of articles, and opwarda of 0,000 diflerent apecimena, including tfaa newml improTe- 
ments in arts and science, and an extensive coUeetion of rare and Talnabla cniiositiea wer« 
kindly fumiahed. To witness this interesting eihitution '2s. (id. was charged for a seaacm 
ticket, which lasted IB weeks, and dd, for a single admission ; and no less than 90,000 
persons availed themselves of this opportunity of seeing this aasemblage of rarity and 
beanty. Tbe lotal receipts amonnled to £3,110 9s. Hd. The expenses being £704 0a. Sd., 
it left a balance of £1,395 for the liquidation of the debt, but which at present amonnla to 
£700. There are 500 senior members, and about 60 junior, with IT honorary members. 
Tbe library contains 4,000 volumes, and a museum and philosophical ^iparatns. The 
reading-room is open from an esriy hour to ten at night, and is well supplied with periodicals, 
and newapspen. Besides the regidsr classes Rir instmctioa. a class meets once a week fn 
the purpose of discnssing literary and scientific sutqecta. It is imder the man^ement of a 
president, Tice^president, and a committee of S3 members, elaien of whom an elected eniy 
ail manlhs. Mr. Henry Cumminga is the secretary, and Hr. David Dewaar, librarian. 

South DEBBvaHiBX Aqbicultdbu Pbotbctioh Socixtt, established in 1841, consists 
of about TOO members. E. S. Chandos Pole, Esq., chairman. It is managed by a DOmmiUce 
of 21, who meet the first Friday in every moodi, at the King's Head, Com market Hr. 
Thomas Newbold, secretary, 

Newsfifebs. — The pcTiodical press of Derby is confined to 3 weekly newspapers, lii., — 
Dtrbg Mercury, published by Thomas Burroughs, Irangate, on Wednesday, first published 
23rd March, 1733, by Mr. Samuel Drewiy. Derby and Cheitafiild SeporUr, published by 
Walter Pike, Com maAct, on Thorsdiy, and was eonnneneed 1st Januaij, 1833, prerioua to 
which sereral attempts had been unsuccessfully made to establish a second paper. 

Ktws Boon, Amen alley, establiehcd IB35, in FuU street, bat lemoved to its present 
■ilSBtion wiUi the Town and Coonty Library, in 1840. There are aboal TO subseribers ; 
those in the town and neighbourhood pay 30b. annually, if more than 2 miles distant 19s. 
■nniudly. Open daily bom 8 in the morning to half-past S in the eteuing. 

News Room, in the Athencnm, Victoria street, has 102 subsuibera, who pay one guinea 
each. It is weU suppUed with London and country papers. 

Nsws Book, Com market, Derby Liberal Operative Association. 


Tbomab LiaicBB, M.D., was bom in Derby, sdaoated at Oxford, resided at Soma and 
Fluience, and was a learned and great physioiaQ. He founded two public leetnres in Ozfotd, 
and one in Cambridge, For the study of physic ; and the eollegs of physiciaiks in London- 
He was chief physician to Kings Heikry Til, and Vlll. A abort time before bis death, which 
b^pened on the 12th of October, 1524, he had become a priest He was buried nnder a 
study monument in St Paul's cathedral, London. 

JosEFi WklOBT, an eminent painter, was bom in Derbf, in 1T34. He produced a set of 
bislorical pictnrea which tnay deservedly rank amongst the sarlisst valnabls productiaua of 
the modem school ; of these, the "Blacksmith's Forge," " Air-Pnmp." " Qladiator," and 
sereTal others, are well known by Pether's meiialinti». His style of landsoape painting la 
tDare varied Ihui that of atiy other artist whose works we are acquainted with. Sometiines 
he exciles the sublimest ideas under the vaiions effscts of day, &re, or moonlight — At other 
Itmee ws are sooUied with dis eafan and still sesnerj of Italy, in which he introduces the 
dear and brilliaal skies peenlial to that oUmate. He, again, exhibits Ae moat playhil 
eieoution and charming efltets, which eonstiliHs &» principal bean^ of our mountain 
saenery in Westmoreland and Camberiaod. Hii judidoiu combination of fire and moocdi^t 
haa particnlaiiy attraeted the admiratian of connoiaseun. A fine prodootion of Tenvius, 
by this artist, sold to the Empress of Russia for 300 guineas. 


WaixtM HcTTOH, llM CRlebraud hisloiian, wu bom in Derby, in 1733, where hit bther 
m ■ wocdeombM', bnithened wilh k lugs hmily, fw nboill hi* aOnOBl axertioDH tctM^j 
■afietd to pTDcnra BubBiEleDce. Wben Bit jein old, HdHod telle aa, he wee eeni to school 
to ■ Ki. Thomms HeU. who often, ba edda, " look ocaeeion to beet my head egeinet the well, 
botding it by the hair, bat nerer eonld beat any learning into it." He continued his 
Mlwiritjmf for about two yean, when he wu taken away ; and, although only a child of 7 
yean old, was aeot to work at (he siik milL For (he flrat year he dragged abonl with him a 
pair of hi^ patteoe, being loo ahort lo reach the engine. He anited al Ihe cloie of this 
«e»iy bandage in hie fonneeslh year, when he wu bonnd ^prentice again, far Beren years 
mere, to hia ande, a Blacking weaver of Noninghain. After reroointng with him tot wjqm 
time, an Bnhqipy quarrel ensued, and he ran away ; but in lees than a week hia finances 
wen eihaosted, and he resolTed at last lo throw liimBelf upon the protection of hia father, 
■ad the alTair ended in bia return to bis uncle's, and the raliBcalion of a tnaty of mutaal 
fbrgiTenesB. He aeemB Dow to have firat began to shew that ingenuity and (aale for 
inlelkcnul occapation, wliich we find afterwaniB ao atrongly marking his character. Having 
l>otTO«e<l a dulcimer, he set about the fabriealiou of au instnimeni tot himself; but as be 
had neither timber to work upon, toole to work with, nor money to pnrcbaae either, one of the 
family relics in Ibe ehspe of a large trunk wu made lo supply Ihe former, while hie pooket 
knife had to aane alt the rariety of edge tools, and a fork wilh one prong was made lo act 
in the capacity of sprig-awl and giniblet. In thia way he at lul completed the dulcimer; 
rtieh, after learning to play, be aold to one of hia wealthier oompanione for Ifle., bought a 
oou wilh the money, and oonstrucled a belter instrument for himsell In IT10, he Bnt 
began lo be f<Mid of books, and those he bought being mostly in a tattered condition, he fait 
anXLoiiB la realore them to a more seemly ^pearance ; and ascotdingly, bought from a 
bocAbinder eereral of bia cas^off tools and B wam-down presa, for which be paid 2s. This 
prored fn 43 yean hia best binding press. Seeing no proepeet of anything bnt drudgery 
and porer^ in the trade to which he had been bron^l up, his great ambition now was to b* 
satded in bosiness ea a bookseller, and be st last delemtined to set up in that charaoler In 
the (own of Southwell. Hera he aeeordingly opened a ebop, with (u he eipreeses it) abont 
90s. wonh of trash for all his stock, and in one day became the most eminent bookssllei in 
lbs placa. This bnmUe attempt wu, however, Ibe beginning of his prosperity. Next year 
ba wu oSned abont 3 cwL of oid books, on his note of hand for 2Tt. Upon this, be 
determined lo break up his estaUishment, and transfer himself to Birmingham, There h« 
sneceeded so well that by the end of the first year be had sated abont £20. An unfortunate 
ciiEamslaBee, however, occurred, which gave him great imeasiness. The orerseera, fearful 
that he might become chargeable lo Ibe parish, had him examined with regard lo bis 
settlement ; and with the voice of authority, ordered him to procure a certificate, or Ibey 
would remove him. Terrified, ha wrote to his father, who returned ftar answer, " That All 
Saints, in Derby, never gtanled certificates." Yet in this place be was destined to acquire 
M>ma yean after, an ample fortune, and to take his place amongst the most honoured of its 
eilisena. Hr. Hntton bad been in the habit of lending tarses occasionally lo the magazinee, 
almost bum the commencement of hia residence at Birmingham ; bnt it wu in the year 
1780 that he imdertoak for the fint lime to write a book. This wu his celebrated histOTy 
of Hi Hningfa.ui , for which he wu immediately elected a fellow of the antiquarian eooie^ of 
Edinburgh. Of his other works, Ihe principal are his " History of the battle of Bosworth," 
his " History of Derby," and his " Deecriplion of the Boman Wall." In order lo prepare 
htmaelf for the compoeition of tbie celebrated remnant of anliqui^, he performed a journey 
of about OOO mOea, entirely on foot, at the age of 78. Soon after the publication of bis 
hialofy of Derby, tits riola at Birmingham took place, when his house wu burnt to the 
grawnd, and property to the amoimt of £8,000 destroyed. In 1781, Hr. Button oarefuDy 
inspected the remains of Ibe city of Verulam, and began a history of that place, which was 
■ndattaken with great ardour and spirit of research ; but hie remarks were deitroyiHl at the 
riati, and he eonld never be prevailed upon to reaome Ihe subject. In 1606 he visited 
London, m which occasion he remarks " I wu never more than twice in London on my own 
aoBccnu ; tbe first wu in 1710. lo make a purchase of materials for trade, lo the amonni of 


Time PamiU ; the last was In 1606, 67 jtKtt aftar, to n'dtf the purchase of in eitale Whkb 
cost £11,090. Oju laid a toimdatioii (or Ihe other, and both anawend eip«tatioD.' The 
literary perfonninceB ol HattoD claim our admiration, both as having been prodaeed amidM 
the interrapboni of a tsi; busy life, and aa being almcMt entirely the remit of Mlf-sdnealios 
and a self-acqntrsd taste for inlelleclnal e^joymcDta. He died in 1819, at the great age of 


Tb« Aisimblt RoOiia, Market place, were erected by a si 
rentty of the eonnty, and the foondatioDa laid in the ipring ol 

were not llnisbed before Ihe year 1774 ; the cost irai £3,600, and ia in the hands of tnutees. 
It is ui elegant stone bnildlng', on a rulticaled basement; the dancing room is flSfL long, 
Sift, wide, and 30ft high. It Is Atted np with splendid chanddien, sconces, and rii^ 
drapeiy. On one side is a card roam, and below it the tea rocmiB. 

Diaar Caoaa. Sociitt use the Assembly Rooms for Ihe perfatmanoe of their anniul 
Mries of concerts, consisting of four is Ihe year, which are mmuronsly attended. 

Thb Thiitbi, Bold lane, was erected at the eicpense of Hr. James Vhildey, tn the 
year IT73. It is email, neat, and well conliiTed, and wiU hold about £S0. 

The Abbobitdk is aitaated in Litchnrch parish, Ihe principal entrance being In QroTB 
street It was opened on Ihe 16lh September, IBM, and was celebrated with ereiy demon- 
stration of joy by all olaeses of the inhabitants ; it is supposed that not lese than 6,000 
people were assembled on the gronnds, parading Ihe serpentine walks, and admiring the 
beanties of nature, scattered with eiqnisile tasle by the scientific hand of Mr. Loudon, ths 
landscape gardener. It eontaina an immense coUecticRi of eveifjieens, shmbs and foiesl 
trees, aU arranged and described so as to a&brd the means of inatmotifni and gratifieation- 
This intereeting place was formed at a cast of abont 10,000, by Joseph Sttntt, Esq., and by 
him vested in Imslees for the benefit of the public, on condition that it be open free to all 
classes of ihe pnblic on Ihe Sunday, (excepi between the hours of 10 and 1 o'clock,) and on 
one other day in every week. On all other days a charge of 8d. admission is paid by the 
Tisltors ; which, with eobscriptions, forma a ftwd, by which Ihe gnmnds are kept in a proper 
slate of order. We will oonclode this notice, however, by giving an eitraol from the speeob 
of the mnnifioent donor at the presentation of this noble gift, he says — " If we iriah to 
obtain the affection and regard of otiiers, we must manifost kindness and regard lowarda 
them ; if we seek to wean them from debasing pursttils and bmtaliling pleasures, we can 
only hope to do so by opening lo Ihem new sources of rational ei^oymenL It is under this 
oonviclion that I dedicate these gardens lo Ihe public ; and I will only add, that aa the son 
has shone brightly on me through life, it would be ungrateful in me not lo employ a portion 
of the fortune which I possess, in promoting the weUkre of those amongal irtiom I live, and 
by whose indoBtty T have been aided In ita acquiaitioD.'' 

TUoEB are held on a fine course called the Siddals, and have been in conildersble repute 
for a number of years. They were discontinued in 1B33 for a few years, but have been 
established again, and are held in October this year (1810). 

BiuiABD TiBbis.— One at the Boyal Hotel, Vicioiia street, and another in the Old 
Qsorge yard. 

Ths Cbiokst Qbodnd is in the eitenaive meadow on Ihe south side of the Morlidge. 

8uB80HimoM Bowi.iira Orbsn, U the Seven Stars, Nottingham road, established 
upwards of SO years. It is much beiinented in the summer season, and is ornamented with 
neat arbours, and a flower border nearly anmrandlng it 

Football Plat. — Football continaee to be played on Shrove Tnesday and Aah 
Wednesday, in many parte of England ; but the mode of playing it at Aahboum and Derby 
diS^ very mnch from the usual practice of this sport In Derby, the contest lies between 
the paiiehes ot St Peter and AU Saints, none of the other parishes of the borongh take any 
direst part in the contest, but they all join in the sport, as well as petaone from the ai^aceitt 
coonlry. The game commences in the Market place, where the partisans ot each pariah an 
drawn up on each side. The goals to which die ball is to be taken is, Qallows balk, on Ihe 


NnwuilDn rati, tor St. Pelw'B, muI Nod'* mill, for All Stiou. About aooa ihe bidl la lossed 
api ihlsU seiied on bj tliestioiigeBtuidmiMlictiTe man, the rest close in apou ihem, and ft 
■olid nUH is fenned, tbe straggle is then Tioleiit, and the motiaa ol this immeuie human tnut 
' haaTiBg to and fro,' ia (ramsudooB and apptUiiig. Still the crowd ia eocourageil bj nspect- 
abla penoiu attached to each iiait|r> The numberi eugaged exceed 1,000. and the Ureeta 
en cnnrdrd witb spectaton, the ehops axe closed and bosiDess suspended. Il ia aaid ti> ba 
in anunemoratioD of an occnrniaa as early as the jeu 217, »hen the Britons heM a 
troop of Boman loldlen. 


The Inns, ths stage coaches, theBiee orhackne; coaches, and omnibuses, andthemeana 
of coavejaiice both bj land, water and railway ; the banks, the bridges, the market place, lbs 
principal streets, foot paths, tbe gas works, and water works, are all on a ecale suited to ths 
magniiade and wealth of the town. 

Tub Post OrricE.— Com roarkeL (See Alhenffium.) 

TBI Excise Ofticb is at the Tiger inn. Derby is In the Nollinghaln coUection, ths 
offlceis here consist of a anpervisor and 6to officers. 

Sruir Or?ici, Com market, John Cordon, Esq., distributor for the county. 
HiwuBH LIGBSCB AMD Leoicy Dutt OrricB, ia st the Stamp office. 
MiBiBts iMD Faibb.— Tbe regular market days are Wednetday and Fridaji, the latter of 
Which is the principal one, and is abundanlly supplied with meat, fisb, poultry, butter, egge, 
ngetables, com, eatlle, aheep, swine, im. 

Faibs are held on the Monday after January Olh and 29th, March 2], and the two following 
days, Friday id Easier week, Friday alter Uay day, Friday in Whilaun week, July Q9lh, and on 
September 27lh and two following days. Those in March and September are large cheese 
Hairs, the others are prlncipslly tor cattle. 

T^ Market Plact is an open space in the centre of the town containing 110 yards by 93, 
near to which a a covered Market for the sale of meat, butler, vegetables, &c. erected by (he 
eoiporation in the year 1830, which pays a good interest for the Enouey expended. 

The CaUlt oKd Swine Marktl is held in the Morledge eieiy alternate Tuesday, for fat 
ealtle, and on erery Friday for lean cstile and swine. This market has been cnuaiderably 
enlarged and improTed, by covering over (be mill Seam or goit in the Morledge with an arob. 
(ace improvements.) 

Thc Cai Wobbs, in Cavendish street, were bnill under tlis authority of an act of 
pariiament, paaseil in 1820, and commenced tbe Christmas following; and constsli of three 
facomeleTa; one will contain 40,000, one 28,000, and the other 10,000 cubic feet of gas, with 
auolber gasometer in Traffic street, which will contain 10,000. In 1844, 32,000,000 cubie 
feet of gas were made, and the pipes extend about lli miles. Mr. Thomas Crump is (he 

Thb Vatbb Wobes, 8l Michael's lane, have been established about a century; Ibej are 
divided ituo three shares, viz. William Evaos, Esq., Mrs. Chambers, of London (Francis 
Stnvp, Esq., ia her representadve), and the commissioners under the lighting and paving 
■cL Tbe geneial supply is by means of «, water wheel of 13 horse power wbich forces 
die water bran (he Derwent, abont 100 yards into a reservoir at the lop of St. Michael's 
chnrch, from whence it is conveyed by pipes (o the extent of about four miles in length to 
the different parts of the town. 

Sfbisos, Public Punrs, &c.— The Market street, and Victoria street pumps are supplied 
bom a spring which rises near Becket well lane. There is a public tap in 8l James's lane, 
and St. Helen's spring ia Bath street. Water stands in the wells at from 6 to ID feet from 
(he sorface, and in the Bats near the river it ia found at 3 feet, but it is generally very hard. 
RivEBB, Cabals, A-tD BBiDQBs.—Derby possesses a moat extensive and direct oonunn- 
Biimion with the inland navigation of England. The river Derweul which passes (he east 
■idto of the town, through a fine open valley, mnning in a vety tortuous course, (south-east,) 
lonm its eouBaence with the Trent on the Leicestershire border, in (he parish of Sawley, at 
abmi T miles distance in a direct line from Derby, but by the course of the river nearly 
dooble the distance. The Derwent is navigable (o Derby, atid was sold tor (be sum ot 


■£3,0CH), to the proprieton of the two Deriiy caaals ; of irbicb one, runDing Mralh, joins thtt 
Grand Trunk, ot the Trent and Meney, euul, nsv Swukeilni bridge, > dutuice of mUes ; 
and Ihos lonaa ■ direct cominnnicatiaD between Liverpool and Hnll, and all the naiigable 
riTen and canals in the weMem parts of the Island, and Brutid and haaiaa. Tha other 
mna soatfa-aaat from Derby, joina the Erewaali or Langiej bridgn canal, near Saudiaere, 
about 8 miles £. -bf S. bom Derbj. Opening a direct eomnmnieation with the coal and iron 
district of the counQ. Also (he Erewasb canal commnnicatea with llis rirer Soar, near 
Sanley ferry ; which, wilb the Leicester {Jnina, the Qrand Union, the Grand Jnnetkin, til* 
Paddington, and the Regent's canals, forms a direct line of navigation betwixt the Trent and 
the Thames, and tlios opens a commanication with all the canals in the aonlh of England. 
There is also a prolongation to Lhlle Eaton, 8 mileH N. fnnn Derby. These canala were 
made under an act of pariiament passed in the year I7TT, and were completed in 17M. 
The praprieton were empowered to raise the sam of £SOfiO0, and required when tlie 
dividends exceed 6 per cent to reduce the tolls. There is a large and eoovenient vhuf Id 
Siddal'e lane for loading and unloading the boats. 

All the riTen and canals in the coonty ate deicribed at a preceding page, in the general 
anrrej of Iha county. 

Bbidobs. — The Markealon brook whitdi rises near Hogginton, Smiles K.W. from Derby, 
is crosMd by aeren good stone bridges, and one of wood, in the town of Derby, erected by 
subscription, immediately after which it has its coofluenee with the rivei Derwent, orer 
which a modem and elegant bridge of three arches, each of 44ft. span, waa eieelad, under 
an act of psiUunsnt obtained in 1788. It is situate at Ibe boltom of Bridge gate. It was 
finished in 1703; it is a handsome stmeture with stone balustrades. The eoutnct was 
£3,900, and tor extra work, tA^!^, in addition a considerable sum of money was expended 
in the purchase of property to form the approaches. There is also a wood one called the 
Exeter bridge, for horses and foot passengers, from Derwent street to Exeter street, and the 
Long bridge, for hones and toot pasiengers erosses the Derwent from the Hill Fleam, 
SiddaTa lane, to Derwent row. 

There are three bridges oTer Ae Noltinj^am canal, one extends orer the cand and 
Nottii^am road, and is built with brick with stons facings, and cast iron riba; one tma 
Nottingfaam road to Eraamns street, of stone, with one ttoni Derwent row to Exeter street ; 
and one of iron OTcr the Derby canal, near the railway station. 

Thb Railwit ViinucT.— The station is situate at the sooth olremity of Derby, on the 
western side of the Derwent, over which is a bandaome bridge of three east iron archea, of 
lOOtt. Bpan, the abutments and piers are of stone, the latter being 40t( wide, 10ft. long, and 
32ft. below the level of the water. Then is also a rersed rim of lOfL to the arehea ; Iho 
width of the road-way measuring 2Ttt. ; on the north side there are two SOft flood arches i 
this bridge was commenced in June 1B38 ; the Butteiiey Company furnished the iron woA. 


The town of Derby is divided into Stc parishes : All Saints, SL Alkmund, St Hitjiael, 
St Peter, and St Werbnrgh. Of these St Alkmund lies to the north and east, St. Peter on 
the south, Sl Weiburgh on the west, and AU Stints and 8t Michael in the centre, aumnmded 
by the other three. 

St. Alxhukd'b psrish is bounded on the west by St Werburgh, and on the south by 8t 
Hicbsel and All Saints' psrislies. Within the borough, it contains M9 acres of land, of 
which the rateable value, including the bnildioga, is £23,033 3s.4d.; and in 1841, had 1,078 
inhabited houses; 21 houses uninhabited, and D building; and a population of 8,601 aonla, 
of whom 1,140 were males, and 4,461 females. Without the borough, the parish oontaina 
the township of Little Chester, Derley Abbey chapelry, and Little Eaton chapelry, which, 
togsllier, contains 1,110 acres of land, and 2,130 inhabitants. 

St. MtcHAkL'a parish is principsjly bounded by St Alkmund on the north, and All 
Saints on the south. It is of small exlesl wilbin the borough, and has no land except a 
few gardens and the sites of the houses. Its rateable value is £9Jtlli ISs. ; and in 1811 
hail a popolalion of 1,061, of whom S29 were males, and 336 famalea. Without the bonnigb, 
it contaiua the chapelry of Alvaaion, which contains 870 acres of land, and 211 inhabitants. 


Au. Saints' puish is boouded ou (he eut i>j Ihe Derwenl. by Si. Peler'a psrUli OD tbe 
■MUta, Sl Weriiai{[h's on the wett, aiid St. Uiehael's ou the uoith. It codImds about 1-1 
■eras of tuii] in the Uolmei, beiides the aites of Ilia hoaaea. Tha TUeable value in £1S,J4T 
Hi. M. The pariah ia aitnale whotlj in tha bonragh, and in IMI contained a population of 
4,U3, oT whom 8,139 wne males, and 2,306 f^sles. 

St. WtBBU>aH'a pariah ii bounded on Ihe can by the parishes of SL Peter, All Saint*. 
and SL Alkmnnd ; b; the ohapeliT of Noiman on the south ; and has Harkeoloa and 
Litdaofel townaUpe on the veit and aonth-wesL It is vhoUj in the borough, and contains 
Kit. a». 30p. of land, of the rateable Talus of £30,10S a*. 4d. ; and in IBll contained a 
pnpJalion of 8,093, of whom 3,8S3 were males, and 4,143 femalca. 

St. PBTkB's pariah is boimded b; the parishes of All Saints and SL Werbnrgh on the 
Bocdi and vesL bj the chapelries of Alvaston and Nomianlon on the Houlh. It contains 17B 
tof of meadoir and gatiden Isnd, vhich with ths bnildings i* of the rateable Talue of 
£ZB^3i 3a. ; and in IMl contained 2,067 inhabited bonses, 31 uninhabited and 90 building. 
The popoladiMi was 10,336, of whom 5,143 *ere males and S,395 females, withiu Ihe 
borosgh. WitfaonI the bonmgb, il contains the cfaapelry of Bolton and the township of 
litebareh, which together contain 1.034 sens of land, wiOi a population of 1,026. 

Hie t umm ai y of the borongh is 1,060 acres of land including Ihe gardens and sites of 
boBsra; 3,336 inhabited houwn, 116 uninhabited, and 112 building. The rateable valne of 
riiich, is £100,090 16a. 4d. ; with s popnlalion of 83,741, of whom 13,899 were males. 
and 16,843 females. The pi^mlatiou in 1377, amoantni to 1,040 above 14 years of age; in 
ISOl, 10,818; in 1611, 13,043; in 1621, 17,423; in 1631,23,027; shewing an increase in 
1841 ot 9,114 sonls within the borough, and in the whole of the parish, of 9,311. On the 
7lhJBi>a, 1841, 83 persons were returned aa being in the inflrmarr ; 81 in the Greenbill 
Innade aayhm ; 218 In the county gaol; and 138 in Ihe onion workhouse, which is sitnaled 
wilhoDt the borongh, in Ihe township ot Litehorch. The corporation are lords of the manor, 
■ad conaideraMe awueia, and there are aboal 1,300 proprietors in the whole borough. 

Under the Nbw Poob Liw, whioh passed in 1831. Ihe Derbg Poor Lax Union has been 
(br^ed, iriiieh oonsisls of the parishes of All Sainls, St. Alkmund, SL Peter, SL Werburgb, 
Bid 8l UiehaeFH, with the townships of Little Chssler, Deriey, and Litchnrcfa, containing 
tofe&er a pc^olaticni of 33/309 souls; and ths Umoii House waa erected in 1636. It is a 
plain brick building, the centre being 23 yards long, with wings of equal extent, silnated in 
As DiBiaslan road. The extent ot Ihe premises, including Ihe ganlens, is three acres, and 
Iha cOBt, including fixtures, about £8,000 ; it will accommodate 300 panpera, but it ia limited 
•• 4jW. The board room and ofices are in Wardwiok ; the gnardiaua, 24 in number, meet 
•very Toeaday; ehainnan, Hr. John Sandan ; Tice-chairman, Mr. Oeorge Hood ; guardians, 
o aJMo^ Tbomaa Bent, Eaq., MJ>., William Lockett, Esq., and Edward Strutt, Esq. Mr. 
ViffiBBi Wdifllsr ia As governor, and Mrs. Ann Webster, matron. Hr. John Moody is derk 
ta> itw CniiMi, and nperinfmuleiif rrjitlnrr ; Mr. William (Hdsby, nlieviaj officer ; Hr. Thos. 
Harwood, wtrgm ; Bev. James H. PratL chaplatn ; John Oocher. icIlooliniuleT ; Mrs. Sarah 
Esrp, triinfli'sfii ii. Mr. Jamea Jay is Tegutrar ot btrtha and deaths for SL Peter's district, 
■ml Mr. John Thomaa Swanwick tor 8l Alkmtmd'a dialricL Mr. William Henry Hodges 
maA Mr. Oeorge CaBarfine, colfectora of poor rates. 

RairwiTS. — The preeminent means of facilitating by railway, the general commnnlcation 
■ad commercial intercoms, iuleraal and external, now enjoyed by Derby, is fuOj described 
h a pnceding page, in the general survey of the connly, so that it is only necessary here to 
BoCtae Ilie Dxbbt Stitioh, which is a handsome brick atructore of very great cxtCBl, being 
aeeUd tor the acDonimodBlion not only of the North Midland, but also of the Midland 
CvDBtie*, a&d Binsingham and Derby Companies. It waa built bj the North Midland, and 
b onder die mwugemcnl of its directors, but the other companies pay six per ceuL on that 
prapoation ot Ihe cost which is for thcii acconunodatian. The entire area enclosed is 26 
aerea. The station eonsists of offices for Che booking of passengers, waiting rooms, handsome 
iBfrealt^Mnt nrams, j^iaitmenls for the directora, secretary, and olher officers, warehouses for 
gooda; ■ riled of gnat extent and lightness to cover in the landing places of the railways, 
■Bl icpwale engine houses and workshops. The walls have open arches in their whole 


length, and llie vidtli is iboul 140ft. under Ihm loota, of liglit, jtt Btiong eanstrnctian, 
unplj lighted from ■bove, end supported bj 60 flnud cast iron pillus SStt high. The 
length of the ratin shed Is ISOft., but one of three roofs eitends to the length of lOWft. by 
42ft vide. The engine honse and vorkabo]ia of the North Midland iflbrd ever; cooTmience, 
and are lighted from ■ dome-shaped root, and eontaini sixteen lines of nuls radiating from 
■ single turn-table in the centre ; the engines on tbeii irriisl ue brought in hen, plind 
npon the tam-table, and wbeeled into any stall that maj be Taeant, each of the sixteen 
statu in these locomotiTe stables will bold two or dues engines each, and here the iron 
Lorses raceiTe ererj attention necessary. There are also cairiage honses and workshops on 
a laige scale, for the repairing STeiy thing on the spot, and apwardi of 600 are emplojed 
in the Taiioas departments of flie station, on the sonth side of which gas vorks an 
in conrse of erection for the use of this eitensire establisbment, and will cost about £1,000 ; 
the gasometer will be capable of holding 9,500 cnbio f^t of gas. The Midland Botel, at 
the entrance of the station, is ftCled up in a superior style of elegance for passenger* 
travelling by railway, and post-horses and carriages are always In readiness. Hie lins 
between Derby and Nottingham is 13} miles long, with ftTS intermediate stations. The cost 
perinilewas£13,310, making a total cost of £2e0,&50. It corers IM acres of land, beside* 
the stations. 

iMPBOTEiiiKTB.— In 1700, an act was obtained tbr selling part of Nan's green, and for 
^■plying the money for the improvement of the remaining pan of the said gieen. In 1793, 
■n act was obtained for paTing, lighting deanung, and otherwise improiing the stivetB 
within the borough of Derby, and tor selling a piece of waste groond called Nnn's given. 
This conCinneil in fbrce till 1829, when it being found insnfflcient for the increasing wants ot 
the public, a further act was obtained "for better paring and otherwise improring Iha 
borough of Derby." Uoder this act power was given to take down the Town hall and build 
a new one, to erect a new market, to lake measures for improving the streets, and lighting 
the town, tor establishing a night watch, tot batter paring, draining and cleansing tha 
borough and for preventing nuisances. The powsrs ot this act were vested in commisaioneta, 
eonabling of the Mayor, Aldermen and owners of property of the rateable value of £30 a year. 
By this act the commissioners were empowered to borrow £20,000 to be laid out in 
Ughting and improving the town. [See Town hall, and new Market.] 

I?te Alltattum, Fotl Office, Boyal Sot^ and Derby and I>erbjMn Bank, m situated 
at the entrance of the com market from the London road, and present a handsome bontagu 
of 186 feet towards Victoria street, and 131 towards the Com market; forming the most 
■tiiking improvement that has taken place in Derby for a considerable time. A number of 
old buildings in this centra] situation being oBbred tot sale, the opportunity was embraced 
of making these eilensive improvements, by a proprietary of ;G3S shanholdars, who 
pnicbased the site and ei«cted this noble pUe of buildings for pablie purposes, and at the 
Bune time made a salt investment of their c(4>ital. The whole was completed in ISSO, at • 
cost of upwards of £20,000 including the site, under the able snperintendence of Hr. B. 
Wallace architect. The aqrle of atcbitecture is Grecian Ionic, the hotel forming the extreme 
■ogle of the building, with a frontage ot 08 f^t towards Victoria street, and 03 tM towarda 
the Com market, including the post office, which forms part of that end of the hotel. The 
Derby and Derbyshire Bank has a th>utage of 36 feet towards the com market, with a 
Tustieated basement, constructed on the Sre-proof principle, and is ornamented with various 
decorations combined with the arms of the town and county. The Athenaum has • 
frontage of 139 feet in three well proportioned compartments, the centre one being beantifled 
with various devices, of sculpture by Helming. The groond floor of this portion of the 
building contains ■ library, news room, and reading room, &e. The upper roouM arc 
appropriated to the town and county museum which has abeady been noticed. 

The streets and principal thoroughfares have, during the last 30 yean, been greatly 
improved, and new etreets have been tbrmed in every quarter, partiimlBiIy in (he Castle 
fields, Tiun's green, Kensington, between the Derwent and North pande, and between (he 
Nomuoton and Qsmaslon roads; and during this period three proteitant oborcbe*, one 
calboUc church, wllb ntuneroue schools and charitable instiintions have been erected, idl of 


vhkli tit notUcd ander [heir tarioos heads. The efforts ot Uw comoiiwionen since lli« 
mpnTemeni set of 18S9 baie been jodidona and energelie in BUending lo the beallli and 
anrenienoe of the inhabitanM. We will here make a few exlreclB on the nnaiory conJilioa 
ef Dr^, from (be Report of tha CommiBsioneis of Inqoiiy failo tha attta of populous 
towiu, in 1B14 : — ' The principal part of Derbj slaads on a layer of gravel, onder which ia 
■ Ibkli bed of mail, Oie piobable sonnto of the aalta of lime which renders the waters so 
gensnllf hard. The natoral ilnimgo of the town is good, bolh as lo the qnali^ of the aoU 
ud the &1I ; bol the obscmotions offered by weiis and by dams on the rlrari and bj the foul 
brooks, render it al present extnmel; defecthe. 13,000 acres drain in lliis most iuefflcieul 
manner into die river Derwent, the Hark»aton and other brooks, whjeb pass through and 
•nmnd the town, of whieh about 900 acres aia occupied by roads, streets, and baildinga. 
The sonrces of aqneons exhalation in and aboat Derbj are, ihersfors, bad in Iheir natm« and 
very abimdant. The Derwent washes the town to the entire east, irhile the Harkeston brook 
traniMS it from west to east, with the Kensington and Bramble brooks falling into it. 
These streams are so sarobarged with the town refbse as to be in foot natbing but great open 
Mnrers, the olTensiTe emanations tma which, owing to the elrcamstsnoes stated, riss senitblf 
Into die atmosphere, so as to offend In erery qasrter of the town. The state of public 
bnllb in Deibj is nntaTonrable, espedallr Oial of Ois operatlre classes; (br while the 
mvcrage mortality of all England is bat 2.3 per cent., and in many parts of the coantr; is 
iKit 2jO per eenL, that of Derby was 2.6 per sent., during 1810, 11, and 13 ; and in those 
jcan the exeess of deaOis In Derby over Ae most fdToored districls, amounted to S18 ; end, 
by the dead) of 752 Iflbonien and artiians, the average age was only SI years." The powers 
of this commission hare been weO sxecaled ; great evils, with their remedies, pointed out ; 
bat, it is to be ttaied, the greateal evil to the operativg classes did not come nnder their 

Tbe repott of ISi. Commissioner Moggridge on the condition of the fame-wotfc knitters, 
pnbliabed in IBiS, ably describes the miseries, hardships, and privatioiis of this industrioas 
snd JeseitLDg class of the oommnnity ; snd folly prorea the necessity fliat the legislature 
AooU direct their attention to the evil ; and endeavour to secure to the openttiies of eieiy 
dasa some chance of eiietence. 

The flood enlvens near the railway, on the Notlioghiin road, an aboat to be extended ; 
•nd B sewer from thence to near the the china manofactory, and ■ sewer in Park street, are 
■teal to be tnade. 

A moal melanehoty accident happened at Derby on Tuesday, Sth NoTember, 1B44. It 
bad been KSolvrd to provide a calde market, and otherwise improve tbe town, to effect which 
Aemin fleam, or goit, in the Horlcdgs, was to be covered over. This work was In progress, 
by Hi. James Sims, the contractor, six or aeven yards of lbs arch being finished. The arch 
WIS a span of 38fL, and built lo riss 6tl Bin., forming the segment of ■ circle fi2tt. diameter; 
it was 20in. thkk, and turned in fooT rings of Sin. each. The arch and backing was laid 
and gmoied with Barrow lime. At about a quarter past B o'clock in the morning, the 
worimien struck some of the wedges away, snd the whole of the centreings were lowered 
and eased from the masonry. The middle supports were then taken away, leaving the 
eenucing* to rest on the two opposite aides. At 9 o'clock the workmen were employed in 
-'■■^•■"g ont the remsining wedges which aoppoited each end at the centreings ; the arch 
having stood aound ontil that time. Up to this period the masonry was free from the wood 
woA, but immediately sAerthe whole mass of brick work fall, computed to be about 60 tons 
vei^t, wilfaonl dio least warning, burying under the ruins S of tbe workmen, who were 
*tnf nfly eroslMd to death. At the time of the sccidenl two IndiTidnals vrers on the top of 
tke ardi,oiieof whom (Thomas Wtuttington) went down with it; the other, Jacob Beresrord, 
jumped off, and providentially neither of Ehem was hurt. After this It was agreed, with the 
vin of making the work more secure, thai tieo arches should be thrown over tbe stream 
in*«e*d of one. This was aoeordlngly done, and the anbes were completed, in so far as 
malJs tbe brink work. From these two main arches two branches were projected lo the 
■A Aeam, to cooivey lh« water from Hesars. Evans's to the main trunks. These also wete 
corned io. On Tns^y, 10th April, 1819, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Sima and his 



•on. Hid Bve olhsrs, oommeneed remoTing tke oentrei. ETerj thing qipeuad right, uid tbe 
wedge* were Btmrk in ths umil way; Mr. Sims wu jaat in Ihe »1 of remarking " bow wdl 
Ibe cement had aet," and thu he " neier Mw ■ bit o[ beUer woA," when down cune the 
■nh npon Ihem uid bnriad Hr. Sims uid hia ion, and two others, UDdet the raine; of whom 
(he elder Sims, and Edward Huiow, bis apprenliee, were killed. Thia waa an elliptic 
arcb ; and Ur, Samscl Harper, Ibe town rairsjor, on the inqneit, aaid " the arch has been 
compleled about a month. The work waa well done ; but 1 think the wedges onghl to have 
been more gradnallj alackensd, which would baie affordsd an opportnnitf U> see how Ihe 
work stood j and bnt for that re 


IS which hsTc 

The following i» a short uinals or sketch of the most remu 
different pi>riads of time taken place in the town of Derbjr : — 

918.— About this time, the Danes took posseuion of Derhj, which was soon after 
recoTsrsd bj the heroic Etbelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, and princess of Ihe Mercians. 
The town appears at this time to bsTc been strongl; fortified. About twen^-fonr ;ean after, 
it tell a second time into Ihe hands of the Danes, but was delivered from their power bj King 

1190. — King John conferred on the burgesses of Derb; and Nottingbani, an eidusiie 
privilege of djeing woollen cloth . 

1303.— The burgeBsea of Derb; were returned debtors to Ihe King's Exchequer six^-sii 
marks, Cor the confiruiation of their liberties ; a sum nearl; equal to £1,080 of our present 

12ST. — The burgeases of Derbj paid a fine of ten mariis, tor hating a certain charter 
granted to them, that no Jew or Jewess should reside in the town. 

1332. — Robert de Holand joined in an insurrection raised by Thomas Earl of Lausaaler, 
1 against Edward U. 1 bat hearing Ibe earl was taken prisoner atBurrow Bridge, be Bunendered 
I himself at Derby, and waa carried prisoner to Dover. 

1313. — A proclamation was made to canj into efiitcl a prcTioos resolntion of pariiamenl. 
expressly for the protection of the wool trade ol Derby, which ordains diat no person ahall 
purchase wool at a lower pries iban nine and a half nisrks per sack, that being Ihe price 
established in Derbyshire. About this period was the conquest otCalais, where a mart for 
the wool of Flanders bad long existed ; and foreign wool was introduced into this counllTi 
whieh diminished the price of the home-grown commodiQ. Edward peroeiied the adTsulages 
of tiiis intereonrse, and natwilhsCanding this protecting edict, he incorporated a company of 
wool mercbanlB, and ordained that Ihe price fixed by them at Calais should be the regulating 
Talue. This company maintained its station, keeping up a continual correspondence with 
■gents in Derby and NatiinghaDi, until the loss of Calais under Queen Mary, when that 
channel of prosperity to this town gradually declined. 

1^34.— Two gallows were erected for hanging prisoners, and the next year the disstJutiau 
of Ihe abbeja commenced. 

1543. — Hr. Griffln was at St. Peter's chnnh, and would have taken Hr. George Cnnon 
■way, being a ward ; the town bell waa rung, and reajstanoe was made. 

ISSO. — Bj the charter of grants ot Queen Mary, there qipears to have been thise falling 
mills on the river Derwent, and the name of" Full stKel" still points out the particular part 
of the banks of Ihe rivar where Ihe fullers carried on this branch of business. 

1056. — Joan Waste iraa burnt as a bemtic in Windmill pit, near the road going to Bonon. 
She was a poor blind woman, who, during the rsign ot EdwanJ VI., had attended the serrices 
«t Ihe ohurcb, and had acquired a thonngh knowledge of the Protestant religion. After 
Queen Haiy came to the throne, she was induced to continue a pubLo proteBsion of it, and 
ahe was acensed before Ihe bishop ot the dioeese, of maintaining that the Sacrament was 
only a memorial or representation of the boily ot Christ, and Ihe elements were mere bread 
and wine. This opinion she waa required lo renounce ; but persisting in it, shs reeeiveil 
Mntence of condemnation ; she was then commilied to the euatod; of Ibe bailiffs, and kept 


till tlie vrit for bnming hentica wu etmt, when iha floffsred desth m a mutjr to the 
PntestHiit Culh. 

IST6- — Fmin ■ dnpnle. Sir Jobs Zoach md Sir Thomas Stanhope assemUed great 
nnmbenof peraoiu; bat the peace wm kept b; tb« iDterferetio* of the bnrgeeaea. uid tbe 
imghig of the town's bell. 

1366.— The plagiie broke oat in St. Petei'a parish. 

1067. — 8t. Hair's bridgs was broken down, and the mlDs whioh stood at the fortbei' end 
wars earned awaj with ibt watst. 

1S68. — There *me & great frmy between M». Ternon'e ind Mr, Langford's men, lAo were 
parted bj the hnrgesaes, and the linging of the town's bell. 

IMS. — The pla^e began In Deibj, anil great nnmben were carried off hj this awttil 

ISOS. — Tbe bargeasss began to break open eommona. The year ensning thej eontmned 
the piBdie*, and joetiees ot the peace were sent to decide the matter. At the next BBaiiea 
they were indicted, and three or font of them committed to the common gaol. 

leOT. — Tbe wltebea of Bakewril were hanged. 

1610. — Bj a great flood on tbe Harkealon brook, two priKmera were drowned in the 
town gaol, which stood where the BoTsl Hotel now atanda. 

1010. — Then was a great affray between Sir Philip Stanhope and Sir Oeorge Oresley, 
and much eontrorersy about it in the town ; the assiies were remored and held at Ashbonm ; 
the town's ball was nutf , and the bti^eases interfered. 

letl.— A. gnat flood on the Markealon brook. 

1S33. — King Charles I. was expected at Derby, bat waa prefenled by Lord Grey fh>ni 
coming. Hmerer he visiled the town two yean after. When the king retomsd from Rqioa, 
in Xfwfcahiie, wimn be bad been negoeiating a treaty with the Scots, be passed through the 
town. On thia occasion, the corporation gsTe to tbe Earl orNcwcaBlle, by whom he was 
attended, • (at 01, ■ Teal, ail fal sheep, and a pons of money, (hat be migbt keep hospitality 
in tbe tovn. They also presented the elector with twenty broad pieces. 

IBU. — A great snow, wherein four perwna periihcd between Derby and Spondon. 

1636. — The spring was forward, and the plagne began, it was thoagbt, in the Bag lane. 

1643. — On the 25lh of Ai^oet, the royal standard was erected at Nottingham, and tbe 
king manned throng Derby. It is said thai he borrowed £800 ot the coqnration, and all 
the snell anna they could fomiah, which he promised to return at the conelnsion of the war. 
In Hoicmber, Sir John Cell, of Hoplon, eame (o the town, janiaoned it for the parliament, 
■od kept (he court ot guard in the town hall. 

lUA. — The town was diagarrisoned and the soldiers discharged. The assises weic held 
m the FiianT doae. 

1692. — The eeremonj of mairiaga was performed by jnatleea of the peace- 
IBM. — Ad insDrreetion was made against the nsiuped powers. 

1660. — Tbe new mace was made ; before which, the mayor had tbe two old ones, whioh 
belonged to Ae baililk. The Cotmty hall bnilt in Sl Mary's gale. 

1661. — Tbe riier Derwent was so wonderAilly dried up, that in many places people might 
ga over diy-sbod- 

1680.1— Derby was again lisited with tbe plagne ; the town was forsaken ; the fanners 
dedtced the marketplace, and grass grew upon the -spot on which tbe necesaaries otlift had 
been sold. 

16T2. — The maltsters, who weie not burgesses, by an order of eeasiona upon the stalntee 
at As 2ffth of Eliiabeth, were suppressed ; apon which twelve agreed with the coiporation 
tar their freedom. Bsriey was then about 39. ad. s strike. 

1673.— A gnat flood, upon the Harkeaton brook, filled the eeUsrs as high as Potter row, and 
broke diTwn three of (an bridges. St James's bridge was landed at tbe Suninn,8tPetei's atreet 
16T4-9. — Febmuy ISth, (he funeral of Chriatiana Coantess of DcTonsbire, was solemniied 
■a gieM sUta. Dr. Fampton preached a funeral sermon tnnn Prov. ziv. 1. In the afternoon 
> fananl oralioQ was made by Mr. Nesler, from 3 Samnel iii. SB, in conuncmoration and 
•ammeodatioD of Col. Charles CiTendieb, who was alain in (he dTil war, abont Newsrii, in 


the jtei 10i3 ; wUiHe boata wen brought with them, ami likewise Uiil in the vault in AD 
Hallows cbonb. One kntidnd poiinda nen giTen lu a dole to the pooF of Dei)^. 

IG7S.— A gicM alanD id Derby, occasioned bj a letter found at Tborislon, hinting that 
MO papists woold rendeiraQS at Nan's green the following (Sunday) nighL 

108O.-rThe association was bnmt, the town charter annendered up, and the pieaent 
charter obtained U die charge of nearij £400. 

1686.— Noted for the Morions rsTolntion, On tha 21st of November, the Eail of 
Devanshire came to Derfaj, with a small retinue, which some acconiiti aioen aaa composed 
of 000 men. He invited man; gentlemen to dinner, and opeolj declared his aentimenta in 
hTOor of the Prince of Orange, who was then landed in England. He read to the aajoi 
and eoDUnonilt;, the deolantiDD of the prince, and delitend another made by himself and 
the nobilitj and gentry in coiicert with him, " That the; would, to their atmoat, defend tha 
Protestant religion, the laws of the kingdom, and the rights and liberties of the salgecL" 

1099. — On November Oth, a great fltKHl, occasioned a gi«M pan of Sl>Werbargh's chnnh 

ITla.— Was noted Ibr the rebellion cansed by the Chevalier de St. George, son of Jauea 
II., but which was ended at Preston, on Monday, lllh Movamber, when T lords and IfiDO 
men, Inclnding officers, ftO into the hands of the kin^s forces. 

ITIT. — The first silk mill in England erected at Dert>;, by Hr. Lombe. 

1730.— Old town hall taken down. 

ITIO. — A great Bood ; many of the inhabitants were confined to their upper rooms, and 
were in great tear of being swept away by the torrent of water. 

ntb. — Noted for the rebellion of Prince Charies Edward Stoart, oonunooly known by 
die name of the Pretender ) when a desperate effort was made by the paitisana of that family 
to regain the dirone which Jsmes U. had rductantly abdicated. On the 4lli of December, 
the prince, with his army, amonnting to about 0,000 man, enlarsd Derby. Pnvionaly to 
their appearance in the town, ateps had bsen taken to provide for the safely of the lubabilants, 
and to oppose their progress towards Londim. Nearly 600 men had been taiaed by 
anbscription of the gentlemen of the town and eonnvy, besides 1M> levied and maintained 
by die Dnke of Deronshire. On Taeidsy, the thiid of the monlh, diese forces ware reviewed 
by his Grace and the Hirqiiis of Hailington. The inhabitants wars now in high ^irita, 
which were much increased by the news, that the army of (he Dnke of Comberiaud would 
eome to an engagement with the rebels the next day. Bnt they wen soon thiown into Ih* 
greatest terror and confusion, by hearing of the ^iproaeh of the van-gaard of the rebela 
towards Ashboom. The disorder was not diminished by the immediate orders which weiw 
given for the soldiers to march oat of the Wwn. Diatiaction qipeared in every coonlenanee, 
and ssveial of the principal gendemen and tradesmen, having conveyed away or secreted 
their most valnablc effects, now departed Ihenuelvas, with their wives and children, with all 
possible haste. Abont ten o'clock at night, the dmma beat to aims, and the soldiera by torch 
light marched for Nottingham, with the Duke of Deronshire at their hesd. Abont eleven 
o'clock the day following, two of the van-gnard of the enemy entered the town, sjmI 
inimedistdy seized a fine horse belonging to Hr. Stamford. When tbey reached the Marital 
place, they continued between two and three boors on horseback; and to prentol any tnithor 
impression being made on their minds, the bells were rang, and several bonfires were kindled. 
About three o'clock in the afternoon, Lord Balmarino with the lifo gnanU, and many of tbeir 
chiefs arrived on horseback, and being the flower ot tbeir army, made a fint appearance. 
Soon after them, the main body marched hito the town, in tolerable order, six or eight 
a-breast, with abont eight slandards, having while flags and a nd cross. However, tdd men 
and boys foimed a part of their army, and their music was chiefly the bag-pipe. In obadiraiee 
to their commands, their prince was pnblicly proclaimed by the cammon crier, before his 
arriisL He marched into the town on foot, and was attended by a largs body of men, wbo 
conducted him to Lord Exetei's house, in the Pull street The Dokes of Athol and Perth, 
Lord Balmarino, Lord Qeorge Hurray, Lord Pilaligo, Old Oordon of Qlenbnoket, Lord Nairn, 
and some other pttnoni of distinction, wilb their diietk and general ofleers, took posseadoo 
of the beat houses in the town. Many ordinary houses, both pnbUe and private, had eaeb 


fait; or fiftj man quartered npon thna, «nii BDtnfl pntlemeD'ii holues neariy ■ bundled. 
Qmt pains were taktn to anppl; lime unweliwine visitors with orary Dtctwary arUcl* of 
food, and erei; expedient wm employed to prevent insult and depredatioo ; but all efforts 
br dtii pnipose ptoTed ineffectual ; for on (he secimd daj tbej seiied every aoit ot propertj. 
aad baliBTed wlOi ao mueh violence, that Mveral gmllemen thoogfal it prudent lo conceal 
Ihcmadvce- Thej beat up for volanleera, but vera only joined by three idle and onprincipled 
Mlowi of the lowest class. By a calculation made. coltectiDK the number in each house 
duooffboat die town, there ■{>peaMd to have been 7,1^ persona, esDltuive of women and 
duMran, in the town. The eteniug on whloh the rebels arrived in Derby, a coaucil of war 
was held. The only resdnlion made was that of levying money from the town. Having 
obtained a list of the gentlemen wbe had snlnerftHHl for the defence of hii mqaety King 
Scoigc, they demanded that the money dinnld be •dvaaced to them ; and it waa found 
neeeesaiy to comply with dieir requisition. The total sum raised in various ways, during 
dieiT Uay, was between two and three thousand ponnda. In the evening of the eecond day, 
■Bather ooancil wu held, at which their debales grew veiy warm, and were overheard by M>. 
AMeman Eaton, who mnstuitly attended the Bake of Perth. The final remit of Iheil 
delibaations was, to return lo the north. The causes ot this resolution was su|^osed Co bcs 
the very small enconragemeot they bad met with on the road, and the great strengA and 
qniek ^iproaehes-ot the army under the command of Ihe Doke of CombeHand. Another 
eirenmstance ie mentioned La Derby, as having bad Bome inflaenoe on their determination. 
It is said that when the standard of their prince was taken into his lodgings, it waa broken 
at the entrance into the door. This incident wu considered as ominous of their late, and 
die minds of some of Ifaeir chiefs were a good deal affected by it Early on Friday m 
■heir drams beet to arms, and Acir big-pipes played abont the town. Aa their at 
guard had secured the pasa at Swarkeston bridge, it waa eipeoted dtat Oiey would maieb 
towards London. But aboot seven o'olock, the; made a precipitate retreat towards Ashbonin. 
Their hnasaiB rode into Ihe neighbouring vUl^^es, and plimdered the inhabitants ot horses, 
and of every other kind of valuable property of which they had ttte least want Two ot the 
lebels went to Clifton, near Ariiboum, and demanded a horse, which being rettased, they shot 
ttie person to whom it belonged. In the like violent maimer they look away the tilt of the 
ienknper at Hanging bridge, betwiit Ashbonrn and Leek. The tUe of a gentleman, son la 
Ur. Biiah. of Hancbester, ia porticulaily deserving of notice. Aniving at Derby in the 
evening ot the seooBd day, from Ihe Duke of CiuBberland, be was stopped by the guard 
MIendiug the artillery on Nun's green, and being suspected aa a BjTy, was oloselj' oonDned in 
Ae honse nt Lord Exeter. The next morning, before il was light, when the main body waa 
leaviBg llu town, he leaped from a window aix yards high, into the garden. Attempting u 
peas a apiked part of the wall at the end ot it, he (ell into the river Derwen^ but swam to 
ame steps in the adjoining garden. Thinking himself not safe in Ihls simation, he took off 
all hn dobea, and left them, wldi a gold watoh and aome moitey, which soon fall into the 
haa^ of die rebela. He dun [dunged again into the river, and tbilawed its oonrse tonr miles 
to Abaswa. When he oame todie villiage, he took retbge in a f<nn bouse, when, after the 
suijnise of Ibe fitmily hod anbsided, he met with Ihe utmost care and attention. After having 
poe ur e J sonH ekthrs at another house, lie esMved to Nottingham, and the day fallowing 
paaavd Amn^ Derby on his way lo his (kienda at Haoehester. 
1796.— Old eoun^ gaol built 

int. — Foiuidalions ofnev Assembly tooma laid, but not completed till 1774. 
173a — Three several floods <m die Dement and Trent within a few days ot each other. 
1778.— Theatre baai by Mr. James Whileley. 
1788. — Derby philaMphieal socis^ (onnded by Dr. Darwin. 

1788. — On die fomrth and flttb di^B of November, Ihe hnndiedlb anniversaiT of the 
llsialiiiiini waa eeleblMed, in a diatiognlahed manner, at Derby ; on the evening ot the toipier 
^ than was a ball, smd die Ibllowing morning a public breakflut was given by Samud 
Craap«an, Esq., at Ihe new assembly rooms, bum wheuee a respectable number of gentlemen 
wtfhad D ptoeeaw»n to attend divine aervlce at All Saints obnnh. Public dinneie war* 



pTOTidcd at lb« piinelpkl iun ; u oi and ten sbecp mn raul«d in Ow Mttket plaee, and 
olhar parte of the bum, wbicli, with MTeral hogibeada of ale, wen ginn h> die popolaaa. 

1793.— A gnat flood on the Tnnt, BwaAcMoii bridga waihed down. 

IBIO.— OnwnJ hmpiul eneted. 

1&8T.— Tbe brook eonrM, bom 8t pBler'i bridga to St. Janui'i l«id^ «u eorwad am, 
agtMable to an order of the town eoimeil of Sth Maj, ISSfl. 

lesa.— AlhetUBom completed. 

I8i0.— leth September, the Arborvtnmwu opened; the da; ww ■ nnirsml tudid^. 

1S13.— April lili a great flood on the HaAeatoa brook ; me fboale wee diowned, and 
damage to the amoonl of £15,000 wu done. 

IBM. — Tneedej, Norember Sth, e moet melanoholj aooident happened. The Mill Beam 
or gait on the Hoiledge was being aiched oier, to nuke an impRiniBent for the eatiie 
market; a part of the arch being completed, oa remoring the oentre, thevbola leU, when 
aix of the workmen were eituhed to death. 

ISM. — Tneedaj, April 16th, the arches om the Hill fleam having been oonqdeted, on 
remoring the centres, a portjon of the erehee fell, end Mi. James Sims, the contraoloc and 
his apprentice were killed. 

ISia.— A DDiered drain, commencing on Nnn'e green, and ending in the Horiedge, was 


Sitnated on (he banks of the Derwcnt, Derby eoostitated a plaee a 
the eari; inetitntion and pro^ri^ of m 
rendered aaefnl hsie b; the ereetic 
the Test spread of steam power. Indeed Derby seems to ha*e been noted for its woollen 
manu&ctnre at a tef; euly period. Afterwarde, plain wonted etoekings wsie the chief arti^ 
manntaotnnd, and the hoeien oonneeted with their business diat of eorabing and spinning 
Jersey. SobaeiiaeDtly, ool*Dn hoeieiy was mannbotoied to a great extant. Of theae branchaa 
of maunflclore, the chief ii silk ; sod Derby, with Nottingham, ie now Ae eenlie of the 
Bilk hosiery trade ; and Derby eiyoye s good share of the eMon Aenery and of the Ittec 
Kumtfiuiiim. The former of which, (.though the stocking frame was inTented in lABS,) wm 
not of much iroportenoe till the middle of the 18th cenlmy, nor du letter till 1778, wljen 
the point-net mechiiu was iniented and I4>pendcd to a stocking frame, but has lately beao 
enperseded by waip end bobbin net machines, woAed on TBiiotu new and rmpmred princi- 
ples. The bout or ciuMoa laet wae bmn an eeriy period & eonroe of piD&talile indnsny to 
a eonaiderable nimiber of hmalce in this town, who afterwards foond a more eonetanl 
employment in eherining houery, (ornamenting stocking* with docks, Ac) or embNidering 
machine wron^t lace net 

The Ber. William Lee, HX, who ikvmM tkejirrf ttoMng fiaun in 1689, was a natiw 
of either CalTcrton or Woodborongh, in Nottin^iamshire. Deating saya that he was heir to 
a pret^ freehold estate, and being deeply in lore with a yonng person to whom ht paid bin 
addreeaee, bat whom he foond more intent npon her knitting than to bia eows and protea- 
tations, he was induced to conHiTe a machine which would tender flie mod* of knitliBg bj 
hand entirely useleaa. Others, howsTer, nj that Mr. Lee was a poor cmala, and mairiad ; 
and hie wife being obliged to occupy herself indnstrionily with knitting which intcrfnad 
Tery much with llie attention neceeiaiy to her family, he was pnm^led to attempt 
the inrentian of the present oomplei yet aimple maehinaiy. It ia eenain that he ra Ua 
brother ethibited the machine before Queen EUxabeth ; but his inTsntimi bnng despised in 
his natiTe conntry, be went to Fronee, with aereral En^iah workmen, where he «■■ 
pMraniied by Henry IT. The murder of that monarch arertumed all bis hopes of eoecess; 
be died of grief and chagrin el Peiie, end his lew snrriring workmen returned to Eijimmt. 
Aftet some time, a compsny of (nuoeworit knitters was established in London, which wu 
tor a eonsiderable time the nursery of this manntactun, and the hose made were princ^taDj- 
of silk, of the same colour as the dreae with which they were w<Mn, and were oalled /aaion 
work. In time tlua cuitom gave way ; fewer colours were wanted f and a* the article ootUd 


W nuuulhatiind ebaapcr in the ddhhItt, and of equal qnatitj, thilhar tha luanufwituFe was 
ygtia tmuforied, and seaand in Town in IS&L Tha tnda >oon (pread itaelT otei a great 
part of Nottiagbamshln, Dcrbrihin and Laieeilenhira, and a few framaB an at work in 
moM lajge lawns in tha kingdom. 

TlM Aim atoaking frame produoed only plain work. The Derbj rib maobina waa 
inTenled in IT58, by Jedediah Sinitt, who fint appneiaud tha importanes of Sir Richaid 
AikwiightTs inmntioiia, and aniaied into pannanhip with him ) and noder a patent, which 
vaa granted Ihem for Ibiirlean yean, oanied on the mannfaotDre of libhed Blocking! till 
1707 ; daring which time the patent right waa thrice onniccessfullj diapnled ; first with iIm 
boaier* of Derbj, and afterwirda with thoM of Nolliiif^un. 

In 1TT5, the waip machine, iriiich onited the atilch ot the slocking ft-una with the warp 
of tha wesrer'a loom, waa InTentad by Mr. Crane, of Edmonton. 

In 1778, the knotting machine was inTentad by Hr. Horton. 

In 17B2, the warp frame waa invented fa; Jamee Tarrant, which makes an infarior kind 
<a aaockin^ called cirf-itpf , and ia alio naed In making warp Isoe. 

In 1830, a patent fbr a fcniwing mmtiin« piodnoing distinct loops apon short needles was 
obtained b; Wliitwortfa. 

In 1830, Mather's new patent stoeking-bwDie was introduced, an inventioii of great 
importBDoe to tha trade and soont} at large; he has not atrafcd bum the original principle, 
bMSnished what Lee began; it is a rotatory frame with doable tire and paraHal moliCHi, and 
ankea < or 6 boae at the aamc time, andean be worked by the steam engine. 

It apjieats Cram ■ doemnent sent in lB4d to the Board of Trade, that tha hosiery frames 
In Oteat &bain and Irdand, aotoslly at work, amount lo 33,300, of which about 18,000^an 
«n|d0}ed in mjH-g plain solton hose, half-boas drawera, pieces, glores, caps and ahirta ; 
■boDt 9jD00 in making plain worsted boeiery ; abotit 1,060 making plain silk hoaa, purses 
■ad gknes^ about TO making fdsin flax thread bose, principally in Ireland; about 2,770 
tn-K'^g we r ate d ribbed boas; 730 making cotton ribbed hose and lops; and 40 making silk 
ifthed hoee; 200 t>.«ving ajik knotted hose; 40 making ailk apider and jack-macliine 
heae; 800 ■"^'-g cotton, tickler, spider, and jack-maohine Iioae; 350 making Berlin warp 
peeei, ftc; about 300 making wsipsham knotted hose, cotton, worsted, and silk; BOO making 
^ain gbnes; 1U> eaahmare ^ores; 20 cashmere hose; 080 tuck hose, cotton, worsted, and 
si&; 70 making mnlTatees, muSt, &o., silk, cotton, and wwsted; SAO making araTata, shawls, 
aearfi, lie, mads from warp and plain frames ; BO warp fancy glores. Being an Increase 
matm 1819, owBlaekaar'B oalculatiou, of about 6,300 bvmes, of which seTctal are employed 
io new braoebss. The wrooght cation hoae branch has decreased, since 1815, from T,08fl to 
0,960 frsmea ; aud the wrooght worsted boee from 0,050 to 4,300 ; whilst the cut-up framea 
have inuaatd bam 370 to 4,000. Blaoknet girea no worslAd hose sa being cut-up ; now 
Ihej mn eatimaled at about 4,200. There are said lo be 214 stocking frames in Der^. 


Tba Bnt taee nude by msehinery in England, was (brmed by removing Ibe loops of the 
(dam stocking fabrio lo form the mesh, but was very imperfect. About (he year 1TT6, the 
ducad wiiieh omyoina the loops, waa placed round the loops allemalaly, keeping liie stocking 
.loop nnrcmoied; thia method fonned a complete sexangnlar mesh, bnt had linla or no sale, the 
attiele being loose, and only retaining its form by stiffening, which was TeiyimpertaeCljr dona. 

In 1T7S, the point net mseliina (appended to a stocking-bvmc) was inTsnled by Meaan. 
linley, Tajloi, atkd Flint, of Nottiiigham. 

In 178S, an impiond method of making point net, and rs-loc^ing the oonjoined thread, 
made ■ Cut nieah, so a* (o require Utile ot no aat« in lbs stiBbning. From this period, lace 
kj Bacbinoiy began to be in considerable demand, madfl from the bsrleyeom point, a fait 

In 1903, there were in En^and about 1,300 machines, all employed in making silk fast 
ML Al thia lime, the tYench had increased their machines, at Lyons and Nismes, lo near 
ifOO, all amphryed on aingle prcM net ; and In order to protect it against the superior 
foaiity of ihe En^ish net, Ihe French republic had prohibited ihe latter so early as ITCO. 


lu 1803, lh« vor with Fntooe iguD commuicing, Hr. Williua Hajne, Ibe original 
patenlee, was in Paris, and was detainsd by Baonapuia ; his et^ed wu to nuDggle Britiah 
net into Fnooe, wbiab he ooullnned to do, with Taned susoaaa, till 1609, when bia aginM 
bsTiQg betrared biro, dd leu tbaa £03,000 worth waa aeiied in one week, which, togathar 
with the fine, amouuUd In iG40,000. He bad before ssitained omuidanble lossea, bj uimrea 
in thia contraband trade, and snceeeded almost bj a minele, in making hia eseqie ; aai 
though he had been considered of noboaiided wealth, in IHll he was faaud iuaolTenl, and 
died io ■ childish insanit)'. 

In 1614, after the peaee of Paris, the speotilalioiu In Nottin(^Mli and Deibr were rain- 
OQsl; eitensire. Lace machines rose in rains from £26 to £130, under the impression thai 
British lace wonld have flie same demand aa in 1603. Hr. Morris, irtio had been M I^nu 
and Niunea, ihonght differenllj ; and a little bebre hs died, he sent a memorial, written with 
hie own hand, to Lord Sidmooth, pointing out the danger from French competition, and 
predicting the Inlal entDelion ot the eilk-laoe aanufSBtare in Epgland- The admcmition 
was llirown bj as iU-timsd and ussless, bj that miikislsr. However (he British were nut ia 
the gnat marliels ot Spain, Sicil;, and Sontb America, bj the Frenoh ain^e press net, 
stiffened and dressed in such a toperior msunsr as wboUf to supersede then, whish eanaad 
the failure of most of (he old houses. Large quantities of French net wire InqMsled into 
England, at a dut; of 10 per cent, which was grsallf eraded. Vsriona memoriali were 
preasnted to Mr. Robinaon, and at length the dutf was altered to Sa. per square fard, m more 
than 7n per cent. This condnned till Mr. Hoskiason, bj hia eelebrsted meastire, altered the 
whcde scale of dutiea, which took place in 1626 ; atnce whiah the point net maehinea hare 
graduallj disappeared. The workmen, principally inTeulors of maefainerr, finding that in 
France the bobbin-nst mMhines were increasing at the rate ot 20 par month, came to the 
resolution to meroorialiie the Board of Trade ; wbeu Mr. Hstriea promised a careful 
inTealigation under the Wellington adminiatntion, which waa soon afterwards dissolTsd. 
After which BIr. 0. Henaon, of NoUlnghaiD, was pcnnitted to wail on the. new administration, 
but Lord Aucldaad doubted (he propriety of intarfetenoe ; and Mr. P. Thompson, the Frinident 
of the Board of Trade, treated the matter aa bivoloua and nnworthj of hia attention. Their 
MiU^ti** Boon afterwards, with a praiaewortbj attention to the distresa ot the oounliy, gaT* 
poeitire orders, that no person should appear at soort, dressed in iBj but British mMtufaclorea. 
Silk lace bad begun to be made from the bobbin-net machine*, which had increased, •inee 
1618, bom little more dian 200 to more than 4,000, at an axpena* of neari; a million and k 
half of capital. A species of while silk laea had been made from the warp frame, another 
distinct mode of making machine lace. Hr, /oaepJk Crowder, of Nottingham, who had made 
considerable improiemeuls in lace maohineiy, directed hia attentioD to the stifiening of it, 
in which the Freuch tar eicelled ; and from great persereranee, was enabled to pndnee an 
article fr«ai the bobbin-aet-maclkiae, eqnal in appearance la the French lullee, but deeidedlj 
eaperiar in elamina- It waa conceived, that if her Majesrr wonld order a dress ot this net, 
and thus introduce it to the notice of the nobiU^ and genHj, their pabiotiam migU indnoe 
them to use a British initead of a foreign article. A petiiiau to her Mqeet; was atgned by 
the prineipal mulufactnrers, and presented by Sir Uertiert Taylor. Her Hqes^, with the 
givatesi eondsscension and attention, not ool; gare the order, but directed Meesra. Ti^n 
and Wesson, who had in the handsomest manner undertaken to complete it, to qi)d} to her 
milUoer, through wham she gars directions as to iha maimer in which the drssa, when 
made, waa most likely to meet the public approbatian. This dress, when eompleted, was 
■snt, by direction of Sir Herbert Taylor, direct to her Uqesty, at St. James's palaee. The 
pattern was made in stripes of nine inches, and ooosisted of an elegant star, hsTing a large 
open-work in the middle, beautifully worked with the needle, euairded with a series of roaasi 
the whole qipearauce ot the dreas waa brilliant, and absolutely daizled the eye. Her H^jes^ 
look the eaiiieet and most efiectual method to inlradnoe the article to the notice of her court, 
by wearing it at the Jiitenile Bali, given by their Uiyeatiea on the Ulh of May, 1691, in 
honour of (he Princess Victoria ot Kent, the beiresa presumptive to tlie ciown, and iu>w our 
inoat gracious Sovereign. Thns her Msjes^ in the noblest manner did her duly, in 
introducing tlie article in the most eficcmal way to her Cotul. The manufacture of lace ia 


Frinnpallj eonAmd to tb« Conntiei at NoUmfliun, Dnbjr uid LelcMler; (here being, 
Moovding M Ur. Gntinifn', 2,760 mmchiuea emplojed dure; uul onlf 767 in tbc IsB« of 
Wi^ tnd all the net of En^end. Th« vihie of this macbinerr m*r b« eatimMed in round 
nmnbas U ■ mm not Uz diort of £1,000,000. The unouat of the utuel fixed cupiul has 
BMbemealeTiUicd.liiitaieTKliMor iha gnod* eold in die fev 1630, wu ^£3^21 2,000. The 
wmnal itiae hw nnee bUeo of^ bnt to what aiteni is uDeenein. A krge portion of the 
machiiM* en now worked bj die ageiiej of tuna, and the broad muhiQes worked b; 
nuDBa] laboor, have two men each, who work them in " foor boor Bhifis." Abont TOO 
petBMU are emplojad io Detbr in the manoActure of laoa. 

Id 1638, a palmt wa* obtained, of which Mem*. Fi*her and Crotla were the proprielcm, 
for impraTHDOiti In the machineT; for omamentiiig bobbin-net, wiih patterns of opaqne 
doth wotk, made b) the emplojioent of additional warp ttareadi (o each carriage or bobbin. 

In 183T, WHUbd Boll Dexter obtained a patent bir appljing the Jaoqoud principle to 
the mannfartnie of warplace, the firat appUcatkin of thii prineii^e in Nottingham ftor figtiring 
laee; bnt it bw hbg* extended to all Undi, and its powers seem bat half developed, isd wiU 
have a gn*t effeet on the fancy and waip-lace manoJaoture. 

Tha Jaoqmbd KtBHin, b; means of wbiob great Improrementa have been made to the 
lax madune, tor die fignring or working paUema upon it, is one of the moel osefhl of 
modaia diseonrisa ; it waa inTenled bj a Frenchman of the name of Jaoqoud, iriio was 
*— "g*"*"r a straw hat maker at Ljons ; for this inTenlion the Emperor Napoleon oooferred 
■poo liini a decoration, and granted him a pension of one thoneand crowns. But on his 
enieaTOvring to tntrodnce the machine to general Die at Ljone, (lie workmen broke out into 
molt; in eonseqoenca of which, his machine was ordered to be destiajed in the great aqnan 
of ttut ^tf. From the oneoesaftil oompatitlon of foreigneio, and the oonaeqneiil deeUnc of 
tiada tn Prance, some intelligent nuamlSactarets were led to think on the man whose 
fHscoreiy night bring some relief to that depression. Tkef fomid strength of mind to malu 
■DoAcr wp oi llu enl ; It aocceeded ; silks of greater beanty were introdoeed at a lower cost ; 
this wss a dawn of prosperity, and it haa eonttnoed to shine. Of that machine which had 
been devoted to destnotion, thonsaads ham been introduced, snoh was the suecess of the 
Jacqnsd naoblnB in Frsnce. Borne year* elapsed before it was introdoeed into this eoontry. 
Id the sQk mannfaotoie of Spitalfields It was first used ; then in the carpel maunfactnre of 
Settdand, and ■obseqaendr of England ; In the silk and cotton manufaeture of the West 
Biding of YoAahire, irtiere some dionsanda are employed in weanng amrMttd, damatk,figared 
mmaot,figmd tt>ifft,fmKs vmittaati, aU numvfiKtiiTet, cav^leti, carpeli, in. ; and a great 
many at Bamaley and the neighbourhood. In the linen mannfaclure ; and lastly this method 

The method invented by K. Jaciinard, in using perforated carda, aeems likely to be 
sopetseded; the Dsing of knobs on the cards being now preferred by the mechanics. Agreat 
impoicment has been msde upon this principle ; the cylinder, histead of standing 
perpeniUcalar, i% now fixed on horizoDlally, and niade to advance and recede in a stra^ht 
line to the bolts, having no angular pressore, and conwqnendy have no tension to cansa 
them to break olT, as in the peipendicniar motion. 

In 1638, a new and important nunnfaetore arose in the making of lace oapa from the 
boainy or stocking frame, by the aid of the jack-tJcUer or Jaeqnard machine ; this machine 
has been latterly api^ed Co die making of lace In breadths, and with each briHisnl snecess 
■s to astonlafa the oldest workmen. 

In l^U, Wm. Clark obtained a patent tot improvements in machinery for raanafactiiricig 
ornamented b<d>bin<net or twist lace, and (or making it scalloped or any figure of edge. 

Id 1U4, ThomM tJuswonh, of Dertiy, silk weaver, obt^ed a patent fbr an improved 
mannbctBie of elastie fabrlot. About the same time, several patents were taken out for 
t m pr oi enienta in lace machinery by Nottingham maohiniBts. 

In 1644, Bichard Hairis the elder, of Leicester, manofactnrer, obtained a patent tot 
i mp row m wUa in maebinery empkiyed in the mannfactnn of looped fabrics. 

8iLK MttLS sno HAaDrwTHBi.— Silk was nsed as the principal material in hwiM;, 



•oon After the inT«ti(ioii ot die itookiiiK fhune ; bat it wu iwt until tha bsginning of the 
ei|;hiMnlh etatarj, thM the mannbetiin ot that eleguit utiele upon ui eitenuia wwle, b; 
muhineiy, «■■ introdnced Inio En^uid. Tha Italiuis pretioiulj' poacauad the ut of 
throwing nlk br machinal;, and tha French eioeUed in the bbiio ot pieoe-gooda ; hot all 
attampta to rinU theae prodacliona hare waia onaTailabla, till an antsipriiing maefaaaie, 
named John Lombe, proceeded in 1T19 to Italy ; claDdeatmal;, and «t gnat psiaonal riak, 
hlTeatigBted the vhote proceaa ; and retamed in ITIT, with plana and models, and wldi two 
Italian woAman. He immedialelj earns to Derby, ranted a long awampT laland in the 
DerwanI, and erected " the Silk Hill," 6tt Aral iti England, which waa long eateemad a 
maalerpieca ot meehanieal akill, and wwaaidbr arerj tnmof Uie water-wheel, (whidi went 
roimd three tiinea in a minnte,) to organiine, or prepare ft>r the weaver, 73,730 jarda of ailk 
thread. In 1718, he obtained a patent for tbnrteen jsara, bat dfing ahortlj afterwarda, bom 
poiion, as it was laapecied, adminiatered by an Italian aent to Englatid far IbM pnrpoae, hia 
brother William ancceeded to the bnaiDeaa ; bat being of a melaaob^ diapoaitloii, the mHI 
eoon eame into the handaofhia eonain, Thomas Lombe, who contined the ailk maaafaetsTe 
here till 1782, abont Tibicb time 300 hands are said to hare been emplojed. The patent 
Oten eKidted, and on appUoatlon for ■ renewal, he waa knighted, and In lien of it. k 
lemtmerating grant of £14,000 waa Toled to Wm, and a model of the wotka wm ordered to 
be deposited in the Tower, at London. Since this original mill waa erected, man; ottiera on 
improred principles hare been added ; and a goiemment ordnanoe depot, boilt in 1803 fhi 
ia,000 Bland of arms and ]S,000 barrela of gunpowder, baa been oonretted into a aOk milL 
Besides ^u nunn&etore ot hoiierj and lam, the woa*ing ot pieoe gooda was introdaaed 
■bont twenty yean ago ; sod abont ten ;cars afterwards, aamneta, gmaHie-Qifle*, and other 
rich atlka, were manatactored in a atyle eqnal to those ot SpitaUelds. The vaavlng ot 
narrow ^eee gooda aaa introdaced in 1633, by Jamea and C. B. Feet, iriun fUreta, galloona. 

canied on i but now Ae ateun-Ioom ribbon manobetore baa not only pot an end to thia 
branch ot tha hand-loom wearing at Derby, bat is entering into formidable rivaliy with that 
great monopoliaei ot the ribbon manntactnre, Cotsktbt. 

In 1S33, there were 333 steam ribbon looma at work hare ; ainee greatly tncraaaed. 

The broad loom fiibrlcs, introduced here by Hr. William Taylor, then produced by hind 
looms, were obieHy gros-de-naples, plain relTcts, plain and figured satins, plain aareenets, \x. 
The total niimber of loonu thus employed in Derby and its dependenciea, in 1B39, waa 
■bont 344, and the trade waa extending. 

In lB4fi, there were 17 silk mills, worked by a power equsl to 261 horses, and giving 
employment to 0,400 persons. 

The firat fire-proof mill ever buHt in England, and the largest mill in Derby, was erected 
In 1TS3, by Measn. W. Y. and J. BtintL The floors are oonstructed on brick inhei, and 
paved with brick. These gentlemen were extensire manu&ctnrers of cotton thread, hosier;, 
figured waiatcoat pieces, &s., for many years. This mill la now occupied by Ur: Joseph 
Davenport as a ailk mill. 


Tht JInt CoCtoB STiB mctad im tie WbrU wa« buJIt U Nottio^an, in 1769, by the 
eelebialed Richard Arirwright. The maohiner; here introdnced tor the apinning of coHon 
waa invented in Lancashire ; bnt, from a determination of tha workmen to resist all 
improTements that had a tendency to aupersede manual labour, Nottingham obtained dl* 
honour of having tha Brat mill for that ptitpoee. Until the latter part ot the IBth oentniy, 
the warp of cotton gooda was of linen yam, principal]; imported from Germany or Inland; 
and the weft was of cotton, which was carded by hand, and apun in the weaver'a own family 
by the dut^ and ipindU, which, after England began to export cotton goods, wsn soon 
lotmd greatly insuSeent to supply the increasing demands ot the loom ; though upwards of 
M,000 apindles wen dail; in motion, in Idnciahin, by as many individuals. At thia 
joneturc, 7%om<u Hiykt, a reed maker, of Leigh, assisted by John Kaj, « dock naker. 


mTcniad ■ muhiiia whioh gne motion to ms tpindlas, uid which he nuned, ftftei hia own 
dtn^tet, " Jemtf." 

In 1T6T, Jama Barynat, of BUckbnm, conHnieted a ^turning jeaaj that would apio 
X (w 80 dmada into fun. bot it wta destrored bf ■ mob ; in conuqaence of wMch, he left 
I * Bia » h i T 8 and went lo NottinghuD, where ha aet eeTsnl aimilaT macliineB lo worli ; bat 
bill patent waa in*aded, and he died in poTeity and diaCreaa, having no claim to the 
Jnraition, which helonged u> the befon named THomiu Bight, who alao (in 1T6T) InTenled 
tb* Throade, for the epinning of twiat bj rollera, — bat of thia he waa alio anpereedad hj 
J|i t* «r d ArkmrigU, who waa a buber at Prealon, who had (he addreas lo poaaeia faimaelf of 
■ model of Htghdt machine, and from iti ttarther improvement, parlieDlarlT bj the addition 
t>f two movements for the lajing on and taking off the cotton from die eaiding engine, wai 
the Ibondaiion of Mr. Aricwrighf a fatnre proaperitj, and of the exienalon of the cotton tiade> 
AAer Mr. afterwardi 3ir Richard Aikwiighl had oonatmcted hia machine, he found he had 
matiy dittenlties to contend with, before ha oonld derive any bene&t ttom hia invention. 
Being in low eirenmalancea it waa neeeasarj to find aome pereona of pioperlj who wen able 
and willing to encourage hia prqjeet VHlh theaa he waa ao fortonata aa to meet, and a 
patant waa obtained for the eiduaive nae of the firat tluee movements, CanUng, Baing, and 
Bnwmj, for the tenn of fonrteen feara. AMtlier patent waa aftarwarda granted fbr the 
operMioD of apinning during the same period. The qieciflcation waa enrolled in April, 
1T70, iriiieh privilaga he eqjoyed till lTBO,whsn hia patent right waa destrojed b; a dsciaion 
td lb* eonrt of King'a Bench afUr a long protraeitd litigation. Though Sir Richard ha* 
been deprived of the honour of the original invention, and snlgected lo a charge of a want 
Df Ikir dealing towarda Hl^u, he poeaeaaed die merit of having perfected that which baftne 
had attsined on^ an embrfo state, and of having anrmonnled difflcnltiea b; the fbree of hia 
own mbid, lAich Beareely any other man in die same sitnatian could have triumphed over. 
Hia e^aeitr for eombinatian if not of inventian was of ths hif^est order, and bis manufae- 
tmie* in Deibjahire (aee Ciomford) and Kotin^iamehlre in die infanoj of the eotton trade 
maniCasted die iutelligeniw of a pmiding genini. He became one of the richest oommonere 
of En^and, and di»d at Ciombrd in ITB2, in the siiticchyear of hie age. Two cotton milla 
ware erected in Detb; abont die year 1780, and die manu&ctoie of calico waa also carried 
en b; Kt. Slmlt. Previona to the daadi of Sir Bichard, whoae principal ealabliaiunent waa 
at OfCanlbrd, there wsra IS other cotton milla in Dcrbjahire, belonging to various individoala, 
■U the handa emplojed bj them computed at 3,000. There is at present no cotton apon at 
Derfaf, iHit there is a manu^bny of t^es and small vans ptincipallj worked bj ateam 
power. At preient there are in Derb; 67 atsam enginsa of the aggregate power of 630 horses, 
besides i water wheela of llfl horaea power. Since the incrodaction of the rotslorj laee 
Kiaefaine aliont the year 1S30, many amall steam engines in varioua parts have been eieoled, 
ad now that the atoeUng frame is made on the rotatory principle, no donbt inanimate power 
win gieadj increase in the lace and hosiery diatrieta. 

FroB ITTB lo 1780, ths average annual import of cotton wool into Oreat Britain was 
8,760,013 Iba. In 1849, tha quanti^ entered for oonaumption in the United Kingdom waa 
aeo,0OS,lOllba. The export of cotton gooda in 1780 was £300,000. In 1819, die oacial 
valne waa X82,I60,2&1 of which the declared raise was 1633^3,036. In 1S44, the ezporta 
■t the declared value were £20,881,686. Tha ofleial vaiua being according to a acale 
fixed in lOU. In 1810 die whole of die Btidsh mannfactoret and produce exported at tha 
^baal valne, waa £34,M0,S(H), die declared value waa ^0,976,664, but which ahould have 
psudued £68,879,740 ; in this year and the year preiioos the eiports were very large, tbi in 
die year following they were ten milliona leaa in value. In 1820 die eiports were £97,818,036 
cAeial value, £36p>68,07O real value, and diey aboold have been £83,734,886, being an 
■snnal depreeialion of £38,166,710. In 1830 the e^orts at olBcial value were £61,140,800, 
M dwlated valne £38,a61,S03, nliich should have produced £101,703,002 being an annual 
deptBoaiion of £09,611,499. In 1840 die exports were £102,700,372 official value, and 
XSlAOOitaO declared value, but which ahould have been £170,M8,074, being an annoa] 
difnoation in die value of £110,630,044. In 1342 the exporta at the declared valne wel« 
<40,ra5,890. in 1M3 £44,813,020. In 1844, £60,016^06. Ths price of weaving 13 



vordB of flO ra«d 64th> cunbrie was in ISOO, lU. Id 1812, lOa. In 1830, 4s. Od. In 
1330, la. 0(1. In 1S32, U. Tid., aflerirhicli this return for weBTingisomitted. The growth 
of all onr muiafictDres, pirtieiilu'lj Otal of ootton, bu been greslly facilitated bj Bolton 
and Watts Balatitn Steam Sngiiie, wbicb gave (Dll atope K> Sir Bicbard Arkwrighfi 
invenliaDS, and to the poaer horn inrented bj the ReT, — Culwright, of Kent, in 1T89, bnt 
not brought into eitansiTe nae till aboal 1820. About 1830, the lue machine vas made 
rotatoTT, and the aleam engine applied lo it ; and in 1839, the slocking tnme also, as before 
noticed. Lace maohines are now maile of the width of 23 quarters; and no doubt the 
rotator; stocking (rams wiU era long equal it. In addition to hose, drawers, or ain^eta, coatl 
of woollen jam ore manntutnred, and it ia anlicipBted will aoon become on article of con- 
siderable eipoit. It iaeslintatedlhalihe cotton twist and weft span in Oreot Britain, amounts 
to 120,000,OOOIbB. per annum, of which nsarij ons-tfiulh is used in the lace and hosierj 
manufacture, two-tenlbs exported in twist and weft, and the remainder manufaotiiTed at 
home into eiJioos, mnalina, tbatiana, &c. 


Tbb optical iGcomtT of the exports of Britiah monnfcetnrea for the year 1814, shew* 
tbeir declared Talne to hare been npwarS of £M,l>00,000 sterling, ogainot leoa than 
£40,000,000 in 1843. and leas than £41,000,000 in 1842. 

QDANtitiBB of the Tarioni raw materials imported and entared fbr eonaompCion during 
the last year, which eorresponds prellj ueul; with the exports : — 

Flax . 

Silk, nw. 
Do. Waste 

Do. Thrown lbs. 

Cotton Wool. 
Sbeep'a Woirf 

















1843. 1848. 1844, . 







008 823 





























Tnud of ihe foregoing Artlrlea 






Is 1S43, T,30e^21t». of wcxdlen and wonted jia were «Kport«J. When «■ nonsUIar 
thtl DOT ezporU to foreign coontriel, ( IboDBh tLej hm inotaased sinae 1800 five dmss over 
on the (ggngaie, and in the ooUon trade to ■ mnoh greuar exieot,) Deret amoanted to 
one-eighth put of OUT home trade and oonsamptioD, one Mems to be amued at the iD*gniUld« 
of am eommenie ; ftom whish ne an l«d to inppoa«, that the tabonrera of EogUnd and the 
Btiliih isUndg ara indaitrioiu, bapp;, improriiig, and contented ; yet on examination the 
Tnj Teiene provea to be the oMe. The; often lack employment, are badl; paid, an 
dtmonliied, paoperiied, and miaerable. A large poitiaa of die inhabilanti can hare no 
adequate conception of Ibeii condition. Daring the loiioiu piaicB which hare occurred of 
laie yean, committeea of inveatigation have repaaiedlj been appointed in all Ihe principal 
Danahctariiig towns, wilb the moat appalling remlte, aa to the miaeiy and deatitntion of 
the inhsbiiantB, and temporary relief afbnled; but pauperism, destilntion, and crime, are 
Bieiy year on (ha iucreaae. Where aw we to look to for a remedy? Adam Smith, in his 
" Wealth of Nations,'' says, " To Say Ihat what improiea the circumstances of the greater 
put is an inconienience lo the whole, is to say, that a society can be flourishing and happy, 
of which Ihe greater part an poor and miaerable. It is equi? that those who feed and 
clothe Ihe mIioIb, sboold baie such a ahan aa lo be themselTcs well fed, clothed, and 
lodged." But this is a anlject which not <]tfh the government, whose first care ahonld b* 
the welkbeing of man in general, bat also the nobility, gently, olergy, merchants, and 
manafaiitiifera. ought to be all interested in deriaing means by which the industry of Qm 
people may be secured and fairly remunerated ; the only nal source of wealth, and of the 
•ell-being and safely of the state. 

The Hu([itu:TUBK or ob Chimx was commenced bare about Oie year 17M), 
by Mr. Dnesbiiry, who brought it to anch perfection as in aome leapects lo equal the beet 
fimign china. A rich and elegant dessert seirice, consistisg of one hundred and twenty 
pieces, was made tor the Prince of Wales, atierwarda George IV. ; and rich serrioea have 
been made for the Eari of Shrewsbury, the Duke of Devonshire, and other noblemen. In 
ISIO, a rich lertice, for the Fenian ambasaador, was executed in a style of anperlor 
qJendonr; the gmand was gold, chased and inscribed with Penian characters. Biscuit 
Bgnres and ornamental shins, fit the most exquisite beau^, are mannhctored here to a 
eaniidei>ble extent, and are in general estimation. 

The Sfab Wobxs here are objects of curiosity, taste, and acienee. Ifr. El^ah Mellor, 
in 1IM>, established the first jewellery mannlkcloiy ben. The Buor spar or, as it is termed, 
" Blue John," i> an elegant naloral prodactioii. The only mountain when it can be obtained 
in EoSleient abundance and quali^ for the puipoeea of mannfaetun, is situated westward 
of Caatleton, between Mam Tor and the eminences that eompoae the Long Cliff. Sonie of 
the ^eees of fluor are a foot in thickness, and have four or five difi^ienl veins; but such large 
^eces are very rare ; in general they ara only about three or tour inches in thickneas. The 
deep violet is the most common kind, bat In some a fine yellow tint pnvoils, and in others a 
pale nisc nioaz. The aciil procured bom Buor spar is more powertoUy coimsive than any 
other, and is used iu engiavlDg upon glass ; and the spar is worked into a variety of osefnl 
and orawnental articles, such as vases, cups, necklaces, eardrops, Sit. There are several 
fnannfsftnnn of theae intaresting otgecta of ooriosity in the town; and Ur. Joseph Uallhaa 
erected a very ingenions machine fin sawing and polishing marble, which is put in motion 
bj ■ steam engine. The beaatlAil span and marbles peonliar to the connty ara hen formed 
iolo elegant cbimnej pieces, ornamental tables, and figores of Ihe moet chssle and beaulifDl 
daaerqHioD. Oypntnt, Colour, PlaileT, and Cemmt, are also manufactured to a conaidenbls 

Mr. Henry Hoore, artist, Derby, ia the sole inventor of a process for ornamenting black 
marble, without corroding Ihe aorfaca or destroying thepoliah. It ia effected by deoompoaing 
■he Uack earbonaceoos colonring matter of the marble, to the diSbrent degrees of shade Ihat 
wawj be imdenaken, which, when highly polished, resembles a menotiDto engraving. 

Lbob Wobc*. — Iron ore Is found at a short distance east from Ihe town, alternating with 
flte eoal, and here is an extensive blast furnace for smelting the ore ; and besides pig iron, 
many ponderous castings and articles of domestic ose an produced. The beautiM Mmple 


in llje Alton Tower gixiiana. wu eMt fat tha Eari of ShmMboiy at the Deneal IbuliilrT. 
TIere me also some eiienBive inm G»gBS and rolling and slitting mills, wbara miUaabla intn 
ban, abeel-pIUes, and tin-plalea, an prodnced, and manufutarsd into neain-boileTs, 
gisomelers, stoTe-gnlei, and Tarknu kitnhen qiparattu, &o. 

Lkad Wobbb.— Than ace Ihrea uUbliabiBantB in Deibjr for making wbita and rad lead, 
and two at whioh lead pipei and iheet lead ara maimKunmd. Tha allot lower of Heaara. 
Coi Brotliera ia a ouiiouB objeot. It ia a oireular building, aboni 80 jarda in hei^t Tha 
lead, in a atale of ftision, is poured from a boiler al the top of the tower, and falls thmngli 
aicTea into a reservoir of water below. 

Various other btanchea of trade and mannfBotnre are eanied on; inolndinf aoap making, 
with ealablislunanlB for dyeing, bleaching, waleh making, &o. 

At an earlj period Derbf *as tanunH for its malt and ale. Cambden says, Aal " the 
Itlter was dsrired ftom the Dauiab word oel, and was made here in gnat perftelion.' A large 
quantity of malt is sliil made in the town, of whioh a oonsidereble part ia aanl into Cheshire 
and Lancashire ; l@,fllG qnartera of mslt were made here in 1811. 

Vet, with all these soiuceH of employment, and trade good, in 1833-1, Derby beeane the 
Bald of aae of the mint protracted and severe oonlesla between maBtcra and men erei 
wimaased in a manDfaatnriiig oommuniQ. ^lie silk weavera and olhen had enrolled 
themselves bj thoosands in the tradaa' nnions, Tha masters renstcd, and dllermined 
to pot a Blop to them, and twenty of the principal Derby masters, on die 20di of Norember, 
1833, iaaued a deelaralion, " That each of them will immediately cease to employ erery man 
who is a member of the trades' nnion." On the Teiy nen day, the operattrea stmck iratk, 
and most of the mills stood still ; 2,400 were said to bave tamed out Dp to the 7th of 
May, 1834, when the tom-aat temioated, they wei« anpporled by subscriptions from other 
trades' oniona, to the amotmt of £1,783 13a. ; bnt the bands who retomed to work had 
soflsred great priTstious, and many, il is said, had died from sheer want Yet, although 
" picketing,'' or plaoing tnm-onia to prevent Ihs inlrodaelion of fresh hands, was as ueaal 
prafltisad, the tnra-ont was atlended with fewer breachea of the peace than almost any on 

The tosm of Derby has had the hononr of giving th« title of eari to aereral great and 
noble families. Some writers useit that it was enjoyed by the Pevetells, Eails of NoitinKhsm. 
It was oertainly eonfeirsd on Bobert de Fertarils, in Oxt (bird year of EJug SlepliLU, Ui 
reward fbr his eminent services at the famons battle of Nonhallerlon, in Torkshire, when a 
gloiiona victory waa obtained over David, King of the Snola. Bobert, bis son and successor, 
was styled ComesjaniordeFerrBriis. He fiimided the religiona house of St Helen, in Derby, 
and iraa a large benefactor to the prioiy at Totbnry. He was sneceeded by Williani de Ferra- 
riia, in the twelltb year of Henry H. Dngdale mralionB Robert de Perrariis, wbo lived in the 
nineteoith year of this reign. But it doss not wrfsiiiJjr appsar that he was Earl of Derby. 
The titls was next enjoyed by William de Ferrariis, who attended King Richard into tha 
Holy Land, and was ^ain at the siege of Acre. WUiam, hit son, «■« created Eari of Derby 
by a apecisl obarKr, in Ibe Aral year of King John, who girded on his sirord with his own 
hand. He died in the SLst of King Heiuy m., and was sneceeded by his nrphew Willitm, 
who survived bim <mly seven years. Bobnt, bis son, wbb the last of Ibe family who eqjoyed 
Ibia title. Whan be came to year* of mamrity, be joined irith the barons in a rebellion 
BgaiDBt Henry HI., and by bis revolt lott his title and a large part of bis estates, ma 
possessions and power in Derbyshire were conltorred opon tbe king's son, Edmnnd ; bat it 
is said Itaa title waa not disused of till the reign of Henry III., who by aot of parliament 
granlad tfas earldom of Derby lo Henry otLaneaster, son of Henry, Eari of Laneaater. The 
tide oonliDDad in this family till Henry TH. bestoired il npon Thomaa Stanley, wbo bad 
iMt only manied bia mother, bnt crowned and proclaimed him king on Bosworth field. 
Since wbich the dlla bas eontinned in the same noble family. 

.y Google 





CHBiTBa, LlTTLt, ft tDWB«Iiip uid uiull vUlige OD ihs eut buJi ot tbc Denrent, 1 mile 
N.N.E. of Dcrbj, withont flie borough. It containB 436 urei ot land mcluding 111. 3r. 
ISr. of loftds and wula, TT homes, ud 3S1 inhabitant^ of ufaom 100 wsre mtlea, and 314 
remales. Baleable Taloe, £1^1 5i. The Doke ot DeroaBhiie U leasee of the mauor, 
ondei the Dean of Liocobi. The corporatiaD of Derby own 830 aotes. The Detby canal 
Meopie* 9a. 3b. ISp., rated at £11)1 Si. Id. ; and die North Uidlaod railirar, Oa. 3b. llr„ 
tatod at £aie lOs. Od. The raOnj paswi olote to On E, side of the village, under a twal 
■tome bridge of flam aMbei, oter wttiah the road passes to If aasflsld ; sevenl rows of snuU 
bosses haie lalelj been bnih. In 1S3I, dailng the Beform Biota, fhe Orange, a nsat house 
beloogittg to Miis Bartisan, was ransviked, ^ the inleriot «idi the fnmitiue dettrofed b; 
tire, ^las ainee been restored. A dtilrintWimli (St. Paul's) is sboat to b« ersetsd here, 
tBl wtil a (Morj, in Ifae Cltf road, hM been fitted ap fbr diTiiM ssrriee, of which the Bav. 
lams* Maotle Pratt is Ae iDeambMiL Lttde Chester oceapies the site of Ae Bonan 
aiMioo Dcrrtntio, the tnoM important in the ooantj, oconpfing neailf abt acres ; The wall 
Aal mirooDded (I was trwied bj Dr. Stukelj, in 1T3I, but subsequent eatdTaUoa haa 
teoKiTed ersrj vestige of it. It stood on the line of die Ikoield street, which here crossed 
At Tirer, and is noticed In Domesday Book under the name of Cettrt, being described as 
a parcel of the ancient demesne of be Crown. Nnmeroua fbnndilioaB, coins of gold, silver, 
and copper, and otiier Boman remains have been discoverad. A.D. 370, the Britons 
begie^ a edonj of Boman soldiers here, and took it by stoim, putting all the Bomans to 

Prstbarj WilUanii ranner 
Prine* Wilbam, farmer 
Poxon Samoel, btuliff 
RobeftK Sarah, collector, toll gate 
Sbaw George, fltter up 
Smitberd William, boot 

Bacon Sanmrl, machine clerk 

Coleman John, collector, toll gate 

Hurison Hiss AoD, Onngs 

Ung William, Tiemallcr, Coad and Horses 

Msnfaall Thomas, Tetetinar]' nirgeon 

PtsttBcT. J*>.Uant1e,!ncnibt.Sl. Panl'idisct Smitberd William, boot and iboe maker 

Daai.(TnrDBM.KrABBlT,'( sometimes called lattte Drrbg,) townabip, ehipelrj, and 
eonrfderaMe TillagE, 1 mile N. from Derby; contains 334a. 3b. of land; ITO booses, of 
which 3 wire ooooel^sd in IMl ; 1038 inhabitants, of whom 4U were males, and 613 
tanalaa ; rateable nine, £8,933 Bs. 8d. Samnel and Waltsr Evans, Esqs., are lords of the 
■oanor, and principal owners. Bliss Miinwaring, William Handy, Esq., Miss StniU, and 
ochera, an nmll owners. The chapel, a perpelmd cnraey lalned at £133, was erected by 
WaJler Brans, Esq., and endowed at his aole eipsnss, for the nse of his work people. It is 
a handsome gothie s tm e tu te wltk a pinnaeled tower, and a small organ, is partly pewed and 
pardy open benehes, it wu opened in 1610, and b>« been augmented by Queen Anne's 
boonty. Ths patronage was vntsd in the formder. The Rev. John Orifilb ot Alliatree is 
inenmbeuL Thara is k bemllAil maitle monament to the founder, Waller Evans Esq., who 
died September 9lh 1(130, aged TO yrsis, and n Elizabeth his wife, who died Blanh 19tta, 
IBSe, BgKl rS, also ona to Artliar Evans, sged 39. Handsome brick sdioot rooms ware also 
crcelsd by Mr. Evans, in 1B36, at a coatof abont £3,000; consisting ot a boys' and giils' 
school rooms, OM. by 34fL, arvar which is a room osed fcr lbs girls' Sunday aohool and for 
the Wedneaday evciiiag leatal*, with a bonss at cacb end hr ths tsaobna. About 40 boys 
and 30 girt* attend tha day sdUKds, and 130 the snnday adiaal. Ths residenee of Uissea 
Enns, is a neat modem maasian on a rising ground, north ot the villsge, sononndsd with 
planlationa and pteasore gruuniM. Hem is an extensive writing paper manufactory at which 
abOBi M persons are employed, and a large cotton mill at which 730 peraons are employed. 


7 1. (■«« Derb;.) SL Sjrthe'f 

Astle CatlwliDe, free tchool 

RmlliDgtoD CuheriiiB, lufuit icliool 

Duieli John, ■hoenuJuir 

Etuu Samnel, E>q. Abbqr 

Eraos UJMea Elizabetli and Fraoom, Dmrle? 

Qmnimich Lawrence, ihopkeeper 

Harvey Mom, cottoD tpiamr 

Hurlotl Jobn, bookktvper 

P&liDer George, aanerj mi laadim. Hileti 

Friac* JoliD, millwrigbt 

Slater Sarab, girli' lobool 

Wain John, true «choal and pamb derk 

Waltcra John, baker 

Yeomana , iafaat Mhool 

FearD Juho, collector, Mileaab gate 
Fletcher Hogh, larmer 

Eatoh, Littlb, a Cownablp, chapelt;, and scattered rilli^ of stone hooses, mosll; 
thatched, with aoms neat modem mansioDB ; ^ mileB N.N.E, from Derbj. It contains 503 
acres of land (a suiil; limestone) ; 139 inhabited bonus ; and T13 inhabitants, of irtioni 
843 are male*, and 369 t^ales. The population In 18Q1 was 905; in 1831, 001. The 
rateable Talna. is £1,621 14a. Bd. The Den of Liacoln U lord of the manor, which ia 
includ»d with Little Chester, and the Duke o^efonshire is lessee of the mauor^and an 
owner. The other principal ownera are Aflss Radford, *Ur. Thomas Tempest, (Wio haa 
menaite paper mills,) Mrs. Trowell, sud Lord Scsrsdale. The Horth Midland raHwaj 
onmpita 9 acres. Tallied at £388 8s. The obqiel ia a imall stncRire,mth a tnnet and one 
bell, The living is a peipetQal cnracy, Tallied at £0i, in the pacnliar jnrisdiclion of the 
Dean and Chapter of Liohaeld, endowed with £800 Qaeen Anne's bounty, and £1.400 
pariiamenlary grant. The Hoar of St. Alkmnnd ia patron, and the Rev. John Edmd. Csrr, 
inonmbent The old chapel was allowed to decay; sAet which it waa aaed aa a blacksmith's 
■hop until it was taken down, when the present ehqxl was erected in ITOO, by viriunlary 
nibsoriplion, and enlarged in 1837. A national school wia erected in 1311 1 a neat slone 
building, cost £200 ; 100 children attend. A Sunday school was established in 1819, by 
Mr. Robert Orealorci. Tbe Methodists hare a small ohapel, and &e IftdepeDdeuts hare a 
chapel ereoled in 1843, a plain sinue building, lighted from tbe root; a sonday school of 
about 60 dUldren is connected with iL In 1TS6, an enclosure of 71 acres took place, of 
which 90 acres were copyhold, at a coat of £536 7s. 11., when 4i. 3b. 11f. were awarded in 
lien of quit and chief rents. There is a draide' lodge and two female bcncAt societies. 
About 35 slocking frames an employed ; and in the township are S stonc-qnarrics, with a 
bleach yard and eilensire paper mills. The Derli; canal has a branch to Little Eaton, to 
which coals are brought from Kilbom, Derby, lea., on a tram raihrayi also lime, building 
■lone, Itc, bum the neighbourhood. 

Edye Sm, 1 mile N. from the Ttllsge, the seat of Adam Washington, Esq. ; 
on a lofty eminence, with Ihtiving plantations, and commands eTteusiTC views 
near Edge Hill, is a neal house, the msidence of the incmnbenL 

Abbott Hr. Charles 

Anthony Jobn, coal agent 

Botun Joseph, stone bottle rofr 

Carr Rev. John Edmand 

Cocker Jobo, tailor - 

Cocker Hrt. national school 

OrealonK Robert, gent. 

Ongory Jobn, parish derk 

Harrison Rd. collector. Little Eaton gala 

Harriott Maha, baker and sbopkaeper 

Pool JoKph and William, blacksmiths 

Radford Hiss Eliza Ano 

Radford Mia Mai7 

Rickard William, Derby canal agept 

Seal Francia, atone mason 
Sharpe Robert, co«I agent 

Tatbam Hr. Thomas 

Tempest Tboiius, paper maaubctnrer. Little 

Eaton milb 
Wall Ralph, tailor 
Walten William, wbedwright 
Wasbiogtoo Adam, Esq. Edge hill 
Webster Josepb, maltster 
Wbeeldon Richard, fnunwkr 
Wildsmith Joseph, butdier 




Anebor, Inmo Muod 

Ball's He«d, Qmrge Radfotd, Doffliild bridga 

King^ Bead, John Lawrence 

New Inn, Oeocge Uilwtrd 


OutoD Samnel I Johnaiai John 

Han^ JobD | Phillipi Humftli 


Braim JidiD SUler Tfao*. TomtiuKin, Sun]. 

Barnett jMsph 
Cbamben Wn. tmd 

■^tbe ilone nuuirr. 



Johnaon John 
KiDf John 
Siddoo Chulei 
Vicken John, jno. 
WbiEttker Tbo*. & Co 


AiTABTov, a township, TiHtge and chapBli; ia SL Mishaet's, Derb;; 3} miles S.E. by E. 
from D«rbj. It oontaiDB 1,S34U. 3a. 34r. of laud; BS heasea ; and (in IMl) 493 
inhabitauta, of whom SIS were males, and 314 females; raleable valne, £2,305 18s. Hi. 
The Tillage ia Inlenniied with Boollon, in St Petei'a parish. Earl of Hairington is lord of 
die manoi, and a considerable owner. Sir Jdn Harpui Crewe, BarL, Rct. Joseph Sykes, 
Ber. W^am Oanlrell, and Hr. William Osb^K am owners. Tioar of ToulgraTn holds 13a. 
la. ll^iSilbeitTs efaarily 22a. 3a. ITf., and E^es's hospital Oi. At Iheenolosaie in 1803, 
an aUoonent ot 3a. STp. of land was made tbr the reparatioD of the roads in this and in 
Bonlton ebi^elry. The ehapel is a perpetual enraoy, valoe £116 per annum, wbioh has been 
angmenud with £400 Queen Anne's bounty, and has 67i. la. lip. of glebe land. The 
parisbonert are patrons, and the Ber. William Spencer, Inenmbent, for whom the Ber. 
Edward Pode, of Boltnn, ofBaiaies. At the enclosure In 1603, IHa. 3k. of land was allotted 
to Messrs. Bumslde and Franoklin, the impropriators (Or the lilbe, lAieb now belongs to 
Junes antton, Esq., of Sbardlow. Tbe ubi^ is a neat edifice, with naie and chancel, and 
gaUeiy at the West end; a pianaoled tower, and 2 bells; the altar-piece Is a handsome 
specimen of cast iron, representing the archangel sounding the last tnmipeL It ia enclosed 
within a scroll work of cast iron, and contuns seTcnd marble tablets to the Borrow and 
Allestree tsmilies. Tbe Methodists and Fresbyteiians have ch^iels, but that of the latter ia 
not at present need. A school was built a few years ago, where 16 children ue taught tn% 
from Gilbert's charity. 

SiafiK Moot contains lOOi. la. Of. of land in tbia township, and is returned as an extra 
parocbial liberty, eontsining 9 peraons. The Derby canal occupiea 6i. Sb. of land, rained 
at £130. Here is a gimpawder mannfacloiy, and two magazines. Feast, Sunday after lltb 
of October. 

Potf Offia at John Bakawall'a : I.ettei* arrive 
from Derby at balf-past 6 momg., and an 
dopatcbed at half-psil 7 sveuiDg. 

Briggt HiH Elizabeth 

Cantnll Re*. William, aA. FitU 

Hanson William, day school 

Harris Hr. Hiehael 

Holbrooke Chariei, lead merchant, and I>(rlj> 

Hollii William, surgeon 

Keelon Elizabeth, Tict. Dog and Hare 


Qreatorez Henry 
Hardy Samuel 
Rowbottom William 

Ault Reuben 
Bancroft J ph. Moor 
Briggs JobD 
Cockayne Mrs. Haob 
Holloway John 
Holmet Jamet, sen. 
Holmes Jobs, Afoer 

Lanoabire if is. Ann 

Haufield Almeria, viet Wheel and Hallster 
Mart William, gardener and snfdimnn 
Hilli John, Esq. and NoltinjluBi 
Poole, Rev. Edwd. and inenmbent of Bolton 
Smith Henry Fnmcis, railway coach builder 
Sherwio Elizabeth, liet Joinen' Amu 
Sherwin William, joiner 
Street Hr. Edward 
Wbeeldon Hn. Haiy, Hall 
OsboriM Jamet 
Oibome Wm. jnu. 
Oiboma Wm. sen. 
Parker Jph. Brmkau 
Robinson, Jph. atoek- 
Walker Thomas 

Brentnall Ann 
Cb^man William 
Rmbottom William 


Chapman John 
Chapman William 




BovLTOtr, > townatiip, (mill Tilliga and eh^why, 9{ mile* SJ^. from Derby. It eoDUiui 
7011. 3b. 1p. of land; 37 hoows; aiul, in 1841, ITL iohabiUmU, of whom 01 mn miltt, 
and 80 (emalm ; tMMble nlm, £1,271 10a. Od. Sir John Hupar Crew*, But, U lotd of 
the muior, ind prineipHl owner. Ber. WiUuuD Cuitielt, Bicbird Bile;, Eul of HwringtoD, 
John CnnoB, Elaq., John Chuienon, Haq, and others, an ownera. Mrs. Honldaworlh and 
John CbMIerhm, Esq., reside in neU modem mansioDi in the TiUage, whiob a^oins lo and 
is intermixed with Alvaaton. The ehapel in a peipetnal curacy, lalne £1S0, irfaich baa been 
Bogmeulsd wiih £400 twnefactioiK, and £400 Qosen Aduc'r bonot;. The landed praprietoia 
are palrouB, and the Bct. Edward Poole, of Alraston, incnmbent At the eDclosure of a 
common, in 1802, die lay inqiropnattm, Heaars. Bonuida and Francklin, had 53l. 3k. 37r. 
of land awarded, and 20i. la. Iflr. were awarded to the iBcambent, in lien of tithe ; baiidea 
which, the incumbent has 37 acres of land in other places. The chapel, a small ancient 
Norman emeture, has nan, chancel, small t&net and 2 bells. In 1S40 il was new pewed 
and the body extended abeat I2tL, and thoron^y repaired, at a coM of £463 Sa. lOd., 
deftayed by volantarr ealiSflriptioo and a grant from die diocesan aoeiMr "'' ^^'^ ^^'^ *■■ 
raised by a ladiasT baiaar. Here is a snnd^^kioal for both villages, aboat 100 children 
attend. Al an interment in the eh^Nl seTcl^^sis ago, some leseelaled brielia «S toaai, 
<m which wen two keys crossed. In the year 0171, an agreement was made between the 
abbot ot Dcriey and Bobert de SaeherareU, who alaimad the psttmage of Booltou as a paiudi 
chnreh. By this agreement, in consideration of iW marka paid by the abbot, the said Robert 
gare np his claim, and admitted Boahon to be a chapel of St. Petar, in Derby, the abbot 
■peeing to present a fit minister, who shoald have time borates of land, nine tdUimt and 
12a. rent, beaides the small tithes. The Eari of Harrington claim* the oghE of the Derwent 
fishei; through this as well ■* Alrastan township. 22i. 3b. e3r. of land beloiigiitf to the 
aboTB chapel is aiinaM m Aliastoa township. 
Chatterton JtAo, Rsq. Cottags 
Colon John, blacksmith 
tiaaldsworth, Mrs. Catharine 
Mnrrn VHIiam, blaeksmitii 
Ncwboid Jeremiah, tailor 
Sherwin Edwin, baker and floor deal 
Bhenrin Oeoife, shoemaker 

Sherwin Wm. jon. wheelwrt and parish elk 


Adatns John 
Coxon John, jnn. 
OniTBtt Robert 

Riley lUcbaiil 
Sherwin Thomas 
Sherwin William 

LTTOBomsB TowKsnip, (which with Horieston gives name lo the hundred) 1} miles 
S.E.fivm Derby, has since the formation of the railway become very popnloua; contains 704 
acres of land; ISO houses, in 1841 ; SiS InhabitBMa, ot whan 402 were main, and iM 
females; it now (IS40) contains 162 houses. Balesble Taloe £t),223 6s. 8d. ; the Crown is 
lord ot the mann. A oonn i> held at Etster and Uichaehnu, at which the toUawing 
parishes atteitd,— AllsMon, Boultosi, Findem, Kilbom, Litchureh, tjttleofer, OckbrODk, and 
Willington; the under aheriff for the time being is the tteward. C. B. Bnrrooglk Esq, 
Thomas Brjgga, Esq., B. B. Seacnrf^ Esq.. Lord Scandale, Henry Cox, Esq., Ann Monis, 
Samnel Erans, Esq., with others, are owners. The Arboretum is situated in this townahip, 
contains lOi. 2b. 32p., rated st £7S Oh. The Darby canal is rated at £113 lOs. The 
railway statioo, of whioh the Nottingham and North Midland portion, with the oSoei, tdiemical 
works &o., are rated at £3.016 15s., and the Biiminghsm portion of die stsdon, offloa, houses. 
coal wharf and railroad, containing about 13 acns, at £718 Os. 4d. Serend neat villa 
residences have lately been erected near and a^ioiuiug the Oimaston road. Lilchnrch street 
and terrace, part of Oamaslon road. Grove strset, (in wltich ia aitnated the Derby union 
workhoiue,) North street, Midlsad place, Bailway terrace, with Ibe Midland Hotel, in this 
township, now form a populous snborb toDerby;— with which, the nanteB of the inhabitants 
are gives. 




ibbott'i UQ, Gram line 
^■rtfnot. Bridge It 
Albert pUoa, SUdaU'i lam 
Albert piMe, Onuflao mad 
MHoa ptue, AUsoaM 
Albton Mot, Bag lane 
Anno alkj, FnU tt 
A Abonni nad. Friar gale 
BabbiDgtoD laiM, St. Faiar^ it 
Bag lane, Horiedge 
Bath ftnet, RiTor it 
Bcctot well gate, VioMria M 
Bleadi yard, Muos n 

Bold Ung Jarj ntnul 
Bradih^itieet, LondoD rd 
Brick Mreet, Friar gale 
Bridge gate, Khg >t 
Bridge itreet, Lodge lane 
Rrook mlk, Bridga tt 
Brook (trcct. Ford at 
Barrowi' walk, Loodon road 
BartoQ end. Burton road 
Borlon place. Burton road 
Burton road, Oreeu lane 
Bourne itnet, Hili M 
Canal ilreet terrace. Canal at 
Canal itreet, SiddaU'i lane 
Cannon itnot. Union buildgi 
Caniagtoii street, LirerMge it 
Cutle place, Siddall'i road 
Castle Itreet, London road 
Canmdisb itreet. Ford >t 
Cbaddeadeo hill, Nottngm rd 
Chapel Itreet, King it 
Cbarica itnet, Goodwin tt 
Cbeapude, Badler gate 
CbCTTJ tmtt. King at 
CbeUer place, HaniHeld rood 
City road, HauSeld road 
Cockpit hiU, Uo>4edge 
College, Queen M 
Copelaod place, Copelaad >t 
C<^>riand f neeC, TraSc it 
Coromarket, Rotten row 
Croat lane, Green lan« 
Cnekold't alley, Oamailon it 
Ciuxon itrtel. Friar gate 
Dariey lane. Bridge gata 
Dajioo lane, CoieOd it 
Depot, Normantoa mod 
Derwent row, Enumai it 



reet^DRon n 

Derwent KrNt, Mariut pbwe 
Derwent tenaca, D«fwaottd 
Deronihire MrKt, I^mdon td 
DiBwry lane, Kendngtes it 
Duke Itnet, Bridge it 

Kagte Mreat, Albion itmet 
Eliu (The), a large mawon 
nr; tba Derwml,aoninkand- 
ing ezlenMra pcoqneta, j 
m. N. DnAeld road 
EraaniB itieet, Nottii^im.rd 
Eneter plane, Ei 
Exeter it , StJbry'b bridge 
Fir. (The) 
Poreater street. 
Ford Itreet, Friar gata 
Fowlbr Itreet, Upper Friar gt 
Friar gate, Wardwick 
1 itreet. Market place 
irge atreet, Friar gate 
Cisborne meet, Nnoi st 
Goodwin itraM, St, Helea's it 
Oreen hQl itreet, St. Feler'a it 
Qreen hill tenacn. Burton id 
Oreen lane, Tictoria at 
Green street. Bridge at 
On>*e cottage, Oroie it 
Qnne itnet, OsmastiHi road 
GroTe terrace, Oimaston road 
Hill brow, yoreiter at 
Hill atn«ti London road 
High itreet, Union buildingi 
tla(koa>i oooit, St. Umrft gt 
Hope Itreet, Traffic at 
Holly cottage, Oamaitun rd 
Iron gate, Queen it 
Iiland place, Dnke at 
Jamei'i lane, Connnariiet 
John Btnet, Siddall'i lane 
Jury stnat, Bold lane 
Kensington ilnct, CnrTon tt 
KeddlMone road, Tbe EInu 
King Btreet, Qnsen it 
Largei itnei. Friar gate 
Leedi place, Railway terrace 
Leaper itreet, William at 
Leylanda, I mile N.W. Ked- 

dtestooe road 
Leonard stteeE, Oimaiton rd 
Litchurch street, London rd 
Litchnrcta terrace, Oinuin rd 

Urcnage atnet, Slddall'a In 
London imuI, London it 
London itreet, St Peter's R 
London terrace, London road 
Ijodge lane. King at 
Haas&eld id, Sl Jfaiy'i brdg 
Markeattn Mrent, Brick it 
Market head, Haiiut place 
Uarket plaec. Com market 
If amheiter ter. Aihboum rd 
If idland plaoe^ IWIwaj (er 
Hill hill. Brink it 
Mill hill, Normanton mad 
Hoiiedge, Tbnant tt 
Mount Cannel, Bnrton road 
Mundy street, Nnnna at 
Nag'i bead yard, Sl Feler'a it 
New street, John lE 
New ahamblei. Tenant aT 
Normantoa road, Gncn lane 
Normanton terrace. Green In 
Hnrib parade, Darley laue 
North street. Railway terrace 
Nottiogham road, St. Htry'i 

Nuni place, WHIiMi at 
Nnni street, Green st 
Oaket* yard, St Petar'a at 
Old ihambles, Hailet place 
Old Utluetar road, Fiiar gt 
Orchard itreet, St. Helen>t at 
Oamaiton road, Oimailon st 
Osmaslon street, St. Feteft tt 
Park Slid, 1 mOe N.W. R«d. 

dleMone road 
Parte place. Burton road 
Park atnet. Traffic at 
Parker street. Bridge it 
Parker*! terrace, Parker st 
Piaizs, Market place 
Parker flata, Phrker street 
Peaitree home, I mQe S. 
Qneen MKet, Iron gate 
Rivett street, Siddall's lane 
Hirer street. North parade 
Rotten row, Com market 
Sacheverell street, Ouni^n rd 
Sadler gate. Iron gale 
Searle street, Agard at 
Sheffield place. Railway lei 
St Atkmund'i ch. yd. Qneen st 
St Ilelen'i Mreet, King tt 


South itrcet. Canon N 

Upper South Mk^ Uttuieter 


3pri]>sg>nl«u, London ro«l 



St. Joho'i temee, Bridgr it 

Uttoieter road, Frar gate 

St. Hidtu]>( luw, Qoeta m 

Soinmer hHI, Victoiu it 

Vernon rt™et,Friw gate 

SLPeter'.cb. jd. StPelert« 


TUbot jurd, Iron gate 

Walker lane, aneen it 

St. Peter'i bridge, Commvkt 

Tenuit Mreet, Market plkoe 

Wardwiek, Victoria It 


The Hollkt, OimulMi road 

Waierloo plaw, Walerioo it 

Watwioo rtnet, Bnrton road 

Short Kraet, Pukei it 

Traffic itreel, SiddaU*! lane 

White hart yard. Bridge it 

Short Unet,FRBrg»lB 

Trini^ terrace, Londoo road 

William itreet, Nnoi itieet 

»dd>U'> Uae, Morledgo 

Union building*, Gmn hill 

Willow row, Joiy a 

SDk mill lua, Fall itnet 

UnidD (tnet, Cartle it 

Wilmot Itreet, Osmirton it 

Sitwell ureet, SadMrarel it 

Upper Brook rtreit, Nnni it 

Wright Ufeet, Willow row 

Upper Friar gate, Aitaboom rd 

York Itnet, Temoo itreet 



Letter* frora LonJon airiTS erei^ moming at 1 S minnlei pait 2, and ate deBpatohed evei; 
evening at 40 mlnatei past II. 

ZeiceiJer and Bugbg, tone dmee aa Loadon. 

Letters tlt)m Birmmgham arrive erer; moniing ai 3, and are deepBtched eTei; nening at 
19 minalei piat 1 1. 

Letlen from Noainghani arrive ever; aAernoon at 80 minutee past I and 30 miuaiei past 
7, and 34 minalei put 10 at night; and are deipatobed U 30 minntes pasta uidSOmisalee 
past 7 in the moniing. 

Letters from SluffieU, York and Leeds, alriie ever; evening at 10 minatea past 10, and 
are despatched ever; morning at 3. 

AMji letten arrive at 6 In the svening, and sis despatched at in the morning. 

Box cloBei for LoadoB, Binningham, Leicester, and Sheffield, at 9 in the evening, and 
the other maHa at half sn hour before departure. Day mail between NewcaaUe and London 
puses throngh Derby, np, at half-put 6, i. n., takes letlere for the whole of the soath, 
pausB throngh Derby down at 8, p. M., takes letters for all pltees in the north. 

■•• Letlen for the South are oonveyed by the Lotiion Mail; those for the North, 
Scotland, and Ireland, by the Manchetter Mail ; thou tor the Weat by the Birmimgham Mtil ; 
and those tbr the East by the Hotthigham JToiL 





Abbot Henry, hair dresser, S SatUer gate 1 Aonsble Joseph shopkeeper Paiket «t 

Abell Wm. machinut uid millwright, Brook el AnlboLej Oeorge shoemaker Duke st 

Abnef Rev. Edw. Hy. vioarofSlAlkmund's, 
the Fin, Burton road I 

Admns Stm, boot sad shoe wareha. Burton rd 
Adams James, bookkeeper, George street 
Adama Thomas, ribbon mwoatactmer, Caven- 
disb street, h. Orore collages, DuQeld td 
Adin John, joiner and bnilder, George street 
Adkin TboB.egg & butter dealer, Traffic sireel 
AJbam J as. commercial traveUer, Canal street 
Aldred Rndl. currier & leather eutr Victoria st 
Alexander Thomas tailor, Upper Brook street 
Alleock J. bntrher 82 new Sbmb h Brailfford 
Allcock W baker & flour dlr Upr Brook st 
Alleom Alfred excise officer York street 
Allen C. vieL Lion k Tiger Bradahair street 
AUcn Fred, butcher old Shuns h Markeaton 
Allen Geo. farmerjc cattie dealer York street 
AUen Isaac proiision dealer Morledge 
Allen Jas. town oonatable Agard street 
Allen John bair dresser 11 Bold lane 
AUen John wtulesmith Si Peters church yd 
Allen Jpb. silk galloon, double & ribbon ma- 

nDlitetorer Chester road, b. Derwent ter. 
Allen Thoa. boot k sLoe mak. 35 London st 
Allen Wm. tailor Ashbonm rood 
Allen Wm wheelwright Monslield rd 
Ailii Calh. Ann Markeaton strcel 
AJIkin Bobert painter Nortli street 
Alsop Dennis horae-lelUt Parker enreet 
Allsop lywe baker 10 Green lane 
Allsop Jph. Tict Melanethon's Head Se joiner 

Park street 
ADsop Saml. ^ct, Sitwell arms Sachererel si 
Allwrigbt John dyer St Michael's lone 
Alton Job. viet seien stars Eling street 
AInbrose Dand tict White lion Friar gt 
Anoablc Ben. viet Bee hive Deronshire st 
AnnabU Jdm slu^keepeT Albion street 

Anthoney J. ficL Old English GenL Grove st 
lAreher Henry, bulober, London road 
Archer John, Boot It shoe maker, Leonard st 
Argill 9. enrrier b lealber cutter, 11 Bridge gt 
Argyle Edmund, CDgraYer, T London st 
Annilage Rev. E. H. curate, St. Alk., Ibe Ehns 
Armstrong Qeorge, beer hoase. Walker lane 
Arnold Hy. cheese foe. Queen st h North pd 
Arnold Hy. & Son, cheese factors, Siddals In 
.\sbby Abrabam, butcher, 41 Queen at 
Ashb; ThoB. butcher, 68 New Sh. h. SponJon 
Ashfonh Elii. green grocer, 39, St. Peter's st 
Asblej Edrick, shoe maker. Nun's at 
Ashley Oeorge, painter, Wilmot st 
Askew Wm. cow keeper, Keddleston road 
Aspinall James, railway clerk. Pork bi 
Atberatoue Edwin, vet. surgeon. Tenant st 
Atherstone U. veL onr. Sadler gt. h. George st 
Atkinson Bt railway coach bldr, Liversoge st 
Aull Ann, ricL Exeter arms, Exeter place 
Anlt John, english timber merchant. Castle st 
Aull Joseph, tailor, Goodwin st 
Ault Samuel, Tick Blown Bear, Oreen lone 
Anlt Wm. Tict Stag and Thorn, Traffic st 
Anlt Wm. boot and shoe rnkr, T Oreen lane 
Austin Tbomas, shopkeeper, Barton road 
Austin Wm. vict York Tavern, York st 
Ayton Geo. grocer and druggist. Burton rood 
Bacon John, tailor, Bridge gale 
Bacon Tbos. boot & shoe mkr 40 St Pelera st 
Baggaley Nalbon, joiner, 22 Eieter st 
Bognall, Geo. lict. Black Swan, Siddal's lane 
Bagsbaw Wm. lict. Boyal Oak, Market place 
Bailey Alice, shopkeeper. Upper Friar gale 
BaCey Edward, agent Scottish union fire and 
Ult insurance, and librarian. Amen alley 
Bailey Oeorge, shoe maker, Lilcbnrdi st 
Bailey Jobn. accountant & agent, Parker M 




Buittj Jolin, buicher. 52 Bl Peter's si 
Bailej JnbD, butclier, 14 Queen « 
Bailpj John, Ie& dealer, 91 Corn muket 
BailfT, TboB. grocer & tea dealer, 29 Iron gt 
B&iley W. rice Eagle & Ctuld, St Alk'a. eh. ;<1 
Baiubridge Eliz. shopkeeper, city ro&d 
Bainbrigge Thomu P. poet mMler, Com mkt 
Baker, Add Large's si 

Baker Jph boot & sboe whi. 2 Sadler gt. bg 
Baker Wm. H.D. 76 Friar gt 
Baker WiD. eilk maoaTiicturer, 73 Fiiu gt 
Baker Wm. boot and shoe maker, 3 Jiu? M 
Bikewell John & Chas. grocers & tea dealers, 

market head aad Railvaj lerrace 
Bsldwin Wm. boot&ahoe mkr. Devonshire si 
Balgay Bryan Thomas, esq. solicilor, coroner, 

&nd clerk of the peace for the borongb . St 

Peter's si. h. Bonncath ^ 

Ball Edward, shoe maker, Orchard et 
Ball Geo. col. camaiissioners rates, Bridge st 
Boll James, shopkeeper, ^T Bridge si 
BslI Jas. grocer and piorision dlr. John at 
Ball Sam. beer house and joiner, 11 Horledge 
Ball Wm. attorney's clerk, Exeler place 
Bsmford Wm. bookkeeper, Osmaston road 
Bamford Rl butcher, Market place 
Bftnerofl, Gerr, bnlcher, Union et & 4 New eh 
Bancroft Hy. butcher, 30 new sh. h. Barton rd 
Bancroft Isaac, waleh maker, 40 Bridge gt 
Bancroft Wm. baker, Bnrton road 
. BoncTotl Wm, silk mauufactr. 2 Deionsbr. si 
Banks Daniel, shopkeeper. Bridge at 
Bauka Geo. batcher, 37 New sbs. h. Findem 
Bannister Thomas, cooper, Sadler gt 
Barber Hy. Ann, straw hat mkr. 30 London st 
Barber John, solicitor, St. Hichiel's chorch 

yard, h. 8 QuecD st 
Barber John, corn miller, Canal at and seed 

crasher, John e,l and 2.1 Queen st 
Buber Nath. baker & sbopkpr. 13 Bridge gt 
Barber Sara, provision dealer S St. Peter's st 
Barker Charles, tailor, Deranshire el 
Barker Ed. joiner fc cabnel mkr. King si 
Barker Fras. Tailor, Oisbome st 
Barker Miss Harriet, Vernon et 
Barker Jos. lice Spread Eagle, London et 
Barker Jamea, vicu Eagle, St. Peter's st 
Barker John agent & shopkpr, High st 
Barker Hary, dress It stay mkr, & Kicfaard, 

tailor, Birelt st 
Barker Tbos. wholesale & retail confectioner, 

Bariier Thos. hair dresser & pig jobr. Bag In 
Barker Wm. eating house, IB Moriedgs 

Barker Wm. batcher. Bold lane 
Barlow W. H. ciril engineer. Railway station 
Barnes John, hair dresser. Barton road 
Barnes Wm. linen b woollen dr^ier & tailor, 

10 3t. Peter's st 
Bunes Wm. carrier. Green lane 
Bamett Geo & Son, cabnet makers, Hkt pla 
Bomen Wm. cabinetmaker, Derwent st 
Barradough Isaac, cnder. 38 Green lane 
Bartle Wm. com agent, Exeter place 
Bartlett, Sarah, girls national Kboo], Trafllo 

st, h. Corringion atreel 
Barton Andrew, shopkeeper, Albion st 
Barton Chas. bookkeeper. Noltinghara road 
Barton Mrs. Martha, Mansfield rood 
Barton Rl commercial traieller. Park at 
Barton Samuel, engineer, Mons&eld road 
Barton Wm. batcher, Morledge & Old shmbls 
Barton Bfr. William, Full st • 

Barton Wm, sculpter, Parker at 
Basford John, pointer, Osmaston road 
Basford Thos. baker, York st 
Bassano John, shopkeeper, Darley lane 
Baasendine Geo. boot It sboe mkr. Victoria st 
Bate Hy. baker and confectioner, London st 
Bateman Thos. Osborne. Esq. Osmaston rd 
Bateman Mrs. Eliiabelh, Litchurch 
Bateman George, coach builder, Talbot yd, k 

grocer and baker, Morledge 
Bateman Wm. etone mason. Brook st 
Bateman Hy, heraldry chaser and jeweller, 12 

Sadler gt 
Bates Edward gentleman, Normonton ler 
Bales John, ricL Fountain, Osmaston road 
Baui I. shopkeeper & baker, Lirereage at 
Bales Lionel Winship, woollen draper, tailop, 

hatter and hosier, 4 Com market 
Bateabj Mrs. 8 St. Hary-a gale 
Batkin Wm. hair dreoser. Osmaston road 
Baiter James, gamekeeper, GioTe st 
Baxter Rt. wine & spirit mercht 34, Iron gt 
Beorddey WiUiam, bnlcher. Brick st 
Beck Wm. lea dealer, Wilmot st 
Bedford Rev. John. Methodist min. King st 
Beeland William, dr^wr, mercer, and milliner, 

23, Iron gt 
Beeland Wm. jon. tailor and drpr. T Rotten r 
Beer Henry, baker and floor dlr. Bridge st 
Beer Richard, baker, 38, Bath at 
Beestey Edward, butcher, 12, Bridge gt 
Beeiley George, butcher. Mansfield rd 
Beeson Thomas, vict. Star and Garter, and 

maltster, St. Mary's gt 
Beeson Wm. tinner aad broxier, IT Iron gt 



BelfleBd SimoQ, Uilor, Devon ahire si 
Belfleld Tbos. balcher, M Naw Sh. h. IhiffiM 
B«ll John Fox, Becietarf, Rulwi; lUCJon 
Ben John, sorgeoD, 9 QDrcD St 
Bembridge Ju. tailor and drpr, 37 Ijoaitoa st 
Bembridge SUpbm, tailor, Willlun M 
BemroM Wm.booksli.ptinur, »Wb. bookbdr. 

uid DtThn Mertury Office, Iron gate 
Bennet Joseph, day school, PaAer at 
Bnmett Charles, joinvr and bidt. Cnrxon at 
Bennett Panl, batcher, 33 Friarpite 
Bennett Bobt. linen drpr. & merer. 1 3 Inm p 
Bennett Sunael, ahopkpr. Traffic hI 
Bennett Win. joiner ft lict Foresters' Anns, 

St. Helen's st 
Bennett Wm. surgeon, 12 Friar gate 
Bennett Thai, boot and shoe mkr. Burton rd g 
BeDneltThomas, brick mkr. O. UltoieKr rd 
Benl TEomas, H.D. Friar gate 
Beallej James, blacksmith, Thonilrec In 
Bentle; Joseph, efain* gilder and painter, and 

shopkpr. Qoodwin si 
Bentley Samuel, blacksmitb. Conunsi-ket 
Bendejr Wm. blacksmith, Sadlei gt 
Bentle; Wm. beerhouse, Talbot st 
BereHford Cbtte. bonnet & stay mkr. Sutler gt 
BerringtOD Thos. gardni. Cowslej field collg 
Beswick Gpo. linen and vUn. dipi. 3 Rotten r 
Bettison Joseph WidnoU, blackna. Canal st 
Beion Mr. Joseph, Green In 
Bewlsy Richard, bookkeeper. Burton rd 
Biggs Benjion. boot and shoe mkr. Oroie st 
Biggs Geo. Wesleyan day school, Chapel st 
Biggs Joseph, Biimingham and Sheffield whs. 

and to; dealer, 13) Victoria si 
Bindley John, cheese & bacou factor, Conuaki 
Bindley Mrs. F. J. boarding schl. Bridge st 
Bingham Miss Martha, Temon st 
Bingham Miss Mar; Ann, Temon et 
Birch Edward, nhomaker, Duke st 
Birch Riehord Wm. solicitor, Wardwick 
Birch Wm. watch and clock mkr. Litchnrch st 
BirchoU Minsball, ooal merchant, Didte st 
Birdse; G. coal agent, London st. h Lilrhurck 
Blarklock Jdo. boot ft shoe mkr. 11 Albion pi 
Blackwell Hy. cabinet maker and upholsterer, 

1-1 and 21 Queen st 
Bland Jph. vict. Dorham Ileirer, Morledge 
Bland John, beer bouse, rag and bane dealer, 

and colour manuradurer. Bag lane 
Blood Jolin, book keeper, 10 Wardwick 
Blood Robt. shopkeeper, Burrow's walk 
Blood Wro. boot ft shoe mkr.Osmoeton st 
Bloor Jph. Tift. Brilaniiia, 1 River st 

Bloor Rl china manufactr. Nottingham rd 
Blore T. vicL Dmid's arms ft cow kpr Traffic st 
Blore Sarah, Forrester st 
Blore Joseph, marble mason and ornamental 

■par mannfoctnrer. Bridge gt 
Blount Wm. grocer ft tea dlr, Cock pit hiU 
Blundstone Samuel, hair dresser ft perTumer, 

57 SL Peter's st 
Blnnt Robt. vict. Star, Siddal's lane 
Boam Chpr. butcher, 18 New sh. h Burton rd 
Boom John, butcher. Castle st ft 11 New Sb. 
Boam Thos. Well sinker, Favr. ftc. TraiBc at 
Bodell Oeo. shopkeeper, Willow row 
Bodell Ruth, straw hat maker, i Jury st 
Boden Frae. baker and shopkeeper. Park st 
Boden Geo. hair dresser, 11 Sadler gate 
Boden Henry, lace miuafaclurer, The Field, 

Osmaslon road 
Boden John, Esq., Nonnonton terrace 
Boden Bd. com dlr. 11 Com mkt h Oreen hi 
Boden Thomas, Esq., Cnraon st 
Solas Jph. ft Co. hat manaTactrs. Marital hd 
Bolsover Saml. pavubroker, 3U Queen st 
Bond Jph. shopkeeper. Traffic St. 
Bonham Eliz. atraw hat mkr. St. Pelei's ch. jA 
Booth John travelling draper George at 
Borough Chas. surgeon, ST St Peters'e st 
Borough Wm. solicitor. Com mkt. h. Agard st 
Bonnan Allen, surgeon, London st 
Borrey Jas. ftsmeemilh and sinker maker, 

Sacheverel st 
Bostock Edn. boot ft shoe wrhs. H Sadler gt 
Bolham Hy.cabinetmkt.&uphletr 48 Friar gt 
Bolham John, tailor. Traffic si 
Boulderston Tiios. shoemsker, Brook st 
Boullon Wm. vict. Lord Nelson, Wordnick 
Bowden Rd. Painter and gilder Sitwell st 
Bowler John, cheese ft bacon facti, 30 Iron gt 
Bowles Hj. beeer house. Upper Brook st 
Bowmer Jas. butcher, Willow row 
Bown Jph. vict. The Vine, Ford st 
Bowrhig Chas. accooutanl. South terrace 
Bowring Mrs. Charlotte, Liteburrh terrace 
Bowring Rd. vict Coach ft horses. King st 
Bradbury Douglas, joiner, Wilmot at 
Bradbur; Ed. vict. Tailora Arms, Burton nl 
Brodly Jph. solirilor, Peter sthNormanlou rd 
Bradley Robt. irliBt, 9 Casda st 
Brammal Holmes, silk manuracturer. Cil; 

mad, h. 11 North parade 
Bramwell John, agl. conn request Si Mary gt 
Branton Thos. grocer ft lea dlr. 3T Queen st 
Braasington John, portrait painter. Friar gate 
Bratby Wm. boot ft shoe mkr. Nottingham rd 


Brewef Bowluid Amootu, auctioDMr, eauue 
■gent, & *geDt to chnrcfa of EngUnd Are 

■nd life oScF, 13 Com mukel 
Brearej Thamu ftuctjaneer and eatMe (gent. 

Victori* BtreeC 
Breguzi John, carrer jc, i^der, S Cheapsids 
Brentiull Anna, boarding b day ichool, 13 BL 

BrentDall Francis, elothea' wrh. 19 Londoo at 
BrenmaU Ju. caafeclioDer, OO St. Petri'a st 
Brenmall John. rict. Earl Grey, UUoieter rd 
Brenlnall Wm. ha; and ■!»« dealer, Doke at 
Brentnall Wm. beerhaase, Cheater place 
Bretnor Bernard It Co, tea dlra. grocers, and 

•gta. 10 the Binninghua fire & Eagle life 

offices. 10 Friar gat« 
Bretnoi Miss L. Hollj cottage, Litchnrcb 
Brettell Mils M. Wilmot at ' 

Brewer Oeo. II. plumber & gliziet, Agard at 
Bridgut J. & B, juinera & builders, Friar gt 
Bridgui Ceo. joiner & builder, 30 King st 
Bridgart Thoa. plasterer, Osmaston at 
Bridges Tlios. baker, UO Walker lane 
Bridgett Mrs. Sarah, 13 Narlb parade 
BridgeU T, & Co. ailk throwatera and ribbon 

manufactniers. Bridge si 
firiggs O.&G.jun.vhls. drapers SL Peter's bg 
Brigga Jpb, liverj atable It post horse keeper 

Osmaston st 
Brigga H. & S. grorenJE druggists Traffic at 
Briggs Mary, shopkeeper. Sitwell it 
Briggs Bt butcber. Canal st 
Briggs Tfaos. gent Pear tree bs. LJlehniah 
Brigga Thoa. Draper, b. St. Peter's bridge 
Briggs Be*. W. UA. Wilmot st 
Brigstocke Hf. HJ>. private aaylom. Green 

hill house 
Brindlej Wm. woollen draper, Tenant st 
Britton A. achlmr. St. Mar; gtb.Osmaaton rd 
Britlon Edwin, shopkeeper, Leonard at 
Britton Wm. boot tt ahoe mkr. Leonard at 
Broadhursl Geo. punter & beer ha Bridge st 
BroudiinrBtOeo.braziei&dmQBn, IS Victoria SI 
BrocklesbjJph Tict. Boe Buck. S.') Bridge gt 
BrocUeab; Rd. shopkeeper. Sitwell st 
Brocklesbj Wm. needle maker, Cockpit hill 
Brocksop Frances, dress maker, St Mary's gt 
Brocksop John, gent. Wilmot at 
Bromlej' John, land agent, 41 St Mary's gt 
Bromley Rt. land agt & Eurrr. 17 London rd 
Brookes Fraa. beerbonse, Keuaingion st 
Brookea Morton, genL 12 Full at 
Brookes Php. cliemiat & driiggiat, grocei and 

coloiinnnn. Clienpiide 

Brookes 8aml. carrier & leather dr. Qneen st 
Brookhonae E. milnr JE dreaa mkr. St Peter'a st 
Brookbouse John, plaalerer. Park st 
Brookhouae Jpb plasterer, Coek Pit hUI 
Brookhonse Bobert, plaster uaDoIaittarer, 

Morledge, h. Copeland at 
Brooka Jobn, book kpr. Cavendiah st 
Brooks John, beer boose, Parker st 
Broombead Edwin & Geo., pinmbeta tad 

^aiiera, 23 King at 
Broomhead Wm. baker, 39 Queen at 
Brougfa Mr. Arthor, old Uttoxeler road 
BroQghton Add, dress maker. 21 Goodwin at 
Broughton Thoa. livery sUble kpr. Slddal'a In 
Brown Chaa. eating bs & poulterer. 30 Sadler gt 
Brown Geo. plnmber it glazier, Caalle st 
Brown Geo. butcher, 87 Friar gt 
Brown Ber. Jas. B. cong. min. Oamaaton It 
Brown Jat. travelling draper, York A 
Brown John, tailor, Agard at 
Brown Jpb. merchanl, Foirater at 
Brown Jph. boot It ahoe maker Bi Friar gt 
Brown Jpb. town cryer. Summer bill 
Brown Rev. PU. curate All Saints, Tenant at 
Brown Pp. vicL Old Sbakespere, IT Bold In 
Brown Hd. gent St Helen's st 
Brown Thos. cabinet maker & upbalsterer, 3 

OsmastoD s( 
Brown Tboa. blacksmith, Siddal'a La 
Brown T. butcher. New S. h. HomUy Wood*h 
Brown Wm. joiner It bailder, Large'a at 
Brown Wm. baker, Mansfield rd 
Bmnt Eliza, dress maker. Park st 
Brunt Oeo. woollen drpr & tailor II Victoria st 
Bryan John, beer bouse, Litehnreb si 
Biyer John, bnloher. Shambles, h St Maiya gt 
Bryer Bd. cbemiat and dmggisi, 9S Com 

market and 37 Friar gt 
Buckley Chas. hosier, 49 St Peter'a st 
Buckley Elizabeth, 39 Friar gt 
Boll John, vict Grejhonnd, Market head 
BuU John, vicL Black Boy, Albion st 
Bntl Saml. register office, 3 Friar gt 
Bullock J. & Son. tailors & dprs. 3 Wardwiek 
Bulmer Jaa. plumber It glaiier Com mkt 
Banting Lydia & Jane, millinera, St. Peter's st 
Bunlitt Wm. ehopkseper, 41 Full st 
Bnrke,Fred. victCheahirecbeeae, StPetei's st 
Bumaby Chaa. Sheirard, solicitor, Wardwiek 

h. Com Market 
Burnett Jobn, gardener & sdamn. 11 Friar gt 
BiUTOUghaTboB. publisher of i>«-fryjlferciiry. 

Wed. 3A Imngate. h Oamaaton rd 
Biirrowa Wm. brer liouae, Liversagt tt 




BurtoD, Geo. nilway clerk, Pwk 81 

BmtoD Jnbn O. ■cconntuit, Puk pi 

Buaher Wm. wbilennilh Jcbellhuiger, King st 

Bntel Alex. maanbcturiDg. cbamiat. Friar g[ 

Bntl«r Edwud, Litchurch ter 

Butler Michicl, cooper. Willow row 

Bailer Tboi. ahopkaeper, Groia st 

Bailer Wm. balclier, 4T Mew eh. b. Bflfer 

BmlDn Eliz. shopkeeper, WiUiuD et 

Baxtou Jos. punter, Derwent si 

Builoa JoIiD, coal agt. Loadoa rd. h Cum] st 

Bnitoa Tbos. sargeon, StAlkmnnd's oh jd 

Bolton Tbos. punter, Nottingham rd 

Bnilon Thos. brieklijer King at 

Bnttecworth Thos, bookkeeper, 66 SHilge st 

Bjau Jpb., coal deiler, Union St 

Csdmui Jobn, grcr. & tea dlr. 47, Sadler gate 

Caladine Geo. poor rate coUectut, Ford st 

Caladiae U*ij, bed fur calenderer, Agaid st 

GaUinan Wm. tailor St b. ha. kpr. tfandf at 

Calow Joseph, whilesniilb, lohn at 

Calvert Edw. bank caahier Bod agent to the 

Guardign aseantice office, 10 FuU st 
Camp Cbs. baker and flour dlr. Canal st 
Camp, Thos. TicL Robin Hood, cL 1, Irongate 
Campbell H;. maoaas mkr. and npholalerei', 

7 Bold st 
Campion Tbos. baker & flunr dlr. Eagle st 
Cane Daniel, bookkeeper, Hope st 
Canlrell Hj. vict. Nag's Headjard, eon. Inii 

and posting hoase, St. Peter's 
CsDlreU Mrs. aarab, Ford st 
Cautrill Si Rowbottom, painters. Nag's head jd 
Canlrill Wm. painter, h. SL Peter's si 
CuTuigtoD Emma, dteaa mkr. Old Ultoieter r 
Carson John, vict. City Arms, Osmaaton st 
Canon Rbt. agent forClajcross coal eompau;, 

LoDdoD road, b. Sltwell st 
CarterSolmn. licb bowling greeo. Old Seven 

Stars, Nottingham road 
Cutlicb, Thoa. cabinet maker, apbolslerer, 

broker and appraiser, 43, Sadler gale 
Cash Stephen, seedsman &c. 1 Qaeen at 
Cash TboB. gardener & aeedaman, Morledgs 
Cave Hary, vict. Fox and Qoose, Friar gste 
Cbadfield Chas. sutioner, artists' repoailotr, 

Osmaaton at 
ChadQetd Joseph, priuter&bookBdler, whole- 
sale itationerj jc paper banging & raasici] 
instrument watehouae. Friar gala 
Cbadwick Bt. paper dealer, S3 Qaeen si 
Chadwick Samael, shpkpr. Noimanton road 
Cbadwick Samnel, agent, Sacbeverel st 
Chadwick Wm. gnrdnr. k, adsmn. 36 London at 

Challinor Francis, vainiah and printing ink 

manufaeturer, Uuke st 
Chslliner Wm. merchaol and colour mannfr. 

Oily road, b. ID North parade 
Chambers G. A. butcher. Burton road 
Chambers, Gerrase, butcher, if> London st 
Cbamberlaiu Jobn. joiner, Puker st. terrace 
CbqiUn. Jonathan boot Sc shoe maker, 09 St 

Peter's st 
Chapman Chai. botcher, 80 New Shambles, 

and AlTaston 
Chapman, John, Hill brow 
Chatterton John, lead merchant, patent lead 

pipe mnfr, plomber & glaaier, Amen sUej 
Cbeelhsoi George, joiner, MonsSeld rosd 
Cbeetham John, joiner, 40 Fuli s( 
Cheelham John, shoemaker, 83 Balb st 
Chelt John, wine It epiiit merchant, Full sL 

b. Parker at 
Cheney Jsa. boot & shoe maker. Bag Inne 
Cheshire Wm. sboeinaker, Green st 
Chester Biebard, beerlionse keeper. Canal st 
Cbolerton Francis, engraver, Oemaston at 
Cbolerloa Harvey, eoach timber bender, 

Albion st 
Cholertoo Jobn, upholsterer & paper hanger. 

Fowler st 
Cholerton John, grocer, Willow row 
Cholerton Utw. cabinet maker Sc npholaurer, 

40 Queen at 
Cholerloo Saml. provision dlr. Liveraaga si 
Cholorton Suab, beeihoase, 43 London st 
Church John, neeiUe maker, IS 3t. Helena s( 
Clark Alfred, hainlrsr. It perfmr. 61. Peter's at 
Clark 3es, S. maltster. Friar gate 
Clark Jobn, coal dealer, 45 Walker lane 
Clark John, baker, 41 Bridge gt 
Clark John, vict Devonshire Arms, Queen st 
Clark Msiy, inaluter, King at. h. NotUngbm 

Clark Peter, Esq., Green Hill ler 

Clarke Jaa. dyer & scourer. Ford at 

Clarke Jane, milliner & dressmaker, 60 St. 

Peter's at 
Clarke John, wine merchant, Friar gt 
Clarke Jobn. chemist It drnggiat, 14 Bridge st 
Clarke John, coal dealer, Doke et 
Clarke John, grocer & lea dealer, cigar*, lie. 

St Peter's Bridge 
Clarke Tboa. matlater and comfaclor, Notting- 
ham road, h. 1 Qerwenl latrace 
Clarke & Son, lurgeoii daoliata, Sadler gt bfe 
Clave; Ed. vict HaU Hoon, Sadler ft 
Cleiey Wm. gent Sadler gt 




Cl*y cniSB coal and lime jird, end of Sution, 

London rd. Geo. Biidsey, agent 
Cl&y Ed. wood lamer. Jcherblst. Eagle st 
Claj Jolin, Tict Wheal Sheaf, SO Walker In, 

and butcher, 7 New Sbamblea 
Clay Jobn, batcher. Traffic at. & 6 New Sha 
Cla; J. roal q<BiiE, LoDdan rd. h Oamaslcni nt 
Cla; Thos. buteher, 8 New Sha. b TnSo at 
Clays Jph. batcher, Leonard at 
CUtsod Mary, rict. Bird, 2 Jury at 
Clayton Maria, dreaa maker, 26 St. HeUea'a at 
Clayton Thoa. small ware dlr. Caade at 
Cleerars Wm. tobacco pipe mkr. Willow row 
Clementa My. atraw bonnet mkr Up. Friar at 
Clerk Jas. Snd muter Grammar School, h. 

Lilcburch ter 
Clifford John, blacking mft. Tbom tree In . 
Claer My. ic Fanny, millinera & dreaamakcra, 

Market place 
Clnlow Ed. railway clerk. Midland place 
Clulow Wm. ahopkeeper, Oamaaton rd 
Cobb Rev. S. W. B.A. miniater of SL John'a, 

Normanton road 
Cobley Wm. painter. Hi Queen at 
Cock John Hy. cnrricr and lealbet cntter, 101 

Friar gt 
Cockayne Emma, school, Oieen lane 
Cockayne John, manager. Upper Sooth at 
Cockayne Hy. shopkeeper 6 BaA at 
Cockayne Wm. butcher, ST New wh.hQuamdoa 
Cocker Cbt. boot & ahoe mkr Leonard at 
Cocker Jonh. porter, Markeaton lodge 
Coke Tbos. gent. Wilmot at 
Cole John, com merchant, Nottingham road, 

h. St. Alkmnnd'a church yard 
Cole Wm. cabinet raalcer fe hrnitaie warha. 

eo St. Feler'a st 
Colehoum Oeo. Bhopkeeper, 23 Bridge gt 
Collinwin John, farmer, Lilchnrch 
Collier Bd. vict Crown Ic Mitre, Amen alley 
Collnmbell DaTid, tailor, Dariey In 
Cotlnmbell Edm. dark M St. Alkmd's. King at 
Collnmbell Bd. Udlor, Goodwin si 
Collumhell 8ar. k Eliz. chr. library. King st 
CoUombell Mrs. Sarah, Cherry st 
Cooke Cbr. giooer ft tea dlr Siddal's In 
Cook Isaac, boot & aboe maker. Tiafflc si 
Cook Jidin, proTiaion dealer, Siddal'a In 
Cook Jobn. preaerrer of Birds and Animals, 

and musenm, Market head 
Cook Thos. mtch & clock mkr. Friar gt 
Cooke, Bd. butcher, 3 Iron gt 
Cooke Thos. grocer & tea dlr. 12 Com mk( 
Cooper Elji. straw hat maker. Bridge st 

Cooper Geo. lace dealer and register office 98 

St Feler'a st 
Cooper Mrs. Saaah, London at 
Cooper John, gent. Traffic st 
Cooper Jobn, tanner. Green st 
Cooper Josh, butter dealer. Thomtree In 
Cooper Bt plumber and glazier, St Feter'a at. 

h. Sitwell at 
Cooper Thoa. shoe maker, 14 St Helen's at 
Cooper ThoB. gent 18 Victoria st 
Cooper Thoa. slone maaon & bdr Brook at 
Cooper Wm. Mansfield, buDding contractor, 

la Sl Mary's gt 
Cooper Thos. & Son, tbllmrs. glue mannfacU. k 

woolslaplers. Parcel field, Utioieter rd 
Cope Jas. shopkeeper. Nun's at 
Cope Jas. agent, SachcTerel st 
Cope Hy. aOk dyer. St Michael's In 
Cope John, fishmonger, beer ha. 46 Sadler gt 
Cope Jpb. boot and shoe maker. Eagle st 
CopealaJce Chaa. baker & shopkpr, Moiledga 
Copeatake Ed. botcher 41 Nuns at 
Copi>Btake Eliz. dreas maker, Wilmot st 
Copeatake Mary, shopkeeper. Burton road 
Copestick Oeo. vict Green Man, Keuainglonrd 
Copestick Jas, former. Old Uttoieter road 
Corbin Bei. John, indept min. 39 Friar gt 
Corden John, Esq.. stamp dialribulor & recrr. 
otH.M's. reyenuea. Com mkt hAlbertpl 
Corden Jph. boot & shoe mkr. 38 Friar gt 
Com John, coml. tnlr. 6 Wilmot sl 
Cornwall J. B. master Brit achl. Orcbard al 
Costen Chaa. vict Durham Ox. St Peter's at 
Cotdn Michael F. beer hs. Canal at 
Coolaon Nath. slate merchant, Nottingbam rd 
Coolson Robt slater, graie & tombstone en- 
graver, and dlr. in Welah & Westmoreland 
slates, Siddal's lane 
Coulson Wm. slater, John at 
CowUahaw Jas. tt Jobn, coach builders, Lon- 

Cowlishaw Johu, wheelwright, beerhoaae, 

Traffic at 
Cowlishaw Bd. confectioner, Liveraage st 
Cox Brothers, and Co. lead merchants, nifra. 

of white lead, lead pipe and shot, Morledge 

and Mill hill 
Coi Edw. Soresby, lead mercht h. Brailsford 

Cox George, gent Grore terrace 

II, Haden, and Poanlain, wine and apiril 

merchants. Market place 
Coi Hamel.millinor4 dressmaker, Tenant 91 
Cox Hy. wine merchant, h. Park field 



Cox John, gi>uL Burton road 

Cox & Milin, wine It spirit UKrobti. C(inuiik4 

Cox tin. Uuia, SO Friar gals 

Cox Hi*. Hai;, Bridge it 

Coi Sunuel, ealiDg house, Bridgs st 

Coi Samnsl Walker, iioiiloimder, Derwent 

(oondrr, Eieier plase 
Cox Wm. wine merchant, h. Commarket 
Cox Win. proTiaioD dealer, New market 
Coi Wm. Sons, Sc Co. cbeess taclon. Tenant si 
Cox Wm. porter, Tbomtrec lane 
Colon Jacob,«hile&loeksmith,DeTonahire St 
CoxoD Thos. bntcbsr, 76 Nsw ahambles, h. 

Crabtree Wm. hatter, 60 St Psiei's st 
Crailon M. A. girls' Britiib school, Cbapel at 
Cramoud William, silk, hosiery & gloTc mnfr. 

Cramp Hcnr;, brewery agent, Fnll sL 

Crawford Heniy, tailor. Friar gata 

Creswsll Anihouj, vicL Dog and Putridge, 

TsDUlt si 

CrighloD Samoel, dyer, 29 Sadler gats 
Crole Daniel, greengrocer, ST Green lane 
Cnimpton, Nswton, &Co. bankers, 28 Irongt 
Crooks Thos. Telvet mnfr. Slddala lane 
Cross Wm. Hy. bookpr. Fowler st 
Croesley Matbias, bookpr. Normantoo road 
Crown Urs. dressmaker, Sadler gate 
Crump Thoa. plnmber, glaiisr, engraTer, and 

manager of gas works. Friar gate 
Cnbley Ann, fancy repository, 34 Qaecn st 
Cnbley Wm. painter and gilder, Si Qneen st 
Caff John, Tick midland hotel, post-horse kpr. 

gigs, flya, Sa. Railway lernee 
Coff and Fox, sharabroken, alhenniun bdgl. 

and midland hotel, Bailway terrace 
Cummings Henry, schoolmaatar, Cnnon at 
Cimlillie Henry, cabinet maker, Manifleld rd 
Cnppleditcb Hary, dreaamaker, Parker at 
Cnrsbam Miss M, A. Wilmot st 
Canon Hon. Admiral Henry, Upper Friar gt 
CtirlOD John, solicitor, 3 Full st 
Dalby Mrs. Huy, Wilmot it 
DsUison Gilbert, butcher, 37 Qoeeo st 
Dallison Thos. bobbin net mnfr. Traffic at 
Dallison Wm. senr. bobbin net manolkctiirer, 

75 Deronabire at 
Dallison Wm. junr. bobbin net mnfr. Ea^ st 
Daniel Bet. Joseph, catholic priest, Bridgs gt 
Darby Henry, woolien drpr. tc tailor, Mariut pi 
Darby Thomas, gent. Wilmot st 
Daienport Cbas. banker's clerk, opr. Sooth at 
DaTeoport Ebnzr. silk throwster, Osmaaton « 

DsTenport Joseph, silk throwster, Morledge 

tnills, b. Osmaaton road 
DaTidaon Tbos. hookkseper, upper South st 
Danes Ann, vice Neptmic, Osmaslon at 
Davis John, optieian and mathnDBIieal in- 
strument maker, Iron gate 
Davison Jossph, blacksmith, Sadlergale 
Dawwn Geo. hairdreiaer, Siddals 
Dawson John, net. George IV, Leonard st 
Dawion Jph. chemist snd drttfgiat, 6 Irongala 
Dawson Tbos. clerk of St. PWxr's, 8t Peter's 

Dawson Waller, hairdrssesr, London road 
Daykin John, gardener. Barton road 
Daykin, Wm. ahopkeeper, Eagje st 
Dean Rev, Jai. M.A. curate of Oamaston and 

minister of Calks, Albert place 
Denham Edmnd. staff ssrgeant m^or, DeVM|. 

Denham, Wm. horse dealer, Siddals lane 
Dsnman Wm. baker, fc eonfae. Oamaston rd 
Denslon Joshua, maltster, com miller and 

baker, Ghequids and Friar gala 
Deqae Jean, eating honse, 6 Iron gate 
Derby Canal Co. Qso. Ricards, agent, Siddal's 

In. b. Friar gt 
Derby and Crawe Railway Offlce, Wardwick, 

Mr. John Hnish, Seoietaty. 
Derby & Derbyshire Banking Company, Rt. 

Ronald, manager. Com mkt 
Derby, GainsboioDgh, Ic Great Orimsby Bail- 
way Offlce, St Petal's st St. Q. Smith, Esq. 

Dewar David, lib. mschanica' hall, Wardwick 
Dewe Chas. Thos. Reynolds, solieitor, 38 Iron 

gt h. Greeo bill ter 
Dilks John, tobacco pipe mkr. Park st 
Dimock Jas. bear ha. Victoria st 
Dimoch Thos. viet Jc mallater. Old Spot, 21 

St Helen's st 
Dix Rd. honse anigeon, General Infttmaij 
DiiOB Capt Francis, Charry st 
Dodds John, cloths dlr. 1 fc S Com mkt 
Dobaon John T. beer hs. John st 
DobsDii Rph. school maater. Traffic at 
Dobson Wm. beer hs. Siddal's In 
Doleman J. vict Jolly Toper, Nottiag^tam rd 
Domalo Wm. batcher. Canal at 
Dongs Pb, beer hs. Siddal's lane 
Doableday Wm. bntchsr. Canal st 
Draper Rt linan k woln. drapr. II) Com mkt 
Donbass Jas. draper, London at 
Drew John, shoe maker, 10 St Mary's gt 
Dodell Geo. temperance eoA« ha. Albert pi 





Dadle; Ch. ird h. iroD tnir. I court Willow 
Dnesbiirj Wm. checw fwlor, Full gt 
Dn^on Dan. MbooliiiMter, St Helena at 
Dngmon Jw. coIlMlor, Wind toiU field gt 
Dnnn Birtn, bmier, h Chul«B at 
Dunn Harriett, dreaa maker, Goodwin at 
Bmmidiff & Sererne, aoliciloia.ieSLMaiT'agt 
DDonicI iff John, ■olioitoi', li. Barton rd 
Dunnicliff John, boal fe ahoe mkr. Hope at 
DmrnicliOii John, bnloher St. Fetei'a at and 

Ifi New Shunblea 
Dyehe Jph. & Bt Eagliab and foreign timber 

meichanta. Cook pit Hill 
D;cb« Samuel, coal dlr. k iron aellcr, Bag In 
Djflhe Wm. tieL Woodman'a Stroke, Bag In 
DJnhe Wm. joiner, Caatle pla 
Earp Fnu. ^are broker, h. Orors ter 
Ewp Oeo. baker k gn>eer 4 Sadler gt brg 
Earp Thos b John, ale and porter brswera, 
BsDJ. Hagen, agent, 30 Bong at k Uttoieter 
Earp Tboa. k Son, abare brokara and agaiktB, 

Com mkt b. London ter 
Eaton Uiia £. Largaa at 
Eaton f>aa. ahopkeeper, 4B F^iar gt 
Ealoa John, joiner, Chapel at, h. Palker at 
EatoD Soph, alraw hat kdraaa mkr. Qneen at 
Eeoleafaare Matilda, atraw bat mkr Willow to 
Edwardu Jaa. shoe maker Citj road 
Edwarda Mrs. Sarah, S( Alkmond'a Chnnh yd 
Edwarda Thoa. tailor and draper S4 Queen at 

h. old UttoieMr rd 
Edwarda Wm. waUih maker, 10 Bolten row 
Edwards Wm. col. rates St. Alkmond'a, Full at 
Edwarda Ura. Wilmot at 
Eggleaton Mathiaa, oonfactianer, S3 Iron gt 
Eld Mra. Sarah, M Friar gate 
Ele; Qeorge, nail maker, Nottinghani road 
ElejJohn, bnlcher, 77, New ShamUea, h. 

HorUtji WoodkMit 
Ele; Sam], nail maker, beerhse. S6 Bridge st 
EUam Wm. paint and oolonr manotoctarer, 

Markeaton milla, Cherrr at 
Elleby Wm. fitter np. Brook at 
Elliott Jamea, enrrier and leilber otltter, 27 

Sadler gate 
Elliott Leonwd, maehiniat, IS St. Alkmnnd'a 

Etphick George, tobacconiat, h. Sadler gate 
Ellon Mr. Richard, Coweler field cottage 
EmmersoD and Bodan, painlera and gilden, 

UaAet place 
Emmerwm Tboa painta, h. Sachererel at 
Etchea Chariea, gMt Wilmot at 
Etefae* Edward, ehaeae taetor, h. liferaage at 

Etches Jeffi7 and Edward, cbeeee faclora, St. 

Pettr'i bridge 
Eicbea Jef. W. cheese factor, h. 10 Victoria at 
Etchea John, boot and shoe maker, Bold In 
Eyans Jph. dyer and aconrer, St. Michael'a In 
Evana Saml. Harriton, anrgeou, 13 Wardwiek 
ETana Saml. dyer, i St MichaeFa lane 
ETana Wm. lamp b gaa oil mkr. Kenaington at 
Evans Wm. and Saml. bankera, St Hhit'b gt 
Ejre Beebe, law atatloner, and eoloor fc var- 
niah manutactorer. 38 Piraa, Market pi. h. 
7 laland place, Duke el 
Ej» Arabella, bncj repoallory, 4 Friar gt 
Efie Jaa. wbitesmilh. Fall at h. Agard at 
Ejre Marj, milliner k dreaa mkr. Exeter pi 
Ejre Saml. ahare broker k agt to the Impe- 
rial Fire, k Standard Life offlcea, 5 Qneen at 
Ejra k Shaw, ahare brokers, Qneen at 
Eyre Timothy, botcher, 6 King at 
Falconer Ann, drese mkr. Hanefleld rd 
Falconer Jph. iron fotmder. City rd 
Falkner John Gilea, beerha. Canal at 
Fallowa John, boot k ahoe mkr. Cock pit htll 
Farmer Job, wheelwright. Tenant at h. De. 

Tonahite atieet 
Farmer Thoa, gentleman, Wilmot street 
Famsworlh Isaac, chiropodist, and Muy, 

dressmaker, S6 Bold lane 
Faulkener Brace, tailor, Sacheverel si 
Faulkener Thoa, printer, Bunon road 
Fearu Geo. hat maker, St Helen'a et 
Feam John, coal agent. Midland place 
Feam Saml. Wright, surgeon, 33 St Peter's at 
Featheistone Sarah, mil. k dnnkr. Amen alley 
Fellon, Caroline, fancy repository, Victoria st 
Ferguson Geo. M.D. London st 
Femyhough Wm. tailor k dpr, 31 Sadler gt 
Fidler Hary, npbolstereas, Kensington st 
Fields Thos. dealer in game, 14 London at 
Fisher John, painter k gilder, 35 Sadler gt 
Fisber Rd. shopkeeper, Albion at 
Fisher Ber, Wm. BX ootala of St Peter's, 
Surrogate fbr the dioceae of Lichfield, 
Grove ter 
Filchett Mr. Bt Moont Carmel 
Ficbett Samuel, upholaterer Deronsbire et 
Filcbell Tboa. beer bs. Green st 
Fletcher Chas. fancy boi mkr. Goodwin at 
Fletcher Eliia. day scbaol, HansSeld rd 
Fletcher Hogh, vict Black Boy, Sadler gt 
FlBlcher John green grocer, Willow row 
Fletcher Mr. Wm. Vickers, Nun's st 
Fletcher Wm. green grocer, 11 Bold In 
FletehsT Wm. baker, Willow row 




Flewkei lin. Elii. BortoD nl 

Flewker John, solic. Com mkc h Oamaaton it 

Fley Bd. tobaconist, 13 Rotten row, h Sitvell st 

Flint Jobn, rope Ec twin* mkr. 40 Oraen In 

Flower Hy. cbnnilt k, Araggitt, 43 Qunn Bt 

Fladc ThoB. Vict Culle IcFalcon, Hi»l«dge 

Togg John, UiloT, 21 Bold In 

Foouit, Rd. ckbiuet maker and folding cbair 

muuflutiirar, 18 London street 
Fold ChH. aluM maker, Bridga Bt 
Ford Oeo. brush muia/actiirer 14 TiclorU ■( 
Ford Geo. wheelwright, Nottinghani id 
Ford John, tailor, 2b FrUr gt 
Ford John Gerrue, bookslr. k alatr. King et 
Fold Ju. omniDfl. >pu msnoflutr. 48 Nuni at 
Ford Jaa. beer bonae, Fowler st 
Ford Sarah drees maker, Chapel st 
Ford Wm. & Co. mannfaeturing chemiata, 

old Uuoxeter rd. h. new Uttouter rd 
Foroian El^a, plnmber ft, glader, Waidwiek 
Forman Bt. hop ft. aeed merebt and tobacco 

mannfaotr. Com mkL h. Abbot* bill ha 
Forman Bt. Jan. malteler, Canon st 
Foster Thowaa, vict. Haiqnis of An^esea, 

Foster Wm. gardener fc seedsman, Sadler gt 
Fodlke Ssrah, mDliDer ft dress mkr. Oreen In 
Foweia Wm. colleetor, Oekbrook, Field diain, 

Duoieler road 
Fox Cbadotte, gentlewoman, 6 Wardwiek 
Fox Dongas, snrgeoa, T Friar gt. h. Waidwick 
Fax Ed. genL Green In 
Fox Jph. ft Jaa. engineers, & machine mkrs. 

Foi Rd.eommerehLStHarjabd.h. Cheny et 
Fox Samoel, hosierymanufactaier, Waidwiok, 

h. 14 North parade 
Fox Sophia, toy dealer, Osmaston st 
Fnmeia MUs Maria Partridge, IS Bt. Mary's gt 
Freak Joseph Ftederiek, Tict. and anctioneer, 

Kin^s Anns Inn, St. Haiya gate 
Frear Benj. aolicilor, Sl Mary's gt. h. Friar gt 
Freekelton Jobn, baker and shopkpr. Hill sl 
nrckleton John, whitesmith. Bridge st 
Fritehe Fronde, professor of mnsic, and or- 
ganist at St Alkmnnd's, 8 Norfli parade 
Fritehe George, professor of mnsie, and orga- 
nist at All Saints', fiose hill cottage 
Frost Chas. boot and shoe maker. Park st 
Proit John, riet Black's head, DcTonshire st 
Fniat Ralph, Eaq. DuSeld road 
Fiost William, millwright. City road 
Frort Wm. rict Greybonnd, 07, Friu gale 
Fryer Charioue, boimet mkr. HiU sl 

Fuller Mrs. Maria, Wihnol st 
Fumiss Horatio, grocer ft tea dlr. I<ondoti et 
Oadsby Enoch, boot k shoe mkr. 23 Wardwk 
Oadal^ John, JTiD. solicitor, 29 Ssdler gt 
Qadabjr Peter, boot & shoe mkr, Groic st 
Oadel^ ThoB. joiner k builder, 21 Wardwiek 
Osdsby Wm. reliering oSlcer, Sitwell at 
Gains Wm. fitter np, Traffic st 
Qainaborongh ft Derby Railway Offlee 
Gamble Jno. pi^ler, North pd 
Gamble John, gent. 4 Full st 
Qamble Stephen, cabinet maker and npboli- 

ter, in Iron gt, b. Park field 
Gamble Wm. joiner, 61 Friar gt 
OarbnttWm. lace and bouery mannfkclnrer, 

47 Foil et 
Gardener Mr. Wm. South ter 
Gatftirtb John, wood engraver, Uttmeter rd 
Oamer Mrs. Elii. Wilmot sl 
Gamec Bt eadler and hms. mkr. 7 Viefania st 
Gamer Wm. shopkeeper, AsbboDm rd 
Oairatt Eliz. dressmaker, Mansfield rd 
Garrett John, beerhonss, Nottingham rd 
Garratt My. milliner & dress mkr. 26 Friar gt 
Goseoyns Jph. and Geo. slone masons and 

baildera, 23 St Peter's st 
Gaseoytte Geo. buihler, b. Osmaston at 
Gaunt Jph. green grocer, Sl St Peter's st 
Gaunt Ruth, straw hat maker, SI St Peter's Bt 
Gawthome Bev. Jas. (IndpuL) Beeketwallgt 
Qawlhoms Wm. IBalcllffe, private hotel and 

commercial boarding hs. IT St Peter's gt 
Ges Emma, day Bohool, Parker st 
Gee Hy. watch maker, Bridge gt 
QeU Rev. Ph. M.A. min. St John's, Friar gt 
George John ft Thos. wisl. dpn. St Peter's bg 
German Geo. linen and woollen draper, and 

silk mercer, 6 Com market 
Oeuy John, beerhouse. Walker In 
Gibson Hiss Fanny, judge's lodgings, 18 St 

Mary's gt 
Gibson Mrs. Susan, London at 
Gibson Tbos. foundry manager, Exeter pi 
Gibson Rd, silk stocking mani^elr. Exeter tl 
Gilbert Fras. bookkeeper, Liversage M 
Gilbert Geo. saddler and harness maker, 43 

Bridge gate 
Gilbert Jas. silk ft ootton parse mfr. Trade at 
Gilbert Josiab, botcher, Green st 
Gilbert Tbos. gent Park sL 
Gill John, bookkeeper. Park st 
Gill Susan, old bookseller, 9 Bcdd lane 
Gillam Thos. boot & shoe maker. Sing at 
I Gillam Wm. bool k shoe mkr, 31 Iron gt 




(iisbome Hy. Fiu. Bui^eoa, Tenant st 
(lipsoQ William, nail mskci, S3 Bridge 
Gipson Wni. basket mkr. 33 Bridge >t 
Glaiebiook Paul, cabinet mkr. and 

broker, Eagle st 
Gleadah Tboa. manager. Upper Friar gt 
Glew Hj, bnteher, Hope at. k Hfl New ah 
Glover Geo. banker's clerk, Ulloieler rd 
Glover Thos. plumber jk glazipr. Londan rd 
Glover W. arhhinsD'. London el. b. Victoria st 
GlueJpb. vicl. Talbot, & liv. Btble. kpr.Iroagt 
Qodbj Wm. Join, enrvejor, R9 Friar gt 
Godwin Jpb. aboe mLi. 3 court, King st 
Godwin Thos. ahoe mkr. King at 
Goodacre Rd. & Jpli. grocers and tea dealers, 

i Sl Peter's st 
Goodale John k Wm. white and dolcb lead 

mumtactarers and tanners, depot, factoiy. 


,tan rd 

Goodall Hv. chemist & dragst 5 St. Peter's st 
Goodwin Fres. cheese agent, 13 Cock pit Hill 
Goodwin Bd. grocer b tea dlr. 43 St Pelei*s at 
Goodwin Richard, gent. Bnrtoa rd 
OoodwinS. bulchPT, IVNewsh.h. Chaddrtden 
Goodwin Saml. shoe mkr. Willowrow 
Goodwin Tboa. cheese agent, Devonshire st 
Goodwin Wm. pawnbroker, Market pi 
Gordon Geo. bardwr. rag be. dir. 3.1 Walker In 
Gorse Jph. chair mkr. Ashboum id 
Gould ThOB. cow kpr, Ashboum rd 
Gongb Mrs. Mart, Park st 
Gonldin Hanh. vict. The Turf, Victoria st 
GanldiD Thos. vicL Angel Inn, 30 Cora mht 
Gover Hy. painter, 1 Derwenl st 
Gover Wm, music professor, I Derwent st 
Grace Rt building aurvcyor, SitweU st 
Greasley Fras. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 

a Sl Peter's st 
Greatorei Ed. viet. Brown Sear, Lodge In 
Greatorei Jer. grocer At lea dlr. 4G St. Peter's st 
Gienlorex Joseph, butcher, 21 Ftiar gate 
Greatoiex Wm. butcher, Osmuston rd 
Greaves Aug. Goring, surgeon, Friar gt 
Greaves Jane, infant school, Rivelt st 
Greaves John, bulrlier, Goodwin st 
Greaves Rd. Newlon, inspector of weights fc 

measores for Appletre himd. .j Sl Marj's gt 
Greaves Wm. storskpr. Rally, sis. Railway ler 
Green Bernard, draper &. grocer York si 
Green Lawrence, shopkeeper and Irish linen 

dealer. City rd 
Green Thos. onimtl. sparmnfr. Up. Brook st 
Gnen Thos. bricklayer and bailder, Victoria 

Green Thos. vict. Qneeu's Head, Victoria at 
Green Wm. tailor, Rivett st 
Green Wm. bookkeeper, Wilmot st 
Greenamilh, Lawr.chemist b dgst. 15 Queea at 
Gregory Frs. mijnt. & dress mkr. IT Viclorio st 
Gregory Jas. bolcber, SO Queen st 
Gregory Jas. furniture broker, A Jury st 
Gregory John, painter, Saebeverel st 
Gregory T. vict. & maltr. Acorn, 26 Qneen st 
Gregory Wm. British and foreign lace dealer, 

17 Victoria at b. Agard st 
Gregory Wm. nail maker. Canal at 
Grellon John, batcher, Osmaston rd 
Oribble, Hrs. Ann, Oamaslon st 
Griffith Cath. bonnel maker, Saebeverel st 
Grilfitbs Rev. Tbos. new can. methodist miii. 

Wilmot st 
Grandy S. vict. Metboome Arms, SiddaTs hi 
Gueal Ben. beerhs. & iron dlr. John st 
Quttiidge Thos. factory manager, Castle st 
Hackett Eliz. school, Brook st 
HackettJohnb Son, small ware mmafae- 

torers, Talbot st. and Tantltji 
Hackett John, hair dresser, Siddal's In 
Hackeu Thos. linen k woollen drapr. Mkt pi 
Hackney .Iph. earthenware dlr. Albion sl 
Haden Rd. WrighL wine merchant, Mkt pi 
Hadfield Mary, vict. Golden Ball, Willow row 
Hadficid Saml. bookkeeper, Liversage st 
Hadley Jph. vict. While Hart, 13 Bridge gt 
Hadley Mrs. S. Upper Friar gl 
Hagen Ben. brewery agent, 36 King al 
Hague Ed. schootmasler. South st 
Hall Geo. drangblsman, Sacheveral sl 
HaU Joseph, marble works, and omamenlal 

spar manufactoiy. King st 
Hall Wm. collector, Cowsleyfd.gLNotgm. rd 
Hall & Goodwin, pavmbrokers, and silver 

plate dealers, Market pi 
Hall Wm. pawnbroker, b. Green hill 
Hallam Geo. Ben, wine merchant. Iron gt b. 

Sadler gt 
Hallam Mrs. Mary. 38 St Mary's gl 
Hallam Mr. Michael, 17 Sadler gt 
Hallam Sarah, clothes broker, Walker hi 
Hamilton Rt surgeon, 10 St Mary's gl 
Hammond Pb. E. bead master diocesan 

achool, Friar gt 
Hampson Mrs. E. 17 North parade 
Hanford Alei. shoe mkr. Upper Brook al 
Hanson Joseph, farmer, Sadler gt 
Hanson Hy. Ann, straw hat mkr. Motingm. rd 
Hanson Tbos. bread and biscuit bakei, 8B 
, Sadler gt 




Huixnt Wm. nguter olBce, 83 Full »l 
HuuoD Wm. bauher, 11 New Shuablei, 

Harbj Hj. dress Ji str. hit mkr. Ensmaa it 
Huding Ann, baker, 30 Queea »t 
Hardy Itn. Add, Wiloiot Bt 
Hare Saoil. bnlcber, 90 New 3h>. h. DvJ/Uld 
Harlow John, shoe maker, Loapet at 
Uarlow Thog. beeihs. Bag In 
Harper Thoa. beertis. Sbort st 
IIiirp«r Wm. Ben. aliopkeeper, Parker st 
Harper Wm. com. tnTeller, Parker at 
Harpnr Jobn, brickmaker. Talbot at 
Harpui Jph. britkniaker, DM DltoxeWr rd 
Harpur Saml. corporation Hurror. Com mkt 
Hairia Ed. beerhs. Chester pi 
HurU Mn. ElUabelb, Osmaalon at 
Harris John, brewer, fa. NottiDgham rd 
Harris Joseph, tuilor, Albion st 
Harrison Daiid, neL Old Crown, Horledge 
Uarrisoa H. ft M. ladies' baarding and da; 

school. Litchnrch ter 
Harrison Hy. shopkeeper, 80 Bridge st 
HanisoQ Jas. beerlis. Duke st 
Harrison John, saxton (All Saiots), Fall st 
Harriiou Joho, coru h. flour dlr. Mnriedge 
Harrimn Johs, basierj manutctr. 8 Cherry st 
Harrison John, steam engine boiler, cooking 

aptuams, weighing macbine and iron boat 

manlL 4D fc 47 Bridge gt- h. HaDsfleld td 
Harrison Joshua, manager, Park st 
Harrison Mrs. Lacy, 311 8t. Mary's gt 
Harrison Mary, shopkeeper. Agnrd at 
Harrison Saml. tobacconist, T St. Peter's st b. 

SacheTerel at 
Harrison Saml. shopkeeper, 10 St Helens st 
Hanison Wm. Tiet. CasUe Ids. Inu, Siddd's In 
Harrison Win. cow keeper, Hope st 
Hart Ed. chemist & druggist, T Sadler gt 
Hart Jaa. beadle Trinity chorcb. Castle at 
Hartley Mrs. H. 20 King st 
Hartman Christtt. pork butcher, U Sadler gt 
Harrey fjaml. Joiner, builder, and clerk of St. 

Werburgli's, 16 Friar gt 
Harrey Thoa. gent. Osmaslon at 
Harvey Wdi. gent Parker st 
Uanrood Thos. surgeon, 9) St Peter's st 
Haskew Jaa. linen tt woollen dpr. 3 Iron gt 
HaaUm Mrs. Dorothy, Leonard st 
Haslam Fras. habrdar. and lace manfactarer, 

Haalam W. wbtsDih. & bell hgr. St HelleD's st 
Haslam Wm. G. seboidmasler, 9 North par 
HallerMary, milliDcr & dteasmkr. Tenant st 

Hassall Joku Thoa. chemist and draggiit, 

4 Victoria s( 
Hanltord Alei. shoe maker. Upper Brook st 
Hawgood Hy. habrdshr. & rag dlr. Cheapsida 
Hawkins Fras. shopkeeper, OsmasloD rd 
Hawkridge Hy. tailor, 93 Bridge st 
Hawkridge Thos. tailor, 9 St Mary's gt 
Hawkridge Thoa.jaiL tailor, 13 Friar gt 
Hawley Wm. needle maker, Parker st 
Haynes Chas. lock and whilesmitb, St Wer- 

burgh's church yd 
Haynea Geo. butcher, 24 New S. & Parker at 
Haynes Hy. riot. Peaeoek, Noltin^am rd 
Hayues Hy. batcher. 70 New Sh. h. Dv^td 
Haynes Thos. vict While Swan. St Pelat'a st 
Haynes Thos. buloher, 00 New Shambles h. 

Haywood Geo. moulder, Willow row 
Haywood Jas. iron founder. Eieter at h. 

Market place 
Hawood Thos. plumber It glair. 04 Friar gt 
Haszledine Wm. green grocer. Willow row 
Haziledine Thos. shopkeeper, Leonard i( 
Headly Geo. shoe maker, 6 Bridge at 
Heath Thos gardener & seedsmn. Loudon rd 
Heath Nichs. cheese factor, Osmaslon st 
Heatbcoat Ed. vict Punch Bt. Nottingham rd 
Heatheoat Tbos. travelling draper. Brook st 
Heathcote Mary, Normanton rd 
Hebb Frus. sUk dyer, S Green Id 
HeiTord John N. boot & sb. whs. 46 Queen st 
Hellaby Wm. whitesmith, watch and eloek 

maker. Brook st 
Henuningway Ban. painter, FuU at 
Hemingway Geo. shoe maker, 3d Full i( 
HeDchcliffe Ann, dress maker, William st 
Henchcliffe Fdk. tailor. Traffic st 
Heucbcliffe Wm. tailor, Leorard st 
Henchlej Satnl. dyer, 2 Derweut at 
Henchley Thos. farmer, Chaddesden bill 
HensLaw lly. com factor, Duke at 
Henahaw & Shaw, coal merchants, Duke st 
Hepvonh ft Chapman, woollen drapers. 8 

Market head 
Herring Ed. bookkeeper. Park st 
Hewett Geo. Alx. chemist lt«- li- Burton rd 
Hewett Jas. beerbs. b cow kp. 10 Nuns st 
Hewett Jph. joiner k builder, Normanlon ter 
HewisoQ John, botcher. Park st 
Heygate Jas. M.D. F.R.S. CoUege hs. Full at 
Heiletine Wm. eating hs. 6 Jury st 
Hickham Mr. Tbos. Siddal's In 
Hicklin Saml. butcher, 30 New S. h. T<e{ffri 
Hjckling AJfd. shopkeeper, Tpper Friar gt 




Hickmui Rev. Uy. Weslcjan min. Wilmot it 

Hill Qeo. painler, slaiaer &JgiJder, Qieen hill 

Hill John, BOrgeoD, 20 SL Alkmund's oh. jd 

HillJohn, lictBriok & Tile, oooper, Brink K 

Hill John, booksellet, Moriedge 

HiU Hr. Joseph, Wilmol it 

Hind Rl. hone dealer, Tnffle at 

Hiaes Chu. dark, 'Bridge gt 

Hipwonh Rt. lineo dipr. silk mrar. !) Iran gt 

Hint John, frimeonllh, Deroiubira at and 

Osmuton Bt 
Bilehoock Tfaoa. shopkeeper, Goodwin at 
Hithenkf & Oubntt, lace nunnfactuiers, He 

hoaiery agenls, 47 Full at 
Hithenay John, lace manofKb. h. <T Full at 
HobaonEdDid. carriera' agent, Nottingham id 
HobsoQ Qeo. Ticu Orange Tree, 10 Bridge at 
Hobeon Jaa. cabinet maker, Sitwell at 
Hobion Wm. bookseller, printer It stationer, 

ciroulating library, 9'i Iron gl 
Hodgvs Urs. Maria, Noimantoa tec 
Hodges Wm. H. clerk of the markets, high 
constable, and billet master, Wardiriok, h. 
Utiuieler rd 
Hodgkinson Chas. wheelwright 80 Friar gt 
Hodgkinson Fraa. linen h win. dpr. 1 Iron gt 
Hodgkinson Geo. ricL tIcl Dun Cow, and 

pliunber and glazier, 21 Rold la 
HodgkiniOD Hy. Viokera, grocer ftlea'dealer, 

12 Queen Bt 
Hodgkinson Hy. shopkeeper, Chester pla 
Hodgkinson John, bnteher, 36 Sl Peter's st 
Hodgkinson Rd. Earl, balier. Lodge Id 
HodgBon Win. sfaetiU oOcer and inspeelor of 

weights and measnres, St. Mary's gt 
Hoggett Wm, agent, Sitwell at 
Holbrook Chaa. lead menhut & paint mnfr. 

St Peter's st 
Holdcrott Mn. Hannah, Trafflo st 
Holehonse Ben- whitesmith, St Mary's gl 
Holland Thos. chseaa factor, Clifton h. 

HoUingshead, Edmd. confkolioner, 30 Iron gt 
Hollingworth Fras, tailor Ac woollen dr^ter, 

« Sl Peter's st 
Hollingworth It, Hidlis, chemists St dmggista, 

28 Qaeen at and 19 St Peters at 
HoUingworlb J as. dmggist, b. London rd 
Hollingworth , Wm. grdnr. k sdn. 26 S t Peter's at 
Uollina Jpb. bius founder, Devonshire st & 

London st 
HoUins Tbos. bra«a"founder, rnvendiah at 
H<^lis Thus, chemist &c. h.2S Qaetn at 
Hollis Wm. viflt Saracens Head, St. James In 

Holms, QsD. boot and shoe mki. Com mkt. 

and Market head 
Holme Dull, watch maker, IS Com mkt 
Holme and Smitfaard, watch It clock makers, 

18 Com market and Market head 
Holmes Jas. batcher, 91 DewShmb.h^inuto* 
Holmee Hy. bntohet, 31 new Shrnb. h. flvoU 
Holmes Qodtnj, bookkeeper, Devonshire st 
HolmeH Hy. Wm. & Oeo.iroiunongen, callers, 
gmtamilhs & brick mahen, 1 Rotion row 
Holmes Herbert & AIL coach bldn. London st 
Holmes Jpb. lict Qeorge & Dragon, Walker In 
Holmes Maiy Ann, milliner and dressmaker, 

100 Friar gate 
Holmes Thomas, lict Bricklayers' Amti, 

Osmaston st 
Holmes Wm. plnmber and glaiier, Sadler gt 
Holmes Wm. baker, Osmaston st 
Hood Geo. plumber and glaiier, agent tbr the 
Connty flre i. Prorident life office, George st 
Hope Miss 8. E. 3 North Parade 
Hope Mn. Ellen, Trinity ler 
Hopkin Thos. frame smith. White Hart yd 
Homsbaw John, vict & whiteamilh, Notting- 

ham Arms,, 31 Bridge gt 
Home John, taraitars broker. Traffic sl 
Horobin Wm, botohr. lit New S. h. WOlingUm 
Horrocka John, gent 29 Friar gt 
Hoisley Mr. Nathaniel, IT Queen at 
Horsley Wm. printer, hkslr. stationer, Ic anb- 

distribnter of stamps. 3 Sadler gt bridge 
Hoskins Ed. surgeon, 29 London at 
HolcbkisB Chas. academy, Sitwell st 
Hoaghton John, butcher, 13 New Shambles, 

h. Bloom at 
Honll Jacob, baker k abopkpr. Brook st 
Uonit Wm. optician & ambnlla manufacturer, 

(t j Sl Petal's at 
Howard Rev. Jolyi Garton ricar St Michael's, 

Lodge In 
Howe Wm. joiner, York at 
tjowettjaa. gas fitter & heating appaiMos 

manufactnrer. Eagle st 
Howkins Saml. batcher. Ford st 
Howe Wm. clerk of works, Sitwell at 
Hows John, cloth cap maker, Bs^ In 
Hubbard Hr. Rd. Wihnot st 
Hndson John, head masMr, Grammar School 

36 St. Peter's st b. Full st 
Hudson Wm. baakat maker, Oreeu In 
Hudson Wm. curator (Arboretnm), h. South 

Loige, Oamaslon rd 
Huggins Fraa. vict Boyal Hotel and posting 
hoiisF, Com Market 




Hughes .Bice, pwitr. Bloom it. b.DeTonah. at 
Hughei Tbos. baker, Nans st 
Hnish John, solicitor, Sl Mlehael'a oh. ;d 
HuUeU Bet. John, caittm ot AlleslTee, Park fil 
Hiimpbiefs Ellen, gluB warehotue, ^ Full St 
Hnmphrejs John, buiker'B clerk, Osrouton it 
Bompslnn Jpb. gent. 9 Nonh parada 
UmnpsUm Jpb. butcher, 48 New Shuublaa, 

h. Brail^ord 
Hani Ed. catpat warehouse. Market plaoa 
IiimtOeo.BilkiiiailubcUrer,0raanlu h Ci^ 

m. h. Nornunbm rd 
HoDt Hannah, dreaa maker, Charlea si 
Bdnt Hf, & Co. ale & porter brewers, nari- 

gation brewer;, Nottingham rd 
Hnnt John, whilesb. St iron tmr. St Har^a gl 
Hunt John, vhiteaniitb, Goodwin at 
Bunt Jpb. sen. msimfBctiirer of iron He brass 

work, S St. Peter's St 
HnnlJpb. jan.iionmonger,9 St. Pelat's at b. 

Burton rd 
Kiiat Wm. glover, 13 Frior gt 
Honter Chs. Wm. Solieilor, T Botton row 
Unrd Wm. pork batcher, G4 Su Petei's sL & 

1 New ShamUea 
Hosi Sml. tailor & draper II Bridge at 
IMe Miss Karjr, Oamarton id 
Inmui John, gent London rd 
Inett Bt Cox, psrAimer k hair drsr. Mkt. bd 
Ingham Tbos. Tict BritishArma, 48 Bridge gt 
Innocent Fras. pork batcher. Bridge gt 
Ironmonger Eli, aucdonMrfc agent, 1 Friar gt 
Ironmonger Mrs. Mar;, Wilmot at 
Irons Thoa. Edw. laat uid boot-tree meker, 

St. Peter's si. h. 14 Osmaston at 
Jackson Francis, joiner and bailder, St. 

Peter'a ehotehjard 
Jackson Henr;, medicine vender, Talbot st 
Jackson Harriett, straw hot and dress maker, 

4.5 Fnll st 
Jackaon John, eating-honae, London road 
Jackson John, glass k ehinadlr. 3 Victoria at 
Jackaon Wm. fishmonger and game dlr.FoJl st 
Jackson Wm. cabinet and pietnrs-frame mkr. 

Kensington st 
James Mr. Uamrj, 09 Friar gate 
James Hy. Wm. brass fonodar, St. Maij's gt 
Jamn fly. Wm. profeBaor o( moaie and or- 
ganist of St. Werborgb'i, Agard atreet 
James John, sehootmasler, Qeorge at 
James Thos. clerk of St Michael's, Parker st 
James Thomas, fcDmonger, St. James's lane 
Janlunsoa Elix. beerfaonie, Ulloieter road 
Jay James, scboolmatr. btegiatrsr, Loodon rd 

.lefiVies Isaac, tailor, Williun st 
Jeufcinwm Cbaa, cowkeeper. Green st 
Jenkinaon Jaa. bntcher, old Shambtea, h. 

FriiT gate 
Jennings Mra. HanOBh, King Bt 
Jerram Thomas, baker, Leonard st 
Jeasopp Fraa. Son and Bumiby, soUciton, 

IS Wardwick 
JesBop Fras. Esq. aoUcilor, 16 Ward wick 
Jesaopp, Fras. Johnsan, Esq. solicitor, 19 

Wardwick, b. 31 FoU st 
Jessopp John, bntcher, 9A new Sh. h. Belprr 
Johnson Ann, eoel dealer, Victoria at 
Johnson Isaac, plasterer, Union st 
Johnson John, ^saa aod earthenware dealer, 

Tenant street 
Johnsoji John, silk Ihrowaler, h. Parker st 
Johnson Jno. Wbitaker, sni^feon, St. Mary's gt 
Johnson John, sorgeon, St, Alkmond's ch.yd. 
Johnson John, silk ihrowater, Albion at 
JohnsoD John, shoemaker, City road 
Johnson Bd. earthenware dlr. Barton road 
Johnson Bl plumber and glaiier, beerhouse, 

Johnson Mrs. Suab, Cockpit hill 
Johnson Samuel, plasterer. Cockpit bill 
Johnson Sarah, beerhs. & shop kpr. North st 
Johnson Thos. watch k dock mkr. London st 
Johnson Wm. H;. baker It ahopkpr. Siddal In 
Johnson Wm. cool dealer, 11 Cockpit hlU 
Johnson and Walton, silk throwsters and cord 

mannfacturers. Jury st 
Johnson Whiloker, snrgeon, 40 St. Mary's gt 
Jolley William, TicL Tap Hoose, RoUon row 
Joliffs Bt. and Son, watch and clock makers, 

St. Peter's st 
Jones Mrs. Caiherine, London st 
Jones and Hewitt, chemiata and draggiats, 13 

Iron gale 
Jones Hngh, fbmitore broker, 32 Walker lane 
Jones Mr. Joseph, Park st 
Jones BeT. Nosh, nnitmin.lQ North puwle 
Jones Bd. dmggisl, h. 12 Iron gate 
Jones Rt point, colour and Tsmish mannfr. 

Markeaton miUs and 32 Full st 
Jones Thos. famitum broker, Ford st 
Jones Lient. Vaughan, staff off. CeTonshire st 
Jones Wm. H. boolueller. It Green lane 
Jordan Henry, dentist, 4 Victoria st 
Joule Mu; Ann, day school, Chester place 
Joynes Henry and Isaiah, silk b cotton dyera, 

Kahrs John Nicholas, solicitor, Sl Mary's g( 
Say Bobert, brusbmaker. Brook street 




Kekton Joseph, denliat, S SL Peler'a st 
Keeliuft John, liiht^rnpher, Upper Friai p 
Keeling Jobn, Buirefor, 2S Iron gt 
Keeling Thos. plumber & gUr, Osmaston st 
Keeling Wm. weighing niacliine ck. Morled^ 
Keenui Tho9. druper. Victoria st 
KeelonTbo». vicL Unke of York, Builoa rd 
Kenilrick Sunl. beerhs. Lbupet at 
Kenuej ii Elpbick, tobaeconisu, tU Sniler g( 
Kenuej Nj. lobacconLtl, b. 30 Foil st 
Keny Jph. boot and aliM maker, Morledge 
Keis Clement, ricf. and mallater, fbeqners, 

Willolr row 
Keys Jbs. booi & shoe mkr, Upr Friar gt 
Keys Simeon, liair cireaaer, Darlej Id 
Killer John, E. genl. 71 Friur gt 
King Ja3. Fras. viel. Bull's Head, Qveen at 
King Sonih, bonier, 'i 3l Peter's st 
Kinsev Fraa. vicL Noltingbim Castle, Qneeii i 
Kirbj Wm. bnaket B.^ker 28 Su Peter's at 
Kirk John, greeu gruter, -^H Green In 
Kirk Jobn, chair mojter & turner, Morleclge 
Kirk Saml. arlistjcornamtl. pntr. St. Peter's: 
Kirk Tboa. livery stable keeper & bors. 

breaker, Summer hill 
Kirk Tbos. excise officer, York si 
Kirk Vilenline, clerk of tba stamp office, 

O^masloD Gl 
Kirklaud & Jerris, mlnrs. & dramkrs. Full st 
Kirkland Jph. shopkeeper. Market pta 
Kirklaud SamJ. shopkeeper. 35 OsmaatoD st 
Kinlej Malliev, engiueer, Railway ter 
Knight Jas. hair dresser. 38 Sadler gt 
KuigblWta. upbolstr.&eabinelmkr. Friar gt 
Knivelon Ilea, green grocer. Leonard st 
Kuivetoa Jph. bairdr«r. Short at. Leonard st 
Kuifelon Rt. maltster, Siddalsln. h. Parker at 
Knovles Jobn, shoe maker, 13 Bridge st 
Kramer Augusta, pork butch«r. Barton id 
Kramer Eliz. pork butcher. Willow row 
Kramer Fdt. pork butcher, 31 Iron gL & 33 

New SLsmbles 
Lackinglon Jas. general agent, Oamaaton rd 
Lakin John, maltster, Osmsstou Bt 
Linib Geo. laud surreyor, Victoria st. h. Upper 

Lamb John, bailiffe, Ashbonrn rd 
Lancasbiie Geo. shpkr. & di^t. Csrrington at 
Lander Sarah, confectioner, Ford st 
Latham ReT.Jo.curate,St.Werburgb's, Friar gt 
Laten John, butcher, HO Mew S. h. Barton rd 
Layfleld Geo. clerk at sUtion. Siddals In 
Layfleld Mrs. Lucy »iridals In 
I.eacroft, Col. Bd. Beeiher (County Caisiry). 
Osmaaton rd 

Lee Geo. neeiUe maker. S3 Bridge at 

Lee Geo. boot maker, 10 Sadler gt 

Lee Eliz. ft Ann, dress mkrs. 27 St. Helens st 

Lt* John Hy. woolleo draper & tlr. Mkt pi 

Lee John bookkeeper, Kuig at 

Lee Wm. marble mason, h. Mansfield rd 

Leech Ann, vicl. Foi & Owl, Briiige gt 

Leech Eliz. shopkeeper. Bag In 

Leech Kt. solirilor, 44 Queen st 

Lees Alfred, baker & shpkpr. 37 Walker hi 

Lees Rev. John, A.M. secretiuj of the church 

postural aid society, Triiiilj ter 
Leeae Wm. wohi. drpr. & tailor, 3 St. Mary's gt 
Lilley Geo. shopkeeper, 4(1 London st 
Lillingston, Re». Ed. vicar. All Saints, Friar gt 
Linitfield Thos. clerk at station, Railway ter 
Linilley Jas. sadler and harness maker, 15 

St. Peter's st 
Liudlej John, aurgeon, Tenant at 
Lister Chaa. carriers' agent, Loudon rJ 
Liiiter Thos. currier, b. Barton rd 
Litchfield John, booth shoe mkr. Sadler gl. bg 
Littlewood Wm. joiner. Park st 
Locker Ann, baker & confectioner, Giten In , 
Locker Etiz. furuiture broker, i Bridge gt 
Locker Jph. printer, bkslr. cir. tibry. King st 
Locker My. cow keeper, Dunkirk 
Lockell Wm. gent. S Wordwick 
Lomez Mary, pawnbroker, 39 Corn mkt 
Longden & Basford, painters, Talbot yd 
Longden Ben. butcher. Old Sba. b. Sadler gt 
Longden Hy. vicL & blhr. Dolphin, 6 Queen s( 
Longden Luke, beerhs. Willow row 
Longden Roger, vict. Seven Stars, Up. Brookst 
Longdeu Thos. mlstr. Silk mill In. b. Full st 
Longden Thos. painter, h. York st 
Longden Wm. vicL Old Tiger, 3S,Qaeen at 
Longdeu Wm. shopkeeper, 13 Bridge st 
Lord Jph. plumber and glazier. Iron gt 
Lott Mrs. Ann, Litcburch ler 
Lovick Sml. glass & china wareba. Markctpl 
Lowe Bamba. boot & shoe mkr. Ashboutu rd 
Lowe Jph. vicL Old Flower Pot, King at. 
Lowe John, wood lamer, 3 ct. 11 bold lane . 
Lowe Rd. butcher, 4 Sadler gate 
Lowe Samuel, linen and woollen draper, Sl 

Peter's briilge. h. Stone bill. Bitrlon road 
Lowe Thos. boot 4 shoe mkr. Mancbeater ter 
Lowe William, gentieman. Forrealer st 
Lowe Wm. vicL Ram, 59, Bridge st &, malt- 
ster. Brook walk 
Ludlam Henry, vict. Dusty Miller, and cool 

nierchant. Cockpit bill 
M'Coiiaell Mr. Richard, 21 King at 
M'cCorsie Wm. baker, 3fl Bold lane , 



Hachin Emily, intuit school, Mill Bt 
BrGuin Cbis. cloUies' uid faruilore broker, 

Hsckender Mrs. Pbcebe, 5 Derwent terrwe 
Hc'Kcugli Mclil, Ebopkpr. Sl Org. dpr. Big Id 
M'Iduer Geo. wUi. Ik Ix&rueaa mkr. Qtieec st 
Harklin, Rev. Rosiugiare, M.A. mia inter of 

Christ chnrcb, 11 W&rdwkk 
M'cPariin Felii, trawUing draper. Porker at 
H'cParliD Pitrjck, Isremui & drpr. Bollon row 
Maddia John, Shopkpr. Walker lane 
Haddocks Cbss. bnlcher, 80 new ShambleR, 

Maddock Jph. bool & shoe mkr. Ashbouni nl 
HaddiMks fid. butcher, 10 new Shambles, fa. 

MideUf Thos. & Co. sUk throwsters and rib- 

boD manfrs. Csrendiab bl h. Wilmol s( 
MaliD Wm. nine 9c sL mercb. h. Litchurch tcr 
Hansfield Geo. beerhouse. Lodge laoe 
MiDsSpld Ueo. multster, King sL h; York at 
MansScId Miss ilstgarel, Nurmanlon ler 
Mansfield Mr. Riehard, Albion place 
Mansfield Wm. yiet. C aual TaTeni, Cockpit hilt 
Mansfield Wm. ebapkeft>er, Caatle si 
Manuel Adi)iod}, cabinet maker, ST Full sl 
Mspplebeck John, tIcL Anf^l, Burton road 
MarUmm Jae. whitesmilfa, Nottingham road 
Htrlei Susan, ahopkeeper, St James* lane 
Harpies Matv. pork butcher, Osmaslon at 
Harriott Chpr. bulcfaer, Cheapsids, b, 6 

Bridge gate 
Marriott Edward, joiner, h. Deraenl street 
Marriott and Garratt, joinera, Deraenl ilreet 
Marsden William, miilnright and shopkeeper, 

aO Bridge street 
HarsfaaU Mrs. ladies' bg. school. Mill hill 
Marshal] George, green grocer, Kensington at 
Marshall Js. beadle of All Saints, Amen allej 
Hanbill Js. jon. mosic teacher, Amen aUe; 
Marshall Smb, shopkeeper, St. Helen's sl 
Marahall Thoinis, licl. Lamb, Sl. Alkmund's 

Church jard 
HarshaU William, hair dresser, 33. Sadler gt 
Marabman William, road snrrejar. traffic sl 
Martin Chas. Ed. boot k sboe mkr. 38 Quen s 
Martin John, butcher, old Shmbs. h. Sitwell s 
Martin Joseph, ornamental spar manufacturer, 

Mosele]r's jord, Com market 
Martiu Joseph, butcher, Queen street 
Mardn Thomas James, grocer and tea dealer, 

Maakeij John, tinner and braxicr. Willow roi 
Master; Anne, divas maker, 30 Friar gate 

Masker)' Wm. Milor, Ooodwm street 
Mason snd Qilbertson, brewers, Market place 

and Burton 
Mason John, colour merchant and grainer's 

tool mauufaclurer, upper Friar gitW 
Mason John, architect and surveyor of bridges 

for Ifae southern dicision of the county, 

London terrace 
Mason Joseph, beerhoase, SilwcU street 
Mason Joseph and Co., Tarnish, paint and 

colour manufacturers, 8 Deritent street 
Mason Robert, japanner and oil and colour 

dealer, Jk artiste' reposilorj, 38 St. Mar^s g( 
Mason Thomas, fishmonger and game dealer, 

1 Iron gate 
Mason Mrs. Hebecca, HUl brow 
Massej John, fanner, XJlchureh 
Masse; Joseph Spor, solicitor, St Helens sL 
Mather John, boarding school, Osmastou sU 
Hallbews Ann, shopkeeper, nppei Brook at 
Mawe Tfaomos, whitesmith, Wright street 
Majer Jacob, teacher of Trinity schoo), Park M 
Mead Geo. genl. dyer and scourer, St. James bi 
Mead WiUiain, butcher, Brook street 
Meikin Gea bulcber, 93, New Shs. fa. Rtptoa 
Mcakin Henry, eom miller, Nnus mill and 

St. Michael's lane 
Meakin Thomas, bUer, Nuns sireel 
Meakiu William, shoemaker, 40, Bridge gate 
Mee Josiah, bakir and Hoar dealer, Hope b» 
Mellor Jns. porter mcht & salt dlr. King sl 
Mellor John, mfi-. of cotton waste, AgarJ st 
Mellor Sarah Ann, china and earthenware 

dealer, 8 Victoria sireel 
Mellor Mrs., Vemun street 
Mercbant Thomas, engineer, Park street 
Merry John, rict. Three Nuns, Nuns street 
Merry William, Orocer, M Bridge gate 
Meynell Thomas, tng. draper, up. Brook st 
Middleton Miss Charlotte, London road 
Millinglon Eliza, milliner, Amen alley 
MillingtoD Joseph, gardener and seedsman, 

Osmaston road 
Mills Charles, clerk in coaching olBce, Rail- 
way terrace 
Milts James, lace monafscturer, S Friar gate 
Mills Robert Butcher, 88 New Shambles, b. 

WeU HaUam 
Millward John, butcher, 98 New Shambles, h. 

Hilner George, editor of the Mercnij, and 

agent to the Manchester Fire and Lib 

Assurance Company, Kedlaalon toad 
Milner Thomas, pork butcher, Ford auvel 





Mitchell ThoiDu, rope ind twiua m4kar, up. 

Fiiugftte, h. Fowler street 
Moffsn Ann, haberduBher, 47 Qaeen elreet, h, 

Hollor Sl Add, cbio* & ^3. Hi. 8 Ticloria u 
Moll JotiQ, clock maker, Sacbeterel nreet 
Moody Cbtrles, bricklajrer, Chqiel eireel 
Hoodj John, clrrk to the boud otOaardiuu, 

SI Friar gate 
Moodj and Ncwbold, kucdoneen tnd land 

ttgtnU, ID) Wudwick 
Mooreroft Heurj, chemiat and dniggfiit, 11 

Hoore Eliik, dej- school, Oeoige street 
Moore Frederick, TicL, Oreenmui Ion, IT 

8L Peter's street 
Hoora Henrj, trtiM and stiiner of bhok ntu- 

Ue, Gr«en hill 
Moore Herbert, blacksmith. Castle place 
Hoore James, jeveller, London street 
Moore John, cleric at station, h. Ralliraj ter 
Moote Haij, midwife, Agartl street 
Moore Ralph, coach maker, Borton road 
Moore Samuel, jeweller and rict, Freemason's 

Arms, Albion street 
Moore Thomas, coach and tutmess maksr, 

Curzon street 
Moore William, gardener and eeedsmu, Sid- 

Moore Wm. joiner and builder, Siddila lane 
Moorien Jas. joiner & cbt 1 
Mooriej Tbo. lict. HareftHnds. 
Moteton Mj. TieL Coach &, Horws, Sadler gt 
Horle; Frances, dieaa maker. Green st 
Morley John, grocer and tea dealer, 10 Iron 

gL and 16 St Peter's st 
Moriej RL butcher, B4 New Shs. h. Ednatbm 
Morlej Sainl. bnleher, Porker st 
Morle; Wm. lace mfr. Castle st. h. London rd 
Morley Wm. iron, steel and tin plate mrcbL 

Wardwick, h. 21 Sl Mary's gt. 
Hoiiey Wm. hair drssr. ktajSit.Vt Bridge gt 
Morley Wm. jim. lace mftr. h. London rd 
Morris Mrs- A. Osmaston rd 
Morria Isaac, beerbs. Ashboom rd 
Mosedale Wm. 1l Co. engineeia and mill- 
wrights, Nuns aL h. Brook at 
MoMtley Mrs. Francei, »e Friar gt 
Moaeley & Nephew, caners, gilders, silTer- 

amilhfl, and ornamental spar manufacturers, 

30 Com mkt & I Railway ter 
Moseley Rt. carrei ke. h. Park at 
Moseley Wm. W. painter b grar. 18 Friar gt 
Moe* Hy. brieUayer, TraSe at 

Moss John, gardener (Arboretnnt) North 

lodge, QroTe st 
Mobs John, Esq. mayor, 18 8L Peter** si 
Hoss John, tailor and dipr. Bt. Alka. eh. yd. 
Hobs Hoses, general dealer. 26 Sadler gt 
Mottram Thos. surgeon, Charles st 
Mould Mra. apper Friar gt 
Mountford Ben. bt & shoe mkr. Eeniingtan st 
Mousley John Homcastle, scdicitor, h. Full st 
Mousley & Sons, solicitors, h. 8 Full st 
Mooiley Wm. Eaton, solicitor, h. 2 Foil at 
Howatt Jpb. gas fitter It heating aparatos 

mauufacturei, Eagle st 
Mozley Hy. & Sous, bookaln. k ptrs. Friar gt 
Moiley Hy. jon. solicitor, 1 Victoria at 
Hnrch Rd. Wm. solicitor, 20 Wardwick 
Mnifln Danl. blacknnitta. Bridge gt 
Murflu Saml. bookkeeper, LiTcnage at 
Hoiphey Jaa, Brabaion, aurgeon dentist, 19 

Victoria sL h. IMchaiTch 
Horray John, boot & ahoe maker, Moreledge 
Mycroft Mrs. Fras. GroTe cottages, DofBeld rd 
Nadin Wm. grocer and llonr dealer, Pai^ at 
Nathan Meyer, gent Park fd. cots. Dnfleld rd 
Neal Ed. coach maker, Oakea yard, St Peter's 

St. b. Cross In 
Neal Nathl. boot and shoe mkr. Cheapside 
Meedham Wm. botcher, 78 New Sfa. h. SUHs 
Newbold Ben. tict & joiner, Black Hone, 

Newbold Thos. aactioneer, land agent, law 
stationer and clerk to the Shardlow Union, 
Iron gt h. Derwent ter 
MawboU Wm. whitesmith, Sadler gt 
Newham John, lirery stable kpr. Agard it 
Heirham John, shoe maker. Walker In 
Newton Wm. L. Esq. banker, h. Leylandt 
Nicholson Geo. baker, Osmaston st 
Nicklinson Hy. saddler, 8 Botton row 
Norris Hy. vict Apolio Tavern, Ford st 
Norton Thos. draper and tailor, Tenant st 
Norton Joaiah, professor of mono. It organist 

St John's, London st 
Norton Wm. tailor and draper, Osmaalon st 
Oakley Jas. shopkeeper & baker, Siddals Id 
Oakley Thoa. limber merchant, Siddals In 
Odery Jaa. tailor, Ford st 
Oliver Mra. Eliz. bdg jcday scbl. St Helena at 
OUver Mr. Thos. FoU st 
Oliver Thos. jnn. tanner, Fnll at 
Onion Geo. blacksmith. Bag In 
Ordisb Chas. shoe maker. Green at 
Orenahaw Geo. baker & conliwtr. Cnnon st 




Oabome Suah Ann, ladtM* bouding sehool, 

38 St Hw^B gt 
Osborne Jph. baker Jfc groeer, 61 St. Peter's it 
Otiler Drewi;, bet m^Mtr. 44 St. Peter's U 
Otter Blljkb, hair diMMr, 103 Friw gt 
Ottewell Thoi. sail raiker, Nottingliain rd 
Oolram Eil. Fletcher, (e* dir. Nottingtiun td 
Oven Ju. baker h flour dealer, TralEe st 
Page Dirld, patlen & ring mkr. Willow row 
Page Ed- patten and ring maker, beerhouse, 

Page Hf. baker and iliopkpr. Barton rd 
Pago Thou, brass & iron fdr. Tenant st h. 

London rd 
Palmer Jolm, naruTT b Kedsman, 28 Iron gt 
Palmer Urs. B. Cheirr at 
Palmer Hies, boanliug school. Friar gt 
Parke Ju. copper ptate printer, Aihbonm rd 
Parker Chas. bread and flonr dlr. Agard st 
Parker Fras. Jas. and John, iron IcinndeTS, 

Park roandrr, LiveiBBge at 
Parker Free, braiier and timnan, Ford st 
Parker John, braiier and tinman, Badler gt 
Parker Rd. baker and floor dli. Market place 
Parkes Oeo. coal dealer, Motlingham rd 
Parkes John, vbilesmilh, 57 Bridge st 
Parkes Maimadoke, whitesmith, Sadler gt 
Parkins Thos. ft Son, taOora b in. Sadler gt 
Pan; Grace, ibopkeeper, Cheapeide 
Paahlej Qeo. eleA at station, RoiliFay ter 
Payne Jamea, vict Waggon and Horses, 

Aahbonm rd 
Payne John, buleher, MansDeld rd 
Payne Jph. beerhouse, 19 Bold In 
Peaeh Hj. jeweller, Otmaston st 
Peach Hr. John, Searl st 
Peach Jpb. fishing tU. atr. 10 St Peter's sL 
Peacock Thos. hatter, hosier tfnrr. Sadler gt 
Peake Samuel, baker and Boor dealer, Deron- 

Peal Peter, printer, bookbinder and stationer, 
■nd dlr. inpatenlmedielnea, 13 Corn mkt 
Pearson Thomas, Tict Red Lion, Canal st 
Pearson Thomas, shopkeeper, BotIor road 
Peman William, baker and shopkeeper, 21 

Bri^ stnet 
Peat John, bateher, SI Kew Sha.h. Sfondm 
Pest Jph. butcher, 02 new Sh. b. Duffield 
Peat Rd. dn^r and shoemaker. Park street 
Peal Wm. shoemaker, Copeland street 
Peet Jaa. & Chas. Septimns, lilk throwsters 

■ad libboD mnfrs. Nans st b. Friar gale 
Pees Hy.Ann.mflliner&di.mkr. laUoriedge 
Pcgg Cliarlea, Tiet Tanner's Arms, WiUiMU 

Pegg EhEabelh, batcher, 33 Bridge gale 
Pegg Oeoige, agent, Sacheverel street 
Pegg Robert, colour, gypsum, cement, and 
plaster manufactorer, old Uttoieler road 
and Horiedge, h. Vernon st 
Pegg Eroanael, vict Lord Byron, Bold lane 
Pegg ThoniBB, Esq. Hollies, Litchurch 
Pegg William, hair dresser, Friar gate 
Peirce William, coml. traveller, Sidduls In 
Pemberton George, brazier and tjninan, 20 

St Peter's st 
Pemberton Sarah, beerhoase, 14 Friar gate 
Peulon John, tailor, St Helens st 
Pepper Edwd, vict Bell & Castle, Barton rd 
Pepper Fras. livery stable keeper and horse 

clipper, York st 
PerciT*! EUaha, confectioner, 6a St Peter's st 
Ferciial John, shoe maker Ik shopkeeper, 

Sacheverel st 
Perfect Oeo. carver and gildei, Osmaston st 
Perfect Harrt milliner, Green it 
Perkins Hy. toy dealer, 2T Com market 
Peiry Miss Mary, Kedleston rd 
Paseud John, national school, TraJBe bL h. 

Siddals In 
Pheasant Wm. shopkeeper, 16 Bridge st 
Philips Hy, 2d master diocesan sch. Friar gt 
Phillips Uinshull Oeo. linen and woollen 

draper, and mercer, 40 Com market 
Phillips Thos. hur dresser, 22 Bridge gt 
Philp Wm. sapenisor ot excise, York st 
PicUbrd It Co. general carriers, Siddals In 
Pick Ahhm. grocer, lea dealer, soap & candle 

maker, 20 Qaeen st 
Pickering Jph. Hy. B<dicilor, 46 Queen st b. 

South terrace 
Piggin Thos. vict Bishop Blaiie, 16 Uoriedge 
Pilie Isaac, plasterer, Parker st 
Pike Be». John Gregory, Baptist minister St. 

Pike Walter, printer and publisher of Dertf 
* Chetieifieli ScporUr, Sot 39 Com mlit 
Pike William and Waller, booksellera, prin- 
ters, staUonera, bookbinders, k Beporter 
office. 30 Com market 
Pike Washington, corn & fl. dlr. 31 Sadler gl 
Pimm Mrs. Anne, 62 Friar gate 
Pimm Mt. Timothy, Ford street 
Pipes Mrs. Catherine, manager museam, Vic- 
toria etreet 
Pipes Sainl. tailor. King st 
Ptpes Thomas, boot, shoe, Sc patten maker, 

II St Peter at 
Pitt WUUan, nail md patten maker. Bag laa* 




PlackeltWin, baU:her,89 SfuS.b. Brtatlon 
Plant James, slioplieepeT, Nona at 
Plant Joseph, tailor, Ch«st«r place 
Platla Ann, boaier 10 Irongale 
PUtU William, <rict. Duke of Clatence, Mane- 
field road 
Ptatta William, joiner, Uorleilge 
Paile Rev. Wtn. F. baptist miniater, Chen7 el 
Pool William, auctioneer and share broker, 

Victoria it. h. 05 Fnar gala 
Fools Joseph, ahopkesper, Willow row 
Porter John, ale and porter brewer, upper 

Friar gate 
Porter Bichard, ahoemaker, Walker lane 
Porter, Thoa. bricUaj'er and bird preaerrer. 

Brook street 
Porter William, excite oBlcer, Derwent terrace 
Portmoon George, hairdresaer, Queen at 
Potter Chas. batcfaer, Friar gate, end Ash- 

boum road 
Potter Dai. wood and ivory turner, Talbot yd 
Potter David, jun. shopkeeper, wood and iiory 

turner, Lilchuich street 
Potter Isaao, batcher, 01 New S. h. Smalley 
Potter James, butcher, Asliboum road 
Potter James, shopkeeper, Orchard street 
Potter John, shopkeeper, Mundy si 
Potter Wm. hat manufaciurer, 2H Bold lane 
Potter Thos. butcher, Ti New Sb h. Slauley 
Polta Robert, shopkeeper, Fowler at 
Ponllon Thus. vict. Cross Keys, 15 Cora mkl 
Fountain Thoa. wins merchc b Cowaleyfield 
Poyaer Edwin, tailor. SO St Helens el 
Pojser Qeorga, tailor, Uarkel pi 
Foyaer Oeo. boot and ahoe mkr. 2 Botton row 
Pojser John, shoemaker, Devonshire st 
Pojser Isabella, batcher, UNewSh.h.Zon^y 
Pojser Mrs. Maty, The Elms, Kedleslon rd 
Poyser Thos. plumber and glazier, Market 

place, h. Osmaslon road 
Pratt Ann, dreas maker, 2 Bridge st 
PratlCbas. tieaanrer, receiver of com rvtnms, 

li cbamboriain of corporation, Osmaston st 
Pratt Bev. Jas, M. mimster, St Patil'e district. 

Little Cheater 
ProU John, shopkeeper, Albert place 
Ptalt Tlios. seiton St Peter's, Albion place 
Preston Mrs Sarah, Brook walk 
Price John, architect, agent 10 Yorkabire Life 

and Are Office, 8 Victoria at. h. LiUleovtr 
Price His Sarah Jane. 30 St Mary's gale 
Prince and Bolsorer, pawnbrokera, 36 Queen al 
Prince John, vicL Old TeleRrapli, Horiedge 
Prince John, pawnbroker, h. Parker st 

Prince John, baker and confectioner, 16 St. 

Alkmimd's cbiirchjard 
Prince Rebecca, dreas maker, Dcrwont st 
Fryer Stephen, solicilor'a elk. 7 St. Mary's gt 
Quail Edwin, colour maker. Old Utioieter rd 
Qnin Jas. tailor snd dr^xr, 8( Jamea' lane 
Quinn Michael, tailor and dr^er, 23 Bold In 
Radford Alei. Esq. new Utioieler road 
Radford Fiaa. cabinet maker. Brook st 
Radford Hy. batcher. Old Shamba. h. Friar gt 
Badford Isaac, tailor, A Juty st 
Badford Jolm,bDlobeT,3SNewS.&Liversage8t 
Badford John, botcher. Hi New Shambles and 

Sacheverel at 
Radford John, miller and haker, 30 Com lokt 
Badford Jph. batcher, 23 New Sh. ft Hope st 
Badford Wm. batcher, b New ShamUes and 

Normanton road 
Bandall George, silversmith, jewaUer. and toy 

dealer, 12 Botton row 
Bandall Henry, hairdresser, 13 Morledge 
Raldiff Jn. wine and spirit dlr. II Com mkt 
BatcliffWm. &.John, ironmongers, oiljc paint 

dealers, & carpet warehonse, 10 Com mkl 
Batcliff Edwin, batter and hosier, St Peter's si 
Balclifle Elizabeth, beerhouse, Wright st 
Ratcliffe Joseph, boot and ahoemkr. Uorledgo 
Ratcliffe John, butcher, Siddals 
Bawlins Mr. John, Parker st 
Redfeam Godfrey, tailor, St Werhorgh's cb. yd. 
Redfeom Philip k Thoa. lailora, Sl James' In 
Redfeam Philip, batcher, 10 New Sbamhiea, 

Redfem Beujamin. tailor, Osmaston road 
Redfem John, stone mason & bdr. Parker st 
Redfem Jobn, butcher, Siddals lane 
Redfem John, aurvyr. Derby canal, Siddals In 
Redfem Jobn, beerhouse. Nuns st 
Bedfem Thos. bookkeeper, h. Siddals In 
Redgate Bd. grocer and tea dealer, Friar gt 
Bedgale Bt. grocer, 19 Bridge sl 
Revell Thos. stone man.Ford at h. 40 Brook st 
Bewcaatle Dvd. hair dresser. & umbrella intr. 

3 Queen st 
Rewcastls John, hair dresser, 12 Green In 
Reweaslle Nalhaniel, hair dresser and umb- 
rella maker. Willow row 
Bice Ben. plnmber and glazier, St Mar/a gt 
Bice ltd. agent Pickford'a wboif. Siddals In 
Bice Suih, coal dealer. Cavendish st 
Richardson Jos. tsQar and dpr. Osmoaton st 
Bichardson Jobn, carrier, Peter sL b. Osma. st 
Bichardson John, brazier & linr. 3% Bridge gt 
fiichardson John, hair dresser. King al 



JUehtrdBon Jpb. sho« maker, 41 Walker In 
Biohaidsou Thoe. shoe maker, King st 
Bichardson Thaa. uilor, Siddals In 
BiebardsoD Tboe. uid Son, pnbliahen and 

wholeaale booksellers, Upper Filar gt 
BiohardsDii Wm & Jobn, corriera and leather 

catlen, 47 St. Pelei'a et 
Rickard Geo. clerk, eanngs bank and canal 

a^tat. Friar gt 
Klcfcard Thos. T. joiner, York at 
RlckmuL Geo. Hj. station maeler, Rallwaj aU 
Bide Dorothy, yicL Horse * Groom, Willow r 
Side Ed. hair dnaser di to; dlr. Cockpit bill 
Bide Tbos. vict Dnke of Wellington, Brook st 
Bide Thos. nail maker, HO Oreen In 
RidgevBj John, school msslei, Traffic st 
Bidlej Hy. dispensing chemist, 30 Sadler gt 
BiggoU Eliz. shopkeeper, Goodwia st 
Silsy Saml. bricklayer, Charies st 
RiniipgloB Hr. master of General In finnary 
Rimmington Geo. plomber. ^a & bkr. Park at 
Roberta Thos. news agent, St. Jamea' In 
Roberta Wm. bookbinder, Ford st 
Roberta Wm. maltster, Friar gt. h. Agard st 
Roberts WolBton,workiiigj eveller, silvergm ilfa, 

watch and clock maker, Sadler gt 
Robinson Elii. shopkeeper, Goodwin si 
Robinson Ed. lace maker, 44 Nans st 
Robinson Geo. painter, Brook walk 
Robinson Jas. iron Sc wood tmr. St Mary's gt 
Bobinion John snd Thos. and Co. broad eilk 

manofacturers, Sacbererel st 
Robinson Jph. coach spring maker, Brook si 
fiobinson Tboa. clerk, Wilmot at 
Robinson Thoa. gent. Agard at 
Robinson Thoa. Derby, iron merchant, boiler, 

boat rent, t nail mfr. Bridge si 
Robotham John, bookkeeper, Morledge 
BobotbamWm. solicitor, College 
Bobson Hiss Jndith, Park ti. Kedleslon rd 
Rock Thos. wateh and elockmkr. Siddals In 
Rodgeta Sarah, shopkeeper, 27 King st 
Roe Mrs. Ann, GroTe terrace 
Hoe John, cattle dealer, Oamaalon st 
Boa ft OaUej, En^^h h foreign timber dlrs. 

wood turners, and dealers in Newcastle 

tiles, SIddala lane 
Koe Thoa. timber dlr. wood tmr. and dlr. in 

Newcastle tiles, Siddals In 
Roe Wn. chair maker, Nottingham rd 
Roe Wm. floor dealer, Sl John's st 
Ronald Rl. bank manager. Com market 
Roam Jph. (Tame work knitter, Searie st 

Boom Saml. batcher, 43 New S. h. Miekltovtr 
Roae Jas. vicL Coach & Morses, St. James In 
Roes Geo. gent. Burton rd 
Ross Jobn, intant school master, Oiehanl st 
Rowbottom Jph. painter, h. Ford at 
Ronbott^m Thomas, painter & gilder, Ford at 
Rowbottom William, printer, bookseller, sta- 
tioner U. bookbinder, mnaic whs. depository 
for the British and foreign bible society, 
tract, prayer book, and homily depository, 
and Derbpihm Comer and general news- 
paper office, St. Mary's gate 
Rowland Breary, anct, eaUte agL, & agt. to the 
church of England fire ft life ofRce, Com mt 
Rowley Sarah, ticL, Stag & Fheaaant, Brook st 
Rowley William, TicL, Rising Sun, Friar gt 
Roworlh John, beerhouse, Chapel sl 
Rndkin Jobn Charles, soigcon, 3S Friar-gt 
Bnshton John, boot and aboemaker, Baglane 
Bnssell John, Ticl. & maltster. Barley Uow, 

St. Peter's s( 
Rutherford, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wilmot st 
Rutland WilUam, shopkpr. Mansfield id 
Sadler Chas., perfumer & hair dresser. Iron gt 
Sadler Henry, aeet. ft agt., new mkt h. Bridge st 
Sadler William F. nurseryman, h. London st 
Sale Chas. porter mereht. Sadler gt.h. Parker st 
Sale Joseph Esq., solicitor & coroner for the 
Repion & Orcsley hund., & agent for West 
of England fire and life office, ait Com mkt. 
h. Litchurch cottage 
Sale WilUam, hatter, hosier, Sr linen ft woollen 

dr^wr, 10 Commit 
Salisbury Hy. tobacco-pipe mkr. willow row 
Salisbury Richanl, batcher, 2fi king st 
Salt John, joiner and builder, bridge at 
Salt Lucy, dress ft straw hat maker, bridge st 
Salt Sarab, baker, bniton rd 
Sandan Benjamin, painter, lodge In 
Sandars ft Clark, wine ft spt. merchts. mkt. pi 
Sandars EVancis, land agent II Full at 
Sandars John, wine merchant, h. Mkt pi 
Sandars John, grocer, chandler, aoap mann- 
taetarcT, and agent to the Phcenix fire and 
Pelican lifk assurance. Com mkt 
Sandars John, proTision dealer, John al 
Sandars Joseph, last ft psnen maker, Sadler gt 
Sandars snd Haywood, ironmongers, brass 
founders, iron merchants, and agricultural 
implement makers, Mkt pi 
St Michael's Com Mill Co. Com Millers, 
St Michael's In. William Souter, manager 
Sealton John, Joiner, Sarheierel st 
ScolliorneJoalab.Tict Three Crowns, bridge gt 

■ ooglt 



ScoUome, Win., bkker k flour dealer, •■ill* M 
Seals Jas., ctiiok & earthenwr. dlr., Uoriedge 
Seal Joseph, net, Hea It Chic&eDi, Walker In 
Searl CatLariue, roman Dement, plwUr & lime 

dealer, 11 Wardwick 
Saphton ElUabelb, drees maker, U Full it 
Sephtim Frederick, tIcL ft boM builder. Boat 

Tavern, Nottingham rd 
Sephton Wm. net H<H*e k. Tntmpet, Foil M 
SephloD Wm. & Son, boat builders. Not rd 
Serema Francia, aol. h. ivj eottage, Litcbuidi 
Sereme Henry D. jawaQer, Orore teiraoa 
Sharp Edward, fnrmlure broker, Bnrtrai rd 
Sharp Priseilla, ehopkeeper, Walker lane 
Sharp Samuel, ahoe maker, Qiibome st 
Shaw Adam, vlct New Flower Pol, king at 
Shaw Ch>s.,White3milh& BeUhan^r, Oake^ 

jard, St Peter's it 
Shaw Franoi9,eom factor, Doke st, ic Siddala 

lana, h. Friar gt 
Shaw, Miss Sarah, Parker st 
Shaw William, gent Venion at 
Shaw WilUain Turner, sol., b. Vemon st 
Shaw William, com miller & mereht Doke at 

Shaw Willinin, Pawnbraker, Coakpii hill 
Shenton Edw. tombstone engraver and slala 

dealer, Siddals lane 
Shenton Edward, slater, George st 
ShenioD Oeorge, atone mason and boilder, 

George at b. Ford st 
Sheperdson John, omamantal spar mauo&o- 

ShepherdJn. currier and leather cutter. Bag In 
Shepherd Thomas, beerhoase, 38 Bold lane 
Sheppard Jaa. TralTard, elerii poat-oOee, 19 

Shenrin Sunuel, farmer, Paik Fields, Ked. 

leston road 
Sherwin Wm. chemist and dmggist. Queen st 
Shisra Hiss II. J. A. protbasor of music and 

ainging, 31 LondoD at 
Shileoek Mrs. Uarj. Canal at 
Shiplej James, watoh maker, 35 Bold lane 
Shipley John, butcher. Willow row, and eon- 

teclioner, Queea st 
8h(M» Jph. painter and shopkpr. G Green In 
Stdebottom Josaph, plumber and glalier, B 

Derwenl at 
Sims Hr. John, goTcmor of the ooun^ gaol, 

South st 
Sims Jcdin, botcher, 20 New S. & Sitwell et 
Sims Ur Jamea, deputy goiemor o( the 

mnn^ gsol, h. Ulloiplei road 

Simma Chaiies, blacksmith, Bridge et 
Simm) Henry, botcher, 3 New S. h. BtprtoQ id 
Sims William, butohsr, Burton road 
Simpson Adam, managsr. Bridge at 
Simpson Add, Infant aehool, ct 13 Walker In 
Simpson Edw. Lloyd, ailk raaunfr. b. SfonAm 
Simpson and Frear, soliohois, St Mary's gt 
SimpaoD Fdk. land agant & aorrayor, Fiiar gl 
Simpson George, Tict DeTonabire Anna, 

Deyonshire st 
SimpaoD Henry, tuurdrssaer, 40 London n 
Simpson Jaa. butcher, 08 New ShamUee, h. 

Simpson Jamaa Blytfa, aolieittv, and eleit U 

lai Dommiaaioaai*, St Usry's gt 
Simpson John, plaatenr. Union at 
Simpson Joseph, plaaterar. Cockpit hill 
Simpson, John, bakar, SaoluTerel at 
SlmpaoD Thonuta, plasterer, 12 Ct WaUer In 
SImpaon h Tamer, ailk throwsters and mann- 

botursrs, Canal st 
Simpson Wm. Tict Holly Boah, Bridge st 
Sima Ckaries, blaoksmilh. Bridge st 
Sing Ber. Thos. Catholic priest. Bridge gt 
SketinglOD, l<Aa, fitter np, and Uary, dreat- 

niaker. Traffic st 
Slaek Andrew, tIci. Old Tiger, City road 
Slack Abraham, pork batcher, Ifl Bold lane 
Slack Fred, hoawry ageqt, 34 St Helens tt 
Slater Anguatos, joiner, Etaamn* at 
Slater, Edw. shi^keeper, ErasnUM st 
Slater, Geo. ihopkeepar. Fowler st 
Slater Mn. Uary, New st 
Slater Hr. John, Eiter pi 
Slater Hrs. Jane, Siddals lane 
Slater Rt Gilman, Joiner and cabinst maker, 

Slater SamL boot and shoe maker, Albitm st 
Slater Thoa. cow and shop kpr. Up. Brook st 
SlaterWilliajD, joiner and builder. Canal at 
Smallbaw Thos. attonwy'a elerk, Carrington at 
Smallwood Joseph, Catholic schoolmasler, 

Smallwood William Thomas, timbsr mer- 
chant, Exeter st h. Kedleston toad 
Smedley Jamee, plumber and glaiier. Bag In 
Smedley John, tiM. While Bear, Derwent row 
Smedley Hary, lict Wheel, Friar gate 
Smedlj Hartin, sbopkeeper, London at 
Smedley Mr. Samuel, Canal at 
Smedly, Wm. brush manuhitnrcT, London rd 
Smith Ret A.moa, Baptiit minister, Sonth st 
Smith Andw. engineer and millwr.Liversage it 
Smith Ann, shopkeeper, Oamaston st 



Smiili Alpheni, salt meichuit, SiddilsUiM, 

h. Cottie Dmniiiglon 
SiiuUiCb4S. coach proprietor, mul contmtor, 

ind ^nl. curier, Coi and Ualing's jMd> 

Corn mitrkst 
Smitb Cbu. gymp mumfaoRmr, h. Agird it 
Smilh Cbvln, baker, 49 Nuns it 
Smilb Cbkrlea, abopkseper, Talbot at 
Smith and Dagl«j,nilwajeu. mkn. London at 
Smith Edmd. fiuniton brokar, 13 Bold eL 
Smilb Edw. joiner and builder, 33 Qoean at 
Smith Hiaa Eliiabatb, Vctdod at 
Smith EUiab«th, Sitwell at 
Smith Qmi. aitiat, 8t. Alkmnnd'a chniobjanl 
Smith Oaorge, ahair maker and wood tamer, 

London at 
Smith Oeo. bmah roaonfaclom, IS Sadler gt 

Smith Geo. primer and bookaellei, 


Smith Oao. baker and oonfactioner, 33 Friai gt 
Smith Benrj, noL Plough, London load 
Smith Jaa. bookaeller and binder, LiTeruge at 
Smith Jamea and Son, tailors and dr^iara, 

Cheapaide, h. 9 Bridge gt 
Smith Jane and Co. groaera and l«a daalara, 

London road 
Smith JohDijoiner and builder. Bridge gate 
Smith John, eom. traT. Aahbouni rd. oottags 
Smith JOMph,lobacoomanaIr. 13 StPetd'atl 
Smith Joa. Tiet. Bojal Telegrapki, London rd. 
Smith Joseph, lioi. Smun with Two Neeka, SI. 

Jamea'a lane 
Smith Joae^ TicL Wind Hill, Willow row 
Smith Lswia, baakel maker, Morledge 
Smith Ralph, TicL Shakeapeare, Sadler gale 
Smith Robert, commercial trav, Lilchmvh tar. 
Smith Saml. Esq. and Co. banker*, Botton row 
Smilh Saml. bniier and tinner, 20 London al 
Smith SamL bntehar, M) New Sb. h. Quorndon 
Smith SamL whits and lockamith, and fnmi- 

toie broker, Victoria at 
Smith Saml. blackamith, braiisr, tinner, and 

mand/actarer of Dr. Foj^a stevo balhl. 

Thorn Trtt lant 
Smith Sunl. glorar, Rt UichaeTe ehnrebyard 
Smith Thoi. Danl. St Qao^, aol. 43 Full it 
Sinitb, Tho. bateber, 27 New Shambles and 

LiMhonh at 
Smith Thoa. ricL and joiner. Barret, Walker In 
Smith Thoa. not. Anehor, St Petal's at 
Smith Thos. B. maltalar, Old UttOXeter road 
Smith Thoe.whit«amith,Willow row, h. Brook at 
SmithThoa-braxier and tinuer,81 St Peter's at 
Smith Thomas, beeihotue. Park at 
Smilh Wm. plumber and glanerNoimantonter 

Smilh Wm. and Son, srchilects, Barreforg, 

coach limber benders, and agenis to the 

Notts and DerbTshira Fire and Life Office, 

St. Alkmund's eharehjari 

Smith Wm. Selh, architect, iie. h. North par 

Smith Wm. rope, aacking, and fishing tackle 

mannfactairer, SS Market place 
Smilh, William, cooper, Tennant si 
Smith Willism, beeritonae. Burrows walk 
Smilhard Edw. pork bateber, 33 Com market 
Smithard, Jas. tailor and draper, 13 Bold In 
Smilhard John, rick and hairdresser. Old 

Boat, Morledge 
Smilhard J oaeph, tailor and dr^>er, Tenant at 
Smilhard, Samael, watchmaker, h. Park at 
Smilhstone Chas. porler mer. SaeheTerel at 
Snow Waller, Yiot. Plumbers" Arms, Bag In 
Soar Oeo. whitesmith, Duke at 
Soar John, chair maker, Darley In 
3ou,Bd.blackingm*nnfaetiirer, Moaela/ajd. 

Soloman Carter, rieL Old Seren Stan, Bow- 
ling green, Nottingham road 
Soppet Bobert, excise officer. Upper Lonlh at 
Soieabj James and WUUam, eaniers, Mor- 
ledge, and OavenJiA tridgt 
Sower Charles, baker, 3 i Ftiat gt 
Bowter Uias Emma, Aah Collage, kedlralon rd 
8owt«r John, guiL London at 
Sowter Thomas, Baker, Willow Bow 
Sowter, Wm. conilDilr&mallatar.Darwentler 
SpaltonWm. grooer&tea dealer, 34 com mkt 
Sparkes William, bow and anow msksr, new 

Sparks Mrs Uarj, St Feiet'a chnrchr*rd 
Spencsr Hannah, riot. New Inn, King at 
Spencer Har. dieu & straw hat mkr. King sL 
Spencer Henrj, tailor and drqMr, 30 Friar gt 
Speneer John, lireij stable keeper. Cakes 

raid, St FeMr'a st 
Spencer William, land agent, i Qreen lane 
Spencer William O. prirata tutor, Wilmot at 
Spendlora Ann, dress maker, Grsoi at 
Bpendlow John, beeihonse, £a^ st 
Sperrj Edw. linen drpr. and mareer, 32 Iron gt 
Sperry William H. manager. Mill hill 
Sproat Mary, dress maker, Oamaaton st 
Stafford Joaeph, grocer & lea dlr., London al 
Slaneabf James, hatter, 3 Queen at 
Staneabf M*ij, cooper, 8 SL Petei'a st 
Staneab; Bichard, cooper, 33 fall at 
Stanifbrth James, gent, npper Friar gt 
Stanley Thomas, green grocer, 37 Bridge gt 
Stanlej Thoa., gaidenerjc seedunaii. Filar gl 




SUDsbj Frederick, com miUcr k flour dsaler, 

Cbeapnds and Uukeaton Bt 
SUnsb<r Mrs. SaMimah, 3 CkVeadisb it' 
StBthEm,Oeo.hairdi«s9ei&beerhs., Cmd at 
Suihun Win. TCterinuy surgeon, Denreni at 
Stanton Jtmes, tbopkeeper, SO bridge gt 
Steel Thainu, balrher, 41 SuUer gt 
Steel ThoB. buchi, Willow Row b S3 new sh 
Steer Aaron, vict. Odd Fellows' Anns, King at 
Sleer John, nmbrelli m&kei k loj dlr. Hkt hd 
Steer Samuel, abopkeeper, Exeter at 
Stenson Thom&s, farmer, Litchurch 
S;eu8on Wm. Jotm, Hosio dealer, atationer, 

& orguuBl, 1 Com mkt 
Slerland Mrs. Mortba, York at 
Steveni Mis. Dorolb;, Liversage st 
Sterena George, bookeeper, Lifersage at 
Slereni Hy- Isaac, arcb. It anrtyr. 3 The lei 
SleveoB Jbs. ailveramitb and jewel. Sadler gt 
Slevena NebemiUi Isaac, g<ent. Cherr; si 
SleteoB W. E. gent. Wilmol Bt 
SteTenaon Fiedk, beerhouse, Siddala lane 
Stevenson Geo. linen draper and silk mereer, 

IB Iron gale, h. Upper Friar gate 
Slerenson George, ahoemaker, None it 
Stevenson Joaepb, aboemaker, Nuna at 
Stevenson John, railway contractor, New 

market, b. Upper Friar gate 
Suvenaon Thomaa, aboemaker, 10 Bold lane 
Slevenson, Wm. Parker Fredk. chemial and 

druggist, 7 Cora market, h. IT North par 
Stevenson Mr Wiltiam, Lilcbnrch terrace 
Stone Edward, vict. Three Tuna, Sadler gala 
Stone, Mj. & Rd. ahopkeepBfs, Leonard at 
Slone, Richd. anhilect and Borvjr. and agent 

to Rl. Ei. Fire and Lift Office, SL Mary's ;t 
Stone Mi. Samuel, Nottinghain road 
Stoiar Jaa. grocer, chand. &malL3 Com mkt 
Stoier James, printer, bookseller, and mnsic 

sellei, 15 Tictorii st 
Storer John, shopkeeper, Leonard si 
Slorer Thomaa, heerhoDBe, Traffic at 
Stoier Thomas, baker, Old Uttoxeter road 
Street John, sand dealer, Exeter place 
Street and Thompson, carpenlerB and boat 

boilders, Exeter at 
Street William, boat builder, b. Exeter st 
Stretton, Henry, giocsr and tea dlr. 109 Friar gt 
8lretton,John, grocer Ac Soar dlr. Sadler gt.Bdg 
Strong Sampaon, pipe maker. Willow row 
Strong Sarah, tobacco pipe mti. Willow row 
Strutt Edward, Esq. M.P. King et 
Strait Misses Elii, Francis, & Ann, the Elms 

Saddall Wm. tailor & dr^ier, 34 Sadler gt 
Suingle Madame, prfar. languages, Wilmot st 
Snmmeitietd Thomas, viCt Duke of Devon- 

abire, Goodwin st 
Salberland Jas. carver b gildei, 38j Queen et 
Sutton Mis. Elizabeth, Traffick st 
Sutton J a.' 
Swain John, joiner k builder, Traffic at 
Swain William, boaier, Qrove at 
Swann John, sadJer, &e. Queen at 
Swanwlck John Thoa. land surveyor tc regis- 
trar tor St. Alkmnnd's diEtrict, St. Mary's gt 
Swift Tboa. regisU office for servants, Fnargt 
SwindaB Joseph, aboemaker, Derwent row 
Swindella Chailotte, abopkpr. NormanCon rd 
Swindell Edw. sergeant at court of requests, 

Asbboum rd 
Swindell Saml. horse Atly owner, Goodwin at 
Swhiuenon Mrs. Maria, Moltiugham rd 
SwinneitOQ Sc Lee, stone & marble masons, 

builders, and carvers, Mansfield id 
Swiuuerlon Slepfa. mrbl. man. h. Little Eaton 
Symona Thoa. bank cashier & ageut to cleri- 
cal and medical life office, Aabboum rd 
Syaduraki L. dancing maawr, polka rooms, 

Babbington In 
Taft Rlizabeth, needle makei, 1 Bridge gt 
Tantnm Edward, beerhouse, Burton rd 
Tarr Wm. vict. and cattle dealer, Noah'a Aik. 

13 Morledge 
Tate John, bricklayer, Larges at 
Tatem Eliii, fancy tepoaitory, 13 Viclflria si 
Tatem and Felton, Berlin wool and fancy 

leposiWry, 1 3 Victoria st 
Tattersbaw Tboa. provision dealer, Canal st 
Tatlerabaw William, shopkeeper, Faiker st 
Taylor Frs. prsrvr. birds & sbopk.. Bridge at 
Taylor George, surgeon, 13 Wardwick 
Taylor James, worm doctor, Thomlree In 
Taylor John, wheelwright, HansBeld rd 
Taylor John. vict. White Horse, Friar gt 
Ta^or Joaeph, travelling stationer, Hope si 
Taylor Thomas, voleiinary anrgeon. Com mki 
TaylorThs.butcher, Cockpit hill & 28 New 9 
Taylor Tiyphena, vict. Tiger Hotel, corn mkt 
Taylor Wm. Hy. & Geo. silk throwatera and 

ribbon manufrs.. Full si., h. Bridge gt 
Taylor Wm. Sen. silk tlirowster and ribbon 

manofacturer, Silkmill In. h. Bridge gt 
Taylor W, ribn. maniA. Short sL h. Park st 
Teat Wm. gardener & seedsman, 10 Bridge st 
Tebbutl Edward, travelling draper. Traffic st 
Telley Samuel, Temperance Holel, TrafBr si 
Thicker Arthur, Esq. Park si 



Thelen Fr«. Wilbelm, uilot k irpi. Iron gt 
Thorn JobUi m4Mec BiitiBhseliool, London id 
Thomk Joseph, w^tch k clock maker & taxid- 

tura broker, 46 Sadler gt 
Thomea John, ehoeiDBker, 34 Bold In 
Tfaompion £dir. hunees miker, Cockpit hill 
Thompeon Edwin, joiner & bnilder, unel sL 

h. London rd 
Thompson Oeorge, boat builder, h. Exeter st 
Tbmnpson Geo. bidr. b it. mn. Deronihinu 
Thompvm Jamei, genl. Notlinghun rd 
Thompson John, manager. Brook at 
Thompson John Abni. auperdt. police, Hkt. pi 
TbompsoD John, greengnMer, King It 
Thompson John, hat nuoohctr. Willoir row 
Thompson MilUcent, apar mntr. Harkeaton In 
Thompson Samael, velret weaTcr, 75 Eagle st 
Thompson SmI. btohr. 40 new S. h. LoKgleg 
THoAkj William, btacksmitb. Si. Hiohael's hi 
TbombiU Hart, straw bat maker, Parker st 
Thorpe Tbos. butcher, 02 New Sh. h. Septoa 
Thorpe Wm. bniiher, 73 New Sb. h. Stplaa 
Thmmpstona Chas. Uilor, 20 St. Peter's st 
TimminsEliaa,praparalorjs(ihool for joong 

gentlemen, SS Foil at 
Tipper Hrs. Ann, King st 
Tilterton Oeo. fishmonger, Sadler gate 
Titer Sdw. floor dlr. le lane agent, Traffick si 
Tiyey Elila. temperance bolel, Siddals luis : 
TomlinsoD Edw. plomb. & glai. St Mary's gt 
Tomlinson Oeo. bntcher & tea dlr. Siddals In 
Tomlinson Jas. borough constable. Park at 
Tomlinson John TboB. net. and brioklajer, 

Old Oak, Agaid st 
ToiBlinson Josepb, manae™, Fonl st 
Tomlinson William, butcher. Bridge st 
Toob; Thomas, hairdresser, 63 Bridge st 
Topham Cbaa. silk throwster, h. Burton rd 
Topham bFawcett, silk throws.Wardwick miH 
TopbuD ThDi. bnlc. Old Sh. b. St.Marr'sgt 
Toplis Eliis, dress maker, Derwent row 
Toplia Jph. printer and circ. library, Traffic st 
Toplis Robt. ombrelU maker, Up. Brook et. 
Toplis William, csrrer and gilder, Hope st 
Torr Jaraes, wireworker, Horledge 
Torr John Oeo. wireworker & weaver, Bold In 
Torr Mary Ann, straw hat maker Willow row 
Toweia Thomas, blacksmith, Dake st 
Town and Conntj Library and Newa Room, 

Edw. Bailey librarian. Amen alley 
TowtCD Charles, tobacconist. Canal at 
Trsfford Miss Ann, Vernon st 
Truscott Nioh. gardener, seedsman, and pro- 

Tision dealer, 12 Victoria st 
Tniswell, John, provision desler, Castle at 

Tommond Chos. Thos. saddler, trunk & box 
maker. King st 
Tanalsy Edward, cabinet maker, Oeorge al 
Tnnaley Thos. sen. general dyer. Tenant si 
TunsJey Thomas, jmi. ulk dyer Derwent st 
TniJey Se Hodgon, carriers by water, Siddals In 
Tonneeliffe Ellen, dress maker, Wri^t at 
Timiiiclifrs J ohn,Tiet. H orse & Joe ke;,8 adler gt 
Tnmbnll Thomai, gent Hill brow 
Turner Edward, silk manufacturer. Canal st 
Turner John, butcher, 53 New Sh. h. Daffidd 
Turner Joseph, shopkeeper, Cheapside 
Turner Wm. baker and floor dealer. Ea^^e st 
Udsll Hias Haf7 Ann, Agaid st 
Dfton John, vicL Sing of Bells, Rradsbaw st 
(iDSWorlli k Williamson, manufra. of sewing 
silks, twists, cords, braids and laces, Depot 
mills and Siddals In 
UnsworthWm. fancy silk trimmmg and ribbon 

mannfartofer, h. Rose cattle 
Unwin Rev, Ed. vicar. SlWerburgh, Park field 
Dnwin Edward, butcher, 22 Bold lane 
Upton Catharine, dress maker, Parker st 
Upton William, hatcher, 37 Sadler gate 
Vallack James, solicitor, and agent for Sim 

Fire and Life Office, 8 Cockpit hill 
Vernon Cath, cork cutter, 7 lion gate 
Vevers B«v. Wm. Wesleyan minister. King at 
Waddams Elii. shopkeeper, Victoria el 
Wade Joseph, bricklayer, bridge at 
Wade Rev. Edw. incumbent Trinity Chnnb, 

Lilchorch lodge 
Wail Fran, timber mer,& wood tDmer,Cityrd 
Wakefield John, shopkeeper, Lodge lane 
Wakerley Geo. hoar. & Beriin wool dealer, 

Rotton row 
Welch John, punter. Friar gale, h. Bridge at 
Walker Edward, vict Cock, Cockpit hiU 
Walker Jas. Wm. carriers' agent, Copeland st 
Walker John, shopkpr. and coal dlr. River st 
Walker Mary, beerhouse, Copeland st 
Walker Thomas, shopkeeper, Mansfield road 
Walker William Thomas, gent Grove st 
Walkerdine David, slater and alate merehani, 

Canal st. and Upper Brook st 
Walkerdine Jeese, bricklayer, William st 
Walkerdine Jph. bdl. St Peters, Normantonrd 
Walkup Robert, baker and flour dlr, Albion st 
Walklale John, shoe maker, Goodwin st 
Wall John, bookkeeper. La^es st 
Wallace John, bookbinder, Oamaston rd 
WalleyJobn, shopkeeper, Duke st 
Wallis Mn. Elb. Hill brow 
Wallis Geo. Vict. Kings Head Hotel, Corn mkt 




Wallia Hj. borae bndwr, Fuk M 
Wallia Jph. green grocer, Bridgs tt 
Willis Wm. TicL UIKoii'b haul, HOI H 
Wallii Wm. WtUuB, eouh propiietor and 

nilmj ageat, Sadler gt. h. Friar gt 
Wallen Fanaj, mllliiier, tm. Fait n 
Wallen John, ironmoager, h. Noimtutaa Ur 
Wallere JoNph, boteber. King ■( 
Walton Oeo. npholsUnr, oabinM nuker and 

carpet naceboou, Malket pi. h. King at 
Walton John, silk throwater, h. 13 Parker at 
Walton Jabii, baker & ihopkeeper, Briilge at 
Walton SainL elerk of All Sainta, Parker at 
Walton Sarah Ann, da; ecbool, WiUlam at 
Walton ThoB Wadgewood,oheiiiiat& dtngglal, 

Ward Ben. iime;or of taxes. Bridge at 
Ward Ofo. joiner Ic, cabinet mkr. Sitoell st 
Ward Cbaa. bnlcher, Old Sbamblea, h. Joij at 
Ward EUi. TieL Lord Hill. Short at. Agard at 
Ward Joaepba, sehoolmistreae, Wilmotst 
Ward RL&3on, boot &)ehoemkrs.i3Coinmkt 
Ward Robert, gent. 5 Full at 
Ward Thoa. net. Railwaj TaTem, Oanal n 
Waid William, maltster. Short at. Agard n 
Wardle William, batcher, Eagle at 
Warner Ann, lehoolmistraaa, Canon at 
Wanr John, alore gt. mant. North at h. Park at 
Warren Lydia, ahopkeeper, 11 King at 
Warren Sar. & Mj. bonnet mkra. Oimastoo rd 
Warren Wm. hosier and haberd. 22 Qoesn at 
Warria John, manager, eilk mill, Exeter pi 
WaiTington.)pb,Ticti Bock in thePark,C nnon at 
Warrington Moaea, Tict Orapea, Oreen lane 
Waierfield Thoa. ooal dealer, Nottingham rd 
Wathall Thos. Ticb Ooldan Fleeoa, Sonlh at 
WataonBeqj. bnleheT, 66 New Sh. h. /"indent 
Walaon Da*id, tailor, Hanehsaler leiraae 
Wataon John, ale Ic porter breirer, Canon it 
WatMn John, butcher 13 New 8b. 'b.MUUantT 
Watson Jph. belter and ehopkpr. Leonard n 
Watson Joaeph, baker, 13 Sadler gat* 
Watson — , tailor, 12 Green lane 
Watvin Thoe. grocer b oonl 33 & 23 Sadler gt 
Watson SamL chemiat and dmggisl, wine and 

spirit merchtaO St Peler-B sL h. Up, Friar gt 
Watla 8 ami. stonemn. and coal dlr. Canal at 
Wealherhead,Walters,&Co. ironms. ailrerss. 

ail & col. merchts. & guaams. 10 Iron gt 
Webb Joseph, shopkeeper, Oreen at 
Webster Benj. ailk & cot. dyer, Blidgt gt 
Webater Urs. Uannab, Park at 
Webster John, diapnar. Dispenaaiy, Bridge gt 
Webater Joaeph, lace dealer, 9 Roiton row 

Webater Hosea, dnwing maater, Wilmot st 
Webster Robert, dn^er, Oron et 
Webster Samuel, com factor, Oanal at 
Webster Wm. boot and staoonkr. 01 Friar gt 
Webater Wm. jnn. boot & ahoemkr. Victoria sr 
Webater Wm. goTcmor of the anion work- 

houae, Oamaatou road 
Webster William, cooper, Canon at 
Wedge Cbaa. Moreton, ale and porter brewer 

and maltster, 10 Wardvick, h. Green lane 
Welbonm Bobert, agent tor Schweppe'a soda 

water, Friar gale 
Welch DaTid, solicitor, 32 St Muy'i gale 
Welch Wm. John, painter & gilder, 87 Friar 

gate, h. Bridge at 
West Henry, mannfetring. chemist, William st 
Weet John, railway clerk, London rd 
Weatcott Jas. vicL Qolden Eagle, Agard st 
Wharton Elisabeth, dyer tt aconrer, Cnnos at 
WheatcroftGerm. k Sons, genl-cars. Siddalaln 
WheUcrofl Jas. cheese k bacon tr. oom mkt 
Whaatcroft Mr. William, 6 Mat^a gt 
Wheatley John, prob, mosic, rAi Uttoxeler rd 
Wheeldon Osorge, oom bctor, baker, k grocr 

Mansfield rd 
Wheeldon Samuel, ahopkeeper, 'Albion at 
Wheeldon Thoa. ahopk. & comn. agL Eag^e at 
Wheeldon William, shopkeeper, Bridge at 
Wheeldon William, Giter-np, new at 
Wheeldon Mr. William, Noltin^um rd 
Whelpton George, mrd. pr. St. Alkmnnd'a e. yd 
Whetum Elliabelh, ahopkeeper, Willow row 
Whelton John, shoe maker, bag In 
Whewell James, trsvelling diaper, Ea^e at 
Whiston Wm. Esq. aol. tt comr. for the hnnd. 

of Morleaton & Litchurch, 3 St. Peter's st 

h. Qrovt ter 
Whitaker John, china Jc ^asa dlr. Victoria at 
While Jamea, coal dealer, Nnna at 
White William, glore maker, 23 SL Helena at 
WbilehntBt Jamss, braiier & timiBr Oreen In 
WhilehnrsI John, olock'tt Watch mtr.Cberry at 
WbiUhuist Joseph, baker b donr dlr. Eagle at 
Whiting Joaeph, batcher, 1 1 new S. b. Bath at 
Whiting Joaeph, beethoaae. Eagle at 
Whituker Ednar, ahopkeeper, Eraamna st 
Wbillaker John, fominue broker, ero«a In 
Whittaker Samuel, cleA, Wilmot at 
Whillingbain George, bearhonae, London rd 
Whitton Mrs. Ann, Trafflck at 
Wiekenham Ur. Thomas, Agard at 
Wlckslead John, boot fc shoe maker. Green In 
WiddoWBon Joseph, vicL Old Brilazmio, Binr SI 
Williaford Wm. cork ctr. On. mkt. h. Largea si 



Wightmui Sarah, not. Ball Inn, SiuUer gl 
Wilcookion Duiiel, reilmj ^4nl, Litshurch 
WilcooksoD Geo. TicL Ooldt-n Lion, Bridge gt 
Wild George, grocer Sc tea dider, 17 Com mk% 
Wild JuDcs, gudener fc Beedamui, Bag In 
Wildeta Thos. & Henry, ale & porter brewers, 

Henrj Cramp, agt a Full Bt 
Wilhina Oeorge Ic Sop, prs. books. Btatnrs. & 
bookbn. 16 Queen at. h. 10 North Parade 
WilkinaoD H;. pooltr.&llr. eating h. Sadler gt 
Williams Algernon SydnejiCngraTerfc copper- 
plate printer, h. 03 St Peter's st 
Williams Chai. beadle, Clirist charch, High st 
Williams Cbas. John, eugr. fc g.p. pr. Sdlr. gt 
Williams German, shopkeeper, Rrick st 
Williams John JoneajiCa. tea dlrs. Com mkt 
Williams A. S. & E. R letter pr. & copper plate 

printers, Moselj's jd. Com mkt 
Williamson Bety.fanc; silk tiimmiDg&ribbon 

maonfartarer, h. upper Friar gt 
Williamson Ellen, da; school, 94 St Peler'a st 
'Williamson Ed*, vict Dog & Duck, Cannon et 
WiUianuonJohn,vicL On. Dragon, St Pot's. sI 
WUllamsou Jane, register office, 23 King st 
WiUiamson Hra. Maiy, George st 
Williamsoa Ts. tict. Boae & Crown, Com mkt 
Williamson & Shaw, sdicitors, Com mkt 
Williamson William Esq. solicitor, h. Little- 

OTsr Hill-honse 
WiUiamson William, huberdasher, 8 Friar gt 
Willisford WiUiant, cork cutter, 13 com mkt 
Wilmot Mn. E. 01 Fliar gate 
Wilson & Dunn, braz. Sc tinpl. witn. King st 
Wilson Joseph, nnrseryman, h. Cbeapside 
Wilson Jpfa. John Sc Isaac, hosiery macuCrs. 
Nottingham, F. Slack, Bgt 31 St Helms at 
Wilson Ji Sadler, niirseryJIc seedsm. Cbeapside 
Wilaon William, brazier. King si 
Wilson WiUiam, bmsh maker, ,13 Qaecn st 
Wilson John, gent South tWrace 
Winfield Elii. givcer and confectioner. Bag Id 
Winfield Jph. fishing net maker. Bag lane 
Winfield Biohard, shopkeeper. Nuns st 
Wingerworth coal yard,eDd of slalion, London 

road, John Boston, agent 
Wingfleld Thomas, baker, Babbinglon lone 
Winstanlej Israel, Tict and joiner, Boar's 

Head, King st 
Winterton Fanny, dressmaker, Slddals lane 
Winterton Henry, joiner and builder, Sommer 

hill, h. Old Uttmceler road 
Win tertonWm. butch. BGNswSh.h.SuTTomcuA 
Wintle J ohn , carter, grocer, &proT. dlr.Qoeen st 
Wintle Rd.griicer &prov.dlr. Sadler gt bridge 

Wollatt Jane, dtessmaker, Oamaalon road 
Wollalt Joseph, butcher, Osmaston at 
Wollatt Samuel, butcbcr, Kensington st 
Wolslenholm Mrs. Elli. Carrington et 
Wood Eli, last maker, Willov row 
Wood Geo. com miller, St Mary's gt h. Full st 
Wood George, needle maker, Bath et 
Wood John, flour dealer. King at 
Wood John, slonsmason, Lirersage st 
Wood Joseph, com miller, silk Mill lane 
Wood Richard, bricklayer, 37 Full st 
Wood Thomas, aurgeon, Osmaston st 
Wood Timothy, com miller and bclor, Dnke 

at and Sadler gale bridge 
Wood Wm. artiat and drawing mr. 11 Full st 
Woodtord John, solicitor, 96 St Mary's gate 
Woodhonsa Bsnj. com miller, Dnke st 
Woodhonse Thomas, beadle and sexton, St 

Michael's, St Michael's lane 
Woodroffe Richard, vict Pheasant Bridge st 
Woodward Com. cur. & leather cutter, Sadler gt 
Woodward £dw. gardener &8eedsman,CanaIst 
Woodnard Francis, Tict Arboretum, Grote st 
Woodward John, vicL Foi & Grapes, Castle at 
Woodward Jph. watch maker, Nottingham id 
Woodward Samuel, wbiiesmith. Full st 
Woodward Sarah, beerhouse, Osmaston rd 
Woodward Wm. shoemaksr, 20 Si Helena st 
Woodward Wm. music teacher, Mansfield rd 
Woodward William, beerhons*, Canal st 
Woolhonse John, cement plasterer & gypsom 

manufacturer, Duke Bt 
Woolbousc Maris, mil. & dressmkr. North par 
Woolhouse, Bicbd. sacking, rope, and twine 

manufaelnrer, Horledge 
Woollall E mma, diesskslw.hatmkr. Parker st 
WooUatt Jph. cabinet mkr. upholsterer, catpet, 

room paper, and plate glass waiehonse and 
' fancy repository, 9 Iron gt & Temple hooae 
Woollalt Saml. bauh. Albion st ft 60 New 8h 
WooUatl Thomas, bnlcher, B New Shambles, 

h. Sensington st 
Woolley Saml. joiner and.builder, Cnrzon at 
Woolley Thos. musical reply. U St Peter's at 
Wootton Edward, horse dealer. Traffic at 
Wragg James, besdioasc. Park st 
W right RcT.Chaa.TicarofSl Peter's, SlPeler'sBt 
Wright Mrs. Catherine, Upper South st 
W rigbl Rer J ervis, cnr. St Westbnigh'B,Friargt 
Wright, Edmund, anctionest and raluer, and 

clerk Si John's, 35 St Helena st 
Wright John, surgeon, Friar gala 
Wright John It Co. chees* factors, MariiM pi 




Wr^hl Jph. Tieu Thorn Tree Inn, St Pelei's M 
Wright Hut, itajmiker, 1 Hirket head 
Wri^t SioiL Job,ulklltuiiiIuiRiTer,Agvd kL 

h. J/IejUrHwer 
Wright UJH Skrah, 4 North parade 
Wright Thos. Jldin, lilk throntar, Agnrd >l 

Wright Thai. rid. Mariboiough's Head, and 

11; oKoet, 27 St Hair's gue 
Wright Tho». tngai. millirgL & iron foundet, 

Britannia Ftyaaiij, Duke it. b. Friar gt 
Wright Wm. beeriioiua, Normanlon road 

Wjiwa WilUam, eioiu offieer, Qreen at 
Vatee John, tailor and draper, Talbot at 
Yeimani Charles, grooer. Bridge at 
Yeunani Jph.bnteh.430omn)kt.hl3Ne«Sh 
Yeimana William, bookeeper, 13 Parker at 
Yeomana Daoie), poabnan, Oamuton at 
YeomBus Chaa. baker and shopkpr. Lodge In 
Yeram ana SamL bntch.OldSb.h.SaSlMarr'igt 
YoA Chaa. hairdreieer k perfonier. Traffic at 
YoAe Mrs. Elizabeth, WilmoC at 
Yoimg Thomai, ohair maker, 8 St^Hriana et 





Sft aba FnifBMiom,.— Marked • tat» 

Bennet Joseph, Parker st 
•Btndlej' F. J. Grore terrace 
Brentnall, Anna, 18 St Mar;'! gate 
SritM (boja) John Thom, London st 
Brilitk, Drrbj (bojs) Ji^in Blake CorDwell, 

BrititK, Derbf (giria) Htiy Ann Crailon, 

Bretton Alexander, 8l Harm's gale 
CatSoUe, Joaeph SmaDwood, Agatd si 
CoekiTne Emma, Oreen lane 
Cmnminya Emma, CniKni at 
DioctKBi, Philip E. Hammond first niasler, 

and Henrr Philipa, aecond maater. Friar st 
Dobson BaJph, Trafllc et 
Dngmore Daniel, 8 St Helens si 
Fletcher Eliiabetfa, Hansfleld road 
Ore Emma, Paiker at 
Otover WilUam, Lcadon road 
Oranmutr, John Hudson first master, seeand 

maaler, James Clarke, SS St Peler'a at 
Hackett Eliiabelh, Brook «t 
Uigne Edward, Sooth st 
•Harrison H. and H. Lilobnreh terrace 
Haalun William 0. North parade 
Hotchkisa Charies, SitweU st 
iK/anti, John Boaa, Orchard at 

Jane OreaTes, Ri*rtl at 

Ann Simpson, 12 Walker lane 
James John, Orehard et 
Jaj Jamea, London terrace 
Jet&ies Ann, William at 
Joule Mary Jtoa, Chester place 
LancoMlmm, now Britith (boys) 
MarahaU Mn. Mill hill 
Mather John, Oamaaton st 
Moore Eliia, George at 
Naikmal (boirs) John Pescnd 
(Qiris) Sarah Bartlett, Traffle at 
■OliTer EUiabeth, St Helen's st 
•Oabome Sarah Ann, 26 St Manr>B gals 


IT gate 

Ridgewa; John, Traffic st 

Sningle Madame, (langnages) Wjlmol st 

Spenoer William Q. (priirate) Wilmot «l 

Timmins Eliza, joimg gent*, prep. 32 Full st 

TViaily, Jacob Hajer, Park at 

Walton Sarah Ann, William al 

Ward Miss Josepha, Wilmot st 

Warner Ann, Cnnon et 

ITiiky, George Biggs, Chapel St 

Williamson Ellen, Si St Peter's st 


Thou marked • ore Generol JgenU, * ealUel 

tvnt), Mtt, and ace<nmi$. 
tBailejr John, Paiker at 
Ball Oentge, oommlsaitm r«la, Bridga at 



tBarker Jolm, High U 
Butla WilUun, mhd, Exsler it 
*Bnu7 R A. HtMe, 1 Com market 
tBowring Chuloi, South temos 
-fBrauy Thomu, estMc, Victoria at 
^Burton John O. Paik place 
Bowring Charira, Sonth tnram 
CanoD Bobeit, coal, Sitwell at 
Chaihrick Samoel, SacheTenl it 
Cope JaniM, Sacbmicel at 
Eaip Thomaa k. Son, Com maikei 
Feain John, coal, Hidlaild place 
Goodwin Francis, clia«se, IS Cockpit hill 
Qoodwin Thomas, cheesa, Devonahite st 
Hagan Benjamin, brewerf, 2S King at 
Rithena; and Oarbntt, hosieiy, 47 Fnll st 
Hoggett WinUm Sitwtll st 
Holniea Godfrey, DeTanahire at 
Lackington June*, Osmuton toad 
Bice Richard, Picklbfif s, 8iddaU lane 
Bickard Gmrge, Derbj Canal, SUdals tans 
Itobette Thomas, nevs, 3t Jame*' lane 
Kovboltom Thomas, news, St Xnf* gate 
f Sadlei Henry, New jnaiket, h. St John'e ter 
SandcTBon, Alexander, ribbon, Short at. 
Slack Frederick, hooiery, 21 St Helena st 
Smith Robert, hop, Litohoicb laiMoe 
TiTcj, Edward, l>os, TraSo st 
Walker Jas. Wn. Tanlej & Co. Uorledge 
Welbonm fiLSchweppe'saodawater.Friargt 
Wallace WiUiam W. rallw^, Sadler gale 
Whecldon ThoniM, 37 E«^ at 


Sa land and bttiUing Sftrveyon alio. 
Oodbf William John, 69 Friar gate 
Harper, Samuel, Com market 
Keeling John, Iron gale 
Haaoo Jotu!, I>OBdon terrace 
Price John, Victoria at 
Smith Wm. & Son, St Alkmond's aborchjard 
Slavena Henry Isaac, 3 The Terrace 
Stone Bichard, 12 St Mary's gale 


Bndley Bobut, S Caade M 

Brasaington Jolm, (portrait). Friar gt 

Han George, Saebanral at 

Koore Hy. atainar of black marble. Green bill 

Smith 0«<iiga, Bt. Alkmawra ohnreh yard 

Webster Uoees, Tilmot st 

Wood William, 11 Full at 


Balgny Bryan Thus. St. Feiei'* at 

Barber John, St. Uioliael'e ciurcb yd 

Birch BiDhaid Wm. 30 Wardwiok 

BoroD^ William, Com market 

Bradly Joseph, SL Peter'e et 

Bomaby Charlei Sberrard, IS Wardwick 

Canon John, 3 Full et 

Dewe Charies T. R. 3S Iron gt 

DonnicliB' and Sercnie, 16 St ICary's gl 

Flewher John, Com market 

Gadaby John, jnn, 2a Sadler gt 

OroTenor Gilbert, 18 Wilsiot st 

Huiah John. St. Alkmond's Church yd 

Hnnter Ch«s. William, 7, RottoD row 

Jackson Henry, London st 

Jeaaop Francis, Son, It, Bnmabj, 16 Wardwiok 

Kahrs, John Nicholaa, St. Maiy'agt 

Leech Robert, U Qoeen it 

Uaaaey Joseph S. St. Helena at 

UoBs John, 13 St. Peter's st 

Uoiley Henry, 1 Victoria ■( 

Uooaley and Son, 2 Full st 

Horeh Richard Waiiam, 20 Wardwiok 

Pickering Joseph Henry, 16, Qllsao it 

Bobolham Williun, CoU^e pi 

Sale Joaeph, 39 Cora mkt 

Simpson and Fcear, St. Mary's gt 

Smith Thomas Daniel St. Oaorga, iH Foil at 

Tallack Jamea, 6 Cockpit hill 

Welch Daiid, 22 St. ICary's gt 

WhistoD William, 81 St Peler'a et 

Williamaon ft Shaw, com mkt 

Woodford Jobm, 2fl SL Uary'a gt 


Brearey Rowland A. 13 Com mkt 
Freak Joseph Frederick, SL Mary's gt 
bomnouger Ely, Friar gl 
Moody and Newbonld, l^ Wanlwick 
Pool William, Victoria M. & Sa Friar gl 
Wfi^t Edmund, 23 St. Helens st 


Thote maTktd ■ ore ^fiwlr deaitn only. 
(See Coi^eclioiun.) 
Allcoek WHliam. nppar Brook it 
JUIsop Isaac, 10 Green In 
Bancroft William Biuton rd 
Baaford Thomas, Yoi^ at 
Bates Joaeph, Liveraige at 
Barber Nalhaiiiel, 13 Bridge gt 
Beer Henry, Bridge at 
Beer Kchard Ba& st 
Boden Francis, Park st 
Bridges Thomas, SO Walker Una 




finK>mh«*d William, 2B Qaeen st 
Brown WiUIam, Uana&eld rd 
Camp ChailfB, canal at 
Campion Thomas, Eagle at 
Clarke John, 44 Bridge p 
Copestake Chailes, Mortedge 
Denmaa William, OBmaikm rd 
Denslon Joshaa, Cheapside 
Eup Oeorge, Sadler gt. bridge 
Fleuher WiUiam, Willow to« 
FreekeltoD John, Hill st 
Hanson Thomas, 39 SadtCr gt 

Harding Ann, SB Qaeen al 

HodgkinaoQ Richard Earl, Lodge In 

Holmes WiUiam, 33 Oamaston at 

Honlt Jacob, Brook at 

Hugliea Thomas, Nuna st 

Jertam Thomas, Leonard st 

Johnson William Henr;, Siddala rd 

Lees Airrcd, 37 Walker In 

Locker Ann, Oreen In 

H'Corsie Williain, 20 Bold in 

Meakin Thomas, Nuns st 

Met Joaiah, Hope st 

Nicholson George, Osmaslon at 

Osborne Joseph, Al St. Peter's at 

Owen James, TralBa st 

Page Henij, finrton rd 

• Parker Cliailea, Agard at 
Parker Biohard, Market place 
Peak Samuel, Deionahire at 
Pearson William, 31 Bridge st 

• Pike Washington, 31 Sadler gt 
Prince John, Sv Alkmnnd's chmvh yard 
Badford John, 36 Com market 
BimminglOQ Oeorge, Park at 

Salt Sarah, Bnrton rd 
Scotlom Williaui, Casfle st 
Simpson John, SacheTsrel at 
Smilh Chariea, 49 Nuna st 
Smith George, alaler, 33 Ftiar gt 
Sowter Cbarlea, 34 Friar ft 
Sowler Thomas, Willow row 

• Slauaby Frederick, Cheapalde 
Slorer Thomas, old Dttoxeler road 

• Tire; Edward, TraSc st 
Turner William, Eagle at 
WalkDp Bobert, Albion at 
Walton John, Bridge tt 
Watson Joseph, 13 Sadler gt 
Wheeldon Oeorge, HanaSeld road 
Whiteman Joseph, Eagle at 
Wilson James, John st 
Wingfleld Thomw, Babbington lane 

Wood John, King st 
Yeomans Chariea, Lodge lane 


Crompton, Newton, 4Co. Derby old bank, Iron- 
gale, (drawonSmith.Payne, &9milh, Lon. 

Derb; &, Derbyshire banking company. Com 
market, (draw on Williams, Deacon, b Co. 
London,) Robert Ronald, manager 

Evans William and Samuel, St. Mary's gate, 
(draw on Jonea, Uoyd, Ic Co. London.) 

Smith Samuel,Esq.b Co. 6Boltaniow,(draw 
on Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London 

Savings bank, Friar gt. Mr. John Watson sec, 
open idonday k Friday, from haUpaat 11 
to baU-paal 13, k Saty. eveiiing IMm 7 to 8 


OipBon William, 33 Bridge st 
Hadson William, Oreen lane 
Kirbj WUliun, 28 Su Peter's at 
Smith Lewis, Morledge 


Ctiflbrd John, Thomtree lans 

Soar Bichard, Hoaely's yard. Com market 


Bentley Jamea, Thomtree lane 
Beolley Samuel, Com market 
Benlley WiUiam, Sadler gate 
Bettison Joaeph W. Canal st 
Brown Thomas, Siddala Ian* 
Coion Jacob, Sacherarel st 
Daiiaon Joseph, Sadler gate 
Moore Herbert, Castle t^ace 
Mnrfin Samnel Bridge gala 
Onion George, Bag lane 
Sims Charles, Bridge st 
Smith Samnel, Thomtree lane 
Thorley WiUiam, St. Michael's lane 
Towers Thomas, Dnie at 


Bephlon William ft Son, Nottingham road 
Street k Thompson, Eieter at 


Thote are Lact Net Makert tt*a »eJi Onr 
Hit in the frnwn il"!*- 
Dallison Thomas, Trafflo at 
Dallison WiUiam, jun. Eagle tl 
Dalliaon Wm. Ic Sons, 73 DeronlbiN at 

Roberts William, Ford st 
Smith James, LiTersage at 
Wallace John, Litebnrch at. 





Marked * or* Patent Mediant Venden — 
8et oiu Periodical Pablil/ten. 
BasMndine George, VicWri* >( 
•BemroM WiUiun, 3,t Iron gate 
Chadfleld Ch&rUi, 10 OamuUiii »l 
Cbadfield Joseph, irbolerale, Fiiar gala 
Ford John OerTaw, King it 
GDI Snsu, did books, £old lane 
HOI .lohn, 11 Morledga 
Hobion.Williun, 32 Iron gUe 
Horalej Wm. itamp office, 3 Sadler gale bridge 
Jones W. H. f) Green lane 
liOcker Joaepli, Kiog st 

Uozle; Henij k Sons, wholeBale, Friar gate 
•Peal Peter, 13 Com market 
Pike William and Walter, 30 Com maHiet 
Biehardaon Thos. & Son, pblsbrs. Up. Friargt 
Bowbottom William, 1 St Hair's gate 
Smitb Oeorge, Summer liiL 
SlenioD William, I Com maiket 
Storer James, IS Victoria st 
Wilbine Oeorge and Son, 16 Queeit st 

Adams Ann, Barton road 
Allan Thomas, 30 London it 
AnthoDj Oeorge, Dnke st 
Areber Jobn, Leonard st 
Ashley Edriek, Knns st 
Aidt Willism, Green lane 
Bacon Thomas, 40 St Peter's st 
Baghnrst Edvard, Canal st 
Bailj George, IJlcbnrch st 
Baker Joseph, 3 Sadler gale bridge 
Baker William, 3 Jnrj st 
Balderaton Thomas, Bnwk st 
Bsldwin William, DeTonabire it 
Ball Edvard, Orchard it 
Basaendine George, Vintorla it 
Bsnoelt Tbomaa, Burton road 
Biggs Beqjamin, Grore st 
Birch Edward, Doke st 
Blaeklook John, 11 Albion place 
Blood William, 2 Oamaston road 
Boatock Edvin, 6 Sadler gate 
Bratbj William, Nottingham road 
Boalderelooe Tbomaa, Brook at 
BrilloD Willism, Leonard st 
Brown Joseph, 84 Friar gale 
Chaplin Jonathan, 69 St Peter's st 
Cheetbam Jobn, IS Bath st 
Cheney James, Bag lane 

Cheshire William, Green st 

Cocker Chiiitoi^er, Leonard at 

Cook Tsaao, TralBe si 

Cooper Thomss, 14 St Helens st 

Cope Joseph, Ea^e st 

Cordon Joseph, 88 Friar gate 

Drew John, 10 St Mary's gala 

DonniclifTe Jobn. Hope st 

Edwards James, City road 

Etches John, 19 Bold lane 

Fallows John, Cockpit hill 

Pord Charles, Bridge st 

Frost Cbariea, Park st 

Gadsby Enoch, 23 Wardwiek 

Oadsby Peter, Gro»e st 

Oillsm Thomas, King st 

Gillam William, 34 Iron gate 

Goodwin Samuel, Willow row 

Goodwin Tbomas, King st 

Gray Oeorge, Ford st 

Hsnlbrd Alexander, Upper Brook st 

Hsriow John, Leaper at 

Hasdiey, Oeorge, Bridge gale 

Heath cole Thomas, Park st 

Hefford John Nelson, 46 Qneen st 

Hemingway Oeorge, 33 Full st 

Holme Geo. 6 Uarkel bead and Com market 

Hngbes Thomas, Nuns st 

Jackson George. Hope st 

Johnson John, City road 

Kerry Joseph. Uorledga 

Keys James, Upper Friu- gale 

Knowles John, Bridge si 

Lee Oeorge, 10 Sadler gate 

Litoh&eld Jobn, Sadler gale bridge 

Low Thomas, Hancbestsr terraoe 

Low Bamahaa, Upper Friar gate 

Maddoek Joseph, 10 Upper Friai gate 

Martin Charles Edward, 36 Queen st 

Maikrey William, Goodwin bI 

Heakin William, iO Bridge gate 

Head George, Castle st 

Hnrray Jobn, Moiiedge 

Honntford Beqjamin, Kensington st 

Neil Nathaniel, Cheapside 

Newham John, Walker lane 

Ordish Charles, Green st 

Peat Richard, Park st 

Peat William, Copelsnd st 

Perciyal John, Sachereiel st 

Pipes Jacob, Siddals road 

Pipes Thomas, II Bt Peter's tt 

Porler Richard, Walker lane 

Poyser John, DeTonibiie M 




Poyaer George, 2 Bouod ran 
Prime John, Cutla it 
lUlclifTe Jowph, Mariedgs 
Ricbudnm Joseph, 4A Wilker Uiu 
BiehudwD Thomu, Xing it 
Bnshum John, B*g Una 
Shup Sunuel, Gisbonu H 
Short TbomM W. John M 
Slack Ituc, CumJ »t 
Slater Samoel, Albion St 
SlereoaDU Oeoige, Nnu at 
SleTeoeon Joseph, Nuni it 
SleTenaon Thomu, 10 Bold Una 
SHindall Jotaph, Derweut row 
Thoniai John, 34 Bold Una 
WalUale John, Qoodwin M 
WaU Jamas, lirenage at 
Ward and Son, 43 Com DMikst 
Vebslet William, Mn. 48 Friar gate 
Webster William, juo, b Vietom at 
Whetlon Jobn, Bag lens 
Wiekslesd John, 24 Gnen lane 
Woodward William, SO St Helena at 
Woollej Joseph, Bloom al 

8tt Irtm mtd Bran Faum d trt. 


Beeson William, IT Iron gale 
BrosdhorM Qeoi^, 13 Victoria at 
Dunn BijsD, Charlea at 
Vaahsrr John, Willow row 
Fariier Franeis, Ford at 
Parker John, 18 Sadler gate 
Femberton George, St Peter's si 
Bicbardson John, 38 Bridge gats 
Smilli Samnel, Thomtree lane 
Smilh Samael, London at 
Smith Tbomaa, 01 31 Peter's at 
Wbitshnrst Jwnea, 28 Oreen Jans 
WilaoD and Bonn, King at 

Barp Thomaa & Son, Buqamln Began, agent, 
2S King (L and t!ltexi4tr 

Himt Hsnrj & Co. Kaiigation Bimrary, Not- 
tingham road 

Hason and OilbertMm, Market pL and Smtm 

Porter John, Upper Friar gate 

Watson John, Cnnon at 

Wedge HontoD Chades, 10 Wardwick 

WDdere Ts. fc H j— U j. Cramp agL Full st 


Sei tdto ShmmuiKtii. 
Burton Thomas King «t 

Green Thomaa, Tietoria st 
Hoodej Charles, Ch^el st 
Hose Hen>7, Traffio st 
Porter Thomas, Brook at 
Rilej Samuel. Chiriea at 
Tate John, Larges st 
Tomllnson John, Agard st 
Wade Joseph. Bridge st 
Walkenline Jesse. William al 
Wood Rishard, 3T Full at 


Bounett Thomas, Uttozeter road 

Haipnr John, Talbot st 

Harpoi Joseph, old TIttoieler road 

Holmea Hau7,Williaiii,&) George, Rotton row 


Ford George, 14, Tietoria st 
Kaj Robert, Brook at 
Smedlef William, London road 
Smilh George, 10 Swller gata 
Wilson WilUam. 32 Queen at 


Marked lAia • an Part Butclitn. 
Allcock John, 82 Nsw Shunbtes 
Allen Frederick, Old Shamblsf 
Archer Benrj, London road 
Ashbf Abraham, 41 Qssea at 
Aahb; Thomas, 6B Nsw Shambles 
Bail; John, 62 St Pelsr'a at 
BtUej John, 14 Qaeen st 
Bamtbrd Robert, Market placo 
Bauorolt Gerris, Union st. h 4 New Stamb 
Bancroft Henrj, 30 New Shambles 
Banks George, 67 Nsw Shambles 
Barker William, Bold lane 
Barton WUliam, Hodedge ft Old Shambles 
Besrdslej Wmism, Brick at 
Beesler Edward, Bridge gate 
Beesle; George, Hanafield road 
Belfield Thomas, 01 New Shanblss 
Bennett Paul, 33 Fiiar gate 
Boam Chriatopher, 18 New Sbamblea 
Boam John, Oaslle st and II New Shambles 
Bowmer James, Willow row 
Brigga Robert, C«ul at 
Brown George, 87 Friar gate 
Brown Thomaa, Sfi New Shamblee 
Brown William, ManafleJd road 
Brrer Benjamin, Shambles 
Bntler WilHam, 47 New K 
Chapman Charlea, 80 New 81 
Chambers 0- A. BnrtaD road 




Chunban aemao, LnndOD K 

Ckj John, 6 New Shunblas ud TnlBa it 

Clq John, T Ner Shunblea 

Cl>7 Thomu, 8 New ShunUei 

CUji Joatph, 40 LsoQud it 

CoclLlpit Williun, 87 Niw ShunUai 

Cook Richard, 3 Iron gita 

Cop«BU]u Edward, Muiu at 

CoioQ Thomas, 76 New ShambUB 

Dalliion Gilbert, 37 Qnean at 

DoDblediy William Cacal at 

Dunnicliffp John, 15 New Sh. and St Peter's at 

Elej laue, 77 New Shamblaa 

Eyre Timothy, 28 King M 

Gilbert Joaiah, Qrem at 

OIbw Henry, 20 New SbamblM Mkd Hope it 

Ooodwin Sunnel, 17 New Shambles 

Qreklorei Joseph, 21 Friar gate 

Greatom Williun, Osmsalon st 

Oretves John, Goodwin it 

Oregorr James, S6 Qneen at 

Grettoa John, Osmuton road 

Hanson WUliam, 14 New Shambles 

Han Samoel, M New Shamblea 

•Hartanan Christian, 41 Sadler gate 

Hawkins SuaaeJ, Ford st 

Bajnes George, 24 New Shsmbles 

Hayne* Henry, 79 New Shambles 

Hajnes Thomas, 00 New Shambles 

Hewison John, Park st 

Hicklin Samuel, 69 New Shambles 

BodgLinKiit John, 38 8t Petal's at 

Holmes HeniT, 31 New Shambles 

Hohnea James, 91 New Shambles 

Horobin WDIiam, M New Shambles 

Houston John, 12 New Sh. and Bloom st 

Hompslon Joseph, 46 New Shambles 

•Hnrd Wm. 1 New Sh. b 04 St Fetei's st 

•Innocent Fms. 2A Bridge at 

Jenkinaon James, Old Shambles and Friai gt 

Jeasop John, SO New Shamblea 

•Enuner Angasts, Burton road 

•Kramer £lii. Willo* row 

•Sruner Fdk. 23 New Sh. and 31 Iron gate 

LsTsn John, 30 New Shambles 

LoDgdon Benjamin, Old ShamUee 

LongdOD Heuiy, 8 Qaeen at 

Lowe Richard, 4 Sadler gate 

Haddocks Chadea, 86 New Shamble* 

Hsddorks Richard 10 New Shambles 

■Uarplas Matthew, 43 Osmaston at 

Harriott Christopher, S Bridge gale 

Martin John, Old Shambles 

Martin Joaeph, Queen st 

Mead WilUam, Brook st 

Heakin George, S3 New Shambles 

Mills Bobert, 88 New Shamblea 

•Milner Thomas, Ford at 

Milwaid John, S8 New Shambles 

HarUj Robert, 84 New Shambles 

Horlej Samuel, Parker st 

Needham William, 78 Now Shambles 

Payne John, Hanafleld road 

Peal John, 91 New SfaamblM 

Peat Joseph, Sa New Shamblea 

Pegg Eliaabetfa, 83 Bridge gale 

FlackeU William, 80 New Shambles 

Potter Charles, Friar gale and Ashboum road 

Potter lease, 01 New Shambles 

Potter Jamea, Upper Friar gale 

Potter Thomas, 72 New Shambles 

Pojser Isabella, 41 Kew Shambles 

Radford John, 42 New Sh. and Sacbeverel at 

Radford John, 3fi New Sh. and LiTenage st 

Radlbrd Heniy, Old Shamblea 

Bedford Joaeph, 25 New Sh. and Hope st 

Radford Wm. S New Sh. and Normanton rd 

Redfeam Philip, 10 New Shambles 

BalDlifle John, Siddals road 

Redfbm John, Siddals road 

Boom Sanmel, 45 New Shamblea 

Salisbury Richard, 33 King at 

Shaip Samuel, Oisbome at 

Shipley John, Willow row 

Simpson James, 58 New Shamblea 

•Simpson Jamea, Park at 

Sims Henry, 3 New Sbamb. and Burton rood 

Sims John, 20 New Shambles and SiCweU st 

Sims William, Barton road 

Slack Abram, 16 Bold lane 

Smith Samnel, 50 New Shambles 

Smith Thos. 97 New Sh. and Utehurch at 

■Smithaid Edwaid, S3 Com market 

Steele Thomas Sadler gate 

Steele Thos. Willow row and 3 Mew Shamb 

Steer John, S7 Nsw Shambles 

Taylor Thomas, 38 New Sh. and Ooekpit hiU 

Thorpe Thomas, S2 New Shamblee 

Thorpe William, 73 New Shamblea 

Thompson Samuel, 4B Maw Shamblea 

Tomlinson George, Siddals lane 

TomUnson WiUiam, Bridge si 

Topham Thomas, Old Shambles 

Tuner John, 03 New Shambles 

Cnwin Edward, 23 Bold lane 

Upton William, 37 Sadler gala 

Waltara Joseph, King st 

Ward Charias, Old ShamUM 




Wirdlc WmUin, Etgle it 
Watson Benjiinin, SS New Shunble* 
Wataon John, 43 New Shambles 
Whiting Joieph, 10 New Shuoblei 
WinlertoD WilUan, 00 New Shambles 
Woollau JoKpb, 40 OamaMon road 
Woollatt Samnel, Albion Bt. and 60 Ne* Sfa 
WooltaK Thomas, New Shamblea 
Woollatt Samuel, Kensington at 
Teamani Jph. 13 Com mU. and 13 New Sh 
Teamua Sunnd, Old Sh. h. 39 St If «;'■ gt 


MarlUd'are UpMtlertrt — tanJoineri i^to 

— Bft alto Jouiett and Fumilan Bnktrt, 
tBaricn Edward, King at 
*Baniett and Son, Uarket place 
•BlaokweU Heniy, 13 and 21 Qneen at 
•Botham Hearj, 4S Friar gate 
■Brown Thomaa, 9 Omaslon at 
*Caitlieh Thomu, Sidlei gate 
•Cholerlon John. Fowler at 
•CholertoD klatthew, 40 Qoeen at 
•Cole WiUiam, 60 St Peler'a it 
Cnnliffe Heniy, Mansfield road 
Footlet Richard, and fiilding chair, Loodon it 
•Oamble Stephen, IS Iron gale 
OlaiebTDok Paol, Eagle et 
•Craailej Fnncis, 3 St Peter's at 
Hobion Junes, Sitwell et 
Jackson Wm. and picture fhn. Kensingttm at 
•Knight William, Friar gate 
If anuel Anlhonj, 37 Full at 
Badford Francia. Brook at 
Tnnale; Edward, Ocorge st 
•Walton George. Market place 
•Woollatt Joseph, 9 Iron gala 


Hnnt Edward, Market place 
Batcliff William John, 10 Com market 
Walton George, Market place 
Woollatt Joseph, 9 Iron gtu 

iUHOa MD 6IL0ER8. 

Bregaui John, 2 Cheapside 

Hill George, Gre«n bill 

Moselej and Nephew, 36 Com market 

Perfect Oeorge, Oamaston it 

Sntherland James, 38) Queen st 

Topli* William, Hope at 


AIl«n Oeorge, Tork st 
Bos John, Osmaston road 

Tarr William, Morlcdge 


Foottit Richard, London at 

Gorse Joseph, Upper Friar gate 

Kirk John, Morledge 

Roe William, Nottingham road 

Smith George, London St. 

Soar John, Darle; lane 

Young Thomas, B SL Helen's st 


Uum moritd • C'hee$t oalg. — Btt o&a 
Pnwuion Dealert. 

* Arnold Henry k Son, Queen at 

* Arnold Henrj b Son, Horiedga 
Barber Samosl, 8 St. Peter's st 
Bindley John, 44 Com market 
Bowler John, 30 Iron gale 

•Col William, Sons & Co. Tenant st 

• Duesbuiy William. Pull at 

Etches Jeflry, W. & Edward, SL Peter** bridgs 
Heath Nicholas, Oamaston at 
•Holland Thomas, Ciiflon 
WheatcroftJames, 33 Com market 

• Wright John h Co. Market [dace 

Ayton Oeorge. Barton road 
Brookea Philip, Che^isidt 
Biycr Richard. -3fl Com market & Friar gala 
Clarke John. 14 Bridge gale 
Dawson Joseph, S Iron gale 
Flower Henry, 43 Quean at 
GoodaU Henry, 9 SL Peter's at 
Greensmith Lawrence, 49 Qneen at 
Bart Edward. T Sadler gate 
Hassall John Thomas, 4 Tictoiia st 
HolUngworth & HoUia, 28 Qneen at 
Jones & Hewitt, 12 Iron gale 
Hoorcroft Heniy, 11 Rotton row 
Ridley Heni7, 20 Sadler gale 
Sherwin William, 18 Queen st 
StCTenaon Wm Parker Frdk. T Com market 
Walton Thomai Wedgewood, 28 Com market 
Watson Samuel, SO Sl Peter's st 


Bntel Alexander, npper Friar gate 
Ford William & Co. Old Ulloxeter road 
West Heuty, WOliam at 


• Qtau on^. — 4 Eartktitteart oiilg. 
Hackney Joseph, Albion st 
HmnphrsTs Ellen, 46 Fall st 
Jackson John, Tictoiia at 




JDhoBon Jolm, Teuuit bi 
tJobrnxon Richard, Barton. road 
LoTick Samuel, Market p1>i>e 
Mellot Sanli Ann, 8 Victori» at 
Bella Junes, Morledgv 
Wbitak«r John, Vietoiia it 


Bloot Bobart, Not^gbBin road 


BrenbiaJl FnmcU, London st 
Dodds John, 2 & 3 Com mirkel 
Hallam Banh, 96 Wdker luie 
H'Ooire Chtrirs, Horledge 


Btteinui George, Talbot jard. Icon pUe 

Cowliihaw Junes and John, London at 

HoInMi HeibcTt aad Alfred, London at 

Moore Ralph, Bnrton road 

If oars Thomas, Conon at 

Neal Edvuil, Oakea jard, 8L Peter's st 

Smitli k Dagley, (rtUw. carriig«) X^ondon at 




THote tuarked • are Dtalen oHly. 
Binthall Umshnll, 1 Duka at 

• Bjatt Joseph, 3iddala lane 

• Clarke John, Doke st 

Clajcioss Ooal Co. Geo. Bicdwj, agt. London 

niid, b. Litcbtircb 
Dyebe Samnal, Bag lane 
Henshav and Shaw, Lnke st 

• Johnwin Ann, Victoria at 

• Jotinaon William, 11 Cockpit hill 
Lndlam Hem;, Cockpit hill 

• Parkas George, Naltjngbun road 
■Rice Sarah, CaTendish st 

■ Slater Tlioniaa, Devonshire at 

Stareley ooal yard, London road, Saml. John 

Claj, agent 
Watarfleld Thomas, Noltingbam road 
Walker John, Rlrer street 
Walts Samoel, Canal street 
White Junes, Nnn at 
Wingenrorth coal yifd, London road, John 

Bnxton agent 


Jfarkni' anpainl mlini^a/lintn alto. 
Bland John, Bag lone 
Challiner Williun, City road 
Cox, Brothers & Co. Mill hill and Morledge 

• Ellsm William, Uarkeaton milla 
Eyre Beebe, T Island plaoe, Doke at 

• Jones Babert (and Vamiah), 33 FuB st 
Mason John (and grainer's tool), Up.Friugt 

• Mason Joseph, & Co. Derwent at 

Pegg Rt. & Co. Goodwin bL Old Dttoietar rd. 

and Morladge 
Qaail Edwin, Old Dttoxeler road 

Baiter Thomaa, Union St 

Bate Henty, London at 

Brentnall Jamea, M 3t Peter's at 

Coiriishaw Richard, Liveraage at 

Denman William, Oamaaton road 

Eggleaton Manilas, 93 Iron gU It Sadler gt 

Hollingahead Edmund, 30 Iron gate 

Lander Sarah, Ford at 

Locker Ann, Green Une 

Oranshaw Geo. Cnnon at 

PereiTsl Elisha, 62 St Petar'a at 

Shipley John, Queen st 

Smith George, slater, 33 Friac at 

Watson Thomas, 23 Sadler gt 

Winfleld Eliiabeth, Bag lane 


Bannlater Thomaa, Sadler gate 
Bntler Uichael, Willow row 
Hill John, Brick st 
Smith William, Tennaut at 
Staneaby Haiy, 8 St. Peter's st 
Stansby Bichaid, 25 Foil st 
Webster William, Cnnon at 


Temon Catherine, T Iron gate 
WilUsford William, 13 Com market 


Boden Richard, II Com market 

Cole John, Noltil^bam road 

Clarke Thomas, Moltingbam road 

Foi Richard, St, Mary's bridge 

Harrison John (and floor), IT Horledge 

Henahaw Henty, Dnke st 

Pike Waahington (and Bonr), 31 Sadler gale 

Shaw Fisncia, Duke at and Sidd«U lane 

Shaw William, Friir gate 




Thorpe Frandi, Mofiedgc 
Webstar Sunucl, Cuul at 
WhMldoD George, Muisfleld totd 
Wood Joba (floor dealer). King >t 
Wood Timoili]!, Duke at 


Barber John, Cutal at. b. 23 Qoeen it 

Denalon Joshna, Cheapaide 

Heakin Hir- St. Hiobael' In. and NnnamQI 

Badford Jobn, 36 Com market 

St Miduers Com Hill Co. St. MichMl'i to. 

Wm. Sowter, manager 
Shaw William, Dnke at 
Stanab; Fredrick, Brick at. & Cheqiaida 
Wood George, St Marys gala 
Wood Joseph, Silk Mill lane 
Wood Timothy, Sadler gate bridge 
Woodhauie Benjamin, Dake si 


Mdlor John, Agatd n 

cuiuuERs ft uxma wnm. 

Aldnd Randall, Victoria at 
Argill Samuel, 11 Bridge gate 
Brooka Samnel, 31 Queen at 
Cock Jdin U. I(M Friar gato 
EllioU James, 37 Sadler gate 
Biehardson Wm. & John, IT St. Petei"* it 
Shepherd John, Bag lane 
Woodnrd Comalina, 8«dlar gate 


Barrmclongb laaac, 38 Green lane 
Gordon George, 33 Walker lane 
Holmes Heprr, Wm. and Geo. I Botton row 
Bateliff William and John, IB Cora market 

Clarke and Son, Sadlnr gale bridge 
Jordan Henrj, i Victoria at 
Keaton Joeei^, 5 St Peter's st 
Hnrphir James Brabawn, 19 Victoria M 



Booth Jobn, George at. 
Brown James, York st 
tkHtglaa Jamas, Loodoa at 
Kealhcoat Thomas, Brook st 
M'Ksogfa HiiAael, Bag lane 
H'PariiD FsUx, Parksr at 
HeyneU Thomas, ttppar Brook si 

Oatram Ednrand Fletcher, Nottingham road 
Tebbon Edward, Traffic at 
Whewell James, Eagle at 

Allright John, St Michael's lane 
Clarke James, Fold at 
Cope Henrj, St Michael's Ian* 
CrigfatoQ Samnel, 23 Sadler gate 
Erans Joseph, St Hiefaael's lane 
Evana Samnel, St Michael's laua 
Hebb Francis, S Green lane 
Henchler Samuel, Derwest st 
Jojnee Henry and laaiah, Duke at 
Head George, St James' lane 
Tnnally Thomaa, Tenant st 
Tiinallj Thomas, jnn. Denrent at 
Webster Beqjamin, S Bridge gats 
WhartiHi Eliiabeth, Csrson at 


JWarked * ore Coftehmitti — t ere Ten^iennire 

Barker William, 18 Horledgi! 
Brown Charles, 90 Sadler gate 
Coi Samnel, Bridge st 
Deque Jean, B Iron gate 
fDodell George, Albert place 
Heieltine William, 6 Jury st 
Jackson John, London road 
Wilkinaon Henry, S3 Sadler gale 


Argyll Edninnd, London at 
Garfordi John, wood, Utloieler road 
Park James, printer, 4 Upper Friar gale 
WilliamB A. S. and E. R. printera, HoalcT'B 

yard, Com marifOt 
Williams Chas. and John, Sadler gate 
Williams Edw. Rosssll, 6i St Peter's st 


Marktd • are Brrlia TTwi/anif Patleni DeaJtn 

Chadfield Chariee, artists', OamaaMn st 

Cubley Anne, 34 Queen at 

Eyre ArabeHa, 1 Friar gale 

Haas Moaes, 30 Sadler gate 

Mason Bobect, artfaf a, 39 St Hut's gati 

■Tatern Elizabeth, 19 Victoria M 

•White Ellubeth and Patituee, BottOB mm 

WooUatt Joeeph, R Iron gale 



Marked • are Cowkeeftrt mlj, 
AshBw William, Eedlf aton rand 
•Breliford Edvkrd, John ■[ 
CoUinsoii John, Llccliuicb 
Copesuke Junes, Old UUoxsler road 
■Cm Williato, Tliomtreo Une 
OonJd Tbomu, Ashboum ro«d 
Huinu JoBeph, Sadler gau 
•HwTOon WiUiam, Hope at 
Heueble; ThonuB, Chaddesden hUl 
■Hewelt Junes, Nuns st 
■JenlunsoD Charles, Onen it 
Looker Mu;, Dunkirk 
Mauer John, lilehurch 
■HooTcroft Thomas, Hope at 
Sherwin Samuel, Patkfiold 
•Slater Thomas, Upper Brook >t 
•Smith Thomas, John st 
Stenson ThaiDM, Lliohnrcli 
Stabbs Largo, Eagle st 


Coopei Thos. ASoii [& glue mktj) Parcel fd 
Jaraea Thomui, St Junes' Une 


Birmin^am Fire, B. Bretnoi &Co. 10 Fritfgt 
Cborch of En^uid, Bowlaiid A. Breanr, 13 

Com market 
Clerical, Medical, and Oeneral liK Thomu 

Sjmons, Ashboom road 
Coont; Fire, George Hood, Qeorge Rt 
Eagle Life, B. Bretnor 3c Co. 10 Friar gate 
Qlobe, Joseph AUeo, Cheeter road 
Onai^sn, Edward Calrert, 10 Foil st 
Imperial Fire, Sainae] Ejre, Queen «t 
Maneheiter, Qeorge Hilner, 35 Iran gate 
Nottinghamihiro and Derbjahirt, WilUain 

Smith and Son, St Alkmaud's ohnrchjard 
Pelican Life, John Sandars, Market place 
PhiEQix Fire, John Sandars, Haiket pltoe 
PxTjvidejit Life, George Hood, George st 
Bojat Exchange, Bicfad. Stone, St Haiys ^ate 
Seoltiah Union, Edvard Bailey, Amen alle; 
Standard Life, Samnel T.jit b Queen >t 
Snn, WillisBi Rowbottom, 1 Si Harj^s gale— 

ToUuck James, B Cockpit hill 
West of England, Joaepb Sale, SB Com mkl 
Yorkshire, John Price, 8 Victoria et 


Peach Joseph, 10 St Peter's st 
Smith William, 20 Market piace 

Winfield Jose[li, net, Bag lana 


TluHt marlmd • ore gamt Jtaltn alto. — Thtm 

marked t are fame diatrrt onlg. 
Cope John, 48 Sadler gale 
-f Fields Thomas, U LondoD sttml 

• Jaokso* WilUam, U Full Mreet 

• ICason Thomas, * Iron gala 
Tiuerton George, Sadler gat* 


8te Sfachiae Malitrt. 
Bonej James, SaehcTerel sireat 
Hirst John, DoTonshire st 
Uopkln Thomas, Wliile Hart jard 


Cole WiUiam, 60 St. Peter's st 
Glaxebruok Paul, Eagle at 
Gregory James, 9 Jury st 
Home John, TraSck at 
Jooea Hugh, 3i Walker lane 
Jouea Thomas, Ford at 
Locker Eliiahelb, 1 Bridgs st 
M-Guire Charles, Morledgs 
Uosa Mose^ iC Sadler gale 
Shaipe Edward, Boltnn road 
Smith Edmnnd, 13 Bold lant 
Smith Samuel, Victoria st 
Tboma Joseph, 4a Sadler gate 
WhiUaker Jolin, Croil lane 


Peacock Thomas, Sadler gala 
Sale WUtium, IS Com market 


Smith Samuel, St. Alkmuud'a church yard 
WUte William, Sl Helen's at 


Thott narttd • ore Oardmen and Setdtatiit. 
Ashford EiUabeth, 80 3t Peltr's it 

• Berringlon Thomas, Coweiey Fidd Coltag* 

• BunieU John, 11 Friar gale 
•Cash Stephen, 1 Qneen st 

■ Cash Thomas, Horledge 

• Chadwick William, 30 London st 

• Orole Daniel, 37 Green lane 

• Daykin John, Burton rosd 

• Flelrhcr John, Willow row 
Fletcher William, 11 Bold lane 
Foster William, Sadler gate 




Guam Joseph, SI 8l Pttei^B « 

• HwulBdine Wm. Willow roir 

• Heath TboBiu, London rotd 
•HoUiDgvonh WiUiuD, 36 8U Petal's ■■ 
ICiric Joho, Sa Onea Una 

Kuiieton Bcqjunia, Leonud hi 
Ifanhall Oeorge, Knuiugton m 

• WelliDgton Joaepfa, OanMton road 

• Moon WilliuD, Siddida Une 
Pntdjr Tbomaa, Big line 

• SUolej Thomu, U Fiiti gals 
SUnlej Tbomu, 27 Bridga gale 

• Taal WiUiam, 10 BtidgB ■( 
Tbompaoa John, King at 

• Tnueott Nioholaa, 12 Victoria at 
Wallla Joaaph, Bridge il 

• Wild Jamca, Bag lane 

• Woodward Edwaid. Canal at 


JTorJted • on TVa and Ci^te Dtalen OHlg.— 

Marktd * art Prmitiom Deaitrt. 
Aflon George, Burton road 

• Bailej J<dm, 31 Com market 
Bailej Thomaa, 29 Iron gale 

Bakewell John & Cbu. Hkl pi. & Itulw. ter 
Ball Jamea. John at 

• Beck William, Wilmot at 
Blonnt William, Cockpit hill 
Branlon Thamas, IT Qneen n 
Bremor Bernard & Co. 10 Friar gMe 
Brodiea Philip, Cheapeide 
Cadman John, 41 Sadler gate 
Cholenon John, Willow row 
Cluke John, St. Pttei'i bridge 
Cook Chrislopher, Siddals road 
Cooke Thomaa, 12 Core market 
FnnuBi Hondo, London at 

Ooodacre Richard and Joseph. 4 St. Peler'a at 

Ooodwin Richard, 43 Si. Feur'a at 

Oreatorei Jeremiah, 46 Si, Peters el 

Green Bernard, York ai 

HodgUnson Henrj Vickera, IS Queen at 

t Kirkland Joaeph, Tenant n 

Martin Thomas Jamea, Cheapside 

Men? WUliam, M Bridge gale 

Horie; Joho, 19 Iron gale & SU Su Peter's it 

Oebom Joseph, No. SI St. Peter's at 

Pick Abraham, ao Qneen at 

Bedgale Richard, Friar gale 

Sedgale Robert, Bridge st 

Sandarp John, Markpl place 

Smiih Jane k Co_ Londna load 
Spdton William, 34 Com market 
Stafford Joseph, 38 London st 
Storer Jamea, 9 Com market 
Strettou Henrr, 109 Friar gate 
Wheeldon George, Hanafleld road 
Watson Thomas, 23 Sadler gkta 
Wild George, IT Com market 
• Williams & Co. 14 Com market 
Winde John Carter, 30 Qneen at 
t Wlotle Biohard, Sadler gate bridge 
Charies, Bridge at 



(Sa Boiim, ic.) 


Markid ' an Perfmtm. 

Abbot Hear;, Sadler gale 
AUenJohn,14 Boldlane 
Barker Thomaa, Bag lane 
Baroei John, Bortm road 
Balkin William, SBOamaaton st 
Blnndaloue Samoel, 3T St. Peter's at 
Boden George, II Sadler gate 

• aaAe Al(lr«d, 14 3L Pelei'a at 
Dawloa Waller, London et 
Haoket JobD, Siddala lane 

• Inot Bobert Cox, Maiket head 
Eeya Simon, Darlejlane 
Kni^t James, 38 Sadler gate 
Kniieton Joseph, Short at. Leonard at 
Uanhall William, 33 Sadler gale 
Morlej WiUiam, 16 Bridge gale 
Otter Elijah, 102 Friu gate 

Pegg William, Friai gate 
Phillipa Thomas, 22 Bridge gale 
Portmooa George, Qneen at 
Randall Henr;, 13 Horlcdge 
Bewcaslle David, 3 Qneea at 
Bewcaatle John, 42 Oieen lane 
Rewcaslle Nathaniel, Willow row 
Richardson John, King st 
Ride Edward, Cock pit hill 

• Sadler Charisa, 21 lion gale 
Shardlow Fiancis, Tenant st 
Simpson Ilenrj, 40 London st 
Statham Geo. Canal st 
Smiihard John, Morledge 




Toob; Thomaa, 02 BMge gt 
Wbltehunt WilUun, SL Junta' lu 
• lork Chulca, Traffic it 



3£aried * art Hat Afannfadurtn, and t 

Batim ouh). 
BklsB UoDSl Winshlp, 4 Com muket 

• BolaB JoMph, & Co. T HiAM head 
Cnbtne WllliUD, 80St. Peter** at 

■ Feini Qeo^, Sl Helen'a at 

• Oallel Dtewrj, U 8l Peler'a at 

• Potter JoHph, arnrt, 2H Bold lue 
Peuock Thomaa, Sadler fsie 
Ralcliff Edwin, 10 St. Petei's at 
Sale Wmiun, 19 Com mirket 
Stanesbj Junes, 3 Qneen at 
Swain Williun, Qrove si 

• Thompson John, Willow row 

t Waieilej Oeotge, 4 Holloa row 


BrenUall WOUiun, Daks at 


Cooke Thomaa, IS Com market 
Fomian Boberl, 9 Com maiket 
Saadei* John, Com ma^t 

Denhim William, Siddaia lane 
Hind Robert, Traffic at 
Wootton Edward, Traffie al 


Bnekle; Charin, 49 SfL Petet'a at 

Haalam Francis, Cheapside 

Hawgood Heorj, 11 Cheapaiile 

Bnnt William, 13 Friar gate 

King Sanih, 2 8L Peler'a st 

Mofl^ Ann, 47 Qaeen at 

Peacock Thomaa, SuUer ^tc 

Plana Ann, IS Iron gale 

Swain William, Otova at 

Walieriej Geo. (h. Beriin wool) 1 Botlon row 

Vamn William, 32 Qoeen at 

Williamson Wniiwn, S Friar gale 


Qibaon Richard (silk) Exeter at 
Hanison John, H Cherrj st 
Hilhers^ & GarbaU, 47 Fall at 
Wilaoo J. J. it 1. (Koltin^am) F. Slatk, 
■gent, BL Helena M 


Markei • art FoMtiiig Hmaet. 
Acorn, Thomas Oregor; 28 Qneen at 
Anohor, Thomaa Smith, 81. Peler'e el 
Angel, John Haplefaeck, Barton road 
Angel, Tbomaa Oouldin, 29 com market 
Apollo TaTom, Hem; Norria, Ford SI 
Arbontom Inn, Franeia Woodward, OroTC at 
Barle; How, John Bosaell, St Peler'a st 
Bane), Thomas Smith, Walker lane 
Bee Hite, Benjamin Annihle, Dsionshire at 
* Bell Inn, Sarah WighUnui, Sadler gate 
BeU it Caatle, Edward Pepper, Bnnon road 
Bird, Mai; CIsTton, 3 Jot; at 
Biahop Blaze, Thomas Pi^iu, 16 Horledge 
Black Boj, Hngh Fletcher, Sadler gVe 
Black Bo;, John Bnll, Albion st 
Blaoka Head John Froet, Deronahire at 
Black Horse, Beqamin Nawbold, Nona at 
Black Swan, Oeorgc Bagnall, Siddsla Una 
Boar's Head, larvl Wioatanlej, King st 
BoalTBTeru, Fdk. Sephton, Nottingham rd 
Brick k Tile, John Hill, Brick at 
Bricklajers' Arms, Thos. Holmes, Osmaslonst 
Britannia, Joseph Bloor, i RiTer at 
Biiliah Arma, Thos. Ingham, 46 Bridge gt 
Brown Bear, Edward Oreatorex, Lodge lana 
Brown Bear, Samoel Aolt, Green lane 
Back in the Park, Jph. WarriDgtoD, Cnnon st 
Bnll's Head, Jas. Fnncia King, Qneen abeet 
Canal TaTem, Wm. Uansfield, Cockpit hill 
Caslle and Falcon, Thai. Flnde, Horledge 
Castle Flalda Inn, Wm. Hairiwin, Siddals In 
Cheqners, Clement Spja, WDlow row 
Cheshire Cheese, Fredk. Borke, St. Peler'a at 
Citj Arms, John Canon, Oamaston st 
Coach & Horses, Jaa. Boae, St. James's lane 
Coach fc Horses, Har; Horeton, Sadler gale 
Coaeb & Horses, Rd. Bowiing, 13 King at 
Cock, Edwd. Walker, Cockpit hill 
•Commercial Ion, H;. Cantrill, SL Peter's st 
Cross Eers, Thomaa Ponlton, 49 Com mkt 
Crown and Uitre, Bicbd. Collier, Amen alle; 
DcTonebire Arms, Geo. Simpson, DcTonalurf at 
DcTonshire Aima, John Clarke, Qaeen at 
Dog and Duck, Eilw. WillianiBoii, Cannon st 
Dog k Partridge, Anij. Creaswell, Tenant si 
Dolphin, Henry Longden, Qneen st 




Druida Anas, Tbouiu Blore, TnlBe si 
Dnke ot ClRrence, Wm. Pluta, liuisfield id 
Duke of DsTonahiri, T. SannDerfldd, 

GoodwiD It 
Dole ot WdlingtoD, Thomu Bide, Brook ■■ 
Doke of York, Tbamiu Enloa, Burton id 
Dqd Cow, Geo. Hodgkinnm, HI Bold In 
Durham, Heifer, Joseph Bland, SI Moiledge 
Dnrilua OiCharUa CoRliii, Si. Peler's M 
Dusi; Miller, Htnry LuiUnn, Coekpil hill 
Esgle, Janus BaAer, St. Petal's il 
Et^e and Child Wm, Bails;, St. Alkmnnd'a 

ehoiob faid 
Eari OiOT. John Brentnall, Old Uttolatar id 
Exeter Anns, Ann Anil, Exeter place 
Foreslen^ Anns, Wm. Bonnet^ St Helens at 
FoQnt^ Jolm fiatea, OsmaalOD road 
Foi and Oooae, Harj Cave, Fiiu gKU 
Fox and Qnpea, John Woodward, Cutle at 
Foi and Owl, Aim Leech, Bridge gale 
FreemaaoDs' Anna, Siinael Hoorr, Albion el 
Geot^ rv. Jnhn Dawson, Leonard at 
George and Dragon, Jph Holmea, WaU'r In 
Golden Ball, Hary HadAeld, WiDow row 
Qolden Ka^e, James Weeteott, Agard st 
Golden Fleece, Thoniu Watbill, Sonth si 
Golden Lion, George Wilcockson, Bridge gt 
Grapes, Hoaea Wsirington, Oreen lane 
Green Dragon, John Williunaon, St. Peter's st 
Green Man Inn, Frdk. Hoore IT St. Peler's st 
Green Uan, Geo, Copeedck, Kensington st 
QreThonnd, John Bnll, Market head 
Greyhound, William Froat, Friar gate 
Halt Moon, Edward ClaTej, Sadler gale 
Hare k Honnda, Thoa. Hoorlej, Eraamna at 
Hen and Chlekena, Joseph Seal, Walker lane 
Holly Bush, Wm. Simpson, Bridge st 
Horse and Groom, Dorothy Ride, Willow row 
Hone and Jockey, John TonniclitT, Sadler gt 
Hotae and Tmmpet, Wm. Sephton, 44 PuB at 
JoUy Toper, John Doleman, Nottingham rd 
Single Anna, Jph. Pdk. Freak, 8l Mary's gt 
Etn^s Head, Geo. Wallis, 10 Com market 
Lamb, Th OB. Marshall, 8L Alkmund'a oh. yd 
Lion and Tigress, Chaa. Allen, Bradshaw at 
Lord Byron, Emanuel Prgg, BoM lane 
Lord Hill, Elii. Waid, Short st. Agard at 
Lord Nelson, Wm. Bonllon, Waidwiok 
Uariborangh Head, Thomas Wright, i!T St 

Harqoiaor An^esey, Thos. Foster, Cheapaide 
Hetanctbon's Head, Joseph AIlsop, Park st 
Helbonme Arms, Saiali Grundy, Siddals lane 
• Midland Hotel, John CulT, Railway ter 

Milton's bead, Wm. Wallie, Hill st 

* N^s Head and Commeitial Inn, Hnu; 

Cantrill, SL Peler's st 
NepCune, Ann DBvii, Osmaaton st 
New Flower Pol, Adam Shaw. King st 
New Inn, Hannah Spencer, King st 
Noah's Ark, Wm, Tair, 13 Uoriedge 
Noninghun Arms, John Uomshaw, Bridge gt 
NolUngbam Caade, Francis Kiniey, Queen st 
Old Britannia, Joseph WIddowson, Birer >t 
Odd Fellows' Anns, Aaron Steer, King et 
Old Boat, John Smilhard, Morledge 
Old Crown, DaTid Haniaon, 30 Hotledge 
Old Engliah GenL Joseph Anthony, Grove st 
Old Flower Pot, Joseph Lowe, King st 
Old Oak, John Tomlinson, Agard at , 
Old Seven Stan, Solomon Carter, Notngm, id 
Old Shakespeare, Philip Brown, IT Bold In 
Old Spat, Thomas Dimuck, 21 Sl Helens st 
Old Telegraph, John Prince, Moriedge 
Old Three Crowns, Josiah Scothorn, Bridge gt 
Old Tiger, WilliwuLongdon, Hi Queen st 
Old Tigei, Andrew Slack, City road 
Orange Tree, George Hobson, Bridge gate 
Peacock, Hem; Hauea, Nottiugham road • 
Pheasant, Richard Woodroffe, Bridge at 
Plough, Heniy Smith, London st 
Plumbers' Arms, Walter Snow, B^ Lone 
Punchbowl, Edw. Hesthooal, Nottingham rd 
Queen's Head, Thomas Green, Victoria at 
Bailway Tavern, Thomas Ward, Canal si 
Bam, William Lowe, S9 Bridge at 
Red Lion, Thomas Pearson, Canal at 
Bing of BeUs, John Upton, Bradshsw at 
Bising Sun, William Rowley, Friar gala 
Bobin Hood, Thomaa Camp, Iron gate 
Boebnok, Joseph Brocklesby, Bridge gate 
Bose and Crown. Thos. Williamson, Com mkl 
•Royal Hotel, Francia Hoggins, Com mkl 
Royal Oak, William Bagshaw, Market place 
Boyal Telegraph, Joseph Smith, London rd 
Saracen's Head, William Hollis, St James* In 
Seven Stars, James Alton, King st 
Seven Stars, Soger Longdon, Upper Brook M 
Shakspear, Ralph Smith, Sadler gale 
Sitwell's Anns, Ssmuel Alsop, Saobeverel at 
Spread Eagle, James Bukm, London at 
Stag and Thoni. William Ault, TnOo st 
St^ and Phesswil, Sarah Bowley, Brook at 
Star and Garter, Tbos. Beeson, 21 9t Maiy's gt 
Star, Robert Blunt, Siddsls lane 
Swan wilhTwoNecka,Jph. Smith, St James In 
TaUoTs* Arms, Edwud Bradbury, Burton rd 
Talbot, Joseph Olew, Iron gate 


TaoDet's Anna, CbttlM Pegg, Williun n 
Taphouse, WilliMn JoUe;, ft Rottoa row 
ThiM Crowns, Josrph Sootliom, Bridge g« 
Thorn Trae, Joseph Wri^l, 8t Peter's « 
Thrra Tuns, Edirtrd 8Mne, Sadler gate 
Thres Nuna, John Heiry, Nan st 
Tiger Hotel, TijphBna Ta^r, 41 Com mkt 
Tart, Hannah Oouldin, Viotoria n 
Vine, Joeepb llora. Ford st 
Waggon and HotsSB, Jaa. Pafne, Ashbonni rd 
Wheal Sheaf, John a»j. Walker Ian* 
' Wheel, U ary Smedley, Friar gala 
White Bear, John Smrdlsy, Dervent road 
White Hsrt, Joseph Hadtrj, 12 Bridge gate 
While Horse, John Tajlor, Friar ^te 
White .Lion, Datid Ambroae, Friar gate 
•White Swan, Thomas Haynes, 8t Pelei'a at 
Windmill, Joseph Smith, Willoir row 
Woodman's Stroke, William Dyi^ie, Bag lane 
York TaTem, Traiiam Austin, York a 


Armstrong 0. Walker lane 
Ball Samnel, 14 Morledge 
Bentla; William, Talbot st 
Bland John, Bag lane 
Bowles Henrj, Upper Brook st 
Brentnall William, CheBUr place 
Broodhinsi George, Bridge at 
Brooks Francis, KeDsiagton at 
Brooka John, Parker si 
Bryui John, Lilcburoh It 
Bull Samuel, Morledge, and joiner 
Bninnis William, IJTersage at 
Callinan William, Hondj st 
Cfaesler Richard, Canal si 
Choileton Sarah, 48 London st 
Cope John, 48 Sadler gate 
Cotton Michael F. Canal at 
Cowlishaw John, Traffic at 
Dimock Jamn, Victoria at 
Dobson John T. John st 
Dobson William, Siddals lane 
Doage Phillip, Siddals road 
Elej SamneL 3B Bridge gate 
Falkner John Oiles, Canal st 
Pitchelt Thamas, Oreen at 
Ford James, Fowler at 
Girratt John, NoUinghua road 
Oeny John, Walker lass 
Sneat Benjunin, John st 
Harlow Thomaa, Bag lane 
Harper Thomas, Short st 
Uarria Edvaid, CheaMr pUu* 

Harrieon J amss, Dnke at 
Hewitt James, 10 Nuns st 
Jankinaon Elizabeth, Ultoieter road 
Johnson Robert, John st 
Johnson Sarah, North gt 
Kendrick Sam Del, Chapel at 
Longdon Luke, Willow row 
Mansfield George, Lodge lane 
Mason Joseph, Sitwell st 
Morris Isaac, Aabbonm road 
Page Edward, Brook st 
Pajne Joseph, lb Bold lane 
Pemberton Sarah, 11 Friar gate 
Batclifh Elizabeth, Wright at 
Redream John, Nnua at 
Boworth John, Chapel at 
Shepherd Thomas, 26 Bold lane 
Smith Thomas. Park st 
Rmith William, Buirowa walk 
Suiham Qeotge, Canal st 
Steienaini Fredariak, Siddal* lane 
Spendlore John, Eagle at 
Storer Thomas, Traffio st 
Tantnm Edward, Burton road 
Walker Msrj, Copeland st 
Whiting Joseph, Eagle st 
Whittiugham George, London load 
Woodward Sarah, Oamaetoo. road 
Woodwanl William, Oaiul at 
Wragg James, PaA st 
Wright William, Normanton road 


rhallinor Fiaaar, and Tarnish, Duke at 

rm m inos niuiniEiK. 

Thou marktd ' art Srat^foanJeri. 
Cramp ThDs.gasfitter,Friargt&Ca«eBdiih st 
Falconer Joseph, Ci^ road 
Fox Joseph and JaBws, Cilj road 
Harrison John, Bridge gale 
Haywood James, Phcemi Fonadrr, Enter at 
•HoUina Joaeph, Deronshiie St. & UmdMt M 
'Hollins Thomas, Csvendiah st 
Hunt Joseph, sen. St Felci's st 
•James Henry Wm. Bt Mary's gals 
Page Tbomaa, Tenant at 

arker F. J. & J. Park Foimdry, UrUMge 11 
•Sandara and Haywood, Maiket place 
Wright Thomas, Biitumia Fonndiy, Sukc st 


Moriey William, Wanlwick 




Kobinsaa Thomu D. Bridge bi 

8aud>n and Hirwood, Uirket plaos 


Slater Robert 0. Vernon at 
Slater Wm. Canal It 

Hohnes Eeniy Wm. uid Quo. 1 Rotton ni« 

Smith Edward, 33 Qoeen st 

Hant Joseph, jiu. St Peur't Bt 

Smi^ JohiM Bridge gate 
Smith Thomas, Walker lue 

Sutdan and Haywood, Maikat place 

Swain John, TntSo at 

Thompwn Edwin, Canal at 


Tipper Hngh. Bloom at 

Maion Bt & oil ft eolenr dlr. 30 St Vtxfi 


Ward Oeo^, Sitwell it 


Winatanlej larael, King Bt 
Wintetton Henry. Summer hiU 

Bateman HeUT- a^d chawr, Swllei gate 

WooUej Samnel, Cocnm at 

Ifoore Jamea, London it 
Moon. Sanrad, Albion bI 

Peach Henrj, 39 OroiaMon .t 

Cooper George, 06 8t Peter-a at 

Bobertt Woiaton. Sadleir gate 

Gregoij Wm. foreign, IT Victorift at 

Hithenay & Oarbutt, 27 Iron gate 


MurM ' ore Jointr, only. 

M'Pailin Patrick, UKotton row 
Webatar Joseph, B Hotton row 

Adin John, George M 


AUwp JoM^h, Park st 

Boden and Moriey, Casde at 

Baggalpy Nathan, 28 E»ter at 

Haalam Franeie, Cheapude 

BiU Samuel, 14 Morledge 

Hithetsaj and Garbntt, it Full st 

BaAer Edward, King M 

Hills James, 3 Friar gate 

Bennett Charie., Cnrion el 

Hohinaon Edward, 44 Nnns rt 

Benneu Wm. St: HeJeoa at 

Bradhnij Don^M, Wilmot at 


Bridgart George, 30 King al 

Bromley .Fohn, 41 St Mary's gate 

Bridgart John and Bobett, Friar gat« 

Bromley Boben, 47 London raad 

Brown Wm. Lacgefl at 

Godby Wm. John, US Friar gale 

Once Robert, huildhig, Bilwen at 

Cheelham Johii,40FtiU>t 

Lamb George, Victoria at 

Sanders John, 11 Full at 

Eaton John, Chapal et 

Simpson Fredk. Friar gate 

Dyohe Wm. Caalle place 

SpenoerWm. 4 Green lane 

Qadsbr ThomM, 21 Wardwick 

Gamble Wm. 61 Friai gate 
Glawbrook Puil. Eagle at 


Baite; Samoel, 10 Friar gale 

Irons Thomas. 14 Osmaston at 

Sudara Joseph, B conrt, Sadler gate 

•Howe Wm. York st 

Wood EU, Willow row 

Jaokaon Franda, St Pelrfa drarohjard 
LitUewood Wm. Parit at 


Marriott and GarraO, Derwent at 

Eyre Beebe, 28 Piairi, Market place 

Moore Wm. Siddda lane 

Newbold Thomas, Iron gate 

•Moortej Jamea, 34 OamwKm at 
Newhdd Benjamin, 1 Nima at 
Orma Wm. Siddala lane 
Flaw Wm. Moriedge 


niose m<»-fa»l • ««■ Whit0 Lead, «ul t Shiit 

•Bickard Thomw T. York at 

f ChMtenon John, Amm aUey 

Salt JohD, Bridge gate 

•tCoi Brotbm and Co. lod shot, HmMIb* 

:r,i,ab, Google 



*Ooodile John uid Wm. Depot facloij, Hot- 

mantim rotd 
•Holbrooke CliwtaB, 4S StPtHr'B M 


Colombtll Smh tai EUutielb, JUag at 
HillJotm, llMoriedge 
Bobaon Wm. 32 Iron f>la 
Locker Joseph, King bI 
Hechuiia', Hechuiics' Hall, Wudwick, 
David Dewu )ib. 
' Toplie JoMpb, TraAo st 
Town uid CoiiDtr Amen, alle;, Edw. Bailej 
WeilejtD, Wm. Uoreley, Sidler gale bridge 


THoM marked • are ailk Menen. 
BUDM Jobn, 18 St Pelei'i it 
•Beelend Wm. 33 Iron gate 
Bemien Raberl, 13 Iron gate 
Betwick Oeorge, 3 Botton row 
*Brig^ Geo. utd Qto. jot). Bt Pelec'e bi 
Brindlej Wm. woollen, Tenant M 
Dnper Robert, 13 Cora mukel 
OeotgeJobD&Hu. wboleMie, Sl.Peter'ibdg 
■ Oermm George, 8 Com market 
Green Bernard. York et 

• Oregorj William, 17 Ticloria st 

• Hackett Thomu, Market place 
Haakew James, 3 Iron gale 

Hepworlli fc CbapmaD, woollen, 8 Market bd 
Hipwotth Robert, l> Iron gala 
Hodgkinson Francis, 1 Iron gale 
Keenan Thomae, Violoria st 

• Lowe Samuel, St. Peter's bridge 
PeM Biehatd, Puk st 

• PbilUpa O. M. JO Com market 

• Qnin James, Su James's lane 

• Qnin Michael, 23 Bold lane 
Sale William, 19 Com market 

• Sperrey Edward, 22 Iron gale 

• SUTenson Qsorge, 18 Iron gate 


Keeling John, Upper Friar gale 


Marked* keep LifVtrji Stable,,— t lei hontt 
fir A<n.— { arefy ounun, and keep 
t Allaop Denali, PaAar U 

• Brooghton ThaaM, Siddala lane 
} CaoBell Hhu7, St. Pete^a h 

Cuff John, Bulway ler 
' Glqe Joseph, Iron gate 
QreaTBS .lobn, Goodwin street 
Hajnes Thomas, St Peler'g st 
Hnggina Francis, Corn mukel 
Kirk Jobn, Summer hill 
Ncwham John, Agard at 
Pepper Francis, York st 
Spencer Joba, Oakea Yard, St. Peter's gats 
Swindell 9amuel, Goodwin st 
TafloT T. Com market 
Wallis Oeorge Com msiket 
Wallis Wm. W. Sadler gt 
WighDnan S. Sidler gate 
Wright Thomas, 2T St. Marf's gale 

Abell Wm. Brook et 
Fox Joseph and James, Ci^ road 
Haitiaon Jobn, weighing, 40 Bridge gale 
Smilh Andrew, LiTeraage at 


Beeson Thomaa, 21 Si. Maij's gale 
Clark Jamee, St. Friar gate 
Clarke Mary, King at 
Clarke Thomas. NoHingham road 
Dimmock Thomas, Upper Friar gate 
Deniton Joabua, Cheapaide 
Forman Robert, jnnr. Canon *t 
Gregory Thomas, 26 Queen at 
Keys Clement, Willow row 
KniTcton Robert, Siddala lane 
Lakin John, 34 Osmaaton at 
Longden Heniy, Short st 
Loogdoo Thomas, SilkmiU lane 
Lowe Wm. Brook walk 
Moreton Mary, St Michad'a lane 
Minefield George, King at 
Roberts Wm. Agard at 
Roaaell John, St Peter's st 
Smith Thomas B. Old Uttoieter road 
Sowter Wm. Derwent terrace 
Slorer James, Jt Com market 
Ward Wm. Short at Agard Bt 
Wedge CharUa M. Green lane 


Campbell Heniy, 7 Bold lane 


Brown Joseph, Fonater st 
Cbilllner Wm. City road 
Cox W. ind Sons, Tenant it 
Cox Brothers and Co. Uail*dge 





B eel and Wm. 23 Iron gate 

Brocbop Francis, St Hair's gate 

Brookbuuse Elizabeth, 23 St Peter's st 

Bronghton Ann, 3t Goodwin st 

Brant Eliia, Park at 

Bunting Lydia and Jane, 1 St Peter's st 

CuTington Emma, Old Ultoxel«t road 

Claer Uarj and Fanny, Market place 

Clarke Jane, 60 St Peter's st 

Clayton Maria, St Helen's st 

Cope Elizabeth, Wilmot at 

Coi Harriet, Tenant st 

Cnppledltch Maiy, Parker at 

DftWBon Harriet, 40 FoU st 

Dmm Harriet, Ooodwin et 

Eaton Sophia, Queen st 

Eyre Mary, Exeter place 

Falconer Ann, Maosfleld road 

Famsworlh Uaiy, '2S Bald lane 

Featherstone Sarah, Amen alley 

Fletcher Charlotte, Ford at 

Ford Sarah, Chapel st 

Foolke Saiah, 6 Green lane 

Oairalt Elizabeth, Uansfleld road 

Oarratt Mary, 38 Friar gate 

Qreen Elixabeth, George st 

Gregory Prances, IT Victoria st 

Harfay Mary. Eraamaa si 

Hanly Mary, Hondy st 

Hatter Maiy, Tenant Bt 

Hencliliffe Ann, William at 

Holmes Mary Ann, 100 Friar gate 

Hortnn Agnei, Goodwin st 

Hunt Hannah, Charles st 

Kirkland and J arris. Full st 

Lee Elizabeth and Ann, 27 St Helens st 

Maskcry Ann, 30 Friar gale 

Millington Eliza, Amen alley 

Morley Prances, Green st 

Peet Mary Ann, 13 Mmledge 

Perfect Harriet, Green st 

Pratt Ann, 1 Bridge st 

Prince Rcbecoa, Derwent st 

Salt Lncy, Bridge st 

Scphlon Klizabelh, 43 Fnll st 

Skerington Msry, Traffic st 

Spencer Harriet, 33 King st 

Spendlofe Ann, Green st 

Sproai Mary, 13 Osmaflton st 

Slatham Naomi, Park st 

Toplis Eliim Derwent row 

Tunnecliffe Ellen, Wright st 

Upton Catherine, Parker it 

Walters Fanny, Park st 
Winterton Fannj, Siddals lane 
ff oolhonse Haiia, 1 North parade 
Woollatt Emma, Parker at 
WooUatl Jane, U Osmaiton st 

wuwmHTS a emmeeik 

Thaie marked * or* ilachine Mattn alio— 
•Abell Wm. Brook st 
Frost Wm. Ci^ road 
Marsden Wm. 30 Bridge st 
Mosedole Wm. & Co. Nana st. h. Brook st 
Sandars & Haywood, agricultaral maahines. 

Market place 
Smith Andrew, Lireraage st 
Wright Thomas, Duke st 


Cbadfiflid Joseph, Friar gate 
Kowbotlom Wm. 1 St Uary'e gate 
Stenson Wm. John, 1 Com market 
Slorer James, I& Victoria st 
WooUey Thomas, 44 St Peter's st 


Eley George, Nattingfaam road 

Eley Simnel, Bridge gale 

Oipson Wm. 23 Bridge at 

Giegor; Wm. Canal at 

Ottewell Thomas, Nottingham road 

Pitt Wm. Bag lane 

Bide ThoB. Orecn lane 

Bobinson Thomas D. and rivet. Bridge st 


Brocklesby Wm. 13 Cockpit hiU 
Chnrch John, 18 St Helen's st 
Hawley Wm. Parker at 
Lee George, SU Bridge st 
Tan Elizabeth, 1 King st 
Wood George, Bath st 


Derbg Mercury, Wedneadq Homing. Thos. 

Barrooghs, 39 Iron gate 
Derbythirt Courier, Saturday Morning, Wm. 

Bowbotlom, 1 St Uaiy'B gate 
Derbs 4 CkeiterfieU Btforter, Friday Morag. 

Walter Pike, 39 Com market 





Brookes Philip, Cheapaide 
Etuis Willisin, lamp, Kensiuslon M 
MuoQ Bob«rt, and japumer, 30 St Mail's gt 
Weatberhead, WUten & Co. 10 Iron gale 


DaTtB John, Iron gate 

HouK WiUiam, ^ St Petec'i at 

Steer John, Maiket head 


Aitkin Bobert, North at 
Aabley Ora^e, 03 Wilmot at 
Baafoid Jdin, 10 Oamaston si 
Beulle; Jolin, Goodwin st 
Boden Bichard, Sitvell at 
Broadhont Qeorga, Bridge at 
BoKlon Jamea, DerwenI st 
Builou Tfaomos, Notdugham road 
Cautrill & Bowbolham, Mag's Head ;ard 
Cable; William, and gilder, 31 Queen at 
EmmeiBOn & Boden, Market plane 
Fiahei Jahn, 33 Sadler gate 
Osmble John, North Parade 
GoTer Beoi7, Dement at 
Qregorj John, Sachereiel st 
Penuningva; Beiyunin, Fall at 
' Hill George, Oiten hill 
Hughes Bice, ST Deronshire at 
Longden & Baafbrd, Talbot yard & Iron gate 
Moaelej Wm, W. IB Friar gale 
Bobinaon George, Brook walk 
Bowbotlom Thomas, gildei, Furd st 
Sanders Beiyamin, Lodge lane 
Shore Joseph, Oreeu lane 
Tamer James, Wilmot SI 
Welch Wm. John, Friar gala 


Cbadwick Bobert, 2a Queen at 
Uobson Wm. 33 Iron gate 


Page David, and ring. Willow tok 
Page Edward, and ring. Brook at 
Pipes Thomas, 11 Sl Petet'e at 
Pitt Wm. Bag lane 
Sandara Joseph, Badler gate 


Boam Thomas, Tiafflck at 

Marked' ■ 

e Dcaim in Silver PUite. 

• Hall and Goodwin, Market plaee 

• Lomax Marj, 3& Com market 

• Prince k Bolsorer. 30 Queen at 
Shaw Wm. Cockpit bill 


Baker Wm. 78 Friar gale 
Bent Thomas, Friar gale 
Brigslocke Uenr;, Greenhill house 
Ferguson George, London si 

Heygale James, F.R.S. College house 

Biookhouae Robert, Moiledge 
Pegg Bobert, and afpaam. Old Utlotetor rd. 

and Moiledge 
Woolhouae John, and Ojpsum, Duke at 


Bridgart Thomaa, S Osmaaton at 
Brookhonse John, Park ai 
Brookhouse Joseph, Cockpit hill 
Johnson Isaac, Union at 
Johnson Samuel, Cockpit hill 
Pike Isaac, Parker at 
Simpson John, Saeheieral «l 
Simpson John, Union st 
Simpson Joseph, Cockpit bill 
Simpson Thomas, 12 court Walker iaue 


Brewer Goo. H. 1 Agard at 
Broomhead E. & G. 23 King at 
Brown Geo. Caatle at 
Bulmer Jamea, Com market 
Chatterton John, Amen illej 
Cooper Bobert, St Peter's st 
Crump Thomaa, Friar gale 
Porman Eliza, Wardwiek 
GloTer Thomas, London road 
Haywood Thomaa, Friar gate 
HodgUnson George, 31 Bold lane 
Bobnes William, Sadler gale 
Hood George, George st 
Johnson Robert, John st 
Keeling Thomas, Market place 
Lord Joaeph, Iron gale 
Poyser Thomaa, Market place 
Bice Bcnjiunin, St Msrj'i gal* 




RiiDiniDgton Qeorge, Park it 
SideboUom Josepb, Demal si 
Smedlrj Junes, B*g Une 
Smilb Wm. NonniBloii lei 
TomlinsoD Edvwd, 23 St litif* gate 


Hellor James, King b1 

Sale CharlcB, Sadler ^le 
Smitlislooe Cbariei, SacheTsrel B( 


Brom Charles, 3Q Sadler gate 
WilluDBOD Hetuy, 33 Sadler gate 


Cook John, Market hrait 
Porter Thomaa, Brook at 
Taylor Francis, 65 Bridge st 

pRiimns, LEnER-pREsa 

Sre alio BoolalUen. 

Faulkener Tfaomas, BartoD road 

Smith George, Suiomer bill 

Toplia Joseph. Traffic st 

Williamg A. & £. R. Hozley's yd. & Com mkt 


Marktd • Teachers ofStunc— t Dimang. 
•Fritche Fronde, North puade 
•Frilche George, BosehiU cottage 
•Gover William. Derwent at 
■James Hj, Wm. Agard at 
■Marshall James, Jdd. Amen allej 
■Norton Josi^, London st 
tSzadmvki L. Babbington lane 
■Shiers M. J. A. (and dnging,) Loadcm >t 
Wheatlej John, Old Uttoietet road 
•Woodirard Wm, Mansfield road 
•Woollej Thomas, 44 St Peter's st 


Allen Tssac, 10 Horledge 
Barber Samnel, B 8t Peter's st 
CboUenoD Samael, LiTersage st 
Coi Wm. New market 
Sanders John, John st 
Tatlershaw, Tbomu, Canal at 
Triiscolt Nicholas, 13 Vieloria si 
Trusswell John, Castle si 
Wiiiiie John, Tfnsnt st 


Bland John, Bag lane 

Gordon George, S3 Walker lane 

Hawgood Henry, 11 Cheapside 


Bull Samnel, 3 Friar gats 

Cooper Geo. 58 St Peter's at 

Hanson Wm. 33 Ftill st 

InotI B. C. Q Hailel bead 

Moody ft Nenbold (ptopertj), 10) VudwiiA 

Swift Thomas, 19 Friar gate 

WilliamooD Jane, S3 King st 


Flint John, 40 Green lano 
Hilchell Thomas, tipper Friai gate 
Smith Wm. Market place 
Woolhouse Riehanl, Horledgn 

tmm. must, m oil oloth 


Smith Wm. Uukel pimc. 
WoomoQK Richud, Uorledge 


Evans, King st 

Gamer Robert, T Victoria SI 
Gilbert George, 42 Bridge gt 
Lindlej James, 10 St Peter'* st 
Hacklwer George, Queen st 
NieUinson Henry, 8 Botton row 
Swann John, S Qoeen it 
Thompson Edward, Cockpit hill 
TnnunoDd Oharies Tbamas, King st 


Mellor James, King st 
Smith Alpheos, Siddals lane 


Barber John, John st 


Caff & Fox. Albenasnm bdg. fc BaQm^ hoMl 
Earp Thomas and Son, Com markst 
Ejre and Shaw, 9 Qaeen st 
Freak Joaaph F. St. Harj-s gate 
Pool William, 1 Wardwick 
Whealcroft F. 6 Si Mary's gate 


IIodgRon Wm. St Mary's gsle 




nslin Thomas, Borttin raid 



Auuable John, Albion U 

Lancashire George, k draggist, Curitagton st 

Aim»ble Joaepb. P«Aer at 

Uech Elizabeth, Bag lane 

Bul«; Alice, Upper Ftiu gate 

Lille; Geoi^, 46 London et 

Longdon Wm. Bridge at 

BankB Daniel Brid^ n 

Maddon John, Wattet lane 

Bell Junea, Bridge 9t 

HanaBeld Wm. Caelle at 

Barker JohD, High M 

Harier Snaan, St Jamaa' lane 

fivtofl Andrew, Albion el 

Haraden Wm. Bridge at 

Bieeino John, Darlej lane 

Uanhall Sarah, IT St Helena U 

Bales Joseph, beker, LircrHp •' 

Huthewa Ann, Upper Brook st 

B*teman George, Horiedge 

H<£eogh Michael, Bag Una 

Bennett 8unu«l, TrpSe M 

yadin Wm. Pa^at 

BenUe; JoHph, Qoodwin et 

Oakley Jamea, Biddala lane 

Blood Bobert, Bnmwa- walk 

Page Henry, Barton road 

Bodel George, Willow row 

Parry Grace, Cheapaide 

Boden Franeie, Park »t 

Pearson Thomas, Burton load 

Bond Josepb, TraSe st 

PerdTal Thomae, Sacbererel tt 

Boolh John, George at 

Phaawnt Wm. 18 Bridge gale 

Briggs Mary, Sitwell at 

Plant Junes, 84 Sons st 

Brigga Marj and Saiab, Traffic et 

Brittoa Edward, Leanird at 

Potter Jamea, Orchard et 

Brockleaby Robert, Sitwell st 

Poller John, Mondy et 

Barditt Williun, il FoU at 

Potts Robert, Fowler st 

BaUer Thomas, Grore at 

Prett John, Albert place 

Bnilon Eliih, William st 

Rice Thomas, Deronahire st 

Capewelt Thomas Agud at 

RiggotI Elizabeth, Goodwin at 

Hobinson Elizabeth, Goodwin st 

Clnlov Wm. Oamaslon road 

Rodgers Sarah. 3T King rt 


RnUand Wm. Mansfield road 

Cooke John, Siddels lane 

Sharp Priacilla, Walker lane 

Cop. James, Nuns at 

Shaw Har;, Ford st 

Dajkin William, Eagle et 

Slater Edward, Eraamos et 

Raton Francis, 16 Friar gale 

Slater George, Fowler at 

Fieber Richard, Albion at 

Slater Thomaa, Upper Brook >l 

Gainer Wm. Aahbotun road 

Smedley Martin, London at 

Gainer Wm. ft Upper Friar gate 

Smith Ann, 6 Oamaslon at 

Qiptwn WiUiam, 33 Bridge M 

Smith Charlea, Talbot at 

Green Lawrence, City road 

Stanton Jamea, S6 Bridge gale 

Huper Wm. Parter st 

Steer Samael, Eieler st 

Bairiion Henry, 60 Bridge st 

Stone Richard and Maij, B Wardwick 


Storer John, 38 Leonard at 

Stretton John, Sadler gate Mdge 

Hawkins Francis, Lilcbonh at 

BwiudeUa Ch>riott«, Normanton road 

Haxiledine Thomas, U Leonard at 

Tallershaw Wm. Parker st 

Taylor Franoia, 09 Bridge M 

Hiekling Alfred, Upper Friu gate 

Taylor Wm. Park at 

Hilthcock Thomaa, Goodwin at 

Turner Joseph, Cheapaide 

Waddams Elizabeth, 6 Tiebnia st 

HonltJaeob, Brook at 

Wain Robert, Canal el 

Johnson Sarah, North st 

WakeSeld John, Lodge lane 

Johnson Wm. Henry, Siddals road 

Walker John, Riter at 

Kirkland Joseph, Market place 

Walker Thmnas, H*wA«H >oad 

Kirkland Samnel, 85 Oanuiton st 

Walle; John, Duke at 




WuTSQ Lfdii, II King tt 
Webb Joseph, Green M 
Wheeldon Samuel, Albion at 
Wheddon Thonus, 38 £>gl> at 
WheeldoD Wm. SI Bridge gUe 
WLetlon Elliabelh, Willow row 
Wbibnore Edwud, Bog lane 
Wbittaker Ednv, Erumm at 
William* Oennan, Brick n 
Wlnfield Eliubeth, Bag lane 
Winfield Bicli&n], 19 Nam at 
Wright John, Traffic at 


7%i»e narked • are ThrowOert onlg — tifow 
/adunn oiilf — 1, Mamj/acfNn broadiUli — 
2, doublet, jaUooiu, and tmali wareM — 3, 
Txiboiu — i, trinmiiigt — 9, tunif— 4, velcit. 

tSAdama Tbomit, CaT«ndiih at 

f 2.3 Allen Josapb, Cbeaiat roadj 

f Bnmmall Holmea, Ci^ road 

3 Bridget! Thomas & Co. Bridge at 
-t 6 Crooks Thomas, Siddsls lane 

* Da'renport Ebenezer, Oamaston si 

* Davenport Joseph, Moriedge mills 

t Ollbert Jai. allk and cotton purse, Traffic at 

4 Hont George, Citj rosd 
•Johnson John, AlbloD St 

Johnson and Walton, and oorda, Jnrj at 

3Had«lej Thomai & Co. Cavendish si 

3 Feet J. k C. S. Nona at 

1 fiobinson John k Thos. & Co. SacheTerel si 

9^ Simpson and Tniner, Canal at 

8.6 Taylor Wm. aen. Silk mill lane 

3 Ta^ Wm. Bemy k Geo. Fall St 

1 3 Tajlot Wm. Short at 

3.8 JTopham and Fawoetl, Wacdwick mill 

3.3X0 Unaworfli & WilUamaon, Depot mills, 

Siddala lane 
+ Wri^t Samnel Job, Agard *t 

* Wright Tbomaa John, Agard at 


Hosele; and Nephew, 3C Com market 
Randall George, 12 Ballon row 
Slerena Jamea, M Sadler gale 
Wealheriiead Waller* & Co. 10 Iron gale 

Bon; FiMois, Saehererel at 


Coolson William, Jolin street 
Sbenbm Edward, George street 

Shenlon Edward, Siddala lane 

Walkerdine David, Canal at. k Up. Brook si 


Ctajlon Thomas, dealer onlj, CaMle at 
Hackelt John & Son. Talbot sL & 2biuby 
Hont Geo. boot Uee k trimming. Green lane 

and Citj load 
Hurst and Smith, gimp, Agard st 
Hadelej Thomu k Co, George st 


Pick Abraham, St Uichael's lane 
Sandars John, Market place 

snw oRMiENT ■AKUFuniian. 

Bloie Joseph, Bridge gate 

Ford James, 43 Nona st 

Oieen Thomas, Upper Brook at 

Hall Joseph, King st. • 

HailJn Joseph, Mosely's jard. Com maAet 

Hoselej Nephew, 36 Com market 

Sheperdson John, i Qoeen st 

Thompson MiUieent, Herkeatan lane 


Barirei Haij, Bivett st 
Bereaford CharioHn, Sadler gale 
Wright Harj, Market head 


Harrison John, boat and boQer, 4T Bridge gl 


Barton, Wm. sonlptor, Parker al 

Bateman Wm. Brook street 

Bloie Joseph, marble, Bridge gate 

Cooper Thomas, Brook et 

Cooper Wm. Maosflfld, conbaclor, St ilnf* gt 

Gaaoojne Jph. and Geo. 22 St Peter's st 

Hall Joaepl), marble works. King at 

Bedfem .lobn, Parker at 

Renll ThoB. Ford st. 

Shenton Geo. Oeorge at. 

Swinnerton and Lee, Mansfield road 

Thompson Oeorge, Deronshire al 

Walts Samuel, Canal st 

Wood John, IJveraags st 


Barber Mar; Ann, 3S London st 
Berriifbrd Cbariotle, King M 
Bodcll Bnlh, 4 Jury it 




Boohun EliubcOl, 8l Peter's chnnOi :»■ 

Cleineitti Harj, Upper, Fiiar gi 

Cooper EUubelb, Bridge M 

Eaton, Sophii, Queen it 

Eoeleilian HatUda, WUloif tow 

F^rel Chariotte, HOI M 

Oaant Rath, S] 81 Patei's st 

Oilffliih Catberine, SacheTerel at 

HanaoD Uarj Ann, Natttngham road 

Jaakson Hanjat, 4-1 Full at 

Lnen Hai7 Ann, Hope at 

Salt LuBT, Bridge at 

Smith Jemim*, 3 Bridge gale 

Spencer Harriet, 29 King at 

Tbomhill Harriet, Parkar at 

TorrHaiy Ann, Willow row 

Warren Sarah & Maij, Osmaaltm load 


Bell Bobert Jobn, S Qoeen at 

BenneU Wm. 12 Friar gate 

Boroagh Chailea, fIT St Patera at 

Borman AUan, I>ondon at 

BoiioD Thomas, St. Alkmvnd'a obnrch jard 

Eiana Samnel H. 13 Wardwick 

Dii Bicbard, bonae anrgeon, loBraurj 

Peam Samael Wright, 03 St. Peter's it 

Fox BoQ^aa, T Friar gate 

Oiabome Henr; Francis, Tenant «1 

GreaTes A.G. Friar gats 

Hamilton Robert, II St. Harj'* gate 

HarwDod Thomaa, QD 8t. Petefa at 

Hill Jobn 30 St Alkmnnd'a cbnreh jard 

Hoakins Edward, SO London at 

Johnson John, 10 St Alkmnnd'a Chnrcbjard 

Johnaon Wbitaker, 40 St ISarfa gate 

Jonea John, Friar gate 

Lindlej John, Tenant st 

Mottram Thomaa, Charlee at 

Radkin John Charles, 29 Friar gate 

Taylor George, 13 Wardwiek 

Wood Thomas, OBmaaton at 

Wright JoliD, 9 Friar gate 


Marked • art Drapert. 
Alnander Thomas, Upper Brook st 
Allen Wm. Upper Friar gals 
Anit Joseph, Goodwin at 
Bacon John, 41 Bridge gate 
Barker Chariea, DcTonshire st 
Barker Elj, Canal at 
Barker Francia, Oiebome st 
Barker Bicbaid, BiTettM 
• Bamea Wm. 18 SI Pelefa at 

• Bales Lionel Wfnship, 4 Com market 

• Saeland Wm. Jm, 7 Botton row 
Balfleld Simon, Deroiuhiie at 

• Bembridge Jamas, ST London at 

• Bembridge Stephen, William st 
Botham John, l^affle at 
Brown John, Agard st 

Brunt George, 11 Victoria at 
Bulloak Joseph and San, 3 Wardwiek 
Callinan Wm. Mnndj st 
CoUnmbell DaTid, Dariej lans 
CoUnmbell Riehaid^ Goodwin st 
Crawlbrd Henry, 11 Friar gale 

• Darbj Hy. Market place 

• Edwarda Thomas, 24 Qneen st 
Faulkner Bruce. SacheTerel st 
•Feraeybongb Wm. 34 Sadler gate 
Fogg John, 37 Bold line 

Ford John, S3 Friar gate 
Oaskin Wm. Park st 
Qorss John, Thomtree lane 
Oreen Wm. Birelt at 
Harris Joaeph, Albion at 
Hawkridge Henry, Bridge st 

• Hawkridge Thomas, 9 St Mary's gate 

• Hawkridge Thomas, Jon. 15 Fiiai gate 
Henchliffe Frederick, Traffic at 
Henobliffe Wm. Leonard st 

• Hollingworlh Franeis, 6 St Peter's st 

■ Hnss Samuel, Bridge at 
JsfiHaa laaae, WiUiam at 

■ Lee John Henry, Uariiel place 
Leeae Wm. S 8t Mary's gale 
Maakery Wm. Goodwin st 

Moas John, Sl Alkmond's ehurch yard 

■Horton Thomas, Tenant st 

■Norton Wm. 13 Oamaaton st 

Odery James, Ford at 

Pattison Jamea, Park st 

•Paddna Tbomaa and Son, Sadler gala 

Penton Jobn, IS St Helena st 

Pipes Samuel, King st 

Plant Joseph, Chester place 

Poyser Edwin, 29 St Helen's st 

Poyser Oeo^, Market place 

Quinn Michael, 33 Bold lane 

Badford laaao. Jury st 

BedTcam Godfrey, St Werbntgb'a churchyd 

Bedfeam Phillip and Thomas, St Jsmes' lane 

Redfem Benjamin, Osmaston rd 

•Biehardson James, 33 Osmaston st 

Richardson Thomas, Siddals road 

Bowley John, Hops st 





Smltli JuoM and San. Chcspslds 
•Smilhard James, 13 Bold luii 
•Smidierd JoMpb, Tenant >t 
•Spencer Henir. 30 Friar gatt 
■Snddall Wm. 34 Sadler gala 
TetlejJatni, Traffic St 
Thelen Franoii WOlieltu, U Iron gtta 
ThDmbill John, Caalle it 
Tbompilone Charles, SB St Peier't at 
WatMD Dand, ManabeeUr terras* 
Webster Thomas, Livatsage st 
Vittiuson Oenrj, 83 Ssdler gate 
Wood Thomas, Coe^t hiU 
Yates Jotao, Talbot st 


Plsk Abraham, St Miohael's lane 
Bandars John, Market pUce 
Storer James, & Com muket 


Cooper John, Green st 

Ooodsle John & Wm . Fiiai gt. b Nomanton rd 

OliTOT Thomas, Full st 


Dodell Oeorge, AJbert plan 
Tetlej Samuel, Traffic st 
Tive; EUiabelh, Slddals lane 


XTunt marktd ' are Englitk T^taba- Daalen. 
•Aolt John and Son, Castle st 
Djohe Joseph and Bobert, Cockpit hiU 
•Boe It Oakler, b Newuasde tile, SJddals In 
Smallwood Wm. Thomas, Eieler st 
Wait Francis, Citj road 


Cleerers Wm. Willow road 
Dilha John, Paifc st 
SaUsbmy Henrr, Willow row 
SSong Sampson, Willow row 
Strong Sarah, Willow tow 


That marked * are Tobacco MaiHffiumrtn. 
Flay Bichard li Botton row 
•Forman Bobert, 9 Com market 
HarrisoD Sunnel T St Peter's «t 
Kennej and Elphick. Sadler gale 
•Smith Joseph, 13 8t Peter's st 
Towten Charles, Canal at 
Whitehmst Wm. SI James' lane 


Biggs Joseph, 12) Victoria at 
Fox Sophia, Osmsslon st 
Perkins Hanrjr, 2T Com market 
Baudall Oeorge, 13 Botton row 
Bide Edward, Cockpit hiU 
Steer John, Market bill 


T^memarked* art Fancy Paptr Bar Matert. 

•Fletcher Charles, Ooodwin st 
TnmmoDd Charles Thomas, King st 


Tluue narked * art Chair Makert alto. 
Clay Edward, EogJe b[ 
Dodley Charles, Willow row 
Hunt John, S( Mary's gate 
Kiik John, Horlrdge 
Lowe John, Court II Bold lane 
Poller David, and iiory, Talbot yd. Iron gt 
Bobinson James, St Mary's gate 
•Boe and Oakley, Siddals lane 
■Smith Oeorge, London road 
Wait francis, Ci^ road 


Houll William, 6) St Peter's at 
Rewcaslle David, 3 Qasen at 
BcwcaaUe Nathaniel, Willow lOW 
Steer John, Market head 
Toplis Bobert, Upper Brook st 



Alherstone Edwin, Tenant at 
Atheretone Hngh, Sadler gale 
Stalhun Wm. Derwcnt st 
Taylor Thomas, 41 Com market 


Bancroft Isaac, 40 Bridgs gate 
Birch Wm. Litchnrch st 
Cook Thomas, Friar gale 
Edwards Wm. 10 Bolton row 
Oes Henry, Bridge gate 



P<M)1« Wm. Itaioiuliin >t 
Roberts Wolston, Sadler gale 
Rock Thomu, Siddkls lone 
Shiplej June*, 23 Bold lui« 
Thoma loMpb, 4B Skdlar gUp 
Wbilebant Jobn, Chen? at 
Woodmrd Joseph, Nottinghun miA 


AUea Wm. Uanifielit loid 
CowlidMw Jaha, Titfflo it 
Fanner Job, Tenuit M 
Fold Oaoi^, Nottingham niBd 
HodgkinBOa Chules, 80 Friar gate 
Ta;lor John, Monafield road 


Coi, Btothras fc Co. Moiledge and Mill hill 


Markrd • art LocUmUhi—i Oiu Fitfn. 
Alien John, St Pelei'i church ;ird 
Btiihei Wm. King at 
Colow Joseph, John at 
Colon Jacob, DeTonehire at 
Ejre Jamei, Full at 
Freckleton Joha, Bridge at 
HaiTiBon Joh n, cooking appantna, <6 Bridge gt 
Haalam William, St Helena n 
■Hajnei Chulea, St Weriinrgb'i chnnhjrard 
llolehonae Benjamin, St Haij'B gats 
Hetlebj Wm. and iraloh and dock. Brook at 
Hernahaw John, 31 Bridge gate 

I Hnnt Jtdin, St Marj'i gale 

Hunt John, Qoodwin at 
I Hunt Joseph, and iron fencing, St Peter"* at 

Morkbom James, NotlinghBm rood 

Haul Thomas, Wright at 

Uoore Herbert, Siddala mad 

f-Hontt Jph. healing apporatas mfr. Ragle ti 

Newbold Wm. .t codtI, Badler Rate 

Parter John, Bridge at 

Porkes Marmadake, Sadler gale 

Shaw Charles, Oakes jard, St Peler'a st 

Smith Samuel, Victoria at 

Smith Thomas, Willow row 

Soar Qeoige, Duke st 

Woodward Samuel. Full at 
' Warr John, store grate manuft. North at 


Baxter Bobert, 34 Iron gale 
Chell John, Fell at 

Cox, Hajden, and Ponnlain, Market plaee 
Cox and Halin, 87 Com market 
Hanam Oeorge, Iron gats 
Raloliff John, II Com market 
Sandara and Clarke, Market place 
Wataou Samuel, 00 St Peter's st 



Cooper Thomas and Son, Parcel field 



Uttoater : Qdibr AnBlilDm, dtUj, 40 min. past 10 morning. 


AMtmm : Btui, ereij morning at 0, and Omnibvi vnrj aAemoon at 4, Simdaj excepted. 

KanckcUer: MiiL, (through Hatlock, Bskewcll, lod Btutton,) evetj morning at 8; 

DariAxoB, (through Aahbonm, Leek, and UacclssAeld,) everj morning, at 43 min. past 0, 

UtircaMt viirr Lfnt : Qnkii AncuioB, arer; morning 

•I II, Sonda; eiceplMI. 

,_ II, Google 



y'llliiigluim : 1'hr Stakdabd, diilj. axcppi Sundk}-, at II morniiig anil 4 anernoon. . 


Niue Trains are dailj deapatcbed to NoUingham, Leictiler, Matbnf, and York, and acTen 
to Birmingham, e«cppt Sundajr, wheo Iwo Trains are d«apalched to NaUMgkam, four to 
Ltictiter, Ihree to Miubro' and Font, and three to Binaingluon. 

Otnnil>u9PS from the Tiqer Hotbi. Io meet ereij Train, and trojo New Ikk, King street. 

J. Ke<i 

Dbacon, Wade, k Co. Railway SUUod, dailjr to SLeffleld, Wakefield, Ilndderaeeld, Leeds, 
Manchester, Hull, and all parts of (be North, and lo London, Leieester, Stamford, and 

Hunt & Co. Railway Station, daily lo London, Sbeffleld, Biimingham, and all oilier parts 
of the NuTib. 

LisTEB Sabah, Railway Suiion, daiJj lo Birmingham, Sheffield, ClieaterfieU, Bamaley, 
Wakefield, Leed^ York, Hull. Selby, kt. 

PicKroBD tc Co. Siddala lane and Bailwaj Station, duly to Chestarfield, Haabro', Sheffield, 
Bamsley, Wakefield, Leeds, York, Dariiugton, Newcaatle npon Tjne, Ilorham, Brighooie, 
Roclidale, Manrhesler, Liverpool, Nottiagfaam, Birmingham, Gloucealer, Cheltenham, Brialul, 
Batli, I.eife9Ier, Wolrerton, Rugby, Tnnbridge Wella, Hastings, Dorer, Southampton, and 

SnTTON k Co. Cockpit bill and Railway station, daily to London, Biimingbam, Longhbro' 
Nollingbam. Leicester, Wakefield, Sheffield, Bamsley, Leeds, and all parts of Yorkahire- 

W. Wallib, Sadler gale, daily to London, Biimin^iam, Bath, Bristol, Cbellenham, 
Liverpool, Hull, Manehesler. Cheater, Nottingham, Newark, Lincoln, Grantham, Leicealer. 
Sheffield, Huddenfield, Brndford, Leeds, York, Newcastle apon Tyne, and all parts of the 

CowLBT, Battt, k Co. &om Soresby's wharf, Morledge, a Boat to Binningbam, Warwick, 
CoTeutry, Banbury, and Oxford, once a-week. 

PicKFOHD & Co. Siddals lane, a Fly-Boat daily to Alherslone, Aylesbnry, Banboiy, Bedford. 
Bewdley, Bridgenortlt, Birmingham, Bristol, Burton npon Trent, Cheltenham, Cosgrove, 
Coienlry, Dudley, Fenny Stratford, Oloueesler, Kidderminster, Leamington, Litchfield, 
Oxford, Bhardlow, Shrewsbury, Stourbridge. Stratford npon Atod, Tewkesbury, Warwick, 
Wellingborough. WoliarhamptoD, Woroester, London, Hsnobester, IJTerpool, Leek, the 
Potteries, Macclesfield, Conglelon, and Stockport. — A Fly-Boat every Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Saturday, tor Gainsbro' and HolL 

SoBBaBT J. St W, Moiledge, a Etoat every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 
for Shardlow, Longhbro', Leicester, Northampton, Market Horbro', Coventry, Noltinghamj 
NewaTk,Gainsbro',Hnll.Brislol,01aiicesler,Woroeater.8tafford.WolTerhampton, Birmingham, 
the Staffordshire Potteriea, Manehesler, Livetpool, and London, by tea and canal. — Fly-Boata 
to London erery Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

TuNLET, HonsOH, fc Co. Siddals lane, a Fly-Boat every Tuesday, Thniaday, and Saturday, 
to London, Livetpool, Manchsster, Burton, and Ihe Potteries.— N.B. Loeh-np Boala fbr the 
safe conreyance of Wines, Spirits, Teas, he. 

Scitos tc Co. Cockpit hill, a Fly-Boat erery Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, for 
Manchester. Uverpool, Shardlow, Longhbro', Leicester, and Coventry. — ABoat br Nottingham, 
Newark, Oainsbro'. and from ihence to London by sea four days a-week. — a Boat to Piuilon, 




Buckluiil, Hollaw. and Cromlbrd, VYtrj Wedne^dsj M 13 oVtork.— A Bast to BiriuiaghiHD 
and Walverhunpton lirice >-week. 

WuBATCBorr & Sos, SiddolB lane, a FI;-Boat daily tor IaiuIoii, Binuiuetiiuu, Dudley. 
Mouibridge, and Cromfbrd, from (hence lo Mandieater, by the Cromford an<l Higli Pftk 

Tbe lellen M. W. F. Slc. aigni^ tlie days, and the figures afler them tlie bours, wlieu vuch 
Carrier departe. Most ol Ihem airiie on Monday, orWeilnesday and Friday, about nine 
o'clock, and leave at three or foar iu Ilie afternoon. Thow marked 1 go from die Angel 
lui; 2, Black Swan, Siddalg lane; 3, Brilisli Arme, Bridge gate; -1, BuH'a Head, 
Qaeen alreetj 3, Canal Tavern, Cockpit hill i (I, Dog and Partridge, Tenant street; 7, 
Dolphin, Qaeen street; 8, Foi and Owl, Bridge gate; 9, Green Han, St Peter's street; 10, 
Horae and Jockej, Sadler gate ; 1 1, Nag's Head, St Peter's street ; 12, New Floweipol, King 
street; 13, Old Telegraph, Morledge ; 14, Old Tiger, Queen street; 10, Queen's Head. 
Victoria Btieel; 10, Rising Sun, Friar gate; IT, Robin Hood, Iron gate; 18, Rose and 
Crown, Com market; 19, Saracen's Head, 8l James' lane; 90, Sliakespear, Sadler gale; 
31, Talbot Inn, Iron gale ; 32, Thorn Tree Inn, St Peter's street ; 33, White Hart, Bridge 
gate ; 34, While Swan, St Peter's street ; 33, Waggon Office, Green lane ; 20, Spoiled Horse. 
Victoria Btmt. 
22. AlfretoD, Bacon, U. W. and F. 

12. Alfrelon, Beightou, M. W. and F. 
IS. ABeslree, Watson, daily 

18. AlTaslon, Fiiher, T. and F. 
II. Ambaaion, Winfleld, F. 

3. Aahboiim, daily 
15. Asbboom, BjBald, M. W.and F. 
3. Do. Eaton, daily 

19. Do. Johnson, H. and F. 
•2H. Aahby de la Zooch, Col, F. 
19. AatoB, Yoong, F. 
Id. Bakewell, Frost, T. and F. 
31. Barton, Briscoe, T. and F. 
11. Barrow upon Trent, Sharpe, F, 
'^3. Beeston, Banies, daily 
li. Belpher, Wataon, daily 

13. Bonsall, Wildgoose, F. 
II. Bradley, OreaTes, M. W. and F. 

7. Brulsford, Copestake, F. 

7. BreodsaU, Booth, daily 

7. Breastoo, Cupit, F. 
2J. Breedon, Rowlston, T. and F. 
34. Brinsley, Biikin, F. 
la. Burton, Adams, F. ; IS, Salt, M. W. anii 

F. ; il. Briscoe, T. and F. 
33. Bnttertey, Bacon, M. W. and F. 
13. Boston, Frost, T. and F. 

I. Calke, Earp, daily 

18. Caalle Donnington, Fisher, T. and S. 

22. Kirk, T. and 8. 
•22. Cavendish Bridge, Kirk, T. and F. 
33, Chaddesden, Barnes, daily 

19. Chellaston, Smilfa, H. W. and F. 
22. Chesterfield, Baeon, M, W. and F. 

H. and F. 
1. Codnor Park, Dobbs, F. 
in. Coleoxtou, Kirby, F. 

7. Colmanhay, Holmes, F. 

22. Coibench, Baoon, M. W. F. 
II. CricL, Poyser, F. 

15. Croniforl,Mar[,T.&F.; 

16. Cubley, RobeiU, F. 
U, Denby, Fisher, F, 

1.1. Dishley, TinUer, T. and F. 
1 1. Doveridge, Coales, T. and F. 

1. Draycott, Astle, F. 

7. Duffleld, Beesion, M. W. and 1^. 
33. Egginlon, Dicken, F. 
18. Elvaaton, Fisher, T. and F. 

10. Etwall, Hollis, H. T. vnd F. 
IB. Findem, Dickens, F. 

1 1. Fortmark, Greaves, M. W. and V. 

23. Fostvn, Roberts, F. 

IS. Garringlon, Tinkler, T. and F. 
18. Oresley, Gilbert, T. and F. 

24. Hailshom, Fletcher, T. and F. 

7. Heanor, Holden, daily; 4. Nelson 

33. Barrselongh, F. 
13. Helton, Adams, F. ; 18. Hunt, U. an 
21. Yeomana, T. and F. 

17. Hognaslon, Hardy, T. and F. 

18. Bolbrook, Fisher, T. and F. 
I.'). HoUinglon, Byfield, M. W. 

Hardy, T. and F. 
7. Horsley Woodhotisc, rotter, F. 
Saxlon, F. 

d F.; 



Ifl. Ideridg, H.7, Plok>rd. M. W. u.d E. 

n. Ripley, Bacon, H. W. and F. 

i. UkeOoa, Buitowb, F. 

23. Rialey, Bainea, daily 

7. Do. Holmei, f. 

10. BoMon,Fi«ggat,F. 

U. Do. Whlldteul, F. 

S3. Sandiacre, Baines, daily 

a. Ingieby, Fmih, F. 

7. Sanley, C^pi^ F. 

U. KBdleston, H JI, daily 

IB. Shardlow, Fishei, T. and F. 

18. Kilburne, Fieher, T. indP. 

7. Sbipley, Uolden, daily 

1. Kto^»Ne-Wn,E«p,d4il7 

23. ShirliDd, Baron, M. W. and F. 

■2. Langley, Brlddon, diil; 

a. Shirley, Bridden, daily 

7. LukglRj MUIb, HoldeD, daily 

21. Shotae, Weaton, F. 

•i-i. Linle EUOD, BuoD, H. W. tnd F. 

7. Bmallej, Booth, daily 

n. Litfleorer, Greave., M. W. and F. 

22. Smisby, Coi, F. 

0. flpondon. Cope, T. and F. 

e. Lucko, Cope, T, and F. 

S. Stanley, Barton, F. 

7. Long Eaton, Cnpit, F. 

1. Siaaton, Eaip, daU; 

IS. Loogforf, Brteld, U. W. u.d F. 

23. Staplelbrd, Bamea, daily 

7. Lo«!oe, Hare. F, 

0. Stoke, Bobens, F. 

18. atreuon. Salt. M. W. and F. 

ii3. Do. KiA, T. and F. 

10. SuBdd, Maskerj, M. W. and F. 

1. Lonnt, E«p, daily 

10. Satton, Maakcry, U. W. and P. 

21. LnJUngton, Brisw*, T. and F. 

32. Swadlincote, Gilbert, T. and F. 

it. Uackrotdi, Briddeu, daily 

22. Swanwick, Bacon, M. W. and F. 

23. HanaBdd, Bacon, M. W. F. 

e. SwarkestoQ, Bates, W. and F. ; 111. 

7. MH.peri.j.Hdd«^d«ly 

Smith, M. W. and F. 

18. TbnlBloo, Fishrt, T. and F. 

11. Matlock, Brinsley, T. 

1. TickniU, Toplli, H. W. and F.; Smith, 

12. Do. Slater, F. 

U. W. and F. 

13. Do. Swifl, F. 

18. Trowen, Hunt. F. 

10. Trassley, Maakery, M, W. and F. 

23. Do. Weid, M. W. and F. 

11. Tutbury, Coates, T. and F. 

7, Mereaston, Copeetake, F. 

13. Utloxeter, Adams, F. 

10. Uttoxeter, Coxon, Tu. Th. and Sat. 

9. Newall, Elvenon, T. and F. 

31. Walton, Bri.coe, T. and F. 

la. Milford, Watson, daily 

13. Watton Honse, Tinkler, T. and F. 

11. MUton,OreawB.M. W.andF. 

8. West Hallam, Han^ F. 

7. Morley, Booth, daily 

11. Willington, GreaTO,M. W. andF. 

19. Windley, Pickard, H. W. and F. 

1. Newbold, Earp, daily 

IS. Wightman, Salt, M. W. and F, 

IK Kewum Solney, Salt, H. W. and F. 

■■). Wirk<i.orth,S[e»en»on,dailj;13.St«Ten- 

NottiDj^am, Wm. Barnes, from hbhoiue 

Bon, daily; 13. Frost, T. and P.; IR. 

Gr«en lane, daUy 

Pickard, M. W. and F.; 21. Weslon, 

6. Ockbrook, Cope, T. and F. 

F. J 24. Sima, M. W. F. 

IH. Paatnres, Salt, H. W. and F. 

24. Wittick, BowUton, T. and F. 

17. Quamdon, Clifford, daily 

18. WolUston, Hunt, F. 

11. Do. Hall, daily 

11. Replon, Oreavea. M. W. and F. 

(1. Wooden Box, Elvereon, T. and F. 

W. Ridding,, Bacon, M, W. and F. 

2i. Worthington, Rowlston, T and F. 

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[Tbb ■mngemtnt of Ibis worh being bj Hondreds. The borongll qf Derbj and the 
lownahlpB oompiising tbs parishes in that bonragb fbratlng port of this handled and 
alnadj giveo, the lemsindcr irill follow ilpbabeticallj uranged. It majr be ncceasaiy to 
abatrrt, that thv parishes wiD bs giTcn coinplcU iri& tb&t hundred in which the township 
of the paiidi town and cfaDt«h is sitnaled ; although, in some instances the; ma; extend 
into two and sometiinea thiee hundreds.] 


This Houdred Is boonded on the north bj the Soarsdale hundred, on the east b; the 
msi Erewash, which seperaies it bom Notlinghamshini on the south by the rirer Trent, and 
the hundreds ot Appletree, Septon, and Gresle; ; and on the wsst bj the Appletree himdrei]. 
It comprises an ntm of T9,T80 statute acres. lu 1891 it contained a. population of 3S,1S2, 
snd 7,333 bouses. In 1811 (he population amounted (o 13,107, of whom 31,397 were males 
and 31,710 were females, and the nmaber of inhabited houses 8329, uninhabited booses 
331 and 09 hoases building. It bos genetsU; a strong fertile clay soil on the eastern side, 
with inteimritnres ot Mod, and a rinb nd loun on the western exDemity. The banks of 
the lirers have a fine alluiial aoil, Ac Serwent crossing the hundred toi a eonsidenible 
distance. The north and north east parts are rich in coal and iron, and the iMtrfli west 
eittemity eitgnda into the lead disliist 

ALLESTBEE, a parish and small sjicienttillags two miles N. ttom Derby, ontheDuffield 
road. Man; of the hooaes are oonstrocted of Utbt and plaster, thatched. The parish 
contains l,D07i. of land — a strong rioh sandy loam — 101 inhaUled bonaea, and 007 
inhabitants, of whom 313 were males, and SOlfemalea. Popolidonin 1801, 330; 1881,901. 
The rateable Tsloa is £3,936, 3s. 4d. William Handy, Esq. i* lord of the msoor; William 
Evans, Esq., MJP., is the principal owner; W. P. ThomhiU, Esq, Mr. Hsll, Hiss lUdftird, 
•nd the Ind of the manor, tie also owners. The North Midland isUwij goes Ibnogli the 
parish, occupying 81. In. 9r. of land. The ohnroh, dedicated U St. Andrew, is a peipetnal 
curacy, vahud in the King's books at Si ; formerly belMtged to Derley abbey. William 
Mundy,Esq. is thepatron, and the Rev. George Piokeriog, inoombent. Tbe obnrch is en sncient 
edifice, with nave, chancel, aide aisles, low tower and 8 bells, with a 3azon porch. It waa a 
few years ago repaired and beautlGed, principally at the cost of William Etsob, Esq. Tbera 
are sereral monnmeuls to the Maudy family, and one to George Evans, (aged IS), drowned 
in the riter Whart; at Thorpe Arch, May SSth, IB(U. About lia. of land in the parish 
belongs to the ehnrch, let for ^£30 per annum, for its reparation. In the ehnreh-yud is k 
-very lar^ yew tree, supposed to be neariy as old aa the cbunb ; and in the 8JS. nomsi of it 
is a stone cross or pillar, with a plain shaft 13 feet in height with a carved head, on irtUeh 
formerly was a dial. There U a simdsy asbool ; above 170 attend. The Uelhodials have a 
small brick ch^el, erected in 1S31. The miuioi Jdelardaireu is described in Domesday 
Survey as a hamlet of the manor of Markeatou, with wbich it is stUl held, The late Franei* 
N. C. Uundj, Esq., sold a cousidenibla portion of Allestree estate to the Ute Tbomac Evaue, 
Ksq., Charles Upton, Esq., and Bache Thomhill, Esq. 

Mundi/'i Churiiy, — (See Radboun.) — The annual sum of £1 li. b received froB) the 
jDcumbent of Qiiomdon, by ihe peipetnal curate of Allestiee, who retaiiu 2*. for hinuell 



pajB 2j. to the chuichwardans, uid the reiD«iniiig 20t. we diairibated on the Sunday furtuigUt 
>ft«r Cbrisbnu, uaonpl (he poor of ibe parish. 

Church LantU. — Bj ■ decree of Conunisaionera of Charitable Utcb, &c., taken at Derby on 
lOlfa NoTember. 30 Charles II., it was tonnd that certain cloaes situate iu Markealoo, iu the 
puish of Mackwortb, oallad Sawi7 Hill, had belonged to. and the mits, until the last 28 
jears, been emplojed lovards the repair of the parish chttrch of Allestree ; and it was 
ordered that Qilbert Hundir should deliver up poauasion of the said premises lo tlie church- 
wardens of Alleslree, &c., and that Oilberi and Edward Mondy, adnusislnUars of John 
Handy, having aamta, ahonld pay tbeieout jC61 13i. id. in respeei of the rents of the saiil 
piemiaes, receiTcd by him, to be employed in the repairs of the said church. The church 
lands consist of 3 eloaes, called Sawry hill, containing iLout 9 acres, let for £10 3>. (M. a 
yeai; 3 cottages and gardens in AUestree, let tor jGl each ; a amall piece of onindosed laud, 
fbiming part of a field, the residua belongs lo Walter Evans, Esq., let to him tor lOi. per 
annum ; and a field of arable land, containing about tt acres, let for £8 3i. Orf., &c. These 
rents are paid lo the churchwarden, and carried to his general account 
Evans William, Esq., M.P., Hall. Milward John,- shopkcepei. 

BuzloD Sarah, iDfoals' School. Fidcoek Qeorge, vici., New Iim. 

Buxton Wiltiam, vict. Bed Cow. PonndaL Samuel, blacksmith 

Feam John, tailor. Sowler Ann, girls' school. 

Griffilh Rev. John, curate of Darley. Sowter Charles, shopkeeper. 

Hooley Joseph, taflor. Stevens Ellen, bop' school. 

Houghton Thomas, pariah clerk, Woolley Thomas, wheelwright- 

Birch Thomaa. Simpson Tboioas Marcus. 

Clarke George, Alleslree tUtn. Tatham Thomaa. 

Eita John, Field. Taylor Joseph, Fir Tree. 

Jerrard William. Tomlinson John, road surveyor. 
Kitchen Mrs. Lydia. 

A8T0N UPON TBENT, pariah and township, with the lownahip of Shardlow and 
Grsat Wilne together contain 3,360 acres of land rated at EBJ3SB, and 1,003 inhabitants. 
The population in 1801 was 1,M1, In 1831 it was 1,711. 

AsToir upon Tbkmt is a well bnlll village, ^ miles S.T.. fhun Derby, the township contains 
1743 acres of rich land, H2 houses and 048 inhaUtants, of whom 308 were males and SSS 
t^sles, rateable valne £8640. Edward A. Halden, Esq. is lord of the manor and principal 
owner. James Sutton, Esq., Ber. Joseph Sykes, and the Earl o( Hsningtoo, are owners, 
with Aston and Barton poor. Church All Saints, is a rectory, valued in the King^s Books, 
£29 ISt., now £1037. £. A. Holden Esq. is patron, Ber. Nathaniel Palmer Johnson, M.A., 
incimibeni, and Bev. Bicbard Htdden Unrphy, B.A., curate. The next presentation was sold 

in 1880, to Bev. Bromley. The church is an ancient Gothic stmeturs, with nave, 

ebancel, side aisles, embattled tower with pitmacles and 4 bells, and has galleries at the west 
end and north side. The commtinion table is of black oak, handsomely catred with Exdono 
Johaiutit Hejtle, 1630. Here are monuments and tablets to the families of Hunt, Holden, 
Shnldeworth, Foebrook and Walker. The church was appropriated to the Abbey of Si. 
Wertm^, in Chester, in the year 1303, notwithstanding it is now a rectory. The 
Methodists have a small brick chapel, erected 1620. A natdona] school was erected in 16JS, 
by voluntary contributions, aided by a grant thmi the National School Sooie^, previous lo 
which a school for 30 boys of the parish was supported by subscription, and the payment Id, 
per week &om the children fbr stationary. The master ia aUowed £39 per annum. A grant 
of a market and fair was obtained in ISM ; both have long been disused. The market cross 
was taken down in 1S3T. There are several g^snm pits in the parish, of which none arc 
worited. There are two Odd Fellows' Lodges, and a Pemsle Benefit Society. Aitnn Half, a 


neat modem briok muiBioa, painted stone colour, liluated in pftrk-libe grounil^ or 
conaidenble eitent. On the north front is > Btone portico, mpponed by two fluted piUan ; 
iLe sondi rront orerlookB ■ beuntihil Uwn, the Vals ot the Trent, and Donington Woods. It 
is the ■»*! of Edoajil A. Holdan, Ghj. Alton Lodge, a neol reaidenca, the propertj o[ JameB 
Sutton, Esq., but the raaldence of Mn. C. W'alker. Feait, Snnda; before NoTember 5th. 

CaABiTlEi.— 5aBnKJira(A<r,iTtlhe;aarlT0a,laft£U tolhepoorof AsloD, ^OoTwbidi 
wu laid oat iu the purchase of a hoiiae thm rented bj John Clarire, and the ramaining £10 
waa in the hands of Mr. Crompton, ot Derby. B j the award for the Alton mclosnre, dated 
32nd March, 1789, land in the Nether Field, M a place called the Heath, of the jeulj oaloe 
■t 33j., WIS given in exchange for the cottage above named. The landisnowenoloaed, and 
conlaini about 2JL, now let for £T per annnm, which is dislribnted on the Sunday after 
Christmas Day, ainoiigst poorpersona. With respect to the £10 stated to have bees in tlie 
hands of Hr. Crompton, it is not known bo« il waa apprc^irialed, bat is supposed to have 
been Isid oot in the pnrehase of four poor honasa in the parish. 

Jottjih Ptrtivai, at Winobesier, by will proved in the Prerogative Conit of Canterbury, 
October, ITl.t, beqaeatbed £100 to the poor of the parish of Aston, to be laid out at interest 
by the minister, orereeers, and chnrehwsrdens. In lespeot of this legacy, there is a sum ot 
£07 9>. m^ old Soutb-eea annuities, part of a som of £1180 lOi. fld. stock, standing in the 
name of the Aceountimt QencnJ of the Court of Chancery, to the credit of the ranse of the 
Dean of Winchester against Holden. The dividends payable to the poor of this parish have 
not been paid for many yean ; the last Buppoaed to have been paid on the 10th Oetobar, 
ITOl. At the time of oar enquiry, Aogust, I82S, little waa known in the parish as to this 
charity, &<. Upon enquiiy at the Accountant OeneraTa office, it appean the arreorB of 
interest may be received, on the proper qiplicotion being made by the minister, cbnrch- 
wordens, and overseeere of Asloa, and Ibis we have recommended should be done. The 
arrears of intettit will amount to about £D0, and it seems advisable they should be invested 
in the fnnda, and the dividends distributed to the poor with the yeariy dividends of South 

Elizabeth Cooper, by will, 1738, whose chanty for the pariah of Spondon — (See Spondon) — 
left lands, kc., for the poor ol Aston, which consisted of one moiety of a field of about an 
acre, csUed the Oreen Leas, and three small parcels of land in the Common Meadow. At 
the time of the enclosure, there was allotted in respect of these three parecls. So. I3p. in a 
field cslled Thornborougb Field, not enclosed, and lies open to the rest of the field, which is 
the property of Mrs. Cock, to whom also an tmdivided moie^ of the Green Leas belongs. 
The yearly rent of £2 lOi. is paid by the tenant in respect of so mncb of the land as belongs 
this charily, which is distributed by the tmstee amongst the poor, he retaining 0*. Ibr his 
eipences. We recommended the appointment of new trustees (or diis and (he Spondou 

Bottrt Cotpper, by will 1720, gave to 10 of the poorest people of the town of Aston the anjn 
of As. to be paid yearly for ever, oat of a parcel ol ground called (he Green Leas. This 
Man has not been paid tor 20 or 30 yean past. The lost payment was by Hn. Cowliahsw. 
Thsre are several parcels of land of that name, and we have not been able to discover which 
was the proper^ so described in the will. 

Jane Bhepperd left, in 1734, a rent charge of 12s. a-year, to pay Ibr two children at Aston 
school. It is upwards of 40 years since this was paid. The estate supposed to be chained 
therewith is situate at ChellastoD, and was, at the time the last payment was mode, in the 
possession of Mrs. Bayle and Hn. Hardinge ; it now belongs to Mr. T. Brown Dummelow of 
Chellaston, bat there does not seem sufficient evidence to prove that this is the estate liable 

SUARDLOW & QBEAT WILNE Ibrm a joint township. Shardlow is a considerable 
village on the Derby and Loughborough road, and north bank of the river Trent, 7 
miles S.E. by E. bom Derby j contains 696 a. of land, 179 booses, of which S were 



adbcinipwd in lUl, and 1,013 inhibiMnu, of whiMn 93S wen maUi and MM tandM; 
ntesble iiloe i.1183. Edwud A. Holden, Eaq, is kud of Ihe manur, rail hu k fishary on 
|]ie Trant, beside whom, Jamea Snuon, Eaq., Beqiamin Rob; Boitou, Hraara. Soraaby, and 
Joseph Boh Swindell, Esq., an amtera. Tbc Treat and Hene; canal nma Ihrau^ llie 
Tillage, aDdjomHtberiierTtentaliont hair a mile below Ha Tillage. On ita banks and bnoohea 
ate aereral eitenslTg coal and timber whaifa, with a large waiehonae for irao, another tor 
cheese, eoni, and salt ; other warehonaat belonging to three large cairjing establish meata 
and malting eslaliUshineiits, SO thsl fbr tainj jean this has been an improTing place. 
Coimduk itn^e, orer the Trent, aboal a quarter of amile S£. from the Tillage, is arabatanliBl 
stone bridge of S aliptical arches, erected in 1771, alaeosl of £3333, and with the ^tpmaGhes 
ia B2 yards long, and 6 yards wide. The ohnnfa, a handsome Gothic stmclare, with nare, 
chancel, a pinnaoled lower and Q belle ; it ia partly pewed, and a part open seals, haa a gaiUeiy 
at the west end with en organ, was erected by volnntary oontribntionai and cost £6000. 
Edwd. A. Holden, Esq. ia the patron of ihs petpetnal curacy, who in 1639 sold the advowson 
to Hrs. Matj Sutton, of Shardlov. Ber, N. P. JobnBlon, of Aston, 'Incombeal, tor whom 
the Rer.Wm.IbjCantrell officiates. A Sunday school, has ISO scholars. 8Si. Oa.Sp.ofglebe 
beloi^s to Ihe rector. The Baptists bsTo a stnsU sehaol, creeled 1730. A school, with a 
naidence fbr the master, was erected by Tohmtary aobscription in ISIO — 67 childran attend, 
of whom 40 belong this tawDabip, who eaeh pay Id. weeUy. The master reoeivea £10 a 
year with eoala tar the aebooL Hare an two Odd Feltowa' Lodgea, and a Female Benefit 
Sooiety, and an extsnalTe Poec-law llnioo. Feast, three weeks after Aston. 

GREAT WILNE, a amaD Tillage and joint township with Shardlow, contains 47 honses 
and 363 inhsbilants in 1611, of whom 131 wen males and 132 femalaa ; half-mile N.E. from 
Shsrdlow, 7) miles S.E. by E. from Derby, and eonlains 3S0 i. of rich land; rateable Talne 
£900. Edward A. Holden, Esq., John Rose Swindell, Thomas Coa^Ishaw, and others an 
ownen. The Denrent runs past this Tillage, soon after which it has its conllnence with Ihe 

SHABDLOW POOR-LAW DNION was fbrmed in 1837, and consists of 10 parishes and 
townships, haTing 07 gnsrdiuiB, who meet every Hondsy al 10 o'clock at Shardlow. The 
population comprised in Ihe nnion la 33,011 sodIs ; 33 townships are in Deibyshira, 7 in 
Leicestershire, snd 6 in Nottingbunsbire. II is divided into 2 dislricis wilb nUenng 
officers, medical and .1 registration districts. The workhouse is a large brick building, in 
the form of the letlet L, calcniated to accommodate 300 paupers, but limited to 380. The 
gardens and other premises occupy 2i. Sb. lOr. of land. The cost of the slructnre and land 
was £6,000. 

Tlu ptaettmarked * an in Leiceitenhtn. an^ Ooie t i» KaUiiighamtkirt. 

AlTBston, Aaton, Arlaslon and Sinfin, tBramcote, • Breedon, Breaslon, BoDllon, Breadsall, 
Barrow, tChilwell, Cbsddeaden, CheUaslon, •Castle Donington, Dale Abbey, Draycotl, Derby 
HillB, 'Disewonh, ElTaaton, Hopewell, •Hemington, •Isley Walton, Kiik UaDam, •Regworlb, 
•Kingston on Soar, Little Eatoo, Long Eaton, L[ttleoTer,'Lockinglon,BIelbaume,Muimanton, 
Oekbrook, Osmailon, Riiley, ^BstcliA, Bhardlow, Sawlpy, Sandiacre, Stanley, tSupleford, 
Stanton by Bridge, Stanton by Dale, Spondon, SwaAeston, rToton, West K^am, Veataa. 

C'hairnuiii to Board of Ouardiaiu, Edward A. Holden, Esq, 

Chaplain, RsT. Frederick H. Thnrlston. 

Clerk lo Board of Ouardimu, Thomas Newbold. 

Matter ondMalroH of the WorUunae, John and Mrs Hannah Bamford. 

Sckoolmatler, William HowltL— ScAwfntiifrMi, Ann Bamford. 

Superiatendant Begutrar, Thomas Newbold, Derby. 

Btgittran of Birtht and Deatlu, H. T. Jones, Shardlow; T. C. Cade, Spondon; T. W. 
Cade, Breasion; Heoiy D^, Casde Donington ; and William Pagg, Ifclboume, who is the 
registrar of marriagei. 

Selieving Officert, Hem; Day, CasUe Donoington. and William Pegg, Hdbonfiu. 




Swpmu. — fikanUfv DiOrtel, U^kI Thomu Jraiei ; Spoudon, TlliHn4a Chulei Caite ; 
Stqilafbrd, YehmtOD Boiqnet; Bnubm, Williun EU*m ; Culla DoniiiDgtoD, John Smith j 
XegwDT^ Williun Heitule;r; Melboome, Biebard Thomts Tukerj Nomtuilon, Cbiria* 
BoiTongbi ; BnadstU, ThomM Buxton, Derby. 

Chibitiib. — LeoHard Fabrooit gmja ■ legaof of £30, to b« laid out in lud by hi* 
ficeubin, ihs rsnti to be diatribaled to the poor of Ehardlow. Camilla Bwyen had giTen a 
legaey of iGlO to the poor o( Shardloir. By iDdentat«a dated 19th Hay 173)), Thomai TnlU. 
in Mualdentiou of £160 oonTsyed to Leonard Foibrooke and Alphsiia Borgm, aa excmton 
at the abon-oamad donors, and their hein, a piece of meadow gronud containing 9i. called 
Doke; Hohn, in Castle Donington, and 2b. of meadow land at Headoir Yatea. and S M 
paetniea on the eommao putore o( Caatle Doninglon, The open fleldi baTe been endoaed, 
and the property now consists of the Misbegotten eiose, neady 3 acres, let for £0, 11). per 
annom, which is distriboted amongst the poor of this township. 

Holden Edward Anthony, Esq. The Hall 

Astls Thomas, iriieelwright 

Draper Bobert, butler. The Hall 

Friarson John, joiner 

Oaskin Charles, licL White Hart 

Goodwin James, School 

HoIIiday John, brieklayer 

HoUiday Henry, blacksmith 

Hood Thomas, painter 

Joina John, tailor 

Johnson Ber. Nathaniel Palonr, AJt. rector 

Ludlow Wm. brickmaker ^ 

MansSeld Qeorge, maltster 

Martin Thomas, wheelwright 

Harphy Her. Biehard Holden, BX curate 

Nix John, gardener, The Hall 

OrdUb Wm. gamekeeper 

Smith Jacob, batcher 

Tooth Heuy, lict. & butcher, Coaeh It Horsss 

Walker Mrs Constanda, Lodge 

Wallho Samuel, canal agent, Lock 

Webb Immaunel, teacher of masie 

Whymin John, painter and baker 


Clementson Thomai, and puish clerk 

Cook Thomas 

OreaTea Thomas 

Holbrook John, and beerhoiuw 

Boberts Thomas 

Smttdley John 


Adams James 

Bodiam Jamas 

Bolhim Thomas, Hill 

Bowmar Joseph, Mouse flatta 

Hardy Joseph 

Henahaw J ames 

Neep Wm. 

Bomn* Wm. 

Sterenson Biehard 


Colei Bobert, and general dealer 
Hawkei Thomas 
Hood Henry 

Pott-Offlet, Thomas Thomlsy, postmaster. 
Letters from Derby atriTe 7 morning, and 

Burton Philip, plomber, glaiier. and coi 

Cantrsll Rer. Wm. Henry, cnrate 
Clarke Wm. iKxA-keepez 
Clifftwd James, Barrier, Bronghton house 
Cooper Thomaa, oheeie agent 
Clawlishaw Charles Whittan 
Coiriishaw Mr. Henry 
CowUshaw Mrs. Hatmah 
CowUshaw lliomas, farmer 
Cowliahaw Wm. assistant overseer 
Daaiels and Payne, iron merohants 
Dawkins Edward, com miller 

Didham Richard, gent. The OroTe 

Fblay Junes, coUsotor of canal tolla 

Hardy James and Joseph, farmer* 

Hinkley Mr John 

Johnson John, tailor 

Johnson Mr Wm 

Jones Hlehaal Thomaa, surgeon, sad regto- 

trar for Shardlow district 
Llewellyn James, agent to Danleli Jc Payne 
Moore Thomas, fanner 
Hosier JofP^' aaddler 
Roberts Wm. joiner and biiSdcr 
Boby Misses Hannah anil Ann 
Bowbattom Charles, agent to Pickfoid 
Shardlow Ambrose, joiner 
Shardlow Thomas, tailor and haindrssssr 




Soar TLduiu, iron and tutl lucrebuil 

iJoUOD Jomps, Esq. The lUU 

Suuou, Clifford, & HHnkins, general carriers 

and Ball merchants 
Suuon MiB Utij, gcnUewomau 
Soreaby JameB S. and Wm. general cuiiers 
Sowter Joaaph Heniy, Sdiool 
Tajlor Wm. book-keep(r 
Thacker Hias Elii. boarding and d^ acbool 
Tbompaoa John, blackmuth 
ThoruU; Thoa. baitdiwHr ii aah. UcU* Hi 


Dog uid Diiek, Elizabelh Shaidlow 
Naii^IiDn Inn, George Moore 
Role and Crown, Junri Powkca 
Shakspear, Thomas Bnllock 

Clarke John, Lock 
Harrison John 


Doerj Wm. 

Hmghaon BiAtH, and parish clerk 

Bowbotton Janm 

aioapaou Thomat 

Ckntiell Sarah 
Clark John, Lock 
Cope Mary 

Dr^wr Thomas, and baker 
Harriwn John 
Bflwbottom fiiehird 
BowboUom Wm 
Shaidlov Elizabeth 
Smedle; Joseph 


Bg Canal and Railuxiy to all Pari 
Sniton, Ciifiord, and Hawkins 
Soresbj James S. and Wm. 
Piekliird fc Co. Chariai SowboUom ag 


I Ordish John Pearsall, farmer 
' Rowbottom Bishard, shopkeeper 

BABROW-ON-TBENT pahah and lownahip, in Ihe Horleaton and Ulcbnrch hundred and 
towDsbipa of Sinfin, with Arieston, and Tw^ford, with StaoBon, which togrther Eontaln 4,040 
acrea of land, and S41 inhabitauta. Popnlation in IBOl, 183 ; in 1631, fiS4 ; rattkble T*lne 

BuBow-OK-TiiHT township and amall Tillage, A} miles S. from Derby, hating the Trent 
immediately on the east ; contains 1,190 i. 2*. lOr. of land, OS bouses, and 30C inhabitants 
in IBll ; rateable Talne, £2,202 lis. 8d. The BeT. Henry Des Vcbui is lord of the manor. 
and has a fishery on the Trent, and considerable owner. The Honoorable Mrs. Mary 
Beaumont, Sir J. H. Crewe, Bart, Mr. William and Hr. Richud Sale, S. E. Bristowe, Esq. 
are owners. The Trent and Mersey canal ocenpiei fl acrea, and here is 1a. 2b. belongs the 
chnrch, which is dedicated to St. Lake. Thli living is ancarage, Talaed in die King's Books, 
£!i Hi. l^d^ now jCIIS. Was tonnerly appropriaMd to the prior and convent of St. John of 
Jerusalem; has been aagmeoted wiib £300, Qoeen Anne's bounty, laid ont in Ba. 3b. of land. 
Ber. John Latham, of Derby, is patron, and Rev. William Heacock, Incnmbent. The ebioch 
Is a Tenerable edifice, with naie, chancel, aide aisles, an embattled tower and 3 bella, with a 
gallery at the west end ; it was repaired, beautified, and same tisw pews added, about ISIS. 
Here is an alabaster monnment to William Sale, who died in 1609, with a neat Ubiet to 
Bichnrd SeJe, who died in 1606, John Mather, who died in I8S0, with other neat tablela to 
the Banenrfl and Reaamont families, streial of whom are inteired in Ibe shnreb. The tieai 
has 96a. 9b. 30p. of glebe, and la. 3b, 28p. on Sinfin mow. The Methodist* aod 
Indepeodents have neat brick ebapels, erected in 1Q39. A natianil school was created in 
1849, at a cost of £1S0, raised by snbseription. The land being given by Sir J. H. Crews 
Bait ; S giris from Mrs. Elitabetfa Sale's charity are edncated trte, othen pay ] d. pm waek 
for l«ading, end 2d. per week (or writing. Mrs. R Bale is the piindpal supporter of i). 
Barrow Hall, a large stuecoed mannon, wiA a circular entrance-hall and staircase lighted 
&om a dome top, the front urerlooking the Tale of die Trent, amidst neat alu\ibberl«s and 
pleasure gronnds. It was hoili on die site of an ancient hoose, in 1606-V, I7 the iBia John 



Boaamonl, Esq., ud u ftie Mkt ot ttia Hon. Hra. Beuimont and her motbsr Ibe Dowkger 
Lti&j Soandale. The Oratigt, hilf-mile V. tkom Ihe lillage, a s large muiBion which bclongn 
Hn. Beuuniuil, bat (he rtttidmei of Mr. Thomu SpurHsr. Mr. WOlUm and Mr. Rirbirit 
Sile Tsnde in oeM hotuM of Itaeij own. Faut, Simda; before adtb ot Oolober. 

3INFIN and ASLESTON fans a joint iownahip, lenimed in 1641, m being in ifao 
Afpletna hnudred. Sitffin, aj inilw 3. bom Derbj, ooDUini 3al «, 2s. IJSp. of fertile luid, 
- and two turn and two oolttge bouKs, with 27 iohabitanu ; rauable vitoe £028. Sir J. H. 
Crews, But ia the Kde ewur. ArkHim, 4^ mllee S. by W. (tom Deri?, conbuna 4Ua. la. 
IBp. of lertiU land, with 2 fana and T aoaitered cottage honaee, with a population of M : 
rateable vabia £TS1L Sir J. H. Ci«ve, BarL, ia owner. Arletbia Houtt it a Ter; ancient 
building, auppoied lo hare fonoerlj Iwen a cbi^. The (rout ia aappivtcd bj stone 
bsttraioea, and in the interior ia a place in which waa a bell. On the north side fbnnerij' 
atood a lai^ hall or eaatle, which waa taken down aeTeral fean ago. The Trent and Hener 
canal occopies 8l. Sa. 34r. of land. Menjbototr, qnarter-mile S. was formerlj bd open 
comnum, and waa about 100 years ago noted for a public house upon it, kept by Otorg:e 
Clay, who had a oosk-plt heie, and waa celebrated as a deer stealer. His house was a noted 
rendeivous fbi similar charaetera. 

TWYFOHD AMD BTENSON (Mm a joint lownafaip and chapelry, retnraed in 1841 as 
being in flte Appletree hundred. Twjford, a email atraggling Till^e on the north bank of 
Ibe Trent &i mUea from Derby, contaiua OTSa. 1b. Bs. of fertile land, 24 hoDBfa and ISA 
inhabitants ; rateable Taloe £1,009 19a. dd. Sir J. H. Clewe, ban. is lord of Ibe manor, and 
priBcipal owner. The cbordr ia an aDoient itniottue with a aqnaie lowpj, ahort spire and 
time bells, the nare ia bnill of brick, and was pewed in 1773, a fine Noman aroh diTidas 
the nave and chancel: here are neat monnmental tablets to the Batpur. Vernon, and 
Bristowe families. A national achool waa erected in 1S42 by lolnnlary sobscription, it is a 
neat bHek building with stone dressings and cost X12S, the land being gifen bj the lord of 
the manor. Tvi/ford Hall is a large stuccoed mansion on the banks of the Trent, which 
Willi as aorea of land, is the Proper^ of S. E. Bristowe, Esq. Abonl half a mile east from 
Ihe Tillage ia a lalge bamiha, which is said lo contain the rtmains of persona slain in the 
batfle foogbt near the plaee daring Ihe civil wars. Here waa a family of the name of 
Kirkman, of which three boys liad only one hat, and he who rose firsl in tlie morning had it 
fbr Ihe day. One of tbeac brothers atterwards went lo London, about 1T8D> and beoBme 

STENSON, a nnall TiDage, 4) S.S.W. tnia Derby, contains 1,120 i. offertlla land, ID 
honBes,andll9inhabitantB: rateable value, £2,438 lOa. SirJ. H. Crewe, Bart, is prindpal 
owner; 3. E. Bristowe, Esq., Hr. Oeorge Wayte, and Mr. William Benlley an owners. The 
Trent and Mersey canal ocoDpies la. 2*. 34»., and the Binningham railway passes near the 
Tillage, and takes ISji. S9p. In 1B4] abont SOO acres ot open field land was enclosed, Bincc 
which the Field Hoau has been erected by Sir J. H. Crewe, Bait. The rector of Barrow 
collects the small tithes of these two places in kind, which amoania to dC94 Ss. The 
Uethodials haie a neat brick chapel, erected in 1849, at a cost of £190, to accoumodola 150 

Chabitibs.— £/iniicfA BiUe gaire £2 14a. for Ihe benefit of a school, for wliicb 8 giils an 
instmetod in reading, knitting, and sewing. She also gaTe tl Sa. which is laid out in the 
pwahase of aiz twopenny loaTcs every allemale Sunday, diatribuled after diriue service at 
lhaahnieb,ainoiipt Ibe poor of the parish, both eicloaiTa of tbe chapetiy at Twytord with 
Slenson. Both Ihe aboTS sums ai« paid by the Bev. Henry De Vienx, (1829), of Carlton 
boaaa^ near Newark. 

Twrroait mn Sibkboh Cbapblbt.— John Hnrpur, lord of the msuor, by indenture dated 




28tli Naianbai, 1710, and Ttrlaoi oUmt pcnoni frMboldtn nitbin the manor, udSliBafat 
Botdat^ Samael Sale, and Bobcrt Wilmot, &«^ on Il» the thiid part, in pnrraanoe of u 
award made bj Boben WUnwl the elder, and laaao HavUna, Eaq^ dated SOth October, lOH, 
and for H tiling an annuil; of £ia for the beuaflt of the poor of the manor of Twjfiud and 
Stenson, the aaid John Haipor, with the conaent of the aaid bveboldars, granled to the 
■aid Sir BcbeH Bardetl and othen, their beir«, rent ohargei ■mounliiig to £19. beinf 
part of the waeU grounds belonging to the manor, and intended to be let oat to the aeTeral 
partiei hereinafter named, aa their portion of the waiM gtvtmdi of the taid manor, yis: 
John Ward, a rent oharge of £1 Tb. id. oat of Coeken Nook ; Samnel Brialow, of £1 18a., 
oat of a cloie oalled the Upper End of die Half Aorm ; John Harpar, £i lO*. Hi., OM of 
Smilhj Halt; Joseph Wrigh^ in leapeet of (he land of late Joseph Holmes, lOs, 2d.; aaU 
John Harpnr, £0 Oa. Id, out of a eloaa called tt(e Tboroiiglu,-wiih a honae and a eloaa 
called William-a-Orcen. The prindpal part of this inoome is ap^ed to binding oat 
qtpientiees, sona of poor personi of the ehapelir, a part somelhuea being dislribnied in 
money Co the poor. Ellin Brialow, Eaq., paja the two first-named rent chains ; Sir George 
Crewe, Bart., Mr. Haipur'B and John Wilion, that of JoHph Holmes. 

Stkitboii Towrshif.— The poor of thii townahip are entitled la Ihe baiefit of the sehod, 
founded bjr John Atlsop, at Findem, in Ihe parish of Miekleorer. — fFhUh te: 

Bt. Hon. DowgT.LadjFeUoile 

SeatwUle, The HalL 
Bt. Hon. Bits. HaijEliiabeth 

Aleop Mrs. Ann 

Baneroft Henrj, beerhouse 

Banovft Sarah, shopkeeper 

Bentley James, blacksmllh 
Baeknall John, butcher 
Camp Bobert, laHor 
Oanati Geotge, wheelwright 
Lakin WiUiam, butler. Hall 
Meakin William, Sobool 
PoweU Ur. Uenr; 

Sale Biehard, genL 
ShefBeld Bd. Joiner & Carptr, 
Spurrier Thos. gent. Drange 
Thorpe Henrr, rate collector 
Ward Jane, national aehool 
Wilson Samuel, bakr.&,shopk 
Wood Thos. gardener, Uatl 

I WnnFnM^&^xt-ArieatoQ 

• Baldwin Joaepb, lockkeeper 
Briggs Ur. Bobert 

Brigge Thos. riet Blue Bell 

• Camp Thomas, shopkeeper 
Holmes Wm. martet gardener 
■ Pegg Wm. boat& ehoe mkr 

• Smifea Wm, tailor 


Brearr Bowland, ti auctioneer 

Camp Thomas 

Fisher Thos. & fur; keeper 

■ Foreman fiiehonl 
Hieklin John 
Hilis George 

• S^che Sarah 

• Styche Wm. 

Towle Folk Wm. The Hall 

CODNOR and L03C0E (new) parish contains 2,000a. of good atrmg olaj freehold land, 
and 1,738 inhabilante, of the rateable Taloe of £2,662. The prine^ owners aie C, V. 
Hunter, Esq. ; James, John, and Samuel Woollej ; Thomas Clarb ; Joseph Sleiiand ; J<^n 
Else; Ihe BuUerlej Compan;, and others. The inhabitants are principally employed in 
fanning, or in the ooal and ironstone tninea. 

CoDHDB is ■ considerable Tillage on the AUkMoa and Noltingfaam nwd. It miles S.E. 
from Alheton, and contains 3»1 houses and 1,314 inhabitants, of whom 660 were rnaka, and 
03.5 tsmales. The church, dedicated to St James, is a neal plain atraotnrs, built by 
snbsoripiiona and gnnis ttom Tarioua societies, at a cost of £3,000, inelndlng » »eat school 
near the ehnreli, and was nmseerated in 1641 by Ihe Bishop of Lichfield. It has a nave, 
cbanrpl, lower, aud onr bell, and will sest 400 jwrsons of which 290 are free and nnsppro- 



.priaied. The Uiins ii k pupatDkl oonoy Of the nine of £1S0 per uuiam, 
of Ow Crown and tha Biihop of LioMeld ■lleniUel]'. Tha Rct. Hemr Mlddlelon, the first 
Ineiimbeiit, appaiatad bj tlie Crown; uid tha dinrint wu declued, bj tbe Ecdeiiaitinl 
Comiaiiaioim*, to b« ■ dlnlnct paiiih for aU oiTil and eccleiiutkal puipouB. AHethodiat 
chapal wu baflt 1837. 

LOSCOE, a huntet isd amill TflUge, which fornu the lODth extramitT of tha puiib, nbont 
1 mile from Codnor. £■ F. Whitliugatal], Esq. hta a soLlierr here, fromwhiBb hard and soft 
•oal of good qmli^ U obtained. The B^iliata haTs a chapel. LoMoe dam, when fall, 
ooinn about 34 aorea of gnmad. Loaooe Park, was for aereral gmcratioiis fts Mat of the 
finjeoti fkmilf — bM long been dUpaiked, and iha honsa taken down. 

CBiBiTtBs. — Jonathan Timliim, in 1733, derised to hia execDton the moietr of a namiage, 
jce., garden, orchard, and Webatai'B croft, aitnate in Loscoe, upon tniat that thej ihonld paj 
tan two-thiid parte of the rente to the poor of Codnor and Loaooe, (obargea br repairs 
deducted,) and one-third part to &e tmeteee belonging the Breach Meeting in Codnor, 
commonlf called the Qnakara, to diipoae thereof aa the; ehould think proper. The piopert]' 
eonaiata of a dwaUing-bonae, which was lebuOt in 1810 at an expense of £113, IBa. 4d. 
detrajed b; reserving the renta, a Bmall garden, a waiebonie, a gatdan incloBan, now let fbr 
j683 per annom. One moietir of which is paid to the tmalees of the eharilj, and one-third 
of such moie^ ia applied for the ase of the Breach Meeting, and the residoe ia diitriboted at 
the tcTuutCa house, on the Mondaj before Christmaa dajr, amongat poor persona of Codnor 
and Loseos gsnsrsl];, in soms Tarjing from 2b. to 5s. 

Tlicumarl»d1 raide at Codnor, At otitm at Loioot. 

1 Bryan Pan], parish clerk 
Batterle; Company Colliery, 

owners and ironfimnden, 

and manuAutnnrs, Codnor 

snd Codnur park 
Bniton John, oom miller 
1 Clayton Mr Beqjamin 
1 Claika Joaepb, OTerwei 
Fanuworib Joseph, joiner 
Giiffln Wm. H. ooal agent 
Hieking Jph. j on. book-keeper 
Hogg Biohard, gent 
Hogg Hum. Jan. houer. Sou 

Hotsbj Joseph, miner 
lUddlelaii Ber. By. inonmbant 

of Codnor 
1 Parsona B. C. achoolmasler 
1 SiBifcey Wm. iailar 
I Seaison Un. atosw hat mkr 
1 Shaw Hii^ebemiat ft drag 

BoUieiy owner 
Woolle; Jamea, gent 
Wocdley Jobn, com miiler 


I French Horn, BsmL Fama- 

Oale, John Whilo 
1 Glass House, Chas. Wbyaall 
Ooldea Ball, Bamnel Hogg 
1 New Inn, Thomas Clarl^ 

Elliott John 
Eyre Joseph 
1 Hulking Wm 
1 Hunt Wm 

1 Clark Frauds 
1 Hunt Wm. 
StBTely Edward 

BOOT ft SHOE UK£f». 

Sims Samuel 


Clayton Chadea 
Elliott John 

1 Famawortb Samuel jun 
1 Suriand Joteph 


1 ClatkB Fnmcia, CntMU 
I Clarke Joseph 
I Clarke Thomas 
1 Flint John 
1 Oodber Joseph 
Hioking Joseph, sen 

I Hii-fcing Jldm 

1 Hioking Tbomaa 

IHieking Wm 

Ho^ Tbomaa, iiaae atUagt 

Mihrard Henry 

1 Maohin Mary. Gate 

1 Martin Chriati^ber 

1 Peak* Hannah 

1 3h»w Michael 

1 Slack Wm. 

I Sterland Joaeph 

1 Starbnck T. N. 

Wataon Stephen 

1 Wataon Thoma* 

1 Woolley John 

1 WooUey Samuel 

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t CliHls Tbomw 

L Funnrotth Saml. & biker 


I Snnon Edwud 
WattoD Stepbao 
I Wdflbt John, ft Indwr cut 

I Ped« Huuili 

NoUm^nUD, Cbia. WhyMlt, 

Tm, Hon. W«]. and 3aL 
Coach to BsxIonftMuiohnteT 

vnxj mammg tt a'idaek, 

and to Noni 


CODNOR PABK t* an extra parochial Htwn]F, whicb conuina 1,330 a. of land, I3S boutel, 
and 8la InliabltuiU, □[ Whom 4M mm mdm, and SeO femUM. In 1801, tb« popnlaHcin 
wat SOa ; in 1831, 037. Of the rateabla rtlaa of ;ei,7e4. 3iiioe the introdaction of in>n 
in»fca into this district, the population haa r^iidl; increased here; and it is said Codnot 
Park, with IioiiTilla, is abont to fbim a new pariah. Chariea Legh Hoaluns Hasten, Esq. 
is Ibe owner. Codnor Castle «ss sitnHed on high gronnd, and commanded an extensive 
pro^iect to the east, of which a small portion of iha walls lemain, and ■ dorecote entire. 
Fiom the walls and foandalions, it ifipeare to have been an eitenaire fortress. It anoisnllj 
bdoDKsd to the lords Gr^ of Codnor, lbs Isst of whom, Henry, a philosopher and alch}mial, 
in the reign of Hanrj IV. obtained a lioanse to practise the transmutation of metals ; he died 
in or about tbs jesr IS30, when the Codnor estate derolTod to Sir John Zoueh, who had 
manied Etiiaheih, bis buu. Tbe Codnor estate wu sold bj Sir Jobo Zoucb and Jolm 
Zonch, Esq. his heir apparent, in 1S34, to Ainfabiahop Nsile, and bis son, Sir FanL Their 
daseeodaut, Biduud NeUe, Esq. sold the manor and casUe of Codnor, with its membeta— 
Heanor, LoMoe, and I«nglej..and the manor of Codnor Park, in 1693, to Sir Strensham 
Masters, who wss hi^ shsriff in ITlii, and aoenpled Codnor Castle. On the soDth it had a 
large eqoue ooiir^ with two entrances into the castle ; on die east side was a broad deep 
moat, and on the bank ^w a doable row of trees, which were cut down atiout 110 jrears ago. 
The park belonging to the oastle contained about 3,200 k. of land. It Is said baa boases, 
wilfa other conveDimt bofldings, were raised with Oie materials cdleoled (torn the ruins of 
the old castle. The Cromlbrd canal here joins the Erewash canal, and a railwsj to the aouth 
commDoieatee with the eoDieties in the neighbourhood. The Butterltg Iron Compimy have 
8 blast fumscee here, and steam power equal to 550 horses, and gire emplojmeut to a great 
number of persons hi the smelting and msnnlkctaring of iron, and in the coUeties ; and Mr 
Joseph Bourne has ■ manufactorj of stoneware bottles, Ita. A market is held at Codnor on 
Samrdaj for die eale of prorisions. 

ALDKacAS HaLt, a pUasani mansion erected in 196B, was a seat of the Bartons. Tbs 
Hilnes tbrmerl; possessed it in 1T12- It is now the seat of the ReT. John Smith, who 
married one of the eo-beiresBes. Ooldbs Villit, a small Tillage 4 miles S.E. finn 
AMreun, iabatutsats priiiBipal]; colliers. STonTvann Colliebi, 2^ milee from Codnor, is 
dupropertj of Jamae C. BoTston, sen. Hard and soft coal of good qoili^ an got here. 

Booth Abraham, book-keeper 

T, and Denbg 
Bowne Peter, man^. Inm ub. 
BaUetlej Co. iromnuters and 

eoal owners, toA BuluHtj/ 
Dajkin Samuel, farmer 
ElnorBd.TiskllBrigation Inn, 

bntsh. dc9oo.<laUen vallej 
Famiwuilli John, eonuable 
Flelehei John, ticI. Boat Inn 

Fletcher Jno. flmr.fitoNcjt/bnl 
Ooodwin John, (knoer 
Goodwin Humpbrej, potter; 

HeanlejWm. common brewer 
Knight John, boek-keeper 
Biehardson Thomas, fsimer 
BoberlB John, tob. pipe mkr 
BojtioD Jib. C. oiillieT; owner 
Boyston Jis. C. jnn. manager 

Smilb Ber. John, AUercar halt 

Btsiland i rthn , fainvr 

Wallis James, beertipose 

Wallis Joaepii, fsnner 

Wallera Jas. tinea and woollen 
drqier, battsr, British 
wines, & bearM proprielor 

Walters Jas. bearhouBr,Waafl, 

Wspllngtnn Rd. boak-kerprr 



CRICH, an extentiTg pniili put)7 In the Horieilsa>adUlchiiTch,paKl;inlh«Seu*dde 
nnd putly id the Wirkiworth haudnds. It Mmtmiu ihc lowiuhip of Oiich in Morieabm 
■ad lilflbiuoh, the townifaip of Wcnio^ton in Scandile, taiA the hamlet of Tanalej in the 
Wilfenniith hnndnd The mliTe parish eontaias 6,180 anna of land, rieh in minenda, and 
of every nrietr of loiL BaleaUa talne, £4,881. Population in ISO], 1,413; in 1831, 
2,21B ; in letl, 3,608. A picKiimqne diatflct of iobj hilla and deep vaUiea. At the 
Nmnan ear*e7 die manor balosgsd to Balph Fiti Hsbert, from whom it panad to the 
FMcherllle'a. 8iritog«T6elR*, vhodiadaeiitti of Itin lS80,leA2 daaf^tera,«ho poaMHsed 
it inmoietie*; bnl the whole nltimaldj dentred to the daorodanta of Sir Bobert de 
SwiBlBftoa. who married the elder; it afteiwarda paaaed to Balph Lnd Cromwell, wbo in 
Oie reiga of Hamy VI. aold the rerervton to John Talbot aoaaad Earl of Shrewabnry. On 
the deaib of Qilbert Eari of gbnwebarr in UU, it was divided between hie daoghtva and 
caheireiaea, the Coantesiei of Kent, Pembroke, aad Amnd«l; ainoe lAiob time it iiaa been 
•old to larieaa pereons. 

CRICH, B lowaahip aad eonaiderable Tillage pleasantly litnated at the cross of roads from 
AUrelon to Crom&nd and Wiricaworth, 9 milea W. b. &. from Alft«ioa, 1 duIbb S. E. bom 
Ctombnl, ibA 5 ailee N. bom Helper. II oontaine 3,TT0 acres of land, 677 honses, and 
3,010 inbabitanle, of whom l,8Ki were males and 1,^73 fem^ei. The land ia bnllold,*iid 
owned b; many indiTidasls, Earl ot Thanet, F. Hort, Esq., 8. Travis, Esq, and maaj others 
are lords of the manor of the hlwrtj of Crich, Ibr which Jolu Cbaris, Esq. i» (be Steward 
of the HHnt le«t and eotut boniD wiihb) the manor and liberty of Ctieh, and holds a c«nM 
at Cridi for the hearii^ of complaints, and settling diapnte* relating to Qie Dune*, 
■eccading to the BOiliHa of the Ilbeny ; Mr. Joseph Mather ii barnasMr. The Cbiircb, St 
MichaeTs, was i^ipropriated to Derley abbey, by Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby. It is a 
Tiearage, veined in ttie Kin^e booka CO Itta. lOd., new £BS, haa been angmented with £200 
benefiutions, £200 Qnean Anne'* bonoty, and £000 padiamrality gnat. Sir VoUtao 
WtHongjiby Dixie, Barl, ia the patron. Sir B. WilmoL the impx^riator, and the Bev. Thoa. 
Carsoo, BjU the inoainbeat. Tli* ehmch, a handaome strnctun, aitoMad on a oonunaiidiog 
eminence, has a nave, chancel, and two aide aisbs, with a lower and & belli, and Ibrmeriy 
bad 2 chantries in it. The Vicarage is a neat modem booae a Unit west of tLt ehnrch. 
The HBlhodisla have a handsome chapsl bare, and one at Wbratoroft The Primitive 
Methodiels occupy a room creeled by the Independent Friendly Society in 1633, and they 
have also a chapel at Frilchley. The Independents also liave a handsome ebsjpel at Fritohley, 
erected in 1841, of which the Bev. Wm. Christie is the pastor. CriiA school, the property 
of Robert Lee, Esq., of Dimple honae, was oocopted by Mr. J<^ Waljiei Ibr about 00 yean, 
li now in Ibe occopation of Ifr. W. Walker, B.A. 

This was fbrmeiiy a market town, and still haa 2 annnal fairs, on Lady-dq, and on Old, when the feast Is held. The inhabitant* an principally employed in the 
lead minee and lead works, in the limeatoo* qnames and lime-bnnuiig, and partly in the 
boiicry trad^ here being aboDt SO framee. CriA CHff maa*, known by the name* of 
Olory, Peanon'B venture, and Wakebridge, with several olhras in the neighboiuhood, have 
been the raoet prodnelive of any in Cbe conn^ for the last 80 jeara, and oDe-ninth ii given 
CO the lords of the manor. Vf. B. Nlghtingal^ Esq., receives one-aialh of the ore raised at 
Wakebridge mine a* Imhit, Ueaan. Waii and Cox are leasees. Oalamiae ia got at BonaaU 
end In flu> aeigfabooriiood, bnt apeltN having superseded it, the mines are very little WOTked. 
The Ridyvaf tough, (Mm Crich elilT to the river Derwent, clears the Orich cliff minee, aikd 
a steam engine of 00 hone*' power pomps the water at the Wakebridge mine into this 
songh. They abo have an cDgine of 10 horsea' power to draw and crnih the ore. 
SlttT^raak tough, I mile N. from Whatetandwell lirldgB, rune In a weitwai^y direetnn 
towards the rich mining field near the town of WirkiwotA. It wae commenced in 1TT3 by 
a company of adventaren. It is sow in the hands of 400 diarebtddets of £50 each, which 
are now at a preminio »f £30 per share. When oomplelwl It will be aboat 2} nDaa !■ 
tength, the average height Oft and 4ft wide. It* et^l la to drain the water b«m Ibe lead 

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tniiict. It bti •btiar coat ;e70,000, and ii eatimBled to omi £3,000 mon. Tha praprielon 
an ineoiporaled,iinder m tat ot pwUimnit pused SIil June, IMl, «lueb enable! tbem to 
niaa lolls for Ibe mainuiMiica Iberaof, and bj irbieb tbe; an enabled to take an; poitioD ot 
tbe on not excMding one-iixtb. The abafl li now, (1933), drawing np di«Biaini<l trom a 
depth of 211 yards, b; a ataam engine of 10 honea power. There an smelting fdmaees at 
Bouall, Lea, and Meetbrook Lead works, with red lead manoficlorieB, and rolling mill* at 
Lealeadwoiki and BonsaU. CrieA iSlon^ half a mile N. from Ctieh. It Maude on vetj high 
ground, and ttom its top a prospect ii obtained sitending over aereral counties, and it ia 
said into Wiles. Il is tha proper^ of F. Hurl, E*q. 

Crich Linu is noted for ita iDpeTior qnali^. The Butteitej Iron Compaoj bare exIansiTe 
quarries, and Oeorga BIcpbenson ft Co., at tha CliS; have eitensiTe works at Bull Bridge, 
near the Ambergale railway altlion. The ahme ii brought bmo Crish Clifi; on two inclined 
planes worked b; wirs ropei, one of which is supposed to be Ibe ateepestin Ibc kingdom ; it 
is 000 juda long, and rises about 1 in 10. Wiggona are let down b; a break aUuilied to 
a drum. The other, 600 yards long, riaes 1 in 3S, worked by a wire rope ioud d an boriiontal 
abield, about one mile ot railroad, and another inclined plane longer than either of the abore 
60 men an emyloyed, aided by a aleam engine of 10 horae power. The ssls of lime and 
■tone is 40,000 tons during Ibe year, which is continually increasing. Here an 30 kilns of 
between 30 and 40 feet in depth and II diameter, with canes SO feet high. O. StaTenson, 
Esq. the noted railwaj engineer, ia the principal proprietor, and with his accustomed biridnew 
and energy, is about to inenase his number by al least one half. 

Cbabitibs. — John Kirtiotxd, in the year 1362, left 40s. per annum, payable out of a farm 
called Wheat Croft, to the poor'of this parish for btct. Thia bim is the proper^ of Mr. 
Jamee Swettenham of Wood, and his tenant pays tha nnt charge. The amounl is diatribuled 
on St Thoma^ day. 

ilewl Charge. — It is noorded on a tablet in the ehnroh, that some peraon unknown gave 
Bb. B-year oat of Sheldon Pingle, which sum is paid by the owner, Samuel Slooks. on the 
2Iat of Deoamber, one moiety theraof to Ibe near and iiba other to the pariah officers, who 
diMrlbnte il on St Thomas^ day. Tun oAer rent charges an mentiDoed, but tbey hare been 
lost befiue the memory of any person now living. 

JVoncii Oiabome charity, (ue Bntdteji.) — The yesriy aitm of £0. lOa. is received by the 
near in respect of fbia, and laid onl In the purahase of Bannet and elMh, and giTen to tbs 

Tbe princ^ Tillages and houses, with thsir distances and bearing, in Crich, an— Salt 
BrUgt, 1( mQet 8.E. ; a Tillage and bridge OTer the Cromford canal, tha North Midland 
railwaj pasting dose on tha E. Hera an die eilansire lime works of George Stephenson 
and Co., and Curtis and Marrey's gunpowder magaliQa. — Coidi»gto», \ miles W. — Crick 
OoTT, t miles W.— CricA CKatt, 3 miles S.— JHfcUey, a small Tillage 1^ mites 8. on abranch 
of the Cromford canal. — Hat Factory, a small village } miles 8. Hen the Buttcriey Iron 
Company haTe eilensiTe limestone qnaniaa.— ffoJlomy, Nether and Upper, 3 milea M.W. 
ttom Crlcb, bnt principally in the liberty of Lea.— fort Btad, I mile 3.E., PUutote Ortm, 
1 mile N. (tarn Crich.— WaiebriJse Minf, 1 mile N.W. from Crieb. — WhaUaKdvell Bridgt, 
\\ miles W. sometimes called HoUloKdwdl, a small Tillage on the Cromford road, situated in 
■ delightfol Tale, with lofty eminenoes rising from the Derwent, well elolhed with trees, noted 
(bribe Bull's Head Hold, 3 miles 8.E. from Maflook Bath, fitted up with OTery aooommodatioii, 
and Tiailora to it an permitted to fiib in the Derwent.— Wheaterojl, a small pleauut village, 
3 miles N. tkom Crich. 

TANSLEY, a township, chapeliy, and village In the pariah of Crich and the WirkawoRh 
Hundred, If milea E. from Hatloek, b milea N.N-E. ttom Ciich, in the Bahewell Union, 
contains I,1M) acres of land, of which 0000 are unenclosed. Ill houses, and MO inhabitants, 
of whom 367 were males, and 38S ftoalea. A oollon mill was erected here at an eariy 
period, and bera ia now an eitensive smallwan manafkclory, and one for candkwiofc. This 
plaoe is noted tbr tbe sitensire and thriving nnrssry of Ur Joseph Smith, and Ibr a tagmax 

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gritBKMia for bnOding porposas. The Dnke of Portland is lord bF the manoi; Healhoota 
Uoiriit, E*q. Edward BadfoM, Eaq. Bct. Jolm Woollsj , and Mr Tfaomaa Shipter, an owners. 
A diabiot ehnnh waa erMied faer« in 1830, and opened for diiinc worsblp 1840. It ia a neat 
stone ■traetni* with a tower and pinnacles, contains 300 sittings, of which 120 are free. 
Tlie IMng, a pwpettul enrae; of the value of £107, hnlng been endowed, uid reoeived a 
partiamentuy grant Her. Hemy Smilh, incnmbent A handsome parsonage is to be erected 
near the ehnreh, at a eoM of £1,000, of which aom £fiOO is fiimiahad bj the commlaaionen 
fbr boildiug parsonage honaes, and £200 bj the society far the same purpose, the remahidar 
raind bj aobseripiion. A haadsome Ooiliic icfaool, with a honM for the master, has boen 
erected (thronghtheelertionaofE. Radford, Esq.) bjllie ineorporaUd soeleQ' for establishing 
schoolsi and opened la 18i3. It is principal!; sopported b; the ehildrem, who pa; ftom 2d. 
to Sd. per wsek, of irtiom abont 60 attend, with ocoasionaU; small grants fhnn the soeietj. 
The Methodists hare a neat chapeL 

The muiDr of Tamlcf , which belonged la the Knights Templars, and atlerwords to the 
Hosifltaners, is sapposed to hare been granted to George or Francis Earl of Shrewsburj, 
William Esri of Pembroke, who married one of the eo-heiresses of Gilbert Earl of SIirawsburT, 
sold it to William Earl of Newcastle, from whom it passed, with Bolsover and other estates, 
to his Oraee the Dnke of Portland. 

WESSINOTOK OB WA9RIN0T0N, ia a township and nllaga in the parish of Crich, 
pleasaullr sttnaled on an open green, and in the Soandale hundred, 3 miles N. from CKcb, 
3§ miles N.W. b; W. trom Alston. It coiiliina 1,250 acres of land. 112 houses, and S25 
inhabitants — of whom 203 are males, and 233 females. Mr. George Wragg, of Road Nook 
hall, which is situated in the liberty of Brackenfield, is the lord of the manor, freehold and 
principal owner. Hiss Hopkinson is also B considerable owner. The soil ia olaj. The 
Tillage contains about 90 stocking frames, and the Feast is the leeond Sunday in August. 
A lundaj school was erected by snbicriptioit io 1841, which ii ttow licensed as an Episcopal 
place of worship, and the tlcar of Crich officiates in it. At the Domesday survey, this 
manor was held by Lerine, under Balph Fits Hubert. It was giren to the monks at Deriey, by 
Balph Fits Odo, and GeoBWy de Constantino. KlngHenry VIII. granted it hi ISU to Tbos. 
Babington, Esq. fn 1011, Gilbert Earl of Shrewebury was lord of the manor; in lOitT it 
wu sold by the Eari of Arundel, grandson of one of his eo-hsiresses, to Richard Taylor and 

CwiaiTiKS.— H'unfn'f charity, (see Horsley.) The yearly sam of £1 Be. is received by 
this township, and distributed with 6s. &om Bean's ebarity amongst 19 poor hmilies of the 

BdiBord Ram, in ITSS gave to the poor of this township hslf a house and land vested in 
Thomaa Marsden, prodncing 5b. a yesr. 

WiiSam Sm, in 1TT2, gave land producing 10a. per annnm to widows not recei'ing parish 
rdieC It is paid by John Wood, In respect of some part of bis lands in Wcssington, and 
file amount given according to the donor's intention. 


Pom Omn.— Mr. Joseph Witham, PosfmaiUr. 

Letters arrive at o'clock morning, and ars despstobed at 30 mfnutes past 5 afternoon. 

Those marked 1, reside at Boll Bridge ; 2, Crich Carr ; 3, Cricb Chase : 1, Coddington; 
C, Cnlland; 6, Pritehley; T, Rat Factory; 6, Holloway; 6, Idndway Lane ; 10, Park Head; 
11, Plaistow given; 13, Tbnilow Booth; 18, Wikebridge; 14, WhatalandweH Bridge ; 15, 

Allsop Urs Lydia, Ct^wood I TButterleyCo.lime-stonequar I Csrtiedge Mra Eliiabelh 
Boden Wm. miner 2 Bulon Mr Henry 6. Christie Rev. Wm. Indep. 

Bowmer Jowpb, stone laadet I Carson Rev. Tbos. BA. rioar ' minister 


Couptr Mr luba 
(Jtinou Geurgr, niiiirr 
Daires Thos. coal denUr 
I Else Wm. corn miller 
Fletcher Mra P. 
S Ha; Robert, Cuitl whuf 
llBynea Mrs Rachael 
H«ilewood Mr Francii 
1 JoweK Jab, grit slone quart; 

1 MiiUi» Joph.buTTiaaterroT 
Cricb, ■ad lime and gan- 
powtlcr agent 

ftluli) JohD andClius. iron Uld 

U Niglitingale Maria 
PearsoD Pewr, lime burner 
I Foyscr Boborl, mtiltsler 
RecKerD Mrs. M1U7, T^e Halt 
Rutland Reuben, alone geUer 
lSailonJDha,Esq.UBJiBion hs 
Smith etas, gent, GrovehouK 
1 Slepbenson Geo. & Co, lime 

Stuolia George, hosier 
Tajlor Thoa. saddler and 

bnrneBa maker 
1 Tophftm Benjamin, cooper 
Travis Thomaa, Esq. 
I WebEtec James, canal agent 
WettoD John, parish clerk 
1:1 Whss & Cox mine lessees 
Webster J Binea, canal agent 
Wheatcrort Suml. boatbnilder 
Wheatcroft ThoB. com miller 
UWightmui Ann, bobbin mkr 
Young Rd. plumber, glazier, 

and painter 
Young Mr Samuel 

mm a TnEms. 

Black Swim, James Smith 
UBdU's Head, Ann Burley 
Bull's Head, DtJ. Towndrow 
1 Canal Imi, Phoebe Poysar 
Greyliouad, Joseph Roe 
Jovial Dnlchman, Joseph 

King's Anns, Bicbd. Young 
OReilLion, Wm. Sims 
Rising Sim, Eliz. Deelwick 
Wheat Sheaf, Chsrica Baker 
4 Wheat Uliraf. Joseph Sims 


fl Bam>tl William 
8 Btuton Ann 
3 Foster Joseph 
1 Holmes Williun 
Jackson Thomaa 
1 Masbe; William 
Roller William 
Seiems John 
3 Spencer Daniel 
Towndrow Thomaa 

13 Walker Fliiabeth 
Walker John 

8 Vonng Sarah 


6 Maykin Joseph 
Walker W. B.A. 
Wiglej Sarah 
With am Joseph 


Cooper Joseph, Forye 
Frost Wm. mineral. Cliff, 1 

Bridge hiU 
Jeffries James, lime works 
Summersidcs Thos. lime, 1 

Ambrr ffrove 


Bereaford Francis 

14 Bunting John 
Poyscr William 
Smith James 

Stubbing Thomas 


Bollington William 
Carlledge James 
Holmes George 
Poyser James 


Fritchle; Joseph 
Blunslone Fraoeis 

1 Henatock William 
Hieion William 

Smith R. W. and maltster 
Ta^or John 


Bowmer Tbomu 

1 Else WUUam 

Am at Thomas, Leaihaui 

3 Annable Joseph 

Bbcod John 

Baker Oharies 

Beatwick Henr7, Thorpe IMI 

Bowmer John, Bam clatr 

Bowmer Thomaa 

Bownes Oeoige 

BiTan John, Btnfi hill 

• Barley Ann 

Clajr Francis, High moor 

Collins. Samoel, /fagg 

i Cowlisbaw George 

e Else John 

11 Oreatniel William 

11 HaU Joseph 

10 Hajtahom John 
3 Hs} Robert 

la HiU George 

15 Hopkinaon John 

Hopkinson Wm. Mot/nrooil 

Learn Joseph 

Lee Robert, Dm^i hovie 

11 LoTsgrove William 
a Lndlow Samael 
Lynam George 

Marsden William 
ManbaU Mary, P<A fcoiue 
Marshall Wm. Edge moor 
N igh tingale John J/t. ;>kiunn( 
Porter WiUioni, Edge 

12 Poyser Hannah ' 
3 Poyaer Israel 
Sevems Jobn 
Shipston William 
11 Sims Joseph 

a Slack Charles 
Smith B. W. 
S Smith WiUism 

13 SpendloreQervase, TheH<dl 
Spendlore Isaac, HoUini 
Taylor Ann 

15 Tomrmson Martha 
Towndrow David 
10 WaU Jacob 
10 Wheateroft Oeoise 
Walker Gsorge 
Walker James 
8 Wheaioroft Hary 
la Teomans Thomas 



Fonuau Tbomaa 
Smith Fidler 


Sclimn Thomra 
Walker Tbomu 
Wlwalctofl DaTid 
Woollef Joseph 


Beudah Thos. aod druggist 

BoTtoD Jeremish 

Bmum John, and baker 

CocBujme Sunnel 

Lee George, and seedaman 

Les John W. 

Lee Thomas, and ehandlet 

Nigfaliiigale Jotrn 

Witbam Josepb, and dmggist 


Bridind Joseph 
Gmndy Anlhouj, Can- 
Hbtdss John 
Nightingale John 
WyreU Samwl 


Beardall Thomas 
Lee Thomas 

Bobanks Jaa. groc. & ohandlr 
Bown Anthony, blacksmith 
Bown Bower, rice. Gate 
Calov Francis, wood tamer 
Calow William, shoemaker 
Cook John, shopkeeper 
Croaslj John & Edwin, wood 

Crofts Jolu, selioolmuter 
FarosworUi John, bleacher, 

h. Mallock 
Famsworlh Bd. book-keeper 
Oregoi7 Benjamin .shopkeeper 
Hackett John & Son, aoiall- 



Bramlej 9amuel 
Flint Abraham 
6 Leun Edward 
3 Lee Joseph 
1 Badtord Samael 
Wheaieroft Thomas 



Britland Joseph 
Sbepslone William 


HaU T. W. 



Bunting Robert 
JpDldnaon WiUiam 
Smith Franois 
WeltoL Jams!! 

WHEEiwneHTs. m. 

Learn Samuel 

Belper, Chse. Jackson, Sal 
Derb;, Ralph Pojser, Ftidaj 
Wirfceworth, Bainbridg* anil 
Topham, Tuesday 


Frvm Ih4 BalCi H^ad JIpM. 

Mail to ManstaeBier, 10 x.m. 
idloDerbj9 f.h. 

Champion, to Hanohester, 3'l 
min. past 10 i.H. and to 
Nottingham at 'JO minuleii 

Peak Oaide, to Amber Gau 
at Vi noon, and lo Baxton 
at 30 mln. paat i- p.m. 

Omnibaa to Amber Oate 'and 
Matlock, 1 limes n-iUj 

Hibbeit Qeorge, book-kccpr 
Potter John, mason 
BaJford Edw. Eeij. tfood 
Radford John Sc Sana, caud 

wickmanulre. TaHsleymillg 
Shiplej Thomas, clerk 
Slack William, beerhonsc 
Smith Ker. Uent^.incimibcnl, 

9milh Joseph, 
Smith Samuel, dyer 
Spenoer William, shoemaker 
Thatcher John, shopkeeper 
Twigg Thomas, licL Georgir 

and Dragon 

I Haslem William, Tiel. Three j Kuowles Mr Robert 

Horse Shoes Laos William, aboemajier 

] HodgsonJBS.wheelwTt.ilnMil> I Lillcy John, Ihnwk. kniller 


BowD Bower 

Fox lunes 
Fox John 
llicklm WiUiaui 
Lonws Jobu 
Stalej George 
Spencrr Job 
Twigg ThoniH!. 
Twigg WiUiam 
WatU Daniel 
Wellon Oeorgp 



Monntnaj Ju. ibopkeeper 
Mobh Muk, frunewik. knitter 
B«w*aii Thom**, abi^eeper 
TajloT Junes, Tict. & bntcbcr. 

Hone and Jockey 
Tajlot Tim. boot & ihoe mkt 
Wheatcroft Wm. sboemaker 

and bMrhoow 



Bansall Hatha* 
BijBU Matthew 
Camm Malliew 
Fol John 
OoodwiD William 

ManhiU Elitebctfa 
BawKiD Wmlam 
Simi Charlet 
White Joseph 
Wragg Edward 

UAIiE ABBEY, an Mbv-parochial townihlp, village, and cbapeli?, T miles E. bj N. from 
Derby, containi 1,760 acres of land, partly clay, sand, and mar); 94 houses, and 100 
Inbabitanls, of whom IB8 are males, and 202 are bmalea; ollha rateable ndue ot £l,flIT ISs. 
Population in 1801, 414; 1831, 407. The chapel is an ancient and eoiioui stmciure. 
A (huDework aciesn dirides the ohspel into two parts, baring a gallery extending over three 
parts of Ihs body. It has a smaU tunet and one bell, and ■oeiently (otmed part of a public 
house. It is in the jDiisdictlon of the nunor and pecnliar court of Dale Abbey, of which 
Eari Stanhope is lord, and holds a court teet annually, the principal owner, and appoijtla the 
mlnlBUr. Tlie Ber. John Oarton Howard, Tboiaas Patea, E«q., W. D. Holden, Esq., R T. 
Bateman, Esq., C. L. H. Masters, Esq., and Mr. Joseph Stevens, are aloo owners; and IS*. 
^b.20p. belongs to Risley school. The Tillage is situated in a valley, bating a lofty range of 
hills on the south, commanding extensive views. In 1849, a large room to the use of the 
Odd Fellows wsa erected. The houses are mostly of brick and thatched. The poor have 
the benefit of the school founded by Bar. Jfdin Seargill, at West HaiUm, am] of that at 
BiBley, by Mrs. Elizabeth Grey, 8 children being allowed to go tree. About CO children are 
taught in a suuday school, Here was an abien af PnrnotutraUntiatt ouoni, of which there 
remains the arch of the east window of the abbey, 16 feet wide and 40 feet from the 
ground to the keystone. It was repaired a few yean ago. A small portion of the cloialera 
remains, and forms part of the bouse and premises of William Wheatley. The history of 
Dale Jbbcf relates that Ralph Fits Germnnd, Lord of Oekbrook, discovered in his woods, 
while hunting, a hermitage, which it is said by the legend waa conatmeted by CohmUub, a 
baker, of Derby, who had a anperaatoral call tlrom the Virgin Mary, to spend the remainder 
of his life in soUtude and religious servicea at this place, then called Depedale. Being moved 
with compassion at the hermit's appearance, he gave him the site of the hennitsge, and d>e 
lilhe of bis null nt Buigh, (Borrowash), for his support. Serlo de Grendon, who married 
Balph Fitz Germnnd's daughter, gave Depedale to his godmother. He afterwards, with bar 
consent, iovited canons from Calke, and gave them Depedale. These canons having been 
removed for their miscondnet, some white canons of the PremDnstralension Order repaired 
thither, and to them the psik of Stanley was given, when the monastery obtaiued the name 
of "De Parco Stanley," by which it was at that period generally known. Theie is a 
legend, that (he Ung gave the canons as much land as ihey could encircle in a day, with a 
plough drawn by deer ; and this story is represented on the windows of Morley church, 
which are snppoaed to have'been removed from Dale Abbey. These canoos, nevertheless, 
not having sufflcient means tor their support, relomed to Topholni, whence Ihey came. 
William de Orsndoo, Lord of Oekbrook, supplied theb place with canons from Welbeek, bat 
they also soon deserted the new monastery, forwent of auffleient sustcuance. Geoffrey de 
Salicosa Mare, having procured an esublisbmeDt of 9 canons, bom Mewbouse in Lincoln- 
shire, they were admitted into Ibe Fremonstratention Order, and settled at the new monastery 
in Stanley park, and being more fortunate than their predecessois, met with liberal 
benefactors, who bestowed upon tbem lands of considerable value, and lbs advowsona of 
Heanor, Ilkeston, and Kirk Hallam. This last foandation took place about the year 1301. 
The abbey was surrendered to the crown, 1089, when their revenues ware ealimaled at 
£1U 4s. per annnm. Willis s^ that it was surrendered by J<^ui Stannton, the last abbo^ 
and 16 monki ; but it appears by tfar commissioners' aeronnts of that date, that Jobfi Beds, 

.;, Google 


the l«at •bJMI. had • pmtfon «f £30 18i. Id., tad 
FnnoiB Pola, Etq^ who IhMi took poMmion of Ihi 
andsr Ilie cioim, ponluMd Ihi klbr, cnioifij 

tu^ ud all th« Ut< and 
Tfar oonTiTod il 

oiKUi, gnra 
dtid Btock. la IHA, ha tud ft gnnt of tha abbe; In ba, itod Ihe m 
Bir John Fort,ona of ch> JiiMiee> of the king's bench. DowrtbT, one of hi« wm'a eo-hokoi—, 
brought it lo her biubuid,Sii'Q«otgeHuUag*. SirHeaiTWllloD^bj.ofBulBj.pnnhMcd 
the eitala of the repi w entatiTe of Sir Oeorgs Haslingi, who m* aflenrHdi Ead of 
HtuKingdim, and di»d in 1003. Sir Henir WiUooghbf hating left thraa dau^tsn, 
co-beireBua, one of whom left no istoa, the mamv of Dale and the ahbrj demaatua wan 
held in moiaEiaa bj the noble (imilj of Orej, and that of Dewea, into whiab the other 
eo-heinaaes manied. One moietj of the estate wu pnioliaaed, 1716, b; the trniiees of 
Philip, then late Eail of Obesleifleld, of Sir SjmoD Dewea, for hia son Akzander, folher of 
tlia Brat Eari of Stanhope. The other moletj vaa pnichaaed, 1776, of the Eail of Stamford. 
The berautage u a sboil distanoa S. from Hit obOTcb, It is a large aicaTation ia the rock, 
banng a rode doorway and two windows. In Maj, ISib, two orena or kilna were diaooversd, 
on the prenliea of Ur. Williain EolUngwoilb. The; were used br the balunff of teeselatsd 
bricks, sereral of which ware foimd in them. The Hathodiata iune * diqxl, which waa 
nearly daatroyed by &re in 1B14, bat has been rebuilt. The Feaat is on Iba Snnday batore 
Oth NDTewber, or that day if Snnday. 

Cauinu.— The poor of Dale abbey are enliiled to partake of the benefit of Bmtdltft 
alma' hoosea, Dkaaton ; of the aehool at Weat Hallam, foonded by the Bn. Jotm BtargUi ; 
and the school at Bislay, fbnnded by EUxabeOi Orag ; /or particulart, ai plaeti lumtJ. 

BacUwdWm. nillei, Bardock 

Grandy Josej^ tailor 
HaUam Joseph, gameke<{>er 
BartahoEQ Zaoeh. ahoeulcr. 
HollingWDith EliMbetb, vicL 

Carpenter'a Arms. 
HoUingwortb John, wheelwr. 
HolUngworth Uaty, shopkpr. 
Potter John, com mUlei 
Sbepperson Blapben, sbopkr. 

Cat and Fiddle 
Smith Chas. sboemaker 

Sneqi Step, eaipenler, Cat & 

Spencer Saiah, ficb Stanhope 

Wheatley Williain, thopkeep«r 


Canner Wm. Locko Orange 
Chandler Ann, Haj^ tUm 
DaiercU John 

Drayoott John, Stanley Omga 
Hanoook Thoa. Boya Grange 

Holliagworth Wm, 

Ling Bichard, Burnt wood 

Uooiley Joseph, Little Hay 

UorreU Samuel 
Shepberdaon Ilia* Eliwbelh, 

Sierans Hannah, BoyaQrange 
Slerena Joseph, Locko Orange 
Walker Wm. Hagg 
WinrowJohn, Pomace 
Wiurow Wm. 

DEKBT is a Bonaidewble parish and *ilUge, mostly of thatched bonses, 3} mQea S J!, b E. 
from Belper, oontaioa 2^00 awaa of dtj land, 320 honses, and 1,338 inhabilanls, of whom 
694 are males and 6U females ; the rateable loloe <C3,TiO. In 1801 Oie popnlatiDn was 361, 
and in 1881 it was ifilZ. Richard Lord Orey of Codnor in tba eighth year of Edward UL 
obtained a charter for a market at Danby, with a fair on the ere and natiTity of the blessed 
Vii^, these are obaolele, a feast is kept on the flrsl Snnday in Sepieiobar. The church an 
ancient simetnre is dedicated to St Maiy, le a perpetasl ooracy Talned in the King's books 
al£0, now iC 109, has been endowed with £200 benefactions, JilOOQaeen Anne's bonn^, and 
£1,200 pariiamenlary grant William Draxj Holden, Esq. is Ihe'patron, prineip^ owner and 
lord of the manor, Ae Bar. Joseph Mockler is Incumbent, ■ paraonage boose Is piorided 
by tbs patron ; Sir Bobiut Wilmot, Bart, is imptoprialor. The Methodists bsTc a neat stone 
cb^Ml, erected in 1641 at a eoet of £700, which will seat 100 persons. Denby is noted for 
Its coal, and considered gensrally not to be intpassed in the kingdom, and superior malting 
Dokea are made. The lord of the manor works the eollieiiea, and hae one at Uarehay in 
in which several hundred peraons are employed, aided if steam engine* of 280 hones' 
power. In one part the coals are eonreyed 600 ysrda onder fionnd, bom the workings to 




di« BhaA. Thsn ue lix milM of gangway, including tbml lo Elelper wharf, besidea tuing li 
mil*! belonging lo Ihe Dttbj canal vmaptaj. Then is a wharf in Denbj, bewdea which 
■eienl olhera in die neigfabonihood ace well aappUed. Excetleut bricka aie made on ihis 
estate. This pariih ia alM noted tor ita manntaetnie of alone boUlaa, jan, and figured 
wai«t of all deaoiiptlona, near Smtib j bonwa, bj Mt. JoKph Bonme, who haa siinilar worlu 
*t Codnor Fail. From the doaenan of the mture of Ihis Titrifled da;, Ihrae U no neeil 
for die pemldoiu mineral ^law* too generally nied in the mannfaclnn ol snch uticles. 
They an warranted not to absorb Uqaid aeida. This plwe Is idso pwtienlariy noticed as the 
birthplBee of John Flamalaad, a eelsbrated mitfaemalician and astronomer royal. He was 
b<an in IIUO, and died at Qreanwleh in 1T07.— (3es Eminent Men.) FlmOtad Aowc is 
ebont 1 mUe S.B. &om the Tillage. Hr. James Shaw, of OpeHwood gait. If mileaSJi. froai 
Bdper, has a btewerr, and hia rlildeueeia a Tecy andenl building, and can be traced to the 
the time of Queen Anne, and is probably much older. It now belongs (a Hr. Shaw. 

SiiiTHT Honsaa, on the Derby and Al&elon road, 1} miles S.W. from Denby, where Hr. 
Edden's offices are in which is shewn a small portion of a piece of coal got ia 1190, and 
taken by Thomas Noon, of Eorsley, and pnt into his oeUar, and of whioh be desired a Are 
might be made on the day of his funeral, which happened in 1B43, and the coal then bnmed 
a* oheerftilly as lhon|^ It had been ftssb got The old man had been in Ihe employ of Hr. 
Holden and hie anceltors opwanls of TO years, with but ten inlennieaions. A charity school 
waa fbnnded here by llrs. Jane Uasssy, abont the year 1T39, with lands now prodacing £37 
per atutnnt. The master has a house and garden. 33 childreo of both aexea are educated 

OaABiTias. — Jiuie Mattu, by will, in 17SS, left eertaln sume of money for procuring 
Qneen Anne's bounty for the parish churoh of Denby, and the lealdue towards erecting aud 
endowing a free ecbool in Denby. In 1838, land cousietlng of S8x. 0«. ISr. were conveyed 
to tmsleea for the nee of the echool, let for £47 10s. The school premises consist of a 
dwdling-honse and garden oconpied by the echoolmaster, who has 30 guineas a year, and ao 
allowanoe ot tiS tOT providing a person lo teaeh the giris to knll and sew. 23 children of 
the pariah are taught reading and writing tnt, and the giria knitting and sewing. Books 
are iworided Ibr Ihe scbolan, and on lesTlng achool If they bare behaved well are famished 
with a bible and prayer-book. 

Mary Lave, ai stated by the parUameDtaiy returns of 1T86, gave lo poor widows £1 per 
annnm, arising Ironi land then Tested in Henry Qreatom, be miliam Dmiy Lowe, Esq., 
who purchased the estate about ITM, states his grandmother waa one of the co-heiresses at 
the said estate, but that ehe sold her dilrd part of ll, and that he never heard of any charge 
for charitable purposes npon Ihis estate. 

fVouii OiiWne'tcAaWfy,— (see Bradley.) The yearly sum of £> lOs. leceived by the 
incumbent, li expended In doth, which ha dislribntea to Ihe poor. 

II, J 

urfad I, reri& at Oolk^; 3, CoflDWHa; %,flamatei 
COpautoodgiOe; 1, Oprnwotd lame ; 9, Bed 

II AbeU WiUiam, bl»ekaii!th 
AbeU Jane, shopkeeper 
Barber Benjamin, beerhouse 
Bonme Jph. stoneware menu. ■ 

taotoier, The Pottery 
Briggs Cfaariss, bailiflb 
7 Browne Qeorge, butcher 
Else Jamea, batcher 
G Fletcher Wtn. lict. Black 

Bnll'a Head 
II Holden Wm. Drury, Esq., 

eoal-maaler (fc brichmaker. 

h. Locke park 

II Hunt Daniel, vioL Lowe'i 

Arms and Dnion Inn 
II Hogg Thomas, shopkpr 
Hogton Ralph, butcher, shop- 
keeper, constable, collector 
of rates ^highway surveyor 
1 Hunt George, shopkeeper 
Mockler Bev. Jph. incumbent. 

The Parsonege 
Parker Fletcher, butcher 
Parker Samuel, shopkeeper 
Pym Benj. colliery agent 
Bedford Cfaarics, mallalet 

house; i,Highpark: b.OU 
a, BobeyfeU; 10, Bye-field; 

Sharpe John Bawley,bookpr., 
eoUeclor of aaseased, land, 
and inoome lasea 
11 Shaw James, brewer 
Slanson Dvd. echlmr. & p. rlk 
I Vallance John, bladumith 
3 Weston Bd. vicL Bull'a head 
Weston George, jraner 
Wood Biebard, seiton 
3 Woodhmue Wm. shopkpr 
Yeomans Daniel, postman 


Jph. Fisher, to Derby, W. fc F. 


Abell Juie 
AbeU WiUiuii 
Buber Bei^uuiu 
Bubcr Octaritu 
T Brown Oeorge 
Catu WillUm 
EI«e James 

FUlclier RiJpli 
Fletcher Robert 
U HdhI Daniel 
i H&rnea Fraoola 
Hemiiigwaj Jobn 
II Hogg Thomas 
lloglon Ralph 

Si Moore .fn.(common)| Smith John 
Parker Fletcher 8 Smith Win. 

Fo>miIldlChju.(HaU) Spsndlove George 
Radford Charles WeeiOD Sunoel 

RiohardBon Edward 2 Woodhoiue Wm. 
10 Slater Rebecca 3 Woolley Samuel 

Smiles Sarali ' 8 Yeomane James 

EGOINTON, piri»h and considerable weU-bnflt Tillage, 1^ miles N.N.E. from BoHon-npon 
Trent, and 7 mUes W.S.W. ftvm Deibf; eonlains 3,361 a. 3b. SIp. of lend, rich loam, 10 
faooMs, and 3T1 inhabiUnta— of whom lB4>ro males, and 190 temalea. InlBDl.Seo, 1S31, 
Sai inhabitantB ; rate&bis Talae, £3,707 14s. Sir Henry Etctj, Bart, is lord of the manor 
and principal owner. Thomas ThMnhiU, Esq., Repton Corporation, Richard Bennett Godwin, 
Sir Richard, Bnrdett, Bart, and A. N. E. Hoeele;, Eeq., are owners. The Trmt and HerM; 
canal occupies 9I«. 2b. HOf., and the Birmln^un tailwaj 13 acres, with a few other amaU 
beebolden. The riTsr Dore passes throngh this parish, and is oioseed by a stone bridge of 
Gnir arehes, ciUed the Monk's Bridge, onths Derb; and Bnrton-on-Trent road, whieb is also 
(he Skenield street, or Roman road ; soon after which, at the sonth eltremit; of the parish, 
the Dore has its conflnence with the Trent The Trent and Mersej canal, which was 
completed ia IT70, crosses (tie Dove by an aqueduct of 13 onbes, near Hooks bridge, aboat 
half a mile east, ftom which the Birmingham railway also crosses the Dove, by a bridge 
constructed of wood, and has two piera to break the force of the water. The church dedi- 
cated to St. WObid, is a rectory, valued In the King'a books, £S 3s. Sfd. ; now £495. Sit 
Henry Eieiy, Bart., E. S.C. Pole, and Joseph Leigh, Esqis., are patrons— ths two former 
hariug two preaentments, and the latter one. Re*. John Leigh, incomboit The church, an 
ancient Gothic Mmcture, with Da*e, chancel, side aisles, neat low tower and three beUa, and 
contains sereral monuments to the Every family, and teverol neat tablets for other persons. 
The hall was destroyed by fire, in 1730, and soon afterwards rebuilt. It is a neat brick 
manaion, with a stone balustrade loand the parapet, haa a circular centre with a dome lighted 
from the top, pleasantly situated on a small park of about SO acres, the seat of Sit Henry 
Everr, Bart In March, 1644, there was a battle on Egginton Heath, between the rojaliata 
and Sir John QelTs fbrees, commanded by M^jor Uolanusand Ci^tain Bodes. The royalist* 
aie said to have been defeated and driven aoroaa the Trent 

The manor of Eolibtckb, irtiich had belonged to Tochi, was at the Doneeday inrvey 
hdd by Axelin, undei QeofiMy Alselin. William Fiti Ralph, founder of Dole Abbey, gave it 
to hia nephew William d^Grendon, in exchange fbr Stanley near Dale Abbey; ttom him it 
paMed by marriage to Sir John Chandoa, upon the death of whose descendant Sir Jobn 
Chandoi, tbe oelebrBtedwarrior,inlS70,amoieQ of the manor passed to his niece Elizabeth, 
danf^ter of Sir John Lawton, and wife of Sir Peter De La Pole, who was ons of the Imif^la 
of (h» ahite in 1400. Enaetrnde, the other eO'beiresB, married Sir WiUiam de Stafford, 
whoa* son Boberl left five daughters co-heiresses; in consequence this moiety became 
dirided into aeveral shares. These having been re-nitited by purchase, were veated in the 
family of Latlibnry. A co-beireaa btoaght this moiety to Robert Leigh. On the death of Sir 
Henry tiietgh, of Egginton, in the reign of James I, this estate passed to his daughter and 
co-heiress Anne, married to Simon Every, Esq., of Chard, In Smnersetshire, who was oreuled 
a baronet In 1G4I. The manor of Hargale, tbrmeriy called Heath House, is supposed to be 
a portion not panted by William Fiti Ralph to his nephew ; ii was subsequently purchased 
by the Leighs. 

Thomat SagbHry, In ITS3, devised to Thomas Middleton and his heirs, a close in 
Blaekforby, in the county of Leicester, called Sinathonie, and all other his lands there. In 
trust that he should lay oat S3a. yearly, viz ; Is. every Sonda; in 13 penny loaves, to be pnt 

,M_f:i by Google 



upon ■ ahdf in IliB pariah chnnh orEgginton, to b< distributed b; On parish clerk to 13 
persons u the tnutees should qtpoint, that efaonld come to ohnrob imd raceivs them, and 
to pa; to the clerk Os. jetitj for his troable, and that a stone shonid be set u^ to tecotd the 
charil7, Ik. The Hon. M. Shirley, the owner of the Bstat«, remits (he mone; to I£r. Wm. 
Smith, of Tutbuiy, who tranamita it to the churchwarden* of the parish, and it is distribnted 

WUIiant Nfvton, in 1820, being daairoaa to make a proTiaion . for die poor of his native 
town, nansfemd to Aablon Nicholas tSattlr, and Thomaa Thoraevill, Eaqrs., and their 
heirs, &c., £2,000 three pet cent bank annuities, npon tmsl to receive the dividends and 
appl]' the same amongst all the poor, Ifcc^ as the; ihoold consider proper ol^eets, &e. The 
dividends, £60 per annimi, an received baU-jearty, and disaibuted b; At trasleet shortly 
aflerwBida, in sanuvarylnjibom £1 to £1, preferese* being given to sneh as are aged- A 
aum of £10 10a, has beea laid oat in emoting a nwDomental tablet in the church to Iha 
memoi? of the diwior. 

EooisTOBiJin fioLLBSTOH Cbd»ch Luid, with some allotiiienlB at theendosute, oonsiats 
of 3^ aa. 2flF., let tot 69i. per annom, which is divided eqaslly between this paridi and that 
of BolleslMi, in StafToidshirs. 

FiuiisH Laxiis.— Beside the above, thcK was a fans containing UTa. Ir. Tv^ whioh 
lands war* aUolled npon the Egginton enetosnie, about 1791, in lien of lauds diaperaed in 
the comnum Selda; the tnu of which waa alw^a carried to the general accoont of the 
poor. Abont IBOO, Ibe tkim wae aold la Sir Henry Every, BarL, for £1,131 19s. ; of whioh, 
£1,000 waa lent on mortgage, and Qh residne, with a small addition made by the paridi, on 
the whole £443 Is. Sd., was applied in building a achool-room and eight cottages for the 
poor, on la. 3s. 30f. of land belonging the pariah. The interest is carried to the overieets' 

EToySii By. BarL Tbs haU 
Baldwin Sar«h, baker 
Baraea Jplr. tIoL Eveir Ama, 

sad tensr, Boiton road 
Bcmd Johs, tailor 
Brittoh John, ahoemakai and 

poBUnan to BUrton atS a.M. 

H^nea Uaiy, ahopkeepei 
Leigh Rev. John, rector 
Ung Julia, da; sehool 

Ung TbomBBr parish cleric 

Fries B^ert, gamekeeper 
Smadkr Wm. blaekamidi 
Tatham John, gardener. The 

Woodwajd John, tailor 
Woodward Thos. k Bobert, 



Archer Thconas 


Brondey George, Toad hole 

Chawnsr J«hn, Cooaga 

DiAen John 
Hodgklnson Joseph 
Htdlind Thomaa 
Jackson James 
Leva William 
Badford Thomas, smith 

Baldwin EliiabMh, to Barton 

on Thoraday 
Qickeh John, to Barton on 

^or. and Dertiy on nid^ 

ELVASTON, a smsll village and pariah, which contafau Qie hamlets of Ambaeton and 
Thariston, 4 miles 3.E.b.E. from Derby, contains 2,469 acres of land. 111 honsea, and MB 
inhabitants, ofwhom 240 were malea and STS'temales. In 1641, population 165 ; in 1891, 
OSS. Baleable value, £3,664. Earl of Hanington is lord of the msnor, sod owner of the 
whole parish except 00 x. and a smaU portion of ^ebe. Near lh« river it is a rich alluvial 
soil, and the other sandy, on a substiwnm of strong gravel. Choreh, 8l Bartholomew, ia » 
vlcarag« vahied in the king'a hooka £n, 3s. Sd. now £101) ; has been sndowed vlth £100 
benefactiona, and £400 Qneen Anne's bounty. This Biahop of Lichfield and the Earl of 
Harrington are altetnate patrons. The Bev. Frederick Hathaniel Hlghnore, M.A. incnmbmt 
It is ennonnded with trees, and nearly coveted with Ivy, ia a large ancient structure, widi 
nave, chancel, side aisles, iof^ pinnacled tower, and 4 bells ; a beantifal carrea oak acreea 
separates the chancel fMm the nave. Here ia a monnmeal of Sir John Stanhope, who died 
isl610,withhiBeffl(y in armonr, and that of his lady, vrith another to the eame family, also 
Mw to Charlea third Bad of Harrington, who died 11th September 1639, aged 70 year*. The 



shanh hid bato given to lbs priorj of Shstford, io NoltuiKhun-jLin, bt Rtliib lluiuljn iu 
foDDdsr ; wu gnnted Io Miohul Bunhopo ia ISUS. Tba manoia ot AlvoUtttan, 
EmboldatutK, uiil Tartyeiliou, which belongeJ. in tha reign of EdvHrd the Confessor, lo 
Towhi, were held il Domesday surrej bj Geuffrey AlseJin, whou descenduit, Huiselfn, 
broaght tbe manor to the Bardolfs. It atlenrardi belonged lo the runilj of Blount Lord 
Honn^oy, aod at a later period to the Stanhopes. Il was one ot the seals of Sir John 
Stwhope. Thomas SUnbope, Esq. of EItbsIod, gruiilson of 3ir John Stanhope the youngsr, 
had 3 ■ODSj William, the yaungBst, who sacceeded to the estate on the dealk of his elder 
brothers, haTing been employed io many important Qegocialions with foreign courts, was 
created a peer in 1T39, by the title ot Baron Harringlon. He afterwards twice filled the 
office of one of tha principal sscretarics ot slate, and was, in lT£i, created Viscount 
Felersbsni and Earl ot Harrington. 

ElBoiUnt CaiUe is a luge Qothic mansion, pleasantly aitualed in a well-wooded pork of 
about 110 ik,, the seat of the Earl ot Harrington. Ths present Earl has greatly enlarged, and 
beautified the groonds by the addition of plantations and shrubberies, in which neat lodges 
in the Chinese style have been erected for Ihe dameslics. Oa the E. is an arenoe of stately 
elms, about 1 mile in length, through which maybe seen the Gotham hills. At the soutbem 
entrance from the park lo the shrubberies, is the celebrated golden gales which originally 
belonged In Napoleon Bonaparte, and occupied a station near the royal palace at Paris. 
They wen purchased by hb Lordship, and were set np here in 1819. They are of wrought 
iron very ornamentally decorated with scroll work, which, with Ihe spear-headed points at 
the top, are richly gilt; on each side are corresponding iron gilt railings, each 48 teetlong, 
terminated by a large pillar of Derbyshire granite spar. On these pillars is Ihe Bgure ot 
Heicnles slaying the lion; he is in (wo attitudes ; parts of these are richly gill. The railings, 
sopports for the gale, are ubont 19 feet high, and of Birmingham manafactnre. 

In lOi.l, Elvattoa Ball, then the seat ot Lady Stanhope, was plondered by Sir John Cell's 
soldiers, who demalisbed a cosily monnment newly made tor Sir John Stanhope, and 
committed'great outrages in ihe family vault. Mra Hutchinson speaks of this as the act ot 
Sir John Cell himself, which oulrage seems lo hsTe led lo the siogular eient ot Sir John 
Gell marrying Ihe widow. Earl Stanhope eqjoyH the interior title of Bbtod Stanhope ot 
RiTaslon, and the Earl of Harrington's second title is Baron Hahon. The feast, nearest 
Sunday lo Sl BsTtholomew. 

AWBasroN, a hamlet and small weU-built Tillage, which mainuins its own roads, 1 mile 
E.N.E. from Elraslon. It contains SIO acres of land, mostly a strong clay marl, and I3T 
inhabitants. The Melbodists hsve a chapel, built in 1833. The feast, second Sunday after 
lath September. 

TBuatsTON, a hamlet and small village, which maintains its own roads, j mild S. from 
ElraslOD, contains about 960 acres ot good land, partly a clay loam and partly a light sand, 
and 3es inhabitants. It Is the largest of ihe 3 hamlets. Elvaston contains only 6891. 
TharidoK Qrangt, a neat house, is now the TJcarage, and ia imdergoing considerable 
alteralions, haring, with 3a. 2b. 39p. ot land, been eiohanged, in 1619, for the old Ticarag* 
aiid 3i. ot glebe, which stood near Ihe castle, and will be taken down. ti\ acres ot land 
eibiate at Drayrotl belongs lo the licarage. Mr John Soar has a loaf of bread in his possession, 
in good preserrotion, the dale upon il is April 13, 1150. It was giren as a dole at the 
funeral of one of the Stanhope family. There is a free lehool for 8 girls, and a Sunday 
■ehool of about BO children. Feast with Elvoston. In 1762 there were 631a. of open lands 
inclosed in the manors ot ElTaaton and Thnriatou. 

Wiliiam Piggin, citizen of London, by will, gave £faO to buy lands, the profits thereof to 
be yearly distributed amongst Ihe poor of Ihe 3 towns belonging lo Elvaston, by the cbtmh. 
wardens and some of his nearesi kindred therein inhabiting, and £10 mora as a stook, Ihe yearly 
proflts thereof to remain lo the di^rasera thereof, to be spanl in a drinking al Ihe diatiibntiaD, 
■nd with the monies there was purdnased a house and lands in Ihe parish of Spondon. By 
the award ot Spondon inelosure, 1789, several aUotmsnta were made to the tmsieea, Ac, and 
it was Maud Ihe tkrm-hous* was very dilapidated, and teverol ot ibe closes si a coo^i'lcrable 




iliaUnce, uid titU Ihe sud premises were not vorth mnre lo reol than jGGO p«r umtUD, but 
true Terj idruitageouslf aitnilrd for sale, irbirb, irilli thr conaent of the parUhioncn at a 
TcBtry meeling, vas aicordinf^ly done, lo Tariopa pqrchuen, amonntiog in the whole to 
jC!),iai.l29. dd. John Glover, in cansideTBtioDot £1,330, bjviitiie orapowerreaerred to biin 
by inilenlureg of lesae and release, dued 13lh and Ulk May ISIJ, and an indentore o( 
reotBaent, deled SIh Septemlwr 1821, cunieyed to Lord Felerahaia and others, and their 
beire, ■ furm-boDBe, &c. in Cossington, in Ihe caaaty of Leicester, end 14 closes thereto 
a^oiuing, and containing by aurray BOa. 3s. 13f. upon trust, Sec. John Qlorer has held the 
same as tenant since the tale, at the rent o( ^100 per annam, and with Wilcoi and Osboine'a 
charity, are cutied to one account, and tbe application is there staled. A brass plate was 
put np in the chnnh, with an inscription stating tbe particnlars ot the sale and purchase 
above mentioned, at a cast of £6, Bs. lOd. which, with law charges for deeds, sjid building a 
new bam. imouDled in the whole lo £251, Is. 3d. 

WUcoxCharilg, (.S'« -Si Prfer'f, Derfty.)— Tbe parish of EIiMlon is entitled to one fourth 
part of the charity, which produces in the whole £17 per annum. 

Jarob Otborne, by will 1712, devised all his farm and lands, tec. in ABton-on.TrenI, lo 
his iirotbcrs and executors, and their heirs, that they sbould yearly dispose of Ihe rents, &c. 
amongst so many poor persons inhabiting in Elvaslon, and iu such manner as ihey should 
think fit, &c. Tbe premises consist of two meadows called tbe Two Gates, and the Acres, 
containing 14a. and a pasture called Moor Close, containing 4i. and are let at the yearly rent 
ot £37, carried lo one fund with Ihe above chsrilics, and after the payment of espensas 
incnrred on scoount of tbe 2 farms, &c. a distribution is made amongst Ibe poor of the pariih 
as follows ;— Every month &om Oclober to May, the overseers malie a distribution not 
exceeding £10 in amount, in sums varying from la. to lOs. amongst Ihe poor. By thia 
ilislribulion, many are relieved «bo would otherwise apply tor pariah relief^ and there are also 
many who reeeive an addition to Iheir parocbial relief. 

llaitington Rt, Hon. Chaa. 

Earl of. The castle 
BaiTon Wm. gardener, The 

Chambers Thos. collar and 
harness maXer 

Stevens Jane, shopkeeper 
Wingfiald Aaron, carrier 
Derby on Friday 

Blackshaw, Hary & WiQiam. 

Pord John, vict Bricklayer's 

Arms, and bricklayer 
Foster James, baker 
Highmore Rev. Frederick 

Nalhnniel, H.A. Grange 
Hutchinson Mr John 
Ilulcbiuvra Mary, dsv !«-h<Hi) 

Edwards John, bonse steward 

Osborne Joseph, gamekeeper 
Payne John, bn tier, The castle 
WiUUMrs Haryjiousekseper, 

The castle 

Wingfleld John, bulchcr 


Alleslree Robert 
Brigga James 

Longman Thomas tailor 
Stanley Thos, blacksmith and 

vict. Three Horse Shoes 
Sturges John, shopkeeper 
Wall Thos. bntcb. & shopkpr. 


Cb ambers Humphrey 
Kerry David, Sc parish clerk 


Chambers William 
RnigbWn William 
Pearson 9amuel 
Severn Jonathan 
Severn William 
Webster Thomas 

Coxon William 
Morley Catherini 
Porter Mise Adah 
Smith Samnel 
Whyman Sarah 


Briggs Thomas 
Briggs William 
Pord Thomas 
Soar John 



UXLLAM (WEST), * parub, nnd well-bailt ttng^bg vUUge, 7 njUea U.K. hy N. bom 
Derby ; codUluii l,33dA. 2b. 30p. of alrODg dsf luid, IIQ bouses, U7T iuhabilaats— of whom 
332 an males, and 345 are hntnlee. In 1801, popDlation was S84 ; 1831, 710. RaMabls 
value, £i^^^ lis. FraocU Newdigate, Esq., of BlaolihcBtli, Soirej, ia lord of Uie manor, 
palnui of tbe ehurcta, and sole owner, eiupt the glebe, 31*. 2b. 32p. The churclj, dedi> 
cated to Su WiUrid, is a rectory, Talued in ibe Kiiig's books a[ £8, now £-284. of which Uie 
BaT. Pellej' Fatker ia incumbenL The church is a neat slmcture, with unte, ebancel, and 
aide aisles, embattled lower, ami 3 beils. Here are two ancient tombe lo tbe Powtrell family, 
and a marble tablet to the late rector, John Morewood, M.A., who died 1822, aged Si, sud 
Elizabeth, hi* wife, with some others. The tithes were commuted m ISiO, tor XiiO 10s. 8d. 
Th* rectoiy is a neat stuccoed mansion, near the chorch, and commands some eitensirs 
TiawB to tbe east. It was erected in 182D, near the aile of the old rectory. The Erewasb 
Mtnal passes the east side of the parish, and coals are brougtit from a colliery in the parish, 
by a tram railway, to a wbarton in banks. In 1892, a neat brick school room, 48 feet by 
21 feet, in the Golhio style, was erected ; there ate 48 children, who receive their instruction 
tee, and 9d. per week, viz : 34 from West Hallam, and 8 each from Stanley, Dale Abbey, and 
Utpperley. There are also olhets firom each of the parishes, who otil; receive instruotion. 
Tbe master has a salary of <£aO per ujniun. Here is also a church simday school, of about 
BO children. Here is a mineral spring, tbe water of which is similar to tlairogate or 
Kedleston. The Feast, first Sunday after St Luke, and in the village are 2 mate and 1 femala 

CaABiiiis. — WiUiam BicMing, by wUI gave lo his bod, Hicbard Hicklii^, a cottage iu 
H^perley, and directed that 20b. a year should be paid lo the poor of the parish of West 
Hallam, on St. Thomas's day. By a deed, 1073, Richard Hickling, iu consideration of £50 
enfeoffeed lo Francis Handley and bis heirs, a cottage at Mapperly, in the parish of Kirk 
Hallam, subject to a rent of 5s. 4d., to the lord of tbe lee, and a payiueut of 20s. to tlie 
pooiof West Hallam, npon tbe feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. The Handley family paid 
lbis20s. annually until 1T80, bat Mr. Handley refused to pay in 1787. It appears in 1T14 
that Francis Handley, fat the sum of £17 conveyed a dose lying in Mapperly for tJie use of 
fiisley school, to certain persons, except the sum of 209. yearly, to be paid to the poor of West 
Hallam. He also, fbr tbe consideration aforesaid, granted lo the said partiea a yearly rent 
charge of 20s. out of the long close lying at Mapperley, with a power of distress if the some 
should be unpaid. Various applications have been made lo Hr. Handley and the cbapeliy of 
Bisley for payment, without effect; but it appears to us that this annual sum ought (o be 
paid by them in future, out of Ibe rents of the field. 

Marsartt Hodgti, in 1719, gave to William Handley £20, in trust, to distribute tbe interest 
amongst the poor persons in West Hallam or any neighbouring town. It is in the hands of 
William HodgUnson, and 12s. interest is paid for it to the rector, and is distributed about 
Christmas, in sums of Is. amongst the poor. 

WilHam Holbraok. a labouring man of this parish, who died in IT04. by bis will directed 
that the produce of his property should be given to poor widows of the parish, at the 
discertion of Mr. William Barton. The clear produce of his proper^ amounted to £1 1, 
which has remained iu Mr. Barton's bands, for which he has paid Us. per annum, which 
has been given to 11 poor widows on St Thomas's day. Mr. Barton slates that he is ready 
to invest that stun on good secorily. 

Fraacei GMorn^l CSurily.— (See Bradley.)— The annual sum of £S 10a., received by the 
rector, is laid out in flannel, given to the poor men and women. The Rev. John Scargill built 
a achool, and endowed it with a sum of £!>iO. This sum was laid out in land at Eastwood, 
iaieeS. The tmsteea, in 1083, purchased a mesauage and lands, tor £300, at Qreasley, which 
*nm 1b supposed to have arisen troja tbe residuary bequest in Ibe donor's will. On ibe 
enclosure of Eastwood, 1797, H/l. 2r. 23p. of land was awarded lo the trustees. Various 
exchanges and partitiDns have taken place, by one of which, a close called tlie Moor Bridge 
was purchased lor £30 lOs., and surrendered to die IriiBlees at a coun Ibr the manor of 
Ilkeston. The property now consFsla "f a farm al Fnslwnoil, of 4«.i. Jin. :<r., IM for JEW, im 




leu* ot 39 Jt*n, (ha lesace to Uj oat j£300 in impioTiDg the bolldiDgi ; * memtge and 
lud at Newthorpe, 36^ 9b. SSf., at the yearlji rent of <U4 ; ud > coltngv and land tt 
Newlhorpe, 2a. aa. 39p., at k nm of jES. A field al DkeitoD, let foT£4 peranDam.eicIoifie 
ot Til. fld. paid by Ihe Natbrook cuul companj. for a amall poitioa taken (or that canal, and 
&om whom a sum ot £33 vaa reraiTed as anean trom 1791 to 1836. The achool FmniiM 
consist ofa large school room, with chunbera over it, with a hoate adjoining for the Khoot- 
masler, built in 1783. In 1T97 an addition waa made lo the Bchool raotn, at an expeoae of 
£100 1^9. 9d. There is also a anm of £971, produced bj a sale of coals under the lands al 
EiatwnoJ, lent on bond, in 1786, to Sir Henry Himlake, Bart. ; £100 in the hands of Hra- 
Sutton, at Heanoi, at 4J per cent; £2S in tbe hands of Mr. Thamaa Ha^e, who pefs ^1 
interest; and a inm of £!i in (he hands of Mr, William Bcaltcrgood, who pays Sa. inteiesl. 
The annual income being £169 I3s. id. In 1826 a balance waa dne (o the ehaiitf of 
£aii 199. It ia deBiraUe (hat tbe balances not iramedialelj reqaired, sboDid, with all other 
sains held on prirale security, be placed in the public funds. The aehoolmaslei'a aalaij 
was in 1S20 Bied at £60, and the aeholara (hen increased to 08, Tii : IS of Hallam, 13 each 
from Dale, Staulef, and Mapperlej. They have each a pension allowed tbem of (U. per 
week, paid at the end of eiet; half-year. In 178T this charity waa returned to Pariiament at 
only £10 IQa. per annum, and (he maatet had originally £10 per aonun for teaching lit 

3fri. Ann FoKtrtU bequeathed lo (he fiee school LiO, the interest thereof to q>prenliea 
one ot the poorest aeholara of West Hallaiu. The will being concealed by Hr. Jamea 
TCilloughby till 1009, when it was proved, &c., and Edward WiUonghby and hia son became 
bound for the payment of £T3 17b. with interest at fire per cent. Thu bud is supposed to 
have been laid out in (he purchaae of 3 acres ot copyhold land a( Dkealon, now le( for £I0 
a year. There is also a anm of £Sr>0, which is staled to hare Bjisen from the aoiplusiucoma 
of this charity, and which waa in 1B17 lent by the Rei. John Horewood, to Mr. WiUiani 
PoikinsDn, on mortgage, and atOI remains, on lQiei«at of & per cent. The prenuum allowed 
for such apprentice is £10. It ia required that each boy sbonld hare been educated in (ha 
achool sii yeara, and should be a parishioner of West Hallam. ' The aecoimta ar« kept by 
the Rer. John Horewood. (1620), in whose hands waa a balance of £02 13a. 2d. 

Pooa'a L*XDa.— Jfr. Stantfield gate £100 (o (be poor ot (bia pariah, which was laid out 
in land, praducing £3 ISa. per annum in IT8S, situated at Dkeston, vis : (he Thatch Holme 
cloBC, 4i. 3k. 30p., let for £10 per annum ; the fiardoe flatt, now HotcI Nookidi. Ob. 1p., let 
for £i 10s. per annum. There is also an annual sum of 7a. Od. paid by the proprietors ot 
the Erewash canal, for damage done to one of (he fields in making the canal. The rents ara 
receirrd by two of Ihe tmsteea, and are distributed on the Sunday before Christmas and (ha 
Snnday before Easter, amongst (be oldest and moat indigent peisons of the parish, in sums 
Taiying troin 2s. Sd. to 6a. 

Qtortfr Thompson, in 1701, gave (o the poor of (his parish £12, Tested in the OTerseers. 
It appears by an entry in a book, that £19, in the bands of Robert Rithardaon, waa lost, and 
that (he remaining £37 was in tbe hands of the parish, at Ij per cent, interest, bn( which 
WHS discontinued (rom 1807 to 1810, when it was again paid, Tbe annual somot£l Is. 6d. 
ia now paid by the overseer, and distribu(ed on (be Sunday before Christmas. 

A((enborongh Isaac, vicLNew- 

digaie Arms 
Boetbank Fraa. Prorision dlr. 
Brown Thos, bricUr. & rict, 

White Hart, Common 
Brown Jpb. wheelwrt. Comn. 
Daykin Robl. abopkr. Comn. 
Derbyshire Joshua, joiner and 

iron foundry 
Evans Robl. gent land agent, 

Tbe Firs 
Flelrher Bciyn. colliery bailiff 

Fletcher Wm. pariah clerk 
Orrnidy Wm. blackamilh 
Heatli Wm. milter & sbopkr. 
Qobaon John, ahoemaker 
Hunt Elix. baker & shopkpr. 
Hunt lohn, shopkeeper 
Hunt Samuel, shoemaker 
Liuga Cbas. overs, of colliery 
LingH Geo. bookkeeper 
Martin Era. ticL Punch Bowl 
Parker Rev, Pelley. rector 
RowboHom Isaac, School 

Woolley John, wheelwright 


Barton Jn. It Ths. Fox Holes 
Boerbank Beqjamin 
Cricblej Joseph 
Ebbem Francis 
Hollingworlh John 
Hilnea J<du 


Wro.Hnnt, to Derby on Friday 

toNottingbamon SBCarday 


HEANOB p*>l*h now eoQUiiu the towiuhip* of Heinor md Shipley, tnd abont 9,300^. 
of luil. It fbnoaily conuinsd ths lownBhipi of Codnor tnA Lobcoc, (which tte,) nmr nuda 
ft distmet puish. 

Heinob is k loTiubip and riUtge, pleuuill; iiitaaMd on ao eminence near die lutem 
<nrge of tlie conocj, on the NoMinghaai and Matlock road, and in ibe Baaford union, 9 mila 
K£. from Derbf, 10 miles V.Vf. b} W. bum Notttngliun. It contains 1^39 acres at land, 607 
lionsea, and 3,058 inhabitants, of whom ],S1S were main, and l,i>00 females ; in 1601, Ihs 
popalation was 1,001 ; in IHai, 2,ST2. Rateable laloe £5,900. A market was foimetlr 
held here, and a fair aud a hiring for serrants is now held on the third Thorsdaj in 
Norember, Some of the hooses are Tet; ancienl, but the town has been greallj improred 
b; new buildiogi within a few jetis. Charies Lef^ Hoskins Masters, Esq., is lord of the 
manor, but the soil, which is ralbcr clajef, is freehold. John Ha;, Esq., £. H. Mundj, 
Esq., H.F., William Qregorj, George WbjsaU, Francis T. Hewitt, and Joseph Smith, are 
owners. There was a church here in (he Conqneror'e time, and from the hislorj of Iha 
fnnudalion of Dale Abbe;, il B«emB there was a chapel as well aa a chnrch here in (he reign 
of Henij II., and that the; belonged to the parish of 8l ISaiJ, in the town of Derby. The 
ehunb, a vei; ancient building widi A bells, wa». in the thineenlh jiu of Edward IT, 
appropriated to Ibe abbej at Dale, from which it was aepatated in 1173, and a mansion and 
a croft gJTen to the vicar of (he value of 10s., but there is no tithe paid. The living is a 
vicarage, lalaed in the King's book at £9 lOa., now £149, and has been augmented with 
X200 bene^tion, £400 Qaeen Anne's boontj, and ^£1,600 pariiamentarr grant. The Crown 
patron, and Ihe Rev. Richard WhinEeld, M.A., the incnmbenL In the chureh an stTeral 
moDiuiienta of the Hund; tlunil]', and one to Samuel Walton, the celebrated scalptor, who 
was bom at Heanor, when he died on Ihe 36th March, 171S, aged ii jears, and was buried 
in the chancel of the church. On a very handsome mural monument in statuarf marble, 
with ohenibi and the familj arms, is inscribed the following lines : — 

" Walaon is gone, whose skilful art displaj'd 
To Ihe vei; life whatever Nature made .- 
View bat bis wondrous works in Chataworth hall. 
Which an so gazed at, and admir'd b; all, 
Tou'll saj 'lis pity he sboald hidden lie. 
And nothing said to nvite his memory. — 
lij maumful friends, forbear your tears. 
For I shall rise when Christ appean." 

The licarage ia a neat house near Ihe church, and has been considerably imptoved by the 
present incumbent. The Methodists have a neat chapel, erected in 1639, at a cost of £90(^ 
to seat 600 persons, and a sabbath school. The Friends, also, have a meeting-house. A 
navigable part of the Erewash river, being a continQation of the Enwaah canal, paises along 
the eastern boundary of Ihe parish, from which a railway proceeds lo the collieries south of 
the town. Hosier? and bobbin net, principally for the Nottmgham houses, are mannfaclured 
hen lo a considerable extent WilUam Hoiritt, a living author of several popular works, ia 
a native of this place. 

Laiolbt, a imall village quarlet of a mile E. from Heanor. The Oeneral Baptists have 
a chapel hen. built in IS30 at a cost of £300, lo seat 900 persons ; and, also, a Sunday 
siihotU. The Bev. Jolm Felkin of Smalley, is the pastor. 

Lakolet Bbidoe, a considerable village, and bridge over the Erewaah, principally 
■ilualed in the parish of Eastwood, Notdngbamshire, 1 mile E. from Heanor, and 4 miles 
S.E. from Ripley. The pteseni bridge was bailt in 1830. The Enwash is navigable from 
hence to the Trent, and here forms a Junction with Ihe Ciomford, Derby and Nottingham 
canals. Here are teveral large coal wharfs, a steam com mill, and eiwnsivs lime Ulna. 




Hablpool, ■ tnatB pleuusllf lituated lillaga on llip IlkesloD road, qauter ot t mile 3.E. 
from Heiuor. The IndcpendmU haTe t chqicl here, ereetad in 1821 al ■ cost of £5SS, 
tod was enlarged in lB3a at a cost of £306 ; il wiU now seal GOO peraous. A Sundaf 
school is aUaebed capable of holding 000 obildren. The Bev. Edviird Leighton ia 
the putor. 

HiLLBiY, a amaU Tilligf, three qoarlera of a mile E. from Heaoor. Here ia the 
residence of CUjton Richard Orammer, Esq. The Primitiie Hethodiata have a chi^l, 
erected in 1830. 

Sairi-RT, a lowuahip and Tillage, 2 miles S. from Hetnor, and 3 milea N.W, bom 
Ilkeston. Contains about 2/HO^ of land, a atrong cold soil abounding in coal, 109 honses, 
add ATI inhabitants, of vhom 310 were males, and 331 femilea. Edward Miltat Mundj, 
Esq., M.P., ia the owoet and lord of the manor, and resides at TAe Hail, a beanti/Ol manaion 
1} mites 8. fhim Heanor. The Nntbrook canal and seTsral railroads commimicate irilh the 
collieriea, which are worked hj Ihc lord of the manor. Here are S eeama of eoal, the pits 
ue deep, and (he qoalily of the coal Tei7 good. Steam power equal to SSO horses are 
employed at these collieries. A school room was buJl In 1819 b; the lord of the manor ; 
it is snpporled bj sobseriptiona and a small weekly payment from Ihs children, of whom 
■bout 00 attend. A Sunday school is aleo kept, and the room ia licensed (or religious 
■errice ; (he ficu of Heanor and his curate officiate sltemalelj. A Dislrict is about lo be 
formed here and a new church erected in the neighbourhood. 

Oldobavk is an ancient farmhouse, the aeat of a bench ot the Lowe'a, also Abbolfford, 
Johtaon hmat, and seTeral other scaltsred farma. 

The manor ot Shipley {Sapebn) at the time ol Domesday surrey, was held by Mal^, 
under Gilbert de Oand, by whom il waa given to Sir Robert de Muakham, whose great 
grandson of the same name coDieyed it lo Sir Bobert de Vaiasonr, whose heiress conreyed 
it lo the SireDeys, who were in posseasioQ of it in 1330. Sir Anthony died, seized of it. iu 
1001. Sir Philip StreUey, hia aoa, deriaed Shipley to be sold for the payment of his debts. 
Nicholas, son of Sir Philip, waa the last of this elder branch of the Strelleya. Shipley was 
afterwards in the family of Leehe or Leech ; &om whom it passed by aiicceaaive female 
heirs to the family of Miller and Mondy. 

Cbibitieb. — John Clark in IflSl gave £00 to poor widows of Heanor not receiving 
parochial relief. The annual produce was in 1780 stated lo be £2 Bs., arising from land 
vested in Thomas Newton. Thomas Howitt, in 1TB3, pnrchaaed the premises, aubject to 
the above payment ; lOa. thereof he distribuleil to poor persona in Heanor, and 823. lo the 
poor of Coduor and Loacoe. 

CAristopAer Cotdotigh, in 17M, gave to the poor ot Heanor, Langley. Mill Hay, Codnor, 
Lo*coe and Codnot Park, 30s. yeariy. lo be distributed lo the moat needful persons of those 
[daees in threepenny loaves, In Heanor church porch, 10s. on every VThilaimday, and 10a. ou 
every Simday before Chrialmas-day. 

Bamuel Cokloagh, in 1813, devised a messuage and the closes called Godkin House farm, 
lOj*., to his grand grandfather, William Brough, and hia heirs, subject to the annnal 
payment of £3.' This sum is laid out in bread, and dietrihuled at the vestrr-rDom on the 
6lh of June, Ihe anniversary of the donor's death. 

Rev. Franca Gubame'i charity, (aee Brniieg.) The yearly snm of £ft lOs. ia received 
on account of this charity, and distributed to the poor, by Ihe miitisler, in cloth or flanneL 
BmaUtj udtu/l, tbunded by John and Saml. BichBrdaon, (see amallty. Morley pariah,) 8 
boys of Heanor township are appointed to this school. Sam«el Richardam'i charity for 
poor colliers, (aee SntaJJcy.) In case Ihere are nol Kl poor colliers in Smalley, this township 
is entitled lo partake of Uie charity. 



T^M narktd I rttiJt at Langtty. 2 Laagiey Bridge, S Matipool, and 4 Xilt Hag. 

AaOred Suniul, 

B&kewell John, gent 

3 BtTDMn Thomu ind Son, 
terrilorial unproTerB, sui- 
Tejore,& tuidscspe gu-dun 

Butler Timolbj, bricknaker 

2 Batterley Ci>[iip4iij, colliei; 

Cluke Hciekiah, saddler and 
hanieii maker 

3 Elay Tbomu, agent far E. 
H. Hiud;, E>q. M.P. 

8 EIe7 Mr William 
Elliott Beqjuniii, agent 
8 Fletcher Sabt Tet. surgeon 

and I S Carton Joseph, coal agent 
I Holden Atkinson, poBtman to 
Son, ! 3 Leigthon Rev. Edw, Indep. 

Mi>ekler Rer. Jas. incomb. of 

Denby, & curate of Heanor 
Newton Thoa. tinner & brazier 
Poundall Thoe. hoaierr mfr. 
Rar John, Esq. TV haU 
Rej Rev. J. H. carats of Kirk 

Hall am 
Tomlinwn SaniL cattle dealer 

and batcher 
Turner Mr William 
Whinfleld Rev. Rd.M.A. vicar 
iOramnarClaftonB-oDlIierr Whyull George, maltetcr and 

collierj owner 
Ai^e John, PartJieU 
Ball Samuel 

1 Bunting Samnel 
Etey Hem; 
4 Fletcher Anthony 

2 Fletcher William 
4 Qrammer C. B. 
Gregory Urs. Godkin 


Crown, Richard Hanks 
King of Pmsaia, Ji^in Hardy 

3 Unndy'sAimBiThoa.Barton 
Nag's Head, William Roe 
NarigaliOD Inn, Elii. Bowes 
Nsw Inn, William EllioU 
Old JoUyC olIier3,Thos. Howitl 
Red Lion, Joseph HeaOi 


8 AHon John 
MnrTay Richard 

4 Salisbary George 
1 SearHon Joseph 

1 Smith John 


Abbott Hiss 
Bailsjr Daniel 
Barlow Hisses, boird- 
ing, jFoU AoHM 


Allen William 
Hill Edmund 
Lomai Joseph 


Aigile William 
Elej Thomas 
GDIott John 
S[iny Levi 

Allen Thomas 
Hunt John 
TomlinsoD Samnel 


Dave Thorn ss 

Bedgate Joseph 


3 Abbott Charles 
Bestwick Jeremiah 


SAbbotl Charles 
Allan Thomas 


Howitt Thomas 
1 Millinglon Ann 
Nelson James 
4 TowBon John 
1 Turner Mra 
1 Turner 3amnel 
Whysall George 
Woodhead Thomas 


Soar Thomas 
SoaiWm. IFoodaid 


Frost Jsmei 
Gillot Samuel 
Howitt Joseph 
Hoore Samnel 

3 Moss Samuel 
Redgale Joseph 
Woodhead Thomas 



2 Brongh William 

Evans Henry 

GDIott Thomas 

Hawley John 

Roe WUIiam 


Allen Geo. Fait /unite 
Booth Reuben 
Bowman Richard 
Calerdine Thomas 
Eley George 
Flsteher Edward 
Berold William 

Rowland George 


Hardy Thomas 
Uanhall Sarah 
Nelson Jas. Oso. b 
Upper Fall 


I Searson Joseph 
Smatlwood John 


Abbott Herbert 
Shaw Joseph 


BallThos. & baker 
Ball Samnd 
Bestwick Jeremiah 
3 Butler Tinodtr 
Fletcher Wm. ft lime- 
Flint Sam]. & ehandler 
3 Golhard Samuel 
Gtegoi; Hartha 
Hanks Bichsrd 
Herold William 
Hotmea John 
4Rigley Samuel 


1 Beardaley Amos 
Walson John 


Allen Samnel 
Stanhope William 
Whileman Thomas 


Jos. Bamwlongh, to 
Derby on Frid^, 
and Nottingham on 
Hon. Wad. & Sal. 





E. U. Mundf, Eiq. Shiple; hall CB>j TbomM 

Ash Jimet, bookkninr GUiebiook Jui« 

Beuddej Wm. San. <«>arj. tgL Abbotfi ford Hogg John, Senr. Johnwxi bonat 

BcudalE^ Williim, Jnnr. bookkfleptr Hogg John, Janr. OldgreiTa 

Cook Thomu, blukimilh Noon Robert 

Eley Thomu, biiliff SiuD WillUm, Lodg* 

NooD fiobert, TicL Boat inn TamliniOD William 

Stnw Thomu and Elizm, School Walker Philip, Proipent 

FARMERS Walker Samuel, Middle honw 

Abbott Thomas ' While Joha 

Baker Blchard, Pnrd; honw 

HORSLET puriih eonUins Horslej, Horaltj WoodhooK, and Kllbonnie townships, 9,920 
aena of land, U2 houus, and 9,9TB inhabitants. In 1801 the popolation was 1,476 ; in 
1831, 1,94S. Balcable Tsloe, £5,032. At the Domesda; surrej it bslonged lo Ralph it 
Bnrnn, who had a cullc opon it. 

HoastiT, township and tillage, on the Derbj and Alfreton road, 6( nules NJI.E. from 
Derhj, 3 miles S.S-E. from Belper, eontaina lfi!H acres of knile laud, panl; da; and aand, 
and TO acres of woods, 113 honaet, and STl inhabitants — of whom 903 were males, and STB 
femslea. Baleable talne, £9,000. E. D. Sitwell, Esq., of Stainsb; Hall, Is principal owner, 
and lord of the manor. Cotton socks are worked here, and alone got to ■ flanaiderable 
silent. The church, SL Clements, was given b; Hugh de Bunin to the prior; of Lenlon ; it 
it a vicange, rallied in the King's booka at £7 it. M., now £ITS, baa been augmented with 
£300 Qneen Anne,B bonnt;, and £600 parlismentarT grant. E. D. Sitwell, Esq., ia patron ; 
the RcT. Samuel Foi, H.A., tbs fioar; and the BsT. E. W. Symona, BX, the offlciating 
carats, and resides at the Ticarage hoose. The ehureh is a handsome spacions slmenire, 
with a apiie of ouriooa workmanship, and i beUa. Oier the sonlb door is a mj antiqne 
craeiflx. It stands on an eminence, and is a eonspieuous object aroond. Small tithe is 
taken on ererjthing, except com, grain, and haj. A coort leet ia held in April or May. The 
Little Eaton railway paases tbtnagh Horsley, KUbonme, Denby, and Bipley. Honelet 
CattU, sometimes called Uoreslen or Horestan, stood about 1 mile S. of the Tillage, on ths 
■ommit ot a hill. It was built as earl; as the beginning of the Ihitleenlh century, for in (he 
sixteenth year of King John, William Ferrer, Eari ot Derby, was couititoted goTemor of it 
In the year 1314, the castle ot Horeston and manor of Horsley were granted in speciel tail, 
to be held by the aerrioe of one knighfs fM, by Henry Till., 10 the Duke ot Norfolk, aa part 
ot the reward bestowed npon him for the very Important serrice which he had rendered the 
king daring his sipedilion into France, having pievenled the incuraiDD of the 3eola, and 
defeated them at Flodden, near the Cheiiot billa. On Ihia remarkable occaiion, one arch- 
bishop, two biabopa, tour abbotts, James IV., King of Scotland, and about ten thousand men 
were slain and their whole artillery taken. Upon the attainder of the son of the Duke of 
Norfolk, dlese poasessions probably escheated to the crown, and were granted lo some of the 
Stanhope fkmOj, for Thomas Stanhope was poaseased of the caalle in the 10th year of 
Eliiabelh. It is not known when it was destroyed. A very small part of the mins only are 
Tialble. A national school waa erected in 1838, BU[^rted by volnntaiy enbscriplions— SO 
boya and 60 giris attend. 

Cox Bench Lane, a district ot scattered hoasea, 1 mile S.S.E. th>m Honley. 
Hanttey Woodhonse, a township and amall Tillage i miles S.S.E. ot Helper, and fl) N.N.E. 
from Derby, contains some nail makers, and about 200 stocking frames ; 022 aorei ot land, 
a strong clay; ITI honaea, and 881 inhabitants— of whom 438 were males, and 443 females, 
of the rateable TBlne of £l,!)IO. The prinoipal owner and lord of the manor isE.D. Sitwell, 
Eaq., of Stainaby HaD, Hsnry BichardsoD and Joseph Patter, in the Tillage, willi others are 
also ownere. The mathodista have a small ohapel, built in ITBS. 



KiLBODRNB U A lownship uid neat village on llie Derbj mnil Alfreton roail, tS milps S.8.E. 
from Helper, and IJ miles K. of Hoislsy. Conuins OITi. of land, m mixtdre of «iuiil luid 
day, IM bousfB, and 826 inhabitanu, of whom 130 nere males, luid 300 females. Raleftble 
value, £3,069. Chaises Vicaa NqnWr, Esq., is the prineipal owner. Francis Brrulahav, 
Esq., John Woollej, Thomas Smitb, aad Grace Walker, are also owners. The feast is on 
the Snudsj after St Clements da;. Here are 93 stocking frames. Kilbnurne Bail, Iha 
beantiful and picluresqae seat and proper^ of Chades Vioas Hunter, Esq., is a very ancient 
manaioD. The garden, in the ancient atjie, is adorned with a splendid collection of jews, 
sappased to be about 300 jeats old. These trees are cut in a varietj of figures, which the 
owner is anxiouB the; should retain, and to the onrioua, present a sight perhaps not equaUed 
in the kin([dom. Near the village is an extensive collierf, 6 miles tram Derby, on the 
Altreton road, of which John Ray, Esq., otSeanor Hall, is the proprietor and leasee. About 
140 men are employed, aided by a sleam engine of 58 horses' power. The coal is of a 
auperior quality far house fires, as well as manufiicturing purposes, and is much in demand 
at Derby, as weU as the neighboDrhood. Tlie Weslcyan chapel was built in 1836, and 
enlarged in 1840, with a Sunday school, and in imi a day school was opened by (hem with 
60 pupils. The General Bapdslshave a good stone chapel, built 1832, with a Sunday school. 
The BoT. Jidn Felkin of asalles a pastor. A kHooI for girtt, under the management of 
Mrs Hnnler, has 61 pupils, who pay a small weekly sum. 

l^omai Htinttr of Swanwick, in 1733, granted a cottage nearWindmill Hill, in the parish of 
AlfreWn, and two parcels of ground called the Windmill Closes, abont 0*., upon trust, to the 
poor inhabitants of the following places, — to the poor of Al&eton, £1, lOs. ; Kilbume, <£l ; 
Morsley, Ds. 1 Horsley Woodlunue, Ss. ; Bipley, £It Weseington iOs.; and to the vicar of 
Al&eton lOs., for preaching a sermon on the day of the month upon which the said donor 
should h^pfn 10 be buried. The property consists of two small cottages and three olosss, 
with an allotment set out on the Altreton inelosnre, making in the whole 10^ 3f., let for 
£13, which appears to be under the valne. The poor of Alfreton now receive £3 1-'>b, i 
Kilbume, £2 lOt. ; Horsley, ISs. Bd. ; Horsley Wuodbouse, ISs. M. ; Ripley, £2 10s. 
Wessington, £1 !i». 10s. is reserved for the viosr, but wbo.we are iufarmed, baa for several 
jam (1836) neglected lo preach the sermon, and 3s. for the collecting of the rents, which 
has been mserved since the appointment of new tmstess in 1833, and is now in the hands 
of Ur Flint, which, it appears to us, if the aemon should not be preached onght lo be 
q^iropriated to the poor of the said places. 

A»n Ball ia supposed to have given the yearly sum of 10s. Hr Francis Ball pays lbs sum, 
as a charge on an estate belonging lo him in Horsley Woodbonse, which is distributed 
amongst the poor of that township at Christmas. 

5fluiI«yscAool.— Six boys of this township are appointed as sohulara and pensioners. (See 

John Ltxko^i Charitg, (iM Bttper,) of the produce of which the poor of this pariah are 
entitled to fife-ninths — vii,. the townships of Horsley and Horsley Woodbonse to two-ninths 
each, and Kilbnm to one-ninth. The sam of £3 Gs. 8d. ia distributed amongst the poor 
of Horsley, in ioms bom Is. to la. on or about St Thomas's day. The respective atun* of 
£3 6s. 8d., and £1 13a. Id., are diatribated in Horsley, Woodbouse, and Kilbnni. at 
Ba. Franeb Oitbom^t Oharilg, (tee frndfiy.)— The sum of £5, 10s., received by the 

incnmbent, is laid out in cloth and flaimel, and distributed to the poor of the whole pariah. 
nonus Sluae, in 1783, gave to the poor in Honley £12, the interest to bay SO sixpenny 

loaves, to be dealt yeariy fbr ever on the 3d of Febniaiy. The yearly sum was paid op lo 

Candlemaa 1810, by Hr Samuel Roberts. It was suppraed some lands held by him in the 

parish of Crich were subject to this payment, but in 1819 (he property was aold, and nothing 

has since been paid. 

Samuel Biehardmn'i CAoriCg.— In case there are not 10 poor colliers in Smalley, the 

township of Honley Woodhonse claims to hare a sbare. At present, two have t, quHterly 

pension of lis. (5re Smatlej/.) 




dl r. 

a Caxbtneh, 3 in 1A< Par*, 3 Farigalr, t al SnaJIrhoiiu. 

I Boimer George, lannet 
CrcBuwell Jph. jun. scboolmr 
Holmes Thomas, blacksmith 
Johnson Wm. pariah clerk 
I KnifloD John, com mUUr 

and berrliouse 
Kuifloa Michael, shopkeeper 
4KiiiftoD TbODl■^ butcher 

and shopkeeper 
Middleton Joseph, jon. joiner 
I'arkerJas. ticl. Ship 
Parker Samuel, butcher and 

Buxlill Jph. boot & Bhoemkr 
Burgojue George, tailor and 

Kle; Jas. registrar of births 

and deaths for the Horslej 

t'^lejJobn.bulrh. JEbeerhoaae 
Pflulds Stephen, shopkAeper 
Morlef Wm. hvmewk. knittar 
Uldknov Cbrislopher, assist. 

Parker Benjamin, framesmilh 
Pearson John, shopkeeper 
Pruson Mar;, vict New Inn 
Peat J ob, wheelwright 1( joiner 

Hunter Charles Vicaa, Eaq. 

EilboDTDe ball 
Alldread Wm. tict. White Lion 
Argile Thomas, book-keeper 
Bailej Wm. WillU, mining 

engineer | 

Bailey Wm. W. Jan. mineral 

aurvejfor and agent 
Borrow Joseph, clothier and 

toll collector 
Freegoard S arah, Melli. school 
Gill Wm. asaislant orarseer, 

highway inrTeyor, and tax 

HuutJobn &St. stoDemaaons 
Jeffrey Joho, butler, TU SaU 
IJojd Mra Charlotte 
Paley laaar, framewk. knitter 
Rice Jerria, gent 
Sbaw Wro. gardener, Thr hall 

Bilej John, Tict. Coach and 

Sjmons Re». E. W. curate. 

Ullyett Jph. Saml. Ic Hary 

Ann, National school 
Welch Rl batchr. & ahopkpr 


Abbott UaUbcw, 7^ fo^' 
I Alldread Thomas 
Boden Joseph 
CresBweU Joseph 
Richsrdaon Henry, tanner 

Weaton Jc^n, reliei 

Belper union 
Westmi Wm. vict Jolly Old 

Woodbonae Isaac, shopkeeper 
WooUends, John. 


Crofts William 
Eley James 
Hawley Thomai 

SitdowD John, framework knit 
Stewison Richard, coachman, 

Ward Pbcebe, giri'a school 

2 Elae Samuel 

a Knittou William 

Middleton Joseph 

Parker John 

Peat Arabella 

Rilej John 

9 Rogers Thomas 

Seal Benjamin 

2 Slater John and George 

Welch Robert 

Wliilton George 

2 Woodward Edward 

Wootley John, Brelnall 

Long John, OromHwr cottagt 
Oldknow Christopher 
Pearson William 
Poltet JoseiA 
Riobardson Henry 
Richardson Samuel 
Weston John 
Woodhouae Christopher 
Woodbonse Isaac 


Samuel Saiton, to Derby, Frid 
John Booth, from Smalley, 
brings letters daily 

Bakewell James 
HaU Joseph 
Wealon Robert 


Holmes Thomas 
Hope Joseph 


Bakewell Daniel 
Hunt Thomai 
Ken7 William 
Parkin Joseph 

Bakewell James 

Smith Edward, and batcher 
Smith Joseph 


Marked • art Omitn. 
Alton Anihon; 
Barber Joseph 
Bestall Samnel. 
Hogg Robert 
Langton George 
Langlon Thomas 
RadTord Ann 
Rica B<yamin, High uumt 
Rice Martha 
Seareon Joseph 
Smith Daniel 
■ Smith Thomas, j^crct 
Stanley John, KiU^t 
Siereni Edwaid 
Taiylor Joaepli 

,,,_ : Google 


Holme. cii»i» | WHEELW1II6HT8, &C. 

Oldknow Bfqjaniii: 
SDUon Thorn w 

WeBtou Francis 
Wheaaej John 

Holmes ChHrlps, aiiHjnii 
KuiHon .Inim 

ILEE3T0N, pariah uid improviuj; maikel (own, pleHsantl; ailusted on b bold Buiuiuit. 
neu the rivet Ereruh, eammanding eilenBiie prospecla in tnrj direclion, 9 miles E.N.K, 
from Derbj, H miles W. bj N, from NauiD^am; comuns 2,4Mx. 2ii. 28i>. u( land, l,l:|] 
bouseB, and 3,33^ inbabituiCa — at uliom 2^30 were males, auJ 2,696 bmalca. rupuUtioii, 
in 1801, waa 3,123 ; In 1831, 4,446. Batesble lalae, £»,3T3 14s., iueludiiig (he huul^u of 
Cotmanha; and LiOle Hillam. The Duke of fiullaLd in lard of (he manor and priucipiil 
owner, and holds a court Uet on Eaater Tuesdaf, at Ihe Old Hall ; Mark DeaisaD, Ewi., 
Edward Stnitl, Esq,, Samuel Potter, Lord Hiddlelon, witli others, are small owners. The 
bouerj and lace mauofactore are eilensivelj carried on here, there being ^76 fnunel for the 
tonatx, and 70 maoliinea for the latter, in Ibe parish. A warm mineral spring was discovered 
here some Tears ago, diflbrlng, it is said, in its properties from any other in the kingdom, 
and resembUog those of Seltier water. It Is lisiog inlo great repute. The water is used in 
baths, as well as iulemall]'. In 1S30 balhs wen areeled, at a cost af upwards of ^1,000, 
which were enlarged in 1832, and considerably improved in IMS. 

The church, dadisaled to 8l Uaiy, is a vicarage, valued iu the Ring's books, £5 Ts. Od. 
nowflSO. Dnke of Bnlland patron and impropriator; Bev. George 9earle Ebsworth, M.A., 
incimibenl. It is a neat edifice, with nave, chaucel, aids aisles, handsome pinnacled tower. 
90 feet high and 3 bells, wilh galleries at Ihe west end and north side. On Ihe sonlb aide of 
the chancel are three sUme stalls. In 1941, bj a grant from Ihe church building sociclv, 
AT free Bittings were erected in the chancel, and there are 148 appropriated iu Ibe church. 
There are several tablets to the Flamatead family ; also a toinb witli a kuigLl in armour, 
•uppowd to be Nicholas Lord Cantelupe, and some others. The living has been augmented 
with £600 Queen Anna's bountj. At the enclosure, 1794, iOA. 3r. 13p. of laud was awarded 
to Ihe vicar in Uen of tithe. There ia 10a. 2b. of laud at Hennor, purchased with bountj, 
and ■ rearly modus of 13s. Id. paid for Ihe manor form. This church was appropriated lo 
the abbe; of Dale, in 138S. 

A new ecclesiastical district has been formed, to contain Cotmanhaj. where a church is 
abonl to be erected, llkeslon common and Shipley, in Heonor parish ; £1,900 has lieen 
liberally subscribed by the land owners and others for the purpose, to be united to the 
vicarage of Ilkealon, which Ihe Duke of Butland bos augmented wiili £100 pet annum, in 
1343, on condition that the ecclesiastical oommissloners erect a new vicaroge-house, at a cost 
of £1,000, and augment Ihe living with £37 per annum, and as soon as that building shsU lie 
built, make that sum £00 ; so that the joint living will then be upwards of £270 per annum. 

The MttkodiiU have a handsome brick chapel with sloue dressings, erected lR4a, si a 
cost of£l,200, to seat 600 persons. It ia 48 feet by 39, with galleries on three sides, and an 
orchestra behind the pnlpit. Tbeoldchapel will be used as a day and Sunday school The 
Independent chapel, with a house adjoining for the minister, was erected in 1761, and in 
1841 a sohoa! room, at a cost of £200. The General Baptitt chaptl, erected in 1704, was 
enlaced in 1813— will seat WO. Hev. James Peggs, paalor. The Primitive Ifelhoditt 
f'btpeJ was opened 1833, and had galleries erected, IH31— will seat abonl 500. All of which 
have Sunday schools, attended by upwards of 000 children. There is also a small Uniiariiiu 

Britith Scfuioli, Bath street, erected 1815, at a cost, including the land, of £780, raised 
by voluntary ■ubscriplion, aided by a government grant of £200. It is B Urge brick building 
with projecting wings. The schools ore divided by folding doors, the room being SO tett 
long by '25, and 15 feel high, lighted by 8 large windows. In 1S42 a school was established 
iu a room over Ihe butter house ; 03 rbildren attend, who pay Id. per week, and the master 



Teedvea £20 per umam from Smedlej's duritjp. In 1637, Hr. Jobn Love, of Uiia fiaet, left 
£100 to be Tested in tbe Mvin^i buk, fot tbe beoeflt of the obunh SandE; sebooL 

The Farochiai Libraiy at tlie wbool room oTer the Bolter boase, vu CBtabliBbed 1640 ; 
sotUAinti 400 volume*, is open CTerj othei Sand^; eTenin^F, from 1 lo 6 o'clock. Williun 
PtestoD Cra«B, Ubrariui. An Artiaaut and Methamd lihrary «M ealibliBhtd In 1834, 
kept in B*tb street ; coDtaina 400 Tolumel ; open on Wadnesdij eTening, from T to 9., 
William Uilner, libnriui. A Boral uid hortJcoltDral societf was etlabliihed Jolj, 1841, for 
promoliog Ihn coltiruion of cottage gardens, patron Iha Dake of Balland ; memben p*7 
la. ■anaally, none but members allowed to compete for prizes. A Sacrtd Choral locUtf ina 
establiebed 1843, and a Phit/iarmonu: Socielf in 1814. Is ISSS, bis grnrn the Duke of 
Bulluid gave 2{ acres of land for a crioket gronnd, and halt an acre in front of the chorch 
to enlarge the market place. From the latter an old brm house and cottage were taken 
down, and the reftue wiil taken to leTel tbe Oridtet Onnnul, irtiich is allowed to be equal to 
taj in tbe kingdom. Market, principall; for batter, cheese, pooltry, Tegetables, and frnit, 
is held on Tbiuedif. Fain. — March Otb, Whit-Thnndaf , and Thundaj after Chrislmaa, 
fur cattle, horses, &c. ; and a hiring and statute for serTants the last Thursday in October. 
Here are lodges of Odd Fellows, and 3 benefit Boeieties. It is said there is a aabterraneau 
passage from the park to the Warren Anna Inn. 

The Manor, (TUcKtttune), at Domesdaj snney, was held by one Halger, nndcr Gilbert de 
(iand, nephew to WillUm tbe Conqueror. On tbe attainder of John Lord Zouoh, as a 
panizau of Bichard III., King Henry ViJ. granted it in 1183 to Sir Jobn Savage, of iriiase 
descendant. Sir Thomas Savage, it was purchased, in llf08, by Sir John Manners, anceKor 
of bis Grace the Duke of Rutland. The Erewasb canal crosses the parish, and occupies 
•iftx. Sa. 39f. of land, on which is the BaOaitd Wharf, to which coals are bron^t bj a tram 
railwaT, &om Sam oel Potter, Esq.'s collieries, opposite wbidi, coals are brongfalbjatramroad 
from Uie Babbington and Cinder hill collieries of Messrs. North and ff akeSeld. Here is a 
taannfaclory of stone bottles and An bricks, and one for chimney pipes and garden pots, 
with one for common earthenware. Here are also several brick yards and lime kilns. The 
Nntbrook canal occupies I2i. 3a. 16f. of laud, passing on the western side the parish. 

Itketton Commoii, which contained 730a. 3a. Sr. of land, was enclosed in ITM, over which 
368 cottage houses are now eeattered, having small gardens atlaohed, giving a rural and 
pleasing appearance, on wfaieb IS hoaiery frames ar« employed, bat colliers are the principal 
occtipants. The Old Workhouse is occupied by 14 widows belonging the pariah, which is 
now in the Basford Poor-law Union. Lead ore is foimd on this common. 

Cnlmanluin, bamlet and scattered village, 1{ miles W. from Ilkeston, contains 213 bonses 
inrludling 10 at Botany Bay. being more than a mile in length, principally occapied by 
colliers nud frsmework knillers, here being IM frames employed. A district church is about 
to be enacted here as alreaily noticed, and the metliodisla have a chapel, erected 1800, to seat 
400 persons, with a auuday school of 120 children. 

Little Hallau, a hamlet and small mral Tillage, containing 10 bonses, 1 mile S. by W. 
from nkestoti. Tbe Nnlbrook canal separates this village from Kirk Hallam. The Old Hall 
is an ancient building of wood and plaster. 

ChahiTIEs.—JuAh Ftamstead of Little HsUam by will 1091, which recites that oa trustee 
for a gift made by Francis Willougbby, be gsve a residue at his disposal of 10s. yearly for 
ever, to be paid to the vicar of Qkeston at Easter, to be distributed amongst the poor of tbe 
said parish. Tbe Rev. R. D. Fluustead fonneriy paid this sum, and the proper^ being 
conveyed to Hr. Edwards, a solicitor of Derby, as ffostee of William Dodsley Flamstead, be 
paid the said snm, but that since Mr. W. D. Flamstead came in possession, no payment bad 
been made. And we (in 1830) have not received sufficient information to indenti^ tbe land. 

Tfiamiu Html iu 1 083, gave a close to the heirs of his body, and in default ot such isaoe 
lie gave the said close to the use of the poor widows of Ilkeston, and directed the rent thereof 
should be dealt amongst them upon tbe feast day of St Thomas. At Oie incloante in 1704 
a field called the nortb field meadow 3«. 3a. 1 r. was awardeil in lien of the Tinkers croft. 
and in Iibo of a piece of land in the mill field supposed to hnve been pven by the Kev, Mr. 


Connmui. It (Iw) ^tpaikra U ht,n inclnded > snull portion of land given In K«p«ct of « 
pajninil of Ot. ■ year, pravionBly made by the Duke of BitfUail'* Itnuits. The meadow is 
now let for £4. 13s. Od. per wmuni, wbicb ia distributed shoitlj before St Thomaa'a daf. 

William Ongg, In 1680, gaTe 20i. jearif to ^ht of the pootesi people of the Iowd of 
Ukeiton, and directed that his eieentrii shoold la; oat £20 to puehua land fbr the payment 
thereof. The c*nr close Ik. Ob. Ir. let tat £7 per annon), sod the bull bdk oloss 2a. la. Sit. 
let for £5 a jsar, are supposed to bare been panhsaed with this monej, bat no deed can be 
fbnnd relating to them. The Erewaah canal crosses the bnU balk elose, and the osnal 
eompanf pay for land taken fhnn Boe's eharitj, and Coortmau'i ebarifjr £1 Is. per annnm. 
A sum of £67 IDs. w*a reeeiTed Ibr coal gat under the bull balk close, b^ the Re*. Biehud 
Dodslej Flamslead in 1790, for which be paid interest at 3$ per cent until 1810, linee whieh 
no interest or dietrlbntian in bread has been made. (1820). About 1S13 aoolhet agreement 
wai made for working the coal, and from the mooef receired a oopjhold dose called the 
NtUier Chie at Ilkeston containing 1a. 3b. SOp. was snrrendered to the Bct. B. D. Flamslead 
and two others and their heire, npon the payment of £7 ISs. flue to the court, bat no nolioe 
was taken in tbe court rolls of the purchase being made fbr the poor. £80 doe for this coal 
is in the hands of Tliomas Potter at per cent interest. The nether court elose U let br 
£7 per aontnu, sud the som of £1 5s. is also received from a railwa; which passes the bull 
balk close to the coal pits. 

Saautl Bee, in ITTb, gave £100 upon trust, the interest to be distributed amongst the 
neeenitous poor of Bkeston. He also gave £20 to be planed out at Inlsnel, to be applied to 
the use of the minister of a dissenting congregstioD at IlkeBton, so long as that soeielj should 
eobsist there. The aboTe sums were inTested by the minister and churchwardens in a elose 
called the Knotty Ueadow, in Eastwood, 3a. Ob. 3Sp. upon trust, as to fire parts in six of the 
rent, to pa; tbe same to the neoesdtons poor of Ilkeston, and the remaining sixth part to the 
nee of a iWeslanl Boclel; of diesentere. The close is let for £4 139. 3d. per annum. A 
small part of tbe close was taken for the use of the Eerwasb canal, for which the company 
pajr 18s. a-year ; of which sums ISs. 4jd. is paid to one of the Presbjteiian congregatioiis 
for the use of the minister, and the remainder distributed to the poor. 

Jfr. Otmrtniaii, in ITOl, gave land prodndng 7s. per annum fbr the benefit of poor 
widows, and also land producing IDa. per annnm, for teaching 3 poor children, and the land 
was Tested in Dr. Flamslead. Searehes have been made for tbe will but It cannot be fbund. 
The land is supposed to consist of a 8eld containing 1a. Ir. IDp., throu^ which the 
Erewaah canal was col, and has divided SOr. from the residue of it. It is let for £2 per 
•onum. A sum of £14, produced bj the ssle of some trees which stood open the field, is 
in the bands of the Ber, Jerrsie Brown the vicar, who pays 14b. per annum iniereai. Tbe 
not and interest are paid to support a Sunday school. 

John FovljanA of Litde Hallam, in 1704, left 3 lays of land, and money owing to him 
■mounting to £28, and a bond of £6, which he designed should make the whole 40s. per 
annnm,'to the use of the poor. One of the leys eppeara to us to be the land valued 5b. 
mentioned in Hnnt^s charity ; the other two, described as lying in the Far Doles close, were 
in possession of a family of the name of England, who pud the annual sum of 6s. for it 
till the time of the inclosore, since wbicb nothing has been paid. Mr. Oanntley, a commis- 
sioner under die Indoenre, states that, at the time he set out the allotment to Mr En^and, 
he was not aware that his estate was charged with any dole, and Ibst therefore the estate was 
not exonerated fMm the payment by the allotment made to the trustees of the poor. We 
apprehend therefore that these two leys ought to be considered as still belonging to tbe poor. 
With respect to the pecuniary bequeits. it appears to have been agreed fay the pariahoners, 
at a vestry meeting. 29lh March, 1T41. that the principal sum of £32 left by Jobn Fouljamb, 
and the som of £10 left by Jobn Matthews, should remain In the hands of the paiiab, and 
that the interest should be distributed lo the poor; and that the oveneers and chnreh- 
wardens should give bond for ihemselvea and soccessors that the interest might be paid tor 
ever. It appean the annual sum of £3 29. was paid i>n or about Onnd Friday, imtil the 
year 17SI, dnce which no payment has been made. 




Sichard Smtdley, in 1744, left t, reot chuge ot £60, oul of > meBiaage uid teoemeDt 
BitOBle at Crovn Bank, in ihs oonn^ ot Staflbrd, snil ont of B measnage u VmA-) Arbour, 
npon trust to tniiJd lil almahoaMB npon a piece of land at Ukeston, for aii of llie pooresi 
men and women of u pion> Bad good rcpnUtion, Inhabiunta of Bislej, Old Awgwortb in the 
connl]' of Notdngfaam, Nawthorpe in the uunB eooDty, ood Dale and Ilkealon ; tno ont of 
Ristaj, and one ont of eaoh of Ae other places ; in pay quarterly to each of each inhabitants 
£5 a year for their support; and that Ihey should pay for the instruction of poor children,-^ 
Til : £10 yeuly for the lesdiing of 36 or 40 poor children of Hkeslon ; £9 yearly for the 
teaebiug 18 or 30 of Heanor; £9 for a bke Dumber of Old and New Awsworth ; £S for a 
like number of Newlhorpe, and £5 mora to the parishes of Strelley and BJlborougb. The 
■Imshotues so erected are each repaired at the expense of the place to which it is appro- 
priated. The premises, at Crown Bank, Talk -on-tbe -HOI, charged with the rent charge are 
the property of Smith Child, Esq., by whose agent il is paid to the alowaid of the Eail of 
Stamford, and applied iu the manner abore stated. About 30 boys are instructed in reading 

John Dag, in 1T40, devised 9b. to bs paid out of bis estatea, to five poor widows of 
Ilkeston. This cha^e waa void by the statue of 9, Geo. II. ButCatherineDay the daughter 
of Robert Day derised the above laud to Joseph Wilson, by whom the field was eiohanged. 
and then sold the field so exchanged sntgecl to the said annual payment of An., which is 
annually distributed on St Thomas's day. Sev. Thomat Qitbomit charily, (see BradUt/.) 
The ahars £6 10s. for this parish is received by the curate and expended iu cloth and Bannel 
which he dlatribulei amongst poor men and women of the pariah. 

PosT-Orrios.— Market place, Mr Paul Walker, Pcilmatter. 

Letters arrive by gig mail from MotUn^am at half past 9 morning, and are despatched to 
NoOiii^ain, London, and the north, !a>., at 4 afternoon 

Those marked 1, reside in Albion place ; 9, Anchor row; 3, Bath at; 4, Bur lane; 9, 
Chapel St; 6, on the common; T.EaatBl; B> Qallows inn ; 0, H^b st; 10, Kensington; 11, 
Market place ; 13, Mill field lane ; lO.Moimtst; 14, Nottingham road ; lfi,PiniUco; 10, 
South St ; IT, Ton gate ; 18, Woad bridge lane ; 10, are in the village of Cotmanhay ; SO, 
thatoflJUle Hallam. 

6 BaAer Alexander Hellor, gent 
Blount Geo. coal agent, BuUuid wharf 
Boatock Mr. Paul 

6 Caladine Thus, collier 

8 Chadwick Chss. assistant overseer 

3 Chadwick Jas. small ware daaler 

11 Childs John, glass and cbina dealer 

8 Daykin John, lace agent & blacking mn& 

Ebsworth Rev. George Searle, T&Ji,^ vicar, h. 

Kirk Hallam 
3 Eyiey Mrs. Mary 
3 Foster Fanny, balhkeeper 
3 Gloasop John, oorrier and leather cutler 

7 Qny John, dyer and scourer 

18 Hayes Thomaa, cooper 

IS Hiimbim Bev. John, (Wesleyan) 
6 Hoflton Junes, colliery agent 

19 Hopewell Rev. William, (Wealeyan) 
14 Horaley Mrs Ann Dorothy 

11 Jamea Mrs Eliiabpth 
11 Jamea Mr Thomax 

Lee Mr John 

30 Harshill Bobert, ironstone master 
II Marshall Thomas, gentleman 
3 Hason Moses, tallow chandler & regialror 
of marriages 

10 Peggs Rev. James, (General Baptist) 
3 Pepper William, sweep 

Potter Samuel, gentleman, Park 
Severn Joseph, aetter-up 

15 Severn William, rate collector 
B Sitls Mr Thomas 

li Siddons Joseph, lodging house 

7 Sowray Thomas, excise officer 

Starbuck Jas. collisiy agent, Babinglon wharf 

IT Straw William, sawyer 

3 Stocks Mr. Oeorge 

16 Toplia George, baekel maker 

11 Whitehead George, hairdresser 

.1 Whitehead Samuel, pariah cinili nud agent 
for the Ilislorical Begister 

17 Wriglil Mary, coUerlor, Trdl-gale 

■ ooglc 



I Barker Mrs Benay, 

II CraggWm.Pregton 
3 Fletcher Thoa. Chs 
a MitntrWm. British 

Spin Wm 

Welt Uutba, Britjah 

7 Wright David 


(I CalltdiDe John 
3 Calladiue Thomas, 

and csoiil^tion«r 


and confeclioner 


6 Bamfocd Thomu 

le Bnrgiii Robert 


3 Wombell John 


13 Aidred SaoiDrl 

11 Rales John 

10 Ciesswell Geaig« 

12 Crooks Boben 

15 Hawler ^^ 

10 Henshaw Stephen 

10 Boole; Eian 

11 Mitchell Abrohun 

16 Pf orsoii Geo 
10 Pinder John 
<t Pollud Thoa 

10 Boblnson Benjn 
Shaw Swnnel 

9 Smith Joseph 

a Smilh Joseph, jan 

10 TomlinsoD Thoa 

10 Tnnter John 

11 Walker Paol, and 
Poit-offles keeper 


11 Cope John 

17 Cope John 
3 Lucas Joseph 

3 PiekbiiRi Eleazer 


10 Stocks Elijah 
17 Wade George 



19 Horrtdge Wm 

20 Marshall Bobert 
14 Wilson Isaao, li. 



3 Barker Jas. Alei. 
3 FrilohlBj Wm. 
10 Oonld Jaa. 
16 Pares Fdk. 
16 Bichardton Isaac 
e Bigley Wm. 
3 Rilejr Wm. 
3 TwellB Wm. 



7 Graham Bt. Chas. 
3 PnrceU Geo. Wm. 
3 Straw Josh. 

8 Whitehead Sunl. 


Nonh b Wakefield, 
Babbinglon whuf 

Potter Sml. gent Park, 
and Rutland wharf 


Hardf Jph. Nonnin 

11 HobBoi 



Evans Geo. chimne; 

pipe ft garden pot. 

Canal bridge 
ETsns fiichaid, i 

bottle & flre-brick, 

Canal bridge 
Henabaw Wm. Canal 

llAttenboroogfa Isaac 
20 Bailejr Gilbert 
30 ClsTWorth John 
3 Cocker Isaaii, Ma- 
li Flint Geo. graiier 
le Henahaw John 
IS SnighloD Thomas 

16 Longdon John, 

■20 Orchard James 
IB Potter Thomas 
e Bichards Hatbaw 
10 Bobinwn Mary 
14 SsaTcm Edw 
20 Seatem Ed. FUld 
10 Skerington Robert 
10 Skerington Wm 
14 Smith Richard 
e Taylor John 
SO Taylor John 
16 Tomtinson Henry 



It) Ghertham Thoa 
10 Hayes Thomas 


10 BamTord John, 

Botany bay 
10 BeardaaU Jpfa. and 

14 Bonaey Joseph 
Burrows Joseph 
IDCIower Wm 
Cocki^e Joseph 
14 Cope John 
Eaton Edmnnd 

5 Eaton Wm 

10 Eurey Samnel 
10 Fisher John 
10 Fisher Thomas 
10 Flint John aay 
4 Goddard James 
lOHallsworlh John 
IB Honidgs John 
IB Houghton Jamea 
18 Johnson Samuel 
10 Lacey Wm 
10 Levers Richard 
7 Smith John 

6 Speed Bei(jamin 
14 Straw John 
leSadbory Francif 
lOTUson John 

10 Warren Charles 
IB WethereU John, 

Bolany bay 
16 White Wm 

30 Rowley Wm 

10 Sanders Wm 
I S Small George 


11 Bolton John, and 
agent to (be Notta 
and Dorbyshlre Fire 
and Life Offices 

3 Curler Hy.&Sons 
II Daft Fredk. & Co. 
1 1 HobsoB Mathew 
3 Rosa John 


I Ball Francis & Sona 
S Carrier Hy.& Sons 


7 BenneU Wm 

30 Bnll-H Head, Patk. 

19 Dmid's Tarem, 

Robert Boolh 
1 1 Harrow, Thomas 

6 Horae and Groom, 

John Lowe 
JoUy Boatman, Jaa. 

Bnrgin Richardson 
II King's Head, Wm. 

10 Peaaoek, Balpb 

3 Queen's Head,Ain>n 


10 Rose and Crown, 
Joseph Aldridge 

3 BnllandArmH,Thas. 
Hives, & flour factor 

11 Sir John Warren, 
and oatlle dealer 

18 Three Horse Shoes, 
Wm Bowlisten 

II While lion, James 

,,_, ii.;,Goo<^lc 


3 Adcock John 
Barker John 
IT BcU Wm 

6 Boelock John 
ITOibbini John 
lOQould Junes 

10 Hallsworth Joi^h 
1 EfoiriilgB Eliisbelh 
10 KnigliUin Huinifa 
Knighton John 
IB Longden Daniel 
H Longdon SolomOD 

7 Horluid Wm 

le Ponndill niyBBei 
3 SiUs Wm 

1 SisKins Enoch 

Sintv Thomw 

1 1 Wiglej Jeddfldiih 


11 Buxton John 

3 BoBB John 


id Birch Sunuel 
90 Sajrkui Biohud 
18 England Wm. and 
wood turner 

9 Fletcher Wm. 

4 Ooddard Jas. jimt 
ISJohnion James 

10 Lowe Biehard 
17 Straw PhilUp 

11 Warner Junes 
ID Warner Isaac 


3 Alfred AuoD, silk 

14 Aldred Joseph 
6 Bailey Joseph 

1 Ban Francis, &saiu 
to Bd Ion John 

3 Carrier Hy. b Sons 

15 Crooks Geo. warp 

UEItie Elijah, warp 
IB Harrison Christph 

Potter Thoa. Spring 


2 ROe; John, vaip 

16 Smith John, waip 
4 Tme[niuiJohn,vBtp 

UKE lUMie. 

Bichirdaon Jas. Bnr- 
gin, Canal bridfs 

ID Small George, and 
boat owner 


3 Carrier H j. b Sons 
3 Rosa John 

11 Weat Mrs Humah 



3 Fletcher Samoel 


1 lAttenborougb Mark 
14 MoBB John 


11 Cbilds Elizabeth 
3 Edwards Susannah 
18 Fletcher Aon 
3 Sills Sarah 

1 7 Simpson Sarah 

11 Wigley Elizabeth 
and Uartha 

13 Fox John 
10 Holland Kehard 
Ifl Bobinson Wra 
10 Tathnm Benjamin 
ISTmeman Joseph 


3 lies Jcdm 

7 Meikin Thomas 

3 HiUingloD William 

16 TimnicUffs Wm. 
painter only 

MiPE a nniiE 


Slorer Mich. Grove 
16 Thompson Wm 


le Sbiw Ralph 


I Ball John, and pio- 

3 Beardslej John 

15 Booth Robert 

II Bunney Joaeph 

16 Hmrows Elizabeth 

14 Cope John 

10 Hind* Geo. & bsker 
16 HitherBBj- James 
20 Horridge John 
Ifl Pair John 

15 Poundall Classes 
BBerin Snmael, and 

boat owner 
Richards Samuel 
3 Bilej Thomu 

16 jUmmingloD John 
10 Sanders Wm 

19 Sisson Mary 
6 SISBon Bobert 
lOSkerington Wm 
10 Skerington Wm, 

16 Smith John 
3 Slocks John 
14 SaUon Wm 
6 Tnunan John 
17WakefleldJohn, & 

S Wright Lake 


17 Gibbon* John 
li SllTesfer John 


aODodaworlh Wm 
laWhealley John 


16 Gamble Matilda 

7 Goddard HatUda 
llWrigley Elizabeth 

and Martha 


11 Longstaff Edgar Hy 
3 Lucas George 

9 Norman Geo. Blake 


ig Bailey Samuel 

11 Bennett Joseph, 

and bairdreaser 
11 CampbeU JeBse k 

19 CoiumbeU Wm 
3 Emineon John 
19 Turlon Samnel 


11 Beimeu Thomas 

8 Longdon Solomon 
lOShonhose John 


7 Bennett Wm 


10 Dsiby, El^ah Bor- 
rows, Friday 

3 Derby, John White- 
head, Friday 
ID Derby, Joseph 

Holmes, Friday 
1 6 NoUingtaam.El^ah 


3 Nottingham, John 

Whitehead, Mond. 

Wed. and Sat. 
19 Nottingham, Jph. 

Holmes, Wed. and 


KIBE HALLAM parish contains two townships, of which Mqiperley is eitnatsd in the 
Applelree hundred ; the enlirB pariah contains 1,600*. a». of land, mostly a strong soil, and 
conUina 4-11 inhabitanta; in 1801, 358,— In 1831, 480. 

KiBK HiLiAM, alownahip and smaH niral villaee embowered with trees. Hi mUea E.N.E. 
from Derby, 2 mUes S.b.W. ftom Ilkeston, conUbs 781*. 2b. a3r. or land mosUy a strong 



soil, 18 hmies ind 03 InhabituiU, of wboin 43 vets malos and 49 females, tli* rauabU 
lalua £1,077 lis. FranoU Newdip^le, Eaq, Ulord of Iha manor and principal ownAr. Tb« 
cbnroh. All Sainte, is a vicarage. Tallied in Ihe King's Booka ■( £-1. On. Td. now JC313. It 
Iiaa been endowed with £300 Qamn Anne's boun^ inveBted in land. TIis Duka of RaOnnd 
ii Ihe pation, and tlie Bev. Pellej Parker, IncambenL It is ■ bidbU alraclDre with navr, 
chucel, low embattled towtr, and 3 belts. It was repaired in 1811, and the parch rebuilt. 
The Talue of the lilbe is £141, widi ISj. 3b. of glebe In Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, and 
9i. S9p. in Sandiaers. also 40s. i* paid bj her m^ratj'H receiTcr of fee farm rents, to the 
Ticar. About 30 children attend the snndar sehool. The Nutbroak caniil passes near the 
village, and occupies Oa. 32p. of land, and Edward 9crutt, Esq., is a small owner. Feast, 
first Sondaj after All Hallows iaj. The manor of Kirk Hallsm, at lbs Domesda; lunej!, 
belonged to Ralph de Buron. It was in the Greys of Codnor in Ihe reign of Edward I. 
The large estate of the Leake familj, with the impropriate rectory and adTowson of church, 
which had belonged to Dole Abbey, and granted to Francis Leake, Esq., in 1.^03, were sold 
after Ihe death of Nicholas Leake, to the Earl of Searsdale in 1T3G, since which they hava 
been in the Newdigate family. In 1783, Fraa. Newdjgsle, Esq., of Nottingham, bequeathed 
it to his nephew Francis Parker, Esq.. who look the name of Newdigale. 

Mapfeslet, a township and small Tillags in the Applelree hundred, 7} miles N E. from 
Derby ', contains 038*. 3a. 2Dr. of land, mostly a strong cold clay, 71 hoaaes, and 39t) 
infasbitanlsi in 1801, 379; and in 1831,384. The rateable Talne, £1,HS IOb. Here are 
.*> hoaiety frames. W.Mnndy, Esq., Is lord of (ha msnor; W. D. Holden, Esq., is the largest 
owner; the lord of the manor and Mr. John Fletcher are alao owners. The Nutbrook canal 
crosses the eastern Bids of Iho township, and occupies SOa. 1b. 20f. of land, and 4a. 3b. 4p. 
belongs to Bistey scliooL Francis Newdigale is a small owner and impropriator of the 
great tithe, eommnted lor £Si, and the rioarial for £130 per annum. The mediodists have a 
small chapel, sreoled in 1830. In 1791, Henry Leaper left £0 a year for Ihe support of a 
Snnday lehoo), which was established 1703 ; about 90 children attend, and 8 children are 
entitled to go to West Hallam school, fonnded by John Scsrgill. The Manor Hmu, au 
ancient half-dmberad building with gables, now in three tenemente, near which fonnerly 
was a bowling green, taken np about 30 years ago. Park Hail, a small hamlet, half a mile 
N.W. (kom the village, near which, in a wood of abont 7 aerss, is a moated site, on which 
fbtmerlj stood a large mansion, of which nothing remains. At the Domesday suney, William 
Pererel held Happcrley (or the king. Bicbaid Sandiacre held this manor in 1 233, for the senico 
of providing a dog kennel. In the year 1206, a market oo Mondays, and a fair at the fesdvul 
of the Holy Trinity, weie granted to Simon dc Ardem, in which he was succeeded by Thomas 
de Lnche. Sir Richard Willoaghby, Ihe judge, acquired this manor by marriage with the 
heiress of Morteyne, and bad a large park al Ifapperiey. Afterwards it belonged to tha 
Gilbena of Locko. Sir Anthony Slrelley who died seiied of Park hall, in Kirk Hallam, in 
1691, which since passed with 3hipley in Hesnor, to the Himdy family. 

Framcu Oitbornt't (7Aarify,— (See Bradley.)— The annual sum of £9 lOs. is received by 
the vicar of this parish, and laid out in ihe purchase of flannel or coarse cloth, and distii- 
bnted alternately lo the poor of Kirk Hallam and Happertey. 

Jtiehardtan^ CAanfy— (See Smslley)— This township is oneofthossentitlpd to ihebeneflt 
of this charily, in case there should not be 10 poor colliers in Smaltey. At present a quar- 
terly pension of lis. ii pnid to two. 

Henry Leaper, in ITDt, gave £100 upon trust, that in case a Sunday school should bs 
established at Mspperiey, wiihin two years after his decease, Ihe yearly proceeds of Ihe auid 
■am Bbonld be applied in support of sucb school; if not established, or discoulinued, then 
it should be considered as part of Ihe residue of his personal estate. The legacy remained 
wilh Hr. Cater and his widow, who died 1839. At Ihe dme of our investigation, Mr. Ediiard 
Fox, of Derby, had undertaken lo pay the aboTK'mentioued sum when Mrs. eater's property 
was disposed of, and it was lo be placed on good security for the support of a Snnday school, 
the master of which receivea £8 per annum for insimcting poor children. 

fTnl fiajton Sclloo/.— The inhabitants of Uapperley an entitled to partake of iu bcHQU. 
{Set Wia Hallam.) . 

2< oogle 


Ebsworlh Bct. Oeorge Bttilt, H.A. vioir of FARMERS. 

"^•*'°'' BliiiulonWiii.Udyird | Etuii ThoWM 

HiJliiigwor«hB«>^»miii, joiner Brown John Thuker HillBinJobn 

Rice Junes, p»idi cleifc B.™ P„km Rohert 

WdkerCh.ri«,wh«lwright ETUnMisaAnn.FieU.I Princt Jph. Hall 

CUtka Uisi Chiriotu, Hetd houM Tmmui Eliiah, wbeelwiight 

Flelchet Hn. Humah, Brook FiUtHERS. 

FKcUelon John, abopkeeper Birdell Boben, Park hiJI 

Htdj Sarah, licLSunal later. Black Hon* Elae Joaiah 

HaiTcy .lohn, bacrtinasa & ahoemr. Park hall Fleicher John, Haad honw 
Johnaon Joaiah, oolljerj agent Green Thonia* 

Mown WilUam, ahoemaker Martin Thomaa, Copgrara Una 

Oldershaw laaac, bricklayer Uardn Thonaa, and batcher and miliar 

Porter Wm. maltster Porter John, Park hall 

Ridnell Cbar1ea,plnmber, glazier, and painter Spendlore Anthon;, Park hall 
Thnilej Imannel, ahoemaker Wajue Frijicia, CaaUe 

KtBK LiHoLET, townahip and ■mall straggling tiUage on Ih* Deiby and Aabbonm road, 
enntaina IflU acres of land, ID-I bouses and OSS inhabilanta, of whom 308 were moles and 
S5T females, rateable value £1,003 Us. GadfyefMeynell,Eiq.,ia a email owner and lord of 
the manor, of whi-ih E. S. C. Pole, Eaq., and Mr. Hodgkinaon fomierlj had ahares ; also 
the late BeT. Heni7 Peach bad one half of the manor which he aold in 1837 (or £900 to 0. 
Heynell, and Co., who had preiionslj purchased the other ehares. T. O. Copealake, Esq., 
JamesBrongh,Esq.,E. S.C. Pole, Esq., ReT. P. Cell, and Dr. Thomaa Peach are also owners. 
The church of St Michael is ■ rectory, Talued in the King's Book £12 2a. Id., now £338. 
Godfrey Meynell, Esq., pslrOD, and RcT. Henry James Feilden, H.A., incnmbent. It is an 
ancient ediBce, with naie,chancel, side aisles, low embattled lowerand 3 belle. Tbepulpiletanda 
at the west end in tbe centre. In ibr eaat window a amall portion of atained glass remains. 
The patron erected a new tesiry in 1831. In 1640 the church was repewed, repaired, and a 
new gallery erected on the aoulh aide at a cost of £000 ; when on the north side were disro- 
lered the remains of an ancient chapel, and some tesaelated bricks. In the cborcb are 
aareral neat monbments to the Meynell family, and to nrious rectors, of which, the last is to 
the Ber. EdsrardS.Wilmou The rectory ie a neat mansion near the cborcb. In 1^12 the 
tithes of Kirk Langley were commuted for £313, and the rector has 90 acres of glebe, of 
which a considerable portion waa awarded at the enclosure of Meynell Langley, in lieu of 
tithes. In IBin the rector erected a large aehool room, to be aied aa a day and Bunday 
aehool ; about 80 children attend. He alio enlarged the master's residence, and supporu 
the Sunday aehool. The school land, 3a. 3b. alp., Is let fhr £12 per annum, for which 13 
children are instructed. 

HiTSBLL LmoLET, a township and scattered Tillage, in which are aeTeral good honsea. 
It is principally bnilt of brick, wiib bloe tiles, forms the east side of the pariah. The Flag- 
ahaw, a small brook, separating the townships and Tillagea. It contains l.IlOi. 3b. lOr. of 
land, 30 houaea, and 133 iahabitanla. Rateable ralue, £1,334 10s. OoiTnj Meynell, Esq., 
is lord of the manor and principal owner, and the owners enomerated (or Kirk Langley are 
alao ownera here. The school land is in this townahip. 

Langltj Bail, a neat atone mansion, I mile E.N.E. (h>m the Tillage, is the seat of Godl^ 
Meynell, Esq., situated in a well-wooded paA of 00 acrea, eommanda a fine «lew of Derby. 
The manor of Lsn^ay Hejnell took i(a name from an ancient family who poaseaaed it aa 



eulj u (he leigu of Edmrd III. ; Iroai them it ptntd b; meaasBira female hein to the 
(uuiliei of Buwu tad Cnendwli. WilUun C^eadish, Duke at Newoksde, wld ii in the 
jtti 1669, la Isuc Me<niel], sitiian of Loadoa, who left an odIt dougbler anil heir, whone' 
eeoond biubuid, Robert Cecil, a joanger brolber of James Karl of Baliabarj, aold Chumb 
Langlej and MeTuell LangXtj to Oodbaj Meyuell, Eiq., anolber branch of the funiljr. Mr. 
Mejmell having no issne, be bequeathed the eilata to his caueine, and the manor and estate 
was ditided ; of wbirh the ihare> in the manor have aU been sold to the present lord. 

Chaxitiis. — ReT. John Bailey, and Isabella, bis wife, in ITSO, erected a school house at 
I^oglej ; and in JTOS, left a rent charge of £t> yearly, ant of ■ niessnage and lands al 
Boylatone, (or teaching poor children of the parish. Frances Baylsy, in 1766, for a numinal 
coDsidsrslion, sold to certain Imiitees a close called the Upper Cnmery, for teaching 3 pour 
children at the school ; and if the said dose, 3} acres, with the aimaity, should exceed £10 
a year, the eurplui to be need In repairing or altering the eohool. The eehoolmaatcr occu- 
pies the land, at the value of £0 lOs., and receives the rent charge, £S, allowing to the reetor 
£1 for repairs, and he appoints 13 children to be taught &ee. 

Sovgh'i Uhariii/. — (See Dalbnry.) — In respect of which, £1 a year has been hitherto paid 
for the poor of this parish, and given amongst 20 of the poorest persona. 

Mev. Mr, Bailtji gave the interest of £10 to be paid on the four sacrament days, sgreeable 
(D the will of the d<nkor. This has been in tbe bands of the Cheney family, and 6 per cent, 
fbr many yean paid ; but the son of the late General Robert Cheney baa sold bis eaute in 
this palish, so that it U desiraUe that the money shonld be called in, or a besh security 

Mn. Cheney, in IB21, plaeed the sum of £30 in the savings' bank, at Derby, under the 
name of " the Poor of Lan^ey, by Hrs. Cheney," and directed the inlerest to be paid to tbe 
minister for the time being, for the nse of tbe poor who shoold attend the sacramenL 
Owing to some inadvertence, this som baa never been demanded, so that thste ia now (183S) 
£Si in tbe savings bank. 

AUcock Edward, Baker 
Ault Wm. shoemk. & par. cirk 
Bacon Jpb. Sen.&Jnn. tsiln. 
Boim John, wheelwright 
Bun Thomas, shoemaker 
Cooper Daniel, shoemaker 
Copestake Tbos. Ooodal, Esq, 
Fielden Rev. H. Js. M.A. rector 
Olbaon Heniy, srboolmaster 
Healheote Misses My. & Carol. 
Hodgkinson Jn. bkr. & shopk. 
Lee Robert, blackamith 

Meynell Oodftvy, Esq. Park I 


Bailey Wn. Bnekhasles farm 


Pickering William, joiner 
Peach Thomas, M.D. Old hsl! 
Eidgard William, blacksmith 
Starbuck Elii. vict Na«'a Hd. 
Taylor Thomas, beerhouse 
Thompson Semuet, butcher 
TemoD Comelins, stone man. 

Bowley John 
Brough Hcniy 
Brongli Jimes, Pastures 
Brough Mrs. Mary, Burrows 

Goodwin William 
Handford John 
Hanson John, Lodge bzat 

Hortey John, Jonr. Bumws 
Morley Jn. senr. PettyUoees 
Osborne James, Hilly Closes 
Osboine Wm. Snape's Perm 
Spencer William 
Whittingtuun Thos. Senr. and 
Jnnr. Cross Close 

Flank Falkner, to Derby, Frid 

Uodgkinson Joseph 
Spalton Thos, New park 

HACKWOBTH parish contains tbe townships of Hackwortb and Uarkeaton, 3,400 acres 
of land, and B61 inhabitants. In 1601, 400 ; 1S31, 631. Mackworih ia a township and 
indiflkrent village, with a few modem hooses, on the Derby and Asbboara road, 3} miles 
WJ4.W. from Derby, contains l,333i. 2k. of land, 64 bouses, and 36t inhabitants, of whom 
IB3 were males and 106 f^ales ; rateable value, £3,138 13s. 4d. William Mundy, Esq., is 
Iwd of tbe msnor and principal owner. Lord Scsrsdate, Godfrey Heynell, Esq., and E. 9, C. 
Pole, Esq., ore also owners. A court leet is held oceasionally. Tbe church, All Saints, is a 
vicarage, valued in tbe kio^a book at £0 Re., now £161. It baa been endowed Alh 1*200 



QnesQ Anae'i bountr. Williun Mnnd^, Esq., patroii mi improprlatcrr; the lUr. OvMg* 
Pickering, lucumbent, irhoM nncIc and gnnilhtlicr prvcsded him id Ibe Uviug. Tb« choreli 
i* k TCDCTabls looking (tnlclan, pwtJj in the decoraled ttj\t, with k nMe, chincel, and Bne 
town, u ocUgonal ipin, and 3 bells. In the cbuuel are two marble talilets to William 
Forreilet of Broad Field, Herts, and Ann, his nifa, with MTeral others in the chnrch. In 
ld3.t, the patron erected a school-mom. All olaases are eligible, on payment of Sd. or 4d. 
per week to the mailer; who also receiTes £6 per apnom from Hr Mondf ; aboDt 40 attend, 
and he has X3 for leaching a Snnda; school. In 1703, the open lands ot both townships, 
•moaoling lo 2,490i. were entlosed. The manor ol Maekworlh has ilwajs been held with 
that of Haikeslon. A eoaslderable beehald estate was held undet the lord ot the manor, 
by the ancient runil; ot De Mackworlli, who had a csslellaled mansion here. Tbomas 
Mackworth, Esq., who was one of Ihe repreeentaliTn of Ihe county ot Derby in the reign of 
Ueuy VI. ; Sir Thomas Uackwotth, who died seized ot the csstte in 1040 ; and the estate is 
now the property of Lord Scarsdale. 

MABrEATOR, a township and small aDcienl yillage, l}miles W.N.W. bom Derby, l,PI2i. 
9b. ot rich laud, 3S hooses, and 200 inhsbitanta, of whom 103 are males, and 96 females ; 
rateable value, £3,440. William Mmidy, Esq., ia lord of the manor and principKl owner. 
Lord Scaisdale, Urs Trowell, and William STans, Esq., are alio owners, and the Corporadon 
ot Derby hare 118a. The Hall is a lalge brick mansion, widi a spaeioos park in Ihint, Ihe 
■sat of William Hnndy, Eaq. ; was eivcied aboal the year 1T90, The old Hal) was of wood 
and piaster. In 1344, a neat Oolhio lodge and handsome iron entrance gale was ereelsd on 
the Asbbonm road. 

ThonihiU, a neat modem reaidenee, the seat and property of Mrs Trowel], commanding ■ 
fine iriew of Derby, ftom which it is IJ miles W. b. 8. There an several well-built 
scattered housea in die township. In 1B37, the late Mrs Sarah Uundy enabliahed a free 
tchool tor Ihe girls of both lownehips ; about 40 attend. 

This manor, Manhetoat, is described in Doomsday Book aa having been the properly of 
Siward, and then held by Oozclin, under Hugh Lupus Earl of Cheater. In the year 13S1, 
Thomas, son ot Bobert Tnschet. bad a charter ot ftee warren here. They also claimed a 
park and a gallows for the ciecution of criminals in 1330. Abont the year 1010, John 
Tnchet, Lord Audley, sold Ihe manors of Markenhm and Mackworth to John Mundy, cidxen 
of London, ^m whom ihey have descended to the present possessor. The late Francis 
Noel Clarke Mundy, Esq., was for many years the mnch respected chairman of the qnarter- 
sessiong at Derby, and author of Ihe admirable poems of "Needwood Forest," and the " Fall 
of Needwood." 

Cbakities.— iticAanJ Croihauft C/utrUg, (see Derby.)— la consideration of a legacy, Ihe 
rorporalion pay L'iH yearly for a weekly disbribntion amongst eight poor inhabitants of 
Markeatou and Mackworlh in bread and money. Eight lenpenny loaTca ate aeni every 
Snnday lo tlie church at Mackworth ; eight sixpences are also sent weekly, and distributed 
lo four poor persons of each place. The residue, As. 4d., ia paid to the parish clerk. 

In respect of the same donor's gift ot £200 for loans to poor hooseholden and tradeimen 
of Markeatou and Mackworlh, see Derby, 

Mvnday-i Charity, (see Boitury.)— The annnal snm of fa Ss. is received ttom Ihe 
minister of Qiiamdon by the incumbent of Ihe parish, who retains 4s. for himself, and pays 
3s. a.piece to llie respectiTe churchwardens of Harkeaton and Uackworth, and the remaining 
40s. are distributed to the poor of said placet on 6l Thomas's day. 

Peter Bough' I CKarU), (see Dalbary.) ^Thu sum of £,1 Bb. 8d. reooired bom Edward 
Cooper ot Asbbonra, is distributed, with others, on St Thomas's day. 

Henry SUmley, in 171ft, gave for Ihe use of Ihe poor of Markeaton and Mackworlh, flOO 
lo be applied as his traslees should appoint. Much suit had arisen by Heater Stanley, the 
testator's dsnghler, concerning the aaid will, whereby the estate was greatly dhninishtd. 
Only f 73 oonld be gotten. The trustees agreed that ^52 2s. should be applied for ihe poor 
of Markealon as their shore of the legacy, and that £30 ahould be appllnl for tbe poor of 
Mackworlh. The said £32 2a. vraa laid out In poiehating two cloiei in 1721. John 




BouMH, tlM raiTiTliig IniatM, punliued. In 1TS9, Sa. SBp. of land In Ounmilch Fnilong 
for £10, for tliB use of ilia poor of Uadtworlli. Thi two closes belonging to Muksatoo 
now form ona field, 1st for £i per tuuiiuti, wliieh U Tecched by tlie chiucliwardeii. The 
Miclcworth land now foima one field e>lled the Foot's Land, let tor £6 per uiuum, and is 
distributed on 81 Tbomaa's day. 
Polct Charil}/, (ses Sadtoim,) where It la fullT deaoribed. 

Cook John, ficL Mnodj Anns 
Fielden Miss Eliz. Bowbridge 
Goodill Sunosl, wbaalwright 
Jickson Daniel, blukamitb 
JohoBOD Thomas, taUor 
Haddocks Chailes. butcher 
Uaddocks Mai7, bakei and 

Uiindj Wm. Esq. The hall 
Men Frederick, butohn 
Johnson Utrj, Free solmol 
Miller Thomas, cam miller 
Preston Joseph, collaelor, 

Berbj gate 
Sasaions Samoel, blaeksmilh 

Maddocks Wm. shoeroaker 
FickenngBeT. Geo. BA. view 
Boome John, joiner 
Booms Thomas, school 
Rooms Wm. parish clerk 
Russell Thomas, boarding and 

daj school 
WilkiDs Thomas, G»q. 

Trowell Mrs Dorothr Woollatt, 


Alien John, Stones 
Beuneil Jamea 
Bennett Joseph 

Brown John 


Beeslon Joseph 
Cockerhan Heniietta 
Hanson John 
Haddocks Joseph 
Feaoh William, Wheat hill 
Smith Thomas 
Spajlon Thomas 
Toplia William, Field 

Brfer John, Tiear wood 
Brjer Joseph, The park 
Pinnej George, HomblcloD 
Fojaer Samuel, Rowdilch 

Richardson John, Thomhill 
Spallon Mn iSxrj 
liomton Mrs Mai; 

HICELEOVER, a township and parish, which also contaioa the townships of UieklMVer, 
Findem, and Littleover, and 4,752 acres of land, 1,073 inhabitanu; popolalion, hi 1831 
was 1,114 ; in IBJl, 1,090. Rateable valoe, £0,070 Os. Sd. 

HiOKtSOTEB, township and large well-built village, 3 miles W.S.W from Derby, contains 
1,B1T acres, 107 houses, and TOO inhabitants — of wbom 370 were males, and 364 females. 
Batsable tsIob, dC4,]01 lis. Bd. Colonel Robert Leaper Newton is lord of the manor and 
principal ownsr. Edwvd S. C. Pole, Esq., Bev. Joseph Sjkes, Chailes Eealhoole, Esq., 
Robert Rile;, Hem; Chqnnao, William Leaper Newton, Esq., Hoses nurey, Esq., Sir H. S. 
Blane, BarL, are owners, and the Helboome ehari^ 90a. 3h. St., ot which the rental U jESS. 
The common, cont^ning BOO acres, was enclosed 1T90. The ehnrch. All Saints, is ■ 
vicarage, Tslued in the King'a Books, £9 lis. d^d., now £SS8, the llviag being endowed with 
one-third ot the rectorial tithes. The church was ^>propriated to Burton ahbej, by William the 
Conqueror, Lord Scarsdale, patron, the Hon. and Rev. Frederic E. Cotaon, incumbent The 
cliDrch is a neat stroctnre, with nare, chancel, side ailes, low embattled pinnacled tower, and 
S bells. The Ticange is a neat modem monaion, and IBOi. 3b. IOf. of ancient glebe, and 
allotments in lien of tittle belongs the ricange. The impropriate tithe belongs to Henty 
Chapman, Esq., of Neesham Hill, Durham, and was commuted Id 1B4S for £1M 15s. The 
Sondsy school has about 60 children. Melhodlat eh^iel, erected 1830, wiU seat 200 persons, 
and has a Snnday echoo) of aboni SO children. A school house was erected by subscription 
about 50 years ago, and Ihe'master receires £9 per annum from Newton's chari^, for teaching 
9 children. The lady of Col. Newton partly eduoates 10 poor children ; shs has also a 
clothing club for the poor. The ancient seat of the Newton's, at the west end of the Tillags, 
baa 07 windows, now a form bouse. The Ctdan is an ancient faonse, in the EUiabethan 
style. Otm die entrance porch is " Niii daa Frattra" 1646, and is supposed to have been 
boilt bj B e^tain in Cromwell'a army. It was repaired and bcnndfied a few years ago. at a 
cost of £900. MieUtover Smite, is a neat mansion with beautifol pleasure grounds, from 
which are eileniiTe views into Leicestershire and Staffordshire. This wilh the Cedar*, ars 




IhcpropertjcitHowl Btrrej, Eiq., ofDudv;. TV Lima, khaudBome modem maiuioo, 
conunandiiig eilenuTg lieir*, ia tho pTopFTQ lad satt or Suaoel Job Wright, Ksq. 7%« 
Fattura, alirgehuidBoineiiiuiflioD, erMled kboal tO jean ago, neir the BurUmroad, S mils* 
8.W. from I>erbj, is thii mat and prOpertT ttt Sir Hugh Stjmoor Blaue, Bart.. The hast, 
SDodaf after December eih. The manor of MickleoTer waa giTeD.wilh Fiodem, Liltleorer, 
and Pottac, b; William the Couqaeror to Bnrtoii Abbey. King Henry VIII. granted tham lo 
SirWiUiamFigat. Iq 1618, Sir EdwardWilmotiEsq. purchased two shares of them. In 1 SOI 
Edmrd SacbeTrrel Chandos Pole, Esq., porchased them of Sir Bobert Wihnot, Bart The 
remaining part was sold in IM8, by the heiresa of Sir William Wilhepol, who married the 
elder of Sir William Beade*! gtandanghterB, lo Sir John Cunmi, which desoanded lo John 
Leaper Kewton, Esq. 

FiMDUH ToWMSBtrcbapelry and Tillage, itmfles 8. W.byS.fhimDerbj.eitendaronndagreen 
of about 3 acrvs. The parishioners are lords of the manor, and attend a court leet at litcharch 
held by the grown. It contains 1,9391. dn. 2Sr. of land, 02 houses, and 116 iDbahilanls. 
Saleable Talue, £3,137 10a. Ber. F. W. Spilsbury, Robert Erpe, John Dmry, Thomas 
Uilnes, Rev. J. Bate, are owners The Trent and Heraej canal, and the Birmingham and 
Derby railway, paai throng the township. Tbe ebapel, dedicated to All Saints, ia an ancient 
BtruclniB, with a wooden turret and two belle. It waa new-pewed in 1706. It ia a chapel of 
ease to Uickleoter. The Rev. John Henry Stokes is the curate. Here 67 aerea of glebe, 
belongs the ticbt. The Melfaodista have a neat chapel, erected in 1B39, and the Dniuriana 
an ancient brick chapel, with pointed gables. It is said traditionally that thia place belonged 
to Lord Findem, In the time of Richard III., and was confiscated after the battle of Bosworth 
Field. There are 33 reliet and silk looms here. Fsast, Sunday after M orember Alh. 

PoTLOCE, an estate and manor in Findem township, which contains Stfll. 3». 6p. of land, 
S houses and 10 inhabitants, aU inclnded in the Findem retnriL Sir J. H. Crewe, Bart is the 
owner. Here was anciently a eh^iel, dedicated to St Leonard, of which there are now no 
remains. John de Take or Touke, whose family resided here for seieral generatiuns, gave 
11 acrss of meadow, and 60s. rent to the support of this chapel. The old mansion was 
taken down about 10 years ago, by the late Hi. Oloier, who erected the present farm houses. 
LiiiLioTiB township, chapelry and straggling Tillage, in which are a few modern eree> 
tiona, 3 miles aw. by S. from Derby, contains 1,163 acres of strong marl land, 110 houses, 
and 107 inhabitants. Bateable value, £3117 9a. E. 3. C. Pole, Esq., is lord of the manor, 
owner of tbe Uoorway farm and 100 acres, and impropriator, and has a portion of the hay 
tithe. Cocksbnt Heathcole, Esq., ia the largest owner. John Harrison, Esq., Sir H. S. 
Blane, Bart, and Thomas Lowe, are also owners. The chapel is a small sncienl edifice, 
with nave, chancel, iKinh aisle, toiret and I bell. Itiaadependentcbapel on MickleoTer. The 
BsT. John Heniy Stokes is curate. Here is a handsome moniunent lo Sir Richard Uarpur, 
alao a neat tablet to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of Cockahat Heathcole, Esq. Tbe vicar 
has "Ha. 2r. 1p. of glebe, and a portton of the hay tithe commuted fbr £30. 

The Old Hall, now a farm bouae^ia a large brick building at the west end of the village, 
embowered with trees, is the proper^ of C. Heathcote, Esq. In I81<t, a national acbool- 
room, with a reaidence for the master, waa erected. 13 boys and 20 girls attend. The 
Melhodisia and Baptists have small ohqieli, and here are two benefit aoeietisa. Only 3 
hosiery bames in the village. Feait, Sunday after St Fetar. 

Poor's Laitd. — There are two fields of land within the chapelry of Littleover, said to have 
been given for the benefit of the poor, bnt by whom, or at what period, is unknown. One 
of the fields contains 3 acres, let fbr £7 per aonnm. The other, rather more, lets for £6 per 
annnm. Cockabut Heathcote, Esq., statea that he has fonnd no papers concerning these 
charities, or how the trust devolved upon hia lUher, bat he piofioaes lo conlinne the dislri- 
bution in the -same manner heretofore made. A part of another field was mentioned lo ns as 
belonging to the poor, bnt we have met with no evidence of its having twea ao ^ipropriated. 
Vumut WaJt, in 1078, gave to the poor of MickleovBr 13b. a-year, lo be paid by his 
executor on every St Thomas's day. Mr George Wade, the owner of a fann in (bit parish, 
distributes 13s. atmually to poor widovra. 

.y Google 



Joget Harpar, bj hei will, g«Tfl land to poor wWows of Hickl«OTer, then Tested in Hn 
Fnwler, and producing Ss. per iTiiinm. A TCDt thaxgt of 5b. b paid trom lutd belongiDg to 
Mr William Tancred Fowler, Bud distriboted in ennia of 6d. 

Poor'i JIfoiwj.— There is a sum of £6(\ belonging to the poor of Mickleorer, seeared bjr 
promiSBOi; note dated 2flth April 1810, of Paul Spencer, and Paul Spencei, jnnr. Of ihiB 
■lun, £20 appears to bare been given by Sobfrt Newton, and ^0 b; William BaUuan. 
The interest, at £a per cent, is paid to the overseer, and diBlributed by him. 

BobeH Nemlon, Eiq., ia llii, left £200 on trust, the interest to be applied to the old 
and infirm poor of the parish of Uickleoter on 4th Noiember ;earlf , Ihe first jear in monejr 
and (he neit in clolhta, and so allemaleljr. He also gSTe £300 in tmst, lo applj the produce 
thereof to the nse of s school at Mickleorer. Hr John Leaper, one of the trosleee, took the 
name of Newlon, and gare, bj his will, all luB trusts to hiB second BOO, Mr WiUiam Newlon 
of Derby, and the above Bums of J*200 each are in his hands, fbr which he pajs intetest at 
4i per cent. 

Qitbantt't Charilg, (aee BraJity.) — The licai reeeiTes £6 10a. on aeeonnt of thia charitr, 
which ii applied in Ihe porobasa of flannel and dolh, and distribnted bj him at Chrislmaa 
amongBl the poor of the pariah. 

Pofe'i Charitg, (aee Eadboani,) for apprenticing poor children. 
Joha MItop, in 1T14, fave all bis lands and lenementa, aitnate in the parish of Skirbeek, 
eonntj of Lincoln, to his wife, Satah, for life, and after bei decease to his bod, prorided that, 
if he ahonld Sir under the age of 21, and without iasue, the eaid landa and premises shonld 
be to the nse of a schoolmaster to leach the children of poor people of Findem, Willington, 
and Slenson. The prapen; consists of a smaU thatched cottage with OQlbuildiogs, near [he 
tona of Boston, with two closes of good paelon ai^oining, containing Kx. 3a. ITr., and ui 
aJlolmeni in the fen, Oa. 8b. 33;., let at £60. The monej is pud to a schoolmaster, who 
keeps a school at Finders. All the poor children, bojv and giris, of the aaid places, are 
admitted. The number varies from 30 lo 00, according to the lime of Ihe year. 

John Erpe devised land, called Lesser Crow Nest, in Findem, tram the Middle Hedge to 
Findem Hays, and dirscted his heirs to pay yearly 20s. al Michaelmas and Lady-day, vii. 
12b. tor Bchooling aome poor children, and 6s. in baying poor families religions books. 13s. 
is paid the achoolmaster, and Sb. laid out in books for the poor, the donor's name being 
written on them. 

Brrad Charitg. — An ane of land in Findem, let by the areraeera of the poor (Ihe dODor 
unknown) for £1 a-year to a very old tenant, bnt said to be wotlh £3, which ia diatribaled 
amongst the poor in BhiUing and sixpenny loavss. 


Fayns Samuel, parish cleA 

Redfeam William, beerbonae 

Boome Samuel, vicL Mag's 

Head, and butcher 
Spencer Paul, blacksmilh 
Wallis Thomas, wheelwri^t, 

and beerhoosa 
WatMu Kill, infsnf s school 
Watson John, bolober 
Watson Thoa. oom ft flour dlr - 
Whitworth Wm. blaekrmilh 
Wr^bt ChriHopher, joiner 
Wright John, day sehool 
Wrighi ; 

BUoe Sir Hngb Seymoor, 

Bart PaaUres 
Bailey Joseph, baker 
Bell Bobeit John, surgeon. 

The Home 
Clewer Benjamin, tailor 
Cofding Thomas, gardener 
Cnnou Hon. & Bev. Fredk. 

EJd .A. vicar 
Hanaon George, wheelwright 
Hanson William, batcher 
HiU Oeorga, com miller. The 

BiU John, bakar 

Uind Jose^, aaddlsr and 

whip maker 
Holmes Ab. vlot Mason' a Anna 

The Limes 


Bailey John, and abopke«p«r 


Bailey Will 

Chadwiek John 

Cozon Qeoige, The Cedna 

Davenport Samuel 

Falkner John, Staker field 

Finney Thomaa, New house 

Gregory John, Old ball 

Hind Benjamin, Bonehills 

Lagai Qeorge 

Milward William 

Pegg German, Long fouriongt 

nuUOrd Phillip 




Bjlejr Robert, Brookfield 

Spencer John 

Wide Gm. HtjwiA k Saml. 

Wade George 

Ambroee John, pirisfa clerk 
Bales Georte, abopkeepri 
Cunp, Bd. Tict. GrejhoDiid, 

nnd wheelwrigbt 
Clan Joseph saddler 
Cof William, com mllleT 
Ctowder John Beebn, Hir- 

gate hill honie 
Fowan Fiancis, blaeknaith 
Johnson Samoel, etonemason 
Lovett Iiaac, assist, oierseer 
Page Nilhaniel, Teliet veaTcr 
putts Prwicis, wheelwright 
Pigott Wm. senr. free aehool 
Simma Ntth. vict. The Wheel 

Archer Mrs Eliiabelh 
Bollock JoMph, ihupkeeper 
Senilon Jas. tIcL The Plough, 

Hnffln Heath 
Maaull Kliu, da; school 
Holden John, assist. oTerseer 
IfaniTdd Thomaa Cook and 
-HargaiM, natioDal sobool 
North John, shoemaker 
North Samoel, ahoemaker and 

pariah clerk 
Price John, ucfailecl & Dfrty , 

Stokei B«*. John Hj. enrale 
Swan William, wheelwright 
Wataon Benjamin, butcher 
Watson Joseph, saddler 
Watson Thomas, Beerhe 
Whittaker Samuel, tulot 


Banks Qeorge, and batcher 

Bromle; WiUiam 

Eipe Robert 

Koster Richard 

GloTer John Jowett, Potloek 


Hiloes Thomas 

BatcUlTe Joseph, joiner 
Roe Jph. TieL While Swan, 

and shopkeeper 
Shaipe Benj. hosier; mannfr 
SpcDcer Samoel, blacksmith 
Stafford Han. rid. Half Moon 
W illiunaon William, solici tor, 



Hariow Joseph 
Smedlej John 
Watson Heni;, and tailor 
WooUej Joseph 

Pigott William, junr 

Plain John 

Bedfem William, asnr. & jnnr. 

Walson Joseph 

Brown John 
Haxdf Thomas 
Bedfem Thomw 

Dicken William, to Derhy oi 

Gibson John 

Gibson Joseph 

Greilorex Samnel, Furbrook 

HodgkinaonWm. Huffin heath 

Holden Edward 

Holme« Samuel 

Lowe Thomaa 

Potmtain Jane 

Shepherd Hannah 

Wade Samuel, Hoorwa; 

HORUiy is a township and parish with the chapelr; of Smallej ineloded, and contains 
3,S3lA. 2b. 8Tp. ot land, and 1,133 inhabitants ; in 1601, 674, in 1691, 1,063. 

HoBLiT ia a scattered village i miles N.E. from Derb;, contains l,610i. 9b. 39p. of land 
parti; da; and sand, 60 bouMS and 306 inhihitanta, of whom 161 were male* and 143 
females, rateable Taloe £3,603. The eieoators of the lale Hngh Baleman, principal owners, 
and with Edward Dege Sitwell, Esq., joint lorda of the manor, and alternate patrons of the 
rector;, with a t^ smaller owners. The chnroh, St Mathew, is a rector; Talued in the 
King's book £13 6s. Sd., now £670. The Rer. Samuel Fox, incumbent ; tithes were 
commuted in 1844 for £331 14a. 4d., there are 111 acres ot ^ebe. The recloi; ie a neat 
modern maniian, nndergoing considerable allerations. The church, a large structure with 
nave, chancel, side aisles, lower and lottj spire, and 3 bella. It wae parti; built b; Ralph 
Stalham, Esq., who died in I3S0, and was completed b; his widow Oodttha ; it contains 
aeieral monumenia of the Statham and Saobererel familiea, one of which to Katharine 
Babbington, srife of Thomaa BabbingtoD. has a recumbent figuie at the lop, and on the sides 
tn two eompartmenti the figares of her 8 sons and 5 daughters in kneeling attitudes : the 
tombs bare latel; been cleaned and beantifieil, Ibere are also sereral neat marble tablets. 
Near the weal end of the oburch in the remaina of an old gatews; said to ban been the 


eatnnca to die oonrt of an utoiant ball ippanntly of largo dimenaloni, and m* ooonpied 
in 1701). Id the hall Srld i> a Tumuli oa ubicli is growing a floe Sjoamore, Ihera ia also 
■ liltle to Ibe aonth anollier planted with Fira, and neai the qipmaeh to tlic church standi 
on a basameni of five steps, an octagonal shaft baring a aqnare cwied head, on irtiioh haa 
been ■ dial plat«, laid to hare been a market cross. Near the croaa is Crouwell and 
CritchUy spring, which nsT«r fteaies over. 

In Domesday survey it is described a< one ot the manors of Henry de Ferrars. In 1S30, 
the manon of Horley and Smallej were held by the Abboi of Cheater, as of the tee of Bu^ 
Earl of Chester, afterwards it was held bjr a family who look their name ftom the place. 
Boditha, the heiress, broaght it to Bal^ Statham, who died in 1380. The heiress of 
Stotham broDght it to John SacheTerell, who was slain at the battle of Bosworth field in 1480. 
The last male heir of this family died in ITI.!. The tkast, Sunday before September SI, 
or that da; if Sunday. 

Shillbt is a well built village, which has ot late been mnch improTed, 6 miles N.E. from 
Derby, contains \fi7(ik. 3b. 38f. of land, ISO booses, and 820 inhabitant!. Edward Dsge 
Sitwel^Esq., la lord of the manor, and considerable owner. John Radford, Esq., Robert Holdsn, 
Esq., E. Hnndj, Esq., execnlors of H. Baleman, and William Housetsy are also owners. 
The chapel dedicated loStJoha Baptist, waa erected in 1T93, and considerablf enlarged in 
1841, at ■ cost of upwards of iESOO, deflmyed by TOlnntary sDbsoriptions. Il li a neat stone 
edifice in the form of a cross, weD pewed, with a tnrrel and one beU. Hare are two neat 
tablets to the memory of the late John Radford, Esq., and hie lady. It is dependent on 
Horiey, and the Ber. Samncl Fox, the rector, ofBciales. The tidies were commuted in 1 843, 
tbr £343 las. Here is ■ Sunday school of about TO children. The REehardson family had 
a good boose snd estate here formerly, now the property of John Radford, Esq. A B^itist 
chifiel erected in 1780, and enlarged in ISSO, with • Sunday school of 80 ehildren. Hr. 
Henry Evans, of Heanor, haa a colliery and 101 hosiery frames are employed in the Tillage. 
A benefit socie^ and Odd Fellows' Lodge. A petty sessioni is held eiery Monday. Fe««t, 
Snnday after St. John. 

fids&y or fifMrnliy An-*, Ij miles NJ:. Ihim Smalley, and In that township was a manor, 
which in the year 1335 belonged to the abbot of Chester, and was divided among the 
co-heiresaas ot Robert Saeheverell, Eaq. It is now the property ot William Dmry Lowe, 
Esq, Christopher Johnson, MJ>. an eminent medical writer in I09T, waa ■ native of this 

Jaaath SacKevenB, who died in London in ISSO, is said to have fbnndsd some almahonses 
here, but we have not fonnd a copy of win or any authentie document relating thereto. Ou 
a tablet in the ebmcbthe following acoount is given; — " Six hoapital houses given by Jacinth 
Saeheverell, Esq, and £0 a year to each house, to be paid quarterly, half to Morley and half 
to Smalley, issuing out of Land at BaQOBon, in the count; of Leicester, snd £6 a year out 
of the same land, half to the poor ot Horley and half to the poor ot Smalley, to be paid by 
13s. Od. perqoaner to each." The almshouses consist ot six dwellings under one roof, each 
ooataining two rooms with smsll gardens in front, three beii^ qiproprialed to each place, 
and three almsmen are appointed bom each township. The aimual sum of £30 is paid by 
Leonard Fosbiooke, Esq., ot Shardlow, as Ibe owner of the estate at Rwinson. Of this sum 
£2 10s. is paid every half year to the almsmen. The money is sometimes given to parsons 
not residsnl in the houses. It appears to us that the almsmen who may be in future 
appointed, shonld be penwns residing therein. The stim of £9 is also distributed from the 
same soorce on the first Sunday ia the year, amongst the poor of the above-named places. 

Pooa's Laxd, consista of near 8 acres, let for £12 12s. per annum, and distribuled with 
other charities on the Brat Sunday in the new year. Joht Maj^lti, in leVil, gave £12 ; 
IFiOiatii Potter gave £10 ; and Widoio Dakin, £6 ; which were laid out in land. At the Morley 
enclosure, in 1784, these lands, containing about 4j acres, were exchanged with Richard 
Lowe, Eaq., for the protent two fields. The original titlo deedt were burnt in the parsonage 
house, about 113D. 



h'daurd Jamti left 90s. s jeu, IDs. lo Horln; uiil 10>. to Smdlej. This is puil oul ol ■ 
farm at OckbrDok Moor. Kaihanne HtbbtTt b; will left 10s. a year, ool of ■ house in 
the Willoin, Nnne Qreen, Derby. Lady Sli^K left £10 to the poor of Morle;, the nw of it 
M be paid yearij. Samuel Hibbeti left £9 to the poor of Morle; for ever. Dame GoodaU't 
Dott, 30s. yeari;, one bait lo Morley aad oae balf to Smaller. ^^ ^o Morle; encloanre, 
land was alloUed to E. S. SitirsH, Esq., sabjecl to this payment Michael Abbot left £20 lo 
the poor o( Horle;, the inlereat to be paid yearly tor ever on the 4th of AtignaL These, 
vith others, are oairied lo one fund, and distributed amoogsl Ihe poor the first Sunday 
after Christmas. 

TowHsair o* SuxLi.iT.—John and Samul BicharAm, in 1713, conireyed to William 
Woolley and others, a mesmage in Horalej Woodhonse and ssreral eloses of land, on trust, 
that ihe said William WooUej and Olbers should porchise ■ piece of land and boild a achool 
house. The yearly sum of JCIO lo be paid to a schoobnsstra for teachii^ 13 poor boys lo 
read, trrite, and east oeeounls; and Ihat they should pay lo ISpoorbojaSd. per week a-piece, 
(tor every week tfaey ahoold come to achool, to be paid at Ihe end of every 13 weeks ; tlie 
residue of the rents lo be ^ven as follows, vii ; one third to the schoolmaater, and two-thirda 
amongal the 12 poor scholan. pensioners ; 7 poor boys might be of Smalley, and the rest 
of Heanor and Horsley Woodhonse, to be soholars and penaionen. New trustees were 
appointed in 1H2S, for whom John Bedford, Jon. is actuary. The pn^erty is Bitnated in 
Horsley Woodhoase, and out of the rents, now £8S per annum, there is paid lo a sohool- 
msster a salary of £36, of which £0 is for leaching a Sunday school, tor which ha instructs 
le boys of Smalley, 7 of Heanor, and 3 of Horsley Woodbouse. There is a school house 
and dwelling haoae under Ihe same root; built in 1731. The scholars esch receive Pd. 
weekly for books and clothes. 

Sanuel SichanUoH, in 1711, gave lo his eieeutors £100 in Busl, lo be laid out in land. 
He directed the rents should yearly be paid, and divided on the ftasts of Christmas, Lady- 
day, St John the Bqitist, and Hichaelmas, in equal portions, amongst 10 poor eollieiv, 
disaUed or infirm by accident, old age or olberwiae, and inbabitants of Smalley, Horsley 
Woodhonse, Heanor, or Happerley; and he directed Ibat no such colliers of Ihs laat 
named 3 places sbonld be sharers of the said profits, if there should be Iha number of 10 
poor colliers in Smalley. The property is sitoale in Horsley Woodhouse townabip, and 
consists of a farm house and 36 acres of land, let al £40 a year, to which it was raised in 
1811. Id ITBB £10 was received for timber sold from Ihe premises, and an increased dislri- 
bntion msde; ihe following year £30 waa received for timber. 

Jantn aadothm' charities.— The sums of 10s., 10s., and £S lOs. received liy the overseer 
of Smalley, in respect of Edward James, Dane Ooodalei, and JatintK SadieverfU, mentioned 
■t Horley, are distributed by him amongst the poorest families, at Christmas, in soms 
varying ttom Is. lo 2e. 

Rev. Franeis Qahome'i Charity— (set Bradley.)— The sum of £9 lOs. is distribnled by the 
rector or his curate in flsnnel and warm clothing every year. 


Adcock Qeo. ehoemkr. St aolledor, Morley gt. 
Allaop Richard, shoemaker 

Brsesiiigton William, gamekeeper 

Brown Samnet, beerhs. & Uackamith, SmUKg 

Foi Bev. Samuel, rector 

Hanson Joseph, psrish clerk 

UolliDgworthJobn, wheelw. & shopkr. AntlAji 

Miiniu William, shoemaker 

ro]i"7 Siir^b, dsy school 

Stix' U J{..bert, Sacheverel Esq., Hall 

i'lir'j', <it'iirg«, ftamework knitter. Moor 

Williamson CharioUe, day school 


Bailey Thos. Grange 
Baden Jas. The Hays 
Boden John 
Colon Thomas, Park 
Hand Jn. Broomfield 
Hartshorn Am. Hsya- 

Lacey John, limes 

Mather Geo. Ferraby 

Parker Aim 
FoNer Joseph 
Shaw Heiu; 
Shepherd JosLSmth; 
Stansby Boberl, Park 



Allen Cbu. joinCT^nuUsj mill 
Benaett Joseph, com miller 

md >bopk««per 
Bodea Robert, >nfgeon 
BruaiugloD Wm^amekeeper, 

Brown Iu*e, horubreakei 
Brown Stmnel, Biddler 
Carriogloti Thomu, baker 
Cnpit ThoQiis, baeriioiiM 
Felkin B«t. John, Bspliat 
Fletcher Jph. tulor, Common 


FelkiD Mrs. Ladies bdg 
HojIoB Mrs. Ann Recb 

boarding & da; 
Bowbotlom FA, Free 

Walker Abrahm. da; 

Holbrooke Ju. sommillr. mill 
Horslej Sm). plambr. & gU 
Hojlea John, profisiao dealer 
Kerrj Anlhouy, net. Bose k 
Crown, and stone masioa, 

KenjJoel.Jun. tailor 
Kerry Joel, Sen. bearhouu 
Kerrj John, baker JcshopkpT 
Eirfcham Joaepb, chain keeper 
Nadauld Hias Usrr 

OttiwcU H;. h. 'I'hoi. nail uiks 
Potter Isaac, batcher 
Radford John, Esq., Hall 
BQej John, parish clerk 
Boe Samuel, wheelwright 
Bhaw Hj. rope jk twine mkr. 

Shaw Sarah, beerhs. Common 
Smith Ssinl, plumber k giir. 
Tantom Calh. ahopkeeper 
Western Ann, rict. Bell Inn 

KerryBd. Smallejgm 
Smith DbdI. EidaUj 

Walker Fredeiuk 


Eaton Thomas 

Kenj John 
Martin Chriatopber 
SsTcm Samnel 
Wood John 
Wright Stephen 
Thoie tnarked t arvii 

Barber Hn. Ellen 
Cartioglon Richard 
Cresswell Thoa. White 

t Catts William 
t Else John 
Hollingworlh John 

f Houale; William 
Ken; Sun]. & stone 
engr.Smallef green 
Eyle John, & sliopkpr 
Kyts Thomas 
MoTlin Christopher 
Uutin Sauil. Field 
Morle; Joaeph 
Rayuei Elizabeth 
f Smith Daniel 

Abbott Abraham 
Besson WiUiam 
Cairiogton Joseph 

Cresawell Jpli. Jon. 
Creaawell Jph. Sen. 
Kerr; John 
Kerry Sam Del 
Lambert William 
Rnlcliffe John 
WooUej Thomas 



OCEBBOOK, a pariah and large well-bnilt Tillage, SJ miles E. from Derby, contains 1,T3U 
■crss of strong clay land, 3T2 hoases, and 1,703 iobabltanls, at whom 7B3 were mdes, and 
970 females. Popnlalion in IBOl, S29: in 1S31, 1,031. Rateable valoe, i:3,237, which 
indadei part of Borrowaah, and the hamlet of ShacUecrou. Thomai Pares, Esq., Boben 
Holden, Esq., Jolm Rose Swindell, Hr Hark Porter, and others, are owners. The manor is 
divided into 13 shares, of which Mr Fares holds b. Church, All Saints, is a perpetual 
curacy, retained at £IM ; hag been endowed with £S0O benefactions, lEOOO Qoeen Anne's 
boonty, and £1,900 parliamentary grant. There are 4Dt, 9^. 21f. of glebe, an allotmeDl, 
with IT acres, 8 roods, and 32 perches, purchased with bounty. Thomas Pares, Esq. is 
psiron and impropriator; Rar. Samnel Hey, U.A., incnmbeot. Chnrch is an ancieul 
Btmetnre, partly in the Norman style. Mare and ehancel are divided by a beaulirol open 
work screen, has a spacions gallery and small organ, a low tower, 3 IhUb, and an octagonal 
spire. In 1639, it was enlarged on the south side, and thoroughly repaired, at a ooat oC 
£700. Ths east wimlow is of beautiful stained glass, with representations of the tbui 
CTsngelists, said to han been bronght tiam Wigaton'a Hospital at Leioester. Thers are 
sereral neat tablets to the Pares family. A national school for boys was erected in llilS by 
Tuluntary sobsciiplion, of brick, and thatched ; about HO attend. In 1838, Thomas Pares, 
Esq,, erected a school tor girls; 9S attend ; — and in 1813, a neat infant school was erected by 
mbscripiion ; about 00 attend i'-about 100 attend the Sonday school. An establishment of 
Jfonnfiaiu was founded here in 1730. The principal bniltlings stand in a regular line, and 
consist of the Single Sisters' boose, containing 20 or 30 femsles employed in Sne needle- 
work. Tliere are 3 boarding aehools for about 50 boys and 20 giris, and in the centre a 
neat commodious chapel of briek, with galleries at each eiid, and will seat abont 400 penons, 
near to which is a range of houses tor the minislelv, with seieral other houses, and a 
commodious inn, rated to the poor at £298, The congregation meet for divine service ereiy 


CTCiuDK. Bahind the chipel la the bntUl gronnd divided into Bqnaree— the gniTeBtoDM *]l 
ntull, llkt, Mid nmfann, inacribed on]; with namea and dates. Helhodiai oh^iel, opened in 
leoe, will mat 400 persomi ; and the FiiimliTe Helhodlsf ■ ehtpel, built 1834, uid enlugad 
1842, both neat briitk boildinga. 191 hoaieij frimei am anployed in the Tillage, and here 
tn 3 beneflt aocieties. Feait, nearest Sundaj to NoTenber IH. The mAior of Oekbtook, 
■t Domeaday enrrej, belonged to GeofFrejr Alaelin. Id 1563, Frederiok Loid Windsor 
eoDiejed it to the priDdpat freeholden. The ohnrch was appropriated to the Priory of 
Shelford— no donbl given bj the fbnnder, Thomaa Hanieljii. TheBaidoIbhadaparkhen, 
and the Abbott of Dale had another, which had been made by the Orendons in the Ihirteeodl 

BoKBowABH, a largetwell-hoilt Tillage on the Derby and Nottin^ua road, 4iDi1tsE. from 
Derby, 1 mile S. bom Ockbrook. John Boee Swindell, Esq., and Hr Ifark Porter, are the 
principal owneis ; with HesarB Towle, who hare an exteniiTe eotton beloiy, at which 250 
persona an amployed, occupying the site of a com mill irtiicb formerly bdonged to Dale 
abbey ; and a mill br slitting iron, on the river Derwent; and here are iboot 30 boaieiy 
frames. The Notliiigliam canal and Nottingham railway paaa the Tillage, at which is a 
station. The Ssrscen's Bead, and 5 other houses at the west extremity of this Tillage, are 
in the parish of Spondon. Helhodiai ehapel is a handsoms brick building, erected 1S29, 
will seat aboat ISO persons, attached to which is a large scbool-room, in which a day school 
of 00 is kepi, and a Konday achool tor 140 children. In 1840, Ber. Saninel Hey erected > 
■chool-room here at his own expense ; about 10 children attend. 

Shacklkcbois, a small hamlet on the Notlin^am road, } mile E. bxmi BorrowWh. Here 
is a com mill worked by a steam engine 12 horse power. 

Chabitieb.— ifoiert Ptggin, in 1700, gave 40b. per annutn to ihe poor of the parish, ont 
of a farm in Choddesden, whidi is distributed on Good Friday. 

Annt Potter, in 1T09, gare SOs. per ennum to the poor of this parish, ont of a dwelling- 
boa»e, orchard, and 2 crofts adjoining. Hr Edward Hunt, the owner, pays the money to the 
churchwarden, and it is distributed on Whit-Monday at hia house. 

Eduard Jama, in 1T09, gave !0s. per annum to the poor. This sum is paid from 
Bartlewood Lodge in Ockbrook, the proper^ of William Dmry Lowe, Esq., and distributed 
by Ihe churchwarden. 

WiUivm Jama, m 1T32, dcTised a cloae called the Hoor Close, npon tnsi, to pay Ihe 
yearly rent thereof to the poor of this parish. At the indoeure, a parcel of land containing 
li. 3b. If. was allotted to the oierseers of the poor, in satisfaction for the Moor Close, and 
is now eaUed the Foor'a Close, and let for £4 4s. par annnm, and distributed to the poor in 
sums of Is. etch. 

Jama Johiuon a stated to have formerly giten XIO to this parish, Ihe interest to be 
distribated to poor widows on Christmas day. The principal haring been appiopristed to the 
use of the parish, 10*. is distributed by the parish officers according to the donor's intention. 
FnmeU Oi$bomi> Charity. — The share, £0 10s., receired by this pariah, is applied by the 
Tioar in the purchase of woollen cloth and flannel, which he distributes amongst the poor of 
the parish. {Bm BraiUry.) 

ChuTth Lamb. — By the award of the oommissioners under the inclosure act, land 
eontaining Si. Is. Sr. wu alloned to the ehnrchwardeos, in eatisfaction of all their lands 
and common rights, intended to be inclosed, and also in satisfaction of an old inclomie 
called Bdttow Wood Close. This allotment, now called the Church Close, together with k 
house called the Church House, a small garden and orchard, containing about half an acre, 
are let tor £12 Vis. per autom, us«l in aid of Ihe church rate*. 

FoaT-OrRCB, Mr Jama Mwyalwiid — Letters arrive From Derby 11 morning, and are 

dispatched 20 min. past afternoon. 
Baldwin Williun, beeifioose 1 Beardaley Isaao, b«erhaaM 

Balguy Bryan Tho*. Esq. town dk. at Dnby Beealy Edward, Tict. Kew Inn 
Biteman Hr John | Benesford Hisa Muy Ann 



Cberin Bobeit, bDteher 

Cook John, oom millet 

Cnig B«T. ytm. diieelor of (ha HoimTian 
bou'diiig BchoolB 

Dimmook Ur wnilun 

DoviDui John, bladumith 

Dowmui Bobert, Teterinuj nugsoD 

Do>mui Ui WiUiun 

FnuoD Bd. DiganiBt at ohurah ftHon. oht^ 

FSnnay Obarics While, nurgeon 

Qoodwia WiUiam, joiner 

Gore Hi James 

HejBsT. Samoel, HX *ie«r 

Hcdme Uiii Aniu, rapeiinlendent of needle- 
work at Horariui wttlemenl 

Honll Joseph, baker, &c. 

I«kin John, bread and flour dealor 

LaoBsahin John, grocer and protiaion dealer 

Haeiwnnel John, bricklarei and boilder 

Uaitin BdT. John Sing, hp. at Uorav. eettlem t 

Hihrard Joseph, biiokmaher and parish elsrk 

Hoigatniyd James, grooec, diaper, lb druggist 

Hnrraj Charles, gent 

Hoble Rdwsid, Tint. Queen's Head 

Oliver Un Elizabeth 

Feat John, tiot. fiojal Oak 

Porter Iffiss Ann 

Bamsden Bobei^ gent The TiH* 

Beiehel Ber. Samuel B. Morarian 

Biohardson Timothj, bakar & proiifiMi dlr 

fiossell Thomas, bnieher 

Boirlston Hra Haiy 

Seiflenfa BeT. Beqjamin, Hoiarian 

Speoce James, shopkeeper 


Bates WiUiam, miller, Shaekleeross 

Spmoei Tlunnas and Joseph, tailors 

Sfama Hisa 

Satlon Charies, tsUor 

Sjkea Joseph, licensed hawker 

Templelon Hlaa Marj 

Wheatler WOliam, sht^keepar 

While Mr Thomas 

mison Hiss Ellen 

boarding and da; 
Beeslj Ann Maria 
Cotton Maiy 
Infants, My. Simpson 
Nation. He iter Tombs 

bdng. Selllemmt 


Anthonj James 
Hudson WilUam 
Jerram Thomas 
Plowiight Thopas 


Cberin John 
Cherio Joseph 
Cook Thomaa 
Cope Joseph 
Cope Bodah 

Dimmoek Bobert, 

Ooodman Jane 
Omndj Samnel, Dale 
BnuiAim h Edward 
Hunt Joseph 
Himt William 
Keny Bt. & Soar dlr 
Smith John 
Spencer Btehard 
Wheatdoft Edward 


Drening John 
Fenton John 
Lewsle; James 
Siemens John 
WinlerlOD Jph. senr 


Cope John, to Dert? 

Dariah, hlaeksi 


Bnitowa lUehaid, fDfflar.'GteenwaT eotUgs 

Btirt Thomaa, maltster 

Chawner Uatilds, day sehool 

DextET James, gardener 

Dohson Thomas, Ballwaj station 

Dnper lIunDaa, miHei', Bbaeklecross 

ODl Edward, joinsr 

Oil! Joseph, bnteher 

Oill WilUam, joiner 

Ooff Wniiam, riot Noah's Aik 

Oregoiy Cbaries, groeer and drqier 

Johnson Thomas, IraTdling tea dealer 

Lancashire John Farter, shopkeeper 

Lancashire Haltaew Heorj Herbert, shopkpr. 

and baker 
Phlpps Francis, bntober 
Pladutt J(^, (ksmework knltWr 
Sowter Bobert J. manager al eotlon milts 

Stoneboase Biehard, tailor 
Street Benjamin, beerhouse, Shaekleeross 
Towie John, cotton spinner 
Towie Un Elii^etb 
Wintenon William, jnnr. hntcher 
WiuUrtoil Wm. senr. berrhonse & ahopkpr 
lie /oUoming art in lie Paruhqf8poHJon. 
Qraaij Franeis, brickmaker 
Qnmdj John, farmer 
Holland lliomaB, vie! Saracen's Head 
Mealdn William, brmer 
Towie Ura Fanny 
Watson Hr John 

Alsop John 
Dyobe John & Wn 
Ward William 
White Fdk. & James 


Laudn J^n, Ook- 



FENTRICH, puuh uul townihip, with the lowiuhJp uid cliapelry of Biplej umeud, 
[o^^ther couuin 4,600 tsm of land, («Iii*lk fonnad part of the eDdowmaaU of Deriej 
abbej, giTm b; HobeTt Fib BUpb.) ud 3,0U inbtbiluila; raleibiB nine, 0,328; populMiOD 
In leOl, 1,761 1 ID 1831, S^OSl. 

Pi>T>ica, k (oviubip ud village 2l miles S. bj W. from Al&eton, and 1 mils V, br W. 
ftom Blplaj. Contain* 02 hoont and 530 inliabitaiits, of whom 2T)J were males, and 261 
bmalcB. The Dnke of DBionibln u lord of the manor, and owner of 1,430*. 3b. II?. of 
and has latelj allotted S7 half looda of land to labourers for epade onltnatioD. The 
chnreh, St Matthew*!, is a Tlcarage, Tilned hi the King's booki at £6, now £370, hu been 
aogmentsd with £600 Qaeen Anne's bomitj, and £1/XX) puliamantar; grant. The Dnke of 
Deionshire is patioD and impropriator, and the Ber. John Wood, Ticar. The «bareb is ■ 
Terj anoient struolore, with three bells, sitnated on a &ne eminence. The Tiearage, a smalt 
house 8.G. of the cbnnh, is the residence of Ssmael Paterson, Esq. The lodependenu 
have a small cbqiel, and the Methodists a room. ^ NatioHot Sdiod was erected bj the 
I>Dke of DpTonahiie in 1819, and he allows the naMer £X> per annnm ; abont TO children 
attend. The nuMlet also reeefre* £17 per annnm, raised br sabscription, and be leaches 23 
children ftee. Baalam Brolhere, of Swanwick, have a calUeij heie. The Cromford canal 
crosses the parish, and ia joined by a tram road Ihim Oafeertharpe. In 1817 a riot broke 
out at this TiUagc. The Oeneril Peace not baling brooght its eipeoted plentj, aamerous 
political meetinga had been held, and parliamentair reform called for. In this stale of pnblic 
diitrass Goremment sent apies to gain infonnation from the disturbed disoicls. and one of 
these emissaries, a fellow of the name of Olirer, visited Nottinghsmsbire and the border of 
Derbyshire. On the 0th of Jone, at ni^t, abont 200 persons assembled, threatening all who 
wonld not join them with death. A eerraut man in Wingfleld Park was shot, and altar 
Tisiting Biplej, Codnor and Eastwood, they were met by the militarj and dispersed, manj uf 
them being taken prisoners and afteiwuds tried at Derby, three of whom were exeouled, 
abont twelve traneported, and many imprisoned for different periods. Thoogh Oliver's 
principal exertions were in ToAehiie, where many wen arraigned for hi^ treason, yet none 
were executed in that comity. 

WaiMOBirr, in thie parish, waa given by Balph Fiti-Slephen to the Enij^la Hospitallen 
of St John of Jenualem, for the ereeliDn of a honse of that Order at Ibis place. 

BiPLBT, a township, oh^wliy and flonrisblng market town, contains 9,313i. of gn-d 
tMehoM land, 621 honaes, atld HfiXb inhabitanle, of whom 1,396 were miles, and 1,219 
females. The Butteriey Company, C. T. Hunter, Esq., Bobert Holden, Esq., Bobeit Wood, 
Esq., Wm. Jaekson, Hra. Tophim, and many others, are owners. Al Domesday survey it 
was the property of Balph Fitz-Huberl, and afterwarde given by him to the ahbot and 
convent of Darley. Hit Chaftl is a perpetual curacy of the value of £150, and wae 
angmenied in IS23 with £2,300 pariiimentary grant. The Duke of Devonslura is the patron, 
Bev. John Wood, B.A., inoonibent, and the Bev. Francis Henson, 8X, officiating curate. 
The ehifwl, dedicated to All Saints, is a neat commodious structure, erected in 1830, and 
consecrated in 1S31. Cost, £1,600, raised by voluntary snbscriptioD, of which the patron 
gave £210 and the incumbent £100, aided with £37S bom the Incorporated SocicQ, for 
which 400 seats remain free and unappropriated for ever, besides which there ars 300 
reserved seats. The Methodists have a chapel erected about 40 years ago and enlarged in 
1831, to seat 600 persons, and one at StieeOane near Hartshaf, built in 1841, al a cost of 
£360, which will seat 200 persons. The Unitarians have a chapel at Butteriey Hill, atwbich 
the Bev. £. 0. Jones of Dnfficld officiates. The national school was erected in 1819, at a 
cost of £236, by subsoriplion, aided by a grant of £100 from the Notional School Society. 
80 children attend, of whom 18 are &«e, for which the master is temttoeraled by a private 
sabscription. The Methodists have a day school conducted on the Olaagow training system. 
The Market, formeiiy on Wednesday, was chartered about the reign of Heiuy IH, is now 
held by consent on a Ssturday, and ia weU attended. Pairs are held on the Wednesday in 
Easterireek and October 33rd, also a Statute for hiring servants November 3lh. This ia a 
very bn«y dislriol, the Cromford eanal passing its northern verge near Flartsay, many of the 




ialikbitaDU fiud emplojpnunt tt the Bulled^ bron works. Bijdejr ia nippUed nilh (u from 
Mr. Tophun'i oottcm tactotj. 

BuTTiBLBl, a bimlet tt the N.E. titnmity of the lownihlp on the AlbeloD and Derb; 
ratd, 3 miles S. b; W. from AlfretoD. The eitenaire iron irorka of Ihe Batleriey Company 
were eittbliibed aboai 1703. Thej conilst of IhiM blut fUmaeei, fonndrj, and aUam 
engine muiafMlary, ud giv« emplojnient to a greu number of pettons. Thay hare ^o 
eUenaiTO works al Codnor Part, and eilonuTa ooUietiea in ths neigftbouriiood. The 
Cramfard canal is oondacted ondeTDcalh theae wo^ Ihiongh a tnnnel of 2,900 juda in 
length, and in the nei^boorhood ia a reaerroir eotering TO acres forsnppljing the Notting- 
faam canal. Satterlfg Sail, a handaoms mansion lhrte.qnalters of a mile 8.E. from Ripley, 
Ihe seat of Wm. Jessop, Esq. 

Hahthsit, or HuTBiT, is a lithe-ft«e lordship, when C. V. Hmtler, £aq., has an 
extensiTC colliery, and wharf on Ote Cromfbrd canal, 1 mile N.W. from Bipley, also Ihe 
zinc and apelier works of Hr. John ClasTcr, and llie baiytea, gypaom, cement and eolonr 
mannfacloiy of Hr. Edward Fletcher. 

Gbkiiwicb, a amall Tillage half B mile E. by N. from Bipley, on the Nottin^am road. 

Mabibat, a nnaU rilla^ on the Derby road, 1 mile S.W. from Bipley, 8 mils* NJ4.E. 
from Derby. William and Oeorge Cnrsham, Esqs., have a colliery here, and a libit on the 
Little Eaton canal. Waingnmci Soli, 1 mile S.E. of Bipley, is the property of B. Strelley, 
Esq., of Oakcithotpe. 

Ckabit:bs. — Fntncet GStbonu't Charity. — Ths annual sum of ^£9 10s. received by the 
near, is applied in the pnrebaae of flannel, and beatowed in moieties to the poor of the town- 
ships otPennich and Bipley — (sea Bradley.) Chriitiana Ctntnlea qfDevofuhire, ami Wiiliam 
Earl of Devoiuhin, (see Derby,) £8 is paid by the agent of the Dake of DeTonahii^, which 
is qiplied in apprenticing poor children of Pentiich. Jmui Lufton gave to the poor widows 
of Ripley, land vested in Joseph Dannab, ptodncing lOs. a year. The amn ia diatribolad 
at ChrisDnas, amongst poor widows. TKomo* Simler left £1 10s. yearly to Ihe poor of this 
township^(see HMsley.) 

Booth Ungh Jon. viot. Devonsbire Arms Haalam Brothers, eoal maaten 

Bowne Anthony, agent, Hammermnith 
Clearer John, nno and speller manufast 
Dearden Jamea, flleamilh 
Fletcher James, ticL Spaniel Dog 
Fletcher Jeaae, blaekamilh 
netchsr Jonathan, assistant overseer 
Fletcher Mr. Sampson 
Fleteber W. H. com miller & fkclor 
Qodber Anthony, beerhouss 


Beif^ion John 
Beighlon John, Jan. 
Booth Jamei 
Booth Job 
Booth Hugh 
Booth Samnel, Broad 

Manden Hra. E. Hammersmith 

Palersmi Samuel, Esq. architect, engineer, 

and canal agent. Vicarage honae 
Power John, butcher 
Sh^mian James, gardener 
Topham Edwin, schoolmaster 
Tnmet John, Whitesmith 
Wallers James, linen weaver 
Waller* Thomaa, miner 

Fletcher James 
Lester Wm. Amberly 
Moore Marii, Jnn. 
Power ChaHes 
Storer John 

Storer Jonathan 
Sutton Bobert 
Topham Sarah 
Walteri Bei^amin 


Topham Geo. 
Watkinaon James 


Moore James 
Hoote Mark 

Turner James 


FosT-OnicB, JTr WitHan Hitnt,poamattgT, Bntterley Woils. Letters anive 6 momiog and 

despatched 30 min, put 6 Evening. 

TKote mta-ked 1 r»*Ue at BuUerity, Z Onen HiUoela, 3 HarMat, 1 Saarthiiy, 9 Wltite Lee, 

md tlu nit al Biflej/. 

, Google 


Bul«j J. lie ud portar bnwa 

1 Bcttisoii WilliuD, groDiid bailiff 

I BuUeileT Co. iromnuleia uid eodoimcn 

I CklUdins 3<taiiuil, toll ooUoctoT 

3 ClesTM John, linc & sptlter wki. h. Bqdey 
(jfte June*, puiih dak 

Cooper Sunuel, ooopei 

i Oanbtm Wm. h Oao. Eiqs. toabuutm 

4 Dooljr John, Udl collector 
Eckenle; Bot. Tbomu, Weilajui 

3 Fletcliei Ednrd, b*i;;t«i, gjpmm, eeraml, 

■nd coloiu maDubebuct 
Fklohei Vm, Henir, Borgron, Onenwich 
FnMt Thcrnus, loliciloi 
E^oit WilliUD, tinner uid brazi«t 
1 Trjtt Richud, pUinar 
1 Goodwin Oeoige, muugar 
Hkitcj Mr Jottph 
Heiwon Her. F, BX, cnnto 



Gough Uiis 
Bighlon William 


Marktd* orenapJoyed 
fry llu BuHerky C«. 
• Balea fialph 
Goodwin Thoa. coal 

3 Ingiam G«orge 
■ Bajsor Haiuj 
1* Staler Oaotge 

1 • Tbomaa William 
3Wilmot Thoa. Jan. 

4 WooUejr Jolm, Jnn. 


Oiulej WOliain 
SSammon Jo««ph 


AnihoDj Paul 
Aibton George 
Atkin Richard 
Bedftm William 


Graingar John 
i Skelton John 

Fletcher Joaaph 
I nialar Hanr; 
Lomas John 
Whjaall Robert 
Wi&Mn Fraocia 


1 Banka Kiehard 
Gljnn Joieph 

2 Johnaou J. 
Rajner Joaeph 

a Etuib Qeorga 

2 Flint John 
Lomas John 

Morman DnI. White 

Tarloi WtlKam 
Woollej Jonathan, 


3 Wooller Daniel 
Yoong iaaao 


dent Libi William 

Star, Joseph Bajnor 


Thomloj WiUiam 
Tnrton Halhev 
WaidThoa. k chandler 

3 Hontet C. V. Esq. coUiei; ownet 

1 JesM^ William, Eaq. The Hall 

Eiddf Samuel, chemial and diaggist 

Patdaon B. geol 

Bawaon WiUiam, plnnbar, ^uier, & painter 

B«ed Hr Richard 

Boberta Thomas, rope and twine maker 

Smith laaac, boiler and chain maouliutarer 

Sianle; Anthim;, con miller 

Swift John, boiler maker 

Topham Thomas, cotton manofactarsr 

Wan Hra Bnlh 

Ward Thomas, drnggiat, ironmonger, and 

dealer in British wines 
Webaler Ralph, saddle and harness maker 
S Wilmot Thoa. sear. gt«iuid bailiff 
Wood Robert, Esq. 
i Woollej John, sent, collier; owner 

Nattalt J. W. and 

Tnrton IfaUhaw 
Straflbrd Haria, and 
cimolating librsrf 


Coek, Isaac Smith 
Bed LioDiTboB. Hoore 
Thorn Tree, John 

While Lion, John 

1 Birka Samuel 

1 Fennell John 
Flint Samoel 
Hicking George 
nisle; Willism 

2 SeacBon Edward 
4 Subles Willism 
Wragg Roger 

3 Whrsall Thomas 



Elliott Joseph 
Fletcher John, Qieen- 

2 Hajnes Samnd 
Norman John 



1 Kown Peter 
1 Wiglej William 

Freer miliam 
Oannt Bobert 
Howard William 

3 Creswcll Joseph 


Joaeph Marriott, (TOm 
Belper, calls at the 
Bed Lion on his 

way to Nottingham, 
Mon. Wed. & SaL 



QUABNDON, i parish tni conBiderabla mUtered vill&ge, beinguau'tj Ij miles Is Uogtb, 
in which It some veiy dcM modern houses, 8 miles N.N.W. ftom Derby, coDUins 060 acres 
of terlile land, a aandr p«al, 120 houses, and 537 inhabitaats, of irhoni 3TB nr.n males 
Had 379 females ; rateable value £2,313. The Deau of Liucola is lord of the manor, irhloh 
is s member of Litde Chester, and a amill owner ; the Duke of Dctonahire, Lord Scaisdole, 
and William Muudj, Esq., are principal ovners. Miss Silwell is aov, 1819, erecting a Teij 
handsome mansion, said lo cost about £3,000. The rhnrch is a amall stmetare, with ■ 
turret, tower, uiit 3 bells ; Uiing, a perpetual curaey of the Talue of £S2 ; Lord Soarsdale 
patron, Rer. William Heorj Barber incnmbent. The churoh was built in ITDO, and wai 
endowed with £3 per annimi by Mr Francia Badford. Lord Scaisdale gave the iaod and 
£100 lowaids the building. Tbe late Joseph Humphatone, Esq., of Derbj, gave £1,000 3 
per cent, consols for the sapport of a resident minister, on condition that the Chnrch 
Boildiag Society would erect a parsonage house, in consequence of which the society, in 
1844, erected a neat house, with anitable offices, near the church, at a cost of about £8S0. 
This was formerij in the parish of St Alkmimd, Derby. Here is a tree school tbr 20 poor 
children of Kedleston, Quamdon, Weatoa, and Ravensdala park, (see CharilUt.) Upwards 
of 20 yean ago, William Erans, Esq., of Allestree, established 2 schools here, of which 1 is 
for infants ; about TO attend the 3 schools, which are snpported by Mr Evans, except the 
weeUy pence. KedlaloH inn, on the Wiiksworth road, 1 mile west of, and in Quamdon 
parish, is a large respectable posting establishmeuL The open lands wore enclosed in IB08, 
and here are, in the village, 25 hoiiery frames. Near the Tillage is a ehalyitaU ipring, which 
was in great celebrity more than a centuiy ago, and is now oonsidered one of the most 
elSoacions in the county. 

CaiMittst.—Sir Jola Cttnon of Kedleston, in 172S, gave £90 per annom for instmadng 
SO poor children of Kedleston, QaamdoD, Weston, and Batensdale park— the master to have 
£10 per annum, and £i to buy books, &c. — aul he gave £10 per annum to the master to 
read prayers and to preach in Qaamdon chapel, and fbrtber stated that he woold have a rent 
charge of ^0 per annum, issning out of some lands in Qaamdon, settled fbr ever for the 
uses above named. It does not appear that a rent charge was ever setded upon the trusts 
in pursuance of the directions uf the testator, so that the estates hs devised to Nathaniel 
CuTzon, the father of the firet Lord Scarsdale, still remain subject to such charge. The 
premises appropriated to tbe use of the schoolmaster, consist of a good house and garden, 
with a croft and play-gronnd, ^together more than an acre of land. The house has been 
enlarged by the master, and is capable of containing about 30 boarders. The schoolmaster'a 
Bilary ia £16 per annum, but the £1 has not been paid for many years, but Lord Scarsdale 
assoies us the annual sum of £1 shall in future be paid. The master takes 20 poor 
children, who are appointed hy Lord Scarsdale, but be ia not in orders, and therefore has no 
claim to the £10 for reading prayers in the chapel. 

Adrian Miutdy't CSaritg. — The sum of £3 2b. ; £3 thereof fbr the minister of Qnerndon, 
£1 for the clerk, £l for the poor, and 3s. for tbe person who distributes the same, are noticed 
with Madbown, 

Barber Rev. William Henry, curate 

Beard Hr Charies 

Bent Uary Ann 

Carr Bev. John Edmund, incumbent of Dariey, 

Hill cottage 
Clifford Thomas, beerhouse 
Dryden Thomas, gardener, Allestree hall 
Eames Mrs Frances 
Edge Mr John 
Every S. F. Eaq. 
Ford James, tailor 
OsHimore Wm. vict and post horse keeper, 

Kedleston inn 

Gorse Samnel, t^mework knitter 
Jaeksoit George, beerhouse 
Jackson William, tailor 
Miyor Stephen, lieutenant 
Neaje William, brickyard D 
Rowe Mr Richard 
Sltwell Miss Dorothy Wilmot 
Slack William, framework knitter 
Thompson Mr Richard 
Thompson Hiss Sarah 
Watson Mr Joseph 
Webster Thomas, faimtng agent 

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Hum marifd ' taki 

■Beard ttuj Ana 
Bent M«rj Ann 
Buxton Joseph 
Inftnts, AuD Hill 
•Thonie Waiiun 
•Wflson Fsnoj wid 
Harriet (genf a) 


Wation laaae 


Clarlw Philip 
Fowke John 
Haddocks Dirid 


Cocking William 
Smith Samael 


Ateock WiJiei 
Ault Vrilliam 
CUffoTd Joseph 

Fowke Joseph 
Oamble Wm . Nonnio, 

Park nook 
Keeling Willlun 
Sadlei WiUilm 
Sheffield George 
Sowlei UraEliza 

Park nook 
Soviet William 
Townrow Mrs DoiolLj 


Fowke Heiuj 

Banpshire WQUun, 

Se beerhouM 
Sadler Joseph 
Sadler Samnsl, and 

pariah cleik 


Barton Cbule* 

Frost Ann 

Sadlei Muy.fcbaker 


Thomas Clifford, to 
Derb;, Friday 

SANDIACRE, a parish, township, and large improving village, hating aereral neat TJlla 
tesidenees, is Bi miles E. bom Derbf, with part of the township and parochial ch^wlrr of 
Rislsjr belonging this pariah. Sasdiacre contains l.lBli. 36p. of fcrtils strong vtay land, 
except li. the site of the chnrch, which ia aand. trom which arises the name. It haa 309 
houses and 938 inhabitaitts, of whom 4SS were males and 170 females. Population, 1801, 
403; in 1B3I,T38; rateable vaias, £2,794. Thomas Pares, Esq. is lord of the manor; 
besides whom, Hr John Straels, Ifr John SISTens, L. Hall, gent, and Bobert Hoiden, Esq., 
ars owners. The church, St Giles', is a perpeloal enraej, of the value of £09. Prebendarf 
of Sandiacre patron and appropriator, BsT. James Holmes ineombent, for whom the Bct. 
Bobert Bargees, B.A. officiates. The living haa been angmeoled with £400 Qnesn Anne'a 
boimlj, and £1,000 pariiamsnlaiy grant. The charch is a handsome stractnrs, with a 
tower between the oare and chancel, a neat spire, and 3 bells. Tl is a miitate of Tarions 
stfles, bom ths Norman downwards, thongh the dscoiatsd predominates, with some little 
remains of stained glass in the windows, and 3 elegant stone stalls. It is at the north 
eitremilj of the Tillage, on n commanding eminence. There are 20a. Rn. of glebe, and 
Mrs Foicroft, the lessee of the prebendal land, (21Ta.) pajs the resident clergyman £33 per 
annum, and a part of Itisle; pays a tithe rent chargs and modosss to Ihia liring, amotmling 
to £30 16b. Td., making it worth abont £130 per annum. Methodist chapel, erected 1S36, 
a neat brick building, cost £M0, will seat TOO persons ; PrimiliTS Methodist chapel, ereeled 
1833, will seat SOD— both of irtiich have Snnday schools. In this village are 03 warp net 
machines, and 16 hosieiy frames, and a lace factory, woriced by a steam engine of 6 horses' 
power. The Eiewash canal runs dose to the soalh end of the viUage, and the Derby and 
Kottiugham road also passes at that end, a little to the sonlh of which the Deiby canal forms 
its junction with the Erewash. Here is an eitenaive starch manufactory, which belongs to 
Hr Lawrence Hall of Brameste, erected in 1837 at a cost of about £3,000, with a steam 
engine of 12 horses' power. SaiuliaenchmU are some white rocks, which at a distance have 
the qipearance of clouds. Hera are two Odd Fellows' lodges, and one benefit society. Feast, 
Snnday after September 12. 

This manor waa held at Domeedsy survey by Toli and Osmaod ; in Henry III.'s reign, it 
was the proper^ of William de Grey, and in 1306 had the grant of a market and fair. It 
was carried by co-heiresses tu the Leakes, bat was sold after the death of Nirliolae Leake 
Eari of Scarsdale. 

RlsLKT, partly in this parish. (See Sitlrg in Wilne parish.) 

CHaniTiia.— ColAnrin* Charllon, in 1T20, gave to the poor £60, vested, in 1T86, in 4 
trustees, and producing £2 8s. . 

EliiiOeUt Ortji, in 1721, gave £10 to be distributed to the poor. It appeari that, till 
IS02, lOs. a-year was paid by the OTerseeni as the interest of Mrs Grsy's legacy, but there is 
no aecoimt of any itirther payment. It is considered that, probably, the principal saa 
formed part of the coneidention, £30 49., paid for the purchase of eotlaget, which were 

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BonTered bj indentore SOth April 1803 ; if so, it w,ppttx» tha intcretl ought to bt-n Iweu 
continued bf the OTeneera, who hkn Ihe dm of ilie catlaps for puiih piupeis. 
Sutey School, (see BitUn, Wiiiu ptmh.) — Hub pirish sa tntitled lo the beoeBti of thii 

Brentu*!! Hr» EUiabalh, eoDeetor, ToU gate 

Bucknall John, frunsirork knitter 

Bturgeu fioT. Bobert, BJ^ eunta 

Batt Wllliun, gmt 

CresiwaQ Joseph, book-keeper 

Colon Hn Ann 

D^ Tlrnoth;, (remewOTk knitter 


Qoodmui John, beerhooet, Loek 

Onulej Thomu, jnnr. plumber b, glazier 

Onmdj John, bikoi 

Jerman John, gent 

Kidd; John, canal eorrejor 

Kiddy Thomas, canal ageut 

Lakln James, vheelmight 


Cook John h Thos 
Doar John 
Foeter Samuel 
Kenton William 


Bailer Samuel 
Oldcrahav Thonaa 
Oldenbaw William 


Doar WiUiam 
Jackson David, Hoor 
Hoorlej Williwn 
Salt Bd. & brickmkr 
Smith Edward 
Blandlef Franeia 

Oldenhaw Hannah, intuif s school 

Peitins William, pariah deik 

Badford John, com miliar and b&fcer 

Bigbj Thomas, bnmp worker 

Smedle; Thomas, oommissjon agent 

Smith Geo. beerhoase, collar fc hainess mkr. 

Smith Joseph, tailor 

Squires Bobrat and Thomas, joiners 

Slokes Joseph, rag and bone dealer 

Stones Bobert, tailor 

Taft BeT. Zaehariah, Methodist mhiialer 

Tfaraves Joseph, artist and vicL While Lion 

Tovle John and William, Uaokamilha 

TwelTCB Samael, vice. Tha Plongh 

Yanng Charles, cattle dealer k lict Bed Lioa 

Slerens Jofan 
Stevens Mrs Haiy, 

and maltster 
Streets John, Spring 

Thravee Thos. Hsj- 

worth farm 


Crooks Fianeis 
Crooks Isaac 


Coion James 
Kidd; John 
LsUn Sainl.& baker 
Badford John, and 

Sheldon Harr 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Marj 


Booth Edirard 

Kiddj William 

EUam John 
Girling William 


Domelow William 

Shaeklock Francis 


Cockajnc John U Jph 

Doar Jas. St John 
Greasier Tho*. saor. 

and beerfaonaa 
Greaves John 
HsrdvlebJph. bob net 
Hard; Francis 
Harpui John 
Honghton John 
Nicholas Michael 
Rigiij Joseph 
Smedle; John 
Stevenson Moaes 

Joseph HiggotI, to 
Nottln^im, Wed. 
and Sat. 

9AWLET, parish and township, with (he hamlet of Wilsthoipe and the township of Long 
Eaton, contains 8,839 acres of land, mostly a light fertile sand and loam, and 1,877 inhabl- 
uutla. Rateable nine, £A,W5 18s. 

SAWtir tomhip and considerable well.bnUt village, on the Leicealerahlre border, 8} miles 
S.S.E. fkom Derby, i miles N. by W. (ram Eegwortb, contains 1 ,319 acres of sandy land, 
238 honses, and 1,018 inhabitants — ofwhom 4T8 were males, and 010 females. Bateable 
valne, jE3,801. The Eaii of Harrington is lord of Ihe manor and conaiderable owdct. 
William Bennett, gent, is also an owner. The Bev. Spencer Uadan is lessee of Ihe prebendal 
manor and appropriate rector;, with 349a. Sa. 34p. of land. The church. All Sainls, a 
peipemal cnraejr, value £960, has been augmented with £400 benetbcttons and £2,000 
parliamentary gnnl, is in the peculiar jnrisdiction of the prebendary of Lichfield, the 
bishop of Lichfield patron. He*. Samnal Hay incnmbenL The church is a la^e veneiaUa 
edifice, with nave, chancel, side aisles, embattled tower stumoouied by a \otC] spin, and 3 
bells. An ancient cured oak screen separates the nave and chancel. In 1898 a lugs 



gallcrj nea •rested snrl ■□ orgta tdded, at • cust of about £400. There are ■eraral aiiciant 
mtmiiinenU of ecdsiiaslics, without iuscriplJODS. One to Lavnuee Boihe, bishup at 
DnrhuDi afleiwardsftTchbubop of York ; anil of Jobn Bolht, bUbop of Exeter; and thai of 
Robert Tlotbe, arcbileacan of Durham, afterwanls bishop of Exeter, who died H7B ; and 
Ralph Botlie, archdeacon of York, Id the south aisle is an altar lomb, in memofj of 
Sicbard Shrlton, mttchant of tbe ataple at Calaia, ISIO, with Ttrionl neat tablets. Halbo- 
dist cbapet, built 1823, and a Baptist chapel in 1S13, to seat about 300. in lien of a smaller 
one hnilt 1800. Here are several Snnda; schools, and a National school — (see ChaiitieB.) 
A parochial tibmiy Was established in 18S0 — contains abont 100 votumss ; and a subscrip- 
tion libnuT in 183f). IHr. Joseph Harriman, librarian to both. Bishop Longespee, in I2SB, 
had a eharlrr for a market on Tuesdays, and a fair for three daja at HicfaaellDAB. The 
market bu loog been disuHd, but ths /air is held NoTember 13tb, for Cattle and amallwareB. 
li wup lace machines, and 30 hosierj frames, are emplojed in the Tillage. Here are 4 sick 
societies. A Feislis held Snndsj after St. Martin. The tiTer Derweni nnilea its waters with 
the Trent, in this parish, and is crossed b; the Erewasb canal. ^<nT»ylDn .Snj^, aoroaa the 
Trent, on the Nottingham and Asbbj-de-la-Zonch road, was completed in ITOO. The first 
ttoae was laid 17^0. Il eonaisls ot arches of atone, which, with the approachea, ii about 
100 yards long, and it is IS bet wide, with a toll eoUeclor's residence. The first bridge was 
washed down bj the great flood before it was completed, previoni to whieb here was a fud. 
Tbe present bridge was erected liy sharebolden, at a cost of about £20,000. 

Ctirv Fabh, containing 109 acres, the properlj of the Bar. 8. Madan, in this township, is 
loesllj sitnnlsd in the counq' ot Leicester. 

WiLSTROBn is a imall Tillage, 8 miles E.3.B. fhim Derby, H miles N. from Sswiey, near 
the Nollinghamsbire border; contBias600 acres of fertile loam land, honses mostly thatebed 
■nd Ml Inhabitants. Rateable Tslue, £0S3. Earl of Harrington Lord of the manor and 
principal owner. Mrs. Trowell is also asmall owner. Tbe Derby andErewasb canals pass 
throogh the hamlet. BeT. S. Hadan is lessee of die tithe, which amonnts to £100 Ss. 

The Prbbekdabt or Sawliy in Lichfield cathedra], contains the t parishes of Sswley, 
Breaslon, Long Eaton, Bisley, and Wilne, with the townships of Drsycott and Ilopwell, and 
the hunlet of Wilslhorpe, which eonlain togeiher 8,008*. la. 2lr. of land, 800 houses, and 
ifil'-l iuJisbitanu; of the ralcuble islne of ifll.OOl 10s. lOd. The dean and prebendary 
hold an annual coiut al Sawley, for proving wills, appointing cbnrchwsrdeus for all the 
ehnrches, t.nd any other ecclesiastical pnrpose. Ilie BeT. Spencer Madan, DJ>., is 
lessee of the prebsndal msnor. At Domesday surrey, the manor of Sawley belonged to the 
bishop of Chester. His iUFceesora, the bishops of Lichfield and CoTsntiy, have tm since 
pos^easi^d it. The Earl of Harrington is the present lessee of the manor of Sawley, 
ineln Mug Little Wiliie, Long Eatou, Wilstborpe and Draycolt 

Loxo EaTO!( township, chapelry, and eHensiTe Tillage, on (he Asbby-dc-la-Zonch and 
Nottingbniu rond, the riTei Erewash hiLTing its roafiuence with the Trent at the north-east 
extremity of tbe township, 10 miles E.8.E. bom Derby, 7 j miles S.W. from Nottingham, 
contains I.DIO acres of land, 184 honses, and 8.^0 iahsbitanls. Rateable Tslue, £3,798. 
The church. St Lawrence, is a perpetnal cnricj. within tbe peculiar jurisdiclion of Sswley, in 
the csthedralcburch of Lichfield. The prebendary of Sawley hsTing fallen into the hands of 
file erclesiastical commissiooers, they are now tbe patrons and impropriators of this chapehy, 
and tbe Bct. Samuel Hey incumbent, for wtiom the Rev. Chsilea Uxnry Bsmsdea, MJt, 
officiates. The chnrch, a small neat edifice, has nave, chancel, and gallery at tbe west end, 
with a tower, short spire, and 3 bells, was repewed and repaired in 1831, at a cost ot £300 ; 
will seat 'ifii persons, of which IDO are I^e. In 1838 il was made a parochial chapelry, 
which only pays to the reparation of its own church. An organ woa put np in I81I. In 
I8SS neat brick school rooms for boys and girls were erected at a cost of £230. A Metho- 
dist chapel was erected 1830, and Is a large brick building, to seat about 900 persons, and 
has a Sunday school of 100 children. The manor is held on lease under the ehntch of 
LirlifieM, by the F.arl of Harrington, who with J. C. Hopkin. Fsq., Hrs. Trowell, John 

■.;, Google 



CaiiDD, Esq., Hcmj Hoiritt, Ksq., John Holbrook, uni Samnd Bennett, aie ownen. The 
Deib; and Nottinghim railwaj oc«npiee 19 acres, and the Erewaah uid Trent cuuls tama 
Iha cbapvbr. 20 lace machines are employed in this pariah. 341)^. an. Sap. of glebe and 
oommon waa allolled the prebendaiy in lien o( titbe. Feast neanat Siindaj to St. Btt- 

CBjtBTttBa. — Thcmuu SolUngtuvrth, in 1ST5, gare a dosa adjololng to Brameota, to the 
poor of tSawlej, Long Eaton, and Bramcole. 17s. per umom to each place waa paid bom 
Filkington Close. Tbii oloae waa aiebangad by the poor-law oommiBaionera, in 1B12, for a 
piece of land ealled the Claja, S aoraa, which ia now let for £21 a year, which la eqnall; 
divided batween the above-named paiishea. 

Francit Saeker, in 1S76, gave to the town of Sawle; £200, to be lodged in tragi with the 
Company of Salters at Ixindon, until they find a conTenieiit pamhaae to lay out the aame ; 
for the first fire yean only 40a. to be diatiibated lo the pooiesl women and men of Iha lown, 
and that £iO b« added to the atock. Tbia ama waa laid onl in 19 aerea of land and bam in 
Leieeaterahira, now let for £S5 yearly, and an allotment of Chamwood Coiaat, about 1619, of 
rather leaa than balf an acre, whish die firat occupant had for? yean rent free, but nowpaya 
£l per annum. The rent is oarried lo Ibe orarseei'a general aoconnt, and aboni tiren^ tone 
of coals are providedanddlstriboledby balf a tonloeacbperaon at Chriatmaa. Four coats 
and six gowns of aoarae elolb are provided erery other year, and given lo poor persona. 
40b. is paid towards ths salaries of a aahoolmaatH and miiDesa of Ihe National aeb<H}). It 
ia deairable that in foture (be rents should be plaeed in a distinct aoconnt, so that Ihs whole 
may be regulariy applied aoeording lo the donor'a diieotions. 

Jatiph Toiele, in 1731, left Lncy Bott close charged with the payment of 30b. ayear fbr 
aver to the poor of Sawley. It fbrma a part of a home close attaohed lo a houae Ihs property 
of Mr. John Smilb, pnrchased by his father of Bicbatil Towle. The 309. waa paid till 
abonl 6 years ago. Since Ibe time of our enqnhji 1S26, Hr. Smith haa agreed lo pay lbs 
arreara, and make Ibe fatnre pajmsDia aimiialiy to the minister of Sawley. 

Bnad Monti/. — One Posbiooke gave for bread for the poor of Sawley, lOs, per annom, 
which was paid onl of an ealate of Mr. Farkinsoii'fl till about 15 years ago. In aonsequenoe 
of the miniater of Sawley Iben re^niring the dialiibiitiaii to be made at die ehuich, it waa 
withdrawn. Mr. Parkinaon on examining his title deeds, found no menlioQ of the gift, nor 
have we any evidence to ahew that his estate ia liable lo this charge. 

SitUy SiAooi— (sea Bisley, Wilne parish.)— The hamlet of Wilathorpa, in Sawley town- 
ehip, is entilled lo partake of the benefit of tbia achool. 

TowaaBip or Loao Eatoa Poor's CLoai. — About 2 acres, in the parliamentaiy reinms, 
1T6S, b mentionad as giTen bj aome peiaon nnknoim, and vesiad in Jamea Jerrom. It is 
now ia the oceapation of Ellen Jerrom, his widow, who pays iGl 14a. to the poor, and Os. Sd. 
to the perpetual corate of Sawley, for preaching a aeimon on tbe first Sunday in lent In Long 
Xaton ohapeL The eloae is now worth £S a year, and will after the death of the pi«aent 
tenant be let tor its foil value. Many years ago some timber waa aold from the estate tat 
£21, which, together wilb £30 sDj^ioaed lo be flowiti's donation, is now vealed in the handa 
of Mr. John Burton, of Kollingfaam. It appears to ns tbeae aoms ought not to remain on 
peraonal aaeullty, and that an account iboold be kept dislinol from the pooya rata. The 
whole ia now gireD in coals about Christmas. John Bowia gave £30 to the poor of thia 
townabip, in ITSO, prodocii^ 20a. per annum. 


Allen WDliam, corn miller. Field 

Amabilino Gaetaino, staehine holder 

Bates Henry, baker and flour dealer 

Bates William, butcher 

Ct^ewell John, boat owner 

P^bell William, gamekeeper, Wilblhorpe 

Draper Henry, wheelwright 
EatonJamea, M.D. surgeon 
FcBsant John, baker and flour dealer 
Hall Joseph, bread and Bonr dealer 
Hey Bev. Samuel, incumbent 




HigtoQ JoMpb, collier, BarrlDgtoii brUgs 

Pukinson Hn. Harthft 

PoloD Thomas, bricUsjet 

Seohooie His. Eliitbeth 

SbdtoD Halbiw, farmiDg >g«Dt, Wilsthoipe 

Smedlej CMhuin*, ilriw hM maker 

Soudlcr Tbomai, bssilla 

Smith HiiMS Hannah, Catherine, Ic EUiab. 

Smith Mr. John 

StensoD Thomas, joiner and wheelwright 

8In^e Junes, boat builder 

White TfaoniM, basket maker 

Wilool Charles, hosierr munfaolurer 

WQeock William, coal dealer 

nmS ft TAVEM8 

Harrington Arms, Let- 
tuce Simpkin 

Nag's Head, Hj.Tajlor 
and butcher 

Trent Look.Wm.Iron- 

Whiu Lion,Eliiabeth 

Allen Sarah, Field 
Corbett Joseph 
Harrison UanDah 
Talbot Joseph 
WUoox Jonathan 


Daiis Jobn, Trent Lk. 
DaTis Thomas 
HaU William 


Bradshaw Edward 
Meads Zach. 
9medle; Thomas 
Stenson Jolm 
Tnnter John 
Wright Wm. 


araritd* an at WUt- 

Bennett Wm. Orange 

• Hanbur; Hem; 
Harriman The. Omge 

■ Harriman Wm. 

• Kee(Ie7Joit.Wan«n 

■ Parkinson Joseph 
Shepherd Uarr 
Smidi John, Irjhoase 
Smith John, Ch. Farm 
Smith Joseph, Cliff 

• Smith Thoa. Lodge 
Thompson £dw«id, k. 

White Sophia 


AlliMm Cbis. dr^et 

Uetlors Elii. ft Drag. 
Spencer Har; 
Wri^t Wm. k draper 


Clifford John 
Eaton John 
EaEon Richard 

Turner John 
Bowland John 


Smith John, to Nol- 
linghim, on Wed. 

Aiutia John, beeriioase 
Baker Thomas, lace agent 
Bennett Hr. John 
Bennett Samuel, Tiot New Inn 
Bezon Ur. John 

Boallon William, Ballwa; Umekesper 
Brooks Samnel, briekla^ & tIcL Bine Bell 
Browne William Edward, genL 
Bnelcnall George, Bofs* National sohool 
Barton John, auctioneer k. tIoL Old Bell 
Cook Joseph, tailor 
Clarke William, hlgler 
ClUTord Thomas, genL 
Eaton John, vfeL k f«rmer, Trent Lock 

Fletcher Francii, Oirl^ NatloDal lohool 
Godwin Bichard Bennett, Esq. The Hall 
Hickenbottom John, tailor 
Hurt John, parish clerk 
MoBson Thomas, baker 
Oldham Jamat, coopar and assist. oTerseer 
Oldham John, saddle and huness maker 
Palmer William, Railwij station 
Pnrdj Thomas, blacksmith 
Bunsden Ber. Charles Henrj, HA. cnrats 
Sheldon James, joiner 
8tef eosoD John, wheelwright 
Topic; Thomas, canal agent, Tienl Lock 


Austin Joaeph 
BudclandJ obn &E dw. 
Eolland Eliz. & Thus. 


Beresford John 
Biddies John 
Smith Henrj k John 


Brvwn William 
Smith Thomas 


Bonsall Francis 
Bonsall Thomas 
Bash Winism 
KUby William 
Uallb; TbomsB 
Orebard Joseph 
Parker Thomas 
Roe Silas, warp 
Smith Samnel 
Vieken Mtzj, and 


Bonssll Robert 
Btodhont Elijah 
Bromley Qeoige 
Fletcher Samuel 
HalUm Thomas 
Hooley Robert 
Hopkin John 
JacksoD Dsnd 
Kilby Joseph 
Lancashire John 
Lsncaafaire Thomal 
Maltbf Thomas 

Uarshall John 
Smith John 
TebbnU John 
Wallis Thomas 


Bonsall Bobt. ditpei 
Bradshaw Elizabeth 
Parker John 
Sheldon Wm. He drug 


Moore Ju. to Notting- 
ham, oaWednesdaj' 

.y Google 


Binnir Hoob, an extra ponwhial UbCTtf, Sf milei S. b. E. from Derb;, uid on which 
Derb; »ae> ware fonDerl; h«td, oonUins B3Si. 1b. 89p. of land, Induding Sa. 2b. 84f. in 
roada, and 13i. 3b. lit. in dning ; rateable Taloe, £I,3S8 3b. Sd. This moot wai enclosed 
in 180S, when ihe parigbM and townships of AItuIoq, AilesWn and Siufln, Barrow, Boulton, 
Chelluton, Normsnlon, Osm ulon, and Bwaikeslon, had right of alrajr upon it, and each had 
an (Uotment awarded according to theii respective aize and claim. The Marquis of Usslings 
is lord of the manor, and had an altotment of 66a. 1b. Up., which he sold to Henr; Orton, 
Esq. Sir J. H. Crewe, BarL, owns 23Sa. 3b. 14p. ; Sir Bobert Wilmol of Oamaslon, TTi. 
]b. If.; Heasra Wright for Noimanlon, B2a. 1b. 24p. ; James SnllOD, Esq., Ibr AlTaSIOn, 
IOCa. In. a*. ] Ber. Heni; Dea Vaoz, 2Sa. 1b. 3Tp. ; Mr John Baocroll tor Sinfln, SOa. 2b. ; 
Hr William Sale, Barrow, 3lA.lB.39r.; Hr William Soar, ChcUaston, 20a. 1b. 9f. ; with 
several olbers are ownera. The Derbj canal eiosses it, and oocnplea Ba. 3b. 23r.. There 
are two taim honsea and Qtc cottages seaUered on the common. The olhsr iMtd oecapied bf 
fannen liring in the nei^bonrii^ Tillages. The resident tarmen are Mn. Thomas Bancroft 
and Mrs. Ep«. 

8TANT0N-BT-DALE parish and TiUags, pleasantly sitaated on an eminence, 9 milea E. 
bj N. from Derby, contains 1,100a. of land, 103 bonses, and iSO inhsbitaols, of whom 245 
were males, and 233 females; popolalion in 1801, 3U; in 1831, 468. Baleable valae 
£2,378. Eail Stanhope is lotd of the manor and owner, except of 2bA., of which 10a. are 
glebe, 14 belongs to Mr. Joseph Cbadwiek and 1 to Lord Middlelon. The church, dedloated 
to St. Michael, ia a pcrpeHu] eoracj endowed with £300 benstaction, and £200 Qoeen Anne'a 
boontj. BeT. John Qarton Howard, inenmbent It is a neat edifice, with nave, chancel, 
north aiale, low pinnacled lower with 4 bells, and a galleij at the weat end. The altar-piece 
is ■ beaatiful painLng of the entombing of Christ There are acTcral monnmenlal tablets, 
otie of which is to Hatlhew Filkinglon, LJ-B., prebendar; of Lichfield, who is boried in 
the oliBQCel with WTcral of his reladTcs ; he died Noramber 1th, 1T6S. The Erewash and 
Nntbrook canal, which belongs to Earl Stanhope, rona Ihrongh the parish. Here is a 
coUierj, and eome Tei7 eueneire iron worlia are being erected on the banka of the oanaL 
4 lacs machines are employed here. Ncii the eentre of the Tillage, on a pedestal with four 
eleps, etanda a stone erosa, having a plain octagonal shaft about B feelhigb, withaflenrde lis 
at Ihe top, bearing date 1032. In ITSS, a elub room was ended by sobsoription fM the nae 
ot a male and female benefit societies. Feast, nearest Sonday to Miobaelmaa day. The 
manor was purohased in the reign of Qnecn Eliiahcth by Michael Willoughby, Esq., front 
the Babingtons. The chorch of Stanton belonged to Dale abbey, to which monaatery three 
boTau of land had been given. Sir Henry Willoughby gave the titbea of hay to the 
minieler, reserving a rent of 9s. yearly to himself and his heirs. 

Chabitiis.— ^Ani houttt were bnilt at Slinlon, in ITll, by Hn. Wini&id Hiddlemore, 
in pursuance to the will of her husband, Joeeph Hiddlemore, for fonr persons. In 1720, 
Mis. W. Middlemore conveyed, on trust, certain lands to apply the yearly profits towards 
building alms hoaaea, keeping them in repair, and to aapport such poor persons as from 
time to time should be placed in the said alms booses. Two others were buill in 1739, b; 
Mr. Gregoiy Qregoiy. The proper^ consists of an eaute at Sutton-in-Ashfield of BIa. Ob. 
29r. of land, let tor £83 lOa.; and an esUle in Long Bennington ot 32a. Ob. SSp. ot land, 
with a bam erected thereon, let for £ll 19a per annum. In 1839, then was a balance in 
the hands of Gregory Gregory, Esq., being the only snrriving trustee, and it ie intended to 
■rect two more alms honaea, at an expense of £120, and the reeidne to be inveeled in the 
ftmda, towards providing the same allowance of 30s. per month to the inmatea which ia paid 
to Ihe present 3 men and 3 women now in the alma honaes. 

PooT'i Xandi.— In 1706, Matthew Smith, Esq., in consideration of £39 4s., conveyed on 
truBl a close at Kilboume, in the pariah of Horsley, called the Blackwalls or Netherhagg ; 
the rente of the said close lo be within 10 days from Ibe time' of payment delivered to the 
OTsraeers ot Stanton, to be by them distributed to the poor. The property consists of three 
paroels of land, togetber about 4 acres, and a cottage bnilt by the tenant, who fbr a great 



length of time held lb« *ama M ihe ^carij rent of £i. Uicbiel Btgolef the utiDg trnHe*, 
■ppointed with three others in Norember, 1820, diatribntas the proceeds Hnon^t the poor- 
It is not known wbanee the money arose with which the purchase was made. 

Siiley Sehool.—Tbe inhabitants of thle parish are entitled to the benefit of this school. 
(See BufcjO 

Doar Wm. jtm. shopkeeper 
Gmnd; iohn, blacksmith 
Higgett Samnel, shoemaker 
Holmea George, butcher 
Bfee Samnel, waip net maker 
Mee Thomas, shoemaker 
Riley ffiehaid, parish elerk 
Scsttetgood Richard, vicL Stanhope 


Bagguler Edw 
Bagnler Ann 
Bloniton Wm 

Chadwiek AnthoDj 
Chadwick Joseph 
Chadwiek Tbo* 
Cresswell Joseph 

Siason Lnke, sbopkeepet 

Smedley John, keeper, Junction lock 

Smedley Lnke, warp net maker 

Smith Esq. ironmaster, The HaU 

'WUmot Francis Saeheierel, gent 
Wingfield Thomas, jnn. shopkeeper 
Wingfield Thomas, sen. beerhe. It ahopkpr 
Wood — ~-, canal agent, Jnnetion lock 
DoBi Wm. sen I Salt Thomas 

Gillott Thos. Ic bk.7d OARRIER. 

Hickson Sn. Fimvtce Hancock Mw. to Derby 
MeakinJames | on F. fc Nottgm on S 

WE9TON-T7PON-TItENT pariah and iadiffeientlj bnilt village, T miles S.E. bj 8. from 
Derby, contuns I,90Qit. of strong fertile clay land, 83 houses, and SEPB inhabitants, of whom 
lefl were males, and 200 females. Fopolation, in 1601 , 380 ; in 1S31, 367. Rateable value, 
£3,802. Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart, is lord of the manor and principal owner. Thomas 
Pares, Esq., ind £. A. Holden, Esq., axe also owners. The TYent and Mersey canal passes 
tbroagh As parish, and occupies Sli. la. 38p. of land, for which it Is rated at the value of 
C6O0. The cborch, dedicated lo 9l Muy, is a rectory, valued in the King's book £11 16s. 3d., 
now £005. Sir Robert Wilmot, Bsit, patron, Rev. P. N. French, incumbent, and the Rev. 
WiBiam Dewe, resident ennte. It is a venerabie edifice, with nave, chancel, aide aisles, 
embattled tower and spire with three bells. The seats are priDcipsUy open. In the chancel 
i* a splendid monnment of Kchaid Sale, L.L.B., prebendary of LiehSeld and rector of 
Weston, who died in 1623, and of Dorothy his wife. It is in 9 oampartments, occupied by 
a male and female flgnres, and 8 children, all kneeling. There is also one to the Rev. 
Robert Holden, rector, who died in 1739 ; and one to the Rev. Robert Holden, rector, who 
died in 1T99. The rector baa 307*. of glebe and tithe allotment The Baptists have a 
smaU chapel arected in 1813 A school was established in 1644, and Sir Robert Wdmot, 
Bart, pays for 6 boys. The haU, a large old brick mansion with stone dressings, is now 
occupied as a farm-house. It was formerly ■ seat of the Roper family, by whom it was built 
in the eady part of the ITth century. It was afterwards in [he family of Lee ; of whom it 
was porebaaed by Thomas Pares, Esq., abont the year 1760. The bouse and abont Oi. of 
land waa snrroanded by a deep moat Cti^ Jnn, a noted place, half a mile west, standa on 
a cliff, near whieb the canal and the river Trent pass. At thia cliff is a qnany of good 
building alone, and a ferry to Kings Newton. At domesday survey thia manor waa in the 
hands of the Crown, it was given afterwards to Hugh Lapna, and by him to the abbot and 
convent of Chester. After the Reformation it was granted to Sir Wm. Paget, it afterwards 
came into the Holden family ; about the year 1049, an ancestor of 8ir Robert Wibnot 
pnrehased the greatest part of the estate. 

CHABiTiia. — Ann HoUm, in 1700, gave to the rector and cburchwardens of Weston £30, 
to be disposed of by them In each proportions towards the relief and maintenance of the 
poor, as they should deem most proper. This legacy, with the snm of £10 given by some 
person unknown. Is in the Derby savings' bank. 

Dewe Rev. William, curate I Henshaw Eliiobetb, shopkeeper 

DoUman Thomas, blacksmith Henshaw James, vict Plough, Jcploughmaker 

Gray Joseph and William, tailors ' Henshaw Wm.relievingoOlen.Sbardla* Un. 

■.;, Google 


Knight Junes, shoemiktr 

Me>Lui tVilliun, achaoliliMlcr, h. BnTftnc 

Hasedals Joaeph, nhselwriglit I Boae Tbomu, shoemnkei 

Newbold Matbew, shopkeeper | Kom William, parish clerk 

Fluit Mary, vicL Cliff inn , Weston John, lock keeper 

FARMERS I Garner Mrs Humob l nenabaw Biohvd I Rose Thomaa 

BothamJftcob, agent Henshaw Edvud Meakia titnr; I Slorerjobii 

CampioaJno.Theliall 1 UenshanJnD.Graage { Radford Francis ' William aon Job n 

WTLLINGTON parish and Tillage is pleasanilj aitDaled on the north bank of the Trent, 
OTer which there is a bridge, T milea S.W. from Decb;, S miles N.E. from Burton-apon-Trent, 
conlamsl.SOOacresoflighl tertila land, et^liDuaes, and lOainliafalUmts, of whom 311 vers 
males and 106 Icmalts. Population in IBUl, 30,'); in 1831,103; rateable Talne, £3 204. 
Sir Robert Bardett, Ban^ is lord of th« manor and principal owner. Replon Corporation own 
321)., Mr Shortbose, 30a. Rct. F. W. Spilabur; owns a neat moosion near the TrenL The 
Grand Tmnk canal passes near the north aide of the Tillage, on which Messrs Smith and Son 
of Gainsborough hue ■ lai^ waivbouse, cool whar( and boatbuilding eatabllsbmenu The 
BimUogbam and Derby raQwaj goes through the town, and oeoupiea 15 acres otiand. Tb« 
station is a vergr ncal one, the not ot it being just IotcI with the rails, on account of ths 
height of the embankment, and the line crosses two of the streets by sWne bridges. The 
meana ot approach from the auiion to the Craiiu is by a flight of 3S steps. A neat stone 
bridge ot Bts arches crosses the Trent, which woe built by anbscription, and opened August, 
1839, on which there is a handsome toll-hnuse. Il cost £0,000, and the approaches to it 
£3,000. The church, St. Michael's, is a Tir«j*iige, Talaed in (he King's Books £1 1Ts.3d.; 
□ow £80, augmented with £600 Queen Anno's boon^. Tested in land at Aabby, Leieeslei- 
shire. The corporation of Etwall and Replon, patrons. Bei. William Stoddul, M.A. of 
Repton, incmnbent, wbo has 33a. 90f. ot glebe and tithe ^otment In tLe parish. The 
church is an aucienl almcture, with nsTe, ehancel, and transcfpt, willi a pinnacled tower aad 
3 bells, which was built in 1834, at a cost of £80, decayed by F. W. Spilsbury, and the bells 
were recast at a coat of £30. It was repewed, and a north Irenscepl erected at a cost of 
£800, mostly defrayed by Sir Francis BurdeU and Re». F. W. Spilsbury. Here are several 
neat mural tablets. The Methodists have a small chisel, built 1835, and the Baptists haTS 
also a small chapeL The Odd Fellows hate a lodge, and here is one Sick Club. Feast, 
Biat Sunday after 10Ih September. The manor at Domesday survey belonged paitly to the 
King and partly to Ralph Filibubert, King Henry IL gsTe a manor to Burton Abbey. The 
other manor appears to hate been giien wiib the church by the family of Wiltington, to the 
prior and coDTent of Repton, to whom the tilhea were appropriated in 123^ Wm- Weetcote 
conTeyed this manor, about the year 10S4, to Sir John Porte, founder of Bepton school. 

Sudbury Bail Cruirgt.—Tbt yearly sum of £2 is paid hy the agent of Lord Vernon, u a 
rent aharge on lonie part of the Sudbury estate, which is distributed on SL Thomas's day. 

in the PoWianwntary JttUnu of 1 7S0, lOs. per snniuD is mentioned, supposed 10 be a charge 
on some proper^ at Barrow, belonging to Mrs. De Vixux, the daughter of the Ule Mr. 
Dairymple, of Borton-an-Trent. The sum is paid through the Bnilon bank, and distributed 
on St. Thomas's day. There is also mcDlton of a doostion of land by some person unknown, 
producing £1 per annum. The sum is now paid by Mr. Holbrooke, a tanner, at Bepton, 
and dialributed as abore. 

Btnjamm SpiUbar^, in IBIS, left a rent charge of £5, out of a bnilding in Willinglon and 
■ irieee of land used as a wharf, npon trust that they should distribute the same to poor 
men and women belonging to the parish of Willinglon. This sam is given to 20 poor men 
or women abont Febniaiy. 

John Gitbontt ChaHt;/ —{See St Werbiugh. Derby.)— The portion applic^e to this 
parish is for buying coats or gowns, and a dietribution of money. 



Barker EUintnlb, blu-kSTiiilh 
Bell Samael, Ticl. RisiDg Sun 
Camp Thomu, tailor and parish clerk 
Cantrell William, lUIiaii k>«per 
Clifford Elam, baker & <riet Grsen Man 
Ealon Mr. George 
Gaacoyns Edward, brieUajer 
Oifibome John, Esq- 
Hand Joseph, TicL Green Dragon 


Chambem Thomai 
Eyre Samnel 
Pegg SamL & beeA. 
Woriidgg WUIiam 

Bnll Wm. Sen. JE Jan. 
FitcheU William 
Horobin William 
Keeling Jn.&maliter 

Hombin William, junr. bnteher 
KirkUnd John, wbeelwrigbl 
Horrie Henry, blaeksmilh 
PhiUljn WilUam, wharfinger 
Slack William, bridge keeper 
Smedley Mrs. Ann 
SpilBbor; Ret, Frae. Ward 
Tomer William, uilor 

Vickera Sunad 
Walaon WiUlam 
Wilkes Gilbert BnU 

Chambers Haiy 

Clay William 
Cope JohD,&beerh. 

WILNE parish contains the township of Church Wilne, the paroehial chipelry of Breasb>n, 
the township of Drajoott, inclnding the township o( Hopwell and Ibe principal part ot the 
township and parochial ch&pelry ot Risley, in the prebendary o( Sawlcj. 

Chubch or LiTTLB WiLXB lownship, is ot small exlenl, situate on the Derwent, which 
dindea it from Great Wilne and Shardlow, 7} miles 8.E. bom Derby. It contalDa only T4i. 
So. 13f. ot land, 3S hoaaes, and ii23 inhabitants — of whom 93 were males, snd ISO hmales. 
Rateable valae, £530. It appean some mislake has occurred here at the eensDi, for by the 
ratebook they have only 13 honses and 83 inhabitants in 1845 ; a part ot Draycoti appean 
to haie been included. The Earl of Harrington is lord of the manor and owner of the 
whole, except IT acres ot glebe which belongs to the prebendary. The chorch, dedicated to 
St Chad, is a perpetoal cnracy, in the prebendol court of Sswlej. has been endowed with 
^1 ,S0O parliainenlary granU Perpetnal eunleot Sawley, patrou. This cborch is a venerable 
edifice, with nave, chancel, sontb aisle, embaltkd tower and 4 bells, with ■ gallery at the west 
cud, and an organ. On the south side the chancel is a mausolenm, belonging to the 
Willonghby family. The entrance door is of oak.beaatitully carred, with a dale, 1094. The 
Boot is of lessalated bricks. It is lighted by 3 window* of stained gloss. One represents 
llie birth, one the crncifixion, and the other the ascension of Christ In the interior is 
a handsome black and white marble monument, to Anne WiUoughby, dated lOSS. A Tcry 
splendid one of white reined marble, richly gilt and coloured, with a male and female figure 
lying in a recess, beautifully ornamented. They are John Willonghby, of Bialey, and 
Frances his wife. He died in January, 1605. and she in 1602. Several others ot the family 
are interred here. Several handsome mural tablets hare been erected to various persons. 

CbarIti IS.— CAurcA iani,— The rent of a piece of land in the manor of Draycot„ in this 
parish, as comprising QO yards in length, and 30 yards 1 foot in breadth, and as aitnated at 
the south east comer of the Wycrotts. The owner pays 6b. to the churchwardens, for this 
land. The boundaries ore to Iw aacertaiaed by proper marks, anil a fair rent procured. 

BsBiSTOH parochial chapelry, is a well-built village, Tt miles E.S.E. from Derby, contains 
1,447 acres of fertile land, enclosed in 1TS7, 113 houses, and 712 inhabitants— ot whom 340 
were males «>d .133 females. Population in IBOl, 373 ; in 1831, 642. Rateable value, 
i£3,.117. The Rev. John Hancock Hall is lord of the manor und an owner i eieeutors of 
John Atlenborougb, M.D., J. W. Cbappel, gent., Willtsm Charlten, Esq., Rev. Charles Robe, 
Mr. Thomas Harrison, Mr. John Stevens, Risley school. Burton school, and Earl ot 
Harrington ore owners. 

This manor, BB:tiDESTDNB, at Domesday sorrey, was held with Risley by Roger de Bnsli 
The chapel, dedicated to St Michael, is a peipetual curacy, annexed to Rislsf in the peculiar 
jurisdiction ot the prebendary of Sawley, in LicbGeld cathedral, hu been • 

.y Google 


£200 beuehclioD, £600 Queen Aniu'a boiu^, uul £1,000 p&rUaiueacarr gnuL B«v. Henij 
Builu Hall, LL.B. of Rialey, incumbsnt. Tha chqirl, a Tenarable ediQcc, partly sobered 
with iT7, baanaTB, ohancet, lonth alBla.a low towBr Biumouiiled by a loftj' apiiewlth 3 beUa, 
WM new pewed and a gallerr atected and lepaired in ItilO, at a cost of £200. The fonl is 
a rich Bpeoiroen of DatbfBhini spar, dated ITAO, vilb a fluted column and bonl. The chapel 
yard waa endaaed with a neat inm railing in 1823, when ii was oonanrated for a burial 
gronnd. Tha tilbu were eommuled 1643, for £308, of wbiob the Bev. Spencer Hadsn ia 
leasee uudsi the prebendary. Tha Mew Connexion Melbodisla hare s chapel bniJt ISO^t, 
enlargedieiO, and new pew«d in leaS— will aeat 300, with a Suoday school for UA. 201ac« 
maohines anil 43 hosiery ttames aie employed in the vilJage. A statute fair for hiring 
■eirants is held Ist Monday in November. Feaat, nearest Sunday to Old Miehaelmaa day. 

Joint OkarUon, in ITU, gave £100 to purchase landa, Che rents thereof to be distributed 
on Cbrislmaa day, to the poor of BreaaloD. In 1715, £88 waa inTCated in two closea in 
East Bridgford, called the Pingle doae, and irii-fchiii close. In the same year a further sum 
of £10 was laid out in lauds lying in the open fields, which waa enclosed in 1796. Tha 
properly now consists of two fields, each ooulaioing 4 acres, now let for £16 per annum, aud 
dia tent* are diiKibuled amongat the poor, in sums Tarying ttom 2s. to Ta. 

D«ATCanisapopalaBsaDdwell-builtnllage,eimileaE.S.E. ttom Derby, ootitams l;!06 
acres of laud mostly a light sand, 308 honsei, aud 845 iuhabitauU— of whom tSl were 
nudes, and 471 bmalea. Bateable tbIus, £4,300. An error tu thia return appears lo haTS 
been made, for il ia alated thej had 290 hooiea, and 1.033 inhabitants, of whom a pan 
appears to have been placed to Wilue. Earl of Hairiugton ialord of the manor and an owner- 
Hugh Scoll, Esq., Oeorge Hunday, Esq., the prebendary of Sawley {213 acres), John Canon, 
Esq., and HeaarB. Towle are owners. The Nottingham lailwa,; ruoa on the north aide 
the Tillage, and occupies 13 aciea. A part of the township pays a lilhe rent charge of 
£9 13b. 6d. to Thomaa Pares, Esq. In 1800, the late Mr. Towle established a cotton mill 
here. The present factory was erected in 1814, and eulaiged in 1616, and a aieuu engine 
of 16 horse power added. In 1843 ■ lace factoiy waa erected, iu which about 40 machines 
are waited, and anotber mil] near the canal with a steam engine of 16 horses power, 
employing about 300 hands. The Uelhodists hare a large handsome chapel, built 1830, at 
a coat of £700 ; to aeal 550 persona. The former chapel, built in 1800, of which John 
Nelson laid the firat stone, is now used aa a Simday school ; 140 attend, and a day echooi 
for poor children is supported by subscriptiMl. Here is an Odd Fellows' Lodge, and thras 
benefit socisties. Fsaat, nearest Sunday to St Michael. 

Poor') Money,— A lum of £0 in the hands of Ur. Thomas Jowett, received by hia father, 
having previously been in other hands. Il ia not ascertained who waa the donor. Da. 
interest ia paid loi it, dianibated by Ur. Jowett, on St Thomas's day, in earns of 6d. and 3d. 
to poor widows and others of the township. 

HorwiLL township consist* of two faun honses, « lodge, and the hall, 7 miles east from 
Derby, 25 iuhabilanta, of whom 10 were males and 10 famalss, and 010 Deri's of strong clay 
land. Rateable value, £044. Thomas Fuea, Esq. ia the owner, and resides at the hall, a 
handsome brick mansion, seated on an eminence, within a well wooded park of about 00 
acres, from which eitensivs views into Nottinghamshire, LeiccBlershire, Northamplouahlie, 
aud Stsflbrdahire, are obtained. The tithe is paid by a modus of £10 per annum, to the 
Incnmbent of Wilna. The manor (Opewelle) was held by Ralph Fitz Hubsrt, at Domesday 
BOrvey, under the bisb^ of Chaster. Iu 1300 it was held by Ralph de Shiriey, under tha 
Eari of Lancaster, It passed to the Sacheverdls, and iu lODl Frrdinando Sacbeverell 
bequeathed It to his consin Henry Hayre, gsnt, who told it in 1731, to Baehe Thomhill, 
Esq., who in 1734 alienated it to Sir Bibye Lake, Bark, whose grandson Sir James Winter 
Lake, Bart., sold It iu 1784 to the father of the present owner. 

BiSLBT township, parochial chapeliy, and village, 7) milea E. by S. from Derby, conlaip* 
B86 acres of rich strong day land, 43 houaes, and 303 inhabitants, in the parish of Wilns, 
eidosive of 38 Inhabitants, and about 300 acres of land, in the parish of Sandiacre, but 
keep Iheir poor in Blaley township. Bateable value, £3,531 e>., of which £1,897 IBs. Is in 



9-30 WitNE FABISH. 

Wilne puiah, and iG103 lOi. io Suidiure paiiifa. Bvt. John Huicwik HiU l» lord of the 
mtnar and principal owner. Thomas Hairuon, gent, Thomas Paiea, Esq., J. H. Felhnra, 
genf, Hr. Henry Porter, Rev. Samnel Hej, Hr. Joseph Fletcher, Ur. Thomas Cooper, and 
olhera ore alio owners. A tithe rent oharge of £220 It. Is paid to tlie lesiee for the miua 
part, and a rent charge and modasses of £4, amounting to dC30 19s. 7d., is paid to the lessee 
of the prebendarj of Saniliacre. The chapel is a neat edifice with naTe, chancel, handsome 
pinnacled tower and S bells. It was Ihoronghl; repaired, repewed, and a north aisle added 
in 1H4I, at a cost ot £&!!>, defrafed bj snbscriptioo of the patron and inhibilanli, aided b; 
a grant from the Derb; Diocesan Cboreh Bonding socifl^. The font is of beautiful Derby- 
shire marble, richly ornamented, has a small gallery at the vest end, and the eaet window ia 
eompo9e<l of beautifDl stained g]aas,representingS.S.Petei and Paul. The chancel is dlrided 
(nun the nave by a neat screen, and here are two marble taldets to the memory of the HaH 
family. The liiing is a perpetual cnracy, now vslned at £110, haa been augmented with £a00 
beitefactioDS, £400 Queen Anne'e bounty, and £200 paiUameDlary grsot, in the pecnllat 
jurisdiction ofthe prebendary of Sawley, in the cathedral church of Lichfield. Eariof Stamfoid 
and Warrington patron, BcT.Heniy Banks Hsli.LX.B.,incnnibent. Bisley park, idiieh eontuns 
Sli. 8b. 3Sp. of land, is a tithe&M estate, in Sandiacre parish. The chapel was built by 
Michael WiUoDghby, Esq., in 1993. Sir Iln^ Willonghby, a native of this place, was omployed 
to discover the Mirtft Wett Paaage, in the reign of Henry VI., but was fHoen to death with hii 
crew, in 1331. Feast, Snndi^ before Koreniber Dth. At Domesday snrrej, fioger de Busli 
held this manor, but Levintu poseesBed one-third In the reign of Edward L William 
Morteyne held it under the Paveley family. The heiress of his son Boger Inonght it to Sir 
Bicbard de Willoa^by, one of the justices, and some time chief joslioe i>flb«MniimMi pleas. 
His younger sou Hogb settled st Bisley, irtiere bis desoendsjits continaed terseTenl genera- 
tions- Henry Willoaghby, Esq., was created a baronet in 1011. It beeame the p roper^ of 
Sir Thomas Ashton, Bart., who married Anne, one ot the cO'heiresna. The manor *aa 
purchased of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart, by Hr John Hancock. 

£>>ky ficAoo/.— Michael Willonghby, and Catharine hie wife, gave 30 nobles (£e 13a. 4d.) 
per annum, which was increased by Sir Henry Willoughby, Oieir grandson, to 90 mots, 
(£13 0B. Sd.,) towards maintaining a minister and schoolmaster at Bisley. Mrs EHzabeft 
Gray, their descendant, having btiilt a school-faouse, with a haUtation Itar the master and 
noher, in the year 1T18. endowed &a school with lands, then worth £00 per annum, tbr 
teaching all the children of Bialay, and the sons only of the inhabitana of Breaaton, 
Sandiacre, B^ Abbey, Stanton near Dale, WOBthoip, Drayeott, Little Wilne, and Hopwdl, 
to read, write, aqd cast accoants, and the head master to teach grammar and the dsssles to 
sDch boys as ore qusliflcd and desirous to Issm— both maslen to be constandy rsaident in 
the achool-faoune. The said Elizabeth Qray, in 1130, gare die snm of £300 to be laid oat 
iu lauds, and the proUta thereof applied to the use of a schoolmistress, who shonld leach dl 
the girle In Bisley, aud an equal nimiber of gu'ls of the other townships whose nude children 
were free, as should be appointed by the Knateea. She also gare £100 tc 
for the maintenance of an astistanl lo^teaeb all the giris to write and ca 
£100 to purchase lands, to pay the fines ott, or for enfranchising a copyhold estate at 
Iderich Hay. By a codicil to her will, dated Huob 2, IT^I, she devised her messuage ai>d 
lands in Long Clawaon. and Hose in the ooon^ of Leicester, upon traet to John While, that, 
upon the pajTment of £400 to him by the govemora ot Queen Anne's bounty, £40 jewly, 
part ot the said premises, should be settled as on oDgmentation to the ohapetiies ot Bisley 
and Braaston— £!0 each. In 1T23, Jtdm While, and the goTeraon of Queen Aime's 
bounty, who paid £400, conveyed the estates at Long Clawaoa and Hose to die abovB-mmed 
ehopelries, resening £0 10s. to the schools, in lien of a legacy in her will of £8 13b. 4d. 
The school premises consist ot a good honse, with gardens aitd croft, containing li. la. SSf., 
tor the head maater, ahonae for the nnder master, with garden anderotl, 1a.2b. 9lr. Two 
Bchoola, farming distinct buUdlngs, one of which is divided mio two puts— one p«rt bebig 
ths grammar school and the other the girl's school— with two rooms over. In wfaioh the 
BchoolmistrDss resides ; tlie other school is iiaed as the Engltab tcbool for boys. The 



foUoirin^ ii « ■mnmuy of lbs ■imn4l ineome of (lie BBtates : — Bent chir^ ont of ^ mmor 
of WOslboipc, £13 e«. 8d. ; nnla of ih« piemUea ttmitjei bj Mrs Qnfa dead of 1718, 
£171 ITs. Od.; diTidends ou £tOO 3 pet omL ooneola, £3 ; rant of tb^ aiUto of Long 
Cliwion and Hose, £ID0, vhioh eonUlui ISSa., nukking s toUl of £378 4g. Id. Tho 
nnmber of eohalus is now limiled to 100, dirided according to the popnlitian, except Bislef, 
which has no limit The pTescnt nimibers an, SO boja and 10 giilB from Sandiaera, 17 
bojs and 8 gills from Breaslon; 17 bo^ uid 8 girls from Dale Abbey, 38 boys and 14 girls 
ftom Drajcott and Wilne, 7 boji and 1 giria ftom Bialey, 1 boy and 1 giii bom Hopwell, 12 
bop and e giris bom Qreat Staiolon, and 1 bof and 1 girl from WJltOioi^. The Engliah 
master bai a lalary of £8S ; the asber, who is the head boy in the sehml, a talaiy of £10 ; 
and the female (eaoher a taluj ot £10. 

Caiamxa.— Sir Hmry WUlouyhbs, Bart., Anchilel Or*]', Esq., WOlotighby Qraj, Esq., 
and Ellxabetb Gray, had giTsn mms of money amooDtuig lo £71, tar which aiun, in 1714, 
Francis Handlef eooTsyed to trotlees a close ot 6a., elcept SOi. paid ont of the said close to 
the poor of Waat Hallun, for ttie payment of which he granted a rent charge of 20i., to be 
paid ont ot I<oiig Close in Happerley, one third of die rent to be applied for the NpaMtion 
of Bialey school, the lemaining two- thirds to the poor of Risley. The rent charge of 30b. on 
tbeLongCloiehaabeeninany years unpaid to the poor of West Hallam. It is now (1830) 
the proper^ of Edward Miller Mundy, Esq. 

Dawson Thomas, shoemiket I JBm«( William, shopkeeper 

Draper Thomas, eotlon spinnBr, Wilne miUs I Whits WilliMn, parish eleik 

Abbott John, gent 

Chawner Mrs Lattice 

Clifford John, plnmber and glaiier 

Eden John, frunewoik knitter 

Freaaon laaaa, beerhouse 

Gamble Enoeh, frameworh knitter 

HaU William, sexton 

Wi^vling William, pinder and beadle 

Moore Henry, Tetorinaiy surgeon 


BnlTs Head, Willism 

Cheqoers, Geo. Euan 
Navigatian Inn, Tlios. 


Hood William 
WUmot Garvai & Wm. 


Flint Henry 
Wdker Samnel 
Wright John 

Chappell Jpb. Wright 
Fclton William 
Onmdy Samuel 
Jowett Benjamin 
Plaokett John 
Poion John 
Bobinson Qeorge 
Bobineon Wm.C attage 
Satdioose Thos., HiU 
StBYBiu John 
StBYens Tbomaa 


Enior Oao^ 

Flaekelt John, butcher 
Plackett Thtanas, tailor 
Stevens Mn Elicabetb 
SlereDeou William, dyer 
Tnnnidiffe FraDoil, gent 
Tnniei Thomas, BaHway station 
Walker Joseph, framework knitter 
Wolkel William and John, tailors 

Thompaon John, and 

Wilkine Hannah 
Bancroft Qeorge 
Hardy Bilaa 


Billing John Henry 

Cade Jph.Wijght, and 

regietnT of birdie 

and deaths 


Plaokett EMch 
Plackett Htniy 

Plaokett Luke 
Plackett Bobart, and 

pariA elark 
SMrenson Thomas 


Butler Peter 
Qregdiy John 
Stevenson Joseph 

Alton Ur WmUoi 

Aede JoM^ belMy mnagai 

Cbolerton Boberi, blacksmith 


I Cl«y Edward, phimbn and 0aii 
Elliott Barah, Bops and twiMS 
I Foster Qeorge, baker 



Keanlaj tb Junes 
Oldknow Haiii7, gent 
Boba Ber. Chulet, Nai 
Boirift; Hr PeUr 


Olswer, Ju. Hooricj 
Ooaoh ud Hones, 

Qtorgt NawtoD 
SoM & Ciom, John 




Aalls Sunl. & teiiTiuii 
Boswonh Jph. Mnr 

Hoolej JoHph 
Sailon Suaael 

AlUtlcte ThoB. ud 

Cooper ThoB., Field 
CosoD Chu. PMtime 
James Josiab 
HoodefJpb. Field 
Newlolk John 
Potter Biobaid 
IhompsoD Bichaid 

Smlfli Phmip, bDUher 
Bowtet John, book-kespei 
Woollej William, bricklajei' 
Wright Mar; Ann Masaej, da^ teho«>l 


Tkott BuD-Atd • are 

Draftn only. 
Aslte Qeorge 
Butelle Peter 
■ Chariton Winiain 
Salmon, traTeUing 
Coion Thomas 
•HardjWm. It hatter 
•Piatt James 
Theobald John 

Tomlinson Samael 


BoswoTth Jph. junr 
Clay Edward 
doolej Joseph 
Moore Samuel, and 

ooal dealer 


Gamble Ealph 
Maseej Joseph 
Wright James 


IFIudeJohn, ftimer 
Uobill Joseph, lodge keeper 

Bagihav Winiam, shoemaker 
Blote Charles shopkeeper 
Creaswsll John, English school 
Eaton Franeis, hlaeksmilh 

Fellowt John Uiebael, gent 
Bsll Bar. John Hancock, The Hell 
Hsll fisT. Heni7 Banks, LX3. inenmbent, 
and head master of lehool 

Hsll Captain WaUam, B.N. 

Laneaibire Joiepb, merchant 

Oldershaw John, pariah slerk and turnpike 

road snrrejoi 
Barker Beqjuntn, lict Bine Bell 
Skeanngton Hisees Sarah and Harj 
Smith Joseph, tailor 
Wright Ann, girls' school 

Fleiohet Joseph, The 

JPt«emaaUadie«,The | Porter Bsiysmiu | CARRIER 

lodge Porter Hjr. The puk Edmnnd Meen^ to 

Harrison Thos. gent Shaw William Derbj oa Fri. and 

I I Nottingham on Sal. 


This hundred forms the soDlh extremity of the eonnty, and is bounded on the north and 
west by the htsf Trent, on the sonlh and east by Leieeetersbire, haiiiig at the south-east 
extremity a eonsidenble portion dclaohed and compleielj somiuided by Leieeslershire, 
where So Mmt'i Stalh, in the ehapeliy or Chileole, eoimeots the four counties ot Leicester, 
Derby, Staford and Warwick. It eontaini 6a,T30 statnia acres, generally a rich red loamy 
soil, considered the finest agricultnial dlatriet in the county. In 1S31 the population was 
IBfiU. In IMI it eontaiaed 4,160 inhabited houses, 109 uninhaMled houses, and 7 
honse>buil)ling: with a population of 30,OT4 souls, of whom 10,1 1 A wne males, and 10,13! 

.;, Google 


APPLEBY, puish uid coiuid«nd>l8 vdl-bnill TUlage, p«nlj uuut«d In Leieeslenbin, Dl 
miJea S.W. bj S. bom AMhbr-de-la-Zoaeh, 10 miles B£. hy_S. tnaa Burton-apoa-Tnat, 
fnntu the souCh eztnmitj of the Bottn^ of Der^, tnd of k detached portion of Derb;*hire, 
eontunine Chiloole, Mawham, Oakthorpe ud WiUeilj, and a part of Sonislhorpe tad 
Stretton-en-le-Fleld, pariahe* IiKsallj aitnaled in the Weat Goacota Hnodred of Ibe caanty of 
Leii;eitn. Tbe eatire pwiult ot Ap^ab; containa 2^13a. of fertile cUj l*ad «nd 1^9 
inhabitanla; 1,113a. are in DerbTahira, 180 honaea, and 370 inhabiunta, of whom 970 vera 
males, and 303 (emalea, rateable Talne £3,100: in Leicsaterahiie l,TO0i:, 113 honaea, and 
iaa inhabitants, of whom S36 wet« males, and 260 fanulei, Tftlcable nine /3,360. Market 
Boawortb Grammar School owna the eatale and manor of the Oerbyahire part, to whom it 
wai given hy the son of Sir Wolatan Dixie, who had pnTuhaaed it from the eo-faein of the 
but of the Xf^tbj tamilj, who died in laSQ. George Moore, Eaq^ i* the piiaeipal owner 
and lord of the manor of tbe Leictatersbire part. Tbe oburob, dedicated to St Michael, ia 
a rectory rained in ^e Eing'a book at £20 9e. Hi, now £1,000. George Moore, Eaq., 
patroD, Bev. John Mannel Echalaz, M.A., incumbent. The chnrch, a large haodaomc 
stmctnre, baa nave, chancel, aide aialei, tower and apir« with 6 bella, waa Iboroaghly reetored 
in 1830, at a cost of £9,000, towards wbiob tbe late Ura John Hoore bad left £1,000, tbe 
remainder waa railed by anbscriptioti. Tbe cbancal waa reMored at the rcDiw'g own eipenee. 
All the windows are oriuunelllcd with beaatiful ataioed glasa, and the pewa are oak. It ii 
aitoated in Leiceeterabira, in whiob county the aonlh end of the village mostly standi. The 
houses are eontiderably intermixed ; each diTiiion keeps Its own poor, but in all other 
respeat are one township, and are generally diatinguiahed by Appleby Magna, (tbe Derby- 
shire end,) and Parva, (the Leiceiterahire end.) The rectory is a handsome mansion I of 
a mile west The hall, a baodaome modem atmctnre { mile aouth &om the Tillage, and in 
Leicestershire, waa enlarged about 11 yeara ago. and ia the seat and property of Oeoige 
Hoore, Esq. White Houie, f of a mile north of the chnrch, is (be aeat of the Misses and 
John Moore, Esq. JHoat Boat, in Ibe filtage and in I«tc«aterehire, now a farmhonse, is an 
ancient baildiag, fbrmeiiy the aeat of the Appleby family, who held thii manor aa early as 
use. Tbe Moore family became poasessors of the estate early in the ITUi cennuy. Tbe 
Grammar School, ) of a mile lonlh frota the shnreh, i> situated in both counties. It was 
fOonded and endowed by Sir John Moore, KnL, in 16S7, be wa* soma litne lord mayor of 
Londoit, and died in 1T03. The school room waa designed by Sir Chtiatopher Wren, and 
is 100 feet in length, T/0 in breadth, and 30 in height, with an extensire playground in fhint. 
It was originally Intended tbr the children of Appleby and this detached part of Derbyshire, 
and certain pariabea in LeiceBlerabire, but by the statutes of lT06itwas made free -to all 
En^and. West of the chnrch ia ■ handaome school room for girii and inhnli, In Derby- 
shite, where the Methodists have a chapel ; the Qeueral and Particnlar Baptists have each 
chapele in Lcieeaterehiie. In 1S39, the Uiaaes Uoore, of While Home, ereeledt dwellings 
to be let at low rents to poor personi, and ihe rents are applied for the impraremeDt of tbe 

PosT-Ortici. — Jamtt SaHeii, fettmaOtr. Letters by maH-gig from Corentty 7 morning, 
■ad from Aabby 7 erening. 

Marlitd 1 arc in LtUetttrthin. 

1 AUdritt John, Esq Hall Robert, butler, Wkitt Bmat 

1 Allwood Henry, gamekeeper I Hndson Josepb, gardener, The hall 

Anacomb John, Grammar school 1 Moore Oeorgc, Esq., The hall 

Baker Henry, walch aud dock maker Moore John, Esq., and Misses, JFhiU Boat* 

Echalax Bev. John Mannel, M.A. Bectoiy 1 Mould Bct. John, H.A.. Grammar echool 

Foster Thomas, Gent 1 Frinoep Misses Jane andAnn 

German Geo. steward, Ashley Old Park Saddington Edward, saddler 

Gill Geo. music master 9hsw James, dogbreaker 

Greeley Wm. wheelwright 1 Shatt John, butler, Tha hall 

Oiundy Mra Tylecote Ura Sarah 

Hague Edwin, Grammar school Yardl^ James, seedsman 



1 LllheilKad SuniM 
1 WjaltJamM 


1 Femfhongh Wm 
1 HoUoa Junss 
Nail John 


1 SMtdingtoDBattmsu' 
1 Saddingtan Jolin 



Tuan&diae Tiiranu 
1 Wilwin Orimler 


1 Leu HeniT 
1 Waleh John 

1 Anudd JuDM 
BoJen Edwud 
1 Boh John 
1 Bowlej Williun 
Chuidlei Joba 
Conm SNnnel 
Dsw«s Biyan 
Qamer Tliomu 
OlUum JtAm 
Manhill Oeorgt 
Page Jowpb 
Parker James 
Pratt Thomai 

SadfUngtMi Wm 
ISkeaimei Wm 
1 Btevraaon Wm 

TaTGinu Thoi., JTmI Oanwr Tliomai 

Bowlej James 
Bowley John 
Gamei John 

Oamer Jabn 
I Jordan Oeorge 
1 Saddington Jobn 
1 Welch Jobn 



BodsD Edward 
Saddington Wm 


1 Coop™ Peter 
1 Tijlor Joseph 

SamL Park u> Boiton- 
oa-Tteot, on Thon- 

BONDABY or Bmton Boad, an extra parocMal Ubartf, eonrists ot 8 coUage hooses on the 
ABbbj-de-la-Zonch and Bniton road, 2 miles N.W. from Ashby. The estate ia partlj !□ the 
parish of Blackfordbj, Laneaahiie, bnl baa U inbabitauis in DerbrBhire, all of whom am 

BBETBT, a parish and v«Il bnilt village, 3 mOea E. ftom Bnnon-Qpon-Trent, contains 
lfi06 aeres ot ftrtile land, 00 hoases, and 303 inhalritanla. Population Id 1691, 335; 
rateable Tahis £3,104. The Earl of Chesterfield is the sol* owner, lord ot the manor— 
which formailf was a porton of that of Bepton — impropriator of the tithes, and patron of 
the ehorab, of whish the living is a donati** ; nlafl £30 ; Rev. John Tedej Smidi, B.A., 
It is a small stnictare, with a lower and 3 belli, and is itirj neitlj fitted j^. 
ly, die manor, which bad belonged to Ead Algtr, waa part of the rojil 
demeans. It afterwards belonged to the Earl of Chaster, and passed to the Ssagntves with 
a part ot the manor of Bcpton. John de SsagniTF, who was the king's lieutananC in 
Sootland, and taken priaoDer at the battle ol Bannoekbom, was anmrnoned to pariiameDl aa 
a baron in 1300. Id 1300 he bad the king's liceun to cutellate hU manuon at Bretbj. 
Bietby oaatle passed with the manors to the Howbnrs— Lords Howbraj and Dukes of 
Horfblk. Sne of the oo-heirsises of diis noUe Eimilj brought Bretbf to the Lords BerUey. 
In 1066, the caslls and manor of Brelbj was purchased ot tlie Beikelej tamitr b<r Sir 
Thomas Stanhope, grandlUher of Philip tbe first Earl of Chesterfield. In the month of 
NoTemlwr 1643, the Earl of Chesterfield fortified bis boose at Bretbj, imd garrisoned it with 
40 mnaketeers and 00 bone. Sit J<am Qell hnving iniellifeaee of it, sent 400 fbot, with a 
par^ of dragoons, nnder the command ot Hqoc Molanns. Alter a abort detenoe, the Earl 
and his part; fled Ihrongh the park towards Litchfield, and the hoose was plundered. The 
cotmteM, who was the daughter of the loyal Sir John Paekinglon, nfnstng la pay any 
compoulion to prevent it, declaring site woald not give them one penny ; but the ofHcers 
saved her own chamber with all h« goods. Philip, the second earl, re^ed mnch at Bretby. 
Bretby Castle, the site of which is discemable near the ehnrch, is s^d to have been a 
bnilding of great strength, and consisted of two conrts, and wm standing in the reign of 
Queen Eliiabelh. The first Eaii ot CheBtcrfield is snppoaed to have erected a noble mansion 
at Bretliy, of stone, with a cnrions cbapel, in the midst of a large well wooded park, wilh 
gardens, fbontains, labyrinths, groves, &c., all said to have been pecnliariy curious and 
plessani, snitable to the genias ot the owner, who was the chief contriver of tbem. This 
mansion waa taken down in the year 1T80. The present ball is s qoadrangnlar easlsllated 



muuim, wLich had been uTerml jnn in bmliling, and nu Utt nnflniibed U the death of 
its noble ownct, iu 1815. Ths greater put of it bad been fitted up ud inhabited ; Ihs 
bailding hu lince betn diacantiiioed, and remahis nnfiniibcd. ll bas eiteDBive plaaaun 
gtDtmda, terraon, gardeui, tea. eitoaled in tbe midel of a park containing opwaids of 400 
aem of land, wall wooded, with Taried and pictoreaqe scenery. On Ihs eael aide of tlie 
hoDU i* pnaerad a Teuerable cedar of Lebanon, which, u appears by the gardener's bill, 
in tbe Eul'a poaension, was planted in the month of Pebruar;, 1670-7. It it probably tbe 
oldeet cedar in Engtand, for, aoeotding to Evelyn, the cedar bad not been brought into 
Ibis country hi lOUl. It is one of the seats of Its noble owner, Oeoige Auguitus Frederick, 
Sail of Chesterfield. The late Eari resided wholly at Bratby daring the latter part of hi> 
life, and dedicated a ooiudderable ponion of hie time to agrieultura, baring one of the most 
complete farming eslabllahiDetlta in this pan of Eo^rad. The ehqiel of Bratby with the 
tithes were parcel of the rectory of Bepton, which belonged to the priory of thU place. It 
passed with one of the co-beiresses of Porle to tbe family of Hastings, and appears to hare 
been brou^t to the Stanhope family by the marriage of the first Earl of Chesterfield with a 
daughter of Francis, Lord Hulings. Tbe Earl supports a free school for 24 boys and 21 
giris, which had been eitabliabed in 1606. 

Chesterfield, Right Hon. George Augustus Jerrsse John Allen, schoolmaster 

Frederick, Earl at, Bretby UoU MarahaU Mrs Ann, housekeeper, Tbe Hall 

Allen Jolm, wheelwright Mason Cbarlcs, gamekeeper 

Atkin John, boose steward Moon Wni. blackaiaith 

Beel Thomas, groom Moreoroft Charles, wheelwright 

Black John, coachman Patterson John, head gardener 

Bradford George, com miller Ratdiffe Wm. wheelwrigbt, h. Septim 

Charlton John, police-officer for Bepton and Scallei^od Tbos. shoemaker 

Oresley hundred, Park gale Taylor Thomas, training groom 

Clay Frances, schoolmistress Tetley William, joiner 
Fitchett Tbos. plumber, glaxier & shopkeeper 


Bmot Wm j FalknerJobn | Uartin Wm | Tlssinglon Isaac 

Burton Jidm | Falkner Thomas I Hellor Jph. & John | WainJtJm 

BUBTON-UPON-TBENT is an extensite pariah, prineipallr in the OUow hundred. 
Stafltedshirs, and pardy in Beptoq and Qresley hundred, Derbyshire. The entire parish 
contains T,T30 aoies of laud, with a population of 8,130 aouls, divided into 7 townships, viz. 
Borton-apon-Trent, Barton Extra, Brinstooe, Horoinglow, and Siretton, in Staffordshire, 
with Stapenhill and WinshiU, which are in Derbyshire. The manor of Burtoa-upim-T^vnl, 
with sereral hamlets, was granted in the 31th Henry TIIL to an ancestor of the present 
Marquis of An^eey, who is lord of the manor, principal owner of the soil, and impropriator 
of tbe great tithes of the whole pariah. The east and west sidee of the parish swell gradually 
into hilla, and hare « strong red loamy soil, suitable for the growth of barley and wheat, the 
tbimer of which is extensively cultivated, and sold to the Domerotu malting establishments 
at Burton. The rest of the land is chiefly meadow, fbrming rich loamy pastures, which are 
often flooded by tbe waters of tbe Trent and Dove. 

Bobioh-upoi-Tbiii is a market town of conaiderable antiquity, pleasantly altuated on 
the west bank of the Trent, which bete flows in two broad atreams, and is crossed by an 
aneieut bridge of SB arches, in the centre of which is a stone which marks the bonndtriet 
between the counties of Derby and Stafford. It is In 52° 03' north latitude, and 1° 35' west 
longitude, and is distant 11 miles S.W. of Derby, 13 milea N.E. of Lichfield, 24 E. of 
fit^bid, and 13-t N.W. of London. The town of Burton haa considerably improved since 
J630. New ettMt, Burton Extra, and Station street, have all had large additions i and at 
Ihat lime, Bominglow street, which (orme a right angle with High slrec^ waa scarcely half 



in pTCMBi aiai. Tha papnlkUon, inelndiiig Baiioa Eitre, now unouau lo 8,0H *oq1i. 
Higb (ITMI U ol eanriJ«mb)« length, uiil mai puvIUI with ths ritn btna Dwth to XNilh. 
It li ihe principal ihoroDgbfon in tbt town, uid the hoiucs uid shops hara been gnatij 
inpioTad during Ihe lut ttw jeim. The Oat Work*, in Station (treat, ware araeled io 1683, 
tij ■ pntpiietai; of £iO ahinboldcra, ■! ■ coat of £^,000, and ware Icaaad at that tima Ibr a 
paiiod of ai jrars to Mr Samnel Sanders, irho paira 6 per cent Inlereit to the eampanj. A 
aharge of 10s. par 1,000 eubic feet is made to the consnost. The gmtiDtlti will hold 
] 0,000 onbic feet. The Tovn E<itl, in Ihe market plan, ia a eonunodioa* BtroetDre, areelad 
in 1773 by the lata Lord Paget, father of the Marquis of AagJesey, the preaani owner of the 
manor, lo whoae anceslora it wu granted in the reign of Henrf VIII., and all aupb priiilesea, 
Ubartiea, and tnuuihiws belonging lo Iho aame, as bad Iheretafore been eitjojiad bj the 
abbots of Burton. In the exercise of theae priTilages, ths lord of the manoi qipointi a 
steward and a bailiff, who retain their offlce during hii pleasure. The ateward preiides aa 
judge in a court for the recover; of debts under 40a., called the Otnltfi Court. Thia eonrt 
waa jadiciallr actnowledged b; Ihe Conrt of King's BanDb, ou an infbimation in the nature 
of a gno utammto, brought by the attorney-general in the reign of Queen Elisabeth against 
Thomai, then Lord Paget, who claimed the same as a prescripliTa right in the abbota of 
Bnrlon beyond the memory of man. The Center's court is held in the town-hall every third 
Friday, and haa eiclneiTe jurisdiction over the manor. The bailiff, John Rirliardson, Esq., 
in right of bis offlce, ia coroner ; he has alao a mncuirent jorudiclioD with (bt oonnty 
magistrates aa a justics of Ihe peace, but being a practiaing attorney, he does not act in that 
capacity. In addition lo the Oenter'a court, the lord of Ihe manor anuaally holds a coort- 
leet and view of ftank-pledge, at which the local police and lix decinen are appointed for 
the year ensning. A petty seaeion ia held every Tuaaday at the Angel. The market ia on 
Thnrsd^. Fain are held on Candlemas day, April S, Holy Thursday, and October 22 to 
39 — the latter is noted for the sale of horses and cheeae. A Mriag /or ict«x1i ia held ou 
the Monday after New HIcbaelmas day, and a feaat on the neareal Sunday lo St Modeven's 
day. Racea were fbrmerly held here, but were diaeontinaed about five years ago. A 
C0MMsi«itl itofioa haa been built by tha Biimingham and Derby Junction Railway Company, 
which passes aboat half a mile west of the town. 2^ fmi snerr, fbrnied in 1M3, ia a very 
gnat iuiprovemenl to the town of Burton, and baa eH^lually remored Ihoae continual 
■niaanres ao detrimental to the health and comfort of the Inhabitants. Previous to the year 
ITSe, High atieet was not paved, nor had it a aewe r of any kind, and (be centre of the street 
was so low that it formed Ihe general receptacle tor ibs refnaa water bom all tha bousea. 
At intervale, stepping-stonea were placed to enable persona to eross. In that year, an act of 
parliament waa obtained for paving, repairing, eleanaing, and lighting the town, and for 
removing and preventing nniiaucea, soon alter which, a sewer of about two ttet diameter 
was formed from lb« firidge to High stteel, bat not being properly oonstmcited, wss 
nmtinually stopping up fin want of a regular fall. In I8<3, however, it waa determined lo 
employ an engineer to see bow Ui it was practieabla to carry ont the aewersge, so aa 
effectually to drain the town; the result waa tatistactoiy, and ths FeoSbea liberally reapoodsd 
(a the wanta of Ihe town, bj a grant of £100. The sewerage eitands a distance of ii,tOO 
ysrda, and the moat aangnine expectations of the pngeetora have been AiUy realised. Eash 
time a boat passes into the lock, wbiob may bs estimated at IS times a-day, the lock Ibll of 
water is tomed down the aewer, from Bond-«iid Wharf lo Ihe Bridge, by which means no 
fllUi can possibly aeoamnlate, or offensive afflnvia be omitted. 

BoRToM haa long been oelsbiWed for Ihe excellence of its au, aod (mitmi— quantitiea 
are ssnt to all parts of the United Kingdom, and to many (Oreign eoantrlaa, eipeoially the 
East and West Indies. During the reign of Ihe aeoond Obttisrina of Bnaaia, gnM quamitiM 
were exported to Ihe Continent, it being the favourite beverage of Aat queen, but tbla trade 
was extinguished by the fieWin i^ecne, which abut ont ourmanohetuns from Ihe Conliiient 
Twenty years ago, the number of breweries wss only Bve, it is now sixteen ; and a graaler 
extent of business is done at some of the older eetablishmenta than waa dons by Ihs whole 
town at that time. Ths superior propsitiss of Burton als is partly atliibniabla t« tbe 


•KDillMit hwd wMer wbiah is obuinad froin Ihe neighbouiiag liilli ; uid Dr Duwia 
iagnioiuljr bhpimmh " Outt wnie at ihe iwobuiDa loid in ihs molt oombioBi Kith ibe 
adoaraous eaith of hud ■aUr, and forms a aort of mineral augar, wbioh j« ooDTcrUblc inM 
ipiriu." HoM of the breweriea hne *1» nrj ciieiuiTa mailing eBtabliBbmeDts. Tba 
cettmt ipimHty and poirBr-looin WBanng wen cairied on to a oonsiderable eiUnt bj MeBora 
Poal & Co. till within the lait bw jean. Two of the faoioriea are aov occupied bj Hr 
William B. Cookn, smdlwan maDufaoIurer, who smpIojB npwardi ot SM bands ; aoolbot 1b 
used aa bIoicb by the biewen, and Ihe otlieT is unoccupied. An eilensiTe iron foundry ii 
cairied on by Bobart ThomewUl, Esq., in New stmt. The rlTcr Trent i< naTigable for bargea 
Dp to the town, and the canal, which connects that rlTcr with the Mersey, opens a water 
oonunanieatiou with all the principal towns in tha kingdom. Tha town has aeveral tinisB 
been innndaied bj the Trent, particnlBrly in the year* 1771, 1793, 1799, and 17BB, when 
moei ot the streets were laid under water. 

Tht Bridgt is the moat interesting object ot antiquity whiob the town posaeeaes, and is 
■npposad to have been erected by Bernard, Abbot ot Burton, about the yesr 1 171 ; othsn 
•a»lgn the enntion to a much earlier period, lla lig-iag ftitin stretohes aoross the two 
■Baams oflhe Trent a distance otl,MA feet, and ba>36anheB, From its eitreroe narrowness 
and uimeeesBary length, many serions aocidents haTS occmrad, and it is a matter of 
eonBideralian with Ihe inhabitants how Ihe danger shall be obviated. A battle was taught 
upon tfae bridge in 13^, when Edward III. obtained a decisiTs rictory orer the Earl of 
Laoouter ; and it ia snppoaed dial Ihe chapel which formeriy stood at the end ot Ihe brldga 
was built to coDunefflarale Ihia victory. Maas was frequently said, in order to raisB IWids M 
defray the expenses of Ihe bridge. 

The Abbit ^ipeara to haie been a place ot some magnitude, ttom the f^w vestiges that 
M* BtDl to be seen. Tanner says—" Ulfrie Spot, flnisbed and endowi^ A.D. 1004 ; an abbey 
hen tea monks of Ihs order of SC BenedieL It was dedicated to the blessed Virgin Har7 
and St HodsTra, and valued S6 Renij VIII., at £387 14s. Od. per annum." But on Ihe record 
in Ihs first fruits' offloe, Ihs yaariy valoailoD of this monastiy is given at £001 7s. The abbey 
■nd Its dependenoies wen sxempt frnm all exactions, datles, and senicss, except (rnodat 
weeiHtfoi, the ereetion of fonressee and bridges, the repairing of fa^hways, and the repelling 
of invasions. The abbot and oonvent sarrendBrea this house Nov. 1-llh, ia39,aod iu IMI, 
King Heniy VIII. tbunded on Iba site and in the church of the eame, a collags of a dean 
and canons 10 Ae honour of JesnsCluiBt and hia ntotherHary; and granted for (heir sappoit, 
(he manor ot Burton, and thirteen other maoore, &C., belonging to the monastery. This 
edlegiale shorcdi was bat ot short continuance, for it was dissolvsd in 1M9, whan all tb* 
lands snd andowmenia of the same were conveyed by the said king to Sir William Paget. 
The Hoi of tble college is an intsresling spseimen of antique scnlplure. It represent* our 
BaviDat and his disciples at Ihe last supper, with the arms of Ulfric, the fooadcr, at the 
bottom. On the margin is ■ Latin inscriptian, Bignifjing it to be " The common seal of tb* 
dean and chapter ottha oollegiate church of Christ, at Burton-upon-TnnL" Several abbots, 
at dilbrent periods, wen retornad as members ot parliamsnl, and they were empowered to 
hold a weekly market, coUecE tolle, and institute fairs. The cbnreh was a liondBome atruc- 
Mre, 328 feel long and 62 feat wide, ornamented with an elegant tower at each end. The 
eloisten measorad 100 foet squarn. Portions of tbs w^ls are still visible near the pnsent 
ahnnh, and the donattory, tMylor, and lU ihe other bnildings, were on a scale of propor- 
tioiuble magnitude. The old Ifauyr-hautt is said 10 have been that pan of the building 
which formed tha private nsidenee ot the abbot, but the alteiatioiiB and adrlitianB have svrept 
away nearly all die remains of this extensive monsstiD establishment. The porter's lodge is 
BOW eoDverted Into ■ blacksmith's sfaap.*and fragments of Ihe wall which smTatmded the 
abbey and its axtmsiva gardens may still be seen in the grounds adjoining the manor-hoose. 
7%« Paris* Chunk ia a handsome structun with a neat tower, and was built in 1730, on the 
sltB of tha aoelsDt church, which had been greatly dHapidaled during the paiUamentary war. 
It has eight beQs, a setof mnsical chimss, and t good organ, erected in 1T71. 'Hie ohunh- 
TorI is now nry apadaus, 1 } acres of land on the margin ot Ihe Trent bemg added in 18S0, 


bf Ihfl M&njuis of Aiuleacf . Sereral tUint cotBoa hive been dug up ; one of which il 
pitceil in ui npright poajtion, od Ihe mmi^in of the Trent, uid a lid omunBnud with mde 
wmlpture is plued agaiaat the wtll on the eoalh side of the chnich. The Muqoil of 
Aag1«aej ia impropriator and patron of tha liTing, which is a peipctaal corae?, Dow enjojed 
by the Rei. Sunuel St«ad. 

Hot) Trinity Chmv\, Hominglow atrtct, ia a beantiful edifice, in the SoHd Gothic atjk of 
aiehitsetare. Il {■ pnrti; built of brick comeated ao as to correspond with tha sIods 
bnltreasea, pinnacles, and other ornamental portions of the bnSding. The interior i> exeeed- 
inglf neat and has a richly foliated Gothic window of etained glass, with rrpmcntationB of 
St Petrr and Ibe hot Erangeliats. Il was bnilt in 1B34, bj the executors of the late Isaae 
Hawkina, Esq., at a oost of £ijOOO, and will accommodate Uioat 1,000 hearers. TOO sittings 
are free. Il is endowed with £1,300 Qneen Anne's bounty, and £1,300 raiand bom other 
sources. The Harquis of Anglesey ia the patron, and the Rev. Peter French, M.A^ ii the 

CAriit Charth, Kew street, is a beantiAll Qalhio fabric, in the form of a eroaa, with a tower 
snrmonaled by an elegant spire. It was consecrated in September, 1B44, and wa* built at a 
cost of £3.Tn0, raised by priTale snbseiiptioDB and a grant from the Incorporated Society 
for bniidiog chotehes. The liring ia a perpetual enracy, endowed with £ 1 ,000 Qneen Anne's 
bounty, in the gift of the Re*. Samnel Stead, and eigoyed by the Rev. Henry Horan. A 
parsonage hoaae ia aboot to be erected near the cbnrch, wfaioh will cost about £700. 7^ 
Indtjmdtnt Cliaptt, High sUvct, occupies the site of a nonoonfbrmist meeting house, built 
iu laOl, when the Rei. Thomas BakeweU was gecled IW>m the rectory of Rollealon. Thia 
rhapel, lioweTer, was rebuilt abont 80 years ago. The pressnl ediflce is in the Gothic style, 
and was rebuilt in I>U2, at a coat of £2,300. The front is othewn stone, and has a large 
window of beantifiJ proportions, filled with Gothic tracery which gives it * chaste md noble 
appearance. The interior fittings are all of oak, and it will seat 600 persons. The Re*. 
William Foster Bock is the pastor. I%e WateyaK Chafet, Homin^ow slieet, is a neat brick 
building, rebuilt in 1613. It is neatly fitted up with galleries, and the body of the cIi^mI 
has been reocnlly pewed. TAe ParlicuJar £^>sl CA<^, Station stieet, was erectedin DBS. 
It was considerably enlarged and beanlifled with a Oreoian portico, in IfiiS, at a cost of 
£I,laO. 3^ OennWfiapfulCrAiiptl, Bond End, waa opened in 1635. Tht Friimtixt MtOio- 
dia Chapel, Sution alreci, is a neat brick boilding, creeled in 1S39. 

Sundaji SchooU iu connexion wilb all the ahnrchea and the varioua diaaenting rongrega- 
tiona are numerously allended. Ample provision is also made in the various day and infant 
schools for the instruction of youth which are liberally npported and jadidoosly condncted. 

The Frte Oranmar School near the chiuith, was founded and endowed by William Bean, 
Abbot ot Burton, in IA30. The endowment consists of a farm of 130 acres at Orton-on-the- 
bill, in Leicestershire, let for £230 a year, and III acres of land at Brearton, let for £S03 
per annmn. The head master receives two-thirds of the rents arising frmn these lands, and 
the aecoud master one-lhird. The former had also £3, and the latter £6 a year, from tfas 
bequest of Elizabelh Panlett. The school is &e« to sona ot paHshionm, with preference to 
those who apply for claaaical instruclion. The namber ia limiKd to 00. The echoed nndcr- 
went a complete renovation afewyeara ago, at a cost of £S00. Il contains an ancient carved 
oak deeli, snpposed to have been in use ever since the foundation of the school. The Rev. 
John Fisher Mac Michael, B.A. is head muter, and Henry Hodaon, second master. 

AUtoj/i Charitg School ia endowed with land now lei for £31 per annum ; left by 
Richard Allsopp, in 1738, for the instrnclion of 30 poor boys. Six of tlie sebotan am 
clothed out of the rents of land now 1st tor £8 a year, left by Francis Aelle, in 178a. 

Thi Naiionat. Schools Hominglow street, were built by subscription in 1837, and are 
snpported by voluntary contributions ; about (K> boys, and 60 girls raoeive inatrnelion. Hy. 
K. Taylor ia master, and Flit. Bodell mistaess. 

Tbi NiTioNu, ScBoOLs, Ncw st/set, fotm a handsome gothie atractttre, ersotad in 1843 
near the new church : they were bailt by anbaetlption, aided by ■ grant bi>m the national 
lociaiy, and costfBM). The wings are commodious rooms, in cmeof which lSOb«yi receive 

.;, Google 


instnictioii, lUd abaul Ihe tuna namber of gfrls m ought in the olh«t wing;. The centre 
room is apprDpriiUed fta u Iiifiat School in which inalrnctioD i< pliasiagl; impTCSsed npon 
lh« inftnt mind by > Hiiea of ocenlar repnxmUlioiiB ; Ibe Krenge Bllendence is abont 100. 
Robert Tajlol i> muter, Elii. 8baw, mistreis, uid Ami Sinipsoa, iuatnictor of Ibf infuu. 
Fand> h>ra been nisad to boild an Infant School in Anderstoff lane, (o coit about i£lOO. 
It is proposed to ba boilt bj the cloie of the jear. 

Hu Lmictuterian Btkool, Odildablei, a neat brick edifice, boilt in IBU, with the master's 
hoDse adjoining, cost £000, Taisad by snbscriptions, except a grant of £387 10s fnim the 
Council of EdneatioD. 100 bur* uid 98 girls allend. Edmund 9ilter, master ; and Mar; 

Tkt TowiCt Landi consist of about 40 acres in small detached pareeU, with uTeral 
tenentenls, ptodnoiiig an income of £190 a fear, indading the rent of Finney's close and 
the Worithonae garden. For a long period Ihej hsTS (Tom lime to lime been conveyed 
together to trustees ai/mfftei, tor the common benefit of the inbabitants of Barton. Tbs 
feoffees an also endtled to the sum of £1,600, which has been aceamnloied from fines 
reoeiied on dilTetenl renewals of leases for Urea. The intereal of this money, £81 a year, 
is applied with the other income. The rente of Ihe town lands an eolleeled b; die town 
maslen, (to whose oDce the constables of the prsoeding year, appointed al ihe ooorl-leet, 
Buceeed u a mstler of conrM,) and are paid by them lo Ihe treaanrer of Ihe fteffees, at 
their general annual meeliag, held annnally on the Slst December. 

CHiBiTiBa, tmifcr Ue managcmeal of tKt ftagttt of tlit loan laudM. — Hr Finney gars a 
close in Andentaff lane, and directed the nnla lo be giren in apptendeing yeariy aome poor 
boy. The close ii let for £11 18s. Bd. The uwrkhotue gardeit, in Anderstoff laoe, is let for 
£9 Ba. a year, in respect of which it had long been cnslomary to fdmish annually six coal* 
for poor nwn, bnt the practice was diseonHnned about 30 years ago. The rent is carried to 
the general account of the town lands. The PainTtunt Souk consisls of a meaauage, 
shop, 3 aoltages, and 80 perches of land, the rents of which are appropriated by aocienl 
na^a to the reparatjon of the pavement of Ihe infuior inhabitanla in Hi^ attest. The Nm 
Cloit is a piece of land of about 20 acres, Ibrmeriy pari of the town moors. Itianow let in leya 
or gates tor depasturing cows, and the clear profile hare been applied since ISLOfbr repairing 
the parementa in Barton and Bond End. i^onieJ Wation, in ITTB, led a stable, coach-hooss, 
and alable-yard, in Cat aueet, and directed Ihe rent lo be giien lo the poor on WbJtmonday, 
/moc fimcMu, in ITia, left £100 to be laid out in land, fbr Ihe mBlnleQBQce of aome poor man 
in Burton. Thia legacy was eipeoded in land called Ibe Low Gate Piece, now let for £7 Ta. 
a year. JVrs Ahnonit gift. — There appeare to be no original writings reapecting this charity, 
ll oonaleta of a fannhonse and 30 acree of land at Aalon, a eloae Oa. 2*. called Blackwella, 
al Bolleaton, and an allotment in Hominglow of 1a. la. 19r. The lenta amount lo £71 
18a. Bd. In addition lo dte aboTe, fliere belongs to Ibis charity a pari of certain lands ifi 
Bolleaton, which ware reeeiTed in exchange from Sir Oswald Hotely, Bart., for land belong- 
ing 10 this ehaiily. The annual ralue of Ihls land was £2 2s. a year, but through mistake 
the rents bais been oarried ainee Ihe ettdotore lo Ihe account of Parker'ajalma hausea. Of 
the abore rents £0 17s. ia paid for weekly dislribalinns of bread ; £0 Ss. lo the poor of 
Hominglow, Sirellon and Branaton, in auma of 3s. each and under; and £3S 17s. to ihe 
poor of Burton and Burton-Extra, chosen by the tBoffees in sums ot 6a. each. In 1724, 
Wm. Hawkm* left a rant charge of £ft a year lo be distribated in bread. This amount has 
for some lime been paid towards famishing 13 poor women of Burton with gowns. A rent 
ehatge of Sis. per annum, left by Siehard BUtU, is divided equally between Ihe poor of 
Bnrton, Branstan and Stretlon. lUdurd CaidvtU, ilJ>., in 1082, left in trust with die 
bailiff of Liobfisld £100, to be lent free of intetest to clothiers of small weallh and abUi^, 
or el«e lo other handioraftmen, dwelling in Burton-npon-Trent, The aum of £40 is lent 
fMm fire years to five years, and the sum of £120 alternately, in four auma of £flO, and 30 
of £6 (or &*e jMra. The bailiSk of Lichfield go over to Burton at Ihe time when the aaeu- 
ridea an lo be renewed, and they receive applicauona tor, and advauoa die loane. 

TV Almttaattt in Ibe Swine Market, for Atc poor women, were founded by E 



Panlett, In 1591. Tbe andowment consiiU of 96t. 1b. Ht. of lud U Ttanj Bcndf, and 
•ersral dwelling* tod ahopi idjoumig the dmihoasn, prodaclng maODUB) nun of £81 ITi. 
Th* rame donor alio beqnntlud a rent ehuge of £10 1 Tsar, of wblch £1 it giTen lo the 
■Inuwomen and the ninaiuder aa notieed witli the graounar school. The rant-eharge «u 
exchanged in 1T0A, tot £3ns 01. Sd., 3 per cent conioU. Each of the inmatae nceiTe aa 
■DDual adpend of £10, pud qnaiteriy. and asappljof coali out of (he nnls of tba town lands. 

Partefi Jtmhoaieg, High atieet. Ten fonnded in ISSl, bj Ellen Paiket, who left £800 
Id miat lo build lix abneboiuea tat ail poor widow* or old maids of Barton and Stntton. 
The propertj conaisis of bnildinga and land in AndersUlTlane, Honiinglow, and BollMton, 
let for £M fii. 3d. pet annum. The inmates hare each it, WKldjr, and abont £6 added 6oin 
the fands of the town land*. 

The Stlf-tupporting Ditpmiarji, in High street, ii a Tslaable inslitDlion, established in 
1830, bj which means the poor hare the best msdleal and aorgical aid, for the small cbargs 
of Id. a week, and also the privilege of choosing their own snrgeon. The total receipt* for 
die je*r ending Oct 31, 1644, wu £M6 IBs. Id. The diibonments £939 lis. Hr. 
William Poontnej is the dispenser. 

The Savii^ Baitk, established in 1818, i* held at the Town Hall, which is open ereiy 
Satnrdsy from two to three o'clock. The amonnt of deposits for the year ending SOtfa 
November IBU, was £36,708 3s., and the number of depositor* 926, of which 8 were 
charitable and 12 biendlj BDciptieB. The respective balances of 022 depositors did not 
neeed £20, SSa not exceeding £50, 90 not exceeding £100, 32 which did not exceed £100, 
6 not exceeding £300, and 3 which exceeded diat anm. William Coxon, ttentarj/. 

He SoOtitim Frimdlf IiutUatiiM is a benefit Bocle^ establiahed in 1628, onder At 
anipices of Sir Oswald Hoslej, Bart. It is in a prosperoas condition, and extend* it* 
operations a dislanoe of 10 miles round Bolleslon. Mr Chariee Henry, Station aureat, 

Ptrvaiimt Library was commenced in 1838 ; it is sapported by a, number of ibareboldsis 
and npwards of TO snbecribeia, and OMitaina 1,700 lolames. The shares are £10 each, and 
an annnal snbseription of 16s. Sabseiiben, not being shareholder*, pay 31s. a-year. 
Edmnnd Adams, itArorion, Bridge street ; in addition lo which a sircolating library has been 
established at Hr W, 8. Dsiley's, stationer, for a nnmber of years. 

tfalaral Hillary Socitty tmd JTbumn, High street, established in 1643, eontaina a laluable 
eoQection of British and tbreign birds, insects, flsbes, fbssila, minerals, and antiquities. 
This interesting axhibitian ia open to the pnblic on Tnesday, Wednesday, and Friday, for 
an admission fee of sixpence. 

Tht LUerary Soriely, commenced in 1644, occupies a portion of the mneenm aa a reading- 
room, and has a library of shoal 1,000 tolnmes on larious scientific and intetesting sntgeel*. 
It is supported by a anbseription of 20*. per annimi (torn lb* flm class, and a qnanerly 
■abscription at 2b. 2d. from the second class. The former bare the prlnlegg of attending 
the reading-room at aU bonrs of the day, and the latter from o'clock in the eeening until 
10. The reading-nom is well enpplied with London and provincial newipapers, and the 
meet popnlar periodicala of (he day. 

Surton Farmer^ CM, established in 1841 fbr the discnsaion and dilfiisiDn of agrionltnral 
information, hold monthly mectinga at iha Queen's Hotel. 

Thb Bdbtov-dpov-Tuxt Poob-Liw Union, foimsd in 1837, comprises bS parishes and 
Uwnahips, of which 40 an in Derbyshire and 13 in Staffordshire, with an area of 80,738 
aorea of land, and a population of 36,678 eonls. The following is an ennmeration of the 
parishes and townships in the conn^ of Derby, tis. Ash, Barton Blount, Beaiwardcote, 
Brelby, Bnroaston, Castle Oresley, Cattoo. Canldwelt, Chnroh Broogblon, Choreb Gredey, 
Coton-in-tbe-Elms, Dalbory with Lees, Drakelow, Egginton, Etwal), Findem, Foremark, 
Foslon and Seropton, Hatton, Hilton, Boon, In^eby, Linton, Lullington. Maiston-npon-Dore, 
MiokleoTcr, Newton Sdney. Osleiton and Thurraaton, Radbonm, Beplon, Roaliston, Stanton 
and N'ewhall, Bupenbill, Sntton nn the Hill, Swadlincote, Tinsley, Twyford end Stehaon, 
Walton-upon-Trent, Willington, and Winahill. The 13 parishes and townships in the 

Lii, ■ '..nOi 



tttaatf of StaAml an, Aiulow, Bvton-aiider-NMdwaod, Bmutone, Bniton-npoD-Trent, 
BoTUMi Eiln, DuniuU, HuiIhut, HoruiUKlow, RoUcsloa, Smuon, TucnhiU, Tnlburr, ukI 

3b Union IForJAouM, encted in 1036, ia ■ commodioos briek bnildiag, omunenUd vith 
Blons, BiOulccI at (ha west end of Hominglow gtreeC It wia arecled at a coal of £8,300, and. 
with an additional sum of £700 eipendtd for fumitnn, will make tbe soat a groM ■Din of 
£9,000. It coataiiu ample accommodation tor 400 inmatea, and is veil Tenlllated and 
aapplled irilh filtingi of Iba moat sobatantial character. William Coion ia rlerk and 
■nperintcodant rtpUrar; AlexandcT and Jane PbOlips, matter wad matroK ; Edward Elliott, 
tcheointtuUr, and Looiaa Bloor, $ehi>oli>tittnu { John KiUingbj , retitviiig officer for tbe loulh 
disUiEl; Oenaae Smedlfj, nHtviag officer lot the north diatrici; and fiiehaid Stone, of 
Beibr, auditor, Tbe following is a list of the imyeonM, eicepl the Beplon dlBtricl, which 
wu Ticantwben our infonnalion came to hand: — Bobart Sbirte j Belcbet, BurUm-mpim-I^tnt 
dJitrid; Kobert John Bell, MicUeaBtT; William Birch, BurloK-wider-tfteiliamt ; George 
Ambroae Cope, EtumU; Hem; Edwarda, Tutbary; and Oeorgs Lowe for die Qreiley diilriel. 
The BTeroge weeUj coft of the in-door paapen far the qnirler ending Michaelmas 1B43, 
wai la. lOld. for food, and Sjd. for clothing. 

Statekhill township. See Slapenbill paiiah. 

WmsHiLi. (ownsbip and email village, npon a decliTitj If miles E. b. N. from Bnrton- 
npon- Trent, to which pariah it bidangs, contains I,ljH) acres of fertile land, TA honaas, and 
3TT inhabitanti, of whom 183 were malea and 194 femalss. Popnlation, in 1601, 809 ; in 
1831, 342; rateable Talne, £2,313. The Uarquia of Anglsiej is lord of the manor and 
principal owner. There is an eitenaiTe com mill on the Trent bank, and a (actorj for 
mannfactnring email wans, occopied by 3fr Biomle; Cooke, employing about SM hands — on* 
of the mills noticad with Barton — also flJwloM Aowe, a nepeetable boarding school. Thla 
manor belonged lo the mooastsrj of Barton, and haiing been granlsd after the diasolntion 
(0 the fim Lord Paget, ia now tbe proper^ otbia dasoendanL 


Bailey Uissea, boarding sohool, Btadon hill 

Cbisel John, shoemaker 

Cooke Wm. Bromley, smallwan mannfactgrer 

Emery Hem;, licL Boyal Oak 

Morris Samuel, pipe maker, joiner, and 

bnilder. Bridge end 
Pipes George, Tict. JoUy Farmer 

FMnERS I Hallam Charies 

Broo^ Francis Hallam Francis 

Filohett William I Hardy Klohard 


irJobn, shoemaker 

Bateliff John, black amith 

Siddala John, brickmaker 

Tomlinson Bobt Shenatt, snrgeon, WeodfieU 

Toon Thomas, pipe maker 

Trease John, snperriaor 

WUion Jpb. k Beq. com mfllers, Aurfoa iniU 

Hanson John | Taylor John 

Mom* Ann Taylor Thomaa 

Newton WOlimn I 


Poai-Ornci, High atrceL— Letters arrire at 2 and 
despatched at half-paat 6 andaqnarterpaatlOinlha eren; 

Allen Mr Joaeph, UtxkH place 

AUai^ H«ur>, bnirer, Homingtow at 

Appleby Wm. onneiyman & florist. Station st 

AMe Mrs. Ana, Hominglow st 

BakeweU J**, agt. Piekford k Ca Aitfesey ler 

BamtWm. stoTC grate manofotr, As. High at 

BsM Michad Thoa. bnwsr, h. Holly bank 

Baxter Hr Bsigamin, Hominglow si 

Bishop Hr Wm, Burton extra 

Bladon Jas. olk.of mkt.&depDtTKgttr.Nrwst 

Bown John, salt dealer. Burton eitra 

Bradbury Misa Lattice, Bomin|^w si 

Blale Frucia, clerk, Station si 

Brookes Mrs. Ley, Hominglmi at 




Brown Edwio, banker** dgrk, HoniinglovT (t 
BrumwellReT.Thoi. (Wtslejau) HoraJD^.i 
BDckRev.Wm.FosMi, (iDdepeadeiil)Highi 
CtxttT Mrs Eliiabelh, High «l 
Culet Chulea, clerk, StMioD si 
Carter Wa. Jph. tscise officer, Homingtov at 
Cbunb«n Wm. carrier's agent. Bridge at 
Clark Ueniy, timber Diercbant, High at 
Clark Wm. timber merahutt, High at 
Cooper George, banker's clerk, bank sqnan 
Coopet Thos. and Sod, iroolet^lers, New st 
Coxon Wm. elk. to Union, anperlntend. rgistr. 
aaKtsot and collector of aaaeaaed land, pro- 
per^, and income taxes, Hominglow at 
Daniel John Wilkea, cheese factor. High Et 
Daniel Wm. cbeeas factor, High st 
Dawson James, excise office, Button extra 
Dicken Mias Ann, Market place 
Dickiaaon Mrs. Homin^ow st 
Dolman Wm. basket maker, Hi^ st 
Douglu Jamea, grocer &c. High st 
Erana Daniel, exciae officer, Raitwaj bridge 
Fanner Mrs Eliiabelfa, Bridge st 
Fanner Mr HairingtoD, Bridge st 
Ford Miss Ann, Homin^ow st 
French Bev. Peter, M,A., Hominglow st 
Gartside Rct. Bcq. (WeslejanJ Bominglo* at 
OilberlBon Robt. C. brewer, Hominglow st 
QiiSmh Edward, cleric. High st 
Goodwin Hn. High st 
Oration John, brewer. High at 
Orrmdj George, excise officer. Station at 
Hack«lt Joseph, station master 
Hall Mn Ma^aret, Hominglow st 
Harrison Mrs Eliiabetb, Hominglow st 
Hawkins John, stamp diatribnter. High st 
Hawkins John, cutler, High it 
Hawkins Mrs Elizabeth, Hominj^w st 
HeslejJohn, clerk, Hominglow st 
HesTen Samnel, excise officer, Hominglow st 
Ueseltins Chades, clerk, Hominglow at 
Hill Mia. Elizabeth, Burton extra 
HillWin. Bgt. far Tnnle<r&Co. office BortncxtT 
Hind Thos. genl. New st 
HodaoD Mrs Ann, Hominglow el 
Kodaon Mr Chss. Liobfield st 
Hodson Mrs Mary Ann, Burton eilra 
Hoskins Bartholomew, brewer, High st 
Hoskins Uias Elil. Higb at 
Hughes Rbt. Hsnr; B.A. Hominglow st 
Johnson Mr. Wm.Broadwsj h. Burton extra 
Jones Wm. Esq. M.D. Licbfletd st 
Jones Miss Elizabeth, LicMeld M 
Keen Mrs Ann, High st 
Keenan John, traTsIler, Friars' walk 

KiUin^f John, registr. birthi bdeaOiB, Hew at 

Landor Tboa. Esq. manor bonsa 

Leedham Mrs Msrf, Bridge st 

Le; George, sheriffii' officer, Hominglow at 

Lowe George, su^eon. High at 

Lowe Thos. Btlomejr's eleil. Station st 

Mao Uiehael ReT. John Fisber, BJi. head 

maater of the grammar school. Market pi 
M-Connell John, excise officer, Sution it 
Mason John, brewer. Spring cottage 
Manners John, draper, Hi^ st 
Moors Samnel, clerk. Burton extra 
Moore Miss Marj, Hominglow st 
Moran BcT. John Henry, Burton extra 
Morris Ber. Richard, (B^itist) High st 
Moulder Thomas, tmTeller. Hominglow st 
Hnaaen John, brewer. Bridge st 
Newton Henry, plaster, cement, and gy psnia 

manntecturer, Pinfold lane 
Nunneley Joseph, brewer, Bridge st 
Ordtsh James, fkrmer, Pinfold lane 
Osborne William, gent High st 
Parsons Frederick John, clerk, High at 
Parrott Mrs Etiiabeth, Hominglow st 
Peel John, Esq., Abbey 
Feel Robert John, Esq., Burton eitra 
Perks John, brewer, h. Barton extra 
Perks Wm. Sherratt, brewer, h. Sinai park 
Port Mr John, Burton extra 
Poyser Thoa. brewsr, Allsopp It Co.'s High at 
Pratt Misses, High SI 
Radford Francis, traTcUsr, Hominglow st 
Ratcliff Samari, brewer. High st 
BiddeU WiUiam, brewer, Homin^w at 
Riley Mrs Sarafa, Hominglow st 
Robinson Thomas, bmwer. High u 
Roe Edward, coachbuilder. Station st 
Roe Hiehard, police officer. Abbey gate 
Salt Thomas Kosbrooke, brewer. Bridge st 
Sanders Samuel, engineer, and agent for 
Stephenson and Co. (lime and coal works) 
Station st 
Saunden Tfaomaa, brewer. High st 
Shilton John, parish clerk, New st 
Simpson John, plasterer, New st 
Spender John, M.D. High st 
Slaton John, plaster, cement, and gypsum 

mannfactursr. Pinfold lane 
Stead Ber. Samnel, High at 
Tabberer Beqjamin, trtTellar, Hominglow st 
Taylor James, woodman. Lichfield st 
Thomeloe Ca.Fraa. shsriff's officer. Burton ex 
Thomley J. T. traveUar, Honungtow st 
Tomlinson Robu ShemUi anrgeoii, High at. 
b. WooJjttld 




Tong Jobn, umbrellB m&ker, High it 

Tunleir Wm. geuenl cuiier, HonUnglow st 

Turner Joiepb, b*Dk cubier, Horninglow st 

Turton John, uzlon, SlUion st 

Valpj Rer. Fruieis, M.A. Hominglov at 

Wtlia Win. draper, High si 

Williams, Wm. earver tad gilder, High st 

WiUon Joseph, ecmmereial traTeller, High at 

Wood Wm. focmei, Burton txtra 

WorMj Tliomas, ironninugrr, li. Hijth ai 
Worthinglon Wm. brewer, h. Newtou 
Wright Joseph, clerk. High st 
Yales Cbas. professor of musie, and orgauist, 

Angleiej lerraoe 
Yates Thomas, geut. Burton extra 
Yeamans Misa Aunt, High st 
Terl John, police offlcer, AnderstaO' Una 


Crosslej Leonard, High st 
Leeilham Francia, High at 
Titlerton John T. High st 


Bolton Sarah, Pinfidd lane 
Coates Samuel, High st 
Cox Thomaa, Common 
Dobson Wqi. Hominglow si 


TkoH Mnrlred • lake Boardert. 
Bindley Kliiabeth, Market pi 
British jcForeign, Gnildables 

— ioyj, Edmund Baiter ; 

giiU, Uaij Ssller 
CleiTer Hai;, Honiinglow st 
Cooper Mai7, New st 
Comock If isa. High st 
■Dtmwell Wm. (eommercUl 

boarding and day) High at 
Prtt QranmtBT, Churchyard, 

held muter, fier. John F. 

HaeUichael; 2nd master, 

Henry Hodson 
Lilley Tboa. Hominglow at 
Uoyd Miss, High at, 
Lowe Wm. High st 
■Newbnry Ann, Market plaee 
Kattonal, Homin^ow at — 

— ioya, Henry K. Taylor; 

girli, Eliiabelh Bodell 
Jialioiuil, New at— Aoya, Bt. 

Taylor; girU, Elii. Shaw; 

iiyfiaiit, Ann Simpaon 
Shillon Wm. (charity) New si 
•ShQrthoae£lii.Honiiaglo« st 
Wragg Jemima, High Bl 


Baaa Abrahan, Bridge st 
Drewiy Jamea, High at 
Knight Jas. Hominglow at 
Perils John, and commanr, for 
taking aoknowledgementB of 
married women, Lichfield at 
FhilUpa Edward, High st 
RlflhaidKni Jn. & Jph. High st 
' Sweeting Bobert, Bridge at 
ThomewiU John, & oik. to the 
magisliales, MaAet pUee 

Dukes John, >>« 
Enns John, New si 
Heath Wm. High >t 
Hodder John, Common 
Hudson Wm. Hominglow 
Keates George, New bI 

Leedham Thomaa, 

lew SL Se 

Mason John, Horninglow at 
Orme William, High at 
Patrick Ann, Pinfold lane 
Bice Thomaa, New St 
Shelley Oeorge, High st 
Thompson J. Hommg'ow st 
Wvdley Biahard, New at 
Wood Wm. Station st 
Woolley Wm. Hominglow at 
Wright Wm. High at 


Burton, Uttoieter, & Stafibrd- 
ahire Bukiiig Co. High at. 
[draw on Roberts, Cnrtla, 
and Co.) 


Town-ball, open etery Sattdy. 
from 3 to 3 o'clock. Wm. 
CoxoD, iDcrttary 


Birnhct Jph. Anderslalf lane 
BrandooJohn, Horninglow st 

4c., IN BORTON. 

Dooley Samuel, Barton extra 
Mansfield John, Hominglow st 
Robinson Oeorge, High st 
Roe Richard, Bnrlon extra 
Salt Wm. New at 
Yalea Joseph, Sution at 


Adanu Edmund, Bridge st 
Darle; Wm. Bulterfleld, and 

eiranlatlng library. High st 
Wealsy Wm. ft Mon thlg A dver- 

titer office. High st 
White hurst John, High at 


Adama Wm. High at 
Bagnall Richard, Slaliou at 
Banning Reuben, Humingl. at 
Dean George Port, Hi^ at 
Dean Philip, Port, High at 
Dycho John, Bridge si 
Eaton John, and town crier. 

High at 
Foatei Charles, Pinfold Ian* 
Franeia Wm. High at 
Gilbert John, Sution at 
Hanion John, Lichfield at 
Kant Wm. High at 
Langley Bobert, High al 
Langley Bt. Jan. Honll^W. at 
Lee Samnel, Burton extra 
Leedham F. AnderatalT lane 
Norton Thoms, High st 
Nutt Henry, Burton extra 
Parker Wm. Horninglow at 
Peace Wm. Hominglow at 
Redfem John, High st 
Redfem Thoa. High st 
Boe Thoe. High st 
Butler John, Andeisiaff Isna 




Suidere Thos. High u 
ShonhoM Wm. New at 
Simnett Joho, Neir it 
Wil*OD Thoa. High it 
WluieheadJu. UukeipUce 


Ash Joseph, High si 
NJchDlB Wm. Hominglow bi 
Rkbirdi Willjuu, High bI 
THjlorThamaa, H amingkiw Bt 


Marked * arc alio exporiert. 

• AUiop Snil. & SoDB, High st 

• Bui, lUlcIlt^ tad Oretton, 

(«1b tod potter,) Hi^ bI 
HieUin BeiyuDin, High bI 
H ilt Chu. & Sod, Burton ext 
MuoD and Oilbeitsoo, Hom- 

iDglow Bt 
M«akio Hy. ft Prs. Burton exti 
Melkin Jonalhui, High bI 
MuiBeu&Namielejr, Bridges! 
PerkB fc Bidden, Honiinglw b1 
RicherdaoD Ju. Lichfield Bt 
Salt Thos. fc Co. High at 
Snunders Wm. Sc Co. Horuiitg- 


TbompBoD John 8iSon,Hom- 

• Wildcra Brewerj Co. High st 
■ Worthington and Bobiason, 

Yeomans Jobu, High at 


Biddxlph Thoa. Conimon 
Birch laaao, Hominglow at 
Hariow T. Haminglow at 
Keuea Oeorge, Horoinglow at 
Keales George Jan. New st 
Knight Wm. New st 
Sidler Bobert, Sution at 


Simnet Sunael, Station bI 
Warren Edward, Slapenhill, hi 

High Bt 


Atlihi Wm. Higb al 
Cnisa Edmd. Hominglaw at 
Dean Beqjamin, High at 
Feakes Thos. Burton mr% 

Hollowaj Chaa. High st 
Hollows; George, New at 
Lambert Joshua, Lichfield st 
Horecroft Wm. New 9t 
Port Francia, Maiket pi 
BobiuBon Fras. Barton extra 
Shntes Wm. Bridge st 
SfauierWm. Higbat 
Wajie Ott). Hominglow at 
Wajte Thomas, Lichfield b[ 
Whitehead David, High at 
Wood John Lumbj, Hridge st 


Allerbnrj Jamea, High at 
Hnat John, High at 
Hunt Robert, New at 
Rowland Charlai, High Bt 
Straw Wm. Hi^h at 
Woolley Qeo. Lichfield at 


Daniel Wm. and J oho Wilkes, 

High at 
Oore Thomas, Honiingluw at 
Kettle Oeo. Mackenzie, Hom- 
inglow at 


Brooks Philip, Hi^ si 
LomuJn. Woodward, High bi 
BalclifTJae. & Siml. High >t 
Townsend Wm. Higb Bt 
Warren Sam]. High st 


Kaeuan John, Burloa extra 
UoUia E. Horninglow wharf 
Salt John, Homiii^ow whirf 


Coataa Samuel, High st 
Dobson Wm. Homin^ow at 
Shell; George, High n 
W^ta John, High at 
Whittingham John, High at 
Wragg SamL High Bt 
WriglitWm. High st 

Ewers Wm. High at 
Uiddleton Wm. High at 
Shaw John, Hi^ st 
Suibema Wm. High st 


Hanson, John, Hominglow si 


Buitnn Thos. Burton exm 
Wilson Jph. St Betyn. Uonon 


Ellioll Robert, High at 
Marahall Wm. Hominglow at 
Moiria Saml. Coatea, Bridge at 


Stalham Joseph, Bnrlon extra 


Allaa (Ate), Edmund Adams, 

imingham, Thomas Roe, 

High at 
County (fire), and Provident 

(lire), Wm. Coxon, Hom- 
inglow st 
Globe Jph. Lalbbuiy, H igh at 
Mutual (ti(e),Wm. Bntterfield 

Darley, High at 
Naval & military, Wm. Towoa- 

eud, High at 
Norwich Union, Wm. Wesley, 

Higb st 
Pelican (life), Edmd. Aduna, 

Bridge at 
Boyal Eiobange.Tbot.Hodaon 

Higb at 
Standard lib tt Imperial fire, 

ChaSiMeny, Station at 
Sun, Thoa. Hanaon, High at 


Appleby Jph. High si 
Sharmao Geo. High Bt 
WUboh John, High st 


ApplebyW.&aorist, Station Bt 
Heath John, Hominglow at 
Heath Bicbard, Righ et 
Toplis James, Hominglow at 


Stubbs Solmn. Homin^ow et 
Wildman Sarah, High st 



Bool.Wm. Foaier, High at 

White Hart, Jno. Wade, High al 

MorM- aT4 TaOou, 

Caalle Inn, JKoea Hall, Lich- 



field at 

High at 

AdunsJohQ, Higbst 

Carpenlet'a Anna, William 

White Lion, Thoa. Swindall, 


QreltOE, New at 

Burton extra 

Diuns Allen, Hominglaw it 

Coach and Horaea, Benjamin 


Dookaej JabD, Hi^ at 

Hewitt, H^b at 

DoDgUi A) Wotst?, High st 

Dog, Jaa. Miebola.Lkhfleld at 

AUard Samuel, Burton extra 

DukM John, New >t 

Foi &. GooM, Ellen Eardl<7, 

Appleby Wm. Stmtion at 

Ema Tlw. provif ion. High n 

Bridge at 

A^dn Edward, New at 

Ooodger Wm. Bridge li 

BameU Joaeph, Burton extra 

HudMH Wm. Hominglow nt 

Hem; TowDaand, Hi^ at 

Lithtrarr Bichwd, High it 

King of Pmasia, ElUabeth 

Biddolph Thomaa, Common 

Lee Tboa. AnderaUff Ium 

Baldwin, New at 

Bireher Jph. Anderataff lane 

• Laedmn Wm. fcSon, High at 

Lamb, Wm. Hilward. High at 

Bird Muy, Pinfold lane 

Owen Sanoal, Lichfldd at 

Leopard, Samnel Wilkea, 

Bnnon Maiy. Stttion at 

BalcUir Jaa. k Sun]. High at 

Burton eitra 

Dyeha Joaeph, New at 

Wajte John, High at 

Han in the Moon, Fnnoia 

ElBon Wm. Andarataff lane 

Whittlngbam John, H«h at 
Wright Willira, Hwrtt 

Atkin, Market piBoa 

Seatea John H. Burton eilra 

Ka^a Head, Wm. Hawkea- 

LambertTho».Tiylor,Hi^ st 

Manafleld Fraa. Licbfield at 


Mansfield Jamea, New at 

Time nartid • are Sat 

High at 

Many Jane, New at 


Old Spread Eagle,WmJwkea, 

Biee Thomaa, New et 


Lichfield at 

Port Alonio, High at 

OW While Lion, Bt Naylor, 

'BlM Wm. Burton extn 

MaAet place 

Slater Joaeph, Burton eitn 

Boe Thomu, High at 

Ploogh, George Peace, Hom- 

Streuou WiUiam, Common 

inglow at 

•SaUDrrThomaa,Banoa eltra 

Riaing Sun, George Keatea, 

Ward John, Burton extra 



fiojal Oak, Bichaid Boe, 

Market place 
Roe Back, Edmand Smith, 


Biloj Wm, Hominglow at 

Thomewill Kohert, New at 



Cooper John, High at 

Saracan'aHead, Wm. Dariaon, 

Aah Joaeph, High lUeel 

Hanaon ElUabeth, High at 

Bridge at 

BarrattWm. H%het 

JkIkod George, High at 

Ship,Wm.Cbimb«ra,Bridge at 

Bindley Thomaa Cooper, 

Bo« Thom.1, High at 

ahooUer of Motion, Wm. 

MaAet place 

Billoway Mvj Ann, Homing- 

Shnlea, Bridge at 

Douglaa and Woraey. Hijth at 

low at 

Sprawl Eagle, Henry Bagnall, 

Hdbard Philip F. High at 


New at 
Star, Sarah Heaaom, High at 

Richarda Wm. High at 
Wilson and Smith, High at 

Anohor. Jph. Bowler, New at 

Swan, Harriet Smith, Ander- 

Angfll, Heorr Whiubeid, 




Talbot, Martha Blood, Hom- 

Bagnall Thomas, Common 

Bartoj How, Wm. SwtodiOe, 

inglow at 

Beck Thomaa, Hominglow at 


Three Qneena, Hotel and 

Beat tt Bolder, Burton extra 

Bear loii, (and aieiBfl offioe,) 

Polling Hooae, John Lrea, 

Chambera Thoa. Lichfield at 

Bridge at 


Union Inn, Jtmea Qannt, 

builder, Lichfield at 

BeD, Hy. Cot, Hominglow at 

Healb Richard, High at 

Blw Poala, John Teomana, 

Wheat Sheaf, James Crnndy, 

Lowe Thomaa, New atreet 

High at 

High at 

Mason Henry, High at 



RilejWm. HorniDglow it 
Sbvdloir Athr. Hominglow st 
Shell; John, Horainglov »t 
Sidlrjr Robert, Stadan st 
Smnon John, LicLflild st 


Coion Edwin, Higli it 
Hurkins llenij uid Son. 

Hornin^ow 81 
Hodaon Thai. High at 
Lclhbnrj Joseph, High at 
Ordiah Danl. St Sons, High al 
Robinson John, High si 
Walker & Muioers, High si 


Brown Oliver Tbornaloa, 


AbbolU Frances, High at 
Bell IdaiyAna, High st 
Blsdon Hujr, High at 
Brajidon Eliz. Homiuglowst 
Bryan Maiy, High si 
Collier Frances, Bonon rxtnt 
Fletcher Amelia, High si 
Lalhbury Add, High at 
Litherland & Newton, High at 
Orme Frances, Hominglow at 
Mariclew Mias, Sutioa at 
Pon Jane, Market place 
Robinaon Mj. Hominglow st 
KobiasoD Sarah, High st 
Ssllowaj Marj Ann, Hom- 

Snelson Cslherine, Cats Isne 


Djehe Joaeph, New st 
Stringer Benj. Hominglow at 
Ward John, Burton eilra 


AJlard DiTid, Ha; yard 
Brooke Wm. LicbfieM st 
Oresn John, High at 
Kendrick John, Bnnon extra 
HaMD & Toplia, Homglw. si 
Newbold Geo. Burton extra 
Btunlej Wai. Day, High bi 

Thompson Heoiy, New M 
TopliBsJiMasoQ , U ominglow i 

Foster Henir, High at 
Qoodwin John,Higb st 
Hanson Thoi. High at 
Holmes Ed. HorainglDw at 
Ordiah Wm. High si 
Port Horatio A. Market pUos 


Horecroft George, Pinfold In 
Staton &, Newton {& Oaana 
dealers) Pinfbld lane 


Fitchett ^Vm. High st 
Fletcher Samnel, Bnnoa extn 
Knight Osorgt, High st 
Nlchola Wm. Homin^ow st 
Sanders Samuel, Station at 
Tbooipeon Henrj, New st 


ElsoD James, High at 
Lowe Joaeph, Pinfold line 


Brookes Wm. High at 
Utllibu John, Bridge at 
Newbold Thomas, High st 
Baven John, High st 

Waid Wiltiam, Hi^ st 


Best Joseph, Lichfield at 
Buxton Sarah, Pinfold lane 
Chambera WiLlam, Bridge at 
Coi Thomas, Common 
Canon Eliz. Hominglow st 
Hoddrr John, Common 
Keales George, New st 
Ley Oeo. Honiltiglow si 
Hason John, Hominglow si 
Robinaon Franeia, Barton ex 
Ward John, Burton extn 
Warren J. Hi^ st 
Wood Wm. Station st 
Woolley Wm. Hominglow at 


Darlsr and Hodgson, High st 
Weal»j H'm. High ■( 


Bmnt Jaa. Hominglon 
Clariie William, and h 

Bridge Bl 
Harrison Joseph, High st 

B airman Harj, High st 
Dalb; fc Co. High at 
OIOTer Sarah, Burton extra 
HeginboOom Eliiabath, ' 

Burton extra 
StSTenaon Hannah, Station at 
SlMie Mar;, Bridge st 
Wheaicroft Maiy, High at 


Beleher Robert Shirley, Lieh- 

H awkeswarlhChai.Adolplins, 

Hodson Edwd: Hewitt, Hom- 

Hason Wm. Bridge si 
Poontnej Wm. High si 
Tomlinson & Lowe, Hi^ st 


Herre; Chas, (land & gensral 

agent) Station st 
Suntovm Luke, Station st 


Baldwin John, High at 
Banniatar Jph. Little Barton 
Buuiiater Wm. Xjttle Burton 
Birch Henry, Bank aquare 
Brunt Wm. High st 
Clide Oeoige, Hominglow si 
Coatea John, High at 
Dakin Joseph, Homin^ow al 
Feakes Thomas, Bridge si 
Fletcher Thos. Bank sqaare 
Ooodhead John, Burton extra 
Goodhead Wm. Marketplace 
Qoodman Thomas, Common 
Oolhard Wm. High st 
InchliBTThos. Andetalaff lane 
Jackson Oeotge, Hi^ st 
MansBeld James, New at 
Hsrklew Edward, High st 
Moss Tbna. Homin^w st 
Honseley Betqamln It Baml. 
Lioh field at 


Newbold John, Brook Bt 
OrBlU JI.tth». High St 
Webb John, New gt 


Heath Tbomu, New M 

Slater Joseph, Burton extu 

Ward John, Burton eitr. 



Cl«ik Thomu & Son, Fleel 

Bionei, h. Hi(^ at 
Perks Chu. & San, Bood end 


Cluk ■nuanu, Hi^ «t 
Luiglej John, High et 
HiugTOTe James, High it 
BoBeotBU JoHph, Hi«h »t 
SattoQ John, BnrtoD eitn 

BuTBU Jph. Anderataff laaa 
Barrau Wm. High at 
Halbard Philip F. High et 

Wilaon and Smith, High et 


Wilion ThomsB. High it 


aabert Wm. High at 

SimpionWiD. HighM 


MBridew John, Station «t 
NnttWm. Pinfold lue 
Port Philip, Hominglow et 

Lyon Chaa.W. & Co. Bridge at 
Smith Edind. Bomin^ow at 
Worthington Wm. Hi^ at 
b. Ntvtm Botney 


Vtiareler, CheaiUe, and NtveoMtit : Pottsb, dul^, at 10 min. to S In the aAmioon. 
Omnibm (o Oie Station ereiy hoar bom ik« Qdbkh'8 Hotml, Bridge at. 
PicKTOED He Co. dulj to all parts. — Jutsa Bmwsu., agtut. 
WiLLiAX TonBT fc Co. daDy to all paria of Ibe Kingdom, Bond End Wharf- 
WBUKBon b Co. daily to all part* of the Kingdom, Bond End IVharf.— Wiu.i*>( 
CsuBBBB, agent, Bridge at. 

IJuMmariedlgofiomtiit ^ngiil,it Bear, S Blue Poia.i8Uir,ttndthenateheriijirrffitJ. 
SAtmcat: AsBiHiH Eabp, Tneaday and Thnrada;. 
iAppltbg: JosiFH Fiaa, Thnrsdaj. 

jMbg-de-ta-Zomh: Willum Obcbabd, Monday and Thursday, Fox and Qoose. 
AMf-dt-la-Zoach! Williik RsDaiTa, Saracen's Head. 

Barton : Williim Biebwell, Tuesday, Thnraday, and Saturday, Coach and Hones. 
3 Bartm : Thomu Oiabt, Tneaday, Thnraday, and Saturday. 
^ Birmimgham : Willum Bobwabd, Tneaday. 
Dtrbti ! JoaBps Bstscoi, Tuesday and Friday, Bridge at. 
Derby: JxMBa Sut, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Bridge St. 
ZBggMon: Jobk DtCBBN, Thnrsday. 
lOnalty: Tbomab OltSBBt, Thursday 
1 HttBhtrni : Ebbbbzbb Bikeb, Thursday. 
JlUton ; Tbomib Tbomms, Thnraday, White Lion. 
LMiJiild: JoHH NBwroK, Tneaday and Friday, Homlnglow at. 
1 Liekfield : William Cobnoci, Monday and Thunday. 
1 Mardii»gU/n, : El IE abb ta Cu>bvbll, Thursday. 
NachortrtgK : JoAjr Eaiok, Coach and Horaea. 
t Overteat: THOMAa Mabbiott, Thursday. 
1 Brpten : Jodn MABeBtLL, Tharsday. 



1 Taamwrih : Wiuiam ItOR, Thurtdij. 

3 TakKoil: Ahh Code, ThnrsdaT- 

1 TiObmy : Jobs Adu(«, Thundaj. 

S Tuttury : JoHK CoiTEB, tSondtj and Thnndaj. 

VOoxiUr: Williuc ELTiBMiir. WadiiMdaj, Fm and Goose. 

VUoxtter : Johk Nsvior, Monday, Wedneiilaj, and Satoida;, HDininglov it 

] Walton: Elizabbts BinrEBii, Thnradaj. 

3 ToxaU : WiLLiiK HoiKDUE, Thnnda;. 

CALXE parish and small mial village, 4} milss N. bj E. from Ashbj-de-Ia-ZoDch, and 
10 miles 8. btaa Dwbj, conlains 710 acr«s of fertile land, 12 booses, and 3S inhabiUuta, of 
whom 21 are males and 31 (emsles. Popoladon in ISOl was M; in 1831, OB; rateable 
Taloe, £1,196. Sir John Harpoi Crewe is lord of Ihe manor, sole owner, impropriator, and 
patron of the cfaocch, St Giles's, a perpetoal eoraey Talned at £31. Her. Juoes Dean, 
incimibenl. The cborcb is a neat sirnetnre, on » lising gronnd a little north from the 
abbe;, it was boill b; Sir George Crewe, Ban., in 1636, it has an embauled tower and one 
bell, ii neatlf pewed and baa an organ. There ia a neat marble monument to Sir John and 
Lid; Catharine Hsipui. The chorobf ard is sorroonded with fine elm treee on three sides. 
A eonTent of Angnitiue friara was formed here before 1161, and aflerwarde removed to 
Bependon. The Abbej is a large stone mansion situated in a vallej snrroimded bj a well 
wooded park of aboat 300 acres, well stocked with fallow deer. The soalh front is *er; 
handsome, two flights of stone steps lead to the portico, the pediment of which ia supported 
bj four large atone coIanuiB. The stables and ont-offloee are very extensive. There are two 
enlruoe lodges in Tieknall pariah fKnn the Ashbj road. It was boilt b]r Sir John Harpnr 
in Ihe eadj part of Ihe last centor;, and is now the seat of Sir John Haipor Crewe, Bart. 
The parish is joined to no Poor Law Union, ai the noble owner undettahee to keep the poor 
from belngc hargeable The poor inhabilante are eligible to the Hospital at Tieknall. 

Shaw William, Lodge keeper 

Sutton Mrs Har;, Hansekeeper, The Abbej 

Temon John Qardener, The Ahbe; 

Wtaeldon Hiaa Amelia 

Woodward Chades, Com miller 

Crewe Sir John Hatpnr Bart., The Abbe; 
HndsoD John, Gamekeeper, The Lodge 
Land William, Lodge keeper 
MaidiiUl Sarah, School 
Palmer Charies, Farmer, Panon^a 
Pegg Miss Harr, Farmer 

CHBLLASTON, parish and well-bnlll improving village, i\ miles S.E. by S. tto\a Derby, 
contains 631 aores of atrong rich clay land, enclosed in 1802, abounding is gypaom, 100 
honses, of which 4 were unoccupied in 1841, and 461 inhabitants — of whom 241 were males, 
and 220 females. Population in IBOl, 201), in 1831, 3S2. Baleable value, £1,352. The 
Haiqnis of Hastings is lord of the manor and principal owner. Sir John Hatpor Ciewe, 
Bart., Hr. Wm. Soar, Henir Horton, Qeorge Wootlon, Tbomai B. Domelo, Thos. Newton, 
Lake Pym, Bev. Joaeph Sjies, and Bobert Thrutchley, are also owners, and the Derby canal 
occupies Ia. 1b, The cbureh, St Peter's, a perpetaal eoraoy, value £104. Bi^np of 
Carlisle patron, Bev. Joseph Deans, incumbent, far whom the Bev. Frederick O'Donughiie 
offlciates. It consists of nave, chancel, south aisle, and handsome pinnacled lower, and 3 
bells. It is in the later style of English architecture. Id ISll it was repaired, and 120 free 
sittings added, and a new stone towei erected, at a cost of £600, raised psjily by subicrip- 
tioD, uded by grants fttim Ihe Church Building Society, and llie Diocesan Society. It was 
in IBIB new pewed at considerable eipcnse, and has a Sunday school of IX) children. Here 
la an slabaster monnment to Balph Bancroft, and Alice his wife. Also one to Bawiedon, 
tnbiiater of the chnroh, who died 1523, with memorials to the Whenyatts and others. 
Chellaaton waa parcel of Ihe rectory of Melbourne, which belonged to the bishops of Carlisle, 
and was for a convidenble lime on lease In the famOy of Coke, when it was enTranchised 


undar tn acl of parliamenl, pused in ITU. Lord Melbouiue, TeprescQUtiTe at the Coks 
tunilj, ht» (Old UiB tilhea to ths K>renl land ownen. The puigh wu enclosed in 1803, 
when land wu awuded to the aorale in lieu of tilhea. The Helhodiite hiTe a neat brick 
chapel, to aeal aboal 200, ereelad in 1816, for which Mi. John Warren gn.rt th« land. 
Huy of the inlubitaoia are emplored hrre io the gjpium miim, some of whieh are yetj 
eit«D«ive. Hr. Qeoim WootUm haa tmi irbioh occupj SO arens of groand ; the length of 
eachisabont 13,000 feet, with a shaft of 90 feet deep. About I,SO0 tons la got snna&Uj, 
which ia aent to all parts of the kingdom, and to the Contiaent ia luge quantities. Here is 
■n Odd FelloWB' lodge, and a Female Benefit aocietji. Village Feaat, Sondej before St 

COABITT. — 3Ir. Serridi, it is stated In the parliamentary retanis of 1T86, gaTe ■ rmt 
charge of 13s. for bread to the poor of Cbellastoo, then vested in Thomaa Brown. Hi. 
Thomu Brown Domalo is now (163Q),lbe owner, bnl we cannot obtaio an j further informa- 
tion as to this ebuiljr. 

BaDe; Tboi. shoemaker and shopkeeper 

Bates George, shopkeeper 

Camp Cbristopber, tailor 

Camp Jofan, ihoemaket & parieb clerk 

Feam Thomas, tailor 

Fonnan Charles, baker 

Oodf^ Joseph, vicl. Bed Lion 

Manful] Alexander, corn miller, Hill 

Manfoll Ci^l. Wm., Hill 

Heakin Heni;, blacksmith 

Murphy Michael, foreman 

ODono^ne Rer. Frederick F. curate 

Pegg Win. beerhouse 

Flatte Bobert and John, wheelwrights 

Pym Lnke, shopkeeper 

Soar Maiy, net. Rose and Crown 

Thorpe Wm, butcher 

Tbnitehlej Wm. shoemaker 

Warren Thomas, shopkeeper 

I aiover Bobert I Ricbatdson Bichard | Warren Thomas 

DomeloTbo*. Brown, Land Ths. Bolton edge BoteSnU.ftplsn.dlr. Wootton Geo. Aflsler 

and maltster Usakin Bobert Soar Wm. I dealer 

Foiman Heitr; I Newton Oeolge | 1 

CHILCOTE chapelij tbims a detached portion of the Repton and Qreilsj hundred, locally 
situated in Leleesterahire, and la part of the parish of Clifton Camprille, In the North MBow 
bandied of StallbrdshiR. It is a well-built pleaiant Tillage, sitoaled on a rock, 6} miles 
S.W. from Ashby^le-la-Zonob, and contains 1,320 acres of fettils land occupied in dairy 
fanns, 3I> bouses, and IBS inhabitants, of whom SS were males and 77 females. Population 
in 1801, 168 ; in 1831, 191 ; rateable value, £1,930. Francis Hobertton, Esq., of Brighton, 
Is lOTd of the manor and sole owner, who has within a tew years rebuUl the village, under 
the snperlolendsnce of J. B. H. Bennett, Esq., of Tutlmiy. Hm chapsi Is annexed (o the 
reeiorj of Clifton Camprille. John Beniy Pje, Eaq., of ClUton, panoti ; Ber. Robert Taylor, 
reelor. The Hlhes Were oommnted in 1843 for £3SS, The ebq>el was repewed, and the 
exterior CMed, in 1B43, by F. Robinson, Esq., at a ooal of £860. It is a nsM sdillce ; the 
windows are beiotiAilly ornamented with stained glsss. Ths BaU, whieh wss a seat af the 
Milwardi, and afterwards of the Clarkes, has been taken down. Himey HiU, a turn I mile 
8. from the Tillage. No Jfai'i Hiath is 1^ miles 8.E. ttom OhUcoie, and 3 miles W. from 
Appleby. At this place the conntjes of Derby, Lelceater, Warwick, and Stafibid meet in • 
point BO nnall that. It is said, a man may be in them all at the same time. The prioeipal 
FanKtn are — John Baker, Joea^di Barton, Blehaid Faux, Bobert Wilght Faux, Thomas 
Ooodall, Richard Mousley, and Richard Honaley, junr. 

CHURCH 6BESLEY parish and township, contains also the townships of Castle Orssley, 
Donisthorpe, Drakelow, Linton, Oakthoipe, and Swadlincote, eomprlaing together tl,TOO tens 
at land, 3,704 inhabitanle, and ia partly sittiBled in Leicestershire. 

Chubcr Oeehlbi, a township and considerable village oo the Leicestershire border, 



mitai 9.E, b. 8. from BDiton-OD-TTenl, uid mi)«s W. b. V. turn A*libj-d«-l«-2>Midk 
eoDMins 1,183 aerra or fertile land, 193 Iiodwb, uhJ 993 inhabitwiU, of whom 031 van 
ni>]«i uid 403 femdeB; nuablg TsJue £3300. William Ealon Moiulej, £>q., is lonl of 
^e manor. The other omen an — Haiqnia of Hutiii^ Lord TjneDWDth, Conrt GnanUa, 
Eaq., Thomas Brown, E*q., Thoma* Oee, K>q., and S. P. WolTaratane. Baq. The cbDicb, 
dedicated to St Mar; and SL George, is a peipetoal onracj, valned in Iha king'a book at 
£0 ISi. Sd., aaw £106, haa been angmentn] vilh £300 benefaction*, £800 Quean Anne's 
boDn^, and £1,300 parliamenurj granL Rer. Q«org« Wood Uofd, DJ), la the pamm and 
inmunbenl. Tbe eharch is an ancient itnictDre, boill in the ni^ of Heniy I. by Migal de 
Onalej, who banded hen a priory of Anatin monki, and dedicated it to SL Maiy and St. 
Geor^. It waa endowed with landi chiefly in this pariah, valued at the diitiifrlntiwi at 
£30 13s. ed. Of Ihi* bnilding, which adtoined the pariah chorch, there an no remaina. 
In 1849, a gaUety wi* erected in the ohonb at a coat of £70, raiaed fay anbsoription. Han 
an aome ancient monnmenta to the Aleyne and Oreiley familiea. King Henry VIU. granMd 
the *ite in lua to Hanty Criche ; in the year 13S6, Sir Chrialopher Alejne, KnL, pnnhaaad 
thia eatate, with the manor of Chnroh Gnaley, of the Seymoon. It waa afterward! in the 
Meynelle, of whom it waa porcbaaed, about tbe year 1TT5, by Sir Nigel Orealej, But. A 
national acboot for boys and gbla waa erected in ISIS, and enlarged in 1B81, at a coat of 
£S00, paid by the lata Edward Smith, Eaq., of Bnrton-npon-Tnnt Joaeph Leedham left 
£10 ; the intereat is applied to tbe uae of the acbool ; about 120 attend. Hera an extenaira 
eoDeiiea and oonaiderabla pottariea, whicb gire employment to a large nomber of persooa. 
The clay ia of an aicallent quality, and oonaiderable quantities of it an sent to Sheffield and 
other places, for making casting pot* tor fOonders and steel reflnera. The £aU,tiuileN.W. 
now a fkrm house, is subject to ■ p^ment (o the incumbent of tbe chorch of £S 13s. id. 
The other acattered farms an the CoUagt, i nule S.E. ; EajihcoU, 1 mile N.W. ; Far Leu, 
li mOes N.W. ; Park Farm, 1 mile S.W. ; and Waoi Farm, 1 mile K. 

CiBTLi GuaLaT, uwnship and amall tillage on the Burton and Tamworlh road, i mitea 
S.E. by 3. from BDrtou-on-Trent, - contalna MS acres of fertile land, 3a houses, and 104 
inbabitaata— of whom 90 are malaa and 74 tsmalea. Bateable value, £1,0^0. Tbe ownan 
an Bobert Beard, HeniyClay, Henry Allsop, and Uorria Piddock, Eeqra. The parsonage, a 
handaome mansian, 1 mile west Ovin the parisb church, waa encted in 1637, in tbls town- 
ibip, at a cost of £1,300, and eonreyed to the goremors of Qneen Anne's bounty, by the 
preaant patron and incumbent, for the use of all fntnn incumbents. Tbe manor of Caslle 
Graaley belouged from a vary eady period u> the ancient family of De Qnaley, who had a 
cmatle at Aia ^aee. The aiW is distinguishf^ only fay slight emlnancea and inequalities of 
be ground. 

DoKiaTHOBPi, a hamlet and joint tomubip, with Oaklhoipe, partly in Heasham parish 
•nd partly in Seal pariab, LwDestaiehin, forms a pleiaant Tillage, Si miles S.W. bom Asbby 
da la ZoBoh. ImileW. from Oaktbotpe, contains 20 houses and 103 inbabitante — of whom 
-49 were inales and 34 females, bnt ibe whole hamlet coutaina 344 inhabitants. A distrust 
cbarch waa snoled hen in 18S6, for tbe joint towmhip and apartofAahby Wolds, Leicester. 
ahin. It is a neat edifice, dedioatiid to St John, a perpetual cnraoy, Tiloe £130. Bishop of 
Liob&eld, patron, and Be*. Francis Jickling, ineombenL The panonage is a neat boiue, 
weat of the ehoreh. The Mlsaes Hook prinisqwlly erected the church and endowed it, 
aided by a giant from tbe IneorporatDd Society, and a eontribalian from ibe Marquii of 
Haelinga. It contains 400 alttiaga, of which 200 an uni^propriated. A nalioDil school 
waa irecled in 1640. The inhabitants tbe coUierieSDr lime works 
on Aahby Wolda. 

Dbaeslow, townahip and scattered diabrict of form^ extending 2 to 4 miles 8.S.W. from 
Burten^n-Trent, and about the same distance N. by W. from Church Oiealey, contains 
1,387 acres of fertile sandy land, 9 housea, and 63 inhabitants— «f whoui 33 were males uid 
1t9-fama)es. Bateable *alne, £1,033. The Hall, a handsome stone manaion, pleasantly 
•itnatad in a fine park of 130 aona, was ereeted by Ibe late Sir Nigel Oresley, but is now 
4b*9eatandpniperqr of Henry William Des Vcanz, Esq., who is the sole owner and lord of 


Ok muor. Thb mtata, in tba DomMdar iMok, ii demlbcd u belouging to Mig^ D* 
Hxdhtd, taetnoi of the OtmIs; tnnUj, by the wrrlce of rendfrin; ■ bow. ■ qirivm, and 
nralTa urmn, whioh In 1200 wu dna to TTiUlun Eul Femm. Qeaff^de Oratlcf In 133U 
eUimed the right of haniijt ■ pUom it Qr>*lej tnd U Dnkeloir. Tlie Qnils; familj hne 
tt mtoni timMj fhnn the nrign of Edwmi I., tepnaented Iha eoontf in parliuneDI. Qeo. 
eted«T n* iiutilled a knifht of the bath ml the oonmatioii of Ann* Bolefoe. in IMl. Hia 
gtaodaon, of tha aame name waa enaled a binniat in 1611. Sir Oeorne Onalaj «ai an 
•MiTa oBeer doling Ihe dTQ war, and wai Ueatanut-eolonal to Sir Jalm OcU. 

tiWKiK, a townihip and neat retired village, 9 mllea E.S.E Ihiiu Barl«n-on-Tient, eontaini 
T40 aerea of fertile land, with liS aerea of road* and waita lands, inrlnding Union Haatb, 
M hooaea, and 253 inbabitanla, of whom 123 aair malea and 133 femalea ; rateable Tiln* 
£1,TTS. Henrj Brown, Esq., ia lard of Iha nuuioi. The other ownen are — John Hamp, 
Htnrr Clay, and John Burton, Esqi. Bar. Sir Nigel Oieiiej la Ihe impropriator. The tjlhei 
haTe been commoted. The Mediodiata and Primitiva Malbodiata ban neat brick ohapeli, 
Ihe latter erected in IBlfi. 

OaiTHOBrs, a hamlet, paitly aitoated in the parishes of Heasham and of Sfrettan-ln'th* 
Tielda, forma a joint lownahip with Doniathoipe in Chnroh Oreater pariah, 1 miles S.S.W. 
bum Ariibr-ds-la-Zonnh. The joint townahip conlaina 1,112 aein of fBrtile land, of which 
the tithe conuniasionara, in IBiO. sllottad and Talaed 82d sores to Uessham and Stretion-in- 
Ihe-Field parishes, and T8T to Chnroh Graalejt; rateable value £1.138. Principal ounera 
are — Sir John Rolwrt Oare Brmrna CsTe, Bart. ; Sir Charias Abnej Hastings. Bart ; Rer. 
Sir Nigel Grealer ; Charies S. OreSTe*. Esq. ; Bobert Cfaoyee. Esq. ; eieeutors of the Huqnis 
of Hastings; Edwaid SMTsnaon, Esq.; and Beplon school. Thi* hamlet eontaina 13V 
honses, of which 79 are in Cbonh Grealer, ^ '<> Haaaham parish, and 5T in Sttatton'in-tfae- 
Fifld pariah, and the total population 607, of whioh 8S1 ware in Grtalej, 113 in Heasham, 
and m InStntton. Here ia a national school, and the MathoAsla and PrimitiTa Halhodlsta 
each have chapels. 

SwaDLIhcotb. a township and eonaMaiable Tillage 1{ miles 8JS. b. E. tna Bnrton-on- 
Trent, containB ISO bonaea, of wbioh 99 ware nnoseapied in 1841, and 658 inhabitmita, of 
whom 133 wen males and 4M female*. Id 1801, Ihe papoladon was 316 ; in 1891, 840. 
The principal ownen are— the Eatl of CbeHcrfteU, Court Gianrille, Esq., Thomas Fiancia, 
Esq., Samnel BDoknell, John Bodell, Hugh Brookea, James Tnmer, Charles Bnnt, Joho 
Cartwilgfat, and othen. Heia B* eoUeilaa and eilenaite potteries fur the maaoftctnn of 
jcDow wan, and the clay Is exodkast tor making fln bricka, of which man; an made. A 
ohntd) is aboot to be anctad, for lAieh oonaidaraUe anbaerlptlona have been obtained. The ., 
Methodists bare • chapel. Ooort Omiille, Esq., and Hoses Caitwrlght, Esq., ata tha 
colliery owners. 

Chabhhs.— /(*• Jimmt, by will, 1082, gars 408. a ye«r, to be paid ont of hia bsda in 
Gnaley Park, to various plaoes, bnt it does not appear any sndi paymnila wen em made. 
Tbe greater part of Ihea* lands now belong to Hiss WordllnglDn, whoss agent statss that tha 
testator was tenant in tali oray, that the estate had bwiome the soVJeet of partition in IT87 
ud In 1T67. Under the sLnramaCancea above auted, it would be eitnmely dISenll to snb- 
stantiate a claim In behalf of the charily. 

GkHaLST TowKsHir.— In the partiamcntarr retnms of 1786 it is staled, diat tbe sum of 
jCIO Oen vested in Biohard Smllh, and producing 8s. par nnam, had been given to Oie poor 
of Orealcy, bj aom« person onknown. In ISIO it was ai^andsd, irilb the addition of £1 
advaoaed b; die townthip, in the purtbaaa of a piece of land ealled Ihe Bottom Craft, 
eontaininf 400 aqnare ynda or ibareabonto. The land is let b» 8s. a year, the ovenrar 
reeeivaa Ihe rant sad diatribnies It to the poor ; at Oit time of our inquiry, Angnat, ISM, h* 
had Ma. ia hand, bat it waa proposed to distribute diii aum, with another year'* nnt which 
had not haen paid, at Chria&niu. 

LiKTow TomuHit.— In the pariimenlaij returns of 1788 it b mantiaaad under the bMd 
of Oivsley, a donation of £10 to the poor, dieo vested fa( Joaapb and llbemaa Wilkea, wd 
pndueing 13s. par annum— donor unknown. TMa Bom, whioh ia a^y>atd waa gjm I* 



Ibis tomiship, is 


« in ibc buidi of Edward Smilb.of Burton, tiieomicr of KneMUeui Ibia 
ta not appeir he Im given in]t ucnril; for it, Tlie sum of 1Gb. is ptid 
u inleieat li; die tenuit uaongst the poor of Lintnn, at his own diicrelioD, not umiullf or 
at mj fixed period, ll appean deainble that Hr. Edwaid Smith should gi>a aome mekaow- 
ladgement for the mDnej, and that the dJatnbultDD ihouU lalie plaea M ataWd periods and 
paUidj. There «s> farmerlj a fnithei sam of flO foi the poor, butitqipaan lo haiebeen 
lost by the insolTeaey of a taimai iu nhose hauda il was placed. 

SieadliiuMU taiPitihif. — DotoOh/ Taghr, in 1760, gave £10, the iolenat to be paid to the 
poor. The. sum of £10 ia in the baiids of Ur John Blown, who has grren to the oraiseert 
a promiaioi; cole for (be amoiui^ and payi 10s. a 7eai intertit, which ia distributed ar 


Benne u Wm. tailor 

Brown Joseph, joiner 

Talbot Michael It Mary, National school 

Buckley Geo. jnn. parish derk 

Warren Joseph, blacksmith 

Buckle; Thomas, bookkeeper 

Wilcui John, engineer 

Cliir Junes, china dealer 

Wright Edmnnd, wheelwright 

Ejlej Thomas, coal agent 


Nixon James, draper and grocer 

Boot, James Cooper 

PerciTal Wm, sexton and gardener 

Oresley Arms, James Salcbwdl 

PojDlon John, sawyer 

New Inn, Joice Cooper 

Satchwell James, tailor 

Potwr's Arms, John Simpson 

Speneer James, saddler 

William IV., Joseph Brown 



Sankey Uallhew 

Chapman John 

Simpson John, jun 

Winfield Stephen 

Anher Thomaa 

Wood Thomas 



Lowe Ann 


Beard James, Wood 

Heafield Thomas 


Ensor Edwanl 
Grey Thoa ' 
Woodward Thos 

BueUey Geo. Cottage 
Bnrton Ths. Eartbcole 

Mansftdd Thos. and 

Adams John 

Eaton Wm. Green 

eratt maker 



Hnflon John 

Maaaey Thos. 

A»faer James 

Collins Tbomaa 

Rowley James, H^ 


Chapman John 

Cooper & Massey 

Staley John, Farlees 
Winlerlon John, Park 

Chqimao Bobert 

Cooper John 

Thoa. CilberU, Van to 

Bns<R Edward 

Gr«r Thos. and slesm 

Ashby, Sac, lo Bur- 

Woodward Thomas 


ton Thnraday, Derby 

Jones Mrs. 

Ch^man James 

Tuesday & Friday 

Cooper John, viot While Lion 

Xirk Adam, beerhouse 

Lloyd Rev. George Wood, D J). Parsonage 

Lloyd Bav. George, inenmbent of Willaaley 

Orme John, blacksmith 

Orme Thomas, saddler 


Swain Thomas, botcher 
SiniUon Thomas, wheelwright 

FARMERS .TimmsWrn. Cadley 

Miles Wm 
Hoasley Tfa<Hnas 
Peace Wm 

Vceiu Wm, Henry Tes, Esq. Drakelow Hall | Patrick Samoal, farmer, Watran 
Caitwright John, com miller & farmer, Byle Riley Wm. gamekeeper and fknner, Pad: 

~ ' ~ ■ ■ Smith Wm. fanner, B^ 

D miller & fs 
Insley Francis, fanner, GroTS house 
Hilnes John, com millet Sc fanner, 1 



Aabnrj Jouph, Uilor 

B>ub Bobait, boot and bIiim nkku 

Birch John, bUeknnith 

Olamp John, naL HoUj Bnah 

Fletcher John, JDinni 

Flelohcr Ldke, wfavelwrigbt 

Flstoher Wn. blukaniith 


Allen Bichmrd 
Broadhanl Grorg? 

BrowD Henrj 
Burton VVm 
Cunpioa Wm 

Fletcher Wm. boot tnd tboe makn- 
Peace Valentine, boot and ahoe maker 
PearMS George, achoolmuter 
Smalls; Tboi. ilct. Red Lion, and batcher 
Titlej Cbarlea, grocer and pabliean 
Wood Joi^, mole catcher 

. Clamp John, junr | SDudle; Wm 
I Farmer John Whetton John 

I Pott Joseph I 


Thott marked 1 rtiide in DaiiiiUiOTpe, localtji in Dcrbj/Mri ; 2 in LeirtiUnhirl ; 3 at 

Stretlon-in-ll-FuU, but Htlhe hamlH efOaJrUarpe. 

1 Ball's Head, Tbomaa Gilbert 
3 Engine, Marjr Bradley 

2 Re*. Frtncti Jickling, parsonage 
1 Collier Amelia, National school 

1 Collier John. No Mait Beatk school 
Dr^>er John, wheelwright 

3 Ironmonger Robert, mrreTor 


2 Brieklqer*! Armi, Sarah Cooper 


■i Booth Thomu 


3 Brookhonse Nalhl 

OaM, Wm. Gocher 

1 Halt Shovel, Robert Newbold 

3 Sboolder of Mntton, Thoma* Booth 

SMam HIU, John Baxter 

Eirkland James 
Wainwiight Joseph 


1 Talbot Mauhew.and 

parish clerk 
3 Talbot Wm. 


Christian Thomas 

2 Brown John 
Ellon Joaeph 
Fowler George, gent 

3 Ironmonger John 
Kirkland Jomeii 
Menyman Wm 

I Newbold Robert 

1 Sale Geo. The ball 

2 Smith ThuDiM 


!r Wm 

Upton John 


% Handle; Wm 
Merrjman Jamca 


1 Biulon Hannafa 

and seedeman 
Drqier John 
3 Hukdlej Wm. 
Hatielow JoMph 
Rowland Jpb.Jtbiker 

TboM marked \ an in OraUf. 

Allbrighton John, road surrejor, Hidwa; 

Bmnt Francis Henrj, Steam com mill 

Buciknall Samnel, gent 

Doole; Joseph, under groond bailiir 

Douglas Qeorge, draper 

Graniille Court, Eeq. collier; owner 

Harriion Henry, hair dresser and baiaar 

Morris Joseph, engineer 

Otilram George, coal agent 

Rowlflj Joaeph Benson, potlerjr agent 

Sabina Thomas, hlackamith 

Shakeipeaie Thoiinn, watch and clock maker 

Siuipson John Henry, euigeon 

Turner Jitmes, plnmber, glaiier, and painter 

Toniet Joseph, boot and shoe maker 

Whetlon Wm. crate maker 

Woodhonse John, steward 

Wootten John, wheelwright 

1 y wdle; J ames, joiner 

imi t TWEIMS 

Engine, Thomas Bucknall 
Oranvilie Arms, John Bninl 
Nag's Head, Jamee Turner 




Birtrtey John F. 






1 Sukj Tbomu 

Bneknall Thomu 

Sulej Jam«> 

Barton John 


Botton John 



WiU* uid Stanley 


Cook* Jobn 
Pdmer Ann 

Cmwt EUth. Gip.r 


OnuTilla Coon, Eu;. 



WflUiudn Ch«lM, 



Bcdbm Thomu 


1 OrtttoD Wi 

CBOXALL, puUb uiii ininuhiF, with the townilt^ of Cuton, together oontun 3^19 
kcns of land, putly ultaatcd in (h* North OBow Hundred ot StdiHdiliire, 908 inhabiUntt. 
Baleable Taliu, £6^00, 

CaozAiJ. unniihip and amall Tillage, Intannizad wiOt A* TiUa^e of ^ ■""![*'* in 8t»f- 
fbrdihicv, 6 mOeaS. by W. fron Bonon-apoa-Tranl, contains S,1M aerai of itrong mari toil, 
flne wheal land, 26 honaea, and 180 inhabitant*, in Derbfihire, and t> boDaee and 31 Inbabir 
tautii in the Tillage otO