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Gazetteer, and directory, 


Hurr Asn cou.vrr of the city op lichfibld. 

3 ^Ciniral parties eC liit (fonntji of AtaSorV, 




ABllqwlin. Public Chuitin, lad Ta>Ii>uli»Di : tbc Cl>il uid Ecc]«u>i 
JuriidicUou : Ihc Nuns ud Addrrnn of ihe principal InhiUtuls ; 


In One I'oltime, tcilh a large Map of the County. 



jttd wtdbttW.VijtiTK, allhi Wirktr Litrarf, ShrffirM. 






1 Hi>lyCro«,353 

Leek Frilh, 712 

Mill*tone Oren, U^M 

Hon Mill, 643 

L«fu Hill. 753 

Milton. 664 ^H 

Hopton. 140 

Uigh. 753 

Milwicb,64S ^H 

Hop*. 717 

L«v»d«lc 60S 

Milton, 505 ^M 

HorniDglow, 3)9 

I,ey»fH, 615 

Miwn. 712 ^ 

Lichfipld, History of 

Most Hill. 348 


61; Directory. 153 

Modderabal 1,676 

Honlif. 634 

LigUtwoad. 691 

MonoiQre Green, I9S 

Hureley tluth, 4Ua 

Monway Field. 453 

1 crton. 747 

Lltidky Wood. 61 j 
Line Hil), 505 


Hot Unr, £46 

MorredfTf. 751,718 

HouDhill, 3U 

Liiwis HalJ, 363 

Morry. 470 

Huddrnrord, 469 

Litlleworlii, 141 

Moteky. 240 

HuJmc, 731 

Lidywood. 476 

Mom Pitli, 144 

[ ulmEEni].;6l 

Lloyd HoiiBC, 394 

Mount, (Tbe) fiS3 


London [Lt).) 241 

Mount P«vilion,634 


Long Croft. 470 

Mount PiMiinl, 367 

Hualiagwn. 488 

Longdon, 360 

Moiipy, 331, 453 

ltunll<T, 733 


MucctMtoD, 649 



Muckley Comer. 107 

Inaeitre, 643 

Loogporl, £46, .579 

Mu.d*n Gruige, 758 

Ipitonei. 7» 

LoDgridgf, 506 

Nirroi. D«le,7l7 

JoWon H>ll, 63a 

Needwood Furejt. 

LonKlon,543. 570 

367; Houte.373 

Luire Liberty, 703 

Neiherton. 343 

Kecle, 643 

Luiley. 764 

Nei.boldM.nor. 397 

Loynton. fiOl 

■ KiddrrmoorGru. 2R3 

Newbridge, 190 

LuUry, iM 

NewcMUe. Hi.torT. 


Lyudon 460 




^HVingil'y. 7fii 


Newfield, 550 

^VKinc'i SM»diag. 41 


New Invention. 341 

^■KingnoDe, 763 

M*rr, 647 


M«rw.y Ltnr. 847 

Net. Milli. 428, 693 

Msple Hay»<. 104 

Nettlon. 619 


^B Kr»nhill, 670 

^nCnigbll-^ 496 


Ne» Vorh. 720 

^^nBiiliUin. 6»7. 6£0 

Munlon. I4!l. 49J 

Nobott. 764 


M»nin-s Lot.«, 746 

Norbury. 600 


M»on-| Bink.^HI 

Normieoll. 675 

^HVauUon, fifiS. &'I3 

MMMyo Itidwire, 

Northtrood. 658. 74« ■ 

^BMd<-r Edp. 711 


Norton Canei, 360 M 

MiyBeld, 7S6 

Norton Grmn. 663 ■ 

^HLady Moor, SMI 

Meiford. 676 

Norton-in-ltar- ' ■ 

^^Uudy Wood. 488 


Moon. 663 ■ 


Meertown, 493 

Nurioo, 373 H 

^^bu Bo VM3. A7i> 


Oikunoor. 733 ^H 

Mfir Uof. 676 

0.ken, 354 ^H 

Murydile. H*. ISO 
Middleton Gn. 754 

Oik Kill. 535 ^H 

^V&* 1^'. 6J3 

0>kley.338.6£0 ^M 


Milld«i^ 717 

Oakover. 766 ^M 

MiUron], 475 

OekMlM,403 ^M 


Mlllmcece. 634 

0(hiUei,«3A ^M 


OflcT, 640, 607 

Offlov Handled, SiO 


Old Pftilc. 40 

Oldcott, 56K Sn 


Olite GrfCD, 470 


Onecole, 71S* 746 




Onlov, 482 




Oiltoa, Ml, 676 

Ootwoods, 319, 406 


PmckiDftoD, 4^ 
Puoley Hill, 754 
Park Brook, 428; 
End, 613; Field, 
615; Hall, 731; 
Pattnkall, 37S 
PutiDgham, S72 
Peatmrood, 630 
PMlirmll Hoaw, 630 
Pelsal), 236 
P^ndeford, 288 
Peokball, 534 
Ptakridse, 501 
Pran, (Vr. & L.)273 
PcnyBarr &Bdg.351 
Pipe Hill, 107, 
PSpeHmll, 104 
Pipe Ridvare, 371 
WMtMU 519, 676 


MiU, 103 
PM Bod, 719 

On«/7^ / 

Qoettlett, 297 
QnlDton, 371 
Radford, 475 
Ruuhoni, 745 
RaofS Moot, 306 
Ranadifl; 552. 502 
Ranton ft Abbey, 664 
RaTenshall, 617 
Raapa Moor, 716 
Reddal Hill, 277 
Red Street, 552 
Itickeneote^ 144 
Ridfte EmI, 761 
Rocba aide, 719 
RodbMtoB* 506 
Roner, 667 
Rough Clow, 676 
Rowley Hall, 144 
Rowley Regii, 275 
Radge, 669, 272 
Rudyard, 713 
Rugeley, 508 
Ruiton, 281 
Rule 478 
Riuhall, 374 
Roshton Jamea, 713 
RuahtoD Speocer, 713 
Ryeeroft, 375, 429 
St. Thomas, 141 
Salt & Enson, 142 
Sandborou^b, 341 
Sandon, 665 
Sandwell Park, 462 
Sandyford, 550 
Saveriey Green, 675 
Scott's Arms, 297 
Scoondslow Gm. 764 
Seabridge, 545, 579 
Sedgley, 278 
Seighford, 667 
Seisdon, 163, 291 
Sevenhoases, 190 
Shaley Brook, 612 
Shallow Ford, 621 
Shares Hill, 515 
Sharpley Green, 675 
Shaw, (The) 752 
SbeMen, 641 
Sbeeo, 760 
SbelMd, 429 

Shelton, 539,558, 686 
Sheostone, 375 
Sheriff Hales, 516 
Sherholt Lodge, 396 
Siierrall Park, 336 
Shirieywich, 694 
Shooters HiU, 682 
Short Heath, 428 
Shrodicote, 478 
Shogborough, 625 
Shutt Rod, 267 
Shotlane Head, 686 
Sidway Hall, 648 
Silkraore House, 144 
Silrerdale, 644 
Sinai Park, 319 
Slade Hill, 190 
SUndoD, 634 
Saiallthoni, 663 
Smallwood, 346 
Smethwick, 356 
Sneals Green. 397 
Sneyd, 546, 579 
Sodom, 281 
Soho, 349 
Somerford, 482 
Sotsbole, 428 
Spath, 764 
Spon Lane, 460 
Spot & Spotgate, 676 
Spratfllade, 691 
Spring Field, 553 
Spring Vale, 675 
Stableford, 639, 686 
I Stadmoreslow, 552 ; 
Directory, 592 
Sufford, 109 to 144 
Stallington, 677 
SUndon, 669 
Sunley, 713 
Stansbope, 717 
Stanton, 745 
Stapenhill, 320 
Statfold, 379 
Stockdale Rdg. 373 
Stockley Park, 408 
Stoke-by-Stone, 675 
Stoke-u pon-Tren t. 
History, 530; Di- 
rectory, 553 
Stone, 669 
Stonedelph, 389 
Stonywell, 363 
Stourton CMt\e.'26V 






S(ow Heath. 190 

Tyrley QitaiWr, 629 Wiiginton. 388 

Sl(i<re. 683 

L'ttoiclrr. 761 


Walfofd. 6«a 

Wilkin's Pleek, 687 

Slnmtbtll, 764 

W«ll. 108 


SireMhsy 1U8 

WallbMok, 790 

Willowbridce Weill, 

SiretWn. 33O.fi0S 

Will Heath, i67 


Slnngrord MUli, 6Bi 

W»llLn|[lnn. 438 


Slabby Upe, 345 


WilQt^ote. 3Sa ^_ 


Walsall Forelen. 438 
WalMll WonJ.4!a 

Winkhill, 771 ^M 

Summrr Hill. 265 

Winnineton. 650 ■ 

SulWD, 483 

Walton, 47S.634. 674 

Win<bill.S30 ■ 


Wanfield H.ll, 733 

Wi.!.ingion.754 ~W 

S«u Villair. 460 

Wur^lo*. 719 

Wobuton. 250 • ■ 

Swindon. tOi 

Wvlan. 494 

Wclgaralon. 506 

Soinleii, 459 

WatM E.lon. 506 


Swi Finer tun. 686 

Wstrtrall. 771 

Wol.cley. 637 

Wol-tanion. 549,593 

Wolewaod, ua. 593 

Tmik-o'ih'-Hiii, eia 

Wrdn'sbuiy. 449 

WomUonm, S93 

Wood Eaton. 49S 

Tamliotu. ri79 

Weffoni, -we 

Wood End, 308,377, 

Tamirorth, 379 

Weeping CroM, 47B 


TiDiy 6mn, 367 

Werga. (The) 389 



Woodgate. 764 


Weat Brnnwieh, 4S0 

Wood Green. 453 

T»«n. {U. & L.) 737 

WeMon Coyney. 731 

TnldMlpf H*v. £17 

Wraton Jonei.501 


Tettenh*!!, 3N6 


Th.lchnuHir, 400 



Thick Brcwm. 4fiS 


H'ood VilU. 764 

Thorncliff, 713 

WMKlland (Joar. 63S 

Tbarai--*, 2B7 


Woodlandt. 739, 7i^ 

ThainRf Uor, 347 

Wlielinore, 640 


Thqtp. Coo.l. 4UI 

Wetton. 771 

Wood>eata, 759 ^M 

H'lieaion Aalon, 439 

Wood Setton. 381 ^1 

Thr« F-rmi. 836 

Whcrrington, 731 

Woolley. 483 ^M 

Tbrnwlfv. 748 
Thurgfirlil, 553. Sai 

n'hi-tmor«. 319 

Woollon. 6.11. 63fi 

Whixon. 506 

Wootlon &U>dge,74A 

TiUmfitan. 143 

White Panni, 635 


Tipton. 401. 403 

Whiaton Eavea, 7^ 

Wordaloy, 287 

TittfDxtr, 674 

WhilPhnll, 498 

Wortton. 143 

Whitfield, MS 

M'linehill.en. 645 

T'lull. 667 

Whltgreavf. 143 

Wmiealry Hall, 283 

Toll Kad, 409 

WhlUcy Rocka and 

Wyrlcy Bank. 490 

Albry. 739 

Wyrley Great. 488 


WUltmof,. m 

Wyrley LillU, S7« ^ 

TrMt Vulf. f.35 

Whil*» Bridge. 713 

Yntlett. 695 ^M 

Tmeoit. 9i« 

Wblttingt-n.963,468 686 ^M 

T(y.yll. 2ao 

WlehdoD L«dg^ 685 Ye* Tw. 685 _^M 


Wichnoi, 398 Y'oTtee lIouae.^H 

T»ibaf y. 407 

WiMin^tall. 718 (no.ealled A'oi^H 

YoiaU.4T0 ^H 


Ate, (Barton) 310 
Aftcient BriliBt, IS 
AncteatCartoMi, 168, 

Anglcwy Mu^. 361 
AnsoD FuHijN 636 
Anti^itict Si. S4 
AqudoctBt 610, 63i 
Archdeaconries 30^ 
Aidry FanUy, 872 
Aodtev Lords, 610 
Bags Robert, 330 
Biiot Baroo, 610 
Baker Miu, 604 
Barrows, or Tunili, 

23,950, 252, 965, 

BatUes 32, 66, 141, 

252, 287, 237, 314, 

410, 629, 699 
Bertram. St. 749 
Bemford, riact. 718 
Bird, Evd. R.A. 185 
BUbopt, 26, 64, 683 
Bishopric. 29, 85 

Cdnaie, 70. U 1,381 
ColBitig MUl, 360 
Coins, Ancient, 976, 

389, 400, 413 
Collien joked, 174 
ConstaUe Fam. 688 
Copper Mines, 712, 

Copper ftBrasaWrks. 


Corporstion Bnqnkry, 

74. 137, 667 
County Rates, 51 
Cotton Charles, 718 
Conns. Bed. 88; Ci- 
vil, 71 & 122; Re- 

qaest, 189 
Crewe Lord, 645 
Crewe Sir Geo. 716 
Crucible Clay, 246 
Cuckiog Stool, 658 
Cunon Family, 510 
Dairies, 46 
Dartmouth Earl. 462 

Borough Member8,53 j Deanfrim, 30,87,178 

Borough Eogliib,! 17 '^ '''"'' ""^'^ 

Boughey Fam. 493 
Bradford Earl, 518 
Bridj^ea. (County) 52 
Bridle for Scolda, 342 
Ball Baiting, 277 
Bull Running, 409 
Caoalt, 49. 527, 546 
Cadtedral, 77 ; Siege 
o(^; Clergy orj67 
CatboUc Bialiop, 180 

Cavtnt, 41. 260,618 
Chad St. 26, 89 
Charles If., 34,35,172 
ChrtMde Fam. 650 
China Mfr. 525 
Cholera. 222 
Chrutittiity, 19, 25 
Cinl Wan, 33 
Clericdinatn. 98,135 
Clays, 246, 622 
Clunate, 6ec., 48 

Qn^MimtmdfSumtM, 731; Chesdle, 

J 7 

Degge, Sir S. 763 
Diitaacet, 4 
Divisions, 15, 53 
Domesday Book, 21 
Dovedale, 749 
Draining, 42 
Dniidt, 17 
Dyotts, (The) 106 
Dudley Earl, 256.337 
Earthen ware,52 1 ,304 

Emioent Men, 26 
Extra Pari. Places,31 

Bromley, 602; Bar* 
ton, 397; BeUey,616; 
Billion, 220; Urc- 
wood, 479 ; Burslem, 
548 ; Burton, 310 ; 
waN,TJO; CelUrH^ad, 

', 732; / 

• l?m^^ ' 1 

Havwood, Not. 17; 
Holy Cross, 253; Ip- 
stones, 760 ; Kinfare, 
Leek, 700; Lichfield, 
62 ; Longnor, 718 ; 
Newcastle, 652; (Pat- 
tingfaaoB, April 26;) 
Penkridge,602; Ruge< 
ley, 610; (Sandoo, 
April 7, & Not. 14;) 
8benstone,376; Suf- 
16rd,124; Stone,670; 
Tamworth,d80; Tean, 
737 ; Tuthnry, 408 ; 
UttOEeter,762; Wal- 
460; Wheaton Aston, 
499; WolTerhamptuii, 
167; Yozall,470. 
Farms & Estate*. 44 
Ferrers Earl of, 684 
Feudal System, 21 
Flint in china, 5'2ii 
Flitch of Bacon. 399 
Floods, 315, 389. 62.'{ 
Freestone, 221, 247, 

330,475,481, 689, 

737, 739 
Gardner Admiral, 763 
Gas Works, large, 460 
Gigantic Porter, 462 
Glass, 246, 267, r>46 
Giffiird Family, 4H1 
GoughFam. \7].Xr2 
Gower Family, 690 
Granville E. 672. oi 
Gun Locks, 451 
GunpowderExpl. 612 
Gunpowder Plot. 26.'» 
Hackett Bishop, IH 
Handsacre Fam. .'{()4 
Harrowby Earl, GC}6 
Hobbyhorse, 60:{ 
Howard Family, X19 
Huddleston Rev.J..'^r> 
Hundredii, 15, 16!>, 

293, 473, 519, r)9:» 

HuntbAch, 234 

Si, jy/, 4M, 4M, / EcctethMll^l ; Fate- I Hard Bishop, iS 



Mary Quna ol Scou, 

HtSorm Hill. I4,^H 

IiidrokriH. 135.043 


S3. 165, 175, ^H 


Klvere & Cuitli^^H 

Iran Work*. 3^1, :I5S. 

Mrrclan Kings, 3U^^H 

975,4HI, 4fi(l. 


Roclu Uld ClifU^B 


Mtnurdi, 409 

[tomini. 18, 34 l^H 

J»r»ii Pjoiily, 678 

MoJwm.Si. 312 

Hovlrv.W. Eu^^H 


MoMneux F.»l. 173 

lloyilU<ik,S5 «H 

JohoMD Dr. S3 

M*n».M.ri«. 99. 30 Minb, 397 ^H 

K«.elni. St. 253 

Uoorr Ann, 413 

S.1I WoihhSM ^H 



St. Vineeni, Eii ^% 

Kiiic'i Book. 39 

MotlKv PimiJv. 373 

Vim. 672. 676 I 

Knlibtt. M 


S>ian>, m. 33 ■ 

Lkkti. m. 487. 493 

^■•s-jT •"■"'■ 

Seou family. S»7 ^ 



Newton Ui*bop. 91 

Gcntrv. &4 

Letd Off. 51. 773 

MobilKy. LUtof£3 

8hir« Hill. 131 

LMh.697i Rachei.41 

Normui ConqiMil.SI 

Shrewiburv. E«rl 7l' 1 

^ Urctl T. E.q. {not 

Nunneric. 30, 678. 

9m.llriclir. Kd. ;>l 

■ £«»».) 3»9 


Soil .11.] ■ 

B Ure*DiiFainilT,17I 

Oltlpy ¥imi\y. 646 


H LuihfteldR«rliot.TO. 

Offloir. (tuinulo.)4Wl 


B flS6-, CitTor.61 

0«n. 46;Otwi»,47 

8p«lr..i . 

P>!mp. (Biihop'tj 85 

Sumloiu. h-.L... . ■■■ 

^1 37$. 416. 73S.744 

Stnffonl. Iu3i l;. 

^1 LitlkionE. J..2I7 

Ptu E*rtli. 37 

ronjr, 113; Cm ' . 

^M_ LoQie<rity. 48 

PKulinn. 31 

IIS; .M»rqi.i..ti:'.' 

^m lADU<rAi]r|un»,l36. 

Prf 1 Sir Robt. 91'. 

Summ, 350.4j;i 

^h W.6Tfi 


Stonywrtl Jolm 3>l:i 

PtDdrrllt. (Th«} 34 

SublPrranran Tr—-, 

^H MwilMU-hM 

Pieot PinHtf. 373 


FltSOP. 69. 333, 3UI 


^^1 «rM.4v^.,AI,IS4.13l. 

Plunuiioiu, 47 

Sulhtrtatirf-Duk- r... 

^H 940, ■ni- 403, 416. 

Pole. (CBTdinkl) 961 

Tilbot, Esrl 01 64 : 

^H 4W.4«0,50B:;b^l>i- 

Palitioil Union*, 175 

TitbCT, 45 

^^H nnf in»v«, isritf. ^. 

Polling Pl.»». 53 

Townihfod. Mr<i..(«,' 

^H 188, 331 ; jTiiB iMi: 

Popnlition, 14, Ifi 

Tr.nbnl,W. UAi'^y 

^H 330.451 ;>!». 186. 

PolWriM, 533 lo Ml 

Tre«. (1«^() 47 

^H WO: edge taoU. 186, 


Tnmt River, 49; 1 . 

^H 4M.48JI JnM'Aarpj. 

Priwn^ 77, 132 


^^H 97S ( twU/eri' >>mi- 

Public Omnr*. 53 

Valenlia. Lord. 34; 

^H .uawy. 330. 416: 

I>r»F*niily..'i29, :t3l 

Walton, Ihu;.53.;)' 

^H M«£., 166. 330,450; 

R*cw. - Burion, 


310; Chfadlr. 7.13; 

Wtn ot the Rotet.Jt 

^H lraM^7iHherpl,U. 

LMk. 700; WicMA. 


^H S40|«Au..34S. 967. 

eaStmnuUt. IM>3: 


Wfolock llM-n. :rj 

^^V tBarvanJiAiiiB, fiSI. 

rid»«.Wa: RugrlM, 
filU; Suffnrd. 134; 

W.lko.. If' ■ 

^H 3IMi»r«en,»)l.3ll. 

Holl*.(. . 

^H 3D0. 6Jii ) fopr. 4711. 

Blon*, 671; T.m- 

WaU-U-. ! 

^H ;:i3i ..a. 6i^.m; 

wortli..-«l(l; WslHll. 


^H txMHK.TOOl'Vfp'b. 

418: Whu<iploa..l67. 

woodi. i: 

^H }(af iUil,.eS3.SU»; lUcIng ScI-cmI. t»7 

WfoneaW F.m.SKB 

^^B .lAw, /XA erO. Htllwin, » 

ffalfon, KlmUJna 

^HSC/itM 70«<». 4 KcbtlLoQ., 34. 3U. 







STAFFORDSHIRE is an inland countv, nearly in the ceiiir.' 
•"'f Knirlaiid, cclebmUMl, not only for its nuiuerous and V;ilu;il»lt 
iu'.n«> of cf»al and ironstone, and for the extent and varitiy «►!' 
il^ manufactures in iron, steel, and other met^il, and in cliina, 
e.irt hen ware, and ji^h^*''** hut also for the fertility and diversity of 
ii^ -i»il, and the number and eleganee of the seats of its no]»ilii\ 
.iii'l LTt'Uiry. Nearly all its once extensive forests, heaths, and 
ciMiiniHiis. arc now enclosed; audits mines and manufact«»rii'^ . ik- 
cb if fiy cun lined to a densely populated district about tiftciii iiiiks 
Siiuare at it* soutliern extremity, around Wolverhampton ■av.>\ 
\\ aKill ; and to the vicinity of the F(»tt< ries at its norlli-N\c>u n 
uii^le; ^o that the jn'^^atcr portion of it forms a hij^hly culU\Mtt<i 
ainicultiiTal district, abounding; in v\ood, water, and pnnc, lirli 
in picturesque iin«l pastoral scenery, an«l free from the, aii'l 
bu^t^e of trade and commerce; except such as are created by i 
few scait«'rtd liut extenMve cotton mills on the streams near \\u\ - 
L»n-up.-»Ti-Trem,Fa/eley, Cheadle, S:c., — by the hirjre silk unil 
at IaiI, — b\ the extensive manufacture of boots and shnr- at 
Sii>ne and Siatfonl, and by the tniffic on the numcroiis caiiaK 
which intersect the countv in every direction. Thisbitrhlv intci 

- • • • • 

estinj? county is of an irrec^uhir oval fifrure, nearly <»•> mi!c^ '\\\ 
iem^fik from north to south, an«l averaprin^ from '2'> to 30 mil* - in 
ifmdfh from e«st to west. It lies Ijetwixt ;V2 dej;. 20 min. aii-l 
A3 dejr. 14 min. North Latitude, ami 1 dep :\7 min. and J .{» - 
45 iBxn.W e*t Lrmgitude, from the meridian of (Freenwich; niul i , 
boundeil by Hcrhyshire on the north-east, Cheshire on the r..>:tl 
vesU Shropshire on the si)uth-west, WovceslerN]iirc on tho >miiI . 
And ^^ arMJckshi re on the south-east, lis f*'rritorinf rrtrnf ..m. 
piiw:! about 7H 1,1 HN) Ntaiutc acres of land, iMjual tu 1*J.'»0 -^ i i H' 
vile*; ami its Popri.\riov hu^ roii^^idrr.ihly increased d\ir\'.u '"• 
^firtr jfjr^, :is i»,- tiiid thtt iu /sol, \\ aiivnui^l ■ 


nlSll.U 996.153; in leUI. to M]Jli!U\ 
Kll, to toult, conslMing of 200^06 niiilee, and 203^ 
nudes. In I8i\, its nambet at familin wm (!8,780, ofn))^ 
jS,SW were relumed as htiag employed in ksricutiiini] punutfl 
~,4>V, in trade, manu&ctQies, or liandicnkU ; and 8,06(1 (u>^ 
_j engaged in professional pursuits, or nncmpio^cd. 
lamlier uf its dwelling Aoumu, in 1^1, amounted to S 
■f whicli 429 were then building, and 2,336 unoccupied i 
incrense in buildings, during tlie last ita ytui, has k 
« witli the great augmenlaljon in the populaiiuu during ll 
iod- Actwriling to tlie piurochiat bills of niortnlity (rum l| 
r 1811 to 1821, tlie BVeiHKeannutl number of marri^et.i 
fcounty.was 2,70»; it( baptuTiui. tO^aW ; and of 6wrM^, I 
,320. Tliu yeuly rmlal of the land in ihe c»uniy Mas asse«Gr<i 
trthe property tax, iu 1811, nt£7^6fi3^ ; and the real prapertv 
~s a«»»MHl for the name tax, in 1616, at i;),150,286 p^ 
I. The amount of its poor mirt, collected in the year 
; March 1323, wn« £140,2^7, of which iC!IO,715 wns 
on laud ; £27,14a on dwelling hunsee ; £Efi24 on mUU 
A faiOtimw, and £7,37«i on manorial profits, Ace.; but w 

" I) was paid in the same year t« the 


le ptuocVial mies, £l9,»2t> was paid in 
ily-ra(rf which Inltet has of Utc vears atnounted to nearli 
1, as will be seen at a EuWquent paKe. 

n compnTed with iln- nflicr c( 

--nf EiTtrTnnd.Staffor-l- 

Bty, and In the jndidnl Circuit of Oxford. It includes on« 

^tif, (Lichfield, Ue See of its Bixhop,) and twenly-two Marirl 

MM, of which tlie following u a list, uitli three olhera whidi 

loerly kul markets. — 

MARKET TOrfNS, (■«** iht Market Dnjii). 

Illw CUf (•/ Liehfitld, «ith its precind*, fomiN a t- 
Inmlfi and the rest of SiaBordsbirc u divided inl 
Bviiniixt>», fix. CMritMonr, 0£Loip, Pirehill, HciiAm, and 7 
BMMibiiri each ut which b tuhdiriiled into luo lAniuM, witk 
rAirfiuwUi'f Weach. UniUtbe paMlng of the RuoaM fin 
liilf'popuhu* partiim ot 1I10 Ungdom had only t<n BirssMiii 



TivEs IN- Parliament, viz. two fur the county, and two each 

f'-r LivhticW, Suilforc!, Nt'wcastle-under-Lymc/and Tani worth; 

but by lUat ^Teut national measure, the county has been divided 

iul«» v«»» jrrand Pjvi>ioxs, viz. Noitrii :ind South; the fonner 

v>ui\tri>ins: the Hundreds (»f Tutuiansh)w and Pirehill, and the 

N'-riL Di^isiuu nl'Offluw; and tlie hitter comprehending; Scisdon, 

Cutilt>ti»ne, and the South I>i%ision of Olliow. For eaeli of these 

divifi .n*, tuo kni^lits of the sliire arc now eU'Cted; and by the 

sinit- act o£ ]>arliaiuent, three neir borow/fts have been created in 

St.i!f>*rd>hirc, viz. Sioke-upim-Trent, (including tlic Potteries,) 

W. h i rhauiptiui, and \V':ds;ill, the hitter haviufi^ one^ and each of 

iht' ether, /iru members of parliament ; so that the total number 

ii"W returned by this county is seventeen. The following: is a 

^ii!iimdry of the population of the ccuinty in 1831, distin<;uishing 

the nuHjlHrr ttf males and females in each of the live Hundreds, 

an-i ill three <»f the boroujrhs uhich made separate reluni<» to 

tiic cen>U'> of that year. An enumeration of the parislu's and 

timu^iips ^itli their population, N:c., at different periods, uill 

i<e found witli the ^^'iienil descriptions of the Hundred^, uX sub- 

^■. -.t'tt p.iire*». 

iM.lHI.ATlON Ol- STAl roilDSIIlKK, IN \^M. 

••••• • ■ f ''"j" i.*.""- Jti/MH T. Ml, llvli-.V. .\ J'tJVl -.'i.U-' Jti.iJ'l 

■.".:•' i ..V.i"' llJ.'"-,^ I, i. '.•.■.! f.'-, ;.'.•"•» {/il* I..!".* 

'....'I .-'.■.I l""i.|l'i N.-A.i-!. ll.r-.u.K. .»."■;! I.;. I -.1".' 

}«.l'»- l-.l'*'. "".-■'.•I **! I'!.-: I //■•■.•, .■;,. .{.V.'i .•,..'■: i..'.<*,i. 


I I . . 

..i** •.-'*'> M.!'-. •.'••».>'■ f'-ial'": II'M-! V ■</ 

\-' ••■.■ii:»'j" I" .hulirr I>i;«i.k^loih". Miiirl.tinl was I'lY^i ili\iil«Ml 

-.!■ • -.III:!.'. Imiuih'K. and tilhiuir^, by AllVrd tlir (iivat, t'» 

-• .• •.■ t)., -.iii'.'.if^ aii'l ^li>'•^r^lor'^ which l"nrun'rl\ prtnaiU'd in tin- 

:• • ■ . :.;. VI tkiiiir thf iiihahitaiit- nf (at'li di^irirt ri'<iM»ii>ihK- 

• • ••,■ -.iMjaii* \\!:irli iiii'jhl \>v ini. "liltrd by lawlc^N mnli-. 
/ •• . . ■ • ••:■ '^•i •mHi »i hif.iU'-c ti'ii iVt'ilinith-is with thrir I'.iinilicN 

■ -• •] -''.f . A Miiinbj ;• (|uiliap'» l«'ii| (if ilu'««i' tilhiiJi:^, I'lVMi*", 

!.-. •■/'•_':::. illv < "iii|M.vtil ;i «.ii|.i'iicr di\i'«i<Mi calbMl a llun- 

. ••! • •«;i :>] \\liiili a I'linrl N^a^ ainmally hild l"«ir tin- «•! 

A'l :!j»i» iiiii!i' of tlu-.f huinliid>. \Nhioli iinu 

■ •. ■- 1 'II -i/*' and |Mijiuiaii«»ii, b«riii a «Miunt\ or --liiir, llu 

'. ■.■■■•• !:iiiM!it "fvNhi'-h i^ I'linliniMl in tin- "hin-rccvc or -hiiil). 

■ .- . it • lid aiiiMiallv. Sim.ii aftt t tin' iiitnMhictioii o| ("hri'- 

:'\. ;]. "kiiiL'«i"iii \\a-« di\idcd into ]>ari^lu'«», and aflfiv^ai'l'- 

• • ' •!.'}'i".« -. 

Vn-jivi H!:ih>n- - linUi tin \n«iri't l»rit<»n^. Si ith I'i 
' • . ;ir:ti«d |;tlt ft th»- J'T-'vin^r inhahitrd \'\ tl.«- ( 'i-yi-il-i*^ '• 
I • ••: .'1. \vb«' al»« liiio-i-v, il I 111- ci. until - "I Sal'iji. ( 'hi >!• I. \^ ai- 

msTORv or 

K iaipi porliOD of tliew counties fell under die ilominion J 

* ItrifBHtn, whu (KBM^eA ojl the cuuntics id the Nortbf^ 

bcoil of England, ana were llie moEt iiumcraui and pom 

■ •11 llie Brilbh tribes, niid the Inst to bfud their necKS U 

Uinu) -jiiie. By the Anuaiu.StatrordshiTe waa included il _ 

IM*ioTi of Flavia CtmrrruU, nad by the &'axoFU in Uic Vinfrdti 

mMereia. The CorniibU, after the Briguitea hnd mtndcJ pT^ 

X^<<u lerritories, tcmnred llieir caf jul Eti)m Condair, (ni 

iddlewieb,) Ui Vrkonum, (now Wr(ixet«r,)iin Shropshire; sl 

7 hftd hIm a stionglT fonified station at Wolt, nent lichBdl 

t Cam/i, another tri[)e of Britons, are supposed to hare p<L 

sell Apart of the forest of Cannocl, as herdsineu or serrautifl 

leConmbU. When the Rotnoiispiuliedilieir conquests in 

Jteiior of Ibie conntxy, the Comabtl, and the other tiatire I 

Srauch inferior in niilitM; science 1» these " mHsters uf j 
," considered the hills as offeriux the metui* of eouiitfin ii 
f and balancing the adrantages of itisdpiiiie. To the hills 
refore thej generally retired ; tmd there, history inlbruiii xif. 
f re»itled witli t^e inixit hemic valour every etfori of the 
OMIStA Itdace them to stlhjei-titin ; ami Ilniii^;!! al Iii-lI coiii- 

Rled to lubmit, their detcrmiiu il < 
' freedom, excited the eloquent' 
rt enligbteued conqucrurs, Al' 
a hum btswine faithful 1 1 ^ 

am) yurTHOf , of tliU uili., .... ..i.; ... 

_p Nolitia u serving in the anuiiu, at dm ljtii.[ ti 
pat tile name uf Comthi appears u have bceu iii m 
i> the decline of the Roman pnner. 
iirarK- IVuir ilKuwiriil lears of the world's 

i.tib, ._„r _, 

i.i; nnd prcriuns to the innuiiil 
llie Mnh of Cbri«, scarcely « " 

. iliiiii;:ti i«o ^i-Jiloiis anuqn4 

XI Im I. 

r y«u of i 
■II were a trib« ^ 
It and »Mil«it hi 
ic Chrinian t 
ul Britons in 

Wild yean prii 
,_n ConqneKt, th 
(fe'tnluid, liod Aiidc lorae pn^rciw 
D in the noilli were as «ilU and 

It. f. 4.. M»l Cuu VbI.I. r- U, 


^.itfti its ilieir iiati«e hills, and subsisted chiefly by liiinliu^', and 
tilt ».iK«iil:uu'»>U'» fruits 1)1' the earth ; \%cariiiu^ for their elothiiiu 
• wilt 11 ilic inoleiiieucv of the sensnu eoinpelled them to Mich 
uu'uinbr.iiicci*J tlie skiiis of animals, and duelling in habitations 
tunned l«y the "j»illai"s of the forest rooted in the earth, and cn- 
cliKcd by inters ovtMi brunches.'* Their relujiony which former I 
«ne part of their free monarch iiil ^oivrwiwrn^, was Dniirlical; lint 
it« tritfin i« not certainly known, though some atlirm that tli(> 
PnJ'i* .iccomiKiuied the Celts in early ages from the east ; and 
Htho. that I>ruid:>m was introduced into England by the Dnv- 
rii'iaiiv jifC'adi/, who were the lirst merchants that discovered 
.lU't ir.idi'd t<» thi> inland, and, for a considerable time, monopo- 
ii/i^«i ii* ct»mineri"e, by carefully concealing their traffic frr»m 
"tht-r na:i«in^; but the lucrative trade in tin, and other useful 
inetaU with which Britain alniunds, was ultimatelv traced to its 
«<u?oe. and s<Hin brought the Roman and other merchants to 
niiT Hmirt"*. 

fhr rivil juri^iction and religion of the DRUIDS jirevailc<l 
ill evtPk" pjiri of the island. They dispensed justice; not uinUr 
\vt\ writii-ii c«Kle of laws, but on what they professed to be cqnit- 
..'-" :«ri:j'ii'lr'i — ail their verdictN bcinir dclcnnincd bv such s( n-r 
.■«•!.■ — .nil.'lt'il •Iclcgate-i eniiTiaincd of impartial justicf. an<l 

:i •::'>■•:'! tiiLi- ol upinioii in the congress, a ]>peal was nuole !"• 
•).•. A:. "u-Driiid, wln»>c sentence was dceiMve. Their relii^i-'U^ 
4 1 r* Tii.-ni? '. were few, and nearly in unison with those of ilic 
.i\\- >'.i\ H»l'nws ; Tlu'N wiir>liip|ied on high places and in «U< p 
:." ^' - ; -.Hid were not atldietcd to idolatry, as some authors li.i\f 
.«»•».'*»■•. 'mU adored the Gotl i»f Nature, and rcndere«l him ]»rai>e 

* ri'M \\ *«ueee'».*'ioiis iif sea'^oiiv, wliieh ihcy kept as solium 
!t-l.'. r.«. 'I'iiouirh they dealt largely in allegory, and 
Tvj .r-1 iitatit-n*, they praetiM-d but little prie^'teraft, and heltl n-'t 
T?je ij: •r.r.iCt: 4if their voiario in the bonds of sni»eiMition : Im- 
ti>% <]\ exi»laiiicd the mvsteries and svmbols u<ed in tl.-.-! 
I cr»/i]i"iiie- l«» the initiated, but to imne eKe. To reino\e t;. lu 
til* jt.«.j»:-e all possibility of soplii^trv and inno\alii»n, v-.-.i 
ui.txiin- ■•! justice were taught i»rall\ ; llie Miiis of eliiet ]'t i--;: 
at:t>'*ir«- •U«e:ph'» in their ethic schooN, where the rule- ol 
iii'.r..l iile Were inculcate<l as the fi»nndation of human wi^d-m. 
Tli»-v si.nJieil medicine, and the virlm-s of plants of which the 
Mith:., \M\^ their ehief specilie. and they held nothinir ^osaired 
a* i!it: !ni-!« t«'e of the oak, which, being >ery M-ane, iliey l:;i. 
themi with LTiat pomp and ceremony on a certain da\ apponitt •! 
(orihtir iriiate^l festival. In their civil irovernineiit, capital oii' •. 
dttwer*- -t ntenei d to tlealh, and ])nldii-ly suriiiced on the al!; 
<«f ihcir ic3i]»le«-. in the most awful and Sideinn manner, v.:: . 
th«''*<- inn* ivied t«>v mini»r erinu"' weit i.xeiudf.i ii«i!i y.i'.i'.. 
•»hip. and exc«'ininunicaled tVcm all « i\:: aii»l m ".'.^'i-. n '■» i « ■ 
till fhf'y had washed away, with ti.t leai< ol .tpc !;ia!u e. 
•lain* viih wbieb t'neir guill hat) )-i.nn]rii l)niu. .hilt-.i- C .' . 
ili fcs* •'i*'-.'////-'! '>'''' r// f/<. /i(//f ditJluo." ^ n^ thr I^pjm's. .. • ■ 


Gauls call tlieir magicians or wiseroen) inculcated the imnior- 
tality and transmigiution of the soul, and disconrsed "with 
youth much about the heavenly bodies and their motion, 
the size of the heaven and the earth, the nature of things, and 
the inOueuce and power of the immortal gods." The British 
Druids exercised their utmost authority in opposing the 
usurpation of the Roman invaders, who, fired with equal resent- 
ment, determined to secure themselves by extcnninating the 
Druidic Order, consequently, its priests were sacrificed to this 
inhuman policy ; those who fled to the Isle of Anglesey perished 
in the flames, by the orders of Suetonius, and subsequently, great 
numbers of them were massacred in the unsuccessful revolt of 
the Britons under Queen Boadicea. From this period, the power 
and splendour of the Druids rapidly disappeared. 

ROMANS. — Julius Caesar ha«'ing overrun Gaul, invaded Bri- 
tain 55 years before the birth of Christ, and, after u sanguinary 
struggle renewed in the following year, succec<led in establishing 
a Roman government, unsettled in its nature, and transient 
in its duration, for, l>eing distracted by domestic war, the con- 
querors were obliged to return home, in order to presenc the 
scat of their empire; consequently, the Britons remained unmo- 
lested till the ye-ar a. d. 43, when the Emperor Claudius sent 
over an army under the command of Plautius, who was suc- 
ceeded by Ostorius Scapula, and he by Suetonius PaulinuK, wbo 
completed the conquest of a great part of Britiiin, and, after ex- 
terminating many thousands of the Druids, abolished their rites 
and ceremonies. * But the dominion of tbe Romans in Britain, 
was not finally established until they were placed under the 
command of Agrirola, who did not venture to penetrate into the 
north of England till a. d. HO, when be marched his legions from 
il/ancMn/tim (Manchester,) along the westeni coast to Scotland, 
where he endeavoured to secure his conquests by erecting a 
chain of forts across the isthmus between the Friths of Forth ajid 
Clyde. He then marched his troops back, through the conquer- 
ed tribes, and in the vear 84, he extended from S(»h\av Frith U) 
Tvneniouth a chain of stations, which in 1*24, were connected by 
an earthen rampart raised by the Emperor Adrian, as an obstruc- 
tion to the Caledonians, who, proudly refusing t«.i cn)uch to the 
imperial eagle, frequently descemlcd' in r.ige from tlieir moun- 
tains, and penetrating into the Rt>man territories, committed in 
them dreadful ravages. This earthen barrier was afterwards 
strengthened by the ffreat n-all of stone which the Flmpenir 
Scverus built across the island, from Solway Frith to the mouth 
4»r the river Tyne, in a. i». 208. After this, York (were Severus 
flie«l,) was made the capital of Maxima desarietusis, tlie great 
Roman province in which StiifTordshire was comprised.* The 

" RoM«N nivisioss.— After Ihtrdpalh of Cunstantine the Great. nt YorL,(flirn 

t-allril Altrru Koma,) in 'ill7, Britain was dniiled intu twu cc>n!iiilar pruruictrs. 

Maxima f>Mf^N4M, and Vuhntia ,• and intu thrcr pnrKidial di«trict«, Britannia 

f'nmti, J^rr/0nt/ia SrruHda, and Fimiu Cautrnt\ts , in which latter, Staffcrdshirt 

;:,»• iiirlnJi^l. ;tt part nt tht t:r-\ ctjii'-v.liiT piOTinre 

■aiafibtBritafi* doiioK the tbinl cemurv, iind totcards 




l«giou$, mimined ihe wullk« 
^Dturv, Hnd totcards ita 
idepeodruce under Cau- 
onstnnLoe ae^u ki sub- 
lb^ Id (La Rwm*n anm, and be moo ofletwatAi look nitJi 
Oaul. tile da«er of the Briiidi vouili ; teavjag 
Mwn to the deiaslatin^ incursions of the I^cts 
Uissensitnift wittiiQ, aud asaulls from niihoui, 
beaing the destruction of the oie^rnwa empire 
a. D. 440, the Romans finally reliuquidied ull 
fummmt, pomr, and authorit]' in Britain. 

tW SJJIoNS. mho, after the departure of the Romans, \tere 
ianKd ma to asnst tfae Britons against the Plcts and Scuts, 
U aa ■Moar mUned lliese enemies, Ibau iu their greedr con- 
c a » w eac« (o poaaea* the fertile eouiitrf for ubicb lh«y had beea 
Viat, ihty ninted ihtUt vesiunis utran llje Brilims'Hha made 
o (tetaala K>MtaiK«', which ended in their final uvertlirow, 
''=iinf tlus AIkI contmt, tlie Brilous fnufcht tuelre battles 
-art Aait i«aai*ned King Arthur, aiir) MivenU others under 
'■'TJum. In A10, Artliur expelled ihc Siiiiiu>, fr.mi this and 

" ' < <i . '.Qt couDtie^, and almost li ' < . i ir' I'u: after the 

.[ riiiiQiUvh, thfv agiiiii j ■ iMineJ an 

_,-.i-t over the «!ii)lt ii,i.,_ iiliiinitlely 

diriUHiB aeren kinsdoms, and incluitDd Sufford^iieiand all 
the ■Maad emmties in England, in that of Mercia, of nfaich, 
Lbeala aaa tbe cwtal ; though maOT of the successive Mercian 
iMakadtcauiiiUiiscouDtT, at Tntbury,Tamvr<»th, Lichfield, 
aaa i^M atherplaces which lay ooDTeoient for tbein, nhen 

SaiAiid to V^oj ihe roorts of Ibe field in CaDnock Chafe 
Naedwood FofCit The religion of the Druids nov gave 
WKj la tke UMce baitarona supentitioni of the Saxoiu, who «or- 
Juffti the RBH ai|d Ihe moon, adored the god of thunder, had 
■agea ia dietr temples, practised sacrificca, and beliered bml j 
ia^db and ineaniationa. Happilj this idolatrjr did not long 
aiM ia Britain ; CorPopeGr^^r; L, inS90,despatched Augus- 
tiae, a Roinaa monk, with forty associates, to preach MriXtanify 
Mdie Aafto-Saxmsand the conquered Britons; mostof nhom 
ka— a'e ua T Wia to the Christian Uith, and Augmtine was cou- 
«ta(M)7 cnaled -dnAfrwAtp af Camttrbntry. In 636, Pmdimu, 
aaiAs Roman mitrioaarj, was created dreAMiAtip of York, 
ad «a* dw fint who pTeached chrislianit; in Herds ; where 
it Mlawed the victontnu anna of Edwin, King^ of Nor- 
Haaliiia. wboi ibat newW converted monarch made Penda, the 
avbd and hoary-beadea King of Mercia, his vassal : but the 
imtt, a few jrean afterwards, reguned his independence, and 
(fciMtiaiiitj «aa again proscribed in his dominions, until he him- 
Nlf rai slain in battle, and his son Peada, after espousing the 
'^■■rhlftT of Oawy, King of Northumbiia, became a convert ; 
aad in coajonction «ith Oswj, constituted licbfield the episco- 




pal See of Mercia^ >vhich was the finest if not the most powerful 
of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, and existed about three 
centuries ; during which period, there reigned in it tweiUy-Uoo 
kings, of whom the following is a list, shewing the years in which 
thev died. 



Crida, £86 

Wibba, 615 

Ceorl, Qi& 

Penda, &56 

Peada, 656 

Oswy, 668 

WuUere, 676 

Ethelred, 704 


Kenred, 709 

Ceolred. 716 

Etiielbaid, 757 

Beomred, 757 

Offa, 796 

Kenwalf, 880 

Kenelnif 890 


Ceolwuir, 822 

Beornwolf, 826 

Ludican, 628 

Withlaf, 840 

Bwrtulf, 853 

Bertred, 875 

Ceolulfe, 886 

The Saxon invaders were confederated tribes, consisting of the 
Angles, (hence the term Anglo-Saxons,) the Jutes, and the genuine 
Saxons, who had long been settled on the shores of the German 
Ocean, and extended from the Eyder to the Rhyne. 

The DANES, who had long envied the Saxons whilst they 
possessed the largest and richest island in Europe, fitted out a 
mighty fleet, and entered the Humber in 867, from which time 
till 940, they frequently penetrated into the interior of the coun- 
try. In their plundering inroads here, and in other parts of the 
island, these pagans burnt and destroyed villages, monasteries, 
&c., and spared neither sex nor age. Their repeated incursions 
compelled the Anglo-Saxon monarchs to lay aside their own 
differences, and confederate for mutual defence ; and by the skill 
of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, the invaders w ere at length 
subdued. The sovereignty of Mercia fell into the hands of 
Alfred, who stripped it of its regal honours ; though some places 
were still retained by the Danes, who were defe^ed with great 
loss by Edward the Elder, in two sanguinary battles, fought 
near Wednesfield and Tettenhall, in this county, (see page 237). 
The Saxons, who had on a certain night massacred all the Danes 
that lived promiscuously amongst them, brought upon tlieir o\^n 
heads a just retribution; for Sweyn, King of Denmark, to 
revenge this cruelty, soon afterwards invaded the kingdom, and 
in 1013, brought h'is fleet up the Trent, to Gainslwrough, and 
landing his forces, created such terror, that the whole country 
soon submitted to his yoke. Sweyn, however, did not long 
enjoy his success, for he died at Gainsborough in tlie following 
year, and was succeeded by his son Canute, the most powerful 
monarch of his time ; betwixt whom, and Edmund ironside, 
(^e Saxon heir to the throne) after several sanguinar}* struggles, 
the kingdom was for a short time divided. Canute was suc- 
ceeded, in 1036, by his son Harold, who died in 1039, when 
Hardicanute ascended the throne, but this licentious tyrant died. 
two years ailerwards ; when Edward the Confessor, (a Saxon) 
was raised to the throne by the voice of the people, to the 


fV"'.«i«:-'n of Swovn, the Danish claimant. EcUvanl died in 
l'?*'*. a!i'.i N^itli him ended both the Saxou and the Danii^h rule 


.\r.t7 t'f lit ii)i of Kdward, Harold, the son of Godwin, 

i*..':.>-i -If t).r«»iiv, hut wa** opposed b\ bis brother T<isii, at 

'*li-M ::.-•»;.: f, Harlrairer, Kin<^ of Norway, entered the Huni- 

lir *'j .1 iiiiirliiy annament, embarketl on board a kind of Nor- 

wtr I: inuadi. and huided liis forces in Yorkshire, were they 

«'.•! . 11} 1» tt *y n\erthrown by HarobI, who h*ft his brother ancl 

*j>r. ; «. ■:;!» denite dead on the liebl. Harold's triumph, was, 

i-.#i\.r. •»! -h'>ri duratiuw ; for, wliilst rejoicin«f over his victory 

i: V rV, Lr rtxfivf d infonnation that IVUliam, Duke of Niir- 

•m-sf*.', '. A 1.1 .III it \\:is said, Edwartl with his dyinjr breath nomi- 

luu-i :i* :.> viicces"^or,) had landed at Pavensey, in Sussex, with 

« ill!..- : I-* -md well di«-ciplined anny. To meet this foe, Harold 

m-jriiifi hi> {'•Tct-j to Ha^tin<;s, where, in a sanguinary battle, 

\i:<- v.. th bis life antl his kin.u:dom. No sooner was William 

'):• < . :.' r« r -oated nn the Enc:li>h throne, in the year KHUS, 

: • - V. ..i that bis p«.iliry w:m |«» niot (»m tbc amionl 

■ ::••• 'It '^'r.Hif the na!i\c iiiliabitaiit> «»!* tin* liiiiiibUT 

• • • • • r.;!:k '•! nii'^ciaMe sla\t<; tlmn^li in tliis wcrk lu- 

■ . . = It uTi^uc«'e'><rully ()j»|)n».t'd in ibc mulli of Kiin;- 

.,- . ,u:it ^'•^^k and ni.iny other j>larrs in iln- ijronnd, 

•..••" V list ^I'li-iiibiur •>!"(r(Ml/' (hi> laNourilc oath,) lliat 

. . I i' I". .' a >'»ul <d'bis tihinics ali\e. CoiiM'ions of the 

. • J Ani.b b«- was 1k1«1, In- tnteriaincd a perpetual jea- 

I J j'.i-ii. H«- built Jiinl iruni'-iMU'd sii-,»nir castKs to 

■ :; .i'.*4 : and in tbf wanti»nn«s> «if bi^;p,|\^er be oblii^ocl 

: %v;._:.ii-)i tlii-ir tire> and oan«l]es evrry eveiiini; at the 

■ . .' : ■ !: I .:;":iii "llie ('iir'.rw." lie al^i eaiiscd a survey t^» 

. ." . * '.! ;*ue land^in lli.- !.ini'«loni ; the rei'i>ter of wliieli is 

!»«.';! «.ii\\ H«»-»Jx,a!nl was tinislu'd in I(»sl,aflera 

•i\ \'-.i.*, (»n lije niinlel i)f the B«M»k of Wineln-ster, 

:!!•■ .'I'ier »>f Alfnd the (in at. TbDMiirli all time, 

:. ... .>! .Ii.diiial Wrdiet," will be Ijj-M in esiiniali«»n, not 

! ! u- anli'jiiitv. Imi aKi« for its intrinsic \alue. It 

•". ('■-•i-jUi T'-r an exart knnwledi:*' oi' bi'* own land antl 

•.:.';.■ I'.se ri'jiits ..{ bis Mibjecls, in ilispnted ea>e>, were 

• • . . ;• ; a:»d to tlii- *\i\\ it mt^cs to show what manor is, 

: .- ij'»t, a!iii« lit iKinrvni'. Ft -pci-ifits ibe extent of 

• . « a« ";i 'li-tr!*-! ; tin- ntate it wa>. in. wbelber iiieadovs , 

•. .. K.- .1. ..; araMe: I'.n' name t»f tlie pr.'prietor ; the tenure 

. ;• v.a- ;n id ; and tlie value at wbirli it was ( >timalMl. 

I • • .■_. ii.i'^ii' ?'•• '^antinii to rend*. r tlii> dcM-unu-nt eom- 

... ; ;», I'jrli'Titv ]'( rjieiiia!, ionnni--i->ni'rs were apptiint<«i 

.. • r.-i.-i ;li» >ur»i V. jii'.i tlu" r- iurn- wrre made undei the 

.5 iurit- "/ :'}} '■I'hir "f th i-itliU ill each d'»-v\\e\» KUV. 


pannellcJ for the purpoj^e. This best monument to the memoir 
of the Conqueror, written in Roman, with a mixture of Saxon, 
is still preserved in the chapter-house, at Westminster, amongst 
the national archives. This valuable manuscript, which had for 
so many centuries remained unpublished, was printed in the40t]i 
of George III., for the use of the mem)>ers of both Houses of 
Parliament, and the public libmries of the kingdom. As we 
shall give in the parish histories in this volume, a translated 
co]>v from this ancient document of all that is important, relatirv 
to the manors and estates of Staffordshire, it may be necessaiy 
to explain the land measures, and se\ era! obsolete feudal temi, 
used at the time to which it lefers. 

Measurement, Vc, in Domesday Book. — A PerrA, 20feet ; 
An Acre, 40 perches in length, and four in breadth. An Or^aM§ 
or Borate, as much as a pair of oxen can keep in husbandir, 
usually 15 acres. A Virgate^ or Yard Land, 40 acres. A Cm- 
cate, Carve, or Phugh Land, genemWy 100 acres, or eight ox- 
gang*:. A Hide, an uncertain quantity, generally al)out 120 acres. 
A KnighVs Fee, five hides. Bercwicks, are manors witbin 
manors. Merchet, or Maiden's Rent, N\as a jMiynient to the loid 
of the manor, in commuUition of his right with the virgin bride 
on the marriage of a vassal's daughter. Ileriot, a tribute to the 
lord for his better maintenance in war. Theam, was a manorial 
jurisdiction; and Infangtheof, the power of pa<;sing judgment on 
any theft. Socmen, wifre tenants Iioldiii^ land uinicr a socage 
tenure; Bordars, cotUigcrs ; and Villanet^ husbandnioii in i 
state of villanage, or vassiilage. 

The Conquemr, in parcelling out the lands of the kingdom 
amongst his distinguished followers, gave in this county all the 
roval demesnes, and 3S other manors, to H\ufh dc ^fontgomen/, 
Eari of Arundel; 81 manors to Rnh*rt de Stafford; 7 manors, 
with the castle and extensive honour of Tutliurv, to Ifcnrtf de 
Ferrers ; and 25 manors to Wilfiam Fifz Amfculph. Numerous 
other Normans became possessed of oilier portions «if the eountv, 
and many of its lordships and estates subseipiently passed to the 
church aiid the monastic institutions; but after the Reformation 
the possessions of the monasteries were seized by the Cn»wn, and 
gnmted to such persons ai: were then in royal fa\our. 

British Antiquities. — Sliiffordsliire* \\as fonnerly much 
covered with wotnl, as appears from the niiiains of tbcW onee 
extensive forests Need wood, Cannoek, and Sutton (.'obllield ; the 
latter of which is mostly in Warwickshire, though it anciently 
formed part of the extensive Chase of Cank, or Cannoek. In 
the Staffordshire portion of it i-s Diiuid Heath, near Aldridirt', 
which is said to have been the chief seat of the Areli-Druid of 
Britjiin ; and, indeed, its situation, being nearly in the centre of 
England, eorresjmnds with the ju)sition of the well authentii*ate<l 
residence of that supreme priest in the eontinentJil countries, 
T//e tro/rh Cnumn'k, and Coldficld, lhou\j;h vvm\ucstionably of 


n, Mr. Shaw says, bear an evident relation in meaning' 
L reUgioos rights ; and upon the Heath just named, 
ted i& people were annually accustomed to assemble ' 

ax dispates, civil and religious, finally decided by the 
id. At the east end of this Heath, is a small entrgmch- 
mpaased with a treble ditch ; and at the distance of 
, is a round hill, eight feet high, and surrounded by 
iltch. Dr. Wilkes conjectures this to hare be^i the 
xidence of the Arch-Druid, whose winter retreat, the p 

ices in a similar area, near Over Stonnal, about two | 

lie north. The lofty ridge, called Bar'heaeon HiU^ 
297,) extends southward uom Druid Heath and Ald- 
iie Tillage of Great Barr, and was one of the high places 
h the druidical priests were wont, by means of hre, to 
« to the countiy of their quarterly sacrifices ; and to 
T frequently repaired for the puqNise of making astro- 
ibserrations. Many remains of druidical temples are 
dstence, where they were constructed of stone, as at 
(e, near Salisbury, and many other places ; but from 
Qstaiice of those in this countv being formed chiefly of 
i of tlie forest, ihey liave long since disappeared, except 
•s and en)})anknients that enclosed them. Barrotvs, or 
e numezuus in this county ; but whether they are of 
3rigin or not cannot now be clearly ascertained. 
Dovesti^e^ of the cities or towns of the aboriginal 
ts of Britain, fenced like the works of Caractaeus witli 
ep, have been discovered here, except tliose at Wrotles- 
rilhrighton m;ij be deemed such, (see page 289) ; but 
in viirious parts of the county several fortifications of 
t up into high banks, with entrenchments round thcni, 
evidently of British origin, as they differ materially 
mcampinents of the Romans, Saxons, or Danes, being 
circular uitli only one narrow entrance; except in the 
Jons, which occnpy lofty heights that command the 
.ntry for a considerable distance, as at Apticood Castle^ 
Ion,' and on Castle Hill, in Beaudesert Park, (see pages 
Ml). The grrat nUmeit, standing in the fields near Kin- 
CanDOck, are supposed to be British monuments, as 
that found among the ruins at Wrottesley, which, 
■ loads had been hewn from it, required thirty-six 
to draw it," and was sul>sequenlly converted into a 
, capable of steeping thirty-seven strike of Imr- 

Ca»ar infonns us, that the Britons had iron 

flh onall quantities, that they made their money of it, 
iftea obliged to head their warlike instruments witli 
■A of nietal. A dart was found at Leek, headed with 
larij jagged at tlie edges, with teeth like a sickle ; and 
^Bkiiriw beeii found shaped Yike arrow heads. Stone 
doubtless of British origin, have also been 

ti MoTTfdge anil Wcrcr Hills, in tbu t 

, fuRiis ilie uurtherti {luri uf ibc <*uan^ be 

[iT«(!ii)r, and the Iohih. of LcvV ami Clicaillc, wli^ra ths i 

miniU, in mtmj plncct, spociir to llie JisUinl abMrrnl 

llined fiiritusis t tuiil no doutii somt of them nBiirded ^m 

nd derencp U> the AhortgiUFs "flct ihey had bceu drirm a 

** mtiro t(twl snil fprtilr psrin of die counity hy those " ' * 

" the Romitn snldien. 

MiouiTtEs. — The Romans, like a. eonqtio. 
[td«m 1iiDV>, hesluntid conKidenible atlentioD on their v 
Hi, niid ni the distance nf fonrumi c«nIiirieK we can slilT 
B legible clmmciers the lubnunofthe " mistress of i]i«i( 
%t gteat RoMtH RoADB, railed Watlinti-iintt uid Tdk 
'-ut, pK!« ilirauKh StnRordshirp. The fornier ii'" 

! whole kingdnm, from Rattiiitii, in Kent, tn Nor 

tnd ; and hmncbing from it iu ruious dircvtions nn ti 

'a] Viritvtl Ways. It enters this coiiuly from WarwiA. 

or Faxelfiv, and purauinR a weslirard coune \a Weefindi'M 

ifucklc; C'nrner, Cnlf Henth, SlTCttnn, Mid WestOO-vr 

" EMil, it mien Shropshire, nhnul nmile 60Uth of Sheriff H 

jc leknitU-ttmt enters StafTordshirc ni Hockle; Braokjij 

PBiirainghun, ond, passing Handswonh, Little Aston, and B*' 

Intone, it vtosKi Wntlinir-sircet a little to the ea^t of V 

LwliMiM it piiTMin n i:o\irs-e iiorlii by east !■' Sirccthay, V 

■■•- t Srr-i:,., ii,-:ir Bunon-upon-Trrat, b> the ll 

ft U 

i>Lhs«ril are perfectly rectilinS 
lisiblr ID its uri^nal stutc, f 
ciirriajwi ; and in Siition Parfcj 
fe been a lininnn bnlhini; plitc 
llie coMiity at Riidse Hc-a ' 
ion I'l Kiiiruie una Ktmi' 
Tho* s 

I'OWtl t 

have l>f. 

'/", nf which r 

■ i>.ii 



iVnW-x to thi.^ Tolume. Tlie Saxon camps arc easily distinguisbeil 
fx'*m those of tlie Romans, who always took care to have a good 
!cu|i|ily <»i' \^attrr, and placed their caiu[M near the roads, in the 
form of a. square ; whilst the Saxuns gonerally Hxed upon hi<;b 
hiU>, with a steep precipice in fnmt; preferiug: security to con- 
veiiuuce. and payini; no regard to any particular form in theii 
eucampmc-nLs which they defended witli deqi ditches. Speci- 
men< of Ximiutn Architecture in this county arc numerous and 
fplcQiiid, as will be seen in the description of the castles, 
cLurche<, and monasteries. 


The inhabitiints of StafTordshire, forming part of the kingdom 

t'f Mcrcia. continued in the practise of Patjanhm^* till the reign 

of Pcnda. lousr after it< altolition in all the neighhouring states 

of the Saxon heptarchy. At length, this monarch having sent 

his son Peada into Northumberlan<l, to solicit in marriage Alcli- 

flida«the (laughterof kingOswy,he was converted to Christianity 

by the pt?r<ua<!i\e discourses of the venerable Bccie. Tlio objrct 

ot 'lit-* i.uimoy bt-iiiir acOiiUipli<bi'il. br reliirncd to bi*; t';i*;iri'' 

•V»Tn:p.'. -n^. .utMUipnnied by a nunibiT of ceUbralcd «li\iiu>. \n1i«> 

imrn'MLiieiy br:;an t" "^prcail tbc duoirincs an«l ]m-cipt^ im li;.; 

if »*j»vl '.*itli irreai miccc^s amiuii; tbe Men'ijin<. riu* aui. i 

P^t'h. »b» ."ctm-^ !•» have vieweil ilusc t-M-iit-i with ibc utiii'>>t 

;:: :1:T' r«.iict. •'•••ni altt-r enteretl int«> a war witlj ^>>»r//, tin- \i :- 

I'-i.i'.. r. in prince, ami, bcini: ilttcatcd and .^laiii in battlr. ]:i> 

•i- ••:....;■'!:* uiTc <ii/ed bv ibo erniinu'n'r ; \\b«». in fi)iiiunii:o!j 

'••:ii: /'• Z'/.;. rt:iii.iinfd in pi»->t s^ioii ut" Mcrri." t'r llio -^MauM)! 

tLr'r. ^H.r-. <iurinir wbii-b, Chri^tiunffff u.js rbilarcl tin- r^i:.- 

K^;-':i-.i rii:ji";i, and the (.'athtdmi nf I/irbfi,l>1 t'iMrinUMl, (^.i- 

pKfc::i.* f*! wW'X 7^;. Ai ilif unl ••!" iiii> iH-riiKl, li«»wt'\ir, ilir M« =- 

cia:;*, vkurv of >ll^iL■eli•»n to a frnvimi \«»la', rrMilti'rl, ami hiwh _ 

jir-.-Vfi ^U'.'.e-*lul in uva'«i'i"ir their iii'lrpnuU'nci'. mnb'rr •••I tl •• 

cnic^n :»n ll'utfWf^ one «»f llie >»»n-. of Peinla, ub«» *«till niibiai' I 

theP.t'jTiii id«»latry. Dmini; the earlier part oi' i];e reiLrn '•! tli- ' 

pri&te. tin- eaii<e nf ('liii<lianil\ \Na«« irreatly iiijnred by t'l.r 

»»*«nii aii'i f.niiiity uifb wbieh be per'^e^.uted it»i priylV^xir*-. S.i 

^tr^U;: :«i'i«e.l «:i*« the aversion be bad ^•oneei^e^l aLrain^i tiie 

W:li-r»"ii of .Ii-Mi^.lbat be ordeieil bis 1\no >tiii> to be ]nit to deatli, 

)fecaa»r lbe\ relumed to become apo'^tate*^. Cvllunh^ \\\\o ba-l 

saceef«ied DtviiiH, tin- tii'<( liishnp ttf^Jti-yuu ^^as eoiujulbtl ti 
flj toSo'lbiTid lor >iifety. Wullere, Iiowi'mt, in ibe end beeaim 
a*»avtr. to Curisiianitv biio^elf. Tbc eiieiiui'iianees wbieb b l 


•Tie w-th-l ^:.i r.f thf X«»tijfct 14 iiitiTwo\rn \\i\h mir^iiav;»'. l-'ioni t'" 
•>i*ject«.>f tr.*-!' \» •r>h:|i t:». ii.iiiu '• •!'.' <iiu- il.r.> li.n«' l»'-i*ii tl«iivi'«l. ThfiM-'T :■<:■• 
NKOnd Jlaj* i:i »! • ..•• K X\n\ .lelU.iti-il t-i l'i« Sun .Vi>l Mt-N. hflU'O Siim\.i\ •■■I 
Woodsy. I.Se thirJ uMjrtli w-rr ilfiljr «.fi il Ui 7m/m«. i-hI U'.i»/»w. Ik in'f li.' •« v * 
■•i Wrdne«da> • ili*" ritlli. j«iM)/. ./«./ v tfrjth, in likr iiuntur, to 'Jtr.r. Tn'i, ..iu\ 
Tb'tr'djy. Frid,i\. ami S.ttunhx. 


tn this change in hi* religious sentiments, are I'efy impeffcc:! . 
KUlcd b; htslorians. His lirrt act vas lo sppuinl FrutnArrr. - 
Eu|[iish clei^yman nlia had been eilucaieU in Scotland, to '.J. 
TScsnt See. To this prelate, Jaruniatntui succce<ied. Tli 
hmous St. Ckad, ot S(. Ceadda, was neiE consecrated. Alhri 
the year 660, bv ibis Itishon, the episcupal Sec or Meicia ur<' 
finall; fixed atLichfieid. His succeiior, )ru//rU,bein^deiir"< : 
b; the Arehhishopof Cantcrburj-, the bishopric wasdiTideo iin 
fire Betetal dioceses, Lichfield, Worcester, Hererord, Leicesii - 
and Sidnaccsier; die liUet of which is now a humble TiUai.-' 
called Slowc, in LiDColnithiie- Offo, one of the most powetli: 
and illustrinu* raonarchs of the Sa<(on hqitiircbv, rpiiijin:ii 
Pope Adrian ihat his dmninitrnj should he gorpmeJ in . 
pbcopal power. To this ne was iuduced b<r fedii' 
and tesuntment, that hij bishop* should be sub>ii<ii 
authority beyond the limits of his owo kineitani. 1 ' . 

Bjnbitinti, LtcA/i^ was consecrated an independeni .1 ...,. , 

w, in7B6. This city, howeycr, only conltmied to i-iiiuj i!: 
dislincllan It hod thus obtained, till the death of Offa ; When x\. 
Archbishop of Canterbury prevailed upon Pope Leo, by a goldi ■-, 
bribe, to leduce it once more to its ancient runk within his jun 
diction. About the year 1075, the See wa« remotcd from Liri 
Geld to Cliesier. It will be seen at pa|[o G5, that the seat of r i . 
bishops wa« removed from Coientry \o LirKfitld, by Rogei : 
C tin ton. who was taised to the episcopal throne, in 1127. Il^ 
was a liberal benefactor both tn the city and cathedral ; wlu' 
ht^ increased or founded the ten pREBENns of GaJa M^or h:< 
Uinor, UAon Decaul and Cantuis, Freeford, Hnn-^acn, Cn! 
bumugb, Deniford, and SlatfoM; and settled tlie princi].: 
DioNiTABiEB or THE DiocKfiE, of whom the present list will i 
found at page 87, preceded by an estimate of the annual valuv 
their respective benefices, and a description of that mif^itin ' 
■tractuie— LiCBfiELDCATHEDBAi,; which may jiwtly be ml. 
die pride and glory of Staffordshire. Froro the foundation ol i>. 
diocese tn the present time.tU bishops hare successirely pn>hti]> < 
•vu it, as nill be seen in llie rullonTng numerical list, witli 1 1 < 
yean in which ihey were respeditely inducted. 

. sores ON THE BISH(iPS.-~[%) Cdlarh vu aScotchm.. 
Ud BW rrmutcd liom ibcSiv by Wulfcre, Kjng i>r McKia. (4) J^j 
' tnannui oomni'-ni-nl iJic rrtcUon of the cUhnlral. (A) SL Cha<), r: 
(■Iriitittril liM-iiiu. uiLvc n^'iiii^ lu llif (cathedral, and a parisb in l.i< I 
Mil, L . .78andKf. Thf Utb uiJ 13th * 

ibtI^"' .tiiutH] fnbatinif in the culm 

(ft4)\« I llnMxIKiniEdipir'iebaner.vallKdll 

•■ApJrffn ' - WT. railed " Bitkofnf CMntrr md L'' 

JleM.'' (.,4,1 i>..rrrii uf 1 ijTivj removed thr 3« lu Cnvmtry, h*' , 
tPl posRUuu ..I liiL u^k uLtw) thcrt, ami wni ihr finl \V]\ti Bldii>r 
•^t^rratrfaaM LictJUi." (33) Pncam nt *- builvi anii ehat^uu 



Hops of ucmiEU) and coventrt* 

(311 JU.fct 
( \.\.r\fu:i lUil Cmnlrg, (w . . 

-, II.. . li.iif Iii7i of Pcnkiidgt, Stafford, and Wolverhampun 
. l''>i.l r-! Lititjuned frum tbiDg Stephen tbe liberty of coiiM, 
, .>ri.l, ... I, Hvurj 11. gnnled In him luiil hit iuckm-i 
Unift :irih<- gniblwd up paiU of (be foKSl ofCuinodt, 
. >.<.. (3T) Gcnud <it Puella, who «u funnl for tJM, 
t, iUpI afiei ba bad farlit the liuhopric on[j liilfen veetu, 
'■iinikoatnwpkion ofiKiison." (38) HugkitNwant was elected. 
allH, tat «at oaiitrcratod till 1188; previoui to irhii^b, he 
•l^wted itc Pf^i Lc^aw- He iru ma inccMUt advenarj U 
■'■I I, *W froquuUr annoyed him isith ihejr peculation* and quar- 
Mk Rk&ard !.(>•« bin aDthoriiy to nmaytibtmaniuofCttentrft 
>M |M meaimi priesU in tbdr plue ; ud wbcD the moaki refutvd t 
>^ ka onkf, " be maile way by tbe iwatd, voDndiag- t 
r^atat (bt ml 111 digbt." He b uid to have been soundi. _ . — 
3«ilaw b* «u MaJidtDg h7 the altar, (iff) BUhep Combufl grtaiet, 
tV ChtplCT erLicbfletd a tnefowtT of uboovag tbcmMlvm a Drat f. 
■tefc|nTiWem< cooanned by Pope UoDociut III. Before lhi^llM 
imb-p al*a}i eWsUiI tha DesD, ai he did the Cuums. Aft«r his dcatl 
"^— - % dilpute lietaeen tbe churcbei of Lichfield and Cannlt7, 
'- ■'-- "■ -«ei>or,whioh wai referred 10 tbePopCiW"" 
aleBnieddiTiDeaiidphilou>pher,»bu »■> 
t»ud itran^ dicami ; " Bod who gmlll 
■ -^PrebeDdi. Wbil* h 



■as Mttioi br the Popt that the el^nion of the future bishops should 
U: by inv monks cf CoveDtry and the Chapcrr oi Lichticld aliernately. 
(■1;2/ Xickelai €e h'arfHham was eleete^i bt-fure Bi>hup PateshuU, but he 
(kcliotd lilt: honour. '.•t*5) Bishop Laugion «a« a muoificent benefac- 
v-z to Lis church, u i^ noticed a: the 7 8tb and^dth pages. \47) It it 
said that Biikap Siretton coul<i not read ! though he va.< appointed 
at the eainirst request of the Prince of Walo, whose chaplain be was. 
(48y Bi«hop Ski flaw «as. azainst his own conseni, translated Im Bath 
and WdU, and afterwu-ds to Durham. (49) Bishop Scrope wa* 
raised to the arch)'i«hoprIc of York. (ol) Bishop Keteriek was 
•ent to the Council of Constance, in 1416, and Bishop Ha}'worth to 
that of Bafle, in 1-134. (57) Bhkop Halse did much towards the 
reformation of hie clerzr. His chanct-IIor and registrar were Dr. Sal- 
ter, anil Thomas Myites ; his eminent dean was Dr. Yotton ; and many 
other learned and pious men were members of his church. ((30) Bitmap 
Lee, bfini; hi$?hly in favuur with Hcnrr VIII., was made irovcmor of 
the Marches of Wales, which he cleared of the robbers that infested 
them. At the Reformation, when Chester was taken from the diocese 
of Lichfield, and the cathedral stripped of its ornaments, B:<:hop Lee 
is said to have bezged from fai» Majcbty the rich shrine of St. Chad. 
(fy2) Dr. Bane, the la»t Catholic bishop of Lii:b field, was ejected by 
Uuecn Elizalnrth. (69) Bhhopf fright si^eil the Pruu^tation against 
the exclusion of tlie Bishops from the Long Parliameut. and su tiered 
for it IH weeks' imprisonment in the TowtT. (70! Bishop t'rtvm was 
nominated by Charles I., but as he pos>es>:eil neither power nor profit 
durin:; the Commonwealth, he ivtiretl to I^mdon, and on the I^estora- 
tion was translated to York. (71) As will be s<.vn at yazt: 78, Bishop 
Hackett was one of the most eminent persons of hi> tinit- for learning 
and public spirit ; and he it was who rc>tored tht- tfithcdral after it 
had been reduecil to a heap of ruins in tlie Civil wars. (7.j) liithop 
Chandivr was an Irishman, and was translatcil to the rich Sec of Dur- 
ham, for which, it is !»uid, he crave XlKKK). (76) Biahop Stnallbrooke 
filled hih church with his relations, and wrote 2:) hoiiks; one of which 
is a well written Defence of our Saviour's Miracles, against the attack 
of Woolston. (80) Bishop Hurd wa-» bom at Conjrrevc, near Penk- 
rid^e, and educatetl at the Brcwood CJnimmar School, and at Emanuel 
College, Cambridcre. He was tutor to the Prince of Wales, {after- 
ward* George If.) tind was esteemed one of the most elc;;iint and 
accomplished scholars of the time in which he lived, lie was author 
of several masterly and cla.*isical works, and, in 1781, was translati-d 
to Worcestor. He dic<l at Ilartlcbury Palace, in 180H. The work 
to which he wa.« most indebted for his favour in the court, and his 
preferment in the church, wa.N his '' Moral and Political Dialogues ; " 
previous to which, he hail published an Enurlish Commentary and 
Notes, upon Horace's Epistle to the Pisocs; an edition of Horae«\ 
with Notes, &e.; an Essay on the Delicacy of Friendship ; and sonie 
other works, all displaying great enidition and a complete acquaint- 
ance with p<ditc literature. He idso publiKhi>d many excellent Ser- 
mons. A new edition of all his works was published in 1811, as were 
also thf>se of his friend Dr. Warburton. His successor,* at Lichfield, 
the Hon. Dr. Jame/i Comwaltia^ the late bishop, contributinl much to 
the improvement of the cathetlral, and the episcopal Palace, at Eeeles- 
Ma/I. lie died in 1816, when tlic present bishop saccceded, [see pa|f?e87. ] 


The DIOCESE contains 557 par%she$^ comprising the whole ol 
Staffhrdshift (except Broom, Clent, and Kowley Regis) aud 
Dtrbyshirtj the migor part of Warwickshire, and nearly half of 
Skropthtre, It is divided into /our Archdeaconries, bearing the 
names of these counties, and into sixteen Deaneries; of which 
4 are in Staffordshire, 4 in Warwickshire, 2 in Salop, and 6 in 
Derbyshire. The Bishop has the patronage of the following chu rck 
litinfft, some of which are not within his diocese, viz., the rectory 
of Sl Philip's, Birmingham ; and the vicarages of Dunchurch, io 
Warwickshire; of Frees, in Salop; of Duffield,in Derbyshire ; of 
Eccleshall, Hanbury, Penn, and GnosaU, in Staffordshire ; of 
Towcester, Buckley, and Pightcsley, in Northamptonshire ; of 
Belgmve, in Leicestershire; of Burton, Wybunbury, and C open- 
hall, in Cheshire : and of Towen, in Merionethshire. The 
oresent value of the Bishopric, and the Deanery and Prebends of 
Uchfield is shewn at pages 86 and 87, together with the incum- 
bents, and the following shews their Annual Valve in the 
King's Book,* viz., the Bishopric £559, I7s. 3i^d. ; the Deanery 
(with the prebends of Brewood and Adbastun) £40 ; the Dean 
and Chapter's joint revenue JC275. 13s. 4d. ; — Prebends, Alre- 
wasi;"2t5. 13s. 4d.; Bi*ihop's-Hull £2 ; Bobcnhall £l ; Whiltinj^:- 
ton with Baswich, £13. 6s. 8(1. ; CurlKnough £«. 13s. 4d. ; CoU 
wich £13. 6s. 8d. ; Demford 10s.; Dassel Parva 3s. 4d. ; 
Ecclesshall £20. ; Frecford £20 ; Flixton £7..; Gaia Major £.>. ; 
Gaia Minor £2.; Haiisacre £14.; Bishop's Itchinp^tou £26. 
13s. 4d.; Longdon £8.; Offlcy £I6.; Oloughton, alias Oking- 
toD, in two moieties, each £2. 13s. 4d. ; Pipa Parva 26s. 8d. ; 
Frees and Ruiton alias Pipa Minor £li). ; Stokefold £5. ; Swal- 
low £56. 13s. 4d.; Tachbrook £10.; Terwen £26. 13s. 4a.; 
Wecford £14.; Wolvey £2. 3s. 4d.; and Wellington £10. 
The other entries in the same valuation connected with tho 
Cathedral establishment, are ^^Decan. and Capit pro 12 Choristii 
£23. 22s. 3} d. Duodecim partes, cujnslibet Deciina, qiuilibct 
Xt*. 14$. 2d.; Septem. partes ad 14s. 7d. cujnslibet £51. 10s. ; 
SMecentt)r £14. Os. lOd. ;'* and the Office oi' Sacrist having ouve 
of Eouls £9. 12s. i^d. The latter is discharged from the pus - 
Bwat of Orst fniits. 

The Monastic Institutions which existed in StafTordsliiiv, 
daring the ages of superstition and Catholicism, were as nunicr- 
oos as those of most other counties in England. The folloxNin;; 
ii a Ust of the Abbeys, Nunneries, Priories, aud Collaj*'^^ 
vluch formerly flouri-slied here, and to which a coiisideralilc 
umber of chantries, hospitals, aud other religious establisli- 
AMiof less importance might be added, as will be seen in the 
topopaphical part of tliis work. 

*TltKiva*i BooKi or Lib«r Regis, contains a valuation of all the Chun-'u 
iilht kingdom, taktrn liy order of HenryVllL,in ISSlj 

c 2 

rBurion WiilWt, lOM, ., 

(t\Cr(iulc«, ........ BtR.<te Vcrdon, ... IITtt, .. 

j '{IhMilmCniu R. i:Mlor€bnli4'... 1:00, .. 

$ JhUm Omrfit Aviie;. .. VJOa, . . 

(itlilinon:, <R<«aoml toStuMlc7)lLM, 

J [Blioli I.adi«, Inbd Under. 

I^l^aicinll, Diihop Clin Inn, .... 1140, 

' (Huburj KingEiMr«d, .... 760, 

lUilkbnrr Hugh MavoyD, . . I I3U, 

Colwkli, Gent Rldcl I las, 

Uptqr AlgkT. (a SatemJ . . lU«i, 

^ BuHob, Kobrn Fttx KocI .. nm, . 

9, RacoKT, Klehanl Sacon, .... 1140, .. 

j' Sl HHinai, Qerard •!« Stiiflbrd, .. IIGt, .. 

£ Saadadl, Williun OHhn, ... IIU, 

Ston^ Robert Lnnl.Hullbnl, HUD, .. 

Trentiam, RobcrtEulufCtMNtcr.iaiH, .. 

.TnUiarj UrarjirFiama. .. 11)81, . 

iLldiRdiL Klnt Onry, <iHI, 
pEakridp, KlngtM^ar, .. 904, 
SuBbnl, { (unkuuim, bnt thunilod 
TnHBnlialt, S before the CoB(|ihs<I.| 
TuniruTtliAi Qaoull. (oDknovn.) 
Wat*rrli>m|M<'n. . . Udy Wulfmsa. .... »96. 

Ii lias vlm<I; Wn «f«ii iluu SiArroRr.t.i - ' 
.\liritMACnNRiEB In Uie Ditrce^e of l.i 
Mill U divided into fmtt Deaneries, of >' ' 
cnnmemiuD. sliewing ibe Pabiebs* bt^lu: . 

linetmMngitiioM whvreihe (dinti'h liiiii^^. 

■ndlhiKie whicb an diiehargfd frem Iht- pat/mmt n/jinc/rd 
At Ihejr nppisu in Eotoii'ii Thewnnii, in nhich all (hr chapeli 
and mmtB of the pntoi-liiiil runtcics ait omitW. 

Dbanrry of LtVLEV ANi> Tuvsuti.: — Livingt ni Clkar 
BIymhill, Bnullry, C'lmrch-Eftton. Kurtltc, Forion, Hjfl 
Nnrl>urt, Kings winlord, ShcRfT- Hides, ftnd Scdglcjr. Di ' 
(4,— Buihliur^. BrpwcKid, lAplev. Ovrr-Penn, I^tItiI 
Trjsiill, \V."Ql>..urii.UVloii-uDd«V.I,iMtd. Penlridfc, 8 


. !,., 

iiYETOfi (or Alton), 
. Urind<m, Ikm, Kioesley, 1 
K l'l,A1reUiii,Bnin»kill,BliMv,i 
, IvllaslOQ, Lcrk, Majiield, T 

/>MW«Mf vr NkwcjiiI'LC a»I> Stoke ; Zinnjn in C^ 

, „_^ , , Tlian, BMwich, 

nJanMifei, OMdB-ClmnA. Kedi^ Banton. Suffoid, 
— ^rafti^ TlMdwiii, NMIn»-iB-ae>Moen, Hude^, Bkd- 

DBua>rOTTA»a«TH «b TonraT ;— XMI^i m CImye, 

UhlttiL tMnmPmminki, ColtM, Dmttm-BwnL Durles- 

1m, Bm^ TTiBrtiTITllilmiii. Hamne, Hmdnron, Loag- 

Bv- JMwiwjij, Alnwu, Annitigv, Abbots 
_ lir, Canocft, ColwMi, EcBngak, Hutmiy, 

'■iA4. BigjWi gfc t m o u i, '^un1ralll^ TntbniT, Tipton, 
MMMteaOHMHihnjr, W«ilbnmwicb, Wliittfaigtan, Pipe- 

.IttnwatUM b JlM i i i>* At ' i, to mUeA " w &km Kmue 
^ 1» !■ UnUti^ ua CuBod, Bu;d«T, AnJer, Bienood, 
IWaL &MM w k ih, Fnmna, finikh. Aeton-TruEsell, 
Bltid^w U M lM lnB, AlKwas, BninleT-Re|^, Edingak, Ha- 
MmaMnpe-RidiraKa, HmsicTe, Annita^, Hints, Norton, 
FiiiilwiiiTT. OBtj. Fudncell, Colwich AdlMiton, LoDgd.m, 
Wadbid, St. Ckul'i Stafford, Tipton, PenkridKe, Sfaarecliill, 
riuinl.TT-l — ^— I — . Felsall, WiUenhall, BOston, Tcltcn- 
UL CmmB, mat Oakorer. 

An« P«BOCHi«L Flmss :— Id addition to the |isri»Iie!, 
fk^cUei, and town^ps, ihett ue in Staffuidsliire, u in roniiy 
a t Bo a Ota, *erenl of those priTileced districts called Exim. 
' ' J libeitiea, whicli ue generally fonnd to have be«n the 
' ' ' nks 91 KliRious boaws, or of haga or wniTd.^, 
*«rij penod for the use of such establisli- 
_ rs of these districts nere privileged willi an 

fc^Hii mil III Jurisdiction, and did not permit kbj interferfnce 
■'^ di«ir »nilMirily tritlnii dieir own limits. Hence such places 
'm « virtual exemptioii ftoin maiDlainin^ the poor, because 
wy^t no ovetaan Vn whom a lOagistratEs' order maj bi- 
' n the militiB laws, because the; hare no constable to 
is; and from KpairinKtbe bigfawaya, because they 

' una the reeeirer-gmend in his iwonly till about 

_e of the Rerotntion of laSS, extra-parochial districts 

MMillicr cusaIiIc. nor within the ordinary pah of ciril juris- 

iiifc Tliey are slfll nrtnaHy exempt (mn many tiril duties, 

"' ' t|jin>.ii.inis an not called upon to serve many public 

^ick utlicrs an liable. 

r TMB Boaxs, 8cc.-~In 1333, a severe battle nm 

lailaa-mon'Trent, (see page 311,) dnring the rebel- 

^1 of uncaster, who thea rttided at the netghboui- 

- ', wiiai tntMAerwardspna to the celebni- 

''-loftbeioftlkoofBotlMncastex, (.sw; 



jwge 408). During the contentions foi the crown between tkt 
rival houses of York and Lancoiter^ in 1459, a decisive oonfliet 
took place in this county, near the borders of Shropshire, aboat 
eight miles W.N.W. of Eccleshall, called the Battle or 
Bloreheath. The Earl of Salisbury marching to join die 
Duke of York, ^ho then lay at Ludlow, in Shropshire, was ia- 
tcrcepted at this place, by the royal armv under Lord Audlcy, 
who posted himself here for that purpose, by the express orden of 
Queen Margaret, tlic celebrated consort of Henrv VI., shebeiBf 
extremely f^irful lest tlie king's person should fall into the power 
of his adversary. Lord Audley's forces amounted to ten tfaoo- 
sand men, and had besides the advantage of chusing their poii- 
tion ; whereas the Yorkist troops did not exceed 5000 men, wiA 
all the incumbrances and disadvantages of an army on its maicL 
The Earl of Salisbury, to obviate these difficulties, as niach m 
possible, and with the view of separating the royalists, and throw- 
ing them oiT their guard, had recourse to stratagem. Betweca 
the two armies ran a small rivulet with very steep banks, and 
not easily passed. Feigning, therefore, a retreat, he induced 
Lord Audley to order a precipitate pursuit. The conseqneaM 
was the division of the royal army by the rivulet ; which dK 
Earl no so<mer perceive<l than he ordered his troops to face about 
and commence an attack. The vigour of the onset, and the 
surprise and astonishment of the enemy, soon decided the fortune 
of tne day, in the complete overthrow of the rovalists, Lord 
Audley Inmself, and 2400 of the Cheshire gentlemen, whose 
joyaltv and ardour had led them into the van, fell in the action. 
Tiic Ouccn, who had beheld the defeat of her anny, from the 
tower of Muccleston church, fled to Eccleshall castle, wldle 
Salisbury proceeded, without further opposition, to the place (rf 
his destination ; but in the following year he was taken prisoner 
at the battle of Wakefield, and subsequently lost his heaa on the 
block. In a field, on the south side of the Newcastle road, 
about two miles E. of Drayton, and on the banks of the rivuiei 
where the fatal battle of Bloreheath was fought, a wooden croa 
was erected soon after the action, to mark the spot where Lord 
Audley fell. This cross having been thrown down by a cow 
rubbing agunst it, Charles Boothbv Scrymsher, the loril of the 
manor, in 1765, erected a stone pedestal, upon which he placed 
the ancient cross, both of which still remain ; and on the north 
side of the pedestal is a suitable inscription. Drayton, in his 
Polyqlbion, commemorates the names of tlie heroes, ami the un- 
natural slaughter at Bloreheath in the following lines. 

The Earl 

So hungry in roTen^, tbrre made a raT*noas spoil. 
There button Dutton killi : a Done doth kill a Done : 
A Booth a Booth; and Leigh by Leigh it orerthrown; 
A Venabiei against a Venables doth stand ; 
A Troutbeck dghteth with aTroutbeck hand to hand; 
Tbrre Molfoeai doth make a MfAlneui to 4k 
And Egrrtan the itmigih o( Ecertm 4«0^ ^tt-"^ 


The hcauliful hut iinfurtuimte Mauy Qieex ok Si ots, tx- 

THTxeiice'l much of her hinjj iniprisuiimciit :iii(l sufleriiij,' in"- 

l\?nl<hirt\ at the castles of Tuthurv and Chartlev, duriii*' the niirii 

M' ht-r rival nvA kinswuniiiTi, Eli/.aheth. At the latter place her <.«ir- 

re^ptni'lcnce with the Pope was cnntriveil and carried on. Heiv 

\lke\%ise >he resided previous to heinp: cnnduclcd to Fotherinixhay 

c:islle, where her trial and condeninatinn took place, followed 

l»y her execution, to the indelihle disjjnice of the great and 

ilhi^trions princes-* who then suaved the English sce]>tre. 

(See pa»?e 40f^). 

Civil War** : — In the fatal contentions hetween the ]M-.'n)- 
i^atiTes of the Cmwn and the privi]esrc> of Parliament, in ilie 
reii;n of Charles I., when hrother f(»ught ai;ain>t l>ri>ther, :ind 
fatlier a|niin<t s*^n, Staffonlshire had its full share vi' 4he ivil> 
TesttUin^ from intestine strife. The principal causes wliich led 
to this distractinn of the countrv, were thelevyinufof ship nnuicv, 
an'i the duly of tonnag^e and poundage, without the sanction of 
Parliament ; and the cruel proceedings of that nrret and in(|ui>»i- 
t«rial court, called the Star (.'hamher: There aKo lawaihil in 
'}.\K! ii.i;i .»n a di*j».«siliou for rejMil)lican in ])relVT(.ni»- i>- i:i i.- 
T'.-Viul 'Z'-'^eniineni ; and religion wa^ often made ilic *^i;i]li-:u 
■.x.«r^' : »L\-4riee and anihitinn. From tlie^i' comhiiir.l mu'-i - .:.« 
■ I'-'M-ui* of "jiH- eminent \\ere thr»»wn Into «r>-.'rrior, a:i'' ;'. ; 
■..•\»T f" rtfrly re-a^-umed their piopir station till tin.- ul-ri ii 
• -."lui: •:; • i" \*'**^^. altlumgh many j»airi''tif ad Ire-^-- \m ir -.:.! 
:r :.» r'',;^ iind other eonnlie<. to the l*.nii;iiMeni. })n!\inir In, .r: 
«::-■■ -J ]<• :.«li-i*iuuiit ol' their dirt'erenei>. I'lie Kinii" rir-.l In-i-b ■' 
::.'f r-) il ^tand.iT.I at Notti?iirh:nn, in August 1(1-10, al'ler i»--=::'!'. 
\ii> f.t.ia*»u< c<'nimi-'«ion of anM_\ to the L''nl-Lienten;nil'«' of t ■. ■. •% 
\**'iuzy iv. F.i!irl;nid. Many <'f the prinripal tamilii'< in Sial! r-!- 
*hin:; f'-p 'TiMfd the ri»}al e::u>i',and aniong'-t tlu- nn'^t eon-^jiir i-- > 
!''*Vtili*l*« v'lerelhe l)v«»tt* ot' l/ii.liliil'i. wliich eitv wa-. takf;! ;.-. I 
fh-takeii -e*rral tinle^ in the cojir-r ol' the In ln|;'. ii: ■ 
Sir-f^ .if Lirhfivid \\;i'< (ollov.iil hy the />nitft' of Ilojitnii-l/i i'.':. 
^n'i t^t■ -S*iV'/»'-v*d Stalfonl and W ohiihainpton, in all of \%'ii.!i 
•he Piirliunieutarians under Sir ,I<»h!i (Jvll and Sir NN'ill; nsi 
BnrrfU'ii, were »»ucee^'»fiil, as will 1». -een :it \>ivjs'^ (Ji), 112, Mi. 
ami 17o. In Se]»te!nher during the ^-.uwv M-ar, Sir Wilii.mi 
Brewl»«n hcMcced AVrA'.*/;//// rVjv/Ze, and defeated Colonel il.i-- 
Cin^, who .itleuipted to relieve it, killinL;' and taking '2lK) ho">e ; 
but the C'dnnel, who was wounded esi'a[)i<l to Tuthnry. Tin 
VtMtUt nfTnthnrt/j Stourhm, nnd Ihtdhif, were at thi> time l.tld 
by the ftoyali^t-^, and tlie King had a garrisun at rat!e>hnll i-« < 
pcisfe*2ttr, :J:I7. and 11^). After (»nlerinu- the demolitici;i ..; 




■ !||' 

Staffurl Castle, ( Ueeeniher -JOnd, lt>i:M, the Parliament <"■ 
muiee dispatched Colonel Kudt^ileN to Sen-cnallf-undt r-l.ij.u' \\,\ 
xaise liwp^ for the defence «>f tliat to\\n and l.wh^ and f.M li.- 
awisUuct of Sir Williaiu Drerrr,;;. ^v VhvAxuv. The dila'.'Hi.v.. 
Uon Ki{ Kttie^tmse, and the iff the /'if/hcrlHTl-. at S>n,\ 


fMffon, was soon afterwards resolved upon by the Committee. Oa 
Fcbruarj 14th, 1(>44, Captain Stone, with a body of Pailiamen- 
tarians, marched afi;ainst Prnttethull-htnue, which had a Fopiih 

farrison, and was btrongly fortified : taking adyantage of the 
rawbridge beine down, he suddenly surprised the sentinels, M 
on the garrison, killed many of them and took the goTemor, (Mr. 
Astley,) several gentlemen of quality, two Jesuits, and mtXj moi 
prisoners. On Januar}' 15th, 1645, after the battle of Naaeliy 
had decided the unhappy fate of Charles I., he left Ashby-de-b- 
Zouch for Lichfield, where he slept that night ; and next d^ 
proceeded to Wolverliampton, and from Sience to Bewdky. 
After a long route through Herefordshire, Wales, and Shvop- 
^ire, we again find him (August 10,) at Lichfield. On Hit 
5Ch« 1646, after sufiering many privations, the King sunendeni 
to the Scotch army, at Ncwarx-upon-Trent. The crafty SooliA- 
men removed the King to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and after pi^ 
vailing upon him to issue orders for the surrender of all his gar- 
risons, they treacherously sold him to his merciless enemies §■ 
jG900,000, and a promise of another sum of equal amount to bt 
paid in two moieties. This base transaction occurred in 1647; and 
on January 13th, 1649, his majesty was beheaded in die stmt 
opposite tfie royal Palace of WhiteLall. His son, Charles IL* 
subsequently attempted to regain the throne of his anceston, 
which was not conceded to him till after the death of Cromwdl, 
jand the abdication of his cfTemiuate son, Richard, in 1680. 
After the battle of Worcester, in 1()5I, had ruined the hopes of 
Charies II., he wandered for some time in concealment in Std*- 
fordshire, and the adjacent parts of Shropshire, until his firieodt 
found him the means of escaping to France. In his flight ham 
Worcester, he was accompanied by Lord Wilmot, Colonel Gif^ 
fard, and some other of his faithful adherents. Colonel GiflM 
was a Catholic gentleman who resided at ChillingUm-park^ ia 
Stafibrdshire, about two miles E. of BosaM and the nunneiy 
called White 'Ladiesy in Shropshire, nine miles N. W. « 
Wolverhampton (see page 481). Being well acquainted with 
the country, he conducted the King to his seat of Wbhe- 
Ladies, where his majesty, having cut his hair short, dismisied 
his retinue, assumed the garb of a peasant, and committed the 
safety of his person to Richard Pendrell, a woodman of Bosco- 
bel,who had three brothers, all sen-ants living in the same nei^ 
bourhood. Though death was denounced against all who oon* 
cealed the King, and a reward of jt* 10,000 promised to any one 
who should l>etray him, this noble peasant and his biuthen 
remained unshaken in their fidelity to their sovereign. The 
King passed the first day of his concealment, with Richard Pen- 
drell, m a neighbouring wood, where they pretended to employ 
themselves in cutting fagots ; and when it grew dark they set 
Dut for Madeley, in Shronshire, with the intention of passing the 
Serem into lia/cs ; but learning tliat a\\ the fotds and passes of 


hrtiictljr puaidcd, the King was seemed in a Im 
ft Mlliotic grailemaii named Wolf, of Madeli 
lauBd tin nigbt'fkll, and iben retumed wiili Pc 
afcd- Next morning, for a belter coui!ea)iiient, t 
tt m'ah Colonel Culfss, «'ho coDnniuided for his n 
itlJe of Worcesier, mounted it large oak» in Bosoot 
ihej sliellered themselvat amaoe the leaves a 

Ibor'aiid-tnentT hours. On Sunday night Pendn 
B EiDKt opon a miller's horse, U> '>>» lin.i™ nf ti 
niubolic gentleman, at MatrUy, 

, teceireil ■■ith e^erj mart of loyalty r ici 
uned till T»esday night, when his I ity 

fiutliful ktffit, and vas Utken by Lort. ilm 

teudence of Colonel Ijuie, about four id 

ards Walsall. During tbe Kine's stay al 

Ur. Huddlcston'rl- (the priest of the famil,^ 

cace was a direct oasKiire into a secret bijni) 

i:^ tuid in which Mr. Huddle^ton had becD ■ 

take pheller in lliose limes : in this hole hia Wbjo- 
If apon all jlunri i.'[ tbe ajijiroach of the rebels, but 
mnhtid the addien to preTent a search tor the King. 
B^t, Lord Wjlmot leh Moedey, and went hack to 

ooitfalt with Colonel I^ne npon mcaaarec to be 

M^eatT'a safety. A scheme was hem fenned lor 
a Bristol. Colonel I^ne baring a relatiiHi a thaf 
|y*H a, pais for bis raster and a senant to riiit Um- 
bgtusA as a scrrant, rode before Min !«», and 
bS in Mtfe^ ', but no vcMd bebg ready to sail, hi* 
(fat a. tempcoary securi^ at Cohmd Wrndbam's in 
At length, a ressel was ptocnTOd at Brighthdm- 
e^ mtter various adieetures, the King anired on 
k, and haring embarked he was next day safely 
aditmf, in Normandy. Upon his ResleratiaB, in 
raided many of his bithfal preserrers with pennons, 
gonarchy and episcopacy to the greatest spleadour ; 
son became one of the most Toluptuous, tyrannical, 
nmons ntonaicbs that e*er swayed the sceptre of 

^ bin iMK Bwedota af Uk Rer. John HudJlutOB, pgUWicA 
nan mo. thai Bkkud Pnilnll, tbs kowit ud toTil pnltclor 
«ca FcfaravT 8. IVl. Kr. HaddlHton wu tbi Kior- owtut 
Mr. WhitgmiT'a, ud wkn hii MiO»>1 diputad, ki uc* ni l" 
with uunaca tl hli hicnd^ip. Mi. HnddkiloD ■ftum4> 
B BmcdkUM nuDli but idunlBt, sfoo tta 

3G iiisiouv OF 1 

En::r1und ; — siicrificiiip: both Catholics and Dissenters to his needy I 

policy, and supporting the Protestant Chur«;h, not from pria* I 

ciplei hut interest, as was evinced in his dyinqf inoment^. On I 

liis accession to the throne, tlie hishivps were allowed to reranp I 

their seats in the House af Peers, and an Act of Uniformity w 1 

pa.~<!:e:l, reiiuirinfr of all clerixymen, episcopal onlination,canoBieil .1 

obedience, and a ^enerAl assent to every tiling contained in tlM 1 

Book of Common Pniyer. For not confonning to this ad, I 

more than 20(M) clcr^cynien were deprived of their beneficefiy ni I 

thus ori^n&te<l Non-ronftynninf or Protestant dissent ; for prior 

to this time, the Puritans had remained members of the emb- I 

lishment, thou^fb labouring to promote a further reformatkl. J 

The ejected ministers suffered much under the operation of wr- ] 

eral severe laws, amonj;st which were the Omventicle, the Oxfmd, 1 

the Cnrpt>ration, and the Test Act* ; all of which are happily l 

now ah()li>hcd ; — the two lirst beinf^ annulled by the Toliraiim I 

ylcf, pji^'sed in l<$8ii, but the two latter were not repealed till I 

1 N'iH, a few months before the passing of the Cathouc Eman- I 

cipation Bill. I 

In the RebeUinn nf 1745, when a rash attempt was made ] 

by the youn<( I'retcnder to restore tlie dynasty of the Stuarti, I 

the Scottish insurf^euts, commanded by Prince Charles Edward I 

and the Dukes of Perth, Athol, Sec, marched through Leek, on I 

Tuesday, December iJrd, (0. S.) on their way to Derby, and I 

returned on the Saturihiv following, lo the great eonstematioa | 

of the inhabitiuits, who feared the consequences of an action b^ | 

twecn thcni and the army of the Duke of Cumberland thai 

stationed at Stone, with an advanced guard at Newcastle-under- 

Lyme. But this alarm was of short dumti(ni ; for tlic rebds J 

de'.med it ]>rudent to hasten back to Scotland, where the Doka ] 

sixm afterwards completely destroyed their hopes in the mo- j 

Tijonible battle of Cullodeni (April ilUli, 1740,) juul restored the ] 

kingdom <mce more to peace and tninquillity. Since that period, ' 

the history of Staffordshire is confined to the improvement and 

extension of its connneroe and manufactures, its mines, roadSi 

canals, public institutions, Ncc. Sec. 


Staffordshire exhibits as great a variety of soils as anv other 
<^ounty in England of a similar extent. Pitt says the dratle soUm 
niay ill genenil be divided into, /fr*/, tlic stiff and strong clayey, 
(argillaccHJUs), ; srrond, the loose and light, sandy, (arenaceous,); 
^ird, lime earth, (calcareous,^ ; and /owr/Zi, the mixed or com- 
pound soil, or loam, coinposeii of the above with the addition of 
*tones and other matters. The strong clayey soil Is most prcva- 
ipnt in the hundred of Cuttlestone, and in those portions of the 
^wndnKi of Ofllow, which lie north of the Trent, and east of the 
"^^c, together with tlie southern portions of Pirehill and Tol- 
'"^^nslow, The light soil predommatcs chiefly in the hundred 


f efOmou, to llic M>ut1i of the Trenl, Rud in ihe hnniuA dl M^ 
jm, amunil Paltitigham, Wombouni, Himlcy, ani AMRnriB- 
Ibnl. 'The tntadmc lamU, whicli, for tlie inuil paitlam the 
■icUiUy of the mnali and riTers, usuallf ^txkc at Aa Baton 
of tlic aimlite mU iu tlicir Tcqtcctive viciaitie!, with tiw iMfiim 
of the icdtiiiant of water, when within reach of the MnuWi Xa 
*cutc nrticafau spots snit oirth forms the soil ~ 
RKmna*, mtchingdiSerent degrees of thiclcnrss 
clilHr at Acr»y^ rooIH of aquatic vegetables. 
— ■ — a tranb of large trees, of which manj? ~— 

The Middtr pert of rAf Counfy is for the most aait Isnl, 
ncept Cannock Chase, &n immense open heAtb whka nnlb la 
a nini4ilml>h elerratiiiD, from which issiie man; MIMBa tttt 
Hob in xU djtcctioiu to the Trent East of this ^— 1\ tlinl M 
tai If ihr riier Tame, is a Dnct of light Mil, or MM7 nd 
r p, r'li In. , ,ii4 ID theeaslof thaiiiTeiisa.strnflgarndxed 
■ ffl:. . Ml' Luih as com mid paslurp land. Between 

il' ■ l>.ivc, i^; Needuood Forest, (iinw enclosed,^ 

ndufti '■P " {Tuoxeter, if A tiBCt of strong 01 lo&mysoil, and 
ipia «a l« Eocdeshall, and the borders of ShropihiTe, is a 9tioi)g 
HmiaediBai), orlmua. Tha country, son^ of Cannock Chase, 
itaiatMdgrwdlf loam; but that south and west of Wolrer- 
hmpjM is a hitter khI. To the north of Dudley, and again 
MarVaW), an comidemble tracts of IhiuilOTU, some in eleva- 
ltd dill, and otben in stnb beneath the surface, either in 
detadied panaor solid rock: the limestone in both places ia 
ivved to be newly upon tbe «ame lerel, bv canals commnnica- 
fiag betwcea them, and into the heart of the works, at 900 feet 
IM* tlte lerel of the sea. Some of the cliffs are candderablT 
■here that kvel, and the nndeT-stiata beneath it: petriiied 
■eiine siibatancea, and other gnudUnvUat remoiiw, are found 
Mt imbedded in the solid rock, and in the fiaenres between the 

n* Nartk-tetit of the county from Stone, through Newcastle 
10 TUk-«iMbe-biU, and thence to Betlej and Dr*.jton, is gene- 
nllj laui, with a varied understratum of sand, gravel, marl, or 
gdMSBelDck; the aoil, being the happy medium between the 
MtriU^ of sand and the banSnesa of clay, is adapted either to 
fflageoT — ■- "^ ' ' -■ -'■'- -■=-'-——" 

hge,ud the com crops hare generally a. prominng appear- 
oee: opon the whole, this district may be termed a fine coun- 
liT, ihoogh not without some spots of inferior land. Near 
Miter heath, and Ashley Common, may be fonnd a thvu blaclL 
pat-mwr seU, and on the billy putt, poor aand, gnvcl, m to^ 



Tho Southrm pan of the countv abouniU in coal, llnir. ," 
iniDSluiiv, and is less letel Uian the'tniddk. The limalatt i. . 
snd cliffs of SedRley aiid Dudley Caa\e, rite lo ilir l.k":.; 
two or three hundied feet, iind fiimislk an inexhitu': ' ' 
of lliM mulerial ; wliilc Rowley lUgis exbibib a -t r . : 
' lariiy, being in iiMlf an inBuUud muuutain, oonipu- 
dm of granite or primevikl aUme, ending in laix : 
miminilx, tint cotend ntlh u rich vegeuhlc lAith, 
point, called Tumei's Hill, is the most elevuteil [.'i 
south of Sl&ffordsbiK : the olbetbig^best points of It ' 
I«in, are Oakham and Corney bills. The bue of tl 
ix composed of an extiemelyluird, rusty-blue colonri', 
colled Rowley rag-itime, not at »ll gritty ox Ciilcarfiu 
an infinite number of fragments, 80Rie of ihera ufiiri: 
holh beneath and upon ihe surface. Liirf^ qunMii: 
curied to Binningbiun, and other places, for paviii'^ 
iugroads. The rock called Rowley hail-slune, i« <i 
ttud similar quality. The xurfncc-iioil ia a gooti <>i 
tclentive of moislnm even in ita devoted situation, .m 
a good herbage of grass. The toads in this pari!, 
nieciptees, and most of theb«ary carriage is perfonji. 
bocka of horses. The Clent HiUt, 10 the souUi-»i^i 
are oaupotied of stune-trasli, (traeeia arauura), m < 
unall fiQginenis of broken rock-sione intenuixcil > 
jMndy loam : the lower ground purtokes more ol 1 
loamy 4Uulity. The xlone-liash appareolJy goi- 
doplli, and by quickly imbibing rain, rcnilerd tltc >^'i:\ 
liable lo burn m Itoi summeiB, except where tin- ' 
retained bv tlie marly luum abounding in lliv surf < 
Don^dmable part of Clent hills is sbeep-nnik, iln 1 
I .gVMmlty with a line turfed herbage: these tiill Mm. 
I -cqnxl llioseof Bionleyin height, and seem uupalik' ' ' 
I ui4 hariey culture. Tlicro are senjral patcbes oi n 
I ihls pan of ibo county, producing licnih, fern, vli . 
r niiilt gTH.11, uhilc galium.and ihecn's surrel. Ki!:: 
[ light «T»veily suil, with a grii-rovk batlon, of »iiii 
",r Ir,- frrlile. Weslof Kinfare, the Mil di.<!' 

-I ' Toiirly loam, more or lew harsh or <\:.^. 

' ■'■'■iriKton, und Ovcr-Areley, (on ■ ■ 
< iilien rocky, with anutU frnfiui' 
: 'I Mime parlH qiitU'tsoM, in oiln 1 - 
>L<'>- in colour from md to grey, "i ' 

_ ,e culiiTaUon is llie lanie as on oilu'i sir.i 

Bville if fninuus fur black cKerriet ; and tlie pleaMn 
M EuvUle Uait, (tlio DUtgnilicent sent of the t\u>l 
^Hul Waninglou,! are GXIotudrc, and uell itorkcd uiili 

^_ uidcrwonil of every dL-wriplion, ainouttst wl 

Vwil jNtpundcrvloi in gretit prvfuwun. and Iftofklndtvl 
n^mtgnivth: Otae ftmuuda vmjauuuul vnoc buautifulj 


cston<iivtf pri»spects. Over-Areley is famous for fruit, cspeciallv 
c/^f'f, for ^hich the soil and aspect are well adnptod. 

The Xorth part of the county, callecl the MOORLANDS, 
i!iclu«les about one-sixth of the countv, the whole llnndml of 
Tiitmanslow. and the eiisteni vicinity of the Potteries. Tlie iuce 
of ihi< portion of the couutv is various, but in general hilly, \Mtlk 
lar^ tracts of uncultivaterf land. Cheiulic is situated in a plea- 
^ut vale of jTOod mixed soil, hut surrounded by lar^rc and barren 
liilLs composed of huge heaps of steril gravel. Cheadle-park, 
u<m in cultivation, aliounds in mines of coal, of great value ; but 
the hills are generally on an understmtum of sjind or sandy rook, 
and Cii«'ered with heath (erica ri/A/<imj, broom, whortle-borrie^. 
mountain earex*s, cinquefoils, cestus's, matt grass, and kna]) 
weeds all of diminutive growth : tliese barren wastes arc still 
terv extensive, tboui;h many enclosures have been made duriiiLT 
ifte laM 20 years. The commons or wastes, lietweeu Chradle 
and Odkamoor, called High Shutt, Rimger, and AIvct()ii-<:oiii- 
nioo, consist of an innnensi' number of nide heaps of graxri. 
'«!tb,in imders-tratuni of soft sni<ly rock, throw iitugetliiT \\iili> 'i it 
'•MiT'T l«inn, nr nitbcr into cviTy fonn that can be foncciNnl.' 
.\ nulv l»« the north of Oakanioor, s) called fnun bcinir t<'\« «i'l 
Aiih il'A.irf uak"*. the limesttme amutnf begins : it cxtcinU iiji 
[> \»*iL*le tu near Loncrnor, and includes, from the D.ivc tn M«'r- 
r*.'ii:r. a ^pace i>f til'ty or sixty sipiarc miUs. The «jiiantit\ --f 
li!iit^t»»hc herf is inc\hau*>tible, and in niiuiy places of iinniiii^e 
:jjickne>^ This i> the best ]»art ot the Moorlands; the ^.'11 
McHi^ r»« have a natunil aptitude for prmhuinir a fine ln'rl»;iir« nl 
^.'t;!?*.^ The M'livr hilU are of coiisidcrahle extent, and e.'iii 
pc^-d of immense heaps of limestone, i^ivered with a giuul e;iK;i- 
re«»u* earth, capable of being inipro\ed int<» amble and pa-iiiu 
land: th»'V are enclosed in large tracts by "slone walls, l»iit ih-f 
subdivided ; and larje breadths have nexer underL'i'ue the l« i^t 
improvetuent. These hills are \ery lofty, atui nearly a^ liiuh m^ 
the Mtiurlandsor Derbyshire Peak hilK, whieh may he seen t! 'in 

■ •TV.i* Virrvn trart,impractirAl>k' to tin- plonjii. innrlit In iiiipr>'\' il :!it<- '. ■ 
l«ad u}4 piaintation, and Kiuie open Byols of tlu- luobi i:i\oiir:it>U- .in|>i «to r> ^< . ■ 
isrcwirn* la cotta<;f tcnemrnU, ami culti\:ili-<l with tiktr !>|i:iil« iml !i ■' ( <• ■ 
Off rf !i*e«f r»«rk> drcliT-ittf^, to the north^.i^t ff <».ikuin«<»r. i^ i i'i'i\iii-: | 1 " ' 
tiifQ 'f V. rrh fir, »prucc, uak. lime, hirrh. <v.illii\\. .unl nu»Mi.f uii t-h ti'i^ i- i • '- 
ll>f« (>« Li:**'^t {fupm^'tmirnt to which tbr- sulv^ nt J>irn-n pin-ijiin » < -ii i ■ -^i■ !\ 
kp irnnifiit b\ humin iiuliistr)' i <uid it w<'r«< tn W \vi.h«>l thit ill pn!.:.- 
^tnnur «ii«>H-Ti«*ii that otier prl'^lillIn^ fur pl.intiiu'. \v<>nlil limit <wh pn nn r • •■ 
fRKiihl^ iin|<r:irtii*,LbIr' to lino pIoHirh. iir nf mu:i11 \ ttiti. ii<>t • \t>-)"li'U' |-. : 
•parilH raxu. The practic* uf phtntin.; i-\t(.Mi.»i\«-1\ ii|miii liili l»v< '. .- ■ '. 
pMtorr land, may be consideretl a nalioin! ivil. mm-Ii I tit<l >>«-iii ' mi.*' ii.i ■ . . ■• • 

♦ TW br**^! of iftiix, of the Ion;; h'»rni»il kind, in this ilistnrt, i«^ v i- r ili\ m 
Ii Ikow of tb«> suotb of the coiint> : thi.« ni:i> !>»' ittlnlntli'il to ilx ptixi ' 
INwthof rom lirinv chi^'Siy attf/idf-ff t„ in tin- I itt'i W/i i%|ori. v\»,i'vT i.-. 
ktm» thp pnarJpai ohjrcf. 

I • . 


tlieir summits : the fall o^cu from the foot of them to the lu^rhest 
parts of the Dove or the Churuet, is very pt^at ; and tho«e riven 
are here ver}- rapid.* Stanton Moor, to the east of these hills, 
is a considerable waste, on a limestone surface : the limestone is 
intermixed with g)'psum or alalmster. Lime being much used 
here as manure, botii on ploughed land and turf, large quantities 
of it are burnt in this neighbourhood : it has been obsen'ed, that 
after liming a coarse turf, white clover has flourished abundantly 
where that plant had not before been noticed. The fencei, ink 
large tract of this country, are almost wholly oi stone fcalhj buUt 
without cement or mortar, and consequently liable to gaps gai 
breaches : quickset fences arc certainly much superior, both for 
shelter and appeanmcc, and particularly as these walls do not 
admit of drains or ditches alongside them. 

The MOORLANDS, in point of elevation, arc far a1)ove the 
south of the county, rising at least from 100 to 200 perjiendiculv 
yards above the general level : on these heights are large tracu 
of enclosed pastumge. This elevation greatly increases the de- 
gree of cold, by combining the causes that produce it, and bf 
being more exposed to the elements of air and water in evenr 
form and variety of wind, hail, snow, or niin; and the countiy b 
almost in a state of nature, without any shelter or covenng 
except stone walls, which have little etfect in keeping off the 
cold winds : the little wheat and barley sown here will not rivm, 
nor oats in due time, except the season be very favourable, fhe 
plantations at Oakover (nartly of oak), are in a flourishing state; 
and the house, situated in a park well stocked with deer, com- 
mands a fme view of the Dove. At Ham, farther up the Dove, 
is a \er>- pleasant seat, which, from its romantic situation, 
suggests the idea of a glen in the Alps: \\\o considerable riven, 
the Hamps and Manyfofd, here rush from under the limestone 
hills, after a subterraneous passage of several miles in separate 
streams. The precipices that surround the valley in which 
Ham stands, are well clothed with oak, and other wood ; the 

Sleasure-walks from the hall, on one of these precipices, are 
iversified and beautiful, and resemble shelves, one almost per- 
pendicularly above another, the sides of which are funiisbea by 
nature, witli scarcely any assistance from art, with a profusion 
of flmcen of no ordinary appearance.f Several curious speci- 
mens of petrified finh arc preserved here, said to be of the caip 
or barbel species, but which, in reality, are fragments of chert 

* ** On tbew summilft, in a very red M>il, the Vpiand BurntU fpoteritim MM' 
9viiorh€ifJ prow» in profution anionf; the limeitonr ; it would b« worth while to 
tnuuplant the young roots, and tave the teed fur cultivation a* winter food for 
*lirep{ the plant being remarkably liardy, and good tnod tor Mheep or rattle.^— ni/. 

•f Amongst others, native geraniums uf diflTerent sorts, the oentanrea srabiosa, 

and other shewy natives : in a meadow over the water, the ramfun, ('aHinm 

»nim¥m^tL Bheuy tlowert but no desiiabia paiture-plant, floariihes in great proAi* 



»■ : s 

••.■...• ^.♦'i. ,' eiii^'Hlied in tlic limestone rock wlitn in a sUiiv ••! 
•i .'..•/% : •.'!;». liT»it*toiie beiiicr softer than the chert, ijju>i tif iliex 
::..rn. !■.:<■ ]T- itct iu the middle, which gives them a resend»hiii«< 
: v.-V. : fhrri T ii.'ur \t.Tv jlt^-hkI specimens are shewn to thn^t 
■.»li • \>:i I.jiu Hull, whfU' the subternuieons rivers fnnn twi- 
^•. r;. ' Tl .:. M ;i ; 1 5 . Tiie hold and romantic IlUh of Thorp Cioufl. 
v,iK /;••'.>.', ■*:! iliht'T .side the Duve, mav he seen from rhe^ 
JT. .:.'.» t!,i iiitttT (in Statlordshirc), is an immense Iwny nt 
i.i.-- -.v. Uii c-'vcvid ^^it^l a lijrht earth, and well stockrd uiih 
n' !:*: :t.!\\Tt.ii the«f liills the Dove falls in abrupt ca<c;iHe<. 
I- r." '. utritiTii.-^ «it liine'Jtone have fallen from the overhaiiirint:" 
;•:■••- v^ i:ii.« the diaiiiit'l of the river.* MiU-dnh-, nearAi- 
»•■:.' .'l. :- :i loii:r narrow vale or jjlen of g^rcat de[»th, tlu 
s •• "1 •••''.;i '.» .Ill c'lup^ved of overhanjrinj^ precipices of linje- 
** ' ' . ' <-.v...\\\ i\ i'.» l»e finnj 10m to 150 yards of 
«■.•.•/! .. Ill M» vcvv steep that thev can be ascended onl\ m 
•» I ".:'.•••.- ; ilio uidth of this jjlen, at the t«»i», scarcely e.\- 
:• •i'.^tii i>f it"* *^ide<. The Vnlr nf Manijfnld \s situated 
•. WiiTi.ii arid I5u»terton, uhere tlie wateVs of the Many- 
' ■-. P \ »l.f ll'-iTirrv under tl I' liiOf^-tMiie liilK. :nii« 
_. ':•, :ii. 11- !ii, t'l/iis" iiiilr*' l'i.I.i\\. Tiu- vririlii 1 i?!; 
:. > ■..]'. «'..iu i/ivi- ;i v|.«it ii;iin- \\"M aii«i n-iu-nn! 
■ •> ■ ■! tLi- \:iK'. '/'Am-'v-//'!//-' ( './jv.;//, i'- :i ••rii-v'.;! i 
- ■, ' I tlij ^it'.r "la b'ri\ I'ru'ij'i-' ; it li;i^ "-i'lii' '.vl::,' 
■ ♦ !:.!■ i^' ••{'a (^M'fliii.* fl.iiii']', ;c!i'! ifi.;- Ut 1.: 
1. t •:*;. r!i«- ti;>-< "1' (■•Mniiry l^"Uh-l■:l•^f nf Miii» 
• •• j. iVi 'iT l!:» .M"-'rl iiid--. Jill'! of S«;ill'>r(l.'-I.i!i-. flu- 
. ;i-;-i>i'.j'-l«' j<«>rii!':» el' if iK-iiiu* !«■■» in.-\«u !''»! 
. .. I. '•■J- ti-.>. :- < I \\a-u- lai'd ]j. ii-, tli'.'Uiib -'• eU\ati«i 
' ! ■;•:. ':■■.., .11. "!..« it'ly 1ii;;]i nii'urs aiiil {i; .M 1!1m^-i -; <.i 
.;■:". ■•:! :« • J-arf "t" M'Mii'.im'. A\i li-jc, tli«- ('i««iid-!:« atij, 
■ . ■*. l.i I •.-liill:. and M'»le-e'!|», tlsouirli ai'miiL'^t 'br 
■ •■ 'i :'. Tiu- •■• III::;,. Tlu ''uraiinii^ cir liiip vi,i;;,- !i.,«:..|,; 
■ ^l ■".■ -I'j*-. al..Mit -i\ inib.'N N. "l" L«.i.k, aii'l tin- i:5i<l<- 
.-• t'.i :rati nl" r..nntry t" the wist, i- Lonrrall;. im-I;. 

-..'.■'i.j".'* 't -'>ii!e «'l till- bilK ill tlii^ part i>f tin- funiiy 

• ••• ::; l-.CL-r tiviiifirdou^ c'ilV-, jiani«ularlv tb«»>«.' < albd 

1:.» r. Korni>. r.nd irSTOXESSMAKP CLIMS, ubi. j, 

!. ■ .-. «i id laVvre be.ip^ ot' rude and iuulj^'I r»nk piled nijc 

■ .• •"i.i..ii:d Iia\t a luo^t tt'iTili*" a<]MMi : in "-hiim* {-Lu ( -. 

■ '. - - rinjinrii-*- 'i/.«' art' lu-a].c«l |iiLr«lb« :•. ;.t:.' '•vi.-rhai,'.. 


I • 

• ,. 1 !•.• : , !^- .ij t: «N I..I. ..■• ■■.!! It H'l::. if ^ ■:!. 

...«.•■.. II '. it-ii •: 'lill'- ■!!• I- '■ ■•!■!■ * .' I ! • ''. "I- f I i"' 
'. .', • .i*t ■..;■•■•(•■ II •.■•••■ .I'li ' ■ •■■ • h' *\ \.. wi M' ! ! 

■.. V. •-, ... 

: v.. I'.-.. 

/ .' 

[. .: 


the prtcipices, tlireatening destruction to the traveller ; and some 

Kn)ken masses of pro<li}i^ous bulk, have evidently rolled from the 

*iunimits. Leek Kocks, or Roches, are composed of a coarse 

siiudy grit- rock ; those of Ipstones of coarse plum-pudding stone 

f breccia arenaceajj and seem like sand and small pebbles cemented 

lugother. It is evident, from the huge tremendous cliffs la 

which these hills, and others in the neighbourhood, terminate, 

and the immense fragments of liroken stones which lie scattered 

in every direction, that these rocks, at an early period, have ben 

turn in pieces by some violent con^nilsions of nature. These 

^tunc clins and fragments cover a considerable extent of countxr, 

particularlv about Ipstones, Wetley Rocks, Leek Rocks, to tlie 

\\est of liiish, High Forest, the' Cloud-heath, and Mole-cop 

common, with the waste to the north of this common, and in 

many other ])laees. Upon Morredge and Axheath Commons^ large 

i|uailtitics of peat are dug for fuel. The peat-motites on Mor- 

rt'dge arc generally three ur four feet deep, with an understiatom 

of gravelly clay. The peat here, and on Axedge, is extrenielr 

{Hirousand retentivt' of moisture, and even in a dr^- season, yiel^ 

>uilicient water from pressure to supply several small lakes and 

ri\ ulets, and star> es the natunil herbage : indeetl, nothing gnws 

• 111 or near these spots except heath (erica), whortle-berries, the 

inttony rush or grass (eriophorum raginaium)^ carexV. and 

rushes. One groat obstruction to the improvement of these 

lands, is the immense quantities of stone lying on, or 4»f rocks 

rising out of the surface. The most sanguine friend to agricuUnre 

can expect little more here than sheen-walk or plantation, and it 

would 1/C praise-worthy in the landed proprielor< at least tu 

iUtcmpt the latter, in which there can be no doubt but their 

efforts would be crowned with complete success. 

The Ali iTUDEs of the highest points of Stafi'ordshire above the 
Kvcl of the Thames at Brentt\»r(l, are as follows : — ^The summit 
ill' the SiaO'ovdshire canal .'k^o feet ; of the Binningham canal 
.'inO ; of the Wyrlcy canal at Es>ington-Wood .>t»C> ; «»f Hushbun- 
liill <{.>(); Bafbcacon 7.3l) ; Rowk-v-hill 1400; Bunster 1200; 
Wcvcr-hills l.'>00; and the sunnnit «»f the Trent and Mersey 
canal 120 fed. 

AoKioi'i.iURK. — During the last half centurv, but few eoun- 
tics in r'niiiiind have made greater improvement in the cultiva- 
tion of the soil, and in the breeding of stock, than Staffordshire. 
Drainiwj^ the fonii«lalioji «if all other iniprovcnicnt>. when fwm 
the nature o{ the .soil it is necessary, has been practised here 
upon a very extcu^ivo scale, and executed in asi'ientitie and mas- 
terlv manner ; gcnenlly with //As, of which large ipiantities are 
maile in \arious parts of the county ; and indeed they are cht alter 
and more suitable for the pnrpose than any other material tiiat 
might be uscil, espeinally since they have been exempte*! from 
dutv,— an ad\anlage for* which the 'farmers are chiefly indebted 
to the i'Xirtion> of Sir John WroUcAcv, w\\c\\ \w levre^ente^l 


UMM bk FMfiMMnt. IfH^a Um iMtabo beoi extensiTelr 
ai^lid iB firiow nrti 6f tbD oo«B^, and ICm9 u DOW in mem 
mm,md§ MvnybaMMdMli inonnnUeaad gnw 
ImL IhtlaplflMeBliOfliiitbiBdiyhafeDeeaBiMliimpiioV^ 

te AmUagsMhiB* loAndaoedoB many of tlwlugiBr &niis» 
nianv >HitiBn to now ptid Ummdi fbfmeiiy in nwkiiMp and 
iiidbi Ifag iiitoiia ooiyti and aiannwa. Hie gates and wnoes 
anfMBlIf ftanlin anMOm Mpair,and ihenM»de d Uyinff 
and linBliM fc id w ahaa of late jean been nraeii improved. 
nnSSl^MSMw Amp& to an eflkiMit impleaient, and its coa- 
mnelfan nan Men in Many paiii inipiofed hf an indtalion of 
Ai SWiy JliUfiii naad in fte nortfaem eonnto. The TVtn 

^AelMitefallinftninMnta lor endloating weeds 
asfl into good tiUh, to now in meral use ; and 
onrli an iDOps tm e t e d on annum lii^ter and less 
flan liian ^ey weio ilibr yeais ago. Among the 
■asa irideii hafo kd to ^ bpiofement of the ainrieal- 
twi of ftaiJBwtoliiWb Aa paitiality of unny^ die noble and other 
Jnge tondownen of die ooonty for thto most interesting and 
Qinul aity may jnsdy be considered the principal one. '* Scattered 
about in different parts of the couDtj, the demesnes of these 
gentlemen may be loolced upou as a sort of school, iu which the 
pnurtices of other districts may be leanit, the best implements 
may be inspected, and the merits of the various stock of different 
counties may be duly estimated by the practical farmer. Amon^ 
persons devoted to tne same pursuits, tiie most lively and lastin<r 
iriendKhips are usually formea ; and this effect has been produced 
among the gentlemen of this county. To inspect the improvements 
carrying on upon each other's farms, has led to a social inter- 
coune, which could scarcely have been formed under any other 
circumstances." In these friendly meetings, the paltry jarrings 
of pieties are forgotten in the contemplation of those far more 
interesting pursuits, which have for their object the cultivation 
of the soil and the bettering the condition of the poor. The 
prevailing taste for agricultuxal improvement, which has been so 
long manifested in Staffordshire, has caused the establishment 
of two societies, one at Lichfield, and the other at Newcastle. 
The first is denominated '* The Staffordshire General AgricuUu' 
ral Soeietfy'* and is liberally supported by the nobility, gentry, 
and prinapal fanners, whose annual contributions are given in 
pieminms only to the practical farmers, as it is properly consid- 
ered that there could not be a fair competiti(m between them and 
the owners of the soil ; who, however, for the purpose of keeping 
alive the spirit of emulation, " either make matches among tlieni- 
Mflves, or enter into different sets of sweepstakes, which of course 
are open to die tenants also." The principal premiums of this 
vxriety are given to encourage general cultivation, ratlier than 
that of partioular crops ; and thus there is offered to the teuaui 
who shali cnltivatcv '^ improve in the best manner, l\\e (^in\ 


lie occupies, consistinpr <>f nut less than 200 acres, a piece of 
plate of the value of £50, and to tlie second best a prize of £25 
value. For farms of 100 acres, the first prize is a silver cup of 
jC30, and the second of £15 value. Besides these, premiums 
:ire usually };nven for the various sorts of hiimed cattle, sheep, 
and swine ; and £\0 to the person who shall invent and 
exliibit the best toid or implement of husbandr}-, found to be 
better adapted to the intended purpose, than any then in use. 
There are also several premiums offered to lalmurers, who have 
brought up the largest families without parochial relief; and 
likewise to those who produce the best characters from their 
employers for long and industrious senitndc, and for the deup 
lint»ss of their cottages and gardens. Dtmicstic senants, of 
both sexes, are idso remembere<l, and stimulated, by suitahk 
prizes, io habits of honesty, industry, sobriety. Sec. Tlie annual 
iiiei'tings of the society are numerouj^ly attended, and the shew 
of stoeli, of every dcserij)ti«>n, is of the tirst rate quality. " The 
ScivciLsiif and Pnticfjf Atfrivultural Sochtff,^* was established 
about 3.5 years ag«i, and its subscribers and objects are chieflj 
eonlined to a ilistriet of 15 miles round Xcweasile. The meet- 
ings for the distribution of prizes, \'c., nw held annually in 

The Extatrx in StafTonlshire are in great varii;tv as to extent 
and value, from that of the noMeman and the wealthy con J moncr, 
to the bunibje freeholder or er)pyln)lder oi' lOs. a year. The 
county «;an boast o( many opuleni gentlciuen, who fann or cul- 
tivate their own land upon a very exteiisi\e scale, and on the 
most apjirovnl methods ; as also do a \ast numl>er of smaller 
proprietors, each owning from 100 to :VM> aere<. Tliosi'oflhe 
latter class are distingui'^hetl as ye<»men in the parish Directories 
in this volume. .A large portion of the eounlv is held on /eate- 
hM and copt/hnhl tenures, under the lords ot^ the manors, and 
the Bislioji and Dean and Chapter of Lichfiebl. Lvwtes are 
often gninted ; sometimes for 'Jl years, but generally f«>r a much 
>horter period. In mo*;! covenants, fallowing is considered as 
necess;iry : — Tlu; growth of hem]>, tlax, and T\\\iQ, for seed, i< 
generally prohibited or restrielcd to an acre, and meadow land 
»»ecured from the plough. Tenants are restrained from cropping 
and lo]t]ung timber, nud from taking more than a siatcnl number 
of crops. They are al.<t» Innind to use all their own dung on the 
premises, and sometimes restriele<l from selling hay or .straw, 
and bound t«' kitp the buildings in repair, the landlord finding 
the materials. IMany gentlemen who have large estates round 
rheir seats do not gmnt leases ; but so long as their tenants act 
with justice? and skill, they are scarcely e\er disturbed in the jh».<.- 
session of their fauns, and they often rent (»n easier tenns than 
the Ii-aseludder. 

The JhitMintfs \\i this eounlv eompri^-e many magnificent and 
^'f*';mnf Seats nf nobility anrf genlT)- ; arouxvA \n\\\v\\, vW beau- 



A* «'l 

•I UiiiWajH: Lave been united willi the iniprr»vemcxits (»f tiif 
::-.-!iit^!ic. l»\ Ui^te antl attention in pluiitiug,ana 1>y dmining: und 
•uij>r«vui<r ilio ^Hig'g'y and unsound spottt, and in some instauc-es 
Its vriKkuieiiul and useful tish-pouds, or sinall lakes. Anionp: 
liie \«mK'ipid «rHts, urt» Trentliam, Saiidon, Iiijurestrc, Shuif- 
•»-T«"Uu':i, Cbartii'v. Beaude^ert, Haplcy, lliinley, Saudwell, Eii- 
m1\»-, liiiiiiiidd. \Ve>ti»«, Teddeslev, \Vftittcslcy/Patte>liull,Cliil- 
l:ii;n"ii. S.iratTi"«»rd, Hilton, Aqualate, Oakley, S\%innerton, Etru- 
:i.i, .i!i«l rixail, all i>f which uill he dcscrilted at Nu1>se4[ucnt 
:'.i;:t*. M.iuy uf the ancient /'Viri/i-ZifniiU'^, coiistrueted of \M>od 
iiiu |'!;i>UT. \*ith little desipii or contrivance for conifort or con- 
<vii:iiK-i-. and PHifed with thatch, have g'iven place to modem 
irtiii-'U^ i»f hrick, covered with tiles or elates; and of the siinie 
'.I'':. tlic lianis and other outbuildings have been in many 
j'lut-* Tcl'uiit. 

1 U' F'lntLf vary in size fn)m 20 to 500 acres and upwards and 
I low ••! thrm conipri>e upward«4of 1000 acres; the consolidation 
.2 ^i:;.ii] fainis having prcvailecl as much here as in most other 
r.iri^ -1 the kintrdun). The HenU are always pai<l in money, 

• -. ,■ :LiuLr likt- jHT-^tMial '=er\ice>ari' still kept up, as inaiiy 
' . ■ :• i,nirr their tfiianis io keep tlicni a ^1^^L^ and to ^up]>ly 

•.•.:i".!\ with a da\'s team-work. Siiu-t' tlic voar 1S(h1, 

:■ : "• ..•■ 1 -i.^iiU ral»l\ :ulvauct'd ; himl iit-ar po|>ult»us t'»\Nn^ 

_• "; • .' L'f \'ri' am-, in snine in>lanris at tJ i»r 7 ;:uint'a'<. and 

.:. .. • .-. .: :?'. j»ir r'»d ol'fM <«|uan' yanU, which is almut 

i. . ?• AiVi'. Maii\ farms in tin' t«»nntry ha\c ))tTn r.iiM'fl 

• -. i " ^-J. ••! t'*J. 1"-. p«T aurc. Tin- LTncral rent of tin- 

". . -. ;• . i.ij»-, lieeu raiseil •»he-thinl, and n(»N\ varies fnnn 

• ' £;:>. '.- i, hut ^uhjei't V* a tUMHunt pvi>p<»rtinnate t'» 
" _•■ ,: •!» j-M--^i<iii wliieh has of l;ite \ear> existed in the airri- 

' .: ! ni.»:k»i^, and rendered the farmer unable tu pay the 
_• . :. !- wirlj wliicli the extravairanl priee^ that he o]»taineil 

■ ■ ■ ■■ ''-.t.- l.i!»- airain^t Anieriea and I'ranee had saddh^l 

1:..- -\-:«in nf keepinir up the ad\aneod rents under a 

. 'W i;!t.«i .HI ••rdiim" to erop^ anil ]»riee'», lias reduced nian\ 

.-••. iiv ririiar'* t«i lite rank ()f lalMumr'* ; Imt t«> pre\ent the 

... ■.•.:[ -j-read "d thi' er\inuf e\iL snnu- nf tlie hirirer ami 

. •■• ::il land owners lja\e happily ennsulted the interest I'oili 

•.Tj • '.N* -. and ti nanl^, b\ niakiii"; a ft rttiin jrtiurtinn I'f IVmid 

iJ I t'.J'i ]M. r erni. ; but e\en this floes ni»l reaeli the le\el o| 

• :• ".III prn f- nl airrieultnriil produce. 

1 .,{:*.-- \ r.tijsiderable ]M»rtion «d" tin' lan<l in Staliord>»]iire 
• :ii:i::,- tilJi* ablr, th«»nirlj, dnrimc llu* la^t tliirty Mar>.i]ir 

■ * • ■ • ■ '.:i iiiv j».ii:-ln'^ in the count) )ia\e i«cen e«»mmuiiil 

; :!iniit- "f I.ind made a! tb»- em l«»-»uve «d' the c<»mmi»n'» and 

• • •• -. .I'ld it i- in ^m b districts where indu»«iry is imt ri'presstd 

': • ■'.: p-js iif motli«r church, that wiiib-cr\e the iriealcsi 
•'.;' '.. ijout.s niatle in thi' cultivation of tin' ^tt\\. Most \d' llu 
•:•• ': li-'Utniir f" the JSi<hfp awl the J) and C'haY\«'V *»'» 


Liolifield, arc held by lessees, who arc genemlly the owners of 
the hind, and consequently, they are not col1ccte«l in kind, but 
churfi^d in the rent of the farms. Though tithes opente rtsj 
unfavourahly upon a|^ricultun.% they must be admitted to be t 
prt)i>crty equally sacred with the land itself, and no admirer of 
justice can expect their al>olition without an equivalent either ia 
money or lancl, and such a commutation is generally found to be 
beneficial Imth to the fanners and the clergy, as bv such an ex- 
chantfc, the latter avoid the expense and uncertainty of ooUee- 
tions in kind or in moduses, and the former may effect anv further 
improvements without the fear of any additional tax upon their 
in(iustry and capitiil. The most ancient laws on record toucbinr 
the legality of tithes, arc those of Ina, Kinc of Wessex, vbia 
are supposed to have l)een enacted about the vear 690. The 
fourth section of these Lawn of Ina, is to the following purport: 
— "The first fruits of seeds, or tlie church dues arising from the 
pro<luct of com, ^c, arc to l>c paid at the feast of St. Martin; 
and let him that fails in the pa^nnent forfeit 40s. ; and besides, 
jMi/ the dues twelve times over.^* In the G2nd section, *^ chnnA 
dues are to be paid where the person owing them dwells, in the 
midst of winter." The oblations and gifts of the people, which 
originated from feelings of piety and benevolence were tnuu- 
fonned by usuage, into a right, which appears to hare been fiist 
recognized and finnly estiiblishcd by the Saxon laws just quo- 
ted ; and hence modem lawyers say,' that tithes are due by pre- 
scriptive right, as having existed from the first establishment of 
churches, and by law from the period when the country wai 
first divided into parishes. 

The most profitable Live Stock of tlie Staffordshire (anncf 
are homed cattle, sheep, horses, and swine, to which may be 
added rabbits, poultn;-, pigeons, and l)ees. The homed caitfe an 
generally of the long* homed breed, with a few other varieties, 
and they are here bred to great perfection, both for the use of the 
dairy and the butcher. A good cow on the banks of the Trent 
and the Dove, and in some other parts of the county where 
there are extensive dairies and rich pastures, is said to yield 500 
cwt. of cheese in a season ; but .'WO cwt, is the average" produce. 
Sixteen pounds of butter have been made weekly from a prime 
cow. The late Mr. Princep, of Croxall, on the Derbyshire side 
of the river Mease, brought the long homed cattle to their high- 
est perfection. An ox of his breed was fattened at Fisherwick, 
in 17JM, to the weight of 1988 lbs., excluMve of 2iK) lbs. of 
tallow, and the hide 177 lbs. Oxen and cows have frequently 
l>ccn fed in other parts of the county to the weight of a1>out :)80 
lbs. per quarter. C hartley Park is among the few places where 
the indigenous Wild Cattle of Britain are now to be found, of 
the pure and unmixed breed. These animals are of a wlute 
t'oJour with black ears and muzzles, and white boras tipped with 
/j//tcA% " TViWr natunii wildncss appears al \\\c fev uip\»roach of 

iJi jMilj inthU countTtU well aau Doncaaler, and 
bUM plirw Among die diSerent rarieties of Shup 
Ht eoonty an the gicy-faced, hotnlew, *iib fine w-ool, 
•if CknnocV-beatli niid Suttou-Caldlicld;— tin- wliilc- 

t.'iiiie---. witb I'liip miipJ, iiitruduci-il frinii Lukthltrsliin'; 
i;y'uili-Ui'iAri,iiilrtiiltU'eil hy L<inl Itridfiird, Ivinl Aiiwit, 
mr i-iber ptiitlcineii. 

Tn-ni und I'llier river- itlioiinil uitb h variclr of .A'kA, nud 
ir >4uk» iLl- I'ller nfloii afliinis spurt In tlic liiiiilsuiiiii. 
a\>. "at Inpf^tip I nw /miieH otirr, sii wfll onlcTcd liy iLv 
hilt it tr()uin'(l it wn- nice paLitu Ui distintnLisli it fiuoi 
u." In liUZinilo^' of Slalf<mlsliin.>, Pitt hivk die t^<ar ur 
• bisbet-ii Miuit'tiiut^ MWii Jiere, iiml tlwt nfrrtat atldrra 
inH-irnit nil llie htratlis of C'auuiick anil Sultuti-Culdlicld. 
.■L ilic tiiiF of t)ie«« reiitiles k said to W very daiit[ec<iiL<. 
uu\ p«ai.-(iclis will devour llivin irniL-dily. 
itii* ivi) Plantamoxs. — ThuuRli ttii; iiDDit'nmr fure«tK nf 
1-t and Net-iUiHiil bitvr l<iii|r U^ii strippcil ni ilinr sylvun 
iv tLi> L-i>ii»ty \< ^(ill ui'U siiH'kcd nitli nil kiudMif limlier, 
illv ill the ni-itcblxiiirbiHidviif Ahliut'i'-Btiiiidvy, Cliillli)^- 
lii'lfihiill, Dri>ii|c]iti>ii, Uuiudesen, tlimler, T«tldi.-$ley. 
uiiu. Hillmi, WrijltesU-y, luii) r)i|HT-.\TcI«y, wliiTU then- 
ji\ i'3Lii;H>ivr plmiliitiiiiiK, iiud wiHjds iif iiiR-ient K^wtli, 
oLitainiiiK' ■.■aL> nitd ntluT irc'Cn iiflbc liiivst quality,uud 
bf "t si/('>i. Tbv IH'itip'i H'aodt, neui Ewlesliall, un- kujiI 

•1>* I.AlUiK TUKES, CLIMATK, &('. 

the middle, — eoiitniiiiii}r i»H l<ms of solid tiiu1>er, besides 14 loads 1 
oi* lire-wood that hroke olT in the fall, and 47 loiids more that were I 
cut oft* fn»ni tlie top; the witnesses further «ay that the wood- 
men were oldipcd to ])iece two saws tojyeiher, and put three ineo 
at eaeh end to cros<:.cut the body ; and that there w-ere cut out 
of it HO pair of naiths for wheels^ and H,0<.X) feet of sawn timber 
in Ixuirds and planks. Plott also mentions a Fir tree that siew 
at Warton, near Norbury, to the heif^ht of 140 feet, out of whidi 
he si\ s, {terhups as w onderful a piece of timber mig-ht have been 
cut, as was cut out of the I^irch tree noticed by Pliny, as liaviog 
Iktu broupfht to Rome, with other timber, for rebuilding i 
bridpe, in Tiberius Caesar's time, but which the Emperor com- 
manded to be laid in a ])ublic place, as a singfular and mizaeii- 
bius monument to all ix»sterity; in which state it remained tiD 
the Kmperor Nero built his stately amphitheatre. Exceedinglf 
lar^c trunks of trees, which have l>een buried in the ground, as 
some have thouf^ht since the universal Deluge^ have beeu duff up 
in Stafliird-shire, near J..oynton, Xorburj-, Andley, Betley, Wrol- 
tesloy, (inosall, Woilnesbur}-, and Hanclsworth. Plott considen 
these sriiTKKnANKAN TREKS to !)€ llrs, which had been planted 
by the Danes and NorweidAns when they had obtained possession 
of our island, for the purpose of making it as much like their 
own conntvv as they could; but which, after they had grown 
t*\o hundivil >oaTs, wen» cut down when the Danes losttbeir 
4lominion in Britain; and all such as were felled on low marshf 
pounds, and al'tcrwiinls neglected, sunk gradually into the bogi 
and morasses, to the de]»th of st^veml feet. He is decidedly of 
opinion that these trees were not buried by anv extraordinaiy 
fli»od or otiier unusual opemtions of nature, an(t that thev have 1 
no aflinity with that mineral subst;tnce — lifjnmn fomle^ wbickis ^ 
found in the earth, representing the stumps and parts of dtt 
trunks of trees " which never gnw above ground like other vegjfr- 
tiibles,^' and will not swim in water. 

The Ci.iMATK of StalVordshire rather inclines to wet, the 
avemge annual ram.^ being about 3<> inches, those of London 21 
inches, of Essex It) to 20 inches, of I^ncashire 4*2 inches, and of 
Indand still more. The air is generally go<Hl, but in the north- 
ern parts of the county among the Moorland hills, it is extremely 
shaq*, impressing the senses w ith a greater degree of cold than 
in most other counties of England. The avemge scale of mor- 
tality is here about one in .0(^, which is nearly the average ratio 
i»f tlie whole kingdom. Ejndetnie iliseases are hero of rare occur- 
rence, though in the mining and manufacturing district around 
Wolverhampton, the inhabitants suffered as much fnmi A^atk 
Chi}iera, in 18^12, as those of any part of England, (see page 223). 
StatTortlshire has furnished man\ instances of longevity, among 
which, are the foHowing, — William May^ and the ^^'gootlwife 
A7p/' who died at Ixmgdon, about l«»86, the fonner aged 108, 
ami the latter JO!) Years; Willinm W'akcki|,o? OulVands, near 


To ibMB nsMKUCimBbt be uUod x ioag Uit 

1 Aati SOtii and MBM tbrir 90t]i 


am I IfcliaiMiliii u watend bj nnmeiDiii nren, but 
f&cnue fwrigBblenUhinDrDearibibouudaiies, except 
mt, wliicli lipcomes iiaiiynl'le for small ir.ift near Bnfloij, 
l«n miles before it eLiiiT>^ Dcrljysliirc The TittNi- rises 
MootUnds above Bidiliilpb, and llo»iu^ iu a soullicrlv 
ion tluuDgli the Potlcries to TrenlhAUi, it bcf^nxto expuiit 
Bdnw the oonsequence nf a lui^fe river, and takes a more 
Ij ooime to Sione, Saaduii, and Wiebnor, ut uhicli latter 
it U1TD9 abruptly to the uurlh, and Houiu)^ tu Burton, il 
■ftemanla laiies ihLs eoiinty ; haring tlieu p>i$scil fram its 
cadiGuitous route of more lli.iii fifly rnilm, nhieli is onlr 
:oD6Jbiinh of its journey to the Huml>cr, into whieli it 
after passing' tbrouf;!! Derli\>tLirc, Kuttiii};linmshirc,, nod 
ilaJkiie, and Hnlerini; Komc r/f tlic lunst fertile disiriels in 
■■d. Id its ciiurse ihrougli StufTordsIiire, the Trent receives 
It nrabei of tributary streums, ilie princiml of whieh are 
wv, «bicb receives tlie Peak, near Stafford ; the Taia* 
i joins it below Wicliniir, after pas-siDg Tiimwonb ; tbe 
r wblch rises near Caveriwall, and falls into the Trent Dear 
'■ Bromley ; nod ibe Dove, ubicli for » conuderable dis- 
dividcs ttis county from Derhysliire, and flows tbrougli 
ftbe most picturesque dales in tbe kiu)(doDi, receiving iu 
OIK from uie Moorlands of Slaffordsbirc, — tbe Tetm, the 
•rl, the 3fanif/old, anil the Hamot; — tbe two latter of 
t take a subterraneous channel in tde bollon' bowels of ibc 
for a Mmsidemble distance near Wetloii, Grindon, 'Wuter- 





if Nc'culk'UDilci-1. 


i moiMir expended. 

Lt Lairton, fclwulOaii1« 

» of tbe Treol, tM falUwi (be cguTH of IbM r>.' 
Ibniagb th« vholc iwiiDt;;^«atei'lng Ocrbjibite &>wDt 3 milo N. f 
of BurtaD'UponTnDl. Tli» gnud wnrk vu filuiDed bj cht •■';. 
bnted Bruidlcv, (mc paje Si3) and ettt-ulal onAtt hlf .tirccti. ^ 

until the period cf bit dolh. t( *u finitheil under Uii- v 

fail brothet-in-law, Mr. Henbdl, in M%j ITTT, bdni » 

jrcan kftcr catting tbc first cluJ at Bunlcm, un Julj ';'< 

i* in lengti) 93 milcL Itifall uf »Ur rrom its gmi..! 

HwtcwUe-HtU, i* 326 fcvl on tbe northern iide, s"! - 

tontbcm lidef (lie formrt effected bj 361i>ck(, and tlie lutur bj ML- < 

The eommon dimcnsiont uf tliii una] an 39 Tret bnikd at " 

and 16 at tbe botwm, and 4) feet deep. At HarecuUc, e 
Mortbcnd ofSuffirdthin. il puses ihrou^ two cutl; (m 
•ertbed at pt^ HI. U rrouH Ibe Trent, the Dove, and other r^ 
b]r •erefll itupcndoni ajHodacI; besides which it ha> manj otbl 
■Mailer dimemians, and a coosiderable nnmber uf culwrtll 
bridge*. The traffie upon It bas b«n lo raacb ini-'reaied by tl 
'iin of brandi cuts in Tarious direclioni, tbat upwards o 
1i nnw jMui tbe tummit lock at Etruria ttrej wnk. Tbe 1 
U which inlersrcl this count; irr tiif SluffarMire-ami-ff^t 
t^^Ure Canal formed undet two Actt of Puliament paued in ITvf 
1770 ( tbe Birmlnjiham canal, passog thiougb the colUeriea audi 
Tetbampun inia the ^lovc, and linM extended by a JimcHgm tr 
braaebing from the neighhouibood of Wolicrbamplon to t 
and opened in 1834) — tbe /i'grbf-and- Euiaflou eanal, i^ miiea 
laog. with 30 lockt, and formed nndei two Acts passed in 1793 and 

tl794i j!fr AVje; 6'Mifci|'i, the A'efterlaa, Ibe OiMaa, and many otben 
of unaller exleat, as will be seen on the L-ountj map accompaajini 
tbis work, togcUier wiih part of the line of the intended "OaiND 
JCNCTiOH RiitwiT," wbicb i> to extend from a braai-b of the Uan. 
ehaltet and Lirerpool raitaaj' at Warnn[«ton to Birminsbaoi, and 
Air which an Act of Parliainrat was obtained in 1833. In Ibe «ma 
ftu uwUier Act of ParliaincDl wot obtained for the formation i>f the 
Lanitn'On^Btrmimgiam Kaitaaf; and both thitc g^^'^' national 
vorkt are exHelcd lo be completed in about lire jean, when we mj 
hope to ace the trade of tbe south and the centre of England poortns 
along its nrw channcU, and be able In travel from Loudon lo U ra- 
pool in Crom ten to tweln hanrs. A eompanj is iir>w establishing 1| 
thpformatiun Bfu''IUUIaud CcHnlirt /fa</iFa]r," to pass from the li 
Af Noltingham, Lcinsler, and t>irrb]r, to Ihc I.oadon and Birniiaf 
Itatiwif near Kugb]- ; and ia a few }'van, perhap*. a line of ti 
will be niended northward as far as Edinburgh and Olugow, 
tirud Junction Railway wu commenced In Apn) 1834, in the «altey 
•ftbc Weaver, in Lhrsbirr, wblcb is to be cioucd bj • itupendout 
f'MAiClof twenty arches of tixtv (I'M fpaa; but tn tlic oelgbbour 
hood of KtoSird and BirminBhan, the line tirigioall; Haul upon has 
brm changfil tot a much easier ninte which pBHcs nearer tu Kveral 
■/"Ukr aurtr populoui bmns and tillagn in this euunly ; and la oun 
rruMiwv/'cU* ajb-rslion tbciplriiod prv(cWVon^>>'"caQw alUl U 

lo U*et- 


gow, TK" 


Pirliamcnt to amend their original Act of Inocrporation, and which 

vill no doubt he passed during the present year 183<f, after which, 

the StatTordahire portion of the work will be immediately commenced. 

S«i.T Spiii!iGt VT found in various parts of the county, but the most importiuit 

mte9 Are at vid arai ll>ston-on-Trent, where there are extensive salt-work<(, ' (m« 

|iace QMt u>d at Hixon, where there are cold and tepid baths, with other ar«-<im- 

modalicms for ^LMlor*, (ter pace 6M). Here are alxo several mlnkurfouM uprinyt, 

•ituated at locestre, U iliowbrid^*', Codsall-wnod, Tatenhill, Willenliail, Bf'iitley, 

Ecie^haFLGayton. Butterton, BniUKhtun, Monmore-green,Grindlestone-edK»*, aud 

HiMilQa .- but Most of then ha%'e been Inn:; iiesrlerted, and none of them eviT haA 

MTinanwiUffffnt fi<r bathers, except those at Willowbridee (see psM^ 609j In 

NVedvood. abvnt half a mile east of Ilanbnr)', there is a Vitriolie spring .- and 

iimmmMu Wmten are found in the Hame ni'iefahourhood at Draycott and at Hitar- 

mif& and al^o at the source of the Stitchhmuk, near Elmhiirsrt. Chmlpheatr and 

Xaer sprins«,)(up posed to possess medirinal virtnen are found in many other parts 

«f liK count;, e»pecia] y in the iron and limestone di.ttiictH, and some of them have 

iBtelar; saintv and wrre formerly highly venerated by tlic superstitious, and rr- 

srived iaueh honour during the ancient lestival called the '* n^lijlotrering.'^ 

MisiEmiLS. — ^Tbe mineral productions of Staflfordshire arc numer 
out and valuable. Upwards of 50,()0U acres have been ascertained 
to coBtAin aa almost inexhaustible store of coaij in the south divisiim 
of the county, extending in length from Cannock-chase to the nei;:h- 
bourhooil of Stdurbridse, and in brendth from Wolverhampton Ut 
W^^aJL The* same mineral is also very abundant towards the north, 
in tiitf r.<.i:::ibourhood «»f Newcastle and the Potteries ; and also n. ai 
Cb-:a.'il»- and Dilliom. The coal strata now wroucjht, are mu>tlT 
fr..=i !> t' 1-2 yards in thickness. (See pa^'es 221, 2«:J, 279, i5(», Mil 
aaJ .>I7,^ Iron ore is found in abuntlanee in every portion oi ihe 
coul district, lyin.i? between the In-ds of c<»al. Iron IforAs of vast ex 
V.'nt hare l-ynz been established amund Wolverhamptj)n, Bilston. 
Dudley. &c., (^.e pa>:c 175) and they now produce about 2()0,(KH) 
icins t.i pis-iron yearly; thou.:;h in 1823 they only produced 133,(J(K) 
tons. From \>^tl to IS 10, the areraijc price of this metal was £(i. .>«. 
pertitn; from I^IO to 1S20, £/>. 4s.. and from 1820 to 1830, £\. iU. 
fld. In lNl2 it fell to £3; but in October 1S33, it rose to £.0. !(»*.. 
and 6cir-tr^n tti £S per ton. Durini; the late war, bar- iron n^c as 
kizhas^l^per ton. Limestone is still more abundant than oa] 
and iri'D. e^p«i'ially about Dudley, Kushall, Haywood, and the Moor 
laadfi. In s*)mc places this stone is of a marble quality, and sum* p 
tible of a very hiirh polish. Both copper and kad ore have been < x 
teneiTely sr^t in Mixon and F.eton. Copper is still got at the latur 
place, and a mine nf the same mineral has lately been opened ih ar 
Bstbertoc. At Oakamoor, Drook-houses, and Whi»ton, near Chca<iiL, 
tkere are itill extensive works for smelting; and refinin? ropper ami 
brui; but tbe ore and calamine are brought from otlier count irs. 
FfMStotte, Grit-itnne, Clay, and other useful minerals are foun.i m 
5taibrdshir« in sreai variety, and of excellent quality, a> will he -<i r- 
ttnibiequvnt pa/es. The Manufactuues of the county are varmuv. 
uAoCifflmense CKtenL The most important are bar, rod, and bhtri 
iwo; east iron articles of every description, ^uns, loek<, bolL^, <il,f 
tools, laddkrs* ironmoni?i*rj', japanned ware.**, i;las>, china, earthenwa: » , 
lOicr plate, boots and shoes, hats, silk, cotton, tape, &e. &.c., all ot 
•Wek ire descriUd in the districts to which tiiey belong. (See Iiidrx. : 
CorsTT Rates, &c. — ^Though Startordshire is rich in j)ubli»' »'i\a 
ritiet, its ^oor- rules ^re ash'ifih us e/josv of any othor county in Kn^; 
^HX^Mgriei'ous burden h chicAy to I^eaUribvtcd to the enormou* in 
amaeoftbe€0mm^ra^*, which ^re paid out of the poor levies, and Ihvn « 


lor ^oiiie vcais aiii-'uiiud to nearlv £ik),(KK) per annum, though in 1763 
thev only Amounted to £2,8o7,in' 1794 toi:4;350,in 1798 to £6,642, in 
18(Mto£8,071,iU)a in 1810 to£l:)^7; but in 1K20 they had incftaft- 
ed to £21,()61, in 1829 tu .f22,2o(>, and in 1833, to £29,792» levied in 
four quarterly rates, vi/., two at l|d. and two at Md. in the poniidon 
the county rental. The inhabitants have long made load and impentiint 
complaints against tliis extravagant augmentation of the county ex- 
penditure, and about the close of 1 833, a Commiitee was formed il 
Vttoxeter for the purpose of examining: Uie various items of expendi- 
ture, and laying before the magistrates and the public, sudi abuses t» 
they might discover. To the zeal and perseverance of this body of 
gentlemen, the public are much indebted, for we find that the rale 
levied for tlie second quarter in 1834, has been reduced from l|d. to M> 
in the pound. There are 141 ctfunty bridges^ which have been Viilt 
and are repaired out of these rates; but the largest portion of the vast 
increase which they have undergone during tlie last twenty yean, bM 
originated in the great extension of the buildings, and the augmenta- 
tion of salaries, &c., at the county prison in Staftbrd,as will beieenit 
page 123. 

The Eminent Men to whom StaHTorshirc has given birth, areu 
numerous as those of any other county in the kingdom. Among ill 
naval heroes are Anson^ Oardm r, aud St, rineint ; and in the list of 
its more effulgent literary onianiants, arc Thomat AUen^ a celebrated 
mathematician, born at Uttoxetir, in 1*'>-12; Dr. Johrniomj bom at 
IJchfield, in 1709 ; Fenton and Cottw, the poets ; BUhop^ Huri, 
Smalfridge, aud Xtwlon ; Archbishop Sheldon ; and haac/ralioUfMu 
amiable and useful writer, who was born at Siatlord, in 1593, but re- 
sided chiefly in London, as a linen draper, though he frequently visited 
his friend Cotton, at Rcrt<iford I J all, to enjoy the sport of angling. 
(Vide page 718.) biographical sketelies of these and many other vor* 
tbics of Statfordshirc, will be fouoil at subsequent pagetiin the histories 
of the towns and parislics where they were horn or dourisbcd. 


Who have Seats in the County of Stafford ^ or derive their Titlet 

from thence. 

O' The Ji^nrt$ then- the ifran nh^n the TtUm wert crtatrd. 

Ift33 Dnkr of SnthfrlAiid. Trrnthiini I 1711 E»rl of DiirtnMinth, Sandwell HiD 
J7I.5 Piikv uf Ni-wra-tK (nf ClnmVr. | 1H|.> Fml ..f Itnulionl, We»ton Hidl 
A««<.y drrivM his titU* iivinNew- 

castle-iintlpr-Lynif*, hut bus du 

Jroprrty in this ronnty 

1787 Marquis Towniihtrnd, see Turn- 

worlh. paj;i*aH^ 
1ft15 Marqiiiiior Anj^IrHrv, niiaiidviert 
UIS Eari nrShrvwsbun', Alton ToMeiii 
1784 Karl Talhot, lnc:r!ttif Hall 
1711 Earl Ferrers. Chartlf) Castle 
1833 Earl tinuivillr, Ambassador Extra- 
ordinary and Plrnipotentiary at 
jeae Farl ofStamfonI, See., EnTille Hall , 
'Zar/ /Cart of MacclentleUh vide pace (iU6 1 IrtA.— Not of PwrHomnM. 

Vi Earl ofUehUvld, Sbiif borough \ Eart Movmtttc»n\«, KTf\ri 1\A\ 

iHtl) Earl i>t llarrowbv, Saudun Hall 
1W)1 Visi-unnt St. Vinnnt, MMford Hall 
\*^£>\ Visniunt IV-reaford, see Mie 7JB 
I7H) B^rnn BaKut, BlitliAdd Hall 
li44 Daron \V:inl,Hinilev Hall 
IGIU>in Stafrord,Slatlbrd Castle.Ciwt 

(M*r II pied, see yxi^ 113) 
17m I»rd Lyttletnn, Haidey Park^Vor- 

cesterhhirp, adjiiininjc CIrnt pari A 
IK31 Baron Wenlurk, Canwell Hall 
Bishop of Lioh field, «r. Eccleahall Castit 
Bishop uf Uxford, BUtb Odd Rectory 




F.v\ nf t'zbridee, mm of the Marqiii? uf Hon. and Rer. Henry Edmund i(ri<i^-t - 

An;;'i—ry man, ill) mh ill 

Vi».-c>iint In^4trr. «« of Earl TallMit l^d> Sophia Camlinc, Vibcountesit Tain- 
V i v>iv.jnt S^DiiiiU. 31 .p.. wn of the Earl of Wdrtii. Tuton Hill 

Harrotrby Lady KtrlH-Tca (irry Egerton, Ma'li !<■> 

Hon. R>*iirr't Carzcp, and the Him. Ann Manor 

Ti-r/nn Bi<liopp, Bmmnex* Zuurke^ Lady Elizabeth Emma Cunliflfe olVn-x 

HajVr Ha-'J Crewe, Madeler Mnw»r 

H..n. FaJke GrerUle Howard. ESford . f^ly Oakley, Lich Held Palarv 

H^'i I)ow:ii;i*r l^dy Chf'tw\ nd, Staffur*! 

Hoa ard Rrr. Arthur Chrtw\nd T;UhoU \i\z\\X Hmi. K. J. I.ittlt-ton, M.r., S«-cr« - 

I i»/*-«Xre Kei-tor> { tary lor Ireland, Trddenlry Hall 


ItOS Sir Charles WoI»rIey, Bart. Wol- 

!ie!e* Hall 
IMS Sir Jnhn H'mtte^iev, Bart. M.V. 

ll'ro;Te»le> Hall 
17U0 Sir John Cbetuoie, host. OuLle\ 


17M Sir Geiirte Picnt. Bart.. Paliihiill 
17»1 >\T (Hvald Mu«kv. Bart.. M.P., 
Ho:ie»ioD H in 

IWO RiRht Hon. Sir Robert Peel, IJart.. 

M.P. Drayton Manor 
1806 Sir Edward Dulman Scott, Hart.. 

180U SirThuiii;i!i Cotton Slu'ppard.Uari. 

Cnikeniarili Ilali 
IHM Sir Thnmaii A^tun Clifford Ct:i-t ■.- 

. 1»J4 Rev. Sir William Dunbar, Hurt.. 

ITHi Mr Gwiyi* Chrtwynd, Bart., Brock- ] StiiKe-upi>n-Trent. 

ton Hill i Sir (ieiii:{r Crfwe. Il.irt.,(l»:««* s at 

l?» S:r TT»«'«. Fit-:» her tVnton Boi's'iey, AlHtuiifn-M.W ur.->i.»w. ecr. i 

H-jrt.. .A>|HaJatr Hull j Sir J. Fit/f^eruM, Arniirase I'urk 


/«r4l..i;.-o»niI .SirG'-'Tu'e Anmm.K.C.B. | iHl.j Sir J. I). FowI.t. Kt., Burltij-'.i,. 
.^id If .P. fur j Trvnt, (mt piii;t: alo; 


STiFT'-wr »niKi.:— "^ir 0-»w:ild M«i«.lry, B ift., and Eil'.iniil BuHir, J-'<«|.. ;;.' 
S'-rth ltrii...t: ; ai.«l ""ir John W nitti .nU-). Il.ii t, arul thr Rt. Umi. E. J. LiM:i'. ;■. 
f-.r':.*- S-Ath If.Tuiuu. Thi-; I'l.iri-.s lur thr .\nrth Ihr. arr St.i :..i,.. 
r.*i'« :r i' Li' k. Ni \vea*tlr. Chi-a-II*-, and .A hlwt.'*' Hmin'iy. For the S'mfh ,')it 
!..> ■ rifil. pri:ii ipul> W il tail, Wol vrrhaniptim, Pfnkriil»;»-, and Kin.;s\%:ii:< n: 
n*- '»ii.:t«> "i tin'""' di\i*i'»ns. aerordin^ t<> thr Rrjurin R.ll, h:i\«' been ^(•I .if 
\>i.^ l.j : \''j' \'n'.' inliihitaiitM nl thi- dclaclu-.I parish''N o'. Hnunn and Chnt r '* 
\-}:t U'T X\\t I-.:i>t DtM^son ol Wo^^l■'«ter^llire. 

^T^l H'Ri. — W. F. Ch»'tv>nd, :»nd R. H. CJmnow, r.Mir*. 
L::mki£I t» — Lir«ieiiant-(i«"n. Sir <ir«ir»»e Aomhi, f« Sir K. l». Srutt, JJirtr 
>i«c««Ti i:-rMiEB-L\ Ml. — Sir H. P. \\ ir.«Mii:lih\.lt:irt., jc \l. II. Miilt t, I.-<| 

M«iki-i pon-Tkk.n r— J. n.i\etipiirt ami J. \Vi-«l:f\v«Hjd. E^qr."*. 

1 4aw«iiTH— Lord C. V Y. Town..hrnd, <c the Rl. Hon. Sir Rolw-rt Pitl, IJait. 

WuLTLBHAiiPTOM — Richard Fr>er and W. W. Whitmorc, Entirs. 

W"ai.*a1.i.— C. S. Fortter, Emj. 


Ur4-ijtv!mant Ri?hl HononnibV Clmrles Clvtw>nd Earl Talh'l 

VKe-/-ieii/rii«nf— Right Hunonnible William Furl "I D.irtmuuth. 
Prjmtv LirHtrnantt and Mugiitrali ySry paiie ;>4. 

Htfk Skrrijr iltW) H. H. WiiliamMin, Em|.. of <;reenwny Bink. 

I'Urkt/tke /'eate— Arthur Hinckle>, F-.s'i.ol Kini^SStandirz. 

Ca^^Umjr mud />r/«fw C/rrit o/ f*e /'cmc#— <u"i^e Km n, !N.;. .i -^^ ' 

DuinhuUfT o/SMmp»—Ho\icrl»:!. IS-|. !.*<'« :|''»rt. 

ff«vriri«9 imtper'titr o/ Tnrr^- -ti. uj::.' IJ-OrM.-r;. IS-. .<t..n' 

CmwH9Tf*0t»irerT—Str^fns,ri, S.-lt. x i'n.'.- y , **'.•.''..•!' 1 

yarrfyor »/' f Mtm/ff I/fitfyt i— M r. Jo'i:ph /'ijf'.-r, I • ii.;« i'l. 

t «iif,/if G^titr- Mr Tiinn.n^ Ihntton^ Stail''*:t\. 




I It'll rv Smith, Cwi^nt, Wolvnrhamptua 
I'hilip SrrkiT-Mm. Ont. St.itfurd 
William Harding, Uent. Buralem 

srn-ni VISION clerks of i.inuTENANCY meetings. 

Sir John D. Fowler, Bartoa-apon-Tmt 
John Cuttlow, Gent Cheadte 

Mr. William Jark.xon^LirhMdjtOOowt 
Mr.Jr.4M- Dell, LuhOff-Id, (City ufLicb. 

Mr.Millim. BiUton, (Seicdon) 
Mr. Ralph Smith, I.^k, (TotmoBabw 


Mr Samuel Prakr, Silvt^riLilr, flor 

Pirohill N<irtli) 
Mr. Ot-onjf Kffii, SU»ironl,a'iittle»tonc 

anil l*irrhill 8<inthj 
Mr. RiibprtWiMMl, l-ttoxeler, (TotmonM- 

low South) 

JU.STirES' CLERKS, (Spf.cul Skssiuns.) 

Mr. WilIiam<(.Samlbarh.fPinliill North) I Mr.T.(rrifnn.Li-fk.(To1mon»low?lor4) 
Mr. John Frith. Statforc1,(Pirf hill South Mr. I.t>«>, WoJvrrhampton. (Sriadai) 

nml Cnttlrstoiie) 1 .Mr. Lowr, ER^inton, (Omuw NortU 

Mr. W. II. Holmr^ Sudbury, (Totmuns- Mr. William Gnn. BinainEhnm. ul 

hm South) I Mr. K. Shaw, Illntu, (Offluw 8mA} 


Sfisdnn <VorfA, Mr. Edw. Stubbf JflfiHi 

Ijuwer l*enn 
Snsthn Souths Mr. Uayid JoDftBacbi^ 

/»iriAi// yorth, -Mr. S. Penkr. Silvcrdale 
IHrrhUl Snulk% Mr. Ittiuc Krndcrdine. 

'I'ntmnnslon .Vor/A, Mr. T. riiinin, L«tk 
TotmimshH -Voif /A. M rK.WfHMM'ttoxftt-r 
f'littletttmf Fast. Mr. J.Wor.sHV.Stn-tton 
Cuttlntntie Wr^t, Mr. J. Frith, STutUird 


Wi1li:im Smith, Stafford 

Jiihn \\ . I^•i■k^■^, Wukrrlinmpton 

Frunris ThornHow, Burton-upon-Trcnt 

Otfton- yortk, Mr. Wm. JunrslicMrid 
Ojf'nH S^mth, Mr.Jph. Curtis Wr 

Rich:ird Thomasi, Dudlej 
.luhn Keatt'n. L't^>xrter 
'rh«inui» Brntlf), Nrvrastit 





Qy* Those markttl • are Acting M agistkai i.k; + Depittt LiKrTLXiHni 

and * arc huth. 

[To amid an unnecessani avnmrntation of th * /i*'. timtUmrn^i Villas m-itkiu tt* 
limtts and hvhurb$ ofmnrktt tnuns art mil insirfvtl lit-rr, hut v ill br luund Mi^ 
joiuHl to the name!» of thf (Kcnp.tiits iu tlir Tovin ;iiul Parish I>irrct<'rir».l 

Acton Hill, 1 m. S. E. of Ecclesliull, (unr^c Hsidderton, Esq. | 
\<ldci'ley lioiise, 7 iii. W. by N. ol' Chcsidlc, Ril. Wjilklet, Fiq. 
AlcltTshaw, 1 111. S. of Lii'lifielcl, Rev. Trf\or Burns Flover. 
Aldriilire HjiII, 3 in. N. E. of Walsiill, K«l\winl Toiijjiio, Y!sq. 
Altlriiljre R^'clon-, 3 m. N. E. of Walsall, Riv. H. Hardinpr. M-A. 
.\lniingtoii Half, "2 in. E. of Mkl.-Diayiini, Lt.-Ct»l. T. A. Daww, 
.Mrcwas Cottajfc, '"'1 "»• ^- K- of LiililicM, J«din BajyjrstW. Gent. 
AUon Towers, -1 m. E. id'ClioadU', Earl of Slircwslmrw 
.\nkerton, 2 in. N. of E(rle*ihall, William .Vddison, Esq. 
*A«|iialalo Hall, 1 ^ m. E. of Newport, Sir T. F. F. Bdiivrliry, Bart. 
*.\n*lcv Hall, 10 ni. W. l>v S. of Sl«Mirl»ridire, Earl Moniitnonir. 
AnnilaVe IMfXv, ^ in. N! W. by N. of Licblii'ld, T. Birob, Esq. 
Aniiiui^re Purkj (i ni. \. W. of LiolxfieUl, Sir .f . Fit/.i;t'r.iid, Bart. 
A*>/ufnnhe, 4 m. S, by \Y. of lAHli.NV\\V\;\TOS\\\iN(V,V.'M^. 
AsM^r Heath, 7 in, S. \V. bv \V, of tcaesW\\,^i\. U-^Tv\w«,^iv. 


ivc. 4 ID. W. br S. oC Dudley, Eil». Dixon, EM 
«• tD. N. N. W. of Ec<:1cs]hi11, Rtl. Cndock, Gent. 

kH>U..-1 m. W. of Suw, Ralph Adderley.&tq. 
S. E. <if WiiUai, Sir EiIh. t), Scoit.Biin. M.P. 

. _ , m, N. t'f Cmnctcr. Murk Aiilhy. Wlvle, Emj. 

■,JB.S.l,V.tiyS.ofBurUiti.R.F. Butlpr,&J.Wetb,EsM, 
' a B^I. Ol m. R- br E. of Lnk, Ht%. John Siwd. 

Usll. 3 ni. N. W. i>f Utuueicr, Hv. Monntftri, Em 

,4 ■). N. W. ..f IJcbfield, Miirqiiis of Anglcwj. * 

,^34 m.W.hvN.ofWul«crt»iiipu}n,HT.Hill,E^ 

Ball, It in- ^- orRagelev.JiiinesO. Ofdbuni, Em. 

S. E. )•>- S. o( I«ek, Tliuinas Snevd, Ehi. 

, 1^ m. W. of Wnlsall, Edward Anson, Esq. 

] m. S. W. of Walwill, Juiiics RusscU, Esq. 

_»• CwmI BetleT, • Kra*. Twemli™, Esq. f« Mi»» Heiehefc 
■ JBidnH«n.Bcdrv,'* GnirseTolIel, Sc tChs.Wicksied, Esqb.1 
■■^^'iw, jJi».E.'S-E, of WolveriiarapWii, Re\, W.Leigh, MjiJ 
umniu Halt, 2 la. N. of Rureley, His. ElinabeUi Sgnirow. r^ 
lBTri*cU Hall. 5 m- >'■ "f Rupelev, Lord Rjigot. 
R1j16-1'1 RfoU«i-, H ni. K. of R.igdfy, Bi^lmp of Oxford. 
Blim.111 H m Sl W. of Lane End, Jolm llancv, Esq. 

* nwUD, « m. W. N. W. of Brewood, Hon. Sc'Rev. Hj. Edn.- 
BfiJ pn»Mi (and Hedneifaid. 

tBmSm House, Ij m- S. W. of Tam worth .Edm. Peel, Esq. 
t "— Itill. li TD. S. W. of T»m«onh, Wm. Yales Peel, Esq. 
BnMene, 2 m. S. W. of BDTton-on-Treiii, Mrs. Sanh Allen. 
Bncktm Lndg«, H m. S. E. ofSufford, Hv. Cbelwjnd, Esq. 
BnmlcT HaU, S m. N. of lichfield, John Newton l^ne, Eeq. 
;Bnwin,Hall, 4 m, N. E. rfLichfield, John Shan Manlej, Esq. 

* Bnqn II(Mue,4t m< 8-. b> £■ of Sitiurliiidj^e, Ed. An]phleti,Esq. 

* BfMXM, (Tbe) li ni' B- i>f Stone, Wm. Bewley Meeke, Esq. 

* Bfimglium iUlI, S m. N. W. by W. of Ecclestudl, Rer. Henry 
DdTM Brong^wn, M.A. 

HMn-Trent, 13 m. N. E. of Ucbfield, Sir John Dkkcn- 
mHi, Kt., UeniT CUy, Esq., «c Mrs. Sarah SmiOi. 

^ HaU,9t m. S. by W, of Newcastle, T. SHinnerton, Eno. 


•fc»lmirfiH»ll,8m. N. by E. of Uttoxeter, Court Granville, Esq. 

t Caaell Hall, 5 m. S. W. of TsBworth, Lord Wenlock (ahruail) 

l'iK'.eluT Park, 5 m. N, hj W. of Burton, John Browne, Esq. 

(liainrs'Hall, 5 in. N. W. of Ecclraliall, Weston Ynnge, Esq. 

Ounlev CasUc, 7 m. S. W. of Uttoxeier, Earl Ferrers. 

i:lullin«.in Hali, 2 m. S. W. of Brewowl, Thos . W. Gifikni, Esq. 

Lltorler Hall, 2 ID. N. W. of Lichfield, Willium Adey, Esii. 

l"laSton,a4in.S. of N«i«a»lle,R.Cha»ner,M.D.,S( Miss Booth. 

tTeni Grove, 3} m. S. S. E. of Stourbridse, Misses E. & M. Uell. 

llmt Hotw, af n>. 8. S. £ ofStoiubridge, J. AmphkU, Vm\- 

IKW-wUle. i m. »'. of Stake-Jtfan-Treat, JohnToinlinson,'El<\r 


Clifton Hall, 6 m. N. E. of Tamworth, Ilenrv John Pye, Esq. 

* Clifun! Rectory, (> m. \. E. of Tamworili, Ilev. Rt Tavlor, M.A. 
Cloiijrh Hou«jf,5 in. N. l>y W. of Ncwca.>lle, T. Kinner^Iey, Esq. 
Clou«;i:hs (The), 1} m. W. of Newcastle, Rev. John Basnett 
(.■i)lton House, 2 m. X. of Riigeley, Miss Calh. Herbert, and 

Rev. Chas. Savage I/indon. 
t Consall Hall, 5 n\. N. W. bv \. of Cheadle, John Leigh, Esq. 
Corbvns Hall, 2 m. S. W. of t)u'lley, William Mathews, Esq. 
C«iml)erfonl, 2 J m. N. W. of Tani worth, W. Lea, NcW. Tongue. 
Coton Hall, ■*■« m. X. \V. of Burton-tm-Trenl, John Bott, Esq. 
Coton Hill, 5 ni. E. of Stone, Viscountess Taniworth. 
Cotton Hall, 5 ni. E. X. E. of Chuulle, Rev. Thomas Gilbert 
^ Crakeinarsli Hall, 2 m. X. by E. of Uttoxeler, Sir Thomas Cot- 

liin Slieppard, Bart 
Crcss\iell llall, IJ N'- ^'^V- of Staflbrd, Rev. Edward Whitby. 
Darlaston Hall, I J in. 5s. W. of Stone, Rev. Th»)mas C-lowe?. 
Dennis Park, Ini. X.bvW. i)f Stourbridire,Win. S.Wheelov,Esq. 

* Dilhoru Hall, 2 J ni.'W. of Cheadle, Edw. Buller, Es«i.,'M.P. 
Dove Cliff, 3 m. X. by W. of Burton, Thomas Thoniwill, Esq. 
Dove Leys, (> m. X. t)f Uttoxetcr, Benj. Heywood, Esq. 

t Dniyton Manor, 2 m. S. by W. of Turn worth. Sir R. Peel, Bart. 
Draytim Rectory, 2 J m. S. by W. of Tam worth. Rev. W. I^ilk. 
Dunstall, IJ m. X. by W. of Wolverhampton, Uy. Hordem, I^sq. 

* Dunstall Hall, li in. S. W. of Burton, Arkwright, Esq. 
Eccleshall Castle, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventrv. 
Kdgehill, 2.J in. W. of Lichfield, H. Sivclie, S: T. iVier, Gents. 
Elford Hall, li ni. X. by W. of Tam worth, Hon. F. G. Howard. 

t Enville Hall, 5 J m. W. by X. of Stourbridge, Earl of Stamford. 

fEtruria, 1 m. X. E. of Xew castle, Josiali Wedgwood, Esq. 

Farley Hall, 31 m. E. of Cheadle, John Bill, Esq. 

Fenton Manor, | m. E. of Stoke-upnii-Treut, P. B. Bnnide, Esq. 

Fenton Great, 1 1 m. S. by E. of Stoke-upon-Trent, Thomas Allen, 

Esq., and Mrs. Amelia Bourne. 

Field Hall, 4 m. X. W. of Uttoxeter, William Blurton, Esq. 

Field Hou^:e, 3m. S. E. of Uttoxeter, John Owen, E5?i|. 

Field H»)use, 3| m. S. by E. of Stourbridge, H. Addenbrook, Esq. 

Fradswell Hall, 7 m. X. E. of Stafford. Wm. Hammerslev, Esq. 
* Freeford, 2 m. S. by E. of Lichlield,'Lieut.-Gen. Wra.'Dyotl. 
Friary, I<ic1ifield, Rev. Lev Brooks. 
Gorway House, 1 m. E. of Walsall, Peter Potter, Esq. 
, tGo^brook, 1 m.N. of Wolverhampton, Alex. H(»rdeni, Esq. 
Omiselcy, I in. S. hy W. of Wolvcrbamplon, James Perrv, Esq. 
f'iipeu //all, near Stafford, Charles Hewtv W c\>V, 
^^round^hw Fields, ^ m. N. N, W, of felonc,\V ia.\jiV\%A'.^^. 

Wm. S. bj- E. uC Stuitrbriilge, Lt«d Ljttktoo. 
-CRufnJc^. Hon. Robcri Corwn, 
L » m. S. &. I>v E. of Murlcct-Dmjtoo, Bvr. Alott 
MteDran Huduinniui. 
Till - r rTiir 11 m. S. S. £. ofWaJ^ll, J. LlUnfau,Eaq 
Bi^HiD, .1 m. N. 1>y W. oT UcLfieM, Juhu Bnjdfl^. 
*" " £ lircif<rr.3 ra. N. W.orBinnirm., Ser.^l^p^eer, 

.3IB. S. S. W. of BirminKhain, Rev^JaMlTbaiiiu 

•,U^; Lt.>Co). NaU.T]ionL,K. H.; T. Attwood, Era., 
rU.; • TVodr. Price. Esq. j aril * R*v. E, G. Simoox. 

sH«D,d tu. X. of Tam«-ori]i, TLonins Serine, &W.O. 

„ „ Iltli. 31 ni. S. B. of PfaXriiige, Mt$. AsMWallioiue. 

I Bti^Me. 4 m. S. W. bv \V. orStufford.Rcv. C^SWth Boydf. 
Ibn^in'CoiMgr, liin.S.brE.arNt-wcasiIe.'IMHduniGflnt 
lAn-m^l, I ui. N. ..rSt-jne, Ed».ir>IMoore,1|t^ 
Ffffithv'-i II I.. S. N-, W -fPin"i>-_'liritii, Ju.Oamn,i/LD. 
~. B. Fhnips,E!qn. 
t Philips Esq. 

Idsi m K. IjyW.of Dltoxelet, C.J.S.KvnotRlev.Es 
Firk, & m- S.W. bjW. (if Buj;ton, B.Tabberar'.Ge 


_ _, \V. by S. ofEccleshall, Th( 
> ffiiBiSife, 6 m. N- N. ~ 


■, W. of Lichfield, Mrs, Rubinson, a 

• Mil PctnioD. 

' BiDfTk), i ID. N. W ^- of Stourbridge, J. Addenbrooli, Esq. 

'Riiikniime Hall, 4i m. E. N. E. of Stone, Ralph Bourne, Esq. 
inikniie) 3m N. by E. of Euclediall, Richard Alsop, Esq. 
•HHwo Krk, si m. X. E. by N. of Wol. ethampton, H. C. E. 
V, Gi«h«n, E-sq. 
k HbnlnHal! 5 m. S. by W. of Wotverhaniplon, Baron Ward. 
• Hittier, 5 m. S. by W. of Wolverhamplon, Thos. Hawles, Esq. 
Hhiii Hill, 5 m. S. E. of Ljchfield, (nul occupie<l). 
tH<Brcnu, 2i m- E. S. E, of Abbot's Bromley, Hugo Charles 

HoflMh akW. of Stourbridge, H. Montgomery CampbflEsq. 
Hollf BuiK? m.S. W. orBunon,J.Levelt,.''iG, Birch.E^qrs. 


Btundhill, 4 in. E. by S. of Uttoxetcr, John Covert, Gent. 

HboiUt H»11, 1 1 m. S. of Cheadle, Cuptsin Clement Siicvd. 

' IbinHBll, 10 lo. S. E. by E.of Lcck, Jc^e Watts RubscII, Esq. 

* lugraire Hall, H m. E. N. E. of Siaffowl, Earl Titlbol. 
Inewtre Bectorv, ditto, Hon. and Ret. AnluirChclwvnd Talbot. 
Ur Hou«t, 1 ni". S. E. of Hanlev. Daiii.l Bird Buddeley, Geiil- 
t JoUasoti Hall, i m. S. of Ecclwhall, Ji)bn M. Croclett, Esq. 

t Keele Hall, 2i m. W. by S. of Newcaatlf, Ralph Sucjd, Ksq. 
Kin'^VsUndinK, t{ m. W. uf Burton, Ariliiir HincUey, Esq- 
t KnTMidrr »""- •* "*- ^- ^y ^- o/'BursIpm, J. Baleman, Es<\. 
tLmplef, Sfai, S. tV. bj W. cfPenkriilge, Edni. Wigmi, V^- 


Iieaton Hall, 9 in. S. W. of Wolvcrbainpton, Wm. Moidej, Esq. ^ 

* Lcck Vicarage, llcv. Thomas If enry HeathcolK (See p. 706L) 

Lich6cld, r " ~ 

Light Oaks 
t l^indlcy ) 

uell, Ks({. 

Lis wis Hall, 3^ m. X. W. by N. of Lichfield, Col. W. Beresfoid. 
Lloyd House, 3} in. S. W. of Wolverhampton, Rev. W. DaltOB. 
Longcmft Hall, 8 m. N. by E. of Lichfield, Mrs. Margt. E. Aidn. 

* liongport } in. N. W. of Burslem, Jno. Duvenport, junr. iSs^ i 
t liongton Hall, 1 in. 8. by VV. of Lane End, Kichard KH^wfi^ 

Heathcote, Esq., (and Apiiale HalL) 

* Loxley Park, 2 m. S. \V. of Ultoxeter, T. S. Kynnersley, Eif. 
t lioyiiton Hall, 5 in. S. by. W. of Bcdeshall, T. H. Burne, Ei^. 
Madeley Manor, 5 in. W. by S. of Newcastle, Lad3'R. G. Egeitm. 
Madeley Park, 5 ni. S. W. of Newcastle, Edwafrl Proud, Esq. 
Maer Hall, 7 m»S. W. of New castle, Josiab Wedgwood, Esq. M J, 
Maplebayes, 1 J m. W. of Lichfield, John Atkinson, Esq. 
Mavesyn-Ridware, 6 in. N. N. W. of Lichfield, HugoMaresjfB 

Chadwicke, Esq. 

* Mavfield, 2 m. S. W. by W. of Ashboum, William Gntrm, 

Mear House, 1 in. S. E. of Lane End, Charles Har\-ev, Esq. ^, 
Morrvdale House, 1 i in. S. bv W. of Wolverhampton, Rev. Tkofc 
Walker, M.A. 

* Milford, 3 m. E. bv S. of Staflford, Rev. Richard J^veCL 
Moat Hall, 1 1 m. N! of Lichfield, Charles Ryley, Esq. 
Moreton House, 4 in. N. by W. of Rugeley,\V'in. Hammiy, Esqi . 

* Moseley (.-ourt, 3| m. N. by E. of Wolverhampton, Geor|B • 
Thomas Whitgrcave, Esci. 

Mount (The), i m. W. of Sioke-npon-Trent, Mrs. Mary Spode. 
M«)unt Pavillion, 2 m. N. E. of Rugcley. (Unoccupic^cl.) 
Mucclcstone, 4i m. N. E. of Market Drayton, Rev. OfBcj 

Crewe, M.A., and Rowland Heathcote, Genl. ^ 
Needmod Hou>c, o ni. W. by N. of Burton, J. S. Spne, Esq. 
Newbold Manor,4 m. S. W. bv S. of Burton, C. P. Johnstone, Esq. 

* Norbury Rectory, 1 1 m. W. of Stafford, Rev. W. H. C. Llojt 
N(»rlhwoud, 1 m. E. of Hanley, William Ridgway, Esq. 
Nortrin Hall, 7 ni. N. of Walsall, John Ilawkes, Es<i. 

Oak IJill, 1 m. S. W. of Sioke-u])on-Trent, Arthur Minton, Esq. 
Oak Hill, 2i in. S. W. of Chcadle, R«v. Chjis. B. Charlewood. 
t Oakley Hall, 3 m. N. E. by N. of Market- Dmy ton. Sir John 
Chctw(»dc, Bart. 

OxJeasttwcs, !> m. N. E. of Stone, JauicsC\cvjea,)E.«v. 
Pkckinifton ilaU, 3i m. S. E. onAc\ifteU,lR«v.T.\jt^t\.v,VL.K. 

W. of Sftme, wlmringfidd Y«C B^« 
if Cheadle, Thomas Hawe FnAor^ Jbq. 
N. of WolTerhampton, Sir G. FigoC* Bait 
. of Maifcet DmyioD, T. Tmnnlow, Baq. 
I. of Maiket DnytoD, PunMl SaUtoe, Baq. 
N. W. of WolTerhamptoii»T.Fo«kr,Eaq. 
W.ofWhampton.,W.B.:^ " 
by S. of Walsall, John G 
hfield, John &c Henij Biadba: 

r Stouibridge, Jdin Pidcock, Esq. 

Borslem, M l aid Wood, E^. 

m. S. by W. of Wolreifaaniptoii, J. H. 

.. M.P. 

S. W. of Burtia, Heniy Bafli»| Eso. 

£. of Walsall, J. VanghMLBatW, Esq. 

by S. of Stafford, tWi 


V. N. W. of Burton-on-Trent, Sir Oswald 

c O. Mosley, Eso. (The Park, Mis. Stone.) 

)y E. of Staffora, f Earl of Harrowby, ds 

!r, Viscount Sandon. 

^f. W. of Birmingham, Earl Dartmoiitl^|| 

S. by W. of Newcastle, H. Townend, ^^^P 

N. W. of Stafford, Francis Eld, Esq. ^^ 

)f Cheadle, James Beech, Es^. 

. of Lichfield, William Harding, Gent ; 

-al Parker; The Moss^ Mrs. Case; T%§ 

re, Esq. 

:. S. E. of Stafford, Earl of Lichfield. 

D. S. of Stafford, Thomas Hartshorn, Esq. 

I. S. S. E. of Uttoxeter, R. Blurton, Esq. 

m. S. E. hy S. of Walsall, Mrs. Jane Cos. 

W. of Birmingham, M. R. Boulton, Esq. 

E. S. E. of Brewood, Edward MondUon, 
Dry Monckton. "^M^" 

. N. by W. of Uttoxeter, W. PhnU^Hk. 
(r.ofStafford,Ld. Stafford. (Unoccupied) 
N. N. E. of Stone, Rd. Clarke Hill, Esq. 

N. W. of Eccleshall, Rev. T. Walker, 
f. E. of Tamworlli, S. P. Wolferstan, Esq. 
r. Sir W. Dunbar, Bart., & Rer. J. W. 

W. of Stoke-upon -Trent, T. Fenton, Esq. 
W. by N. of Stourbridge, Js. Foster, Esq. 

Lichfield, Misses Mills & Fumival. 
W. of Penkridge, George Monckton, Esq. 
. W. by W. of EciOesbaJJ, R. Hodges, Esq. 

i^/f of Dudley, Mrs. Diana Briscoe, 
k Tkomas Da vies, Esqn. 

00 SKATft. 

S»iDr«ii H*l^ S 111. S^ of Lichfield, JUmud | 

1 iivtiaDerton H»l), 4 td. W. by N. of Slone, Vri 
S«innenon Reuiw, 1 m. W. bj N. of 8ume, 1 
TainHonb Cfl-tio, (partly unoccomed,) Thomu . 
t Teddeslcy >r^iii, 2 m. N. E. by N. of Fenbidge, Ri^l ] 

Ednuil Juiiii I.iuleton, M.P., jMcietu^ forlTdand. 

Tettcnbal), 2 m. W. by N. of WalTeriuuiiiiUn,Fiuni 

aaj^cdajf C.irbeU, Esqn., tnd MiMTheadon H. 
Tiinip#(Coii!iii,ninc) H»U, ft m. N. E. of Twnworih, ! 

fTixall Park ij ni. E. S. Kof 8uBord,8iiTlioiOMAaUfta 

fordCoD.sUII.,i5iirt. • 
Treulbam H.,11. 3 milei S. E. by 3. of NewcMUe, 


Walfiird Hou-,, 4J m. N. ofEwlediBU, John GrhnJuiw, Ew. 
Watifield Hall, 4 J m. 8. W. of Uttoxeler, C. R. Lnwrmoe, Evi. 
Wurslow Hal^ ni. E. N. E. of Leek. B. B. Huwlark, B«q. 
Wailands,3in. N. of N'evcutle, Spencer Rogeni,E^. ' a 

Weeping Crosi, I J m. 5^. R. ofStiilTonl, ThoinuSali, Eta. " 
t Wergs (Tbe), »} ID N. W. of WoUerliunptoii.IUcluid 

rrver, Esq.. M.P. ' J 

+ Weston HiiI1, 5 m. W. bv N. of Brcwood, E«l of Btadford. J 
~ Hal), 4 m. N. £. of SulTuni, WiUism Stubb*. OeoL 3 

n CorreT Hall, 4* m. W. of Chwdle, B. Child, Em. 

■*• ■" " i:m7m.p 

cslivood ilaf], 1 m. W. of Leek, Jnhn DareopoK, Esq.. 

♦ WcslBood Hall, 4i m. S. S. W. of Leek, Thoioa* Powys, Em. * 
WLilley Al>bev, 9 m. N. W. ofCheadle, Geo. M. Mbsod, Esq. ^ 
WtiitmoTC Hal), H m. S. W. of Newcastle, Un. S. UMntnuing ' 
f Wicbdon Lndge. 6 m. N. E.hy £. of Suffotd, W. Moore, Esq. ' 
Wichnor Park, 8 lu. N. £. of Lichfield. Theopbilus Lerett, Eiq. 
WifTginton I.od^, 1 in. K. bv W. ot TamvoTtli, Hn. E. Claike 
Wulseley Hall, 1] m.N. by W. of Rtigeley,8irC.Wolaele;,Bit . 
■ Walvcrhumpton, Revs. J. $£ G. B. Clare. (See also page 193.) 
Woodhead,U in. N. E. bvN. of CbeadIe,Th(M.Th<nnp«m,E«|. 
Woodhouse, 2 m. N. E. of Cbeadle, Rev. Edwaid Wbieldon ■ 
Warikuse, 4 m. S. W. of Wokerhampton, T. S. Hellier, Eiq. ] 

K W4Kds, 41 m. 8. of Leek, Rev. Heaty Sueyi ' \ 

^ Woodseat, 3 m. N. of L'lLoxeter, Bainbiigge Geo. Abop, En. i 

Wootton Hall, B) m. W.of IItloxeter,D.I>aTei^poft,Eaii. 

Wootlon House, I m. K I^y W. of Eccletball, Rd. Beedi, E«i. 

Wootloo Park, H m. N. by W. of UttoscteT,Geo. Walker, Gent. 

t Woollon Lodge, »i m. N. by W. of Uttoxeler, John R. B. 
Care, £»). 

Wordslcv llou!«, 1 1 m. N. bv W. of Stourbridge, W. Porter, Esq. 

WoTston* Hal), 3) m. N. W.'by N. of Stafford, J. Milner, Eaq. 

♦ H'rutlesley Hull,4j lu. N. W. by W. of Wolrerhampton, Sir 

John Wrotte»ley, Bart., M.P. 
J^ Wjrie^ Gtoyc, 6 m. K. of Walsall, John Stokes, Esq. 
Huiett, 3 m. S. o/8k>De, John TtuuncVtff,E»\. 
yoxa// lo-tge, m. S. by E. of l«\if«!\A,BiW.'t.<iiA««*- 

n isTouv 

• 'I nil 


l.lCUriKl.l*, :\u aiicifiii ami uilMuiili fiix, i- tij ■• S* • 
.;!•. vx'.i ii''*.tt I>i-li««j»rif, ami f"»riii*. with iN ititrinct-. :i ('"/.•' 
••» j'-..:r', :li "iirli Iim m11\ ^itiiatnl in llir Olllnw lliuiiiii"! iit Ns i' 
I "»!^*;ir' . ill .i li»jilllit'ul aii«i airivialili Mtu.itiiMi ; !»• in-' n!.« . 

. :«.::• ••j'v'i valt , "UiPuin-liil ]•} iLiiilr liiii^ «»|" ihmIi raii !.» •_ 
. .• •..\ .■«•..:::. a. »!.«• iIi'«!MiK*' «•!* 1 1!» isiili- N. \\ . 'I I. n' 

'.' • '. *^ r. ? » I.. •■! Mill -1.1. 1.; iMii. • N. 't r.:i..:ii».::-. •. 

. . V» N W. I I'aiMw.'illi, a:pi {.J iiiilr^ S. \V '.; N s !'. 
;••.•. -I:-:!* Tm*!:!:: ;ijn.n lii.- {■■•.i 1 !hi\\i»'.i I.m:!-- 
( •• :, '.% • -iiiii'lillji lii.v •»! « •I'.mni''s •'.! \.:ri li' . ■ 1 ■ 
■-. • :••:•'. !•• '-.^ix'. liii- \Vi «i lliiliii:! !" V«ilx-l;i:' n • •" 
'. .." ■ . I *•.:•• I i !- liiiiili lu-j'.u iii««' ''\ ii !>.;'• ' ,' 

-"•••• !• V. J.', i.-i H .ilT lr« .;r iiit. n '.f'lili |. fi"« .I'.ilM-.'. 

'"•• ••• » ".; ..i*-;i. : I i !l.f Inii: « I iiM\ !■• -i- 1.- 8 .1 Iii- ;. . . 

• '. ••.*• i: i!, vl.iili, i:i J... ill! ..(»'«:."•■'. - :;.i. ij 
'. ■ . .•••'. t^pl.J'i': JiMN ]i«u f lit iMii'.a'i' ;:•• i;.»lil -• 
.-ill '..4 ••*i' i«i:«ii\ »li>rrr'.:r.i-l-t.:| //.'i ;-./;■./ ///•'.■ ./■ 
■. ;::'':v .-i" .'I'l'Si « i.ri?::. liu' j''iil'"iiv 1 \\\-\ -in .r.i-: • 

i •*■ • ^■•.:' '; ••.••*; 'i-.\'- I'HM']. 'ri.iiin- N.'.\' .. li:.':..; 

*' • 1 ::;:' : •■!" i>i-M i;.i:i :.- i {':.• P' ; 1. ■ 

' •" • •• :•..- «:t\ . a. .:!-■« \'..«v \\, • i.i«.:..-.. 

V'".. ..•■•i.- ..i!j! .!•,:•...» \ .'. :.i'.' i -W: . ' . r 

" ' '■ :•• i?j»!- ?■• l''t riiiiii-vi.» ..r()\! .:. :, \. ■.•(\.i\'.- 

*■' \''-|. aJ« ^Iii«l5!i. H.i'V.'^ t'.. l-.!*'- '...' •■1. . 

t!i!i'_..,i .,'.■•!.••. \''. li-"'!) ; .I-.. 'i'- -..ii':, ■■:•,• • i]i«.-. I.- 
''•■■I •.• i ••;:'• '■• I-' .i! .•«::- • i:> ii'!''! m: , '^\>' ••.•; 
Ji!-'- I».-.. r" •■•I •.! •• Saii-l!. v.i aiil Ml li.:.". M' rx' \. 
^ *-• '• 'S. I>: I » il'A'.n "riM*!."'.!!!'!! .1 li '•. :\. .lU i -• \«- i" • • 
• ••-'!'.. ■ -:• . !i.« .: '"'11 111 I'lnal i» 'Ai*. «. a- '^W ••• •• :• •' 


1-* IM •• iMillVi 1\ <.|M ;:. I'..: ■•..•:••'•':'. i: •• \.x- 
■••"'5"i; i!'! :»!'•. i.-.l ii i? i\irl,i-l -ni!: i i. •'..•! . . i •• ;• • 
!* i-.U-'t \t*\,- ii.« j: \viil,.M;t ill.- I P-. .1. - '..!.•' \ •' ' 
l"l''i;.tii^ ^t,-.-»!«.. \ 1/ S/. , |i. •../»,, • s* / /.. ; V,. '. • ■ 

I" -. 

r- . 

I • • 



tiincF, ill differenl directions fhnn tlii- main body of tlie (own, 
wliicli ccinsisU priucipally of Bird-street (ancientlTMllcd Bridfrf- 
■iincl), MHrkefDitrcvt (lurmerl^ Sadler-slreel), Boar-Mieet, tin- 
Ma rkel-jit;ive, Dain-slreet, Wade-street, Tamnortli-Etreet, un<) 
<ireeii-liil). The liouses are in Rencmlbuilt according' to tlietaxlp 
of inodcrn times, and inanv of Ihcm are occupied by gentry uid 

|ier>»iis of »mall independent fortunes. The stivcts arv well 
ijllilcdand pared, and tlie houses and pnblic conduiI& arc plenti- 
fully supplied Willi water from (lie springs at Aldenhan , as the 
Cliisci>. fmiii llio^eut Mapleluycs. The retail hliops nrc numprcMis 
uiid veil stotikeil ; and ilie ions simcunis and coinuiodiuus. In iht- 
eity are sereral exlcnsive omfA md hameu tnaiiufactories, and a 
cuusidentlilc number of malt kiltui and iu the iiei|;hliourhi)iH] 
are Ihh nitrited millt, an extensive caim-t man u facto rt', and \i 
paper inil1. The marketn held cveiy Tuesday and FriVtav, are 
wetl <inp)i)ie<l with rom and proriMont. Here areahui five anTiiial 
fain fur tlic sale of eutlle, mcrdmudiso, ^e. vix. un Asli-Wedncs- 
day till till' Friday followiug ; on Olil Slay "Day ; on (he lirtt 
IVednesilay inJaiinar>-, and on the tirr't Mi'mduvV iu July .-tiid 
Novcmlier. The iwu first are ehartereil fxirs.Hndtliciithi-r thref 
were established in the year Itfil, when the «hl W.-<iii,«ii.y 
marfcet was diunged "to two in ihc week." Karei an- lidil 
jHuly nn the M.-eond Tuctilav in Septi'mlwr, upon llie liiuiii. 
about 1 1 niileS. \V. •iftlivei'tv. 

pARisniw.— The citv is diijded into time imrithes li/. S| 
Mary's. St. Mk-haelS'un'l »'■ Chad's. The Hiiall.-si, but li.r 
mu^ pi>pnl<>us, is St. MABv'Sinliioh )k all I'oniprii^eil in ihf ^■^^a■ 
Inl jiart of the eity. St. Ch*»'s tKtupies the imrlh and wi-t, 
and St. SIhhael's the siiuth nnd cast parta of the tiiy anrl 
suburbs ; and tliey hate several out-ton n^hips lyiiiir lii';..'ii<i tliv 
limits of the CnesTv or the Citv i whieh latter, i- a ili-lriil ui 
an irregular oval lip:uie, iirarly IS mile^ in circuit, ('Xii'iidin<: 
miutliward toI^pc-hillandSuiiifeiiParh; ensinanl (nU'liiiiini:- 
ton Heath. Freefurd, and D cm ford ; andnorihuanl to lliv liii'ii' 
uf Curbomugh and Elmhur^I. Tlie Cathedral , «hi<i. 
occnpica tlie highest ami mi>n attractive part of ilii- i-iiv , iiml !>■ 
separated from the rest 1»y an estetuive and l>cautifiii >lwii •■( 
water, is an exempt extnt-pnmehia) liherly, covcrnul liv div 
Dean and Caouns, who are the only nia-^stnitt's wiihin ii- 
iHiuuds, aud are entirely independent, not only of the riiy. but ■<!' 

the county of Stafford. The inansiira and small cstn-iKirut' 
estate, (■ane<l the Fbiarv, are wiihin the juriHlietion nf the eouii 
of the filv,tu«hii.'htheChiM;luLS also 1«en annexed hylheUcloi 
Bill, as far as regards the cleclinu of parlianientiin* reprt-t-.iti 
lives; 90 tliat the total nnmlier of rlnlur' \» now aiw-ut 7-') 
Ninee the vear IH<)l,(lic/M;»i/a(i'>nof theeilv ha> liven ineit 
frdm .tTlStnlVlII'Isouls, aswilllie seen in tfiefiilhiwiiiifini 


wd for the propertir tax in IS15, and Ihe nomber of inbnbiii 

in each at the (onr decennial neriods nf ibe porliamcnlaij 

oenMi*, together niih the number ol bouses in 1821. j 


1I» CfaH* Eun-PirocWBl 

Tl« frlu) KiInJ>uvdiU 


f «iiMiaiiiiiiri»ihiinHiiiiii<'iiiiiri 

I Chnpelry 


I Mreiia i> putlir wltUn tl» Count) of Ihc Cil). 

O- liiim.IbenBBkersfiidiMnKliinllHCltTudClaMwuaillf 3TTI,ud 

It ■Mtir gfJMam TH, M >Fpan by m nmj ude Id ttel yWiI^JghD Snapc. 

Lirr or Strbets in Lichfield. 
nut MnU » «f» ii. S(. Mli>y'», + in Si. Chad's, and J m Si. 

•CoBlirft itnM •iMubard itKct Tiiiiironh gtml 

CI»«.rlV)Srm-nr. •RUrkci nmt (ronnirlr hwndcitrut 
•DUBitRal I Ssdtcritnat) I 

The Corpaiatiou are lordM of the maaor, but the principal 
owner of ue land and buildinp in the city a»d eotuUy of the 
ei^ ii tbe Earl of lichfield, «ho, ahout three years ajfo, pur- 
ehaied all Ibe property here which belonged to the laU Uut\o» 
of SttSonL The Ber. Tteror Bama I1o;«, and TVeo^VWu^ 




l.t'\rtt, Es4., ;ire albo t'xii'iisi\r prDpriftoiN ; awl hero arc likc- 
wiM' a nuiiilMT ul' smaller /rtv7iom<'r*. The land aniuud Lich- 
tirhl lia> jrencnill) a <Iih'1> loaiiiy M»il, well suited l« the ^mtli 
dC all kinds of •rrain and ronis ; and inmicnsi* (jiiantiticiii (»f 
niioiis^ carrots, and other vcjrftahhs, are raised here lor the Bir- 
ininirhani, \Vol\erlianii»ton, Walsall, and other markets. Tbt 
roimmm laml was en«'loMd by an act passnl in ISII*. 


Lif'iii ii.M) i^ Mi|ij»nsed to (iwr its oriirin to the Sax«»os i^tfr 
the neiirhlMinrinj^ Roman 'Station of Etncetntn,ov Wall, had been 
deserletl. Re^peetin^ the etymoloiry an<l siijnifieaiicni of its 
name. difVerenl opini«^ns arc enterlained hy antiquaries. It is 
oalh'd l»v Bi'de, Liciilfuhh or the I'iehl (tf Careasse*, fri>nj I 
ivadiiion that one thons-ind British ehristian«i snllered mart)?- 
•.l«Mn here in the riiiiii 'jf the Kniperor Dioelesian; in menwiy 
of whieh niM'^sarre, tjure is a plaee al:out one mile X. E. of the 
eily •-till calU'il ('hrl<tinn Fithi. Other anti(|uaries have >pclr 
it- name \arionsl\, L'uhftlil^ Linfhfitld, Lichtufiehl, LichetfeMt^ 
:iTnl LiichvxftliL hilt all of tluin uive to it the >ame <iiniificatsoii, 

• • • 

exi'i'pt Stnkely. \\ho eonMtler'j the leircnd just notieed. as fabn- 
li^u*:, and tell> u< the name is certainly derived from the luanili; 
silnntion of the eitv. tin; \\(»r«l> fk\ /rrv, /er\ ur A/ee. siifuifvins 
in the S.ixon laniruau*-. a 1 mlt nr nmras^ ; an«l it is evidrnt tbai 
in inn-iriit timo tlii^ *\.i> aefnally the situation i\i Lichfield. 
!)r. .lohu^on, ho\\e\er, f'^'ilnwinL*" the former lejrend. and delcr- 
mined to irive hi^ nali>e eity a ]ilaee in his elaborate Dietioiian', 
»-:iys, *'' Lirhj [lice. Sax."" a »h.ul ejirea^e; whence I icftffah', the 
lime or ad of watehini*' hy the drad; iichifdtr, the "rait througb 
whiehthe «had are carried to the prave; /wVAy/rA/, the field of 
the dead; a <itv in StalVonlshire, si« named from UKinvred elms- 
lian«i." Whatever may ha\e been the oritrin of it** nam<\ it eer- 
tainlv ilerived it- first imimrtance fr<»m the Saxon kinis. About 
the year <>'{.'), when Pnhn, son of IViubu kinjr of Mereia, mar- 
ried the dau^:hler of (fsny^ kinir of N'nrtliuml»ria, ami became a 
cmivert to Christianity, he brouirlii with him from the north, four 
|»rie*ils, and made Liclifield his residence, as has lieen sft-n at a 
preeedinir pa'jc. Shoril\ afl«rwar<.l.s, Ctdtln^ or .S7. (7i«j/. cami- 
to Lichfiehl, and, beinjr dev«ited to a life i>f s<»litude, fixetl his 
»W/ at or near Slowe Clnircli, in a situation well atlaptcd to 
prayer and c^'ntemplation ; beinir surronn'hd b\ .a Wdod and 
baviufT a bro«'k runninir <'b»sr- to the cnlnmce. In H.»H.), Oswy. 
the con«|ueror of Mercia, e«»nstituted l/i<hfield the episc«>pal See 
of that once i«wv.erful and extensile A n.irlo-Sax(»n kinphmi ; and 
the erection «d' the vntlmlrnl was iommcnec«| in the bdlowinj: 
\ear, by JannnannusAhi- bunlii bi>liop of Mrr<ia.wb«» died a few 
months afterwanU, and was sncc<eiled by the pion*» iSt. I'had. 
Af thh e.irh period tin En;rli'^h Bishop**; were ixniarkable for 
ffirir limnilih ;i;i^/ .self-dinial. T\ie\ ^renci-AWx VKVNcWwVvNwCooi 


to instmet the people, and see that the inferior clery^ lived 
aiCiirdini; to the precepts of the church. But after the Nuniiaii 
Conquest, this native simplicity gave place tu the luxurious 
manners of the continent, and tlic pride of tlie court and tlic 
ca>tle extended it^elf even to the sacred institutions of religion. 
After being the (»eat of a bishop for several centuries, Lichiield 
U.1S still onlv a humble \inap:e, for in the year 1075, a national 
Svnod, held in London, deemed it unworthy to retain that 
homuir, and the See was consequently removed to Chester by 
Piifr, fthe first Bishop apptiiuted by William the Conqueror,") 
uhi> Ment by the name of Bishop of Cliester and Lichfield. 
R/^hfrt fie lA^msey^ his successor, removed the See to Coventry, 
having obtained ^rom the king the custody of the abbey in that 
city, founded by Canute, and afterwanfs greatly enriched by 
Ix^ifric, Earl of Harold, and his celebrated wife, Lady Godiva. 
R'lWn Peeke, chaplain to Henry I., was cousecmted to this See, 
A. i>. 1117. and was succeded, in 1128, by Roger dc Clinton, 
uhii was a liberal benefactor both to the city and cathedral 
church (if Lichtield. He is said to have rebuilt a great part uf the 
latter, to have increased the number of prebendaries, and to have 
:ipp«>'uite«l the first canons. Dc Clinton restored the See to Lich- 
field, aud styled himself Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 
(■util the establishment of Chester as a sep;ir.ite See, a. d. 1542, 
the succeeding bishops were indifferently called Bishops of Lich- 
field, Coventry, and Chester, having an episcopal residence at 
i';o h pl.ivf. Covcntr}- aud Lichfield was the usual designation, 
i\\\ />iOj .|« IJuckrt, on tlio rcsluration <if the moiuirchy, placed 
Li»)iUil\ Utnrf t'o\ entry, a** a compliment to the loyalty of the 
i"':iiur j'l.u-e. 

Ill D'untsdajt />fN/A, (which was complettMl in 1(W1.) Lichfuld 
> At -criU^d a** being held by the Bishop of Chester, and as cou- 
f.iiitiiii; '2't hidts and a half and one urgat of land; including 
i*\ eanuaus in tillage, .^') iu meadow, and 10 in demesne, and 
■J I hold by 4*2 villans and 12 bordars, with two mills rtiiled 
.It !'»ur "ihillings. The siinic record says this qn^icopal maiioi 
w.i> then worth X'k'i (per annum), and had annexed tu it a wood, 
i'.j'W.iF'U •'!" uini' miles in length and scNcn in breadth, and .-ex oral 
t'Our iitenibrr>, n/.. Paekington, Hammerwicli, Stiiehbrouk (tinn 
t illcdTitlicbnie), Norl«in,U*yrley,and Rowley. 

riioiigh Rnjrer de Clinton, in the reign of Henry I., addtd 
ii.iiili tf» the extent and beanly of the Cathedral, envinnu d thi 
• \X\ with a iliteh, fortified the Citstle, and enndled and nuisteV4-d 
■t irarriMin, he made but little addition to the buildings in tht 
I ity. for in the reign of Stephen, William <»f .Malni>bnry desciilKt" 
.r .•> '*:i Miiall village much inferior to a eit\,'* and the (onntiN 
.trxiind, as being then covered with tn*t >. \x was not till I'^ft.r 
when Walter de l-mgton wa»J ad>amed to the See, that 1 i»hlitbl 
j»gan l<» make an\ rapid -.tritle^ towards it^ present inipovtaiue 
A» tbi'» peri<»d the rit\ n./v i>/;rr>(( rt d h\ (Iiim l.i\«n y^n^-* « 

(i(i HISTtPllY <lt LU'HFIELU. 

nuicr, Riirl Dhhnp Laiuiton liiitlt h bridge o^bt the Mituier pool, 
I'k'iuiwd the (lilvli tliat (.■niiaii]iiisHHt tlic CItne, and foniMdit 
nitli n Hiring sti»ic uull. He n\*o expended £3,000 uu a ibrag 
for St. ChaU. The ^ii'iitii' Lout*s in llic Cliisc wprc a domtioa 
l>v liim, mill tie nuik- an niltlition to their Mluries. Amoaf 
ntluM ii|iiriUi| vlEirtB tu impmvt! ihc dty, he »litained » |;iut 
from hJuunl I. lo hiy a ycnrlv lux on the inhnbitonis furSl 
years, tn pavf thi- strtcts. ' A sjiort time before his death he l» 
^n to buihl St, .Miin's e}ia{)el at the L'ntliedral, where he «n- 
posed III Iw hnricd; l-ul )■<•( livinir till it wis Rnisbcd, he kt 
iRonrv for that puqiiis<<. lie died in 1%!1,iU)d wasinierTcdtnthi 
iMllu.-^ni). Amnnic "iIut lieiiefiu'tiiius, he gnve ihc old epimad 
Ii<m<<eti> llie vieaTi>' rhitral, havinir erceied a ne« AiZan on ikt 
ca'^lcni side <if the Cinsr, and miir it, suitahle mannons for it 
TVun and Cnttaai. Helicqueathcd a liinre iiiiantily ofpUutt 
the iispiif i1u-ehun-h,aiid wata (nvui l>ciicfiitti>T to every hnnk 
i>l' Ihi' catlitdral fliililislinient. 

Ill the ihinl of Eilnanl 1. (k. n. IS?-!), rcprpsriitaliTe* vm 
tStit SL-iii trmn Liclilii'lil li> Parliaintiit, and the city Kaspmned 
liy a Guild :iinl (iiiUdmasIrr, word* of Saxim onpn, i^i^rug 

■ctiH'k. iiiiiriv.U'ri'x'i) l'r..ii] (iiiUdntt. to pny." Rivhanl 1. hid 
iuvi-rii'il it nitli thi; rii;ht iif puri'1iii>inf; lands to the ralue nf m 
[Hiiiiid« : hill il v.:!*- iiiil limncrl inin a ri-^ilar mr/mntfiua till iht 
lir>Iiin':du:ir<l VI.. uliiii i) va" elt'iiilcd ti> llie difrnitT ofia 
ini-<ir|i:inili''l<'ilv,liv (lie >-t\h- "uf ihilKiililT:', Ia)^^vsses,ntiM■i^ 
am) iiininiourOl'y .if ili>' .sinn'." Tlini iiiiiiiiin.-h aliui Tcslmedll 
it the priviitj.'!' Ill' -lUiiiii; '111 iiibi-i^ !■> l'arU;i!iiL'iu, "f wliirhii 
hudbrta .l>r|.riu'l in liiv y.n Kl.>l. hy K.lwurd III. Ttil 

i-iiufimH| iipiiii til.' ciliKon*. MuiiN-iielv hv^iiiicin Marv, EU»- 
Iwtli. Jmii."- I.. »ii.| fliiivl-'s 1 1„ a«. nia^^'..f the hifrli <eiisetbijr 
iiiEeniiiii.-<l >if III', ir rlr.uly liiyiilt> . ivcn in the iinM-t tnmblewM 
liiiio.iri'itil iii< iir.l. .iaiiii-v IL. haiiiti: i>r<> n sunendK 
i.f thiiruitiiiiii ikiTlir.. (!/.-iiiid the .'iiimis a iu-» mio. In which 
hfiiii'.iriHiniledtWinhy llicMyh' mid title. .f.A(:iyi<Tniid.\ltIcnii(i| 
liul iiia<If •I'lme arhilraVt r-.-MTtaiioii::. In lii''^. uhcii the king^ 
atFuirs la-pin lu );nin dc'pi'mio. and lio I'luind it neet-tsniy to 
terii'W lii'f arhitniry tiii-.miri'v hf Jlu''li^lll'd a |>ivH.'laiiiaiianfw 
restoring iiiriwriiliniis l.i tln'ir aiirifiil [u'ii ilfui>. In eiinse- 
i|n('ni;pnrihi>. ihriicw .■liartiT.aii'l .ill iir.H-n.'din(;s iijn.ii it, w*m 
n-M-iiLltil, anil the (MriMir.iiioii rcviTti'il l'> llir Hii)i>li! and silb> 
ra(-iorvi'hiini'riir<'hark- It. 

In ihi- CiiTi. Wahs mI' t'lwrlo. I., l.i.lifi^l.l .-ulTiTi'd enoiide^ 
nidt for ils aII:ivhiiR-iit in lii.' rnv^il iMiw. >-^lH'.-i:illv the Catlie- 
dial CLiM.', wliith, «liiiidinK ill"'" hidnv (.■noiud l>iiin llie rcA 
and Iwiiiii Mnoiclv fortilifil. -iiH^i -fut;i! nnon-ii!. sicRt-:. The 
first .tf thi-st- n^iii\u liappiiiid in MmfvU 1«vl:l. vlirn Sir Kichird 
Oiott, iiiul K'liic I'tllic jiriiiciV'iI jp'irtrs I'l \\iK i:«wnV;,«viiU'rlhe 

8IBeB or THS CL08K. 67 

Brtof CheKHirtlriil, hdd it for the Kny, md weie mttacked by 
JLHd Biook ud Sir John Gell, two dktmguiiihed gODemb of the 
PuKMMBtKrraniy. Lokd Brook heinf a lodmu paritBn, u 

vo VBMni 

ttii to Imto ouni up hU army within half a mfle of the city, and 
there Towed the deecraccion or the Gathedial, imploring, at the 
nme ttaM, the IKfiae aeeiitance fcrthe aceomplishment of his in- 
tended pnpoeet andjnaying that he might be annihilated if his 
cause were a^nat He thenadyancedintothecityyfaisedabat- 
teiyiBDMa-eliwetfOppoeitetbeeastgateofUieClose. His lordship 
plaM hireaetf vnder the porch of a honae, to superintend the 
| wp Ms of the attack: but, to aeeertain the caniMf some sudden 
MMlt, he went into the street, and was shot by iNmmb and deaf 
pmleman of the Dyott family, who had watched his motions 
nam the hnttlenent of the largest steeple of the Cathedial. His 
hiishlp Ml dead on the spot, which is now distingnished by a 
pavement off wUte pebbles, and by a white maride tablet inserted 
m the ftmrt of the noow, with an inscription in memory of the 
tfCDt, which, having happened on die anniTcrsaiy of St. Chad, 
the patron of the csiuediaj,' was attributed by the superstitious 
amonfc the cavalierR, to the influence of that saint, as a punlsh- 
meni for the impious vow noticed above. Lord Brook's body 
was rrmoTffl to Warwick to be buried with his ancestors ; the 
aiTOOur wurn by him on this fatal day, and his doublet stained 
with b1o(Kl, sre in the armoury at Warwick Castk\ The gun 
v,i\h which he was killed remnins in possession of the Dvott 
family, at Freeford Hall, near Lichfiela. The death of their 
commi<nder, however, did not much discourap^e the parliamen- 
tary furces, who continued the siecfe with great vigour under 
Sir John Gell, and shortly after induced the garrison to surren- 
der np<in the " condition of free quarters to all in general within 
tlie Clrtse." It is said the rebels did not strictly adhere to these 
tenn«, but impris(med the King's soldiers three days and four 
nights in the Cathedral without foo<l, except what could privately 
be 4ibtained ; and the inclemency of the seas<m compelled the 
unfortunate prisoners to convert the seats and desks into fuel. 
At this periiKl the venerable pile l)ecame one scene of desolation, 
the centre spire was battered down, the costly monuments de- 
strnyed, and amongst others, that of Lord Paget, sculptured in 
Itilv at the enormous expense of iJ700. Dugdale says, " courts 
<»f griard were kent in the aisles ; they broke up the pavement, 
e* CTT day huntcu a cat with hounds* throughout the Church, 
dcli'zhtin'flr themselves in the echo from the goodly vaulted roof; 
and t«» add to their wickedness, brought a calf into it wrapt in 
hnen, carried it to the font, sprinkled it with water, and gave it 
a name in scorn and derision of that holy sacrament — Baptism ; 
and when Prince Rupert recovered thai Church by force, Cido- 
nfl Russel, the governor carried away the communion-plate and 
linen, with whatsfievcr else was of value." In the following 
month the Close wvi.v retaken hy Princo^Rupcrt, after a Vnaxe i«- 


liflUace mule by CuIoneJ Ra»el, whose fonet; tnffcTcd (rri . 
Unugbter bcrurv Ihey capiiulBtcd. Colonel Hawey Bkgot v. 
nuw aypuinteil Ouicmor uf tbe nunsuu i he )ui<l the lnjiii'ui 
tnieiMining Charles the Fiisl, after (he batllc of Naselir, vh< 
hii HajcEty left Ashby-de-k-ZoAch, and slept M Govcfh 
Bagat'i, in Lichfield, un Uw Idth of June, 1H45 ; tliis unfonuim 
nxiuarch twice sftenr&riis reiisiled this city ; hut ^hirl vn-- 

rxi of tranquillity, for in 1046, the Close wok nf^i:- ^-' 
Poiliiiiiicntary furces, under Sit William Brcrt ' 
wtlb dismantled. In 1661, bj- authoritv uf llii' 11: 
meot, men wma employed to strip offuie lead tri 
oflheCallicdM, and break in pieces the Bells. Thu 
Cathednl remained in a ruinouE and dijapidatod !^lll[c' ull t .. 
ResbiralUiii uf Cbarlev II.; but in a few yean tifler that 1ui|m' 
event, it HOI restored W its original splendor, as will be mwii - 
ft subacfjucnt pugc. 

Though ntllw B^annatum, the monastio iiistituticiui »ti 
BUppreawd, and the Pn>te$taiilit evinced great zeal in the 'J< 
eiruction of shrines, crucifixes, images of snints, and other >' 
jccts of Pnpish idiilauv, tliey did ttol deface the exicii^i 
livhfleld Cathedral, which remained entirv forin^i' ' 
uenturin, until l3ie period of the intestine warejii'i " 
Jokn'i, now au hospital foi poor men. is eiipposeil i 
origlDally a priory or monastic cell, but tho date irl . 

■■— 'moon, though Roger de Clinton, who \i ■ 

_ iiro 1127 tilllHO, biiU|ipo«ed Ut h&ix l>i 

|< disr,^ide p. if7). Here wu aim a large Fnuav ' > 
I the FnuuiUHnui, or Giey Frian. It was founded nb 
1 1239, by Bishop Starenby, but was all burnt i'> ' 
It ibo couventnnl church, in 12tt|, when ;> <' 
ujed llie greater part of the city. After the ili 
[rUgious hoiiftes, this church was allowed to rt'iu.. . 
in a sute of deniUtion. In IA49, however, ii 
IdenuilitJied, and a spacious mansion erected on lli< 
■a. — ;jjyg j,,,,p„ ucoupied by several of the most •n•^>' . 
nof thecaunty,andUnow theBeatortheRe\ I 
. idll called llic Friary, and in surrounded by ^i i ' 
I which httsnn entrance gate opposite the endof Bn^n 

■ the niign of George II. this mansion was thcrcsideiii< 

■ Rawlin», Euj., uiid the Duke of Cumberland bad hr 
llemhore, wh«i the king's army was stationed nv I 
I the rebellion i<( 1745. One of its former dislini;i. 
■puils wes the late Wra. Inge, Esq., whose abilities .< i 

mnmrnUtWrn dM i w *iMwfatiim ia old Enrihh chwr- 

b faot/Hflnj GhnpuHur, •QQAf MklMiel deliddMd^bdl- 
~ VgMtod tetfae **jiw«adflolMe» ofdMneyfrianaf 

AMfldHK. In 1076, 

vMted LkhMd, and renudnaiipi Uie dtr fiNwi 
J«ly «IAiD Aqmiatd. In 1M8, «* ihetof^St Micliad'k 
^■^Ub $mt9LMnf§ bj the IfadBet-pkee, ^len UowB down 
liv m ymKfc iMyvrt, wlnbh did the like damage at Staffoid." 
ifni^^ A» MHBer of te MUBM Tear a dieedlbl eliyMf j^^ 
mmmfitAtt^'aUkmuiA townt in Engiaiid, and in a lew weete 
itiweft amivmwnidseriyioaofthe inhabitants of liohfidd, 
c*r abofit half of the whole population ; but happily, the city 
escaped that awfal malady Asiatic Cholera, whicli committed 
such dreadful ravages in 1832, (see page 222). 

Of the (kstle which was strengthened by Bishop Clinton, and 
of the ditches formed by that prelate in the early part of the 
12tb century, no vestiges now remain, except the foot-path, cal- 
led CastMifrh^ may Ikb regarded as one of the latter, for which 
supposition, however, the name is the only foundation. The 
c-astJe is generaly supposed to have stood near this foot-path, and 
Pennant thinks it probable that Richard II. kept his Christmas 
there, in 1307, when he consumed 200 tuns of wine, and 2,000 
oxen ; but Stowe says he kept it in the Close. Here, however, 
it is sufficiently certain, that this unfortunate monarch was con- 
6ne<], when on his way to London as a prisoner, after his throne 
liad been usurped by his kinsman, Henr}- Bolingbroke, the first 
monaR-h of the House of Lancaster. From this fortress Richard 
attempted to escape by slipping down from the window of his 
room into a garden ; but being discovered by a sentinel, he was 
secured and carried back to his confinement. He was soon after- 
wards basely murdered at Pontefract castle, where he slew four 
of his anailants, in his valiant struggle for existence. 

BoRBOwcop Hill, a conical mount, about one mile S. E. of 
the City, is generally 8uj>pose<l to be a tumulus and the site of a 
Saxon ibrt, where tradition says three kings were slain in one of 
the confiicts during the Heptarchy ; but Uiis legend is not war- 
ranted liy any historical record now extant. A small edifice 
with seats has been erected by subiicription, on the lofty summit 
of this hill, as a place of shelter for tiic numerous parties who 
ascend it for the purpose of enjoying the beautiful and extensive 
prospect which it conuDaiids of this and of the adjacent ^\iii\^%'%* 

|70 HlNlum IT r.iriirui. 

ConunL — Abboogli tine Stephen ^rnnleil lo Bi 
land Iih eucctuoH, ike ptirilepf '-f p«tt!'ti*lt;tT- » R 
UJclilliUi Docoiiw hM« yn t>wi ■* — ■■■'■'■l |"-'"-'t 
Vtbitdl*; exccjil ttfcwlocnlti'^ 
1 Vr tW ouqiuratioii iu ' ■ 
Sell)— To Supply the 1' 
F^B %7m. Ml. Barrel, of Uchi.i. 
|lif wUich hnvt on tho ub*ene. ilic dti- iinii- ; :ui'l ■ 
« b tturriUvl, " Payabir uu AVliil-Muiiitnv M !i 
I'BmDk," and ilic ulber, "R. Bnxlor, Dnzcncr, ^ 
IWMd." In 10)0. Mr. Richard Wright i=Mi..l :^ 
■ Ix-iirtiii; Du tw ulmenv, a uunrait of :' 
|CTMmi>, i(»crih««L •* Bicliard Gwenc. •■ 
Bdird Jnnc 4lh, 17^.1, aged 77; " and (lu 
^•niiUtiun (if Uie wtsl porch uf Ihe cMtheili u 
["Pav^blehjF Bidiard Wright, Limlilieia, -.i .. 

Mring a poTtnit of tlie DBlelmica Dr. .laliusi'n 
ap«vl> >o unwortbv of uoUm, us to be jusll)' i'K<.'1ii 
P cabinet of every judiciou!) collector." 

EAIii,c gF LicnpiBLt). — In KMA, Charles Sluii 
heir of Uv(irg>c Lord Au1>ig»f , iu Fmni.-F, wtis r 

■ bunm)[b, vliu purcliated, a few ;ears ugo, uf the latt! Mi 
BSbkffora, u largE cstnte in llie city nnd lihcriies ofLiuhBeldl 

TlioaRh Liehiicid »:ut momherii In pHrllument, 
Tovenieabr it (iuild and GmldmnMer, 05 cailv u th 
Edwud I., It «nj 001 elevated to the nuik of ■ Dnartered o 
Ition, till Edwntd VI. cunfened ii)><w ii ilint booour. It . 
n^uratiy rweived eharlert from Hary, KtUabclh, Jua«l 
■ U., anil Jnnie* II., Iiui lb* Inticr »«* tvwuided, a: 
WHly I_«Mi Hwi al najte t«i, no thai tlie CDvenilug oluul_ 
It of Charier II., whioli mnfimiii nil the former immuniUti 


thoB many new and exteanve prinleges. Under this cliarter, 
the coqKnate body oonaists of a stewam, a recorder, two bailiffs, 
twenty-one Vtethno, and a town-olerk and coroner ; \iitli the 
fdloiking imvanti, Tis. two serjeants at mace, a sword-hearer, a 
noler, uid a ti^ crier. Tlic Bailiffs and Brethren i'omi the 
Common Cooncil, and elect the Steward, the Recorder, ami tli(* 
Town CleA and Coroner, who hold their offices for life, if not 
lemored for misconduct. The Clerk and Coroner is chosen 
from amone tlie body of Brethren, but must be approved by the 
Crown. lie has the custody of all records, keeps part of tlir 
wfcal, and is clerk of pleas, recogrnizanccs, ^c. The Revonler 
'and SUnmrd are chosen from the citizens, but must also he ap- 
proved by the crown ; the latter presides in triab of felony, Vc., 
aadtheYonner hasUie power to condemn criminals to death. 
The two BmiliffM are elected yearly on St. James' da^' (July 20), 
br the Biethsen out of their own body ; and one of'^ the two, m) 
efectedf is nominated by the Bishop to W the Senior BaUW\ who 
keeps inrt <d the seal, presides with the Recorder and Steward 
in trials of felony, &c., and is the king;'s escheator. On the same 
lUy the Bailiffs and Brethren also elect a Sheriff from anmnu 
the resident citizens whose office in the citv and county of I.icli- 
field. i« similar to that of all other hip^li sheriffs in Enp^land, uitli 
thi.« addition, that on every 8th of September, (bcinfjc the nativity 
of ihr ldc.<sed VirjGnn Mar)',) he has \o perambulate the himndnr'n'< 
of ilie riiy liberties, at the head of a procession of the corixuate 
IWiv. and other inhabitants^ who choose to follow in his train. 
Tbt>e boundaries are nearly 16 miles in cireuit, incliulin«r all 
tlieir *innir^iiie<. (see ]ja*re <5*2) The sheriff must be a eili/en, 
but not i»ne of the corporate body. The reconler, the ste\Nan], 
the twi> bailiffs, and the bailiffs of the preeetling year, are 
the cittf ma;/i>trate!t, and have power to hold Courts of (ranf 
Deiit^ri/^ and to av^anl sentence of (U'atli, or other punislnnenls, 
upon offenders. They also bold a Court of Record, every Tliur-- 
day, fur the rec«jvery of debts or damages amountin;:: to lOs. 
and iipwaril>. Such plea>? a< cannot be deteiniined in this eiuiil, 
iuu*l be tried before the justices next "coniinp: into the eity, and 
not our •»f the eiiy, or before any other justiee^.'' The corpora- 
tion aln*» hold Sr^siuns of the peace, weekly and cjuarterly, ancl 
a e«->urt of /V<' P^Mv/rr dnrinjr the fairs. Here are also several 
annual conns, viz, the View of I'mnk-jtirdtir^ tU(f Cimrt of Array ^ 
the p-eat Portwote Court, and *■' j^faudlin\s Caurt,'" ibe latin of 
«hich wa5» instituted f»»r the punishment of tlrnnkcnne>s, and for 
the purpose of adminislerinp the oiith o\' ollice to ilie dozenrrs, 
or petty constables. 

An ancient Cervmontf was formerly roiinci ted \\\\\\ tlie (''^urt 
»f Arratf held on Whit-Monday, and aftfr li.ivin;j bucn tli^ri'?.- 
liuued ibr many years, was revived in 1?<1<>, w'nh soini- r:.>i 
thnai^h stripped ojf mueli of its fonner ])omp. |>\i; uc uui1<m 
'iiMjfd ihc lyhit-Moii'hy auiwfvwcnts wlikh now take \\\\<\ - ; 

ti-1iill, ilitr.'i' liutlillli' Ip'll 


lliiiwil-liill a' 

in'lilutL-<l I'm iln' I'liUTlaiuiniKl nt' llir \r-\\ »ii<l tlio miuiii; in thai j 
liv-lv «-ii-.n ..r Oil-\Vliiir*iii.liili-. " TW Wieiii i-fmn.i. I 
m.>'f..niHTlv ■■.■iiii.riol «iib ll..- imin iif Arwv arv dtsi-rilo-l l.i I 
Viu, «- r..ll"«- ;-■■ Krirlv ..u lli<- .i».n,iTif,' ..f VVliii-M..ri.l.iv, llii 1 
)iit.')i i-.'ii-tiil.K-> ..r ibi' .-irv.;,ii>-ii.U-cl In in, i,u->i :ir)rn.-<i «iifi &n- M 
i.»t.. iiiiU BiLmicI whi; ril'lKiii-. iiriwlwl l.j .iiihi iin-rrirt. i 
(1iiuct'i>. :ii'l<i«ii I'siiitnvtimllv <lrt'^>]il ilninis sinil liri.'s,i;fi,iiTt i 
lliL- ^l>l'ritr. ii>«ii.,'lrrli, ami' kiilill's tr-.m llii- (iuiUli^ill m the 1 
UiiurTiilUrt'ui-lLill. ;i iii<mm>iliiu(crl :illlii- ''oiuli-raM txtruniiiT J 
.>f llio city, iu tlu' |Mhsli i>l' Si. Miilini'l, ulicre a tempvMqll 
kn'ili is rurilj.irn'iTiilinn. Oil llii- dikuui tlicblkiTI 
the loiin i> ]<nH.'liiiiiii'il liy llii! ciiiiiuiku i-rier ; tlu- iihium e( all - 
Uic li'm-^flu'liUi^ ill ilu- IHi'iilwiui- nnnbiif tlif cily, ncMTiliiig 
lis tln'v ■.iTv rimillcil. arc I'ulU'') ntiT; uiid.iH ))t.TW)itK owin); suii 
ami ><-r\iii' Ik ilii- nmrt. t'ullnl >■ tlii- iiinrt nl' iiiTiiv, or view cf 
iiirii mill :inii>," of llii' iit:iiii>r aw\ lonlsliiji nf fJi-liKt-lil, an.' 
ivi]iiivi'l 1" ii[i[niir, iimli-r ]«iiri iif lim.' iiiiil uiiicFLi-iiit'Dr. Afut 
Ihi- I'l i.nii.iii U rnriiii, tlif, iiiicuikil K tlit' saati 
iiiiii. \-'..i.'<U' llii'IrliMM, :iml iiiari'li llir>iii<.'1i liu' stnt'I<^ td tbt 
.iiil"i>iu- iMrriiiilv 111 llii' .ilv, anil simiinnn the il.</(i)tr. iir ittti 
,„„>[Mi- "I il>a1 uiml. tu ailMi.l. Ilr iiiiiiii"liaK'lv i.-.iiuv« l-ni. 
l.uiLiiii;;! Il:i'/ <>r l■ll>ilrl^,i■>i"^' tW |mic>->-ii'Ti, ami llii' iiniitd mtn 
liiv ;< vullik nM-r oiTv h<-ii~i' ill ilit' uinil. Tin' iiiliabiuiiLt. 
.■11 ill", i-iiliii.-, iiiviii- iIiV'l<-. iiiio ilii-ir h.-usi-i and pir^til 
IIh-iii "illi riUv>]iiiHii1<, Mliilr iliiiik i- ■;inii l.i tlicir altCniLuiK. 
-II..' .I.rt..tivr ili.'ii. Ir<':irliiu'' lii^ i>»^'>-aiii. aii.u.U il,ri,i i,. ike 
-il.a IVmhi ii mil i-i.lU I'-rlli llic ii:iii 


I ihi' 

lK' « 


1 n-L'al.'-l 

«itl. a t' 

)'|'.-:iv 11 f 

;.'li ll.l.- ttt-'lltj—IK 


i~i.'. <hiiu'.'r>. aiid 


iihtWtnntfi of this loyal and respectable citv. The dozener> 

Ckn deponi thnr edioun under tbe belfry in ttic adjacent churcii 

«f St. Mary'a. The origin of this remarkable coyrt is uii. 

faMWB, hanng codited kmr prior to the date of any royal cliar- 

ten. VafioM eoBJectures, however, have supplied the place ot 

Mrtorical noetL Some suppose it to be an lUHtitution of kin;? 

Ofirf% ia twnj of a Ticiorv obtained by him over the paj^faii 

Uig Fiadu; while othns conclude that it is founded upon an 

adnvid IB the reign of Henry II., and confirmed by several 

«f fii ioeeenons enacting that tbe high constables of ever 


^Mmm ihoald oftentinieR new the arms and armour of the men i'u 
Aar ftmnrhit or liberty. The latter opinion in certainly more 
pnbahle than the former. 

In the Cfterter of CkturUs II, is the following restrictive clawte : 
** AnA fulher by these presents we do for us, our heirs, and 
leutiMori, eonfinn to the afore-named bailiffs and citizens of 
the said eity,aad their successors : That no stranf[[Gr or foreipriior, 
aoi ben^ a fieeman of the said city, unless he hath sencd liis 
apffcnticeship for seven years within the said city, may fur ilic 
fntore sell or shall expoise to sale any ^aros or iiiercI)aii«li/.( 
within the said city, (except the Close) otWrwise than in j^oss, aixl 
otherwise victuals or other necessary provisions and victualliiii:. 
sold within tbe said city, unless it be at the times offair^, >(> tn 
be held within the said city ; nor sliall keep any shop, plan-, 
stall, or booth, nor shall use any mystery, occupation, or liandi- 
craft trade, within the said city, or the liberty or precinct (»r tin- 
same, (except the Close) without the special license of the bailitls 
and bietliren of the city, or the major part of them, (uhereof oiu- 
of the Kiiliffs of the siud city for the time Iwing we will shall In- 
one,) under tlicir common seal in writing:." After sufferinj? i\n> 
and several other clauses in tlie charter to lay dormant for a 
number of years, the coq>or.Uion, in 18:K), attempted to revixf 
them, and submitted their "Cow" to Serjeant Ford for lii- 
opinion and lo^l advice. In stating their case, they said, ''No 
loreiginer was a<1mitte<i to exercise a tmde within Lichfield till 
about nine years ago, when the town clerk, by the adviec of sonw 
■eighbouring gentlemen, and with an intent to ejiconrage tra(Ii> 
in general, published an advertisement without^ any on!er tn 
C4m8ent of the TmnIv, that all persons without distinction \\er(* at 
liberty to settle in Lichfield; but this experiment, insteati «>r 
iapioring and enriching the city, hatli inereasiMl tmd brouirlit i 
nnwrous poor u|)«m it, and to put a stop to tliis growini^ cm!, 
the eorp<iration are desirous to give the freemen all the a.ssis(aiir ■ 
IB their power, that is ctmsistent with their rharter and t}i<:. 
•wn safety.** But the learned Seijetint, in hi*; answer, said ilit. 
he was clearly of opinion that the restrictive clause was absolutch 
void; for as the liberty of following any lawful trade is niw n; 
the greatest pri\-iK»ges an Entjlish subjeet can boast of, it ('aiiu,»t, 
• he ajiprehcodt''^ U' tlv^tnut'd or .i/^rnliicd l)y anv grAUl oV v\\» 

d uuf[bl not to atUinpt b> [iu[ ii it 
I Inipofiiig fine& or olLerwise: iBdecd, unless they c 
I tliBt tliey ^oewstvd Uie power uf exclniliiig Soteigarr- 
K and jirtsvTiptive euatniu, " liefore ilie titae of m' 
I juilMednnt lo llie date of ihe'ir oldest cbnntr," In > 
T nf upiuioii lltat they could uot IcEuUx mahilain nii< ' 
rliuD>hte iirivilege. The corpoiutinu ha»e »i«el? Hitf<i 
I wfafilcsoiQc adiice, sa thai those ubo hud berii ■. 
I tlie town cluk'B ■dvertlseineDt lo settle in tlit ni 
f tliD finet Mid penalties «ith which they were m 
ind many other " foreigners " ban- 

I Knd are pOGsessed urconsideinble pTopeTtif ; hut u l.i 

I of dm latter is mrrd; held ia tmxt for mrk'^i- 

and public imes, as will be seeu at a subsequent p^r);i 

aniaunt of their iueutnc is unlmowu to the public- I n 

1833, they folhi»e<l lli« example of Noruiuh, ami i 

corpomtiiius, by boiiiinfllhe standard nf oppoutinn i 

WuimwTt appaintrJ uttdrr the Great St«l, at Ike rrc < ' 

of ti* Hmar of Cmtanom, in that year, to inqnii. 

milting Etaie uf all ciiri>i>[Htioii« in En^Und. Tli>' i " 

idonen who visit<'d LichGeld were thnw who bu'l. i 

nine month, succcufuDv ciptmed courts o{ itiqniiy i 

(sM [wi^ 137,) tind Ibu other invorjioniled lH>ri>uL. 

county. On iheir arrival here, hnweier, the Town Cletk M 

, was hu ptunful duty to prewiit Iv them the (blloniug Rttotm 

^theB^liffiaiulCilizeni:—"Firil. Ttiatthr Ci>tiiaiW]Mi<( 

I tnisdou appciliitcil by tlic Kint; in Cnunell, is, in the nfilnin 

I iUb Incorporatloii, an unrun.'.titulional Etreteb of tlie lU 

ftPienpitive, and not araicd wi^i legal power In pn>MC«Wfl 

lwQp*)wd eni|uiricE. Sreon4. That tlie Oiitli tnkru by f 

P Brctlii«n uf this Incorporation on their i.'l< .... J 

I dirulge, utter, pabliah or rereal the <.'<» 

' ' la i and, liiat its strict olwervaiuu' t'.< 

I neceuary voniniunications iu tlie dbcltLH^ 

I In them, and for the miblic welfare. TViii 

J of this Coiporaie body art' ready, by ii full disvknuMr 

I Tribunal, of all niati«n MiiriuW u> their t 

\ thCRiselvea Irvnn nil charge! of iniuniann^^ni-n 

potatiotu in jrcneml ; but that ilii' pljiiii rim^in 

retwnd to, and th« ainiaicni iiii.i-i.iu ■.! ili. u 

[Coniinimon itmlf, ivnpcl ilti.'iii if 

lrit)[l« submit to sueli ;ni m |i' ■ m. 
— '*^, on (rrounds ofp-nl [, i..i > 

__ wllh uieriKhLtof iliii lumiiiiinitin 

far »iotv Il«>liiilctns lie |i~ 
" itMoirai In tb'i* city." 

Ill I ■rit»iiW1liiii»i lhiiii,iiiiliiiH iniiihliim.miiilllii J full 

Anr aMM^tka iMoUtlaM irfUw mrfmOta, Ae Commis- 

' m nch infiiraiuioD as tliey 

d«it,i^yfa fc fcl ihil iiiiijinMiiiiaijiiiiii mi|^_n 

' ' fHraJmi 

UutH l» Kin n 
Sercnl penMH ftvely eime Ibf najd 
iai§Km Atk w H c h i g , tot none of tltem i^iwaKd to be " in 
AiMattk*«Ae eaiporatioB ken tbcdr MMiotinti of trust pro- 
n* Aml J>. AnnMi Mid " then wen leTni Free 
Til.- tmltn, hmktn, htfeftm, tiMhrt, tmMt, eord- 
MMHi dicf heM hj (ub-cAiuter fimn the 0017013- 
hfjudfm ofuriM; fraeiiniiortliete companies 
if vodng, and the flnedom «ru Mquked by birth 

■ilk MS 

B ewpofUion need not be freemen u well as 
Mpank* had fonnerij exerd«ed ilie rirht of 
'' ~e, but did not do so now; the; took fvni 
D«i not so considenble u to prevent persons 
D tnules in the low-n. (6s. or Ss.) Furmcriy llie 
rnwiiniii 'demanded that stiaogers setting up in trades should 
earn iherndfea in wme company. Freemen miist be enmlkd 
bj the lawn eleifc, and iwom, before they can role ; the fee lUics 
not enaad ten (hilling!). The corporatian hare a recurilt-r, 
ThaHUna Leratt, Eaq., of Wichuor, who is naii-resident It 
imi Man uanal ta wpoiat noblemen of the first rank to ibis 
aAce, tQl within the lut twenty years, when neighbouring coun- 
kj gtallfun woe admiued. He Eometimes attended )r.ioI 
ddinrie>( iHed 10 judicial office, but was a magistrate nithin 
ihecilTa and ha4 no emolument The recorder, steward, nixt 
<■«> wA, wtte aaftrinted by the bailiffs and brethren, sul>)ei't 
Othe^piMMtianefthecruwn. The present steward isMr. Jer- 
fb: tba ttewaad ia always a barrister, and is a magistrate in ilii- 
dtj. Ha addnai attends the sessions, and Las some Kninll 
aaailiiHait} dU not know wtiat the corporatiun piud him- Tlic 
IBWB dak maat be one of the corporation by tLe charier. He 
waaalaaeiwi ef iW peace by rirtne of his office, and had fiis- 
la^af write and records. He acted as clerk to the magistniles. 
BMatnd ibeee was an allowance bom Uie corporation for ilir 
IB^ dxA, but did not know its amonnt. The corpomtiiin ulsu 
aifik* t»o aeqcwita at nuu^ who execate processes, but d« 
aataMaa constables ; and a gaoler. They have a treasurer." 
Mr, ^T, tolieiloT, after protesting' afiiiinst the power of the 

tU^tmmwabeted into an association, iLud subscribed to dcfriv 
Aa^faaaM *f Bearina the otBcc of ihrriff: One membrr -.■{ ih'i 
ikk -mm rbamrni iioo Oe cayowtion, in coii.<icqucimp ofv-Vwlx, 

I I(;HI']1^1.I> 

I tiin lauaifi were diwlosed, su<l tirn mntunini; mvuibest uf )| 
I club •Htm nevci caJled u[ 
time Snn, knoAiiiff tliey 

caJled upon until tbe'corpomdM) bad t<w4^ 
luig tliej' ncYc ikwnnin«<l Ui nerve U» •Mj 

He bad no iloubt tLc cliuici- uf iherifTwas lucd its a i 



'ilie cusiuui hiul b«m for iiuinbenDl 

iiivA itjiuii until ihivi 
eorpnmtiDn coiitd ct.mucl tlic per&nD firn chnMn to 
ofliM: OS rcniUlv lis ihe iliinl or ioiirth, but the^ knrw b 
to do ilmi. lit liiid b««ii(iincenieil in every elevtiua ri 

and in ih&LUMi- In 1801, the vuiporatiuu look upon H . 

10 mokebeancn of any inhuhiunti fiienilly to tbeir CMueffj 
nuwleSSG; lli«v nuule Dr. HarvriHHl. ubJaclcEmitb, mdAaJ 
Ut. Remini^un, a iliucmakcr. EikIi man paid a KutSMd 
mvK known hj the niuuc of " giiinen pigik" A hnaihytj 
newt, lit a» many u! ilirrc were persons (u be admith 
I put into a pum; and tlie Miine pucse, and lie Imlievad, 
I lentSi wtiii the ruund of tlio lUITeTCuI (.'iimpanies. JU 
I tliB intcr«t (or nbicli lie (Mr. Pnn) won cuntenied, 
t to try the qneslion of tbi.i inina to nuilict bt 
V ooine to ■ trial, berauEC tlie dfft4idaut», vilio«e 
I couducted by tli« town clerk, Hubniilled f i jnil^lncul 
I In wferal tii>ii»ni:eH llic dcfcniUut^ puid the cu^u; in 
L were paid by tlie jiUintiHs; nearly loliieauiounlof^U 
I 17W. tlic cr>rponilinu Wok a <OTy active part in llie 
I and, he hoUcvcd, paid £1,200 tpwonls ici be bad no 
k knowing this, Tlie aeeounts of the corpoTBtiou ntrte r 
I Ifshed ; And be did n|>l know tlial the cnriwiation had 
■ tlie chnrilieK Mihtervicnt to etccticm purpose. He llioi 
I admUiistmtiuu of justice hero, wiie as well, if not better, 
I tnoBt to»ui of ibis deKiiplloii ; but thuTc could lie no t, 
I ibnl It would lie more siitisfa«tory if cnmpetent Ic^ m\ 
1 preuded. Quostious uf settlnnem, and queatiou* oC j~ 
r wete iiimftlly deferred until Mr. Jerki» cuiUd atl«ttd..t' 
l-magittnus did nnl try iiucstionn of Ufe nnd death '*" 
f lint llicy did tnuisputlnble ofTenveBi. Tlie |toaipoi 
' liont till Mr. JerviB could attend, wat ccni^inly h 
Did not know tbal llie eotporalion lei thefa pnipefti 

By the Jiefann Aet, paswd iu 1833, tbe Catbetbi 
wmexed to the city anil county of tlie vily to vote ft_ _ 
nxntury RepreseututiteK. The ri^ki i.f rCrriion t& in A* 
roniurate niiyriBlrntc*, froeholdets c»f 10s. per aunuin (i 
wtliiiu 7 mikv). liuKIWCC licilders, and curullvd fnwnieu 
It &nd lot. The oiunlier of el<X'lji)n> ift about 7iW. The 
the Tclumitii; olHt'eti uid the present Mrmlirri of Par 
for Lic'hlield, are Oencml Sir Ueurire Anion. K. C D. (e 
tiw E,ti\ of IJchlidJ), HUd Sit Edward Dtdinan Sroil, 




CoaroBAnoii op Lichpiblih (1883-4). 


Bdw^ 8tifi§er) Esq. 

Mr. That. Oflou Xmhoi 

Mr. SioMNi Mor|ui 
Mr. Edwwd Wyfttt 
Mr. ItanM Johmon 
JaflMt RawtOB, M. D. 
Mr. Qmtg i i Dt di o n 

HIMUm, mA Havy Wr%bt 
-TlwiM Briljrt. 
I CUg CWcr— TImbm Bobcrtt. 

The On&» Hall, in Bou'-stiieet, opporita the end of Bread- 
vufaBt-flreeC, is add to occupy the site of a religious house, 
aacicatlj belonging to the fraternity of St Mary and St John 
the BiqplisL It is a neat stone edifice with a iiandsome pedi- 
ment, adorned with a basso-relievo of the cathedral, and of tlic 
city aims, which latter represent a field of dead bodies, in ullu- 
fiflia to the supposed signification of the word Lichfield. Tlio 
entiaaee-hall ts spacious; and in the rear are apartments in 
wfaiek the members of the corporation transact puolic business. 
The basement story and the premises behind the Guild Hall, 
lora the City Gaol and House of Correction, where debtors, 
felons <uid misdemeanors, apprehended within the city and 
eomty of Lichfield, are confined. These prisons contain eleven 
rooms'and cells, and three vards, but do not admit of pT()])er 
dasdHcatlon. In a report made by the corporation, in 18*23, ii 
vai stated, that it would be a great hardship to the inhabitants 
of the citT to enlarge the prisons, at their expence, so as to adapt 
them to the regulations required by the new act; and that the 
Sfcnge number of prisoners therein does not require the same ; 
AeR Ddng at some periods no prisoners in the gaol for months 
; and for th^ same reasons, the appointment of a reprular 
and surgeon, at a fixed salary, would impose a heavy 
wwsry burden, — ^the occasions for tlie surgeon bein{>: 
mij teamarsT)'. By an act of 5. Geo. IV., Lichfield has been 
MHlplsa from the general provisions of the Gaol Act; as the 
HMsr of prisoners there at one time seldom exceeds 12 or 18. 


UeUeld Cathedral, situated in a spacious Close, skirted l>y 
mnjlMmdsome mansions, is an object of just veneration, and onir 
sC fm Mililest religious fabrics iu this kingdom. The pehinl ;v\ 
vUriblt wm» ifrifinallr founded is uncertain; but that cvc\\\ w 

a 2 


(iceuerally supposed to have taken pLoce a1)out Uie year 667, 
during the presidency of Bishop Jarumannus,* the immediate 

{)redccessor of the famous St. Chad, who, Bede says, ** had built 
limself an habitation not far removed from the church ; wherein 
he was wont to pray, and read with a few, that is, seven or eight 
of the brethren, as often as he had any spare time from the hihonr 
and ministr}' of the word." In the year 700, Bishop Hedda 
enhurged and partly rebuilt the cathedral, which was then formed 
principally of wood. He dedicated the renovated fabric to St 
Chad, and removed to it the bones of that saint, from Stowe 
Church, in the north-eastern suburbs of the city. Roger de Clin- 
ton, whose beneficence to Lichfield we have already mentioned, 
demolished the old catliedral, about a. n. 1130, and erected 
a great part of the present magnificent edifice. Walter de Lang- 
ton, who succeeded to the bishopric in 1296, built that part of it 
which is called St. Mary's chapel, as well as the cloisters ; and 
he also expended jC2006 in raising a shrine to the memory of 
St. Chad. This splendid monument, and many of the other 
treasures of the catliedral, were seized by Henry VIIL, at the 
time of the Reformation. In 1269, Henry III. granted permis- 
sion to ihe Dean and Chapter to get stone out of the forest of 
Hopwas, for the enlargement of their catliedral, which was not 
finished till about 1420. From this period the buildings remained 
in a good state of prcscn-ation till Uic Civil wars in die reigu of 
Cliarles I., when tnev sufiered considerable damage in the sieges 
already described ; f)ut were subsequently renewed by Bishop 
Hackett,t ^'ho was appointed to the See immediately after the 
Restoration. On his arrival at Lichfield, this pious prelate 
" found his cathedral in an indescribable state of niiii : 2000 
cannon shot, and 1,500 hand-grenadoes having been discharged 
a«r«iinst it." He resolved to restore the venerable fabric to its 
former grandeur ; and on the morning following his arrival, be 
roused his servants by break of day, and set his own coach-horsef, 
with teams, and hired labourers, to remove the nibbish. By his 
own liberal contributions, the benefactions of the Dean and 

* Tpon this supposition, the church built by Oxwy, in (Hjfty (wlieii he constitntfd 
Lichfield an episcopal Sec,) and dedicated by him to St. Peter and St. Mary, cannot 
have »tood upon this Bp<it ; if it did, it is clear the original foundation of the cathe- 
dral roust have taken place /Ae», a.<t the mother church of ever> bishop^s dioce«e is a 
cathedral. It is ver> probable, that the church, which Oswy begun, was BOt 
finished till the time of Bishop Jarumannus. 

^ Bishop Hackett. — A noble instance of magnanimity and heroic fortitude is 
recorded of this prelate, during the )>erH«Mrution of the established church by the 
Puritans. Notwithstanding the severe penaltien enacted to prevent it, he con- 
tinued to read the liturgy regularly in his church of St. Andrew's, Holborn. In 
consequence of tlii>, a Merjeant, with a file of men, entered the church and threat- 
ened him with instant death if he did not desist. '* Soldiers,** said the intrepid 
Hackett, **l am doin^i my duty : do you yours ;** and with a more audible Toirr 
pmeeeded in the nenrice. Tlie soldiers, astonished at his undaunted composure, 
ic/t tbe cburcb without doing him the slightc^\ injurx . 



Cliftar,«iiA A0 Moaey wMch he collected by apenonal applj 
cwa 10 evwf mmtittmam in his diocese, Uns qpinted prelate, in 
theiyaiee tif e^^TeuSy cooralelely nstoved the naffmficence of 
the cetWifliil tave admintni of the countiy ; and he le-conse- 
cnlnd it wiA pMt pmp ^^d aolemnity, haYii^ composed an 

e n the impoftant oocwdon. The cost of the 
to 49008. Is. 7H9 of which, iei,083. 12s., was 
An Biehop oat ^ his own pnne. In 1788, tlie 
DRm^y lemived and heantined, under the direc- 
tioA dr Ib^ WjratL *e emitect, at the cost of £6000, raised by 
lahK^pdoB. At nia time the pulpit and pews in the nave vferc 
nmnwmf ihm dae a yed Wok floor taken up, and replaced by a 
new aaa etf^arceBent stone, fiom Hopton, in Defbrshire. The 
dbeir wan tko aalannd bj taking doini the screen tnat separated 
itfiMHiti.llBiy^eiiapeL In 1797, the groins, walls, and roof 

oC An mA ttnaept were repaired : the whole edifice completely 

» s|Miie taken down a considerable way an^ 

rebdlcaad saw bnttxesses erected to suppoit the south tran- 
sept, ne beantj and magnificence of tne edifice has also 
been gieatljr enhsnced, by the addition of some paints uin- 
ilows, nom the dissolved Abbey of Heickenrode, in Gennany : 
this Tahmhle purchase was obtained by the Dean and Chapter, 
thnm^ the lioenUity of the late Sir Brooke Bootlibv, wlio made 
the acquisition when travelling on the Continent, for the small 
samor£SM)0.,and generously transferred to them bis barj^in, esti- 
mated at £10,000. These windows were painted at tlie period 
when the art had attained its highest degree of perfection, and are 
ooosMiered by connoisseurs as very valuable ana choice specimens. 
Several modem stained glass windows, of superior merit, were 
abo inaefled, by the late Dean, Dr. Woodhouse, and otiiers in- 
mcsted in the embellishment of this venerable pile. The larure 
vkdow at the west, which had been totally oestroyed duriii£c 
dbe Civil wars, and restored by James II., when Duke of York, 
kai been filled with painted glass, from a legacy of Dr. Adden- 
keke, who died Dean of this cathedral, in 1776. Many repairs 
aad improvements have been effected during the last ten years ; 
aad the numerous figures which ornament uie west front, have 
aU been renovated or replaced by new ones, in a composition of 
eaodlest workmanship, and as auiable as stone. A great nuui- 
ber of these statues were defaced in the Civil* wars, and after. 
wards restored by Bishop Hackett; but in 1749, several of them 
were in such a diecayed state, that they were removed by order 
cf At Dean and Cliapter, to the great deformity of the stnieture. 
To describe accumtely the present and past condition of tliis 
~ nired cathedral, and the various ornaments, whetlier 
itad or otherwise, with which it is either now or has for- 
been adorned, would occupy a much larger space than the 
of this work will permit; we must, therefore, content our. 
a brief notice of its more pit>miDent features. 



The length of tlie fnbric from easl lo wesl,' is 411 few, * 
I tbe iranscpi, 187 feci, II U siirinounud by three el»Biit »l 
I one rising froni tbc centre, and two at the west end. The hoi 
I nf Ilie Tonnei U 358 feet, and of tlie two Intter 188 foet. 
I The Grind Webtebn Front is eminEDtly bcautiftil, « 
I Ristingof a loice pfninidical fitcade, entii^hed witli a pnT' 

I of tracei; and a large assembli^ of highly wrought V 

as large as life, placed in niches, some having pointed i 
nlbtrs trefoil arelieK. It is ranch to be regrett^a uiatibcll 
dish stone, of which this Guperh front k congirticled, b 
ver^ peri«hah1e nature ; hut all the decayed portinns, m m 
the orriMnenls hnve recently been renewed io a dumble Id 
compoflition or cemeDl, -nhich, to the «uperliciBl obMTrct, | 
every anneikrance of stone. Oa the top of the bigjilj j-*-* 
and'riculj omiuneuted gable, between the two spire*, »' 
.' large figure of Charln IT., who eoDtributed a liberil di. 
I of timber towards ilic repnirs of the church. It is tlw i 
I Sir Wm. Wilson, originally a stone-mason, of SutUm Q " 
ff ^bt> aiTired at knighthood after his marringe with a rifl 
1 This statue is Enppnscd to occupy tlie place of a nnq 
one of Adam, or Cnrist The fronts of the towers M 
nf it RTC ttdomcd tvitli ligures of the patriarchs ; and h 
on cacli Mde of the greflt windows, are t«o rows of Iii„__ 
repro^nling Pinphels, Pn>]ihctessex,imd ■ludges. Bdawu 
a row nf twcnty-wmr statues of the Kings of Judah, Hnd Tit 
vstiouB attitudes I uxvcpithc centre one, which, beiiic '" " 
cal robes, is supposed to represent Sl Chad, the pnui' 
■ the eathedral. This statue stands exnclly over the •r-m 
I which is adorned with beautiful sculpture work. Witliiii 
I poich nre placed Sgures of the four Ei-nngelists, hol< 
l'Ou«pcU> in thfir hands, Moses and Aaron are Rtumted 'd 
r two ridet, and in the centre, between the grcot doors, is ibe Y 
ftUarywith Ihf intuit Jesus in hernrtni. Theie wen " 
I raeily Hi'hh pintpd and cildnl. A ligure of Christ, i. 

IS cxienilril, iippean lielueen two chcrnliiius.on the topta 
I reulnl pillar. The uiohes on each lide of the three entd 
I plt« aw- fillnl wiilt siHtues of llie Twelve Apostles. ^ 

I The north awl muth doort are also very elegant, p&nic4 
I the fomirr. nhkh is extremely rich in Mulpinrcd i — '■" 

lr,iS!i', iiud three of small ligiirts in on!. 

^the lowest is reprcwnied n bishop b.tptiitiug a pcreon liW-— 
« him, with D crosier in his left hand. The former ia] 
y t&Unidol lo rapiescnt -^t. ChaH, and ihe other Wild 


(111* (iinvc'itcd psi^ii King of Mercia, wlio is Ksiid to lmvt> niiii- 
ilca-d his sons bix'aiisc they refused t<»1)ec(>mc apostates t(»C'lii-is- 
(ianity. Immediately over the door, was tlic root (»f J esse, or 
ihe dciiceiu tif Kinp:s, from Dand to the captivity of the .lr\\s. 
It iroiicrations ; aiid from thence to Christ, a simihir nunihi-r ; 
Liii'l iilMi the descent of the Priests. The middle pillar sup]H)rtrd 
the iiaii)|;e of Christ. The simth dor»r is likewise rich in srulp- 
Mirc, and on the east side of it are two ancient monumental sta- 
t:!i->of former Deans; hut to whom they helonj; is unkiiuvMi. 
Th^ roof of the cathedral vius fonnerlv covered with lead: hut 
I'cinfC much wuni and injured, the metal uas taken oil' many 
ieai> ai;u, auil slates substituted in its stead: the re^euue^ t'<>r 
rlic purpo!>e uf repairinfi^ tlie editice bein^ totally inadequati- to 
the irxpense of renew in); it with lead. 

'l*he Im'Krior uf thU noble edifice fully answers it> extcnial 
^plfUiUmr and ma^iilicence. The three western doors open ini- 
inediaiel%' into the nare and aitleit, which are ^inhI sjK-cimens of 
the simple yet ex«(uisite architecture of the l.'itli and Mth ccii- 
Tiirii'* ; the slender clustered columns foliated capitals, delicati'l\ 
iifiuMtd archtN, and \aulted roof, produce a mtn snli'inn jhuI 
n'ltii-iuir elfcol, which is jrri-atly the bcaiitirul <li-- 
hln «>f st^iiucil H^lass in tJie window^. Tin* lcn;j^tli of thr ii;iNr. 
I:"in the ur>t door to the screen which ilividc*^ it IVoiii the <li'»ir. 
1- •2\'.\ tVi-t ; its briadtJi l.')*J feet; the breadth of the aisles ti«J fn i : 

:i*\ ihi' iiei;j:Iit of the ro(»f Ik) feet. The up])er rows of wimlnuv. 
.ri- of all ui;u iial tomi, beiii^ triaiiirular, including three riirlc^ 
:. lach. Al -iir the walls of the ai^le^ are r<»ws o[' false (i"lliir 
.ii«Iie<'. Iia\iijj^ scat> unilerneath. ()\er the i^reat west doMi- is ;i 
iiuM n:.iiriiilieLiit wiiidttw, (»f a eireiilar form, rai'^ed at thetx- 
\*t.ii'^v ••! .lanu-s, Duke of Vork, in the rei^n of Cliarles II., ami 
tiih'd with ^-tained ^lass at the expense «if Dv. .\ddeiibroke. \\Iii« 
iiijojnl ilie deanery upwanls nf Hi) years. On tlie math ^i'h "ii 
i!ie we«t flni«r, the lar^e mural Uionuineiit of marble, ereett •( t< 
•.ii»; nit Mii>r% of Lauri'iof Adtiison, reminds us of his vnn, uli'i ; 
AriiiuLT^ in)]M'<»w-d the nioral.-) and literature of l-^nirli^liHH n. 
Om iin; -1111111 »»ide, a monument of mixed ni.irlile is iiiseiilud i*- 
irir ni«'n!i>r\ uf (riffn'rt H'<i/;iwAv/, the friend and earlv i^atmu nl 
Dr. .I«'b!i'-.»n. .Anio'iif several beautiful mural monument^. i«- 
iiii we-: of till' nnrtli ihun*. is one in niemorv ol" I.mli/ Man/ 
li'ifrtfrt/ Mint til ffHt\ who Iia]i]>ily introduced, frtnn 'rurk«\,ilM 
siliifary art of inoeulalinu: for the small-pox; in allusi<iii ii. 
which. a han<Nniiio statue of the (iodfless tif Beauty i> ii|iit - 
■eimtf a^ ueepinjr o\cr the ashes of her ]»reserver : but ihr ai; 
which\ \lar\ intMiluced ha^ siuee been superse<le«l hv 
v.uviiie iiio'i;euhili«».i. In l/D^^, two nuMiunients were cumIic! 
tir.iin»'t the m^t wall of i|jr M)uth trauM'pt, to the nienmn <■! 
ih. Juhnnini anil ihirnl fiarrirh : the fninier iit the expen--' •■. 
iIk Lfr-nllcnicn •>! the ('lose, and tht- latdi 1)\ th( v\id<tw nt (In 
K>i</ii^b }h":ii-. 'f/'ifi :ni i'f iui\'(! ;n.?i/'Ir. alike in l\i\\ii \^m\ 


I shci hut tlic Imsl* arc noi cnniUlcrRil kihiiI tikcuMMu ol tl 
I gnul ungiual), — ihe tatler ul' uliom »n» wj ciiVlnaWil in lli« U 
T trinnic nn, iIlhi, ah Iiib fririid Juliuwin uiid, " IIU JcmUi a " 
'* ipurty of uotliiiiK, niid impoverished ihe ptililic t 

llhe jnurt; 

lliB Choir, and St. Marty's ilmpol. or Ijidj oln«r, w 
Imcily »qiiirntt'l I'rnm nu-li' lUhct I'v ii ^Ii'Ul .S'rr.rii, i 

irkgUIlt .ll,l.;i..'iir. .!, I...!ll..l ■! !l.. 

t Uiniii); i ..: 
I wilL tJ.'i!. 

into mil "I ibc iiilttiiLiI ui^iiuitiUUH] n 

I'ullieih < riiruruhiuccl titiill|! nOW BiMf 

ilt«|)rt>|i ilic litiilding. In St tf 

Ki.«iiui. . , . . I ..iidofilii-i'hoir.areniw 

rm mi cm-It --i'lt, mill iliit'c lit tlip CLd, In iho lang* (j 

I window, ttt tiie van end, ui a fine [uunting of tlic 7* 

[ exHiuud li; Mr. Egpulon. lute of tluidswurtU, uvuB 

yfrowa dtsigii of StrJiMbun ReyDuldn. Ou each ud«ol 
ilie slender wiiulun* tliitt contain tlie ricli dit^la* of ■ 
irlass bmnghl tram Hcrckcnmdii ablicv, a» notieed at pT 
Of this glajB there ate 340 piece*, e»ch' ntwutSSu 
Under llie cvuW niiiduw staiulB na allai i>f fi«M.. ._ 
ncnlplnn'd in the GuUilc ^tvle. Alter tile removnl tit 1^ 
slirine of tJi. Clioil, nt ihc ifeftinnation. lis hit« wot ocon{ 
n splendid iniiiinnii>ul lu the niuninry of Loni Pofft, MieW. _, 
«tatc li> fleiu-y VUl.t bnt this met witli h sitniloj' &W,b| 
destroyed by tlic pnrilaiis in the Civil vttm. I' '"* 

1 oltat-tiimb, executed in Ilnty, luid e'teeiueil i 

L'woriinaindiip; luiviu); two kuevling figurcK nfa man and 4 
K man, and eevenil Seauiiful Curiulliiun ^ioIuiuiie. Newit*! 
I mnMbalilu inunnuicnliil effigy ut Ralph Lord Battel, inm 
r dHUjilele Hnuour, uud rentins hia foot on a. buat. TUi iL 
[ man dini in I3»!>, and for Uie yearly keeping ot hw abid 
I 200 marki (u the Hlnu of St. Nicbolaa. Ceolrad, kiu oTfl 
[ ria, was iuti'm'd in thi« port of die ebiirch, TXit float M 
nndrnrly paved with eamiel Coal nnd alabaator 
lO, ii iviis n'-pnved, lor.enjfj, uiiti gtv^ and whfwi 
: cli>^iit stunc Kerccii now forms ii£ western ine|l| 
1 ii> siip]Hirl ihc oryan, which is o(impi»«(l of W 
I :M <iii|is .ind u, hiKhlj ostcpmed fiirihe hilnmi 
'u~. Tlio windowt arc tcnlplured in the 
<iiil, buieulh them, on cnvli sidi- nf the i^ 
>.'''. tichlv pointed, rvpri'^t^ni 
> Magdalme, iii. Phillip, ; 
)i Cliriol on bis ihoulilcr. Tbe slutue uf Ii 
— . one Ic^ Uu*, w del 
wliu/ta wcro luo mugit i 


mahk 1788. BoA iii««r Ae <Mr aeittdbiBed irith twentf- 
iNtf «CBlIf» «wi die mam ii SMdr penvd* Tbe Halls weie 
sririMllyMf-tflNiin nmiilwr. BiiBop Haefcett pot dw nainei 
ofUiedaiMiistegiiUettletteA «m Mdi of Aemi, widi the title 
oCtlMvnbHHb. Ob die •outk ddb^ dMBWue tmftiiMled 1^ the 
Kdbyf AraM^ enwnenied nidi a Aim and dwanMoidie 
8« ; sad o» Ae nofdi ride by die pnlpit 

laAeapvli eUvef Ifte cMraie ft aunber of anoieiitaad 
■iJBW twnwiHi; InU diat vUdi attiMti the eagv attm- 
tioB <f en ttdttiien of the le ulp torial art, it ine at die eait 
miai ^m efale, enelad a inr jean ago to dM mBmarj of 
As Jfiav JMAmbm, t«o yooaf cirfMieDy wboae fignns are 
■JMMMy egwqted iniiiAite aMai^lij tkat eariiMat wiilptor, 
Clifiay» md nwA Moagat the ehotoa* aad oiott vahiaue of 
litfuAMdoaa.. la dw laaie aUa, inoa a haadaome Godiio 
tliv4oaah» k dw awdhiled eOgy of Ciqptahi Btukj. Near 
dh^itBed tetoari>ef]>eaaHeyirood,ainMitiBgt«o cAglety 
flee nfraaialiiv Mai ia dw vigm of heald!, aadtheoChvin 
da waalad ftrti rf deidi. la dw aoodi ifaD an two efigieff 
w fpo ie d to TBpireeent BishopB Langton and Fattiahiil ; the latter 
of which is remarkable for naTing the sHgnuUay or marks of our 
Saviours wounds on the hands and feet ; — a respectful supersti- 
tion of ancient times. Jt is now placed on the spot formerly 
appropriated to the tomb of Bishop Scroop, which was destroyed 
in the Ciril wars. A silver crosier, found in this sepulchre by 
the republican soldiers, was sold to the celebrated antiquary — 
Elias Ashmole. At a short distance from hence, beueath a win- 
dow neatly ornamented with foliage, stands the noble tomb of 
Bukop Hacketty enclosed by iron railing decorated with five gilt 
mitres. His recumbent effigy is habiteil in complete pontijicali' 
hu ; and above the head are inscribed the following words, from 
the I32nd Psalm, — ** I will not suffer mine eyes to sleep, till I 
have found out a place for the temple of the Iiord.'* The monu- 
ments in the North AUle arc few, and the only one deserving 
(larticular notice, is that in memory of TTieophania, iHfe of Dr. 
Smallbrid^, chaplain to Charles II. From this aisle, a pas^agc, 
oniuniented with Gothic arched seats, leads to the Chapter 
Hoi ke, a room of an octangular form, adorned with arches simi- 
lar to those in the entrance. The lost pillars are supplied with 
jjh'U'ler, and the whole is supported in the centre by a clustered 
cohimn. Over tliis room is the Librauv, instituted by Dean lloy- 
wftod, which contaius several valuable Ixioks and manuscripts. 
Among the latter is a valuable ancient copy of the Valor of Po]>e 
Nicholas, in the reign of Edwanl I.; alsoa curious one, called 
TfxtHS St. Cedde, or the Gospels of St. Chad ; not because they 
were written by that saint, but merely on account of their l>elong- 
iiig to this church, which is dedicated to him. They arc chicny 
ill plain Saxon characters, and illuminated with a variety of ex- 
tnionlinary drawings. Thr ihtc of the writinc: is ecTlAvn\>f vct\ 

«l CVTilKUiHr. tl.OKK. 

niiuknt; nniinlni); lo wmc, imt !(;!« than a lliuusaud veon back. 
Hvrv is likfwin; n A'unrn, iutilulod ihtiii, " Tliis Ali^onn «u 
takuit fntin tlir TuikK iil ihv •iivp: of Budn ; " busiiles b birir 
wriltcit null illuiuiiuilL-rl fnlin iif Cliauuer'^ I'uniiH; nn limldji- 
list uf (hi- KiilfrlitN of ilic nnriiT ; sinnc ulil Arobitectural Db«- 
" 'ii Franw, '«o. Stc To the north of the Laiv 

inm, «x« 

Chidr, is u siDalt i-kni)c1, whew llie mnHius iit Ino Meicn 
HRiitLil. Ill St. Peter's Chuprl, there was fbraiefh 
I t])c wall, (if St. Peter eiucilieii, with his bsl 

kinKS art- dqHRiiteil. 

(hiniiuani*. Bcfuie the late alteiutinns the snuth tnuiscpt 
taine)] a onrinus fmgnieul uf Gothic Nculpliiie, consisting of two 
arches; uaiierwliieli, were the lipiieK of Inn Kings, nnd h raimg 
Prince. This nn-^ a icliu i>f tlie old clmruh, pTesoned in tk 
lelinihlinii of it ; hnt ^tei■ag removed in 1748, it liecanie on aaii- 
nieiit in ihe wnll at Mr. tiieeiie'<i niable. In tlie ^'mrtify in 
ihuremainsirf' a rich ullar-nicfo, of Grecian mvhiteeture, »hiid 
fimneriy tomihiated the dinir. Hiiijup: reteuth- undeij^nf 
many rqialTK aiiil inipn>renifnls, luth iniomally anit exteniully, 
the viilliednil is nnw hi sui'h a .>tnlu of piTfcctiun, cleanlincs., 
and lieiiiilr, ii*< i-: h<)r)i1v crcdilahle to the tiiite and libenlUv of 
the late DtMii, Dr. Wniil/miisi; whii »a< inducted in 1807, and 
dii-<1 in N»veni1>i'r, IKi:). 

Till- CI.OSl-; I'mil-.iiii-, ln'iiilo'i Uie wHherlial, n coii:>i(lcTu1ile 
iininWr uf I'liililinir.-^: iillof wliiuliiirt! tlii'rrnperty of dierliarvli, 
i'\i-e]ii iwii hTHi-[*- nil iliu siiuili -iilc :uijoiuin)r the pool, nhirli 
wi'ti- irnnitfl 1" ilii'iiiv. ]iri'vi<'iis tn llif erectiuu of the briilp 
I.y Ki-linli l,i.nij..i.. iliiU rlir iu)i:,hiinm- iiiisrlit li " " 





V). Til. 

1 tlu' MM 

\ '■■;- 

(li-ni>t comer of tbr 
IIN7.UU the tpmuil 
■w i'xteii!>ivc lulm, 
>f Edwunll., buioT 

«lii,-l. lIu'r. Ill, 


ui> Snnerofl, ci^inud 

iis a fine for wnstinK 

-..line | - 
In^liinw, li.iwiv 
KivU-sliall lu- 
ll WH- ^..11 
Sn-ar.1, »!...-* 
fvcrv ri-adcrnf 
fn>iii till- y:ihKi 
ll,.u^. an- -ill 

.Uld s|K..i..1... 

Illtli. and.ixtl 
die'l in 1 IIMi. ,, 

"/■Jm. Iiiiillh.' 

I'Jii.kiiitC lix 
K>, thi< pal 


^.■.i 1 

1^' lo Ills 

ir rf-iilt 

, .1.0 f« 

Sec. The succcwiTF 
iitfor maiivvcsKil 
iiceupie.1 bv ienanls. 
iiilv .rf- tilt' laic JfiB 

m.':m. «,-ilkn«BUW 

1 ..i, «..1,W. WW 
ill ibcreiKti 

UIU. 1 1,0 /'rt*«<(-l 

■C\u~t\ iiii>l are iinl 
■iiiovcl bv tiw fll* 

vlli-bm. liaise. «kw 
rliot Imek biiiMiPT 
vo siiinll iniaib-jilj** 
-t i-onier. fi>r the n-n- 
w>i.'WK .".llcl •■ Th,- 

i>u tI 
iu'.l ill 

tillri.->. W.T 


.'.'<1 ill Tlii- 

Mi.ii. 'rii 

11- Ml 11 


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llLW-P- ■ 

I" Cbw 

CWImt," MaiHt wUhiu n, court, m thir )iile of ibe 

Cbm; aud ntat thnn u u l&r^ brick Lous ied b; tilt' 

Drpuiy BryUlnr lit the dinoexe, and builr in i/i on the «ite 
(if ui ■ii<;wi)t muniim, in nliicL BLshop Havkett iiitrA and ilii^' 
In a Unr lull >>> tl>i» bouw is deposited a volualile and exWn. 
uir niunaB. e)^e(t(«d by Uie late Richard Greene, and Ricliaid 
Wrieibt. of this ciiy. At ilie western fntronce to the Ctostj 
«iMi lb ** /nrtifHlton " far the widfiws and dfttiglilenuf poor 

L^linr hntlt by Bishop C'linlon. The Dohle tuwcr gatmtntjf, whicA' 
ha entrance, was taken down iu 1800, lo widen tka 
_. _, wm: Witt bj Bishop Lanftoii, who fnMiiidiGd 
H>e pnncultU. Anolhet splendid [rate, erected ^ 
iUtc, tomunl the mutlivm approach to the Close: 
It fanr loiers placed at its angles, siill remaies. 
il iLt dei^ of IS feel, u subUmineouA pas 
in 1^14, Euppos*^ to lead rnini the (MUhedml, 

an ordinary pump. The Palact bmlt bi/ Jlisluip Lan^ton, 
a the reign of Edward I., is said to have been a. rery niagnifi- 
eent itmctni*- The great hall, which was an hnndrea feet long 
and filty'Oix broad, displayed paintings of the coronatioD, mar- 
riagca, wan, and funeral, of that illustrious monaich, Edward I., 
•I well M the exploits of some of hix officers ; among which were 
Ikose of Sir JL^^ de Pulesdone against the Welchmen. Many 
of the figoTea, " very lively pourtmyed with their banners of arms 
bnTelyliefore them," together with descriptions of the subjects 
re(nwnied,«ere remaining at the commencement of the 17th cen- 
tiuy. The other apartments in this palace were of proportianate 
siaeaudtplmdouT with the ball; and behind the whole lav an ex- 
tensre eoait, laid ont with walks and grass plots. Botli Pennant 
and Jackaon are of opinion that this palace was rebuilt by Bishop 
Hadelt, the predecessor of Bishop Wood ; but Dr. Hiirmood savs, 
HackeUimly repaired a prebendal house, which he intended ibr 
the mMcnoe of himself and successoiB ; but no act of Parliament 
was ever ofauined by him to annex it to the See with that view. 


OCTbfahire, the greater part of Warwickshire, the whole of the 
ConntT of Stafford, (except Broom and Clent,^ and nearly one 
half 01 Shropshire. Each of these four counties forms a sepH- 
rale AreAdtatoart/ ; and the Staffordshire part of tlie diocese is 
tutidivided into /our i>eancn'n, viz. I^pley and Trvsall, Leek 
and Alton, Newcastle and Stone, and Tamworth and Tulbiiry. 

Until the restoration, this diocese was stvled of Coventry and 
Lichfield ; hut, since then, all acts of the ^ee are in the niinic of 
the Bithop of Ijchficld aud Coteutrv. Tlie jitestnil incnnw "I 

^ti Lll'UFIbLD iA.ERUY, &C. 

/I'lr bisliii/irir, is siimHKod tu lie iibiiut £ii,OOQ per anniuD, Kilh 
■,i piiliii-c at Liuliliela, and a (".utlv at Euuleshall. 

The Members or the Cathhuhal uic a Denn, PicceDior, 
CliiiiicclliiT, aiul Treasurer, kix Canons ReMdcnttary, KTnlmi 
Prelieiidarics," fivu l^riCRt- Vicars, Bcveii Ijiy-Vican (of Tiian- 
Cliorut ), a Sac'risl, a Divinity Lecturer, a Sub-Siicii»t, an Orj^si, 
ii'n Cliiiristcrit, (or Hiiginf^ Iwys), and two Vergeti. The 
L-iiAPi'ER cinisists of ilie Dean and Ki:c Canons, wlio faold ■ 
rouKT in tlic Cluipli-r-linusr, ercry Fnclnr. Tlie Canomliare 
tlicrifihlof [■liiiasinj^tlieDean.i^iniinnccI to them in 1359. TIm 
Deaueri/ is worth about i.'3,00() u vear, and the average uuibiI 
tncomt.- of cai-h oT the Canons ii ahimt £M0, witb a p^ bow 
for eiu-h in the Close, where tliey are required to reside tro 
months in the ^-ear. The Ctuincclhir icccives about ilSOO pa 
iinnun). The t^allrge., or Vampanti of Yiran-Choral, coaiiiutl 
five incnibprs in onlvrs, anil wicn laymen, »ho enjoy coiwiden- 
lile priv-ilescs. Wc find that in 1240, llic Siili-cliaiitef, Sa«i>I, 
Vicars, and Clcrlu^ liccd in a odlrgiaio iiiniincr, twd bonwi, 
and seTKinitv estates, which victc autoucnU'd iiy Bijiap Langtiw 
and gtlier hcnefacidiE. In i:i74, tlier liad a I'limmov leal and 
inacc, and tbe former is still in nsc. T)i<rv have statntN for tlie 
rcgulntinn i>f thrir eonduct, ^'Onfirmeil l>y Bisliup J.lord, in 16!I3, 
ami directed to l>e read (bur times a year. Tlie lirst trieat-Vicv 
is the Sub-cianier, and he b ui){Nrintvd l>y (be I'rerentor, vbo is 
ni lister of (he t-.lioir. The oilier VienKan-appiiinied by lheC«I»»^ 
'I'iic Intome of the Viran-Cknral is mi unfixeil and nnocnm 
sahin-, deiienilaiil on the detenninalion of numerous kam «f 
]ir.i]>L'rlv fur lives and ye«rs fiRinled by theiu ; aliiii on ItOMii* 
Sta tit I nisi lire, mid elHL'uhure : Iiiit it may lie said to nrcmge ban 
i:Mi) ii ilOiln yp.irfiireacb.i-X(.'Iu'>ive*iif their n'sideiK-es in ibe 
CliK^e, callcil tliu Viiiira)^ ; wliidi, honiTcr, they are in ^enenl 
toil |>niud to iuliahil, the hiiilJinfrii lirii))i rallier uf menu anpear- 
ai'iie. In the vieanifrc eourt, is an anetciit liuildiiif;, ealled ihr 
Viean" Hall, where muf-ic used tiil>e i>erformed ; but whieh, like 
iiiniiy iitiier ]deiisaut old eiisloins, is disenntiiiued. H'e hrlieve, 
it may justly Iht siid, tbni this obuir is inferior to uone, dther iu 
lalfiii or rt'siiei-labilily. Tliv Oriian'ist ]K<rtid|>atfs as one of the 
\'iiiir<''e1i'iiiil, and insirueth l)ie (.'harulrrf, or tinging &iju, «hi> 
are ten in mimlicr; of whom, two have f-JO, twu'XlS, t«v£f>, 
and i»<> i^ii. \H-i aiiiiuin : the reinainiiiF; two, iKiii)!: ilic vonngKHi 
have Tiiiiliini; Imi tlie elianee of iininiiilinn as va«iiineit oecnr. 
Till' ch.iir perfonus t«ii'i- a day at the eaihcdml. Tbp Churisms 
are :ip]Hiiiii<'d and i^nenHil hy (be PreecutoT. In tliprciftnof 
Ileiirv VI 11., a selinnl-houM.', havinir tlw words Ihmiu ('Juiriitit, 
iiiseril'eil on the K<it*''^*>'> ^as Iniilt for the ('biiristcRt, within 
tbe I'tiirv, nlieru tliuy resiileil »iili their master; but, in 1772. 
till' elate was let oii'a imildiiif; lease, and the M'luHd in a Eieat 
iiica>iirf hnikea up. Uitrbam: h:t ui- i--iiiM „tiljiu nn ,»r'jiitil M 11><ii ^''■''u 



V ThtJIgmrm^Uki wigki §kmAa fwr <■ mkkk emek iiuumkemt km* iNductt,!. 


Itl5 Tte Balk mM, UgPkt R«t. Houy Ryder, B. D^ BISHOP, translated i rr»m 
<N—rtgy(iwti| BcfhihaTI Castle, oad Beigimve Place, London). Hi.s 
ImM^Ii Inlker to llw Bari of Hammby. 
▼flf Bav. «d1 Ha*. Hemy Edward Jdm Howard, A. M^ Dcan. 
Bail ef CaiUdeti and a prabendary otYotk). 


M. A., (JVecmftr, and prebendary of Ksbop*! Itchington). 
M. A^ {Cknutihf/tke CaCftedral, and prebendary uf Al i r- 

■, D. D., (prebendary of Sawley). 
Ryder, A. M.,( prebendary of Preet and Rniton). 

M. A., (prAendaiy of Oflley and FUztim). 
Bu D., (prebendary of Haaiaore and Fktcfbrd}. 


». D. D„ Derkf 

', M. A., CoCfNfry 


I 1828 Edward Batber, M. A., Salop 
I 1828 George Hodaon, M. A., Stnjfvrd 





..JJF.Mnckle«toD,D.D ISM Eccleshall TheLordBibhop.D.D 

....DcanofBangor^M.A 1826 Ufton I>ecani,J. Kempthornr, It.I) 
. .Tbot. Wytbe, M. A I 1828 Pipa Porva. . . .Francis Blick, M. A 

1828 Bishop'. Hull, {^"**4^'^"|v'''^"' 

(Archdeacon Buth- 

«M» — • - (Archdeacon Bat- 

met werwy . . . • ^ i^_ ■) n 

* ler, D. D 
W. O. Rowland, M. A 
. . Chancellor Law^M A 

T. Cotton Fdl, B. D 

'CBfaatMi . . W. W. Dirken», M. A 
ilaBlkjor, 8iBieonClayton,M.A 

(0» The Canons have also prebends annexe<l to their oflSces.) 

18J8 UftonCantaris, 

1832 Gaia.Mioor. . . .T. R. Bromlicid, M.A 
1832 Dorset Par va.. Fred. Oakelia, M. A 
1832 Sandiacre ... Jeremlah8mith,M..\ 

♦1 er, M. A 

tttl r^mcrilmr of tkr fWsrfir Thr Worshipful Jame» Thomas Law. M. A 

Vtemr G^ural). 
tf9 Mhtmitf Leehtrer^R^. J. F. Muckleston, D. D. 

Primeifl Surrogate — Rev George Buckeridge. A.M. 


Rev. J. F. Muckleston, D. D.ASub-Chantery and Precentor's \ icir 

Rev. T. Gnosall Parr, M. A., (Dean's Vicar). 

Rev. Henry White, M. A., {Sacrist, and Treasurer's Viimr.. 

Rer. Richard Oarnett, (Prebendary of Offley's Vicar). 

Rev. John Muckleston, B. A., (Chancellor's Vicar). 


Levs. John Kenipthome,B.D.,and Archdeacon Hods<»-. ^1 \ 
RlcuraAKa — Revs. William Henry Galfridus Mann, and Hor.itio Muun. 
Drfuty A«yvtrar»— John Mott, and John llaworth, Es(|rs. 
Chapter (7frfc— Henry Chinn, Esq. 
Bitk^^M .Verrefarj^— Phillip SeckerMin, Esq., of Staflbrd. 
(hyani$t — Mr. Samuel S]»offbrth. 
TlcaaaXuoaai^ — Messrs. Matthews, Bennett, Hunt, Machin, Pcursali. »nt\ 

Gold, fwitk ten ninping boys J. 
ifn^gecris<— John Femyhough | Kcr^rr->John Nutt 
(Proctors— Ste p.tgv 160.) 
Jjifmrifot^Ovorf^c Sterrn^, Market-street. 

*tosT L'oPtiT. — Tbe tlrsn «nil ii[it nslileutliuv Cumnt,!.: 
ItillllE III* i1iapUr,iin<\\ioU ltiiir«iiirlniK« ■ furtniKhi. in thi'C'hi 
[•r-lrouse. lo hnu und lUlcnniae "c»u»« of initaiicM;," *■■■ T' 
lltkewUe hold wixhiji AifftfBnvtfwT rhajitfMilurlbc gvnFr.,1 - 
Lhc nhurcli. Ill nil ilupiilci Brising williin the CU-- 
■ fntm them lu Ibe hKhopi bul nu ollirr prunn niii: 
B<i|{hl lo Intrrliirc in their ilcrisionB, tinlli thcC'barcb ninl ' 
■XOveni«<l by Iwikl tUituIrt, whivb wcrr cotiAnovd bj luiTura 11 
■.Ouran Blizabcib, rmd Jjmct 1. 1 and ■!» Iiy Cirdiii*! V 
W£f^f c rfr Aifirr to Uit Pupc- Thf Rkoistbb Ornc»,«L... ^ 
* depuuliil, U in Ilie CIo!c, odjaipins 11"^ Mloiut pMkl ■ 

r. Mam '>, till' cliiireli ul' the puris'h to which it gHnn 
plain bul aatl eiliftcc, with n sliurt tuwcf, (m tlw M * 
__ _lke Muket-iilncc, m«clrd un lli« site uf on uoic 
wUdi Imd ft luRy «pire, and woe said l» have bwn A 
«uiy asSOA; bat this suppooition rests mcml;' upon ll 
of an Iiucriptiion copied frum ihc old hteeplr, nnd m . 
Shan U> have hecn placed there for Uic pitrpoKr of ii 
ibo cnquiiio); uniiqucur)-. Lcloud dcstribw the iM c 
" II right bemidful piece of wurke, in tlic very Malb 
The master <uid hreihrtin o( the guild of the Blewed K 
u obantiy here, uliioh wm disiolvn] in 1945. After 
inembcn uf the cnihGdrnI nfficiateil at this vbiirch) buiHil 
lliey constituted il n distinct nramae, resvrtin^ (t> ihe Omt 
Ch&ptet the advouxuii of the benellce, which is now cqjoiyi 
ihr Brr. Hmry Ovlhy I/>t]>dalG, A. M. Durhig the | — 
ii»n i>f the I'ruU't-uuit L'lergj, in the nhurt but caugtii 
ofiJir biftoU'd QiiecDM&ry, WiUi!tn)Lai]glvy,M.£,i 
frum rbis living for proFicbing on ChriMmiu'da_v,«nd ti. ... 
InK the 5iu:inni>iit,«ccordiii); to the cnmnioii prater booh, i 
the reshrmtioii onolbet vicur wns cjecled bciiw for eatlud' 
The old vhuri'h Iminn mudi Jet'iivcd, wiis tuivn down in 
bul the prv^cnt eriiliut' »»« not i-oiiiplci(id till ITSI.when^ 
Dp«ued on De<.'. 30ib. bj the Rev. Wyiiam Utkm. Th« i^ 
in Q«allT flltcd up villi i»ik ]te\y»t nnd biis it spkciAim f 
Tb^ nltai'piecc i» bniiclsonie, and un the uorlh aide of l 
f kiHlquG tnoDiimciil lu the ineiiuirv uf Sir Rii-hard Djwtl, 
' bniii'd for lii^ aiLitliiiiiiit li> IhV unfortunate hoiiM of S 

i~ un iuieirnt cdiAce, with ^'^i 
I'lirial ground uf Hereu acrex, OL 
I ilie Hiutb-nuwrrt nldc of lbs j 
iiiilitig !in eilcniiivp 

t -, (wv pxges fl3, and 104 to I 


but part of the spire was blown down in 1593. The interior is 
ailoraed with many handsome inonumeuts, both ancient and 
modem \ and the spacious churvhyard, being tlie principal 
cemetery belonging to the city, contains an immense number of 
•n^Ave-stbnes, some of which are remarkably neat, and inscribed 
>%ith lieautiftil epitaphs. A long walk, paved with white peb- 
ples, and shaded by an avenue of lofty trees, leads across tliis 
field of the dead, to the principal dooV of the church ; and on 
the opposite side are several delightful walks across the fields 
lieading to Borrowcop hill, and commanding fine views of Tree- 
ford, the Race Course on Whittington Heath, and many bcattered 
nllas and neat fann houses, as well as of the city and the catlie- 
«lnil. The benefice is a perpetnal curacy^ without cither tithes or 
srlebe,ia the gift of the vicar of St.MarA's, and incumbency of the 
Rev. Thomas Gnosall Parr, M. A. 

St. Chad's, at tlie nurth-east end of the city, close to tlic 

extensive pool of Stowe Mill, is tlic oldest church in LicbfieUl. 

being originally founde<l at a period long pri(»r to the date of the 

catbedial. It derived its name from the circumstance of tlie 

famitu*^ Sl Chad having bad his cell or hermitage here, before 

Li* wd* appointed to the bis^hopric, u*i noticed at paj^es (i4 and 7^. 

Jt i? e"mmi»iily called .Stoire Church, from its slaiidiug in tin- 

.iiuieiit loniship of Stovie, and beinpr approached fnnn the city 

by it p>^pulous <ubur)» called Stowe-^lreet, and sheltered on tlu* 

tjLsi by Sto«e-hill, the pleasant seat of Misses Mills and I'urni- 

t;il. It i> a small stone structure with a M[uarc tower, but has 

iju ••mameutul decorations, cxccjit in tlie interior, which w;is 

t.'i.jr»u£rhlv repairc'l alMiul ^JO vcars at!n. and liad fonnrils a 

LiUiU-mc ihriw dedicated to St. Catharine, who^' cliantry [•lic'-ts 

' ;i NiijH.'nd fn^m the vicars-cln»ral of the cathedral. I'lie 

liviiiir i** a fifrpetual rurari/y of which the >icar of St. Mar;. '^^ 

i> the piitrou, and the Hcv. Hcnrv White, M. A., the incunibenl. 

lu a :r.<rd«;ii near the cburcliyard, i-* St. Chaf)'s Wtll, wliivh 

Lirlaud calls a spring t»f pure water '* where is seen a stone in 

the bottom of it, on which, some save Sl. C'liadd was wi»nt naknl 

Ui stand in the water and ])raye.'* At tliis well Sl. Chad had lii^ 

tTainry in the time of Ulphere, King of Mcrcia, and for nian\ 

cx-niuriev afterward>, it was frequentlv visited bv vast number- 

of l»bfU> (le\ otces ; and, until a few vcars ai^o, it was cu>U>niai\ 

for tLe clergyman, attended by the cburcliwanlens and a iru. . 

cona»nrse of children, to >i.sit the well on Ilolv Tbnrsdav, win i. 

it was iltt'Oiattd with bi'ujihs and flowers, and the gospel I'f tin 

dav read o\er it. The water, which is of a milkv colour, is -■.(». 

p(hed to jrfi^»;cj:» considerable medicinal virtues. Tbere iire nKiu\ 

plfiLsant gardens and agreeable walks in tbi^ pait of tbe v'^*:. . 

and bctvvei'U the lwj> iuw lakt.^ called the Minsier iakI S; m. 

p«)L<,sto<Ml Jfihu'^tm'.-^ \\illnit\ an innnens* tree, m- (aP«ii in h .. 

Hippojilion that it wa^ planted )»y tbr iM.if Pi. ,'(li';Mv. » . 

'I •:■ 

I fulkci lUic UilKi uf wham had n jHUvlimciii ia>BulM|u«; • 

I Til); Ilie ^anli'ii uhfrcUiis Uvt.- &tuuil. Tlir yn"(n p«t u 

I veiii-njilo iKc HHi> liltiwu Au*u W Uih oiiii' 

IttlA. Ahnui Imir » mile W^mikI 'St<>«r-hU] 

Minoiic carpi-t unit uDntcil nuiiufoctor.T. 

St. JimimN CmccL, ill Si. jDlin-street, U onutlver t_ 

p1au;(if uunliip, wLirt-iliviiK'wnk'eUregulnily prcfonneda 

I itiindikv, in n TKinirriius con ifTcga lion, m «rill be »cou ai jiaigf 

f iiitli die ilcscripiinn of the timptaj tn vliirb it is uiRexeiL 

Tlic Catijdlic (.'iuPF.1.. uldie eouUiewlof St. JiOta-m 

U u lintl Uutlik- buililiuK of Iniuli, crMteil in 1803, hy tlte S 

r Jolin Eifk, ilic jitr^ent |ni>ii>r, Tlie altiupiec« ib « 1 

nqiivsmlnljan, iu Mare o£mni, of tnir Redeemer oil ll . _ 

in ibe net ai oddre^iiiig liii Mused M'ltliit aud hii htdorfd ,| 

vipl« !it. Juliii. It IBU iiiui'li Hdinireil )iruilui;.'ti(iD uf De T 

L » VieuiisL i>aiiiter. 

I Thcreareonly ilircB Dik-ESTiNii CiupKLs i: ._ . 

■Monging lo the IndrpmdtHh, in Wndtv^trcct, rrected in i| 
■'and twii Id till' Mnhodhu, in Lvudtanl-strt^i a 
I ntrcM, the fontit:! liuilt in ISM, tuid ibv Iiilici in II 

Stmdafi Svhooli am iillaclied tu must iif the c 

elwpeh ! uiid in (lie cilj ure setcdil PuiKf Ziij S<iMU, | 
{iruvided Willi tunpk cuilnwnieuls, nnil iilhers sHpIi 
llie cuntriliu lions of tlic 1>cncroletit, us wiil be seen • 
m lo SKI. 

'iTicLi**rrn-j//njriniriwMDf Liuhlirid are bulfew iu I 

{'iiiiBittliif.' nercl^v i>f Iwu miull dritiliitlny LihrarUti- 

•i-nptiini tJbt'irii and Siiri-TimiR in Murlu^t slrvrt, cstal 

r .Iniiuiir-. f*vi-' -'rr^l n "-■'■Hy A'nrt^jo/iirr, ealletl Ibe "Xd 

I ■U'-miri/: ■ Mr, .\m|)hlel. uiioul ihc year f 

" n.n^ I'l ' . ! ■■ I iil.n iiinmiiic, hvMr. Geore* 

ilr-, ill ■ ■ . Ill nip--nm>nif the MaAc 

l.i. '■■ : I I -M.".- ■■> Tlielw 

'. 'I'iif JVlamp Oj/icfu lit Mr. EggiuUoi'a.iaTaroid 


finttt and the Tmx Qfiit€ at Mr. Jackson's, in Biid^treet ; hut 
Mr. Uoofe, of Tamworth-street, is surveyor. The Wyrley and 
SmitgUm emami passes within a mile south of tlie city, and 
affords a ehtmp conveyance for the importation of coal^ lime, 
and other beavy articles. 


EuAS AaBVOLK was one among the distinguished characters >M)rii 
al Lichield, where he first drew breath, in 1617. UaviDg'shcMii a 
gcaiiu tor mnsiCy he was instructed in that art, and aiUnitt»l us a 
rhofifteror the cathedraL But at an early a^e he removed to I^n- 
dsB, aad became a nendent in the family of his maternal uncle, Jaincs 
Ptgeti Ksq-y |Nissne baron of the exchequer, to Whose friendship he 
was greatly indebted for his future elevation. In 1644, he became a 
ttadent at Brazen Nose College, Oxford, and after attaining great 
ffofteioicy in philosophy, he entered as a captain in the royal army 
daring tkie Cinl wars. Upon tlie surrender of Worcester, he retired 
to LoadoOy where be became acquainted with the most leametl men of 
Che Mge, la 1619, he married Lady Mainwaring ; and in 16;>:3, he 
poUzshed his ** TieairHm Ckemicum Britannicum ; " being a collee- 
lionof such productions of the English chemists as till then rcmaiiu-d 
UDpuMishcd. In cuusei|uence ufliis Iearnin.!r, and his loyalty to the 
Stuarts Charles II. K:ave him the ofiiee of Windsor-herald. In KUiK 
be was a fellow of the Uoval Soeietv, and constitntcd Socio- 
laiT of Surinam, in the West Indies. The Oxford University croatod 
him M. O., in l(>69, and about the same time, lie visited his nativo 
city, where he wjis splendidly entertained by the corporation. In 
1673, be published his great work on the noble Order of the Garter^ 
wiih which his M.ijesty was so well ploasetl, that he granted him £ UK). 
He iliCfl in ItHQ, and havinir b)n;; turned his attention to antiqiiitiis 
and records, he Ixrqueathed a lar^jc coUeetion of books, mannserii)ts, 
golil medaU, an<! other curiosities, to the Univei-sity of Oxford, when; 
they ha\'c ever since been eaivfully preservetl, under the name of the 
** Atkmokan Museum J** 

GEoaoE Smallrioge was born Iiere, in ](>6(>, and distinguislio<l 
Unuelf by hi.^ chis:>ical acciuiremcnts at the age of Ki, when he \va> 
admitted a* a >tudent in Christ's College, Oxford, where he took tli«; 
4egnip of A. M. In 1W3, he became a prebcndarv ofLiehfioKl; in 
mi. Dean of Carlisle; 'M\y\ in 1713, Dean of Christ Church, Oxfonl. 
la 1711, he w.os consecrated i?f\vA0;> qf lirisfof, and appointed I.<>r<1 
AiaMDcr to Gc*)rire I.: but he lost the latter office for refusinsr to <\zi\ 
the declaration of the bishops against the rebellion of 171o. lie pu!i- 
Iktaed sereral controversial works, and some volumes of scrutoiiv. 
wiiUtD ifl a pure and chaste style. He died in 17 If), and uas buriol 

TaoXAS Newton, another bibhop of Bristol, was born here, in 
Hii^aBd at the ajre of 13 removed to Westminster, where he bccauu 
a Uq;^ scholar; Imt aftoi-^ards went to Trinity Colle}i:e, ('ainbriil-c, 
ater be wiv* cIio>cn Fellow. After bein:; honoured witli various 
dvefc preferments, he was elevated to the Bishopric of Bristol, in 
nil. He died in 17S2, and was a man of great learning and ])ict 
Bbpriaripal work was ** Dibsci-tations ou the Prophecies." 



Suii-EL JoHNBON, (. L. !>., IS thu grutut litem; colomu ig 
tin- LichRi'Id teniple nf fiinii:; and to ilu justice to hi* chmcta tai 
IKuiuti voulil require tlic shale space of a volaioc. He nu bora Iwr, 
in ITUV. Ilii fatlier was u biioktelier in tbis citj, ami Tor •obk time 
u mauuriuiunT nf luircliment; which latter viu to him i.n nnftolt- 
ulilc tnulo, though it is iM In hnve enriched >vvenil of hit lettuii. 
Pcrvrivin^ >tcunj; marks of ponius in bis son, he gt.\c hiia croj 
opportunilf he could afibtd of improving bis mind. After ptuiif 
some time at the Lkhfli'ld 'irommLkr School, be went to Stoartmdp^ 
wheni'c he vat: removed in 173A, and entered w ft commoner at FM- 
broke Cflk'^, Oxfaiil. Jliirin^ his stay at the t-'nit'eniity, be c*a- 
pnsul u Latin rcninn nf Pupi's Messiah ; of wfaicb the poet nid tbi 
tbv author viiuld learc it a question for posterity, which poem M 
bun Ihc oriRinal. rnforlimately the low stale nf his tinaneeiobliiri j 
iiim til 'juit Oxford brfure lie was enabteil to complete his itii&a j 
Mu eiin^eqiU'ntlT returned tn Liehlicld, where he soon afterwanlilM ' 
liin falher,anit'fiiun<l, on tiic divisinn nf bis efleets, that hii ihiM 
ainiiiinltd only to X'2l>. Alter being an usher in a seliool at Bosmvlk 
fur a. few niimth^, b<- rcmi-vi-il tn Birniincbam, where lie eomoKBceil I 
hiseaniEr iifnullinnJiiii by publishing a iranslatinn of "Lobfc" He j 
KHiii alterwanls marrinl Mrs. Pnrtcr, a wiiluw of Itirmingham, with a 
forluncuf^Mllli., with whirhbi-Httiil up n kvLoiil, at l£dia]Ha]l,Detr 
LiehSdil 1 but the want nf cncnura!;cment was futal lo his vien, ti ' 
we And be i>nly uiilniiKd (hnx sehnlnr', — one of uhnin was the nk. I 
liralcd Duviil Giirrick, who arcompanieJ iiim to l^odcin. where ht 
wits fir>t empluyeil by tlu- edilur of Ike tlcntli-nian's Magaziue. AI { 
(liiy time, Jiiliiiwin bveamc intimate Willi tile unfortunate Savage, vboK 
life lie 9uliA-<iii<'nlty wrote. About tlii' same prriwl, he published Ui 
pveni iif Liin'lon, whieli );iiini'd him eiiu>iilerablc ei-lebritr, and paaid 
IhmuKli a>ei-onil edit inn in the enuru: nf ft week. A few' mnntiu al^ 
this nurd'AH. lie uwd t\cty ellbrt in fai> piiwer to nlitdin the maftciiiif 
uf afivu mliool in Leicesteriiliiiv ; but lie fnikil in tliis objtvl for vut 
nf n dettree in aria, Ihoui;h he vaa warmly ncommendeil by LaU 
<iuwvr. Ili« npiiliiiutiun liir admission ai U>H-lar» Ciuiimont ■•■ 
n^-ted oImi, beeanie he had nnl a defrre<: in invil law. 1'bua bafiM 
ill all hit iimjeeliofiihtainiiigMimi-nxi'd pmlixinn, licnascompelkd 
tn eontinue Uie ha/iinhins and luburious one in wliii'h lie Jiad alreljj 
vniriLfWil. .li-eonIin;:ly, in I >;t!l, Iw puhlisliiil iiis " Mornior Kar&l- 
"ivnse;" an animymiiuh allai'k upon ihe minisliy of tlie Mouseaf 
Hanover. Kniiotbih i-e«r, till I'll, be wan ehieHy employed in br 
niiihin): nii'moir> of eminent men for llie (ienttcman't Ma):axinc. la 
IT 17, W lieian bin edition of Sliakcspeare, and published tlie plan »f 
lii> Dieiioiiary. 'I'wn i-can. ftnerwar<lK, his trftgnly of Irew, ■« oAra 
pre-entiil in lOin, was br"Ui;bt I'.rward by liis friend Garriek ; bat 
till- ilti'ii-iiui of llie publie was >o far fmni liein;; favuiitabK', thiil Mt 
author n'Milv<.il lu decline all furtlii-r aitcmpis as a Jranintic writer. 
4> a i.m ■<!' ninution from tlie fuliuue and lalHiur of bis nietiunaiy, 
be eiiniiiieniiil liis Hainbler, in Maivh, lTiiO,anil i;onlinu<!(l In produiv 
Iwu e-ajN, wiikly, till Moreh, IT.'iS, nlun this admirable work wiu 

V losiJ. M t Ibis lime, he In-t lii> wife, wlinm he l.iml with ard«nl 

alfwtion. In IT.'i.i, that ilaU-rntc uii.l muih wanted »<irh. hi* JJU- 
ii"ii,ii\ I'i (ill liii^liih I,un)iii»t<', made il.^ apiH'uiMni < . iiiii! wa' 



mumd Kith BvriUxl approbatian hj Ibe liWraii IwcJi of tliie nndj 

odKf omintrira. PnoviiHit u thii tiur, b« bsd bcm taonuumi xitli a 

■IcBfn loartit »sd, in IT6S, tbn Duiversily nfHuhlin cunferri'il upoK 

him tbc ilcgncar Di>cu>r nt Lnwh Tbc wbolc profits afkit Diclionsiy 

•rem ID lute boa> uiwnilnl Wrore Marcb. ITjfi, tbta tie wils acnsUiA 

fet a J*bl uf ivt piipOUi anil liberaHnl by ihe aid of. hii rHmil, th* 

' crlcbralHt Hichar^on. "Tbs tdler," wai besna in lTd«i,Uid Sniahed 

I ia ITSU, when be nrote hit Rawrlru, witli the pioui vkw ofie(ra.ji»i 

I tb oflhtr^ ruecrol apciiBU. In thit manner did this greal lattt 

' cvsliDW Cx drrivc a teantj mhtjstence, rrom occasional publication^ 

titt nm, ohvn bb Miyniy, chraugb Ihc iaflucoec of Uird Lougli-l 

hnmifli, grmatcil him a ptQsion of X9M1 per auDum, aa tbc eapraik 

R*anl uf biabtcnjy exETtion*. His edilioo of Shakeipeate was pul>-.- 

Inhed in tbe wmr f car. From this limt, till ITTI, be was cbicf|]f.' 
eoCM^ in >ritiB£ Political Pampbletsj mme af which gained biW 
ItebigbalMkbrilJ as a politician. Id ITT3, he made his toarttt. 
S«vllaD4 i aa aocount of wbich be publisbed, under tbc title nf ■) 
"Joonmy tp tbr Hebrides." Tbis work iuvolvedhim in a dispute with 
Jhrpbrnoa, nmrettpg the aalhenlicity otO»sian'» poem., in whiok 
ht rtidotl]^ bad the adiantij^ Hii " Lives of Ibe Enelioh Poetl,^ 
■wtt bvi^a tn 1T7T, and eoinpleted in about three years. In 1783, ba 
KUcVrd by the poJ'J, which, logetber with the asthma and 
c. i-uDiinnd groduillj to unilermiDc hia constituiinu. till at last 
Ik Tdlo the arm* of d.-alb, en I)M iStli, I7H4. He wru hiirieid 
ID WfttnutaUr Abbey, at the foot of Sbakeapeare'i monumeat, and 
near the grare of hii friend Garriek; but bis monument, eieculed 
by Bacon, fornu oae of tbc chief ornaments of St. Paul's cathedral. 
As bu been Men at the 61st, and subsequent pages, Licbfleld ba» 
been the roidcnce of many other worthies, of whom, the limits of this 
work forbid any further notice. • 

The Conduct LaiiDS nere granted lo certain irn^Uea, in 1646, 
by the master and brelhren of the Guild ofthe Blessed Harj, 
in Lidifield, " for the common wealth of the city or town of 
Liehfidd," and for keeping in repair " the common cnnduits and 
eoone of water" for the use of the inhabitautt. These lands, 
ritoatad al Norton, Wall, and Great and Little Wyrley, com- 
priie MlA. 3b. 6F.,let ror£582. Sa.peraunum. In the appli- 
cation of this income, the inistees attend, as their primary object, 
ID the keepiog in repair Ihe amd&it-ptptt and pumpt, providing 
fin-atgme*, and deffayiug; other charges incidental to supplying 
the citj with water from the springs at Aldershaw, which are 
aboDt a mile and a half from the city. AAet defraying these 
ezpoues, the following payments are made yearly, viz. £60 
toward* paring and lighting the city ; £35 to the master, and 
£W to the n^er of the Grammar School ; and £20 each to the 
two warden*, who are elected by the trustees and sidesmen to in- 
spect the conduits, &c. Besides these regular payments, large 
occasional diabursemenls hare been made for the benefit of the 
town, amongx which we find £100, in 1797, ta«t«dft budding 


the MurkM-koTUt ; £25 in 1H03, lownrde cleftnsinK the i 
fool; £78 in 1810, towanls tlie purchase iifhuiiscs fin* 
BvoK-Hrrrt ; £f)63. Ids. in ISl'J, fur pat-iiig nnd tlnf^in; 
tlTtet; and £110 lowartU repiiiring the Grammar Sehvit 
in 18)7, tu HFiuKt in malfin)!: h new pavement ; and £U0 i 
towanls Bating; ■Sf./niN-ifrarf. A new feeoffintint of the 
is made tvetv 21 years, un tlie cxccntiou iif wliiuh, six s 
are appointeu l)y Ibe new feufiee^ and coDiiniie in olScc 
next feoffntent' ThcConstalileKiitleiul and sijni llieaco 
the gencrul audit. Since ]<i2I, tlie raervoirat Alilfrth9ir\ 
cnlai^il, and tite water of several neii^libnnring' spring 
~ ' ' le old sprinp^ liavin); 1>eeon)e insiifficieut fni: the ' 

the dty. From tliis reservoir an anijilc supply i^ no 
iu pipes to lliepuMic pnmps, and fur tlie yenrlT ]>aytnen 
per non!«, tlic inlialiitunts inay liave it cimveyed into tb 
kitchens. Mr. Wn). I'erks, plumber, is »nprrinlenden. 

T wiyrk*. As has already been seen, the ('lose is s 
hava the spring at Mnjilchayes. 

The Art far Paring, LitfktiiM, Clmiuing, Watdang ai 
prorini/ ihe Ciry, wax ulilaincd in the 4l>tli of Geo^e II! 
vious to nhiL'h, the whole cost of li|i;l)tin;; the streets was 
ed out of the rent of the Conduit lantbi. Thv L-iiv luu 
tnirtt i Imt in OvtuheT, 183.1, it wan illuntinated witliMr. 
"■OlifieHt'Gat-Oil', a tnin<^pan>nt spirit, iniinufaetured at 
fniib enal icai'-IHr. The lain|>s arc trininiril with sqnar 
of eotton-twisi, and are covered with reTolviii(r v« 
Tliey have the same am>earanec, and nearly as muol 
,iney as the ordinary ffay. lampK. The asH^ssnient leiied 
inhaliitants, under the improvement aii, amounts to 1) 
pnnnd on the annnnl rental. Mr, Joseph Harding 


The Free Gbammar School, in St. Jolm-sircei, is gi 
eonsiiLered to hare been founded by Kiu<; Rilwanl Vl. ; 
lia^'e been uiublc to discover, amouK the reeunhs at ihi 
officet, any |cranl to lliai effect. TTic mdy dn-umstai 
Mtpears to connect it with a Rnyal foundation, is a payim 
the ExclKHiurr of £.t. Ills. Id. {ht annum to tlie niastiY, : 
to Ihe usiict. Tlio catltcKl document relating to it is a fei 
ilalml l.tHTtliv.laineiWfsbm and others, toZaeharyBa 
nnduthers, ot a teiicmeiil or brick homie, then used' as a 
called the " New School," and a close or gurilcn, on 
which tlie said Imnse was erected. Tlie«c still fonn part 
sclio-d prentlKcs; Init tlie present school-liou'* wiis en 
HW2, at tlie joint expense of the Corporation iind the Fei 
the Conduit I.!inds, iti ].art upon the tile of an old house 
iniz to the riirjHiration, and paitly up(in the site of an 


buipi^ pUTChaMd bT ihe snid Teuffees. It will be neen in Uie 
KMUtt of Si. John's f{i»pitBl,tliiiltlkeGraiiiinarSGk>n1 fauiided 
te tlMi uxMltutioD by Bt^op Smyih, has been superseiJed bj*, 
■ltd h* nrunnes (except (be mmtt'T'i mJarv) transferred to iJiU 
MbooL Tfawe Kveaves, with the pafmeDtK fnini tlie Exchequer, 
ud some nU>ei allomnces from the corporalittn and the tnistecit 
of tbeCondaitLaacU, couHiituIe the mome of this school, which, 
in irai, aminmted to XIOS. 19s. 4d. per umum, of wlijcli £30. 
ints paid III the unher, and the Test u the master, who haM ulso 
lb* mt lun ot a Inrge house near the ichoal, nheie he accuni' 
Dodaws almtit 18 bowden. Tlie yearly allawnncc from the Con- 
duit Idndi is £4S, and from the corporalioti £45, whieli lultor 
indudea £i trom Dean ^Vxllier's grant to the hospital school. 
The ;r«>if<i HiiDe of £1. (ia. M. each, given by Dean Walier, in 
IM7, tn nx f<ooT Kbolara in the hospital school, arc now paid liy 
tlic cflrpontioQ to sis poor boys iit this ^clioot, Hppoiiilea by the 
Iwilillh These boys receiie theii education gratis, and arc in 
f*cl the only free scholars in the school ; a guinra nnd .i lialf 
per r;n.irrrr Mnir Hnr^rril (or i-^'-h "( thr -nlii-r -Vrv '.-h'lhr' in 

nusleni. Some of tlie greatest men, whose names Ibiow g, lustre 
on the hXeurj sniMlt of the last century, received the rudiments 
of their edncuianmtdu* school. Among the moK distinguished 
of ihero, wen A4diM», Wookston, Ailimole, Gurick, and John- 
wm. n« Sm. C. Smith, B. D., is the ituular, and Robert 
Coaphad tbewW. 

MiHon' EHaLim School, for the instractian of 30 Sxe boys 
in Engiish reading and the catechism, nas founded in 1677, by 
7%amMt JfiMon, who oidowed it with his house in Bou-stnet, 
lo be lued as the school and master's dwelling, and with three 
closes at Leamonsley, containing acres, now partly cultivated 
as garden ground, and let for £30 per annum. He also b 

qneatbed his cloM in Hattocott-Une, (1 acre, now let for £4 a 
year, whicb is Mnplofed in repairing the school buildings, &c.) 
and a rent charge or ds. 8d. out of his bouse, in Uarket-street 
The school has since been aagment«d with three other benefac- 
tioDS, Tis. SOi. yearly out (rf'laJad at Leamonsley, left bjWilliam 
Jemm, in 10B6 ; the interest oi£M, led by Joan Parker, in 
1727; and the dividends of £3,333. 68. Sd., three per cent, con- 
xris, left by J»dmB NtMoit, Eij., in ISOl, to be enjoyed by 
Mary Wiseman, dufing her life, and after her death, which took 
place a fiew years ago, to be paid to the trustees for the use of 
thissciioel; the yearly income of whicb is now upwards of £135. 
The trustees are ArUiur and Richaid HincUey, Esqis. Mr. 
John Clifford is the vuuter. 

The NtTioN^L School, in Frog-lane, established in 1S09, by 
'ubscription, is condactcd on the Madras system, and suf ^rted 


i.'liiefl> 1>v ajjuunl cuntriliutions ; I'ach nubwriLor of . 
upwards beinir enlilled to hu\e five i<c1)i>tani voHftniitlf al 
Tdc corporatioii now pav tii tliis itchool, £11 vtatlv, ax tLe i 
otTerrick'i Charity for ciliii-jtuiii, coii^stiug of £200 tb 
cent cmisoIk, uud h Iiiiiim: in Tumworth-siTect, let for £ 
iffl^ lease, which will expire ir 18K3. This house is now 
£3& a year, linvinf; Iweii rebuilt tiv ilit^ leawltDldcr. The 
lias a\so £(Ki'A. 3s. 5d. new four per cent, stock, purchase 
Mieml donutions and k't;nci(^. Shoes are given to the a 
in Nuvemlwr, iind Iribkii niid prAjer bonks when they lei 
Kcltool. Mr. Willtnin Alleii is the first nnd present nuili 
one of the eurlieHt teachers on Dr. Bell'ii svslem. 

The Gibus' School of iNnusTsv, in Dam-slreet, is sof 
l>y the aiinnal contributions of the benevolent ladies of Lie 
for tlie educution of 114 poor Rirls, of whom 40 are also c 
by Uie charity. Miss l-'uniival, of Stuwc Hill, erected, id 
an Infant School, hi the fi)ot of Stowo-sireet, and peue 

Ci the inisti«ss fur iiiKlnicting the poor cliildren of Uie i 
rhiiod, on the ingenious svsleui of iiifanliiie inMruciion 
dnccd by Mr. Wilderspin. tu Siindford-slreet, tliete is ai 
Inftmt Sehool, which was liuilt ii few years ago by tnbscri] 

The DispENS.iHV, fur reliciing the sick and lame puc 
ibcMENDieiTvOFFirE, for Hffordiiigr tomporarj- shelter 
numerous vngiiants who pass tliniuf;h LichRcId, arc both in 
worth-Klieet, and art- supported by voluntary contrihutioni 

TIic Lunatic AsrLi-M, pleasantly situated nt SaiidReld, 
I niile S. of Lichfield, is a well conducted inslilution, belt 
lo Dr.Riittlev, ofKrccrnrdCDttap'. It was cuiniuenced ii 
Air. Nnmucl )lei);hway is the suniTintcndeiii. 

Tilt Women's IIos'pit^i., in Bacon-street, is said to liav 
Iniilt ill I (24, by Willitiui Ilavworlfa, Bi-dion of Lich6r 
Coventry. It connsls of a hniiding principally n( hmk 
tainin(! iH comfortable dHcllinirs for as many poor wnmei 
an R]Kirtnient used us a cliapel, with u small ^nleii at llu 
TIip t-arlimi endoumeni for the inaiulennncc of the ainisi 
consist'- of t<Vi acres of laud, an<l seveml houses and other 
iiifts situaleil in LicIiHcId, ami ut C'iir1i»n)ui;li, Elinhunl, 
lev, Kinfr's Bnimlev, Biretiills, and l*ipe Hill, .-uid bequi 
in' I3U4, by T&nmas Milln/, one of tlic canons riside; 
1'lli^ ]tMpeny now jtrodnccs uboul £3jI> ]ier ;iiinuni. 
follii«in)f sums of money also riinn jiarl of ihe fund 
der ihc niauajn'ment of' the inisiccs, vi/.. jClOO Nav; 
per c('ut<>., o1>(aiiic<l ill IM)!I by the sale of timber 
•m the ebaritv estate^; A'llM left in ITWi, bv G,:inyf i 
XlOn leh bv 'Jftir amlnll.ln ITMl; £<At IdUii T:>8iI, bv i 
NalarfiTilf and £f«I IcI^ by Mrt. Saudf-Hnl, iii 1771. 
le^'acu's swell tlic yearly inriiuie of the hospital lo akiul 
•ml tif iijiirli ih<- l'f> aliuswomen wcvivc payineiiis amount 


ii5 hI. fucii per Meek, wbicb, with tlie salaries to the sacn>t uiul 
.xgt'ut (i!*'21), aii<l some other expenses, amounts to about i^307 
iK-r iiniuinu lesivin^ an annual surplus upon the income of ^:<, 
*%\hic\i hxs lieen aceuuiulatiuj? during the last I;) years for iIk- 
purpose of making provision for an additional number of alms- 
women, it< out pt'njtioners^ of whom there are now six. In 17JK3, 
Mrs. (jjisirpll, before-named, cpive a further sum of £100 to Ik* 
laid out ill the reiuiir and improvement of the hospital. Amonir.^t 
I be If> feoffees appointe<l by the last trust deed, in 180*, were 
die Dean, tlie Preeeiitor, the Viear of St. MaryV, and many of 
the principal srentry ol the city and nei^ifhbourhood. These trus- 
lee< ^t'leet the alm^women from the most rcspeetsible and a^ed 
jxmr. The Rev. Henry White, the mcriJit «»f the eathedml, i^ 
m/iJtfrv of tlie Ikospital ; and Mr. William Bond, is aycnt to tlio 

St. John's Hospitai., in St. John's street, was founded by 
one of the bishops of tlii« diocese, as early as the reijpi of Henry 
Id, The oldrsi record we fnul relatin;^ to this reli^^ious house or 
hospital, is in 1252, when KAduluh dc Laeock, canon of Lieh- 
rtrld, cave |.and«, at Khnhurst ana Stitchbn)ok, for the mainte- 
Ti.iii' r of ;i prii-^t to celel'ijite nia*^^ for his soul, and for the sup- 
5»«ir .iltlio ii'lirni in tho ^.ii<l liospital. Tiie conlinnation of lliis 
LTJii. I'V tlic bi>:lio]» and rb;i]>tiT, is stated to have ])coii mad* ■ 
III rlii ',f;iNvii^.- of the di'jin, ** of the prior nf llie hospital of Si. 
.'.ir.i, ;i:i-i nf ihr bnthrLn :»m<1 sisters thiTc ^ervinj;- (iod." Altn 
iiiM-i'j" t.«l]«ri into ^rnr.ii\, the hosj)ital ua^ rebuilt in 1 lJ».';. 
!•■. lli^h']! Smyth, \\h" proiiiiiIir.iti'«l ii nrw liody of ^^lat^l^->., 
■Ifi'ir.'jii; ilif e^talflishuKiit siiould consist of a mnxfrr, ^n 
' f /»/<, in prii"*tV ordi rs, :i m'l^tir of tfrainmar^ willi an ii>1>cm" to 
iiinU I'i'oi rliibUvn, a r-liaphiin, an<l thirttvn Imntst punr )mn .- 
tin iiia-U'i to l»c appoinli'd Iiy tlu' bisluip, and to ba\e tlic :iji 
j«"!»'"!l oi ill ihcrcst of thr fstalillslinicnt ; and, fm the main 
I- :miii»- t»f liiiiiM-lf and tb«' >u[)pori nf tlio oilier-, to have all tin 
i;ji.'-, a vrinic'-, it iil'^, piitlil':, tithes, tililalimis, and emolunieiil-. 
i'l j«!iL;it;ir to ilie hi'^piial. The \»7t««'/. uhiih in l;>f»r, reeei\e«l 
i«i«ltial»Ie ^t nelaclitm from liir/imd i\'nUin\, Dean olClie 
le:. !:i- ii'»i l'e»'!i kepi in the l>o.,jiital lor many \car-, but, sine" 
ITt'i. ii-v r«\e!iiie'; lia\e In en appr ijnialed i«> the ^rani;)ia. 

• i.'"..!, .T^n- ;.i)l,. 1,1 ;i siuUite tif Hisboj) Sniallbroke. lie- /</(•- 
/' ''v "t lije lio'^ now con<i"*ts of > larnjs and ]iareels of' 
iimi. I'l lb'- n»:iiililrMnlioi)il nf liieliiiebl, «'ontaininu os;>a. ^ioi*. ; 
.!>• 1 "r-J'^-ix. '2:t\'. o| land at DeiilialK in ('he>hiiv. Tluse lain! 

• ■< !• ' til *^7^, upon renewable lea^Ci loi iltiee live>, wjiii 
»••• ii". u'«i"r. ' li It 111- an'l lines upon Kn»\\.i]. The \earl\ .MinMin 

■ I iiir <-i.iir.'/ i-rii!', is (.nl> £,'177. 1-. <mI. ; but i he //;<».% .v.i- \viv 
■■'■».!;;. lU' , a - we iind iIm! h<»ni l^^'M lo 1 ■">'2I . llie\ ainrMM'!e'i t ■ 
L'',''JT, a:V<«idiii-i mm ,i\ei.i;;e .inioril Ki-'-ijU mJ 1'|;-. ,,^^ ' 
■ lal.i I-,"., Willi till- !■ I r\eil ifiii-. lb" 'io!;i| annnjl in: .lo- .{ •;. 
■>,'i;il £'i'> > i:i I'J-linnii '-I f/ii-, 'In:-'!. < .;■ .\\.r... ;•'» 


7 flures of laud altacliad to it, belnnging to tin 
occupied liy biiu, but wbich the iDle luastcr, sfter liaviif et- 
pendciliibnTe;£l,300 in improrenKMils, let for £loa wraaiiBm. 
Diculinlc of thiKinivinc isTCceivtd bjihe mister, hIioktniIt 
piiytiient« to tiie alniipcopk, \c., amount to £196, lemif ■ 
«urpltiii fur Iiimiuilf nf £159, betides thn value of bia lerid^. 
Bv the Klittulrs of Bisbop Smith, the master is anlj bonoit* 
pity 7il. per utck to euch of tlip 13 almBiAcn; but iJbrir waUf 
iiirame iiiiu' omountj to abnut 4s. 6d. eacL, of which hi biIi at- 
fourth ari!<ex from the followin;; y«arlj paTments, Tit, Xl.4h 
fmm tlic uomeii'slioitpital nn acrnunt at Santrford't gifi; tU 
frum Fivhaam't charilu; £\. Bf,. fmm the Bailifls of I inMiM. 
ultd XH. from ilfni. Piabe Simjuon'i Fherilj/. Tlia alnunxiiR 
aim funib'bcd witli coals, coals, and medical atteDdanoe, it Ae 
expcitM (if the iiiiistei, »lii> also payit £20 a year to the mitnM 
who miili-s in the bwpitid and wails upon the rick and inGm. 
Oiwofihi- innlniitmcii is oppointc'lliv the Prebrndarrof Free- 
turA, and the ml by tliu ninsler, nho diies not cosine W choke 
to iW iitha)iitimt» ofLiubticld, ibonpli tlicy gtmiallj haTo the 
prefi.'rcni,'e. The Uiupilal is a (nloumv biiitdiup, itmaAable for 
llic niDiibi-r and curious (bmi of ibc cfiimneys, wUch aic placed 
ii) its front, pnijcctiii|t fmm tlic foundutiuti lil:c biitlMECs. Tlr 
CiiAri'i. is an unvicnt edifice, which, in l)^l>, was enlarged by 
thr I'rectinn of n fiiallery iind north nil));, at the e»eii*e of the 

Jrc-.nt uiatliT of llic lio^iiitiil. the Kcv. James TfaonasLaw, 
I. A. TI:c(>ninn«iu>puKn;iM-d by subscription in lKU,andlhe 
cbapct has bit'ii fu much iinpruvvtl thnt it lias now a munerput 
and re^-ciiiblo viniinv-sition. Tlie rannu-r's house Mandi be- 
hind tlut hoKfHlul, hni has an open pnispcct to the soulh-ncsL 

FrrAiMM** Chariltf lo lir tro Ilmpilah ivnshK of IHa. 3a. Wr. 
of land iiLar LicbSeld, Hon let fur £i!7. 17s. per annum, wIuA j 
is divided ciunllv Iwtwcen tlie Women's and St. Juhn'a Uaeptd ' 
for tlie u-v at tW inmnU-", OKTceiiblc to the will of tlie doMi; 
John Fcckniim, <latul I.V.i. The l'frporali"H jmv \etaly £9.4*. 
to ibe Women's HiKpitnl, anil X'l. r<>. to Mt. Jijliii's Hoapiul. 
nt the priH'tvds nf scvi-Ril li-^nicies by pcrnouk of (be namn ef 
llVihan. Nallr, Allen and Crri^tl. 

Ltmn'i Al«ish«uset <roii<ii'I of six dwelliiii;.: in Stuwe-niMl, 
oilU f.>iirdciis, inliabilcd bv six prnir n^rcd wiilowK of LichMd. 
'I'iifv »iTf itiviii for thi> 'purpi-e. in l7Cia bv Williiim Lnnn, 
«)■•■' i>ii.l<>ncd them uith S acns i-f land in i.»iV' Fiirlon;;, Irt for 
i.'1(< |H'r .11IILUIII. 'I'lii* tent has for luuiiy yrars bevii empbiycd 
in i.-]viirin'.r the nlmsbi>ii>V'. 

T)li< I\>TITI'T]ilN Kill Dir Wll»IV.-s AM) UAfllHTrail (V 

fLJ:R':VM]:N, fono'. » m\v h-.iV-hir.r in ilu- Clii-i-.d-u^iMintf nf 20 
■ <mr.<ni1>lt-du.'lliiiv>. uicttill'vt':.' I'liMces'-f.-tiH/nir A'nr.'oa, 
/■:. , . •■ '.•■>. by iii.lnit,iri i;i i7:i:-'. aii.i !v, will a fow \i-.ik atut- 
■i.'- . ;j.''.-flrTeil to TiinniH^ Hhnkltv, ]:^<:., ir.d three of the 
I,:-..- -,1 ;,.-, . •'■■■-.■.■i 'jf LichfieU, iwo juiiu t'l'JJCM \.\kcc {ei 


rent. con.<olu1ate(i annuities, in trust for the purpose of constitu- 
tittfsa, charitable institution for the relief and support of \vi(l(i\\s 
and unmarried dauurhters of cleiprynien of the Church of Eiiir- 
laud, nf the aj»c of 50 or upwards. It was jiirrrcd tliat the tni — 
Ice^ *»h»iuld out of the tlividcmls of this stiK-k rjii>c a sum, iini 
«!^c*.edinji JK3,0i.H), and apply it in ohtaininp: hind, and ercctiiiL,- 
ibcreon, liabitatious for the ohjects of such cli.-iritable institution ; 
and that as ^khir as the habitation^ should he conipK'U'd, they 
should apply the dividends of tlie said stock (i'l,'i(K) ])er anmnnj, 
after paying for the repairs of the premises and other charges, (»r 
so much thereof as should Ih' thoutrht proper, unto and anionj;: the 
widows and tUiuirhters of clergymen chosen us aforesaiti, to oc- 
cupy the almshouses, so that the share of no one of thcin sliall 
exceeil Ibe annual sum of i.';>0. Hv tlie terms of the foundation 
deetl, the dean and chapter of Jjiclilield arc appointed special 
\ isitiiri of this excellent charity, and appoint the inmates ^ith 
tlie appmbation of the trustees. The twenty persons now enjny- 
in:r it< fienefits, have each a 1^^^! htuise witli a Mnall garden, ai:d 
i yt irly stipend of X'.'iO. The present trustee^ in who^c iiui«!»'» 
I'lt' t'und< are in^e^^Icd are, the Rc\. Spfnccr Ma(hin, and Aiii.".r 
I]i;::Ue%, Henry C'hinn, and .John .Mott, iNiirs., ol' Lichlichi. 


Lowe's Ciiakim, w.Mihl, if it had l»ccn pr«»jierlY nian;!u< :i. 
ha\c now lifcn out* of the richest hc:u*rM«'iioiis in l,i(lilitl<l. fur 
»!• rind it conipriM-s .*i7a. '2n. :V2v. <»t' land, and a nuni^'rr if 
b'tii^-^, coiuirt**, Vc. in the city and nciirhliourlioiMl. \Si>r.\i 
apw.ini". of JL'M«». jkt annum; hut they h:!\c hmjr Icrn Kt • is 
rcaruahle lea^ics f«»r tlircc li\c-. or ftirtv \cars rcscvvintr ^uili 
Miial! rents a-^ oiilv pro<hicc almul 1170. a \car. Hcinir a\\.i:»' 

• a • ■ 

of ihe inexpediency of this improvident mo'U* oi' U'ttinij ilir 

charity lands, the present tru»>tee> liaxe for some ye;ir.s Ixi n 

endea^oiirintr to renu'd\ the evil, ])y inerea>inir the re'-er\eil n nts 

•iid tliminishiniT tlie liiH's on tin' renewal of h a^'s. Piir-'a.;i:i t.. 

thf will of the don'»r, Michael Lowe ldate«l liJ.'^T), tlie i:i':'!i:» i^ 

iipphtd in uivinir •'» ''frt hmtl «/*#••>»//%, a n„if^ a hnt^ and U. ^il. i'. 

in 'ney. tn a» many of thi* oldest and nn»»*t iii'liirenl male h«Mi-«- 

kre| of Lichfield, beinir pari»«hioner'«, hut n«»l rrr(i\inL^ ji.irt' 

• hul relief, or other aid fn»m alnishouM-. a- it >ull eMeiid t" ; 

hut none are ncrmitled to receive the eharilv luo vear> -'.i -in - 

cesMon. The di-^tribulion In made on St. Tlmmas's dax. \Mi». n 

the panici pants j>rtH'«ed in their new elotlu's to Si. .Man's 

Church In the early pari of winter the overseers of St. .ALirx's 

distribute an anniiit\ of i;is, Kfi by HiNnv S\\\\n/\\\ jhiuml 

pFttioiais liiif^uiL^t the p«»or women of Liehlield. (ii oik.i. ('••! 

Ll^s, in Uk)7, left a rent eharj^'c o( £:\. out «d' lan<l in the infii- 

ihip of Pi|>e, to b«" distributctl by the eorporalion i?i lU'w cli>f/i 

iPini# ain«iu$rst ponr women. Jn JUi.'f, i/i Mf/ZKiY .M\iTiii\vv 

leftdA. oDtl i4p. of laud in Do\ vhoubV-ilM and in \Vi^J.age. \et 

100 IllSTOKV or LlCHFIELii. 

in l.yi1 for X'2>'). l')f. u year, which is distributed hy the cor)*ora- 
tifiii as follows, \i'/.. 20s. fur two seniioiis at St. IVIarv*sand 8f. 
Chad's, on the Suiiduvs after New YejirV dav and taster, and 
tJie renjaindn* in stnff ,:oinis to poor widows with 2s. t>d. each in 

Finney's ('iiAiinv conipri-^i s (»Ha. 3u. 21 p. of land with 
sevcRil huildinprs near Yj>xjiI1, Bentley, Wall, Pipc-Rid^are and 
liiehlield, let in IH21 for £'2Uh (>s. per annum, and bequc&thed 
in UiW>, by miiimn Hnmy^ to the coriMiration, in trust to dis- 
tribute the rents yearly in nvovidinp ef»als, clotliing, SaCy for 30 
i>oor men and 10 poor widows of this city. The corporation 
lave in their hands £'1(K> arising fn^ni surplus of income, and 
n>r which they pay £X lOs. per (rent, which swells the t(»tal 
vearlv income of the charity to i^222. I()s. As the annual funds 
!iave^)cen mi hirjj^cly inereascil since the time of the douor, thev 
have been a]»plied, not in pvinp: additional advantages to the 
number of persons limited bv his will, but in extending llie 
allowances therein spceific<l, to a //r«vi//T wjiwW of object^. The 
participants now consist of about 110 men and .00 women. To 
each of them are jrivcn (>s. for coals, and Is. in money; the mm 
have also each a (•o«^ with the letters W. V. sewed on the risrht 
•-leeve, and a vinnmon fell hat. The wv>?nc», who are all nf^ml 
widows, have each n stuff' (jotrn, a cap, and a handherchirf. Lists 
are kept of the annual* distributions, and in «reneml tJie same 
perscMis do not pa;laVe of this charity oftcner than once in tw© 
ycar»i. The sur[>lus income is oecasiijnally applied in dislribut- 
ini; blaiikct:5, Vc , anionirst the j^^encral poor; but there have often 
birn ctinsiderable balances left in the hands of the treasurer, an 
impropriety which the cor|)oration, in 1821, promised to reiiiedy 
in future. 

Tlie Jiuhis of thv Minster CVmnV?/ consists of X'lOO which is sup- 
posed to ha^e arisen from the sde of materials after the dilapidap 
tion of the catlu'dral in the civil wars of Charles I., when a 
simihir sum was paid fit»m the same sour'C to theparis^h of Wal- 
sall. The yearly interest, XT), is jiaid by the coqiomtion, in the 
proportions of X*2 to St. Mary's, and X'l. lOs. each to St. 
Michael's and St. Chad's parishes, to be distributed in bri'ad by 
the overseers. 

The churchw aniens and overseers receive XlH vearlv from the 
manor of l)ra\ton Basket, as the l.iclifiebl portion of Hmry 
.Vf«»M',f Charifif, and eni]>b>y it in apprenlicinjr poor children of 
the city. Jnhn AVr///, A'av-, in l(»3s, be^ueathtd a yearly rent 
charjre* of £C\ out of houses in Hisllop^:ate-slreet, and Angel 
Alley, London, to the ]Mi.»r of Lichliebl, vi/. one half to tlu»sc in 
the < 'itt/, and the otlier to tho^^e in Stoitr-strtet^ to be pven in week- 
ly doles of bread. Frnnvix an*l John Drakhi'^s (%iritt/ is -lOs, n 
year i>aid out of lands in Leycroft and Boley ; 10s. to the niini*- 
ier of St. MnTy'\ and .'^Os. in bread, to the poor of the citv, t<» 
he distrihutvd on the Wednesday aivcx Ks>\i-\\ c^Vw^.-sA^n . ftw*- 


id IfiS^bftfinn uAVlud in Cnrborougli, 

B }enr, wUd (i dlMribntcd in nwD niros on 

^^^ Mr. K. Shunt and A. Hinckley, Eiq. are ihc 

l^'T^ jeaj\y aaa of34i., left in 1037, b^ Marganl 

.rndpnid oat of li boon In Sandiind-etTeet, ia given to 12 

a widir«»,oa Guod MdHiud Chrisbnu Ere, in mims of Is. 
apiK« wek dar. In 1(91, mflim J7anbi left to the coqwia- 
iCm. aa acw <tf land cuDed Kedii^ Fit and Walker's Croft, in 
>Bwt iDiMT ia.4. 4il. ymdf , br two tennoiu at 8L Hary'son 
'JBtn*a4 Palm Sumlnvi^ and bi divide tlie icaidiieof the rent 
fciaiiM Ok i<o»r Tlda land u now l«t for £8. a jear, 

. ;«i^. In be dutribuud amongiM 

BUdulph left XS. a year oat of a tkim at Ht 
. iiid, ittbedutribuU'dKTnongiM taepooTc'" " 

llq and CtunOuaji E>u. In 1873, Mmy 
■ 'Woaa (n Bstcber-row Oa. Tcady towardi 

Oa. Tcadr toward npaiiing Sl Maiy's 
poor. In r 

udv-amtiMted parisliea. At tlie 
te Aaii^ land ««i exchanged, s 
anda M ii, ao that it now comprise 

•Inndh and lOa for ibe poor. In 1700, JtJai AOmoU left £60 

' * *K now Toted wiih tlte corporation. Mrt. 

'\<a of an ancient rent chuge of 15s. paid 

a HiNTON, in 1684, bequeathed bit Uniis and builditii,-^ 

t and Burton, for the poor of Lichfield anil iW 

t the enclosure, in 1900, pan uf 
ged, and several alloUncDts were 
IF comprises SOa. 2b. 26p., let for jCISU 
Mt aagn, which ia divided neariy as followft, viz. to fiunon, 
nilliiaillll. and Forebridge, £30 ; to Lichfield £43 ; to SlaObrd 
i>l ; la WolveAamplon £40; and to Walsall £31. The p«r- 
MMidectMl aaobjecuoftlmbounty, are the poor housetcipeis 
tt A* aercral paiislicfi, not receiving parish pay, and the <li-,tri. 
.luiana are made by the ministeis and eliun;hnaTdeii5. 

SaMOBt HoDSLsr, by will, dated 1733, dcri^ to tlic corpur::- 
tm,ia Bust tor the benefit of the pour of the whole rit\ ul 
ythUd, tea hoiuet. Sec, in the city, and several pieces of I'luid 
il tta HbcftT of Elmhunt, and at Bunning Mill, Wi^ijitrc, Vi'. 
Ihnof the muds at Elmhurst, were excbitngcd in 1819, under 
Aipowon of the IJchfield enclosure BcL The charity c»in<c, iu 
Ml,«aaletfor£l«},andinl831 for£2aOpcr nunum. .Utcr 
mfiflkut amall reserved rents to the vicar's-choral, the iiin^ 
fKM 8l John'a Hotipital, and the king, and providing fur the 

'"- ' of the buildio([», &c., the reddne of the incnnie is 

^ the poor, in sums of 10s. and sometimes uf 30^. 

Bt Chiistmss. In 1821, besides a balance of £lKt 

account, the corporation hod in their possesMi.n 

' to this charily, of which £100 was b«]ue:ii]i(u 

r, the donor of the lands and boitdiags. 

'aupield, in 1733, bequeathed all hiti mc>.'ii:it.'(' 

bmds, and lencmcnts, in the liiy uid \\\ni- 

ficiaej JtawUtts, and ihe heirs of his l.^Av 

Allure of Mtchisfue, tbra the raid pTOfcvly <, 

"«» wak 


every Cbrislmas-tlavi as the inierestH|<C30. left by Richard 
Edgty in 1773. Thej hare XSI in tte LicbGcId Bank, mid 
earrj the iaterest to the church acconnt, though £50 of ihe 
money is supposed to have been gi*en for the pool, by a Mn. 
Heflitr, in I77t9, They hare likewise a house in Biiat-street, 
let for £20 a-ycar, and bequenih«d in 1620, by John Uuing, for 
the repoiis of St. Marif't Church. 

St. Mkhael'i Vhunh Landi, &c. comprise Mveral parcels ol 
kwd, with houses, bams, Stc at Green-hill, Spear-hill, Frog- 
lane, Ca>tle-ditch-laue, and Falfen-^eo, now let for £125 
per annnin, which is expended iu repairing the church, the 
organ, uid the clock. The donor of tiiis property is unknown. 
The poor of St. Michael's parish have £3. tOs, yearly from land 
at Putler'ft-gTeen, left in 1735, by Elizaheth BaiUg; and alsu 
£i yearly out of a house in Lombard-ilreet, left by Grrenumod 

The folIowiDg charities belane: solely to the pariih of Si. Chad, 
vis. 6s. 0d. yeoil* out of land in Smitlifleld, left by a Mr. 
- Tuimfttrngj 01. si. out of a bouse in Stowe-ittreet, leftby Thnnvu 
JftckauD ; aad 10s. to ten poor widowsofSlowe-streetand Biicnn- 
street, left by Alice Simpson, ajid now paid out of three houses in 
StowC'Slteet, belonging to tlic E^rl of l.ichiitlJ. 

The S«tinos'Bank, at the National School, in Fn^-lane, was 
established in 1SI8. Its deposits in November 1832, amounted 
to £27,516. 8s. 9d. belonging to 790 individuals, and three 
Friendly Societies. The bank is open every Friday from 12 till 
3 o'clock. Mr, Wni, Allen is the secretary. 

The WosKHOL'SEs, for the three parishes, are situated as fol- 
lows, — St. Mary's inSandford-strcet; St. Chad's in Slowe-street ; 
and SL Michael's at Gieen-hill. Though the city possess charit- 
able funds and estates nhich produce upwards of £5,000 per 
annum, its poor-rales are as high as those of any other place in 
the county, of a similar population, for we fiud they amount 
yearly to about 33. per pouna on the rdck rental. 


ri in Si. Miehatl't 

and Elmhvrst have 349 inhabitants, and ai 

within a mile of the city, beyond Pones Mill, an extensive carpet 
anil worsted manufactory, near Stowe Hill. It was anciently a 
member of the Bishop's barony, and is novt the property of the 
Iievett family. Elmhurtt, near the Uttoxcler road, two miles 
from licbfiefd, is mosilj' Ihepropeny of John Smilh, T*i\,*. 
mMgUoaie, who resides ia the luiU. It compnaw *\:iu.\. Wft 


iicref, Rnd invhides thg Inmlei of Stilrhbrook; ncai wlucfa U 
Chritiiim FMd, where tradition saj-n 1,000 Britith uhristiiuu 
v,t:K mofftxKA. The following ore the priuvipiil iDhabitonU. 

Tkott jnarktd * art in Cartorongh, and tht ml in £/aiA«rtt. 

B»t1ct Thomas, com miller, irtffc Fartticrt. Emery Mri. 

Pipe Milt Adumi J. Smith Willikm 

Chccthum Ccurgr, bulilf Brown Tbomu Summpn John 

■Itauhiiry J»Iin,fi:ntl«niiti I Burkin George Tompkin ~' 

BviiNTivoon, Edrehili., and Woodhoi'se!. are tbret^ hamlet* 
of Rtraj;frlin<; hou!V!=, riimiintr n joint tnwnsliip and ehnpelr)', on 
the enslcni side nfCnniiocl Chniic. extendi ug fmm li lu 3 inilrii 
W., and W, liv S. of Licblicld. Besides an extensive cummuii- 
tiprhl on the Clone, Bumtuood eontains 700, Kdgeliill 3W, 
ftnd M'uodlimises 13>t9 avrcs^nf land, nil in a pMid elate of ciiUi- 
Taiiiin. Tlic Marquis of An-rlescv l- lord i>f Bnmnmod, and 
liusiilsoa iMranioniitjiirisdii-lion'iu F.<)|^hil1 and Woudfaouscs, 
of iiliii'li S. P. Wolversion, E'u\. of Stratford, is the mesne lord; 
Imi lure are miiny (qnuller freeholders. On the Cliasc u an es- 
ifTi'ive rabhil-ii-arrnt, with a neat house called Ciuiey Lodjce. 
.\fni'l,--haiir.<. the pUiisanl seat of Juhn Atkinson, E^i)., and Pipi 
Hall, nil anirienl iiinnnr lionsv, now uteupied 1)v a liirmer, are in 
the lianilct of WwKlhinises, as also is AdteRhniik, an ancient 
f:imi-h'ni>e, «it1i smnp euriuus relics of stained riass in its win- 
dows. Not far froui those in Ed^ill, ra Edial Half, a gond 
squnn- liriek inniinnn, «itli a cupula and balhistr.ides, ccle- 
IiRiiril as the liouse in which that cmiutiit Irxiciifrrapher 
Sumiirl il>ihn»im, LL. D. ojiencd nn Bcadcniy in 17^13, but nnl 
nin'liii)^ with sutruietit eiicourattemcnt he did not Inii); remain 
in ilii> uh.<eurc siiujitiou. Tin- CiiAPF.L, hi Burntuoiiil. is a snuill 
brick cdilln'. bnili in \i\'A. J( i-i a eurney wonh :i1»ml XlOO. 
INT annum. Tlit R.-v, Tli.mi;is HitrH.Kul. f). 1>. i> the incuin- 
Jidil : iiiid Ihc- viivir .if Si. MiiryX Liclitiehl. i- the Tie 
lutlcr hiLs the Muail iilh(-s, )im S. Suiufcii, Esq. is impnipriamr 
■>f ihi> i«rv> (itlic. The Sriiooi,, al Biimtw.n>J, wiw 
UKlMiMd in ]7(i.-..iij ilfrs. Elhah,lh «o//. «ilh i'tiOO, ..f which 
i;ar"i«,isi\p(nrlcilincni-tiiiiriliPwlin"i!.hoiise. Tlie mnaininii 
X'lOd is securcii nii :i fiirm, in liHrnt»i«il, brlonfriii? lo fleiienl 
KeynarfUiiu. aicl r.nn- nccujiird hy Thomas l.)t*rri*, Tli? vcarlv 
interest. 4'li>. i>, iiiid to the Mlmulinasicr for w.nltinf! ntor'chiJ'C- 
ren of Bunnu<>i:d. n'oodhouses. Eil^-chill. and hbiitmicruiih. 
Thi* nusler has alsn I«s, vwrlv as the inltrc't of i.'SO tefi bv 
Amfrrir Xm-fon. k'uf. Tlic nniiiinl sum of i'l i is paid out of 
(wtneral /'.s frimi. as iincic'.t i<t vw" \pv.-vcw- Riven hi 
Mrf. Eh'jrnfHib Ball fi.r thr poncottlic fe\«^ia.(n\KV*'j\\*\'aMft<^'. 



lilt I'm* half of it l>elung%{ to fiumtwood. The poor have aKa 

"•evcral oihtT Benefactions. In 1705, William Cadmaii W- 

qiieatlicd a cottage ^vith a prarden and croft at Edgohill, (ikiw 

Ui for ilA. l«">s.,} and directed the yearly rent to ])e employed as^. 2l»s. for twu sermons to be preached at llannnervueh 

ehapt'l, on the tirst Sunday in Lent and the Snnday aftor St. 

.lauifs'flay ; and the remainder to be distributed ainon«j:>t the 

ji^irof \Vi «iihouM.-$, Edgehill, and Bumlwood. He also left Xw o 

runt chanrt> to Ik.' paid out of liis house and land at Kd^reiiill. 

I iz. -10.*. for a <^?nuon to be pivaehcd at Hammerwich, on the 

tjrsi Sunday after every nuartcr day, imd 4()s. to the p(u»r of tliis 

iliapelry, ^^ho bare als^o the interest o{ JL^CtO left by James Wat- 

kitiM^ in lrK).j, and £1. «>s. Hd. yearly from the bequest of .bihn 

Wanl, out of his e.'^tiite at Ed^ebill, but of the latter, (Js. 8d. is n»r 

the miuWtcr at Uammerviich for a sermon on Whit-Sunday, and 

.'>>. for tlie poor of that low ns^hip. 

7'A»w marked 1 are at Ediffhili, 2 at W'tHnihnjtses, and the rest at 

liumtu'ond, or wht^rc specified. 

\-:'.;r% F. IwaP.l, S!U'pki'«jKT 
1 \«:'.ir% Mrs. Kli/al'cth 
AikJ:;-: Kuluiril, nail iiiukcr 

- Vtiii »•■ n .li'hn, E>«|. MapUhayi\s 

- IW/iri^fi-rJ ThiMiiav, wlitvlwriiiht 
Cr.vM"<W lianial'V, >h'H-niakcr 
iKrry Jan.v'i.w.irmi-kcfpir, Coney 

Lir.-if; U". A. «:i-h«Nilina«.tir 

1 <;.:!• y <i. .^r.e, l«lark>inith 

H- rii'i. r r.\!i» i> Ni-wcll, beer lioust- 

.J II i*».- ^iil<■«■'» 
i .-.r t .'-.^ ; :i, r 
! .:!!• r .'.i>. lail-'i' an»l l>e«.r lniu>c 
I..:'!' r 'li-'T';.!'"., t;iil«»r 
M">. :. Win. ^iil. iiu-l l»»U»li. fJ;ill 
1 P.ii !• r Ti;"ii:.i-, ■_«iilliiiian 
•J ;•;.••.:■? M Mir.i.irn, brirknuikrr 
r:v:k U il'iaiii. I'lark>i:i'lh 

>najic Rii l;;i:il, wluclwii-lit 
Suetton Willidiii, «liapcl «.ltik 

.^ly*'l;«! Ilcnry, Kscj, Kdyrhill lla'.i 
\N\'bl> Ilv. vii'i. and luitiln r. Mar 
2 Williauiii John, sl'.opktrjH r 
Mtirhd • are ytomtn. 
2 .\lhnr.<Iw.,-/AA-l Jiu.-kxMi Join: 
luhrooA- '2 ,I"lm>«Mi \\ i;;. 
AlbvriL'lit Win. •Lane 'rij<iii.;i- 
A-I.urv — 2 I'.iik FM'.-.anl 

1 •A-^hmalc Wni. /'/>■ //./// 

'2 A-]iMi.ili .li»lin*2 RoliiiiMin W m. 

1 ■r.ia.llii'.nio lll.*2 SankrxTii.iM.i- 
■2 Kiiiwn Ji'lin, •Sniitli Win. 

Miip/rlutyrs 2 Sl« phones I !i'- . 
'2 i'oo\nv Henry Tihlnr ,Ii'liii 
•Cruttliliy \U\\. *'ruil(»r W'wx. 
'2 Dcnni.- riminasWot'lh-y Wip. 
•DiTi-y .laiiirs 

Drrry 'rii.»nia> S/ior rii ihir.> 

•Dt-rry Wni. r»uil<»n tui'i\:<. 
•Jl». riy Wni. I Uurli-n J.v.a^. 

2 Ilairi>"n Danl. ( ra<lil('<k — 
i*IIitclMn>un <H«». Ilorton TlK-nia'- 

FiktiLBUKK t«»«nshii», in the vale of the Tame, 4 miU-^ V.. u{ 
Liehticlil.eontainK }Hi inhabitanf^ and about NUM) acres (ifriilj 
land, of which two-thirds belonjr to the llcjn. F. G. How.inl, --f 
Klford, tlie lord of the manor. Ifudemorr^ cni tin; S. W. ^'uU- ot 
the townslkip, is a hir^T v^UiU- }>i-}nii'rjnir to Sir Ili;»berl Peel. \\\ 
iW reifm of Etii^nrrl 11 1. , /'n/iinriek ufi.s held bv llie \\-\u>\' 


[ efCbcsUf. lu 1736, dftLMajquis of Musaivene »ald it (^ 
I Swinfeu, £»ii., iif whom It -nos purclia.'«<l, iii ITAH, bv the )1 
|HUt of DoDegs], w)ii>, in I7{(3, pulled do«ii liicold in:>ii<it ni <. 
', in 1774, erecleii on llie muiie site a magriiilioeiii i 
K freeslone, and laid uut lite park and pleasuf 
e inu*l fsquisite ta«te, so aa lo entitle il Ui rani . 
Mlstalsin Ihekin^oiu. Bui, in 1810, ibc Mar.p 
[ «la.l« to Richard Uawnrd, Esq., who dcmoliiihcd Uic inunii 
and aold tlie materials, uhich " where earned aS tu doooisMl 
ewthljr paradise of some other fanciful monal." Tbo 
Kere also Imikcn np, uud the pork and pleasure gnuniLt 

BonnwCliu. grazier and maltsler, Farmtri. 

ShiUiii tea AUporl Jcltn Plitllipl 

Hinon William, gameliFpar Bourne Anliur Walton 

Ormt Richard. Lodge kceprr Bowman Edmund 

Pivkeriae Jph. baililT, UaOcmfor 

FitEBroBD, 2 milM S. £. of Lichfield, i« sn nncicnl manor 
conasting of dOO nures uf rich and »ell wooded land. IcIuuHUig 
to Lirat-General Wm. D^oit, who retidet in the ijall, wU ' 
with the demesne urunnd it, ia extra-purocliiHt. The baUJtfi 
un, and has Iho spacious n 

o llial f!enuine lioepil&lily which hat king been the 
if ttie family of Djutt, who, tn the ciiil v.aa 
luBcred muck tar their altachuwnt to the Rojal 

reign of Edward I., FieeCDnl was held hv a fami _ 

nnnie: it afterwanla passed to die Dvoll^' by marriuf;!.'. .Imtab 

Lnwrnteo and JonalliRu Mallet occupy- tlie two/armi, and Jobu 

CnUcrill i* the gamektrptr. 
HAMMERWICH, is n small Beeluded villafr, I 

chaiflry, on ihe sou lii -eastern ve^e of Cannock Choae, 3* 

S. W. by W, oflJehlield. li has 31 ' ' 

Bcrea of enclosed land, and iipHardsof 1 

■nun, besides whiah, the teuanlH have • 

Bay, an axm-porochial diwirt of lOOu 

pan of the extensive waete called th^Can 

fjuis of AnglcwT is lord of the manor. 

bebngi to i^venu reiidcnt freeholder!, n 

U> C. and J. Foster, Eiqrs., of Walsall. Tt<e Cn«PEL Uft 
v itandiii^ alone upon a verdant eminence. The 
<i..iti',i ,'iir:i.-v which haaat differeut limes been KB 
1 V .iiV'a Bounty to the amouui of £IK^ 

11 the purcluise ofSOi.of land 
I The romainiug £200 wbh tai 
n Su Miohael'i parish, LichUeld,lM. 

n Ammmerwich, whet 

hait«li« £4. 48. yrafW from the KklM It 

field ufH 

w called Uie I 

f'.'Civ/t (ht /irA'IC ajearjidie Kata(wWb\iufiau^ 



memorial liccn employed in reimiring the chupcl, for >\liioIi 
purpo^ it Is vested in eit^ht trustees, who are resident freeholders, 
Aiid have the patronajire of the curacy^ \«hich is uuw eDJoytd tiy 
the Rev. Thomas Har\%Oi)d, D. D. 

Benffactums : — William Heath left out of his estate at Ilani- 
merv^ich, 3i>5. yearly to the minister fur preaching seniKui*; on 
rhri«tnia$ and ^Iid»U1unler days, and 20s. to the poor. In ITC?, 
Jfiha Si/rr*ter cluirf^ed his house and land at Hamnieruii-h \^iili 
the jiay-ment of 2 Is. yearly to the poor, and 21s. yearly to the 
roini<ter for pTeaeliin;:r sennons on Palm Sunday an<l on tlie 
Sun«Iav after the dale of the testator's dece,i«je. In I7().'>, A7/r- 
abeth liall left X'5lH), for >^hieh £A0 per annum is paid out of 
Gi-nenil Reyiiardson'> fann in Bunitwood. This sum is dis. 
lTi\)Uled ajrreeahle to the \\ill of the testatrix as follows, viz. £]t. 
UK In tlie iceumbent eurale of Hammer\\ieh, £2. 12s. to the 
ehapel cUrk, and £2. 12s. in weekly doles of bread. Simie fiir- 
thtr payment! are made to the poor of Hammerwieh under Mr«*. 
Ba.Ts wiH, as has been seen in the neeount of Jiitrnhvond Sv/t-nil, 
\%h*.<.h i" «»[H.Mi to the pO(>r ehildreii of this township. The eiirat* 
ii.i*^ al^« £i\ vuirly lor preaching six sennons, under the will of 
Wiiaim Cddman. 

P.ri J ihn, yeoman 
\\ rj U4ch;inl, yeoman 
t \\V:. k James, ct'iitlcman 
IVivi" TJ "ma*, ii»rn miller 
*■. -UT MatiMa, tanner 


MiiMlrlon Thonia*., pontli-niin 
MitliiUion Will yiM»iij;in *< m.i'f 
Puvicr Ji»lin, 
Pavitr Thi'inas, uiiiiitinan, /' 
iSali C'i:arl;>, taij.r 

H.'«:Aio*.'i>h. wiut.-lwriii:lili'»mitli|.StuM)«* William, yi-iman 

Lf 4Mo\».i r.Y i^ a sn»all hamlet williin the eoiinty of the •. :• , 
i»i I'j'" |m: M-lJal i^jwnsliip of St. Miehut I's, and nearly owj lu:''- 
S. \\. ol Lichfield. Here i< a lar^'e wiir^itd mill. 

PiPEo|iii.i. i< a plea-Jani hamlei a:id townsliip on the WaNa"! 
nad, p:irlv within the eousi'v ollhe eitv, and rxundinir IV- :ii 1 
t> 2} mill•^ S. W. of Li. hfield. The Larl of Liehfn M is I.t 1 . 1 
tJse mamir an«l owikt id' a lar;re ]>nriit»n ol'ilie *ioil, hut »Iol!ii ai; ' 
Henry Bnidburiie, L«-|rv., and ('aptain Ma^^ndie ha\e e^i iirs 
ind neat man-^ions lure. Near a Puhlie-liou>e eallecl Murl;. 
Inf-mm^r, ihf turnpike road crosses the Uonian Watlinjr-siriei, 
•ad enteis ('aniioek-C'lia-e. Pine i- a veiv aneienl mnnnr an i 
Rtenf^ive cnmtnhltirirk ; no fewer than nine niisihhounnjr liani- 
lcl»VMrin(r within its jurisdietion, umh r the name of" Pipc-cum- 


Brad'iafDf Ilcnry, Ksq. f*M«fA'»M.*f Majoiiilif ('a|»lain .'ohn, Crcji^y 
fira'fii'imc Jiiliii,* r.-**!- J*fJ*< Mil Sco!in;an Wni. fainiiT, Satn/tjn.iy 
Klrfi.iUt- Tnr»eT»:n>, Sau(tyir;iy Smrt'inaii TIu'iiim^, fariiur 
GaothnxitKli/a'.K-t}.. hulio* luiard-jSlHt-r Win. tiveiM\T, f/iN top 

in^tchtKd. J*ip At'// iWiiiii)j;tMn .\nn, fariufi 

HcMhaw T«. rict. J/ftfeXAy Cormri 



SrHCEiiiiT i' A trtwnshii> nf Louse*, mi anil utm ' 
the UurtDii tiiii'l, 3 mik-s E. by N. iff l.irlilidd, and ilvrivrs it> 
iiaitie ftmn the Kuiiiuti, lekm'dil-xinxt. Diirixg mauy piwn- 
tiiiiis, llic nutH'ir liil<iii(,fi In n Jliniily iif il< ewn niiint, nho wlJ 
it ill l.(!il Uitlic I'viiltH, imr •irwhiiin was }ii(;li slierilf nf ik 
iiiiiiilv, when i'iarli-j I, jkl'UviI Ihrou);li Stalfbr<khire, anil n- 
ri-ivcit u liHi/uluT liiirr fnaii t)ie Eiirl uf Pcinlmikc KUtiuic lb>: 
:iii ii|iiiit»» Hat entertained tluilllic" Imnihig of feme dotB dra* 
tliiHii mill," Olid that im his mnjcsty wished to enjoy "bin 
ni-lhrr," lie diidml "all Uunuii); nf feme Ii> be forborne iiutQ bt 
had iHsMil lhi> uituntj'." Tlic Slarquis of Anglesey is now laid 
nfihi- inuniir, but thuiMHl IwIhiiks to iu?vcnil propfieton. Tbc 
IhrtntJiirif ••/ Difufard hiuc tbr Rrcat IjiLl'S, and the vii-ar of Sl 
MaryN tlu- small liilies. At Okhnforo, in a picturesque Tilln 
nrur ihr i-anal In a laniv juipi-T milt ; and at a short distance it 
Vi I rl-'n, an rxtni-iKiriu-liml farm uf 240 ucres, uriemlj he- 
loutiiiii; Ii< the I'ulfi'ii faniilv. of ulioin it was putcIllcmI hr 
SirKitliani IKoll, in liKI!'.' 




Rev. Ed. Win. curilc of 


..• Ri.l<iU<, Hroiriufff^ 




:: Tliomv, funn^r 
Vm. Vict Dog 


Thtw. fanOLT. Ikcitmatt 



■\. John, geutlt'iniui 



■insr a loftv eminenw, i 
•V Wailiutt-stre*!, ii 



•."f««. of whioli inuj 


r. ai 

'. which eucmtpwiw 
d ill iliat whii-h euctoa 
Kf Roman l>ricl,Ml 
. Nt-r.>. aiKl Domite 



Bum. n..v.T. art i* 



:-.. yjrr.undfJ brpT- 

- «E.:it* Mm « 

. .;■.. > .uprlLilAfc 



-:, r.^.SwaSia*; 


STAFFOED, an ancient Ixirimuli and market town, ccltliraied 
fill tlte nutnufacturc of slines and Icatlier, i^ is its muac impotls, 
the capital of StMQbrdsLirc, anil is pleasantly silualed nearly in 
ihc c«ntu of the county, though mtlier in n low stuatiun, on 
the north ritte of the river Sow, in the Soutli Division of the 
Hundred of Piwhill; 13ft miles N.W. by W. of London, 16 
miles N.W. hy W. of Lichfield, 16 miles N- of Wolvcrhatapton, 
auil 10 miles S. by E. of NewcBEtle-undcr-Ljiiic anil llic 
Pollrric?. The prineipal stretls, Greengale and Gaalgale, run 
in a direct line through the centre of the tono, branchin); from 
opposite sides of the Market-square, and containing many well 
slocked shops, and several excellent inns and spacions mansions, 
some of nhich arc nolilc specimens of the antique balf-timliered 
houses of England, in the highest slate of perfection, their fan- 
tastic fronts having cither been renewed, or preserved by manv 
coals of paint. Thc^e streets are commodious and well paved, 
and form part of the great tliorouglifare from London to Man- 
chester and Liverpool ;^Gaolgalc extending northward to 
ForeaaU, and Grcengate southward to FoTfbridge, neither of 
wliich are vritbin the circuit of the wall and mmpart that for- 
merly surrounded the borough, and the site of which is still 
marlied by a narrow circumambient Ume, lined for the most 
part, with mean dwellings. There are, however, several other 
good streets, the princ^tal of which is Easlgale-street, but the 
cDtrances to them from tliu centre of the lawn are very con- 
tracted, and those on the uesicm side have many of them no 
generally acknowledged names but the " Broad Eye," an appel- 
UUon which is said to have originated when ifaat now populous 
pan of the town was occupied by the scattered dwellings and 
[luthuildiags of a few small fanners ; but we should imagine it is 
more likely to have been derived from some mmpart or outwork 
of the castle or tower that anciently commanded ihe passage of 
the river Sow, which, by a semicircular reach, washes the west- 
em and Bouthcm skirts of the town. Stafford has generally a 
lery respectable aspect, having bolb williin its limits awAvftVia 
vicinity many haaanomc mHDsions occupied by *i!a\l\i\ t*.'ciw\w». 



Its two cliurchM ate higlily uorlLy ibe atleution of the auii- 
■luan-, and unang- its olW public WUdingf are tlii>sc friganlic 
county igMvlioiu — tlic Infirmary, the Lunatic A-s^-lum, the 
Gaul and House of Correction, and the Sbire Hall : and at the 
dintancc of 1^ mile to tlic S. W. ii; seen, upon a conical eroineDce, 
the partly rebuilt coWf of the celebrated Tiaions of Stafford, in 
the parisli of Caitle-Church, on the opposite side of the river 
Sow, where there a a handsome suburb called the Liberty Fan- 
bridge, which is connected uitli the town bv a. neat Rtone biidfiei 
and swells its present popublion to nearly '^,000 souLs; thougb, 
in the year ItMl, they amounted to little more than 1,000, at 
will be seen in the fiilliiwing table, shening the annual value of 
the lands and buildings an Hs»c»«d for the property tax in WIS, 
and the nuiubcr of inhabitants iu the thiec parishes of SL Alarr, 
St. Chad, and Caslle-Cliurch, iucludinj; the out-tiuctukipi in ^t. 
Clary's parisb, all of which linTe been added to the Bonn^h (w 
far aa r^ords the elcctiuu of lucinbcrs of parliament) by- llic 
Reform Bill passed in 1K32, together uiih ForehridKe, nhicit 
comprises the S'ea'w portion of the population of Ca«t&-Church 
trish. The last columu slicws tlie number of hnun nUeA at 


tnual valve of £10. or uptrardi, the o 
the pririlejte of votiup nt llie p:irli 























tSUlH .1/.Li 






wldrii^ vnrDiHirnif 

t The US kiuwii nri 
BokQalthiit p»l>liHl 

anil 111 buiMiim. 

Ill thi' Liirrl^mi C^n^lmUftirll tf f-rrlinJiir, tin ml; 



The origin of Htafford, and the derivation of its name, aro 
matters of great diihiety and diflerence among antiquaries. 
Plot! savs, •' Alwat tlic year 705, the place or island where tlu- 
town of' Stafford now stands, anciently ea11c<l Betknci, he^an 
&Tst U} he inhabited hj St. Brrtelline, the son of a king of this 
conntry, and scholar to St. Guthlac, with whom he tarryed till 
his death ; after which, though now unknown to his father, he 
liegg'd this isUuid of him, where he led a hermit^s life for di^ ers 
yeai», till disturbed by M)me that cnryed his happiness, when he 
remoTed into some (lesert mountainous place, where he ended 
hi$ life ; letTinff Bethnei to others, who afterwards built it, and 
called it Stmffcrd^ there being a shallow ford in the river that 
could easily be pass'd with the help of a tiaff only." Cannleii, 
Cfipying the Saxon Chronicle?, savs " Staflbnl was formerly 
called Betheney^ and was built by £lhel(leda, the heroic w'ulov. 
ofEthelred, Elarl of Mercb, in the year 913, and was a chief 
town in this country* during the succession of tho Mercian Kinir.-. 
Kthelfleda also built a castle in the town, for the proteetiini of 
\\ie inhabitants ag-ainst the predatory incursions of the Danes 
tn^m the northern part of England.'* What was the eon<liiioii 
«'l" Staff'i.ird at that period cannot now be ascertained, but it ap- 
I>ear'i to have l>een a thriving place, as we fmd it shortly afur 
c-'Hsidered as the chief town of the district, and in E<lwar(] the 
Confe-s-sor's time (about A. D. 10r)0,) it had a royal wiw/, a line 
fffnay of that monarch being now in the hands of u collector, 
and having on the reverse the words GODWINNE ON 
ST.EF; denoting that the piece was struck by Godwinne, the 
Kiuir'* ni«>ne\er in Stafford ; the word on, in the Saxon laniriuiire 
siirnif^ing in, and Stfrf. being a contraction of the von! 
Stajfuni. which was the orthopjaphy of the town's n.inie llieii 
ID u-^. There Jire also extant, line specimens of tlirce <»tlier 
pennies struck here in the reign of Willijim the Conqueror, two 
oftheiD by G(^l\%innc, and one by another mint-masler named 
Wrifnoth' No other coins were afterwards struck here, except 
the ImcuI half-pennU'Ji of Messrs. Horton and Co., issue<l in J7}*7. 

Of the caxth built here by Ethelfleda^ no vestiges now remain. 
w that the prcci-^e site on which it *it<Nid is unknown, thoui;]i 
Sir Simon Degge, \^lio died about the clo>e of the i7th centur>, 
»yi in hi> MS. notes on Pbitt's history, ** there was a castle 
nithin the town near the Broad-Eve, and in his time, a bunk, 
called the Castle- Bank.'* Edward tlie Elder is likewise ^uid u> 
hK9% built » tonvr hen- on thv north \n\nk oi the Sow . abuxW v 

112 iirsTiiBv or Stafford. 

veiU iiilti tlic eiecliuii uf iJint fuunduil liy liu sUitr Eilirllluin : 
but his Ibrlicss lins sliurtil the nihw fiiic uk )iei5, iin inices of ii 
hriiiK now left. l''Frini this time ixitliiug rcniurkulilc i>i idwrdcd 
Muiceming StafTiinl till tliceta dftliv XoiXitv CoNuvEsi,«b«i 
it wiis uenaiiily a iilace of (.iniMili-niMc iinpoTtnni.'e. f<iT in l>umf>. 
dav Book it is niUiil u city, iii uliich tlir king lind 18 1)ur)n;>i<«s 
ia'dcmesnc, and tlicre wtru 20 tiuiiwunK uf the bnnoiiT of ibr 
Earl uf UtTvia. It thoi ]>iiid I'orall ciKtouis, £». libra* data- 
rionm in money, and viik gnvi-nied by tuo UuilitTih Tlie t-iime 
■ncieiit leeunl alsn infonns u-: lliat tlit' kin); liuili n ea$tle hen. 
llie custody of wliieh was given t" Rol-on de Toitei, younger 
nm of Ui^er, staiidnnl-bcan'T of Nurmandy, i>ne of tb'e cfaiefk 
who Ilillont.'d the furtuni's of tlie Ciiininniv.. Robert de Ta—i, 
aftei taking poKKMsion uf tliis fiaivRy,t<Hik the name of Stflfluid, 
whieb continut^l ihTougli liis illustrimis dtsceiidauts loi many 
renturicK, But bin Wnxiiul enKtle vUhhI uoi in the tonn, bnt 
upon tlic Bill! of llie present t'listle tm tlie O])|io&ite side of ibr 
rirer Sow, at the ilistanL'C nf I ^ niiie, itlicn- it nes rebuilt hr 
lUllih llie Gist Earl of Slatrurd, in the ri'ign of Ednud III'., 
alxnit tbc ycai 1331, from Hbitli pcriinl i( c-niitiimed to fluuiWti 
(ill the CI1 iL wAUs iu the reign rjf C'lmrk's I., when it was de- 
inoU>luil by order of l^iiliuiuciil, in li>-i;(, nlhr Jjidy Suffoid 
had mnde it long 1mt nnsiieccssful effort tu rclidii it in 'the Boral 
ctiiise ngaiu»t the inNips of Sir Win. Ilrcretoii, vho in hib kttrr 
to llie Enrl of NertliBiuptnn, written during the »i<j/» (•/■(*? ciw> 
(fr, says, " In iny bist 1 gdvc your exiellcnec an aa'nnni »f the 
takhig of StalTotd, by n Veiy sinall fon-r. i^iiiee that limB «e 
have ihnie our utnuMt enilcutours to fortify the tonne, aud ukr 
fpKid Che l1rc!t^.■lle^. V-\Kin ThnrMbiv «e n'cnt to llic eaEtle.fotcil 
it, nnif dfiuauded (be Ninie. The ould I.udvc Stnfford h>d 
betaken lierself to thtt ra>-t1e, reinoiwl her familr, aiid sonw wv 
all her g<H>ils. Wee niiidc as lur};e our forces us poMlhle, ii- 
induce my Lttdye ■<> ailiuitto Mime of our men to seeufe tlie cas- 
th-, and gave her aivunHu:nif all |in>iection (wee uero nble tc 
give) for her person, giNKls servants, oud tenantK U'ce ae- 
({uainted her with the inL^rieK uhieh ninild inevitalily £J1 upon 
her hoiviC and rstntc; and iliil niusi »i meetly I'eseerli Iter tii W 
so just to licrsrif, nixl \ii those that were to siieeevtl livr, as not lf> 
liepen>undcd Uyuiekedand olblinate eounM^I, lUid to biiBf 
uuiividilahle (leMruetion uimn herFelfe. anil (o do great iiyutf to 
(hose that should suevci-d. Wi-e spni miieh time upon lU) 
treaty, but it «as vain and fruitle^M;. Wei- ennedvc Iiei heart ww 
hardened by the iteniiei'niK enuueelt of some priest, jtwuiie*, M 
other iHnn'iianin alioul her, who delii;ht iu nothing but lire anil 
Kwotd. And peeing nothing is mon- ap|iar(.'nt tlmn tliat tliej 
tliinl after MhihI, 1 doubt n»l but ttie Tii.'1iIeons Iioril uill nw«- 
Hirc out unto them ii 1>]i«iil\ ]nirtinii of driiilii', :nid »ill oiii1ilL<^ 
pcttceuml ijitifiiia^t^. uiiitH-'hi^ people iu due time. Tliese fan 
prnpo^thm beiiip reiecteil, Hie toTce^ TcVwnwA, mwV liefcre 1 

CIVIL WAKS, UAKON6, &( . 118 

uuue tu die towno, I saw some of the poor out-houst-b .>><.■ u uu 
fyer, to try whether these would worke theire suirites to any 
Kleutinge, 'but all in raine ; for from the castle they shot boine 
uf dUT men and horses, which did much enrage and provoke 
the to a fi«ce revenge, and to practice those extremities, 
which consamed, heforc the next ordinance, almost all the dwel- 
Uug-hooses and out-hoiises to the ground. Since that time wee 
heaxe then are se\'«ral considerable persons in this block-up cas- 
tle, which wee resolve to obsen'o and attend as much as ])ossibIe 
uDtili we can recover the same and disperse them/* Shortly 
aAer writing this letter, in which there is more puritanical caut 
than has cause merited. Sir William had the satisfaction of find- 
ing the castle deserted, but no treasures left in it to satiate tlie 
cupidity of his eoldient. — See Hopton Heathy where a fatal battle 
was fought during these intestine wars. 

The BARONY OF STAFFORD, from the Conquest to the 
reign of Richard III., \^as very extensive, including sixty 
Knights'-fees, of which nine were in demesne, and fif\y-one in 
senice. No fewer than HO villages rendered suit an<l serviio to 
the successive BARONS, of whom the lirst eight, beginninjj: 
with the bt'fore name Robert de Tonci, were baronf> h/ tcimir. 
The first Kin.Mi, by writ, was Edmund de Stafford, wlu) was Miin- 
xn<.'ne«i to Parliament in the 27th of Kdward 1. His sueeessor, 
Ralph, was crt^itefl Aar/ of Stafford^ in i:)i)l, and married tlie 
litiresis «.if tlie Earl of (iloueester. Three of his sons enjoyed the 
Iwrony iu succession, the lu'^t of whom, Edmunds mame<l tlie 
dauifbttr and heiros. of Thomas Wood'^iock Plantagenet, Karl 
of Buckingham. His son, llumphrei/^ was created Dukf of 
BHckin*jham, in 1444. Henri/ de Stafford^ tlie next duke, was 
beheaded at S;ili«ibury, in 14H3, for rebelling against that <*ruel 
monster, RichiU'd 111., and his sou and successor, Edward^ 
ftharetl the same fate in the rcign of Henry VIII. (1.V2I), v\hen 
fell hi> h«mours and estates were forfeited; but the Barony of 
Stafford was restored ti> his son Hairy iu the 1st of Edward VI. 
n547), by an act of parliament, which declares, "that the said 
Henry Lc»nl Stafford, and the heirs male of his body eominjr, 
m&j be tiiken and reputed as Lord Stafford, with a seat an<l 
voice in Parliament as a Bar()n : and, further, that the >aid 
Henry l>e restored in blood as son and heir of Edward, late Duke 
of Buckingham.'* He was succeeded by his son, grandson, ami 
freat-graiidson ; the latter of whom, Henri/ Lord Stafford, died 
without any 9ur\iving male issue, in 1<U7, when the barony was 
diinied bv'i?'w/f»r Stafford^ inm oi the deceased younger M»n o\' 
the said ffcnry, but he wiis unjustly denied the dignitv i»n ae- 
connt of his ^ivr^.V, and he afterwards fonnally surreucfered tlie 
hanmy into the king's hands. He died without issue, in IiUm, 
when .V«ny, sister of the last I^ml Henry, lieing married tt» Si, 
irm. n&uxird, K. B. (younger son of the Va\t\ of Arundel^, \\\\ • 
weif created Z/firrM a/ifi JJanmss StaffiYrd. with TUWAUiAv. \ v- 



the heirs male of their h<Mlies. The said Sir Wm. was created 
Viscount Stajffford, in the nuiue yc«ir, but he lA-as l>eheaded on 
Tower-Hill, in 1678, for })chifr concenied in the Popish Plot, 
and l)ein^ attainted, all his honours were forfeited, but tiis widow 
was created a Countess for life, in 1688, and died in 1603. Her 
son, Henry Stafford Hoimrd, was created Earl Stafford, in 
1688, with remainder, failinp^ his issue male, to John iuid Francis 
his brothers, and their issue male. Ho was succeeded by Ills 
ne|>hew, William, in 1719, and the latter by his son, William 
Mathias, in 1715, but he dyinp: without issue, in 1751, his uncle, 
John Paul Stafford Ilou'anl, l)ccanic the 4th and last Earl of 
Stafford under die new creation, and died without issue, in 1762, 
when the earldom became extinct. The rererMl of the attainder 
of Sir Wm. Howard, 1st Viscount Staffurd, being ]mssed by an 
act of the crown, in 1821, Sir Gi^orce JERNiNcinAM succeeded 
to the Biirony of Siiifford as heir-gcneml of the bodies of the 
said Viscount and !Mar>' his wife ; tliough 1)oth he, and his sod 
and successor, Georyc William Stafford-^femingham, the prtuni 
Baron Stafford * have, durinp^ the last nine years, been f^^tlv 
annoyedby the CLAIMS 01' MR. RIOHAllD STAFFORD 
COdKE, who, in his expensive but fruitless litijrations, declaims 
that he is ot Dorothy, daup:hter of Heniy-, wlio was 
created Baron StalTordjin 1547, which Dorothy married SirWiU 
liani Statfonl, of Grafton. Admittiujii: this descent, it is difficult 
to find any real claim vhich il affords to the Barony of Stafford. 
Tlic ancient banmy undoubtedly became forfeited on the at- 
tainder of Edward, Duke of Buckingham, in 1521, and which 
attainder has never been rcvcised. IJeiiry Stafford, his son and 
heir, was created Baron Stallord dr novo with an exj^ress limita- 
tion to " the heirs male of his body coming," by an act of Pari. 
1 Edwanl VI. 1547, and which dijjfnity became extinct on the 
termination of the male descendants of the said Henry, about the 
year 1(140. It is thus clear, that after the attainder of Edward, 
l)uke of Buckingham, in 1521, a Bamny of Stiifford in fee, and 
as such descendible to heirs jj^enenil, never existed, until that 
created to Sir William Stafford, and Mary his wife, in IWO; 
when, in default of issue male, the 1»arony was limited to the 
HEIRS op THiKR BODIES. The attainder »»f William Viscount 
Staffonl, prevented bis issue from inheriting his dij^^^nities ; and 
thoup:h it did not affect his ^^il'e'^ honours during her life, it in 
effect produced their cxtineti«tn on her demise, us it prevented 
her descendants fnim sueeeedinir to tliem until the reversal of 
the said attainder in 1«2J; but as Mr. Cooke does not descend 
from the iir>t Mscount and Viscountess Stafford, he, of course, 
can derive no benefit frf»m the said creation ; nor eoiilil the at- 
tainder, which impeded the <lescent of their dijjnitics, in any 

• /Jranriilt' I^'vi"uin (Jowrr, ulm w:i!» rrr:it«Ml M.%Rwrii> (»p StaI'I'OBDi in 
/Wfll tlcrircd his iltlo iu»l Inuii llu' frurn, \tul lro«\ the raunfif of (ytantinl, and 
irh IWH hrhl h\ hi.« prr:in«l?ion. \\w Ihtk* «/ Sutholnwd. ^V'vVlTWiVVaxivA 


«hape atfiinl him a pretension to any part of the honours of the 
Houiso of Stafford. The reversal of the iniquitous attainder uf 
Sir Williain Howanl, Viscount Staffonl, however, renders Gcorgt 
WiUiam Siafftrrd-Jernin^ham Baron Stafford^ under tlie oroa- 
tion of 1640; and he is also heir-gencrat of the body of Henry 
Barou Staffind (son of the attainted Duke of Buekinghani), who 
was restored in blood, and consequently heir in blood of £d\\ ard 
Duke of Buckingham, the last person possessed of the ancient 

The CASTLE of the ancient Barony of Stafford, standing 

on a bold and well-wooded eminence, H ii^il<^ S. \V. of the 

towa^ was, as has already been seen, built by William the C'on- 

queror, restored and enhirged in the reign oi Edward III., und 

dismantled by order of Parliament, in KM3. From tlus period 

it was a neglected ruin till the late Sir George Jerninghuin, 

about the year 1810, (before he became Baron Stafford) evinceil 

a dii^isxtion to rebuild it, for which purpose he cleared ;iway 

the rubbish, and reduced the walls to the height of the first 

stor}'. The ruins then consisted of the keep or stnnigliold, 

placet on an artiticial mount of an oblong fonn, nicasiiriu«r \o.^ 

fet'i by .'>0. Each angle was sunnountcd by small octaiiu'ular 

towers, and there was likewise one on the wes>t side. Tlie N\alls 

were >* iVet thick, and surrounded by a foss or ditch, ^^i^ll tlic 

additi<.'n:il defence of a high rampart on one side. In elearini: 

thv ruins :i \arietyV)f silver coins were found, genemlly of a laiir 

dale than the reign of Ed^^a^d VI., together with a plain sihtr 

croy>, a eann<M) ball, two small millstones, and the lower part of 

a l.irge font. Sir George Jerningham soim afterwards razed tin- 

nalU to the gr<iund, and commenced the erectitm of a NlrlW 

CASTLE on a nuignificent plan, hut in accordance with tlie 

streucth and gcneml chanieter of the ancient fortress. TliouL'^h 

much hii> been done, the enstly work is not yet completed, and 

j«Thap* never will, no additi<ms having been made since lsi.">, 

when the s'^uth front, llankcd by two tine octagcmal towers, wa^^ 

finished, ami the massive \\all> behind raiM'd to the height of 

the fir«t <itor\'. The south front eonsi>ts of three lofty storie», and 

has fieveral Vpaciims apartments in which the late and i>ri<ont 

Lord Suiff<jrd have jdaeed many coats of armour, si»eai>, and 

other weap" MIS of ancient warfare, together with several anti«iin- 

pieces of tapestry, >enlptnre, and furniture, eolleete<l in \ani»n'» 

farts of tlie world, but of whieh the aged CUrrom' (Mr<. IVrry) 

w^sliews them to visitois, and is the only tenant of the ea»tlf, 

coild gi%e u.«i no historj'. The views from the u]>per rooni*^ 

eonumiid exten<i^e and beautiful \icws of the surroundinir 

cnvBtrT, in which the Wrekin, and several other distant M.»nM- 

tninsare di>tinctly viMble. At the foot of the castle hill i-« tlu 

renenble parish church, and alumt a mile to the west, ni'im .t 

ki^ enuncnce, are traces of the ancient encanipnu-nt of Jiidin'j 

iw, said to have >*ei'n a Bn'tNi ^tnthm^ subsoqiuuily occwyxc^v 


by the Suobh ; tts area, whluh luulutUv terenX acres, Is ciroulw, 
iind EunuundL'U lu hiuic jniils by onu, and 1q ulbcn by two, deep 
ilitrbes. Soutli fmm Ihc casUe stooi tlio Manor Ilvttt, thi 
usuiil resiiicuce of Ihe Doble family of Stafford. It was fortified 
by lUlph dc Stafford, ia the Tcign of Edward III., who bad 
granted Lim pennL'«ian to make castles of all his nuLnor houses, 
buth bcre and at Mndcley. The oicn of this ancient scat is iliU 
easily disi;(irerud, by the moat which surrounds it remaining 
partly unfilled up. The custle and the domaio ore seldom 
risited by Lord Slaffiiid, whose scats arc at Shifiiall, in Shiup- 
shire, and Custe<isy Park, Norfolk. 

Walls amp Gates. — In ancient times the town of Stafford 
was defended, except ou the adc towards the Sow, h; ■ wall 
and ditch supplied with water from that lirer, but from its low . 
situation it could nci-cr hare l>cen a fortress of much strength ; 
indeed it Las been seen that Sir Wm. Brctctun took it, in 1M3, 
with B very small force, and without the loss of a single miiL 
The wall w:is ra/ed to tlic gniund nt this period, except ijie thna 
GalM, uf whieli there are now no reiuains but one side uf a gtova 
fbr nforletdlU, at the entianee lu Eautgale-tlnxt, where on oidi 
was standint; till the year 1800. The Gnntgate, nhieb stood 
near Suw.bridftc, wastakcu down in 1780. The Gnolyate, on 
the north road, was in ruins as early us 1680, but was rebuilt io 
1700, and used as a prison for the lioroufih and county till tbr 
erection of the present Gaul, in 17(H ; after whieh, it was taken 
down f»r the improvement uf the town, and llie site now fomu 
part of Oaol-.--<iuare. 

The Bomuf>li, fnmi what ha.'i been eecn in its early hittiny, 
mav be supposed to have been a Human naaiicipal town, or ercn 
ft Britith ciiy, and indeed its situation accords very nearly with 
the ( description of British towns (riven by CtDsar, who 
repiesents them as bcin^ placed on ^ttle eminences, bairicadocd 
with trees, and surrounded with morasses and ditches, in tbt 

times, is evidenced by itsoiurc ancient charters; and the land 
adjoining the town, tbouRh now hj|,'hly cultivated, has evidently 
been marshy, and mi|{lit be m^ily laid under water. If itwM 
cither a British or a Roman Station, the town was probably !•• 
duced to ruins iu the uonllicis between the Saxous and tb* 

QuEES EuzADErn, in her i)rofrress thniugli EnftUnd, rioted 
Stafford, in 1S75, and perccirinc the town lu lie rulher on tli* 
decline, inqiiiied Uio reason, and was iiifomicd it was owibr 
mirtly to (he decay of rajipng, and partly to the circumstance « 
the jiMiisr* havinV hvun removed to Suine other town; where- 
upon her M^cstv replied, that the statute relutiiiK to capping 
a&mid ho junendcd, und thikt she sliuuld gmnt the iiihabitaDli 
ihe privilege of era after holding tie u»ie«\n »3m« own town; 

B m rO X t-O* BTlnOBD. 1 17 

b ibc (lid. liv lui net of jutrlianieni iij iJit: same jtU, A 

d of Uiiii meiuoruble tinit u preferred in the register of St. 

I'l churrfa s — *' M*m. That tlip siilh ilny of Au^int, 1579, 

iiiTT^rciga I^dr, Queen ElJxabelli, came frum Chaitley ia 

TCn U> StAlunl Castle, mid mis received upon the Pool 

», willinul the Eiii>lgf>te, hy the tiniliff and burgcsi^d, with 

— .^ — ^^ ^j jjj,^ Loitib, the schoolmaster, iu Uie nline of 

i the baiUH' delirertil to her Maje.4ly a Koodlj 

m cup of nlver ^ll, of while wine, which her High- 

"- — d g^lefnllv received; and m she ntKcd 

>-»tt«t,the &Iiirket-pla«e,tbe CrobmyLonc, 

^e, aiid theuoe on the road to Stafford PaA." 

msiom of BoBovGH i!Ngli!ii! Btill prcvaili here, 

i nlMCb Ulo ^nngcil aon succeeds to property, aa beii U Ian, 

- - '- - to tbe elder ehildren. The ori^n of this pait of 

.. mm is not very well agcertaioed, out it is geoeially 

10 tMie nri*«n from the aacicDt Sfatem of taualim 

b s»re Ike Inrd of the manor certain rights over his vwmT* 

.aod |]i»» mitk'Ted ibe legilimacy of the eldest bom mncer- 

; DC ffttapi it innv have oripnaled in the natural pteMimp- 

,lku Ulc VQunge^i child uns Ibe least capable of proridiiig 


'* The tnhabitani^ nrSiiiifoid hare been incoiponted at various 
limcvb; different iiunii'>, and their immuiuties are of rety an- 
rinit dslf, IU appear^ )<_v thai charter^ and by Domesday book. 
Tbdr fri«ilc'i;es u(.'ro KiiiiriDed in the 7th year of the reign of 
Kkf; Juhu, ulio, bv \n- ''barter, grunted tlut the town of Staf- 
iHd ibxuld be n fno lI:iroi»h for ever, and that it sboald be 
bdd by the buntifi^et in lee-nim, with toco end laca toUi ikaon 
wtffa/xM^ni'Ar^, Biiildll iitharlibertiea and &ee customs which 
11 A^liad ancicnllj enjnyt'd; paying their dtie and ancient fee-farm 
n ■ Out tlie burjccssi's ihonld M frtt of tall, latlagi, pasnu/e, 
"-gr, tullmp^, and ponlaift, thnraghont aO hia dominions (saving 
„ Jbenv of the City of London), that they should render no 
iil»lbc t-'ounty orHuudicdoftheirprop CTty within the Bnr- 
" * - e of ihcnuihoiJdj^eaf 01 be impleaded Kn'Moai 
y tenement whidi thi ' "'" ' 

_ ^ a there bdd of all di 

l,aiid]ileHge« there niven; and that they should hare all other 

- — ^ enjoved I'v any other &ee oorougtu in Etigland, 

'^' ' ' • fml payable to the Crown was 
in 1671. From the trign of John 

charters were gianted to the to«n, 

in the third year of hie reign, altcreil 

D ftom that rf " AtraeMM ofStaffiird,' ' 

A i ji M MM ," tbou^ toe town had^iTevv- 

then hj (wo bailiffs elected TewH 

Id j^eaf or be impleaded mthoM 
whidi th^ posMssed wilAsn it ; 
il of all debts contracted in Staf- 

taoMVontioD frai 


liy tUc burgofisec) at larp^e. By tlioRO popular eleoti o ns, very im- 
pioner persoiu) ^cre oflen raided to tlie mad^teiial 1)ench, and 
8ucli otlier inconvenicncoB resulted from them, that the moce 
wealthy and inU^lligeiit burgesses petitioned for a new eharlgr, 
which should constitute a inaynr, aldermen^ and capital hurgmet, 
and which they at last obtained from James I.» in the 7th jear 
of his reign, (1013). Under this charter the corpoTation existed 
till 1827, when it was found to have been legally defunct for some 
years, but was resuscitated by a charter of his late Msyesty 
George IV., after the mayor and other Buniring members of the 
corporate bod^- had l>ocn ousted in seTcral legal prooeedingi 
instituted agiimst them, by Mr. Flint, an attorney of the town, 
who acted iii behalf of a certain party of the burgesses. 

The Charter of George IV., granted to uie Borough of 
Suifford, on Sept (Uh, 1827, re-established the corporation as it 
now exisUi, and confirmed to the burgesses all the privil^jnes and 
immunities granted to them by James I., and other Kin^ and 
Queens of England. This modem charter recites, " that Juti^- 
mcnt of Ouster had lately been given in the Court of King^s 
Bench ap:ainst Fras. Hughes, Esq., for exercising the office of 
Mav(»r of Stafford ; that the Members of the Common Council, 
of {^e said borough, were reduced below the number remiired 
by law to constitute a leg;il assembly of the said Common Coun- 
<'il, and that consequently the said coq)oration is «lissolved." 
But at the petition of the burgesses and some other inhabitants, 
His Majesty, by this charter, constituted them a New Body,poii' 
tir and corporate, to be governed by a Common Council, consist- 
iiig of a mayor, ten aldermen, and ten capital burgesses ; with a 
ehiel-steward, recorder, town-elerk, and other officers. The 
mayor is chosen yearlv, on the Monday after the feast of St Lake 
the Evangelist, «>ut of the body of aldermen, together with two of 
them to act as j u^tices of the j»eace in the borough during the en- 
suing year. These elections arc made by the mayor for the time 
being, the aldennen, and the capital burgesses, who al.*^ fill up 
tlie vacancies occasioned by deaths, \c., in the list's of aldermen 
and capital burgesses, by electing others from among tlic honest 
and discreet burgesses inhabiting and residing in the borough." 
The charter gives the cori)orati(m the privilege of using tbc 
County Gaol, and of holding a Colrt of Hecord before the 
Mayor and Recorder, or tlicir Deputies, and the Aldermen, or 
any two or more «»f them (of whom the Recorder or his Deputy 
iinlst be one), from three weeks to three weeks, on a Monday 
(except in the weeks of Easier, Whitsuntide, Jind Christmas), to 
hear and detennine all manner of debts, accounts, covenants 
trespjLsses, Vc, arising within the borough and liberties of Staf- 
ford. It also gives the burgesses the power of holding an annual 
fair for four days, to commence on the Tuesday before Shrovc- 
Smidny; amX it i>rohibi(s all xtranyers or f(*reiyner$ (not being 
fn'emen of the cor|)oration), fwm Ve«\k\\H( ti sVo^^ ot using any 


tuTsWrr, U*de, or handicioft, iu the boti'ugji,* anil friiiu celling 
iir exponug itny goods tliere for sale, utherwi&e than in mmti 
a^ix» U be at lie tunes of the fairs or markets of ilio 'sttid 
botougb, or with llic liccDM; of the Mikvor auil Al'lennen, or the 
lu^or pan of than- During tlie fair the corporntioD hold a. 
Coati of Pie Potcder, " witli aU liberties, free customs, tolb, 
MttlLtRc, picmee, fines, nmercianieDts, ^c., tliereuulo bctouging; 
The chuUT fi^llv confirms to the hurge»$rs all their ancient 
fmujit»ea, isunnuitles, exemptions (except that of being eseinpt I 
from strringain any Assize Jurj, or Inquisition], acquittances, i 
jurisdictions, htnds, tenements, commons, fairs, markets, tulla, J 
tribntes, escheaUi, courts-leet, views-of-franlqileiige, guilds fra- ' 
umicies, waiJs, esuajs, Sec Ibc. : — and it then prohibits the 
ho offic«n and minisiers of ihc crown from prosecntiiig or 
mdinf , or cansng li) be prosecuted or coolinued, anj Writ or 
" MaMi •/ Qto WarratUo, or imy other Writ or Process nbat- 
a agaiiMl iLe oorporali^n, for aof oSeuces oi tuurpationa 
mtted by tbem Defore the date of this charter; and for 
which, as has already be«n seen, they hnd suffered several prose- 
cuCuua, which compelled them to applj- to his late Majesty M 
GeorgB IV., for anew constilulJononliie model of iheir old one, 
which, il BppwiK, had been frittered away b; mismanagement ^ 
and gross neglect. Slaffordhos conlftued tosendtK'oriprorafa' ^ 
liiea lo PariianmU funce the 23rd of Edward I., and the ri(:ht of 
election is in the burgesses rc^dcut in or »i(hin seven miles 
of the borough (who are about 9S0 iu number), and in the uccn- 
pants i>f booses and buildings assessed at the jenrly value of 
£10. or Dpwards within the horough and in (be out-tounships 
of St. Afary's parishand tiiclilierty of Forebridge (See page 110); M 
Ihc latter (.-1rs.i bcin^ adniitlcd (u llie elective fmncbisc hv the | 
B^rwi Aet paned in 1S33, so that the total number of elector* 
il now ibont 1 160. All the sons and apprentices of burgesses 
■K entitled to their freedom, after they have attained their 



any noble family, but it is now lying under a heavy charge 
Ininjr aad eomtpttom ; end a bill nas inlioduced into the Hoi . . 
of ComiiiMu,bjr Sir Thomas FreemanUe, in 1833, ioi its dufraa- 
- It is, however, eipected that parliament will «ot 
take away the franchise of the borough, but will ex. 
) the South Division of the Hundred of Pirehill: for 
thoof^ a charge of bribery was maintained against nine-tenths 
of Ike dectois, the money received by them appears to have been 
little moie than a sufiidcut compensation for the labour and 
time which they expended in supporting the respeclive candi> 
• TUt ratiiUii cJ«>* hu urn bm mfumd i Indeed, U» iplril of hecdon 
rdK Ibkt 11 ihaiiM ten tacd nrfRnd M tana ■ put of ■ Ctetter of IIh IMk 


dates ; consequently, thcY ought not to bo visited with a seveiiT 
pUpifihmcnt than was inflicted on the haxgesscs of East Retfurd 
and Penryn, where as much as £40. or £50. was fiequentlv 
i-eceived for a single vote. Mr, Charlet Webbj solicitor, in his 
evidence 1>eforc a committee of the House of Commons, in June, 
1833, said, that " at the last election he canvassed for Mr. Blount, 
and he thought, that out of the l;200 electors, there were only 
200 who did not receive money for their votes ; and that at Sir 
John Canip1>eirs election, out of 566 who voted for him, he, the 
witness, had paid 531, and he had the names of the parties in 
his pocket. The voters on that occasion received j£3. 10s. for a 
single vote, and £6. for a plumper." The bfll will be again dis- 
cussed in parliament, early in 1834, and its late will bo recorded 
in the appendix to tliis volume. 

The present Membebs of Parliament* for Stafford, are 
William Fawkcner Chetwynd, Esq., and Rees Howell Gxonow, 
Esq. They were elected on December 11, 1832, after a twi» 
day's poll, io which W. Blount, Esq.* was the unsuccessful can- 
didate. It was on the petition of the latter gentleman that 
the House of Commons, in 1833, instituted an inquiry into the 
corrupt practices of the horough, as already noticed. 


HioH Steward, — ^The Duke of Sutherland. 
Recorder — ^Thomox Swinnertun, E^q. 

Deputt Recorder Heury AIMi ^VedlOf^^■ood, Esq., Barrislrr. 

Mayor — John Rd^ers Esq. 
Justices — Rirlianl HuRhes and Jamt'K (inyllitrm, E'^qrs. 

Aldhrxen M<'s.srs, Fnuicin Huehes William Fowke, Jo&hna DnwrN. 

John MarHh, Edward Woraey, John llavrUioni, Thomas Mon;an, and 

Jauies Dickenson. 

Common CorNCiLMEN — John Kendenline Shaw, Geoi^ Webb, Ilrnry Fuuke. 

John Collins Ward, James <«ay Iliem, Rev. Geor^ Xonnan, Charles Dud '<■>, 

William Shaw, Robert II uglics, and tlie Rev. Robert Temple. 

Town Clerk— Francis Brookes, Esq. 

SEiiJBAfrrs AT Hace, ice. — ^Thomas Wood, Samuel Ray, and Francis Ilcatli 

Town Crier— Thomas Tildesley. 
iFoyr Comtubles are appninted yearly at the Court Leet.^ 

Mr. Robert Jones, a Police Officer, with f<iur AsuistantM, holds his (iHict 
under the Lord-Lieutenant, and ran consequently act in any i»art of thr Cuuiity 

CoTO!f Field, containing 180 acres of good land, on the east 

• Members of Parliament fonuerly rrctirtd napeg from their constituents, instead 
of spemlinK thousands in obtainin:; their sutTraicev In I-V)^, ^ .Mr. Krdeswicko 
and Mr. iJickley, l»einR burt:«'^sp« tf parliament fm StalTurd, were allowed lh«-ir- 
rbartlgrn fmtn tbc tfynrn." 


Me of ihc town, was ffTaiiled Id tlic^ hur^osccs of Stafford, ia 

1706, by William Fowler, iii satb>fuulio]i uf tlicir rights of coin- 

mni in Ills manor of Cotoii, bnt subject to two anntdliesy vi/., 

£28. to Obe alanbonses in Mill-lauc, and £13* to tlie succes>ive 

loi^ of the Mid manor of Coton. This field is ei^oyed liy the 

b mgWM* w» fnHows : — each of the liody corporate occupies 

tmo metm m Us own right, and the remainder is parcelled out id 

as wmaj t i ye aacs as it will extend to at one acre each. Any 

honm who is fortunate enough to obtain an acre of Colon - 

FmH^ my% for it four, fi?e, or six shillings a-year, uccordiup^ t(» 

lis qiMty, and ei^ovs it, if he continues in the town, for hi.s 

Ufef and afterwards liis widow for her life, if she continues 

unmarried and lires in the town. As the holders of the ucrirs 

die, the Mayor gives their allotiaents to otlicr bui^gesses on the 

mme terms; the small rento being reserved by the Corponiiion 

far the pajmcBt of the two annuities charged on tlic land. Tlii>^ 

if the Best valiublc benefit enjoyed by the burgesses, but the 

paiticipaBts arc not allowed to receive parochial rc'icf, and in 

IKM), an unsuccessful attempt was luadc to wrivit it from tlici!: 

Uy Earl TallKit, who set up a claim to ihc exclusive lieneiit ol 

the field, a< part uf bis matwr of CoOm, whieli, till !<>})!), con- 

!d!«tcd of threr uncn fields, called Cotton -Field, Bioud-Field, and 


Makston-Fiki.i) and Stone-Fi.\t, the former cinitainin;; 12'> 
AL-Tc-in Marston to\%nshii>, and the hitter uImjuI s acres in Si. 
Mark's, were allotted at the enclosure, in 18(X), i«» the reMilcwi 
l»Hr^.«cs an<l jKiri^hitJUiT-i of Stiifford, * bcint/ Amiw/io/r/rrv,* in lirn 
nt ii:eir einnmmi right over Marstou eoninion and the l/innna- 
btMibi. Each householder, l)eing a parishioner, can turn u]H)n 
thi< land two cows, or one horse; hut if he is a burgess he nia\ 
turn up<»n it three c<»ws, <»r one horse and one cow. T\w caltlr 
gnueou Mar^tou-Iield fn»ni May till Chrislnnts, when tlu v air 
tumcfl ujKui Sttuic-flat, where they may remain till May follow - 
ID* Fur the puriM)>c of raiMug a fund for dniining, feiu in^, 
ami iniproviiii^ the land, from Is. to 6s. per annum, is paid for 
cach cuw, and fhi. or lOs. for each horse. To this fund is added 
ihe noui'v taken for carriages and stallage fnmi stringers at ilu- 
RtttM which are held on ftiarston-ticld. The householders, who 

nut parishioners, have no common right. A meeting is 
held by those who enjoy the privilege, on the first Tuesday in 
Hatch, to audit the accounts aud elect a treasurer, a clerk, and 

the SHIRE HALL, which presents a snacious and elegant 
front t(» the Market-square, wa.s built in 1798-0, at the 

sort of npwanls of £5000. including the Jml(ie*s Ifowte^ whicli 
«SomBthe south end of the Hall, and the Mayor^s Office, wliieli 
tlndsin the rear. The front i^ \'20 feet long, and has four 
Doric Hemi-c'oluuins snpjwrtli/ff u pi'diinvnty in the ccuWe oV 
' stMads a tine figure of Justice. The entrancc-liall. \n\vvAv 


SDapies iiearlv the whole of the front, is a beautiful apartment, 
yards loug by 10 broad, exclusive of the galleries at each eod, 
and terminated by handsome columns risiue to the lofty ceiling, 
which is of neat plaster work. In this haU are held the assem- 
blies, concerts, and public meetings of the town and neighbour- 
hood. The two Courts^ in which tlie assizes are held, form two 
octagonal apartments behind the entrance-hall, neatly fitted up, 
and lighted from the roof; but tliev are much too small for the 
purposes to which they are appropriated. 

The County Gaol and House of Correction, ntnated on 
the north-east side of the town, form one gigantic ertablishmeut, 
which has lately undergone a eonsidenible alteration and enlarge- 
ment, nearly one acre of ground having been added to the north 
side of tlie prison yard, which is enclosed by a unadmnKular brick 
wall, 23 feet in height, encompassing an area ol nearlv four acres, 
and having in its main front (which is about 450 feet long) a 
porter's lodge of massive stone work, and a g^ateway for the en- 
tmnce of carriages. The old jnrinon and its numerous offices, 
which occupy the greater part of the area, were built in 1793.* 
The buildings which are of brick, pn>jcct from each other at right 
angles so as to form three middle or internal C4>urts, which aie 
1^ these means enclosed within high walls. The govemor^s 
house is cmposite the porter's hnlge, and has a neat enclosed 
garden in front. Behind it is the centml court which conducts 
to tlie principal depiirtnients of the prison. The matron's house 
and chapel are on tlic o]iposile side of this court. The other two 
courts form piirt of the ])ris()ners' ai ring-yards. The other airing 
^-sirds are placed on the (Uitside of the main building and are en- 
closed S4) as to leave a road or passage-way round the prison, 
between the boundary wall and the airing-yards. There an? no 
nutans of central inspection over the prison ; but from the sur- 
rounding passiige the governor and turnkeys arc enabled to 
inspect the prisoners while in the Viirds with* great facility, the 
extenial enclosure of the yards lieing formed of iron railing, put 
up in 1823, instead of the \vo<Kleu paling that formed the oiigi- 
nal barrier. Tlie yards in the rear, oceupied hy the women, have 
a tolerable degree of inspeetion rn»ni the matron's house, and 
tlie\ are enclosed with hriek walls neM the surrounding ]iassage 
to prevent any eonimunieation with the male otlieers. In the 
rear ptLss^ige are 12 solitars ccIIn lor males, and 4 f(»r females, 
with a turnkey \s lod^e in the eenlre; and near thesi* is the 
hospititl, eontaining l.> beds. The main body of the ga(d con- 
sists of six wards, fne for felons, and one for debtt»rs. The 
buildings are ihrtH- stories in height, and comprise several double 
ranges of eells, (each eell alH»ul l» feet hy s,) opening into a 

• Thif uri^iiuil i'ohtitij PriM>»i hIdoiI in tin- Bii>:u1-K\c, iti-.ii Hit >iU' ol th«- Mrtho- 
dJjit VimfH'l, but wa* takvii down about th«- ITW); aftrr which, ihi* o/rf ^imrr 
or tfmtewsLy-huunt tbMt vtootl in the G«uli;al«r-'ti\\iari\ wu» enlari;iHl, and n*e<l a» 
tb^ltrhon till t79t. 

t'OUNTY r.AOL. 123 

niHldle gallery. The principal dav-Fooras are at the extremities 
of the pjillerics. On one siae of the governor's house is a good 
kilfhon an«\ offices, with a separate yard, and on llie other side 
i^ the ta5k-in:»ter*s residence ; adjoii'iinf^ uy vuliich is tlie dehtor's 
ainii^-court, 100 feel by 70. Near the latter is the l)ake-hoiise 
and the com mill, in which arc three pair of stones, and a dn-Sh- 
in*r machine, set in motion hy two tread-wheels tiimccl hy 
twenty male felons. Com is gnmnd here both for the use oV 
the pn<Mn and for hire. In the rear passage are several work- 
sbcijK, where many of the prisoners are employed in spinning 
<ina carding wool, and in weavinp:, dWng, and finishinpr, coiirse 
WiH'Ilen and linen clt>th, blankets, hed-rugs, horse-cloths, iVc. 
Vc. ; but as the manufactory is possessed of none of the modem 
machinery used in the clothing districts, and as its workmen 
have never lieen previ<nisly accustomed to such employment, it 
lends but little tow ards lesseniug the vast expenditure of the 
prison. St^me of the prisoners are also employed in making 
Nh>>c< and clog« for the use of the establishment, and others in 
lieadinsr l*in< for hire. The House of Corrkction, which has 
ju^t *>ci*n crectcil, at the cost of about £(5,000, occupies tlic 
\*h"lc '^i' the north side of the enclosure, and is a lofty brick 
?»uililinir, in the fnmi of a crescent, three stories in height, and 
•i!»o fti't in length. It contains 114 sleeping r«»onis, and has, 
t:xtendi-<l ab«ng the area in front, sijt trvad-irhtrls which enijiloy 
>i\ty nifii in pumping water from a deep well into reservoirs 
and ci»teni*, some of which arc placed on the roofs of the build- 
ius<. Tlio conduct and appearance of the prisoners on our \isit, 
ua< M-ry vttisfautory and bt'tMiming: they seemed to be in goiKl 
kculth, cU»in, >\lent, and orderly. The cells, galleries, and day- 
^nlnl>, were in a slate of perfect cleanliness: in the workshops 
the pri*<iuiers seemed very attentive to their respective occupa- 
tion-* ; and the arrangements throughout reflect great credit on 
the giivenii»r. The chaplain attends the prison daily, and super- 
intends the scluHilt: on Sundays he perfonns divine service, and 
read.s pmyers every Wednesday and Friday. In the chajtt'l the 
men and women cannot see each other, the women's sittings 
being encln<cd with cloth blinds. The total numlxT of prisoiuTs 
confiuud here at any one time, in 1K*23, was 217; but in the win- 
ter of 1 s:V2, there w ere at one period 420. Tlic annnnl expenditure 
<»f the Ci.'ud anil House of C'orrccti<»n, for salaries, food, clothing, 
repair^, Vc, has for simu* time ])a.>t, amounted to about £7,000, 
thoafrh, in 171»!», it was only i;H43 f»s. 9d. The great increase 
in thi» a-nd other items of the county expenditure, has created 
much dl*sati>faetion among the rate payers, who have lately 
held s*»%eral ]»ublic meetings on the subject, as hits been seen 

iu the geiieral History of the County, at a prece<ling page 
Exclusive of gnituities and pcrqui>ites, the ifearly salarUs paid 
U> the officers here, amount to no than il,:)i>2, of w\uc\\, 
JC450 j*. ptud to thvy,Hvrrtot\ (Mr. Thonms Brutlon) ; £*2ao u 




Ui<- rAn/'/<iiH, (Ilic Ri'i.Itii'liiint ItiitlcTiilKi;) ; £10(1 io tlir t<, 
grm ; £m lu tlic latk-iHanler, (Win. Hiilkiii) ; £70 lu tlu- km-l 
lunihr'/ ; £176 lu Ihm- luruhri/t ; XTI) In llif tai/ftrimd bakrri 
£&-i in Ihf maHK/arliirer ; £S»> Id tin- rlerk : .{MO t<i iht partrr ; 
XyO t't llu- uulriui, mid XST) In /rmnfr' lufukri/i. Uiilil tlie crw- 
r.iin I'f i1h- pTcsLiit ittuil, till! 'jiiveniiir's vcurlv salim wa» nnK- 
.CltiD; l.iit III l7!Kt. it nH'iutUaTK.'islio'i.'-J.'W, iiii<l*,ificr«ai^ 
In £-1.101!! Tlic nmnty raitt, in ITiH. iiinoumed odIv to 
4>'.'i/'iVi ; tiui in lKt3, tliev buil iacn'Hscd tu ilie enormous sum 

«r £a.'>,7f>a ! 

Ihpiiom:jient At?.— 'flic "Actfnr jiavinft, ligliiiiig, walch- 
;, cli'iuiviu^, TCKuliitiiiRi and iniprnviii); tlie riicet*, lunes, iind 
T public pii»Mip:rK and pliit-vs uilbin tlie Duniugh nfStof- 
dini," Tcvdved tlic Rci>-al iLtu-ul, 9»(h Mny. Ittao. Tlie com- 
nii'«4imcTs iiikUt tliiH ftci nrc tliv (iirpiinitc IunIv, and the owncn 
aiul orcupiiiilK itf holL>w^', bnilK, nr (tneimiils uiihiu the hnioiijrb, 
of till- \rnr\v vnlne iitX'iA, iit uiiwunU. But ihiti act dues not 
iiiVFhl Oii-ni uith anv cmilnil nvor llic parcincnts vxteiuiiiig trum 
Han-hmlgi; up <int'Dfrnte ni>d (iixiltiiiile, to (lio junctiun uf the 
Slmic Hiid SoikI tnriiuik«i in Fon-pitC} nut tlir ptvemcnts in 
ilio 7ilnrl:rl-<ii]iuin', Ainrktl-siicil, t)ic l)i{;lako (iii1icmu« Ti)u 
Iiliii^'hlit'clt, Si. MurtiiiV iiuno (i>t Knii^iiky-liiui-), the Multniill- 
iiiii'. mid ('mtitirry'laiie ; nil iIu-m' mvcranils havinpr Itvu tuiil 
iliiwii iiiid usiuilly Kpain"! by iIh- (MjntralUm nul of the tnlk ul' 
■111' iiiiirkct. For dt-rniyini; tliu cxpviisvs of li)^itin)r. i^ntchiii).', 
I'niii;r. ^f.. the t'lniiiiiissiiiiUTS uk cniiHmi-rctl to levy talc* 
<i|iriii ihc "I'l'iiiiiiTs (>r hinds ,^nil liiiildinpi tvi as unt tovxeiiyl 
■■;■-, ill ihr 1" iiiiii "11 ihr iiiiiiiiiil v;ihie of llivit TCspeetive pip- 
^'iJMs: I'lil lliev luiie liithtTto imly t^ntc to tlic cxhiit of 2«. in 
ilii' |ii>iiiiil. «liiili priHliiit-s iilH>ul '£<>iN) per aiiuuni. Mnnv of 
ihi' imuiTsor tile uet hitvf not yet Ihi'U i-urrieil intn effeet i'hul 
one of ilieNe ilomuini i'hiii<v! uliiefa reiiiiires tlic mtMinq of ilie 
•in'i-'.-. mid lanes, iiiiil ihe niiinh'i'tuy of the linusef in eadi, 
uinilil, if {iifoTceil, Ik- a print fiieility lH>lh to Hic iiiliubilaDts 
.mil slniiiiieT!'. Mr. I'. It. PasMiiuii, is r/irft to the eominiMon- 
1 1>. nml Will.^, jm.., the €.<ll,-cl'>r. 'tin- town is um well 
lik'Uti'd »ilh(iAs rnmillie »orks I'sluMisliol in ]tc2»,liy Wn. 
(■;d"iipl> uii'i I"- Jiiex.- works have four larjw retort^,' and a 
piwimelt'i eitiHihle of linldiii); 7,<HM>eu1<ie fret of )nu<. 

.MAllKKT, I'aihs, *io.— Ktalford has a \vty Uay muiket 
(irry Saliinhiy, when llie liiwn is nell sujiiilied with eitni, ineal. 
u'f.i't:ihles, biitlir. f^'irs, |iiiiilirv, 've. ; ami there is iilso a small 
kIiuii iif M^iiie mid eatlle, hill tlie aeeniniuoilutions for live sux-k 
iire very eutiiractod, therv UJHK no jieiiii except xoiue iiiis^rabk 
]iiile^ lor suiiie. ill the iiiiTTou part «f Enstt!iilv-)>I. TliC iiurket- 
•.i]iiiin' ill fninl of ihe Shire llall if ennidcil, every KatiirdaT, 
»ilh the stalls of huiehers. Iiuekslers. '\i-.. and lichiiiil ihe liall w 
■I •■iiinU '■••nriil umrkrl for the tale of hiiller, loiiilirv, "xe., eni-tiil 
/.I //«■ i'")j»irau*"n iil'om the yeni \W>".\i>5i;J\»« wU\\t.l«: muyur's 

SHOE MAXrFACTrilE. 1*2') 

ami parisb offices, at the cost of aTiout £1000. Hero an also 
annual /ain, on the Tuesday before Shrovc-Tucsibiy, aiul Unu 
ftklluwinp: days (see charter, papfu 118) ; April 3nl, :iiid Ma\ 7tli 
aud 14th for horses and cattle ; SatunUiy before St. Petor'^ <lay 
(June 2S0f for wool, Sec. ; Sept. 23rd, cattle and horses; Oc;. 
2nd, cults; and Dec. 4th, for cattle and swine. The priiRii>aI 
talis are thotx in Mav, Octol)er and December. Raceft are held 
yearly in September, on Marston-tield. The staph' maunftftHi-i 
of the town consists of «Ao<» and bimts^ of which immense quanti- 
ties are sent weekly to the London, Manchester, Liveri»0(»l, Sht 1- 
field, and other markets, chiefly of the lighter sorts for ladie^ 
and children. There arc perhiips more shoemakers here than in 
any other town of the same population; and in allusion to thi^ 
cixvumstance, the late eminent Richard Brinxley Sheridan^ wlio 
wiis one of the representatives of the borouy:fi from 17S0, to 
18((6,gave as his toatt^ at an election dinner, ^* May the mannt'ac- 
tuxes of Suflbrd be tn)dden under foot by all the world.'* There 
ire in tlie town two Bank*^ one of wliieh is a brjuieh belon^no; 
t«' tlie Liverp«Hd aud Muneliester District Banking: Conii^iny ; 
.iU'l A Sariiujui' Hank was est;i1)lished here, in Nov. 1H3.*}, l-a tiu- 
iic<.-i'mm<Mlatiou of the humbler classes. 


Sl Mary's, the mother ehureh of the parish to which ii ^iu^ 
niune (see pairt- 110), was formerlv eoUetriate, and is a lar^^e aiii! 
vriieralde fabric in the ft»rm of a cross, eonsistinir of a navo, t\\- 
''\Ae ai<'ie>, a iranst»pt, aud a spacious chancel (d* three ai^K". 
The transept is liX) feet hmg and 25 broad, and from its ii uirt 
rises an rxtaironal tower, 33 feet square at its hw^v. Tlie .li-^li - 
uf ihe nave are of uneciual wiilihs, hut taken tojjether tlH> 
exeee<l the dinu-nsions ai the nau?. The original loundaii- n ■ t 
thi^ church no doubt took place at a very early period ; ;i:!<l 
ihouirh it h;is since l>een ahnost rebuilt and underjroni- fnom m 
repairs, some marks of the more ancient structure an -til: 
risible. Tlie style of arehileelure in general is the early ]•.!;..: 
Id the *tjuth tmnstpt is a verv large window, the areh •»! •' :.'• . 
ha.«s evidently Ihjcu altered. It was, in all pr(»habiliiN, In. i/.v 
divided inti» two or more windows of a lancet shajM-. \,.''k 
dimncri the wind«»ws are in the style whi<'h ]»rcv;iil<d ■■. ; t 
Kign uf Henry VI., or earlier, and the arehc> anil rlu^. .•.. 
ct4iuiia< that divide the aisles are liji:ht and eh-iraiil. \' i 
i* nnffular in the emistniction of these arches, is .I,:.i • 
Oi*litniBsi ilinrini^h iu height from the transc])! to the ea-i • 
iiDd the twn ro%\s dn n(»t answer each oihcr, «>o t!:;i: " ■ 
prexefit fltMir, which i^ horizontal, covers the hasc«: of <•'!» • 
them, and exhibits the foundations of others. The ;i«i-.// .'.••■" 
"pi seems ii» !»ave anciently hren n-ry ehgani, iV«n\\ .■ y\A . 
Ucle \hskt rvmains on the huttrv^^ m t/i<* east end, ;n.'\ -tAuv 
nber n-sn'irey uf iL'i primitive fO'iiiulvnr. T\m- d. » .vw .« \ i \ ^ 

J i 

lifi iiiRTiiiiv Of sfAiTnHn. 

Mimr rTLTdiii}; inimtdin)^ iiuil i'iii1ki>.sciI c>riiniiit'iiU>. A uiiiiLi>H 
»bioli ill pliiuml uviT it iii>iHniis to U- uf nnu'li liilf t diile tliau tliv 
tnii)H-pl itwlf, nil nvnniiil of its iluiiuti.uis ilit if.iriiiii And faiicilul 
ramiHcaiinns. Tlie noriL pori'h K iimhalilr tlic <irit;iiii>l t'ne. 
Round tlie coluiniis are ircloi) lirniU mid tuinds. nnd ii tftie* <•( 
plain leares oinsiitutc ihr L'ii)iiiaU. Tlic mm L> sfpaniieil froin 
tbe aisles tiy live Iii(;Idy ]Hiintcil an-bes. »utijMirtvd Iiy four ^cnii' 
cnlaniii!> I'luMrrrd ainiiiiNt a sqiinri' mnnvnliat bi^jtr iban thrir 
diameter. Tbo areliiirtivc, ibo uliuei of l\ie capiluls wliieharc 
rompM^ed uf leave* (wime baviiiji small vnluti's), ami tUe flat 
undt^de nf tlit arclios, are little reinuvL-d from tlte lioavy niw- 
>ivc style of tbe Nnmian era. Thv all«r-uirw is au ele):aDt 
pieet n^ witrkniaiuibip in tbe Ciitinihian order, nnd painted in 
iniitatiim of mar1>lc. Tlu- nri/aii, crn-tcil tiy linnpman aud Cm. 
of Lnndun, is eotisidereil as one of the liiu-st in llic kiiiifiLau. 
The ncic a^nl^■•pTia^e^l for tbe uiaynraiid tuojaitii.'e!' is in tbe 
faneifii) style t-allrd araba$<|ue, aiid nus ibt; )ril^ of a Sir. Brom- 
ley, «lio ererteil it in ITOf". TIm" /"nf is a siiif^nlar piece of 
antiquity, nnil of a ver\- larjre nnd i-luni-v coi^tnietion, >«ini: 
(■nrreilinil of a niiis.<.i\e W.hL of sloiic, aitd nniaiiKiiteil witli 
rude G«nirc» of men, tiiilmnns, lions. Nie. A nuinlH'r of aiieicnl 
and inoilom mnuHmrHh occupy dilfcrent pare- of llit I'liuivli, 
miwt of wbii'Ii are vi-ry line iniind lahkls. Tiie iniM iinispicu- 
ous, and iudeeil the only nlfitr Imnl', is tbat tu tbe bonuur of 
Uidy .\iin Alton, and licV IiusIkiriI liiinl liiluanl of Tisall ; the 
recu'inlH'nt lltfim-K iliffcr niiii'li in >i/c and cxcinilion. and iLc 
beud of liis 1i>nlsbt]i i> )coue. Tlii-- toinli ua'> foniicrly rvt- 
miiiiilcd by Ciothic pcrecti nurl:, bill i*< iioh tiii-lost-d )>v an imn 
Riilintr, ibi' njinif U-lo« lieiii;; llic burial jdace of llie I'filTonU >-f 
Tixall. .Anotber ancient mmiunicnt ilr>«n'in)r jiartit-ular nuticr 
l< Ibal t'l tbe iiiiinory of Sir Ivlward .\t.iiin unit bis I.iiilt Joan, 
wbnse li^un>s arc n't>n■^«ule■l in idalniiitcT, niiilcr a lai^f caniipy. 
Nir KdtvKrd HHft a ili^liii<^iis)i('il lini;;lit in the ri'iiri of Hmrt 
VIII., and it was liim ubn (.-onMriictvd llic ciiri'inMiuii^'U'U <<! 

St. Mary's cliureh is mitt a .lis,liiin;,ii Rr.CTOHV in il;e v-ifi 
oftlieeniwn,andineu]iilH.'m'y«f i]ii'/f<-r. Ilw. K'lMiinll'Mirt^l, 
31. A., ivbose Tpsidmcc is a liirjir lioii-i in {infiipilc->lri.'d. In 
the linie< of Popcr\- il was nJIr-iiiite. iinil Kiu;; Sii']>licn licsioocd 
it on tbu 1)i>b»p innl chapter' cif Lichfirlil and (.'mi'iilry. In 
141.^, the pninniaifc liaviii): ivhtU'iI lo llii- i-thu «:i» J.^:lllll'll 
by Hoiir\- VI., lo Hnni]ilir[-y l...rrl Kintb>r>l, ttUo lia.I .in-i 
been raised to llic dipiitv of Duke of ltiiekii]:.'ti:ini, and uus slain 
in 14fiO. At tbe di-s,',biii,.n, the fOM.KflK cnsi-tcd of a 
fiaiH* and thirteen jirrUmiarirt, ]Missin-scil iifii C[in.4ili,'r:i1>le rev- 

* TtK- rirm-i Him>r, an uiH'h-iil iililir.-. O'tlh'h -X-Nkl-iii IIh h»I 'iji' ■>> tbr 

IbrrabiTfirmrnlof thr bniiAl-EiniiwI. MiA ytA <rt il-. wMi-ttal- ««* taXnoMfmt 
»»«■ tlramaar-lfrbnol ai tbr iiiAfMr. fthith hi- >iwi \««> nAmM 


oiMy M iwill be sees in the foUowiiig mapmuj of QUEEN 
ELIZABETH'S GRANT to thb Gorporatiox :— -In 1673, 
Qneen Elisabeth, br letters patent, after redting d^ 
the nrindpal chnicn in thetown of Staffosd, conuBonly. called the 
Ht9» Ck mr eL waiaforetime annexed to a certain ecdhige. called 
ihb CeUmt wf SuMrdy which, by virtae of an act paand in the 
1ft. of Eoimd VL, was diflsolTeo, and all iti posMMioiia aeiied 
bj dneewwni ^ l e aervin g only the Mkomng annoities, Tix. Xl6 
tothenolor,andi68totneeafate of SkMaiy's; the 
Gnonnar Sohool in Stafford ; and £8 to the eoiale of ICaatoiis 
And ieoitingdiatlMrnii0efty. being infimnedbj the Boimni 
of StafindfdMtowinf to the inegnlar payment, and the mso^ 
ieaenej oCthe a l b ma id stipends of the rector and cnmte, diTine 
iwiee bad not been performed at St Maiy's for a lo^g time, she 
did,te timioaofal of thband other gxierances,^nMl to iSm 
DuTgesB C i of Blafloid and their suoceasorB that tiiedraioh<tf the 
Bleieed Maef, ihonld fiir erer be the parish ohnich of the town 
of Stafod, nd be a rectory from tbenoe£nth in the patronage of 
tbe Crown, and for the greater security and maintenance of 
the rector and curate of the said churcb, and for the perpetual 
pa3rment of the annuities before named, she gpranted to the bur- 
gesses and their successors, all the aforesaid late college^ and the 
prebends of Coton, Marston, and Salt, and all the titnes, lands, 
tenements, ablations, ^c, thereunto belonging, except a portion 
of Uie tithes, &c., of Marston, which had been granted by Ed- 
ward VI. to the Grammar school. The property enjoyed by the 
corporation, under this grant, now yields a yearly income of 
£727. 4s. arising as follows, — viz. £186. 11. 4a. from the tithes 
of Marston and the Port fields ; £51 from the tithes of Coton ; 
£61. 18. 6d. from the tithes of IVarston (formerly part of the 
prebend of Cotou) ; £272. 1. 2d. from the tithes of Salt and 
Enson); £158. 3s. jDrom glebe-land, and allotments made under 
serenl enclosure acts, in Salt, Whitgreave, Sic ; and £7. 10s. 
from modus's and customary payments irom Whitgreave, Salt, 
Worston Mill, and houses iu Rugeley. In addition to these, the 
corporation receive occatjional sums for interments, vaults, and 
monuments, in the church and church-yard, and as fines for 
leases of pews and seats in the church ; but the latter seldom occur 
except when alterations and new pewings takepkice,as in 1820 and 
1821, when the fines amounted to £&9. Tne corporation now 
pay yearly salaries of £180 to the rector, and £120 to the curate ; 
the former has also a good house worth £50 a year, and the latter 
the surplice fees estimated at £30 a year. The rest of the revenue, 
after paying £40 a year to the curate of Marston ; £12 a year 
to the poor of Sir Martin Noel's almshouses ; £4. ds. to the Gram- 
mar School, and several incidental expenses, is applied in repairs 
and improvements of the church and church yard^ and oecaastfrak.- 
a})y of the trust estates^ and to the gencnraiV i^tni^Qsn^ oil ^doit 
cbuicbwarden'8 accounts. In 1812 and 1S\^, lik^TOolfA ^Q» 


diurcli was repaired nl tlie cost of £4ffe2, and in IrtM v SI, 
iipwudK iir £l,UOU uos trxjii-iidiil in vuriuat iilteratious in the 
IhnIv' of till' cliUTi'l), uuil ill I'linscuiulinj; nod adiliiif; ilic .Ync 
burjfing ymund tu llic diiiri'li viinl. lit foniiiT times, cuDMdw- 
nble Hupiiicness nitiinuiiift^U-itby ihrcoriHiiationin tbeniauue- 
ment of tliis uhatity, PKpetially iii MiBuritig ilitfert-nt lints of ate 
propcity ti> Ik.' licid for a, lonn piiiinl ufytjirs, at very iuadeijuaie 
rnitK. By a praiit, dated 170.%, oar) Tiillwt holtU tho titliis of 
C'utuii for II yearly rent of £31. ihoiijili tlicy are now worth up- 
u'lirdKofX'JdOpt'ruiiuiini. Tu rvinnvu tlicse and oilier pirievaovet, 
ixvcih] infunnaliuiU' linte of late ytitrs lieen filed iii eliaiiceiy 
apiiust llie ui)n>oraliou,prayinK lli:il they ini|;lit be inadc aucuunl- 
ablc fur tlie lull niHiiiiu value of tlie trust property, that the 
Mi|)ends of the rector, curate, \c. uiitrlit be increaMK), uid lh«t 
after imividiii); for the rejiairs of the ehureli, the residue of the 
iiK-onic mi)(ht 1h' eitiplnycd for the relief of lliv piHir, or '*tontlK'r 
)tiiud aud chnritiible worlL> in tlie tnuii of Stnlford," hg is expret- 
^ iu tin- f-Taiit of Queen Kli/.»beili. 

ST. cn.vns ciivBCit. 

St. I'tnu's, the other pnriKli eliureli of SialTord, is a «iiiaU 
but ancient slrueturc, in iiiiitiiiioii of the t-arliest Saxon plAO, 
nliieh a>!df{iiiil one half of llie whole iliinensiun!^ to the iinie, 
tine ijiiartiT to thu lower, and the rcinaiiiiler to tlie chancel. 
AIniui a eeiilury ugo it wm c<ised with brick, but Mime iMrtiuas 
of tlie old [leriieniliculur Inittressei' are still visible. The iionli 
side of the chaiwel cxhiliilic the onlv fiaKinent of Suxou urchitec- 
"■■'*' t JHirou^h. It eiiusists of [»( 

•.tiiatl eireuhir beaded whiilown, nupporled bv projectiuft facia 

abiiul live inches deeji; the IhtikIs Iwinc a^ul oue inch In 

■r is ill the latest )Nil»u-d style, hui tlie sione i« 

ely frill bk, tbiit its oniniueninl parts are ncorlv all |.'<in. 
It lias only one liell, the ulhcr four baviun t>i<eu sidd 
UKi> for tlie rt-jKiirs of the ehnrch. As has been seen 
■' ifSi.C 

It pugv 1 10, lliv parish of i$t. Chad ir united with Kt. M; 
nortof ■' - ' - • • • - "■ ■ 


the suiniort of the pour, and etniUins only alwut H."^ hoWis the 
rents <if nhieh iirv ehiefly paid to tlie dean and dianter of Livli- 
lield, who are i1h- iuipn^natoTh, and also patrons of the bencBii', 


Before the dissolution in the reiin) »f Henr>' V[II., .Sialfiml 

coDtaineil several taiiiuLMie institutions. At the nonli end 

of the town, witlioul the walls, Ktnoil a laiuso of Fmnfit- 

nn or Grr// Friart, founded hy Sir James Slaflinrd, of »iuu(hui. 

Al itf suppres^an, in l.'Mn, it wh.s viiliir>l at £ii^. lOs. lihl. pet 

maaum, ami uns ^rraiitcd tii James Lcveuvn. On vW bauks of 

the Sow; nearly two miles etisi ul llic \o*n, ■*»« a ytuvf; •'• 


Jilark Canons, founded ncconling to some authors, by Richanl 

Peclie, l)is])op of Lichfield, about the year 1180, but accordiuf^ 

to others by Geranl Stafford, who thought proper to compliHicnt 

the bishop with the title of founder, because it was built upon 

;i portion of his Lordship^s proi)erty. Which of these accounts 

is true we cannot determine, but the bishop had evidently a 

strong partiality for this house, for when he resigned his Sec, 

he entered himself one of its religious, and continued in that 

situation till his death. It was dedicated to St. Thomas- a- 

Becket exactly ten years after the death of that imperious but 

unfortunate prelate. The place is still called St. Thomas's, 

and is considered extra-parochial, though it maintains its poor 

and roads in conjunction with Hopton and Coton townsnip. 

From the ruins of the priory which may still be seen near a com 

mill, the area of the pnory appears to have extended over several 

acres, enclose<l by a stone wall of considerable strength. The 

religious of this monaster}- were limited to seven, mIiosc revenues 

at the dissolution were valued at .£198 per annum. It was 

granted by Henry VII I. to Rowland, bishop of Lichfield. In 

\'MA. R<i1ph Iy)rd Stafl(;>rd bcsto\^cd a portion of ground at the 

< I rein, iu Kiirol)ri(lg(', on tlie Austin or Black Friars (»f St. 

TluHiiusN, and upon it tliey founded a rcligi»»us establishment 

fnr the ♦'uke of his soul and ibosc of his two wives, Leiand, 

-peaking of this bouse, ^ays, " There were dyverse tombcs of the 

I ^»rde> Suilford, in Stone ]>riorv, made of alabaster, Tbe imai;:es 

that l.iy ••» tlirni \Nere, after the su]»prcssion of that liuuse, ear- 

rw'd to tbe Vreer> Aoirnstine, in Forcbridyfc, alias StalVord 

iircuv. And in this Fri» ry bangs a Petigree of the Staft'oribi.*' 

I?nl after the removal <»f these eillgies to lorebridge, both them 

am! the frisiry there speedily wvni entirely to ruin, and the site 

\va.s grimed to Thomas Neve and Giles Isam, in the first year of 

I lie reign ofliuecn Mary. 


Besides the two eliurehe> here are six other Places of 
Worship, viz. the Catholic Chaprl, in Forebridge, a handsome 
*«luce«K.'<l building with a goful lum^e fi»r the priest, the Rev. 
Ldward HuddU>>ton ; — ilw Prcsln/frnnn Chapel^ in the Broad 
Lve, erected in the reiLni of \N'illiam and Marv, and now 
under the ministry of the Rev. Alexander M*l)(mahl ; — the 
Quakers^ Mectinrj-lunm^ a plain briek building, in Foregate, 
eret.ted in I7:i0; — //mn fmhfinnlnit Chapt'l, in St. Martin's 
lane, built in isll. in lieu of tbe Mnall eliapel in Vino-street, 
and now nnder tlie pa>t(»ral eare of the Rev. William Henry 
l>«ninan; — the .\nr Cnniuvtinn Mclluuli^t dhajkL in the County 
HNul, built in 1SH>;— and the large W'tslri/au ( 7/a;«7, in the 
Br.Md Eve, erected in ISI I, with a house for the minister, built 
in is:n.' 

Si.N/M» airijftoLs. ujkI Bibit, Tract, 3itssionani,i3k\A^^\\\^^ 



I /•uttfattoD), an litwnilj ftnppcTtnt kitb hj tb» jj 
and ihr di»«ittCR>. The Disfaoii of lichAcM in pag" 
b Eul of HumiwW prcsiitent of Uip " Staffardtkin A 
f'BMe Society," mtablished in It!>l3. Hm an n' 
■ww uH Srkuil, two Nalimal .SrAiWt, luid nii /ri/anl S 
D flm nf which is endowed, and ibc nihcns ar 
t cincfl; b; lionstiuua and sabi^criptioiiB. 


The FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL «ix founded \>j i 

Icnms (wttnt of Edward TI., in the fourth yrar of hi* IT* 

(lUO), aflFT the diiiinlutioa of ibe chaDliicK and raonaMt 

Mid of the fit* school which had b«en ktrpt b^ a ciiuiiuy pifw 

in llie coDi^te church ol Suffuni. For the mnintoiHiiiv and 

eoMhHUUice of this school, which lie founded im the |>rtiii'>n of 

llie inhaMtuntE, the Ung gmnu>d to the Bur|,'csses of SluflUd a 

km penion of the tithes, laDdx, Sic., lately bt'tiiii|^iic U lli& 

pfi%«nd of Huston, to the free chapel or )ioiij<itiU of sL MH 

the Baptist, ncnr Stafford, and to the tree chapel of St Ltwim 

I then Inlelj dissolved. He at.w (rranted that the imid burg^f 

I ebould be a body oorpomte, with a cuniinDQ wal and t)>B P^jH 

I of Bvqtiiritig lands, ^cc, to the annual value of £S0., wH 

snppwt of the sehool ; of uotnioating the master and OAO', ol 

I wf Btaking sutntca and oidiniinces for tlieir gnvenunent ^fl 

I chnittry fiee school in said In hare been feunded by Ita JH 

Counter, chaplain, with a jrearlv reienue of £4. 6*i,, wbidt, HH 

'*- 1 diiaolu^OD uf the college of Stafford, wag pdd W tin M^H 

a school cut of the icrenue* of Ibc college in the hniJM 

I lb«t crown, and il it now paid lo the head maftvr by the MfwHI 

1 tion. to whom, as has jnst been weo, Qvent BHxabrA pofl 

I all tw pcaaesBions of the collegiate church in trust tat CCMB 

ittbHc ilKes. The grammar school has tilw 40!i. 3d. TortT.lwB 

jwd in Forebridgc, and n tenement in Forei^te, bequeaaedoB 

Lll» aoeicut ncliool in the churvh, by Rabert Lmf, in IMS. jH 

jmrly 'koom* is now i:33d. l»s. all of which, excent tItcH 

nnnllaniinitie'ju^ tuuii«d, arises from, or in oottsiilenilMUlH 

property fcranlcd by Edward VL, via. £60 from an alh>tlMm| 

ISi. Zn. of land, in the parish of Castle Chtircli, obtained tffJH 

itftlic titlieKnnhe prebend of MnTtton; £J0. 15s 3<1., frcin^| 

decreed tentN uf lands and tenements belun^U); to the fre*j^| 

pel nf St. John ; £240. »il Kd. tivai the renls of kndr^l 

tenemenii Iielim)nng ta the free chsj-el nf 8i. Leonard; !^| 

from ohief-rrnt!; and £\. Iftk. from the tithes nf ForedH 

I iti-oet. Till' I('Ill^ uTt nveired bv a H'hool-Hurden, appi^fl| 

I liy the cnTpariiiion ; and the onnle of the income is a{^M 

I tinned liii(wi.|.ii tbc umiitr and unhrr, in the prtmoftio WTB 

h drO'Ibinlt 10 ilie former, and tme.third (o (he latter. 9fl 

lg'*»<A4rt«i«' fiirmerly stwd in Si, Mary'n ehnrch-yard, ^H 

wpc»fpor»tioo tMifc It down for tU« ^inttoM nt nAtt^^n^H 


bazial gronndy And built the present school, in 1813, in the 
Gaol-«quaie. No part of this expense was charged to the sih(K)I 
fiind. The Imilding consists of two school-rooms for the iiiiistcr 
and usher, who now only teach the classics gratuitously, though 
their predeccasan also ga%'e instructions in English graininnr, 
reading, wiitiag, and accounts, to the children of all persons 
who resided in the borough and applied for admission ; — no 
qualification being then required, but that each hoy should 1)e 
able to read the New Testament. On our visit the uslier had 
only ihne boys in his school, but the head master's school was, 
crowded, bnl aot with the poor, to whom the classics arc of little 
use, and who cannot afford to pay the heavy charges made here for 
the odier bmnches of education. An annuity of £6, 6s. 8d., left 
br the Rev. Robert SuUon, in 1587, is equally divided amonp: four 
ti the pcMicsfcaciioIan, attending the upper school and appointed 
by <he mayor, dw rector, and the head master. This annuity is 
paid oat oil two houses in Staffonl, and the corporation pay two 
other animilMi left by the same donor, viz. 6s. 8d. to the reetor 
of St. Mary's, and 46&. for 40 poor old widows on St. Andrew's 
day. The Rev. George Norman, M. A., is the master, and tlie 
Rev. Jotseph Smith, B. D., the usher. 

The National School, on Snow Hill, is a neat Im'ek Ituild- 
ing, erected in 1825, at the cost of a]>out X'MOO., of which V.Uh) 
was a grant from the National School Society, and the rest was 
nilsedhT subscription. About 100 boys and as many jrirl> arc 
taught kerc, on Dr. Bell's svstem, and eacli o\' tiicni pays 
'M. pt'T week to the teachers, who have also small yearly salariV^^ 
fninj the ]truceeds of the annual contrilmtions, which have ot 
late yea» 1>ecn cmisidenihlv diminished, hut we trust the Ix ncNn- 
leut inhahitiint^ of StalToril will not suflfer this useful chaiitv t" 
ptri>h ftir waut of pecuniar}' aid. Thk National SiiioriL' in 
roREBBiix;^:, was built in iH'Jo, and is endowed with l!) <rar- 
(leus, in 1740, with £170 left hy Dorothy Bii(l«rc- 
nun, and now let for X'ii) a year. Near it is an Infant Sciiooi , 
fwcupyiiig a neat rustic cottage, and established about ihi« o 
}esa> ag<i.» by Philip Seckerson, Est}, and his Jjitdy. 

LiTERARV Institutions. — Stafford has neither a Puhli<' 
library, a Philosiiphical Society, nor a .Mechanics' Institute, 
tbe altecnce *t( which, in a respectable county town, tctininir 
«ilh wealth, and havinji:: in its vicinity many seats of iiohility 
aad {jTcntr^*, is a matter of much suq>rise in the present '* niaivh 
of inieUec'l.** There is a circulating library helonj^jujir lu oik> ,jf 
the buukfellers, and a weekly Newspait.r, called the " Stufhini- 
ihirt Adwertiufr^*' established about 40 years ajr<N i^ pulMi^lic-I 
in GaiJsate-strect, every Satunlay niornin«r, by ^lessi-s. .loliu 
Dft-«r)- 3ii>rt, and Charles ('hesler Mort, ^ucces^ors oi Mr 
Chester, tlie late proprietor. The ]>lace> of amusement ait* tin* 
7%^rrv, a mean hK»kinv: buildini:, in Si. Martin's liUK',NWvVvv\ 
W Mr. Chalice Stenton\ cowpiuiy of coinediims •, aw\ \\v«* 


Auembli/ Hmih, iu Uic Shite Hull, nolicctl at p>(t;u 122. TU' 
ifLTDLs uf 1-'bee &Iam>nky faave hoHcvur luttly iiTwIiiceil here :iii 
abundance of fruit, under llic naino uf die Rajfal Chnrllrg Lodgr, 
and on Sept. lOtli, 11433, the fint xlunc iif a liaudwinc liulldinit, 
tii be uw<[ U!t the Provimcui. Grand Lodi;e, was loid iu tliu 
Counl}- niail, hj tin- Ritjlit Hun. WashingUiii Karl t'eiren, the 
Provincial Grand Master, in the presence of & very splendid pro- 
ceKsion of the craft, and eevend Uiousand sp«;tulors. Tlie cost 
of tlie buildinr will \ie ahuut £lfiQQ, uf which £1^50 his 
raised in 50 ^orc!) of £25 each. Balls and Assemhlies urr 
intended to be held in it occosionuliy. Ax the operUives uf 
Stafford are mostly cordtadnm, the fulloninif nuMerly deHiriji- 
tioD of the intellectual cbaiacler of tlie Sniui of Cntfin may iicii 
Iw nninlcresling to the render : — " Mental Chaneter of the Oib. 
blar. — Scaled all day on a low seal, prctbing ubduratc last and 
IcBlLci against the epi^triuio, dru)CRin|^ ibc relucliuit Oiread 
intu hard and durable stilches, or hammering heels and toss k illi 
muoli monotony — llio cobbler's niiiiil, rcganllew of the proverb, 
wanders inlu regiuns metaphysical, poUtioal, and theolu^icul ; 
and from men thus employeii have sprung many founders of 
sccls, religious reformers, ghjoniy puliticians, "biinb:, sophisi*, 
statesmen," and all other " unquiet things," iikcluding a count- 
leiis host at hypochondriacs. The dark luid pensive us]iei.'i uf 

shiH'niakcrK in geiicrul is 

hut ju-slice to them, however, to say, that their acquistlim 
l:miHlcd$n'. null their habilH uf rellection, are often such u 
''ommund adminilion. The kypocbtrndrical caHl of ihtir iniuiis is 
itrdiahly, iu pan, indui-cd by the impurfeet aitioii ••{ tU: MmiiHi-h. 
liver, aiid iiUChtuu-F, in vou-sciiueiice of tlie pusitidU in wltich 
tiievsltnt wort." — Fi/mi/n Quarli^i/ Ilntcir. 

Among the Kjhsent .Men Ik-hi 'in SluQonl, we i.iay 
rate John Slaff'nrd, a Pranciscan fri:ir uf iDnsiileriddi' ci'li-brily, 
Mhn vinite a lilstorv of Enghind in hitin ■,—i;d>nuiul Slafford, 
bish'ip of I'^xeltr, an'il ulianeelhir of Kiiglaml in the ri'iKii of J'lcuvy 
IV. i—Thaiiuu Ashbum, who d)stingui>hcd liinLself ]>v bis \ 'igni- 
ous and iit'live opjiosilion lo the new <hiclTiiiet( i.f Xf'icklilfv, in 
the i4ili ceulurv;— and Tfi«max Finhrrlnl, u learned niirl 
ingenicius Ciithoiiu writer of the 17th eenlUTv, uhi>, after being 
perMTUttd and fur sometime impri'uued in bis uhu eoiiniry, 
retired to Komc, vviiere he liecami- govi-ninr or rii'tor of llie 
Eiiglisli Cullege there, which uilice he held till his death, in 
lit 10. 

The Almsiiovnea iu Mill lane were buill and givL'ii for the 
residence offi jHtut men and I! floor wunieii, by Sir Martin Noel, 
sunictiine prior In 1U93, uid it is t^iid that his inlenliuii to endim 
llieni with yearl> Mipnuls was frustrated hv his sulisei|ueut U>a*s 
a(se;i; but hiipjiilv bis benrvidcnl views have been eH'ecied by 
iil/icr h'licfacton.. ' The 1ioiim.'s uci'u^v ihiw; sidis i>f a s<]iii(i'e. 
Mi/I itau- culain .i]>arInu'Uls octuptcd Xij TJ f^i wif vi avA v.v 


dou^ many of ^liom have families rcsidine: witli tlieni. Tho 
endowment which is apportioned anions;!?! them at the discretion 
of the coqHiration, produces about £49 per annum, arisinp; from 
the followiufT donations. John Chctwynd, Philip and Thomas 
f oley, and some others gave seveml sums for the benefit of the 
almspeopio, amounting: to jt'*2 10, which the corpomtion laid out 
in re-purchasing the tithes of MarstoTi held hy them under the 
inant of Queen Elizabeth, as already noticeil. For tlii'^ 
£'2tO, the corporation pav £\2 a-year to the almshouse fund. 
In 17J 1, Richard Bynns, l). D. left i*50, for which five per com. 
interest is paid out of the corpomtion funds. The inmates liavw 
also a supply of coals from \V. Fanner's charity, and a rent- 
charge ofi£28*per annum out of Coton Field, as has been seen 
at jKigc 121. 

The fimr Almshouses in Eastp^ate-strect have been occupierK 
rent free, by poor families ever since 1701, when the corpomtion 
purchased toem with £46 ** charity money in their hands,'' 
subject to a quit rent of 8s. 

Pidmrrss Almshuue^y in the Broad Eye, are occupie<l l»y two 
poor widows, hut have no endowment. They were given in 
exchanp^e for t^*o other dwellinjjs in St iMurtin's lane, K-t'i in 
UvT-S, by John Palmer, who also bequeathed a yearlv rent-charjxo 
uf ('#, ^d. fur a sennoTi at St. Marv's on Ascension (lav. 


Wm. Farmer pive £40, to provide coals for the poor in n\ in- 
ter, and Hehecca Croinptou £'^0 for the yearly payment ofMos. 
to six i*tiOT uirhiws. These sums were laid out by tlie corpora- 
tion, in 17'2'), in the purchase of Oa. lii. 10i». (►f land in FiiHord, 
called WWf/tnore- liticks, nin\ now let for £\'S. lOs. per annum. 
F<mr-sevenihs of the rents are distributed in coal-s ])rincinally to 
the poor in the almNhoii*«e»i, and the remainder is divided auKni^ 
six poor widows. Uarhnra, John^ and Prudvncc Cromjtfou^ in 
l'5f>3, pave £.>(>, for wliicli the corporation pay yearly 40>. \v 
four ptM)r widows of Siaff;»rd, and 10<. to the ]>oor of Milwiv^. 
The po<»r of St. Mary'.s parish have 30<. yearly, left by /* >hrrt 
Lotatt^ out of an cMate at Creswell. The sum of £N'>0* It ft i'V 
Richard Sarlin, was laid out by the e(»rpovati(»n, in U)7*2, in tbf 
purchasi.' of the Kini^\-;/(('r-/(firm rent ol'i*3. (>s. Hd. is-uin-r out il' 
the iNiroutch of SiatVonl. In consideration of tbis leuacv, I'J 

Ttnuy hKives Jire di»«iributcd at St. ]\Iarv's church c\cry Suntlii-^ . 
D 1H72, Isaac Waffon, jxave a jifju'd'".! *Jli) feet lo;i«x aiicl l\7 i\\ t 
broad, near the lH)n>u}rli iT'^ol. and din'cttjl the rents to be <ii^iri- 
bnted in co:ils a:non;j^ the poor of tl.c l).»rv>nirh. Thi^ ^r.rdc:.. 
which is now partly built upo:i, i-; lot for £'2. \C*<. a year, 
b carried to the corjioraiion account, and has not I li n r'.'^i'^jlicd 
to the purpo-e of the t-baritv in the mr'i.ory of anv yot:v.\«s \\v«\^ 
UTiDp. In J(»*^*^f thv fisiint' J sane U'a/tnn bequeaOncA v\ W^ww v^^ 
M*. 2r. 27v. at liaJflwud, near C'hebsev, now Vcl Co\ £^^. \^'^»- 


]ier annnni, nod directed the yraily proceeds lo^Iie ftpplietl ai 
follows, vi?.. £10 toamrm/irttwopoor buys orSlaffiird; £t is 
H tiiarriagr poTlion wiili some poor niiiidof Stafford, who has 
Kltuincd tlieagcof 31, "and has dwelt long in one sertiee;" 20s- 
1(1 ihe corporaliou for their trouMe in dispeDsing- his charitv } 
and Ilic residue to be distributed in i-otih amnng ilie motit ncerlj' 
pu«r nf lh« town. Tlie Poor Burgftfi' Fanrl coUKists of i710 
13s. 3d. South Sea annuitiei^, purchased with the henefsction<: of 
SirThomasOffiey, Sirs. Kirtou,Bnd eighteen other doming The 
yearly interest of this stock (£'21. as. 4d.) is distiihuled accord- 
iog to an order of the Contt of Chancery, dated 1713, amon^ 
ax many poor bui^;e$ses as it will extend to si 40^. each ; m that 
in some years there are 10 and in others 11 participants. Tiie 
chiirchwurdcns of St. Mary's receive yearly X'I4. from Earl 
Ferrers as the Stafford portion ot HtTiry Smilk't rharilg, charged 
on the manor of Fradsitel), for apprenticing poor children. In 
I(S<>3, Simon Fotrlrr bequeathed to the borough of Staffiinl a 
yearly rent-charge uf £|3. out of Sbippey fum, in the putish 
uf Uaughtou, to be applied as follows, viz., £9. to be dist'rihnteil 
jimotip the poor in half-yearly moities; 40s. to proiide gowns 
ftr two poor perrons, and 20s. to the rector nf St. Mary's, for 
two sermons un May and October Hih. In the he){inniiig 
oftvcrv \enr,the poor parisliioiiers III' the boruufth haredistribnlnl 
among then) ubunt X'31. froni Roger IliiUon't charity nlrtady 
diftilbcd ttitli Idchlield. Stafford alw participates in Ihim- 
jihrrit I'nryt's charily, (sec page 22fi), for apprenlicing pour 
vhildrcu. FiiC of the poorest widows of the l«jrougl. baie di- 
» idcd iinuingst thein every Christmas, an snnuitv of i'.i. lift in 
1721, by 'fhimaa Timba, out of his estate at Bridgeford ; aii.l 
3)iilher]KHir«idons1uivc2s. each, jearlv, nnlof twohousts in 
St. JiimtBVrtstreet, left by John WAb, iu 'iTtiC, and now liduiij,'- 
iuK to -Mr. Webb, of Cofton. In 1«43, Ptter Hala beqnciitlnd 
to !St. Chad's Parish, 10s. for the repairs of the cliun'h, and 
10>. for tlie poor, out of the Ridl's Head pnb1ic-liou<e, in 
Uiglakc. In 1l^>, Thomas L'hamMUn beijurjthii), out »f 
Bactliouse's Meadows, at Silkinore, the following annuities, vi/. 
£-i. (t-. HA. to the poor of St, M*iiv's ; 3!)s. 4d. to the poor of 
CASTLr-CiiL'Rii Pakiiii ; and fls. M. eaeh to the ministers of 
<-a,lte.a,ttreh and Stighfnra, In 1(»»7, Thomai BMr ht- 
iiiLtuthed out of land in liall, the following yi-arly rent-eliarfips 
VI Manton Chaptlni, vi7., 20s. forlwosernions on the I si. of 
Slay nml Xoveniher, and Sft". for sin of the poorest inhabitant 
on St. 'llioiiias's day. 

The WouKHOLSE, ill Si. Mary's churth-yard, is an 

aiideul bnihliuir, much \*<u small for 'llic in-eutwanui of th« 

nailfl tmrithft of Si. Ulan/ ami St. Chad. The gfiveniess n 

irhmcl a-i. nA. jicrlipnd prr «eet (or the nuiinlenance of llie 

iimiatc*. The /uiruli oflirt.' Is beliinil l\ic S\i«c-HiJA. Mr. Jolin 

■Brfi-h ir ibr Mitinfc ovcnen The PoorKmm,™ »A<A\Vtr 


jtan 1818-19 and aOp amonntod to £3880. collected in nine 
ntes; bat in eadi of tho throe suooeeding yean, owing to tl)e 
ffigilaioe of tlie Sdtd Feitry, only six fates were collected, 
aaaoantinr to £1890. In 18^ the sum collected was £1H2'). 
lift. 4d^ u firei mtei. For P^piUtUm^ ^c. see page 110. 

fiifiNSFACTiONs TO CastleJDhorch Pabish '.—The poor of 
Bvrlon, BickecMotep a»d Forebridge, reottTe about £30. a-ycar 
Amn RMtr HiaHiam^M dmritg^ (see Xicbfield,) and they also par. 
Ikqpato m 7%amu CkmJbeHmU eharitf noticed aWe. In 
ITQSp, Wm, Chldnmtk bequeathed to this parish, three yearly 
mil ilisigns, vix., £10. out of Backhouse's Meadows, iii Silk- 
mmtp for a weekly distribution of bread ; £)0. out of four fields 
in Bnittm and Bjcketscote, bebpging to C. H. Webb, Esq., for 
doUiing pooc widows ; and 208. out of the Butteihill estate, to 
Um wimrtar, ibr a sermon on March 1st Mn, Dorothy Dridg- 
fmm left M\^* tot schooling poor children of the township of 
/SnwMdSpvi tad in 1740, it was laid out in the purchase of land, 
which, at the enclosure in 1803, was exobangecTfor an allotment 
of 5a. 2ft. 14p., now divided into gardens, and let for £30. 
a-year, which is paid to the master of the National School^ l)iiilt 
in 1825. In 1663, Simon Fowler left, for the poor of Forehridje, 
£2. »-year out of the Ri:singbrook estate. Tue Corporation of 
Stafford pay 6b. a-year as the gift of some unknown donor, for 
purchasing piumM, for the Christmas puddings, of the occupants 
of 15 or 16 old houses, which, at the time of this donation, 
formed the whole village of Forebridge. 

CLERGY CHARITY :— " The Charity for the relief of the 
wldovrs and orphans of poor clergymen, <Vc., within the Arcli- 
deaneiy and the several Peculiars of the County of Staff<»rd," 
was instituted in 1771, and still derives a liberal support from a 
numerous list of annual subscribers. 


This Samaritan Institution is a neat brick buildingf^ in 
Foiegate, erected in 17(k>, since which two wings have been 
addcM ; and in 1829, the principal entrance was ornamented nmiIi 
a handsome portico,, at the cost of £257 left by tlie late Thos. 
Mottenhaw, Esq. of Silkmore. In the latter year, (182i>) there 
was added to this extensive Infirmary a spacious and well 
ventilated Fever Ward, erected and fitted up at the south end of 
die Infirmary at the cost of upwards of jC2,300, and connected 
wiA it by a corrider and separate entrance. John Eld, Esq. of 
Sel^hfina, (of whom there is in the boarrl room, a fine full length 
portrait) was oue of the earliest and most zesdous promoters of 
the Innnnary, which has 13 wards, with beds for 78 patients ; — 
fouxoi Uie wards having 10 beds each, seven 3, one 12, and 
5 beds. In the Fever Ward is a Steam Engiue vi\\\c\\ 
£906, and 5ii/y»7/e5 a// liie apartments, baths, 8cc. m\ii\\^Xv^i^ 
turn the waabing machine. Since tlic o^xuti^ v>^ 


(he iDSlilution ia 17C0, lo Cliristuias 1833, no fener than 70^33 
pAtienu IimI pfutaiai of its healing benefitii, of whom T&fiOlf 
were ta, and 44,160 tml patients. The avemge nnmbet of 
IMients in the houFe U one lime is about 65, and the yearly 
rxptHdHnn u gcaeallj upwBnls of £3,300. The ncn';>(j of the 
muilj for the year 1633, amounted to upwards of £i,400, 
arisjng principafly from annual contributiong, and the diridenda 
uf £4^,316, three and tliree and ahalf per cenl.i!i'r(K-;(,pun.'hased 
U TaiioiiR periods nilh tlie savings of the charity. TTie Eiirl of 
iJchGeld is the treasurer, two i>hvKiciaM and four sunceunK 
Mtcod gratuitously, and Mr. T. F. ICemsey is the lesidenl house 
MUgeOD, apotbeca'ry and secretary ; and Mrs. Fanny Webb tlie 

Hie Stoffordihirc General Lunatic Asylum i* tn immense 
establisliment, pleasantly situated on the uorUi-eiiEt side uf 
the town, near the county gaol, in tbe to«nship of Hoplon 
and Colon. It has extensive gnrdens and plcorare ^uud'i, 
surmuniled by a strung brick vail, enclosing upnards of 
30 acres. The house is a band^^onie and loflv brick buildiii);, 
36H feet in length, coinnicnced in 1812, and finished in lUie, at 
the cost of £33,500, including the purchase of tlie prnund, 
&c. It ia admirably conducted, and nuiksamongst the principal 
IS of this kind in the kingdom. Tlie lung gnl I Fries, and 
rous apartmentsare spacious, clean, and ncil ventilated. 
The palienLs are classed according to rank and conditiun, and 
have the henelit of warm and coldbalhB,and of every rational 
amusement either in the house, or in the s]>acious gardens and 
pleasure grounds, through uliich lliere runs a small stream of water. 
llic number of patients in thisgigantic institution is generally 
about 200, of nhom nearly 100 are paupers sent by the warrants 
ofmngistratcsundeTtlieprovisionsoftliegencral Act of Parliament 
for the erection of County Lunatic Asvlums, passed in IHOW.aiid 
uuended in 1H2II, by an Act of Geo. IV., which requires all the 
Dverseers of the poor in this county to give information to two 
jnstices of the neace of all lunatics or dangerous idiots «ho are 
chargeable to tlieii respective townships ; and if they neglect to 
give this information, tlicy ate each liable to a penalty of £10. 
The weekly sum of 65. is paid for tlie maintcnHnce, &c. of each 
pauper out of the poor ratcii of their icspeclive townships. One 
portion of the asylum is act apart for the reception of patientsiii 
the higher walks of life, and they arc accommodated according to 
the wishes and payments of tlieir friends. And since the opening 
of (he asylum, in 1818, & SltbtcTiption Fund has been liberally 
nipported for the relief of indiniduals re^dent in ilie county, 
ir&ass J}ieiidi^ not receiving any parochial relief, are unable to 
detiay ibe whole of tfao weekly cnaTgemadcb; the establiihment, 
Jor the Mdmiaaioa, care, uwl nutinteiunce' of ^i«u \*&e\^^»■ 

xinmsc urtni. 137 

ffcMadBUttadim<Up.4||BlaMdiTid0iiBt0iwoelMNi: The 
imm' €Umy conriitin g.rf iadfadiiMb w1m> Iwra.nofvd in good 
ihiBWifihrMi ansMKiitadwitktheliigiMr bIimw of patienu^ 
ifcdbehoaio;Miil<hedaiBit wiiiaf Aomthapaymgntemadeby 
ArirfiH«idi,biBad«iipoiitof t]iefiiadlolte.p«rwadc: The 
iMcrcfntof palieiili adalttBd on Uia foad oobbuIb of indi- 
niarii wJm bam nofod ia the non hiunUe naUoi of Uie, and 
tedMeU aiiriag fron the fajmaiU niada liy tlNir fidmdt, ia nu^ 
19 OBtoftbttliuidtoiaLperwoeL ThflraaiiegMienU7iiDm20 
talOfatieBiineeifiii|f the btneitof this ftmd. Daring the 
!■* wgnm jmm Ae aayhnn has noeifod no anpport ficom the 
oomty -nA^ though iti aw a i nf 9 xfmiitmH amonnta to npwazds 
of CftgSOO. Fkviin Oct 1818 to Deo. 1683, the fMa/ mnn^ of 
•daitlad waa 1404, of n^Mm 603 weie leoorered, 190 

nfiaRTBdi* 66 ■■inmil by deiiie of their firiendk 165 lemored 
If onuam eaharmleaa and incoiable, 356 daad» and 186 
JnHU^ginliieaavhun. TlieEariofHanawliyiaihejMwcImi; 
Sir Bobflrt Fed, H.P., the vtce-jMnefufaa ; the Magiitiates and 
ptindpal Snbicribers, the tommitUe of vUUon ; the Eer. Bicliard 
BubhmdflB^thecs&ap/aiii; Dr. fijiight,thefAynciim; Mr. John 
Ganil, the kotue utr^fmm mid M^mftfmdml ; and Mrs. Mary 
Tamer, the Molrvii. 



Slaoe writing our account of the coloration and the chartered 
prifil^es of Stafford, (Vide page 1 17 to 120), the town has been 
▼iated by A. E. Cockbnm, and Edward RuuiUm, Esqis., two of 
the tnmmiuumen appointed by Royal authority to ^Quire into 
the eiwling state of the Corporations of England. These com- 
arinionen arrived here on Monday, Nor. 25th, 1833, and com- 
seaoed their inre^tigation in the Crown Couit* and during that 
aadtfie two following days, the Town Clerk ana sereral members 
ef the corporate body were examined, as also weie sereral of the 
WiguJMs. The following is a summary of the most important 
pBit of the eridence addt^ed on this occaaoi| : — 

Brookea, Eaq,^ the Towm Cltrk^ said he had^ held his 
82Teax8;that the boundaries of the municipal 'Borough 
wcu knoWn and occasionally perambulated, '* The first 
~ of Incorporation was dated the first of May, in the 
year of the reign of King John. There weie twe 
bef Henry III. One each of Edward III., (two parts), 
t n., Henry IV., Henry VIII., and Edward VI. One 
rSBrd of Elisabeth. Two of James I. One also of the 7th 
_•. m. Thegoreming charter was in the 8th year of the 
tf Oeo. rv. l%e ckmrtert diemeelTes weie all iiA/mikvTi^viL 
wM m 9f ibe Mamet of the Rolhs haying been im9iraLXk(i«dL> 
iMr wriEfr otfhariMoide ot die Coiponi:dan,\iy asi otAw Itwa 



I ti<e Court of Chaaoery, in order to nnaiit ihe Court In k suH nni 

L ipniJiTig betwet'ii iMrd Talbol and llir Anfur of Stafford, rrlatir* 

"-B die TWut of C^oH. Tlio lillc of itie Corporation <jr 

JUSord is " The Mayor and Baige«iva ul the Bitroii)^ of 

VSlafibnl.ia ihecountj of Slallun!." TtieCorpomiianconniflsof 

I « Uayor, ten Aldermen, uid tcii capital Burge&se!>. The Majnr 

r u eleot^b; amajurity ofeaclicUw. PrevionstuUu; last charier 

4iiituorilyorilten'hol«bod; wasconudetedsufficient. Thcrewere 

pncecdiugi in the nature of " Qfo Waironlo'' takrn in 1824, 

1S2S, and lS2e, and earlier, aiiil iu tlie cmirse of tliOM invesiij^a- 

tiuns, it Hoa found that a nioioiitv of eacli component part was 

nGcessary in cleciiniit. This led to dte new chiirter. The 

Mayor must be an nldermau previous ui his eleclion. Hr a Uie 

head of the Corpuraliou: presides al the administnttionofjnt^e; 

anil is the reluming officer ui eleclioni fur nMmbtTS of PatUa> 

ment- The Mayor has no imtrlumeuts, no salurj-, no ulliiwaDM 

froni tlie Corpoiatinn. He has the patronage of the Coton Field 

acres ; but is not allowed anythiuf; fvr distribuiiufc tlieui. No 

SualiGcation except resldtnc« is ncceasary ; uml tiat he inuM 
aT« beeu a capiul burge«6. Two justices are appointed an- 
nuaUj'i wbo ha^e no other duty to peribnn hut that of assisting 
I in the s4ininistnL[ion of justice. TheMayDr,and Aldennen.aiid 
I oapitol Biirges.'ies, form the Common Council. The capital 
tiui^esses are elected indiscriminately from tlie burgesses and the 
inhahilanls. An iuhabiiant on being elected a capita] bur);eas 
takes the burgess's oath. The freedom of the Borough a acqutrcil 
by birth. AH the sons of hurgwiscs bom witliin the burongb are 
Stee. Tbe IVeedom ia also acquired by a^rcuticesbip of Mfen 
yaanniihln the borough. The corporation nl*o conidder that 
the; have the po«er to confer pic r^ht, by election ; but tliey 
iotve not e3(erci!«d the power oflale. The High Slamrd of llie 
Wough Ui the Duke of ijuthetlaud. The election is by the 
Common Council for life. The High Steward appoints a Drpvtii, 
who holds a Conn Ijcet, appoint* officers, constables, scavenffrni, 
•nd pinners. Ndiliei the High Steward uor Uis Deputy lm>*c 
■ny emolumenls or |iiiTil^««. The Jtetonler is aptioiiibid by 
tlic Mayor. Aldermen and Cnpilal BnrgrsRcs. The prascnt 
Recorder UThumiuSwinncrton.Esi]. Ho is a magistraiu. His 
dntrhi to attend the Scjo'mu, whtmneceavary; bni that U tery 
■mum. Seiisious are not held, except for bastardy and tliote 
liodofthinfc*. The Recorder hnsno Halaiy. not other cmolu- 
BMntfu The Dtjrutf JiemrAr is appointed by the Rerunlcr. I 
liclinv he h a matrialiate by virtue nf bis uffice. Tbe Tairm 
CM b appoinicd by the Atayor, Aldermen, and Capital 
Burgasut : lils anpuiiilmont ia during plewurr. His duties ara 
10 !« ihelcfcnl aiUitcr nf the Corporation: be would act M CIcfh 
mTlAf Ptxuv if iLt' Cvurt of Bcoaril wa« held ; and he nffiitetes 
jM Cleri to the ma^tmlcw In PaU) Sraaioub Uv (Hwrnlly 
'-la a* tilkiutr la tbe Corf^rAllon ■■ he ilon w »aw \ "oftv Vv 4ii« 

BoTAt tmaoKum of sifQuiBT. 199 

mtlMlam Hkml k$ Awii'i lwj fi Ao^ i, Hekas notpower to 
mMM ft dcfsCj ; Iwt ilit CdottMRi OdiuMfl lisfe. The Town 
«H0k]u9iiOMlta{« HrliMtidadtolbaiatClfliitof^Peace « 
iadCtafclodMliMMaaMlii Ptotty torioiM. The arera^ 
iwrfyiMiti of dMTMm Ckik, iiMliidliig Ins itttadaiioe at the 
OeHOAOBCoiuNayaiMmnttoalNmtMOayMryiMrtiira^ There 
na two SmfmuH t JUtai; Oae Is ippoiMed hj the Mayor 
aloM» dM adMT ^ tlw CotponHkm and B iugea w s at luge 
atoniiRf. Their dvty li to attend npon the Mayer. They re- 
min m$mM MaritetToUa as their enelanientBi which amount 
taitastriJciihffiSiigsaweeklbireadioftiieBi. The (^am^/iitfi 
faajnitillsd hiv *a OomnMm Coond], daring pleasuve. The 
fassintChawbsriafai is Mr. Bdwaid JenMnson. Hecdlectsthe 
Oijs|BiatliaiBiSrti;lwi6ee4vesandjp«y8 all moneys. His salary 
iaJteaTesTtqudhe has also £\^ for OMaaging Walton^i 
Chaffily">Hs-irnotainemher of the Gorporstion. He gives 
memwAg^Mio with mie sovety. Fodr CSiwteUet are appoint- 
ed hy aa Covt Leet They are paid by the fees of office ; but 
oocanoaallr reoeiye a small donation. The Town Crier is 
appoiBted mr the Mayor for the time being. His salaiy is jC3 a 
vear. He is a deputy constable ; and there is likewise another 
iepatj coastsble. lliey are paid as such only by the fees. 
The Mayor and Aldermen pay no admissian feet. The burgesses, 
try Indii pajr on their admission to their freedom, iye shillings to 
the Town Cflerk ; one shilling and sixpence to the sergeants ; and 
one mnd for stamps. The burgesses by servitude, jmy forty 
shflmiyi ta'the Chamberlain, which goes to the genend Uorpora- 
lien Fond ; and the same fees as Uie former class, and also the 
ame amonnt for stamps. An Inhabitant, when dected a capital 
hugeiSy pays ten shillings and sixpence to the Town Clerk ; for 
tfennps, ttirae pounds ; one shilling eaeh to the sergeants ; but 
aalfafiiff to die Cofporation. None of the Officers pay fees on 
adviiflDOiL The Conrt otP^ty Seuum$ is held once a week ; or 
%if rsquisite. The Afayor and two Aldermen act as 
m* If the Recorder were present, he would be entiUed to 
^.aa a Justice; The Coun^ Magistrates claim a concurrent 
ja ri ri tt e tion with the Boiougn Magktrates, but they never act 
The Borough Magistrates have not a concurrent 

with those of the county. The Court of Quarter 

is still held. The C&urt of Record has not been held 
yeaxs. Pleas of all forms could be held in it to any 
I have known a cofiut issue for £1 ,200. I do not know 
te^lis. Court oame to flidl into desuetude : peihans because the 
Miilk Bal so high as in the superior Courts. Tne Police con- 
ilrtiiliiRir consMles and four d^uty constables. There is do 
iirfUhr,WBtch. I think one much wanted. There is no Borough 
Ki;W< t hainea7oQk'4in. There is a fire place Vn VlU Ix \a 
tajjtir-^jm^tshlft jRissons seldom vemain mwe iSii^iv ^ 


J/r. Edicard Jeukiiuatt, Chamberlain la the CoTvontion nu 
next examined, and from liis evidence it appeared uie ivmiiM of 
_ die CorponUon is derived chieflj from tdi: rents under leases, 
and lines fur encToaoliments, 'ic, and amounted (including £I3S 
per annuiQ from Mr. John Pilsbury for the mnrkec stalb and 
sUndJu([s^ totbeyeajlyEum of £505. 4s. 9d. ; but of this 
£70 could nut be collected, on account of the wonlilessness of 
the property before tlie lessees had made improvements. That 
the oe&ti of the Corporation, consisting of sums borrowed from 
diSereut individuals on bonds, mortgage, and promisMry nut«t, 
amounted to £3,950, ezclusife of several heavy claims made by 
scvcrtl members of the corporate body, for expenses incuired iu 
defending ihe quo warraiUoi, issued against ihcm by 3Ir. Flint ; 
among these clulmanu were Mr. Hawllioni X635; Mr. Hughes 
£360 ; the Executors of tlie late Mr. Hubball for nearly the same 
amount, anil several others irhose claims amount to about £100. 
Tht: whole of these debts and liabilities, it appeared, had been 
incurred by defending the proceedings inatituted o^nun^t the 
Corporntion in 1H2'1 and subsequent yeaiB, and partly by tlie 
expenditure necessary to obtain the ne« charter. They had 
amounted iu the nhole lo £8,^00, to reduee nhich many in- 
dividual sacrifices had been made, " the town Clerli baring 
actually struck out £1,200 from ibcamountoffais account against 
the Corpoialion." 

Amongst the complaiUt made by the bargtMia ag^nst the Cor- 
poration were the following: — that llieyand the Rector assumed 
[he sale right of elecliuf^ Uie Chim'hirarJrtu ,- that the miistcr 
and usher of the GramnuT School taught nothing but Greet and 
Latin, and had couscqucutly only 13 free scholan ; lliat some of 
the corporation properly was let on leases much below il£ value-, 
and that the Ma/t^e froib of the town, badnot a siuglereprescQ- 
tatiie in tlie corporate body, though the manufacturers here "do 
not turn less than a hundred thouEiand a year," and are many of 
them men of respectability and intelligence ; the election of mem- 
bers 1>eing (it van asserteti,) confined to a few families, and per- 
cons recently settled in the town being sometimes proferred to 
inhabitants of longer standing. The Corporation, however, re- 
pudiated tlie.secharces, and at the closing of the Court, (lieCom- 
misoioncrs said, " that nothing could be more satisfactory thau 
the conduct of tlie corporate body on this occasion, as they bad 
certainly aRbrded every facility for the prosecution of the en- 


fJ^hr Pepalalim and Annual Value.iee page 1 10.; 

BOPTON AND COTON UnHttUip » ft tenS» ivSwA, io- 
mJudiBgthti ■maUTilbge of UapUiik,3vnlM¥>.'E.(A^&uSnt&, 

ROPTOir A2fD COTOM. 141 

wai a number of scatlOBi bootet extendiiig from die Lunatic 
Asjlnm and tlw knokt of LnrrLSWOSTH on tlie eastern side of 
SlUfaid, to the oooiteei of fngestie, the betntiful seat of Earl 
lUboti wlio is kid of bokh tlfse numovBy and owner of most of 
Ao floU. bat a laige portion of the immot of CoUm^ (which adjoins 
to Stamd, and ooatalns the Asjlum and the hamlet of little- 
worth), bdom to the Boigesses of Staffoid, as has been seen at 
|ogo ISU Hem is also the hamlet of St. Tboius, where there 
am, near a oom mill, on the north bank of the river Sow, some 
icmains of a JFVioiy noticed at page 129. At a short distance north 
Aom dw latter is Bbacox Hill, distingnished by a vast coUec- 
tfan of loeks on its snmmit, which was formerly crowned by a 
rigml foat iw eomnranicadng alarm to the country anmnd, in the 
event «f Witilo inTasion or internal commotioo. Upon St, 
Am 'm U or Haron Heath, (now endosed,) about 2^ miles N. £. 
of 8tdfari,a«vere battle was fought in 1643, between the 
JQ^g^teoik anderthe Eari of Northampton, and the Parlia- 
BBMntary xmr , commanded by Sir John GeU, and Sir William 
Bremen. Ihe Earl of Northampton had proposed the relief of 
Lidifield : but that town having been compelled to surrender before 
his troops conld arrive, he determined to march upon Staflbrd, 
whidi had bemi immediately after invested by a detachment of 
the Tictoiious republicans. "Upon the approach of the Royalists, 
Sir John Gell, woo commanded this force, retired with the view of 
forming a junction with Sir William Brereton, who was collect- 
ing his troops with the same intention. This point beine effected, 
boui Generals retraced their steps towards Stafford, and encamp- 
ed at this place. The Earl of Northampton immediately led his 
finoet agamst them ; and notwithstanding their great superiority 
in nnmhers, attacked them with incredidle impetuosit}'. A lonp: 
and obstinate contest took place, in whidi, after performing pro- 
digies of valour, the EarPs horse having been shot under him, he 
was surrounded and slain. Though thus deprived of their 
laDant general, the Royalists continued the battle, and acconl- 
ttjg to their own account ultimately gained a decided victory. 
The Parliamentary armv, on the other hand, asserted tliut 
ttoQ|^ defeated at first they were in the end successful ; and, if 
ipretm is to be estimated by its consequences, Uiey certainly had 
Aohest of the dav, for it Ls said that out of die 600 dead bodies 
fand on the fiela of battle, next morning, more than 500 of 
thm were Rovalists. Among the slain pf the Royalists were 
CaglBinii Midoleton, Baker, laming, Cr^t, Bagot and Bid- 
dnqpii, and the son of Sir Thomas Lucee who carried the Kinp^'s 
eniims. The Earl of Northampton's body was pillaged and strip- 
fidjind treated with the same indignities as those of the meanest 
IMtai, though the Royalists offer^ a large sum for its ransom . 

^^JwOmriMfDiRSCToayfiAate without any namt of place atlocK- 
TftS^'^, ri/W, A amti£nUe part of Cotou 
9^i^Affm smaiipareeU to the inhMiUa^ ofStttfovd. 


D*le Richard, ihoemakiT 
DavtOB T. corn miller,^. Thoi 
Kdigbt £1}-, land Luliff la 

Talbot, Colaa Laige 
OtderdiBw Rev. Hf., (incumlicnt 

nfWesUn,} Vatim 
PeanoD Jobo, gunekmper, R»k- 

leg Cottage 
Perkioa Tliamu, netualler, /■nof 

en Juhn, Marwn Joscpli 
Tiomai-r PtrkinsWilliaio, 

Dix John Plati nitliam 

IlillJolin, tff(/c- Shelly RiUpb, 

iBorlh iJracon Af/f 

Hill Thoa., (over- TeKcv Ann 

»e«r) Wright Samp5oti 

KcDt William 

HARSTOX tonosliip and cbapelry contains about 30 scat- 
tered hoaeeti, and 1,900 ociei of rick loamy land, 3 miles N. of 
Stafford 1 tbe whole beluDgiog to T. W. GiffBrd, Esq., nrC'bil- 
lington, except 139 acres allutted to ihe peiishioucrs of SuSurd, 
at tlie enclosure in 1600 (Vide page 131). The Ckavel o/Eate 
is a small edifice of Htune, «ith n oupnia and bell. The vurai^r 
isin tbcgiftof tbe King, and is now eujoyeil by tlic Rev. J. 
Ellerlon, of Basnich, who peirurms duly beie once u furl- 
nifrht, the liviuft being oiilv worth about £7-i. peraiiuum.— 
(Chariliet see paf^ 134^ The principal inhabitants arc, Ueoi^ 
Tliarme, tictualler. New Inn, Yarlet-Hill ; George Gooiiwin, 
sbuemiilccr ; and the fulloMing Farmebs, viz., Ann Bakcucll, 
Eiuon-SIoor ,- Peter Lowe, John Pander, Charles Morris, and 
Geor^ Stubbs. 

S.\LT AND EN'SOX lowusbip includes a number of 5ciiticred 
houses, and the secludeil Tillaf!;cur Salt, consisting of a sinit 
of Imnilile dwellin|rs, Ipn^ on the south bunk of the Trent, 
under the hills uf Salt-brnth, iippiisiio the gTOve<i of Sandon-hall, 
3i miles S.N. E. of StulTord. Earl Tnllxit is lord of the manor, 
and owner of nio*t of the land, and supports a Prre Schiml, 
(bniltin IMO), for clothing and eduontiou of 30 poor boys and 
30 girhs The heath was enclosed in 1830. In the following 
DirttloTf, those uiarked * reside in the humlct rif Eiuon, and 
the rest in Salt villuge, or where sjicciGcd. 

BrilJley William, shoemaker 

Beer /foiuej. Horroi.iu Ti.os. 


Bcnllcy Edw. KioK.lon .Mury 

Goodwin William, shocmaUr 

CuoncrJuIln LeeiJolin, tloin 

IlH-ky John, rope and t^ine 

Ia's John law 

h'armeri. Lei's Tlioma> 

Hood Samuel, uilor 

AlknWilliaui 'Perkins Janiei 

Kins«on E.l«. briek maker. Sand 

Halib JelTry Snu" Inmti, &,l 


Bradlcv Simon hall 

MilU William, wlieelwrieht 

•Greatl.alchWi.1. /fi^loH M 

lUdrlrr Stephen, fnx Jchool 

•Hill Jpbn Turaock Joteph 

•llinc Wid«« 

IT. UlKt^U PARtftH. 14S 

TILLINGTONv 1| mile N. of Stafford, is a small township, 
roBfiatiiiir of only divee fiums, one of wbidi belongs to William 
Lodcr, Esq., of Tt U ki j f tM J Btmte; and the other two are occu- 
fled hj Joseph Heuhaw, and Thomas Ljrcett. 

WHITGREAVE, or Ifltf^row. is a small towndiip with 
lerml acaltered houMt and a small village, lying in a pleasant 
vaUer, 4 miles N.N.W. of 8taflbrd,helongmg chiefly to William 
Hadoenich, Esq^ of Bietascote. The common was enclosed 
in 1774. The toU^har hoose here is partly in Marston township. 
Theprindpal inhaUtaiits of Whitgreave are, Joseph Webb, gent., 
Wm. Haft, hotcher and beer-honse ; J. Spencer, blacksmith ; 
Samuel Piatt, bar-keejper ; and the following Farmers, viz., 
Wm. Bedkdmoie,' Edw. Gannt, Gem«e Le^ Joseph Limer^ 
Elisabeth and W. Perkins, and John Till. 

WOBSrrONf at the conflux of two streams which form the river 
Sow, 4 miles N. W. of Staflbrd, is an estate of 900 acres, with a neat 
wy^aa mtdhr^t Clorm amd Siik Mill, oceupied by the owner, Mr. 
Mkm athtttm Id monastic times it formed part of the prcbeml of 
CoUm. It is eonsiclered extra-parochial, and keeps its own poor, 
though ecclesiastically it is annexed to St Marj's parish, the tithes 
bein^ given to the CoqMration of Stafford by Queen Elizabetii, fnr 
the support of the mother church ; together with the other possc>si(ii)!> 
of the dissolved college of Stafford, as has been seen at page 127. Us 
population amounts only to 25 souls. 


Is a fertile district, of considerable extent, in the Cuttlcston 
Hundred, on the south side of the river Sow, opposite to Stiif- 
ford, comprising 3,774 acres, and a population of 1,374 soul.^ 
It is dividied into two liberties or constablewicks, viz., Ftwehridge 
and JRiekenco(€ with Burton^ which support their poor con- 
jointly, at an annual expense of about X*300, including £130 
paid to the Connty Rates. Lord Stafford is lord of the manor, 
and owner of about one-third of the soil. The other principal 
land owners are, Edward and Charles Clarke, C. H. Webb, 
George Keen, and William Haddersich, Esqrs., all of whom 
LaTe nandsonie mansions in the parish. As has been seen at 
page 110, FoREBRiDGE forms a liandsome and populous suburb 
of Stafford, and its inhabitants are consequently included in the 
Diieetory of that town, (sec page 145.) The venerable parish 
CHuacH> anciently an appendage to the barony of Stafford, 
ataods in a secluded, but picturesque situation, near the Castle, 
wUdi ia already described at page 115. Many partA of it a])- 
{ear to have been rebuilt at various pericxls, partly of bnck. 
ne IMag' w a perpetaal curacy in the patronage ot \\\<i ¥J\v\\*, 
" ' Bowayoyed hj the Rev. Robert Anleiatk, d Ik\t\sH\U. 

} John Mayhaw, Svgtrvutr, (*feh 
b Mtm at SKiff<ml.J The StAVMBV 
-lo SnDisTsiCTS; viz.— Slaffoid, IMl- 
t, Ottoxeter, NewcuUe-undet-LrMi nd 
Ji a Snperriwjr. 

I fqiUK ; Arthur Mor|t*n, Poilwmlirf— 

I Mucheiter at ( put 8 m^. ; to Unnod, 

lUton, It .') mg. wid 4 sfL. ; lo BinAiatbaa, 

I Holvhcad, atip. 12 noon; toLaa*iB,tf 

■ad the PoUeriei, at i pui 3 aftei M BW. 

the following Directory nre — Fordidf., far 

laolf^ate street; Grern^ Grecnnii MHM ; 

ire; M., itrcrtt bidgi., for builduigl ; aad 

it is hoped will b« reuU^ undemood. 

le Onen, GreeoAddi, The Bongh, 


, Forebridg« 

•M. Porrgate 

^r. Mkt, 11). 

ftner, SHItmert 

BruttoD Thonu, goftnor of 

the County gaol 
Duckeridfce Ker. Rd. Gaolgt 

Bull 1%D». horae brkr. Vine it. 
BuitonJohn, Porebridge 

Cfaatiel street 
Cnrter Thomas, Gas-work* 
Carnrright Mr. Hampton, OaolgL 
Carlwrigbt Wm. nenf. I'oremia 
Cnrtwright Mn. M, Untntibldg*. 
L'linllen Mrs. Margt. Mnrhet iq. 
Charobtra, Wm. ttTp.. Corcbdg. 
Chester, Chas. gent. UuDJgL 
CheEir;Dd Dowrt. Lnily.CIlteDgt 
Cl«rke Ch«». gent- The Oreen 
Cliff Mrs. Aim, The Creiii 
Cook Misaes A.&.U. Back walk 
Cook William, trunk makw, St. 

Mary's squtLTC 
Cornock Wm. mfr- at tht Gaol 
Cornwell Wm. Shire-ball ketpcr 
Cramer Mr. James, Coontf road 


a small hamlet near the church. Amongst the numerous hand- 
some villas in Forehricljife are the Green Hall^ the mansion of 
Charles Henry Webb, Esq. ; Castle-Farm^ the seat of Pliilip 
Seckcrson, Esq. ; DainshilUFann, occupied by Mr. Joseph 
Painter, a noted race-horse breeder ; The Hough /\»,Ui the seat of 
Miss Cams ; Rowtey-IIall^ an elegant mansion built by its pre- 
sent occupant, William Keen, Esq. ; and Silkmore-House^ the 
residence of Thomas Hartshorn, Esq. The latter \ia.s tlie seat 
of the late Thomas Mottershaw, Esq., and the estate l>elon^*ng to 
it, is noticed in Domesday Book, under the name of Selchemore^ 
and is bounded on the east by the Feuk riiiilet, being 2 miles 
S. S. E. of Stafford. The Schools^ and the Catholic Chapel, in 
Forebridge, are noticed at page 129 and 131, and the Benefac- 
tions belonging to the parish, at page 135. 

RicKERscoTE is a pleasant hamlet of scattered houses, 2 miles 
S.W. of Stafford, and adjoins the three farms of Burton. The 
soil is a good lightloam, in a high state of cultivation, and the 
low lands, which are mostly in pasturage, have been greatly 
improved by drains and embankments, which protect tliem from 
inundations. Several saline springs have been found by digging 
in these meadows; and about twenty years ago, a 'Spa was 
dbicovered on the estate tlien belonging to T. B. Perkins, Esq., 
the water of which is said to resemble that of Cheltenham, being 
found to contain a portion of iron, salts calcareous eartli, and 
hepatic air. It is moderately aperient when taken in small 
doses, and has a tonic effect similar to that of other chalvl)eate 
water, when applied either internal ly or by immersion. £dward 
Clarke J William Iladdersich, and Francis Brookes^ (of Moss-pits, ) 
Esqrs,, and Mr. John Wright, have estates and neat mansions 
here ; and the following are the resident Farmers : 

Those marked * are at Askflat ; f «' Burton ; ^% at Moss-Piu, 

•Barber Ilugli 
•Blackburn John 
Charles John 
•Cooper Nicholas 
Davis John 

§Devy James 
f Dodd Gefi. beer house 
f Ecclcsthall John 
f M<K)r tlobert 
Podmore Georgpe 

Shaw John 

Painttr Jph. DainshUl 
f'l'urner John 
Wetton Edward 
Wright John 

1^1^ The addresses of all the other principal inhabitants of Castle- 
Church will oe found incorporated with the following 


CoMwcU, Err. WiUiam Edward, M. A., 

IVdeslej Jokal Clerk, ) St-MarT*- 
Tildealef TbomtM, Sexton,) sioarr. 


Anlrzark, Rer. Robert, of Dalnsliillt 

WyniM! M'Uliiun, of MillJane, Cierk 

and SexUm. 

tT^ For list of CotToUAXion ahu OtTicxn*, »« w>». 


4p9 ZNmMm mtd tw MUh OfUtrt mt MUi0m4^' TW Stafford 

CwABcnoN b difMad falo 9b Ditnuwn; wii .Blalbrdf Fenk- 
ii%gy Borton-«p cm»'lV Bat, Ptto Mtttr, NcwoMllt-«Bd8r>L|tte, and 
Aflii^f f Mcli or ipliioh hM a Svpcrviwr- 

BMr^OvFtoVy -MulBBt ■qmre; Artlrar MofgaBy ^MAMwler^— 
laHwi w dn wrtrWid to 1I «A bi I<t at I'pwtSng;; toU?«rpool, 
itt 11 ajiilit; to wolfvriiainatoB. at 3 nf.aad 4 afl. ; toBfamiagliam* 
at 4 alt ; 10 Ghaater and Holfkaad, aM f. IS noon i to Lomod, at 

Slit; IndtoNewcaatltaadthoPDttariBByatipaatSallanoon. 

Ite CmtrwMmM itaed in the followiiifBinetorf are-^Foiebdff., for 
fMMifit QadgL, Gaoigata atwt^ Ofaei^ OiaoagiH atrcct : 


■M:|M.y aqnan; iC, atratti I 
ottpbwhicii it ia hoped wiU bo 

or J fa idbri da o, The Qreen, Greenflaida, The Hoogh, Silkniore, 
Bowley^ Dauiahill, and sereral scattered fianna. distinguiahed by 
iioHett are in the Liberty of Forehridge^ in Caatle Church parish. 

mSCELLANY— Oin/amtii^ /Ae Namet ^ Gentry, CUrg^, Partners 
in Firms f mtd 9iker HhabitanU not arranged im the lAtts of Trader 
mid jProfueiens, 

Adama Manr & Rachel, Difflake 
Allen Ann, lodaingBy Diglaae 
Abtone Lady Mary, Greengt 
Amphlett Mr. Jamei, Gaolgt. 
Anlesark Rer. Robert. jDa^iuAJir 
Aab Charlea, hLtrntr, Forebridge 
Aapary John, Croaaneld farm 
Bajnford Thoa. grocer, Mkt. at. 
Barlow Mra. Ann, Gaolgt 
BartJam Mri. Jane, Mount Pit 
Beckett Mn, Mary, Market st 
Birah Edn^Jno. banker, Greengt 
Biaaell Mr. John, Green fields 
Blakfian Thoa. farmer, Green 
Blakeman William, Forebridge 
BIyth Robert, drum mijor. Uni- 
on boildlngs 
BittT.Newboiild, clerk, Vfaiest 
Bovllon Mr. John, DamthiU 
Booltott Thomas, draper, Fore» 

bridge FUla 
BevBo Charles, gent Foregate 
BMky Mary, toy dlr. Mkt aq. 
ftnadalaaw Jno. farmer, Siikmore 
; Jolm. HigJ^td/arm 
r Tnos. currier, Poregt 
I H. attv'a. dk. Chapel st 
\ Col Wm. Chapel street 
Mnpokee Margery, Leae/mrm 

Bmtton Thomas» goremor of 

the County gaol 
Boekeridge Rer. Rd. Gaolgt. 
Bull Thoa. horse brkr. Vine st. 
Burton John, Porebridae 
CarrowaT Rer. John, (Method.) 

Carter Thomas, Gaa-works 
Cartwright Mr. Sampaon, Gaolgt 
Cartwright Wm. gent Foregate 
Cartwright Mrs. M. Unk>n bldgs. 
Cballen Mn. Margt Market sq. 
Chambers, Wm. sergt. Forebdg. 
Chester, Chas. gent Gaolgt 
Chetwynd Bowgr. Lady,crreengt. 
Clarke Chaa. gent The Green 
Cliff Mrs. Ann, The Green 
Cook Miaaea A.fc M. Baek walls 
Cook William, tmnk maker, St. 

Mary'a aquare 
Comock Wm. mfr. at the Gaol 
Comwell Wm. Shire-hall keeper 
Cramer Mr. James, County road 
Cramer Jamea, sent. Gfeen field 
Dain Mr. Franda, flandon road 
Dawson Edw. printer, Gaolgt 
Derail Jaa. upnoliterer. Dmak« 
Dickenaon Janes, voib dktm^>iXQx 

of itampSy QMAgaitt iteecx 



Dickduon, Mn. Juie, Gnengt. 
Dormui Rcr. William Henrj, 

(IndpendentiJ MouDt pleaunt 
Dmnr Mr. Fdk. Geo. FoKgste 
DottoD ClurlM, CHter, Forcgate 
EU Ht. WjlUun, Estate 
EUmtwir J^. BiUiuAm hna 
Bna* BichaFd.gcot. Forebridgc 
Fiiker Junes, CKciac, St. l(*nr'« 
Fo vke Kl lolidtoriCnbbnTy In . 
Frith Jna bifli ooiiiub.r 
Gadibf John, aUoinef*! 

Union baildian 
OtldDCr A^jL nam. Eutnu 
Uiner Thoi. cutler ont, ForORt. 
Garrett John, luperinUodint of 

LoDktic A«f lum 
Gittmi John, cutter out, Fore^. 
Grcffory Sanh, Riorer, Gaolgt. 
GrosTcnor Mrs. Mf);!. Mount pit. 
Orabun Tbaoiu, eiciw clerk, 

The Gnta 
Grimn Mr. Jofan, Bull mnunt 
tLilkin William, tiuk muter, 

County Gaol 
Halt John, covkeepcr, Dif[lake 
Hand RobL William, atlomey'B 

clerk, St. Martin's Jane 
HartWm. nnt. Forcfiate 
Hartahom Tha. Eaq. Sllimore ti. 
Hawkioa V/ax, fanner, Forebdg. 
H»kin> JDO. onrKer. ForebSg. 
Heatb F. currier, St. Martio'i Id. 
Hill Miu Mtrr, Fordridge 
HillThomai, T/ianuy J!rU fiirm 
Hiem Jatnea Gay, aolr. Greengt. 
Hillman Rd. cow Icpr.Gaol grdns, 
Horton John, ahoe mfr. Grcenict. 
Hubball Mm. Ann B. The Green 
Hnddleeton Rev. Ed*. [Catholic] 

WolTerhampton road 
HugfaeiMn. Han. Crabberry lane 
Hunt at. King, earner's agent. 

Gaol sqnare 
Jenkioion Edv. clerk, Eastgste 
Jonei Robert, police officer and 

game dealer, Gaolgate street 
Juacice Miss Elii. Formate 
Keen Miaa, EutgaEe 

j^nucncn, srnoK nousB 
Keadrrdine Mr. Wia, Eaitgate 
Kmderdiae Mr. iUchard, Wol. 

Uaiten Wm. bookkpr. Gwtl m 
Maybev John, wtptnima, St. 

Hary'i chmck nn 
Mm DooaU, Ber. Alexander, 

(Prednrterian,) Oaol aqnare 
U'Haon J. ti>r. drap. Broad ere 
HHchen Ri^aid, periodical ft. 

Plant Itfr. John, Forebridge 
Plant Mr. Willisai, Forebridge 
RainhamTy. coach mkr. Forecl. 
Rogers B.d miring mstr. Hotigh 
Rj^Ts Miaa Harriet, The Grem 
»t. Qcorge Lieut. Col. J. Diglake 
Salt Thomaa, Esq. banker i hi., 

Seckerson Philip, solicitor and 

connier. Castle farm 
Shaw John K. noeer. Market at. 
Shelley T.cowkpr. Union bidgs. 
Sidney Hn. Ann, SI, Mary's 
Simpson T. alty'i. elk. Forebdg. 
SIsney J. excise, Si. Man-'i so. 
Slaney Mr. John, The Green 
Smith Chae. cowkpr. Back oralis 
Smith Wm. sher.offr. Forebdtr. 
Smith tU. hone breaker, Raslgt. 
Spilabury Mr. John, Foregate 
StTcheCharlea, cow keeper, Loril 

Stafford row 
Stoker J. bank -clerk, Forebdg. 
Summerrille Mrs. £. The Green 
Talbot John, draper. Market sq. 
"nidealey John, clerk of Si. Ha- 
ry'i, liB. Church yard 
Till Mn. Elii. Market square 
Titley Uary, ihoe thread dealer, 

Gieengste atieet 
Timmia Hy. miller, at the Gaol 
Tomkinaon Mi«i Ann, Eastgale 
Toracr John, shoe mfr. Gaoigt. 
Tunwck VJibV. sentleman, San- 
don road 

.fiietDTCi', Cremgste »rect 
Walker Geo. paiDter, Nn at. 
Ward Mina F- and P. Fon^te 
VlnATitHamt, fent. Forebriiige 
Vfaid John. gent. Moualpleuanl 
Weaver Thomaa Daries, lotici- 

loT, Ctahberry lane 
Wd)b Ctiwla Henry Esq. loli- 

Ctlor, Green ball 
WbaUey Mr. Matlw. Tbe Green 
WSkinaon Mn. Mary, ForEgate 
Williaou Mrs. Mary, The Grern 
WilUaDUan Miaa Sally. East^Ie 
WiUihire Jolm, bonie breaker, 

fieclafasl) Toad 
Wood Br. William, (Meiliodut) 

WorrefUr.Efbm- Union bidgs. 

Wifthl WUlUm, brickUyt 

>Mn*a lane 
Wnse Wm. d«rk of St. Ciind's, 

Vala Mr*. Mary, Gnengl. 
MarJua I lair Bmriltr,. 
Brldfcn Aon, Cbapel street 
1 Bromley Janet. Broad eye 
Cahhnen John, Talbot lane 
1 Clwlinefa Rev. John, Enslgate 
OaVKm Mra. Crabberry lane 
1 n&Un William, Foregalc 
OuiMMi ScAtft, Gaol gq. RcT. 

O emgeNoman, M.A., noifn- ; 

Rev. Joteph Smith, B.D. uikrr 
B31 IVimai, Back walla 
i^fhiif iTi iVi ii'. Martha Jennings , 

Green fielib 
irmlitmalSrhoBh, Rd. Tildeileyai 

Marr Wynne, Snow hill ; and 

Wm. TUAealey, Green QeJds 
BobioKn Sopbu & Mary, Digtk. 
IfiHltb Mary, Forebiidgi^ 
Bhalrli William, Talbot lanB 
Tliilwhta Ann, Union biiildingi 
WlWdDB Wm. Henry, Eaatgate 
Wood Willuun Bameit, Etwlnte 
WMtdWm. Thom<», Snow hTll 
, Vine (treel 
Mia, {town (letkj 
koiuc, Mn piti 

Jaov bin\ //m/r^ ' 

Keen Geo. (Und. Sberiff & Dep. 
Clerk o( the Peace,) St. Mar- 
tin's lane, and Rowlty hall 

I'aaaniaB Chu. Bradford, (Com- 
misir. for fiata of Bankruptcy,] 
Vine-street ; b. Stone cottage 

Seckersonand Fovrke, Crabberry 

Thoinai David, Forebridge 
Ward John. iuo. Honnt pletsBnl 
Webb and Hiem, Greengati 

h alley William, Crabberry lane 


Dariaon Jama, Gaol aqoare 

Adame Joseph, Ureengate street 
Boydcn Jobn, Broad eye 
Boyden Tliomas, ForegRle 
tJampion Kichard, Foregale 
Drayrott Tliomai, Foregale 
l^ber Thomas, Snow hfll 
Haminenley John, Eastgate 
Kenderdlne Jane, Foregate 
Morelon Edward, Greengale it. 
Morton Matthew, Eaatgate 
Nickinn Vim. St. Mardn'a lane 
Fearwn John. Vine street 
Fratl .Mary, Gaolgate (treet 
SummerCeld Frands, Gaol m- 
Tagg >lBmea, Forebridge 
Wiifces William, Greengate Bt. 
Woolley Thomas, Greengate st. 

DislricI Bank, Greengnte ilreel, 


Smith Payne 

Slerenson, Salt, & Co. Market 
■q. ; (draw od Slevenaon and 
Salt, London) 
Buliock Abraham, Back walb 

Addison Joaeiih, Greengate a[. 
Beniley Thomaa, Eaatgate 
Clay William, Back walla 
Han Richard, St. Chad ilreel 
Holmes Joaeph, Foregate 
Worlhiivton George, Forebdp, 
ERS, &c. 
Marktd 1 arc prniim mig. 
1 Urenry Joahmi, £«ttgatc 
Morgan Arthur, Market Muaie 
I iMon J. &C. (publiihert of the 



siitcy Wd. St. Mur'i 
Bw WilluB, Hill Um 


1 Bollock Tbof. & Son, Greenit. 
Bndbnry Williui, New itreet 
I Bromler John, Bmwl ere 
I Brawn Wm. St Mwr'i ch. rd' 
Brooki Dulel, Formate 
Ruicber PMar, Coontjr roul 
1 CHtwrMt John, FongaU 
CoatM JoBB, Oreennte lUvet 
Danferd Wifliam, Cwntr road 
Derail William, Union boildinp 
I Earp Thomaa, TalboC lane 
I Eler JoKpk, Oreennte itTNt 
I Ellcy Wm. & Son, fuid iMtlier 

faclon) Poregate 
1 Frith Thomaa, RtiiCfate 
I Goodwin John, Vine Ktrtet 
Goodwin C,tn. Lord Stafford row 
Grrrnwood Henry, RDMicate 
1 Hawkins Jamr«, Mill bank 
1 Horton and Tiirnur, Mill liinc 
Hodrou John, Knnw Itill 
Ilubbal) Jaoin, Fothhic 
Jona Richard, Mt. Martin's lint 
I JoDca Wm. Sc Son, >». Chad it. 
I KeiMllJohn, Market fquara 
Kihble John, GreenKale flreel 
KinKaton John, St Mnry's sn. 
1 LunderRd.Motlenhitw, Mill In. 
1 Lloyd Edward, EnlRale 
I MenoQ Jane. Gaolgalr Btmt 
Moore JnoKt, Bact walli 
Moore John , Furrgdte 
I Nickaun Geo. St. .Martin's lane 
OiboTiK Jamea, Stone road 
Peake Thomas, Foregate 
Plant William, TalUil lane 
RilcvRiebanl, , 'ladies') Diiclake 
Row'ler William, f'orebridg^ 
1 Round Joaepli. Mill lane 
TewWiltiam, St. Msry't trtuare 
1 Unitl Jamea, Broad eje 
1 IVatwood Thomii*, Forrgate 
1 Whiillpy Thomaa, Oaolfiate St. 
Wilson Thomas, Ureengste il. 
Williama Wm. Lord SUfford row 
1 Wood George, Forenle 
I Wynne Ocorge, Marki ' 

BRAZIERS & inmEx. 
Dala Philip, Gulgile itreet 
TomlinaonRd. Bartlem.Gieenirl. 
Woolley Thomaa, Market atnet 

Lowe John, Foregale 
Wood WUIiam, Snow hUl 
Beotley George, Easlgale 
Bridgen Bicbard, Chapel streel 
CarlcM Oeonc, Fonbridge 
CnMi John, Green 
Harper Enunnel, Green 
Harper WiUiam, Broad ere 
Halted WUliMu, Green field* 
Stanlejr Thomas, Foremte 
Williams Thomas, St. Mary's K|. 
WiUiami William, Green 

Bentley William, Eastgate 
Greening Sarah, St. Hanin's In. 

Bentley William, Broad eye 
Ilircrh Jciaeph, Eastgate 
I! rom ley Thomas, Newatrcet 
Dale Georn, Vine street 
Dean ^^'illlam, Talbot lane 
Dean John, Stone road 
Pry Tliomu, (pork) Foivgate 
Halts Jiimea, Green 
Hand John, Lord Stafford row 
Leadbelter Richard, Mai (mill In. 
Parker George, Forebridge 
f arker Witliani, I'orebridgc 
Ryley Thomas, Eastgate 
Noutheni Wm, Gicengate street 
Southern William, Ea>lg>te 
Kiition John, St. Mary't square 

Dudley Jamea, Vine itieei 
Keeling Beirfamin, GaoljrBte st. 
Moseley William, FoTqtnle 

CliopmMn John, Union buildinn 
FnlliiivsThaa. (Atamer) Higlake 
Goudall Henry, Back walla 
KeelinaBcDJ. (Cane*) Gaolgt. 
Smith Thomas, Bull mount 

Green Thomas, Fortgate 
ijhaw Wm. Grecnnte ttreet 



AOeoA Join, Omo icMi 
BfowB TbomM, Qic«m|te' 

(CIms. Btrler,(ftMtBkr.) 


Water, The <h«B 

M^UiiBt TbodMi. Biwd «fe 

FtddaMny, Okclgiito itiwt 
ftiifdi Ifiry, HvkMiqnm 
Tuntr M WamjOMlgite •tnct 

BrmiigtiMi Hennr. Gaolgate st 

r-». ^_. - - hill 


WoodUHMi, Buow %m 
Bfcwiter Geone, Water mill 
Twin Tbonuui, Wind mUl 

Cartwright Joho, Forqrate 
Hodgwm Nkholai, Craoberry In. 
Meeton Wm. Gaolgate street 
Mnrrav Robert, St. Martin's In. 
Pbotioliii. Eaitgate 
Robotham William, Back walls 
Roond Joseph, Mill lane 
Scuifltt SamL (& white leather 

dresser) Back walls 
Silrester Robert, St. Martin's In. 
Stedman George, Forebridge 
SterenaoD Thos. (leather factor 
& shoe dealer) St. Mary's sq. 
Hall Henry, Greengate street 
Hall Thomas, Eastcate 
ThrvitaDoe Richard, 7%« Hough 

DiWBo n Cha rlCT, Market square 
Fowk«¥ni1iam, Market square 
Maiaoii James, Greenmte street 

Emcffloa Ephraim, Tenter banks 
Halite Ami, Greengate street 
!!•£■ James, Millbank 
y«%MJohB, Foregate 
Wood Jobs. Back walls 

Daihr IfeoniaB, Eastnte 
Oto, Greeogute st. 

dmm, (life,) T. D. Wearer, 

County Fk« a»d VMrident Life, 

Joh» Jjiamm, Onengaie St. 
Norwich Union, flaaiwinl and 

Shaw, Markitrtreil 
PbnwMar, SodnmnaAd Fowke, 

Royal Fkfhaijf, St ofws s on, Salt, 

siod Co. Manat noam 
GUbort John, St- Martin's lane 
ShaUcnMB Wm. iua. Gaol square 
Boot John, QreaM a taatreet 
Galaan W. (ft nunevy ) Vine st. 
Johnson Joui, Broad 9ft 
FUabnryCteom. Fbrante 
Fterika Riabaid, Tslbotlane 
Simnsoii Midiael, (fruitarer) St. 

Nlary's square 
Targett and Bradley, The Green 

Marked I are Orocer* vniy. 
1 Ash Richard, Gaol square 
Bamford and Shaw, Market st. 
1 Bishop John, & Co. Market sq. 
Buxton Samuel, Market street 
1 Cliff Thomas, Gaolgate street 
Dudley Charles, Gao&mte street 
Hammersley Tboa. Mlarket sq. 
Kenderdine, Thomas, Market sq. 
1 Marson John, Greengate street 
Robotham Jane, Gaol^Ue street 
SillitoeJph. (& iron merchant, J 

Market street 
1 Taylor Wm. (& cheese factor) 

Market street 
Tumock and Dickenson, (stump 

office,) Gaolgate atreet 
Deakin John, Foregate 

Batkin John, Eastgat^ 
Femyhough George, Gaolgate st. 
Jenkmson Henry, Greengate st. 
Jones Robert, Gaolgate street 
Phillips Francis, Gaol square 
Pulling Henry, Greengate street 
Shaw William, Foregate 


Churton William, Maiket squart- 


Abercrombie, W. Wood, Suow- 


ntnr* HMO, wn. iron, «MDiKi- 

New Ina, W: GrHriJg»,OTwnft 
PlaiDe of Potbeim, Jok& Low*, 

flnitin^ H«*d, ntaiBM Stnagtr, 

Itod UoD, Joha KMsb, SaowfalU 
Bm Boafct Cpkr. H^ptr, OTCan* 

SpMd.tke-FlMigk, OMilieDiJe, 

Broad efc 
5tar Aa ud RxdM Ofiot, Thoi. 

La*. MailM Mnaie 
Saa, Ju. SpUilwn, Fotdini^ 
JlM>i»Mr, Jno. Mmmo, Otw- 
AOm /0O. CrfteUer, SL Muy'i 

1 lirre Tum. Jph. Ciolo* Oosi- 

g»w ttrerl 
TrunipM. J. Spilibuiy, PokhIc 
Tdi^-i Head, Cba. Lea. Di^c 
UnieoTD, Han. itonn. Eutgale 
CDion, Jbo. CrutchlevJSnatt hill 
Vine iDD, Wm. Morris, Vine st. 
Wa^onandHoneH, Rl Adaul, 

Wheat Sheaf, Hy. Biuiinrtoi 

While Hart, Samtitoa Shi 

White Hone, Thot. SoiaUman, 

Gaoleata Mrert 
While Lion, John Sayer, FoK- 

BrowD Hone, J(^n Honld, Fan- 

CrovD. Tfaoa. Peech, Mill bank 
Ciirricn* Amu, Uichaei Dodd, 

Jolly Potlen. Rd. Plant, Foregl. 
Red Gov, Ju. Allrock Pontic 
Plough Boy, John Richardaos, 

Robin Hood, John Haniinenler, 

Shakspaare, Wm. Tbompaon, SL 

Martina lane 
Shoulder of Mutwn, Thoa. Dar- 
by, Butialc 
Spilal Brook, Wm. Undrrwood 
Staffordahire Knot, Wm. Heath, 

Stone road 
WiUiam IV., W. Ttgg, Forebdg. 
Sh GrBcm ami Bnutiri. 
Barnelt, liomaa, PoregUe 
Beech John, (& archiieet) Fore- 
Beech Samoel, Snow bill 
Beech William, Snow hUl 
Carter Thot. St Marf's ch. yd. 
Diinei joba, Cnbbelry lane 
Dudley Jamea, Vine street 
Dudley Elisabctb, Foiwle 
Harding Wm. St. Mary>>quar» 
Lakin C\ii.i\«a, Di^Wlat 



Swift WiUiud, Vine meet 
Dtriaa» Junea, Gaol aquare 
Hsbbentv John, Gaobila Hreet 

Thornton Tb<M. Crtbbtrtj lane 
Thorpe Oeofgs Por^ale 
Thofpe Bobort, Eutnle 

Tfcorpt S«DHiel, St. M»Or'll Ht. 

BonlUin Bud TaJbot, Mtrket K\. 
Griffin John, GrernsUe Irrtt 
Tiuoock Juna & John, Ouilftt. 
Webt> Gwrge, GrMDute Arect 
Webb Jmbci, Market iqaarc 
Whalley ThoDn, OvjIstUMnet 
Wriglit Cbula, Muket iqiiue 
Bectet Aam, Sutnte 
HoTCT TlomM, Tslbot lane 
Po-ellJohii, Mill bank 


.Smitb Dnniel, Uiglaki 
Thonu, Po 

AbbericT Ann. Broad rjr 
BenllejFJiMfaCtta, Oreenpateit. 
Cook Ann, Grecngnle itreet 
Cruik and Batuy, Eaat^rate 
Crttf Ann, Mount pleaaant 
Dal« PJii. Bmad ry« 
EIil Sarah, (ianlnle Mraet 
Kralb Aon, Ui|^kc 
Hind Marv, Lord SlalTnrd row 
Nifkson ^Ia^y, St. Martin'a lane 
Mottbein Rllen, Grntngatc itreet 
Plant Sarah. Easig-ate 
Rust Jane. Market square 
Simpole Mn. Broail eye 
Thorpe Btit. St. Mnry'ii iqnare 
Tontork J. & J. Gaol^te Bircel 
Woney Ann, St. Martin"! lane 

HudaoD Gforge, Fo rente 
rawell John, (cuti Mill bank 
Hoaad Enoch, Cu lane 

l.&Co. ISat.} " 
Smith Panny, Eaat^tf 
Wood Sophu, Foregate 

Browne Kobt. Mtrkel tqutre 

Knirbl Edward, Greennle street 



Crewe Hcdierl, St. Oiad atreet 

Glover John, Eaatnle 

Hollis Willimn & Co. St. Mary's 
church yard, and PorcbcidBe 

Ryley Joaepb, Eaatnle 

Till Jobn iVlbot lane 

TiU llomai, Oaolgate Itieet 

Walker Jobn, Dielnke 

Bentley Tlioraaa Eagtgale 

Kelmlf Sarah, Market ■quare 

Shaw Wm. Orteng 

Srr alia Bmitn. 
Adams France*, Gaol aquare 
Allcock Sunael, Poregatc 
Bamett Tbomai, Poiffate 
Beanbnore Rschl. Eccleahal! ril 
Beckett Jane, Eaitgale 
Beech John, Farenle 
Bladen John, Miinaoc 
Broote John, Baek waib . 
Finney Ruth, ForeEBla 
Goodall John, MUriane 
Haii Ann, Porente 
Hui>er Willlani, Broad eve 
Hawkini Jatnei, Mill bank 
Heath William, Stone road 
Hollis Walter, Green 
Homaby Jamea, Poregile 
Lee noma), Greengale (tree I 
Parr Thooaa, Eaatnle 
Pinott John, Snow bill 
Rrley Joaeph, Raauate 
Simprcn Thoiiiu,'I>lbot lane 
Smith Jamea, St. Mary's squire 
Spearman Ann, Eccleahal I road 
ThomaaTbomaa.St. Martin's In. 
Ward William, Market street 
Wilkinun Elixabetb, Broad eve 
Wilkes GeoTX*. Talbot lane 
Wihion Mary, Gas lane 
Woollana Jamea Broad eye 

Humphrrys Wm. Vine street 

Seller! Sampaon, Forecate 
Brown Wm. (archilecl,) Emlft. 
Trabshaw Henry, Poreaate 

CmreHwriM, McuBt T^casaov 

Hnwfcins ETiM, Diglaka 
MftUbews E. GraeogaU slrett 
NoMley Eliulwth, Faregite 
Feake Aon, Fonnu 
Scllcn H. A. GMgue itrect 

AytMbuiy Chulei, Uiglsk« 
Gtu-ret John, Lunntic Aijlaio 
Ilavlliord JoUd, Difjlake 
HufcUn Francis, GreengBtettrtct 
Uu^c* Ricfaanl, GoiJnleaLmt 
KenmrThgc, Farmer, Infirmary 
Maifcn John, GaalgMe ilrect 
Pcrrin Wni. JsckiOD, Diglake 
WoEBD fii Poirkc, UnUDt pUuaanl 

TAiu 1 arc alto WoBlIeK Draptn. 
Bott John, Grceonic street 
BuU Thomu, 8t. msTy's squire 
Eani EUlabeth, Cbiirch pansn^e 
tiiltiinorE Tlioa. Lord SUIT, row 
Hu^lm Richird, Faregate 
Jones Robert, Foregale 
LeydoD ChrUlopber, Suli street 
Norcop Edirxnl, SI. Mary's n\. 
Poller WilUsm. Snow hill 
Peake Jobn, ForegnU 
RobinioD lliouiu, Foregstc 
Sellera L. Gaolgste street 
St-srratt'rUomu, Furt^ste 
1 Sutton Jobn, GreeDgale street 
1 Swift JoUa, Market street 
Taylor ThomKi, Murkel street 
TiJI James, Forebridge 
Yates Eliiabeth, areeiurBte street 
1 Yam \niUa<n, Gaol|ate street 

Uudley Cbiirles, Gaolgue street 
Robotliam Jane, GaorntcMreet 

Biinrio Francb, Eaatgate, h. 81, 
Mary 'a square 

Hand Geo rMt Lo'^ S"^* 
CareJeas John, MntMwet 
Green George, Stone road 
Wilker ivaninel Forebridm 
ffirlirr 'i'hoaiiu,. Urwngalual. 

Oforgf, G»olg»UtUttl 

Clewlow John, Raek walla 
Hand Gnince, Lord Staff, row 
Moore Cliafks, Forcfrace 
I'aiker Jnwph, Green 
Parker TEuunaa, 7'At iIo«gi 
WHlTESMiTHS.— j',,. L^k.- 

Maritd 1 arr lUlailm. 

Loratt Jomk4i, Grcengate s(re(!t 

I Morno Cbaa. Edw. Market h. 

1 SmiUi Jobo, Market square 


Fnm Iht SmniHitltl. 

Tbe M»il, to Mancbeaier, at 8 

lunrning, and to Briitol, at b>l(~ 

put 3 iTlrmoon. 

TkeMail, to Chexttr uiit Holjr- 
beod, St a quarter-iiaat 12 nooa, 
■ad to Lonaon, it 2 afternoon. 

Tbe Afail, to Liverpool 'sod 
Mandinter, si liair-past 1 1 uijrbt. 
sncl to Uirmingham, at half-put 

Tbe Rnl-RoveT, to Mancheuer, 
at balf-past tea rooming, and to 
London, at 2 niorninE. 

I'be Rociitl, and Alagnn, to 
Liverpool, at 2 muming-, and M 
BimuigfaBni, at 1 aflemoon. 

The Kailaiar, to Hanchetter, 
si half-past 11 uighl, and lo Bir- 
niiDgbam, at 7 ereninf. 
/Van the Star htti. 

The Pirul /Vjr, to Shrevrsbaiy, 
every Tuesday, Tbundajr, and 
Snturday, at 3 afternoon. 

The ifar* For.wnl, to Bir- 
minEbam, at 10 morning, andU 
the Polleriei, at 8 evening, (dailx^ 
except Sundnj.) 

/>i>ia the Grergt /an. 

The ErJipt, to Manchester, *t 

min^m, at 1 aftemoon, (dailv.) 

Tbe Bama Up, to Lirerpoc^ 

Bl half-past 12 noon, and to Bir- 

-'-- ^-oi, at bslf-pui 1 after- 

Vom »L mUr Btar 

Th, Errn-gB-hrarh, toLhw 

1)1, al luUf-pMt 11 inamiiv. 

d It) Uinntiwhaai, at 3 luonF 

riie ^aratM. to London, at 1 




the Trartllrr, M London, «e3 
ufttynrmn, anil to ManchMcr, at 

I aftcroDOn. 


Jahn SliBriirj, and .tmi Jahji- 

nm'i iTBirKons, from Gaol square, 

to Itjrmiagh"ia> ertrj Sunday, 

Tiinday and Tburaday niBblB.nt 

II i aod to ManchdCer, Ibroligli 
Stone and Newcastle. eretT Sun- 
day, Turaday. and Thursday, at 
1 aflFTnoon, R. K. Hunt, a/imi. 

Frvtn Mr Inn. 

Biliton, tnttt Bart Mra, 
Crompton. Salardaj', I aftern. 

Birminf^un, Elizabetli Jodh, 
Bimd eye, Monday, 2 niorntng. 

Bloiwic^, «!*■ & Gmte, Wm. 
Rca; and WUIlam Brxdbarv, 
from tbe CaiOt, Satnrday, 2 alt. 

(Jnomll, Rita & Croir*. John 
Moor, Sarnrday. i1 aftprnoon j 
and Mr. Hall, from the Curt, 
U'edneMiay, 5 aflemoon. 

Koightley, Raur and Vrmm, 
Ann Brnlton, Satnrday, 5 aft. 

Penkridre, Rote and Ct«w«, 
Henry Webb, Saturday, S aft. 

Potteries, mail niy {Swm,) 
daily, at hnir-pail ;i >ft«ronon. 

Ru^^ley, Vint In*, Jasepli 
Hnllsiu,&J.&.<!.Hifgotl, Mon- 
day and Saturday, i ■ftcrnoon., 
Garbutt, SMurday, 2 aflemoou. 

Stone, RutliCrvam, Willimn 
'umer. Wed. ftnd Sal. 5 aft. 

UltmetcT and Derby, Maiii's 
Head, .). Wilson, Tueriay and 
SatuTiiay, 'A afternoon. 

Wcdaesbury, mittHarl, Mn, 
Davlaon. Saturday, 12 nooo. 

Wolvcrliampton, t'aiih. Km. 
Evan*, Saturday, 

^Volre^bIm ptoo Afitonrbrid^i 
Hnr/m, TboDKUi Ward, Tues- 
{lay and Satunluy, 1 afternour.. 


Post CirFiCE, Bird street ; Henry Haywood, Pi.j(Dioi(*f .— Lel- 
leis froiu Loudon, arrivt every morning, (except JVtondiy.J ni ^ 
minute* before B, and are detputcbed every al^emoon at 4. Letters 
from Stafford, Cheater, Holyhead, Aic, arrive every afttmooD at4, and 
iredelfutcbEdBt 10 morning. Letters from Liverpool, tlie Potteries, 
Ac. arrive every morning at 5 minut£g past 7, and are deipatehed 
every morning at S. Letters froui Sheffield, every afternoon at i, 
and deapatclicd at 20 mins. past 7 morning. From WDlverhamptoo, 
WaUall, dc. at .W past 7 morning, and despatched at a ouarter before 
3 aflemoon. From Birmingham, at 20 past 7 morning, and de- 
spucbed tbither at 2 alternoon. The Office opens at seven, mum- 


and closes at ni 
iio* /"wfrnan, to Barton, Alrevas, Eltord, &c. 
' k tfarir Post to Neednood Forest, at 12 ooon. 

tlO B 

MISCELLANY <./ Otnlry, Clrtga, ami olKtri, Mt Brraaged in Ih- 
amtifitaUm of Tradtt md Prafiai'm.'. 
Aclaod Bwrh Dyke, E«q. Close i Bagot Mias Ann, Close 
Adie Mn. Alice, Itoar street Ba il ye Thos. mace bearer. Lorn- 

Aabwell Mn. Ann, Bird street b^rd street 

Aillcy Geoi^e road anrre^or, Si. Bsker John. fanneT, SV>iii: t\. 
.tidiattnrt I Baker Thos. Si. MBry^ViotV-ts. 



Bank! Mn. EUubeth, Clow 
BauiMcr Mn. Ann, St. Jdba A. 
B«BBiMcr Mr*. Stowe atnet 
Birimr Jia. eatlerr A initninieDt 
nunnfacMrer, Sudford itrwt 
BmUb vnUiam, whlpiatker, Ba- 

r' ■ 

_ ;, Gay lane 

Beanett choral, Cloae 

Bieklej Wm. letter carrier, Mar- 
ket itrat 

Biddnlpb JOMpli, lione breaker, 
Sandfoid Blrat 

Binna Jaa. bed, mattreu, hone 
doth, and nM>p mfr. aod wool 
carder, Slowe itrect 

Biixl V/m. coachman, SandCd. it. 

Bond Wm. clerk to ConiiDianoD- 
enofTaiOL Dam Nrret 

Bradbury Nattunel, SU John M. 

Brindley Ann, Bacon ttreet 

Brooks Rer. Ley, Friary 

Brown Alex, draper, Gresleyrow 

Bruwa John, drainer, Hiroiing- 
bam raiul 

Brown 31 n. ManUi, Bacon Btreet 

Buckeridge Kef. Cieo. A.M. prin- 
cipal iJurrogiite, Clmc 

Bunney Thoa. hawker, Tim. *l. 

Burn Mary, glove, & amock frock 
maker. Butcher row 

Butcher Wm. couch bldr.Wxde It. 

Callaway Geo. jockey, Sandfd. at. 

ChapperjDo.coachDiiui, New rd. 

Charlci John, gaoler and game 
keeper, Boar ilreet 

Charaue Sydney, wine mercht. 
Hoar Ilreet 

ChinnThomaa, Eiq. Goae 

I'leiland Kn, Siary, Bacon Bt. 

Coiling Mr. Edward, Bacon it. 

Cook Mn. widow St. John at. 

Dalton Jdo. cnachman. New rd. 

Uaria Jownh, Cathedral aeiton 

Denitone Tliai. carrer & gilder, 
Dam ■treet 

Deny Mrv. Tamer, Upr.St 

Dodaon Miu Sarah, *" 
n Willia 
.1 street 

Dyou Lient. Gen. Wm. PrHfuTtl 

Eecku Leonard, eicise oBcer, 
J!honJlJiui. ^Dl. in. ,lohn itrccl 

Edge Sam. exciseofficer, 
Edwards Mrs. Nary, Dam street 
Feary AVro. Esq. Bird street 
Femyhough John, sub sscriit, 

Floyer Rer. Trcror Bums, Bird 

Itrect, and OUmhaw 
Floyer Mia. Elii. Sandfoidst. 
Ford Mrs. Hanh, St. John street 
Fmiral Miss Francei Stowe bill 
OardncrRer.Lawren.D.U. Close 
Oamett Re*. Richard, preben- 

dal vicar. Bacon street 
Green Thoa. hoekster, Geo. In. 
Greene Richard, Esq. Su Jno. it. 
Greene Thomaa, Webb, Esq. 

John atreet 
Grealw Rer. Wm. curate of !^l. 

Chad's, Stowe home 
GrealrrMn. Mary, Sl John it. 
Guy iImops. clerk, Lombard al. 
KaU Mn. Mary, Sl John Btreel 
Hail IVa. law lUtionec, Tsm- 

worth street 
Hamilton Rct. Antb. -M.A. Close 
Hamp Mn. Ann, Market itret't 
Harding Jph. colJeclor of street 

levies, Bird street 
Hardinge Misi Harriet, Cloae 
Harris Katcl life, Dam street 
Harrison Miai Harah, Market at. 
Harving Mrs. Ann, St. .lohn it. 
Harwood Rev. Thoa. D.D. in- 
cumbent of UumtwuiHl, &c. 

Market sl 

Chad's, i^m:!! uui 

Hayworth John, Ess. The Close 
Hector Miss Msry, Upper Sl. 

John street 
Hewitt John, prafessorof miuii-, 

Heighway Mrs. Mar)-, Wade sl. 
UeirhwayKaml. Lunatic Asylum 
HiirMn.Eliubelh, Bacon sl. 
Ilodson Ven. Geo. M.A. Arch- 
deacon, die. Close 
Hodson llr. ThoK. Wade i 
Hndson Thos. attorney's 

Bacon street 
Holmes Mn. Elizabeth, Bird st 
Holmes Miss Sns. Cloae 
Holland Mn. Sarah, Stowe it. 
Hnnt Jno. vie. choral, Birnig. n 
IronttioDgerMrs. Sarah Ann. S 
Jo\m vvnu 



JadcMm BAw. gait. Boar nrtet 
Jcrrr) Mi»s.liiie, Close 
JcAiuoD Kn. Han. Bl. John eI. 
Jones John, jenl. SMOn slrwl 
JoiiM Jno. tiucduicing muter, 

W»de rtrwl 
Jones Mra. M«rf Ann, Bscon at. 
Kirk Re*. John. Catholic Chipel, 

llptier Si. John Mreet 
Law Rer. Ju. Thoa. MA. Ctnn- 

tellor, &c. SI. John's Hoapilat 
Leek Wm. Slowe sL Workhouse 
Leea Mury lodgin|^, Cloie 
LiDom John, permit writer, Up- 
per St- John street 
Liltlelord Mrs. Mar}-, r^trntmitey 
Lomu Mn. Jane, Lramtnulrif 
Lontdale Rrr. Ry. Gylhr, A.M 

Virar of SL Marf's, Staff, rand 
Hacbm Wm. derkofSt. Marr's, 

SI. John ativM 
Madiin Wm. profeaMr ofmaBic, 

Nc> toad 
Wadan Mrs. Frances, Clnsf 
Uadan Her. Spencer, M.A. Clone 

Mitthea^ Geo. clerk of Si 

chad's, Green bill 
MatlhevsJu. Tic. choral, Close 
HavneAdj. Rt. St. John street 
H'UaboD Peter, draper. Neir rd. 
HQla Mat Elii. Stawe hiU 
USli Jame, rarmer, Gmnge In. 
Moore Mr. John, New road 
Moore Mrt. Lrdia, Boar street 
Moore Mn. Cloae 
Moore Wm. surreyor of taxes, 

TsmiiDrtb street 
Mountfort Mra. Elir, Wade at. 
Motnler Mn. Alice. Wade it. 
Hackleiton Rev. John, inruro- 

beut of Wicknour, Close 
NidcD Chos. trunk mhr. Dam a I. 
Neritle Geo. faimer. Green hill 
NewltDR Rer, John. B.D. Clone 
Nott John, lerBcr, Close 
Oakler Ladv, the Palace 
Oakley Mn. Hannah, Boar st. 
Oldenfaav Mn. Eiii. Dain st. 
Palling CapU Henr*, New roart 
Palmer J«. Esq. Market street 
Palmer Mn. Mary, Lombard si. 
Parr Re». Thoa. Gnomll, M, A. 

incumbCDt of St. Micbael's, 

Bird stmt 
Pnxua Tboa. gtat, Biicon itireet 

Mm. Har. Tamworth street 
Poller Jph. jun. architect, Upt>er 

St. John str»cl 
Frickelt Mn. Tamwarth street 
Itilani] Rer. John, Bacon street 
Robprta Martin, paper dir. Grea- 

ftoberU Wm. dentiat, Boar >t. 
Ryder Ker, Hy. Dudley, M.A. 

Sani Mis* Martha, Cltur 
Sharratt Tbotnas, coacti buUdcr, 

Shephenl Mrs. Ann. SI. John M. 
Simpson Edw. not. Bacon al. 
Simpaon Mn. Maria. Sl.John st. 
Skidmote Joaep h , eaciie officer, 

Smitb Mrs. Alice, Lombard si. 
Smith Mra. Rliubeth, Ch)w 
Smith John, £*q. BlmtmnlAaU 

Sinitti Rer. Ciiwprrihwaile, b.D. 
curate of Elfbrd, Gram, school 
Smith Wm. wine merct. Boat si. 
Smith (Jeo. CQwkpr. St. John si. 
Smith Thns. gent. Mt. John st. 
Smith Thob. clerk. Bacon street 
S nape Mrs. Ann, Bacon street 
Spoffortli Saml. orgnsL Baconat. 
Southerns John, farmer, Tem. il. 
Standlcy Jobn, gent. London rd. 
Stanley Jaa. excise officer, Gres- 

Taylor Robert, land agent & sur- 

TBffor, Lombard street 
Tom^ias Miss Mary, Close 
Trxnliiuon Dd. farmer. Stone al. 
Tomlinson Mn. Elia. New road 
Wnltbcw Ricbd. proctor's clerk. 

Boar street 
WnltoD, Mn. Sarah, Bacon si. 
Walton Mr. Henry B. Wade St. 
Wnrd Henry, gent. Uacon street 

. Oreenhill 
Warren Jobn, professor of mu sin, 

Webb Joseph, coach proprietor, 

St. John street 
(Vrbsier Mi». EUt.ftoM »«« 


Wddon Jm. fogioteT, SlOMt it. 

IVfaite Rer. Hnrr, A.M. iacuia- 
bCDtofSt. Chad'i.CJoK 

Wigfin Siml. cotton b>11 windrr, 
bombiird ilreet 

Wilday Cluu. fanner. Grange In. 

WildHV NiclujtEuL Bkcon it. 

Whitehouu: TEkh. cmcIi book- 
keeper, fUndford itrtel 

Winter Mr. Saml.Tamwoith it. 

Wodehouae Col. Fbilip, Clone 

Woodlield Mn. Dam street 

Woodhoute the Very Rev. John 
Chappel, DesD, The Ckwe 

n-oodhouie Mn. Amelia, ritne 

Wright Tboa. cowkpr. Biwon it. 

Croiall Mary, Lombard ttreet 

Grammar Sc/totl, Re*. C. SmiUi, 
H.D. matter ; and Robl. Conp- 
Und, uiher 
Harding Utoma*. Bird street 
Imltulrw lllirit'), Mary H^nea, 

Dnnt ttren 
lUfml SeAa«/i, .Slave Sirei 

Ssndford itreeE 
Kidger Hirhurd, (vritingm 

.I/inari' fW. Scinal. John Clif- 
ford, Hoar street 
Mounlford & Holniei, (Miupa,) 

Xatimal Sc/u^l, William Allen, 

Willdey Jmenb. Lombard street 

Juhnton Tiioiiiai, Tamworth i>t. 

fotler .ToKfili, at. John street 

Allen Edwin. Boaratreet 

Bund Edw. and Fdk. Dam sircel 

Dyott .loKn fbilip, fateward of 
the Tuibur)' andUlDow courti 
Boar sireel 

nf^iuglon Francis, (stamp dis- 
tributor) Tamworth street 

fJill William. Dam Bl — 

Hinckley i" " " 

Parr Tboh. 

Sharmtt Francis, (conveyancer) 

Siaipton r]inrl«ii, (coroner and 
town clerk) Tannrarth street 
Hyall Ltlwird, .Market street 

IlarHs Rd. Breadmarlut itreel 
Allen WiliUm, Froi lane 
BAKER-S, KL0lIt,.4c. IJLRS. 
Bailer William, .siowestrnt 
■■ William St. John street 

>n John, 

. liiii 

Croft Samuel, burner roH- 
FnarlerJnaepli, Fmg Ibdc 
fiillard Thomas, Sand ford street 
Holmes Henry, »l. John street 
Jobbermi Ann, Boar street 
.lohnsou Edward, Bacon street 
Robinson Thomas. Tamworth st. 
Smitli John, Sandford street 
Woudvard James, Market street 

Palmer & Greene, Market street. 

(draw on Smith, Payne, and 

SaTings' Bank. Frog laue, (open 

Kridaya, from 12til]2ii Wm. 

Allen, aecrelary 

Haywiiod Francis. Uulelier niw 
Aetan t'harln, AInrkel street 
Curry Thomas. Itirminahsni rd. 
naoks Tliomas. iiandrord aCrecl 
Ella Tlinmaa, Baker's lani' 
Knott Jonathan, Lombard stn^t 
I'atkes Thomas, St. John street 
Sandland ChaHes, Wade sirecl 
Sandland William, Bacun street 
Smith t'liarles, Tamworth street 
Walker John, Suulford street 

Hind C). W. .Vrrnrv Ogicr, Miir. 

kel place 
Lomai Tlint. ticorn. Bird >I, 
Munran William, Market nluce 

Tlarlow John. Sandfnrd streri 
Stephen " 

!B John, U'adeitrerl 

Bird.luhn, Baker 

harfes, Bakcr'slHur 
Davis I^rouel, Green liill 
FJmcs Thomas, Tamwonh stnvi 
Elnica William, Baker's lanr 
(iilben William, Green hill 
Uouiili John, Bacon street 
Kelr'ton William, Roar sirccI 
Hennev 't^o™**! ^"wi^* *"' 




JcmUm WOUmh, Bow 
Km Aiia» (dMtar) Mai 

Itenlnll SMk, ».«^ 
Mmi Henry, drcilef 
JfeHO TlMNMi» Mom 


8ti Jkilni tCiMl 
gi«etor»k llflo»l.Chw riyn r. 


— ' * TINMBN. 

Wi. BiOMlowiTut itfott 
Wiikfdlr.) Boeonat 
NodkB Jhh% B iBh e r tow 
PmIw ioteilfurfcet street 

Hftjnrood TInhmb, Oreen bill 
Hmmee John, Smadford street 
Nerill Jmmes, LomlNird street 
Rngelejr Breirenr, Jno. Winslow, 
aaent, TuDworih street 
Thompeon John, I>ein street 
Till James (& patten) Market st. 
Worrall Geo. (& patten) Mkt st. 
Bin! Wiilfam, Bacon street 
Barlow Sarah, Oresley row 
Gorton William, Lommird street 
Rnasdl Tliomas, Grange lane 
Smith William, Giesley row 

Bond John, Green hill 
Blakemore Richard, Green hill 
Gilbert George, Green hill 
Gilbert John, Green hill 
Alldritt Geone, Boar street 
Booril Thos. & John, Bacon st. 
Cooper Otom, St. John street 
Cfooiplon William, Frog lane 
Birtiardion & Booth, Dam street 
Walkar Charles, Bacon street 

ABaop William, Boar street 
Beaton Thosnas, Butcher row 
Bradley John, Bacon street 
Brawn John, Sandford street 
Cos D^d, Market street 

frT^mas, Wadettreet I 

HIU WUUam. Maikak atreet 
Hnat John, Tunvoith atreet 
FM Hiffli. Gnaa hlU 
StandlcrlVMua. Tkmworth st 
WfMt WilUaai, BotclMr tow 
BraaiiMlon QjauhtJUy Bird street 
Balll^^Illam, lUrket ateeet 
DennhlaTb. (eaae) Sandford st 
HairiaRiahard, Brendawrkat at 
Pryna WilUaniy Botcher row 
Wakalin Hwdiy Bolefaer row 
Walkor Chanajj Bneoa atreet 


Sm BuiUmn mbo, 
Beedi ThooMa. Bacon alieet 
BhMd Heniy • Baeon aticec 
Bonail Joaapfcy Gay lano 
Bonall Thoana ft Joha, (pump 

SmMh Richard, Baeoa atRCt 
Smith Georrn, Sandford street 
Yates JosMBh, Sandford street 

fBnu9eit, Fenei^Mf tfcj 
Hitchoock ft Snltser, (wool sU- 
piers, worsted spinners, &c.) 

Pengilly William, Tamworth st 
StriplingWilliam, Bird street 
Watain Hannah, Botcher row 

Edwards John. Market street 
Ready Tboe. Tamworth atreet 
Standly William, Boar atieet 
Walton Thomas, Market street 

Taylor Thoa. (old) Tamworth st 
Wefaater William, Bird street 

Heap and Sharratt, St John st. 
Holmea and Bntcher, Wade st. 
Weldhen WUliam, St John st. 
COAL DLRS.— 5<w Wkarfmgrra. 

Allen Thomas, Gresley row 
Holmes Henry, St John street 
Hudson Sarah, Botcher row 
Proaser J. Tamwoith street 
Smith Richard, Boar street 

Hughes John, Lombard street 
Hughes Ralph, Gay lane 
Johnson John, Boar street 
Marshall Thomas. Dam slxe«l 
Meer John, Sandtotd Mxecx. 



Rilev Bobeit, SL John Umt 

Stnwbridn Qto. TMDirorth iL 

B>T)er Jobn, Onmc Iftne 
UoMiB Mill Co. Dud tt. Tboinu 
KeklntOD, milUr I and NeUon 
Donn, ci/ri 
Woodward Qeo. Store Mill 
' Mnh, Tan I 
'illiua, Dbi 
Comoek William, Dam «tnet 
Hunt John, Stom Mrcct 
KrlMll Geonr, 3*na(ord MrMt 
Turaprnnv Elii. Market (treck 

Bridge (rood Geo. Dam atrcct 
WoodroffeWm. (leather dresier) 

Sand ford street 
AUaii, Francis ZftginUm, Tarn- 

Birminnhnm, Tliomas Ruttcr, 

Mjirket »trept 
County, J. Pniflit, Market 5lre« 
filobe, Wm. tartmalp, Slonre (t. 
Koririrh Union, Kirhard Harris, 

Brfad Markft itrwt 
Royal Kicbanitr, EUn-ard Bond, 

Dam atr«et 
Sun, Cliavaaapft Smilli, Boarsl. 

rhillipn Abraham, Bird »lr»*>t 
Blood Jamw. Tamwonh street 

Bannister Uenj. Georite lane 
Kmrry Robert, Dam street 
Morgan Tboa. T. Market street 

AII»n .lamea, fireen liill 
Ashley Thomas, Green hill 
Brook Thotnas, Stowe alreel 
Cuok John, Ore*n hill 
Crtt.» William, Green hill 
Clerk Tbo*. l&nurarryl Bird st. 
Fairlirother John, London road 
Florendine Jph. SI. John sirrel 
Hatl Thnmai, Bacon street 
llidrn John, Bacon street 
GriSith William, Gay lane 
Jackion Saronel, Market itrect 
Johnion iSumai. Green hill 
JiitieHuoJ John, BimiinKhaiD rd. 

Litherland Timothy, St. Jidin iL 
Maddoi Edic. Green hiU 
Maddox Wm. Green hiU 
Mill* Edward, Oram hUl 
Mitchall Thomai, Stom Cottage 
Nichols James, Sandford itreM 
Nichi^ Wiliiaoi, Bacon street . 
Hodgera J. Green hill 
Sadler John, Saadlbrd slreel 
Sedniek Joaeph, Boarairert 
Smitli Hr. & Vim. Greec hill 
Smith John, Green hill 
Wakelin John, Sandford ilrtet 
Walker Richard, Sandford atreet 
Walker WJliam, Sandrord atnct 
Warner John, Greeo bill 
WiUday Gmrge, Sandford atrcet 
IVillday Robert, Bacon atreet 
Allen William, Bird strtet 
Budd Jobn, Tamworth street 
Canmale William. Stowe street 
Gillard William, Boar street 
Inaley Edvard, Market street 
Mallett Thomas, TamiroTth t>t. 
Sherratt John, I A hop & jeeJ 

merchl.l Market street. 
.Smith Ilieliard, Boar street 
Staitdly William, Boar street 
IVilldey, Wm. St. John street 
Wood<rard Ja«. (hop. nxAt, Ac.) 

Market street 
\1'aadvard Thomas, Boar street 

Barlow Jamea, Sandford strrel 
Westwnod llioma*. St. John st. 

Barnes Thomas, Bird ilreet 
Kenton Henry, St. John street 
Fenton Jnho, Bird street 
Godwin IVm. Andrew, Market >t. 
Hitcliini. Henry, Butcher row 
Holland Benjamin, TamwnriliM. 
Plnyfer Hy. Wm. Binl street 
Twyford llary, Bread market st. 

Mari-^ • nrr Itralm aalt,. 

• Clement<i Tliomaa, St. John at 

• Proffitt.Iohn, Market street 
Trigfi Samuel, sen, St. John at. 
Trigg Samuel, Bread market st. 
Trigg Thomas, Bird street 

Bayley J ' 



UJd Crown Inn, B«nJ. udllm, 

Manscll, Boiir street 
Qurcn'B Mmil. Gear^ Shinu&n, 

(horM* & canto bin) Bonr it. 
Robin Hood, J. i'^re, S*. John st. 
StNB mod Cniwn, Wm. Wlieal- 

iey, Bird iircet 
Eoy>l Oak, Jobo Sadler, Sandy- 


DoMUa; Hm. DnbMt, Boar M. 
D«kc«( VMk.llio*. Hajrwood, 


Oakm ol WclHagton, LfdU Sum- 
— i fc i d, Birauagham road 

Fiwtiln. TV. Cougb, Bacon it. 

G«DTfc Hold, Bobert Sharp, 

Gfois* «ad Dragim, luac Bnb- 
Un^ BamBBtTEct 

Gao^BlV., Geo. Alldiitt, Boar 

Head, MaiKint Slater, 
1 market Mreet 
Ktuu. Kalhcrlne Hitcb- 
luaua, Gnalej'TOw 
HoUr Bnah, Jno. Pickering TVm- 

Horse asd Joekef, Jobn Mea- 

cham, Sandford itreet 
Eibk'* Aimt, 'Hiamai Stringer, 

TSmwonk (IrMt 
1^*1 Head Idd, TIum. Fbili 


L— ■■ Tree, tlanb Whitakcr, 

IiVnI'NdMn, ThomM Robeiti, 
(Im crier} SL John itreet 

Imt'-Madmcj, Gvsrgt GriBti, 

JtaU Sboral, Jaun Khingler, 

Hamiior Ancletea, Sar. Kicb- 

tf wb wn ,- St. Joba alrert l 

MUn, If. Bmriil, TMinworth at. ' 

SwtM Holai, T. Draa, Bird it. 

IWbot IiB, Abb Jobh, Bird it. 

TillT-ko, im. NatoTwwU st. 

TkBkard, Jp. ShtBr, Saadfodit. 

Three Crowni Inn, Joaeph Cato, 
Market pla(« 

Thice Tuna, Geo. E\j, Sandy- 

Turk^i Head, Jane Goodwin 
Sand ford ilrett 

Wtnon and Uortei, Geo. Bur- 
tun, Gmn, hUl 

Wfacat abett, ;Jdo. Gough, Bird 

n'bcel, John Benton, Bacon st. 

White Lion, Darid Wood, Gal- 
lowi wbarf 

Windaor Caatle, Willian Moore, 
Dam itrrct 

Wool pack, Wm.Simnett, Boar sc 

Anchor, TImb. Baker, New road 

Bear, Robt. Onrn, Bacon atreet 

Board, Heary Gesilen, Birming- 
ham road 

Blue C«ck, JaMCtHucher, Grrs- 

Bluc Han,Ja8.Brooka,St.Jolin st. 
Blue Bell, John Horton, Gay In. 
BlueBoar, J. Burton, Orevn hill 
Boot, John Acton, Stowe slreet 
BrJcklayen' Anna, Wm. Smith, 

Eigbl Belli, Tboa. Walton {lei- 

lon.) Stowe itteet 
King William, UaDiel Proudiiiau, 

Green bill 
Muaona' Armi, FraacU Middle - 

Ion, Bnicim tow 
I-auI Pry,E.\VoWttn,SwwlV«tii\. 


Plough, Ti. Sbcrntl, Granrr In. 
Scotfi Armi, F. B. WaSelin, 

Sprad Eulc, Thoi. lliorsckie. 

VwTree.Wm.SbarTod, Burton 


Marktd'BnaltaBmim, Lack- 

millu, Bta Hamper; ift. 

• AclOD Cimria, Miirlcet itrccl 
•HkllMrdWilluoi.Miirkct place 
Morgan Tho*. Thynne, Mrkt. >t. 

• Piake John, Market atrcet 

' Rulter Thoaaa, Markelstreet 

• Taylor Win. St. John ilreel 

JOINERS— S« B»iLtm. 
SvhicTiKlitn. at tlie News Kuom, 

Mu-kel (tmt 
Goodwin Samh, Bird ilreel 
Sliaw ilenrietle, ^l. John atreet 
Mander N. & W. St. John atrerl 
Mnr:>liiill Jnarnli, Bin! Mrrct 
Newbury & W rliKler. Bird Mreet 
Salt nnd Dahon. Dam Mrrct 

Bind John, Rrren 1i<l 
BoDd Chartea. Bird ■! 
Coxon John.Gnenhi 

OreeDhtiigh Rithnrd, Bbmd rI. 
Hnwkiai Juaeuh, Bacon gtreet 
Hawksvortfa Jaa. (& com & hup 

merchant,) FroKmorlon at. 
Higgina Wm. T. Tamworll. at. 
Keiuiedy Geontr. Tamworlli *(. 
NrriU James, Umburd alreet 
Riddell Cliar'cs. Lomtard street 
Sniilh Francia, Lombaid 6 1 reel 
Tooth Richard, Si. John atreel 

Willdey Chnrlrs, Lombard atrfpl 

and Gran DP fiirDi 
Wilday Gporye, Bacon Mrwl 
Wnollry James, Hoar slrett 
Clendon Marsarct, Boar itntt 
Daffeni Eliubelh, Bacon atreet 
Greenimitfa Ann, Marktt itreet 
OHBlh Smaa, Market itreet 
lUerrt Ana, Batr Mrtet 
Tom/fyM»ry. Urradmaiket M 

Halker Hind^nrket place 

Batkin Willi , 

Jarkaon William, Baron atreet 
Moore RobL Upper SI. John il- 
Nicholi Jno. fjt fiildFr) Mrkt. al. 
Riley M^irtam, Bacon atreet 
Stanley Jiihn. TamwnrlL sirci-l 
Slrinfrer t'hai. Edw. Uam »tr«rt 
Neweyliaac, IJamJiirJ milti (&^ 

aUtioner.Tam worth atmt) 

Maitn alte. 
Willcox Bamaby, Taniworth >l 

Rawaon James C. Hoar atreet 
Rowley Tbnnaa. Freeford col- 
lage, and Sandlield Aayliim 
Ward Uiier, Market atreet 

Sum men Edward, Bird Bireet 

Adie Thnmaii, Boar ktreel 
Perka William, Boar street 
Wiiod John, Tam worth street 
U'uocll^rld George. Item street 
WurlhingUin Tlios. Si. John at. 

nmwn Thoiiia*, Market street 
Gillard William, Boar street 
Inxley F.dw. Mariielotrei-l 


Chinn Henry, 1-jni. (t'liapter 

clerk., Tlie Close 
Cliinn T>. Butler, Fmi- Bacon il. 
Mutt Jidin. Ksa.. Hep. Itei[i>trtir 

The ChifP 
Hhite Thcs. Va-i. The ^lo^e 

HoH'is Joneph. I^nnhard slrecl 

Purden Thiw. & Co. Bird itreet 
Smith John, Market itrert 
Smith Daniel. Sanillont streel 
Stringer William, Butcher niw 
Walker Tliomas, Rinl street 

BrrreHfiird Samuel, liomhard M. 
Bird William, Baron street 
Brooks Jamei. Si, John street 



-^ * "^ 

,,t ,B, I, ItwwiftHil rtrast 
Uvari, SMdtodtttvec 

fcifflBLB MASONS, 
9 St* Joka itfMC 


Mm MwlMt itrret 

Moo» Smky Oral«7 tow 
Wildnr Mn. St. John street 

Allport John, Market street 
Biaghiun Cbarles, Boar street 
Chawner Cbarles, I>«n street 
Hewitt Halford Wotton, Boarst. 
LishiuB RicluL WilsoD, Bosir st 
Monem Sunoo, Boar street 
JUmrked * mreaito Drapers. 
Bamard Wm. ft Rd. St. John st. 
Bayky Robert, Bird street 
BowB nomas. Market street 
Dana WUIiam, Bacon street 

* Eatrf Mid, Bird street 

* FairbniCher Henry, Dam street 

* Ganatt John, Boar street 
Jabd Peter. Sandford street 
Jdumm Edw. Green hill 
Larkia WiUiaa, Tamworth st. 
Middleton John, Market street 
OibonwWai Stowe street 

^. Salt Samnei, Sandford street 

* ftMhaas Ocone, Market street 
Wakdia FraacisRobert, Dam st 
WanaU William, Dam street 
Wi^hiJaho, St. John street 

* WSht John. Wade street 

XallMttluNi. Tamworth street 
Bkciiatt Ji^B. Market ntreet 
SaitfcBlchard, Tamworth street 
John Debpp^, Stowe 


vse vf9ctt9 ana* 
Blood Jsti, l^mvortk atreet 
OoRiaa JoKak, l^uaworth street 
Voaky Jaa. {trrg.) Wada street 

Harper Robarl, (A chair mkr.) 

Xmub streak 

MooB H iMMfy, Otwilay row 

Jin GaMaaf Hiirri ate. 
Araokl Joaapk Xuawartk street 
B mJmt Jaaa, Battterow 

BoUaaOD Jdka^HaM Aicet 
Sklpli^ThoaMa* Wadt atreet 

7%mM • mrt mim Mmm mid Bell 


Slater William, Boar atccet 
StripUng Thoa. ft Wm. Bird st. 

* Tboraeloe Chaa. Tamworth st. 

* Vale Wm. Edward, Boar street 
Whitehouse Saml. Bird street 

Brawn John & Rd. (coal, lime, 
& timber merchants,) Bir- 
mingham road 
Palling CapLHy. (coal,) Bir- 
mingham road ; h. Bacon st. 
Robinson Thoa. Sl^ John'a wharf 
Wood David, Gallows wharf 

Beckett George, St. John street 
Blood Henry, Baooa street 
Hall Thoa. St. John atraet 
Harrison Thoa. Green hiU 
Hedding Henry, Green hill 
Skelton John, Sandford street 
Si€ aim Br09i*rtf Sfc 
Deny Ann, GreakyRow 
Smith Henry, Bird street 
Charade ft Sautk, Boar atreet 
Dodson James. Baooa street 
Hall Thoa. (Britiab wine,) Tam- 
worth street 
Hewitt Hy. Horatio. Baeoa st. 
Jackson William, Bird atreet 
Greene Daniel, (yam,)Leamoc«> 

ley mill 
Hitchcock & SttUu^Tone^uiVA 




Tlltif m^JHd ; nmmUenalelt 

fimillu OtTgt 4- S»t» HbIiU. 

• llaJMiriiL to LoodoD, athalf- 

p«it 7 morning, ud to Lircr- 

MiUt, to CUnter and Roty- 
head, (froin the OcoTgc,) through 
Sta^ri, Ac. at ID moniiitg, aad 
to LoDdoD, at4 afteraoon. 

■ The TtltgrapH, to ShaffleM 
and Nottingham, at 12 Doon, and 
to Birmingbam, at 7 arcDiog, 
(except Sunday.) 

Tlie Exprta, to Mancheater, 
(from the Geor^,) at a quarter 
before II morniiig, and to Bir- 
■niriEhaiii, at half-past 5 ereoing. 

The Erprai, to Lirerpool, 
(froni the Kwan,) at H moinins, 
and (o London, at 3 mominir. 

The ^niiif, from the Talbot, 
to Sheffield and Leeds, at a qaar- 
ter before 9 morning, and to Bir- 


The TVue Blur, from the King'a 
Head Inn, to Birmingham, at B 
morning, aad to Rugeley, at 6 
eirning, dally, except Sunday. 

The l/apirr. from the Lord 
Nelion, to Loudon, every nigbt, 
ricept Sunday, at 10 1 and to 
~ from (he Swan, at 

h»ir-past G luoi 

Lmdon Raad. 
iwley. Hickling, and Co'a 
>ats, to WoIrerhamptOD 

Manchcilcr, LlveqMMl, London, 
&e. erery Tueaday, Friday, aad 
Sunday nigfau. 

Smith and Soifa vcMela, ooce 
a week, to BuitoD-oit'Trcnt, and 
□thera occaaioaally to all parta 
of the Kingdom. 

Fnim Unrntky mar/, 3 milea 
from Lichfield, Pickford it Go's, 
reaaela to oil parla of the Kingdom 

CARalKRS By VAN, &c. 
Whtmttnft'i Vm, from the 
Dolphin, to Walrall, &c. Wed- 
nesday, Friday, and Saturday, 
at 2 taamiag; and to Derby, 
Sheffield, &c. Tnesday, Thun- 
<Iay, and Saturday. 

Taeoday, at 12 noon, and to 
Birmingban, Wed. at 12 nighi. 

Barton, John Price, foot piial, 
from the Angel, II morniog, 
daily; and William Geary, from 
the Oosta Head, Friday, half- 
Birmingham, Thomsa Cork. 
St. John street, Wednesday and 
Saturday, at 12 ; aniljohn Wake- 
Geld, Tamwortb atreet, every 
Wednesday and Saturday, at 5 
morning; and John Shacklct, 
Turk'a Bead, every Monday, 
Tbunday, and Satnnlay at 1 mg. 
Birmingham, Edward Bate*, 
King'a H^; andjpb. Boanrd, 
I.ord Nelaon, erery Wednetdiy 
evening, and to Rugeley ai>d Ut- 
toietOT, every Monday morning 

Burton, from the Dolphio, 
John Danty, Friday, 4 aft. 

Needwood Foreat, from the 
King'a Head, the Poatmao, daily, 
at 12 noon. 
Kugeley, J ph. Hallam, Goat's 
I Head, Friday, 6 ereaing. 
I L'tlOMl«r, lee Birmingham. 


On OM (MnfMd p.) 


t ><Mi t i M l iiii t Punli^l MM ftiUmatitU tote atet^nlilCT. 

SEIBDON, tbe imillMt, bat one of tfaa mott popnloQ: 
init otBflhTdabtrt, form* t&e lODth-WMtem foi^oi 


cnuntj; boondedon theicfifby Shmpshirt, on ihe lorlh bv ibc 
Cutilnton Huadred,onihenuf byrheOfflowHaDdredandtwu 
detached portinoB of the COD Dlici nf Worcester a^ Salop, and on 
the »outh by Woreettenhire ; sarroanded bv whlni latter county 
ft haiasmaU isolated member, comprising the pari sbea of Broom 
and Cleot. It has its name from Ihe hamlet of Seisdon, Dear 
Tryahull, and is intersected by the Staffordshire nnd Worcct- 
tershire canal, which has numerous branches to Dudley, Wal- 
sall, Birmingham, &c. It is rirfa in those mineral treasures, 
coal, ironttone, lime, and fneHtinf, and is celebrated for its 
extensive miatt and iron Korki, and for the manufacture of 
loekt, boUt, kingeittragt, iterltog*, and a great variety of other 
article*. In imn, aleel, and other metal. Itssoulh-eastenl liniils 
also partake of the bustle and prosperity created by Ihe exten- 
sive ala** worka in the vicinity of Dudley and Stoarnridge, both 
of n^icb towns are in WorMstershire, though the former is 
wholly, and Ibe latter nearly, surrounded by Slaffordshire. — 
Wolverhampton, the largest Inwn in the county, may be called 
the espilal nf ibis populous Hundred, which presents a great 
diversity of soil and scenprj-, and eontains eignieen panshes, 
and a pm-tion of two olliers, of which the preceding table is bd 
enumeration, sboH-ing the annunl value of the lands and build- 
tTifat, ssBs^iesscd for the property tax in 1813, and the number of 
inhabitants in fach parochial division, at the four last dcoenninl 
[leriodB ol the Parliamentary census. 


Woi.VEHHAMPTov, the most populous market town in Slaf- 
fiirdBliire, and one of the mw borovgka created by Ibe Kefortn 
Bill, is a place of considerable antiquity, though nothing is ic- 
oord<'d concerning its history till the year 9it6, «hen the pious 
ff'ii//rtina, relict of Althel'm, Uuke of Northampton, built 
and endowed a monastery or college here. Previous to thai 
period, its name uas simply Hampton; but it then be^ian to 
be diMinguished by the appellation of irulfrtme't hafaf/ton, 
'ince inoditied or cuiTuptcd into the term Wolverhampton. 
Though not remarkable for the beauty nf its streets and buijd- 
ingo, ttiiil though seated in the heart of the great midland min- 
ing di^Ii'ii't, surrounded by extensive coal and imn nurks, anil 
having within its own limi'tii, as well as in the adjacent villugcs, 
a cent variety nf sooty manuliictorieB, the town is very salu- 
brtout nnd picturr^tjuc ; being situated upon the summit and 
' a bold tininciice, (kirtvd Uv numerous eardens 

•■ ■ -' -- - Aiiis.f 

o Ibt 


windi. ikmi wbal nmwkm Stttm mmb frimi Iha iiiiiiet» he. are 
faMUv dimvMl " JI.9. ni 58 4«f« aO bub. north btitude, 
mi 9 M* |3 t^^^mtLymfitad^hpuk thm mtMam of Green- 
vM, mi mmSn^. US . niltt NpW^ by W. of JUmdoD, J4 
arito N.W. by W. of BiratelMs 1€ aite 0. of fitaJEard, 16 W.ofLiafaMd, 6 niloe W.byS. ofWakall, 
mU 38 miln 8. by K. of the Potteriei. Tbo P^Bite it Mid to 
bt ao ]«• tii«i 30 ailao in eivoaoifSnrenot^ but aeverol of its 
wtamkmrm lit ^otMwd fruio the net, md hsfe been oaoozed to 
il !■ ■ m w rt iii tlom m pribnoih iif ilii 1 ullnilef ■ nhiiriili It 
IM tonriMhipiy which oxitnd into three of the Hod- 

of 8lBi(MrdihirOy tad eonteia a a eo a lea tf aa wbidb, since 

1801. faM iacraeaed fro« 84^6^ to 48^184 eoole, as bat 

at MO 183. The kmiuki^ ^ ^obmkimpUm, 

toara aad oboat 3^000 aane of knd, con- 
hokf of thii popalatioa, hariaff angmented 
Iha aoahar^il ite inbiUtMta, dariag tba hat 30 yoen, from 
U^MS to MiSraS eook. The weetem portioa ^of it is in the 
D mmu§ aiaaer, of wbicb the Dake of CiorelaBd ia the lessee 
lord, aad the remaiDder is in the manor of Btow-hbath, 
which oom piis a a the whole of Bilstoa and part of Willenhall. 
The Dnke of Sutherland and T. W. Oifturd, Esq. are joint 
kwda of the latter. The other princifwi oumen of land and 
boikiinfB ia the township are John Gougfa, Henry Uordem, 
and Francis Holyoake, Esqrs. and Miss Hinckea. The town is 
governed, onder the eoonty magistrates, by two constables, 
who^ with several other omcers, are appointed yearly at tbe 
Coart Leets held for each manor. Tbe Borouoh, as defined 
bv the Reform Bill, includes the townships of Wolrerbampton, 
Itilston, Wednesfield, and Willenhall, and tbe parish of Sedge- 
ley; and its aamber of yoTKRs registered in Oct. 1833, was 
1749 ; of whom, B47 were in Wolverhampton, 362 in Bibton, 
188 in Willenhall, 38 in Wednesfield, and 383 in Sedgeley. 
Tbo first candidates for the honour of representinff this borough 
ia Parliament were, Fras. Holyoake and Wm. Woolrich Whit- 
more^ Eaqrs. in the Torv interest, and John Nicholsoo and Rd. 
Fryer, Esqrs. on the side of the Reformiata. After a violently 
eaatosted election, durinr which the military were called in, 
bat happily no lives were lost, the poll clbsed Dec. 14th, 1832, 
wbaa die votes stood as follows :— For Whitmore, 850 ; Frver, 
810 ; Holfoake, 657 ; and Nicholson, 358. Tbe number of 
folfed was 1483. The head constable is the returning 

^Tha lAaafitm of Wohforhamptony bein|^ nearly in tbe centre 
of Eaglaad, in the midst of exbaustless mines of coal and iron- 

London to Ireland, 
lire. ; together with 

na annnarity to navigable eanniSj which afford a cmiv«iv\%tv\. 
waoAJhttho cooveyttace of merchaodisa to iha cViVftlAo^'tv^ vcv^ 


tot-aoitt, mrt til advintigm of the highest importance m re- 
nrdi ita commerciKl dealings. The BirminghuD Cuul, which 
form! K junction with the SUffardihire and Worcettenhire 
Canal* at Autbcrlcy. and with the Wyrlejr and Exiagton Ca- 
oalt at Honley field, paste* the outsliirti of about Iwu-third* 
of the town ; and thus a water com municvti on is opened with 
moil parts of the kingdnm. 

JklANUFACTriHEi. — The diitioction which Wolverhampton 
obtained in earlv ticoes from the skill and ingenuity of its arti- 
sans, particularly in the making nf locks, it atill pre-emiaently 
retains ; but it is not in the magnitude of this liranch of irade 
alone that its consequence now consists ; for it baa long been 
celebrated for the manufacture of almott every article in the 
ironmongery line, and other goods of which iron, steel, bras?, 
and tin, are the component materials. Amongst ita staple erli- 
ciei may he enumerated, locks and keys of every description ; 
hinges, latches, bolts, Hcrews, axes, hateheti, hammen, vices, 
pincers, gimblcts, braces and bits, coffee and malt mills, man 
and Termin tjvps, lire irons, box irons, spectacle frames, &c. 
he. and tine eteel lovs ; under which latter name are included 
cork-screws, snuilers, nutcrackers, niapers, plyers, tweezer?, 
buckles, watch-chains, &c. &c. Aonlner important branch of 
manufaclure here is sheet tin and iron japanned wares and 
papier-muchr articles, for which the town has long bad a per- 
manent and extensive demand, both for home and foreign sup- 
ply; — bclne celebrated for Iha'pruduction of the most eleeant 
and expensiri' lea Irnys, cBd<lie<i, wailers, bread baskets, plate 
warmers, &c. To these may be added, a great variety of bra^e 
enicloii, u'liich pi^'e employment to a coiiiiderable number of 
wnrkini'n. Here is alMi an extensive chfinicHl claborator)', tor 
the nianufscture of oil of vitriol, aquafortis, (ilauher and Kpsum 
salts, aud every other chemical prpparation connected niln me- 
dicine and munufairtures. The town has likewise t'.vo large 
mills for spinning worsted, and a variety of other manufactur- 
ing establishments, as wilt be seen in ttc subjoined Uireclorv. 
As a proof of the earlv ceiebritv of the i.ot k^miths of this 
town, we quote the woiJs of Dr.' Ploll, who, in his History of 
Staffordshire, published in \&iH, savs — ■' The greatest excel- 
lency of the blacksmiths' profession tliat 1 could hear of in this 
county lies in their making locks fordoorcs, wherein the arii- 
sani iif M'ulvcrhampton seem to be preferred to all others, they 
maWinp llieni in sali-f, six, eight, or more in a wrfc, according 
ns the cliupinan bespeaks Ihem ; whereof the keys shall neither 
of tihcrn open each other's lock, yet on a ni(isfrr'it«; shall open 
them all; ^a llal these lockx being set upon the doom of a 
hou«-, and (lie infrriuT kfys kept by distinct tervant', iho' 
Dfilher of thern can come at each other's charge, yet the miitler 
cMn ciimv at them nil, and by luintng his key in aiiy of the lock; 
• Oftacd P(T. I6lh. i;7il. 1 hn 0»Uiw.A«iVWl 

but mkm-mitrmtMamijk' 1tf t\ ip i w mM iimm9kfm cttinot come at 
l3U^9htrg% n^«mt «li|Ar fM Wiot ipbll Us Itiq^ or ihe lock 
faf«iiwf»wirtf-tt; IbrUirmertlMmasttr-keThMffiTen the 
Uiitmmit u m d l 5h» iiW only m nmnd in it biekwird and for- 
db^ withMrt fWiir rt B^i ily it or pngodioeinf it ih snvtliing:. 

aM««rio«i u^ 1^ In MkHTwicy timt ^tfj can ooolritre a 
•o Hiat tbo anrtfror y i i tim of a Cfeniljt tendlnf a ser- 

Hiif Mo tboir eloifla, oidber wiUi tbo aiartor-koT» or (if they 
i^y it ailinliMior -kay,) witli tbolr oirri^ can certatnly teU by the 

, 4*4l^ BMli^tiMai Aat oirfnnt baa boon in, at any distance 
Mkfm m hoir aaapy tinas tba look bai baen tbbt for a whole 
ym0fBmillMf; awna of thorn baing nada to atew it 300, 500, 
ar'liw ton ; aay» ono of tba obiof arodkmen of tbo tovrn told 
ata^ lb aMHtfMkaono that aboaldtbow it 10,000 timet. Far- 
Wr^^V^mi Ml of a Tery flao look, nrnda in this town, sold 
fcrWfaitliHtotkadasatof <Jtowa» in it, that wbnld g:o at 
aWlNitfMlVMBtar sboold tbbk lit. And tbaso k>eks they 
aMW iMiair 4flb brass or iron tKums, so enrioosly polbh't, and 
tba^ kaya, ab fiaaly wrouffbt, that ^tis not reasonable to think 
ibar warn aser azeeeded, unless by Tubal-Caint the inspired 
artffioer tn btass and iron." Pitt, in more modem times (1817«) 
says, Mmi iMlrft chains have been made here of the iralae of 20 
goiaaasaacb, buckles, at 10 to 15 guineas a pair, and not un- 
Qsoally 9%ecTd Mis st 50 guineas «ach. 

MARKnTS, Fxias, Raors, 8tc, — The market held every 
Wadnasday, is well supplied with provisions and live stock ; 
cattia aad borses are exposed in the Horse-fair, and sheep and 
BwkuB in pndiay-street. As in other large towns, here is also 
a marlcat on Saturday, for meat, vegetables, &c. Here is 
likawisa a Ittrsa annual Fair, which commences on the iOth 
of Joly, and may, according to the charter of the 42nd of 
Honry III., bo continued for eight days,, viz. the eve and day 
of rtbe Apostles Peter and Paul, and the six succeeding days'; 
bat If it begins on a Wednesday, it generallv closes on the l^a* 
tovday afler. On the two first fttir days mere are extensive 
s kew s o£ cattle and horses. The Raoss, which are held an- 
flaaBy on the Broad Meadows, on the nearest Monday, Tues- 
day, and Wednesday, to the 12th of August, were established 
iaf 1885, and are liberally patronised by many of the nobility 
anig anUj of tiia. county; conseouently tbey nave already ob'- 
tSHwd n bigb reputation among tne admirera of the turf. The 
a la l3 ania in circuit, and for flatness of surfisce and fioe- 
a£ aad. ia anrivalled. The Orand Stand is admirably 
and has all tiie appearance of the conservatories of 
ooTMhifi^^pon a grand scale; the refrasbmant and assem- 
b^pr'fOMM, and tba orehestra, are all in a similar good taste, ft 
waaaraolad by sahscription in 1827f from a plan by Mr. Vul- 
Kaiiy* . Tba Tutenhall Wake, held on the ftrst Sm^daN ^t\^ 
If onda/ otter Old Michuelmati day, has, with \\% V>TUlaV ^^ot\ 


nfball bailing, extended itself to WnlvcrhatnptOD. This crnd 
(■port, which bu been abaliibrd in ilmoct every t>th«r coantj, 
still pT«Tstl( at minr of the village trakea of Stafbrdtfaira^ 
eapecialty in the miniag diiirict; but we iru>t it will not Invf 
be tolented in this populous town, where (he cuttntn is wd to 
have origiDited some yesrs »go in a mob of the Wolveriiamp- 
lon artisans, wbo stole the Tetttnhall hull far the purpoao df 
bailing him here. 

ArrciKHT Customs. — Among ibe curious lool custonm 
which prevailed here till about 17<i5, was that called pRoGkM- 
niOHiKo, on the Alonday and Tueaday in Rogation week, 
when, we are informed by Shaw, " Tbe Sacnst, reaideoc 
Prebendariea, and membera uf the choir, asienibled at morn- 
ing pr«yen, wilh the charily childt«o bearing long poles, 
decked wilh all kinds of flowen then iuseatoo, and which were 
afterwards carried through the streets of the town wilh much 
solemnity, tbe clergy, singing-men, and boj's, dressed in their 
ancred restinents, closing the procession, and chaunliog in a 
grtft and appropriate melody the Canticle, Benedicite, om- 
nia opera. Sec. This ceremony probably had its origin in the 
Roman offerings of the Prinoiti*, from which {after being ren- 
dcred conformable to our purer wonhip,) it was adopted by the 
first Chrialians, and handed down, through a succession ol agea 
to modem times. 'I'he idea H'u*, no doubt, that of returning 
thankn to (9od, bv whose good ne«s the face of nalutewasre- 
novsiled, and fresh means provided hr the Busteoance and cotn- 
fbrt ol his creatures.'' Another obsolete cuslnm (*avs tbe 
same author.) was " Ihe annual pnicesaiun on the 9ih at July, 
(Ihc eve of the great fair,) of men in antique armour, preceded 
by musiciaiiB, playing tbe Fair-tune, and fullowed by (lie 
sipward of Ihe deanery manor, ibe peace officers, and many 
of the principal inhabitants. Tradition say« this ceremony 
originated at the time when Wolverhampton was a great em- 

r-ium of wool, and resorted to hj merchants of the staple 
m all parts of England. The necessity nf an armed force lo 
keep peace and order during tbe fair, (which is said to have 
bated fourteen days, but the charter aavi only eight,) is not 
improbable. The men (twenty in number) were furnished by 
the proprietors of the burgage- houses, (one from each burgage,) 
who had likowiM, in rotation, ibu aooual nppoiniinent of the 
bailiff <^ the i^taff, whose office vva to preside oi-er and receive 
the tolli of (he market. This custom at walking the fair, as 
it was called, was first omitted about the year 17^1." Tbe 
boundarie* of the township and pariah, are in many places 
marked by what are termed Gasprl Trrct, from the eiistom of 
having the go»pel read under them by the clergyman who at- 
tended (he parochial pei'umbulHtions j those near Ibe town be- 
'"g' "/'«> iJHieJ by (he procetnontrt when that ceremony w« 

woLVwrnOAmrrati. 169 

Watbs, Icc.^Dr. PlaCty (A.D. 1686^ Myi *< tiMre are bat 
Ibur iresk springi to wvply m lufa a toini, which rite alto- 
gether behind Hm CaekTiniy (ao that they may be eateemed but 
jm onej barinr d i ff e im t namea approinriated to Uieir respective 
«aw, aa the AdMrnf-weU^ the Hmrmhwdl^ the H^itMng-toell, 
and the JfeslHoelf, mm whieh laet they feteh all their water 
which they nie for aMat aad drink all over- the town, in g^reat 
InAer badgeta or borraeia, laid acroea a horae ; and they brine^ 
to the other three their tripea, honea, and linen." Tbeaewelb 
are new known by the name of the Town Wella, and supply 
a anit c^ eold ta£r. The town was for many yeara supplied 
\j the w«ter*#orks belonnoir to Dr. Wilkea; but tbe defi- 
emcy aHaded to by Plott has long been remedied by aumer- 
ostt wafc, eank a great depth throoffh the solid rock on which 
tkoitoWBlahdU; and to these may lie added a dear and pow- 
wM sMiMr«Hed the OmkMt whtoh is one of the aoarces of 
the HWraer 'Anatoli and Ilea near the to#n on the Wed- 
BeaHeMraad; also an ancient arebed well at Windham's hill, 
called My-o- fFoods ff^eli. A medicinal ^ning at Chapel Asb^ 
noticed by Dr. Wilkes, another called tbe Spa Well, near Soow 
hitly a third at Monmore green, and a fourth called 8t. Lavir. 
fence's Well, (all now aiiknown or fiilleo into disuse,) are men- 
tioned by Shaw, <17^>) ae el^o is <he floe sjpring at DunstslI, 
* which in oldeo time was much frequented oy that noble Lady 
Wnlfirana, as tradition says, being yet called fruffruna''$ M^eli" 
The that steam engine that raised any considerable quantity of 
wafer waa set up for the purpose of draining a mine on the 
WalsaH road, about half a mile from Wolverhampton. '* On 
the 82nd of April, 1590, a viaa broke out in Barn-street, (now 
talop*strvet,) which burnt 104 dwelling-houses and 30 barns, 
with a considerable quantity of corn; the fire wasnoteztin- 
lalahed till the 27th." 

ImpboVbmbnts, Sec. — Before the general andSowrs of tbe 
covntry around Wolverhampton, in the early part of the last 
eestoty, the adjacent lands consisted of five open fieltU^ called 
Broad meadow. Windmill field, Horseley field, Windhom field, 
1feli4 Ahlow field ; tbe latter being so designated from a great 
lum or twmulue^ near Graiseley brook. Willenball, Wednes- 
Mdy Bilston, and the villages on the eastern side of the town, 
( Hiin then situated iu the midst of common fields ; but inclosures 
'/ in Tettonhall and other places on the western side, seem to 
Ipit idken place at a much earlier period. Tbe now highly 
prbd i ic tl fe land called tbe Broad meadows and Whitmore reins, 
VMy'ifl the 16th century, litde better than a morass, and on 
iMO^iit of Its poverty, distinguished by tbe name of the Hungry 
'" ' The ola 7Wn-i/a//,* an ancient building which stood 

Tks SM Toim-HsU to dncrlbcd ia the set of 1777i M ** a ^nrv WM^^cax. Yk>vv\^- 
fa»wffarpvi of wbkb If ued «• tbe Msaoff Comi-ltoaat. «&4 ^\»o «» ^ 
t^ootf md tfw.aa4w psftosBilflB eC botdMBtf dMips wA »iiLUf)iV« 



io the centre of the Market-place, waa taken down soon after 
the patting' of an act, in 1777f for improving the town,, and re- 
moring Tariout nuitancet and encroach men tt. During the 
lati twenty years, many salutary alterations and improvements 
have been made in the town, onder the powers of another Aci 
nf Parliament^ pasted in 1814, for improving the town, regp- 
lating the markets, Sfc. Sfc, Unseemly buildings and other ob- 
structions have been removed, in various parts of the town, at 
a vast expense, and fine openings have been made to the Market- 
place and some of the streets, which were before close and con- 
fined. Numerous other changes, embraced in the act, are 
contemplated by the commissioners ; and indeed there it still 
much for the hand of improvement to effect, especially in the 
old partt of the town, where the streets are many of them nar- 
row and irregularly built ; but in the outskirts, many new and 
tolerably spacious streets have been formed during the last 
twenty years, and io the surrounding environs severalhandsome 
villas have been raised. Of late years, too, '' new and spacious 
ROADS, leading to the town, have been opened, and others en- 
larged, levelled, and made straight, under the most forbidding 
circumstances; mountains of solid stone have been dug through 
to the depth of fifty feet, to form new and easy roads, and val- 
lie9 have been raised in the same proportion, to correspond 
with them.*' In 1821, the town was hrst lighted with Gas, 
from th6 works in Horseley-field, which have two gasometers, 
CHcli capable of holding 17)000 cubic feet of gas, which is sold 
to the consumers at the rate of 12s. per 1000 cubic feet. In 
the Market-place stands a handsome cast iron pillar^ surmounted 
by a remarkably large gas lantern, which, in the dark nights 
ni winter, sends its brilliant light round the space below, and in 
the day serves as an ornamental feature of the town. 

ViKWs. — The western side of the Collegiate churchyard 
commands an extensive prospect of rich and luxuriant scenery; 
and a little to the southward is Goldthorn hill, commanding 
from its lofty summit views of incomparable beauty and magni- 
ficonce. In the foreground is seen a cultivated and well wooded 
country of great extent, and in the line of the horizon, Malvern 
hills, feredon hills, the three Clee hills, and the Wrekin, are 
distinctly visible. In a clear day, the Caradoc hills, in Shrop- 
shirp, may be distinguished, and far beyond them many of the 
princijial mountains in North Wales. 

('ivii. Wars ano Ancient Famimks. — Wolverhampton 
Ho«»8 not appear to have had any considerable share in the poli- 
tical <»vprits of the kingdom, till the commencement of thoao 
laial iuiitentions between the prerogatives of the Crown and the 

tir.iitn " I'hr 4ite twlongs to the Comminionen of the Improvenent Act, wlu> 

r(t/lect attHMge tbeteoo otk every Wednctday market; but no toi/«or ttoUrngt are 

pmid on the Saturday in any pait of the MaT\i«tr^p\»iee« thou«h the Icnee lord U 

the JtTircTy wMXiOT recently inade sa uBMioccMCuVaUvGK^XtocDtMXft ^ 

#ifvilciifc9 of I^iVimbM^ 'te'ttonyni ot CkftflM !•' On the 
Mr ^ocecedinc !&• iMfli^^AfHilplMlMatb/iMtfBMbrd, which 
wiSb ibogbt Mardi IM, IMS, this tchm w» triieD pcMMsticm 
ttTbj the PuliuMntary fnvw imder Sir Wb. Brtrelcm, who 
Itfret the lUhywlD^ aecowit of !!• ea]>tDr« .— **MyMlfe, lieote- 
atet coiDoBeU Hopkioa, and captaina Jaekaoo, tooka oat my 
Qnaope of b^Mraa, md three eonpanyea of my dragooaaa, and 
went to Wolforliaaiptoo. which towna we eotartd ahoot three 
off the doeka lo the flMmingOi without any op p ori ti en or renist- 
aace; the frcafaat BDaHgnanta were iad ; tboae tlmt reaoaiDed 
waie aamofiooed aad appaarad^ and their annaay whereof wee 
htooght two or tfiree cart loadea, and aoma oaonoo balleits, 
CNmb Mr. FoKe*a lbr||eay aad the noolda which made those 
MMli» which were inteBded for Lichfield^ all* which were 
h tw ughl lala Stafbrd ; reaervioge the ranaooieaBd eompoaitiont 
tff the towae far aome more aeaaooaUa opportonit?, when the 
|ireafahiid ridh men are retoroad.'* A ww OMmttia after, we 
fed bit Majattjr was here, and tent a letter to the magistrates 
of Lichfield, directine the citiaens to send their arms, &c. to 
the royal standard at Nottingham, and dated '* att our Coart at 
Wolverhampton, this 17th of August, 1642/' On May 16tb, 
16^ the head quarters of Prince Rupert were here, and the 
King lay at Busnbury ; and on the I6th of June following, im- 
aMdtately after the battle of Naseby, which decided the fate of 
the onfortonafe and misguided monarch, his Majesty marched 
fato this town, but left it on the succeeding day. 

At this unhappy period, the ancient and distingoishedVAMiLT 
OF THB Gouous, Ot the Oldfallings and Perry ball, from whom 
the noble house of Calthorpe is paternally descended,* were 
residenta of this town. The first who is mentioned as having 
settled here is Thomas Oough,t a merchant of the staple, in the 
reign of Henry VIII. As a singular instance of patriotic li- 
berality, connected also with the long-established character 
of the town for loyalty, we transcribe the following anecdote 
from Shaw's History of Staffordshire: — ^^The unfortunate 
Charles I., during his troubles, stopt at Wolverhampton, where 
he was entertained bv Madam 8t. Andrew, who was either sis- 
ter or aunt to Mr. Henry Gough, and that gentleman ventured 
to accommodate their Royal Highnesses Charles Prince of 
Walea and James Duke of York. An ancient tenement still 

• Bf lbs mvrUigt, In I74I, of Sir Hcory Gough, Birt- (mm and heir of Sir 
ik Vkhsfd Googh, who accumulaied s krge Ibrtvnebj theBMt Indlsand China 
di^«MkiiighCedbyG«org»I. nd porcfaaacd Um nanor of Edgbitton. wh«ie 
SMM) with Batbara, titter and aole helt of Sir Henry Cakhorpt, K.B-, who 
wHha»t Inve. iha family bccama extinct in tha male Has* and ba devised 
I to hit nephew Henry, the ddetf ton of hit tUter, Lady Oougfa, on 
sf Wa aanmlng tha naaaa and arma oC Caltborpcb aal la 1|96 he was 

wi Otfbiarf Sir Matthew Qou^, who «askalgh^«iUi\\Me Vi«nc\k 

'« and iMB la CadiTi nMaioa. Va \^. 



mBUM at \VolTerh>nipti>n, wfaicfa ia part of tbe boue wbert 
tbaM princeljf gufia mided. A (ubBcription beioK ict on fnot 
lo aid the ciigienciet of the loyal c&use, ihe inhabitintt cbeM*: 
fnlly contributed acrording to tbeir sbility, but the moat ample 
8ojtp[y was expected from Mr, GoDgh, whose loyally was ai 
emioent u hU Tortune wai superior, vhen, lo the great iurprite 
SDd diMppointment of every one, he refused any asaj»tanc«, 
ihoogh itrongly urged by the King's cnmmiuinners, who re> 
tired in disgust and chanin. When night approncbcd, pulling 
on hii hat and cloak, Mr. Ooagh went secrvtWi and solidied a 
private audience of his Majealr. This appearinf;' sn extraor- 
dinary request, the dan^rous circutnttance* of Ihe Itmea consi- 
dered, Ihe Ijord in Waiting wished to Icnnw the nbject of the 
re<]uFat, with an ofler to communicate it tn the King. Mr. 
Gough penisted in rejecting this offer, and after much inlerro- 
—•■"n, obtained admission lo the roj-»l presence. He then 
from hJB cloak a puree containing a large sum nf money, 
and presenting It with due respect, aaid, 'May it please your 
Majesty lo accept this, it is all the cash I hare by me, or I 
would neve brought more,'* The gift was so acceptable to Ihe 
King, that an offer nf knighlhood was made lo Mr. tiough ; hat 
this loyal subject hnvin|r no other view then to serve his sove- 
reign, declined the honour, which was afterwards conferred on 
hie grandson Ilciiry, of I'crrv hall, when he was introduced at 
Ihe court of Charlet II." Of this family was the learned and 
ingenious antiquarv and topogripher, Iticbird Gough, author 
of several bislnncarworks, and tranelitor of Camden's Britannia, 
which he published in three vols, folio, in l?!^!). 

The £<^ioiu, another distinguished family, formerly resided 
at Wolverhampton, in the old and extensive brick building 
called TiiHTOK R IIali,, which Ihey erected after Ibcy had ac- 
quired greal riches by the wool trade. This hall wss subse- 
quently occupied bv the Turtons, but has long been used by 
Messrs. Kyton mi Wallon, as a manufactory of japannml 
goods. The moat which surrounded it is partly filled up, and 
Ihe upper story of Ihe mansion u-as taken off in Inc early pari of 
the last century. The Lkvk&ons Iwcame large purchasers nf 
the church lands, at the reformalion in the rei^n of Henrv 
VIII., and bv ihe marriage of the heiress of the elder branch 
of Iheir family with Sir Thomas Gowar, Hart, of SiRenham, 
r of the Marquis of Slslfurd, (now Duke of Sutherland.) 
of Stow heath, (which includes a large por- 
mpton,) the priorv of Trenlbam, Lilleshull, 
' ■• ■" —■ ulio gjded the nama 
am.) Bui the " Girat 
n or Ihc [unllj, £ltm It luppoud Is hivrbRD tht nn, 
Bmaunt su BHU kBon •iih cciUIdit. bul It itm thouftit 

.■rasoH F»HtLV upon neuits Wth«4t««(B, Wi-tH 

Wl»L\UNUiAAiFTOII. ' 173 

Hull*" <aow callMlXAflMVlHdl,) and tli*l«od* belonf^ing to 
tti^ fdtli Aaliiiioro!ifMdiE^lEQ. .ir««.iiold by. Walter Leveson, 
ia-tlM nign ci /wnf^I!., .tothe Gmr\ «if .Bnulfocd, from whom 
diajr dMcmiikd to^thftJila St^ Wm. PuUeneyy and from Lim to 
liw. Doke of CtevdaBd, the tprateat propriator. Among the 
q4^ principal aMnaioDa in Irolfarliamptiiii itGtppoaD House, 
te seat of tba Cadnliis -Bitlum of theJlidland District, built 
Vf. Hanry Arandaly of thaaobla ftuiuly of tha Arondels, of 
nardoiir castle, and mnr balonging to ' T* W. GiAu*d, Esu. of 
CUflington ; also a .spacious mmuum m Norih'itrteiy which 
Imb Jong baan 4iocopiaa by tba MMtetut /mnify^ whose great 
ancastor cama into England with Isaballa* Queen of Edward II. 
froBS Ehaderst in 1307. 'I^ba late Oacufa Molineux, Esq., an 
onilant marcbant and bankejv who reside here, was high she- 
m of BlaffBrdsbtre, in 1791. To these may be added the» 
£h t m m f$ AaU; which was . rebuilt, by Richard Guest, or Best, 
fint a stitinii in Loudon,, and afterwards ** a farmer of the 
e acci senf Oliver Cromwell," as will be seen in the account of 
the CoDegiate church, with which a large portion of the history 
of the town is inseparably connected. 

ViCiaaiTUDKS of TaikOR, &c. — During the last fifty years, 
Woltrerhampton and the surrounding villages have, like most 
other manuncturing districts, suffered frequent reverses of for- 
tune, arising from depressions in trade, dear provisions, and other 
calamitous sources. Tn 1743, being *' perhaps the most gene- 
ral year of plenty throughout the whole nation that had hap- 
pened in some ages," the price of wheat was 3s. per bushel; but 
in 1796, it rose to 17s.; in 1800, to 21s.; and in 1812 and 
1813, to 25s. per bushel. As these prices were considered to 
have been considerably augmented by the avarice and mono- 
poly of the corn factors, the bakers, and the flour dealers, 
a large association was formed here in 1813, called the Union 
Mill and Bread Company, with a capital of nearly j£15,000, 
raised in shares of ill each. A large mill and bakehouse were 
speedily erected, for the purpose of supplying the proprietors 
aad the public with flour and bread, which the subscribers still 

Hilfld St Willenhall, co. Stafford, 27 Edw. I. From him descended Richard Le^ 
mmm, at Pratwood, EUq who had three torn ; John, who died without itsue; 
WkkotaSt Lord Mayor of LoDdoo* died in 1590, James. John* grest grandson of 
TTIrlMllit died without issue male, hut left two daughters. Christian, who mar- 
iM Sir Peter Temple, of Stow, Bart., and Frances, the wife of Sir Thomas 
GeiNr, Bart., who inherited LiUeshuU and Trentham. From theee two females 
[aaaimerousraceof Peorsof Great Britain. James X,evcson, the younger 
r or Nicholas, the Lord Mayor, was a merchant of tha staple at Woltcr- 
M and Lillcthull. By his first wife ha had a daughter, Mary* willr of Sir 

^ CtenoD, of Croxall, who hecaroe his heir From her descended the Duke 

of Oaiset and the Earl of Thanet- By a second wife he had two daughters : 
niirtith. married to Sir Walter Aston, and Joyce, to Sir John Oiffsrd. of 
CMBiafttm, Knight— 1><. HancoodTs Addxtiont to £rtfrni'icfc'« Antitm^txct of 



contina* to do, grfl*tly In thMr awn adrsiitage and the wtiifBc- 
tioB of Ibe poor. In 1B14, aa indiclracnt wm pnfiHTed at tha 
Stafford AsiizM, s^init the proprietor! iif sham in thii 
u*eful nudertaking, as an illegal combioatioD ; but, after a trial 
tit fourteen houn, before a special jary, a verdict was fciven in 
their favour. Towards the end of the year 1816, aod tbe be- 
(ginning of IBIG, cnnniderable derangement and stafnation took 
place anion^ the large iron works and coal loinea in the neigh- 
bourhood of Wolferbampton. In consequence of the genera] 
ptace, (wfaick brou|;)it not prnsperity in ita traioj the ^rern- 
raent orilerl for iron were slackened or luapended, conse- 
quently there was a Ciiiiaiderable fall in tba price of that metal, 
and large stocks accumulaled in the hands of the iron mastera, 
who arc also many of them coal owoere, and who, after issaing 
copper and tilver latent, were at last reduced to tbe necessity 
of psying Ibcir wnrkniEn's wsges in paper rn/meg, consistiag of 
small cards or tickets for sum* of Is., 2s. 6d., 5s., &c. At 
lengtli the tulcens and the paper monrv fell into disrepute, sotne 
of the masters became bankrupt*, and nlhera were so distress- 
ed for means In go on, ihut ihey were obliged lo discharge tbeir 
workmen. Roiue rinti ensued, which were obliged lo be quell- 
ed by the iniliiHrv. Thousands of workmen were reduced to 
pauperism, and Ihc ponr-ratcs, which becamD a grievous bur- 
then npnn tlic iiiiiUllr and higher classes couUl not be collected 
in sums B(l> rjiiiitc tn ilie ervini; npcesnlics of Ihc unemployed. 
In the mi'l>l "f ibi< c:ilamiiy, (which exislcil in many other 
Dianuinctiirins di-.trji'is at the same period,) a number of col- 
ftiMd.'Ifniiim-d 111 make their CB-ic known to ■' - 

bicli'lhi'v intended tii present to tho 
friiicc Ki.'i:c'nt, I'l^rei'K'r Willi il'ic roul8. Three fMMU of this 
tli'stri[)liiiii 6it 11, t I'.ir (be lYiPlropoli', eoeh WHjijron having 
alitxit ,'•(' men lok'^il 111 ii ; wliiNt ntbers took dllt'i-rent direc- 
tion*. Oiiv ..f Km: wa^-n'.m-, intpndcil for London, proceeded by 
tbpr..iil.. nf \V«r.-c-l, r. another by Birmin|{hum and C.ven- 
trv, and :. (I.ipl liv Sln'i.liri.iL'e. I'lifv inivullcd at the rate of 
I:.' nrili'i pir (l;iv, uii'l ri'i'tiioil vnliintarv (tif" "^ monev, S:p.. 
onihe ruail. bi'a ll.-'v n.v^r 'I'l."! f..r"almsi their motto, as on iiu> iviij:u'"n-, licin^' *■//«//../■ fort than biy." 
To prev.'m llnm .nti'iinL' llie, polii-e magiMriile-' 
were «t>nl frniii rlio I toinr Dcparlnicnt f >ntce, who met two nf 
the pariir=. nno :ii Si. All.i.n'', and aiir.thcr iil .Miii den head, and 
lold the men lliat tliiv tuul'il wriii.;,' mrnni to procure 
relief, and pt'r'iiMdcirHii'nui'iioilv til rflmn, afHT purchasing 
their coal« and |ir.iii.liii'_' tlipm v illi n snllii'ifnt -lork of money 
to enuUc thi'ni t<. u-m:U \\«'\r liooi.-. A simii;ii proceeding 
tmik p/ace a fen- ini!<' I'tKin Clii'-ter: Ibi- ina^'i-lnl.-i of that 
citf met tin: third (i-oni, and iliwHiaiUii tin: iimn l">*^ (MtUet 

iMKiTMiiainwHr: 175 

pmiKAmgitk tMr il l M i lm a 'ttptotrnkiDg, afUr gi?hig them 
JOB §ar tkcir eotlfc ' 'TtowMdoet of wS4 ^istrmcd men was 
■Mt«Mmpkiry; Ch«f HitoMd irf th tli« atmMt ctMntion arid 
— ^ t» tM adkiei of til* vMifflKtnklea, and after bbtaining^ a 
of tbair food, behwrloar,' retorned with the empty 
^^. to their Ihdilltea and friedds. The ira?elhr of this af- 
Mr ewotod a o o u aide wbl e aonaation hoth in Lonrnm aod the 
eomliy, bnt ha po il y it carried with it none ol thoae alarms and 
datilBtinea arhieli were created hy the Laddttei (or machine 
hicataen,) io UM^^omftice of Nottingham; York, and Lancas- 
ter.- M tho aanie period. In 1817» no fewer than 32 oat of the 
fli iroa amelting Ihmacea around Wolrerhampton and Dudley, 
had alBpped or ^MNfii o»l/" hat the recent introduction and 
■ e ole ew wi of ectentife railaraya in this and other countries; 
■pa laMiy jtuaed- aoch an extensiTe demand for iron rails, &c. 
bot h ipt Fh aaa coneomption, and exportation to America, Ito., that 
tlio priee of fno roee considerably during the year 1833, and the 
miner ii» aawdNtat and forgemen,nowfindan abundance of employ- 
Bpent. In 1831, WolveHiampton, Bilston, and all the towns and 
popolooa villages in the mining and manufacturing districts of 
StaffiMrdshire, established Political Unions, in connection 
with one established at Birmingham, under the auspices of 
T. Attwood, Esq., and several other zealous reformers. To 
the determined, yet constitntional efforts of these associations, 
may be chiefly attributed the final success of the great cause of 
Pariiamentary Reform, which has swept away all the small and 
corrupt boroughs, and substituted in their stead, Wolverhamp- 
ton and all the populous towns in the kingdom, which had pro- 
Tiooaly been without representatives in the House of Commons. 
—(See p. 165.)— In October, 1833, the members of the Political 
Union here, presented to their townsman, T, iS» SimkisSy sur- 
geon, a silver salver, ** as a testimony of their respect for his 
able and aealous advocacy of Public Rights." In 1832, this 
town and neighbourhood suffered severely in a visitation of 
tiiat dreadful malady, Asiatic Cholera, as will be seen at a sub- 
seqneot page in the history of Bilston, where the disease was 
more fetal than at any other place in the kingdom. Havings 
now briefly related all that is momentous in the general history 
of Wolverhampton, we shall proceed to a survey of its churches, 
chapels, charities, and other public institutions. 


The Collegiate and mother church of the extensive parish 
of W^ferhumpton, is now dedicated to St. Peter, and plea- 
anntly situated on elevated ground towards the eastern side of 
the town. It is a stately and venerable structure, consisting of 
a lofty nave, two side aisJe/f, and a chancel, with a ver^ ^i\e ^\\\- 
hmai0d mad richly ornamented Gothic tower t\a\i\^ ivoiu VV^ 


lining L-ifhtLelitaiid 
:oiif;rui>ualv tilteil uf 
in the modern (mile. Five piiiiili.>il urchra, rvsling on nctsfronai 
pillani, lupport the T1RVC. The pii/pil, nliicli in compciwd iif 
itone, is an nhj^i't nl ^nM interest and curiosity. 1 1 ii pliiccd 
•jt>inst one of tiic Kouth pillvrs, and ■■ adnrned H'iili verv beau- 
tiful iculpliirGd niche ti'ork. A tliglit of steps forms the base- 
ment, at the fuut <if which is placed the figure of a lion, in a 
ailtiof; posture, executed in a very su peri nr style, ilelivccn 
the pulpit and the readinc desk an stalls for the doun nnil 
prebeodaiip*, curates, anil singing-men ; nn the divisium uf 
which arc carved u varivty of gratesqua B^ures. On the north 
side of the tower is a cliupel, ancieutly culled St Catherine's, 
but now L<tne't Cliaiicfl, from its having many iDODumentuI 
memorials of the Ijsnes, fnrmerlv of Bentley. amongst which i« 
the noble lotiib of Cnloni'lJnhn Lane, who diilinKuished him- 
self by his attacbmenttci CharlcH II. 1)1 this chancel is a cu- 
rious stone yiinf of an i>cliif;nnulshape, and evidently of fcrcat 
antiquity. On the shut'ls, in bass relief, arc the figures of St, 
Anthony, ^t. Paul, and St. I'eler; the tirst bearing a palm and 
shield, the second aclub, and the third being in the act of sup. 

Clication. The other parts iif this font are be^iatifully cmbel- 
shed with cros^««, sprigs, tulips, roses, and a nuihitiide of 
otJier Botrcrti. To tlic south of the t»»-er, in Li-i-rson't Cliiiierl, 
formertv called the " l-ady I'linpcl,"' stands an alabaster inonu- 
nient, n-hh 4-lligies to tlic memorv »f John I^ereuin and bi- wife, 
u'hii died in ],^7n- Thi-i chapel tad formerly a fine slaineilglasi 
ivindiw, in which was n-prcnented "the whole story of the 
ninte uf JeB«e." Tiie greni chancel contains a fine, fnU-lungth 
statue tjf lioiiour of the celebrated Admiral Sir Kiehd. 
Iievc^nn, who vnminunded under Sir Francis Proko, against 
the Spanish Armada. Durini; the commonwealth. Ibis i>talut! 
was tulien away by order of the "I'ommillee of Stafford," with 
the intention of having it rust into a gun, from which fate it was 
pnrehased hv l.iidy Leveson, of I'rentham, who lodpi'd it in the 
rhorvb of f.illeahull, in Salop, till the repairs uf the rliancct 
(nhicli hitil been iiiiteh injuriHl by Cromwell's mid iers) were 
coniplelcil. 1'be altur-pieFi', uf our Soviour'n iii^iny In the 
[.-Hriicii of Cicthsoinime, i* esli-eined u fine old puiulinpi by I.a- 
(j;:n<: and Im- oo one '■iile of it a representation uf iSI. I'rici, 
uiid oTi ihe other of S|. i'nul. Of the painted gliiss whU-hfnr- 
inerly imhclli^liwl the windows, but few relics now icniHin, ami 
manv of tlio ni'piilclir.-i inspiiptions are drstroved i.r ili-l' I v 
the cfl'fcty of tinx'. hi llx' cliiirch-ynnl, near the »oulh \ti>n\\. 
'tnriJvH ri'iiiirl cciUiiiin. twcniv feet in hi'iglil, and di»pUuiig u 

oiinparlineNi" ; an.l Miriiioui.l' il !■>■ a pliiin capital, nliich i' 


^ OMMott-io-tK^-MoMK b«f il is diwbtffil whether they are of 
AnMb or of Saxon'or^iili Wlwther the ehorch or immastery 
itit iMre hj Kflffhmm (aoe p. 164J Ibnne eny pert of the Col* 
ligiaae choral as it aenr esietSy Se e ooeetioD involved in gr^t 
ehewrity; hot it ie geomlly hellevea to have been rebnilt on 
Ao roise of her Ibumtioiii ehoiil the ckee of the twelfth cen- 
fry, md, Hko ite prede ee eeo r , dedicated to the Virgin Mtuy; 
hot 10 thereifo of Henry III. tlie dedication was altered, and 
the honour conferred opon 8t Peter. Shaw, who wrote in 
1796, saysy that at the soath-west comer of the chnrchyard, 
dbere may he seen *' handsome and specions rooms or vaults, 
■boot thirty ftet sooare, with strong and msssy groins meeting 
in tho centre at the top, the whole nomatilated and very per- 
isct stone-worir. The walls are of great thickness, near three 
yardsi \m . iririch are still visible the remains of door-ways or 
MSSBces. WImd the Assises were held in this town, in Qaeen 
EKsahetfa'elhMt* these ^^oU* were used as a prison for the fe- 
lons who wm tried in the Town-hsll, nearly adjacent." The 
conJMtore that these vaolts formed part of the basement story 
of JFuffruna^s monastery is very probable ; but the researches 
of the aatiqoary on the subject are now at an end, as the vaults 
have long been bidden from the sif^bt by the erection of useful 
hoildings. Wulfruna, after completing her college and church 
rfSt. Kiaryf in 996, (vide p. 164,) placed therein a dean and 
several prebends, or secular canons. The latter, however, did 
not long continue to promote the object for which they were in- 
stitoted; Init, in denance of every precept, moral and divine, 
became so vicious in their lives, that their dean, Petrus Blesen- 
sis, after trying all possible means to reclaim them, was com- 
pelled to surrender bis deanery into the hands of Hubert 
Walker, archbishop of Canterbury, about the vear 1200, hum- 
bly beseeching him that cistertians might be substituted in their 
stead. This archbishop is said to have rebuilt the church, with 
houses round about it for the dean and prebendaries, but he 
died before he bad succeeded in reforming the latter, who, by a 
charter of Pope Innocent IV. claimed exemption from all ordi- 
nary jurisdiction, and "that no sentence of excommunication 
or interdiction should be pronounced against them, or any mo- 
lestatiun given to tbem, without a special license of the Apos- 
foKcSee;*' which, and other immunities, were confirmed to 
then by Henry III. and succeeding kings, till Edward I V. an- 
a«nd *' the College or Free Chapel of Wolverhampton** to that 
of Windsor. In this state it continued till the dissolution, 
when it was granted, with all its manors, reveoaes, &c. to John, 
Doke of Northumberland, after whose attaintore for high trea- 
son, it was refounded by Queen Mary, who again annexed it to 
Windsor, and appointed the celebrated Marcos Antonius de 
Pnalnis, Arcbbisbcp ofSpahtro, in Dalmatia, to \]be coti^>\tvc\. 
whieb Mre atill anited, though the coWe^ ^t« ^w 


tiDcK. This church is not only exempt from the jariMKctfon of 
the hisbnp of the diocese, but is subject to no other power thin 
ihit of the Kinir, or the Lord Keeper of the Great SeeL In 
181 U an act of Parliament was obtained to enable the dean and 
bis successors "to grant leases and licenses for open! n|f and 
workinif mines within the lands belonging to the manor of 
WoWerhampton/^ for any term not exceeding 50 years, or 
three lives, under the usual restrictions; and for extingoithinr, 
on each respective \'acancy, the offices of the three assistant mi- 
nisters, called Readers, and annexing their duties, salaries, and 
emoluments, to the office of ikicristy " who should hereafter be 
denominated Perpetual Curate of the ptLTish ofWolyerharopton,** 
and have a certain portion of the rents to be reserved by leasee 
granted by the dean. The yearly reser\'ed rent paid by the Dnke 
of Cle\x'land, for the deanery manor, which he holds on a lease 
of three lives, is £38. Erdcswick, who wrote in 1603, says, "there 
are within the parish nine several leet.t, whereof eight belong to 
the church; — viz. one to the dean, and one to each of the seven 
prebendaries.'* The annual value of the deanery he estimates at 
•€300, and the prebends as follows :— viz., Kinvaston, £100; 
Wobaston, £100; Willenhall, £100; Featherstone, £80 ; Hil- 
ton, £70; Monmore, £70; and Hatherton, £40; but during 
the liMt two centuries their revenues have greatly increased. 
" The dean,*' says the same author, " is lord-borogh of Wolver- 
hampton, Codsall, Hatherton, and Pelshall, and hath all man- 
ner of privileges belonging to the view of frank-pledge, felons* 
goods, (leodends. escheats, marriage of wards, and clerks of the 
weekly market." The following U the present list of the in- 
cumbents and assistant ministers of the "Collegiate Church or 
Royal Free Chapel of Wolverhampton ;'* but the dean and pre- 
bendaries scarcely ever attend the church service after the time 
of their induction, the whole duty devolving upon the perpetual 
curate and his assistants. 

Dean of Wolverhampton and Windsor, — The Hon. and 
Rev. Lewis Ilobart, O.D. 

Prebendaries, — Rev. Augustus Ilobart. M.A. of Kinvaston ; 
Rev. G. F. Molineux, B.A., Wolmitton^ (a farm in Bushbury 
parish ;) Rev. Robt. Ellison, M.A., Willenhall ; Rev. Th(>ma's 
Walker, jun. lA, A., Featherstone ; Rev. John Fletcher Muck le- 
Rtone, I).'l>. Hilton; Rev.Thos. Cotton Fell, B.D., Monmore, 
(an estate on the east side of Wolverhampton;) and Rev. Wm. 
Birkett, of Hatherton. 

Perpetual Curate,—Kev. Thos. Walker (inducted i7P8.) 

j4sjiistant Cur/i/w.— Rcvds. William Wenman and Thomas 
Corbett Perry. 

jiflemoon Lecturer, — Rev. Robert Robinson. 

The Chapelries of Bilston, Pelsall, Wednesfield, and Willen- 
Aa//, all in tbia parish, pay marnaf;c fees to the Collegiate 
cA arch, bu$ are exempt from other twrpUce/ees., «%ft«^^aSwSX 


»bi«b U suliject Id alt. In 1819, the CiJIrgiate cttirch wai 
xibttanliBlly repaired und beaulilicd ; the siaae palpit reetnreil 
lu ru ari);inLil «t3ie, hdiI a large piece of gronnd eontrcraled us 
( burial place. Ig Itj^^l &2, ihe orj^n n-as nowly fn»rBd, and 
iU powPT greally increased ; and in 16H & S, tH aU ehurch- 
j»ti wH enclosed with Gothic iron pallsa^. Thoiwh the 
populalion i>f ^t'olverhamplnn baa been oeafly dosMsd aariog 
the last 31) years, (he Utwo hat only ihref Atmket,— the one 
jutt deiuribcd, anil Iwo ulheni, dedicated to 8l. John and St. 
Otarge ; but a Bubacriptinu has recently I>md opaDsd for the 
errclioTi iif two more — one on the Penn road, and BDolher in 
the pnpalou* dUtricl called (^cAem'< caTfi^r, vhcre tba lown- 
»hip* o( VVnlverharapton and BiUtoa form ■ jaaction irith Ihe 

GTMh of Scdgelcy. The ptMeat church room in WnWer- 
.mptoa camprises 4974 ailliDg;^, of which IS4S are at the Cnl- 
Wiaie church; 139 at St. John'* ; and SIKH at 8L Osorre's. 

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, a very handtoma atoaa fehric, 
•nilb a tirftjr apire, stands on the fnuth west lidaof tbeh" 

I . t :iMnt for ita erection 

n i7U< hot the dHiaage the bnildingsualained hya' 

Jbvla 17fiib<o«<«noQii>K a loas of about ^7000,} oreatljr ntanied 
hi OMapWiM, which waa not cntireljacconpluhMl, with the 
nmiBg of (kfl ateeple, till 1776 The interior waa, hnwever, 
to ftr finiahed in IISQ, that the edifice waa con»ecrated in that 
jetr. It IB el^antly fitted np with oak nlleries and pews for 
-■—It 1400 bearers; the communion table is of polished marble; 

■■4 (be sltair-piece, representing the descent of Christ from the 
unaa^ ia « beantiful painLnfr, by Mr. Joseph Barney, a native 
' MT Ibis town, and painter in iruit and iowera to his late Mnjesly. 
The orvaD, which is very powerful and finely toned, was built 
by the fom Oils Harrb, or igiDally for Temple church, London, 
aodaAerwarda atuod for more than half a century in Christ 
cbditji Cathedral, Dublin, whence it was removed to it* pre. 
WBt ailnation. In 1813 and 1814, a subscription was raised 
foe lb* benefit of the minister of thia chnrch, or chapel of ease, 
to wbielt the patron, Ibe Earl of BUmford, eontributed £500, 
Mriuntctbe total amount .£1145. To this was afterwards added, 
XlOO from Pyncombe's charity, and X300 from Queen Anne's 
boontjr. With ^£490 of this subscript ion, a house and offices in 
Ou ot ge street were purchased in 1817. They are now let for 
£36.iS». ayear. Of the remainder, £5A0 i* vetted at X2 per 
ceaL with the covemora of Queen Anne'i boaotj, and the rest, 
i* dCMC. 13a. &d. fire per «ent. stock ; so tbat the preeenl in- 
1^ Ibe Ber. Uamphnr Pounton, H JL, \m \ -vmAn 


ST. (iBOROB^S CHURCH, on the Bilston md, mw 
Ttirton's hal), is a larp:e and handsome structure of brick, cmM 
with Tixull stone, in the Doric order of architecture, 127 feet 
longf and G7 broad, standings in a burial irround of three acres. 
The first stone was laid August 18th, 1B2S, and the baiidiaf 
was finished in 1830, at the cost of ^10,325, of which £39W 
were subscribed by the inhabitants, and the remainder wit i 
prant from the Government Commissioners under the MilKon 
Act. The window frames, and the pillars which support the 
piUeries, are of cast iron. 'l*he ea<«t window is ftlied iritfa 
stained ^lass, which cost XIOO. The burial ground, vbfch 
cost j£l8]5, has been enclosed with a wall and palisadet, for 
which a rate of Is. 8d. in the pound was levied upon the inha- 
bitants. The church is neatly fitted up, and has 2038 tittingB, 
of which 1332 nrefree for the use of the poor. The Dean of 
Wolverhampton is the patron, and the Kev. (veorg^e B. Clare 
is the curate. 


The Roman Catholic Chapbi., in N^orth-street, attachH 
to Giffard House (See p. 173.) the seat of the Right Rer. Dr. 
Walsh, the Catholic Bishop of the Midland District, hay, 
since the death of the late bisnop, the eminent Dr. Milner, in 
1826, been so much altered ana enlarged, that it may now be 
considered a new edifice; upwards of £5000 having been ex- 
pended in its renovation, towards which the late Dr. Milner 
gave j£l000. The exterior is in a beautiful mixed style of 
architecture ; over the entrance are two fine figures in compo- 
sition, representing St. Peter and St. Paul ; and on the north 
side is a handsome stained gloss window, in the form of a cross. 
The fine altar-piece by Barney, and the other works of art 
which embellished the old partof the chapel have been disposed 
to the best advantage in the new. Near the chupel is a Catho- 
lic Charity School for 50 boys and 50 girls. 

DissKNTKus are a^i numerous in Wolverhampton as in nio9t 
other towns of the same population, they having here no fewer 
than eight chapels, of which three belong to the Independents, 
two to the Baptists, two to the Methodist*), and one to the Uni- 
tarians. The Quakers had formerly a meeting-house in Canal- 
Mtreet, butit is now converted into dwellings. The tf^esleifnn 
chape/j in Darlington-strect, was built in 1824, at the cost of 
nearly .£3iU)0, and has seats for 170<) hearers. It has a hand- 
H<inie stuccoed front, and a fine organ erected in 1827. Mount 
Ziou chapel^ in llorseley-field, was erected in 1 829, by the New 
t'onnexion of Methodists. The Rev. William Harthill Baylis 
is minister of the Baptist chapel, in the Walsall road, and the 
Rev. Charles Thompson of that in Temple-street, erected aboaC 
iOyestn Hfro, The 6nttonVm cAtfpe/, on Snow-hill, baiUin 
1831, 19 a aettt edifice, under the minialr^ of l>\a1^«^.^^ft^V«v^- 


„ Th« Indepeadent riiap^, in Queeo-elreet, » ■« 

Itcasiva v>d bkndioinely finUh«tl I'ubric, under Ibe pastoriil rmre 
It Rev John Rtwf ; and that in Tumple-atreel, is a ptsin brii:k 
.._ce. afH'liich the Rev. Henry Rogers Is niiniBter. Tke OU 
_ 'tamting Meeting llotuf, in Si. Jubn-ilreet, now occupied by 
■ siDsIt congregation of IndepetideDia who have no regulurmini- 
tlGT, was erected in IjOl, "forlbe worship andeervice ofOod," 
uthelillo deed deciarea, wiihoul any re»lricticin as lo pointa of 
dpctriae. It poasessea property worth upnards ol £3^ per an- 
num, purcha»ed by subscriplion, together with afiood houae for 
lh«niiiii"ler, worth .£20 perannom. For a number of years pr«- 
a IS16, it was used as a Unitariaa cbapel, but sincB that 
' g to B atill UDSttlled ChBncery suit between the trui- 

""■ ' liiler, (the Rev. John Steward,) it hM be«n 

but it hm Utterly been u«ud by ibe Id- 

c purl of the ol<l congregation, who have 

TSFmjfpotiiag * ngaiar miniatcr, as tb« income 
■iiilW| Unm tkt Midoirm«nt will, tor man; j««n lo come, b« 
■baomd !■ tba Uw espeo*M incarrcd in the protracted suit io 
Cbmne«fT< Mr. Charie* Mander, u beir of the taat anrviviag; 
tr«atM, lied • fivab hill in 1832, fur the recorery of tbe truai 
■nperty, with the iBteDtion of havinf; it realed in a new aet ot 
' Tiiniiamo Trwleea.' 

Sehotii, Mid Bible, Miaaionary, Tract, and other 
SocMef, are liberally aupported her« hy the church 
•sa HM oiaKBtiDg congrentioDi ; and wbilat ample protiaion ia 
Made far lb* apritual weltiire of the poor, their moral, literan-, 
and phyaml ma) ia oot neglected, as will be seen ia the ful- 
' ' it of Public SnuooLa aod other C8*ritib», coro- 

" ( PariiameiUitrg Com- 
i but corrected lo the 

,... . , 1833. 

TIm tRES GRAMMAR SCHOOL, in St. John-street, 
wm founded by Sir Stepbeu Jenyna, Knt., an alderman of Lou- 
dni) who obtained for ita mainlroanee tetten patent from 
Umtt VIII., io 1S12 and 1G13 ; veatinx it in Iruat with the 
Ifaavunt Tailor*' Guild io London, of which fraternity the 
fc—d w ma a member. He endowed it with tha manor of 
B«hMlM, in WorceBtenbire,(thea of tbe yearly value of ^15.) 
ht the aspport of a maaler and aaber to instruct boys " in 
nodMondsand literature." Until 162S, the Merchant Tai- 
■■b' Company only paid .£12 a-year to the master and usher; 
b«t Iqr a decree in Chancery in that year, the whole of tbe 
FMliat &a trust property was declared lo belonr lothe school. 

otled principally from the heportt of Oie 1 
WMMMTV, (^. 4. p^hluhtd ■'» 1820,} b 

st property was declared lo belonr lothe school. 
xinalnatedaniBsltheCompany brmiatnanagi;- 
; and, at Ibeir own iMoeat, they were dis- 
le tmat in 1783 ; wbeo tfaay conveyed tbe trust 
nptftj to forty tnwieee, wprored by one of ttie MwWn'm 
C Am*w<7/— lAy AwAty of LicUdd, »ikd ^ Kuic'bXs oV Om 


ithirc, for the counly of Btaflnrd, to be itlwtya 
number. Two lulueqaeiit convcjimces have barn 
the bit nf which, dBted Brcember 23rd, 1817, tbe InttMau 
in defcribed ■■ cnrnprising Ihe ■choolhauBe and two ncMlligH, 
with j'mrdi, (rtrdeni, &c., in Wolverhanipton ; the niinor if 
Rulioieke, and several farms and parcels of Uod, \a tha pui^H 
of Haabocke, Uoddorhiit, Upton- Warren, and Cbadealej-Cor- 
beU, all in Worcestershire, and containing together aboal 
883a. 1h.35p., ofwhichOS acres w«re ohtained in twoMot- 
menta under an enclosure act piiHsed in 1805, when tha triMIMa 
eai-hanfted nevenil parcels of land. In 1620, Ihe troat Male 
was let for XI l(i!j. 5s. per annum, and llie eipeiiditura of tbe 
cslabiiihment •inoumed to £]0i:<2. lis. 4d. ; the Aearf DMJMr't 
yearly nalarv beinic £500; tite M/itT'$,£2W; the tm'fiH^ mu- 
tirt'i, XtS4 ; the t'Tnich and German master's, .£80 ; and Ibc 
draining master's, £70. Many large sums have at vu-ioua 
times been expended in repairing the bouses, &c., on the trust 
property. The school buildiHys consist of a handsome acbool' 
mom, with agnod bouse at each end, which were erected in 
17J5, andnf another room called The JVeiv School, built in 
I7<^.^, at the cost of £730. In 1814, the head master's «al*fy 
was raised from XI 50 to X500; and in 1815, the usher's was 
advanced From £iO In XL'OO. These eKtraingant uugmentationi 
were loudly complained sK^insI by the inhahitant)!, who consi- 
dered thHt Ihe now ample revenue if iho school should be eia- 
ploycd in part at least, in the establishment of such mode* of 
education a* might render it more gpnerdUy beneficial to the 
great manufacturini; and troding pnpululinn of Ibis town and 
neinhbourhniid. As Ihe Iruflees huve already departed from 
Ihe terms of the foundulion, by the appointment nf masters for 
drawing, geography, end the modern language*, they might 
with ei{ual prcipriety extend the exercise of their discretion to 
other objects whicli Ihe wants and interest of the place niav re- 
quire. Two evenings in the week are set apart for cxercii^ing 
the lower classes in English reading and spelling. Under the 
new regululiiins, 'JS dni/ erhntars may be admitted frum among 
the iDhnbilBiiUnf Ibe town wiilmnlanyeharge, except fur fcchnol 
books ; hut the number \» seldom more than <iO, owing to ■ pre- 
vailing, hut we shonid hope errcinenus, idea, ihatan undue at- 
tention is paid to the lonrdcrs, of whom the muster and u»her 
are allowed to take (for their own emolument) no fewer than b2, 
IhouHi Ihev have seldom more than 20 ;— hut cerlainly their 
Balarie« are nmpiv nuRicillit, without the addilion nf this lucra- 
tive privilege, wiiieh we con-idiT to be nnihing less than n per- 
version iif ihe chnrilable intenlions of tbe founder. The Rev. 
W. TindBll, liiG laic maiter, i/m elected in llillO, previuu* to 
which he hail Eicvn nsher from ihc year X'^ft. lie wa« suc- 
cgfded bylhc Her. U'jiliam White, the present master, in 1831. 
Tie tuaater and usher have alfo tVift inteieu oi £\W, V^ \n 

liNL-^JiK WmMI WoUty, mmI tile latter has 20t. yearly, 
tijiliaiiiii «bbiil l«l3|r^ to »1hlr. Nachalla. 

*.:#ib«BLUfe COAT CHARITY SCHOOL, in Newatreet, 
tklMb «ol to ridi^ k s nova naelal ebarih' totha poor than the 
•Mr<pMl deaoribad. Itotigiiiatad aboat ifiO, froia the yearly 
wilritotkMW ol the banawdanty aidad by Dinnannit legaciei 
■rf'ijipaallyty wbieh fima Cba j^r 171 1 to 1810, aaiooDted to 
lbaa^«||Bla avm 4if ^105. lA. 6d. Tbit, tiwatber with the 
atoiMAl^^ aabaanant banafiieHoot, has baen hid oat in the 
fMrthaaa of huMaad boildiogi, or veated at iotarsst. The 
ywaaMatMiiP^rlMafliia of the charity in 1820, was X246. ISt^., 
wtmhUk-M40 WW froBi a hrm at SaMon ; X53. 10s. fmm six 
■wMain' WolfaEfaaonptoii : £32. ds. from four par cant, stock ; 
Jtt^aa miallT from the Marquis of Staibrd ; and £\2. IBs. in- 
tavaal §tam Mr. Paarson, Mr. Mitton, and Messrs. Hordern 
aadCo. IttadditioDto this, thatrostaes are oititlad to some 
pNMrty.-kiCkin possession and reversion, under the will of 
tiba lata Mkl^ Mmuell, dated March 8, 1801. This consists of 
aesaral abares in the five per cent, annuities, producinj^: colleo- 
tirely £S3. 10s., and directed to bo transferred to this school 
after tha death of the donor*s le^tees, for the purpose of** main- 
taiainry washing, and lodging^/' as man^' poor boys and girls as 
U would extend to. The testator died m 1802, and most of the 
Iggataca ware dead in 1808; but his executor, Samuel Manscl), 
refasad to transfer the stock to the charity ; consequently an in- 
fonaatioQ was filed against him in Chancery, in 1810, ami in 
18(20, ha was in custody for contempt of court, having up to 
that period evaded any decision in favour of the charity, except 
bia being restrained from receiving the dividends. This pro> 
Wacted aiiit was not terminated till 1826, when more than half 
af the abovenamed stock was transferred for the use of the 
sebool, and the rest will revert to it on the death of the remain- 
ing legatees. In 1832, a new school was boilt for the how, i«t 
tba coat of JC40p; towards which, Messrs. Thomas and Janit><i 
Fenr gare XlOO, and the rest was raised by subscription. The 
■anaber of scholars have been augmented from 72 to 150, of whom 
16D are boys, and 50 girls. All of them are educated gratui- 
toaaly ; 60 boys and the 50 girls ha\'e each a suit of blue cloth- 
iiir yearly ; the rest are provided with blue pinafores; and six 

ftfaaeh aex are boarded and lodged in the house, in consideration 
af Mans e i l's benefaction. The funds are augmented yearly by 
#attKtioiia at the churches, which generally produce about £ i 00. 

Tba Rev. Charles f^yivn^ in 1669, bequeathed X6 per an- 
MmiyOVlof an estate at £dvinloach, in Worcestershire, for the 
tetraeCioD of poor children, and to buy them bibles. Up to 
18WI« tbara had been no regular application of this annuity, 

~ f» that year there was a balance of ^157* 17a. 3d. in the 

. i»f tba meting tnuiee, Henry Jeaaon, Eaq.^ oiTtN^\\\A\. 


Blue Coat school^ to which it would be adrisable to apply the 
whole of this fond, which is too small for the aopport or a sepa- 
rate school. 

The Natioxal School, in Cleveland road, was bailt by aob 
flcription in 1832, and is supported by annual contribatioiM for 
the education of about 300 boys and 200 girls. It ia a hand- 
some building of brick, cased' with stone in the Gothic style, 
and consisting of a house for the master, and two wioga for the 
schools. The sum of £295. 148. 9d. was paid to this charity as 
theprofits of a Bazaar held in August, 18o3. 

The British School, at the Baptist chapel in Tempk-street, 
was established on the liberal pnnciples of the British and 
Foreign School Society, in September, 1833, under the dis- 
tinguished patronage oAbe Duchess of Kent and the Princess 
V^ictoria, who, at the solicitation of the minister of the said 
chapel, remitted a liberal subscription for the use of the school, 
with permission for their names to be used as Jts patronesses. 
In the following month, a large meeting of the clergy and gen- 
try was hold in the town to memorialize Government, in order 
to obtain from them a portion of the Parliamentary grant for 
the purposes of education. Should they succeed, as no doubt 
thcv will, a more suitable building will be erected for this school, 
'vpaljje of »ccomino<l:iiinf; 500 Rcholars. About 100 children 
arc educated at the Catholic charity schooly so that, when the 
Hriiish school is fully established, the total number of free 
Mcholars at the different day schools in Wolverhampton will be 
about 1350. 

J,iTKHABV Institutions. — The Neics Boom and Librarjtt 
in Queen street, occupy a handsome building of brick and 
«)tone, erected in 1813, but enlarged in 1830 by the addition of 
an upper story, which forms a spacious and elegant Assembly 
Boom. The whole cost of the erection was about jCSOOO. The 
News room is well supplied with London and provincial papers, 
magazines, reviews, &c. and is supported by about l40 subscrib- 
(^rs of 25^. each per annum. The Library was established in 
1794, and has upwards of 6000 volumes in the various depart- 
ments of literature, belonging to about 260 proprietors, who 
subscribe 21s. each per annum. The Tradesmen and Mocha- 
nics* Libj'aryy which occupies a room in King-street, was com- 
menced about three years ago, and now comprises nearly 1000 
volumes. A weekly and two daily newspapers are taken in, 
and gratuitous lectures, on various subjects, are delivered every 
month tr) the members, who subscribe 10s. each yearly for the 
purchase of books, &c. The H^olverhamptun Chronicle, a 
weekly newspaper, advocating the Whig or liberal side of poli- 
tic, is published every Wednesday, and was established in 
lJf?0. The Theatre stands behind' the Swan Hotel, and was 
biiHt about the year J 779; previous In vV\\cb, dramatic per- 
fnrmitncet were held in the old TownHmW; nivA V^ ^«%%^*t^ 

iM^ft iMf Ml^rMtd tn^iuia, Mri. Siddnni, Miter bro- 
tiiei, John (".Keiiiblcfinldiiplayed those extraur4i|Mi]rtBtt»U 
■ hicb TiUed them to the highest rank iu tlieir jiroAMlw ; ibe 
fanner went (o tchool in thia tnirn, und Ibe liitii-p rfcoivail hit 
educaliOD ■>* lii^ Caifaiilin academy In Snlrley pnA.- Tha <t»> 
hftlofMr. Kuiiiblewaa made Jan. 8ib, ITT^'" th^chwMtaiaf 
Thttidoaius. In lbs preiGDt theslr*, the curly elbrti at thwt 
ctlebislcd comaittuni, the late Mr. Emery und Mr. W. ParKa, 

|- jpara witnessed. 

I II.' — TiiiES.— AtnoDg tba emineDt in*n educalrt at the 

r Sobnul in thia Inwn, ara the latr Juhn Abaroethy, 

|. •nrgaoD ) <he late Bir Wm. Congj-five, Bart. Mgineer; 

" " w Advocate Genintl in India; AWsandw 

. r, of the Tempi*; 

Ei^. Ute Fellow of Trinity College, 
porcb of the Cullegiutc Church i; iaacribed to tb« iMiiiarv of 
'' Ciarh* Chudiita Phitlipi, ubnae absiiluta contetnpt of ricbea, 
and inioiilable performancea on tha violin, made lilm tfaa admi- 
ration oi all that liiiaw him." lie wb« a nilive of WbIm, nuida 
the IVUT of Europe ; and after travcllln^i: many year* in Staf- 
Ibrdihire ai a musician, aonictimes drtnapd in Inoed clothec, at 
iilifcM' liwfi under the prmaura of great diatrtaa, he died here in 
II38. Ha ia Hid to have pmoMsed a rapiditj' of execution 
wlticll hu wrktM Mrer boen eqoalled, exoept by Paganini, the 
'* Primta ^ -FUalert" wboie magic atraina have conjured lo 
naaj ihcNUaod* from the pocketi of the preaent genenlion. 
IFm. Pill, (ha author of agTicoIlara] anrvejra of aeveral of the 
Bi4iaii4eiMtDtic«,and of a history of Slafibroahtre, was bi>rn at 
Ford boHM, near thia town, in 1749, and died in lti23, in in- 
digaal «ireaiiMtaiic«B ; hi* pubiioalioni, and hi* farm at Pen- 
dwbrd, hariag yielded hm but little profit. Thit town has 
givtfn biidi te two enineiit paivttrt—Jlir. J. Brnmeg, already 
Mtiaadal page 179, and the lata Eowaed BtBD, R.A. who 
wai ham bare April 12lb, 1772, and whoae father waa a far- 
iniar. In bia infancy, Mr. Bird exhibited a turpritinggen 


drawii^;, and waa coDie4|ueatl]r bound apprentice to the art 
f'l : < 'faich afforded hini an ampfa field for the ex- 

rii ' ;' . jnient of hia talenti, both aa a deiigner and 

'.'iil'i'.LM --:'< ii.' after bia apprenticeahip expired, he went 10 
Brcfiol, Hhcte Lu diedNov.Xnd, 1819, alter flniahing, in thut 
city, a con si durable number of ezoellent pieturea, moat of which 
itar« illustratinne <if history, and, on accoant of their intrinsic 
n>arit,fi'lctitd irtimenae prices. Two of hie la^eat painting*, 
rppreaeotiuK '!>« crabarkalion of Lonia XVIII. at DoTer, and 
hia debariiaiiiiii at Calaia, in 1814, are amr in the pMacaeion of 
Hir T. A. (.:lil1<>rd Conttable, Bart, aodara coaaMcrcd very va- 
luftble, a* tbev nurs takan on tha apot, and contain cenwt por- 
of l.oui« XVin. auf tba rrtDohuidSH\\rik«(jav\\W 




lage Politicians/' and seyeral other of Mr. Bird^a paintiiigrs, 
w«re purchased by the late Duke of Sutherland, and bb ** Cho- 
risters*' by the late King. His ** Surrender of Calaia" was m 
present to the late Princess Charlotte, who made bim her histo^ 
rical painter. Many of his other paintings (for some of which 
he obtained large premiums at the Royal Exhibitions,) are in the 
possession of collectors in Bristol and other parts of the king- 
dom ; and some of his early productions may be seen in his na* 
tive town. To these worthies may be added, several indiridoals 
of the families of the Googhs and the Levesons, and Col. John 
Lane, noticed at pages 171-2, & 4; and no doubt there are 
several other names that deserve a place in the Wolveriiainpton 
temple of fame, in which there are also some distinguished obW 
for their charity, as may be seen in the preceding account of thie 
Free Schools, and in tfie following list of 


Tfie Doles under the management of the Minister and 
Churchwardens of ffolverhampton^ are as follows, and their 
yearly proceeds (about jCG<),) are applied in a weekly diMributioo 
of bread, which is in many instances a departure from the 
directions of the benefactors, whose names, with the dates and 
amounts of their pift?, mav be thus briefly enumerated : — 15(H», 
Sir John Leigh, 208. yearly out of the Lea- farm ; 1558, John 
Levcson, Ksq. 2Hs. ^A, to the church, and 53s. 4d. to the yoor, 
\ early, out of the Hon. K. Monckton's lands, at Stretton ; i625, 
flefin/ Phison^ lOgi. yearly, out of four houses near the Nether 
<hamble&' row, in Wolverhampton ; ]7-<>, Rev. John Hillman^ 
£40, with which a house was purchased in Bilston street, now 
let for £o per ann. ; 1747, John Bradncy^ ISs. 4d. to the poor, 
-ind 6s. 8d. for a sermon on St. John's day, to be paid yearly 
.»ut of two fields at Goldthorn hill ; Mr. Robert Hanlntry]{dHte 
unknown,) an annuity of X2. 12s. out of Brooke's Meadow, at 
Norton ; John Jrssoii, (date unknown,) £2, 12s. yearly out of 
Roundnook close; 1681, Gervase HnU^ 208. a year, out of a 
hou<p in Cock street; Mrs, Danreil/SO», yearly, out of a house 
in ('anal street ; I6i<f5, Mary Leigh^ 208. per ann. out of a bourse 
in the Mrirket place ; Richard Brooke, 15s. yearly, out of Mill 
Hayes, noar Coven ; John Pooler, 13s. 4d. a year, out of a house 
in Lichfield street; Alice Green, 228. yearly, out of Dairy houso 
farm, in Bnerlev; Vinson's Dole, 208. yearly, out of Brook 
row, near (;orclv, in Shropshire; Thomas OsLourne, 40s. 
yearly, out of houses at Walsall; Alice Ridley's, Mr. Bran- 
^rtii**, Cirt'fy Haiue's, and Thos. Bradney's doles, amounting to 
t'2. 10s. paid out of the estates of J. H. and L. H. Petit, Esurs.; 
1684, tloifrr Hinton, £20 yearly, out of lands in the parish of 
Rickerscote ; AJary JJoU'on, 30*;. yearly, out of a meadow at 
SanJiford hridee; and George Birch, '3^8. 4d. to poor, and 
6^, Ifd. for n sermon at Chriatmas , out of \a\\A aX W e^V^tt>\aHi\cV. 


kr ' 

lOkvAte umIm^ iiMmw TWnlMff.'— An. anonymoat bene- 

r, Xi^. 12k jMri?^ ool of ft hooM ia tlM Market place, at 

iTMr €ihUMmwlkmt, to ba dbtributtd ia weekly doles 

at the 4oor o# th^hoBtey efwy Satmrday morning ; 

ay SnhaMtf ArttaH, 40b. yeaiiT» oot of three houses in 
■ 1bm» la ba dfatribated, on St. TbopMa's daj» amongst 
flJNaor wido«B» by thatrostaea of the chapd in 8t /ohn street; 
IMiy JMiff Avmttf , la the chorrhwardens, £100 in trust, to 
paf the iataraet towardi the maintenanee of a Wednesday 
leetan io the parish chareh, (The principal has been 
I tha parafaaae of jS115. 19a. tiirea per cent, consoli- 
baitk aBiioMee.) 1700, J^mmk TWfon, JeSyeariy, to 40 
lidaam, oat of Joseph Howeirs estate near Wolverhamp- 
tea ; and is J76S, JTm. Dmkrn^ ^ interestof jSSOO, to be 
diatribfttad ia weekly doles of bread at St John'a chapel. Upon 
tba taUali ia the parish chorefa, is a list of a narober of Lost 
OmHtim, aMch appear to have prodaeed collectively about 
JClS paraaaiai. 

Ar PrnviHg^m—A Mr, NechelU^ nearly two centuries ago, be- 
qoeatbed about 20 acres of land at Coven heath, in the parish 
of Bushbury, in trust, that the rents thereof should be for ever 
employed in repairing the pavements of the town. It '\% now 
let finr X40 a-year. 

Several historians say that a hospital for a priest and six 
old laomen, was erected here, under the sanction of a Royal 
li ce aas^ about 1394, by Clement Lusen and Wm. Waterfall, 
hot the existence of such an institution is now unknown. 

The DISPENSARY, one of the most useful charities of the 
town, was established in 1821, for the purpose of affording 
** medical and surgical relief, with the benefit of vaccination, to 
those poor persons who are unable to purchase medicine and 
advice lor loemselves." It occupies an ornamental edifice in 
Qaeen street, and derives its support from voluntary contribu- 
tioBs, aoMunting annually to about £350, and from the lega- 
etea and donations of several benevolent individuals, one of 
whom gave £500 towards erecting the " casualty toards,*^ w^hich 
ware boiltand furnished in 1833, at the cost of £71 1* I^*> ^<^r 
the reception of sixteen patients. The Duke of Cleveland is 
the president, and there are seven vice-presidents. A committee 
ircBOMD yearly, to direct the afiairs of the institution. Two 
ahymeians and two surgeons attend gratuitously, but the resi- 
aaaa hooae-sorgeon has a yearly salary of £100, and is elected 
by Ilia governors. The toul number of patients admitted, from 
itetolaly, 1833, was 14,290, exclusive of 12,648 incidental 
caaaSy kiNally relieved without recommendations. Mr. James 
fSatia ia the house-surgeon, Mrs. Haselock the matron, and 
Mn John Steward the collector. The Ladies* Chariijf^ for the 
Mtmi id poor married /yttt^-in women ; and iba Wuit^^ Be- 
'Snnefsty for relieving casual casta of a\ckii«s% ax\^ ^^*- 


tTMt ; mn buth supported by ad Dual •ubocriptiont, aud are of 
eoDsiderable service Co the iudigent. 

The VVORKHOU8K, for the township of WoWerhamptOBi 
is a substantial building in Horteley field, well caloalatea for 
the purpose, and furnished with offices, &c. for the select vcetry 
and parochial business. In 17-11> Jt'lOO left by Mn. Aaa 
Uougb, was expended in erecting one of the wings, whieh ie 
now used as a f*ick ward. A tread-mill has just l^n treeCed 
in the j'ard, with the intention of compelling the paupers to 
irrind corn both for themselves and for hire ; but at the usual 
inmates of a poor-house are either children, women, or aged 
and infirm men, they are unfit for this prison labour; and in- 
deed the able-bodied poor, who are occasionally reduced to 
pauperism, might be set to Kome more beneficial employment thaa 
turning the degraded tread-wheel, which was not invented for the 
aggravation of poverty, but the punisiiment of crime. The pow 
rates, in 17^1» amounted tu £'2\'i5. \^i. 3d.; but since that 
period the yearly levies have udvanced to more than thj'ee times 
that sum. In 181 H, 10s. in the pound on the estimated rental 
was collected, and at prcnent the rates amount to 3s. 9d. in the 
pound, though for some years previous to 1U32, they only 
amounted to '2s, lid. 

The Savings' Hank, in Queen street, wai« CKtablished in 
l^'2o, and afford^* a safe and beneficial investment for the savings 
»»f the hiimhler clashes. The depiuiits, on No\. 20th, Itf3:f, 
amounted lo i)l(>,35.'i, iH'lonjring to (>!i5 indixiduals, and 8e\'erai 
friendly societies. It is open every Monday, i'nnw ten till twelve, 
Hnd is under the management of a respectable body of directors. 
I'welve of the most suhittantial inhabitants are the trustees ; 
Kichard Krycr, hNq. M.P. the treasurer ; and Mr. 'J'. S. Simkisss 
the secretary. Among the other pnnident institutions in the 
town, are a nuniher of SicA' Oults and other benefit societies, 
and the (^niun Mill Co7npa)ff/, alreadv noticed at page 173. 

■J'he If'olverhampton and Stafihrdshirf Banking Comptim^ 
was ontabliAhed in IcsJJ, on the plnn of other joint riitock bunkss, 
and i<( under the inanagemetit ot twelve directors, four of whom 
are changed yeaily. Hero arc also two old-establi<(hed bankinu- 
hou<ies, a<« will l)c fieen in the subjoined directory. 

'i'hc I*rniic Okfick, in Princess street, was formerly an 

Independent chapel, but \va^ purchased for its present use after 

the old Town Hall was taken down, (seep. l(tU.) Prtiy srssiofut 

arc held here cverv Thursdav, and i^encntllv on Mondavi also. 

I he magi.strftft'.s usually on the bench are, the Ucv. John Clare. 

and Henry Hill, Sam Stone Briscoe, (ieo. Thus. Whiigroave, 

and .1. DaMMiport, Esqrs. Mr. D. J. liache is clrrJ^ to Mr. 

<'lBre; and Mr. John Lift, of Teitenhall, to the others. The 

county magifff rates, an<l the constables appointed yearly for the 

(fro maftors, (see p. JG5,) with their deputies and n'umcrouf 

assistants, have at present the governmciA o{ the xoNci^A^itiBV^^t 


with tW rninfrfik. ■KiiliiaM^'fti appoiiittd by the eommis- 
dMHtB of the Iwwmw$mnUMf (vide p. 169;) bat ■• WoWer- 
kHiflM it ioeloaed i* lb« eontnipktMi Act of Poiiimoient for 
laooffporiliDg all die new borocwiifly it may ia a short time be 
Ao eoBtral of a mayor, alderiiien, ainl common cooncil. 
ii BO ng^lmf'pHmm bore, bat the eonetiblee have two or 
»OBM at 'diffmut pablie«'boa8e8, where delinqoente are 
till tiwy an acqutted, or committed to Starord. 
Tbo Court of Rvqubst, for the recovery of debts not ex- 
iBaff tbo valoe of £5, within the townshm of Woiverbamp- 
aoa WodneaMd, and tbo pariebec of Breewood, Patting^- 
Bmhbwry, and Penn, is open o» every Ibnrtb Friday, 
Act of Parliament passed in the year 1808, which also 
t the comroissiooers to hold a similar court at Bilston, 
fer Iba W ■ships of Bilston and Willenhall, and the parishes 
of Wainasbay and Darlaston, (except the manor of Bradley, 
wkkk k iMhsded in the Oldbary act, obtained a few years be- 
liif%) OB tbo first Monday in every calendar month. Sommonses 
are g ranted daily. The Wolverhampton coart-room is in 
Princess street; Mr. J. Corser^ is the clerk, and Mr. Wm. 
Garfield is his deputy. 

The Etpcue Office^ at the Star and Carter, is open for the 
issoinr of permits every day. 

The POST-OFFICE is in Cock street, and Mr. Henry Hill 
ia the matinuuier ; Mr. Cphr. Taylor Darby, the clerk ; and 
John Brindley the letter carrier ^ who g^oes out on delivery 
twice a-day, at half-past ten roomings and six evening. The 
MiiiL Bao8 for London, Birmingham, Westbromwich, Wed- 
■eabory, and Bikton, are despatched at four afternoon, and 
arrive at92min. past nine morning; for Manchester, Liver- 
pooU Macclesfield, Congleton, Penkridge, Newcastle, Stone, 
and Stafford, at 25 min. p. six mg. and at nine evg., and arrive 
five mg. and at half-past five evg.; for Bristol, Bath, Broms- 
gnKwe^ Birmingham, Durslevy Droitwich, Worcester, and Wal- 
aall, at half-past five evg. and arrive six mg. ; for Lichfield, 
Shield, Walsall, and Willenhall, at half- past fonr mg. and 
arr. half-past five evg; for Holyhead, Bangor, Sbrewebary, 
Wellington, &c. at 32 min. p. nine mg. and arr. fonr aft. ; for 
Bridgnorth, at 32 min. p. nine mg. and arr. at half past three 
aft; and for Dudley, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Stourport, 
Woroister, &c. at eight me. and arrive at a quarter past five 
mf. Patimen to Sedgley, Penn, Tettenhall, Breewood, Cbil- 
Upgton, Albrighton, and Pattingham daily. 

t Hamlets, &c. in Wolverhampton Township, 
fyUk their Diatmces and Bearings from the Town, 

CmAwmv Asa, bmlfu mile W., is a smal\ ViQa^ m^ ^\%\.y\cV 
— *— a Aaorfaome soborb of the town, bmving aweinX ^^^^ 


▼iIIm, amoog^ which are, 77te Oakes^ a modem manaioo, be- 
longing to John Croeer, Esq. ; and Chapel House, a large an- 
cient mansion, the western wing of which has the appearaoee 
of a Gothic chapel. 

Catchrm^s UoRNKii, a populous district 1^ m. S.E« ; and 
Bttinosiiai.l Lank, a long street of houses, ) of a mile E., 
are partly in Bilston township, and occupied mostly by ooUien. 
A subscription is now open, for the building and endowment 
of a chnrch and school at the former place. 

J)uN8TALi. is an estate of 2G0 acres, i^ mile N. by W., with 
an ancient castellated mansion called Dunstall Hatt, which was 
many years used as a farm house, but has lately been repaired 
and beautified, and is now occupied as the scat of the proprietor, 
Henr\' Hordern, Efiq., who has preserved the anrient moat 
whicfi completely surrounds the building. This was formerly 
the demesne of tne Wightwieks. 

GoLDTHOKN, a district of Scattered houses, 1^ m. S., extending 
into the parishes of Sedgley and Penn. The Parkfieid Iran 
works are in Sedgley, and Rough-hilla colliery in WoWerhamp- 
ton township. 

Gkaisrlky, 1 mile S. by W., is the seat and estate of Jas. 
Perrv, Esq., and includes an ancient place called the Lea, which 
was for many generations occupied by the Waring family. Be- 
tween it and the town many handsome villas have been erected 
during the last five years, and at a short distance are the ham 
lets ot Straw Hall and The Rookei'y, 

Mkrkidalk, 1 mile W.S.W.,isan estate belonging to Louis 
Haynes Pcttit, but was formerly the seat of the Heynckc;. 

MoNMOKK Grkrn, \ a mile S.E., is a street of houses, on 
the prebendal estate of Monmore, (see p. 17^.) where there is 
now a mine of coal and ironstone. 

New Bridge, \\ m. N.W., is an estate belonging to Fras. 
Holynake, Esq, 

Skvkn Housks, \ m. S. is a hamlet on the Dudley road. 

Si.ADK Him,, a farm, &c. Urn. N.W., on the Tettenhall road. 

Stow Hkath, a manor anciently held bv the crown, (vide p. 
165,) but now bv the Duke of Sutherland* and T. W. Giffard. 

fFedfiesfii'ld Heath colliery, | a mile E.; the Chillinyton coal 
and iron works, f of a mile E. ; and the fFolverharnpton iron 
works and colliery, | of a mile S. ; are all extensive estoblish- 
ments in this township. 


AAha Btreetj Horaeley field I Back lane, Stafford street 

AJbha wbrnrf, Albion street 1 BalVi stTcel«B\\atoi[k« ttteet 

4Mbe»p Briek kiln street I BcU place, Vo\iikVMrr ^^^^^ 

sTMtmiiOMatii^ Ac. 



OfMtA IMkiMm^ 


9i9hor'«piMe, North time 
P— i nwinf . Tlnni 

fp«r« SlafiBrdtt. 

Brick iSgrtMl, WorcMttr tt. 
BMIcf^ yni» Salop aCreet 
Batten Move, Bell street 
Gbb toeriMMer field 
Cttfpif*' mad, Stafford street 
Canal atfcat, Liebfield street 
Carribce Islands, Stafford street 
Castle place, Stafford street 
Castle street, Smithfield 
Chapel ash, Darlioffton street 
CkarlfS street, Sufford street 
Cbnrcfa lane. Snow hill 
Cbpreh atreet, Worcester street 
CleTcland road. Snow hill 
Cock street, Marketplace 
Commercial wharf, Horseley fld. 
Comptoo road, Darlinfcton street 
Comforth's yard. Temple street 
Craddock's walk, North street 
Darlington street, Market place 
Deanery, Horse fair 
Deanery row, Charles street 
Dixon> coort. Snow hill 
DndJey road, Snow hill 
Dudley street. High street 
Doke street, Walsall street 
DooaUU lane. North street 
ElweD's buildings, Dudley road 
JQnia (The) Peon road 
Bttingshall lane, Biltson road 
Itancr's yard. Cock street 
Figlitaig Coc^, Dudley road 
Pos'a yard, North street 
Fryer^ayard, Can lane 
George atreet. Snow hill 
Gibbon's court, Bilston street 
Glaatbonae mill, Willenhell row 
GoMCiiora bill, Penn road 
Gougfa atreet, Walsall road 
GoaU'kaiurty Stafford alreet 

Gnat Oompton it. Uallatt'a row 
GrtaBlana^ Dodtey inmhI 
Hallctt'araw, Lit. Biiek kiln »t. 
Hall fold. Bilaton aticet 
Haneock'a yard, Horseley field 
High green or Market place 
Hteb atffoet. Market plaes 
HiU atreety foot of North street 
Horse foir, NorA atreet 
Horse billa, Compton road 
Honeley field, Qnaan street 
King ttreei, Hi|^ atreet 
KnSht'a bnildinn. Temple at. 
Lai^irler'a yard, I«tttle Berry si. 
Lichfield street, MailLa place 
Littte Brick kibi at. Wotceater st. 
Idttle'a lane, Stafford atreet 
Lowe's bnildinn, Charlea atreet 
Market street. Queen street 
Mary Ann atieet, Horseley field 
Merridale, Compton road 
Mkidle row, Charles street 
Mitre fold. North street 
Molineuz's court. North street 
Momble's court, Snow hill 
M on more green, Bilston road 
Moore fields, near Pountney st. 
Moseley's bldgs. Summer hill st. 
Mount pleasant, Duke street, and 

Red Lion street 
New Bridge, Tettenhall road 
New piece, Brick kiln street 
New street, Little Berry street 
Noah's ark passage, Lichfield st. 
North street. Market olace 
Old Church yard, Hign green 
Old Factory yard, Horseley field 
Old Steel mill rd. Horseley field 
Oxford street, Walsall street 
Paradise street. Church lane 
Paternoster row^ North street 
Fendrell's buildmgs, Stafford s>t. 
Perks' yard, Temple street 
Perry's buildings. Green lane 
Phillips' buildings^udley street 
Pickford's wharf, Walaall street 
Pigatye alley. North street 
Piper's row, Queen street 
Pountney street, Dudley road 
Princess alley. Princess street 
Princess street. Queen street 
Queen street, Dudley street 
Red Lion street, Darlington st. 
Regent street. Union street 
Rookerr^ Ooldthom hill 
Rough hiUs, Dn^ey loaA. 
Royal yard, Stafford lUe^x 



Nt Joka'i lUrcl, KnU utrerl 
St. IVlcr'* nqatn, lf')ri'C fsir 
Kab^ Mraet, fUU lUra >l. .' ^^ or 

enter iireM 
SncB Ikhbh, Dndlfynwd 
SharTOv'i y*nl, WorcnUr it. 
Shmbberrr, Wilull ■Ireet 
Slide biU, TMKnbmll rand 
.SmitbAeM, dmt Qaetti ttrect 
Mdow bill, Diidte>- Mreet 
UprinKpuce, Stij'an) ilrerl 
DUffOTd ttmt. Hone fair 
HInv btll, Pcnn rwul 
Sntton'i luie, Hi|fb grtfn 
Snminer bill, Xonh Urrtt 
itummerbill ilrwt, Stsflbrd iit. 

I Temple ttrwl, WorralcT ttr« 
I Telleiibsll road, Cbipel wh 

iTowerjIwrl. Smilhfield 

(joion wharf Honu-lvy fieU 
W.d.m's bill. North ,i,wt 
Wilkpr'iyinl, »nofr l.ill 
WkIuII MTCCt, BiiiloD atrrel 
Wnrwick Mmt, Wnlull Mrrel 
Wheeter'i fold, Ueb&eld street 

Willenball rov, Willeaball roiul 
Worreiler itiMt, Cock iliret 
Worfard'i court, Salop itreet 
Workbouae lane, Honcley field 



.\iiaina Tbm. icmt. }i 
Adshead Mrs. tiarrr 
.Meiander Jobii, di 

.Vili JoMB^. rarnirr, fhaprl asb 
.^Hhburn Kdw. H»ril mkr.Salnp >l. 
.\Hon i, JliacIi(T,i'hiinDev mveep- 

en, North at reel 

Aiiitwick Mr. tJlir. (iraiirley hill 

Hache |}|ivid Jai. Iii|[h constuble 

for the S. lllv. wf Sciiidon. ard 

uiafciitralei' rlrrk, f lid (.'liurch 

lUker Mr. ■■■neph, ItilNtnn xtrrtt 
[Jatl iuiiir.>al( nicn-liiiiil, Hiime- 

lejr lield 
Banrater <;po. |tpnt. TanlioiiM In. 
Bankk William, iron maater, St. 

BMtierJnu ' 

r, Dtid- ■ 

Banittt -Inhn, tallow ihandler, 

Q'lCeu htrrpt 
Harnett .Urn-MariB, St.lameii' aq. 
Barnp>- Mini, Biliton atreet 
Bn rnsl ry.lob II . >u rreyor of ttrecti 

and TiHi<l!i, lli|tb sreen 
Bale Mr. .Michael, TanhnuH lane 
Butty Wm. CMTlrr.St. J.iinei-»q. 
Bpckctl Wtn. linmaa, KinirMmt 
Berlleslun Mr. Benj. Hureeley «. 
Brlcliri Williniii. job pudnier. 

BcDoi^lt Jinivn, bout owner and 
cider nifrctinnt, Elonrley field 

BrnnrtlJohn, fiC'iit. SI.JubD'aMi. 

Ilidd-ilpli Jnhii, pariah clerk, Tu- 
na] ktreet 

IlniiltoD Tlion. attoniey'a clerk, 
Summir hill 

bouJipr. Iloni'ley fd, Biadmy Mn- Km,« 



* .' 


'Stiffly JctoT 

BriMoe Mm Muy, 5}«ofge tt. 
BiIm«9 Wm. merL; h. Qaorfo at 
WtoadJ^n, ifOD aastnr} hontQ^ 

Wm. dcrk^ Hondey 

Biook« Miw, Sammer bill 
BraoknTWk clerk, Hortelnr M. 
BwwfcariHw Mary,StJiinef^taq. 
BMMiiV Titiifl. agent, Wednes- 

M4 hMUlh eoUiery 
Bhvo^ Geo. esdae omcer,Sa]op at. 
ButM Mn. BlU. Jane, Pater- 

Biiita«>^pii. cbair mkr. Salop ft 

RwHatlajir, key ataiDper,BeU at. 

CaiUfait Wm. whsinan. Tower at. 

Gafftvriilht Sidney, merchant ; h. 
Dudley road 

Chambers .las. gent. Bilston st. 

Chapman Mre. Chapel ash 

Cherrington Thomas Northwood, 
geot. bummer hill 

Clare Rev. John, Deanery 

Clare llev. Geo. B. curate of St. 

Clark Mr. Edw. Horseley field 

CJark Chas. sexton ot St. Peter's, 
North street 

Clark Wm. gent. Snow hill 

Clark Wm. gent. Charles street 

Cliff Mrs. Sarah, Snow hili 

Coley J as. bookpr. Temple st. 

Cooper Edv. merchant ; h. Dar- 
lington street 

Cooper John, gent. Chapel ash 

Cooper Francis merchant ; h. 12, 
Queen aKrect 

Cox Thomas, gent. St. Peter's sq. 

Coffscr Fraa. atty.; h.StJohn's sq. 

Coiaer John, Esq. Oakes 

.CffaneHeDry,mercht.; h.Graiseley 

Cresirell Jas. bookpr. Duke st. 

Civairell Joseph, warehouseman, 
Pcrantney street 

l>mrleyJohn,carrier,Union whf. 

CHnvtber John, warehouseman, 

- Mlkom heath 

fiSnraipton Thomas, merchant's 
" darli, Can lane 

Darby Christopher Taylor, post- 
mttSse clerk. Cock street 

DariesThouias, gent. Church st. 

Diwalon Mrs. Ann, Temple st. 

Difrwjr John, Horseley Held 



DickiiiMO Fhills, gaut Horseley 

Diggory Rldiardy e(HUtable,Lich- 

neld street 
DrayeottThoa. gent Smmner hill 
Drirer John, artificial A: general 

machine maker, BcU street 
Dndwell Sarh. midwife. Horse fr. 
Dnffield Henry, japamier. Brick- 
kiln street 
Dnffield William, maltater,C]eFe- 

Dnncombe Saml. gent. Snow hill 
EarpSilranua, raercbant, Graise- 

ley hill 
Erans Mra. Ann, Dudley road 
Erana Mra. Cath. Stafford street 
Evana Mr. Eyan, Temple street 
Erans Rd. gent. Mount pleasant 
Evans Richard, jun. coach pro- 
prietor, Queen street 
Evans Chas. excise oifr. Bond st. 
Falkner John, bookkeeper, St. 

James's square 
Farmer Joseph, iron merchant ; 

h. Church street 
Fell Geo.brass founder .Bilston Rt. 
Fenn John, constable, Wheeler's 

Fereday William Turton, coal 

master ; h. George street 
Field Wm. gent. St. John's sq. 
Fisher Rev. Geo. Hutchinson, cu- 
rate of Willenhall, St. John st. 
Fisher John, gent. Bond street 
Fleeming Wm. gent. Fenn road 
Forde William, dispenser of me- 
dicine. Old Church yard 
Foster Mrs. Ann, North street 
Fawke John, surgeon ; h. Queen 

Fowke Thomas Henry, surgeon ; 

h. Darlington street 
Freeth Jph. tobacconist, High gn. 
FrithThos.bookpr. Workhouse In . 
Fryer Miss Eliz. Darlington st. 
Gsrfield William James, Ian- sta- 
tioner, Princess street 
Garfield Wm. dep. clerk of the 
Court of Request, Princess st. 
Gibbons Henry, druggist, Sum- 
mer hill 
Gibbons Thomas, sen. gent. St. 

Peter's square 
Ginders Jeremiah and Co. s&U 

merchants, HoTM\ey f^«iU 
Glazard Mra. \i«i,*\iicVv^\^\^ ^^ 



e bardacr, lit. 
; Jkiucii'i M|a>u:c 
'MwIb lt«v. John, Temple >i. 
feugh Bdw. bookpr. DiuJlev nl. 
(nenWIIIiain.uierdiiuit'* clerk, 
miner hill 
,ja Mr. Wm. LitUe Berry U. 
Otm M iM Cbtic. QuccD olrrct 
iiunTbu. Wm. nJilor of Ilw 
t IKifotrlkamplen f.'knmlcle i L, 

Buten Wm. glare, &c. wkr. 
nten Mn. Miu7> ChiptI mIi 
jud Mis. Dlbjr. SuJobo'ioq. 
«Bdft>nl Mr. Kidiard, Bill at. 
iliDsVenioii, ink ^ blacking 
jkr. Unccn ■trcrt 
^^wick 0«oi^, collierr Rgonl, 
L~GTeen laoB 

(■nlwiek Mn. Ju>c. Churcb >t. 
rBlu* til« "birf , Uoiwlty licid 
'■ Joba, BtiorDey'i cUrk, 
>le f treat 

^^ r.Thoiuiui, Tower nrcct 

B»»ki(onl Jobn, itty's. clerk, 
y Hnnibgilay ThnniM, dkjI mfr. 
" Untwley field 
Hcvenioshun Mtu Aon, North 

ffickin Mr. Philip, Quren atreet 
BickinlU., eh:ffc, GiaiiiUeybiU 
"' ~ c»rrifr,Ol.BBrryiit. 
), bookpr. Market il. 
wU nnt. CIkkI uh 
•m.llld Church rard 
jb, nagnrtt aiid Itt- 
^ Tower tirMt 
I, SkTBb, Tpmpie >t. 
'M. Mir. Uell brook 
,_L, Bcetlettone, uuiitt 
b Borvetey Geld 
gUiL llonfley field 
, Utumey's clerk, St. 

Bnnbin ChM. reuilUtllrk luki. 

Vordem Hy. Esq. Daniull ball 
"■ - it Re*. SWphcnioii, Uuiu- 

nKkKiii Cbu- nhnpmiD, Cbapct 

r ub 

bauira Mn. M*na, Bond drccl 
fcwrew* BrtiMmi n , culUery igent . 
■ Jtoufli bi/fn 

Juroiu OcBJ. dtrk. Bond ■> 
Jebki June), mereJ""" ' 

Biltlun street 
Johoion Mr. Wm. Snow hill .^ 
Jonen Qeoc^, iron matti 

Jane* Mrs. Uanh. Uaeen ■(.„ 
JoneB Grilfilh, (eiciiie) nill U. 
Jones Job, towo tryer, CanriM, 
JoneDMn. Jane, Norib street d 
Jones Mn. Elixii- Bi 
Junta John, clerk, Bond slreM 
Kerfoot John, bookpr. Horse] 

King ThomM, collector of h 
tales, and town and hi^bwi 
rales, Market street 
Lade Joha SeaTlea, Gas worki M 
Lee ThoB. hank. elk. HtatTonln 
Lees John, uiFrcliL ; li.St. Job 

t^ KH. mcrrhl. j h. ChspelM 
Levick Predericki colliery >f ~ 

St. John's Moare _ 

I^wis Mr. Willjsia, Rell place J 
Lisle John, bookpr. Warwick r 
Lucas Jis. bookpr. Bishop's pU 
Ludlbrd Thos. clerk, Gratselq 

hill ^ 

Mace Mrs, Aon, Bond itreel 
Mander Mn. Hanb. • The K\ 
Mender Betii. Panlon, ecnl. H 

Manh Mrs. Ann, Cock ilree 
Mast&eld Mn. Queen street 
Masscy Sainl. bookpr. Horse] 

Msyeur Pras. eating liou 

Dudley wiusra 
M'Conncll Jai. bookpr. IlorM 

lev field 
M'Malion Daniel, seat. Bon(l«L_ 
Mellor Jpb. gent. Hi>ndey lieMa a 
Meynell J*s. bookpr. Vi " " "^ — 

htooie Mia* Mary, Biahoe'i | 
Morritoo Col. Wm. Z, Salop I. 
MoretoQ Mn. Aun, Thompi| 

Church ilnet i^ 

Mureum Jobu. rirrk, Chorcba 

I. geot- Summer hill 

Mostyu Rev. Francis, (CatholiD) 
Bibhop'* pUce. 

MoiinltonlJpU. canalagt. Hone- 
ley tield 

Muody Jno. merclit. Blnomsbury 
MundyTliOB. mercbl. TKnlioiise 

Mjren Wm. (armer, Mcrridnle 
Nerc John, ironoionper. High jn. 
.Veircll Mr.Wpj. Willenhnirrou] 
NrwtDD Jph. factor ; li. Hill *t, 
Ncmke Frw. g«rdemer, Blooms- 

Nurthwood Williani, superrisor 

of excise, Salop street 
Tioja RX. artiil, Dnrlin^ton il. 
O'SDiIinn Rer. Patrick, (Catli.) 

raynAJlenn', basknr. 8tiow hill 
Veanon Jph. mercbaut, Graiae- 

PercJFsl Miu Marf.SummerhiU 
Perkins Mr. SBiiioel, Chii Ibdg 
I'erks Joho, edge tool munulac- 

lurer, Slnde hill boase 
Perry James, genl. Graiseley 
I'erry Mr. Jamea, Bell place, 

Ponntnej- slrecl 
Perry Thomiis, genl. Cock street 
IVrry Wm. genl- SI. Join's gq. 
PoimtDey Mrs.Dni9illn,GeoiTeBt. 
Pouotncy Jlev. Huroptirey, M.A. 
perpetual curate of St. Jobn's, 
Geurae street 
pDupard Wm. gent. Summer hill 
P0W19 Li ttlclon, clerk, New brdg. 
Powia Mrs. Sarah, Chspel ash 
Pratt John, draper, Cburcii el. 
PT«t(ie Miss Eiii. Biliton street 
Price Tlios.bcmkkeciHir, Salop »t. 
Proctor Major, gent. Uorseleyfd. 
lUieliffe John, clerk, Cuck n. 
HattaliorDP Mr». Anti, MotincDi 

conrt. North street 
RenKildi Joseph, merchant: h. 

ro, Qneen street 
Ricbanli John, gent. Kuoinierhill 
Riddo Thos. clerk of ^t. John's 

church. Bond street 
Riley Mr. Wm. Horaeley field 
Roberta Mr. Hugh Jones, Sam- 
mrr hill 

(ito. solr. ; h. Dunstall 
Robinsoii Reuben, bookkeeper, 

St. John's Aqnare 
Rogers Rev. Henry, Independent 

minister, BrickkilD street 
RooBc {^aml. excise off. Queen si. 
Kuasell Geo. bookkeeper, Bil< 

Rylon I'bomas, japanner, Tur- 

Sanders Wm. wire worker, North 

Saundera Wm. gent. Summi 
Savage Miss Caroline, Piper 

Sarage Thomas, Jur 

George street 
Sarsge Wm. mercht. George si. 
Savage Wm. rattle dealer, Dar- 

Scolt Henn', clerk. Temple st. 
Scott Mrs. Margaretta, Snow hill 
Scsrie John, clerk, Nnmmer hill 
Seen Chas. cattle dlr. Horseley fd. 
Sewell Rev. Samuel, (Metli.) St. 

John's Kinare 
Scyde Mrs. Klix. Darlington St. John, mercht. George si. 
Sbav John, clerk, Uotseley field 
Shaw Wm. cbflin, hames, &c. 

maker, Brickkiln street 
Sbelton Richard, limber mercht. 

Queen street 
Hbipman Mr. Kd. Snoir hill 
Short Mrs. Ann, II, liueen st. 
Sidney John, draper ; h. Church 

Sillilo Mary, lodgings. Queen si. 
Simkiss Hiss Ann, Kshop's pluce 
Smart Mrs. Elii. North Urcet 
Smith Mrs. Mary, Dsrlington 91. 
Smith Rd. gent. Temple street 

Dudley street 

D master, i)Br- 

Sparrow ... 

lington street 

Sparrow John, constable. Little 
Berry street 

Sparrow Joseph, constable, I, it- 
tie Berry street 

Sparrow Wm. H. iron masler, 
Salop street 

Spencer Mrs, Eliz. Summer hill 

Spink Un. EUt. Sno« ^\\V 

Spruce Geo. miner, Pomi\Vm-) »^' 




Sunle^ Wm. icenl. Honriey Gi-ld 
SlcpUen* Rd. rn^ccr, C>d*1 siitc 
Steinrd I.acu, ficDt. tiuceo >t. 
SlewirdJobR, loiTD xirreror aod 

conitable, Billion iitreet 
Strinnt Mn. Surah, Bitston at. 
Staart Miua Miiy & Adq, D>r- 

linston ilreet 
Stiibbi Mill Mary, Groirr itreet 
Stabbi Woi. fdrmer, Birch'* bam 
Smui John, bookpr. Alliion ■[. 
Tirralt Jolin, mercht. ; b. Cock 

TaylorWm.IlelOif^Dl. North It 
Thomai Mn. HaiV, Darlington 

ThoDiDMn Rev. Charlea, (Biipt.) 

St- John's square 
Tbompiion Wm. weighing lua- 

chine, Chaptl uli 
ThotncyrroR Eiw. iron Bluster, 

Honelejr rottatte 
Thorneycroft (ieo. B. iron maa- 

ICT, C'liMpel liousp 
Thorpe Gu>. Kent. Summer hill 
Thnretans MiM Elix- lliJfr's row 
Titniiiiiu Mr. Eiln-. Tanh^inse lii. 
'i'inimins'nius. irun master. King 

Tomlinion John, carrier; h. 

Snow hill 
Tongue IVm. mercht. St. John't 

TuUy John, rltrk, Cbami nh 
Towers Tho». atau Sl.John'isq. 
Tripg Jim. Han. Old rlinrdi yd. 
VValkrr Jph. luerclit. W, Xoith »l. 
Walker Saml. merchl. St. Jolin'i 

Walker Rer. That, curntp. North 

WulkerRi'V. Tlios. M..\. Mcrri- 

iIhIc house 
Wallnns Henry Ogikie, clerk, 

llomelfy lield 
^V«l»h llev. Tliiimaa, D.D. vicur 

aposlutir of Uic niidlnnd ilia- 

tricl, (riiTnnl house 
Walten Snml. rlerk. Can inne 
Walton PreilV. mrrcht. Snow bill 
Wwd Then, lliggs, gent. Wbit- 

Wnhall road 
Webb Mra. Elit Tower itrtet 

Whitlin^m Richd. i 

Williama Mra. Ann, Darlington 
Williaini Mn. EmmeliDC, Chspel 
Williami Mrs. Hanb. Old Cburch 

Wilron Jnim, coachman, Bell si. 
WilHinJohn, (eicisc,) Kuaimer 

Wilher^Trythcney, midwife, Ox- 
Wood John, gent. Chape) ash 
Wmilley Wm. juu. file miuifr. 

Wriihi'^Mii" Mar>-, OW Church 


Jerh. mereliant, Graiseley 
Mrs. .Ann, Suiumer hill 

Marked * lair b-mnlm. 
AIMen Tliouias. Chorrli street 
• Allden Mrs. T. Cliurrb slreel 
Dnkewell Thomas, Itnth street 
Bay ley J dim, DartinctnnsTrret 
- — ■ Rer. Waher, (Calboliel 

aiHeiint, Aki - 

■s Wiley 


.tnrkaon. New aire. . 
Brilith Srhoal, Baptiiit chapel, 

T.'uiple sintt 
• Brown Mrs, nnd Miss llluod, 

Hnow hill 
Biiycott Wm. Zion ehnpel 
Bunneau l>Eter Clins. ^French) 

DniHii Winifred, North street 
L'nrtwrij;ht John, Old Church yd. 





Clark Richard, King itrect 
Cooper Ann, Worcei ter street 
Dumeld Fanny, Old Church yd. 
" Fellows Isaac, Church street 
FlaDoagan Mary, Old Chnrch yd. 
Free Grammar, Rer. William 

White, head master; Rer. Isaac 

Fisher, second master ; & Rt. 

Hntlon, writing master; St 

John street 
HoUhbs Geo. Bayley, St. John's 


■ Isaac& Ryland (Misses) Deanery 

* Ijewis Sarah, Queen street 
«Va/ioM/, John Edward Tillett, 

& Rebecca Jefford, Cleveland 

* Nicholson John, St. John's sq. 

■ Noyes Mrs. Rt. &. Miss, Dar- 
lington street 

* Parker &, Marsh, Temple st. 
Torter Margt. St. Peter's sq. 
Pountney Joseph, Temple st. 

* Kecd John, Temple street 
Singleton Ann, Hilston street 

* Sparrow Cuth. A: Eliz. Worces- 
ter street 

Stacev John, Kino: street 
AlCOrXTANTS, j^c. 

Chapman James, StatFurd st. 

Clowes James, St. Peter's sq. 

Spanton Thomas, (^leen street 

Hayes Josiali Anty. (to S. & W. 
canal) Darlington street 

Hunter Ebenezer, (to C. Chubb) 
Temple street 

Jackson Thos. (to B. couches) Sa- 
l(ip street 

Slade John Searirs, Gas works 

Stephens Wm. (W. & £. oamil) 
Horsrley field 

Whiteiiouse Job, (B. canal) Ca- 
nal street, ItriJ^c 


Bid with Thomas, St. Jo) in st. 

Comforth Josepii, Ciiapel a^h 

Tomlinsun Thos. St. Jolin st. 

Whitehouse John, C^ieen st. 


Penn John, Cleveland road 

Smith \Vm. (a^ent to .Meakin, 
Burton) nudity street 

Bennett Edward, North street 
Coner Joliu, Ohl Churrh yard 

Farmer Jas. Bailey, Darlington 

Foster Jph. King st. : h. Graiseley 
Fi^cr Rd. jun. Lichneld street 
Hickin Wm. Queen street 
Holvoake & Robinson, North st. 
PhilliM Thos. Moss, Bilston st. ; 

h. Birches 
Price William Tomkys & Son, 

George street 
Robins Bcnj. Darlington street 
Rutter John Simpson, High green 
Smith Henry,(coroner) St. John's 

Smith Wm. Old Church yd. ; h. 

Sparrow Thomas, Bell street 
Tiirton Wm. Darlington street 
Wood Thos. Lichfield street 
Aston Wm. North street 
Callum Wm. Darlington street 
Cluctt Wm. Queen street 
Crockett Benjamin, Cock street 
Gregory Wm. Rilst(m street 
Matthews Thos. Charles street 
Pool John, Bilston street 
i Walker Itandle Shaw, Castle st. 

Rill Francis, Canal street 
Bradshaw James, Oxford street 
Brimlley Jph. St. James's S(iu.ii e 
Cartwrijrht Eliz. Horseley litld 
Davies Pliomas, Dudley street 
l)e Grey, Saml. Lichfield street 
Kddowes Geo. llorscley field 
i Hatherley Thos. HorK^ley field 
: Hattoii John, Bilston street 
i Haves Wm. Pi iter's row 
Holland Wm. King ^»trect 
HolHs John, Bell street 
Howell Joseph, King street 
Jenson Geo. Dudhy street 
.Tones Samuel, Gt. Berry street 
Lewis Will. Stafford street 
Mayo Tliomas, Union street 
Meek Samuel, Cock street 
Mills Henry, Ctick street 
Munday Jph. Gt. Berry street 
Palmer Robert, Canal street 
Perks Wm. Bilston street 
Flimley Rd. St. John's street 
Plunkett Thomas, Dudley street 
Rose Thomas, Horse fair 
Shaw Thomas, Summer hill 
Walker Thomivs, HovwiW^- ^\v:U 
Williams .loVin, Vuwtt ^u^^iv 


i"ryer Kd. & Wni. Flcoiinp Irycr, 
Liehflfld at. (draw uii S|io<iiiit 
6i Vo, LoiuIod) 

n'ulrerliBmpton & lilallbnhhirr 
Uiuikiiijt I'orapanri ^'l'- Hill, 
Km), maniger ; vilnivr un WM- 

Fni^Hvlj-iNikt-,]: . 
idniwfHi Hunbury &. I'o, Loii- 

SaTinin* Built, UnMn st. i anm 
MoniU)-, IroiD ID to 1:2 ; T. K. 
Sinilti<w, wrroliiry 

t'lwniben Wiu. WibwbIit ai. 
Cndduck John, New Miccl 
nal]airar.ti>h.&Wtu. IliKli^in- 
fl«uy Jiihii, St, ISiurr'n mjuhti: 
I>ii(i(ic Jdliii, lligli h'n-cn & tin- 
Urn utrtl 
'nduuinb Kd. Snoir hill 
Wynn .Imiifs, St. Ji.ln.V ^lrwt 


ml. %Vi>i 

iViiv .Inhp, (.'liurcli 

IViuiilnP)' Ktretl 
Tiirni>r 'ni<>iiin», Salii|i >ln;i;t j h. 

Ulufiaialiiii y 

Hpnncll Uirliiird, ('i>i> li>ii<; 

IliMllpy .liM'']!!!. I.itlU''K liint; 

II |<riT tilllll. WdTITKllTM. 

.(■•■IIV.ruM1.ll, BGllKini-t 

LiN-kfii tViii. Niirtli "tmr 
.MyiTR llirlinnl, Miiiitnurc em-n 
l>iivi>il KiAv. M. Jiihu'sMn-i-t 
Fave'\ l*lii». .Mniiiui>n' uri'iii 
t^dlin«<lll V\ipi. N.>rlli I'tnit 


lUnj. Hi1-lr. 
i.n Will. Hoi 
AT lU fl.l) 

rto* J|di. IWii'" uliarf, Hurae- 
Iry livid 
WorreU .Innira. U'lilaall Mmt 

Tlair murtiil I wutr i-noiii/ Wr>, 
fllAr Ab/Cj, «wrf;[ it«»r iprim; tf 

1 llniiku Tliuh. suuinier liill >T. 
('ill Inn .lni'iib, Worenrtcr ulrecl 
UmJi' .liiliii, ;<.|>rhw litill \ iirBs> 

hn(>li} WnUallslnrt 
^ncjiilon Jiutt'li, Kiilon Mrcet 
3 Kuerr 'llidiiiwi, l-niii nwd 
3 GrilGili» Juwidi, Ni-w iiitre 
HnitlHli' 'lliw. Itiirk kiln Htrcot 
1 Iniicne JaineR, 1lrii-k kiln Kiml 
.Idiini rnuiciK, Ililstim slnil 
3 Minnley TiiuinuK. Ilrickhilni^t. 
3 Nl-b-uibq Jaiii»,Nur(li >frn;t 
IJNKivninii Jus. a bvll Hiiriii;.' 

NlnHiird Kltfrt 
3 I'criy Jolin, (it. Ikirry slml 
Ilitliiiras J anm I I'un Innv 

1 Smith TliuiiiHii, .MiilillpTov 

2 Sinnlvy I'liac. Itrick kiln M. 

3 \l>«iOii TlHitnav, iti priil iruu. 
.North Mrael 

Wilken CliHrlui, Sulon slnit 
3 \\'miiiiiiii.l«lin, Slulinrd >.tm-t 
]|i>IIKM':LI.KI[>i, ^lATlUN- 
KKS, l'U.STltS. & li-MHiS. 

iildhut't Alfntl Jidly. id .oi. 
pliiip iiriiitiT, Ituitlry I'lnti 
'Un- rii.irlotli', Uuitlfv sin-ii 

Ad>lifiid .luiucf . ililol-ii Mrvft 
Undurr .luiiio., Liltlf Ifa-rn- n. 
ltai,rrTh.>iii.iK. llniM-liy livid 
ll:inir> Hi'iili<-n, .Miiniiiiiiv unfit 
ll.>1iliiii tjlwanl, Wiin.i->liT' »t. 
li:»i'Il Kii-hitnl. I'lirk Mn-i-l 
llii-l:ii, U'ni. Ctirk mni-l 
('allilick Jiiliiili, Timi-r Ktrrcr 
Cuntinc 'riii». St. Jiiiii«'i'Mii:iTU 
Vuriin- WilliBiii, Diiillii ^tn'ii 
ri.minl M'iltiaiii, LhiiU). htnit 
('■■Mini Itii'iianl, (iuMlhi^ni Innr 
L'i>ri.Hi-ll .lam». '\ wlmltMih'.) 


. -I'litiii 

I, lliUli 



FoziUI Gconre, Xnrtli street 
Garner Geor?e, fS, Sulop street 
Hadkiiison Tliomns, Licit Held st. 
Ilipwood John, AVoolpack vurd 
Hodson AVitlinin, Snnn' liilf 
Isaac Robert, Charles street 
Johnson John, Honie fair 
Marrian John, Brick kiln street 
Moseley James, Lichfield stn^ct 
Miillonder Philip, TiMiiph- street 
ParMins John, Deanery row 
Pifyin Joseph, Market Mrect 
Plant Juraes, Little Btrry strret 
Price Thomas, IJalh Mtreet 
ItobiiiKon Simeon, llennctt's fold 
Roii^hley Henry, North street 
Kiullre William, Snou* hill 
Salt Thomas, 7, Salop stri-et 
Short Tnquias, Horscli-y fu-ld 
Smith James. North street 
Smith A' Patten (hoot) Ilii'h gn. 
Moke* James. Diulh-y sin'tt 
Toinllnson J.-iiuoi>, (iroi-n lane 
I'rii'kett Joseph, .Mount plruNant 
Tun nirlittV John, Siimuicr row 
Tiiiiiiit'lirtV WiDJaiii, liell place 
>VudL-lin William, Liclilk'Ul st. 
Walker KoluTt, Poiiiitney street 
Wealc Htnjamin, lUll street 
WVhh Thomas, Snow lull 
Wrston Joseph (.'lenient, Kinarst. 
WilkiTiN James, I'jper's mw 
Wilkinson Tlios. St. .John .street 
W illi.iiosTlmnjas, iilnonjshnry 

BOX IKHN maki:ks. 

Bates John, : A Duteli,*' .\e\v st. 
Perks Kflu-. lire-prt;f»!"'!onl si. 
Perks l-'raueis. New street 

i;K\s.> i<)IM)i:ks. 

Arthnr J(»>epli, Bennett's lold 
Baunintcr Tlioinas, .Sialf'oni st. 
Beard Simon, Statl'ord ^lreet 
Benton Waltir, liricU kiln street 
Dixon ^: Vanly, len-jine imnip, 

j?a.s littir.L'>,:ve. nitVs.^ iJilslonsl. 
Kusthope .lames. Staifonl .street 
Edwanis John, Salop siiv«"t 
K^ans henjamtn, Beil strei't 
Evans <k iartwriu'lif, Dndley rd. 
£ran« Klizaheth, Salop street. 
(w.)ii^h Edward, Tower .strei I 
Griffiths J ph. New piece, i;i;ek- 

kiln 5tn'et 
liigyison ](enjaniin. Snow hill 
Ilhtfge Klizaheth, Bdl street 
Illidge John, New >rn(t 
hiitiLV Suiiiiif'i, ■**'■ J.i.'/iC"''> :•€]. 

Jones Kichd.(& cock) Stafi'ord st. 
Jones Wm. (& cock,) Bath st. 
Mason Thomas, (Ijrass dresser,) 

court 2, Bell street 
3Ioller Wm.(& hell) Horseley fd. 
Parkcs William, Piper's row 
Pearson Joseph 6i Co. Snow hill 
Kodi^ers Thomas, St. John street 
Share Ahel, (caddy knoh,} War- 
wick street 
Taylor John, Great Berry street 
Tonks James \ Sons, (and hell,) 

Church street 
Turner Geo. & Thos. Stafford .st. 

Sve Iruiniions'fr.'i. 
Edwards Thomas, Brick kiln st. 
Oldtield Benj. Paradise street 
Perks Samuel, Fighting' corks 
Bat'ifdt Elijah, Morseh-y lieid 
B.'iL'u'ntt .Sanuu'l, Ponnlnfy st. 
Brown (leorire and .lames, I 'due 

tile wharl", Horseley field 
Bnlloek Clias. <lealer) Can lane 
Cope (ieorire. Hill street 
Dtrrv William, Dudley road 
llill \\\\\. Dudhy rd.;h. Snow hill 
Shaw Fiances, (ireen lane 
Tinimins & Co. \\ hpton. colliiry 
W ard Thomas, llorsijlev In Id 
\\ (»Ofi 'i'lis.C'an In,; h. IJehlield st 

KKs, .\ND sL vn:us. 

.Vl'.eti Tiuunas, I'rinee.-is street 
Bennett J(diu, Old steam m.ll rd. 
Blower Jdhu, Bennett's fold 
Blower Thoma«, Temple street 
Blower William, IVnn r<»atl 
Brishand A\ m 
Clark Jidin. Tower street 
Ford William, Temple stre<i 
lli^har!! (.;«-»>. iplastr.') Castle st. 
Gnest L'^aae, W dlenhall road 
Mieklewright W ni. Horse tair 
Moh* J<isv-ph, (rraisrley hill 
•Moore Sainiu'l, Hoi-seley hi'ld 
Ni)it»in Thonia.s, Canal stre« t 
Price TiM)mas, Horse fair .lames, (iueen street 
.Nntlcui lOd ward, iinion street 
Swan.lohn, Salnp sin*et 

Bis..ell Natld. OldChureli y..:d 
Foler UeuvyAAVvWwe \v.v.\\vv 
(lie-, w Mavyj \.Av;\\\kV\ >V\-v\ 

WOLVKRIl-A-lll'TON htltRL'TlHtY. 

_. -ii.. ll..r - , 

Itt'l'KI.K » VKKItS. 

Cnvrnvll llrii}. IlilsKm clni-t 

Piiirb (*ItT^l,■lill^, l.ittli* IhTry i>(. 

Wiuwocxl rniRcin, Tf«ii>)p stnt-t 


A. t Jvi" .-. a»a /hi,*/am r>. 

iH niii:its. ■ 



l.i'ls'illi IVlpr 

> linn 

Ahli ^liiry, lin-ut lliiri- nlnvl 
Afb WiULiui. 1, rr)iir<-»Mm:l 
llnnk.l<-y .lii>i-|.Ii. Nurrli klnvl 
ni'diliiTF Joliii, Muininl sln-i-l 
llmilii-ii .loliii. Liitlvl(.-rrv»;. 
IhiiilKiii Kii-liunl. It»r»'l.-v 1U'[.I 

. Itlirk. I 

(Vwi'U Iticli . 
Chamlirrliiiii \ 
(luifiimn .liiliii,'t 

(■..ri..iiJ.'.lnriH.rk \\.,n.V(ir^l. 
(■M,r.,i,J,...-,,f,. l.i.-l.tiH>i-.r»i 
(-|illi-itJ..l.ii. r.ii>li'l:-'riv~rn-.i 
l>ji-li-.Tl...- iMirl. I>;i'.il.( -r. 
I>'i y.l....-i.l..;.. >..:..!. -ir. II 


ANr» (ilLKKRs. 
:irlii>t>' ntHwiiury. 
'T. CiH-kMrwl 


I lUmiw Imki.-. II.1- >tr,, I 

I ChiililiTrli .Inhii, NiirlliMr..! 
rrntrlilcr Unify. I.irMlr M t 
I KvnnH Krnnciii, Lii'Iilirli) sim'i 
I Ilnrwirk J<>m-|iIi, Curk Mrciil mil 
! l>nrlinHtiiiii.|rr('t 
] lIill(J.-.,re.-, Iluai^yslml 
' '■ ■ Williklll, IllHllryMnH 

;i.ll.-v Kt. : Wanl ■IlL.tiiiii-. 
L-rr) M, ,1 \lalk.rS:,.uii ■ 
.11. "I , \\.M..T llich. 

1. Dm 

" ( .ihim;i 

: M M« 

M,„i.,i • .1,-. 

■ AM-.Tlil Ih,. 

IlnrUTl.-:. .- 

ClHlk. lt> J .)..• 

fiimiituh. -1 


Small«,.o.l \i„.. 



BeAlov Wnitem, Flper't row 
TiMbr Wm. defdaiid raw 


Com WnUam, Bloonralnirj 
TfeUlMiMe CMorge, Ponntney it 
Morris Joluiy Iteple rtreeC 
AMivon Oeoim, Clmluid road 
Pwuf Bon Jolu, Town well fold 
Wmduon Georn, Caiial street 

De Qnj 8«niicl» Lichfield st 
Oregorr ChArkSjWoreester st. 
Harris nsadiy High green 
Hoafofd J«te, (sogar boOer) 

JensoB OooiivDndley street 
Lewis RosiBay High street 
Locldey Mana Margt North st. 
Meek Samuel, Cock street 
Poole Geo. (pastrycook) Bilston 

Smith William Dudley street 
Walker Joseph, Salop street 
Wilkes Paul and Martin, High 


Bentley Robert, Snow hill 
Craddock Christopher, Bond st. 
Pitt James, Worcester street 
Stephens Joseph, Horseley field 
Stirk James, Lichfield street 
Taylor Jph. Little Beiry street 
Wood George, Charles street 
Young John, Bell street 

Fielding James, Lichfield street 
Hudson Richard. Lichfield street 

Cotterili John, Deanery rovr 
Cotterill Joseph, North street 
Cotlerill William, Horse fair 
Hand John &, Son, Worcester st. 
Hickman James, Molineux court. 

North street 
Hysttt Alexander, Stafford street 
Key John, Middle row 
Mttsdl Adam, Canal street 
Mansdl James, Canal street 
Perils Thomas, Carribee Island 
FInnt Joseph, St. James' square 
ShnCer James, Stafford street 
Mttle William, Union Htrect 
mnit o a William, Tower street 

Wiley Hannah, Bowling green, 

Stafford street ' 
Bradshaw James, Albion mill 
Bnllock Charles, com and hay 

dealer) Can lane wharf 
Heatherley Thos. Horseley field 
Norton Joseph and James, Old 

Steam mill. Workhouse lane 
Plunkett Hiomss, Dudley street 
Shaw Thomas. Summer hill 
Southwick Jpp. Goldthom hill 
Union Mill Ck>. Horseley field ; 

John Olarenshaw, miller 

Marked * ere Car/ ownen only. 
Boulton Joseph, Wednesfieldrd. 
*Browning Saml. Stafford street 
*Cartwright Abm. Paradise st. 
Child Isaac, Wadam's hill 
Elliott Willmm, Tower street 
Fellows John, Willenhall row 
♦Finchet Robert, Salop street 
Fox Francis, Summer hill 
Harley Thos. Bridge row, Canal 

Horton George, Goldtborn Line 
Leech Philip, Brick kiln street 
Lloyd* Benjamin, Cock street 
Necld Thomas, Goldthorn hill 
Noake John, Gardens, Salop st. 
Parton Peter, Salop street 
* Perks Joseph, Wadam's hill 
Perry William, Bloomsburyr 
Phipps Richard, Horseley field 
Pool Ts. Taylor, St. John's st. 
Ridge Chas. ct 4, Dudley street 
*Savage Jph. New piece, Brick 

kiln street 
Shinton Mary, Canal street 
*Shinton Thomas, Canal street 
Timmins Francis, Can lane 
Titley Henry, Gough street 
Ward John, Stafford street 
♦Welsh John, Salop street 
♦Wilkes Noah, Salop street 
Williams Benj. Pountney street 
Williams Richard, Horseley field 
♦Williams William, Union street 

Cole John, Stafford street 
Fereday John, Princess street 
Green Stephen, 5, St. John's st. 
Green Tbou\«L«, VM CWck\\ >i«>x^ 


Smitli and I'atlen, (leather uiil 

E-riDdery dtn-} High green 

VTurd Elic and rioa. Cock at. 




Sir Ball Mnkert. 
Astle Wm, (glaier) Salop rtreet 
Uriffin Calh. iN>HDtney Mreet 
WindlelVilliam, Nortb sireet 
FuUwood Ilenjamin, Kinp street 
Heeley Jnbn.ililiitun ittrcet 

Chcrinvlun Andrew, North si. 
DaDn JanicB, WaUull alreet 
ICdwsnls Win. iun. Dudley mad 
Panont John (&. apHdes, sbiivelK, 
und plnnlation hoes,) UiUlun 

Perki llubert& John, Bilitno st. 
Weilgirond Jnhn, llorxi'ley field j 


Caddirkjoh, Brick kiln itreet 
CUrinon Ki]>i-. Tnton mill Mreet 
Jeavona Jas. Utile brick kiln M. 
L*ngMon Joseph, I'nion Wreel 

PouDtoey SaniiiH, I'tmiiLnKV fI. 
t^mith Daniel. Tniim slrcei 
.^//inH,Thuiniu Loire, Ciirk St. 
Alba, Koger Birch, Cockbtrvil 
BiTmingkiiM^, l^tcrDcHkin, P,»„ 
Briiiik, Win. Duffield, Clei-clund 

CvHHfy, John B.Toovey, Bishop's 

Cuardinii, William Watker, Cock 

yont-ick Vniim, William Buckle, 

HifTh stn-et 
Phntir, Will. PaTke, 11^, Hi^h 


,, Dar- 

Jnscpli BriilRrn 
rELLMOXCEKS.' 1 linj!ton' street 

Ilrookc Tliomss, Darlintilon »l. R«gal K^haiigf, TiioniBs .Slonf r 
Newion John Curncs, WurccKlet !Siiiikis9, Itishfip's pl«% 
alrpvl I S«n. Philip Dennion, llivh preen 

FENDER MAKERS. ' »'«/ »/ i«s/BHrf. Kandle Shaw 

(ioHon Win. (hriEhl iron] Duke ' WHlker, ChsIIc mreet 

street I FISH .MN tilts, ii Fltl'ITRS. 

Sanders Win. (wirf) North Rt. IIii»nll James, Tuwer tt 

1, Ikll street ' ' 

AlMOti Tbmnmi, Uucen 

Dixon Tboniw, L'arriliee I:<land 
Fuller Jnnrpli, Itnieut Mreet 
Oruhtrraur Itenjiu ' - ■■ 

Ilaielork tieonfc, 

-llulland Williniii, North street 
Honibin J(vr)ili, North slicel 
Law John, North sirrct 
Karkeii Edward, BiUton Mrecl 
Price Klihii, M. Jhhivs'i Niuare 
Price Josrnh, If per'K row 
Kdbinhun John, Ulnonisbtiry 
KiiRc & I'lark, <ircHl Itcrry *t. 
Sinitlelun (iconre, ItilHlon strwt 
Tmnkinsim Tlii». Sparrow yanl 
Wurd Wm. Dsrlinpton straH 
Wiley tleii. RoliL S 

Mnrshnll Fnu. < K eaini') l\\f\> at. 
IMinshall Gror|-e, Cock nlreet 
Minshnll RirhnnI, iliieen street 
ary. Lii-hneld street 
: Smith Tbos. (wlil.) BiUloii st. 
BMlev Edw.til. PelerV si|iiiirc 
Ila'ni-s John, lieU Mreet 
Crockett UrnlamiD, Ciiek street 
Cnirkelt William, llighjtreeii 
Denbnni John, St. Jolin s ^t^^;^t 
tirejTor)- Wm. BiMon street 
IliSKisun Benjamin Siiovr hill 
I IliKlf^iniThumns, .(I'HiliGriiicri. 
I nod mattress mkr.) Sni>«- hill 
I Lloyd Mary Ann, St. John's st. 

hill I Matthemt Thomas, Cbarlet ft. 

Taylor Joseph, Cork street 
(general Vntel Henry, Lichtielilst.and ST. 
I .Inhn's street 




Marked * are S€tAmmmlif. 
*Cntehley Hy. Lichftdd ttrast 
Paifchild JMiiei. Union itnet 
Hnaiphrfiton Jomiy Stafford it 
•Knight Jobn» Bennett's fold 
Lowe William. Hiffh men 
Moofe John, Lichneloetfeet 
Fhillipe Joeepb, Canal itreet 
•Stampa Joecph, Sabp street - 

Uofd Jaa. Bowling green, Staf- 
ford iticet 
FardoeChaa. Fred. St. James' sq. 
Paidoe John, HiU street 
Paidoe Jobn, Piper's row 
Faidoe WillwBu Nortb street 
Fusons John, (k anger) Bilston 

street bridge 
Wisedill Barnett, Uoraeley field 
Underbill Saml. (glass) High st. 
Willey Benj. (wholesaled reUil) 

Stafford street 
Marked • are also Provision Dea- 

ter$, and f Tallow Chandlers, 
*t Bradshaw James, Dudley st. 
Bickley William, High green 
Bishop James, 1, Tower street 
t Brewster William^ Snow hill 
Brown Jas. and Benj. High green 
Buckle and Harris, High street 
Bywater Geo. (London Tea Ware- 
house,) Dudley street 
Clapbam Eliz. Horseley field 
Cholditch John, North street 
Clarke Charles Solomon, High 

green ; h. Craddock's walk 
Cmtchky Henry, Lichfield street 

and Horseley field 
Dakin & Co., (tea whs.) High gn. 
Hardwick Jas. Wolverhampton 

CoUiery, Green lane 
Hardwich Jph. Cock & Darling- 
ton streets 
t HiU Geo. Dudley st. ; h. King 

• Hill Thomas, Lichfield street 
Leaaon Wm. Worcester street 
Lowe Sophia, Dudley street 
Maffuire Hugh, Horseley field 
f Afe George, Canal street 

* Fanhon Jph. Stafford street 
Yiflhw WUmm, Dudley street 

Ridley George, Hiah green 
RoUiMon Jaa. & Eow. High gn. 

* Rose ThomaiL Horse fsir 

t Roy Jamesy Lichfield street 

* Smith WUlum, WaUali road 
Walker Saml. 37, Dudley street 
Walters William, Cock street 
Waltho Jph. Brick kiln street 
Ward Thomas, Stafford street 
Wearer Richud, Dudley street 

* Whele William, North street 
Wright Chas. Horseley field ; h. 

St. James' square 
Wright Thomas. High green 
York Thomas, Cock street 

Brazier James, Stafford street 
Braxier Jas. St. John's square 
Brazier Jph. Ashes, Brick kiln st. 
Brazier Thomas, Bloomsbury 

Brazier Benjamin, Cock street 
Nicklin John B. & Co. High gn. 

See also Hosiers A" Linen Drapers 
Hutton & Cliff, Darlington {Street 
Marsh Wm. (and small wared I r.) 

Cock street 
Radnall Ann, Cock street • 
Thiis • are Perfumers^ 
Allen John, Worcester street 
Bateman John, Bell street 
Bateman Thomas, Dudley street 
Cotterell John, St. John street 
Cox Benjamin, Walsall street 
Cluett James, Horseley field 
Dixon Robert, Bilston street 
Highfield Peter, Gt. Berry street 
Hodson John, Canal street 

* Horton James, High green 
Lloyd George, Cock street 
Robinson Richard, North street 

* Robinson Richard, Hi|][h green 

* Robinson Wm. Snow mil 
Smith John, Regent street 
Smith John, Salop street 
Standley Joseph, Horse fair 
Startin Henry, 14, King street 
Wilkes Jeremiah, Lichfield street 

Goldie John, St. John street 
Parsons John, Bilston st bridge 
Richards Samuel, Warwick street 
Richards W m. UVX\t'BtvtV^5:\\t^. 'eA.. 



Marktii * nre l)taU-rs unli/. 
I^^vereiix C'hjis. John» Xortb st. 
(tilliAin C'harlos, Dudley street 
Hi^flritt Win. furrier, Ilis^h green 
LaJciii Sophia, Ilifrli green 
Laxton Wm. Hy. Dariinj^ton st. 
Morris Samiiel, High green 
•Wardlei Henney, Bilston st. 
• Sidney Ut. & Co. Fliirh green 

Abbott George, Worcester street 
Evans .Tusoph, ITorseley field 
Sbelton .Tohn, Can lane 

Armstroni; Jph. Ilrick kiln street 
Hates Mifrimel. Bloonisbury 
Rill .Tohn, St James' square 
liolton Benjamin, Hell street 
Hretsch Edward, Canal street 
Hrisband William, Horse fair 
Uewson Tho"*. (imiseley hill 
Fisher Daniel, Hell street 
FuUard Danl. W'l, (it. Hrrry ht. 
Nortou Henry, (hiinh l;i:u' 
Lancaster J(»hii. Si. .ToIi:i*> >tre(t 
M'Clardy Win. Oxford .-trc.l 
Osborne .Fosepli, Nortli >lnrt 
Taylor. lohn, ;tninli.) Salop si. 
^\'llki^soIl .Faiiics, H.illett'h vow 

J or Mlliir 3 VMS. 
rholditcb .loiiiu Sorth slnvt 
Stokes John, Hiirh orcen ; li. St. 

John's N«iijarc 
^^'alker William, Cock street 
Weat'er Riciiurd, DmiIU-v .^tnct 

hosikus, oi.omiks, am) 

St'C also ilnht'i'tUiyhi. I'-f. 

Coolcy NN'illiani, I )iidlrv street 

Doni>tliorpe Mil/.. Dariinbton st. 

<iibbs Kd\v.l^^. lareman,'^.IIii.''h lmi. 

Gover Saml. ^Miiallware,; Liih- 
fiehl street 

Kin.«i*y s^rah . ■siiiallw are/' Lich- 
field t-\^^'^ t 

.Molintiix .Ip!; l)i:'II«-y strut 

AViiriM'i; <i«f«r.-(-. \\ ;il-.ill -iri»t 

HnTi:L>. i\N>. .N.j \\ ::i:.\s. 

Acorn. .Ins. >inh!oi», ."*!. .?oI;n *-t. 
Admiral \ eriitin..I«':;ii ./«....-^. < '.i- 

nal stnet 
Albion 'i.ivi ni, >"..iic\ >'V.v'it. 

Dudley ro.iii 
AnfTffl, Wij;. Ifii:r.T>.."*.i!^P>MVf! 
Hallooih 'liio>. ''.ji'i;., \\ i^'L- t'^ 

Barley Mow, Isaiah IVdIey, le- 
per's row 

Hear and Rngged Staff, Daniel 
Taylor, (ireat Berry street 

Higl'at, Michuel Hnsby, Can In. 

Bird in-Hand, Saml. Stirk, High 

Birmingham house, Geo. Shotton 

Bilston street 
Black Boy, Jno. Hargrove, Horse 

Black Horse, Sns. Field, Horse fr. 
Blue Hall, Wm. Vat«s, Bilston st. 
Bo(»t &Star, Wm. Wehb,Hi;;h gn. 
Bricklayers' Anns, Thos. Ma>()ii, 

Walsall street 
Britannia, Rt. Shuter. Statford st. 
Brown Bear, Richard Adauis, 

Lichtield street 
Captain Cook, William Cooke, 

r»rick kiln street 
Castle, .lames .SiiiitI:, Dndlcy st. 
CheqnerHall, Wm Chill,NfM th st 
Cloi., Geo. Brooke, Canal ^t. 
Coach \ Flor>es, John Wil>on, 

Snow hill 
CoarhvV Horses, Sjirah Kolunson, 

i>ii>l<i7i streit 
Cork «N: Cros^ Key.>, Thf)S. Smith, 

Horse fair 
Cock, .\ni:)ro>e [, (it. Berry st. 
Cross Gins, .Jph. S:iiit!j, Brick 

kiln street 
("lown, Geo. Le«l., ^tntVurd st. 
C niwn, .Fohn D.ivi^, lli'-xr fair 
C:o-,vii iV Anclmr, .fjii. (ween. 

Si. J:.mi'>"j; sipian 
Cro\e:u\; Ciishitiii, Tii'»«.. I*.rool.cs, 

A horses \ l:il:^^ Dudley st. 
Doj: cc Duck, .*<tpii- Gnissir'y, l»i- 

per's row 
Dog t\ Partridge, Saml. Marston, 

(.'ar:;tl street 
D;)lpliin, Jno. W :ilker. Temple >t. 
Dnr.d'N Head, Tlios. llIllinL'sUv, 

N-rlh street 
Duki*or\Vellinirt<.':i..!a'>. Sandei.s, 

Hiir^.Iey lu 1.1 
Diil.i I'l > ork. l'e!ei- S-i^er, IVin- 

ce^> >\\\\. t 
|)}iJ:.- of 'iorlc. V. ii;. N\ u-, Li:tle 

t f • .i i\ I.. I.' Mi(i I! (inv. 'i iios. llakin, V...;- 

>all >trM : 
iViitlier-. .'-.iary .lord.iii, N^lr;h^:. 
i'ienr-ili I.!-. II! i.v:l ■;■•.! \ 'i-l.e: ■ 

woLVBitfAiimnr DincTOET. 


Fowitei n, Jph . BfnadiT, Little 

Beii| streft 
Vonr Ashn, Jaae U a ^um , Sttf- 

mil BUw At 

gp», BenJ. WmiMBi, Wortti tt 

don. Hone fidr 
C tor ge » Thoe. Foeter» M p p e to ee l 
Geofgey Wni. Wefkery St. /tmee^s 

OtftoS'e Anne, Edw. WiDeaiy 

Golden B«ll» Wm. Jonee, HIgli 

oSSm Cop* HfunphrBf Nnh, 
Cock street 

OoMen Vleeoe^ Bamnd Meyoa, 

OoIdenliioB* AttMnk, Sd topit 

Green Men^ 8Bnl.Ke59 Binlon 

Green Man, llios. Hodgetts, Ot. 
Beny street 

Greyhound, Sarab Sparrow, Lit- 
tle Berry street 

Hand & Bottle, Susan Sutton, 
Cock street 

Hare, Geo. Tyler, Little Berrv st. 

Hare & Hounds, Edw. Walker, 
Church lane 

Hen & Chickens, Thos. Radford, 
Dudley street 

Hop Pole, Jno. Bamsley, Highgn. 

Horse & Jockey, George Sutton 
Boulton, Bilston street 

King's Arms, Mary Meredith, 
Brick kiln street 

King's Head, Thos. Jevons, Dud- 
ley street 

Khig's Head, Thomas Brindley, 
Bell street 

Lion Hotel and Posting House, 
Helen Wheatmore, North st 

Little Swan, Ann Dean, Horse- 
ley field 

Minenra, John Lewis, Salop st. 

Mvg House, Simon Beard, Staf- 
ford street 

NM^Head, Wm. Mortiboy, Lit- 
ue Berry street 

Nnrkntkm House, Danl. Jones, 

Bilston street bridire 
Can lane 


, John 


New Angel, John Woodhouse, 

Dndley street 
New Hotel, John Barter, Cockst 

New Inly TImm. Billy Monmore 

New Ion, John Bate, Hcrrteley fd. 

New Inn, Ridiard Smlrthwaite, 
Salop street 

Noah's Ark, Bcoduftki Hitchcox, 
Llehfleld street 

Odd Fellows' Arms, Stml. Mor- 
ns, Monmore green 

Old An chor, John Stirk, St. 
John's street 

Old Barrel, Wm. Morris, Wor- 
cester street 

Old BeUL John Jones, Bell street 

Old Bodb, Winiam Hy. Hollis, 
Piper's row 

Old Bush, John Pool, Ettingshall 

Old Church, William Marsh, 
MTheeler's yard 

Old Leather Bottle, Martha Lit- 
tleton, Canal street 

Old Mitre Inn, Charles Pope, 
Cleveland roaid 

Old Queen's Head, Ann Ches- 
worth, Worcester street 

Pack Horse, John Newall, Dud- 
ley street 

Peacock Inn and Turf Tavern, 
Robert Perry, Dudley street 

Pheasant, William Wnitehouse, 
New street 

Pied Bull, Jph. Bissell, Snowr bill 

I^ & Whistle, WiUiam Childe, 
Wheeler's yard 

Plough, Mary Gibbons, St. John 

Prince of Wales, Devey Bucknall, 
Chapel ash 

Queen^s Head, David Bate, Staf- 
ford street 

Ram, Thos. Jackson, High green 

Raven & Bell, Jph. Pord. Canal st 

Red Cow, Ann Harrington, Dud- 
ley street 

Red Lion, Maria Kesteven, Wal- 
sall road 

Rose & Crown, John Jones, Bil- 
ston street 

Royal Hussar, Thomas Sadler, 
Summer hill 

Royal Marine, Rd. Billiogsley, 
Canal street 

Royal Oak, Rd. Vickers, Stafford 

Saracen's Head, Bd. l\^\x^««« 
King strt^ 




lUrenicroft Ben]. Dadtey roui 
:Sbertrix>d Samuel, Brkk kiln it. 
Tavlor Williun, PonntDCV ilren 
Wiley Robert, PriaCMo ■tnvt 

Wilton John, Salop si 

Seven Slin. Jobn Mortibay, St. 
John itml 

.Sbakipearc Tivom, 'tlioB. Clark, 
HoneUv field 

Ship and Kainbov, John Wilier 
Irria Hair, Uudley ruad 

Sotohe !ihap, J no. weaver, Lich- 
field utreel I 

Sprcadl'jtgle, Ily. lIurUKi Cooper, 
Cui'k atreet I 

SUr,Thomaii5bair,Horseley fd. 

Star jc iiatler, I'aul Law, Cock ' 

Swan Hotel & Pouting tlouae. Blue Ball, Edir. Butler, Paual 

Ancbor.Beaj.Hooh, Horseley rd. 
Anchor. Wm. Shaw, Brick kiln it. 

Three Croirns, Jpb. fi 
ley St 

1, Dud- 

Joseph Jackson, 

Queen street 
Tiger, Edw. Wnlton, North si. 
Tiger, Wm. Heath, Church utrrH ! 
True Briton, J pli. Baker, Bath nf 
Turks' He«i, William Thomas, ' 

BilstoD street 
Union Tip House, Wiu. Raduall, 

Horseley field 
Vine Inn, Kd. Fisher, St John al. 
Vine Inn, Mary Ward, Canal st. 
Whcj.t Sheaf, Jaa- Taylor, llifili 

White Httrt, Mary Cotterrll, Suf- 

ford street 
White Hart, William Kcyiiisli, 

Worcester street 
While Lion, Sarah .'■nnders. 

North street 
White Rose, Thomas Sherwin, 

LicbfiFld street 
Woulpsck, Wm. I'rilthard, Snow 


BEER HOUSES, [83 : ^ :) 
(Hn-earctB flMrAomr., a«J ViH 

„ld Public //:•„■!> J 
Baker Benj. Briik kiln alrcit 
Barker Sarah, Duke street 
Chapman John, Oxford street 
Dean TliouiM, Castle I'lace 
Edwards Joseph, Salop street 
Edwards John, Britk kiln street 
Venn Joseph, Cnsllpatreet 
Haynea William, Horse fair 
Horabin Joseph, North street 
Jooea Joseph, liAU){h hills 
Lewis Edward, Bilston street 
Motrley Jainei, Duke street 

Boat, ThoB. Rishton, Brick kiln tt 
Boat, John Allmon, Canal aide, 

Cannock road 
Brick lay en' Arms, Mary Walton, 

Maiy Ann street 
Bricklayer' Arms, Wm. ttebb. 

Hone fair 
Brickmaken' Arms, Fr>. Shaw, 

Brou-nLion, 'ITios. Willet, New 

Piccp, Brick kiln street 
Bulls* Head, Tliomas Hill, War- 

Bull.' Head, Saral B 

erlcy, S«- 

lop street 

Colliers' Arms, .las. E 

wick street 

Cross Keys. .Jph. Rich 

r>\!.. Brick 

kiln street 

Crown, Benjamin Bak 

er, Bell St 

Uarlmjtou's An..-, L 

eu. Ward 

Darlington stre. . 

Earl Grey, (ieorie \^ 

mer hill street 
Elephant Ji Caslle, S 

ley. Sum- 

in 1. Davis 

Cannock rosd 

(ieorgcand Dracon. H 

illiam Rd 

I. Little Brick kilo ■ 


I Uolden Cross, Samuel Mulli 
. Snow hill 

Grand iHruuX, riiom.^i Bui 
I Horseley field 
1 Grand Turk, I 
I Horseley lield 

Half Moon, Henry Hughis, Wor 

Harp, Epbraim Stinn, Canal si. 
\ Hfliwti.J>Kkey,ThomaiiSHlt, ; 



Hln»Ar, Wm.Crapp, Chsria «t. 
lorlDcfhle. Wni. Morrii, Duke 

Jollf Collier, Williani Edirirds, 

S>a6lff ruul 
Kinr'* Arms, Andw. Cb«riDgtDn. 

Nonh Hreel 
KiDg'B Arm>, Cbpr. Craddock, 

Bond stmt 
King Will. Jm. Richirda.CsnIn. 
Lame Hone, Lary Adihrad, Bil- 

LeinafMiui, Geo. Spiok, Suf- 

fotU itTWt 

Leopird, JamcB Nicbols, I^pet'« 

Lord NHmd, Richard Harper, 

S»lop ■«!« 
MaltSborel.JoIin ^ului, Wnl 

ul Blreel 
Miner;' Anns, George Priltlisrd, 

Green lane 
Old Milre, Thot. Hill, North at 

Uin, Crent Berry ttrMt 
Paul Prr, ^Villi■^] Walker, Mld- 

PIODgh fc HiiTOw, Th>». Buck- 
ton, Cbapel ub 

Ring of Bells, Richard Nicholls, 
Pipet'a row 

Ruin Sun, Suoael ErIod, IVsr- 

Koral E^cUaoge, George Bale, 

Sbropahirc Houw, Elijiih Bag. 
got, llorteley field 

Sbrabberrr Tap, Jamei Worrell, 
WalaaU *lrHl 

SirJohnPalslair, Ssml. Slubbe, 
UHle Brick kiln Mreel 

8Ul tad Anchor, Tiiorau Wbite- 
hMM, Sdop atrect 

SUaai Jacket, Joaepb lloud, Ox- 
ford atmi 

Talbot, John Spink, Union >t. 

VanbaU, Jpb. Hadkiimon, Cha- 

«U» Hone, Beuj. Riley, Woc- 
, mjtr Koit, Frt$. Colct, Ntw tl. 

Windiaill. Gevrire {''ieklhnuee, 

SuniuJCi hill itreet 
WoodmsD, Abrabani Carlwrighl, 

Cburch laur 
Woodman, Barnelt Wucdill. 

Merged' urtim/f Camt Mmlr,. 
Britiib Iron f'o. Wednrsficld 

CbillJiUFUiii Coal and Iron Co. 

Cbilnngton vorki; Frederick 

Levick, agenl 
Dawes John and Koni, (& Heel 

refinirrB.) King strwi & *™«- 

Coltham Coal ind Iron Com- 

Cy, Lane head, ntllntial/ : 
liel Bagnsll, iweot 
■ Fereday John Turton, Old 

Monmore worka 
- Hoccom Edw. & Co. Monmore 

Jonea, Barker, und Co. Caitliy 
Irm, u-urkii ufficE Cbillin|;ton 

• Kilcy William, .Monmore gr. ; 
b. Ettinpliatl 

Spnrrov Wm. and J. S. and Co- 
Temple itreet 

• Tairaltand Co. Rough bills 
T^orneyeroft Geo. and Ed»«rd, 

(bar itc.) Shnibbcry ''"i 

h. Horaeley field 

Ward Wm. Pri™i(ield» workf -, 

b. Queen street 

Farmer &. Jones. Darlington bl. 

rirmstonc Jobn Parsons, Cha- 
pel ash 

Tarrall and Nere, Hiob green 

Underbill Joseph, Dudley street 

Erani Sarah, Brick kiln street 

JcBTona Isaac, (It copper,) .Suf- 

Rogen John, Middle row 
Stewart John, (& general 
plate worker] Church lar 
Street Hfnry, HalleU'a ro. 
Athetlon Jnnca, Horat^T] l«\A 




M<uufield John, HorMley Geld 
Perks Francis, Neir ilreet 
Thomn-cron Geo. & Ed. Shrub- 
bery Iran irorki, Wiliall itrcet 
WestvcNNl Henry, Old Factory. 

UorMley fd. & LitUe's In. 
Wud Wm. Prieiifdi. h.Queen st. 

Martal • arr Braiieri, Sfc. alto. 
Baraelt lliomu, Billion ilreet 
Braiier Betyimin, Cock atrMt 

• Cb«rlei TboniM, Dudley street 
Parnier & Jones, Darlington it. 

■ Nickliu Jobu Banks, and Co. 

HJKh Green 
Hobin^on Edw. Horaeley Geld 
•Sbav Benjamin, High Kreen 
Shuter Junes, SlalTord street 

• Sollom Benjamin, Hiub green 
Tarrnit and Neve, HibS green 
Underhill Joseph, Dudley street 

Bated John, N en- street 
Pcrkea Francis, New street 
Whcalley Andrew, P<iuntney »t- 

Th'ise marted ' mfr. fine pnptr 

Koodiand/aa cy fiunlipool wirii 

nad t art Tin aHit Irm Plait 

Huritr, aim. 
t Bennett William, Bitston St. 
Berins Nalb. Norib street; h. 

King street 
t l>ri-cy Jobn, St. James' iquare 
t Elwell Henry Barber, Brick 

kiln street ; b. Penn road 
■FeRriirouibe Henry, Dudley rd. 
tManderClias. (& varnish mkr.) 

SI. John's St. ; b. Queen si. 
-t PFrry Edwnrd, Temple st. 
t Perry Rd. ic Son, 7, Queen si. 

• t Kyton and Walton, Turlon's 
hail. BilsUin street 

+ TliumtjinB Jam™, Tower s(. 
Tyrer Richard, Bond street 

• Walker Jno. Fredk. Troiule st. 
Wellinca Thoinai, Bond Hlrpct 
Wbilfhouse Wm. Clrveland road 
WoolleyRl. (& tin toy boinifr.) 

JEWELLERS.— Sfir H'alchmkrs. 

Bmrkerjph. Monmiire snen 
CberingtoD Antlrev (gridiron, 
cbaSodUh, ic.J NortC street 

Heap Samuel, (brazier and tin- 
men's tool, press, stamj),laitlie, 
&screw stock mfr.) Middle tow 

Parkes Jobn, (nut and screw) 
Carribee island 

Parks John, (screw Torger) Han- 
cock ■lyarcf. Horaeley field 

Rogen William, (sUple mfr.) 

Smith Peter, Canslat. Bridge row 
n'bitehouBG Job, Biln Ion street 
Wood John, Joitepb and Eiln-ari) 
(& engine 6ller8,) Walsall ai 
ilarktd • art Cabtiul wArj. aU„. 
Banutey Jobn, Dudley mad 
Bate George, Bloonisbury 

• Cooper Francis, Lichfield st. 
Uoran Geo. Summer bill street 
Evans Job, St. John's square 
Evana Wm.StalTord alreet 
Heani Henry, St. John's square 
Heaford Samuel, Can lane 
Cibbons George, Horae fair 
Harding John, Pi|)cr's row 
HBrpcr,Wm. iiSon, North st. 
Hartland Benj. (builder) Dudley 

Hereningbam Hy. Sufford street 
Hill Benjamin, Bell street 
Hill Francis, Horveley field 
Hilton Benj. (& surveyor) Staf- 

I.loyd, John, Darlington street 

Meredith Rolit. Worcester street 
Meredith Thomas, Snow hill 
Morris Joseph, Monniore green 
Nock Henry, Can lane 
Perkins John, Tower sireet 
Powell Henry, Bilaton street 
Walker Randle, Ut. Berry street 
Walker Randle Shaw, Castle si. 
Ward George, Darliiiglun street 

• Vardley Saml. Ilon-vley field 

Marktd • mair CaUatl Ary. an/y 
Alieaton John, Charles street 

• Andrews Thomas, Salop street 

• Barnett \Vm. Wadam's liill 

' Barratt Joseph, Charles street 
no"len John, Tower street 
Braclney James, Temple street 
Bra.lney Thomas, Paradise st. 

• Brandwood Jph. Brick kiln St. 
\ BroombaU Wm. Brick kiln si. 

\ * Cuopu TVioa. &o«Vtn% %ieta 



7 HndMi Tkoiutf New rtiMt 

7 Hannnre Wm. HI. Jolui*! ■!. 
7 Hut a. Nev pieoe. Bkila. 11. 

Htftlloa. iWi^^) w?J»» "^ 

6 Uutdl iMuw, (dowt) Cttua tt. 

4 Hwtlil Ftal» Dndlqr nMd 

2 Haynai ftuds, Northitveet 

3 UMlhMu Fvadiw itRCt 

5 HkkM Am. (Vilcat eabiiiet & 
imv) WalMU itRttt 

8 Hill noa. l^Mni wdl fold 

7 fiodbcB JaaMBi, DvliiVtoo St. 
C HodflMA nos. Ot. Benry It 
2 HodfeiM Wm. North street 

2 HorSl^ North etreet 
Hope Jerik ChMke street 

7 llortott Bdmid* Canal street 

6 UaglMa Thsa. Carrihee iBland 

4 Id&Ba JBUi. Iten road 
JoMO Aknktm, Hallett's row 

7 JoMB S}amL Qu Comptoo st. 
7 Jooes Edward, Venn road 

6 Jones John, Carribee island 

4 Jones John, Best's fold 

7 Jones SaniL Brick kiln street 
7 Jones Thomas, Bennett's fold 
7 Jordan JosepblCanal street 

5 Knowks Jolin, Workhouse lane 
5, 7, T^-"*^*!^ Saml. BkUn. st 

5 Law Joseph, Middle row 

3 Lea Wm. Paradise street 
Lee John, Brick kiln street 

4 Leek Geo. Brick kUn street 

3 Leek Samnel, Best's fold 

6 Lewis John, Summerhill st. 

4 Ling Bd. Worcester street 

4 lAofd Charles, Gould's court 

4 Lloyd Wm. Gould's court 

7 Loyols 'Thomas, Middle row 
€ Locas James, Wadam's hill 

5, 6 Mace John & Go. (patent) 

Bond street 
2 Malkin Jph. Walsall street 
Mansell Wm. (drawback) Suf- 

ford street 

5 Marshall Edward, Bridge row 

8 Mnwa Thos. ct. 2, BeU street 
2 Mills Jph. Bennett's fold 

2 MUcheU Henry. Horse fair 
7 Mi—ki Wm. Deanery row 
7 Moss Jeremiah, North street 
2 Mnday James, North street 

5 Monay Edward, Bell street 

6 Maany Thos. Gt. Berry st. 
2 NevUlSamuel, HalleU's row 
mimJohD, Back la, Stafford 

OwenRd. Worcester st. : h. Town 

9 Filing Stephen, BoQison's yd. 

Stafford street 

2 FariLes Beidamin. North st. 
5. 6 Busons Jph. Union street 
Bsnlton James. Salop street 

3 Ftodley Geo. Bennett's fold 

3 Pedtey Isaiah, Piper's row 
Perry Edward, North street 

1 Perry Moses. Dodley road 

4 Perry Thoa. Lit. BkUn. street 

3 Parry Thos. Staflford street 

2 Perry Wm. 21, Temple street 

2 Parry Wm. Fnrer's yd. Can In. 
2 Foole Thomas, New street 
6 Poontney Saml. Walker's yd. 

Snow hoi 
2 Pratt Jph. Middle row 

1 Ranoe John, Temple street 

2 Reed Chas. (& latch) Canal st. 
Reed Edward, Union street 

2 Reed John, Horselev field 
Richards Jph. (patent) BkUn. st. 

4 Riley Henry, Brick kiln st. 
3, 9 Bobbins Saml. Salop street 

6 Bobbins Wm. Gt. Compton st. 

7 Robinson Edw. Horseley field 
2 Rogers Edw. 87, WalsaU st. 

7 Rowley Thos. Summerhill st. 

5 Russou Mttw. North street 
5, 6 SaFage James, Salop street 
2 SeWey Thos. Middle row 

6 Shaw Geo. Elwell's buildings 
2 Shore Wm. Bloomsbury 

5, 6 Simmons Thos. Bkiln. st. 
5, 6 Smith Jss. (patentee for le- 
ver^ Gt. Compton street 
2 Smith Jesse, Canal street 
6 Smith John, Horse fair 
2 Smith Joseph, Middle row 
2 Smith Josiah, Canal street 
2 Smith Samuel, Little's lane 
2 Smith Thos. ct. 8, Canal street 
Sparrow Geo. Temple street 
2 Spicer Peter, Princess street 

2 Spink John, Union street 

1, 7 Spink Joseph. SUfford st. 

3 Squire Titus, Albion street 

5 Stanton Joseph, Tower street 

4 Stubbs Sarah/Town well fold 

6 SummerfieldTlmy. ct 8, Canal 

5 Swaine Chpr. Lowe's buildingSy i 
9 Taylor John , Salo^ aVc^^x ' 
3 Taylor Wm. PouiiUie.v At^v 

2 Ttrry Wm. l^ortVi %Xt^x 



i Titlcjr CluH. farribee iilBPibi 
4 Tilley Jusepli, CuihI Itreet 
4 Tiller Wm. Lit. Bkiln. ■imt 
7 Tor "''"■ ^t' 'foha't square 
Turner Gat. & Thoi. iiulTord it. 
10 Toraer Juha, WhJmU »treet 
10 Tomer John, [& hand cuff) 

Frfer-a ysnl, Can Une 
4 Turner Wm. Sufford «[reet 
2 Uodprwood Win. Mulioeai ct 

Nonh (Ircet 
H Vane John, (braw] Nev street 
2 Wnkemaa Kobt. (Oi letter pad) 

Paradise street 
4 Walker .John, Pountney tt. 
4 Walker Wm. Middle row 
Wnltera £dw. (hne) Cbnrch lane 
4 Walters Jph. Dudley mad 

4 Wallho.lph. Brick kiln street 

2 Walton Jaa. Fryer's yd. Can In. 

2 Walton Jph, Lit. Derry alivet 
(>, e Walton Rl. Hftllett'i row 

3 Walton Thcupli. St. .lohn's aq. 
2 Wollon Thouias, Stafford st. 

:i Walton Wm. Halop street 
:i Warner Ueo. Summer hill St. 
2 Webster Thos. rt- 17, Saltip St. 
swellings Jph. Temple st. ; h, 

Worcester alrcet 
2 M'elJingTt I'eler, Templi 

. . __il£ 

5 Weston Jph. Wadsin'H liiti 

1 WestirtMMl Kd. Chartea street 

2 Whitehonsc Abel, Bilslon at. 
S, t! Whitehuuae Ben}. Bloonia- 

2 Wiley Rd. Gt. Berry street 
7 Wiley Rl. Trinreta atreet i 

4 Wilkca Cba;. (cllr.) Salop St. 
7 WillettaJobn.Caulane 

7 Williams Mark. Hallelfs row 
2Willox.Ipli. Lit. Brick kiln St. 
J Wilson John, I'aradisc tlreot 
2 Wood Samuel, Temple alrcet 

5 Woodcock Win. Brick kiln st. 
2 WiKxIhead Wm. Horse fair 

2 Woolh-y .John, [lorae fair 

fl Woolley Kd. Kricr's yil.Can In. 

Woolley Will, Trycr's yd. Can In. 

SWiicht John, Middle row 

fl Yitci Henry, St. .lohn's xq. 

SYitn Karah, KIwell's brigii. 
3 VeomMBt Geo, Union street 
Yoanfjaha, Cpatenlce of ilic fly 

fUHnI detrrtor, & mir. vt Car- 

I penler Ji Young's patent locks) 

I Amies Rd. Honeley field 
Bradnpy Fras. Bond street 
Butler £dw. Walsall street; h. 

Csdwalladar Wm. Vaiixliall St. 
Child Wm. North street 
Daries Ssml. Cannorh roail 
Gibbons Thos. jun, St. I'eter's su. 
Gold Thomas, Statford street 
flitchcox Benj. Lichfield street 

.X Benj. 1 
Vm. iTigh 

aaTsn Tbi 
Smith Wm 



Morris Edward, Bell street 
.Monday Jph. Gt. Berry strrcl 
l-enn Wm. Church street 
Rashton Rd. Goldthorn hill 

Tboa. & Co. Cleveland rd, 
Mpcr'i row 
n. H.Salop street 
Stone James, Darlington street 
Walker Wm. Cock street 
Wallers «'m. North street 
WriRlit Wm. 10, Queen street 
. 1 ..rk Thomas, Cock street 
I Itest ^Vm. & Son. St. James's aq. 
Briaeoe Wm. & Sons, St. John's 

' Coatcs Satnl. & Benj. King si. 

Cooper Eras. & Edw. Princess st, 
I Cox Wm. Piper's row 
I Uixon & Vardy, Bilston street 
I Eaip & Wynn, St. JoIiii'b sii. 

KIwcll TliuB. Hurseley field ; h. 

: Carlwriglil. Itudley rd. 
iJainea, Charles HI reet 
: Paylan, Hor^Iey field 

' l^rana 

.leavons John, Temple si. ; li. M. 

Langston Wm, Dudley 
J,ee» Richard, Uneen street Wm. & Sons, Church Innr 
LoVBlt Wm. Ily. He Co. St. Julin\ 

suiiarr ; h. Bond street 
MarabJus. Snow hill; li. Mot-r 

^Inndy & Tarratl, Bond alreet 
Nickliii John It. « Co. Hiih fn. 
Pearson Jpli. 4i Co. Snow bill 
IVtry 3iihn,!*V. loWs Miuare 




* Dmvy John, Fiper*! row 
Dedcj John, Green lane 
*l>OTeT Junei, BridLkflntt 
BdwndiJobn, Bridk kiln street 
Aruw WUliam. C«Ma itiwt 

* FbUoitmi Thomai, Temple it 
FIcfdier Wm. Brick kiln itreet 
•GoaldWm. Sdtop street 

* Groom Bci!]. North street 
H«ndfrick OeoM, Canal street 
urn Ambrow. (nowise) 47, Sa- 

lop Btivet 

* HOI Charles, Salop street 

* Hin James, Salop street 
HDtoB John, Stafford street 

* Hope VrOUamp Can lane 

* Hoiton William, Union street 
JackaottTlomsSy Horse fair 
Jordan Wm. Warwick street 
Lees Jn^m, Canal street 

Lees Wm. Bikk kiln street 
Mannnur Richard, Bloomsbury 
Mason Thomas, ct. 2, Bell street 
Mavo Daniel, Cleveland road 

* Morgan Barthw. Horse fair 

* Monday Benjaniin, North st. 
Perks Samuel, Fighting Cocks, 

Dudley road 

* Fterrin Robt. Town well fold 
FhllllM John, Walsall street 
Bmj Thomas, Hallett's row 
Reeres Job, Bath street 
Ronghley John, Canal street 
Sharp James, Hsncock's yard, 

Horseley field 

* Sidebotoam James, Albion st. 

* Sidebotliam Wm. Can lane 
Tortoiscshell Isaac, Canal street 
Tamer Wm. Cannock road 

* Walton John, Canal street 

* Webb Wm. Brick kiln street 
Whitehoiise Wm. f rim) New st. 

* WUkes Zacharian, Piper's row 

* Woolley Thomas, Charles st. 

* Wrirht Benjamin, Middle row 

Cmmpton James, Bell street 
Garrinaton Geo. 24, Stafford st. 
Beckett Henrv, Darlington st. 
CaDnm Wm. Darlington street 
Timmis Richard, 9, Queen street 
Oidwailader Thomas, Salop st. 
Career Richard, Canal street 
Chobb CbsHeB, (Cbubb's patent) 

Hadley Simon, Canal street 
Morffaii Isaac Abbott's row 
SpinK George, Hill street 

Clare Charlotte, Dudley street 
Denman Philip, High ^reen 
Hildreth, James, Darhngton st. 
SabscripUoni Queen street ; Eliz. 

Simpson, librarian 
Tradesmen & Mechanics', King 

street :Wm. Beckett, librarian 
Adams John, Can lane kiln 
Jenks & Ellis, Horseley field 
Lewis John, (& feather niercht.) 

Queen street 
Warner Wm. and Sons, Hijrh gr. 
Andrews Richard, High street; 

h. St. John's sqaare 
Collett Edward, High green 
Davenhill Edw. (&. silk mercer^ 

Darlington street 
Henney & Emery, Darlineton st. 
Hopkins John Head, Dudley st. 
Lewis John, Dudley street 
Lovatt Thomas* High green 
Moore & Pratt, Dudley street 
Roberts & Dunckley, High grn. 
Sidney Robt. and Co. Cock st. 
Small wood and Andrews, Dud ley- 
Warner Wm. & Sons, Higligreeu 


*•* Those marketl 1, make 
Banbury lAtcks ; 2, Brass Cabi- 
net; 3, Iron Cabinet; 4, all kind i 
of Cabinet Locks; 5, Mortise ; (>, 
Rings 7, Stock; S, Padlocks ; 9, 
Truuk and Box\ and 10, Gate 
lA>cks, Those without tnarJ: are 
general Lock manufacturers. 
Aday John, Dunstan lane 
Ainsworth Thomas, Best's fold 
9 Allcock George, Horse fair 
2 Anson Edw. Bennett's fold 
I Bagnall Anth. North street 

1 Bagnall Thomas, Worcester st. 
7 Baker Benjamin, Brick kiln si. 
7 Baker Benjamin, Bell street 

2 Baker Thomas, Best's fold 

2 Barnett Richard, Bloomsbtiry 
4 Barratt Joseph, Brickkiln St. i 
4 Bate John, Bilston street | 

2 Bate Joseph) Towct %Vt«<:V 
6 Baylcy ^VftW0Il,V;wV\\v>u^^^^w• 


2 Bordi Joseph , Bloomiburir 

2 Beuita V/m. UaKe »r«ct 

i, 6 Beckett Aaron, (ptteot) 

0«ugh itrect 
6 B^(ft>« Uy. BcDDett's fold 
Beddoir Sunt, (brua cue) Sum- 

2 Bickfbrd John, Cuul ilreet 

8 Billinnley TbooiM, Canibee 

8 Blew) Joho, Bennett'! fold 

3 Blakemiia Danl. Walull street 
n John, 8t- John's 

3 BUkemau Jolin, S*lop street 
6 BUkeman Wm. Brick kiln it. 
Bratt Alfred, (nsb) Charles at. 
2 Bridgen Wm. Dunstall luie 
2 Broiuall John, Salop street 
Brooke George, (Dr>uiah& Bar- 
row's patent) New street 

2 BrowQ John, North street 

1 Brown Wm. Piper's row 

3 Brum in ill Thomas, Union si. 

2 Bryan John, North street 
2 Bryan Thomas, New street 
Bullock Gvo. Elwell's building's 

6 Burrows Charles, Gt. Berry SL 
5, 6 Burtou Chas. Duke street 

7 Bush Tbomas, Piper's row 
Butler Samuel, Lowe's boildings. 

Charles street 

4 Caddick Noah, Brick kiln st. 

2 Cadwallader Thomas, {Ic sash] 

Salop street 
7 Careless John, Salop street 
2 Cbesbire Joseph, Union street 
2 Cheshire George, Canal street 
Chubb Charles, (Cbubb's patent] 

Temple street 

2 Churm John, Gt. Compton st. 

5 Colbourn Julia, Piper's row 

6 Constable Thomas, Middle row 

3 Cooper Edward, Walsall street 
3 Cooper John, Duke street 

2 Cooper Joseph, WalsaU street 

3 Cooper Joseph, Stafford sticet 

4 Coojier Rd. Lit. Brick kiln st. 
a Cooper Stmael, WiImI] itrect 

S Cooper Tboaut, Staflbrd atnct 
S Cooper Wm. Waliaa «treet 

Cope Thomas, Piper's row 
3 Corbett Walter, Sparrow's ]rd. 
2 CorkindsleTfaos. Sparrow's yd. 
■ ~ ■" ■ yd. 

Cotlerell John, 17, Salop street 

' Coi Joseph, Totrn well fold 

6 Coi Win. Piper's row 


:hley Edward, Sslop si. 

3 Dace Tbomaa, Bilslon street 
6 Dalliwny Edw. 14, Oxford at. 
Dsniel Thomas, Kin^ street 
Dariei Thomas, (Bramah's pa- 
tent) Sl James' square 

2 Dan'es Wm. Bridge row 
6 Deakin Wm. Bell street 

r Jph. Brick kiln street 
Jpb. (patent) Dudley rd. 
Sirah, Walsall street 
S Dyhouse JnUl, Hone fair 
2 Eagle Jph. Staiford street 
E«rp Wm. Pooler, Bk. lime, Staf- 
ford street 
2 EdgertoD Chaa. Middle row 

4 Edwsrds Rd. Stafford street 

1 Eoginlfln Jpb. Salop street 

8 Etsdi Tbos. {& hatid cuff; Hal- 

2 Fincbett John, Stafford street 

2 Fisher Daniel, Bilslon street 
8 Fletcher Wm. Brick kiln it. 

3 Foster Geo. Brick kiln street 
2 Poster John, Cinal street 

' Garner Sir. (sash) Charles St. 
Morer Wm. Worcester street 

G Greeo James, Lichfield street 
5, 6 Green John, SUfford street 
9 Groom Jas. Goold's ct. Staf- 
ford St. i h. ct. 8, Canal sl. 
7 Groom John. Brick kiln at. 

7 Groom John, Gongh street 
Groom Ssnil. Qonld^ ct. Stafford 

9 Groom Thurslan, (& park gate) 

Brick kiln street 
e Hadley Rd. Little Berry st. 
a Hadley Rt. Canal street 

8 Hall Elisba, Salop sltTet 

2 Hammaods Wm. New piece, 
I Balof Bt,n^ 
5 HancoeV. 3^^. aVxwwfe'iri 



JUMtgmB By. 11» St Jmmm*» m. 
SmgellKM. ft SoiM, Ckuck to. ; 

SAoldMa JcMhu, JEDk* MJP. & 
Sooty Hondoy fleU and A6r^ 

StunrXHuM. ft Jaa^Jmi. Honeligr 

Md ft .Bfrw Mff i f — 
8hmw ft Crane. Cliiirdi Iwe 
Snith Bt. ftCo. CMlk It. ft ir<r- 

Soirtk ft BcjMldi. Honelqrfidd 
l^mttJplk ft SoBf» Town well 

Walker 1lHM.C«tlo ML ;li.Qiieeii 

Welker ft Thnntue, CMtle et. 
WemaBllMie. ft Co. GL Berry 

Wrwbt EdraiL Church street 
Andrews Mm. High street 
Baker EUsa, Worcester street 
Boycott Ellen. Walsall street 
Barton Elix. Cock street 
Clarke Sarah, Horseley field 
Cotterill Ann, Darlioffton street 
Dawson Mary Ann, Dudley rd. 
Harper Maria, Snow hill 
Hood Harrttt, Horseley field 
JesTons Elk. Darlington street 
Laoey Betsy, Darlinffton street 
Moseley Jemima. Worcester st. 
Moseley Mary, Old Church yard 
PSrker Ann, Horseley field 
Patrick PrisciUa, Craddock's walk 
Pratt Harriet, St. James's sq. 
Riddo Eliz. Snow hill 
Riley Mary Ann, Horseley field 
RiMWe Eleanor, Tower street 
Seyde Ellen, Darlington street 
Sitcb Ann ft Eliza, Oxford street 
Smallwood Mary Ann, Craddock's 

Smith Sarah Eliz. Darlington st. 
Symcoz Hannah, St. John's sq. 
ibfk Jane, Old Church yard 
WcUs Mary, Dudley street 

Banall John, Horseley field 
Wulians Edward, Old Factory 

Mtrked • «re mai^rs. of brast and 

copper in$trumenU, 
Ctdwallader John, (oTguklai) Si. 

Maflpbenon Daniel, (preceptor) 

Budge Wb. (organist) St John's 


* Sniith George, Bell street 

* Snith Henry, Bilaton street 

Atbertoo Jas. (cast) Horseley fd. 
Cox Thomas, Bilston street 
Donning ft Hemingsley, (cut) 

Old factory, Horseley field 
Tomer John, Bellst; h. Carri- 
bee island 

WoherkmmpioH CAromicle, Thomas 
Wm. Gulnan, printer, Wheel- 
er's fold; ana Wm. Parke, 
puUisber^TWed.) High street 
Bird Thos. 6, Mitre fold 
Grassey Stephen, Piper's row 
Raby Edward, St. James's square 
Robinson Edw. Horseley field 
PAINTERS, {House, Sfc.) 
See Plumbers & Oiaziers. 
Nicklin John B. &. Co. High gn. 
Horton Richard, Darlington st. 
Jackson Thomas, High green 

Morris William, Duke street 

Lee Tliomas, Bilston street 
Lees Charles, Stafford street 
Moore John, Darlington street 
Perry John, Tower street 
Piatt Thomas, Warwick street 
Walter James, Dudley street 

Dehane John, Snow hill 

Bee William, Snow hill 
Green John, Piper's row 
Harley Joseph, SUfford street 
Hughes WUliam, Walsall street 
Lodcley & Cartwriffht, North st. 
MulUrd Samuel, Snow hill 
Nash Humphry, Cock street 
Pendrell John, Cock street 
Piatt John, Worcester street 
Piatt Thomas, Warwick street 
Robinson ft Shuter, SUfford st. 
Sadler Thomas, Summer hill 
Sanden William, T«mv\^ ^u^n. 


SlnetThoDU, (|»iatcr,)Whcri- 

cr'i fold 
SiriDdlnThomu, Bell atraM 
TotUr John, Kins itrect 
Ward Edvard, Worenteritrect 
Ward Haltbeir, Dudlpy atrecl 
Weal irood John, Beaiiflt's fold 
PRINTERS.— 4<r BooiirUm. 

»'IIK°rx '''<^)>"^> L-icb field at. 
Walker Thomas, HotuIft Seld 
PUMP MAKERS.— £« TurMri. 

1.1oTd lUarr Ann, St. John tl. 
lUchardi Joha, (paper dealer,) 

Storer Mary, l.icUfield utreet 

AllbiiU Uaac, Salopatreel 
GibboD* William, SlaBurd (treet 
ferkeaWilliain. (8c roreign mea- 

ai>r««,) BiMonalreel 
Kmilh Ilrnjamin, BluoniBbiiry 

Weslun (feiirep, Worcester al. 
WhillinRbam Thou. Cliurcli lane ; 
h. Iltovin-'biirr 

Beelwe Henry, IliUlon ttrert 
Brookmaii John, S(. Jolin sireet 
FuaeThnmiu, Urb field Mreet 
Glaze Ilenrf , Dudlcj- Mreet 
Idieux Mnria, DDilleT Hlre«t 
Whittle Uiiim-, lliich erei'n 

SAW Mll.L.-CO>r«/flr.) 
Mill* Jpb. I.itlle'a Une mill 
Parsons John, ilib'tiin at. bridM 
lUchardK Sainiu-1, Warvirk at. 
RobensJohn, Canal itrcet 
WallJubn, Pi|>rr'* row 
WealtrcHHl Kncirh, Walnall itrect 
Weslvo<iil Ily. Lit. Brick kn- M. 
Weatwnnd Hy. Lillle's lane mill 
WealwiKKl Julin, Konelcr field 

Dunning &HemingaleT,Old Fac- 
toir. Horaeler BeU 
Allen Liike, .Vortb stitel 
An«ellSuianDab. Middle fo<r 
Aslon Joseph, North alreel 
Barber Nancy, Canal .Ireel 
Bin* Edward, Oifon) iireet 
Bnibbini Wdi. .SlalTonl Atrerl 
Bryon Thooiai, Worceiterst. 
Burton Jojepb, .'iatop alreet 
Cairnn Thomaa, Billion al reel 
Chapman Jobn, Malaall Etrrc-I 
DaTiei Benj. .Mnnmore green 
ETanaJoacph, Horaeley Geld 
Feredar Wm. Snow hit! 
Fowler Eliaabeth, North strci'l 
Gordon Sarab, Sumnier bill 
Guest Richard, Brick kiln alreet 
Hawthorn Grorfe, WaUnll at. 
Hartahom John, Monmurc gn. 
Harper Ann. Pountory atreet 
Hart John, Warwick atrcel 
Hill Jobn, Salon tlreel 
Hodskisa Wm. Walsall itrtet 
Hujlies Thomai, Brick kiln il. 
Humphryinn John. Stafford at. 

m Williai 

. Woi 

Weatwo.Hl Nathaniel Wal 

WMtwiMd Oh 

WMtwood Obadiah, Brick kilnst. 



Cnuwell A RaaMl. Warwickw 

„,. Jobn, SI. Peter's aquare 

Milla Mary, St. James's rauare 
IMillineton Kilw. Willenlial] road 
i Obrcy Kredcrirk, Kilslnn street 
I I'arkes Jobn, Charles street 
' Parry Slartba, North street 

lliitlipa JosEpb, (.'aniil street 
', Pnnlter Richard, North strcel 
' Keed Charlei, Canal street 
, Reiily John, I.illlc llerr}- street 

Robinson Thoa. Stafford alri^rt 
; .Shelton James. I.illle Berry si. 
I Spink Grnr», Stafford street 
Spruce William, I'uunlncy strei'i 
Stamps J oaeph, Salop street 
; Storer ^fary, LirhfieW street 
Strinwr Jolin, Gt. Complon H. 
Taylor James. Cock atreet 
Taylor John IM. Hnraelcy fii'bl 
TayU.r Mark, Worcester Mrert 
Tumbs Sarali A. North street 
Turton Hannah, Brick kiln st. 
Vernon Jolin, Pountney sireet 
Walts Bcni Brick kilo street 
Wilkes John, Horsetey Held 
Wiltiami Thos. Walsall street 
Woodward Thos- Willenliall nl. 
S\A-VE»S.-fS.e Brlcklawtn . 



HoveU Peter, Fwutaer Unt^ 
IIwBplif«|« Edw. MomtmM ct. 

FlaBt JoMph, St JaoMi's iqure 
Warr Wm. & Jerh. Dadlnr road 
Ooqglity Joseph, BUilon street 
Dum Joseph, Piper's nnr 
Howe Woi. Beth street 
WhUefaovse Wm. Qspenned end 

brsssboz,) ClereMiid road 
Adie Edward, Csnalstreet 
Adie Thos. DomIbII street 
AnaoB Geocge, Warwick street 
Anson Th o Msa , Stsflbrd street 
BabiaittMi Joha, Best's fold 
BabiMtoo Joaefift, Best's fold 
BinilluMBas, X^Mitie fold 
Collinn John, (k iron gas burn- 
ers,) Hallett's row 
Nock WiUiam, Horse fair 
Robinson Thos. Stafford street 
Steward John, Gt Compton st. 
Tomer Daniel, Salop street 
Turner Job, Walsall street 
Tamer Wm. Goldthorn laue 
Walter's Wm. Hancock's yard, 

Horsdey field 

Bradnejr Mary', Old Church yard 
Eldershira Eliz. St. John's st. 
Lewis Deb. (& hosier) Cock st. 
Meadows Mary, North street 

Heavy Steel Totfs, include Bed 
KeffM^ Comnaues, Shoe and Car- 
pemten* Ptncert, Wire Xippers, 
Pfyen, ifc, 

iAwkl Steel ToySf include Bar- 
ktnr inmtf Nutcrackers. Sugar 
S^tptrtf Steel Chains^ Swivels^ 
Spring Curb Hooks, Tweezers, 8fc. 

Marked • make Light, f Heavy, 
ami tka others both sorts. 
t Cheadle Thomas, Walsall st. 
Cutler J(^. Pena road 
Dqwi Joseph, Staff^ord street 

S Gardner Beoj. North street 
ardaer Jno. (iron) Piper's row 
Goold George, Horse fair 
Harlejr George, Stafford street 
t Lloyd James, Worcester street 
t MoccCDO John, Waisaii street 
•jnurmmaJobo, Bilaton sf. bdgs. 

t Psiehett John, Gt Compton 

Pitt PMer, Moseler's bdgs. Sum- 
mer hill 
t Spittle Wm. Union street 
t Plant Jph. St. James' sanare 
Raby Geo. Sharrow's yard, Wor- 
cester street 

* Richards Wm. Lt. Brick kiln 

* Sherwood Saml. Briek kiln st. 

* Soothell James, Bell street 
Tomer Jph. (iron) Walsall st. 
Westwood Ht. Little's In. mill 
Wiley John, Lichfield st 

Neriil Arthur, Worcester street 
Wilbraham Wm. Bond street 

Darbey Wm. Clereland road 
Tyler George. Lt Berry street 
Weale Wm. (marble & statuary) 

Darlington street 
Wilmot Thomas, Castle street 
Baker Hannah, Horseley field 
Barker Jane, Horseley field 
Dunn Jane, Walsall street 
Lacey John, Darlington street 
Sharp Wm. High street 
White Sus. Old Church yard 
Whitehouse Mary A. Queen st. 
Yates Ann, Cock street 
Bell Peter, 10, Queen street 
Coleman Ed. Hagling, 3, Salop 

Cooke Wm. St Peter's square 
Cox Wm. Wadens, St John's sq. 
Dehane Edw. Fras. Dudley st. 
Dunn Wm. Horseley field 
Edwards Geo. Darlmgton street 
Powke Thomas & Sons, King st. 
Gill Wm. Queen street 
Proud John Predk. North street 
Simkiss Thomas Stoner, Bishop's 

Steward John, (consulting) Queen 

Thompson Wm. Ben tley, King st. 

Marked * are Woollen Drapers, 

and t Clothes dealers. 
*Adams Thomas, Bilston street 
Adams Wm. DixWn^ik iXx^^v. 
Allen Ben]. Horn fait 


Bsker GMr)[«, DlDOniibnry 

■ Baker Jo>«ph, Dudley itrcet 

• Uskcr Tlioiiiu , Dudley itrcct 
Brntley n m. Uiieen BlrMt 
llutlcr Ja»ph, Honelcy field 

• C'rewa John, Cock mtnet 
DnrcDport Joaepli, Temple it. 

t Deoliaqi Jobn, at. JoLn >U«et 
Uould Dariil, Unow hill 
Uould Junes, Old Cliurch yard 
Hancox Jo*eph, Slalfbrd Bircct 
Hill Thoniu, Nev Piece, Brick 

kiln itreet 
Jnckaon i'hilip. Piper's row 
Lewis Chiirln, Lichfield street 
Junes John, llilaton street 
Lowe Geor)[e, Hill street 
I'etirce Joho, I'rwldock'i walk 
Perry Walter, 31. John's street 
Itoliinson Mich. Uy. :)6, ^ooir bill 
Hubinsou TlioiDU, Ucll street 
Shaw Joseph, d. King street 

• Shoolbred Wm. High st. ! Ii. 
St. John's square 

- Sidney Hi. Jt Lo. High green 
Simpson John, Woolp.4rk ymd 
Smith Tliomas, Benni-lt's fold 

■ »iiiilh Ricliurd, Snow liill 
■SwirtJolin, ijiiecn street 
Tumor John, Xorlh street 

• Wnrdle & llenney, IlilKMu st. 
WurrilciwJolin, SlacTnrd street 
Willutti Riclnird, Worcmler si. 

Sir trnmriiaha. 
llucklcWin.IliKli street 
Ilattnni EUirnnl. l>udley street 

Brooke Thomas, l>Hrlinj;lon st.; 

h. (.'raddiick's walk 
Uoeer* Joseph, Salop street 
( TVnrr/Hi.?- ) 

nntalm iiaim; Siiliip siRit 
Biitrlwr J|.li. '(Niirliilk,! Fryir' 

yunl.Ciui liitH! 
Cbrkr Wm, IlKnmrk's y.-inl 
Itarirs Hnii. r.t. Berry slrret 
IfMrietJnbn, tit. Berry street 
/Mbemix Hni. .Sslon street 
llirklin Cli^tic. Hell sirrri 

Hicklin Jobn, Bel) Street 
Hodgson John, Summer bill St. 
Maddocka Joseph, Fryers yard 
Moae ley James, i>uke street 
Reercs ti«irgc, Brick kiln st. 
Klanley Ann, (urord street 

ines Hanh. & Eliz. (Engllih) 

Horaeley field 

InydJoha, Dnrlinginn street 
Morris Joseph, Monntoresrren 
Nichols John, (English) I);ir- 

liagtoD street 
Shellon A. & Co. Canal street 
Shipton Jsmes, (It slate) Cnn 

lane ; h. North street 
Walker Rsndle, Csnal street, Ol 

Great Brrry street 
M'alker Handle Shaw, Csnal SI. 

and Castle street 



Set Jajiran--ri- nhi. 

Davis Luke, Stafford street 

(irores John, Salop street 

I'ranniell Mark kSon, (imperial 

dish r:>i-ers) Ponntney street 
Wanl Henry, Wadlium's hill 
Birkley Wm. (dlr.) HikIi green 
Brindley John, Bilston street 
Preelk Jusepb, Hiuh green 
AKhton Wm. Diidlry mnd 
Kvans K t'artwrighl. Dudley rd, 
Hnrton Jiiines, (dlr.^ High green 
RobiiiiiDn Kd. (dlr.l Hi^b creen 
WhitehOHse Wm. (tin) Cleve- 
land roiul 

Colboiirne Tlios. iral) Carribec 

-ansl st 
Mc lormii- Aun.StHtToril street 
Vales Henr^-, St. John'- street 
TntNER-* IK Wili»l», «r 
.Vortrrf • nre Pump Mai^ri ahn 
(.'raddork llaiiicl, SUIFord Mraet 
Kvniis & Cartwriitht, Dudley rd. 
Ooiigh Benjnmin, Wnlsail streci 
Un-en Wm. (ivory, bone, am 
wood) Tou-er street 
Hi«\sk>«(\Vm.y.«l«ll street 

\ ■ l\oiicV\ .Iti^n, \\«KW\«« 


HuUeJiMinh, Hancock'a yird 
NJcholB John, (and crate mir.) 

DarliDirtoii ilrett 
Woiili Tbomu, &, WalasU >E. 

i;rorEg John, d, Salop sireet 
Nwain Jaraea, Stafford street 

Lee Thomas, (iron) Salop street 
HodgiiW Rd. lea. Frincea* j 
Pritcbatd Richard, Charch 
Wallace Wm. Coch street 
. Allen John, {hand & bench) Gl. 
Comptoo street 
Axburn Edward, Salop street 
Gonldie John, (^ cheese press & 
ioioen' tcrens] St. John's at. 
WnitehouK Job, Bilslon street 
WUtr John, UAMd street 
Wilkinson Jamea, Bell street 
WATCH 4l clock U.UvEKS, 
Marked • are JtM-cllen and Sil- 

• Adams James, 8, Queen street 

• Allen Thomas, High street 
BeddowsJas. (clock hand mfr.) 

Canal street 
Cooper Junes, St. John \ 
Daris John, Hioh green 
Dumbell Nathl. North at 

Bedford Nathan 
Chotditch & Bar. 
Cooke Edward, 
Cope George, H 
Harlev Tbunms, 
Harris John Wi 

Thacter Roberl, 

WilliniDS John, h neen 

"'""" """" ftftKE. 

Bidwilb Tlios. Si. John's street 
Uavcs Ed. 0\d Steaoi mill road. 

Horse ley field 
Gitins Jobn, Bell street 
H»dleyJ«nies. Osford street 
Jamea Joseph, Dell street 
Jones Han. and Eliz. Horsdejr 

Meddings Jane, Little's lane 
Meddings John, StalTord alreet 

wh1te3.m1ths and bell 

- JtfaHred • an ™/ri. o/ G«lis, 
'— *», t(c.—Sre aJia Jokbittg 

"•when. Oiford street 
Nni. Bilstan ilreel 
^ranrM, BeU street 
net, 33, Honeky Sdd 

:iKk al 

Parkesltartb. (DL 

Camphri. ..■■. sslioase mill, 

Draper Dorolhy, Bjlacon street 
Pisber Eulychug, Oxford street 
Fisher Stepn. Bloom abury 
Fisher Wni. (hand rail & fillister 

screws) Old factory ; h. Osfori! 

Fulwood Thomas, Charles aticpt 
Ntcholls Jnmes, llpers row 
Nicholls Hichard, Piper's tow 
NichollsSamuel, Town well fold 
Nickholds Thomas, Pounlncyat 

„..,..- „...U ,_..... ___j^j^.j_ 

I'arkes Thomas, (locli screw) 

Willeiihall road 
SimraoDS Jamea, Worcester st, 
Stokes Samuel, Union street 
stakes Wm. Bilston street 
Torloiseahell Thomas, Bath si. 
Whilehouee Han, and Co. Bilslon 

Whilehouse Job, Bilston street 
Whitehouse Rd. St. Jamea' sq. 
Yates John, Brick kiln street 

Barrow Isaac, Bilston street 
Lees Thamaa, Salop street 

Alexander^ Gibbons, HoreeJry fa. 
Lawson Aaron, Little's lane ' 


Ml mn ilaUg 'rtept wkm olhcr- 

wUi ixprtKKd. 

From thb GotDlw Fleece 

The rriumpM, to London, ti 
i inng. aDdta^>ticvH\iaTY,i;^w&' 
icr, and Liverpool, a^ iv'^^t'**- 



Tlic Mn-iet, to LoiuIitD, K i p. 

.) Htfll. 

Tbe Pkmi.r, to Birminghsm, 
It 6 erne- 

The llarkftrifaril, to UimiiDg- 
ham, >l 12 noon ; to tlie I'otterin, 
at 1 before <l evnir, (i-Jtcepi Sund.) 

Tlie Sii!a)iiaa, to London, Bir- 
luinL-tiuiu, ttc. at ) p. II miw. & 
ti> Slirtwiburv, 1^ the Iron 
IiTi^c nt I n. .1 irtn. 

fWnli-t to airminghnM, at a 
mng. Iind3 aftn. JaiuJ. .l/ajwa, 
twl 0>. Pnipriftun. 

Frou tme New Hotkl. 

To Lo N PON , Ice.— Tlie IFmi/rr, 
hy CovmilTy in 13 houra, at 1 |>- 
7 miut- and to HIircwKdury nt 7 
evUjT^ The fl6B«/ .VitV, liy Uo ■ 
venlry, at i l>r. 4 attn. end to 
Slin-ivsbury and Hii1)'hcnd ut | n. 
'i aaa. The («<»■, by Oxlurd. 
Ht 1 1>.' 1 uftii- nnd lo Slirewnburj- , , 
jit y niiif. TLi> r™(i .'■'-/ and tr- : 
/rW.'w, t|i">>i>"' i 
i,cxiT|ii Sian.) 

Til Livehpool, Stakfo^d, i 
tit.~Tiu!Ha-ii--pM»f.Umtit'. I 
diul ID Lhi'lli'iibmi), >Viiret.»trr, ■ 
hnd ISrniinKliniii nt 1 p. 3 «ltn. 
'Vlit l-.m-^—lli-Hna, 111 * hi. Kl 
iiins. ii'id III llirniinehaiii nl 4 
iiiiik'- Tim It-vnl Miil- ■■ 1 1>- !' 
iii-jiit, anil til Itinniii}.-haiii ai 
:> iiiiui. riiL' Rarkil. to iSbitTord, 
tVtf. Min. Mijii. Will, niu) Kri. ut 
t p. 11 niiihl, andlo Itlriiiin^hani, 
t.('m. -I'lK-. -I'liiL i^ ^^. lit I'm. 

Til .M.\M'lli>iiB. dLr.— Till' 
H;iial .Vail, by Stn.lonl, at d p. fi 

In], Iliilb, E^r. ul l' p. 3 allu. 
Tbi- VCtVj/iw, lrs|>. Miii.i at ) |'. B 

TYiv Trar.Ur iexi- Stiil.i nl 11 
nins- & to lliniiiiitriiBiii ; li. 4iir[n. 

ToVtuii-CKtcr. Itrikl.iE, Clini- 
cratLT, (tc— Tlic Knr'at!..!:!, \if 
linAWy, b.t. X bf. 7 miiii. 

To sli«lni-ld.-Tbj rt«v' •V"''. 
bj- IjiflifmUl, ntrby, \ViJ!«il,4.e. 

"tu ShrTsbun-.— Tiie PrUcf. 
by Wvllinst'in. al l p. 3all:i, .^ 
to Mnning\,:un .11 U lU.o.i. 
To Urijyeoiirlli.—Tlii: -V/ir..;.- 

To IliKMiNr.HAM.— The Iltn, 
ilnil)-, M 10 mn«.— (See also Lon- 
ilun, Lircrnnol, MancbeMer, K 

Uiihtird Enmx, jia. ami Cn. 

From thr Sitan 

Tbe Emerald to Dirmingliani, 
at 1 p. ."i aftn. and lo C'heitlcr at 
1 P»t9 inng, 

TbeMslMiy, to London, nl ! 
|i. b evg. and to Chester at t p. ii 

The Ximrad, to London, al l y. 
7 mn|r. to SbrewbiiTy nt H rvn^r- 

Tlie tttm, from (be Inin bridL-i 
til Ilinnin|cbani| at I p. 10 iiirc. 
Tetiinu! at I n. 2 aftn. 


The KflirmM, from Ihe Pearock 
Inn, to Khiewanury, at li nouii, 

111 Dittllry and ItinuiiiKlinni, ai 
hnlf-pust 7 inni!. ri'turnn 7 if lii. 

The U%!t-.yal, from tlie Nrw 
Anirel, rrery WrdnLiiilay. hI 1 i:!t. 

til? ftowt /JRir.rrum the L'usi U- 
Inn, li> It-rniiTuhani. stH itHini- 
iii:^ rrtnnii hHlf-]hi!.t 7 (Vi-iiiiic. 

Jlir .Ji'i'iv, frinu tlii- L'nnrn ami 

TnnHj 'l[Li' 7riN<'>. lUAv. ,-, \,.'M- 

Eliuilirlli i:(~.|'«' 
liin-'iti-Trrnl. I>i-i 

llcUto\, WuuWt 

ler. Sbcfficld, BinningbsDi. The 

Coturir*, &C. ilaily. 

From Pich/ord mil CbV tfAarf, 

WaUan ,lrrel. 

To LnndOB. l>x(on), Warwick, 

Norlhamploa, uidfit] {wtiofthe 
Sunth. eTeiyTo«»d»]t,Thu™diiy, 
sod SalDTdBr aigkl* j and arrivr 
Moula)', Wrdnadn;, aod Salur- 
day monuDBB ■^~ ~ ' 
MancJitMrr, h 
»l>>re. Ch«hut 

Wedncaday, and 
n<m«H SfaU. 1 
SirniiBKham, Ml 
JoknVaUu, U 

nltifilinai and Lo 

and tbe N 

e PoHi 

Firry night. To i 
Ncircaatfe, Mnccleafield, ki 
erery night. To Coventry, A 
sLone, &C. Honday, Weduc^j, 
and Friday. To Galnabro', Slicf- 
Beld. Cheaterfcld Burton, Nol- 
linghaiD, Derby, Louichbro', and 
Lierater, Moudaj-, Wedneiday. 
and Friday. To Bristol, F<a 
GloBCeaKf and Berkley Cannl, 
MnodRy, Thandny, & Saturday. 
ToBtrtuiiiglum, Tiploa. & Dud- 
ley, daily. To KiiW 

- Ve. 

I I'ueadH}-, 
Thursday, and Saliirdny. To 
^Vorcester, Monday, Thursday, d. 
Sat. ilr. SatKntl Htaver. mgeal. 
Fnn» SAiftm atid Cb'i. jUliioa 
Wharf, HomltyfitUl. 

To Londou, Dudley Blmiinn- 
ham, L.iver|>ool, Manchester, (he 
Polterifs, Chester, Wrcibam, 
Sbardlow, Derby. Oainshro', 
Bull, ^ alt parts of the North, 

To Worcester, and froia thence 
by ItrowQ & Cd'b. Steam Boalu, 
lo the West of EBgiaiul and South 
Wain, daily. 


Cniwhu, Rirtlin, Bam & Co. 

from IheUnii'ii Wharf, Horsrfey 

fitld, to ShrTivsbury, Ac. daily, 

pKkfatd md Co. fnm their 

Whmrf, WaLall iltf^l. lo Wel- 

littgloD, Iron bridge, Shiffnal, 

Coalbmok Dale, kc. every Mnn- 

miursday nigbia, and to 

onb, Mon. & Wed. tnnge. 

I Sarnt Tomti and Ci^i. 

■ IT hill. 

erery Mon. Wed. and 
Sanvtiiury, Moa. 

IngbaDi, Tu« 
r<Uy, 10 log. 

Fri. nights, al 

JeAn Oauld, Wal- 
sall, Tue. Tbu 1 Sat. I noon. 


Albrighton, Smm Sttrt, Joha 

1 10, depart! 

Birminghaiu &l Bilslun, '/'hrrr. 
Timi; Benjamin Willelti, Tiic. 
and Kriday afternoons. 

Birniingham, Red Cou; Thos. 
Cooper, (loot,) Monday, Wed- 
nesday, & Fiiday, Bt7«vening. 
Whllf IAm, .tohn Walker, Tue. 
Tfaii. and Sat. 10 morning'. Ceo.h 
and Hofia, Qm. lUynn-, daily, 
M erening. 

Bloxwicb, ^Oatrai Frm uh. 
Sanil. Perry, Wedncsda;, 6 evng. 

Brewood, Boat and Star, Abel 
?erry, daily. Whilr Liiai, John 
Cook, Wed. and Sat. 5 erening. 

Bridgnorth, BrtMeley & toal- 
bruok-dale, l*hiti Liua, Mirhael 
Hall, daily, 5 evening. 

sail, SVed. a „ 

Lane Head, jldmiral rtnion. -Mr. 
Mountford, Sat. 10 evening. 

Liverpool, Newport, Drayto 
Chester, and North Wales, Thr 
TViM, ^Vitletta &. Jones, Tue^i 
and Friday. 

Newport, MMV«,BnL']\i3i\, 
BirmicgUun, Htm A-n^f.\. I" 


John Nicholdi, Mod. Wed. & Fri. 

PenkridH, Star ami Garltr, 
Humph. Webb, Wed. & Fri. 4 aft. 

RoKley, r/im Tiau, Hr. Hol- 
lora, Wednesday. 

Sedgler, Hai omt Chiciau, 
DRDielSmith, Wed. Rnd Sal. 

SlourbridR, TkreeTiau,Jfb. 
Wilford, Wednesday. 

Stourbridge. Hand md Boltlt, 
Mr. PitmaD, Wed. and Sat. 

Stourbridge, Old Milrt, JohD 

Creea, Wed. ar. 10, dep. 4, and 
Nosh Jonea' Mail Oig, daily al 

WBlsain /aIU 
Gnoaall, Wed. a 

Wednesbury, RtdCaw, Henry 
Turner, Wedneaday. 

WheatOD Aston, Zl>«-, Mary 
BlakeoiBD, Wednesday, 3 nit. 

" '-■' - . Wm. 


BILSTON, celebrated for ita extensive coal and iron works, 
i» a populous market town, township, and chapelry, in the 
north diviajun of Seisdon Hundred, and in the extensive parish 
of Wolverhampton, from which (own it is disUnt only 2} miles 
K.d E., and from Lniidon I3f) miles N.W. by W. Itisuplace 
i)f rising importance, u>id had the reputation sf being the largest 
village in Eiig-land, till it was converted into a market totrn by 
an Act of PnrTlument passed in 1824, under which a market is 
heLd every Monday and Saturday, in a large and convenient 
Market-place, which has been formed by the commissioners, 
who are also empowered to erect a Town- Hall, as soon as the 
profits of the market are sufficient for the purpoiie. Toll'free 
markets ar fairs are held annually on M'hit Monday, and on the 
Monday before the Birmingham and Walsall Michaelmas faira. 
The town stands on rather elevated ground, and posses.tes equal 
advantages with ^Volverhampton, by the great road fiom Lon- 
don to Holyhead, and Irom Birmingham to Manchester and 
Liverpool, running through il, and by having the benefit of the 
same navigable canals. (Vide p. 166.) The lowiiskip include' 
the small village of Bradley, and part of those called Ciitchem's 
Corner and Ettingn hall- lane, and since the year ISUi has in- 
creased its populntion fioni C'J14 to 14,4112 souls, aa has been 
seen at page iii3. It comprises 1598 acres of land; and its 
poor rates amounted in IS30 m 4s., in 1831 to 5s., and in 183J 
to 7*- in the pound on the estimated annual rental. A largo 
portion of it is in the manor of Stnw-heath, and is described by 
Sbtw as " one of those vills given by that Noble Ladv Wulfruna 
to ttie monastery of .St. Mary, of Hampton, (.lee p. I64,) and In 
Hwt character it is tviote Bilsreiatun." But at the time of the 
CanquMt, the canons of Wolverhampton had not much property 
ktn, the greater part of the vitl being in the King's hands. In 
lA» reign af Bdwani III., " the men and temutt u^ BUkrtune 


jnrt oerlified la be free (ram loi), became lbs vill wbh at the 
ancient demeBne ofltaecromt.'' Tbr Duke af Sutherland and 
T. W.Giffiird, Eia. are lords of Sime-lieath, and Jobn Wil- 
kinson, Esq. is lord of the auxaor of Bradlef, irhlch compri''e» 
the Honth-ntlerD p>rt of the tawv nod chapelry \ tbe boundar)' 
line bcinv narked by a small brook. 

The maiiu/aciari't of Bilslon consist chieAy of iron and tin 
pble jspaoned anil enameltvd gnuda, (whicb are wrougUi in 
creat perfectioo,) article" "~ '"■£ ' — i and trass faundrr line, 
locks, ia:,; bat tbe once trsuc in buckle chapM is now 

Dearly extinct, la tbe sJiip are iueibaustible mi'iicv qf 

conl and tronsft»w>, which e emplovmenl to tin inmenge uum- 
ber uf workmen, and fur mattri ' '*" numerous smell- 

ing furnacea, fiinnderiei -r-— -■ mills, wbioh nxe 

carried on to a test c^ili leeo asserted that 

" more iron ia made in E in the whole kitigdom 

ofSiredan." Manyof tiie mines hid m I to tbe depth of 

370 feel, and have rartoiM wnrliable beds wl, <rf the aggre- 
SBte thickncsa of more than SU fn'l, but no nve of them pxi^et>d- 
iDff b It. 3 in., except in some place*, where a number of beds, 
diftering; regularly in quality and ihickncA*, are brniniled by 
such (bin parrilinni n« li> lie Jcnie'iiuled as a Kindle bed, under 
tbp riMme of ilie innui riinl, ivhieh i« alxiiil .'10 iVet ihick, in- 
elodintf the parliofs, and baa below ir, as well n above, several 
taluafaie atrata of iroiulone. Mere ai« also prolific fuarrief of 
extremely bard and taluable Mone, lying boriaontaUy in twelve 
beda, BOB* of whitA are aaid to produce tbe beat gritidatones 
•■d vhMttatm* in th« vm-M, wbilal othen are wron^bt into cis- 
tenia, viUstoaea, be., and tbe coarser beda are used for build- 
•Mporpoaes. Here is alao fmad a pecn liar specie* aft/ind, of 
ft oeey orange colour, ** sorery fine that it is scarcely palpable ;'' 
it is mnch used in tbe caating of melaJs. Here are likewise 
-'<"' ' ' . i> ijieb is made intovBrioasarticleeof coarse 

<:^:'..- 1 i. S.iiitfa StaffordaUjc ilrfiiij CfiiBpm^, eilab- 

UliLl-lI ill l;J--, h.i\i' litre a lar^ eataUisbw«iit for grinding 
corn, and for liakin^ bread od a patent plao, by which Ihey 
•straot a spirit fmtn iba dougb, intended to have been manu- 
CKtDred into trandff, tmt it has not 3ret beem brooght into use, 
M tb« excise laws will not allon' a disttllery apon the spot. 
Bndtey aioor, a little to tho aoath of Bilstoo, is remarkable 
fora very extraordinary pbeooiBenoB called a rsauno volcano, 
ar ttiUfir^ which bm coDlisned burning for tba last half cen- 
hajry, but ia now nearlv eztingnisbed, after reduciog about six 
•ova of land to a mora niz. It arises froD a banking ■tratur 
of coal, about four fci^t thick, aad eight or ten yards deep, 
»t>;ph the air bus free ttcecaa, in connequcDce of the main co 
wen dof- out from under it. " The ceLz aSords a vu 
t Matanal for lb s repair of reads ; utd tha iio'cVntett . 


qailitf. W'hat ii liksnise curious, the surface i* _ 

covered irith tulphur, for many ^ards, in sucb qukotitiei aa to 
be euily gathered." At Ihe numeroua iron tvorlia around Bil- 
BtoD, tbe powen of the ateam-engine, and other mechanical im- 

Erovemenu, are extensirely emjiloyed ; and tbe hissing of the 
last furnace*, the clanking of forge hamniere, the dusty ap* 
pearance of the workmen, and the various opcraiions upon un- 
wieldy maasm of red-hot iron, combine tn eicile an id«a of 
'~ ihote who are unaccustomed to auch noisv ■■cenes, 

" ■ tlH pondoRHU hunma r>Ui, 

Loud UTlli ring amid Dm IrnnbUsc mill ; 
Ktroka follow icrokea» tlie^iafULi^ lufot ihiiM, 

CHOLERA.— In vain did the inhabltanta of BilMon, and 
other places iu the South StafFnrdsfaire mining district, imagine 
in iS3;!, that the denae atmoaphere of smoke which surrounds 
them, wonid protect them from the ravages of thai baneful ma- 
lady the Asiatic cholera, which in that year visited nearly every 
part of the kingdom, *a weli as many foreign countries, carry- 
ing death to thousands and aicknesa to milliona. This modern 
spasmodic plague made its first appearaoce in England at New- 
caslle-upon-'I^'ne and Sunderland, at the commencement of 
1832 i but it did not approach this di^tricl till the month of June 
following, nor did it assume here its most malignant aspect, 
till the beginning of August, when ihe work of death commenced 
and continued in full vigour for about a month in i-ach pariah, 
and in u less di^rcc for five or aix weeks aflcrirards. Ita whole 
continuance in Ihe district was about four month", and within 
that period, out of a population of 160,000 souls, it swept awav 
about 2300, and afflicted with serious illness nearly 10,000. But 
in tfais catalogue of suffering, a melancholy pre-eminence must 
^ be ascribed to Bilatnn, in which ton'n several whole streets were 
nearly depopulated; extensive manufactories were slopped by 
Ibe mortality of the work people ; cnffins, which could not be 
made fast enough in the town, were imparled in cart loads from 
Binningham, and stood piled up in heaps in the yard of tbe 
luwpitaC awaiting the last breath of their luture tenants ; of the 
^Mtdeot medical practi tinners, two were carried off by tbe dia- 
'*W; Bod of their survivors, one was attacked when on dutv 
the hospital, fell down on the floor, there hied himself, and 
dbt yet unable to rise, had lo perform the same office for an 
madant, who fell prostrate by his side. From August 4ih to 
^•plembcr 29th, there were in BiUlon no fewer than 'ia&i 
n*«er of chnlera, tnAIVi deaths; the latter amounting to one - 
fv«ii(iefA part of the whole popaUtion, and nearly COO of them 
occurred in Aagutt, For tbe support of \he t<»V^«^»A\>= \iwwl 

8ILST0.V. 223 

of Oie dead, and the relief of Ihe thousands ofdiBlreMed poor nt 
tbia awful period, in the Ivreire parislies und tntrnshipB iu the 

tiona were nised by ihe benevolent both hero ttnd in other jiarla 
of the hiagdotD, to the amount of aliout ^15,0l)l>, (exolusive of 
immeDBe gums psid out of the poor rates,) as will be leen in 
the folloKinr table : — 

Pep. in Firil Ijut PvbHc 

pLACtS. 1B31. Cb ■!•. Drulhi. Caw. Cast. Suiicrip. 

BiUton 14492.. 3e » . . 742 . . Auv. 3 . . Sep. 29 . . £8536 

DarlutoD 6647.. 1,3.. 68 . . Aug. 13 . . Oct. 9.. £1050 

Ihidley 23043.. 12M.. 277.. JnoeaS.. Nor.aS.. £11S& 

Kinnwinrord. . 15166 . . 263 . . 87 . . June 3D . . OcL 31 . . £S!I2 

.Scdfley 2(lfi77 . . 1349 . . 290 . . Ang. 10 . . Sep. 24 . . £1031 

Tipton 14951.. 1J52.. 404.. June 13.. 0«.l2.. £929 

WrImII 1506(1,. 346.. 85 .. Aug. 13 . . Oct. 16 .. £140 

WedDMbary .. M37.. 285.. 95.. Aug. 9.. OcL 13,. £416 
Westbremwich IS387 . . 297.. 62 .. JalV 15 .. Oct. 15 .. £140 
WotrerbaiDplon 34732 . . S&^ . . 193 .. Aur. a.. Oct. 1 .. £1977 

n'edeiu6el>r .. 1879., 1.. 0.. Aug. 7 

Wiilenhdl .... 5S34 , . ii . . H . . Aog. 7 . . Sep. 29 . . £25 

Total ....166271.. 9622.. 2313 £13571 

The pablic sabBcriptioDs in Dudley, Kinf^winford, Walsall, 
Weaduoinwieh, Willenball, »nd Wolverhampton, were raised 
chiefly BiDong tbs inhabitants or proprietors ; but in the other 

SUcct, thej were for the most part contributed by friends at a 
istuiee, or ttraogere. At Bilaton, the number of widoKs by 
cbolen was i.31, and oTpkam, tinder 12 ^ea 

bat happily their distreas was greatly BlIeviHted br the liberal 
labacnptioDt of the benerolent; and a charily ichool has re- 
cantly beeD eitablished for the education of the destitute chil- 
dran, nMnv of wbom lost both tbeir parent! in tbia dreadful vi- 
■itstioD, which is said to have wrought a considerable improve- 
meot, both in the moral andreligiona conduct of the turvivors. 
Aided as it has been by the contributions of distant Bvmpalhiz- 
ii^ Menda, and by a recent' reTival of the iron trade, Bilston 
baa again aasumed its wonted aspect of cheerfulness and pros- 
perity. On Oct. i6th, I83,f, the /tetr. H^m. Leigh, A.M. in- 
cuabnt of Bilston, was presented by bis brotl)fr magistrates, 
tkm aaaembled at Stafibrd, with a silver epergne, and fojr 
fiibea and covera, " as a token of their admiration of his unre- 
Mitlad exertions in the discharge of his arduous duties, during 
tkvftwfblly pestilential visitation of Cholera with which bis cba- 
pelry was affected in 1832." 

^T. Lbohahd's Church, the original chapel of ease for 

■*i», was rebnilt in 18^5, upon a large scale, at the cost of 

US, raised by a rate levied on the inhabitants, and a psrlia- 

ry grant of ^550. It has a tower, eigU V\\b, mv4 m^ 

V of wbicb latter 721 are free. The cU»^\tn, n^VvcV 

include* the whole tmrmhip, is in the peculiar juri>dic1 

the deanery of Wolreriiiunptan, and is ■ perpetakl cutuv Id 

thepatro '"-- ■ <- <-' ' '■ • - '-'-- 

Bev. Wi 

>itcv baa been several times ajgmented uith dunatioBS, QoHB 
Anne's Bnnnty, Uc, and it has lately been cnnstderablv ea- 
hanced bv the sale of the coul under the chapel land, aa that it 
now proJuccB £5H. Bs. lOd. per Hnnum, arising from the in- 
terest of £^^, oblBtneil by the sale »f coal, and from the rent5 
<rf the follon-in^ estates, ria. — Si. Leonard's Hill, pvi-n by 
John Perrye, in l-til-l; Little Oreaoe*, by Susanna Humphreys, 
in 11)39; Priett't Fields, by Queen Anne's Bounty, &c.; 
Mogsfi Hall Fanit, by the Rev. i<Aa Tomkys, in 17*13; W'rt 
Farlungi, by Queen Anne's Bounty, and the said J. Tomkys; 
Little titll House and ThoriK) Birch, by sale of pews, &c. in 
175^; and the Cumte'r House, Garden, ^c. bequeathed by 
Humphrey Perrye,in IJI^i tiut afterwards rebuilt, partly froni 
his munificence. 

St. Ma;iv's Ciiukcii, in Oxfard street, is a fine Gothic fa 
brie, in the rtvlo which prevailed in Ihe I6lh century, and was 
erected in IttJO, at ihe cost of it<,ji,"i, granted by the Couioiis- 
lionent under the Million Act; exclusive of the spucious burial 
ffronnd, H-bich wai purchoMd liy subscription. It has luOO sit- 
tinfrs, ol which H'.M ure free. The living is a curacy in the icifl 
of the Bishop of J.iohfielJ, and the Rev, Horatio Saml. Fletcher 
in (he first iiicuiubent. 

CiiAFKLs. — Itesidce the two churches, here are tiie other 
]>laccs of worship, \\t. a haiuliMinic (iulhii' Catholic CJiapfl, in 
Oxford strept, huilt bv subscription, at the cost of XitW), in 
l«ai; two frislFi/au i!ilh'iili>.t Clulfi-ls, in Oxford street and 
KttingsliHll road ; an Iinlt/iendml Chapel, in Ozfnrd street ; 
and a Ba/iliil Clmprl, in \Voud nlreet. Suailas Schools are 
altaclied to t'ach, and divine service is performed, every Sundnv, 
Ht the old ]t[cthritli9t i-chuol room, in Ilridge street, for the be- 
nefit of Ihe colliers. 

The 1'ow\ StHooi., in St. Leonard's Church vnrd, was built 
by euhscriplion, on land beqiieallicd by John I'erryc, in l<J{i!J, 
nincc which it hus been rctiuilt upon a larg;cr suuie. but it is 
onlv cndnweil with Xltl )ier annum, of which £0 arises Irom 
the"be<iue»t orHumphrey Perrye, in 1716. and £i, from the 
interest >f £VK lefl by Sarah Piper, In 1737. For this endow- 
ment, ten free scholars are educated. 

The CiiOLKfiA Ukpiiak Sihodi., in Lichfield street, was 
built in 1t(33,Bt thci.'ostof.t'4<H1, and endowed with the inleren 
of i:2,fl00, fur the education of the -l^ll orphans who were bc- 
mved of ibeir parents by cholera in Ihe precedinjf vear, when 


amtjiaa of tbc »bove nnmed subscriptiaD, amou i^ to ^2,030. 
ISi. ID Gxcbequer bills, the iolercttof which is ployed by the 
o)aimille« in nioking "weeblv allowsncfs to th neCMsitoug wi- 
dows and orphans by cholera.'' Theschool waat -"oed with great 
talFmailf OD Sept. 3rd, 183.3, being the Boniverf yon wbichlhe 
ch<i\er« commenced its dreiidful ravages in Bi an. Prcvions 
to the opening, sereral hundred neat and well- .ecuted jnedals 
had been prepared by Mr. Ollcy, ol Birminghatii, to eommpiQD- 
_■_.!._. _j _.j _ . .L. ,_pf-oded, by a block 

n 1716, beoaeathed ■ 
rearly rent-charge o[£2l . . Id estate at Bilslun,to 

be diitribnted aonually, i rx, vu. — .£8, to two of his poor 

relations ; £6, ai an appr c /ee with one poor boy or girl, of 
Biliton and Slaflbrd altei ly ; X9, for clothiajr, teaching, and 
ofBiiitoa; £3. f^a., lo be drs- 
week ; JOs., for a termon, on the 
inday after Midsumme. ..y; and ISa. for the Bccountant. 
The trustee! hare dow in hand Xlfil, arising from several 

apprenticing aix poor chi 
Iribated in bmd, by Is. 

11 charge; b^sidea £121.4$. 3d. ibri 

Bpprenticea to be pat out to matteia residing at least eight miles 
from Stafford or Bllaton. 

i;. |j. . . ■,■;,,■, L'in^' tn Bil-t'.m chapelry, for a yearly dislri- 
bij-,.'<r< r.i ^wvmX ijv itiincy uriii>ri>|: the poor, amount to about 
XH per annum, derived from the beaueata of Edward Dudley, 
Humphrey Ferr\'p, Robert Runley, Alatthew Birch, Ambrose 
TibbatI, RicbHT^ Dcvy, and others. 

A Pbttv Skssion is held at the King's Arms Inn, every 
Tuesday ; and Ibu magistrateE generally ID attendance are, the 
Rev. John Clare and the Rev. Wm. Leigh. Mr. Joseph Price 
ia tbeir derk. The Colrt av Requkbt, held on the first 
Monday in every montli, is alieady noticed at page 189. Here 
i*B aubacription Neva Room, but no otber literary institniions. 
TVo rrtnarkablt perxmt were formerly resident at Bllaton, 
Tix. 0'm. Pariont, the giganric porter of King Jaoiea I., and 
ff^m. Perry, " the Boj/ of Bilson," who, about the year l()2U, 
pnetiaed rarions gritnarcs and contortions, vomiting rags, pins, 
'te. till Vr. Morton, the bishop of the dioce»e, fully detected 

iheat, which is said to have been encouraged by " 

'ftoBich nrieala," who, under the delusion of deuionology, pro- 
Itodby ibe credulily of the people, 

■"'*■ Roitlcy, £ra. a gentleman now residing in Bilston, hut 
»-<rd (rom a family of some antiquity in Shropshire, baa 
iahed himself as a painter, md by his asaidnous labours, 
During to bring back I lie art ol colouring to the dum- 
riiiiant excellence of ilio old masters, oiiwVi\t\i*M\viec\., 
J Ac baa prepared a lieaIise,intendGd iot ^vhWcaUQW- 



Amongst his larg^er hbtioriol paintiiigs m, ^ Hie Jwigment of 
Solomon," contaioinfi^ 21 firares ; and ^ nndite BigtinnBd/' 
illustnitive of the last wordt of oar Smvloor^ "Itit^Dithed,*' 
and displaying upwards of ninety iigaresy as liW as Hfe. In- 
cluding all those usually introduced in pictorea of tlie cmmat- 
ion, and some others, intended as illegoriisid r e p r wo ntitlont of 
the evidence and tenets of Christiaoity. / 

BRADLEY is a small Tillan and mmor in the towoshtp of 
Bilston, and 1 mile 8. E. of tbattomi, mMurkable Ibrtta ex* 
tensire coal and iron works^mad for theMMfo voicano^ already 
noticed at page 221 . John Wilkinadiiy Ciq. is lord of the manor, 
which is tithe free, and was ancieallT die p i eaef t y oi die J^oo 
family, whose old hall here has loo|rDees oaetf as etom house. 
In opening a colliery here, about lAS, die roof of the mine fell 
iu, and incarcerated a number of men and boya, all of wboni, 
except one man, were eoctrtcated from tbeir periloos i^lMtioOy 
and providentially recovered, tbongh they Ind been widiont 
food for several days. 

Catorkm's Cornrr and Ettikgshall Lank, are twoliam- 
lets, partly in Bilston township and chapelry, (see page 190.) 


Po8T-OFFiCB,Top of Oxford street; Mr. John Ingle, Pott Mmtter, 
The London bags arrive at 9 mg. and depart at 4 aftn. ; the Man- 
chester at 6 evenipg, and depart at 6 mnr. ; the Liverpool at 5 mng. 
and dep. 9 evng. A Postman to Walsall, Wednesbury, and West- 
bromwich, every morning, and returns in the evening. 

Baker John, bookkeeper, Catch- 
em's comer 
Baker Maria, furniture broker 

Church street 
Banks Eleanor, gentlewoman, 

Shropshire row 
Banks Joseph, agent, Moxley 
Bcckett Isaac, gent. Duck lane 
Bennett Joseph, chairmaker and 

turner. Crown street 
Best Edw. surgeon ; h. Mount pit 
Best Mrs. Sarah, Lichfield st 
Bickley John, surveyor of taxes 
. for Staffordshire, Bride's row 
Bickley John L.gendeman, £t- 

tiiwshall cottage 
BicJ^y William Smith, fanner, 

Meynell house 
Bfll Michael, bookkeeper. New 

Mmrket Btreet 
Bird iB9me, fanaer, Salmon honie 

Bowen Mr. John, Hall street 
Bowen John, attorney's derk. 

Church street 
Broad James, agent. Union st. 
Brooke Thos. gent. Bride's row 
Brown Miss Mary, Mount phtnt. 
Bust Jas. booknr. New Mkt. st. 
Cardall Mr. John, Church street 
Cheshire Wm. cowkpr. Oxford st. 
Colboum Rd. draper. Church st. 
Cooper Mr. Richard, High street 
Corbett Richd. building surveyor, 
commr. for taking special bail, 
auctioneer, and appraiser, Ox- 
ford street 
Dabbs Saml. miner, Whptoo. st 
Day James, pocket stttl' yard 

maker, Walsall street 
DeanWm4(teel worker,Charrh8t. 
.Dewier Mr. John, Oxford street 
) Dowmas^asaV.voiBiL\x.C\eas^il. 


tmrtmr I 

EatDB Capi. Jas. R.N. Staitad tt. 
Ete Jelm, awl blade^ ttael taek» 
£b. mannfactorBr, HaU alrait 
fim Mr. Wm. Ozftiid atraet 
Fliher James* iixm sailer; b. 

O&iDrd atfcot 

Fiihar Jno. walcllmkr. OzfiDvd at. 

FIctchar Ber. Horatio Saaael, 

cnrala of St. ItoT'a, Oxford at. 

Foater John^ Eiq. banker; b. 

Uehaeld atreet 
Forbej Wm . rioe mkr. Bridge at 
Goodreid Wm.bookpr.Moant pit 
Gwioett Rd. bookpr.BiJaton croas 
Haoaoa Jaaaciy bookpr. High at 
Hartabom Mca. Ann, Higb atreet 
Hartabom Mra-Hary, High 9t 
HkkBMB Ricbd. nasoD,Uiiioii at 
Hickman Jobn, iron gate, bardie, 

aod^bedstead mfr. Oxford at. 
Hickman Mra. Sarah, Mount pit 
Hodgson Mrs. CHroline, High st. 
Hoicroft Tbos. agent, Npw mill 
Holmes Tbo8. com dlr. Church st 
Holmes Jas.aoTernor,Worklion8e 
Hollofray John, boat builder, 

Old Meeting street 
Homer Mr. Benj. Temple street 
Hovrell Wm. thumb lutch maker, 

Oxford street 
Hughea Hugh, excise, Oxford st 
Hunt Wm. iron mfr.; h. Oxford 8t 
Johnson Saml. manager, Moxley 
Knight John, sgeDi, New mill 
IjandrrMr.Thus. Shroptthirc n)w 
Lloyd Tboa. mg dealer, Hi{^h st. 
Leigfa Her. Wm. M. A. curate, 

Lichfield street 
Lowe Mr. Samuel, Oxford street 
Marson Philip, bookkeeper, New 

Minor Wm. agent. Union street 
Moore Joseph, iron roller, Wol- 
-. verbampton street 
NagingtonThos.provision dealer, 

Middiefield Une 
V9nj Thomas, gun lock maker, 

Catcbem's corner 
Piool Mt. Henry, Piper's meadow 
Pool Rer. John (Bapt.) High st 
Pool iron mkr.Gibbetln. 
Pretty Mr. John R. Church st 
Preir Jaa. excise offr. Oxford st. 
Price Joseph, magistrates' clerk 

lb road warrtyor, Oxford st. 
VinadAiifs Jme, Lichtield st. 

8alterWai.eluipelelerk ^ountplt. 
Silteatcr Mrs. Catbo. Oxford st. 
Smith Siebard. fiabmoDger and 

fruiterer, Oxford atreet 
Stokes Tba. baaketnkr.Oxford st 
Stoart Wm. tov and smallware 

dealer, Ozfora atreet 
Taylor John , pipe mkr. Bridge st. 
Thompaon Isaac, japanner; h. 

Oxford street 
Thompson Bicbd. subdistributor 

of stampa, Stafford street 
Thompson Titus, japanner ; li. 

Briae'a row 
Tomkya Mrs. Ann, Chnrch st. 
Tomkys J ph. booknr. Oxford st. 
Walker Mra. Ann, \Vbampton. st 
Walters Mr. James, Oxford st. 
Walters Benjamin, green grocer, 

Chnrch street 
Walton Jno. confectioner, Church 

Waterlionse Mrs. Aon, Oxford ht. 
Winkley W^m. travelr. Oxford st. 
Winn Mrs. Mary, Oxford street 
Woolley John, constab. Hicli ^st. 
Yarsley Tbomns, ground bailiff, 
Ettincrnhall roa^l 

Best Jas. (commercial) Bridge 

striTt ; li. Temple street 
Glanville Bcnj. EtUngshall road 
Hani John &. Ann,Monnt pleasant 
Orphan (C'Ao/era), Lichfield st. ; 

John Smith and Jane Cooper 
Pool Sophia, Piper's meadow 
Price Charlotte k Ann, Oxford st. 
Salter Wm. Mount pleasant 
Smith Wm. Temple street 
Woolley Ann, ^VnBmpton. st. 

Baylih Wm. Harthill, (coUitry, 

Oxford street 
Dunninff John, to J.Wilkinson, 

Esq. Manor house, liradlti/ 
Fox John (Bread C.».) Hipli >\. 
Yates Fras. (colliery) Oxlord i. 

Garwood John, High street 
Mason John, Hall street 
Stuart Francis, Oxford street 
Townsend Geo. Oxford street 
Williin and Son, Church street 
Bassford Isaac, OxCord «\.t\^<^v 
Brightfm Wm. CVwircVk %\.tt«v 
Evans Jamea, H\g\\ «\.te«\. 


KcDdrick Diivid, Oiford 
I^iris JSamaet, Cfaurch atreet 
Manh Ricbard, Oxford itreet 
Mills £Iii. Hishitreet 
Soath HUffonlihire Bread Co. 

(patent] UilstoD mill ; Tbomiu 

Holmei, manager 
Tbompwin Humpy. Temple >t. 

■lonea, Sod, & Foaler, Lichfield 
■1. ; <drair On Siiooner & Co. 


Bayliia Wm. & John, Ettingshall 

Rlakeniiin Joaiah, Ettinic»hall rd. 
Uroim John,!>hrop*hire rotr 
Briscoe John, Middle lield lane 
Cruinpton Thomas, High alreti 
Davies Ueoige, Union street 
Griffiths Samuel, Union itreet 
HBrtl*)' John, Whsmplon. street 
llentley John, Green croft 
flirkinan John, (iron gate, &c. 

lutr.) Oxford street 
Nuh James, Onford street 
I'liiUips Rd. Church street 
'niurslans Wii.. Temple slrcet 

BO.Vr lH;ii.ItKR.S. 
Ilollovi-ay Snmi. I'hurcb 
Uolloway \Vm. Hickma 


HINIlKllS, &c. 
IlasEiford Timotliy, Church street 
Hackett Wm. Cliurcli street 
Nokes Krniicis, Church street 

lldOT A: SH<)K MAKEH.S. 
Mnkcr John, High street 
Bates John, (whs.) Oiford si. 
Bcavoii Robert, Coseley street 
Cartwrilfhl Isaiah, (irecn croft 
Cound John, Nevr Market street 
Crtimptcm John, Oxford street 
Davirii SHmurl, Whaniiiton. St. 
Diimle Ricbnrd, Oxfonl street 
KcllciH's Frciicrick, Iligli street 


/.f«cA Samoel, Teunte street 
.VHiigh llni. Lichhelil sln-et 

Morrell Jahez, Church street 
Price Be ni am in, ChnrcB itreet 
Price Sarah, (& leather teller] 
' Oxford street 
Pritcbard John, Temple street 
Ryley Isaac, Old Meeting sti«d 
Siralton Sainl. Middle field In. 
Taylor Jpb. Calchem'i corner 
Terry Robert, Crown street 
Thomas Thouias, Bow street 
Twigg Benjamin, Church street 
WortOD James, Temple street 
M'Tight Daniel, Uxford street 
York John, Ettingshall road 
Coi John, (brassj Temnle st. 
Walters Hem. (japan) Temple St 

Baldwin Wui. Ik Co. tilassliouM 

Boweo Wm. [i, bell) Hall street 
Caddick James, Bridge street 
Coniuble Jesse, Lich lield street 
Cooper James, Bridge street 
Hickman John, Whamuton. St. 
Howell .losepb, Oxford street 
Spencer Joseph, Chuich street 
Tlioiiipson Cornts. Temple si. 


.'Iiurcb s 

les, Brook street 

.Maullin John, Oxford street 
Maullin Mm. Oxford street 
Sbaysbutt Kil. Church street 
Wilkei Jph. Old Aleeline street 

Gaggott Moses, Oxford street 
Martin Aaron. Oxford street 


Bunks Thomas, Shropshire ron- 
Collins I'bumas, Union street 
Cox Joseph, (|Kirk,) High street 

circen -Marj-, Cimrcb street 
Hanson Alexander, L'iiun'h st. 
Hay ward John, Uliampton St. 
Ilnziriline Wm. Sbrunshire row 
Hickman I'red.Tick, Templest. 
IlollowayJno. (pork) Church M 
HullonJolin. lligbstreel 
Msss^Y 'L'liumM, Oxford street 
I Morns luVin, l!wnt\iMT«>. 

Mnrri* Ssiouel, Osford iirrti 
OnioD^Ceo.fnr'rk'iWhunDbin. ■ 
Fife Jobn, 
Pearson Ri 

Smith Hkb ,._. ., _. 
Tun EdwHTd, CbuTcli tOeet 
wi^orWiD. (pork.) CtuiKb at 
Wood Jolio, Higb Ktreet 
Wright Noah, Oxford «tt«« 


Ixird. Oxford 
kb. (& iwrk,) ChuKh ik 



Bav Botavi, CMUMrtmt 
JokwMwTliiM. VaAmum, Ch. at. 
fBTtott Afcawto, a>fo(4 m«tt 
PrattrThNM*. Chw ifc Mt i rt 
mkaTDona^ OMKhMnM 

Sn Am Mutm. « 

BlhcrinCtDn Bd. Cbarcb MreM 
Hinehew Thoi. (k Britiih wine 
dealer,) Church itnot 
Bnnoch J«bn, Wynn-a fold 
aark Wm. BnuHey 
Hilton John, Churefa alrect 
JackaoB ThomH, Cburd> atmet 
Oitoa Min, Church Btraet 
FSckarins aco>H«> High atnwt 
SkidoMre Bea). Oaford iiraet 

KeadrMi Parid, Oiford itrcM 
Hanh Bidiard, Oirnrd street 
Pidnon Jamn, Print field 

Hovell Jph. Mount plraMnl 
Bread Companv, Biliton nill 

Conhu Joaeph, Cbiircb Mreet 
Uqrd Oeorge, Hall atreot 
Scarlet GeoTve, Oifordalreet 
I MOD Peter, Churrb atreet 
^ Onw Robert, Church atreet 

nompaon E]iz.(glui,)Churehat 
. WalMa Wm, Church Kireet 
Hr*ttBeq|. (rdlov,) Bradler 
r HraUOmge, (blue and white,) 
{ kkaHthire row 
f. ini<laJM.&S0D,(< 

■e black,) 


HdDiM not. (ft niU pUlan, ft 
boolitcr plna ft boua,] Tem- 

OMth* Saaad. Uum atrael 
(Sttei ap,) 


UtrknI-nrt TaUe»CAimiUtT,al». 
Atkerton Paul, New Market at. 
Baaks Thomaa, Shroaabira raw 
Bnwea Thomas, Hallitrect 

• Brown Beni- ft Ja*. Chiuch at. 
ud H^ slnet 

QroTe Georgp, Chureb atraet 
Hig>[iD> baao, Choreh atrcei 
JaSu Wiltiam, Hlib lUeet 
Jobnaon Thoa. Lnckman, Ck. at. 
Jooea Wancn, Oxford atn«t 
Kendrick DaTtd, Oiford itreet 
Leea Jobn ft Son, Cbai«b street 

nitd High Mraet 
Lewia Samuel, Chnrch atraet 
Marab Richard, Oxford atreet 
Farrott Alexander, Oxford at. 
Partridge Philip, Bradley 
Pidgeon Jamea, Prieat field 
Pretty Tlmmas, Church street 

• Smith Wm. Bradley coUage 
Tajlor MonUgue. Church at. 

• While & Pratt, Chunib atreet 
Wills John. OiTord atreet 

MundayWm. Crown aticet 
Thompson Eliiabeth, Cburcb s(. 
Tvler James, Church street 
Williams John, Church atrrrt 
Woolley Edw. Oxford atreet 
Wooller JobD, High street 

Akeis James, Church street 
Oldacrc Snmnel, CluucVk UietX 
Potter John tdoitt.l Oxt«T4a\. 



J'oviii James, High street 
Sulloo Wm. (■liolesiil« & retail, 
and rarrier,) Church street 
Hackett Wm. Cborch street 
Sutton Wm. Church street 

.\coni, Gm. Ritwards, l^infoldM. 
Apfrel, Thos. Rowen, Hall street 
Butloon, Bpnj. WillstU, Higbsl- 
Barlej Mnw, Thomiis Roysltr, 

EttiDcshall lane 
Big Ctwl. Jnn. Liwtt^.Hinfbld at. 
Black Iloree, Eiektel Morris, 

Hiitli street 
Btse Boar, .lai. Hatelcy Francis, 

Ox ford street 
Urownl.ion.tJeo. Perry ,(>iford st. 
»ul1-ii Hcut, .John Fullnrd Sniilli, 

Church street 
Bull'* Head, Thomas UnJerliill, 

Calchem's comer 
Bull's Hea<I, Phineas Bullock, 

Bush, John Hopkins, Hiab si. 
Dinh, John Martin, Bradlev 
Custle, Samuel Spencer (a horse 

fnmislier,) Church street 
(nek, MarinToii>kys,Lichfieldsl. 
Cock, John Hiiphin, fold laiie 
Crown. Jolin May-ltiir>',Cn)wn si. 
Cmwn & Aiidinr, Mary Turner, 

Unite of York, Geonre Evans, 

RtlingKliidl lane end 
FoxInn.Thoii.Hodiri--"' ' " 

1. Him 

ht field 

filnlie Tavern, Ricliard .Morgan, 

Hull !.tre«l 
Oolilen Cuii, -Ann Tonikinnon, 

(iohlen l..iun,\Vni. Howes, Church 

Green DraROii, John Hughes, 

Hicli sln-et 
Greytioiind, Rt. Reci-e, Hijili si. 
Hand & Uotlle, Joseph Julin»on, 

WolTerhaniiilon fltrcet 
Iloiie and Anchor, Tliw. Walton, 

l^uck lane 
Hop pole, Rcl. Chambers, Hall si. 
Horse & Jockey, SHUiI.Hollovay, 

ChuTch street 
Kinirs' Aruis Inn, (comnicicial 

liiime anil excise ollice,) John 
Toaikyt. Licblirlil ilrert 

'field lane 

l.amh and Flag, Wm. Binb. 
Shropshire taw 

Leopard, Jno. Pellows.Charch it 

Malt Shore), (Old.) Benjamia 
Goodreid, Church street 

Malt Shovel, M'ni. Brovn, Ox- 
ford street 

Marquis Wellington, Richaid 
Evans, Calchem's corner 

Nag's Head, John Hickaua, 
Wolverhampton street 

Noah's Ark, Sophia Morris, W«l- 
verhampton street 

Old Barley Mow, Ricbard Ue. 

Old Bell, Tliomas Punlow, Wo)- 

vcrbampton street 
Old Bird-in-Hand, Ann Uiayer, 

High street 
Old Hush, Tbos. Hickman, Wol- 

verhamplon street 
Old Bush, Wm. Fellows, Gibbel 

Old Crown, Tliomas Fowler, 

llridj;c »trcel 
IViinl of War, John Freeth. High 

Hpcruiting Sergeant, Jph. Hart- 
hill, Hiphitreet 

Rid Cow, .Tax. Cn<lilick, 11 ridge il. 

Knr Buck. Jph. Carter, Bridge it. 

IlosekCrnwu, Joshua Gran eer, 
Middlctield Ibur 

Ilusc Inn. Jph. Beat, Church II. 

Roval Oak, \\'iu. Kiisjicll, Shrop- 

SauipBon and Lion, Joseph Hule- 

ll->-.tir«.n croft 
Seven Slara, Charles Gallimore, 

HiKh sircel 
Shakspeare, George Jell icoc, New 

M.irlket street 
Shij) & Rninliow, Kntauuel Jen- 

nings, Oxford street 
Sir John .Moore, John I'l^slon, 

High atrw-t 
Spread Eagle, William Tnylor. 

Lichfield si reel 
Swan Inn, John Lloyd .Church il. 
Turk's Head, Jub. Price, High st. 
Union Mill, L>lwanl Chas. llaker, 

Vine,Tiniolhr II rookes , M nrket > t. 
Wnegon and Hdi-m-s, l^aac I ilt, 



Walertoo House, Jowph MkJ' 

baty. Osiovd itnet ' _ 
Whfl^ SBwrf , Aftnm BlartiD,Os- 

fiDfd ■tract J- . ,. 

White Hontt TImhius Csrdell, 

White LloBf Vhuieet Sdlmaiiy 


BJBBft HOUSES (53 ! ! !) 
Adams Joeqpb, Temple street 
Adderli/ eeme. Unkm street 
Afceis JAmeSy CuirA street 
iUldritt Spencer. BrookMreet 
Eescfon luvy* Giteeneroft 
Beny Akamnder. Bridge street 
Bnereton Abm. shroiisbire row 
Brtehton Wm. Chiliefa street 
Banock JdhBy Wpm's fold 
CbeCterlliOB. Shvofshire row 
ClappertoB Jsams^ Oxford st. 
Crampton Thomss, Hiffh street 
Dimmack Thomas, Oxford st. 
Edwards Wm« Temple street 
Fantom John, New Market st. 
Fellows Joseph, High street 
Fieldhoii8eThos.Catchem*s cornr. 
Fletcher Wm. Shropshire row 
Griffitha Saml. Mill field 
Guest Joseph. Shropshire row 
Hale Benjamm, Coseley street 
Hand John, Shropshire row 
Haml Edward, Bradley 
Harrison John, Coseley street 
Hartshorn Thos. Ettingshall rd. 
Hatton Thos. Coseley street 
Hlekman John, Oxford street 
Jackson Thomas, Church street 
James Wm. Shropshire row 
Jenks Eliz. near union street 
Jones Thomas, Union street 
Leadbetter John, Coseley street 
Lester Job H. Leicester street 
Lewis John, Temple street 
Longmore Jo8iah,Shropsbire row 
Mann Samuel, Ettingshall road 
Marson Ann, Ettingshall road 
Maybary John, Catcheui's comer 
North John, Union street 
North John, Oxford street 
Partoidge Philip, Bradley 
Pool Thomas. Gibbet lane 
IVatt Wm. Church street 
Bowler James, Mount pleasant 
Shale Joseph, Duck lane 
Shale Josiah, Coseley street 
Shale Wm. Wolverhampton st. 
fHauBB Wat. Hall street 

Smith Benjamlii. Park field 
Snejd S^h, Oxford street 
Swatman Wm. Ettingshall road 
Whaele Be^amin. Stafford st 
Winsper Joeiepb, Temple street 
DonghtyBeaJ.Wolrerhampton st. 
Doogh^ BttB). Coeeley street 
Mills Wm. Dndc lane 

Baldwin Wm. ft Co. Glasshouse 
- bridge. 

ConstiUile Jesse. Uchfield street 
Gettings,Hampliries, ft iEdwards, 

Temple street 
Hawkesford John. Lichfield st. 
Hickman John,Wiiampton. st. 
Howell Joseph, Oxford street 
Morgan and Son, Hall street 
Spencer Joseph, Church street 
Tnompson Cornelius, Temple st. 
Wilkinson John, Bradley 
Marked ♦ are mfra. of bar^ rod, 

and sheet iron also. The others 

are pig iron m/rs. onty ; and t 

are coal masters onUf, 

* Addenbrook Edward, John, & 
Henry, Moor croft 

* Cappon Field Iron Co. Cappon 

* Bishtons & Underbill, Mill fd. 
t Fereday John Turton, Hincks 

and Rough bill collieries 
t Loxdale Joseph, Priest field 
Price Thos. & Hy. Bilston brook 
Maybury Joseph, sheet, &c. Ox- 
ford street 
Riley Wm. (iron stone dealer,) 

t Smith Wm. Bradley cottage 

♦ Sparrow Wm. & John S. & Co. 
New mill 

t Stevenson Jas.Moxley colliery 

• Turley James (ft boiler plates) 

Walker Ann (assignees of) M ill fd . 
Ward Wm. Priest field 
Wilkinson John. Bradley 
t WUliams Philip, New Fries- 

♦ Woolley Edw. 8c Son, Stone fd. 

Bates John, (and steel and tin J 

Brook street 
Dimmack Edw.^«^^i^\*) VV- ^^^^ >^ 

Oxford street 







Cooper Oconee, Churtli UkU 
tMeriiige Joud, Cbuich tlrcel 
PreUy noDu. Church sireei 
MmlM ' art TiH Plale Iftirtm 
0mtf. — Srr Japttmrn ain. 

• BvlM-fun'b. Whamplonst. 
■ Beran«J«ia<«. OxrordetnM 

• Rroob* Ch>ri««, OiiFk lutr 
Caddick Hinuah, Gixea «n>rt 
FcUows Wm. Oifonl sircct 
Gruger JmhoB, Midillefielil In. 
Hi»hea John, High atreet 

• KnowleiThomM, Cold \<m 

• MgMd«r Wm. Brook street 

• Rowley JoliD, Church Blr«el 
Shale Jowph, Green croft 
WhittilHadJabn Pooltan, Bow >t. 

• W(M)d Edw. Churcli street 

Bartwr 0«ranl, New Murkel (I. 
BackBtt l*uc & Job. Duck lane 
BiMrll und Son, OilonJ atreei 
Caddick IlMC. Fisrold BlrMt 
Cadiliek jM>a, Oreen croli 
CbandleuJohD, Mminl ;ileiiMilil 
Cooper Thomai, Ox(ari »lreel 
Daan John & Son, Temple tt. 
Loire Oeorn, Greeo croft 
Milward Wd. Oxford street 
Bonier Jam ea, Honat pleaiant 
Smilh Daniel, Leicester atreet 
Snith John Fullerd, Cborch at. 
ThampaoD & Son, Oxford ttnet 
IUHh^ • mt Cabnul aOri. aim. 
Abbott James, Catcbem's comvr 
Gettiac* Jolu>. Lichfield street 

* Oetluga Wm. Oxford itreet 

* H aiding Georj^, Oxford Ktre.. 
Hkkman Richard, Oxford atrcel 
J«tiea Warren, Oxford street 

* Le«di James, Oxford alreel 
MeNdith Wm. Stafford atrvci 
Oiren John, Coaelcy street 
Pyatt Wat. Charcb Hlreel 
E^eyTbiM. Old Meetintr aira 
Susom Henrr. Green cmfl 

* Shale Wn. Middlelkeld lane 
WwKlon Thoa, Caicbem's comer 

* Wilsbi John, (and furniture 
rarenoiHe,) Hiab ilreel 

Ptier TliomM, fHfotA xlteel 

■X. (W.J Bridnu 
rhos. Ibair,) Uoua 
.. (bag.lljreeo cro 

Salter Wn. Mouni pleaiant _ 
Baufurd Timolliy, t'liarch ^r^ 
Nokfs Franris, Church itrvd 
Cotteivll Pelrr, Oiiirch a1 
Rnglrton Elixa, Church al 
Harper Jam«. Hiab BtrBL- 
Ilopkitui George, (;hurf h itfM 
Perry JoUo. Cfaurrh atnjet * 
Prire JaiDW, Oxford Blreet ' 
adgerJaniva, l&kcy, " 
aker Edward Cfaarl«i 
Catcbcm'* corrwr 
Beavon Mary (bajt.) Gr*ea a 
BeckeU Suianna, Bridge et — 
Berry AIpx, (baft,) Bridge 
" ueloo Thos. C ■ -^ 

ip Tho«. ( 

Di.iBWin. ,.__,, 


Beelwe ThnmaB, Utuh street . 

"m Oxford street " 

Charles, Oxford fl 

>, Higbatrrat 

Manb Richanll Oxford st 
Rowley Wm. Oiorch stre 
Smith Wm. Bradley cottagd 
Whaeie Benjamin, SlaffordM 
Baker Mary. High street 
Beebee Mary, Ujarh street 
Cardill Jane & ETia. Church «| 
Poster Sophia, Oxford street , 
Lowe Jane, Old Meeting BtrtT 
Manning Emma, Lichfield at 
Onlau Ann. Oxford atrcet 
Donning Ksmurl, Church ■ 
Hnmphria Edward (anf* 
maker,} Gnencroll 
Bawkeafonl John (palenOU 

Murbury Joseph (eiil) l>xlM 

Atherton Ann, Finfolil ttre 
Atherton Paul, New Marka.. 
Deiin John, Temple ilreel _ 
Foley Samuel, C'Mfli-y *lt« 
Hirkmaa Chaa. Mount plei 
Mown, Win Walxall tt 

>xfotd »l 


Brook street 
Lows Ww. Stafford atraet 
Narib John, Uaioo street 
ThunlBu Jubo, Oxford atreel 
(««Ml&fW RapH, &c.) 
AUdntt k P^c, Brook BtTefit 
UkwIajJkOMi, (itbei)ip,tar,ltc. 
dlr.) B»ater» btU\ 
Hollaad Ciwrla, Uigb street 
Wbdtto Eulycliua, High ftreet 

I Cardkll J- fc E. Churcb Krcet 
Mniining Luf*, Lichfield Blreet 
Miiicbc" Huih. Charvb (trtet 
Oniciui Ann, l)jford(«re« 

Norria k Edw, LkUfitldit. 

Cooper Richard, Higli itreet 
Dickiason John, Shronahire row 
Dickimoa Thoi, Wright, Church 

Tbornliill Charle*, C 

Turton Handle, Lichfield street 

>«w«w^ aaw. ntumpam. K. 
Ken- Jram, Union atreet 
r Wdbrttt r iSmnb, Tenpleatmt 
li^rtcr Job Hklman, Later, at. 

li^rtcr Job HklEnian, looter, a 
Maddox John, Temple atreet 
MaolUn Jok«, Oilord atreet 
MMillin Wm. Oxford atreet 
BlilUmten Oco. Shrapdilr« loir 
ObIoiw Homaa, Hwh ttnet 
Rm>I John, Lichfield aticct 
BmI Wm. EttinRtlMll road 
HhBjrahntt RJdurd, Chaich at. 
SwBlnuii Wm. Ettinnbal) roid 
Thonu* Tbomaa, Chnrdi atreet 
W«lMra El». Ozrnd atraet 

.aaaoB-no- Unicm ureal 

' Hkrper J*me>, Hi(;b atreet 
• Irona ThomM, Oitord itrert 
f Jonei Thorn Uj^hurch al 

• Silnr Kidurd, Church street 

• Smith John, Oxford atreet 
Smith Ricbard, Ch arch atreet 

CorheU Rfdiard, Oxford atreet 
Meredith Wm. SUffordMreet 
mler Wm. EtUnetiiall 
SeUman Saml. MUl field ; h. Ox- 

Shxle Wm. Middle field lani 
Cadaek laaac Pinfold atreet 
HnrtiU Weat, Bridge atreet 
Waldron John, Stalfonl street 
Fisher Ebni. Church street 
BiehsnU John, Hlf;h street 
Smith Thomu, Oiford strict 
... ..:,.■ Temple alrert 

EvausJoUn, „„, 

Sncyd Rd. New Market slrett 
Snead 9«h, Oxford sl.nie'. 
Stone John, Union «lte^ 
Tall tMomuk, 8hnn^\K lo'" 


page 218 ; the differmee in tiae 
la about a quarter of ah hoar. 

A Coach to Birmingham from 
the Rose Inn, at 9 mom. &. 3 aft 

7h Birmingham, &c. — Benj. Wil- 

Bath Win. Church street 
Brown William, Oxford street 
Oerton William, Church street 
Taylor Montague, Church street 

Woolley Edw. & Son, Stonefield 

WOOD SCREW MAKERS. lett!f & Eliz. Cotterell, from High 
Bakt^r RicbAtd, Catchem's comer street, every Tuesday, Thnnday, 
Hawkesford John, Lichiieid st. and Saturday. The former goes 
Wooliey Edur. &. Sun, Stonefield to 9foloerAampton on Tuoday 
— • and Friday ; the latter on Mon- 

COACHES day, Wednesday, and Friday, 

From the King's Arms and Rose and Wm. Hawkeswood of Mount 
Inns daily, to all parts of the | Pleasant, e^ry Wednesday and 
kingdom. — For the names &c. Saturday morning. 
see the Wolverhampton List at 1 

BENTLEY, 4} roiles E. of Wolverhampton, in the South 
Division of Oflloiv Hundred, is a township comprising about 
1350 acres of land, and upwards of 120 inhabitants, the popD' 
lation being somewhat cncrcased in 1832 by the coal and iron 
works commenced herein that year, by the Earl of Lichfield, who 
is lord of the manor, and owner of 11^85 acres of the soil. The 
inhabitants have scats in Willenhall chapel. Bentley Hall, 
the ancient manor house of the Lanes, is memorable as the' re- 
sidence of Colonel Lane, who, wiih his sister Jane, concealed 
Charles TI. after his defeat at the battle of Worcester, and as- 
sisted him in eft'ectin^r his escape out of the kingdom. (Vide Ci- 
vil ff^ars&iB. preceding page.) This hall is a neat building-, seat- 
ed on a pleasant eminence, and now occupied by Edward Anson, 
Esq. 'ihe other principal inhabitants are Samuel George, 
agent to the coal and iron works; Henry Eld, corn miller; and 
the following FARMERS, Ann Davis, Geo. Edwards, John Smith 
Foster, Simeon Foster, Walter Horton, Charles Kendrick, 
Ann Parkes, and Thomas Sansom. 

FEATHERSTOXE is a small detached township in the 
East Division of Cuttleston Hundred, 5 miles N. by E. of Wol- 
verhampton, and gives name to a pretend in tfie collegiate 
church of that town, — (see p. 178.)— The Duke of Cleveland is 
lessee lord of the manor, which comprises 34 inhabitants 
and 500 acres of undivided copyhold land, held by Messrs. 
Soper, Holyoake, and Price ; and a small freehold belonging 
to Mr. Tunvcliff. This place was formerly the residence of 
Huntbachy the antiquary. The only chanty belonging to it 
is 308. per annum, paid out of Low Hill Close and Old Fallings 
Field, near Bushbnry, as the interest of j£30 left by Thomas 
Fowke and John £;;'»ington, Esqrs., in 1703. The principal 

ioAMbitanta are William Price and \V\\V\ant Pa>T\i«T, g€ntl€m€n ; 

mod JoBbuB Price and Edward Tun^cWf^, /ttTmcrs. 

WWDMHn^itfnVM-ff^aEBW 8S5 

Mf^ in-tbt BMt Dmmm^ai Odttl«toii Haiubadi b dittmnt no 
^WB 9 milw N. frioai'llw parish tfbqreh of WohvrihAmpton, 

Afatuii part of the IWairJi^iBiiiibr df th«t toiniy held on lease 
bv Iho Doke of Cloveland ; bat4he tend belongB ehiefly to the 
KghiHoB. Edward Joha. Litdeloii, Bsq., the preeoDtseore- 
tHj Jir Irelaod. whoee lhther» the late Moretoa Walhoiiee, Esq. , 
I ■fiilk the hail, m 1817» in the Qothie rtyle, and of excellent 

; 'Thk elegant eeat it Dowoeci^ied by Mrs. Walbouse, 
the'jecfetaiy'e mother. The township eomprites 320 inhabi- 
IMMs, eeverd fertile and well wooded nurm% part of Calf-heath 
copmih and the h^nkt of FOUR GROSSES, where there iv 
»good Inn^ <ni the Roman Watltnap-street, within 2 miles 8. 
W. of Gaaoock^ iud 8 mike N. by E. of Wolverhamplon. In 
the following Ket, those fMarked^mith ol Fomr Orofser, and 
Uka rm ai BMmon. 

Walhonm Anne, gentwn. Bather- 

ton hall 
Ward WUUam, fkrmer 
Whitky Rt. beer hs. A shopkpr. 
* Whitehonae Edw. blacksmith 

Coach. — ^The Albion from Bir- 
mingham to Chester, by the Four 
Crostea, at 10 mng. ret. at 5 erng. 
daily, except San. 

* Henshaw Riehaid, overseer 

* Hflf Hanh. «iet Green Drsj^ 

* Horton DanL Jas. wheelwright 
Liadep Mary, farmer 

* IxM^tt Geo. vict. and posting 
boose, /bar Crosses Inn 

FnXt John, com miller, Saredon 

Rttsseil John, sboemaker 

HILTON, a towoship and prebend in the East Division of 
CotUestoo Hundred, 5 miles N.N.E. of Wolverhampton, is a 
tithe-ft'ee estate, consisting of three iarms, and Hilton Park, 
the beautiful seat of Henry Charles Edward Vernon Graham, 
ESsq. The ball is a large structure of brick and stone, erected 
in the year 1700. It is surrounded by a moat, which is crossed 
by a handsome stone bridge. The park abounds with all the 
Tarieties of sylvan and picturesque beauty displayed by groves, 
clamps, and plantations, all of which are in a thriving state, 
and were mostly planted by the late Mr.. Vernon. A curious 
Mtrvice was formerly enjoined to be performed by the lord of 
the neighbouring manor of Essington to the lord of Hilton ; tlie 
ibnner Deiog bound by the tenure of his land to brine n goose 
to the ball here, every New year's day, and drive it at least three 
timee ronnd the kitchen, while Jack qf HilUm * was blowing 
die fire. This done, the lord of Essington carried the goose 
to the table, and received a dish from the lord of Hilton for his 
own meas. This service was actually performed for upwards of 
140 yeart, but nothing has been heard of it since, the Ver- 

• ** This Jack or Huton U a UtUe holkm hiuifls of biaai, whldi leuMupon it s 
fft kass, nd bM iU right hand placed on iu tmatt In itswouth is a little hole 
. ^BStmadiBt to admit the head of a large pin { and water la pourod iatoitbya 
telf |a Its back^ which is afterwazds stopped vp. This iiaafs \Min^«iX w^ % %Vi^^ 
MMi'tOfiir orspontes throa^ a Cubeat the mouth wlCK a coa\\svM4\iluX« ^\>i«:u 
flirAv iwrr #inMvl/.*--Awirff«t <trJ»i|teiid and Wales. 


nons having been for a lon^ period lords of both manors. The 
fanners of Hilton are, Thomas Brudburn, John Nash, and 
George KiUon. 

KINVASrOX township and prebend, is another small 
detached member of Wolverhampton parish, within the East 
Division of Guttlcston Hundred, ^\ miles N. of Wolverhamp- 
ton, and "1\ miles S. of Penkrid<;e. It consists of a single 
farm^ occupied by Mr. Charles Wotton. 

PBLSALL or Pkismai.i. is a township, chapelry, and scat- 
tered village, in the South Division of Offlow Hundred, 7 miles 
N.E. of Wolverhampton, and the same distance S.W. of Lich- 
field. It has 7^1 inhabitants, and 2000 acrqs of land, belong- 
ing chierty to Phineas Fowke Ilussey, Esq.; but the Duke of 
Clevelana is lessee lord of the manor, under the Dean of Wol- 
verhampton, who claims the minerals. At Pelsall ff^ood, (an 
extensive common, crossed by the W'yrley and Essing^ton canal J 
is a large conl mine and extensive iron works^ the former 
established about 8 and the latter about 2 years ago. Bar and 
sheet iron of the best quality is manufactured here, and there 
are in the village several nail makers. The chapel^ an ancient 
brick building, is a perpetual curacy in the gift of the Dean of 
Wolverhampton, and incumbency of the Rov. Wm. Jessey, for 
whom the Hev. \Vm. Cowlov officiates. It is subject to all the 
iQQii of the parish church, — c^ee p. 17^-) Pelsall was anciently 
the seat of Kobert de Curbeuilj a Xorman, who came to Eflg- 
iand with William the Conqueror, and held this manor of 
Robert de Stafford by the service of a knight's fee. His de- 
sccndunis assumed the name of PclshaU. The heiress of the 
family (^rand- daughter of the last Sir Thomas Pelshall) was 
married during the last century to the Karl of Breadalbanc, in 
Scotland. The Hkxkfactions to Pelsall produce the follow- 
ing yearly sums, viz. 20s. for the poor and 20s. for a sermon, 
left by Htnry Dickiiiifon^ in 1«»()0, out of Birchen-close; £10 
from 4and purchased with .€()•> loft by Dorothy JSrii/t/man^ 
one-third to the minister, and the remainder for the education of 
six free scholars ; lOs. to the poor, left by ^fr, Lane ; (.»s. ^A. 
out of Old Croft, bv Rirhnrd Harrison^ who livtd to the age 
of 101 years; and .'?7*»« from Robert Parktrs charity^ Xo the 
poor of Walsall, in which ])ari&h the testator's will erroneously 
enumerates this chapelry. 

Pi/saN Ihrcvtnrif. 
Bennison John, chapel clerk 
Charles Thomas, collirry owner 
Duke John, blacksmith 
Fryer Rich. Ksq. colliery owner, 

relaall woo<l 
Pelsall Iron Company, Pelsall 
Redfemm 77jomas, tailor 
Thowpson Daniel, wheelwright 

Ih»s aiul Ihthliv I/uusrs. 
('rown, Thomas Stack house 
Royal Oak, Kobt. York, Pelsall 

Swan, William Snape 
White Lion, John Harrison 

lieir Ilottsts. Fanntrs. 

Cooper Jiicob Birch J as. 
VlaUs Wem'v UvtcU Job. ^uu. 
1 UuMi'\\3o«cvU V'oov^x \\iivx 


Geo. SoapeJoha 

Cooper Isuc WoodBotet 
Staml. Nkikn. 

Join HarrfiJPolui 

If ookin Wb. Sk§tmmJkers. 
Whitehead Oeo. Birch Thomas 

Lvoett Wm. 

WEDNESFIfiLD it a towiieliip^iid chiMlry in the South 
•Dinikm of Oflloir Hui4rad, S nileo N. B. of WolmhamptoD, 
wmd oo tho Wyriey end Bwinffton GanoL It contains opwards 
of 3^000 acres of tend, and 1879 inhabitants, (see p. 163,) resi- 
diaf in the large Tillage of fFlkbtetfidd^ and the neighhoaring 
ksBleta of JF^db^Mf Heaih, Mareh-^ NecML fTood- 
mtd^ and ^ooil HajfCB. Immense qaanlities cfloeki^ Jnipf, and 
Inys of everj description, are manufiictnred here for the Bir- 
mingha^ ana Wolverhampton merohants. In Donlesday book, 
this plaee is called fToJme^de^ (from Woden, the Saxon 
God of battlej and is mentioned among the lands given to W ol- 
frnna's numaalMy. (See p. 164.) It is memorable as the scene 
of a decisiTe vm&n which Edwtird the Elder obtained over the 
Ikmet in 910; aod which is thus related by Dr. Plott, after his 
accoont of the battle of Tettenhall, where the Danes were also 
rooted with dreadful slaughter: — *' Another army of the Danes 
that possessed Northumberland, breaking a leapie they bad 
formerly made with King Edward, invaded Mercia in the very 
year, pillaging the country wherever they came ; against 

King Edward, bringing a powerful army both of West 
Saxons and Mercians, overtook them in their return at the vil- 
lage of Wed nesfield, not far from Theotenhall, and overthrew 
them again in another bloody battle, wherein he killed Eowills 
and Halfden, or Hildein, two of their Kings, and Ohter and 
Scorhi, two of their Earb, and nine other Noblemen, to whom 
Ethelwardus adds Fuver, or Hinguar, another of their Kings; 
of which great slaughter there are no more remains but a 
low called Southlow-field, and another called Northlow-field : 
these doubtless were cast up over some of those Kings, or 
Danish or Saxon Nobles, then slain here.*' The Duke of 
Cleveland is lessee lord of the manor, and lay impropriator 
nnder the Dean of Wolverhampton, but the land belongs 
mostly to the families of Oough, Perry, Fryer, and Dcvey. 
The Cbapel of Easr is a neat structure, erected about the 
• year 1760, by Mrs. Martha Gough, who, in 1768, endowed it 
^ with Je250, to which jCIOO more were added by Charles (lOugh, 
>in 1774. The latter sum was invested in the purchase of 
^^113. 198. 5d. old South Sea annuities ; but the former is now 
^^n the hands of John Goueh, Esq^f Perry Barr, the patron of 
L* the coraey, who, from loll to 1822, refosedto pay the interest 
o the present curate, the Rev. John Clare. The Benefactions 
D the poor, consist of three small annuitieSy vis. £260 out of 
he poor rates, as the 'wtere»t of jC26, left by s^^enX ^otvi^x^ % 
JA. U/t br John Fryer, in 1778, and lOs, \ellbv loViv ^w- 

17S8 The MetluiditU hare & small chapel hen, built 



Haga i ami thi rtutain 

Buford JohD, Joiner 

k cabinet maker 

and farmer 
Bremtec Joi. ladiller 
Ci[e George, genL 

Claji TbM. and John, 

3 L'ordiTcl] Hy. gov. 

or work bona e 
Derey Mark , aent. 
(inltriiln Jph. brass 

cock founder 

Hartley Mr.. Mary 

Harvey Mr?. Lint' ~ 

—Thi'T marktd 1, rHide at ytwht- 
; V/fiiuilSeid Hailh, \ ; IVood-end ; 5, JUtt 
iVtdim/alii, ar wirrr tprdfird. 

Nicbolla Wiitian 
Ovren Thomas, Perrji 

Scnaley John 
;< Titley Joseph 
Tumkys Sunue 

ns, Wal- 



1 1'nrkFs Jaa. iron ^ 
key founder 

2 I'rilcbiird Kdwanl, 
rbeslSxolGa handle 

Woolleyfjeo. tailor 

ilradncy 'ilioni.'U 
Uriffilhs l*hirlie 

3 ttuintoD Caroline 
B»<,l e( Sh..,- makers. 
'A Hiile Henry 
Hnnchvr lleiijnmin 

:i Hunrlier WiltUm 
Hope IJoctor 
LanP Robert 
Marshall Jiii 

t'orkindHle Joseph 
CorkindiJe Samuel 
3 Uavics Jubn, (ani 

Humes Henry 
Moririroad John, {I 

l>nrker Klizabetb 
3 (JniiiCon Cnrulinc 
iSpitlle Juseiih 

Gnun Edu-ard 

Taylor .Joseuli 
S Taylor John 

Anh William 
Newton Mary 
3 Vanghnn diikrlcs 

Bichlcy Isaac 
Kckley John 
£ccleaton !>aiiie1 
Efhwlon William 



Pheasant, EUa. Lane, 

3 Upton HiU, Wm. 
Kut Makus. 
itarltd ' make Cmhi- 
bntl.lff PadLo* 
t AiEley John 
t Aatley Joseph 
t AsUey Thomas 
i ' Aston CeorKe 
'-- Tboa. I.inths. 
G. Perr 


1 Benji 

t Cooper Thomas 
forkindnle Joseph 

■ Deeley ^Villiam 

' •DiickhouseJobn 
' Ei-ans John 
2 flinn James 

■ Forsler Thoniat 
:i Gibbons Joseph 

t ■ (iiles John 
I • Giles Micbnel 

' ■ '■■---rn Thomas 

Angel, Luke Nichols Grci _. 

Crou-n lnn,Jno. Mar- If ailley Joseph 

shall -A • Hartley Tho 

Di« and PHrtridge, ' " "- 

Samuel Mar " 
Nen-Inn, Johi 

■1 Hargrove Amos 
iwksford Jas 

Old Tiger, .Joseph 

Roseanrjcrown, Es- 
I therTaylor 
' liter H-mifi. 

Board, Wm. Evans, 
■■ NeciicU hnll 
i 1 ItoanI, llemard 
. I'erry 
! ;t nuil's Hciul, .lwne« 

Hope Kdwanl 
Hiipe John 
Hope Joniitl.un 
Hope Joshua 
Kcndrirk Wni. (u 

■ Lane Joseph 

■ Lnne t'redenek 

■ Lane Michael 

• 3 Lane Samuel 



'LoftM Thomai 
*lfmlOD John 
^ Manton JoMph 

* Jfnon Darid 

* Jlnon Edwmrd 

* Mason Heorjr 

* MaMm Jefoniah 

* Maaon JcAa 
llnon Tnhn 
llaMm Jph. lint ha. 

* Maicm Ridiard 
3 Maaon Samoel 

* KkhoUa Bidiard 

a^BMialUdiarl * 
3 •FBenSaaMNi 

• Penaon William 

• Preston Oaorge 

• Pietton Henry 

• Preston Thomas 

• 4 Rowley Pfeter 

• Rowley Siunuel 

• Rowl^Thomas 
Rowley Thomas 

• Sid^tham £dw. 

• Smith Joseph 
Taylor Nathaniel 
f Teagne John 
f Terry Samuel 
Tumkys Martin 

• 3 Tomkjrs William 

• 4 Turner John 

• SWhitehouseXbos. 

• Wilkes WiUiam 

Lock Manfrs. 
The letiers c. p. &. t 
denote CaOinet, 
Pmi^iL nil Locks, 
•AdeyJohn, c. 

Afl0y voaenb* v» 
3 Aioar Thomasy c 
Adegr Walter, c 
Adey William, c 
Adey linDiam, Jun. e. 
4 '^MPP'^rThoa. t 
Banca WiUiam, p. 
3BnttJames, rim 
3 Biatt John, (draw- 
3 Bridirra Jph. c 
Coates Thomas, t. 
Corbett John, t. 
Corkindala J^. (4c 
iron aaerchast,) L 
Corkindale BaA* c. 
CorkindakSsml (ft 
iron mcrehant,) t. 

1 Dnkes Rd. Ctnmk} 
Green William, p. 

2 Hargroves Joseph, 

Hortoo Henrv, p. 
5 Langley Jonn, c. 
Latham William, p. 
McMormick Wm. t. 

3 Mattocks Tfaos. p. 
Myring John, c. 
Palmer Richard, c. 
1 Parkes John, t. 
Parkes Moses, t 
Pearson James, c. 

I Perry Bernard, c. 
Perry John, p. 
Powell Thomas, t. 
Preston Thomas, p. 
3 Sadler Josepb, c. 
3 Smith Henry, p. 
Smith James, p. 
3 Smith Richard, p. 
Smith Thomas, p. 
Taylor Richard, t. 
■ 3 Turner John, t. 

Walton John, (chest) 
Whithehonse John, 
(ehesl,) Caatlehs. 
Yatet James, c. 
Spiring Laiek Makers 
3 Lawrence Wm. 

3 Fool Samuel 

4 Tkjior Thomas 
Trap Makbks. 

(Arra/«,f cnnte, 6fc.) 
Beckett James 
BellimorK Richard 

-Corbett James 
3 Eodestone Joseph 
Bvaaa James 
Grundy Henry 
Omiidy Samuel 
Hames Henry 
Hames Richard 
Harrison llidmas 
Hope Edward 
Hope James 
Hope Joseph 
Jenerson Edward 
Lane Richard 
2 Marshall George 
Marston Joseph 
Nicholls Luke 
Nicholls Thomas 
Spittle Joseph, 
Tomkys George 
Tomkys Samuel 
Tomkys Thomas 
Tomlinson William 
Tonks John 

; 2 Tottey John 
Ward Benjamin 

: Done WUliara 

! Nightingale Joseph 
Carrier. — Ezekiel 

: Stokes, to Bimiinpr- 
ham. Sat. dep. i p. 7 
mg. ar. 10 ereninir- 


WILLENIIALL is a populous village, township, and cha- 
pelrv OD the turnpike midway between Wolverhampton and 
Walaall, being three miles from each of thoae to>ivi\%, \X\%\w 
ih0 South Division of OfHow Hundred, and \u \V\<i tR«tvo\ cv^ 


Stowheath, of which the Duke of Sutherland and T. W. Giffiu^, 
Esq. are joint lords, but the land (ahout 1800 acres) belongs to 
a number of freeholders. It is an improving place, and since 
the year 1801, its population has increased from 3143 to 5834 
souls, most of whom urc employed in the manufacture of locks, 
keys, bolts, latches, chafing^ dishes, gridirons, curry combs, Ice. 
It is said that ** more locks, of all kinds, are made here than ia 
any other town of the same size in England or Europe.** Ai 
an'instance of the ingenuity of the locksmiths here, the follow- 
ing fact is related by the Rev. T. Unett :— " In 177«, Jofiui 
Lees, of Willenhall, aged 63, shewed me a padlock, with its 
key, made by himself, that was not the weight of a silver two- 
pence. He at the same time shewed me a lock that was not 
the weight of a silver penny ; he was then making the key to 
it — all of iron. He said he would be bound to make a dosen 
locks, with their keys, that should not excped the weight of a 
silver sixpence.** In Domesday book, this place is called 
H^inehala, from the Saxon word fur virtory, and it was pro- 
bably so designated in commemoration of the great battle fought 
in its vicinity in the year 910, as already noticed with Wednes- 
field. The churchy dedicated to St. GileR, is a chapel of ease 
to Wolverhampton, and was rebuilt in 1713. The living is a 
perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the resident freeholders, 
and has long been enjoyea by the Rev. \Vm. Moreton, A.M. — 
But every new incumbent must be upprovcd hv the lords of the 
manor, and have a liconso from (he l)ean of XVolverhamptoo, 
under whom (ho Duke of Cleveland is impropriator, but his 
Grace has leased the tithes to Messrs. James AVhitchouse and 
Charles Quinton. The Methodists and the Bapfists have each 
a chapel hero. In the church is a neat mural monument, 
erected in IHOO, to the memory of liirhnrd Ji'ilkcs, A/.D., 
**the last of un ancient and respectable family, resident at this 
place 300 years and upwards.*' The doctor was educated for 
the church, and held several benefices before ho retired to his 
native village and commenced the practice of physic, in M-hich 
he rose to considerable fame, and died in 17^0, universally la- 
mented, lie wrote much concerning the antiquities of his na- 
tive county, and notices aspay on the north side of Willenhall 
brook, about 200 yards above which, he says, ** ihore are se- 
veral springs, one of which was much taken notice of by our 
ancestors, and consecrated to St. Sunday.*' Over it is the fol- 
lowing inscription : — ** FoJis oculis V)orhisqve cutnnris din cc- 
U'hris, A.n. 17-<3.'' The Dr. likewise mentions a white r/rtv, 
full of yellow veins, of a deep colour, which in his time was 
gathered a little below the spa, and, after being tempered and 
nade into cakes, was sold to glovers under the name of ** ochre 
cakes," The poor of Willenhall have several small Unefactiontt 
produc'mf^ Ihe following yearlv sums: — :20s. left by Wni. Pr»»st- 
wtmJ, ■ in ]C>42, out of Canne "BytcU cXose \ ^>*. V^n X^*. P^dW^, 


111 1728, out 1)1 LilUe Clolhers closes ; 21)^. out uf Und at Shpp- 
nvU Green, as the intereal of £20 left by John Tomkva and 
Ocn. Weli-h ; and 5s. as Ihe intareBl of £5 left by John Sale. 

Lir-ri.E London, a lorajP villagu half a mile N., and Ni-m- 
{kvkktiok, :J miles N. of Willenhall, aie both in this Intrn 
ship, excrpi a email part of the latter, ivhich is in Wedaestield. 
Here are also several imsUer hamlets and disliicta i>f scattered 
homes, aa eaDmerstcd below. 03* 

The Willenhall Post Opficl is in Wolvorhamplnosfreet, 
and Mr. Joseph Tildealcy ia the poslmaslar. Letters from Bil 
ttitn arriTe at ID mg. and are despalchcd at 9 mg. and at j pasi 
Saft. From Wnlverhamplon, at 6 rag. aud despatched at a j 
before S aft. From WaJaall, at half p. 4 afl, tkiid desp. at li mg, 

Iffgr In tl,r fallowing UIKECTORY OF WILLENHALL, Ihotr 
iTurfcrrf 1 reiidt Bf AfhiHOTt Lam, 2 BinKtitgham-ilrit' Br Bmlkv 
ToH , 3 0>in>>uibAi, 4 Ijau-htmil, S Lillti^ hlimd aT MM't-San)!, A 
Lillle iMdm, 7 Mombtr-lant. 8 Nim Jasnlina, 9 A'dok lorn, ID 
Sand-ia/, II Sitri-Htalh. 12 Valtrrlade. 13 milaiAaU-gTen. onrf 
Ihtremai^rr in mihmhall riirage, oT wher " ' 

Ih Thooiu 

4 Bagnall Dual. Coal 

CarlirrichlMr. Thai. 
4 Colthaiu coal & iron 

works ; D.Bagnill, 

G Cooper Snml. fiib- 


.. _._ F. bookpr. 
I'lemsoD John, Kent. 
Crockett \\m. excise 
Riirlill lasar, gen I. 
I Hartill Mra-Xydia. 

KimberleyWin. vuod 

•creiv inanfr. 
I*e« Mrs. l-riBCilia 
Mason Edw. cbaucl 

MuOD Isr. coal rnnlr. 
2UorelonRev, Wm. 

A. M. inc. cunLe 
Ktt Wm. cooper 
SAooe Mrs. Mary 
Read Jpb. steel truss 

Slokn Broj. Rent, 

.■(lokcs ViD. gent. 

ThHlcher Pr&cilLi. 

matron of the 

Walton Miss Brbrs. 

Austin John 
Collier Richard 

6 Bnaks Isaac 
^ Bunka John 
9 liiinks Joseph 
6 Banks Timothy 
2 Braddock Murttia 

12 Latrrroce Hugh 
G Lloyd John 
6 MansficEJ John 
Marslon Joseph 
Penraon Tbos. fN. & 

Ravlelt Wm. (and 
spring and shutter 

Jlaol * Shae «*-■.. 
Atkins Qeorge 
Alkini Jolin 
Bund Churln 
Bcckeli Richard 

G Broomfield Julm 
Pon-ke Elii. 

Leea Thomiu 
Lycett EdvnrI 
Poole John 
6 Smitb Wm. 
Summerlield Benj. 
B Tarbock John 
S Taylor John 

Baker SmUfftsliiterl 
Daneerfiald Jph. 
12 Fisber Isaac 
11 MoseleyJohu 
2 Taylor Joaeiib 
Baker Joacpb 
DaTi» Hichard 

11 Dnvies 'Hioin^s 
Hartill Alfral 
Kidson Ueorge 
Meanly Benj, 
Walker Benj. 

12 Wbitehouse Jolm 
Cha/lnfl Dill, w/r., 

12 Lawrence Hugh 
MBTBton Joseph 
RawleU Wm. 
Mnunden Susan 

Com MilUr. 



Chny Cmml ,«.fi.- 
Cupwter Janies 
CaipeDter Wm. 
Kvihmv Thanuw 
Bowler Woi. 
Wakelim Thomu 
Wlldcnoa Sdmid 

Die SbAtn. 

QroTC George 
RobiiMODOm. (ft Te- 
terloaiT lurgton} 

Atkhi Joho 
Bird Wm. 
Btatt George 
Cramp John 
13 Fletcber John 
ID Fowler John 
13 Hartill Hark 
7 HEmingiley Joaeph 
10 Hiadu John 
6 Nicholls John 
QTiinlOD Chmrles 

Bnierton Sunuel 
JeiTona James 
NerUle Benj. 
Pitt Wm. 

GridirtH nmtfn. 


Manton Joseph 
Peny Joseph 
Rawlett Wm. 
Sanndert Snaan 
WoottOB Wm. 

Oroeeri owf ShofTi. 
Bmbcs Sarah 
Cooper Wm. 
4 Dalbwar Bamoel 
■fwJohn Bartiw. 

. ..xJohn 
Grove Geore^ 
Jactaon Joaeph 
Pedlflv HaniMb 
Shntt Richard 
Ti)deal#r laaac 
Tadealey Jcffrer 
Tildesler Bamoel 
llldealer Thomai 
10 Wilcox Tbomaa 

HinMt maifi. 
Kendrick Hcnn 
bom ti. P»iltcHamtet. 
Angel, Tha. Carter 
Bel), Ht. Wakclaaa 

ley Hincki 
8 CniirD, Jsa. Cooper 
4 Engine, Jas. Frit- 

8 Gate, Mrv.Tarhack 
6 Hope and Anchor, 

Joho PhUlipa 
4JollvBoat, Walter 

King's Arm, Wm. 

King'/^Head. Wm. 

Neptnne, Hy. Hartill 
New Inn, Ann Phil- 

Floush, Uy. Morgan 


R<» al Artillsr]r,Betij . 

Tnrk'a Head, John 

Woolpaek, Joaeph 


Beddaw Joaeph 
12 Bradbor; Bicha; 
Craahaw Joae^ 


Harthai , ■" 

lOBoral B^Mih 


Spnad Eagle, J«m 


Richard Padlev 

11 White Hom^Jl*. 

Woodman, Jph. Ped> 

ley '^ 

Am, Bratt, he din. 
Pnyne John 
6 ThoinpaonAn«ntia 
Tildealey Henrr 
Tililealey ThoDM 

Hartell Handle 
Tildesley Saml. ion. 
Jab-SmitAi imd I^tl 

12 Haldren Tbomaa 

6 Jackson Rt. (iron 

■Und mfr.) 
Pace Charles 
Parkes Joiepb 
Reeres, Samuel 
Stepheuion Wm. 
Wr^ht Wm. ft Son 
JoiHm mud Caiinrt 

Clark Phineai 
Foater John 
Homer Bepjamin 
U Leei Ti. Taylor 


5 Pa Aea Jamea 

6 l^doeon Rd. Jebb 


Stmrttd • mmtt OM- 

7 1 Cooper JoMfh 
Cooper BMiwd 


Dudler Ednrd 
Dugmore Wm. 
II * DoncoDib John 
4 FoMer Abednego 
* • Potter Wm. 

9 * HidW Thomna 
Harper Wm. 
13 Hartill GeoTve 
8 • Hartill Isaar 
Hanin RobC. 
J t Hill John 
HoDtbatch Jofan 
UJonUn John 
Kaowla Abm. 
GManrtoii Isaac 
HitliueliBmp Tboi. 
6 t Morgan Isiiac 
A * Morgan Samael 
Niebolli laaac 
8 • Parkea William 

hanon William 
FMIer JoKph 
PhlHtpe Edward 

•E^irc Edward 

6 Tonka Mark 

3 WaltonJowiih 

4 * Waabbrook John 
II • Wfaltefaoose 91. 
8 • Wilduck Jamei 

Anr Slampen. 
Aah Abraham 
6 Aih John 
6 Foster John 
6 Foater Richard 
'i GrJmlejr William 
Hartill Jonah 
Walton William 
Wright Gilbert & Son 
UHnli. tUn. Draptri 
Hincka William 
Head Joaepli 

riptj and trunk lockt, 
13 Abbotts Jph. d. 

I Adama Cbaa. p. 
Adams Joseph, c. 

II \,,i>lrl)lll«vid, t. 
II ^,,,,K-I,y.rr,h.i, t. 
4 Appleby John, t. 

LI Appleby Joseph, t. 
fi Appleby Jfwiah, p, 
Arnold Jnr..(brBS»)p. 
Arnold Thos. r, 
Arnold W. (brass) p. 
Asb Charles, r. 

Ash James, c. 
Ash Samuel, p. 

lIBaardtlerJ. (chest) 
13 BeAett John, p. 

3 Beckett Wm. m. 
6BeddowJiAn, m. 
Beddow Ja«e{4i, m. 
Bcddow Thomas, r. 

G Birch John (box of 

e BonltOD Dd. (till) 
G BratI Abm. p. 
6 Bratt Danl. p. 
G Bratt Jer. (closet) 
Brerltt Henr^, p. 
Breiitt James, r. 
Breritt iUcbard, r. 
Brerin Thomas, r, 
BiidMB Samnel, p. 
BrlMley Thomas, p. 
Brindlejr Wm. p. 
II BroomhailJiu. t 

4 Broomhall John, t. 
Broomhall Saml. I. 
2 Buckoall John, cl. 
IDumes Rdwaril.p. 

I Burnes Enoch, p. 
Burrows Joseph, c. 
Butler Mark, d. 

10 Caddick Tbos. c. 

II Cane John, c. 

1 Cane Jobo, p. 

rim,) Summerford 

Churm Chaa. r. 

4 Cotboume Wm. c. 

6 Collelt John. r. 
ColleltJohn, r. 

13 Constable Benj. r. 
13 Constable John, r. 
13 Constable Kami. r. 

2 Constable Wm. r. 

G CowperH.(brass)p. 
4Da)lavarSaml. r. 
UuEmore Daniel, r. 

7 ifukes Thomas, t. 

11 Duncomb Hy. c. 
11 Duneomb Jph, p. 
1 Dunn Joseph, p. 
DuntoD Jph. t. 
Emery Samuel, r. 
Emery Wm. r, 
Evans Benj. c. 

7 ETanaH«DTY% t. 
' 7 Et»mT\witoa*,';. 


Ferguson nj. m. &. d. 
Feixusoii Jfi. (closet) 
12 Ferguson Thos. a. 
FtslierUd. (brass p.) 
8 Fletcher Abel, c. 
8 Fletcher Abui. c. 
1 Fletcher Geo. p. 
Fletcher John, r. 

5 Fletcher Saiiil. p. 
8 Fletcher Wui. c. 

I Fletcher Wni. p. 
FordJohn, r. 

II Foster Simeon, c. 
Fox John, c. & m. 
Goug^h Ileniy, r. 

1 GroFes Charles, p. 
1 Groves Thomas, p. 
Haddock Thomas, r. 

6 Hadley Joseph, r. 

Hadley Jph. jun. r. 

7 Hall Richard, p. 
Hall Thomas, r. 
Hall William, p. 
Hiirpcr Wni. r. & d. 

1 llnrtill Jonah, 'pad) 

r irirtill Jolin, p. 
• i llarlill John, p. 
Ti Hiirtill Josiah, p. 
l.i Hartill Stph. p. 
(i Hartill Tiiomas, p. 

8 Hawkins Danl. c. 
(J Hcnney Isaac, m. 
Hill Jofcph, r. 

r Hill William, r. 
Hodson James, c. 
Hodson Joseph, r. 
Hodson Richard, p. 
6 Hodson Stephen, r. 
Hodson Wm. p. 
6 Horton Geo. p. 

10 Huffadine Geo. t. 
Hughes Thns. p. 
Hnnthatch Geo. r. 

8 Hutchinson J no. c. 
6 Jackson Henj. 
1 Jackson John, p. 
(i Jackson Jolin, p. 

11 Jackson Wm. c 
8 Jar\'is Wm. c. 

6 Jeffs George, p. 

6 Jibber John, p. 

Jibber Solomon, p. 

Johnson Isaac, r. 

Jones Renjamin, r. 
JontB Henry, m. 
T Jones James, v. 

6 Jukes John, p. 
ft Kempson Wm. p. 
t\ Kcnurick Saml. p. 
3 Knowles Geo. m. 
Lausdale Elias, m. 

11 Lawrence Amb. t. 

12 Lindall Wm. r. 

6 Lloyd Alex. p. 

9 Lloyd J as. (staple 

7 IJoyd Thomas, p. 

7 Lowe James, p. 
6 Marsh Enoch r. 
Marsh Richard, r. 
Marston Edw. p. 
Marston Jeremiah, r. 
a Marston Philip, p. 
6 Marston Simeon, p. 
6 Mason Benj. p. 

5 Mason Daniel, p. 

6 Mason Thomas, p. 
i 6 Mason Wm. r. 

< 11 Matthews Wm. c. 

1 Mills Thomas, p. 
Mirors Thomas, p. 
>l(»rgan Henry, p. 

t) M origan Joseph, p. 

.M«»rris .lames, r. 

11 Mour.tford Jph. c. 

f) .Myatt Thomas, r. 
' Newman Jas. c. 
I Nicklin Timothy, p. 
I l.H Ordidge Kdw. p. 

2 Ordidgc Job, p. 

() O.sborne Benj. m. 
Palmer Wm. r. 
Panks Saml. r. 

8 Parkes James 
Parkes .Samuel, p. 
Parkes "Wni. p. 
Pearson Geo. c. 

11 Pearson Edward 
IVarson Henry, r. 
Pearson John, r. 

11 Pcarstm Jph. c. 
IVarson Wm. m. & d. 
Pedley Jph. in. 

7 PeiMlIehury Jas. r. 
Perr)' Isaac, (.staple 


12 Perry John, d. 

3 Perry Jon. (closet) 
12 Perry Richard, d. 
6 Pitt Benj. p. 

Pitt Isaac, r. & m. 
G Pitt Josh, (brass p.) 
6 Pitt Saml. (slock^ 

• 6 Pitt Stephen, p. 
12 Pitt Stephen, p. 
11 Pool Charles, c. 
II Poo! Jeremiah, c 
11 PoolJoseph, c. 
8 Pool Joseph y c. 
Pool Thomas, r. 
Povey William, m. 
Powell Thos. r. & m. 

I Price Thomas, p. 
3 Pritchard Jas. t. 
<i Profiit Henr>*, c 

ti Proflit John, c. i 
Read DanL (box of 

wards &dieit) 
Read Enoch, p. 
7 Read Ricbafd, p. 
Read Thos, (brass p.) 

6 Read Wm. (bos of 

Reaves George, r. 
Reeves Thomas, r. 
Richards Daniel, m. 

7 Richards Tho.^. r. 
12.Richards Wm. r. 
Robin.son Edw. r. 

II Robinson Jph. c. 
Robinson Wm. d. 
Robinstm W'm. r. 

12 Rowbotham Ts. p. 
Rowley Eliz. r. 
Rntter Richard, d. 
12 Rutter Stephen, d. 
11 Salt Thomas, c. 
11 Smith Abm. c. 
Smith Benjamin, p. 

8 Smith Benjamin, c. 
Smith Daniel, c. 

11 Smith Isaac, c. 
11 Smith Jacob, c. 
8 Smith Jacob, c. 
11 Smith John, t. 

I Smith Joseph, p. 

10 Smith Tliomn«4, r. 
Smith William p. 

II Squire Gconrc', c. 

8 Squire James, c. 

11 Squire Thomas c. 
G Stanley Isaac, r. 
Starkey Charles, r. 

9 Starkey George, p. 
Starkey Thomas, r. 
6 Stone John, r. 
Stringer Daniel, m. 
Stringer John, m. 
6 Sturmey John, r. 



Kumiiisrlield Tboa. r. 
SumoHn-fidd Wm. r. 
liTiitiiiier M'Uliain, 

tuytcrr ituurri, p< 
Tuylor Tlioina^ r. 
f> 'rhomptoa Jt«. p. 

6 Tildalir Itue r. 
TMaify SI. (factor) 

I 6 Took* Fmnrut, r. 

7 Tnoki Omtee, ik 
^nnkn .loMpli, p. 
nVMik* Tiniollij, p. 
TaWDHDdB. (cluMt) 

1 1 Tucklcy luac, c 
II TorMey JotM, t. 
lITuckJej-Jotrph, c. 
llTiichley MiJrul. r. 
1« ToriMr Be4. c 
Tamer Jmmtm, p. 
4TiinieTJoIin, c 
Tomer JoMpb, d. 
13 Tuner Mark, c. 
7 Tuner Ricbard, c. 
7 Tmav Tbooa*. r. 

6 Turner Timotby, c. 
rVauRhaaStpb. t. 

7 Vauhao Tliofi. (. 

Veal William, ni. 
Walker JtliD.(dotet 
WJkrrJo«pt, r. 
Walker Richard, r. 
11 Walker Tlios-c. 

4 Wbitelouw Eil. c- 
WUtcboiiae Jpb. r. 
B Wkilcbouae SmI. e. 
WUleboaiie ThtM. r. 
11 WUke*, c. 

Wootton Tboa. r. 
6 WoottM Win. p. 
WooUOD Wm. r, 
Wtfrrdl JohD, r. 
WT%lit,BiBj. p. 
Wright 81. [braaa p 

anil iuidarj) 
8 Yaba duitwl, c. 
S Yatca Thomaa, c. 

yMtr lokB 
Hlneki Thiiaaa 
Stokea William 

WhitehOBK JiUM 

Atbina Joba 
Hirtill Bandle 
PhoHbtTi, Giatitfs, 

and PaMm. 

6 Foi John 
Harper John 
IliDkley John 
Jordan John 
6 Marsh Thomas, (& 

6 Morgan George 
MoT^an Uark 

Bmrlttt mWam (& 

Uranb lalch) 
6 WUlcbODie John 
WUtdranw Titut 
6 Wootton Thomas 
Woolton Williaui 

Hanill Jcnmiab 

Fallen Atrkk 
Pnbian John 
TiUealer Thomai.,(&' 

3 Traath Joaepli 
Ved Edward 

TanuT In WvMi. 
Duffer Jamea 

VaraiMh maitri. 
Parkei Willum 
Tildesley Samuel 
i HickiD John 
Mann William 
IVilke* Samuel 

To BirBting/m,,!.— 
lenhall, ti, John Shep- 
herd of SandbedH, 
Tue. Tbu. and Sut. ul 

To ffelveriamplni.— 
Wm. Fletcher ofWil- 
lenhall, & Ann Car- 
roll, of LiKle Lon- 
don, daily. 

AMBLECOAT, on tbc noHh side of rhe 


r S«.u 

Ibe onlv hi 

n the countv 

of Stafford. It is dislant 10 miles ij. nf Wolverhampton, and 

fiMBpritee about GOO acre* of land, and 1236 inhabitants, whoso 

dwehiiiga are scattered on the banks nf the ricer and the canul, 

niw a busy suburb of Stourbriileo, h hich town is not willi- 

1m omits of this volume. The Ball of Slatnloti u Vn^ u^ 

m$»or tod prinript} owner of the mu\. A.nAi\*ebM \itt» 


several wharfs upon tlie Stourhridg^e canal, which has 20 locks, 
and fornisa jiinclion with the Dudley and the Staffbrdshire and 
Worcestershire canals, it participates larj«[ely in thecooZ, iron, 
and ^lass works of this noif* hbourhood, and is celebrated for the 
best claif in the world for the manufacture of crucibles and fire 
tricks. Plott says, *< the clay that surpasses all others is that at 
Aroblecote, on the banks of the Stour, of a dark bluish colour, 
whereof they make the l)est pots for the glass-houses of any in 
England; and it is so necessary to be had, that it is sent to Lon> 
don both by land and water carriage ; the goodness of which 
clay, and plenty of coal hereabout, no doubt has drawn the glass- 
houses into these parts, there being divers set up at Ambleoote, 
HoUoway-end^ and Colhourn-hrook,*" This valuable stntM 
of clay is about 150 feet below the surface, and 45 below M 
coal, to the extent of nearly 200 acres, but the best sort is found 
only under about 48 acres. It is about 2| feet thick, and it 
taken up in lumps of lOolbs. weight, which are afterwards care- 
fully washed, picked, and scraped by women. Above 4000 
tons per year are got, and sold at from 34s. to 44s. per ton. It 
is sent to most of the manufacturing towns in Oreat Britain, 
and considerable quantities are exported for the use of chemists, 
and furnaces requirinj^ very stronjr fires. The exportation of ii 
'A*i fullers -earth is prohil)ited unless manufactured ; on which ac- 
count it is ihappd like bricks, which may be ground down and 
used ns clav. J'he bir^ost pots made of it for the use of the glass 
makers, will hold from 15 to near 30 cwt. Here is a Aational 
Sr/iooly built in \^\'t; uud in Brcttcll-lune is a small Methodist 

/#! /A' />//A/W'//Ji> Directory OF Amri.kcoat, those marked} rtiside 
at ('o/lioiirn-firi>ok\ 2 rif J/of/ou\t-mt/^ (two sinttU villagei :) '^ at the 
liridift y •i}if/ i of <Stt,t/rl/rif/i't Jf'harf, 

Addon brodke.Ioliu, Ksq.Thc llill 1 Wills Wm. shoemaker 

•1 Hrudiry John &. Co. hiir, rod, ii Wood Jane, shopkeeper 

slicet, cvC. iron iiianul'.ictMrois ' 1 Vomii: Joseph and Son, coopers 

1 Davis Ht'v. Tljt'oplis. Ind. Min. and tiiubrr dt-alers 

1 riav(-Mr)lni. sliopki^eprr INNS AM) TAVERNS. 

1 Ilodirson Sunil. u\\'v. ofsijados, ' Hoard, Noah 
shovVls, chains, and rdu:c tO(d* 1 I'ish Inn, John Evors 

2 Hopkins C'has. aclinsr oviTsclt .i Navii::.Hliun Inn. Rhoda Wood 

1 Joneo Gii.uv'e, IjliJcksniitU , 2 R(»>al Oak, lulward Shearstonc 

2 Kin;; Wni. flay incichiint 1 Whilt: Horse, Ilt-nj. Hyde 
2 LitlKwood Ikr.iannn, gent. , .\('AI)l).>nKS. 

I IVmns.Mrs. Ann ! Hopkins Kli/alu-th and Maria 

ridi'ock John, J^sq. Plaits I .'J National. Klijah Cartwright .V 

Rolason Thomas, larnnr , Thirhp Jnk«-s 

1 Shepherd John, L'ln.-s nifr. : ItEl'.R HOUSKS. 

2 Stn^et Richard, .sho|ikccper 1 SlinnJohn, v^and wheel wriirhl; 
1 Skidinore Mr. Charles j 2 Thomas John 
2'\Vakemnn Mr. James j 2 Turner Uidiard 

Whec)cy Win. Sc^ei, Esq. Den- ' COAL MASTERS' WHARFS;. 
niM p»rk 4 VvTwsVcme. William ix t»eorge,,f* 

^ ^^liite John, gcnilemtiXi i WUWam WAsVvkvs^w^^wx. 



4 HiowBr» I>iidl€)r» mad BiiMpf: 
1 WhKtor John «id Co.* Dmrid 
Woodward, agoil 

1 HUKBuBpton, A Co. (botUe) 
a UtU wwo d Thomw, (flint) 

IBMmmML (fcoiiMon) 

4 Bfttet GcMge 
1 Hankou Arthur and Co. (and 


Cmnienbv fl^cr.-VeMeIi from 
the Canal Wharf,dailyJto all parts 
of the kingdom. Mr. Thomas 
Weiten i» wfaarfiofer ind tuireni 
to the Canal Company, and tVm. 
Brown and Joseph Smith are 
agents to seTeral carriers. 

lBBLEY (OVER), on the banks of the river Serern, is a 
^.fUlngt nod parish, contiiinio|^ 735 inhabitants, and occu- 
1'% naitvw aeek of Staffordshire, bounded on three sidos 
iropililn mad Worcestershire, and distant 16 miles S.S.K. 
1^ WohwlMBpton, and 10 miles W.S. W. of Stoarbrid^e. The 
foil ia gener^Dv a j^bod clay loam, and, from its situation and 
■specty If well ampted to the cultivation of fruit, especially 
apples, of which large quantities are consumed yearly in th*(> 
cider trade. Hops were formerly cultivated here, but have lon<; 
been neglected. The mines of coal have been exhausted, hut 
here- is still an excellent quarry of red free sC07ie, of which a 
considerable number of grindstones and millstones are made, 
and immense blocks are raised for the building of docks, 
bridges, ke. The Severn, which crosses this narrow linih of 
Stafiordshi re, is navigable for barges of 60 tons burthen, and 
sometimes vessels of 90 tons may pass with a draught of G feet. 
At the eastern verge of the village is a Roman vicinal road, 
called the Fort-way, which probably led from Brennogcnium 
(Worcester), to Uriconium (Wroxeter), and now forms part ol 
the post-road from Worcester to Shrewsbury. In Areley 
wood are the remains of a large Roman camp, which is an ex 
act square, with double, and on one side treble, ditches : it wa>< 
probably the work of Astorius, who fortified the banks of the 
Severn during his conflicts with the Silures and Ordovices. At 
HawkbcUch^ a Roman town and bridge are said to have existed, 
and many Roman coins have been found there. Here is like- 
wise the eminence called Shattcrfoot and Seckley woody contain- 
ing about 600 acres. The manor of Areley was possessed by 
the male descendants of Sir Thomas Lyttleton, from the reign 
of Henry VI. till the year 177^i when Thomas, son of Goorpc 
Lord Lyttleton, bequeathed it to his nephew, the late Lord Vu- 
lentia, who is known to the literary world by a well written vo- 
lume of travels in India, Arabia, and Egypt. The Jiall was rc- 
Imilt by the Lyttletons about 1650, and is delightfully situated 
on the well- wooded banks of the Severn. It is now the seat of 
1 Moontnorris, (an Irish peer,) who is lord of the manor, 
icipst owner of the aoW, impropriator, and pa\.T«\t\ c\l \\v^\\^- 
je, which is a perpetual curacy, now ettjo\^d\>N X\v<i ^^^' 



John Allen; but it is io the peculiar jurisdiction of the dean 
and chapter of Lichfield, who hold an annual visitation for 
proving wills, auditing the churchwarden's accounte, &c. The 
church, which stands on a lofty eminence, is a small fabric, de- 
dicated to St. Peter, first erected by Henry de Port, in the 
reign of Henry I., and rebuilt in the time of Edward I., since 
which it has undergone many repaii-s, and the interior was 
thoroughly renovated and beautified at the expense of the late 
Lord Valentia. It has several ancient monuments; one of the 
Heckston, and several of the Lyttleton family. The parish 
feast is on the Sunday after St. Peter's day. The following 
property belongs to the />oor, viz. : — a house, with ootbuiidinga 
and Ha. Ik. 28p. of land at Nanh end, let for £\&\ three q|K> 
tages, with 3r. 2ji>. of land, callod the llurne, worth £7» Wt 
let to one of the trustees for .£2. lOs., out of which the leriet 
and taxes have to be paid ; and five cottages, in Frenchman 
street, let for £13. ;is. per annum. This property was par- 
chased with several benefactions, except a part of the premises 
at Nash end, bequeathed by a Mr. Longmore. The rents are 
distributed by the churchwardens on St. 'J'homas's day and 
Good Friday, (ojretbcr with the dividends of £1(^0 three per 
cent. coMsofidated annuities:, purchased in It'l.'J, with thebe- 
*iuest of Thomas 0)rhyUy who died in 1811. 

Mountnorris, Earl of, Ilnll 
Allen Itov. John, incumbent 
Cutti'rill Rdniund, day s(rh(»ol 
(iritfiths iMluinnd, hiitchor 
Ilitice Samud, hfvr house 
James Thomas, blacksmith 
Lawley Thos. maltster i butcher 
I^)n}rmore Wm. oversr. iSl schoolr. 
Neu'nham Ilunnah, beer house 
Owens John, «.'roc»'r & maltster 
l*arton V»'m. uheehvritrht 
riaire Robert \\ m. Esq. Cottage 
I'ottcr J no. vicT. Lyttleton's .\rms 
Price Tlios. irrocer \' shoemaker 
Robinson <ieorge, beer house 

Willcox Samuel, vict. and stone 
quarry owner. \'alentia aims 
Baker James, Hannut tnr 
Caswell .loseph, Ilcck.ston 
Cox Henry 

Garbett Tliomas, AV/.vA (ml 
IJorn Samuel, Frenchman .strtrrt 
.lohnson Jo.seph, Jinnnht/ 
Oakley Henjamin, Hi^U trte.\ 
Ueade .lohn, Hill honw 
Wigun Wm. Whitnet vml 

A Mttrkft boat to Brwdlej every 
Saturday uiorntiig. 

BOBHINGTOX parish, on the wotoni verge of the countv, 
nine miles S.A\'. of Wolverhampton, lias 4-(> inhabitants, unti 
2.500 acres of land, of which about 5('0 acres, with part of tho 
hamlet of Halfpniny Grccn^ are in Shropshire. The Earl of 
Stamford aud Wm. M(wclcy, Ksq. are the principal proprietors 
of the soil, and the latter. Mho resides here, is lord of the ma- 
nor and impropriator, haxing lately purchased the tithes of 
Thomas Wlntmore, Esq. of Apley, who has still the patronage 
of tho CHURCH, which is a perpettial curacy, in the peculiar of 
Bndf^oorth, The Rev. George Henry Betterton (labutt, of 
Olurclcvi in S/lrop^hire, i*^ the UK*un;\\)cw\. tvxwX W*^ XAfi •A.-\tar 

d ia 1689, wilh otiwr pro- 
pM^t bf EdwdCannn^ fiir aceDdnwoieiitvftha curacy, 
aad tbt rapvort of MvanladHdsnlromBrid^mth, u Chriat 
ChHTch College, Oslori. The eante'i atipcad was originally 
•■ly 410, bat owing to Iha inoraaaed ralaa of the land, it n-s's 
lalaaJ—ay Taata agiHoXW. The rxas rohooi., at White 
Craaa, waa foondad ia 1793, b; Hanaali aod Mary Corbelt, 
for tka iMraetioii of SO bora and 12girl*, and for proriding 
tb aa. aaoa in two mn, «iui hatt, paat coata, and gowns, to 
ba aaia Mily on Sabbath dayit Ttia endoatnent conaists of 
SUM Araa per cent conaolidaled bank BDnultiea, jieldinp 
4tt far anaaaa. Tba achool pramiaea eonajtt of a honae and 
MuakMl roosB, «iib H acra of land, occupiad by the inas- 
iVfrno rccrivea £20 yearly, and tba real of the income i» ei- 
pmdad In dothiog. 

Boraaton Ota. Bb^k^mh 
Bowep Thoa. SfgctAnub 
QrccDiU. H^ilecreti 
Hayca John, jfUlrrhiaae 
KaoiiXti 3abB, Htalh 
Lea Wm. Taci hill 
MarrianWm. 1 Baker Mrs. 
Soulball Joho I Perry Wm. 

Halla Bar. Heuy, . _ 
Header ^™- ^- Z«<« l>aU 
Rogata Joha, vkt. It«r*l Oak 
StAca Wok ftee achool, White 

naldicr Thaa. wheelwright 

BROOH, wBrome, a pariah with 140 inhabi (ants and '00 
acra of land, occupies part of aamall detached menibernf Sluf- 
fbrdahirc, 41 milca S. of Stnurbrid^, and 14 miles S. of U'ol- 
TCrhamton, lyin;; on the weatem suleof the pictareique hills of 
Cleat. Tba ancient msDsion here called /fariarav^A, was ihe seat 
of Wm. Penn, one of whoae danghlers was mother of SAenslone 
tbe pnet, who apent here many of hin Juvenile hours. The ex- 
•enton of ihe late Earl Dudley and Ward are Inrda nf the nia- 
aar, which ia now rented hy Edward Ampblett, Ecq. ; but 
J. A. Grove, Esq. and (he Rev. Edwiird Dudley have eslntc^ 
bare. The Utter is incumbent of the church, a small ninderii 
bride edificF, dedicated to St. Pater. It is a rectorv, in tlie 
- fifl of Sir Edward Scott, of Great Barr. The pnor IJsve 3ns. 
mriy, bequeathed in ITOI, by John Harris, to be distributed 
' m bread, out of Bradford meadow, which is now converted 
I- loloB mill dam. Broom is in Worcester diocese. (See Ck-nt.) 

tAMBUatt Edw. Eaq. magistrate I Dudley Rer. Edward, rector 
Manwar Henry, hnucr I^ttJohn, ahopkeeper 

'■—-*' ■■ ■ I WaldroaTbos.& 

- J ' BV8HBURY, or JinMurs pariah, compruei the tuo 
j|inMll|pof Busbbiuj'^Bd fasingtoo, the fo^u^VnXV«^«\«• 
.|Bl m»rtb» Utter ID tba Cultlealon hvn4^. \a \%^\,\V« 


population amoanted to l:?7^^f>uU, of whom 677 were in Bush- 
hury tonmshipy H'hich comprises 6ihk) acres, extending from '2 
to 4 miles X. of Wolverhampton, and including the hamlets of 
Buahhury, Ford Houses (losbrook, Moseley, and Oxlev. — 
The MANOH, at the time of the Norman conquest, was held by 
Wfn ,Fitz- Ansvuify whose posterity assumed the name of Bps)t' 
bury. It afterwards belonged to the Grosvenors and the (soughs, 
ancestors of the m ell-known antiquary of that name. In ]7^^ 
it was purchased by the late P. T. llincks, Esq. of Tettenhall, 
whose daughter, Nliss Tbeodosia liineks, is now lady of the 
manor; but T. G. Whitgreavc, John Norton, and Alex. Ilor- 
dern, Ksqrs. and some others, have estates here. The farm 
called //'7>2r^.«/07f, gire? name toaurebendal stall in tbeColI^iate 
church of Wolverhampton, Moselty, 3^ miles N. by E. of 
Woiverhampt(m, forms a separate mtmor of about 500 Bcres, of 
which T. G. Whitgreave, Esq. is lord, and resides at Moseley 
Courts a modern mansion eructed near the old hall, a \'eoerable 
half-timbered building, now occupied by a farmer, but cele- 
brated as one of the hiding places of Charles II. (vide ciril 
wars, at a preceding page.) In cleansing a pit in a field near 
the old hall, a skeleton in complete armour was found some 
years ago, and supposed to he the remains of a cuirassier in 
king Charles's service. The small vUlayc of Bmhburf is 
sheltered on the cast by a lofty hill, covered with a profusion 
of yew and other trees, and said to have been once crossed by 
iho groat road from liondon to ('hester. The summit of this 
hill is r»,)n fijot abo^e the level of the sea, and commands a rich 
and extensive prospect. On the south side is the handsome seat 
of ^Irs. I'hillips; and at a short di*«tance are two other neat 
nian<<ion«, called l-iow-liill and For«l-house, the latter of which 
was lately the residence of Lewis ( -Intterbuck, Esq. Xear the 
village appears a eonsi(lera!)le tHiHu!u6^ and near it was dug up 
some \eitr< ;i^o the brass head of a catapult, supposed to be of 
Hoinan cMii-itruciion. The ancient appellation of the pdrish, 
liist'np' yhurir^ would seem to point it out as having been the 
ro-^idi-nce of sonje of the Mcrcinn bishops. 'I'he cnrR( ii, de- 
dicateil to tfic a<-.unipt?on of the IMo^si'tl N'irgin, is an ancient 
fabric, surmoniiled by a ina««sy embattled tower, and formerly 
l)elorii:ed to the pri(»ry of St. Thoina*, near Staflord. It has 
manv fnonumeiil-*, of the families of Hvsbburv, Moselev, Hunt- 
I)!ich, llellirr, Lencrofl, \\ hitgreavr, (ioii(;h, and Huskisson, 
till' latttr of uhom po>*<e«>se(l the </?/*// e>tatp till I71*«^ when it 
w;i> <f.Ai\ \)\ the father of iliat eminent statesman, the late IJiirht 
lltm. \\'\\\. lluski'Ji'on, M.l*.* to the lato .lames Ilordern, Esq. 
In lsli\ the iiioiunnent of liunh ByMury wn"^ opened, and 

■ Mr. lliiskiK<Hin was unfortunitcly killed al the opening of the Lirerpool and 
Manchi^tvr railway, Nptcmber l.'th, \V»\, nnd hi* los4 was univvrwllv I»mcntc«l 
hy the whnJc natUm. \U* remains ^iTC imciieA nl L\vct\vQol, wheie hli conftitu- 
fiitf raiMHl n splvndtti monuincnt to his imiuoiv. 


I, and a eilver 

•kllUea BOW BMd in tta C*«M»i(w Mrrice. The living h t. 
w O a n / i, ia A9 rutnmtudAm princiiHaiobabitaDta, and sbce 
the nw .1800 It hMban Mjoycd by the R«t. Joba Clare, of 
Wii1imIm|iIimi, wha MIt tM pment Ticwage houK. At 
HnaJqrlfcM" i»»GrtUfecfcy«^beloiyingt(ilbeWhitgreare 

ft^ifftmA vadmred vilb ■ Ann ibr the muntenani-e of the 

Ai«b|liMW.— Tha pon of Eniofton ban jCIO. 3s. lOd., 
Md #«• of Bnahbiny and Moaeley £8. S». 6d. per Hnnum, 
MUvaa EDOmn, tu. Si, fc. 6d. from land at EaoiDgton, left 
WAlAv. Aw-CUtM, in 1626; SJ.lSa. fivm 2i acres of 
Iwt ollad d* £iiNV, porchaaed in 1660, irilh ;e40 left by Ladff 
JmH Oiffctf,' and two aDanitiet amoDDtin|[ to X2. 129. paid 
«at«( tea iMMponte at EatiiwtOD, punaant to the wills of 
EidMid UplM, in 1618, and Tfaoa. Leaeraft, Id 1623. The 
imtM%tt^i4tt, leftbyifr«. M. Harwood, Id 1798, U distri- 
baM in afcacto and blankets amoagst Ihe poor pariihiooera. — 
Tbo ftdlowing TMrly doles beloDj; solelr to the poor of Bush- 
bairand Hoaeiej, *ii. £h from Cold-lawn iDeadnw, left by 
Riekard Matm, id ]729,- .£8 from Whets lone green houses, 
Biii ihaMd with the bene^ctiona of Sarah Huntbach and others, 
Ul^; lOa. leftbf JohDHuDtb>ch,iD 1703; and 4s. out of a 
mcodow bchmgiDg to T. O. Whilgreave, Esq. left io 1<;7:>, by 
Francaa Undcrhill. 

KaatHOTON township, 4j miles N.N.E. of Wolverhampton, 
■■a dblrict of scattered bouses, mostly occupied by colliers; 
bat tba floal mioes here are noiv nearly eiihausled. II. C. K. 
Vamon Graham, Esq. of Hilton park, is lord of the manor, and 
owner of most nf Ihe land. Some remains of sn HDcient resi- 
dance oftlis Db EasingtoDs, formerly sealed here, ma v still be 

Tnrralt Jph. sent. fbrrfAiiur 
2ThDrsUnaMr. Wm. 
4 Vnughan Jpb. blacksmith 
4 Warner Mr. Wm. 
:) Wenman Wm.gtnt. 

Jfartdl «R at Com keath, 2 

*- JWrf tiua, 3 eorfr«*, 4 at 

Mir, 5 at ffeAiuKnt, ami 6 at 

4 ChSnioa. vicl. Three Tnos 
4 Etlia Jamei, wheelwright 
Eraaa Rer. Watkin, cnnle 
t Ftaler Hin Mary 
"-- "'— —" "-1. Alexander, 

.-ibI. Shaw, anncoQ 
s Alex. Esq. baoker 
n Timothy, beer bouse 

jaBrer.Jobn, Cath. priest 

nniipa Mn. AwAhirr iti'A 

"d. «nt. Low hiU 


fgUibotham J». cab. lock mfr. 
MhAUT Tbos. net. Golden 


Geo. Esq, 


Buxton Wm. I 6 Towers Hy. 

S Poster Jph. Wjllinglun KJ. 

2 Hordem Ed. Wilson Jiili. 

4 Taylor Wm. \ 

Bsdger Esther, beer house 
Burton ITiilip, butcher 
Griffiths Wm, sen, bUcksmith 
Griffiths Wm. jun. blacktmitb 
Heap Ann, vtct. M'lUb 
Jonea Wm. com mi\W 



Peake Thos. brick maker 
Perkes John, sheriff's officer 
Spencer Sarah, shopkeeper 
nilUams John, wheelwright 


Badger Thos. 
Green John 
Heap \Vm. 

Morris Laban 
Peace Hphy. 
Price \Vni. 
Starkey Thos. 

CLRNT parish, comprising; 1000 acres and 1)22 inhabitants 
is divided into tM'o hamlets or constablcwicks, called Upper and 
Lower Clcntj which repair their roads separately, but maintain 
their poor conjointly, and form tlie eastern moiety of that 
small detached member of Staffordshire lying 3^ miles' S. S. E. 
of Stourbridjje, and 13| mile? S. by E. of Wolverhampton,' 
bounded on the west by Broom, and on the north and math by 
Worcestershire, and on the east by an insulated part of Salop, 
in which is Hales Owen. Under the proviftions of the Reform 
Hill, the freeholders &c. both here and at Hroom, vote for the 
Knights of the Shire of Worcester, and not for those of Staf- 
fordshire. Both Hroom and Clent are in the Deanery of 
Kidderminster, and diocese of Worcester. Clent parish is 
composed principally of a group of lofty hills, on which there 
iji an extensive uninclosod sheep walk, covered with a fine turfed 
herl>5ȣrc. It contains two manors, Tpper or Church Clent, 
and Nether Clent. Lord Lyt(lct(Mi, of llojiloy Park, on the 
north side of tlic parish, is lord of ihe lailcr, and has a 
paramount jurisdiction over the ftirnjor, of which C. A. 
and J. S. ]SIiinnii)«r, Es(jr5s. and Mr. Win. Ilollington, arc 
i(»int lords; but .lohn y\inphlelt, E-jq. the Kev. K. Dudley, 
and Mrs. and Misses Diirant, hold part of the soil, which 
is mostly copyhold, subject to Jjnt\s and hcriots. The 
fines amount to one year's rent on the death of the lord ; 
and on the death of the tenant, the? lord claims his bo-st beast 
as a heriot. Tradition says the Romans and Hritons had an en- 
g^f^oment at Cleni heath, whore there are several l«)ws or bar- 
rows ; and ancient writers say that Clent is the place Avhere 
A>wt/?/< the younjjf Kinj^ of Mcrcia was murdered, in S2<\ bv 
the orders of his sister, whose iniquitous rjbject was thus to 
clear the road to the throne for herself and her lover; but the 
Mercians defeated her ambition, by |»laciii«>f the crown on the 
head of her uncle, Cenulf. The unfortunate youth was after- 
wards canonized; and on the east side of Clent hills, in the ad- 
joininpr parish of Hales Owen, is St. Kenelni's chapel, a venera- 
ble edifice dedicated to his memory. His as>hes are supposed to 
rest here, and the murder is said to have l)een committed in a 
field called Cowbach. Clent (^iiuiuh is an ancient structure 
dedicated to St. Leonard. It ha«i a tower and six bells, and the 
body is covered with wooden shin^;les, a sort of decoration com- 
won to the Siixoii and early Norman churches. The livinjr is 
// y/carafrc, uit/j Howlcy Regis ani^cxed \o '\\, *\tv XW ^'v(l of the 
crofi'Tj, and I'ncumbencv of the Kev. A^O^oVv^^vx^^ \\o^V\\\^. ^ 




AmpUett, Esq. is Impropriator of the mot tithei. The Afe- 

iitAiTr boTe a chapel ttt Adom't hill, ana the fiaptisU have one 

ht Hoiy eroes greeD.«'-<8ee charter, p. 264.) 

The Ckmnk lamb eondet of 30a. U. 16p., let in 1820 for 

-^67*3>* perannom, which is applied to the repairs of the 

' ehweh, i(c. Tlie land, Ibr which most of this property was 

etaioed in ezdumge, was smtendered for the ose of toe parish 

lyHamphrey Penn, at a Coort Baron held in 1616. 

The F^rm Sckooi was fonnded in 1704, by John Amphlctt, 
mf. who endowed it with £200, (which, in 1820, was out on 
I at foor per cent.) and a house, with a garden, or- 
;• for the ose of the master, who teaches ahoatsiz free 
The Bem^flusHoM for the relief of the poor of this 
pariah are as ftUiows :— in 1797, Tha$. fTakbroth E»q. left 
jesOO; which, in 1801 , was laid oat in the purchase of Je7d2. 
J2ls. iSbr^ per eant reduced annuities, yielding £21. Ids. 6d. 
per annon, half of which is applied in soppOTting a Sunday 
school, and the remainder in providing linen for the poor ; in 
J 654, a bene&ctor lefl the drove close (4a. 2r. 12p.) let for 
£6. j7s. per annum, which is distributed in bread ; in 17 12 & 
\3f John Maris and Wm, Co/!? left 14a. 1r. 12p. of land, in 
ClflBt, now let for £35 a year, which is distributed in equal 
BMleties on June 24th and Sept. 29th ; in 1 753, £20, left by 
Jciha Sparrey, and others, was expended in building two bouses 
on the parish land, but the overseers and churchwardens agreed 
to distribute the interest yearly. In 1691, Joshua Waldron 
gave the rent of a house and land at Belbrougbton, to be di- 
vided equally betwixt that parish and those of Kidderminster 
and Clent, nut nothing had been received by this parish in 
1821, when proceedings were instituted against Belbrougbton, 
to recover the portion belonging to Clent. 

HOLY C ROSS is a small village near Lower Clent, on the 
Jproomsgrovc road, 3| miles S. by £. of Stourbridge. It is 
MIed for two large cattle and cheese FAIRS, held on the se- 
cond Wednesdays in April and September. 

Jk tks following Directory of 
Clkxt Parish, thoae marked 
1 reside at Clrnt village f 2 
Mjswer Clenty 3 Holy cross, 
4 Otdmill brook, and 5 at 
Addenhrooke Henry,iron master, 

FIdd house 
Aaqdilett John, Esq. Clent house 
Oarant Mrs. Fanny, Clent hall 
5 Dursnt Misses Mary and Ann 
4 Ellis Wm. hutcher 
1 Gsidner Wm. day school 
1 O n o re s Tbotaas, Burgeon 

Grove Wm. com miller, Clatler- 

batch mill 
Harris John, gardener & shop- 
keeper, Stool style 
Harns Edw. com mir. Spoutmill 
1 Hill Mrs. Elizabeth 
3 Hitchman Mary, beer house 
3 Hitchman Wm. saddler 
1 Hopkins Rev. Adolphua, vicar 
3 Hyae John, tailor 2c beer house 
3 King Jas. vict & shoemkr.Cross 
Liell Misses Eliza and Mary, 

Clent grove 
3 Pesrman Joiepht\>u\.e\i«i 


in nMlnaa, balcber nod 

ft^Bury J(Mf»h I t *Sinltli 

■HolUngton W. 3 Tftybtr ' 

Calr^lluU ' - 

■ I'rallJolin 
I RnybtiuldJiK 

M. *.«- Old tt.t 

MBkhtnl, blsclramilh 


C0D6ALL pwHh m divliM inta As twn tm 
§Mami Oattm, and eoDtuDa 844 inbkbitwit^ 
of Iisd, which fiMnaapuiofSlrJobii Wrottetk. 
fhril CkrieorBm; But ■ gnat put of the aoii balai 
pmprMtora.. CoteU ' • ' ■- ' •"" 


iB. bjW.orBraewod. 

illafe oktumqaely aitnated oo ui a 
rolnrhaiBpton, and 3t B. br W , ol 
tnl neat nUaa, and D«ar Co^all wood, (an c. 
Jjoinlnff Chillii 

.r^ a ■null 


jpo, wbiefc apringB op throug-h 1 1 

of ft tne, and nina down the road, leano^ a y>'ll<i»'np»9 on tbe 
Boat naembliog flour of bri«uloae. It w considared' ««rj wm- 
Intarj in scorbutic cuet, and waa ancientlj filmed Wthaaan 
of leproay. Tbe chukch, dedicated to SL Nicbnlaa, ll a 
bandaome edifice, eonaiating of a chancel and north aiale, n^ 
rftted by rery fine pointed archei. The roof is of wood, canad 
in a moat curious and elegsot manner. In the chancel m ■ 1m 
old monnment, on which reata a recumbent effigy oif Wahar 
Wrotte«ley. The liriog is « perpetoal eurvcy ; Sir John Wrol- 
tesley, Bart, is the palron and impropriator, and Ibe Rev. Mat- 
thew Kemaey, of Breewood, ia the incumbent. The Primitive 
Methodist* Have a amall chapel here. 

OAKEN U an ancient hamlet and township, witb 1^98 
acres of land, one mileS.W. of Codssll. It has two baadsogM 
' mansions, but most of the other dwellings axe coDStructcd of 
wood, plaster, and thatch. 

Btntfacliaas to Cod4all parith.~lu 1603, ^atltr Wrallettef, 
Etq. eave ^30 t« purshaee land, which now comisia of 
ISa. fa. 3Gp., let for .£2?. 16s. 6d. per aonnm. The rent in 
diittibuted amonest the poor, on St. Tboroaa's day; and turo 
■■'■■■ . loW 

Gottagee upon the land 


Oreasley left a yearly rent char^ of 4fe. ont of tbe land 
called Uie Rvebirch. A honae, with anrdeo, fee. were par- 
cbased in 17^0, witb X40 left by DotoAm DerAy aud the Aw. 
J»Kh Hetlmm. Tbe bouse was burnt down about 1790, and 
the present poor-honse hoilt upon its site, for which the overaeer 
pfjaayeariyreatof £6. IOb.; of which£3. 10a. is dlstribatod 
amaagtt the poor, and the remainder is contributed to the 
Aatk of tbt Vattonal achool, toteOiM ii\^ tba titiAands of 

id with jCfn Isft 

bv MtKBrnW aww^rtl h- 1730. the diridand. of 1 

h Ta ITMC ■(• AMbatad ia weeklv doles of bread everr 
• ■- ■■niF~», • ■ 

FiNtBn Jcha, MttU dealer 
PrtoE Jobn, eeoie catcher 
2 site JeecH, besr booM 
SStaderllr. wmiun 

" 1 jMc^ briebUfer 

gaMn. — ■- 


k,TbcHiiai Welliiws 

2 01— ri Arnu, Tboe. Ktldtpg 

. 1 Msnta Jolm 
jiitb Juliii 

Fool Mr. John 
Poweli Josepli, shopkeeper 
Shingler Jonn, ihoeniiikeT 
Vicken Thomu Jamea 
Will] John, igent 
Wood Chriilopber, gent. 

I Yite* Ji 

BNVILLE, is ■ neat and pleasant Tillage on the road from 
Bri^pwnb to Stourbridge, 10 miles S.8.B. of Wolverhampton, 
aad Si vilea W. by N. of Slonrbridgv. Its paruh bu mnny 
•caOarcd booeee, 766 inbabilaote, and 4130 acres of lend, form- 
iaa Iba flMHtfre o} EmiilU and Lulkj, the Earl of Sumford 
MMg hxd of the former, and Walter Moselev, Esq. lord of the 
lanar;bat berc are several sii]BUerfreeholdeni',amoiigwhom are 
H. H. OHapbell end J. A. Orovo, Esijn. and Miia Theodosia 
Vwamtr, Lalley is sopposed to have formed pari of Kinhre fo- 

il Jlix.tta baautiful 

made of it in Domeedav book. Bnvil 
aautiful aylven seat of Ibe Ew{ ti{ ^mfwi, Vea 
U» Ziormip'* Aunily mora thtu two ««uVam*. 


heing originiilU- a imall brick hnu^c, ervcted by Tbomu Grev, 
H-hudied in io7^. Dr. Wiikcn llius de«;rib« it in 1759:- 
" []arr_T, the present Kurl of Slumford, hiivii^ purchased k- 
i-rral ealateR, 9i) as (o make the H-hole neighbourbnod hii prn- 
pcrlr, and havinfr married l.ady Alary Bnith, by whom be bad 
an immense fortune, bu laid out iohdv ibuuaand pouDdi in 
beautifyinr tbe park, &c. but he has not yet meddled with the 
house." ^inue that period the mansion has been enlarged and 
mndcrnixed, but much of ila origiDpl Qolbic chamcter has been 
retained, baviiig in its centre, windotrs with pointed arcbn, and 
two uclangiilur towurs, from ivliicb are ]>riijected two winnof 
modern erection. 'I'be beautiful lawn rises iHildls' tn t&a leA, 
and it adorned bv a charming lake, skirled n-ith fuliayeand a 
few nrnamcntal liuildirifs. Frnm tbe tide of the watcr,kpath 
lirs through u neat shrubbery, and lends lo a. fine ewcwfe, 
founded by the celebrated Sbenstonc, who indeed originally de- 
signed tiie whole i)f thia delightful scenery, wbjfh is now omt- 
menlcd by a small chaprl, dedicated tn bis memory, and having 
ilH windoH-H embellisiieil wilb luriuud painting* an glass.— 
Though the ball is not extennive. tlie park and pleasure gronndi 
lire nn a must magnificent pliin, and are n-cll nnrlhv the Ktleo- 
lion uf till- timrist. f'hc oilier scat9 of the Ht. Hon. Gnrpe 
Itnrrn Gnry, fCarl "f sninif.-id and irarrinyl^ii, flrc. 4r. are 
lit lluiibaiu Alusscy, C'ii>>bire, mid tlroailgnte I'nrk. Ijeicetter- 
^hiru; but the Utter un- buiMt down some ycarf< agti, and hM 
Noi y.-t been n-buili. His luuii rosidcuee is nt 33, Hill-street, 
Ik'i'ki'lcy-f'iuurc, London, lie succeeded bis father in ISI9, 
und i- tlic ^'ixlh Earl ot r^tumford, the title being first conferred 
on llL'nry Orcy. svcnnd lliirnn (ircvof tirnbv, iu \{>2S. The 
i.'iirK<;ii n un ancient buildiiis;, dedicated tu St. Mary, and 
contains muny ancient mununi'eiite, one of which has t«-ii re- 
cumbent ulG(,'ie4 of Thomiu (irey and Anne hin wife, wbn died 
In l.'io!* ; aiid near it, under an arch, lies tbe flt;urG of u priest. 
In 17'>-> a stone coffin, iiiscrilH'd *' flM/criif ile Murf,' was 
dug u|i under the west cod, and there is un eiitHti.' io the parish 
which still ret:.ins tbe n»iuc ot M»rfc. The llting i', u rk.- 
TOHV. valued hi the Kin^^'s biioks at Xir,.-li. U<1. Tbe >d- 
vuwson was uiir>-hn«i'd l>v the ble Ket-. Kicliard ^Vilkcd, who 
be<|UeBtbi-d it to the pieseni incutubeni, the Itov. Thomas 
Price, A.M., after whose decease ii will dovolv,. ,.n the Kev. 
Win, Je»»oii, of Trjshnll. 

Uiiville is Ibiiiiius for a variety of Unck vhi-rrU-s, » bicb pos- 
•ctH a peculiar Hnoas flavour ; and the nnkcs held here on the 
first, Hccond, and third Sundays in Aucu*!, are culled " eherrs 
wn^cf,'' and are numerously attended by paiiica who rnme (u 
partake of this delicious fruit. 

Tbe liai/i P'nf ichonl was endowed by Edward (iravvnor. 
in II'S4, with .£a per annum out of land at Swindon, for ihe 
f^aealion ntvH poor boy*; and MiLmmeatc ivuvt \wj^\v\ w.v\« 

>A«mImJ; feudtd to 17S^ ^ Utj Daraihj Ot^, and 
■ywtii bv NhMqaat bu«hmoM, ba> now a feuiy income 
oflCMl . Ih lOd., m- Aa •loeatioii, tlotiu w, and maiatensiic* 
of HK fMV ijifc. 470 of lUi tnoooM anMa from two rent 
•bwKMh kiVMflMd in 17UC by Lady Qnj, oat of Arm TrM 
■■d wHteMT broM, in IdMMiubii*, now belonnnK to tha 
bri a<- StoBiMd, Md tte NBWiodar from X622. 18^. Id. fire 
fKtmlkaganmanmt&m, porcbHed with tiM fbllowlDg leini- 
etok ■iv.jatn l«ft by Hamr Ewl of Stamford, in l-JM; ^foo 
brw.n«MnBnaa,ial8lfi: wd ^COO bv ib« l>n £arl of 
- - HrninBctNi,iDl9l9. 

t^Hm £100 loft in 1686, I7 //anr 0r», £«?. 

brw.nt . - 

iriiBfiiiiiiiiiT'i i' I- .• 1919. 

Btmtf^mitmi -Wifli £100 loft in 
Md ^ to* bv AMr L^farfu, a hom^ ud 7«: 
land at Badad Bad, In Kiw'i Norton pniih, a 
in ITSBL TUifnMnyialetfbrlSaainaaiperu 

' " irtb.bookn»ltad"Ih«Whol» 

in 17SL TUianMn;] 
Uk. aM aqpMM to tlw L 

Doty of luB,''avd tberomainder ii ginn in apprantieB ftn with 
poor ebildrao. In 1667, Benrp Orey, £tg. at EnvilU Hall, ia 
coMidcratMDOf •£££ poor's money, grvnteo a vetrly rent char^a 
of fi6a. to ba paid out of 12 aerea ofland adjoining the church- 
yaid. The poor of £nv{Ue bave also tbe following benefeclions, 
tte tcarly proceeds of which are mostly distributed on St. Tho- 
maa'adaj; rix. 10 acres of land left by Tomynt Dickent, in 
1689, and new let for 10 guineas; the iDlereit of £10 by Jbi- 
f0U Afaar, in 1727 ; 5t. yearly by John Ehck, in 1773 ; lOs. 
raarijroulofthBHoUiesestate, by Edward Oraienor. in 1654; 
aod fli« diridends of £833. Gs. 8d. bank consnla, girni by the 
Earl of Stamford and Warringtun, in ltjQ7, and now distributed 
iBBlieeU,h]anketa,andc1alhing. Tht poor's litnd, 1i.3k.37p. 
ie beld by the present Earl of Stamford, at a veerly rent of £2, 
which is applied with the poor rates. 

Mer^ith Esther, shopkeeper 

• MoTcrler John, irroDm 

• Osgood Philip, butler 
PenxerJobn, assistant orereeer 
Penier Miss Tbeodosia 
Phillips Mrs. Prudence 
PoDDtner Jamn, wheelwright 
Price Rer. Tlios. A.M. rector 
Bea Thomas, blacksmith 
Stamford Earl of, EnvttU kaU 
Willcox Cbarin, shopheeptr 

• Wood John, joiner 

Baker Thomsi, Ororcs house 
Causer Samnel, Mere bouH 
Collins Edward, Lea hontt 
Edmunds Thomat, Cock's tte«T> 
FeredayWin. Hoofan» 
Fown* John, (^amf tease 

■MVILLa, Iholt t 

Ba* Mi*. £li>. and Mr. Thoi. 

* Baddard John, gardener 
fioolh Geo. boot & shoe maker 
Booth Wm. cooper 
Oimpbdl Hugo Montgomery, 

OaSm Thos. SMUler and U«« 
- - f Mr. Henry 

fliova Janet Amphlett, lolicltor, 

Fsor Aahea Honie 
■avkaa Wm.shoemhr.Jip. clerk 
«aMa ThOMs. blaci>mi(li 



Fowns Thomas, Morfe house 
Fox John (& miller,) Lutley 
HainBwortIi Wm.(& miller) Toys 

Jones Mary, Four ashes 
Mansell John, Blunders 
Page Thomas, Lutley 
Pagett Samuel, Morie heath 
Pountney John, New house 
Stokes Richard, Mere hall 


Cat Inn,Thos.Pcnzcr(<^ maltster) 
Cross, Saml. Broadficld, Gilbert's 


d. I Hay nes Martha 

Swan inn, (and posting house,) 
Susanna Thomas 


Holmes Ilichd. 

i'osT from Stourbridge, Mon. 
Thu. & Sat. : and during the re- 
sidence of the Stamford family, 

A Coach calls at the Cat Inn, 
from Bridgnorth to Stourbridge, 
J^udley, and Birmingham, every 
Tu. Thu. and Sat. at 9 moniiog, 
and returns at 7 evening. 

IIIMLEY is a pleasant village and parish, dcli^^htfuUv situ- 
ated on the Stourbridge road, 5 miles S. by M^. of Wolver- 
hampton. Tt has 421 inhabitants, and its grand object of at- 
traction is Himlcy Hall find Park, the splendid seat of the late 
Earl Dudley i now occupied by his relative, the Rt. lion, and 
Rev. \Vm, Humble, )3aron Ward. The hall is a noble structure, 
situated in the midst of the rich and extensive park, which 
abounds with deer, and has a magnificent sheet of water, and 
many picturesque eminences rising gradually towards the hori- 
zon, and finely clad with ancient and luodern foliage. The 
house has several spacious and elegant apartments, well fur- 
nished with valuable j)aintings, &c. &c. During the life of the 
lata EarVs father^ this mansion was freqtiently the scene of re- 
joicing and festivity upr)n public occasions. The king's es- 
cape from assassination, in IT^^S a"<l several of our naval vic- 
tiiries, were celebrated here by illuminations, fireworks, &C. 
But the father of the late noble owner (William Viscount Dud- 
ley and Ward) was not more conspicuous for his loyalty than 
for his benevolence. Tn the distressful year of 17*^-, r»*o less 
than lOOO of the unemployed poor of this neighbourhood were 
regularly relieved by him "; and his princely donations to the 
public subscriptions in London and in this county, in 181G, 
for the relief of the distressed artizans, besides innumerable 
acts of private charity, conferred npon him the enviable appel- 
lation of the " Poor Plan's Friend, and as stich his memory 
will be long cherished bv bis countrymen. He was the third 
Vhcount Dudley and li'nrd, and died in 1 1^23, when he was 
succeeded by his son, .lohn >\'illiam Ward, the late viscotnu, 
who, in 1 Hl7*, was created Enrl of OudUy, but dying without 
issue in .March, 18.33, that tjtle beca»iie extinct, and that of 
Baron //'Tzr^^ descended to his relative named above, (vide Dud- 
ley castle.) The late Earl was owner of all the land in this 
Jtarish, and lord of the manors of llimley, Swindon, Kingswin- 
brd, Rowley Regis, &c. &c. His estates, &c. are now vested 
in trustees for the benefit of hvs cov\»\u, the v»'<?8ent Daron 
Ward, and other branches of \us fa'avWv. \^\ \\\^ ^TQ>ai&\^ cx\ 

Ua viu, kapMii WdM p BMtwed of 43fiO,000, pwrMnal 
yiiHi wI y , within tha MDr la aa of (^tarimy. By a codicil, 
wriUaa by UmuAl, haM^uMtfaad an aaoBityof J8000 to Lady 

Z^vdhoat, and aaotbar rtf X8CI0 to Hn. SpeiiMr, the wife of 
WilUaaaSpeaea^thapnat; andal^aaj of £2Sjim to Mn. 
SpeBca'aaM. To tba UMimt nf Ebwter ba bauncatbed JfiOlN). 
Itia ■ri^the ann of Lord Ward wUl banioie poaaaMad or the 
HIbIi^ mi olhar calataa wbao he hM Bttaiiied hU %lth year. 
HImImt ontuiM, dadieatad to St Miehaal, atudi near the 
hall, ^ to a naat briek fabric, erected in 1764, by the dm 
I^rd OndlayMkI Ward. TheUvinifia a nctoq^ valued io the 
*" *abookant£3. 13a.4(l. The MeeNtora of Earl Dudley 
Mtrooa, and the Rev. Oobert WroHealay tha incum- 
Tbabwatiflil and extenaive irood called £aggeiiA/e, 

xked with pheasanta. The 

, purchaanl in 16B1, with 
d it ia now let for £S. Ida. }m annum , 
irhfch 5a. ia Inr w re(Mura of the church, and the remaiuder 
forthepufir, who hare also 20s. yearly left tiy Mary Uansnii 
and Edar. Rubini, mit of land beluDf^ing to the late Earl Dud- 
ley, and 8t. yearly, paid by the rector ai the gift of an unknou-D 


BaroD^ard, Himdai hall 
Bite Jib. beer hooaeft millwright 
Bate Juha, nillirriglit 
Bennett Joha, gent. 
Cartwrisbt Cornciini, farmer 

Cartwright JnMph, com miller & 

rictiuller, Undley Anns Inn 
DaltoQ George, Est), banker 
Hawkes TLomu, Esq. 
Fralt Stpn. corn miller, HatdhaUk 
Wrutlesley Ber. Robert, rector 

KINFARE, or as it is commnolj called, Kinver, ii a large 
and pkatant village, cntiaistiog of one long; ttreel, with many 
(end faoaaea, on the declivity of an eminence called Kintkre 
a^e, on tlie west bank of the river Stour, near thfi borders of 
Wenaatoraliire, 4 milea W. S. W. of Stourhrid^, and II miles 
8. by W. of Wiilverhamptun. It was anciently a borouffh anil 
BNnat town nf innie iiiiuonance, but the weekly market and 
the taro annual faira on May Ut and Dec. 14th, have long been 
dMolale, though the market-hniiBe or town-hall |Btill remains. 
It Hwa formerly nuted for the manufacture of both coarse and 
tnt narrow woollen cloth, and it has now several forge* for the 
awBuGtcture nf bar. rod, and slieet iron ; and one nf them at a 
ftaae edled Hyde, 'is said to be the fint rolling and slitting mill 
eraatod in England, being founded hy one Brindley, who went 
into Oemany, and there " acted the part of a fool," until he 
Imd obtained a complete kniiwtedge of all the machinery &c. used 
intbeiranworksofthalkingdom. ThepnruAiainteraectedb^tKc 
BtOBrriTar and the StalToi^hire and Worce8ten^\r«cMia\a.Tv& 
AnaA/aaaAonr ^tdW acres of fertile land, aitdiaaWiAiibiVi^iiVa- ^^ ' 


consiit* ii{ two nmaors, vii. A'tn/(tn-,( including Cumprun, Duni- 
ley, Iverlej'-hHv, end Stoiirton Ca*tle,) of M-hich John Hod- 
(^tt> Hndgetli f'ok-y, Esq. M. i*. of Preitwood, is lord; and 
Ifhitliiiglon, nil the cnst s'liv nf the !$lojr, of which the ^rl of 
Slainford is lord, 'j'hcsc lords are likowiso ownen of most of 
the luni) ; but here are a few %fm\\ freehoUlers and eopvholden, 
the latter of whom pay EmuU cliief rents, and u fine njusl totirn 
ycHri' rent on llic viiunge of lord or tenant. L>n the aouth tide 
of Kiti&rc-edgc a a small pluin covered with sand, where there 
nre tlie remains of :in ancient enciilapment, of an oblong farm, 
31K) yiirdii lonjt and i!OU broad, which tradition says wii the 
work of the liancs; but Shaw imagines it to have been eoD- 
atructed by ^^'ulfere, one of the Kin),'« of Itlercia ; — Kin-vanr, 
aignifving in the Anglo-Saxon languuire, the great edge or ridge. 
Just Eietow the riinip appears a tumuTu3, surrounded by ■ nar- 
roiv ditch, and supposed to cover the a^hei of a Celtic warrioT. 
Near it is a large stone of ii square figure, two yards in height 
■nd four in circumference, hut tapering' towards tho summit, 
on which thcreare two notches. Itis called ifn;fi]nc,or£o/«tMie. 
On the north side of tbe hill Eh urcmarkublecvvern, called Alrg- 
o-Jor-hole. 'J'be Onircfi liold« a Inftv situution upon the siutie 
hill, on ihe we»t side of tlic vil':ige, :ind is an ancient fohric, 
dedicated t« St, Peter. From the liirm of an arch over tbe 
principal window, Bishnp Ijviileton supposed it to liiite been 
erectwl even prior to the Normim eiinqiiesl; hut the chapel 
adjoining tbe chancel, hf useribcfl to ilie time of if enrv the 
third, when the Niimptons were liiniK here, and re»il)ed at 
Stourton casllf. Here are «'!iic fragment* of painted glass, 
and several aiiiiquc nionumeills cif the f:imilieH of Grey, 
Hampton, llod^'ett, Foley, and TalM. The hc.nefice is a 
prrprtunl ciiriiry, vested in trui^tccii, and now enjoyed by the 
Rev. IlowcU l>Ay\v*. The lord of the manor, S. II. II, Foley, 
Esq. is ltiipro|)ri:itur of the tithes, and pavs Ibercout the vearlv 
sumofXI.'i.(Js. iSd. lo tbe ottieiuling curJte, who aU reectve!i 
the following yenrly paymcnix, viz. Xo. M. Bd. from tbe Leather 
^ellen.' Companv of London, pursuant to the ofWm. 
Museley, in llil;; and XV], from u lion»o at Shndwetl, in 
Middlesti, and three small tenement* at Kinlare. 

The FiiKK (iHAMMAK ij^riioot, of KinfHre, was endowed be- 
fore the 13lh of Elixabvlb, hut the dale of its fonndation i» iin- 
Ituuwn. Of the benetiietors of land, only (wo appeal In be 
known, via, /fw. I'sastul, in loW, and /i-inir J'xliii,'iit liiiij. 
The vearly income now aninimts to al'out £VM, nf ublrb 
XC. liL. Id', is an iiiinuilv charged on Ibc tithes of Kinver. in con- 
sideration of .iVili left in'lo93. by John Jurden) and 4,';^. i:)s. 'Id. 
is paid hv the Leather Sellers' l.'Oinpanv nf London, iinr-uant lo 
tiM will of \Vm. Monetev, >» IHI7. Ihe r«Kt fm.o land 
tnd biiMinfit in ihi^ purisb. I'be Keliool wa- rebuilt in I^IH. 
M/ifr bmviiii; iuia rl.mnunt for if>.\ei»\ vMit», &>»\nf. »\i«l\ lU 

flm4i mn «nploj«i !■ rapBlifa^ tha boiUhigB on the school 
hndfe kad in mtmaf tarn dbw eottuct. It ia odIt free for 
Ihi iihiilri Tba ptCMDl iDMtn-,tha R«t. Oeorn Wburloo, 
H. A.ballowsdtotakalMMTdHa. 

BnBViCTtinn ta thbPook; — In ItHB, Reger Je$ton left 
XBwtVtofaapaJd byAeHBbndMfaata'CoinpanT of London. 
In Iw^ iGSB pmi bv the Jorden finnilg, wm laid out in the 
pinch— at tvo boBM with gardnw in Kioftie, doic let for 
XISfrjMT, fodndiiw tliarPDtof an allutaieiit'inade at the en- 
ilifilll 1800. In fSAS, Tkmat Keg^tUeg, Etq. left a yearly 
mt^fcngavf 4fi,ant of laodat firoto^TOvc, to M diitn'buled 
tm BL Hwibh'b daf anoont twenty ^ed poor. The sum nf 
Mk. ia pM 7**tlr "ot ■" tbe Biole Meadow, to purchase 
bMta, taatwirti and cateebisma, ponuant to the bequest of 
4MJbv.Jtwn-'X'ANAerAgi,inl659. TheyMrlysumof .£2. 16s. 
baiurAt iMvM of£70, ariainfrfrom the Kift a{ RUeri Bird, 
}■ ISBS^ b dbtribnied in apprentice fee* and doaatioiu tn young 
'*' attain, with gardens In each, at Wbitlington, 
__ . n the gifts at Lorifftribrih Croue, Mary Netocg, 

. . , D I717i and are now occupied, rent free, bv poor 

funiliea. In 1659, Oeorge Brindtei/ gave 20s. to tie distributed 
in bread out of the Burnge field, Tbe poor have also 20b. 
yearly DUtof anestute at Dunsley, left by JfiAn &rotw, in li)U8; 
£2, fmn a boose and garden at Sto^rttm, left by Joh»i Cook, 
in 1770, and £2. lOs. as the interest of X5U, bequeathed bv Mar- 
gar€*Comk»r, in 1777. They ulso receive a< their portion of 
ITiUiam SmMghes charity, of Alvcley, in Shropshire, .£3. 7s. 
M. in bread, yeiurly. 

CourroK is ahsmlct of scattered houaca, 2 miles W. of Kin- 
faiv, near the borders of Shropshire. 

Stdubtok Castt.e, nearly two miles N. of Kinfare, on the 
weet bank of the Stour, ia a venerahle mansion, which has re- 
cently been repaired, and is now occupied by James Fiister, 
Ba^ an extensive iron-master. At an early period it was the 
propa ily of the Hamptons, and Leland aays, " I heard thore 
waa a Lord Stortoo, a baron of Ihis Storton." It was fortified 
ibr Ibe King at the coinniencement of tbe civil wars, \inl sur- 
nodared to the Parliament in lt>i4. The celebrated ^rdirml 
M(WBabominlhiscBslle,ia ISOH. His ilescent was illustrious, 
being ynnngerson of Lord Montague, (cousin german of Henry 
VII.) by Margaret, daughter of George Duke of Clarence. 
bmbcr of Edward IV. He received many niarks of rnyiil fa- 
nw fran Henry Vlll. but his court influence was of short 
ianS»» ; for baring vigorously opposed tbe divorce uf Cathe- 
jiaaof Arragon, hel>ec>ime so obnoxious to tbe lascivious King, 
that h* waa lAliged to seek shelter in Italy, where he wrote his 

' '^ id piece, intituled " D« Unjtate Ecclcsiaatica," which 

" ' d Henry, that he caused ati act of aUUtiieT \n W 

( bim, wbieh howerer was renculci wVten >^ 

«.nrrBen). IMisonTfaw. ; BnmJobn 
4 P»iTTho9. Jaiitert. . Hmwkes Heniy 

Sfi^mer Thoa. BiiUf r Ju, (& Piper Uiiry 
ilL)bu»Jofari boiJder) SkctlTbomu 

- Green Ed«. (A /■a^rm, W»»- 

' whechfriBht) ' 

^itlvHrd Jph. 
I ' Malutrrt. 

'S Ssiage Brnj. 
1 'WbitebooKT. U 
« WilkwJa. 
H<ir Dram.. 


Cooper Jobu 

Coomb Wni. 
Reeie John 


JobiwoD Sanil. 

Il'erreiu Wm. 

Benj. Field- 

D Wm. 

Adams Henry 

Pml and Carritr.—Btnj. 
haiue. (Wblle H«rt In 
llloiirbridge, 10 mug, ret. 




■iva pariab whieb compriieg 'lats icrea at land, &d<i io,1Mi in- 
hmbmato, tiiaii^iD loOlithej only unounted to 6464*nal9, as 
has heen MMi at pagB 163. Tbe greater portion of this im- 
menaely encnMed populUion u at Brierleyhill, Wordalpy, 
BnUril-lMW, Brookraoor, Bromley, Delph, Sbutt-end, and 
Wm».k«Mk ; b«rid«a «hicb, there are in the parish abnut ^0 
amalter kmililt m flnnmerated at page 2t>6. !□ these villages 
and hamlela, are many extenaive coal, iron, and fflius worki, 
a irire mill, nine potUrits of stone anil coBrse black ware, ae- 
ranJ larga brick and tile gardt, and a numher of chain and nuil 
nanalketnrviB. The pariib ia divided into the " First and 
8tevm4 IHrntioiu" which aapport their poor and repair the 
ebuicb and chapela of eaie, conjointly- T\\e poor Tatei amnaM- 
ed in 1830 to jCS7I3; in 1831, to ^£6397; and in ]at2, to 
£6006, out of nbich upwards of £500 per annum waa paid (o 
Ihceounty rate*; aodin the latter year, £863 «u diabuned for 
the niief of cholera patienta.— (Vide p. 2^3.) Since the year 
IffiS, tho cAurcA rata have amounted to about £800 a-yrar, 
of mieh about one-fourth wat levied on the coal mines, aad 
■Msrljr two-thirds diabureed in the erection of the new church 
«t Wordaley. ThelruitcM of the late Earl Dudley are lords of 
*e BMDor (which comprises the whole parish,) and owners of most 
•r tlw aoil ; but S. U. H. Foley, ^., Mossra. Homer, Dudley, 
and Briacoe, John Bradley and Co., John and Benjamin Gih- 
bSM, IMana Briscoe, W. g.'Wbeeley, John and Edward Ad- 
deabrooko and aevera] smaller proprietors, have eatates here, 
Tb*'awi*B or/«uri, hold on the firat Sunday after Sept. jgih. 
tClm^* Smit^ord derived the r^at part of its name from 
•^ — "" ■"e'en' demesne of the crown, and the latter part 
'? ""* fi"t l^anisb Kine of EnglaoA, who cMtauncA. 


from the reign of William the Conqacror till that of King 
John, who gave it to Baron Dudley, in whose deacendaDti it 
has ever since continued.— (Vide Himlcy and Dudley Castle.) 
By a cuAKTRR granted by Elizabeth, in ]5<)7y and confirmed 
by Charles I., in 163*3, the inhabitants of the parishes of Kinn- 
winford and Clcnt enjoy several valuable privileges, as will M 
seen in the following copy of the confimatory charter, many 
hundred impressions of which have lately been printed aDda^ 
tested by the signatures of the parochial authorities, for tb« 
purpose of being carried by the inhabitants in their joumies to 
distant markets, &c. as a proof of their immunities. 

Parishes of Kingswinford and Cieni. 

" Staffordshire to inV.— CHARLES by the graceof GOD of 
England^ Scotland, France and Ireland, King, Defender of 
the Faith, &c. &c. — To all whom these Presents shall come 

*' WE have Men the Enrolment of Certain Lettera PattM of our Dear SMm 
ELIZABETH QUEEN OF ENGLAND bearing Date at WESTMiirsTsa. the 
\Zth Day uf June, in the {Hh Year of her Reign.— To the Men and Tenanti of 
the Mntvtri< of Kinfutcin/onl and Chi^Hnvt alias Clf»t, in the Count tf of Stjjfard, 
made and granted and in the FiLKKuf our Cii a xcery enrolled, and theie re- 
mains upon Record in thetc Wordn.— THE QUEEN to all and singular J**- 
tier*, S/ifr(/fii, Mnttori, BniUffi, C4>n*t'if'lef, .Vir»Mf<>«, and to all other FaifV*' 
SuKJecti as well within Liberties a<t wiihoutf Greeting : Wherca.<« accurJing to the 
Custom of our Kingdom of England hitherto used and approved the Men and 
Ten'iMf* of ANCIENT DEMESNE of our Crown of Enoi^nd of To!t,Statt- 
*nont'ji, Itic'iif^y-mi'nry, liriHcr-Mnn^y, J*it>'hiusr-nii'n*'ff, li'al inif-ui'iri'Sft Stnndittg- 
nii'/if//, throughout oui whole KINGDOM OF ENGLAND ought tu be Ac^uited 
accordini; to the Cistum af<ire$a>d. — The Men and Tenants of our Ancient De* 
me^ne, of our Crown, ever hitherto Tinu' whereof the Memory of Man is not to 
the Contrary have been accustomed from Cvntri',urinv to the (V* iivi* of K.vights 
of Parliament and of our PnncK.viTons in time past— KINGS of the Kixgdosi 
or E.viii.Avn chosen and coming for their Coi'XTAIKS, and ali<o according to the 
Custom aforesaid.— The Men and Tenants of the Mannn which are of Ancient 
Demesne of our Crown, ought not to be swoxn at ASSIZES or put uiion R^en^' 
iiiiiiftv, unle«^ it bv in their own Maunra for the Ijnnl they Iiold of the same De- 
mcfne, and that the M'iHitr.*o{ Kinokwivporu and Clknt within the Vvottf of 
fittjfn,>i are Ancient Deme^ne of the CROWN of ENGLAND by a certain Certi- 
ricatc unto lyM Har.ry the Hth, late KING OF ENGLAND our most dear Father, 
and by his Ap]viintmeni ])ut into hi« Chancery and amoof^st the Files nf our Chan- 
cery anil remains upon Reconl to u» it i\cK* apiiear.— Vou aiid every of you. we do 
Authorise and Command, that ye jufTer all the singular. Men and Tenants of the 
Mi* w/.'j* of ivi;if#;''i« I'.ir.f and C/'Mf and every of them to be i^r^T or all Pay- 
MENTA OF Toll, StnU-tnonfjj, iryftfiy- »!""'>» Dnu^.^-m.iwy, Pt'-hinf^-mi-nfy, 
W«//in^.fi(ii»i.'y, iMfi'fin^'-f«fin-.v, and from the Expences nf KnightAof the Pa r- 
i'iAiiK?rT, and that ye put n«>t the Men and Tenants of th:- said M'int>r» or either 
of theiu, to b« sworn in ASSIZES or upi^n any Ht'Y>^»i^>i'''v> but upon >urh at 
Might to be in the ( out ts of the same MANORS or either of th«.m, contrar) to 
Iheafureaaid Cu.toni ; and if YE have done any damage to Them by these Oc- 
MtfoUk without Dar.Av see that vc Rklbasb Tkkm. 
"/JV WiTHKU whercjofar Wkatmin&tvk xY\e \3tH Aa>f oC Jwxic. in the ivh Year 
Rrign — H£ admit of the F.moVmcnv \ii x'Ke at^3(w*>^<^\-lE.*t'V¥. s VK- 

|F ' MMdbir- JEtuiTDRSD. ^65 

TSllT,atUi0ll«(|iiiitorPrilHniiJim4rndothflnthtflMttof the Mjivors 
of Khtgrnofn/Ml and CZtnf albrMiid, and have cauied tole Exemplilled by these 

"IN WITNESS wbeceoC th«w oar LETTERS we have made PATENT, 
WilMMOMf SEAL at Wtttmitutnr tbt 9td Djkj of November in the &* Yeax of 

** MTSMe OMt^rt, mtd durdtoovirdMW mtd (hrenMra t^Ungmiiifbtd, do be- 
Umf Me mb990 f be m TRUE COPY OF THE CUARTER grmmttd le tke Tenanta 
^mm Minor, mnA Kbie ^ Ckt.*' [Here fbUow the Signatacet ] 

*In pojrsuaDce of this cbarter, the inhabitants of Kingswin- 
ted snd Glent parishes are allowed their exemption from toll 
ia all the neighboorin^ maricets ; but when at a distance, they 
aooMtiines pay, rather than waste the time and money that 
would he required in proving their immunities before a magis- 
trate. They are not, however, so fortunate as it respects 
<' highway money and bridge money," as the highway and 
county rates are lened, the former wholly, and the latter 
partlVy by themsalTes ; nor does their charter imply that they 
should be ezempf from making and repairing Iheir own roads 
and bridges, but that they should be exempt from contributiDg 
towards those of other ustricts, either in the shape of toll or 

In the viUage of Kw^wv^ord^ encompassed bv lofty walls, 
staada Bradley Hail, an ancient half-timbered house, with 
caUa ODds, transom windows, and other grotesque features of 
i596^ which date appears on its front. To the west is the plea- 
sant eminence €S9l\ea Summer Hill, where there are several grood 
modem houses ; and at a short distance is Ashwood, an excellent 
bouse erected by Lord Dudley, and formerly occupied by Sir 
Joseph Scott. 

Upon Ashvjood Heath (now enclosed,) appear the remains of 
a JRoman camp of considerable extent, but surrounded only by 
a single ditch, which shews it to have been only a temporary 
post The tumuli on Barrow hill, which now seem to be en- 
tirely formed of solid rock, are supposed, by Plott, to have been 
brought into that condition by the action of subterranean beat. 
Eastward from the village is Holbeach, the place where Stephen 
Lyttleton, and others concerned in the Gunpowder Plot^ were 
taken in 1605. About half a mile to the south is Shutt end^ a 
venerable structure, the seat of the Bendys for many genera- 
tions ; and beyond it is Corbyn*8 Hally which took its name 
from its former owners. On the banks of the river Stour, and 
the StaiTordshirc and Worcestershire canal, about two miles 
S.8.W. of Kingswinford, is Prestwood Housk, formerly the 
seat of the Hon.Edw. Foley,and now of Jno.H.Hodgetts Foley, 
Esq. M. P. It is a handsome Gothic mansion, placed on the 
site of one more ancient, built by Sir John Lyttleton, of which 
the gateway still remains, forming a very piclUTe%c\\i^ ^"^^^w- 
dage to the present residence. The surroux^^in^ \\^i4s»\yj^ 



groundi exbilit tfyit delightful variety of hill and dale. WodJ 
and wUer, effcctea cbiedy by ibe hand of natare. 

Ktngswinfiird CHL'HCH, dedicated to St. Alarj, is iii aiiiiltf 
fabric, surmounted by a maasivc lon-er, and contaioing amtd 
monumenlal inBcriptiiins of the families of Corbyn, Scott, Hoi- 
gelt, and Bondy.* It has lately been thorougbfy repairei, At 
windon'B decorated with stained g'laas, and (he eztenor ecmnd 
with plaster, so that it has noii' a neat and clean appeanwce.— 
It is, however, much loo small for the greiitly increwad popa- 
lation of the parish; but its place is now parUy supplied bj a 
•ptcious and handsome new C/iurch, erected a few yean afoit 
Wordsley, a modern village one mile to the soulli ; bewta 
which there is in the parish auother chapel of ease at Brivin 
Hill. The rectoTg is valued in the King's books at .€17. 13i.41. 
The trustees of Earl Dudley are the patrons, and the Ber.W. 
H. Cartwright the incumbent. There are in the parish niM 
ditMniing plnca of wnnhip, viz. three Wcslejao chapelf, A 
Bromley, Brierley Hill, inJ Alouat Fltfasant; three Prinitin 
Methodist chapels, at Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill, and Shntt> 
ond ; and three Independent chapels, at At'ordalev, Harl't UiU, 
and Brocknioor, the latter of which was buill in 1827. Aboit 
I2l>0 children attend the various Sundas-schouls attached to the 
churches and chapels; and about tiU boys, tin d as many Ep lis, 
are educated at the A'alional sc/iool, which was built in ld2t, 
by Viscount Dudley and Ward, as a church Sunday school, bat 
established as a day school in I ti2'.>, under the pationafre of the 
late Karl Dudley. The ichoal house at Brierleij Hill, was lefl 
in I7('1| by ibe Itcv. Francis Asbinharst; but the parishiooen 
have for many years sutfcred a family of the name of Ward to 
occupy it rent free, and without teaching a school there, so 
that they now claim it us their own property, 'i'he old altm- 
houses near jiskuiood, have belonged to the parish friim an 
oarh- period, and arc supposed to have been derived from the 
Ilndgett family. Thev consist of six cotla)^^, which have bne 
been in a ruinous contlition, being euHered tn go to decav, and 
to be occupied bv any person who could get posses!,ion ot^them. 
The poor parishioners have seveml iienrfactions, amounting 
to the following yearly fums: — i^lti from two allotments on 
Ashwood Ilav, given at the enclosure in 177<>, '» lieu ol land 
left by Eliz. l>anci.'r and John Hxdgcltx ; A"*, from the church- 
wardens, B9 the interest of X-IH left bv Edivard .Molyncux ; and 
£•2. Ittr. out of the poor rales, as tlic interest of .£'■<) left bv 
Ann Dudley, in 17^4, and paid to the overseers in lni>!). Se- 
Tsral other charities to this parish are lost. 

3IK. ciKtnllir 

JOHph tkott, E<n- ud hi( Wirt, ID ninn«T °t Mary lOniwn, ■ 1 

Whs Iwl icncd thern »> r^in. nil cnulunnl hcrvir<riih nir 

■otIitT roT hn moUr't immiti. ii Ann from him Uic bnuttfu 

1 poetic cCrtiiioa 

vtlthfonnhnciittiph: uid wc horc Ihit ctcit Kninl who ra 

mui lo taunt ■ iiniiluiulogluin. 


AtrmiiH, m hmmlet «t"iBw Wolrarlia^B n»d, M ^'le 
N. by W. (tf Stoiirhri4K>> «ban then u* nne mod ffiot glasa 

BKKT«u.iLiiNB,an tlwDndlayrakd, onemjIeN. of Stour- 
bridga, k » loaf vilhg*, with two eoane potteriM, a flint glass 
homa, ud ntcnl iron worka. 

B>tnnLKT HiKL, 1 j mile N. of Stourbridge, and t*ro miles 
S.S.E.of Kla|iw{ntbri,ii apopnloa* village and chapelry, cod- 
■iadar of eewal ■treeti, and baring in ita rioinih exteniive 
coal, iron, nd gbn wmlu. It enjon the benaflt «t tbe same 
eaaa], and sinta of coal, iron, and dBj-, as its ndghboar, Am- 
Ueeoe^ (see p. 345.) By an old deed, itapnan Uiateoal and 
iixNMtone were got bore a* early as tbe 46tb of Edward III. 
(1373.) Tba Mcfa DMiI is about lea yard* tbiok. Tbe ehapel 
0/ ease la ■ BC«t brick ediflee, ereeted by snbaeriptioa about 
1767, and ha* MO eittinga, of wbieh 368 an free. The rector 
o# Kinnwlnfiird la tbe peboo, and tbe Rev. Robert Harris the 
oSeiating nmte. Tbe flrat minister bero was the Am. Thoa. 
Moti, B.A. aothor of the el^sot little poem called the " Beg- 
gar's Petition," but he aftenrsirds removed to Treetham, as 
domeatic chaplain to the Marqais of Stafford. 

Brocbmoob is a straggling Tillage \ m. N. of the above. 

BaoMLRT and Common Sidb are two adjoioing Tillages, Ivo 
miles 8.W. by 6. of Dudley, near Penanti Chaie, where there 
is a aaline spruig. 

JinwB, 3 mites S. b^ W. of Dudley, is a village on the ca- 
nal, where there is a nse of nine locks. Here are many nail 
makeis, mod a large fire brick manufactory. 

Mount Pi.easaht and Cribr's Plain form a srattered tiI. 
lege, 3 miles S. of Dudley; and near them are the hamlets of 
Qtutnj Book and TTiornet. 

Shutt End district bas severBl coal and iron works, and the 
Tillage of Tahbv Orrrn, 2 miles S.W. of Dudley. 

Wall Heath is a scattered Tillage, with a large spade and 
ihovel manubctory, 4 miles W. of Dodley, and one mile N.W. 
of Kingswinford. 

WoRDBLEv, on Ihe Stourbridge road, nearly a mile S. of 
KiMSwinford, is a laree modern Tillage, with a spacious aod 
handsome church, lately erected at tbe cost of several Ihousscd 
poands, raised partly by subscription and loan, and partly by 
parochial assessment ; upwards of .£500 per annnm having been 
paid out of the church rates, since the year 1828, as interest of 
tha maney borrowed, and for other expenses incurred by this 
ediflee, which is now considend as tbe parish church, tbe old 
one, at Kingswinford, being too small for tbe present wants 
of this popnloua district. Ilere are two flint glass tnanufacto- 
riea, one of which (Messrs. Webb and Richardson's) is said lu 
ta 4* oUest in the county. 



Post OrricK it^honum Lee'i, BriBifcf Hill. The Mail tmm 
London, Biraiin|iWk, &c arrires at 10 iniic. and ia despatched at 
4 aft A Mai] Oig from Stourbridge by Dudley, to Wohrerhaiiipton, 
at 3, and retuma at 10 mng. 

m , 

In the following Dibvctobt of Kimobwinforo Parish, iAak 
marked 1 reside at Audmam^ 2 BretteU Zme, 3 BrierUyHiU^ 4 Bneh' 
tHoor, 5 Brocimoor Bridge, 6 Bromtq^f 7 Brmnley iJmef 8 BuekpooL 
9 Conwum Side, 10 DeljflL 11 HarU HiU, 12 Kingminford, 13 Zevd; 
14 Lews, 15 Mill Lane, 16 iUbor Zaiir, 17 Afonn/ Pleasant, 18 Pent- 
M«/, 19 Qiuirry JSoiO;, 20 Skuit End, 2lStalUngi, 22 Tmiy Great, 23 
rAonw, 24 Tbim ^mT, 25 WaUHemih, 26 mrrdsley, 27 fPordsky JMek, 
and28 at Prestwtod. 

24 Addenbrooke Edw. 

iron master 
6 Attwood W. miner 
6 Banks Rd. miner 
3Bartlet Wm. pipe 
' maker 
26 Bassano Rer. Jno. 

(Ind. mm.) 
3 Bent John, agent 
12 Bissell Mre.£sther 
8 Bond Mr. Joseph 
3.Bowuian George^ 

clothes dealer 
12 Bradley Mrs. E. 
Briscoe Saml. Stone, 

Esq. Fir tree house 
Briscoe Mrs, Diana, 

gent. Summer hill 
Cartwright Rev. W. 

H. curate, Bromley 
3 Cole Wm. super- 
Cope Thos. Bill, agt. 

Copy laue 
Cope Wm. Hy. glass 

mfr. Uolbatch 
3 Cressirell Josh. agt. 
24 Daries Rev. EdW. 

Davies Thomas, coal 

master; h. Summer 

2 Davis John, glass 

1 Deeley Ed. bookj[>r. 
Dixon Edward, Esq. 

Asbwood houHC 
Dudley Miss Anna 

Dudley John & Wal- 
ter, iron masters ; 

h. rUed house 
lOEndes John, fire 
brick mnfr. 

15 Eades Mr. W. 
20 Farmer John, agt 
13 Fellows Thos. agt 
26 Firmstoiie, Mrs. 

Furmstooe Geo. iron 

master; h. Stand 

Foley John Hodgetts 


Prestwood house 
3 Forest Mr. John 
buster William, Esq. 

Wordsley house 
Gibbons John, iron 

master, Corbyn's 

20 Gibbons Mr. Wm. 
3 GUI Eli, currier 
1 Glazebrook Mrs. 

Mary Ann 

1 Glazebrook Wm. 

glass mnfr. 
reen Rt bookpr. 
3 Greenfield Mary, 

20 HaU Hy. bookpr. 
3 Harris Rev. RobL 

Hassall Mr. Samuel, 

Summer hill 
3 Hltcbman Thomas, 

3 Hutchinson Ann, 

3 Hutchinson Rev. 

Jno. (Prim. Meth.) 
26 Jefcoate Mr. Thos. 
Jones Jph. gov. of 

workhs. ana assist. 

Jones J. jun. Lays 


2 Jones Rd. \>ai\iS 

Matthews Wm. iron 
master, Corbyn's 


2 Neard Benet agent 

3 Onions W. fruiterer 
26 PargeterMrsJSIiz. 
10 Paigeter Wm. nail 

mfr. &c. 

13 Pearson Ts. coach 

1 Pidcock Mrs. Eliz. 
26 Richardson Benj. 

glass mfr. 

26 Richardson Wm. 
Haden, glass mfr. 

16 Rider John, glass 

25 Robinson Jph. mfr. 
of scythes, spades, 
shoveb, &ic, 

3 Robinson Wm. en- 

3 Segar Mrs. 

16 Silvers Jph. gla&s 

23 Skidmore Henry 
Parkes, nail iron- 

23 Skidmore Miss 

2 Smith & Sous, mfrs. 
of Roman ccuient 
and omtl. chimney 




Stinson Benjamin, 
spirit mercht ; Jas. 
Lee, agent 

3 Stevens Mr. Wm. 

3 Stortr John, dis- 
penser of medicine 

25 Taylor Thomas & 

ID Mt. Ts. 

2 Tailcy Mr. Jomn 

3 WalheiT Mr. fid. 
26 WeMOD Mn. M. 
16 Wotwood £«d. 

•rmWiiriin Juta, 

2 WilSunt Bd. HMt 
30 Woodcock Om*. 

jUoHtirf ■ tmkt'Un. 

• 12 P 


12 N>Uona),Jo*cpbus 
ft Morgt. LiUey 

• 12 Sui»er MisaeB 

• 2a WcUer Hary 

26 BillingliBtn Saml. 

34 Bowler Tliooias 
20 Qilbert Jowph 
24 Jones John 

27 Jordui John 
IJ Pitt Edvard 
7 Stoith Levi 

2 Weilwood Francis 
7 Weatwood John 

S Psnridge Km, 

27 Webb Jorepl. 
Boiirr md Gammetrr 

canal bostB, &c.} 
3 Peanall Ann It Soa 
Btlt(Sluie mater]. 
9 BaUuun John 
3 Cooper Ben ism in 
3 Cooper Willium 

& Porter William 
3 ynee John 
3 KtehBrda John 
3 KdmcU Jaiue* 
3 Soulhali John 
24 Wall JOBcph 
2(> Walkins Edward 

IS Haitland Abm. 
ts WeUer John 
7 While SUM 
Brick & Tilt lufari. 
10 Hughes and Eades 

D Haghe<ThDmu;h. 

Green Inne 
12 Hughes William 
14 North Ed. Facwns 

(blue tile) 
3 Pearson Thomas 
5 I'orter John 
2 Smith and Sons 
17 WardJiimM 

2 Wiuiia]] George 
IN Wnsanll Levi 
ttWissallBd. ()( Ths. 

3 Ash ton James 
10 Atffood Charlei 
U Ulewilt Joseph 

4 Cnditick ThumBS 

2 Hancoi Joaeph 
3HanroxJpb. Cox 

3 HiKga James 
17 HijtRS Tliomas 
12 lliUmaD Elijah 
i Hingley Joseph 
G Joors Kichard 
3 Pagett Jsmes 

3 P^ll Mark 

4 Flam Thouias 
3SriTen Ssr. (poik) 
3 Siddnns Henry 

3 Skelding Martha 
!(i Webb ThoniBK 
2 ^^'cbh Thoniii* 

ijjltbb William 

IWfc iMiiaijAefBTw.t. 
3 BvttDa Mia. ( cable} 
26 ntkea Benjamin 
(cable and traces) 

Imands Gti 

U Edmands Gtorge 
3 Outlery George 
12 Ireland John 
26 Lee Aaron 
Ctom 3fiHcn fc dlr.. 
3 Dngard Joo. (dlr.) 
26 Parnah Jno. & Co. 

5 Peanon John 

2 Smith and Sona 
Earlkauemn mtifri. 

3 Bambrook John 

2 Edge iJaniuel 

16 Erana Richard 

3 Green Benjamin 
23 Unions J<»in 
23 Read William 

2 Smith and Sons 

3 Southall Ts, (dlr.) 
SlinaoD Jph. Ravcfi- 

3 Westwood, Moors, 

if. Rider, (atone) 
28 Beddard John 
26 Burrows John 
28 Corbels James 
21 Coi William 
tiiirs Geo. Ashwood 

1 Glazebrook Clias. 

2 Griffiths John 

21 Lee Richard 

22 Parker John 

2fi Parrish Jna.& to. 
Sailer Geo. Aabivood 
25 Taylor Thomas 
fi Thomas Roger 
22 Tiromins Thomas 

6 Westwood Richard 
WilBaa.lohD, Holliea 

Matkttt • I 
lit ,«fi.. 4, (/ 
amfi. Plain anil ( 
Flint Glnxt. 
Uiaiebrook Mirli. 
Wm, Audmeii 

c Bui- 



•Hill. Kninplon, k , 
Cn.Culboiirn brnok 

I.iltlcwoodThos.l'ol- ' 
bourn bronk ] 

• Piilcnrk, Con*, nnd ' 
Co.DiaU'(irk>. I 

. :( Mnn, MilU. ond 

Wi'bhkKichardsoii!.. , 

3' \Vntwonil, Moom, i 

nnd Killer ' 

Wliwlpy Hnil Dhtu, 

iln>ttell lime 

Giatf Called. 

26I>»iTUh.lno. &L'<>. 

3 PHrrnJi 'llioiiiHii 

15 'IluimpMiD .iHnics 

4 Cmwn MndAnrlior, 

•luliti Welti wood 
10 Duke Willmiii. 

UuTJd HijtlF!, 

\2fMi\ Dudlry-t. 
C'o<irl House, Wai. 


.rf W«, 
20 Vaur Fiirniices, 

IR Fuxsnd liraiies, 
Ahrihaiii Iliirt1iin<l 
,llurw Slioc, Ami 



n B.ile JcMiFpb 
:l IIeckrIt.lno, At 
;i IIrHd«li»w KIlis 
'A Oiinnt Jolin 
2fil'0HnutN Wirilai 

(and ill 



:i 'l'lioiniui!» Anil 
;i Itril, Tbos. Mros 
£} Itlne Ball, Johi 

tkHird, LiwyTalbol, 

l'ra<llevfi>r|n' | 

R limit, TliiiR. ('-.Hik 
lOloKli-, ItrnjHmin 

10 Rrllannia. \\. Irf-a 
Mlull-b IIiMd. Wm. 

9 Will, sii.krs 
2NOI Hiid riiKliiuii, 


Briijdniin l>Brkrii 
S Cnxia, liiH>ic MuIIpI 
24Crow, My,(irvllnn 
2 Crown, TranrFs 


■ 2 Klna' 
2li Km|i'«Heiid,lIan- 
i nah Sutton 
II KinK'i Heiid.Mary 


1 ManiiiiAorfirnnbv, 
Hiiiry .■Hwiilv 

:\ .Mi.ullii>r thp'MIe. 

;i N-e'w*^lnnTKitl.ard 
I TonikiTisun 
^liNi-wlnii. William 

l;i (lid Itii^b. Ik'Tii. 
' 1 (till ItiiHli, .Iniiii'H 

' Hi Did Hush, Julin 
I Fanner 
l;{ Quern's llvud. 
Kilvard lilt 

2 Iti'd Liun, .liiiiir* 

laiiii« U>lli»u» 

Itiiund Oak, Ilrnry 
£IIt<ivul (hik, VaU: 

I Itiiyul 


1.^ Scren DwfllinRs, 

Jumv)' 'DKimpHvii 

i"> Seven Stan., Thos 

4 Sun, TboB. Scnrar, 

(& braM Emiiider) 
i< Siran, Rd. CoMcr 
IliKirnn, WiUMt 

Riehanla ~' 

2T>ilbot, BerdamiB 

22 Tnniy tinea Ion, 

JamCB Hadduek 
in Three ('nroaew, 

Edir. Unke* 

.1 Watprloo, Jarpk 

2t.' Wheat Skfir.Jolin 

10 Wheat SbMf, Jm. 

.1 Wliimiiey, Iiaiab 

2ti White Harl,Tboi 

:l It.iker William 

I Itflte Jaiiie*>hn 

!i ttrnknell ItidianI 
IH Iki'vli .tiTi'iuiah 
.1 1'arlnrriplit J(»eiilt 
5 ChrUlonlier .Tauiis 
t DanrerJuliii 

II niivUJoMiih 
:i l>rHii Bliinlwlli 
10 KIufII \mm 
Hi Kctinell Jnlin 
lU fjrcen .luiiiex 

11' Hill tlmniak 
:l Holt -liihn 
->l lln^rlies \aTi.i. 
12 Insliin rliarli'i. 
2 .lonef. .1.H.i-|.b 

Mr»on TboniHi 
IVrryJnn. Calcdonix 
5 fricc Willnin 

2 Uiilw 8«n}«min 
It! Uidcr MkhMl 
.1 Kuwtcy KAnri 
10 Srrirra Bichard 
n Swift TbnitiM 
23 'I'urncr Saiiniel 

■1 Wniunll GcDi]^ 
'i WhmII 'Ilioauia 
IR WaiMoi EJmrd 

3 M'lftoo Ricbuil 

m ^I'ood Ann 

4 WihkI KdWnrd 
M Wriod John 

11 Wood LittlctOD 
n Wood Thomas 
3 Woodcock Marnli 
Ikon Oatis. Huh- 

DLR8, &f. MfBS. 

3 Hill Edward 

3 Mmu Tlio*. (& imt- 
ItMdea, balcooiet, 
fcrandas, racks, 
rollcn, piping, lio 


JArtn/ • art <afn. of 


3 Oailey Wni. 

t : Bradley J 


• Bradley .Tolin it (.-(] 


(t Brel- 

tcll )an 
3 • Biitiili [ron Co. 
fitUixoD Edward 
23 1 ERdca John 
t t Firroslone Wm. 

i Geo. Leys fur- 

M* BHhliong Bfn} 


. . JibboBs Joliu if. 

■tGlascbrook Mich. 

k. Wni. Netberton 
20 : Homer, DmUey, 

ik Urbcoc, Uirda 

• llorUrn DonL&Geo. 

I^ys works 
l.!t l«uns&Co. 
t I Mnlthews &Ood- 

ley, t'orbya'g ImII 

' t ^Vlu 


Bromley works 

jBlBtr. B».i Buiidfr,. 
3 Bent Danl. (cabt. 
iiikr. & uphuUterer) 
10 Drake Robert 
:tIlu1ineB Robert 

12 In^lon Cbnrles 

26 Nortliwoad Fredk. 
■i Smith John 

13 Stephens S«h. 
S7 Webb BenJBmiD 

Lmn and H'mllea 
■A Hariop UaoDah 
3 Pelford Jason 
3Thomingi Ann 
3 Walhew and Co. 


lime burner) 
3 BiTkley Bcryamin 
26 Cook George 
17 Darby Joaepii 
10 KigEa Dnrid 
12 Miighca William 
10 Part;cter k Skid- 

poiter me reliant) 

3 Pearma Noah 


24 Tnylor Rd. Brad- 
ley Hall 

2 WiDuall Gcurae 

26 Webb Jotin 

2G WebbTliooiAS 

2e IVrlib Wrlli»ia 

10 Pargeler & Skid- 

23 Webb Thoe. sad 

Plamitri, Olaiicr', 

anrf Painltrt. 
3 Higgs Joseph 
31 Jones J>jdc« 
3 Morton Joseph 
Perry Jno. Caleiloiiis 


t J1I.U 


Drali . 

17 Baggott Job 

3 BaggoK Ji»rph 

9 Baker Benjiimin 
3 Beckley Daniel 

18 Collins Jamts 
3 Deeley Geonic, 

3 FnlheTgill Eclwsrd 

2 Hancoi Jo«epli 

3 UancoiJnh. Cox 
12 Hand William 
ID Harley William 

10 Higfts David 
22 I^encb Joseph 

2e Msiihews JoGeph 

2 Pagetl Mary Aun 

3 I'aAc* HnxKh 

I Pearson IVilliaui 
5 Porter John 
9 Sjlrars Joseph 

17 Herrynian Cecil 
3 Carlwright Julin 

H Ireland Jolin 
3 MonwilhOcorge 
3 Stanton Peter 
3 Holds John 
2 Page Jbidci 
24 Webb Tbomas 
2h Willetu James 
nmher AfcreAnm.: 
in I^^anHin Olivet 
5 Koiind WitlJMm 


27 Webb Joieph 

X«l to Pudler did 

, mK-arr. ati. p.6 erg. 

9 Brectnell RLch,nl 

tbe New lnu,Drierl(!y 

CamVr tf WUtr.' 

S3 Pretce Franca 

liiU. July, except 

Wm. Pric^ Brtfe- 
moor bridn to At 


Wed. HtUmK-arr. at 

2C White nilii.m 

1 p. / evag. and to 

COACR— 2»e tny 

Stourbridge & Wol- 

PATTESHtJLL, or PaUhuU, ancieDllv called Pteetetkab, 
h a small village and parish, containing l32 inhtbitanla, and 
nccopyiog <with Paltingham on the south) * sort of promoQ- 
tfiry of Bluffordahiro, which pi'ojects n ""[UJenMj ""t ■"*■■ 
ShroDi hire. 6 miles W. bv N. of tTolverhalnptoD. 'I'ha Hal/" 
and park, comprisioK 341 acrev, are highly picturcaque, and 
art has Wn successfully employed in embcllishta^ the MktttieB 
of nature. The maniion in very extensive, and is adorned in 
front by a deli^jhtful Berpcniine expanse of water, called Snoir- 
don Pool. This beautiful aeat i>f Sir (ieory^e Pignt, Bait, wu 
sold by Sir John Astlcy, with the adjacent estate of Palting- 
ham, for.£HIO,()t>ll, to the late Lord Pipot, " whose celeb mted 
diamond paid for it." The Church, dcdicuted to St. Peter, is 
an clcg;ant Grecian fabric, built by Sir Joho Aattey, to H-hose 
inumory it has a noble tomb, hearinf^ recumbent effigies of him- 
self and his ludy. Here is another (omb to the memory of Sir 
lUchard Astler, who is represented in baisn relievo at the bead 
of u squadron of linrso, with the figures of bis two wives placed 
(>u pedeslats at each end of the monument. The living is an- 
nexed to the vicarage of I'allinghaiu, and is in the patronage of 
Sir (ieorge Figiil, the lord and sole proprietor of the manor, 
nearly all of which is in his own occupation, the only tenants 
being a fewcottsRcrs, and Thomas Whistons, a publican, who 
keeps the sign of llip "I'igol's Arms." 

FAT'nNOIlA.M is a neat and pleasant villafjo, C miles W. 
of \\'olverliamplon. The parish consists of two townships, viz. 
Pattiiigham, cnntaining:iJO(l acres and 8tf inhabitants; and 

Renrgc Pig"!, who is likevri<ie owner of most of the soil, and 
patron of the litaritge, wliieli is now enjoyed by the Kev. ltd. 
Thursfield. The Chun-h is a nuat (iolbic'sfruc'ture, dedicated 
to St. C'hnd. It was repaired and new pcwcd about i(* years 
ago, and near it in a Teneralile stone cross and a good vicarage 
Iwuse. The tower is of a pyramidical form. I'atlinghaiu is 
supposed til he a very ancient place, from the circumstunce of 
several Roman relics having been found llicrc at difTorcut pe- 
riod, particulurlv a valuable cold t'umtea. (fuur fi'el in length,) 
diwncredin \7W. and a )ti>\A\»^u\l»\ind»i ITh>. 


WrooU, cnntaining 17*. 0"-36p., let 

; and Iwo fields ut Ncwgite, coDlsining 

1. 2fir,, lei for ^10 per QDDum. Ou this Und there are 

Miitan*) two of vnicb are let for X3 a ;e*r mcb, and 

■^'"'■"■■■""'- '■■™"»teBarlit*»li«M of this 

M>l9 of 3a. 3r. 3Cp.' 

. „ . 'd ttj pauper*. This pro- 

pnrtjr VM raednd M tta oneloMre, Id esebioge for other land, 
fee. at wtSA tba eariloat tran ia tba romnor coart [■ in 1609. 
Tfce jnarijr ma of 30*. ia paid oot of tha poor ntei, w the in- 
terartorJMnFflRTaiidMwyTBylor'abeiieAetioiu. . 

jtt Am Sekoet wa* built on the Poor's land in 1 703, and 
endowed in 1726 and 173^. by Edward Dery and otbere, with 
3 K. 3r. 24p. of land, which at the eoeloture waa exchanged for 
an albtmeat of 2t. 2k. 3p., let in 1923 at tbe high rent of 
XlS. 4*. 6d. The achool wm rebuilt by tnbacription in 1831, 
and ia now condacted on the National plan, for tbe education 
of about 1 00 children, aided by annual contributiona. 

NunroN ia a hamlet in PaltinghBm township, 5 miles W. of 

h lit follateinf IHrtcleiy 
PulltHglMBH iBKTtintp, IknMf niai 
td\areml Orral Moor, 2 at A'l 
Ion, mdimi Walbtaeh. 
Unwn Cburles, tailor 

2 Piaan' Prancui, com miller 
Grant llioniai, saddler 
Hill Mr. Edward 

3 Hilton Ur. John 
Ftttcn John, ■hoeaiiikcr 
Pauton Thoinu, com miller 
Sparrow Willinm, i^nt. 
liiaratanB Samuel, inslliter 
TbaiBfield Rev. Richard, Ticar 

Richards snd 
Mrgt. I^lham 
Harper Thomas 
NewioD John 
Wright T«. 

BarJier Samuel 
' 3al« John 

Callum Cpbi 



Raa'a Armi, Hy. Mstlhews 
RMJbMk, Cbarles Owen 

BttrHimia. I Acaitrmies. 
Fbaejr Wm. I Jukes.S. C. (la< 
MikaThomaa ' dies bdg.) 

1 Psullmer Sip. 
1 Holden Wm. 
3 Law William 
Offley Jonas, 

. Offley Jnincs 
2 Ridley Jolm 
2 iJimmoDS Hy. 

Parmer Tlios. 
PiDuey George 
Lane John 
Tomkjai John 

Hyde 'hiomas 
Rulley Edward 
Thorpe Thos. 

PSNN ia a large pariah, conipriain|t the two townships and 
rilbgea of Upper and Lower Penn ; in the foimer of which 
then are 630 JDhalilante, andin the Utter 233. (Vide p. 163.) 
The Dufce of Sutherland is lord of tbe manor, and owner uf a 
large portion of tbe soil. The rest belonfrs mostly to the ful~ 
lowiw resident frcebntders, viz, Wm. Braduey Pershousp, 
Eh]. of Penn Hall; tbe Rev. Wm. Daiton, of Zfoyd fiuu^, 
fSjLt^ ^etAa Ktikd ibe LoyA or Lvde;) \Vin.t\i«cVGT, 'S'%^ 
c/WKia// Na//; and iUra. Sumh &»W, of Upper FoiHj-kVxw). 



;h and pleuinl village on the SUturbrid^ road, ? n 
liy S. of Wol*-erb«ioptnn, coohiining Penn H»ll. t 
Lieveral ulher oest miniions, snd cumniHiidingexti 

Eels of the Burrouodiug couniry. Tie Church, inA'uMfA 
. Bartboloiceir, was repaired lo 1765> nben t 
I briok vttz erected ; and ag:BiD in 1799. when the cbftocel ij 
I rebuilt of brick si the joint expeose of Mrs. Bllea Pw«l 
I kod Richard Bnyley Marsh, Kiq., heira of the late Tbot 
Brai)ne]i, E^i^. The livine' ii a vicarage in the gifl of the Biit . 
of LkhHeld, and incumbeiicy of Ihc Her. Oeor^e Auguoti 
Tbursby, of London, whose eon is the otSclating' mini ~ 
1'he parish feaais tin tbe Sunday after Old BarIboloniOH''s 

Lower PsxM is a small irregularly bail t village, near ■ 
canal, £ milei W. of Upper Penn, and nearly 4 miieslV. 8.1 
I of WolTerhamplon. 

The Fhich Scbooi. at Lower Penn, is endowed with a 

. iDcaineof.£|i)4. 7>- lOd., for wbicb the master edt 

I stl the piiDrchildreD of [he parish, and givestoench of tbetaq 

quilting th« school, a bible and prayer bonk, provide4 tl 

Aai'e remained long enough to b«able to read. Of this iocM 

.£94. 7s< lOd. ariaea from 7^ acres of land, with a farm-botui^l^ 
&c. St Edrin loach, bequeathed iu lljli9, by the Rev. CbarlM 
Wynn, for the eduf^atioo of poor children, and to buy them 
biblea. The remaining; £10 ia ji rent charge out of an estate at 
Peno, left in 1747. by Dr. Raphael Sedgwick. 
I SsDOWira'a Alms- Hove us, at Upper Penn: — Dr. Sedgwick 
Ijuat menliooed, alto cbarged bis estate at Penn with the pay- 
^aeot of £'ih per unnam (o five alma-people, and with the co>i 
if eroctiof and keeping in repair five aJms-houses, agneable lo 
fce will of bis late wife, Ann Sedgwick, dated 172lit. Tho l" 
ftlatordiedin l747,aTid hia charity was to have commenced ft 
Vjem aftenrards; but it waa not [ill a decretal order bad h 
Vfibtained in Chancery, in 17^'^, againtt Mr. Bradney, (diiwIk 
I flie e«lale devnlved,) Ihal be commeneed the erectiou nf tl 
preaenl alma-hriiisea. Mr. B. was alan compelled to pay dj 
yean and nine monlba' arrears, amounting to X3I8. ]S(.,wlw 
irith an Rccumuiation of interest, wai afterwards laid out ii 
poruhwe of .£'1£4. I!<s. Id. tbreepercentcoosolidaled*nno!lu.j^^ 
the dividends of which hare swelled the yeurly slincndi of llw 
five alms-people to £T. ISs. Gd. each. The eslate chstgrd with 
Sedgwick ■ annuities, now belong lo W. B. Persfaouoe, Gsii.of 
Pewi Hall, and the Rev. Wm. Daltnn, of Lhsd Uotia. 

The poor have the following yearly dales, til. £i, \eH 1 
BicharJ Kvaos. out of a farm-house at Penn, then beioDgin| 
Lord Dudley ; and £>' from two closes called the Poor's ' 
■nd Dead Lads Grave Piece. 

£2, left ^^ 
Poor's I'^H 
[.Invd hou^^l 


JordMWH., Stnbbt 
Ketd^Wm., Lufln 
Pttr?T Wb, Uord bra 

rttdl art at Pan iToaa 

. _ iJaMph, bli 
Coner Hiu Fnne«L 
CotterdI Mr. buc 
Dokin Mr. Pbillips 
1 Feredsy Joseph, maltater 

Hsrwaid Chirici. bnlcber 

1 Fawcn Wm. maltHir 
RodCB JoMph, Bhoemiker 
Kow Jobn, wbeelirright 

irdr Junes, mercnui 

Foi & Book, Henry Smith 
Old Holly Btuh, Thomu Dariei 
»oe Buck, JohD Hancoi 
Rose & Crown, Leah CDltervll 
Stag's Head, Tliomu NicholU 

ROWLEY REGIS parish forms a peniasulBted promontory 
of Ilie Seisdnn Hundred, atrelcbing' between two detached por- 
tions of Worcestershire and Shropshire, near Dudley and 
Halea-Owen ; and consisting- of an eziensiTe range of hills, 
terminated by several lony peaks or auniQiits of perpendicular 
rock, one of which, called the Hail-ttone, or 7\irmr'» hilt, is 
aa object of considerable altraclion, as it commands extensive 
Ti«wa of the surrounding- country.. The base of the largest of 
tbcae hills is asingularspeciasofqnsrtiose stone, of the basaltic 
kind, but devoid of grit, end not at all calcareoas ; it is com- 
monly called^Bowley Bag-alone. The parish of Rowley Ketris 

Ae late Earl Dudley are lords and owners, and hold a 
leet here in October. It comprises the large but indifferently 
bailt Billage nf Rowley, seated in the declivities of a lofly bill, 
Si miles g.E. of Dudley, and about 20 small hamlets, enume- 
rated tt page 277 ; all of which maintain their poor conjointly, 
and are occupied chiefly hj nailers ; but the British Iron Coni- 
fMivr have extensive iron nnF^ffM'/ worfta at Corngreaves; and 
Ml Cradley, Mr. Samuel Evers has a large manufactory of bar 
irnn, wire rods, &c. In pulling down ftslone-naW «.V.<>«Vs, 
fa UM, there wm foaad concealed in it, to earthtn Wi^, i^" * 
gteKilai form, wbicb cnnlained ebout 12Wl Romau t\\vn coin 

376 BOWLEV REGia. 

at 40 different torbi, manv of tlipm Bne inipresAionti of the RoiHi 
oniperoT«, n^llia and UiFin. The parish riiiRcii, at the bcid, 
of the villnpf, i» onlv remarkuble for the deformiiv end beria-' 
roiu taste of its c(iii<itruL-lu>n. ll if dudit^nledin St. (iilei, tut 
i» in the ilincesc of Worcnier. I'lie Lcneficc is in the pntroDigt 
of the Crotrn, and is annexed to llie viLsrage of Clent, (uc 
pare 233.) The Weslevans ond tlie Bapliats have encli a chtpcl 
m Rowler, and the Pnmiiive Methodists have one at Old-hiJL 
Aboal GftO children attend the Turiijuq Sunday -schools, and 1 
about IGOarecduotedgrutuitituily sith« tli re,: Charity adui^ 
noticed hcloir. 

The Old School at Rowley Reps was endowed in i;03, by 
Ladg Elizabeth Monnint, with £\d a ^-eB^ out of BrindMeld 
form, in Tividale, for the education nf 24 poor children, tad 
£o a-yeor lo huy them books. The late Earl Dudley ma the 

NaefcmiUan's Charily Schools, one at Rowlkv Rkris, and 
the otber at Redoal Uu.i., were endowed with .££<) a-yetr 
each, bv George Mackinillan, in 1792. The latter scfaonrwM 
built in'tT^D, and has since been aui^nented with £3(Ht, lef) br 
the Rev. Christnphor gteiihcnson, and £\0 left liy Pb(eb« 
Parke : and lioth of them liavc an equal share of the interest 
of £4.2 beigueathL'd by Edward (-hillint;worth. The^c »uras are 
in the hand* of the Birmingham Canal Company, at 5 per cent. 
The School at Rcddal Hill ii the lur|.'e>l, and derives a large 
portion of its support from annual subscriptions. It has up- 
wards of I'lil free scholars of both sexes. The master and mis- 
treM have a yearly snkiry nf ^7^, with -£10 for an assistant, be- 
aide^alloiruiiccsflir cnuls. hooks, &c.niakin;; the total annual rx- 

tendittire about XI2i1. The School at Itowlev Rpgis was built 
y the founder's brother in l~^i, on land piven by bis will, aod 
has no support but the endowment, (Cil. Is. per annum,) for 
which, and the use of Ibc hnu<e, the master and ntiatrcss 
teach 4ii poor bovs and girls. An upper room was added to 
this school in IJll, at the expense of the " ^undav-achool 
Fund,''and the master's house was built bvsnbaciiption in Islel. 
■J'be Sij' Almx-kiuncs at Old Hill, occupied by six poor fami- 
lies, placed in tbem by the parish officers, ivere built with 
several bcncfjclions, upon three-quarters of un acre of land, 
[riven by Lord Ward and .1<ihn Turton, in if'i^i. The iniuates 
have the use of a i^rden, but no stipends. 

Tbe litmrfnctions for distribution among the poor, nmouni 
yearly as follows : — X:^' from two houses and three and a-balf 
acres of land, left by Elizah«lh Man«cll, in KmI ; .'iDs. churned 
OD the buildinir now used a« the AV'orklion*e, as the interert of 
Xllll Uftbv John Jloore and .lohn Turton. in l;,?!!; :t->«. out of 
LiWJfl-reJI-eJose, left hv Slarv Pavton. in ITiS; and flSfnmi 
abouMemnd land at Wavlcv Wigbm, \eh>n \*\T., \>s Tlv(m\as 
Xetrhr, /ornjunl ili'tltibutinn amnng x\rt v"'" "' ^'"■"*^«'< ^"^''^ 





AMbary. The small benefmctions of Thurlin^, Turton, 
GbBmbers, and some others, have been absorbed in the parochial 
•spenses, and interest used to be paid for them out of^tbe poor 
fmte0» bat these payments, amounting' to ^8. 10s. per annum, 
wtn discontinued in 1806. ^ 

Bull Baitino.— We have already nohced at page 168, that 
thiB bmtal sport is still tolerated in the Staffordshire mining dis- 
trict, notwitlistanding the efforts of the ministers of religion and 
othtr persons to put an end to it. In thia parish and neighbour- 
hood It exists in its most horrid form, as will be seen in the fol- 
lowing extract from the Siqffbrdshire Advertiser^ Nov. 23rd, 
1833. '* Two shocking instances of bolls being tortured, re- 
cently occorred in the neighbourhood of Dudley. At Rowley 
Regis wake a two-year old bull was worried in the most brut<«'l 
manner* Eidier on the Monday or Tuesday one of this bulPs 
home was broken off, and the following day the other shared 
tlie same £tte, and a portion of the tongne was also torn out of 
his month by one of the dogs. On the Thursday he was again 
droned to tbo stake and worried for hours, the whole of his 
hoodandface being mangled and covered with blood,' 'in a man- 
■or too shocking to describe. Two iron horns had been also 
riveted on the broken stomps, and the bellowings and groans of 
tfao wretched beast, while under^oincp this barbaroua operation, 
~ — •-■ to have been truly appaling." 

H tke/oUowinr DiaECTOET o/ Rowley Riois Paeish, those 
mmrketi 1 are at Slackkeath, 2 Comgreaves, 3 Cradtty Heatkf 4 Got- 
ty Hili, 5 Haden Cross, 6 Haden HiU, 7 Haysetck, 8 Knoll, 9 Lye 
CroMS, 10 Oakum, 11 Old Hill, 12 Partway, iS Powke lane, 14 Retidal 
HtU, 15 Tipety Green, 16 Tividale, 17 Turner's HiU, 18 Windmill End, 
19 Whiteheath Gate, 20 at Slack Hillock, and the rest m Rowley village. 

Auden Mr. John 

Auden Mr. William 

6 Barrs Alfred Haden, A.M. 

6 Barrs Fredk. W. Geo. M.A. 

6 Barrs Rev. George, curate 

S Beard more Richard, plumber, 

painter, &c. 
Beet John, gent. Rowley Hall 
3 Bdtson David, baker 
10 Bennett Mr. William 
Breaaier John, parish clerk 
Bridgewater Edw. coir, of tazea 
Bridgewater John, bricklayer 
firiggs John, druggist 
Brig^ Samuel, grocer 
2 British Iron Co. mfrs. of iron 

and steel ; Benj. Best, ag^nt 
18 Crump Wm. agent 
Darby Mr. Bdm. Hawea hill 
Darby Oliver, gardener 
14 J>ttheridge fag. placer maker 

1 7 Downing Mr. Joseph 

Evers Saml.mfr. of charcoal iron 

bars, (round,) wire rods, &c. 

Cradley works 
Hadley John, gunsmith 
Hill Mrs. Nancy 
Hingley Mr. James 
Hunt Mr. Thomas, Erode* 
Manwaring Edward, surgeon 
Matthews Rev. Daol. (Baptist) 
Parkes Josba. coal master, //ya//s 
16 Parker Mr. Anthony 
Smith Thos. linen drpr.battcr, &c. 
Soutball Frederick, ninge maker 
15 Thompson Geo. master of the 

workhs. assistant overseer, &c. 
8 Walker J. G. nail factor 
12 Williams James, iron master 
12 Williams Thomas, iron master 

Bannister SaTa\x. 'StuXA'WTv 


1 Hir 

r Edward 

IS Hoigttti lieny 

4 Mason Jowph 

Bell, StLml. JohDion, Ondri 
Blue Ball. William Milli 
20 Boat, Jama Smitb 

15 Bulla Head, Jpli. Bonter 
Cock, Huoab Bate, Sprutg kill 
11 CrOH, TfaomuTroman 

3 Fire Ways InD, Jeaie Edmonds 

11 Gate, HoTBllo James 

I Qeoree fc Drsf^n, Jpli. Harkett 
14 Gulden Harp, Thos. Sidaway 
Kidir's Arms, Richard Buwater 

16 Lion, Elizabeth Brown 
Lord Dudley's Court House, Jno. 

Pack Horse, Hannah Hingley 
Ring of Bells, Blattbeir Stainlon 
3 Roe Buck, Richard Homer 

5 Rose and Crown, Wat. Finney 

3 Salutation, Jerh. Dillinglisui 
19 Swan, Uaniel Hadley 

y Wheat Sheaf. Beni.Woodhouse 
HhitP Swnn, Thoinai Glaze 
B'-'-rh,.a»;. V»fc Somuel 

4 Adanis John '" '■— '— '-' 
Baker Edward 
14 Biimsley B. 
Baroalcy Abm. 
3 niiliiurhain A 
3 BmiriEhani T 
3 Itolloh JaniCf 

12 Bridal 

20 Childnl 
Cox Thomas, 

Cherry In. 
20 Darliy Thou 
3 Dodson Spen 

3 Forrest J ph. 
11 Green Jaa. 
7 Hill iBsnc 

:l Tnylor Eliz. 
4 Thomas Jph. 


H; Welib John 

^^'^i(!ht S-amuel, 


II Turner Kt. 
3M'ooilall Umj. 
3 ItHniiister.lsha. 
Bennett John 
Benni'tl Samuel 
3 Hin|;ley Hy. 

b AttwoodBenj. 

14 Johnson Ch: 

AIsop F^lwsrd 

15 Bate Richard 
17 BridH Wm. 
I ChambenBen. 
B Cook Jowph 

1 Darby Joseph 
5 Darby Wm. 
Davies Benj. 

lU Uadley Isa 

Darby Ttaoa. 
Glase Thomas 
Jones Edward 
LaiMer Jerh. 

Fox Oak 
3 Bloomer J ph. 

Cherry lane 
3 King 

Homer Nefaeh. 1 13 Jones Thos. 
& Kd. Fox Dak 3 Nock Jaoiei 
Flodxetts John M SidawayTbi, 
11 Hodgelt».lno. Taylor Georee 
snd Samuel 11 Williams Elij 
I.erelt John Srkonh. 

12MalUnJohn Cattle William 
Mallen Woi. 14 RaDnTbos. 


!l iMerriB Jnh. Shopktrpi 

1.1 .\liitlcl Jbs. l:. Bate Bei 

n Edw. 


Newton I'itus, . Ilridiiewat 
Pig lane l i:ifw«rd 

Nicklin Saml. UridireHiiter 
17ParkesJoi. I Diiiiirl 
I'inson Jolm i 1 Haiiley Tho! 
3PiirserJph. IIMoure Ann 
ir Round Saml.l I'runces 
2SidawayJph. 4 I'lirkes Knocb 

10 Smith Sauil. 

and 111 n mas 
Walker Wm, 
10 Whilehouse 



JTihbetts Wm, 

M hrf'wrifhl,. 

;t Hick ton John 

Bowsler Richd. i (Virin-.-Thos. 
LoHC Thomas i Parkea, to Bir- 


I'm Imrge atiJ populous district \n \Vt« ce(i\t« oS \\i« ^t<»< toio- 

a at page 163. It i« dirided into ttro div 

r[m)*, eaUed Upper and Lower Bide, wbicb maintun their poor 
eoojointly, bat tlieir roadi teperately, a^iie anb-diridcd into 9 
eomitaUrwickt or hamlef, ni.— SedsM^ Oo»el End, Cotwall 
End, and Umr and LoirerOorDatlifD the" Upper Side;" and 
EitinnhaD, Briarlay, Coeeley, aod Wood Betton, in the " Loteer 
SUf.'^ The ezeeoton of the tala Earl Dadley and Ward are 
lord* of the maoor^d hold a Court Leet here in October both 
fm-ihii naiHir and Darlatton ; btit L. H, Petit, Em. has a large 
eitate, and there are aconeidnable namberof nnaller freehold- 
era and MmjrhoMer* in thii eiteneife pariih, which ahoundt 
with ezedlent eea^ inmttont, linMone, Jrvertoti«, and clay 
for Meki. The eeil and iron worfca are mostly at Coaeley 
and Ettingaball, and give employment to a Taat number nf 
workmen. Semal hundred hanw are alao employed at their 
own home* in malcio^ tiaii» and fire irotu. The main coal is 
here lOyarda thick, and is well suited lo (he uee of the fumeees, 
the Torgea.and thesmithiea. The pow rotej levied in the pa- 
riah have latterly amoanted to aboot £4000 per annum. 

Sedolbi Vii.LAnR is very extensive, and occupies on ele- 
vated aituatioD oo the high road, 3 miles S. of Wolverhampton, 
and Iheaame diiiance N.N.W. of Dudley. The panah cki:rcb, 
dedicated to All SatnU, waa rebuilt during (he veari 182<;, 7, 
8, and 9, by the lale Earl Dudley and Ward, a't the cost of 
.£10,880. It has a handiome tower, surmounted by a Infty 
spire, and containing eight bells. It has upwards of 1300 sit- 
tings, of wbicb 695 are free. 'J'he east window Is of stained 
glass, representing ten of the apostles, and the arms of Hveral 
of the pnncipal familiei who subscribed Cowards ibe cost of this 
ornamental feature of the church. The living is a vicarnge 
worth about £320 per annum. The ezecntorsof the late Lord 
Dudley and Ward are the patrons, and the Rev. Charles Girdle- 
■tDDc, M.A. is the incumheut. In the pariah are two Chitpeh 
^ Mate, at Coieley and Lower OornatI, and \2 DUnnling 
Chapelt, via., five belonging to the Weslevana, at Uppper Gor- 
natl. Can Lane. Gornall Wood, Mason's Bank, and Hall Green ; 
tna to the Primitive Methodists at Sed^Iey and Sodom ; ikree 
to tfie BaptiBls, al Upper Fields, tbe Coppice, and Dark Lane ; 
MM to the Unitarians, at Coseley ; and one to the Independ- 
enla, at Baiton. In the village of Sedgley there is also a Cn- 
tiulie Chapel, built in 1823, in the Gothic stvie, with a low lower 
and spaeioua burial ground. Upwards of ^000 children attend 
tbe Sundmf Sc/ioola attached to these places nf worship, and 
nearly 800 are day scholars at the National and In/ant Schools, 
In Bedgtev (built principallv at the expense o! A*\»\%^A\iMi- 
fcf MiT yfvV,) and at the ftornall Nat»on»\ m& ftw.'B.tiVto^Xt.- \ 
»»tSebooh. Between WolverhninpUm ftni fiei^Xe-i^ Srtdg- 


by Pan, ao uicieDl teat of Ika Dudleja, which hat baan loaf 
■■ed ai a Homan Catholic Acailt:niy. EUttt Hait, oo Iba w«t 
aidaof dieparidi, {■ tha hindiome •«■> of J. T, Feredaj', Bi^ 
. On April 23rd, 1797, daring; a dreadfal thaoder atatn, thraa 
kooaea ia Sedglav wm iajared by lightning, bat ba^lj no 
live* ware loil. ThA ■SNavAOTiONa beiongiDgtolkapaar 
of the pariah prodoca ^13. 10*. per aDnun, which ia diB> 
tribatad at GhritlniBi, and adua from the following ymAj 
dolei :— 70a. left by Tho*., Mary, and Rd. Bradley, and Capt. 
Dudley ; lOa., paid by the ovarteen aa iotereat of XIO, left 
by John Peny ; and £9. 10*., from 4| acrci of land, parehaaed 
with the benehctioni of Elii. Pioton, Daniel Walter, aad Anne 
Webb. TbBBamofjClOO, left in 1717, hv Jolm Jmikm,inm 
laid out in land now let for ^12 > year, which lopplita 18 aix- 
penny loa*ea, every Sunday, to 16 pnorwidowt. Tbepoarbava 
BboSOi.yariy in bread, left in 1811, by fUiearid Chr, ont of 
two houtei in Sedgley. The money i* diitriboted in the nine 
diviiiou of the pariih, in proportion to the popalation of each. 

The following are the tillaors and HAHLara in thie parieh, 
with their diitancas and bearinga from Sedgley. 

Briehlev, a district of ecatlered houeet, 1{ mile N.E. of 

Bhoad Lank and I.aov Moor, adjoining bamlett, 2 aika 
ti.V.. of Sednley, and wilhin half a mile 8.W. of BiUtoD. 

Cam LanUiB lung itreet of houiea, \ of a mile E.N. E. of 

COSELEY, a populous but atracgling Tillage and district, 2 
miles E. of Sedgley. Here ia a baadaome new Chukoh ot 
Cbapel of Eaae, dedicated to Chrial, and erected in 1630, at the 
roal of about X9000, raised by subscription and a parliamentBiy 
grant. It ia of hrick, cued with stone, ie the plain Oothlo 
alyle, and bos 2000 sitting!, of which 1230 are free. I'he vicar 
of*^ Sedgley is the patrau, and the Rev. Fraocis F. Clark the 
iacumMnt curate. Here ia also an endowed FRKsevTaniAx 
Mkrtino Houbk, now occupied bv Unitariaoa. Attached to 
thia chapel UBF[iaiiS'JHooi,,trhicIi wasendoned, in 1753, bv 
Samuel and Sarah Timins, and Jane Turton, with a house anil 
land, let for X25 per ann. In J809, X26e was received from 
the aale of the cual under thia land. In 1755, JoMph Kt'ttio 
left £ilA to thia school, for which 20s. a fcar ia paid by the cha- 
ptl truatees, oat of the rents a( the Coppice CMlau, which belongs 
to the chapel. From these funds, about 25 children are edu- 
Med, and provided with book*. The master takes other scho- 

COTWALi, Eh D, a district 1 of a mile 8.W. of Sedgley, oeeu- 

jM ehiolly by nailera, and a few farmera. 

I>mmpniu,o haa a numbar of ecatlered hoaae* in the ooal and 

Ma dlBtrict, I mile 8.W. orBAatoti. 

wr/jvMJM &f^ K aeMttamd viUan an& W|a MW>,\K&(««v.f. 

to L. M. Pttit, Eaq. half » miW V . Vf ^- «* Bftrtw. M *» 

„ d by MtHwlve cool 
■□a iron'wOTka ■od qmrriM of UmwIom, 

OoLDTHOBN ji MTtlv ID WolvtrhaiiipbiD It Penn, (Map. 1 90.) 

OORNALL (tOWXB), ■ Tillap and district 2 ntfles W. 
of Dudlay, occgpied pwtly by nail O^M*. Hare it a neat 
Chohoh, didiaaM to Bt. JBiDti,>adVtdU of ezcallant stone, 
fTDiB tbe nriffaboarinif qaarriaK. Thii cbapclof eatn to Bedg'ley 
tvat eomniMMed in IBIS, but not BuiabMl till 1823, owin^ to a 
wBDt of tboda, occaalonvd by tb* aniTenal depntaion in trade 
wbichfoUowtdthanneralpewwofiaie, (m« p. 174.] It has 
7M) •JUinga, ei wbirb 300 are frea, and ctat only £1600, raised 
by Taltutvyanbacription, Tbe burial mDnd (abnot a rood,) 
wai given by tha lata Earl Dudley and Ward, wbo also endowed 
thecMToey, whicb bas (ince been anfuented by an allotment of 
Qaeen Anne'a bounty, eo that it ia now worth about £130 per 
annum. Tbe Earl'a aseeuton are the patnrau, and tbe Rev. 
T. Tbeodoaina Is tbaincambent. AtOomall there ts ■ National 
■chool, andat Oomall ffoodt, Method! at chapel. The popula 
tion oftbiidiviiion of the pariah, in 1B3I, wai 3124. 

GoBHAi.1., (Uppkr,) i» a long street of detached hnuses, I 
mile N'.W. of Dudley, where there are quarries of excellent 
freealooe, Mveral brick-yards, and a Melhodini chapel. 

OnsPKL End, a district half a mile W. of SedEley. 

(idspklOjIK, a scattered hamlet, partlv in Tipton parish, 2 
miJes W. of Wednesbury. Part of it is finw called W KKNub- 
BUBT Oak, from the extensive OotA and iron works of Messrs. 
P. William* and Sons. 

Mason's Bank, a villsge in the Coseley division, nith a 
htelhodist chapel, 2 miles N.W. of Dudley. 

Phince's End, a large village, partly in Tiptoo parish, 2} 
miles N. by E. of Dudley. Here are extensive coal and Iroti 

RuiTON, a hamlet and district adjoining Upper Gornall, oc- 
k copying a fine lofty limestone eminence, which had fomieHy a 
' beacoD, and commands a most extensive prospect, in nhich 
' tbs Hatvero hills (at the distance of thirty-eiuht miles,) the 
Wrekin, and many of the mountains of North and Sooth Wales, 
mar be seen, in a clear day, without the aid of a glass. 'I'he 
yrwendaryqf Preea and Ruiton, in LichCietd calhedral, derives 
part of his title from this place; and perhaps Prince's End, 
noticed above, may be a corruption of Prees End, as we find 
the said prebendary lielongs to tbe tithes of the adjoining purit.)) 
of Tipton. The Independent Chapel here was built in 1830 ; 
and attached to it is a large In/ant School, also used as a Sun- 
day acbool. 

SoooH, a bamlct adjoining Can Lane, 1 mile B.N.R. of 

Wood Button, half a mile S.E. oF SedgW^, \h fc »t»\\wft4- 
amlftceeupied by fiwmcrs, fire-iron makem, 8tc. 

t83 ^ 8K1BDOK BUNDRBV.' 

fO^nrS^f.—Anot FklelMr, to Wolnrh>mpt<in. at 4 tlMK 
rm. 1 1 MBg. I Mrf JoKph AUvood, to Dndlcr, M 9 a>. ud M liK 

fUlfgiii ddlf. ^ 

Jh 3 % lfcw*y Pi»mcTO»T or 8«pql»t Paili>h rAsHiavWl 
fwt* Bf BrmJhf, 3 Atoinr, 3 ^STh^ £«u, 4 Cm Z^r, 5 f:Wir 

Am*, llKnl £Mt, IS £>mM4 13 DOM, B-J>. 14 BtHnwSS, 
» ^'^iMdr JM U (MAiiini irU^ 17 Livtr 0*n»A. Ig^^Z? 
19 OnM W-d, SO Oto^ Va^ SI Cvpci Oa^, 22 >Ck 

■"•-•■" "- ■ «-*. 26 Aft,.! 

— ^, ._ PHmat Bn-i, 31 
Stdamt, 35 Strmlt Green, 
~~ II W—d atlm. 

12 RotltaMM BCDJ. & 
Jph. b6i, of foun- 
derm' blMkior 
SOBoUiiuaii Wm. 

gwMff. 19 OnWf VM SO Otarc' Va^ SI C»r 

rfMM^f V /Mb JWMf, IB OU /W, 9 Olbr, 30 
JWfMk 38 «^4^, 3S SkUmmnl, Am, 34 ' ' 

SS Binbdl Wn. lad- 

18 BlackbnTD Jontb- 

la Csrtwtiftht Edw, 
Pukra, cl»y men. 
& cuting pol tnfr. 

32C«rtwn8ht John, 
bcDova makrr 

21 cure Wm. igtnl 

26 Claridge Tbomu, 

rClsTkRer. Francis 

Foreman, cur.te 
12 Collini Benj. boat 

7 Cooper Rev. John, 

7 Cope B«ni. ground 

16Cun]l«]r Hrt. Ann 
32 DarbryJph.niuon 
BO Deakin Tbomu, 

KndaT Jno. Tnrton, 

Bm. OUt'* ball 
3»rand»r Wn, coal 

3M flaebtr AM, 


3B OirdlMtciDe Ber. 

Cbaa. M^ Ticar 
SS OremWn.gronDd 

t^ OrlBn Jobn, bkpr. 
32 OrlDwIiWm.bhpT. 

22 Halford Jm. pat- 
ten h. ring maker 

28 Hawthom Tboa. 
srannd bailiff 

31 Hill Rev. Jobn, 

aOHipkina Srepfaen, 
chu*!., Ac. mh: 

32 Homer Chas. aolr. 
32 JearOD* Ur. Si- 

23 Jone* Geo. tc Co. 
mfn. of shoe lips, 
cut nails, & fancy 
tc am all irona 

32 Lewii Rer. Wm. 

14 Mainiraring Mrs. 

16 Moore Jobn, cow 

32 Parker BenJ. U- 
aist. oreneer, &c. 

23 Pen? Tboa. mfr, 
of iron galea, bor- 
dlea, reiidng.racks, 
bedateadi, &c. 

32 Perry Mr, Wm. 

32 Powell BcT. Thoa. 

20 Roberta ]«^b 


ISRawWm. & Co. 

timber merta. 
10 Roond Jobn, coal 

33 RoahtooWm. hair 

33 Salmon Wm. iron 

32 Savage Rer. Jobn, 

8 Sheldon Edw. iron 

32 Sheldon Jno. mfr. 
of Brought iron 
chcala, bookcaacs, 
& larn iron doom, 
Ic jabbing amitb 

30 Skidmore Jobn, 

10 Tate Wm. fender 

38 Tay Joaiali, j^nt. 

17 Tbeodoaiua Rer. 

Theodoeiua, curate 

16 TurlevBnj. bench 

7 Turley Rd. carrier 
IB Turton Jobn, coal 

32 TVaan Rer. Thoa, 

Underbill Jobn, iroi) 
mulerj h. Gold- 
thorn rotl^e 

16 Warr Wm. ina<r«r 

U'WBMdtJM. aft. 


7 Wanell John & Co. 
•team engine and 
boiler mfta. 

17 WUlington Mm. 

7 WoWertoa John, 
chain ft tnee mkr. 

30 Wranr Bdw. axle 
tree ft liftiiv Jack 

7 Wright Mr. John 


Jl/mrked * ore Bmr^- 


• 35 Beddard John 

• Blount BcT. Wal- 
ter, (Cath.) Sedg- 
ley pariE 

Infant, 32 Looisa 
Smith, & 31 Sarah 

7 Jones Edw. (com- 

:U Millikin Wm. 

National, Job Bridg- 
water, Sedgley; & 
Tbos. Addenbrook, 

32 Naylor Either 

15 Wright Eliz. 

4 Fletcher Joseph 

31 Marsh Richard 

32 Kaboiild Benj. 

14 S. Staff. Bread Co. 

7 Haddock Saml. 
32 Jones John 
18 Morpeth Richd. 
7 Round James 
32 Wedge James 
Boot & Shoe makers. 

18 Blackham Saml. 
35 Bradley Geo. 
32 Brown Wm. 

19 Carter John S. 

16 Cheadle Fras. 
30 Cooper James 
Xi, Darbey Wm. 
32 Deakin John 
2:iDrew Edward 

7 Fieldhouse Thos. 

20 Glover Edward 
11 Green George 

i9 Guest Edward 




18 HartOl Wn. 

25 Hickman Sei}t. 

32 Law Joseph 

32 Newej Ben). 

32 Newton Jno. ft Bd. 

18 Punnote Abm. 

35 Pusmore Isaac 
4 Sborthonae John 
18 Stokes Isaac 
25 Turley Thomas 
38 Turley Wm. 
50 Wassell Joseph 
15 WUliams John 
25 Wright Thomas 


36 Ontttm lliomas 
4 Eley Mari( 

32 GroFCS Thomas 
18 Hartland Job. 
18 Hickman Wm. and 
Brick makers. 
12 BaggoU Moses 
18 Cartwright Ed. P. 
12 Dicken Jph. 

4 Elwell Jph. 

23 Hall Richard 

5 Hinton Thomas 

37 Hughes Daniel 
12 ShiltoD Thomas 

6 Waterhouse Wm. 

5 & 17 Watton Jph. 

18 Addenbrook Jph. 

17 Addenbrook ltd. 

6 Caddick David 

18 Collins Thomas 

11 Co8lettTb8.(pork) 
14 Cox Thodfas 
.'Vi Evans John 
22 Gough Thomas 
27 Harper Wm. 

24 Harris Wm. 
:iO Holland Jph 

19 Hughes James 
32 Leech Matthew 

31 Marsh Daniel 

32 Milner Edward 
18 Parker Jerh. 

7 Price Thomas 
4 Stanley Moses 
17 Thompson Paul 
:V3 Tillings Paul 

Coal Masters. 
See Iron Mahlcff. 


19 Hale Stephen 

30 Smith Bk^ 
32 Wilkes 4Keliu8 
32 Wilkes JSfn 

Daris Danl. Hunt's 

32 Fletcher Joseph 
7 King William 

31 Richmond Geo. 
18 Richmond James 
14 S. SUff. Bread Co. 

Cm r rier M . 
Jukes Rd.Ruiton hall 

18 Marsh Wm. 
7 Turley Joseph 

Ashcfoft Wm. Rook- 

13 Bsggaley Thomas 
Brown Sarah, '^^'uod 


19 Cartwright Geo. 
28 Cartwright Hanli. 

9 Caswell Wm. 

20 Fereday Thomas 
28 Finch Samuel 

4 Fletcher Abel 

32 Gibbons John 

14 Goode Edward 
20 Harris Wm. 

20 Hilyard Thomas 
30 Hipkins Thomas 
28 Jukes John 
Kettle Ths. Hurst hill 
25 Kinff Mary K. 
9 Law Stephen 
Marsh Henry, Coop- 
er's bank 
32 Perry Samuel 
Rhodes Eliz. Wren's 

35 Russell John 
Shale John, Capnon 

17 Simmons John 
Such Wm.High-arcol 
17 Thompson Isaac 
14 Thompson Paul 
1 Titley John 
White John, Turshill 
14 Whitrhouse Sarah 
Firt /tou maker >. 



2S Pnwcti Brnj. 
:iH Hkrpcr John 
:iH MilbWin. 
:iH Varkt* Jolin 
38 Smith Thnmas 
S5 iitepheiii Siiiiil. 
Grucmnml Ptin-itimt 

SI Bnmnu Wiu. 
:tC Caildick Hd. 
Ill I'urliK!! Jnnin 
\i l.'urtiTTighl Will. 
y/t Hipkins Stephen 
18 Parker Juhn 
.tC l^rtridn Simnel 
:i3 Kabniild Ilenj. 
18 Tlasley Theiim. 
.12 Wilk» tlleplien 
35 Wrirhl Tlinmu 
12 Anchor, Uenj-t'ol - 

John Bmnrtt 
;Hi Itricklayrrs'Arois, 

'Hkh. IXillon 
2^ llriUiinia, Isaiic 

2i: Itull's Ilcml. lleni. 

; ltii>.h. R<l. Cndilkk 
1!» lluiJi. Stpn. ilnle 
21 Hush, .l|i]i. Itiibhii 

irim-s Krjs. \U. 

:ll l>iikrWni.,lI<-nry 

2.^ Duke of York, 

Tliiw. Torlpy 
;i2KI.I)i ■ ■ 

:i2 Kl.lJiiiJJey ■ ( 

Hriusi'. .Ililia I 


14 Poivp IIuititncT, 

Ann Ml'le 
»6 Poi, Kil. Ciicl'lirk 
4 Gal(, .Murk Kiry 
4G>tc, Wni. Wklcr- 

22 GMrfie & Drtw(>n. I 

21 GcMpciuak, Esther 

2U (irccn Man, John 

IB Ureen Dragon, 

Jno. Cartwriihl 
18 Hoiie»:hoe, Benj. I 

IH Home and Joekrv, - 

.l|jh. Waltun 
D Huroe iind Jockey, 

.lohn Ma rail 
7 Ivy Houne, Joseph 

Iri Lcuimnl, Tliraphi- 

Iiis Tiniiler 
4l^rd C'ullmicirood, 

llrTiJHinin Salt 
112 Old Bnsh, Jnieph 


:t2l% nnd AVhUtle, 

lliinh. Short 
lU KnI Liiin, Edward 

11 KixinfC SiiD, John 

:iO Sevi>n Stars, John 

- Spread Fjifle, Mari- 

:t2SH'Mn.Win. Iliirrih 

■; Tlireun<T>eSh.)M, 

211 niim, Win. liar- 

.12 Union.' Ts. thurcb 
17 Wajraim^, llorsFi<, 

J(ih. CiunvriKlit 
:l\\nt^ron«^ lIurM;;. 

I l)EEltH(>i:sE!>(71.) 

I :i2 Hajilev lleni. 
XI llakrr Henry 
M Itakcr Thomas 

I Banks Thos. Rouih 

I hilla 
^t BcHnian Thomai 
a Bean) more Ueonie, 

(Coneley lavera) 
■1.1 Bradley titiirf^ 
19 Carter John. S. 
2 I'lrnipnon John 
lr> Culburn John 
2;l I'ule Beojamin 
Is Dnrbey John 
:*2 B.irhey Joneph 
12 Uirken JoMpb 
2 Dawning Tliomu 
:il Elwell ^Samuel 
30 Kvaiia \Vm. & H<U 
22 PrlluwR Benj. 
Ill Flarell Dennii 
:tl Full H-iHid John 
2U (ilorer Kdvard 

'i (iriiuii Ann 
It) finest Jlary 
Itl finest Kiiwanl 
■2:1 llnlriird itanti 

i Hiltnn'nrrhr^'' 
<i ilanland Dariil 
2:{ ilall Kichanl 
II llailedinc Tboniax 
l:) Hickman John 
.U Hickman JoHiali 
fi Iliiiton Thomu 
:il [li^hPB luac 
1!) llnfrhc* James 

! 22 -Irariini Abm. 

. 7 .Iravons Simetm 

I June* LcirU 

.'to Kennedy Thomai 
2li Jjanglry John 
:I0 l.rrii JainCH 
£1 Light Fninrii 
:ll ^farsh J>aniel 
18 Marsh Lot 
S2 Miintoii TliomaR 
■Xi Miinin .Mary 

II .M' Cl'.ud James 

IM \' 

n Jpli 

RomIIkt, Coatier 


I Joh. (k 

32 Wilku CwMliw 


7 Grrai Dariil Ic Co. 
37 Saliibiirr Edwud 

1^ SbeldoD Edwwd 

«t Stephen, [in ge- 

; M'umU Joho ft Co. 
22 Woodward Wm. 

»/iaT, iW, mid ikett 
iran ; t ^^ frni, ow/ 
fillngt, and t art 

■t BMk*TR.&SoD, 

J PcmbertOD Edvio, 

Deep field 
+ 7 St. Panl Sir Ho- 

nee. Ban. Willens 

I Smith DsTid, Sum- 
mer hiU 

3t Spmcer Jno. (iron 



M^cdar TlioniM, 

ton. (e^ Dkr.) - 
ISHactUnd Jph. 
34 Hernn Robert 
11 Lewii Joha 
IB Lnrii William 
M MaiDvariDR Wm. 

(cabt. mkr.T 
27 OniDni Edward 
18 Peacock Heniy 
32 Pineei Hlephen 
B Smith JoKpb 
TavThDinu, (timber 

Lime Burnm k din. 
32 Biker Joieph 
32 Baker ThomaB 
32 Dudler £*rl of 

(Eiecuton oH 
32 Jonei Amy 
32 Rndire John 
32 Benman Wm. 

31 Uoderhill ElixH 

32 Law John (box of 

32 SheMoD Jno. (box 
of wards and pipe 

32 Sheldon Ti. (bnsi 

3 Skellon Jph. (nod 

32 Ball John 
31 JoDca Edward 
^M Bagging mfi.. 

33 Haden James 

18 Venable* John, (& 
tbeetiiifr& ncking) 
14 Baker Ituab 
G Caddick Mirr 
18 ColUoa John 
33 ElweU & Willeiu 
"" Jones Geo. & Co. 


Stanfev Mosea and 

18 Tinsley Thenps. 
32 Wilkes Sleplicn 
PatnltT., Plumber,, 

and Ghtirrs. 
34 Blewitt Wm. 
2B Green John 
11 James John 

4 Fletcher Joacijli 
:iO Hipkins Sleplici 
7 Kodgkiu Ju». 

mine agent) 

3 Bailey John 
21 Itenson J< 
6 Caddick Mary 


5 Griffith Edward 
22 Halien Thoniui 
30 Hill Lot 
12 Hill Lydia 
30 Holland JoEcph 
17 Hood Sarali 
32 Jackson Wni. 
22 Jeavons Abin, 
17 Jones John 

r'je n'olTcrtamiop- 
-Q lail WoceistcT 

. uclies "aaa throtieb 

'■v n. Tirley, frum 

^ i:3di;iii> tD Laa- 
>-c. ^huni^ov. Li- 
<~n;;. M.iDcfaaier, 
"-..>jBr->\ HaU, it. 

TBTTE!(H^B|^aiSH. 287 

?upieJ cbieSy by eenlryi mD^^^lnons engaged in tLe trad^' 
J .. -^ (,(■ \^ cilirertistopton. Before the Nor '' - 

(luest, it WHS called ThcolenhaH, signirying the haiu^pf tliu 
I'H{;an9. In 910, ■ severe battle was fouglit here, benRsii Ihe 
Danes and Edwsril the Elder,— <Bee p. 237,) — and Ihe uhes of 
the slain are lupptned la rest under o, lumului in L n wh i il - field. 
Oq Ihe Kr«en i» & fine grove uf elms, jilanied moie iban a cen- 
tury ago. The CoLTHCK, dedicuted In Sl Michael, is a Royul 
free obapcl, and enjoys all the privilei^es of such peculiars, but t 
it wM anciently eollegiale. The College was founded previous * 
li> the NormuD Conquest, and had a lUon and live prebauktTiet, . 
till the prrind of its diBsolutioo, in the reign of Henry VIII. I 

The prewnt church i« supposed to beapartof theoriginal fooii- I 
dalion, but it iras eniarged io IB25. so as to make room for SHi 
iiddilional BittinKa, the lolal number being now !l,^6, of which 
20i) are free. 1 he eastern window cootuins an ancient painting 
on g\»3s, representing the ftrchangel trampling on a dragon, . 
7'he font is curiously ornamented with Gothic sculpture ; and in i 

\\iv vestry is a venerable oak chest, 13J feet long, hewn oiil of 
a solid block, and itroogly pUted with iron. Tbe five bells in 
the steeple bear tbe date ori6~ 
Mlron and impn^ator, 

Himley, i> the ineambent curate, for whom the Rei. 
WoodbooM officiates.— (See TVUfnAd/f^a^f, at p. 167.) 

ChurtA LaHd.—By an act of Parliament in the Sih of Anne, 
and tbe gift of " the several lords, owners, and tenants of the 
wtjtoT ot TMItn/uitl Reffii," 4dA. 3r. I2i>. of land on Kings- 
wood Common, wai allotted for tbe support of the incumbent 
minister of Tetlenball, together with a house and garden for 
his residence. In 1S21, the land was let for £72, and the 
paraoiiage for .£40. 5i. a- year, besides which, the minister has 
£b. 5a. yearly, from an acre of land adjoining his garden, pur- 
chased with £210 received for land taken for a new turnpike, 
and for ■ right of road over the glebe land. 
|t BiHitrACTioNB. — The proceeds of n.r charities, amounting 
In £56. 7s. 4td. per annum, are distributed in the vestry ou 
Good Friday and St. Thomas' day, among the poor not re- 
ceiving parochial relief, in sums of 2a. 6d. and 3s. each. Of 
IfaU yearlv income, XI3. lis. arises from load at Albrighton. 
purchased in 1630 with £60 ^ven by Walter Wrottesley, Esi|., 
aad others; £19. 6s. 41d. from Brych House and land, pur- 
cbaaed in 1714, with XI15, theaiaount of several benefactions ; 
^5 from land at Salt Moor, near Wolverhampton, left by 
Thomas and jitm Crqffis, in 1709; £16. lOs.from High Bag- 
ridee close, (11a. 26p.) near Whitwick, purchased in 1729, with 
^llfi left by Henrietta Wrottesley and William Smith; and £2 
froB) the benefactions of Mary Dobton and AfaKfteic Wi^\ix- 
Wftk. TwotbiJliog*' north of bread is ditthbated ftiw^ Sox.- 
%} &omthebequeaaofSirJohn*Ri ^tUinm iroUnstim,oM 



' ^ had at TrMcott, Iwlo^V^ ^'" 'ol>" WroUe*l«3r. 

. . • _. _ _ , ^ ii^^ iDteicat of tbrce other beoebctiani 
z. RdmH, ia 1757; £\0D. ibrao per ten _ 
9, by Lady Wmtlesley ; nod XtiO by XVilliBm isd 
Rfebard Smith ; but part of the Uiler lom trai expended tn en- 
tuj^n the wojA-ZinuM in 1~^7, tn^tber with ^£511 left by D^ 
rolkf Fowler, vho directed the interest to he distributed yearly ia 
biblai,prayer bi)c>k9,aiid "The Whole Dutjf of Mmi," amonfit 
tbe poor boys and cirli of tbe parish. In iH^, Phoebe ftogen 
leftX40, and directed une-haJf of the intCKst tn be A\v\Avi 
among 30 pour parishioners, and the other to be paid to xho 
BMBternf the NArruHjii, School built in tiiatycarby «nb9crif>- 
tioD and aemnl from the Central Scbnol Society. 'I'hia aehoiil 
ia aupporlH iiv voluntary conlnbutiona, for the educatioti of 
100 boya and ^n girla. 

Ai.iia-Houii«bs.''Richard CreMwetl, Esq., in I7O7, aetileddkc , 
•is alms-boa* e» which he bad bnilt.fur tbe residence of si 
parishioners, and eodnired them with £5 each per anai 
be paid for ever out of his estate at Bilbrooh. For maar wn 
the persons who received this reot charge of £30. resiMo at a 
dut)ince,and let tlipnlms-hnuseafwhichnonconaist of oaWfinir 
cottages,) at £\ a-year each. About 45 years ago, owU( ta 
the non-appnintincDt nf new trustees, the spplicDlioii of tbcn- | 
nuiliea became irreg-ular, and at length entirely ceased, ao that 
in 1831, Mr. .Tohn Parker, the owner of the estate, owadlo ' 
the charity an arrear of X4S0, which be said be was readTtopaf ' 
to the heir of the surviving trustee, as soon as he should be a*- 
eertained, provided the annuitants were suffered to reaidain ' 
the alms-houses, as required by the founders' y/Wl.—fPai, 

Bii.BKOOK is a hamlet of scattered hnuies, partiv in Codaall, 
but mostly JD Tettenhall pariah, 4 miles N. W.'of Wolver- 

CouPTON is a neat villsge, adjoining the canal and Tkttrm- 
HAM. Wood, two miles W. of Wolverhampton, where a con- 
siderahle quantity of sand is got for the use of the iron fiiunden, 
and for mixing with mortar. Several bandsooie bouses, and a 
grreat nomber of cottages, have been built at TeUmhnll ^ood, 
since its enclosure in 1809; also a small Methodist chapel.— 
The cottages are mostly occupied \ty lock mnktrt. Among tha 
pleasant villas ofComplon is the seat of MissTbendosia Hinckea, 
the proprietor of part of tbe Wicihtwick and Ai.DKBai.KT e«- 
tates, the former lying one mile S.V^'., and the latter one mile 
N.B. of Tettenhall. 

PaNDGFonD, commonly calUd Pffi/bn/, is a hamlet and ea- 

-• of 1 8G8 acres, near the source of the river Penk, 3t miles 

bj W. of Wolverhampton. The principal landowner ia 

HUM FovJer, Esq. of P<^d</br«[ Hnft, a neat m 

Jrferf b7pieturr*i|ue and wel\-\racide& accner}. 



PiBTON aod Trbsoott tra aeMroonriD^ hamlets, belonging 
to Sir J. Wrottesley, 4 milet W. by S. of WolTerfaampton. 

.Wbro9 (The) 18 m scattered fillage on the Holyhead #aad, 3j 
miles N.W. of Wolverhampton. Here is the seat of Mchard 
Fryer, Esq. M.P., bnt it possesses no architectural beauties. 

Wrottbslet Hall, with an estate of 2319 acres, is the 
seat and property of Sir John Wrottesley, Bart M.P., whose 
aneeston hare possessed it since the first of Henry III. The 
present hall is a magnificent structure, erected in 1696, and 
stands on rising ground, 4} miles W.N.W. of Wolverhampton. 
Near it aM some vestiges of a Briiish iown, supposed to have 
been destroyed during the conflicts of the Saxons and Danes ; 
bat, from the massive square stones and larspe hinges dog up at 
various periods, and from the apparent regularity of the streets, 
some antiquaries consider it to have been a Homan city, and 
one of them (Mr. Salmon) maintains that it is Uriconiumy which 
others hare placed at Wrozeter. A dreadful hail and thunder 
storm^ on August 18th, 1742, completely thrashed out the 
growing com in this neighbourhood. In December, 1799, and 
January, 1814, the thermometer here was 24 degree beluw 
the freezing point. 

In tht/oUomug Directory ok 

Tbttbnhall Parish, those 

marked I retide at AMersleyf 2 

Bilbrookf 3 Comptan, 4 Pende- 

fordf 5 Pirton, 6 Tettenhail 

Wood, 7 TVescQtt, 8 The IVergs, 

and 9 ai Wightttick, Thnxe 

wiikoui marks are in the village, 
Barnett Mr. Thomas 

2 Bate Wm. gent. 
Birch Roger, bankers' clerk 
Birkin Samuel, cattle dealer 
6 Cartwright Georp^e, bricklayer 
6 Cope George, spirit merchant 
Gorbett l^vedale, Esq. barrister 
Crolchlcy Jno. Kenderdine, gent. 
6 Davcnhill Mr. John 
6 Davis Mrs. Dorothy 

3 Blwall Thomas, merchant 
Evans Mr. James 

4 Fowler Miss, Cottage 

Fowler Thos. Enq. Pendeford hall 

Fregleton Robert, sent. 

B Fryer Richard, Esq. M.P. 

B Fryer Wm. Flemings, Esq. 

6 Granger Henry, Esq. 

Gregory John, eent. 

Oainan Thos. Wm. printer of 

the Wolterkampton Chronicle 
2 Hardware Mr. \Vm. sen. 
2 HigginMoa Mr. John 
Migga Beoj^min, gent. 

Hig^ Mrs. Esther 

9 Hii^gH Chas. gent. Nether ton hs. 

6 Hill Henry, Esq. Beech croft 

6 Hinckes Miss Tueodosia 

9 Hitch cox Wm. gent. 

Holyoake Fras. Jt^q. banker 

2 Holyoake Geo. solicitor 

3 Jenks James, canal engineer 
Neale John, Esq. 
Newton Miss Mary 
3 Owen George, gent. 
Parker Mrs. 
Powis Mr. Bemamin 
6 Pretty Miss Kebecca, Mount 
Price AV. T. solicitor 
Roaf Rev. John (Ind.) AVk hs. 
6 Savage Wm. gent. 
Smith Mr. Richard 
3 Talbot Miss Mary 
Thomas Mr. Samuel 
8 Tomlinson John, pig dealer 

8 Tomlinson Wm. pig and sheep 

Walters Philip, plumber, glazier, 

and painter 
Walton Benjamin, merchant 
Woodhouse Rev. G. W. curate 
Wrottesley Sir John, Bart. M.P. 

Wrottetlejf hall 
6 Young Mr. JoV\ii 

iNUa A»I> TlL'V^U.'S*- 

9 Board JosepVi*t\iOTV> F\el<U 




3 Boat, Sarah Nicholls 

8 Crown. Saml. Shotton {6l horse 

9 Mermud, Sarah Smith 
Mitre, Anthonv Lee 

Old Rose and Crown, Jas. Dawes 
Rose and Crown, Edw. Cotes 
3 Swan Inn, Edw. Butler 


6 Bate Wm. 

6 Hill Susannah 

Hayward Cbas. 

(j Matthews Ts. 

Moore John 

3 Moore Thos. 
Com Millers. 

6 Hickman Rd. 

4 Jones John 

3 Davies Jus. 

National, John 

Smith & Ann 

G Smyth Sarah 

Beer Howies. 
Barratt Thos. 
CoatesCharlotte 9 Sproson Beuj. 
3 Cowhorn J no. |9 Sproson Wm. 
2 Hard ware Wm. I Farmers. 

1 Cale Richard 
8 Cori^an Jas. 

3 Hope Thos. 
6 Matthews Ts. 
Parker Diana 
6 Southall Jas. 
9 Sproson Benj. 

Filkin Thomas 
8 Howell Thos. 
Southwick Hy. 

Shoemakers . 
(iCotterell (Jco. 
6 Dyas Mark 
8 aoui?h Rd. 
2 Wiii'dley Rt. 

! 8 Crulchley Ts. 
1 Davislliinh.G. 
Dickins John, 

Eurp Willium 
•1 Kv.ins Thos. 
Fleming Joliii, 

CrauK hall 
3 KlemingW.n. 
Foley Thos. Rt. 
8 Harris Thos. 
Ma iiscU William 


7 MatthewsJno. 
Moore Hugh, 

Palmer's cross 
9 Moore James 
5 Owen Henry 
3 Parsons John 

5 Pickin Geo. 
Southwick Wm. | 

Finchfield ' 
3 Thorpe Thos. 


8 Wilkes John 
8 Wright Rt. 


6 Davenport 

6 Turner Wm. 
Hinffe makers, 
6 Farnall John 

and William 
6 Wright John 

AVy makers. 
Beech Edward 
3 Hope Thomas 

Walker James 
G Wilkes Wm. 

Isock makers 
Chapman ^\ m. 
G Child John 
(i Colcy E. it R. 

Cotterell Hy. 
f)Cottcrell.I.tS:S. ; 

Davis J. (sasb) 
6 Kcclesball Ti. 
(» Groves Wm. 
(7 Guy Edward 
6 Jordan B.&R. 
Lee Anthony 
6 Mnrrin Jamei 
b' Marriott Jno. 
6 Nichols Boij. 
6 Riley Stph. 
6 Smith Thot. 
fi Toft Wm. 
b' Willington 

6 Wright Jno. 

3 Butler Edw. 
3 I'cak John 
Shaw Eliz. 

Shopkeepers. • 
.Mien Thomas 
3 BlakemoreJs. 
6 .Tames Wm. 
fi Knowles Jas. 
Llovd Charles 
Parker Diana 

3 Holies John 
6 James Wm. 
3 Nicholls Saml. 
Allen John, {&. 

2 Matthews Ts. 
2 Parker Thofc. 

TRYSULL, a small village, 5 milos S. \\\ of Wolver- 
hampton, comprising within its parish />(i2 inhabitants, and the 
hamlet of Seisdon. The waste land here was formcrlv very ex- 
tensive, but it has all been ciiclosod. Sir John ^^'rolteslev, 
Bart, is lord of the manor; but T. V, Pndsey, Ksij., Mr. John 
Perry, and Dr. Jcsson, have estates and neat mansions here. 
The CiiL'Kcii is a small ancient edifice, dedicated to All Saints, 
and having the figure of a bishop carved upon its tower. The 
living is annexed to the vicarage of Wombourn. The feast is 
on tlie nearest Sunday to November oth. The chtuities belong- 
ing to the parish are as follows : — 

lAnds at Bulwardine, in Claverley parish, comprising; about 
eleven acres, now let for £\o a-year, were purcliased in I()20, 
with several benefactions amounting to 4^<>3. Gs. H6. The sum 
liJCSOp obtuued by tho sale of uiubor uu x.\\\« V^wvi^ wah laid 



odI in 17^1 >D tl>* pnnbaM of 8. . . 
mt SwdoB, now lat Ibr 30«. tfymr. At tha nna dIim is a 
oottig* with 3a. 3k. itf land, pnnbaMd with the baqoMt nf 
Jtoy ^w^WMt in ITl^wcept* rawll anotmnit nMTed at 
tho w>c l o»i » in 1800. Tha poor of Tryinll hA*a kbo S) acrM 
of Iu4 at lytoplay, naar KiddermiDito', porehawd Id 1712 
widi aatcfil iJoMdoni, and now let for £i. Si, par auiium, of 
wUelv lla.ii to pnnida lohoid books. They bare likewise 
duMaBaridaa,«mraiitiiwta^. 12*., laftby JoAn JIm{^, io 
nUi ^mmWImlm, IniraS: and JfAm KMnf, in 1788; Bod 
£1. Vh, tamng yearij fron XiOO thraa par cant, atock, par- 
cbaaad with the ban^Ktiona of Th«nai and Santnel PakA, in 
JSOI^ farthaaqnalbmalltortheaeboolaDdpoor. Oftbefore- 
Bolnr fkuid* (aawMntiiv to X31. 8a. 9d. per ennani,) £26. 8a. 
9d. & dirtribated in Angnat, nod the net at Chriitmu. 

The Am fiUUef WM endowed by O'homa* Rodge with :£200, 
wbidi wan Ud est In tha pnrahaM of a barn and 18 acrn of 
land, at Voodhall, nnrTrlmpley, now let for £15 perannom, 
for wbicb, and the yeerly ■um of 30b. from Peach'i charity, 
the maitw inatmcta eleven poor children, and supplies thctn 
with neceiMry alationery. In 1820, there was limber on the 
echool land *wtb £60. 

SiB8noiI,'tbe email bamlet which girea name to this pnpu- 
lone handled, Ilea near the borders nf Bhropshire, ooe luile 
N. W. of Trnoll, where there is a narrow bridge of several 
arehea orer toe river Sineatall. Upon ■ lofty height which forma 
the boandaiy line between the two couolies, ia the ancient en- 
trenekmeiU called Apeaood Cattle. I'he whole extent of Ihe 
ridre for a mile in length, has hollows cat in the ground, over 
which the poeseeaore are auppoaed to have aet their tenta, so as 
to fami«ne continued line of defence. The lones in the ad- 
joininK parish of Womboum, are perhaps the cemeteries of 
•nme Romans of rank, who vere slain in an sttemptto dislodge 
the Britons from Ibis strong position, which is so admirably cal- 
ealnted by nature as well as art for a rigorous resistance. Near 
Beiadon Common is a large triangular stone, called the f^aT 
Ae«0,andataahorldi8laDce is a small square camp with asingic 

Mbrktd 1 arr at Seiidm, •md 
lUmtml Tryiult. 
Barnaley Hra. Rebecca 
Blont Simeon, day school 
BraAeyWrn. beer bouse 
1 Caaawdl Jno. vict 9eveu Stare 
EM Captain John 
Kid MiB. Sarah 
BIbki Joaeph, corn miller 
Jaaaon Henry, H.D. 
Jcaaoa Rer. Wm- cunU 

Law, Stephen, gardener 
Massey Fauny, blacksmith 
Perry John, neat. 
1 Fudsey Thomas Fesch, E»q. 
Richards Benj. vict. h. giaidcner. 
Bobatbon Wm. overaeer 

lAsbtonJohn ] Tranter Ed w. 
1 Benton Oanl. IWitsouJnu. 
Bradley Tbo«. | 

'li^S Sf.l»l>ON M('M)RE». 

n'O^rKOURN i! n lurge and ancient nllugp, 4 niilet S. ^ 
W, of WolierhHmpton, occupied cliielly Ijy nsilcis, who work 
fur the nei^horirinfr mnnurnclurps. The piiri^h ciimpriae* Bboui 
41IWI icres of light, loamy land, remarkuble for the early pro- 
duce of vegetables and ci>rn ; extensive garden anil norKrr 
proundi having long been cultivated here. It i> divided into 
\wo loHnuhips, vii. H'otnboura, which include* the bamletof 
Swindon, and had U71 inbnhitants; and Orion, which ba< odIj 
17f) inhahitnnta. $ir John M'rotteitley, Bart., the imprnprUlor 
of the lilhc!!, is lord nf (he manors of Wombourn and Orion; 
Dnd the executors nf the late Rarl Dudley aro bids of Swindon. 
The other principal landnwnera in the parish, are the Rev, Wd. 
Dalton, 'I'hoinaa Shaw Hcllter, Esq. of fFoodkottte, (a plN- 
sant seat in a picturesque vullcy near Wnmbnuro, anciently oc- 
cupied by a family of its own name ;) nnd Afiss Mury Tongue, 
of Urlon. The two townships support (heir poor conjointly, 
but tlie three mnDor* or litierties, repiitr (heir roads separately. 
The Church was buil( hv one ot the Priors of Dudley, abuat 
Iheyear 1 1'O, and is di>dicn(pd (o St. Benedict. The' spire is 
turiniiuntod by (he figure of a Urge dragon. The in(erinr wai, and an or<^n added by ^ir ^nmud Ilellier. Kn(., 
v'lio died in IT''-, "lid it wa' ui;)iin repaired iind new pcwed is 
lAifi. Its chief olijpctnfiiiir.ictiim U iin elegant mnnvni^^f from 
til.- c-liisd <il Chiiiitri<>, ill nie<i.i>rv of the Inte Richard Bavtcy 
Mur^li, Esq. ol [.liiyd'linii«p, anil rcprc!icntin|; in bas. relief, 
tbe fifrnreof Grief weeping' over an urn. The henefict, with 
(hat iif Trvsnll annexed to it, is n discharged fi'-nriff, fnrmerlv 
in (ho gift of the IInd^<!tts, but now in (be pulrunoge of a num- 
ber of ttusli'c... The Uev. T]io«. Philip Foley, of Old f^win- 
ford, i* the incumbent. The pnrisli frml is on the InM ^undav 
in October. The Cbiirch Sunday i^hool wns e-dihlished in 
lti05, and a new huiUling wa-i erected for it in IfXI, at the ex- 
pense of Mr*. Dalton, of Llnvd House, in (he piiri^li '.f Pcnn. 

Bcnf/ntiions .-—The poor have two annuities of iJlts. left hv 
Edward Bud, in Ifi47, nnd Ifaltcr rrooMinn^, in HW? ; anil 
also the dividi.nd. of ilL'7. Us. lOd. three per i-cnt. consols, 
purchased with f 100, IcftbySir i^amuel Hellier, in I7!i2. In 
1800, IVillinm P'trAcr (who wus nftcrnards murdered.) gave 
by will A'lOO to (he poor of the l.iUvlji i.f Sn-hid'm; but bis 
executor, ^Ir. John VViljon, refused to pay it on tlin |;ruiind 
that (he tol.itnr's personal esiste bad been enbaiisied by the 
payment of debts, &c. ; lint (bis wus jiroved (o Ih- ermniNHis by 
the Parliamentary fJomuiissi oners, und wc trust tbut it will yet 
be recovered witli urrcnrs nf interest. 

Oktok ii a hanilvt near the canal, I mitcN. W. of Wnmhourn. 

BwiHtiON, commonlv called Swin^ is a «mall villnge and 
■uor 8 miles S. 8. W. of U'oinbourn, on (he canal nnd the 
rlrer Bmetttmil, where there are iron work*, several com niilU, 
aai detail House, the teat «t WWVimi VVticttAi, (,™\. U^ 

woMwtflur FAmna. 

1796, • Urgt GomnMB Id Ihii OMUMr mi cneloMd, tnd U now 
food tomip and barley hud ; the billy parti hava been planted. 

« vary ptetqiaaqne. 

. irtToa4«ireroil>, &c. 

1 Tonne UiM Hary gentwu. 
YoA John, ^iwber, painur, &c. 

OU BiMb, Jobn Noake 
Red IiioD, Edward Tranter 
Round Oak, OUtct Richardi, 

Hil) John, wa. 
HiU Richard 

1 Board, Wn. Blewiu, £ntrA 

Cartwrighi Cha. 
8 BobKni Jei__ 
York Wm. (and 

2 Beddwrd Ju. 
Bullock Saml. 
2 Coz Wjlliain 
CrOTdon John 
1 Joan Eli 

Bre water John 

H.yw»rd Wm. 

(& butcher) 

2^17 Jamt 
York Peter 
OtrAnrri mill 
I/ krt cr f V i eti. 
Cartwright J no. 
niaburr Geo. 


1 UwJohn 

2 Perry Wm. 

CoTOt B«nj. 
Pyalt Wm (it 
nail factor) 

WOODFORD GRANGE, the lul place we have to deBcribe 
in the Seiadon Hundred, ii an extra parochial farm belonging 
to Sir John Wrottealev, Bart, end occupied by Capt. Joba 
Diekin. It ii pleaiantly situated 6 milei S. W. by S. of Wol- 
icrhaBpton, and U nearly encompaased by two bnmcbei of ihe 
liver Sneatall, and the SCaHbrdshire and Worcesterabire canal. 


rn eilra-BoracAial nlacri »nd Ihirly-tighl forukti, tub- 
of wbich Utter nine are tilso 

._ ibit of the landa and buildtnn, ai auesied for the propertv 

nlBlBlS, and Ibe^siw/alJDii of eacli place in IBOl lad 1831 1 Yrotu 

MA it will be seen, that rhe numbri uf inhabitAoti bere has beru 

H^ doabled during tbe luttbirtr years i but thig augmentation 

' principally occnn^ iu the South Uiriaion of the HuDdrtd, wUrb 

■■■art 01^ the great mining and Dianofacturing til ><(^- 


Iiiprliy iiiliadovniliiii.] 














ALdiidge piilih .- . 

ni M 

Frmdlry lownihip - - 



Birt (Gicit) dup. 


m M 


m\*-- . 


«i n 


a H 

B ran It J Rrf li piriih 


m' DiiJ..[onp.r.A ■■ 


am w 



433n 1 DnylDO-BuMt piT. 

ats 1 EiroTdpiciih 

m! «D 

B,lri.«^E»iri l.p. 



sill 1 FirtwtUAC holier p. 

latf M 

MDrningl.iw t.p, .- 

mg lu 


*» I Pony B.rT h.m. i 


lU H.rb<.unpin.h..) 

""1 ;^ i^ 


177 |l MinT.'p.ri^h-^.l'.. 

3;3a! w m 


443 , Hopwu-Hty n fu. 

»«>| 3 1 

tDIDnha.nLM--. \ 


\ LorgJnq pinih ■■.- 
U NnrUHi-uailH.rin- 

aiTaj MS ih; 


J-w' W EH 

«MbLtv iwp. ... r ■ OslrT-H.y«1«pir. 

1 1 S *l 


llil tiu.lull pilKh 

37i» 4SS an 

aw 1 Shon,.™. p^ri-h .- 

liiw, lan iw 


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.. 1 Cmibcford, Cn-[ 

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Rd] Lh Inn purl <h . . 


E'.M^ 4810 


siJ 1' Ti pi™ parish 


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Ofplow HovDRBn it one of the lar|;e8f and most populous 
divuioM of Staflbrdshirey ibrminff the south-eaateni portion of 
the coanty, ttmchinr sonthward from the river Dove to the 
•nTiront of Binniii^aiD, Dudley, Bilston, and Wolverhamp- 
ton, and having in its centre the citj of Lich6eld, to the north 
of which it has an extensive and highly, cultivated agricultural 
district^ indoding Need wood Forest ; and to the south it has 
WalsaDy WedDeranry, and many populous parishes engaged 
in the coal mines and iron manufactures. Its length from north 
to south is aboot 30 miles, and its average breadth from eight 
to twelva miles. It is bounded on the north and north-east by 
Berhyshira, lirom which it is separated by the rivers Dove, 
Trettt, and Mease; on the soath-east by Warwickshire, on 
the south by two detached portions of Salop and Worcestershire, 
and on the w«Bt by the other four hundreds of Staffordshire. — 
It is well watered oy rivers and brooks, and intersected by tho 
** Wfriey and Esdngton,** the <* Trent and Mersey," and other 
canals. It has generally a champaign character, having ex- 
tensive and highly cultivated plains, broken only by gentle un- 
dulations of the earth, except on its southern and western bor- 
ders, where some of the hills rise rather abruptly. The low 
lands in the vales of the Trent, Tame, and Dove, are frequently 
irrigated by the inundations of those rivers, and form rich pas- 
tures, celebrated for fiat cattle, and the production of cheese. 
The higher lands produce excellent crops of corn, especially 
barley; and about Lichfield, immense crops of onions, carrot*;, 
and other vegetables, are raised ; the soil being a deep red loam, 
which is very light and friable from Watling-street to the 
Trent, but assumes a stronger character to the east of the Tame, 
and between the Trent and Dove. Needwood Forest, and all 
the commons in this hundred, are now enclosed, except a largo 
tract which forms part of Cannock Chase. The market towns 
within its limits are Burton-upon-Trent, Tamworth, Walsall, 

• Bnrton-on-Trrat pariih has three other townships in Derbyshire. 

t Edii^le is partly in Derbyshire, in Croxall parish. The population, inc. 
of QiJrIsy < extra parochial) is included with it. 

X heedtcood Forest wss inclosed in 1802, and divided amongst the townships 
of tlMl four adjoining parishes, viz. Hanbury, Tatenhill, Tutbury, and Yoxall, 
but ccdeciastically it is still united, under a new church erected for the convcni- 
I of Its inhabitants. 

I Ogley-Hay is uninclosed, and adjoins Cannock Chase and Hammertvi'-h.-^ 
latter is in St. Michael's parish, UdifleMt and is there described. 

tt Tmrmhom valuation was included with Whittington. 
tX Tamavorth borough is partly in Warwickshire, in which county it has 
■liO fbor tosmkhips. Sytrtcote is in the North Division of Offlow Hundred. 

II OrrLOW Ht'NDRKD comprises besides the above, four townships belong* 
li^ to WoLTCRHAMPTON PARISH, (vIde p. 163,) and several hamlets and 

lipa belonging to the Lichpikld Parikrks, enumerated on a preceding 
Jmifry CatUa is in the South Div. of this Hundx^, \m\. \\v« Xty^nxV^i'vcv 
Including thtM placet, Uie total pOjpuUlVon tili V\v\« \\utvv\ic^ Vo. 
wm ns,S08 tauh. 


Wednesburv, and Lichfield ; ))ut the latter citv forms a coantT 
of itself, thoug:h locally situated in the centre of this Hundred. 
ALDRIDOE is a large and well-built villag^e, seated on s 
pleasant declivity 3 miles X.E. of Walsall, and gives name to 
a large parish which extends to the confines of Wanii'ickshire, 
and is divided into the two townships of Aldridge and Great 
Barr; the former containing ^41, and the latter ij59 inhabi- 
tants. Aldridge township comprises about 3000 acres of land, 
mostly in a hi^h state of cultivation, having generally a soand 
gravelly loam, and in some places a strong clay, of which ex- 
cellent bricks arc made, though some of it contains small lime- 
stone pebbles, which have to be picked out by the brickmaken. 
Druids* Heath and Mill Green^ two neighbouring' hanlHi 
within amile north of the village, are both in the manor andtovn- 
ship of Aldridge, of which (.'hundars Leigh, Esq., is lor^ya- 
ramount, and holds a court leet; but ^Irs. CroxaJl, of Shat- 
6toke,*\Varwick8hire, and .U)hn JSwift, Edward Tongue, James 
Guest, William Dilkc, and William Leigh, Esqrs., claim the 
game on their own estates ; and besides them here are many 
smaller owners. On Druids' Heath, which adjoins CannocK 
Chu'Sp, are Copy Hull and Druid's Place, two ancient seats; 
and in the village of Aldridge, is the modern mansion of E. 
Tonguo, Esij. The Church is a fine old fabric in the pointed 
>tyle, dedicated to St. Mary, and containing several monu- 
niL-ni-s tu the ^r^cotts, and other families, one of which supports 
a recuinbont etfigy of Robert Staplclon. 'J'he living is a rectory 
valued in the King's bofiks at £^. Is. 3d. The nev. Henr}* 
Harding, M.A., is the incumbent, and Sir Edward Dolman 
J^cott, Bart., the patron, whose brother, the late rector, re- 
built the rectory house in !>-•>. The parish clerk has X'2^ 
yearly, a.s the rent of nine acre?! of land and three houses, left 
by an unknown donor. 

Custutn Monnf, — It was formerly customary for the rector 
of AIdridj:e, on every C'hristnjas day, to rrgale all his pa- 
rishioners who choose to come to the rectory, with as much 
" bread, beef, mustard, and vinegar" as they could eat ; but 
this has long been changed for a money payment, — the rector 
now paying to every housekeeper, wJio demands it, in Ald- 
ridge, ()d. ; and in (Jrcat Barr, ^'^d. The origin of the custom is 

The Free School was built by subscripti<m in I7l^» *m land 

given by the Rev. Thomas Cooper. In the same year it was 

endowed by the Rev. John Jordan, with >everal pieces of 

land, which, with several allotments made at the nulosure oi 

Great Barr and Druidb' Heath commons, now comprises about 

00 acres, let for ^l 15 per \ear. which is the whole income of 

kticbool, except £2 paid yearly by the overseGr«, as the bcne- 

Mhw oi John Twyford. The scIuhU is o^»entoall the boys nf 

Jdrid^, fruin 6 to 14 \oars of age, Ircv l^\ cllY^ivw<^. ^-kcvvv 


for Ixiok. pens, ink, and firing ; hut the miuiter is allouerl tn 
take boarderp. Here is slao a free tchool for six poor (lirh, 
endowed with land let for jC12 a-ycar, but the particuhirs ot 
the foundation are unknown. 

The Benefactions to the poor of Aldridge are of the follow- 
infi: yearly value, viz. ;€15 from land purchased with Catherine 
f^alker's legacy, in 17^6 ; 10s. out of Bowen Meadows, left bv 
jl/r. Shnkins ; 10s. out of Middleinoor Crofts, by Thomas 
Harrison; I (is. out of Long Lee, by Thomas Cooper; IO9. 
out of White Quales, by John Harrison; £5 by Thomas 
Cox, oat of his estate in Aldridge ; 5s. by John Cox, out of 
land in Walsall Wood; ^2 by John Ttryford, out of the poor 
rates ; 48. by Elizabeth Thompson, in 17(*7 ; <£2. 2s. out of Xo- 
vington Farm, in Whittington, by Thomas Latham, in 1^07 ; 
26s. bv Thomas Davill, out of land in Hosty Lane ; and 22s. 
by John Jordan, out of land held bv the Croxall family. 

Grrat Bakr, 2^ miles S.E. of Walsall, is a small But plea- 
nant village, seated on the declivity of the luHy Bnrr-leacon, 
which stretches itself out to a considerable extent, and seems 
like a vast barrier to the country beyond it. Thisr hill is sup 
posed by antiquaries to have been the elevated pr>int frcin which 
the Druids gave notice to the penple of their quarterly sncrifiros. 
and in the tfme of the Suxons a beacon was placed upon it to 
:ilurm the country on any inva-^ion of the Danes. 'J'he town 
ship and chapclr\' of (ireat l^arr contains about oUOO acre««, and 
includes man v scattered houses, and the hamlets of IlardwirK-, 
Marnarel's Lane, i<rott\\ yJrms, Srfrar^ Cimny Little Ayfnn, 
and Qiir^t/ett or Qurstfty ; extending rastwar«l to the exteTi>i\c 
h^ath of .Sutton C.'<)ldtiehl, a lari^e portion of which is yet unen- 
closed ; but the tfreater part of the \va«tc i» in Warwick>liire, 
and the remainder in this township and that of Perry Uarr, 
which adjoins* it on the south. Lady Lee, of Stoneley Abbey. 
Warwickshire, and Sir K<lward Dolman Scott, Hart. M.I*., who 
resides in the hall here, are the principal owners; and though 
the latter is lord of the manor, the former claims a paramount 
jnritdiction, and holds a court leet. liarr IJafl^ formerly callotl 
Nether House, has long been the scat of the family of St'ott, 
and stands in a romantic valley, surrounded by an extensive 
lawn, a deer park, and a i^reat variety and abundance of trees, 
with a charming sheet of water in front. Near the flower garden 
ia a beautiful urn of siatuarv marble, to the memory of Miss 
Mary I^<ilman, whose elegant epitaph in Latin, inscribed on the 
pedestal, is from the pen of her cousin, the celebrated Shen- 
stone, who added much to the sylvan beauties of this delightful 
residence. In the village is a good inn called the Gough\^ ytrms^ 
from John (iough, Ks(|., who has a large estate here. Rni 
House, near Sneal's fireen, is a neat <iothicseat belonging to 
Robert Scott, Esq., hut occupied by J, V . BwViW , ¥.«^«\. V>\\ 
lire north side of the chapelry is jJldridye Lttd(}f\ V\\<i s^;vX <A \V^ 


Rev. T. B. AiianiB, and near ii is a aiotll Imke railed Hourn 
Pool, rot fnr from which is on ancient moaled houie, and tbc 
Hay-licait ilmc work*, from H'hirh there w a braoch to tbt 
M'yrley sod KsMnaton canal, (ireat Barr Chafki. ii an elt- 
gvnt structure Btanding on an eminence shaded by a number nf 
luftv elms. It wBi founded by a Mrs. Bromwich, and the lii 
belfs were the ^\H of a .Mrs. Whitby, but it has since been 
nearly rebuilt, and ornamented with beaatifui painted ^Mn 
windows. The painting; in tbc east window is the work ofAIr. 
Kginton, and in stylo and execution is not inferior to loanj of 
the most spproi'ed productions of this art in more rcmnte timet. 
The curacy is in the gift of the rector of Aldridge, and the Rar 
1'. G. M. Liickock is the incumbent. Tlic C/uipef Landt con- 
sist of f>(ijt. 171*. of land on Barr Common, obtained at the en- 
closure in IT'*!*, from ibc late Sir Joseph Hcott, in escbknge 
for the Cbapcl llilU, which hud been held from time immemo- 
rial for the benelit of the clerk and the chapel, toj^ther with 
sonic other land and buildings, which have been sold or otber- 
wise alienated for the purpose of repairing the chapel. The 
allotment was let, in l!:'^^, for on Iv 4^24 a year, but itiinow 
worth ncarlv double that rent. Ilalf of the income is paid to 
theclerk. In IfS'i, the late Sir .loseph Scott, one of the trot- 
tees, had expended at various time*, in repairing and lieautify- 
ing the chapel, about XI7'^<'- Amonj^t lii" improvements are 
an organ, new windown, (seven of Ihem painted,) a new spire, 
battlement'", and porch, an altar-piece, if. &c. Towards tbis 
expense be rcceiveil several large sums for timber, and by sell- 
ing part of the chapel land. 

The l-'rrp Schw.l, on Sncal"* ("ireen. wilh a dwelling-boose, 
two ndi<iiniii<; Icnemcnti, and liveaerc* of land, were bequeathed 
in 17-:^, hy Tlf.mia M'l<irt, for the education of 1.1 poor chil- 
dren. Ilj4 brother, Nicholas Addres. in I7.'t3, increased this 
endowment hy n b('i|iie<>t nf the .Mill Vield, which wa!i exchanged 
at the incliBiiire for -"n. Ib. 1'Ip., called Little llills, and now 
let for HM. t:.'s. per annum. There is aUo an allutiiieni of 
/lA. ^11. If. given in satisfaction of the common right of the 
school property, and now lot for £:>, 5s. per annum. The 
HchularA have Ih'I'U increased to J<\ and are clntheil venrlv from 
the interest nf XVW left hv Mr'. Ann Scott, in IcilJ. 'in the 
chapel yard is a IHrh' Seiio'-I, jiaid in have been built br the 
Iloo faniily, now reprcsentctl by the »tcotts. It \t endoucd for 
fire free scholar*, with .t'.!, M^. per annum, left by John Scott 
knd Joseph (iibhons. 

Thcnoor oftireat Barr havelhe following .vfirrtyrfo/"!, w. 
^iileft by Thomas Addycs, in 17:^:.', for clothing; £-1. li's. by 
Mr. Braiiburn, to provide iJs. worth of bread even' other Sun- 
^v; £i. Ills. hvThos. Itroiuwich, nut of land at llandswonh : 
Md'.t'y. Ill*, lefl' hy Thus. fox. from land at Aldrid|cc. Tliv 

wa MtMr sr* gifan nnj m Wbit-UoBdajr, b7 tlw cK^kI- 

7»Mt mmW 1 rmUt «t 
flnU** AMI, md%mt tm 

CofrmnMm, ttOat 
CnwtM TMh^ budter 
Dwb B«r. Gaoqe 
tfardlMT Ber. Hnir, H.A. kcUt 

1 HUlHr. Suaoel 

2 JockBon Cb«. brw founder 
KealinK Jofaa 
LcaTtUHDis, gnt. 

MaTtin AdUl ftilMr ^^ vheclght. 
2 Min* S«Bh, enanUler, Little 

Hold Chuki, plnaiber, glaiier, 

Nawbf fie^.rope&'tiriDenianfr. 
1 Olvar TIhhdm, iroa (ouoder, 

faget Hennr I^eigb, lurgeon 
PeriT CIiuIm, {winter 
Priocs Wb. baker uid grocer 
Prioee Wb. ihoeiiiaker 

~Iplim. brick m 

r. Jph.M.A. CnprAoi/ 
wiMiPMui^ Uiu Ann 
Swift Joha, not- 
TWotoH Hr. John 
Tamgm Edward, Esq. 
TTilamnii Janw, Rent. 
WAMer William, Uilor 

AIlMTt Hi*. Wm. (lidiM- bdgO 
B«Qh Eliaabelh, (day) 
imAaua Edw. (gent. bdg. It. day) 

b and Harrow, William 
*WMl, Jamn Briscoe 

■■ak wouas. 
Clown, Joaaph Rernol 
Ar>M». &tki 

lAlUaatarDan. ~ ~ 
2 CUV John 

HiB|[litiw Wn, 


Martin TliM. 

2HiUi Sarah, 





Tttate nwritKf 1 nuMr Mar («( 
Gangk'i Armt, 2 Houviri Row, 
3 Ahb/'i Crtm, 4 W«( Arom- 
vich Road, b Afarganl'i t.a«', 
6 QiteilUII, 7 OmiwM, 8 Hard- 
vick, 9 ifsMni /'«•/, 10 Bourn 
Vilt, 11 ToMmorlh Road, and Vi 

t AttwoDd Cbarlea, butcher 

I Ball Jama, brickroaker 

3 Barber John Vau^iaa, Esq. 
banker, Redkotut 

b Birch Joseph, com miller 
5 Bavler Thomu, thoemaker 

5 Balden Uiu Elii. Thorohill 
12 Bradbury Wm. bricklayer & 

II Brindley John, lime muter, 
cement mimf. and magiitrulci' 
clerk. Moat kimtt 

3CoiMn. Jane 

1 Davis John, brickmaker, (and 

4 Darit John, tailor 

6 Dixon Min Catherine 

1 Elirell Stephen, toll eoDtractor 
4 Finch Francis, Eiq. iron master 
1 Fletcber Richard Wealley, mer- 
chant, {Si. WalMll) 
1 HiileB Edward, joiner 
12 Hall John, gent. Barr villa 
4 Hall niomw wLeelwright 
1 Hsncock Beiij. gimekeeper 
10 Hiirding Mmthew, tliruhiu^ 
macliiae owoei 




5 Hobhiiis John, ironiuonirer, 

2 Howell Mrf. Mar J 
2 Lebon Joaienli . irm!. 
i Liickcock Rev. Tuom.i«» (ieo. 

Mortimer, M.A. curstte 
2 Mist Janurs, iun. gardener 
4 Purkes Elizaueth sliopkeejH'r 
A Pinches Thomas, merchant 
4 I'ouutney John, croctfr, a>&ist. 

overseer, and tonsirtble 

11 Ross Samuel, awl blade maker 
Scott Sir Kdward Dplman, Bart. 

M.P. Barr halt 
\ Seavill John, cent. 

12 Siddons Charles, cattle dealer 

1 Smith John, pent. Grove rri.V 

4 Tandv Mrs. Sarah 

.5 Welch John gun lock m.ikcr, x 
chapel clerk 

5 Welch Wm. gun lock maker 


2 Bewlay Sarah, ladies* bdj.; 
12 Mardsnir Eliz. ^^'■' ?.'»'.'»./; 

4 Mayne Williani, bojirdini.'' 
.\ M o'so 1 e V W I II . Ad il vc ' s ch ;i r i ■- V 

« ■ ■ 

and bdg. ' 

innj! and p; ui.if ii'.n *i>. 
BuU'a Head, \Wu]. H;iH. Dawi;: 1 



1 Gou^h's \riiii, 

'i llorus, Thomas Sparke« 


1 lUucHell, Williani loston, lA 

4 Nf;il! Shot el. Thomas Emery 

lilni.'<*'nitks. . 1 Paget Jpb. 

1 >ize Juhii 9 Parrat JaiiMi 

t> S|.arkt-iTho». S Kiley Joahna 

S Tiirley J ph. 

1 Allen D. 

I Hei«on Hd. 

II KootThos. 
1] D:tyTh>5. 

11 Downing Ts. 
10 Marahin T.s. 
10 HarabinWm. 
(> Inson Geo. 

7 Lee Thomas 

8 Mastrreave J. 
1 Miaiiley Rd. 

12 Mo«»re Win. 
Old hall 

1 t ><borii'i T<. 
I» Ois'i.irr.e N\ isi. 
1 t >>boriU' Wui. 

.'l Prt^-l t IJiUJ. 

Ihli trip 

1 r.icet D:tv:.i 

12 Sheldon Fn. 

1 Smith Bichd. 

RafhaJl - 
7 Snilh Tbot. 
7 Smitk Thot. 

I Tenv Sarah 

I I Titley Hphy. 
12 Whiiehoiue 

John, Chapel 

Whorley Geo. 

vdc maltster) 
1 1 WooA Eliz. 
f) Veomans Jdo. 
Spci tficU Frame 

■'« Boyce J a*. 
.'> Jones J ph. 
'i iandv vVra. 
S Wriufit J ph. 

ALR^*^^' A> i« an pxieri<ive vir.s::o |i!oa'anii/ situated on the 
*ouih bank of the Trent, ojini»*itt> to \^'jfiinor. one mile W. of 
the mouth of the rivor Tamo, and five an*! a-haif mile* N. E. of 
Lichfield. Its oenlrt' i'^ cios«i*d bv the Trent and Merscv canal, 
and lis eafitcrn extreniit\ by tlic Burton load. The parish isao 
extensive and level district, coiripri«*iiij; the three townships of 
Alrowas Frwdiey, and Oipreavi', in which are 1«'"»7 inhabitants, 
and o2A\) acre.-? of rich irrazin;r land, of whicli, '22'\9 acres were 
not enclosed tiii attcr thv.» year 17''-i. Tliis is exclusive iii At- 
T'.ivas Htiii^ which is exti.i jiar-'cliiyl. and was n<u wholly en- 
closed till after tl.e year 1p2o. Th" K:ir' of I.ichrield is lord of 
the njanor, and owner of ncci.'ly ail ihc l'.«r..*. He i«^ a!«> lessee 
•tf the rectorial llihe* under tl.-e Char.L'f-'.'oi r-f Lichfield Cathe- 
dral, wh(»eniov« thn Pr'f.-y'^"f\ih'^if.''i<, in<s*ituted by the Hi- 
shop of LtchfieM in '^'22. In the tiivie of tl-.e Saxons this exlon- 
•ive manor i.'eionirc'd lo Aiuar, Fn:' 'if Mi?iria. It wa* after- 
Ward* held by the Contjueior. and :> described m DomCMiai, 
hook as containing ci^h: i:di<icato« of arable land ; two in de- 
mesne, and six held by .\ bondman. 20 v<'iian.<. boruar5, aud 
Mprieat; together wiih iwemv-foviv a':\Q^ r»( u>cadow; a fishers 
th»t yielded' I nOfI p«d>, ai^d •\ \\i.vv\ ot\«' w»\V.' \\\\<svTt^V . ^v»N\i.-i! 



a mile in breadth. King John minted the manor in fee-farm 
to Roger de Somenrille, and in 1660, it was sold bySir Francis 
Bovnton, for £3130, to John and Philip Turton^'Esqrs. whose 
deacendant, John Turton, Esq. of Shugiiall, sold it in 1?^^} to 
thatdiadngoiahed naval commander, the first Lord jinson, from 
wliOM H baa descended to the Eari of Lichfield, J[yide Shug- 
boroogb;) The pariah Churchy dedicated to All Saints, is a fine 
apflciiiien of Saxon architectore, bat it has undergone many re- 
painLaBd over the western door is the date 1627. The Chancel- 
MT of Liehfteld is its prebendary, and also patron of Uie vicarage, 
whieb ia now enjoyea by the Rev. John Moore, M. A. Among 
cIm remarkMe events recorded in the Register Book, are the 
following :—<)n Nov. 11th, 1585, ** a blazing starre" f comet J ap- 
peared^ and waa aeen for forty da}-s after; in 1593, the Plague 
carrlod off 200 at Alrewas, and more than 1100 at LichBeld ; 
160)y SaUef't Brkb*, which crosses the Tame, was rebuilt two 
feet broader than ux old structure; 1613, Robert Nevill and 
his son were Irillad by lightning under sn oak in Salterholme- 
fleld; 16H the mill at Alrewas-Hay was re-built ; 1621, King 
Jamea waa at Wichnor Hall ; 1643, an alehouse near the Church 
waa Vomt down, together with an adjoining house and bam ; 
1675, on Jaaaary 4th, a terrible earthquake was felt; I7ll» all 
the Charefa baDs were re-cast; in 1794, six troops of yeomanry 
catMiAjr ware raised in Staffordshire, and trained on Fradley 
Headi. In tiia same parochial register, it is recorded that an 
ezteoaive eoUen mill was erected at Alrewas a few years prior 
to 1793, by Messrs. DickinsandFinloo, of Burton-upon-Trent. 
About sixteen years ago, part of this mill was wilfully destroyed 
by fire, and the incendiary \vns condemned to die, but his sen- 
tence waa commuted for imprisonment on theground of insanity. 
The mill is now occupied by a wire drawer, a needle maker, 
a com miller, and a luce thread doubler. A Wesleyan Chapel 
waaboilt here in 1805; one for the Primitive Methodists, in 
1888; Mud tL National School, in 1815. The parish feast is on the 
Sunday after All Saints' day. In 1832, the parishioners erected 
JISqt Poles in the three townships of the parish, with suitable 
inacriptions, to commemorate the passing of the Reform Hilly 
and as a testimony of their p^ratitude to Earl Lichfield for the 
irmand unremitting zeal which he displayed in supporting that 
great national measure. The pole at Alrewas cost about .£30. 
The comparative extent of each township is shewn by the quotas 
paid to tne Church and County rates, Alrewas pajing five- 
eighths, Fradley two-eighths, and Orgreave one-eighth. A 
Loek'Up or temporary prison, was built here in 1832 ; but the 
Petty Sessions are held at the Wichnor Inn, on the opposite 
aide of the Trent. 

The poor of Alrewas parish have by some anciet^t ^^^^> "^ 
variy distribution of sixteen bushels of r^'e, cwiX ol liJbfc Greai 
'SAsr of the parish. They have also the tciiI oi vvtl ^et^% oV 




land, called Great Bumlly left by an ankDowa.dooor, and an 
further relieved by the followiDg yearly sams, ni. : 10s. left by 
fVilliam Bradbury, in 1B41, oat of land called Grearen, Ijiiv 
in Banbutts ; 10a. out of Furlone close, left hyJohn Kirkkmm, 
in 1737; Sb. out of land in Mickleholme, left by fFm. fFrMi; 
5s. left by John Yeld, out of Burway meadow; 5s. len by 
Thomas Shemmandtj out of the Leens close ; and £4. 10s. as 
the interest of £90, left by Francis CM, in.l804. AmoDest tbe 
LOST CMARITIB8 of this parish is the interest of £55, left in 
J 692, by William Turton, Esq., and from the year 1777 to 
1814, paid out of Highlins Park, a part of the demesne of the 
Duchy of Lancaster, lately held by Lady Evelyn, a descendant 
of the testator. 

Fradlev, 1 mile S. of Alrewas, is a small village, com- 
prising within its township about 1300 acres of land, and 382 
inhabitants. Fradletf Heaih formed part of the extensive waste 
of Alrewas'Hay, but was enclosed about the year 1805. Pkitt 
says, on one part of this common is a remarkable sfrinfft val- 
frarly said to ))e bottomless, which always o\*erilow8, and though 
in a low situation, actually permits the plummet to descend 42 
feet. On the canal, half a mile S. of Fradley, is Dunstall wharf 
and hamlet. 

Orrobavk is a small village and township, on the south 
bank of the Trent, half a mile W. of Alrewas. It has 123 in- 
habitants, and about 700 acres of land. The Hall, now a form- 
house with a fine avenue of elms, was formerly the seat of the 
Adams familv, the paternal anccf^tors of the Earl of Lichfield. 

ALREWAS-HAV, 4 miles N. by E. of Lichfield, is an «r- 
tr a parochial Whariw, belonging to the Earl of Lichfield, and 
containing the small village of Fradley Junction, so called 
from the Fazeley,and Trent andMersey canals, which here unite. 
This district, which has now 77 inhabitants, was formerly an 
open forest or chase, and at the time of the conquest, pertiaps 
formed the extensive icood noticed in Domesday book. It was 
not wholly enclosed till 182G. 

Baggaley John, gent. Alrewas 

Battelle Thos, Esq. (8f Elford) 
Bean Hanh. straw hat maker 
Brooks Jeremiah, manager 
Cross Mr. William 
Dagley Mr. Daniel 
Farmer Mrs. Sarah 
Genders Thomas, gentleman 
Gillott Samuel, nail maker 
Gould Ralph, cart owner 
Graham James, cooper 
Green James, butcher 
Green John, wool sorter 
Green Joseph, butcher 

Green Thomas, saddler 

Ilackett & Essex, needle mnfis. 

Haytbom T. W. lace thread mnfr. 
{and yottinsrham) 

Heath Danielj gentleman 

Hickson Mrs. Penelope 

Kent Isaac, joiner 

Kent John, wire drawer, & bon- 
net wire, k. hair pin manfr. 

Knight Rd. gent. Dunstall bdg. 

Lakm John, gentleman 

MarshallThomas, grocer, drapei , 
cotton ball mnfr. and apint to 
the Manchester Fire Ofhcc 

May James, iunior, bricklayer 
\ Moore Bjcv. 3o>\\\, >\. K.. n\c«x 


■t^ler, & bop 1( Mcdmert. 
Oiboni J^n, Mrgeop 
" -~- 1, hatter ft floor dlr. 

Crawn, mUhm Lakin 

atom ft Dt^OD, Jm>. Tborni- 

Fknl nr.naa.Fradfc. DagmoiT 
White Hnt, Henrr Bladea 

■trnR mouiaa. 
Aconi, WillUm Eatoa 
Bnll't Hud, TbosM* FUier 
CroM Kem, Jobn GOdut 
JoUy BoatuBU, Hur Banioii 
Kiof WilliMd, TlocMi Horgu 
Mult ShoRl, SUplits FoK 
Royal Geor^i Huy Tbomu 
Trnu of U»j, Daniel Riley 

jlcadmia, i Farmrrt. 
fUrWe Gilbert 1 Allcock Henry 
Ellia »Hnh 1 Buley William 

Longhnnt'niaa.l Bdwwell Jofan 
LyoD Samuel ' Baoki William 

Bakm. \ aarfce Jobn 
Edgley Tho*. , Cox Georvc 
'niDiiui Geoive DanifyW^i 

Baiielmkrt. "" 
Dolmaii John 
Dolman Mi._. 
Dolman Itiiiii 



Stoke* Thoma> 


Bfovn Iiaac 
Riley Daniel 

KRitJowph,(& ' 

Shakeahaft Jnu. 
EarpitO Burton, 
BerinaHr. Wm. DoMtall bridge 
Dolman Daniel, baiket maker 

Edvardi Nalbaniel, gee lien nn 
Kiiher I«aac, Bell beer house, 

DuDSUll bridge 
Green Tbom as, thoemalier 
Lester Thomiis, rid. Crown 
PaskinJobn, ticI. Bull'sHend 
Upton Wm. blackimith, k Wm. 

Wiggin William.tailar & ehopkr. 
Farmeri. iPukin Samuel 
Coiby Elii. Paskin Thos. 

Deak inJobn IPriceRobt. 
Dilka Hannah ! Riley Jamea 
Dilks Mary Ann , Shaw Wm. Hall 
Dilks Wm. Upton John 

Ditbs Wm. .WininJoseph 

Edwards N.jun. Winter Rd. 
Heath Daniel NicbobtL'hi.Jas. 

BntkJn Jolin, gentleman 
Lancaster Wni. shoemaker 

Sjivesler John 

Colletl Eleanor 

Gould Joiepb 

KenE John Winter Samuel, 

Smith John Hall 

Smith Wm. Wriglit John 

TkMt mar*ed • rnidt at FrailUi, 

' Inakip Richard, stoiM maiou 

* Johnson Thomas, joiner 

• Niebola Jai. growt, cuuil\ »m- 
Tcyor, and vtct.%'nan\nu 



Ou-en Ed\ Alrewas-Hay bs. 
, Holwthaiu John, wharfinirer, & 

n^Dt to the Trent and Mereey 

Canhl Company 

ShrniiiioniU Thos. gaiuekee]ier 
* Vann William, boatman 
\A'alc Jacob, ^^amekeeper 

ARMITACiK is a pleasant villHp:c, in the fertile rale of rbc 
Trent, on the south >ide of the 'j'rent and Mersey canal, 5 
miles N.N. \V. of Lichfield, and 2^ miles E.S.E. of Ru^oley. 
The parish includes the hamlet of Ilunsacre, and contains 
97D inhabitants, and 18J1a. Ik. 1 li*. of land, part of which We^ 
on the north side of the river. Arniita^o forms about threc- 
fifihs of the paribh, and was formerly called Hermiiagey from a 
tradition that a hermit anciently re<^ided in a Fcqueatered spot 
between the church and the Trent. The parish is in several 
manors, and belongs to a number of freeholders. When hearth- 
moivey was collected in ]6M>, it paid for 68 hearths, JCG. 16^. 
Hawksyai'dy now called ^'Irmitnge Parky is surrounded by a 
beautiful and picturesque domain, and is the property of Thos. 
liister, Esq., I.Ti.]) , but is now occupied by Sir James Fitx- 
jTorald, Bart., the los'^ee lord of the manors of Armitajje and 
nrereton. TIil* l.(>u>e i^ a hamlsome (iothic mansion, 1 mile 
\W of the chnrcli, forminir Ji complete square, with an embat- 
tled pediment, ;\Dd lour ti»n\l.^ at the corners crowned by the 
cupolas. J II the romantic pleasure g^rounds, the canal ptisses 
iiirou{;h a short tunnel, cut through the solid rock. AnniUt(jii: 
Lodijc is the plea<^ant seat of Thomas IJirch, Esq. Ltt* HaiL 
now a farm house, bel()llpf^* to the Hon. Henry Curzon. The 
village of Armita^o has Tiearly doubled its population during 
the last -•' years, partly owinj; to the establishment of a larjjfe 
pottej'y of cream coloured ware, commenced in 1;:'17. The 
Church is dedicated ti) St. John the Baptist, and stands on a 
rocky eminence, which commands a fine view (»f the vale of 
J'rent, and the distant hills of Charnwood Forest, in Lcil.•e^tcr■ 
shire. It !•« very ancient, and in the tower arc three bells, one 
of whicli is dated 17-7? "»*1 inscribed, *' 1 t(» ilio churcli the 
livings call, and to the jjravo do summon all." Ft i*. in the ap- 
propriation and patronai^e of the piebi-ntlary of Hansacro, in 
Lichfield Cathedral, !»nd the Uev. llenry Binfield i> the infiun- 
bent curate. Near Armitajj^e Lod«:e, is a neat Indt'inndt nt ( ha- 
pelf of brick, cased witli stone in the (iothic istyle, and erected 
about lU Years airo bv 'I'homas Birch, Esq. 

Curate and l*tmsfi CU'rh\—\n 17-'K J*»hn B>dto,i t^uvo .O"' 
to be laid out in land ft)r the use of the curnh\ who now re- 
ceives £'A yearly from \\ acre purchased with this Icfrat-y. Mr. 
Bolton also left a cottat^e and garden for the use of the vhrk\ 
and thcv are now worth about l,';i per annum, exclusive of a 
/?/wtfo/irH»'tt? enclosed from tin' side c»f the road by a former 
clerk, • 


The Ben^adifiu to the poor are £2 per anDuni, from an 
acre of land and five cattle gaten, left by William Oldacre, in 
1753 ; and 16a. a-year, aa the interest of £20, left by Benjamin 
BoUofh in 1730, and now vested with the Hitchcock family. 

HAMSAGBny or Hamimerej is a pleasant hamlet about 1 
mile E. <rf Annitage, and 4 miles N. by \V. of Lichfield, where 
there are seraral malt kilns and brick and tile Vtl^ > *nd at a 
short distance to the north, the Uttoxeter roacr crosses the 
Trent l^' a handsome tron-Mi^, containing about 500 tons of 
metal, and having only one arch of 140 feet span, resting on stone 
piers. The erection was commenced in 1^29, bot the bridge 
was not opened till the commencement of 1832. The old stone 
bridge is still standing a few hundred yards below, and has 
seven arches, bot Is very narrow and inconvenient. Hansacre 
is thos briefly meationea in Domesday book : — « Hadsacre : the 
arable land is five camcates. Robert holds it." Hubert de 
Hanimiofn lived la the reign of Henry I., and was lord of 
Hansacre, which continued with his descendant till 1453, when 
it passed by marriage to other families. Durinjr the civil 
contentions which disturbed the kingdom, when Richard li. 
was deposed, and Henry ly. took possession of the throne. 
Sir frUliam Handnacre was slain bv Sir Robert Mavesvn, lord 
of the neighbouring manor of Mavesyn Ridware. '* Sir Robt. 
espoused the cause of the usurper, and Sir William that of 
the unfortunate Richard. Each assembled his vassals, and be- 
gan their march to join the armies, then lying in view of each 
other near Shrewsbury ; but unfortunately meeting, a skirmish 
ensued, in which Sir William was slain on the spot. Sir 
Robert proceeded to the royul armVf and soon after met hit« 
fiite, fighting against the gallant Percy. What a dreadful pic- 
ture does this accident exhibit of the miseries of civil discord ! 
What a tale is the following, of the sudden vicissitude of hatred 
to love, between contending families ! Margaret, one of the 
daughters and co-heiress of Sir Robert Mavesyn, gave her 
hand to Sir fViUiam, son of the knight slain by her father ; 
and with her person and fortune, compensated the injury done 
by her house to that of Handsacre!! The tnanor now be- 
lonffs to Sir Gcorf^^e Chetwj-nd, Bart., H. M. Chadwick, Esq., 
ana several smaller proprietors. Near the turnpike, a little 
aouth of the village, are some remains of the ancient manor 
kmue, surrounded by a moat. The structure was originally 
large in the half- timbered style, exhibiting many gables and 
Heavy stacks of chimneys. The part now remaining, is occupied 
by a firmer, and at u f«hort distance, on the old road, is a small 
cottage, said to have been the Park- lodge. In the Mill-crotr, 
are traces of the foundation of some sacred edifice, which it^ 
aoppoeed to have i^iven name to the adjacent lieM called ibe 
Cnorch Croft, fWfion's Manor, was u purl lA \Wu?.'^ct^, 
wAieh formerly, hchnged to the Verdon CutoWv, \)»\•^^^v> \j.x\vwV 

li r 2 " 

3Ub OF FLO u 

cA, io 131D, by Mr Holicit 
Hearj MsTMys. 

TXoHiMrkfrfl ,,,,4f„lllrn 

Bircb IVM.Sq- & TIUM. Johiij 

■ollcitDn, Armitige todgt 
BnulbnTy luac, nulttler mi 

a Bndbnry Robert, brickl>7Ci 
Broira Cfaarles, psnah clerk 
Cvthy Edwird.loiner 
Colrrira John, gtiueinakn' 
Fltigenld Sir Juna But. Armi' 


Hill Wm. bricknuber 

Hood Swnuel, rict. Flnmpudding 

Hiwfai Aadttw, (bopkeeper 

JacMon Mn. Huintb 

JackMO JohD, iboemaker 

Imp Rev. Mfrcd 3oha, (Indpt) 

1 Liodoret Wm. itardeiiei & beer 

Merryman Wm. vict. Boat bouse 
Hoore Elii. b«er houw 
Mortcrott Wm. bUckamith 
Painter M. joiner k beer houiie 
Riclutdi Jobn, clerk 
Uobiiuoa Wm. carlownei 
RobiuoQ Jobo, gardener 
Robiiuoa Wm. lailor 
Scott Jobn, butcber 
■npper Wm. maluter 
TniiDicliff & Hall, eortbcDirare 

Turner Robert, tailor 
1 Wallis Mary, vict. Talbot Ion 
Weate Wm. net mkr. & beer bi. 
Whilefbrd Miases C. & E. ladies' 

hdg. Bcbool 
Wbilefdrd Tbos. managing clerk 

to Meun. Birch 
Yuea Jno. bdckmkr. ; h. Colton 
TkrwKT*.—' arti 3 Cox John 

Tnrnen. 5 Gaacoyne Hy. 
AllUlt Jobn Charlei 

- ' 4My. I 

i Jonen San. l G'RowleyWilDtr I 
■ Kent TIkw. Sinndera Vfm. 

MoswySaml. Turner Kohl. 

MillwDoU F0. 'Watrea -Uail. 
iJpb. Wouding Bcnj.. 


' FlOnterSi 

MaHM 1 m^ M L 
LmaM, a ViMTk't iCM 1 
Bmrn, amd* TmtJmH- 
Adcnek Edward 
Adcock Min Ells, fakstaw 
4 Adie TbonuB, KuAir 
AlldrMJoho, bnlAw 
Bamei Samncl, ooni dariw 
Bond Tbomaa, bri^mdMe 
CartmailWin. ihopkpr. taiead 

Conway Wm. blacksmllb 
Emery George, baitdef, bffcfc- 

maker, and boat owner 
Forreiler Ueo. ricl. Red IJOi 
Grimea Wm. tobacco pipe ob. 

2 Uarvey Geo. nine and ^ 
merchants brickmaker 

Harvey Wm. wheel wrigbt 
Hayden Daoiel, tailor 

3 Jackson Robert, eent. 
Millett Kobert, blackamith 
Moreeroft Wm. Bcboolmaater 
Myalt Solomon, ihopkeeper 
Thomaaon Benj. land irrigator 
Toft Wm. itone mason 
WooUey Joseph, net. fc maltster. 

Crown Inn 
WorrallJobn, schoolmaster and 

To Birmingbam, at 7 mi 
and i erg., Rugeley, 7 erg. ; 
Uioieter U mng. 

■nOHLEY R^aiS, or King't Bromieg, it • well-built 
«B Am south bank of tb* Trent, 5 miles N. of LichfisM, 
iMf witbiii its parish 629 inhabitants, and a champaign 
0^800 Mrw, of which nwiX'j VW) acra fonM& wi 


eommcM, pMtty inaladad m Alnwu-Hiy, (ill the 
It of the prMMtoeatan ; bat It bw bcra eDclowd 
' 'SutenutpMMd in 1799. Then 

(if MvoM. Leefiric, the butbaod of tha &imiui Ladj Oodiva, 
di«d here in 1057- Henry III. Enrnled the manor to Ibe Cor. 
bets who aoU i^ in 15^, to Fnacia Aprd, of Irekud, for 
^IS40. Ia]573,iteftBpnaed " lOO HeafiiuiM, 20 cottages, 2 
water a^ai,14o*»eota,i600acr«a of anUeluid, 200 ofmea- 
dow, 200 atfmttan, 200 of wood, and 1000 of Eeath or fane." 
About 1610, it waa aoU by CfawUa Agard, Eaq. to John Ne« 

bt Senh Newtao, t 

&qra. TheSartofUehflrtdaad John Lane, Eaq. hareea 
inthopwiab; bnttbe prindpal owner, and pretent brd of the 
nianar, la John Newton Lane, Esq. who resides ax Brotnleg 
Hall, a handaome manaioa, gurroundBd by an extensive pork. 
The CiiTiacH, dedicated to All Saints, is a fine GulhJc build- 
ing, Kdomad wilh large and beautiful windows, and conlBiDing- 
several moanaieM* to the families of Arsrd, Newtun, anil 
Lane. The pnbendary of Alrewas and Weeford is the patrun 
and appn^riator ; hot J. N. Lace, Eaq. is leasee of the tiihcs. 
The Rev. John Hinckley is the incumbent curate; fur whom 
the Rev. T. J. Moore officiates. Flott mentions b remarkable 
instance of LOMOKTiTv, in the person o( Mary Cooper, 'n^iu 
lived in this village, and bud seen her descendants to the sixth 
geoeratioa ; and, what is more extraordinary, all of them alive 
at the same time, so that she could say to her danghter, " Rise 
daughter, go to thy daughter, for thy daughter's <bughter hath 
gota danghter." The parish/nuf is on the nearest Sunday to 
All Bainta' day. The parishioners have the benefit of an 
CTidowcd ichool, seven ahnM-houscs, and several Uitefactions for 
yearly distribution. 

The Free School was built out of the rents of a form, of 
55a. 3m, 3f. at Alarchingion Woodlands, bequeathed for that 
purpose, and for the support of a. schoolmaster, by Richard 
Otvut, of Bdggington, " provided the lord of the manor would 
give an acre of ground for Ihc site of the said school and nlay 
gionnd." This farm received an allolment of 10a. In. l5p. 
at the enclosure of Needwood Forest, in 1800, and the whole 
now yields about .£120 per annum. The original school pre- 
miaea were exchanged, in 1815, with John Lane, Esq. for ano- 
ther piece of ground near the village, and a new and commodi- 
ooe achool and bouse. It is open to the boys of the whole ^a- 
ritfi. The rectors of YoxbII and llamstaU Ridwuc ait \W 


The jJ/iiit-Hi>HSf» were foiinilod in iild'J, by Jia/p/i Crouc. 
Cut the rctidoncu ot spven poor vviimen, with an anouity of £4 
eacli, to be pnid nut oFun e9tutr> at Unimley Beg-in, whii-b ptv- 
e<i, obout twenly yesra ago, with ihe lieirens of the Cooper &■ 
nilly, to.Mr. MicHucl I'ovsor, nf Yiixsll. Tbc ulms-honaei vera 
rebuilt in 18DG, by John Litne, Knq. The founder, alio, left 
bU the land which he hud "boiiirht of Jamos Lunn, nf Penk- 
ridge," for the use of the poor of Bromley Itegi^, but (hit liod 
is not now known. 

BcHi'/mliani. — RUirari) CronBC, afmiit Ififlf), beqiienthed to 
King's and Abbot's Bromley a yearly rent ehurgeof jelOjOatof - 
a farm at BronilevIIuivit.inequvlpnrliniis tnthoj^e pBrUbn,fi>r 
piittinc out poor childrun an apprentices. Tbc yeai-jy proceed) nf 
the other rimrilici, be\ntipng nnleir to the poor n'f this puMt, 
ureas folUin-s, viz.,X15. IS«. frnm'12 acrm nf land, given at n 
curly period by the families of llrosse and follcrcl/; .C30, Hi* 
rent of the Cnrr's Estate, obluined froin the pitls nf BIra. aal 
Miss Netvinn, Widow Wright, Fruncis Cobb, and other*; £\.9, 
for a weekly suppiv nf bread, by John Newton, out of land br- 
longini; to the lord of this manor; and .C.i, paid bv iheitid 
tnriT, as the interest n( AlOl), left bv Thoi-, Newtdn", Esq. in 

Bkomt.kv WiMiiF, on Ihe Trent iind Mersey canut, ]J mile 
S. ; and Woodkkii, '2 miles S. of Bromley Begii, are two haul- 
letK in Ibis pnriiih, wbich also ineliiilDs ylft<ia Hay, The Skates, 
and set'crul scatlered farm houses. 

lalhr/ollmi-me l>inri;rg, Hw martull •■.Mr ,it BrBmlry tfhaif, 
Zai.ltim ifag,H«l Um't/rnd, ami lAr r'^l «r lirvmhi, Hr^it, «f 
whtrr .prtifinl. 

Hatkin Itichd. prorrr & hrtr lis. j Piddiicke IHri, Murj- 
llnikin Kolwrt, itrneer it draper TnaHtall Stepbrn, Inilor 
Hatkin Thnniu, nr|iei'I«Ti|;ht Tyler .Inbii, com miller 
llradhurj-Nathanirl, stone miiann ll Walton flrorjce, coal draler 
1 llrairn and Co. lime burners j Williams Aniiur, Tict. riglitinfc 
Cooper Hunry, |[ent. nirks 

Cooper Tulin, Joiner Farmiri. I Sbarrald Jowpk 

Cooper Vim. whci^lwriclit Arcrilt Cbas. \ TappnihHril 

1 CreHHwell JnKepb.wIiartiiiinT :t .AtctIII .lofan .Simmons Kd. 

1 CrcHHweil Jnxepb. 
PearneybnM|ih I.CM-is, blm-hMnilh 
Qnea Jamea, biitclier 
Green Tliumns, hrlionlma!,! 
Hadilnck Nathauiel, gardri 
— ■ ni Mary, coal dralei 
« Mr. Thi 

ItnnnisK-rThos. Slater John, 
•i llentley t:eu. Khav laar 

Cb.irlrs Uni. Sutton Thomai, 
:i KIlHrnooKHios | £lil,9 iail 
^liirshnll Cbnii. i 2Sunuui'rv'i1iM. 

.MottWin. WornirCJeo. 

jotiberns .Ino. maltster ii oversr. i J'oj'KerJolin |W<iolley Robert 
Knlofat .lohn, taibir& shopkeeper ' lUce .laiiiPK Woollcy Tiios. 

Merry Wni. joinvr a>isla ' lla.lduek ltd. 

Monre Ite^.Tlioinaa Jniiir>. li.A. :>ltoH'tHmlTb(is. .liirkson.tnLu 
rnmlr. f* board Fnjt ncmlemyl SeiT|(wick .Ti.hii. ' .(m'kiion Win. 
Ofhora 77ionii>fi, hlHcLiimilb ami \ Shnu-. s\iv\m S»ni\«;l 

Iver hviifp 






Strctton 373 1233 

•Stapenhill . . . . 535 173G 
•Winshill .... 357 1105 

BuBTQfN-UPON-TRBirT la an ancient and thriTing market 
town, calebfatad for its ale^ and an eztensiFe cotton maDufactory, 
and nleaiand]^ situated on the west bank of the river Trent, 
which hen Wf%y in a double stream, through an open but pic- 
turasqoe vallejy and is crossed by a venerable bridce of thirty- 
sis airhesy the centre of which marks the boundary between 
the efMUties of Stafford and Derby. It is in 52 deg. 53 min. 
north hrtitadey and 1 deg. 35 min. west longitude : and is dis- 
tant 11 miles S.W. of Derby, 13 miles N.E. of Lichfield, 25 
milei E. of Stafford, and 125 miles N.W. of London. It is the 
capital of an extensive parish, containing 7347 inhabitants, 
and 10,249 acres of land, subdivided into seven townships, two 
of which are on the east side of the Trent, in Repton and 
Gressley handred, Derbyshire, as will be seen in the following 
enomcration, which shows the population, in J 831, and the ter- 
ritorial extent of each. 

Tov)n9h%p9. Pop, Acres, Townships. Pop, Acres, 
Burton Borough 4399 583 
Burton Extra .. 910 983 
Braostone •••• 382 2458 
Uominglow •••• 391 2161 

Total 7347 10241) 

• StcpcBhill and Winsliill are in Derbyshire. (See alio p. 294.) 

The Marquis of Anglesey is lord qf the manor, and impro- 
priatar <^ the great tit/ies of the whole parish, and owner of 
most of the soil. An Act of Parliament, for enclosing the 
common and waste lands of Burton Extra, Branstone, Horning- 
low, and Stretton, was obtained in 1773, and another for en- 
closing the small common of Burton, in 1812. The east and 
west sides of the parish are rather hilly, and have a strong red, 
marly soil, well suited for the growth of barley, wheat, &c. ; the 
rest is a champaign district, "^forming rich loamy pastures, 
which, in the rainy seasons, are of^cn flooded by the waters of 
the Trent and Dove, the latter of which bounds tbc parish on 
the north. 

The TOWN of Burton extends into Burton Extra, or, as it is 
sometimes called. Bond End, and includes most of the popula- 
tion of that township, so that its inhabitants may be estimated 
at more than 5000 souls. It has one principal street, of consi- 
derable length, lined M'ith good shops and houses, and runninj^ 
parallel with the river from north to south. This is called 
High street, and has several other streets and lanes iotersectin>]^ 
, it at right angles. During the last thirty years, many of the 
, ancient houses have been rebuilt, and many new o\i^ VvdNv^ 
htca erected in the northern suburbs, «djo\n\n\; VVott^Iv^c\>^•>^v^ 


that the town has now a very respectable appearance. It is well 
paved and liyhted^ under an act of Parliament obtained in 177^1 
partly at the expense of a rate levied on the inhabitants, and 
partly from land and buildings bequeathed for the use of the 
town, as will be seen in the account of the numerous cbaririei 
belonging to the parish. Gas works were erected here io 
the year l{^32f under the superintendence of Mr. Samuel San- 
ders, at the cost of.€i^5H0, raised in i,* I (i shares, which now 
yield seven per cent, interest. The Town Hall, in (be Mar- 
ket place, is a neat and spacious structure, erected on the site 
of the old Market House, in 177-* by the late Lord Paget, A- 
ther of the Marquis of Anglesey, the present lord of the manor, 
who holds a Court of Record weeklv, on FridaT. called the 
Jenter's Court, where pleas can be maintained to any amount; 
and his Bailiff is also Coroner, A Court Lcet and Banm is held 
vearlv, in Oct. ior the election of officers, the recovery of small 
debts. &c. &c. Xathl. Kd. Clarke, Esq. is the lord's stetcard^ 
and ^^ir J. D. Fowler is deputy steward^ bailiffs and coroner. 
Among the borough officers elected yearly at the Court Leet 
are six Decimers, (perhaps a corruption of the Roman Decem- 
I'iri,) and three cc7istaLlts. '* Uurton retains the name of a 
BuKor(;ii merely with rtterence to tliu translation of Burgos,z 
town ;'' though in monastic times some of the ylll'Ots here 
were summoned by writ and sat in Parliament. The Market, 
held every Thursday, under a charter granted by King John, is 
well suj.iplied with provisiims, &c. Here are also four annual 
Fairs, for liorsos, cattle, &c. hold on Candlemas-dav, April 
5th, Holy Thursday, and Oct. I'l'nd to -Ihli. J'he latter is 
noted for the *.ale of colts ; and on the last day (JlUh) there is a 
large shew of cheese. A ///>/;?// /or Servafit^, is held on the 
Monday after New Michaelmas day ; a Fea<f, on the nearest 
Sunday to St. Modwen*s day, (Oct. I'O;) and Hacts in August. 
The fairs are held under a grant of Henry III., who also con- 
Armed the market charter granted by King John. 

Ai.E AND MANiFAf TURKS. — Burtoo wa*. unciontK' fauious 
for ornamental works in aiaba^ttr, as is noiiccd both by I.eland 
and Camden. How long the«>e works continued to flourish, is 
unknown, but during the last 15U years there has been no bu- 
siness of this kind carried on hero, though abundance of ala- 
baster is still to be found in the neighbourhood of Xoedwood 
Forest. In the 17th century, many of the inhabitants were do- 
lAatrr, and their kerseys were held in great estimation. At pre- 
Mot, the chief production of Burton is its ALF, f(»r which it 
kaa loop^ been celebrated. The ori{;in of this lucrative trade 
in 1610, when Benjamin Printon began a small brewerVt 

^hia aaccess induced others to engage in the same business. 

the trade bos gradually risen to its present importance. 

9Mn DO ar nine extensive breweries in the town, and ini- 

foaaHicics of Kurtun ule arc fcnl \e-dT\\ u> «\\ ^^tV& \>< 


Greiit Brilain, and to mony fumg-n irnuntries, es o the 

East and West Indies. Ctilbanrie Tl., EmpreaB ia, is 

said to have been initnoderalely fnnd of ibis beve iit ths 

prvseat " Autocrat of nil Ihe RusBtas" bat prubibi iiport- 

atioo. Cnnlraryto |;en era! practice, the brewei- ■ orefer 
hard water to sofi, the former being found to m ilcrial 

difference in the ■treoglb of tbeir ale. Thia faft nualy 

eipbiincd by Dr. Damin, who supposes that soi iv asc- 

ebarine acid in tbe malt eambiaeB with the cuIcf irlh of 

hurd irater, and forms a sort of mineral sagar, " <e true 

sagar, ia convertible into spirits. The brewei exlen- 

live maltsters, and occacionally make porter. ., ic-igo cof- 

ton fiu-lories, both for apinnlDg and power- ing, have 

long Wen carried on here by Slessrs. John "lompany, 

and gi»e empWyment tn several hundreds "■!. — 

Here are also a large tannery, an iron fi ide and 

sboie) manufaelory, several bat makers, a :ii .ve wood 

icrev maDufaclory. The river Trent, h. i ct...jl which 

connect! that river with the JMer^cy. open b nmvr communica- 
lion wiih nenrlj ;il! ihe seaports noil principnl toivns in the 
kingdom ; the river washes the eastern skirts of the town, and 
is there joined by a branch from the canal, which runs about a 
mite to the weat of Burton, and is extended northward to ^\'il- 
den Ferry, in Derbyshire, where it terminates in the Trent. 

The BRIDGE, which crosses the twin streams of ihe Trent, 
is one of the noblest fabrics of the kiod in EngUnd, and the 
most entire and remarkable object of antiqnity now possessed 
by this town. It coosists of 3G arches, extending 515 feel 
acroM IwovtreaiDS of the Trent and part of the valley, and was, 
according to Erdeswick, erected by Bernard, Abbot of Burton, 
about the year 1174, hut Shaw considers it to be of a much 
older date. In early times, tbis bridge was placed underthe 
cMvofBU overseer, or procurator, nominated by the abbot, to- 
gether with the knights and justices connected with Burton, 
who acted in tbe capacity «f trustees. At one end formerly 
stood a chapel, supposed to have been erected by Edward 11., 
in memory of his victory over the rebel Earl of Lancaster In 
this cbapel, mass was frequently said, in order to collect dona- 
tions to defray the expenses of repairs. A large warehouse 
DOW occnpies the founoalion on which it stood, and intercepts 
the view of the town. The pieis and arches of this ancient 
bridge are of various forms, and almost wholly covered with 
lichens and mosses. These, with the trees growing immedi- 
ately near it, give to Ihe whole an air of very picturesqua beauty. 
Three of the arches are entirely blocked up, and five roore of 
Iheni are only risited by the water in the time of floods. The 
Trknt here runs for a. short distance in two stream*, that to 
the east being the main river, and dividing the Vwo couiiX\ie« tA 
Staffurd and Derby, and that to the wc«l nu^VTtf XVft c*»\.m^ 


skirU) of tlic town. On tho Burton side of the rirer is an ex* I 
tensive space of level and fertile meadotvs, and on the other a I 
lon^ rang^e of be:iutiful and wcll-wooded hills. I 

ANCIENT HISTORY.— Burton upon-Trent is undoabl. I 
0(11 Y of {Treat antiquity. At an early period of the Sazon dooi- I 
nion in Enj^flund, it wns a town of considerable note. In the I 
annals of that people it is written JStfretou, which is synonimoiu I 
with Bureton, a word used by them to denote places of Romtn I 
or British oripn. Hence it may be inferred that some British 1 
chief or Roman general possessed a biwyt or capital pnansioii I 
here, prior to the Saxon era. This, however, is mervJr pro- J 
bable conjecture, there -being: no records of the town till the I 
time of the celebrated St, Modwen^ called also M^drntuna^ I 
Muwennnj and Mu4iohi» This lady, who flourished in the I 
ninth century, had long; been Abbess of a monastery in Ireland, 1 
which bavinjj been destroyed, she removed to England in the j 
reig:n of Kin|f Kibelwolf. Tliat monarch pitying her misfon 
tunes, bestowed upon Iter lands suHicient for the endowment of I 
two religious housc*^, in one of which she resided for some \ 
years. After ibis she retired to the Island *>/ j4ndrcs$ey^ an in- ' 
suluted meadow situated opposite to the present church in Bur- 
ton, bjjtwcen tvvoslroams of the Trent. Tlii'* island wassotne* 
times called Mudii''nnet>tow, as we aro infoimed by Leland, 
from her name, as it wa<» Aiidressey, from a chapel dedicated 
to St. Andrew which she Imilt upan it. Upon her death sbe 
was buried here, and a Latin epitaph pre«ierved by (-amdeD, in- 
scribed on her tomb. St. .Moilwen is said to have livod to ibe 
age of 13'> years I She foiindi-d a variety of chapels and monsi- 
teries in various parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Her 
j>iety and inlluence with the divine power were so famous, that 
King Kthelwolf sent his son Alfred to her to be cured of a dis- 
ease reckoned incurable, which, happily for her own fame and 
tho benefit of England, she very soon accomplished. Editba, 
sister to Ethelwolf, was a nun under St. Modwen, after her ar- 
rival in England. 

ThcAunEv, which long; flourished in Burton, was founded 
and endowed by Ulfric, or Alfric, Earl of Mercia, about the 
year 1002. This Saxon nobleman, lonjif held the high situation 
of chief Councellor of State, to K\u\:^ Ethelred. He is cha- 
racterized, however, by several of our historians as a trai- 
tor on many occasions, both to his Kinjj and country, and 
was slain in an engapfcment with the Danish invaders, in 1010. 
'J'hc lands whicli he bestowed upon this monastery, seems to 
have been very considerable, being then worth .t'700 ; and, 
that the ratification this gift might be ensured, he ^avc the 
Kinp[ 300 manes of gold, to each bishop live manc^, and to tho 
Archbishop of Canterbury, the town of Uumblcton. His gift 
wbb uccoraingly confirmoii bv the Kin^;;, iu lOOL The tenor of 
/Ae r/ini/ confirmation was (wW anCi (tee, e's.^iv^^^:\w^^\\^^V^s«^>i 


and iti depeikieociM from all exactioos, datief, and terficest 
cnsept the tjinodas neeesiUas^ the erection of fortresses and 
bridges, the reparation of highways, and the repelling of inva- 
siofM. In this charter, however, several places are omitted, 
which are mentioned in the will of Ulfric. By an abstract of 
Mr. Shaw's, from various parts of Domesday book, the yearly 
Yaloe of the po ssess ions of this monastery, at the time of the 
Conqnest, appears to have been estimated at £36. 15s. A va* 
riety of charters were subsequently granted in its favour, by 
^favnt moaarchs, bishops, and others, in which its original 
privileges were confirmed^ and many new ones added. The 
mUiaii were empowered to bold a noeeklff market^ and had be* 
aidea the privileges of collecting toll, and institutingyatrv at dif- 
lerent periods of the year. Some of them occasumally sat in 
Parliamoit, and were extremely beneficial to the abbey. Af* 
ter the dissolution, this monastery was constituted a Collboi- 
ATJiCHtrmcB, dedicated to Christ and St Mary, but it continued 
to enjoy this distinction only for the short space of four years. 
The SBAL of the college is one of the most beautiful specimens 
of that Bpecies of sculpture extant in England. It is a represen- 
tation of our Saviour and his disciples at the last supper, having 
the arms of Ulfric, the founder of the abbey, at the bottom. 
The words on the margin are in Latin, and sis^nify, *' the com- 
mon seal of the dean and chapter of the colfegiate church of 
Christ, at Burton-upon-Trent.'* The abbky appears to have 
been very extensive and superb. Erdeswicke says that it must 
have been " a very goodly one, for the ruins be very large." — 
The dimensions of the church were 228 feet in length, and 52 
feet and a half in breadth. It was adorned with a handsome 
tower at both ends. The other buildings were proportionably 
extensive. The cloisters, which lay on the south side of the 
church, measured 100 feet square.* The fray tor, or common 
sitting-room, adjoining on the same side, was 96 feet in length 
and 3d in breadth ; and the principal dormitory, on the east, 
100 feet by 10. Besides these, there were a variety of other 
rooms and halls. Close to the buildings were two large gardens, 
walled about, and containing a great variety of trees. Of this 
once large and beautiful monastic edifice, several vestiges may 
still be traced. Some small remains of the cloisters are visible 
in an old wall between the present church and the bowling- 
green. In this wall are a number of Saxon ornaments and arches ; 
and beyond these, on the margin of the Trent, in Bond-end, 
is the old Manorhousey said to have been originallv that part of 
the monastic establishment which was appropriatecf to the abbot 
for his pri%'ate residence. It is a venerable mansion, but has 
been so much mutilated and altered by modern additions and 
repairs, a^ totally to efface the most* distant resemblance of 
what it formerly'was. The only remarkable ^atl oi \X \% ^^ 
perfect lines of the ea»t window of a chape\, now flWe^ >3^^ Vv>\w 


^. SooM fri«i>Miti of th* boudwj wM, wU(% wtOamt j 
a« Kbbw ud lb eztrndve gsrAMi, m«j atill to MM h nriM 
Mito of dw town ; ud at A* Mutk Md h ft iBg* tolMlHhni 
bMM, oalM 71k« Arm, uid Mid to ton wrtlly to* * ' 
mtod to tto ■bbn. In tfa» o«nb« of tto tows ii miOv m^ 
>faa*<ddlKNiM, BdoTBedirith •■nnbcrof w«odiB|Ato%M 
wUA ■ wiatj of eurkiaa OoduB aniaiB«Bli B* Mb tmm 
taoMtnOm to tow tow thn f r ato wW itoafc fcrif fc Wrf 
•xWteiiM of tto oollega inatitatad ■fler tto «MriMM af Ito 
BMraMtefy. t, '•- ' J 

BrBm.— In 1S5C, « great put of tto luW wn fMMBcd 1 
bjr Ml ueidentd «MiflwntioB. In tto nifo «f HMrtll. H \ 
nlbrad rreat danm^ daring a rabdIicNi, inrital W Hmmm^ 
Bari ifTtrntatler, wbo, in (382, muvtod fch llwwi imi 
QloncMter ta BnHon, and tkniM to hi* cwtle «r Tattavf, akal 
Ibur milM dUtaot from ihii town. Wbib on bit Hmb, 4i 

nen to hi* aid ; bnt to condacted the leriM to tto Klai^a MMf, 
and i^prisecl Edmrd of tbe Eaii'i intentioni. Tto King i»- 
mediately panned hit enemy, fint tnarobing t« Corontry, aad 
thence to Lichfield. On the approach of tto royal amyta 
" ' m, tba Ear) placed infantry upon the bridgv, to UodMi 
ulSBite of the Trent. The King, bowerer, Ibrded At 
nil™ ahoTB the town; and the 

ariea ; hut finding' they had gone over to tbe Kii^, I 
northward, and wai pursued to Pontefract, wbare to waa lama 
and beheaded. The abbey of Borioo aofhred an mnch by (to 
depredations of the rebels, that tbe Kinf; ^ve to it, ai a taealK> 
penie, the advninon nf the chaTx:hes of Talenbill and HaatafTi 
which were forfeited to the crown by the rebelliou Earl, u 
1574, a reunrkahle appearance of the mirom ^boreaUt, at 
Bortbem lig'hta, ta leeorded aa havinr been Tiaible at BnrlAB, 
OD tbe nights of the 15th and Itilh of November, to thegrWt 
toror of^the iobabilanli, wbo deacribed them aa "certavM 
attaiwe lights, whereof snme appcarad verie faerie and terrnla 
to beoolde." Tbe unfortunate Mary, Qneen of Seot*. paMod 
thnagh Barton, oe her way to Fotheringay caatle. In ISIl, 
Bdvard Wigblman, of Barton, waa bnmt at LiehMd, "*~ 
ftoldiog dangerotu and blaiphenons opinioni." DoriDg 
' ■'" 9 WMt, in the reign of Charlea I., Burton evflered comt- 

ftoldiog dangerotu and blaiphenons opinioni." DoriDg tto 
'^^'twart, in the reign of Cht'- ' " - - -"--' -—■ 
Mtj Mng aeveraftimea ta , _ 

'W, It waa plondered by the republican array, wbo placed 

Mng aeveral timea taken and retaken bj both p 
' ' d by the republican array, wbo \ 

Rupert regained it after the radnetion 
t^Bia, am me royaliata wna inon afu& ^V\f(d to aar- 
f» Laei Grey. Bonn *«» aatoaapwBfl, wY«». WW litaa 

OrPbOW HUHD&BD. 315 

Hwrpnr, aa ofiber in Klnff Cbsrles'f vibv. wm aiinged in 
niting •ome fortifioatkmt, flijor MoUnnnt ml upon tbeni with 
the Puiiaaiont horwi and made tha mater part of them pri- 
•oners* Tha Kin^a anny lay here, nn w the command of Lord 
Loughhoroofhy m 1645, at which time his Majesty's bead 
quarteia wave atationed at Tatf>nry. In 1793, a n^at watch 
was first eataMished hare. The town has several times been 
injored W Ae mmdatiomt of the Trent, especially in the years 
1771» 17»^ 1795, and 1798, when the greater pert of the streets 
were hdd nndar water. In 1815, a denotation from Burton 
presented a loyal address to the Prince Regent, on his arrival 
at Baodesert, the seat of the Marquis of Anglesey, upon which 
occasion the bailiff and coroner, Jekm JHckmuon F^mier^ Esq. 
receiTed the honour of knighthood. 

The PARISH CHURCH atands near the sonthem extre- 
mity of the boroagh, noon a gentle eminence aboTO the Trent. 
It is a neat edifiei^ witn a fine tower, and waa built in 1720, on 
the site of the ancient fabric dedicated to St. Modwen. It has 
a well-toned organ, erected in 177 1» and eight musical bells, 
with a set of exceUent chimes. In the belfry lies a defaced 
monument, supposed to be the tomb of the founder of the ab- 
bey; but if so, it must have been the work of the abbots, at 
least 200 years after Ulfric's death. In the church-yard, (to 
which li acre of land was added by the Marquis of Anglesey, 
in 1830,) ssTeral stone coffins have been found, and one of 
them is now placed under the shade of a weeping willow, that 
overhangs the western stream of the Trent. The Marquis of 
Anglesejr is impropriator of the tithes, and patron of the bene- 
fice, which is a perpetual curacy^ now enjoyed by the He v. 
Hugh Jones, B. A. 

Holt TaiNiTT Chapel, in Horninglow street, is a chapel 
of ease for the northern part of the town, and the hamlets of 
Horninglow, Stretton, Whetmore, and Winshill. It is a hand- 
some fiibric, in the florid Gothic style, partly of brick, cemeuted 
ao aa to correspond with the stone windows, buttresses, pinna- 
dea, and other ornaments, amongst which are a number of gro- 
tesque heads. It was built at the cost of £7000, from funds 
beqoeathed for its foundation by the late Isaac Hawkins, Esq. 
It has 600 free sittings. The curacy has been augmented by 
Qoeen Anne's bounty. The Marquis of Anglesey, who gave 
half an acre of land for the burial ground, is the patron ; and 
the Rev. Peter French, M.A. is the incumbent. 

Here are five Dissenting Places of fTorship, viz., the Inde- 
.pendent chapel, in High-street, rebuilt about 70 years ago, and 
enlarged in 1825 ; the General Baptist chapel, in Bond-end, 
opened in 1825; the Particular Baptist chapel, in Cat-street, 
erected in 1823 ; the Wesleyan Methodist chapel^ in HoixAw%- 
k»ir-atreet^ erected 50 years' agOj and rebui\t\n\%V^\ %t^^ ^^ 
,iiriauiire AfetbodJet cbtLpel, in Cat-atreet, Y>iA\\\u\%^^. '^"^^ 


Hill |iiiii Mill lilii II f ■ n'lwiinriiiwfitiiiiKiij tiwn, wtht . 

WH fbraod out of two dirrilian, br Aa eoBCnnt^ i£ IIb 
BcT.ThonMi BakeweU, wbo, m 1661. »»^^etMfaa.% 
rweUtrj ol RoIlMtoa, for not etrnpljing with the Art of vS- 
tarmiitj find in that jmar. 

, — , _ » Om Mm in 

iDnoMiTj abridnd from the Parliuoeatuy Beporti. 

ThaPRBB GBAMiiAk ScHOOt., mdjoiniiic the •feiinlaBidL ; 
WM foondad in 1520, br tfim. £»m, abbot of the miiji^ija ' 
Burton- apnn-TnDt, wdo erectad the teboot-booMt WflffhiB 

troand belonailDc to the nid iiioaut«r;, and dapodlaiftM 
"' in the naodi of Ralph " "■" ' '" " ' ' 

of a fann of 180 acres, at Orion- o'o-tfati^ Hill, i 

of nooe; in the handi of Ralph Saebeverel, to jjurt 
' '"m eDdowmenL The property to porcheeed noi 

fann of 180 acres, at Orion- oo- the- Hill, 
let far £250 per BQDam, and tiro ftrnu at BreeitoD, i 
ing 111 acre«, and let for £202 a year. The mailer and MHr 
are both appointed bv Ihe trusleea; the tUTriion of whaa^ ia 
lt)26, were the Rev' F. II. Carey, aed MeMm. Joaeph MaA- 
leston, Joieph Pycmfr, Abraham Hoakina, Joseph Perka, aad 
Tbomiw Thnrnewill. 'i'he oiasler receivca for hi> stipend two- 
tbirdi of the rents of the schoni lands, and the osher oae-^il 
The former bss also .£3, and the latter £S a year, under EUa. 
Paulett'i beee&ction, noticed below. The scholars are limited 
to 60, and ire taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, bj the 
usher; and about 20 of them are instructed by the maater ia 
Latin, &c. 'I'be school is free to the sons of pariahiaDen tj 
Barton, and all such are admitted on application to Ihe master, 
a* racancle* occur, but with a preference to such as apply far 
admission into the classical division of the school, 

AlUopp't CAaritg School, in New-street, is endowed with 
3a. 2b. of land on Horoinglow Moor, and 5a. 2it. 39p. < 

Gooee Moor, given at the enclosure, in exchange far other land 
purchaaed witb a le^y beqnealhed in I'SS, by Richard AQ- 
aopp, for the education of 30 poor boys. This land ia now let 

for £2i per annum. Six of the free scholars are clothed from 
the rent of Rush Holme clnee, at Hatton, in Derbyshire, which 
waa purchased witb X170 lelt by Francis Astle, in 1735, and 
H now let for £6 a year. 'The feofliies of the Town Landa are 
Ae trustees. 

The f/oHonai Sehaoli, near Ihe foot of Hominglow-street, 
w<B« erected in 1827, by sobecription, and are supported fay 
VMuiy eontribu lions, for the location of abonlGO (Niya and 
loo firb, on Dr. Bell's system, exclusive of many other* who 
MtkH^oa Sundays. 
■■ Xffrwrifr.—'tbtn are in the to\tti Iwo «ii:xfi»aB4\ii«f«», 



and one supported bv •obseriptioD. ,The latter ii called the 
** PermaaeDt library^ and wm oommene^ in 1826, by a com- 
nittee of aevan cla^g7fiMni,irho paroiie gainaa per anDam, and 
thirty otfier yeariy tobeeriberi of lOs. 6d. aacb. 

The TowH LaWds, fte. consittiiig of a namber of small par- 
cels, (coopiWiig' apwards of forty acres,) and several buildings 
in ^ town and parish, prodace a yearly income i^ about £190, 
indnding tte rantof Finney*s close, and the Workouse garden 
mentionSi bdoar. From a ^erv early period tbey liave been 
vetted in fnisteee or/bt^fhet^ '^ror the common use, benefit, 
and proAt of the inhabitanto of the town of Burton/* In 1 820, 
they were oon?eyed to new tnuteet^ vis. the Marquis of Angle- 
sey, Sir J. D. Fowler, theRer. C. Kingsley, the Rer. H. Des 
Voenx, and Jojnh Pjeroft, Joseph Cday, William Osborne, 
Samuel Lowe, Wb. W orthington, Michael Bass, Ghas. Perks, 
John Speadery aen^ and John Spender, jun. Esqrs. These 
fe o fl fee s are also possessed (for the same use) of X1800, which 
has been aecamdated from fines received ondiflerent renewals 
of leases for Kres. The interest of this money (X84 per ann.) 
swells the tptel yearly income of the trust property to 4:274. 
The rente are collected by the town masters ^ to which office the 
constebles of the preceding year, appointed at the court leet, suc- 
ceed as a matter of course. The rents, &c. are paid by them to 
the treasurer of the feofiees, at their general meeting, on Dec. 21 , 
and are applied during the course of each year, partly for the gen- 
eral public uses of the town, and partly for particular charitable 
purposes, at the discretion of the trustees ; such ourposes being 
the apprenticing of poor children, supplying coals for the use 
of the alms-people, and a distribution of money and clothes 
among the otoer indigent townspeople. The feoffees of the town 
lands fMf% the management of all the following charities of Bur- 
ton, except Caldwelrs. 

Bkubpactions. — Finney's Close f 2a. la. 22p., let for .£11, 
is situated in AndersteiF-lane, and wasgiven by a Mr. Finney, 
for aporenticing yearly one poor boy. The fForkhouse garden^ 
in Andersteff-lane, was given by some person, for providing 
yearly, six coats for poor men, and is now let to the overseers 
9t a Tearly rent of j£5. 8s. The < Pavement House,* consisting 
of a house, shop, two cotteges, and SGp. of land, is let for .£12 
a^jear, ** and is appropriated by ancient usage to the repara- 
tion of the pavements otthe inferior inhabitents in High-street." 
The New Close, conteining twenty acres, was formerly part of 
the Town Moors, but was conveyed by the Commissioners under 
an enclosure act past in 1772, to the feoffees of the Town Lands, 
ice. in trust, to employ the yearlv proceeds thereof in purchasing 
and maintaining lamps for lighting the streets, or for other public 
•fta. This close is now let in leys or gates for the depasturing 
of cows between May-day and Michaelmas; and in winter ^Vvq\%^*% 
oecnaioDallv taken in. The yearly profit, ailftt ^aN\tv^ '^^'c 


■wnniiir, fee. «T«ran* aboQt XU. 8iM« 18U» tewMaaf 

the Ineame darned from tte r '" — • — « 

CloM, hu ben amplajrad In n 

and Bond-end, wdtfae exprnMi 

deft«^ b]r ■ nt«, kflad andar A» povan a 

1779. i>nnM fatten kft ft atidile nd mm 

ftowt, now let fer £4, ud direvted Oa nat ti 

to the poor of Burton and Bond-cad, on Whit-XoaiH^ b 

1713, /HMciAivMHleft XlOOto be Ud on! in ImAWMm 

iBaintenanca of one poor »»m at Barton. With Mm h 

Chawd the Low HBta-pieeo,4A. and ~ 
I«rood, now let fcr £7. 7i- per w 
ffA (data unknown,) roniisla of a booM and SDjt. nf h 
Aaton, in Derbyihire; BlBckwell'a Gloaa (6ji. Sk.) a" 


■ ofanaMfMMiB 

I •Uotmetit of Ia. Ir. 19r. In TTniiiiMtow- ' 
rente UMDDt to^C?!- 18a. Bd. per «aDBMi,<nitaf ■MuhttaM- 
lowii^ ^rly dtitribnlioDi are made, Tia., £S. 17*. far mI^ 
dolei oi bread to eighteen poorparitbianere; £S. fm lii ilia paw 
of HomiDfflow, StrettoD, andBrnvtone, in iDina oTSi. a-plMa; 
and ^29. lit. to the poor of Barton and Burton Bxtti, at 
Easter, in soma of 5s. each. Tbe rest of the ineonM ia i mm wd 
for the occaiional relief of poor families in tiinea of pnealW 
exigency, reanltin? frofn depreuions in trade and other ealaai- 
tiee. *'m. Hawkins, in 172-1, left a yearly rent ebaise of £C 
out of B house at Neirport, to be ^ven in bread, bat tor a loaf 
period it bu been applied in a distributinn of .^own* to twtbe 
poor women of tbe parish. An annuity of Sis. left b^ lUditri 
Steele, and now changed on part oftheHop-jard eloee in R«I1n> 
ton, is divided equally among the poor of BurlaD,BranBtoiM,aiid 

Loani.—U \Bm, Richard Caldwell, M. D., left in tnat 
with the bailil!^ of Licfaiield, .£160 to I>e lent free nf iotenrt to 
honest and iodustrious persons in Burton -upon- Trent, bMng 
elothiert or other handicrafl men. The sum of £40 is tent fnax 
fire years to fire years, and the remainder, alternately, in Hmt 
•nrot of £30, and twenty of .£6. The bailifls of Licbfteld go 
OKr to Burton at the time when the securiliea are to h« i«- 

Mwed, and thev receive amplications for, and adrauce tha hiana, 

J'auletl't Ami-kotttes in the Swine- market, for five pool 

women, were founded in 1591, by Eliaabeth Paulett, with pra- 

MTty which now produces £i\. l'*- per annum, andconsiala erf 

ISa. la. 2Sr. ofland, at Fenny Bent! ey, let for £50; levenl 

*~mtaaf land in tbe parish of Chelmorton, and some boildlngB 

l"4ain|^ tbe alms-haases. Tbe foundress aUo bequeathed a 

^Nnt ebtrge of £10, to be divided asfuUows, via., £1 

' -tea-women, £3 to Ibe master of the Graioaiar school. 

Id tha asher. This rent chei^ has been exchanged Ibr 

b-M. tluve per cent, consols. The five alms-women 

dk • WMltly Btipcad of 6«. an& a n^W of coaU yearly. 


pursoant to the will oiSSm Parker^ who be^Mthed to her 
eaecotiHr XdOO, id tntet, to erect aliiw*hoi»eB Ibr mx poor widows 
or old JMiidt, aad to bay Imnd ibr their sopeort. The pro- 
perty now belongings to the mlms-honaes ^ieldt £54. 58. dd. 
per enaom, end co —iaU principally of boildinge and lend in 
Andersteff-lene, Rolleston, &c. The six mlms- women have each 
a weekly stipend of 49«— «boot £S yeerlv being added to the 
fondi mm the rents of the Town Lanoa. The alms-hoases 
were newofiionted in 1788; and the alms- women informed as 
that a Mr. Hawkine left them an annuity of £12, to be paid on 
thedeeeaae of a Mra* Wilkine, who died three years ago, but 
Ihel they hate not yet reeeived any part of his legacy. 

The ss^'Siippomnff ZHspensary, in the Mancet-plaee, was 
ettahHehed hi 1£90^ and is now a very benefieial and floorishing 
institntien, ttough it deriTos hot little support from the rich. 
For the small WMdy payineols of Id. for an individnal, or 4d. 
for a inrily, it aibrai medicines and smvical aid to the poor 
inhabitants, who hate also the privilege of chooeing their own 
surgeon; all the medical men iu the town rendering their 
sendees gintnitoosly to the institution. Mr, Rupert Baldwin 
is the dispenser. 

The Savings* Bank, iu High-street, is another institution for 
the benefit of the humbler classes, and was established in 1818. 
The deparittf in 1832, were as follows : — £23,475, belonging 
to 740 individuals ; £93 to three Charitable Societies ; and 
£939 to ten Friendly Societies. It is open every alternate 
Friday, from two to three o'clock ; and Mr. John Yates Bed- 
ford is the clerk. 

Townships in Burton Parish. 
(For Population and extent, see page 294.) 

BuRON-ExTRA or Bond-end, comprises the southern por- 
tion of the town, and the district of Shobnal, distant one mile 
to the west, and forming in monastic times the jibbey Grange, 
Here is a chalybeate spring. 

Bbamstonk township has a village of its own name, 2 miles 
8. by W. of Burton ; several scattered houses, and Sinai Park, 
which occupies a fine eminence, and was anciently the summer 
retreat of the Abbots of Burton. On this eminence are the re- 
mains of an immense oak tree, in which there is a cavity throug-h 
which an ox might pass. On the summit of the hill arc the 
lines of an encamptment. Branstone fFake is on the nearest 
Banday to old Michaelmas-day. 

Hobninolow, one and a-h*alf mile N. W. of Burton, a plea- 
sant village, seated upon an abrupt eminence overlooking the vale 
of the Trent The township has several wharfs and warehouses 
OB the canal, and includes the hamlets of Outwood and Whet- 
mor$j the latter of which was anciently in one farm, occupied 
by the Abbots of Burton ; but the old house has been rebwvVx. c>\\ 
B amaller acah, though there is stillpreservcd onqt ^^'^Wc^v^'c- 
Money, the name of ''Thomas Feyld, AWwUr cvi^'^'^vx^'^"? 

r, to the Papet family, of whom the Mnrqi 

■ad eoBtiia laif* qnutitiM of mtj nek fnorl, nriaguA ^M' 

SrMVttom toiTMbip te bonodKl on tka i><K& br <h» Om% 
■ad OB dM Mwt h; the Trent, lod hw ft mmII TOhp «■ tfei> 
AhtkU Hnet, two mile* N. of Bnrtoii. In ttento .af -Ar 
Doie^ one miia farther to the north, are eeranl HHbifl^ 
booMi, the dqr miiU Inn wrkt, end u mgutiatt iittunin 
^dirM Brehee, which cooTey* the Treat ud lltpy.oajl 
■eroee the voUej. .-.i . |j 

STArnwHtbL townehip it in IMjmUk^ on iba eMtAwkflf q 
the Trent, one mile £. by 8. of Barton, a^ioiniwKlHUi'tf 
ib own name, with which it keep* it* poor ooojoinflj.- ^Brb- 
i*iV(M< u •iUteorS95BcrM,oD«mile E.ofthe vilkif^'*^ 
pTMcr^ of Ik* Eui of Gheilerfield. 

WiiiiRii.1, enotker towmhf p in Derhgdiira, hae » mmJI iA* 
lege nponedeollrily, one end e-holf mile E. by N. of BvMaf^ 
end on the Trent beak ii en exleasiva com mill, and BbdM 
HouM, a reepectsble boarding (chool. 


FoiT-Ori'ics, Bridge itrMt. 
John Leea, Postmuter. 

Afnti.— To London, LeicMter, 
tic. at 3 sfi-, itrrires ( p. 10 tog. ; 
to BJiiainirhaDi,Wolm'hunptOD, 
&c. *t25 iDiD. p. I noop, irrirei 
15 min. p. B mg. ; totiheffield, at 
15 min. p. 8 mg., arrirrs S5 mio. 
p. 1 noon. 

Clark Miry Ann, 

High itrME 
Clart Mn. Rebecca, High et 

Alter Geoire, farmer, Bridge al, 
Alliopp CLu. breirer ; b. mgb iL 
Albopp Hainiiel, brewer; boiue, 

HomiPEtow atreet 
Appleby Jpb. Ctbmonger, game 

dealer, & town crier. High St. 
Baldry Cbu. currier, HivbtL 
Ban Micbael Thoma*, brewcri 

houM, High Blreet 
Bedford Wm. accounUot, Hor- 

nlnglow itrect 
Belcher Robert Sbirler, lurgeon, 


k Hy. timber mert. Hiik i 

Collier Ura.ElYi. New Mr«cC 
Cooper Qeorgej^bank clerk, Har- 

Coion Thoi. gov. Jic. WorUunK 
Crump Wm.exci<e,AngleMrter. 
CuiamintHugh, miUwrt. Catlt 
Cutta Jamei, wine dlr. Cat it. 
Daocer Elii. Homiiiglowatreet 
Dean Mr. Geo. Port, lea. Hi^ H. 
Dicken MiH Ann, Market Jlliee 
DickJDSon Danl. plealure t bb- 
ing boat builder, Liclifield rt> 
DolmaoWm.baiket mkr. High at. 
Even Rd . ihopman, AnglcNr ter. 
I^eld Edmd. cowkar. Burton a. 
Flanegan Hii* Judith, Homlnf-' 

low street 
Fletcher Mr. Tho*. Swine market 
Folaon David & Wm. unallwaie 

dealer*. Cat atreet 
Fold MUats Mary k Ann, Mar- 
.. 1 kcXfUct 



Francb Rer. Peter, M.A. Im^ of 

Trinitf chorth, Tke ^Mgr 
Fullihav John, geoc Barton ex. 
Goodhcftd Mr. John, Ucbftdd it. 
CkMdwiii Mr. Ooo. Cut itreet 
Grealorexlliot. orgsnift 4t pro- 

fcMOV, Higlittreet 
Orettoo Jobi, liookkeeper, Hor- 

nin^ov etnel 
Halllfn. M«igaret» Hornlng- 

low ttKeC 
HallJofao, eowkeeper, New St. • 
Hall Boberl, eowkeeper, Newst. 
Hmomm Miw Add. High street 
Hardf Jo]ui, sMkiiif «t bed bot- 
tom oifr. Sialeini yd. High st. 
H«rriM>n Mrs. Eliaiaietb, Hor- 

ninglow street 
HAvkiiM John, sbmm ofllce, and 

oommiisioner for taking special 

bail, High street 
Hawkins Wm. fanner. Shobnal 
Hill Wm. gardener. New street 
Hind Thos. gent. New street 
Hodson Cbs. Jas. land agent to 

the Marqnis of Anglesey, New 

street and Manor nouse 
HuUios Geo. trarllr. Barton ex. 
Homer Ber. Wm. (Meth.) Hor- 

ninglow street 
Hoskms Miss Jane, High street 
Johnson Mrs. Susanna, High st. 
Jones Rer. Hngb, B.A. incum- 
bent curate. High street 
Jones Misses Susanna and Eliz. 

New street * 

Keen Miss Ann, High street 
Kemshall Rer. Thomus, (Meth.) 

Ilomtnglow street 
Kennerley Rer. Thomas, (Ind.) 

High street 
Lambert Mr. Thos. Pinfold lane 
Lee Geo. bailiff, Horninglow st. 
Lawton Mrs. Frances, Market pi. 
Lccdam Jas. gent. New street 
Leedam Wm. Allport, surgeon. 

High street 
Lees Joseph, cooper. High st. 
Mason Jno. cowkpr. Anglesey ter. 
Mason Henry, brewer. High st. 
Lowe Thos. solr.'s clerk, High st. 
Mason John, farmer, Horninglow 

Melwain Wm. tea dealer, Cat st. 
Mcrrey Wm. sawyer. New st. 
MoalderTbcw. bookkeeper, Hor- 

ainghw street 

MonaleT Mr. BenJ. Common 
Nadin Joaeph, coal master. An- 

gleter terrace 
Noon John, grinder. High st. 
Norton Dd.brnshmtr.Homlw. st. 
Oakden Thos. excise, Homlw. st. 
Ordish Jas. fiirmer. The Farm 

Orme Thoa. gent Bridge street 

Osborne Wm. mt. High street 

Peel Robert Joan,ootton spinner, 
Lichfield street 

Pickard Mr. Richard, New st. 

Pool Mr. Wm. Common 

Port Miss Esther, Lichfield st. 

Port John, jnn. gent. Burton ex. 

Port Hy. screw mfr. Lichfield st. 

Poyser Thos. bookkpr. High st. 

Pringle Wm. Henry, gent. An- 
glesey terrace 

Ratcliff John, brewer. High st. 

Karen Jno. Brown. gent. High st. 

Reere Rev. Saml.(Bnp.) Mkt. pi. 

Richardson Jno. solicitor's cleric , 

Salt Thos. brewer, High street 

Sanders Joseph, bookpr. New st. 

Saunders Thomas, cheese factor, 
High street 

Shilton Geo. gardener, New st. 

Shilton Wm. par. clerk. New st. 

Shore Mrs. Ann, Manor gate 

Siddon Mr. Fras. Hominfflow st. 

Simpson John, plasterer, llifrh st. 

Smith Joseph Peters, carrier by 
water, Horninglow street 

Smith Mrs. Sarah, Hiffh street 

Spender John, M.D. High street 

Spender Miss Margaret^ High st. 

Taylor Jno. gent. Horninglow st. 

Thomas Mr. Edward, High st. 

Tliomeloe Fras. sheriff's officer, 
Lichfield street 

Thornicroft Thos. Horninglow st. 

Tong Jno. umbrella mkr. High st. 

Tunley Wm. carrier by water, 
Lichfield street 

Turner Joseph, bank clerk, Hor- 
ninglow street 

Turton John, sexton, Cat street 

Vickers Jno. liookpr. Burton ex. 

Warren Saml. druggist. High st. 

Wheatcroft Edw. x^af et, Wx^V %\. 

Wildinff Jpli. i\alutaV\«V> hw\\e^%t\ 
I staff lant 

ttit, Bnilfc aiKct 

. - Jr.bookkpr. llish It. 

WUnm Jtka, brick maker.Uav 

Woad,8Bith,fc Port.wDod icrew 

Wood Ww. anrlur. Cm Knat 

WgnaU Joha, MoMler, H%h (t. 

WortUMrtM HnHuth. HJgkaL 

WrighlMr. J - -"^ 

Wright , 

YUm ChM. Ill ■■ ■ill. Honlw. n. 
Yata That. jnt. Uehfidd ■trtet 
TMmuM mm Abm, Hirh ■met 

Bcdfwd Jakn Yato, (boudlos,) 

BiBd&r Elia. MukM pUn 
Bndbnry Lettica, (b<MTdiBg and 

d*x,) Bridp Mreet 
Cooper Mirr, New itnet 
Donn Jm. (bo*nlf[.} High iL 
/Vrr Onanar, Chnreh yard; 

Her. Hugh Jonei, Vb. nui- 

ter ; Hcnrj HodKm, aaher 
Manhall Muy, Anderttaff lane 
Naiiwnid, Hominflow it. •. Tboa. 

Coi, ^phia Moore, and Mai? 

Newbury Ann, (bdff.) Market pi. 

OrdithMiry f&tFadlr.) Mkt.pL 

Ordiih Ann, Hnlbld lane 

Buahby tieo. Bridge atreet 

Shaw John, High atreet 

ShilloD Wm. {Charitg) New it. 

Strattoo Mary, Hicb atreet 

Baa Abm. High street 

Dmrry Jia. High at. ; h. Priurf 

Fowler Sir Jno. Uickenion, (bai- 
liff & mrooer,) High atreet 

Edvarda Wm. Horninglnw BE. 

Hmley John Edw. Ilumlv. at. 

Miillipt Edward, High itreet 

T^raewill John, (commiisi- 
in bankruptcy,} LicLGeld 

Wtiiiit Edward, High itrtcl 

IfetortOD John TarraU (and tand 


BaUwfB Wb. Uigli atreet 
JWMnf JaiiiM, New atrcct 
EtelftomM, Honii^lDw iucm 

Heath Wn.Uiab atreet 
Hudaou Wm. Hominrlovsi 
Johnsun Robert, fli^ atnd 

EtV. Mhwi 
--. -. -iidJiMi) 
dtcf ft Son, B^WafrMMt, 
(^w OB SoteijoSrtiACa^ 

BtartDB, Wobb, Ji Oft JIarta pL 

loha. HnraMiy t 

Dootey Si 

Roe Hd. High at. v oon^ena 

Smedley Thomaa, Cat M«et 
Walaon Mary, Uorainglaw at. 
Darley Wd. Butterfield [hv^et 

hani^ng warchooac,) High (t 
Wayle Aoa. f& maiinl uatn- 

mentft medicine vmdor] High 


Adama Wm. Uigfa atieet 
Bagndl Richard, Cat atceel 
Baker Vkocnai, High atreet 
BladoD Tbot. LeiccMer, H«h A 
llracey Jiiaepb, High atreet 
CantrlllWm. Hornuwlow iticel 
Dean Geo. Port, jaa. HIgti alftet 
Dean Fbilip Port, High atieel 
Dycbe John, Bridge itraet 
Ealon John, High atrcct 
Elnm Wm. High itreet 
Fuller J qthiia, nigh atrett 

HoiUnd Juhn, High >tieet 
Kent Wn. High atnel 
Langley Itobrrt, High atrect 
Langlqr Robert, Jun. High atNM 
lieedbam Franeu, Bridge aUcct 
Newatcad Samuel, Bigb atTect 
— Hlghaueet 



Rin Bkbud, New Hreet 
Ruttvr JohD, Aadentaff Jmm 
Shorthote Wm. New fltnet 
Simnett John, New ftraet 
Smith EllB. (shoe Sl tojr detkr) 

Tipper Wok Oikt itreet 
mUeTlinM, Hiffh sHeet 
Whitehead Jai. Horniiwlofir it. 

Aih «Foeeph, Market phiee 
Lowe Wm. High atrect 
Madaflin Wm. High atreet 
Richarda Was. HMi atreet 
AUsopp Samiid Ai Sou, High at. 
Baaa aad RatcSi^ High atreet 
Hill Chailca. LIcUdiBtreet 
Maaoo Jno. * Co. Hormnglow at. 
Meaktn Jonathan, High atreet 
Meakin Lewia, Barton extra 
Salt Thoa. & Co. Hkrh street 
WorthtDgton Wai. High street 
Yeomans John, High street 

Barroir Thomas, High street 
Harlow Thos. Hi^h street 
Keates Geo. Hominglow street 
Keatea Geo. Jan. New street 
Knight Wm. New street 
Land 'Geo. Hominglow street 
Patrick Thoa. Hominglow street 
Sidley Robert, High street 
Norton David, Hominglow street 
Rich«r4a John, Burton extra 

Atirin Aaron, High street 
Atkin Wm. High street 
Chawner Samnd, New street 
Dean Benjamin, High street 
EraoaJohn, Bridge street 
Fletcher John, New street 
Hall Mary, Hominglow street 
HoNaad Edw. Hominglow street 
HoUoway Charles, High street 
HoOoway Geo. New street 
hUL John, High street 
Morecroft Geo. Hominglow st. 
Robinaoa Pras. (pork) Mkt. pi. 
Robinaon Joseph. High street 
Slaley Prancis, High street 
Staley Robert, Lichfield street 
flialey Wm. High street 
SlanJer Wm. Hw-b street 
8QtberD§ Wm. High atreet 

Wavte niomaa. High atreet 
WHtebaad David, High atreet 
Atterbnrr James, High street 
Holasea Tbomai. High street 
Hunt John, High atreet 
Prynn Wm. High atreet 
Staley Wm. High street 

Daniel Wm. High atreet 
Saandera Wm. ft Thomaa, Hor- 
ninglow atreet 

Brookes Philip, High atreet 
Goodger Wm. Brimre atreet 
Piddocke Morria, High atieet 
White John, High atreet 

Hodson Wm. Bond-end 
Hollis Wm. Hominglow 
Morecroft Geo. Bond end 
Salt John, Hominglow 
Coates Henry, Bridcre street 
Wragg Samuel, High street 
Wright Joseph, High street 

Ewers Charles, High street 
Ewers Geo. Hominglow street 
Ewers Wm. High street 
Sutberns Wm. High street 

Hanson John Nicholas, Homing- 
low street 
Payne Thomas, High street 
Saunders Wm. & Taoraas, Horn- 
in glow street 

Kynnerriey Wm. steam and wind 

mills, Pinfold lane 
Wilson Joseph & Benjamin, Bur- 
ton mill, Winshill 
Peel John & Co. Burton extra 

Elliott Robert, Hif h street 
Morris Samuel Coates (and oil 
merchant,) Bridge street 
Newton Thomas, Bridge street 
Tennant Robert,High street 
Statham Joseph, Burton extra 

Heath George, HVui^ mv^uX. 
Watson Wm. jtin. 



Atlu, John Wibon, Hish Btrect 

Britiab (Pire,) >nd WcMminster 

(LifeOTKM. BuiHn. Uizh M. 

€lerual ft Medical (Life,) Juum 

Dovna, UiRli Mraet 
Nonnch Union, Thonu WmyU, 

ngwu, Thoi. Sb>ke«peare,Hish 

Bmd Exttwog*, Heniy Hodaoo, 


Applcfar Wm. Hifh itreet 
Copley Juna, Horninitlow b1. 
Heath Ediranl, Horninitlow al. 
Histh Richard, Hlrb Btreet 
Hill Jowpb, Liclifiei^ itreet 
Smith Wm. Neir itreet 

Stnbbi Solomon, Honiinfilon at. 
Wnrreo Joanna, (earthenware) 


Wildman Sarab, Hich Btreet 

Baiter Jobn, High atreet 
StFTcnton Ricliard, Lichfield St. 
MBritd • are Tallaw CimlltrJ. 
Ailama Jobn, High nlreet 
Douglai JaoifB, Hifch atrett 
Daketi Jobn, Nev street 
Evana John, High street 
Goodger Wm, bririjfe slrecl 

• Ticedam Tbomaa, Hic-Uatreei 

• Leedam Wm. fcSon, Market pi. 
Sf arBton John, AnderataS' lane 
Piddocke Morrii, High street 

• Rablnaoa Francia, High Btreet 
Wavte John, Neir ttreet 

• Whiltinghnm Jobn, High it. 
Wood Wm. Hieit atreet 

Marird • are iai mfri. 

• Bealc Beiij. New itreet 

• Beale Eiii. High itreet 
Cooper Thoi. New itreet 

■ Port John, (t military cap) 

Market place & Soho 
nice Wm. Burton extra 
Bttpn Stephen, Burton extra 
SvOory Tboa. Button extra 

BodgkloB SrlreiKr, 

.^ncboi, Jaa. Cox, N»r« turn 
Angel, Tlioa. Wfaitdbeail, A 

oSm) J 

Thompion, UomiDfrlbwn. 
lell. t'hit.Atkini, llonitagli»r«. I 
Pocti, John Yeomaiu, HM I 
eel ■ 

Boot, Thus. Blood, Hirh nt. 
"anKnters" Ami, Wm. WrigHi 

Conch & Honei, Wm. Baldirin, 

Bridneatwat - ■ 

Oeo>^ Ion and Firtlar IJii. 

Huft. Baldvta^ngfaiM 
King of Pnuti^BULadfaiK 

Lamb, Jobn UUn, HUbHMa'- 
Lord Nelion, Mirr VntkA,. 

Lichfield Itreet 
Miiii-in-the-Moon, Fraa. Atka, 

Market place 
Naga Head, Thai. AdietU, UA- 

field Itreet 
Old Crown, Benj. Hicklta, H^ 

Old Queen'a Head, Wm. Slw(t> 

hose. New Itreet 
Old Spread Eagle, JameaTonar, 

arkrt plac 

i Lion, Frai.RobinMM, 
, Geo. Krntes, Hor>- 

Royal Oalc, Mary DaJum, Mar- 
ket place 
Saracen'a Head, Wm. Daviaoa, 

Ship, Jas. Clarke, Bridge itracl 
Shoulder o( Mutton, John EraM, 

Audc-nlaff lane 
Spread Eagle, Hy. Bagnall, NW 

Mar, Rt. Meaiom, Highatrect 
Swan, Sipn. Carton, Anderslaff . 

Talbot, Jpli. Rhoadei, Horniof- 

Three Queena & PoaUng: Uavat, 

Jobn Lefi,Bridgeatreet 
Vine, Mary \VhiIchnTat, Hara- 



^ Wboit Sheaf, Rd.Boe, Jon. High 

White Hart Commefeial Inn, 
Tlioa. Herbert Cooke, Maiket 

W^a Hone, Uuj WooUey, 

WUlt UoB, Tboa. Bell, Lkh Add 

Baih yMaw , Thoa. Stenaon, Pin- 
Boa RkhavdL New street 
Beek Ann* Homiagtow atveet 
Peaoa Gaoifge, Horniaglow at 
Boe ThaouMi Burton extra 
Ball's Head, Thoa. Rice, New st. 
BoalHoaN, Thoa. Leek, Uttie 

Croai XiBfa, Wm. Barrett, High 

Dragoon, Cath. Cornell, Ander- 

staff lane 
Dusty Miller, Philip Tyzack, 

High street 
Malt Shovel, John Stone, Ander- 

4taff lane 
Marquis of Anglesey, Jno. Ward, 

Barton extra 
Masons' Arms, Jph. Harrison, 

[Ii|rh street 
Old Feacock, Saml. Morris, An- 

derstaff lane 
Rose & Croim, Wm. Chambers, 

Bridge street 
TbomewiU John & Fras. (& spade 

mfrs.) New street 

TbomewiU John & Son, New st. 

Ash Jph. Market place 
Halbard Rd. High-street 
Hawkins John, (cutler) High st. 
Lowe Wm. High street 
Bicbarda Wm. Hiffh street 
l^bon Robert, High street 

Biynall John, Swiue market 
Brown John, Hiffh street 
Crompton Wm. Hy. Bridge st 
Djraon John, Lichneld street 
Heath Richard, High street 
Slwlly George, Cat street 
Hhellir John,(& appraiser) Horn- 
inflow street 
StnMoA Thomas, Lich&eld st 

LINEN 9l woollen DRPRS. 
Cape Thonaa, High street 
HawUnsHy. Hominriow street 
Hodnon Thomaa, HIgn street 
LafhDorr Jph. Jan. Market place 
Ordiih lJan]el|Hlffh atreet 
RobfaMon Bajaoini, High street 
Walker WOUam, Market place 
Wayte John, High atreet 

Adietts Thomaa, Liehfidd street 
Mason John Ai Co. Hominglow st. 
Payne Thomaa, High street 
TfUixSk Philip, High atreet 

MiuS^ms, &c. 

BladoB Bfary, New street 
Bramham Mary, New atreet 
Barton Sarah, Hominglow st. 
Chamberlain Mary, Lichfield st 
Elliott Ellen, High street 
Fletcher Harriet. New street 
Frost Mary, Hign street 
Gibson Hannah, High street 
Hickson & Lathbury, High st. 
Johnson Mary, Cat street 
Ordish Johanna, Hominglow st . 
Pipes Jane, Lichfield street 
Robinson Marjr, Hiffh street 
Talbot Jane, Lichfield street 
ToDg Mary, (& stay) High st. 
Wbateley Eliza Hominglow st. 
AVheatcroft Mary^ High street 
Wildman Mary, High street 

Douglas Wm. & Son, (& patten 

ring) New street 
Dyche Joseph, New street 
Lowe William, High street 
Ward John, Burton extra 

Brook William, Lichfield st. 
FarmerHarrinston, Little Burton 
Godwin Wm. Lichfield street 
Green John, Trinity court 
Peace William, High street 
SUnley William, High street 
Hanson Thomas, Hi|^h street 
Hanson Wm. (& hosier) High st. 
Holmes Edw. Hominglow street 
Ordish William, High street 
Astle Thos. Hominglow street 
Fletcher Danl. Horainfflow st. 
Meakin Jonathan, Hign street 
Sanders Samuel, n\%u aVc^^X 

HjtrHy Win. Aniler»laff lane 
*~ ' "I Fninrii, nominglow at. 

BrDobM Williun, High Btivet 
MalUber Jobn. Bridge tlrett 
Keirbotd Tluimi^ iTigb street 
H>»ii Jobn, Higb Urett 
Wan) WUIiam, Market place 

~?ni. Lichflaid street 

-- ..HiKhBlreel 

Brooldiouse Lattice, High atrwl 
BrovnJobn, H.i(fh street 
Buiton I'bumai, Burton extn 
Billion WillUiOt Pinfold I'oe 
Lowe Dorothy, AnderBtiir lane 

IViLran Ttiom . 

Drunt Junei, Hornitiglow Bt. 
Clarke Wmiain, Biidn 

Bateman Mtry, Hish iliBBt 
HcgintKitloai Elii. Licbfield sL. 
Jelbnl Ann, Uominslow Btreel 
Langlev Elix. Bridge street 
Lunu iiirBh, HorniiiEtov strcc 

Adami WiUiam, HorniuRlow «l 
Allen Siml. Septimas, Higb al. 
Oerraw WiUiaoi, High street 

Lerdliam Sc Belcber, High si. 
MuoD William, Brid^ MreeE 
l^nilinsoo Rt. Eiherrall, HIgbst. 

Baunliter Joseub, 
Birch Henry, Swine market 
BIdimI Hobcrt, Higli aireet 
Coates John, Hominplow street 
Fcakc* Thomaa, Dridn street 
OopdhcadJobn IkWiiruun, Licit 

n Geo. (& bonier) Hi(tb «t 

Marklev Bdward, Higb street 
~ oe. UoraitwUiw J 

Sxaley Tlio*. Jacluaa, H^wi. 
t'piiin Joseph, Neirstreet » 
Wilders Win. It Tlxw. HM 
[oml din. im Shit, "^ 
Hiu9& Carter, Homie 
CUrk Thoa. & 8oa. 1 
Perkt Cbu. A Son, L: 

h. Si Dai park 
Appleby John, High street 
Appleby Jpb. Juil Iligb streel 
Uardv Tbooui, {turner otJ^) 

Stalty'* yard, Biab *KM • 

Noon Vim. <boUSi mtt.) 4 
dentiiff lane V 

Kjchardi John, ((pad* tkatt ■ 
Burton e^tra 

SimpBun Win. Higli at 

Heatli George, Sieliie n ' 
Kent Josepb, Hominiil- 
Baldirin Jami 
Miugrove Jos... 
Nooo Thomas, J 
-Sbakeapear Tboi.^ 
Wiboo Tbonus, I 

Alkina Charles, Hor 
Colon John, Hairkii _ 
Dycbe Prancia, LichfieldH 
Marklew Jobn, Cat street 
Port Willinm, AnderalalT ta 

Bwralt Wm. High alreet 
DsKun Francis, Burton extra 
Halbard Uicbaid, (& lockamilLi 

Higb .treel 
Maaabeld Jolin, (tool m 
'ultundmadilneadcer} ^ 

Bsis Woi. A. Samuel Bab 

(From Me O^wgr If TArtr Q 

The Mail to Birtniagbaii 
min. pui I noon, and (o St ' 
Hi \U mill. yuM'i unui. 


■Hie nlrffnpiUiiiiTmiitfihnm, 
nl 5 aft. una to .Sliefiielii al 2 nfl. 

Moo. ) al I pMt ' P'ff. •nd to Li- 
verpool, at I Hit 2 long. 

fVaH die nrrr Quirtu' Im. 

The Ataii to Leici;«ur t,ai Los- 
don, al3aftenMK>D 

Fnm llu Vtnr Im. 

'Hie Amilf to Sbeffitltl, i bef. 
10 Ding, aod to Binniiigbani, t 

To LondoD, Liverpool, Man- 
cbatcT, aiid all pan* of the IdnR- 
dom : FickCard and Co., & John 
Kenworlhy, from Htimii 
nhar/a, and Tnnley Hodaon, 
Geo. Morectoft froai JIm^ 

To (iainsbro", Hull, Man >••■ 
ler, and all parta of thekiug i, 
Jospph Smi^i and Sona, id 
Uomingloar wharfa. 


Aahbr-de-la-ZMdi, jlngd, 
ThoK. HiltT, TbB. 4 ; Fine, Ud. 
Orebard, Mod. * Tlin. 2 

Banoii, rau, Jahn Daintly, 
Tue. Tbn. aod Sat. 4 

Binniiwliaiii, Walnidl, Sbef- 
(ield. Lcfdi, mc H'iilr Hotie, 
G. Wbealcroft and Son, Tue. 
Thu. &. S«t. Hcsr /™, Joseph 
Itotwonb, Tue. 12 

Derby iDil Nottingham. .Ipb. 

Uriilgf H. Mao. Wed. & Fn. dtp! 
( past S mnr. 

Derhr. f7«, Oeo. Hadlield, 
Tue. Tbu. and Sal. S 

Derby, Mir^-in-thr Sfyon, Jno. 
Erana, (Tm) Tbu. 4 

tl anbury, Attg^, Thoa. Marri. 
son. Tbu. 1 

Licbfield, W\itt Liim, Wm. 
Cornock, Tbu. 4 ) Bar Am, Jph. 
Geary, Tue- Thu. * Sat, dep. 4 

MarcbiDKlon, Aiutfi, William 
Shaw, Tbu. 4 

Netherland Gre«n, jtmg^, Tl. 
Tafl, Thu. 4 

NevboroDgli, OIH O-imm, Jno. 
Eaaon, Thu. 3 

Orenall, Star, 3. MntchiasoD, 
Tbu. 3 

Replon, n'MfrZ.iiHitJno. Mnr- 
ahall, Tue. Thu. & Sat. 3 afl. 

KolleatOD, ..AwW, Fra.Bladeu, 
Tbu. 4 

I^croplDn, ilfLfii, Jph. Row, 
Thu. ■ 

Ktiil Wm. IsoD, ' 

Tickuall, Blir: Potit, ((re- 

Ultoiecer fc Derby, Sear hm, 
John Coates, Mon. & Tbu. 

Utloieler, Solomon Slubba, 
HoTniDKlow at. Mon. Wed. uiid 
Sat. (i Qing. 

tVallon, ^ngiK Bd. Keiirerii. 
Thu. 4 


Allen Mra. Sarah 
Astie Pyancin, shoemaker 
Bnll Richard, cattle dealer 
Coion Williaui, wbeelwriaht 
Gilben Mr. JoIid 
Oilbrrt William, bobbin manfr. 
Goring Jameg, aeboolmaslcr 
Grvtion Thomas, baker 
Harris Jamea, blacksmith, sbopr. 
nod beer houne 

. coal dir. and uttr hi. 

Noon Thom»»,ioiner 

Noon VetuoD, bobbin manfr. 

I*erl(s Cbai. limber niercbl, : 

nai park 
Shipley Witliain, sboemakpr 
Smith Mr, Thomas 
Swindell William, rict. Gale 
Warren Thoniai, oTcracer n 

Healey John 
Higpou Wd. 
Hodgson EdiriD 
Hunt Johit 



Aldiira Abraham, whsman. 
Batkin John, hay ^ corn dlr. 
Carver Samuel, shoemaker 
Gretton Francis, vict. New Inn 
Hanson Sarah, beer house 
Hardy Francis, rone & net mkr. 
Harlow John butcner, Outwood 
Hollis \Vm. shopkpr. coal dlr. & 

beer house 
Lathbury John, horse dlr. 
Lee Charles, shoemaker 
I«ee Thomas, maltster, shopkr. & 

beer house 
Marsh Thos. gamekpr. Outwood 
Marshall James, baker 
Moss William, blacksmith 
Osborne William, agent to the 

Trent and Mersey Navigation 

Company, and wharfinger 
Ilobinson Samuel, blacksmith 

Salt Frederick, 

Salt John, coal and coke dlr. 

Smith Thomas, agent 

I pton Win. Morris, vict. and 



Allen WilliHm 
(i reaves John 
liopkins .Tohn 
Hopkins Joseph 
Latlibury Mary 
Lathbury Mich. 
Lee John 

. Page John 
•' Kowlund Ily. 
I llou'lHndH.iun. 
I Shorthose Ily. 
j Smith Wni. 
: Tunley Richard 
Turner James 
' Turner John 

JiJnrkt'd • an at Clay Mills. 
HuIIock Charles, tailur 
Cox James, butcher 

* Gretton Joseph, coal dlr. 

* Gretton William, schoolmaster 
(rretton Kirhd. shopr. c^ beer lis. 

* Gretton William, iron master 
Page John, beer house 
Sanders John, carpenter 

* Thornewill & Co. iron masters 
Tnornewill Thomiu*, iron master, 

i>ove clitf 
Walker Benjamin,. shoemaker 
Ward Robert, vict. Marquis of 


* Ward William, bookkeeper 
Wood John, blacksmith 
Wright Charles Staniforth, gent. 


Chawner John 
Cotton Chpr. 
Gretton John 
Gretton J. juD. 
Gretton Thos. 
Hallam Caih. 


Page John 



Walker ThoMi 


(/n Derbjfthire.) 
Thont marked * mre not nt Bmrim 

* Brittain Samuel, shopkeeper 
Brooke W^m. vict. Barlej' Mov 
Brown William, tailor 

Clay Rev. John, curate 
Court John, gonsmith 

* Ensor Mrs. Hanh. Maria 

* Granger Nath. vict. & maltner, 
Punch Bowl 

Hargrave Thomos, joiner 
Higginson Mrs. Hannah 

* Jones William, i^nt. 
Lakin Richard, joiner 

Lee Thomas, ferry boat keeper 
Lloyd Miss Margaret 
Nauin Nathaniel, coal master 

* Sauderfi Sarah,. wheelwright 
Simnctt Elizabeth, beer house 
Vallack James, solicitor's clerk 

* Walters Geo. smith & maltster 
Warren Charles, butcher 

* Warren Joseph, baker 

* White George, blacksmith 
White Thomas, shoemaker 
Wilson John, brickmaker 

* Wood Charles, grocer 
Wright Thomas, parish clerk 

Farmers. ' * Warren Wm. 

* Foster Fa\w. \ Watson John 
IliggottJobn Wat.son Mrs. 
Hodson Charles * Wood Fras. 
•Warren John i Wood Fras. 
Warren Saml. I 


{Jn Derbyshirr.) 
Marked * are at Burton MiU. 
Ash John, brickmaker 
Bailey Mrs. Clara, ladies' board- 
ing school, Jilad'jn 

* Uladon James, stay maker 

* Chiswell John, shoemaker 

* Gaunt Sarah, vict. Royal Oak 
Pipes George, beer house 

■ » 


Salkbary Wm. Geo. toVaeoo pipe 
mfr. and brush dlr. Bridgena 

• While George, wheelwright 

* Wilioo Jph. & Benl. com mln. 

ArMcrs. Htllam Chat. 
Fitdidl Wn. Hanson John 1 

Hardy Richard 
Moore Daniel 
Moore John 
Newton Mary 

Pegg John 
Radford Jas. 
Taylor Thomas 

CAN WELL, an extra- parochial estate of 400 acres, 5 miles 
S.W. of Tuiworth, had anciently a small Priory of Benedic- 
tine mooks, founded by Geva Ridell, daughter of Hugh, Earl of 
Cbestar. It was one of the monasteries seised by Cardinal 
Wolsey. In Queen Mary's time, the manor was held by the 
Bishop of Rxon. It now belongs to Lord Wenlock ; but be 
seldom Tisils his spacious and beautiful mansion here, which 
was boilt bj tiie fmtfaer of the late possessor, 8ir Robert Law- 
ley, Bart,» under the inspection of Mr. Wyatt, the celebrated 
araiitoety at die coat of ^60,000. Near the park is Canwell 
Qolte^ a pablio-hoose occupied by Thomas Cammack. 

CLIFTON CAMPVILLE is a large village and manor in 
the vale of the Mease, and near thej unction of the four counties 
of Staffiyrd, Derby, Leicester, and Warwick, 5 miles N.N.E. of 
Tam worth. Its parish has three U,wnsh\ps^ (Clifton, Haunton, 
and HarlastooJ m Staffordshire, and one in Derbyshire, called 
Chilcote. Those four townships contain about 1000 inhabi- 
tanto» (see p. S94.) Clifton ana Haunton maintain their poor 
conjoiDtly, and contain, together, about 3000 acres of land, all 
belonging to Henry John rye, Esq. of Ciifton Hall, For some 
time afker the Norman conquest, the manor of Clifton was held 
by the King, and from the year 1200 to 1315, by the Caraville 
fomilv* In 1700, it was sold, by the Coventry family, to Sir 
Charles Pye, Bart, an ancestor of the present owner. The 
Chuboh, dedicated to St. Andrew, is adorned with' one of the 
finest spires in the kingdom, and has two chancels, separated by 
a handsome screen. In the windows are several paintings on 
glasa, one of which represents St. Mark ; and in the south 
chancel is an ancient monument, with recumbent effigies, to the 
memary of Sir John Vernon and his lady. The living is a 
rtetory, in the gift of H. J. Pye, Esq., and incumbency of the 
Rev. Robert Taylor, M.A. The parish /east is on Advent 
Soaday. The poor have the interest of £35, left by Mrs. Cox. 

Haunton village lies 1 mile W. of Clifton Campville. 

Harlaston is a village, township, and chapelry, pleasantly 
seeted on an eminence, on the south bank of the Mease, 4 miles 
N. of Tamworth, and' 2^ miles W. of Clifton Campville. It 
hes 218 inhabitants, and 1400 acres of land. The Kev. Tho:^. 
Levett, of Packington, and Mr. John Nevill, of Wigginton, are 
joint lords of the manor; but most of the soil belongs to several 
other proprietors, one of whom is Sir Franc\% B^t^^VV^ ^tv^ 
maoAertbe X>oira^er Countess Chetwynd. TVi^ chapel \% "^^^ 




aneitiit bniMbig, with ■ low trooden tftira. The iwtc wm 
bailtmad nmr-pcwe<) about six yein ^tt> Thr ciit«c\ i* . 
nered to the mother church. 

CaiLCOTi i^ a township end ebspelry in Derbysbir^ botu 
thi* parUb, 2 miles E.S.E. of Clifton CetnpTille. Nevit«>> 
•DtaUcoiiimoii, called " No-mati'i HtMh," with aenwarth 
dMJtnrf to mark (he couverginp^ pointB of the fbor eota6m 
vbicb here 

« ncite, B> noticed 
Booth Bkhanl, shopkeeper 
BnotJohB, blacks Diith 
GnlDgtrnomns, stiopkeeper 
H«Uh Jowph, linker Jc flour dli. 
HUlfiichu^, butcher 
OrtOD John, tailor 
rye Hr- JobD, i::!q. aiflo» kaU 
Hndford Tlioiius, tichoolmuler 
Biler Wm. rict Green Man 
Smith Thomai, nhoemaker>fih 
Taylor Jahu,(hni'i,i:,kfr 
Taylor Rer. Kc-!. rt, M.A. rector 
TncklebankJiuu". i»ih.r 
Ward Ann, whc.UulL'lil 
Ward Geor^, »L.i.i-iii',iker 
Yatea Wm. joiner 

Bach Waller I Heath William 
Bancroft Henry Mould Sarah 
Cooper John | Mousley Benj. 


Baker Edini4 SMifli Jmmi 
Biddle Thomaa T>umuwH» 
Earp SylraDiia I TiwaJhyTW 

Bell&eld Tbos. rict. While Um 
Elliott Thomai, bulcher 
Hopkin Thomai, saddler 

DarlaitODTboe. I 
Elton "niomBa 
Pa»e11 John 

DABLA8T0N, 01 
ii situate near the Bin 
bury, 41 mites E. b; S. of Woiverhamplon, and 3 m, W^.W. 
of Walsall. Ita parish, which includes onjv 800 acres of Innd, 
hai increased its population, since tbe year 1801, from 3818 to 
6647 souls; and has long been fnmoua for the nianufacttu* of 
gwi-locks, bits, ttirrtipi, buckles, fiaih, icrewt, catt trM* arti- 
cles, &c. Here is also a lar^ tar-iron manufactory, estaUiabad 
eight yean ago ; and at Darlaaton Green, tbe Birmingham Cwl 
andiron Company have an estensire min«, cnntaining aeranl 
excellent bed 1 of coal and irorulime; and a stratum of ^W 
ttone, 27 yards thick, and 15 feet below tbe lurface, vbidi tfaa 
Company commenced working about three years ago, and 
■reoted a saw mill for cutting it into ilabs, He. Amtmg At 
Irooatone are found great quantities of tery hard limMtono^ 
Mllod peldon, which, after being burnt, are eroDtid down and 
vaad aa Roman cement. Lord Gower, Sir E. D. Scott, and 
^MMsaa Bl«kemore, Esq. at* the principal laodownen; bat 
llwra art in Ibe parish no fswor than 240 amall fraebiddt, moal 
^ which wera vnfraocluwi bj \j<k4 Ci«w«, fct^■J«\<JI4rf 



the manor, about 40 years ago, for an electioDeering purpose. 
The CflUKCH 18 aplaio brick edifice, which was nearly all re- 
built, by sabscriptioD, in J 721, except the tower, which was 
both in 1606, by Thomas Pye^ an author of some celebrity. — 
The fabric has just been considerably enlareed, by the erection 
ef a new chancel, which was opened by the Bishop, Nov. 17, 
1833. Three quarters of an acre of land, given by the late 
Duke of Sotherland, was added to the buriiJ ground in 1823. 
The living is a rectory^ valued in the King's books at^ jC3. 1 Is. 
5id. The Rev. O. Simeon, of King's College, Cambridge, is 
the patron, and the Rev. Samuel I^we, M.A. the incumbent. — 
The ItidependaUSy and the ff^esleyan and Primiiive Methodku, 
have each a ohapel here. That belonging to the Wesleyans is 
a lam and neat brick edifice, erected in 1810,. at the cost of 
jC19(M); and nearly an acre of land has lately been annexed to 
it as a cemetery. A Sunday school was erected in the Church- 
yard in 1793; one at the Green, in 1813; and another near the 
n esleyan 4)hape1, in 1814. The parish /»ul, or foaAr^, com- 
mences OD the Sunday after Aug. 21st, or on that day, when it 
luqppeiia to be Sonday. The MnqfacHom to the poor consist 
of toe yearly awns of £4. 178. 6d., arising from the bequests of 
John Ferry, Thomas Abberley, and Michael Lane ; 79. left by 
Walter F«veU» and 20s. bv Mary Pedley, in 1820. The work- 
houMe^ whieh stands on the western side of the parish, in the 
popolons distiict eriled DarUuton Oreetif was built in 1813. 

Hkath, helf amile N.E., and, 1 mile S.W. of Dar- 
laston, are two villages, partly in Wednesbury parish. The 
latter also extends into Bilston chapelry, and has an excellent 
bed of day, of which large quantities of bricks and tiles are 
made ; and also a fine stratum of sand, in great request among; 
the iron smelters and founders. 


A Foot Post to Wednesbury every momiog, departs at half-pas^ 
eight with letters, and returns at ten. 

C^r The Contractions used are, Bst for Bilston street ; Bkl. 
Brocnll ; Cross, Catharine's cross iCst Church street ; Cpl. Cramp- 
hill bank; Ckt. Cock street; Cft. Croft street; Did. Dale end; Est. 
EMoB street; On. Green; Kst. King street; Mxy. Mozley; Nrw. 
New row ; Nst. New street ; and PSt. for Pinfold street. 

Adams Geo. piercer, Bilston st. 
Adams Jph. basket maker, Pst. 
Baker Mr. Richard, New street 
Banks George, clock and watch 

maker, Church street 
Barn Mr. John, Caths. cross 
Batch John, farmer, Green 
Bayley Mrs. Eliz. Church street 
Bajiey Charles, farmer. Green 
Bills Md, iron master, Church st. 

Blakemore Wm. Hill, teacher, 

Dale end 
Bridfl^ater M. N.& A. milliners, 

Bilston street 
Bridgwater Wm. vestry clerk, 

Bromley James, colliery viewer. 

Burford John, book^t^. Mi)^V«^* 
Butler Thomas, iaxmtt > ^i^^\\ 



Cook Win. (excise) New street 
Corbctt Mrs. Nancy, New St. 
Cooper Geo. fanner, Cramphill In. 
Dursett Rd. gent. King street 
Foster Jacob, farmer, Cross 
Foster Jno. bed caster mfr. Cross 
Gill Joseph, bookpr. Green 
Goold Amos, farmer, Heath 
Green Geo. cow keeper, Brockall 
Harper Thos. hair drsr. New st. 
Horton Moses, farmer. Cross 
Jinks, & Ellis,lime burners, N^y. 
Jynes John, tinplate wkr. Cross 
Kendrick John, farmer, Heath 
Lawton Eliz. Dashfield lane 
Morris John, druggist, King st. 
Partridge John, glaziers' lead 

tree & wire & bolt gaage mfr. 

New row 

Partidge John, bookpr. C«t. 

Partridge Thoa. leijt. of Cointif 
Request^ King street 

Riley Benj. key maker» New «. 

Rabery Jabez, hug frame mkt. 
Crort street 

Slater Thomas, printer, boofeid- 
ler, & stationer. New atreet 

Smith Saml. gent. Cock street 

Village Thos. goTemor WorUi. 

White Rev. Geo. Wm. M.A. ce- 
rate, Rectorv 

Wilkes Mr. Job, Bilston street 

Wilkes John, gent. New place 

Williams Rd. sand miner, Hxy. 

Wood Mr. AbraliaiD, Bank 

Wood Rev. Benj. (Meth.) FIs* 
fold street 

Marked * are Board- 
Booth Wm. New st. 

• Cartwright Marj', 
Pardoes lane 

• Davenport George, 
King street 

Dixon Ann, New st. 

Adams Charles, Pst. 
HakrrSf 6i,c. 

Bay ley Thos. Pst. 

Perry Hy. Pinfold st. 

Wood Thos. Cst. 
Hit makrrs. 

Bowcn Dd. Cock st. 

Howen Srnl.fS. Ame- 
rican) Blakcniore 

Butler John, Did. 

Howl John & Jabcz, 

Taylor J ph. Green 

Wilkes Rd. King St. 

Wilkes Thos. Blakc- 
man lane 

Yates J ph. (and cart 
harness) Green 

Prince Thomas, Pst. 

Woolrich John Cpl. 
Moii if Ijotch mkrt. 

Marked 1 make iVor- 
>MI, mmd2 2'kumb 

IBatltrTbos. Cft. 

2 Carter James, Cft. 
1 Carter Wm. & Son, 
Croft street 

1 CresswcU Thomas, 
Pinfold street 

2 Harper Wm. Cft. 

1 Howl John &Jabcz, 

2 Longniore Isaiah, 
Cock street 



"i'ardley J ph. Pst. 

Boot Si Shoe I/eei Tip 

Carter John, Ckt. 

Carter Wm. & Son, 
Croft street 

Cresswell Thos. Pst. 

Partridpe Danl. Pst. 
Boot & Shoe mkr.f. 

Booth Wm. Cock st. 

Butler Ilil., Cross 

Coulter Kdw. Blake- 
man lane 

Eaton Rd. New st. 

Green Wm. Croft st. 

Horton Thos. (& lea- 
ther seller) Kst. 

Jackson Wm. Bkl. 

Meek Richard, Cpl. 

Partridge J as. Pst. 

Partridge John, Nst. 

Partridge Thos. Kst. 

Pearce .rph. Pst. 

Sansoro John, Pst. 

Simkin Thomas, Ckt. 

, Surdifield Jas. Bit 
I Tranter John, ftt 
I Warrener Aaron, Go. 
I Wilkes Momford,U- 
tharine^ cross 

Williams Wm. Cst 

Wood Thomas, Kst. 
I Bricklayers and Plat- 

Baker Benj. Butt cft. 
' Bayley James, Bst. 
, Harper Moses, Cft. 

Shingleton Wm. Ckt 
Brick & 2Ve mkn. 

Martin Jnh. Moxley 
I Woo<i John, Moxley 

Wood Thos. Moxley 

Wood Wm. Moxley 

Buckle uikrs, {BoUrrt 
■ make 7uHf(vet. 

• Belcher John, Gn. 
' BlakenioreJohn, Bkl. 

Blakemore Thomas, 
Dale end 
I Cooper John, Cross 
I Cotterell Thos. BuU 
I croft 

Cressall Jph. Bst. 

Cresswell Jnh. Nst. 

DumbletonJohn, Est. 

Harper Fras. Ckt. 

Hawkes J ph. Green 

Hayues Martha, &(t. 

Hemingsley John, 
Pinfold street 

Perkins £dw. Green 

Perrins Enoch, Pst. 



Pnriiii SanUi, Bank 
Poole Jeremiah, Oa. 
ProfittJolui. Bat 
Profttt Jna uin. Bat 
Small Wm. Grt. 
• Stanfidd WiUiam, 

• Twiflar Jnlm,lffiatli 
Taylor Jph. ween 
« Wakea Geo. Bank 
WUkei Joanh, Bat 
Yatee Joaeali, Green 
JMUt MAmU mkn. 
Foefi^r Daniel, Bat 
Fitftfi oge DanL Fkt 
Pernr William, Eet 
Romnaon laaac, Gn. 
Bobinaon Jokn, Gn. 
Smith Edwacd, Cat 

Allen Joaeph, Kst 
Brerin Archibald PI. 

Church ttreet 
Butler Joaenh, Ckt 
Cockram Jpn. Groea 
Foster Moaea, Bat 
Hind Enoch, Green 
Partridge Enodi, 

(pork) Kit 
Povner Bobert, Kst. 
.SpitOe Joaq>h, Kat 
l/ndenrood Jas. Pst. 
Wilkes Samne), Pst. 
Wilkes Wm. Kst. 
Coai Meuttrs, 
Birmingham Compy. 

Green ; Wm. Owen , 

Holland Wm. Mozley 

Johnson James, Mxy. 
Jonea John, Bank 
Lavton Eml. Cross 
Oldrenshaw Jas. Ca- 
tharine's cross 

Smith Samuel, Ckt. 

Slaam mill 

Mmgrmicera {OunLks.) 
Howell Wm. Cpl. 

fUe makers. 
Beat Samuel, Bkl. 
Bmerton Enoch, Ckt. 
Bntler John, Cock St 
f99%9r Stephen, Cpl. 

Hq^icnTliomaa, Prt. 
Home Thomaa, Bkl. 
OrtOB John, Green 
Orton Wm. Croft at 
Small John, Cat 

man lane 
Wilkee Mary, Cat 
Oroeen mmd Tern dirt, 
AdoodE George, Ckt. 
Coleman Elixa k, Ed- 
na, Church street 
Maddock Wm. Kst 
Riley Thomaa, Kat 
Waldron Felix Angs. 
(and clothes whs.) 
King street 
Omn Lock Fargtrt, 
Archer Thomas, Cft. 
Belcher Thoa. Bkl. 
Belcher Wm. Long- 
lands lane 
Distumall Rd. Nst 
DuncombJohn, Pst. 
Foster Moses, Cross 
Golcher Joseph, Cft. 
Humpage Thos. Gn. 
Longmore Samuel, 
Catharine's cross 
Pedley George, Bst 
Stokes John, Bst. 
Taylcr Fade, Pst. 
Wilkes James, Cft. 
Gun Lock Filers. 
Marked * are Factors 

and Finiskers. 
Ashmore Geo. Bst 
Corbitt George, Butt 

Bird John, Cross 

* Butler Thomas,Bkl. 
Cotterell Thos. Butt 

Dangerfield Edward, 

Duffield Wm. Bst. 

* Golcher Wm. Kst. 
Griffiths John, Pst 
Horton Thomas, Kst 
Howell Wm. Est 
Martin Richard, Cpl. 

* Partridge Danl. I'st. 

* Partridge William, 
Butt croft 

* Riddin Margery, 

' * Rub9ry Jabes, (k 

torn screws and 
worms) Cft 

* RubenrJohn, Cft. 
Rnbery Wm. Pst. 
Taylor Jamca, Bst. , 
Tonka Jamea, Cross 
Tonka Joaeph, Cross 

* Tomer Emanuel, 
Bntt croft 

Watson John, Nst. 
Wilkea Stohen, Kst. 

* WUkna Wm. Cpl. 
Woodward Joseph, 


* Tatea Jph. Green 
Yates Wm. Church St 

BayleyTliomas, Kst. 
Newton lac. Green 
Rnbery Jabex, (and 

patent joint cluuDs) 

Croft street 

Inns and Taverns. 
Bell, Charles Foster, 

Church street 
Boat, Joseph Butler, 

Canal side 
Britannia, Samuel 

Johnson, Moxley 
Dog and Parti idire, 

Thos. Horton, Kst. 
Duke of York, Benj. 

Skidmore, Bank 
Green Dragon, Win. 

Wilkes, Church st. 
Horse & Jockey, Jph. 

Corns, Butt crott 
King^s Arms, Thos. 

Coleman, Cpl. 
King's Head, Wm. 

Colbourn, Pst. 
Nag's Head, Ralph 

Baddeley, Green 
Nelson, Rd. Cotter- 
ell, Cath.'s cross 
Old Bush, John De- 
ris Aldridge, Gn. 
Old Crown, Thomas 

Butler, Cpl. 
Red Lion, Jas. Jones, 

Church street 
Swan, Hannah Page, 

Waggon and Horses, 

Jas. Bayley, Kst. 
White Lion, CVx%.x\^% 



liter littuxfa. 
Butler K(I. Cmss 
Hakcr Venj. Huttcft. 
Foster James, CaI. 
Partridfre \V. Duttcft. 
PartridfreKnoch, Kst. 
Stokes John, Bat. 
Wood Thos. Cst. 
Wilkes George, Cft. 
Black Horse. Edw. 

Wood, Bank 
Black Horse, Job 

Taylor, IMnfold »t. 
Blue llg, Rebecca 

Jones,C'ath.'s cross 
Bricklayer's Arms, 

Jas. Baylfv, Bst. 
Bull's Head, John 

Butler, ('uck Kt. 
Cottage Spring, Jane 

Harper, Cork st. 
Cross Guns, William 

Corbet t. New st. 
Karl Grey, Tlionias 

Tysall, KIdon st. 
Fox, Mary Bayley 

Green Man, 

Jones, (irrcn 
Hen &: (bickons, Rl- 

len Foster, Cross 
Hop «V IJnrlcv Corn, 

.Ino.l)uiic'onib, Pst. 
Jolly Crispin, Ilius. 

}Sinikin, Cork st. 
liamp, Thos. Taylor, 

New pi. 
Plough, Eliz. Rose, 

Noah's Ark, Jonth. 

LfOwe, IMnfoId ^t. 
Queen's Head, Thos. 

Bayley, King st. 
Rose' 6; Punch Howl, 

Benj. Giles, Cpl. 
Seren Stars, Wni. 

Singleton, C<ick st. 
Sycamore Tree, Fd. 

Daogerfield, Cross 
Tfaatcbed House, J)d. 

Bowen, Cockst. 
Thne Perches, John 

Swift, Jtank 
Uafeorn, Jus. Foster, 

■ Catluirine*» cross 

Vauxb«ll, John Kim- 

bley, Green 
Vine, Wm. Wilkes, 

Crampbill bank 
\\'oodman , J. H i|f bes, 
^ Blakeman lane 
Irtm Candleatick mfr, 
Yardley Jph. Pst. 
Iron FoHndcTM, 
Butler Asher, Bst. 
Gibbons J p. (& brass) 

Catharine's cross 
Hemingslev Jno. P»t. 
Jones ltd. Dash fld. In. 
LawtonWm. Newst. 
Taylor John, Cross 
Wilkes Jas. Cross 
Wilkes John, Bank 
Irtm Hunlle ami Fm- 

cinic nmfr, 
Wilkes Geo. Croft st. 

Iron Jl/asters. 
Bills & Mills, (bar, 
rod , and swarf iron 
for fluted rollers, 
&c.) Green 
Inm Dra/crx. 
Baggott Thos. Hkl. 
Foster Moses, Bst. 
i Uiibcry Sarah, Bkl. 
Jttintrs and Jiuittlvrs. 
Adams Thomiis, Butt 
i croft 
; Brtierton .Ino. Nst. 
Lawton Thos. Cross 
Lowe Jph. Bank 
Manlovc Kdw. Mxy. 
Sheldon J. Butt cft. 
Taylor lid. Croft st. 
Limn nnd WooUm 
Coleman J-Iliza and 

Fdna, Church st. 
Pij^ott John, Cst. 
Skid more Thos. Pst. 
Lnvk man/nt. 
I Mnrkt:d\ make Pad ^ 
\ 2 Trunk, & S (oath 

' /jfH'k*. 

1 Burns Tlios. Green 
Harper James, (rim) 

New Row 
1 .lones Robt. (rrecn 
2, ;J Kuber>', Jabez, 

Croft street 
Simpson Jas. Bkl. 
1 Stanaway R»\. CU, 

Aldridgc John Dmi, 

Green Thos. (dk.) 

King street 
Jones Geo. Bsnk 
1'age Hanh. Moiky 
Vatei Wm. CsL 
Aail Fmctort & 3ffh. 
Marked * are wtrnnfh. 

BaffgottThos. BkL 
Coleman Thos. CpL 
Dorsett Jus. & StpL 

King street 

* Foster Benj. Kst 

* Foster John, CiL 

* Foster Thos. Cnm 
Patten Ring- mmkert. 
Howl John & Jabcz, 

Howl Tbomss, BU. 
Longmore John, CsL 

Bruerton John, Nst. 
Meeson Samuel, Nst. 
P/nmbvrs, Pntrs. fltc. 
Colbourn Wm. l^t. 
1 1 ughes Wm. Kingst 
Lee Richard, Cst. 

Bowen Dd. Cock st. 
Saddir Snring- Bar 
Coleman Thos. Cpl. 
Griffiths Thos. Did. 
Ilewson Wm. Est. 
ahopkvrpt'rs & Fltmr 

Baggott Rebec. Bkl. 
Brevitt Laura, Bst. 
I Bruerton Jas. Ckt. 
Corbett Jph. New st. 
Hopkins Chas. New 

IIort(m Tlios. Cross 
.Jones Sarah, Bank 
Lunn Rd. Cross 
Partridare William, 

Butt croft 
Proffitt Kdw. James, 

Bilston street 
Ray flames. Cock st. 
Ri(ldin Maigi>ry,(rn. 
Riley Beni. New st. 
Riley F.zckl. Cross 

Smith Ann, Brockail 
Sninb TbOB. Kin;; si. 
WiospetWm. GrMD 
Wood 11108. Kins at. 
VilEH Jph. QrecD 

Cartm Abns, Csl. 

PanridoeTii. Emm, 

Piurotd itrcel 
Srajapnv,(,&^ Cki.) 
Ciiruir ITtn. Ic Son, 

CroR iltttt 
Dafficld John, BU- 

ttoa slreet 
GarTiDBIOd Jno. Bki. 
GotcbetJph. Cki. 
liiddcD Margerr,Gn. 

Slirmp mnfri. 
Butler Sunl.Biinlc 
€mrter Jsntes, Cft. 
PosWr Daniel, Bet. 
HiiwlJ.&J. Bkl. 
Howl Ti. Biockill 
LongmoreJolm, Cst. 
.M uu nirord Tliag.Ck[. 
Perry Wm. Eldon iL 
Tnylor, Jph. Greec 

Stan,! Mamu. 
Rf dfem Abm. C(t. 
Kmilh Wm. Bai. 

Eaddeley lUlpb, Gu. 

W4tM, B^. Greea 


Dickinsou Woi. Cst. 

Rooker Abel, Kit. 

Tbotubill Cha. Nat. 

Duffidd Wm. Bat. 

PoaU— "- — "'■ 






Lawl ,™. 

Tayl _ . . A st. 



fh». NeVat. 
jDul. Pb(, 

Cnleroan Tlios. Cj 


To Birmiagbam. 
Thomaa Smith, Butt 
Croft, Tue. Tliu. and 
Sat. (Goodi tt pna- 
BengerB)H)iutBmit. i 
George Daogerlield, 
Nenr atreel.Tliu. and 
Sat.; and Geo. Day- 
ley, from the Green, 
Tue. Thu. nnd Sal. 

Foster BcBJ. Green 

Foster FieldioR, Xsl 
I'osler Tlioa. New gl 



DBA YTON BASSET is a vill^ ind parifb, occupyin)t n 

geotle declivity, two and B-half mika 8. by W. of Tamworih, 

Bod eontuning 4S9 inhabitBuIa, and about 3100 icrea of rich 

loMayhnd, idiibI ofwbicb belongs to tbs Right Hon, Sir Robert 

Pm), vbo fpaidea in the ancient manor Aoiue, wbich stands in a 

ipacMoi and beautiful park ; but it will in a abort time ^ve place 

to • autre auperb manaion now erecting: near it, of white free- 

•loDe, in the atyle that prevailed in the reign of Eliiabeth, under 

tba direction of thatemintfit architect. Sir Robt. Smirke. The 

oM nwDaion ie of brick, and will be taken down as eooD as the 

BAW one is completed. Dras/lon manor waa anciently held hy 

tbo Basset famity. About twenty years ago, it was told by the 

Marquit of Bath, to the late Sir Robert Feel, who, durini^ the 

Dreceding half century, bad accumulated an immenso fortune as 

■ ~.»lica printer and cotton manufacturer, near the amall town of 

iry, ID Lancashire, where his son, the present worth V baronet, 

la born. The pariah Ciiuhdu, dedicated to St. Peter, was 

nilt slwve thirty-years ago, except the tower. It U in v'nQ 

lie alyle, aad the interior is sdomed wilt k iam\.^ ol MimN» 


and henldic blazonry of the Basaeta. The living is ■ rectory, 
nlued in the King's books at £7- S*. 4d. The KJD|t is lbs 
pUron, sad the Ker.Wm. Michael Lally the incumbKnt. The sum 
of X28, left (o tlie pciiir, and lent to ibe Uie rector, is lg*t, hii 
executor hsviDi; refused to pay it. Lady Peel BUpporti a chariig 
*eho0l in tbe village, fur the educstinn of 34 poor children. The 
*m*ll IniDlet of Bangles, *-^^ Sfierral Pnrk, about lira 
mile* W. of Dmyton, are the property of Lord \Venlock. Ahool 
» mile farther to the west, at tbe junction ot the Lichfield and 
Tamworth turnpihea, is Basset's Pole, a large Ian where (he 
PriDce Regent chuni^ed post-borsea vrbeu visiliiig ibe late Mar- 
quis of Angles 

Feel Sir Bobert, Burt., Dmrton 

HillTbomu, land I 
Hudaon Thomas, i 

Pole Idu 
Jschson Henry, bin 
Hilner Richiird, sell 
Moptgomery Thus, 

Slorcr Jamei, tailor 
Wade Juh. joiner it pariah clerk 
WildiKJohD, ahoemsker 
Wrigt Thomu, sbottmaker 

FarMiri. j JoHey Tbomaa 
Adams Tlios. Kidb Thomai 
Bond John Leei Williaa 

Cox Tliomai, Loffill Joseph 
Shcrral park I'ralt Tbonias 
E.1deo Jobn Prorlor Samuel 

lurraui Joha Chealle 

Ingram Wni. Thumian Tho»- 
JacksonJalin ' Webster John 

DUDLEY CASTLE, the Tenereble but now raioous Mat of 
the great barony of Dudley, stands upon the aammil of a loft; 
conical bill, near the northern extremity of the populous toim m 
Dudley, which latter forms, with its precincts, a detached por- 
tion of Worceeterahire, nearly aiz miles S. by E. of Wolru'- 
hampton. The ruined castle, with the liuiestone hill on which 
it stands, is ealra parochial, in Ibe South Division of Offlow 
Hundred, but it has no inhabitants. This noble worlc of an- 
tiquity is said to have been built by Dudo, a distinguished Saxon 
chief, about tbe year 7^0, from whom it likewise derived it* 
name. After the Norman conquest, it appears to have been b»- 
•lowed upon William Pita-Auaculpb, who possessed no fowar 
than twenty-five mauora in this county. During tbe contentions 
for tbe crown between King Stephen and tbe Empress Maud, 
this caatle was fortified, and maintained on the part of the latter, 
by Oervase Pagnel, whose son baring joined in rebellion against 
Henry th(^ Second, it was dismantled by the orders of that mo- 
narch. This second Pagnel dying without issue male, thia 
honour past by marriage to John de Somery. In the seven- 
teenth year of Henry the Third, it wasaeiced for the King's us«, 
on accoudt of Roger de Somery neglecting or refusing to appear 
in order to have the bononr of knighthood conterred upon nim. 
It was, however, soon after returned; and we find that about 
thirty j^a^ jubaeqaentto th\a,t^wiae&aiaeT>j olit.uned license 


to fortify it agmin. laeue nude abo fidling in bis hmWy, it be- 
r euDO the property of Jobo Sottoo, who married Margaret, one 
I of die hein general in the reign of Edward the Second. The 
I 8atton« were a retpeetable fiunily in Nottinghamshire; and in 
1^ consequence of their owning this castle, one of them was called 
^. to the peerage br the title of Xorrf DmUtjf. In the reign of 
f. Hennf die fifightny it was purchased by John Dadley, Duke of 
NortBOBberland, who lost it by rebellion in the reign of Queen 
^ Mmry, This nobleman is said to have made gpreat repairs and 
additioBa to the buildings. After his death, the Queen be- 
stowed it on Sir Edward Sutton, son and heir of the Lord Dud- 
ley, who had sold it to the Duke. Anne, great grand-daugh- 
ter of this gendeman, carried it by marriage to Humble Ward, 
who waa created Baron Ward, of Birmingham, in Warwick- 
ahire, on the third of March, 1643. During the civil wars 
which now began to distract England, this castle was twice be- 
sieged ; int in 1644, when, after holding out for three wcekn, 
it waa relieved by a corps of the King's forces, from Worces- 
ter; and again in 1646, at which time it was surrendered to 
Sir William Brereton, commander of the Parliamentary troops, 
by Col. Lerison, governor for the King. Some affirm that 
this noble fiimily still continued to reside here for a consider- 
able period after the Restoration ; but at length they deemed it 
expedient to abandon it, probably on account of the ruinou!} 
condition to which it had been reduced by the siege. In 1750, 
it served as a retreat to a set ofcoinerx, who, having set fire to 
the buildings, were thereby discovered, and compelled to seek 
eome other refuge, in which to carry on their iniquitous pro- 
leeaion. The title of yiscount Dualep wm renewed in JJ^'i, 
in the person of Lord Ward, by the title of discount Dudhy 
mnd ff^ard, of Dudley: and in 1827, the late Viscount was 
er^ted Earl Dudieyy as has been seen at page 258, with the dc- 
eeription of Himley Hall, which has for many years been the 
principal residence of this noble family. The deserted castle 
of Dudley, now consists of a number of dilapidated buildings, 
•arroonded by the remains of a strong wall, flanked with towen», 
and encompassing nearly an acre of ground. The keep and 
the chapel are evidently the most ancient parts. In the lutter, 
•re two very fine Gothic windows, and under it is a vault called 
th« prison. The great gateway, with the apartment over it, may 
l**^b®*n erected about the same time ; but none of the other 
baildinga appear to be older than the reign of Henry VIII. In 
worn kitchen, are two chimney-pieces, of monstrous size, the 
fiir«-piece in one of them measuring no less than 4^ yards in 
width. The hill on which these picturesque ruins stand, has 
Ite declivities covered with a beautiful and varied display of 
U'eea, and is intersected by several serpentine walks, forming^ 
\m the summer sesson the busy promenades of numerous par- 
•*— who come hither to witness the remains of sncient fl-ra- 


>t of witieti mar be wt> 

iileDsire tni bc«atiffll 

iMuidwl bj the Icrt-'n' enirnence, at die foot of witieii maj 

thetramaofBiieDireDchnieat (brown up in theciirilMrBn,andlk 
•nmiice to UuLt UupeDdouB work, the Dadlsy CumJ (mmC U 
aaila in loDEtb, cm through « bard rock. la A* tmmtm 
ftUKTin in (kit neighbourhood, are fbund a wvtf «f fadb 
and mwiiie iabtUnres, in a slate of petribotioa, ■ ' ' *■ 
dM I>uiUt]i loeuH, a water insect ; the oenm a 
; attroile), or star atonee ; caekUt, 

freqaenm- found 

EDINOALE, in the vale of the Mmm, 7 ntln H. W T. 
of Tun worth, i« & villa^ie and parochial chapelry, coaifa£frf 

two tovDihi^ of the Koaie name, one of which ja oo 

aide of the nrer, in Croxall perish, Derbythire, and I ^ 

poor Mparately, whilst the Siuffordshlre tawnsbip jciiH%ik 
Oakley and Grosxll, for the lamc purpnae. That porfitaif 
the chipeirr in tliia county, containa 177 iobabttaji^ Mi 
851a. 2b. Mt, dl land, At the encbware of the i iimii. 
nbout forty yeara ni:o, the tithes were commaled for as d* 
ment of 120a. ami Me. to Francis Cobb, E*q., the [«f» 
priator; and 16a. Hm. tu the incumbent curate, who IuiJm 
27a. of old glebe, and an eonuity from the tithe farm. Ill 
Earl of Lichfield is lord of the manor; but the toil beloonl* 
Sir Robert John Wilmot, aad a number of other freeholdcn. 
The Church ia a anmU edifice, upoo an cmineoce near the rinr 
Measo. The liWn^' is a curaoy, in the gift of the prebeodiij 
of Alrcwaa. and incumbency of tbe Rev. John Evana. TM 
poor have the interest of XM, left in 1804, by Francia Cobb, 
Esq. About half a mile N.E. nfthe village, is Salter'i BrUf, 
an iron structure of three arches. Tbe parish ftait is on th 
first Sunday in June, 

Oaklrv, about half a mile S, of Edingale, is an extra |» 
rochial, or tilhe fri'e estate, of about 600 acres, which keep* iH 

Eoor with Croxall aod Edingale, and is now in two portionii 
eloDfring lo Sir R. J. Wilmot, and the Hon. F. G. Howard. 
The/d/m^j are Cliarles Booth, of Oakles Home, and Joba 
Winter, of Sroadjwld. 

In Ihe fMuwing DiBECTORV OT Ecingale, lluue marlult • arti» 

• Buller Mm- Thomas 
' Collingwood Jph. shoemaker 
DewsburyEd. ahoemkr-ltgrocer 
Evans Rev. John, incb. coralt 
Oadsby John, blncksmilfa & vict. 
Gsscoyne Mrs. Phiiippa Mary 
Hslchett Thomas, joiner 
Moore Hd, vict. Holly Busb 
Odami Rd. baker tc flou r dealer 
Pimm John, Kent. 

rimm tin, Mary 

• Riley Rt.joinef & wheelwrigla 

• Shakes pesr Wm. ihortnaker 
Tricklebank Thomu, tailor 

Farmrri. j • Halcbett Th* 
Buller Waller and Balph 
Foster Francis ISmith Wm. 
(lermanJohn Welch Beqj. 
Iieedham John < 


ELFORD it m plraMnt Tillacey upon a declmty cm the north 
bank of tha Tame, 4 milae N, by W. of Tamworth, said to 
have deriTad its name from the groat number of eels with which 
the river here formerly aboaoifed. Its parish comprises 483 
iDhabitanlB, and 1900 acres of hiehly caltiTated land, most of 
which wae mm open common till 1766, when it was enclosed, 
and 240 aerM ailoCted to the rectory in lien of the tithes. Be- 
fore the Norman conquest, this manor belonged to Earl Algar. 
In the reign of Henry IIL it was held by JFm^ de ArdernCy 
whose dcMendants continued to enjoy it till the marriage of 
Maud, sole heiress of Sir John Ardeme, with Thomas, second 
son of Sir John Stanley, of Latham, carried it to that family.— 
By a socoession of females, it passed, in like manner, to the fa- 
milies of Stanton, Smith, Hnddleston, and Bowes. After re- 
maining for several generations with the latter, it devolved on 
the Hon. Craven Howard, by marriage with Mary, daughter of 
George Bowes, Esq. ancestor of the late Earl of Suflolk, Vis- 
count Andover, &c. ; upon whose death, it fell to his sister, the 
Finn. Frances Howard; from whom it passed to the Hon. 
FulkeOreville Howard, of Castle Rising, the present lord of 
the manor, and owner of most of the soil, who resides occasion- 
ally at Elford Hall, a handsome mansion erected about 17o8. 
The Churcb, dedicated to St. Peter, is a fine old buildings, in 
the pointed style of architecture; and in 1828, it was ornamented 
with an ancient stained glass window, brought from the conti- 
nent, representing Christ, turning water into wine. It has also 
many antique monuments and effigies of the former lords of the 
manor. The living is a rectory, in the gift of the Hon. F. G. 
Howard; and is now enjoyed by the Rev. John Sneyd, M. A. 
A neat stone bridge crosses the Tame at Elford ; and a little 
above it is vl paper and corn milly formerly occupied by the late 
Robert Bage, who was born at Derby, in* 1728, and wrote five 
popular novels, viz. — " Mount Kenneth," " Barham Downs,'' 
*• The Fair Syrian'*," " James Wallace," and ** Harmsprong ; 
fir Man as He is Not, and Man as He Is." Mr. Bage died in 
1801, aged 73, much respected for his benevolence and integ- 
rity, Elford Low€f on the summit of a hill, j»bout one mile 
east of the village, is distinguished by a large oak tree ; and in 
it were found, about 60 years ago, several human skeletons, a 
piece of a bayonet, a wooden bowl or nogcrin, and some other 
warlike utensils. Opposite to it, at the distance of a mile, is 
another iowe, of smaller extent. Both of them are evidently 
•epulchral, and were probably the burial places of the slain in 
some battle during the Saxon Heptarchy. '* These lowes are 
denominated by the common people, Hohin Hood*s shooting 
tmits, from a belief, prevalent among them, that he sometimes 
practised here, and was able to throw an arrow from one to 
the other." The parishioners have the following Ben^actions • 
la 1614, the Rev, John Hill bequeathed land for the equal be- 



nefit of lhe;io»r and icAooAiUMftr; and it b now Iflt lar ■bait 
£37 per aai). For the lame me*, ao aitnaily of 37a. wi* left hf 
the ReT. Wm. Saorev, io I793i and another ofSa.l^lWROT. 
ThnaMMooi¥, The acboal baa long b««n eoadoelad oa III 
national ■yalem ; and each ichnUr f»y» 3t. 6d. per qeaitii. i 
Lord Chetwyrid, th« Hud. Col. Howard, aad Ibe rector of B- 
fixrd, are the acting Iraslen, la 1810, Edward AUbory M 
Ibe iatereat of £:H}, (o be di&tribated hf ibe rector to poor «t 
don of Elfbrd. In the village i* aUo an YyiiHt Srfaef, •«• 
ported, chiefly, by Lady Howard. Tbe pariah /out ia esdii. 
SntBunday in Jul^, Cohbkr»'ohd, a Umlet 2 milei a.ef 
Eiford, ia moailv in Tarowortb pariab. A Foot Post HtM 
tbe Crown Ian, Etford, takea letter* and amall parcde deflfli 
wd from Lichfield. 

Boward Hon. FulkplGreTJIle. El- 

Boorne MisKi Jnne nnd Editli, 

Bowler Jdo. Wilion, corDOiiltei, 

Buck Wm. gardcDtr 
llunii Edw. riet. & shopr. Cmwu 
Faulkner Edw. tnilor JL batr bs. 
Fiirniis Jnmea, jnincr 
Holtnnd Mary, Infant tclinol 
lloUii Muinphre)',rariiimg bailiff 
Iloptcy John, slioemakrr 
Jukes Hisa Mary, Eiford love 
!.e« Wm. Esq. Comterford h«. 
Newton Ann, ichooliniElrcss 
Nichnlia Iiasc, atioeinaker 
Sneyd Hrr. John, M.A- rector 
^pooncr TlioB. grocer & beer L». 

Taylor TbODina, tailor 
Taylor Wm. J. excise officer 
Tlinckpr, M'm. I^Jford « 
Thornl'fn Jdlin, bJacksiuitli 
Ward GEonre, acboolmMtar 
Ward Mra. Sarah, Eiford htMl 
Webb Geo. paper oifr.&coro air. 
Williams Jamei, wbeelwrMri 
Williscmn BenJ. pariah clerk 
WitaoD JoliD, biitcber 

Allen Jaraea, Eiford park 
Kourne Wm. Eiford park 
Hallam Georce, Comberford 
Hollis < H uropbre y 
Mnrahill Thomai 
Smith Wm. Eiford lowe 
Sirattan Joaeph, (and malttter,) 
Meer pits 

FAREWELL with CHORLEY, are two pi ctureaqe ham- 
lets, wiUiin a mile of each other, and fomiing a parish of SOO 
iubahitants, und about BSO acres cf land, lyinr od tbe etalem 
side of Cannock Chase, fmtn ^ to 3 miles N. W. of Lichfield. 
The Murquia of Anglesey is the principat owner, lord of tbe 
manor, improprialur. nod patron of the Church, which is a cu- 
racy, DOW enjoyed by the Rev. Henry Bintielil. Tbe Church 
was formerly eon venlual, and belonged lo apriorv of Benedic- 
tine Nuns, founded here iu 1140, by Roger Clinton, bishop of 
Lichfield, who endoived it with the mill, and all the landi 
lying betwiieii tbe brooks called CbislaU and BlHckeslcbe; to- 
gether with six husbandmen, with tbeir tenures, boraea, end 
•ervices. Henrv II. confirmed this grant, and added to it 40 
acres of lund, cleared from H-und, io the forest of Cannock.— 
Upon the auppression of the lesser religious house*, io 1527i 
'*\n nuDoery and its poMcssioa* were given tu Lichfield, for 


* ft 


die rapport of the eborittort. In 1747» the old noDnery cba • 
pel was taken down ; end in the tooth w«U, three rows of coarse 
earthen TSssels, of dHlvrent dimensionn, were fbood. The 
HMHiths of these Tessels were laid towards the church, and co- 
▼ered with a thin coat of plaster. Aboat 60 years sgro, the 
church (ezespC the chancel) was reboilt of brick. Chorley 
HM^ an ancient mansion on the western side of the parish, is 
theseaCof Wb« Adey, Esq. The BaNiFACTioys belongiog 
totheparishareasfbllows:— In I7IO, Richard Hiockley be- 
q mathed , oat of a tern in this parish, £5 a year to the curate 
of Fartwdl, and £3 to the poor ; besides £2 to the poor of 
LoofdoB and Ashby-de-la-Zonch. In 1765, Elis. Ball left the 
interast oiXSOO, at four per cent, to be dispensed as follows : 
JCI4. l€s. a year to the minister of Farewell, Is. a week to the 
clerk, and la. a week in bread to the poor. 

Jm th€ fklhmimg Direetmy, those marked 1 are at FareweU, and the 

rent mi CkaHey. 

Adey Wm. Esq. Cborley ba]l 1 Hide Joseph, wheelwright 

Amott John, snoeniaker I farmers. 

Amot Wni.shoemkr.& beer lis. Marked * are Yetnnen. 
1 Ashmall John, com miller 
1 Ashmali Thos. gent Farewell 


Coolce Samod, taUor I * Berry Henry 

Craddock Barnaby, shoemaker ; * Holmes Joseph 

Dodd Joseph, bricklayer * Henney John 

Gctley John, bkcksmhh * Hyde Joseph | 

♦ Amott Wm. 
Ashmall John 
1 *Brown Jno.Lees 

Lane John 

• Mann Geo. 

* Sands J no. 
Smith James 
Stretton Jno. 

UAMSTALL RID WARE is a small villaf^e lying north of 
Mavesyn and Pipe Ridwares, in the vale of the Blitne rivulet, 
8 miles north of Lichfield. Its parish contains 443 inhabitants, 
and 2959a. 1r.29p. of land; of which 435 acres is an allotment 
made at the enclosure of Needwood Forest, in which is inclu- 
ded Hoar cross Park and the Roughy (114 acres,) belonging: tu 
Hsfgo Meynell, Esq., and distant nearly three miles N. of the 
▼iU^fC. In the parish are also the hamlets of Netherton and 
SmSborauffh, within one mile of the village; and a number of 
acattered houses. Chandos Leigh, Esq. is owner of most of 
tha land, and lord of the manor, which, before the Norman 
conqnest, was held under the Earl of Mercia, and in the reign 
^ Henry I. by ff^illiam de Ridware^ who resided here. In 
the beginning of the 1 7th century, it passed to the Leigh family 
of Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire; and on the death of the 
laat Lard Leigh , in 17dG, the title became extinct, and this 
manor passed to his sister, from whom it descended to its pre- 
aent possessor. The ancient Manor House, now occupied 
by a farmer, is an extensive edifice of brick and stone, for- 
IMrly fitted up in a style of great magnificence. Near it.otimd.s 
a iower-gatewaY, and a watch tower; the latter U fifiv feet 



higb, Kui opi^ at the tup, which commanilB 
Ike uTTOanaiDtr couutrv- I n the holt *even>l 
pmerred, sin<ing whioh are — •% 
Glwrlea I. in tkc Itme of iherivit v 


fine pnMpCut of 

nliiiu« nii«e uic 

M pmttdi^ lur 

■nd u hniUe/or a mmU; 

■tof it 


anil a projeclinf; piece of iron that vi 
bold tet the tODi-i'iP cif the moM hoieteroun viragn. Then »i 
ring; in tfae c«ntr«, throng wbtch ■ cord «M pirt to \mk tt> 
calprit to the charchynrd, wbemahe wm obl^M to riHHod 
■he pn>mi*«d refornutioo. Dr. PloU mntkMM two ilMihtli 
BlruneDta at Newcastle and Waball, and k third at Mr. OnMi^ 
mnuam, in LJchAeld. The OkMrat, iilai IhiMaoii ^■^.h 
a Boiall ancient strnclure dcdicatad to St. Michael, oad Iwafaffc 
ita windom tome painted glaaa. It hu aevsnl baiidaoiiM ■«» 
merit*, one of whirh U to the OMaiorf of tfae R«r. Tboiaot A)- 
laitree, M. A. " who was a mialater of tha Ghareh of fi^M 
54 yeati, composed 500 Mrmoos, and preached 5000. ^mm? 
The living ii a rector; in the gift of Chaado* I^igii, B«^ nd 
incambency of the Re*. Henry Willn. The poor pariahiMan 
have several Brkrfadtionb.— Id 1690, the Rev. Tfwilv 
Deleene Itfl ^15 a-year out of lands at Yoiall, to ba diittribattd 
by the overseers amongst the poor of Hamstall Ridvare, te 
wboin be also bequeathed several parcels of land in this parish, 
which, at the enclosure of iVrlArrfon Ftelib, in IglS, wera ex- 
changed for an allolnient of 7a. Ir. if. of commoa, and two 
acres of the old enclosure, to which there waa added oneacn 
at the enclosure of Needwood Forest. This land is let for £15, 
which, wilh llie rent charge of X15, is distrhuled on Good 
Friday, Michaelmas day, Ascension day, and St. Thomat^ 
day, amongst the aged poor. About the year 1803, the samof 
X30, left tu the poor by the Lei[[h ISiniily, was expended in re- 
pairing six cottages in the villsBe, which are occupied rent fnt 
by ponr parishioners. In 1309, Thos. Leigh, Esq. built a 
school here, which is now (ipen on the national system, for 70 
cbil<lren. who each pay a small quarterage to the master, lie 
parish/iiisl is on the nearest Sunday to old Michaelmas day. 

r /i,U„uring DlBECTOHY, HuHe maried 1 rtiidt at BtmrTmfi, % 

BlilhSfld Crati, 3 Coaliy Hilt, 
Park, 7/toalry, SSatidSorough, 
3 Benlly Ssoiuel, whfclwrljlil 
ChspnuHD Wm. shaeoiaker 
Fletcher My. vicl. Rose iCrown 
FowellJoscph, blacksmith 
Godwin Jamesshoemalier 
Hicklin Thomas, slioemaker 
B Knowles Richard, eentleman 
Leirh Charlea, shopkeeper 
liHaer Jph. tailor & shopkeeper 
JfaaonJoK^, butcher 
Aoobottom £dw. corn miller 
in Ann, free school 

It He ml al Himttatt JIUam. 
Wille* Rev. Bdw. Rider 
2 Wootley Charles, wbeclwiMt 

S LavreneeJao. 

7 LawrenceJno. 

B Lawrence KM. 

4 Lawrence Tin. 

5 Lavrrcncen*. 
I Oi^ll Wm. 
Wootler Jph. 

Gautd Thomas 
Jwfard Wm. 

3 Jonea Stamoel 


HANBUHY ii m •awU- bnt pleuant TJllafe, npnn « ]nf)y 
•nifMBCB, oTsrlooking the vmle of the Dove; to uie north of 
whirii m a«m the moMiud* uul pictnMiqae hilli of Derbjihire, 
7 milca N. W. br W. of BDrtDn-opan-Treiit, and the nme dia- 
Unoaa. E. by S. of Uttoxeter. Tbe Pamish of Hanbnry ' 

rMnr vxtMHive diatrlct, bctnif opmrdi of five mile* sqnire, and 
indudtoc (be north end of Needwood Fomt, and ten villBfres 
■nd baBMlii, eonalitutiii); five toirnihip*, u will be wen in the 

fUlowingmoinaratiDti, which ibewa the popnlatioi) 
tiral oatat of Mch. 



i ^ 




HMbarr" 1 IM SOU McgtoD. Woodland* 

ElMbwr Woad-«Dd ( 291 347 DrayooU* ) 

Stubby Lane ) 

Avn*t ludinlai HacMoD iDd Stubby Lane. 

Of the 13,016 Bcrea of land in this parioh, 3,372 acrsa consist 
of nUoUnenU on Needteood Fareit, aa wilt be aeen in the Ae- 
acriprion of that now enclosed and fertile tract, at a aubwqucnt 
paige. Thesoallotmenta to thefirw town9hip8,inplude llOSacrus, 
awarded to tbe Kini;, aa Duke iff Lancaster ; 2\2 acres in lieu 
of \he reclorial tithes, and 93 acrea in lieu of (he vicarial tithes 
of the fbreit laodx within the parish; but the old enclosures arc 
alill aubjeot to both. Earl Talbot ia lord of Agard^ley and 
Marchjn^on Manors, and has a pammounf jurisdiction nver 
the whole parish, in which there are aeveral Mksne Loros, 
vis. John Smith, Esq. o( Hanburv; Ralph Addertey, Esq. ol 
Cvloa; John Brown, Esq. of Faulde ; Lord Vcroon, of 
Drascell; Robert Bluitnn, Eaq. of Marchington fVoodlands ; 
and T. K. Hall, Esq. of Newborouyk. But there are in the 
pariab a number of snwller freeholdcra, and some copyholders. 
HANBURY, the capital of tbia extensive, but thinly popu- 
latad parish, is a place of great antiquity- In tbe year )i!-0, 
iheSaxonprinccsB, St.U'erburgh, became A bbeea of » Nitnmri/ 
ioDnded here by her brother Elhelred, King of Mercia. t~bc 
waa buried in ibis convent; but in S?** Iier bones were re- 
■Mced to Chester, where an elegant ahrinc n-as erected to her 
N'oveatige of the nunnery ia now visible; but it is 
to have stood near the east end of the present churvh, 
e loany human bones have been dug up io a garden and 
(ravel pit. The manor house, now occupied by Miss t«inilh, 
COnmaDda an extensive prospect, and was anciently the seat of 
the Hanbury family. The CmTHrH, dedicated to St. VVerhurgh, 
waa founded long before the Norman Conquest, and u-ua uii- 
cianlly a rectory attached In the nunnerv. It stands on the 
•dn of a ateep declivity, and was repewetf, and (he north aisir 
nbuilt, io 1 824 ; towards which two grants were obtained (r«n\ 
tka rfrenuea of Ibe Duvhy oi Lancaster, and >!hc mkwVv W^ 


bnHdiiig MW cburebw. Tha living ia • vioragv. ia Aa 

1, tha Hon. and Rtv. Fredwick Dndhr Bjdn-, i . . 
Tht M iri^an^-hoQse wu takan down in 1793, bj Um ktttia- 
eambaDt, tba itrv. Hugh Bailv«,«lMBneled*Bevao*aaA* 
oppoiita atte of ifaechureh. John Salth, B«q. ia Iimm «f M 
nelorial titbea. The parish /mk m m iba Bondm tite 
Hidaainnn- dav. The prmeot Faai Scmool in Haatajt 
with a boaia for the ribbIct, wm erected aboat 18IS, at Ihi MM 
of X400, whicb was raised by iu1wcri»li«i, aidadby »4aaMlHi 
from the Diocrsun (School Suciety in Lichfleld. In 1783^ J'* 
ApMPMleft £2m for the i ' ' " ' '-"- —-•--' 

or gill* ofHata* 
of land in Dn«H4 
eoclMore of wmi- 

Eaa. as 1 

with Ihe ■ 

pariah; and it nas laid out io the parcbaae 
which, with an allotmeot made to it at tbe enclMi 
wood Foreat, ia now let for ^13. IS«. per aoDum. OulofWM 
left for charitable u^ea l>y Mr. Ilawkios, of Burtoo-DpoB-nai 
;C200 waa paid i» the trui^ieef of ilii; school, and iorealad ta Aa 
DDfchaM of £351. 15s. 4il. three per ant. cnnsola. Agnrt 
tromlhecrovn, ufXlDil, uhtuiufd ia lai^ oulot tbeptSi^t 
of limber felled in Needwood Forest, baa aiDce been iaTaattd ia 
the mme aloclf , for Ihe benefit of the Bchool, in the naron of At 
Rer. Fdk. Anton, the Rev. Hume Spry, and Jdo. Rt. Hajfcr, 
^-- - 1 trustees ; but the appointment of Ihe mHter la Ttalai 
e trustees of Wakefield! Charity, in Totbury. Tbegaa*- 
ler ana his n-ife leach about 50 free acholan, (bova and girlajof 
tlanbury and Unycott. The Town Lauds, &c. i-onaial of a 
house and several detached pieces oflsnd, in Ilanbury, of eopr* 
hold tenure, containing lojretfaer 11 A. Ib. 16p., let for£35. ISL 
per annum, which, by ancient usage, is appropriated toward* lb* 
payment of the church levies, coonly and coostable rate*, Ibi 
repairinK of roads, bridges, culverts, fences, and town pniap, 
and similar public purposes, in Ihe township of Hanbury, Dodcr 
the direction of five trustees. The Poors' Land consiatt of 
Ihe .Milltield, 2a. 2r., taken in eKebanec, at the enclosure, lor 
11 selions or leys, purchased with ^'15;Bosuke'ac1oae,lA. Up. 
purchased with £20, left by John Turner; and an allotment 
of 2«. 2n. Up. made on the enclosure of Needwood, io respect 
of the above. They are let for £13. 6a. per aonum ; wbich 
■ is distributed, half-yearlv, {on (Jood Friday and St. Thomaa'i 
day,) by the tenant of the Millfield. The other Bmia- 
fa"<:tions to the poor of Hanbury are— lOs. yearly, oat of 
the Four-lands, len by George Timbrill, io 1703; an aanaal 
rent charge of £6 to [lanbui^ and Draycott, out of a largo 

estate belonging to Villters, Eiq., left by John Villiers, 

ID 1719; I2s. yearlv, in liread. to poor widows of Hanbary 
and Woodend, out of a bonse at Ihe latter place, left by Joan 
Henley, In 1755; 30s. vcariy to Hanbury, out of an estate at 
Alvasion, left by Mra. Woolock, to be divided a* follows, via., 
lOs. Ii> the minialer, fiv asermon on New Yeur'a day; 10*. to 



th« parish clerk, Unr keeping clean the monoments of the Wool- 
ockt in the chnrch, end lOe. to the poor: — end 69. 8d. yearly, 
00 1 of Lord Vernon'a eetete at Draycott, to the poor of that 

H4iraoBT-WooDBVD is a hamlet of scattered houses, at the 
eastern estremity of Hanbanr. 

CoTOVy one mile N.W. or Hanbory, is a small village gene- 
rally caUed Coton^mtukr-Needufoody to distingoish it from other 
places of the same name. Ralph Adderlev» Esq. the lord of the 
manor, resides in the hailp a neat rural mansion erected in 

Facldk or Felde hamlet, is seated on a romantic terrace in 
Dora dale, one mile N.E. of Hanbury, where great a oan titles 
of white and vnriegated alabaster are got at a conftidemole depth 
below the surface, for the use of china, earthenware, and Der- 
byahire spar manufacturers, who use it for making moulds, &c. 
Siome of the farmers hare cheese presses made of this heavy and 
beautiful stone. The ancient hall is occupied by John Browne, 
Esq. the lord of the manor. 

IJbaycott, or DraycoU-under-Needtooodf is a scattered vil- 
lage on the Lichfield andSudhury road, one mile W. by N. of 
Hanbury. The manor was included in the Conqueror's gift to 
Henry oe Ferrers, and has for many ages been possessed by 
the noble family of V^ernon. In a meadow beyond Draycott 
mill, are the ruins of an ancient mansion surrounded by a moat. 
The hamlets of Morkton and Stubby Lane are about one 
mile N.W, of Draycott. '^ 

Makchinoton is a village, township, and chapelry, situated 
00 the south bank of the Duve, »t the most northern point of 
the OflBow Hundred, 4 miles E.S.E. of Uttoxeter. The mmior 
was part of the demesne lands appertaining to the honour of 
Tutbury, and given by the Conqueror to Henry dc Ferrers. 
Earl Talbot is the present lord, and holds a court feet and baron 
in October. The copyhold land is held on a heavy tenure, bc- 
in^ subject to fines amounting to one and a half^^ year's rent, 
with the best beast or stack as a heriot on the death of every te- 
nant. The chapel stands behiw the village, and is a curucy 
worth about £100 a year. The vicar of Hanbury is the patron, 
and the Kev. Hugh bennett, M.A. the incumbent. Lord Hag:ot 
has a large estate here, and in the chapelry is the manor of 
Hounhilly containing 500 acres, belonging to Lord Vernon. — 
The Frrr Scuoof. was endowed in 17^4, by Fras, ff^hceldun^ 
with a yearly rent charge of i)IO out of a farm in Stubby Lane, 
for the education of 14 poor children. For 16 other free scho- 
lars the master has the interest of j£120, obtained by the sale of 
timber on " Twenty Acres" and Lovecoat close, subsequently 
■lentioned ; and also the benefit of a yearly subscription, which 
ewelk his salary to £20. The present school-house was built 
in 1816, by subscription, at the cost of jC4(V0. I'he present 



■ Smith. NewbanMgh^«( i* on Ai Dwreit Sunday lu 
AU S»iDl*' Day. 

Tmormbt Lamb ii >b uieient hamlet, one mile N.W. of 
NavbonrM^h I Bad >bont 1^ mile S.of the latter it HuAH Odosi, 
» liunlet ]iartlj ia Hamitall Ridware parish. 

- HANBDBT (TOWNaHIPO 1 BakowcU and Taylor, corn 

I»wr mmrbd 1 mldt ml CWm, milleri 

B rkmlir, 3 Anfory, 4 Ifft^tmd, 7 BmnUtCT William, taUor 

..__^ . . S Clewi William, Jriner 

7 HarruoD Mf. Jwnea 

4 Lane William, iboemaker 

7 latlibnry William, tailor 

7 PendlBton Hr. John 

1 SoirterJofan,plninber&.KUziGr 

4 Stubba Geo. baker Ik. ■liopkpr. 
1 Tiiylor Edw. earn miller 

1 Tborley Thomas, alioeraakcr 

5 Upton Eliz, Bbogikefjier 

S Wnrd Tbomu, ■bopkceper and 

Marktd • arc 


I Adams Thoi. 

1 Allen John 

1 Allen Jonepb 

4 Allen Tliomai 

2 Archer Wm. 

5 Cope Wm. 

5 DeaTille Jobn 
5 • DenBloneW. 
4 FcinybuughE. 
7 Ferny bough 

3 Ford Thomu 

Bran John, £«!■ PanUa hall, 

■■d CutlB Hay park 
A AImb Lot, cattle dealer 

4 Ardicr laaae t Thoe. joiaera 
1 Archer Tbomaa, joiner 

i BapaU Joaeph, abopkecper 
Ji BaniriWar .Abb, vicL Fighting 

3 ]3aaiu*terAaron,'tailorandpa- 
riab clerk 

5 Bladon John, ichoolmaater 

4 Brovn Beuiamiu, wearer 

3 Corbctt Oeoi^, icboolmaitcr 

5 HarriaoD llioniai, beer houie 

3 Monld Mary, beer boose 
2 Orme Hannah, alabaaler dir. 
5 Onue Thomu, brickmxker 


3 Wataon Johni blackamitb 

3 Woolley John, |{Tocera:dnipe 

fhrmm. |2Leed<iin Mlun 
1 Archer Henry ,2 Lees JeremiB] 
1 Archer Thoi. i <tUur 
* Bakevell W. 

4 BlurtoB Edn. , . „„.. 

4BowenTho>. S KichHrdaon C. 
1 Bnllocfc Ju. 4 Rilpy John 
3CaalcaThoi. ssbnwJubn 
2CarbeUJph. 'I Smith Joaeph 
6 Cotton Ann 5 Stanley Ann 

5 Cotton Hanb. I4 Swindell My 
3Dc«illeMy. L^Ud&letSaml. 
SHcriliaThomu'j WakdinHy. 
4 Uollia Wm. 15 Wallii John 

I'Aotr auricdl rctide at Dray- 
ealt, 2 Crnpt,, 3 Morefm, 4 Pi- 
mer iMKt, 3 5<iiWy lAiue, 6 
IKaad-Edgf, „«/ 7 Woedrate. 
\ Allen Qeorge, irbeclvnght 
1 Babb Richard, beer house 

6 Pool Andrew 

1 -SUKkley l^d. 
4Tborley J[>li. 

2 UplonWni. 

1 WalkerJubn 

I Williams W. 
I Wooler Ri. 

Tkm marked 1 ratilfi Bir.-k 
Ctiui, nil 2 m Ihl Forat. 
Aah Jobn, corn niilkr 
llHgihaw Ssmnel, wbrelariRht 
Hennelt Kev. IluKh, M,A. ctirnlc 
itlore, sen. wheelwright 
Itlore WilJiHm, rict. Royal Oak 
Cslverl John, kau. HounAiU 
Charles Iiaoc, schoolmasler 
ClewB Jph. nursery jc teedsman 
Clewi John, tailor 
2 Donee John, blackumttb 



1 HiiinVillUiii, iH-erhouw 

1 Huilson Kdwiird, brickmnkcr 
HnlmeJolm, biitelicr & iliopkr 
Lathbury TlioB. joiiicr,L«nbrouk 

1 Myatt Solomun, black nm it b 
Owen John, E«q. f%irlil huiur 
Rngcn Mr. Thuinu 
Nctrmt Jinepb, Uilor 
ShMT Rrahrn. rict. Bull 
WalU Joiepb, blnckiinitli 
Wilion Uamnliel, HhnrmikFr 

/Vw«ri. -2 Uuyd Wtti, 
BIwIoD TliuUMl I .Muore Tho>. 
Burton (.'ntb. Muaon James 
riHtrdllUJE. LMyauWillLnm 
Cbairnr IVis. !SU(rr Willimu 
UCHVille l.uke :SUn1ey JHrnes 
I>e»>llG Will. iSunint-r Wm. 
Hall WillUm .WRiilock EJn-. 

2 Hum WillUui iWilkinsJanirs 
2 Ukwley Jnini Wilson Tliosios 

Sii/r, i Gnnlv Hi'', .^> Haui, 
Hitl, 6 11,11 Tip, 7 Kliprnlrv, 
^ .VrtvA/i/itri'n, !> Oict'.atr, 10 
SntaSlar,, 11 .VmJMv IIi'l, aad 
n Stoik l^m: 

Ulurtoii KoU-rt. Rm(. SmallToad 
2 CIvrti-y MicliMfl, enil. 

IMiTHrJ:. roni tnillt-r 

2 llualb, licoi^, uluiRmiikcr 
i llt'stli Kiln-ard, ivlii'i'lMritil.t 
12 Hoilj[kin»»ii .Inlin, Xm\.>t 
'2 i'art Thus. Tirt. Fflvmrri- \nin 
;i7r«..T-, .nun hUI«Br<l 
.l/Bf/W • «r^ li ■ Hiill \nii 
•„:.»,f«. ,21I^illM'.llini>i 

I 4 Suniiirr Ta. I R Weeldon Tt. 

2 Taylor Wm. 3 Wiltetmce 
I S (Jptou Wm. I Dinah 

1 1 WKrd J«bii 2 Wood Jobs 

2 WurdleSamp.j 


ilarkfd I midt at Urirk A'lb 

m«,», 2 HoiT Cru,, .1 .V«r. 

, /-■, Par*. 

I 'i Abberley Jobo, gent. 
. .1 Abbtrley JcHe|>h, gent. 
, DakerJameH, linrDTniuifr. 

; Clarke I'barlottc Matiide, Udia' 

2 Cotton Jobn, rict. k. wheelibL 

3 Cinders Kt. .Mratt, rrent. 

. .^(ioiiJdU'illiMin, vbeelwTvlil 
A (iriHitli Wm. Rb<iemiir.& Aop. 
Hill Tliomu Kirkpalrick, Eio. 
H..IIV bv^h 

■ .1 Halt Wi]li.iin, blacksmith 
I.biyd Jame* , tailor S; grortr 
ilLovtrofk William, hutrhcr 

, 4 Itiiwliugs Daniel, corn millrr 
I Kyley Cbarlci, lji(|. .l/w* Ml 
I Kobiii»rm.I.>bn,»bo|ir. Abertki 
;l Shcrrati T lio.nas, shuemakrr 
' Sbcruin J«8. sboiir. & bepr b*. 

■ .t ■Ai.a.n Ik-nj. vicL Ri^l Lion 
;l StortoD John, saddler 

i 3 iiwindall Tboa. cattle dealrr 
.1 Townsend Ily. irhvelwri)[hl 
A Tiirliiii Gniivp, (tanlcntr 

. Wakelin .lutia, si'houliu.isirr 
3 Whymnn Jubu, rirt. & painter. 

White Hart 
;i Wiliun (ieorjte, btackamilh 
M'.).>.liiicp< Fra-'.. linen inaiilr. 
Wootlcy Hunnab, frc« school 


2 rroni 



li:.. Hi.r(H.-r' 
lO- llii-kli 


. ■ l>r;ivill.-,T.';lll<>llini;i»i-Lirtb 
.) DeiLVilk W. ; .liilin.jnn. 
I Foatcr iiro. \'A Littleu-ood 11. 
4Pi»(erTh<»'. 1 1 Minors l(d. 
12 Frtist Sarah ;7-Mino™W, 
atSarUnd Wm.l- lliillipi Kd, 
1 •'WiarUT..l!nt-...!..>ito.i, .!. ' 

M..rk-.l • nrr \ .'. LittlrwoiKl T. 

veii«iia, 3l^vrrockJ. 

tolli.ii TIhw. 4 .MHIor l-dir. 
1 huiin lli-iij. .1 I>o(lii.Iohn 
llflH-ksworth 4 iUwlinps Fs. 
TImmna , .fS«i,iilall .Inh. 

nlliiiisHDMh !;t Ton-iin.nd W. 
n illi.iin I 1 Wood C'ath. 


^ANDSWORTB PARISH CQiiiprii4l|Niiuo two t xlenaive 
ttMmfbijM of JSdn^imortk •n4 Perrif Bmr^ which*, tinco tb^ 
your IfiOli bate eocraaiMd thcar popQlstioQ mvk 27^9 to 494^ 
Mttls, of wbom apwurdiof 40iyO ijra ia Hakpswovtb, which 
incladet Soho^ and fbras % laiye and handaome north-west 
•nbarb of Binningbum, beinff bounded on the soath and east 
by Warwicksbirey and utenoingabont three milea on the Wal- 
aaO and Wedneebury loads, including many large a^aemblages of 
lionic^ several manufiMstorieSy and a considerable namMr of 
seat villas, mostly occomed hj merchantoL te. engimd in the 
trade and commerce of Birmingham. The Earl c» Dartmouth 
b kurd id the manor of Handsworth; and the other principal 
proorietors of the soil, are Matthew Robinson Boulton, Esq., 
of &ifto House; and — Birch, Esq./ owner of Hanutead^ an 
ancient seat of the Wyrleys, bat now occupied by Edward l^ewis, 
gentleman. Here are also a anmber of small freeholders. The 
grand ^ects of attraction in Handsworth are the 80H0 
WORKS, one and a-half mile N. W. of Birmingham. These 
works, belonging to Messrs. Boulton, Watt, and Coropany, form 
one of the lai^estaod most important manufactories in Eurtifpe ; 
and are situated at the footof a considerable eminence, (on a piece 
of ground formerly a marsh, but now conrerted into fertile soil,) 
and consist of four squares with connecting ranges, or rather 
streets of warehouses and shops, sufficiently extensive for the 
accommodation of a thousand workmen. To the south are a 
number of agreeable gardens, which give an air of uncommon 
cheerfulness to this splendid seat of art and industry ; and af- 
ford ample proof of the taste and skill of the originar projector. 
At the commencement of this great manufactory, its productions 
were only such as were usually made by theartistsjn this populous 
part of the country, viz., buttons, buckles, watch chains, trinkets, 
medals, and articles oi a similar description. In a short time, 
however, the manufacture of silver plated wares on a large 
scale was likewise introduced ; and when these substantial and 
nsefal branches had been fully established, the proprietors be- 
gan to bring forM'ard works o^ elegance and grandeur, in stone 
mwufe and Or-moulu. These consisted of all kinds of vases, 
candelabra, clock cases, watch stands, ice puils, and many 
other articles equally valuable. No sooner was thiu novel manu- 
.fiwtore fairly begun, than it received the sanction and en- 
eooragement of his Majesty and of the principsl nobility; while 
on the other hand no exertion or ingenuity was wanting to ren- 
dtr it deserving of such distinguished patronage. Thus sup- 

* Jutf JUrdk wu BB ancettor of the family foimerly resident in the old mention 
«f Hamsleed, which wee Ulcen down eftei the ercctioo of the piceeot houie on 
flUMursAO Hill, wliich commandi a rich proHMct of the Tale of Tane, and the 
Man omI SaodwcO eitatee in Warwickehiie, fkoro which Bandawqrth Is sepaTatcd 
If the Hocliley tnook. The la^ Mr. Eggingtuh who hraucht the art of gl#ei. 
to f leat perfection* resided near Soho. 



parted, the proniflEn tm« toon enabled to MDff Aiairfm- 
^octioDi to tlie hietiMt itate of perfection, >o that not Mlf «ni 

to aumj of the moat polite citiei in Europe. Soma Bliliitllil 
vera even pleaied to confer upon them dlstingnUhMl BUnrf 
~ approbation end manificeQce. The brilliant •ncceeeordiibMl 
maniibctare, aflerwarda iadaced the proprieton to embukh 
BiMither of no )eu oovelty, and of mncb greater Iiii|iiiiliin 
Tbii waetbeiDannftclarinifof wrwu^^joia, tofaetlttatawhie^ 
they at length tucceeded in obtainiog the MtahUabnMit ofea 
Anas Offfx <■> Birminrham, for r^ulating' the poritraflb 
metal. Since tbe completioQ of thia object, eilTcr and ^nr- 
plated wares have been among the principal prodnctioiMflf Ibb 
immenae eatablishment, in which there ii a eeining and rtOhf 
mill, erected in 1788, with eight machinei, eacb capaUa St 
atriking from 70 to 8D pieces of mooef per minute, of th*dn 
ofagninea; and at tbe aame blow vbicb tlrikea the two ftcM, 
the edge of tbe piece is aUn itruck, either plain nr with lo !■- 
■criptlnn ; and thua every piece becomes perfectly round, and of 
equal diameter. Large quantities of medab and foreigi 
coins huve been struck facre, as also were the oldest Eofiiiih 
copper coins noiv in general circulation. Soho is likewise nmed 
for the manufkcture of a great variety of iron and steel articles, 
copying machines, and steam engines, and to the latter it own 
much of its present importunce; for here it was, that Jwmtt 
/fait, an ingenious (lUsirow mechanic, after inventing his rota- 
tive steam engine, in 177^, vas induced to become a partner 
with Mr. Bouiton, and, after obtaining a patent, thev commenced 
the manufacture of that powerful machine, which has tended lo 
materially lo facilitate and encrense ihe mannfectures of thk 
kingdom. A son of the late iMr. Walt is now a partner in the Sm. 
Handsworth Chukih stands on tbe Walsall road, about two 
miles N.N.W. of Bi>-mingham, near the reciorv and a few other 
neat dwellings. It is an ancient structure, dedicated to SL 
Marv, but was partly rebuilt and enlui^ed in l!^20, under tbi 
powers of two Acts of Parliameol, passed in the S8th and 59lh 
of George III. The tower contains a good clock and six belli. 
The reolorv is valued in tbe King's hooks at ^£13. 9i. 2d. Sir 
Robert Peel, Bart, is the patron, and tbe Rev. Thomas Lana 
Freer, M.A. is the rector; assisted by two curates. Tbe other 
place of worship in Ilandsworth is the Union ehapel, a neat 
edifice belonging to the hdependetilr, and erected in 1788, bat 
enlarged with galleries in ItilS, so that it n-ill now seat SOD 
hearers, besides 150 Sunday scholars. A burial ground was 
attached to It in 183.1. The present minister is the Rev. Jobs 
//ainmond. The parish of llBndiw«T*,b enjoya the benefit of a 
hrge A'alional school, a valuaWo Vmtte»^»^t,^T^^»w^twl\«nf 
At.■tto^I fur the ua* of the foot. 


Brioiie Thl'it.— There are «igbt bri(lM|i in pan».h, of 

which live ure carriage biiJgee and three rnot br s. All of 
Ibtm are repaired wholly or partly out of the re of sevend 
pnroels uf Innd aod buildiDga, winch are now le .€131 pefll 

aapuin, and huve from time immemorial been veiieu ivitb Irun- 
tee^ fiir the reparation of ibe said bridges, and Ibi surplus (o be 
employed in "some good and charitable uses." The sums re- 
(juired for the repairs of ibese bridges have during the last 30 
veart been so siuall, thai trustees have at Tarioun periods 
been io possession of lar^ iccumulations of income, out of 
wbich thrj eipeuiled £Sii 1813, In the erection of a Na- 

TioHAi. School ; and in ] sdi-nnced £500 on tnortEage of 

the church rates, towards , — .'xpenses incurred in enlarging 
and repairiog the church. Two iarge bridges which used to be 
repaired by this trust, were transferred to the county about (he 
vear 1802. The National school is supported bv subscription, 
and a weekly payment of one penny by each sclmlar- There 
are now in the school li^O bnyd and SO girln; the latter are 
clolbed once a year from Ibe school funds, and the former once 

The Stfiffactioni Io Ike poor amount In the following yearly 
sums -.— i8 from a porden of four acres, left in 1573, by Thoi. 
STumtcich, to be given in three equalportiona, to Ihe poor of 
Handsworth, Perry Burr, and Great Barr ; 40s. out of a cloie 
at West Bromwich, left by TTtos. Hodsett, in 1625; 20b. out 
of Gold's grounds, in West Bromwich, left by Oeo. Birch, la 
1663; .€10. 17s. from 7a. 1h. ?p., called the Pnar'a Lands, 
one third belonging to Perry Ban- and the rest to Handsworth ; 

428. from land parchased by the overseers, at the enclosure, in 
1794 [ 42s. for the rector, 7fi». for Ihe poor of Handsworth, and 
38a. for those of Perry Borr, from building land at Sand pit 
terrace, Birmingham, given in 1806, by Joitph Griet, £sy. ; 

429. tor the singers, and 40». for the poor, from an acre of Innd 
at Far Bird's Hill, purchased in 1619, with the bequesls of 
Dorothy Huxley and Joseph Stubbi; 20b. out of Undreli's te- 
neinem, left bv an unknown donor; 6a, 8d. out of a cottage in 
Oldbnry, left by li'm. Coicper ; and £B from Sir /fm. Jror- 
wood'i'charity, (see West Bromwich.) The doles belonging to 
the Hnndsn-orlh poor are mostly distributed on 8t. Thomas'^ 
day and (iuod Friday, as are also those belonging Io Ihe poor of 
Perry Barr, who likewise receive 258, yearly from Ihe bridge 
trtistees, as the bequest of HumphTty end Thos. Gibbons, in 
1680. Several other charities are loal. . 

PERRY BARR is a large township, conlaining Ihe small 
'"'ige of Pbkhv Bridok. 3 miles N. by W. of Binniogham, 
a number of scattered houses, eiteDding northward tu 
no Park, and Great Barr. within 3 miles of WftUaU.— 
ty H<dl, on tbe norlb bank of the Tftmc, t>ti« t&^'W ■ Q^ 
y Bridge, n th« pleuint aeat of lohn Ooui^t, ^»\- ^"^ 



Arindpd «WMr oHRk M 

rdof ll» iimAp, <rf«««M 

MrdMiad Id 16<9,% atr fiinuy AwA, JSM. OTfldlHRlMr 
Mti dbdngaitbed fcorily, m Uampfciad ikcteh h drMif !■• 
IwM >tjpag« I7I- Tbe ele|[aDt CKdMOH, or cbpd of «W 
MfcrtM to Bt. John, wn ec m wroted la Aayw^l gH-i wi 
«■• erected by John Ooogb, Em. U the emt of ebont Otltf^ 
It U IB Um pure Gothic itj^e, the exterior ArnhvlAg HMklrf 
Ac florid ebeneler,' fbnoi^g > floe contntt wiih dw ctaM Ml 
■tepte •tjrie of the loterior. The eut cod b eariclied 1^ * 
beealtfbl •tdiiedjtan window, reprewnting 8L Fetor, Bt FMI^ 
and Bt. John. The ehorch bu 67O Mltinn, of wbiefa lltMe 

Ave. Mr. Qoogh, tba liberal founder, abo e 

£IMD for the lapport of the niohter, mod StSO m 
lot the reptratioD of the ediRce. Be lihewiae eniiporM * Aw 
tdtoat. Deer the eharch, for edackting' and e1otbia|; fM^ 
ebtMren. Upon Statm Coldfield Moor, on the iiiiilh imHII 
ride of thit towD*hip, Hr. Goaeh has a ffumts preaem of M 
anc*. OicoTT CoLLKoa, near Perry Brid^, i« h Urro Bortk 
Cetbolk academy, ander the prceidency of Dr. Wea&ll. 

PofT-Or»ic>, at Hr. JoUn Sanden, grocer, Sobo itreet.-'Lelttfi 
from al) parts are refeiTed bv the BirmiBghain post, at balf-pMt t ia 
the moTDiog, and despatched at 5 in the afternoon. 

tn tht filtowiHg nirecfiry, Ihtae marktd 1 retid* at jiilim nOm, t 
Birdijk/d, 3 Jlnumaiik Rxm). A ChurctfirU Limt, 5 Ckrrm£t Plml^ 
6 Coal Btttti, 7 DcBdmort trnt, B Gtost Lmt, !l HatHitead S»m, W 
HimHtml /torn Wat. 11 Hrath/tU Plact, 12 HnlhfirU Stmd, IS 
HralluitU Ttrract, 14 //andri-'i Lmt, 15 Loirtit /jow, 16 JfbM*- 
«<na /fiU, 17 S*tBp Rne, 18 5aA. HiO, 19 SaAt Strett, M SfHa 
Row, 21 Tkret Milt Otk, 12 U*i>m Aw, 23 Ft/b Z«r, 24 FlOa JtoJt 
25 «• (A( T-ArK AfiTc oa A«»/, 26 «tir Ml CAwc*, <«f 2r ■! JAndt- 
worth Ptact. 

Adams Joseph Philip, merchanti 

h. Woodlands 
4 Adkins Thomas, soap mfr. 
12 Allen Mr. Charles 
Allen John, brick mhr. Fool fids. 
9 Allen Mr. Thomas 
27 Aniphlett Mr. Riehnrd 
lU Barrel Mn. EJiaabeth 
9 Barrows Win. merchant 
IS Bate! Richard, factor 
12 BHikin Wni. rent. 
9 Bill Mrs. Sarali 
12 BlockiidiFe Jeue, ailt tor mfr. 
15 Blood Richard, factor 
BodinKtOD Urs. Mary, Lejhall 
lOBoavorth Mrs. Sarah 
tSBoUeley Thomas, platet 
Boalton Matthew KolHntaii,%Ml. 
SoJio bouM 

Boullon M. ft Flate Co. mfn. tl 

sitTcr k. platfd gnods, Bcdab, 

coins, &c Sobo 
Boutton M. R. mint and mcul 

rolling mill, Soho 
Boulton, Watt, k Co. ateasi •)»• 

■ine mfrs. Soho 
S Bowly Edw. portrait painter 

2 Br»BK Grorge, wine '— * 

BrsllWrs. Calh. GrOT 
7 Biown Mr. Tliomis 
12 BurklFV Capt. 
12 Butler Mr. Joseph 
Chamberlain Wn. Barker, ril- 

reramith ; h. Fir cottue 
Chance R.L. glasa mandlaeiaicr i 

b. New Inn hall 
m C^'&\\Q««m& <%»a. tnUtcr. of 


CIhIw Mis- Bmrn'a gTi« 
S Cooks Min Sank 

Ooirie Be*. John (DofMln) ' 

S Cnea Jowph. nh -.-— - ^ 
19 Crickttt JoMpk. rtctiwrlglil 
4 CntAIV 8mm«, iHt 

DwMBBUMiaKtSmhnU — 

.'•Mr. John 


IS Etsh Ur. BeiijuiJa 
18 EnU Mil* Maty 
FieteberMn. Ann, Hunl'iBreen 

15 FiMoua Hr. Sunnel 

16 Fner Uer. Tho*. Lans, H.A. 

36 Freer Ker. Rtcbd. Luie, M.A. 
BOarluid Lawrence, Kale beam 


11 Hill I 

lOHiUTV*.?. _ 

19 HUI Wm. J(Ab, conch mak<r 
fonar Hr. 0«Mn, WoodUmdi 
_1 HbnkT H. H. H. Kent 
Hoiton Joabon, holler mannTac- 

Wrw ; h. Hoflaod honM 

lel, and bit malur 
3 Houahtoa Wm. dnpcr 
HoniplirejnMa SoMums, AMon 

nlla cottan 

IB Jackton JohD, battoa mfr. 

14 Jonei Mr. J . 

IB Jotdlton TlioiRat, trareller 

\9 Kidgell Wm. alore nate, or 

oament, & fender mft. Buidi 

worth cottage 
-J LaaeThoroai,] 
9 Lee Mr. John F 
IBLeeHr. Wm. E 
18 Lewie Mn. Eliubcth 

13 Green Hiu Betiy 

Oraen David, iron foDuderj h. 

11 Onen Xm. bru* bonder 
Orice Jpb. Kent. Handaworth hall 
13 GroutMB Soml. gluaitainer 
Hnfffj *!'- Wm. ten. Woodville 

ootuce _ 
M Hale Mr. Thoma* 
B Hammond Ber. John (Ind.) 
19 Harding Thoa. Bnuington, 

14 Hardman John, button mfr.; 

h. Woodland borne 
9 Hardman Mr. John 
. IBHaniaUn. Harr 
^ iHarrta Mr. John 
9 Harwood Mra. Aon 
U Harwood Ja«. coal metcbant 
MHaalnck Richard, tnercbant 
,9111alaley Un. Eleanor 
pBnrJtw JHiM 

15 Lightfoot Id 
9 Lowe BeiHamin, merchant 

16 Lowe Jofin, genu 

9 Lowe Wm. fan. rlaaa mfr. 


MaaoB Jai. mtit. i h. Thorn bill 

13 Ueadow* John, ^occr 

lOHillsMr. Dinud 

IG Hnrdock John, gcal. 

Unrdock & Toner, mannfaclur* 
eis of Meel gnxb, Sobo 

Murdock Mr*. Sarah, near Coal 

11 NeiMm Mn. Charlotte 

9 Nekon Edward, engraver 

Nichola Qeo. Eaq, Fiyery 
ISOrrMn. Mary Ana 

Osbom Wm . Henry, wine mer- 
chant. Bird's cotlage 
11 Oibome Charlea, gan miker 
19 Parker Edw. writioi muter 
I^ake Wm. land ant. Bird's villa 
1 Perrr Cbai. collector of ratet 
PbilliM Mr. Geo. Oak cotta^ 
3 PUUip* Edwin, n\\\oi ^t- 



hull Ihiii JBfciMnn. 


ThtM. RDt- Winr Ul 

U Bigbton RicLard, clerk, (B«k 

18 BoHDWn Hr. Jobs 
HBoeMr. Bidxrd 


19 SbtRlff Hr. George 

19 Sbevud IhomM. dni«|(Ut 



14 Smith Jama, tnreller 
13 Smith Mr. Joseph 

17 Smith Wm. plumber & paiDter 

18 Smith Wbi. trareller 

9 Soulier Mr. Wn>. 
SoDthall Mr. Hrj tree cottage 
ia Stretton flioiuu, car owner 

10 Such Miu 


l.Witt JaBM «i Oa.«nnrl«a*> 

WkMUrrMn-CtakUl - ' 
incallCTl(biElia.Aalte ■ 

13 Tniriiliii III Tlliliiil iiaaiiw^ 
WiUetD Hr. ThoL RmUB 
Wilfmore Ann, metij ntthr.OM 

2 Croini & CMhioii, tiarah Rjler 

6 Frighted Horse, Chai. Pailni^ 

26 Lamp TaTCm, Ro|>ert BecaM 

25 New loa, John Crockett 

25 Qaeen'f Head, Riehd. Hmpcr 

ID Red LioD, Win. Smith 

6 Wagiton and Hone«, Alexaader 

JItarktd • are Urdng. 

• Alton Ti. Jiote kilt 
19 Ilewlar iiarab 

• Bibby Mra.& Miia 
9 Cooke Win. 

5 HardmHD Add 
•22HultoD RHza 
9 MaM>n Chnrlotte 
19 Molioeui Elii. 

• MooreEliia, White 

26 AWiom/, William 
1-rice & EJiiabetb 

• 1 l-erry Eiii- 

• 18 KobcrtH Harriet 

Wkiri, iic. 
23 Sh«yUr Thomu 
19 Weir DaTid 

Brrr H«iur,. 
19 Brown Win. C. 
2 BuihJohn 
-* aill Joaeph 
okM Samuel 

20 Horler Wm. 

18 Hooker Tboma* 
!1 Howe Tlioina* 

19 Williami Thoa. 
19 Worley Tbomai 


2 Bush JohD, (and 

21 Harris JohD 

19 Elastic Itobt. (and 

)9 Such John 
27 H'ilden Wui. 
So»l it SAoe Alakert. 
■J3 All port JohD 

3 Banks Isaac 
2:1 Burton Brnj. 
15 Ulovcr Chaclea 

20 PearaaU Wm, 
IB Simcoi Geoijc 
3 Smallman Wm, 

2 Williami Udvard 

23 Barker Wm. 
3 Capcvell Ben. 
6 Scoffom Wm. 


19 Brown Wm. 
23 Emuaa TliOB._ 

6 Wilkini Tho*. (It 
tallow chandler) 

9 Wright Robert 
Con MitUr*. 
Read J. Uldfbrd 
Swain Jimea, Hun- 
stead mill 

2 Aototl Hioa. 
2 Beeaon John 

Beeaon Tha. Hill lop 
16 Corbett Wm. 
Farmer Richd. Han- 

7 Ilarrold llomM 
HeatbeoH John, 

I CbcrrylMll 

OFFLOW Biinins. 


VUlcn JaniM, Haw- 

7 Barter Oange 

3 J^cion Heorr 
SI PopcJobnfc: 

fc floonKi, HandB- 
wmrth ■uwit) 

19 BaniMiT, Wm. 
14BiT«lB|taB Tm 

Co. ; lliot. Cnck- 

nell, amst 
SCnme Wm. (uiil 



14 Joaei Mary Add 
25 Orecn John 
19 Smith Wm. 

SWalko-nM. A ' 

6WUklDaOMi8« m 
J«l(fiw*,te. *^ 
* an SlrmmUtt vJin. 
S3 ■ Allcrton Thos. 
19 Ariiford M. ic L. 
ig • Mean Jane 

17 WilUami Mary 

n Hammimd Wci. 
19 Pnka Om^ 
IB Wdch Wm. 

18 AdanuJama 

19 HoUerJobn 

23 Owen Wn. 

19 Rniwel) TboiDH) 


Marlnl 1 rtMe ml Hiuutu-H. 2 
Omit, 3 Paper Mill Eud, 4 Ptr- 
ry Briilge, 6 Tmm HIU, mil 6 
*l HarrrnHmue. 

3 Allen Wm, milter, Perry brdg. 

4 Bslte Mary, covkecper 
Bijicy Geo. geDt. Heuia cottage 
Benton Wm. itent. King's vale 
4 Birkenlieul Clare, Any M-hool 
4 Cooper Mary, vict. Gough'a 

3 (Jallimore, Mr. Charles 

Gongh John, Esq. Pin-y inll 

Hall Tbomiu Etti. Broom bill 

2 Lander Mn. Add 

1 MalUiewaon Wm.ganlener 

Hiift JamcB, );anleDer 

Moilliet Jno. Levria, Esq. banker, 

HamaCcid liaU 
Noore Jobn, gaideoer, Parkwall 

Newton Thos. tIcE. Royal Oak, 

SutlOQ Coldfield 
2 Scoir Sarah, day achool 
S Smallwood John, malUter 
4 Stokes Edw. paper and pnate. 

board mfr. 
1 Stubbs John, solicitor 
4 Tamer Jobn, blacksmith 
1 Turner Joseph, blacksmilh 

1 Underbill Mr». 

Weadall Dr. preaident, Oscolt 

Wright Benj. Yew Tree cottage 

SShelton Wm. 
Smith M'illiam, 

><l>out bonne 
6 Staolry Ann 
2 WooJall Jno. 

Clark Jobn 

Uarensll Wm. 
Fellows Jobn 
Lines Thomai 
2 Proud Geo. 

I, irr^ularl^ built village, 4 miles 
parish, wbich cootaius about i>04H< 

llARBORNB i» a small, 
8.W.of Birmintrhi 

acre* and 4327 iDhabltaDls, (see p. 394,} ia divided inio ll><- 
two haiulels of Harborne and SmelAwieb, which maintuiii 
tbcir poor conJoiDtly,aDd have each ■ parochial officercalled ibe 
1.1. r_ --"jjoiPj (nil ot-copica that southern lungiit: 

eir poor co 
iliff. It hi 


of ibc Ot&ov Flundred vrbich ii DeotK' cQcompaMCd hj War- | 
ivickshirv, W'orcestenhirr, and a detached ptrl t>f £iilo)h | 
Uarborae forma the aouthern division nf the pan'h, kndbelmn I 
%Mll}' lo the Rev, T. O. Simcoi and Mr. T. Prir*, Ihc hrtm ! 
of trhom i» Inrd of the manor. 1'he C/iurcA, Aeiinttt I 
to St. Peter, atande Dcariy half a mile from the vilWc. birt Im J 
near it Beveral genteel residences. It was repkirea and e&- D 
larked in 11:127, and hu now 1500 Billing, of n-hich SM tn ^ 
free. The liriog' is a vicarage, in the gift cif the Dean and Chap. Q 
ter nf Lichiicid, and incumbeiicy of the Rcr. James Tbomai ' 
Lsir, M.A., who is also Cbancellorof the Diocese, and iDMlat J 
of St. John's Hospital, Lichfield, where he generally raUm. I 
His cuntlcs here are the llevs. E. O. and T. O. Sinoox. TU 1 
Jndfpendeali have a small cliapel in the villa^. Plotttan) 
"James Satidi, of llurborne, died Bee. 6, 1568, agti Iw, ' 
having outlived live lea^Ps of u farm, of 21 \QUe each, after Ul 
!niirriiir;c: ; hi* ivifi; lis oil nhn tn li?'1 years iif »ge.'' The pari»b 
/But u on [be dsadsy befon Mirimeiniii l>aj. 

8>BT«iriOK hamlet, coropriMa tiie nottlufB fftofthlfi 
rish, and nearly two-thirds of its popnlalMn, hani^ gnaflyaa- 
creased aince the Birmingham canal vaa cat through ita nortb- 
em limits. It inclades a oamberof scattered hooaesandAaNnr 
ViLLAOB, 3 miles W. of Birming-faam. In this hamlet, oa Aa 
banks of the canal, is a large iioD fonndry, forminf part rf 
Soho IForii, (vide p. 349,) also a refinery beloi^ng to lk> 
Smetbwick BrassCompany ; two bar, rod, sod sheet iron <n>k% 
and a soap and red lead manu&ctorr. In the New Vfll^l 
are two dissenting chapels, occnpied Ity the lodepeodaots tmi 
the Methodista. A little to the west is a neat Cainttf* 
Ease, erected in i723,wHh £mOietthy Mn.Domi^ Partm, 
who also endowed it with 75 acres of land in Smethwick, aad 
33 acres in Tilford and Warle; Wigoni, now let fur abort 
.£360 a-year, all of which is received by the minister, wha Mja 
thereont an annuity of.£10 for charitable uses as named balvr, 
and retains the residue as his own salary. The living ia » ••• 
culiar in the jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of Lidil^ 
hut in the patroonge of the trustees appointed by the fiawtiriaaa. 
The chapel baa 261) sittings, besides benches for GO chfldrM. 
The Rev. Edward Dales is the incumbent. 

The Frte School at Harbome, and the maaler'a honae, were 
rebailt about the year 1B21, at the cost of £800,of whieh jESM 
was raised by subscription, and the other was snbseqaenllT 
paid by the trustees. The original school and house wer« bDift 
many years ago by subscription, on land given by Sir Tbwua 
Bircb,upau which Henry Hinckler, in I7^> bnilt three honaM) 
as an endowment for the school, ^hesa houses are now let tot 
£ii a-year, for which, and tho free use of the acfaoiri-faoM^ 
and the dividends of £125 three pereent. eonsc^, the MMfR 
and his wife teach about 40 poor childrra tn read, write, kntt; 

offirfOiif HimttBBH. 


Mw, fte. ; bat tbej pay iwt of this ifieoiM ttb. yetrlj, for a 
nwkly distrilratioii w penny loafes to tfat of tlie poorest scholars, 
Id consideration of £20 left by the before*named Henry 

The Dame^M Sckooi mt SmMwickf has an endowmeDt of 
£B» 9s« 9d. arisinfr from £136 secured on the tolls of the Bir- 
mingham and Coventry turnpike, and bequeathed in 1723, by 
Dorothy Parkes, (who also provided funds for the erection of 
the school,) and an annuity of 33s. 9d. paid by the BirmiDg- 
bam Canal Company* for a piece of land taken oat of the school 
garden. The mistress teacnes from 12 to 20 poor girts* 

Bbitbfa OTtoNB.-^The PoruA Lands consist of 66a. 12p., 
kt for £143 per annum, of which Harbome recdves £67* J 5s., 
mnd BiAMhwick the remainder. These rents are &tributed 
yearly bv the bailifb of the two divisions as follows, via., £5 
ID each atvision for apprenticing poor children, and the remain- 
der in relieving the inoigent and infirm not neeiving parochial 
relief, and in repairing 13 cottajres occupied by paupers, of 
which 9 are in Harborne, and 4 in Sroethwick. These lands 
have been vested in trust for their present use, from time imme- 
morial; and the donors are unknown, except of 9a. and la., call- 
ed Green's Farm, and ]( acre called Pif^hill Close, both of which 
were purchased with £40 left in 1576, by Elizabeth Cooper^ 
alias Pidd&ck, A house, with half an acre of land at Oldbury, 
bequeathed to this narish in 1685, by fKtUiam Cooper ^ was oc- 
eopied more than oO years rent-free by Jeremiah Smith and 
James Simpson, who claimed it as their own, but a small rent 
is now paid for it, and distributed with the rents of the parish 
lands. — ff^iliiam Jephcote, in 1715, bequeathed out of his estate 
in Harbome, an annuity of £2. 12s., which is now distributed in 
four 3d. loaves every Sunday, to four poor people attending 
the church. « The poor parishioners have also £10 a-year from 
the Smethwick Chapel lands, left in 1723, by Dorothy Parkes, 
to be divided yearly as follows, in equal portions between Har- 
bome and Smethwick, vis., £5. 4s. in weekly doles of bread ; 
6s. in Bibles, and the remainder in six gowns for as many poor 
women ; but the participants are to be such as have not received 
parochial relief during the preceding year. 

Marked 1 are at Church End, 2 
Cfgt Ways, and 3 ai Harbome 

1 Attwood Tbos. Esq. M. P. The 

3 Baker Thos. Free schoolmaster 
t Bedford Stephen, jeireller 
S Can* WilliatD, shoemaker 
3 CoUis Mr. John 
IDograore Saml. parish clerk 
fird»sld Charles wUJiam, gent. 

Harbome houM 

I Ganderton John, shoemaker 

Gray Edw. nail mfr. Green house 

Greathead Mr. Fras. White cot. 

3 Green Hugh, butcher 

3 Green Joseph, shoemaker 

3 Hamus Charles, constable 

3 Harrison Mrs. Mary 

1 Law Rev. Jas. Thos. M. A. 

Lea William, farmer 

NeviU Wm. cent. Mitchley abbey 

3 Newey Job. smith and shopkr. 

3 Newey Tnomas, cooner 

3 Newey Saml. wheelght. & iolnet 


'i goM bcaler 

JKe. flcnliimii 

EJw. Gto. € 


■nitli, GreeaEelii liouiv 
Thorn Lhnt Col. NiiU