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rf:ynolds wt?;torical 
genealogy collection 



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History m Geanology 

_^0F THE- 

pw;iif P^jlinpr and !l?iiii-/niiV 






ri:isT OF 

SAVAKSAH, GA., IH'.'."*. 



Skwavt jamili^. 

This ancient and honorable family of Stewart, of Liberty 
County, Georgia, arrived in this country at an early day, 
and first landed in North Carolina; thence moved to Dor- 
chester, South Carolina, as early as 1723, and from there 
went to Liberty County, Georgia, in 1752, being among the 
first settlers in that county. 

The chief of this line came from or near Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, before 1723, as that is the date of birth of first child, 
although it is possible that the family came over with its 
father from Scotland. This family had a Coat of Arms, and 
has contributed to the welfare of the country in war and 
peace. Among its members of prominence may be men- 
tioned John Stewart, Sr., who was one of the Selectmen of 
Midway Church in 1760, and who came to Georgia in 1754; 
General Daniel Stewart, a soldier of the Revolutionary 
War, after whom Stewart County in Georgia was named; 
his son, Colonel Daniel Stewart, and Judge Henry J. Stew- 
art of Florida. This family was a prominent one in Geor- 
gia, owing to its standing, services performed and marriage 
alliances, and certainly ranks among the foremost pf Liberty 
County, Georgia. 


Stewari Family. 

John Stewart, Sr. , married Jerusha. He died 1765; she 
died 1762. They had John Siewart who married Hannah, 
and had 

I. Mary Stewart, born near Dorchester, South Carolina, 
Sept. 2-2, 1723, married Wm. McLaughling. 

n. John Stkwart, Jr., born February 13, 1726, married 

HI. Hannah Stewart, born February 10. 1729; married 
John Stewart, and had 
I. James Stewart. 

IV. Elizabeth Stewart, born ]\Iarch 1751; married 
Jno. McTeer. 

V. Daniel Stewart, born July 22, 1734; married April 

26, 1764, Anne Ferguson. He died, Beaufort, South 
Carolina, 1765. 

VI. Rebecca Stewart, born October 23, 1737. 

VIL James Stewart, born August, 3, 1732, married Su- 
sannah; and had 

1. John Stewart, born 1764; baptized November 1764; 

married Susannah Graves July 12, 1798, who died 
February 8, iSoi. He married, second, Mary S. 
West, December 13, 1803. 

2. James Stewart, born October 31,1766; married 1782, 

Elizabeth Jackson; and had 

1. James Stewart; 

2. JoH2T Stewart. 

3. JosiAH Stewart, born November 15, 1771. 

4. Susannah Stewart, born April 15, 1774. 

John Stewart, Jr. and Susannah Stewart (Mrs. Susannah 
Stewart died October 21, 1766,) had 

I. Sarah Stewart, born November 1751; married, Feb- 
ruary ig, 1767, Wm, Quarterman; and had 
Sarah Quarterman, married John Stacy; and had 

♦This information from an older member of the family who says the 
family waa of Koyal Descent, 

Stewart Family. 

John W. Stacy, married Mary Bacon; and had 
Rev. James Stacy, married and had issue. 

II. Ann Stewart, born 1756. 

III. Susannah STE^vART. born November 21, 1758; mar- 
ried Joseph Fox, July i, 1776. 

IV. Daniel Stewart, born December 20, 1761; married 
first, Martha Pender; second, Susannah Oswald. 

John Stewart, Jr., married, second, Sarah Nichols, August 
7, 1769. and had 

V. Elizabeth Stewart. 

John Stewart, Jr., died September 4, 1776. 

General Daniel Stewart, son of John Stewart and Susan- 
nah, grandson of John Stewart, Sr. and Jerusha, and great- 
grandson of John and Hannah Stewart, was born December 
20, 1761, and was a gallant soldier of the Revolutionary 
War, and to him the country owes a debt of gratitude which 
it can scarcely ever repay. Stewart County was named after 
General Daniel Stewart.' He married, first, Martha Pen- 
der.November, 1783; he married, second, Susannah Oswald, 
daughter of either Robert and Susannah Oswald, planter 
in South Carolina, or of Joseph Oswald. This name ex- 
tends back into the annals of Carolina to about 1723. and 
they were then found there as planters. In the Disqualify- 
ing Act the name of Joseph Oswald occurs as "planter," and 
both Joseph and Robert Oswald are found as members of 
Midway Church. In 1751 we find in South Carolina, Rob- 
ert Oswald, of Pon-Pon, Colleton County, planter, and 
Susannah -his wife. The name is a good one in Liberty 
Count}', Georgia. 

XoTE.— We find in October, 1772, John Stuart, Councillor, taking 
oath of allegiance to George III; also, Jno. Stnart, Colonel of Artillery in 
Oeor<;ui Brigade of Couiiuentid Line; also in DiMiualifying Act, Joseph 
Oswald, planter; aud in list of those granted land in 17"j"J. Joseph Os- 
w-ald; in Disqualifying Act, Jno. iiJliott, rt-iiel oiaoer; in 17-j4 we find 
!."ol>ert Oswald, planter, Fou-Pon. Soutli Carolina, and Susannah, hia 
wife; also James Oswald, s<in of liobert Oswald aud Rachel Oswald, 1740, 
aud Wm. Oawill, all pkuiters, the name dating back to 1723. In Dia- 

Stewart Family. 

The gallant General Daniel Stewart, who so ably assist- 
ed the colonists in obtaining their independence and was 
so frequently in battle with Alarion and Sampler, was born 
October 20, 1761, at New Port, Georgia, and was married, 
first, at Dorchester, South Carolina, February 20. 1783, by 
Rev. Mr. Ellington to Martha Pender, who was born Nov- 
ember 1763, Dorchester, South Carolina. She had one 

I. John Stewart, born Dorchester, South Carolina, 
March, 21, 17S4. 

General Daniel Stewart was married, second, by Rev. Mr. 
Holmes to Susannah Oswald, who was born at New Port, 
Liberty County, Georgia, November 2, 1770, and died 
December 20, 1807; married January i, 17S6, and had issue: 

I. Daniel McLaughling, or McLaughlan, Stewart, 
born October 4, 1791; married, January i, 1024, Eliza 
Mary Eichelbcrger, or Eigelberger, in Glynn Coun- 
ty, Georgia, by Rev. Mr. Morgan. 

qnalifying Act of British agaiust the colonists, we lii:d Joseph Oswald, 
planter. In Liberty Count}', Georgia, the name ia a irood one and con- 
nected with the hest people, so we think that the father of Snsaunah 
Stewart was either Joseph or hohert Ofwaiil, toimerly ot" Sonth Carolina. 
In a list of gentlemen froivi riouth Carolina, in Oglethorpe's Expedition 
to Florida, we hnd an O^will, 

Will of Hannah Stewart (widow John Stewart), leaves money to 
her mother, Hannah; speaks of her brothers, Daniel, James and John 
Stewart, sisters, Mai-y McLaughlan, Elizabeth JicTeer, niece. ^Sarah 
Qnartermnn Leaves property to Eliziilieth, daughter of "SVm. Wilson. 
Dated April 17, 1771. Kecoided January 17, 1771. 

Will of John Stewart, plantei, St. Johns Parish, husband ol Hannah, 
dated September 4, 17o5, rtror.led October 31, 17^.'), leaves property to 
wile Hannah, son James Stewart. 

Will of John Stewart, of St. Johns Parish, Georgia (long one), 
speaks of brother Daniel, son Daniel, daughters Sarah, liebecra, jtud 
Elizabeth who was daughter of his t^econd wile Sarah, sister of Captain 
Kobeit Nichols. Leaves property to Kohert, sou of Jonathan Wilson, 
late of Rhode Inland, son-iu-law Joseph Fox, relation James Girardeiia — 
and is altogether a lengthy one. Date of will, Marcli ',', 1776, Record- 
ed November 2~, 177(i. There were several John Stewarts. 'Ihe one 
■who married Hannah Stewart, sister of John Stewart, was also Joha 
St«wart, probably a relation. 

Stewart Family. 

II. Mary Stewart, born February 12, 17S8; married 

Major Josiah Thomas Wilson, Clerk of Midway 
Church, of a family of standing in Liberty County, 

III. Sophia Stewart, born December 5, 1793. 

IV. Susannah Stewart, born September 14, 1794. 

V. Joseph Oswald. Stewart, born 1798. 

VI. Martha Stewart, born 1799, baptized xA.ugust 15, 
1799; married, first, U. S. Senator John Elliott, Jan- 
uary 6, 1818; second, 1832, Major James Stephens 
Bulloch, and by both had issue. 

VII. John Stewart, married Kcpeworth Carter, daughter 
of General Hepeworth Carter, a Revolutionary officer, 
and had issue. 

General Daniel Stewart died in 1829. 

Colonel Daniel McLaughling Stewart and Eliza Mary 
Eichelberger, had issue (Colonel Stewart died Liberty 
Bluff, Suwannee River, Florida, January 5, 1848, aged 56 
years; Tvlrs. Stewart died Nashville, Tennessee, February 
2, 1880, buried Mt. Olivet cemetery): 

1. Daniel McLaughling Stlwart, born College Creek, 

Glynn County, Georgia, November 2, 1824 ; died 
at Vera Cruz, Mexico, a soldier in Mexican War 
November 3, 1847, aged 22 years. 

2. Wm, George Stewart, born July 17, 1826, at Tusca- 

willa, Georgia; died. Liberty Bluff, Suwannee River, 
Florida, aged 24 years, 2 months, 4 days. 

3. George William Stewart, died Newnansville, Flor- 

ida, May 9, 1S50. 

4. Matilda Ann Stewart, born Tuscawilla, Glynn Coun- 

ty, Georgia, December 6, 1827; married George L. 
Brown, of Ocala, Florida, and had 

I. Irene Adelaide Brown; 

II. Ellen Brown; 

III. Claudia Brown; 

Stewart Faviily' 

IV. George L. Brown. 
5. Charles Clifford Stewart, born Tuscawilla, Glynn 
County Georgia, June 29, 1829; married Marion Pe- 
lot. and had issue (he died May 23, 1857, at Tusca- 
willa Plantation; Mrs. Stewart married, second, T. 
A. McDonnell): 

I. Charles C. Stewart; 

II. Geo. W. Stewart. 

5. Claudius Coriolanus S tewart, born Tuscawilla, Feb- 
ruary 24, 1833; died November 23, 1854, 

7. Frederick Freeman Stewart, born Savannah, Geor- 

gia, July 30, 1837; died November 23, 1839. 

8. James Murray Stewart, born Tuscawilla, Georgia 

September ig, 1835; married Sarah Anne Pelot, and 
had (died at Potosi Plantation, July 18, 1864, aged 
28 years): 

I. James M. Stewart, a professor and eminent 
educator in Florida. 

9. Irene Adelaide Stewart, born Glassy Glade, Mcln. 

tosh County, Georgia, September 8, 1839; f^ied at 
La Grange College, Georgia, July 12, 1853, aged 13 
years, 10 months and 4 days. 

10. Thomas Oswald Stewart, born St. Marys, Georgia, 
October 26, 1S41; married at Pinaria, Lexington 
County, South Carolina, *01ivia Clara Quattlebaum, 
February 14, 1865, by Rev. Mr. Pope Norris, daugh- 

*NoTE, — John Quattlebanm, a soldier in theRevolntionarv Wor, and 
■wife, came I'rom (.Tennany aboin 1770 and with otiiers settled on the Dutch 
Fork between the Saluda and Eroad Ki vers iu South Carolina. His son 
John Quattlebaum, Jr., was born thereon Dceemberl, 1774 andbecamea, 
captain in the War of l.-;12,anil served with his eorjis near Cha.Ieston South 
Carolina. He served his country with <:;reat credit and parriotism. and 
•was a man of ^reat iutellectuality and deterniiued spirit. Paul (^uattle- 
bjinm, £ou of John Quattlebaum. Jr., and Aleta 13urkett, was born July 
8, 1S12, died Oolober L'O, ISOO' Few men have spent a purer and more 
useful life than General Quattlebaum. At an early ajre he was elected 
captain of a company and served in the Seminole War in Fh)rida, and 
afterwards became liri;,radier General of Jlilitia, and served for a number 
of years in the State Lcgiblature and Senate, and was one of the signers of 

Stewart Family. f 

ter of General Paul Quattlebaum, a captain in the 
Seminole War and one of the sicjners of Ordinance 
of Secession in South Carolina. Issue: 

I. Virginia Lee Stewart, born September 6, 
1866 ; married E. H. Leslie, of Potosi, 
Alachua County, Florida. 
n. Caspar Chisolm Stewart, born April 3, 

1876; now at Careyville, Tennessee. 
IIL Thomas Oswald Stewart, born May 12 
1878; now at Pinaria, Lexington County 
South Carolina. 
II. Eliza Mary Stewart, born Oran Plantation, on St. 
Marys River, Florida, October 28, 184S; married 
Leonard Dozier, of Ocala, Florida; and had 

I. Eugene Jackson Dozier, married Laura 
Mayo; and had 

1. Lauragene Dozier; 

2. Florence Dozier. 

John Stewart, son of General Daniel Stewart and Susan- 
nah Oswald, married Hepeworth Carter, and had 

1. Daniel Hepeworth Stewart, married Ellen Newton 

Geer; and had 

L John Newton Stewart; 

n. Henry Ripley Stewart. Both married and 
had issue. 

2. Sarah E. Stewart, married J. Y. Grovenstein; and 


\. Susan Grovenstein; 

n. Henry Christian Grovenstein. 

3. Judge Henry J. Stewart, married Sallie N. C. Un- 

derwood, second daughter of Major John J. Under- 
wood, a famous criminal lawyer of South Georgia 

the Ordinance of Secession in State of ISnnth Carolina. Although in bad 
health he joined the Coniedenite Army just before the war closed. His 
grandfather, Thomas Eurkett, was a captain in the Revolutionary War. 
Olivia C. QuHttlebanm, of this old line, married Thomas Oswald totewart 
(Uid had Usae, 

8 Stewart Family. 

and North Florida, who died in 1864 — Mrs. Stewart 

died September g. 1894; had issue: \ 

I. Eugenia Charlton Stewart, married, first, Dr. Wm. 

S. Rice, who died 1S77; she married, second, Dr. C. • 

B. Tompkins; and by l)oth had issue. s 

II. Robert Stewart, married Pauline De Graffenreid of 

Chester, South Carohna, descended from the Baron 
. De Graffenreid; had issue. He married, second, 
Maggie McKinnis. '. 

III. Ella M. Stewart, married Colonel Bishop B. 
Blackwell, of Live Oak, Florida, and had | 

I. Jessie Stewart Blackwell, married Joseph S. White, 

ot Live Oak. ! 

II. Charlton De Pass Blackwell; | 

III. Mabel Blackwell; | 

IV. LiLLiE Blackwell; \ 

V. Bascom Blaclwell; | 

VI. Lynn Blackwell; ' 

VII. Floyd Blackw^ell. \ 

Eugenia Charlton Stewart and Dr. Rice, had issue: ; 

I. Ada Zoe Rice, married L. B. Roberson: ;• 

II. Selina T. Rice, died 1884; ; 

III. Rosa G. Rice, died i884; 

IV. Charles H. Rice, died 1S84; ■;' 

V. Bethulia Rice. 

Eugenia^Charlton Stewart and Dr. C. B. Tompkins, had , 

I. Claudius Tompkins. i 

Robert Stewart and Pauline De Graffenreid (she died 1S79) ., 

had 1 

I. Henry De Graffenreid Stewart; j 

II. Sallie May Stewart, married R. T. Radford; j 

III. Daisy Albertus Stewart. ' 
Robert Stewart and Maggie McKinnis had issue: 

I. Robert Stewart ; 

II. Paul Stewart. 

Stewart Family. 

Mary S.c.varl, daucfhter ot General Daniel Stewart and 
Susannah ("Oswald, married *Major Josiah Thomas Wilson, and 

I. JosiAii Stewart Wilson, B. A., M. D.; graduate of 

th<* South Carolina Medical College, born at Tranfjuil 
Hill, January 28, 1S05, married Eliza M. Hincs (daugh- 
ter of Howell and Martha Hines), l/orn May 20, 1S12, 
mariied December 29, 1829, at Solitude, Elifingliam 
Coumy, and had issue. 

II. Sarah Wilson, married Odingsell Hart, of Bryan 

Couiity, Georgia. 

III. LuciLLA Wilson, married >Hlton C. Bacon, founder 
So'athcrn Female College, La Grange, Georgia, now 
Cox College, and had 

1. tRosA Bacon, married Mr. Lea. 

2. Ella Bacon, married Mr. Alexander, and had 

I. Albert Alexander. 

IV. Daniel Stewart Wilson, married, and had 

1. Lizzie Wilson, married Dr. Hicks. 

2. Daughter Wilson. 

Dr. [osiah Scewart Wilson Stewart and Eliza M. Hines had 

1. Amanda Melvina Wilson, born Effingham County, 

Georgia, August 10, 1S30; died at Sunbury, Liberty 
County, Georgia, October 22, 1S30. 

2. Charles Claudius Wilson. 

Charles Claudius Wilson, a lawyer and a distinguished gen- 
eral of the late war, also Solicitor General, was born at Spring- 
field, Effingham County, Georgia, October i, 1S31 ; married 
^Katharine McDuftie Morrison, daughter of John Morrison, 
President of Mechanics" Bank, Augusta, Georgia, and Mary 
Tobler Parker. John Morrison was son of Captain, afterward 

^Major J<isiah Thomas Wilson died at Springfield, March 22, 1833, 
aged 28 years, 2 mouths. 

fTeacher, Cox Collc<;e. 

JKatharine Moirisou aud General Wilson were married at Angnsto 
by Rev, A. Means, September 14, 1S53. 

lo Stewart Family. 

General John Morrison of Revolutionary War, a wealthy 
planter who married married Catharine McDuttie, a near rela- 
tive of the Hon. George McDultie, of South Carolina. The 
Morrisons were of Scotch descent and one ancestor married 
an earl's danghter. 

General Wilson and Katharine AIcDuffie had 

1. Joseph Henky Wilson, born Savannah, December iS, 


2. Claudia Cornelia Wilson, married Benj. A. Hart. 

3. John Morrison Wilson, married Gerthe Oppenheimer 

and had 

I. Claud Wilson. 

4. Anna Belle Wilson, married Edward Wm. Karow, 

Major of ist Regiment of Georgia, and of an ancient 
German family, and has issue 

I. Edward Gustav Karow. 

II. RuFUS Lester Karow. 

III. Marie Taubert Karow. 

IV. Annie Karow. 

V. Gustav Ludwio Karow. 

VI. Dorothea Karow. 

Claudia Cornelia Wilson and Benj. Hart had 

1. Alice Hart. 

2. Marmaduke HA:iriLTON Hart. 

3. Claud Wilson IIart. 

4. Benj. Hart. 

General Daniel Stewart was married, third, by Rev. M. 
Gildersleeve, to *Sarah Hines, widow of Captain Elijah 
Lewis, and daughter of Hines. on March 6. 1810; had issue: 

I. Sarah Caroline Stewart, born r^Iarch 5. 1S13, at 

Tranquil Hill, and died November 11, 1815. 

II. Georgia Drusilla Stewart, born November 7, 1814, 
at Tranquil Hill, and died November 13, 1820. 

*Si3ter of Prisoilla Hines. SI:irriefl, first, to W. S. Way; seeoud, to 
Samuel Lewis, a nephew of Captain Elij ih Lewis. 

Stewart Family. it 

Martha Stewart, daughter of General Daniel Stewart and 
Susannah Oswald, married, lirst. Senator John Elliott, who 
had first married Esther Dunwody, and by the latter, daught- 
er o£ Dr. James Dunwody and Esther Dean, Senator John 
Elliott had 

I. Hester Elliott, married James S. Bulloch. 

II. CoRiNNE Elliott, married Robert Hutchinson. 
Martha Stewart and Senator John Elliott had 

1. Susan Ann Elliott, married Hilborne West, M. D. 

2. John Whitehead Elliott. 

3. Georgia Amanda Elliott. 

4. Charles William Elliott. 

5. Daniel Stuart Elliott, married Lucy Sorrel, and- 

had *^ 

I. John Stuart Elliott. 

II. Maud Elliott. 

James Stephens Bulloch, after the loss of his wife, Esther 
or Hettie Elliott, daughter of Senator John Elliott and 
Esther Dunwody, married Martha Elliott, Senator Elliott's 
second wife, whose name was iSIartha Stewart, daughter of 
General Daniel Stewart and Susannah Oswald, and had 

I. Martha Bulloch, married Theodore Roosevelt, Dec- 

ember 22, 1853. 

II. Anna Louisa Bulloch, married Jas. K. Gracie of 

New York. 

III. Irvine S. Bulloch, Sailing Master on the Alabama 
' during fight off the coast of France with U. S. 

Steamer Kearsarge. He married Miss Sears of New 
England, daughter of Major Sears, of U. S. Army, 
and Miss Clitz, 
James S. Bulloch married IMartha Elliott, nee Stewart, 
May 8, 1832. 

Theodore Roosevelt and Martha (daughter of James S. 
Bulloch and Martha Elliott, yue Martha Stewart, daughter 

L ? ♦ ^ 


12 Stewart Family. 

of Gen. Daniel Stewart and Susannah Osvvold,) had 

I. Theodore Roosevelt, one of the Civil Service Com- 
missioners, who married first Alice Lee, second 
Edith Kermit Carow. 
Alice Lee and Theodore Roosevelt had 

1. Alice Lee Roosevelt. 

Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Kermit Carcw had 

2. Theodore Roosevelt; 

3. Kermit Roosevelt; 

4. Ethel Roosevelt; 

5. Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt. 

IL Elliot Roosevelt married Anna Hall, and had 

1. Eleanor Roosevelt; 

2. Elliott Rosevelt; 

3. Gracie Hall Roosevelt. 
in. Anna Roosevelt. 

IV. CoRiNNE Roosevelt married Douglas Robinson, and 

1. Theodore Douglas Robinson; 

2. Corinne Douglas Robinson; 

3. Monro Douglas Robinson; 

4. Stewart Douglas Robinson. 

The Roosevelts are an ancient family of New York, of 
Dutch descent. The Robinsons are an old Vir<;inia family 
and descended from the House of Douglas, and the family 
of Sears and Gracie are fine ones. 

This ancient family came to Carolina at an early day and 
embraces amon^' its member'--, manv honorable and emi- 
nent men, and as i.t has been a disputed point as to whether 
the family of Elliott of Liberty Count}', Geor^cia, belonged 
to the. Northern branch who came with Rev. William 
Screven to Carolina, and was a very honorable line, or 
whether they belonged to the Elliotts who came from Corn- 
wall, England, via Bermuda and then to South Carolina 
and known as the South Carolina Elliotts, or whether it 
belonged to some other branch of Elliott, it now seems 
proper to place the family where they rightly belong, hence 
we herewith present adequate proofs to show that the 
Elliotts of Georgia were an otishoot or branch of the South 
Carolina Elliotts. The Northern Elliott line are extinct as 
far as can be learned in male line in South Carolina. 

We here introduce a copy of a deed taken from records 
in Carolina : ''Between John Elliott of Colleton County- 
planter, only son and heir at law of William Elliott, late of 
said county planter, deceased, wiio was only brother v/ho 
left issue surviving him, of Thomas (John) Elliott late of 
said county planter, deceased, and cousin-german by his 
father's side and heir at law to Amarinthia Elliott, (after- 
ward Amari ithia Lowndes) also late deceased, only surviv- 
ing child of said Thomas (John) Elliott, deceased, who was 
only sister and heir at law of John Pendarvis Elliott and Ed- 
mund Elliott, the two only sons and devisees of said Thomas 
(John) Elliott, and vvlio both died in infancy without issue, as 
did also said Amarinthia Lownde3(deceased),and Elizabeth, 
his wife of the one part and John Smith, and whereas the 
Lords proprietors granted to Thomas Elliott (great uncle 
of said John Elliott) lands on Stono River, and said Thomas 
Elliott did by deed poll 8 May, 1723, convey to his nephew 
said Thomas (John) Elliott by the name of Thomas Elliott, 
elder son of his brother, John Elliott, deceased, etc." "This 
Thomas Elliott was Thomas of Long Point, Cooper River, 
ancestors of the Beaufort Elliotst." 


Elliott Family. 



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t^- ^ 7?. -^ 

Elliott Eamily. /j* 

In 1752 John Elliott sold his land in Carolina and as no 
further records is found of him v/c know ho came to Georgia. 

*CapLain John Elliott came to Liberty County, Georgia, 
April 22, 1754 and in 1755 and 1756 we find him one of the 
selectnijn of Midway Church, and chairman of the board 
in 1757. In a list of members of ^Midway Church we liad 
Elizabeth Elliott. From the records of Alidwav Cli irch 
and other sources the following facts are obtained, and the 
name of his wife an 1 children, together with other circum- 
stances prove tliat John Elliott, planter, and his wife Eliza- 
beth, of Colleton County, South Carolina, came over to 
Georgia in 1754 lifter disposing of his land. He was sou of 
William Elliott, son of John Elliott, brother of Thomas 
Elliott whose son William Elliott married Mary pibbes Barn- 
well and had William Elliott married Phuebe Waight and 
Stephen Elliott married Esther Habersham, and had be- 
sides others : Steplicn Elliott, Bishop of Georgia. 

John Elliott, or Captain John Elliott so called in Mid- 
way records died in 1765. Elizabeth, his wife died Alarcli 
I, 1785. 

Their children were : 

I. John Elliott (CoIolcI Jv)hn), born May 2, 1750 ; mar- 

ried August 9, 1770, Rebecca Jane Maxwell, of an 
old family. 

II. Thomas Elliott, born April 11, 1757; married 

Jan, 5, 1776, Ann Baker, born September 5, 1759, 
daughter of William Baker, Jr., (Colonel Baker.) 
III." Amarin'thla. Elliott, born January 9, 1759; mar- 
ried May 17, 1774, tDaniel Roberts, (she married 
second Mr. Whitehead,) and had 

Amarinthia Roberts. 

*Chos!eti to represeat Midway aud New Port ia Colonial Assembly 
Janu.i,ry 31, 175"). 

tiJeut-Colouel Second Georgia in 1778. 

1 6 Elliott Faviilv. 

IV. Ann Elliott, married 1766, Gideon Dowse, and had 

GioKON Dowse. 

V. William Elliott died August 7, 1769. 

Colonel John Elliott was born May 2, 1750 and was the 
son of John Elliott, who came to Liberty County, April 
22, 1754. Colonel John Elliott married August 9th, 1770, 
Rebecca Jane, daughter of Thomas and Sarali ivlaxwell, 
brother of James Maxwell, of Bryan County, Georgia, and 
Audley Maxwell of Liberty County, Georgia, sons of 
James (?) Maxwell of the ancient family of I\laxwell who 
have as coats-of-arms, on shield three roses; Crest: a stag 
statant, ^oa an old will of ?vlaxwell in Court Houi^e, Savan- 
nah. Georgia.) He died January 7, 1791. They had 

L John Elliott, born October 24, 1773 ; married Esther, 
daugliter of Dr. James Dunwudy, October i, 179s, who 
died 1P15. He married second Martha, daughler of 
General Daniel Stcw.irt and Susannah Oswald, Jan- 
uary 6, i3i8, and died in 1827. 
IL Ann Elliott, born September iS, 1771, baptized 

October 13, 177 i. 
in. John Elliott, born October 24, 1773, baptized De- 
cember 8, 1773. 

IV. Thomas Elliott', born January 24, 1776 ; baptized 
September i, 1776. 

V. ELizAKErii Elliott, born January i. 1786. 

Vi. Daniel Roi'erts, born December 12, 1779 ; married 
1804, Betsy Thecher, of Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

Daniel Roberts Elliott and Betsy Hayward Thecher or 
Thatcher had: 

I. Jane Amarinthia Elliott, born July 30, 1S05 ; mar- 
ried February 26, 1S26, Charles Sever, of Mas- 
sachusetts (she died in 1S71), and had 

I. Catharine Elliott Sever. 

II. John Elliott Sever. 

Elliott Family. rj 

III. Jane Elliott Sf.ver. 

IV. Charles William Sever. 

Colonel John Elliott married second Mary Bilney, July 
2, 1792, who died August 6, 1789. age 38 years, 7 months. 
Their issue were : 

1. Mary Elliott, born Sunday morning, July 2, 1783, 

who died Tuesday evening, x\ugust 7, 1783. 

2. Elizabeth Elliott, born February 14. 17S5, died 

September 20, 178S. 

3. William Elliott, born Saturday morning, and died 

Sunday evening, x\ugust 15, 1788. 

Colonel Elliott married third Rencliie Quarterman, July 
I, 1790, and had 

I. William Elliott, born May i, 1791. 

Formerly Renchie Norman, married first 1789, Quarter- 
man second, John Elliott 1790 tliird, Rev. Cyrus Gilder- 
sleeve II 93. 

John Elliott, United States Senator son of Colonel John 
Elliott and Rebecca Jane Maxwell married first October i, 
1795, Esther, daughter of Dr. James Dunwody and Esther 

Splatt, daughter of Benjamin Splatt and daug'.iter of 

Dean and Aliss Tvlarion of that old Carolina family of 
Marion, and had issue : 

I. Esther Amarinthia Elliott, born December 2, 
1797 ; baptized January 28, 1798, married James 
Stephens Bulloch, of Georgia, and had 

I. Captain James Dunwody Bulloch, born June 25, 
1823, Confederate States Naval Agent abroad, who 
married Harriott, daughter of Brigadier-General Os- 
borne Cross, of United States Army and had issue : 

1. James Bulloch. 

2. Dunwody Bulloch. 

3. Stewart Bulloch. 

4. Jessie Bulloch married M. Hyslop-Ma.xy.'qll, son 

of a landed proprietor of Dumfries. 

1 8 Elliott Faviilv. 

5. Louisa Bulloch. 

Captain Bulloch had previously married Lizzie, daughter 
of James Caskie of Richmond, Va., formerly of Kilmarnock, 
Scotland, but had no issue bv the first marriage. 

Senator John Elliott and Esther Dunwody had also the 
following children : 

2. Caroline M.vtilda, baptized December ri, 1796. 

3. ELizABETH, died Auo^ust 15, 1788. 

4. William, born September 20, 1788. 

5. John, born 1801, baptized April 14, 1802, died Septem- 

ber 7, 18I0. 

6. Rebecca Jane, born July 1S03 ; baptized November 13, 

1803, died 1804. 

7. Jane Elizaeth, born June 1809; baptized November 5, 

1809, married May i, 1829, Dr. John S. Law. 

8. Corinne Elliott married Robert Hutchinson. 
Senator Elliott and Martha Stewart had 

1. Susan Ann, born May (3, IS20 ; married Dr. Hilbornc 

West of Philadelphia. 

2. John Whitehkad, born January 16, 1819, died No- 

vember 1820. 

3. Georgia Amanda, born June 14, 1822. 

4. Charles Williams, born September 14, 1S24. 

5. Daniel Stuart married Lucy Sorrel, and had 

1. John Stuart Elliott, married. 

2. Maud Elliott. 

Ann Elliott married Gideon Dowse, 1766 (she died 

February 22, 1771), and had 

I. Gideon Dowse. 
Amarinthia Elliott married Daniel Roberts May 17. 1744, 
■and had Amarintlia Roberts, born June 28, 1776, (sisters 
of Colonel John Elliott.) 

John Stuart Elliott, son of Daniel Sturat Elliott and 
Lucy Sorrel, married Miss Helena Ellis, of Albany, New 
York, who died in New York in February or March, 1895, 

leaving two children : 

1. John Stuart Elliott. 

2. Helena Katharine Elliott. 

Elliott Family. tg 

Old Family Bible Record. 

Angast 9, 1770 — John Elliott, was married to Rebekhah Maxwell, 

September 8, 1771 — Aun Elliott, born Sunday afternoon. 

October 5, 1772— Ann Elliott died, a^ed 13 mouths. 

October 29, 1773 — John Elliott, born Sunday arternoon. 

July 24, 1776 — ThomaH Elliott, born Thursday night. 

December 12, 17'>'9 — LXaniel Roberts Elliott, burn Sunday night. 

September 15, 17S1— Rebekhah Elliott died, aged 27 years, (.the mother. 1 

July 20, 1782— John Elliott married to Maiy Belney, Saturday 

September 21, 1783 — Mary Elliott, born Sunday morning. 

September 7, 1789 — Mary Elliott died Tuesday evening, aged 11 months 
and a half. 

February 1, 17S.i — Elizabetli Elliott, born Tue-^doy morning. 

May 19, 1787 — William Ediott, bom Saturday nioruin'r. 

August 15, 17S8 — William Elliott, died Friday evening, suu r?et. 

September 20, 1788 — Elizabeth Elliott, died Saturday forenoon. 

August G, 1789 — Mary (the wife), died Thursday morniug, aged 38 
years and 9 months. 

July 1, 1790— John Elliott marrit-d to Ritchie Quarterman, Thurs- 
day afternoon, 3 o'clock. 

January 7, 1791 — Our father, John Elliott died, aged 41 years and one 
month. He was born on the 2ud ot May, 1750, 

X)unir>obij ^^niilij. 

An ancient Scotch family of the Laird rank, the name 
being spelt Dinwiddie, Diuiwiddie, Dunwoody and Dnn- 
wody, In the acts of the Scotish Parliament we find the 
name of Dunwiddie one of the Lairds. A Governor Din- 
widdie was an noted man of Virginia. The original name 
of the ancestor of the Georgia family was John Dinwiddie 
or Dunwoody of Loadonderry, Ireland. The family re- 
moved to Georgia before the Revolutionary War, and Dr. 
James Dinwiddie or Dunwody came from Pennsylvania to 
Liberty County, Georgia, about 1770, and was one of the 
first physicans to practice medicine in that count}'. Pie 
was a sterling patriot member of the first E.xecutive Council 
in Georgia when she threw oft allegiance to British rule. 
He married Esther, widow of Benjamin Splatt and daughter 
of a ]\Ir. Dean and Isliss Marion, of the Marion family 
of SouthCarolina. Tb.ey had 

I. Esther Dunwoia', who married United States Sena- 
tor John Elliott. 

Senator John Elliott's daughter, Hester Elliott, married 
lames Stephens Bulloch, son of Captain James Bulloch 
and Ann, daughter of Dr. John Irvine, of the Irvines of 
of'Cults, son of Charles Irvine and Euphemia Douglass. Dr. 
Irvine married Ann Elizabeth, daughter of *Colonel Ken- 
neth BaillJe, ensign in Darien Company of rangers 1735, of a 
■ family v.-ho came from Inverness, Scotland. Captain James 
^ Bulloch was son of President Archibald Bulloch (if 1776 and 

i '~ 

*Colonel Kenni'th Kaillie luarried, it svould.seem. Elizabeth Mackay. 

Dunwody Family. 21 

Mary Dc\'eaux. Esther Elliott and iMajor James S.Bulloch 

I. Captain James Dunwodv Bulloch, who married first 

Lizzie Caskie, second Harriott Cross and had issue: 

II. Colonel James Dunwody, born January 15, 1786, 
second child of Dr. James Dunwody and Esther 
Dean married a ^Miss Smith, daughther of James 
Smith of Darien, Georgia, and had 

1. Dean Dunwody married a daughter of Governor Mc- 

Donald of Georgia, a descendant of Captain Cleve- 
land, who fought the British at Kings Mountain, 
and had a numerous issue who have been in promi- 
nent positions in life. 

2. Jane Dunwody married Rev. John Jones of an ancient 


III. John Dunwody born January 15, 17^6 ; married Jane 
Bulloch, daughter of Captain Jan:cs Bulloch and 
Ann Irvine, and sister of James S. Bulloch and John 

> Irvine Bulloch. 

Dr. James Dunwody died in 1S07, his ^on John died in 

There v»as a John Dunwody, also member of Governor's 
Council, we presume a brother of Dr. James Dunwody. 

There were others of the name and family we presume. 



William Quaktermax, son of John ijuarterma'i, one of the original 
settlers in ^lichvay, Liberty County, Georgia; born in South Carolina, 
September 7, 171 '■. 

William Quahterman married Sarah Stevrart February 1'.), 1767, 
and had : 

1. William, bora February 2S, 1771 ; died. 

2 Snsaunah. born Augu-t 20. 1773 ; married Major Bacon. 

3. John Stewart, born May 20, 177-j ; married Ann Way. 

4 Cynt'aia, bxptized June 21, 1777 ; died August 10, 1777. 

5. Sarah, born October 22, 177S ; married John Stacy, 

6. Eli7.a])eth, biru September 24, 17S1 ; married Quarterman Way, 
' and had a daughter Sarah, who married J. B. ]Mallard. 

7. Uichard, born July 1, 178-1 ; never married. 

8. Rebecca, born October 6, 17Si5 ; died October 19, 1788. 
*9. Son, born September 9, 17.^S ; died September 2, 17SS. 
10. Arli-ssa, born February 13, 1791 ; died September 2, 1791. 

William Quarterman died Dtjcember 20, 179-1. 

Sarah Quarterman died 

SUSANXAH QuAKTERMANand Major Bacon had : 
1. William, born March 16, 1798 ; died. 

2 Sally, born August 30, 17S9 ; married James Wilson, February 
29, 1816. 

3. Daughter, born July 21. ISOl ; died. 

4. Susannah, born June 25, 1S06 ; died. 

5 John, born December 5, 1S07 ; died. 

* 6. Joseph, boru November 5, ISIO ; married first Olivi'-. Fleming ; 
married second Harriet Mallard. 
Susannah Bacon died July 23, 1S05. 
John Stewart Qc-AKXKaMAX married first Ann Way, March 24, 1796, 
married second Margaret Stacy, April 2, 1812 ; married third 
Susannah Stewart. February 19, 1S17. 

Siacy Family. 2j. 

John Stewart" Qnarterman an<l Ann Way liad 

1. William Elliott V/ay, boia December 15, 1S02, married 
first Jane Ferguson, February, 1823 ; manietl second Mavj 
Dorsey, January 31, ld29 ; married third I>Its, Lydia 
Baker, April, 1S5S. 

John Stewart Quartermau ami Susannah Stewart had| 

1. John Lawrence, January 25, 131S. 

2. Sarah Ann, July 9, 1821. 

3. Susan Westbury, September 22, 1822, married Jol n >ioiiiiuu. 

4. Lafliyette Stewart, December 25, 1827. 

5. Richard. 

John Stewart QuarttTman died. 
Saeah Qitarterman married John Stncy, November 23, 1707, (second 
wife), and had 

1. John William, born November 3, 179S. 

2. James, born September 1, ISOl. 

3. Eliza Qnarterman, born October 25, 1804. 

4. Ezra, born May 31, 1807. 

5. Sarah Ann, born June 20, LSIO. 

6. Robert, born Marcli 18, 1S13. 
J. hn Stacy died April 7, 1818. 
Mrs. Sarah Stacy died 

John. W. Stacy mardeil Mary Bacon, daughter of Jonathtn Bacon, 
January 27, 1825, and had 

1. Miltou Elbert, born December 31, 1^25. 

2. Lavinia Elizabeth, born .Tauuary 27, 1823. 

3. Jame^. born June 2, 1830. 

4. Mary Eliza, born October 17, 1S36. 

5. Thomas Gonldins;. born August 26, 1S39. 

6. Son, born May 16, 1811. 

7. Daughter, born April 4, 1843. 
.lohn W. Stacy died July 23, 1871. 

Mrs. Mary Stacy died November 'J3, 1857. 
Jajies Sr.iCY tirst married Jane Elizabeth Hawley, April 18, 1855, 
(died June 8, 1858); married seconil Mary Jane .Mclver, Octo- 
ber 10, 1860, (died November 18. 1861) ; married third Mrs. 
Emmie Jones Kendrick, October 9, 1SG7, widow of Major .Mereditli 
Kendrick, who fell mortally wounded at Kennessaw, Jyane 11, 
1864, and daughter of Capeain J. M. Jones. 
James Stacy and Jane Elizabeth llawley had : 

1. Eva, bornJIarch 20, 1357 : died June 3, 1857. 

2. James Hawley, June 6, 1858 ; died June 18, 1858. 


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